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Streets, 7imxcB autr E5l'Uavi?rs, 








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Abbreviations made use of in this Directory. 

n. for near. c. and cor. for corner, h. for house, r. 
for rear. ct. for court, pi. for place. wf. for wharf, 
sq. for square. 1. for lane. c. r. for counting room. — 
The word street is left out as superfluous. 

Names in the Directory - - - 12,295 12,697 12,933 







Increase 402 236 840 

Total 12,697 [ 12,933 ] 13,773 

Names expunged this year - - - 2,630 

" added 3,470 

Removals, &c. 3,350 

Whole number of Alterations - - 9,450 


City Register : 

United States Officers - - - - - 5 

Custom House Officers ----- 5 

Consuls and Consular Agents residing in Boston 7 

Commonwealth Officers ----- 8 

County Officers ------ 8 

IMunicipal Court ------ J 

Court of Common Pleas " 

Police Court for the City of Boston - - - 9 

City Officers 10 

Constables -------- 1'3 

Undertakers -------13 

Fire Department 1'* 

Banks in Boston 1^ 

Insurance Offices - - - - - -21 

Provident Institution for Savings - - - 27 

Savings Bank for Seamen 28 

Massachusetts General Hospital - - - 28 

Boston Dispensary for medical Relief of the Poor 29 

N. E. Institution for the Education of the Blind 30 

Charitable Societies 30 

Churches and INIinisters 31 

Physicians and Surgeons 32 

Arrival and Departure of Stages - - - 34 

Baggage Waggons 40 

Division of the Wards "^0 

Public Buildings, Societies, Newspapers, &c. - 42 

Hotels, Taverns, &c. 46 

Nurses -- 47 

Streets, Courts and Places - - - - 48 

Wliarves -- 58 


Names, Occupation, &c. of the Inhabitants - CI 

Colored Persons - 372 

Omissions, Removals, ^'c. 
Allen William T. 30 North Market 
Broaders Edward R. house 2 Fayette 
Cazenove Lewis A. Sardinian Vice Consul 
rooster B. F. accountant, 116 Washington 
Gardner Francis, jr. instructer Latin school, house 16 

Gushee Frederick A. dry goods, 132 Hanover 
Keith W. H. house 16 Bulfinch 
Patten Thomas & Son {Tkomas Patten, jr.), soapstone 

rnanufacturers, Charlestown, house Crescent place 
Fatten lhomas,jr. house Crescent place 
Shelton John, boards 92 Purchase 
Shelton Thomas J. house 1)2 Purchase 



President U. S. Andrew Jackson. 
Vire President, Martin Van IJuren. 
Secrettirij of State, Louis Me Lane. 
Secretary of the Treasury, Roger B. Taney. 
Secretary of War, Lewis Cass. 
Secretary of the JWiry, ho\i VV()n(]l)ury. 
Post Master General, William T. Harry. 
Jittnrneii General, Benjaniin F. Butler. 
Chief Justice, Julin INLirsluill. 


District Judge, Hgn. John Davis. 

District Attorney, Andrew Dunlap, Tudor's Buildings. 

District Clerks, John VV. Davis and Francis Bussett, 

office Barrister's Hall. 
Marshal of the Dist. Jonas L. Sibley, off. Barrister's Hall. 
Deputy Marshals, Horatio IJass and Henry Harris. 
X'^ury Agent, Daniel D. [Jrodhead, head ofS. Market St. 
Comaiander of Fort Independence, Col. A. S. Brooks. 
Army Paymaster, D. S. Townsend, oflice 80 Pleasant. 
Assistant Quarter Master U. S. A. Capt. H. VV, Fitz- 

hugh, office Peinberton Hill, Treniont. 
U. S. Arsenal, at IVatcrtown. IVIajor Craig, Coin. 



The Custom House opens in the Summer season at 9 
o'clock, A. M. and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. In the 
Winter it (tpens at 10 o'clock, A. M. and shuts at 2 
o'clock, P. M. On Saturday afternoons, it opens one 
hour for the clearance of coasters. Office, Custom- 
house street. 

CoUcctor''s Office. 

David Henshaw, Collector. 
John Bingham, Duty- Bond Accountant. 
Charles J. F. Allen, Principal Drhtnture Clerh. 
Ebenezer liathornc, Dehcnt. Account, and Book-Kcepcr. 



Deputy Collector's Department. 
Adams Bailey, Deputy Collector. 
Edward W. Parker, Cashier and Book-Keeper. 
John T. Prince, B. Clerk and S. Bouk-Ketper. 
Samuel Draper, Jlssistant S. Clerk. 
Rufus M. Gay, Import Clerk. 
, Impost Book-Keeper. 

Foreign Clearance and Coasting Department. 

William .\. Wellman, Principal Clerk. 
William Rowson, Marine Clerk. 
Samuel Whitcomb, jr. Coastwise Clerk. 
George B. Wellman, Assistant Coasticise Clerk. 

JVaval Office. 
Leonard M. Parker, JVaval Officer. 
William Palfrey, Depvty Naval Officer. 
James P. Treadwell, Clerk. 

Surveyor'' s Office. 

John McNiel, Surveyor. Hugh Jameson, Deputy do. 

, Clerk. 

Keeper of the Custom House and Messenger, Nath'l Paine. 

Inspectors for the District of Boston and 
Joseph W. Homer Thomas PilJs Joseph Snow 

Darius Boardman, Joseph H. Prince E. M. Cunningham 
and Store Keeper Lewis Lerow John Banchor 

of Spirits, Wines Josiah Newhall Francis McKenna 
and Teas. BenjaminWhipple Ezra Mudge 

R. B. Hewes San)uel Jones George VVardwell 

Joseph Stevens Nahuin Ball N. K. Seaton 

Ebenez. Clapp, jr.John D. Dyer Josiah Dunham, jr. 
John Muzzy Ebenezer Stevens 

John Lane, Hinsham. L. Souther, Cohasset. 
W. B. Duggan, Dorchester and Quincy. 

TVeighers and Gangers, Boston and Charlestown. 
Joseph Loring J. AI. Fiske Theodore Dexter 

Thomas M.Vinson A. H. Ward James Eslabrooks 

Nathaniel Tracy 

Measurers of Salt and Coal. 
Thaddeus Page Joseph N. Howe W. V. Loring 
Joseph Grafton Andrew Green 


Darius Boardnian, S/orc Keeper of Spirits, Wines and Teas. 
George Kuhn, Marker of Teas and Prover of Spirits. 

Public Appraisers' Office. 

John Crnwniiisliit^ld, L«vi li. Lincoln, Prin. .Appraisers. 
yainiK'l Kvrlelh, J. I*. Ilohitison, .Assist, do. 
William il. Buib.'ck, Cierk. 

Appraiaers' Office, opposite Custom House. 

P. B. Boardnian, F. VV. Barker, Measurers. 

G. M. Halliburton, Invoice Clerk. 

Stephen Lock, Messenger. 

John Redding, Jac. Tarr, Laborers in .Appraisers^ Store 

S, A. Allen, Public Store Keeper. 

Board /.ng Officer of the Cvstnms and Copt, of Rev. Barge, 
Joseph VV. Homer. Office lit the end of Long wf. 

Bargemen to Cus. House Barge. — Wiswell Wadsworth, 
Coxswain ; James Kettell, Anthony Cline, H. B. 
JNloffit, Bargemen. 

Commander rf Revenue Cutter, William A. Howard. 
\st Lieutenant^ S. P. Scott. 2d do. Joseph Noyes. 



British — Gsorgc Manners, 48 India street. 

Brit Vice Consul — Robert C. Manners, 48 India street. 

French Cojnmer. .^gent — A. F. Picquet, 9 Atkinson st. 

Spanish Vice Consul — Antonio G. Vega, 81 Wash. st. 

Consul for the Ktthcrlands — Thos. Dixf)n, 41 India wf. 

Swedish and Norwegian — C. Edward liabicht, India wf. 

Danish — C. Knorre, 70 State street. 

Porluguese Vice Consul — Philip Marett. 5 Kneeland st. 

Colovtbiun Vice Con. — Jas. Andrews, office 8 Central wf. 

Brazilian Vice Con. — Archibald Foster, at Granite Bank, 

Commercial wharf. 
Prussian Co7isul — Thomas Scarlc, Battcrymarch. 
Vice Consul for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies — Tasker 

H. Svvctt, 10 Custum-hotise street. 
Con sh I for Jiicmcn — 'J'homas Scarle, Battcrymarch. 
MexiKin Vice Consul — Edward Cabot. 
Belgian Consul — Eugene A. Homer, 44 India wharC 


His Excellency John Davis, Gurernor. 
His Honor Samuel T. Armstrong, Lieutenant Governor. 

Conncil. — Hon. James Savage, LnUe Fiske, Joseph 
Bowman, Howard Lothrop, William Ferson, Elijah 
Swift, David Mack, jr. James Richardson, Benjamin 

Edward D. Banss, Esq. Serretarif of the Commomccahh. 
VVm. Tnfis, Chief Clerk. Chas. W. Lovett, Clerk. 

Hezekiah Barnard, Esq. Treasurer and Receiver Gene- 
ral of the Coviwomceahli. Jos. Foster, 'ist Clerk. 
J. I. Linzee, 2d Clerk. Offices in State House. 


Hon. Benjamin T. Pickman Hon. George Blake 
Hon. John Cotton Hon. John R. Adan 

Hon. Alexander H. Everett Hon. William Foster. 


Samnel Aspinwall, James Barry, jr. William Brigham, 
Noah Brooks, Samuel Chessman, Samuel Dorr, George 
Darracott, Samuel A. Eliot, William T. Euslis, Luther 
Faulkner, Benjamin Fiske, John C. Gray, Prentiss 
Hobhs, Samuel D. Harris, William J. Huhhard, Thomas 
Hunting, Henry W. Kinsman, Jared Lincoln, Cliarles 
Lincoln, Heman Lincoln, Joseph Lewis, Charles Leigh- 
ton, Thomas Minns, Daniel Messinger, H'tgh Montgo- 
mery, Oliver W. B. Peabody, John L. Phillips, Thomas 
W. Phillips, William Parker, Simon W. Rohinson, 
Daniel Rhodes, James Ridgevvay, Henry Rice, Thomas 
Richardson, Benjamin Stevens, Stephen White, Gren- 
ville T. Winthrop, Charles Wells, Thomas Wetmore. 

Judge of Probate. — Joseph Hall. 
Register of Probate. — John Heard, jr. 
Sheriff of the Coanty. — Charles P. Sumner. 

Deputies. — Henry H Huggetord, Prince Snow, Dan- 
iel Parkman, Tiiomis Ste[)lienson. 

County Jailer. — Thomas Stephenson. 

Coroners. — Prince Snow, Ebenezer Shule, and Mace 


Probate Courts for tijis County are holdcn every Mon- 
dav in the year, excepting tlie first Monday in each 
month, at tli5 Piobatc- Ullice in the County Court House. 

jVotarirs Public— WMiun Stevenson, 51 State street; 
Stephen, Howard street; Samuel Jackson ; Charles Hay ward, 41) State ; John J. L-'n^g, 
South Bank; Thomas A. Dexter, G City Hall; Robert 
Rogers, 7 Congress street. 

Register of Dfcds—Uemy Alline, office County Ct. H- 

County rrc«5«rcr.— Richard D. Harris, off. City Hall. 

Joint Clerks of the Supreme Judicial. Court and Court 
of Common Plens for the County.— Chiu\cs A. Parker, 
George C. Wilde. Office County Court House. 


Hon. Peter O. Thacher, Judge. 
Thomas \V. Phillips, Clerk. 
Henry Homer, Crier. 
The Municipal Court is holden the first Monday in 
each month. 


Hon. Artemai Ward, Chief Justice. 

Hon. Solomon Strong, Leominster, ) 

Hon. John M. Williams, Taunton, W355oaafc Justices. 

Hon. David Cummins, Salem, ) 



William Simmons, ) 

John r,. Rogers, \ Justices. 

James C. Merrill, ) 

Thomas Power, Clerk. 

William Knapp, ^^ssistant Clerk. 
The Polire Court sits every day, forenoon and after- 
noon, commencing at 1) o'clock, A. M. 

The Justi( es Court for the Ccmnty of S^J^'k '.vhioh 
is the Court for the trial of Civil Actions, under ^20,aiU 



on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 9 o'clock, A. M. in 
the Court House, Leveret street. 

Board of Accounts for the County of Suffolk. 

Judge of Probate Court, Judge of Municipal Court, 
and Justices of the Police Court, members ex-officio. 
William Knapp, Secretary. 

The Board meets the first and hist JMondays in each 
month, and once in tiiree months to inspect the jail, and 
other places of imprisonment, by direction of law. 

CITY omcuiis. 



Jabez Ellis Charles Leighton Samuel A. Eliot 

Thomas Wetmore Josiah Dimham Samuel Greele 
Samuel Fales Nathan Gurney 

Common Council. 

JosiAH QuiNCY, Jr. President. 

Ward Ko. 1. JVard .Xo. 5. JVard jXo. 9. 

Enoch H. Snelling Michael Roulstone Eli[»halet Williams 
Henry J. Oliver N. F. CunninghamJ. B. Richardson 
Robert Keith Enoch Hobart Henry Sargent 

Henry D. Gray Calvin Washburn Edward Cruft, Jr. 

WardKu.2. WardKo.Q. JVard .Yo. 10. 

John W. James Joseph S. HastingsDaniel Messinger 
John B. Tremere G. T. Winthrop L«irael Martin 
George W. Smith George W. Bazin Thos. R. Dascomb 
Joseph M. Leavilt Jesse Shaw William Reed 

JVard JYo. 3. JJ'ard Xo. 7. Jfard .Xo. IL 

Samuel Chessman Henry Rice Ruel Baker 

Simon G. Shipley Levi Bartlett Robert T. Paine 

John Snelling William T. Eustis Elir.s B. Thayer 

Joshua Sears Josiah Qnincy, Jr. Philip JNIarett 

JVard A'o. 4. JVard .Xo. 8. JVard .Xo. 12. 

Ammi Cutler Edw. G. Prescott Thomas Hunting 

George W. Lewis O. W. B. lV;d)ody James Blake 

Ezra Trull Benj. A. Gould Joseph Harris, Jr. 

Asa Lewis Isaac McLellan, Jr.Josiah L. C. Amee 



District Committees. 

1st District, Wards No. 1, 2, and 3. — Jlldcrmcn Lnigh- 
toii and Giirney. * 

2d Disirict, U'ards No. 4, 8, and d.—Aldtrmcn Wet- 
more and (jirecle. 

3d [)is(ri(t, Wards No. 5, G, and 7. — Aldermen Fales 
and Eliol. 

4tli Disirict, Wards No. 10, 11, and 12. — Aldermen 
Ellis and Dunham. 

Aldermen — Wetmore, Gnrnoy and Loighton. 

Jail and Houses of Indiistyij, Correction and Re- 
Alderm,en — Eliot, Dunham and Greele. 

Fire Department and Reservoirs. 

Mayor, Aldermen Wetmore and Leighlon. 

Aldermen — Ellis, Greele and Eliot. 

Common, Mall, Fort and Copps Hills. 
Mayor, ^dldermen Fales and Gurney. 

Burial Grounds and Cemeteries. 
Aldermen — Fales, Duidram and Greele. 

Bells and Clocks. 
Aldermen — Fales and Gurney. 

County Accounts. 
Aldermen — Fales and Leijfliton. 

Samuel F. M'Cleary, City Cleric. 

Richard G. Wait, C/er/{ uf Lhc Common Council. 

Richard D. Harris, Cilij and County Treasurer. 

William IIaydt;n, Jr. Auditor of Accounts. 

J(dm Pickering, City Solicitor. 

Benjamin Pollard, City Marshal. 


Francis C Winston, ) ^^^.^,^„, Marshals. 

Clifirles I). \V ells, ^ 

JeroiiiH V. C. Smith, fiesldent Physician. 

Jdlwi Minot, Keeper of Hospibd Isloud. 

G(,M»r^re P. TcwUsbury, Captain of the Quarantine Boat. 

Samuel H. Hevves, Superintendent of Burial Grounds. 

Zeplcmiali Sampson, Superiidendcnt of Streets. 

Caleb Hayward, derk of Faaeutl Hall Market. 

Flavt'I Case, Capt. Watch and Superintendent of Lamps. 

William Warner, Superintendent of jYorth free Bridge. 

Benj. J. Gurney, S iperintendent of South Free Bridge. 

Johnson Colby, Messenger. 

Consulting Physicians. 

Drs. Jolin C. Warren, Benjamitj Shnrtleff, George Hay- 
ward, Jolin Randall, George C. Shattuck, 

Overseers of the Poor. 

Ward No. 1. Josej)h Lewis. Ward No. 7. Hen. Edwards. 
No. 2. Nathaniel Budd. No. 8. James H . Foster, 
No. 8. Thomas Gould. No. 9. A. P. Cleaveland. 

No. 4. Jacob Richardson. No. 10. Samnel Sanger. 
No. 5. Daniel Henchman. No. 1 1. Richards Cliild. 
No. 6. Billings Briggs. No. 12. Alvan Simonds. 

School Commiltee. 

W^ard No. 1. Justin Field. Ward No. 7. Fred. Emerson. 
No. 2. William Dyer. No. 8. George Ripley. 

No. 3. Ezra Palmer, Jr. No. 9. William Grigg. 

No. 4. Jercmi.ih Fitch. No. 10. Steph. Fairbanks. 

No. 5. Henry Williams, No. 11. John E^^napp. 
No, G. Joel H. Linsley. No. 12. John L. Blake. 

Together with the Mayor and Aldermen. 
S. F. M"('leary, Secretary. 

Directors of the House of Industry. 

Richards Child, Joseph Lewis, Moses Wheeler, Charles 
F. Barnard. Daniil Henchman, Aaron P. Cleaveland, 
Alvau Simonds, Henry Edwards, Josiah Pierce. 

Directors of the House of Correction. 

Lut!)er Faulkner, Daniel Hastings, George Darracott, 
William T. Andrews, Billings Briggs 

Master of the House of Correction, Charles Robbins. 


Samuel Norwood, Henry I5ass, Thomas Jackson. 


Elislia Copolaml, Jnttailiaii Proscolt, Thomas Holden, 
Gf'or^a' lli.'id, Josiali Baldvvm, Horatio Bass, Ehcru-zer 
Trescolt, Elisha V. Glover, Eh(:nez(!r Shiile, George 
Robinson, J.imes Pierce, MichncI liilc^y, John Henry, 
Solomon B Morse, William Dinsmore, ^V'il!iam An- 
drews, W'illard Cloiigh, Deraslus Cla|ip. Mitrliell Lincoln, 
John Keed, Matlliias Ellis, Rich. IIi)sea, Benj. lirown, 
jr., Lemuel C. Rerul, \Vinlhrop G. Buhbit, Wm. Loring. 

Crier. — James Wilson. 

Haij If'ci(r/,rrs. — Samuel Phillips, J(jhn R. Bradford. 

Scalers of Weights and Measures. — Amos Stevens, jr., 
James H end ley. 

Felice Vietcers. — Natlianiel Bradlrc, Romanus Emer- 
son, Roinn ILTrtshorn, .'\bel Hevvins. 

Cullers of Drij Fish. — Benjamin Clark, Benjamin 
Luekis, Nathaniel Howe, Ciiarles L. Pook. 

Ci'llcrs of Huo/js and Stares. — James Brown, Benja- 
min Clark, Natlianiel Howe, Charles L. Ponk. 

Inspectors of Lime. — Francis James, Samuel Sprague. 

Assaij Master — Louis A. Lauriat. 

Floirreeres, flaijicards and Field Drivers. — James 
Ellvvood, Levi Wiiite, Charles (jaylord, J(»lin B Braid, 

Pound Keepers. — Samuel Phillips, Royal Oliver, Levi 

Surrcijors of Hemp. — Samuel Emmons, Benj. Rich. 

Measurers of U ood. — John R. Bradford, James Wil- 
son, William Shatluck, Sanmel Phillips, Moses Hadley, 
William Fisk. 


Samuel Winslovv, 4 Li/Jin street ; IVLartin Smith, Pros- 
pect street ; Henry Davis, 4 Garden cnijrt st. ; Joseph 
Wilcnt, Brnad St. near the Windmill; Thomas Mnrray, 
Dearhorn arenve ; John Deliire, South lloston ; Oliver 
B Alexander, rear St. Paul's ;, 10 Pur- 
chase; Thomas Haskell, rear 7'2 Salem; .IkIiu B. Braid, 
South lloston; Sle[)hen S. Andrews, lironifield ; Josi'ph 
Wilcntt, jr. V.Worth Ihnuet ; Thomas .Andrews, 1 Hart- 
lett ; Edwrird Barriniitoii, S.Mar<rin; Jonathan Athor- 
ton, Jish ; Francis Dillaway, Elliot. 


Thomas C. Amuky, Chief Engineer. 

Berij. M. Nevers John Git'en, jr. Luther Russell 
John Haiiiniorid VVilliam G. Eaton Charh's is. Chirk 
Daviil Tilson Asa Swallow VVilJianj Willelt 

Henrv Smith Jas. G. Sanderson John Shelton 

David K.niball Riehard A.NewellA. A. Wellinirion 
George M. Sniith William B. Swift Theo. Wasliburn 
Alonzo J. Lepean, Secretary. 



William Appleton, Prts. — Sanjuel I'rothin^ham, Cash. 

Directors, elected November '2'^), 1833. — William Ap- 
pleton, George Blake, Thomas G. Cary, Ebenezer Chad- 
wick, George Hallet, Ahhol Lawrence, A. C. Lombard, 
James W. l^aige, Rirhard S. Rogers, Francis Stanton, 
William Sturgis, Richard D. Tucker, John Welles, 

'ist Teller, Thomas Wiley. 2d Teller, Thomas L. 
Hutchinson. \st Bouli-Kecper^^oUn'Vuckcv. 2d book- 
Keeper, Charles Barllett. Discount Clerk, Thomas 
Waterman. Collection Clerk, Gardner L. Chandler. 
Messenger, Wm. L. Cazneau. Porter, Wyman Osborn. 


Transfer and Interest Clerk, U. W. Champney. 


Pcnsifjn Clerk, John S. Liliey. 

The Boston Banks elect their Officers in Oct. annually. 


Capital $500,(00. 

Pliny Cutler, President. — Benjamin Dodd, Cashier. 

Directors. — Pliny Cutler, Henry F. Baker, Jeremiah 
Hill, James Johnson, William F. Otis, William G. Lam- 
bert, Francis Fisher, Janx's Pickens, B. D. Whitney, 
William W. Ston(!. Charles Stoddard. 

Teller, Richard Ward. Book-Keeper, Thomas Drown. 
Messenger, James Adams. 

BANKS. 15 

A3IERICAN BANK.— 70 State. 

Capitat. $.'>00,000. 

Benjamin FisUe, President. — VV. H Odiorne, Cashier. 

JJirertnrs — Bcnjaruin Fiskc, John S. Wright, Sih«s 

Bnll:ird, Levi Brighain, I'nnl Faiiuitu, Arthur French, 

W. H. Gardiner, B. B. Grant, George Odiorne. 

Teller, Thomat* B. Fearing. Book- Keeper , Jaincs 
Steele. Messenger, Thoin;is J. Bay ley. 

ATLAS BANK.— Congress. 
Capital $500,000. 
Edward Eldredge, President. — Joseph White, Cashier. 
Directors. — Edward Eldredge, George P. Bangs, John 
Borland, William Hales, Ilenrv Lee. 

Teller, William Wyman. Book-Kerper, James Rus- 
sell. .Messenger, William Beck. Solicitor, Theophilus 
Parsons. Discount daily. 


Capital $000,000. 

Phineas Upham, President. — James C. Wild, Cashier. 

Directors. — Nathan AppUiton, Daniel C. Bacon, Jo- 

siah Bradlee, Sanmel P. Blake, Samuel Cabot, Thomas 

B. Curtis, William J. Loring, Robert G. Shaw, W'illiarn 

Sullivan, Henry Upham. 

Solicitor for Loans on Bonds and Mortgages, William 
Sullivan. Teller, Robert Lash. Book-Keepcr, Charles 
Hammatt. Messenger, George Breckenridge. 
Discount every day. 


Capital $.")00,000. 

Joseph Tilden, President. — William CofTin, Cashier. 

Directors. — Patrick T. Jackson, Georjre W. Lyman, 

Thomas Motley, John G. Torrey, J. J. Mason, William 

Amory, John T. Co(»lidge, John Pickering. 

Teller, Thomas Swan. nook-Keeper, George Gush- 
ing. Messenger, inmcs Keen. .S'o//f/^or, John Pickering. 
Discount every day. 


Capital $500,000. 

John K. Simpson, President. — Charles Hood, Cashier. 


Directors. — John K. Simpson, Adams Bailoy, Sanniel 
D. Bradford, Andrew Diinlap, Oliver Fletclier, Jcjhn 
Hensliaw, Hall J. [low, Williiun Freeman, Eiisha Parks, 
Samuel 8. Lewis, F. S Carrutli. 

\st Teller, VVilliaiu Blaney. 2d Teller, Lucian Skin- 
ner. Book-Keeper, J. 1\ Farrar. Discount Clerk, Al- 
bert Fitz. Messengers, Edward Barry and F. W. Bridge. 
Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

CITY BANK.— fil Stale. 
Capital $1,000,000. 
Geo. Brinley, President. — Eliphalet Williams, Cashier. 
Directors. — Isaac r»aii<js, Samuel D. Bradford, Martin 
Brimmer, Thomas Corilis, Luther Faidkner, Phineas 
Foster, James Parker, Jesse Putnam, Sam"l K. VVilliams. 
Teller, Francis Everett. Book-Keeper, Charles W. 
Taylor. Discount Clerk, C. \V. Holbiook. Messenger ^ 
Andrew Johonnot. Porter, Augustus Baird. 
Discount every day. 

Capital $500,000. 
Parker H. Pierce, Pre^/V/twf. —Joseph Andrews, Cashier. 
Directors. — Parker H. Pierce, John Albree, William 
Graves. Israel Lombard, Isaac Livermore, 1. Scholfield, 
jr. Phineas Sprague, Isaac P. Townsend, A. B. Westjn, 
Newton Willey. 

Teller, Timothy Bryant. Book-Keeper, Jonas Ben- 
nett. Messenger , Oilman Davis. 

EAGLE BANK— 61 State. 
Capital $500,000. 
Titus Welles, President. — John J. Fisk, Cashier. 
Directors. — William Almy, C. W. Cartvvright, -Benja- 
min French, William Goddard, Aridr(!vv Cunningham, 
Elijah Loring, Francis Skinner, W^illiam B. Svvett, John 
Skinner, Benjamin Thompson, John Williams. 

Teller, Henry B. Odiorne. Book- Keeper, Joshua P. 
Blanchard. Messenger, Ebenezer Sampson. 

Discount days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

FRANKLIN BANK.- South Boston. 

Capital $150,000. 

Samuel Goodridgc, President. — Jeremy Drake, Cashier. 

BANKS. 17 

Directors. — Samnol Gooflridf^o, Charles Brown, Jnna- 
tli.m Bdwditcli, P(,-lcg Cliui-cliill, El)i'in-/.»r Ihiyvvard, 
Jdsiali I\L Junes, JoJ]u Mcars, Aniasu Walker, NVilliani 
F. Wliitney. 

GLOBE BANK.-40 State. 
Capital $1,000,000. 
James Read, Prcsulmt. — Charles Spra<juc, Cashier. 
Jjirertors — iiwwi^^ Head, Abel Adams, Slepht-n Fair- 
banks, Henry Hall. Jdhn Lamson. JanuiS K. Mills, Pay- 
scHi Perrin, Isaae C. Pray, John F. I*riest, Ignatius t^ar- 
Cent. Benjamin 8eav(M% Enoch ^)ilsl^v. 

\st Teller X-^Wm Whitinir. 2d feller, C. F. Blaneli- 
ard. Book- Keeper, Oliver Cole. Disrovnt Clerh, John 
Adams. Assistant Clerk, Charles I^arUin. Mcssentrcr, 
William S. Nichols. Porter, Chauncey Peck. Solicitor, 
Charles P. (/urlis. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdaj's. 

GRANITE BANK.— Commercial Wharf. 
Capital $.")00,000. 
John Birmey, President. — Archibald Foster, Casliier. 
Directors. — J. V. Bacon, 15. Lincoln, jr. Jannis Mc- 
Gregor, F. G. Shaw, J Brown, J. Kettidl. 

Teller. Samuel Kneeland. Pook-Kecper, Alfred B. 
Hall. Messenger, Bariiabiis Binmy. 

Discount days, ALujdays and Thursdays. 

HAAHLTON BANK.-r)3 State. 
Capital $300,000. 
Win. Thorndiko, President. — ii)set\A\ ILilI, jr. Cashier. 
Directors. — Willi;iii) Thorndike, ILiiiry Cabot, James 
Ciishing, Daniel Denny, J. \V. I'.dvvards, Eberuzcr I'ran- 
cis, George H. Kiilin, William Phipps, Willard Sales, 
Thomas Wigglesworlh, Marshall P. Wilder. 

Teller, Olis Tmner. Hook-Keeper, Joseph L. Ham- 
mond. Jlssistajit Clerk and jMcsscjigcr, Henry Hooper. 
Porter, Horace L. Temple. 

HANCOCK BANK.— Merchants Row. 

C^pirAL $.')00,000. 
Daniel D. Brodhead, P/v.s-.— Edward S. Erving, Cash. 
Directors. — Amos Biniiey, Dan. D. Brudheud, James 


C. Dunn, Rufus Kendrick, George W. Lewis, Richard 
Soule, Steplien White. 

Teller, SSamiiel B. Dyer. Book-Keeper, Henry Hotner, 
Messenger, Bi'rjj.-imin H. Barnes. 

Discount days, Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

MARKET BANK —City Wharf. 

Capital $500, 000. 

WilHanf> B. Reynolds, Pres. — Samuel O. Mead, Cashier. 

Directors — William B. Reymdds, Josiah SticUney, 

C. O., VV. H. Delano, D. R. Giitrgs, John A, 

McGaw, A II. Bowinan, Benjamin Sewall. 

Teller, Thomas Pike, jr. Book-Keeper, Jonathan 
Brown, jr. Messenger, Samuel P. Oliver. Porter^ 
George Crafts. 


Capital ^*800,000. 

W^illiam Parsons, President. — Sanmel Payson, Cashier. 

Directors. — William Parsons, Joseph Head, John L. 

Gardner. Jolm Parker, jr. William D. Sohier, Samuel 

Torrey, Edward Tuckerman, Isaac Winslo^w. 

Teller, Edward Sharp. Book-Keeper, James Dodd. 
Discount Clerk, John H. Bowes. Messenger, Thomas 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

MERCHANTS' BANK.— 87 State. 

Capital $750,000. 

Mark Healey, President. — Franklin Haven, Cashier. 

Directors. — Nathaniel F. Cunnin<rham, Charles Ellis, 
Luke Fay, Mark Healey, Samu(d Henshaw, John B. 
Jones, Cushing Mitcludl, John C. Proctor, Jonas L. Sib- 
ley, William Tuckerman, Edmund Winchester. 

Teller, Thomas W. Hooper. Discount Clerk, John 
Lyon. Book-Keeper, E. H. Severance. Messenger , 
Chester Sessions. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Capital $1,000,000. 
Philip Marett, President.— E. P. Clark, Cashier. 
Directors. — Philip JMarett, Samuel Dorr, Henry Gas- 

BANKS. 19 

gntt, Nathaniel Goddard, Mace Tisdale, John D. Wil- 
liams, W^illiain V. Winchcsler, William Worthington. 

1st Tclhr, (vhailes Nichols. 2d Teller and Messenger, 
S. T. Thompson, Bonh-Keeper, John G. Nazro. Dis- 
count Clerk, E. r. Clark. Porter, George Gibson. 
Discount daily. 

NORTH BANK.— 2(5 North Market. 

Capital $7r)0,()00. 

John W. Trull, President. — Gurdon Steel, Cashier. 

Directors. — Jt)hn W. Trull, Jonas B. Brown, Jesse 

Bird, Isaiah Baniis, N. R. Cobb, James Davis, Oliver 

Eldredge, Gedney King, Calvin Washburn, Benjatnin 

Lam son. 

Teller, P. n. White. Book-Keeper, William M. Pray. 
Messenger, Joseph ^V^ Newell. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

ORIENTAL BANK.— 88 State. 

Capital $7.^0,000. 

Benjamin T. Pickman, Pres. — Marcus \Vhitinir, Cashier. 

Directors. — Josiah Pierce, J. Quinfy, jr. (Jjiorge W. 
Pratt, Edward Crehore, Tliatcher M.i;ioun, jr. F. E. 
White, J. M. Brown, William T. Eustis, E. H. Little, 
Charles Leiglilon, Henry W inson. 

1st Teller, Geor'^ii V.Cook. 2r/ T<;//cr, Charles Harts- 
horn. Book-Keeper, William W. Willard. Messenger, 
William Raymond, 2d. 

SOUTH BANK.— 40 State. 

Capital $.",00,000. 

John Preston, President. — John J. Loring, Cashier. 

Directors. — Thomas Dascomb, John L. Dimmock, 

William B. Dorr, Benjamin Freeman, H. N. Fullerlon, 

Prentiss iiolths, T. C. Kendall, Isaac Aleans, Solotnon 

Piper, John Preston, John Clark, .lames Weld. 

Teller, B(>njamin F. Halhorne. Book-Keeper, Joshua 
Child. Messenger, Stephen G. Davis. 

STATE BANK — 5:i State. 
Capital $1,800,000. 
E. A. Bourne, President. — George Homer, Cashier. 
Directors. — Samuel Austin, jr. Benjamin Bangs, Levi 


Bartlett, E. A. Bourne, Charles Henshnvv, Davifl Ellis, 
Jacob Hall, Thoiiias Tliaclier, J. H. Wolcolt, Thomas 
P. Ciisliing, Samuel M. Bahcock. 

1st Teller, J')lm Dail. 2d Teller, S. P. Skilton. 1st 
Book-Keeper, William E. V^incent. 24 Book-Keeper, 
Henry Pierce. Disruuiit C'/c/Vi, Jonathan Call. Messen- 
ger, James H. Foster, jr. Porter, John Wliite. Suli- 
citor, James T. Austin. 

Discount davs, Mf)nclays and Thursdays. 

SUFFOLK BANK.— nr, State. 

Catjtal $750,000. 

Henry B. Stone, Prcs. — Matthew S. Parker, Cashier. 

Directors. — J(.se])h leaker, John Belknap, Geo. Bontf, 

Eben. Breed, Sanniel Hubbard, VVm. Law rence, John A. 

Lowell, James Means, BtMijainin R. Niciiols, Jeffrey 

Ri<liardson. Nathaniel P. Russell, Ht-nry B. Stone. 

Pinjhig Te//cr, H (Miry Jaques. Receiving Teller, Hen- 
ry Burroughs. Bool,- Keeper, Isaac C. Brewer. Dis- 
count Clerk, Charles Euu?rson. .^ssisiont Clerks, Alfred 
Skelton, Cyrus Smith. Porter, Rand Lord. 

Foreign Money f VcrAs. — William Grubb, jr. D. H. 
Belknaf), J. Grubb, John l^akeman. 

Discount da\s, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 


Capital $500,000. 

David Dudley, Prcs. — Ephraim L. Frothin<iham, Cashier. 

Directors. — Benjamin F. Copeland, Joshua Crane, 
David Dudley, Jalicz Fisher, I'rince Hawes, J;d)('Z C. 
Howe, Derning Jarvis, Thomas Lord, George W. Crock- 
ett, G(!orge Seaver, Zachariah Jellis<m, Henry Smith. 

Teller, T\\omnii Browne, jr. Book-Keeper, Jeremiah 
Gore, jr. Messenger, Thoujas O. Bra(;kelt. Solicitor y 
Francis O. Watts. 

TREMONT BANK— 41 State. 

Capita I, $500,000. 

S. T. Armstrong, President. — Jau)es Dalton, Cashier. 

Directors. — E. T. Andrews, S. T. Armstrong, Caleb 

Curtis, A. T. Hall, E. Train, H. H Fuller, J. F. Loring, 

Isaac Stevens, G. Wheehirk. 

Teller, Arthur Kendall. Book-Keeper, Nathaniel 
Clapp. Messenger and Porter, Charles Stearns. 
Discount every day. 


UNION BANK.— 40 State. 
Capital $dOl),OUO. 
Thomas L. Winllirop, Frcs. — (^iK'ster Adams, Cashier. 
Directors. — LnUo. Cuter, 1*. II. Dalton, Saimirl Falfs, 
Jeremiali Kilcli, Dzias Goodwin, (Jil»!.s Lodge, Thaddous 
Nirhuls. jr. Jolm ?^i<;artis, Tlios. 13. Wales, Mo.s. WluMder. 
T/7/tr, Samuel l^arUer. Bonk- Keeper, Nathaniel Em- 
mons. Discount Citrk, Wdliam Knrness. Messenger, 
Jonathan Trolt. Porter, Oliver Jacjuith. 
Discount daily. 

WASHINGTON BANK —471 Washington. 

Capital ;«;.')0n,000. 

Aaron Baldwin, Piesideni. — U. A. Sigourney, C'ishicr. 

Directors. — Aaron Baldwin, Thomas Brewer, J. P. 

Cooke, Charles Davis, Windsor Fay, Francis Jackson, 

Josiali Stedaian, John Thompson, Moses Williams. 

Teller, J. J. Soren. Book-Keeper, J. A. Ritliards. 
Messenger, S. T. Goss. 


American Insurance Company. 
r,8 State.— Capital $:{(K),<M)0. 
Francis J. Oliver, President. — Clis. i>{\wpi-.(in, Secretfinj. 
Directors. — Nathan Appleton, S.-imnel Appletori, 
Benjamin A. Gould. John Ilenrd. jr. Calel» Loring, Sam- 
uel May. F. J. Oliver, P. P. Pope, Benjnmin Rich, 
Rohert G. Siiaw, Horace Gray. Lot Wheelwright, Isaac 

Alias Insurance Company. 
:i\ Slate.— Capital $:U)(I,000. 
Samuel A. Wells, Pres. — Andrew C. Dorr, jr. Secretary. 
Dirf.ctors. — S. A. Wells, Benjamin Bangs, John 
Borland, George B. Blake, George Brinley, Edward Crnft, 
Richard Devens, Thomas Deiinie, Edward Ehlredge, 
John Harris, James Harris, Jose|)h W. Lewis, W. W. 
Parrott, R. D. Shepherd. Phineas Spragne. 

Messenger, William Wuodherry. 

Atlantic Insurance Company. 
2) Stale.— Capital )f;-2:)(),IKK). 
Francis Watts, President. — Rohert Farley, Secretary. 


DiRECTOKs. — S. D. Bradford, Charles Brown, Joseph 
V. Bacon, DHiniiijf Jarvis, Jabez How, Zacimriah Julli- 
son, Tliaddeus Nichols, jr. Henry Oxnard. 

Boston Marine Insurance Company. 
52 vState.— Capital $:«)0,U()0. 
Daniel Sar^enr, P reside nt,. — Joseph May, Secretarjj. 
DiKKCToRs. — Henry F. Baker, George B. Cary, Tho- 
mas B. Cnrlis, Jt)hn L. Gardner, Rohert C. Hooper, 
Thomas Lee, Robert C. Maekay, Thomas Parsons, 
Benjamin T. Pick man, Daniel Sargent, Tiiomas \V. 
Ward, Stephen White. 

Messenger, Moody Merrill. 

Boston Insurance Company. 
5G State —Capital $:50i>,0U0. 
Lemnel Vope, Presitlcni. — Peter W. Fvemmxn , Serretary. 
DiKKCTORS. — Lenniel Pope, John Bryant, Nathaniel 
Goddard, Gih's Lod^e, John F. Lorini', Williiin Law- 
rence, George Pratt, Moses W heeler, Joseph H. Wolcott. 

Boylston Fire and Marine Insurance Company. 

475 Washin-ton.— CspiTAL $300,000. 

Aaron Baldwin, President. — B. F Wiliard. Secretary. 

Directors. — Aaron Baldwin, Thomas Brewer, J. P. 

Cofjke, Ricliards Child, Charles Davis, Windsor Fay, 

Josiah Sledman, John Thompson, J. P. Townsend, 

Francis Jackson, Daniel Weld, Moses Williams. 

Colmnhian Insurance Company. 
43 State.— Capital $300,000. 
Charles Bradhmy. President. — Edw. P. Meriam, Sec'y. 
Directors. — Charles Bradl)nry, R. Ho(*per, jr. Samu- 
el Hooper, James K. Mills, A. E. Belknap, William 
Savage, Wrn. Sawyer, Henry Sigourney, Thos. B.Wales. 

Commercml Insurance Company. 

53 Stale.— Capital $200,000. 

William J. Lorinti, President. — Lemnel Stanwood, Sec. 

Directors — AV'iiiiam J. Loring, Henry l>ee, Ebene- 

zer Breed. D. C. Bacon, William 'linker, William G. 

Lambert, Rob. Hooper, jr. Israel Whitney, John Brown, 


Commonwealth Insurance Company. 

v.) St;itt;.— Cvi'iTAL $:'.UO,UOU. 

John K. Simpson, Pn s'ulent. — J Stevens, Secretary. 

DiRKCToRS — Williiuii W. Andrews, Adams Bailoy, 
D. D. Brodliead, Laira Crari(!, Scotlo ClurU, Anflnw 
Diird.i-;>. JS'atli initd Faxon. William Ffumaii, IIiMiry 
Hatch, Hall J. How, David FI'.;iisliaw. Nestor Hoii<5liton, 
Charles Hensiiaw, Charles Hood. Samuel S. Lewis, 
^V'illlam Pariiieiiter, John llayner. Jonas L. Sjhlcy, Jo- 
seph E. Smith, Daniel Taylor, Nathaniel Thayer, jr. 
William F. Whitney, Thomas J. Whitlemoie. 

Firemen^s Insurance Company. 
13 State— Capital $:^0(),()()0. 
Thomas C. Amory, Presidtnt — S. G. Rogers, jr. Scc'ij. 
DiRK.CTORS. — Tiiomvis C. Atnory, Samnel Austin, jr. 
Joseph P. Bradlee, John Collamore, jr. Joshua Crane, 
John S. Ellery, Wdliam G. Eaton, Edward G. Preseott, 
Bt-njamin Seaver, Ignatius Sargent, William W'illelt, 
Benjauiin Yeaton. 

Fishinix Insurance Company. 

20 Commercial.— Capital .$50,000. 

B. Sewall, President. — Mos«'S Sewall, Secretary. 

DiRKCTORs. — Benjamin Ahrahams, John F. Banister, 

Robert Ripley, John A. AleGaw, Benjamin Sew; il, 

Charles O. Whitmore, William V. Kent, Benjamin 

Dodd, James A. Smilii, John Siielling, C. Cole, C. 

F. Eaton. 

Franklin Insurance Company. 

44 Slate.— Capital .'§;:}( )().( '00. 

Francis Welch, President. — William M. Byrnes, Scc'y. 

A. S. Whiting, ( Icrlc. 

Directors. — Francis Welch, Samnel L. Abbot. F. H. 

Bradlee, Lemuel Crackbon, John Eanison. James Reud, 

Isaac Stevens, Enoch Train, Elii)halet W'illiams. 

Globe Fire and Marine Insurance Company. 
03 Slate.— Capital •■T' 200,000. 
William Hales, President — James H. Lunt, Secretary. 
DiRECTOiiS. — William Hales, Atkins Adams, Francis 



Fisher, Samuel C. Gray, Henry Lunt, H. C. Mackay, C. 
C. Parsons, VVilliain Davis, jr. VVilliatn Tucker. 
Messenger, S. Withington. 

Hope Insurance Company. 
15 Suite.— Capital $20U,00U. 
Neliemiali Parsons. Piesident — Charles Brintnall, Scc'ij. 
DiKKCTORS. — JXeliemiah Parsons. B. A. Gould, George 
W. Pratt, Epes Sar<ient, R. D. C. Merry, Pliineas Fos- 
ter, .lolin P. Riee, I'liilip Ainuiidon, Tliomas Lord, Bela 
Hunting, John W. Trull. 

Manufacturers'' Insurance Company. 
5<) Stale.— Capital $300,000. 
C. W. Cnrtvvright, President. — Samuel Hunt, Sccrctarxf. 
Directors. — C. W. Cartvvriglit, Ebeuezer T. An- 
drews, Johu Burustead, George Howe, E. A. Bourne^ 
John Leuiist, Edmund Monroe, George Pratt, Amos 
Binney, Robert Rogerson, Wni. Shiinuiin, S. C. Thwing. 

Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 

45 State— Capital $300,000. 
Nathaniel G. Snelhug, President. — Jolin Center, Sec'y. 
DiKKCTORS. — N. F. Cuiinin<;harn, David Ellis, S. E. 
Greene, Abrahaui Howard, VV F. Otis, J;imes Savage^ 
C. C. C. Tucker, B. M. Watson, Enoch Silsby. 

Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co. 

50 Slate— Capital $500,000. 

VVilliain Prescotl, Pres. 

VicK Prf.sidf-.nts. — Samuel A()|)l(!ton, Peter C. 
Brool<s, Jiiseph Head, Samuel Hubbard, Charles Jack- 
son, Johu LowM.'ll, John Parker, Joseph Peabody, Tho- 
mas H Perkins, William Pratt, Josiah Quincy, David 
Sears, Nathaniel Silsbee, Joseph Tilden. Titus Welles. 

DrKKCToRS. — Nathan Appleton, Joseph Balch, Jofin 
Belknap, Natharntd Bowditch, John Bryant, Henry 
Codman, Patrick T. Jackson, Amos Lavvieuce, John A. 
Low -11, Thoniiis Motley, Daniel P. Parker, George 
Ticknor, Thomas VV^i^jgl.'Svvorth. 
Nathaniel Bowditch, .Actuary. — Moses L. Hale, Scc'-y. 
Receiver J George F. Flint. — Messenger, John P. Adams> 


Massachusetts JSIatual Fire Insurance Company. 

Over 15 Still c. 

diaries Wells, Prrsiflent. — ^V'illialu Tufis, Secretary. 

DiRKCToKs. — El)i.'ii(?zer T. Andrews, Joseph Austin, 

George Bartltitt, Edward Brooks, Cliarles P. Curtis, Eb- 

criezer Franeis, Jolin A. Lowidl, William Lawrence, 

Joseph Lovering, Samuel May, Charles Wells, John 

D. Williams. 

Mercantile Marine Insurance Company. 
G2 State.— Capital $300,000. 
Joseph Baker, President. — Nathaniel 3Ieriam, Secretary. 
DiiiECTOKS. — Joseph Baker, Thomas Cordis, Peter R. 
DrJton, John G. Low, Samuel Fales, Jeremiah Fitch, 
.lohn lloo[)cr, James Johnson, Henry Lee, Charles T. 
Parsons,^ Dixey Wildes. 

Merchants'* Insurance Company. 
38 Stale.— Capital $300,000. 
Joseph Balch, President. — Georgf; Homer, Secretary. 
San\uel Tenney, Assistant Prcs. — Edw. Stearns, Clerk 
DiRF.cTOKS. — Abbott Lawrence, John Belknap, Eben- 
ezer Chadwick, Arthur French, Henry Hall, iValhaniel 
Curtis, Tusker H. Swett, Benjamin L. Thompson, Samu- 
el Whitwell, Robert Hooper, jr. William Rollins, Elijah 


JVational Insurance Company. 
57 State.— Capital $1,000,000. 
Wm. Thorndike, Pres. — Samuel W. Swett, Vice Pres. 
L. G. Russell, Secretary. 
Directors. — William Appleton, Daniel Denny, Lsaiah 
Bangs, Samuel Hubbard, John A. Lowell, Dudley L. 
Pickman, Francis Skinner, George Bond, Ebenezer 
Francis, Daniel Kimball, John Hooper, Isaac Liver- 
more, Isaac Parker, George Searle, William Thorndike, 
Samuel W. Swell, GeoriM! Howe, Nallianiel U. Cobb, 
Stephen Fairbanks, William H. Gardiner, George H. 
Kulin, James K. Mills, Tluunas Wiggbsworth, Willard 
Sayles, Marshall P. Wilder. 

Neptune Insurance Company. 
Capital $'iO0.00O. 
C. Curtis, President. — J. IL Gardner, Secretary. 



Directors.— C. Curtis, George A. Sampson, David 
Devens, Horace Scudder, T. C. Smith, J. P. Thorndike, 
Timothy Walker, B. Lmcoln, jr. Thatcher Magoun, jr. 

JVew England Marine Insurance Company 

36 State.— Capital $300,000. '^' 

James Hall, President.— iohn Waters, Secretary 

DiRECTORs.-Jaines Hall, Peter C. Brooks, Josiah 

Bradlee, Joseph Tilden, Richard D. Tucker, William 

Appleton Oaas Goodwfn, Andrew Cunningham, ir 

Edmund Baylies, John Pickering, Stephen H Perkins 

James Parker. Messenger, George Golding. ' 

Ocean Insurance Compamj. 
T I. TT » ^^ State.— Capital $200,000. 
Joseph H. Adams, President.— John Preston, Secretary 
DiRECTORs.-Joseph H. Adams, John B. Jones, Henry 
Timmins, E. E. Bradshaw, Edward D. Clark Mark 
Healey, Theodore D. Parker, Ferdinand E. White 
Kobert Edes, John Preston, P. J. Farnham. ' 

Protection Insurance Compamj. 

_ , . ^ 23 State —Capital $200,000. 

John Clark, President.— Samuel Wheeler, Secretary 

DiRBCTORs^- John Clark, Benjamin C. Clark, Edward 

D. Clark George Callender, Thomas R. Dascomb, 

Zachanah Jelhson, John Preston, Thomas D Parker 

Grenville T. Winthrop. ^arKer, 

Suffolk Insurance Company. 
State corner Congress.— Capital $300,000. 
Samuel G. Perkins, Pr.^.-Pelham W. Hayv^ard, Scc^y 
DiRECTORs.-Samue G Perkins, Samuel Au.stin, jr. 
Benjamin C Clark, Charles J. Cazenove, Thomas G 
Cary, Charles Cunningham, Thomas Dixon, William 
Lander George W- Lyman, Charles C. Parsons, Robert 
B. Forbes, Henry Wainwright. 

Messenger, N. Wright. 

Tremont Fire and Marine Insurance Compami 

Head of Commercial Wf.— Capital $200,000. 
John Binney, President.- Arc\nha\d Foster, Secretarij. 

J. C. Binney, Assistant Sec'ij. 


DiRKCTORS. — John Binncy, Daniel C. Bacon, D. D, 
Brodhead, Louis A. Cazenove, James C. Dunn, Benja- 
min Fiske, A. C. Lombard, Samuel S. Lewis, Isaac Liv- 
ermorc, Henry Oxnard, Richard Soule, Francis G.Shaw, 
Enoch Train, Stephen White, 

United States Insurance Company. 
95 State.— Capital $200,000. 
Parker H. Plorce. Presidait. — Robert Hale, jr. Secretary, 
DiRECTous. — Benjamin Fiske, Benjamin Humphrey, 
Ammi C. Lombard, John H. Pearson, Alfred Richard- 
son, William Perkins, Isaac Scholfield, jr. John Smith, 
John J. Valentine, Ezra Weston, Newton Willey. 

Washington Fire and Marine Insurance Co, 

42 State.— Capital $200,000. 

Thomas Lamb, President. — Isaac Sweetser, Secretary. 

Directors. — Thomas Lamb, Samuel T. Armstrong, 

Daniel C. Bacon, J. T. Coolidfje, Samuel Dorr, Wra. B. 

Reynolds, Benj. Sewall, John Skinner, M, H. Simpson 


Office in Tremont street. Open every day from 9 till 
1 o'clock. 

jPrc5i(Ze7i<.— Jonathan Phillips. 

Vice Presidents. — Joseph Coolidge, Thomas L. Win- 
ihrop, Joseph Head, Joseph Tilden, John D. Williams, 
Andrew Ritchie, Nathan Applcion, Edward Tucker- 
man, Samuel Snelling, Samuel May, James T. Austin, 
Amos Lawrence. 

Trustees. — John Dorr, Gideon Snow, Gedncy King, 
James Savage, Abicl Cliandler, Robert Waterston, Ben- 
jamin Guild, Peter O. Thacher, Samuel Hubbard, John 
A. Lowell, Nathaniel G. Snelling, Edward Brooks, 
Samuel Dorr, Jt»hn C. Gray, Daniel I*. Parker, George 
Hallet, Francis J. Oliver, Thomas P. Cushing, Charles 
Wells, Ebenezer Chadwick, Robert G. Shaw, C. C. 
Parsons, Edward Cruft, Thomas B. Wales. 

James Savage, Treasurer. B. Guild, Secretary. 



City Wharf. 

President. — Pliny Cutler. 
Vice President. — Duiiiel C. Bacon. 
Secretary. — Thnmiss K. Davis. 
Treasurer. — Samuel H. Walley, jr. 

Managers. — George Bond, George Hallet, Alfred 
Richardson, Thomas Lamb, N. A.'Barrett, C. W. Curt- 
wright, Thomas Vose, Enoch Train, George W. Crock- 
ett, Newton Willey, D. D. Brodhead, Benjamin Seaver, 
James Means, William Stnrgis, Phineas Sprague, Ben- 
jamin Rich, Peleg Churchill, Charles Brown, W^illiam 
Goddard,WiIliam B.Reynolds, William W. Stone, Wil- 
liam Worthington, J. W. Blake, Charles Scudder. 


Incorporated February 25, 1811. 

Annual meeting of the Corporation, in January. 

Visiters. — The Governor, Lieut. Governor, President 
of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, 
with the Chaplains of both Houses, for the time being. 


President, Joseph Head, Esq. 

Vice President, Ebenezor Francis, Esq. 

Secretary, Nathaniel L Bowditch, Esq. 

Treasurer, Nathaniel P. Russell, Esq. 
Trustees. — Samuel T. Armstrong, Henry Codman, 
Francis C. Gray, Abbott Lawrence, Francis J. Oliver, 
E. H. Robbins, Edwai^d Tuckerman, Josiah Quincy, jr. 
George Bond, Benjamin I). Greene, Samuel A. E!i(jt, 
Charles G. Loring. 

Two Departments. 

m'lEAN asylum for the insane, in CHARLES r(JV.N. 

Physician, Rufus Wyman, M.D. 
Superintendent, Luke Bigelow. 
Supervisor, Columbus Tyler. 
.Apothecary, W^illiam B. Shaw. 
C^er^•, Rufus ^Vyman, jr. 



A Committee of the Trustees visit the Asylum every 
Tuesday, P. M. to admit and discharge Boarders, and 
inspect the establishment. If necessary, Boarders may 
be admitted or discharged at other times, and by any 

Every application for admission must be in writing, 
and accompanied with 

1. A certificate that the candidate is insane, and free 
from contagious disease. 

2. A certificate of his or her property, and of any 
friends liable for his or her maintenance. 

3. A certificate of the ability of the persons proposed 
as principal and surety in the obligation for payment of 

4. A iiistory of the case from its commencement, and 
the medical treatment. 

No visiters arc admitted on any part of the Lord's day. 
No boarders can be visited except by near relatives, or 
by others at their request in writing. 

[See printed rules and regulations.] 


Acting Surgeon, John C. Warren, 31. D. 

Junior Surgeon, George Hayward, M.D. 

Acting Physician, James Jackson, M.D. 

Assistant Physicians, Walter Channing, M.D. and Jolm 

Ware, M.D. 
Superintendent, Gamaliel Bradford, M.D. 




Edward Tuckerman, Chairman. 
Samuel H. Walley, Isaac Winslow, N. L. Frothingham, 
T. B. Wales, Gideon F. Thayer, Sam. T. Armstrong, 
Samuel May, J. Greely Stevenson, Jonathan Phillips, 
Nalh'l P. Russell. 

George H. Snelling, Secretary. 

Gideon Snow. 

Consulting Physicians. 
John Randall, M.D. John Dixwcll, M.D. 



Visiting Physicians. 
Ezra Palmer, jr. M.D., District of Wards 1 and 3. 

Edward Warren, M.D., '* Ward 2. 

Augustus A. Gould, M.D., '' Ward 4. 

Joseph Roby, M.D. " Wards5,Cand 7. 

James B. Gn^gerson, M.D., Fort Hill District. 
William A. Foster, M.D., Broad street District. 
Edward J. Davenport, M.D., District of Ward 10. 
Paul Simpson, M.D., « Ward 11. 

J. B. S. Jackson, M.D., " Ward 12. 

Caleb S. Whitman, M.D., South Boston. 

Joseph M. Smith, 138 Washington street. 



19 Pearl street. 

President, Jonathan Phillips. 
Vice President, William B. Calhoun. 
Treasurer, Richard D. Tucker. 
Secretary, Samuel G. Howe. 

Trustees. — T. C. Cary, Edward Brooks, Pliny Cutler, 
John D. Fisher, John Homans, Samuel P. Loud, Wil- 
liam P. Mason, Horace Mann, Stephen C. Phillips, 
William H. Prescott, Robert Raiitoul, Samuel May. 
Director, Samuel G. Howe. 


British Society. . William S. Skinner, President. 
Fatherless and Widows' Society. Mrs. Mary Ann Lee, 

President, Beacon street. 
Franklin Typographical Society. Joseph Weber, Pres. 
Howard Benevolent Society. Charles Tappan, Pres. 

Moses Grant, Treasurer. 
Irish Society. Richard Roach, President. 
Mass. Char. Fire Society. John Heard, jr. President. 
Mass. Char. Mech. Assoc. Jos. T. Buckingham, Pres. 
Mass Humane Society. Benj. Rich, President. 
Mass. Char. Society. George Homer, President. 
Port Society of Boston and Vicinity. William J. Lor- 

ing. President. 


Charitable Association of tlie Boston Fire Depaitiiient. 

Tl)()mas C. Aniory, Prrsldcnt. 
Scottisli Society. JaiiKJS Kelt, Pru^idrnt. 
Seamen's Friend Society. Natlianitl Dana, Treasurer. 


First Cliiurli, Clianiicey phicc, ^^>//^r////f/ L. Frotliin(rham. 
Second Cliurrh. Hiinover street, Cliandlrr Rohbins. 
First Baptist Cliiircli, Hanover street, fVill/ain lliigvc. 
Old Suntli Church, \Vasl)in^ton street, Samuel //. Sieurus. 
King's Chapel, School stre(!t, F. IV. F. Greemcood. 
Church in Brattle street, Samuel K. Lothrnp. 
Church in Essex street, jXchcmiah .'hhniis. 
Mew North ClMirf:h, Hanover street, Francis Parlnnan. 
New Soutii Church, Sun^mer, JlUxandcr Young, jr. 
Christ Church (Episcopal), Salem st. Jf'illiam Crosiccll. 
Church in Federal street, fV. E. Channing, d. d. and E. 

S. Gannett. 
Church in Hoi! is street, John Picrpont. 
Trinity Church (Episcopal), Summer street, Jonathan 

M. Iluinwright, d. d. 
West Church, Lynde street, Charles Lotcell, d. d. 
Sec(.nd IJaplist Church, Salem street. Baron Stojc. 
Universalist Church, N. Hennel, Sehast/afi Strccter. 
Church of the Holy Cross (Riiman Catholic), Franklin 
street, Rt. Rev. B. Fenwick, JVni. Tijler, Michael 
First Methodist E. Church, North Bcnnet, John Lindsey. 
Second Alethodisl E. Church, Brouifield, Jacob Sanborn. 
Bethel Church, North square, E. T. Taylor. 
African Baptist Church, Belknap street. 
Charles Street Baptist Church, Daniel Sharp, d. d. 
Park Street Church, Joel H. Linsley. 
Second Universalist Church, ScIkjoI, Iloscn Eallou. 
St. Matthew's Chapel (Episcopal), South Boston. 
St. Paul's Church (Epis.), Tremont street, Jo//7t S. Stone. 
Seamen's Meeting, Purchase street, T. Packard, jr. 
Central Universalist Society, Bulfincli street, Paul Dean. 
Twelfth Cong. Soc. Chandxirs street, Samuel Barrett, 
Churt h in Creen street, William Jenhs, n. d. 
Church in Purchase street, George Ripley. 
Grace Ch. (Epis), Boylston Hall, Zarhariah Mead. 
Church in Bovvdoin street, Hubbard U'insloic. 
Christian Society, Summer, cor. Sea, Joshua V. Himes. 


Church, South Boston, Lemuel Capen. 

Second Cong. Church S. Boston, Joy H. Fairchild. 

Federal Street Baptist Church, Howard Malcom. 

New Jerusalem Cliurch, Phillips place, Thos. Worcester. 

Baptist Church, South Boston, T. R. Cressy. 

Church in Salem street, George W. Blagden. 

South Cong. Soc. Washington street, Mellish I. Motte. 

African Methodist Ciiapel, Samuel Snoicden. 

Church in' Pine street. 

Epis. 3Iissionary Chap. Franklin aven. ^^sa Eaton, d. d. 

Universalist Society, South Boston, Bcnj. Whittemore. i 

Friends Society, Milton place. ' 

Third Methodist E. Churclj, in Piedmont street. 

Reformed Methodist Church, S. H. JYorris. \ 

^fy' Those Societies not otherwise designated, are Congrega- 


Arranged according to the time of their Admittance. 

William Spooner \ 

William Ingalls, 2 Hamilton place 

John Dixwell, 5 Somerset place j 

James Jackson, 32 Summer street ] 

Benjamin Shurtleft', 134 Tremont street /] 

John C. Warren, 2 Park street i 

Jolm Randall, 20 Winter street 

George C. Shaltuck, Staniford st. cor. of Cambridge st. 

John B. Brown, 2 Montgomery place 

Walter Channing, Tremont, opposite Tremont house 

Jacob Bigelow, 27 Summer street 

George Hayward, 154 Tremont street 

George Parkman, Bowdoin street 

Williams Bradford, Soutii Boston 

Abner Phelps, 49 Congress street 

Zabdiel B. Adams, 21 Pearl street 

Solomon D. Townsend, IC Somerset street 

John Ware, Tremont street 

David Osgood, 32 High street 

Samuel A Shurtleff, Pemberton Hill 

Enoch Hale, 14 West street n 

Samuel Adams, 34 School street y^^ 




Edward Ueyno!ds,jr. 12 Winter street 

Wt)0(ll)ii<lge Strotiij;, IS Winter street 

Jolni JcliVies, 15 rraiiKliii strt'ct 

Tliomiis W . l*ars()iis, surgeon-dentist, ^0 Winter ■ treat 

Josiaii V. FlaiTii, snrireon-denlist, 11 Winter street 

Georii'o B- Doane, {)8 Court street 

Cliaiuller Robbins. Franklin, eorner of Ilauloy street 

Jerome V. C. Smith, Healtli Oflice, City Hall, Qi/aran- 

tinc Phijsici.aa of the Port. 
Georce W . Otis, jr. 2'.i wScliool street 
Edwin Adams, 27 Tremonl street 
Sanr.iel Morrill, Sullivan place, Federal street 
Winslow Lewis, jr. Hoylston, corner of Pleasant street 
Charles T. llildreth, 3 Beach St., ofjposite Wash. Bank 
D. llumphrevs Storer, 14' Winter street 
Joshua B. F'lint, lo Green street 

J. Greelv Stevenson, School, corner of Tremont street 
John Flit t, 20 Tremont street 

John (/. Hayden, Bowdoin, corner c)f Cambridge street 
Jonas II. Lan(!, 170 W^ashington street 
Edward G. Davis, 17 Pearl str<>et 
Jost'ph W. McKean, 12 Hanover street 
JMarlin (jay, 48 Milk street 
Alexander Thomas, 35 Tremf)nt street 
John D. Fisher, W II ay ward place 
Nathan ('. Keep, surgeon-dentist, Tremont place 
Frederick A. Sumner, jr. 24 School stre< t 
John B. Stebbins, Sontli Boston 
Charles Clioate, 27 Howard street 
William Grigg, 30 Atkinson street 

Charles Walker, cor of Hancock and Cambridge streets 
Benjamin T. Prescott, Portland street 
Giles H. Lodge, 5 Hanover street 
John C. Howard, West street 
Charles T. JacUson, II Hanover street 
Daniid T. Coit, 12 High street 
Thomas Gray. jr. 1^7 Washington street 
John li. S. Jackson. Bedlord place 
John Ilomans, 1.57 Tremont street , 

U'dward .1. I)aven|)ort, Williams, corner Federal street 
Ilrmy Dyer, 7 (irt-en stre(;t 

Daniel Harwood, surgeon-denlist, 145 Tremont street 
AniMislus A. Gould, h. 7 Howard, oltice Tremont 
Calvin Ellis, Suujmer street 
Marshall S. Perry, 4G7 Washington street 


Abraham A. W.ilson, 1 Beach street 

Thomas II. Thompson, 208 Hanover street 

Levi D. Gale, 24 Atkinson street 

Albert Williams, 60 Salem street 

George Bartlelt, Green, corner (/hambers 

Edward Warren, Bumstead place 

Benjamin F. Winof, Tremont street 

Ambrose Seaton, lOG Purchase street 

James Wood, 11 Atkinson street 

William G. Hanaford, 10 Hanover street 

Paul Stimpson, jr. Federal street 

Ezra Palmer, jr. 52 Hanover street 

Joseph Roby, IGl Court street 

Howard Sarjient, 13 Chesnut street 

Edward L. Cunningham, Williams, cor. Federal street 

Caleb S. Whitman, South Boston 

Asa B. Snow, 136 Hanover street 

Jesse Chickering, 1 Beach street 

William E. Foster, Washington street 

Henry A. Ward, Sullivan place. Federal street 

Charles G. Putnam, Winter street 

Alpheus Proctor, Federal street 

Austin Flint, Bo3'lslon street 

James B. Grcgerson, Lincoln street 

Josiah Kittredge, Washington street 

John Odin, jr. Lying-in Hospital, Washington street 


The hours at which they start from and arrive at Boston. 
From Messrs. Badger & Porter's last " Stage Register." 

Albany Accom. leaves 34 Hanover st. Mon. Wed. and 
Fri. at 2 a m, and arrives in Boston the following days at 
C p ni. 

Albany Mail, via Greenfield, leaves Brigham's, 42 
Flanover st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 2 a m, and arrives 
Tu. Th. and Sat. at 6 pm. 

Albany, via Brattleborough, Vt. leaves Brigham's, 42 
Hanover st. Mon. Wed. and Fii. at 2 a m, and arrives at 
8 p m, following evenings. 

Albany Accom. via Northampton, leaves Earl's, Han- 
over St. Tues. Th. and Sat. at 2 a m, and arrives Mon. 
Wed. and Fri. at 8 p m. 

Albany Daily stage leaves 34 Hanover st. at 2 a m, 
arrives 7 pm. 


Albany Mail, via Northampton, leaves 34 Hanover st. 
Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 2 a m, and arrives next days at 7 
p m. 

Albany Mail, via Springfield, leaves 34 Hanover st. 
Tuos. Til. and Sat. at 2 a nj, and arrives Mon. Wed. and 
Frid. at 7 p m. 

Anilicrst, Windsor, and I^iirlington Mail, loaves City 
Tavern every morning at 7, and arrives at 3 p n). 

Andover, leaves City Tavern every day, Sunday ex. 
at 3 p m, and arrives at quarter past 9. 

Athol Accom. leaves 42 Hanover st. Tues. Th. and 
Sat. at 7 a m, arrives the following days at G p ni. 

Barre, leaves Wesson's, Hanover st. Tues. Th. and 
Sat. at 7 am, arrives the following evenings at 5 pm. 

Barre, Greenfield, and Albany Mail, leaves Wilde's, 
11 Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 2 a m, and arrives Mon. 
Wed. and Fri. at 7 pm. 

Bristol, R. I. Mail, via Taunton, leaves Marlboro' Hotel 
every day except Sun. at half past 7 a m, and arrives at 1 
p m. 

Brookline, leaves Norfi>lk avenue every day except 

Beverly, leaves City Tavern every day except Sun. 
at 4 p m, and arrives at 10 a m. 

Brattloboro', Vt. and Albany Mail, leaves 9 Elm st. Tu. 
Th. and Sat. at 7 a m. 

Brattleboro' Mail leaves 11 E!m st. every day except 
Saturda}', at 5 a m. 

Concord, N. H. and Burlington, Vt. leaves 9 Elm st. 
every day. 

Concord, N. H. via Lowell, leaves Marlboro' Hotel 
Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 7 a m, and arrives next days at 
5 pm. 

Concord, N. II. via Lowell and Derry, leaves Brattle 
square every morning at 7. 

Concord, via Andover, leaves 9 Elm st. Tu. Th. and 

Concord, N. II. Mail, leaves 11 Elm st. every morning 
except Mon. at 7. 

Concord, Hanover, Burlington, and Montreal and Que- 
bec Mail, leaves 11 Elm st. every morning except Sun. 
at 7. 

Concord, N. H. and Merrimack leaves 1 1 Elm st. Mon. 
Wed. and Fri. at half past G a m, and arrives Tu. Th. 
and Sat. at 5 p m. 


Concord Accorn. leaves Brigham's, 42 PTanover st. 
Mon. Wed. and Sat. at 3 p m, and' arrives at 9 a m. 

Cliarlestuvvn Hourly, leaves 45 Brattle st. 

CaniL)ridjze, leaves 45Brat(l(.> st. every day except Sun. 
at i) and 1 I a ni j 1.^, 4, 5, 7 p m. 

Cambridge, Lexington, ;irid Bedford Mail, leaves Brig- 
ham's, Hanover st. Tu. and Fri. at 3 p m. 

Canibridgeport Hourly, leaves 45 Brattle street. 

Canton, leaves Jennings's, 9 Elm st. Mon. Tues. Tliurs. 
and Sat. at 4 p tn. 

Dover, N. H. leaves S5 Ann st. every morning except 
Sunday at 8, and arrives at 4 pm. 

Dorchester and South Boston, leaves 158 Washiligton 
St. at half past 9, 2. and 5. 

Dorchester and Milton, leaves 11 Elm st. every day, 
Sun. ex. at half past 12, and 5 p m ; and 42 Hanover st. 
at 1 1 a m, and 5 p in. 

Dedham, leaves Jennings's, 9 Elm st. daily, at 4 p m, 
atid arrives at 9 a m. 

Dnxbury Mail, leaves City Tavern every day except 
Sunday at 9 a m, and 34 Hanover st. Tu.Th. and Sat. at 
7 a m. 

East Sudbury and Rutland Mail, leaves 34 Hanover 
street, Tu. Th. and Sat. mornings at 8, and arrives Mon. 
Wed. and Fri. at 4 p m. 

Fitchburgh, Fitzwilliam and Brattleboro' Mail, leaves 
Wilde's, 11 Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 5 a m, and ar- 
rives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 6 p m. 

Fitchburgh, Keene, N. H. and Rutland, Vt. leaves 11 
EIn) St. evary week day at4 a m. 

Groton Accom. leaves Brigham's, Hanover st. Tu.Th. 
and Sat. at 9 a m, arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 4 p m. 

Gloucester Mail, leaves City Tavern every day except 
Sunday, at 11 a m, arrives at 12 noon. 

Haverhill, iMs Dover, N. H. and Portland, Me. leaves 
11 Kim St. every day except Sunday at hal f past 7, and 
arrives at G [) rn. 

Hyannis Mail, leaves City Tavern Mon. Wed. and 
Fri. at 3 a m. 

Hopkinton, N. H. leaves 11 Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. 
at 7 a m. and arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 6 p m. 

Harlf;)rd. leaves Wilde's, 11 Elm st. every day except 
Sunday half past 4 a m, and arrives every evening ex. 
Sun. ; Mail Stage, leaves same place daily except Sun. 


Hartford, leaves 34 Hanover st. Mori. Wed. and Fri. 
at ') a m. and arrives next days at 2 p rn. 

Ilarttord, leaves City Tavern daily except Sunday at 
10 a m. 

Ilaveriiill and Andover Accom. leaves Wilde's, Elm 
St. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at half past 2 p ni, arrives at half 
past 10. 

llinghani, leaves 9 Elm st. every day except Sunday 
at 4 p m, and arrives at 10 a m. 

Holden, Barre and I*etersham, leaves 42 Hanover st.Tu. 
Th. and Sat. at 7 a m, arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. 5 p tn. 

Keene, N. H. Mail, leaves Brigham's, 42 Hanover st. 
every morning at 6, and arrives same evening. 

Keene, N. H. via Lowell, leaves 9 Elm st. Tu. Th. 
and Sat. at 7 a m, arrives following afternoon. 

Lowell, Nashua, Amherst, N. H. and Franccstown, 
leaves Suffolk and ALarlborongh Hotels Tu.Th. and Sat. 
mornings at 7, and arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. 

Lowell, leaves Wilde's, ^Im st. every day except Sun- 
day, at 2 and 3 p m. 

Lowell, leaves Brattle square every day except Sun- 
day at 7 and Sam and 2 and 3 p m. 

Lancaster and Fitchburgh Accom. leaves City Tavern 
Tu. Th. and Sat. mornings at 8, and arrives Mon, Wed. 
and Friday at 2 pm. 

Lynn and Saugus, leaves 9 Elm st. daily at 4 1-2 p m. 

Medfield, Medway, and Mcndon, leaves 158 Wash- 
ington St. and 11 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at C am, 
and arrives next days at 5 p m. 

Methuen Accom. leaves 11 Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. 
at half past 2 p m. 

Medford, leaves 9 Elm st. 9am and 8 p m, and on 
Sat. at 9 p m. 

Medford, leaves Wilde's, 11 Elm st. every day except 
Sun. at half past 12 and (> p m. 

Montreal, leaves 42 Hanover st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. 

Marblchead, leaves City Tavern every day except 
Sun. at half past 4 p m. and arrives at 10 a m. 

Nashua and Concord, N. H. Mail, leaves 11 Elm st. 
Tu. Th. and Sat. atC a m, and arrives Mon. Wed. and 
Fri. at G p m. 

New Bedford Mail, leaves City Tavern Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at 8 a m, and arrives next days p m; another 
leaves Marlboro' Hotel the following days at 7 a m. 


New Bedford Accom. leaves City Tavern Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at lialfpast 8, and arrives next days, evening. 

New Bedford Accom. via Taunton, leaves Marlboro' 
Hotel Tu. Th. and Sat. mornings at lialfpast 8, and ar- 
rives xMon. Wed. Hfn] Fri. evenings. 

Newport Mail, leaves Marlborough Hotel every day^ 
Sunday excepted, at 7 a n), and arrives p m. 

Newburyport, Exeter and Dover, N. H. Accom. leaves 
85 Ann st. every morning except Sun. at lialfpast 7, and 
arrives at p m. 

Newburyport and Amesbury, leaves 85 Ann st. every- 
day except Sun. at 1 p tn, and arrives at 1 p m. 

Newton, Natick, Sherburne, Holliston, Mil- 
ford, Mendon and Uxbridee Daily line, leaves Wilde's, 
11 Elm St. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 7 a m, and Tu. Th. 
and S-it. at half past Ham. 

New Y^ork Mail, leaves 34 Hanover st. every day at 10 
p m, arrives every day at 12 m. 

Norwich Steamboat Line, leaves Wilde's, 11 Elm st. 
every day except Sat. and Sun. ; Mon. Wed. and Fri. 
mornings at 3, ^J\i. and Th. at 12 tn. 

Plymouth Accom. leaves City Tavern Tu. Th. and 
Sat. at lifilf past 12 p m. 

Plymouth, Sandwich, and Barnstable Mail, leaves 
City Tavern every morning except Sun. at lialfpast 3, 
arrives p m. 

Plymouth and New Bedford Mail, leaves Franklin 
House Mon. Wed. and' Fri. at 7 a m, and arrives next 
days at 5 p m. 

Portland, Me. 3Iail, leaves Eastern Stage House every 
day at lialfpast 4 p m, arrives at C a m. 

Portland, via Portsmoutli, leaves 84 Ann st. every 
morning except Sun. at 8, and arrives at 5 p m. 

Peterborough, N. H. leaves Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. 
mornings at 7, and arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 4 p rn. 

Providence Citizens' Stage, leaves Marlborough Hotel 
every morning at 5 and lialfpast 7. Accom. Stage leaves 
every day except Sunday at 11 and 12, and on Sunday 
at 9. 

Providence Union line, leaves Brigliam's,42 Hanover 
St. every week day at 5, and on Sunday at 9 a m. An 
Accom. leaves same place every week day at 11 am. 

Providence, new line, leaves 9 Elm st. every day ex- 
cept Sun. at 5 a m. 



Providence Troiriont Coaches, leave City Tavern every 
•day at o a tii, Sundays at 9. 

Porlsnjoulli Acconi. leaves 84 Ann st. eveiy morning 
except iSunday at lialf past 7, and aiTiv«!S at 5 p m. 

Quincy, leaves Jennings's, Eitn st. every day except 
Sunday ai 4 p rn. and arrives at iialf [)ast 6 a ni. 

Roxbury hourly, from IMorfulk avenue. 

Salem Stage, leaves 1 1 Elm st. daily, except Sundays, 
at half past 6 a m and half past .3 p m. 

Salen), leaves 42 Hanover st. daily, except Sunday, at 
half past 1) a m and 4 p id. 

Salem, leaves City Tavern and Marlboro' Hotel daily 
except Sunday, at 9 and Ham, and U, 4, 5 and G p m. 

Salem, leaves!) and 11 Elm st. every day, except Sun- 
day, at 3 and half past 4 p m. 

Stow, Bolton, Lancaster and Sterling Accom. leaves 
11 Elm St. every day except Sat. at 4 p m. 

South Boston, leaves Mansion House, Milk st. at 9 
and 10 am, .nnd 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 p m. 

South Reading, leaves Jennings's, 9 Elm st. daily, ex- 
cept Sunday, at 4 p rn, arrives at 9 a ni. 

Taunton, leaves Marlborough Hotel every day except 
Sunday, at 2 pm. 

Westborough, Centre and Worcester Accom. leaves 
34 Hanover st. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 9 a m, and arrives 
Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 1 p m. 

Woburn, leaves Jennings's, 9 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and 
Sat. at 4 pm, arrives same days at 9 a m. 

Worcester Accom. leaves 34 Hanover st. Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at 10 a m, and arrives Tu.Tli. and Fri. at 1 p ni ; 
leaves 11 Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 10 a m. 

Woonsocket Falls, R. I. leaves Washington Coffee 
H. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 12 n), arrives next days at 1 p m. 

Middlesex Canal Packet Boat, leaves the landing, 
Charlestown.Tu. Th. arid Sat. at 8 a m. A stage leaves 
9 Elm St. at half past 7 a m to convey passengers to the 

Hingham Steam Boat, leaves Foster's Wf daily ex- 
cept Sunday at 9 a m, and 5 p m. 

Portland Steamboat Chancellor LivingPton, leaves 
Foster's wharf Wed. and Sat. at 5 p m ; the Macdonough 
Ti>es. and Fri. at 5 p m. 


Bristol and Newport, arrives every Wed. and Sat. in 
the morning, and leaves in the afternoon of the same 
days. Order box at City Tavern. 

Haverhill, Andover, and Boston Baggage Waggon, 
arrives Tu. and Fri. and leaves the same days. Order 
box at Leavitt's, 84 Ann street. 

Ipswich, arrives and leaves Tues. and Fri. Order box 
at 84 Ann street. 

Lynn, arrives and leaves every day. Order box at 50 
North Market street. 

New Bedford, arrives every Wed. and Fri. and leaves 
every Th. and Sat. Order box at City Tavern. 

Northampton, leaves every Mon. Order box at Brig- 
ham's, Union street, and 74 State street. 

Providence, arrives and leaves every week day. Order 
box at City Tavern. 

Salem, arrives and leaves every day, Sundays except- 
ed. Order box at Leavitt's, 84 Ann st. and City Tav. 

Salem and Marblehead, arrives and leaves every day; 
also leaves for Newburyport, through Ipswich and Row- 
ley, Wed. and Sat. Order box 84 Ann street. 

Taunton, arrives and leaves every week day. Order 
box at City Tavern . 

VVareham, arrives Wed. and leaves Thurs. Order 
box at City Tavern. 



No. 1. — From Winnesimit Ferry, westerly side of 
Hanover to Prince street, the northerly side of Prince to 
Thacher street, the northerly side of Thacher and Med- 
ford streets to the sea. 

No. 2. — From Winnesimit Ferry, the easterly side of 
Hanover street, to Cross street, the noitherly side of 
Cross street, east to the sea. 

No. 3. — Southerly side of Medford, Thacher and 
Prince streets to Hanover street, westerly side of Hano- 
ver street to Cross street, southerly side of Cross street, 
east to the sea, thence to North Market stieet, and 

WARDS. 41 

through Market square to Union street, the northerly 
side of Union to llanovor street, the westerly side of 
Hanover to Friend street, the northerly side of Friend 
street to Charles river. 

No. 4. — Southerly side of Friend to Hanover street, 
the easterly side of Hanover to Union street, the south- 
erly side of Union street through Market square and 
North Market street, thence to the end of Long wharf — 
including the islands in the harhor — north side of State 
street from the head of Long wharf through Court street, 
Bowdoin square and Cambridge street, to Staniford 
street, through Staniford street on the easterly side to 
Leveret place, through Leveret place on the northerly 
side to Prospect street, from thence on the easterly side 
of Prospect street to Causeway street, on the northwest- 
erly side of Causeway street to Friend street. 

No. 5. — From the southwestern end of Causeway 
street, through Prospect street, to Leveret place, on the 
southerly side of Leveret place, to Staniford street, thence 
through Staniford street on the westerly side to Cam- 
bridge street, thence through Cambridge street on the 
northerly side, to West Boston Bridge, thence by the 
river to Causeway street. 

No. G. — From West Boston Bridge, south side of Cam- 
bridge, to Soutli Russell street, westerly side of South 
Russell to Myrtle street, southerly side of Myrtle to Bel- 
knap street, westerly side of Belknap to Beacon street, 
thence through Beacon street, westerly to Charles river, 
thence by the river to West Boston Bridge. 

No. 7. — From Beacon, the easterly side of Belknap to 
Myrtle street, the northerly side of Myrtle to South Rus- 
sell, the easterly side of South Russell to Cambridge 
street, the southerly side of Cambridge street, Bowdoin 
square and Court street, to Washington street, the west- 
erly side of Washington street to West street, northerly 
side of West to Tremont street, northerly by tlie easterly 
side of Tremont street to Park street, north side of Park 
to Beacon street, the northerly side of Beacon to Bel- 
knap street. 

No. !^. — Washington street, on the easterly side, to 
Bedford street, through Bedford and Summer streets, on 
the northerly side, to the sea, thence to Russia wharf, 
tlH'tire through Atkins(jn street, on the westerly side, to 
Milk street, through Milk to Kilhy street, on the tuirth- 
erly side, tlirough Kilby, on the westerlv side, to State 


Street, through State street, on the southerly side, to 
Wcishington street. 

No. y. — From the northerly »^nd of India street, the 
southerly side of State, to Kilhy street, the easterly side 
of Kilby to Milk street, the southerly sideofMilk to At- 
kinson street, the easterly side of Atkinson street to the 
sea, thence by the sea to the northerly end of India st. 

No. 10. — From the southwest side of Bull's whaif, the 
southerly side of Bedford and West streets, to Treinont 
street, through Tremont to Boylston street, the northerly 
side of Boylston and Essex streets to Front street, east- 
erly side of Front street to the sea, by the sea to Bull's 

No. 11. — The westerly side of Front street to Essex 
street, the southerly side of Essex and Boylston streets, 
through Charles street to the Mil! Dam, thence by 
Charles river to Pleasant street, across Ph;asant to Elliot 
street, the northerly side of Elliot to Warren street, the 
easterly side of Warren lo Washington street, the west- 
erly side of Washington street to Pine street, the north- 
erly side of Pine street lo the sea, thence by the sea to 
Front street. 

No. 12 — The southerly side of Pine, across Washing- 
ton street, to Warren street, the westerly side of Warren 
to Elliot street, the southerly side of Elliot, across Plea- 
sant street, to Charles river, and all southerly of the 
above, including South Boston. 


Adjutant and Quarter Master General's Office, State H. 

Aldermen's Room, City Hall 

American Acad, of Arts and Science's' Library, 50 State 

American Baptist Magizin*;, 41 Washington 

American Education Society, room 52 Washington 

American Institute, Washington 

American Ladies' .Magazine, 11 School 

Atnerican Traveller, office 6:{ Court 

Annals of Eduf-atioti, Washingtim, corner of School 

Ap|iraisers of Customs. Custom-house sireet 

Apprentices' Library, 3 Corn hi 1 1 

Aqueduct Office, '^ City Mall, shop Front 

Assessors' Room, Faneuil Hall 

Asylum for Indigent Boys, Salem, corner Charter 


Asylum f<»r Female Orphans, Essex 
Auditor's Office, City Hall 

Baptist Missionary Rooms, IG, 17 and 18 Joy's building 

Boston Atlieriaeum, Pearl 

Boston Bewick Company, 47 Court 

Boston Couri^er, Congress 

Bostofl and Concord Boating Company — landing, Pond, 

near CharlestoAn bridge 
Boston Cordage Manufactory, H. Lewis, Agent, 31 India 
Boston Children's Friend Society, 83 Prince 
Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot, 6 Congress 
Boston Daily Atlas, IS State 
Boslt)n Dssv^n^arv, 138 Washington 
Boston Gazette and Daily Advertiser, ('ongress 
Boston Iron Company, 8 Conmiercial wharf 
Boston Hemp Manufacturing Company, 7 Commercial 

Boston Lace and Hosiery Manufactory, 25 Cedar 
Boston Library, over the Arch, Franklin place 
Boston and Lowell Rail Road office, 83 Milk 
Boston Medical and Surgical Jomnal, 184 Washington 
B(»ston Medical Library, in the Athenaeum, Pearl 
Boston Mannfacturins Company, 3 Oliver 
Boston Press and Fr»'e Press. 5 Merchants Hall 
Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, 101 Milk 
Boston Recorder, 14 Water 

Boston Soapstone Manufactory, Cross cor. Cbarlestown 
Boston Statesman, office Water 
Boston Steam Factory, Pitts court 
Boston Society of Natural History, rooms 3d story Sav- 

injjs Bank buildin*; 
Boston Theatre, Federal 

Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry, 30 Congress 
Boston and Providence Rail Road office, 11 Joy's building 
Boston ;ind Worcester Rail Road office, 8 Joy's building 
Boston Investigator, Milk, corner Congress 
Koylston Hall, over Boylston market 
Boston Young .Men's Society's room, 105 Tremont, cor. 

Boylston .Market, Washington, corner Boylston 

Christian Examiner, 141 Washington 
Christian Register, 134 Washington 
Chrietian Watchman, Wilson's lano 


City Court House, 16 Leveret 

City Hall, head of State 

City and County Treasurer's Office, City Hall ~ 

Cay Clerk's Office, City Hall ^ 

City Land Office, 773 Washington 

Cjty Market between Brattle and Elm streets 

City Marshal's Office, City Hall 

(My Pound, Charles street 

City Scales, Merrimac, corner Canal 

('olumbian Centinel, 32 Congress 

(/ommon Council Room. City Hall 

Constables' Office, 2 Franklin avenue 

County Court House, School 

County Jail, 16 Leveret 

Court of Common Pleas, County Court House 

Custom House, Custom-house street 

District Clerk's Office, Barrister's Hall 
Daily Advocate, 5 Merchants Hall 
Daily Evening Transcript, 4 Exchange 
Directors of House of Industry, Faneuil Hall 
Directors of Inst, for Education of the Blind, Pearl 
Edinburgh Review, 121 Washington 
Employment for Female Poor, 80 Federal 
East Boston Comp. Office, 1 Commercial wharf 
Evening Gazette, U Congress 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 4 Summer 

Faneuil Hall, Market square, corner Merchants Row 
Female Refuge, 12 Charter 

G.mtleman's Quar. Magazine of Fashion, 127 Washing 
Gas VVorks, Commercial, near Charlestown Bridge 

Counting room, 185 Washington 
Handel and Haydn Society's room, Boylston Hall 
Day Scales, Charles street 
Health Office, City Hall 
Horticultural Society's rooms, 81 Cornhill 
Institution for the Blind, 19 Pearl 

Inspection Office, Butter and Lard, Distil-house square 
Inspec. Pot and Pearl Ash, off. Haverhill, cor. Causeway 
Laboratory of State, Pleasant 
Lawrence Manufacturing Company, 77 Milk 
Land Office, State House 
Liberator, 11 Merchants Hall 


Loan Offif'e, over Branch Bank, entrance Wilson lane 
Lyinpr-iti Hospit;iK718 Washington 
Lynn Prinlini; Com., office 83 Cornhill 

Marine Railway, Commercial 
ALasonic Temple, Tremont street 

Mass. Historical Soc. Library over Arch, Franklin pi. 
Massachusetts Arsenal, Pleasant 

Massachusetts Historical Society's room, 2d story Sav- 
ings Bank building 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Allen 
Mayor's Office, City Hall 
Medical iSchooJ, over 269 Washington 
Medical Magazine, 135 Washington, cor. School 
Medical College, Mason 
Merchants Hall, Water, corner Congress 
Mercantile Journal, 2() State 
Mercantile Library, C3 Washington 
Mechanics' Exchange and Reading Room, Wilson lane 
Missionary Herald, 42 Washington 

Miss. Rooms of the Am. Board ofFor. Mi«s. 28 Cornhill 
Morning Post, daily paper, 19 Water 
Museum of Foreign Literature, 11 School 

Nashua Manufacturing Company, 79 Milk 

New England Artisan, Merchants Hall 

New England Bank Note Company's Office, rear 204 

New England Farmer, 52 North Market 
New England Palladium, 32 Congress 
New England Glass Co.'s Warehouse, 140 Washington 
New England Museum, 75 Conrt 
New England Magazine, Congress 
N(;w JfTiisalom Magazine, 11 School 
New England Galaxy, 38 Court 
North American Review, 141 Washington 
Northern Baptist Education Soc. room 13 Joy's building 

Overseers of the Poor, office Faneuil Hall 

Pantheon Ilall, 441 Washington 

Pension Office, over Branch Bank, entrance Wilson lane 

People's Magazine, 121 Washington 

Parley's Magazine, 121 Washington 

Phrenological Society, over the Arch, Franklin place 

Pilot's Office, 237 Ann 

Post Office, City Hall 




Probate Office, County Court House 

Provi.lent Institution for Savings, Tremout street 

Reading Room, City Hall 

Register of Deeds, Office County Court House 

Revere Copper Co. James Davis, jr. agent, 22 Union 

Religious Magazine, 9 Cornhill 

Secretary of State's Office, State House, Beacon street 

b. Boston Iron Co. c. r. 2 Central vvf foundrv S. Boston 

Seamen's Bible and Tract Depository, 3 1-2'Commercial 

Seamen s Bethel Reading Room, Sun court 

South Cove Co.'s office, 27 State 

State House, Beacon 

State Treasurer's Office, State House, Beacon 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company, 77 Milk street 

Temperance Press, Wilson lane 

Theological Library, under Church in Chauncey place 

Tremont Theatre, Tremont street, near School 

Trumpet, office 40 Cornhill 

Universalist and Ladies' Repository, 127 Washington 

Unitarian Advocate, 134 Washington 

Visiters of the Poor, room Savings Bank building 

Weekly Messenger, 6 Congress 

Winnessimit Co.'s Office, bottom of Hanover street 

Warren Theatre, Portland, corner Travers 

Zion's Herald, 19 Washington 


Adelphi House, Cross, corner Ann 

Black Horse Tavern, 17 Union 

Bromfield House, Bromfield street 

Boylston Hotel, 38 School 

City Hotel, Elm 

City Tavern, Brattle 

Commercial Coffije House, Milk, corner Liberty square i 

Canal Hotel, 91 Pond ' 

Clinton House, 35 Leveret 

Exchange Coffee House, Congress square 

Eastern Stage House, 84 Ann 

Elm Street Hotel, 9 Elm J* 

Franklin Hotel, 49 North Market *' 

Fulton House, Cross, corner Fulton 


Globe Hotel, Hanover, cor. Commercial street 

Jefterson House, IG Ann 

Kilburn's Coffee House, Howard 

Lafayette Hotel, Washington, opposite Boylston market 

Lion Tavern, 351) Washington 

Lntnb Tavern, 3l)9 Wasliington 

Leveret Street Hotel, 41 Leveret 

Leveret Street House, 6G Leveret 

Marlborough Hotel, 2*20 Washington 

Massachusetts Coffee House, 30 Hanover 

Meciianics' Inn, Union, corner Cross 

Manufacturers' Hotel, 33 Salem 

Massachusetts Hotel, 33 Pond 

Mercliants' Hotel, 42 Hanover 

Mansion House, Milk, corner Hawley 

New England Coffee House, Clinton 

Pond Street House, Pond, corner Cross 

Rail Road Hotel, 63 Pond 

School Street Coffee House, rear 18 School 
Suffolk House, 12 Elm 
Sun Tavern, Batterymarch 

Tremont House, Tremont street, near School 

Union House, 29 Union 

Warren Hotel, Friend, corner Merrimac 
Washington Coffee House, 158 Washington 
Wise s Coff'ee House, Milk, corner Atkinson 
Washington Hotel, 835 Washington street 


Olive Long Mary Barnes Fanny Beck 

Betsey Clisby Hannah Boyd Anna Morona 

Sarah Bailey Margaret Deering Elizabeth Hall 

Hannah Spear Mary Cushing Sarah Parkman 
Marg't Hennessey Mary Moody Joanna Lord 

Chloe Underwood Ruth Shaw Rosanna Chapman 

Hannah Wear Mary Anderton Eliz. Winship 
Mary Turner Priscilla Moffit M. S. Livermore 

Susannah Morrill Eliza Tabor Sally Smith 

Eliza M. Hope Elizabeth Tufts Margaret Johnson 
Catharine Harvey Ann Tufts Eliz. Griswold 

Mary Diilaway Elizabeth De CostaRachael Tolman 


Sarah Hearsay Hannah Rj-mann Leah Jones 

Mary Chi Ids Rachael Glover Margaret Lang 

Ahigail Fuller Huldah Rich Mary Wood 

Martha Graves Eliza Chadwick Susannah Dill 

Thankful HcdrickMary Fessenden Sarah Small 

Hannah Miller Rebecca Gowan Susan Hall 

Abigail Shepard Elizabeth Thomas Crockett 

Susan Wyman Frances Davis Nancy Goodridge 

Rachael Felt Susan Helyard Nancy Loud 

Sus. Boonnacamp Elizabeth Simons Esther Tarbnx 

Ann Morgan Mary Ann Maloy Frances Guild 

Sarah Uran Rebecca Sprague Elizabeth Beck 

Drue. Dillingham Sarah Goff Susan M. Barnes 

Adeline Park Hannah Melzar Mary Horton 


A STREET, South Boston, from Dorchester Turnpike 

across 4ih, to Glass works 
Acorn street, opens in the rear of 39 Chesnut street, and 

extends to West Cedar street 
Alden lane, from 139 Court street to Sudbury street 
Alden court, opens cm west side Alden lane 
Allen street, from Chambers street to Brighton 
Ann street, northeast from Market sq. to Commercial st. 
Ann street court, opens 330 Ann street 
Arch street, from Franklin place to Summer street 
Arnold street, is the first street north from Roxbury, and 

leads from Washington to Suffolk street 
Ash street, from Oak street to South Bennet street 
Atkinson street, from Milk street to Russia wharf 
Avery street, from 387 Washington street to Mason st. 
Avery place, opens north side of Avery street 
Avon place, opens at 264 Washington street 
B STREET, from Dorchester Turnpike across Broad- 
way, to Glass works 
Baldwin place, opens 70 Salem street 
Ballard place, opens on the south side Bromfield street 
Barristers Hall, Court square, School street 
Barre place, opens on north side of Elliot, nearTremont 
Barrett street, from 83 Ann street to Fulton street 
Barton street, northeast from Leveret, opposite Second 
Bartlett street, from 187 Hanover street to 30G Ann st. 
Bath street, from Milk, opposite Pearl, to Water street 
Batterman place, south side Essex, opposite Lincoln st. 


Battery street, from 344 Ann to 203 Hanover street 

Batteryinarch street, from Liberty square to Broad street 

Bay street, at 43 Fayette 

Beach street, from ^V^•^sl^m;rfon to Front street 

Beacon stn^et, from Kin^^'s Chapel to Western avenue 

BedfJjrd street, from 2^0 W'ashini^ton to Summer street 

Bedford place, north side Bedford street 

Bedford avenue, southwest side of Bedford street, near 

Rowe phice 
Belcher lane, from Forthill gun house to Purchase street 
Belknap street, from Beacon to Cambridge street 
Hennet street (South), from Washington to Front street 
Bennet street (North), from 200 Hanover to Salem street 
Berry street, from the Meetinghouse in Federal street to 

Atkinson street 
Beverly street, from Causeway to Charlestown street 
Blake's court, opens at 740 Washington street 
Blossom place, opens 15 Blossom street 
Blossom street, north from Cambridge street, opposite 

Garden street, to Allen street 
Blossom court, opens E. from 7 Blossom st. n. Cambridge 
Board alley, from 73 Charter to Commercial street 
Boston and Worcester Rail Road, opens 617 Wash. 
Bowdoin street, from Cambridge to Beacon street 
Bowdoin place, south end of Bowdoin street 
Bowdoin square, between Cambridge and Court streets 
Boylston street, from Boylston market to Pleasant street 
Boylston court, north side of Boylston street 
Boylston place, Boylston street, opposite burying ground 
Boylston square, south side Boylston market 
Bradford place, opens from Mason street, south side 
Brattle street, from Dock square to 77 Court street 
Brattle square, from Meetinghouse to Elm street 
Bread street, fiom 88 Broad street to 38 India street 
Bridge street, north from Cambridge st. to the Hospital 
Bridge court, opens east from Bridge st. between Vino 

and Cambridge streets 
Bridge court, opens at 2 George 
Bridge street avenue, from IL Bridge street 
Brighton street, from west end Leveret to Allen street 
Brighton street (iVorlh), from 76 Leveret to the Flats 
Brimmer's T, opens from Long wharf 
Broadway, from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
Broad street, from State street to the Free Bridge 
Bromfield street, from 20'J Washington to Trcmont st. 


Bromfield place, from north side Bromfield strpet 
Buliincli street, south fioni Bowdoin sq. to Somerset pi. 
Bulfinc.h place, between Bulfinch and Bowdoin streets 
Btmistead y)Iace, Tremont street, near Bromfield street 
Bumstead court, opposite west end Boylstofi market 
Butler row, froju IVleroliants row to Chatham street 
Butolph street, from Cambridge street to Myrtle street 
C STREET, from Dttndiester Turnpike across Broad- 
way lo the Beach 
Cabot street, see T/emont 

Cambridire st. from Btuvdoin sq. to West Boston bridge 
Canal street, from Union st. southerly side of the Canal 

to Causeway street 
Carnes court, on south side from 15 Hawkins street 
Carney place, opens :it (579 Washington street 
Carver street, from Pleasant st. north across Elliot street 

to tiie biirial ground 
Carroll place, opens at 06 Salem 
Castle street, acrcss Washington st. at 629, from Fayette 

to Front street 
Causeway street, from Leveret st. to Charlestown bridge 
Cedar lane, from Chesnut street to Mount Vernon st. 
Cedar street (SouUi), from Pleasantstreet, 1st north of Fay- 
ette street 
Cedar street court, east from South Cedar street 
Central street, from Kilby street to 5 India street 
Central court, from 242 Washington to Avon place 
Centre street (West), from Cambridge street near the 

bridge to Myrtle street 
Centre street (North), from 85 Hanover street to Annst. 
Chambers street, from 41 Cambridge st. to 57 L(,'veret St. 
Chambers street court, opens at 22 Chambers street 
Chardon street, from Bowdoin square to Hawkins street 
Charles street, from Boylstim st. to West Bost<m bridge 
Charlestown street, from Union st. to (Causeway street 
Charter street, from 2'M) Hanover street to Lynn street 
Chauncey place, frtuit of First Church, Summer street 
Chatham street, from 21 Merchants row to 4 Commercial 
Chesnut street, trom Walnut street to Charles street 
Church street, from west side of South Cedar street 
Clark street, from 185 Hanover to 21)4 Arm street 
Clark Alley, from 125 Hanover to 148 Ann street 
Clinton street, from Merchants row to Couuiiercial street 
Columbia street, from Bedford street to Essex street 
Commercial street, from 12 Long w harf to Charlestown 


Commercial avenue, from 281 Ann st. to Union wharf 
Coufjjiess rilrei't, from 'M Slate strc«t to Milk street 
Congress square, the hmhlinj^s erected on the site of the 

Exchiinge Cotlee House, C«)ngr«;ss street 
Congress court, rear 20 Congress street 
Cottage plate, at Gb4, east side Washington street 
Co(dt court, back ol' Latin School Imuse, :i4 School street 
Cooper street, from CharU-stovvn across Tond and North 

Margin street, hy the gun house, to Sulem place 
Corn court, south side Faiieuil Hall 

Cornhill, from 2'^ Washington street to Go Court street 
Cornhill court, back of 81 Wasliington street 
Court strK'et, from City Hall to Bowdoin square 
Court square, front of County Couit House, School st. 
Cotton j)lace, from Purchase street to Forthill wliurf 
Creek street, from 2 Clinton st. 
Creek square, back of Union and Ann streets 
Crescent place, 5 Green street 
Cross street, from the Canal, across Hanover and Ann, 

to Commercuil street 
Custom-house street, from 70 Broad st. to 22 India street 
DKACON street, frotn Portl:ind street to Fiiend street 
Dearborn avenue, from 7 Federal street to Theatre alley 
Dedham street, from 751) Washington street, crosses Suf- 
folk to 'I'reuiont street 
Derne street, from Bowdoin street to Hancock street 
Devonshire street. fr<Mn 25 State street to Milk street 
Dislil-lM)use square, from the bottom of Sudbury street 

northwest to Hawkins street 
Distil-house street, from 550 Wasliington st. to Front st. 
Doanc street, frctm Kilby street to Broad siroet 
Dock square, from LIm street southward to Washington 

street, atid eastward to the corner opposite the 

west end of r'an<'uil Hall 
Dorchester str«»'t, from Catholic Church to ship yard 
E.AST street, from Sea street to South street 
Eaton street, from North Russell to Chamlxjrs street 
I'.lliot street, from 481 Washington t() Pleasant street 
Elliot court, south side of Elliot street 
Elm street, from Dock square to 2i) Hanover street 
Essex street, fiom H78 W ashington to South street 
Essex court, in Essex street, opposite to Froiit street 
Essex pl-jce, opens between ')'.\ and o'i \l.<^i'\ 
Exchange blrcct, from \iO Slate slrcul to 30 Duck square 


FAYETTE street, from Pleasant, opposite Carver, to 

Castle street 
Fayette place, Tremont street, front of the Mall 
Fayette court, opens 403 VV^asliington street 
Federal street, from Milk st. past the Theatre to High 
Federal court, between 43 and 45 Federal street 
Federal court (North), opens at 78 Hanover street 
Fifth street (5th), from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
First street, the first from Free Bridge, runs east and west 
Flagg alley, from GO State street to Market square 
Fleet street, from 173 Hanover to Snow's wharf 
Foster place (S.), on the west side of Tremont street, be- 
tween Boylston and Elliot streets 
Foster street, from Charter to 30 Commercial street 
Foster place, opens at G Foster street 
Fourth street (4th), from F'ree Bridge to Dorchester st. 
Franklin street, from 184 Washington st. to Franklin pi. 
Franklin place, from Hawley street to the Theatre 
Franklin avenue, from Court street to 3G Cornhill 
Friend street, from G2 Hanover street to Causeway st. 
Friend street place, opens westerly from Friend st. near 

Causeway street 
Friend street court, opens at 6 Friend street 
Front street, from Essex street to South Boston bridge 
Fruit street, near the Hospital, from Blossom across 

Bridge street 
Fruit St. court, from Fruit street, near the hospital 
Fulton street, from Clinton, back of Commercial, to 

Richmond street 
Fulton court, from Fulton street 
GARDEN street, from Cambridge to Myrtle street 
Garden court street, west side (jf North sq. to Fleet street 
Garland place, rear C83 Washington street 
George st. from Camb. st. n. the bridge to Mt. Vernon st. 
Gibbs lane, from Washington place to Forthill wharf 
(iouch street, from 11 Green street to Merrimac street 
Gilnian place, west side of Friend, near Travers street 
Graphic court, opens 219 Washington street 
Green street, from Bowdoin square to Chambers street 
Greenough lane, from 25 Charter to G Commercial street 
Gridley street, from High to Purchase street 
Grove street, from Cambridge to Pinckney street 
Grove st. (North), from 125 Cambridge the Hospital 
HAMILTON pi. Tremont st. opposite Park st. Church 
Hamilton st. from Battery march st. to Washington pi. 


Hamilton avenue, from 95 Broad street 
llmiiilton alloy, Hamilton st. near Batterymarcli street 
Hamilton court, opens north side orilamilton street 
Hancock street, from Mt. Vernon to Cambridge street 
Hancock row, from Marshall street to Creek square 
Hancock avenue, from Beacon st. to Mt. Vernon st. near 

the State House 
Hanover St. from Court street to Winnessimit ferry way 
Hanover court, opens at G4 Hanover street 
Hanover place, opens at 110 Hanover street 
Hanover avenue, from 191 Hanover to 3lG Ann street 
Harlaem place, opens at 345 Washington 
Hartford place, south side High street, near Forthill 
Harvard court, opens from south side of Harvard street 
Harvard street, from 448 Washington to Front street 
Harvard place, AV ashington st. opposite the Old South 
Haverhill street, from \V'arren Bridge to Charlestovvn st. 
Hawkins street, from Sudbury to Ivers street 
Hawley street, from Trinity Church to IMilk street 
Havvley place, opens at 172 Washington street 
Haytnarket place, south side of Avery street 
Hay ward place, opens at 3-30 Washington street 
Henchman lane, from 35 Charter to Commercial street 
High street, from Summer street to Washington place 
High St. pi. on the west f^ide of High st. near Atkinson st. 
Hollis street, from 517 Washinglon to Trcmont street 
Howaid street, from Court to Bulfinch street 
Hull street, from Christ Church by the Burial ground to 

Commercial street 
Humphrey place, (jn east side of Hamilton st. n.Fortllill 
INDIA street, from Long Wharf to India wharf 
Ivers street, from Hawkins to Merrimac street 
JACKSON place, opens at Id Winter street 
Jefterson place, near east end South Bennet street 
Jefferson street, runs east from Fayette street to Tremont 
Joy's Building, SI Washinglon 

Joy's pi. Belknap, between Beacon and IMt. Vernon sts. 
KENNAUD'S avenue, from 32 I'ophir to 51 Allen 
Kilby street, from State street to Milk street 
Kingston street, from 53 Snmmer to Bedford street 
Kneeland street, from 42(> Washington to Front street 
Kni)x street, rear 25 Fayette 
Kuhn place, at 74 Tremont street 

LA FAYETTE avenue, from 80 Prince to Pond street 
La Grange place, opens at 451 Washington street 


Lancaster street, from Merrimac st. to Millpond wharf 

Langdon place, opens at 17;> Ann street 

Lenox street, south fiutn 807 Washington, and leads to 

Suffolk street 
Leveret street, from 25 Green street to Central bridge 
Leveret lane, opens at 32 I^t^erot street. 
Leveret court, north side 2i) Leveret street 
Lvman place, from 10 Leveret street to 17 Green street 
Liberty square, the junction of Kilby, Water and Batte- 

ryniareh streets 
Lime alley, frcnn Charter st. opposite burying ground to 

Commercial street 
Lincoln si.reet, from Summer to Essex street 
Lincoln court, from 23 Fayette street 
Lindall street, from Congress to Kilby street 
Lowell place, on the south side of Boylston street 
Lynde strnet, from Cambridge to 22 Green street 
Lynn street, now called Conimercia! 
Lucas place, opens at 6G1 Washington street 
MADISON place, opens from 140 Pleasant street 
Margaret alley, from Mar2aret st. to Snovvhill street 
Margaret street, from 27 Prince to Sheafe street 
Margin st. (N ), from 52 Salem across Tiiacher to Pond st. 
Margin street (South), from Pitts to Prospect street 
Market square, S. W. and North sides Faneuil Hall 
Market street (North), nortli side of the new market 
Market street (South), south side of the new market 
Market street, froiu Portland to Charleslovvn street 
Market place, opens 415 Washington street 
Marlborough place, opens IGG Washington street 
Marshall street, from 24 Union to Hanover street 
Marsh lane, from Union strciet f(» Cieek scpiare 
Marston place, opens from 71 Chambers street 
Mason street, from West street to Avery street 
May street (South), opens at 704 Washington street 
May street, from South Russell to Charles street 
May court, on the west side of Belknap street 
May place, rear of 12 Oak street 

McLean street, from Ciiand)ers street to Blossom street 
McLean court, opens at 8 McLean street 
Mechanic phice, opens at (503 Washington street 
Mechanic street, from 1 15 Hanover to 142 Ann 
Medford street, from Charlestown st to Causeway street 
Merchants row, from State street by the Market house 

to Anil street 


Mcrrimnc st. from north end of Union to Cansnwny st. 

INIiddli^sex place, opens at *,i08 VVashingfon street 

JMidillcsc'X street, froM Castle street, south '' 

Milk street, from Old South to India street 

Milton plac^e, from Federal street to Federal court 

Millon street, from i^pritij: to Brifjliton street 

Miuol street, northeasterly fron» 44 Leveret str«;ct 

JMont^otnery pi. opens M'remont st. near Province street 

Motui stre»;t. from Nortli sf^uare t<> Fh et street 

Morton place. Milk stie«!t. near Havvley street 

Mount Vernon street, from Beacon st. to Charh'S street 

Moutit Veriuju place, from Hancock av. lo Belknap st. 

Murray place, opens 158 Prince sirt et 

Myrtle street, from Hancock to Centre street 

Myrtle court, west cud of Myrtle street 

N.-\rfi^AC court, west side of Tremont street 

Nassaii street, from Front to Ash street 

Newborn place, c»pens li) Carver street 

Newbury place, opena at 31)4 Washington street 

Newton phice, opens from Beach street 

Norfolk avenue, opens at 185 Washington street 

Norftdk place, opens at '^'^0 Washington street 

Northampton street, souti) end Washington street 

North Hanover court, opens at l.'')2 Hanover street 

Nt)rth square, between H mover, Fleet and Ann streets 

Noves phue, opcsis 74 Salem strec^t 

OAK place, on the south sid(! of Oak st. opposite Ash 

Oak street, opens 314 \Vashin<iton street 

Old road, from Hawes place Church to the Point 

Oliver street, frftiM Milk- street to VV'ashington place 

Oliver place, south side F.ssex street 

Orange street, opens at ('>'2r) Washington street 

Orarjge ct. opens from Wiishing. next south of Flliot st. 

Orange lane, from Washington opposite Orange street 

Otis place, Sumni'T street, oj.posite Kingslrin street 

PARK street, from head of IVIall to State House 

Parkmans place, opens at 144 Hano\ er street 

Pearl street, from Milk lo Pui chase street 

P<?arl place, on east side Pearl str(;et 

Peck lane, from Essex street to wharf 

Phillips's Buildings, on Kilbv and Water streets 
Phillips place, opposite the Chapel. Treinont street 
Piedmont str»>et, from INc.isanl, 2(1 north Faycite street 
Pinckney street, from Belknap to Charles street 
Pine street, from 520 Washington to 48 Front Btrcet 

56 ^. REGISTER. 

Pitts street, from 1 Green to Merrimac street 
Pitts street place, east side Pitts street 
Pitts court, on the west side of Pitts street 
Pleasant street, from Boylston to Washington street 
Pleasant st. ct. west from Pleasant st. to Church street 
Plymouth street, south end of Washington street 
Plymouth place, westerly side Front, near Beach street 
Pond street, from Hanover and Salem streets to Charles- 
town bridge 
Pond street place, opens at 75 Pond 
Poplar street, from GO Chambers street to Charles river 
Portland street, from 48 Hanover to Causeway street 
Portland place, opens 19 Portland street 
Prince street, from Hanover st. to Charlestown bridge 
Prince street avenue, from 39 Prince to North Bennet 
Prospect street, from Lyman place to Merrimac street 
Province street, from 3U School to Bromfield street 
Province house court, through the arch at 1G5 Washing- 
ton street to Province street 
Purchase street, from Summer street to Broad street 
Purchase place, opens nearly ojipos. the Ch. Purchase st. 
QUINCY place, on north side High st. near Wash. pi. 
RICHAliDSON place, t>om Short street 
Richmond street, from 49 Salem across ilanover and Ann 

to Conjmercial street 
Richmond avenue, opens at 56 Salem 
Ridgevvay lane, from Cambridge to Derne street 
Rovve place, opens south side of Bedford street 
Robinson lane, from 220 Hanover to 9 Unity street 
Rogers's buildings, Congress street 
Russell street (IS'orth), from Cambridge to Eaton street 
Russell street (South), from Cambriiige to ]\Iyrlle street 
SALEM place, from 62 Salem street to Cooper street 
Salem st. north from Hanover and Pond, to Charter st. 
Salt lane, from 29 Union street to Creek square 
Salter place, opens at 56 Prince street 
Salutation street, from 195 Hanover lo 336 Ann street 
School street, from 137 Washington to the Stone Chapel 
Scollay's buildings, between Court and Tremont streets 
Scott court, opens between 8 and 9 Union street 
Scott alley, from Creek square to Ann street 
Sea street, from Summer street -to Free Bridge 
Second st. (West), from 67 Leveret to Brighton street 
Second street, is the 2d street from Free Bridge, South 
Boston, and runs east from Turnpike street 


Sewall place, from Milk street, opposite Morton place 

Sister street, from VV'illiains to Berry street 

8heafe street, from Salem to Snovvliill street 

Short street, from Bedford street to the water 

Short street court, rear Short street 

Short lane, from 13 North Beiinet to Tilestoii street 

Snowhill street, from 21 Prince street to Hull street 

Somerset street, from Beacon to Howard street 

Somerset place, from Somerset to Bovvdoin street 

Somerset court, near south end of Somerset street 

South street, from Summer street, opposite High street 

South street court, east side of South street 

South street place, west side of South street 

South Bridge st. from Washington st. to S. Boston bridge 

Southac court, west end of Southac street 

Southac St. from Biitolph across Garden to George street 

Spear alley, from Purchase street, near the Church 

Spring lane, from 134 Washington st. to Devonshire st. 

Spiing street, from 59 Leveret to 45 Allen street 

Spring street court, opens from 52 Spring street, between 

Allen and Poplar streets 
Spring street place, opens from 18 Spring street 
Spruce street, from Chesnut to Beacon street 
State street, from Washington street to Long wharf 
Staniford street, from Cambridge to 24 Green 
Staniford place, opens at 11 Staniford street 
Stillman place, from west side Stillman st. to Cooper st. 
Stillman street, from 46 Salem st. to Charlestown street 
Stoddard street, from Howard to Court street 
Sturgis place, opens at 7 Pearl street 
Sudbury street, from Court to Portland street 
Sudbury square, north end Sudbury street 
Suffolk street, rear 725 Washington, from Castle street 
Suffolk place, opens at 302 Washington street 
Sullivan place, in Federal street, between Franklin street 

and Federal court 
Summer street, from 226 Washington st. to Sea street 
Sun court street, from JNorth square to 218 Ann street 
Sweetser court, opens at 342 Washington street 
TEMPLE street, from Cambridge to Mt. Vernon street 
Temple place, opens at Masonic Temple, Trcmont st. 
Temple avenue, at 307 Washington 
Thacher street, from 71 Prince to Charlestown street 
Thacher st. court, on east side Thacher street 
Thaxter place, from Front street, opposite Harvard st. 


Theatre alley, from Milk street to rear of Theatre 
Third street (3(1), from Free Bridge, South Boston, runs 

easterly from 2d street 
Tileston street, from 214 Hanover to 93 Salem street 
Travers street, from Portland to Charlestown street 
Tremont st. from Ci>urtto Washington st. by the Mall 
Tremont pi. opens on Beacon st. near Somerset street 
Tudor's Building, 20 Court street 

Turnpike st. from Free Br. S. Bos. to Dorchester Tump, 
UNION street, from Market square to Merrimac street 
Unity cou.'t, opens at 2 Unity street 
Unity stri^et, from Charter to 14 Tileston street 
VERNON St. runsN. E. from Leveret st. oppos. Spring st. 
Vernon place, opens at 23 Charter street 
Vine St. from N. Russell across Blossom and Bridge sts. 
WALNUT .street, from Beacon to Mt. Vernon street 
Warren street, from Washington to Elliot street 
Warren place, opens on the north side Pleasant street 
Washington place, includes all the buildings round the 

walk on Fort Hill 
Washington Mechanic place, opens at 409 Washing, st. 
Washington aven. from E. end of Purchase to Wash. pi. 
Washington street, from Roxbury to Dock square 
Water street, from 128 Washington to 37 Broad street 
Well St. from Cus. House st. across Bread to Wharf st. 
Wendell street, from Oliver street to Hamilton street 
West street, from 333 Washington street to the Mall 
W. Cedar street, from Pinckney to Chesnut street 
Wharf street, from 100 Broad street to 43 India street 
Wheeler's court, opens at 40 Pleasant street 
Williams court, through the arch at J03 Washington st. 
Williams street, from Federal to Atkinson street 
Willow street, from Chesnut to Mount Vernon street 
Wilson lane, from 2G State street to 32 Dock square 
Winter court, opens at 20 Winter street 
Winter street, from 271 Washingtim street to the Mall 
Winthrop place, opposite Church Green, Summer street 


Arch wharf, east side Purchase, 2d north Forthill wharf 
Atkins's, Commercial, near Charlestown bridge 
Ballard's graving ways, opens 263 Ann 
Banister's wharf. Broad street, near Free Bridge 


Bartlett's, near Railway, Commercial 

Barry's, opens between 115 and 117 Essex 

Battery, opens from Ciunnit icial, near Railway 

Brown's, Commcreial, near Charleslown bridge 

Bull's, east end isuinnier 

Central, between India and Long wharves 

Chaniberlin's, Commercial street, near Charter 

(!^ommercial, 76 Cofninercial 

Constitution, opens from Commercial, near north end 

of Hanover 
Copeland's, opens at Commercial, near Foster 

Drake's, 40 Sea street 

Dawes's, Purchase, next east from Tileston's 

Ellis's, opens at IS3 Ann 

Fiske's, opens fntm Commercial, near Foster street 

Forlliill, 3d north of Liverpool 

Foster's, at south end of Broad street, next to Rowe's 

Harris's ways, between Foster's and Otis's wliarvcs 

Hancock, opens at 211 Ann 

Hiler's, opens from Commercial, near Charlestown bridge 

Hobbs's, !)0 Sea street 

Howe's, Sea, opposite East street 

India, at the south end of Lidia street 

Jenney's, from Commercial, near Charlestown bridge 

Kittredge & Wyman's, next Charlestown bridge 

Lincoln's, opens at 205 Aim 

Lincoln & Wheelwright's, 2d north of Liverpool 
Liverpool, Purchase street, opposite Pearl street 
Long, at the east end of State street 

Maine, cast end of Summer street, near Bull's wharf 
Marine railway, Commercial, near end of Hanover 
Mercantile wharf, N.E. from Faneuil Hall market, in- 
cluding Exchange wharf, foimerly so called 

Otis's, east side Broad street, next north Arch wliarf 

Packard's, next north of Forthill wharf 

Piper's, 30 Sea street, now called Broad street 

Peirce's, south rnd South street 

Pratt & Cushing's railway, Commercial, near bottom of 

Prentice's, west of Russia, and opens from Broad street 

Rowe's, Bioad street, next India wharf 


Rowe's wharf buildings, opposite east Purchase street 
Russia, Broad street, opposite Atkinson street 

Sargent's, opens 263 Ann 

Smiih Clarke's, next Wilkinson & Pratt's wharf 

Snow's, next north of Hancock 

Spear's, next north of Liverpool wharf 

T, opens between 46 and 47 Long wharf 

Thompson's ways, opens 239 Ann 

Tileston's, Broad street, near Summer street 

Union, opens at 297 Ann 

Wales's, opposite 77 Sea street 

Wilkinson & Pratt's, 2d north of Hancock, 245 Ann 

Winnessitnii Ferryway, at north end of Hanover street 


ABBOT ANDREW, mason, 56 Portland 

Abbot Appleton, port«^r, 4tb street 

Abbot Benjamin, cooper, Pond 

Abbot Epii. cloth. 40 N Market, h. Williams, cor. Sister 

Abbot Ge(.r^'e VV. (5 L. Abbot S^ Co.),h. 17 Nassau 

Abbot (Jacob) Su Gorham (£>), editors Religious Mag. 

