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The irregularity in the numbering of many of the 
streets in this city, and others not being numbered at all, 
having given rise to much complaint, the publisher of 
the Boston Directory respectfully suggests, that if one or 
two intelligent persons in each unnumbered street would 
interest themselves in the subject, and apply to the 
Mayor and Aldermen, the defect might be easily reme- 
died, and the public convenience essentially promoted — 
the City authorities being always ready to number streets, 
when application is properly made to them. 

Much inconvenience is also experienced from the 
frequent changes which occur in the names of wharves, 
in consequence of the custom of calling them by the 
names of their proprietors. This might easily be avoid- 
ed, by the adoption of specific names, as in the case of 
Long, India, Battery, and other wharves. 

The similar names of different streets, courts, lanes, 
&c. also cause much inconvenience to the public. There 
are several streets, &c. in the city, of which there are 
two or more of the same name; several courts, having 
the same name vnth streets, &c. All this causes much 
embarrassment and difficulty in giving directions to the 
residences or places of business of persons in those courts. 
There is an Alden lane and Alden court ; Avery street 
and Avery place ; Bedford street, Bedford place and 
Bedford avenue ; two Bennet streets and a place of the 
same name ; Blossom street, Blossom court and Blossom 
place ; Bowdoin street, Bowdoin place and Bowdoin 
sq. ; Boylston pi., Boylston sq. and Boylston St., and many 
others. In fixing upon a name for a new court or street, 
it would be well for the person naming it to examine the 
list of streets, &.c. in the Directory, and see that there is 
no other of a similar name to that they propose to use. 


City Register : " 

United States Qfficers - - - . . 5 

Custom House Officers 5 

Consuls and Consular Agents residing in Boston 7 

Commonwealth Officers 8 

County Officers 9 

Municipal Court - - - -~- -9 

Court of Common Pleas 9 

Police Court for the City of Boston ... 9 

City Officers - - 10 

Constables '- - -12 

Undertakers 13 

Fire Department - - - - - - 13 

Banks in Boston -- - - - - 13 

Insurance Offices - - ' - - - - 20 

Provident Institution for Savings - - - 26 

Savings Bank for Seamen - - - - 26 

Massachusetts General Hospital - - - 27 

Boston Dispensary for Medical Relief of the Poor 28 

N. E. Institution for the Education of the Blind 29 

Charitable Societies 29 

Churches and Ministers ----- 29 

Physicians and Surgeons 31 

Arrival and Departure of Stages - - - 32 

Baggage Waggons 36 

Divisions ofthe Wards 37 

Public Buildings, Societies, Newspapers, &c. - 39 

Hotels, Taverns, &c. ----- 42 
Nurses -----..-44 

Streets, Courts and Places - . - - 44 

Wharves 56 

Directory : 

Names, Occupation, &c. ofthe Inhabitants - 58 

Colored Persons 391 

Omissions, Removals, &c. - . - . 396 

Abbreviations made use of in this Directory. 

n. for near. c. and cor. for corner, h. for house, r. 
for rear. ct. for court. pi. for place, wf. for wharf, 
eq. for square. I. for lane. c. r. for counting room. 
op. for opposite, b'ds for boards. — The word street is 
left out as superfluous. 

1832. 1833, 1834. 1835. 

Names in the Directory, 12,697 I 12,933 ( 13,773 I 14,613 
Increase - - - : - 236 | 840 | 840 | 257 

Total - - - - 12,933 | 13,773 | 14,613 1 14,870 

Names expunged this year (1836) - - 3,490 

" added 3,747 

Removals, &c. - - - 3,988 

. Whole number of alterations - - - 1 1 ,225 



President U. S. Andrew Jackson. 

Vice Presidejit, Martin Van Buren. 

Secretary of State, John Forsyth. 

Secretary of the Treasury, Levi Woodbury. 

Secretary of War, Lewis Cass. 

Secretary of the JYavy, Mahlon Dickerson. 

Post Master General, Amos Kendall. , 

Attorney General, Benjamin F. Butler. 

Chief Justice, Roger B. Taney. 


District Judge, Hon. John Davis. 
District Attorney, John Mills, office Barrister's Hall. 
District Clerk, Francis Bassett, office Barrister's Hall. 
Marshal of the Dist. Jonas L. Sibley, off. Barrister's HalL 
Deputy Marshals, Horatio Bass and Henry Harris. 
Navy Agent, Daniel D. Brodhead, head of S. Market st. 
Army Paymaster, D. S. Townsend, office 80 Pleasant st. 
Assistant Quarter Master U. S. A. Capt. H. W. Fitzhugh.. 
U. S. Arsenal at Watertown. Major Craig, Com. 
Pension Agent, J. K. Simpson, Commonwealth Bank. 



The Custom House opens in the Summer season at 9 
o'clock, A. M. and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. In the 
Winter it opens at 10 o'clock, A. M. and shuts at 2 
o'clock, P. M. On Saturday afiernoons, it opens one 
hour for the clearance of coasters. Office, Custom- 
house street. 

Collector'*s Office. 


John Bingham, Duty-Bond Accountant. 

Rufus M. Gay, Principal Debenture Clerk. 

Ebenezer Hathorne, Debent. Account, and Book-Keeper. 



Deputy Collector's Department. 
Adams Bailey, Deputy Collector. 
Edward W. Parker, Cashier and Book-Keeper. 
John T. Prince, B. Clerk and S. Book-Keeper. 
Samuel Draper, Assistant S. Clerk. 
William Alline, Import Clerk. 
Henry D. Clary, Impost Book-Keeper. 

Foreign Clearance and Coasting Department. 
William A. Wellman, Chief Clerk. 
William Rowson, Marine Clerk. 
George B. Wellman, Coastioise Clerk. 
William Palfrey, Assistant Clearance Clerk. 

JVaval Office. 
Isaac O. Barnes, Naval Officer. 
Edward F. Bunnell, Deputy Naval Officer. 
E. A. Clary, Clerk. 

Surveyor's Office. 
John McNiel, Surveyor. Hugh Jameson, Deputy do. 

George Gillpatrick, Clerk. 
Keeper of the Custom House and Messenger , Nath'l Paine, 

Inspectors for the District of Boston and 
Joseph W. Homer Lewis Lerow John Banchor 

Darius Boardman, Josiah Newhall Francis McKenna 

and Store Keep er^QX\']Vi\mn WhippleEzra Mudge 
of Spirits S/" Wines Samuel Jones George Wardwell 

R. B. Hewes Nahum Ball N. K." Seaton 

Joseph Stevens John D. Dyer Herman Atwill 

Ebenez. Clapp, jr. William Winn Luther Hamilton, 
John Muzzy John Kendall Temp'y Ins. 

Thomas Pitts E. M. Cunningham 

Jedediah Lincoln, Hingham. L. Souther, Cohasset. 
W. B. Duggan, Dorchester and Qidncy. 

Weighers and Gangers, Boston and Charlestown. 
Joseph Loring J. M. Fiske Theodore Dexter 

J. L. C. Amee A. H. Ward James Estabrooks 

Nathaniel Tracy 

Measurers of Salt and Coal. 
Thaddeus Page Joseph N. Howe VV. P. Loring 
Joseph Grafton Andrew Green 


S. A. Allen, Public Store Keeper. John Lee, Clerk. 
Darius J3oardman, Store Keeper of Spirits and Wines. 
George Kuhn, Marker and Prover of Spirits and Wines. 

Public ^ppraisei^s^ Office. 
John Crovvninshicltl, Levi R. Lincoln, Prin. Jipjrraisers. 
Samuel Evelelh, C J. L Allen, £ssist. do. 
William H. Burbeck, Clerk. 

Appraisers' Office, opposite Custom House. 

F. VV. Baker, J. L. Stone, Square Yard Measurers. 

G. M. Halliburton, Invoice Clerk. 
George Carpenter, Messenger. 

John Redding, Jacob Tarr, Kent, Laborers in 

Jippraiscrs^ Store. 

Boarding Officer of the Customs and Capt. Rev. Barge, 
Joseph VV. Homer. Office at the end of Long \vf, 

Bargemen to Cus. House Barge. — Wiswell Wadsvvorth, 
Coxsicain ; James Kettell, Anthony Cline, H. B. 
Moffit, Bargemen. 

Commander of Revenue Cutter, Lewis Girdler. 

'[st Lieutenant, S. P. Scott. 2d do. Thomas Stoddard. 



British — George Manners, 48 India street. 
Brit. Vice Consul— Kohexi C. Manners, 48 India street. 
French Commar. .figcnt — Max, Isnard, 4 Crescent place 
Spanish Consul — Antonio G. Vega, 81 Washington st. 
Consul for the Netherlands — Thos. Dixon, 41 India wf. 
Swedish and JVoricegian — C. Edward Habicht, 6 Park st. 
Hamburg Vice Consul — C. Knorre, 70 State street. 
Portuguese Vice Consul — Antonio G. Vega, 81 Wash. st. 
Colombian Vice Con. — Jas. Andrews, office 8 Central wf. 
Brazilian Vice Con. — Archibald Foster, at Granite Bank. 
Vice Consul of the Kingdom of Sardinia — Louis A. Caze- 

nove, 13 S. Market street. 
Mexican Vice Consul — Edward Cabot, 49 State street. 
Russian Consul — A. P. Kielchen, Hancock street. 




His Excellency Edward Everett, LL.D. Governor. 
His Honor George Hull, Lteutenmit Governor. 

Council. — Hon. David Wilder, Jonathan Hartwell, 
Asa W. Wildes, Benjamin Russell, Nathaniel Austin, 
Benjamin Rodman, Zenas Crane, Warren Lovering, 
Edward F. Jacobs. 

John P. Bigelow, Secretary of the Commonwealth. 
William Tufts, Chief Clerk. Charles W. Lovett, Clerk. 
Hezekiah Barnard, Treasurer and Receiver General of 
the Commomvealth. Joseph Foster, ^st Clerk. J. 
I. Linzee, 2d Clerk. Offices in State House. 
Hon. Horace Mann, President of the Senate. 


Hon. Horace Mann Hon. William Sturgis 

Hon. Nathan (iurney Hon. Phineas Sprague 

Hon Stephen Fairbanks Hon. John C. Gray 


Joseph T. Adams, Richard Austin, William Barni- 
coat, James Barry, Levi Bartlett, George Blake, Abner 
Bourne, James Boyd, Benajah Brigham, W^illiam Brig- 
ham, Lemuel Capen, James Clark, Zebedee Cook, jr., 
John L. Dimmock, Benjamin Dodd, Thomas Edraands, 
Frederick Emerson, Joseph Eveleth, Thomas G. Fes- 
senden, Benjamin Fiske, David Francis, Francis C. 
Gray, Henry D. Gray, John Green, jr., James Harris, 
Samuel D. Harris, Leach Harris, Eliphalet P. Hartshorn, 
George E. Head, Daniel Henchman, Zachariah Hicks, 
George S, Hillard, Enoch Hobart, Prentiss Hobbs, Cran- 
ston Howe, Thomas Hunting, Zachariah Jellison, Henry 
W. Kinsman, John Knapp, William Lawrence, Joseph 
M. Leavitt, Charles Leighton, Charles Lincoln, Jared 
Lincoln, Ebenezer H. Little, Edward G. Loring, James 
Means, Daniel Messinger, Hugh Montgomery, John C. 
Park, Oliver W. B. Peabody, Abel Phelps, John L. Phil- 
lips, Solomon Piper, Henry G. Rice, Jeffrey Richardson, 
James Ridgway, Daniel Safford, John O. bargent, Eben- 
ezer Scott, Thomas J. Shelton, Alvan Simonds, Asa 
Swallow, Samuel H. Walley, jr., Lynde M. Walter, 
Isaac Waters, John B. Wells, William Willett, Henry 
Williams, Robert C. Winthrop. 



Judge of Probate — John Heard. 

Register of Probate — Oliver W. B. Peabody. 

Sheriff of the County — Charles P. Sumner. 

Deputy Sheriffs — Henry H. Huggeford, Prince Snow, 

Daniel Parkrnan, Thomas Stephenson. 
County Jailer — Thomas Stephenson. 
Coroners — Prince Snow, Ebenezer Shute, Mace Smith. 

Probate Courts for this County are holden every Mon- 
day in the year, excepting the first Monday in each 
month, at the Probate Office in the County Court House. 

A'otarics Public. — William Stevenson, 51 State street; 
Stephen Codman, Howard street; Charles Hay ward, 49 
State ; John J. Loring, South Bank ; Thomas A. Dexter, 
G City Hall ; Robert Rogers, 7 Congress street; Henry 
Clark, Congress street; Hugh Montgomery, S. Boston. 
Register of Deeds. — Henry Alline, Office County Ct. H. 
County Treasurer. — Richard D. Harris, office City Hall. 
Joint Clerks of the Supreme Judicial Court and Court of 
Common Pleas for the County. — Charles A. Parker, 
George C. Wilde. Office County Court House. 


Hon. Peter O. Thacher, Judge. 

Samuel D. Parker, ^^ttorney. 

Thomas W. Phillips, Clerk. 

Henry Homer, Crier. 
The Municipal Court is holden the first Monday in 

each month. — 

Hon. Artemas Ward, Chief Justice. 
Hon. Solomon Strong, Leominster, ) 
Hon. John M. Williams, Taunton, y.^ssociate Justices. 
Hon. David Cummins, Salem, ) 



William Simmons, ) 
John G. Rogers, > Justices. 
James C. Merrill, ) 
Thomas Power, Clerk. 
William Knapp, Assistant Clerk. 



The Police Court sits every day, forenoon and after- 
noon, commencing at 9 o'clock, A. M. 

The Justices Court for the County of Suffolk, which 
is liie Court for the trial of Civil Actions, under $20, sits 
on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 9 o'clock, A. M. in 
the Court House, Court street. 

Board of Accounts for the County of Suffolk. 

Judge of Probate Court, Judge of Municipal Court, 
and Justices of the Police Court, members ex-officio. 
William Knapp, Secretary. 

The Board meets the first and last Mondays in each 
month, and once in three months to inspect the jail, and 
other places of imprisonment, by direction of law. 




Winslow Lewis Nathan Gurney Thomas Hunting 
John B. McCleary Samuel Greele Samuel Q,-uincy 
Josiah Dunham Jos. H. Hayward 

Common Council. 
JosiAH Q,uiNcy, Jr. President. 

Ward JYo.l. Ward JYo. 4. 

Enoch H. SnellinglMoses Grant 

Ward Mo. 7. 
Josiah Q,uincy, ir. 

Joseph Bassett Geo. W. Gordon William T. Eustis 

Gilbert Nurse Benajah Brigham James T.Hobart 

William Eaton Henry Lincoln Henry Edwards 
Ward No. 2. Ward No. 5. Ward JYo. 8. 

Lewis Josselyn Abr. W. BlanchardDaniel L. Gibbens 

Nathan Carruth John C. Park Benj. A. Gould 

T. R. Raymond Geo. W. Edmands James Harris 

Thomas Moulton Ebenezer Ellis 

Ward JVo. 3. Ward No. C. 

John Boles Isaac Waters 

Benjamin Kimball Amos Wood 
Jason D. Battles Jona. Chapman 
Asa B. Snow Henry Upham 

Thos. C. Amory 
Ward No. 9. 
Eliphalet Williams 
Horace Dupee 
William G. Eaton 
Aaron Breed 


Ward JYo. 10. Ward JVo. 1 1 . Ward JV«. 12. 

Solomon Piper IMiilip Miirett Alplieiis Stetson 

Benjamin Ycaton Elias li. Thayer Stephen Chikl 

Jedediah Tuttle John Tliompson George Savage 

Elbridge G. AustinBenj. M. Nevers Solon Jenkins 

Samuel F. M'CIeary, City Clerk. 

Richard G. Wait, Clerk of the Common Council. 

Richard D. Flarris, City and County Treasurer. 

William Hayden, jr. jJuditor of Jiccounts. 

John Pickering, City Solicitor. 

Benjamin Pollard, City Marshal. 

("harles B. Wells, Hezekiah Earl, Dep. City Marshals. 

Jerome V. C. Smith, Resident Physician. 

John Minot, Keeper of Hospital Island. 

George P. Tewksbury, Captain of the Quarantine Boat. 

Samuel H. Hewes, Superimendent of Burial Grounds. 

Zephaniah Sampson, Superinteyident of Streets. 

Daniel Rhodes, Cleric of Faneuil Hall Market. 

Flavel Case, Capt. Watch and Superintendent of Lamps. 

Johnson Colby, Messenger. 

Consulting Physicians. 
Drs. John C. Warren, Benjamin ShurtlefF, George Hay- 
ward, John Randall, George C. Shattuck. 

Overseers of the Poor. 
Ward No. 1. Joseph Lewis. Ward No. 7. Isaac Means. 
No. 2. Joseph Harlt. No. 8. John B. Russell. 

No. 3. Jonathan Ingalls. No. 9. Ambrose Seaton. 
No. 4. Julias A. Palmer. No. 10. Rich'd A. Newell. 
No. 5. Daniel Henchman. No. 11. Perez Gill. 
No. 6. Thomas A. Davis. No. 12. Ebenez. Stevens. 

School Committee. 

Samuel T. Armstrong, Mayor, Chairman. 

Josiah Quincy, Jr. Esq. President of Common Council. 

Ward J^o. 1. Ward JYo. 3. Ward JVo. 5. 

John M. Fiske Ezra Palmer, jr. Frederick Emerson 
John Gordon Rev. C. Robbins. George Bartlett 

Ward JYo. 2- Ward JYo. 4. Wa^rd .N'o. 6. 

Ch. A, Macomber Joseph Eveleth William Minot 
J. Cullen Ayer S. H. Walley, jr. Henry B. Rogers 


fVard jYo. 7. Ward Xo. 9. Ward Ko. 11 . 

Samuel Barrett Zabdiel B. Adams Marshall S. Terry 
Sam'l K. Lotlu-op Francis O. Walts George Gay 

Ward J\'o. 8. Ward M). 10. Ward Xo. 12. 

Dr. C Robbins Alexander Young Benj. Whittemore 
Isaac McLellan, jr.lvers J. Austin Henry Hatch 
Samuel F. McCleary, Secretary. 