9 (^ornhill. Abbot's li. in Roxbury 
Abbot Jacob C. clerk, Co Leveret 
Abbot John, S. Margin 
Abbot Joseph H. 27 Mt. Vernon 
Abbot Josiah, handcartman, 13 Cross 
Abbot Reuben, 13 Cross 
Abbot Sanujel L. & Co. (Geo. W. Mbot), merchants, 21 

Central wf. h 79 Bedford 
Abl)t)t Theodore, bookbinder, Brighton 
Abbot Tin)othy, wharfinger, h. B street 
Abbot WiMiam, shipwright, house Dorchester st. 
Abell Jose|)h, cooper, h. rear 98 Warren 
Abt.ll Levi, housewright, house 5 Carver 
Aborn H<;iiry M. (Trott ^ Co.), house 56 High 
Abrahams Ben. cooper, Constitution wf. house Fleet 
Abrahams Marcy R. 234 Hanover 
Abrams Joseph, rear 63 Salem 
Abrams V\ illiam, grocer, 1 1 1 , h. 109 Hanover 
Ackers Geo. rigger, Margaret 

Ackers John, cabinetmaker, 079 Wash. h. 43 Warren 
Acres George T. tinpl.-iteworker, 41 Boylston 
Adams Aaron, jr. boots, shoes and leather, 14 Clinton 
Adams Abel {Barnard, ji. S^ Co.), house Chnrdon 
Adams ,M)raliaiii D. cordvvainer, 5 West, b'ds 24 Orange 
Adams Alvin, \V. I. goods. 111 State, h. 8 Blossom 
Adams .Asa, broker, liouse Church 
Adams Asa P. shoe store, 87, h. 97 Hanover 
Adams Ashur, broker, rear 00 State, h. B street 
Adams (Jlsu/icl) 6l Shumvvay (fVUlard ^.), dry good*, 

281 Washington. A. boards Lamb Tavern 
Adams Augustus, truckman, rear 730 Washington 


Adams Bartlett, pianoforte maker, Dedliam 
Adams Benj. binder, 22 Corriliill, li. 52 Ciimbridge 
Adams Benj. <fc Co. {Peter T. Homer eind C. F. ideims), 
dry goods, 2.") Doane, li. C M. Vernon, op. Hancock 
Adams Celia Eliza, wiciow of Henry, h. Church 
Adams Charles, stair builder, 13 Bridge 
Adams Charles, dry g'ds, 115 Hanover, h. E. Stage H. 
Adams Charles, weaver, h. S. Cedar, near Churcli 
Adams Charles, patent bedstead maker, 422 Washington 
Adams Charles B. F. house 422 Washington 
Adan)s Charles F. attorney, 23 Court, h 3 Hancock av. 
Adams Charles Fred. {Benj. Adams S^ Cn )., h. 26 Chesnut 
Adams Cbauncey, intelligence office, 6 Summer 
Adams Chester, casbier Union Bank 
Adams Daniel, pump and block maker, head of Foster's 

\vf. h. 16 Wash. pi. 
Adams Edwin, piiysician, 27 Tremont 
Adams Elijah, capt., house Distil-house square 
Adams Elizabeth, widow, Salem, under the Academy 
Adams Elizabeth, wid(jw,ll Batterymarch 
Adams Francis {Southgeite, Blake & Co.), h. Exchange 

Cofl'ee House 
Adams George, importer hard ware, 75 Commercial 
Adams George W. attorney, Court, corner Tremont 
Adams G. W. house Causeway, corr>er Leveret 
Adams George W. bookbinder, h. 11 Wasiiington place 
Adams Gideon, tobacconist, rear 17 Lynde 
Adams Hiram, printer, h. 4 Fayette court 
Adams Isatc, teanjster, rear 337 Washington 
Adams Isaac, trunk maker, SO Ann 

Adams Isaac, 44 Fan. Hall market, h. Cross n. Hanover 
Adatns Isaac, macliinist, house Broadway 

Adams {Isaac, jr.) tfc Hovey {John G.), dry goods, 48 
Kilby. A.'s h. Cross, n. Hanover 

Adams James, victualler, h. 8 VV^•lter 

Adam James, messenger Atlantic Bank 

Adams James, jr. h. 6 Water 

Adams {James M.) & Seaver {Aath'I), stable, Fulton 

Adams James M. h. Fulton House 

Adams John, clerk Globe Bank 

Adams (Jolni) & Bullard {Leonard), grocers, 32 Brattle 

Adams John, lioufe Lynde 

Adams John, shoe stcjre, 126, 218 Hanover 

Adams John Q,. printer, 14 Devonshire, h. Bridge court 

Adams Joseph, meruhant, 13 Long wharf 



Adams Josopli, 213 Hano\'er 
Adiims Joseph D. c-lorU, boards 3 Ilanovor 
Adams Joscpli If. mercliant, liouso H() Alt. V^ernon 
Adafiis (Josrpk T) and Hudson (Tlios.), publishers and 
proprietors ofContinel and I'alladium, 24 Congress 
Adams Joseph T. (editor of Centinel, h. 45 Cliesnut 
Adams Laban, innholder, Lamb tavern, 369 Washington 
Adams Lney, widow of Abijah, 13 Pinckney 
Adams ladia, dressmaker, h. 1 Fayette r-ourt 
Adams Mary, widow, Leveret, cor. Brighton 
Adams Mehitabel, 2 Friend 
Adams Mark, laborer, 64 Belknap 
Adams Mary, widow. Piedmont 
Adams Nancy, 49 Piince 

Adams Nathan, machinist, 39 Merchants row, h. 96 Salem 
Adams Ni.'hemiah, Rev. h. 4 Boylston place 
Adams Paul, furniture, 5 Water, h. I2d Charles 
Adatns I'hilip, house rear 57 Salem 
Adams Samuel, physician, 34 School 
Adams Sam. vvireworker, 12 Federal, b'ds at W. Fenno's 
Adams Samuel G. housewright, 30 Tremont 
Adams Samuel S. tinplale worker, 50 Water, h. Stillman 
Adams Seaver, clerk, house 21 Gibbs lane 
Adams Sell) (Bartholomew <^ .'?•), boards 10 Atkinson 
Adams Samuel, mason, h. rear 5 Mason 
Adams (Simeon P.) & Sands (Edio.), grocers, 141 Court. 

Adams's h. Prospect 
Adams Sun)ncr, bar-room, 34 Brattle 
Adams Thomas, 1 Faneuil Hall market 
Adams Thomas, laborer, h. S. Cedar, near Church 
Adams Thomas, hats. 10 Elm, house 7 Allen 
Adams's (li'm. & G. iV.) «X: Hammond (Artcmas), black- 
smiths, Cross, cor. Fulton 
Adams \\'illiam, house 1!) North Bennet 
Adams Wm. watchmaker, 151, h. 149 Washington 
Atlams W illiam D. printer, house 44 Federal 
Adatns Zabdiel B. phv.^^ician. 21 Pearl 
Adan John R counsellor, 11 Court, li. 14 Summer 
Adgate Theodore, tinman, house George 
Adiinglcm Benj. W. housewright, 21 , h. 31 Spiing 
Ager (Solomon) & Carter (David), leather, 45 N. Mar- 
ket. A.'s h. 89 Front 
Ager Solomon, leather ami lasts, N. ALarket, h. 89 Front 
Ager John, tailor, h. 2 Humphrey place 
Agin Andrew, laborer, Peck lana 


Agin Wm. laborer, h. rear 100 Broad 

Agnel Francis, rigger, h. 24 Hiimilton 

Aiken Barney, mason, rear 24 Pleasant 

Aiken Calvin, house 12 Purchase 

Aiken James, porter, 17 (-ross 

Aiken Jonathan, laborer, Travers 

Aiken Lemuel G. soda room and h. rear 773 Wash. 

Aiken Robert, laborer, Broadway 

Aiken Calvin and William, wood wf. South, h. 59 South 

Aiken William (C. A IV. Aiken), h. 59 South 

Aiken William, masnn, C street 

Ainsworth Almun, hoiisewright, h. 103 Cambridge 

Aitchison Mary, h. 1 Elliot court 

Akerman Benjamin, h. rear Charles 

Albee John, teamster, 8 Sheafe 

Albert John M. baker, 17 Portland 

Albert Joseph, rigger, head C. Smith's wf. h. 238 Ann 

Albree John, mer. 34 Commercial, h.3 Kneeland 

Alcott Wm. A. house 53 Hancock 

Alcorn James, laborer, 108 Broad 

Alden David & Co. (5. Kendall), shoes and clothing, 4 

Rowe's wf. buildings, h rear 98 Purchase 
Alden James F. boards 188 Hanover 
Alden James, hat store, 83 Conmiercial 
Alden John, 23 Tiieston 

Alden John, shoe store, 88 Hanover, h. 23 Tiieston 
Alden John, laborer. Piedmont, near Church 
Alden {Jos. IV.), Bingham (C. R.) & Co. {J. F. Alden), 

dry goods, 76 Hanover. Alden's h 188 Hanover 
Alden Jose[)h. shoes, 43 Court, h. 13 Poplar 
Alden Paul. See E. Baker & Co. 
Alden Robert T. sailmaker. 150 Sea, h. 2 Bath 
Alden Wm. V. (G. Vinton & Co.), boa-ds 170 Wash. 
Aldrich Aaron, 82 F. H. market, h.8 Pitts 
Alexander Betsey, widow, h. opposite 7 Columbia 
Alexander E. jr. { Baker ^ A.), h. 120 Charl.'S 
Alexander Edward, rnastnjaker, Sea, h. rear 47 Sea 
Alexander Emery, 41 F. H. market, h. 74 Leveret 
Alexander Henry F. h. 43 Myrtle 
Alexander Jeanetle, midwife, rear 14 Bedford 
Alexander John, carpenter, rear Broadway 
Alexander Josiah W. laborer, S. Margin 
Alexander Lucreiia, boarding, 8 Somerset 
Alexander Oliver B. undertaker, h. rear St. Paul's 
Alexander William, rigger, Spear alley 


Al^or Cyrus, iron founder, c. r. Central vvf. h. 4th 

Aleer Francis, 2 Central \vf. h. 3 Fourth 

Aliror Nahuni, oroccr, 78 Cambrid^io 

Alkcr Thomas {Bascom & .^.), h. 5 Province 

A I lard Isaac T. founder, west Broadway 

Allardire Ann, widow, liouse Bath 

Allan Goorce W. ]iousevvrio;lit, h. G55 Washington 

Allen Abigail, widow, 27 JMilk 

Allen Abby Ann, widow, 3t) Sea 

Allen Amos S. Lion Tavern, 359 Washington 

Alien Andrew J. & Co. (Jeremiah), stationers, 72 State, 
h. 7 Sullivan place 

Allen Ann, widow, 11 Franklin 

Allen Ann M. dry goods, 214 Washington 

Allen Betsey, ^^^dow, rear 110 Sea 

Allen Calvin, carver, h. G Carver 

Allen Catharine, boarding, 1 Centre 

Allen Charles J. F. clerk Custom House, h. 16 Ash 

Allen Charles H. school, 12Bowdoin 

AJIen Eleanor, widow, 2d street 

Allen {Ezra), Pigeon {Henry) & Pool (5ewjrt7nm), mast- 
makers, Com. n. Railway. A.'s h. Com. n. Foster 

Allen Ezra, (\rv goods, 71 Hanover, h. 1 Stillman 

Allen F. D. {Fowle S,-A.), h. 10 Bulfinch 

Allen Freeman (.7. U'hitncy <S' Co.), h.9 La Grange pi. 

A\\ex\ {Fisher) & Harris {Joscphus), gtoctxy ^WdnoyeVj 
corner Cross 

Allen Jeremiah (.^. J. Allen &,- Co.), h. 7 Sullivan pi. 

Allen James, 3d street 

Allen James C. engineer, h. 795 Washington 

Allen James, cabinetmaker, h. Carver 

Allen (G. IF.) & Brooks (P. A.), tailors, 51 Congress. 
Allen's h. 26 Pinckney 

Allen Hannah, widow of James, 32 Atkinson 

Allen Hannah, boardinir, 4 Bradford place 

Allen H. R. dry goods, 37 Court, h. 64 Chcsnut 

Allen Ira W. furniture, 483 Wash. h. rear 40 Fayette 

Allen Isaac S. 27 Somerset 

Allen Jabez, h. 47 Front 

Allen James, counsellor, 39 Court, h. Broadway 

Allen James, handcattman. Claik alley 

Allen J.imes M. aunt. Milk, h. 11 Purchase. See adv. 

Allen Jared.29 F. H. market, h. Distil-housc square 

Allen Jesse, coachmaker, h. Tremont cor. JelVerson 

Allen (Jo/rn;&Ticknor(;r./>.), booksellers, 135 Wniih. 


Allen (John) & Place (John B.), house wrights, 19 Blos- 
som. Allen's h. 3 Leveret 

Allen Josiah, baker, house rear 600 Washington 

Allen Peter, clerk, house 41 Atkinson 

Allen Reuben, cooper. Moon cor. Fleet 

Allen Samuel A. store keeper Cus H. h. at Heman Fay's 

Allen Susannah, widow, 89 Sea 

Allen Samuel R. 110 Milk, boards 1 Central court 

Allen Samuel, rigger, 48 India, h. 11 Washington place 

Allen Silas, jr. chair paint. 30 N. Market, h.85 Chambers 

Allen S. & M. & Co. (E. W. Clark), brokers, 6 City H. 

Allen Tliaddeus, schoolmaster, 1 Harvard court 

Allen Theodore C. {Standish &,- A.), h. roarSuftblk 

Allen Thomas, snufF store, back 33 Washington 

Allen William, 13Boylston market, h. 71 Elliot 

Allen William, truckman, rear 44 Pond 

Allen William, house 82 Federal 

Alleyne J. S. B. 16 Court, h. 1 La Grange place 

Alline Elizabeth, South street place 

Alline Henry, reg. of deeds, Coun. C. H., h. 3 McLean ct. 

Alline H. & H. academy, 81 Chambers 

Alline Rebecca, widow, h. 81 Chambers 

Alline William, clerk Custom H., h. 81 Chambers 

Allison Amy, widow, rear 10 Charter 

Allyn Edwin, laborer, h. 711 Washington 

Almy {Wm.), Blake {George B.) & Co. {Joseph W. Pat- 
tersnn), dry goods, 9 Liberty square 

Amber Lucy, house 5 Hull 

Ambrose Goodhue, h. Clark cor. Hanover 

Ambrose Merritt, grocer, South cor. Essex 

Amee Jacob, sailmaker, Tileston's wf. h. 18 Purchase 

Amee Josiah L. C. sailmaker, Wales'*? wf. h. Broadway 

Amerige George, printer, boards 101 Washington 

Amerige Morris, hackman, rear 45 Prince 

Amer George, laborer, Grove 

Ames Asa, grocer, 120 Cambridge, h. 18 Bridge 

Ames Azel, housewright, shop 98 Ann 

Ames Charles, blacksmith, 4th street 

Ames Ezra {Batcheldor & .4.), h. 38 Charter 

Ames Israel, 41 Salem 

Ames Jacob S. confectioner, 13 Essex, h. r. 617 Wash. 

Ames Nathaniel F. {Cushing & Ji.), h. 4 Crescent place 

Ames Samuel, musician, h. Mt. Vernon 

Ammidon Philip, merchant, house 11 Mount Vernon 

Amory Charles, 8 City Hall 


Amory Hannah, widow of Thomas C. 21 Franklin place 
Aniory Mehitahel, widow of JornHhan, house 7 i*ark 
Amory Thomas C. Chief Enir. Cily H.ill. and President 

Firemen's Insurance Company, h. 5 Franklin place 
Amory Thomas C. jr. attorney, 4 Slate, h. 7 Park 
Amory William, 70 State, h. 42 Beacon 
Amos James, house 4 Pemberton hill 
Andem Moses, !>7 Charles 
Andeen William, boards 07 Charles 
Andem (James) So Crosby {Sfth, jr.), ship chandlers, 8 

l^ong wharf Andem's h. 07 Charles 
Anderling So[>hia, widow, Middlesex, near Castle 
Anderson Anders, boarding, 4 Bread 
Anderson Benjamin, mariner, 231 Ann 
Anderson Dorcas, widow, 13 Essex place 
Anderson Charles O. mariner, h. Williams court 
Anderson Charles F. stevedore, Sun i;ourt 
Anderson Frances, dressmaker, 324 Washington 
Anders(m Fred, sailmaker, Cotntner. near F'uster 
Anderson John W. mariner, Margaret 
Anderson Rufus, Sec. A. B. F. M. 28 Cornhill, house 9 

Anderson William, waterman, 1 Salutation 
Anderton Mary, nurse, 21 1 Hanover 
Andcrton Thomas, confectioner, h. Butolph 
Andre Sarah, widow, 77 Charter 
Andre (Charles) & Lovell (Joshua, jr.), mer. tailors, 3 

Tudor's buildings 
Andrews Aaron, physician, S N. square, h. Salter place 
Andrews .Alfred A dry goods, 147 Wash. h. 1 Columbia 
Andrews Benjamin H. attorney, 4 State, h. loOTremont 
Andrews Benjamin H. (Derby <fe A.), h. loO Tremont 
Andrews Caleb, silk goods, 20 Kilby, h. 23 C'hesnut 
Andrews EbenezerT. 15 Winter 
Andrews Ebenezer T. truckman. Leveret lane 
Andrews Eleanor, milliner, 4th street 
Andrews Elizabeth, widow, rear 34 Charter 
Andrews Elizabeth L. widow, 28 South 
Andrews Ezekiel O. P. turner, h. 31 Tliacher 
Andrews E. .\. principal Mt. Vernon S. Masonic Tern, h . 

54 Pinckney 
Andrews George, 124 Fanenil Hall market, h. 30 Cross 
Andrews (Jeorge H. comedian, 174 Tremont 
Andrews Harriet, confectioner, 553 1-2 Washington 
Andrews Henry, silversmith, rear 34 Charter 


Andrews Henry, p;rocer, Hanover cor. Clark 
Andrews Henry, broker, 40 State, h. 18 Mt. Vernon 
Andrews {James, Colombian Vice Consul) &. Son (J. fV-), 

mer. 8 Central wliarf, h. 159 Tremont 
Andrews John L. cooper. Henchman lane 
Andrews (John B.) & Baker (John JV.), sail makers, 1 

Rowe's wf. A.'s h 24 Purcliase 
Andrews Joseph, cash. Conimer. Bank, h. 102 Pleasant 
Andrews Josepli, engraver, 70 Washington 
Andrews Joseph, printer, h. 114 Ann 
Andrews Joseph K. jr. turner, h. rear 16 S. Bennet 
Andrews Justin, grocer, 648, h. rear 682 Washington 
Andrews Levi, distiller, 4 Prospect 
Andrews Mary, 6 Norfolk place 
Andrews Mary, rear Henchman lane 
Andrews Mary, widow, rear 65 Elliot 
Andrews R. copperplate print 91 Wash.ent. Cornhill ct. 
Andrews Samuel, druggist, 3 N. Market, h. 74 Summer 
Andrews Samuel, house 18 Tileston 
Andrews (Samuel) *fc Home (fVvi.), 72 F. H. market 
Andrews Samuel, victualler, F. H. h. 680 Washington 
Andrews Samuel, laborer, h. under church, Bromfield 
Andrews Stephen S. sexton, h. under church, Bromfield 
Andrews Susan, widow, rear 42 Salem 
Andrews Thoinas, sexton, 1 Bartlett 
Andrews William, auctioneer, 4th street 
Andrews W^illiam, fisherman. Creek square 
Andrews William, constable, 2 Franklin avenue 
Andrews Wm. T. (jY.Jeicett <fe Co.), h. 10 Central ct. 
Andrews Wm. W. 159 Tremont 
Andrus Stephen S. laborer, 14 W. Second 
Andrus Abraham, mariner, Hanover avenue 
Angus Mary, widow, rear 7 Short 
Anguera Joseph, musician, 2 May place 
Annable (Davis) & Lothrop (H.), housevvrights, Hull, 

h. 65 Charter 
Annable Eliza, widow, h. 10 Blossom 
Annable Joseph D. 24 Allen 
Annin W. B. engraver, 70 Washington 
Annis William, cooper, .52 Salem 
Aplin Eiza, widow. North Hanover court 
Appleton Benjamin B. house 4 Beach 
Appleton Charles, sailmaker, Foriliill wf. h. 11 Prince 
Appleton Charles A. sailmaker, Murray place 
Appleton Hannah, boarding, 33 Milk 


Applcton Isaac II. snr<;ef)n dentist, 11 Winter 

Api'leton Jolin, nia*on, 8 i?liurt 

Ap|jl»!ton John G. bookbinder, h. 17 Washington place 

Appleton Joseph W. cleik, house liO Essex 

Applelun Mary, widow, 20 Essex 

Appleton IVathan (J. JV. Paige ^ Co.), h. 39 Beacon 

A{)ph'ton Nathaniel W. mer. f^3 Milk, h. 4(5 Mt. Vernon 

A|)pletf»n Robert, coin. nier. (i!) Watt-r, h. 3 Cambridge 

Ap|det(in Samuel, merchant, house 3(5 Beacon 

Appleton Thomas, organ builder, Parknian market, Ij. 

corner [^yman plare 
Appleton William, counting room 54 State, h. 51 Beacon 
Applin Benjamin, liousevvright. Friend, h. Travels 
Apthorp Charh;s W'entwt)rth. 9 West Cedar 
Archbald George, cabinetmaker, 093 Washington 
Arclibald Henry, clerk, ()7() Washington 
Archlxdd Lawrence, rear Centre 

Arkison William, ropemaker, south 752 W^ashington 
Arlin Sarah, boardijig. 20 Hamilton 
Arlin Stephen {Eildij &. J.), house 2'y) Hamilton 
Armour Thomas, prtjf. music, Ik. use SBoylston square 
Arnisby William, mason, house 2 Cedar street court 
Armstrong David, sln|nvright, rear 3d street 
Armstrong Samuel T. 47 Washington, h Bulfinch 
Armstroim Thomas, laborer. Iiouse IS DevoMshiie 
A rustiong Wjishington, sailmaker, 11 Tileston 
Armstrong Wilbam, coppersmilh. 8 Prime 
Arnold Charles, dry goods, 52 Kilby, h. 184 Hanover 
Arii(dd Jiimes. truckman, h. 4()2 Washington 
Arnold Joel H. laborer, 16 S. Bennet 
Arnold John, laborer, rear Sulfolk 
Arnold John, laborer, rear lii Cross 
Arnold Jost ph, truckman. 14 East 
Arn>)l(l Hiitli, widow, N. Federal court 
Arnold Samuel S leather and hides, 31 Broad 
Arthur Anna S. widow of H. G. h. Mason near Avery 
Arthur Jiimes P. mariner, 4th street 
Arvnn Simeon, laborer, 4 I'rospect 
Ash Susanna, widow, II Friend 
Asl crort Thomas, millwright, Sea tSr 3d street 
Ashcroft William, millwriiiht, h. Turnpike near 4th st. 
Ashley Luke, housewrighl. 219 Hanover 
Ashley '] imothv. [»rint<'r, 22^ Hanover 
Ashton Elislia V. t'liicy goods, 1 17 W'asli. h. Bromfield H. 
Ashton Francis P. hairdresser, 28 Cong. h. 81 Mt. Vernon 


Ashton Josi.-ih, E street rear Broadway 

Ashton Sarah, widow of John, 1 Spring lane 

Ashton John Sc Co. (E. H. IVade), umbrellas and music, 

197 Washington, h. 62 Federal 
Aspinw.ill Augustus, merrhant, ()8 Broad 
Aspitiwell Sam. mastftiak. Coinnier. n. Hanov. h. 4 Foster 
AtlierU)n Alpheus, baker, A street 
Atherton Jonathan, sexton, house oppo.<;ite 15 Ash 
Atkins Benjamin (Haif ^ .^.) li. 3 Kingston 
Atkins Henry {Files 6,^ j.), h. 5 Oak place 
Atkins Henry, capt. 54 Salem 
Atkins Isaiah, croclcery ware, 7 Merchants row 
Atkins John, laborer, h. rear 12G Ann 
Atkins John, tobacconist, rear 150 Ann 
Atkins Joshua, capt. 57 Belknap 
Atkins Silas, rapt. 14 Prince 

Atkins Thomas G. dry goods, 143 Wash. h. ISRichmond 
Atkitison {.fivins) &- Rollins (jVm.), merchants, 38 India 
Atkinson William, painter, 2 Pond 
Atwell Ann, widow, boarding, 5 Hanover 
Atwell Pickering, 16 Congress 
Afwill Ebenezer, housewright. Leveret lane 
Atw lod Charles, counsellor, I Barrister's Hall 
Atwood David, oysters, Devonshire 
Atwood Hawes, oysters, h. 14 Marshall 
Atwood John, oysters, 88 Cambridge 

Atwood Joshua, oysters, Bromfield, h. 8 Boylston square 
Atwo'jd Samuel, cordwainer, rear 5 Mason 
Atwood W^illiam, 03sters. 35 School 
Atwood William, oysters, 24 Union, h. 14 Marshall 
Augustus John, boot fact. 5 Franklin av. h. r. 58 Poplar 
Austin Arthur W. counsellor, 10 Court 
Austin tibridge G. attorney, 17 Court, h. 141 I'remont 
Austin Ivers J. attorney, 8i Wasiiington 
Austin Icliabod M. truckm in, Barry's wf. h. rear 11 East 
Austin James 'V. counsellor and attorney general, 81 

Washington, h. 141 Tremont 
Austin Jaied, nujstard fact. 15 Marshall, h. 24 Chambers 
Austin John A. mason, 2d street 
Austin Jol.m, cooper, h. Creek square 
Austin Joseph, (58 Prince 

Austin Joseph, jr. tinplater, 236 Ann, h. Garden court 
Austin John, house Clark 
Austiti Matthew, iirocer, 186 Ann 
Austin Nathan, laborer, rear Charles 



Austin (Xathl) «& Hutchinson (Andrew B.), W. I. goods, 
l)e»id of Livf rpiiol wh.irf 

Austin Riclwiid, Itiikrr 17 Cummercial, li. 11 Fleet 

Austin J^aniiiel, li. 57 Beacon 

Austin Samuel, jr. iner. ;i4 India wharf, h. 57 Beacon 

Ausliu iSaniuel A. mason, rear 11 Blossuni 

Austin Satah, tailoress, 2 Norfolk phice 

Austin Thomas, hrieklayor, Nassau court 

Austin William R. See Downer & A. 

Auty Benjamin, weaver, 15 Charter 

Averiil Hiram, boarding, 10 Friend street place 

Averill James C. tailor, Sea, h. 34 Short 

Avery Addison. See Luke Brooks &c Co. 

Aves Thomas, 4 Myrtle court 

Avis William P. {Manning ^ A.), h. 3 Myrtle court 

Ayer {Geo ) &, Conant {Fred. P.), housewrights, Atkin- 
son. Ayer's house 30 Purchase 

Ayer Ohadiah, housewriulif, 10 Blossoui 

Ayer Thomas, housevvri<fht, Bnlfinch, h. 59 Poplar 

Ayers Hannah, milliner, 8 Salem 

Ayers Ira, hairdresser, Batt(M-y march 

Ayers Josiah, branch pilot, 2d Cross 

Avers Oliver, cord wai tier, rear !i5 Salem 

Ay ling Charles H. (//. A. fy Son), h. 131 Pleasant 

Ayling {lltnrij) *& Son (C //.), turners, cor. Elliwt and 
Tremont. H. As house 27 Warren 

Aylwin William C. counsclh)r, 17 Court, li. 28 Chesnut 

BABB LOIS, widow, house 20 Lincoln 

Babh(.'t Cyrus, undertaker, h. 10 Purchase 

Babhidge Mary, widow, il2 Broad 

Babbit Benajah, lal)orer, Turnpike near 4th street 

Babbit John, liousewright, Lancaster, h. Lyn)an place 

Babbit Winthr(jp G. h. Ivers cor. Merrimac 

Babbit Willard. painier, Berry, h. Stingis place 

Babcock Abel, 25 F. II market, h. 44 Mvrthj 

Babcock Archibald I). {Dreio ct B ). Ii. \Vashing. C. H. 

Babcock {Dex.) & Coolidge {A.), W. I. g'ds, U iMarket sq. 

Babcofk Dexter, house 121 Pleasant 

Babcock Jaun-s, housewright, h. N. Grove 

Ba!)cock Lewis, pian<.|(trt«.'niaker, 2() Bridge 

Babco( k .Martha, widow, 4 Fratd<lit> place 

Babcock Moses, gunsmith, 3 N. .Margin 

Babcoik Nancy, widow of Abraham, \7'^ 1-2 Hanover 

Babcock S. H. {Freeman FisUcr i^' Co.), h. 13 Franklin pi. 


Babcock Sarah, widow, h. Fleet 

Babcock William, cabinetmak(;r, 658 Washington 

Babson Nancy R. widow, 51 Elliot 

Bacail Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, h. 1 1 S. Cedar 

Bacall William, cabinetmaker, 530, h. 534 Washington 

Bachelder Jesse, cooper, 130 Sea, h. 2d street 

Bachelder J«»hn, blacksmith, h. 3d street 

Bacheler James S. machinist, h. rear GGO Washington 

Bacon Alice, boarding. 7 Suffolk place 

Bacon Alice T. millinery, 12 Bedfuid 

Bacon Benjamin C. clerk, h. 1 Jefferson place 

Bacon Daniel C. mer. 20 Union \vf h. 149 Treraont 

Bicon Francis A. collector, h. 88 Tremont 

Bacon Francis B. house 15 Ash 

Bacon Eliza, Washington cor. Warren 

Bacon Heniy, h. Ill Cambridge 

Bacon Hiram, mason, h. rear 17 Second 

Bacon Jacob, merchant, 18 Central wharf 

Bacon James, mariner, h. 92 Broad 

Bacon John, druggist, 40 Court, h. Crescent place 

Bacon Joseph, h. 125 Charles 

Bacon Joseph V. merchant, 32 Central wf h. 2 Derne 

Bacon Judah, 3 Hancock row 

Bacon Leonard, blacksmith, house Creek square 

Bacon Lucy Ann, widow of VVilliatn, Gibbs lane 

Bacon L. B. {John Clark (v Co.), h. Acorn 

Bacon Nathan, mason, house Elliot near Carver 

Bacon Rufus, mason, rear Broadway 

Bacon Reuben, blacksmith, h. 42 VVarren 

Bacon (Robert) & Sons {T/wmas C. ^ John)^ hat store, 

Ann corner Union 
Bacon Simeon, njason. rear Broadway 
Bacon Susan, school. Berry corner Sister 
Bacon Thomas C 130 Hanover 
Bacon Thompson, h. 59 Cambridge 
Badg'-r Ann, widow, 45 Myrtle 
Badger Charles, cooper, Commercial near Hull 
Badger Daniel B. tailor, 151 Broad, h. 121 Purchase 
Badger Darnel D. {IVudleigh 4' /?.), h. (5 Pitts 
Badger David, 18 Thacher 

Badger John B. trunk and harness maker, 4th street 
Badger Jose[)h W. Milk corner Federal 
Badger Joseph, Milk corner Federal, h. 15 Hamilton 
Badger Martha, widow, 7 Charter 
Badger Mary, widow, 42 Salens 


Badf^er Paine D. pedlar, 4tli street 

BaHj^er Reljecca. widow, h. }'^ North Bennet 

B.i{l!^(!r llob(!rl S. »fe Uavid N. jjrocers. 71 l^rince 

Bad:,'erSam. L. [japerlianjring.-;, Hi) VVasIi. bds IGO Pleas. 

Badger Sarah S. taihtress, 4th strtjel 

Badger Susan, widow, 2d N. liiissell 

Badger {Willard) i^ Porter (Royal L.), publishers of 

Anit^rican Traveller, t)3 Court. B.'s h. 24 BuKiiich 
Badger Williatn, brassfounder, rear Henrhmin lane 
Badger William, jr. ( Grorcr &. li), li. 57 Charier 
Badlatn Ezra, rear IMerritnao 
Badlani Stephen, house 17 Warren 

Bagley Currier F. dry goods, ()(! IJanover, 1).51 Temple 
Bagley I'hilip, housewright, Dislil-house square 
Bagiiall Thos. pump maker, Arch wK, h. 5 I'urchase pi. 
Bahan Patrick, boarding. 106 Ann 
Bail William V. housewright, h. 3d street 
Bailey Abiah, dressmaker, Sister 

Bailey Adams, de[). col. Custom H., h. 2 Ilayward place 
Baih^y Barnabas, P(jnd 
Bailey (Benj.) &, Moore (Calvin G.), grocery, Merrimac 

near FriiMid 
Bailey B. engrav'r, 91 Wash. ent. Cornh'I ct. h. 30 Cainbr. 
Bailey Calvin, Arch wharf, h. 2S Purchase 
Bailey Christopher, capt. 12 S. Margin 
Bailey Cusliing. co;ichmaker, h. 2 Elliot court 
Bailey Dudley P. boardiuij house, 45 Milk 
Bailey Ebeuezer, Principal Young Ladies' High school, 

Phillips [)lace, h. Ki Pearl 
Bailey Ephraim, cooper, Front, h. Mechanic place 
Bailey Francis, laborer, real Merrimac 
Bailey Frederick Auiiushis, bo.uds Dorchester street 
Bailey Hart (Bates S,--' B.), h. 2 Wendell 
Bailey Henry, hat store, 17 Court, h. 24 Thacher 
Bailey Isaiah, mason, rear 41 Leveret 
Bailey John, laborer, 2d street 
Bailey Levi, 1 Second 

Bailey I>ewis J. 231 Hanover, h. Commercial n. Hanover 
Bailey Lucy B. widow, 3:J Chambers 
Bailey IMiinens, teamster, h. 2} Williams 
Bailey Sirah, nurse, rear Broadway 
Bailey William, Adelphi House 
Bailey. See Bayley 

Baird Augustus, porter City Bank, h. 5G Allen 
Baird Daniel, housewright, 30 Charles 


JBai'd Jolin, tailor, rear Snovvhill 

Baird Patience, widow, rear J 8 S. Bennet 

Baker Abei, bootmaker, 41 Conji^rrss, h. 6 Mason 

Baker Abel P. h. 3 Province House court 

Baker Barker, house 76 Prince 

Baker Benjamin, oyr^ters, Milk. h. 13 Cross 

Baker Ci)risti:m, widow, 405 VVasiiiniiton 

Baker Cliarles, brassfounder, li. Plymoutli place 

Baker Elipludet <Si Co. {Paul Aldcti <ls^- IVilliam Jones), 

dry jroods. 81 Kilby, li. 84 Federal 
Baker Epliraim L. Sun Tavern, Batterymarch 
Baker Francis, W. I. goods, 24 Loni^ wf.. h. GG Poplar 
Baker Henry F. (J. B. &,^ ban), h. 8 Cbesnut 
Baker Hiran), liousewriifjit. Tliacher street court 
Baker Horace {Bali, B. 4" Co.), h. 18 Bedford 
Baker Henry, mariner, Lan>;don place 
Baker Isaiah &, Benj. o\sters, Commercial Coffee House 
Baker Isaiah, h. 4 Jefferson 
Baker James, carpenter, 4tli street 
Baker James, 18 N. Market 
Baker John, sailmaker, II Tileston 

Baker John, jr. ag't bell fact'ry, 8 Long wf., h. 304 Wash. 
Baker John B. trunkmaker, rear 81 Washington 
Baker John VV. {Andreics & B), h. II Tilest(»n 
Baker J»)seph & ?5on ( Hetiry F.), mer. 40 Central wharf 
Baker Joseph, Pres Mercantile Marine Insurance Co. 

house IG Franklin place 
Baker Judah, capt. Broadway 
Baker Lot, housewright, 5>3 Charter 
Baker Lydia, widow, 240 Hanover 
Baker Martin, clerk, 20 Friend 
Baker Rebecca, rear 3 Friend 

Baker Richard, sailmaker, house 11 Tileston ^ 

Baker Ruel, painter, 410 Washington, h. 2 Nassau 
Baker Samuel, dentist, 87, h. 102 Washington 
Baker Samuel, capt. house 30 Orange 
Baker Samuel, clerk, 22 Sudbury 
Baker Samuel, mason, N. Maririn 

Baker Theodore, dry go.»ds, 223 Wash. h. 02 Belknrp 
Baker ( T. J»'/ ) & Alexander (E.jr.), auct'rs, 46 Wash. 
Baker Timothy M. house Broadway 
Baker W'llliam, dentist, rear 78 Warren 
Baker William {Gore (^- B.), house 85 Charter 
Baker William, marble cutter, 50 Prince 
Bakewell Henry, brassfounder, 7 W. Second 



Balch ll.'njainin, Socrotary SutTolk Insurance Co. 
Balcli .lost'ph, Pres. Mcrcliants' Insurance Co. State 
D.ilth N. Sl a. school, opposite 1 Oranire court 
Balcli Susan, v\id<ivv of NallianK;!. rearoO.') Wasliington 
BaKlrev Samuel, sliipkcopcr. Ii. Langdou place 
Baldwin Aaron, President Wash. Bank and of Boyiston 

Iiisurance Co. house 12 Essex 
Baldwin Abid, housewriiiht, h. Barrett 
Baldwin Abel 2d, turner, I'ond 

Baldwin (Beiij. D.) <fe Gay {Lcic'ts H.), 11 F. H. market 
Baldwin Benjamin D. h l'^ Marshall 
Baldwin David, accountant, house i:i Williams 
Baldwin (leorge R. boards 2 Howard 
Baldwin James F. 83 Milk, h. 2 Howard 
Baldwin .fohn A grocery, 25 Cambridge 
Baldwin Josiali, constable, 3d Court, )i. 98 Pleasant 
Baldwin Lucy, dry goods, li) Slaniford 
Baldwin Luke, merchant, 8 Mercliants row 
Baldwin Margaret D. wid. of Rev. Thomas, 37 Portland 
Baldwin Ricliard, housewricht, rear 20 Pleasant 
Baldwin {T. IV) & Co. {Samud Stilbnan), 40 Kilby, 

boards 14 I lay ward place 
Baldwin William Vt Charles, dyers, 19 Brattle 
Ball Daniel G. cooper, 13 Custom,h. Batterymarch 
Ball Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, 117 Chambe's 
Ball (Gardner), Baker (Horace) <& Co. (D. L. Whitney), 

dry goods, 17'.; Washington. Ball's h. 3 Orange court 
Ball James, mariner, h. W. Second 
Ball Job F. tailor, house 12 Carver 
Ball John (Cate S^ B.), h. 14 Batterymarch 
Ball John M. cooper, h. Commercial near Hanover 
Ball Joseph, h. Butolph 
Ball Lucy M. infant school. Theatre alley 
Ball Martha V. infmt school, Mariners' Church, Purchase 
Ball Mary, h. S Russell 

Ball Nahum, inspector Custom Hf>usc, h. C6 Charter 
Ball Latrick, housewright, 5 Lucas place 
Ball Samuel S. (J. B. Jones iSt Co.), boards 19 Somerset 
Ballard Albert (Ballard H^ B.), h. Federal cor. Milton pi. 
Ballard Daniel, shipwright, 2()3 .Ann 
Ballard Davis C. printer, 32 Fayette 
Ballard Eliza, Bartlett 

Ballard Henry S. (J. H Bradford ^^ ro.),h49 Federal 
Ballard Isaac, painter, house 14 Bedford 
Ballard John, house 49 Federal 


Ballard John A. honsewriglit, Broadway 

Ballard & Prince {Joseph liallard, Clinrhs A. Prince 4^ 

IVtti. Ballard), carpet warehouse, 168 VVashingluii 
Ballard Joseph, h. 460 VVasliiii<rton 
Ballard Joseph A. clerk, rear GI2 Washington 
Balhird M.irjory, widow, 22 Pleasant 
Ballister Joseph. See MrLellan & B. 
Ballon Hosea. Rev., h. 21 Hancock 
Ballon Ira, VV. 1. goods, Milk 
Ballf)u William, laborer, he;id Maine wharf 
Banif )rd John, laborer, Williams courf 
Banchor John, inspector customs, h. 33 Cambridge 
Bancroft Aaron, truckman, 22 Broad, house 5 Oliver 
Bancroft Abigail, widow of John, rear 132 Hanover 
Bancroft Cliarles, boards 42 Hanover 
Bancroft John G. victualler, 52 North Market 
Bancroft Hannah P. boarding, 2 Ceritral court 
Bancroft Luc}-, governess Female Asylimi, F-ssex 
Bancroft Jacob, Amer. goods, 27 Union, h. 28 Portland 
Bancroft J. O. chairs, 30 Connnercial, house 5 Brattle sq. 
Bancroft Thomas, t-.iickman, 22 Broad, house 5 Wendell 
Bangs Barnabas, boarding, 1 and 2 Pearl 
Bangs Benjamin, mer. 41) Central wf. h. 50 Mt. Vernon 
Bangs Edw. D Sec. State, at Mrs. Holden's, 26 Beacon 
Bangs G. *fe W. tSi Co. {Isaac and George P. Bangs), 

importers of dry goods, 'S(\ Water, h. 23 Mt. Vernon 
Bangs (ic'orge P. house 32 Mount Vernon 
Bangs Isaac, house 50 Beacon 
Bangs Isaiah. See Bigelow & B. 
Bangs Martin, mason, house (50 Fayette 
Banist(!r John F. cooper and inspector of fish, 152 Sea, 

house 88 Federal 
Banister William A. 8 Pearl 
Banister David C. tinplater, 3 Jefferson 
Barbariah Mary, widow, 17 High 
Barber Abigail, widow, Ridgevvay lann 
Barber Erastus, mer. tailor, 220 i-2, h. 355 Washington 
Barber James L. blacksmith. Snow s wharf, h. 276 Ann 
Barber Joseph F. caulker and graver, 240 Hanover 
Barber Mary, widow, 3!) Pond 
Barber Mary, uidow of Samuel, house 276 Ann 
Barber Zachariah, I'J Second 
Bubour Elizabeth, widow, 34 Prince 
Barb(}ur Rev. Isaac. R. 64 Esse.\ 
Barbour James S. crock, ware, 32 Union, h. 18 Friend 



Barbour John N. (Sullivan <^ Co.), house 18 Friend 

Barbour Oliver, tailor, rear 27G Ann 

Barijery Thomas, pedlar, GG4 Washington 

Bariess Gcorj^c, tobacconi^^t, rear 17 Federal 

Barker Frederick VV. Custom II. house at Exchange 

Barker George, furniture, 13 .Milk, house 9 Nassau 

Barker Harriet, widow, Clark corner Ann 

Barker James, liv. stable, rear "-ivJ!) Wash, b'ds Marl, hotel 

Barker Joa\. cordwainer, Bromtield, h. 10 Prov. II. court 

Barker John, cordwainer, house 15 Spring 

Barker Hannah, scIkjoI. 54 High, house do. 

Barker i\oah, liousewright, 5(5 Union 

Barker Nathl, W. I. goods, 105 Arm, boards S. Lang's 

Barker Ruih, widow of Moses, Charles corner Pinckney 

Barker Sally, widow of Nichohis, 10 Brighton 

Barker Sewall, grocer, head Rowe's wharf 

Barker Susan B. dressmaker, 12 Bedford 

Baiker Theodore P honsewright, house 40 Poplar 

Barlow H. S. {IVetkcreU, Fow'e tSc B ), house 26 High ^ 

Barnage John, laborer, house Milk near Pearl 

Barnard .Alexander, mason, 17 Blossom 

Barnard Charles F. 12 South 

Barnard {Charles), Adams (.^ic/) & Co. (G. M. Barnard), 

merch. 41 Commercijil wf Barnard's h. 12 South 
Barnard David (Frrnch &. B.), house 27 South 
Barnard Eben. broker, 2 Rogijrs" building, b'ds l^af hotel 
Barnard George M. (H., .^dams ^ Co.), house 12 South 
Barnard James (Edgerhj, Final &- Co.), h. 49 Portland 
Barnard John (Cottons & B ), house 2 Cottage place 
Barnard {John M.) c\t Trull (John), distill. Distil-h. sq. 
Barnard John M. house Hawkins 
Barnard Moses H. See Horn & B. 
Barnard Nathan, house Creek square 
Barnard Oliver, 7 Friend street place 
Barnard Patrick, laborer, house rear Friend 
Barnard Rob. M. ammunition, 1 City wf h. 68 Temple 
Barnard Samuel, 100 Faneuil Hall market 
Barnard Tristram, 28 Green 

Barnard Wm. K. counting room Doane, h. 25 Vernon 
Barnes Ann, widow, Butolph 
Barnes Augustus F. 82 antl 84 Hanover 
Barnes D. W. &. S. H. ship chandlery and hard ware, 

Commercial corner Chalham 
Barnes David P. mariner, house 01 Sea 
Barnes Edwin, tailor, 13 Brattle, house 35 Myrtle 


Barnes Joseph W. & George W. grocers, 7 Cross 

Barnes Gillum, house 25 Allen 

Barnes Isaac, trnnkmaker, 7 Custom-house, h. Creek sq. 

Barnes James, 4 Brighton 

Barnes Jotham, house 73 Purchase 

Barnes Martha Ann, widow, 283 Washington 

Barnes {Martin) & Eiler (John), clotlies, 181 Ann 

Barnes Martin, boarding house, 200 Ann 

Barnes Martin, jr. clothes, 189 Ann 

Barnes Mary, nurse, house 54 Warren 

Barnes Parker, W. 1. goods, 424 Wash. h. Beach, near 

Newton jjlace 
Barnes Philadelphia, widow, house 13 Blossom 
Barnes Samuel H. housewright, rear 59 Poplar 
Barnes Silas P. wood wharf, 168 Sea, house 180 Sea 
Barnes Susan, widow, 38 Carver 
Barnes Susan M. nurse, 5 Pleasant street court 
Barnes Thomas, dentist, 5 Howard 
Barnes Thomas, housewrght, IIG Hanover 
Barnes Thomas P. hardware, 28 Dock sq. h. 116 Hanover 
Barnes William, fruit cellar, 335 1-2 Wash. h. 45 Congress 
Barnes William H. boards 116 Hanover 
Barnes William, printer, house rear 45 Congress 
Barnett Patrick, laborer, house 8 Atkinson 
Barnett Robert. See Grant, Seaver & Co. 
Barney Christopher C. 6 PiedmoHt 
Barney Jonathan, housewright, 1 South Margin 
Barney Joshua, civil engin. 11 Joy's build, h. 22 Beacon 
Barnicoat William, joiner. Snow's wharf, h. 79 Charter 
Barr Thomas, restorator, Tudor's building, rear 24 Court 
Barrell Joseph, clerk, 15 India wharf, h. Wash. Coifee H. 
Barrell Samuel B. counsellor, 10 Court, house 6 Park 
Barrett Andrew, bar room, Flagg alley 
Barrett George {Bullard &. i?.), house 1^ Pearl place 
Barrett George, confectioner, Elliot near Carver 
Barrett Geo. C. seed store, 51 N. Market, h. 171 Hanover 
Barrett John, coachman, 44 Essex 
Barrett Joshua, ropemaker, 32 Green 
Barrett Mary, widow. Market place 
Barrett Millacent, milliner, rear 339 Washington 
Barrett {Nathaniel A.) & Brown (Ferreo/i), merchants, 41 

Central wf Barrett's house 8 Rovve place 
Barrett S. W. & J. tailors, 356 Washington, h, 32 Green 
Barrett Samuel, Rev. 26 Hancock 
Barrett Samuel, principal Adams school, Mason 


Barrett Samuel F. macliinist, house 190 Hanover 

B.iiTott Sarah, widow, Kennard's avenue 

Barrett 'rhomas, printer, 14 Water, house 23 Allen 

Barr.Mt William, woolen and silk dyer, 35 CornhiU 

Barrett ^V'illia^), captain, 27l> Ann 

Barrinjrtoti Edward, undertaker, house South Margin 

Barron l*atrick, Laborer, C street 

Barron Thomas S. tinplater, 91 Essex 

Barrus Rufus, physician, 10 North Bennet 

Barry Bart'ioloiuew, tailor, Washington avenue 

Ba;ry (C. J.) <Si Ldw (JYathanie}), W. I. goods, 19 City- 
wharf. Barry's house 13 Green 

Barry Charles ( Hngcr Sf B.), house 10 Fayette 

Barry Charles C. clerk, house Carver 

Barry David, truckman, rear (il Myrtle 

Barry Edward, messenger Common. B'k, h. r. 690 Wash, 

Barry Ellen, widow. Peck lane 

Barry George, hats, 94 Washington, h. Lyman place 

Barry Henry (Pollard &. J5.), house 13 Green 

Barry Hitty, widow of James, 723 Washington 

B.irry James, stevedore, rear 100 Broad 

Barry James, insp. offish, T wharf, h. rear 690 Wash. 

Barry (James) & Rand {Aaron), coopers, 721 Wash. 

Barry John, laborer, house rear 119 Broad 

Barry Lydia, widow of Thomas, jr. h. Barry's wharf 

Barry Mary, widow, house Grove 

Barry Samuel F. {IVarren, B. & Piirk), h. 37 High 

Barry Thomas, manager Tremont Theatre, h. 34 Elliot 

Barry Thomas, surveyor of lumber, 72 Essex 

Barry William, hat store, 94 Washington, h. 13 Green 

Barrymore W^illiam, house 36 Boylston 

Barstow Sally, widow, 13 Tileston 

Bartemus William, barber, Franklin avenue 

Bartholomew (Erastus) &. Co, (Sctk Adams), machmhts, 
Harlaem pi. Bartholomew's house Broadway 

Bartlett A G. house 9 Morton place 

Bartlett A. II. com. mer. 19 Ceiitral, b'ds Kilburn's 

Bartlelt Albert, tailor, boards 54 High 

Bartlett Charles, clerk U. S- Bank 

Bartlett Daniel, dry goods, 14 Central, boards 9 Elm 

Bartlelt Daniel, jr. house Moon 

Bartlett Ilosea, housrwright, 4 Centre, h. S. Cedar 

Bartlett (Jeorpe, ph}sifian, 33 Green 

Bartlett Hamiltt)n P. dry goods, 9!> Hanover 

Bartlett James, stable and house 56 Salem 


Bartlett John, musician, 10 Garden 

Bartlett Joseph, house Commercial near Hull 

Bartlett Joseph H. &- Co. {Thos. Pearson &,• Otis Minot)^ 

near Warren bridge, house Commerrial 
Bartlett Levi & Co. (E. T. Farrington), W. 1. goods,. 

7 Long wharf, h. 4 Howard 
Bartlett Samuel, mariner, 7 Vine 
Bartlett Samuel, house Commercial near Halt 
Bartlett Sidney, counsellor, IG Court 
Bartlett Thomas, house 155 Tre.mont 
Bartlett William S. cabinetmaker, 10 Henchman lane 
Bartol Lydia, 28 Stillman 
Bartoll Samuel F. painter, 4 Atkinson and cor. Portland 

and Merrimac, b'ds 1 Jackson place 
Barton Henry 11. saddler and trunkm.213, h. 215 Wash. 
Bascom (H. L.) & Alker {Thomas), stable, 38 School 
Bascom Henry L. Boylston Hotel, 38 School 
Bascom William, inst. Frank, sch. h. Pinckney c. Cedar 
Bascom William B. house Pinckney corner W. Cedar 
Bass Ann, 20 Front 

Bass George, hatter, 9 Faneuil Hall, h. 127 Hanover 
Bass Henry, assessor, house 14 Oran^re 
Bass Horatio, U. S. dep. marshal, 20 Court, h. 20 Front Moses, clerk City Treasurer, h. 22 Sudbury 
Bass Seth, librarian Athenreum, Pearl 
Bass Stephen G. {White 4^ B.), b'ds G Poplar 
Bass Susan, widow, boarding house, 22 Hamilton 
Bassett Fran. Dist. clerk, B;irrist. Hall, h. 1 Hancock ar. 
Bassett Henry, mariner, 6 Bartlett 

Bassett Isaac M. dry goods, 309, boards 206 Washington 
Bassett Joanna, boarding, 550 Washington 
Bassett Joseph, 43 Cluiiter 

Bassett Samuel, sailmaker. Arch wf. h. Commer.n. F<jster 
Bassett Zephaniah, blacksmith, head Hancock's wharf, 

house Unity court 
Bastilla Alndin, laundress, house Bntolph 
Bastim Andrew, grain dealer, house 24 Carver 
Batchelder Francis, lumber, Front, h. 32 Orange 
Batchelder Sevvall, Cross corner Salem 
Batcheldor Sally, boarding, 31 Brattle 
Batcheldor Samuel, Church 
Batcheldor (Samuel) & Ames (Ezra), housewrights, 

23 Battery wf. Batcheidor's house Church 
Bateman John, lamps, 173 Tremont, h.5Pemberton hill 
Bates Bcnj. E. (Davis, B. &- Turner), b'ds Bromfield h. 


Bates Benjamin, cordwaincr, rear 255 Washington 

Bates Daniel, stoves, 21 Elm, house 2 Jefierson place 

Bates Elizabeth, widow of" Daniel, 56 Essex 

Bates Elizabeth, widow. Market place 

Bates Ezekiel, hoiisewriiiht, Causeway, h. 10 Lyman pi. 

Bates Francis L. bricklayer, Butolph corner May 

Bates Georire, physician, house 12 Franklin 

Bates Henry, chair painter, 1)2 Menimac 

Bates .Tatnes, cordwainer, Bedford, h. rear 41 Sea 

Bates Jolin, painter. Bromfield, house 31 Pinckney 

Bates {John D.) &, Co. (.4. fV. Thaxter, jr.), merchants, 

55 Commercial wharf, h. 59 Mt. Vernon 
Bates Joseph L. mus. inst. mak. G Court, h. 65 Spring 
Bates Joseph N. shipwright, 106 Salem 
Bates Joshua C. {Thayer & B.), b'ds Cornhill court 
Bates Levi, mason, 3 Myrtle court 
Bates Martin, hatter, 10 Ann, house 24 Sheafe 
Bates Mary, widow, 13 Tileston 
Bates {JS'athanid M.) & Bailey {Hart), house and ship 

joiners, Atkinson. Bates's h. 16 I'iedmont 
Bates Rachael, widow, 15 Washington place 
Bates Sally and Mercy, h. corner W^ashington avenue 
Bates Samuel, W. L goods, 35 Central wharf, h. Oliver 
Bates Samuel, jr. {Harlbert, Leavitt & Co.), house rear 

26 Chambers 
Bates Samuel D. painter, 54 Cambridge 
Bates Seth, cabinetmaker. Turnpike st. 
Bates Sophia, boarding house, 20 Atkinson 
Bates Stephen, house 56 Essex 
Bates Thomas, boarding house, 50 Front 
Bates William, painter, 82 Commercial 
Baley William, hairdresser, house 10 Hamilton 
Battelle Leonard, laborer, house Peck lane 
Batterman Margaret C. widow, house 105 Essex 
BattHst Anthony, boatman. Hanover avenue 
Battis William L. captain, Commercial near Hull 
Battles Anson, grocer, Derne corner Temple 
Battles Jason D. grocer, 145 Hanover, h. (ii) Salem 
Baxter Albert' G. br<jker, 2 Exchange, h. 6 Crescent pi. 
Baxter Ann, widow, rear Batt«!ry 

Baxter Btuijimin D. {Dudlei/ &, D.), h. 600 Washington 
Baxter Heulali, sempstress, 4th street 
Baxter Daniel, lumber wiiarfand house 77 Front 
Baxter Daniel, jr. house 22 South Bennct 
Baxter Edw. VV. shoes, 33 Merchants row, h. Merrimac 



Baxter Elizabeth, widow, 55 Bowdoin 
Baxter E. & J., W. 1. goods, 34 Central wf. h. Cooper 
Baxter Frederick, clerk, 50 Chatham, b'ds 19 Purchase 
Baxter John \V. cooper. 21 Long- wf. h. Henchman lane 
Baxter Jonathan, cordwainer, 20 Richmond 
Baxter Joseph G. clothing store, 73 Ann, h. 91 Hanover 
Baxter Nancy, widow, 3 Columbia 
Baxter Rufus, house 12 Tileston 

Baxter Samuel D. P. dry g'ds, 305 Wash, b'ds 7 Howard 
Bayley Benjamin, hoiisewright, 15 South Russell 
Bayley Elizabeth, widow, 4 Pitts 
Bayley Elizabeth L. widow, Brighton 
Bayley Richard VV. (H. Gusset & Co.), h. 14 Avon pi. 
Bayley Samuel K. auctioneer, 50 Congress, h. 4 Pitts 
Bayley Thomas J. mes. American Bank, h. 22 Allen 
Baylies Edmund, iner. 18 Central wf. h. 49 Mt. Vernon 
Bazin George W. printer, 40 Cornhill, h. 50 3Tyrtle 
Bazin Mary, widow of Abraham, opposite 75 Elliot 
Bazin William C. clerk in post office, h. 15 Spring 
Beach Meribah, boarding house, 19 Atkinson 
Beal Beta, mason. Beach 

Beal Benjamin {John G. Loring & Co.), h. 33 Blossom 
Beal Benjamin C. coachmaker, house 33 Boylston 
Beal David, VV I. goods, 30 Belknap 
Beal Hannah, widow, 90 Pleasant 
Beal Henry, house 55 Hanover 
Beal Jonathan, grocer, Charles, house Southac 
Beal Lydia, widow of David, 55 Hanover 
Beal Madison, grocer, Southac corner W. Centre 
Beal Martin, housewright, house 22 Chambers 
Beal Samuel & Sons (/-/. & IV. L.), furniture, 31 Hano- 
ver, h. Salem corner Noyes place 
Beal Thacher, mason, house 15 Pleasant 
Beal Wilder, grocery, 29 Beiknap 
Beals Caroline A. laiioress, 485 Washington 
Beals Levi, jr. saddler, house 22 Soutli Russell 
Beals Samuel, house 10 Friend 
Beals {Samuel J.) & Higginson (S. C), dry g'ds, corner 

Kiiby and Central. Beals's house 10 Friend 
Beals {Wm.), Homer {James L.) & Co. (J. Palmer), pro. 
Daily Com. Gaz. 34 Congress. Beals's h. 26 Winter 
Beaman Charles C. house 2 Suffolk place 
Beaman Rebecca, boarding house, 2 Suffolk place 
Bean Archibald, mariner, Sheafe corner Snowhill 
Bean Charles, stonecutter, house 14 Second 



Bean Edward, laborer, opposite 8 Atkinson 

Bean Elias, auctioneer, opposite 51 Waaler, h. 13 Bencon 

Bean iMary, widow of lloraco. 445 VVasliinjrtoii 

Bean Sally, widow of Jcreiniali, rear South 

Bean Sarah, widow, li. 1 Treniont cornier Wasiiington 

Bt;ard Alhin, printer, '24 Con^^ress. Ii.24 Atkinson 

Beath Lydia, hidies' trussmalv(!r, 585 Washington 

Beath lr>arah, buarditi" house, 9 Suffolk place 

Bealley Spencer (/. FgicIc, &. Co.), house 324 Ann 

Beck Andrew, mariner, 10 North square 

Beck Elizabeth, dressmaker, 58 Congress 

Beck Elizabeth, nurse, rear 130 IMeasant 

Beck Fanny, nurse, 27 Milk 

Beck Geo. W. electrician, Bromfield n. Treni. See ads-. 

Beck John H. painter, house 27 Aiilk 

Beck Sarah H. widow of Frederic, house C4 Warren 

Beck William, mess. Atlas Bank, house 58 Congress 

Bedel S. L. artificial flowers, 244 Washington 

Bedlington Timothy, bookstore, 21 Water, h. Minot 

Beebe J. M. &.Co.'(J(;/m Hathaicay), dry g"ds, 82 and 

84 Hanover, h I Montgomery place 
Beers Samuel D. cabinetmaker, house Barre place 
Beecher Laban S. carver, 8 North Market 
Beecher Michael, tailor, Merrimac 
Beeton John, ]2 Tileston 
Beler Joseph, laborer, rear 100 Warren 
Belcher Jolin II. 32 Cornhill, house 40 Spring 
Belcher Joseph, truckman, boards 39 Sea 
Belcher Joseph, jr. painter. Water, h. Theatre alley 
Belcher Joshua II. school, Chauncey place, h. Gridley 
Belcher Nancy, 98 Pleasant 
Belcher Susan, milliner, 4 Fayette court 
Belding Samuel, 19 Boylston market, ii. 71 Elli(>t 
Belf^ud John, laborer, rear 242 Hanover 
Belknap A. E. bds at Tremont House 
Belknap Ebenezer, clockmaker, house rear 5 Prince 
Bclkn:ip John, merchant, 34 State, h. fi Hamilton place 
Belknap Samuel A. jewcllor, 33 School 
Belknap William, mason, May 
Bell Abigail, widow. Castle near Suffolk 
Bell Amory, stall, 1 Boylston market 
Bell Edward, mason, 71 Prince 
Bell Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 211 Hanover 
Bell George, tailor, 360 Washington 
Bell George M. mason, Margaret 


Bell Joanna, dry goods, 159 Hanover 

Bell Martha, 4 Summer 

Bell Mary, widow, rear 234 Washington 

Bell Mary E. dressmaker, rear 234 Wayhington 

Bell Mary Ann, schoolmistress, 34 Orange 

Bell Mary T. widow, rear 81 Sea 

Bell Samuel, housewright, 6 Foster 

Bell {Tliomas C.) & Cowley {Caleb C), sailmakers, 

Prentice's wharf. Bell's house 128 Purchase 
Bell William, watch glass manufacturer, 1 Lindall 
Bell William, jr. coach trim. Bromfield, h. Nassau court 
Bell William I), grocer, 22)5 Ann, h. 4 Stillman 
Bellamy William, fancy goods, 139 Court, h. 20 Brighton 
Bellows Elijah, laborer, h. W. Centre 
Bellows Mary, widow, h. Ridgeway lane 
Belser Christian F. housewright, P street, S. Boston 
Belser Godfrey F., P street, S. Boston 
Bemis Daniel W. mariner, rear 153 Ann 
Bemis Leonard, 8 Boylston market, h. 8 Friend st. place 
Bemis Mary, widow of Leonard, 8 Friend street place 
Bemis Samuel A. dentist, 32 School, h. Tremont House 
Bemis William M. boarding house, 15G Ann 
Benard Sally, widow, Clark 

Bender Jacob, broker, 5 City Hall, h. 3 Jefferson place 
Benjamin Asher, architect, Ccjurt.c. Trem. h. W. Cedar 
Benjamin William, shoemaker, h. rear 171 Washington 
Bennet Benjafuin, bread store, 55 Myrtle 
Bennet Hannah, widow. Vine 
Bennet John, blacksmith, house 7 Pleasant 
Bennet Jonathan S. housewright, h. rear 78 Warren 
Bennet Martin, housewright, h. 30 Carver 
Bennet Susan, widow, 34 Prince 
Bennet Susan, widow, 102 Trentont 
Bennet William, stonecutter, rear C7 Elliot 
Bennett Bezaleel, blacksmith, house 36 Short 
Bennett James, lobsterman, h. 8 Boylston square 
Bennett James H., W. L goods, 93 Commer. h. 89 Salem 
Bennett Joseph, engineer, 11 Joy's building, li. 119 Trem. 
Bennett Nancy, upholstress, 4 Norfolk place 
Bennett Thomas, laborer, h. Bridge street avenue 
Bennis John, cooper, h. Washington avenue 
Bense George S. prmter, Warren place 
Benson Frederick A. {J. Benson 4' Son), b'ds 5 Brattle sq. 
Benson Henry, laborer, Washington pi. rear gunhouse 
Benson John & Son (F. ^.), merchants, 18 City wharf, 

wood 168 Sea, h. 10 Newton place 


Benson Joshua, liousewriglit, 1 Swectscr court 

Rcnson Hi'Ah E. inercl)ant,42 Cotninercial, h. East Boston 

Benson T. Constant, lionsewrijflit, Coinrnercial n. Foster 

Bent Adam, Old, South Boston 

B^nt Albert A. 48 Lotig vvliarf, h. 3 Suftolk place 

Bent Ann, h '2lt) Wasliinn;lon 

Bent John P. {fVhitcomb & B.), boards 54 Bcll<nap 

Bent Sainnel \V. dry goods, 227) Wash. h. 7 Frdf-ral 

Bi-ntloy Francis, cordwainer, (;5 Purchase, li. Gridley 

Betitlcv S;inuiel, >hipvvri<rhl, Commercial near Ann 

Benton (Calvin, Manuliictnrers' Hotel, 38 Salem 

Berg Peter F. rijijier, house Spear alley 

Berry Abigail, widow, 35 Puplar 

Berry Jesse, machinist, boards 1 S. Bennet 

Berry IS'ehemiah. See H. Cliase & Co. 

Berry Tbeophilus, 48 Pond 

Berry William {Veazie & C), h. 4 Prince 

Beserit Joseph, typfifoiinder, Hn-I 

Bessom Jiinas, housevvright, rear 1 1 East, h. 4 South st. pi. 

Bethnne George, house \2') Tremont 

Bettis Harriet, widow, Theatre alley 

Beltley Andrew, mason, 138 Hanover 

Betton Ninian C. counsellor, 3! Court, h. 60 Chambers 

Beverley Mariah, widcAV of John, 18 Goucli 

Bickford Rufiis, laborer, 11 Fleet 

Bickneli Hannah, boarding house, 10 Atkinson 

Bicknell Sophia, widow, 2 Plymouth place 

Bickimi John K. housevvright. Bay 

I>icl<um Samuel, printer, house Henchman lane 

Bigelow Alanson,(J2 Washingtcm 

Biiielovv ( Hcnjamin) &. Baii<rs (Isaiah), mer. 15 Long wf! 

Bigelow Charles, tailor, 350 Wash. h. rear 52 Tremonl 

Bigelow (Elijah) & Core^ (George), grocers, 126 Court, 

housH Vine 
Bigelow Francis R. (Mavffrhl & /?.), hoards 4 Bowdoin 
Bigelow G. O. shipwright, (%)mmercial near Hull 
Bigelow Jacob, plivsician, 37 Summer 
Bigelow John, jeweller, ()2 Washington, h. 10 PincUney 
Bigelow John 1*. counsellor, house 11 Atkinson 
Bigelow Joseph J. jeweller, 4 Elm, h. rear 21 Portland 
Bigelow l.ncretia, school, Castle, house 54 Treujonl 
Bigelow Naney, dry goods, 4!Ui Washinglon 
Bigelow Riifus, stage driver, house 8 Norfolk place 
Bigelow (Sainuel) A: Liverinore {George), leather and 

shoes, 19 Broad 


II Benjamin, housewright, rear 16 Pitts 

llings (Eben.) & Marsh (Jos. M), VV. I. goods, 5 India 

ilings Ebenezer, house 136 Purchase 

llings Ebenezer, jr. elerU, house rear 75 Elliot 

llings John E. clerk, 8 Central wharf, h. 17 Portland 

llings Mary Ann, milliner, 52 Hanover 

llings Nathaniel, cordwainer, house 32 Cross 

llings William G. {Tkaclier & B.), h. 14 La Grange pi. 

ngham C. R. {jilden, R. & Co.), h. 188 Hanover 

ngham John, clerk in Custom House, h. 4 Bovvdoin 

ngham Rebecca, widow, rear 3d street 

nney Amos, 1 Commercial wharf, h. 21 Mt. Vernon 

nney Barnabas, messenger Granite Bank, h. 49 Poplar 

nney Benjamin, tinman, 16 Cross 

nney Charles J. F. house 53 Allen 

nney Hannah, widow of Amos, 17 Mount Vernon 

nney John, house 17 Mount Vernon 

nney John, 1 Commercial wharf, house 29 Green 

nney (Matthew) & Ellis (JVathaniel, jr.), umbrella 

makers, 77 Court 
nney Matthew, house 3.5 Cnambers 
nney Nancy, widow, 24 Friend 
rch George, upholsterer and fringe maker, Berry 
rd Abraham B. house 36 Elliot 

rd Abraham H. lumber wharf, Front, house 29 Warren 
rd Asa, cabinetmaker, house 6 N. Russell 
rd Cornelius, 64 F. H. market, house 27 Vernon 
rd FJisha B. (Thvrston & B.), house 7 Leveret 
rd George, housewright, house 40 Poplar 
rd Hannah, widow, (55 Congress 
rd Harrison, h. 27 Vernon 
rd H. C. 53 Commercial, house 4 Vernon 
rd Isaac, paper hanger. Water, house 9 Carver 
rd James, carpenter, house Blossom place 
rd James, laborer, h. Barrett 

rd Jf^sse & Harrison, 38 F. H. Market, h. 7 Leveret 
rd John H. house head of 4th street 
rd Matthew, cabinetmaker, house Province 
rd Robert L. house Nassau court 
rd Samuel J. (Gay «fc B.), house 12 Oak 
rd William S. See John H. Bradford & Co. 
rd William, dry goods, 207, house 252 Washington 
sbee .Albert, house Commercial near Hull 
sbee (A.) & Edwards (Hugh), blacksmiths, Commer- 
cial near Prince 


Bisbeo Tlioinas, cabinetmaker, 59 Portland 

Bisbcc Williani H. hat store, *.3G3 VVnshington 

Bishop AlbiMl I). Iioiisewriglit, 49 Allen 

Bish(>|) VVilliatn, gunsmith, 20 Exchange 

Bisst;! Charlotte, house Moon 

Bittle William, gilder, (JO Court, house Essex court 

Biltner Elizabeth (i. widow, silk dyer, 5(JU Washington 

Bittner John G. silk dyer, house J!^ N. Russell 

Bixby Luther, house 3 Gouch 

Bixby Phili[) W 4G Commercial, house 55 Poplar 

Black Braddock, capt. house rear 19 Charier 

Black George, mariner, rear 180 Hanover 

Black Peter, rigger, 114 Broad 

Black W^illiain, teamster, rear 44 Congress 

Blackburn George (Parks, B. & Co.), h. 12 Chambers 

Blackburn Hugh, mariner, 49 Charter 

Blackley Richard, laborer, 2 Milton 

Blackmcr Holland {Gould &. B.), house 33 Leveret 

Blackstock William, house 2 Newton place 

Blagden George W. Rev. 21 Sheafe 

Blair Mary, widow, rear 3 Hanover 

Blair Mary Ann, widow, 35 Salem 

Blair Phineas, counsellor, 17 Court, 1j. 13 Franklin 

Blaisdell David, hats, 1 Market square, h. rear 25 Allen 

Blaisdell Lewis, grocery, 37 Leveret, h. 91 Chambers 

Blake Charles {Kittrtdge &l Blahes), house 14 Essex 

Blake Charles S. painter, 3d street 

Blake Cyrus, boards 3G Hanover 

Blake Don Carlos, stonecutter, h. Thacher street court 

Blake Edward, counsellor, 5 Court, li. 7 Bowdoin sq. 

Blake Eliza, widow, house 12 Avery 

Blake George, counsellor, 17 Court, house 34 Summoi 

Blake George B. {Jiiiny, B. & Co.), h. 5 Rowe place 

Blake George W. mason, house 10 Hamilton 

Blake Henry, surveyor of lumber, house 52 Pleasant 

Blake Henry L printer, house 4 Piedmont 

Blake J. Quincy, jewelry and fancy goods, 19G Wash. 

Blake James, house 14 Essex 

Blake (James) & Co. (Thomas Blake), taUow chandlers, 

Blake's court, coun. room 31 S. Market 
Blake James, house 730 Washington 
Blake James, jr. (Kittrcdgc &, Blakcs), house 14 Essex 
Blake Jaines H. (Soul/igatc, B. & Co.), h. 7 Bowdoin sq. 
Blake James, laborer. Peck lane 
Blake John H. See Everett &. B. 


Bhike John L. Rev, house Broadway 

Blake Joseph, bookbinder, W. Centre 

Blake Joshua, merchant, 19 Central wf. h. Winthrop pi. 

Blake Josiah VV. (Joslah Whitney & Co.), h. 9 Gouch 

Blake Lemuel, India rub. goods, 70 Congress, h. 29 High 

Blake Nathaniel, innholder, 226 Ann 

Blake Peter, laborer, A street 

Blake Robert, painter, house 81 Elliot 

Blake Samuel, salt store, 46 Long wf. h. S. Bost. Point 

Blake Samuel P. (Dyer &/• B.), h. I Somerset place 

Blake Sarah, widow of Edward, 7 Bowdoin square 

Blake Sarah, widow of Edward, 36 Pleasant 

Blake Sarah, widow of James, 132 Pleasant 

Blake Susanna, widow of Thorn; s, Chambers st. court 

Blake Thomas, painter, h. 53 Tecuple 

Blake Thomas {James B. &, Co.), h. 740 Washington 

Blake William, cordwamer, 6 Bedford, h. 16 Shoit 

Blake William (H. jV. Hooper fy Co.), h. 9 Lyman pi. 

Blake William {Shaw, PatLerson & Co.), h. 21 Williams 

Blake William O. printer, Broadway 

Blanchard Abraham W. {Parker &. B.),\\.2 Lynde 

Blanchard C. F. telle.- Globe Bank 

Blanciiard Edward, Mi. Vernon cor. Temple 

Blanchard Edward, jr. Mt. Vernon cor. Temple 

Blanchard Elias P. Scott court 

Blanchard Fidelia, widow, h. 7 Federal 

Blanchard F. H. See Smith & B. 

Blanchard Hezekiah, mer. 5 Central wf. h. 5 Hartford pi. 

Blanchard Jedediah, grocer, 13 Elm, h. 2 Arch 

Blanchard John, housewright, h. 2(51 Washington 

Blanchard John A. dry goods, 59 Kilby, h. 14 Pearl pl- 

Blanchard John W. furniture, cor. Milk and Federal, h. 

Blanchard Joseph, 2 Boylston market, h. Newton place 
Blanchard Josh P. clerk Eagle B. at Miss Cotton's, Pearl 
Blanchard (M. IV.) & Alden {Maria), milliners, 135, h. 

92 Court 
Blanchard Nathaniel, cordwainer, h. 26 Vernon 
Blanchard Nathaniel, cordwainer, 205 Hanover 
Blanchard Nathaniel jr. printer, h. rear 205 Hanover 
Blanchard Noah {JV. Faxon ^ Co.), h. 2 Centre 
Blanchard Richard, hatter, h. Warren place 
Blanchard Samuel, Warren place 
Blanchard Susan, widow of Joseph T., Battery 
Blanchard Washington, min. paint. School, h. Pinckney 


Blanchard William E. dry goods, 97 Wash. h. 137 Trem. 

Blaney Ainhiose, linninn, 81 Caml)rid<:e, li. 18 Charles 

Blaney Boiij. firaternaker, 9 Goneness i>q. h. 19 Tremont 

Bhincy Kliza, bc>ardin<; house, 241 Ann 

Bhtney Henry, mason, h. 2rJ4 Washington 

Bhiney Hannali, house Geor^ic 

Bhiney Ihinnah, rear 34 Pritxe 

Blaney James M. wharfinger, 28 Central \vf. h. South 

Blaney Jdlm C. coach painier, Hawkins 

Blaney S. R. ^Co. {T. R. Bhincij), sail makers, 8 Long 

vvf. II. 31 Stillman 
Blaney Thomas R. {S. R. B. & Co.), h. 69 CJongress 
Blaney William, teller Com. IJank, h. Sudbury 
Blasdel William, stage agent, 36 Hanover, h. 207 Trem. 
Blasdell Samuel, bar-room, I Market sq. h. rear 25 Allen Mary Ann, widow of Gideon B. rear 12 Front 
Blasland Thomas, housewri^ht, h. 113 Essex 
Blasland Thonias, jr. apothecary, 61 Sea, h. B street 
Blasland William, druggist, 78 liroad, h. rear 11 Front 
Bligh Eliza, widow, 48 Myrtle 

Blish Timothy, W. I. goods, 43 Commer. boards 38 Milk 
Bliss Betsy, widow, cor. Otis & Winlhrop place 
Bliss Levi, grocer, 25, house 27 Sea 
Bliss Louisa, widow, 30 Stillman 
Bliss Seth. Rev. 5 Cornhill, h. 27 Somerset 
Block Hans, laborer, 90 rieasant 
Blodgelt {Gcurgc B.) & Burns (Robert). W. L goods, 7 

N Market 
Blodgett Henry, jr. housewright, h. 4 Harvard court 
Blodgett Luther, grain doalcr. Front, h. 4 Nassau 
Blom iNclson, painter, h. 15 East 
Blood {F. F) &: Shumway (Xrlson), W. I. goods, 691 

Washington. Blood boards Broadway 
Blue George, laborer, rear !^12 Ann 
Blunt John S. painter, 54 Cornhill 
Bliiril Phineas, soapstone worker, Leveret court 
Blu.xomc Joseph, t^ailor, 3 Brattle, h. 22 iNorlh Russell 
Boardman Benjamin d. h. 96 Chambers 
Boardman Benjamin G. jr. {Dennie &. B), h. 96Chamb. 
Boardman Darius, Cust<un H. officer, h. 19 Riciimond 
Bcnirduian E. A. See Menam, B. Sc Co. 
Boardman Ebenezer, housewright, rear Broadway 
Boardman Harriet, dressmaker, h. rear Broadway 
Boardman IVancy, widow, rear 34 Prince 


Boardman P. B. measurer, Custom H. h. 10 Richmond 

Boden (John S.) & Redman (Jt»/t/i D), sailmakers, 34 
Commercial wf. 

Boden John S. SLiihnaker, li. Gibbs lane 

Bodge Charlotte, widow of Benjamin, op. 79 Pleasant 

Bodge Henry, housewright, 33 Pleasant 

Bodge Noah, 31 iSaleni 

Bodwell Isaac R. mason, h. Spring street place 

Bogell Jfilin S. [)dinter, Elliot, h. (jppos. 94 Tremont 

Bogman Parley, widow, 22 Bridge 

Bugue James, tailor, Ixtuse rear 5 Sister 

Bogue Thomas {Dudley & D.), house Jackson place 

Boies James J. S. Warren Tlieatre, h. Fayette 

Boies Jeremiah S. 4 Otis place 

Bides John, housewright, Friend, h. 11 Salem place 

Boles Warren, housewright, Sudbury, h. (iO INIyrtle 
'Boling Cfitharine, widow, rear GGO Washington 

Bolles Charles (J. H. IVilkins & Co.), hoards 16 Chamb. 

Bolles John A. attorney, 10 State, h. 1 Montgomery pi. 

Bulles Lucius, Rev. Cor. Secretary B. B. F. M. 17 Joy's 
building, h. 12 Pimkney 

Bolles Matthew, jr. 59 State, h. 8 W. Cedar 

Bolman William, cabinetmaker, Wheeler's court 

Bolter Mary, widow, 45 Front 

Bolt(m Leonard, laborer, Batterman place 

Bond Charles, watchmaker, boards 8 Pearl 

Bond Edmund, laborer, South Margin 

Bond George {fVhUiccll, B. & Co.), Winthrop place 

Bond George Wm. {IV/utwell; Bond 6i. Co.),h. 11 Mont- 
gomery place 

Bond John, baker, Mechanic 

Bond Joseph, blacksmith, h. 76 Summer 

Bond Mary, widow, 51 Pond 

Bond Phineas, housewright, 44 Bridge 

Br>nd Richard. See Rogers & B. 

Bond Simon E. clerk, h. 15 Boylston square 

Bond Wm. W. & Sewell B. groceries, Charles cor. Bea- 
con, board 116 Charles 

Bond Wm. & Son {fVm. C), watchmakers, 8 Cong, sq, 

Bonfield John, stone ma«on, h. 2d street 

Bonnard Sarah and Martha, 25 Second 

Bonrrer Ruth, 114 Hanover 

Bonner Catharine, widow, h. rear 120 Broad 

Bonney Libbeas, housewright, Orange lane, h. Castle 

Bonney {Pclham) &. Stone {P. A.), housew'ts,81 Port. 


Bonney Pelham, lionsowriglit, Portland, h. Vine 

Bookee Asa {Sav(i<re & B.}, Haverhill 

Boonnaciinip Susnnnah, nurse, Perk lane 

BoiMiiot Elizabeth, widow, h. 22 Richmond 

Boott John VV^, James and William, h. 10 Bowdoin sq. 

Boothbv John, laborer, h. rear 29 Cross 

Boot iV/ary, widow of Kirk, 10 Bowdoin square 

Bordman Mary, widow, W;isiiiii^ton avenue 

Bordman Lvdia, school, Harvard place 

Biirdinan Jijscph F. com merchaiit, (54 Broad, h. Charles 

Bor<lman Win. h. 29 Hancock 

Borland John, mer. 21 Central wf. h. Pemberton hill, 

Borrovvscale Joseph, slater, 54 South 
Bosson Jonathan D. u[iholsterer, h. Shoafe 
Bosson \Vm. looking glass manufactory, 3 Bratlle sq. 
Bossuet James B. engineer, h. 60 Fayette 
Boston Joseph C. laborer, 248 Hanover 
Boston John, laborer. Pond 

Bosworih Benjamin, housewright, h. 40 Fayette 
Bosvvorth Hiram, housewright, r. 530 Wash. h. 34 Orange 
Bosvvorth Joshua, housewright, h. 40 Fayette 
Botham Frederick W. office 18 Tudor's buildings 
Bouncore Levina, schocd. Masonic Temple, ii. 35 Sea 
Bouncore Lewis, fruit, &c. 35 Sea 

Boiirguin James, auctioneer, Cross. n. Fulton, h. r. Cross 
Bourne Abner & Son (G. J.), c. room 70 State, h. 1 

Bourne Geo. A. (Ji. B. & Snti), h. 1 Kingston 
Bourne E. A. President State Bank 
Bourne I. W. 85 Milk, h. Sullivan place 
Bourne James, bar-room, 10 Comuxrcial, h. 45 South 
Boutell Lewis, Wash. Coffee House, 15ri Washington 
Bouton Richard M. civil engineer, h. Mt. Vernon 
Bouve Eph. O. cabinetmaker, Richmond, h. 49 Salem 
Bowdlaor Mary, tailnress, (55 Prmce 
Bovvden Elizabeth, groceries, 3d street 
Bowden Samuel, stevedore, 39 Prince 
Bowditch Azell, confectioner, 257 Wash. h. 5 Graphic ct. 
Bowditch Horace, cordwainer, h. S«)uth Russell 
Bowditch (Jonathan, jr.) Si. Cunimings (.^mos), W . I. 

goods, 37(3 Wash. cor. Essex 
Bowditch Jonathan, jr. house 17 Boylston square 
Bowditch L. M. widow, h. 51 High 
Bowditch Maria, widow of Atherton T. rear 87 Pleasant 


Bowditch Nathaniel, Actuary of M. H. Life Ins. Comp. 

State, h. 8 Otis place 
Bowditch Nathaniel I. counsellor, 21 State, h. 8 Otis pi. 
Bowdlear Samuel, whitesmith, West. h. Cedar lane 
Bovven Ann, widow, h. 7 Garden 

Bowen Abel, engraver and print. 47 Court, h. G2 Union 
Bo wen Betsey, widow, 5G Warren 
Bowen Ciiarles, jjiiblisher, 141 Washington 
Bowen Henry, printer, 16 Devonshire, h. 34 Warren 
Bowen James, slater, Rns. wf. & 40 Bedford, h. 62 Trem. 
Bowen John, lnHisewright, 12 Pitts 

Bowen Lorenzo, printer, li^ Devonshire, h. rear Gouch 
Bowen Stephen, slater, house S8 Tremont 
Bowen Sarah, widow, rear 88 Warren 
Bowen Philip L. housewright, house Cedar lane 
Bower George, boarding and lodginii, 22.) Ann 
Bowers Charles, dry goods, 41 Court, h. 5 Eaton 
Bowers C. E. mer. 54 Commercial, house 17 Vine 
Bowers Dorcas, widow, Foster place 
Bovvers Isaac, intelligence office, Avery, h. Mason 
Bowers Isaac, jr. clerk, 16 Hawkins 
B(jwers John F. captain, 77 Prince 
Bowers John, comb maker, house South Russell 
Bowers Levi, house 42 Spring 

Bowes John H. clerk iM.iss. Bnnk, boards 15 Hancock 
Bowker Charles, provisions, 76, house 74 Essex 
Bowker Edmund (IV. B. & Sun)., h. Foster 
Bowker M(M-atio i\. housewright. (>harles 
Bowker Lazarus, bricklayer, 10 Myrtle 
Bowker Warren & Son {E. B.). housevv'ts, Sun court, 

house 39 Salem 
Bowles George, housewright, h. 48 Myrtle 
Bowles Leonard C. bookseller, 141 VVash. h. Winter ct. 
Bowlin Thomas, laborer. 03 (charter 
Bowman Abner H. distiller, Dislil-house square 
Bowmin Anna, milliner, 16 Green 
Bowman Catharine, widow, S[)ring st. place 
Bowtnan Charles, laborer, 74 Pond 
Bowman Isaiah, cordwainer, house 10 Castle 
Bowman Isaac, clerk. Leveret lane 
Bowman John, cooper, 14 Milk, house head of Pearl 
Bowman John H. captain, boards 218 Hanover 
Bowman John, laborer, rear 6.5 Elliot 
Bowman Joseph H. See H. M. Holbrook & Co. 
Boyd Hannali, nurse, 14 Short 


Boyd James, saddler, 27 Merchants row, h. 7 Pearl pi. 

Boyd Michael, luhorer, rear 113 Essex 

Boyd Thomas (Richardson & Co.), h. 8 Myrtle 

Boyd William, saddler, 14 Dock sq. h. Congress court 

Boyden Arnold, house 50 Myrtle 

Boydcn Ashel, druggist, 42 Hancock 

Boyden Cyrus, painter, 41 Portland 

Boyden l>aniel, chaisemaker, h. 42 Warren 

Boyden Dwight, irmholder, Tremont cor. Beacon 

Boyden Frederick, Tremont House 

Boyden Isaac, handcartman, G 1-2 Prince 

Boyden Simeon, Tremont House 

Boyer James, saddler, h. Theatre alley 

Boyle Edward, laborer, Mechanic 

Boyle Elizabeth, widow of Col. John, Harvard 

Boyle Felix, moulder, 4th street, near Turnpike 

Boyle George W. 18 Harvard 

Boyle Isaac, Rev. 18 Harvard 

Boyle James, h. 18 Harvard 

Beyle James, laborer, rear 133 Hanover 

Boyle INIartin, laborer, rear 20 Pleasant 

Boyle Michael, laborer, 97 Charter 

Boyle Thomas, laborer, h. 12 Cross 

Boyles Mary, boarding, 48 Federal 

Boynton David A. soda room. Friend, h. Greenough lane 

Boynton Edmund, shoes, 5 Merchants row, b'ds 11 Elm 

Boynton G. W. engraver, 47 Court, h. 2G Spring 

Boynton (Canj, B. & Co.), h. 1 Hanover court 

Boynton John, painter, 3 Unity court 

Boynton Nathaniel, silk dyer, Mechanic place 

Boynton Perkins, h. Cooper 

Boynton Stephen, cabinetmaker, h. 6 Lucas place 

Boynton William, stevtjdorc, Commercial near Foster 

Brabiner William A. auctioneer, Custom-house st. h. 

Brabrook Charles, chairmakor, h. Fayette 
Brackenbridge George, mcs. Boston IJ. h. rear the Bank 
Brackett Catharine M. dressn)aker, 17 Temple 
Brackett Horace, provisions, 17, house 24 I' ederal 
Brackelt Josiah, leather dealer, 7 and 8 Exchange 
Brackett Richard, cordvvainer, 173 Hanover 
Brackett Uufus, leather store, 3.^ N. Market, h. 19 Temple 
Brackett Samuel E. & James, dry goods, 95 Wash. 
Brackett Samuel E. h. 97 Pleasant 
Brackett Thomtis O. messenger Traders' Bank 


Bradbury Charles, Pres. (!!ol.Iris. Co. h.5 Hamilton pi. 
Bradbury Samuel F. printer, 8 Vine 

Bradford Benjamin W. cabinetmaker, rear 602 Washing^. 
Bradford (Charles) & Clitd<ard (M. L.), riggers, 32 Com- 
mercial. Bradford's li.Commer. near Hanover 
Bradford Daniel, honsewrioht, A street 
Bradford Gamaliel, superintendent Hospital, Allen 
Bradford Geo. shipwright, Lincoln's wt. h. 36 (Charter 
Bradford Geo. P. schocdmaster, h. 1 Montgomery plac& 
Bradford George, jr. printer, 14 Water, h. 78 Essex 
Bradford Granville W. painter, 113 Hanover 
Bradford Isaac, capt. h. 746 Washington 
Bradford John, hardware, 21 Dock sq. h. 8 Somerset pt. 
Bradford (John H.) Si, Co. {Samuel D. B., William S. 

Bird & H. S. Ballard), dry goods, 25 Broad 
Bradford John R. city weigher, Merrimac, h. 9 Pitts 
Bradford .Joseph, cordwainer, 3d street 
Bradford Joanna, widow, rear Broadway 
Bradford Robert, merchant, 5 1-2 India, h. 38 Chambers 
Bradford Sam'! D. {John H. B. & Co.), h. 54 Bowdoin 
Bradford Thomas G. boards 5 Tremont place 
Bradford Win. B. jr. & ('o. {Stilhnan Jones), W. I. g'ds, 

24 Broad, h. 49 High 
Bradford Williams, physician, 53 Broadway 
Bradlee Ann, widow of David W. h. 2 Washington pi. 
Bradlee David F. house 8 Tileston 

Bradlee Frederick H. (J. B. & Co.), house 3 Milton pi. 
Bradlee James B. merchant, 34 India, h. 20 Pearl 
Bradlee John R. hardware, 3 Dock sq. h. IS Essex 
Bradlee John W. house Essex, near Front: 
Bradlee Joseph P. & Son {Joseph), oil, 50 Chatham, h. 

22 Franklin place 
Bradlee Josiah & Co. (G. B. Canj & F. H. Bradlee)^ 
merchants, 34 India, house 20 Pearl < 

Bradlee Nathaniel, surveyor and housewright, 93 Pleas. 
Bradlee P. F. weigher, 16 Coinmer. wf h. 29 Atkinson 
Bradlee Samuel, hardware, 142 Washing, h. 1 Avon pi. 
Bradlee Thomas D. house 6 Franklin place 
Bradley Betij. bookbinder, 59 Washing, h. 7 Lyman pl.^ 
Bradley Charles {Webster, Chase & B.), h.35 'Wash pi. 
Bradley Edward W. wines and spirits, rear 134 Slate 
Bradley Edwin, grocer, 193 Hanover, h. 65 Charter 
Bradley William, blacksmith, Suffolk 
Bradshaw Hannah, widow, h. rear 50 Boylston 
Bradshaw Jesse, confectioner, Marshall, h. 47 Brattle 


Bradshaw Ruth, widow, Distil-house square 

Bradsliaw ISaiiiucl C li. '.i2 Prince 

Bradstrcet Elizabeth, 20 Bulfinch 

Bradstroet Josfpli P. clerU, 33 Congress, h. 42 Federal 

Brady James, laborer, 3d street 

Brady I'atrifU, slater, h. 11 Distil-house square 

Bragden Alvin, 15 Cross 

Bragden Henry, laborer, 3 Scott court 

Bragdon John, Friend street place 

Bragdon Joseph, mariner. Garden court 

Bragg Austin, grocery. Snow's wharf 

Bragg Benson, carpenter, h. 13 Madison place 

Bragg John, housewright, A street 

Bragg William, boarding, 39 Portland 

Bragg William, housewright, boards G Elliot 

Braid John B. housewright and undertaker, 4th st- 

Brainan Daniel, laborer, 93 Warren 

Bramaii Jarvis, swimming school, C-harlcs 

Bramhall Cornelius {Man/ey & B.), boards 101 Wash. 

Bramhall ( JVm.) &. Howe {Thos.), W.I. g"ds,34 Long wf. 

Bramhall W^illiam, house 2 Federal court 

Brassel Peter, laborer, h. rear 120 Broad 

Bray Michael, laborer, Merrimac near Lancaster 

Bray Sarah, widow of John, house 92 Salem 

Braynard Preston, iron founder, h. Turnpike n. 4th st. 

Brazer Margaret, widow, 14 Short 

Brazier Mary, widow, S. Russell 

Breck Joseph, 3 1-2 Sudbury 

Breed Aaron, mathemat. inst. 2 Rowe's wf. h. 140 Purch. 

Breed Ebenezer, 11 Dock square 

Breed Horace A. See Haven & B. 

Breeden Abner, h. 30 Bridge 

Breen John, laborer, h. rear 100 Broad 

Brett C <fe J. suspendermaker.s, 7 Court, h. r. 247 Wash. 

Brett Cyrus, painter, 36 Union, h. 17 Cross 

Brewer Clark, tobacco, 14 S. Market, h. 2r)0 Hanover 

Brewer Elizabeth, widow of JN'athaniel, 107 Pur'.hase 

Brewer Eli.-ib Stone, dry g'ds, 414 Wash. h. 7SuHulk pi. 

Brewer Fanny, widow of Elisha, Belknap cor. Myrtle 

Brewer Gardner, distillery, 546 ^V'aslliugtoIl, c. r. 99 

State, h. 11 La Giange place 
Brewer (i. Alexander (Foiric it />.), h' 8 Federal court 
Brewer Harriet, widow, rear 8 Franklin 
Brewer Henry A. clerk, house 11 North Russell 
Brewer Isaac C. clerk Suftblk Bank, h. 12 Fayette 


Brewer James H. merchant, 48 India wf. h. 107 Purchase 

Brewer Jane, 88 Summer 

Brewer Nathaniel, h. 22 Poplar 

Brevv^er Nathaniel, mer. 26 India, h. 107 Purchase 

Brewer Otis, printer, 8G Hanover 

Brewer Samuel N. & Brothers {Kath. and William Jl.), 

druggists, 90 Washington. See adv. 
Brewer Samuel N. house 22 Poplar 
Brewer Samuel, clerk, house 22 Poplar 
Brewer Stephen, house 22 Poplar 
Brewer Thomas, clerk, house 56 Fayette 
Brewer William A. 22 Poplar 
Brewster Henry B. & John, printers '81 Cornhill 
Brewster Joshua, blacksmith, house, 23 Portland 
Brewster, Clarke & Co. (J. JV. J3. Brewster &, J. U. 

Clarke)^ dry goods, 7 Kilby 
Brewster Oliver {Dunn & fi.), house 51 Mount Vernon 
Brewster Osmyn (Crocker &. B.), house Pitts 
Briard (Oliver, jr.) & Tolman (Joseph A.), dry goods, 

307 Washington. B. boards 25 Summer 
Bridge Edward A. & Co. (H. P. Bridge), W. I. goods, 

3 Long wharf 
Bridge Elizabeth, widow of Nathan, h. 11 Hanover 
Bridge Henry A. hardware, 9 Merch'ts row, h. 41 Temp. 
Bridge Henry P. (E. A. B. & Co.), boards 22 Beacon 
Bridge (James) »fe Wellington (E. G.), W. I. goods, 41 

Bridge James, house 8 Chambers 
Bridge Jeremiah, bookbinder, h. 50 Tremont 
Bridge John, cabinetmaker, house 27 Boylslon 
Bridge John, rear 5 Salem 

Bridge (John D.) & Stevens (Edio. L.), 10 Central wharf 
Bridge John D. boards 19 Somerset 
Bridge Joseph, house 41 Temple 
Bridge Margaict, boarding house, 42 Purchase 
Bridge Samuel J. 75 Commercial, h. 42 Purchase 
Bridge William, blacksmith, 16, house 45 Sea 
Bridge William S. house 49 Chambers 
Briesler Geo. painter, 13 Boylston sq., h. r. 142 Pleasant 
Brigden Timothy, blacksmith, house roar Broadway 
Briggs Billings, housewright, house 5 Myrtle court 
Briggs Clarissa, tailoress. Castle near Middlesex 
Briggs Cornelius, cabinetmaker, 609, h. 611 Washington 
Briggs Enos, broker, Mechanics' Exchange, h. Lyman pi. 
Briggs Henry, Mechanics' Exciiange and Reading room, 

Wilson lane, h. Lyman place. Sec advertisement 


Briggs John C. (Shmo & B.), house 17 Hancock 

Briggs Martha, primnry school, 4th street 

Briggs Otis, housewright, Siiort, house Essex 

Briggs Otis H. druggist, 120, h. rear 24 Court 

Briggs Rohert, earthenware, 17 Mer. row, h. 4 Wendell 

Briggs Seth, cabinetmaker, 3 Portland place 

Briggs William, shipwright, rear 3d street 

Brigss William <fe Co. {Gilbert Browiiell), dry goods, 

loo Washington 
Brigham Aaron & Son (JV. B.), W. I. goods, 26 Long 

wharf, house 11 Pinckney 
Brigham Abraham M. stage Jiouse, 42 Hanover 
Brigham Benajah, W. 1. goods, 29, house 10 Elm 
Brigham Charles L. & Co. (A'oftcrf 5/arfe), wheelwrigiits, 

Hawley place, house Norfolk avenue 
Brigham Dennis, merchant, 18 India wharf, h. 7Bulfinch 
Brigham Elijah, Black Horse Tavern, 17 Union 
Brigham James M. boarding house, 3 Bumstead place 
Brigham Joseph L. See Z. Jellison & Co. 
Brigham Levi (Mcrriam, B. <^ Co.), house 17 Milk 
Brigham Nahuni, wood, Barry's wharf, h. 9 Columbia 
Brigham N. H. shoes, 10 Clinton, boards 11 Elm 
Brigham Otis, blacksmith, h. May cor. Butolph 
Brigham Perry, wood wf Essex place, h. South st. court 
Brigham Peter B. oysters, 1 Hanover 
Brigham Susan H. bonnet store, Court near Hanover 
Brigham Thomas J. wheelwright, 35 S. Margin 
Brigham Tilly, druggist, 8 Ann, h. 10 Sudbury 
Brigham William, attorney, 23 Court, h. 36 Hanover 
Brigham William A. grocer, 48 Brattle, h. Pinckney 
Brigman Jane, widow, 7 1-2 Prince 
Brimhall Samuel, grocer, 98 Cambridge corner Garden 
Brimmer George W. mer. 9 Brimmer's T, h. 45 Beacon 
Brimmer Martin & Co. {H. Inches, jr.), mercliants, 2 

Brimmer's T, house 45 Beacon 
Brinley Edward. See W. C. Stimpson & Co. 
Brinley George, house 128 Tremont 
Brinner Thomas, laborer, h. Barrett 
Brintnall Charles, clerk, house 13 North Bennet 
Brintnall W^illiam, oysters, Hanover avenue 
Briscall {Thomas O.) &. Jackson {John), silk hats, 2 

Congress square 
Brisco John, painter, 61, h. 74 Purchase 
Britton Henry, capt. house 23 Carver 
Brittun J. milliner, 121 Court 


Broad Keziah, widow, house rear 446 Washington 

Broadben William, mariner, house Gibbs lane 

Broadbent Benjamin, 123 Pleasant 

Broaders Edward R. (Clupp ^ B.), h. 12 Newton place 

Broaders John B. coppersmith, house 17 Garden 

Broadfield Thomas, laborer. Creek square 

Broadrick Nicholas, laborer, rear 101 Broad 

Brobston Daniel, painter, house Broadway 

Brobston Henry, painter, house Broadway 

Brodhead Daniel D. navy agent, 1 S. Market, h. 4 McLean 

Brogan Samuel, mariner, rear 104 Purchase 

Bromall Sam. glass cut'r & engrav . Front, h. r. 96 Warren 

Brommade Abram, sailmaker, Clark alley 

Bronsdon Charles F. 12 F. H. market, h. 145 Hanover 

Brooks (CharUs) & Co. {1V7n. (?.), hardware, 6 Dock sq. 

Brooks Charles, house 4 Milton place 

Brooks Edward, counsellor, 10 Court, h. 31 Chesnut 

Brooks Franklin (Sparhmck, Buc.kman&/- B.), h. 27 Allen 

Brooks (Jarncs PV.) & Richardson (Lewis), provisions 

and groceries, 10 Prince 
Brooks Jan»es W. house rear 77 Prince 
Brooks Job, stage agent, 11 Elm, house 2 Portland 
Brooks John, laborer, 110 Broad 
Brooks Jonathan, 102 Faneuil Hall market 
Brooks Luke & Co. (R. M. Connel & w4. Avery), leather, 

12 Elm 
Brooks Noah, shipwright, Broadway 
Brooks Peter C, c. room, 10 Court, h. cor. Pearl & High 
Brooks Peter C. jr. 44 Central wharf, house 3 Chesnut 
Brooks &. Co. {Rufus F. Brooks «fe Cornelius DriscoU), 

tailors, 14 Court. Brooks boards 44 Federal 
Brooks Sally, widow, Kuhn place 
Brooks Submit, library, 4 Tremont near Court 
Brooks W. C. See Smith and B. 
Brooks William G. (C. Brooks ^ Co.), house 56 High 
Brooks William P. B. furniture, 59 Portland & 32 Union 
Broomfield Matthias, laborer, rear 52 Elliot 
Brophy Thomas, 99 Broad 
Brown Abigail, 1 Cedar street couit 
Brown Albert H. {Whitney, B. 4' Co.), h. 7 Stillman 
Brown Amelia, boarding, Derne corner Bowdoin 
Brown Arathusa, widow, 24 Orange 
Brown Arthur, laborer, 149 Broad 
Brown Bartholomew, baker. Fleet corner Ann 
Brown Barzilla, laborer, 108 Sea 


Brown Benjamin B. Lafayette Hotel, 392 Washington 
Brown Benjamin, truckman, 3 Thaclier 
Brown Benjamin, gunsniitli, 5'2 India wf. h. 131 Broad 
Brown {Bcnjninm^ jr.) &. Co. (C. M. Dickinson), ship- 

wrin;lits, Commercial n. railway. B.'s h. Salutation 
Brown Bciijumin F. G Prince 
Brown Benjamin, liousewriglit, 48 Allen 
Brown Benjamin II. {dishing 4' B.), h. Spear alley 
Brown Catharine, widow of John, Williams court 
Brown Catharine, diaries 

Brown Charles {Hilliard, Gray 8^ Co.), h. 1 Franklin pi. 
Brown Charles, wharfinger, 25 India wharf, h. 3!) High 
Brown Charles S. fruit, 30 Dock square, boards 31 Friend 
Brown Charles, grocer, 128, h. 108 Charles 
Brown Charles W. housewright, Fulton cor. Cross 
Brown Daniel, clerk, Blossom corner Fruit 
Brown Daniel, housewright, house 10 Madison place 
Brown Daniel, laborer^ 17 Second 

Brown Daniel H. clerk Savings Bank, h. G Purchase pi. 
Brown David, shoemaker, house rear 147 Washington 
Brown David L. drawing academy, G88 Washington 
Brown Edward, stevedore, Spear alley 
Brown Edward, silk manufacturer, h. rear 52 Federal 
Brown Edwin, rear 5 Salem 
Brown (Edicin) &- Hallet {Russell), pianofortemakers, 

cor. Essex & Washing. Brown's h. Front, n. Essex 
Blown Elbridge, hat store, 12 Ann 
Brown Eldad, housewright, h. 8 South street place 
Brown Eli, 25 State, house 87 Summer 
Brown Eliab, 34 Allen 

Brown Francis, ins. butler, Distil-house sq.h.4G Leveret 
Brown Francis B. stabler, 44 Portland, house Sudbury 
Brown Frederick, druggist, G31 Washington 
Brown George I. clerk, 20 Kilby, h. 27 Somerset 
Brown George W. C. grocer, 77, house 80 Broad 
Brown Henry, teamster, rear G71 Washington 
Brovvn Ilotiry, blacksmith. Beach, h. rear 12 Front 
Brown Horace W. laborer, Clark 
Brown James. See Hilliard, Gray & Co. 
Brown James, cooper. Spear's wharf, h. 71) Purchase 
Brown Jas. S. real estate broker, 1G3 Ilanov. h. 3 Cooper 
Brown Jeremy, teamster, 40 Sea 
Brown Jesse, fishmonger, house rear 19 Cross 
Brown {John) (Sc W'ithington {Jf'Hlitnn), provis. Derne 
Biown John, broker, 3 1-2 Sudbury 


Brown John & Co. {Richard Soule and I. SchoJJicld,jr.), 

mer. 19 Commercial wf. Brown's li. 11 Bowdoin 
Brown John, clerk, house 26 Chambers 
Brown John, gilder, house Blossom court 
Brown John, laborer, Short 
Brown John, livery stable, 107 Charles 
Brown John A. tailor, 198 Tremont, h. 6 Purchase place 
Brown John A. botanic physician, 228 Washington 
Brown John B. physician, 2 Montgomery place 
Brown John C. broker, 54 State, house 22 Atkinson 
Brown John D. & Co. (j9. Harris), junk store, head 

Lewis's wharf, house 5 Noyes place 
Brown John G. painter, 7 1-2 Exchange, h. 55 Hancock 
Brown John I. druggist, 425 Washington, h. 32 Elliot 
Brown Jonas B. 6 Phillips' buildings, h. 1 Staniford 
Brown Jonathan, fisherman, Boylston market 
Brown Joseph M. 25 Commercial wharf, h. 44 Chesnut 
Brown (Joseph) & i*eirce (JYewton R.), education book- 
store, 87 Washington. Brown's house 82 Federal 
Brown Joseph E. housewright, 9 Madison place 
Brown Joseph M. See Greenough & B. 
Brown Joseph T. druggist, 292 Washington cor. Bedford 
Brow (Josiah) & Emerson (Rich.)^ housewrights, Pond 
Brown Josiah, house 73 Pond 
Brown Lemuel P. housewright, 65 Leveret 
Brown Levi, grocer, 71 Salem 

Brown Loring, housewright, 530 Wash. h. IMechanic pi. 
Brown Luke, housewright, Wilson lane, h. 1 Staniford pi. 
Brown Martha, widow, Hollis 
Brown Mary, widow, 12 Unity 
Brown Mary, widow, h. Pleasant street court 
Brown Mary & Ellen, 4 Orange 
Brown Mary, dry goods, 130 Purchase 
Brown Mary D. school, 4 Bradford place 
Brown Nancy, widow of R. J. house 126 Ci)arles 
Brown Nathan, capt. Foster 
Brown Nathan, housewright, 10 Madison place 
Brown Nathaniel, mastmaker, 22 Tileston 
Brown Newel, 46 Faneuil Hall, h. Chardon cor. Hawkins 
Brown Philip, blacksmith, h. rear 302 Ann 
Brown Phineas, oysters, 80 Camb. h. Kennard's avenue 
Brown Rhoda, widow, 78 Essex 
Brown Robert J. Milk, house 126 Charles 
Brown Sam'l, mastmaker, Commer. n. railway, h. Prince 
Brown Sam'l, jr. sailmaker, 52 Conmiercial, h. r. Foster 


Brown Samuel N. house 6 Blossom court 

Brown Sarali. house 316 Ann 

Brown Scott K. imuscwright, h. 23 Washington 

Brown Sol. V. G. watchinan House of Correction, S. B. 

Brown Stephen, hroker, Exchange, h. 09 Prince 

Brown Susan, widow, Short near Essex 

Brown Tlionias P. stagenuui, house Ash 

Brown Thomas VV. caulker and graver, h. Salutation 

Brown Thomas (Burridge <^ B.), boards 2 Haymarket pi. 

Brown Thomas, jr. teller Traders' Bank 

Brown Timothy, housewright, 4S Allen 

Bfown Tryphena, schoohnistress, 33 Pleasant 

Brown Vernon {Barrett S/ B.), house 12 Prince 

Brown William, druggist, 481 Washington cor. Elliot 

Brown William, rigger, Bartlett 

Brown William, engraver, h. rear 705 Washington 

Brown William, housewright, h. 23 Hancock 

Brcnvn William, laborer, 10 Henchman lane 

Brown William C. house 7 Stillman • 

Brown William P. clerk, h. Castle, cor. Suffolk 

Browne Chas. A. drugs &, med. 16 Commer. b'ds 10 Front 

Browne David, Logierian musical academy, G Sevvall pi. 

Browne George {Mcrriani S^ B.), h. opposite 13 Front 

Browne J. Vincent & Co. (JV. La/ig), W. I. goods, 11 

North Market, house 11 Beacon 
Brownell Gilbert (/F. Briggs l^ Co.), h. 13 Staniford 
Browning Eunice W. house 2i'50 ^Vashington 
Bruce Benjamin, boards 11 Beacon 
Bruce Calvin, W. I. goods, 13 India, h. (jQ Belknap 
Bruce Catherine, widow. Front near Castle 
Bruce Dana, j)iIot, Dislil-house square 
Bruce Esther, 42 Bridge 
Bruce Francis, potter, house rear 3 East 
Bruce Henry, U. S. Navy, 5 Orange 
liruce James S. merchant, 34 Central \yS- hoards 18 P«arl 
Bruce Jonathan, pilot, house 17 GibbsTane 
Bruce Liscomb, soda, 173 Tremont, boards 158 Wash. 
Bruce Lyman, boatman, Washington avenue 
Bruce llufus L. «fe Co. {V. Mai tin), watchmakers and 

jewellers, 251 Washington, lirucc's h. 81 Essex 
Brucrton Simeon, vvhipmaker, 59 Poplar 
Brummct John, fruit, Long wliarf, house 59 Essex 
Brnmmett William, sailmaker, rear Cooper 
Brunswick Hyman, furniture, 28 Milk, h. 10 Franklin 
Bryant Ann, 33 School 


Bryant Anna, widow, house rear 411 Washington 

Bryant David, housew'l, r. 315 Wash. h. r. 115 Tremont 

Bryant Eleanor, boarding house, 9 Province House ct. 

Bryant Elizabeth, widow, 62 Myrtle 

Bryant John, ropemaker, A street 

Bryant (John), Sturgis (fVm.) & Co. (Sam'l Hooper & J. 

B. jr.), nier. 47 Central wf. Bryant's h. CI Beacon 
Bryant Nath. cabinetmaker, 28 School, h. Province 
Bryant Oliver H. clerk, Vernon 
Bryant Samuel E. mason, h. 3d street 
Bryant Seth {Mitchell & B.), h. 51 Leveret 
Bryant Southworth, chair paint. 4 Exchange, h. S. Margin 
Bryant Susan, house Fruit 
Bryant Timothy, teller Commercial Bank 
Bryden James, pianofortemaker, 7 Bridge 
Brydia Abigail, widow, 11 Charter 
Bryent (Walter) & Herman (Leopold), stoves, 16 Water. 

B.'s h. 81 Essex 
Bubier Joseph, sailmaker, 130 Sea, boards 86 Purchase 
Buckingham James, ropemaker, op. 55 Elliot 
Buckingham Joseph T. ed. of Bos. Courier, 22 Congress 
Buckingham Joseph H. edit. B. Courier, house Cook ct. 
Buckley Bartholomew, laborer, h. rear 90 Broad 
Buckley Daniel, lab. h. Washington pi. rear gun-house 
Buckley Jas. R. brass found. Brumf. pi. h. r. 2 Province 
Buckmar John, captain, 9 Hartford place 
Buckman Eliza, widow. Theatre alley 
Buckman J. C. See Sparhawk, Buckman & Brooks 
Bucknam Elihu, cordwainer, 9 Brighton 
Budd Nathaniel, baker, 191 Hanover 
Buell Loveman, distiller, house 2 Harvard court 
Bugbee Edward, hairdresser, 601 Washington 
Bugbee Leander, cordwainer, 18, house 16 Franklin 
Bugnon Charlotte, widow, house 12 Carver 
Bulfinch Gec^j^l^ counsellor, 5 Court, h. at Exchange 

Coffee Hol^ 
Bulfinch Thonias, 19 Central, h. 3 Bumstead place 
Bulger William, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Bull Ephraim W. gold beater, 54 Cornhill 
Bull George, crockery, 471 Wash. h. Mechanic place 

Bulcher , laborer, house 101 Broad 

Bullard Asa Rev. secretary and general agent Mass. Sab. 

School Society, boards 10 Crescent place 
Bullard Caroline, house 496 Washington 
Bullard Calvin & Francis, lumber wf. Front, h. 16 Oak 


Bullanl Charlos, 70 Faneuil Hall market, h. 13 ^iHIinan 
Biillar.l Cliarlos (Otis H & Co.), h. 8 Fayette 
Biilhird Charles, ornamental painter, r. 843 Washington 
Billiard Francis, house Ki Oak 
Billiard James, ijrocer, 7(t (^-imbridge 
Billiard Jabrz, house 512 ^V^ashington, cor. of Oak 
Bollard Isaac, 7U Pond 

Bullard Leonard {.idams & B.), liouse 20 Chambers 
Billiard Lewis, painter, 24 Essex, house 7 Beach 
Bullard (Leic'is) & Ballard {Albert), iion store, 10 Com- 
mercial. IBulIard boards 25 Summer 
Bullard Otis & Co. (Charles Bidlurd), lumber wf. Front 
Bullard (Silas) & Barrett ( Geo.), doin. goods, 89 Milk 
Bullard Silas, house 4 Pearl place 
Bullard Warner, sexton, boards 5 Province H. court 
Bullock Jabez, mason, rear 7 Milton 
Bumford Robert, soapstone cutter, h. Hancock row 
Bumstead John (Trott <fe B.), house Bumstead place 
Bumstead Joseph, bookseller, 5 Milk, house rear 
Bumstead (Josiah) iSi:, Son (Jo5/a/ti^.), manufacturers and 

importers of paper han<rings, 113 Washington 
Bumstead Josiah, house 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead Josiah F. house C2 Beacon 
Bumstead Sarah, rear 401) Washington 
Buntin (Roh.) &. Ilall (John), housewrights, Gl Pond 
Burbank Abigail, 25 Second 

Biirbank Joseph P. suspendermaker,235, h. r. 247 Wash. 
Biirbeok Edward, cooper, 2 Hull 
Burbeck Henry, painter, house rear G5 Charter 
Burbeck Thomas, sailmaker, liousc Prospect 
Burbeck Wm. H. clerk Custom H. b'ds at Heman Fay's 
Burch Francis, laborer, house rear 119 Broad 
Burchstead (Benj.), Leavitt (David) ifc Co. (John Phil- 
lips), shipwrights, head Otis's wf. B's. h. 14 Wash. pi. 
Burckes Lewis, cabinetmaker, 29, house 108 Salem 
Burckes Martin, shipwright, Lincoln wf 
Burditt Benj. A. musician, house 4 Hartford place 
Burditt Henry, hardware, 38 Kilby, house Winter court 
Burditt JamosAV. bookseller, 27 Court 
Burditt Nathan, saddler, house 9 West 
Burditt S. & Co. (F. Sales), bookstore, 18 Court. See 

Burge Margaret, boarding, rear 39 Prince 
Burgess Benj. & Son (Thos. J.), iner. 24 India wf. li. 34 


Burgess James C. founder, 3d street 

Burgess John, laborer, 59 Prince 

Burgess Joshua, housevvright, h. 5 Piedmont 

Burgess Josiah, carpenter, rear 3d street 

Burgess William G., W. I. g'ds, 125 Broad, h. 119 Purcli. 

Burk Daniel, laborer, rear 101 Broad 

Burk John, rear 185 Ann 

Burke Lydia, widow, 4tli street 

Burke Catherine, widow, house Avery 

Burke Henry, laborer, G Sweetser court 

Burke Richard, baker, rear George 

Burke Thomas, laborer, 1 Wharf 

Burke Walter, housewright, h.58 Purchase 

Burleigh Benjamin, truckman, Robinson lane 

Burleigh Ezra, housewright, Tileston's wf. h. r. 83 Sea 

Burleigh Henry, stonemason, rear B street 

Burleigh Stevens {Mc Lellan »^' B.), h. 1 Harvard 

Burley David R. innholder, Bite Tavern, 8 Market sq. 

Burnham Arthur, housewright, 113 Chambers 

Burnham Benjamin M. 80, house 69 Hanover 

Burnham C. bookseller, 58 Cornhill 

Burnham Samuel M. house B street 

Burnham Susan B. baker, 122 Court 

Burnham Theodore, books, E. end F. H. market 

Burnham Thomas, bookstore, 58 Cornhill 

Burnham Wiliard (Peck,B. & Co.), house Prince corner 

Garden court 
Burnett Warren, provisions, 505 Wash. h. Plymouth pi. 
Burns Edward, shipwright, G Pond 
Burns George, laborer. Milk, near Pearl 
Burns Hugh, cordvvainer, house 116 Ann 
Burns James, mastmaker, 104 Sea 
Burns James, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Burns John, laborer, Washington avenue 
Burns Margaret, widow, 671 Washington 
Burns Mary, milliner, 68 Salem, h. Carrol place 
Burns Michael, book agent, house 3 Hawley 
Burns Mary, widow, A street 
Burns Owen, laborer, house rear 3 Mason 
Burns Ruflas, house Merrimac 
Burns Robert. See Blodgett & B. 
Burr A. milliner, 56 Washington, and 102 Court 
Burr Hannah, widow, Alden court 
Burr Japheth, shipwright, Snowhill cor. Sheafe 
Burr Laban, stageman, JMechanic place 


Burr Martin, tailor, 78 Hanover, h. 102 Court 

Burr Robert, trunks, 3 Hanover 

Burr Tlicopliilus, housevvrii,'lit, 15 Poplar, house rear 

Burridge Niciiolas, housewri^ht, li. rear Battery 

Burridge {IVilliam) &. Brown {Thos.), c\v<x\<aQ trimmers, 

11 Boylston. B.'s house 5 Knox 
Burrill Azariah S. house 7i.> Prince 
Burrill Eunice, widow, h. opposite 7 Columbia 
Burrill John, jeweller, 73 Cornhill 
Burrill John, innholder, 112 Cambridge 
Buirill Martha, widow, house Salutation 
Burrill Nathan, clerk in post office, h. 20 N. Russell 
Burrison Gustavus, waterman. Commercial n. Railway 
Burroughs Benjamin, mariner, Commercial n. Hanover 
Burroughs George, house 3 Hollis 
Burroughs John, house C2 Poplar 
Burroughs Mary, widow, house 206 Ann 
Burrows Nodiah, confectioner, 43 Prince 
Burrows John B. vict. 43 N. Market, h. 3 N. Federal ct. 
Burrows Joseph, mason, house Grove 
Burrows Richard, mason, rear Henchman lane 
Burrows William, laborer, h. rear 61 Ann 
Bursiel Mary, widow, rear 12 Bedford 
Burt Matthias T. housewright, h. 44 Essex 
Burt Margaret, widow of William, 44 Essex 
Burt Joanna, 15 North Bonnet 
Burt James {Rcddings &. />.), boards Blossom pi. 

Burton , laborer. Sun court 

Burton John, engineer, D street 

Bush Benjamin VV. h. 47 Carver 

Bush Jotham, chairdcaler, 6 N. Market, h. 14 Spring 

Bush Samuel L. (Stone, Seavcr &. L'.), h. 3 Cambridge 

Buss Sarah, boarding house, 1 Bromfield 

Buswel Jacob, housewright, Marston place 

Butler Aaron, variety store and h. Turnpike cor. B'dway 

Butler Ann C. Matron House of Reformation 

Butler Abel, housewright, ll'l Ann 

Butler Edward, laborer, li. roar 119 Broad 

Butler Elizabeth, 3 Oliver place 

BulUiv (Jamrs) *Si CoiKu (C //.), mer. 32 India wf B.'s 

house 7 Chambers 
Butler John R. brassfounder, house II Ash 
Butler John, blacksmith, h. rear Broadway 
Butler Matthew, bar-roum,26 Water 
Butler 31ichael, laborer, h. Cambridge cor. Grovo 


Butler Nathaniel, mnson, roar 3 East 

Butler Patrick, laborer, Merriinac , 

Butler Richard, laborer, 257 Ann 

Butler Thomas, ropeniaker, Grove 

Butler VVai. real estate broker, 36 State, h, in Roxbury 

Butiiian Edward, housevvrii2,ht, 12 Tiedmont 

Butnian Lucy W. boardinghouse, 4 Svveetser ct. 

Bulman Thomas, house Friend 

Butterfield Isaac, housewright, Merrimac, h. Prospect 

Butterfield Jonah, tinplate worker, Pond 

Butterfield L. housewright, Merrimac cor. Prospect 

Butterfield Sewall, cooper. Sea, h. 15 Boylston square 

Butterfield Simeon, fish and oil, 33 Long wf. h. Pinckney 

Butterfield S. 93 F. H. market 

Butterfield Susanna, widow, 16 Centre 

Butters Lucinda, widow, 155 Pleasant 

Butters William, real estate broker, 36 State, Rox. 

Buttrick {Jlbicl) & Patch (Ahijah), truck, c. r. 118 State 

Buttrick Abiel, house 7 Sheafe 

Buttrick Charles {Barrett & B.), boards 43 Hanover 

Buttrick Cyrus, truckman, h. 75 Elliot 

Butts Isaac R. printer, 2 School, h. 99 Salem 

Buzzill Ivory, h. 2 Bridge 

Byani Josiah tSz, Co {John Smith), wood, Bartlett's wf. h. 
Commercial near Charter 

Byam Otis, grocer, 152 iVnn, h. 172 Hanover 

Byam Jonas & Co. {Thomas Hoicc), grocery, 23 S. Rus- 
sell, house 22 do. 