Directors of the House of Industry. 
(Elected May, 1835.) Richards Child, Aaron P. 
Cleaveland, Joseph Lewis, Moses Wheeler, Daniel 
Henchman, Alvan Simonds, Josiah Pierce, Charles F. 

Artemas Simonds, Superintcndtnt. 

Overseers of the House of Correction. 
Luther Faulkner, George Darr:.cott, Daniel Hastings, 
William T. Andrews, Billino-s Brii^gs. 

Chas. Robbins, Master. Chas Cleaveland, C^ojaZain. 

Directors of the House of Reformation for 
Juvenile Offenders. 

John Rayner, Henry F. Baker, George B. Emerson, 
Zachariah Jellison. Edward Bjooks, John L. Dimmock, 
Larra Crane, John D. Fisher, Ebenezer Bailey. 
Francis C. Whiston, Superintendent. 

Samuel Norwood, Henry Bass, Thomas Jackson. 

F^lisha Copeland, Jonathan Prescott, Thomas Holden, 
George Reed, Josiali Baldwin, Horatio Bass, Ebenezer 
Trescott, Elisha V. Glover, Ebmezer Shute, George 
Robinson, Janies Pierce, Michael Riley, J(>hn Henry, 
Abraham Lansing, Willard Clough, Deraslus Clapp, 
John Reed, Matthias Ellis, Richard Hosea, Benjamin 
Brown, jr., William Loring, JNathaniel Coolidge. 

Superintendent of Public Lands. — Abner Bourne. 
Surveyor General of Lvmbe? . — George W. Otis. 
Sealer of Boats and Lighters. — Caleb Loring, jr. 
Crier. — James Wilson. 

Hay Weigfiers. — John R. Bradford, Ebenezer Clougii. 
Sealer of Weights and Measures. — Amos Stevens. 


Fence Vietcers. — Ronianus Emerson, Roliin Harts- 
horn, Abel Hevvins. 

Cullers of Dry Fish. — Benjamin Clark, Benjamin 
Ltickis, Charles L. I'ooU. 

Cullers of Hoops and Staves. — James Brown, Benja- 
min Chirk, Charles L. Pook. 

Inspectors of Lime. — Francis James, Samuel Sprague. 

Jlssay Master. — Louis A. Lauriat. 

Hogrecves, Haywards and Field Drivers. — John B. 
Braid, John Mead. 

Pound Keeper. — John Mead. 

Surveyors of Hemp. — Benjamin Rich, Sam'l Emmons. 

Measurers of Wood brought by Land,. — John R. Brad- 
ford, James VVilson, William Shaliuck, Moses Hadley, 
William Fisk. 

Measurers of Wood brought by Water. — Warren Bovv- 
ker, Daniel A. Rogers, Josiah HaskeU. 

Undertahers. — Samuel Winslow, Martin Smith, Henry- 
Davis, Joseph Wilcntt, Thomas ftlurray, John Deluce, 
Cyrus Babbit, Thomas Haskell, John B. Braid, Stephen 
S. Andrews, Joseph Wilcutt, jr., Thomas Andrews, Ed- 
ward Barrington, Jonathan Atherton, Francis Dillaway, 
C. G. Carlborg, W. A. Brabiner, Runey Gove, C. I. Pratt. 


William Barnicoat, CI)ief Engineer. 

James Barry John Green, jr. 

Henry Fowie, jr. Peter C. Jones 

Thomas A. Williams George W. Wilkins 

Lewis Dennis 

Basics ZM BOST02S-. 

Oflicers elected in October annually, 


Capital $500,000. 

Directors. — VViuy Cutler (President), Henry F. Baker, 

Jeremiah Hill, James Johnson, William F. Oils, William 

G. Lambert, Francis Fisher, Montgomery Newell, James 

Pickens, S. Philbrick, B. B. Whitney, Amasa Walker. 


Cashier, Beuj.Dodd. Te/Zer, Richard Ward. Book^ 
Keeper, Thomas Drown. Messenger, James Adams. 

AMERICAN BANK.— 70 Slate. 

Capital $.500,000. 

Directors. — Benj. Fiske (President), John S. Wright, 

Levi Brigliam, Paul Farnum, Arthur French, W. II. 

Gardiner, B B. Grant, George Odiorne, W. F. Whitney. 

Cashier, W. H. Odiorne. Teller, Thomas E Fearing. 

/)Oo/£-/ifef//cr, James Steele. Col. C/er^, Thos. J. Bayley. 

ATLAS BANK —65 State. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — Edward Eldredge (President), George P. 
Bangs, William Hales, Henry Lee, Josiah Nickerson. 

Cashier, Joseph White. Book Keeper, James Russell. 
Col. Clerk, William Beck. Solicitor, Theoph. Parsons. 
Discount daily. 

BOSTON BANK— 87 Stale. 
Capital $000,000. 
Directors. — Phineas Upham (President), Nathan Ap- 
pleton, Daniel C. Bacon, Josiah Bradlee, Samuel P. 
Blake, Samuel Cabot, Thomas B. Curtis, William J. 
Loring, Robert G. Shaw, Wm. Sullivan, Henry Upham. 
Cashier, James C. Wild. Solicitor, Wm. Sullivan. 
Teller, Robert Lash. Book-Kcejier, Charles Hamniatt. 
Messenger, George Breckenridge. 

Discount every day. 


Capital $500,000. 

Directors. — Joseph Tilden (President), Patrick T. 

Jackson, George W. Lyman, Thomas Motley, John G. 

Torrey, Samuel Appleton, Wiiliam Amory, John T. 

CooliJge, John Pickering. 

Cashier, William Coffin. Teller, Thos. Swan. Book- 
Keeper, George Cushing. Messenger, James Keen. So- 
licitor, John Pickering. 

Discount every day. 

Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — John K. Simi)son (President), Adams 
Bailey, John Mills, Oliver Fletcher, John Henshaw, 

BANKS. 15 

Ilall J. How, William Freeman, [Elislia Parks, Samuel 
S. Lewis, F. S. Carrntli, Otis Rich, Charles Hood. 

Cashier, Cliarles Hood, ist Teller, William Blaney. 
2d Teller, F. W. Bridge. Book-Keeper, J. N. Farrar. 
Discount Clerk, Albert Fitz. Messenger, Edward Barry. 
Porter, Lewis Jones. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 
Pension Department, L. M. Stone, Clerk. 

CITY BANK.— 61 Stale. 
Capital $1,000,000. 

Directors. — George Brinley (President), Isaac Bangs, 
Thomas Cordis, Luther Faulkner, Jesse Putnam, Samuel 
K. Williams, William T. Andrews, Henderson Inches, 
jr., Francis J. Oliver. 

Cashier, Eliphalet Williams. Teller, C. F. Blanchard, 
Book-Keepcr, Charles W. Taylor. Discount Clerk, C. 
W. Holbrook. Messenger, Andrew Johonnot. PorteTf 
Augustus Baird. Discount every day. 


Capital $500,000.. 

DircrJ.ors. — Parker H. Pierce (President), John Al- 

bree, William Graves, Israel Lombard, Isaac Livermore, 

I. Scholfield, jr., Phineas Sprague, Isaac P. Townsend, 

A. B. Weston, John H. Pearson, William Perkins. 

Cashier, Joseph Andrews. Teller, Timothy Bryant. 
Book-Keeper, Jonas Bennett. Messenger, Joseph Curtis. 

EAGLE BAJNK.— 61 State. 
C\vn\L $500,000. 
Directors. — Titus Welles (President), William Almy, 
C. W. Cartwright, Benjamin French, Andrew Cunning- 
ham, Elijah Loring, Francis Skinner, William B. Swett, 
.John Skiriner, Benjamin L. Thompson, John Williams, 
John D. Bates. 

Cashier, John J. Fisk. Teller, Henry B. Odiorne. 
Book-Keeper, Joshua P. Blanchard. Messenger, Ebene- 
zer Sampson. 

Discount days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

FRANKLIN BANK— South Boston. 
Capital $150,000. 
Directors. — Thomas Richardson (President), Josiah 
Dunham, Thomas R. Dascomb^ Hughr Montgomery, Eb- 


enozer Stevens, John Mears, Eben. Hayward, Prentiss 
Hobbs, S. S. Ridgevvay, Isaac Waldron, Heman Holmes. 
Cashier, Benjamin F. Hathorne. 

Discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

FULTON BANK— 31 State. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — Charles Henshaw (President), Samuel J. 
Bridge, John M. Fiske, John C. Hayden, Nestor Hough- 
ton, Joseph Mariner, John Mellen, John K. Simpson, jr., 
Peter Harvey, Lewis Mills, William Ward. 

Cashier, Joseph C. Brodhead. Teller, Charles Harts- 
horn. Book-Keeper, i. D. A(\i\ms. Jl/esseno-er, Addison 
Ware. Discount days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

GLOBE BANK.— 22 State. 

Capital $1,000,000. 

Directors. — James Read (President), Abel Adams, 

Stephen Fairbanks, Henry Hall, John Lamson, Payson 

Perrin, Isaac C. Pray, John F. Priest, Ignatius Sargent, 

Benjamin Seaver, Enoch Siisby. 

Cashier, Charles Sprague. \st Teller, Calvin Whiting. 
2d Teller, Alfred Skelton. Book-Keeper, Oliver Cole. 
Discount Clerk, John Adams. Assistant Clerk, Freder- 
ick Nichols. Messenger, William S. Nichols. Porter, 
Chauncey Peck. Solicitor, Charles P. Curtis. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

GRANITE BANK.— Commercial Wharf. 
Capital $.500,000. 
Directors. — John Binney (President), Benson Leavitt, 
J. Kettell, S. H. Rich, J. B. Tremere, B. Dodd, F. 
Gould, J. V. Bacon, F. G. Shaw, Geo. Denny, J. McGre- 
gor, N. Faxon. 

Cashier, Archibald Foster. Book-Keeper, A. B. Hall. 
Teller, S. Kneeland. Messenger, Barnabas Binney. 

HAMILTON BANK.— 53 State. 

Capital $-500,000. 

Directors. — Daniel Denny (President), Henry Cabot, 

James Gushing, Ebenezer Francis, George H. Kuhn, 

William Phipps, Willard Sayles, Thomas Wigglesworth, 

Marshall P. Wilder, Samuel W. Swett. 

Cashier, Joseph Hall, jr. Teller, Otis Turner. Book- 

UANKS. 17 

Keeper, Joseph L. Hammond.- Assistant Clerk and 
Messenger, Henry IIoo})er. Porter, Horace L. Temple. 

HANCOCK BANK.— Merchants Row. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — Daniel D. Brodliead (President), Richard 
Cobb, James C. Dunn, Rufiis Kendrick, Geo. W. Lewis, 
Richard Soule, :?tephen White, James W. Smith. 

Cashier, Edward S. Erving. Teller, Samuel B. Dyer, 
Booh-Keeper, Ellis B. Green. Messenger, B. H. Barnes. 
Discount days, Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

MARKET BANK.— City Wharf. 

Capital $500,000. 

Directors. — William B. Reynolds (President), Josiah 

Stickney, C. O. Whitmore, W. H. Delano, D. R. Griggs, 

John A. McGaw, A. H., Benjamin Sewall, 

Samuel H. Walley, jr., S. Robinson. 

Cashier, Samuel O. Mead. Teller, Samuel P. Oliver. 
Book-Keeper, Jonathan Brown, jr. Messenger and Por- 
ter , Charles S. Evans. 

Capital $800,000. 
Directors. — William Parsons (President), Jos. Head, 
John L. Gardner, John Parker, jr., Jonathan Phillips, 
William D. Sohier, Samuel Torrey, Edward Tucker- 
man, Isaac Winslow. 

Cashier, Samuel Payson. Teller, Edv^ard Sharp. 
Book-Keeper, James Dcjdd. Discount Clerk, John H. 
Bowes. Messenger, Thomas Hooper. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 


Capital $1,500,000. 

Directors. — Mark Healey (President), Nat,haniel F. 

Cunningham, Charles Ellis, "Luke Fay, Samuel Henshaw, 

John B. Jones, Cushing Mitchell, John C. Proctor, Jonas 

L. Sibley, William Tuckerman, Edmund Winchester. 

Cashier, Franklin Haven. Ast Teller, T. W. Hooper. 
2d Teller, J. B. Wetherbee. Discount Clerk, Charles 
H. Eldredge. Collection Clerk, John Chor'ley. 1st 
Book-Keeper, E. H. Severance. 2rf Book-Keeper, Geo. 
M. Norwood. Messenger, Chester Sessions. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 


Capital $1,000,000. 
Directors. — Philip Marett, (President), Samuel Dorr, 
Henry Gassett, Nathaniel Goddard, Mace Tisdale, John 
D. Williams, William Worlhington, Dudley Hall. 

Cashier, E. P. Clark. \st Teller, Charles Nichols. 2d 
Teller, S. T. Thompson. 'Book-Keeper, John G. Nazro, 
Messenger and Porter, George Gibson. 
Discount daily. 

NORTH BANK.— 26 North Market. 
Capital $750,000. 
Directf)rs.—]o\\n W. Trull (President), Isaiah Bangs, 
James Davis, Oliver Eldredge, A. H. Fiske, H. B. Hum- 
phrey, John T. Heaid, Calvin Washburn, E. Williams, 
jr., Henry D. Gray, James Weld. 

Cashier, Gurdion Steel. Teller, P. H. White. Booli- 
Keeper, VViliiam M. Pray. Messenger, Jos. W. Newell, 
Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Capital $750,000. 
Directors. — Geo. W. Pratt (President), Josiah Pierce, 
Edvv^ard Crehore, Thatcher Magoun, jr., F. E. White, J. 
M. Brovs^n, Wm. T. Eustis, E. H. Little, Ch. Leighton. 

Cashier, Marcus Whiting. \st Teller, Geo. F. Cook. 
Book-Keeper, William W. Willard. Messenger, William 
Raymond, 2d. 


Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — Enoch Baldwin (President), Joseph Whit- 
ney, C. Newhall, J. Forbush, J. Cheever, J. Southwick, 
J. M. Jones, J. W. Thayer, B. C. Harris, Isaac Williams, 
Luke Brooks, E C. Emerson. 

SOUTH BANK.— 40 State. 
Capital $.500,000. 
Directors. — John Preston (President), Benj. C. Clark, 
Samuel Dana, Francis Peabody, William P. Winchester. 
C«.<f/i/er, John J. Loring. '/e^Ze?-, S. G. Davis. Book- 
Keeper, Joshua Child. Messenger, Wm. H. Wheeler. 

STATE BANK.— 53 State. 
Capital $1,800,000. 
Directors. — E. A. Bourne (President), Samuel Austin, 

BANKS. 19 

jr., Benjamin Bangs, Levi Bartlett, David Ellis, Jacob 
Hall, Thos. Thacher, Thos. P. Cashing, S. H. Babcock. 
Cashier, Geo. Homer. \st Teller, Lucian Skinner. 2rf 
Teller, Henry L. Jaques. \st Book-Keeper^ Wm. E. Vin- 
cent. '2d Book-Kceper, Henry Pierce. Discount Clerk, 
Jonathan Call. Messenger, 3 Simcs H. Foster, jr. Por- 
ter, John White. Solicitor, James T. Austin. 

Discount days, Mondays and Thursdays. 

SUFFOLK BANK.— 65 State. 
Capital $750,000. 

Directors. — Henry B. Stone (President), Joseph Baker, 
John Belknap, George Bond, Ebenezer Breed, Samuel 
Hubbard, Wm. Lawrence, John A. Lowell, Jas. Means, 
Benjamin R. Nichols, JeftVey Richardson, Nathaniel P. 
Russell, Henry B. Stone. 

Cashier, Matthew S. Parker. Paying Teller, Henry 
Jaques. Receiving Teller, Henry Burroughs. Book- 
Keeper, Isaac C. Brewer. Discount Clerk, Charles Em- 
erson. J3ssistant Clerks, A. K. Hunt, Henry L. Jaques, 
Cyrus Smith. Porter, Rand Lord. 

Foreign Monexj Clerks. — William Grubb, jr., D. H. 
Belknap, J. Grubb, John Lakeman. 

Discount days, Wednesdays and Saturday.s. 

TRADERS' BANK.— 9 India. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — David Dndley (President), Benj. F. Cope- 
land, Joshua Crane, Jabez Fisher, 2d, Prince Hawes, 
Jabez C. Howe, Doming Jarvis, Thomas Lord, J. Colla- 
raore, jr., Geo. Seaver, Zachariah Jeliison, Henry Smith. 
Cashier, Ephraim L. Frothingham. Teller, Thomas 
Browne, jr. jBoo/c-iiTee/^er, Jeremiah Gore, jr. Messen- 
ger, Thomas O. Brackett. Solicitor, Francis O. Watts. 

TREMONT BANK.— 41 State. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors. — Samuel T. Armstrong (President), E. T. 
Andrews, Caleb Curtis, A. T. Hall, E. Train, H. H. 
Fuller, George A. Goddard, Isaac Stevens, G. Wheelock. 
Cashier, James Dalton. Teller, Amos T. Frothing- 
ham. Book-Keeper, Nathaniel Clapp. Messenger and 
Porter, Charles Stearns. Discount every day. 


UNION BANK— 40 State. 
Capital $800,000. 

Directors.— Samuel Fales (President), Luke Carter, 
P. R. Dalton, Jeremiah Fitch, Ozias Goodwin, Giles 
Lodge, Thaddeus Nichols, jr., John Stearns, Thomas B. 
Wales, Moses Wheeler. 

Ca5/<icr, Chester Adams. TeZ/er, Sam'l Parker. Book- 
Keeper, Nathaniel Emmons Discount Clerk, Reuben 
Swan, jr. Jissistant Clerk, A.Tro\\hx\i\gfi. Messenger 
and Porter, Oliver Jaqnith. Discount daily. 

WASHINGTON BANK.— 471 Washington. 
Capital $500,000. 
Directors.— Aaron Baldwin (President), Thos. Brew- 
er, J. P. Cooke, Charles Davis, Windsor Fay, Francis 
Jackson, Josi. Stedman, John Thompson, Mos. Williams. 
Cashier, D. A. Sigourney- Teller, J. J. Soren. Book- 
Keeper, J. A. Richards. Messenger, S. IL Champney. 

J.l!¥BUB.ILI>SCIl omens. 