Byles Catharine, Nassau green, Tremont 

Byram Robert J. housewright, 719 Wash. h. 2 Suffolk 

Byrne Mark, W. I. goods, 290 Ann, house Clark 

Byrne James, cooper, house 90 Sea 

Byrnes Daniel, handcartman, Mechanic 

Byrnes John, laborer, h. 2 Wharf 

Byrnes John, laborer, rear 61 Ann 

Byrnes John, laborer, h. 84 Broad 

Byrnes Owen, laborer, head Hancock wharf 

Byrnes Terry, hatjdcartman, h. iii) Broad 

B 4 nos Wm. M. Sec'y Franklin Insurance Company 

Byron Joseph, currier, h. rear Lenox 

CABOT EDWARD, ship broker, 59 Slate 
Cabot Henry, sign paint. 2 Scollay's buildings 
Cabot Josi^ph, painter, 25 Prince 
Cabot J. L. <fc G. D. 36 Commercial, h. Somerset 


Cabot Lucy, house 10 Essex 

Cabot Richard C. merchant, boards 3 Pearl 

Cabot Samuel {Prrhins ^' Co.), house Temple place 

Catlray James, \V. I. goods. 111 Ann 

CalHeld John, cordwainer, 157 Ann 

Calialan Michael, hiborcr, liouse rear 120 Broad 

Cahil! Thomas, house Merrimac 

Cahill Patrick, bhicksmitli, house 4th street 

Cain Ehzabetli, clothing, 100 Broad, h 10 Wharf 

Cains Thomas, glass manufacturer, h. 2d street 

Cain Thomas, liousewright, Cambridge cor. Grove 

Calder W^iliiam, type founder, 2 Clark 

Caldwell John P. druggist, 4th st. cor. Turnpike 

Caldwell Junatlian P.dry g'ds, 173 Wash. h. 8 Poplar 

Caldwell Abigail, widow of Josiah, 16 Franklin 

Cale Daniel, laborer, rear 194 Hanover 

Calhoun Charles, Clerk of the Senate, h. 78 Federal 

Call Abraham, tailor, 29 Court, h. 13 Fayette 

Callahan Edward, laborer, rear East 

Callahan James, 112 Ann 

Callahan John, teamster, 12 Stillman 

Callahan Mary, 11 Lincoln 

Callahan Thomas, stevedore, house rear 152 Ann 

Callahan William, laborer, h. 108 Broad 

Callahan William, mariner, h. Hanover avenue 

Callender Benjamin ( fV. T. Eiistis^- Co.), h. 5 Kingston 

Callender Betsey, h. 27 Bowdoin 

Callender Benjamin, Wells school, h. 10 Vine 

Callender Charles, circulating library and h. 10 Franklin 

Callender Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, 12 Front 

Callender George, merch. 42 Central wf h. 5 Kingston 

Callender John B. grocer, IGG Washington, h. 4 Mason 

Callender Joshua P. clerk, h. Short street court 

Callender Richard B., W. L g'ds, 22 India, h. 5 Kingston 

Callender William, turner, 91 Salem 

Callender William B. grocer, 54 Court, h. 5 Green 

(/allow Jared, printer, C8 Charter 

Calrow Mary, house rear 79 Purchase 

Cambell David, boarding, 23 Brattle 

Cambell John R. shoes, 17 Clinton 

Cambridge Frederic, harnessmakor, 87, li. 90 Cambridge 

Camel Patrick, laborer, Mechanic 

Campbell Bridget, widow. Centre 

Campbell Catlierine, dressmaker, G Portland 

Campbell Eliza, widow, opposite 79 Pleasant 


Campbell Jane, widow of John, 99 Pond 

Campbell Jere. victual. 46 N. Market, h. 18 Richmond 

Campbell John, house 99 Pond 

Campbell John, laborer, rear 63 Ann 

Campbell John, laborer, rear 59 Ann 

Campbell John, laborer, South Margin 

Campbell John, painter, rear Broadway 

Campbell (John) & Church {E. H.), jewellers, 28 Wash. 
Campbell boards 33 Elm 

Campbell John, weaver, Hosiery factory, S. Cedar 

Campbell John M. clothing store, 37 aiid 39, h. 41 Ann 

Campbell William H. painter, rear 157 Ann 

Campeon James, handcartman, 27 Milk 

Candee James, hackman, 5 Unity court 

Cann Lewis, barber, h. rear 81 Milk 

Cannall John, stonecutter, rear 50 Allen 

Cannon Cornelius, handcartman, 2 Scott court 

Canterbury Ira, cabinetmaker, 663, h. r. 667 Washington 

Canterbury Jacob, house 5 Portland 

Capen Abba, dry goods, 1 Bowdoin square 

Capen Andrew, 40 Essex 

Capen Jane N. widow of Thomas, h. 3 Central ct. 

Capen John, clerk, house 16 Vine 

Capen (Joslah) & Lyon (Charles), coachmakers, Haw- 
ley. C.'s h. Jackson place 

Capen Josiah W. laborer, rear Broadway 

Capen Lemuel, Rev., Old Road, South Boston 

Capen Margaret F. widow, Bedford 

Capen Nahum (Marsh, Capen <^ Lyon), h.40 Essex 

Capen Phineas, clerk Probate office, h. 7. Somerset pi. 

Capen William, leather, 29 Broad, h. 71 Bedford 

Capewell William P. innholder. Corn court 

Capron Gilbert, cordwainer, 20 Prince, h. 11 Fleet 

Capron Phila, boarding house, Bath 

Carberry Patrick, grocer, 81 Broad 

Card Henry, organist, boards 10 Morton place 

Care Andrew, laborer, 74 Sea 

Cargill Jane, 12 Spring 

Carleton Guy, shoes and leather, 34 N. Market 

Carleton Hannah, widow of Jonathan, h. Tremont 

Carleton James, laborer, rear 2d street 

Carleton John K. cooper. Cross near Fulton 

Carleton Wm. manufacturer, rear 6 Beacii, h. 2 Kneeland 

Carlin Michael, laborer, h. rear 128 Ann 

Carlisle J. boarding, 5 Union 


Carleton Sarah, 13G Hanover 

Cailton (Jo/m) Si, Taintcr {IV. C), cellar, 5 Market sq. 

Carlton's Iiouse ID N. Alarfj;in 
Carlton William L. grocer, rear County Court House 
Carnes Abigail, widow, 4 Prince 
Carnes Edward «fc Son (Edward, jr.), nggers, Cross cor. 

Fulton, h. 11 Hull 
Carnes Henry, clothing, 74 Ann 
Carnes John, laborer. Mechanic 

Carnes Joshua A. clothing store, 47 Ann, h. 4 Prince 
Carnes Rachael, widow, 3 Hull 

Carnes Tamesil E. widow of Joseph, rear 32 Pleasant 
Carney Andrew, clothes, 40 Ann 
Carney Edmund, 81 Ann 
Carney Daniel, laborer. Sea near the Bridge 
Carney James, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Carney James, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Carpenter Alfred, tinplatc worker, head Rowe's wharf, 

house 164 Purchase 
Carpenter Ann, confectionary, opposite 2 Bedford 
Carpenter George, typefounder, Margaret 
Carpenter Lafayette, housewright, boards Arnold 
Carpenter Oren, clerk, 525 Washington 
Carpenter Orsmus, handcartman, house 2G Carver 
Carpenter Sullivan, housewright, h. south end Washing. 
Carr Catharine, widow, 1) Bridge st. court 
Carr George, printer, 10 Merchants Hall 
Carr Joseph, refreshments, Cornhill court 
Carr William, housewright, house 610 Washington 
Carrew William, laborer. South Russell 
Carrigan Anthony, rear 16 South Margin 
Carrigan John, laborer, Bread 
Carrigan Michael, laborer. Pond 
Carrol Dennis, laborer, Warren place 
Carrol Francis, laborer, .^Mechanic 
Carrol John, laborer. High st. place 
Carrol John, laborer, rear A st. 
Carrol John F. paperstainer, house 77 Warren 
Carrol Owen, laborer, Stillman 
Carrol Thomas II. laborer, Avery 
Carroll Terence, laborer, South Russell 
Carruth Fran. S. &- Nath. druggists, 4 Long wf. h. Lyndo 
('arruth Nathan, house 179 Hanover 
Carscn Thomas, mariner, 1 Henchman lano 
Carson William D. laborer. South st. court 


Carter Bela, laborer, 49 Charter 

Carter Cephas, mason, h. 56 Myrtle 

Carter David (Agcr ^ C), b'ds at Franklin House 

Carter Elizabeth C. school, 58 Tremont 

Carter George T. confectioner, Hanover corner Union 

Carter George, counting room 21 Balterymarch 

Carter Harriet, widow, rear 104 Warren 

Carter James, merchant, 17 India wharf, h. 65 Summer 

Carter James W., W. I. goods, Bromfield, h. 4 Winter 

Carter John, 58 Tremont 

Carter Joshua, 37 Portland 

Carter John H. coppersmith, 12 Marshall, h. 16 Prince 

Carter Louisa, milliner, 1 Province 

Carter {Lukt), Coolidge (C L.) & Co. (L. C. CldUx) 

dry g'ds, 46 Kilby. Carter's h. 3 Vernon 
Carter Oliver, clerk, h. 598 Washington 
Carter {R. B.), Hendee (Charles J.) & Co. (Charles 

Hickling), booksellers, 131 Washington 
Carter Mary, widow, Essex corner South 
Carter Thomas, hat store, 3 Union, h. 454 Washington 
Carter Thomas, house vvright, foot of Richmond 
Carter Timothy {Johnson &/• C), house 18 Federal 
Carter T. H. counting room 17 Water, h. 26 Howard 
Carter William, laborer, rear 91 Salem 
Cartret Samuel, painter, h. 7 Blossom 
Cartwrighl {Charles W.) & Son (J. W. Cartwrlght), 

merchants, 32 India, h. 11 Hartford place 
Cartwright John W. house 47 Atkinson 
Cartwright John, painter. Garden 
Cartwright William, painter, house Southac 
Carver David, tailor, Court cor. Tremont, h. 21 Somerset 
Carver George, cordwainer, 6 Sweetser court 
Carver Reuben, house 29 Leveret 

Carver Reuben, jr. bath house. Prince cor. Commercial 
Carver William, baker, house 67 Bedford 
Cary Alpheus, stonecutter, Front, h. 7 Fayette 
Cary Charles, stone mason, rear B street 
Cary George B. {J. Bradlee 4/- Co.), h. 3 Bowdoin place 
Cary (G. S.) i& Spring (/. H.), combs and fancy goods, 

44 Kilby 
Cary Isaac, copperpl. printer, 204 Wash. h. 29 Orange 
Cary {Isaac H.), Boynton (J.) & Co. {JV. H. Cary), jew. 

and comb makers, 54 Wash. C.'s h. 19 Williams 
Cary Jane, widow of Elijah, rear 110 Sea 
Cary Joseph, baker, Butolph 


Cary Lewis, silversmith, Williams ct. li. r. 119 Pleasant 

Cary Marliti, victualler, G Wharf 

Cary Peter, lahorcr, rear Middlesex 

Cary Phineas, stono mason, 22 South Russell 

Cory Samuel, boards 59 Essex 

Cary Thomas G. (Perkins S,' Co.), h. Temple place 

Cary W^illiam H. See Boynton, C. &. Co. 

Caryl Ruth, house rear 107 Pleasant 

Casas F. B. teacher of the Spanish language, 2 Pearl 

Casady Andrew, laborer, h. 57 Hancock 

Casaday Edward, laborer, 57 Hancock 

Case Flavel, capt. of the watch, off. C. H. h. r.7 Colum. 

Casey Edward, victualler, 3 Water 

(^asey Thomas, cooper, rear 185 Ann 

Cashcn John, slater, Centre 

Casiicn Thomas, houscwright, h. 57 Essex 

Cashman Edmund, laborer, h. Avery 

Cass John, grocer, 88 Broad 

Cass John, h. 2 Chambers street court 

Cass Samuel, h. 21 Salem 

Cassady John, sawyer, rear Third street 

Cassady Edward, painter, h. rear 253 Washington 

Cassell Edmund D. painter, 06 Cornhill, h. S. Margin 

Cassell John, merchant, 58 Portland 

Castolo Dennis, laborer, h. 19 Hamilton 

Castolo William, laborer, 19 Hamilton 

Castle Andrew, laborer, h. Sutlblk, rear Lucas place 

Castle Deborah, widow, rear 57 Tremont 

Caswell Delia, 2 Causeway 

Caswell Elizabeth, widow, C55 Washington 

Caswell Richard, ropcmaker, 25 Allen 

Caswell ^V'illiam, bar-room, Cornhill court, h. 78 Pond 

Caswell \Viliiam, laborer, G Boylston square 

Caswell William L. soda-room, Cornhill court 

Cate Amnion (Snow <^ C), boards rear 5 Prince 

Cate Samuel, cooper, h. 3 Hamilton court 

Cate (S.) &, Ball {Jo/ni), coopers, 113 Milk 

Caughlan David, stevedore, Centre 

Cavenaugh Ellen, laundress, Pock lano 

Caveneau Jeremiah, taihir, h. 2 Devonshire 

Caverly Charles, house 4 Wheeler's court 

Cazenove Chas. J. &, Co. (Lcicis J. «*y» Jhithony C. ^. W. 

C. Gardner), mer. 35 Connnercial wharf 
Cazenove Lewis A.(C. J. C. 4' Co.), h. JG Winthrop pi. 
Cazneau Isaac, 7 North Bennet 


Cazneau Margaret, widow of Andrew, Newbern place 

Cazneau William L. clerk U. S. Bank 

Cennot Mary, h. Custom-house street 

Center George, rear 427 Washington 

Center Joseph H. machinist, Market pi. h. r. 409 Wash. 

Center Rebecca, widow. Commercial near Ann 

Center Sylvester, broker, h. Front, near Essex 

Center Stephen, chemist, h. Broadway 

Cermenati Paul, tailor, h. Prince 

Chace (Caleb) & Grew (Henry), dry goods, 6 Central 

Chace Caleb, house 15 Slaniford 

Chabot John, mariner. Commercial n. Henchman lane 

Chadbourn H. house 29 Charter 

Chadbourn Isaac, cabinetmaker, 17 North Russell 

Chadbourn Seth, blacksmith, 14 Hawley, h. 3 Williams 

Chadwick Cynthia, widow, rear Turnpike street 

Chadwick Ebenezer, merchant, 70 State, h. 1 Mt. Vernon 

Chadwick Eliza, nurse, 109 Chambers 

Chadwick John, clerk, 10 Exchange, h. 128 Charles 

Chadwick Mehitabel, widow, h. 3 Avery place 

Chadwick Samue^C. 71 Leveret 

ChafFe Ezra, captain, Minot 

Chaffe George A. See Colby & C. 

Chatfin {John) & Holmes {Francis), housewrights. Still- 
man cor. Charlestown. Chaffin's h. 1 N. Margin 
Chamberlain Abigail, dressmaker, 289 Washington 
Chamberlain H. P. clothes, 86 Ann, h. rear 3C Salem 
Chamberlain Moses, laborer, h. 289 Washington 
Chamberlain Nathan B philosoph. apparatus, 9 School, 

h. 2 Garden 
Chamberlain William, housewright, h. S. Russell 
Chamberlain Wm. H. 13 Boylston mark. h. 9 Lowell pi. 
Chamberlin {Daniel) &, Kendrick {Riifus), W. L g'ds, 

3 S. Market. Chamberlin boards 4 Tremont pi. 
Chamberlin Abigail A. L. widow of Wm. h.94 Court 
Chamberlin David, grocer, 93, h. 89 Essex 
Chamberlin Edward, crockery, 8 Union, h. Distil H. sq. 
Chamberlin Edward, 36 Prince 

Chamberlin Edward, jr. {Fngalls S/- C), h. N. Margin 
Chamberlin Ezra, Distil-house square 
Chamberlin Lyman, smith, Tileston's wf h. 79 Essex 
Chamberlin Thomas {Hill & Co.), h. 1 Hull 
Champney Erastus, cabinetmaker, Boylston place 
Champney {J. Y.) &, Alien {Francis), houscw'ts, Soutliac 
Champney John Y. housewright, h. 5 Grove 


Cliainpney John, jr. grocer, 10 Summer 

Ciiampncy Joseph, cooper, h. 10 Piedmont 

Chainpney Mary, widow, 39 Leveret 

Cliampney O. VV. clerk, interest room U. S. Bank 

Cham|)ney William L. hoiisewright, h. Piedmont 

Chandler "(.^/</c/) &, Howard {Bcnj.)^ mer. IG Central wf. 

Chandler's h. 4 Somerset court 
Chandler Alexander S. caulker, Vernon place 
Chandler Benjamin, housewright, li. C Clark 
Chandler Bradford, painter, 71 Pond 
Chandler Charles, dry g'ds, 315 Wash. h. 101 Pleasant 
Chandler Chas. N. fruit, 1 Merchants Hall, h. High st. pi 
Chandler Ebenezer, house IVIerrimac 
Chandler Elizabeth, boarding, G Pond 
Chandler G. L. jr. clerk U. S. Bank 
Chandler George, housewright, G Clark 
Chandler {haac) & V\\G\^i{Ahcl), W. I. goods, 2 south 

side Faneuil Hall. Chandler's house 10 Poplar 
Chandler John, merchant, 2 Milton place 
Chandler Jonathan, turner, rear 3 Marshall 
Chandler {John) & Greenleaf {Richard C), dry goods, 

325 Washington. C.'s house 8 Pearl 
Chandler Mary, widow. Bridge st. avenue 
Chandler Mary, widow, boarding house, 8 Cross 
Chandler Michael, house Essex place 
Chandler Oliver, h. 7 Hull 
Chandler Philemon, housewright, 7 Blossom 
Chandler Sally H. widow. South Russell 
(/handler Samuel, painter, house G Clark 
Chandler William D. shipwright, house 120 Pleasant 
Chaney Tiiomas F. cooper, 57 Prince, h. Salter place 
Channing George G. alcoliol laboratory, Short, agent 

Boston Spirit Gas Co. 
Channing Walter, physician, 17G Tremont cor. School 
Channing William E. Rev. 40 Mount Vernon 
Chapin David {Prtscott &, C), house G Beach 
Chapin L. W. widow of Aaron, house 837 Washington 
Chapin Martha D. bonnets, 254, h. rear 301 Washington 
Chapin Mason J. <fc Chas. H. Cgroc, 58 Commercial 
Chapin C. H. G. {M. J. & C //.G.), boards 42 Hanover 
Chapin Orris T. tailor, house rear 301 Washington 
Chaplin Lydia, dressmaker, 4 Summer 
ChajJinan Abner,2."^ Cornhill, boards 3 Morton place 
Chapman Accnith, widow, biick Old Road, S. Boston 
Chapman Christopher C. provisions, G Pinckney 


Chapman Duramer R. (Goodridge ^ C), h. 25 McLean 
Chapman Elizabeth, widow, 3 Hanover court 
Chapman Henry & Co. (//. G. Chapman), 29 Central 

Chapman Henry, house 4 Chauncey place 
Chapman Henry G. house 11 West 
Chapman Jacob P. printer, 2 Hanover court 
Chapman John. See Hall &; C. 
Chapman Jonathan {Fmj ^ C), h. 52 Chesnut 
Chapman Margaret, widow of Jonathan, h. 39 Chesnut 
Chapman Rosanna, nurse, Leveret near Brighton 
Charbonnel John, confectioner, 124 Cambridge 
Charier L. coifee house, 7 Brattle 
Charter Daniel, laborer, 15 Nassau 
Charter James (J. y J. C), 3 Cooper 
Charter John & James, junk shop, Chatham, h. 3 Cooper 
Charter Philip, 59 Faneuil Hall market 
Chase Archibald, housewright, h. Gilman place 
Chase Chauncey, housewright. Bull's wf. h. Sturgis pi. 
Chase Constant, captain, 4 Fleet 
Chase Enoch, clerk, Commercial cor. Foster 
Chase Elizabeth, widow, rear 39 Essex 
Chase George W. hairdresser, Tremont H. h. 3 Elliot ct. 
Chase George, captain, 222 Hanover 
Chase Hezekiah & Co. {JV. Barry and J. Chase), mer. 

24 Long wharf 
Chase Hezek. S. {Webster, C. ^ Brudlci/), h. 5 Pearl pL 
Chase Isaac Rev. house 5 Hayward place 
Chase John, varnish maker, h. 101 Chambers 
Chase Joshua, housewr't, Cambridge st. near the bridge 
Chase Phebe, widow, rear 18 S. Bennet 
Chase Thomas C. laborer, house Commercial near Ann 
Chase {Thomas F.) & Leach {Josiah F.), dry goods, 341 

Chase Thomas L. agent Lynn Print. Co. 83 Cornhill 
Chase Thprndike, cordwainer. Cross near Pond 
Chatton William, mariner, Ann street court 
Chenney Alfred, laborer, house 2 Myrtle court 
Cheeny Samuel, optician, rear 132 Hanover 
Cheney Joseph, harnessmaker, 548, h. rear 599 Wash. 
Cheney Marcia, widow, rear 18 South Bennet 
Cheetham Earnest H. h. 38 Boylston 
Cheever Abigail, widow, 1 Lowell place 
Cheever James, leather, 35 N. Market, h. 15 Chambers 
Cheever Jolm, house N. Federal court 


Cheevcr John, housewriglit, 4 Bridge court 

Clieevor Josluia, Itiinbcr wliarf, Front, liousc G6 Warren 

Cheevcr -Mary Ann, wid. of Tlionias, Treinont, c. Pleas. 

Clieevcr William, housevvTiglit, house 7 Pitts 

Cheevcr William, cordwainer, South Russell 

Chcnclctte Victory, boardinghouse, 11 Atkinson 

Chcsman Lorin;:. riirgcr, rear 73 Pond 

Chessman!a, l:il)orer, Batterman place 

Chessman Samuel, house 170 Hanover 

Chester John, house 37 Salem 

















ck Albert G. auctioneer, 13 1-2 Ann h. rear 7 Cross 
ck Joanna, milliner, 76 Salem 
ckering Deborah D. F. house 14 Hayward place 
ckering Horatio (Griggs & C), h. 14 Hayward place 
ckering Jesse, physician, 1 Beach cor. Washington 
ckering Jonas, pianoforte maker, 41G, h. 502 Wash. 
evalier Francis, musician, house 79 Warren 
Id Benjamin F. clerk, h. 51)8 Washington 
Id Benjamin G. boalbuilder, Fulton, h. 1 Margaret 
Id Daniel F. counting room 721, h. 734 Washington 
id David, 81 Washington, house 27 Federal 
Id David L. counsellor, 31 Court, h. 3 Cottage place 
Id Edward H. hairdresser, 422 Welshing, h. Essex ct 
Id Isaac, house 734 Washington 
Id John, sailmaker, 13 Commercial, h. Margaret 
Id (Joseph) &. Crocker (A*. J.), sailmakers, 2 N. Mar- 
ket. Childs's house 45 Salem 
Child Josh, bookkeeper South Bank, h. 347 Washington 
Child Moses, laborer, rear 40 Pleasant 
Child Richards, house Hollis cor. Washington 
Child Simeon, school Hollit<, house 19 Carver 
Child Stephen, wood vvf. Fnmt, h. 598 Washington 
Ciiild Susan, school Berry, house 30 Fetleral 
Child Thomas (JV'. F. Cunningham & Co.), h. 8 Pearl 
Child Thomas, weigher, 12 Long wharf 
Childs Abner, jr. iron store i>8 Front, h. 598 Washington 
Childs Lidxc C. See Carter, Coolidge & Co. 
Childs Mary, nurse, (j Boylston square 
Childs IS'oali, fruit, 5 Dock square, h. 2 Spring st. court 
Chiltoa Sarah, house North square 
Chisole Emanuel, housewriglit, 24 Green 
Chitman Charles, mason, N. Bennet 
Choate Charles, physician, 27 Howard 
Choate Dudley, blacksmith, rear 3d street 
Choato Williaiu T. house 95 Charl-es 


Choice Peter N. packer, 103 Milk, house Cross 

Chorley John, engniver, house rear Savings Bank 

Christian John, stone mason, ii. Hamihon alley 

Christian Richard, mason, 88 Warren 

Christy Roland, 23 Richmond 

Christy Tiiomas, saddler, 12 Court, h. r. 26 Chambers 

Chubbuck Elizabeth, widow, op. 20 Avery 

Church E. H. {Camphdl & C.), boards at City Tavern 

Church Martin, housBwright, h. 104 Court 

Church William, housewright, 21 S. Russell 

Churchill Ivory, housewright, 3d st. 

Churchill Peleg, cooper, rear 104 Sea, house Berry 

Churchill (William), Collamore {John, jr.) & Co. {Ferdi- 
nand Sands), crockery ware, 186 Washington 

Churchill William F. 3 Cross 

Chute Nicholas, laborer, Theatre alley 

Cilley Catherine, widow of Amos, 161 Court 

Claflen James S. painter, Derne 

Claflen Margaret, widow, Bay street 

Claflen Otis, truckman, house rear 40 Pleasant 

Clap Pliney, teamster, 65 Broad, h. 10 W. Second 

Clapp Amasa, clerk, 61 Kilby 

Clapp Alexander H. shoemaker, 5 Pinckney 

Clapp Asahel, 16 India 

Clapp Artemas, baker, rear 10 Lynde 

Clapp {Bcnj.) & Goddard {E. IV.), coopers, Central wf. 

Clapp Benjamin, house North Bennet 

Clapp Caleb, house 47 Plcnsant 

Clapp David, jr. printer, and pub. Med. Journ. 184 Wash. 

Clapp Derastus, constable, 2 Franklin av. h. Essex ct. 

Clapp Ebenezer, jr. inspector Custom House 

Clapp Frederick, house Baldwin place 

Clapp Galen, jeweller, rear 93 W^■lrren 

Clapp George P. tailor, house 35 Salem 

Clapp Geo. W. printer, h. Stillman place 

Clapp Isaac, broker, G8 Broad 

Clapp Isaac P. cloth. & hats, 34 Broad, b'ds at Kilburn's 

Clapp James, mason, 56 Chambers 

Clapp James, captain, 78 Pond 

Clapp John, cordvvainer, boards 40 Federal 

Clapp Joseph, mariner, 107 Essex 

Clapp Mary, widow of Elisha, h. 18 Winthrop place 

Clapp Nathaniel, boarding house, 6 Suffolk place 

Clapp {Otis) &, Broaders {E. R.), bookstore and circu- 
lating library, 11 School. C.'s h. 33 Tremont 


Clapp Otis, jr. grocer}', under Bethel, North square 

Chipp Sally, Williams court 

Clapp SaiiiucI, jr. W. I. goods, 747, h. 745 Wasliington 

Clapp Samuel, laborer, 4tli st. 

Clapp Sarah, S(i Mt. Vernon 

Clapp Stephen R. pianoforte niaV'er, h. 19 Orange 

Clapp William W. ed. Evening Gazette, 14 Congress, h. 

Temple place 
Clai)p William, pedlar, house 135 Hanover 
Clark Albert, blacksmith, 4 1-2 Alden's lane 
Clark Alexander, dry goods and boarding, 95 Hanover 
Clark Alexander, carpenter, rear 8 Fayette 
lark Alexander, laborer, cor. A and 3d sts. 
lark Amos F. laborer, h. May 
lark Amos, upholsterer, Leveret 

lark Benj. cooper, Commercial n. Hanov. h. Garden ct- 
lark Benj. wine store, 9 N. Market, h. 49 Hancock 
lark Benj. C. merchant, 63 Commercial wf. h. Beacon 
lark Bradley M. 71 Broad 

lark C. & (j. silversmiths, rear 81 Washington 
lark Calvin W. {S. May &, Co.), h. 7 Elliot 
lark Christiana, intelligence ofiice, 75 Summer 
lark Daniel, housewright, 13 Hawkins 
lark Ebenezcr, captain, 48 Bridge 
lark Edward D. 25 Union 
lark Elijah & Co. (E. Clark, jr. and Noah P err in), W. 

I. goods, 5 Chatham, h. 23 Hamilton 
lark E'lijah. jr. (E. C. & Co), li. Portland 
lark Enoch {.S. and M. Men & Co.), h. 14 Bulfinch 
lark P'lcanor R. widow, opposite 8 Atkinson 
lark E. P. cashier N. E. Bank 
lark Francis, house 4 Derne 
lark Frederick (Haskell & C), h W. Cedar 
lark Geo. ink manurac.52 Wash. h. Washing, c. Lenox 
lark George, clerk, 40 Charter 

lark George H. pianofbrtemaker, b'ds lOProv. H. court 
lark Henry, painter, house 10 Oliver 
lark Henry F. {Fullcrtou, .Scars »fc C), h. Vernon 
lark Henry, merchant, 13 (^Mitral wharf 
lark Isaac, 52 \Vashington, h. Haymarket place 
lark James, pmnpmaker, 135 Ann, h. Parkman place 
lark James W. domestic g"ds, 28 Central, h. l(i Bedford 
lark (John) & Co. (Lara B. Bacon), dry g'ds, 7 Central 
lark John, Pres. Protection Lis. Co. h. 3 Central court 
lark John, alabaster ornaments, 381 Washington 


Clark John, mariner, 2 Cross 

Clark John, plumber, Court square, h. 31 Garden 

Clark John, tobacconist, 50 North Market 

Clark John, jr. tobacco dealer, 30 Long wharf 

Clark Jonathan C. grocer, 10 Vine, h. 3 Blossom ct. 

Clark Joseph, blockmaker. Cross c. Fulton, h. 4 Sheafe 

Clark Joseph, jeweller, rear 87 Wash. h. 12 Prov. H. ct. 

Clark Josiah, merchant, 24 Long wharf 

Clark Judith, widow, h. 26 Prince 

Clark Lemuel, musician, house 53 Fayette 

Clark Lot (Means & C), house 75 Purchase 

Clark M. B. silversmith, Harv'd pi., h. c. Prince ♦& Salem 

Clark Mark, housewright, 151 Ann 

Clark Mary, h. G East 

Clark Meshach, mason, house S. Russell 

Clark Moses, grain. Front cor. S. Bridge, h, 41 Tremont 

Clark Nathan, captain, Clark 

Clark Nathaniel, printer, 1 N. Bennet 

Clark Noah M. pastry baker 25, boarding 28 Ann 

Clark Robert, lobsterman, 29 Thacher 

Clark Ruth, achoolmistress, Broadway 

Clark Sally, 1 Staniford court 

Clark Scotto, 26 India wharf, house 1 Eaton 

Clark Stephen, founder, h. Turnpike near 4th street 

Clark Stephen, housewright, Atkinson, h. 15 do. 

Clark Thatcher, straw bonnet manufac. 448 Washington 

Clark Thomas A. dry goods, 28 Prince 

Clark Thomas J. grocer, 276 Ann, h. 1 Snowhill 

Clark Thomas P. baker, Murray place 

Clark Thomas R. spectacle maker, 69 Court. See Adv. 

Clark U. J. broker, 4 Brattle square 

Clark William, painter, rear 41 Charter 

Clark William, stage driver, h. 25 Hamilton 

Clark William B. H. clothes, 79 Ann, h. xMarshall 

Clark William F. 12 Merchants row, h. 107 Salem 

Clark William F. captain, house 12 Ilull 

Clark William (Smith, C. & Co.), boards 6 Crescent pi. 

Clarke Edward & Co. (£. L. Penniman 8^ Sara I Cutler), 

65 Milk, house 2i Chesnut 
Clarke James C. printer, h. 7 Sweetser court 
Clarke J. H. (Brewster, C. ^ Co.), h. 6 Otis place 
Classey Patrick, laborer. Cross near Ann 
Claxton Timothy, philosophical instrument maker, 23 

Water, house 13 Hamilton 
Cleasby Joseph, clerk, h. Chambers corner Green 



Clcaveland John, housewri^'lit, Castle, li. Wheeler's ct. 

Cleavelaiul Mary, clrcssuiaUer, 81 Warren 

Clement John, hoiisewriglit, Thacher street court 

Clement John, lahorer, h. 101) Broad 

Clemensen Peter, engineer, 4th street 

Clements Elizabeth, widow, 9 Sea 

Clements George, housewright, 4lh street cor. Turnpike 

Clentbrd John Henry, rigger, h. rear 38 Ann 

Cleveland Aaron P. merchant, 25 Kilby, h. 55 Federal 

Cleveland Stephen II. See Cragin & C. 

Cleyton John, machinist, h. rear 337 Washington 

Cliff Mary, widow, Broadway 

Clifford S. Lawrence, stevedore, rear 4th and C streets 

Cline Anthony, Oilman place 

Clinkard Martin L. {Bradford &/■ C), h. Commer. n. llano. 

Clinton Ann, widow, rear GO Elliot 

Clinton William D. housewright, h. South street court 

Clisby Betsey, widow, 3d street 

Clisby Betsey, nurse, rear Broadway 

Closkey H. A. M. blockmaker, N. Federal court 

Cloues Aaron R. 205 Hanover 

Cloues Jacob, sailmaker, 205 Hanover 

Clougli Charles, mason, 48 Salem 

Clough Ebenezer, C Sheafe 

Clough Willard, constable, 2 Franklin av. h. Lowell pi. 

Clouston Robert, housewright, h. 1 Blossom court 

Cloufman Abigail, widow, 36 Court 

Cloutman John S. painter, 337 Washington, h. 3 Elliot ct. 

Cloyes Albert, sashmaker, near Warren bridge 

Cloyd John, housewright, h. 3 Sweelser court 

Cluney Thomas, blacksmith, h. rear 81 Broad 

Coates Abigail, widow, Clark corner Hanover 

Coates B. C. tailor, 5 Prince 

Cobb Bailey, house 51 Allen 

Cobb Elijah & Co. (Elis/ia D. JVinslow), W. I. goods, 

10 India, house 24 McLean 
Cobb Ethan, cordwainer, Fulton, h. 13 Prince 
Cobb Frederick A. house 2 Joy place 
Cobb Henry, 5 Broad 
Cobb Leandcr P. machinist, 12 Pitts 
Cobb Natliaiiiel, housewright, Castle near Suffolk 
Cobb Sabria, widow. Cooper 
Cobb Sarah, widow, h. 120 Tremont 
Cobb William, blacksmith, L31KIC, h. 7Blossjni court 
Coburn Anna, widow, h. 18 Allen 


Coburn Caleb, W. I. goods, 3 Rowe's \vf. h. 17 Wash. pi. 
Coburn John, lamplighter, h. rear 108 Cambridge 
Coburn Josiah, house 8 Howard 
Cochran (^. F.), Morse (Rob. M.) & Co. (R. R. Rand), 

VV. I. g'ds, i) S. Market. Cochran b'ds at Mrs. Slater's 
Cochran John B. provis, 69 Cambr'ge, b'ds 12 N. Russell 
Cochran L. H. M. & Co. (Jl. S. French), leather, 11 

Exchange, house Church 
Cochran Samuel Q,. wine dealer, Congress cor. Lindall 
Cockayne Abigail H., VV. I. goods, VV. Centre c. Myrtle 
Cockran Patrick, handcartrnan, h. 24 Franklin 
Coddington Edward, printer, h. rear 337 Washington 
Codnaan Abigail, 23 Williams 
Codman Charles R. nicrcliant, 29 Chesnut 
Codman Edward, wines, 31 Congress, h. 83 Bedford 
Codman Francis, house 6 Walnut 
Codman Henry, counsellor, 40 Stale, h. 119 Tremont 
Codman John, attorney, 33 court, h. 7 W. Cedar 
Codman John, machinist & locksmith, 18G Trem. h. do. 
Codman Sarah W. boarding house, 24 Orange 
Codman Stephen, notary, house Howard 
Codman Stephen, jr. merchant, 17 City wharf 
Codman Susan, widow, h. 7 VV. Cedar 
Codman Willard, silversmith, h. 2 Norfolk place 
Cody James, laborer, 88 Broad 
Cody Thomas K. laborer, 15 Essex place 
Coffee Edward, laborer, Williams court 
Coffey Mary, wndow, h. 108 Broad 
Coffin Aaron, housewright, h. 45 Fayette 
Coffin Charles, fisherman, Hanover avenue 
Coflin Francis, 25 Chesnut 

Coffin George W. land agent. State House, h. 7 Rowe pi. 
Coffin Langdon, bookseller, 77 Washing, h. 47 Federal 
Coffin Margaret, h. 45 Summer 
Coffin Nancy, tailoress, h. 102 Charles 
Coffin Peter, merchant, 6 Central wharf, h. 7 Atkinson 
Coffin Presbury, housewright, r.530 Wash. h. 40 Orange 
Coffin Thomas P. housewriglit, h. 51 Fayette 
Coffin William, cashier Col. Bank, h. cor. Essex place 
Coffin William E. & Co. {Langdon C), shoes, 77 Wash. 

house 47 Federal 
Cofrain James, laborer, h. 114 Broad 
Cogswell James, cabinetmaker, h. May 
Cogswell Wm. Sec. A. E. Soc. 52 Wash. h. 22 La Gra. pi. 
Coiffard J. French Coffee House, rear County Ct. House 


Coit Daniel T. physician, 12 Higli 

Colbert Garret, laborer, 103 Broad 

Col!)urn Cephas, c-ordw ainer, 5^2 Salem, li. 87 Prince 

Colburn Elisha T. nnibrel. maU. 13 Court, h. 3 1-2 Sudb. 

Colbuni (Jeorge W. clerk, 371) Washington 

Colburn James S. house 1G3 Tremont 

Colburn Joseph {Howes &. C), house 2d street 

Colburn John, cooper, house Sea near Bridge 

Colburn Joshua, collector, house 31 Federal 

Colburn Joshua M. clerk, 103 Milk, boards 31 Federal 

Colburn Luke, conibmaker, boards 8 Columbia 

Colburn William D. baker, 8 Green 

Colby Daniel, wood and lumber, Maine wharf, h. 3 High 

Colby Gardner, dry goods, 209 Washington, h. 15 Greon 

Colby James, mariner, rear Hull 

Colby Johnson, messenger to City Council, h. G Milton 

Colby (John) & Chaffee (G. Jl.), W. I. goods, 24 Pinck- 

ney. Colby's house 31 Myrtle 
Colby Joseph, carpenter, house Castle 
Colby Nathaniel B. housewright, h. 132 Hanover 
Colby S. widow, 15 Green 
Colby Sarah, boardinghouse, 9 Batterynjarch 
Colby Stephen, provisions, IIG Court 
Colby Tristram, mariner, 42 Brighton 
Colby William, carpenter, house Castle 
Cole Charles, laborer, 145 Broad 
Cole Charles, jr. Arch wharf, h. 142 Pleasant 

Cole , portrait painter, 4 State 

Cole Fanny, widow, 4 Madison place 

Cole Isaac, housewright, 4ih street 

(.ole James, housewrigiit, 4th street 

Cole John, cordwaincr, house Essex place 

(yole John J. laborer, house South Russell 

Cole Josiah L. (Dodd Sc Co.), h.5 Lyman place 

Cole Olive, widow, house High street place 

Cole Oliver, bookkeeper Globe Bank 

(yole Seth, housewright, 4th street 

Coleman iSl.iry E. widow, 17 Sea 

Coles Ambrose W. copper plate printer, over 87 Wash. 

Coles A. L. dressmaker, 12 Salem 

Colester John, laborer, h. Grove 

Colesvvortliy, Lydia, widow, house; Bartlett 

Colesvvcjrthy Nathaniel, printer, 17 Blossom 

Colford Philip, cooj)er, Essex corner South 

Collaujorc John, jr. (Churchill »& C), h. 1 Hay ward pi. 


Coller Aaron, housewright, Lancaster, h. Merrimac 

CoUey Lara, Merrimac 

Collier Benjamin, carver and gilder, house Clark 

Collier Benjamin J. gilder, h. 5 Cdark 

Collier David J. Ii. over 47 Congress 

Collier Isaac, baker, 25 Tliacher 

Collier Isaac, cordwaincr, house 11 Short 

Collier Isaac, jr. cordwainer, house rear 11 Short 

Collier Joseph H. mariner, rear 26 Pleasant 

Collier Mary, 12 Boylston 

Collier William, Rev. house 33 Green 

Collier William & Son (David J.), tailors, 47 Congress, 

house rear 7 Tileston 
Collier William, blacksmith, house 12 Lucas place 
Collier William, fish dealer, rear Broadway 
Colgat William, laborer, Salutation 
Collinbourn Ann, widow, 18 Carver 
Collinbourn William D. comedian, 11 Pleasant st. court 
Collins Ebenezer, dry goods, 30 Central, house 9 Oak 
Collins Ebenezer W. painter, Devonshire, h. 3 Piedmont 
Collins Edward, laborer, rear East 
Collins James, gardener, house Harvard place 
Collins Joseph, grocer, 147 Ann 
Collins Lemuel G. rear 13 S. Margin 
Collins Mary Ann, tailoress, rear 23 Court 
Collins Mary, boarding, rear 58 Ann 
Collins Mary, laundress, Devonshire 
Collins Matthias, laborer, opposite 20 Avery 
Collins Michael, laborer, h. Broadway 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 666 Washington 
Collins Sarah L. clothing, Sun court, h. 17 Merrimac 
CoUings Ann, house Corn court 
Colman John, stonecutter, house Blossom court 
Colman John, housewright, h. 2 Bradford place 
Colman Michael, laborer, rear 17 Sea 
Colman Patrick, laborer, Merrimac 
Colman Samuel {Lilly, Wait & Co.), h. 12 Staniford 
Colson Joseph & Co. {Thomas C Ilullis), W. 1. goods, 

head Otis's wharf, h. 36 Purchase 
Colston William, pianoforte tuner, h. 98 Warren 
Colston Sarah, widow, h. 223 Hanover 
Colton Hiram, innholder, 23 Ann 
Coman James, W. I. goods, opposite 104 Sea 
Comarford Patrick, chemist, h. south 752 Washington 
Comer T. musician, boards 17 Franklin place 


Corncy Benjamin, Commercial near Foster 
Commings Pliilip, grocer, 160 Purchase 
Comsett Moses, laborer, rear 2G Pleasant 
Conant A. W. house 38 Boylston 
Conant Benjamin, W. I. goods, 16 Central wharf 
'Conant C. C. <Sc VV. II. woolens, 55 Wash. h. 133 Court 
Conant Daniel, 99 Charter 
Conant Ehzabeth, widow, 10 Sheafe 
Conant Ezra, shoes, Pemherton hill, Tremont 
Conant Ezra S. shoes, 50 Union 
Conant Frederick P. See Aycr «fc C. 
Conant James, captain, 318 VVashington 
Conant Joel, crockery, 1G2 Ann 
Conant Josiah F. 5 Hanover court 
Conant Levi, teacher Elliot school, h. 101 Salem 
Conant Mary, 35 Elm 
Conant Nathan, teamster, house Pond 
Conant Thaddeus, dry goods, 2(J S. Market, h. 13 Chamb. 
Conani Sophronia, 228 VVashington 

Conant VVm. II. (C. C. &, fV. IL C), boards G4 Tremont 
Condon Patrick, laborer. Mechanic 
Condon Samuel, printer, 32 Congress, h. 19 Atkinson 
Condron Eliza, widow, opposite 79 Pleasant 
Condron James, laborer, oj)posite 8 Atkinson 
Condron Patrick, laborer, opposite 8 Atkinson 
Conery Daniel, cordvvainer, 35 Milk, house Hawley 
Conery David, mason, Arnold 
Conery Thomas, truckman, boards 103 Milk 
Conkey J. Q,. A. crockery, II Washington 
Conklin Richard, machinist, Cooper 
Conlan Thomas, laborer, rear Merrimac 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, rear 10(3 Sea 
Conley Patrick, laborer, house Mechanic 
Connall Michael, grocer, 19 Devonshire 
Connay James, laborer, 132 Ann 
Connelly Christopher, rear 130 Pleasant 
Connelly Morgan, laborer, tear 253 Washington 
Connelly Patrick, newspaper agent, Hamilton 
Conner Joseph, cooper, Broadway 
Conner Joshua, carpenter, 110 Warren 
Conners Patrick, tailor, h. Theatre alley 
Connologc Charles, mason, h. 112 Ann 
Connor Ann, laundress, G Bath 

Connor Daniel, shoemaker, h. Hawley near Franklin 
Connor F. O. bar-room, 2 Devonshire 


Constant Victor, captain, 89 Summer 

Converse {James C.) & Dickinson (D. 0.), dry goods, 1 

Liberty sq. Converse's house 36 High 
Converse James W. {field ifc C), h. McLean court 
Converse Benjamin, 11 Boylston market, li. 3D Front 
Conway Edward, razor grinder, Creek square 
Cook Benjamin, boarding house, 35 Ann 
Cook Charles, sljoestore, 2G7 Washing, h. 1 Central ct. 
Cook Charles, h. 6 Sturgis place 
Cook Elizabeth, widow, 452 Washington 
Cook Elizabeth, widow of Ellis, Commercial near Ann 
Cook George T. laborer, 29 Portland 
Cook Hiram, 449 Washington, h. 24 Harvard 
Cook {Isaac) ifc Miller {IVm.), brewers, 11 Broad 
Cook James M. machinist, h. 11 Nassau 
Cook Jer. R. plumber, r. 48 Congress, h. 2 Oliver pi. 
Cook John {Stephen Jcnney <^ Co.), h. 14 Williams 
Cook John C. & Charles, paperhangings, 220 Washing- 
ion, h. 2 Sturgis place 
Cook John H. h. 14 Williams 
Cook Jotham, ropemaker, h. 547 Washington 
Cook Marcy, widow, 39 Carver 
Cook Matthew, laborer, Creek 

Cook Moses {Walcutt ^ C), h. Pleasant street court 
Cook Moody D. laborer, rear 411 Washington 
Cook Nancy, widow, head Howe's wharf 
Cook Priscilla, 45 Allen 

Cook Rufus R. painter, 59 Ann, h. 21 Richmond 
Cook Russell, tailor, G Clinton, h. 8 Stillman 
Cook Samuel, provisions, G29 VVashington 
Cook Sarah, widow, 4 Purchase 
Cook Temperance, boarding, rear 1G7 Washington 
Cook William, housewright, Charlestown, h. 69 Pond 
Cook Wm. H. shoes, 172 Wash. h. 2 Trem. S. of Pleas. 
Cook William S. house Commercial near Foster 
Cook William, tailor, house 26 Myrtle 
Cook Zebedee, jr. insur. broker, 7 1-2 Congress, h. Milk 
Cooke Josiah P. counsellor, 9 State, h. 17 Winthrop pi. 
Coolan James, laborer, h. rear 109 Broad 
Cooley Aaron, truckman, 15 Broad, h. 29 Charles 
Cooley Levi, laborer, Brighton 
Cooley William, plane maker, Prospect 
Coolidge Amos {Bahroch- &. C.), h. 24 Warren 
Coolidge C. A. 14 Hancock 
Coolidge Charles, livery stable, 359 Wash. h. 7 Fayette 


Coolidge Charles D. broker, 40 State, Ii. 14 Hancock 

Coolulj^e Cliarlcs L. {Carter & 6'.), h. 2 Eiiton 

Coolidge Cornelius, build, cunt. 3 iState, h. 4 Joy place 

Coolidge Elislia T. musician, li. G W. Cedar 

Coolidge Flavel, bruslmiaUer, KJ Kxcliange. See advcr. 

Coolidge Frances, widow of James, li. Wheelers court 

Coolidiie John, painter, house Knox 

Coolidge J. T. 21 Union wharf, h. 40 Bowdoin 

Coolidge Jonas, house 12 Poplar 

Coolidge Joseph, Bowdoin corner Cambridge 

Coolidge Joseph, housewright. 44 Myrtle 

Coolidge Joseph, jr. 4 Bumstead place 

Coolidge Josiah, 100 Faneuil Hall market 

Coolidge Lemuel A., W. I. g'ds, 519 Wash, h.ll Piedm't 

Coolidge Nathaniel, constable, 2 Frank, av. h. 37 Leveret 

Coolidge Nathan, painter, 3 Lowell place 

Coolidge Niilhan W. sailmaker, 62 l*rince 

Coolidge (5V/m7/^/ F.) & Ha.skell (£//67j«), auctioneers, 

(j7 and GO Kilby. Coolidge's li. 38 Chesnut 
Coolidge \Vm. D. leather and shoes, 10 Broad, h. 48 Fed. 
Coombs Eliza, laundress, opposite 70 Pleasant 
Coombs iliram, truckman, h. rear (51 South 
Coombs {Isaac B.) & Dexter {Joseph W.), bakers, rear 

355 Washington 
Coombs John, rigger, h. 178 Purchase 
Coombs Mary, widow, 13 Washington place 
Coombs Nancy, widow, rear 11 W. Second 
Coombs Reuben, branch pilot, 5 Fleet 
Coombs Warren, mariner, Cross 
Coombs W'illiam R. mariner, 11 Lucas place 
Cooper George D. mariner, opposite 115 Pleasant 
Cooper James, mariner, 20 Portland 
Cooper William, mariner, Commercial near Ann 
Cooper William, house 24 Spring 
Copeland Amasa D. captain, rear 140 Hanover 
Copeland {Bcnjaviin F. iSc. Charles) «fc Lovering (JV*. P.), 

W. L goods, 35 India 
Copeland Benjamin, mason, h. 21 Blossom 
Copeland I);>nicl, mason, 57 Spring 
Copeland Daniel, jr. mason, 5 Avcrv place 
Copeland Elisha, constable, 32 Plea.sant 
Copeland Elisha, jr. merchant, G5 Broad, h. 082 Wash. 
Copeland Elizabeth, widow. <> Walnut 
Copeland John, w(K)d wharl", (commercial near Foster 
Copeland Joseph W. turner, h. 74 Pleasant 


Copeland R. M. bookbinder, 62CornhiIl, h. 76 Pond 

Copeland Sarah, boarding, 48 Union 

Copeland Thomas, housevvright, 2 Blake's court 

Copland Selh, housevvright, 34, h. 26 Blossom 

Copp Joshua, cordwainer. Brattle sq. h. rear Gouch 

Copp Ruth, widow, 3 Pitts 

Corbett David, mason, h. 36 Orange 

Corbelt Samuel, mason, 31 Prince 

Corbly Catharine, widow, h. 21 Sea 

Cordis Thomas {Charles Scuddcr & Co.), h. 43 Beacon 

Cordwell George, h. 7 Fleet 

Cordwell Harriet, widow of William, 7 Fleet 

Corey E. 91 Faneuil Hall market 

Corey George (Bigelow & C), boards 171 Court 

Corey Nathan, boarding, 25 Union 

Corey T. 96 Faneuil Hall market 

Corlew Elijah J. S. Suffolk Bank, h. 33 Green 

Cormerais Sarah, widow, 20 Fayette 

Cornell John, housewright, 133 Cambridge 

Corporal Charles, mariner, 1 Noyes place 

Corporal George, barber, 4 Franklin avenue 

Corsy Edward, laborer, rear 104 Sea 

Corsy Michael, laborer. Peck lane 

Cory Benjamin, sailmaker, rear 248 Ann 

Cory Richard P. painter, h. 27 Garden 

Costelo Thomas, laborer. Friend 

Cosfello Bartholomew, laborer, r. Castle and Middlesex 

Corthel Hosea, house 34 Green 

Cotting Amos, merch. 2 Joy's building, h. Belknap 

Cotting Chas. C, W. I. g'ds,73 Cambridge, h. 28 Charles 

Cotting T. widow of Uriah, 2 Orange 

Cotton Elias, ropcmaker, Q>S Cambridge 

Cotton Jeremiah, fisherman, 1st street 

Cottons {John & Joseph, jr.) & Barnard {John), book- 
sellers and stationers, 164 Washington 

Cotton John, house 39 Purchase 

Cotton {John) & Wyman {Geo. D.), painters, 95 Milk 

Cotton John, blacksmith, rear 63 Elliot 

Cotton Joseph, head of Pearl 

Cotton {Joseph, jr.), Hill {Samuel) & Co. (/. H. Cotton), 
46 Cent. wf. chain cable manufactory S. Boston 

Cotton Joseph, jr. house South 

Cotton Joseph H. See Cotton, Hill & Co. 

Cotton Mary, head of Pearl 

Cotton Nath'l, surveyor of lumber, 13 L. wf h. 40 Friend 


Couch James, mason, rear 170 Hanover 
Courtis Ambrose S. h. 8 Milton place 
Courtney Jerut^ha, fancy goods, V2'S Court 
Couthouy Jolm P. clerU, Ji. Oliver near Milk 
Covel Elizabelii, Piedmont near Ciujrch - 
Covell Daniel. Sec C, Gilmore & Co. 
Covell Tiiomas, liousew right, li. CJiurch 
Covell (/Fm.), Gilmore {Joseph Jl.) &. Co. {Daniel Co- 
vell), VV. I. g'ds, 3 Mer. Row. C.'s li. 4 Federal ct. 
Coverly Edward (Jf.&^E. Covcrty), liouse 31 Portland 
Covcrly Samuel, 13 Hancock 
Coverly Samuel, jr. merchant, 33 Long wharf 
Coverly Wells & Ed. hatstore, lOG Wash. h. 38 Hancock 
Cowden Asa P. laborer, house Wheeler's court 
Cowden Betsey, widow, Wlieeler's court 
Cowdin John {Foster, C. & Co.), h. Merrimac 
Cowdin Robert {Guild 4' C), h. 15 Nassau 
Cowdin Zabiah, widow, rear G12 Washington 
Cowell Eliza, 1 Jefferson 

Cowley Caleb C. {Bell & C), boards 41 Purchase 
Cox Lemuel, painter, opposite 730 Washington 
Cox Leonard, Leveret court 
Cox Mary Ann, widow, h. rear 409 Washington 
Cox Susan, laundress, rear 35 Prince 
Coye Horace C. handcartman, Carrol place 
Coye Rebecca, widow, h. 12 Vine 
Coye Susannah B. widow, 12 Milton 
Coyle Patrick, laborer, 2*J Sea 
Coylc Patrick, laborer, rear 242 Hanover 
Crackbon Lem. 23 Commercial wf Ji. 15 Purchase 
Crafts Geo. junk store, 2(J7 Ann, h. Comnier. n. Hanover 
Crafts John, rigger, h. rear gun house. Fort Hill 
Crafts Esther, dressmaker. 27 Bowdoin 
Crafts Matthew, laborer, 287 Ann 
Crafts Nathan F. h. 25 Fayette 
Crafts Peter, cooper, h. rear 110 Sea 
Cragin Daniel, grocer, head Arch wf. h. Spear alley 
Cragin {Lorenzo S.) &, Cleveland {Stephen II.), iujport- 

ers, 25 Kilby. Cragin's h. G High 
Cragier Simon, laborer, 1 Henchman lane 
Craig Daniel H. printer, 47 Court, boards Wash. C. II. 
Craig Robert, stonecutter, Merrimac 
Cram George W. housewright, 33 Pleasnnt 
Crane Elizabeth, widow, h. "J Blossom 
Crane Elizabeth, widow, 20 Avery 


Crane Horatio N. clerk, h. 8 Garden 

Crane Joshua, iron dealer, IG Long wf. h. IS Lincoln 

Crane Larra, 24 Poplar 

Crangle Richard, stonecutter, h. 131 Broad 

Crawford Ira, housewright, 24 Fayette 

Crawford John, housewright, 10 Salem 

Crawford Samuel M. stair builder. Pine, h. rear Suffolk 

Crawley Hannah, boarding house. North square 

Crease William, mason, house 7 Norfolk place 

Creech Samuel VV. hairdresser, 5 Congress square 

Creech Susannah, widow, Batterman place 

Creed William, machinist, rear G71 Washington 

Crego Hiram, laborer, 108 Sea 

Crehore Daniel S. cabinetmaker, 841, h. 837 Washington 

Crehore & Co. (Edioard &. Isaac), card manufacturers, 

6 Long wharf 
Crehore Hannah, boarding house, 463 Washington 
Crehore Thomas, 1 Milton place 
Crehore William, housewright, 7 Carver 
Crehore William B. painter, Hawley, h. 4G3 Washington 
Crehore William L. housewright, 7 Carver 
Crerner John, laborer, h. Cross near Ann 
Crighton James, blacking, Lenox, house do. 
Crisp Antonio, clothing, 252 and 254 Ann 
Crispey James, laborer, h. rear 81 Broad 
Crispin Elizabeth, laundress, 37 Bedford 
Crispin James, painter, 37 Bedford 
Critcherson John, soapstone worker, h. Creek 
Cracker Benjamin, shipwright, h. rear 2d street 
Crocker D. L. dressmaker, 4 Eaton 
Crocker Matthias, hatter, 150 Ann 
Crocker Richard J. (Child 4& C), h. 200 Hanover 
Crocker (Uriel.) & Brewster (Osmy/i), printers and book- 
sellers, 47 Washington. Crocker's h, 23 Lynde 
Crockett Daniel, jr. joiner, h. 324 Washington 
Crockett Ephraim, furniture carver, 15 Second 

Crockett , nurse, rear 234 Washington 

Crockett George, shoemaker, h. rear 27 Milk 

Crockett (George [F.), Seaver (CViarZe^) & Co. (Daniel 

Hammond), mer. 37 India 
Crockett Giles T. tailor, h. 3 N. Brighton 
Cromartie Ann, 45 Pleasant 
Crornbie John, housewright, Williams court 
Crombie William, tavern, 94 and [){!> Cambridge 
Crocker Hatch, caulker and graver, h. 318 Ann 


Crooker Ichabod, shipwright, h. Batlery 

Croomc James, stonecutter, rear 10 Pleasant 

Croome AV'illiam, engraver, 47 Court 

Crosbie Abigail, widow of Ziba, Batteryinarch 

Crosby Alpheus, housewriglit, 2 Pond 

Crosby Alonzo, soda, 7 Exchange, h. rear 15 Hanover 

Crosby Asa, dry goods, 73 Court, h. 9 Stillnian 

Crosby (Juguslus) & Small (/?c«jrt/n<«), cabinetmakers, 

Tremont cor. Howard. Crosby's h. Myrtle 
Crosby Charles, handcartman. Salt lane 
Crosby Frederick {Stone ♦& C), h. 37 Bridge 
Crosby James, capt. Broadway 
Crosby John, laborer, 24 JMerrimac 
Crosby John M. mariner, h. Humphrey place 
Crosby Joseph C. cordwainer, Third, h. Dorchester st. 
Crosby Joseph, glassblower, h. 3d street 
Crosby Joseph, house Fleet 
Crosby Kendall, soda and coffee room, Lindall 
Crosby Loammi {Stear/is & C), h. Canib. cor. Blossom 
Crosby Portei , grocer, S. Margin, h. 18 Gouch 
Crosby Seth, jr. {Jindcm &. C), boards 2d Somerset 
Crosby Sumner, CO Court, h. Myrtle 
Crosby Walter, mus. inst. maker, 100 Trem. h. 9 Bridge 
Crosman George, clerk, boards 44 High 
Crosman John C. engraver, 47 Court, h. Wash. Coffee H. 
Crosman Lloyd, teamster, h. 4th street 
Cross Eleanor, widow, 4 South Margin 
Cross Jacob, laborer, rear 51 Allen 
Cross John, laborer, h. 14 W. Second 
Cross Othniel, handcartman, h.CSl Washington 
Croswell Mary, widow, rear 34 Prince 
Croswell William, Rev. 14 Friend 
Crotty Richard, carpenter, rear 8 Fayette 
Crowell Mary, boariing house, Marketplace 
Crowell Moses, soapstone cutter, 23 Merrimac 
Crowley Daniel, grocery, 98 Broad 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, 98 Broad 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, rear 125 Broad 
Crowley James, laborer, rear ()3 Elliot 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Crowley Johajina, widow, Peck lane 
Crowninshicld Benjamin W. h. 1 Somerset 
Crowninshiold F. B. attorney, 20 Court, h. 1 Chesnut 
Crowninshicld John, appraiser Cus. House, Ii. 473 Wash. 
Crowninshicld J., U. S. Navy, house Arnold 


Cruft Edward, merchant, house 6 Pearl 

Crufl; John, port warden, 31 India, h. 47 Salem 

Cuddy William, laborer, P street 

Cudworth Lucinda, widow, 24 N. Russell 

Cudworth Peter, housewr't, Merrimac, h. 24 N. Russell 

Cudworth Susan, rear 34 Prince 

Cullen James, laborer, h. rear 119 Broad 

Cullicutt Philip, laborer, IG Stiilman 

Cullinan John, laborer, rear 50 Boylston 

Cullinan Michael, cordwainer, 171) Purchase 

Cullis Henry, stonecutter, 11 Leveret 

Cumings B. N. 21 Central, house 63 Charter 

Cummings Abiathar, victualler, G2 India wharf 

Cummings Abigail, 17 Atkinson 

Cummings Alfred, housewright, Broadway 

Cummings Amos {Boicditch & C), h. Essex 

Cummings Ann, widow of David, Piedmont 

Cummings Charles W. smith, 135 (/amb. h. N. Grove 

Cummings Dan. wooden ware, 42 S. Mark. h. 6 Causew. 

Cummings David, innholder, Jefferson, h. 16 Ann 

Cummings Elisha, North Margin 

Cummings Ephraim, Carrol place 

Cummings George, cabinetmaker, h. 102 Tremont 

Cummings George, dry goods, 11 Hanover, h. 95 Pond 

Cummings George, dyeing, 11 Hanover, h. 95 Pond 

Cummings Gilbert, Globe Hotel, Hanov. cor. Commer. 

Cummings James, laborer, Gibbs lane 

Cummings John, boarding. Milk cor. Theatre alley 

Cummings Lucy, widow, Warren place 

Cummings Michael, machinist, 2d street 

Cummings {Robert) & Gilman (Geo. JV.), W. I. goods, 

153 Ann. C.'s h. 46 Myrtle 
Cummings Rowland, mason, house 37 Myrtle 
Cummings Sophia, widow, 15 North square 
Cummings Sumner, soda room, Portland, h. 6 Pitts 
Cummings Thomas, shoes, 683 Wash. h. 2 Carney place 
Cunningham Andrew &. Charles, merchants, 23 Foster's 

wharf, house 9 Mt. Vernon 
Cunningham Benj. blacksmith, 4th street 
Cunningham Charles, 3 Foster's wf h. 36 Mt. Vernon 
Cunningham Charles, W. I. goods, 394 Washington 
(yunniiigham Edward L. physician, 2 Williams 
Cunningham Ephraim M. insp. of cust. h. 157 Hanover 
Cunningham George H. housewright, Friend, h. Beverly 
Cunningham Henry, coach lace, 3 Milk 


Cunningham James, mor. 27 Foster's wf. h. 14 Chesnut 
Cunningham James & John, laborers, 98 Broad 
Cunningham John A. merchant, 27 Foster's wharf 
Cunningham Jos. L. auc. Federal cor. MilU, h. Rowo pi. 
Cunningiiam Lucretia, straw bonnet maker, 3 Rich, av. 
Cunningham Nathaniel F. »fc Co. {Tlios. Child), mer. 46 

India wharf, h. G McLean 
Cunningham Patrick, cooper, Portland 
Cunningham Theodore W. Iiouseu right, h. W. Centre 
Cunningham Thomas, laborer, rear (jG4 Washington 
Cunningham William, housejoiner, Pond st. place 
Curley ftlichael, laborer, rear lol Ann 
Curran Thomas, brushmaker, 44 Merrimac 
Currant Anthony, stevedore, Battery 
Currant John F. boarding, house 244 Ann 
Currant Joseph, cooper, !:55 Commercial, h. 4 Garden ct. 
Currier Benj. H. assistant clerk S. J. C. 
Currier Eben. R. pianoforte maker, 393 Wash. h. Avery 
Currier Hubbard C. broker, h. Haymarket place 
Currier Jerahmeel B. laborer, 47 Portland 
Currier Joseph, bellhanger, Bromfield, house 17 May 
Currier Nathaniel, teamster, rear SO Tremont 
Currier Russell, sailmaker, 114 Sea 
Currier (Richard) & Trott (Peter), watchmakers, 139 

AV^ashington. C. boards 320 Washington 
Currill Elizabeth, laundress, Hull 
Currill Henry, h. rear 97 Salem 
Curtin John, Rev. Franklin place near Federal 
Curtin Susannah, widow, 54 Prince 
Curtis Caleb, Pros. Neptune Ins. Co. h. 36 Chesnut 
Curtis Charles P. counsellor, 1(3 Court, h. 3 Mt. Vernon 
Curtis Christopher, lime kiln and house Charles 
Curtis David, Jiousevvright, 4 1-2 Prince 
Curtis Elijali S. hardware, Ac. 9 Dock s(pjarc 
Curtis Elizabeth, IS Carver 

Curtis Frances, widow of Thomas, 12 Somerset 
Curtis Hannah, widow of Charles, h. rear Beacon 
Curtis Henry, woodwf and grain st. Front, h. 697 Wash. 
Curtis John, stereotype founder, 2") Hamilton 
Curtis John &. Son (Frcdcrich), woodwhaifingers, AS Sea 
Curtis Joseph, W. I. goods, 461 Washing, h. 3S Warren 
Curtis Joseph H. & George, 104 I'aneuil Hall market 
Curtis Josiah, carpenter, Turnpike street 
Curtis (Xatlianicl , jr.), Sl Leavens (S. D.), mcrciiants, 
22 Long wf Curtis's house 65 Pinckney 


Curtis Philip, housewright, 8 North Federal court 

Curtis Robert, clerk, 30 Broad, h. 33 JVIt. Vernon 

Curtis Samuel, clerk, h. 10 Hartford place 

Curtis Sam. lookingjglass maker, 15 Wash. h. OStanifiird 

Curtis Samuel S. {JVorris ^ C), h. 24 La Grange place 

Curtis Sarah, widow, Leveret court 

Curtis Sarah, widow of N. R. house rear 3d street 

Curtis Theophilus, truckman, Turnpike street 

Curtis Thomas, merchant, 15 Central wf h. 46 Purchase 

Curtis Thomas, scrivener, 3 Wheeler's court 

Curtis Thomas, pumpmaker, h. 3 South street court 

Curtis Thomas B. mer. 35 Central wf h. 5 Mt. Vernon 

Curtis {Wm. H) & Rowell {John P.), cabrnet and chair 

makers. Beach. C. boards 62 Temple 
Cushing Abel, counsellor, 9 State 
Cushing Edmund L. attorney, 20 Court 
Cushing Elizabeth, widow, house rear 52 Federal 
dishing Eliza, milliner, 302 Washington 
Cushing Er, housewright, 24 Salutation 
Cushing Fanny, widow of Hawkes, May near Butolph 
Cushing George, clerk Col. Bank, h. 6 Columbia 
Cushing George K. housewriglit, 25 Pinckney 
Cushing Hannah, widow, George 
Cushing Hannah, widow, h. Batterymarch 
Cushing Hay ward P. (S. Peirce & Co.), h. 101 Weish. 
Cushing Henry, tailor, h. 12 Columbia ' 

Cushing Henry K. bookkeeper, h. 78 Pleasant 
Cushing Henry, mastmaker, 10 Batterymarch 
Cushing Isaac, harncssmaker, Sudbury, h. 11 Stillman 
Cushing James R. Rev. May near W. Centre 
Cushing (Jajnes), White (Charles A.) &. Co. {Wm. R. 

Deane & Wm. A. White), woolens, 61 Kilby. C.'s 

h. 39 Hancock 
Cushing John (/. Harris 4' Co.), h. Greenough lane 
Cushing J. P. h Summer cor. Hawley 
Cushing John, housewright, Butolph, h. 30 Garden 
Cushing {Jona.) & Ames {A'ath'l F.), mer. 110 Milk 
Cushing Jonathan, h. 67 Poplar 
Cushing Jonathan, wheelwright, Hobbs's wharf 
Cushing Lemuel, 32 Hancock 
Cushing Levi L. carver, 54 Poplar, h. 11 Brighton 
Cushing Lucy, widow, h. Butolph 
C ushing Luther S. counsellor, 20 Court 
C ushing Martha, 90 Front 
Cushing Mary, widow, Henchman lane 


Gushing Mary, nurse, 6 Bartlett 

Cusliing .Mary, boarding house, 18 Province H. court 

Gushing Ncheniiuh, mason, 2() Belknap 

Gushing Perez, shipwr't, rear 57 Cotnrncr. h. 121 Purch. 

Gushing Perez {Khicaid & C), 42 Pond 

Gushing (Rolaiitl) & Drown {Bonj. H.), house and ship 
joiners, Russia wf. C.'s li. 3 Purchase place 

Gusi)ing Samuel, stair builder, (/arver, h. 50 Fayette 
yjushing Samuel, printer, house 113 Chambers 

Gushing Samuel N. {Pratt &. C), h. rear 19 Gharter 

Gushing Sarah H. widow of William L. h. 39 Pinckney 

Gushing Solomon B. mastmaker, 2d street 

Gushing Thomas, 2 Golumbia 

Gushing Thomas P. & Go. {Arthur Wilkinson), import- 
ers, 5 Kilby, h. 8 Bulfincli 

Gushing Thomas T. gilder, 49 Prince 

Gushing Thomas, VV. I. g'ds, 43 India, b'ds Batterymarch 

Gushman {Freeman L.) & Jepson {Samuel), housewr'ts, 
S. Margin, h. 4 Pitts 

Gushman George, housewright, h. Middlesex n. Castle 

Gushman James H. mason, h. rear 52 Essex 

Gushman Joseph P. cooper, h. 2d street 

Gushman Lucy K. rear 83 Tremont 

Gushman Mary E. boarding, 41 Brattle 

Cutler Amos, watchmaker and jeweller, 217 Washing, 
boards 4 Gornhill square 

Cutler Charles, lighterman, h. 6 Fleet 

Cutler Elisha, lighterman. Commercial near Ann 

Cutler E. B. stage office, 11 Elm 

Cutler John. See Pattangall & G. 

Cutler Mary, 25 Second 

Cutler Nahum, carpenter. Beach, house Kuhn place 

Cutler Pliny, Pres. Atlan. Bank, h. Pearl corner High 

Cutler Roland (JV. Faxon &, Co.), h. 47 Salem 

Cutler Samuel {E. Clarke &. Co.), h. 41 Bowdoin 

Gutter {Ammi) & Perkins {Richard) , mer. 2 Brimmer's 
T, house Pitts 

Gutter Dorcas, widow, rear 253 Washington 

Cutter Edward, weigher, 15 Long wf. h. 28 Myrtle 

Cutter George, provisions, 140 Hanover, h. 2 Hanover pi. 

Gutter Henry, 4 Arch 

Gutter James M. blacksmith, 9 Snowhill 

Cutter John, blacksmith, Commcr. n. Hull, h. 8 Snowhill 
Cutler John, mariner, 14 Washington place 


Cutter Joseph, cardmaker, Mechanic, h. Clark 

Cutter Sam'l L. wharfinger, 33 Com. wf. h. 196 Hanover 

Cutter Wni. G. coach trim. 6 Hawley, h. 4G3 Washing. 

Cutting Elijah W. laborer, rear 15 Tremont 

Cutting Gilbert, shoes, 84 Cambridge 

Cutting Henry, provisions, Commer. cor. Hanover 

DAGAN WILLIAM, laborer-, 17 Stillman 

Dagget Herman & Co. (Marshall Smith), W. I. goods, 

40 India, h. High 
Dagget Mary, widow, 41 High 

Daggett Henry L. shoes, 20() Wash, b'ds 6 Howard 
Dailey Cornelius, laborer, head of Maine wharf 
Dailey James, house PincUney 
Dailey Jeremiah, laborer, rear Gibbs lane 
Dailey John, laborer, rear Distil-house square 
I)ailey liawrence, laborer, opposite 150 Purchase 
Dailey Michael, mariner, rear CGO Washington 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, A street 
Dailey Thomas, gardener, rear 113 Essex 
Dailey Patrick, waiter, h. Market place 
Daily William, fruit and flowers, 18 1-2 School 
Dale John, hosiery factory, South Cedar 
Dale Catherine, dressmaker, rear 305 Washington 
Daley James, stonecutter, h. 2 Bread 
Daley John, wheelwright, W^iiliams court 
Dalie Silas, shipwright, house Grove 
Dall John, teller State Bank 

Dall Rebecca, widow of William, h. 6G8 Washington 
Dalmas Alexander F. French teacher, 6 Province H. ct. 
Dalmas Madame T. instructress music, G Province H. ct. 
Dalrimple Judith, widow of John, 10 North Russell 
Dalton James, cashier Tremont Bank, h. CO Mt. Vernon 
Dalton Michael, typefounder, 12 Hull 
Dalton Patrick R. packer, 103 Milk, h. r. 160 Washing. 
Dalton Peter R. merch. 44 Central wf. h. 54 Mt. Vernon 
Dalton Thomas, h. Gibbs lane 

Damman Chandler, laborer, Commercial near Foster 
Dam Leader, patent medic. 29 Prince and Cross c. Ann 
Dam Sally, widow, house Lancaster 
Dame Abraham A. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 7 Poplar 
Dame Mary, widow of Levi, house IGl Court 
Damis, Peter, laborer, 12 Hull 
Dammers Amelia E. widow, Theatre alley 
Damon J. mason, Bartlett 



Damroll Elbridcc G. cooper, house 89 Sea 

Damrell William S. (Ford X- D.), Ii. 4 Poplar 

Dana Aaron, broker, 2 Rogers's building, li. 1 Howard 

Dana Dexter, mustard fact. 105 Ann, b. 10 Hayward pi. 

Dana {Ephraim),Evi\us (jjlfred) At Dana (Luther), W . I. 

goods, 44 and 4G Broad. D 's h, 10 Hayward place 
Dana Francis \V. broker, 23 State, h. 14o Tremont 
Dana George, \V. I. .Toods, 13 Long wf. h. 142Purchate 
Dana John, mason, fearTruit 
Dana Luther, house 10 Hayward place 
Dana Mary P. house 2 Sheafe 
Dana Morris, laborer, h. rear 152 Ann 
Dana IS'ath'l & Co. (Philip Greeley, jr.), mer. 1 Cent. wf. 

Jionse 19 PLiyward place 
Dana Otis H. (Foles V D.), h. 10 Hayward place 
Dana (Samuel), Fenno (John IV.) & Henshavv (Samuel), 

brokers, 39 State. Dana's h. Chardon 
Dane John, house 27 Green 
Dane Joseph, clerk, h. 10 Lucas place 
Danforth Arthur, laborer, rear 339 Washington 
Danforth Isaac, 13 South Market, h. 33 Hancock 
Danforth Rufus, h. rear Leveret lane 
Dantorth Stephen, h. 7 Nassau 

Danforth Thomas, boarding house, 631 Washington 
Danforth William, pianoforte maker, 2 Piedmont 
Daniell Chester. See J. & C. Daniell 
Daniell Geo. K. paper, 7 State. Sec advertisement 
Daniell J. &, C. dry goods, 201 Washington, h. do. 
Daniell Otis (Grant & D.), h. 14 Montgomery place 
Daniels Benjamin, captain, rear 104 Sea 
Daniels Ebene/er, blacksmith, Havvley, h. Creek sq. 
Daniels Mercy, widow, 5 Hull 
Daniels Nancy, widow, rear 25 Brighton 
Daniels Nathaniel, baker. 38 Temple 
Daniels Thomas, cordwainer, Merrimac 
Daniels Wm. B. housewrigbt, Distil-house square 
Darbe Josiah, h. 113 Chambers 
Darling BcMijaniin, house 3 Bridge court 
Darling Clias. B. & Wm. A. dry gds, 103 Washington, 

house 95 Front 
Darling Cornelius, laborer, h. rear 31 Elm 
Darling Eliakim, patent mnditines, 52 Salem 
Darling Horace B. clerk, rear Beach 
Darling Peter H. ship and V-)US(! joiner, h. Gibbs lane 
Darling Samuel, wood, foot ol Poplar, li.23 McLean 


Darling {Thomas) «& Pollard (Thovias), soda, Frank, av. 

Darling Thomas, house 51 Allen 

Darracott George, superintendent railway, h. 35 Charter 

Darracott George, jr. machinist, h. 35 Charier 

Darrell John, laborer, Peck lane 

Dascomb Richard, W. I. goods, Sea, cor. East, h. Gl Sea 

Dascomb Thomas R. {Hunt ^ />.), h. 57 Sea 

Dash wood Sarah, widow, h. 23 Brighton 

Dauherty Charles, laborer, 112 Ann 

Davenport Asher, 16 Atkinson 

Davenport Benj. G. clerk, boards 266 Washington 

Davenport C. F. fancy bread, 45 Hanover 

Davenport Edward J. physician, 2 Williams 

Davenport Edwin, baker, 42 Prince and 97 Hanover 

Davenport Elijah, 21 Orange 

Davenport George (French & Davenport), h. 10 La 

Grange place 
Davenport Hannah, boarding, 1 Friend 
Davenport Hart, Exchange Coffee H. Congress square 
Davenport Jerusha, 3 Somerset place 
Davenport John, housewright, 60 Milk, h. head of Pearl 
Davenport John P. hairdresser, 40 Merch.Row,h. 1 Friend 
Davenport Mary, widow, 14 Bedford 
Davenport Mary, widow, tailoress, 75 Cambridge 
Davenport Rufus, 1 Brattle square 
Davey John, trader, boards 15 North Margin 


d Barnabas B. See Melendy & D. 

dson Hamilton, grain store, 37 Long wharf 

e Robert, trader, 25 Portland 

es George, housewright, Norfolk place 

es Joshua G. paper hanger, h. Norfolk place 

es Lucy, widow, 9 Norfolk place 

s Abigail, rear 186 Hanover 

s Adolphus, mer. 22 Central wf h. 1 Pearl 

s Alexander, laborer, h. Spear alley 

s Ari, astronomical apparatus, rear 87 Washington 

s Barnabas, wharfinger, City wf. h. 2 Centra! ct. 

s Benjamin B. 83 Faneuil Hall market 

s Charles, 14 Boylston market 

s Chas. E. Trem. Saloon, 172Trem. h. 45 Merrimao 

s David, broker, 6 Exchange, boards 32 Warren 

s David, laborer, rear 60 Elliot 

s Daniel, laborer, Butolph 

s Dulcena, dressmaker, 12 Bedford 

s Eben, house 37 Friend 


Divis Ebonczer, 117 F;ineuil Hall market 

Davis Edward. See Ward &, D. 

Davis Edvvaid G. physician, 17 Pearl 

Davis Eliza, widow of Charles, 28 Summer 

Davis Ehza I', tailoross, li. V'^ine cor. North Russell 

Davis Eliza, widow of William, 2 Oranpe lane 

Davis Elizabeth, widow of Edward, 12 Somerset place 

Davis Elizabeth, widow of Oliver, house 20 Blossom 

Davis F^lizabeth II. widow of Ambrose, 7 Howard 

Davis Eph. labortr, 13 Hull 

Davis Ethan, laborer, 47 Leveret 

Davis Ezra, wharfinger, 13 Foster's wf. h. 38 Atkinson 

Davis Frances, nurse, h. 1 Myrtle court 

Davis (George) & Meserve (John B.), housewrights, rear 

61 Ann. Davis's house Sturgis place 
Davis George, blacksmith, house 28 Trcmiont 
Davis Gihnan, clerk in Com. Bank, h. 777 Washington 
Davis Giln)an, grocer, 4th st. h. Broadway 
Davis Henry, sexton, house 4 Garden court 
Davis Henry, pianoforte tuner, 23 Joy's building, house 

(yustle near Middlesex 
Davis Horatio, organ builder, 16 Blossom 
Davis Isaac, con)l) store, 18 Washington, h. 20 Hanover 
Davis Isaac P. 8 Wifithrop place 

Davis Jacob, housewright, 3U Leveret 

Davis James, 22 Union, house 148 Treniont 
Davis James, jr. ag't Revere Cop. Co. 22 Union, b. 14S 

Davis James, rigger, Hanover avenue 

Davis James, furcutter, 113 Cambridge 

Davis James, paver, 15 Garden 

Davis John, housewright. Leveret court 

Davis John, blacksmitn, 9 Thacher 

Davis John, capt. Broadway 

Davis John, trader, house Washington avenue 

Davis John, tailor, 5 Brattle square, h. Soulhac 

Davis {John Gardner), Bates {Benj. E.) &, Turner {John 
JV.), dry goods, 24 C(!iitral 

Davis John W. dist. cl'k. Barristers H. h. 7 Wintbrop pi. 

Davis John {Pratt ^ D), h. 5 North Bennet 

Davis John C. stevedore, Ann street court 

Davis John C. laborer, rear 18 South Bennet 

Davis John, laborer, rear 00 Elliot 

Davis Jonathan, housewright, 20 Salem 

Davis Jonathan, paver, 15 Garden 

138 H.1RECT0RY. 

Davis Joseph A. (Sears <^ D-), h. 15 Orange 

Davis Joseph F. cabinetmaker, Pond, h. N. Margin 

Davis Joshua, jr. bhicksmith, house Friend 

Davis JosJiua, grocer. East cor. South, h. 39 South 

Davis Joshua, merchant, 59 Broad 

Davis Joshua, truckman, Tvers cor. Merrimac 

Davis Lois, tailoress, rear G3 Salem 

Davis Lydia, widow of Isaac, boarding, 4 Bulfincli 

Davis Mary, 3d street 

Davis Mary S. widow, 3d street 

Davis Mary, rear North Margin 

Davis Mary B. house 44 Temple 

Davis Moses, captain, 52 Pond 

Davis Obadiah, mariner, Bartlett 

Davis Phineas, teamster, rear 39 Friend 

Davis Rebecca, widow, cor. of Otis and Winthrop place 

Davis Reuben, livery stable, 29 Pond, h. 4 Hawkins 

Davis Robert S. {Lincoln, Edmands S^ Co.), b'ds52Tem. 

Davis Roxana, boarding, 18 Hanover 

Daipis Rufus, house Hanover avenue 

Davis Sarah, widow, rear 16 North Bennet 

Davis Sally, tailoress, 4th street 

Davis Sally, widow, 104 Sea 

Davis Samuel, importer of w^atches, 1 Milk, h. Orange ct. 

Davis Samuel, housewriglit, N. Hanover court 

Davis Samuel, jr. 4 Boylston market 

Davis Solomon A. housewright, h. Ann street court 

Davis Stephen G. mes. South Bank 

Davis Sullivan, laborer, 97 Pond 

Davis T. A. watches, 1 Washington, h. 11 Chesnut 

Davis Thomas, grocer, 7 S. side Fan. II. h. Wash. Hotel 

Davis Thomas, Washington Hotel, 835 Washington 

Davis Thomas, boards at Mrs. Bliss's, corner Otis place 

Davis Thomas, tailor, house 73 Elliot 

Davis Thomas K. attorney, 33 Court, li. 8 Winthrop pi. 

Davis {Warren) & Livermore (Horatio G.), W. I. goods, 

1 Faneuil Hall. D. boards at Union House 
Davis William, mariner, house 18(3 Ann 
Davis William, mariner, rear 81 Milk 
Davis William G. organ builder. Friend, h. 2 Sudbury 
Davis Wm. jr. merchant, 75 Long vvf. h. 11 Cambridge 
Davis William N. jeweller, 80 Pond 
Davison John, housewright, 12 Salem 
Dawes Margaret, widow of Thomas, h. 34 Purchase 
Dawes Relief, widow, Essex corner South 


Dawley Augustus S. macliinist, Distil-Iiousc sqnnro 

Day Asa, provisions, 55:? Wasli. li. Middlesex n. Caslle 

Day Jolin, silversmith, Williams court 

Day Joshua, house ^V^ashingto^ avrniue 

Day Ricliard, grocer, 14 Devonshire 

Dean Ciiarles A. {Thayer S^ D.), boards 80 Prince 

Dean Christopher C, S. S. Depository, 24 Cornhill 

Dean Henry, 79 Fancuil Hall market, h.'JBaUard place 

Dean Jarvis, teamster, h. Lenox 

Dean James, blacksmith, rear 49 India, h. 19 Hamilton 

Dean Loammi, cordwainer, 14 Leveret, h. 109 Chambers 

Dean Martha, widow, rear 7 Prince 

Dean Nancy H. widow of Thomas, h. SG Prince 

Dean Paul, Rev. 40 Green 

Dean Sophia, house opposite 2 Hayrnarket place 

Dean Thomas J. brassfounder, house 10 Bridge 

Deane VVm. R. (Cushin^, White & Co.), h. 44 High 

Dearborn Abner, h. 9 Charter 

Dearborn Benjamin, h. 4 Avon place 

Dearborn Benjamin, cordwainer, 109 Ciiarles 

Dearborn Hiram, shoemaker, rear 80 Elliot 

Dearborn John M. machinist, Spring lane, h. 4. Avon pi. 

Dearborn Jonathan F. housewright, house Battery 

Dearborn Nath'l, engraver, 110 Wash. h. 133 Pleasant 

Dearborn Sarah, widow of Edward, 14 Newton place 

Deblois Dallon, weigher, 5 India wharf, h. 50 Essex 

Deblois Elizabeth, 1G7 Tremont cor. Bromfield 

Deblois George L. & Co. {Win. S. Skinner), merchant, 

40 India, h. 45 Bowdoin 
De Carteret Sarah, h. 7 Noyes place 
Decker Israel, sailmaker, h. 15 Friend 
De Costa Elizabeth, nurse, 7 Noyes place 
De Coster Samuel, housewright, h. 2 Elliot court 
Decous George, plume maker, 9, house 7 Bedford 
Dee John, boardinghouse, 170 Ann 
Deering Margaret, nurse, opposite 7 Norfolk place 
Defo Rachael, boarding house. Marsh lane 
Defriese William, baker, 450 Washington 
Degrand (P. P. F.) &, Smith {Charles), mer. 05 Broad 
Degrand P. P. F. house Pinckney near W. Cedar 
Dehon Elizabeth, widow, 1 Chauncey place 
Delano Jephtha,cabinctmak. 30 Portland, h. Charlestown 
Delano Jephtha, jr. cal)inctinak. Sudbury, h. Charlestown 
Delano Joseph, carver, house 57 Poplar 
Delano Nathaniel, jr. sailmaker, Grecnough lano 


Delano ( Win. H ) & Whitney ( Vt'in. F.), drugs and paints, 

It) South Market. Delano's Jiouse G Allen 
Delano H. clerk, 40 State 
Delany John, laborer, 127 Chambere 
Delany Patrick, laborer, Devonshire 
Delay Jeremiah, laborer, 33 Sea 
Dehice Francis, housewright, rear 3d street 
Deluce Henry P. cooper, 1st street 
Deluce John, undertaker, rear 3d street 
Deluce John, jr. baker, 1st street 
Demerit John VV. tailor, house rear 200 Washington 
Deming Edmund C. haircutter, 62 Hanover, h. 42 Salem 
Deming Leonard, trader, 02 Hanover, h. 42 Salem 
Demmick Asa, porter, Thacher street court 
Dench Mary, widow, Derne 
Denison Gurdon, house 43 FVont 
Denison (Jurdon E. house 43 Front 
Dennie Ebenezer, house Warren place 
Dennie (Georo-e) & Boardman (/?. 6'. jr.), leather and 

hides, 23 N. Market. Demiie's house 37 Blossom 
Dennie Henry, 57 Leveret 

Dennie James, merchant, 105 State, h. 1 Hancock 
Dennie Thomas & Son {Henry), wine merchants, 105 

State, house 1 Allen 
Dennigin James, laborer, rear 52 Elliot 
Dennigin John, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 
Dennis Enoch. See Goddard & D. 
Dennis Henry, painter, house 74 Boylston 
Dennis Jacob, laborer, house Merrimac 
Dennis John, carpenter, house 22 Washington place 
Dennis Louis, mason, 26 Allen 
Dennison Abiah A. widow, rear Broadway 
Dennison John, laborer. Leveret corner Brighton 
Dennit Mary, widow, 04 Poplar 
Denny Christopher, house Bulfinch 
Denny Daniel & Co. {Geo. Denny), dry goods, 9 Doane, 

house 47 Hancock 
Denny {Daniel) & Dutton (Geo. £>.), Am. g'ds, 27 Kilby 
Denny Ellen, laundress, High street place 
Denny George, house Bulfinch 
Denion {.fiugustus) & Wight {Aaron JV. jr.), painters, 

over 171 Washington. Denton boards 62 Temple 
Denton Ebenezer, 5 Faneuil Hall market 
Denton Jacob, cordwainer, rear Merrimac 
Denton James, housewright, Causeway 


Denton Jonathan, housewri'ilit, Causeway 

Denton William, W. I. goods, 15 Broad, h. 20 Poplar 

Derby (Elias llaskct) &• Andrews {Rcnj. II.), counsel- 

fors, 2 State. Derby's li. at Excb. Cnflee House 
Derby E. Hersy (Prcscott 8,- D.), li. 2 Bowdoin 
Derby Maria V. dressmaker, 17 Franklin place 
Dermady Richard, laborer, Merrimac 
Desel William, laborer, Moon 
Desha Patrick, laborer, h. rear 13 Sea 
Desha Timotliy, paver, h. Peck lane 
Deshon Daniel, merchant, 27 India, h. 18 La Grange pi. 
Deshon James, shipbroker, 5 Central wharf 
Desouza Anthony, mariner, h. rear 108 Cambridge 
Desmond Patrick, laborer, h. 108 Broad 
Devanne Felix, laborer, rear South Margin 
Devanne Henry, laborer, Cliarlestown 
Devens Daniel, laborer, 104 Sea 
Devens Richard, merchant, 10 Central wharf 
Devereux Henry L. printer, 11 Devonshire 
Devereux John, attorney, 23 Court 
Devereux N. B. jr. 47 Court, boards 1 Sevvall place 
Devereux William E. 2 Short street court 
Devet John, laborer, rear 81 Broad 
Devoy Dennis, laborer, h. Barrett 
Devoy Nicholas, grocer, GO Ann 
Dewerson Marcy, widow, rear Broadway 
Dewerson Richard, gunsmith, 14 Bedford 
Dewey Mercy B. boarding liouse, 57 Federal 
Dewhurst Thomas, tinplate w(>rker, 28 Union, h. rear 
Dewhurst Wm. pumpmaker, Hancock wf h. 3!) Prince 
Dewing Fanny, widow of Nathan, h. rear 5th street 
Devvire Column, laborer, rear Turnpike, n. Broadway 
De Wolf Elhan A. grocer, 2 May 
Dexter Ada, laundress, GO Warren 
Dexter Anson (Olncij, D. & Gill), boards 30 Hanover 
Dexter Catherine, widow, 18 Beacon 
Dexter (Franklin) & Gardiner (It'm.H.), coun. IG Court 
Dexter Franklin, house 3 Chauncey place 
Dexter George J. truckman, 22 Bridge 
Dexter George M. merchant. 8 City Hall, h. 58 Boylston 
Dexter (James) & Suiilh (Bf.nj.), wood wf Commercial 
Dexter J. M. ( /F. Tliumpson <^' Co ), ii. rear S. Margin 
Dexter John H. house 31 High 
Dexter John N. mariner, h. rear 120 Purchase 
Dexter Joseph W. (Coombs &, D.), h. rear 355 Washing. 


Dexter Mary, widow, Spear alley 

Dexter Nathaniel P. carpenter, h. 4 Carver 

Dexter Theodore, piiysieian, 13 Somerset place 

Dexter Thomas A. notary, 8 City Hall, h. 34 Atkinson 

Diamond John G. boards 10 ]\iarshail 

Diamond Joseph, broker, 9 Exchange, h. 2 Garland pi. 

Dibbens Thomas, laborer. Market place 

Dickerman Nathan, housewright. Chambers street court 

Dickey James, truckman. Spring street place 

Dickinson C. M. (B. Brown, jr. Sf Co), h. 195 Hanover 

Dickinson Daniel, shipsmith, h. North square 

Dickinson Daniel & Son (Daniel H.), iron store, 81 

Commercial, house N. square 
Dickinson David, house 93 Elliot 
Dickinson Dexter & John, wooden ware, &c. 26 Dock 

square, house Short street court 
Dickinson Dexter, shipsmith, house North square 
Dickinson Dexter O. {Converse &/• D-), h. Howard 
Dickinson George, blacksmith, h. Temple place 
Dickinson J. F. {IVinklcij & D.), b'ds at Kilburn'sC. H. 
Dickinson John, house 40 Bridge 
Dickinson Mary Ann, widow, rear 153 Ann 
Dickinson Prescott, captain, rear 732 Washington 
Dickinson S. N. printer, 52 Washington, h. 13 Sheafe 
Dickmon Caroline, h. 10 Bridge street court 
Dickson James A. music sal. 34 Cornhill, b. CG Federal 
Dickson Shadrach, housewright, h. 53 Cambridge 
Dignay Thomas, laborer, rear 200 Washington 
Digney James, laborer, rear G3 Elliot 
Dike William, cordwainer, rear 30 (/barter 
Dill Jabez, mariner, 13 Cross 
Dill John E. printer, 127 Washington, h. 1 Bath 
Dill Joshua A. oysters, 437 Washing, h. 7 Bo3'Iston sq. 
Dill Sarah, widow of James, rear 344 Washington 
Dill Susannah, nurse, Batterman place 
Dillaway Chas. K. teacher, Latin school, h. 3 Bumst'd pi. 
Dillaway Mary, widow of Daniel H. 18 Pleasant st. ct. 
Dillaway Emeline, dressmaker, G Elliot 
Dillaway Elizabeth, boarding house, 25 Essex 
Dillaway Francis {Prince &,/• D.), h. 6 Elliot 
Dillaway James, housewright, h. rear Gibbs lane 
Dillaway Mary, nurse, 472 Washington 
Dillaway Samuel, weigher and guager,2G Central wharf, 

house at Ccinmercial ColTee House 
Dillaway Samuel, ferryman, Commercial near Foster 


Dillavvay Thos. housew't, Gibhs lano, li. r. 100 Purchase 

Dillaway William {Snclling 4' ■'^O? I'ouse 07 Salem 

Dillin^liain Drucilla, niirso, 8 Boylstori square 

Dillingham T.L. H. lohsierman, h. Pinckney n. Cliarles 

Dillon James. See Holbrook &, D. 

Dillon John, laborer, h. I Sister 

Dillon I'^ter. Iabf)rer, rear 12 Washington place 

Diminick Calvin, hats, 19 Washington, h. 4 Brattle sq. 

Dinirnock John L. (Peters, Pond <V' Co.), h. 28 Wash. pi. 

Dimond Asa, mason, Lyman place 

Dimond Nancy, widow, IG Hawkins 

Dimsey Michael, laborer, h. Barllett 

Dingley John T. hat store, 451 Washing, h. 17 Fayette 

Dinsutoor Geo. R. {Grant, heaver & Co.), h. 10 Bultinch 

Dinsmorc William, constable, Franklin av. h. 17 Vine 

Dinsmore William B. 17 Vine 

Ditson John, housewright, rear 55 Warren 

Ditson Mary, boarding, 1 Sewall place 

Ditson Thomas, machinist, h. 11 Fayette 

Ditson Oliver, printer, h. 10 Province House court 

Divoll Emmons, laborer, 11 Grorgo 

Divol Timothy, hackman, h. Province 

Divine John, laborer, rear ()()4 Washington 

Dix El bridge {Morris & D.), h. 43 Essex 

Dix D. L. house 409 W^ashington 

Dix James H. house 73 Elliot 

Dix Joel, 8 Friend 

Dix Cecilia, widow of Stephen A. h. 98 Tremont 

Dixon John, laborer, 83 Sea 

Dixon Thomas, merchant, 41 India wh. Dutch Consu- 
late, h. 8 Walnut 

Dixon Thomas, laborer, 4th street 

Dixwell Epes S. attorney, 39 Court, h. 5 Somerset place 

Dixwell John, pliysician, 5 Somerset place 

Dixwell John J. 5 Somerset place 

Doak John, coal, h. G Vine 

Doane F. W. druggist, 11 Merchants' row, h. in Roxbury 

Doane George B. physician, 103 Court 

Doane John, jr. &. Co. {Hcman S. Doane,) brushmakers, 
8 Exchange 

Doane Samuel B. sugar refiner, Gouch 

Df)bson John, tailor, h. Merrimac 

Dodd (Bcnj.) tSt Snow {Zcjias), ship chand. 70 Commer. 

Dodd Benjamin, cashier Atlantic Bank, h. 52 Leveret 

Dodd Benjamin, house 9 Fleet 


Dodd James, clerk Mass. Bank, h. 8 Suffolk place 
Dodd Jonathan M. clerk, h. 21 Fayetto 
Dodd Rebecca S. widow of John, 61 Salem 
Dodd John, insp. of tobacco, 25 N. Market, h. 10 Colum. 
Dodd John A. house 10 Columbia 

Dodd {Michael) »feCole {Josiah L.), housevvrights. Cause- 
way corner Merrimac. Dodd's h. 8 Portland 
Dodd Timothy, fur dealer, 102 Milk, h. Boylston 
Dodge Benjamin, silversmith, 15 Union, h. 1(3 Charter 
Dodge Catherme, cloth, store, 129 Broad, h. 19 Wash. pi. 
Dodge Ephraim, innholder, 1st .street 
Dodge George, mason, 11 North Russell 
Dodge Gilman {Pratt S^ D.), house 2 Bath 
Dodge Sally, widow, h. 283 Washington 
Doggett John & Co. {Sam. S.WtUiains S^ Sam. Doggett), 
looking-gl. and carp, ware-h. 12 Cornh. h. 52 Boyls. 
Doggett Noah, house Hollis corner Tremont 
Doggett Samuel, house in Roxbury 
Dolan Peter, laborer, rear 671 Washington 
Dolbeare {Edmund P.) & Rice {Martin), shipwrights, 

Sea. D.'s h. rear 83 Sea 
Dolbear Joseph, mariner, Clark 
Dole Benjamin, cordwainer, 50 Myrtle, h. Grove 
Dole Edward, upholsterer, 17 Dock square, h. 14 Centre 
Dolliver Thomas G. sailmaker. Snow's wf. h.247 Ann 
Dolliver Thomas, jr. caulker and graver, h. 168 Hanover 
Domett Ann, boarding house, 36 Milk 

Domett , widow, opposite 6 Norfolk place 

Domett George, whip manu. 19 Dock sq. h. 14 Friend 

Domett Martha G. widow, 43 Prince 

Domingo Anthony, boatman. Fleet 

Dominick Joseph, hackman, 13 Hamilton 

Donaghy Patrick, ropemaker, south 752 Washington 

Donaho James, mason, house rear 6 Cross 

Donaldson Robert, laborer, 19 School 

Donally Edward, laborer, 186 Ann 

Donally John, lastmaker, h. 15 Hamilton 

Donally John, tailor, h. South st. place 

Donally Michael, Pitts 

Donally Peter, laborer. Mechanic 

Donally Patrick, laborer, lear Suffolk cor. Northampton 

Donally Philip, laborer, Washington cor. Garland place 

Donelan Lydia, widow, 92 Tremont 

Donelan William C. housewright,,rear 11 Short 

Donivan Dennis, laborer, rear 702 Washington 


Donivan Jeremiah, sad. and hamesamaker, Milk n. Pearl 
Donivan Willian), laborer, rear 1*3 Washington place 
Donnall Bailey, housewright, h. 11 Fleet 
Donnison Mary, widow of VV'illiain, 17 South Bcnnet 
Donoiio John, laborer, 114 Broad 
Donohoe John, laborer, h. Creek square 
Donohoe Terence, laborer, rear 3 Pitts 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, 4 Wharf 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, h. rear 120 Broad 
Donovan John, bar room, Devonshire 
Doogan Michael, laborer, head Hancock wharf 
Dooley Patrick, laborer, h. G Lucas place 
Doolittle Lucius, head of Pearl 
Doolittle Sybil, widow, boarding, Portland place 
Dorety Daniel, laborer. Mechanic 
Dorety James, laborer. 111 Ann 

Dorety James, hairdresser, 43 Congress, h. 7 Purchase pi. 
Dorick Thomas, laborer, opposite 174 Purchase 
Dorr Adeline, boarding, 52 Hanover 
Dorr Andrew C merchant, liouse 54 Pleasant 
Dorr A. C. jr. Sec. Atlas Ins. Comp. State, h. 54 Pleasant 
Dorr E. Ritchie, counsellor, 3 Pearl 
Dorr Edward R. tailor, 71 Cornhill, boards 99 Pleasant 
Dorr John, merchant, house 31 Bedford 
Dorr Joseph, baker, house 6 East 
Dorr Joseph H. house 3 Qnincy place 
Dorr Mary P. widow, 43 Salem 
Dorr Samuel, house IGO Tremont 
Dorr Samuel A. house 10 Rovve place 
Dorr William B. counsellor, 4th street 
Doubt Catharine and Mary, 222 Hanover 
Dougherty John, mason, 1 Sister 
Dougherty John, laborer, rear GO Elliot 
Dougherty John, cartman, 58 Prince 
Dougherty Patrick, laborer, rear 80 Elliot 
Doughty Thomas, artist, 202 Tremont 
Douglas Charles, editor of Artisan, Merchants Hall 
Douglas Henry, boarding, G5 Congress 
Dow Amos, housewright, Commercial near Foster 
Dow Aaron, real estate broker, Federal, h. Dedham 
Dow James B. prir)ter, 122, and bookstore 3G2 Washing- 
ton, house 51 High 
Dow John R. house 32 Fayette 
Dow Jonathan, grocer, 9 Federal, h. South st. court 


Dow, Mark & Co. (J. Dow), W. I. goods, 28 Winter, 
house do. 

Dow Phineas, machinist, Portland, h. 2 Causeway 

Dow Samuel, jr. {Horace Gray <^ Co.), h. 7 Winter 

Dow Samuel, blacksmith, h. opposite 57 Tremont 

Dowden Thomas, laborer, Middlesex, near Castle 

Dowe Joseph, bookseller, 130 Wash., h. 6 Hartford place 

Dowlin Felix, laborer, house Lansdon place 

Dowling John, plasterer, rear 253 Washington 

Down George, mason, rear 188 Washington 

Downe John L. musician, h. Pleasant st. court 

Downer {Samncl) & Austin (IV. R.), oil factory, head 
Foster's wharf 

Downer Samuel, jr. (Merinm & D.), h. Bromfield House 

Downes Baxter, captain, Broadway 

Downes Huldah, dressmaker, Broadway 

Ekiwnes Nancy, widow, G7 Tremont 

Downes Simon, laborer, house 10 Marshall 

Downes J. engraver, 50 Cornhill 

Downing James, laborer, Broadway 

DbVvning John, laborer, house 84 Broad 

Downing Oliver, carpenter, Peck lane, h. 531 Washing. 

Dowse John, rear 10 Prince 

Doyle Edward, laborer, S. Margin 

Doyle Cornelius, laborer, Gibbs lane 

Doyle John, laborer, Avery 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, rear 52 Elliot 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, Distil-house square 

Doyle Sarah, widow, 3 Short 

DraUe Andrew P. Commercial near Foster 

Drake Andrew, wood, lime, &c. 40 Sea, h. 46 Sea 

Drake Asahel, laborer, G South st. place. 

Drake Jeremy, cashier Franklin Bank, h. Broadway 

Drake Lincoln &Co. Easton iron foundry, at Fairbanks, 
Loring & Co.'s 

Drake Samuel G. bookseller, 56 Cornhill 

Draper Daniel, merchant, 9 S. side F. H. h. 28 Atkinson 

Draper Moses, counsellor, Franklin avenue 

Draper Samuel, clerk in Custom House 

Draper Sarah, widow, 103 Pleasant 

Drayton Henry H. house wright, h. 35 Fayette 

Drayton Nancy, house rear 81 Warren 

Drayton {IVm. H.) & Nutting (Calvin), blacksmiths, 
Front. D.'s h. 35 Fayette 

Drevy (Chas.) & Babcock (.3. £).), dry goods, 177 Wash- 
ington. D.'s h. 5 Hay ward place 



Drew John, teamster, h. rear 60 Elliot 

Drew Joseph I,, house 3 Il.mover court 

Drew Nicholas, lahorer, 1 4 i*oplar 

Drew Nicholas, tailor, hoards 'M Bratllc 

Drew Sarali, widow, 18 8outh lienuet 

Drew William, captain, Broadway 

Drinkwater Josiah, mariner, Commercial near Ann 

Driscoll Cornelius {Ilrouks tfe Co.), \\. 15 Hancock 

DriscoU Jeremiah, lahorer, Hamilton alley 

Driscoll John, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Driscoll Patrick, lahorer, Peck lane 

Driscoll Timothy, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Drollelt Joseph, blacksmith, rear Broadway 

Drought John, stocking weaver, h. Piedmont 

Drown Thomas, clerk Atlantic Bank, h. 102 Pleasant 

Drury Gardner P. machinist, h. Gi)2 Washington 

Drury L. H. wines, 54 *fc 50 Brattle, h. 7 Allen 

Drury {Otis) & Macomber (C. .'?.), W. I. goods, Snow's 

wharf. Drury's house 2(j() Washington 
Drynen David, laborer, rear 17 Sea 
Du Audebert H. fancy goods, 4 Milk 
Duchesne Madame, museum. Washing. Hall, 221 Wash. 
Dudley Charles S. See Humphrey & D. 
Dudley {E. G.) & Baxter (/?. D.),\W. I. g'ds. 713 Wash. 
Dudley J. Harvey & T., W. I. goods, 82 Pond 
Dudley Mary Ann, boarding kouse, 45 Federal 
Dudley Trueworthy, house (/ooper 

Dudley (JVm.) & Bogue (T/jo^.), hairdressers, 70 Wash. 
Dudley William, house Jackson place 
Dudley William, rigger, rear 157 Ann 
Duff Richard, lahorer, Butol[)h 
Duff William, caulker and graver, 5 Tileston 
Duffee Dennis, laborer, h. 122 Ann 
Duffee James, blacksmith, West, h. Elliot, cor. Carver 
Duffee Michael, laborer, rear 51) Prince 
Duffey George, laborer. Market place 
Duffey Susan, widow, 3G Merrimac 
Dugan James, 24 Faneuil Hall market, h. 68 Poplar 
Dugan John, laborer. Leveret court 
Dugan Peter, laborer, h.'JS Broad 
Dugan William, tailor, house Theatre alley 
Duggan Gregory, laborer, h. 28 Water 
Dunbar Ebenezer, jjattern maker, rear 4th street 
Dunbar Jonathan, soap bcjiler, 4 Pleasant 
Duubar Loring (MUchell ^ D.), house 50 Myrtle 


Dunbar Melzar, housewright, h. 13 W. Cedar 

Dunbar Nahum, pattern maker, house Turnpike 

Dunbar Peter, truckman IG Cus. H. st., and coal Pack- 
ard's wharf, h. 11 Unity 

Duncan Frederick, mariner, h. 67 Tremont 

Duncan Jason, cooper, South street place 

Duncan Samuel D. grocer, 2 North square 

Duncan Simoon, jr. cordwainer, h. Spring st. place 

Duncan William T. H. clerk, 50 Broad, h. 54 Poplar 

Dunckiee J. *fc J., VV. I. g'ds, 132 State, h. 95 Hanover 

Dunfay William, laborer, Clark alley 

Dunham Josiah, ropemaker, B street 

Dunham Josiah, jr. inspector Custom House, h. B street 

Dunlap Andrew, U. S. Attorney, 20 Court, h. 7 Frank pi, 

Dunlap Daniel, mason, boards Theatre alley 

Dunlap Grace, victualler, Theatre alley 

Dunlap James P. 47 Court, h. 3 Sudbury 

Dunlap Mary, tailoress, h. 59 Essex 

Dunn Hannah, boarding house, Lindall 

Dunn (James C.) & Brewster (Oliver), domestic goods, 
73 Milk. Dunn's house 5 W. Cedar 

Dunn Mary, boarding house, 15 Hancock 

Dunn Mary, widow. Short 

Dunn Patrick, laborer, h. 125 Chambers 

Dunn Theodore, boards Commercial C. House 

Dunnells Lucy, governess, 83 Prince 

Dunsterllhoda, widow, South street place 

Dupee Amasa, housewright, h. rear 51 Allen 

Dupee Horace, painter, Wharf, h. 2 Hamilton court 

Dupee Isaac, 13 Friend 

Dupee Isaac T. house rear 6 1-2 Prince 

Dupee Lewis & Charles, housewrights, Front, h. Hollis 

Durant Ellen, boarding, 23 Union 

Duran Thomas, laborer, 5th street 

Durell Robert, mariner, 24 Spring 

Durgin Ebenezer, laborer, Southac 

Duroy (Martial) & Lincoln (Lewis), confectioners, 306, 
house 308 Washington 

Durivage F. S. teacher French and Spanish, 210 Wash. 

Durrie Priscilla, w^idow of Charles, h. 121 Chambers 

Dutch Alfred, 73 Water 

Dutch Henry D. mathematical instr. mak. 71 Coramer. 

Dutch Haskell, harnessmaker, 71 Pond, h. Thacher 

Dutton Benjamin, grocer, 56 Pond, h. 2 Stillman place 

Dutton Darius, cooper, rear 96 Purchase 


Diitton Ephraiin, baker, li. Gibbs lane 
Duiton Georiic D. {Denny &/■ D.), h. 59 Belknap 
Dutton (//. /r.) & Wentvvortli (James), printers, 4 Ex- 
change. Diitton's house 6 Beach 
Dutton John L. (^V. Ilubart ^ Co.), h. 132 Tremont 
Dutton Warren, counsellor, 5 Court, h. 132 Tremont 
Dutton Williatn P. baker, house Pond 
Dwelley Clnirlcs, shipwright, 4th street 
Dvvight Edmund (J. A'. Mills it Co.), b. 1 Park 
Dwight I'houias, attorney, 17 Court, h.52 Chesnut 
Dwight Wilham W. physician, 81 Court 
Dwyer James, housewright, h. Pleasant street court 
Dwyer Nancy, widow, Tremont near Warren 
Dyar Smith, clerk, 8 Exchange 
Dyer David Y. oysters, 164 Ann 
Dyer Ebenezer h. fancy goods, 98 Washington 
Dyer Ezra & Co. (James Dyer), tailors, 12 State, h. 42 

Dyer {Ezra C.) & Blake (Samuel P.), importers, 33 

Kilby. Dyer's house 42 Chambers 
Dyer Christopher, tailor, 22 Court, h. 27 Prince 
Dyer E. D. gold beater, r. 39 Wash. h. Gl Poplar 
Dyer Freeman, oysters, 479 Washington, h. 4 Jefferson 
Dyer Henry, physician, 9 Green, h. 42 Chambers 
Dyer Isaac, 4 Faneuil Hall market 
Dyer James (Ezra D. & Co.), house 1 Bath 
Dyer James, pocket book mak. 84 Wash. h. 131 Hanov. 
Dyer John D. inspector of customs, h. 157 Hanover 
Dyer Micah, jr. oyster shop, 192, h. 194 Ann 
Dyer OHver, rear 132 Hanover 
Dyer Samuel B. teller Hancock Bank 
Dyer Stephen, grocer. Creek square, h. 35 Salem 
Dyer Thomas D. clothes, 08 Ann, b'ds 157 Hanover 
Dyer ^V'illiam, druggist, Ann cor. N. sq.'h. 131 Hanover 
Dyer William, captain, 252 Hanover 
Dyke William, cordwainer, 24 Union, h. 30 Charter 
Dykes Samuel, grocery, 17 Beacon, boards 8 Somerset 

EAGER WILLIAM, mer.7. Cent, wf h.57 Mt. Vernon 
Eames Elizabeth, Essex cor. Front 
Eames Jesse, Jiouscwright, h. 12 East 
Eames Luther, IG Boylston market, h 2 Madison place 
Earl Henry, housewright, 90 Cambridge 
Earl Hezekiah, 38 Green 

Earle John, jr. tailor, 3G VVashingt<Mi, h. Lvnde 


Earnest Priscilla, widow, Salutation 

Eastabrook James, Cus. H. office, h. 16 La Grange place 

Easterbrook Wrn. shoes, 11 Commercial, h. 90 Chambers 

Eastburn John H. printer, 18 State, boards 20 Atkinson 

Easte Joseph W. harnessmaker, Boylston, h. r. Br'dway 

Easte Mary, widow, Broadway 

Easton Mary Ann, 4 Somerset place 

Eaton Amherst, Concert Hall, 95 Court corner Hanover 

Eaton Andrew, laborer, Thacher 

Eaton Asa, Rev. 159 Court 

Eaton Benjamin, broker, 7 Exchange, house Castle 

Eaton Betsey, rear Battery 

Eaton Charles F. {Symmes &, E.), h. Baldwin place 

Eaton David, farmer. House of Industry 

Eaton David, sailmaker, 91 Charter 

Eaton Ebenezer, tobacconist, h. 13 Charter 

Eaton Eunice, nurse, Salutation 

Eaton {Ezra) & Gould {Fred.), clothing, 88 Commercial. 

Eaton's house 2 North Ben net 
Eaton Ezra O. clothing store, 213 Ann, h. 2 N. Bennet 
Eaton George, rear 39 Salem 
Eaton Ira, plater, h. 102 Warren 
Eaton Jasper H. mariner, rear 247 Washington 
Eaton John J. {Johnson & £.), h. 4 Eaton 
Eaton John, tailor, 70 Ann, house 24 Thacher 
Eaton Joseph B. hardware, 2 Union, h. 19 Hancock 
Eaton Mary, boarding house, 18 Pearl 
Eaton Mary A. head of Pearl 
Eaton Mary, widow, 6 Province 
Eaton Osgood, housewright, Union, h.2 Bath 
Eaton Rufus, housewright, lear Cooper 
Eaton Ruth, tailoress, rear 28 Hanover 
Eaton Samuel G. B. stock and suspender manufactory, 

429 Washington, h. head of Pearl 
Eaton Samuel A. watchmaker, h. G Oliver 
Eaton Timothy, plater, Bromfield, h. op. 1 Columbia 
Eaton William, lumber, Causeway, h. 31 Charter 
Eaton William, rear 43 Prince 

Eaton William G. silk goods, 8C State, h. 3 Wendell 
Eaton Wm. J. iron store, 5 India wharf 
Eayrs Joseph H. clerk, house 3 Haymarket place 
Eayrs Moses, surveyor, house 59 Essex 
Eayrs Thomas A. cabinetmaker, 4th street 
Eayrs William, clerk, 2 Central wharf, h. 10 Bedford 
Eayrs William, 3d street 


Eayrs William C. clerk, house 34 Fayette 

Ebcrle C.L. Southac court 

Eberle Frederick, musician, rear S. Margin 

Ebring William, rif^ger. Commercial near Foster 

Eckley David, 54 Beacon 

Eckley Joseph, Barristers Hall 

Eckley Thomas J. house G Walnut 

Eddy (Burnet) & Arlin (Stephen), fruit, &c. 32 1-2 

Scliool. Eddy's house 3d street 
Eddy Caleb, canal ag. Pond & Causeway, h. 19 Sheafe 
Eddy Robert H. civil engineer, 41 State 
Edes Anna, widow, 18 SonuTset 
Edes Daniel, cooper, 20 Tiiacher 
Edes Joseph, laborer, 31) Brattle 

Edes Robert, merchant, 18 India wf. h. 2 Winthrop pi, 
Edes Sarah, furrier, rear 111 Hanover 
Edes Thomas, glazier, 135 Ann, house 21 Prince 
Edgerton (Joseph), Priest (Joel) & Co. (Joseph B. Ed- 

gerton), cotton goods, 118 State 
Edgeiton Phinehas, blacksmith, h. rear 77 Warren 
Edgerly (John S.), Vinal (S. J.) &Co. (James BaTuard)^ 

grain, 51 Commercial 
Edgerly John S. house Distil-house square 
Edgcomb Isaac, mariner, boards rear 77 Sea 
Edgeworth John, laborer, house Sister 
Edgeworth Mary, widow, Sister 
Edlund Abigail, widow, house 2d street 
Edmands Eph. W. sashmakcr, Distilh. st. h.650 Wash. 
Edmands B. Franklin (Lincoln, E. & Co.), h. 12 Hancock 
Edmands G. W. hats, 47 Cambridge, h. \) N. Russell 
Edmands J. W. (Jh tScJl. Laicrencc Ck, Co.), h.l2 Hancock 
Edmands Thomas (Lincoln, E. tt Co.), h. 12 Hancock 
Edmundson John, stonecutter, A street 
Edson Elizabeth, Murray place 
Edson Mary, widow of Jolin M. rear 77 Sea 
Edwards Alexander, blacksmith. Fruit 
Edwards Bela B. 52 Washington, h. Carver 
Edwards Benjamin, cof)per, 10 Bridge court 
Edwards Daniel A. printer, 4 Prince 
Edwards Elizabeth, mantuainaker, h. 22 N. Russell 
Edwards George B. printer, 7 i'iedmont 
Edwaids (Huirij) &- Stoddard (CV/ar/e^), dry goods, 74 

State. Edwards's house 2 Bumstead place 
Edwards Hugh (Bisbcc & E.), house Commercial 
Edwards J. F. housewright, 8 Bedford, h. 17 Prov. H. ct. 



Edwards John, plasterer, Cambridge 

Edwards Joseph, boarding, Devonshire 

Edwards Joseph B. paver, Fruit 

Edwards J. S. hairdresser, Com. n. Hanov. h. 8 Foster 

Edwards Samuel T. 12 Bowdoin 

Edwards Tbos. port, paint. 14 Joy'.s build, h. 30 Fayette 

Edwards Thomas, clerk, rear 19 Allen 

Egar John, tailor, 44 Congress, h. 2 Hamilton 

Eigster John, cordwainer, 1 Norfolk place 

Eiler John (Barnes & E), boards 200 Ann 

Ela David H. printer, 19 Washington, h.20 Gouch 

Eldredge Edward, President Atlas Bank, h. G3 Federal 

Eldredge N. T. agent Lackawanna Coal Co. 8 City Hal! 

Eldredge (Oliver) & Nickerson (Josiah), domes, goods, 

65 Water. Eldredge's house 14 Somerset place 
Eldredge Smith (D. Snow & Co.), h. 5 Broadway cor. 

Dorchester street 
Eldridge Lydia, rear 276 Ann 

Eliot Eph. L. druggist, 271 Washington, h. 5 Central ct. 
Eliot George A. hardware, 12 Dock square 
Eliot John F. druggist, 81 Hanover, h. 4 Atkinson 
Eliot Samuel A. 31 Beacon 
Eliott Abiel, ironfoumJer, house west Broadway 
Elkins Harvey, hojjsewright, h. Pinckney cor. Charles 
Ellery George, capt. Pond 
Elliot Eliza, dressmaker, 10 Salem 
Elliot Harriet, widow of John, house 107 Pleasant 
Elliot Margaret B. widow of William, 5 Tremont place 
Elliot Philip, cooper, head Union wharf 
Elliot Robert B. mason, h. 14 Vine 
Ellingwood Theodore, laborer, rear 351 Washington 
Ellis Benjamin, house rear C4 Hanover 
Ellis Calvin, physician, 21 Sunimer 
Ellis Calvin F. & M. D. dry goods, 165 Washington. 

C. F. Ellis boards 85 Milk 
Ellis (Chas.) &, Mayo (John M.),W. I. g'ds, 10 Chatham 
Ellis (Charles D.) & Raymond (Samuel), shoe stock and 

leather, 97 up stairs Wash. E.'s h. 20 Harvard 
Ellis David, merchant, 21 India wf. h. 51 Summer 
Ellis Elisha, baker, h. 17 Hamilton 
Ellis Ebenezcr (Hartshorn & E.), house 70 Leveret 
Ellis George (Jabez E. & Sons), house 97 Front 
Ellis Geo. W. (Reed & E.), h. 70 Leveret 
Ellis Granville, house 95 Front 


Ellis Jubez & Sons (George & Granville), grain and 

lumber, Front, h. 97 do. store 37 Long wharf 
Ellis Jonathan, jr. {Perrin & iC), house Pine 
Ellis Lutlicr, iron dealer, lOG State, house 2 McLean 
Ellis Matthias, clerk, house 9 Tileston 
Ellis Nathaniel, jr. (Biiiney & £.), boards 35 Chambers 
Ellis (Roicland) & Treadwell (Muses, jr.), W. L goods, 

14 Commercial. Ellis's h. J8() Hanover 
Ellis Rufus, ag'i Newton flicto. 15 India wt: h. 2 Oak pi. 
Ellis William, Go Summer 

Ellis Warren, 21 Faneuil Ilall market, house Carver 
Ellison Andrew, tailor, G2 Court, house 31 Blossom 
Ellison James (Ward & E.), house 1 Sullivan place 
Ellison Samuel, housewright, house opposite 7 Columbia 
Ellms Anson, shipwright, boards Turnpike n. 4th street 
Ellms Cornelius, 4lh street 
Ellms Elizabeth, widow, 4th street 
Ellms John, tailor, 187 Ann 
Ellms Susan, widow, house 18 Warren 
Elm William, pumpinaker, Fulton, house 21 Cross 
Elmes David, cordvvaintM-, rear Broadway 
Elmes Ebenezer, blacksmith, rear Broadway 
Elmes Susan, tailoress, V^~-> Hanover 
Elms Charles, stationer, 8 Hanover 
Ely Horatio G. laborer, 15 Short 
Emerson Abigail, house rear 42 Salem 
Emerson Charles, clerk Suffolk Bank, h. 3 Prov. H. ct. 
Emerson C. C. attorney, 17 Court 
Emerson David D. livery stable, Front & Beach, h. rear 

90 Front 
Emerson E. C. (A. Walker ^' Co.), boards 124 Court 
Emerson Frederic, instructer, boards G5 Chambers 
Emerson George B. instructer, house Temple place 
Emerson Henry, sexton, rear 21 Essex 
Emerson Jeremiah, baker, house Bridge 
Emerson John, wooden ware, 155 Court, h. Garland pi. 
Emerson John, laborer, Suffolk rear G83 Washington 
Emerson John, distiller, house 8 Pleasant 
Emerson John, laborer, 47 Pleasant 
Emerson Jonathan, housewright, Bay near Fayette 
Emerson Mercy, dressmaker, 400 Washington 
Emerson Oliver, boartling house, 400 Washington 
Emerson Parker, housewright, h. Snowhill 
Emerson Richard (Broicn i^r E.), house roar 73 Pond 
Emerson Robert, laborer, house rear 99 Front 


Emerson Romanns, housewright, 3d street 

Emerson Samuel, housewright, Pine, h. 8 Madison pi. 

Emerson (Thomas), I jamh {Reubenj9.) & Harvey (Peter), 

W. I. goods, 6 South Market 
Emerton John, laborer, 8 Bridge st. court 
Emery Harriet, Hamilton corner Humphrey place 
Emery James W. tailor, 8 Congress, h. 36 Friend 
Ernes John, boatman, house rear 145 Ann 
Emmes Mary, widow, h. Piedmont corner Church 
Emmes Nathaniel, gunsmith, Sheafe corner Snowhill 
Emmes Samuel, hat store, 30, house 144 Ann 
Emmes Thos. P. hatter, 330 Wash. h. Piedmont n. Church 
Emmons Desire, widow, house rear 50 Boylston 
Emmons Edward B. clerk, house 23 Warren 
Emmons Henry, printer, 743 Washington 
Emmons (John L.) & Weld (John D), W. I. goods, 32 

S. Market. Emmons's house 11 Beacon 
Emmons Joshua, sailmaker, house 15 Friend 
Emmons J. jr. tin worker, School, h. 3 Short st. court 
Emmons Nathaniel, clerk Union Bank, house 3 Poplar 
Emmons Nalh'l H. (T. B. Wales S/- Co.), h. 3 Rowe pi. 
Emmons Robert L. (S. E. & Sons), h. opposite 14 Elliot 
Emmons Ruth, widow of Thomas, 21 Pleasant 
Emmons Samuel & Sons (Robert L. and Stephen), ship 

chandlers, 107 State, house opposite 14 Elliot 
Emmons Sarah, tailoress, 101 Tremont 
Emmons Stephen (S. Emmons & Sons), h. 24 Tremont 
Emmons Thomas, cooper, 19, house 21 Pleasant 
Emmons William H. pianoforte maker, house Dedham 
Emmsley John, baker, Broadway corner Turnpike 
Ende Louis Von, 4 Friend street place 
English Charles, harnessmaker, 25, b'ds 38 School 
English James L. attorney, 10 Couit, house 22 Beacon 
English John, provisions, Sudbury 
English T. broker, 2 Exchange, house 22 Beacon 
English William B. printer, Congress square 
Ennick William, North Margin near Pond 
Enoch Ruth, widow. Henchman lane 
Erskine Hannah, widow. Market place 
Ervin Mary, house 87 Summer 

Erving Edward S. Cashier Hancock Bank, h. 23 Fayette 
Erving John, laborer, Distil-house square 
Erving Mary, widow of Shirley, 127 Tremont 
Esbell Alexander, laborer, Williams court 
Estabrook Jas. weigh, and guag. C. H. h. 16 La Gra. pi. 


Estee Elijah, porter, house N. JMargin corner Pond 

Estcrbrook Lydia, widow, Biitolpli 

Estes Joseph, macliinist, iionse C.islle 

Etherid<:c JMary, widow, 53 Trcinont 

Eustis llcnry, lightermaii, Battery 

Eustis Joanna, widow, rear 5 W. Second 

Eustis Joseph, jr. south of 07 Front 

Eustis Rebecca, widow, rear 34 Poplar 

Eustis Wm. T. & Co. (Bcnj. Cullender), hardware, 47 

and 49 Kilby, h. 1!) Mt. Vernon 
Evans Ann, widow, 1(52 Purchase 
Evans Alfred {Dana, E. & Dana), house 10 High 
Evans Ciiarles, housewright, rear 178 Purchase 
Evans Charles S. house 50 Cainbridge 
Evans Joseph, l)rick maker, so'ith end Washington 
Evans Richard S. house 5 Brighton 
Evans Robert, mariner, 4G Orange 
Evans William, rigger, iiousc rear 157 Ann 
Eveleth (Joseph) &, Wood (Daniel P.), leather and shoes, 

42 South Market. Eveleth's h. Chardon 
Eveleth Sally, grocery. Battery 

Eveleth Samuel, appraiser Custojn House, h. 5 Williams 
Evendorff Charles, boarding, 90 Broad 
Everdean M. K. milliner, G9 Hanover, h. 30 Friend 
Everett Aaron, h. Kneeland corner Washington 
Everett Alexander H. house 38 Summer 
Everett Charles, commission merchant, Liberty square 
Everett Francis, teller City Bank 
Everett George, paper hanger, 11 Vine 
Everett James, cliaplain U. S. Navy, Pitts court 
Everett (J^fosr.s) &, Ware (Leonard), W. I. g'ds, 47 L. wf. 
Everett Moses, house G57 Washington 
Everett Otis, mer. 32 S. Market, h. 5J0 Washington 
Everett (Otis, jr.) &. Blake (J. IL), chem. 32 S. Market. 

Everett's house 740 W^ashington 
Ewer Charles, house 5i) South 
Ewer George W. & James C. stonecutters, Haverhill, 

house South INIargin 
Ewer James C. stonecutter, house Vine 
Ewer Nathaniel S. housewright, 9 Bridge 
Ewinger Hannah, widow, 9 Lyndc 

FAGAN GEORGE, laborer, Mechanic 

Fagan James, blacksmith, Garden 

Fagan Michael, laborer, h. 20 Crcc;i square 


Fairbank Josiah, teaclier Adams school, Mason 
Fairbanks Aaron B. gunsmith, 2 Exchange, h. 32 Stilhnan 
Fairbanks Amos, siioes, 33 Merch. Row, h.21 Richmond 
Fairbanks Drury, shoes, 34 Broad, h. 11 Sullivan place 
Fairbanks H. P. (Fairbanks, Lorlng &,'• Co.), h. 8 Pearl pi. 
Fairbanks John P. bookbinder, 13G, h. 624 Washington 
Fairbanks Jane, widow of Lewis, 4th street 
Fairbanks Otis, house Oliver 
Fairbanks {Stcj)he7i), Loring (Henry) & Co. {Henry P. 

Fairbanks), hardw. 82 Milk c. Kilby. F.'s h. 33 Bedf. 
Fairbanks Zophar, mason, 4 Pond 
Fairchild Joy H. Rev. Broadway 
Fairfield Barney, baker, 19 North Russell 
Fairfield John, merchant, 26 Central wf. h. 43 Bowdoin 
Fairfield John O. mer. 26 Central wf. h. 43 Bowdoin 
Fairservice Catherine, dressmaker, 4 Fayette court 
Faity John, laborer, h. Creek square 
Faler Oliver & D. T. stable, Travers cor, Charlestown 
Fales (DavidJV.) &Dana (O/i^- //.;, dry g'ds, ]G1 Wash. 

Fales bd's 256 Washington 
Fales (E. F.), Messinger (Charles) & Co. dry goods, 175 

Washington. Fales b'ds Brom field House 
Fales Joseph J. physician, h. 256 Washington 
Fales Samuel, merchant, 64 Broad, h. 121 Tremont 
Fales (Squire M.) & Wood (Amos, jr.), iroiifounders, 

Bridge corner Fruit. Fales's h. 14 Blossom 
Falvay Timothy, laborer, 29 Sea 
Falvey John, laborer, house 104 Broad 
Faly Patrick, laborer. Peck lane 
Faning David, laborer, opposite 150 Broad 
Faning Edward, laborer, Washington avenue 
Farland James, laborer, rear 133 Hanover 
Farley Robert, Sec'y Atlantic Insur. Co. li. 47 Pinckney 
Farmer George O. teacher music, 44 Federal 
Farmer Geo. W. umbrel. mak.55 Hanover, h. 9 Hawkins 
Farmer Henry, furniture, 11 Howard, h. 8 Temple 
Farmer John, laborer. Piedmont near Church 
Farmer John P. blacksmith, Front, h. 1 Newton place 
Farmer Lavina, lailoress, house 8 Pleasant 
Farmer Margaret, widow, 9 Hawkins 
Farmer Nancy, widow of Thomas, 1 Newton place 
Farmer Wm. S. umbrel. mak. 55 Hanover, h. 9 Hawkins 
Farnam Henry, 59 Federal corner Milton place 
Farnam Thomas, silversmith, r. 87 Wash. h. Pitts court 
Farnliam William, laborer, Bartlett 


Farnniii D. upholstress, rear 255 Washington 

Furnum (Paul), Kimball (Daniel) & Co. (Lorin JVor- 

cross), inorcliants, H7 Kilby 
Farinini (Peter), Mills (Lewis) & Wlic'clor (Jona. D.), 

nicrcliants, 75 Kilby. F.'s li. 8 La Grange place 
Farnswortli Kzra, house 4 Derne 
Farnsworih Isaac D., W. I. goods, 13 S. Market, boards 

at N. E. Coffee House 
Farnswortli Oliver, liousowright, Lyman place 
Farnsvvurth Walter, Eng. goods, 85 Kilby, li. in Roxbiiry 
Farquarson Alexander, bottler, 7 Pleasant 
Furral James, laborer, rear Distil-liouse square 
Farral John, laborer, 4 Spring lane 
Farral J(>hn, laborer, rear Broadway 
Farral William, moulder, rear Broadway 
Farral William, laborer, 114 Broad 
Farrell Ambrose, boarding, 6!) Congress 
Farrar Daniel, clerk, 41 South Market, h. 42 Cambridge 
Farrar Hannah, English goods, 371 Washington 
Farrar Jacob, painter, house 1 South Bennet 
Farrar Jefferson C. painter, 346 Washing, h. 20 Pleasant 
Farrar John, laborer, 7C Summer 
Farrar John A. printer, IG Devonshire 
Farrar J. N. bookkeeper Commonwealth Bank 
Farrar Otis C. cordwainer, Ijonse 73 Prince 
Farrier John, rigger, rear 27 Washington place 
Farrington Charlotte, widow, 3 South street court 
Farrington Ebcn T. (L. liartteti & Co.), h. Minot 
Farringtun Elizabeth, widow, 09 Chambers 
Farrington John, jr. silversmith, 45 South Russell 
Farrington S. &:■ L. dry goods, 0!) Chambers 
Farrington TJios. druggist, 44 Hanover, h. 09 Chambers 
Farwell George, 108 iSca, boards 22 Federal 
Farwcll Elijah C. provis. Merrimac c. Travels, h. Pitts ct. 
Farwell Isaac, 92 Fancuil Hall market 
Farwell Lvman. See Fay ik. F. 

Faulkner Charles ( T. rarbcU ^- Co.), b'ds at Wilde's, Elm 
Faulkner Dwiglit F dom. goods, 15 Central, h. 3 Acorn 
Faulkner Frederick W. 17 Commercial, house Pond 
Faulkner (Lu'licr) & Reed (John T.), Engli.>Ii goods, 99 

Slate. Faulkner's house 30 Chesiiut 
Faulkner Rolxst, bootmaker, opposite 115 Pleasant 
Fawcett Samuel II. paver, 7 Spring 
Faxbn Eliza, widow of l-kb, h. 81) Sea 
Faxon Henry, porter Houses of Correc. &. Indus. S. Bosl. 


Faxon G. N. (JV. Faxon & Co.), h. 30 Atkinson 

Faxon Isaiah, dry goods, 91 Court, h. 5 Fleet 

Faxon John, printer, Unity court 

Faxon Nathaniel & Co. (Roland Cutler, Noah BJanchard 

and Geo. JY. Faxon), boot store, 53 N. Market. F.'s 

house 30 Atkinson 
Faxon Oren, cordwainer, 599 Wash. h. 2 Orange lane 
Faxon Rachael, widow, rear 34 Prince 
Faxon Thomas, blacksmith, Pond, li. 23 Cross 
Faxon William, house 20 Portland 
Fay Dana, W. 1. goods, 31 N. Market, h. 13 Beacon 
Fay (Francis B.) & Farvvell (Lyman), W. I. goods, 15 

North Market 
Fay Harrison, 23 Faneuil Hall market, h. 34 Myrtle 
Fay Heman, house 42 Allen 

Fay Isaac, fruit, 9 Faneuil Hall, h. 7 McLean court 
Fay (Joel) &, Tirreil (John), woodwhartingers, 78 Front 
Fay Joel, house 14 Ash 

Fay Luke, 78 Faneuil Hail market, h. 11 Hancock 
Fay Nahum, 28 Merchants row, h. 32 Spring 
Fay Philip, laborer, rear 104 Purchase 
Fay (Richard S.) & Chapman (Jonathan), counsellors, 

20 Court. Fay's house 67 Summer 
Fay William C. distiller. Harvard, c. r. 51 India wharf, 

house 10 Pearl place 
Fay Windsor, merchant, 51 India wharf, h. 10 Harvard 
Fearing Albert & Co. (J. R. JYciocll &. D. JVhiton,jr.), 

ship chandlers, 1 City v/harf, h. 12 Essex 
Fearing Andrew C. (Thacher S^ F.), h. 9 Chesnut 
Fearing Matilda, widow, dressmaker, 3 Harvard court 
Fearing Thomas B. clerk Amer. Bank, h. 22 Purchase 
Federhen John, baker. Mason near Avery 
Federhen John, jr. & Jacob, combstore, C9 Court, h. 

Feickett Nathaniel, shipwright, h. rear 18 S. Bennet 
Fell Caroline, widow, h. 90 Pleasant 
Fellowes Abigail, intelligence office, 446 Washington,, 
Fellows Hannah, widow, 93 Ann 

Fellows Jonathan, clothes, 59 Commer. h. 3 Mechanic 
Felt Jonathan W. cabinetmaker, 34 Tremont 
Felt Oliver S. (Proctor, Palmer tfc F.), h. at Bromfield H. 
Felt Rachael, widow, nurse, 3 Fayette court 
Felton Artemas & Joel, distill. 563, h. 448 Washington 
Felton Joel, distiller, rear 681 Washington 
Felton Luther, distil. 654, h. 652 Wash. c. r. 6 Long wf 


Felvy John, 8 Wharf 

Fcnlcy Patrick, grocery, 119 Broad 

Fennell Jolin, mariner, h. Avery 

Fenncll Sarah L. silk dyer, h. Avery 

Fennell Thomas, rigger, h. rear 08 Warren 

Fenno Henry W. Commercial near Foster 

Fenno James W. attorney, 20 Court 

Fenno John W. {Dana, F. 4' Hcnshaio), h. 70 Chcsnut 

Fenno Joseph, VV. I. goods, Hanover cor. Commercial 

Fenno Sihhel, widow, JMargaret 

Fenno William, coti'ee house, Cornhill court 

Fenwick Benedict, Right Rev. h. Franklin pi. n. Federal 

Ferguson James, tallow chandler, rear 732 Washington 

Ferguson James, stevedore, house 178 Ann 

Fcrnald Ann, widow, Washington avenue 

Fernald Benjamin, cooper, h. 741 Washington 

Fernald Joshua E. liv'ry stable, 172 Hanov. h. 5 Unity ct. 

Fernald Luke, blacksmith, h. May 

Fernald Lydia, widow of Noah, 68 Charter 

Fernald Oliver, brass founder, Fulton, h. Garden court st. 

Fernald (T/ios.) & ^V^ilkins (fP'm.), coopers, Gibbs lane 

Fcrnald \V'illiam INI. cooper, h. 723 Wasliington 

Fernald William S. blacksmith, 3d street 

Fcrrell James, laborer, Salt lane 

Ferrin Aaron, rear 4th street 

Ferrin Freeman, chair painter, h. 283 Washington 

Ferrin Enos, typefounder, 37 S. Russell 

Ferrin Joseph, stonecutter, boards South street place 

Ferrin Martha, upholstrcss, 283 Washington 

Ferriter Ann, widow, h. S. Russell 

Fessenden Arthur, h. 2 Haymarket place 

Fessenden Edward H. bookbinder, h. 2 Haymarket place 

Fessenden (C. B.) &, Thompson (J. 5.), com. merchants, 

17 Central wharf 
Fessenden John M. office 9 Joy's building 
Fessenden John P. blacksmith, 02, h. GO Portland 
Fessenden Mary, widow, nurse, 2t)5 Hanover 
Fessenden Nathan, ironfounder, 00 Portland 
Fessejiden Samuel, truckman, Mechanic place 
Fessenden Thomas G. editor N. E. Farmer, 50 N. Market 
Fessenden (Ti.mnlhij) Si. Heard (IVin.), axletrcc makers, 

Haverhill near Causeway, h. Causeway 
Fetheren Benjamin, laborer, Charlestown 
Fewlier Martin, laborer, GO Purchase 
Field Barnum, instructor, h. 3d Fayette 



Field Charles, Foster place 

Field Elisha, clerk and collector, 3 East 

Field Enos & Isaac, shoes and leather, 17 Broad 

Field George, shoes, 14 Hanover, h. Spring street place 

Field Gilbert, printer, N. Margin 

Field (/^««c) & Converse (J. IF.), hides and leather, 43 

Broad. Field's house 7 McLean court 
Field Joseph, house south 752 Washington 
Field Justin, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 15 Sheafe 
Field Mary, house 35 Portland 
Field Patrick, laborer, corner Pearl and Purchase 
Field Pearson H. shoes, 160 Washington, h. Castle 
Fie d Phdip E. baker, house rear 339 Washington 
rieid Charles, stage agent, 11 Elm 
Field Silas, trader, N. side F. Hall, h. 3 Orange 
Field William A. musician. West Centre ° 
Fielding Edward, laborer. Cedar lane 
Fielding John, mariner, Bridge st. court 
Fifield Ebenezer O., house 51 Fayette 
Fillebrovvn Asa, musician, 5 Avery place 
Fillebrovvn Charlotte, widow of Richard, rear 3 Pitts 
Fdlebrown Edward, W. I. goods, SBoylston 
Fillebrovvn John, house rear 2 Snuvvhill 
Finch (mn.) & Slater (IVm.), boarding, rear 23 Court 
rinity Edward, laborer, rear Merrimac 
Finley^ Robert, liandcart, rear 194 Hanover 
Finn Cornelius, laborer, head Maine wharf 
Finn Henry J. comedian, boards 1 Arch 
Finn James, laborer, 88 Merrimac 
Finn Michael, laborer, 3 Wharf 
Fippard VVilliain, laborer, rear 27 Charter 
Fish Abid, engineer, Pond 
Fish Asa, mason, 3 Porrland place 

Fisher Alden, rigger, h. Commercial cor. Henchman lane 
l^isher Alvan, artist, 21 School, h. 4 Derne 
Fisher Amos, grocer, C8 Cambridge 
Fisher A.Scott, house G I'inckney 
Fisher Belsey, widow of Oliver, 734 Washin^^ton 
Fisher Charles G. clerk, south 752 Washington 
I- isher Cyrus, machinist. Water, h. 70 Pleasant 
I'isher Ehza, widow, 2G Prince ' 

Fisher Elizabeth G. boarding house, 409 Washincrton 
t isher Francis (Stevens, F. & Co.), h. 11 Hayward pi. 
r islier t reeman, ploughmaker, 4th street 
I isher Freeman & Co. (S. H. Babcock), American goods, 
50 Kilby, house 4 Knecland 


Fisher Jabez, distiller, Front, c. r. 21 S. Market, house 

22 Harvard 
Fisher Jabez, 2d, house 19 McLean 

Fisher J. &- N. provis. store, 9 Clark and 74 F. II. market 
Fisher John D. physician, 11 May ward place 
Fisher Joseph L. turner, Front, h. Middlesex, near Castle 
Fisher Lewis W. house May near Biilolph 
Fisher Moses, housewriglit, boards 25 Williams 
Fisher Nathaniel, provision dealer, h. 32 Garden 
Fisher (SUncy) & Morse (Jf'm. S. S.), dry goods, 415 

Fisher Warren (Hcicins & F.), h. Nassau court 
Fisher Willard N. hatter, 137 Cambridge, h. 4 Vine 
Fisher William D. cordwaincr, Mechanic 
Fisk Austin, clerk, rear 12 Front 
Fisk Betsey, house 10 Oliver 
Fisk George, house 72 Clicsnut 
Fisk John J. cashier Eagle Bank, h. 38 Bo\ Iston 
Fisk John, bootmaker, 72 Congress, boards 40 Federal 
Fisk Jonathan, cabinetmaker, 4 ^Vheeler's court 
Fisk Josiah {IVhitncy <^ F.), h. 41 Temple 
Fisk Mary Ann, milliner, 52 Hanover , 

Fisk Peter, tailor, G7 Cornhill, h. 58 Myrtle 
Fisk Prescott, grocer, 47 Essex, h. 5 Haymarket place 
Fisk Samuel {Frceviun & F.), h. 837 Washington 
Fisk Wni. C. provisions, cor. Carver and Pleasant 
Fisk (Ji'm.) 4& Rice {Jlaron), mer. 4 Central wharf 
Fisk William, cabinetmaker, 841, h. 839 Washington 
Fiske Augustus H. {Hand & /'.), li. 72 Chesnut 
Fiske Benjamin, Pres. Amer. Bank, h. 2 Hancock avenue 
Fiske Emily, boardinghouse, 843 Washington 
Fiske John M. weii;lier and guager. Custom House, h. 

Commercial near Hanover 
Fitch Elijah, intell. office, 20 School, h. 43G Washington 
Fitch {Geo. IV.) &, Hill {Licnj. F.), housevvrights, rear 49 

India. F. boards at Sun Tavern 
Fitch Jeremiah «& Co. {John Fitch and S. Shaw, jr.) En- 
glish goods, 38 and 40 Central, h. 9 Portland 
Fitch John (./. Filch & Co.), h. 9 Portland 
Fitz Jeremiah, housewriglit, h. 74 Charles 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, Batterymarch 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 93 Warren, another 105 Broad 
Fitzgerald John Patrick, tailor, h. 5 Dearborn avenue 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, rear 13 Washington place 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow, rear 200 Washin<iton 


Fitzgerald Morris, laborer, rear 88 Warren 
Fitzgerald Thomas, blacksmith, h. 272 Ann 
Fitzgerald Thomas, 101 Broad 
Fitzhugh H. W. capt. as. quar. mast, office Scollay's 

buildings, boards 4 Tremont place 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, 18 Stillman 
Fitzpatrick Eleanor, widow. Theatre alley 
Fitzpatrick John, milkman, S. Boston point 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 4tli street 
Fitzpatrick Mark, laborer, Prospect cor. S. Margin 
Fitzpatrick Owen, stonecutter, Merrimac 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, laborer h. rear C Cross 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, grocer, 134 Ann 
Fitzpatrick William, h. rear 7 Short 
Fitzsimmons Mary, widow, Short 
Flagg Cassander S. (Lincoln & F.), boards 5 Grove 
Flagg Charles A. bar room, 131 State 
Flagg Francis H. watchmaker, 3 and 4 Joy's building 
Flagg John G. upholsterer, 18 Union, h. 95 Hanover 
Flagg Josiah F. surgeon dentist, 31 Winter 
Flaharty James, laborer, h. rear 126 Ann 
Flahaven James, refiner and bottler, Butolph 
Flahaven Robert, refiner and bottler, Hamilton 
Flanders Ira, rear 79 Purchase 
Flanigan John, grocer, Merrimac 
Fleet Ann, 4 Atkinson 
Flemin Patrick, cooper, house 118 Sea 
Fleming James, laborer, Sweetser court 
Fleming James, laborer, h. Ill Broad 
Fleming John, hatter, h. 65 Elliot 
Fleming John, marble polisher, h. Devonshire 
Fleming Mary, widow. Prospect 
Fleming Patrick, machinist, Broadway 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, Broadway 
Fletcher Agnes, widow, 44 Brighton 
Fletcher Ariel K. truckman, Salter place 
Fletcher Benjamin F. housewright, South Margin 
Fletcher Geo. M. Friend st. place 
Fletcher Henry, capt. 34 Salem 
Fletcher Martha, widow, 11 Essex place 
Fletcher Mary, widow, 25 Merrimac 
Fletcher Jonas C. grocery, 93 Salem 
Fletcher John B. W. painter, h. 4th street 
Fletcher (Oliver) & Hay ward (J. //.), druggists, 2 India 
Fletcher Oliver, boards at Webb's, 10 Bulfinch 


Fletcher Richard, counsellor, 10 State, h. 11 Avon place 

Fletcher Sadoc, blacksmith, 11 Esse?; place 

Fletcher Timothy, clerk, 33 Court, h. 22 Atkinson 

Flinn Daniel, laborer, rear 7 Short 

Flinn Jacob, teamster, 4th street 

Flinn Michael, laborer, rear 4G Pleasant 

Flinn Michael, rear Humphrey place 

Flinn Michael, laborer. Court 

Flinn IMorgan, cooper, Hamilton alley 

Flint Cyrus, 58 Portland 

Flint Henry, 302 Ann 

Flint Joseph W. {JS^arris ^ F.), h. 11 McLean 

Flint John, physician, 20 Tremont 

Flint Joshua B. physician, 15 Green 

Flint P. & C. &, Co. (Shcr. G. Hill), 43 Commercial \vf. 

Flood Edward, hairdresser, 1 Congress sq. h. 33 Pinckney 

Flood Margaret, widow. Theatre alley 

Flower Truman, essences, 50 Commercial, h. Mechanic 

Floyd Andrew {John G. Loring & Co.), h. 18 N. Russell 

Floyd Henry, housewright, Commercial near Foster 

Floyd Rachael, schoolmistress, back 5 Pleasant 

Floyd Samuel, English goods, 4th street 

Flynn Patiick {Jf illunnson, F. & Co.), h. rear 5 Sister 

Flynn Roger {Williamson, F. & Co.), 35 Hanover, h. rear 

5 Sister 
Fobcs Edwin, 83 Faneuil Hall market 
Focgt John, laborer, rear North Grove 
Fogerty Wm. laborer, house 2 Broad 
Fogg Jeremiah, stoves, 41 N. Market, h. 59 Temple 
Fogg Ivory, laborer, h. Wheeler's court 
Foley Hugh, laborer, Alechanic 
Foley Hugh, laborer, Batterymarch 
Foley John, laborer, h. rear 11 'J Broad 
Foley John, rigger, h. 178 Purchase 
Foley Michael, victualler, 103 Broad 
Follett Dexter, cellar 3 F. H.mar. h. rear 15 Hanover 
Folin Michael, laborer, h. roar 12G Ann 
Foiling (Jeorge, housewright, h. 51 Essex 
Foiling George, jr. housewright, rear 11>, h. 51 Essex 
Folsom Frederick, cordwainer, 405 Wash. h. 29 Fayette 
Folsom John, cordwainer, 4() Salcin 
Fonsbec Wm. 24 N. Russell 
Foquc liypolitc N. captain, house Fleet 
Forbes Abner, public school, Belknap st. h. Broadway 
Forbes Arminia, school, Essex, h. 5 Hay ward place 


Forbes Clarissa, boarding, 30 Myrtle 

Forbes Jonathan, 47 Faneuil Hall market, h. 30 Allcri 

Forbes Luke, 20 Faneuil Hall market, h. 30 Myrtle 

Forbes Robert B. h. Temple place 

Forbes William, 25 State, stable 7 Sudbury 

Forbush Calvin W. shoes, 24 North Market 

Forbush Jonathan & Co. (E. Townsend), leather, 55 

Water, h. 1 Vernon 
Force Mary C. widow, Somerset court 
Ford Barnard, truckman, 4Q Long wharf, h. 4th street 
Ford Bement, carpenter, near S. Bridge, h. Suffolk 
Ford Catherine, widow, 64 Ann 
Ford Daniel, housewright, house Dodham 
Ford (John) & Damrell {IV. S.), printers, 2G State 
Ford Henry, laborer, 17 High 
Ford Mary, widow. North square 
Ford Simeon, mason, Thacher st. court 
Ford Sarah B. tailorcss, 485 Washington 
Forest John, cordwaincr, 35 Front 
Forristall Ezra, truckman, h. 6 Blossom 
Forrister Grace, widow, rear 585 Washington 
Forsberg Dorcas, widow. Bridge street avenue 
Forster.Jacob, jr. merchant, 26 Long wharf 
Fortune John, cordwainer, 32 Federal, h. 11 East 
Fortune Wm. C. mastmaker, rear 65 Charter 
Fosdick Abigail, widow, house 9 Ash 
Fosdick John, English goods, 65 Kilby 
Foskett Ezra, laborer, rear 11 Exchange 
Foss Abraham S. blacksmith, h. 10 Purchase 
Foss & Gilmore, distillers, Charlestown, c. r. 13 India 
Foss Isaiah, laborer. Commercial near Foster 
Foss Mary, widow, 108 Cambridge 
Foss Stephen L. May 
Fossett Alvin, victualler. Creek square 
Fossett Stephen, farmer. Old Road, South Boston 

Forester , widow, 21 Salem 

Foster Adams, laborer, Warren place 

Foster Andrix A. provisions, Bromfield, h. 221 Wash. 

Foster Archibald, Sec. Tremont Ins. Co. and Brazilian 

vice consul, house 7 Hanover 
Foster Benj. F. instructor, h. 30 School 
Foster Catharine, widow, 6 Bartlett 
Foster Catherine, widow, 18 Cross 
Foster Charles W. dry goods, 15 Kilby, h. 39 Bowdoin 
Foster Charles, shipping agent, 4 Clinton 


Foster Christopher, sliipwt, licad Otis's \vf. h. 108 Purch. 

Foster Daniel D. hamlc^irtman, N. Margin 

Foster Eben. B. dork, (j Congress, h.5l Poplar 

Foster Edward A. (llotighlun ^ F.), h. 31) Bowdoin 

Foster Elizabeth 11. iSc Frances, dry goods, 7 llano^'cr 

Foster Franklin, coachman, h. 8 Columbia 

Foster Franklin, truckman, 10 Commercial, h. 1 Cooper 

Foster George W. musician, 9 Garden 

Foster Geo. J. attorney, 27 State, h. 3i) Bowdoin 

Foster Herman, housewright, Hawkins 

Foster Hiram T. binder, ]22 Washington, boards 4 Pitts 

Foster Henry G. clerk, dS Charles 

Foster (Isaac) & Peirce (Oliver), stablers, Devonshire 

Foster Isaac, h. Harvard place 

Foster Isaac, cabinetmaker, rear 714 Washington 

Foster Jacob, iuiuse 52 Hanover 

Foster (Jacob), Cowdin (John) & Co.(Moses F. Stimson), 

soapstone works, Charbstown and Front 
Foster James, laborei, 44 Pond 

Foster James H. paper hangings, 15G Wash. h. 70 Bedford 
Foster James H. jr. 6 Federal court 
Foster J. Frederick, truss manufactory, 388 Washington. 

See advertisement 
Foster (Joel) & Wakefield (Cyrus), W. I. goods, 85 

Commercial. Foster's house Vine 
Foster John, shipjoiner, Commercial near Foster 
Foster John, stevedore, 20J Ann 
Foster John, teamster, rear 81 Sea 
Foster John II. house 12 Hollis 
Foster John, house 5C Myrtle 

Foster John II. (Poor &. F.), house 5 Bulfinch place 
Foster Johnson W. cabinetmaker, h. Church 
Foster Joseph, goldsmith, 171 Ann 

Foster Joshua, mariner. Commercial n. Henchman lane 
Foster Leonard, h. Nassau court 
Foster Lucretia, widow, rear 237 Washington 
Foster Martha, widow, 4 Vernon 
Foster Martha, widow, h. Sister corner Williams 
Foster Matthias S., W. I. goods, 27 Com. h. 14 S. Margin 
Foster Nathan, fruit, 2 Water, h. 1 Spring st. court 
Foster Nathaniel, Staniford 
Foster Phineas, h. 5 Bulfinch place 

Foster Sam'l B. portrait painter, 220 1-2 Wash. h.2Bed. 
Foster Samuel H. house 3!> Bowdoin 
Foster Susan, widow, 37 Bedford 


Foster Sarah, fancy goods, 290 Washington cor. Bedford 
Foster Thomas, housewrighl, h. 19 Province H, court 
Foster Tlios. H. suspender njaUer, 33 School, house 19 

Province House court 
Foster Thos. R. (fVellin^ton & F.), b'ds Bromfield fl. 
Foster Thomas VV. clerk, house 5 Vine 
Foster Wm. D. provisions, Bromfield, h. rear 10 Bedford 
Foster William, mason, 12 South IVIargin 
Foster William E. cooper, house 25 Hamilton 
Foster William E. physician, office 1 S. Bennet 
Foster William W. housewright, h. 30 N. Russell 
Fovel Elizabeth, High street place 

Fowle Chas. S. ( JVetherell, Foiolc y BarIotv),h. 14 Elliot 
Fowle George, boys' monitorial school, Fayette ct. h. 40 

Fou'le Harriet, widow, Prospect 
Fowle Henry, pump maker, house 49 South 
Fowle Isaac & Co. {Spencer Bcatly & John D. Foiole)^ 

carvers, C. Smith's wharf, h. 246 Hanover 
Fowle James, druggist, 3G, house 25 Green 
Fowle John D. (Isaac F. 8^ Co.), h. 246 Hanover 
Fowle John, boards 3 Newbury place 
Fowle (Parker) & Brewer (G. jl.), carpet store, 166 

Wash. F.'s h. 12 Harvard 
Fowle Seth W. druggist, Salem cor. Prince, h. 83 Prince 
Fowle Wm. B. female monitorial school. Temple av. h. 

101 Essex 
Fowle {William) & Allen {F. D.), dry goods, 93 Kilby. 

Fowle's house Gridley 
Fowle William H. carver, h. 246 Hanover 
Fowler John, coach maker, rear 104 Sea 
Fowler O. R. painter, 75 Commercial, h. rear 24 Prince 
Fowler Mary, widow, house 22 Bulfinch 
Fowle William, mariner, Spear alley 
Fowler Stephen F. chemist, h. rear 4th street 
Fowles Mary, widow, 1 May 

Fox Charles, instructer, Boylston school, h. 5 Hollis 
Fox Ellen, laundress, Bath 
Fox Ellen, widow, Pitts 
Fox George H. clerk, house Theatre alley 
Fox John, baker, house Essex cor. South 
Fox Richard, painter, house 11 Federal court 
Foxcroft Betsey, widow, house 6 Kneeland 
Foxcroft Francis A. Rev. h. 6 Kneeland 
Foy John, ropcmaker, Suffolk rear 815 Washington 


Foy John, laborer, Merrimac 

Foy Patrick, milkman, rear 4th street 

Fracker William, turner, Commercial near Foster 

Francis David {Miniroc & F.), library, 3G4 Washington, 

liousc 5 La Grange place 
Francis Ebenezer, merchant, 51 State, h. Somerset 
Francis Frederick, laborer, Humphrey place 
Francis James, bookbinder, back Old Road, S. Boston 
Francis John, coppersmith, 3, h. 12 Marshall 
Francis Rlary, widow, 51) Hanover 
Francis Mary Ann, dressmaker, rear 5 Winter 
Francis Nancy, widow, h. 30 Short 

Francis Nathaniel {Horace Gray & Co.), h. 79 Pleasant 
Francis Nath'l, pumpmaker, r. 41) India, h. 95 Purchase 
Francis Peter L. grocer, Butolph 
Francis Simon, grocer, Brighton corner Leveret 
Francis Thomas D. painter, 18 Fayette 
Francis TliomasD. h. 30 Bridge 
Franc Peter, laborer. Id Myrtle 
Franck Jazcniah, livery stable, Front, h. 1 Nassau 
Franks Charles F. mariner, 72 Prince 
Franksen John H. clothing, 2 Clinton, h. 2 Fulton 
Fraser Simon, shoemaker, rear 32 Pleasant 
Frazier Hannah, widow of James, rear 20 Pleasant 
Frederickson Adolph, Battery 
Frecland Ann, widow, 221 Ann 

Freeman Bcnj. dry goods, 27 Central, h. IG Purchase 
Freeman, Cobb & Co. (C. L. Roberts «^' H. S. Kendall), 

dry goods, 28 Kilby 
Freeman Edmund, 122 Faneuil Hall market 
Freeman Henry P. Central cor. Kilby, h. 14 Pinckney 
Freeman James, 7 Bulfinch place 
Freeman John D. printer, 110 Wash. h. 14 Chambers 
Freeman Josephus, caulker, Commercial near Foster 
Freeman R.Ioses, machinist, boards 4 Prov. House court 
Freeman Peter W. Sec'y Boston Insurance Company 
Freeman Simon B. housewright, h. 3G Belknap 
Freeman Watson, crock, ware, 12 Chatham, h. 3 Barton 
Freeman (JVin.) «& Fisk {Sam.), dry goods, 7 Liberty sq. 

h. 49 Cambridge 
Frcethy Samuel, 5 Cross 
French Abraliam S. See Cochran & Co. 
French Anthony, 12 Charles 
French Alpheus T. 14 Faneuil Hall market 
French Arthur, merchant, IG Howe's wf. h. 8 Lincoln 

168 [directory. 

French Benjamin, housewright, h. Foster place 
French Benj. merch. 12 S. market, house 1 Leveret 
French Benjamin V., VV. I. goods, 334 and 33G, house 

332 Wash. 
French Betsey, widow, Distil-house square 
French (C/ias.) & Davenport ( Geo.), W. I. goods, 1 

Central wf. French's house 1 Essex court 
French Charles, druggist, 181 Hanover, h. 9 N. Bennet 
French Daniel, 9 Salem place 
French David, soda mi ler, h. South Margin 
French Elizabeth, widow, opposite 1 Norfolk place 
French Ephraim, vvireworker, Portland, h. 2 Poplar 
French George R. copperplate printer, 362 Washington 
French G. W. 16 Faneuil Hall niarket 
French Iliram, 13 F. H. market 
French Hiram, clerk, h. 31 Poplar 
French Ira S. teamster, house George 
French Jacob, watchmaker, Merchants row, h. Commer- 
cial near Foster 
French James H. h. 3 Noyes place 
French John, 8 Long wharf, h. 637 Washington 
French Jefferson, mason, Merrimac 
French {John) &j Barnard {David), distillers, Essex. 

French's house 1 South street place 
French John E. blacksmith, 25 Thacher 
French Jonathan, house 732 Wa^iington 
French Jonathan, housewright, 2i) Boylston 
French Jonathan, jr. (T. Lord &, Co.), h. 744 Washing. 
French Joseph, machinist, house 11 Charter 
French Maiy, straw cleaner. South Margin 
French Mary, widow, boarding house, Harvard place 
French Moses, dep. marshal, 20 Court, h. 23 Tremont 
French Moses, jr. (JYevers & F.), h. 1 Purchase place 
French Samuel, mason, Butolph 
French Theodore, cooper, h. 3d street 
French Thomas, boarding house, 196 Tremont 
French Thomas, truckman, Commer. cor. Hull 
French Tlios. N. c. room 8 Long wf. h 635 Washington 
French William, distiller, Distil-house sq. h. 14 Sudbury 
Friend Thatcher, housewright. 17 Salem place 
Frink William C. dry g'ds,227 Wash. h. 7 Federal 
Frobisher Benj. C. jeweller, 87 Wash. h. 6 Hayward pi. 
Frobisher Joseph B. house 4th street 
Fr jding Mary, widow, 9 Avon place 
Frost Benjamin, painter, 60 Sea, h. 115 Pleasant 


Frost George B. tailor, 13 ]MvrtIc 

Frost Lucy, widow, 48 Warren 

Frost Nancy, scliool, Court corner Treniont 

Frost Reuben, laborer, rear GU Myrtle 

Frost Sam'l, wheelwright, h. 5 lilossoin court 

Frost Samuel T. painter, h. 21 South llussell 

Frost Scripture, cordw'r, 100 Cambridge, h. 25 Blossom 

Frost Walter, carriage manufactory, ld4 Tremont and 

rear Court. See advertisement 
Frost William, soda room, Howard, h. 19 N. Russell 
Frost William, mercliant, 82 Water, h. C8 Mt. Vernon 
Frost William R. stabler, 9 Hanover 
Frothingham Abraham R. (£. H. Whitalccr &, Co.), h. 7 

Frothingham Eleanor, widow, 9 West 
Frothingham Ephraim L. cashier Traders' Bank 
Frothingham G. W. dry goods, 245 Wash. h. 28 Warrea 
Frothingham Joanna, widow of Ebenezer, 3 Oak 
Frothingham Lydia, widow, house Mason 
Frothingham JNat, coachpaint. Hawley pi. h. 78 Tremont 
Frothingham Nath'l 2d, painter, 9 West, h. Boylston 
Frothingham IVathaniel F. commis. mcr. 25 Long \vf. 
Frothingham Nathaniel L. Rev. 43 Summer 
Frothingham Samuel, cashier U. S. Bank, h. G Boach 
Frothingham Thomas, coachmaker, 9 West 
Fruin John, whipmaker, 11 South Bennet 
Fudge Daniel, carpenter, h. 795 Washington 
Fullam David, stable, 2 Bowdoin square 
Fuller Aaron, baker, h. rear 132 Pleasant 
Fuller Abigail, nurse, Church near Piedmont 
Fuller Araham W. counsellor, 31 Court 
Fuller Ebenezer, grocer, 123 Hanover 
Fuller Elijah, fruit, 200 Washington, house 105 Tremont 
Fuller Henry H. counsellor, 6 State, h. 2 Avon place 
Fuller James, housewright, h. 78 Warren 
Fuller Jeremiah, blackstnith, house op. 15 Ash 
Fuller John S. laborer, south 744 Washington 
Fuller John E. hou^e 1 Pitts 
Fuller Joseph B. hackman, house May 
Fuller Josiah, hackman, 11 Portland 
Fuller Mary VV. boarding, 2 Newbury place 
Fuller Polly K. Thomsouian Infirmary, 105 Tremont 
Fuller Samuel N. bath house, Bath st. h. 54 Friend 
Fuller Seth, bcUhanger, 18 Exchange, h. Ridgeway 
Fuller Stephen P. surveyor, rear 00 Stale, h. 17 ilancock 


Fuller Timothy, blacksmith, Castle, house 6 Lucas pi. 
Fuller William F. blacksmith, 34 Prince 
Fuller William M. blacksmith, house 5th sireet 
Fuller Zenas, painter, Distil-house square 
FuUerton Benjamin, boat builder, rear 24 Charter 
Fullerton {Henry JV.), Scars {Peter) & Clark {H. F.), 

dry goods, 64 and 66 Kilby 
Fullerton Henry N. house 56 Temple 
Fullerton James & Co. (J. Tufts), iroUj 1 and 2 South 

Market, house 2 Hancock avenue 
Fullerton Jennet, widow, rear Leveret lane 
Fullerton Samuel, grocer, 64 Union 
Fullum Jacob, boarding house, Broadway 
FuUton Elizabeth, boarding h. 679 Wash. cor. Carney pi. 
Furber Hannah, school, Federal, house 30 do. 
Furber John D. tobacconist, 63 Broad, h. at Mansion H. 
Furber Thomas, plater, 107 Broad 
Furbush Benjamin F. surveyor, 5 Hull 
Furbush Joseph, laborer, 7 Sweetser court 
Furbush Milo, grocer, 43 Federal, house rear 
Furgerson James, rigger, 5 Cross 
Furguson James, 54 Prince 
Furguson John, laborer, 56 Cambridge 
Furness Nathaniel H. house 41 Spring 
Furness William, clerk Union Bank, house in Medford 
Furness William, jr. clerk, house 41 Spring 
Fussell James, tailor, 188 Tremont, h. 5 Madison place 

GABRIEL JOHN,sai]maker, house rear N. Margin 

Gaffield Thomas, cordwainer, 48 Congress, house rear 

Gage Addison, stabler, boards 5 Province House court 

Gage Asa, beer cellar, 26 Friend 

Gage Benjamin W. crockery, 144 Wash. h. 176 do. 

Gage James, victualler, 1 JNorth Market 

Gahagan James, boarding, 165 Ann 

Gair John, sailmaker, Liverpool wharf, h. 72 Purchase 

Gale Isaac, 101 Faneuil Hall market 

Gale James V. h. 92 Purchase 

Gale John V., W. I. goods, 150 Sea, boards 92 Purchase 

Gale John, 1 Fayette avenue 

Gale L. B. surgeon, 24 Atkinson, h. Washing. Cof. H. 

Gale Margaret, widow, B street 

Gale Milton, leather, 14 Dock sq. boards 25 Brattle 

Gale Nathaniel, physician, house North Margin 

Gale Oliver M. 28 Faneuil Hall market 


Gale Samuel, tailor, 9 Water, house B street 

Gale William, attorney, head Lewis's wharf 

Galivan Dennis, laborer, rear 127 Purchase 

Galivan Patrick, laborer, rear 113 Essex 

Galivan Patrick, laborer, 98 Broad 

Galivan PJiilip, laborer, rear 127 Purchase 

Gallc}'^ Richard, laborer, boards 39 Sea 

Galvin Michael, laborer, rear GG4 Washington 

Gahin Peter, laborer, house Creek square 

Gallagher Thomas, laborer, North Margin 

Gallagher Williasn, Howard Street House 

Gallot Nathan, sexton, house Haymarket place 

Gallon James, mariner, 3 Tileston 

•Galloope Richard, hairdresser. Congress sq. h. Hull 

Galloway Joanna, 91 Merrimac 

Gamage John W. house Arnold 

Gamage Sarah D. widow, rear 612 WashingtOR 

Gamble Alexander, laborer, Clark 

Gammell Eliza, house 30 South 

Gammell Samuel, boarding house, 8 Columbia 

Gammond Stephen, cordwainer, opposite 79 Pleasant 

Gammond William, laborer, house C7 Bedford 

Gannett Cole, shipwright. Cotton place 

Gannett Ezra S. Rev. 26 South 

Gannett Isaac, cooper, 55 Prince 

Gannett Nahum, stonecutter, h. rear CI South 

Ganzler George, teamster, 17 Second 

Garaux Francis, baker, 17 Portland 

Gardiner Mary, widow of Rev. Dr. house Temple place 

Gardiner William H. {Dexter & G.), house Temple pi. 

Gardner Caleb, baker. May corner Butolph 

Gardner Eliza, widow, 22 S. Russell 

Gardner Francis, coun. 3 Franklin av. h. IG Cham'bers 

Gardner Hannah, widow. South Russell 

Gardner Jairus, machinist, house G Sudbury 

Gardner John, hardware, Liberty sq. h. 4 Hancock av. 

Gardner John L. {Lowell & G.), h. 1 Beacon 

Gardner J(iscph H. Sec. Neptune Lis. Conip. 57 State 

Gardner {Leavitt) & ALirdock {jlinasa,jr.), planeniakers, 

4 Green. Gardners house 1 Milton 
Gardner Loring, shipwright, Cotton place, h. 4 Purchase 
Gardner Mary, ready made linen, 25G Washington 
Gardner Mary J. widow of Simon, 13 Pearl place 
Gardner Nancy, widow, h. 7 Belknap 
Gardner Oakiuan, housevvright, May 

n2 DlRECTORr. 

Gardner Peleg, soapstone worker, 17 Salem 
Gardner Robert, laborer, opposite 40 Pleasant 

Gardner Robert & Co. {Adam Sylvester), W. I. goods, 

Gardner Russell, honsewright, h. rear 773 Washington 

Gardner Samuel P. merchant, h. 33 Summer 

Gardner William, housewright, rear 344 Washington 

Gardner William C. See Cazenove & Co. 

Garland Daniel, mason, rear 4th street 

Garland James, housewright, h. 86 Warren 

Garland John, baker, house 191 Hanover 

Garran Jabez, house Unity 

Garrett Robert, boarding house, 198 Ann 

Garrety Brj'an, laborer, rear 6(54 Washington 

Garrety Thomas, laborer, 22 Stillman 

Garrghty Michael, marble polisher, 33 Sea 

Garrison (JVillinm L.) & Knapp (Isaac), publishers Lib- 
erator, 31 Cornhill 

Gartland Peter, mason, rear 57 Elliot 

Gartland Philip, laborer. Wharf 

Gass Joseph, stonecutter, Brighton, house 3 1-2 Spring 

Gassett Henry &, Co. (Rich. JV. Bayleij and Alexander 
S. Riley), English goods, 14 Kilby, h. 50 Summer 

Gates Columbus, physician, 133 Hanover 

Gates Israel, house Newbern place 

Gates James W. & Co. {Levi & IVilliam Heyirood), chair 
dealers, 42 India. Gates boards 4 Bowdoin 

Gates Jonathan, laborer, h. 7 Belknap 

Gault Benjamin, laborer, 2d street 

Gault William, tailor, 6 Elm, h. 17 Franklin 

Gavett James, tallow chandler, h. 6 Bath 

Gavett James II. h. 31 Pleasant 

Gavett Jonathan, groceries, Tremont, h. Warren place 

Gavett Joseph, cordwainer, house Carver 

Gavett Robert, machinist, house 33 Warren 

Gavett William R. boards 2 La Grange place 

Gay Benjamin, 6 Faneuil Hall market 

Gay Charles E. house 3 Moon 

Gay Eben F. house 155 Hanover 

Gay {Eben V.) & Veasie (Eli), shoes, 41 Merchants row. 
Gay's house rear 13 Richmond 

Gay George, counsellor, 20 Court, h. Hollis cor. Tremont 

Gay George H. dentist, 12 Milk, boards 467 Washington 

Gay James, binder, h. 35 Garden 

Gay Lemuel, house 140 Hanover 


G.ay Lewis II. {Baldwin &, G.), house 13 Centre 
Gay Martin, physician, 48 Milk, boards 8 Pearl 
Gay (P/.incas E.) tfc Bird {Sam. J.), iron dealers, 44 India 
Gay Pliineas E. honse 143 Pleasant 
Gay Robert II. merchant, 13 Long wharf 
Gay Rufiis M. clerk in Custom House, house 17 Pearl 
Gay Sally M. widow, boarding, 98 Court 
Cray Tliomas, laborer, 40 Hanover 
Gayetty Sarah, widow, 103 Cambridge 
Gaylord (^liarles, printer and inkmaker, 2d street 
Gaylord Henry, globe maker, 77 Cornhill, h. r. 35 Allen 
Gear Joseph, musician, boards Boylston Hotel 
(jleitner Charles, teacher of music, 101 Tremont 
George Abigail, house 1 Commercial avenae 
George Asa, housewright, house Garden 
George Hiram, housewright, house Northampton 
George Luke, iiousewright, house 43 Leveret 
George Nathaniel M. & Co. {Luke), grocers, 77 Cham- 
bers, house 43 Leveret 
George John S. shoemaker, 00 Sea 
George William F. {Undcrhill & G.), h, 93 Pond 
Gerrish Daniel, machinist, h. Dedham 
Gerrish James, blacksmith, rear Broadway 
Gerrish Thomas, brickmaker, Broadway 
Gerry Elbridge, merchant, 85 Water, boards 30 Beacon 
Gerry Sam. L. ornamcn. paint. 2 Cong. sq. b'ds 42 Fed'rail 
Gerry Thomas A. sailmaker, 84 Commercial 
Geyer Andrew, druggist, 104 Hanover, house 17 Salem 
Geyer George, cooper, Brighton 
Geyer Hannah, widow, boarding house, 81 Hanover 
Geyer J. W. merchant, 15 Rowe's wharf 
Geyer Mary F. leeching establishment, 182 Tremont 
Ghcrade Alexander, musician, boards 17 Franklin place 
Gibbins Daniel L. grocer, 218 Washington 
Gibbens Margaret, house Williams court 
Gibbens Mary D. widow of George M. 2G Orange 
Gibbs Abigail, 38 Milk 
Gibbs Ira, lumber. East, liouse 44 Essen 
Gibbs Sarah, house 40 Mt. Vernon 
Gibbs William, 20 Washington 
Gibs-on Anna P. tailoress, Ilaymarket place 
Gibson Charles L. 16 Kilby 
Gibson George, house 47 Brattle 
Gibson George G. house G Sutfulk place 
Gibson John M. imiholder, 107 Milk 


Gibson Josepli, clerk, rear 18 South Bennet 

Gibson Kimball {Nichols & G.), house IOC Charles 

Gibson Thomas, boarding, 243 Ann 

GifFord Alden, captain, 691 Washington 

Gifford Ann, widow. South Russell 

GifFord Pardon A. captain, house Leveret court 

Gilbert Anthony, hairdresser, 236 and 250 Washington 

Gilbert Benjamin J. 37 Warren 

Gilbert Benjamin R. {Gilbert 8^ Sons), h. 533 Washington 

Gilbert Increase, pianofortemaker, h. 9 S. Bennet 

Gilbert John, jr. & Co. {George Hnydcn), W. I. goods, 

165 Tremont. Gilbert's house 12 Hanover 
Gilbert Lemuel {T. Gilbert & Co.), h. 1 Jefferson place 
Gilbert Margaret, widow, 3 South street place 
Gilbert Sarah M. widow, 160 Ann 
Gilbert Timo. «& Co. {Henry Safford S^ Lemuel Gilbert), 

pianoforte manufactory, 402 Washing, h. 16 Front 
Gilbert & Sons {Samuel, Samuel, jr. and Benjaviin R.), 

exchange office. Exchange, h. 527 Washington 

Ibert Samuel, jr. house 4 Oak place 
les Ann, millinery, 310 Washington 
les John B. boarding house, 39 Pond 
Ifeather Margaret, widow, rear 671 Washington 
11 Christopher, mariner, house 6 Fayette 
II Daniel, laborer, house South street place 
II Eliza, rear 446 W^asliington 
11 Ira. See Olney, Dexter & G. 
11 Michael, laborer, 74 Warren 
II Perez, lumber. Front, house 12 South Bennet 
11 Simon, captain, 22 Brighton 
11 Samuel W. machinist, house Lancaster 
II Thomas, hou?ewright, house 54 Fayette 
11 Thomas, jr. printer, rear 95 Hanover 
11 Thomas, tailor. Turnpike near 4th street 
Hard Eliza, dressmaker, rear 75 Ellioi 
llespie Harriot, widow, 1 Ballard place 
llespie James H. profile miniature painter, 153 Wash- 
ington, house Elliot corner Carver 
Gillespie John, tailor, house 324 Washington 
Gillespie John W. housewr't, house Castle n. Middlesex 
Gilling John, mariner, Langdon place 
Gillis John R. ornamental painter, 41 Washington 
Gilman Charles, baker, S. Margin 

Gilman George W. {Cummings 4^ G.), h. 134 Hanover 
Gilman Nathaniel P. victualler, 50 North Market 


Oilman Zo!)iilon, boardin::^ house, 1^0 Ticvcret 

Gilinore Addison (Foss &. G.), Ii. 4 Orange conrt 

Gilniore Freeman, clerk, house 34 Ciiarles 

Gihnorc Josepii A. {CovctI, G. Al Co.), h. 2 Carroll pi. 

Gilmore Thomas, hatter, house 24 Hamilton 

Gilson Asa, jr. house 8 Franklin 

Gilson Henry Y. last maker, h. rear GSl Washington 

Gilson Jane, boarding house, 2S0 Washington 

Gilson Jonas, housewright, house rear Northampton 

Gilson (Jos/ma) iSi, Livcrmore ( /r?/?.), grocers, WesL cor. 

Mason, and Warren cor. Elliot. G.'s h. 3G4 Wash. 
Ginkison, William G. cartman, N. JMargin 
Gisburno, Robert, mariner, 9 Allen 
Givven John S. housewright, rear Gl Charter 
Gladden William, laborer, rear 89 Broad 
Glazier Jotham, innholder, Warren Hotel 
Gleason Charles, cooper, rear Broadway 
Gleason Charles F. bookbinder, 5 Coruhill ct. h. 3 Carver 
Gleason Elias B. mer. 24 Union wf. h. at Exchange C. H. 
Gleason Horace, attorney, 9 State, house 81 Court 
Gleason Philip, housewright, h. rear 8 Fayette 
Gleason Sarell, tinplate worker, Turnpike, h. 4th street 
Gleason William T. printer, 35 Pinckncy 
Glines Alfred, house 14 N. Russell 
Glines Nathan H. stall G Boylston market 
Glover Elisha V. constable, 2 Frank, av. h. Southac ct. 
Glover Enoch, Leveret court 

Glover Geo. W. housewr't, 99 Charles, h. 100 Chesnut 
Glover John, housewright, house 4th street 
(ilovcr John B. dry goods, 57 Kilby, h. 25 Howard 
(jllover Jonas, captain, 8 Oak 
Glover Mary, Butolph 
Glover Rachacl, nurse, 39 Friend 

Glover ^Villiam, umbrella maker, h. oppo. C Norfolk pi. 
Glynn John, bell hanger, Marlboro' place, li. 2(t Short 
Godbold (Gustavs Ji.) & Greene {E. L.), shipsmitlis, 

Commercial near Ann. Godbold's h. 199 Hanover 
Godbold Horatio N. shipsmith, house 5 Salutation 
Godbold John, clerk, 8 Tileston 
Goddard Elias W. {Clapp &, G.), house 5 Unity 
Goddard Eliza, dressmaker, Mason cor. West 
Goddard Eunice, widow, 7 Tileston 
Goddard George A. house (» Walnut 
Goddard Ira, cordwainer, 15 Cross 
Goddard JameS; ( t ac.hmaker, oppo. 10 West, Ii. IG Avery 


Goddard John, mastmaker, 14 Fleet 

Goddard Jonathan, house 3 Oak place 

Goddard Nathaniel, mer. 16 Union \vf. Ii. 53 Summer 

Groddard Rebecca, widow. Mason cor. West 

Goddard Sarah, widow of George S. h. 3 Stillman 

Goddard (Thomas) & Dennis (Enoch), coach and chaise 

makers, 190 Tremont. G.'s h. 25 Poplar 
Goddard William W. provisions, 9 Batterymarch, h. do. 
Goddard William, housewright. South, h. 49 Sea 
Goddard William <^ Son (IVilliam W.), merchants, 48 

Central wharf, h. 4 Hamilton place 
Godfrey Mary Ann, widow of George W. 4 Winter 
Godsoe Benjamin, 30 Hanover 
Godfrey Mary, boarding house, 64 Essex 
Goft' Sarah, widow of Ebenezer, 20 Washington place 
GofF Sarah, nurse, rear 32 Pleasant 
Golden Patrick, laborer, rear Cross 
Golderman Casper, tailor, house rear 5G Poplar 
Golding Geo. mes. N. E. Marine Ins. Of. h.41 Atkinson 
Goldsmith James W. blacksmith, Broadway 
Goldsmith Jonathan, housewright, rear 34 Poplar 
Goldsmith L. M. State corner Kilby, h. 45 Ann 
Goldsmith Seth, bookbinder, Franklin av. h. 289 Wash. 
Goldthwait Joseph G. house 3 Cross 
Gooch Samuel, cooper, Suffolk rear 633 Washington 
Goodale John W. cartman, house 4th st. 
Goodale Joshua, weigher, 30 India wf. h. 36 Fayette 
Goodby James (Ward, G. S/- Co.), house 68 Salem 
Good by William. See Ward, G. & Co. 
Goodell Joseph W. clerk, h. 95 Summer 
Goodhue Charles B. jeweller, 62 Hanover 
Gooding Betsy; widow of Thomas, 219 Hanover 
<jooding Henry, watchmaker, 42 Wash. h. 5 Montg. pi. 
Goodnow Charles, housewright, house ]Market place 
Goodnow D. & G., W. I. goods, 577 Washington 
Goodnow Ira. See Sawyer & G. 
Goodnow John (PUrce i^ G.), boards 11 Elm 
Goodnow Jones, paver, house rear 7 Columbia 
Goodnow Lyman, paver, Cambridge corner Charles 
Goodnow Peter, domes, g'ds, 35 Central, h. 21 La Gra. pL 
Goodnow Susan, boarding, h. 9 Morton place 
Goodrich Ebenezer, organ builder, Tremont corner Hovy- 

ard, h. 67 Hancock 
Goodrich (Ira) & Huntington (L. j?.), tailors, 5 Joy's b'g 
Goodrich Isaac W. stationer, 58 Washing, h. 21 Cambr. 


Goodrich INFary, widow, 4 Clark 

Goodrich Samuel G. publisher, 8 Scliool 

Goodridgo {Abijah) & Chapman {Duminer 7i.), distillers, 

3 Long wharf 
Goodridgo Ambrose H. printer, h. G Slillman place 
Goodridgo KHzabelh, miniature painter, h. Lyman place 
Goodridge Frederick. See Stickney «fc G. 
Goodridge Joseph, housevvi ight, 51 Spring 
Goodridge Levi, cistern builder, Mech. pi. h. 33 Warren 
Goodridge Lowell, house 110 Warren 
Goodridge Mary, widow, Clark 
Goodridge Nancy, dressmaker, 18 Warren 
Goodridge Nancy, nurse, rear 234 Washington 
Goodridge Samuel, ship chan. 6 Central wi". h. Atkinson 
Goodridge Samuel W. cooper, h.25 Carver 
Goodridge Sarah G. 39 Carver 
Goodridge Sarah, miniature painter, 03 Hancock 
Goodspeed James R. carpenter, rear 81 Sea 
Goodwin Benjamin, mason, 4 Bridge court 
Goodwin Enoch, cooper, head Rovve's wf. Ii. Columbia 

near Essex 
Goodwin John M, cash. People's B. Rox. h. S. end Wash. 
Goodwin Henry M. housewright, boards 48 Orange 
Goodwin George W. merchant, 17 Pearl 
Goodwin Margaret, widow of Nathaniel, 7 N. Bennet 
Goodwin Ozias, merchant, 39 India wf h. 50 Beacon 
Goodwin Thos. provis. Prince c. Travers, h.20Thacher 
Googins James B. laborer, rear Broadway 
Googins Sarah, widow, opposite 28 Elliot 
Googins Mark, blacksmith, house Broadway 
Gordon Charles P. Foster place 
Gordon (George IV.) &. Stoddard {Lewis T.), dry goods, 

78 State. Gordon's house 3 Staniford 
Gordon James, laborer, house rear 730 Washington 
Gordon John, tobacconist, 159 Ann 
Gordon John, provisions, 108, boards 100 Salem 
(iordon M. U. furniture, 4 Dock square 
Gordon Oliver S. provisions, 003 Washington, h. Castlo 
Gordon Robert, stevedore. Fleet 
Gordon Thomas, coachn)an, house 1 Huwley 
Gordon \V illiam, counsellor, 31 Court 
(jordon William, laborer, house George 
Gore (C/ir/stop/icr) &, Baker {William), painters, 8 Bat- 

teryniarcli. Gores house 35 Prince 
Gore Christopher, house Spring st. place 


Gore Jeremiah, jr. 138 Purchase 

Gore Stephen, jr. house Nassau court 

Gore Stephen, 3d, High st. place 

Gore Watson. See Smith & G. 

Gorham EHzabeth, widow, 16 Short 

Gorham Elizabetli, 71 Leveret 

Gorham D. See Abbot & G. 

Gorham John W. boards 72 Temple 

Gorham James L. See Joseph Whitney & Co. 

Gorham Lot, house rear 32 Cross 

Gorham Mary, widow of John, h. 72 Temple 

Gorman James, laborer, h. Creek square 

Gorman John, blacksmith, 40 Pond 

Gorman Thos. laborer, 25 Charter 

Gossler (Gustavus) & Knorre (Chas.), merch. 70 State 

Goss Henry, house 5 Hanover court 

Goss Mary, milliner, house 17 Myrtle 

Goss Orra, fruiterer, 1 City Hall, h. Harvard place 

Goss Sylvester T. mes. Wash. Bank, h. 30 Warren 

Gould Abraham, 4th street 

Gould Ann, widow of John R. 40 Temple 

Gould Augustus A. physician, 207 Treraont, h. 7 Howard 

Gould Benjamin, mason, h. 4 Suffolk 

Gould B. A. 33 Union wharf, h.5 Winthrop place 

Gould Benj. T. groc. Merrimac c. Causeway, h. 1 Prosp. 

Gould Ch. D. house 6 West Cedar 

Gould (/yrus, rear 4 Hull 

Gould Corbin, baker, house 50 Myrtle 

Gould Clarissa, widow, li. 4 South Cedar 

Gould Catharine W. tailoress, S.Cedar near Church 

Gould David, account, and teacher book-keep. Court sq. 

Gould Eunice, widow, 79 Tremont 

Gould Frederick (Eaton and G.), h. Prince cor. Hanover 

Gould Hannah, widow, 65 Elliot 

Gould (John G.) &, Blackmer (Holland), housewrights, 

Charlestovvn. Gould's h. 31 Poplar 
Gould John S. laborer, West Centre 
Gould Joshua, cabinetmaker, Middlesex, near Castle 
Gould Lydia, widow, 12 Spring 
Gould Richard H. h. Castle, opposite Suffolk 
Gould Robert S. caulker and graver, h. 240 Hanover 
Gould Samuel, tailor, 89 Broad, h.8 Province Houso ct. 
Gould Samuel, clothes, 6G Ann 

Gould Stephen L. pianoforte maker, boards Boylston 
Gould T. C. boarding, 240 Ann 


Gould Thaddeus, machinist, 20 Cross 

Gould Thomas, housewriglit, 25 Friend 

Gould Thomas, jr. housewright, h. Baldwin place 

Gould William, baker, Clark corner Ann 

Gould Waller, mariner, h. 75 Elliot 

Goulding Joiin, stonecutter, h. rear 81 Sea 

Gove Austin, truckman, 35 Thacher 

Gove Charles, truckman, h. rear 11 East 

Gove Jeremiah D. (Taylor S,^ G), h. 26 Friend 

Gove (John) *& Locke (Edioard), clothes, 42 Ann and 

CO Commercial 
Gove John, 220 Hanover 

Goves Samuel, housevvright, 9 N. Federal court 
Gowan Benjamin P. caulker and graver, 7 Bartlett 
Gowan Rebecca, nurse, Bartlett 
Grace Joseph, cooper. North Margin 
Grace Mary, h. 5 Franklin 
Grace Michael, caulker, Langdon place 
Grace Michael, laborer, 139 Broad 
Graeter Francis, instructor, h. 1 Garland place 
Graftam {Stephen) & Marsh {Warren), livery stable Bat- 

teryuiarch, house do. 
Graflum Oliver, hackman, h. 14 Batterymarch 
Grafton Joseph, measurer, Custom House, h. Tremont 

near Washington 
Gragg John, truckman, house North square 
Gragg Joseph, hackman, 11 Hanover, h. Bowdoin 
Gragg Sophia, widow, 90 Pleasant 
Gragg Washington P. counsellor, and assistant clerk of 

tlie Senate, 39 Court, boards 11 Crescent place 
Graham Henry Y. machinist, Wilson's lane, h. 90 Camb. 
Graham John, wharf builder, 73 Prince 
Grahl Henry, laborer, rear Go Elliot 
Granger David, painter, 13 Mount Vernon, h. Hancock 
Granger Sumner, painter, Court sq. boards r. 417 Wash. 
Grant A. Watson, Russia wharf, h.2l Somerset 
Grant Alpheus, house 41 Brighton 
Grant Augustus, bathing liouse, Cragic's bridge 
Grant {Bcnj. /i.), Seavor (G.) & Co. {G.R. Dinsmoor S^ R. 

Burnett), dry goods, 5 Liberty sq. G.'sh. 14 Rowe pi. 
Grant Keziah, boarding house, 40 Federal 
Grant (Moses) &l Daniell (Otis), "paper store, 9 Union. 

Grant's h. 7 Cambridge. See advertisement 
Grant Patrick, 57 Commercial wf. h. 9 Mt. Vernon 
Grant Sarah, widow, 20 Salem 


Grant Susan, dressmaker, 20 Saleni 

Grant William, jeweller, 44 Hanover 

Graupner Gottlieb, h. 1 Province House court 

Graves James, shipwright, Moon 

Graves Martha, nurse, h. opposite 79 Pleasant 

Graves Rebecca, v\'idow, rear Merrimac 

Graves William, flour rner. 15 Long vvf. b. 11 Myrtle 

Gray Benjamin, house GO Poplar 

Gray Edward, boarding house. Fleet cor. Commercial 

Gray Edward L. capt. h. 5 Sister 

Gray Edward L. jr. {Miller, Shclton &/• Co.), h. 5 Sister 

Gray Edward, house IG North Bennet 

Gray Francis, painter and glazier, h. 44 Merrimac 

Gray Francis H. 5 Franklin 

Gray Francis C. counsellor, 17 Court, h. 41 Beacon 

Gray Frederick T. boards 4 Tremont place 

Gray George H. & Co. {JVm. G. Prince), hardware, 91 

Kilby, house Norfolk avenue 
Gray Harrison (Ililliard, Gray ^ Co.), h. 41 Hancock 
Gray Henry D., W. I. goods, 24 India, h. Snowhill 
Gray Hiram, mariner, 186 Ann 
Gray Horace tfc Co. {Saml Doic, jr. 8^ JS'dth. Francis), 

merchants, 7 Commercial wharf, h. 57 Summer 
Gray James, captain, 8 Saleni place 
Gray Joanna, widow of Samuel, h. 10 Gouch 
Gray John, house Norfolk avenue 
Gray John, housewright, 4G South Margin 
Gray John, laborer, Lafayette avenue 
Gray John C. counsellor, h. 36 Summer 
Gray Lydia, laundress, Peck lane 
Gray Martha, widow of Robert, 40 Salem 
Gray Mary, widow, 436 Washington 
Gray Mary, widow of Wm. R., 5 Franklin 
Gray Noali, cordwainer. Prince near Hanover 
Gray Richard, h. 4 Scollay's buildings 
Gray Richard, jeweller, h. Newbern place 
Gray (/?.)& Johnson (G. L.), fish, Bromfield. Gray's 

house rear 200 Washington 
Gray Sam'l C. merchant, 3i Central wf h. 53 Mt. Vernon 
Gray Thomas (Hawcs, G. 4^ Co.), h. 38 High 
Gray Thomas, jr. physician, Norfolk avenue 
Gray Thomas S. laborer, rear 27 Milk 
Gray William, counting room, Hobbs's wf boards 9 Elm 
Gray (William) *& Sohicr {E. D.), attornies, 17 Court, h. 

5 Franklin 


Gray William (Homer ^^ G.), h. 2 Central court 
Gray William R. clerk, house 119 Pleasant 
Greaves William & Sons, count, room, 4i) Kilby 
Greatun Lucretia, instructress, h. 103 Trcmont 
Grcele Samuel, house 18 Winthrop place 
Greeley Philip, jr. {Natlianicl Dana ir Co.), h. 4 Bulfinch 
Green Andrew W. hou.><e 50 Belknap 
Green Andrew, measurer, Custom II. h. 5G Belknap 
Green Ann, widow of Jonas, 5i) Court 
Green Ann, widow of Richard, h. 2 Bedford place 
Green Belinda, dressmaker, 1G4 Hanover 
Green Caleb, cooper, house Battery 
Green Charles A. printer, 19 Water, boards 101 Wash. 
Green Ellis B., counting rcom 53 Broad, h. 22 Leveret 
Green Elijah L. {Godhold <!y- G.), h. 18 Prince 
Green Francis, painter, h. G South st. place 
Green George, pumpmakcr, 285 Ann, h. Henchman lane 
Green Hannah, widow, Thacher st. court 
Green Hannah, widow of Isaac, rear Broadway 
Green John, cordwainer, IMechanic place 
Green John, jr. painter and glazier, G59 Washington 
Green M. W. Lewis's wharf, h. Prince 
Green Paul, laborer, Batterymarch 
Green Peter, mariner, house Southac 
Green Samuel, jr. block tin manufacturer, h. 5th street 
Green Susan, widow, UK) Washington 
Green Thankful, widow, Suflblk, rear C83 Washington 
Green Thomas, clerk, Levejet lane 

Green Tho's, blacksmith, Com. next railway, h.9 Siieafo 
Green William, plater, boards opposite I Columbia 
Green William, gralemaker, h. Gridley 
Green William, jr. printer, h. lit Charter 
Green \Vm. surv«'yor huubcr, 18 Prince 
Green William, laborer, Pond 

Greene Benjamin II. bookseller, 124 Wash. h. 103 Salem 
Greene Charles G. ed. Morning Post, h. 53 Belknap 
Greene Christo[)lier, physician, 9 Suffolk place 
Greene David, 28 Cornhill, h. 55 Pinckney 
Greene David (J. 6,- D. G.), house 22 Cross 
Greene Elizabeth, widow of Gardner, h. Pembcrton hill 
Greene Franklin, jr. house 48 Essex 
Greene Lydia, widow of Job, h. 4 Suffolk place 
Greene John, house rear 101 Tremont 
Greene Jonathan &l David, hat store, N. side Faneuil H. 
Greene Joseph H. shoe store. 163 Court, h. 18 Pitts 


Greene Lucy H. school, Harlaem pi. li. 3 Newbury place 

Greene M. & L. T. house 18 Elliot 

Greene Nathaniel, postmaster, h. 7 Avon place 

Greene Samuel D. 130 Sea, h. Broadway 

Greene Simon E. broker, lobby State Bank 

Greenleaf (Franklin) &. Lemon (/T7//«/7/?), binders, 96 

Washington. Greenleaf boards 170 Washington 
Greenleaf Gardner, mason, 35 Allen 
Greenleaf Nathaniel S. mason, h. 3 West Centre 
Greenleaf Oliver C. booksell. 1]8 Wash, b'ds lOBulfinch 
Greenleaf Richard C. {Chandler 4'- G.), h. 137 Tren)ont 
Greenleaf Sam'l, merclmnt, 35 & 3G Commercial wharf, 

house 1G Winthrop place 
Greenleaf William, bricklayer, 1 Myrtle court 
Greenough Alfred, merchant, 40 India wharf 
Greenough B. F. and J. J. engravers, stereotype founders 

and publishers, 3 Water 
Greenough Benj. F. 3 Water, house 3d street 
Greenough George, captain, 16 North Bennet 
Greenough J. James 101 Washington 
Greenough {John G.) & Brown {Jos. M.), housewrights, 

head Otis's wharf G.'s house B street 
Greenough Walter, dry goods, 33 Central, h. 9 Purchase 
Greenough Wm. hardware, 14 Mer. row, h.4 Hancock av. 
Greenough William, printer, 3d street 
Greenslit Lucius. See Reeves & Greenslit 
Greenwood Bela, 89 Faneuil Hall market 
Greenwood Ethan A., N. E. Museum, 76 Court 
Greenwood Francis W. P. Rev. 24 Portland 
Greenwood Ira, shoes, 404 Washington, h. 16 Front 
Greenwood John, druggist, 69 Pleasant 
Greenwood John, housewright, S. Margin, h. 33 Myrtle 
Greenwood Wm. A. fruit, 12 Water, boards S. Margin 
Greer Philip, blacksmith, house 5th street 
Gregerson George, merchant, 22 Long wf. h. Pinckney 
Gregerson J. B. physician, 16 4jincoIn 
Gregg Daniel, house 27 Myrtle 
Gregory Deborah, milliner, 202 Washington 
Gregory Elizabeth, tailoress, Leveret court 
Gregory John C. truckman. Leveret court 
Gregson Nancy, 360 Washington 
Grelee Joseph W. {Rlplcrj «^- G.), h. 156 Purchase 
Grelee Joseph, provisions, 160, h. 156 Purchase 
Grew Henry, 140 Pleasant 
Grew Henry (Chase & G.), house 51 Bowdoin 


Grew John (Ilosmcr ^- G.), h. 4 Trcinont place 

Gridloy Eunice, widow, 74 Treinont 

Gridley II. N. 4 Columbia 

Gridley Mary, widow, 4 Columbia 

Gridley i?amuel, pianoforte maker, li. rear 52 Trcmont 

Gridley William, Chambers corner Green 

Gridley William, jr. furniture, Brattle, h. 17 South 

Gritfin Edward, teamster, rear 81 Sea 

Griflin James, laborer, house 18 Myrtle 

Griffin John, baker, cor. A and 4th streets 

Griffin Mary B. house rear Charles 

Griffin Reuben P. blacksmith, h. 4th street 

Griffin Sarah, widow, 90 Salem 

Griffin Robert, grocer, CO Pleasant, h. G5 Elliot 

Griffin Thomas, cordvvainer, h. (commercial near Ann 

Gritfin Thomas, laborer, rear Broadway 

Griffith E. R. painter and glazier, Avery, house do. 

Griffith Margaret G. house Newbcrn place 

Griffiths Charles {Welch, G. «^' Reeves), h. 1 Ilawlcy 

Griffiths Sarah, widow, 5t) Temple 

Grigg Richard, laborer, rear 22 Carver 

Grigg Wdliam, physician, 28 and 30 Atkinson 

Griggs Charles, clerk, 93 Wash. h. rear 132 Pleasant 

Griggs {David R.), Weld {Atiron D.jr.), &.Co. {George 

Trufant), merchants, 12 Long wf. 
Griggs Elizabetli, T27 Washington 
Griggs John, h. Washington cor. Lenox 
Griggs John, blacksn)ilb, A street 
Griggs {JVuthanicl) & Chickering {Horatio), flour, 22 

Commercial. G.'s house 23 Myrtle 
Griggs (jY.) & Liscom (L.), coal, c. r. 22 Commercial 
Griggs Robert, laborer, rear 130 Pleasant 
Griggs Stephen, blacksmith, house Carver 
Griggs Thomas J. housewrighl, house 110 Warren 
Griggs Thomas, 8S Faneuil Hall market 
Grimes Francis, clerk, h. 105 Court 
Grimes William, laborer, Distil-house square 
Griner Christo{)her, laborer, ^1^5 Essex place 
Griswold Edward T. Kilby, h.T9 South 
Griswold Elizabeth, nurse, 228 Washington 
Griswold Sarah, dressmaker, 228 Washington 
Grosvenor Lera. P. Eng. g'ds, 21 Doane, h. 7 Cresc. pi. 
Grover Asaph, laborer. Market place 
Grover Daniel, roj)cmaker, Knox 
Grover Loring, cordwainer, 49 Salcni 


Grover (JV.) & Badger ( Wm.,jr.), shipsmiths, Forthill wf 

Grover Nathaniel, house 2 Purchase place 

Groves Isaac (Russell »5t Groves), boards 18 Fayette 

Groves William L. cooper, Commercial near Hull 

Grubb John, clerk Suffolk Bank, h. 6 N. Bennet 

Grubb William, cardmaker, IGO, h. 168 Ann 

Grubb William, jr. clerk Suffolk Bank, b. 48 Leveret 

Grush John H. jr. hairdresser, Bromfield H. h. 6 Elliot ct. 

Guardenier John, bookbinder, 141 Wash. h. 70 Chamb. 

Guild {Aaron) & Covvdin (Robert), lumber, Front 

Guild Aaron, h.91 Front 

Guild Albert, physician, 48 Hanover 

Guild Benjamin, counsellor, 10 Court, h. in Brookline 

Guild Charles, goldbeater, house C Carver 

Guild Curtis, nierch. 28 Merchants row, h. 100 Tremont 

Guild Frances, nurse, rear 417 Washington 

Guild Jontithan IM. (Kendall 8^ G.), h. 27 Wash, place 

Giiliker Elizabeth, teacher, 17 Pinckney 

Gulliver John, carpet store, 313 Wash. h. 1 South st. ci. 

Gulliver Lemuel, stationer, 82 State 

Gulliver Peleg, housevvright, 103 Pond 

Gulliver Rebecca, widow, rear Broadway 

Gulliver Stephen, liairdresser, S. Russell 

Gunn Cephas M. var. shop, 130 State, h. 5(5 Hanover 

Gunn John, jeweller, 1 Spring lane, h. Friend 

Gunn Lyman T. 9 Merchants row, h. 18 Hanover 

Gunn Richard, stonecutter, h. 8 Sweetser court 

Gunning John, cordwainer, opposite 8 JNorfoik place 

Gunnison Emeline, milliner, 130 Hanover 

Gunnison Josiah, housevvright. Berry 

Gurney Alpheus, h. 10 Orange 

Gurney Benjamin J. keeper S. Boston Old Bridge 

Gurney Henry, branch pilot, 304 Ann 

Gurney James H. teamster, rear 52 Essex 

Gurney Nathan, 83 Salem 

Gurney Zachariah (Gutterson & G.), h. rear Broadway 

Guss Michael, laborer, h. reap 100 Broad 

Gustus Frederick, boardin^^jjjtt Ann 

Gutterson Wm. H. housevvright, h. rear 714 Washington 

Gutterson (JVm.) & Gurney (Zachariah), merchants, 52 

India wharf 
Gwinn George F. barber, 10 Elm 

Gyer Charles, mustard fact. Cross cor. Ann, h. 4 Unity 
Gyzlaar Caroline, 485 Washington 


IIABICHT C. EDW. Swedish Consul, 7 India wharf 

Hacker George, laborer, 18 Warren 

Hackett Patty, liouse 1G2 Purchase 

Hackett Sarah, widow, Greenough lane 

Hadley Carlton, laborer, rear Ash 

Hadley Charles J. hairdres. 366 Wash. h. 10 Norfolk pi. 

Hadley Moses, toll gath. Camb. bridge, h. 26 Charles 

Hadley Nathan, tailor, 60 Cambridge 

Hadley Samuel, blacksmith. Pond 

Hadley SamI, hairdres. r. 371 Wash. h. Batterman pi. 

Hadley Willis, teamster, h. rear Ash 

Hadoway Mary, widow, 83 Salem 

Hager (Darius) &■ Barry (Charles), truckmen, 111 State. 

Hager's house Cooper 
Hager G. O. victualler, 88 Commercial, h. 234 Ann 
Hager James, mason, rear 4 Prince 
Hagerty Michael, laborer, Broadway 
Hague William, Rev. 5 Pitts 
Hale Aaron, cooper, house Broadway 
Hale David, accountant, house 30 Orange 
Hale Eliphalet, 35 Commer. wharf, house 20 Atkinson 
Hale Enoch, jr. physician, 14 West 
Hale John T." dry goods, 42 Kilby, h. 7 Derne 
Hale xMoses, housewright, h. 90 Warren 
Hale Moses L. Sec. M. H. Life Ins. Co. h. 61 Chesnut 
Hale Nathan, editor Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot, 

house 9 Central court 
Hale Robert, jr. Sec. U. S. Insurance Company 
Hale Stephen, handcartman, 33 Pleasant 
Hale Theodore, clerk, 129 Wash, boards 2 Morton pi. 
Hales William, Pres. Globe Ins. Co. h. 16 Hay ward pi. 
Haley Geo. W. (fV/iite & H), h. 4 Stillman place 
Haley James, labo'fer. North Margin 
Haley John, laborer, south 752 VVnshington 
Haley John, laborer, rear 145 Broad 
Haley Margaret, widow, Cambridge cor. Bridge 
Haley Thomas, house Battery 
Haley Wm. provisions, Leveret cor. Barton, h. corner 

Leveret court 
Halfpenny David, mariner, h. rear 276 Ann 
Hall A. A. <fe Co. (R. H. II.), hats and fur, 25 Broad, h. 

High corner Gridlcy 
Hall Abel, clerk, near 5 Brighton 
Hall Abigail, widow, 124 Hanover 
Hall Adin, broker, 10 Exchange, house 21 Allen 


Hall Alfred B. book keeper Granite Bank 

Hall Andrew, 37 Lynn 

Hall Andrew T. & Co. {Samud Hall), crockery ware, 

99 Milk, house 5 High 
Hall Bening, baker, h. 17 Haffiilton 
Hall C. J. captain, 51 Hancock 

Hall Charles J. aitctioneer, 96 Water, h. 40 Pinckney 
Hall David, provisions, 7 Bedford, h. 7 Columbia 
Hall Debba, widow of Beza, h. 14 Vine 
Hall Edward F. auctioneer, 88 Water, h. 22 Spring 
Hall Edward, bookbinder, boards 17 Franklin place 
Hall Eliza, 20 Gouch 
Hall Eliza, widow, 151 Court 
Hall Elizabeth, nurse. Salutation 

Hall Ephraim, weigher, 30 India, h. rear 654 Washing. 
Hall Eunice, widow, 40 Pinckney 
Hall Frances, widow, 91 Merrimac 
Hall Francis, distiller, h. 560 Washington 
Hall Francis M., W. I. goods, Boylston cor. Boylston sq. 
Hall Frederick W. h. Barre place 
Hall George, housewright, rear 13 Sea, h. 69 do. 
Hall Gorham, Salutation 
Hall Harrison, trunk maker, 4 Exchange 
Hall Henry H. clerk, boards 27 Somerset 
Hall Henry, merchant, 77 Milk, h. 53 Bowdoin 
Hall Horace. See James Read & Co. 
Hall Isaac, house 4 North square 
Hall Isaac, 15 Central wharf, h. 40 Atkinson 
Hall Isaac, jr. fruit, house 53 Cambridge 
Hall Jacob, distiller, rear 66, house 67 Prince 
Hall James, Pres. N.E. Marine Ins. Co. h. 684 Wash. 
Hall James, blacksmith, 80 Pond 
Hall Jason, house 1 Fruit 
Hall John, h. 72 Leveret 
Hall John (Btinting & H), boards 145 Court 
Hall John 15. housewright, h. rear Suffolk 
Hall John, silk dyeing, 19 Brattle 
Hall John G. provisions, 26 Camb. boards 4 North sq. 
Hall John, laborer. Leveret corner Brighton 
Hall John W. baker, h. Battery march 
Hall John W. {Watcrston, Pray & Co.), h. 6 Morton pi. 
Hall Josiah R. tailor, 7 Congress square 
Hall John K. clerk, boards 72 Leveret 
Hall Jonathan P. 51 Hancock 
Hall Jonatiian P. jr. druggist, 1 Union, h. 51 Hancock 


Hall Joseph, judge, h. 10 Hancock 

Hall Joseph, jr. cashier Hamilton Hank, h. G4 Federal 

Hall Lorenzo T. printer, li. Mechanic 

Hall Mary, widow, Salutation 

Hall INIary, tailoress, 5 Nassau 

Hall ^[artin. housevvright, house 33 Orange 

Hall Millecent H. dressmaker, 5G0 Washington 

Hall iMilton, housevvright, Pine, h. 5 Jetferson 

Hall iMilton, jr. housevvright, Mechanic place 

Hall (jV/iZAV) & Chapman (Jo/m), grocers, Chesnut cor. 

Walnut. Halls house 2l)G Washington 
Hall Nathaniel, house 51 Hancock 
Hall Parthenia, widow, house Friend 
Hall Richard, hardware, 15 Dock sq. h. 31 Wash. pi. 
Hall Richard H. house 40 Pinckney 
Hall Robert, sawyer, h. Short 
Hall Robert, whitingmaker, h. rear Friend 
Hall Samuel {A. T. Hall Sl Co.), h. Atkinson c. Purcli. 
Hall Samuel W., W. I. goods, 72 Com. h. 13 Richmond 
Hall Seth, blacksmith, rear 108 Cambridge 
Hall Silas, bar-room. Sea, near the Bridge 
Hall Stephen, grocer, 2 Market square, h. I Alden court 
Hall Susan, nurse, 354 Washington 
Hall Theodore N. house 51 Hancock 
Hall Thomas (S. Peirce & Co.), house 2 Wendell 
Hall Thomas, grocer. Elm, h. 2 Wendell 
Hall Timothy, tinplale worker, 83 Ann,h. 6G Prince 
Hall Vincent, laborer. May 
Hall William, blacksmith, house Leveret lane 
Hallett Denj. F. attorney and editor Daily Advocate, 50 

Congress, h. 7 Williams 
HaJlet George, merchant, 19 India, h. 3 Green 
Hallet Jacob G. (Huices, Gray &. Co.), h. 19 Purchase 
Hallct Job, ropcmaker, 91 Charles 
Hallet Martha, widow, rear 63 Ann 
Hallet Russell {Broirn & 7/.), h. 74 Boylston 
Halliburton G. M. clerk Custom H. house 81 Court 
Hallorau Edward, painter, h. rear CG4 Washington 
Hamblen Joshua, oysters, rear 48 Congress 
Hamblet James, stonecutter, 10 Hanover 
Haml)lin Benjamin, h. 41 Fayette 
ILamilton Asa, tailor. North Margin 
Hauiillon Mary, boarding, 22 Federal 
Hamilton Samuel, cordwamer. Short 
Hamilton Strickland, City Hotel, 3 Sears^s buildings, Elm 


Hammatt Benjamin H. cabinetmaker, 27 Salem 

Hammatl Charles, bookkeeper Bos. Bank, li. lOCJ Cliamb. 

Hammatl Henry, cabinetmaker, 2 JNoyes place 

Hammatt John B. upliolsterer, 10 Howard 

Hammatt John B. jr. captain, liouse Lenox 

Hammer John, laborer, 1 ]\orlo!k place 

Hammond Artemas (Jdains & H.), boards 19 Portland 

Hammond Charles, blacksmith, Front, h. 36 Pleasant 

Hammond C. tools, 2 south side Faneuil Hall 

Hammond Daniel (Crockett, Seuver &. Co.), h. Pearl 

Hammond Elisba L. stucco worker. May, h. 32 Myrtle 

Hammond Elizabeth, widow, 7 Distil-house square 

Hammond Elizabeth, widow, 59 Tremont 

Hammond George, brassfounder, 7 2d street 

Hammond Horatio, wine mer. 16 Exch. h. Wash. C. H. 

Hammond John, shipjoiner, h. Dorchester street 

Hammond John, mariner, 115 Broad 

Hammond John, housewright, Brighton, h. 18 Spring 

Hammond John, housewright, h. rear 417 Washington 

Hammond John, mariner, 7 Short 

Hammond John, cooper, house Salutation 

Hammond Jos.L. bookkeeper Ham. Bank,h. 1 S. Cedar 

Hammond Mary, milliner, 242 and 262, h. 260 Washing. 

Hammond Nath'l, housewright. 55 Leveret, h. Chambers 

Hammond Samuel, merchant, n. 65 Bowdoin 

Hammond Samuel, merchant, Somerset place 

Hammond Sarah, widow, 33 Poplar 

Hammond Thomas, shipwright, Broadway 

Hammond Thos. jr. tailor, 13 Water 

Hand Thomas, mariner, rear 15 Charter 

Hanaford William G. physician, 10 Hanover 

Hanaford William, handcartman, 10 Oliver 

Hancock Charles L. attorney, 10 Court 

Hancock Eliza, h. Castle near Middlesex 

Hancock Henry K. cabinet and chair maker, 667 Wash. 

Hancock John, captain, 11 Essex place 

Hancock John, 14 West Cedar 

Hancock William, upholsterer, 45 Cornhill,h.9 Howard 

Handy Peter, house 15 Charter 

Hanning Charles, mariner. Battery 

Hanners Benj. hairdresser, 48 Chatham, h. 8 Federal ct. 

Hanniim Jonathan C. house Market place 

Hanover Rebecca, tailoress, Bartlett 

Hansell Hannah H. teacher, 62 Prince 

Hanson John A. dry goods, 373 Wash b'ds 25 Summer 


Hanson Lewis, liouscwrigiit, house Garden 

Hanson Mary, widow, Charter 

Hanson jMiranda, Jionse Sun court 

Hanson Olive, 111 diaries 

Haragin Hugli, laborer, 128 Ann 

Ilaraden Leonard, laborer, rear 24 i\Ierrima« 

Harden Caivin, mason, Castle near Middlesex 

Harden Morris, laborer, h. rear 12G Ana 

Harding Gamaliel, Sheafe 

Harding Gamaliel, jr. Foster place 

Harding Howes, 54 Friend 

Harding L^aac, h. 13G Hanover 

Harding Joshua, captain, house Pond 

Harding Josiah M. sailtnaker, h. 33 Salem 

Harding Judson, house 28 Blossom 

Harding Newell, silversmith, rear 87 WasJj. h. 46 Alka 

Harding Seaman, baker, house 17 May 

Harding Schuyler C. blacksmith, 1st street 

Harding Seth, oysterman, h. 19 School 

Harding Wilder, VV. L goods, Turnpike, h. 4th street 

Hardvvick Sam'l, stageh. Norfolk av. rear 185 VVashing- 

Hardvvick William, niereh. 34 Cent. wf. h. 2 Orange ct. 

Hardy Charles A. S. baker, h. rear 57 Elliot 

Hardy (Enoch, jr.) &, Ware (Edward F.), dry goods, 

397 Washington 
ILardy John, porter, house 18 Carver 
Hardy John, plasterer, rear 39 Essex 
Hardy William, cooper, Datterman place 
Hardy William, blacksmith, h. 10 Boylston 
Harenton Charles H. sashmaker, Carver, h. 60 Elliot 
Hargan John, laborer, rear G3 Elliot 
Harley William, stevedore, Commercial near Hanover 
Harlow Asaph, tailor, 147 Hanover, h. 27 Thachcr 
Harlow Charles, stonecutter, Merrimac, h. 27 Friend 
Harlow Dexter (T. R. Peck & Co.), h. 176 Tremont 
Harlow Elizabeth, house South Cedar 
Harlow Henry, stonecutter, G Prince 
Harlow Rhoda, widow. Warren place 
Harlow Seth, housewright, h. rear 4th street 
Harmon John, house Minot 
Harney James, laborer, 20 Stillman 
Harney John, laborer, 151 Broad 
Harndcn Amariah, painter, h. Barre place 
Harper Geo. W. stage agent, h. 2G South Russell 


Harper Thomas, laborer, 2 Bread 
Harrimari John, painter, rear 165 Washington 
Harring Hannah, widow, h. Bumstead court 
Harrington Andrew, farrier, Bromfield pi. h. Nassau ct. 
Harrington Bethiah, boarding, 2 Harvard court 
Harrington Bowen (fVheeler &. //.), h. 96 Salem 
Harrington Daniel S. housewright, 3d street 
Harrington Delia, widow of Charles, rear Broadway 
Harrington Ephraim & Co. lace and hosiery, 56 Water 
Harrington Edward, hackman, 1 Fayette court 
Harrington E. S. See Hunnewell & H. 
Harrington Henry, teamster, rear 11) Cross 
Harrington James, laborer, rear 129 Purchase 
Harrington Joseph, counsellor, 9 State, h. in Roxbury 
Harrington Noah, truckman, 19 Broad, h. 26 Harvard 
Harrington Rufus, farmer, 3d street 
Harrington Wyman, mason, 31 Warren 
Harris Benjamin C. shoes, 6 Broad, h. 14 Lincoln 

Harris Dunbar, mason, h. 2 Mechanic place 

Harris Ephraim, blacksmith, S. Bridge, h. r. 681 Wash. 

Harris Elijah, brickmaker, 4th street 

Harris Elizabeth, widow, Commercial near Hanover 

Harris George, clothing store, 184 Ann, h. 5 North sq. 

Harris Henry, U. S. Dep. Marshal, 20 Court, h. 2 Hart- 
ford place 

Harris Henry, grocer, rear Lewis's wf. h. Salter place 

Harris Isaac & Co. {John Cushing &, I. J. Larkin), mast 
yard, Commer. Harris's h. 8 North Bennet 

Harris James, merchant, 3 Central wharf, h. 23 High 

Harris James, shoemaker, Batterymarch 

Harris John S. broker, 12 Long wharf, h 9 Tremont 

Harris John W. ship chandlery, 31 India 

Harris Josephus. See Allen & H. 

Harris Joseph, jr. groceries, Broadway, h. 4th street 

Harris Leach & Son (Samuel), caulkers and gravers, 
Otis's wharf, h. 26 Washington place 

Harris Leonard, house Mass. Hotel 

Harris Luther, cooper, 4lli street 

Harris Mercy, widow of Nathaniel, 2 Mechanic place 

Harris Michael, laborer, head Maine wharf 

Harris Nathaniel (Jl. Walker S^ Co.), b'ds 1 Mechan. pi. 

Harris Nathaniel, marblecutter, h. 4 Elliot court 

Harris Richard D. City and County Treasurer, City Hall, 

house 2 Hartford place 
Harris Robert, rigger, house Spear alley 


Harris Samuel, printer, 10 Washington, li. 20 Gouch 

Harris Samuel {Leach H. ^- Sun), h. SS Purchase 

Harris Samuel, house 53 Leveret 

Harris Sanmel D. house 2 Hartford place 

Harris William, printer, h. 4th street 

Harrison Thot))as, engrav. 47 Court, b'ds 3 1-2 Sudbury 

Harrison W'illiam, engraver, house Lowell place 

Ilarrod James, printer, 53 Pinckney 

Harrod Noah, cabinetmaker, h. 222 Hanover 

Hart Cornelius, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Hart Edward J. mariner, 24 Prince 

Hart Geo. W. handcarlman, h. Salt lane 

Hart H., N. E. Blacking Co. 23 Elm. See advertisement 

Hart Josiah S. printer, house 4 Bath 

Hart Joseph S. printer, house 5 Bridge street court 

Hart Patrick, laborer, !J8 Broad 

Hart Roland S. printer, G Merchants Hall 

Hart Patrick, laborer, Williams court 

Hart Stephen, laborer, 3G Elliot 

Hart Sally, widow of Edward, 9 Hull 

Hart Samuel, mason, 2G Atkinson, house Jefferson 

Hart Thomas, house 8 Richmond 

Hartford John, pianoiorte maker, house Castle 

Hartigan Mary, widow, 3G Court 

Hartshorn Caleb, hats, G6 Washington, h. at Exchange 
Hartshorn Charles, teller Oriental Bank, b'ds 24 Blossom 
Hartshorn Charles A. cooper, house 10 Essex place 
Hartshorn {Elipk. P.) & Ellis (Ebcn.), mer. 7 Central 

wharf. Hartshorn's house 24 Blossom 
Hartshorn (John) & Homer {Eugene A.), 44 India wharf 
Hartshorn John, house 7 High 

Hartshorn John, blacksmith, house Plymouth place 
Hartshorn Joseph, soda room, 4G Hanover 
Hartshorn Roland, housewright, rear 530 Washington, h. 

3 Madison place 
Hartshorn Rebecca, 31 Prince 
Hartshorn William, shipwright, house 17 May 
Hartt Joseph, captain, 215 Hanover 
Hartwell Alonzo, engraver, 47 Court, h. 5 Leveret 
Hartwell C. F. (Philbrkh, //. & Co.), h. at Fulton H. 
Hartwell John W. house 3G Milk 
Hartwell Joseph, machinist, house 5 Mason 
Hartwell Thomas, laborer, 709 Washington 
Harvard Edward, shipwright, 1st street 
Harvey Catherine, nurse, G Lucas place 



Harvey James, mariner, Barry's wharf 
Harvey Patrick, laborer, rear Suffolk 
Harvey Peter {Emerson, Lamb & H.), Ii. at Exchange 
Harvey Susannah, widow, house 3 Clark 
Harwood Daniel, dentist, house 145 Tremont 
Harwood Ezra A. machinist, house Carver 
Haseltine Moses D. buttonmaker, 16 Bridge 
Haskell Aaron, innholder. Railroad Hotel 
Haskell Abijah, housewright. South Russell 
Haskell Andrew L. {Rogers & H.), house GO Prince 
Haskell Andrew W. bookbinder, 116 Washington 
Haskell Barnabas D. goldsmith, Cornh. ct. li. 16 N. Russ, 
Haskell Calvin {Little & H.)., house 220 Hanover 
Haskell Daniel, stagedriver, Sudbury square 
Haskell Edward, typet(junder, house 6 Atkinson 
Haskell {Ellas) & Clark {Fred.), mer. 13 Central wharf 
Haskell Elias, house 10 Staniford 

Haskell Elisha (CooUdge 8^ H.), house 2 Tremont place 
Haskell Enoch, cabineimaker, house Lowell place 
Haskell Joel, blacksmith, 35 Thacher 
Haskell Joseph H. glazier, house 670 Washington 
Haskell Josiah, housewriglit, 13 Nassau 
Haskell Levi B. {Whitney &, H.), house 69 Poplar 
Haskell Levi, house 41 Poplar 
Haskell Moses, cordwainer, 15 Carver 
Haskell Stephen, laborer, 63 Elliot 
Haskell Thomas, sexton, rear 72 Salem 
Haskell Wm. M. blacksmith, Merrimac, h. r. 56 Portland 
Haskins Amos, housewright, 27 Spring 
Haskins Ann, 13 Front 

Haskins Geo. F. Rev. chaplain House of Reforma., S. B- 
Haskins John, 8 Merchants row 
Haskins Prisciila, 160 Ann 
Haskins Ralph T. jeweller, 35 Washington 
Haskins Thos. cordial distill. 15 Front, h. Carver c. Elliot 
Haskins Thomas W. hardware, 7 Union, h. 62Pinckney 
Haslett {Charles) & Hunter {John), marble manufactur- 
ers, 614 Washington 
Haslett Charles, house 8 Sweetser court 
Haslet Samuel A. J. sailmaker, h. head Hancock's wharf 
Hasselbom Nicholas, bar room, 112 Broad 
Hastings Catharine, house 24 Spring 
Hastings Charles, 26 Myrtle 
Hastings Cyrus, painter, Hawlcy, house Grove 
Hastings (Daniel), Marsh {James) & Co. {E. W. Marsh)^ 
dru^s, 27 S. Market. Hastings's house 25 High 


Haslinj^s Daniel, 2d, carpenter, house 1C8 Pleastint 

Hastings EdniM T., VV. I. gds & sperm oil, 37 Commer. 

Hustings Eliza ami Caroline, house ()4 Poplar 

Hastings Hannah H. house Fruit street court 

Hastings Jonathan C. hrok'r, t^i State, h'ds at Wise's C. H. 

Hastings Joseph, mason, GO Pleasant 

Hastings (Jos. S.) & Pottc^r (Mosrs), crochery, 137 

Washington. Hastings's house G4 Mt. Vernon 
Hastings Richard C. housewright, 5 Pleasant street court 
Hastings Samuel, merchant, 2U Front 
Hastings Simon, housewright, Carver 
Hatcii Amos, housewright, Pond 
Hatch Hawkes, shipwright, 3d street 
Hatch Henry, 23 Orange 
Hatch Jabez, East near Sea 

Hatch Jabez, jr. auctioneer, G9 Congress, h. Lincoln 
Hatch Jabez W. groceries, W. Centre cor. Southac 
Hatch James B. 113 Fancuil Hall market, h. rear Fulton 
Hatch John, tailor, Leveret court 
Hatch Joshua, 7 Fleet 
Hatch Samuel, 132 Faneuil Hall market 
Hatch Samuel, house East 
Hatch Thomas, stall, 12G Faneuil Hall market 
Hatchfield Joseph, laborer, h. Garden 
Hatchman INLirgarct, 4 Blossom court 
Hathaway Elisha &. Co. (Geo. Ji. Sainpson and E. Hatha- 

2ca7j,jr.), merch. 39 Commercial wf. h. 5 Cambridge 
Hathaway Elisha, jr. (E. H. & Co.), boards 5 Cambridge 
Hathaway John, English goods, IG Central, h.23 Poplar 
Hathorne Benjamin F. teller South Bank, h. 4th street 
Hatliornc Ebenezer, clerk in Custom House 
Hathorne Mehitabel, 137 Tremont 
Hatstat Charles, fruit, 148 Ann 

ILalstat W^illiam M. boarding, and clothing, 148 Ann 
Haugliton (James) &, Foster (Edio. Ji.), dry goods, 129 

Washington. Haughton's house 21 Sonierset 
Haugliton Richard, editor of Atlas, 18 State 
Haulhwait Fr;incis, laborer, rear 75 Elliot 
HaiUhwait William, laborer, 80 Elli<it 
Haven Calvin, W. I. goods, 18 India, h. 4 Lynde 
Haven (Calvin IF.) & Breed (Ilurace j3.), painters, Essex 

near Washington. Haven's house 2 Front 
Haven (Curtis) <Sl Stone (jVrt///'/, jr.), dry goods, 403 1-2 

^V^^shingfon. Haven's house 148 Hanover 
Haven Franklin, cashier JMer. Bank, house 7 McLean 


Haven Jonas, liousewright, 20 South Margin 
Haven Jotiiam, crockeryware, 150, h. 148 Hanover 
Haven Nathaniel, crockery, Cambridge 
Haviland Daniel, laborer, house rear 128 Ann 
Haviland Hannah, widow, house opposite 45 Carver 
Haviland John, laborer, h. rear 128 Ann 
Haviland Thomas, stucco worker, G3 Chesnut 
Hawes Gustavus W. house 25 Howard 
Hawes Jeremiah, house Plymouth place 
Hawes John H. house 2d street 
Hawes Nathaniel, grocer, 52 Elliot 
Hawes Natiri,jr. stairbuiider, h. Church n. Piedmont 
Hawes Noyes P. clerk, h. 4 Garden 

Hawes (Prince), Gray (l/ws.) & Co. (Jacob G. Hallet), 
merchants. 20 India. Hawes's house J 47 Tremont 
Hawes William B. ropemaker, house 26 Carver 
Hawkes Benj. honsewr't. Front, h. JMiddlesex n. Castle 
Hawkes Ezra, tiiiplate work. 130 Court, h. 8 W. Second 
Hawkes John, cabinet maker, Middlesex near Castle 
Hawkes Levi, house rear 143 Washing! on 
Hawkes Levi, jr. tinplate worker, 59 Milk 
Hawkes Sarah, boarding, rear County Court House 
Hawks Joseph, mason, rear Causeway 
Hawkins Nancy, 49 Tem()le 

Hawley T. R. stock, mak. 200 Tremont, h. 1 Hanover ct. 
Hay Edmund, Washington place corner Gibbs lane 
Hay George, painter, 64 Prince 
Hay James, cordwainer, house 46 Pleasant 
Hay (Joseph) & Alkins (Benjamin), glassware, 77 State. 

Hay's house 24 Elliot 
Hayden Abel, fisherman, rear 3d street 
Hayden Abel T. branch piloi, h. rear 150 Purchase 
Hayden Ambrose, wheelwright. Front, h. 3 Orange lane 
Hayden Elizabeth, widow, 13umsiead couit 
Hayden Elizabeth, widow, rear 660 Washington 
Hayden (George) «fe Co. (J. Gilbert, jr.), grocers, Tre- 
mont corner Howard. Hayden's house 41 Myrtle 
Hayden George N. laborer, rear 3d sheet 
Hayden Henry, housewright, house 5 Suffolk 
Hayden John, physician. 2 Bowdoin 
Hayden Josej)li, shipwright, Ann street court 
Hayden Joseph, caulker and graver, rear 67 Charter 
Hayden Josh, wheelwright, S. Bridge, house Dedham 
Hayden Josiah, house B street 
Hayden Josiah E. shoes, Federal corner High 


Hayden Lydia, li. 75 Cambridge 
Hayden IMiciiael, niacliinist, Turnpike 
Ilayden NalliiUiicL llshorinaii, roar :)d street 
Hayden Olis {Uoifr.ts <Sc If.), house '20 Brighton 
Hayden PalricU, laborer, rear S8 Warren 
Hayden Peter, hi borer, rear 3d street 
Hayden Robert, honsewriglit, 4 Canal, house 5 Leveret 
Hayden Satnuel, sliocmakcr, rear 3d street 
Hayden Sarah. 1 Howard 
Hayden iSiisan, laundress, 2 Lucas place 
Hayden Wm. jr. City Auditor, otKce City H. h. 4 Hollis 
Hayes James, laborer, 60 Purchase 
Hayes Joseph, blacksmith, 13 Prince 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, rear 83 Summer 
Hayes Robert, boarding house, 237 Ann 
Hayford Riley, grocer. Milk c. Congress, h. High st. pi. 
Hayford William, mason, Bridge stieet avenue 
Haynes Charles, house opposite 45 Carver 
JLaynes Daniel. 3d street 

Haynes Edward, house Causeway corner Leveret 
Haynes Edward, jr. shoes, 210 \Vash. h. 2 La Grange pi. 
Haynes Edward, jr. Ill JMilk, house Leveret 
Haynes Elbridge G. silver plater, 23 Pond 
Haynes George, cooper, rear Pitts 
Haynes John C. laborer. 51 Pond 
Haynes Lucy, dressmaker, house 43 Essex 
Haynes Tristram, provis. 14 Leveret, h. 1 N. Brigiiton 
Haynes William F. shoes, 240, h. 2GG Washington 
Hayward Adin. laborer, 3G Belknap 
Hayward Arnold, carpenter, 52 Pleasant 
Hayward Artemas, cordwainer, 10 Bridge 
Hayward Caleb, clerk of F. H. market, h. 31 Wash. pi. 
Hayward Chas. notary pub. 40 State, h. 13 Hayward pi. 
Hayward Cyrus, brassfounder, G74, h. 707 Washington 
Hayw-ard Ebenezer, grain &. lumb. V.iO Sea, h. Broadway 
Ha} ward Eunice, house Conimercial near Hanover 
Hayward George, physician, 154 Tiemont near Winter 
Hayward James T. clerk, house 23 Atkinson 
Hayward John, shipwrighl, 40 Charter 
Hayward John S. clerk, house 37 Purchase 
Hayward Jose[)h H. 18 Hayward place 
Hayward Joshua H. See Fletcher & H. 
Hayward L. F. 5 Brighton 

Hayward {fjij(/fa) Si Woodbridgo (Sara/i)f straw bonnet 
makers, 277 Washington 


Hayward Lyman F. laborer, house 4 W. Second 

Hay ward Pelham VV. Sec. Suffolk Ins. Co. h. 23 Atkinson 

Hayward Samuel H. printer, 34 Charter 

Hayward Sarali, house 4 Oliver place 

Hayward Sarah, widow, 3 Hamilton place 

Hayward Tilly B. teacher, house 33 Mount Vernon 

Hayward William, cooper, C street, S. Boston 

Hayward VVm. H. clerk Suffolk Bank, h. 31 Washing, pi. 

Hayward William P. grocery, 55 Chambers 

Hazen Charles, captain, 94 Tremont 

Head Francis C. 35 Broad 

Head George E. counsellor, house 4 Somerset place 

Head Joseph, merchant, Tremont corner Boylston 

Head Joseph, jr. house 130 Tremont 

Head Robert, painter, house Southac 

Healey Jefferson, blacksmith, D street 

Healey Michael, Rev. Franklin place near Federal 

Healey Mark, merchant, 53 Central wharf, h. 24 Chesnut 

Healey Mary, widow. Mechanic place 

Healey Nancy, school, 22 ('hambers 

Healey Rhoda, widow, 22 Chambers 

Healey William, truckman, rear 152 Ann 

Healy Michael, laborer, h. rear 185 Ann 

Healy William, tailor, house Theatre alley 

Heard John, jr. couns. 17 Court, h. Walnut c. Mt. Vernon 

Heard John T. distiller, Distil-house sq. h. 45 Hancock 

Heard Samuel, housewright, house 44 Fayette 

Heard William (Fcssenden & H.), 52 Friend 

Hearsey Sarah, nurse, 6 Boylston square 

Heath Catharine, 9 Portland 

Heath Charles &- F. A. lumber wf Front, h. 695 Wash. 

Heath Dana, housewright, house 16 Pitts 

Heath Jonathan, stable, 50, house 52 Portland 

Heavlin John, laborer, rear 36 Ann 

Hector John, cordwainer, Barry's wharf 

Hedrick Sarah, house 40 Prince 

Hedrick Thankful, nurse, 45 Pleasant 

Hedrick Uriah, cooper, house 185 Hanover 

Heely Sarah, widow. Castle 

Hefiernen Helena, widow, rear 92 Tremont 

Heilge George, fancy painter, house 7 Bridge street court 

Heilge John P. furrier, 711 VVashington 

Heilge John P. jr. confectioner, 311 Washington 

Helf Peter, laborer, rear 77 Warren 

Hellen Daniel, laborer, rear 4th street 


Holms San.ucl, captain, house 57 Trcniont 
Ilelyard Susan, nurse, house 39 Pinckney 
Heinan Angeline, dressmaker, 206 Arm 
Heman Ilannali, boarding house, 20l) Ann 
Ilcjiienway Thos. bhuksmith, 00 Front, li. lOG Warren 
llemmenvvay licnjaniin, coppersmith, 7 Garden 
Hemmenway Luke, W. I. poods, 7 Chatham 
Ilemmonway Peter, shipwright, rear 67 Charter 
Hemmenway Hamucl C. See Hersey & Co. 
Henchman Daniel, drug'st,41 Cambridge, li. 4 Chambers 
Hencliman George, captain, house 20 Washington place 
Henchman Lewis, captain, 31 Allen 
Henchnuan Margaret, house 31 Prince 
Hendee Charles J. See Carter, H. & Co. 
Henderson Charles, painter, 75 Union, h. 13 Couch 
Henderson Frederick A. tailor, 21 Court, h. 1 Avery pi. 
Henderson Howard, blacksmith, rear 180 Hanover 
Henderson Nathan, painter, house rear Merriniac 
Henderson Nehemiah A. cooper, h. 10 Oliver 
Henderson (JV. H.) & Warnui (Thomas), groceries and 

bread, Pleasant cor. S. Cedar. IL's h. do. 
Hendley Hannah, widow, rear 7 Allen 
Hendley James, tinplater, 595 Washington, h. 3 Pleasant 
Hendley John, stonecutter, 50 Lynn 
Hendley Patrick, laborer, Deacon 
Hendrick Susanna, widow, 12 East 
Henlon Jchn, laborer, rear 004 Washington 
Hennessey Dennis, laborer, rear 100 Sea 
Hennessey IMargaret, nurse, Broailway 
Hennessey Stephen, laborer, rear 071 Washington 
Hennessey William, mariner, Broadway 
Henry Harry C. (JIasnn & II.), house 134 Purchase 
Henry James, housewright, house 112 Court 
Henry John, constable, 2 Franklin avenue, h. 18 Cross 
Henry Lu(;i(ida, dressmaker, house 112 Court 
Henry Martha, variety store, 74 Purchase 
Henry Rispah, wid<,nv, house 22 Richmond 
Henry William Y. house 83 Purchase 
Henry Mary, 3 Battery 

Hensiiaw <Si Co. {Charles i& John), druggists, 28 Com. wf. 
Henshaw Charles, house 8 Hancock 
Hensiiaw David, collector ofcustoms, b'ds 2 Somerset ct. 
Henshaw John {Ilcnshaw &, Co.), h. 1 Bowdoin place 
Henshaw Hannah C. dressmaker, 47 Carver 
Henshaw Samuel (Dana, Fcnno &, 11.), ii. 5G Chcsnut 


Henss William, boarding house, 477 Washington 

Hepworth George, trowel maker, h. & s. Dedham 

Herbon Michael L. victualler, 83 Commer., h. Oliver 

Herman Ferdinand, willow carriage maker, 29 Brattle 

Herman Leopold {Brijciit & H.), house 18 Hanover 

Herrick Jacob, sexton, B street 

Herrick Martin R. mason, Bay near Fayette 

Herrick Sarah, 8 Norfolk place 

Herrick Thomas W. ( W. V. Kent & Co.), h. Crescent pi. 

Herrick Henry, bookbinder, house Moon 

Hersey Charles, surveyor of lumber, h. 20 Lynde 

Hersey Cornelius &. Co. (5. C. Hemmcnway), hat store, 

1 Congress square, house 11 Beacon 
Hersey Daniel, auctioneer, 6 Exchange, h.9 Spring 
Hersey Edward, teamster, Langdon place 
Hersey Lewis, cordwainer, house 27 Carver 
Hersey Mary, widow, house Garden 
Hersey Martin, house wright. Cross, house 34 Salem 
Hersey Nancy, widow, opposite 8 Norfolk place 
Hersey Nathan, housewright, house 17 N. Russell 
Hersey Nathan 2d, housewr't, Lancaster, h. 3 S. Margin 
Hersey Theoph. C. {Sanborn, H. &,Co.), b'ds Franklin H. 
Heslett Charles, stonecutter, 8 Sweetser court 
Heussler Abigail, tailoress, Province 
Howes John M. printer, G3 Court, h. 4 Haymarket place 
Hewes Lawrence, laborer, rear 6.5 Elliot 
Hewes Richard B. inspector of customs, house 13 Front 
Hewes Sam. H. sup. burying grounds, office City Hall, 

house 1 Fayette near Pleasant 
Hewes William, pianofortemaker, house Ash 
Hewett Jonas G. surgeon boncsetter, 297 Washington 
Hewett S. C. surgeon boncsetter, 26 Bulfinch 
Hewins Abel, farmer, rear 3d street 

Hewins Amasa, portrait painter, G Joy's build. h.Corn. ct. 
Hewins Simon K. {Tisdale & H.), house Cornhill court 
Hewins {Whiting) & Fisher {Warren), W. I. goods, 100 

State. Hewins's h. 14 Warren 
Hews Abraham, jeweller, 243 Washington, h. 13 Ash 
Hews George, music teacher, house 13 Ash 
Hews Francis, laborer, opposite 174 Purchase 
Hews John, furniture, 5 Washington, h. 1.5 Brighton 
Hews William, printer, house rear 237 Washington 
Heywood Artcmas, cordwainer, house Bridge 
Hey wood Levi &, Co. {W. Heyicood &,' James W. Gates), 

chairs, 26 Commercial. H.'s house Hawkins 


Ilcyvvood Samuel P. See Nash & H. 

Hey wood Win. {Levi II. & Co.) boards 7 Howard 

Hibbard (Benjamin) & Macnair {Jtnncs)^ hatters, 10, 

Wasliington. Hibbard's house South Cedar 
Hibbert Joseph, mariner, house 1U2 Hanover 
Hichborn Saru'l, saihnak. Commer. c. Cross, h. N. square 
liickcy Margaret, widow, Batterman place, cor. Essex 
Hickling Charles. See Carter, Hendee & Co. 
Hicks Ezra, housewright, house 4th street 
Hicks J. C. *& W. H. dry goods, 45 Kilby, h. G2MiIk 
Hicks Mary T. 15 East 
Hicks Rebecca, house Cabot 
Hicks Zcchariah, house C2 Milk 
Hideman John, boarding, 209 Ann 
Higgins Catharine, widow, rear 071 Washington 
Higgins John, truckman. 52 Prince 
Higgins John S. (Jacobs «^ //.), h. 17 Temple 
Higgins Paine S. truckman, 52 Prince 
Higgins Peter, hatter, Cross near Ann, b'ds Adelphi H. 
Higgins William, handcartman, 52 Prince 
Higginson Henry, merchant, house 48 Summer 
Higginson James P. merchant, Mount Vernon 
Higginson Stephen C. (Bcals tt //.), house 48 Summer 
Highland Michael, laborer, Market place 
Hilcock, Walter, laborer, rear 01 Ann 
Hildreth Augustus and John, jr. 50 Faneuil Hall market 
Hildreth Augustus, house 154 Hanover 
Hildreth Charles T. physician, 3 Beach near Wash. Bank 
Hildreth Clifton B. housewright, rear Front, h. 5 Suffolk 
Hildreth John, jr. 50 Fan. II. market, boards 48 Federal 
Hildreth Richard, attorney, 17 Court 
Ililer Jacob, caulker and graver, Commercial near Hull, 

house 8 Unity 
Ililer Josiah, caulker and graver, house Vernon place 
Hiler Margaret, Vernon place 
Hiler Sally, widow. Lime alley 
Hiler Stephen G. shipwright, house Lime alloy 
Hill Amos A. tinplateworker, house 4th street 
Hill Amos, saddler, near City scales, h. GO Pond 
Hill Archibald, wharfinger, Liverpool wf. h. 17 Purchase 
Hill Benj. F. (Fitch i^ II ), house 18 Hamilton 
Hill Daniel, housewright, A street 
Hill Daniel, housewright, Barry's wharf, h. 117 Essex 
Hill David, house rear Gl Milk 
Hill (David IV.) & Chamberlain (T/f05.), coppersmiths, 

Charlestown near Haverhill. HilTs house 18 Fleet 


Hill Dennis B. provisions, 27 Prince, h. 45 Leveret 

Hill Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 20 Myrtle 

Hill George & Co. (£. J. Long and W. E. Hill), dry 

goods, 333 Wash. Hill's house 26 La Grange place 
Hill Henry, Treas. A.B.C.F.M. 28 Cornh. h. 57 Pinckney 
Hill James, jr. 104 Fanenil Hall market 
Hill Jeremiah, house 48 Chambers 
Hill John, tailor, house Short 
Hill Juhn, laborer, liouse Battery 
Hill John, 103 Faneuil Hall market 
Hill Joshua, blacksmith, house opposite 08 Sea 
Hill Kinsley S. grocer, Hanover comer Charter 
Hill Mary, widow, Boylston place 
Hill Nathaniel, housewright, h. Commercial cor. Hull 
Hill Rebecca, 5 Salem 

Hill Samuel {Cullon, H. & Co.), house Broadway 
Hill Sumner, professor music, 402 Wash. h. Pleas, st. ct. 
Hill Sherman G. (P. t^ C. Flint <V Co.), h. 11 Bulfinch 
Hill Thomas, 31 F. H. market, h. 19 Washington place 
Hill William, housewright, house 5 Milton 
Hill Walter E. (G. Hill &, Co.) h. 325 Washington 
Hillard Geo. S. attorney, 11 Court 
Hiller Benjamin H., painter, house Hanover avenue 
Hiller Thomas, stevedore, 96 Warren 
Hilliard Wier, Fulton House, Fulton corner Cross 
Hilliard, Gray & Co. {Harrison Gray and James and 

Charles Broken) booksellers, 112 Wash. See adv. 
Hillman George, W.L goods, Comm. n. Ann, h. 59 Salem 
Hilhnan Mehitabel, widow, 9 Prince 
Hillman William, 9 Prince 
Hills George, carpenter, house 95 Pleasant 
Hills H. S. chair painter, 6 N. market, h. rear 39 Salem 
Hills (Jos.)&. Knott (Rob.), ladies' shoemakers, 7 School. 

Hills's house 72 Tremont 
Hills William, boatman, Battery 
Himes Joshua V. Rev., house 96 Tremont 
Hinckley Allen, superintendent aqueduct, 40 Front, h. 

5 Nassau 
Hinckley Enoch, stevedore, rear 274 Ann 
Hinckhiy Holmes, machinist. Front, h. 692 Washington 
Hinckley Moses M. stevedore, 74 Sea 
Hinckley Sylvia, tailoress. Mechanic place 
Hinds James, mariner, house head Hancock's wharf 
Hinds Marv, tailoress, 12 Bedford 
Hindman Caldwell F. uphols. 426 Wash. h. 28 Fayette 


Hinclman Howard, upholsterer, house 8 Elliot 
Hine Clermont E. watchmaker, 262 Washington 
Hine Elias, cordwaincr, loar 255 Washington 
Hipslay Luke, coppersmith, house rear 87 Warren 
Hiscock Nabby, house lU Blossom 

Hiscock Sewall, provisions, 44 Green, h. 44 Chambers 
Hitchcock (Henry) &- Nash (A'athanicl C.),\V. 1. goods, 
2 Long wharf. H.'s house (JG Purchase 

Hitchcock , rigger, house 178 Purchase 

Hitchcock Samuel A. See Sayles & H. 

Hitchings Daniel, 12 Unity 

Hitchings Ebenezer H. paporhanger, house 12 Unity ^ 

Hitt John, surgical instrunjent maker, 8 South Margin 

Hoar John, hatter, rear 3d street 

Hobart Aaron, 21 Central, boards Com. Coffee House 

Hobart Albeit & Co. dry g'ds. 21 Central, h. 58 Mt. Vern. 

Hobart Enoch & Co. (David Kimball), tailors, 5 Stale, 

h. GS Leveret 
Hobart James T., dry goods, 21 Central, c. room 21 State 
Hobart IMoses L. collector, house 5 Bath 
Hobart IMoses L. jr tinplatcr, house 5 Bath 
Hobart Nathaniel &. Co. (J. L. Button), dry goods, 51 

Kilby and 58 Water, house 33 Mount Vernon 
Hobart Peter, housewright, hf)usc Cambridge 
Hobart Peter, jr. housewright, Hawley place, h. North 

Hobart Sarah, widow, rear 4th street 
Hobart Shubael, balance maker, Merrimac 
Hobbs John, clothes, 220 Ann 

Hobbs John, pianoforte maker, h. rear 730 Washington 

Hobbs J. D. cordwaincr, 22 Pinckney 

Hobbs Nathan, silversmith, 9 Faneuil Hall, h. 21 Charter 

Hobbs Prentiss, lumber merchant. Sea, house 53 Sea 

Hobbs Sarah, milliner, 195 Hanover 

Hobbs Thomas, housewright, house Haymarket place 

Hobbs William J., carver, 05 Cornhill, h. 13 Blossom 

Hodge Jacob, shipwright, -Ann street court 

Hodge John, shipwright, Hanover avenue 

Hodges Jane G. dry goods, 241 Washington 

Hodgkins John, house 7 Green' 

Hodgman Samuel, carpenter, 2d street 

Hodson Richard, house 41 Charter 

Hogan Hugh, coachman, rear 29 Milk 

Hogan Michael, laborer, rear 125 Broad 

Hogan Michael, laborer, house rear 132 Ann 


Hogan Mary, widow, Marshall lane 

Hogan Peter, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Hogan Richard, laborer, 18 Washington place 

Hogan William, laborer, Spring lane 

Hoit Reuben VV. phrenological figure caster, 362 Wash. 