Jlmerican Insurance Company. 
State.— Capital $300,000.— Dividends Jan. and July. 
Directors. — J. Ingersoll Bowditch (President), Na- 
than Appleton, Samuel Appleton, Benjamin A. Gould, 
John Heard, jr., Caleb Loring, Samuel May, F. J. Oli- 
ver, P. P. Pope, Benjamin Rich, Robert G. Shaw, Ho- 
race Gray, Henry Oxnard, Isaac Winslovv. 
Secretary, J. S. Barbour. 

Jltlas Insurance Company. 

31 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div. Jan. and July. 

Directors. — Samuel .\. Wells (President), Jolin Bor- 
land, George B. Blake, George Brinley, Edward Cruft, 
Ric^hard Devens, Thomas Dennie, Edward Eldredge, 
John Harris, James Harris, Joseph W. Lewis, W. W. 
Parrott, R. D. Shepherd, IMiineas Sprague, Jer. Kahler. 

Sec'ry, Andrew C. Dorr, jr. Messenger, W. L. Barnes. 

Atlantic Insurance Company. 
29 State.— Capital $250,000.— Div'ds Jan. and July. 
Directors. — Francis Watts (President), S. D. Brad- 
ford, Charles Brown, Joseph V. Bacon, Darning Jarvis, 


Jabez How, Zachariah Jellison, Tliaddeus Nichols, jr., 
Henry Oxnard. 

Secretary, Robert Farley. 

Boston Marine Insurance Company. 
52 State.— Capital $300,000.— Dividends June and Dec. 

Directors. — Daniel Sargent (President), Henry F. 
Baker, Edtnund Baylies, Geo. B. Gary, Thomas B. Cur- 
tis, John L. Gardner, Robert C Hooper, Robert C. 
Mackay, Thomas Parsons, Joshua Thomas Stevenson, 
Thomas W. Ward, Stephen White. 

Secretary, Joseph May. Messenger, Moody Merrill. 

Boston Insurance Company. 

56 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div'ds March and Sept. 

Directors. — Lemuel Pope (President), John Bryant, 

Nathaniel Goddard, Giles Lod.i^e, John F. Loring, Wm. 

Lawrence, Geo. Pratt, Moses VVheeler, Jos. H. Wolcott. 

Secretary, Peter W. Freeman. 

Boylston Fire and Marine Insurance Company. 
475 Washing.— Capital $300,000.— Div. April and Oct. 
Directors. — Aaron Baldwin (President), Thos. Brew- 
er, J. P. Cooke, Richards Child, Charles Davis, Windsor 
Fay, Josiah Stedman, John Thompson, J. P. Townsend, 
Francis Jackson, Daniel Weld, Moses Williams. 
Secretary, B. F. Willard. 

Columbian Insurance Company. 
43 .State.— Capital $300,000 —Divid. June and Decern. 
Directors. — Charles Bradbury (President), R. Hoop- 
er, jr., Samuel Hooper, A. E. Belknap, William Savage, 
Wm. Sawyer, Henry Sigourney, Thomas B. Wales, 
Theodore Chase. 

Secretary, Edward P. Meriam. 

Commonwealth Insurance Company. 
19 State.— Capital $300,000.— Dividends April and Oct. 
Directors. — John K. Simpson (President), Adams 
Bailey, D. D. Brodhead, Larra Crane, Scotto Clark, Na- 
thaniel Faxon, William Freeman, Henry Hatch, Hall J. 
How, David Henshaw, Charles Henshaw, Charles Hood, 
Samuel S. Lewis, William Parmenter, Eugene A. Ho- 


mer, Jonas L. Sibley, Daniel Taylor, Nathaniel Thayer, 
jr.j William F. Whitney, Thomas J. Whittemore. 
Secretary, J. Stevens. 

Firemen's Insurance Company. 
20 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div. January and July. 
Directors. — Thomas C. Amory (President), Joseph 
P. Bradlee, John Collamore, jr., Joshua Crane, Josiah 
Daniell, John S. Ellery, William G. Eaton, Thaddeus 
Nichols, jr., Edward G. Prescott, Benjamin Seaver, Ig- 
natius Sargent, Benjamin Yeaton. 

Secretary, S. G. Rogers, jr. 

Fishing Insurance Company. 
20 Commerc'h— Capital $100,000.— Div. Jan. and July. 
Directors. — Benjamin Sewall (President), Benjamin 
Abrahams, John F. Banister, Robert Ripley, George 
Thatcher, Israel Lombard, William V. Kent, Benjamin 
Dodd, James A. Smith, John Snelling, C. Cole, C. F. 
Eaton, Otis Drury. 

Secretary, Moses Sewall. « 

Franhlin Insurance Company. 
44 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div. January and July. 

Directors. — Francis Welsh (President), Samuel L. 
Abbot, F. H. Bradlee, Lemuel Crackbon, John Lamson, 
Thatcher Magoun, jr., James Read, Enoch Train, Eli- 
phalet Williams. 

Secretary, Wm. M. Byrnes. Clerk, Ambrose Stanley. 

Globe Fire and Marine Insurance Company. 
C3 State.— Capital $200,000.— Div. January and July. 

Directors. — William Hales ('President), Atkins Ad- 
ams, Francis Fisher, Samuel C. Gray, Henry Lunt, H. 
C. Mackay, C. C. Parsons, Wm. Davis, jr , Wm. Tucker. 

Secretary, James H. Lunt. Messenger, S. Withington. 

Hope Insurance Company. 
15 State.— Capital $200,000.— Div'ds April and Oct. 
Directors. — Nehemiah Parsons ('President), B. A. 
Gould, George W. Pratt, Epes Sargent, R. D. C. Merry, 
William Parsons, jr., John P. Rice, Philip Ammidon, 
Thomas Lord, Bela Hunting, John W. Trull. 
Secretary, Charles Brintnall. 


Manufacturers'' Insurance Company. 
59 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div. April and October. 
Directors. — C. VV. Caitwriglit (President), Ebenezer 
T. Andrews, John Bunistead, William Parker, E. A. 
Bourne, Jolin Leuiist, Edmund JMunroe, George Pratt, 
Amos Binney, Robert Rogerson, Wni. Shimmiu, S. C. 
Thvving. Secretary, Samuel Hunt. 

Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 
45 State. — Capital $300,000. — Div. March and Septem. 
Directors. — Nathaniel G. Snelling (President), N. F. 
Cunningham, David Ellis, S. E. Greene, Abraham How- 
ard, W. F. Otis, James Savage, C. C. C. Tucker, B. M. 
Watson, Enoch Silsby. Secretary, John Center. 

Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co. 

50 State.— Capital $500,000.— Dividend in January. 

William Prescott, President. 

Vice Presidents. — Sam'l Appleton, Peter C. Brooks, 
Joseph Head, Samuel Hubbard, Charles Jackson, John 
Lowell, John Parker, Joseph Peabody, Thomas H. 
Perkins, William Pratt, Josiah Quincy, David Sears, 
Nathaniel Silsbee, Joseph Tilden, Titus Welles. 

Directors. — Nathan Appleton, John Belknap, Na- 
thaniel Bowditch, John Bryant, Ebenezer Chadwick, 
Henry Codman, Patrick T. Jackson, Amos Lawrence, 
John A. Lowell, Thomas Motley, Benjamin R. Nichols, 
Daniel P. Parker, Thomas Wigglesworth. 

Nath'l Bowditch, Actuary. — Moses L. Hale, Sec'y. 
Receiver, George F. Flint. — Messenger, John P. Adams. 

Massachusetts Mutual Fire Insurance Com'panij. 
No. 17 State. 
Directors. — Charles Wells (President), Ebenezer T. 
Andrews, Joseph Austin, Geo Bartlett, Edward Brooks, 
Charles P. Curtis, Ebenezer Francis, John A. Lowell, 
William Lawrence, Joseph Lovering, Turner Phillips, 
Samuel May, John D. Williams. 

Secretary, William Tufts. 

Mercantile Marine Insurance Company. 
62 State.— Capital $300,000.— Div'ds May and Novem. 
Directors. — Nathaniel Meriam (President), Benjamia 


Bangs, John G. Low, Samuel Fales, Jeremiah Fitch, 
James Johnson, Henry Lee, George A. Goddard, Geo. 
F. Williams, ElijaJi Loring, Edward Wigglesworth. 
Secretary, William B. Coffin. 

Merchants'* Insurance Compamj. 
38 State.— Capital $400,00U.— Div'ds April and Oct. 

Directors. — Joseph Balch (President), Abbott Law- 
rence, Henry Hall, Arthur French, Nathaniel Curtis, 
Taskcr H. Swett, Benjamin L. Thompson, Sam'l Whit- 
well, Robert Hooper, jr., W^illiam Rollins, John Wil- 
liams, Ebenezer Chadwick, William B. Swett. 

Assistant President, Samuel Tenney. Secretary, Geo. 
Homer. Clerk, Edward Siearns. 

JVational Insurance Company. 
24 State.— Capital $1,000,000.— Div'ds April and Oct, 
Directors. — Samuel W. Swett (President), William 
Appleton, Daniel Denny, Isaiah Bangs, J. W. Edmunds, 
Samuel Hubbard, John A. Lowell, Dudley L. Pickman, 
Francis Skinner, Ebenezer Francis, Daniel Kimball, 
John Hooper, Isaac Livermore, Isaac Parker, George 
Searle, George Howe, Stephen Fairbanks, William H. 
Gardiner, George H. Kuhn, James K. Mills, Thomas 
W^igglesworth, Wiliard Sayles, Marshall P. Wilder, 
Thomas Gray. Secretary, L. G. Russell. 

J^eptune Insurance Company. 

Capital $200,000. — Dividends January and July. 

Directors. — C. Curtis (President), David Devens, 
Horace Scudder, T. C. Smith, J. P. Thorndike, Timo- 
thy Walker, Gilinan Stanley, Samuel Quincy, Andrew 
T. Hall. Secretary, J. H. Gardner. 

JS'ew England Marine Insurance Company. 
30 State.— Capital $300,000.— Dividends June and Dec. 

Directors. — James Hall (President), Peter C. Brooks, 
Josiah Bradlee, Joseph Tilden, Richard D. Tucker, 
William Appleton, Ozias Goodwin, Andrew Cunning- 
ham, Edmund Baylies, John Pickering, Stephen H. Per- 
kins, James Parker. 

Secretary J John Waters. Messenger, Geo. Golding. 


Ocean Insurance Company. 
53 State.— Capital $'200,000.— Dividends Jan. and July. 
Directors. — Joseph H. Adams (President), Benjamin 
Burgess, Henry 'J'itnniins, William V. Wincliester, Mark 
Heaiey, Ferdinand E. While, Jas. Weld, Dixey Wildes, 
John Preston, P. J. Farnham, C. B. Fessenden, Jabez 
Fisher, 2d. Secretary, John Preston. 

Protection Insurance Company. 

23 State.— Capital $200,0<OU.— Dividends April and Oct. 

DiRECVOKS. — John Clark (President j, Benjamin C 

Clark, Edward D. Clark, Gcor^^e Callender, Thomas R. 

Dascomb, Nathaniel Knight, Theodore D. Parker, Benj. 

F. Copeland, A. W. Thaxter, jr. 

Secretary, Samuel Wheeler. 

Snjfolk Insurance Company. 

State, corner Congress.— Capital $300,000. 

Dividends April and October. 

Directors. — Samuel G. Perkins (President), Samuel 

Austin, jr., Henry F. Baker, Benjamin C. Clark, Thos. 

G. Cary, Charles Cunningham, Thomas Dixon, George 
W. Lyman, James K. Mills, William Oliver, Robert B. 
Forbes, Henry Wainwright. ^ 

Secy, P. W. Hayward. 'Messenger, N. Wright. 

Tremont Fire and Ma7'ine Insurance Company. 
Commer. vvf.— Capital f 200,000.— Div. May and Nov. 
Directors. — John Binnev (President), D. C. Bacon, 
D. D. Brodhead, J. C. Dunn, B. Fiske, J. A. McGaw, 
J. Hart, John Kettell, A. C. Lombard, S. S. Lewis, H. 
OxiTurd, A. L. Richardson, R. Soule, F. G. Shaw, P. 
S. Shelton, E. Train, S. White, Charles Wilkins. 
Secretary, J. C. Biiiney. 

United States Insurance Company. 
95 State.— Capital $200,000.— Div'ds Jan. and July. 
Directors. — I'arker H. Pieice (President), Benjamin 
Fiske, Benjamin Humphrey, Ainmi C. Lombard, Jolin 
H. Pearson, Alfred Riciiardson, William Perkins, Isaac 
Scholfield, jr., John Smith, Ezra Weston, 
i'ccrcfar?/, Robert Hale, jr. 


Warren Insurance Company. 

13 State.— Capital $100,000. 

Directors. — John L. Dimmock (President), William 
Bramhall, Elisha Howes, Jairus B. Lincoln, Aaron Rice, 
Benjamin T. Reed, Gilman Stanley, George Thacher, 
John Tyler, E. F. Bradlee, Thomas N. French, Samuel 
Wheelwright, jr. 

Secy, A. S. Whiting. Solicitor, Theoph. Parsons. 

Washington Insurance Company. 
42 State.— Capital $200,000.— Div'ds April and Oct. 
Directors. — Thomas Lamb (President), Samuel T. 
Armstrong, Daniel C. Bacon, J. T. Coolidge, Samuel 
Doir, Wm. B. Reynolds, John Skinner, M. li. Simpson, 
Francis Bacon. 

Secretary, Isaac Sweetser. 


Office in Tremont street. Open every day from 9 till 
1 o'clock. 

President. — Jonathan Phillips. 

Vice Presidents. — Thomas L. Winthrop, Joseph 
Tilden, John D. Williams, Andrew Ritchie, Edward 
Tuckerman, Samuel Snelling, Samuel May, James T 
Austin, Amos Lawrence, John Dorr, Peter O. Thacher 
Daniel P. Parker. 

Trustees. — Gideon Snow, James Savage, Abiel Chand 
ler, Robert Waterston, Benjamin Guild, John A. Low- 
ell, Nathaniel G. Snelling, Edward Brooks, Samue 
Dorr, John C. Gray, Francis J. Oliver, Thomas P. Cush 
ing, Charles Wells, Ebentzer Chadwick, Robert G 
Shaw, C. C. Parsons, Edward Cruft, Thomas B. Wales 
Henry Gassett, William P. Mason, Samuel Bradlee 
Thomas Wigglesworth, William Lawrence, Samuel 
Austin, jr. 

James Savage, Treasurer. 

Robert Charles Winthrop, Secretary. 

City Wharf. 
President. — Pliny Cutler. 
Vice i'reszde/ii.— Daniel C. Bacon. 


Secretary. — Thomas K. Davis. 

Treasurer. — Samuel H. Walleyjr. 

Managers. — George Bond, Alfred Richardson, Thom- 
as Lamb, N. A. Barrett, C. W. Cartwright, Thomas 
Vose, John A. McGaw, George VV. Crockett, D. D. 
Brodhead, Benjamin Seaver, James Means, W. S. 
Rogers, William Slurgis, Phineas Sprague, Benjamin 
Rich,Peleii Churchill, Charles Brown, William B. Rey- 
nolds, William W. Stone, William Worthington, J. W. 
Blake, Charles Scudder, George A. Goddard, Samuel 
Lawrence, Henry Edwards. 


President. — Ebenezer Francis. 

Vice President. — Samuel Appleton. 

Treasurer. — Henry Andrews. 


Trustees. — Charles Amory, George Bond, Thomas B. 
Curtis, Henry Edwards, Samijel A. Eliot, Francis C. 
Gray, Samuel Lawrence, Charles G. Loring, Josiah 
Quincy, jr., Robert G.Shaw, John P. Thorndike, Ed- 
ward Tuckerman. 

Super intendent of the Hospital, Gamaliel Bradford, 
M. D. 

Physician and Superintendent of the .Bsylum, Thomas 
G. Lee, M. D. 

Steivard, Columbus Tyler, 

Matron, Mrs. Tyler. 
-Assistant and Apothecary, Edward Rowland. 

Male Supervisor, Homer Goodhue. 

Female Supervisor, Mrs. Lewis. 

All applications for admission must be made at the 
HOSPITAL, jmcn Street, between the hours of 8 and 
9 on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Applicants who cannot attend in person will be visit- 
ed by a Physician connected with the Hospital, and no 
one can be admitted without his certificate, except in 
case of injury from accident, or of sudden illness. 

All applications from the country must be accompani- 
ed by a description of the case, in writing, by the at- 
tending Physician of the patient, and addressed to 

J. B. S. JAC|CSON, M. D. 


niT' If a free bed he desired, tlie peruniary circum- 
stances of the applicant must he stated. Maij ], ]83(). 

Every application for admission to the ASYLUM 
must he in writing, and accomi)anied with 

1. A certificate tluit the candidate is insane, and Uca 
from contagious disease. 

2. A certificate of his or. her property, and of any 
friends liable for his or her maintenance. 

3. A certificate of the ability of ilrc persons proposed 
ns principal and surety in the obligation fi)r payment of 

4. A history of the case from its "commencement, and 
the medical treatment. 

No visitors are admitted on any part of the Lord's day. 
No boarders can be visited except by near relatives, or 
by others at their request in writing. 


Jicting Surgeon, John C Warren, M.D. 
Junloi- Surgeon, George Hayward, M.D. 
Physicians, James Jackson, M.D., Walter Channing, 

M.D. and John Ware, M.D. 
Assistant Physician, John B. S. Jackson, M.D. 
Superintendent, Gan)aliel Bradford, M.D. 


Mmiagcrs. — Edward Tuckerman {Chairrnan), Samuel 
H. Walley, Isaac Winslow, Samuel May, Jonathan Phil- 
lips, Gideon F. Thayer, Nathaniel L. Froihingham, 
Thomas B. Wales, Nathaniel I*. Russell, Pliny Cutler, 
Edmund Munroe, George II. Snelling {Secretary). 

Treasurer. — Gideon Snow. ' 

Consulting Physicians. — John Randall, M.D., Solo- 
mon D. Tovvnscnd, M.D. 

Visiting Physicians. 
William G. Hanaford, M.D. District of Wards 1 and 3. 
Henry G. Chirk, M.D- '' Ward 2. 