Holahan James, laborer, Cross near Ann 

Holbrook Anthony, oysters. Brattle, h. rear Fulton 

Hoi brook {Anth.jr.) & Young (Z)an.), oysters, 52 Brattle 

Holbrook Arvin, 26 Vernon 

Holbrook Avery, grocer, 74 Commercial, h. 6 Tileston 

Holbrook C. W. dis. clerk City Bank 

Holbrook Charles, druggist, 18 Leveret 

Holbrook Daniel, broker, 10 Hanover, h. 18 W. Second 

Holbrook Edward, house 58 Leveret 

Holbrook Edward, jr. salt store, 51 Lg. wf. h. 58 Leveret 

Holbrook Henry J. dry g'ds, 10 Kilby, h. 9 Cambridge 

Holbrook H. M. & Co. (J. H. Bowman), dry goods, 39 

Kilby, h. 4 Montgomery place 
Holbrook James, shipsmith, Otis's wf. h. 164 Purchase 
Holbrook John G. 91 Kilby, boards 7 Federal 
Holbrook John, laborer, 53 Pond 

Holbrook Jonathan, jr. grocer, 218 Ann, h. r. 202 Hanov. 
Holbrook Joseph, oysters, 25 Hanover 
Holbrook Joseph *&. Co. (T. S/' J.), oysters, Merch. row 
Holbrook R. E. dry goods, 91 Hanover 
Holbrook Samuel, clerk, house 9 Tileston 
Holbrook Samuel, housewright. Salutation 
Holbrook Samuel E. {Whitviore & H), h. 10 Hull 
Holbrook Sarah, widow of Asa, Commercial near Foster 
Holbrook (S. F.) & Dillon (James), shipwr'ts, F't H. wf. 
Holbrook Samuel F. house 15 Gibbs lane" 
Holbrook Samuel, housewright, Pitts court 
Holbrook Uri, housewright, 55 South Margin 
Holbrook T. See Norris & H. 

Holbrook Wni. grocery, 1 Pinckney, h. 6 Stilhnan pi. 
Holden Adams M. chemist, h. rear Broadway 
Holden Ann, widow of Edward, boarding, 2 Bowdoin 
Holden Artemas R. boards at Manufacturer's Hotel 
Holden Ebenezer, 49 Faneuil Hall market 
Holden Edward P. chair man. 406 Wash. h. 6 Turnpike 
Holden E. See Lilly, Wait & Co. 
Holden Eliza, seamstress, Mechanic place 
Holden Erastus S. druggist, Charles, house 89 do. 
Holden George, boards Manufacturer's Hotel 
Holden John, turner, h. 7 Vernon 


Holden Joshua, liouse COO Washington 

liolden Milton, chemist, house 4th street 

Holdcn Nicholas, Uiborer, Hamilton 

Holden Thomas, constable, house Brigliton 

Holder Daniel, cooper, house () Shcafe 

Holder ^ilas, laborer, house George 

Holker Nancy D. widow of John, Mount Vernon place 

Holland David, laborer, 105 Broad 

Holland Elizabeth, V2'A Purchase 

Holland Francis, confectioner, 230 Hanover 

Holland John, blacksmith, house 131 Broad 

Holland Henry E. housewright, h. oppo. 5 Norfolk place 

Holland Hugh', laborer, 20 Pond 

Holland Laura P. widow, 115 Purchase 

Holland Sarah, widow of John, h. 42 Atkinson 

Holland Susan, boarding house, Columbia near Essex 

Holland Thomas, lumber and wood wf Front, h. Beach 

Holland Thomas H. lumber, Front, h. 585 Washington 

Holland (Thos.) &. Huntress {Joseph F.), wood wf. Front 

Holland William, ropemaker, opposite 5 Norfolk place 

Holland William, laborer. Water 

Holland , widow, Carroll place 

Holliday Dorcas, widow of Samuel, Commer. near Ann 

Hollis C. painter. Union 

Hollis D. N. 8 Faneuil Hall market 

Hollis Daniel, housewright, 1 Oliver place 

Hollis Dolly, widow, Clark alley 

Hollis Ebenezer, housewright, Tremont, h. Wheeler's ct. 

Hollis I. J. shoes, bead Wilkinson's wf Ii. Dorchester st. 

Hollis James, mason, house 40 Warren 

Hollis John, cordwainer, Hanover avenue 

Hollis Joseph, furniture, 9 Clinton, h. G Unity 

Hollis Joseph, stage driver, 3d street 

Hollis Thomas, druggist, 30 Union, h. 117 Hanover 

Hollis Thos. C. bookbinder, 108 Salem 

Hollis Thomas B. captain, house 25 Carver 

Hollis Thomas C. See Joseph Colson &. Co. 

Hollis William, fringe and tassel worker, 4tli street 

Hollis Zebediah, stall, 2 Faneuil Hall market 

Hollohan John, blacksmith, Gouch 

Holman Oliver, stationer, IKS State, h. 53 Pinckney 

Holman Sarah, widow, 53 Pinckney 

Holman Jonas W. Rev. 101 Cambridge 

Holmbert John, clothing, 80 liroad 

Holmes Ann, rear i)[) Chambers 


Holmes Augustus S. distiller, Distil-h. square, house 

100 Chambers 
Holmes Charles, merchant, house 20 Leveret 
Holmes Davis, innhojder, 4th street 
Hohnes {Daniel) & Littlefield (Theodore L.), housewr'ts, 

Flagg alley 
Holmes Daniel, housevvright, Flagg alley, b'ds lb Piedra. 
Holmes Emily, dressmaker, 585 Washington 
Holmes Francis, housew't, 54 Union 
Holmes Francis, shipwr't, Coniraer. c. Greenough lane 
Holmes Galen, livery stable, 15 Beacon, h. 59 Bowdoin 
Holmes Heman, shipwright, 3d street 
Holmes Isaac, mariner, Commer. near Henchman lane 
Holmes John, housevvright, h. 119 Chambers 
Holniffs J. B. machinist, Cliarlestown, h. 4 Salem place 
Holmes Jesse, typefounder, h. 4 1-2 Alden lane 
Holmes Leonard, clerk in Post OfRce, h. 21 Hancock 
Holmes Nancy, boarding house, 30 Federal 
Holmes Nathaniel, boarding, 17 Brattle 
Holmes Orpheus. See Bixby, Valentine «& Co. 
Holmes Polly, widow, Portland place 
Holmes Richard, carpenter, 94 Warren 
Holmes William, glazier, 12 Bridge 
Holmes (JVm.) & Clark {Bradleij M.), painters, 71 Broad 
Hoist Christian K. cabinetmaker, h. rear 83 Tremont 
Holt Daniel, soda room. Sand 10 Winter 
Holt Daniel A. blacksmith, Turnpike, h. Broadway 
Holt John, shipwright, 3d street 
Holt Peter, housevvright, 33 South Russell 
Holt Sylvester, paperhanger, r. 255, h. r. 305 Washing. 
Holt Henry, laborer, 8 N. Federal court 
Holt Jonathan, teamster, opposite 730 Washington 
Holt Thomas, jr. printer, 5 Salutation 
Flolton John, truckman, house Pilts 
Holton Leonard, teamster, rear Friend 
Homan Milton, laborer, rear Church near Madison place 
Homans John, physician, 157 Tremont 
Romans Lucy L. 123 Purchase 
Homer Albert, painter, C4 Court, house 46 Myrtle 
Homer Benjamin P. 37 Beacon 
Homer (Charles S.) & Gray (JVm.), hard ware, 13 Dock 

square. H.'s house 6 Howard 
Homer Charles W. (Homes, Horner^ Co.), h.95 Salein 
Homer David, livery stable, 2, house 3 West 
Homer Eleazer, house 80 Hanover 


Homer Eleazer, jr. lumber, Lewis's vvf. c. r. 87 Commer. 

Homer Elisliii li. teamster, li. (5 Orange lane 

Homer Enoch, lul)orer, North Mar-^in 

Homer Eugene A. Belgian Consul {Hartshorn & //.),h. 

37 Beacon 
Homer Francis H. P. painter, 5G2 Wash. h. Castle 
Homer Gilman, house Cedar 

Homer George, cashier Slate Bank, h. 40 Temple 
Homer George*, jr. Sec'y M(;rchants' Insurance Company 
Homer Geo. J. brushmaUer, 20 Elm, bds at A. Pollard's 
Homer George J. {Homes, II. J^' Co.), h. Milton place 
Homer Henry, 57 Poplar 

Homer Henry, crier Munic. Court, h. rear 14 Spring 
Homer Henry, house 80 Hanover 
Homer Jacob, house 35 Bridge 

Homer Jacob P. coajhmaker, 125 Camb, h. Pinckney 
Homer James L. {Beats H^ //.), h. G!)0 VV'asliington 
Homer John V . turner, house rear 53 Cambridge 
Homer Joseph W. boarding officer of Custom House, 72 

Long wharf, h. 37 Pinckney 
Homer Mary, widow, 17 Derne 
Homer Moor, teamster, rear Lenox 
Homer Peter T. {B. Adams & Co.), h. 38 Essex 
Homer Thompson K. turner, house 8 Garden 
Homer Walter W. housewriglu, h. rear Church 
Homer William F. crockery ware, 33 l^nion, h. 43 Spring 
Homer William H. printer, 03 Broad, h. 10 Hamilton 
Homes Barzillai, fur dealer, 100 Milk, h. 504 Washing. 
Homes {Henry), Homer (Geo. J.) &- Co. (C. JV. Homer), 

hardware, 34 Union. Homes's h. 2 Bowdoin place 
Homes Hannah, widow of Josiah W. 504 Washington 
Homes John, hardware, 27 Ann, h. 14 Brattle 
Homes Lovenia, h. 9 Bridge street court 
Homes Nathaniel B. boards 80 Temple 
Homes Otis, 100 Milk, h. 504 Washington 
Homes Samuel, rigger, 20'J Ann 
Homes. See Holmes 
Honners Elizabeth, widow, 02 Prince 
Hood Charles, cashier Com. Bank, h. Summer c. High 
Hood Eliza, widow of Charles, h. HO Pleasant 
Hood Samuel, mat maker, h. rear C street 
Hood Samuel, jr. twine, house 3d street 
Hoogs .Albert G. merchant, 52 India wharf 
Hoogs Mary, widow, rear 17 Federal 
Hoog6 Willium H. housew't, Church, h. 7 Pleasant Bt. ct 


Hook Dudley W. laborer, h. 231 Ann 
Hook Elias & Geo. G. organ builders, Friend c. Deacon 
Hook Gilman, house 1 Piedmont 
Hook Jacob, truckman, h. rear 5 Snowhill 
Hook Mary, rear 242 Hanover 
Hooker Sarah, widow, rear 27 Charter 
Hooper Henry N. & Co. (JVm. Blake ^ Thos. Richard- 
son), copper dealers, 24 Commer. H.'s h. Foster 
Hooper Henry, clerk Hamilton Bank, h. 65 Pleasant 
Hooper James L. housewright, house Southac 
Hooper John (B. Lnring & Co.), h. 15 La Grange place 
Hooper Nathaniel, 15 Stillman 
Hooper Rebecca, boarding house, 101 Washington 
Hooper Robert J. mer. 34 State, b'ds at Tremont 
Hooper Robert C. merch't, 20 Central wharf 
Hooper Samuel {Bryant, Sturgis &. Co.), h. South 
Hooper Thomas, messenger Massachusetts Bank 
Hooper Thomas, captain. South Margin 
Hooper Thomas W. teller Mer. Bank, h. 37 Blossom 
Hooton David, printer, 13 Merchants Hall, h. 51 Prince 
Hooton Francis, painter, h. 20 Carver 
Hooton James, professor of music, 445 Washington 
Hooton John, 51 Prince 
Hooton John, jr. sailmaker, h. 45 Prince 
Hooton Lydia, widow, 20 Carver 
Hooton William, sailmaker, 72 Long wharf 
Hope Ann, schoolniistress, 130 Pleasant 
Hope Eliza M. nurse, h. Kennard's avenue 
Hope Rebecca A. E. school. Wash. c. Bed. h. 130 Pleas. 
Hope Robert E. pianoforte maker, h. 130 Pleasant 
Hopkins Abner F. handcartman, 39 Friend 
Hopkins Giles, laborer, West Centre 
Hopkins Hiram, engineer, h. 2d street 
Hopkins Jane, widow, h. 4 Bartlett 
Hopkins Jonathan, mariner, 22 Richmond 
Hopkins Levi, rear 4 Prince 
Hopkins Lawson, porter, Thacher street court 
Hopkins Milton W. Coffee House, 4 Cornhill square 
Hopkins Reuben, 89 Chambers 
Hopkins Solomon, 12 Chatham, h. 52 Poplar 
Hoppin John, woodwharfinger, 27 Charles 
Hoppin John, laborer, house Garden 
Hoppin Mary, h. 102 Charles 
Hopping Sarah, Salutation 
Horn (^Charles F.) & Barnard {Moses H.), paint. 3 Lindall 


Horn Josliua, stall, 19 F. II. market, h. Travcrs 
Horn Nathaniel, housewright, rear 337 Washington 
Horn William (Andretos dc //.), h. 37 Leveret 
Hornsman Henry, laborer, Clark alley 
Horr Luther, housewr't. Carver, h. 1 Trem. 9. of Pleasant 
Horr Lucius, dry goods, 103 Hanover 
Horrigan James, laborer, 84 Broad 
Horsman Charles L hats, 8 State, boards 9 Atkinson 
Horsman Mary, widow. Prospect 
Horton Benj. F. hatter, h. 18 Pleasant street court 
Horton Francis, blacksmith, 352 Ann, h. Ann st. court 
Horton GustaviLs, clerk Custom House, h. 18 Bulfinch 
Horton Henry K. (F. Skinner & Co.), h. 54 Poplar 
Horton Mary, nurse, 18 Pleasant street court 
Hosca Richard, house 75 Charter 

Hosea (Saimccl) *fe Peirce (Jonathan), pumpmakers, Sar- 
gent's wf. H.'s h. 24 Salutation 
Hoskins Jane, widow, house rear 12 Boylston 
Hosmer Calvin, dry goods, 73 Hanover, h. 59 Spring 
Hosmer Luther, confectioner, h. Ridgeway lane 
Hosmer (Zelotcs) & Grew (Jo/t?i), hardware, 84 Milk 
Hosmer Zelotes, h. 9 Milton place 
Houghton Geo. W. dry goods, Hanover cor. Prince 
Houghton James, laborer, h. rear 132 Ann 
Houghton Joel, victualler, 22 Commercial 
Houghton Lawson, teamster, h. rear Ash 
Houghton Nestor & Co. (B. W. Mudge), leather, 13 

Broad, h. 9 Hayward place 
Houghton Samuel A. grocer, Brighton cor. Poplar 
Houpt Charles J. Merrimac 
House Abner, carpenter, 74 Chailes 

House Eleazer G. printer, 2 Merchants H. h. G. Snowhill 
House Timothy, captain, rear Snowhill 
Housley Ann M. widow, h. G S. Bennet 
Housley George {Tompkins & H.), rear 17 N. Russell 
Houston Alexander, housewright. Spring st. place 
Hovey Abijah W, clerk, Ann cor. Cross, h. 29 Prince 
Hovey Charles F. (Jabcz C. Hoioe & CV>.),h.8 Pearl 
Hovey George O. Sec George Howe & Co. 
Hovey Hannah, widow of Henry A. house 9G Tremont 
Hovey Henry A. coachmaker, G8 Boylston 
Hovey John G. See Adams & H. 
Hovey Lucretia, dressmaker, 5 Norfolk place 
Hovey Phinchas B. jr. See Hovey & Co. 
Hovey & Co. (Phinchas B. & Charles M.), seal store, 79 


Hovey Samuel S. provisions, 85 Cambridge, h. Bridge 

Hovey William B. stall, 32 Faneuil Hall market 

How {HuU J.) & Jones (Eben.), dry goods, 09 Milk 

How Hall J. 1). South Boston Heights 

How. See Howe 

Howard Abigail, widow, 110 Warren 

Howard {Abraham) & Meiry {Robert D. C), merchants, 

39 Central wharf. Howard's h. Temple place 
Howard Benjamin {Chandler i^-- H), 4 Kingston 
Howard Davis, cordwainer, 14) School, h. 23 Pinckney 
Howaid Dorcas, h. 177 Hanover 
Howard Edward, laborer, Broadv^ay 
Howard Eieazer, h. 7U2 Washington 
Howard Elizabeth, house 17 Chesnut 
Howard Elijah, housewright, Turnpike 
Howard Ezra, machinist, h. Carver 
Howard John, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Howard John, 196 Hanover 

Howard John C. physician, West, 1st h. from Trenftoafi 
Howard John, laborer, 16 S. Bennet 
Howard Jonathan, c. r. 15 Central wf. h. 1 Bulfii>ch pJ^ 
Howard Lucy, widow, High street place 
Howard M&ry, tailoress, 17 Blossom 
Howard Mary, tailoress, II Unity 
Howard Michael, cordwainer. Pleasant near Tremont 
Howard Nath'l, physician, 93 Cambridge, h. 17 Blossom 
Howard Patience, mantuamaker, 10 Carver 
Howard Samuel, ironfounder, h. rear C street 
Howard Samuel, provisions, 56, h. 32 Poplar 
Howard Samuel, jr. ironfounder, 4th st. 
Howard William, housewright, h. Thacher 
Howard W^illiam H. 4th street 
Howe Ann, widow of John, 3 Nortk Bennet 
Howe Benj. R. machinist, 7 Merrimao 
Howe {Cranston) & Stevens (Lwrt2H<m G.),W.I. goods,. 

Turnpike. H.'s house Broadway 
Howe Elines, laborer, Ridgeway lane 
Howe George & Co. {SamuelJohnsan 8^'' Geo. 0. Hovey),^ 

dry goods, 53 Kilby, h. 27 Winter 
Howe George, pianoforte maker, h. Carver 
Howe Jabez C. & Co. {Charles Mixter &, Charles FL 

Hovey), importers, 55 Kilby 
Howe Jnmes H. hairdresser, 112 Court, h. Kennard'saVs 
Howe Jacob, hoarding house, 26Ci Washington 
Howe John R. Fleet 



Howe John & Thomas, lumber wharf, Sea, h. 5 Elliot 

Howe John, printer, 17 Charter 

Howe Jonathan, printer, 39 IMerchants row 

Howe Jdseph N. measurer Custotn House 

Howe Jubal, watchmaker, l!23 Wash. h. 10 Charles 

Howe (Lyman) & Mahan (Abraham), shoes, 143 Broad 

Howe Marcus, cordvvaincr, 33 and 35 Front 

Howe Maria, widow, rear 33 Thacher 

Howe Natlianiel, cooper, Sargent's wf. Ii. Bartlett 

Howe Nathaniel, jr. cooper, rear 8 Charter 

Howe Peter, iiackman, h. 3 Mechanic 

Howe Robert, plumber, 29 Salem, house Pond 

Howe Robert H. brassfounder. North Margin 

Howe Samuel, General Insp. sole leather, 9 N. Market 

Howe Samuel, boarding, 34 Milk 

Howe Samuel, physician, superintendent and director of 

the Institution for the Blind, 19 Pearl 
Howe Samuel G. at Institution for the Blind, Pearl 
Howe Sarah, widow, 15 Salem place 
Howe Solomon, housewright, Brighton, h. 32 Poplar 
Howe Thomas (Byam S/- //.), h. 25 S. Russell 
Howe Thomas. See Bramhall & H. 
Howe Thomas, 89 Hanover 

Howe Thomas, lumber, Sea, h. 13 La Grange place 
Howe William, liats, 34 Ann, h. 15 Salem place 
Howe William, provisions, 130 Ann 
Howe Warren, cabinetmaker, h. 30 Orange 
Howes {Burzillai) & Colburn (Joseph), lumber wharf, 

Turnpike. H.'s house Broadway 
Howes Benjamin, rear 41 Prince 
Howes Elijah, captain, 22 Hamilton 
Howes Enoch, bootmaker, 7 Stillman place 
Howes Elisha, capt. merch. Turnpike st. h. Broadway 
Howes Martha, dressmaker, 7 Stillman place 
Howes Samuel P. port, paint. 65 Cornhill, h. 39 Brattle 
Howes Willis, capt. Broadway 
Howland Caleb, mason, 63 Elliot 
Howland Edwin, clerk, h. 65 Pleasant 
Howland Henry J. printer, 37 Salem 
Howland Maria, superintend. Female Refuge, 12 Charter 
Howland Nathaniel, ca^. h. 14 Province H. court 
Howland Sally, milliner, 55 Court 
Howland Wealthea, widow, 65 I^leasant 
Hoxse Michal, widow of George W. 81 Sea 
Hoyt David, cooper, 30 Cross 



Hoyt Ebenezer, cooper, 19 Charier 

Hoyt Lucy, widow, sempstress, Clark 

Hoyt Thomas, mariner, h. Salutation 

Hubbard Abel, housewright, 45 Myrtle 

Hubbard Benjamin B. laborer, rear 70 Merrimac 

Hubbard Charles, sign and ornamental painter, 4 State^ 

h. 21 Portland. See advertisement 
Hubbard Henry, house 51 JMt. Vernon 
Hubbard Henry B. house 51 Mt. Vernon 
Hubbard John, merciiant, house 54 Chesnut 
Hubbard John C. chairmaker, 581 Wash. h. 15 Fayette 
Hubbard Lucretia, 13 Winter 

Hubbard Sam'l, coun.sel. 1 Birrist. hall, h. 1 Bumst. pi. 
Hubbard Wm. J. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 21 Somerset 
Huckins James (H. Scuddcr 8^ Co.), house 1 Pea^l 
Huddleston Samuel, agent Glass Co. 2d street 
Hudson Asa, laborer, 57 Essex 
Hudson Barzillia, h. 2 Vernon 

Hudson Chas. A. upholsterer, 27 Dock sq. h. 2 Vernon 
Hudson Ezra, fisherman, South st. place 
Hudson Gordon, irowfounder, rear Broadway 
Hudson John, house 1 18 Hanover 
Hudson John, gymnasium, 190 Washington 
Hudson Nathaniel, weaver, h. rear 12 Cross 
Hudson Samuel, 36 Faneuil [lall market, h. 2 Hawkins 
Hudson Sumner, 10 South Market, b'ds r. Boston Bank 
Hudson Thomas {Adtims 4" //.), h. 16 Charter 
Hudson Wm. R. Turnpike, near 4th street 
Huff" Simon, pumpniakcr, h. 8 South street place 
Huggeford Henry H. dop. Sheriff, 27 State, h. 11 Beacon 
Huggins Amos R. laborer, h. Turnpike street 
Hughes Frederick, tailor, 11 Brattle, h. 18 Pinckney 
Hughes George (Parrott S^ H.), h. 1 Quincy place 
Hughes John, milkman, rear 75 Elliot 
Hughes Michael, boarding house, 4 Wharf 
Hughes Sarah, widow of Thomas, 1 Quincy place 
Hughes Thomas, h. 1 Quincy place 
Hulk Abraham, portrait painter, rear 204 Washington 
Hull Jonathan, housewright, Leveret lane 
Humphrey {Benjamin) & Pierce {Parker H.), merchants, 

21 Commercial. H.'s houseiftlancock 
Humphrey Benjamin, h. 1 .Myrtle 
Humphrey Catherine, Sudbury 
Humphrey {David) & Dudley {Charles S.), W. I. g'ds, 

42 Long wf. Humphrey boards D Hancock 

- DIRECTORY. 21 1 

Humphrey Giles, housewriglit, 27 Pleasant 
Huinphroy Henry B. See J. H. Pearson & Co. 
Humphreys Win. flour, 4") Lonji; \vf. h. 9 Hancock 
Hunkin Jatnes, collector, h. 3(5 South 
Hunnernan VVm. C. engine builder, 37 Union 
Hunneman Peter, rigger, h. S[)ear alley 
Hunnernan'l H. & Wrn. C. jr. coppersm. 20 Union 
Hunnewell (D. //.) & Harrington (£. H.). crockeryware, 

8!) Water. Hunnevveirs house 4S Milk 
Hunnewell Peter, hairworker, 351 Washington 
Hunstable John A. P. rigger, h. 247 Ann 
Hunt Anna, 3 1-2 Sudbury 
Hunt Charles S., W. I. good.s, 32, h. 36 Sea 
Hunt Charlotte, boarding, 120 Wash, and millinery 19 

Hunt Edward P. maehinist, h. rear Pitts 
Hunt Elisha, housewright, h. rear 11 East 
Hunt Elisha, jr. portrait painter, 2201-2 Wash. h.r. East 
Hunt Freeman, 134 Wash. h. Broadway n. Dorches. st. 
Hunt James G. &. Hiram, book stand, E. end Fan. Hall 

market, h. Fulton court 
Hunt James, housewright, h. 28 Orange 
Hunt James, housewright. 111 Pleasant 
Hunt James, stationer. Custom house, h. G Milton 
Hunt J. G. &. H. books, northeast cor. F. H. m.'irket 
Hunt John, morocco, 30 North INIarket 
Hunt John, housewright. Church, h. 129 Pleasant 
Hunt John, gunsmith, house 07 Bedford 
Hunt John E. Commercial street House 
Hunt Keziah, widow, 1 Lynde 
Hunt Mary, widow. Theatre alley 
Hunt Moses, machinist. Cross, cor. Ann 
Hunt Moses, victualler, 94 Commercial 
Hunt Matthew, bianch pihu. 281 Ann 
Hunt Matthew M. house 117 Tremont 
Hunt Nathaniel P. shoes and leather, 19 Broad 
Hunt Ruth, widow of Samuel W. aO Cambridge 
Hunt Samuel, Src. Man. Ins. Co. h. 18 Hancock 
Hunt Simon. 472 Washington 
Hunt Tliomas, shoes, 8^\\ ashington 
Hunt {Thomas) Si. Dal^omb (Tkuinas R.), 31 Long wf. 

Hunt's house 4'> Essex 
Hunt Timothy, cabineltnaker, 354 Washington 
Hunt John (Haslett & H. ), (i77 Washington 
Hunter William, Yiciualler,47 N. Market, h. 5 Stillman 


Hunter William G. counsellor, 8 Kilby, h. 11 Beacon 

Hunting Bela {Macomher Sf Co.), li. 12 Pearl place 

Hunting Daniel F. {Wcntworth 8^ H.), h. 4th street 

Hunting Ebenezer N. house Spring street court 

Hunting Joseph, collector, Cooper 

Hunting Mich'l B., W. I. g'ds, 729, h. 68G Washington 

Hunting Reuben, house Church 

Hunting Thomas, house 6 Orange 

Hunting William F. grocer, 19 Atkinson 

Huntington Julia A. boarding house, 25 Summer 

Huntington Lynde A. See Goodrich & H. 

Huntington Ralph, mer. 8 Congress sq. h. 34 Wash. pi. 

Huntoon Mary, tailoress, house 40 Poplar 

Huntress Joseph F. {Holland (^ H.), h. Tliaxter place 

Huntress Henry I. cabinetmaker. Temple 

Hurd Alvin, printer, house 56 Fayette 

Hurd Calvin, shoe store, 101 Court, h. rear 15 Gouch 

Hurd William L. pressman, house Bay near Fayette 

Hurlbert Jesse P. paper, 25 Court, house Charles 

Hurlbert (T. R.), Leavitt (Charles F.) & Co. (S. Bates, 

jr.), stoves, IC Union. Hurlbert's h. 9 Derne 
Hurlbutt Elisha, well digger, house rear 111 Hanover 
Hurley John, housevv^riglit, house 400 Washington 
Hurley Elizabeth, widows of John S. 90 Pleasant 
Hurley Lydia, widow, 4 Myrtle court 
Hurley Samuel, coppersmith, house 25 Merrimac 
Huse Joseph, variety store, 475 Washington 
Huskins William, cooper, h. rear 417 Washington 
Hussey Samuel, teamster, h. Middlesex near Castle 
Huston Edward, Short, corner Short street court 
Huston Nancy, widow of John, 68 Congress 
Hutcherson William, tinplate worker, h. 2 N. Russell 
Hutchings William, boarding. Commercial corner Ann 
Hutchins Ezra C. (Stoddard ^ H.), h. 8 Tremont place 
Hutchins Mary, 15 Spring 
Hutchins William, laborer, house 201 Ann 
Hutchinson Andrew B. & Co., W. I. goods, 69 Purchase 
Hutchinson (Elijah G.) & Sampson (Calvin C), furni- 
ture, 21 Cornhill. H.'s house rear 72 Salem 
Hutchinson Henry, jr. house 81 Prince 
Hutchinson James, cofRnmaker, frouse 1 West 
Hutchinson John, rigger, 285, house 314 Ann 
Hutchinson John B. clerk, 29 Kilby, house 4 Derne 
Hutchinson Mary, widow, 124 Purchase 
Hutchinson Mary, widow, 27 Cross 


Hutchinson Richard, clerk, 12 Pleasant street court 

Hutchinson Thomas L. Branch Bank, h. 21 Poplar 

Hulton John, tailor, 27 Union 

Huxford Henry, rigiier, 3 Henchman lane 

Hyde Catherine P. widow, 37 Bedford 

Hyde Jeriisha, house 12 Spring 

Hyde J<din, rear 10 Prnice 

H}de Mary, schoohnistress, 17 Short 

Hyde iMiciiael S. painter, 540 Washington, h. 19 Fayette 

Hyde Solomon L. clerk, boards 40 Federal 

Hyde Susan, widow, rear 83 Sea 

Ilyne Ann M. boarding, 200 Ann 

INCHES CHARLES, merchant, head Russia wharf 
Inches Elizabeth and Susan, 123 Tremont 
Inches Hcndersrn, merchant, Russia wharf, h. Pearl 
Inches Htmderson, jr. {Marlin Drimvier 4' Co ), h. Pearl 
Ingalls Benjamin, brassfounder, rear 10 Prince 
Ingalls Daniel, merchant, house 5 Elliot 
Ingalls James, Bank Coff»;e Hou<e, Lindall 
Ingalls {James P.) &. Chamberlin (Eflicard, jr.), brass- 
founders, Charlestovvn. Ingailss house 24 Unioa 
Ingalls John 11. blockmaker, h<juse 34 Temple 
Ingalls Jou.ilhan, Imusn i) Centre 
Ingalls INIary, sempstress, li) Tileston 
Ingersol J(ise|)h, 10 Central wharf, h. at Marlboro' Hotel 
Inglis Jane, Mount Vernon 
Ingols Levi, merchant. Brimmer's T 
Ingolls Moses, clothing store, 205 Ann, h. N. Margin 
Ingraham D. G. iustructer, 170 Tremont, h. \V . Cedar 
Ingraham Joseph VV. house 70 Pond 
Ingraham Sarah, widow of Joseph, 70 Pond 
Ingram Geoige, chairmaker, rear 13 Milk 
Innis Immanuel, machinist, 00 Court 
Ireland Jonathan, chaisemaker, 540 Wash. h. 48 Warrer» 
Ireson .Marv, widow of Ebenezer, h. 00 Prince 
Irish William L). pianoforlamaker, rear 727 VV'ashingtOft 
Irwin David D. accountant, 5lh street 
Ivers Edward, tinjjlater, 012, h. 050 Washington 

JACK JO.NATHAN, hnusewright, 6 W. Second 

Jackman Mary, widow, rear 51 South 

Jackson Abigail, 30 North Russell 

Jackson Andrew, mariner, h. 275 Ann 

Jackson Charles, counsellor, 30 Court, h. 7 Bedford pK 


Jackson C. T. physician, 11 Hanover 

Jackson Daniel, shipwright, house 2d street 

Jackson Deborah, widow, 3 Purchase 

Jackson Edmund, tallowchandler, h. 773 Washington 

Jackson Eben, painter, Milk cor. Bath, h. 105 Purchase 

Jackson Elbridge, plater, Medford 

Jackson Elizabeth, widow, High street place 

Jackson Emanuel, mariner, house Salutation 

Jackson Ezra S. housewright, house 41 Allen 

Jackson Francis, Agent S. Cove Co. 27 State, h. 7 Hollis 

Jackson Frances, widow, 24 Fayette 

Jackson George & Co. {William), tallowchandlers, 785, 

house 787 Washington 
Jackson {Isaac) & Tilton {Benjamin), dry goods, 18 

Central. Jackson's house 38 Spring 
Jackson Jacob, laborer, rear 95 Hanover 
Jackson James, physician, 40 Summer 
Jackson John {Briscall & J.), boards at Fulton House 
Jackson Joel, teamster, 719 Washington 
Jackson J. B. S. physician, 6 Bedford place 
Jackson Leonard, printer, h. 47 Myrtle 
Jackson Lorenzo D. hackman. Fruit street court 
Jackson Lydia, widow, h. 21 Somerset 
Jackson Martha W. indelible-ink marker, 10 Bridge 
Jackson Patrick T. merchant, 83 Milk, h. 17 Winter 
Jackson Samuel, jr. paihter, Cotton place, house do. 
Jackson Stephen W. soap works, 775 Washington 
Jackson Thomas, assessor, 27 Pinckney 
Jackson Ward, lumber. North Grove, h. 12 McLean 
Jackson William. See George Jackson & Co. 
Jackson William, housewright, h. 14 W. Second 
Jackson William P. painter, house 36 Short 
Jacobs Asa & Hiram, 2 Boylston market, h. 55 Pleasant 
Jacobs Benjamin, jr. linen store, 44 Washington, boards 

at Exchange Coffee House. See advertisement 
Jacobs Cynthia, widow, 7 Federal 
Jacobs Elisha, boards 25 Summer 
Jacobs Eliza, boarding iiouse, 36 Hancock 
Jacobs George, shipwright, 3d street 
Jacobs James B. oysterman, house Bay 
Jacobs {John Y.) & Higgins {John S.), oysters, 114 Court. 

Jacobs's house 17 Temple 
Jacobs John R. provisions, 32 Milk, h. 6 Sullivan place 
Jacobs Joshua, jr. housewright. Friend 
Jacobs Lydia, milliner, 489, h. 462 Washington 


Jacobs Peter, rigger, boarding house, Suncourt 

Jacobs Setb, mason, Butolph 

James Francis, inspector of lime, h. 18 Cross 

James Francis, jr. tailor, 17 Ilanovcr 

James Henry II. coach maker, rear 24 Merrimac 

James John, cooper, h. 23 Second 

James Noah, wharfinger, Brighton, h. Leveret 

James William S. laborer, IG Green 

Jameson Hugh, dep. surveyor, Custom H. h. South st. pi. 

Janes Theodore, bookbinder, h. 157 Washington 

Janes Walter, Barrister's Hall 

Jaques Henry, teller Suflblk Bank 

Jaquith Aaron, bookbinder, 95 Charles 

Jaquith Moses, cylindrical ruler, h. 20 Chambers 

Ja(juith Oliver, porter Union Bank 

Jardan David, laborer, IC S. Margin 

Jardine James, laborer, rear Cibbs lane 

Jarves Deming, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, 

103 Milk, house 71 Summer 
Jarvis Benjamin, 50 Pleasant 
Jarvis Russell, house 71 Beacon 
Jasige I. 41 India 

JelFcrs Ebenezer, painter, house 6 Avery 
Jefferson Eleanor, h. 8 Essex place 
Jeflery George, confectioner, 27 Union 
Jeffries John, physician, 9 Franklin 
Jellisoii Zachariah &, Co. (J. L. Drigham), merchants, 

33 Central wharf, h. 2C McLean 
Jemerson William, rear 194 Hanover 
Jenkins Catharine, h. Bridge street court 
Jenkins Eben'r, housewright, Lancaster, h. 70 Merrimac 
Jenkins Gera, grocer, Commer. n. Hanover, h. Snowhill 
Jenkins Gideon, chaisemaker, h. rear 29 Milk 
Jenkins Henry. See T. G. Smith & Co. 
Jenkins Horatio, shipsmith. Commercial near Hanover 
Jenkins Isaiah, pattejn maker, 4th street 
Jenkins Joseph, builder. Temple 
Jenkins Joseph, jr. attorney, 4 State, h. Temple 
Jenkins Joseph W. tailor, 11 State, h. 4 Morton place 
Jenkins Mary, widow, Bridge street avenue 
Jenkins Nathaniel, housewright, Leveret 
Jenkins Noble E. cooper, Otis's wharf, h. 41 Purchase 
Jenkins Solly, widow of Isaac, rear G02 Washington 
Jenkins Samuel, boatman, 4th street 
Jenkins Solon, painter, Arch wharf, h, Broadway 


Jenkins William C. grocer, Dorchester 

Jenks Alice, widow, 8 Hayvvard place 

Jenks J. H. publisher, 8 School, h. 1 Crescent place 

Jenks Susannah, widow, 291 Ann 

Jenks William, Rev. 1 Crescent place 

Jenness Woodbury, watchman, Castle near Middlesex 

Jenney Stephen &. Co. {John Cook), merchants, 8 Central 

wharf, house 44 Purchase 
Jenning Alexatider H. blacksmith. Market, h.23 Friend 
Jennings Catherine, widow of Benjamin, 23 Friend 
Jennings Eliza, widow, 135 Hanover 
Jennings Jesse F. innholder, Elm Street Hotel 
Jennings John, caulker and graver, 15 Fleet 
Jennings Joseph, baker, rear Friend 
Jenning? Josiah A. barber, Pond, h. 12 Salem 
Jennings Philip, jr. caulker, Commer. c. Henchman lane 
Jeimings William, mastmaker, rear 38 Charter 
Jennison John L. house 1 Orange 
Jennison Mary Ann, rear 38 Short 
Jennison William, 33 Spring 
Jepson Elizabeth, house 7 Temple 
Jepson Mary, widow, 12 Gouch 

Jepson Samuel {Cuslanan civ- J.), house 26 S. Margin 
Jepson William, watchmaker, house 12 Gouch 
Jerauld Washington, housevvri^ht, 11 Thacher 
Jermain Roger, paporhang. Harvard place, h. Southac ct. 
Jerome John J. variety store, 554 Wasliington 
Jessop Joseph H. boarding house, 25G Ann 
Jetkins Samuel, housevvright. Com. n. lienchman lane 
Jewell John, laborer, 2 North square 
Jewett Amory, housevvright, Barrett, h. 239 Ann 
Jewett (D. jE.) &. Covell (C'/tar/es), dry goods, 48 Hano. 
Jewett Emerson, laborer, house Sister 
Jewett J. H. (Kimball, J. <^ Co.), house 55 Hancock 
Jewett Nathaniel «& Co. {IV. T". ^«<Zre?«s), sugar refiners, 

26 Atkinsim, house Milk 
Jewett Rebecca, widow of David, h. 4 Pemberton hill 
Jewett Sarah, 47 Myrtle 
Johns William, boarding, 20 Union 
Johnson Abigail, house 36 Cambridge 
Johnson Abijah S. housewiight, r. Charle.s, h. 55 Belknap 
Johnson Amasa P. laborer, h. 207 Hanover 
Johnson Asa P. machinist, Bromfield place, h.5 Mason 
Johnson Benjamin, broker, 9 City Hall 
Johnson Caroline, primary school, 3 Short, h. Merrimac 


Johnson {Carver), Sikcs (John) Sc Roberts (JoAn), house- 

wriglits, Friend. Johnson's h. 35 lr;alcrn 
Johnson Catharine, widow, Theatre alley 
Johnson Charles, housewright, boards 'J5 Summer 
Johnson Daniel, G Pitts 
Johnson Daniel, laborer, rear 30 Tremont 
Johnson Ebenezer, mason, h. 21 Atkinson 
Johnson Edward, 4 Tremont 
Johnson Elijah, hoiisevvrisht, Devonshire 
Johnson Elizabeth, widow, h. 4 Fayette court 
Johnson Enoch, laborer, house Peck lane 
Johnson George L. (Graij ^^' J.), h. Theatre alley 
Johnson George, 24 iS'orth Russell 
Johnson George, house Centre corner Hanover 
Johnson George, house JMerrimac 
Johnson George W. (iO Salem 
Johnson Gustavus, cooper, Langdon place 
Johnson Hamilton, smith, house South Russell 
Johnson Hannah M. 18 \V inter 
Johnson {Hiram) & Eaton {J. J.), W. I. goods, 25 Long 

wharf. Johnson's house 13 Crescent place 
Johnson Henry, laborer, house Elliot, cor. Barre place 
Johnson Ira, victualler, 13 Merchant's row, h. 5 S. Margin 
Johnson Jacob, njariner, 3 Mechanic 
Johnson Jacob A. housewright, house 8 Siiort 
Johnson James B. barkeeper, Portland, h. 58 Fayette 
Johnson Jas. &l Sevvnll, Amer. g'ds, 97 State, h. 38 Green 
Johnson James, collector, h. 5 Snowhill 
Johnson John, rigger, house Creek 
Johnson Jonas, rear 10 Prince 

Johnson Joseph, jr. cordwainer, house 15 Richmond 
Jcdinson Latetia, croclieryware, 147 Hanover 
Johnson Lawrence B. mariner, Battery 
Johnstin Lucy, boarding, 13 Atkinson 
Johnson IMargaret, nuise, house 47 Boylston 
Johnson Mary, widow, Humphrey place 
Johnson {MUtun) «&. Gardner {John), hardware, Liberty 

square. Jolinson's house 4G Chambers 
Johnson Otis {Vinai & ./.), house 37 Prince 
Johnson Peter, W. I. goods, 87 Broad 
Johnson Rutus, house Castle, near Suilolk 
Johnson Samuel {George Howe & C<>), h. 5 Milton pi. 
Johnson Sanmel, housewright, h. 104 Warren 
Johnson Sarah, straw bonnet maker, 25U Washington 
Johnson Sarah, dressmaker and milliner, 51^5 Washing. 


Johnson Thomas, mariner, 2 North square 

Johnson Thomas, lighterman, 18 Brigiiton 

Johnson Thomas B. hatier, Leveret court 

Johnson Timothy, broker, 9 City Hall, h. 13 N. Russell 

Johnson ( fVm.) &. Carter ( Tim.), stable, 17, h. 18 Federal 

Johnson William, waiter, Williams court 

Johnson William, Inborer, Leveret court 

Johnson William, pilot, rear 11 Exchanwe 

Johnston D. C. artist, boards 23 F'ederal 

Johnston John, painter, 4th street 

Johnston Robert, inspector, rear C street 

Johnston William, glassmaker, rear Broadway 

Johonnet Caleb, laborer, Hancock row 

Johonnot Andrew, clerk City Bank, h. 13 Vine 

Johonnot Charles H. house 12 Sudbury 

Johonnot Oliver, tailor, house 12 Sudbury 

Jones Albert A. hackman, rear 337 Washington 

Jones Asa, turner, Front, house 2Dedham 

Jones B. G. & T. victuallers, 1 T wharf 

Jones C. G. 105 Faneuil Hall market 

Jones Charles, housewright, house rear 89 Sea 

Jones Charles, captain. Leveret court 

Jones Daniel, caulker and graver, 75 Salem 

Jones David, housewright, house South Russell 

Jones David, innkeeper, Cliiton House, 35 Leveret 

Jones D. N. artist, house 35 Leveret 

Jones David W. clerk Morning Post office, h. 9 Sea 

Jones Elizabeth, widow. Theatre alley 

Jones Ebenezer {Howe 8f J.), house 24 Washington pi. 

Jones Edward, Milk 

Jones Eliphalet {Korcross ir Co.), 1 Barton 

Jones Elizabeth, widow of John C. C Somerset place 

Jones Ephraim, 30 Porthnd 

Jones Eunice, widow, 4 George 

Jones Ezra, painter, 284 Washington, h. 11 Prov. H. ct. 

Jones Frances B. widow, 12 Bowdoin 

Jones Gilbert W. T. professor music, 23 Joy's building, 

house 24 South Russell 
Jones Hans, rigger, J^ewis's wharf, h. 31G Ann 
Jones Henry Augustus, clerk, 67 Leveret 
Jones Isaac, May near Butolph 
Jones Isaac, mason, house Sturgis place 
Jones James H. printer, 4 Province 
Jones James, horse nail maker. Leveret court 
Jones {Jeffry ^.) & Oakes {Eben.), stationers, 124 State 


Junes John, conibmaker, 282 Washington 

Jones John, la!)orcr, 75 Salcin 

Jones Jolin, Fl.igg alloy 

Jonos John, wino dealer. Exchange, Ii. 40 Spring 

Jones J )lin B. &. Co. (S. S. Ball), jewellers, 123 Wash. 

See advertisement 
Jones John S. cal)inetrnal<cr, rear 63 Ann 
Jones Jonathan, bur roon), 31 Elm 
Jones Joseph tfc Son (Joseph, jr.), sailmakers, Arch wf. 

house 20 Purchase 
Jones Joseph, jr. house Gibhs lane 
Jones Josiah, grocer, 232 Washington, liouse 5 Mason 
Jones Josiah INI. leather, 32 Broad, h. 1 Federal court 
Jones Leah, nurse, house 4th street 
Jones Lewis, stove manuflictory, 35 Union, h. 3 Prince 
Jones Lois S. tailoress, May 

Jones Margaret, boarding, 15 Province House court 
J8nes Nahum, leather, 22 N. Market, house Charter 
Jones Nathaniel, housewriglu, 3!) Belknap 
Jones Owen, laborer, Ilenehinan lane 
Jones Parker, hackman, 58 Pinekncy 
Jones Peter, rigger, Ilano\'er avenue 
Jones Peter C. AL Co. paper store, 110 State, h. 25 Fayette 
Jones Rachael S. Leveret court 
Jones Rebecca, widow, JG4 Hanover 
Jones Richard, tailor, house Spear alley 
Jones Rees, soapstone worker, George 
Jones Rf)l)ert, artist, 53 Tremont 
Jones Sanmel, Custom H. offic(>r, h. 27 Salem 
Jones Samuel H. shipwright. Dorchester 
Jones Still man (If 'in. U. Bradford, jr. if Co.), boards 5 

Brattle square 
Jones Sus-innah, widow, 4 .\Iechanic 
Jones Thomas, housewright, 7 Friend street place 
Jones Thachcr (B. G. &r T. J.), house rear C Pitts 
Jones Thomas, captain, Clark 
Jones Thomas, moulder, house A street 
Jones TluMuas K. coun'g room 09 Broad, h. 42 Purchase 
Jones Walter, stevedore, rear Moon 
Jones William, rigger, Gibbs lane 
Jones Williiim, jeweller, 36 Washington 
Jones William, clothing store, 48 Aim 
Jones William (E. Bahrr i^ Co.), boards 43 Federal 
Jones William. Sec Waterman, J. & Co. 
Jordun James, mason, 604 Washington 


Jordan John, laborer, house rear 85 Broad 

Jordan John, captain, 49 Warren 

Jordan Mary, dressmaker, 12 Bedford 

Jordan Sarah, widow of Putnam, 11 Friend 

Jordan Simon, baker, rear GCO Washington 

Jordan William, chaisemaker, Boylston, h. 23 Temple 

Jordan William, housewright, Carver 

Josselyn Isaiah, moulder, rear 4th street 

Josselyn Leavitt R. ironfouiidor, h. Broadway 

Josselyn Lewis, crock'warc, G Unior-, h. I'JG Hanovei" 

Josselyn Morrill A. housewright, Bridge st. avenue 

Josselyn Samuel, painter, East n. Sea, h. Norfolk place 

Josselyn Stockbridge, grocer, May 

Josselyn William, painter, house 716 Washington 

Joy Abigail, widow of John, 22 Mount Vernon 

Joy Charles, cooper, house 12 Cross 

Joy Charles F. victualler, 8 Long wf. h. G Centre 

Joy Jared, h. 4 Garland place 

Joy John R. house 48 Salem 

Joy Joseph, house 22 Mount Vernon 

Joy Reuben, laborer, 8 Sudbury 

Joyce Patrick, 79 Broad 

Judd Oilman, laborer, house 150 Ann 

Judkins Benjamin, grocer, 91, h. rear Cambridge 

Judkins ]\Tary, tailoress, 1 Lincoln court 

Judson Charles C. housewright, 19 Spring 

Judson Chester, clerk in Post Office, boards 7 Derne 

KAHLER HANNAH, wid. of Jeremiah, 34 Chambers 

Kahler Jeremiah, merch. Milk, c. India, h. 34 Chambers 

Kaigin (.hristopher, laborer, 1 Sister 

Kain Thomas, housewright, 112 Ann 

Kain James, house rear 26 Carver 

Kanady Wm. moulder, rear C street 

Kane &, Co. printers and publish. 127 Wash. h. Roxbury 

Kane Julia, 20 Pleasant 

Karrigan Michael, laborer, rear 185 Ann 

Kating James, glassblower, A street 

Kating Margaret, widow, A street 

Kating William, fruit, opposite 24 Milk 

KauJfer John T. painter, h. rear 101 Tremont 

KaufTer Lewis, mason, rear 163 Hanover 

Kauffer Francis, machinist, h. 4th street 

Kaulback John G. tailor, h. 3 Sister 

Kaulback John G. jr. tailor, 38 Court, house 3 Sister 


Keahoo Mary Frances, drfssinaUer, 132, h. llGPurch. 
Keatiriij John, bar room, 155 Broad 
Keays Kdward, grocer, ()3 India wharf 
Keef'e Edward, handcartrnan, 7 Sweetser court 
Keefe Jane, widow, 22 Prince 
Keefe John, tailor, rear 22 Carver 
Keeler Edward, laborer, 18 Williams 
Keen James, messenger Columbian Bank, h. 44 South 
Keen Lemuel, machinist, Leveret, house 10 Sea 
Keen Robeit, blacksmith, h. 5th street 
Keen Robert, carpenter, rear B street 
Keen ShadracU, stevedore. Salutation 
Keen Sprague, liousewright, ii. rear 732 Washington 
Keen Washington, glazier, h. 11 Fleet 
Keep N. C. surgeon-dentist, h. 1 Tremont place 
Keep Solomc^n, surgeon-dentist, h. 1 Tremont place 
Keesy Joseph, laborer, Commercial near Foster 
Kcgin Sarah B. widow, 5 W. Second 
Kehoe Judith E. widow. Chambers st. court 
Keith Bj^tliuel. clothes, 8S Ann, b'ds 1 Pitts court 
Keilh Charles H. umbrelld maker, 67 Court 
Keitii EFbridge G. housewright. Sun ct. h. 204 Hanover 
Keith Gideon, barkeeper, h. 57 South 
Keith Marshall, library, 159 Washington 
Keith Mary, boarding, Somerset place 
Keilh Mary Ann, clothing, 154 Ann,h. 131 Hanover 
Keith Robert, h. 74 Prince 
Keith Thomas T. grocery, Salem cor. Cross 
Keith William, house 115 Pleasant 
Keith William H. 1 Faneuil Hall 

Kelley Geo. W. blacksn)ith, r. 135 Ann, h. 17 Hamilton 
Kelley Henry, boanls rear 373 Washington 
Kelley Henry, tailor, h. Williams court 
Kelley James, laborer, house Sister 
Kelley John, scowman, 4th street 
Kelley Levi, cooper, h. 15 Hamilton 
Kelley Lucy, widow, rear 17 Sea 
Kelley Mary, widow, 65 India wharf 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, 59 Sea 
Kelley Patrick, laborer. Pond 
Kelley Richard, laborer, 104 Purchase 
Kelley Thomas, mason, h. 108 Warren 
Kelley William, Friend near Travers 
Kelley W. R. clothes wareh. 5 Congress square 
Kelley William, coachmakcr, opposite 12 Carver 


Kelly Wm. laborer, 4 Brighton 

Kellogg Ralph, 115 Washington, h. 4 Morton place 

Kellogg Theodore, harnessinaker, 56 Hanover 

Kellor P. F. mariner, 272 Ann 

Kelsey Hannah, widow, 35 Portland 

Kelt James, baker, 298 Washington 

Kemlo Eliza, boarding house, 153 Court 

Kemp Asa, housewright, h. 7 Lucas place ^^ 

Kemp R. C. clothes, 14 and 34 Merchants row 

Kempton William, captain, 64 Poplar 

Kendall Abel, jr. «fc G. A. dry goods, 24 Washington 

Kendall Abel, jr. h. 9 Crescent place 

Kendall Arthur, teller Tremont Bank, h. 18 Winter 

Kendall Charles A. captain, 157 Hanover 

Kendall Charles S. h. 28 Somerset 

Kendall Edward, musician, h. Foster place 

Kendall Ezekiel & Samuel, chair painters, Distil-house 
square, h. 23 Allen ^ 

Kendall Ezekiel, North Allen 

Kendall Geo. A. (^. & G. JJ.), boards City Tavern 

Kendall Hannah, widow, 28 Somerset 

Kendall Hugh R. h. 51 Chambers 

Kendall H. S. {Freeman, Cobb & Co.), h. 3 Lynde 

Kendall James K. musician, 13 Garden 

Kendall John, inspector Custom House 

Kendall Joshua, brassfounder, 7 Second 

Kendall Loammi, potter, h. Hobbs's wharf 

Kendall Mary, widow of Hugh R. house 5 Temple 

Kendall (Obadiah) & Munroe (Leiois), stable, 16 Portl. 

Kendall Pierson, painter, 44 N. Market, h. Wash. Hotel 

Kendall Samuel {E. & S. K), h. Derne 

Kendall Samuel {D. Jllden &, Co.), h. rear 98 Purchase 

Kendall Sewall, bricklayer, 5 Friend 

Kendall {Theop. P.) & Guilford {JonaM.), W. I. goods, 

91 Purchase 
Kendall (Tim. C.) & Kingsbury {Wm. J5.), 5 Liver, wf. 
Kendall Timothy C. house Pearl corner High 
Kendrick John, house 55 Poplar 
Kendrick John & Co. {John A. McGaw), W. L goods, 

16 City wharf 
Kendrick Rufus {Chamberlin & K.), h. 13 Brighton 
Kendy William, laborer, 117 Chambers 
Kenfield Ebenezer, restorator, 4, h. 6 Wilson lane. See 

Kennison Tapping, wharfinger, h. 19 1-2 Atkinson 



Kenna Patrick, G9 Ann 

Kenaid A I lent, tailor, 534 Wash. h. 2 Haymarket place 

Kormard Williatn, laborer, Spring lane 

Kennastoti Stephen, laborer, rear 9 Leveret 

Kennedy Daniel, honsewri^lit, Merriniac 

Kennedy Jolin, merchant, 40 Lon-^ vvf. h. 4 Sudbury 

Kennedy Jol)n, whitesmith, li. TiirtipiUe 

Kennedy Joseph, whitesmitli, h. Turnpike 

Kennedy Patrick, 310 Ann 

Kennedy Robert, slater, house rear Sister 

Kennedy Thomas, Go Ann 

Kenney Aubry R. I)aker, h. 47 Warren 

Kenney Bridget, widow, 79 Sea 

Kenney Elizal)eth, widow, 37 Belknap 

Kenney John, ciothingstore, 43and 54 Ann, h. 7 Centre 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, h. rear 174 Ann 

Kenny Marks, laborer, 110 Broad 

Kent Barber B. shipwright, B street 

Kent F. A. Friend street place 

Kent Hannah, boarding house, Dorchester street 

Kent Henry A. housewright, 2d street 

Kent Jacob H. teacher, 121 Hanover 

Kent James E. laborer, N. Federal court 

Kent Joseph, tinplate worker, h. 27 Spring 

Kent Job (White &, K ), h. Carver 

Kent Louisa, widow, 2 Stillman 

Kent Moses, laborer, rear 13 Sea 

Kent Noah B. shipwright, 3d street 

Kent SamiielK. shipwright, Dorchester street 

Kent William V. <fcCo. (T. IV. Herrick), W. I. goods, 29 

Long wharf, h.G Staniford 
Kerans William, laborer. Peck lane 
Kern Geo. laborer, house Bartlett 
Kern Lewis, hairdresser, 14 Fulton 
Kerr John, author, rear 3 1-2 Spring 
Ketclmm Samuel, housewright, 103 Cambridge 
Kettell Geo. A. commission merchant, 21 Long wf. 
Kettell John, 15 Commercial wf. house 5 McLean 
Kettellc Samuel, stucco worker, Court sq. h. Spring 
Keyes Elias, boards 7 Green 
Keycs Michael, grocer, 1 14 1-2 Broad 
Kevf s Wright S. grocery, 2 Marshall, h. 2 Prince 
Kidder Abner C. &. Co. provisions, 112 Pleasant 
Kidder Abigail, milliner, 1 West 
Kidder Elias, house 9 Poplar 


dder (Jerome G.) & Simmons (George .5.), W. I. g'ds, 

21 Longwharf. Kidder's li. 17 Pearl 
dder Joseph, drugjrist, 97, h. 105 Court 
dderTlioii, as, clerk, 100 Pleasant 
dder Thompson, chemist, 93 Court, h. 82 Temple 
efe John, laborer, h. 145 Broad 
ernan George, laborer, near Fulton 
ho Sarah, widow, rear 21 1 Hanover 
iburn George H. typefounder, 4 Hull 
Iburn John J. innholder, Howard 
Iburn Samuid S. machinist, 4 Hull 
iiy William, laborer, h. rear 198 Ann 
lley Michael, laborer, rear 81 Broad 
Iham (Jonathan), Mears (Elijah) &. Co. ( Grenville M.), 

tailors, 31 State. Kilhani's h. Cook court 
mball Aaron, jr. (J. B. K. & Co.), 23 Leveret 
mball Alva, provisions, Myrtle cor. Belknap 
mball (Ansel S.) «fe Webster (Benjamin), housewrights, 

Fulton. K.'s h. 17 Merrimac 
mball Benjamin, teamster, rear 83 Sea 
mball Benjamin, provisions, 72 Salem, h. Baldwin pi. 
mball Benjamin, boatman, rear 207 Hanover 
mball Catherine, milliner, 278 Washington 
mball Daniel, laborer, 45 Prince 

mball Danial (Farnum,K. & Co.), h. 7 La Grange pi. 
mball Daniel, 10 Kilby 

mball David, dry goods, 8 W^ash. h. 21 Green 
mball Ezra C. wheelwright. 137 Cambridge 
mball, Jewett & Co. (Eliphalet Kimhaii S^ J. H. Jew- 

ett), dry goods, 29 Kilby. Kimball's h. 2 Beach 
mball Hezekiah, laborer. Commercial near Hanover 
mball Horace, surgeon-dentist, 1 Montgomery place 
mball Isaac B. shipwright, h. B street 
niball John, printer, boards 11 Province H. court 
mball J. B. & Co. (A. K. jr.), shoe store, 18 N. Market, 

h. 23 Leveret 
mball John S. suspender m'kr, 79 Wash h. head Pearl 
mball John F. h. 78 Mt. Vernon 
mball Jonathan, 57 Faneuil Hall market 
mball Joseph, housewright, 42 Allen 
mball Leonard VV. printer, 8 Frank, av. h. S. Margin 
mball Moses, stock and suspender manufac. 12 Wash, 
mball Nathaniel, jeweller, 44 H.mover 
mball Osra, cabinetmak« r, boards 33 Brattle 
mball Rebecca, widow of John, h. Fruit cor. Bridge 


Kimball Simon, provisions, 3 Summer 
Kimball Timotby S. laborer, rear 21 Second 
Kimball William, lioiisevvrigbt, 4 Nortb llussell 
Kimborly Dennison, en;^raver, 70 VVasliin<;ton 
Kiiicaid Worcester, housewri^ht, 5 Slillmau place 
Kirin; Apolios, liousewriiilit. Causeway 
King Cliarles G. (G. K/nar Sl Son), h. 5 Lynde 
Kin^ Daniel, laborer, rear G5 Ann 
King Duncan, printer, 1st street 
King Edward, biborer, Hencliman lane 
King Edward (Pratt S/- A'.), boards 102 Washington 
King Elizabetli, 2 Cowdoin pi. 

King Gedney & Son (Charles G.), math. inst. makers, 7 
Broad, h. 5 Lynde 

ng Henry, laborer, 2d street 

ng Horace, leather, 48 North Market 

ng Isaiah, 48 Pond 

ng James, grocer, 10 Water, h. Theatre alley 

ng James M. housewright, 11 W. Second 

tig Joseph, mason, rear 65 Charter 

ng Joseph, stevedore, Hanover avenue 

ng Joseph, laborer, rear 231 Ann 

ng Joseph S. 44 Green 

ng Lemuel, blacksmith, Minot, h. 10 Sea 

ng Lucy, widow, 2 Bridge 

ng L. F. & H. H. milliners, 169 Court 

ng Michael, laborer, Bumstead court 

ng Nancy, house rear 186 FLanover 

ng Richard R. grocer, 115 Essex 

ng William, electrical machines, 54 Cornhill 

ngman Eliab H. laborer, Milton 

ngman George, sailmakcr, 2 Chatham, h. 3 S. Margin 

ngsbury Abigail B. boarding house, 102 Washington 

ngsbury Benjamin, Barristers Hall, h. Kennard avenue 

ngsbury Benjamin, jr. 19 Washington 

ngsbury Benjamin, collector, Commercial n. Railway 

ngsbury B*!r)jamin W. See Wales it Kingsbury 

ngsbury C;dvin, packer, h. Grid ley 

ngsbury Elijah, housewright, Soulhac ct. 

ngsbury Jesse, victual. 2.9 N. Market, h. 5 Richmond 

ngsbury Samuel, baker, rear 3 Charter 

ngsbury Thomas N. grain, Prentice's wf. h. 43 Sea 

ngsbury Wdliam B. (Kendall & 7^.), h. in Roxbury 

ngsley Bethania, 16 South Russell 

ngsley Charles M. shoes, 31 Cambridge 


Kingsley Elias (Loive S^ K.), house Charles 

Kingsley Elias, mason, 25 Charles 

Kingsley Erastns T. stucco worker, h. 22 S. Russell 

Kirigsley George, prof, music. 313 Wash. h. Bromf. H. 

Kingsley Natlian P. mason, 52 Orange 

Kinnear Geo. stonecutter, rear 242 Hanover 

Kinnear Geo. stonecutter, house 4 Bartlett 

Kinney Asa, stevedore, house Bartlett 

Kinsell Catherine, matron Boys' Asylum, Charter 

Kinsley Daniel H. plasterer, Ivers cor. Merrimac 

Kinsley Mary B. French goods, 161 Washington 

Kinsman Henry A. sailmaker, 19 Stillman 

Kinsman Henry W. coun. 33 Court, h. Temple 

Kinstler Conrad, cahinetmaker, h. 57 Elliot 

Kirby John, machinist, rear 2(5 Pleasant 

Kirkland John T. Rev. h. 41 Summer 

Kirkwood James, soap boiler. Commercial near Foster 

Kitchen Mary, widow, 98 Salem 

Kitchen Robeit, hairdresser, 42 Milk, h. 14 Fayette 

Kittredge {Alvuh) & Blakes {J. jr. & C), furnit. Brattle 

Kiltiedge Charles {Maynard S,- Jv.), h. G7 Warren 

Kittredge Josiah, physician, 289 Washington 

Kittredge (J.) & Wyman {James), grocers, Haverhill, 

corner Market. Kittredge's house 52 Pond 
Kittredge Martha, upholstrcss, rear 371 Washington 
Kline Peter, laborer, Salutation 
Knaggs Thomas, carpetmaker, rear C street 
Knapp Charles, house 1 Kneeland 
Knapp George, housewright, h. rear 63 Warren 
Knap]) George M. laborer, rear G71 Washington 
Knapp Henry, blacking manu. Western av. h. Charles 
Knapp Isaac. See Garrison & K. 
Knapp Jesse, jeweller, 4G N. Market, h. N. Federal ct. 
Knapp John, counst;lIor, 39 Court, h. 1 Kneeland 
Knapp Josiah, h. 1 Kneeland 
Knapp Oren B. harnessmaker, 7 Elm, h. Derne. corner 

Knapp William, assis. clerk Police Ct. h. 34 Bridge 
Kneeland Abner, ed. Investi. 14 Devonshire, h. 30 Milk 
Kneeland James, cabinetmaker, Harv. pi. h. 17 S. Russell 
Kneeland Samuel, teller Granite Bank, h. Crescent pi. 
Knight Abel F. musician, house Blossom court 
Knight David, currier, 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Knight Edward, tailor, 65 Congress, h. 12 Columbia 
Knight Edward, pro vis. Federal and 87 Essex, h. Federal 


Krii«rht George, merchant, house 27 High 
Kiiiiiht John, c-ipt. h. Gihl)s hme 

Kniirht 3Ianasseli, Eng. goods, 45 Washing, h. 8 Lynde 
Knight Nalh'l &- Geo. nierch. 45 Cent. wf. h. at Excli. 
Knight W'iliiani, porter room, head Uovve's wharf 
Knight Winlhrop, truckman, North Margirj 
Ktnglits Winlworlh, taih)r, 13 Marsliall, h. 50 Prince 
Knorre Charles, Danish Consul (Gcsslcr &, K.), house 

10 South 
Knott James, cordwainer, 10 Summer 
Knott James, jr. cordwainer, 21 Snnmicr 
Knott Kobert {HUls & K.), h. rear 5 Pleasant 
Knott Thomas, cordwainer, rear 3!) Essex 
Knott William, shoemaker, PJ Summer 
Knowland James, handcartman, IMerrimac 
Knovvles Joseph, mer. 15 Roue's wf. b'ds 4 Somerset ct. 
Knovvles Josiah S. provisions, 211 Ann 
Knowles Natiian, housewright. Lancaster, h. 7 Salem 
Knowles Sally, widow, 19 North ^Margin 
Knowlton Arad, provisions, Charles, h. Grove 
Knowlton John, housewriglit, Foster 
Knox Mary, widow, Kneeland st. 
Kramer Matthias <\6 Co. {Mclcher Kramer), variety store, 

48 Cornhill, h. Bridge street court 
Kramer Melcher, h. I'ranklin avenue 
Kramer Sel)asiin, 13 South Ru.^sell 
Krantz Frederick C. laborer, 12 South Russell 
Krollman John, musician, h. rear 3 1-2 Spring 
Kulin Elizabeth, 17 Orange 

Kulin George, marker and prover, Custom House 
Kiihn George H. 35 Broad, h. G3 Beacon 
Kulm Jacob, messenger General ('ourt, h. 46 Hancock 
Kuhii John, tailor, 4 Congress, h. 101 Cambridge 
Kiihii John M laborer, 3 Hatnilton court 
Kuhn Lewis, baker. Mason near Avery 
Kuhn Sarah, widow (if John, 126 Cambridge 
Kupfer Charles F 10 Merch. Row, h. 1 Short 
Kupfer Charles F. jr. (Loririg &,- K.), h. 1 Short 
Kurr Lawrence H. baker, 63 Elliot and 76 Pleasant, h. 

155 Pleasant 
Kurtz John E. baker, 57 Warren 
Kutts J(jhn, architeit, 73 Cornhill, h. 104 Trcmont 
Kyburz Daniel, musician, boards 102 Warren 
Kyes Samuel, marble mason, 7 Bridge st. court 


LABBOTTIER EDWARD, barber, Mer'mc, h. 2 Vine 
Laboratory of the State, Pleasant, H. iSheafe military 

store keeper 
Labree Sally, May 
Lackie John, mariner, 97 Purchase 
Lacoste P. A. French boarding house, 3 Bath 
La Couture Mary A. laundress, h. 74 Purchase 
Lacy Patrick, laborer, h. Southac 
Ladd Bela O. coffee room, 3 and 4 Lindall, h. 2 do. 
Ladd Ciiarles, housewright, 20 Tileston 
Ladd Frederick P. house 5 McLean court 
Ladd H. H. hook and eye manu. Pitts ct. h. 30 Vernon 
Ladd Usebia, house Leveret lane 
Ladd VVm. G. merchant, h. 103 Tremont 
Lafaver Horace, clerk, house 8 Avery 
I^afaver John, mariner, 4 Barre place 
Lafaver John, jr. clerk, 4 Barro place 
Lafterty Daniel, laborer. Mechanic 
Lafferty Francis, stable, Cono:ress square 
Lafield William, laborer, 19 Hamilton 
Laforme Antoni, silversmith, Bromfield near Tremont 
Lafrance Henry, fruit, 256 Hanover 
Lahr Philip A. dry goods, 72 State, h. Distil-house sq. 
Laliy Michael, mason, Hamilton alley rear Wendell 
Lake Sarah, corset maker, 43 Essex 
Lakeman John, house 29 High 

Lakeman Moses B. housewright, Union, h. 52 Allen 
Lakin Benjamin, pilot, 3 Fleet 
Lakin Eda, widow, Williams court 
Lakin Henry, cooper. Moon 
Lakin Isaac, pilot, 3 Fleet 
Lamb Benjamin W. house 58 High 
Lamb Hiram K. tailor, house rear 73 Elliot 
Lamb Mary, school, 15 Oak 

Lamb R. A. {Emerson, L. & Harvey), h. 33 Temple 
Lamb Rosanna, widow, 8 Hamilt(m place 
Lamb Thomas, Pres. Wash. Ins. Co. h. 15 Winthrop pi. 
Lambert Gideon, shipwright, Salutation 
Lambert Henry, painter, 71 Commercial 
Lambert Sophia A. widow, 5 Salem place 
Lambert ( Wm. G.) & Slade (John, jr.), dry g'ds, 31 Kilby 
Lambord William, tinplate worker, 421 VVash. boards 

Somerset plarce 
Lambright John G. German physician, 654 Washington 
Lamson Benj. cabinetmaker, 127 Ann, h. 198 Hanover 


Lnnison John {Lane, L. & Co.), li. IS Chcsnut 
Ixunsoi) Riifus, tninUs, Cominer. Ii. 38 BoyL-ston 
Lainsdn Tlios. &- ^on {Tlios. L. jr.), vomwwA. iiu-rcliants, 

II Foster's wf. aud 43 Iiidiii st. T. L.'s house 3 

Garhind phice 
Lnmsot) Tlioina.s, jr. dop. surv. 11 Foster's wf. h. Tump. 
Lanajian James, laborer, rear 4G Pleasant 
Laiia<>an John, stucco worker, 4 Water, h. r. 341 Wash. 
Latiahan Satmiel, hiborer, rear 57 Elliot 
Lanan Thomas, lahor(?r. rear 113 Essex 
Lancaster Charios, 5!) Kilby, h. 52 Mt. Vernon 
Lancey Samuel F. house 2 Bridge 
Lancy William, laborer, h. rear 100 Broad 
Lander William, rear 80 Furchase 

Lander William, broker, 5!» State, li. at Commer. Cof. H. 
Landragan John, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Landragan Tliomas, laborer, rear 3d street 
Landy Francis, laborer, Bartlett 
Lane Alexander, cooper, 8 Tileston 
Lane Alfred A. clothing, 35 Merch. Row, h. 19 Salem 
Lane Charles & Co. {Ceo. F. IVheeler), W. L goods, 3 

India wf house 14 High 
Lane Charles, jr. cordwainer, Brighton 
Lane Eliza, 1 Alontgomery place 

Lane Elizabeth O. fancy g'ds, 240 Wash. h. 15 Hancock 
Lane Frederick, umbrellamaker, 35 Court, h. 28 Elliot 
Lane I'Veeinan, grocer, (31 Broad, h. 58 Myrtle 
Lane {Georirc) & Read {Wrn.), hardware, G Market sq. 

Lane's h. 8 Allen 
Lane George H. house 3 Sewajl place 
Lane Henry, housewright, Brighton 
Lane (Jd/ih) Sl Souther (jXatkanicI), hnusewrights, cor. 

Franklin and llawley. L. boards 4 Berry 
Lane John E. captain, lujuse 4:? Brighton 
Lanc! Jonas H. physician, 170 Washin^'lon 
Lane Jonathan, coo[»er, Maine wf h. 122 Purchase 
Lane (Jusitih), Lamson {John) *.V Co. {David Lane & 

IV. J. Todd), dry cnods, 11 Central 
Lane Samuel, housewright. Friend, h. 14 Gouch 
Lane Simon, blacksntith, Pond 
Lane Timothy, hackman, h. 1!) School 
Lane Wiilian'i II. ciirk, II Dock sq. h. 2 Allen 
Lang James, marble mason, h. Bridge court 
Lang John, cooper, 57 India wf h. 8 Hamilton 
Lang John, mariner, 104 Warren 


Lang Margaret, nurse, h. near Pinckney 

Lang Natimn, bar-rooin, 44 Union, h. Stillntian place 

Lang Richard {Vinton 8^ L.), boards 25 Summer 

Lang Stepiien, hoiisewi ight, Friend, h. 22 do. 

Lang William (./. V. Browne & Co.), h. Broadway 

Lang William B. 13 Doane, h. 55 Cliesnut 

Langdon John W. merchant, 41 India, h. 24 Hancock 

Langdon Mary, widow, 116 Tremont 

Langdon Samuel, house 23 x\llen 

Langdon William G. baker, 28 Portland 

Langley Alona, widow of William, h. 19 S. Bennet 

Langley David, blacksmith, South Russell 

Langley Ephraim, handcartman, h. Short street court 

Langley Henry, laborer, h. rear 14 Second 

Langley Samuel, jr. See J. Williams &. Co. 

Langmaid Samuel, tailor, 30 Clinton, b'ds 3 1-2 Sudbury 

Langton Isaac L. restorator, 7 Congress 

Lary Timc)thy, laborer, head Maine wf. 

Lansing Abraham, house 20 Blossom 

Lanstrom A. M. milliner, 167 Court 

Lanstrom Wilhelmine C. widow, 8 Essex place 

Lapham Benjamin, shipwright, 3d street 

Lapham Mary Ann, tailoress, 3d street 

Larkin Mary, widow of Ebenezer, h. 2 Myrtle 

Larkin Michael, laborer, h.lO Bridge 

Larkin Israel J. See I. Harris & Co. 

Larkin John, clerk, Cedar lane 

Larkin Joseph, clockmaker, h. 53 Cambridge 

Larkin Nicholas, 17 Myrtle 

Larrabe Benjamin, porter, Tudor's building, 20 Court 

Lash Robert, teller Boston Bank, h. Commer. n. Foster 

Latham Marcus, collector, 1 Montgomery place 

Latham Sumner, soda room, Bromfield cor. Ballard pi. 

Lathrop John P. 121 Washington, h. Broadway 

Lathrop. See Lotlirop 

Laughton John, distiller, 6 Hawkins 

LauriatE. A. goldbeater, rear 33 Washington 

Lauriat Lewis A. goldbeater and assay master, 33 Wash. 

h. Leverett. See advertisement 
Lavery Ann, widow of John, A street 
Lavery Arthur, laborer, rear 36 Front 
Lavery Ellen, widow, rear 88 Warren 
Law Hamilton, confectionary, 478 Washington 
Lawson Nicholas, laborer, Battery 
Lawler James, jr. laborer, house 108 Ann 



Jjciwler John, laborer, 110 Broad 

Lawler William, gas works, 2 Hull 

Lawless Thomas, grocor, Merrimac 

Lawrence Abbott, 25 ISoinerset 

Lawrence Amos and Al)bott&,Co. (J. fl. Wolcott S^J. W. 

Edmunds), mer. 11 Lib. sq. Am. L.'s h. 143Tremont 
Lawrence Catherine, widow, rear Hi) Ple.isant 
Lawrence Henry, handcartman, rear (JO Elliot 
Lawrence Joel, laborer, Ced;ir lane 
Lawrence Joshua, tailor, 53, boards 104 Washington 
Lawrence Samuel, laborer, rear North Margin 
Lawrence Samuel {fV. ^'- S. L. & Stone), h. Mt. Ver. pi. 
Lawrence Thomas S. 38 Murray place 
Lawrence W^illiam, 3 Bui finch 
Lawrence William, grocer, 14 Batterymarch 
Lawrence ( IVm. & Sam' I) & Stone ( IVm. fV.), merchants, 

85 Slate. W. L.'s house 3 Buifinch 
Laws Curtis, stabler, 40 Hanover, h. 26 Portland 
Laws Hosea, truckman, Church 
Lawson Henry, upholsterer, 441 Washington 
Lawton Sarah, widow, rear 63 Warren 
Lawion Winslow, cordwainer, h. Front, near Castle 
Leach Abiel (P. C. Jones ^^S: Co.), h. Mount Vernon 
Leach Eliab, cordwainer, Middlesex, r. 683 Washing. 
Leach James, dry goods, 72 Court, h. 23 Howard 
Leach Josiah F. See Chase & L. 
Leach Matthias, Hancock, corner Mount Vernon 
Leach Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 63 Chambers 
Leach Sarah, widow, rear 41 Prince 

Leach Studson, housewright, h. Middlesex r. G83 Wash. 
Lear Peter, house 98 Chambers 
Leanaid John, laborer, 4 South Margin 
Leanerd Patrick, laborer, Gouch 

Learnard Thomas, clothes, 56 Ann, boards 67 Charter 
Learnard William, caulker and graver, 66 Charter 
Learnard Wm. clerk, house 25 Myrtle 
Learned Ann, Lyman place 
Learned Daniel, laborer, 276 Ann 
Learned Grant, cordwainer, Essex place 
Learned Henry, soapboiler, h. 11 South Bennet 
Learned Jedediah, soapboiler, house 12 Hollis 
Learned Wm. PL shoe store, 10 Marshall, h. 2 Cooper 
Leary Catlierine, widow, Lyman place 
Lcars John C. rigger, rear 12 Ami 
Lcary John, laborer, h. rear 185 Ann 


Leatbe Abigail, boarding house, 1 Bowdoin square 

Leatherbee James W. rear 106 Sea 

Leavens S. Davis (Curtis & L.), h. 3 Cambridge 

liCavens George L. librar)', 60 Union, h. 19 Spring 

Leaviit Benjamin D Eastern Stage House, 84 Ann 

Leavitl Benson & Joseph iM., VV.l. goods, Battery wf, 

Leavitt Benson, house 210 Hanover 

Leavitt Charles F. {Hurlbert, L. & Co.), h. 192 Hanover 

Leavitt David {Burchstead, L. & Co.), h. Washington pi. 

Leavitt Gad. shipwright, boards Dorchester 

Leavitt H. H. hat store, 93 Court 

Leavitt John, housevvright, F'ront 

Leavitt Joseph M. house corner Hanover avenue 

Leavitt Nancy, widow, 13 South Margin 

Lecain {Fred.) & Stone {Titos. J.), 10 Merciiant's row 

Lecain Frederick, house 16 High 

Lecompte Francis, confectioner, 10 Tremont House 

Lee Geo. C. housewright, Portland near Travers 

Lee Hannah, widow of" George G. h. 63 Mount Vernon 

Lee Henry, merchant, 39 India wharf, h. 4 Bedford place 

l^ce Jeremiah, niercbant, 108 Milk, h. 25 Mt. Vernon 

Lee John, house 8 Milton place 

Lee John, mariner, Henchman lane 

Lee Nancy, widow of Henry, h. 85 Pleasant 

Lee Rhoda, widow, 46 Front 

Lee Thomas, house 1 Temple place 

Lee William, 44 Beacon 

Lee W. Raymond, engineer, 11 Joy's building, house 4 

Tremont place 
Leeds Benjamin, 30 Kilby, h. Castle, near Front 
Leeds Benjamin L See Nichols & L. 
Leeds Henry, shoes, 52 N. Market, h. 19 Sudbury 
Leeds Henry M. house Bromfield House 
Leeds Joseph, chairmaker, Hawley, house 2 George 
Leeds James, jr. & Co. (Timothy C.), wine merchant, 18 

Long wharf, boards 3 Federal court 
Leeds J. iSi H. M. dry goods, corner Kilby and Central 
Leeds Samuel, shoes, 1 Market square, h. 64 Salem 
Leeds Timothy C. (J. L.,jr. S^ Co.), house 11 Myrtle 
Legg Daniel B. straw hat maker, 9 Leveret 
Legget James, laborer, h. 105 Broad 
Leighton (Chas.) & Robbins (Sam. E.), lumber, Causcw. 
Leighton Charles, house 37 Allen 
Leighton Daniel, handcartman, house 201 Ann 
Leighton Joiin P. printer, h. rear 10 Franklin 


Leitner Calliaritie, widow, Grove 

Lekain Sarah, boarding lioiise, \\ Pearl 

Lelatul Caleb \V. pr<n'isi<ji)s, /'i"), h. r. 727 Wasliington 

Leiaiid John, wheelwriglit, 21 Tilcston 

Leiand Sherman, counsellor, 31 Court 

Leiaud Thomas J. {Potter &, L.), Jiouse 43 Tremont 

Lei))ale Francis, blacksmith. A street 

Lenian Lbenezer, corkcutter, 4 Hawiey, h.6 Newton pi. 

Leman Ebenezer, whitesmilh, 43 IMillc, h. 71) Tremont 

Leman Eben C »& Andrew T. blacksmiths, opposite 3 

Sea, h. G PSewton place 
Leman Elizabeth, widow, rear 4 Prince 
Le Man James, hous.e rear 43 Federal 
Leman Jolin tfc Son {Julia, jr.), shipsmiths, Foster's wf. 

house 12 Washington place 
Leman John, jr. shipsmith, h. Washington avenue 
Lemon John, boardm^', ii. rear 17G Washington 
Lftmon William {Grccnlcuf \ L.), b'ds 17G Washington 
Le^rjoine Elizabeth, boarding, 4 Hawlcy 
Lemont Daniel G. portrait painter, 120 Washington 
Le Moyne Clarissa, widow, Sudbury square 
Le Moyne Thomas, hat store, 6 Ann, h. 4 Unity court 
Lemure Joseph, house Grove 
Lenfest Solomon, currier, 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Leonard Daniel, intelligcrtce otlice, Summer, h. Dedham 
Leonard Isaac, (3 Long wharf, house 10 Allen 
Leonard James, rigger, house 141 Broad 
Leonard Jer. rear 10 Slillman 
Leonard Joseph, jeweller, house 31 Stillman 
Leonard Nehemiah, jr. 41 Leveret 
Lepean Albert A. liouse G Otis place 
Lepean Alonzo J., Sec. i3'd Engin. City H. h. 28 High 
Lfpean John, English goods, IG VV^ashington, h. 28 High 
Lerow Lewis, inspector customs, house 47 Allen 
Lester f^benezer A. machinist, h. South street court 
Leverelt Daniel, jr. Tremont House 
Leverett Frederick P. school, Spring lane 
Leverett Thomas J. grocer, 7G Leveret, h. 55 Chatnbers 
Levett Alexander, cooper, rear 10 Charter 
Lewis Asa, housewright, house 94 Warren 
Lewis Asa, housewright, house rear Friend 
Lewis Asa. See William Lewis &. Co. 
Lewis Catherine, milliner, h. rear 171 Washington 
Lewis David, saddlery hardw. 38 Kilby, h. 194 Tretnont 
Lewis Edmund, wheelwright, 10 Boylston 


Lewis Freeman, oysters, 254 Ann 

Lewis Gabriel E. tailor, 3 Lindall, h. 22 Washington pi. 

Lewis Geor<ie, cooper. Battery 

Lewis George A. mariner, house 23 Riclmiond 

Lewis George VV., W. L g'ds, 17 S. Market, b'ds 9 Elm 

Lewis George VV. cutler, house Merrimac 

Lewis Henry 1*. printer, 05 Pond 

Lewis Jabez, laborer, Fayette near J(^fFerson 

Lewis James N. fish nsarket, Cambridge 

Lewis John, house 23 Prince 

Lewis John, baker, 17 Stilhnan 

Lewis John G. teamster, h. 730 Washington 

Lewis Jos. baker, 95 Broad, h. Unity. See advertisement 

Lewis Joseph W. h. south 752 Washington 

Lewis jMaiy, widow, 10 Suffolk place 

Lewis Al. VV. boarding house, 1.14 Tremont 

Lewis Nabby, boarding, h. 3''* Beacon 

Lewis Nancy, sempstress, rear Moon 

Lewis Patrick, laborer, 11 • Broad 

Lewis Samuel S. 1 Commercial \vf h. West op. Mason 

Lewis SRtli, housewright, George, h. 22 Brighton 

Lewis Thomas, clothing, 73 Broad 

Lewis Thomas, blacking factory, 58, h. 60 Broad 

Lewis William & Co. {Asa Leiois), binders, 11 Cornhill, 

house Harvard plice 
Lewis William, miniature painter. Court cor. Tremont 
Lewis William, milkman, B st eet 
Lewis VV^illiam, coopiir, h. 24S Hanover 
Lewis William P. housewright, house Ash 
Lewis {William L.) &, Penniman {John A,), printers, 

Brouifield. L.'s house 49 Poplar 
Lewis Winslow, 31 India, h. 80 Boylston cor. Pleasant 
Lewis Winslow, jr. physician, ;0 Buylston cor. Pleasant 
Lial J hn G. house rear 42 Prince 
Libbey Jcseph, tailrr, 33 Congress, house 45 Milk 
Libbey Joseph, cordwainer, 4th street 
Libbey Tristriin), pian »fortemaker, h. 33 Fayette 
Libby Isaac, truckman, 15 East 

Libby Jacob G. L. jeweller. Harvard place, h. 2 Unity 
Libby Oliver, 15 Long wharf, h. rear 65 Charter 
Libby Sarah, widow, rear 24 Ciiarier 
Lienow, Henry, Hawkins 
Lietner Lucy, widow, 56 Union 
Light George W. printer, 3 C.rnhill, h. 11 Myrtle 
Lilley George, laborer, rear 775 Washington 


Lilley John, umbrella tnuUer, (15 Court, li. Gouch 

Lilley Thomas, umbrella maker, rear 20 South Russell 

Liileyman W. house Short corner Short street court 

Lillie Dauiel, grocer, 18 Tileslon 

Lillie Daniel \V. cabiiictinaUer, 7 Margaret 

Lillie H. A. bookhlncJer, 14 Alerch'ts Hall, h. iGStaniford 

Lillie John, brassfbuiider, house Snovvhill 

Lillie John S. clerk j)ension office, house 16 Staiiiford 

Lillie Tiiomas E. hardware, 3!^) Union, h. Snouhill 

Lillie T. J. house IG Stanifoid 

Lillis John, laborer, opposite 174 Purchase 

Lilly Joel R. confectiotier, ]1 Marshall 

Lilly, Wait {IVm. S.) &. Co. (S. Cohnan and E. Holden) , 

printers and publishers, 121 Washington 
Linch Terence, laborer. Prospect 
Lincoln Albeit L. jeweller, 64 Cornhill, h. 7 Acorn 
Liticoln Alexander, tinplat(;r, 2i) Dock sq. h. Nassau ct. 
Lincoln B. <fc Co. merch 49 India \vf. h.23 Franklin pi. 
Lincoln Beza, iiviuse 11 Richmond 
Lincoln Bradford, baiter, 96 Ann, h. 22 McLean 
Lincoln Charles, 11 Richmond 

Lincoln, Edmunds *fc Co. printers .S: booksellers, 59 Wash. 
Lincoln {EInal/i.) & Fla^g {Cassinidcr 6'.), hak'rs. Grove 
Lincoln Ezekiel, mason, h. Commercial near Hull 
Lincoln Ezra, printer, 14 Congress, h. 38 Myrtle 
Liuctdn Francis, merchant, 2 Lidia wf. h. 7 Kneeland 
Lincoln Frederick, mason, 56 Prince 
Lincoln Harvey, 9 Elm 

Lincoln Havvkes, vvharfing. Fortbill wf. h. in Charlestown 
Lincoln Heman, treasurer B. B. F. M. 17 Joy's building 
Lincoln Henry tfe Wm. merch. 2'.> India, h. 5 Gouch 
Lincoln Jared, hous(!wr"t, r. 31 iJelknap, h. 29 i^inckney 
Lincoln Joseph, housewrigbt. Charles, b. 62 Chesnut 
Lincoln J. B. {k. Liiicoln^iHi. Co.), h. 8 Pearl 
Lincoln Levi R. appraiser, Cust(/m House, h. 29 Friend 
Lincoln Lewis. See Duroy & L. 
Lincoln Lot W. cooper, house rear 38 Charter 
Lincoln Minor S. <fe Co. {Freeman Utoicc and .-?. G. 

Thuinpson), dry g'ds, 183 Wash. h. 9 Montgomery pi. 
Lincoln Mitchell, house 4 Sudbury 
Linci.dn Mitchell, mason, Carver 

Lincoln Noah, shipwright. Commercial, h. 11 N. Bennet 
Lincoln Noah, jr. wood wharf, Commercial n. Railway 
Lincoln Oliver, house 11 Richmond 
Lincoln Robert, iron founder, house 2d street 


Lincoln Robert B., W. T. goods, Avery 

Lincoln Russell & Co. {J. B. Lincoln), merchants, 22 
Central wharf 

Lincoln Warren, lookinir glass inannfiictory, 20 Wash- 
ington, house 8 Hull 

Lincoln William S. (F. Skinner & Co ), b'ds20 Atkinson 

Linden William, house Theatre alley 

Lindell Edward, laborer. Theatre alley 

Lindell John, mason, Broadway 

Lindsey John, Rev. 6 N(jrth Margin 

Lindslev Joel H. Rev. 48 Chesnut 

Linzee Jc»hn L clerk in State Treasury, h. 44 Mt. Vernon 

Liscom John, counting room, Brown s wf. Commercial 

Liscotn Lemuel. See Griggs & L. 

Liscom Levi, pianofortemaker, house 10 Avery 

Liswell James, house Bedford avenue 

Lilch Thomas, 62 F'aneuil Hall market 

Litchtield Allen, mason, 43 Bridge 

Litchfield Enos, housewr't, Bedford av. h. 2D6 Washin-g- 

Litchfield Howard, housewright, h. Mount Vernon 

Litchfield Ward, mason, 1 Salem place 

Lithgo Hette, widow, h. Eaton corner Russell 

Little C. C. 14 Water 

Little Ebenezer H. inspector genera! of fish, 116 Milk 

Little James L. dry goods, 2S5 Washington, h. 8 Pearl 

Little Joseph, laborer, Leveret court 

Little {Nicholas) & Haskell {Calvin), blacksmiths, 75 
Pond. Little's house 165 Hanover 

lAiXXe {Robert A.) &; Merriam {fVilliam), W. L goods, 
32 Long wharf. Little's house 19 Gouch 

Little William, housewright, B street 

Litllefield Abiel H. carttnan, house Province 

Liltlefield Clement, mariner, 30 Cross 

Littlefield George W. housewright, Leveret court 

Littlefield Hiram, truckman, Cedar 

Littlefield James & Co. {Isaac and Darius L.), leather, 
37 North Market 

Littlefield Joshua, laborer, 5 Hawkins 

Littlefield Mary, widow, opposite 7 Norfolk place 

Littlefield Theodore L. See Holmes ife L. 

Littlehale Sargent S. {Pickans & L.), h. 44 Bowdoin 

Livermore George. See Bigelow &, L. 

Livermore Horatio G. {Davis & L.), h. 8 Somerset pi. 
Livermore Jonathan, carpenter, Grove 

Livermore Marion S. nurse, rear Broadway 


I>ivcrmore Thomas, 27 F. H. market, Ii. 41 Myrtle 
Livermorc William (Gili^on <Sc L.), li. 95 Warren 
Living Robert G. 54 Kilby 
Livings John IL 8 North Market 
Livingston Abigail, tailoress, 2 Milton 
Livingston Henry B. honscwricht, Pond 
Lloyd Charles B. gfldcr, 38 Coriihill, h. 32 Prince 
Lloyd ILinnah, widow of Janios, 5 Park 
Lobdell Thomas J. IG Long wharf, li. 74 Chesnut 
Lock Amos, barber, Merrimac 
Lock Horatio, broker, house 20 Bridge 
Lock William, blatiUsmith, house 9 Blossom 
Locke Abner, blacksmith. Commercial near FosStcr 
Locke Blake, laborer, house rear Lancaster 
Locke Charles A. City wharf, h. 8 Sullivan place 
Locke Delmont, coppertjtnith, Fulton, li. 77 Salem 
Locke Edward {Gore <^ L.), house G5 Prince 
Locke Hannah, widow, 212 Hanover 
Locke James S. silversmith, h. Ridgeway lane 
Locke John, physician, 38 Merrimac 
Locke Joseph, City wharf, h. 8 Sullivan place 
Locke Joseph A. provisions, Pond cor. Cross, h. 01 Pond 
Locke Lydia, boardinghouse, 10 Derne 
Locke Nathan, provisions, Merrimac, h. Lancaster 
Locke Richard, blacksmitli, 3d street 
Locke Stephen, 51 Salem 
Locke Susan, house Hull 

Locke Susan, instructress, rear 253 Washington 
Locke AV'illiam, blacksmith, house 3d street 
Lockhart Ann Jane, boarding, G Brattle square 
Lodge Adam, clerk, house 125 Charles 
Lodge Edward, tailor, 30 Cross 

Lodge Giles, merchant, 14 Exchange, h. 54 Boylston 
Lodge G. Henry, physician, room 5 Hanover 
Loller James, laborer, rear 194 Hanover 
Lombard Amjni C. & Co. {Ephraha Lovibard), mer- 
chants, Brimmer's T, house 22 Hancock 
Lombard Ephraim, house 22 Hancock 
Lom'.iard (Israel) &. Whitmore ( Charles O), W. L goods, 

52 Commercial. Lombard's house T(;mple 
Lombard Loring L. dry g'ds, 335 Wash. h. 17G Tremont 
Lombard Nath'l K. sailmak. Brirrmier"s T, h. 22 Hancock 
Long Daniel, innholder, N. E. Cotlee House, Clinton 
Long David C. bookbinder, 57 Hanover 
Long Edward J. (Geo. Hill & Co.), U. 5 Bradford place 


Long Ira T. laborer, rear 110 Sea 

Lot)g Olive, nurse, 4tli street 

Long Peter G. laborer, Butolph 

Long VViiliani, laborer, rear 42 Friend 

Longlmrst M. B. dressmaker, rear 188 Washington 

Longimrst Hannah, widow, house 42 Warren 

Longley Benjamin, painter, lOG Cambridge 

Longley James, innholder, Com. Cotiee House, Milk 

Longley Judith, widow of John, h. 65 Pleasant 

Longley Luther, laborer, h. W. Centre 

Longley Susan, widow, 122 Cambridge 

Loomis Beriah, housewrighl, 23 Hancock 

Loomis J. B. 22 Congress, house 20 Blossom 

Lord Daniel, captain. Leveret court 

Lord George, pianoforte maker, house 33 Orange 

Lord George, liousewright, h. Piedmont near Church 

Lord Henry E. house 12 S. Bennet 

Lord Jeremiah P. stable, Deacon 

Lord Joanna, nurse, 18 Piedmont 

Lord Joseph H. agent N. E. Glass Co. 140 Washington, 

house 48 Spring. See advertisement 
Lord Melvin, c. room 131 Washington, h. 37 Bovvdoin 
Lord Rand, porter Suffolk Bank, house Spring 
Lord Thomas &- Co. (Jona. French, jr. tt \V. D. Mcsser), 

American goods, 93 State, h. 27 Chesnut 
Lord Tobias, merchant, 13 Central wharf 
Lord Sarah, house 108 Cambridge 
Lord WilliaiiT, truckman, 711 Washington 
Loring Benjamin & Co. {John Hooper)^ stationers, 122 

Slate, boards 19 Somerset. See advertisement 
Loring Betsey, 27 ('barter 

Loring Caleb, merchant, rear 60 State, h. 10 Somerset 
Loring {Caleb G.) & Kupfer {Charles F. jr.), hardware 

dealers, 10 Alerchants row. Loring's h. 17 Prince 
Loring Caleb, jr. tinman, 335 1-2 Wash. h. 3 Newbury p|. 
Loring Charles G. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 20 Mt. Vernon 
Loring Edw. tinplate worker, 335 1-2 Wash. h. 20 Lincoln 
Loring Edward G. counsellor, 9 State, h. 12 Somerset 
Loring Elijah, wharfinger, 53 Long wharf, h. 7 Pearl 
Loring Ellis Gray, counsellor, 27 State, h. 671 Washing. 
Loring Francis C. attorney, 39 Court, li. 10 Somerset 
Loring John F. 81 Washington, h. 3 Bumstead place 
Loring {Henry) & Parsons {Ebenezer), housewrights, 

Berry. Loring's house 92 Purchase 
Loring Henry {Fairbanks, L. & Co.), h. 15 South 


Loring James, bookseller, 132 Washington, h. Cook ct. 
Loring James (Joiia. L. & Son), b'ds Cornmer. n. Hanov. 
Loring Job, liousowriglit, \\. 3 Myrtle court 
Loring John G. &, Co. {Jhidi cic Floyd and Bcnj. Bcal), 
cop[)er«milhs, 61 Porthuul cor. Ivers, h. 5 Causeway 
Loring John J. cashier South Bank, h. 4'2 Fayette 
Loring Jonathan, surveyor of lumber, h. 41) I'inckney 
Loring Jonathan & Son (Jinirrs), saihnakers, Union 

wharf, house Commercial near Hanover 
Loring Joseph, saihiiaker, house 55 Sea 
IjOring Joseph, weigher and guager, Custom House 
Loring Josiah, bookseller, 130 Wash. h. 75 Bedford 
Loring Lydia, widow, house Boylston 
Loring Lydia, widow, h. 18 Hull 
Loring Nancy, widow, 10 BedHird 
Loring Peres, surveyor of work, house 12 Brighton 
Loring Ruth, widow, 2 Piedmont 
Loring Sally, nurse, liouse Gibbs lane 
Loring Sarah, widow, house Peck lane 
Loring Sarah S. widow, 107 Chan)bers 
Loring Tho's B. sailmaker, 54 Commercial, h. JMargarct 
Loving William, mastmaker, h. Sea, near the bridge 
Loring William, constable, Frank, av. h. r. 071 Wash. 
Loring William, cooper, house G Purchase 
Loring Wm. J. pres. Couj. Ins. Co. 53 State, h. 2 Otis pi, 
Loiing William P. measurer. Custom House, h.l Poplar 
Lorkin Thomas, clerk, 107 Essex 
Lothrop Calvin, houscwright, h. Middlesex n. Castle 
Lothrop Ansel, housewright, 8 Pleasant street court 
Lothrop Eben. W. jeweller. Harvard pi. h. r. 208 Hanov. 
Lothrop Edward, looking glass factory, 44 Cornhill, h. 

19 Pinckney 
Lothrop Frances, widow, rear 42 Milk 
Lothrop Harrison (Annable &. L.),h. Commer. n. Hull 
Lothrop James B. housewright, 75 Prince 
Lothrop Jarvis, wood and coal. Front, h. South Bonnet 
Lothrop John, sailmaker, rear 135 Ann 
Lothrop Joseph D. clerk, 24 India wharf 
Lothrop Nancy, widow, Conimercial near Hanover 
Lothrop Samuel K. Rev. Court near Tremont 
Loud Abigail, widow of Solomon, 94 Court 
Loud Nancy, nurse, 14 Short 
Loud George W. cabinetmaker, 92 Court 
Louge Hugh B. soda nianufacturer, rear 81 Washington, 

iiouse rear 142 Pleasant 


Lovejoy Asa L. dry goods, 60 Hanover 

Lovejoy George, hatter, 95 Ann, house 17 Stillman 

L'jvejoy Josiah B. clothing, 216 Ann 

Lovejoy Loyal, housewright, Devonshire, h.9 Green 

Lovejoy Pliilip, house 4 Avery 

Lovejoy Wm. R. hatter. 70 Commercial, h. 40 Salem 

Lovel! Esther, boarding, 17 Franklin place 

Lovell James G. blocUmaker, r. 49 India, h. ]21 Purchase 

Lovcll Joshua, jr. {^iadre. ^ L.), house 54 Portland 

Lovell Michael, attorney, 33, h. 133 Court 

Lovell Samuel, pilot. Commercial near Hanover 

Lovell William S. {Waitt &^ L), boards r. C'ty Court H. 

Lovering Geo. house 107 Chambers 

Loveridge Thomas, laborer, 85 Broad 

Lovering Joseph, h. 5d2 Washington 

Lovering Mary, widow of William, h. 2 South Bennet 

Lovering Nathaniel P. See Copeland & L. 

Lovering William, merchant, 32Commer. h 21 High 

Lovett Alexander, inspec. fish. Battery wf. h. Salutation 

Lovett Augustus, clerk, boards Pincknoy 

Lovett Benjamin, bricklayer, rear 34 Poplar 

Lovett Israel W. rigger, house 5 Dearborn avenue 

Lovett John, Cooper 

Lovis Tliomas, shipwright, h. rear 79 Purchase 

Lovjoy Reuben, victualler, Front, h. Wheeler's court 

Low Abiah P. house Fleet 

Low David, trunk and harnessmaker, 1 Belknap 

Low Foster, carpenter, 45 Pleasant 

Low Francis {John J. Loic & Co.), h. 8 Montgomery pi. 

Low George, grocer, 187 Hanover, house Bartlett 

Low Isaac S. victualler, 27 N. Market, h. 86 Hanover 

Low James, cooper, house 4 Orange lane 

Low John F. tailor, house 6 Sheafe 

Low James, laborer, h. rear 128 Ann 

Low John J. & Co. {Francis Loio), jewellers, 91 Wash. 

h. 3 Montgomery place 
Low John V. painter, South Russell 
Low J. G. 13 Cambridge 
Low Joseph H. printer, 33 Garden 
Low Nathaniel. See Barry & L. 
Low Peter, bookbinder, h. 10 Avery 
Lowe {.Ibraham T.) & Reed (Sampson), druggists, 24 

Merchants row. Lowe boards at Kilburn's, Howard 
Lowe (John) &, Kingsley {Ellas), plaster manufacturers, 

Butolph. Lowe's house 20 Allen 


Lowe John, boarding, 1 Hancock row 

Lowe William, blacksmitli, li. GG Essex 

Lowell Charles, Rev. 51 Cliesnut 

Lowell Charles R. 83 Milk, h. 3 Mt. Vernon place 

Lowell {F. C.) & Gardner {Juhn L.), merch. 47 India. 

Lowell's h. 53 Beacon 
Lowell George W. housewri'^ht. h. rear 104 Treraont 
Lowell John, 125 Trernont 

Lowell John A. merchant, 3 Oliver, h. 1 Bedford place 
Lowell John, jr. unibrellaniaker, h. 1 Jackson place 
Lowell William, houscwrighl, house 83 Elliot 
Lucas Daniel, grocery, 1 Dock square 
Lucas Edmund D. dry g'ds, 1 34 Hanover, h. 3 Hanov. pi. 
Lucas Samuel, housewrighl, Kuhn place 
Luckis Benjamin, 6 North Bennet 
Luckis Benjamin, jr. sailmaker, h. 2G Prince 
Luckis John IS. brassfounder, rear G North Bennet 
Ludden Elizabeth, widow, 484 Washington 
Ludington Corbet, soda room, 1G8 Tremont, h.93 Charles 
Lucre Susannah, 152 Hanover 
Lufkin Caleb, cooper, Pond 
Luke William L. engineer, boards 132 Pleasant 
Lull David G. cooper, h. IG Fleet 
Lulweg JNIalthus, G Boylston square 
Lombard Joseph, wheelwriglit. Market, h. 7 Merrimac 
Lumex W^illiam, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 
Lund Jeremiah, distiller, 25 Merrimac 
Lund \V illiam, leather, 40 North Market 
J..undsteen Frederick Ferdinand, machinist, Market pi. 
Lunt Benjamin, barber. Brattle sq. h. rear 33 Biattle 
Lunt Charles S. mer. h. 4!)7 Washington 
Lunt Henry, merchant, li. 497 Washington 
Lunt James H. Sec. Globe Ins. Company, h. 497 Wash. 
Lunt Johnson, laborer. Short street court 
Lunt William, laborer, rear GGO Washington 
Lurvey Elizabeth, widow, 3 South st. place 
Luscomb Sarah, widow, 6 Sweetser court 
Luther Jonas, tinman, 4G Prince 
Luther Nathan, baker, Medford 
Luther Philip, mason, rear Gl Myrtle 
Luther Slade, mason, 2 Jackson place 
Luzardar Samuel, cooper, rear Gibbs lane 
LyJord (E. A'.) &. Rovve (.S'amuc/), sashmakers, Haverhill 

cor. Causeway. Ly ford's h. 29 Poplar 
Lyford G. C. See Mackintire & L. 


Lyford Thomas, housewright, h. High street place 

Lyman Charles, house 6 Bowdoin square 

Lyman George W. 83 Milk, h. Belknap c. Mt. Vernon 

Lyman Joseph, jr. attorney, 39 Court, b'ds 3 Bumst. pi. 

Lyman Theodore, merchant, 6 Bowdoin square 

Lyman Theodore, jr. mayor, Bowdoin 

Lyman (fVm.) & Ralston {Robert, jr. ),xne.v. 81 Milk 

Lynch Elizabeth, widow, rear 75 Eliiot 

Lynch Dennis, gardener, h. 16 Williams 

Lynch John, laborer, Plymouth place 

Lyncii John, waiter, 27 Park 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, rear 4th street 

Lynch Stephen, upholsterer, h. rear 34 Tremont 

Lynde Seth S. Pemberton hill, Tremont, h. 17 Camb. 

Lynes Samuel, housewright, 1 East, h. 8 do. 

Lynn William, rigger, opposite C Norfolk place 

Lyon Abner, painter, boards 18 Province House court 

Lyon Charles {Capen & L.), h. 1 Newton place 

Lyon Elizabeth, widow, 74 Summer 

I^yon G. P. See Marsh, Capen & L. 

Lyon John, book keeper Merchants Bank 

Lyon Joseph B. house 25 Howard 

Lyon Mary, widow, 45 Pleasant 

Lyon Susan G. boarding house, 9 Atkinsoti 

Lyons Moses, rear 732 Washington 

MACE ABRAHAM C. cooper, Scott court 

Mace Benjamin, laborer, W. Centre 

Mace Daniel, livery stable, 144 Camb. h. 25 Garden 

Mace Eliphalet, laborer, rear 16 South Bennet 

Mace Jeremiah M. wool stapler, 126 Purch. h. E street 

Mack Francis, laborer, 2 Tileston 

Mack John, painter, h. 50 South 

Mack Joseph, housewright, 50 South 

Mack Lois, laundress, 90 Pleasant 

Mackay Harvey C. wharfing. &com.mer. 12Rowe's wf. 

h. 25 Washington place 
Mackay John, capt. house Oliver 
Mackay Joseph, h. 50 Cambridge 

Mackay R. C. merchant, 33 Union wf. h. 4 Bulfinch pi. 
Mackay Tristram B. 5 Broad, h. McLean 
Mackintire {E. P.) & Lyford (G.C), dry g'ds, 71 VV^ater 
Mackintosh Peter, blacksmith, 98 Pleasant 
Mackintosh Peter, jr. teacli. Hancock S< hool, h. 63 Pop!. 
Mackintosh William, mason, h. rear 83 Tremont 


Macnair James (Hibhard 8/- M.), h. 8 Castle 
Macnair Eliza, widow of Robert, Bedford cor. Wash. 
Macoiiibcr Cli;irlcs A. (Drurij & M.), h. Cliurch 
Macombor (Irhabod), Sawin {Ezekicl) &l Hunting (Beta), 

W. I. g'ds, 49 India street. M.'s h. 30 Elliot 
Macomber {Ichnbod, jr.) & Tolinan (James), tailors. 

Congress corner Waaler 
Macomber James, provis. GS Purchase, h. 56 Pond 
IMaddin Timotliy, tailor, rear 17 Sea 
IMadigan Walter, masnn, 29 Sea 
INIadigan Williani, mason, 29 Sea 
Magee Everett, laborer, Mechanic place 
Maginnis Roger, mason, h. Theatre alley 
Magner Daniel, colorer, 28 Federal, boards 69 Congress 
Magner Margaret, widow. Piedmont near Church 
Magoorty Peter, carpenter, h. rear 63 Elliot 
Magonn &■ Ames, liousewrights, 98 Ann 
Magoun Cornelius Briggs, shipwright, 3d street 
IMagoun Nathaniel, insiructer. 1 Franklin av. h. Beacon 
]\ragoun Snow, machinist, 2 Water, h. 40 Federal 
Magowe John, grocery, 8 Devonshire 
Malian Abraham {Howe <^ M.), h. 33 Leveret 
Malian John A., W. I. g'ds, 50 Long wf h. 146 Hanov. 
Mahan John, laborer, Dislil-house square 
Mailer Michael, glasscuttor, 4th st. cor. A street 
Maliony Cornelius, victualler, h. 17 Federal 
Malioney Dennis, laborer, h. Devonshire 
Mahony Dennis, laborer, h. rear 185 Ann 
AFahony Edward, tailor, opposite 44 Federal 
Mahony James, laborer-, h. 98 Broad 
IMahony John, rear 125 Broad 
M;ihony Julia, widow, 27 Williams 
Mahony Patrick, laborer. Peck lane 
Maliony Patrick, painter, 100 Purchase 

Miihuiin , laborer, N. FLanover court 

Maier Conrad, cordwainer, Fleet 

Maintien John, jeweller, 9, h. 10 Graphic court 

Mair Thomas, housewright, 4 Tileston 

iMair Peter, housewright, rear 6 N. Bennet 

Mair William, housewright, rear 5 Tileston 

Major Rebecca, mantiiamaker, 16 East 

Malcom Daniel, rear 216 Hanover 

Malcom Howard, Rev. house 7 Hay ward place 

Maldt John, stevedore, rear 83 Tremont 

Mallet William, boatbuilder, 56 Prince 


Mallon Aaron P. housewright, 9 Belknap, h. 50 Pinck. 

Malone Elizabeth, widow, rear 4lh street 

Malone Richard, packer, h. I'lirnpike st. 

Maloy Mary Ann, nurse, rear 92 Tremont 

Maloy William, at gas works, h. Distil-house square 

Manchester Horace A. h. 17 Hancock 

Mandell Eliza, widow of Sidney, 54 Chambers 

Mandell M. J. clerk, 67 Milk 

Mangum John, h. La Fayette avenue 

Manguze Francis, blacksmith, h. Balh 

Manley David, blacksmith. Creek sq. h. 5 Hancock row 

Manley {John R.) <& Bramhall {Cornelius), dry goods, 

24 Dock sq. Manley boards 102 Washington 
Mann Anson, 1 Congress sq. house 6 Hollis 
Mann A. C. 54 Portland 
Mann A. E. milliner, 16 Myrtle 
Mann Calvin, engineer, h. Battery 
Mann Cyrus, housewright, h. 45 Cambridge 
Mann Elizabeth, rear 41 Sea 
Mann Horace, counsellor, 9 State 
Mann James, shipwright, Charter 
Mann James, laborer, rear 88 Warren 
Mann Joel R. musician, h. 11 Province House court 
Mann John, bricklayer, 108 Charles 
Mann John C. iron founder, 4th street 
Mann Joseph, boatbuilder, Forthill wf h. 86 Purchase 
Mann Joseph, grocer, May corner Grove 
Mann Leonard, cooper, cor. A and 4th streets 
Mann [^evi, housewright, h. 3 South st. place 
Mann Nehemiah P. clerk chain factory, h. F street rear 

Mann Peleg, mason, 73 Warren 
Mann William T. 73 Warren 
Manners George, British Consul, AS India 
Manners R. C. vice con. and ag. Canada Co. 48 India 
Manning {Chas.) & Avis {IVm. P.), dry g'ds, 1 F. Hall. 

Manning's h. 83 Chambers 
Manning Francis C. & Joseph, jr. W. I. g'ds, 15 Ceutr. 

wf. h. at Commercial Coflee House 
Manning Jonathan C. printer, rear 85 Prince 
Manning Joseph, machinist, 32 Short 
Manning Russell, cordwainer, rear Broadway 
Manning Thomas, mariner, 7 Salem 
Manning William, printer, 16 Bulfinch 
Mansfield Eliza A. widow, h. rear 51 South 



Mansfield Hannah, widow, Distil-house square 

Mansfield Hannah, widow, 108 Cambridge 

Mansfi«;Id Hannah, widow, rear lOxJ VV^arren 

Mansfield (Isaac) & Bicrdow (F. R.), dry goods, Liberty 
sq. M.'s house Mt. V(Mnon ni-ar Temple 

Mansfield James, laborer, rear 253 Washington 

Mansfield John, shoes, 31 Cambiidge, b'ds 3 Cross 

Mansir G. W. cabinetmaker, Alden court 

Mansur Gilman. See S. & G. M. 

Matisur S. ifc G., \V. I. goods, 5 City wf. h. Vernon pi. 

Marble Hosea, housewright, Lancaster, h. Merrimac 

Marble James, housewright, h. 40 Orange 

IMarble Pearly, laborer, 106 Warren 

Marjh Andrew S. See Whiton & M. 

March Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, 19 Cross 

March Ichabod, housewright, 19 Cross 

Marden David, paver, 4 Richmond 

Marden David, jr. cordvvainer, 207 Ann 

Marden Jolui, mason, 143 Hanover 

Marden John C. blacksmith, h. Broadway 

Marden Maria, widow. West Centre 

Rlarden William C. laborer, Clark alley 

Marden W^in. printer, 38 Court, h. rear 113 Hfinover 

Marett Philip, Portuguese consul and cashier N. England 

Bank, h. 5 Kneeland 
Marie Jaqu(!s, housewright, house 44 Brighton 
Mariner Joseph, clothing, 7 Congress sq. h. S()Ulh 
Maring L. S. ladies' shoes. 172 Wash. h. 14 High 
Marquatid Joseph, 40 High 
Marr J<din, pumpmaker, h. 118 Sea 
Marr William, printer, h. Castle near Middlesex 
Marriam Betsy, widow, C Charter 
Marsh (Bela), Capen (JVuhum) & Lyon (Gardner P.}, 

stationers, 133 Wash. M.'s h. 41 Front 
Marsh Ephraini, housewriirht, h. 84 Pleas, cor. Favotte 
Marsh E. W. {Hasti.ngs, M. k^ Co.), h. 3 Fayette ' 
Mars!^ Horatio W. provisions, south end Washington 
Marsh James {Hastings, M. 4' Co.), h. 15 Cambridge 
Marsh John, groccjr, 114 Broad 

Marsh John, >talioner, 84 Wasliington. See advertisem. 
ALiisli Jose[)h, caulker and grave., Com. n. Hench. lano 
Marsh Joseph M. (Billings &. M), h. 8 Derne 
Marsh L. II. clerk, house Winter court 
Marsh Richard C. pianoforte maker, boards 12 Columbia 
Marsh Seth W. h. 11 Fleet 


Marsh Thomas C. truckman, house Fleet 

Marsh Warren (Graffam & M.), h. Battery march 

Marshall C. S. tailor, 1 N. Market, h. at Fulton House 

Marshall Elijah, h. 12 North Russell 

Marshall Henry, baker, 4th street cor. A street 

Marshall Hannah, boarding, 33 Brattle 

Marshall James, laborer, rear 30 Hanover 

Marshall John, housewright. Spear alley 

Marshall John, tailor, h. rear 152 Ann 

Marshall John, laborer, h. 10 Bridge 

Marshall Josiah, mer. 39 India street, h. 24 Frank, pi. 

Marshall Leonard, provis. 6L) Camb. h. 12 N. Russell 

Marshall Mary, widow, rear 3d street 

Masrhall Salmon D. mariner, h. 2 Second 

Marshall Samuel, chairmaker, boards 17 Boylston sq. 

Marshall Sarah, widow, rear 11 Short 

Marshall Thomas, mason, South Margin 

Marshall William, paperstainer, 270, h. 268 Washington 

Marston George P. capt. h. 2 May place 

Marston Joiin, laborer. Pond st. place 

Marston John, boarding, h. 165 Ann 

Marston John M. merchant, 5 India, h. 2 Somerset ct. 

Marston John, 8 Central court 

Marston Louisa, y'ng lady's boarding school, 8 Cent. ct. 

Marston Tryphenia, h. rear 247 Washington 

Martens J. W. artist, 47 Court 

Martin Enoch, schoolmaster, 6 Norfolk place 

Martin Israel, tailor, h. 11 Hay ward place 

Martin John S. painter, 27 Milk, h. 3 Mason 

Martin Mary, dressmaker, h. 1 West 

Martin Richard, wood wharf, 102, h. 116 Sea 

Martin Sarah, widow of Joseph, 11 Fayette 

Martin Thomas, slater, A street 

Martin Thomas, grocer, 4lh street 

Martin Valentine, jeweller, 34 Washing, b'ds Cit}' Tav. 

Martin Wm. C. superint. Mas. Temple, h. 8 Boylston sq. 

Marlis Anthony, laborer, rear 18 S. Russell 

Martyn Mary, widow, boarding, 19 Friend 

Marvin T. R. {Perkins, Marvin &, Co.), printer, 24 
Congress, h. 41 Chesnut 

Maquiney Michael, musician, h. 108 Bioad 

Mash Peter, boarding, h. 9 North squara 

Mason Charles B. hats, 15 Dock square, h. 242 Hanover 

Mason Ezekiel, paver, Milton 

Mason George M. counsellor, 20 Court, h, 140 Tremont 



Mason Hale, housevvriglit, 80 Pond 

Mason Hiram, laborer, 242 Hanover 

Mason Jolui R. house joiner, house Broadway 

Mason Jonathan, 45 Mt. Vernon 

Mason Jonatlian, jr. portrait painter, 4 Summer 

Mason James J. (./. IV. Paige i/- Co.), h. 140Tremont 

Mason Jeremial), c-onnselh)r, 20 Court, h. 140 Tremont 

Mason Lowell, prof. Bos. Acad. Mus. h. 9 Myrtle 

Mason Newel P. labf)rer, rear Church 

Mason Satnuel J. clerk, h. Blossom court 

Mason Sampson, VV. I. goods, 3d Camb. h. Eaton corner 

North Russell 
Mason Sanf()rd, portrait painter, 77 Cornhill 
Mason (Simeon 0.) & Henry (Harry 6'.), provisions, 112 

Mason Simeon, well digger, 10 Brighton 
Mason Susan, wido\v of Jonathan, 45 Mt. Vernon 
Mason VVm. P. counsellor, 40 State, h. Tremont 
Masters John, stevedore, h. rear Gibbs lane 
Masters John, 38 Court, boards 194 Tremont 
Masters William, painter, I'nion, h. Prospect 
Matthews Albert, h. 4 Brighton 
Matthews Elizabeth, widow, Devonshire 
Matthews John, junk, r. 58 Commer. h. Clark 
Matthews Patrick, rear 185 Ann 

Matthewson Walter, machinist, 4th st. cor. Turnpike 
Maunder George, mariner, 124 Purchase 
Maxey Patrick, laborer, Sister 
Maxfield John, hairdresser, Elliot, h. 91 do. 
Ma.^well John, hairdresser, Elliot, h. 4 Elliot 
Maxwell Edward, mason, h. Commercial near Hull 
Maxwell Francis B. stonecutter, rear 37 Brighton 
Maxwell James, victualler, 131 Broad 
May Catharine, boarding, 39 Brattle 
May Charles, weiirher and guajier, 40 Commercial 
May Ebenezer, furniture, 25 Milk, house rear do. 
May George, house 714 Washington 
May Harriet, widow, rear 253 VVashington 
May Ili.'nry K. wharfinger, G Union wharf, h. 18 Sheafe 
May Huntinilton, jr. house 42 Brighton 
May John, laborer, h. 199 Ann 
May John W. cordwainer, 102 Charles 
May Joseph, Sec. Boston Mar. Ins. Co. h. 10 Fe leral ct. 
May Owen, laborer, h. Barrett 
May Parmelia, boarding, 81 Court 


May Pcrrin, 503 Washington 

May Samuel c\i, Co. (Calrin IV. Clark), hardware, I 

Broad cor. State, h. Atkinson cor. Purchase 
Mayard Lambert, baker, 99 Broad 
Mayer Joseph, laborer, 761 Washington 
Maynard George, teamster, La Fayette avenue 
Maynard Jason G. blacksmith, house rear 10 Prince 
Maynard (Jesse) & Kitteridge (C/ias.), bakers, 67 Warren 
Maynard Samuel, blacksmith, Lafayette avenue 
Maynard {Waldo) & Noyes, druggists, 13 & 15 Cornhill. 

Maynard's house 1 Monlgomery place 
Mayo Catharine, widow, 5 Tileston 
Mayo John M. (Ellis & .M.), house 11 Orange 
Mayo Joseph, trunkmaker, house Blossom 
McAdains John, laborer, h. rear 120 Broad 
McAllaster James, housewright, 20 Court, h. 15 Allen 
McAIIaster James, handcartman, 66 Pond 
McAilaster James, laborer, h. S. Russell 
McAllaster John, laborer, h. 1 W. Second 
McAnnally Francis, laborer, rear 67 Elliot 
McAnnally James, laborer, h. Carver 
McAnulty Hugh, laborer, rear 20 Pleasant 
McAnuIty Patrick, mason, 126 Ann 
McBride George, laborer, Hawley near Franklin 
McBride Patrick, laborer, 88 Merrimac 
McBurney Charles, saddle & harness maker, 22 School, 

house 5 Fayette 
McCaa Samuel, Friend 

McCabe Hugh, laborer, Suffolk rear Lucas place 
McCabe James, laborer, opposite 8 Noi folk place 
McCabe Jeremiah, laborer, rear 110 Sea 
McCabe Michael, laborer, rear 6',l Elliot 
McCabe Terence, laborer, south of 97 Front 
McCafFerty Alexander, laborer, Dislil-housc square 
McCafferty James, laborer, Gouch 
McCafferty James, laborer, A street 
McCafFerty John, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 
McCafferty Patrick, laborer, Tremont near Pleasant 
McCafferty Patrick, jr. ironmoulder, h. 21 Sea 
McCaffrey Peter, glassblower, h. 3q street 
McCallum John, clerk, 287 Ann 
McCann James, laborer, h. Moon 
McCan Michael, laborer, rear 133 Hanover 
McCann John, laborer. Commercial near Foster 
McCanney JSeal, laborer, h. rear 12 Cross 


McCarle Patrick, Merrimac 

McCartney John, coachrnaker, 4 Brattle sq. h. 14 Brattle 

McCarthy Jolin, glass grinder, 4tli street n. Turnpike 

McCarty Bartholomew, laborer, rear 13 Washington pi. 