Francis H. Gray. M.D. " Ward 4. 

Edward Warren, M.D. " Wards 5, G & 7. 

Edward L. Cunningham, M.D. Broad st. District. 
Henry I. Bovvditch, M.D. FortJ>Hill District. 

William Young, M.D. District uf Ward 10. 


John Odin, jr. M.D. District of Ward 11. 

William A. Foster, M.D. '' Ward 12. 

Whitney, M.D. District of South Boston. 

Joseph M. Smith, 138 Washington street. 



19 Pearl street. 

President, Jonathan PhiUips. 

Vice President, T. II. Perkins. 

Treasurer, Richard D. Tucker. 

Secretary, Samuel G. Howe. 

Trustees. — T. G. Gary, Edward Brooks, Ozias Good- 
win, John D. Fisher, John Homans, Samuel P. Loud, 
Robert C. Winthrop, Horace Mann, J. A. Lowell, Wil- 
liam H. Prescott, Robert Rantoul, Samuel May, 
Director, Samuel G. Howe. 

Boston Asylum and Farm School. Edw. S. Rand, Sec. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital. James Savage, President. 

^British Society. William S. Skinner, President. 

Charitable Association of the Boston Fire Department. 
Thomas C. Amory, President. 

Franklin Typographical Society. Alfred Mudge, Pres. 

Howard Benevolent Society. Moses Grant, Prts. Cal- 
vin Whiting, Treasurer. 

Irish Society. James Boyd, President. 

Mass. Char. Fire Society. Jolm Heard, President. 

Mass. Char. Mecli. Assoc. Stephen Fairbanks, Pres. 

Mass. Humane Society. Benj. Rich, President. 

Mass. Char. Society. William C. Hunneman, President. 

Port Soc. of Boston and Vicinity. Henry Cabot, Pres. 

Scottish Society. James Kelt, President. 

Seamen's Friend Society. Tho'sD. Quincy, Treasurer. 

Widow's Society. Mrs. Jonathan Amory, President. 

A. V. GrisiDold, d. d. Bishop Eastern Diocese, resides in 



First Church, Channcey phic e, A''athamel L. Frothingham. 

Second Church, Hanover street. Chandler Robhins. 

First Baptist Church, Hanover street, William Hague. 

Old South Church, Washington street. 

King's Chapel, School street, F. W. P. Greemcood. 

Church in Brattle street, Sarnucl K. Lothrop. 

New N. Church, Hanover st. Francis Parkman, d. d. 

New South Church, Summer street, Alexander Young. 

Christ Church (Episcopal), Salem st. Wdlia,m Croswell. 

Church in Hollis street, John Picrpont. 

Church in Federal street, JV. E. Channing, v. v. and E. 

S. Gannett. 
Trinity Church (Episcopal), Summer street, Jonathan 

M. JVaiTuaright, d. d. John L. IP'atson, ass. minister. 
West Church, Lynde street, Charles Loioell, d. d. 
Second Baptist Church, Salem street, Baron Stoic. 
Universalist Ciiurch, N. Bennet st. Sebastian Streeter. 
Church of the Holy Cross (Roman Catholic), Franklin 

street, Rt. Rev. B. Femvick, JVilliani Tijler, Michael 

Hcalij, John Curtin, Win. Wiley, James Conumy. 
First Meth. Epis. Church, N. Bennet st. Daniel Filmore. 
Second Meth. Ep. Church, Bromfield st. J. Hamilton. 
Bethel Church, North square, E. T. Taylor. 
African Baptist Church, Belknap street. 
Charles street Baptist Church, Daniel Sliarj), d. d. 
Park street Church. 

Second Universalist Church, School st. Hosea Ballon. 
St. Matthew's Church (Epis.), S. Bos. Horace L. Conelly. 
St. Paul's Church (Epis.), Tremont at. John S. Stone. 

St. Augustine's, (R.o. Cath.), S. Boston, McLynch. 

Mariner's Church, Purchase street, Daniel M. Lord. 

Union Cliurch, Essex street, JVehcmiah Adams. 

Pond street, (Roman Cath.) 

Central Universalist Society, Bulfinch street, Paul Dean. 

Twelfth Con^. Soc. Chamhers street, Samuel Barrett. 

Epis. City Mission Chapel, 46 Wash. st. Asa Eaton, d. d. 

Church in Green street, William Jenks, ij. d. 

Church in Purchase street, George Ripley. 

Grace Church (Epis.), Temple street. 

Church in Bowdoin street, Hubbard Winsloio. 

Christian Society, Summer st. cor. Sea, Joshua V. Himcs. 

Church, South Boston, Lemuel Capen. 

Phillips Church Society, S. Boston, Joy H. Fairchild. 

Federal street Baptist Church, George B. Ide. 

New Jerusalem Church, Phillips place, Thos. Worcester. 



Baptist Church, South Boston. 
Church in Salem street, George W. BUigden. 
Soutli CoMjr. Soc. VVash.ingtnn sWeeA, 1. Motte. 
African Methodist Chapel, Samuel Snotqden. 
Churcii in Pine street, Jirtemas Boies. 
Universalist Society, South Boston, Benj. Whitteviore. 
Friends Society, Milton place. 

Third- Meth. Ep. Church, Ciiurch street, Mel Stevens. 
Franklin street Church, cor. Federal and Franklin sts. 
JF. M. Rogers. 
9:5" Those Societies not otherwise designated, are Congrega- 



Arranged according to the time of their Admittance. 

James Jackson 
Benjamin ShurtlefF 
John C. Warren 
John Randall 
George C. Shattuck 
John B. Brown 
Walter Channing 
Jacob Bigelow 
George Hayward 
George Parkman 
Williams Bradford 
Abner Phelps 
Zahdiel B. Adams 
Solomon D. Townsend 
John Ware 
David Osgood 
Samuel A. ShurtlefF 
Enoch Hale 
Samuel i\dams 
Edward Reynolds, jr. 
Woodbridge Strong 
John Jeffries 

T. W. Parsons, surg. -dentist 
J. F. Flagg, surg.-dentist 
George B. Doane 
Chandler Robbins 

Jerome V. C. Smith 
George W. Otis, jr. 
Edwin Adams 
Samuel Morrill 
Winslow Levvis, jr. 
Charles T. Hildreth 
D. Humphreys Storer 
Joshua B. Flint 
Jolm Flint 
John C. Hayden 
Jonas H. Lane 
Joseph W. McKean 
JMarlin Gay 
Alexander Thomas 
John D. Fishor 
N. C. Keep, surg.-dentist 
Frederick A. Sumner, jr. 
John B. Stebbins 
Charles Choate 
William Grigg 
Benjamin T. Prescott 
Giles H. Lodge 
Charles T. Jackson 
Daniel T. Coit 
Thomas Gray, jr. 
John B. S. Jackson 


John Homans 
Edward J. Davenport 
Henry Dyer 

D. Harwood, surg. -dentist 
Augustus A. Gould 
Calvin Ellis 
Marshall S. Perry 
Abraham A. Watson 
Thomas H. Thompson 
Levi B. Gale 
George Barllett 
Edward Warren 
Benjamin F. Wing 
Ambrose Seaton 
James W^ood 
William G. Hanaford 
Paul Stimpson, jr. 
Ezra Palmer, jr. 
Joseph lloby 
Howard Sargent 
Edward L. Cunningham 
Caleb S. Whitman 
Asa B. Snow 
Jesse Chickering 
William E. Foster 
Henry A. Ward 

Charles G. Putnam 

Alphcus Proctor 

James B. Gregcrson 

Josiah Kittredge 

John Odin, jr. 

W. W. D wight 

N. B. Shurtleff 

Francis H. Gray 

Joseph D. Fales 

H. D. Bowditch 

J. Moriarty 

H. G. Clark 

Abner B.f Wheeler 

J. Mason W^irren 

Lewis Joseph Glover 

Solomon Keep 

G. C. Shattuck, jr. 

E. W. Leach 

Andrew Alexander 

Henry A. Dewar, surg.-dcnf, 

Robert William Hooper 

J. Cullen Ayer 

Oliver Wendell Holmes 

Albert T. Smith 

John W. Warren, jr. 

William Ingalls, jr. 


The hours at which they start from and arrive at Boston. 

Fiom Messrs. Badger and Porter's last " Stage Register." 

Albany Accom. 7 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 2 
a m, and arrives in Boston the following days at 6 pm. 

Albany, via Braltleborough, Vt. daily, from 3G Hano- 
ver St. at 2 a m. 

Albany Daily, via Springfield, 7 Elm st. at 2 a m, 
arrives 7 p m. 

Albany Mail, via Northampton, 7 Elm st. Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at 2 a m, and arrives next days at 7 p m. 

Amherst, Windsor, aod Burlington Mail, via Lowell, 
every morning. 

Andover, leaves City Tavern every day, Sundays ox. 
at 3 p m, and arrives at 10. 

Barre, 7 Elm st. Tues. Th. and Sat. at 8 a m, arrives 
the following evenings at 5 p m. 


Biidgcwnter and Randolph, VVnshington Coffee II. 
and City Tavern, every day except Sunday, at 12 1-2 rri, 
and 1 p m,- arrives 10 1-2 a-m. 

Bristol, R. I. ]\iail, via 'J'aunton, leaves Marlboro' Ho- 
tel every day except Sun. at half jjast 7 a ni. 

Brookline, leaves Norfolk avenue every day except 
Sunday, at 8 and 10 a m, and 6 p in. 

Beverly, leaves City Tavern every day except Sun. at 
4 p m, and arrives at 10 a m. 

Brattleboro' Mail leaves 11 Elm st. every day except 
Saturday, at Sam. 

Concord and Nashua, N. H. via Lowell, every day. 

Concord, via Andover, leaves 9 Elm st. Tu. Th. and 
Sat. returns the following days. 

Concord Accom. leaves 36 Hanover st. Mon. Wed. 
and Sat. at 3 p m, and arrives at 9 a m. 

Charlestown Hourly, leaves 51 Brattle st. 

Cambridge Houily, leaves .51 Brattle st. . 

Cambridgeport Hourly, leaves 51 Brattle street. 

Canton, leaves Jennings's, 9 Elm st. Mon. Tues. 
Thurs. and Sat. at 4 p m. 

Dover, N. H. leaves 85 Ann st. every morning except 
Sunday at 8, and arrives at 4 p m. 

Dorchester and South Boston, leaves 153 Washington 
St. at 9 a m, 2 and 6 p m. 

Dorchester and Milton, leaves 11 Elm st. everyday 
Sun. ex. at half past 12 and 5 p m. 

Duxbury Mail, leaves City Tavern every day except 
Sunday at 9 a m. 

Dudley, via Worcester Rail Road, Tu. Th. and Sat. 

Fitchburgh, Fitzvvilliani and Brattleboro' Mail, leaves 
11 Elm St. every day. 

Fitchburgli, Keene, N. H. and Rutland, Vt. leaves 11 
Elm St. every day except Saturday at 4 a m. 

Gloucester Mail, City Tavern, every day except Sun. 
at 1 1 . 

Groton Accom. 36 Hanover st. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 9 
a m, and Mon. Wed. and Saturdays at 10 a m. 

Haverhill, Ms. and Concord, N. H. 11 Elm st. Mon. 
Wed. and Friday, at 7, and arrives every other day, at 
6 p m. 

Hyannis Mail, leaves City Tavern, Mon. "Wed. and Fri. 
nt 3 a m. 


Hopkinton, N. H. leaves U Elm st. Tu. Tliu. and Sat. 
at 7 a m, and arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at (5 p in. 

Haverhill and Andover Accom. leaves Wilde's, Elm 
St. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at half past 2 p m, and arrives at 
half past 12. 

Hingham, leaves 9 Elm st. every day except Sunday 
at 4 p m, and arrives at 9 a m. 

Jamaica Plains leaves Post Office, 9 and 12 a m, and 
5 pm. 

Keene, N. H. Mail, 36 Hanover st. every morning at 
5, and ariives same evening. 

Keene, N. H., via Lowell Ptail.Road, Tu. Th. and 
Saturday morning. 

Lowell Rai! Road Depot, Leveret 3t. cor. Barton st. 

Lowell, 11 Elm st. every day except Sunday, at 7 
a m, and 2 p m. 

Lexington, City Tavern, Mon. Wed. Thurs. and Sat. 
at 8 a m. 

Lancaster and Fitchburg Accom. leaves City Tavern 
every morning at 8. 

Lynn leaves 11 Elm st. daily, at 4 p m. 

Medtield, Medway, and Mendon, leaves 158 Washing- 
ton St. and 11 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 6 a m, and 
arrives next days at 5 p m. 

Methuen, leaves City Tavern daily, at 3 p m. 

Medford, leaves Wilde's, 11 Elm st. every day except 
Sun. at half past 12 and 6 p m. 

Montreal, leaves Boston Mon. Wed. and Fri. mornings. 

Marshfield, leaves Cit> Tav. Tu. Th. and Sat. at 9 a m. 

Marblehead, leaves City Tavern every day except Sun. 
at half past 4 pm, and arrives at 10 a m. 

New Bedford Accom. leaves City Tavern Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. and Marlboro' Hotel Tues. Wed. and Sat. at 
half past 8 am, and arrives next days. 

New Bedford Mail via Taunton, leaves Marlboro' Ho- 
tel Tu. Th. and Sat. at 7 a m, and arrives Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. evenings. 

Newport Mail, leaves Marlborough Hotel every day, 
Sunday excepted, at 7 a m, and arrives p m. 

Newburyport, Exeter and Dover, N. H. Accom. leaves 
85 Ann st. every morning except Sun. at half past 7, and 
arrives at 6 p m. 

Newton Lower Falls and Brighton, leaves 7 Elm st. 
every day at 4 p m. 


Nevvburyport and Amcsbury, leaves 85 Ann st. every 
day except Sun. at 1 p m, and arrives at 1pm. 

New Bedford Mail, City Tavern, Mon. Wed. and Fri. 
at half past 8 a tn, arrives in Boston same afternoon. 

New York Mail, 7 Elm st. every day at 10 p m, ar- 
rives every day at 12 m. 

Plymouth Accorn. leaves City Tavern Tu. Th. and Sat. 
at 10 a m, and half past 12 p m. 

Plymouth, Sandwich, and Barnstable Mail, City Tav- 
ern every morninsj except Sun. at 4 a m, arrives p m, 

Portland, Me. Mail, leaves Eastern Stage House every 
day at half past 4 p m, and arrives at 6 a m. 

Portland, via Portsmouth, leaves 84 Ann st. every 
morning except Sun. at 8, and arrives at 5 p m. 

Peterborough, N. H., leaves Elm st. Tu. Th. and Sat. 
mornings at 7, and arrives Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 4 p. m. 

Providence Mail, Marlborough Hotel every mornir-g 
at 9, except Sun. arrives at 1 p m. 

Providence Rail Road Depot, bottom of the Common. 

Portsmouth Accom leaves 84 Ann st. every morning 
except Sunday at half past 7, and arrives at 5 p m. 

Portsmouth, City Tavern and New England Coffee 
House, Tu. Th. and Sat. at 8 a m. 

Quincy, leaves Jennings's, Elm st. every day except 
Sunday at 4 p m, and arrives at half past S a m. 

Royalton, 11 Elm st. every day except Sat. 

Roxbury hourly, from Norfolk avenue. 

Salem, leaves City Tavern and Marlboro' Hotel daily, 
except Sunday, at 9 and 11 a m, and 3, 4, 5 and 6 p m. 

Salem, leaves 9 and 11 Elm st. every day, except Sun- 
day, at 3 and half past 3 p m. 

Sterling and Princeton, 11 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. 
at 8 a m. 

Stow, Bolton, and -Lancaster, 11 Elm st. Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at 7 a m. 

South Boston, leaves Mansion House, Milk st. at 9 
and 11 a m, and 1, 3, 5 and 7 p m. 

South Reading, leaves 9 Elm st. daily, except Sun- 
day, at 4 p m, arrives at 9 a m. 

Taunton, leaves Marlborough Hotel every day except 
Sunday, at 12 m, and 2 p m. Mail leaves at 5 a ni. 

Westminster and Gardner, 11 Elm st. Mon. Wed. atid 
Fii. at 6 a m. 

Woburn, leaves Jenning's, 9 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and 
Sat. at 4 p m, arrives same days at 9 a m. 


Worcester Rail Road Depot, 617 Washington st. 

Worcester Accom. 7 Elm st. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 
10 a m, and arrives Tu. Th. and Sat. at 1 p m. 

Woonsocket Falls, R. I., leaves Washington Coffee H. 
Tu. Til. and Sat. at 11 a m, arrives next days at 1 p m. 

Waltham and Watertown Mail, 11 Elm st. every day 
except Sunday, arrives at 9 a m. 

Middlesex Canal Packet Boat, leaves the landing, 
Charlestovvn, Tu. Th. and Sat. at 8 a m. A stage leaves 
9 Eltrt St. at half past 7 a m, to convey passengers to the 

Hingham Steam Boat, Liverpool Wharf daily except 
Sunday, at 4 p ra. 

Steam boat for Portland and Bangor, leaves Eastern 
Steamboat Wharf 

Fall River and Newport, arrives every Wed. and Sat. 
in the morning, and leaves in the afternoon of the same 
days. Order box at City Tavern. 

Greenfield order box at City Tavern. 

Hubbardstovvn order box at 52 N. Market. 

Haverhill. Andover, and Boston Baggage Waggon, ar- 
rives Tu. and Fri. and leaves the same days. Order box 
at 84 Ann street. 

Lynn, arrives and leaves every day. Order box at 52 
North Market street. 

Methuen pnd Boston, leaves Tu. and Friday. Order 
box 22 South Market street. 

New Bedford, arrives every Wed. and Fri. and leaves 
every Th. and Sat. Order box at City Tavern. 

Northtimptnn, leaves everv otiier Mon. Order box at 
Bryant's, 17 Union street. 

Providence, arrives and leaves every week day. Or- 
der box at City Tavern. 

Salem, arrives and leaves every day, Sundays except- 
ed. Order box at Leavitt's and City Tavern. 

Salem and Marblehead, arrives and leaves everyday; 
also leaves for Newburyport through Ipswich and Row- 
ley, Wed. and Sat. Order box atl3 Merchant's Row. 

South-Reading order box at 52 N. Market. 

Taunton and Bristol arrives and leaves every week 
day. Order box at City Tavern. 

Wareham, arrives Fri. and leaves Sat. Order box at 
City Tavern. 

WARDS. ^ 37 


No. ]. — From Winnosimit Ferry, westerly .side of 
M;iiiover to Prince street, tlie northerly side of Prince to 
Tliaclicr street, the northerly side of ThacJier and Med- 
ford streets to the sea. 

No. ^Z. — From Winnesimit Ferry, the easterly side of 
Hanover street, to Cross street, the northerly side of 
Cross street, east to the sea. 

No. 3. — Southerly side of IMedford, Thaclier and 
Prince streets to Hanover street, westerly side of Hanover 
street to Cro^s street, southerly side of Cross street, east 
to the sea, thence to North Market street, and through 
Market square to Union street, the northerly side of Union 
to Hanover st. the westerly side of Hanover to Friend 
St. the northerly side of Friend st. to Charles river. 

No. 4. — Southerly side of Friend to Hanover street, 
the easterly side of Hanover to Union street, the south- 
erly side of Union street through Market square and 
North Market street, thence to the end of Long wharf- 
including the islands in the harbor — north side of State 
street from the head of Long wharf through Court street, 
Bowdoin square and Cambridge street, to Staniford street, 
through Staniford street on the easterly side to Leveret 
place, through Leveret place on the northerly side to 
Prospect street, from thence on the easterly side of Pros- 
pect street to Causeway street, on the northwesterly side 
of Causeway street to Friend street. 

No. 5. — From the southwestern end of Causeway st. 
through Prospect street, to Leveret place, on the south- 
erly side of Leveret .place, to Staniford street, thence 
through Staniford street on the westerly side to Cam- 
bridge street, thence through Cambridge street on the 
northerly side, to West fioston Bridge, thence by the 
river to Causeway street. 

No. G. — From VV^est Boston Bridge, south side of Cam- 
bridge, to South Russell street, westerly side of South 
Russell to Myrtle street, southerly side of Myrtle to Bel- 
knap street, westerly side of Belknap to Beacon street, 
thence through Beacon street, westerly to Charles river, 
thence by the river to West Boston Bridge. 

No. 7. — From Beacon, the easterly side of Belknap to 


Myrtle street, tlie northerly side of Myrtle to South Rus- 
sell, t!ie easterly side of South Russell to Cambridge 
street, the southerly side of Cambridge street, Bovvdoin 
square and Court street, to Washington street, the wes- 
terly side of Washington street to West street, northerly 
side of West to Tremont street, northerly by the easterly 
side of Tremont street to Park street, north side of Park 
to Beacon street, -the northerly side of Beacon to Belknap 

No. 8. — Washington street, on the easterly side, to 
Bedford street, through Bedford and Summer streets, on 
the northerly side, to the sea, thence to Russia wharf, 
thence through Atkinson street, on the westerly side, to 
Milk street, through ftlilk to Kilby street, on the north- 
erly side, through Kilby, on the westerly side, to State 
street, through State street, on the southerly side, to 
Washington street. 

No. 9. — From tlie northerly end of India street, the 
southerly side of State, to Kilby street, the easterly side 
of Kilby to Milk street, the southerly side of Milk to At- 
kinson street, the easterly side of Atkinson street to the 
sea, thence by the sea to the northerly end of India st. 

No. 10. — From the southwest side of Bull's wharf, the 
southerly side of Bedford and West streets, to Tremont 
street, through Tremont to Boylston street, the northerly 
side of Boylston and Essex streets to Front street, easter- 
ly side of Front st. to the sea, by the sea lo Bull's wf 

No. 11. — The westerly side of Front street to Essex 
street, the southerly side of Essex and Boylston streets, 
through Charles street to the Mill Dam, thence by 
Charles river to Pleasant street, acioss Pleasant to Elliot 
street, the northerly side of Elliot to Warren street, the 
easterly side of Warren to Washington street, the west- . 
eriy side of Washington street to Pine street, the north- 
erly side of Pine street to the sea, thence by the sea to 
Front street. 

No. 12. — The southerly side of Pine, across Washing- 
ton street, to W^•lrren street, the westerly side of Warren 
to Elliot street, the southerly side of Elliot, across Plea- 
sant street, to Charles river, and all southerly of the 
above, including South Boston. 



Adjutant and Q,uarter Master General's Oilice, State H. 

Aldermen's Room, City Hall 

American Acad, of Arts and Sciences' Library, 50 State 

American Baptist Magazine, 41 Washington 

American Board of Com. for For. Mis. 28 Cornhill 

American JMagazine, 47 Court 

American Education Society, room 15 Cornliill 

American Institute, 1 School 

American Ladies' Magazine, 362 Washington 

American Monthly Magazine, 147 Washington 

American Traveller, office 47 Court 

Amory Hall, 323 Washington, corner of West 

Annals of Education, over 135 Wash, corner of School 

Appraisers of Customs, Custom-house street 

Apprentices' Library, 43 Washington 

Aqueduct Office, 8 City Hall, shop Front, near the bridge 

Assessors' Room, Faneuil Hall 

Asylum for Female Orphans, Essex 

Auditor's Office, City Hall 

Baptist JMissionary Rooms, 16, 17 and 18 Joy's building 

Boston Athenaeum, Pearl 

Boston Bewick Company, 47 Court 

Boston Courier, 22 Congress 

Boston and Concord Boating Company — landing, Pond, 

near Charlestown bridge 
Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot, 6 & 8 Congress 
Boston Daily Atlas, 18 State 
Boston Daily Herald, 32 Congress 
Boston Daily Times, office 72 Washington 
Boston Dispensary, 138 Washington 
Boston Dyeing and Printing Company, 23 Doane 
Boston Com. Gazette, 34 Congress 
Boston Iron Company, 8 Commercial wharf 
Boston Hemp Manufacturing Co. 7 Commercial wharf 
Boston Beer Company, 6 Lindall 

Boston Pearl and Literary Gazette, Water C.Washington 
Boston Pearl Manufacturing Co. Williams court 
Boston Chemical Company, 70 Congress 
Boston India Rubber Factory, 8 State 
Boston Library, over the Arch, Franklin place 
Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 184 Washington 
Boston Morning Post, daily paper, 19 and 21 Water 
Boston Medical Library, in the Athenaeum, Pearl 


Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, 103 Milk 

Boston Recorder, 9 Cornhill 

Boston Reformer, 1 Norfolk avenue 

Boston Pilot Otlice, 11 Devonshire 

Boston Soapstone Manufactory, Cross cor. Ciiarlestown 

Boston Statesman, office 1!) and 21 Water 

Boston Society of Nat. History, Savings Bank building 

Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry, 39 Congress 

Boston and Providence Rail Road office, 3 Joy's building 

Boston and Worcester Rail Road office, 8 Joy's building 

Boston Investigator, 6 Congress square 

Boston Young Men's Society's room, 1C5 Tremont 

Boylston Hall, over Boylston Market 

Boylston Market, Washington, corner Boylston 

Christian Witness, 31 Cornhill 

Christian Examiner, 141 Washington 

Christian Register, 19 Water, c. room 151 Washington 

Christian Watchman, Wilson's lane 

City and County Treasurer's Office, City Hall 

City Clerk's OtBce, City Hall 

City Land Office, 773 Washington 

City Market, between Brattle and Elm streets 

City Marshal's Otiice, City Hall 

City Pound, Charles street 

City Scales, Merrimac, corner Canal 

City Scales (South), rear Charles and Pleasant streets 

Columbian Centinel, 34 Congress 

Common Council Room, City Hall 

Constables' Office, 2 Eranklin avenue 

County Court House, School 

County Jail, 1(5 Leveret 

Court of Common Pleas, County Court House 

Custom House, Custom-house street 

District Clerk's Office, Barrister's Hall 

Daily Advocate and Free Press, 65 Congress 

Daily Centinel and Gazette, 34 Congress 

Daily Evening Transcript, 10 Exchange 

Directors of House of Industry, Faneuil Hall 

Directors of Inst, for Education of the Blind, Pearl 

Employment for Female Poor, 80 Federal 

Evening Gazette, 14 Congress 

Eye and Ear Infirmary, (i Summer 

Faneuil Hall, Market square, corner Merchant's Row 

Female Refuge, 12 Charter 


Franklin Cordage Manufactory, Northampton 
Franklin Hemp and Flax Manufacturing Co. Plymouth 
Gas Works, Commercial, near Charlestown Bridge, 

Counting room 185 Washington 
Health Office, City HpJI 
Illuminator, Court corner Howard 
Institution for the Blind, 19 Pearl 
Inspection Office, Butter and Lard, 3 Distil-house sq. 
Inspec. Pot and Pearl Ash, off. Haverhill, cor. Causeway 
Lahoratory of State, Pleasant 
Lawrence Manufacturing Company, 79 Milk. 
Land Office, State House 
Liberator, 31 Cornhill 
Lion Theatre, 359 Washington 
Lying-in Hospital, 718 Washington 
Lynn Printing Company, office 83 Cornhill 
Marine Railway, Commercial 
Masonic Temple, Tremont street 
Mass. Historical Soc. Library over Arch, Franklin pi. 
Massachusetts Arsenal, Pleasant 
Mass. Historical Soc.'s room, Savings Bank building 
Massachusetts Horticultural Society room, 81 Cornhill 
Massachusetts Anti-Slavery office, 46 Washington 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Allen 
Mass. Register and U. S. Calendar, 132 Washington 
Mayor's Office, City Hall 
Medical College, Mason 
Mercantile Journal, 26 State 
Mercantile Library, 53 Washington 
Mechanics' Exchange and Reading Room, Wilson lane 
Missionary Herald, 47 Washington 
Miss. Rooms of the Am. Board of For. Miss. 28 Cornhill 
Nashua Manufacturing Company, 79 Milk 
Navy Agent Office, 43 Chatham 
New England Bank Note Company's Office, rear 204 

New England Farmer, 52 North Market 
New England Palladium, 34 Congress 
New England Glass Co.'s Warehouse, 140 Washington 
New England Museum, 75 Court 
New England Silk Co. 70 Congress 
New England Spectator, Court c. Howard 
New Jerusalem Magazine, 11 School 


New England Galaxy, 32 Congress 

North American Review, ]41 Washington 

Northern Baptist Education Soc. room, 13 Joy's building 

Overseers of the Poor, office Faneuil Hall 

Pantheon Hall, 441 Washington 

Parley's Magazine, 128 Washington 

Phrenological Society, over the Arch, Franklin place 

Pilot's Office, 237 Ann 

Post Office, City Hall 

Probate Office, County Court House 

Provident Institution for Savings, Tremont street 

Roxbury India Rubber Company, 109 State 

Reading Room, City Hall 

Register of Deeds, Office County Court House 

Revere Copper Co. James Davis, jr. agent, 22 Union 

Religious Magazine, 9 Cornhill 

Scriptural Interpreter, 147 Washington 

Secretary of State's Office, State House, Beacon 

S. Boston Iron Co. c. r. 2 Central wf foundry S. Boston 

Seamen's Bethel Reading Room, Sun court 

South Cove Co.'s office, 27 State, c. room Front 

State Treasurer's Office, State House, Beacon 

Suffolk Manufacturing Company, 79 Milk 

Theological Library, under Church in Chauncey place 

Tremont Theatre, Tremont Street, near School 

Tremont Mills Company, 79 Milk 

Trumpet office, 40 Cornhill 

Universalist and Ladies' Repository, 32 Cornhill 

Visiters of the Poor, room Savings Bank building 

Weekly Messenger, 6 Congress 

Warren Theatre, Portland, corner Travers 

Western Rail Road, office 10 Joy's Building 

Zion's Herald, 19 Washington 


American House, 42 Hanover 

Blackstone House, 95 Hanover 

Black Horse Tavern, 17 Union 

Bromfield House, Bromfield street 

Boylston Hotel, 38 School 

Boston Hotel, Brattle, corner Brattle square 

Boiton Coffee Hous», 38 Milk 


Bite Tavern, 8 Market square 

City Hotel, Elm 

City Tavern, Brattle 

Commercial Coffee House, Milk, corner Liberty square 

Eairlc Coffee House, Commercial 
Exchange Coffee House, Congress square 
Eastern Stage House, 84 Ann 
Earl Coffee House, 36 Hanover 
Elm Street Hotel, 9 Elm 

Federal Street Coffee House, 7 Federal 
Fire Department Hotel, Old Road 
Franklin Hotel, 49 North Market 
Fulton House, Cross, corner Fulton 

German Coffee House, 155 Pleasant 
Globe Hotel, Hanover, corner Commercial 

Hanover House, 172 Hanover 

Howard Street House, opposite 8 Howard 

Kilburn's Coffee House, Howard 

Lafayette Hotel, 392 Washington, op. Boylston market 
Lamb Tavern, 369 ]-2 Washington 

Marlborough Hotel, 229 Washington 
Massachusetts Hotel, 33 Fond 

New England Coffee House, Clinton 
Northern House, 97 Hanover 
Northern Mansion House, 226 Ann 

Old Province Coffee House, rear 165 Washington 

Park House, corner of Boylston and Tremont 

Patterson House, 11 Elm 

Pearl Street House, corner Pearl and Milk streets 

Pond Street House, Pond, corner Cross 

Rail Road Hotel, 63 Pond 

Suffolk House, 12 Elm 

South Boston India Rubber Company, 5th street 

Tremont House, Tremont street, near School 

Union House, 29 Union ' - 

Warren Hotel, Friend, corner Merrimac 

Washington Coffee House, 158 Washington 

Washington Hotel, 835 Washington 



Mary Turner 
Hannah Boyd 
Sally Gf: Smith 
Susanna Rotch 
Nancy Rice 
Mary Ross 
Eliza Stevens 
Eliza Piquot 
Susan Howe 
Earbary Patch 
Fanny Gray 
Abigail Fuller 
Rachael Felt 
Eliza Chadwick 
Sarah GofF 
Esther Tarbox 
Mary Dillaway 
Eliza Cotton 
Lucy Thissell 
Sally Newhall 
Caroline Fell 
Susan WharfF 
Sarah Draper 
Catharine Bowlan 
Sarah Norris 
Ann Parsons 
Hep. Waymouth 
Adeline Park 

Ruth Shaw 
Elizabeth Tufts 
Rachael Tolman 
Eliza Hancock 
Abigail Bell 
Sarah Cobb 
Julia Goodenow 
Sarah Munroo 
Mary Pearson 
Rebecca Wilton 
Joanna Dudley 
Sarah Hearsay 
Hannah Miller 
Frances Davis 
Margaret Lang 
Eliza M. Hope 
Mary Barnes 
Mary Child 
Joanna Lord 
Mary Hardy 
Abby Ann Allen 
Susan Williams 
Lydia Pomroy 
Rebecca Green 
Abigail C. Clark 
Sarah Miller 
ilannah Babcock 

Mary Anderton 
Margaret Johnson 
Hannah Blake 
Mary Ann Thaxter 
Fanny M'Gilvreay 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Hannah Redding 
Eliza, Wainwriglit 
Susan Wyinun 
Hannah Melzar 
Jane Williams 
Sophia Cullen 
Eliza. Thorndike 
Ann Hunter 
Reb. Barker, wid. 
Susan Holbrook 
Mary Boswell 
Abigail Whitcomb 
Nancy Goodridge 
Hannah Dexter 
Hannah Dinsniore 
Sally Blake 
Betsey B. Crane 
Betsey Clisby 
Sarah C. Seavy 
Sally Ayers 
Mary AnnWiswell 


A STREET, South Boston, from Dorchester Turnpike 

across 4thj to Glass works 
Acorn street, opens in the rear of 39 Chesnut Street, and 

extends to West Cedar street 
Alden lane, from 139 Court street to Sudbury street 
Alden court, opens on west side Alden lane 
Allen street, from Chambers street to Brighton 
Ann street, northeast from Market sq. to Commercial st. 
Ann street court, opens from 330 Ann street 
Arch street, from Franklin place to Summer street 
Arnold street, is the first street north from Roxbury, and 

leads from Washington to Suffolk street 
Ash street, from Oak street to South Bennct street 



Atkinson street, from Milk street to Russia wharf 
Avery street, from 387 Washington street to Mason st. 
Avery place, opens north side of Avery street 
Avon place, opens at 264 Washington street 
B STREET, from Dorchester Turnpike across Broad- 
way, to Glass works 
Baldwin place, opens 70 Salem street 
Ballard place, opens on the south side Bromfield street 
Barrister's Hall, Court square, School street 
Barre place, opens on north side of Elliot, near Tremont 
Barrett street, from 83 x\nn street to Fulton street 
Barton street, nortiieast from Leveret, opposite Second 
Bartlett street, from 187 Hanover street to 30G Ann st. 
Bath street, from Milk, opposite Pearl, to Water street 
Batterman place, south side Essex, opposite Lincoln st. 
Battery street, from 344 Ann to 203 Hanover street 
Batterymarch street, from Liberty square to Broad street 
Bay street, at 43 Fayette 

Beach street, from 410 Washington to Front street 
Beacon street, from King's Chapel to Western avenue 
Bedford street, from 290 Washington to Summer street 
Bedford place, north side Bedford street 
Bedford avenue, southwest side of Bedford street, near 

Rowe place 
Belcher lane, from Forthill gun house to Purchase street 
Belknap street, from Beacon to Cambridge street 
Bennet street (South), from Washington to Front street 
Bennet street (North), from 206 Hanover to Salem street 
Bennet place, south side INorth Bennet street 
Berry street, from the Meetinghouse in Federal street to 

Atkinson street 
Beverley street, from Causeway to Charlestown street 
Blackstone street, from Clinton street to junction of 

Cross and Charlestown streets 
Blake's court, opens at 740 W^ashington street 
Blossom place, opens at 15 Blossom street 
Blossom street, north from Cambridge street, opposite 

Garden street, to Allen street 
Blossom court, opens E. from 7 Blossom st. n. Cambridge 
Board alley, from 73 Charter to Commercial street 
Boston and Piovidence Rail Road opens in Pleasant st. 

opposite the bead of Elliot street 
Boston and Worcester Rail Road, opens 617 Washington 
Bowdoin street, from Cambridge to Beacon street 
Bowdoin place, south end Bowdoin street 