McCarty Daniel, lab(Ker, h. rear 152 Ann 

McCarty Edmund, tailor. Water 

McCarty James, laborer, 5 Lucas place 

McCarty John, laborer, iiead Maine wharf 

McCarty John, CI Charter 

McCarty Michael, laborer, 2 Bread 

McCarty Peter, Gouch 

McCarty Sarah, widow, rear Broadway 

McCauly John, shoemaker, Battery march 

Mc('auly Patrick, laborer, rear 81 Milk 

McCawley Maria, clothes, 204 Ann 

McCleary James, h. 15 Tileston 

McCleary John B. house 82 Prince 

31cCleary Samuel F. city clerk, City Hall, h. 7 Green 

McClenathan Josiah, teamster, 19 Cross 

McClennen George, rigger, Arch vvf. h. rear Gibbs lane 

McClennen Joseph J. rigger, India, h. 11 Washington pi. 

McClennen Robert, riguer. Arch wharf, h. Gibbs lane 

McCloskey John, laborer, li. 114 Broad 

McCloskey Mary, dressmaker, 10 Devonsiiire 

McCioud John, mariner, rear 39 Prince 

McClure Cvrus, 39 Leveret 

McClure Mark, laborer, rear 4 [lull 

McColegan Edward, laborer, 128 Ann 

McCollester James, stone cutter, 23 S. Russell 

McColluy John, laborer, 121 Ann 

McConnell Robert (L. Brooks tt Cn.), h. 2 Stillman 

McConvill Hugh, tailor, h. Front corner Beach 

McCormic Arthur, laborer, rear 312 Ann 

McCormack Samuel, mariner, Clark alley 

McCoriDick Edward, laborer, rear Broadway 

McCormick John, mason, h. rear 93 Warren 

McCorniick Michael, laborer, S. Margin 

McCormick Thomas, laborer, r(?ar 24 Pleasant 

McCoy Daniel, rear 1G3 Hanover 

McCoy Daniel, grocer, Bread corner Well 

McCredy Jame.';, moulder, Theatre alley near Milk 

McCrillis John, Ivers cor. Miirrimac 

McCue Ellen, widow. Front corner Beach 

McCue J(j1iii, tailor, 158 Broad 

McCue Michael, laborer, Pond 


BicDade Patrick, cordwainer, 15 Centre 

McDaniel Charles, laborer, li. rear 126 Ann 

McDavit Jame-j, laborer, Centre 

McDermont William, laborer, 132 Ann 

McDertiiott Bernard, tailor, h. South street place 

McDonald Alexander, mariner, house Moon 

McDonald Andrew, confectio«er, 337 Washington 

McDonald Anna and Harriet, 4 Mason 

McDonald Edward, laborer, rear 7 Short 

McDonald Eliza, milliner, 339 Wash. h. 5 Sweetser ct. 

McDonald Elizabeth, widow, rear 664 Washington 

McDonald Henry, boarding house, 212 Ann 

McDonald James, laborer, 20 Stillman 

McDonald James, laborer. Front opposite Beach 

McDonald Mary, widow, rear C street 

McDonald Patrick, Friend 

McDonald Philip, laborer, Merrimac 

McDonald Stephen, laborer, rear 126 Ann 

McDonald Susan, widow, boarding house, Williams ct. 

McDonald William, tailor, house 30 South 

McDonnell William J. weigher, h. rear 5 Pleasant 

McDonough Lara, laborer, rear 126 Ann 

McDonough Patrick, carpenter, rear 13 Sea 

McDougal James, cord wai tier, 547 Wash. h. Dedham 

McDowell Mary, widow, Barry's wharf 

McEwon Mary, Ii. Butolph 

McFarland Duncan, laborer, 104 Sea 

McFarland James, stevedore, 4 Bartlett 

McFarland Jane, widow, h. Castle 

McF'arland John, laborer, 22 Stillman 

McFarland Thomas, machinist, A street 

McFarland Sarah, 685 Washington 

McFeely Patrick, laborer, 4th street 

McGar Patrick, laborer, Lancaster 

McGaw John A. {John Kendrick S/- Co.), h. C2 Leveret 

McGaw Joseph, laborer, h. 265 Ann 

.McGee Betsey, rear 64 Hanover 

McGee Daniel, fancy goods. Cross near Ann 

McGeoch Alexander, fruit, 28 Dock square 

McGinnis James, Gouch 

McGinnis James, laborer. Friend 

McGinnis John, laborer, Clark 

McGinnis John, laborer, h. rear 69 Ann 

McGill Thomas, tailor, 19 Washington 

McGirr Francis, gold beater, 795 Washington 



McGonagle John, laborer, h. IG Stillman 

McGona^'Ic John, and John jr. laborers, Mechanic 

McGoogin Henry, laborer, rear C street 

McGowan Daniel, tailor, h. 11 Hamilton 

JMcGowan John, 10 Atkinson 

Mc(io\van Margaret, laundress, h. opposite 174 Purchase 

McCirath James, coal measurer, rear lOU Broad 

Mc(irath James, laborer, rear 15 Centre 

MeGrath Terence, boarcling, 101 Broad 

McGray James, cooper, Ikhisc Battery 

McGregor Alexander, Boston Coffee House, 30 Milk 

McGregor Daniel, dry goods, Batlerymarch, op[)osite 
Commercial Coffee House, h. PiucUncy 

McGregor James &, Co. {Joseph Simcs), W. I. goods, 

12 Ccnimercinl wharf, boards 4 Tremont place 
McGregor Lewis A. clerk, boards at Boston Coffee House 

McGuirc Arthur, tailor, house Garden 

McGuire Hugh, laborer, rear 2d street ^ 

McGuire Hugh, laborer, Mechanic 

McGuire Michael, slater, house Friend 

McGuire Patrick, laborer, Mechanic 

Mclntire Andrew, s;md dealer, Henchman lane 

Mclntire Charles, broker, 7 Congress, h. 1 Wendell 

Mclntire ^Jarah, 52 Elliot 

Mclntire Thomas, organ maker, 2 Blossom court 

Mcintosh Datlisheba, dry goods, (58 Hanover 

Mclntyre Daniel, dry goods, 31 Central, h. Crescent pi. 

Mclntyre David, carpenter, h. 7C Suimner 

Mclntyre Sarah, 2 Crescent place 

McKay John, liousewright, rear 5 Tileston 

McKay Rebecca, boarding, 54 Hanover 

McKay VVm. P. watchmaker, 15 Water, h. Congress ct. 

McKean Joseph W. physician, 12 Hanover 

McKenna Abigail, h. 112 Ann 

McKenna Francis, custom house officer, b'ds 7 Federal 

McKenna Francis, laborer, south 752 Washington 

McKenna Hugh, laborer, 3d street 

]McKenna James, laborer, 113 Ann 

McKenna John, labor(!r, 112 Ann 

McKennu John, house 112 Ann 

McKenna Mary, boarding house, G Dearborn avenue 

McKenna Nancy B. widow, Avery 

McKenna Nicholas, sawyer, Ist'street 

McKenna Patrick, labor<;r, 4tli street 

McKenna Peter, laborer, 3d street 



McKenna Stephen, laborer, Prospect 
McKenna Timothy, laborer, h. rear 90 Broad 
McKenna Torrey, glass blower, 3d street 
McKenny William, mason, h. Castle cor. Middlesex 
McKinzie Alex. D. copper plate printer, 8 Merchants 

Hall, house 3 Norfiilk place 
McKoy Sarah, widow, 8 Sudbury 

JMcLdu<fhlin , blacksmith, Salt lane 

McLaughlin Bernard, victualler, 104 Purchase 
McLaughlin Ephraim B. crockery, 24 Hanover 
McLaughlin Hugh, laborer, rear 194 Hanover 
McLaughlin Hugh, laborer, rear 3 Pitts 
McLaughlin James, boarding, 7 Wharf 
McLaughlin James, laborer, rear 132 Ann 
McLaughlin John, laborer, Peck lane 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 4th street 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 4th street 
McLaughlin Michael, laborer. Mechanic 
McLaughlin Neal, laborer, rear 2d street 
McLaughlin Neal, laborer, rear 128 Ann 
McLaughlin Thomas, laborer, 93 Warren 
McLaughlin William, laborer, rear 97 Ann 
McLaughlin William, laborer, rear 15 Centre 
McLean Hannah, variety shop, Richmond 
McLellan Cyrus J. boarding, 107 Hanover 
McLellan (Edw.) & Burleigh (Stevens), distillers, Front 
McLellan {Isaac) & Ballister {Joseph), merchants, 27 

Central wharf 
McLellan Isaac, house 3 Winthrop place 
McLellan Isaac, jr. attorney, 20 Court, h. 3 Winthrop pi. 
McLellan James, Cross corner Hanover 
McLinch Matthew, laborer. Mechanic 
McLoon William, captain, house Broadway 
McLoud Susan, widow, Northampton corner Plymouth 
McManus Joanna, widow, 138 Ann 
McManus Michael, laborer, rear 128 Ann 
McManus Robert, laborer, house rear 128 Ann 
McMellen John C. sailmaker, house 106 Purchase 
McMullen Peter, stonecutter, rear 67 Elliot 

iMcMullen , brassfounder, house Mechanic 

McMullen Daniel, brassfounder, h. 2 Norfolk place 
McMullen Nathaniel, baker, house 34 Spring 
McMurray John G. brushmak. 19 Exchange, h. 4 Gouch 
McNamara John, house 21 Hamilton 
McNaneh Robert, Friend 


McNeil John, surveyor of customs, h. 4 Quincy place 

McNeil Rebecca, widow, 21 Pinckney 

McNeil William G. enjiineer, 12 Joy's b'g, h. 48 Beacon 

McNertiey Sophia, widow, Sakilation 

McNully Thomas, stonecutter, Fulton 

McOwan , laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 

McPhail John, pilot, Snowhill 

McPherson Charles, upholsterer, house 68 Elliot 

McQ,uaid John, laborer, Spring lane 

McQuaid T'atrick, laborer, rear SI Broad 

JNfcSorlie Dennis, stabler, house Williams court 

McVat Barnard, laborer, rear 242 Hanover 

McVey Thomas &, Co. (Joseph Moulton), vict. 106 Ann 

McVoy Hugh, tailor, 27 Leveret 

McVeity James, founder, house Williams court 

M'Clean Catharine, dressmaker, 7 Province 

M'Clintock Leonard, carpenter, rear 109 Washington 

Mead George M. druggist, 53 Union 

Mead Isaac, leather and shoes, 27 North Market 

Mead John, binder, 134 Washington, house Tileston 

IMead Nathaniel, turner, house Distil-house square 

Mead Samuel O. cashier 3Tarket Bank 

Mead Zechariah, Rev. 14 Montgomery place 

Meads Joseph, grocer, 61, house 65 INIyrtle 

Means {Isaac) &. Clark (Lot), W. L goods, 14 Central 

wharf Means's h. 50 Temple 
Means James, 17 India, house 30 Winter 
Mears Charles, cooper, rear Travers 
Mears Elijah {Kilhavi, M. ^- Co.), house Cook court 
Mears Grenville (Kilham, J\f. 4' Co.), h. Cook court 
Mears John, stabler, house rear 98 Warren 
Mears John. See Prouty & M. 
INIears Patrick, rear Distil-house square 
Mecum George, silversmith. South Russell 
IMedar William E. shoes and clothing, 5 Sea 
Medcalf William, housewright, 16 Henchman lane 
IMedoure Joseph, blacksmith, house rear 17 High 
]Meek Samuel, jewelry, Cornhill ct. h. 2 South Cedar 
Megann Patrick, victualler, 2 Wharf 
Mehevvin Deborah, laundress, 90 Pleasant 
IMein Andrew, chair maker, rear B street 
Melcher George, laborer, rear Dedham 
Melcher Levi, merchant, house 208 Hanover 
Melcher Nathaniel, at post oflice, h. Berry corner Sister 
Melcher Raciiael, widow, 95 Elliot 


Melclicr Sarah, widow, house 34 Short 

Meldruin & Co. {George Odin)^ brewers, Castle, count. 

room 69 Broad. Meldrum's house 18 Orange 
Melendy {Savi.) Sl David {B. D.), whipmak's, 8 Dock sq. 
Melerick Daniel, laborer, house 27 Williams 
Melledge James, house 121 Charles 
Mellen Cenith, house 44 Orange 
Mellen David, victualler, 1 South Market 
Mellen Francis, laborer, 160 Ann 
Mellen Grenville, counsellor, 20 Court 
Mellen James, laborer, rear 242 Hanover 
Mellen John, crockery, 133 State, house 45 Spring 
Mellen Mary, vvidovv, Commercial near Hanover 
Mellen Michael & Co. (H. A. JYorcross), earthenware, 

16 Merchants row, h. 17 Leveret 
Mellen Moses, furn. and feathers, Union, h. 42 Pinckney 
Mellen Robert, house 44 Chambers 
Mellen Samuel, stonecutter, North Grove 
Mellen W. H. & Co. (C. P. Sanger), dry goods, 23 Elm. 

Mellen's house 6 Avery place 
Mellish William E. house 59 Pond 
Mellow William, pianoforte maker. Church 
Meloyd Michael M. boarding house, 196 Ann 
Melius Amelia, boarding house. Beacon cor Somerset 
Melvin Mary, widow, 68 1-2 Ann 
Melvin David, mariner, house Langdon place 
Melville Helen, widow of Thomas, 1 Howard 
Melville George, cabinet maker, h. S. Cedar n. Church 
Melzar Hannah, nurse, Knox 
Melzard George, laborer, rear 110 Sea 
MendaJl Charles, rear 57 Elliot 
Meredith Richard &. Co. (H. S/- I. Meredith), grocers, 

389 Washington, and 65 Cambridge 
Meriam Anna, widow of William, h. 16 Jjincoin 
Meriam Charles, laborer, h. 24 Spring 
Meriam Edward P. Sec. Col. Ins. Co. h. 33 Bridge 
Meriam Ephrainj, carpenter. Theatre alley 
Meriam Erastus, dry goods, 64 Hanover, h. 23 Allen 
Meriam Francis, truckman, 41 Brighton 
Meriam Jonas, truckman, 47 Poplar 
Meriam Jonas, jr. grocer, 44 Leveret, h. 56 Poplar 
Meriam Mary B. widow of Levi, h. Hollis 
Meriam, Brigham (Levi) & Co. (E. A. Boardman), wine 

merchants, 20 Congress 
Meriam Nathaniel, Sec. Mer.M. Ins. Co. h. 33 Bridge 


Mcriam (Silas P.) & Downer (S.jr.), W. I. goods, 39 

S. Market. Meriam's h. 2 Sevvall place 
Meriain William {Little & M.), Ii. 19 Guuch 
JMoritnan N<;lson INI. clutliing, 31 Ann 
]Meiriani Elislia, cabinetmaker, rear G7 Leveret 
Merriam (Galen) Sl Browne (George), W. I. goods, 31 

Commercial. Merriam's li. 81 Front 
Merriam (Joseph JV.) »fcSeaverns (Isaac JV.), provisions, 

53 Milk, boards at Wise's Coffee House 
JMerriam Otis, papcrhanger, rear 57 Elliot 
INIerrifield Elijah W. stonecutter, h. Lowell place 
Merrifield Francis, baker, 17S Ann, and opposite 94 Sea 
JMerrill Daniel, messenger County Court H., li. Cook ct. 
INIerrill Gilman, printer, boards 13 Atkinson 
Merrill James C. counsellor, 39 Court, h.42.Chesnut 
Merrill Jesse, handcartman, 277 Washington 
Merrill Moody, sexton, h. 45 Cambridge 
Merrill Nathan, teacher, G5 Prince 
JMerrill Sarah, widow, h. IIG Cambridge 
Merritt Benjamin, laborer, rear 85 Pond 
Merritt John, laborer, 105 Broad 

Merritt John A., W. L goods, 5 Long wf. h. 1 Orange ct. 
Merritt Jerome, commis. merch. 3 Long wf. h. 3 Eaton 
Merritt Ziba, housewright, Kennard avenue 
INIerry John, cooper. Union wharf, house Fleet 
Merry R. D. C. (Hoicard & M.), h. 124 Tremont 
Meserve John B. (Davis & M.), li. Sturgis place 
Messer John F. laborer, h. Leveret court 
Messcr Stillman, grocer, 33 Poplar, h. do. 
Messer Willard, house IS Piedmont 
IMessenger David S. dry goods, 50 Union 
Messer William D. See Thomas Lord «fe Co. 
Messinger Charles (Fates, M. <^' Co.), h. 7 Orange 
Messinger Daniel, hatter, old stand, 387 \V^ashington 
Messinger Daniel, jr. hatter, house 4 Salem place 
Messinger David A. housewright. Carver 
Messinger Eben. F. (Molineux & M.), boards 7 Orange 
INIessinger Roswell E., W. L g's, INIerriniac, h. 34 School 
Meston Isabel, widow, 5 Tileston 
Mctcalf Caleb, mason, 17 Allen 
Metcalf John, tailor, h. 25 Hamilton 
IVIetcalf Philander, teamster. North INLargin 
Metcalf Pcltiah (Tileston, Sainson & Co.), h. 30 Federal 
Metcalf E. W. See Russell, Odiorue &, Co. 
Meyer Borchart, dry goods, 3G7 Washington 


Micholuccini Nicholas & Co. plaister casts, 13 School 
Miler Matthew, laborer, rear 101 Broad 
Blilk John, hoatbuilder, Moon 

Mihis Solomon P. principal High School, h. 52 Pinckney 
Miles Walter, truckman, La Fayette avenue 
Miley Enoch M. mariner, Salter place 
Millard Charles J. stonecutter, n. 2 Haymarket place 
Millard Maria, milliner, 344 VVashington, h. 8 Avery 
Millard Samuel, housewright, Carver, h. 8 Avery 
Millakin Thomas, laborer, h. rear 81 Broad 
Miller Betsy, widow, 53 Prince 
Miller Charles, mariner, house rear Suffolk 
IMiller David, housewright, house rear 31-2 Spring 
Miller David, blacksmith, 614 Washing, h. 7 Lucas pi. 
Miller David, caulker and graver, house 41 South 
Miller Edward, 1(51 Tremont 
Miller George, Old Road, South Boston Point 
Miller Hannah, nurse, 45 Pleasant 
Miller Hannah, widow of Charles, h.9 Franklin place 
Miller James, laborer. Battery 
Miller James, ca!)ir)etmaker, house Castle 
Miller John, nmriner, 81 Sea 
Miller John, merchant, 21 India, h. 3 Hawkins 
Miller John, mariner, 159 Ann 
Miller John, rigger, h. 126 Purchase 
Miller Lucy, widow, h. 10 Bridge 
Miller Martin, cartrnan, h. rear 22 Washington place 
Miller Mary, widow, Williams court 
Miller Mary Ann, school, S. Bridge, h. G88 Washington 
Miller (Moses) & Tuttle (Jesse), inspectr's fish, 50 Com. 
Miller Sarah II. widow of Samuel R. h.4 Park 
Miller, Sliehon & Co. (Geo. Miller, William Shelton, 
Edward L. Gray, jr. and Franklin Priest), ship- 
wrights and caulkers, North side Liverpool wharf 
Miller Thompson, counsellor, Franklin avenue 
Miller William, truckman, rear 16 Stillman 
Millet Abraham, jr. hats, 19 Washington, h. 13 Beacon 
Millet Benjamin, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 13 Lucas pi. 
Millin John, housewright, rear 91 Salem 
Mills Elizabeth, widow, 3 South street place 
Mills James K. &l Co. {Edmund Die ig hi), conimis. mer- 
chants, -52 Broad, h. 5 Chauncey place 
Mills Jane, widow, Hanover avenue 
IMills James L. sawfiler, Hanover avenue 
Mills Lewis {Farnum^M. &/• Wheeler), h. 28 Vernon 


Mills Oliver, stirvryor, li. 71 VVairoii 

Mills William, bridge Imiklor, 10 Charter 

Milinore John, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Milne George P. grocer, SI, h. OD Prince 

Milner Elizabeth, widow, baker, 4oG Washington 

Milton Ephraim & Co. (J. B. Tranerc), W. I. goods, 

277 Ann, house Clark 
Milton William H. & Co. (T. S'ocomb), clothes ware- 
house, 1 and 6 Faneuil Hall 
Minater Patrick, laborer, house rear 128 Ann 
Miner Berijainin F. captain, h. 4i5 Fayette 
INJincr Henry C. laborer, house rear 4 Orange lane 
Minneham Henry, teamster, 25 Pleasant 
JNIinnin Mark, laborer, South Margin 
Minnin Patrick, moulder, 83 Sea 
Minns 'J'homas, house 22 Pearl 
Minot John, laborer. Prospect 
Minot John O. B. 13 Beacon 

Minot Jonathan, distiller. Front, h. rear 436 Washington 
Minot Otis (Joi^cph Bnrtlett & Co.), h. Commer. n. Hull 
Minot Thomas, baker, 24 Hamilton 
Minot William, coimsellor, 3i) Court, h. 58 Beacon 
Mirrick Henry, collector, house Avery 
Mitchell iCusldng) & Bryant (Se<A), leather, 30 Broad 
Mitchell Ciisliing, house 49 Leveret 
Mitchell Elizabeth,, house 30 South 
Mitch(;ll Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, house 12 Vine 
Mitchtill James, cordvvainer, Southac 
Mitchell Joseph, laborer, boards Sea, near the bridge 
Mitchell Phineas, watchmaker, 28 Wash. h. Acorn 
Mitcliell Samuel, housewright, Cross 
Mitchell (Sam. H.) &■ Dunbar (Loring), housewrights, 

Lancaster. Mitchell's house 59 Myrtle 
Mitchell Wm. & Co. {John Ti.'lson), finding store, 43 N. 

Market. Mitchell's 48 Poplar 
Mixter Charles. See Jabez C. Howe <&, Co. 
Mizner Gilbert, stagedriver, Margaret alley 
Moakler Michael, rear 133 Hanover 
Moffat Jos. L. house 84 Mount Vernon 
Molfet Priscilla, nurse, 3!> Salem 

Molhi B. bargeman, Cus. House, h. 10 Oliver 
Molnri Bryant, laborer, rear 6S Mi-rrimac 
Molineu.x [llobrrt IV.) &, Messinger (/: F.), drygoods, 

3!i5 Washington. iVL's house 52 Fayetto 
Monks Patrick, ship sawyer, 3d street 


Monroe John, teamster, Commercial near Foster 
Montague Wm. H. & Geo. L. dry goods, 22 Kilby, b'ds 

12 Orange. G. L. boards 51 High 
Monteath Caroline, widow, rear St. Paul's church 
Montgomery Hugh, attorney, Turnpike corner 4th 
Moody Henrietta, variety shop, 54 Leveret 
Moody Mary, nurse, house Fleet 
Moody William, mariner, 6 Noyes place 
Mooney Nicholas, founder, A street 
Mooney Archibald, laborwr. Broad 

Mooney Patrick, sexton, bookstore. Fed. c. Franklin pi. 
Moore Abraham M. truckman, Pond cor. Causeway 
Moore Abram, counsellor, rear 24 Court, h. 43 Poplar 
Moore Artinatus, coppersmith, 1 Lancaster 
Moore Augustus M. baker, h. North Russell 
Moore Charles, grocer, 27, house 28 Poplar 
Moore Edward, Centre 
Moore Elizabeth, widow, Cross near Pond 
Moore Eliza, widow, 13 Hawkins 
Moore Esther, tailoress, 6 Portland 
Moore Elizabeth A. dressmaker, 57 Essex 
Moore Fanny, widow, rear 39 Salem 
Moore Henry, rigger, 9 Richmond 
Moore Hugh, truckman, 15 Second 
Moore James, painter, house 13 Cross 
Moore John R. housewright, house 53 South 
Moore Joseph, housewright, house 18 Carver 
Moore Levi V. R. painter, 36 Poitland, Ji. 87 Prince 
Moore Matthias M. painter, 152 Sea, house Broadway 
Moore Nancy, widow, 81 Sea 
Moore Nathan, cooper, house 81 Sea 
Moore Patrick, laborer, 4th street 
Moore Ruth, North Federal court 
Moore Sally, 192 Hanover 
Moore Samuel, hats, 8 Clinton 
Moore Samuel H. laborer, Elliot near Tremont 
Moore Sarah, widow, 24 Orange 
Moore Thomas, plasterer, rear 93 Warren 
Moore Wm. D. tinplatew^orker, boards 50 Front 
Moore Wm. R. cooper, rear 57 Prince 
Morallis Salvador, laborer, Battery 
More Sarah, widow of Thomas D. h. 7 Hawkins 
Morell Ambrose, furrier, 19 Washington 
Morey George, counsellor, 22 State, h. 18 Franklin pi. 
Morey Jeremy, clerk, house rear C02 Washington 


Morcy Wm. laborer, h. Plymouth place 

Moran James, laborer, rear Broadway 

Morgan Ann, nurse, 7 Lucas place 

Mor*;an Jacob, laborer, house Piper's wharf 

Morgan James, cooper, house 84 Sea 

Morgan .Mariiaret, widow of James, 114 Sea 

INIorgan MicJiael, laborer, 16 Stillman 

Morgan Nancy, widow of Littleton T. house Deacoa 

Rlorgjin William, laborer, rear 253 Washington 

Moring Jt)hn, laborer, rear 88 Warren 

JMoriarty Josoj)!i, piiysician, 133 Court 

Morin Louis A. professor Fr. language, r. C'y Court H. 

Morona Anna, nurse, 137 Hanover 

JMorrill Caroline, tailoress, 48 Salem 

Morrill James, 3d street 

jMorrill Jatnes, hackman, house 11 Howard 

Morrill James, 2d, clerk, 18 State, house 101 Trcmont 

Moirill Jolin, housewright, Belknap 

Morrill John, housewright, rear 8 South Margin 

Morrill Mary, widow, Bartlett 

Morrill Mary, widow of James, 230 Washington 

Morrill Reuben P. baker, 39 Essex 

JMorrill Samuel, physician, 12 Sullivan place 

Morrill Susannah, nurse. Castle, near Middlesex 

Morris Abigail W. widow of Robert, h. 12 Lynda 

Morris Ann, 18 Williams 

Morris (^;;o//o5) & Dix (Elbridgc), paints, 112 State. 

M.'s house 80 Pleasant. See advertisement 
Morris Charles, mariner, opposite 80 Treraont 
Morris Charles, waterman, rear Moon 
Morris Emanuel, laborer, Butolph 

Morris Lewis H. dry g'ds, 427 Wash. h. 2 La Grange pL 
Morris Thotnas, laborer. 111 Ann 
Morris William, h. 80 Pleasant corner Fayette 
Morris Wm. laborer, house rear 12 Cross 
Morrison Daoiel, housewright, rear N. E. Hotel 
Morrison David, 80 Faneuil Hall market 
Morrison Edward, laborer, cellar 1 04 Purcliase 
Morrison Geo. W. mason, house 12 Madison place 
Morrison John, blacJ<smith, 33 SaJem 
Morrissy Edmund, cooper, house Washington avenue 
Morrow William, laborer, rear 32 Pleasant 
Morrow William IL silk dyer, rear 32 Pleasant 
Morse Aaron, distiller. Peck lane, house 15 Ash 
Morse {Md) & Tovvie {Lyman), shoes, 85 Court 


Morse Caleb, house 2 Second 

Morse Cliristoplier, cabinetm. 354 Wash. h. 2 Fayette ct. 

Morse David, handcartinasi, h. rear27(i Ann 

Morse Edmund N. pumpmaker, rear SON. Russell 

Morse Elbrid<ie G. boards 23 Charles 

Morse Eiisha F. dry goods, 20 Cambridge, h. 23 Charles 

Morse E. N. machinist, rear 135 Ann 

Morse Ehzabeth, widow of Samuel, 2 La Grange place 

Morse Ezekiel, pilot, 275 Ann 

Morse Geo. S. boot maker, house 5 Milton 

Morse Geo. W. machinist, boards 4 Province House ct. 

Morse Hannah, widow of Elijah, 142 Hanover 

Morse Hazen, engraver, 70 Washington, h. 4 Sullivan pi. 

Morse John, junk shop, 60 Sea, h. rear 11 East 

Morse Joseph A. housewright, h. 23 Carver 

Morse Lawson B. baker, 30 Leveret 

Morse Lydia, boarding, Bath corner Milk 

Morse Oren, rear 25 Allen 

Morse Robert, housewright, h. 34 High 

Morse Robert M. {Cochran &/■ M.), h.51 High 

Morse Samuel F. &. Co. (Sidney B. Morse), Eng. goods, 

12 Central, h. 8 South Bennet 
Morse Samuel, rear 142 Pleasant 
Morse Sarah H. dressmaker, rear 351 Washington 
Morse Sidney B. (5. F. M. c(- Co.), b. 2 La Grange place 
Morse Solomon E. constable, 14 Bridge 
Morse Solomon B. jr. clerk, 14 Bridge 
Morse Wm. S. S. (Fisher & Jl.), boards 2 La Grange pi. 
Morse William, machinist, 4lh street 
Morssman Sarah, confectioner, 22 Salem 
Morton Andrew, stable, Federal, house 27 South 
Morton Andrew, jr. livery stable, Havvley place 
Morton Ebenezer, housewright, 48 Fayette 
Morton Otis, housew't. Median, pi. h. Trem. n. Warren 
Morton Sylvanus F. house Spear alley 
Morton Thomas J. housewright, h. Plymouth place 
Morton Wilham S. house 8(5 Federal 
Moseley Baker, h. south 752 Washington 
Moseley David C. house Bromfield cor. Wasliington 
Moseley Flavel (Phillips & M.), h. Orange ct. c. Wash. 
Moseley Henry, sawmaker, house A street 
Moses Charles (JYevers & M.), house 8 Lowell place 
Moses George H. mason, Henchman lane 
Moses Tiiomas, printer, 3 1-2 S[)ring 
M osier William, mariner, rear 231 Ann 



Mosman Betsy, widow, 4 Hancock row 
Mos.nan Rufus (Tlrrcll ^ M.), house 23 Stillman 
Mossman Betsey, widow, Ii. Salem corner Cross 
Motley Edward, boards 10 South 

Motley Thomas & Edward, merchants, 31 India wharf 
Motley Thomas, house 7 Walnut 
Motlev Thos. jr. h. 7 Walnut 

Motley William W. tailor, 5 Wilson's lane, h. 11 Tr-em't 
Mott Richard, physician, 1 Lynde 
Motte M. I. Rev. Castle 
Monlton Daniel, house 20 West Second 
Moulton JetVerson, cordwainer, Pond 
Moulton Jos. {McVey &. Co.), house Purchase 
Moulton Moses P. laborer. Leveret lane 
Moulton Newell H. grocer, 50 Brattle, h. 33 Bridge 
Moulton Thomas, mason, house Prince 
Mounlfort Charles, sailmaker, rear 49 India, h. Blossom 
Mountfort Ebenezer, Commercial near Ann 
Mountfort Joseph, house 44 Prince 
Mower Levi, innholder. Pond street House 
Mudge Alfred, printer, Sweetser court, h. 4 Avery 
Mudge B. W. {jY. Houghton & Co.), h. at Com. CoflT. H. 
Mudge Ezra, inspector, C. II., house 30 Chambers 
Mugfiird John, heusewrighl, house 51) Warren 
Muirhcad William, machinist, h. rear Broadway 
Muldoon Thomas, blacksmith, h. 20 Creek square 
Mullen John, cordwainer, G48 Washington 
Mullen John, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Mullen John, laborer. Friend Patrick, labcjrer, 4th street 
Mulligan Rebecca, widow, 5 Ballard place 
Mulligan Thomas, laborer, Merrimac 
Mullin Bartholomew, laborer, r. Castle & Middlesex sta. 
Mumley John, typefounder, Ivers corner Merrin^ao 
Mulvey Matthew, laborer, rear 03 Elliot 
Muncrieff Joseph, house Grove 
Munday James, laborer, rear 071 Washington 
Munguld Patrick, housevvright, rear 1(J5 Ann 
Munn Luther. See Richards &, M. 
Munroe Abol, provisions, 214 Hanover, h. 18 Tilcston 
Munroe Daniel, grocer, 30 Union 

Munroe Dan'l, watchmaker, 30 Cong.ess, h. in Roxbury 
!\Iunroe David, house 80 Federal 
Munroe Edmund, merchant, 57 State, h. 5C Boylston 



Munroe {Edmund) & Francis {David), printers and 

booksellers, 128 Washington 
Munroe Edwin, grain, 77 Commercial 
Munroe Elizabeth, widow, 16 Short 
Munroe {Lewis) & Williams {Jer.), stablers,2l Hanover 

Lewis's house Elm 
Munroe Lewis {Williams &. M.), house 33 Elm 
Munroe George, provisions, 233 Ann, house Battery 
Munroe John F. 84 Hanover 
Munroe Jotham, house Battery 

Munroe Otis, grain, 12 Commercial, h. 209 Hanover 
Munroe Richard L. grain, 15 City wharf 
Munroe tsarah, widow, rear 64 Hanover 
Munroe Solomon &, Wm. H., W. I. goods, 109, house 

107 Broad 
Munroe Washington, fruit, 30 Dock square, h. 31 Friend 
Munroe Wm. provisions. Com. n. Ann, h. n. 10 Tileston 
Munroe Wm. C. whipmaker, 4 Exchange, h. 2 Sudbury 
Munroe Wm. W. clerk, boards 33 Elm 
Munson Israel, mer. 17 Central wf h. at Tremont H. 
Murdoch Charles T. attorney, 10 Court, h.20 Bulfinch 
Murdock Amasa, jr. {Gardner 8f M.), h. 11 Allen 
Murdock George & Co. {Alfred Ji. Wellington), grocers, 

23 Dock square, house 60 Federal 
Murdock John, baker, 50 Myrtle 
Murdock Stephen, innhulder, 041 Washington 
Murdock Henry H. housewright, 1 Lincoln court 
Murdock Warren, merchant, 48 Commercial 
Murdock William C. shoes, 77 Washington 

Murdock , widow, 8 Blossom 

Murphey Edward, laborer, 106 Broad 

Murphy Daniel, carpenter, rear 8 Sweetser court 

Murphy Daniel, laborer, rear 90 Broad 

Murphy David, laborer, 98 Broad 

Murphy Elizabeth, widow, Barre place 

Murphy John, laborer. Turnpike near 4th street 

Murphy James, laborer, h. rear 90 Broad 

Murphy Lawrence, gardener, rear 664 Washington 

Murphy JNlichaiil, coppersmith, rear Dedham 

Murphy Michael, laborer, h. 136 Broad 

Murphy Michael, Pond 

Murphy Owen, Portland 

Murphy Patrick, laborer. Theatre alley 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, Sister 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, 20 Creek square 


Mtiipliy Stoplien, l;i!)orcr, li. FIngg alley 

lVlur[)liy Tliomas, tailor, li. TiicN'ilro alley 

Murphy Thomas, hoiirdiny house. 2'-i Federal 

Murphy Thomas, lal)orer, !)8 Broad 

Murphy Tiuiothy, rear H5 Broad 

Murphy W'illiaui, waiter, '.V) Schof)! 

IMurray Jane, widow, 7 Federal rinirt 

Murray James, lal)orer, rear 1;27 Purchase 

Murray J(jhn, cordvvainer, rear b3 Tremont 

Murray John, vietualler, 105 Ann 

Murray Joseph, liousowri^ht, 18 Spring 

Murray Mary, south of 5)7 Front 

Murray Robert, tailor, Theatre alley 

Murray Thomas, undertaker, h. 3 Dearborn avenue 

Murray Michael, laborer, house Spring lane 

Murray Thomas, tobacconist, 302 Ann 

Musheway John F. laborer, house Church 

Mussey Benj. B. bookseller, 29 Cornhill, h. 9 Elm 

Muzzy John, Custom H. officer, h. 3 Federal court 

Myers Clements, blacksmith, house rear 100 Warren 

Myers Michael, printer, house IFigh street place 

Myers Joseph, blacksmith, 74 Pond 

Myers John F. printer, house 18 Fayette 

Myers Sarah, widow, 18 Fayette 

Myers William, sugar refiner, Lyman place 

Myrick William, housewright, 110 Court 

NARRAMOORi ABIEL, laborer, 9 Brighton 

Nash Ann, house 10 Blossom 

Nash Bartholomew, laborer, opposite 115 Pleasant 

Nash Hiram, housewright, rear Middlesex 

Nash Israel, clerk, 2 Long wharf, boards 1 Pearl 

Nash Joseph, caulker, Commercial near Henchman lane 

Nash Mary G. widow of Joshua, 12 Prince 

Nash Lydia, boarding, house IG Fleet 

Nash Nancy, widow. Henchman lane 

Nash Nathaniel C. {Hitchcock &^ JV.), h. oppo. Lion Tav. 

Nash Benjamin, boarding, house 54 Union 

Nash {Solon), Heywood (S. P.) & Co. {Joshua JVorton, 

jr.), pa|)er store, 97 State. Nash b'ds 78 Temple 
Nash William H. boat builder. Commercial near Ann 
Nash William, shi[jvvright, North Hanover ct. 
Nason D.iniel, housewright, house Southac court 
Nason Edward, mariner, 48 Salem 
Nason James B. soda room, Howard 


Nason Joel, rear 107 Hanover 

Nason Leavitt, tailor, house 4 Derne 

Nazro Charles G. accountant, b. opposite 15 Fayette 

Nazro Henry James, book keeper, house 27 Fayette 

Nazro John, house 143 Pleasant 

Nazro John G. book keeper N. E. Bank, house 9 Orange 

Neal John, laborer, VVashin|^ton avenue 

Neal John A. wheelwright, 673 Washington 

Neal Samuel, housewright, house 37 W. Cedar 

Nea! Thomas, laborer, 5th street 

Neal William A. cordwainer, 3d st. 

Neat John, painter, rear 25 Charter 

Neat Nathan, saddler, 27 Elm, h. 32 Salem 

Neat Samuel R. 32 Salem 

Neef M. A. druggist. Union corner Elm, h. 36 Hancock 

Neil Lucy, boarding house, 5 Sister 

Neles John, cooper, house 92 Sea 

Nelson Henry, superintend. House of Reformation, S. B. 

Nelson Jane, widow, 12 Elliot 

Nelson John, laborer, rear 314 Ann 

Nelson John A. clockmaker, house Garden 

Nelson Mary, widow, Barry's wharf 

Nelson Thomas H. stonecutter, house 67 Elliot 

Nenan Timothy, laborer, opposite 8 Atkinson 

Neunun James, housewright, h. 65 Pleasant 

Nevens Rapha H. house 69 Pleasant 

Nevers Abel R. (.^. JVellcs & Co.), boards 4 Morton pi. 

Nevers (Benj. M.) <fe Moses (Charles), livery stable, 6 

Boylston sq. Nevers's h. south of 97 Front 
Nevers (Ehen IV.) & French (Moses, jr.), wood and coal, 

Liverpool wharf Nevers's h. 5 Beach 
Neville Thomas, laborer, Oliver 
Neville William H. carver, house 73 Charter 
Newcomb Danforth P. provisions, 140 Ann, h. 33 Brattle 
Newcomb George, boards 17 Franklin place 
Newcomb Isaac, oysters. Fan. Hall market, h. Fulton ct. 
Newcomb James, 7 Faneuil Hall market, h. 73 Brattle 
Newcomb James, 129 F. H. market, h. rear Charlestown 
Newcomb Lemuel, 114 Faneuil Hall market 
Newcomb Loring, auctioneer, 5 Exchange, h, 21 Gibbs 1. 
Newcomb Matilda, widow, rear 43 Prince 
Newcomb Norton, dry goods, 93 Hanover, h. 4 Unity 
Newcomb Rufus, printer, 19 Water, h. r. 427 Washing. 
Newcomb Susan, boarding house, 69 Hanover 
Newell Augustus T. See E. Vose & Co. 


Newell Daniel, printer. 151 Hanover 

Nevvoll IT. laborer, h. West Centre 

Newell Izaholla. widow, opposite 80 Tremont 

Newell J. rear GO State, house 29 Boylston 

Newell .fame!!, stairc ofliee, 9 Elm, li. 4 Brattle square 

Newell .T<>remiali G. house 7 Newton place 

Newell Jonathan K. A' Willard M. boots and shoes, 222 

Washington, house 95 Front 
Newell .losf'ph, assistant surveyor, house 29 Boylston 
Newell Joseph, mariner. 8 Riehmond 
Newell Joseph R. afrrieultural warehouse, 50 and 53 N. 

x^farUel, house 87 Hifrh 
Newell Joseph W. mess. N. Bank, house 20 Charles 
Newell RFontgomery, hardware, 83 State, h. 7 Franklin 
Newell Richard A. druggist. Summer corner South 
Newell Theodore, dry goods, 153 Wash. ent. Harvard 

place, b'ds lOl VVashinirton 
Newell Willard M. b'ds at Mrs. Keith's, Somerset place 
Newhall Albert, cordwainer, 59 Tremont 
Newhall Cheever & Co. {John M.), shoes and leather, 

36 Broad 
Newhall Daniel, music master, h. Dedhani 
Newhall Ezra F. boards 36 Cambridge 
Newhall Hannah, boarding house, 5 Travers 
Newhall Isaac M. cordwainer. h. rear 57 Tremont 
Newhall James, shoe store, 161 Hanover 
Newhall James, jr. housevvright, rear 10 Prince 
Newhall Jo.'^iah, inspectoi Custom House, b'ds Bromfield 
Newhall. John {U'liitinan S,- J\\), h. rear 33 Pond 
Newhall John, hoiisewright. Sea near East 
Newhall John M. (Cheever A". ^ Co.), h. 24 Pearl 
Newman Caroline & Ann, toys, 57 Court 
Newman Gustavus, boarrliiig. Well cor. Wharf 
Newman Hannah G. 17 North Bennet 
Newman Nancy <Sc JMary Ann, dressmakers, 283 Wash. 
Newman Robert E. crockery ware, 45 Court, h.20 Bios. 
Newman Samuel H. tailor, 2 Brattle-, h. 22 Bulfinch 
Newman Su>au, widow, May 
Newman Thomas P. grocer, 63 Essex 
Newmarch Samuel, baiter, h. 7 Brighton 
Newton James, laborer, h. rear 12() Ann 
Newton John F. laborer, 8 Sudbury 
Newton Martin, shoemaker, reiir 87 Warren 
Newton Martin, cordwainer, 9!) (iUmmbers, h. Leveret 
Ne\Vton Thomas, tinplate worker, h. Plymouth place 


Nichols Betsey, h. 4 Garden court 

Nichols Betsey, boarding house, 5 Derne 

Nichols Benj.imin R. counsellor, 21 State, h. 69 Beacon 

Nichols Charles, teller N. E. Bank 

Nichols {Charles C.) & Co. {J. G. Rogers)^ machinists, 
Bromfield place. N.'s h. 8 Williams 

Nichols Cushing, mason, 14 Charles 

Nichols David, mason, 23 Richmond 

Nichols Ebenezer B. mason, 48 Temple 

Nichols Eleazer, carpenter, h. 61 Warren 

Nichols Frederick, accountant, 5 Carver 

Nichols George, housewright, 30 North Russell 

Nichols Henry, confectioner, h. Leveret place 

Nichols Hiram H. mariner, 172 Purchase 

Nichols Israel, mariner. North Margin 

Nichols John D. bootmaker. North Bennet 

Nichols John, laborer, rear 120 Purchase 

Nichols J. P. painter, Harvard place, h. 5 Stillman 

Nichols Lawrence, confec. 119 Court, h. 23 Sudbury 

Nichols Luther W. h. 2 Gouch 

Nichols {Lijman) & Leeds {B. /.), dry goods, 81 Hanov. 

Nichols Lyman, h, N. E. Coffee House 

Nichols Mary, widow, 115 Chambers 

Nichols Perez {Ross i/- JY.), h. Alden lane 

Nichols Phineas, laborer, 5th street 

Nichols R. Wallen {Staples S/- JV.), boards Front 

Nichols Richard, bootmaker, 13 North Bennet 

Nichols Samuel, portwarden, 31 India, h. Spring 

Nichols Thaddeus, jr. {Stanton, JV. <^ Whitney), house 6 
Bulfinch place 

Nichols (r/mo. S.) & Gibson (if.), painters, 168 Tra- 
in ont. Nichols's h. 40 Carver 

Nichols William, 20 Elliot 

Nichols William H. trunkmaker, rear 171 Washington 

Nichols William, printer, Wilson lane, h. 29 Tremont 

Nicolson Samuel, agent B. & R. Mill corporation, house 
1 Montgomery place 

Nickels Samuel, captain, 44 Spring 

Nickerson David, captain, Broadway 

Nickerson Ebenezer, fish, 39 Long wf. li. 9 Williams 

Nickerson Josiah. See Eldredge & N. 

Nickerson Susan, school, Pearl near Purchase 

Nickerson Thomas & Co. {David), grocers, Dorchester 
corner 3d street 

Niebuhr Henry, pianoforte tuner, 7 Avery place 


Nightingale James, grocer, Bedford, li. 2 do. 

Nil<;s John S. houscvvright, Atkinson, h. liroadvvay 

Niles Jesse, hoiisewriglit, AtUinson near IVIilk, liouse 4 

Province House court 
Niles (77<077m5) «fc VVliiting (CAar/c5), livery stable, 10 

Federal. N.'s h. cor. liigh and iSunimer 
Niles William J. stable and house 21 School 
Nimblet Joiiii K. hairdresser, 2'J Clinton and 29 North 

Market, h. 13 Wash, place 
Noble Elizabetii, widow, 2 Madison place 
Noble George, ship broker and weigher, 78 (commercial 
Noble George F. house 12G Cambridge 
Noble John, fruit, 2 Union, ii. 49 Hanover 
Noble Julias A. See E N. Stratton & Co. 
Noble Thomas, 85 F. H. market 
Nolen Hervey,^20 Hanover 
Norcross Archelaus, corkcutter, h. 2 HawJey 
Norcross Catherine, widow, Bartlett 
Norcross H. A. (MeUcn & Co.), boards 19 Hancock 
Norcross Joseph, boatbuilder, Packard's wharf 
Norcross Judith, widow, ti Bartlett 
Norcross Lorin. See Farnum, Kimball & Co. 
Norcross Otis &■ Co. {EUphalct Jones), crockery ware, 23 

and 24 South Market, h. C Poplar 
Norcross Sarah, widow, h. rear 103 Pleasant 
Norcross T. R. 100 F. H. market, h. 25 Brattle 
Norris George, mason, h. South Russell 
Norris John, houscwright, Grove 
Norris {Jacob) & Holbrook ( T.), provisions, cor. Warren 

and Elliot. N. boards 130 Pleasant 
Norris John, captain, 3 Arch 
Norris Priscilla, tailoress, 194 Hanover 
Norris {llufus G.) & Flint {Joseph /F.), leather, 21 N. 

Market. Norris's house G Barton 

Norris , widow, 3 Pitts 

Norris {Shepherd H.) & Curtis {Samvrl S.), dry goods, 

35 Kilby. Norris's h.GO Boylston 
Norris Theophilus, wood, Oliver place, h. 3 do. 
Norton Benj. H. edit, and pub. Bos. Repub. Congress sq. 
Norton Charles T. oysters, Mcrrimac cor. Pitts 
Norton Cornelius, laborer. Turnpike street 
Norton John, labtncr, Gouch 
Norton John D. bookbinder, 130 Washington 
Norton Joshua, sailmaker, Foster's wf h. 30 Friend 
Norton Joshua, jr. See Nash, Hey wood &, Co. 


Norton Lydia, widow, 31 Fayette 

Norton Nancy, widow, South Margin 

Norton Richard B. boarding house, rear 324 Ann 

Norton Thaxter, cordwainer, Merrimac 

Norwood George, assessor, h. 20 Spring 

Norwood Janus, printer, rear 36 Salem 

N<jrwood Samuel, assessor, 3G Spring 

Notaby Richard, laborer, Peck lane 

Nottage Samuel C. {Pratt & jV.), 'i- 2 Hull 

Nourse Benjamin F. bookbinder, h. 23 Washington pi. 

Nourse Benj. baker, h. 22 Washington place 

Nourse Charles, dry goods, 203 Washington 

Nourse John B. engineer, Pitts court 

Nowel! 01iv(!r, restorator, 29 North Market 

NowcJl Shadrach, cordwainer, h. 90 Warren 

Nowland Mary, widow, rear 100 Purchase 

Nowland Miles, laborer, head Maine wharf 

Nowland Nancy, widow, 65 India wharf 

Noyes Charles E. painter, h. 24 Carver 

Noyes Daniel & Edward. See Maynard & N. 

Noyes Ebenezer, runner U. S. dmrt, house Graphic ct. 

Noyes Ebenezer «& Co. {ELisha JYoycs), W. I. goods, 67 

Sea cor. East 
Noyes Ebenezer, coppersmith, h. Chardon 
Noyes Elisha & Co. (Joseph Mann), grocers, Southac 
Noyes Elizabeth, widow, 727 Washington 
Noyes Henry, cabinetmaker, Ii. 727 Washington 
Noyes Jacob, instructer, rear 84 Ann 
Noyes Jacob W. painter, h. 19 Orange 
Noyes Joseph, painter and glazier, h. Plymouth place 
Noyes Joseph, 76 Salem 
Noyes Sarah W. boarding house, Union 
Nudd Thomas, truckman. Pond corner Causeway 
Nugent John, furniiure, cor. Water and Congress, house 

Theatre alley 
Nugent Christopher, laborer, 16 S. Bennet 
Nugent John, laborer, h. rear 152 Ann 
Nurse Gilbert, clerk, house 30 Charter 
Nurse Mary, house rear 7 Allen 
Nute Ephraim, house Milton 

Nute James, blacksmith, P»,ichmond, h. Short lane 
Nutson Mary, widow, 21 W. Second 
Nutsptill Francis J. hairdresser, 93, h. 78 Broad 
Nuttage Nathaniel, bridge builder, Vernon place 
Nutting Benjamin F. artist, rear 204 Washington 


Nutting Buckley P. laborer, h. 4 Grove 

Nutting Calvin. See Drayton & N. 

Nutting Catherine, widow, 7 Federal court 

Nuttir)g Eleazer, truckman, C street 

Nutting Lutlior, blksniitli, r. ()b Boylston, h. 40 VVurren 

Nutting iSaraii, milliner, 234 Wasiiingtoii 

Nye Elizabeth, widow, IG Hawkins 

Nye Carolina, boarding house, 247 Washington 

OAKES ASA, baker. Battery 

Oakes Daniel, Battery 

Oakes Ebenezer {Jo7ics & 0.), h. 7 Howard 

Oakes Geo. P. printer, Merchants Hall, h. rear 81 Warren 

Oakes James, salt store, 49 Long wf. Ii. 12 Williams 

Oakes Joshua, house and ship joiner, head Rovve's wf. 

house Purchase corner Belcher lane 
Oakes Joshua, fish market, Sea near East 
Oakes Josiah, liousewright, h. 7 Stillman place 
O'Brian Edward, cooper, rear 75 Elliot 
O'Brian Edward, laborer, h. 108 Broad 
O'Brian Martin, tailor, h. 27 Williams 
O'Brien Anthony, laboier, h. rear OU Ann 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. head Maine wharf 
O'Brien Dennis W. upholsterer, 57 Milk, h. Theatre al. 
O'Brien Edward, grocer, 24 Pleasant 
O'Brien Francis, slater, h. Sister 
O'Brien John, ironmonlder, h. rear 97 Ann 
O'Brien John, rear 310 Ann 
O'Brien Michael, beer, 78 Broad 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, Tremont near Pleasant 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, rear 119 Broad 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, Pond 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer. Milk cor. Theatre alley 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, 79 Sea 
Ockington Benjamin, cooper, 34 Poplar 
Ockington Nancy, widow, h. G Holiis 
O'Connel Edward, tailor, 27 Brattle, h. S. Boston 
O'Conner Christopher, laborer, rear Broadway 
O'Conner John, W. I. goods, 33 Sea 
O'Conner John, house 5th street 

O'Dale , cordwainer, Commercial near Foster 

O'Daniel John, 89 Ann 

O'Daniel Michael, laborer, rear 671 Washington 
Odin George {Meldrum & Co.), h. 20 Bulfinch 
Odin John, jr. physician, Lying-in Hospital, 718 Wash. 


Odin John, house 15 South Bennet 

Odiorne {George) & Son {James C), iron and nails, 97 

Milk, house 43 Hancock 
Odiorne Henry B. teller Eagle Bank 
Odiorne Thomas. See Russell, O. & Co. 
Odiorne William H. cashier American Bank 
O'Donnel James, laborer. Milk near Pearl 
O'Donnel James, tailor, h. South street place 
O'Donnel Simon, laborer, 104 Purchase 
O'Donnel William, sawyer, h. rear 314 Ann 
O'Fldherty Thomas J. Rev. h. Franklin pi. near Federal 
O'Grady John, clerk Morn. Post. h. 688 Washington 
O'Hara' Patrick, laborer, h.202 Ann 
O'Leary Dennis, laborer, Lynde 

or - - -- 




ver Ann, widow, 224 Hanover 

ver Benjamin L. counsellor. Barristers Hall 

ver Daniel, clerk, h. corner Hayward place 

ver David B. 40 BriglUon 

ver Edward H. packer, 103 Milk, h. Oliver 

ver Elizabeth, 63 Charter 

ver Elizabeth, widow of N. K. G.h. 55 Hancock 

ver Francis, oysteis, 99 Ann 

ver Francis J. Pres. Amer. Ins. Co. h. 5 Chesnut 

ver Grace, miliiner, 6 Oliver 

ver Henry H. boatbuilder. Commercial near Foster 

ver Henry J. merchant, rear 60 State, h. 13 Sheafe 

ver Hubbard, house 7 Oliver 

ver John, branch pilot, h. 123 Purchase 

ver Royal, housewright. Old Road S. Boston 

ver Samuel P. messenger Market Bank 

ver Susan, 114 Hanover 

ver Susannah, house Battery 

ver William, mariner, Salutation 

ver Wm. B. tinplate and sheet ironworker, 19 Union 
Olney {Stejihen W.), Dexter {Anson) & Gill {Ira), hat 

store, 29 Washington. Olney's house 12 Fleet 
Omond Henry, rigger, h. rear Gibbs lane 
O'Neal Francis, laborer, rear 312 Ann 
O'Neal James, laborer. Mechanic 
O'Neal Jeremiah, laborer, rear South 
O'Neal John, caneworker, Avery 
O'Neal Owen, laborer, h. Langdon place 
O'Neal Terence, laborer, house 7 Essex place 
Onthank Curtis, intelligence office, 14 Milk, h. 344 Wash. 
Oomen Peter J. baker, 645 Wash. h. rear 3 Lucas pi. 


Ooniond Robert, painter, 8 Sudbury 

Orcutl Calberiiie,tailorcss, rear IG Ilawkins 

Orcutt Epbrainj, mason, 1 Nortb Russell 

Orcutt Naiiry, tailorcss, IG Nortb Russell 

Orcutt Sarab B. widow of Jobn P. 3 Pond 

Orcutt Susan, tailoress, bouse 11 Leveretj 

Orders Tbomas, bhicksinitb, 3d street 

Orders Sarab, straw bonnet maker, 3d street 

Ordway Moses, grocer, 89 Cambrid<;;e, b. r. 120 Cbarles 

Ornisby W. L. engraver, b. Gl Spring 

Orne Josepb T. pianoforte maker, boards 13 Atkinson 

Orne William, soda room, 30 Biattle, b. Sturgis place 

Orr David, cabinetmaker, b. 8 Lucas place 

Orr Robert, liousewrigbt, 4 Soutb street place 

Orrok (Jas. L.P.) & Simmons (TIios.), ship cban. 7 India, 

Orrok's bouse 1 Carver 
Osborn Calbcrine, widow, 137 Tremont 
Osborn Comfort, tailorcss, 13 Hawkins 
Osborn E. T. commis. mercbant, 38 Commercial 
Osborn George J. silverplater, Gouch 
Osborn Jobn, sboemaker, b. rear 39 Essex 
Osborn Jobn, jr. sboemaker, b. rear 39 Essex 
Osborn Samuel, ropemakcr, 10 Elliot 
Osborn ^V'yman, porter Drancb Bank, h. rear Bank 
Osborne Catberinc, laundress, Pond 
Osgood Alfred, jr. jeweller, b. Goucb 
Osgood Cbarles, portrait painter, Grapbic ct. 
Osgood David, pbysician, 32 Iligb 
Osgood D. B. wbeelwrigbt, 10 Marshall 
Osgood Dcborab, 30 Cross 
Osgood G. L. bousewrigbt, b, May 
Osgood llannab, widcnv, rear 77 Warren 
Osgood Hannab, tailoress, Water, near Congress 
Osgood Isaac P. counsellor, 5 Court, b. at Excbange 
Osgood Isaac, dry goods and clotbes, 31 Dock square 
Osgood James H. tailor, bouse 5 Bridge 
Osgood Jobn, jr. watcbmaker, 398 Washington, b. G Oak 
Osgood J. II. & J. dry goods, 110 Hanover 
Osgood L. II. weigber, IG Commer. wf h. 10 Wash. pi. 
Osgood Peter, mason, liouse 4 Poplar 
Osmer Jobn G. painter, bouse 27 Blossom 
Ostrom Cbarles, ivoi-y turner, bouse Hawkins 
Otbeman Antbony, Leveret court 
Otis George A. bouse 2 Boylston place 
Otis George W. Surveyor General of Lumber, 112 Milk, 
house 28 Chambers 


Otis George W. jr. physician, 23 School 

Utis Harrison G. 42 Beacon 

Otis James A. G. nierchant, Ofis's wf. h. 9 Morton place 

Otis Mrs. widow of Samuel A. 47 Beacon ^ 

oZ wl i'"" p ^^^ ^":?"'' ^^^" '"^'•^^^'' '^«'^^e Cooper 
Ot er^n r'" ^^ J!^'^"^*^ '"r'. ^ ^^ate, house 70 Beacon^ 
Otter.oa Joseph D. machinist, rear Second 
Overhaultz Peter, glass maker, rear 32 Pleasant 

OwPn -^T "' '";' ■ "'^ of Benjamin, house 83 Purchase 

Owens Owen, laborer, h. G South street place 

Owens William, laborer, rear 45 Sea 

Owens VVilliam, laborer, rear ilO Sea 

Oxford VVilliam, boatbuilder, Commercial near Hanover 

P^ha^d^r .^^ w^?' machinist. Turnpike, h. B street 
pt^ A ^^,"'"''"' ^- I- goods, 8 Broad, h. 4 Pinckney 
Pdcjvard Otis, upholsterer, h. Carney place ^ 

P^rt"'A T'l^ ^- ^"'•"'•T' ^^^^'•^' "• AJ'll^, '1-33 Salem 
Packard Sylvanus, merchant, 14 Central wharf 

Packard 1 heophilus, jr. 3 1-2 Commercial 

i^att John, sausage maker, 7G1 Washington 

rage Alva, housewright, Broadway 

Page Ann, widow, Bartiett 

Page Benj. broker, Merrimac cor. Market, h. 89 HMi 

rage Calvin, mason, house 21 Myrtle ° 

Page Edward, earthenware, 102 Hanover, h. 14 Salem 

rage George, housewright, rear Broadway 

rage George G. boxmaker, rear 732 Wasliingtoa 

l^age Gilman, mason, house 2 Ceder street court 

Page Henry A. 91 Kilby, boards 54 Temple 

rage Jacob, housewright, house Broadway 

rage James, mason, 54 Temple 

Page John, housewright, h. 711 Washington 

rage John A. mason, house 41 Carver 

Page Joseph, mason, 8 Piedmont 

Page Kilby, paperhangings, 9 Court, h. 24 Somerset 

Page Stephen S. laborer, 74 Purchase 

Page Thaddeus, Custom House officer, h. 143 Court 

Page Thos. paperhangings, 319 Wash, b'.ls 24 Somerset 

Page Thomas, cordwainer, 47 Prince 

Paige James W. & Co. (JVathan Appleton and James J. 
Mason) domestic goods, 85 Milk, h. Summer 

Pame Charles C. attorney, 39 Court, h. 5 Bedford place 

Pame Cyrene housewright, h. Ridgeway lane 


Paine Elizabeth, widow, 10 Newton place 

Paine James II. clerk, 50 Congress, h. K. Newton place 

Paine Natiianiel, cooper, house rear Broadway 

PainePaschal.laborcr, rear 12 Spring ,^ ^. ^ , 

Paine Robert T. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 16 Newton pL 

Paine Samuel, laborer, h. 191) Ann 

Paine Sarah J. milliner, 18 Salem 

Paine. See Payne ^^ 

Pairar Antony, boarding house, 2o» Ann 

Palfrey William, h. Commercial near Foster 

Palfrey Wm. D. (Parks & P.), boards Bath cor. Milk 

Palmer A. C. (Proctor, P. & Felt), h. 21 Somerset 

Palmer David, sexton, house 2U Cross 

Palmer Edwin A. printer, house 7 Province 

Palmer Elijah, shipwright, boards '3d street 

Palmer Ezra, tailor, ClT house 90 Ann 

Palmer Ezra, jr. physician, 52 Hanover 

Palmer Jerusha. boarding house, 18 I rankhn p ace 

Palmer Jer. cor'dwainer, Charles, house Cedar lane 

Palmer John, tailor, house 17 High 

Palmer John, hatter, house 8 Oliver 

Palmer John K. chemist, 173, house 50 Tremont 

Palmer John R. laborer, rear 200 Washington 

Palmer Joseph, physician, house 7 Arch 

Palmer Joseph. See Deals, Homer & Co^ 

Palmer Julius A. merchant, 70 State, h. 3 Crescent place 

Palmer Lemuel, laborer, 2 Plymouth place 

Palmer Mary, boarding, 1C2 Hanover 

Palmer Mary B. dressmaker, 41 Atkinson 

Palmer Samuel, laborer, house May 

Palmer Sarah & Nancy, mantuamakers, 43 Cambridge, 

house 23 North Russell 
Palmer Simeon, tailor, 49 Ann, h. 4 Myrtle 
Palmer Thomas, mason, house 3 Stamtord place 
Palmer W^illiam, caulker and graver, rear 3o I nncc 
Park Adeline, nurse. 2 Lowell place 
Park Amasa C. (ScucJder S^ P.), house 16 Pinckney 
Park John, painter. Spring lane, house 3 pum^ury 
Park John C. attorney, Franklin avenue, h. /2 Chambers 
Park Otis, painter, Fi lend 
Park Thomas B. See Warren, Barry & 1 . 
Park William, mason, Broadway 
Parker Abigail, widow, 2 Sudbury 
Parker Anna, widow of Bishop, 25 Bedford 
Parker Aurelius D. attorney, 20 Court 


Parker Benjamin, laborer, 22 Pleasant 
Parker Benjamin, housewright, Turnpike, h. Broadway 
I arker Benjamm VV. Ji-hterman, house 22 Tileston 
Parker Charits A. clerk S. J. Court, County Court H. 

house 8 Milton place 
Parker Charles H. clerk, house 26 Warren 
Parker Daniel E housewright, 8 Bridge street avenue 
1 arker Daniel P. merchant, 01 State, h. 40 Beacon 
1 arker David, wharfinger, M City wf. h. Distil-house sq. 
ParkeivDeborah, widow, 134 Pleasant 
I arker Eber, blacksmith, Sea, house 4G South 
Parker Edward VV. clerk in Custom House, h. 1 Oak pi. 
Parker E. milliner, 62 Cornhill ^ 

Parker Frances W. widow, 66 Purchase 
1 arker gooliin housewright. Beacon, h. 3 Staniford pi. 
1 arker H. D. Premont restorator, Tudor's build W Court 
]*arker Isaac, house 81 Pleasant 
Parker (W) & Blanchard (Mr aham W.), American 

goods, 74 Water 
Parker Isaac, house 9 Tremont place 
Parker Isaac H. earthenware, 20 Broad, h. 44 Pinckney 
1 arker (James) & Swift (Jo/m J.), flour store, 17 Loni 
wharf. Parker's house 39 Summer 

Parker Jesse, teamster, 4th street 

Parker John, 6 Tremont 

Parker John, 20 Long wharf, house 69 Summer 

Parker John, 12 Salem 

Parker John, grocer, Salem corner Cross 

Parker John, laborer, 60 Warren 

Parker John, jr. 20 Long wharf, h. 1-39 Tremont 

Parker John B. merchant, 31 Congress, h. 17 Pearl 

Parker John R. telegraph, off. 28 Central wf h. 5 Walnut 

barker Jonas, cordwainer, house opposite 104 Sea 

Parker Jonathan, hardware, 3 Union, h 22 Thacher 

i arker Joseph VV. teamster, house Suffolk 

1 arker Josiah, house 55 Chambers 

Parker Leonard M. Naval Officer, Custom House, boards 
at Iremont House 

Parker Lucy, boarding, 5 Hayward place 

Parker Luther, house 80 Tremont 

Parker Mary, widow, 70 Pleasant 

Parker Matthew S. cashier Suffolk Bank, h. 9 Kneeland 

Farker Milley L. widow, house 2 Pitts 

Parker Moses, housewright. Beach, house do 

Parker Nathaniel, wheelwright, Sea, house Essex 


Parker Peter, 20 Long wliarf, lioiisc 4G Beacon 

Parker Prurience, boarding, 1)2 Sninnicr 

Parker Rich'd G. instnict'r Franklin school, h. 12 Orange 

I'arker Samuel, teller Union Bank 

Parker Sam'l D. counsel. 3 Scollay's build, h. 41 Mt. Vern. 

Parker Samuel li. music store and pianoforte warehouse, 

141 Washington, house 3 Ilayward place 
Parker Stanton, house 20 La Grange place 
Parker Susan, widow, G Stillman 
Parker Susannah, widow, 4th street 
Parker Susannah, widow of JedcdJali, 7 Unity 
Parker Theodore D. nier. 48 India wf. h. 4 La Grange pi. 
Parker Thomas, rear 3d street 
Parker Thomas L physician, 25 Bedford 
Parker Wallace, clerk, house W. Centre 
Parker Wm. & Co. paper store, IIG State, h. 5 Chambers 
Parker William {Stevens, Fisher ^' Co.), h. Rowe place 
Parker William, W. L goods, Purchase corner Broad 
Parker William, 9 Rowe's wharf, house Wheeler's court 
Parker Wm. shipping broker, 12 Custom-h. h. Wash. av. 
Parker William A. li. Commercial near Hanover 
Parkinson Jas. organ build'r, Friend, i).4th st. c. Turnpike 
Parkman Daniel, deputy sheriff", Tudor's buildings, h. 5 

Bowdoin square 
Parkman Francis, Rev. 1 Green 
Parkman George, physician, 11 Bowdoin 
Parkman Lydia, widow. Battery 
Parkman Mary B. 43 Mount Vernon 
Parkman Nathaniel, shipwright. Battery 
Parkman Sally, mantuamaker, house 10 Fleet 
Parkman Sarah, widow of Samuel, 5 Bowdoin square 
Parkman Sarah, nurse, 211 Hanover 
Parkman William (J. JVest ^ Co.), h. 78 Prince 
Parks (Elisha), Blackburn (George) & Co. (J. Stearns), 

American goods, 80 State. Parks's h. 15G Tremont 
Parks {Luther), Wright {John S.) &Co. {E. P. Whitman), 

merchants, 101 State 
Parks Luther, house C Chesnut 
Parks Otis, painter, Friend, house Chardon 
Parkes {Samuel) & Palfrey {IVm. D.), wooden ware, 28 

Parmeley Asaph, baker, south 7r)2 Washington 
Parmenter Horace, W. L goods, 1 , h. 3 Pinckncy 
Parmenter Joab G. wheelwriglit, East. h. 14 Charles 
Parmenter Willia-ni B. dry goods, 3G5 Washington 


Parris Alexander, architect, 20 Court, li. rear 56 Poplar 
Parshlcy John S. shoemaker, h. Tump. cor. Broadway 
I'arsells Edmund, blacksmith, 9 Cross 
Parrott {fVvi. P.) & Hughes (George), merchants, 11 

Central wharf. P. boards 29 High 
Parsons Charles, laborer, Commercial near Foster 
Parsons Charles, captain, Portland 
Parsons Charles C. mer. 63 Long wf. h. 2 Chauncey pi. 
Parsons Charles T. merchant, 68 Long wf. h. 51 Federal 
Parsons Daniel G. laborer, 11 Fleet 
Parsons Ebenezer. See Loring & P. 
Parsons Edmund, cabinetmaker, h. 23 Cross 
Parsons Edmund, jr. watchmaker, 77 Ann, h. 74 Prince 
Parsons James, pilot, house 233 Hanover 
Parsons Joanna, widow, 57 Hancock 
Parsons John, house 231 Ann . 
Parsons Lemuel, painter, house rear 85 Prince 
Parsons Mary J. & Lucy G. house 76 Federal 
Parsons Nehemiah,pres. Hope Ins. Co. h. 6 La Grange pi. 
Parsons Samuel, dry goods, 20 Central, h. 7 Hartford pi. 
Parsons Sarah K. milliner, 154 Washington 
Parsons Theophilus, counsellor, 17 State, h. 47 Chesnut 
Parsons Thomas, merchant, 68 Long wf h. 51 Federal 
Parsons Thomas W. physician and dentist, 16 Winter 
Parsons William, merchant, Hancock's wf h. 2 South 
Parsons Wm. jr. merchant, Hancock's wf. h. 2 South 
Partridge Charles, grocer, 4 Clinton, h. 57 Poplar 
Partridge George, W. L goods, 22 Broad, h. 9 Green 
Partridge Mary B. widow, 34 Warren 
Partridge Nathan, laborer, 14 Stilhnan 
Partridge William, baker, rear 253 Washington 
Partridge Elizabeth, widow, rear 26 Winter 
Paslow John, boards 17 Franklin place 
Pattangall (Moses) & Cutler {John), victuallers, cellar 

Boylston market 
Patch Abijah {Dnttrick &,P.), house rear Snowhill 
Patch Lydia, widow, 24 Charter 
Patrick James, gilder, rear foot of Richmond 
Patrick William, hairdresser, 67 Pleasant 
Patten Asa, pianoforternaker, house Ash 
Patten David, house 135, rear 133 Pleasant 
Patten James {Sargent & P.), house 26 Tremont 
Patten John R. house Wheeler court 
Patten Jonathan, grocer, Tremont corner Elliot, house 4 

PJeasant street court 


PutltMi Thomas, inilkman, South Boston heights 

Piittcii Thomas, agent Soap Stone Com'y, h. Crescent pi. 

Patten Thomas, jr. Iiouse Crescent phice 

Patterson David. See Shaw, P. cV- Co. 

Patterson Eli, hiborer, house Snn court 

Patterson Enoch, house 9 Chamhers 

Patterson Enoch, jr. dry goods, 12 Kilby, h.r)7 High 

Patterson Joscpli W. Sec Ahny, Blako & Co. 

Patterson Louisa, widow, 19 Scliool 

Patterson Sarah J. rear 9 Brighton 

I'atterson William, mariner, 28 Leveret 

Patterson William C. tailor, house 9 Hull 

Patterson William, tailor, 92 Ann, h. 9 Hull 

Paul James, u[)hoIstercr, OS Court, h. 20 School 

Paul John, h. 2 Tremont, south of" Pleasant 

Paul \Villiam, cabinetmaker, rear 5 Pleasant 

Paxton James, capt. h. Jefferson, cornei Tremont 

Payne Elias, bootmaker, 8 Water 

Payne Hannah, boarding house, Fulton 

Payne John, cooper, house Soutii street place 

Payne Nath'l, messenger and keeper, Custom H., h. rear 

Payne Samuel, 87 Faneuil H. market, h. i:^ Friend st. ct. 

Payne William E. counsellor, 5 Court, h. 20 Beacon 

Payne. See Paine 

Payson {AJcx.) & Tolman {Christopher)^ paper stainers, 

59 Portland 
Payson Betsey, widow, 32Cros.s 
Payson John F. 75 Faneuil Hall market, h. 324 Ann 
Payson Relief, widow, N. Federal court 
Payson Ruth, widow, 35 Chesiiut 
Payson Samuel, cashier IMassachusctts Bank 
Payson Samuel, tailor, h. 4 Jefferson place 
Peabody Augustus, coun. Court, c. Trem. h. 52 Bowdoin 
Peabody Jeremiah, 4 Central wf. house 3G High 
Peabody Lilley, widow, 34 Sprit)g 
Peabody Sarah, tailoress, IG Green 
Pfabody Silence B. tailoress, Mason, corner Avery 
Peabody Stephen, cordwaiuer, 1.57 Broad 
Peabody William B. housewright, 4 May place 
Peak Henry J. shoes, 449 Washington, h. 24 Harvard 
Peak John, Rev. Snowhill 
Peak John, housewright, 33 Chambers 
Peak Philip, sailmaker, 77 Commercial, h. 55 Prince 
Pear Edward, silversmith, 11 South Cedar 
Poarce Shadrach S. musician, h. 1 Mav place 



Fearce Sam'l, coram, merch. 45 L. wf. boards 6 Brattle sq. 

Pearson Benjamin, painter, house Mechanic place 

Pearson David B. tinplaleworker, 59 Commercial, house 
12 West Second 

Pearson Edward A. broker, 49 State, h. 8 Pearl 

Pearson Elizabeth, widow of William, 2 South st. place 

Pearson {John H.) & Co. {H. B. Huviphrey), 44 Com- 
mercial, house 9 Sullivan place 

Pearson Thomas. See Bartlett & Co. 

Pearson Thomas & Son (Thomas jr.), 56 F. Hall market 

Peck {Mel G.), Burnham {IVillard) & Co. {Sherman 
White), dry goods, 54 Hanover 

Peck Chauncey, porter Globe Bank, ii. 9 Allen 

Peck John M. jr. & Co. (£. Wheeler, rr.) hats, 83 Wash. 

Peck Orcn, 7Boylston market, house* 1 Ash 

Peck T. R. &. Co. {Dexter Harlow), hats, 2 Cornhill 

Peed Richard, carpenter, 179 Purchase 

Peeler David, finding store, 39 Merch. row, h.90 Salem 

Peeler Henry, house rear South Margin 

Peirce Abraham, laborer. Piper's wharf 

Peirce Abraham, coach trimmer, house 39 Fayette 

Peirce Charles, mason, 17 Richmond 

Peirce Ephraim, teamster, boards 71 Sea 

Peirce Geo. 92 Fanueil Hall market 

Peirce George, house Staniford place 

Peirce Isaac, housewright, 115 Chambers 

Peirce Jabez W. mason, h. Wheeler's court 

Peirce John, mariner, rear 97 Salem 

Peirce John, mariner, house Sun court 

Peirce John, housewright, Beverly, h.9 Salem place 

Peirce John, handcartman, house 10 Oliver 

Peirce Jonathan {Rosea & P.), h. Clark 

Peirce Joseph N. coachpaint. C8 Boylston, h. 39 Fayette 

Peirce Josiah, leather, 24 Broad, h. 15 Hayward place 

Peirce Oliver {Foster & P.), b'ds Wash. Coffee House 

Peirce Newton R. {Brown \^ P.), h. 11 Myrtle 

Peirce Richard, boarding, h.43 Hanover 

Peirce Silas & Co. {Thomas Hall & H. P. Cashing )y 
W. I. goods. Elm 

Peirce Susannah, widow, 10 Myrlle 

Peirce Thomas J. truckman, h. Water near Congress 

Peirce Walker H. boards Warren Hotel 

Peirce Wm. coachmaUer, h. IG Fayette 

Peirce Wm. clerk, rear 4 Hull 

Peirce William, bookseller, 9 Cornhill, h. 11 Myrtle 


Peirce. Sec Pierce 

Peirson (G. IV.) & Rowland {David S.), druggists, 188 

Washington. Poirson boards at Lafayette Hotel 
Pelby William, IG Gouch 

Pellctior James A., French teacher, h. 27G Washington 
Pel ham Sally, widow, rear 142 Pleasant 
Pelhaiu Sally, dressmaker, rear 142 Pleasant 
PelJiam Thomas J. rear 142 Pleasant 
Pelton Oliver, engraver, 9 State, h.57 Pinckney 
Pemberton Ebcnezer, LL.D. h. 5 Hayward place 
Pemberton M. E. R. R. school, 383 Washington, bouse 

5 Hayward jiiacc 
Pemberton W. \V. clerk, 27 State, boards 5 Hayward pi, 
Pendar t*hilip, laborer, 5 Lucas place 
Pender Thomas, laborer, house 5th street 
Pendleton Mary, widow, rear 704 Washington 
Pendleton Win. S. copper. & lithog. print. 208 Washing. 
I*enniman Alanson P. 5 Central wf. h. 8 Hartford place 
Pennin)an Amos, housewright. South Russell 
Penniman Atherton T. housewright, ICN. Russell 
Penniman Edward L. (E. Clarke S^ Co.), h. 120Tremont 
Penniman Henry. See Sweetser <& P. 
Penniman John A. (Leicis & P.), h. 8 Ballard place 
Pension Office, U. S. Branch Bank, entrance Wilson lane 
Pentland Clement N. painter, cor. 5th and D streets 
Pcntland Thankful, widow, house 4 Elliot court 
Pepper Benjamin, Clark 

Pepper Matthew, machinist, house Bumstead court 
Perin Sebastian, baskets, 20 Dock square 
Perkins Aaron, collector, h. Spring st. place 
Perkins Abraham B. teamster, Front near Castle 
Perkins Alfred, wood wharf, Haverhill corner Travers, 

house 59 Pond 
Perkins {Benjamin), Marvin {T. R.) & Co. {J. K. IVhij)- 

j)lc), booksellers, 114 Wash. P's h. 17 La Grange pi. 
Perkins Charles, clerk, 7 Central, h. 9G Charles 
Perkins Ezra, cooper, rear 773 Washington 
Perkins Henry W. h. 10 Columbia 

Perkins John, furniture, Washington, h. rear 40 Fayette 
Perkins Margaret, boarding house, 4G Federal 
Perkins Martha L. widow, 81 Warren 
Perkins Mary, widow, boarding, 25 Brattle 
Perkins Nathaniel, house 4 Derne 
Perkins Nabby B. widow, 48 Trcmont 
Perkins Oliver L. antiquarian books, 5GCornliill 


Perkins Richard {Cutter 4- P.), h. Tremont 

Perkins Robert, machinist, 31 Prince 

Perkins Samuel G. Prcs. Suttolk Ins. Co. ]i. 2 High 

Perkins Samuel S. house Wheeler court 

Perkins Sarah, widow of James, h. 14 Pearl 

Perkins Stephen H. See Thwing & P. 

Perkins Thomas, h. 14 Mount Vernon 

Perkins & Co. {Thos. H. Perkins, Saml. Cabot Sc, T. G. 
Cary), merchants, 52 Central wharf 

Perkins Sani'l, Treas. N. E. floor cloth comp. lOG Wash. 

Perkins Thomas H. merchant. Temple place 

Perkins Thomas H. jr. house 1 Joy place 

Perkins William. See R. G. Shaw & Co. 

Perkins W. C. wharfinger, Barllett's wharf, house Com- 
mercial near Foster 

Perny Salmon, 12 Leveret 

Perrin Augustus, G3 Broad, house 22 Charles 

Perrin George W. dry goods, 2 Washing, h. 28 Somerset 

Perrin Noah, jr. See E. Clark &, Co. 

Perrin {Payson) & Ellis {Jonathan, jr.), iron dealers, 10 
India wharf. I'errin's h. 22 Tremont 

Perry Catharine, widow, Bartlett 

Perry Cephas, engineer, 4th street 

Perry Charles H. shoes, 83 Court 

Perry Edward, porter, Tremont H. h. r. 417 Washington 

Perry Elizabeth, tailoress, 28 Salem 

Perry Enoch W. gratemaker, G2 Congress, h. 33 Salem 

Perry Isaac, shoe dealer, 131, house 129 Court 

Perry John, painter, h. 655 Washington 

Perry John B. ropemaker, 5th street 

Perry John, housewright, rear 25 Portland 

Perry Lyman, 10 S. Market, h. 2 Staniford place 

Perry Marshall S. physician, 407 W'ashington 

Perry Mary, boarding house, 7 Province House court 

Perry Mary H. opposite 70 Pleasant 

Perry Nathan, housewright, Snowhill 

Perry Nathaniel, cabinetmaker, 401 Washington 

Perry Orves B. {Pope c\t P.), h. 59 Federal 

Perry Rufus, laborer. Salutation 

Perry Wm. & Co. grate manuf School, h. 228 Washing. 

Perry William & John, handcartmen, h. r. 27 Williams 

Peters Abigail, widow, 16 Hawkins 

Peters Edward D. mer. 12 Central wharf, h. 12 Rowe pi. 

Peters {John), Pond {Sabln) & Co. {John L. Dlmmock), 
mer. 30 Central wf Peters'sh. 3 Washington place 


Peters John, stoves and gralcs, GO Cornhill 

Peters John, jr. clerU, 30 Central \vf. h. 3 Washing, pi. 

Peters John, rigger, h. Gibbs lane 

Pelers'jn Andrew, tinphiteworker, boards G56 Washing. 

Peterson Betsy, milliner, 01, house 55 Court 

Peterson Cliristian, rigger, rear 90 Purcliase 

Peterson Christopher, clothes, 91 Ann 

Peterson Henry, house 98 Purchase 

Peterson John, rigger, 249 Ann 

Peterson Joseph, rigger, h. Spear alley 

Peterson Lucas, rigger, Bartlett 

Peterson Lucy A. H. dry goods, 149 Court, h. Alden ct. 

Peterson (Prtscilla)&, Hovvland (Sally), milliners, 55 Ct. 

Pottingill Betsey H. dry goods, 135 Court, h. 12 Salem 

Pettingill Charles, housewright, rear 145 Ann 

Pettegrew James, laborer, 4 Barrett 

Pettes Henry, dry g'ds,224 \Vashington, h. Jackson pL 

Pettes Horace, sexton, rear 170 Hanover 

Pettes Samuel, house Jackson place 

Pettis James B. barrooni, Fulton corner Barrett 

Peverelly Mary, confect. 178 Wash. h. G Ballard place 

Pewters Robert, shoemaker, h. 284 Washington 

Pharaoh INIary Ann, tailoress, 4 South Cedar 

Phearson Mary, v^idow, Knox 

Phelan John, grocery, rear 100 Broad 

Phelps Abel (Chandler ^ P.), house 11 Chambers 

Piielps Abner, physician, 49 Congress 

Phelps Elihu, teamster, house Travers 

Phelps Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Poplar 

Phelps John B. cordwainer, 340 Washing, h. 20 Avery 

Philbrick Samuel, office 31 Broad ^ 

Philbrook George C. paperhanger, h. 8G Warrea 

Philbrook Sewall, housewright, opposite 98 Sea 

Phillbrook Charles P. h. 14 North Russell 

Phillemore Geo. comedian, h. 34 Spring 

l*hillips Betsey, Williams court 

PhiHi()s Edwin, upholsterer, .51 Cornhill, h. 7 Vine 

Phillips G. W. attorney, 11 Court, house 12 Beacon 

E*hillips Horace, housewright. Court sq. h. 50 Myrtle 

Philli[)s James, Sec. to Overseers of the Poor, Faneuil 

Hall, house 2 Carver 
Phillips James B. housewright, house 95 Warren 
Phillips Jane, widow, rear 83 Pond 
Phillips John. See Burchstead, Leavitt & Co. 
Phillips John, caulker, 7 Unity 


Phillips John L. painter, 557 Washington, h. 43 Warren 

Phillips Jonathan, 27 State, h. Tremont 

Phillips Joseph D. laborer, Middlesex near Castle 

Phillips M. (& M. lace store, 277 Wash. h. 17 Franklin 

Phillips Nathaniel, hayvveigher, h. Fayette n. Pleasant 

Phillips Nathaniel, h. Elliot, near Tremont 

Phillips Nathaniel, jr. ivory turner, 188 Washington, h. 

Fayette near Pleasant 
Phillips Owen, laborer, 29 Sea 
PJiillips Patrick, laborer, rear Broadway 
Phillips Sally, widow of John, 12 Beacon 
Phillips Samuel, hayweigher. Church, h. 6 Hollis 
Phillips {Sam. M.) & Moseley (F.), iron deal. GO Broad 
Phillips Samuel M. house 144 Pleasant 
Phillips Thos. W. clerk Mun. Ct. house 06 Chesnut 
Piiillips Turner, house 59 Leveret 
Phillips Willard, counsellor, 21 State 
Phillips William W. cabinetmaker, h. 6 Boylston square 
Phillips William, lace, 70 State 

Phinney Elizabeth, h. Broadway near Dorchester st. 
Phinney Timothy, 56 Pond 
Phippen George, haircutter. Cross 

Phipps (E. G.) & Watkins {Jl.jr.), dry g'ds, 108 Hano. 
Phipps George W. laborer, 40 Sea 
Phipps Richard W. mariner, rear 110 Sea 
Phipps Robert, school. Spring lane, boards 1 Pearl 
Phipps Thomas G.dry goods, 295 Washington 
Phipps William and Samuel, dry goods, 77 Kilby 
Pickance William, printer, h. 6 Atkinson 
Pickard Sarah C. boarding house, Norfolk avenue 
Pickard Susan, Commercial near Ann 
Pickens (James) &Littlehale {Sargent S.), merchants, 7 

South Market. Pickens's house 42 Bowdoin 
Pickering Edward, attorney, 20 Court, h. 18 Pearl 
Pickering John, counsellor, 9 State, house 74 Beacon 
Pickering John, jr. 9 Stale, h. 74 Beacon 
Pickering Octavius, reporter dec. Sup. Court, 20 Court, 

house 18 Pearl 
Pickman Benjamin T. 80 State, h. 5 Mt. Vernon place 
Pidgin Ann, widow, rear 10 South Bennet 
Pierce {Mijah H.) & Goodnow {John), W. I. goods, 29 

and 30 S. Market. Pierce's house Sudbury 
Pierce Amasa, laborer. Garden 

Pierce Amasa {Whitney, Broicn &, Co.), h. 68 Pleasant 
Pierce Amos, cordwainer, 2 Pond 


Piorco Bet.'ey, widow, B street 

Pierce Charles, mason, 31 Brattle 

Pierce Horatio N. walciiman, rear 11 East 

Pierce Jacob W. jr. hoards -10 ilii:li 

Pierce James, constable, house 8 Hawkins 

Pierce John, o[)tician, Bromlield, h. G SiiilolU place 

Pierce John, hackirian, rear 2'M Washington 

Pierce Joim, umjII di^j^er, h. 84 Sea 

"Pierce Jonathan, furniture, ^1 Cornhill, h. G8 Pleasant 

Pierce Jonathan, laborer, rear 47 Sea 

Pierce Joshua Y. oysters, Congress near Milk 

Pierce Josiah, mason, IG Tileston 

Pierce Luther, laborer, iiouse W. Centre 

Pierce Lydia, widow, 14 Washington place 

Pierce Nancy, widow of Isaac, h. rear 185 Hanover 

Pierce Otis, instructer, Franklin school 

Pierce Parker H. President U. S. Ins. Co. h. 8 Staniford 

Pierce Samuel B. crockeryware, 14 Union, h. 38 Essex 

Pierce Samuel S. {JVorctster <^ P.), b'ds 3G Hanover 

Pierce Sarah K. dressmaker, Berry 

Pierce Stephen H. housewright, h. 3d street 

Pierce Stephen A. & William G. crock. 370 Washington. 

S. A. P.'s h. 45 Carver. Wm. G. b'ds 24 Harvard 
Pierce Thomas, house Hanover avenue 
Pierce T. C. W. 12 Kilby, b'ds at Kilburn's Coff. House 
Pierce William, hairdresser, 5 INIarsliall 
Pierce William, clerk, house Hull 

Pierce W^illiam, laborer, Commer. near Henchman lane 
Pierce William T. laborer, rear 99 Charter 
Pierce. See Peirce 
Pierpont John, Rev. opposite 25 Essex 
Pigeon Henry {Allen, F. &, Pool), h. Com. n. Railway 
Pike Alfred W. instructer, house 53 Hancock 
Pike Benjamin, housewright, rear 2d street 
Pike Benjamin, laborer, house 30 Charles 
Pike Charles, baker, George 

Pike Charles, cordwainer, 13 Mt. Vernon, li. 34 Charles 
Pike Charles, laborer, rear (iOO Washington 
Pike David, house G4 Essex 
Pike Ebenezer, stabler, Merrimac corner Union 
Pike Elias, teamster, h 18 South Bennet 
Pike Ezekiel W. housewright, S. IVIarg. b'ds 02 Temple 
Pike D. Leveret st. Hotel, 41 Leveret 
Pike Hugh, blacksmith, li. rear 3G Front 
Piko Jacob, housewright, house Broadway 


Pike James, painter, Marlboro' pi. house 12 Short 

Fike John, ropemaker, 38 Carver 

Pike John K. housewright, iiouse B street 

Pike Jonathan, baker, Poplar rear Spring 

Pike Levi, housewright, rear Broadway 

Pierce Luther, laborer, h. W. Centre 

Pike Moses, cooper, h. 197 Hanover 

Pike Mary, widow. Bridge street avenue 

Pike Rebecca, widow, house rear 66 Warren 

Pike Sarah Jane, tailoress, 59 Essex 

Pike Thomas, hatter, rear 559 Wash. h. rear 66 Warren 

Pike Thomas, jr. teller JMarket Bank 

Pike William, baker, 104 Cambridge 

J'ilsbury John C. mason, h. 6 Elliot court 

Pilsbury Moses H. mason, h. Knox 

Pilsbury Sarah F. boarding, Pitts 

Pindar John, 31 Fayette 

Pine John, housevvright, h. Bedford cor. Columbia 

Piper Solomon, wood wharf, 30, h. 11 Sea 

Piper Timothy, boarding, Marshall 

Piquet A. F. French Vice Consul, 9 Atkinson 

Pitman Benjamin, merchant, 51 Charter 

Pitman Daniel, housevvright, house Bath 

Pitman Daniel, rigger, 87 Broad 

Pitman Ezekiel, blacksmith, Pond 

Pitman Ezekiel, jr. tailor, 12 Congress, h. 1 Province 

Pitman John H cooper, rear 63 Ann, h. 59 Charter 

Pitnian Mary, widow, Sheafe 

Pitman Nathaniel, laborer, rear 4th street 

Pitman Reuben, blacksmith, rear 4th street 

Pitman Thomas S. baker, 42 Salem 

Pittee David, mason, 11 South street place 

Pittee James, laborer, rear 110 Sea 

Pitts Samuel, wood, Fulton, house Ann 

Pitts Samuel, clothing, 185 Ann 

Pitts Thomas, inspector customs 

Pitts Sarah, tailoress, Mechanic 

Pitts Walter, grocer. Causeway corner Haverhill 

Pitts Williao!, farrier, h. rear 67 Elliot 

Place John B. (Mien 4- P.), h. Vine 

Place Stephen M. truckman, h. 134 Purchase 

Plaisted David, teamster, 610 Wasiiington 

Platts Asa, house 31 Federal 

Plaits Silas, laborer, 10 Marsh;ill 

Plimpton Horace, dry goods, 391 Wash, b'ds 77 Elliot 


ninii)ton Job, organ bniltlcr, Ii. 534 Washington 

I'liiiiplon Julia, milliner, 420 VVashinglon 

Plenty iMary, 2'2A Ann 

Plenty Peter, laborer, Peck lane 

Pluniley John, clothes, 4 Ann 

PliiniMior David, shipwright, Commercial near Foster 

Plummer Enoch, laborer, h. 101* Chambers 

Phunnier Farnham, drugirist, 118 Stale, h. o() Hanover 

Plummer R(ij:\vell {Raymond S>,' P.), h. '.\ Brattle square 

Plummer Tristram, silversmith, h. Williams court 

Plympton {Emmons) &■ Goss {IV. C), 00 F. H. market. 

Plympton's h. 42 Friend 
Plympton Henry, balance fac. Theatre al. Ji. 4'.i Atkinson 
Plympton Natlrl, wine store, 25 State, h. G5 Hancock 
Poland Alexander R. mariner, C street 
Polechio Julio, boatman, house Corn court 
Polk William, handcartnian, house 20 Lincoln 
Pollack {Thomas) tSc Wilson {Win. /F.), engravers and 

copper ()late printers, 1)3 Cornhill 
Pollard Albert, mason, 5 Cross 

Pollard Aaron, boarding house, Sears's buildings, Elm 
Pollard Abner W. clothing, 20 Ann, h. 4 Centre 
Pollard JeilVey A. paperhanger, 10 Lucas place 
Pollard Joshua H. grocer, S. IMarg. cor. Pitts, h. 7 Pitts 
Pollard {Merrick Ii.) & Barry {Henry), hats, 50 Wash. 

Pollard's house 10 Province House court 
Pollard Sophia, widow. South street place 
l*ollard Thomas, engineer, Cambridge 
Pollock Allan, philos. inst. maker, 52 Federal, h. Berry 
Pollock (jieorge, dry goods, 24 Kilby, h. Fruit 
Pollock George B. merchant, h. Berry 
Pollock James, cordwainer, May 
Pollock Robert, cordwainer, S. Russell cor. Myrtle 
Pomeroy William H. clerk, h. 25 Poplar 
Poinerr^y Willian), laborer, rear Lenox st. 
Pomroy Clarissa, house 47 Temple 
Pomroy Hannah, widow, Castle 
Pomroy Margaret, widow, h. Southac 
Pomroy So[}liia, tailoress, 50 Fayette 
Pond Calvin, truckman, Commercial near Foster 
Pond James J\L blacUsmitli^ 23 Water, h. r. Province 
Pond Joseph W. cordwainer, boards 22 Federal 
Pond Moses &, Co. {.luhn Spcnrr), tinplate workers, 30 

Merchants row, house 6S Salem 
Pond Prescott P. shoes, 30 Federal, b'ds 11 l*rov. H. ct. 


Pond Sabin {Peters, Pond & Co.), house 11 McLean 

Pond William, watchmaker, boards 13 Atkinson 

Pook Charles L. cooper, house 1G5 Court 

Pook Cliarles L. jr. house 8 t;alem place 

Pook Sarah, furs. h. Garden court street 

Pool Abigail, widow, 4 Oliver place 

Pool Benj. C. (Jlllen, Pigeon <^ P.), h. Com. n. Foster 

Pool Frederick, philosophical inslrumer;ts, 8 Cong. sq. 

Pool Galen, grocer, 4th street 

Pool Lot, surveyor of work, 79 Pinckney 

Pool Martha, widow, G72 Washington 

Pool William, stevedore, Barllett 

Pool VVillard K. moulder, h. 4th street 

Poor Benjamin, dry goods, 82 Water, h. 4 Allen 

Poor (Henry) & Foster {John PL), merchants, 34 Central. 
Poor's house 12 Hayward place 

Poor Henry, carpenter, house GO Elliot 

Poor Isaac & Son {John), painters, 8 Marshall, house 
217 Hanover 

Poor John, rear 13 South Margin 

Poor Nathaniel C. clerk, h. 1 Garden court street 

Pope Hiram, cartman, 1 Beach corner Washington 

Pope J. G. W. bookstore, 8 Hanover, h. 2 Friend 

Pope (Josiah) & Perry {Orves B.), W. I. goods, 39 Com- 
mercial. Pope's house 8 Pearl 

Pope Lemuel, Pres. Boston Ins. Co. h. Derne 

Pope Micajah, farmer, S. Boston Heights 

Pope Thomas, housewrighl, h. Mechanic place 

Porter Abraham, housewright, rear C81 Washington 

Porter Betsey, milliner, 1 1-2 West 

Porter Catherine, house Battery 

Porter Catherine, tailoress, 87 Pleasant 

Porter Charles, laborer. 111 Ann 

Porter David, house Piedmont corner Church 

Porter Edward P. hats, Dock square corner Brattle 

Porter Eunice, G Norfolk place 

Porter George, mariner, G Sweetser court 

Porter G. T. G Hanover, house Marston place 

Porter Isaac, physician, 114 Hanover 

Porter John, blacksmith, house Leveret court 

Porter Mary, widow, 5G Pleasant 

Porter Mary S. 234 Hanover 

Porter Nahum, tailor, G2 Court, boards 5 Province H. ct. 

Porter Noah, mason, house GO Pleasant 

Porter Rodney, housewright, h. 4 Knox 


Porter Royal L., Ed. Amer. Tnxv. 03 Court, h. 20 McLean 

Porlor Saimicl. painter, house Broadway 

Porter TliaiiUfiii, widow, 15 Hawkins 

Porter William, mason, Blossom court 

Porter William R. mariner, Hawkins 

Porter W. .S. &. C. H. coopers, 5!J Commercial 

Portington Roger, cabinetmaker, 441 Wasl). h. G Elliot 

Potter Alice, widow, 4 Distil-lionse square 

Potter (Hcnrij) & Leiand {Tlwmas J.), provisions, 5 

Bovlston market 
Potter Jotliam (lUc/iardson & Co.), Ii. Comnier. n. Chart'r 
Potter Lucy, 24 Spring 
Potter Moses {Hastings & P.), li. Iti Ash 
Potter William, upholsterer, house 41 Charter 
Powars Daniel E. lU Gouch 
Powars Eli, teamster, Claik 

Powars Eliza, milliner, I1'7 Washington, h. 21 Purchase 
Powars Levi, house (33 Warren 
Powars Maurice, laborer, rear 125 Broad 
Powars Whchael, laborer. Mechanic 
Powars Thomas, laborer, h. rear 120 Broad 
Powell Elizabeth, widow of ISnelling, 1 Arch 
Powell Jacob, laborer, Hanover avenue 
Powell John, laborer, south of !)7 Front 
Powell John, grocer, 146 Ann 

Powell John T. clerk, house 10 Pleasant street court 
Powell Joseph, house 20 Belknap 
Powell Robert H.' machinist, house rear 5 Pleasant 
Powell Snelling, clerk, 30 Cornhill, h. 51 Poplar 
Powell William, laborer, rear 30 Hanover 
J'ower James, viciualler, house Creek square 
Power Thomas, clerk Police Court 
Powers Eliza, tailoress, 7 Temple 
Powers Eliza, upholstress. 80 Essex 
Powers Hannah, widow, house South street place 
Powers James, [)ainter, rear 07 Elliot 
Powers James, laborer, south of 752 Washington 
Powers Joel, 10 Long wharf 
Powers John, laborer, south of 97 Front 
Powers ]Mary, widow of John, h. Knox 
Powers Michael, mariner, Ir 100 Ann 
Powers Michael, laborer, A street 
Powers Susan, widow, rear 253 Washington 
Prady Patrick, slater, Distil-house scpiare 
Prait Alexander V. 21 Central, boards Elm 


Pratt Allen, lastmaker, 17 Exchange, boards 11 Elm. 
See advertisement 

Pratt Asa, captain, 17 Orange 

Pratt Caleb, housewrigbt, house 120 Sea 

Pratt Caleb, housewrigbt, Lynn, house 60 Ciiarter 

Pratt Caleb I. housewrigbt, house 98 Sea 

Pratt (Caleb S.) &, Nottage {Samuel C), housewrights, 
Haverhill cor. Causeway. Pratt's h. 31 Pinckney 

Pratt Daniel E. stable, rear of Kilburn'Sj Howard 

Pratt David, saihnaUer, 54 1-2 Salem 

Pratt Dorcas, widow, South Cedar near Church 

Pratt Edward, shipwright, Lime alley 

Pratt Eleazer {Wilkinson ^ P.), Salem cor. Sheafe 

Pratt {Eleazer F.) da King {Edward), druggists, 28 
India. Pratt's house Salem corner Sheafe 

Pratt Ezra, Pond 

Pratt George {John P. ^ Son), h. 7 Hamilton place 

Pratt George W. 86 State, h. 8 JMount Vernon 

Pratt Henry, caster, house Broadway 

Pratt Henry, soap dealer, house 752 Washington 

Pratt Henr) C. portrait painter, 5(3 Washington 

Pratt Jabez, rear 26 Ann 

Pratt {Jairus) «fe Cushing {Sam'l JV.), railway, Commcr. 

Pratt Jairus, house 19 Charter 

Pratt John, founder, bouse 4th street 

Pratt John & Son {George), merchants, 19 India wharf, 
house Pearl corner High 

F'ratt {John, jr.) & Davis (Jo/tn), cabinetmakers, 73 Com- 
mercial. Pratt's house 6 Unity 

Pratt Jonathan E. clerk, 23 Allen 

Pratt Joseph, mason, Middlesex near Ca:5tle 

Pratt Lowell, iron founder, 4tb street 

Pratt Mary, nurse, at Mrs. Whitney's, 35 Cambridge 

Pratt Minot, printer. Spring lane, h, 27 Boylston 

Pratt Nathan. See Putnam &. P. 

Pratt Obed, housewrigbt, Merrimac 

Pratt Samuel, mason, Salutation 

Pratt {Sam. H.) & Dodge {Gilman), liv. stable, 71 Milk 

Pratt Samuel H. house 4 Hartford place 

Pratt Sarah, tailoress, Leveret court 

Pratt Sarah T. widow, house'Mount Vernon 

Pratt Thomas, laborer, 3 Henchman lane 

Pratt Thomas, housewrigbt, house 60 Charter 

Pratt William, merchant, house Pearl corner Milk 

Pratt William, laborer. Commercial near Hanover 


Pray Benjamin, dry goods, G4 Cambridge 

Pray Elizabeth, 20 South Russell 

Pray Isaac C. {Watcrston, P. ^ Co.), h. 40 Purchase 

Pray John F. shoes, 103 Washington 

Pray John H. English goods, 48 VVash. h. 51 Belknap 

Pray Joseph C. stable and house 4th street 

Pray Lewis G. shoes, 155 W'ashington, h. 39 Allen 

Pray William M. booUkeeper N. Bank, h. 21 Leveret 

Prentice Wm. H. & Son {G. IV.), wood wliarf and coal, 

Purchase, house 71 Sea 
Prentice W. IL jr. mariner, house rear 8 East 
Prentiss Henry, pianofortes & music, 3 Pemberton Hill 
Prentiss Henry, umbrellamaker, 52 Couit 
Prentiss James H. printer, boards 19 Stillman 
Prentiss Margaret, widow of Isaac, South street court 
Prentiss Sarah M. widow, 50 Cambridge 
Prentiss Nath'l A. hardware, 418 Wash. h. IG Newton pi, 
Prescott Alexander H. dry goods, 345 Washington 
Prescott Benjamin T. physician, Portland cor. Hanover 
Prescott {DanieJ) &. Chapin {David), wood and coal 

wharf, 30 Front 
Prescott Daniel, house Plymouth place 
Prescott Edward, lumber. Front, h. Tremont c. Jefferson 
Prescott {Edward G.) «& Derby {E. Hersy), counsellors, 

10 Court. Prescott's house 22 Bedford 
Prescott Elisha, 39 Prince 

Prescott Elizabeth O. widow, h. 8 Newton place 
Prescott Hairison {J. P. ^ Sons), boards 9 Elm 
Prescott Lsaac, laborer, Burastead court 
Prescott Jerome. See J. Prescott &, Sons 
Prescott Jonathan, constable, 83 Cambridge 
Prescott Jonathan &. Sons {Jerome and Harrison) ^ fur- 
riers, 1 S. side Faneuil Hall 
Prescott Owen, fruit, 01 Charter 

Prescott Samuel J. notary, office 8 Boylston Hall, upstairs 
Prescott William, counsellor, 10 Court, h. 22 Bedford 
Prescott William H. house 22 Bedford 
Pressal Hannah, house 07 Bedford 
Preston Alonzo F. jeweller, house 2 Williams 
Preston {Elisha) *.V Thayer {JVatlianiel,jr.)y W. L goods, 

6 Long wharf 
Preston John, President South Bank, and Sec'ry Ocean 

Insurance Company, h. 130 Tremont 
Preston John A. clerk, 140 Washington, h. 2 Williams 
Preston Jonathan, mason, house 10 Short 


Preston Joshua P. apothecary, 70 Federal, h. 2 Williams 

Preston Sarah A. milliner, 2 Williams 

Preston Simon, cooper, house rear 505 Washington 

Preusch Frederick, baker, 102 Tremont 

Price Abraham, laborer, Short near Essex 

Price Alexander W. com. agent, rear Broadway 

Price Fitzjames, house 6G0 Washington 

Price Henry, house 6(30 Washington 

Price Mary, widow, house 660 Washington 

Price Rebecja, widow, opposite 79 Pleasant 

Prichard Mriry, widow of Gilman, h. 62 Boylston 

Priest Franklin (Miller, SlicUon S^r Co.), house Sea near 

the bridge 
Priest Hannah, widow. Sea near the bridge 
Priest Joel {Edgarton, P. 8^ Co.), h. 20 Chambers 
Priest John F. iron and steel, 1] India, h. 22 Winter 
Priest Joseph, house 5 Derne 
Prince Agnes, widow of James, h. 23 Chambers 
Prince Caroline, widow of Thomas, 23 Chambers 
Prince Charles A. {Ballard 4' P.), h. 7 Lincoln 
Prince Hannah, confectioner, 74 Boylston 
Prince Hezekiah, stucco worker, 58 Cambridge 
Prince James, house 23 Chambers 
Prince John, rice mill, house 2d street 
Prince John T. clerk Custom House, h. 49 Belknap 
Prince Joseph, mason, h. rear 75 Filliot 
Prince Michael, laborer, Fayette near Jefferson 
Prince Nathan, mason, house 93 Front 
Prince {Xatlil S.) &, Dillaway (Francis), Iiousewrights, 

Tiieatre alley. Prince's house 48 South 
Prince Sam. sailmak. 22 India wf. h. Commer. n. Hanov. 
Prince Sarah, widow of Samuel, 49 Belknap 
Prince Wm. G. (Geo. PI. Gray & Co.), h. 23 Chambers 
Prior George, laborer. Moon 

Proctor Amos, machinist. Mechanic, h. 4 N. Bennet 
Proctor Eliza, widow, h. raar 101 Tremont 
Proctor George B., cabinetmaker, h. rear 101 Tremont 
Proctor (John C), Palmer (A. C.) & Felt (O. S), hard- 
ware, 19 Merchants row. P.'s h. 50 Bowdoin 
Proctor John P. shipwright, 3 Moon 
Proctor Leonard, physician, house 45 Federal 
Proctor N. B. tailor,"^ 204 Hanover 
Proctor Uriah, stable, 36 Hanover 
■ Pronk Edwin, druggist, 596 Washington 
•Pronk John N. D. V. physician, 51 Pleasant 


Prouty {David 4' Lorenzo) &. Mcars {John), ploughs and 
iron, 1*2 Commercial 

Prouty D\vi;rht, paintor, 31 Camhridcc, li. Myrtle court 

Prouty Elizalxuli, widow of Joel, h. 2 Jefferson 

Prouty John, 2 Unity court 

Prudcn Israel R. cooper, 50 Long wf. h. 27 Wash, place 

Puffer Aaron, pianolurlc maker, h. 123 Pleasant 

Puffer J()sc[)li. liandcartman, 25 Thacher 

Puffer Mary C. widow of lledinati, Knox 

Pufler Merrick, fruit, 7 Faneuil Hall 

Pulsifer David, 77 F. H. market, h. 213 Hanover 

Pulsifer J. F. boarding, 3 Somerset court 

Pulsifer Thomas P. See Stearns & P. 

Purkitt Henry, India cor. Milk, h. South st. court 

Putnam Bathsheba, lailoress, Sister 

Pursel Philip, boardinfr, li. 117 Broad 

Putnam Charles G. physician, h. 9 Winter 

Putnam David, truckman, 8 Long wf h. 10 W. Second 

Putnam Elisha, stage agent, 9 Elm 

Putnam Hiram, truckman, Thacher st. court 

Putnam Jesse, h. 3 Tremont place 

Putnam John, printer, 41 Washington, h. 39 Boylston 

Putnam {John I.) & Pratt {Kathan), merchants, 30 Cen- 
tral wharf Putnam's h. 50 Mt. Vernon 

Putnam Mason, bookbinder, 47 Wash. h. 30 Cambridge 

Putnam Samuel, house 9 Winter 

Putnam Samuel R. merchant, 40 State, h. 4 Winter pi. 

Putnam Thomas C. grocery, 41 Leveret, h. 12 Spring 

Putney Leonard {TUcomb "it P.), b'ds 1 Garland place 

QUIGLEY JAMES, laborer, 05 Bowdoin 

Quigley Martin, laborer, 00 Purchase 

Quigley J(jhn, cabinetmaker, h.' Theatre alley n. Milk. 

Quigley Jose[)h, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 

Quiglev Patrick, laborer, rear Broadway 

Quimby Amos, house Vine 

Quirdjy Dyer, cooper, rear 312 Ann 

Quincy Abraham, chaise and harness maker. Turnpike, 

house Broadway 
Quincy Abigail A. widow of John W. h. Essex court 
Quincy Edmund, attorney, 27 Slate, h. Beacon! 
Quincy Edmund, brassfounder, i) 1-2 Suffolk place 
Quincy Josiaii, jr. counsellor, 27 State, ii. 4 Park 
Quincy Samuel, eajitain, 13 Purchase 
Quincy Silas A. merchant, h. Essex court 


Quincy Thomas D. mercli. 21 Commercial, h. Essex ct. 

GLuinland Cornelius, laborer, rear 100 Broad 

Quinless Mary, widow, h. Tremont cor. Warren 

Quinn Jerry, laborer, rear 74 Pui chase 

Quinn John, laborer, Province 

Qvjinn Morris, laborer, h. rear 100 Broad 

Quinn Nicholas, rear 13 South Margin 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, rear GG4 Washington 

Q,uinn Philip, laborer, h. 101 Broad 

Q,uinn Theodore, laborer, h. rear 85 Broad 

Quinti , widow, rear 61 Myrtle 

Q,uinn Richard, blacksmith, 21 Cross 

RACE JOHN, glass stainer, boards 4 Oliver place 

Raddin Thomas, shoes, 40 Washington 

Rafferty Bartholomew, laborer, Friend near Travers 

Rafferty William, laborer, 6 Cross 

Ragan Gerry, laborer, rear 106 Sea 

Ragan Jereiniali, laborer, 149 Broad 

Ragin Donald, laborer, Peck lane 

Ragin John, sawyer, 4ih street 

Raihal Edmund, laborer, Hanover avenue 

Ralston Robert, jr. See Lyman &, R. 

Ramsdell Reuben, grocer. Poplar, corner Brighton 

Rand Aaron {Barrij & R.), house 4 Cottage place 

Rand Abigail &■ Eliza, milliners, 96 Court 

Rand {Benjamin) & Y\s]^&{Jlugustus ii/.), counsellors, 5 

Court. Rand's house 8 Milton place 
Rand Charles T. blacksmith. Turnpike, h. Broadway 
Rand Daniel, jeweller, house Bartlett 
Rand Edward S. attorney, 16 Court, h. 46 Pinckney 
Rand Isaac, 84 Faneuil Hall market 
Rand John, 239 Ann 
Rand John, painter, Langdon place 
Rand Luther, 84 Faneuil Hall market, house 49 Myrtle 
Rand R. R. See Cochran, Morse &, Co. 
Rand William, capt. Tremont opposite Nassau court 
P.andall Beza, plater, house Essex cor. Batterman place 
Randall Elizabeth, Carver 

Randall Elizabeth, paperhang's, 411 Wash. h. 78 Pleas. 
Randall Henry, dry goods, 317 Wash, boards Carver 
Randall John, physician, 20 Winter 
Randall John A. C. printer, h. 60 Temple 
Randall Judith, widow, 89 Essex 
Randall Mercy, widow, rear 77 Warren 


Randall Moses F. physician and d«inlisl, 15 Summer 
Randall Nathan, painter, house rear 7 Short 
■ Randall Nathaniel H. hoiisewright, 3i) Prince 
Randall Nicholas, laborer, ii. Barrett 
Randall Otis (•. &. Co. shoes, 10 N. Market, h. 25 Warren 
Randall M. V. widow of William, 78 Pleasant 
Randall Stephen, housewright, 24 North Russell 
Rankin George, sexton, boards 1 Bradford place 
Ranlet Seth A. brushmaker, 33 Dock square 
Ranney David S. chairs, 40 Commercial, h. 10 Hamilton 
Ransom G. teamster, 25 Pleasant 
Ransom John, intelligence office, 11 Leveret 
Ranson Oliver, housewiigJit, Lynde 
Ravenot Fauvellc, h. 87 Tremont 
Rawson Jonathan, housewright, boards 39 Sea 
Ray Abigail H. milliner, opposite 57 Tremont 
Ray Charles M. cooper, house 41 Poplar 
Ray Edwin, truckman, Beverly 
Ray James, laborer, 8 Atkinson 
Ray Maria C. tailoress, 5 Oliver place 
Ray Mary &, Dorcas, 9 Columbia 
Raymond E. A. &. Co. (Z. L. Ra7jmond), W. I. goods, 

Elm, house 14 Brighton 
Raymond (Evtmons) <fc Plummer {Koswcll), W. I. g'ds, 

2 Faneuil Hall. Raymond's h. 10 Chambers 
Raymond F. F. grocery, 230 Ann 
Raymond John, hairdresser, 219 Ann 
Raymond Samuel. See Ellis & R. 
Raymond Thatcher R., W. I. goods, 87 Commercial, h. 

Baldwin place 
Raymond William, clerk Oriental Bank 
Raymond Z. L. (£. ^. R. & Co.), boards 18 Hanover 
Rayner John, coachmaker, 30 llanover, h. 1 Sudburv 
Rayner Thomas L. slater, rear 52 Essex 
Raynolds Brewster, W. I. goods, Turnpike, house do. 
Rea Rebecca, boarding, 95 Summer 
Read Alexander 11. leather dealer, 20 Elm 
Read Eliza, dressmaker, rear 200 Washingttm 
Read James & Co. {Horace Hull), merchants, Liberty 

square corner \V\iter 
Read John II. jr. grocer, 102 Ann, h. 132 ILinover 
Read Joseph S. jr. saddler, 11 Exchange, h. 13 Portland 
Read Mary J. stockmaker, 119 Charles 
Read Rebecca, wid(»w, Butolph 
Read William. See Lane & R. 


Ready Jeremiah, mariner, opposite 8 Norfolk place 

Ready Thomas E. painter, house 8 Sudbury 

Redding Charles, painter, 84, h. 86 Court 

Redding Geo. painter, 38 Court, h. c. Court & Howard 

Redding Harvey, painter, rear (>8 1-2 Ann 

Redding Henrietta, widow, 3G Elliot 

Redding {William) & Burt (James), painters, SCornhill. 

Redding's house Blossom place 
Redfern Sarah, widow, house May 
Redman Catharine, boarding house, 25 Wilhams 
Redman J. D. (Boden ^'•R.), h. 17 Tileston 
Redman Jolirj, mason, h. 491 Washington 
Redney Jolin, laborer, 20 Stillman 

Reed {Alexmi. T.) & Ellis (G. /F.), stationers, 5 Fan. H. 
Reed Augustus, shoes, 29 Hancock, h. 43 Myrtle 
Reed Benj. T. mer. 57 Commer. h. 11 Tremont place 
Reed C'aleb, 2 Central wharf^ h. Phillips place 
Reed Charles T. provisions, 114, house 97 Charles 
Reed Daniel, pattern maker, house 44 High 
Reed David, editor Christian Reg. 134 Wash. h. 44 High 
Reed Elihu, merchant, 18 Long wharf, h. 29 Myrtle 
Reed Elihu H. house 29 Myrtle 
Reed Eliza, widow, Belknap 
Reed Elizabeth, widow, boarding, G Otis place 
Reed Emery, provisions, 49 Hanover 
Reed George, constable, h. 105 Chambers 
Reed George A. See G. W. Taylor & Co. 
Reed Henry, painter & glazier, h. Portland place 
Reed John, constable, Franklin av. house 55 Pond 
Reed John, laborer, rear 49 Hanover 
Reed John T. (Faulkner <^ 7^), h. at Tremont House 

Reed Josiah. Sec Stanley, R. »t Co. 

Reed Lemuel C. constable, 2 Franklin av. h. 12 Milton 

Reed Lucy, boarding, 12 Salem 

Reed Lucy, boarding house, 19 Hancock 

Reed Mary, widow. Spear alley 

Reed Michael U. captain, Milton 

Reed Rachael, widow, 54 Piince 

Reed Releaf, widow of Thomas, rear Moon 

Reed Rcub. chaise and barn. mak. 32 Elm, h. 5 Sudbury 

Reed Sampson (Loicc & A'.), h. 20 Howard 

Reed Sarah, widow of Oliver, 228 Ann 

Reed Sarah, milliner, 140 Hanover, h. 228 Ann 

Reed Sarah, house 7 Belknap 

Reed Thomas, shipwright, h. rear 65 Charter 


Reed Timothy, house Hawkins 

Reed A\'illiain, coacli trimmer, Marlboro' pi. h. 55 South 

Reed William, clothing, 245 Ann 

Reed William C. provisions, (J Green, h. 77 Cambridge 

Rees Elizabeth, boarding house, 122 Ann 

Reeves (Dcxtrr) & Grcenslit {Lucius), provisions, 4lh 

€tre4?t. R.'s house rear 4lh street 
Reeves Elizabeth, widow, rear 43 Priuce 
Reeves Richard, teacher, house G Madison place 
Regally M. clock &- watch mak. 45 ^Milk, h. Sewall pJ. 
Rehtel Philip, carpenter, li. rear 7 Short 
Reid Joshua T. ciibinetmaker, 74 Pleasant 
Reiley Patrick, blacksmith, A street 
Reimiglc Thomas, artist, house rear G4 Hanover 
Remaly Andrew, hatter, h. 8 Atkinson 
Remic'< Benjamin, blacksnvilh, h. Gibbs lane 
Remick Carolina, widow, Williams court 
Remick Samuel H. housewright, Kennard avenue 
Remick Polly, milliner, 127 Court 
Renouf Edward, broker, house 13 Avon place 
Repel 1 Eliza D. tailorcss, h. 5 Norfolk place 
Restieaux Robert, tailor, h. Margaret alley 
Restieaux Robert, jr. tailor, 2G Congress, h. 85 Prince 
Restieaux Thomas, druggist and apoth. 132 Hanovex 
Revere Edward, 10 Cross 
Revere George {Rice & R.), Iwuse 53' Warren 
Revere Joseph W., N. Battery wf. h. 122 Tremont 
Reynolds Charles G. 4G Commercial 
Reynolds Edward, house 5 AV^ashington place 
Reynolds Edward, jr. physician, 29 Winter 
Reynolds Edward &. William B. merch. 56 Commeroial 
Reynolds Elizabeth, dressmaker, 95 Elliot 
Reynolds Grindall, house 33 VVasliington place 
Reynolds John, binder, house 21 Pinckney 
Reynolds \Villiam, tailor, 9 VV. Centre 
Reynolds William, house 4 Washington j)lace 
Reynolds William B. 5G Commercial, h. G Winthrop pL 
Rhoades A. II. hoaec 25 Leveret 
Rhoades Isaac, house Clark 
Rhoades Jacob, house 17 Charter 
Rhoades John S. portrait and min. painter, 441 Wash. 
Rhoades Mary, widow, 17 Charter 

Rhoades Stephen & Asa H. hats, 1 Court, h. 20 Sheafe 
Rhoades William, cooper, GG India wf. )j. Rovve's wharf 
Rhodes Ann, widow, b Carver 



Rhodes Daniel, clerk, house 8 Carver 

Rhodes Zachariah, rear G50 Wasliington 

Rice Abigail M. widow, 4 ^xorth Russell 

Rice Adam, cabinetmaker, h. rear 100 Warren 

Rice Alanson, mason, 38 Myrtle 

Rice Ann, boarding, Marsh lane 

Rice Charles, iV.i Coiut 

Rice Eliza, widow of Abisha, 30 Charles 

Rice Emery, GO Faneuil Hall market 

Rice George, grocer, Leverai cor. Brighton, h. Brighton 

Rice Henry, hardware and English goods, 54 Kilby cor. 

Water, house 8 Bulfinch place 
Rice Henry G. house 59 Beacon 
Rice Horace, saddler, 30 Hanover 
Rice Israel C. GO Faneuil Hall market, h. 28 Allen 
Rich John, merchant, house Commercial n. Hanover 
Rice(JoArt H.) & Revere (George), stoves, 3 & 7 F. Hall 
Rice John H. house 62 High 
Rice Louis, milliner, 238, h. 176 Washington 
Rice Martin (Dolheare & R.), h. rear 41 Sea 
Rice (N'athan) &. Thaxter (Benj.), mer. 27 Long wharf 
Rice Nathan, house 10 Avon place 
Rice Nelson, laborer, 5 W. Second 
Rice Prescott, machinist. Cross cor. Ann 
Rice Richard H. housewright, h.rear 716 Washington 
Rice Robert, captain, rear 153 Ann 
Rice Rufus, 54 Kilby, house 42 Essex 
Rice Thomas, cooper, rear 773 Washington 
Rice William, 69 Faneuil Hall market, h. 42 Hanover 
Rice William D. coppersmith, h. rear 53 Cambridge 
Rich {Benjamhi) «fe Son {S. H.), merchants, 61 Commer- 
cial wharf, house 46 Summer 
Rich Charles H. oyster shop, 128 Hanover 
Rich Hannah, widow, 320 Washington 
Rich Huldah, nurse, 3 Leveret 

Rich Isaac, 128 F. H. market, house 18 North Bennet 
Rich Isaiah A. 33 Commercial, house 10 Fleet 
Rich James P. mariner, 1 Prince 
Rich Obadiah (JVard & R.), h. 320 Washington 
Rich Otis, shoes and leather, 38 Broad, h. 3 Sullivan p). 
Rich Nathaniel, tobacconist, 2 Cooper 
Rich Samuel H. (/?. Rich «fc So?i), house 13 South 
Rich Seth, fisherman, Atkinson near Milk, h. 10 East 
Rich Thomas P. 38 Broad, house Carver 
Rich William, cordvvainer, h. op. 8 Norfolk place 


chard Wyats, mason, Garden 

chards Calvin, jr. 22 F. II. market 

chards David, liotisewriglit, 3H Prince 

chards Eliakiin, houscvvr't, S. Foster pi. h.8I Tremont 

chards Ephraini B. teamster, h. W. Centre 

cliards Francis, painter, h. Ill Pleasant 

chards Isaac D., W. I. goods, 4 India wf. h.l44Purch. 

chards Isaiah D., VV. I. goods, 38 Sea, h. 36 Purchase 

chards J. L. merchant, 32 Commercial, h. 21 High 

chards Jonathan A. bookkeeper Washington Bank 

chards John, soapboiler, 5th street, rear 4th street 

chards Joseph, coc^per, 25 Thacher 

chards (Je5.)&Munn {Luther)^ stonecut'rs, Peirce's wf. 

chards Mary, widow, Gibbs lane 

chards Reuben, jr. hardware, 41 S. Mar. h. G.Hancock 

chards Samuel, musician, boards 17 Franklin place 

chards Sarah, widow, h. Bumstead court 

cJiards William, rigger, 72 Prince 

cliardson Adeline, boarding house, 235 Ann 

chardson A. & H. accounUints, 81 Washington 

chardson Alfred, merchant, 1(5 Union wf h. 144 Trem. 

chardson Alpha, currier, 40 N. Market, h. 57 Pond 

chardson Asa & Charles, grocers, 37 School, house 6 

Montgomery place 
chardson Asa, tallow chandler, h. 777 Washington 
chardson Benjamin, mason, house Grove 
chardson Benjamin P. house GO High 
chardson Bill & Co. (J. Potter & T. Boyd), Commer- 
cial, h. 33 Charter 
chardson Elizabeth, widow, Barry's wharf 
chardson Franci.s, laborer, rear 40 Court 
chardson George, merchant, IG Rowe's wharf 
chardson Geo. P. jr. {Sa7)ipson & R.), b'ds Frank. H. 
chardson Hooper, schoolmaster, h. 2D7 Washington 
chardson Isaac, sawyer, h. rear Church 
chardson I. S. & N. machinists, 14 Milk, h. 29 Prince 
chardson Jacob, clerk, 35 Cornhill, h. I Staniford pL 
chardson James, cordwainer, liouse i)7 Tremont 
chardson James B. merchant, 2 Gridley 
chardson James, mariner, rear 1 13 Essex 
chardson Jeffrey &. Brothers (James B. &, Benj P.), 

iron merchants, 2 Ccntr.d wl". h. 71) High 
chardson Joel, gunsmith, Faneuil Hall, h. 228 Hanov. 
cliardson John, liousewright, h. 32 Cambridge 
chardson Jolm, captain, house 10 Lyude 


Richardson Jonas, house 36 Myrtle 

Richardson (Joseph) & Whitney (B. D.), merchants, 11 

Central wharf 
Richardson Joseph, house 22 Lynde 
Richardson Lewis (Brooks S^ R.), rear 77 Prince 
Richardson Nathaniel (/. S. & JV. R.), rear 29 Prince 
Richardson Nelson, fruit, Union cor. Hanover 
Richardson Nathan & W. clothing, 16 Congress, house 

4 Cornhill square 
Richardson Rebecca, widow of Jeffrey, h. 79 High 
Richardson Robert, jr. shoes, 37 Central 
Richardson Robert S. mason, h. 2 Pleasant st. couit 
Richardson Ruth and Sarah, house 8 Friend 
Richardson Samuel, 93 State, h. 5 Columbia 
Richardson Samuel, clerk, house 53 Portland 
Richardson Solon O. physician, 15 Hanover 
Richardson Thomas, ironfounder, Sea, h. 1 4th street 
Richardson Thomas (H. JV. Hooper <^ Co.), h. Vernon 
Richardson Thomas, shipwr't, Otis's wf h. 2 Jefferson pi. 
Richardson William H. 9 Doane 

Richardson William L. apothecary, Hanover cor. Charter 
Richardson William, housewright,660 Washington 
Richardson William, student at law, h. 6 Montgomery pi. 
Richardson William, merciiant, 16 Rowe's wharf 
Richardson Winthrop, house 133 Court 
Richmond William, glassmaker, rear 2d street 
Ricker George, mason, house Southac 
Ricker Jacob, farmer, back Old Road, S. Boston 
Ricketts (Geo. R. A.) & Vose (Joshua E.), merchants, 21 

Doane. R.'s h. Hancock House, Beacon 
Riddle James, clerk, boards Cook court 
Rider Nebemiah M. oysters, 12 Winter 
Rider William, merchant, 13 Doane, h. 64 Tremont 
Ridgley George, brassfounder, h. 7 Boylston square 
Ridgley Robert, pedlar, house 1 Hawley 
Ridgway Abigail, widow, rear 66 Pleasant 
Ridgway Henry W. 13 Long wharf 
Ridgway, house back 49 Cambridge 
Ridgway John, silversmith, 34 Cambridge 
Ridgway Samuel S. merchant, 13 Long wharf 
Ridlon Richard, housewright, S. Margin, h. 17 Gouch 
Ridley Reuben, housewright, h. 33 Chambers 
Riedel John, housewright, h. 716 Washington 
Riggs Aaron, blacksmith, house 5 Clark 
Riggs Sarah, sempstress, h. 10 Essex place 


Riloy Alex. S. (//. Gassrlt & Co.), b'ds 18 Franklin pi. 
Riley Andrew, saddler, 3U Elm, boards 35 do. 
Rilc^y Barney, laborer, rear 185 Ann 
Riley Harlem, li. 45 Fayette 

Riley James, saddler, 70 Cornliill, ii. rear 29 Poplar 
Riley John, brass turner, 3 IMeasant street court 
Riley Margaret, widow, house Sea nc^ar East 
Riley .Mari^aret, widow, grocery. 111 Uroad 
Riley Mebilabei, widow, house 14 Bedford 
Riley Michael, constable, h. rear 26 Poplar 
Riley Michael, laborer, K! Stillman 
Riley Miles, laborer, 11 Distil-house square 
Riley Patrick, laborer, 4lli street 
Riley Timothy, laborer, rear 74 Purchasn 
Rimmer Thomas, bootmaker, rear 40 Pleasant 
Rimnier Satnuel, turner, h. 264 Washington 
Ring Eliza, milliner, rear I'JG Washington 
Ring Nathaniel, gilder, 03 Cornhill, h. 1 North Russell 
Ring William P. mariner, h. 285 Ann 
Ringot Joseph, stevedore, 254 Hanover 
Ripley Abigail, widovv, Margaret 
Ripley Betsey, widow of Robert, h. 14 Stillman 
Ripley George, Rev. house 3 Bedford place 
Ripley (George C.) & Grelee {Joseph /F.), provisions, 
Summer cor. Purch. R.'s house rear lUU Purchase 
Ripley L^aac, cooper, h. 97 Purchase 
Ripley Joseph, housevvright, Cross, h. IGG Hanover 
Ripley JosepI), cooper, h. Commercial near Foster 
Ripley Joseph W. bookbinder, h. 4 Ballard place 
Ripley Mary, school, 1 Beach, h. 1 Central court 
Ripley Robert, cooper, Commercial near Foster 
Ritchie Alexander, 4 Salutation 
Ritchie James, housewright, 4 Salutation 
Ritchie John H. well digger, 1 Marston place 
Ritchie John, plaisterer, 58 Prince 
Ritchie Uriah, plaisterer, 58 Prince 

Ritchie William, merchant, 31 Long wf. h. 3 Cambridge 
Ritter Anna, widow, 45 South 
Roach Edward, laborer, 3d street 
Roach Matthew, soda room, Tlicatre alley near Milk 
Roach Susannah, widow, 055 Washington 
Roach Richard, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Roath Charles, stairbuilder, h. 34 Fayette 
Robbins Abigail, boarding house, rear 5 Winter 
Robbins Chandler, Rev. h. 173 Hanover 



Robbins Chandler, physician, Franklin cor. Hawley 

Robbins Charles, master House of Correction, S. Boston 

Robbins Ebenezer, sawyer, 90 Pleasant 

Rohbins Edgar, watchman, House of Correction, S. B. 

Robbins Edward, painter, h. 10 Bridge st. court 

Robbins Edw. H. 5 Phillips's buildings, h. 45 Summer 

Robbins Elizabeth, widow, house 48 Sea 

Robbins Hannah B. dressmaker, Gl Cambridge 

Robbins Harriet, boarding house, 447 Washington 

Robbins Henry, grocer, 77 Sea, boards G Bay 

Robbins James, h. 10 South 

Robbins Jonas, innhoider, 172 Hanover 

Robbins Margaret, widow. Mechanic place 

Robbins Nathaniel, fruit, 34 Merch. row, h. 3 Leveret ct. 

Robbins Robert, wharfinger, Tileston's wharf 

Robbins Shepherd, wood wf Purchase, h. 37 Atkinson 

Robbins Stephen, jr. cigars, Leveret court 

Roberts Benj. B. {Siccet & R.), boards 48 Myrtle 

Roberts Charles L. See Freeman, Cobb & Co. 

Roberts David M. truckman, h. 7 Nassau 

Roberts Elizabeth, widow of Robert, h. 8 Lincoln 

Roberts George W. boarding, house 104 Washington 

Roberts John, mariner, h. 23 Richmond 

Roberts John, marble mason, h. 5 Richmond 

Roberts John (Johnson, Sikes <fe R.), house Friend 

Roberts John G. bookbinder. Water, h. rear 107 Pleasant 

Roberts John L. mason, Bromfield, boards 27 Harvard 

Roberts Mary A. widow, rear IG South Russell 

Roberts Mary, 5 Arch 

Roberts Richard S. furniture, 114 Cambr'ge, h. Fruit st.ct. 

Roberts Sophia, widow, 25 Merrimac 

Roberts Thomas J. mason, house 50 South 

Roberts Tobias (JVisicdl & R.), boards 3G Warren 

Robertson Alexander, clerk, Cooper 

Robertson David, mariner, rear 52 Elliot 

Robertson Joseph, mariner, rear 52 Elliot 

Robertson Rebecca, widow, 2 Lindall 

Robertson Samuel, brewer, G Lindall, h. 2d street 

Robins Asaph, laborer, h. Grove 

Robins Henry, merchant, 9 Central wharf 

Robins Jonathan D. h. 11 Purchase 

Robins Richard, counsellor, 21 State, h. 11 Purchase 

Robins Robert, boards 11 Purchase 

Robinson Betsy, widow, rear Broadway 

Robinson Edward, turner, Causeway, h. Medford 


Robinson Edward, Rev. house C8 Clicsnut 
Robinson Ezekiel, mariner, rear 142 Hanover 
Robinson Georo;o, collectable, bouse IIG Salem 
Robinson G. W. inacbinist, 4'.] rurcb. b. rear 188 Wasb. 
Robinson (Geo. IP'.) & Wiggin {Jdinc.s S.), \V. I. goods 

and crocUory, ^50 India. R.'s b. 18 Tbacber 
Robinson Ihmry. b. Greenongb lane 
Robinson Henry, Gas Ligbt ('onip. office, 185 Washing. 

b. 1 Ilamillon place 
Robinson Hiram, laborer, Travcrs 
Robinson Jaincs, nier. 23 Commorcial wbarf 
Robinson James, scboolniastcr, 03 Chambers 
Robinson J. I', assistant ajipraiser. Custom House 
Robinson John, stall, 5 Boylston market, h. 33 lioylston 
Robinson John, honsewrigbt, rear N. Margin 
Robinson John T. baker, Clark 
Robinson John ^V. stevedore, 30 Prince 
Robinson Lydia, widow, G Norfolk place 
Robinson Lyman, victualler, 53 N. Market, h. 10 Centre 
Robinson Marcus T. pianoforte maker, b'ds 13 Atkinson 
Robinson Simon W. grocer, 88 Prince, b. 3 Sbeafo 
Robinson (S/uidrack) & Smith (James), flour and grain, 

7 City wf. R.'s b. 47 Chambers 
Robinson Thomas, broker, 7 Congress, h. 100 Salem 
Roby Betsey, widow, 53 Temple 
Roby Dexter {Warren &,- R.), b. rear 83 Pond 
Roby Elizabeth, milliner, h. West Centre 
Roby Henry, h. Eaton cor. North Russell 
Roby Joseph, physician, KJl Court 
Roche ftlary, tailoress, 7 Province 
Rockwood Calvin P. painter, h. 4tii street, 
Roddan Michael, laborer. Pond corner North Margin 
Roessle John, cordwainer, 328 Wash. h. 1 Norfolk place 
Rofle Elizabeth, widow, house 1)0 Warren 
Roffe Matthew, shoemaker, 294, h. 21)0 Washington 
Rogers Alvan (/>. Sc .fJ. R.), boards Norfolk avenue 
Rogers Benjamin & Alvan, fish and flour, 41 Lcing wharf 
Rogers Benjamin, b. 3 Sweefser court 
Rogers Daniel A. house 83 Front 
Rogers Dudley, paperbanger, rear Marshall 
Rogers I'dward, sbipwrigiit, h. rear 3d street 
Rogers Edward K. bouse .'")3 Sea 
Rogers Elizabeth, boarding house, ITo Trcmont 
Rogers (FUz niUiam) ^ Haskell (.7. /..), furniture, 10 

Dock square. R.'s liousc 51 Elliot 


Rogers & Co. (Geo. B. R. & John L. HunnetoeU), drug- 
gists, 79 Commercial 

Rogers George, merchant, 10 Dock sq. h. 51 Elliot 

Rogers George S. shipping office, Broad, h. 15 Wash. pi. 

Rogers Henry B. attorney, 10 Court, h. 5 Joy place 

Rogers (Isaiah) & Bond {Richard), architects, 64 Cornh. 

Rogers J. S. wood \vf. Cragie's bridge, h.46 Poplar 

Rogers Jacob A. broker, rear 98 VVarren 

Rogers J. captain U. S. A. h. 7 Green 

Rogers James, 1 Brattle square 

Rogers James, laborer, h. Houthac 

Rogers John Weston, capt. house Ash corner Oak 

Rogers John G. agent type foundry, 37 & 39 Congress, h. 
8 Orange. See advertisement 

Rogers John Gray , Jus. Police Court and couns. 17 Court, 
house 65 Mt. Vernon 

Rogers John H. shoes, 50 Court, h. 36 Milk 

Rogers John AVilliam, dry goods and h. 605 Washington 

Rogers {Joseph S.) & Hay den {Otis), wood wf. Leveret 

Rogers Jotham, housewright. May, h. Distil-house sq. 

Rogers Leonard, painter, house Carver 

Rogers Lewis B. mason, Castle, opposite Middlesex 

Rogers Luke, housewright, h. 11 Unity 

Rogers Mary, widow, Charter 

Rogers Moses, dry goods, Kilby, h. 60 Poplar 

Rogers Patrick, laborer, 2 Short street court 

Rogers Robert, Custom House, h. 45 Pinckney 

Rogers Sally, widow, h. 35 Blossom 

Rogers Samuel, physician, 17 Bedford 

Rogers Sargent, foreign let. office, City H. h.59 Pinckney 

Rogers Shubael G. jr. Sec. Firemen's Ins. Company 

Rogers Tempy, tailoress. rear 3 Hanover 

Rogers Thomas, laborer. Mechanic 

Rogers Thomas, shipwright, 3d street 

Rogers Warren A. printer, boards 9 Province H. court 

Rogers Wm. H. imperial stockmanufac. 6 Joy's building 

Rogers William, mariner, 6 Bartlett 

Rogers William S. house 10 South 

Rogerson Robert, Am. g'ds,51 Water, h. 19 Somerset pi. 

Roland John, grocer, 69 Elliot 

Roland Sarah, widow, rear 39 Essex 

Rollins Jeffiirson, laborer, Clark alley 

Rollins Meshach W. housewright, h. Leveret court 

Rollins William (Athinson SfR.), h. 44 Summer 

RoUock John, laborer, h. West Centre 



Rony William, laborer, Peck lane 

Kouiii William, cabinetmaker, SulTolk 

Roper John, laborer, rear 5th street 

Ropes llarily, Treas. Am. Ed. Soc. 52 Washington 

Ro(|ue Patrick, laborer, h. 92 Broad 

Rose James, laborer, 19 iSchool 

Rose Jo.seph, stevedore, Bartlett 

Rose Lydia, dressmaker, rear 351 W^ashington 

Rosevear John, houscwriiMit, rear 111 I'leasant 

Ross Charles, umbrella maker, 115 Court, h. 27 Bovvdoin 

Ross Daniel, laborer, li. G Essex place 

Ross Edward 31. houscwright, h. 23 Blossom 

Ross Isaac, tiriplatc worker, 1!) Lyman place 

Ross Jeremiah &. William W. tailors, 38 Congress, h. 

2(')(j W'asliington 
Ross John, stonecutter, rear 39 Prince 
Ross John, hairdresser, 380 Wash. h. 72 Tremont 
Ross {Jo.seph L.) & Nichols {Perez), cabinetmakers, 76 

Court. Ross's h. Chardon 
Ross Robert, umbrella maker, h. 3 George 
Ross 3rary, house Battery 
Ross William W. h. 24 Brighton 
Rosseter D. D. Rev. house 25 Pinckney 
Rotchford Elizabeth, widow, 97 Summer 
Rottey Jeremiah, rigger, h. 10 Oliver 
Roulestone Geo. S. F. comb store, 1(] Hanov. h. 5 Barton 
Ronlcstone Michael, glazier, 55 Milk, h. 5 Barton 
Roundy A Ivan, handcartman, 90 Ann 
Rouse ."^arah, tailoress, 14 Fleet 
Rowan Rachel, widow. Berry 
Rowe Esther, widow, rear 732 Washington 
Rowe Ichabod, laborer, opposite 79 Pleasant 
Rowe Isaac F. house 7 Snowhill 
Rowe Joseph, coimsellor, 31 Court 
Rowe Matthew L. blacksmith, h. Charlestown 
Rowe Samuel {Lijfoid .^" A'.), boards 29 Poplar 
Rowel 1 John P. danc. mas. {Cuitin V A'.), h. 22 Orange 
RtiWfil True worthy, patternmaker, boards G9 Sea 
Rowland David ii>.\Pcirsoji V A'.),b'ds Mansion H. Milk 
Rowland Eleanor, widow, Tln>atre alley 
Rowles Robert, rigger, h. 141 Broad 
Rowley Horace, Stage agent, 7 Brattle square 
R<jwlcy Reuben, portrait and min. painter, 11 Pearl place 
Rowley Sam. II. G. h. 3 Cluunbers street court 
Rowson William, clerk Custom House, h. r. 5 Ilollis 

304 DlilECTORY. 

Royce Elihii M. grocer, Turnpike street 
Royce Sarah, widow, 96 Warren 
Ruby Isaiah, laborer, h. Bridge 
Rudes Mary, corsetmaker, I HawIeV 
Rugg Erastus, clerk, 38 Long wharf 
Ruggles Geo. H. and Charles, house Blossom 
Ruggles Levi, cabinetmaker, Charles, h. W. Centre 
Ruggles Samuel, isinglass, 89 Cambridge, h. Blossom 
Ruggles Seth L. currier, h. 837 Washington 
Ruddock John, housewright, h. Barrett 
Rumney Elizabeth, nurse, 19 North Bennet 
Rumney Richard, house 50 Allen 
Rumney Richard W. caulker and graver, r. 287 Ann 
Rumrill Joseph, trader, 5 Bartlett 
Rumrill Joseph, jr. painter. East near Sea 
Rundle Thomas, carpenter, 21 Warren 
Runey James, wharfinger. Com. wf. h. Charlestown 
Rupp Adam, painter, 55 Allen 

Rupp John, clerk Boyiston market, h.r. 17 Boylston 
Russ Dan'l, cordwainer. Dearborn avenue, h. South st. ct. 
Russ Robert, laborer, h. Grove 
Russell Andrew L. (fV. S. R. ^ Co.), h. 37 Purchase 
Russell Benjamin, h. 12 Lincoln 
Russell Benjamin, cooper, h. 2 North Margin 
Russell Benjamin, Commercial near Hanover 
Russell Calvin S. clerk, 24 Congress 
Russell Catherine, 4 Walnut 
Russell Christopher, laborer, 4th street 
Russell David, copperplate printer, 12 School 
Russell Edward, painter, h. 48 Pond 
Russell Fanny, widow, 45 Charter 
Russell Harriet G. 45 Belknap 
Russell Henry W. house 13 Oak 
Russell Isaac, mariner, 17 North square 
Russell James, bookkeeper Atlas Bank 
Russell James, h. Mason 

Russell James (IVitkington, R. & Co.), h. 38 Salem 
Russell James D. attorney, 5 Court 
Russell John, mason, h. 4 McLean court 
Russell John, sailmaker, 32 Commercial, h. 45 Charter 
Russell {John B.), Odiorne (T.) & Co. (£. W. Metcalf), 
booksellers, 134 Washington. R.'s h. 5 Sullivan pi. 
Russell John, jr. See Smith & R. 

Russell J. G. turn, and feathers, 2 Dock sq. h. 140 Hanov. 
Russell Luther, woodwharfinger, h. Dorchester street 


Russell Martin, laborer, rear 18 South Bcnnet 

Russell Mary, widow, South Marj^iii 

Russell Mary, niantuainaker, h. 18 Hull 

Russell Mary S. 157 Pleasant 

Russell Moses B. port, paint. 4G Wash. h. 19 N. Bonnet 

Russell Nathaniel P. 34 Beacon 

Russell (Samuel M.) &. Groves (Isaac), pumpniakers, GO 

Front. R.'s house Bumstead court 
Russell Samuel, curdwainer, rear 87 Pleasant 
Ru.ssell Sumner, artist, iG Wash, boards 4G9 Washington 
Rus.sell Timothy, laborer, Warren place 
Russell Walter, jr. well digger, G South st. place 
Russell William S. &, Co. (Andrcio L. Russell), dry g'ds, 

17 Central, h. 37 Purchase 
Rust Abigail, widow, 84 Prince 
Rust Albert, mason, h. 8 Bridge street court 
Rust Enoch H. 15 Prince 

Rust Joseph II. Portland cor. Sudbury, h. Hull 
Rust William P. A. housewright, 127 Pond 
Ruthven Rob't E. brassturner, 4 Marshall, h. 10 Unity 
Rutter Charles, cordwainer, h. Sister 
Rutter John, captain, CGO Washington 
Rutter William, variety store, Cross, h. 18 Merriraac 
Rutledge Martha, widow, 22 Carver 
Rutlodge James, tailor, 154 Washington 
Ryan Bridget, widow, 14!) Broad 
Ryan Isaac, housewright, 152 Ann 
Ryan James, grocery, 259 Ann 
Rvan James, lal)orer. Sea near East 
Ryan James, grocer, Batterymarch 
Ryan James, School st. Collee House, rear 18 School 
Ryan John , grocer, 141 Broad 
Ryan John, hdiorer, rear Broadway 
Ryan John, laborer, h. Creek square 
Ryan John, carpenter, rear 4tli street 
Ryan Joseph, laborer, rear 104 Purchase 
Ryan Mary, widow, h. Garden 
Ryan Michael, tailor, 30 Poplar 
Ryan Patrick, laborer, rear 97 Ann 
Ryan Patrick, housewright, Theatre alley 
Ryan Richard, laborer, rear 13 Washington place 
Ryan Richard, laborer, opposite 12 Carver 
Ryan Timothy, painter, h. opposite 38 Bedford 
Ryorson Eliza J. dressmaker, 154 Washington 
Rymann Hannah, nurse, G Pleasant street court 


SABEN AUGUSTUS, handcaitman, 26 Temple 

Sackett Ruhamah, M Myrtle 

iSadlier James, caps, 33 School 

Sadler Wm. vvatclimaker, 34 Washington 

Safford Daniel, bhicksmith, Devonsh'e, h. 7 Montgom. pi. 

Safford Henry (T. Gilbert S,^ Co.), h. 9 South Bennet 

Sales Francis, teacher and translator of languag. 18 Court 

Salisbury Ambrose, wheelwright, Merrimac 

Salisbury Samuel, mercliant, h. Temple place 

Salisbury Steven, physician, h. Temple place 

Salmon John, stable keeper, Bedford, h. 97 Essex 

Salmon John M. coach painter, Marlboro' pi. h. 33 Short 

Salmon Robert, artist, rear of Pendleton's, VVasliington 

Salter James, cordwainer, h. 15 N. Margin 

Sammon John, hats, east end Faneuil Hall market 

Sampson Amos, printer, 12 Federal 

Sampson Calvin C. {Hutchinson &/• S.), boards 72 Salem 

Sampson Ebcnezer, messenger Eagle Bank 

Sampson Elizabeth, widow, Portland place 

Sampson Geo. I. mason, h.38 Orange 

Sampson Geo. A. (Huthaicay & Co.), h. Spring c. Allen 

Sampson John S. housevvright, 31 Belknap, h. 87 Camb. 

Sampson Joseph A. c. r. 4() Long vvf. h. Vine 

Sampson Joshua, mason, High street place 

Sampson Lucy, widow of Joshua, Broadway 

Sampson (L. G.) & Richardson (G. P. jr.), \V. 1. goods, 

40 Long wharf. Sampson's h. Vine 
Sampson IMarlin, hatter, N. Grove 
Sampson Robert, iron founder, rear 4th 
Sampson Zephaniaii, superintendent streets, Merrimac, 

house :J7 Charter 
Samson A. W. (TUeston, Samson & Co.), h. 6 Pitts 
Samuels Isaac, dry goods, Kilby, cor. State, h. 3 Mason 
Sanborn Amos C. stonecutter, h. Spring st. place 
Sanborn Christopher, h. 3 Nassau 
Sanborn Christopher P. housevvright, h. 52 Allen 
Sanborn Eraslus W. boards 5 Hanover 
Sanborn GreenleafC. housevvrigiit, Hanover, h. Peck I. 
Sanborn G. C. housewright, rear 3 Hanover 
Sanborn Henry .\. painter, 4 Clinton, h. 242 Hanover 
Sanborn John, laborer, h. 160 Ann 
Sanborn (John), Hersey (Thcophilus C.) & Co. (Jer. 

Stimson,jr.), W. L goods, 35 Commercial 
Sanborn Silas, housewriglit, r. 3 Hanover, h. 17 Garden 
Sanborn William, stonecutter, 111 Chambers 


Sanborn Woodbridge, boardinghouse, 14 Federal 

Saiicry Francis, cabinetmaker, 557 Washington 

Sancry Jolin, Boyiston fish market, h. 10 Elliot 

Sanery Peter, roptunaker, h. G!l Treinont 

Sands Edward (.Jtlanis & 5'.), b. Distil-bousc square 

Sanders John, sand dealer, rear Sulloik 

Sanders xMary, widow of Josepli, VVasliLngton place 

Sanders William, gnnsmilli, 01 Droad 

Sanders. See Saunders 

Sanderson Abraham, grain dealer, li. G81 Washington 

Sanderson Amos, grain dealer, b. 730 Washington 

Sanderson Jacob, 56 Fancui! II. market, h. 3 .Myrtle 

Sanderson Jos(!ph, bandcarlman, h. 67 Bedford 

Sanderson I^uther, W. I. goods, 75 Pleasant, cor. Carver 

Sanderson Mary, 00 Pleasant 

Sandford H. G^. {Whitncij S^ S.), boards 35 Myrtle 

Sandford Samuel, merchant, G4 Broad, b, Lincoln 

Sandford Samuel, laborer, rear 53 South 

Sandra Francis, ladies' hair dresser, 303 Washington 

Sands Edward, grocer, 141 Court, b. 4 Distil-bouse sq. 

Sands Ferdinand. See Churchill, Collamore S^' Co. 

Sands Theodore T. blacksmith, b. 10 Marshall 

Sanger Alex. H., W. I. goods, 378 Wash. h. Sweetser ct. 

Sanger Calvin P. (JV. Il.Mellcn & Co.), b. 8 xMorton pi. 

Sanger David, opposite 40 Pleasant 

Sanger Lydia, widow, rear 11 Short 

Sanger Zedekiah, cooper, b. rear Broadway 

Saret William, gratemaker, 18 Union, h. 4 N. Federal ct. 

Sargeant Stephen, W. I. goods, 54'J W^ash. 

Sargent {Bodiccll) & Patten {James), W. I. goods, 21 

South Market 
Sargeant Tappan, bousewright, rear 37 Brighton 
Sargent Charles, laborer, IMcehanic place 
Sargent Daniel, Pies. Bosi. M. Ins. Co. h. 50 Mt. Vernon 
Sargent Dorcas, widow of Epes, 56 Poplar 
Sargent Edward, cooper, b. 87 Salem 
Sargent Ensign, silverplater, house May 
Sargent Epes, merchant, b. 73 Beacon 
Sargent Henry W. attorney, 17 Court, h. 10 Franklin pi. 
Sargent Henry, 10 Franklin place 

Sargent Henry &- Joseph, ship chandlers, I India wharf 
Sergcnt Henry, b. 109 Purchase 
Sargent Henry J. attorney, State, b.71 Beacon 
Sargent Ilosea, grocer, 67 Long wharf, h. 3G Salem 
Sargent II. pljysician, 13 Cliesnut 


Sargent Ignatius, mer. 44 Central wf. h. 3 Franklin pi. 
Sargent James, houscvvright, h. Ill Purchase 
Sargent James, baker, Leveret lane 
Sargent James, jr. merchant, h. 69 Pleasant 
Sargent Mrs. J. G., house 13 Chesnut 
Sargent Jolin, plumber, 27 Milk, h. Ill Purchase 
Sargent John, branch pilot, head Rowe's wharf 
Sargent John, jr. cooper, h. 78 Essex 
Sargent Jolin O. attorney, 4 State, h. 73 Beacon 
Sargent John T. Rev. boards 13 Chesnut 
Sargent Joseph, teamster, 2 Hancock row 
Sargent Joseph (H. & J.), h. 14G Purchase 
Sargent Loring, house 19 Prince 
Sargent Lucius M. counsellor, 40 State, h. at Roxbury 
Sargent Mercy, widow. North Margin 
Sargent Nathaniel B. painter, Friend st. place 
Sargent Ralph, grocer, 6 Rowe's wharf, h. Gibbs lane 
Sargent Sally, widow of Aaron, 7 I'leasant st. court 
Sargent Simeon, baker, h. Warren place 
Sargent William, houscwright, h. 109 Purchase 
Sargent William, farrier, rear 95 Hanover 
Sargent (JVilllam) & Stedman (Jo/t?i), blacksmiths, Ha- 
verhill. Sargent's h. rear 95 Hanover 
Sargent William C. grocer, 34 Long wharf 
Sarvis Nathaniel, machinist, 42 Pond 
Sarzedas David S. comedian, h. Theatre alley n. Milk 
Saunders Charles J. innholder, 175 Ann 
Saunders George W. Causeway, corner Prince 
Saunders Jacob, pilot, Commercial n. Hanover 
Saunders Joshua, wheelwright, Boylson, h. 70 Pleasant 
Saunders Kendall P. variety store, 470 Washington 
Saunders Lurena M. boaiding house, 74 Federal 
Saunders William, teamster. North Margin 
Savage Cyrus, fruit, ISO, h. 135 Hanover 
Savage George, merchant, h. 5 Castle 
Savage James, counsellor, h. Temple place 
Savage Jeremiah, laborer, h. 110 Broad 
Savage (Jacob S.)& Booker (^5«), blacksmiths, Haverhill 
Savage John, boarding house, 113 Milk 
Savage Rebecca, widow of Silas, Commercial n. Foster 
Savage Wm. mer. 45 Comm. wf. h. 6 Mount Vernon pi. 
Sawin Abigail, widow, h. rear 9 Leveret 
Sawin Ezekiel. See Macomber, S. & Hunting 
Sawin John, clockmaker, 33 Cornhill, h. 4 Vernon 
Sawtcll Amos, baker, West Centre 


Sawtcll Isaac B. cord vvai tier, 35 Front 

Sawtcll Jculcdiali, liouse 105 Cliaiiibors 

Sawtcil Alary, widow, rear 87 W^arrcn 

Sawyer Abigail, D Brighton 

Sawyer Amos, baUcr, 17 Temple 

Sawyer Benj. F. cordwainer, lionse Hamilton 

Sawyer Eliakim, mason, rear 11 Blossom 

Sawyer George V. captain, h. 2 Orange lane 

Sawyer James, W. I. g'ds, 55 Cummer. Ii. 41 Atkinson 

Sawyer (John) & Good now (Ira), shoes, V.i Court 

Sawyer John M. soapstonc cutter, h. 3 Stiliman place 

Sawyer Jonas, hou^ewright, 87 Warren 

Sawyer Kezia, widow, h. 14 Batterymarch 

Sawyer Mary, house Stoddard 

Sawyer Nathaniel, liouse Broadway 

Sawyer Nathaniel, mason, h. 11 Province House court 

Sawyer Peter, distiller, house 748 Washington 

Sawyer Samuel, housewright, house 33 Chambers 

Sawyer Susan, widow. South Russell 

Sawyer Sylvester, mariner, house i) Cross 

Sawyer Warren T. fancy painter, house Staniford place 

Savvy er William N. bethel reading room, Langdon place 

Sawyer William, merrhant, 63 iMount Vernon 

Sawyer William S. victualler, 135 State 

Saxton Daniel, laborer, 2d street 

Saxton John, laborer. Sea near East 

Saxton Thomas F. physician, 2 Lyman place 

Sayer INIathias, cabinet maker, 80 Warren 

Sayles (WiUard) «& Hitchcock (Saml. A.), domestic g'ds, 
G2 Kilby. Sayles's house 138 Trcmont 

Scadding John, laborer, South Margin 

SchafFer Andrew W. auctioneer, 13 Ann, h. 10 Carver 

Schaw Edward, hygeian medicine, 79 Court, house 21 
McLean. See advertisement 

Schenck R. B. 40 State 

Schinitz Mary, widow, h. Lowell place 

Scholfield Isaac & Son (Jlrthur), carpet warehouse, 7 
Cornhill, h. 43 Pinckney 

Scholfield Isaac, jr. (J. Brown &,' Co), h. 43 Pinckney 

Scofield Bcnjaman, laborer, N. Hanover court 

ScoUay Catherine, widow, 50 Bowdoin 

Scolley John, lamps, 52 Cornhill 

Scotchler James, house Friend 

Scott Abigail, widow of Benjamin, rear 505 Washington 

Scott EHzabelh, widow, house 80 Temple 


Scott Daniel, blacksaiith, h. 79 Essex 

Scott Ebenezer, painter, 135 Ann, h. 153 Salem place 

Scott George, housevvriglit, south end Washington 

Scott Thomas, laborer, 4 Court square 

ScovcU E/ekiel, mariner, N. Margin 

Scudder Charles & Co. {Thomas Cordis), hardware, 82 

Milk, house 55 High 
Scudder {David) & Park {Amasa C), hardware, 72 

Kilby. Scudder boards 18 Franklin 
Scudder Horace & Co. {James Huckins), mer. 8 City 

wharf, h. 10 South Bennet 
Sealey George, bar room and house 37 Milk 
Searl Thomas, Prussian Consul, Batterymarch 
Searle {George) & Upham {Henry), dry g'ds, 79 Milk 
Searle Robert, housewright, Sudbury square 
Searles Curtis, cordwainer, 58 Congress, h. 24 Spring 
Searles James, laborer, rear 18 S. Bennet 
Searles Joseph, housewright. Pond corner Canal 
Sears Clark, laborer, 3 Scott court 
Sears David, 41 Beacon 
Sears Delight, widow, house Deacon 
Sears Eben, housewright, h. 5 Haymarket place 
Sears Eben & Willard, housewrights, Rowe place 
Sears {George) & Davis {Joseph Ji.), merchants, 14 Cen- 
tral wharf. Seurs's house 25 Orange 
Sears Joshua, W. I. g'ds, 14 Long wf. h. Franklin Hotel 
Sears Peter. See Fullerton, S. & Clark 
Sears William, cabinetmaker, 2 J*ond 
Sears Willard, house 7 Norfolk place 
Sears Zebina, painter. Cotton place 
Seaton Ambrose, physician, 10(j 1-2. h. 93 Purchase 
Seaton Nathan K. Inspector of Customs, h. 92 Purchase 
Seaver Abigail, boarding, 145 Court 
Seaver Benj. {Whitioeil, Bond <^ Co.), h. 46 (/hambers 
Seaver Charles {Crockett, Seaver & Co.), h. 53 Chambers 
Seaver Ebenezer, house Friend street court 
Seaver George {Grant, S. & Co.), house 2 Kingston 
Seaver Hannah, widow, 360 Washington 
Seaver Hammond, bedstead maker, h. rear 123 Pleasant 
Seaver Joseph, laborer, 80 Elliot 
Seaver Nathaniel. See Adams & S. 
Seaver Norman {Stone, S. & Bush), h. Baldwin place 
Seaver Phebe, widow of Ebenezer, 68 Tremont 
Seaver William, chairmaker. Sister, h. 16 Williams 
Seaver William J. coppersmith, 25 Union, h. 16 Williams 


Seavcy John, captain, 222 Hanover 

Seaverns Aljijali, jr. house 23 Orange 

Scaverns Abijah A Joel, provis. '.i'S School, h.23 Orange 

Seaverns Isaac VV. {Merrinm & S.), b'ds Wise's Coff. H. 

Seaverns Joel. See A. &, J. Seaverns 

Seaverns Tiios. W. grocer, G2o ct G27 Wash. h. 44 Pleas't 

Seaward George W. clerk, h. Butolph cor. Cambridge 

Seeny Amy, widow, Dislil-hoiise stjuare 

Semple Thomas, English goods, 5 Summer 

Serisola Guilio, boarding liouse, 7!) North square 

Serratl Leonard, tailor, rear 10 Franklin 

Serrat William F. gratemakcr, 4 M. Federal court 

Sessions Chester, messenger Merchants' Bank 

Setchell VV^illiam, cooper, house Battery 

Severance E. H. bookkeeper Mer. Bank, h. 3 Cambridge 

Sevey Edwin, house 130 Pleasant 

Sewall Joseph & Tliomas R. brokers, 54 State. J. S.'s 

house 412 Wasliington 
Sewall IMoses, Sec. Fishing Ins. Comp. 20 Commercial 
Sewall Samuel E. counsellor, 21 State, li. 412 Washing. 
Sewall Thomas R. house (30 Chesnut 
Seward Joshua, clockmaker, G3 Congress 
Sew^ard Thomas, assistant overs. H. Industry, h. 3d street 
Seward Tiiomas, Tudor's buildings, 20 Court 
Sexton John M. painter, 38 Federal, li. Broadway 
Seymour Thomas, south end Washington 
Shackford Joseph, fancy painter, 43 Wash, b'ds 29 Boyls. 
Shackford Jonathan, fruit shop, 37 Mercliants row 
Shackley Rufus, gardener, h. rear 7 Milton 
Shakeshaft Henry, laborer, rear Broadway 
Shakeshaft James, laborer, rear Broadway 
Shales Edward, cooper, rear 03 Warren 
Shales John, blacksmith, Boylston, h. S. Cedar 
Shane George, laborer, ii. 12 Essex place 
Shannon Sarah F. widow, 19 Somerset 
Shapley Henry, mariner, 8G Purchase 
Sharkey Margaret, widow, 32 Pond 
Sharon Antony, rigger, house Gibbs lane 
Sharon Stephen, blacksmith, house Lancaster 
Sharp Daniel, Rev. liouse 12 W. Cedar 
Sharp Edward, teller Massachusetts Bank 
Sharp James, ornamental furniture, Essex near Wash- 
ington, house 4 Ncvvburv place 
Sharp John, stonecutter, ^:8 Merrimac 
Sharp Richard, housewright, h. Gouch 


Shattuck Cliarles, cabinetmaker, 84 Salem 

Sliattuck Daniel, cooper, 16 N. Bennet 

Shattuck George C. physician, Staniford cor. Cambridge 

Shattuck Lemuel {Shattuck & Co ), publisher, 8 School 

Shattuck Louisa, sempstress, rear 30 Prince 

Shattuck Rhoda, widow, 104 Washington 

Shattuck William, provisions, 43, h. 67 Leveret 

Shaw Benjamin, mariner, h. rear 152 Ann 

Shaw (C. ^.); P^itterson (David) & Co. {Wvi. Blake), 
dry goods, 67 ]\lilk. Shaw's house 8 McLean 

Shaw Earl & Co. dry goods, 42 Central, h. 44 Milk 

Shaw Edward, architect, house 4 North Russell 

Shaw George, shoemaker, rear Broadway 

Shaw James, founder, rear 4th street 

Shaw Jesse, housewright, 99 Charles, h. 59 Chesnut 

Shaw Joel, housewright, Short, h. 5 Oliver place 

Shaw Joseph, lamplighter, 25 Pleasant 

Shaw Joseph, printer, house 44 Green 

Shaw {Jos. P.) & Briggs {John C), saddlery, 7 Dock sq. 

Shaw Francis G. {R. G. S. «fe Co.), h. Bowdoin square 

Shaw Lemuel, chief justice S.J. Court, h. 35 Mt. Vernon 

Shaw Philip, printer, Bridge corner Vine 

Shaw Robert G. & Co. ( JVm. Perkins and Francis Geo. 
Shatv), merchants, 51 Commercial wf. h. Bowdoin sq. 

Shaw Ruth, nurse, 58 Portland 

Shaw Southworth, jr. {J. Fitch & Co.), h. 14 Purchase 

Shaw Thomas, moulder, rear 4th street 

Shaw Thomas, mariner, 1 Cottage place 

Shay William, baker, h. Essex corner South 

Shea John, laborer, Lucas place 

Sheafe Henry, military store keeper, Laboratory, Pleas- 
ant, house 2 Walnut 

Shean James, laborer, rear 253 Washington 

Shean John, laborer, li. rear 31 Elm 

Shean John, laborer, Williams court 

Shed James, handcartman, rear 142 Hanover 

Shed Samuel A. grocer, 41 Milk 

Shed Samuel A. jr. 41 Milk 

Shed Susan, 131 Pleasant 

Shed , housewright, 10 Cliarter 

Shed John H. dry goods, 70 Hanover, h. 9 Stillman 

Sheern James, laborer, Turnpike 

Sheldon William, brass lamp maker, Williams court 

Shelly Abner, cordwainer, h. 7 Madison place 

Shelton Fanny, 8 Hartford place 


Shelton John, saddler, 45 Cono;rpss, li. 102 Washington 
Sholton Philo 8. 38 India vvliarf, house 37 Chesnut 
Shchon Stephen, house 43 Soutli 
Shelton Thomas J. &. Stephen, pump and block makers, 

Forthill wharfand Sea, h. Cotton place 
Shelton William {Miller, S. & Co.), boards 72 Federal 
Shepard AbiLnul, nurse, S. Cedar near Church 
Shepard George, laborer, 240 Ann 

Shej)ard Green, soda room, Franklin av., h. r. 45 Cambr. 
Shepard James, clerk, Thacher street court 
Shepard Janies, laborer, rear 20 Pleasant 
Shepard John, boards 17 Atkinson 
Shepard IMary, 4G8 Washington 
Shepard Preston, Bromfield House, Bromfield 
Shepherd Joseph, laborer, h. opposite 38 Bedford 
Sliepherd Susan, widow, 27 Carver 
Sherburne John, housewright, N. Hanover court 
Sherburne John, Canal Hotel, 01 Pond 
Sherburne Jos. M. hat store, 235 Washington, h. 7 Oak 
Sherburne Reuben B, 2 Foster 
Sheridan James, handcartman, h. 211 Hanover 
Sherman Asa, baker, 10 South Margin 
Sherman Ebenezer, housewright, rear Broadway 
Sherman Joseph, grain measurer, rear 133 Hanover 
Sherman Hannali, widow, 11 Pitts 

Sherman Nathaniel, housewr't, Hawley, h. 2G Pinckney 
Sherman Samuel, pattern maker, Turnpike 
Slierman Thomas, gilder, h. 1 Tileslon 
Sherman Thomas, clerk, 4 Bartlett 
Shervvin George, housewright, h. Kennard's avenue 
Sherwin George W. fruit, 1 Union, h. 33 Stillman 
Shillaber Daniel, house 12 Crescent place 
Shimmin Wm. merchant, 34 Long wf. h. 4 Bowdoin sq. 
Shipley Horatio, attorney, 33 Court 
Shipley Joel, mason, 30 Myrtle 
Shipley Thomas, laborer, Battery 
Shipley S. G. baker, Union 
Sholes Jolm, rigger, Lewis's wharf, h. 11 Hull 
Sholes John, jr. cooper, 08 Salem 
Sholes Philip, IL'inover avenue 
Shorey John, dry goods, 101 Washington 
Shorey Timothy, laborer, Cross 
Short Moses, housewright, 75 Flliot 
Shrader John, sugar refiner, h. 10 North Russell 
Shrell John, rigger, Clark alley 


Shumway Ellis, dressmaker, 5th street near C street 
Shumway Nelson {Blood & S.), boards 11 Orange 
Shumway Willard A. {Adams & S.), boards 25 Brattle 
Shurtleff Benjamin, physician, 134 Tremont 
Shurtleff' Nathaniel, physician, h. 134 Tremont 
Shurtleff Samuel A. physician, Pemberton hill, Tremont 
Shute Caleb B. Mass. Sabbath School Union, 47 Cornhill, 

house rear 97 Salem 
Shute Daniel, teamster, h. 711 Washington 
Shute David, housewright, h. 149 Hanover 
Shute Ebenezer, constable, h. Leveret court 
Shute Ebenezer, jr. caulker and graver, 332 Ann 
Sibley Henry, wooden leg maker, 190 Tremont 
Sibley Charles, ferryman, G Unity court 
Sibley Jonas L., U. S. Marshal, 20 Court, h. 7 A\on pi. 
Siders Susannah, school, Essex near Washington 
Sigourney Daniel A. cashier Washington Bank 
Sigourney Elizabeth, widow of Andrew, 25 N. Russell 
Sigourney Henry, merch. 47 India wf. h. 1 Hartford pi. 
Sigourney Mary, widow of Charles, 9 Avon place 
Signy James, boarding house, 79 Norlli square 
Sikes John {Johnso7i, S. & Roberts), h. 35 Salem 
Sill Kasper, housewright, 74 Pond 
Silloway Lucy, widow, h. 2 George 
Silloway Nathaniel A. 2 Charles 
Silsbee Mary, 3 Newbury place 
Silver William, laborer, rear 89 Broad 
Silvester Sarah, widow, Salem, under Academy 
Simes Joseph (J. McGregor &, Co.), h. 7 Federal 
Simmons Benjamin, brassfounder, h. 7 Cross 
Simmons Benjamin, miller, Pitts court 
Simmons B. F. boards City Tavern 
Simmons David A. counsellor, 20 Court 
Simmons George A. See Kidder & S. 
Simmons George W. & B. F. dry goods, 32 Dock square, 

house 13 Franklin 
Simmons George S. iron founder, h. N. Grove 
Simmons Hannah, widow, Bedford corner Washington 
Simmons Israel D. housewright, rear 3d street 
Simmons John & Valentine, clothing, 51 N. Market 
Simmons John, house 17 Staniford 

Simmons Josej)h, pump & block maker, h. 1 Salutation 
Simmons Nancy, house Essex 

Simmons Seth, housewright, rear Charles, h. 9 High 
Simmons Thomas. See Orrok &. S. 


Simmons Valentine, house 177 Hanover 

Simmons VV. & G. VV. clothes, '36 Ann 

Simmons Win. jns. P. Court and counsellor, h. 51 Pinck. 

Simms Robert, hat manufactory, rear 559 VVashingtou 

Siinonds Alvan, dry ^oods, TnrnpiUc, house do. 

Simonds Artemas, superintendent House Industry 

Simonds Catharine, boarding, 143 Court 

Simonds John, livery stable, 9 N. Russell 

Simonds John, hatter, Cross near Ann 

Simonds John H. tailor, Congress sq. h. 102 Washington 

Simonds Jon.i'han, rear 373 Washington 

Siinonds Jos('[)!i. dry goods, 205 Wash. h. 50 Cambridge 

Simonds Josiah, 1 i\. ^larket, h. 20 Richmond 

Simonds Luke, cordwainer, 40 Portland, h. Friend 

Simonds Shepherd, clothing, 48 Ann, h. 18 Chambers 

Simonds Stephen, laborer, h. 2 North square 

Simonds Thomas E. teamster, h. 201 Ann 

Simonds William, grocer, 55, h. 50 Cambridge 

Simonds William, jr. dry goods, 57 Cambridge 

Simons Elizabeth, nurse, 45 Pleasant 

Simpkins John, leather, 14 Rroad, h. G Howard 

Simj)kins Samuel G. bookseller, 70 Court, boards 6 

Howard. See advcriisement 
Simpson IJenjamin, mariner, 115 Broad 
Simpson Daniel, stabler, 444 Washington, h do. 
Siinpson David, rigger, li. Spear alley 
Simpson David, cordwainer, h. rear 337 Washington 
Simpson James, laborer, rear Friend 
Simpson John K. 1 Ann, h. 12 Bulfinch 
Sin)pson John K. jr. featliers, 1 Ann, h. 12 Bulfinch 
Simpson Jonathan, 10 Elliot 
Sim|)son Joshua T. lobsterman, h. rear 83 Sea 
Simpson Michael II. merchant, 53 India wf. h. Cook ct. 
Simpson Paul, physician, 00 Federal 
Simpson Thomas, broker, G Exchange 
Simpson Warren, cordw^iiner, h. rear 3d street 
Simpson William M. 137 Washington, h. G6 Warren 
Sims Charles, paperhanger, Fayette near Jeflerson 
Sims Charlotte, widow, rear 5 Tileston 
Sinclair Thomas, brassfounder, h. C Margaret 
Sinclair W^illiam, boarding house, 115 Broad 
Singleton Charles G. laborer. Bridge street court 
Singleton Samuel, pumpmakcr, h. Deacon 
Singleton Thomas, ma.stmaker, 05 Charter 
Sinnot Alice, widow, Piedmont near Ciiurch 



Sinnot Arthur, housowright, opposite 80 Treinont 

femnot Thomas, laborer, GO Purchase 

Sipsey Edward, laborer, h. 145 Broad 

Sivadie Eliza, widow of John, 8 Sudbury 

Sivadie Mary S. milliner, 8 Sudbury 

Skelton Eunice, milliner, Hancock 

Skerry Clarissa, tailoress, h. 6 Atkinson 

Skerry Edward A. H. mason, 15 Stillman 

Skerry George W. jeweller, rear 87 Wash. h. 15 Stillman 

fekilton S. P. teller State Bank 

Skinner Alvah, watchmaker, 6 Congress square 

fekinner Dorcas, widow, boarding, 94 Purchase 

Skinner Elias, jr. tailor, 51 Wash. h. 10 Montgomery pi. 
Skinner Francis & Co. (IV. S. Lincoln & //. K. Horton) 

American goods, 23 and 25 Central 
Skinner Lucian, teller Commonwealth Bank 
Skinner (JVoah K.) & Tothill {William), tailors, 29 Mer- 
chants row. Skinner's house 94 Ann 
Skinner William S. {Geo. L. Dchlois ^ Co.), and agent 

for Lloyd, boards at Exchange Coffee House 
bkinner William H. teamster, house 11 Fleet 
Skinner William H. See Stanley, Reed & Co. 
Slack Ruggles, clerk, house G Province 
Slade Alfred, boards 10 Mount Vernon 
Slade John Sc Wm. J. housewrights, Portland, house 

o4 Merrimae 
Slade John, jr. {Lambert & S.), h. 10 Mount Vernon 
blade JVancy, widow, rear 80 Treniont 

%Y^/ ?,?^T^^^• ^- B^'gfia^^ Co.), h. Church n. Piedm. 

blade W. J. housewiight, Lyman place 

Slater Jane, boarding house, 3 Morton place 

Slater Persis, widow of Andrew, h. rear 31 Elm 

Slater William. See Finch & S. 

Sleeper Jacob, clerk, 7 Congress sq. h, 11 Pearl place 

bJeeper John S. editor Mercantile Journal, Wilson's 

lane, h. 9 Bulfinch 
Sleeper Mary, widow, house 1 Beach 
Slocomb Thomas. See W. H. Milton & Co 
Sloper {M. A.) & Rimmer {£.). milliners, 284 Washin"-. 
Sluggett Mary, dressmaker, 29G Washin "ton 
Small Benjamin {Crosby & S.), h. 2 Fayette court 
bmall Ehza, widow, Pitts court 
Small Sarah, widow, h. Lynde 
Small Sarah, nurse, rear 83 Sea 
Smalley Isaac, painter, house rear 17 Canal 


Smallidge Jeremiah, painter, 55 Milk, h. G Avery 

Sinallidge Samuel, housewright, 89 Broad 

Smart Samuel, teainstcr. Arch wharf, h, rear 47 Sea 

Smith {Abigail) & Harrington {E.), boarding, 8 Pearl 

Smith Abiier, laborer, JO Lynde 

Smith Abner, jr. grocer, head Smith's \vf. h. Moon c. Fleet 

Smith Albert \V. blacksmith, h. 6(5 Essex 

Smith Almira, widow, opposite 70 Pleasant 

Smith Amasa G. house Broadway 

Smith {Andrcic) & Webber (A. J.), tailors, 51 Congress. 

Smith's house 13 Poplar 
Smitii Anthonv, clothing, 251 Ann 
Smitli Archibald, fisherman, Bartlett 
Smith Artemas, distiller, house 85 Summer 
Smith Benjamin (Dexter <^ 5'.), h. 5 Sheafe 
Smith Benjamin, port warden, 31 India, h. G2 Salem 
Smith Catherine, widow of John, 12 Boylston 
Stnith Catherine S. widow of Amos, Sister c. Williams 
Smith Charles {Dcgrand «^" S.), house Vernon 
Smith Clarke, wood wf Wilkinson's wf. h. 6 Fleet 
Smith Cyrus, house GO Pleasant 
Smith Daniel, laborer, rear 42 Salem 
Smith Daniel, baker, 151 Hanover 
Smith Daniel C. 127 F. Hall market, h. Fulton court 
Smith Daniel D. editor Universalist and Ladies' Reposi- 
tory, 127 Washington, h. 5 Tremont 
Smith D. D. barber, Clinton 
Smith Donald, clerk, house 2 Avery place 
Smith Ebenezcr, Merrimac, house 12 Green 
Smith Edmund, provisions, Hanover corner Fleet 
Smith Edmund 31. truckman, 3d street 
Smith Edvv'd, shipwright, Commercial n. Hcrchman lane 
Smith Elias, physician, 54 High 
Smith Eliza, widow, rear IG Pitts 
Smith Elizabeth, widow, rear 195 Hanover 
Smith Elizabeth N. house Bridge street avenue 
Smith Esther, widow of Benjamin, Peck lane 
Smith Franklin, baker, 14 Hawkins 
Smith George, printer, house Williams court 
Smith George G. engraver, cor. Washington and Frank- 
lin, house 107 Purchase 
Smith George M. house 21 S. Bennct 
Smith Goo. W. grocer, 101 Hanover, h. Prince c. Salem 
Smith Green, soda, 3!) N. Market, h. 144 Hanover 
Smith Hannah, boarding house, 3 Cornhill court 

31 8 


Smith Hannah, widow, Clark 

bmi h Henry, innholder, Franklin House 

Slni h r'"'"^'''' ?• P^'"*^"-' 3 Scollay's buildings 
im h 2^TV- ^^^.V«^"«er, rear East 
fcmi h Hugh, Turnpike near 4th street 

Smith Jeremiah, housewrighl, 57 Hancock 
I"! h fV™'?'' house 64lieik„„p "'°''' 
S™:; jZ!^^^:i^f'^ '^'a„d, office Ci.y H. 

Sm h 1 h ' '"■?'■' Commercial near Ann 
Sm h f'^^"' ^P^^'n. l^ouse Battery 
Sm h r J^- f "^^' ^^- Washingfon 

Smith Joseph L h l=i Mr>!;. , ' "• ^^^ Pleasant 

«^-.i T ". ''• J^ -^"ontgomerv nhifp 

im.' te1 ^tulff' ^,^^on, h. 66 Esse. 
Smith Joshna R W ' ^H^'tio "'''^''•, ?!»''<' 

|mHh Judith, tiAslst'elf ^""' ''■'■ ^"2 "»"°-'- 
smith Lewis, truckman, liouse 41 Princo 

|™;? LucT; fc ^r'"^ "-' «-c"-n 'ane 

imi''h [|dt; wir:irs''7,''r"' '°^- c'--" 

Smith Mao^ Z ' . ^°"^'^ Bennet 



Smitli Maria, confectionary, Essex ncnr Washington 

Smith Martha, nurse, Commercial near Ann 

Smith Martha, 1 Foster place 

Smith Martin, rear 15 Centre 

Smith Martin, undertaker, Spring hinr, house Prospect 

Smitli Mary, dressmaker, opposite 1 Norfolk place 

Smith Mary S. English goods. Purchase corner Pearl 

Smith Mary, widow, 21 Gibbs lane 

Smith (MrJanclhon) & Blanchard (F. FI), dry goods, 

1J5 Washington. Smith's house G Oak place 
Smith Marshall. See H. Daggett &. Co. 
Smith Michael, slater, h. il'2 Ann 
Smith Moses, truckman, house 9 Bridge street court 
Smith Nancy, widow. Leveret lane 
Smith Nancy, widow, house rear 57 Elliot 
Smith Nancy, widow, 3 Bedford place 
Smith Nathaniel, stonecutter, house 115 Essex 
Smith Nathaniel, grocer, 71 Long wharf, h 'SI Salem 
Smith Nathaniel P., W. L goods. Milk, h. 2 Atkinson 
Smith Orlando, clerk, 37G Wash. cor. Essex, h. Essex 
Smith Pameliu F. hoarding house, 34 Federal 
Smith Phehe, widow of Adam, 83 Elliot 
Smith (Pliny) & Russell (John jr.), provisions, CO Myr- 
tle. Smith's house Pinckney 
Smith (RicJid) & Stetson (Clement), housevvr'ts. Union 
Smith Rufus, collector, 81 Milk 
Smith Sally, nurse, 73 Warren 

Smith Samuel, chair painter, 7 Temple * 

Smith Samuel, collector, h. IG Province H. court 
Smith Sam'l J. II. pocketbook mak. 2 Milk, h. 23 Cross 
Smith Sarah, widow of Richard R. house 50 Orange 
Smith Simeon, mason, Sudbury square 
Smith Simeon W. housewright, 3d street 
Smith Standfast, widow, 73 Summer 
. Smith Stephen, cab. inak. Wilson lane, h. 21 Atkinson 
Smith Stephen, 121 F. II. market, h. 17 Salem place 
Smith Susannah, widow of Jeremiah, 3 Wheeler's court 
Smith Thomas M. 48 Hanover 
Smith Thomas, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Smith Thomas C. mercliant, 13 Howe's wf h. 2d Green 
Smith Thomas S. captain, house 97 Purchase 
Smith Tolman G. ct Co. (H. Jcnhins), paint's, 8 N. Mark. 
Smith William II. comedian, house Cook court 
Smith William O. clerk, house Bennet, cor. Front 
Smith William, collector, house 8 Portland 


Smith William, shoes, 42 Union, h. 61 Pinckney 
Smith William, waterman, C street 
Smith William, rigger, rear 79 Purchase 
Smith William, housewrigiit, house Pinckney 
Smith William, laborer, rear 2d street 
Smith Willard, laborer, opposite 730 Washington 
Snaith Frances, widow of William, 7 Boylston square 
Snaith Richard, cordvvainer, 2 Lyman place 
Snelling Anna Mary, school, Hull 
Snelling Enoch H. glazier, 85 Ann, h. 104 Salem 
Snelling Ephraim, shipwright, Commercial rear Ann 
Snelling George H. attorney, 10 Court, h. 52 Mt. Vernon 
Snelling (JoA?i) & Dillaway (/F-m.), caulkers and ship- 
wrights, Hancock wf. Snelling's house 60 Salem 
Snelling John, cooper, 9 Ooss 
Snelling Jonathan, teacher, 4 West Cedar 
Snelling Nath'l G. Pres. Mass. F. M. Ins.Co. h. 116 Salem 
Snelling Nathaniel P. tailor, 10 Congress^ h. Vine 
Snook Henry, clerk, house 22 Garden 
Snow Asa B. physician, 132 Hanover 
Snow Bangs, boarding, h. 33 Ann 
Snow Charles, machinist, h. Bath 
Snow David & Co. (S. EUlredge), W. T. goods, 9 City 

wharf, h. 204 Hanover 
Snow Ephraim, house 1 North Bennet 
Snow Ephraim L. wood, Dawes's wf. h. 19 Leveret 
Snow Gideon, merchant, 24 Long wharf, h. 32 Chesnut 
Snow Heman, laborer, 30 Stillman 
Snow Hezekiah H. mariner, 2 Pond 

Snow Horatio G. furn. cor. Cong. & Water, h. 49 Spring 
Snow Lsaac, housewright, h. rear 96 Warren 
Snow (Isaac) & Cate {Animon), bar, 14 Fulton. Snow's 

house 19 Gibbs lane 
Snow John M. head of Ferry wharf. Commercial 
Snow Jonathan H. housewright, 9 N. Federal court 
Snow Joseph, inspector. Custom House, h. 30 Chambers 
Snow Larkin, wood wharf, Dawes's wf h. 19 Leveret 
Snow Martin, truckman, 91 Merrimac 
Snow Prince, coro. & dep. sheriff, 38 Court, h. 12 Hawk. 
Snow Sarah, nurse, 11 Unity 

Snow Tho's, wine merch. 21 Merchants row, h. 22 Allen 
Snow William, captain. Commercial near Hanover 
Snow William, painter, Hawley place, house 24 Allen 
Snow Zenas {Dodd S^ S.), h. 3 Unity 
Soliier Edward D. (Gray & 6'.), h. 8 Franklin place 


Sohier William D. counsellor, 40 State, Ii. 8 Franklin pi. 

Solis Mary, widow, Hanover avenue 

SoniL'rl)y Andrew D. inacliinist, h. i:^7 Cambridge 

Sofnerby Charles A. boards '^ SnUnn plaee 

Somerby Horatio G. fimcy painter and japanner, Spring 

lane, li. 3 Salem place 
Somerby Thomas, 3 Salem place 
Somers Samuel F. housewri;;ht, h. 32 Short 
Somes Edwar<l, cooper, b. 8 Oliver 
Soper Mary Francis, 10 Washington place 
Sortor John, slioemaker, h. Piedmont 
Soren J. J. teller Washington Bank 
Soule Richard {John Broicn &. Co.), h. 40 Chambers 
Southack F. W. clerk, 103 Milk, b'ds 14 Hayward place 
Southack Francis, baker, GG Cambridge 
Southack George, currier, house Arnold 
Southard Elizabeth, 9 N. Bcnnnt 
Southard Mary, tailoress, 9 N. Bonnet 
Southard Nathaniel. See Webster & S. 
Southard (Zibcon) & Steele (Julius C), W. I. goods, 

C3 Purchase. Southard's house G4 Purchase 
Souther Isaiah, housewright, 37 Temple 
Souther Job, shipwright, 3d street 
Souther Job T. joiner, h. 4th street 
Souther JXathanie! {Lane S^ S.), boards 69 Congress 
Souther ^Villiam, bookbinder, 9G State, b. Minot 
Southgatc {Lyman), Blake (James //.) &. Co. {Francis 

Adams), dry goods, G Kilby. S.'s h. 11 Beacon 
Southwick Joseph, leather, 20 N. Market, b'ds N. Eng. 

Cotiee House 
Southwick P. R. hides & leather, 20 North Market 
South worth Clarina, widow, 14 Short 
Southworth Constant, victualler, 1 Long wharf 
Sowdon John, intell. office, 19 Scln>oI, h. Alden court 
Spade Wm. tinplate worker, 4 Marshall, h. S. Margin 
Spalding Benj. W. I. goods, 37 Hanover, h. 20 Pincluiey 
Spare James, housewright, h. 4 Bartlett 
Sparhawk Lucia K. instructress, 4 Lowell place 
Sparhavvk Ci'^fwrHs), BucUman (J. C.) & Brooks (Frrtn/t- 

lin), curriers, 7 i\. side Fan. H. S.'sh. Harvard pi. 
Sparks Charles, laborer, Williams court 
Sparrel! John T. hats, G ^Market s(|. h. Ten)ple 
Sparrell Wm. architccf, G4 Cornhill, h. rear 104 Warren 
Sparrow Mary, l)oarding, 2:5 ^V'ilIiams 
Spaulding Beniah >^- Solomon R. luatlier, 28 Broad, boards 

49 Leveret 


Spatilding Benj. oysters, 52 Union 
Spaulding Leonard, winirfingcr, Leveret, h. Gl Leveret 
Spaiildiiig Solomon, collector, li. rear 61 Charter 
Spaulding Solomon R. {B. S. ^- 5. K. S.), li. 1 Spring 
Spaulding Williimi, cordwainer, h. rear Church 
Spaulding (Z. P.) & Jacobs (Geo. C.) grocery, Merrimae 

corner Portland. S.'s h. 30 Friend 
Spavin Robert, capt. rear 181 Hanover 
Spear Abraham, mason, h. 38 Elliot 
Spear Benjamin A. typefounder, 8 Pleasant 
Spear Edward, tallowchandlcr, h. No. 1 Blake's court 
Spear Eliza, widow, G Charter 
Spear Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, h. rear 59 Ann 
Spear Eliza O. 2 South Bennet 
Spear Phebe, widow of Gershom, 82 Summer 
Spear Hannah, nurse, rear Broadway 
Spear Harriet, widow, 274 Washington 
Spear Isaac, jr. painter, 5 BclUnap 
Spear James, cooper. Front, Jiouse 45 do. 
Spear James E. paper stainer, h. Battery 
Spear John L broker, 15 Exchange, li. 28 Cambridge 
Spear Mary, widow, 15 Essex 
Spear Mary, widow, rear Broadway 
Spear Samuel A. pump and blockmaker, 240 Hanover 
Speai Samuel, teamster, h. 5 Orange lane 
Spear William J\L printer, h. rear 2G Congress 
Spear Wm. T. cordwainer, 30 Congress, h. 57 1-2 Prince 
Spence John {Moses Pond &/• Co.), h. G7 Salem 
Spencer Hobart, mason, h. Sturgis place 
Spencer Job, coachmaker, h. 3 Harvard court 
Spencer Mary, 9 Norih Margin 

Spencer Robert B. tailor, 6 State, h. 4 South street court 
Spencer Ebenezei-, mason, near foot of Richmond 
Spencer Warren, truckman, 33 Thacher 
Spiller Moses, India wharf, h. rear Broadway 
Spink Ebenezer, printer, h. rear 45 Congress 
Spinney George, housewright, house ]0 Myrtle 
Spinney Harriet, sempstress, house 20 Lincoln 
Spinney Thomas, printer, South street place 
Spooner Lydia, widow, 32 Chambers 
Spooner Sherlock, cabinetmaker, 581, h. 501 Washing. 
Spooner William, house 32 Chauibers 
Spooner William, physician, 2 Barton 
Spooner William B. leather, 14 Broad, h. 25 Summer 
Spooner William H. merchant, IC Long wharf 


Sposc Bartholomew, boatman, Battery 

Spraguc Cliarlos, casjliicr Globe Bank, li. 25 Boylston 

Sprayue Danfonl, sliijnvrigbt, boards Broadway 

Sprague Jolin, Tremoiit ctir. Jcti'erson 

Sprague Joseph, tailor, 3^{j Wash. h. 4G Essex 

Sprague IMargaret, widow, Barry's wharf 

Sprague Mary, straw bonnet nianuracturer, 05 Cambridge 

Sprague jNIatthew, housewriglit, rear Broadway 
, Sprague Perez, hiborer, Barry's wiiarf 
f Sprague Phineas »fe Sell), merchants, 13 Commercial wf. 
[ P. Spragues house 15 JVIilU 

[ Sprague Uebecca, nurse, 12 Piedmont 
I Sprague Samuel, bricklayer, 583 Washington 
I Sprague Stephen, chaisemaker, h. IMerrimac 
j Sprague W^illiam, wood wharfinger, Bull's wf._ li. 35 High 
\ Sprague William W . bookbinder, Deacon cor. Portland 
[ Sprague I. II. See Cary tfc S. 
[ Spurr Otis, laborer, Elliot near Tremont 

Spurr W^iiliain, gilder, 30 Cornhill, h. 1!)7 Hanover 
I Stabbs William, laborer, h. 8 North Margin 
i Stack James, laborer, Williams court 
' Stackpole Charles, hatter, h. Newbern place 
' Stackpole Reuben M. currier, SOJ Washington, li. Arnold 

Stacy Bradford, laborer, rear 15 Charter 

Stacy Joseph, sugar refiner, house Vine 
i Stacy William R cabinetmaker, h. Hawkins 
^ Stafi()rd Edwaid G. teacher bookkeeping, 2G Joy's build. 
^ Standisli Mary, widow, 1 Barre place 

Standish (Moses) it AWen (T/uodo7-c C), liousewri^hts, 
[ Front. Standish's house 3 Sufi'olk 

! Stanford Joanna A. widow, h. Mi. Vernon 
j Staniels llazcn, collector, 8 Piedmont 
[ Staniels J. P. grain and meal, n. Warren Bridge, boards 
; 145 Court 

I Stanley ( Gihnan), Reed (Josiah) & Co. ( IF. H. Skinner), 

W. I. goods and com. merchants, 10 City wharf 
! Stanton Barbara C. widow, Castle 

Stanton (Francis), jN'ichols (Thnddcus, jr.) Si, Whitney 
(Israel), mcrch. VJ Central wf. S.'s li. Winthrop pi. 

Stanton Peter, mariner, Gibbs lane 

Stanton William, lab(jrer, rear 27 Washington place 

Stanwood David, merchant, 100 Sea, h. 27 Atkinson 

Stan wood Samuel, j)ainter, 11 Madiscjii jjWu i; 

Staples George, DU Fan. Hall market, h. 8 Centre 

Staples Isaac, house \ Acorn 


Staples J. N. & Isaac, wine merchants, City Hall 
Staples James N. house cor. Gridley and Purchase 
Staples {John) & Nichols {R. JVheUen), tailors and dra- 
pers, 3 Congress square 
Staples John, house 101 Washington 
Starbird Asa T. tailor, 31 Dock square 
Starbird Nathaniel VV. tailor, 11 State, h. 9 Salem place 
Stark Anna, widow, Battery 
Staik James, hatter, house Castle near Suffolk 
Stark Joseph, tailor, 43 Congress 
Starkie Ebenezer, cartman, rear 131 Hanover 
Starkweather 3Iary G. widow, h. 113 Tremont 
Starr Thomas, house C6 Charter 

Stearns Amos F. junk shop, op. 60 Purch. li. 7 South 
Stearns Charles, mcs. Tremont Bank, h. Congress court 
Stearns (Charles H.) & Pulsifer (Thomas P.), grocers, 

Commercial corner Ann 
Stearns Curtis (C. & E. S.), house 73 Salem 
Stearns Curtis & Elijah, grocers, Saiem cor. Prince 
Stearns Eckley, 53 Eaiieuil Hall market 
Stearns Elijah, liouse 63 Prince 

Stearns George B. mer. 40 S. Market, h. Temple place 
Stearns G. 6l H. shipchand. IS Commer. h. 4 Bowdoin 
Stearns Hannah, widow, h. JMerrimac 
Stearns H. cap manufact. 2 Scollay's build, h. 1 Cent. ct. 
Stearns Jacob, merchant, Green, corner Gouch 
Stearns John (Parks, Blackburn 4' ^'o.), h. 55 Beacon 
Stearns John, cartman, Leveret court 
Stearns Simon, W. I. g'ds, 8 India, h. 2 Sullivan place 
Stearns Thomas, 1 Central court 
Stearns Timothy D. truckman, S. Margin 
Stearns ((F?/i.) Sc Crushy (Loamini), W. I. goods, 134 

State, house Hartford place 
Stearns VVilliam, mason, h. 11 Williams 
Stearns William G. counsellor, 17 State 
Stebbins C. pumpmaker, Otis's wf. b'ds 4 Oliver place 
Stebbins J. B. physician, Broadway near Dorchester 
Stebbins Judah, biirbcr, 31 Chambers, h. rear 
Stebbins Roderick, h. rear Cross near Hanover 
Stebbins Saniuel, pumpmaker, Otis's wf. h. 106 Purchase 
Stebbins Thomas H. pumpmaker, h. 10 Pleasant st. court 
Stedman Charles, printer, Medford 
Stedman Eliza Ann, widow of Elijah, h. 11 Fleet 
Stedman John (Sargcjit (fe S.), h. 29 Cross 
Stedman VVm. M. & Co. (Joseph A.^ White), W. I. g'ds, 
438 Wash, Stedman's house Kneeland 


Steel Mary, widow of Ephraim P. 5 Salem 

Steele James, bookkeeper Am. Bank, li. 21 Leveret 

Steele James R. watrhman, House of Correction, S. Bos. 

Steele Julius C. (Sout/iard & S.), h. 128 Purchase 

Steele Guidon, cashier North Bank, h. 21 Leveret 

Steele Samuel D. truckman, Beverly 

Stenchfiold Henry, painter, rear 132 FLinover 

Stephenson Peter, tailor, house (iO Temple 

Stephenson Thomas, dep. shfVand jailer, h. Leveret 

Stetson AIj)heus, ship juiner, Dorchester st. S. Boston 

Stetson Caleb, shoes, 10 Broad, h. 28 La Grange pi. 

Stetson Charles A. 21 School 

Stetson Clement. See Smith & S. 

Stetson Joshua & Co. (Lcbbcus S.), dry g'ds, 92 Hanov. 

Stetson Lebbeus, 94 Hanover 

Stetson Reul>en, blacksmith, h. 3d street 

Stetson Sarah, milliner, 94 Hanover 

Stetson William, shipwright, h. A st. rear Franklin Bank 

Stevens Aaron, 53 Poplar 

Stevens A. L. jr. sailmaker, 81 Prince 

Stevens Abraham L. smith, Fulton, h. 116 Salem 

Stevens Amos, bal. fac. 5 south side Faneuil Hall 

Stevens Ann, widow, opposite 80 Tremont 

Stevens Benjamin, merchant, house 40 Pleasant 

Stevens B. Franklin, mahogany chairs, 113 Cambridge, 

house GO Myrtle 
Stevens Benjamin W.-grocer, Commercial near Foster 
Stevens Caroline A. wid. of Charles, 1 Stillman place 
Stevens Collins, last maker, h. 3 May place 
Stevens Ebenezer, physician, inspec. Cus. H. Broadway 
Stevens Edward L. {Bridoc ^ S.), h. 01 Federal 
Stevens Eliza, widow of Ebenezer, 48 Orange. 
Stevens Elizabeth, 54 I'rince 
Stevens Geo. cordwaincr, house 40 Bridge 
Stevens Gideon, laborer. Piper's wharf 
Stevens Henry, baker, 323 Ann 
Stevens (Isaac), Fisher (Francis) & Co. (Win. Parker), 

mer. 23 Central wf Stevens's h. 135 Tremont 
Stevens James, planemaker, 5, h. fi Mcrrimac 
Stevens John, Sec. Common. Ins. Co. h. (183 Washington 
Stevens John H. printer, honse 4th street 
Stevens Joseph, inspector of Customs, h. 77 Purchase 
Stevens Loriman G. See Howe &. S. 
Stevens Luther, copporpl. print. G State, h. 4 Ballard pi 
Stevens Samuel M.'housewrlght, h. 1 Oliver place 


Stevens Samuel, housevvright, 2 Tileston 

Stevens Seriah, chemical worker, h. Dorchester street 

Stevens Silas, City market, h. 181 Hanover 

Stevens Simeon, teamster. Grove 

Stevenson Catharine, rear 78 Tremont 

Stevenson Galen L. cabinetmaker, Suffolk 

Stevenson J. Greely, physician, School cor. Tremont 

Stevenson J. Tiiomas, 35 Central vvf. h. 43 Chesnut 

Stevenson William, notary jjublic, 51 State, boards at 

Dr. Stevenson's, School 
Stevenson William, pumpmaker, h. 2 Purchase 
Stewart Alexander & Wm. upholsterers, 32 Tremont 
Stewart Edward B. H. printer, h. 7 Bridge street court 
Stewart Enos, counsellor, 30 Court 
Stewart John, mariner, house Creek square 
Stewart John, handcartman, h. Market place 
Stewart John, housewright, h. 610 Washington 
Stewart Jonathan, laborer, rear S. Russell 
Stewart Nelson, housewright, h. 1 Norfolk place 
Stewart Susan, rear G4 Hanover 
Stewart Thomas, cordwainer, Williams court 
Stickney Elizabeth T. widow, Derne 
Stickney John, brassfounder, rear 24 North Russell 
Stickney Josiah, W. I. g'ds, 16 India, h. 3 La Grange pi. 
Stickney Samuel, housewright. Prince, h. 4th street 
Stickney Silas, jr. innholder. Leveret Street House 
Stickney ( William) &, Goodridge {Frederick), W. L g'ds, 

12 Chatham. Stickney's house 304 Washington 
Stieger Conrad, sugar refiner, h. rear II Short 
Stiles Moses, housewright, 13 Cross 
Stillman Samuel. See T. W. Baldwin & Co. 
Stimpson Abigail, school, 1 Harvard, h. Carver 
Stimpson Amelia, laundress, 85 Prince 
Stimpson Andrew B. bookbinder, h. rear 2d street 
Stimpson Charles, Sec. Amer. Ins. Co. h. South si. ct. 
Stimpson Charles, jr. bookseller and stationer, 72 Wash. 

house 20 W^illiams 
Stimpson Frederick H. house 25 Atkinson 
Stimpson Herbert H. & Fred. H. stove and tinware manu. 

J27 State, h. 103 Purchase. See Adv. on cover 
Stimpson Isaac II. bookbiifder, house South st. court 
Stimpson John, clerk to Directors House of Industry, 

Faneuil Hall, h. Old Road, South Boston 
Stimpson Joseph, laborer, rear 3d st. 
Stimpson William C. & Co. (Edw. Brinley), druggists, 

3 south side F. Hall, h. 12 Leveret. See Adv. 


\ Stimson Caleb, house 86 Federal 

\ Stimson Jcr. jr. {Sa7il)orn, Hcrscij &. Co.), b'ds E. St. 11. 

; StimsoM Lovct, dancing master, house 33 Allen 

Stimson Moses F. See Foster, Cowdin & Co. 
' Stimson Samuel, iiouse Elliot corner Barre place 

Stinson Archibald, clerk, house rear Broadway 
- Stinson William, housewright, house 4 North Margin 

Stinson William, jr. truckman, house rear 10 Lynde 

Stocker Anna R. boarding, 4 Tremont place 

Stocker John, boards 1 Bulfinch 

Stocker Sarah, West Cedar 

Stocker Thomas, cordv^ainer, Rlechanic 

Stockuian John, housevvright, G8 Tremont 

Stockton Henry K. 31 Cornhill 

Stockwcll Joseph, truckman, 8 Mechanic 

Stockwell Mary, widow, Clark alley 

Stoddard Betsy, 39 South Russell 

Stoddard Charles {Edwards &, S.), house 3 Franklin 

Stoddard (David) & Hutchins (£. C), W. I. goods, 11 
South IMarket 
; Stoddard Gridley, housewright, 32 Cambridge 
' Stoddard Isaiah,' housew't, Bumstcad ct. h. 3 Fayette ct. 

Stoddard John, upholsterer, opposite 7 Columbia 

Stoddard John B. balances, 8 Faneuil Hall, li. 39 Friend 

Stoddard Lewis T. (Gordon & S.), house 7 Staniford 

Stoddard Thomas J. cordwainer, house 4 Battery 
■ Stoddcr Ahnira, milliner and dressmaker, 310 \Vashing. 

Stoddor Jacob F. tailor, 7 Congress square, h. 24 INIyrtle 

Stoddcr Joseph, surveyor, G Richmond 
1 Stodder R. II. (Thomas Tarhcll &, Co.), house 3 Centre 

Stodder Samuel C. sailmaker, h. Commercial near Foster 

Stodder Sybilla, widow^ 3 Centre 

Stodder Thomas G. laborer. Leveret court 

Stodder William P. barroom, 4 Hanover, house Leveret 

Stokes James, boarding house, 2r)3 Ann 

Stokes James, mariner, house rear 110 Sea 
' Stone Abel, housewright, 5 Belknap 

Stone Abner, brass turner, boards rear 373 Washington 
J Stone Benj. T. dry goods, 381 Washington 

Stone Daniel, wood, Cambridge, h. 12 Charles 
! Stone Daniel P. dry goods, 2() Kilby, boards 84 Ann 

Stone Ebenezer W. clothing, 35 Brattle 

Stone Edwin, barroom, Merrimac 

Stone Henry B. Pres. Sullolk Bank, hou>e 31 Temple 

Stone (J. E.). Scaver (Xurvian) *fc Bush (5. L.), dry 
goods, 19 Kilby. Stone's liousc G5 Belknap 


Stone Jolin, pianoforte maker, 12 Front 

Stone John S. Rev. house Temple place 

Stone Joseph & Co. stable, 47 Hanover, h. 23 Portland 

Stone Joshua, pianoforte maker, h. Essex n. Wasiiington 

Stone Lewis, 8 Dock square 

Stone Lucy, widow, 30 School corner Province 

Stone Luther, piunofortemaker, h. rear 119 Pleasant 

Stone Martha and Margaret, laundresses, 4 Orange lane 

Sione Mary, boarding, 9 Brattle 

StoneNathan,prov. Parkman's mar. h. r. Ill Cambridge 

Stone Nathan, wheelwright, Pond, h. North Margin 

Stone Nathaniel, jr. {Haven & S.), h. 30 School 

Stone I'aul M. hackman, 70 Pond 

Stone P. A. {Bonneij ^ S.), boards 84 Hanover 

Stone (P. R. L) & Crosby (Frederick), W. I. goods, 

Charles corner Cambridge. Stone's h. 24 Bridge 
Stone Stephen S. innholder City Tavern, Brattle 
Stone Thomas J. (Lecain & S.), house 4 Causeway- 
Stone William W. (fV. & 5. Lawrence &. 5.), house 46 

Storer Charles, 3 Buinstead place 
Storer David Humphrpys, physician, 14 Winter 
Storer Robert B. merchant, 47 India wf h. Hancock av. 
Story Emma, widow, rear GC Pleasant 
Story Franklin H. 20 Chesnut 
Stove David, boarding house. Berry 
Stover Sylvester, house 103 Pleasant 
Stow Baron, Rev. 11 Sheafe 
Stow Edward, clerk, h. 1 Bridge street court 
Stow Trueman, wood, Packard's wf h. 15 Gibbs lane 
Stowe Freeman (M. S. Lincoln & Co.), h.2Prov. H. ct. 
Stoweli Jane, widow, 46 Pleasant 
Stovvell John, painter, h. 40 Pleasant 
Stoweli Charles, mason, h. 33 South Russell 
Stovvell Seth, constable, G Turnpike 
Stoweli Thomas, maciiinist, 17 Tremont 
Stovvers Benjamin, la!>i)rer, rear 44 I'ond 
Stowers James, house 20 W. Second 
Stoyle John, blacksmith, Marsh lane 
Straine John, laborer, 145 Broad 
Strang Martin, laborer, house 10 Bridge 
Strange Betsy, widow, 04 Poplar 
Stratton Charles E. clerk, 100, h. 11 Sea 
Stratton Ebenezer N. & Co. (J. A. Nohle), auctioneers, 

111 Wash. Stratton's h. 2 McLean court 

biRECTORV. 329 

Stratton rie(l(Mick, grocer, 1 George 

Stralton FriiiU, auciionecr, 5 Water, li. 42 Spring 

Slraltoi) Joliii, W. I. goods, 50 ('ontral, h. Slingis place 

Straltoii Jonas, leanistcr, house G \-'2 Elliot 

Streeler Nathan II. livery slahle, lirouitield 

Streeter Sally, widow, rear 585 NVnshlngton 

Streeter Sebastian F. house 20 Atkinson 

Streeter Sebastian, Rev. 20 Atkinson 

Strong Alexander, slioe store, 401 Wash b'ds Morton pi. 

Strong Charles D. bookbinder, G2 Cornhill, h. 54 Fayette 

Strong Levi, music printer, h. 3 Norfolk place 

Strong Louisa P. boarding, h. 130 Pleasant 

Strong Michael, refiner of wines, h. 92 Tremont 

Strong Woodbridge, physician, 18 Winter 

Stuart Polly, widow, Tremont cor Jeflerson 

Stuart Silas, clothing, Ann cor. Centre, 1). 11 Centre 

Stuart. See Stewart 

Stubbs Ebenezer, shipwright, Ann st. court 

Stubbs John, pilot, 272 Ann 

Studley Warren, tailoi , h. South Russell 

Sturgis Elizabeth, widow, 11 South 

Sturgis Russell «fe Co. nier. 81 Commercial wharf 

Sturgis \V'iiliam {Bnjdnt, S. tt Co.), h. 52 Summer 

Sturtevant Earl, 12 Tileston 

Sturtevant William, 10 Long wharf 

Sullaway John, stagedriver, h. B(;dford cor. Columbia 

Sullivan D.iniel, boarding, 84 Broad 

Sullivan Daniel, 12 Stillman 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, head Maine wharf 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, 174 Ann 

Sullivan Hannah, widow, rear 03 Elliot 

Sullivan James, stevedore, 150 Purchase 

Sullivan James, mason, h. 79 Warren 

Sullivan James, laborer, 152 Broad 

Sullivan James, machinist, h. rear 714 Washington 

Sullivan Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. A street 

Sullivan Jeremiah, lal'orer, rear 127 Pmchase 

Sullivan John O. laborer, head Maine wharf 

Sullivan John, house 102 Chambers 

Sullivan John J. pilot, h. 2 Moon 

Sullivan {Juhn W .) Sc Baibour {Jnlni A'.), merchanls, 24 

Commercial. Sullivan's h. 21 Somerset 
Sullivan Martin, laborer, h. rear 81 Broad 
Sullivan Mary, widi)w, Battervtnarch 
Sullivan Rebecca, widow olThenuis,] North Margin 


Sullivan Simon, gardener, h. 18 Myrtle 

Sullivan William, counsellor, Court sq. h. 15 Chesnut 

Sulloway Jacob, hackman, h. G Boylston square 

Summeis Ann, widow, A street 

Sumner Alfred H. 192 Washington, h. 2 Leveret 

Sumner Amos, tailor, 51 Brattle, h. North Grove 

Sumner Bradford, counsellor, 20 Court 

Sumner Charles V. sheriff, h. 20 Hancock 

Sumner Ebenezer, jr. 37 and 39 F. H. market 

Sumner F. A. physican, 13 School 

Sumner Henry, h. 20 Hancock 

Sumner Jesse, broker, 2 Exchange, h. 25 Chesnut 

Sumner Luther, housewright, rear GGO Washington 

Sumner Samuel, 2 Leveret 

Sumner Sarah, widow, 1 Belknap 

Sumner Seth, dry goods, 85 Hanover cor. Centre 

Sumner Susan, widow, 14 Poplar 

Sumner Timothy A. dry goods, 211 Wash. h. 7 Federal 

Sumner William H. adjutant general and quarter master, 

office State House, h. Mt. Vernon 
Sumner Wm. R. crock, ware, 192 Wash, b'ds 2 Leveret 
Sunks Anthony, laborer. Chambers st. court 
Suter John, captain, 5 Avon place 
Sutherland George, jeweller, 17 Friend 
Sutherland George, jr. jeweller, Pond street place 
Suttle Henry, hackman, h. Province 
Sutton Enoch, watchmaker, 377 Washing, h. 10 Avery 
Sutton Maria, milliner, 333 Washington 
Sutton Robert, mariner, house Gibbs lane 
Swain Darius, house Gl Charter 
Swallow Asa, mason, Garden court 
Swan Abigail, widow, 4 Piedmont 
Swan Benjamin B. paperstaitjer, house 4 Piedmont 
Swan {Reuben) & Gulliver (Lcm.), dry g'ds, 293 Wash. 
Swan Samuel S. barber, Merrimac cor. Market 
Swan Thomas, teller Columbian Bank 
Swasey Mary, widow of Joseph, boarding, 10 South 
Swasey Rufus, clerk, house GG Hanover 
Swatts Michael, founder, A street 
Sweeney James, laborer. Turnpike street 
Sweeny John, tobacconist, 25 South Russell 
Sweeny John, laborer, Turnpike street 
Sweney Charles, lighterman, house Sun court 
Sweney Lawrence, lighterman, Sun court 
Sweney Miles, lighterman, house Sun court 


Sweet Aaron, clerk, 120 Wasli. h. 10 Crescent place 

Sweet Jaboz, tailor, house 5 Centre 

Sweet James, vvatcliniaker, 80 Ann 

Sweet {Julin II.) & Roberts {Benjamin B.), jewellers, r. 

87 Washington. S. boards 18 Hanover 
Sweet Nathaniel, mason, 110 Hanover 
Sweet (Will. L.) & Piper {Geo. C), dry goods, 120 Han- 
over, h. 5 Centre 
Sweetman Thomas, laborer, 29 Sea 
Sweetscr Benjamin, 2 Causeway 

Sweetser Benjamin G. agent brewery, house S. Cedar 
Sweetser George, butcher, rear Broadway 
Sweetser Isaac, Sec. Washington Ins. Company 
Sweetser John, house 23 Warren 

Sweet.ser {Sam.) &, Penniman {Henry), shoes, Wash. 
Sweetser Sarah, widow, 85 Salem 
Swett Elizabeth, widow, h. 197 Hanover 
Swett Joseph, cabinettnaker, house Province 
Swett Moses A. cordwainer, h. 8 Norfolk place 
Swett Samuel {IV. D. S. Sc Co.), h. 28 Hancock 
Swett Samuel B. physician it surgeon, 9 Summer 
Swett Sam. W. Vice Pres. Nat. Ins. Co. h. 4 Hay ward pi, 
Swett Sarah, milliner, 309 Washington 
Swett Silas, cordwainer, 19 Essex, li. 8 Norfolk place 
Swett T'asker H. merchant, house 00 Beacon 
Swett Wm. B. & Co. {Samuel), mer. 10 Custom-h. st. 
Swett William C. printer, house 01 Pinckney 
Swett Wm. Gray, Rev. h. 28 Hancock 
Swift Agnes, 28 Charter 

Swift John J. {Parker 8^ S.), house 28 Charter 
Swift Mary, dry goods, 78 Ann, house 12 Centre 
Swift Mary B. widow, 277 Washington 
Swift William B. combmaker, 4 Marshall, h. 40 Camb. 
Swindell John, cordwainer, 100 Broad 
Swiney John D. coppersmith, house 18 31ylle 
Swords John, handcartman, rear 44 Congress 
Sylvester Adam. See R. Gardner & Co. 
Sylvester Nancy, widow, N. Russell corner Vine 
Symmcs {John) &. Eaton {Charles F.), W. I. goods, 

Brimmer's T 
Symmes John, cabinetmaker, Distil-house square 
Symmes l.iilher, 14 Butler row, house 41 Boylston 
Symonds John 11. hairdresser, 40 Cong. h. 50 Myrtle 
Szymanski I. fencing master, 8 Winter 


TABER FRANKLIN, stonecutter, 21 Briahton 

Taber Job, carpets, 57 Washington, li. 11 Green 

Tabor Eliza, nurse, 11 Portland 

Taft Joseph, laborer, Sea near East 

Tafi Reed, hotel. Old Road, South Boston 

Taft Samuel J. boarding house, 484 Washington 

Taggard John, 355 Wasliington 

Tainter Albert, colorer, rear 200 Washington 

Tainter {Daniel A.) & Buttriek {Loivcll), provis. Derne, 

house Ridgeway lane 
Tainter Wni. C. {Carlton ^ T.), house 35 Poplar 
Tak J. J. V. D. crockeryvvare, 300 Wash. h. 2 Avery pi. 
Talbot Abigail, boarding, 11 Beacon 
Talbot George, housevvright, rear 730 Washington 
Talbot Geo. W. crockery, 31 Union, boards 9 Elm 
Tallack John, mariner. North square 
Tallant Jacob, watchman, G4 Essex 
Talles Thomas, painter, h. rear 81 Milk 
Tapley Wm. provisions, 95 Ciiambers, h. Spring st. pi. 
Tap|)an Charles, merchant, 78 State, h. 19 Soutli 
Tappan John, merchant, 76 State, house 30 Summer 
Tappan John G. {Toicnscnd &^ T.), h. Arch c. Summer 
Tarbel Lemuel F. house rear 40 Ann 
Tarbell Silas P. merchant, house 9 Sudbury 
Tarbell Thomas & Co. (A'. //. Stoddcr ^^ Charles Faulk- 
ner), Europ. & India g'ds, 66 State, h. 11 Avon pi. 
Tarbox Esther, nurse. High street place 
Target William, housevvright, 2 Lyman place 
Tarlton Harriet, widow, toy shop, Derne 
Tarr David S. housevvright, house 4 South Margin 
Tasker Ebenezer, grocer, 320, house 324 Ann 
Tasker Matthew, painter, rear 39 Essex 
Tate Thomas, laborer, Commercial near Ann 
Tates Susan, widow, rear G Hollis 
Tales William, mason, rear G Hollis 
Tavares Joseph, stevedore, h. Hanover avenue 
Taylor Caleb, housevvright, rear Broadway- 
Taylor Charles, risger, 105 Broad 

Taylor Charles W. bookkeeper City Bank, h. G Minot 
Taylor Daniel, tailor, h. rear JMeriimac 
Taylor Daniel, house 10 Pitts 
Taylor {Daniel) & Waldron {Saimid JV.), crockery 

ware, 59 Broad. 'J'aylor's h. 15 Leveret 
Taylor Eber, housevvright, 37 West Cedar 
Taylor Edward^ boatman, house Battery 


Taylor Edward T. Rev-, house 1 Unify 

Taylor Frederick, wood wf. Canal, li. 34 Friend 

Taylor George, pianoforte maker, li. 17 Short 

Taylor George, teamster, 42 Friend 

Taylor Henry, painter, 82 Summer, house do. 

Taylor Isaac, liousewright, S. Margin, h. 101 Chambers 

Taylor Isaac, laborer. Leveret court 

Taylor James, laborer, 3 Scott court 

Taylor John P. clerk, h. 9 Sutiblk place 

Taylor Joiin, laborer, house 195 Hanover 

Taylor John, laborer, h. Grove corner Southac 

Taylor Joseph W. & Co. {George A. Reed), W. I. goods, 

22 Elm. T.'s house 190 Hanover 
Taylor Owen, stevedore, Commercial near Ann 
Taylor Ralj)!), mariner, Salutation 
Taylor Sophia, widow, h. rear 109 Washington 
Taylor Warren, cabinetmaker, Warren place 
Taylor Wilder, laborer, rear 27 Williams 
Taylor William, mariner, Lyman place 
Taylor William, C4 Kilby, h. 09 Bedford 
Taylor William, jr. hardware, 40S Washington 
Taylor William, laborer, h. rear 119 Broad 
Tead Edw. L. sailmaker, 3 ('ommercial, h. r. 350 Wash- 
Teasdel Thomas, turner, h. South Russell 
Tebbets Meshac R. mason, 52 Orange 
Tebbetts Enoch, mason, h. 23 South Russell 
Teitbetts John C. dry goods, 3 Libcrly sq. h. 3 Howard 
Tedder Betsy, boarding, 31)4 Washington 
Tee Peter, laborer, South Margin 
Toevans John, laborer, h. Boylston pi. 
Temple Joshua, soda room, 20 Franklin 
Tenipleton John, stonecutter, Charles, house George 
Tenney Amasa, cooper, 24 Long wf. h. Richmond 
Tenney John, liousewright, Lindall, h. 30 Short 
Tenney Samuel, assis. Pres. Mcr. Ins. Co. h. Commercial 

near Hanover 
Tenney Samuel C. baker, h. rear 10 Tremont 
Tenney Samuel N. hard ware, 7 Union, h. G Unity ct. 
Tenny Marshall, merchant, 4 Central wf h, 95 Hanover 
Tenny Oliver, cotton warehouse, Milk near Kilby, house 

1 Sewall place 
Terry H. G. See Whitney & T. 
Tewksbury Abijah R. lighterman, 77 Charter 
Tewksbury James, 147 Ann 
Tewksbury William, captain, rear 129 Pleasant 



Thacher Caroline, widow of Charles, h. 40 Chesnut 
Thachcr George & Co. {Isaac Tkaclter), W. I. goods, 31 

Long wf. house 4 Sewall place 
Thacher George C. mer. h. Broadway near Turnpike 
Thacher Isaac (G. T. & Co.), h. 4 Sewall place 
Thacher Jonathan, capt. 19 Gibbs lane 
Thacher Peter O. Judge Munic. Court and counsellor, 

Court square, house 10 Chesnut 
Thacher Theodore O. attorney, Court sq. h. 10 Chesnut 
Thacher {Thomas) & Billings {William G.), cotton deal- 
ers, 20 Long wf. Thacher's house 7 Milton place 
Thatcher B. B. attorney, 33 Court 
Thatcher David & Son {S. D. Thatcher), dry goods, 26 

Central, house 46 Chesnut 
Thatcher {Peter) & Fearing (Andrew C), dry goods, 90 

State. Thatcher's house 34 Mt. Vernon 
Thaxter A. W. jr. {Bates & Co.), house 99 Trcmont 
Thaxter Benjamin {Rice S/- T.), house 118 Tremont 
Thaxter Jacob, painter, h. Thaxter place 
Thaxter Jonathan, house 42 Leveret 
Thaxter Laban, house 83 Warren 

Thaxter Sam. math. inst. niak. 125 State, h. 41 Pinckney 
Thaxter Seth, carpenter, house 83 Warren 
Thaxter Seth, jr. & Laban, housewrights, Nassau, house 

Wheeler's court 
Thaxter Warren, cabinetmaker, Sea, house 51 South 
Thaxter William, housewright, h. 3 Jefl'erson 
Thayer Barnabas, blacksmith, house 4th street 
Thayer Catherine, schoolmistress, rear Broadway 
Thayer Charles, cordwainer, house 677 Washington 
Thayer Charles W. clerk, house 83 Essex 
Thayer Cotton, Salutation 
Thayer Cyrus B. machinist, 14 Water 
Thayer Deborah, boarding, 133 Court 
Thayer Ebenezer, clerk. Cook court 
Thayer Elias B. shoes, 29 Central, h. 12 Ash 
Thayer {Elijah) & Bates {Joshua C), 14 N. Market 
Thayer Elijah, boards at Excliange 
Thayer Elizabeth F. dressmaker, 677 Washington 
Thayer Ephraim, enginebuilder, rear 670 Washington 
Thayer George, housewright, h. rear Distil-house square 
Thayer George W. & Brothers {Luther jr. & Seth T.), 

shoes, 22 Merchants row, h. 11 Staniford 
Thayer Henry B. clerk, h. 73 Purchase 
Thayer Hoi lis, boards at Excliange 



Thayer I. T. tlciU, 55 Wiisliington 

Thav«;r Isaac-, shoos and leatlier, 89 Kilhy 

Thayer Joel &, IIulMs, VV. I. jzoods, 33 India 

Thajor Jorl, liouso 35T(Mii|)Ie 

Tliayer Jolin, mariner, li. 23 Richmond 

Thayer John E. hroker, 41) State, li. 3 Tearl 

Tliayer Joseph, dry j^oods, 1 Cornhill, 1). Comm. n. Hull 

Thayer Josi^ph, chair[jainler. h. Noycs place 

Thayer Josepii II. imp. and maiiu. ofpJipor hangings, 182 

Washington, h. !» W^ishington pla<;c 
Thayer Lnther, jr. 22Merchan'ts Ro\v,h. Nassau court 
Thayer iMoses, clerk, house 43 Alien 
Thayer Naihaniel. jr. (Prcstun S,- T.), h. 2 Somerset ct . 
Thayer Rehecca, laundress, rear 27 Milk 
Thayer Richard, surveyor, Short, h. 53 Essex 
Thayer Sarah, widow, 83 Charter 
Thayer Seth T. See G. VV. T. &, Hrothers 
Thayer Sylvanus, Col. Enj^ineers, U. S. A. h. 13 Allen 
Thayer Stephen, engine huildcr, Front, ii. r. 555 Wash. 
Thayer Sumner, hlacksniith, h. IJ street 
Thayer Susannah T. widow of Naihaniel F. h. Gridley 
Thayer Tliomas, hlaeksmith, h. rear 90 Pleasant 
Tiiayer Thomas A. sailmaker, Wales's wf. h. 4t]i st. 
Thayer (frni.) Sc Dean (C /i.), crockery ware, 18 Elm. 

Thayer's h. 104 Chambers 
Thayer W. C. h. 35 Temple 
Thayer Warren, hair work, 22 Hanover 
Thayer William T. housewright, h. 5 Norfolk place 
Thayer William W. & Co. (Li. W. Thayer), hats, Elm 

cor. Hanover, h. 133 Court 
Thing Joseph, captain, h. 30 Washington place 
Thing Samuel, pump afid block maker, 32 Cross 
Thissell Paul, laborer, Commercial near Ann 
Thom Sophia, widow, house Broadway 
Thomas Abraham, tailor, h. 6 Ilaymarket place 
Thomas Alexander, physician, 35 Tremont 
Thomas Charles A., VV. I. goods, 32G Washington, b'ds 

G Sutlolk place 
Thomas (Charles, laborer, h. rear 11 E.xchango 
Thomas Elizabeth, widow, muse, 15 S. Russell 
Thomas Elizabeth, rear 125 Hanover 
Thomas George P. mer. 53 Broad, h. 13 Spring 
Thomas Hannah, widow, rear Gibbs lane 
Thomas Josiah, cordw. 80 Court, h. JMarket, c.Merriniac 
Thomas Luke, 48 Tremont 


Tlionias f uke W. boards 2 Morton place 

Thomas Mark W. painter, 44 Congress, h. Soutliac ct. 

TJiomas Mary, widow, 3 Friend st. place 

Thomas Sarali, widow of Thomas, Battery 

Thomas Seth J. hat store, 60 Washington, h. 5S. Bonnet 

Thomas Sophia, widow, 17 Lynde 

Thomas Sylvanus, boarding, 44 Milk 

Thomas Thos. K. h. 133 Tremont 

Thomas William ( JVithingto?i, Russell ^ Co.), h. Pearl 

Thomas William, hoiisewright, Henchman lane 

Thompson Abigail, widow, Bulfinch place 

Thompsim Abijah, currier, 18 North Market 

Thompson Amasa, pumpmaker, h. 82 Summer 

Tliompson Amos G. {M. S. Lincoln & Co.), h |6 Otis pi. 

Thompson Benjamin, infirmary, Mt. Vernon, c. Charles 

Thompson {B. L.) & Willey {Newton), mer. 58 Long wf. 

Thompson {Charles) & Lapham {Luther) , 'won and steel, 

2 City wharf 
Thompson Dolly S. corsetmaker, Hawley cor. Frank, pi. 
Thompson Ebenezer, Mansion House, Milk 
Thompson Ebenezer, 8 Centre 
Thompson Erasmus, shipwright, 4 Snowhill 
Thompson Gabriel H. IGiVJer. Hall, h. 102 Tremont 
Thompson George, house 80 Federal 
Thompson G. & James L. comm. mer. 28 Long wf. 
Thompson Henry, housewright, 3G Charter 
Thompson Henry, housewright, 41 Portland 
Thompson James, whitesmith, house 62 Essox 
Thompson James, laborer, rear Broadway 
Thompson James M. comm. merchant, 16 Long wharf, 

house 18 Charles 
Thompson John, W. L g'ds, 25 Foster's wf h. 571 Wash. 
Thompson John, jr. cordwainer, 26 Federal 
Tliompson Joseph, cordwainer, rear 6 Charter 
Thompson Joseph M. captain, 97 Purchase 
Thompson Mary and Izabella. 39 Boylston 
Tliompson Moses, mason, 90 Warren 
Thompson Newell A. 17 Court, li. 118 Charles 
Thompson Samuel, grocer, 2i> Front, h. do. 
Thompson S. T. mes. New England Bank 
Thompson Thomas, merchant, 10 Beacon 
Thompson Thomas H. physician, 208 Hanover 
Thompson Thos. M. hardware, ISMerch. row, h. 5 Allen 
Thompson Timothy, agent Boston Iron Co. 8 Comm. wf. 
Thompson Willard G. truckman, 8 Sudbury 



1 Thompson Williain. Ii. 12 Somerset place 

.^ Tiiompson Win. & Co. (./. M. Dexter), bakers, S. Margin 
TliompsoM Win. sailmaker, 8 City \vf. Ii. Battery 
Thompson AVilli;im. inastmaker, Cominercial n. Ann 
Tiiompson Wm. mariner, Conunercia! near Foster 
Thompson Willi.'; A. Ii(jiise\vriiilit, h. 118 Cliarles 
Thomson Benjamin, tailor, south end Washington 
Thorndike Augustus, mer. 52 Beacon 
Thorudike Edw. druggist, G3 Cambridge, h. 2G Spring 
Thorndike Israel, merchant, 32 Summer 
Thorndike John P. house 50 Boylston 
Thorndike i\Iary AI. widow of Charles, h. 5 Otis place 
Thorndike William, Pres. Nat. Insurance Company 
Thorndike Zelotes, mason, opposite 12 Carver 
Thorp Ezekiel, housewright, h. GO Tremont 
Thorp George, laborer, rear 59 Prince 
Thorp Joshua, fruit. Market square, h. 3 Foster place 
Thorp Sarah, widow, Hanover avenue 
Thorp Thomas, victualler, house 139 Cambridge 
Thresher Eben., cor. sec. N. B. Ed. Soc. 13 Joy's build. 

h. 82 Mount Vernon 
Thresher Mary, widow, rear G12 Washington 
Thurston Cah;b, wharfinger, 4th st. h. B street 
Thurston Daniel, teamster, h. B street 
Thurston Lyman, stereotype founder, Water, h. Wen- 
dell corner Hamilton 
Thurston {W. S.) &, Bird {E. B.), dry goods, 9 Central 
Thwing Elijah, jr. provisions, 3 Chambers, h. 12 Belknap 
Thwing James, teacher, 1() Hancock 
Thwiiig (S. C.) it Perkins {Stcph. H.), mer. 23 India wf. 
Thwiug Wm., W. I. g'ds, 28 Cent., h. c. Green & Gouch 
Tibbets John, stevedore, rear 3i) Prince 
Tibi)etts Isaac, teamster, h. G Friend street place 
Tibbetts Timothy, house Franklin avenue 
Ticknor George, Jiouse 8 Park 

Tickiior William D. {Mien & T.), h. 7 Ilayward place 
Tidd Jacob, grocer, 3 Exchange, house 87 Chambers 
Tirt'any Lyman & Son (Fraibcis A.), domestic goods, 83 

Kilby, liouse 13 West 
Tiglio James, grocer, 118 Ann 

Tighe Lucy A. widcnv, boarding h., c. Atkinson & Milk 
Tiglie Philip, laborer, rear Broadway 
Tihhm Bryant i*. merchant, house Berry 
Tildcn David, mason, 41 Bridge 
Tildcn John, domestic g'ds, 73 Water, b'ds 110 Charles 


Tilden Joseph, President Columbian Bank, h. 10 South 

Tilden Joseph, mason, 111) Cljarles 

Tilden Joseph W. house 110 Charles 

Tileston Mary, widow, 10 Pleasant 

Tileston Mary, widow of John, 21 Purchase 

Tileston Nathaniel W., pianofortemaker, h. 9 Piedmont 

Tileston (Otis), Samson {A.JV.) & Co. {Peltiah Metcalf), 

dry goods, 174 Washington 
Tileston Otis, house May 
Tileston Thomas, house 23 Purchase 
Tileston Timothy, planemaker, 54, house 75 Front 
Tileston Timothy, jr. planemaker, house Ash 
Tileston William, house 3 Derne 

Tileston William, chaisemaker, boards 5 Province H. et. 
Tillson John, shoe stock, 44 N. market, house 48 Poplar. 

See advertisement 
Tillson David, slater. Friend below Travers 
Tillson Maria, dressmaker, 21)8 Washington 
Tilton Benjamin {Jackson & T.), h. 5 Ciescent place 
Tilton John P. teamster, house 10 Purchase 
Timmins Henry, 21 State, house Mount Vernon 
Timmins Martin, handcartman, Friend near Travers 
Timoney John, laborer, rear 32 Pond 
Timoney Dennis, clerk, 15 Water 
TimsoH John, jr. stove trimmer, h. 547 Washington 
Tinkham Jeremiah, captain, 44 Fayette 
Tinkham Sylvanus, vict. Parkman mar. h. 1 Southac ct. 
Tinney S. C. baker, Commercial near Foster 
Tirrell (Jlrtevuis) ^'■Mosman (Riifus), coal dealers, Cross 

near Commercial. T.'s house 10 Stillman 
Tirrell Daniel, wood wharf, Front, house 7 S. Bennet 
Tirrell Edward C. shoe store, 29, house rear 28 Ann 
Tirrell Isaac, boxmaker, 4 Blake's court 
Tirrell Job, housewright, 59 Warren 
Tirrell John (Fay & T.), house 3 Nassau 
Tirrell Jacob P. 15G Hanover, house 3 Blake's court 
Tirrell Loren, housewright, 99 Charter 
Tirrell Oakes, boxmaker, 3 Blake's court 
Tirrell Thomas, shoes, 47 North Market, h. 9 Friend 
Tirrell Thomas A. shoe dealer, 47 N. Mar. h.8 Stillman 
Tisdale (Mace) & Ilewins (S. K.), hides and leather, 1 

Long wf T.'s house 15 Rowe place 
Titcomb Ephraim, shipping off. 79 Broad, h. 117 Purch. 
Titcornb Robert, pianoforte maker, h. rear 727 Washing. 
Titcomb Samuel B. bur room, 75 Broad, h. 140 Purchase 


Titcomb Stephen, 32 Coinhill, li. C Myrtle court 

Titcomb Thomas, ropemiiUer, house '3 Carver 

Thcomb (George) cV Puliiey (Lconaid), W. I. goods, 

cor. Warreu and Treuiont. T.'s h. 1 (Jarhuid place 
Titus Bcnjuiniu, plasterer, lUMiltoi) 
Titus Daniel, mason, house IG iJrighton 
Tobcy Henry, captain, h. 95 Summer 
Tobey Lemuel, house George 
Toby Joseph, laborer, house Creek square 
Tobm iSarah, widow, bouse 11 East 
Todd Catherine, widow of Jacob, Ho Purchase 
Todd Charles 11. dry goods, 70 Kilby, b"ds N.E. Coft". H. 
Todd Thomas, \V. 1. goods, 14(j, li. 150 Pleasant 
Todd William J. Sec Lane, Lamson &. Co. 
Tohuan x\delinc, dressmaker, 585 Washington 
Tolman Christopher. See Payson & T. 
Tolman lltMiry, painter, h. 4o7 Washington 
Tolman James {Macuinbcr &, 7'.), boards 30 Milk 
Tolman Joseph A. (Brlurd (Sc T.), boards 45 Milk 
Tolman IN'ath'l, fiirniture, 157 Court, h. rear 000 Wash. 
Tolman Rachael, nurse, 5b5 Washington 
Tombs Michael, \)\) F. 11. market, house 14 Allen 
Totnlinson John 11. laborer, rear gun-house, Fort Hill 
Tommcy Daniel, blacksmith, Flagg alley 
Tompkins Abel, binder, 32 W^ashmglon 
Tompkins {I. S.) <Si. Housely {George), coppersmiths, 

21 Union. Tompkins's house 33 Salem 
Tompkins Lemuel, etdlcctor, h. Cross near Saleui 
Tomi)kius Mary, widow, r«!ar 132 Hanover 
Tompkins William, jiaper iianger, J I Vine 
Tompkins Tabitha, widow of William, Garden 
Toohey Mary, widow of Roderick, 14 Franklin 
Tottmy Catharine, widow, Spear alley 
Toplili' Benjamin, house 20 Purchase 
Topliff Samuel tfc Betijamin, reading and news room, 

City Hall. S. T.'s house 32 Washington place 
Torpey Timothy, bottler, house rear bl Milk 
Torrey Charles, broker, 41) Slate, house 42 High 
Torrey Ebcnezer O. house Unity 

Torrey G. W., W. \. gds, 25 S. Market, h. 42 Hanover 
Torrey John G. house 53 Federal 

Torrey Joseph, grocer, Gouch c(»r. Mcrrimac, li. 43 Salem 
Torrey Samuel *.\: John H. merchants, 01 State 
Torrey Samuel, house 102 TreuKjnt 
Torry Joseph G. printer, house 3 Howard 


Tothill William {Skinner ^ T.), house 13 Sudbury 

Totman Isaac, housewright, Pinckney 

Tower D. B. teacher Bennet school, h. 105 Salem 

Tower Elisha, gilder, house 15 Centre 

Tower George, teacher Adams school, boards 1 Pearl 

Tower Job, grocer, G54 Washington, h. Suffolk 

Tower Nichols, mason, h. 3 Myrtle court 

Tovvle Abraham, housewright, h. 30 Belknap 

Tovvle Frederick, housewright, N. Bennet 

Tovvle I. carpenter, Oliver 

Towle Lyman {Morse S,^ T.), h. 19 Salem 

Tovvle Newel, riding school, IMason, h. 1 Bradford place 

Towle Susannah VV. See Whitney & T. 

Town Edmund, laborer, 57 Hancock 

Town Luther, wood wharf & h. Commer. n. the bridge 

Towne John, gas works, h. 2 Snowhill 

Towne Orr N. hat store, 34 Ehn, house 45 Allen 

Towne Solomon, captain, house 31 Orange 

Townsend Alexander, counsellor, 3 State, h. 5 Hawkins 

Townsend David, counsellor, 3 State, h. 5 Hawkins 

Townsend David S. paymaster U. S. army, 141 Pleasant 

Townsend Elbridge, housewright, C5 Charter 

Towsend Elmer {J. Forhash fy Co.), h. 2 W. Cedar 

Townsend {Henry B.) & Tappan {John G.), French 

goods, 75 State cor. Kilby. T.'s h. 12 Avon place 
Townsend Isaac P. »t. Co. {Alfred JVinsor), merchants, 

23 Commercial wharf, h. 134 Pleasant 
Townsend Sally, grocer, Essex corner Front 
Townsend Samuel, housewright, h. 37 Prince 
Townsend Solomon D. physician, 10 Somerset 
Townsend Thomas, housewright, Avery, h. Mason 
Tracy Marks, laborer, Tremont near Pleasant 
Tracy Mary, widow, h. rear 41 Congress 
Tracy Nathaniel, weigher and guager, Custom House 
Train Elijah N. {S. Train ^ Co.), h. 4 Chesnut 
Train Enoch {S. Train &. Co.), h. 62 Mount Vernon 
Train Samuel & Co. {E. & E. JV. Train), merchants, 50 

Commercial wharf 
Trainer Michael, laborer. Theatre alley 
Traip Robert W. dry goods, 39 Washing, li. 8 Somerset 
Trask Benjamin, mason, 17 Tremont 
Trask Edw. com. merch't, 45 Long wf b'ds 6 Brattle sq. 
Trask Elijah, bar room, 45 Brattle, h. 80 Prince 
Trask Elijah, jr. tailor, 37 Brattle, li. 58 Poplar 
Trask John, blacksmith, Lyiide 


'r Trask Polly, tailoress, 38 Elliot 

Trcadwcll James P. clerk Custom House 

Treadwcll John, cabiuetuiaker, Atkinson, h. 15 do. 

Treadwell John, laborer, li. 5 Lyman place 

Trcadwcll JMosos, jr. (Ellis S^ 7'.), h. Eastern Stage H. 

Tremerc John B. wiiariiiigcr Sargent's vvf. h. 18!)IIanov. 

Trcmlctt Thomas, couniing room 2G Foster's wiiarf 
, Trench George, mariner, Essex place 
. Trench Hannah 11. 4'J Prince 
'. Trench Hannah, widow ofOllinioI,h. 10 Henchman lane 

Trench Sarah, widow of Olhniol, h. 8 Tileston 
; Trescott Ebon, constable, 2 Franklin av. h. 64 Purchase 

Trcscott Elijah, jr. shoes, 171 VVasliiiig. b'ds 2 Central el. 

Trimble Isaac, civil engineer, 1 1 Joy's build, h. 22 Beacon 
I Triplett William E. cooper, 3 Bartlett 
' Trisct)| Dennis, laborer, li. 104 Broad 
' TrolHtor Edward, machinist, house 1)7 Charles 

Trotl Benj. B. miniature painter, 3 Scollay's buildings 

Trott I'.dward, stucco worker, 22 S. Russell 

Trott Elizabeth Jane, boarditig house, 10 Morton place 

Trott Elizabeth, widow, 14 South Bonnet 

Trott {George) & Bumstead (John), mer. 40 S. Market 

Tr(itt George, house 32 Winter 

Trott &. Co. (Charles E. Trott and Ilcnrij M. Aborn), 
druggists, 123 State 

Trott John S. captain, boards 17 Atkinson 

Trott Jonathan, clerk Union Bank, h. 14 South Bennct 

Trotl Peter (Currier S^ T.), h. 14 South Bennel 

Troup .Alexander, housewright, h. 2!)G Washington 

Troup William, dry goods, 50 llanover 

Trout William, baker, IG East 

Trow Richard, h;M-ncssmaker, 533, h. 355 Washington 
; Trowbridge Charles, house N. Grove 
■ Trowbridge James, 3 (Jciorge 

TruQ, Benjamin, prirUer, li) Water, house 15 Salem 

True William, bouse Miuot 

Truomau Jruie, house ID!) Hanover 

Trueman Sarah, tailoress, 3 Fayette court 
i Tru(!iiian Robert, house 3 West (^edar 
: Triifanl George (Grigirs, Weld »fe Co.), boards 3 Pearl 

Trull Aaron, distillei , house Bimistead court 
i Trull E/.ra A: Se.u {Jolui /•'.), distillers, junction of Mer- 
' rimac and I'ortland, house Ald(>n lano 

Trull Ezra, jr. distiller, Distil-house sq. b'ds at Ezra T.'s 

Trull Frederick, grocer, Salem corner Charier 


Trull John, house rear 15 Hanover 

Trull John F. house C7 Chambers 

Trull J. VV. house 26 Beacon 

Trumbull Charles, accountant, boards 7 Federal 

Trumbull James, lamplighter, 46 Front 

Truuibuii VViHiam, shoes, 621 Washington, h. 42 Orange 

Tuck Edward, grocery, 2 Green, h. 23 Second 

Tucker Charles C. C. {R. D. Tucker ^ Son), h. 4 High 

Tucker Eleanor, widow of Nathaniel, 57 Chesnut 

Tucker Eliab F. house 3 Tremont 

Tucker John, clerk U. S. Branch Bank 

Tucker John C. cooper, house 4 Bath 

Tucker Joseph, farmer, house rear 75 Elliot 

Tucker Joseph, stevedoie, rear EatJt 

Tucker Joseph C. guager, 2[) India, h. Lafayette Hotel 

Tucker Joshua, dentist, house 145 Tremont 

Tucker Lewis, handcartman, h. Lyman place 

Tucker Lyman, jr. turner, Warren, h. 10 1-2 Fayette 

Tucker Mary, widow, rear 8 Franklin 

Tucker Mehitabel, widow, 1 Ballard place 

Tucker Richard D. & Son (Charles C. C), second store 

above the arch, India wharf, h. 3 Olis place 
Tucker Seth, clerk, house 74 Boylston 
Tucker Thomas J. hatlor, house 6 Garden 
Tucker (JVilliam) & Williams (G. jP.), merchants, 37 

Central wharf Tucker's liouse Rowe place 
Tucker Zephaniah, house 7 Boylston square 
Tuckerman Abraham, 10 Province House court 
Tuckerman Edward, 5 Kilby, house 33 Beacon 
Tuckerman Edward G. {JV. &. G. Tuckerman & Co.), 

house 3 Bulfinch place 
Tuckerman Gustavus ( IV. & G. T. & Co.), h. 15 Frank, pi. 
Tuckerman Harriet, widow, 18 Cross 
Tuckerman Henry H. merchant, 687 Washington 
Tuckerman John, house 30 Spring 
Tuckerman Joseph, Rev. 5 Mount Vernon place 
Tuckerman Wm. & Gustavus &, Co. (£. G. Tuckerman), 

hardware, Milk cor. Battery march 
Tuckerman William, house 3 Bulfinch place 
Tudor Frederick, 4 Pearl 
Tufts Ann, widow, nurse, 65 Prince 
Tufts Asa, cordvvainer, house Snowhill 
Tufts Eliza, widow of Ebenezer, 204 Hanover 
Tufts Eliza, nurse, rear Snowhill 
Tufts Francis, distiller, 58 Essex 


Tufts Gardner, colloctor bills, &c. 58 Essex 

Tufts (ioor<:e, mariner, Bartlelt 

Tufts Ilatiiiali, vviiiovv, 58 Essex 

Tufts James. See J. Fiiilerton & Co. 

Tufts Jolii), eombmaker, rear *24:J Washing, li. Broadway 

Tufts Margaret, widow, 73 Warren 

Tufts Nathaniel, tinphue worker, 25 Union 

Tufts Otis, machinist, Bromtield. h. 4 Province H. court 

Tufts Qnincy, J'nglish goods, 88 Washington, h. 8 Pearl 

Tufts William, I>ec. Mass. Mutual Insurance Company 

Tufts William, house 5 Scwall place 

Tufts William, 50 Leveret 

Tuuper Alfred, h. 13 Pleasant 

Turner Alice, widow, h. rear 3 Hanover 

Turner Azro, lookinggl. fr. mak. r. 17 Pond, h. r.5 Prince 

Turner Benjamin, house Battery 

Turner Charles, ironfounder, Ivors 

Turner Ci>rnelius, caulker and graver, Battery 

Turner Elizabeth, dressmaker, 28 Winter 

Turner Frederick, laborer, 39 Essex 

Turner James, blacksmith, rear Broadway 

1 Turner Job, bricklayer, 12 IVorlh Bennet 

! Turner John, mariner, 2 Tileston 

Turner John, frame work knitter. S. Cedar near Church 

' Turner John N. See Davis, Bates & T. 