Bowdoin square, between Cambridge and Court streets 
Boylston street, from Boylston market to Pleasant street 
Boylston place, Boylston street, opposite burying ground 
Boylston square, south side Boylston market 
Bradford place, opens from Mason street, south side 
Brattle street, from Dock square to 77 Court street 
Brattle square, from Meetinghouse to Elm street 
Bread street, from 88 Broad street to 38 India street 
Bridge street, north from Cambiidge st. to the Hospital 
Bridge street court, opens at 20 Bridge street 
Bridge court, opens at 2 George, near Cambridge 
Bridge street avenue, from 11 Bridge street 
Brighton street, from west end Leveret to Allen street 
Brighton street (North), from 76 Leveret to the Flats 
Brimmer's T, opens from Long wharf 
Broadway, from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
Broad street, from State street to the Free Bridge 
Bromfield street, from 209 Washington to Tremont st. 
Bromfield place, from north side Bromfield street 
Brookline street, from 773 Washington to Tremont st. 
, Bulfinch street, south from Bowdoin sq. to Somerset pi. 
Bulfinch place, between Bulfinch and Bowdoin streets 
Burastead place, Tremont street, near Bromfield street 
Bumstead court, opposite west end Boylston market 
Butler square, opposite 24 Chatham 
Butolph street, fi-om Cambridge street to Myrtle street 
C STREET, from Dorchester Turnpike across Broad- 
way to the Beach 
Cambridge st. from Bowdoin sq. to West Boston bridge 
Camden street, from 805 Washington to Tremont street 
Canal street, from Union st. southerly side of the Canal 

to Causeway street 
Canton street, opens next south of 761 Washington, and 

leads to Tremont street 
Carnes court, on south side from 15 Hawkins street 
Carney place, opens at 679 Washington street 
Carver street, from Pleasant st. north across Elliot street 

to the burial ground 
Carroll place, opens at ^Qi Salem 
Castle street, across Washington st. at 629, from Fayette 

to Front street 
Causeway street, from Leveret st. to Charlestown bridge 
Cedar lane, from Chesnut street to Pinckney street 
Cedar street (South), from Pleasant street, 1st north of 
Fayette street 


Cedar street court, east from South Cedar street 
Central street, from Kilby street to 5 India street 
Central court, from 242 Washington to Avon place 
Centre street (West), from Cambridge street near the 

bridge to Pinckney street 
Centre street (North), from 85 Hanover street to Ann st. 
Chambers street, from 41 Cambridge st. to 57 Leveret st. 
Chambers street court, opeas at 22 Chambers street 
Champney pi. on westerly side W. Centre, near May st. 
Chardon street, from Bowdoin square to Hawkins street 
Charles street, from Boylston st. to West Boston bridge 
Charlestown street, from Union st. to Causeway street 
Charter street, from 230 Hanover to Commercial street 
Chauncey place, front of First Church, Summer street 
Chatham street, from 21 Merchants row to 4 Commercial 
Chesnut street, from Walnut street to, Charles street 
i/hurch street, from west side of South Cedar street 
Claflen place, opens at 40 Pleasant street 
Clark street, from 185 Hanover to 294 Ann street 
Clark alie}^, from 125 Hanover to 148 Ann street 
Clinton street, from Merchants row to Commercial street 
Columbia street, from Bedford street to Essex street 
Commercial st. from 12 Long wf to Charlestown bridge 
Commercial court, from Commercial near Fulton street 
Commercial avenue, from 281 Ann st. to Union wharf 
Congress street, from 31 State street to Milk street 
Congress square, the buildings erected on the site of the 

Exchange Coffee House, Congress street 
Congress court, rear 20 Congress street 
Cottage place, at 684, cast side Washington street 
Cook court, back of Latin School house, 34 School street 
Cooper street, from Charlestown across Pond and North 

Margin street, by the gun house, to Salem place 
Corn court, south side Faneuil Hall 
Cornhill, from 23 Washington street to 65 Court street 
Cornhiil court, back of 81 Washington street 
Court street, from City Hall to Bowdoin square 
Court square, front of County Court House, School st. 
Cotting place, opens at 14 (/hambers street 
Cotton place, frotn Purchase street to Broad street 
Creek street, from 2 Clinton street 
Creek square, back of Union and Ann streets 
Crescent place. 5 Green street 

Cross street, from the Canal, across Hanover and Ann, 
to Commercial street 



Custom-house street, from 70 Broad st. to 32 India street 
DEACON street, froru Porlland street to Friend street 
Dnarborn avenue, from 7 Federal street to Theatre alley 
Dedham street, frtjm 720 Washington street, crosses Suf- 
folk to Tremont street 
Derne street, from Bovvdoin street to Hancock street 
Devonshire street, from 25 State to Milk street 
Distil-hduse square, from the bf)ttom of Sudbury street, 

northwest to Hawkins street 
Distil-house street, from 550 Washington st. to Front st. 
Doane street, from Kilby street to 9 Broad street 
Dock square, from Elm street southward tc» Washington 
street, and eastward to the corner opposite the 
west end of Faneuil Hall 
Dorchester st. from (catholic S. B. Church to ship yard 
Dover street, from G91 Washington st. to Tremont street 
EAST street, from Sea street to South street 
Eaton street, from North Russell to Chambers street 
Elliot street, from 481 Washington to Pleasant street 
Elliot court, south side of Elliot street 
Elm street, from Dock square to 29 Hanover street 
Essex street, from 378 Washington to South strei^t 
Essex court, in Essex street, opposite to Front street 
Essex place, opens between 53 and 55 Essex place 
Exchange street, from 30 State street to 36 Dock square 
FAYETTE street, from 80 Pleasant, opposite Carver 
Fayette place, Tremont street, front of the Mall 
Fayette court, opens at 403 Washmgton street 
Federal street, from Milk st. past the Theatre to High 
Federal court, betweer) 43 and 45 Federal street 
Federal court (North), opens at 78 Hanover street 
Fifth street, 5th from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
First street, the first from Free Bridge, runs east and west 
Flagg alley, from liO State street to Market square 
Fleet street, from 173 Hanover to Snow's wharf 
Foster place (S ), on the west side of Tremont street, be- 
tween Boylston and Elliot streets 
Foster street, from Charter to 30 Commercial street 
Foster place, opens at 6 Foster street 
Fourth street, 4th from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
Franklin street, from 184 Washington st. to Franklin pi. 
Franklin place, from Hawley street to the Tijeatre 
Franklin avenue, from Court street to 36 Cornhill 
Friend street, from 62 Hanover street to Causeway street 


iFri end. street place, opens westerly from Friend street, 

near Causeway street 
Friend street court, opens at C Friend street 
Front street, from Essex street to South Boston bridge 
Fruit street, near the Hospital, from Blossom across 

Bridge street 
Fruit street «^ourf, from Fruit street, near the Hospital 
Fulton street, from Clinton, back of Commercial, to 

Richmond street 
Fulton court, from Fulton street 
GARDEN street, from Cambridge to Myrtle street 
Garden court street, west side of North sq. to Fleet street 
Garland place, opens at 683 Washington street 
George St., from Canib. st. n. the bridge to Pinckney st. 
Gibbs lane, from Washington place to Forthill wharf 
Gorham place, opens at 725 Washington street 
Gouch street, from 11 Green street to Merrimac street 
Giiman p'ace, west side of Friend, near Travers street 
Graphic c(jurt, opens 219 Washington street 
Green street, from Bowdoin square to Chambers street 
Greenough lane, from 25 Charter to 6 Commercial street 
Gridley street, from High to Purchase street 
Grove street, from Catnbridge to Pinckney street 
Grove St. (N.), from 125 Cambriilge st. to the Hospital 
HAMILTON pi. Tremont st. opposite Park st. Church 
Hamilton st. from Balterymarch st. to Washington pi. 
Hamilton alley, Hamilton st. near Balterymarch street 
Hamilton court, opens north side of Hamilton street 
Hancock street, from Mt. Ternon to Cambridge street 
Hancock row, from Marshall street to Creek square 
Hancock avenue, from Beacon St. to Mt. Vernon street, 

near the State House 
Hanover st. from Court street to Winnessimit ferry way 
Hanover court, opens at 64 Hanov(!r street 
Hanover place opens at 140 Hanover street 
Hanover avenue, from 191 Hanover to 316 Ann street 
Harlaem place, opens at 345 Washington street 
Hfirtford place, south side High street, near Forthill 
Harvard court, opens from south side of Harvard street 
Harvard street, from 448 Washington to Front street 
Harvard place, Washington St. opposite the Old South 
Haskin's buildings, Court cor. Tremont 
Haverhill street, from Warren bridge to Charlestown St. 
Hawkins street, from Sudbury to Ivers street 
Hawley street, from Trinity Church to Milk street 


Hawley place, opens at 170 Washington street 
Haymarket place, south side of Avery street 
Hayward place, opens at 350 Washington street 
Henchman lane, from 35 Charter to Commercial street 
High street, from Summer street to Washington place 
High St. pi. on the west side of High st. n, Atkinson st. 
Holden place, opens at 21 and 23 Belknap street 
Hollis street, from 517 Washington to Tremont street 
Howard street, from Court to Bulfinch street 
Hull street, from Christ Church by the Burial Ground to 

Commercial street 
Humphrey place, on east side of Hamilton st. n. Forthili 
INDIA street, from Long wharf to India wharf 
Ivers street, from Hawkins to Merrimac street 
JACKSON place, opens at 16 Winter street 
Jackson court, in the rear of Gun house N. Margin et. 
Jefferson place, near east end South Bennet street 
Jefferson street, runs east from Fayette street to Tremont 
Jenkins place. Commercial, opposite Stetson's wharf 
Joy's Building, 81 Washington 

Joy place, Belknap, between Beacon and Mt. Vernon sts. 
KENNARD'S avenue, from 32 Poplar to 51 Allen 
Kilby street, from State street to Milk street 
Kingston street, from 52 Summer to Bedford street 
Kneeland place, opens on the south side of Kneeland st. 
Kneeland street, from 426 AVashington to Front street 
Knox street, rear 25 Fayette 
Kuhn place, at 74 Tremont street 

LA FAYETTE avenue, from 80 Prince to Pond street 
La Grange place, opens at 451 Washington street 
Lancaster street, from Merrimac st. to Millpond wharf 
Lane place, opens from Gibbs lane, between Purchase 

street and Washington place 
Langdon place, opens at 179 Ann street 
Lathrop place, opens at 155 Hanover 
Lenox street, south from 807 Washington, and leads to 

Suffolk street 
Leveret street, from 25 Green street to Central bridge 
Leveret lane, opens at 32 Leveret street 
Leveret court, north side 26 Leveret street 
Lyman place, from 10 Leveret street to 17 Green street 
Liberty square, the junction of Kilby, Water and Batte- 

rymarch streets 
Lime alley, from Charter street, opposite burying ground 

to Commercial street 


Lincoln street, from Summer to Essex street 
Lincoln court, from 23 Fayette street 
Lindali street, from Congress to Kilby street 
Louisburgh sq. between 79 Pinckney and 62 Mt. Vernon 
Lovett place, opens at 34 Poplar street 
Lowell place, on the south side of Boylston street 
Lynde street, from Cambridge to 22 Green street 
Lynn street, now called Commercial 
Lucas place, opens at 661 Washington street 
MADISON place, opens from 146 Pleasant street 
Maiden street, opens next south of 742 Washington st. 
Margaret alley, from Margaret street to Snowhill street 
Margaret street, from 27 Prince to Sheafe street 
Margin st. (N.), from 52 Salem, acrossThacher to Pond st. 
Margin street (South), from Pills to Prospect street 
Market square, S. W. and North sides Faneuil Hall 
Market street (North), north side of the new market 
Market street (South), south side of the new market 
Market street, from Portland to Charlestown street 
Market place, opens 415 Washington street 
Marlborough place, opens 166 Washington street 
Marion st. from 98 Pleasant to Church street 
Marshall street, from 24 Union to Hanover street 
Marsh lane, from Union street to Creek square 
Marston place, opens from 71 Chambers street 
Mason street, from West street to Avery street 
May street (^outh), opens at 706 Washington street 
May street, from South Russell to Charles street 
May court, on the west side of Belknap street 
May place, rear of 12 Oak street 

McLean street, from Chambers street to Blossom street 
McLean court, opens at 8 McLean street 
Mechanic place, opens at 603 Washington street 
Mechanic street, from 115 Hanover to 142 Ann street 
Medf()rd street, from Charlestown st. to Causeway street 
Merchants row, from State street by the Market house 

to Ann street 
Merrimac st. from north end of Union to Causeway St. 
Middlesex place, opens at 308 Washington s\reet 
Middlesex street, from Castte street, south 
Milk street, from the Old South to India street 
Milton place, from Federal street to Federal court 
Milton street, from Spring to Brighton street 
Minot street, northeasterly from 44 Leveret street 
Montgomery place, opens at 168 Treraont 


Moon street, from North square to Fleet street 
Morton place, from Milk street, near Hawley street 
Mount Vernon street, from Beacon st. to Charles street 
Mount Vernon place, from Hancock av. to Belknap st. 
Mulberry place, opens at 25 Portland street 
Murray place, opens 38 Prince street 
Myrtle street, from Hancock to Centre street 
Myrtle court, west end of Myrtle street 
NASSAU court, west side of Tremont street 
Nassau street, from Front to Ash street 
Newbern place, opens at 47 Carver street 
Newbury place, opens at 364 Washington street 
Newton place, opens from 5 Beach siieet 
Norfolk avenue, opens at 185 Wasfiington street 
Norfolk place, opens at 330 Washington street 
Northampton street, 801, south end Washington street 
North Hanover court, opens at 152 Hanover street 
North square, between Hanover, Fleet and Ann streets 
Noyes place, opens 74 Salem street 
OAK place, on the south side of Oak st. opposite Ash 
Oak street, opens 514 Washington street 
Old Road, from Hawes place Church to the Point 
Oliver street, from Milk street to Washington place 
Oliver place, south side Essex street 
Orange street, opens at 625 Washington street 
Orange ct. opens from Washing, next south of Elliot st. 
Orange lane, from Washington, opposite Orange street 
Otis place, Summer street, opposite Kingston street 
PARK street, from head of Mall to State House 
Park place, on west side of Hanover, near Board alley 
Parkrrian's place, opens at 144 Hanover street 
Pearl street, from Milk to Purchase street 
Pearl place, on east side Pearl street 

Peck lane, from Essex street to wharf 

Phillips's Buildings, on Kilby and Water streets 
Phillips place, opposite the Chapel, Tremont street 
Phipps place, opens opposite 57 Charter, near Foster st. 
Piedmont street, from Pleasant, 2d north Fayette street 
Pinckney lane, from Pinckney to Mt. Vernon street 
Pinckney street, from Belknap to Charles street 
Pine street, from 520 Washington to 48 Front street 
Pitts place, from 6 Pitts street 
Pitts street, from 1 Green to Merrimac street 
Pitts court, on the west side of Pitts street 
Pleasant street, from Boylston to Washington street 


Pleasant st. ct. west from 140 Pleasant st. to Church st. 
Plymouth street, south end of Washington street 
Plymouth place, westerly side Front, near Beach street 
Pond street, from Hanover and Salem streets to Charles- 
town bridge 
Pond street place, opens at 75 Pond 
Poplar street, from GO Chambers street to Charles river 
Portland street, from 48 Hanover to Causeway street 
Portland place, opens 19 Portland street 
Prince street, from North square to Charlestown bridge 
Prince street avenue, from 39 Prince to North Bennet 
Prospect street, from Lyman place to Merrimac street 
Province street, from 30 School to Bromfield street 
Province house court, through the arch at 165 Washing- 
ton street to Province street 
Purchase street, from Summer street to Broad street 
Purchase pi. opens nearly oppos. the Church, Purchase st. 
QUINCY place, on north side High st. near Wash. pi. 
RICHARDSON place, from short street 
Richmond street, from 49 Salem, across Hanover and 

Ann to Commercial street 
Richmond avenue, opens at 56 Salem 
Ridgeway lane, from Cambridge to Derne street 
Rowe place, opens south side of Bedford street 
Robinson lane, from 220 Hanover to 9 Unity street 
Rogers's buildings, Congress street 
Russell street (North), from Cambridge to Eaton street 
Russell street (South), from Cambridge to Myrtle street 
Rutland street, from 785 Washington st. to Tremont st. 
SALEM place, from 62 Salem street to Cooper street 
Salem st. north from Hanover and Pond, to Charter st. 
Salt lane, from 29 Union street to Creek square 
Salter place, opens at 56 Prince street 
Salutation street, from 195 Hanover to 336 Ann street 
School street, from 137 Washington to the Stone Chapel 
Scollay's buildings, between Court and Tremont streets 
Scott court, opens between 8 and 9 Union street 
Scott alley, from Creek square to Ann street 
Sea street (now Broad street, but as the old numbering of 
Sea St. is still retained, reference is made in the Di- 
rectory to Sea St.), from Summer st. to Free Bridge 
Second st. (West), from 67 Leveret to Brighton street 
Second street court, from the southerly side of W. Second 
Second street, is the 2d street from Free Bridge, South 
Boston, and runs east from Turnpike street 


Sewall place, from Milk street, opposite Morton place 

Silver street, from Turnpike street, South Boston 

Sister street, from Williams to Berry street 

Shavvmut street, from IIG IMeasant st. to Church street 

Shecife street, from Salem to Snovvhill street 

Sliort street, from Bedford street to the water 

Short street court, rear Short street 

Short lane, from ]3 North Bennetto Tileston street 

Snovvhill street, from 21 Prince street to Hull street 

Somerset street, from Beacon to Howard street 

Somerset place, from Somerset to Bowdoin street 

Somerset court, near south end of Somerset street 

South street, from Summer street, opposite High street 

South street court, east side of South street 

South street place, west side of South street 

South Bridge st. from Washington st. to S. Boston bridge 

Soulhac court, west end of Southac street 

Southac street, from Butulph across Garden to George st. 

Spear alley, from Purchase street, near the Church 

Spring lane, from 134 Washington st. to Devonshire st. 