Turner Joshua, housewright. Harvard pi. h. r. 425 Wash. 

! Turner Joshua, jr. housewright, house 78 Pleasant 
Turner Margarcjt. widow, 1 Low(dl place 
Turner Mary, nurse, 01)3 NV'ashinglun 
Turner Otis, teller Hamilton Bank, house 93 Salem 
Turner P.iul, housewright, 10 Stillman 
Turner Sally, widow oi" Henry, rear 2 Silowiiill 
Turner Samucd II. house 4 Derne 
Tmner Sarah, 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Turner Thomas, cordwaincr, 19 Summer 
Turner William, grocer, 104 Broad 

Turner Williams, ciiair painter, 1 !9 Cambr. h. W. Centre 
Turner William, housewright, 12 W^. Second 
Turj)in Joseph W. grocer, 72 Broad, h. 21 Hamilton 
Tutein Frederic k, stevedore, house 2 Sun court 
Tuttle Edward, baker, :}8 Ann and 80 Salem 
Tuttle Eliza, widow of Johfi W. house G5 Charter 
Tuttle Elijah, blacksmith, Haverhill, h. 29 Garden 
Tuttle Charles, shipjoiner, Dorchester sf. 
Tuttle {[{ugh II.) Si. Weeks (/F/«, .-7.), printers, 8 School. 
Tutiles house 54 Allen 


Tuttle Jedediah, house 93 Summer 

Tuttle Jesse (Milter & T.), house 27 Prince 

Tuttle John, blacksmith, 4 Brattle square, h. 53 Portland 

Tuttle Samuel, lighterman, 57 Prince 

Tuttle Samuel, jr. sailmaker, 85 Salem 

Tuttle Sarah B. 5 Friend street place 

Tuttle Theodore, waggoner, house Arnold 

Twiss George, typefounder, house 111 Chambers 

Twist Elizabeth, widow, house Peck lane 

Twist Solomon, 10 North Russell 

Twist Stephen, house 4th st. near Turnpike 

Twitchell Jotham, laborer, hoards Peck lane 

Twitchell Joseph, wood wharf, rear East, h. 2 Oliver pi. 

Twombly Alexander H. &. Co. hardware, 4 Union 

Tyler Jabez, mariner, rear 704 Washington 

Tyler Job VV. captain, house rear 123 Pleasant 

Tyler John, merchant, 9 Central wf h. 494 Washington 

Tyler John, jr. merchant, 9 Central wharf 

Tyler John S. & William C. brokers. 03 State 

Tyler Laban A. bookbinder, h. Turnpike near 4th st. 

Tyler William, Rev. h. Franklin place near Federal 

Tyler William F. ropemaker, house 5 Elliot court 

Tyler William N. ropemaker, house 5 Elliot court 

Tylor Sally, widow, boarding, 25(3 Hanover 

Tyson George, 23 Commercial wharf 

UART MICHAEL, house 199 Ann 

Ulman Jacob, hoiisewriglit, Marlboro' place, h. Church 

Ulman Maria, widow, Piedmont near Church 

Ulman William, binder, 122 Washington 

Underbill {Samuci G.) <fe George {William F.), blacksm. 

Pond, house 93 Pond 
Underwood Chloe, nurse, 5th street near C street 
Underwood Joseph, mason, rear 2d street 
Undeuvood Wm. & Co. ( /F. K. Lewis), mustard factory, 
"'rear Broadway, shop 4 Batterymarch, h. 5 Morton pi. 
Ungaretti Joseph, plaster casts, 157 Court 
Unruh Joseph B. silverplater, Bromfield, h. r. 237 Wash. 
Upham Charles, victualler, 544 Washiuiiton 
Upham Charles & Thos. W. I. g'ds, 433 Wash. h. IS Oak 
Upham Ebenezer, clerk, 18 North iMarket 
Upham Ebenezer, house H;iyinarkct place 
Upham Henry {Searlc & U.), house 47 Mount Vernon 
Upham James, cordwainer, Southac 
Upham Phineas, Ijuuse 7 Mount Vernon 


Upham Saimiol E. handcartmau, 5 Salem 

Upham Walter W. clerk, 89 State 

Upjohn Richard, architect, C4 Cornhill, li. 53 Cambridge 

Uran Joseph, cooper, Hancock wf. li. 2'MS Hanover 

Uran Sarali, nurse, Middlesex near Castle 

Urann Rich'd, planing and turning st'm lact. r. 746 Wash. 

Urquhart Alexander, ] Otis place 

Usher Hannah, widow of William, house 4th street 

Utley Parley, stable, li) Hanover, liouse 1 Carnes ct. 

VALENTINE CHARLES, merchant, 12 Long wharf 

Valentine E. school, 27 Joy's building 

Valentine J. G. upholsterer, 1U4 Court, h. 3 N. Russell 

Valentine John, captain, house South street court 

Valentine John J. merchant, 15 Commer. h. 31 Federal 

Valentine Peter, boarding house, 217 Ann 

Vallette Mary M. dry g'ds, 71 Court, house 15 Hancock 

Vandover George, mastmaker. Commercial near Foster 

Vannevar Alex, cooper & ins. Snow's wf h. G N. Bennet 

Vannevar George, housewright, George, h. 2 Unity court 

Vannevar James, cooper. Jenncy's wf Is. Com. n. Charter 

Vans William, house rear G50 W^ashington 

Varney Abigail, widow, 40 Prince 

Varney Joseph, grocery, 125 Ann 

Varney Joshua A.pumpmaker, Henchman lane 

Varney Temperance, house rear C3 Ann 

Varnum Nathaniel J. morocco dresser, house Arnold 

Vaugh William, stonecutter. East, h. rear 81 Sea 

Vaughan James, carpenter, 110 Sea 

Vaughan William, housewright, h. 547 Washington 

Veasy George W. brassfounder, house 4 Newton place 

Veazie {Antonla) & Berry {William), riggers, Railway. 

Veazie's house 7 Barllett 
Veazie Charles, shoe store, 257 Washington 
Veazie Eli {Gay ^ V.), house rear 13 Richmond 
Veazie Elijah, clerk, boards 01 Sea 
Veazie Rebecca, Union near Hanover 
Veber John, wheelwright. East, house 100 Charles 
Ventrcss Moses, tailor, boards rear 339 Washington 
Vincent William B. clerk,8 Comnier. wf. b'ds 48 Federal 
Vega Antonio G. Spanish Vice Consul 
Verder Daniel, painter, South Russell 
Vialle Samuel S. wheelwright, house rear 10 Prince 
Vialle Stephen, jr. cordwainer, Tileston corner Unity 
Vialle Susan, house rear 10 Prince 


Vila James, wool, 3 Phillips's buildings, h. 22.'Beacon 

Vila Joseph, wool and domestic goods, 63 Kilby 

Viles {Xathan) & Atkins (Henry), W. I. goods, 37 S. 

Market. Viles's house 7 Central ct. 
Vilno Eliza, widow, house Richmond 
Vilnov Sural), widow, Clark alley 
Vilnow Peter, caulker and graver, house IG Fleet 
Vinal Albert (G. V. & Son), house 19 Poplar 
Vinal Eliza, 104 Charles 
Vinal (Gideon) & Son (Albert), lumber wharfj near the 

Canal, Causeway, house 16 Poplar 
Vinal Gordon, printer, 56 Hanover 
Vinal Jane, house 104 Charles 
Vinal Jefferson, mason, 93 Charles 
Vinal (Nathaniel) & Johnson (Otis), grain and flour, 47 

Commercial. Vinal's house 47 Portland 
Vinal Otis, merchant, 33 Long wf. h. 748 Washington 
Vinal Spencer J. (Edgcrhj, V. & Co.), house 47 Portland 
Vincent Anna, widow, house Carver 
Vincent Mercy, widow, laundress, rear 88 Warren 
Vincent William E. clerk in the State Bank 
Vincent G. W. captain, 84 Prince 

Vinson Thos. M. weigher and gua. Cus. H. h. Broadway 
Vinto John, cooper, house N. Margin 
Vinton (Edward) & Lang (Richard), French g'ds, 301 

Washington. V. b'ds 24 Somerset place 
Vinton Elizabeth, widow, 45 Warren 
Vinton Elisha, dry goods, 403 Wash, b'ds 274 Wash. 
Vinton George & Co. (\V. V. Alden), domestic g'ds, 18 

Kilby. Vinton's h. 489 Washington 
Vinton George W. confectioner, 87, house 85 Court 
Vinton John, jr. saddler, May 
Vinton Oliver M. confectioner, 51 Court 
Vinton Sarah, boarding house, 17 Pearl 
Vinton Thos. J. confectioner, 273 Wash. h. 12Montg. pi. 
Voax Sarah, widow of James, 7 Tileston 
Volentine Nathaniel, clerk, 9 Pleasant street court 
Von Hagen P. A. instructor of music, Garden 
Vose Abraham, truckman, 55 Elliot 
Vose Abiel, teamster. Cooper 

Vose Charles, merchant, b'ds 7 Province House court 
Vose Charles H. mason, house 604 Washington 
Vose Ebenezer & Co. (A. T. Nercell), shoes, 379 Wash. 
Vose Elisha & Joshua, halters, 86 and 559 Washington. 
Vose Elisha, house 559 Washington 



Vosc James W. grocer, 2S4 Washington h. 20 Harvard 

Vose Jol.n, housewright, h. 4 Garhuul p ace 

Vosc Joshua E. {llkhclts & F.), boards 10 Ircmont 

Vose Josliiia, hatter, house lOTreuiont 

Vose Josiah, house 500 Washington 

Vose Josiah H. United States Army, house JO Allen 

Vose Nathaniel D. niilUman, T-jD Washington 

Vose Samuel D. teanisicr, 3 Carney place 

Vose Thomas, merchant, 21 Commercial wt. h. ZZ Llliot 

WADE ABRAHAM, cordwainer, h. 4 Norfolk place 
Wade Charles, watchmaker Milk near Pearl 
-Wade Eben H. (J. .^^A^o^ &- Co), house 02 ledcral 
Wade Francis, mason, Leveret court 
Wade Isaac. See Walcott & W ado 
Wade Jotham, mason, Leveret 

l^t. Jo1;";r"':at'„IyX 20 Cou,.., h. 18 Win.e. 

^:^: f;Sai:i:rci;^^''-L'?:i'f :iey ,v ... 33 se,,„o, 

Wadleigh George T. R. shoe stock and hndings, 13 Elm, 

boa'rds 38 Milk , . , r- 

Wadleiffh iUaiah) & Badger (D. £>.), blacksmiths, Cross 

coiner Fulton. W.'s house Leveret court 
Wadleigh James, gilder. South Russell 
Wadsworth Alexander, surveyor, r. 58 State, h. 6 Lynde 
Wadsworth G. P. painter, 08 Ann, house 4G Union 
Wadsworth Seth, Fulton House 
Wadsworth Wiswell, boatman, house 21 Salem 
Watrner John, laborer, 3d St. ^ , .„ ,t ^ i 

Wafuwright lienry , mer. 25 Cent^wf. h 2 Mt. \ ernon pi. 

t Richard G. clerk Common Council, City Ha.! 

it Silas L. printer, 51 Warren 

I William S. {Liibj, W.&c Co.), h. G51 Washington 

t widow, house 12 Chesnut 

tt Henry shoes and leather, 47 Broad, h. 8 Kneeland 

tt (Isaac B.) & Lovell (IVilliam S.), cordwainers, 5 

School. Waitt's house 54 Portland 
Wiitt Jacob shoes and leather, 47 Broad 
Waitt James (Lincoln, Edmauds 8,- Co.) 52 Temple 
Wakofeild Terence, house 5 Newton place 
Wakefield Cyrus (Foster & ir.), boards 48 Lnion 
Walsh Richard, victualler, 105 Milk 
Walcott (.^flro/i) »fc Wade (Isaac), wheeKvr ts, lileston s 

wharf. Walcott's house 7 South street place 




Walcutt (Lewis) & Cook (Moses), truckmen, Long wf. 

W.'s house 75 Elliot 
Waldo Henry S. mercliant, house 14 Summer 
Waldo William T. boards 42 Puichase 
Wuldock James, tailor, 342 Washington, house do. 
Waldren Margaret, widow, 48 Myrtle 
Waldron Elizabeth, dressmaker, 17 Temple 
Waldron John, crock ware, 40 Broad, h. 104 Chambers 
Waldron Samuel W. See Taylor & W. 
Waldron Samuel, housewriglit, 20 Vine 
Wales (.'Jmasa) & Woodman {Ediinn), hats, 42 Congress 
Wales (Ira) & Kingsbury {Bevj. JV.), shoes, 18 School 
Wales Samuel, 10 Faneuil Hall market, h. 7 Friend 
Wales Samuel, dry goods, 205 Wash, house 54 Federal 
Wales Thomas B. & Co. (A'ath'l H. Emmons^ T. B. 

IV. jr.), Wales's wharf. Sea. W.'s h. 24 Winter 
Wales Thos. C. boots & shoes, 195 Wash. h. 10 Kneeland 
Walker Amasa ^^ Co. (E. C- Emerson S^ JY. Harrisy 

merch. 22 S. Market, houso 10 Montgomery pi. 
Walker Elizabeth, widow of Ezekiel, 55 Warren 
Walker Charles, physician, Cambridge cor. Hancock 
Walker Charles, 107 Faneuil Hall market 
Walker Cha's E. shoes & leather, 40 N. Mark. h. 57 Pond 
Walker Cornelius, teacher in Wells school, h. 30 Myrtle 
W^alker Daniel, truckman, house 137 Hanover 
Walker Edward B. hatter, house Hull 
Walker Elisha, housewright, house 40 Warren 
Walker Ezra, grocer, Bedford corner Short 
Walker George, painter, h. 8 Ballard place 
Walker Hamilton, reed maker, rear 104 Purchase 
Walker Henry, 17 Stillman 
Walker Ira, laborer, house 76 Summer 
Walker Richard J. housewright, h.G Pleasant street ct. 
Walker Robert, stevedore, 40 Sea 
Walker Samuel, school. Leveret court 
Walker Wildes P. 14 Long wharf 
Walker William S. 13 Orange 
Walkins T. F. sausage maker, 4th street 
Wall Martin, fisherman. Salutation 
Wall Michael, laborer, Batterymarch 
Wall Michael, tallow chandler, south 752 Washington 
Wallace Abigail, widow. May 

Wallace Albert, clerk, 133 Slate, boards 19 Hancock 
Wallace Nancy, widow, 74 Warren 
Wallace Sarah, widow, house rear 42 Milk 



Wallack Moses, house CO Essex 

Wallcul Thomas, rear \ Orange lane 

Walley Charles, h. 37 Hancock 

Wallcy Samuel H. house 14 Beacon 

Walley Samuel H. jr. attorney, I City \vt. h. o Slanitord 

Wallis James, pianoforteinaker, h. rear 730 Washington 

Wallis Mary, widow, 52 Elliot 

Wallis Moriiecai L. mason, 45 Poplar 

Wallis Thomas, housewright, h. 84 Broad 

Wallisou \Vm. stonecutter, rear 2^5 Hanover 

Wahnsley Henry, plasterer, rear 55 Warren 

Walsh John, counsellor, 23 Court 

Walsh Richard, stucco factory, Brighton, h. 17 do. 

Walter Lynde, merchant. State, h. 58 Belknap ^ 

Walter Lynde M. ed. Transcript, 4 Exchange, h. o3 Belk. 

Walton Calvin, printer, Bay near Fayette 

Walton John, housewright, h. Vine 

Walton Reuhen, housewright, house 23 Second 

Ward And. H. weigh, and gua. Cus. H. h. 4 Central ct. 

Ward (.Irtemas) it Wildes (/Fm.), leather, 15 N. Market. 
Ward boards 11 Elm 

Ward Artemas, Chief Justice C. C. P. house 6 Park 

Ward (Charles T.) &, Ellison {James), mer. 18 Broad 

Ward Charles T. house G Park 

Ward Daniel, truckman, house 4 Orange lane 

Ward David, house 207 Hanover 

Ward E. P. 94 Faneuil Hall market 

Ward Gamaliel E. mariner, h. Casile op. Suffolk 

Ward Henry A. physician, corner Sullivan place 

Ward (Jamc6-), Goodhy (James) & Co. (IVm. Goodby), 

grates and fenders, 18 Union 
Ward John, house 120 Broad 
Ward Lydia, widow, IG Myrtle 

Ward Mary, widow of Captain William, 212 Hanover 
Ward Patrick, laborer, house rear Hamilton 
Ward Richard, teller Atlantic Bank 
Ward Samuel D. counsellor, 10 Court, h. G Park 
Ward (S. L) & Rich (0.), silversmiths, Williams court 
Ward S. *)4 Faneuil Hall market 
Ward Stephen, 7 1-2 Prince 
Ward Thomas, fisherman, Batteiy 
Ward Thomas W. 3 Park 
Ward William, house 4 Central court 
Ward William, sailmaker, Commercial near Foster 


Ward (Win. H.) & Davis (Edioard), commission mevcli. 

75 Milk. Ward's house 24 Mount Vernon 
Ward Winthrop, W. I. goods, lOGMiUt, h. 70 Poplar 
Warden Francis, house 4 Bulfinch 
Wardwell George, inspector Cus. H.b'ds 81 Brattle ct. 
Ware Addison , house 80 Pleasant 
Ware Edward {Uardij 4' Ware), boards 80 Pleasant 
Ware Daniel L. painter, 97 Cambridge 
Ware Horatio G. grocer, G7 Cambridge, h. S. Russell 
Ware John, physician, Tremont 
Ware Joshua, clerk, house Piedmont 
Ware Leonard (Everett & JV.), house 77 Elliot 
WareRhoda, boarding house, Mason 
Ware Sophia, toyshop, 322, house 320 Washington 
Warner Bela, W. I. goods, 19, house 36 Belknap 
Warner Hannah and Mary C. dressmakers, 210 Wash. 
Warner Richard, slater, rear gun house, Fort Hill 
Warner VV'illiam, superintendent Free Bridge 
Warren Asa, musician, rear 585 Washington 
Warren Charles, dry goods, 90 Hanover 
Warren Edward, physician, 3 Bumstead place 
Warren James L. L. F., English goods, 85 Washington 
AVarren John C. physician, 2 Park 
Warren John, jr. See Wliittier & Warren 
Warren John, booksel. 18G Tremont, h. 740 Washingtoa 
Warren Joseph R. printer, house 3 Barre place 
Warren Levi, wood, Haverhill, house 4 Leveret 
Warren Mary, widow, 15 Somerset place 
Warren (Moses) & Roby (7J.), wood *fc lum. Haverhill 
Warren Moses, house 2 South Margin 
Warren (R.), Barry (S. F.) & Park (T. B.), commission 

merchants, Gl Water. W.'s house 15 Somerset pi. 
Warren Philman, house Barre place 
Warren Thomas (Woodcock 4" /F.), house 93 Salem 
Warren Thomas (Henderson & W.), h. S. Cedar 
Warren Thomas B. baker, corner A and 4th 
Warren Thomas R. bootmaker, house 9 Fayette 
Warrener Francis, boards 1 Tremont pi. 
Warriner Rebecca, h. 55 Portland 
Warwick Thomas, watchmaker, 91 Washington 
Washburn Abicl, jr. dry goods, 23KiIby. h. 57 Bowdoin 
Washburn Calvin & ('o. (./. M. Washburn), Eiig. goods, 

G8 State, house 10 McT.,ean 
Washburn Jabn/,, baker, G19 Washington, h. 7 Brighton 
Washburn James, shipwright, house GG Cliarter 


Washburn Jeremiah & Brothers {Theodore S^ William) j 

housevviights, Causcvvfiy, h. 13 Dome 
Washburu John INI. house (KiTreinont 
Washburn Nahum, surgeon dentist, h. 31 Winter 
Wasliburn tSahnou, liousewright, ii. 57 Tetnplo 
Wasliburn Theodore, house 32 Myrtle 
Wasliburn W. 11. P. counsellor, (> State, h. 3 Cambridge 
Waterman Anthony, machinist, h. rear GOO Washington 
Waterman Elizabetli, dressmaker, 47 Boylston 
Waterman Melzar, silk dyer and bookstore, 390 Wash- 
ington. See advertisement 
Waterman A'.illKinicI, jr. tinplatcr, 87 Cornhill 
Waterman (7V/o//ia^>), Jones (JVm.) &. Co. {Clio's Thorp)^ 

housewrights, Barrett 
Waterman T. clerk Branch Bank, li. Go Poplar 
Waterman Thomas. See W. Jones &, Co. 
Waters Eben. coppersmith, 157 Broad, h. 172 Purchase 
Waters Hannah, dry goods, 210 Hanover 
Waters Isaac, house Willow 

Waters John, Sec'y N. E. Marine Ins. Co- li. 2G Elliot 
Waters Patrick, laborer, house rear 132 Ann 
Waters T. G. & Co. {Joseph Jildcii), shoes, 27 Cambridge 
Waters Thomas S. hairdresser, Turnpike street 
Waters William, caulker and graver, li. rear 3Ioon 
Waterston {Robert), Pray {Iscuic C.) &- Co. {John W. 
Hall), dry goods, 71 Kilby. W.'s h. High c. Oliver 
Waterston Robert C. woollen goods, 73 Kilby up stairs 
Watkins Andrew, Thomsonian Infirmary, 23 Harvard 
Watkins Charles H. mason, h. Lowell place 
Watkins Keziah, widow of David, rear 505 Washington 
Watriss Geo. E. Tremont house 

Watson Abraham A. physician, 420 Wash. c. Kneeland 
Watson Achsa, h. Beacli near Newton place 
Watson Andrew, laborer, Williams court 
Watson Daniel, blacksmith, h. 05 Elliot 
Watson Emma, h. rear 4!) Temple 

Watson Edw. jeweller, Wash. c. Milk, h. Mount Vernon 
Watson Harriet P. dressmaker, 25 Essex 
Watson John, trader, boards 94 Purchase 
Watson John, tailor, house Ciiurch 
Watson Lucy, widow, Arch 
VV^•ltson Thomas, trader, Clark 

Watson Thos. harness and trunks, 258 Ilanov. h. Clark 
Watts Francis, Pres. Atlantic Ins. Co. h. 5 Quincy place 
Watts Francis O. counsellor, 20 Court, h Pearl place 


Watts Lawrence B. rulemaker, 3 Chambers, h. 30 Poplar 

Watts Rachael, widow, Commercial near Foster 

Watts Rebecca, widow, Battery 

Watts Robert, fish dealer, h. Leveret court 

Watts William, ri<:ger, rear 125 Broad 

Wau^h Abigail, widow, Warren place 

Wayland John, mariner, house 92 Broad 

Waymonth Hcpzibah S. boarding house, G9 Tremont 

Weafer James, grocer, 20 Pleasant 

Wear Hannah, nurse, rear 26 Pleasant 

Wear John, cordwainer, rear 26 Pleasant 

Weatherbee Elijah T. clothing, &c. 100 Summer corner 

Broad, house do. 
Weatherston Margnret, dr}' goods, 9 Myrtle 
Weaver Edward H. painter, 8 Sudbury 
Weaver Jacob, 1 Henchman lane 
Webar John, mariner, 45 Prince 
Webb George J. professor of music, h. 22 Myrtle 
Webb John, boarding, 46 Union 
Webb Lucy, 10 Bulfinch 
Webb Mary, widow, 2 Richmond avenue 
Webb Michael, jr. dry goods, 34 Kilby, h. 5 Pitts 
Webber Aaron O. housew't, Devonshire, h 256 Wash. 
Webber Alonzo J. (Smith & W.), h. 42 Federal 
Webber Hannah, boarding, Kuhn place 
Webber James, mariner, rear 34 Prince 
Webber Philip, baker, George 
Webber Temperance, widow, rear 19 Cross 
Webber Zachariah, truckman, h. 287 Ann 
Weber Alexander, shoemaker, 444 Washington 
Weber Joseph, printer, house 14 Brattle 
Webster Alexander, carver, liouse rear Broadway 
Webster Amos, stable, Tremont, h. 104 do. 
Webster Ann Eliza, boarding house, 4 Bowdoin 
Webster Benjamin (Kimhall &, JV.), boards Jackson pj. 
Webster Daniel, coun. 33 Court, h. Summer cor. High 
Webster Freeman, teamster, 9 Friend st. place 
Webster (Jos/uia, jr.). Cliase {Hezekiah S.) & Bradley 

(Charles), dry g'ds, 16 Kilby. W.'s h. 5 Pearl pi. 
Webster Mary, widow, Sun court 
Webster (JVm. C.) & Southard (JVathaniel) , printers, 9 

Wedge Betsey, widow of Lothrop, boarding house, rear 

147 Washington 
Wedger Jacob, mariner, 5tli street 



Wedgcr John, baker, Kcnnaid's avenue 

Weeks John IS. Jiouscwriglit, li. G Madison place 

Weeks William A.{TuUle &. IV.), li. i»9 Salem 

Weenian Ebenezer, blacUsiuitli, IMenimac, li. 15 Gouch 

Weeman James, blacksmilli, h. OU Tioaiont 

Weir Mary, widow, 3 Norfolk place 

Welch Bcnjainiu-, cabinetmaker, Bntol|)h 

Welch Benjamin, jr. laborer, opposite 115 Pleasant 

Welch David, laborer, h. opposite 20 Avery 

Welch Edward II. boardin<^ house, h. 85 Summer 

Welch Elizabeth, widow of William, h. 14 Franklin pi. 

Welch Francis, Pres. Frank. Insur. Co. 4 Mt. Vernon 

AV^elch Iliram, well borer. Leveret lane 

\Velch John, merchant, 1 Hancock avenue 

Welch John, laborer. Bread 

Welch Sarah, boarding house, 21 Union 

Welch Sarah, widow, (50 Elliot 

Welch Thomas, laborer. Friend 

Welch Thomas, cooper, Peck lane 

Welch (/Fm.), GritHths (Chas.) &. Reeves, sawmakers, 

Weld Aaron D. jr. See Griggs & W. 
Weld Benjamin, 112 State 
Weld Daniel & Son {David), 30 S. Market, house 742 

Weld David (D. JVcld &, Son), li. G Central court 
Weld James, baker, 15 Custom H. st. h. 22 Atkinson 
Weld John D. {Emmons ^ W.), h. 11 Knecland 
Weld Sarah, widow of Frederick, h. G2 Temple 
\V'cld Thomas S. hardware, GO Kilby, h. GO Leveret 
Weld William F. tjierchant, 25 Central wf. h. GO Leveret 
Weldin James, tiuplateworkcr, h. 57 Tremont 
\V'ellcs Arnold F. attorney, 17 Court, h. \) Rowe pi. 
Welles Alfred & Co. {McL li. JWvcrs), silver ware, 3 &, 

4 Joy's building, bouse 2 Acorn 
Welles Benjamin, merchant, IG Chesnut 
Welles John & Benjamin, 31 State 
AVelles John, house 51> Summer 
Welles Titus, President Eagle Bank, h. 3 Walnut 
Welles William, confectioner, house 38 Bedford 
Wellman Elisha, housewiight, h. 00 Pleasant 
AVellman George B. clerk Custom II. h. 7 Federal 
Wellman William A. cleik Custom II. h. G Beacon 
\\'ells Benjamin T. painter, Bath, h. Short st. court 
Wells Charles, Pres. Mutual Ins. Co. h. 20 Bowdoin 


Wells Charles A. bookbinder, 1 and 7 Water 
Wells Eliza, widow of Thomas, rear 202 Hanover 
Wells E. M. P. Rev. school for moral discipline, South 

Boston Point 
Wells Hannah, widow of Seth, 6 Lynde 
Wells John B. general inspector of beef and pork, India 

cor. Milk, house 21 Charter 
Wells Lydia, widow of Benjamin T. 53 Salem 
Wells Martha, widow, house 55 Salem 
Wells Oliver S. housewright, 25 Brighton 
W^ells Russell, printer, house 10 Blossom 
Wells Samuel A. Pres. Atlas Ins Co. 23 Mt. Vernon 
Wells Thomas, house South Cedar 
Wells Thomas G. & Co. stereotype foundry, Water, 

house 92 Purchase 
Wells William, house 24 North Russell 
Wellington Alfred A. (G. Murdoch & Co.), h. 96 1-2 

Wellington (David, jr.) & Foster (T. R.), W. I. goods, 

5 N. Market. Wellington b'ds at Kilburn's Cof H. 
Wellington Charles, 90 Faneuil Hall market 
Wellington Jonathan F. 10 Boylston market 
Wellington Lucy, widow, 57 Salem 
Wellington Seth, stall, 3 Boylston market 
Welsh Henry, tinplater, 235 Wash. h. 25 Summer 
Welsh John, Barristers Hall 
Welsh Richard, bricklayer, A street 
Welsh Sarah, house 6 Jefferson place 
Welsh Walter, 61 F. H. market, h. South Russell 
Wendell Abraham, jr. captain, Broadway 
Wendell John, housewright, rear 53 Broad 
Wentworih Alexander, clerk, 151 Hanover 
Wentworth Cyrus, clerk, boards Federal cor. High 
Wentworth J:imes. See Button &. W. 
Wentworth John, mariner, Langdon place 
Wentworth Mary, house Hancock avenue 
Wentworth Philip, jr. clerk, 84 Salem 
Wentworth (/I'm.) »& Hunting {Daniel F.), truckmen, 

7 Custom House st. Wentworth's h. Salt lane 
Wentworth William, tt^ason, h. 3 Haymarket place 
Wescott Edward, grocer , 106 Sea 
Wesson Mary, widow. 4 Morton place 
W^csson Silas, Mass. CoiTee House, 36 Hanover 
Wesson William, housewright, rear 38 Short 
Wesson William M. jeweller, 105 Washington, house 4 

Morton place 


West Anna, widow of Josopli, 115 Purchase 
West Cluulcs, l)onrdin<:, 210 Ann 
West Edward, mariner, '2d street 
W'est John, India rubber dresser, house Chtn-ch 
West Joseph it Co. {IVm. Parhmun), hardware, 5 Dock- 
square, h. 33 High 
West Lucy, widow, 4 No'th Russell 
West Lucy, widow, b(>ar<ling liouse, 90 Federal 
West Thomas, confectioner, 15!) Ann 
Westerman Frederick, baker, h. 3 Lucas place 
Weston Alden B. mer. 37 Commer. wf b'ds 8 Pearl 
Weston Deborah, widow, rear 234 Washington 
Weston Ezra, 37 Commer. wf h. at Franklin Hotel 
Weston Ezra, jr. attorney, 17 Court, li. 1 Hancock avenue 
Weston Mary, tailoress, Bedford corner Washington 
Weston William P. housewright, Thaxter place 
\Vetherbee Elizabeth, boarding house, Norfolk avenue 
Wetherbee Jeremiah, stonecutter, Causeway 
Welherbee Jolm, clerk, h. 8C Mt. Vernon 
W^etherbee Lucy, boarding house, Union 
Wetherbee Sam'l, musician, 33 Cornhill. li. 24 Charles 
Wetherbee Samuel, jr. housewright, h. 34 Charles 
Wetherbee Sarah, house 86 Mt. Vernon 
WetherelI(Jo/«rt),Fowle(CArtr/c5 5.) & Barlow (//. 5), 

mer. 79 Kilby. Welherell's h. 9 Hamilton place 
W^etmore Thomas, counsellor, h. rear 15 Winter 
Weymouth Peter, tailor, h. 4 Madison place 
Whaland Martin, laborer, Hamilton alley 
Whall Joseph, whitesmith, h. 32 Short 
Wheaton Margaret, rear 42 Prince 

Wheelden Benj. reedmaker, Lindall, h. r. 70 Merrimac 
Wheeler Abel, instructed, Boylston school, b'ds 1 I'earl 
Wheeler Abigail, 38 Elliot 
Wheeler Benjamin, merchant, h. Boylston 
Wlieeler Bezaleel, bridgebuilder, house George 
W^heeler Edward, jr. See J. M. Peck, jr. <^ Co. 
VV^heeler Elizabeth, widow, 1 Central court 
Wheeler Elizabeth, tailoress, Haymarket place 
Wheeler Elisha, W. L goods, 805, h. 807 Washington 
Wheeler Eliza M. dressmaker, h. 1 Fayette court 
Wheeler George P. (C Lane, &, Co.), boards 14 High 
Wheeler Gillam B. housewright, Wheeler's court, h. 

corner Tremont and Pleasant 
Wheeler Jona. D. (Furjuim, Mills & W.), b'ds 10 Hanc'k 
AVheeler John, 32 Allen 


Wlieeler Joel, bricklayer, Castle opposite Middlesex 
Wheeler John, bUicksinith, rear Broadway 
Wheeler Joiin H. house\vrii,^ht, li. 15 Tremont 
Wheeler Joseph, broker, 3 Excliange, h. 75 Prince 
Wheeler Joseph N. tallow chandler, 5 Blake's court 
Wheeler Joseph P. merchant, 79 State, h. 142 Tremont 
Wheeler Mary, widow, house 12 East 
Wheeler Mary, widow of Joel, 99 Pleasant 
Wheeler Moses, merchant, 79 State, h. 142 Treinont 
Wheeler Rufus, surgeon dentist, 406 Wash. h. 3 Pleasant 
Wheeler {Samuel) &. Harrington {Buwen), W. I. goods, 

12 City wharf. Wheeler's house 84 Hanover 
Wheeler Samuel, Sec'ry Protection Ins. Comp. 23 State, 

house 37 Tremont 
Wheeler Warren, laborer, rear Merrimac 
Wheeler William, clerk, house Northampton 
Wheeler William, cordwainer, h. Haymarket place 
Wheelock D. & F. F. dry goods, 72 Hanover 
Wheelock F. F. boards Prince corner Garden court 
Wheelock Gill, dry goods, 32 Central, h. 15 Avon place 
Wheelock James J. 6 Prince 
Wheelock William A. broker, 2 Rogers's Buildings 

Wheelock , housewright, h. Broadway 

Wheelwright Daniel, weigher, 42 India, h. 81 Bedford 
Wheelwright Esther and Maitha, 24 Atkinson 
Wheelwright George, turner, 19 Dock sq. h. 37 Spring 
Wheelwright Joseph, woodsawyer, Commer. n. Hanover 
Wheelwright Lot & Son {Lot, jr.), 4G Central wharf 
Wheelwright Lot, house 99 Purchase 
Wheelwright Lot, jr. house 22 Chesnut 
Wlieelwright Mary B. boarding house, 2 JMorton place 
Wheelwright Nancy T. dressmaker. Friend street court 
Wheelwright Robert, Commercial near Henchman lane 
Wheelwright Samuel, weigher and guager, 35 Lidia, 

house 28 Washington place 
Wheelwright Samuel, jr. 41 Broad, h. 28 Washing, place 
Whelon Stephen, blacksmith, Turnpike, h. 3d street 
Whidden John M. merchant, 13 Doane, h. 45 High 
Whipple Ambrose, mariner, Commer. n. Henchman lane 
Whipple Perley B. clerk, 18 North Market 
Whipple Benjamin, inspector Custom House 
Whipple B. F. housewright, Charlestown and Cooper, 

house 2 Scott court 
W^hipple James K. See Perkins, IMarvin & Co. 
Whiston Elizabeth, widow, cor. Washington and Avery 



Winston Francis C. superintend't House of Reformation 
Whitaker Edvard H painter, Spring lane, h. 57 South 
WhitaUcr E. K. & Co. (Jl. R. Frothiv<rh(im), Fvench 

goods, 1)3 Wasliinfiton. W.'s h. 42 Atkinson 
Whitaker Nath. II. 40 Washington, h. 14 Province II. ct. 
Whicher Luther, mason, roar C street 
Whitcomh (jisa) & Bent (John P.), grocers, Mt. Vernon 
Whilcoiiih John, hf)uso (5 Short 

Whitcomb Levi, joiner, Wilkinson &. Pratt's wf h. Moon 
"W'hitcomb Peter S. victualler, Boylston market 
\\hitcomb Samuel, 28 South Russell 
Whitcomb Samuel, jr. clerk Custom House 
White Abigail, bread store, 87 Pleasant 
White Adonijah, livery stable and house 1 Warren 
White Ann, widow, Bridge street avenue 
White Asa, lead pipes and copper pumps, lO Market sq. 
White {Artcmas) & Haley (Geo. W.), brksmiths, Fulton 
White Artemas, farrier, 4 Brattle sq. h. 5 Distil-house sq. 
White Azell, musician, 2 Haymarket place 
White B. C. 3 1-2 Commercial 

W^hito Benjamin F. counting room 11 Kilby, h. 64 High 
White Charles, druggist, 201) Washington, h. 3 Avon pi. 
While Charles, housevvright, h. W. Centre 
White Charles A. Sec Cushing, W. &. Co. 
Wliitc Charles S. mason, 7 Madison place 
White David, jr. house 28 Orange 
White Ebenezer, house wright, rear 10 Lynde 
White Edward, penny post, house 11 Federal court 
^\'hitc Edward, teamster, rear East 
White Elihu, physician, .549 Washington cor. Tremont 
White Elijah, housewright, 12 Vine 
White Elizabeth, widow, house 28 Orange 
White Ferdinand E. mer. 22 Long wf h. 30 Mt. Vernon 
"White Fonso, handcartman, rear 17 Hanover 
White Henry, laborer, h. 201 Ann 
White Isaac, laborer, rear Broadway 
White Jas. A. rigger, 15 Foster's wf h. r. 150 Purchase 
White J. A. chair painter, h. W. Centre 
A\'liite James C. dry goods, 80 Hanover, h. 20 Charter 
While Jesse, handcartman, 70 Pond 
White John, porter Stale Bank, h. Congress court 
White John, cordwaincr, Barry's wharf 
White John, victualler. Creek s(iuarc 
White John, house 52 Allen 
White John L. innhoidcr, 20 Union 


We John jr., 30 School, h. 7 Lyman place 
n e Joseph caslner Atlas Bank, h. 678 Washington 

\V lite Lorenzo, portrait painter, H Garden 
^vi •^'' r/"^'"^"' painter, house 54 Tremont 
VV ute Martin K. house rear 22 North Russell 
White (jyloodu) & KeiU (J.^), W. I. goods, 72 Front 
White Moody, house 27 Harvard 
Wliite Mary, Sulein place 

IvlT ^'V '^u'^^'t''^' of James, h. 47 Warren 

Whi ' R ^' ^^'^r-^orth Bank, h. 3 Province H. court 

Wi, e Reuben bnckmaker, rear 714 Washington 

White Robert, house 24 Charles 

White Ruth, tailoress, house Clark alley 

While .Samuel, caulker and graver, Hanover avenue 

VV Hte Samuel D. painter, house 54 Tremont 

White Sarah, house 36 Purchase 

White Sewall, sugar refiner, JXorth Margin 

White Sherman (Peck, Bzcrnham & Co.), h. 1 Bowdoin sq. 

White Stephen, laborer, 12 Lyman place * 

WJiite Stephen, house Somerset 

Wliite Stillman, blacksmith, 14 Pond 

wl'-!"" ;i^!'^"'f^' ^^ousewright, house 15 Tileston 
White limothy, laborer, rear 104 Sea 
White (?F«rr«0 & Bass {Stephen G.), W. I. goods, 665 
Washington. W.'s house do. 

w. ■^'' »;?!|.'^"''' '■'-S^'"' Washington avenue 
VV lite Wilham, sawyer, house Peck lane 

Whil' lS;(-"" n ^^'''f»'S^ f^- ^ Co.), h. 21 Somerset 
W w •'"" ?• ^^''itchmaker, 13 1-2 Ann, h. OLynde 
\\ lite Wil lain S. captain, 649 Washington 

lllT ^^« ^- 1^?-^ Commercial, b'ds 26 Orange 
White. See Wi^rht * 

Whiteley William Henry, machinist, h. 3 Pleasant st. ct. 
Whitehouse Benjamin, blacksmith, 22 North Russell 
VV nte house George, mason, Spring street place 
V\ iitehouse Joel, machinist, house Market place 
\^ hithead John, mariner, house 17 North square 
Whitmg Charles (JV^/C5 & ^^O, boards 14 Federal 
VVhitmg Ca eb, paints, 55 Broad, house rear 65 Leveret 
Whiting Calvin, teller Globe Bank, h. 22 Fayette 
Whiting Elizabeth, widow, house 65 Leveret 
1A7. -^-"^ 5'''''^' "^^chinist, Pitts court, h. 28 Blossom 
Whiting George, laborer, 65 Leveret 
WlntmgHarlos, merchant, 1 Boylston place 



Whiting Ilosea, 98 Fancuil Hall market, li. 25 Dralllo 
Whiting Kimball, tailor, 71 Ann 
Whiting Lncy, widow, (i lIowLird 
Wiiiting Marcus, cashier Oriental Bank, h. S. Cedar 
Whiting Alary Ami, tailorcss, 1*2 lioylston 
Whiting jNathaniol. tSec (ieorgc Howe ♦& Co. 
Whiting Ozias, housewright, house SuiVolk 
Whiting Ruth, hoarding, i Portland 
Whiting William, mason, rear Morrimac 
Whitman Allen, house rear 101 Cambridge 
Whitman Bancrofls, laborer, house 31 Cross 
W hitman Benjamin, counsellor, house 39 Federal 
Whitman Benj. jr. variety store, c. Dorch. st. & Broadw, 
AV'hitman C. tS. jjjiysicitin, til Broadway c. Dorchester st. 
Whitman (Edw.) &, JNcwhall {John), wheelwrights, Pond 
Whitman Edward, house 17 North 13ennet 
Wiiitmau Electa, widow, Travors 

Wiiitman E. P. {Parks, Wright & Co.), h. 13 Beacon 
Wiiitman Freedom, housewright, JMcrrimac, h. Prospect 
Wiiitman G. II. attorney, 9 JSlate, h. 39 Federal 
Whitman James II. attorney at law, 4th st. 
Whitman Snow, housewright, 2d street 
Whitman Thomas, caulker and graver, 7G Prince 
Whitmarsh Ilaimah, widow, 95 Elliot 
Whitmore {Jlmos) & Hoibronk {Saimiel E.), boat build- 
ers, Sargent's wharf. Whilmore's h. Hull 
Whitmore C. O. See Lombard & W. 
\V' hitmore David D. lastmaker, Distil-housc square 
Whitmore (Jilbert D. cabinetmaker, house 10 Castle 
Whitmore Hiram, handcartman, 2G Temple 
Whitney Abel, school, Harvard place, house Fruit 
AV'hitney Abigail, widow, boarding, 2;)7 Washington 
Whitney Abraham, truckman. North Margin 
Whitney Barnabas, instructor, 22 Joy's build, h. 35 Myrtle 
Whitney B. D. {Richardson tt IV.), h. 3 Hartford place 
Whitney Benj. L. {Ball, IJaker £c Co.), h. 3 Orange ct. 
Whitney Charles, truckman, Beverly 
^Vhitney Charles K. iVuit, Boylslon market, h. 32 Warren 
AN'hitney Constant II. fruit, b7 Cornhill 
Whitney Ebenezer T. truckman, 9 Myrtle 
\V'liilney Eber, laborer, South lvu>sell 
Whitney E.lmund H. 91 Kilby, boards 29 High 
W liitncy Elhridge C hats, 82 ('ommercial 
Whitney Eli M. grocer, 28 School, h. 102 Washingtoa 
Whitney Elizabeth, widow, 17 Atkinson 


Whitney Eliza A. & Charlotte T. dressmak. 2 Province 
Whitney Ephraim, physician, 50 Cornhill, h. Bridge 
Whitney Franklin, soda r'm, head Wilkinson & P.'s wf. 
Whitney Frances, widow, house 34 Poplar 
Whitney (Geo.), Brown (Jllb. H.) fy Co. (Jimasa Pierce), 

warehouse, 57 Cornh. & 15 Com. VV.'s h. 8 Barton 
Whitney {George Ji.) & Fisk (Josiuh), dry goods, 37 

Kilby. Whitney's h. 18 Winter 
Whitney Israel {Stanton, JYichols S^ fV.), h. Chesnut 
Whitney Israel, merchant, h. 58 Chesnut 
Whitney Israel, cordwainer, Tileston, h. 2 Province 
Whitney Jacob, baker, rear Broadway 
Whitney James S. provisions, 74 Court, h. 30 N. Russell 
Whitney John, stevedore, Gibbs lane 
Whitney {John H.) & Sanford (//. G.), dry goods, 193 

Whitney Jonathan, 13 Commercial, h. Bowdoin square 
Whitney Joseph & Co. {Freeman JiLlen &■ James L. Gor- 

ham), wholesale shoe store, 94 Water, h. 59 Higii 
Whitney Josiah Sl Co. {Josiah IV. Blake), merchants, 

43 Central wharf, h. at Tremont House 
Whitney Levi, grocer, Derne cor. Temple, h. 57 Temple 
Wliitney Mary M. dressmaker, 81 Warren 
Whitney Moses, watchmaker, 1 Dock sq. h. 7 Brattle sq. 
Whitney Moses, jr. leather, 12 Clinton, h. 5 Federal ct. 
Whitney Nahum P. housewright, rear 34 Poplar 
Whitney {Paul) & Haskell {Levi B.), English goods, 99 

Washington. Whitney's h. 21 Lynde 
W^hitney {Prentiss) & Wise {James), auctioneers, 30 

Washington. Whitney's h. 124 Charles 
Wliitney Salmon, W. I. g'ds, 28 Long wf. h. 14 Staniford 
Whitney Sarah, widow, boarding house, 35 Cambridge 
Whitney (Simri) & Terry {H. G.), bookbinders, 127, h. 

102 Washington 
Whitney {Si/lvia) & Towle {Susannah iV.), milliners, 

349 Washington. W.'s house 124 Charles 
Whitney William, merchant, 41 Broad, h. 25 Atkinson 
Whitnev William D. cabinetmaker, Suffolk 
Whitney William F. {Delano & fV.), h. 12 Allen 
Whiton David, jr. {Jl. Fearing ^ Co.),b'ds20 Atkinson 
Whiton Ebed, silversmith, r. 87 Wash. h. 2 Pitts 
Whiton {James M.) & March {Andrexc S.), dry goods, 

41 Kilby. Whiton's h. Tileston 
Whittemore Benj. Rev. Broadway 
Whitlemore Benjamin F., W. I. goods, h. Carroll place 


Wliitteniorc Daniel W. boards Dorchester struct 
Whittemorc Geo. mcr. 32 Long vvf. li. Essex court 
Whitteniore J. spruce beer, 53 Brattle 
Wliitteniore James, bousewright, b. rear GO Elliot 
Wbittetnorc Joel, bandcartnuin, b. 30 Court 
Wliitteniore Jolni, ropeniaUer, bouse 711 Wasbington 
Wbittemore Tbonias, editor Trunipet, 4U Cornliill 
Wliitteniore Tbonias J. 5U Ps. .Market, b. 18 McLean 
Wliitteniore William, distiller, 1st street 
Wbittemore William &. Co. {Thomas J.), card manufac- 
turers, 50 Nortb Market 
W' bitten Francis, baker. Water near Congress 
Wbitten Josepli, cabinetmaker, b. 7 Blossom court 
Wbitten Robert, boarding, 39 Sea 
Wbitten William, cordwainer, 39 Sea, b. 41 South 
Wbittey John, laborer, rear 110 Sea 
Wbittey Micbael, laborer, rear 10(J Sea 
Wbitti^r Daniel, bouse 4 Derne 
W^iittier Moses H. clerk, 29 Kilby,h. 27 Somerset 
Wbittier (T. G.) & Warren (J.j/-.), sboes, 14 Dock sq. 
VVbitium William, bousewrigbt, Sun ct. b. 238 Hanover 
Whilvvell Jobn P. druggist and apotb. Milk corner Batb, 

bouse 8 Avon place 
Wbitwell Lucy C widow of Benj. Chesnut, cor. Spruce 
Wliilwell (Samuel), Bond (Geo.) &, Co. {h\ Seavcr & 
G. \V. Bond), auc. 11 Kilby. W.'s b. Wintbrop pi. 
Wbitvvell William, bousewrigbt, 17 Pinckney 
Widdifield Daniel B. optician, 139 Wasbington, bouse G 

Hawkins. See advertisement 
Widdows Henry, boards 42 Purcbase 
Wi<f<^in Asa A. "grocery and wooden ware, Gl Hanover 
Wiggin Cbarles E. boards rear 202 Hanover 
Wi<"Mn James S. See Robinson & W. 
Wiggin JNoab, blacksmitb, b. 93 Elliot 
Wiggleswortb Edw. IG India wf bds 19 Franklin place 
Wiggleswortli Tbos. IG India wf b. 19 Franklin place 
Wi"bt Aaron W. musician, b. South Cedar 
Wight Aaron W. jr. See Denton «& W. 
Wight Cbs. lastmaker, Front, c. r. 53 N. Mar. h. 10 Ash 
Wight Ebenezer, druggist, 4G Milk, opposite Federal 
Wi^btman Joseph, philos. inst. maker, h. 33 Warren 
Wigbtman Maria, h. rear 22 North Russell 
Wi'Mitman 31 art ha, tailoress, 33 Warren 
Wilcut Jobn, mason, h. 55 Sea 

Wilcul Levi, bouscwt, Commer. n. Railway, b. Saluta. 


Icutt Joseph, housewriglit and undertaker, 98 Sea 

Icutt Joseph, jr. underlak. and housew't, h. Short lane 

Id Aniasa T. hiborer, 37 Belknap 

Id Barnabas, truckman, opposite 84 Sea 

\d C. D. truckman. North Margin 

Id Daniel, broker, Exchange 

Id Daniel, jr. broker, 2 Exchange, h. G Crescent place 

Id James C cashier Boston Bank, h. 5 Acorn 

Id John, mastmaker, h. Commercial near Hanover 

Id Paul, 5 Faneuil Hall market 

Id Priscilla, widow, 15 Salem place 

Id Warren, broker, C Exchange, h. 25 Harvard 

Id William A. truckman, 31 Thacher 

Ide George C. clerk Supr. Court, h. 19 La Grange pi, 

Ide Samuel S. Judge Supr. Court, h. 19 La Grange pi. 

Ider Beniah, typefounder, rear 248 Hanover 

Ider Benj. G. pianoforte maker, h. 33 Orange 

Ider Beulah, h. 17 Pinckney 

Ider Daniel, cabinetmaker, h. rear 727 Washington 

Ider Eleazer, caulker and graver, h. rear Gibbs lane 

Ider Enos, engineer, 49 Chatham 

Ider James S. wharfinger, Long vvf. h. 1 Pearl 

Ider James H. attorney, 8 Kilby 

Ider Lewis, carpenter, 33 Fayette 

Ider Martin, carriagesmith, Hawley pl. h. 4 Norfolk pi. 

Ider Moses, stage agent. 11 Elm 

Ider M. P., W. L goods, 3 Central wharf 

Ider Nancy L. dressmaker, h. 27 Bowdoin 

Ider Volney, cai)inetmaker, h. rear 727 Washington 

Idermuth John, boarding house, 74 Broad 

Ides Dixey, captain, 25 Summer 

Ides James, agent Salem stage, City Tavern, house 3 

Stillman phice 
Ides Solomon, innholder, 11 Elm 
Ides William (fVard & JV.), h. 13 Montgomery pl. 
Ides William, cooper, 85 Commer. h. IG Brighton 
ley Hiram, machinist, 84 Prince 
ley Thos. teller U.S. B. B. h. Myrtle cor. Butolph 
Ikins Bruce, house 15 Hawkins 

Ikins Charles & William B., W. L goods, 33 Long wf. 
house 17 Green 

Wilkins David, laborer, house Batterman place 

Wilkins Farmy, widow, 82 Purchase 

Wilkins Geo. W., W. 1. g'ds, 4 Livorp. wf. h. 82Purch. 

Wilkins James, baker, Salter place 


WilUins Jfircmiali, house Piedmont 

Wilkins Jolin II. &. Co. (Charles Bollcs), paper dealers, 

12 Water, liniiso Brookliiic 
Wilkins Levi, pianoforte maker, 23 Temple 
Wilkins William, 34 Fan. Hall market, h. N. Federal ct. 
Wilkins William. See Fernald & W. 
Wilkinson Arthur {T. P. CiishinrrSc. Co.), b"ds 8 Pearl 
Wilkinson Bojijamin, \vharrhuilcier, rear 81 Sea 
Wilkinson {Simnn) «t Pratt (Elcaza-), caulkers and gra- 
vers, ^^'ilki^son & I'ratt's vvf. W.'s h. 7 Charter 
Wilkinson Thomas, cabinetmaker, house Grove 
Wilkinson Westley, cabinetmaker, rear 248 Hanover 
Wilkinson William, sexton, Bartlett 
Willard Aaron, clockmaker, 843 Wasliington 
Willard Aaron, jr. clockmaker, 815 Washington 
Willard Abel, chaiscmaker, h. 16 Fayette 
Willard Abigail B. 150 Hanover 

Willard Alfred, comb store, 149 Wash. h. 31 Tremont 
Willard Aiignstns H. teamster, rear 237 Washington 
Willard Bcnj. F. Sec'y Boylston Insurance Company, 

boards 2'j Orange 
"Willard Harry JMcDyson, innholder, 380 Washington 
^\'illard Ilcmy, clockcasc mak. rear 843, h. 073 Wash. 
Willard Henry H. dry goods, 287 W.ish. h. 24 Leveret 
Willard Henry, port, paint. Court c. Trem. h. Somers. ct. 
Willard Josejjh, counsellor, 20 Court 
^^'illard Josiali, 115 Tremont 
Willard Josiah, jr. fancy goods, 107 Washington 
AV'iiiard iSimon, jr. \vatelimaker, Congress, h. 3 South 
Willard ^Solomon, arciiitect, boards at Lamb Tavern 
W^illard William W. bookkeeper Oriental Bank 
Willcutt Jt)se])Ii, jr. housewright, rear 13 N. Bcnnet 
Willcutt William, mason, h. 4 Knox 
Willctt William, surveyor, house 510 Washington 
Willcy Newton {Thompson & IV.), h. 25 Hancock 
Williams Aaron D. 102 Faneuil Hall market 
^Villiams Albert, physician, 00 ^^alem 
Williams Ambrose, laborer, 2 Bowdoin square 
Williams Ann, drcjssmaker, Haymarket place 
Williams Augustus L. h. l^incoln court Benj. S. umb. mak. 1 l(i Wash. h. 38 Brighton 
Williams Betsey O. widow of W'illard, house SI Llliut 
Williams J^radfnrd B. captain, house 20 Orange 
\\ illiams (\ri! ('. widow of Hcmy, 14kSeliool 
^V illianis Charles. See R. P. & C. Williams 


Williams Christopher C. iiousewright, b'ds 11 Nassau 
Williams D. H. 141 Washington, h. 49 PincUney 
Williams David W. (J. D. S^^ M. WUllains), h. 744 Wash. 
Williams Deodat, soda, Devonshire, h. 81 Court 
Williams Eli C. 4 Hanover court 

Williams Elijah, clerk Adj. Gen.'s office, h. 15 Pinckney 
Williams Elij. &, Co. {E. jr.), 23 Long wf. h.GAvon pi. 
Williams E.jr. house 48 Pinckney 
Williams Eliphalet, cashier City 13ank, house 23 Pearl 
Williams Elisha, laborer, house rear 12 Boylston 
Williams Eliza, Marston place 
Williams F. H. office 81 VVashington 
Williams Frances, widow of Tiiomas, 131 Tremont 
Williams Francis, mariner, Lyman place 
Williams Frederick A. clerk Boston and Worcester Rail- 
road, C17 Washington 
Williams Frederick G. clerk, 1 Oliver place 
Williams George F. {^Tucker & W.), h. 744 Washington 
Williams George, gilder, G3 Court, house 98 Tremont 
Williams IL cVe, R. brokers and auctioneers, 4 Central wf. 

H. W.'s house 15 North Russell 
-Williams Hannah, widow, rear 23 Friend 
Williams Ilarck, boarding house, 12 Wharf 
Williams Henry R. tailor, Ch^ Congress, house 43 High 
Williams Horace, 8 Joy's building 

Williams Isaac, shoes, 180 Wash. h. 12 La Grange place 
Williams Isaac F. wireWorker, 69 Cornhill, h. 124 Court. 

See advertisement 
Williams James, tailor, 21 Brattle, house 91 Charles 
Williams James, harness maker, West, h. IG Boylston sq. 
Williams (Jer.) & Munroe (Leicis), stablers, 16 Portland, 

boards at N. E. Coffee House 
Williams John, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 3 McLean court 
Williams John, mariner, house rear 152 Ann 
Williams John, clothing store, 52 Ann, house Commer- 
cial near Foster 
Williams John, waterman, 17 Fleet 
Williams John & Co. (S. Langley, jr.), dry goods, 17 

Kilby, house 10 West 
Williams John D. & M. wine mer. 33 South Market 
Williams John D. house 744 Washington 
Williams John S. diy goods, 67 Water 
Williams John W. 23 Long wf boards 6 Avon place 
Williams Jonathan T. clerk, house 98 Tremont 
Williams Lewis T. cordvvainer, 36 Elliot 


Williams Lois, widow, rear 16 South Beniiet 

Williams Lucy, widow, rear 253 Wasliington 

^V'iHiams Mary, widow, lU Tileston 

Wiliiains Moses (J. D. &, M. IV.), Ii. Jamaica Plains 

Williams Nancy, widow of Jonatlian, h. 98 Tremont 

Williams Nathaniel, captain, Murray place 

Williams Nathaniel L. 7 Morton place 

Williams Peter, rigger, 257 Ann 

Williams Robert B. South street court 

Williams Robert, 1 Washington place 

Williams Robert, house Minot 

Williams Robert, rigger, house Spear alley 

Williams R. P. & C. booksellers, 20 Cornhill, house 6 

Bridge street court 
Williams Ruth, widow of Thomas R. 5 Prov. House ct. 
Williams Samuel G. & Co. brok.40 State, h. 6 Otis place 
Williams Samuel K. couns. house 8 Washington place 
Williams Samuel S. {Doggett &^r Co.), house in Roxbury 
Williams Sarah, widow, 14 Brattle 
Williams Simon, merch. 20 Central wf h. 53 Hancock 
Williams Sophia, widow, house Fruit street court 
Williams Susan, widow, Gibbs lane 
Williams Thomas, laborer, house 5 Lucas place 
Williams Thomas, stevedore, Salutation 
Williams Thos. A. painter, 32 Elm,h.5 Prov. House ct. 
Williams Timothy, merchant, 48 India vvi". h. 14 South 
Williams A\'illiam R. stevedore, house rear 77 Purchase 
Williamson Elizabeth, widow, Peck lane 
Williamson James, Tremont Theatre, b'ds 17 Frank, pi. 
Williamson Jane, widow, house 223 Hanover 
Williamson (Ric/iard), Flynn (Roger) & (^o. (Patrick 
^ Flijnn), dry g'ds, 37 l-2Kilby. W.'s h. r. 3 Mason 
Williamson Thomas, mariner, house Lyman place 
W^illis Benjamin, merchant, 118 Purchase 
Willis Charles, 50 1-2 North Market, house 25 Priace 
Willis Charles, jr. 51 and 52 North Market 
Willis Clement, \V. L g'ds. Federal c. High,h. 18 High 
Willis Henry, typefounder, GG Congr. h. 118 Purchase 
^V'illis Horatio M. couns. 3"J Court, house 70 Temple 
Willis James, mariner. Spear allev 
Willis Nathaniel P. H. 51 North Market 
Willis Nath'I, pro. Recorder, 14 Water, h. 31 Atkinson 
Willis Ricliar(l, shoemaker, cor. A and 3d jstrcets 
Willis Robert B. merchant, 27 India vvf. h. 17 Sudbury 
Willis Stillman, jeweller, 153 Wash. h. 58 Federal 


Williston Ann, widow, 4th street 

Williston George VV. ropemaker, 4th street 

Williston Joseph, sugar boiler, Centre corner Hanover 

Williston Joseph, jr. housewright, h. 16 N. Russell 

Willoughby Ebenezer, boarding, Sea near the bridge 

Willson Harvey, hat store, 78 Wash. h. 47 Carver 

Willson S. W. Rev. ed. Zion's Herald, 19 Washington 

Willson W^illiam, captain, 7 Green 

Wilmot Nathaniel N. gunmaker, rear 13 Court 

W^ilson Ann N. boarding, 3 Cambridge near Bowdoin 

Wilson Bethiah, widow, 10 Purchase 

Wilson Elizabeth, widow, h. 1 JMarston place 

Wilson Enoch, blacksmith, h. rear Broadway 

Wilson Charles, mariner, Salutation 

Wilson Hannah, widow, Batterman place 

Wilson Hannah, boarding house, 12S Purchase. 

Wilson H. milliner, 491 Washington 

Wilson Jabez, laborer, 4tli st. near Turnpike 

Wilson James, toligatherer, house 116 Charles 

Wilson James, laborer. South Margin 

Wilson James, crier, brushmaker, Congress square 

Wilson Jason, house 10 Cross 

Wilson John, branch pilot, 8' Fleet 

Wilson John, housewright, house 18 Hamilton 

Wilson John, house 57 Poplar 

Wilson John, tailor, 24 Court 

Wilson John, tailor, rear 120 Broad 

Wilson Joseph, cordage manufacturer, 21 Commer. vvf. 

Wilson Lydia Ann, widow, house Butolph 

Wilson Leonard, bar room. Sea, near the bridge 

Wilson Peter, laborer, house 31 Carver 

Wilson Robert, florist, 99 Cambridge, house 14 Vine 

Wilson Robert, tailor, house 20 Friend 

Wilson Ruth, widow, rear 730 Washington 

Wilson Samuel, mason, house Butolph 

Wilson Sarah, Commercial near Foster 

Wilson William H. & Co. ( JVm. Forbes), tailors, 25 State 

Wilson W. W. {Pollock & JV.), house 20 Friend 

Winch Lucy, widow, Charlestown 

Winchester Alvin, 238 Ann 

Winchester Augustus, housewright. Carver, h. 37 Fayette 

Winchester A. jr. W.L g'ds,15S. Mark. h. 26 Somerset 

Winchester E., A. & W. provision dealers, 15 S. Market. 

E. W.'s house 19 Richmond 
Winchester Fitz E. saddler, 67 Pond 


Winchester Jacob B. 30 Faneuil Hall market 

VVincliester Stephen (£., j]. 4' /f •)> ''• Comm. n. Hanover 

Winchester Wni. P. {E., Jl. & If'.), h. 20 Franklin place 

Wing B. F. physician, 5 Trernont House 

Wing Joseph, liouse 21 Hancock 

Wing Lydia, widow, rear Mariner's Church, Purchase 

Wingate H. carpenter, Pond near Charlestown bridge 

Wingate F. & J. H. cabinet makers, Pond 

Winkley (Sicain) &, Dickinson (J. F.), clothes and hats, 

120 State. Winkley's house 1 Pearl 
Winn David, cooper, house 11 Essex place 
Winn Elizabeth , widow, house West Centre 
Winn John, laborer, house 20 Creek square 
Wiiiship Elizabeth, nurse, 16 Centre 
Winship Albert C. circulating library, 30 Cambridge 
W^inship Alice, widow, 470 Washington 
Winship F. &. L. grocers, Water corner Bath 
Winship Nancy, milliner, 289 Wash. h. 11 Prov. H. ct. 
Winship Stephen, 05 F. H. market, house 52 Belknap 
Winslow Benjamin, broker, 3 Exchange 
Winslow Benjamin P. 44 Long wharf, h. 13 Leveret 
Winslow Charles, broker, house 26 Fayette 
Winslow Ebenezer D. stonecutter, Fulton 
W^inslovv Edward, merchant, 26 Broad, h. 3 Pearl 
V/inslow Elisha D. (£. Cobb ^- Co.), boards 36 Hanover 
Winslow Geo. 44 Long wharf, house 13 Leveret 
Winslow Hubbard, Rev. h. Pearl corner High 
Winslow Isaac & Son,mer. 44 Long wf h. 13 Leveret 
W'inslow Isabella, dressmaker, 116 Court 
Winslow John, cabinetmaker, Commer. n. Ferry way 
Winslow Joseph W. rear 30 Prince 
Winslow Joshua, Mechanic Inn, Cross corner Union 
\Vinslow NathanieJ, mariner, house Battery 
AV'inslow Samuel, sexton. Commercial near Hanover 
Winslow William, 15 Faneuil Hall market 
Winsor Alfred (/. P. Townscnd tt Co.), Causeway 
\Viiisor Henry, Brimmer's T, house 12 VVest 
Winsor Joseph, fish dealer, 43 Long wf h. 2 Staniford pi. 
Winsor Nathi, W. I. goods, 14 Coniin. wf h. 40 Chesimt 
Winsor W. widow of Thomas, h. 10 Sullivan place 
\\ inter Francis B. mason, cor. Myrtle court and Centre 
\V inters Thomas, carpenter, h. rear 253 Washington 
W'inthrop (irenvillc T. counsellor, 11 Court, h. 7 Cliesnut 
Winthrop Robert C. attorney, lOCourt, h. 7 Trernont pJ. 
AVinthrop Thomas L. house Beacon corner Walnut 


Wise Daniel, haiidcartman, rear 61 Ann 

Wise Daniel, Coffee House, JMilk corner Atkinson 

Wise Isaac K. iiardware, 23 Merchants row, 1). 40 Alien 

Wise James, laborer. Broad corner Custom-house street 

Wise James. See Whitney & W, 

Wise John, hairdresser, 21 School 

Wise John, boarding, 137 Ann 

Wise Jonathan, ropemaker, house 4 Graphic court 

Wise Solomon, house 124 Charles 

Wisner Benjamin B. Rev. Sec. A. B. C. F. M. 28 Corn 

hill, house 3 Boylston place 
Wiston Priscilla, widow, 108 Cambridge 
Wiswall Artemas, house IG Orange 
Wiswall (Elisha) & Roberts (Toiifl.s), grocers, Tileston's 

wharf. Wiswall's house 36 Warren 
Wiswell Eliza, widow, Lyman place 
Wiswell Wm. cordwainer, 141 Broad, h. rear 41 Prince 
Witherell Richard, mason, 50 Poplar 
Wilherby Jer., W. I. goods. Commercial cor. Foster 
Withington Betsey, widow, rear 87 Pleasant 
Withington Eliza, widow of Ebenezer, h. 8 Crescent pi. 
Withington Increase S. house 11 Poplar 
Withington John, 12 Boylston market 
Withington Josiah, 6 Boylston market 
Withington (jXewell), Russell (James) & Co. {William 

Thomas), W. I. g'ds, 19 L'gwf. W.'s h. Cresc. pi. 
Withington Stephen, mes. Globe Ins. Co. h. r. 417 Wash. 
Withington Thomas, mes. Com. Ins. Co. h. r. 417 Wash. 
Withingtons Wm. See Brown & W. 
Witt Asa, W. I. goods, Batterytnarch, h. 2 Hamilton ct. 
Witt Alpheus, shoe store, 30 Prince, b'ds 15 Cross 
Wolcott Emily, widow of H. D. house 22 Beacon 
Wolcott J. 11. {A. A. Lawrence. &/- Co.), h. 1 Hancock av. 
Wolcott Josiah, wheelwright, Pond, h. 33 TJiacher 
Wolcott Lucy, widow, house 11 Franklin place 
Wolf James, Hatters' square 
Wolkins J. F. 48 Faneuil Hall market 
Wood Amos & Son {Henry), lumber wf «& h. 10 Charles 
Wood Amos, jr. {Fales & JV.), house 23 Bridge 
Wood Arad H. housewright, rear 171 Washington 
Wood Bailey, housewright, 6 Piedmont 
Wood Benjamin 2d, 33 Faneuil Hall market, h. 45 Ann 
Wood Daniel P. {Evelcth & W.), house 2 Allen 
Wood David, Kilby, boards 22 Beacon 
Wood Edmund W. laborer, Broadway 



Wood Ephraim, tailor, 354 Wasliiiiirton, li. 3 Avery place 

Wood Ciustavus, cabinetmaker, h. 5 Norfolk place 

Wood Henry, paperhan<;er. Fnyctlc ct. li.(J Graphic ct. 

Wood Henry {.i. Wood ^ Hon), house 20 Charles 

Wood Hepzibaii, widow, Hancock row 

Wood James, piiysician, room 11 Atkinson 

W^ood James, Engineer, Travers 

Wood John, cordwainer, Elliot 

Wood M. F. 1 Liberty square, house 44 Federal 

Wood Mary, nurse, house 21 South Russell 

Wood IVehctniah P. watchman, House of Correction, S.B. 

Wood Thankful, widow, 4 Sweetser court 

Wood William E. iiouse 9 Suffolk place 

Wood William W. founder, 1st street 

Woodard Rebecca, widow, house Butolph 

^V^oodberry James, hardware, 5 Union, h. 13 N. Russell 

Woodbcrry John, brickla}"«r, 13 North Russell 

Woodbridge Christopher, Iiouse 13 Cross 

Woodbury Charles, mason, boards 2 Bradford place 

Woodbury Elizabeth, 27 Thacher 

\V'oodbury Thomas, house Cross, corner Ann 

Woodbury Thomas S. paint. Cross n. Ann, h. 47 Prince 

W^oodcock (Joseph) &, Warren (Thomas), wood, Canal. 

W.'s house 3'J Charter 
W'oodman Abigail, 24 Hanover 
Woodman Ann J. Iiouse 51 Temple 
Woodman Charles, caps, 79Cornhill, h. South Cedar 
VV^oodman Charles T. leather, 27 Broad 
Woodman David, baker, 19 Hanover and 233 Wash. 
Woodman David, jr. baker. North Margin 
Woodman Edwin (fVales &. IV.), h. 3 South Cedar 
W^oodman James, mason, 30 Charles 
Woodman Joseph, mason, loPiiickney » 

Woods Daniel, house 3 Bradfl)rd place 
Woods George A. hardware, 30 Dock sq. h. r. 17G Wash 
Woods Hannah, dry goods, 417 Wash. h. 3 Fayette ci. 
Woods Hirarn H. 4 Centre 

Woods Lucy, boarding house, rear 17G Washington 
Woods Lydia, tailoress, G7 Tremont 
Woods Michael, stonecutter, rear 81 Sea 
Woods Samuel, merchant, .50 Broad, 30 High 
Woods William, Iiouse 12 Carver 
Woods William, handcartman, 07 Tremont 
Woodsum Isaac P. house 4 Essex place 
Woodsum Levi, hackman, house Cross near Ann 


Woodward Elisha, grocer, Travers corner Friend 

Woodward Elizabeth, widow, Greenough lane 

Woodward Hernan, fruit, 22 Hanover 

Woodward William, caulker and graver, 232 Hanover 

Woodwortli Anna, upholstress, 8 Norfolk place 

WooUey Cha's, engineer of dredging machine, 226 Hano. 

Wooffindale Charles M. painter, 306 Ann 

Woonarton John, laborer, Prospect 

Woolner William, mariner, rear 32 Aim 

Worcester (Ef dad) & Pierce (S. S.), grocers, 20G Tre- 
mont. W. boards Boylslon hotel 

Worcester Joseph, mason, h. Castle op. Middlesex 

Worcester Thomas, Rev. Phillips place 

Worcester William, teamster, 13 East 

Worrick Levi L. housewright. South Margin 

Worster Barbary, widow, 5th street 

Worster Elbridge G. cooper, 4th street 

Worster John, house 4th st. 

Worster John, grocer, 62 India wharf 

Worster Stillman, cooper, Forthill wf h. 27 Washing, pi. 

Worthington Francis, lumber merchant. Front 

Worthington William, merchant, 20 Central wharf 

Wright Andrew, printer, office 32 Congress 

Wright Ann S. house 26 Charles 

Wright Archibald, stonecutter, 37 Brighton 

Wright Betsey B. milliner, 6 1-2 Prince 

Wright Caleb, grocer, 37 Cambridge, h.7 Lynde 

Wright Edmund, house 39 North Allen 

Wright Edm. jr. wharfinger Brimmer's T, h. 3 Morton pi. 

Wright E. jr. See Heywood & Co. 

Wright E. A. &. G. shoes and bonnets, 163 Hanover 

Wright Eunice, widow, 59 Myrtle 

Wright Frederick, boards at Bromfield House 

Wright George B. cordwainer, 17J Ann, h. 30 Stillman 

Wright Henry, housewright, Middlesex near Castle 

Wiight Henry, boarding, 41 Portland 

Wright James, grocer, 4 Flagg alley 

Wright James, house rear 91 Salem 

Wright John, housewright, rear 77 Warren 

Wright John S. {Parks, Wright & Co.), h. Hancock H. 

Wriglu Joniithan, h. rear Dr. Sharp's church 

Wright Nathaniel, mess. Suffolk Ins. Co. h. 36 Temple 

Wright Obadiah, salt store, 59 Long vvf. h. 2 Quincy pi. 

Wright Phineas, grocer, Bromfield 

Wright Solomon, bookkeeper, 74 State, h. 10 Crescent pi. 


Wright Stoplieii, liarkmnn, rear 17 Hanover 

Wright Susannah, dressmaker, 47 Lever'^t 

Wriglit WarrtMi K. eordwainer, '.^0 I^everet 

Wriiiht William, house IJroadwav 

Wright Willi.un, sailmaker, 150 f?ea, hoards Elm 

Wright W'illiam, sailmaker, house 37 Prince 

Wright Winslovv, iner. 12 Broad and 6 India, h. 31 Green 

Wyatt Samuel, innkeeper. JMarlhoro' Hotel, 229 Wash. 

Wyer John, rigger, hous(; 70 Ten) pie 

Wyeth Joseph, W. I. g'ds, 127 Camhridge, h. 32Charles 

Wyman Ahraham G., W. I. goods, 23 Green, h. J^vndo 

Wyman Elbridge, grocer, 54 Pond 

Wyman George D. See Cotton & W. 

Wyman James, leather dresser, 520, h. 537 Washington 

Wyman James {Kittrcdgc <fc /F.), h. 32 Stillman 

Wyman John G. tailor, 8 Court, house 101 Washington 

Wyman Mary, widow of William, h. 537 Washington 

Wyman N. H. widow of O. C. Jiousc 10 Somerset 

\\ yman Oliver C. clerk, house 17 Williams 

Wyman Sarah, widow, house 32 Charles 

Wyman Susan, nurse, 81 Elliot 

Wyman William, teller Atlas Bank, h. 57 Myrtle 

YALE EDWIN R. lampmaker, 41 North Market 

Yates James D. tailor, rear 4 Friend 

Yates Richard, bar room. Court, house 111 Cambridge 

Yeager Charles, printer, house 1 Avery place 

Yeaton Benjamin, chaise trimmer, Havvley, h. 10 Front 

Yealon Judith, widow, house Staniford corner Green • 

Yendell George, painter, 15 Atkinson, h. rear Gibbs lane 

Ycndell Samuel, grocer. Commercial near Ann 

Yerrington James B. printer, 50 Congress, h. 5 Ballard pi. 

York James, boarding, 12 Myrtle 

York Thomas, laborer, A street 

York William, teamster, liouse G Orange lane 

Youlen Joshua P. victualler, 75 Sea 

Young Alexander, jr. Rev. W^ashington place 

YoiHig Andrew P. painter, 180, h. 157 Hanover 

Young Calvin, clerk in Post Office, liouse 5G Finckney 

Young Catharine, widow, Cambridge corner Grove 

Young Charles T. printer, house 237 Washington 

Young Daniel {Ilolhrool; (Sy- Y.), house Fulton court 

Young Elizabeth, widow, house 2 North square 

Young Henry, stevedore, rear 242 Hanover 

Young James, printer, house Greek square 


Young Joseph, chemist, 3d street 

Young Mary, widow of Alexander, house 1 Oliver 

Young Moses, stonecutter, house 6 South street place 

Young Samuel, teamster, house Hobhs's wharf 

Young Sidney, tailor, house 15 Washington place 

Young Tliomas, grocer, 126 Ann 

Young Thomas, lobsterman. Commercial near Foster 

Young William, physician, 1 Oliver 

Younger Levi, mariner, rear 164 Hanover 

Younger William, cordwainer, Cambridge 

Ysperitser Nathaniel, ship keeper, Corn court 

Yvonnet Alexis, hairdresser, 117 Court, h, 56 Portland 

Zeuner Charles, professor of music, 3 Boylston Hall 


ADAMS SAM. H. boarding house, 245 Ann 
Alexander Solomon, bootblack, 2 Belknap 
Alexander S. R. cordwainer, 15 Ann, h. 2 Belknap 
Alkins Dean, boarding, rear 314 Ann 
Arnable Sarah, mantuamaker, 92 Cambridge 

BARBADOES JAMES G. 26 Brattle, house Butolph 

Benson Hannah, 28 Spring 

Benson Wm. barber. Water, house rear 37 Belknap 

Bradford George, Southac 

Brooks John, hairdresser, 75 Salem, h. rear 62 Priuce 

Brooks John, laborer, Peck lane 

Brown Isaac, barber, 107 Ann 

Brown John W. waiter, 17 Belknap 

Brown Thomas, waiter, house Flagg alley 

Brown Thomas, waiter, house 31 S. Russell 

Brown William, waiter, house 28 Belknap 

Brown Diana, widow, h. 13 Second 

Burr J. hairdresser, 5 Elnj, house 53 Spring 

Bowman Samuel H. hairdresser, 58 Purchase, h. Southac 

Branch Peter, rear 702 Washington 

Bush Charles, mariner, rear 704 Washington 

Basset William F. barber, 31) Leveret 

Blake Harman, Robinson's lane 


C/ESAR ELI, bnrber, 117 Broad, house Southac 

Carroll Henry, West Centre 

Casli Jonathan, handcartnian, 103 Cliambcrs 

Choice I'eter, packer. Cross rear Ann 

Clark Peter, clothes dealer, IG r3rattle 

Clarke George, waiter, rear 23 Belknap 

Clarke Jonas VV. clothes dealer, 18 Brattle, h. May 

Clarr}' James, barber, rear 701 Washington 

Cole 8aniuel, boarding, 157 Ann 

Cole Thomas, hairdresser. Congress, house Southac 

Coburn John P. clothes dealer, 8 Brattle, h. iSouthac 

Coburn Smith, Robinson's lane 

Cook Samuel S. hairdresser, 53 Myrtle, house Belknap 

Cutler John B. barber, 71 Poplar, h. Southac court 

Cutler Nathaniel P. barber. Causeway 

Curl John, oysters, Essex, h. rear 714 Washington 

DALTON THOS. bootblack, h. 29 S. Russell 
Davis John, tailor, 5 Brattle square, house Southac 
Deboys John, laborer, rear 37 Belknap ^ 

Dunlap William, boarding, rear 153 Ann 

ELI JOHN, clothing, 38 Brattle 

FOSTER CYRUS, clothes, 3G Brattle, h. rear 3 Vine 

Forman Henry, boarding, house 141 Ann 

Fowler \V'^illiam, Southac 

Freeman Cato, bootblack. Elm, h. 704 Washington 

Freeman John, mariner, 2 Vine 

Freeman John, mariner, rear 310 Ann 

Forguson Thomas, rear 702 Washington 

GALL AARON, house Butolph 

Gaul George, bootblack, 10 Brattle 

Gardner Caesar, bootblack, Atkinson 

Goddard William, mariner, house rear 141 Ann 

Gray John B. hairdresser, Atkinson, hout-e Belknap 

Gray Peter, clothes, 12 Brattle, house 2 Vine 

(Jreen Cliarles W. barber, 241 Ann 

(jrandy Moses, laborer. Charter 

ILiwe Louis, 28 Spring 

Hall Primus, snap maker, rear George 

Hcmminway John, Grove 

Henry John, laborer, 20 Belknap 


Henry William, hairdresser, rear 29 Belknap 

Hilton John T. clothes, 5 Brattle square 

Holmes Henry, barber, Cross near Ann 

Holmes Wm. hairdresser, 183 Hanov. h. 24 Richmond 

Howard Peter, hairdr. and music, 82 Camb. h. 18 Poplar 

Howe James II. hairdr. 112 Court, h. r. Kennard avenue 

Harris Robert, mariner, rear 704 Washington 

Halley Richard, mariner, 10 North square 

ISAACS WILLIAM, Robinson's lane 
Ishmael I'eter, mariner, house Butolph 

JASPAR SAMUEL, waiter, house Butolph 

Jefl'erson Jane, widow, George 

Johnson Thomas, mariner, Richmond 

Johnson Lewis, hairdresser, 62 India wf. h. Belisnap 

Johnson John, mariner, Robinson's lane 

Johnson William, Robinson's lane 

Johnson William, May 

Jones Arthur, barber, 154 1-2 Ann, h. Langdon place 

Jones Ephraim, mariner, house Butolph 

Jackson Amos S. house rear 2 Vine 

Jackson Wm. H. barber, 271 Ann 

KEERE WILLIAM, hairdresser and musician, Howard 


Lawson Edward, laborer. Peck lane 

Lawson William, soap maker, West Centre 

Leonard John, waiter, rear 6 Bridge 

Lewis A. J. hairdresser, 13 Sea 

Lewis Andress V. barber, Howard 

Lewis Joel W. blacksmith, 82 Cambridge, h. W. Centre 

Lewis Joseph, house George 

Long James VV. laborer, rear 37 Belknap 

MARTIN LUTHER, boarding house, 16 North square 

Miller John, waiter, May 

Mills George, boarding, rear 185 Ann 

Minor Nathaniel, laborer, 64 Charter 

Moody Sampson H. hairdresser, Elliot, h. Peck lane 

Morris Robert, cook and waiter, Atkinson near Milk 

Mundrucu Emiliano F. B. clothing, 50 Ann 

NASH OLIVER, barber, 9 1-2 Hanover, h. 3Iay 


Nell William G. tailor, Brattle square, h. rear BriJgc 
JSihbs William, house George 
Nicholas Henry, rear 702 \Vashington 
Nubcy Lewi* H. mariner, North square 

OSBORN PETER, laborer, h. Ridgeway lane 
Osvvell Adam, laborer, h. 37 Belknap 

Parker Edward, laborer, 64 Charter 
Patterson Pierce, laborer, May 
Paul Catharine, widow of Thomas, 6 George 
Payne Timothy, laborer, rear 704 Washington 
Pero John B. hairdresser, rear 1 Dock sq. h. 22 Belknap 
Pitts Coflin, clothes, 28 Brattle, house 3 Vine 
Potter Anthony, Wilson's lane 
Potter Thomas, clothes. Green 

Putnam George, hairdresser, 2 Bromfield, h. 16 Belknap. 
J?ee advertisement 

RAGANS JOB, Robinson's lane 

Ray Adam S. mariner, Butolph 

Ray John, laborer, Southac 

Revinason Ann Mary, h. rear 152 Ann 

Richardson Edward, laborer, h. 24 Belknap 

Rider John, rear 732 Washington 

Riley William, clothes dealer, 22 Brattle, h. Southac 

Roberts Ralph, servant. West Centre 

Roberts Uobort, house 9 Second 

Robins Thomas, laborer, house Southac 

Robinson John, clothes, 42 Brattle, h. George 

Rogers John, clothes, 14 Brattle, h. rear 29 Poplar 

Rowe Lucas, 308 Ann 

Rue D. bootblack, 15 Water 

SAMPSON PHILIP, 717 Washington 

Scarlett John E. shop 40 Brattle, h. 9 South May 

Scott Edward, laborer, h. Southac 

Smith Lewis, grain measurer, May 

Smith Peter, clothing. 82 Cambridge 

Smith William, boarding house, Robinson's lane 

Sanders Joseph, VV^est Centre 

Sprague Joseph, May 

Snowden Samuel, preacher, 5 Belknap 

Spry John, mariner, Robinson's lane 


Silver John D. mariner, Southac 

Silver Joseph A. mariner, 704 Washington 

Standin Francis, clothes clean. Devonsh. h. 13 W. Second 

Stockbridge Mary, mantuamaker, 92 Cambridge 

TELFORD ANDREW, hairdr. Mt. Vernon, h. Belknap 

Thacker Henry, bootblack, 3 Spring lane, h. Southac 

Thompson G. W. hairdresser, 2 Elm 

Thompson Joshua, laborer, h. rear 9 Southac 

Thompson John, waiter, house Butolph 

Thurston Pomp, waiter, 26 Belknap 

Tuttle Amos, mariner, house West Centre 

Tribbet John, laborer, house May 

Tyler Charles, bootblack, 10 Brattle, house May 

Tyler Henry, clothes shop, 11 Ann 

VASSAL WILLIAM, tender, house Belknap 

Vose John, mariner, 41 Belknap 

Vilnove Clarissa, widow of Victor, h. rear 147 Ann 

WALLACE WILLIAM, hairdresser, 82 Ann 

Wallace Dimmes, widow, boarding, h. 143 Ann 

Washington Geo. bootblack, Water, h. rear 29 Bel ^nap 

White John, tailor, rear 28 Poplar 

White Samuel, mariner. Peck lane 

Williams Henry, waiter, rear 23 Belknap 

Williams John, shoeblack, 117 Essex, h. Butolph 

Williams Michael, boarding house, Robinson's lane 

Williams Charles, mariner, house Southac 

Williams John, laborer, rear 6 Bridge 

Williams Samuel, second-hand clothing, 3 Franklin 

Wilson Almira, milliner, Hanover cor. Richmond 

Wilson William J. hairdresser, 174 Hanover 

Winston William, laborer, house Southac 

Winsor Thomas, Robinson's lane 

Woodson Joseph, blacking maker, George 

Wood Robert, boarding, 2 Belknap 

Wright Nathaniel, laborer, house George 

Wright William, laborer, h. rear 9 Southac 

York Lewis, waiter, 18 Belknap 




72 Washington Street, 


'i Charles StimpsonSIs 








B£TWEE:« franklin and summer 8TS. 

Professional and Visiting Cards neatly engraved and printed. 

D. Clapp, jr. Printer, 184 Washington Street. 






IMechonics' Exchange and Reading Room - - 3 

American Insurance Company . . . . 4 

Books, Stationary, Binders' Stock, &c. - - 4 

Fushicnable Ilaircutting ----- 5 

Wholesale Druggists - - - - - - . 5 

Publisher, Bookseller and Stationer - - . 5 

Hygeian Medicine of the British College of Health 5 

Chart, Stationary, and Nautical Book Warehouse G 

Foreign Bookstore ------ Q 

Paints, Oil, Window Glass, Gold and Silver Leaf - 7 

Firemen's Insurance Company - - - - 7 

Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry - - - 7 

Shoemakers' Articles - - - - . g 

Spectacle and Optical Instrument Manufacturer - 8 

Drugs, Chemicals, Medicated Lozenges, &c. - 8 

Franklin Restorator --.-.. 9 

Sign and Ornamental Painting - - - - 9 

Chaise, Harness, and Painting Establishment- - 10 

Paper Warehouse 10 

Book and Job Printing - - - - - -11 

Soda, Beer, and Metal Pumps - - - - 11 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants - - 11 

Brush Manufactory 12 

Silk, Cotton, Woollen and Linen Dyeing - - 12 

Bell's Paste Blacking Warehouse - - - 12 



Engraving and Copperplate Printing - - - 13 

Flute Tuition ]3 

Ship Bread Bake House 13 

Marine Telegraph Flags 14 

Electrical Apparatus 15 

Leather and Finding Store 15 

Chemist, Goldbeater, and Assayer - - - - 15 

Thomsonian Harvard street Infirmary - - 16 

Silver, Fluted, Britannia, and Japan Ware - - 17 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers - - - 17 

Furniture, Feathers, Mahogany, &c. - - - 18 

Columbian Traveller 18 

Copper and Brass Founder and Plumber - - 19 : 

Boston Bewick Company - - - - - 20 

Paints, Medicines, Drugs, Dyes Stuffs, &c. - 21 

Hammers and Edge Tools 22 

New England Glass Company's Warehouse - 22 

Last and Boot-Tree Manufactory - - - - 22 

Paper Warehouse 23 

Linen Store .-- 23 

Ploughs, Plough Castings, &c. - - - - 23 

Boston Wire- Work Manufactory - - - - 24 

Drugs and Medicines ------ 24 

Music Saloon, &c. - - - - - - 25 

Boston Truss Manufactory 26 

Furniture, Chair and Feather Store - - - 26 




Mechanics^ Hall, Wilson''s Lane, Boston, 

Entrance directly opposite the north-west corner of the 
U. S. Branch Bank, near State Street. 
The reading ROOM is always supplied with the 
latest intelligence — Arrivals, Jwpurtations and Clearan- 
ces, JVcicspapers and Prices Current, Literary Maga- 
zines, and Mechanical Publications. — The EXCHANGE 
is fitted up similar to Lloyd's, in London, with Lobbies, 
Veslis, Order Boxes, and other conveniences, including 

Terms Single Subscribers, - - $5. 

Copartnerships, - - - 8. 

HENRY BRIGGS, Proprietor. 

200 Mechanics and others, of the following trades and 
occupations, have their Order Boxes at the above estab- 
lishment, viz: — 

Accountants, Acid Manufacturers, Architects, Attor- 
neys. —Balance Manufacturers, Bellhangers, Blacksmiths, 
Blockmakers, Builders, Bricklayers, Brokers.— Cabinet- 
makers, Carpenters, Carters, Carvers, Cellar diggers, 
Cellar Stone dealers. Civil Engineers, Coal dealers, Col- 
lectors, Colorers, Composition Roof layers, Cop- 
persmiths. — Drain Diggers, Druggist. — Engineers. — Fire 
Alarm Rlanufaciurert-. — Glaziers, Granite Stone Con- 
tractors. Grate Manufacturers. — Hook and Eye Manu- 
facturers, House Painters, Housewrights. — Imitation of 
Wood and Marble Painters, Iron Founders. — Land Sur- 
veyors, Lumber Dealers. — Machinist, Masons, Mill 
Wright.s, Mustard Manufacturers. — Painters, Paperhang- 
ers, Pavers, Piano Forte Makers, Plasterers, Plumbers, 
Pump Makers, Pyroligncous Acid Manufacturers. — Rat- 
tan Workers, Rice Mill, Riggers. — Saddle Makers, Sail 
Makers, Sextons, Sheet Iron Workers, Ship Joiner, Ship 
Smith, Sign Painters, Slaters, Soap Stone Workers, Sur- 
veyors of Land, Surveyors of Work, Stucco Workers, 
Stone Cutters, Stone dealers, Stove dealers. — Traders, 
Trunk Makers, Turners. — Well diggers, Whip Manu- 
facturers, Whiteners, Whitewashers, Wharf builders, 
Wood Turners, Wood Wharfingers. 

4 Boston Annual Advertiser. 

%/VV V VVVV ^ VV* V-^/VV X/VX/V V^VX/X 'VVV'X 'VVX/X V^VVV VX/VV V'VVV V-^/XiOf vv vx/vv 


a Capital of 


continue to receive proposals and to effect Insurance 


on Dwelling Houses, Stores, Factories and other Build- 
ings, Machinery, Merchandize, Furniture, Vessels and 
Cargoes in port, &c. on the most favorable terms, and 
for any desired length of time, for an amount not ex- 
ceeding $30,000 on any one risk. No charge made for 
the policy. 

Said Company continue also to insure against 

as usual ; and to loan money on bottomry and respon- 

FRANCIS J. OLIVER, President. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 



All new articles of Stationary and Fancy Goods regu- 
larly received by the foreign packets. 

J.jj^M. manufactures the following articles in all the 
variety — Account Books, Morocco Work, Portable Desks 
and Dressing Cases. Orders for particular patterns in 
either branch, made to suit at short notice. 

(Cr Particular attention paid to the retail department, 
and goods sent to any part of the city free of expense. 

JVb. 84 Washington St. Jive doors S. of the Post Office, 


Boston Annual Advertiser. 


Ko. 2 Broinfield Street, 

Tenders his grateful acknowledgments to his friends 
and patrons for past favors, and informs them and the 
public that his best exertions will not be wanting to 
ensure a continuance of their favors. 

For sale, as above, Fancy Articles and Perfumery. 

N. B. The best Spanish cigars always on hand. 


Successors to G. Brinley and Co. 

jyumbers 3 and 4 Soidh Side Fantuil Hall, 

Offer for sale, on the most advantageous terms, a large 



79 Court, Corner of Brattle Street, 

Keeps constantly for sale, a general assortment of 


Ladies' and Gentlemen's Pocket Books, Walletp, 
Tooth Brushes, Rodgers' Fine Penknives, &c. &c. 


The Hygeian Medicine of the British College of 
Health, London, for sale by the Subscriber at Mr. Simp- 
kins's Bookstore, No. 79 Court, corner of Brattle Street. 

N. B. The genuine article not sold in any other store 
in the city of Boston. 

E. SCHAW, StaU^gent. 


6 Boston Annual Advertiser. 

VVVV V^'VV VVVV V^/VV %/X X/V/^A' v^ x^v vvA^ vx^vv v%/vv vv^/v v%/vv vx^/v vvvv 



No. 122 State Street^ Boston^ 

(directly opposite broad street,) 
OiFer for sale, on good terms, a great variety of 

Account Booksj English and AmeHcan Sta- 
tionary, Charts, JVautical Books, Fancy Ar- 
ticles, Sfc. Sfc. 

Blue and Brown SKIVERS, GOLD LEAF, and 

Incorporated Companies, Merchants and Manufactu- 
rers, furnished with complete sets of ACCOUNT 
BOOKS, in elegant or plain Binding, and ruled to any 
pattern. Old Books rebound. — Maps and Charts n<^atly 
varnished and mounted. 

B. L. «&; Co. are constantly receiving alj new and 
valuable Nautical Publications. 


JVo. 18 Court Street, Boston, 

Have constantly for sale, a general assortment of BOOKS 
in Foreign Languages ; French, Spanish, Portuguese, 
German, Italian, and a variety of other Languages, An- 
cient and Modern. 

Complete sets of the Latin and Greek Classics, French 
and German eJitions. 

Orders for European Books promptly attended to. 

QCF Translations of the above-named Modern Lan- 
guages into English, and vice versa, attended to at said 

Boston Jinnual Advertiser. 7 







BOSTON, with a Capital of 


hereby give notice, that they continue to insure against 
FIRE, upon all descriptions of property in Boston and 
the immediate vicinity, not exceeding $30,000 on any 
one Risk. 

Section 8th of the Charter of this Company provides 
that the Directors '' Shall annually set aside one tenth 
part of the net income, over and above six per centum, 
to be appropriated to the use and benefit of the Boston 
Pire Department." 

THOMAS C. AMORY, President. 

S. G. Rogers, jr. Secretary. 



Have constantly on hand a large assortment of TYPES 
of every description, for Book, Newspaper and Job 
Printing, and also of Printers' Furniture, generally. 

They are constantly engaged in STEREOTYPING, 
and are prepared to execute with despatch large or small 
works, in the best manner. 

All orders will be promptly executed by 


Agent fur the Cornpnny. 

8 Boston Annual Advertiser. 




Importer of Shoe Threads, and Wholesale 
Dealer in 


No. 44 North Market Street, 




No. 139 Washington Street, two doors south of School 








Also, Manufacturers of 






Boston Annual Advertiser. 

VX/^^^ V/^.'Xi^ VX/W X'X/W WW v%-%/% x/x/x/v^/v*< 


%/X/^^« VX/W V'%/\.^ VV^^^ VX -X^/ VX/%/V x^x/^/w%<^/w%/w ^ 

The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the 
public, that he continues his Establishment, as heretofore, 
(on temperunce principles,) under Mechanics' Exchange, 
WILSON'S LANE, four doors from State Street, where 
tire constantly the choicest Vxakds & Wines of the most 
approved quality. 


The Luxuries of 


Prepared in all forms of Cookery, and served at any tour 
in the day, 


ITT Parties supplied at the shortest notice, and Cook- 
ed Dishes sent to any part of the city. 


An article of superior quality : unlike the common 
kind, it being divested of its greasy and oleaginous 

QIj^ The vSubscriber hopes, by constant attendance to 
the calls of his patrons, that his Refectory will continue 
to be a convenient resort for gentlemen of business, as 
well as leisure. 


Boston, .^prU, 1834. 



JVo. 4 State Street, opposite City Hall. 

Druggists' Ware and Glass Paiating neatly executed. 

Constantly on hand, a good assortment of Timepiece 
Dials and Glasses. 


Boston Annual Advertiser. 

W%% V«»v>. WW WW WW V%/VM WW VVVXi V« VX/W «/W«< WW WW WX V 





J\o 18 Tremont St. rear ofJVew Court House, 

Will attend to all orders in the above branches, with 
punctuality and despatch. 


DU' Repairing, Painting, and Varnishing second hand 
Carriages, &c. attended to at short notice. 




7 State Street, 

Opposite South side City Hall, 


Blank Cards, Marble Paper, &c. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 1 1 

%/^%/^ %^^/%/^ ^'^Xf%t vx/^^ \/\/^x> ^'^r^r%t \/\/^/^ v^/^/x. «/%/x^\f V'-^/^/v vx/X/^ v^-^^ VX'W V'X^ 



Handsomely executed in Gold Leaf, Bronze and various 
Inks, at the CARD DEPOSITORY, 

81 Cornhill, one room east of the JV. E. Museum. 

— ALSO — 

Printing in Gold, on Silk, Cambric, Cotton, &c. &c. 

Of every description, furnished and neatly printed, at 

half the expense of copperplate. 

Bordered and flowered Cards made to order, without 

extra expense. Billet Cards, etc. 

Boston, 1834. 


Portland Street, Boston, 

Manufactures Soda, Beer, and other METAL PUMPS, 
of the various kinds comn)only used ; — JJlso Soda Appa- 
ratus, and Block Tin Candle Moulds, of the different 

Any of the above articles may be had at short notice, 
and at a reasonable price. 

(CT Black and Whitesmith work done as above. 

J. M. ALLEN & CO. 

Auctioneers and Commission Merchants j 


Corner of Milk and Congress Streets, 

Attend to out-door Sales of all kinds of Merchandize. 

J)lso, at their Office, 

To sales of Furniture, Books, Fancy Goods, Prints, &c. 
for which they have superior accommodations. 

12 Boston Annual Advertiser. 

VV^^V V %/WV X./W X/V^/V( V/X-^/V X/WVV*- V%/V^ X/VV^ ^'X'W X/X/W ^/x/x-v x/x/w v^^/v 



No. 16 Exchange Street, 

Keeps constantly for sale, by wholesale and retail, the 
greatest assortment of BRUSHES to be found in Boston. 

Factory Machine Brushes and others made to order. 

nHF Cash given for Hog's Bristles and Horse Hair. 



Office 390 Washington Street. 

Agents— H. R. Allen, No. 37 Court Street ; Phipps & 
Watkius, No. 103 Hanover Street. ■ 



JVo. 390 Washington Street. 

For sale, a general assortment of Theological, Miscella- 
neous, and School Books and Stationary. 



Factory Washington St. near the Roxhury Line. 

In tropical climates, in South and North America, no 
Blacking has, for these last ten years, sustained so high 
a reputation for uniform excellence, in nourishing the 
Icalher, whilst the ease with which its beautiful lustre 
is produced has called forth the admiration of the most 
fastidious observer. Merchants, and shippers to foreigo 
destinations, liberally supplied. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 13 


C>^& STEEi. "'^^ 

Every variety of Cards furnished, and Engraving and 
I'rinting accomplisljcd, to the approbation of patrons, by 
JVATHANIEL DEARBORN, at 110 Washington St^, 
Boston, over Messrs. Hilliard, Gray & Co.'s Bookstore. 

Bv the new system, devised by NATH'L DEARBORN, 
the generahty of pupils acquire sulTici ent prac^ica/ infor- 
mation, in thirteen lessons, to qualify them for a good 
performance on the flute — with any number of keys — 
even if without any previous knowledge of music. — Re- 
ferences given to 200 pupils. 

[CF Terms, $0,00 in advance^ for the thirteen lessons. 
JS'o. 110 Washington Street. 


95 Broad Street. 


In any quantity, furnished by the Subscriber at the 
above Establishment, at the shortest notice. 


14 Boston Annual Advertiser. 




The undersigned, liaving; made nrrnngements with the 
Secretary of tlie Navy Department of the United States, 
hereafter all government vessels will be fiirnished with 
sets of Marine Telegraph Flags, a Designating Number, 
and Signal Book, for the purpose of enabling them to 
converse with the numerous American vessels who have 
adopted the Marine 'I'eleirraph, as well as to communi- 
cate with the several Telegraph Stations established. 
Sets of Flags, &c. are furnislied by the undermentioned 
Agents. JOHN R. PARKER, 

Observatory, Central Wharf, Boston. 

Joseph Breyant, Castine ; Hardy Perkins & Co. Ban- 
gor ; Zenas Hyde & Co. Z>af/t; Lemuel Moody, Purl- 
land; Simmes & Ladd, Portsmouth; Stephen Tilton, 
J^ewbiiryport ; Page & Ropes, 5rt/c»i ; John Gladding, 
Providence ; J. V. H. Crannal, JV'ejo London; Corey «St 
Perny, J^cio Bedford; S. H. Jenks, Kantucke.t ; A. A. 
Legget, Merchants' Exchancre Telegraph, JS'eto York; 
J. Sanderson, Jfews Room, Philadelphia ; John L. Dud- 
ley, Baltimore; James M. Elford, Charleston. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 15 


George \V . Deck, Bromfield street, three doors from 
Treinont street, Boston, manufactures and keeps for sale 
Electrical Machines, of various kinds; also, Galvanic 
Batteries, and all the Apparatus connected with the 
science of Electricity and 'jalvanism. Schools, Acade- 
mies, Lyceums and Colleges, furnished with Apparatus 
on the most reasonable terms. 

N. B. I*crsons intending to erect Lightning Rods, 
can receii'e information by calling at his Rooms. 



JVo. 43 jXorth Market Street, 

Have constantly on hand a choice selection of Shoe 
Stock, Leather, Shoe Tlueads, Boot Trees and Lasts, 
Findings and Trimmings, &c. 

N. B. Shoemakers' Kit of all kinds, and of the first 



.Yo. 33 J Fashing ton Street, 

Has for sale — Gold, Silver, and Brass Leaf— Shell 
Gold — Gold and Silver NVawh or Gilding Powders — 
Gold, Silver and Copper Bronze — Gold Foil for Dent- 
ists — Gold Leaf made expressly for signs, and warranted 
not to fade — Gold Beater Skins. 

Also, Sub-Nitrate of Silver, or Lunar Caustic, war- 
ranted pure and to contain 75 per cent, of silver per oz. 
— Nitric Acid— Aqua Fortis— Oil Vitriol — Double dis- 
tilled Alcohol— Sa.xon Blue— Black, Blue, and Red 
Liquid Ink — Ink Powders — Indelible Ink — Bottles filled 
with do. — Saltpetre— Borax and Crucibles. 

Having the manufacture of most of the above under 
Ills own immediate insj)ection and superintciulence, he 
can confidently recommend them to the public as inferi- 
or to nonp, and equal to any arli« les ol the description 
ofTered in thip or any other markpt 

16 Boston %innual Jidveriiser. 

** Mercury and other mineral substances are unhappily 
too common ingredients in our modern medicines ; — 
which if once introduced into the system, though in the 
smallest proportions, are very difficult to be removed, 
and never fail to produce the most deplorable effects, — 
such as palsy, contraction and convulsion of the limbs, 
total lameness, weakness, excruciating colic pains, 
cramps, faintings, nervous affections, catarrhs, tubercles 
in the lungs, till at length consumption, either pulmonary 
or hectic, closes the dreadful scene; while on the other 
hand the simple botanical remedies will cure all diseases 
without subjecting the patient to any of the foregoing 

A- F. Mi Wir.LicK, Robinson, Ray and 

Mitchell, M.D.s. 



Opjwsitc 499 IVashingtoyi Street, 

The Subscriber would inform his friends, patrons, and 
the public generally, that he yet continues to administer 
the vegetable medicines on the Thomsonian principle 
at the above establishment, fur all complaints to which 
mankind are liable. The efficacy of those simples has 
been tried and proved by innumerable living individuals, 
who have been healed of all kinds of disease in every 
stage of the same, although they have been abandoned 
by the regular physicians as incurable. It is unnecessary, 
in confirmation of this statement, to introduce the certi- 
ficates of the patients who have been under his care, of 
the particular disease with which they have been afflict- 
ed, as the reader is referred to his advertisements pub- 
lished in the most popular journals of the day, wherein 
may be found a detail of such complaints and of the 
mode of tieatment thereof 

By a reference to the quotation which heads this arti- 
cle, from the opinion of some of tiie most celebrated 
members of the faculty, the reader must/wjo he convinced, 
that mineral medicines cause the most dreadful conse- 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 1 '^ 

qnences ; and the proprietor would remark, that in the 
Thon.sonian systo.n their vse is whol y discarded h.s 
practice being exclusively ccnfined to the adniinistralion 
of botanical simples. ., 

Havin-, for more than twenty years past, been tdmil- 
iarwith their salutary operation on the human frame by 
prescribing them in all kinds of sickness, m Europe 
North and S .uth America, including the West In lia 
Islands, and having also, during his residence .n Boston 
the nine months past, met with deeded success, not 
havin- lost one patient out of a large number, in the 
same course oi' practice, he respectfully invites the af- 
flicted patient to place himself under his care, and m 
so doin- he confidently assures him that whatsoeve^r may 
he the character of his disease, he may speedily be re- 
stored to sound health,-if timely application be made. 
ANDREW WATKINS, Botanic Physician and 
Jgent for Doct. Samuel Thomson. 



Import from the best makers, Silver, Plated, Brittania, 
and Japan Ware— Fine Ciil\cTy—Bro7ized Lamps of nil 
kinds, \carr anted. Gold and Silver Watches from the 
most celebrated makers and of the first class-l aris 
Clocks and mantel Ornaments— Bronzed and t ancy 
^ri/c/fs-in great variety. , „. , , , , . 

Manufacture Silver Plate and Rich Jewelry to order, 
in the best style and finish. . 

* * Fine VValch Repairing, by a practical experienced 




CoUare Buildings, 112 Washington Street^ 

Are extensively engaged in the publication of improved 


S^ Terms liberal. 

18 Boston t^nniial Advertise7\ 

^/VX/X WX/W-VX/X VX/X/V VVWV/X/X/V VX'^^Xi XyVX/X ^/X/X-^ X/V'X/X.'X/WX k/X X/X X/VV'X'X'X' 




t Alvah Kittredge, ^ 
? James Blake, jr. > 
i Charles Blake. ) 



Have for sale the following articles of rich and low- 
priced FURNITURE, which they will dispose of at such 
prices as cannot but give perfect satisfaction to purchas- 
ers, viz. : 

Chairs of all kinds, Looking Glasses, Toilet Glasses, 
Bureaus, Brass Fire Sets, Bedsteads of all kinds, Secre- 
taries, Couches, Bed-Sofas, Portable Desks, Bellows and 
Brushes, Book Shelves, Grecian Card Tables, Grecian 
Pembroke Tables, Dining Tables, Matched Tables, Cen- 
tre Tables, Pembroke Tables, Work Tables of all kinds, 
Birch Tables, Feathers of all kinds and qualities — put up 
at short notice, Feather Beds of every description. Maho- 
gany and Painted Cradles, Mahogany and Painted Toilet 
and Wash Stands, Night Cabinets, Cabinet Chairs, Hair 
Mattresses, Time Pieces, Portable Sinks^ Cribs. 

Also — Mahogany Plank, Boards and Joist, suitable for 
Carpenters or Cabinet Makers, Birch Bedstead Posts, 
Varnish, Sacking Bottoms, «&.c. 



This publication is designed as a convenient and useful 
guide for travellers and men of business, to every section 
of our country 5 — northern, western and southern. In 
this work all the cities, and almost all the towns in the 
United States are noted, with the population of each, 
and the course and distance from the several county 
towns to their respective State Capitals, and their dis- 
tances from Washingtt.n. 

In this excursive view of the United States, tables of 
the distances on most of the important roads, canals and 
rail-ways, throughout the Union, are given, in which the 
routes fiom all parts of the United States to the IVhite 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 19 

WW v»/w ^•^'^^ ^~*'*'*-^^ 

MounUhis, Saratoga, ^-iagara, and ^^'^^^^j^f^;^;!^^ 

Connecticut, Merrimac, Kennebec, Penobscot, and other 

rivers, are stated. . ^f fha r"mp and 

Tins work comprises a concise account of the rise and 

progress of the United States from ««'°"^^^^'°" ,'^7"S 
Eendenco— it gives an account of every canal and rail 
?oad ." the UnUed States and in the British Prov.nces:-- 
the nopuhuion of the Globe -.—the commerce, hnances 
and LTff of the United ?tates :-pubhc ^nction^^^^^^ 
public lands :-United States Ba"k :-'Stdtist cs o^ the 

Sialignant cholera throughout the 7^;,''^; f ^•^^^i.^'lied 
This work has been recommended by distingui.neQ 
men in New York and Boston as a valuable book ot 
Sence and as " containing a great variety of histor- 
]^t,Zgraphical, and statistical information, compressed 
into"u small compass, and judiciously arranged. 

The third and last edition comains ^^^"[^f ^'^^Pf ° 
the United States, and of the vicinities of Us piincipal 

""''ror sale by CHARLES STIMPSON, Jr., 72 Wash- 
ington street. Trice G2 1-2 cents. ^^________ 


Coyj>er and Brass Founder, and Plumber, 

No. 9 Fulton street, 

roNTiNUFS to manufacture Composition Rudder Braces, 

sXs Wood End Bolls, Clinch Rings Coppering and 

iReSngN'iIs, of all |^inds suitab e for s^^nps use^^^ 

I tern given 

20 Boston Annual Advertiser 


The Subscriber having been appointed Agent of the 
Boston Bewick Company, respectfully gives notice that 
he is now ready to receive orders in behalf of the Com- 
pany, for Engravings on Wood, Steel and Copper- 
plate, and f(jr Letter-Press and Copper-plate 
Printing, in all their branches. 

The Corporation have purchased the stock and tools, 
and taken the stand and business of the American En- 
graving and Printing Company, and are prepared to 
execute orders in the best manner, with promptness and 
on reasonable terms. 

The Boston Bewick Company having been establish- 
ed by Artists, who are employed in the same, and being 
incorporated by an Act of the Legislature, it is believed 
they will not only do credit to the name of the " restorer 
of the Art of Engraving on Wood," (the late Thomas 
Bewick,) but be able to do business to great advantage 
to their customers and to the public generally. 

Publishers and authors will find peculiar advantages 
in this establishment. Having the means of executing 
every branch necessary to be employed in the manufac- 
ture of books, contracts can be made to furnish their 
works stereotyped, printed and embellished in a superior 
style, without the trouble of superintending , or looking 
after the same in different places. 

Orders for Wood Cuts, Designs and Drawings, Maps 
and Charts, Cards of every description, Diplomas and 
Seals, Copperplate and Xylographic Printing, Book and 
Job Printing, Polytyping, &c. &c., address to 

of the Boston Bewick Companv. 47 Court-Street, Boston. 

Boston, June 21, 1834. 

The undersigned respectfully inform their friends and 
the public that all orders intended for them will be 
promptly attended to on application to Mr. Freeman 
Hunt, Agent of the Boston Bewick Company. 
JOHN H. hall. 
Boston, June 21, 1834. DANIEL H. CRAIG. 

Boston Anmial Jldvcrtiser. -1 

VVX/V %.'X/W VWX. X/Vi^f^ \/K^/\t\/>/\^\t V/X/W \/VX/X V>/W V-X-X-X- wV/^ wx^ vx/vv vx/w 

T. & T. B. BRIGIIAiM, 

No. 8 Jinn street, Atli door from the. conur of Union st. 



WhohsaJc and retail, at very low prices, aviong ichich are 

PAINTS.— White Lead, dry— do. ground in Oil— Lin- 
seed Oil, raw and boiled — Yellow Ochre — Spirits Tur- 
pentine — Venetian Red — Spanish Brown — Verdigris — 
Whiting — French Green — Chrome Yellow — Ciirome 
Green — Lamp Black — Prussian Blue — Vermillion — Ter- 
ra de Seinna — Gutn Copal — Gum Shellac — Pomice Stone 
— White and Red ('halk — India Red — Vandyke Brown 
— Ivory Black — Drop Lake — Red Lead — Litharge — Rose 
Pink — Umber — Slip Blue — White Vitriol — Sugar of 
Lead — Putty — Glue — Copal V^arnish — Japan do. — Sand- 
paper — C. H. Pencils and Brushes — Paint and Sash 
Brushes — Blue Smalt — Frosting — Gold, Silver and Brass 
Leaf — Pallet and Putty Knives, i&c &c. 

MEDICINES. — Camphor— Rhubarb — ^Magnesia — 
Calomel — Gum Aloes — Epsom Salts — Arrow Root — Saf- 
fron — Chamomile Flowers — Castor Oil — Sulphur — 
Cream Tartar — Liquorice — Gum Arabic — Quassia — Bal- 
sam Copaiva — Annis Seed — Harlaem Oil — Slippery Elm 
Bark — Valerian Root — Opium — Snake Root — Ipecac — 
Pink Root — Jalap — Seinna — Manna — Laudanum — Pare- 
goric — Gum Guiacum — Gum Myrrh — Tartar Emetic — 
Tincture Rhubarb — Elixir Proprietatis — Tincture of Bark 
— Turlington's Balsam — Essence of Peppermint. 

DYE STUFFS. — Logwood — Redwood — Nacaragua 
— Fustic — Camwood — Madder — Annatto — Blue Vitriol 
— Copperas— Alum — Nutgalls — Indigo — Cudbear — Oil 

Vitriol — Aquafortis— Muriatic Acid — Tumeric Red 

Sanders — Olive Oil — Castile Soap. 

SUNDRIES. — Fine Sponge — Eemon Syrup — Stough- 
ton's Elixir — Spice Bitters — Windsor Soap — Essence 
Burgam.ol — Essence Lemon — Essence Sanders — Hardy's 
Jaundice Bitters— Genuine Lee's Pills — Thompson's 
Eye Water — Liquid Opodeldoc— Teeth Brushes— Tar- 
taric Acid — Rochelle Salts— Salacratus-S.iltpetre — Pot 
and Pearl Ashes — Arsenic — Quicksilver — Gum Eastic — 
Isinglass — Brimstone- Borax — Rosin — Rotten Stone — 
Black Lead — Ground Gentian — Ground Orange Peel — 
Nutmegs— Starch— Cloves — Ginger— W. I. Cayenne- 
Bristol Brick— Neats Foot Oil— Whitewash Brushes. 

22 Boston Annual Advertiser. 


C. Hammond, manufiicturer of every description of 
Edge Tools and Hammers, Front street and No. 2 South 
side Fanueil Hall. 

Sold wholesale and retail, at lower prices than at any 
other establishment in the city. 

Tools of any pattern made and repaired, at the short- 
est notice. 


No. 140^Washington St. 

Directly opposite the bottom of School Street, Boston y 

Manufacture and keep constantly on hand, at 

wholesale and retail, 

Rich Cut and Plain Flint Glass Ware of every descrip- 
tion and pattern. Also, Apothecaries' and Chemical 
Ware, and artich^s of every kind made to order. They 
are also Agents for selling New England Crown Win- 
dow Glass. 

They also keep on hand a great variety of Door Knobs 
for outside and inside doors, of various patterns, of Cut 
and Pressed Glass — Also any particular pattera made to 
order at short notice. 


Glass Door Plates made to order of 7 different sizes — 
prices from $2 50 to 4 50, and warranted not to fail. 
Door Numbers and Bell Pulls. 

Particular attention paid to all orders. 

JOSEPH H. LORD, .^gent. 



JYo. 17 Exchange Street. 

N. B. 

LASTS made to measure, and warranted to fit. 

Boston Annual Mvertiser. 23 



Xo. 9 Union Street, 
Have constantly for sale— Printing Paper of all mzes for 
Newspapers; Roval, Medium and Demy for Book 1 rjnt- 
hvr ■ Roval, Medium, Domy, Folio Post, Cap, Vol and 
Letter Writin<? Pajjer, various qualities; Fancy Colored 
Medium, Lo-^Book and Cartridge Press Paper ; Binders 
and Band Box Boards ; Wrapping Paper, oi all sizes, tor 
Clolli, Hard U'are, Cotton Goods and Groceries. 
Jllso for sale, 
Ra'Ts Bl.-aeliing Bovvder, Oil Vitriol, Alum, Felting, 
Brass^nd Copper wove Wire, and all other articles re- 
quired by paper nianufacturt^rs. 



Mo. 44 Washington St., a few duors Jsorth of State St. 
Keeps constantly for sale, an extensive assortment of 
7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens, of the best fabrics ; o-4, b-4, 
10-4 and 12-4 Linen Sheetings; 9-8 Pillow-case Linen, 
of an extra fine quality ; Damask Table Cloths of every 
des.-riplion, both colored and white; elegant Damask 
Napkins and Doilies; Russia Sheetings, Diapers, and 
Crash. Also, a complete assortment of Lnglish and 
Ameiicau Flannels, of various widths, from 5-8 to 8-4, 
together with Roirers's Patent Flannel, well known nev- 
er^to shrink in wa^shing. All of which are offered on the 
most favorable terms, either at wholesale or retail. 


Ploughs, Plough Castings, Cast Lon Hubs, Boxes and 
Axletrees.— Agricultural lmi)lemetits. 



Wood and Coal Cooking Stoves, of most approved 

■ consltruction. 

Ku. \2 Commercial Street, 


24 Boston Jlnnual Advertiser. 




JVb. C9 CornJull, late Market Street, Boston, 

Makes all kinds of FENDERS for Fire Places of every 
description. Also, Bird Cages of all kinds; neat Safes ; 
Lattice Wire Work for VV^indow Guards; Gravel 

Jllso, Weaves all kinds of Brass and Iron Wire. 

Fenders repaired and painted. All kinds of Wire 
Work done at short notice. 

N. B. Drum Sieves fop sifting' powder, for Apotheca- 
ries and confectioners. 


JYo. 46 Milk Street, opposite Federal Street y 



Maw & Co.'s Doniestic Instruments — Front's Tooth 
Brushes — do. Nail do. — Medicated Lozenges — Fancy 
Soaps — Perfumery — Chemicals — Medicine Spoons — 
IIull's Trusses — Moore's Ess. Life — Chlorine Lozengee 
— Purified Bear's Oil— (Quakers' Herbs — Black Currant 

[C? Physicians' prescriptions and family medicines 
will receive strict personal attention. 

MEDICINE CHESTS, for Ship or Family use, put up 
with suitable directions. 

E. W. has made such arrangements as will enable him 
to be constantly supplied with the genuine EUROPEAN 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 25 


36 Cornhill, formerly Market Street. 

FoK SALE, as above, PIANO FORTES, English or 
American manuf;ictiire, with a general assortment of 
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, viz: Clarionets, with 
from five to fifteen keys ; Superior Flutes, with from one 
to eight keys, Box wood or Cocoa wood ; Military and 
other Fifes ; Flageolets ; Royal Kent Bugles, with from 
six to nine keys; Bassoons, with additional keys ; Trom- 
bones, Trumpets, Serpents, iJass Horns, Triangles, 
Vitilins, Violincellos, Double Basses, &c. «fcc. 

Also, — Fresh imported Strings for Violin, Bass Viol, 
Double Bass, Harp, Guitar, &c. ; Tuning Forks or Ham- 
mers ; Re-eds for Clarionets, Bassoons or Hautboys ; 
Clarified Rosin, Bows, and every other article usually 
kept in an extensive Music establishment, by wholesale 
or retail. 

INSTRUCTION BOOKS fir all kinds of Musical 
Instruments. Sheet Music for the Piano, at reduced 

[IIF Pianos to let by the Month, or Quarter, and Pianoa 
tuned by an experienced Professor. 

26 Boston Jlnnual Advertiser. 

X/X/X/V V %/VV V X/X/V VV-X/V V'V'VV ^/V'VX; V* - V'V^/V VXfX^ V'VX/V V'V'X/V V/X^ 




Mr. Foster invites those who desire an effectual reme- 
dy for tlie dangerous and dis.-essing disease of Rupture, 
to call at his Office No. 388 Vasliington street, sign of 
the Eagle and Tniss — where hv. 's in co.stant attend- 
ance, to adapt his Trusses to^ the pa;tif^"'dr case of the 

After the experience of several years, Mr. F. is now 
able to state to the public, that almost every person who 
has strictly followed his directions, has in a short time 
experienced not only relief from pain and danger, but a 
partial closure of the orifice, and in many cases a total 
cure — some of which he is at liberty to refer to. 

Among the variety of Trusses made by Mr. Foster, 
are, Patent Elastic Spring Tj-usscs, with Spring Pads ; 
Trusses wit'.iout steel springs; these give relief in all 
cases of rupture, and in a large portion produce a perfect 
cure — they can be worn day and night : Improved Hinge 
and Pivot Trusses, Umbilical Spring Trusses, and Trus- 
ses with Ball and Sachet Joints : Trusses for Prolapsus 
Jlni, by wearing which, persons troubled in that way 
can ride on horse back with perfect ease and safety. 
Mr. F. makes also Trusses for Prolapsus Uteri, which 
have answered in cases where pessaries have failed. 
Suspensary Trusses, Knee Caps and Common Trusses 
are kept always on hand, charged at the lowest prices. 
Machines for remedying deformities. 

Surgeons' Instruments and Trusses repaired at the 

%* Ladies wishing for cither Trusses or Back Boards 
can be attended to by Airs. Beath, at her residence, 585 
Washington Street opposite Pine Street Church. 



Kos. 55, 57, 59 flW'i 61 Cornhill, (late Market street.) 

348 85 I 


W %^^ #1 

o » » 

• 0, 

i^ *$*^ "^ "^^i 

^ *^^ - > » • • 


• .-e^ ^<^. 

v'' .'.fd^'. -^^t.^^/ y^i£'^ u^^^^ 

■<^ !