Spring street, from 59 Leveret to 45 Allen street 

Spring street court, opens from 59 Spring street 

Spring street place, opens from 18 Spring street 

Spruce street, from Chesnut to Beacon street 

State street, from Washington street to Long wharf 

Staniford street, from Cambridge to 24 Green street 

Staniford place, opens at 11 Staniford street 

Stillman place, from west side Stillman st. to Cooper st. 

Stillman street, from 46 Salem st. to Charlestown street 

Stoddard street, from Howard to Court street 

Strong place, opens at 126 Cambridge street 

Sturgis place, opens at 7 Pearl street 

Sudbury street, from Court to Portland street 

Sudbury square, north end Sudbury street 

Suffolk street, rear 725 Washington, from Castle street 

Suffolk place, opens at 302 Washington street 

Sullivan place, in Federal street, between Franklin street 

and Federal court 
Summer street, from 226 Washington st. to Sea street 
Sun court street, from North square to 218 Ann street 
Sweetser court, opens at 342 Washington street 
TEMPLE street, from Cambridge to Mt. Vernon street 
Temple place, opens at Masonic Temple, Tremont st. 
Temple avenue, at 307 Washington 
Thacher street, from 71 Prince to Charlestown street 


Thacher street court, on east side Thacher street- 
Thaxter place, from Front street, opposite Harvard st. 
Theatre alley, from Milk street to rear of the Odeon 
Third street (3d), from Free Bridge, South Boston, runs 

easterly from 2d street 
Tileston street, from 214 Hanover to 93 Salem street 
Travers street, from Portland to Charlestown street 
Tremont st. from Court to Washington st. by the Mall 
Tremont pi. opens on Beacon st. near Somerset street 
Tudor's Building, 20 Court street 

Turnpike st. from Free Br. S. Bos. to Dorchester Turnp. 
UNION street, from Market square to Merrimac street 
Unity court, opens at 2 Unity street 
Unity street, from Charter to 14 Tileston street 
VERNON St. runs N. E. from Leveret st. op. Spring st. 
Vernon place, opens at 23 Charter street 
Village pi. from the lower end of Castle st. to Orange st. 
Vine St. from N. Russell across Blossom and Bridge sts. 
WALNUT street, from Beacon to Mt. Vernon street 
Warren street, from 581 Washington to Elliot street 
Warren place, opens at 69 Pleasant street 
Washington place, includes all the buildings round the 

vi^alk on Fort Hill 
Washington Mechanic place, opens at 409 Washing, st. 
Washington aven. from E. end of Purchase to Wash. pi. 
Washington street, from Roxbury to Dock square 
Water street, from 123 Washington to 37 Broad street 
Waverley place, opens at 18 South street 
Well St. from Cus. House st. across Bread to Wharf st. 
Wendell street, from Oliver street to Hamilton street 
Wesfcy place, opens at 192 Hanover 
West street, from 333 Washington street to the Mall 
W. Cedar street, from Pinckney to Chesnut street 
Wharf street, from 100 Broad street to 43 India street 
Wheeler's court, opens at 44 Pleasant street 
Williams court, through the Arch at 103 Washington st. 
Williams street, from Federal to Atkinson street 
Willovi^ street, from Chesnut to Mount Vernon street 
Wilson lane, from 26 State street to 32 Dock square 
Winter place, opens at 20 Winter street 
Winter street, from 271 Washington street to the Mall 
Winthrop place, opposite Church Green, Summer street 


Bowdoin square, between Cambridge and Court streets 
Boylston street, from Boylston market to Pleasant street 
Boylston place, Boylston street, opposite burying ground 
Boylston square, south side Boylston market 
Bradford place, opens from Mason street, south side 
Brattle street, from Dock square to 77 Court street 
Brattle square, from Meetinghouse to Elm street 
Bread street, from 88 Broad street to 38 India street 
Bridge street, north from Cambridge st. to the Hospital 
Bridge street court, opens at 20 Bridge street 
Bridge court, opens at 2 George, near Cambridge 
Bridge street avenue, from 11 Bridge street 
Brighton street, from west end Leveret to Allen street 
Brighton street (North), from 76 Leveret to the Flats 
Brimmer's T, opens from Long wharf 
Broadway, from Free Bridge to Dorchester street 
Broad street, from State street to the Free Bridge 
Bromfield street, from 209 Washington to Tremont st. 
Bromfield place, from north side Bromfield street 
Brookline street, from 773 Washington to Tremont st. 
Bulfinch street, south from Bowdoin sq. to Somerset pi. 
Bulfinch place, between Bulfinch and Bowdoin streets 
Burastead place, Tremont street, near Bromfield street 
Bumstead court, opposite west end Boylston market 
Butler square, opposite 24 Chatham 
Butolph street, from Cambridge street to Myrtle street 
C STREET, from Dorchester Turnpike across Broad- 
way to the Beach 
Cambridge st. from Bowdoin sq. to West Boston bridge 
Camden street, from 805 Washington to Tremont street 
Canal street, from Union st. southerly side of the Canal 

to Causeway street 
Canton street, opens next south of 761 Washington, and 

leads to Tremont street 
Carnes court, on south side from 15 Hawkins street 
Carney place, opens at 679 Washington street 
Carver street, from Pleasant st. north across Elliot street 

to the burial ground 
Carroll place, opens at 66 Salem 
Castle street, across Washington st. at 629, from Fayette 

to Front street 
Causeway street, from Leveret st. to Charlestown bridge 
Cedar lane, from Chesnut street to Pinckney street 
Cedar street (South), from Pleasant street, 1st north of 
Fayette street 


Cedar street court, east from South Cedar street 
Central street, from Kilby street to 5 India street 
Central court, from 242 Washington to Avon place 
Centre street (West), from Cambridge street near the 

bridge to Pinckney street 
Centre street (North), from 85 Hanover street to Ann st. 
Chambers street, from 41 Cambridge sf. to 57 Leveret st. 
Chambers street court, opens at 22 Chambers street 
Champney pi. on westerly side W. Centre, near May st. 
Chardon street, from Bowdoin square to Hawkins street 
Charles street, from Boylston st. to West Boston bridge 
Charlestown street, from Union st. to Causeway street 
Charier street, from 230 Hanover to Commercial street 
Chauncey place, front of First Church, Summer street 
Chatham street, from 21 Merchants row to 4 Commercial 
Chesnut street, from Walnut street to. Charles street 
i/hurch street, from west side of South Cedar street 
Claflen place, opens at 40 Pleasant street 
Clark street, from 185 Hanover to 294 Ann street 
Clark alley, from 125 Hanover to 148 Ann street 
Clinton street, from Merchants row to Commercial street 
Columbia street, from Bedford street to Essex street 
Commercial st. from 12 Long vvf to Charlestown bridge 
Commercial court, from Commercial near Fulton street 
Commercial avenue, from 281 Ann st. to Union wharf 
Congress street, from 31 State street to Milk street 
Congress square, the buildings erected on the site of the 

Exchange Coffee House, Congress street 
Congress court, rear 20 Congress street 
Cottage place, at 684, east side Washington street 
Cook court, back of Latin School house, 34 School street 
Cooper street, from Charlestown across Pond and North 

Margin street, by the gun house, to Salem place 
Corn court, south side Faneuil Hall 
Cornhill, from 23 Washington street to 65 Court street 
Cornhill court, back of 81 Washington street 
Court street, from City H&ll to Bowdoin square 
Court square, front of County Court House, School st. 
Cotling place, opens at 14 (chambers street 
Cotton place, from Purchase street to Broad street 
Creek street, from 2 Clinton street 
Creek square, back of Union and Ann streets 
Crescent place, 5 Green street 

Cross street, from the Canal, across Hanover and Ann, 
to Commercial street 



ABBOT ANDREW, mason, 35 Poplar 

Abbot Appleton, porter, B street 

Abbot Benjamin, cooper. Pond 

Abbot George VV. (S. L. Mhot S^ Co.), h. 64 Poplar 

Abbot Jacob C. clerk, 65 Leveret 

Abbot Josepii H. school, 27 Mt. Vernon 

Abbot Richard W. truckman, 93 Ann 

Abbot Reuben, rear 39 Prince 

Abbot Samuel L. & Co. {Geo. W. ^&5o<), merchants, 21 

Central wharf, house 79 Bedford 
Abbot Theodore, bookbinder, 8 School, house Brighton] 
Abbot {Timothy) & Howard {J. F.), wharfingers, Tump. 

Abbot's house A street 
Abbot William, shipwright, house Broadway- 
Abbott (Geo. fV.) & Shackford {Wm. B.), raer. tailors, 

46 Washington 
Abbott John C. See Hood & A. 
Abbott John. See Richardson & A. 
Abbott Joseph {Davis & ^.), boards 107 Charles 

Abell Joseph, cooper, house 98 Warren 

Abell Levi, housewright, house 5 Carver 

Aborn Henry M. house 689 Washington 

Aborn Mary, house 23 Allen 

Abrahams Ben. cooper, house Fleet 

Abrahams Marcy R. 234 Hanover 

Abrams Joseph, house 65 Salem 

Abrams Mariah, house 14 Second 

Abrams William, house 71 Prince 

Ackerman Benj. stone cutter, rear Broadway 

Ackers John, cabinetmaker, boards 43 Warren 

Acres George, rigger, Margaret 

Acres George T. tinplateworker, rear 12 Boylston 

Adams Aaron, jr. leather, 10 Clinton 

Adams Abraham D. cordwainer, house Fourth street 

Adams Abel {Barnard, A. y Co.), h. 2 Winthrop place 

Adams Albert, 32 Central wharf 

Adams Alvin, 23 Elm, house head of Bulfinch 


Adams Asa, broker, house 34 Orange 
Adams Ashur, broker, Mechanics Reading Room 
Adams Augustus, truckman, rear 730 VViishingfon 
Adams Barllett, pianoforte maker, 354 Washington, h. 

6 Tremont, near Pleasant 
Adams Benj. binder, Cornhill, house 52 Cambridge 
Adams Benj. house 6 Alt. Vernon, opposite Hancock 
Adams Betsey M., fancy goods, 282 Washington 
Adams Charles, stair builder, 13 Bridge 
Adams Charles, patent bedstead maker, 422 Washington 
Adams C. B. F, {Hancock, Hulden & .^.), h. 422 Wash. 
Adams Charles F. couns. 23 Court, h. 3 Hancock av. 
Adams {Charles Fred.), Homer {P. T.) & Co. {Sidney 

Homer), importers, 25 Doane. A.'s h. 26 Chesnut 
Adams Charles J. house 1 Orange court 
Adams Chester, cashier Union Bank 
Adams Daniel, pumpmaker, house 21 Washington av. 
AdaiTis David, tinplater, house 3 Kennard avenue 

Adams , corset maker. Washing, cor. West 

Adams Edwin, physician, 24 School 

Adams Elijah, capt., house Distil-hcuse square 

Adams Elizabeth, widow, Batierymarch 

Adams George, importer hard ware, 75 Commercial 

Adams George, clerk, house rear 6 Elliot 

Adams George W. attorney, 63 Court 

Adams George W. coachman, h. Bumstead court 

Adams George W. bookbinder, boards 45 Federal 

Adams Gideon, tobacconist, house Lancaster 

Adams G. W. house Causeway 

Adams Henrietta, primary school, 6 Lyman place 

Adams Hiram, printer, house 4 Fayette court 

Adams Isaac, teamster, rear 337 VVashington 

Adams Isaac, trunkmaker, 80 A^nn 

Adams Isaac, 44 Fan. Hall market, h 20 Lyman place 

Adams Isaac, machinist, h. Sea, near the bridge 

Adams {Isaac, jr.) & Thorndike {James F.), dry goods, 

81 Kilby. A.'s house Lyman place 
Adams James, housewright, h. 28 South Margin 
Adams James, messenger Atlantic Bank 
Adams James, jr. house 56 High 
Adams {James M.) & Seaver {JYath'l), stable, Fulton 
Adams James M. house 2 N. Centre 
Adams Miriam, widow of Jeremiah, rear 667 Wash. 
Adams John, clerk Globe Bank 
Adams John P. boards 3 South 


Adams (John) & Bollard (Leonard), grocers, 32 Brattle. 

B.'s house 25 Charles 
Adams John J. brush man. 1-5 Exchange, h. 3 Stoddard 
Adams John, shoe store, 126, house 21b Hanover 
Adams John Q,. printer, 6 Congress sq. h. 12 Oak 
Adams Joseph, cabinetmaker, 2 Castle, boards south 794 

Adams Joseph, shoes, 218 Hanover, house ditto 
Adams Joseph D. clerk Fulton Bank 
Adams Joseph H. pres. Ocean Ins. Co. h. Lewisburgh sq- 
Adams Joseph T., 34 Congress, boards at Maverick H. 
Adams Julia and Sarah, teachers, room 1 Odeon 
Adams Laban, innholder. Lamb tavern, 369 1-2 Wash. 
Adams Lydia K. school, 6 Cross, near Pond 
Adams Lucy, widow of Abijah,13 Pinckney 
Adams Lydia, dressmaker, house 2 Newbury place 
Adams Mark, laborer, 64 Belknap 
Adams Martin, mariner, Gibbs lane 
Adams Mary A. 10 Oliver 
Adams Nathaniel L. variety store, 69 Hanover 
Adams Nathaniel M. bookseller, 69 Hanover, h. Suffolk, 

n. Lucas pi. 
Adams Nehemiah, Rev. h. 4 Boylston place 
Adams Oliver. See Corey & Adams 
Adams Paul, furniture, 5 Water, h. 128 Charles 
Adams Philip, house rear 57 Salem 
Adams R. P. school, 36 Hancock, h. 17 Hay ward pi. 
Adams Samuel, physician, 34 School 
Adams Sam. wirewoiker and intell. off. 12 Federal, h. do. 
Adams Sam. G. housewright, 30 Tremont, n. Washing. 
Adams Sam. S. tinplate-worker, house 18 Fleet 

Adams (Sam' I P.) & Wait (Thomas C), masons, h. 3 
Champney pi. 

Adams Samuel T. wireworker, house Spring lane 

Adams Seth, machinist, S. Boston 

Adams (Sam'l S.) & Sullivan (James V.) tinplate- work- 
ers, 61 Commercial 

Adams Simeon P. grocer, 120 Court, house 6 Prospect 

Adams Sumner, bar-room, 34 Brattle 

Adams Thomas, 1 Faneuil Hall market 

Adams (Thomas) & Ripley (Wm. L.) hat store, 3 
Wash, house 107 Chambers 

Adams Thomas, watchman, h. S. Cedar, near Church 

Adams (Willard) & Shumway (Willurd A.), dry goods, 
281 Washington 


Adams's (Wm. & G. W.) & Hammond (j2rtemas),h\ 

smiths, Cross, c. Fulton. W. A.'s h. 30 Temple 
Adams William, watchmaker, iSpring lane 
Adams William, house C North Bennet 
Adams William D. liousevvriglit, Dorchester 
Adams {William D.) tfeTorrey {J. Gr.)? printers, 31 Corn- 
hill. Adams's liouse 44 Federal 
'Adams Zabdiel B. physician, 21 Pearl 
Adan John R. counsellor, 11 Court, li. 14 Summer 
Adgate Abigail, widow, h. Southac, cor. Grove 
Adiington Benj. W. housewright, h. 11 Spring 
Adolphus Edward, accountant, h. 18 Hamilton 
Agin Ann, widow, 74 Warren 
Agin Daniel, laborer, 74 Warren 
Agin John, laborer, rear 88 Warren 
Agin Wm. laborer, rear 101 Broad 
Aglar Francis, rigger, house 24 Hamilton 
Aiken Barney, mason, rear 24 Pleasant 
Aiken Calvin and William, wood wf. South, h. 59 South 
Aiken James, house 3d rear 12 South Margin 
Aiken John, harness maker, Merrimac 
Aiken Jonathan, laborer, Travers 
Aiken Lemuel G. 38 Friend 
Aiken Mary, 14 Avery 

Aiken William (C. & W. Aiken), house 30 Short- 
Aiken William, mason, C street 
Ainsworth Almun, housewright, h. 108 Cambridge 
Akarman Ann B. widow, 2 Suffolk place 
Akarman Margaret, milliner, 278 Wash. h. 10 Avery 
Akerman Benjamin, cabinetmaker, h. rear 3 Charles 
Albee John, W. I. goods, Commercial, h. 8 Sheafe 
Albert John M. baker, Hollis, near Washington 
Albert Joseph, rigger, Wilkinson's wf. h. Lathrop place 
Albree John, mer. 34 Commercial, h. 3 Kneeland 
Alcott A. B. school, 7 Mas. Tem. h. 26 Front 
Alden Betsey, widow, 5 Elliot court 
Alden James F. boards Kilburn's Coffee H. 
Alden James, hat store, 83 Commercial, h. 60 Prince 
Alden J. W. house 9 Stillman 
Alden John, house 23 Tileston 
Alden John, laborer. Piedmont, near Church 
Alden Joseph W. salesman, 19 Kilby, h. 9 Stillman 
Alden Maria {Blanchard &r '^■), 'j- 247 Washington 
Alden Paul (£. Baker & Co), h. 9 Hayward place 
Alden Wm. V. (G. Vinton S^ Co.), h. 7 Kneelaad place 


Alden Robert T. & Co. (IV. Wright), sailmakers, 8 City 

wharf, house 3 Hawley 
Aldrich Aaron, 82 F. H. market, house 9 Pitts 
Aldrich Alpheus, machinist, Haverhill, h. 17 Pitts 
Alexander Ebenezer, house South Margin 
Alexander Edward, mastmaker, Sea, house rear 47 Sea 
Alexander Emery, 41 F. H. market, h. 74 Leveret 
Alexander Francis, portrait painter, rear Savings Bank 
Alexander Henry F. house F street near 4th 
Alexander Jeanette, midwife, 10 Federal court 
Alexander Lucretia, boarding, 28 Hancock 
Alexander W. J, physician, Turnpike cor. Fourth 
Alexander Wm. rigger, house Spear alley 
Alger Cyrus, iron founder, 2 Central wf h. Fourth 
Alger Francis, 2 Central wf house 2 Fourth 
Alker (Thomas) & Jones (Ivory H.), livery stable, 119, 

house 95 Charles 
Allan George W. housewright, h. 655 Washington 
AUardice Ann, widow of Archibald, h. 11 Allen 
Allbee (Henry K) & Godfrey (P.), W.I.g'ds,64 Union 
Allbee Lovett S. housewright. Leveret 
Allbee Stephen, mariner, house Langdon place 
Allen Abby Ann^ widow, nurse, South street court 
Allen (Mston) & Morrison (fF/n. £.), dry goods, 321 

Washington. A.'s house 4 Kneeland place 
Allen Amos S. innkeeper, Park House, cor. Boylston and 

Allen Andrew, tailor, 91 Washington 
Allen Andrew J. & Co. (Jeremiah), stationers, 72 State, 

house 7 Sullivan place 
Allen Ann, widow, 137 Tremont 

Allen Ann M. dry goods, 214 Wash. h. 5 Suffolk place 
Allen Asa V. barber, 29 Clinton 
Allen Calvin, carver, house and shop 6 Carver 
Allen Calvin P. mason, h. 21 Myrtle 
Allen Charles J. F. assist, appraiser, Custom H., h. B st. 
Allen Ebenezer K. printer, h. op. 27 Tremont n. Wash. 
Allen Ethan, teamster, rear 730 Washington 
Allen (Ezra), Pigeon (Henry) &Pool (Be?ijamin),mast- 

makers. Com. n. Railway. A.'s h. Com. n. Foster 
Allen Ezra, dry goods, 71 Hanover, h. Friend 
Allen Frederick, physician Lying-in-Hospital, 718 Wash. 
Allen Frederick D. (Fotcle fy ^.), boards 2 Berry 
Allen Freeman (J. Whitney ^ Co.), h. Hamilton place 
Allen Francis, housewright, Southac, h. 2 Champney pi. 


Allen Gaius W. watchman, 14 Stillman 

Allen George, jr. usher Adams school, Mason 

Allen Harriet (Moody (^ A.), h. 7 Spring 

Allen Hannah, widow of James, 32 Atkinson 

Allen Hannah, widow of Robert, 3 Kneeland place 

Allen {Hezekiah R.) <fc Mann (JV. H.), dry goods, 47 

Hanover. Allen's h. 33 Temple 
Allen Jabez, house 1 Dedham 
Allen James, cabinetmaker, h. Carver 
Allen James M. auct. Milk" cor. Congress, h. 32 High 
Allen Jared, 27 F. H. market, h. 5 Distil-house square 
Allen Jeremiah {J. J. Allen S^ Co.), h. 7 Sullivan place 
Allen Jesse, coachmaker, h. 52 Friend 
Allen (John) & Place {John £.), housewrights, 19 Blos- 
som. Allen's h. 3 Leveret 
Allen Joseph, grocery, S. Margin, h. 58 Portland 
Allen Josiah, baker, house rear 600 Washington 
Allen Samuel A. store keeper Custom H., h. 1 Poplar 
Allen Samuel P. See Manson <fc A. 
Allen Samuel R. 110 Milk, boards 18 Pearl 
Allen Sarah, sempstress, 41 Boylston 
Allen Silas, jr. pianofortemaker, cor. Washington and 

Essex, h. 40 Warren 
Allen Sidney, pianofortemaker, h. 64 Elliot 
Allen Thaddeus, schoolmaster, h. 1 Harvard court 
Allen Theodore, housewright, h. 2d, rear 12 S. Margin 
Allen Thomas, printer, boards 38 Union 
Allen Thomas, snuff store, back 33 Washington 
Alien Thomas, laborer, h. Cedar lane 
Allen William, 13 Boylston market, h. 71 Elliot 
Allen William, blacksmith, h. 1st st. S. Boston 
Allen Wm. G. provis. Grove c. Southac, h. 1 Southac ct. 
Allen Wm. H. English g'ds, 214 Wash. h. 5 Suffolk pi. 
Allen Wm. T. chair painter, 30 N. Market, h. 8 Howard 
Allen Wm. W. (S. TV. Leeds S^ Co.), h. rear 13 Friend 
Alleyne J. S. B. 1 Joy's building, h. 1 La Grange place 
Alley Charles R. house 102 Washington 
Alline Henry, reg. of deeds. County Court House 
Aliine H. & H. academy, 81 Chambers 
Alline William, clerk Custom House, h. 81 Chambers 
Allison Amy, widow, rear 6 Charter 
Allyn Edwin, laborer, h. Suffolk cor. Canton 
Almy (Wm.), Blake (George B.) & Co. (Joseph W.Pat- 
terson), dry goods. Milk opposite Kilby 
Amee Jacob, sailmaker, 48 India, h. 18 Purchase 


Amee Josiah L. C. weigh. &^uag. Cust. H. h. Broadway 
Ames Asa, grocer, 120 Cambridge, h. 18 Bridge 
Ames Azel, housewright, shop 98 Ann, h. 31 Brattle 
Ames Charles, blacksmith, 4tli street 
Ames Eleanor, widow, 8 Newton place 
Ames Israel, 41 Salem 

Ames Catharine, confectioner, 13, h. 15 Essex 
Ames Nathaniel F. {Cushing &/■ ^^.), h. 103 Purchase 
Ames Samuel, musician, h. Pinckncy near Charles 
Ames Willard, moulder. Turnpike cor. Broadway 
Ammidon Philip, merchant, house 27 Mount Vernon 
Amory Hannah, widow of Tliomas C. 21 Franklin place 
Amory Thomas C, President Firemen's Insurance Co. 

house 5 Franklin place 
Amory Thomas C. jr. attorney, Court, h. 4 Temple place 
Amory William, 70 State, house 42 Beacon 
Amsden Joel, cordwaincr, 13 Mt. Vernon, h. 62 Union 
Anderling Sophia, widow, rear 8 Sudbury 
Anderson Anders, boarding, 4 Bread 
Anderson Benjamin, mariner, 266 Ann 
Anderson Charles F. stevedore. North square 
Anderson Dorcas, widow, 13 Essex place 
Anderson Frances, dressmaker, 324 VVushington 
Anderson Fred, sailmaker, Clark 
Anderson J. B. whip factory, 2 Elm 
Anderson James, clerk, li. 16 Chambers 
Anderson John W. mariner, 199 Hanover 
Anderson Joanna, widow, 159 Court 
Anderson Lewis, laborer, Washington arvenue 
Anderson Robert, mariner, h. rear 245 Ann 
Anderson Rufus, Rev., Sec. A. B. C. F. M. 28 Cornhill 
Anderson William, waterman, Broadway 
Anderton Mary, nurse, 40 Charter 
Andre Charles, tailor, 108 Commercial 
Andrew Aaron, physician, 8 N. square, h. Salter place 
Andrews Abraham, mariner, Battery 
Andrews Alfred A. dry g'ds, 141 VVash. h. 9 Sturgis pi. 
Andrews Benjamin H. {JDerbij & Ji.), h. 159 Tremont 
Andrews & Co. {Caleb Jl. ^ Daniel K. C/zace), India and 

French silks, 20 Kilby, h. 23 Chesnut 
Andrews Ebenezer T. 15 Winter 
Andrews (£. T.) & Marsh {Scth JV.), stable, Causeway, 

h. Leveret court 
Andrews Eleanor, milliner, 4th street 
Andrews Elizabeth, widow, rear 34 Charter 


Andrews Elizabeth L. widow, 100 Pleasant 

Andrews Ezekiel O. P. turner, h. 1 Ivers 

Andrews E. A. principal Mt. Vernon S. h. 26 Beacon 

Andrews George, 124 Fnneuil Hall market, h. 30 Cross 

Andrews George H. comedian, 55 Belknap 

Andrews Henry, silversmith, rear 34 Charter 

Andrews Henry, grocer, Hanover cor. Clark 

Andrews Henry, broker, 40 State, h. 18 Mt. Vernon 

Andrews Isaac, h. J 7 Province House court 

Andrews (James, Colombian ViccConsul) & Son (J. W.)^ 

merchants, 8 Central wf. h. 159 Tremont 
Andrews John L. clerk, Fulton court 
Andrews Catharine N. widow of John B., 24 Purchase 
Andrews Joseph, cash. Commer. Bank, h. 40 Pinckney 
Andrews Joseph, printer, h. 216 Ann 
Andrews James, cordwainer, 71 Pond 
Andrews Justin, grocer, 648, h. rear 682 W^ashington 
Andrews Lama, fisherman, Commercial, near Hanover 
Andrews Mary, 6 Norfolk place 
Andrews Mary, rear Henchman lane 
Andrews R. School, h. 61 Spring 
Andrews Samuel, druggist, 11 Broad, h. 74 Summer 
Andrews Samuel, house ISTileston 
Andrews (Samuel) & Horne (IVm.), 72 F. Hall market. 

Andrews's h. 680 Washington 
Andrews Stephen S. refreshments, Bromfield, house 5 

Ballard place 
Andrews Susan, widow, 29 Cross 
Andrews Thomas, sexton, 1 Bartlett 
Andrews William, constable, 4lh street 
Andrews William, fisherman. Creek square 
Andrews Wm. T. (JV. Jcwett & Co.), h. 10 Central ct. 
Anisly Andrew, brewer, h. 2d ^treet 
Anguera Joseph, musician, h. Castle, near Suffolk 
Angus Mary, v/idow, rear 11 Short 

Annable (Davis) & Lothrop (H.), housewrights, Com- 
mercial, h. 65 Charter 
Annable Eliza, widow, h. 10 Blossom 
Annable Joseph D. 1 McLean ct. 
Annin W. B. engraver, 3 State, h. Province House 
Annis William, cooper, Tileston 
Appleton Benjamin B. h. 15 Avon place 
Appleton B. B., jr. h. 15 Avon place 
Appleton Charles, sailmaker, h. 11 Prince 
Appleton Charles A. sailmaker, Murray place 


Appleton H. K. & J. W., Eng. goods and merchant tai- 
lors, 3G3 Washington, h. 20 Essex 
Appleton Hannah, boarding, 33 Milk 
Appleton Isaac II. surgeon dentist, 11 Winter 
Appleton John, mason, 8 Short 
Appleton John G. bookbinder, h. 6 Unity court 
Appleton Joseph W house 20 Essex 
Appleton Mary, widow, 20 Essex 
Appleton Nathan (J. IV. Paige & Co.), h. 39 Beacon 
Appleton Nathaniel VV. 22 State, h. 46 Mt. Vernon 
Appleton Robert & Co. {M. JVeioelt), commis. mer. G9 

Water. A.'s h. Temple place 
Appleton Samuel, merchant, house 36 Beacon 
Appleton S. A. (J. W. Paige 4" Co.), h. 6 Beacon 
Appleton Thomas, organ builder, Parkman market, h. 

63 Hancock 
Appleton William, h. 51 Beacon 
Aplin Eliza, widow, North Hanover court 
Applin Benjamin & Wesson, housewrights, Beverly 
Apthorp Charles Wentworth, 9 West Cedar 
Archbald Alexander, laborer, Prince 
Archbald George, cabinetmaker, 695 Wash. h. 1 Dover 
Archbald Henry, 676 Washington 
Archer James, engraver, 228 Washington 
Arkison William, ropemaker, south 752 Washington 
Arkison William, jr. ropemaker, h. rear Northampton 
Armington Henry, housevvright, h. 16 Boylston square 
Arlin Sarah, boarding, 39 Pond 
Arlin Stephen N. painter, h. 6 Unity court 
Armour Thomas, prof, music, h. 8 Boylston square 
Armsby John, laborer, rear 673 Washington 
Armsby William, mason, h. 2 Cedar street court 
Armstrong David, shipwright, rear 3d street 
Armstrong John M. tatmer, h. Arnold 
Armstrong Samuel T. mayor of the city, h. Beacon 
Armstrong Thomas, laborer, h. rear 26 Congress 
Armstrong Washington, sailmakei, 11 Tileston 
Armstrong Wm. J. Rev., Sec. A. B. C. F. M. 28 Cornhill 
Armstrong William, coppersmith, 9 Tileston 
Arnold Charles, dry goods, 42 Kilby, h. 184 Hanover 
Arnold Eliphaz, printer, h. 18 Washington place 
Arnold George, housewright, op. 8 Norfolk pi. 
Arnold Harriot, widow of Joel H. 16 South Bennet 
Arnold (James) Sc Fisher (Pitts), truckmen, 108 State, 
h. 462 Washington 


Arnold John, laborer, Canton rear Suffolk 

Arnold John, h. 23 Myrtle 

Arnold John, mariner, Canal 

Arnold Joseph, truckman, 14 East 

Arnold Joseph, turner, h. 15 Carver 

Arnold Rebecca, lailoress, Bedford avenue 

Arnold Sam. S. leather and hides, 31 Broad, h. 103 Salem 

Arnold Willard, w^atchman, h. Commercial 

Arther James P. captain, h. rear of C 

Arthur Anna S. widow, rear Mason, near Avery 

Ashcroft Thomas, millwright, Sea, h. rear 89 do. 

Ashcroft William, millwright, h. Turnpike near 4th st. 

Ashley Luke (Van Wormer &. A.), h. 219 Hanover 

Ashley Timothy, printer, 228 Hanover 

Ashman George, saddle-tree maker, h. Carney place 

Ashton Elisha V. fancy g'ds, 117 Wash. h. Bromfield H. 

Ashton Francis P. hairdresser, 28 Cong. h. 81 Mt.Vernon 

Ashton John & Co. {E. H. Wade), umbrellas, 197 Wash. 

Ashton Mary, widow of William, h. 10 Myrtle 

Ashton Sarah, widow of John, 1 Spring lane 

Aspinwall Augustus, merchant, 68 Broad 

Aspinwell Sam. mastmak. Commer. n. Hanov. h. 4 Foster 

Atherton Alpheus, baker, h. 19 Tremont 

Atherton Jonathan, house opposite 15 Ash 

Atherton S. B. barkeeper N. E. Coifee House 

Atkins Benjamin (Hay & Jl.), h. 3 Kingston 

Atkins Elisha, raerch. 13 Rowe's wf h. Spring c. Milton 

Atkins Ephraim, captain, h. 54 Salem 

Atkins Henry {Viles & Ji.), h. 5 Oak place 

Atkins Isaiah, crock, ware, 7 Merch. row, h. 86 Federal 

Atkins John, boarding, rear 150 Ann 

Atkins Joshua, capt.. Spring corner Milton 

Atkins Thomas G. dry g'ds, 143 W^ash. h. 12 Richmond 

Atkinson (Amos) & Rollins (Wm.), merchants, 38 India 

Atkinson Thomas, carpenter, boards 26 Charter 

Atkinson William D. painter, h. North Margin 

Atkinson William, painter, Blackstone n. Hanover 

Atwell Ann, widow, boarding, 5 Hanover 

Atwell Charles R. dry goods, 61 Hanover 

Atwell Pickering (Simonds & A.), boards 102 Washing. 

Atwill Ebenezer, housewright, Leveret lane 

Atwill Herman, inspector C. H., h. 83 Mt. Vernon 

Atwood Charles, counsellor, 1 Barrister's Hall, h. Pem- 

berton hill 
Atwood David, oysters, Devonshire 



Atwood John, oysters, 88 Cambridge 
• Atwood Jf>shua, oysters, Bromfield 
Atwood Mary, widow, h. South street court 
Atwood Samuel, cordwairier, rear 5 Mason 
Atwood William N., oysters, 29 School 
Atwood M. W. teamster, h. Commercial, near Charter 
Augustus John, boot fact. 5 Franklin av. h. r. 58 Poplar 
Austin Arthur VV. counsellor, 10 Court 
Austin Eibridge G. attorney, 17 Court, h. J41 Tremont 
Austin Hannah, widow, h. North Grove 
Austin Ivers J. counsellor, 81 Wash. h. 141 Tremont 
Austin Ichabod M. truckman, 12 Long wf. h. 7 Belknap 
Austin James T. counsellor and attorney general, 81 

Washington, h. 141 Tremont 
Austin Jared, mustard fict. 15 Marshall, h. 24 Chambers 
Austin Josepli, 68 Prince 

Austin Joseph, jr. tinplaler, 236 Ann, h. Garden court 
Austin John, h. Clark 
Austin Matthew, grocer, 186 Ann 
Austin (Richard) &, Ellis (Roioland), flour, 18 Conamer- 

cial, h. 11 Fleet 
Austin Samuel, h. 57 Beacon 
Austin Samuel, jr. mer. 34 India wf. h. 57 Beacon 
Austin Thomas, laborer, 87 Broad 
Austin Thomas, bricklayer, h. Nassau court 
Austin William R. See Downer, A. & Co, 
Auty Benjamin, weaver, 15 Charter 
Averill Elizabeth, Worcester Rail Road H. 617 Wash. 
Averill Hiram, boarding, 25 Merrirnac 
Avery Addison (Luke Brooks & Co.), h. 61 Pinckney 
Aves Thomas, watchman, at State H., h. 21 Pinckney 
Avos Thomas, jr. {Templcton 4- •^•), h. 21 Pinckney 
Avis James K. housejoiner, h.20 La Grange place 
Ayer (Geo.) & Conant (Fred. P.), housewrights, Bull's 

wf. Ayer's h. 9 Columbia 
Ayer J. Cullen, physician, 173 Hanover 
Ayer Obadiah, housewright, 10 Blossom 
Ayer Thomas, housewright, Bulfinch, h. r. 59 Poplar 
Ayers Alvin, cabinetmaker, boards 14 La Grange place 
Ayers Charles W. architect, boards Wash. Coffee House 
Ayers Daniel H. mastmaker, boards Leveret court 
Ayers Edward J. housewright, 4 Stillman place 
Ayers Ira, hairdresser, op. 25 Batterymarch 
Ayers Josiah, branch pilot, 28 Cross 
Ayers Lemuel, branch pilot, rear 202 Hanover 


Ayers Sally, nurse, North Hanover court 
Ayers Sarah, milliner, G2 Hanover 
Ayers William, housewright, rear Battery 
Ayling Charles H. (H. A. & Son), h. 131 Pleasant 
AyliriiT {Henry) & Son (C. H), tnrrers, cor. Elliot and 

Tremont. H. A.'s house 27 Warren 
Aylini; Isaac, jeweller, 43 Wabiiinj^ton, h. 27 Warren , 
Aylvvin {William C.) &. Paine {Charles C), counsellors, 

17 Court. A.'s h. 28 Chesnut 

BARB LOIS, widow, house 20 Lincoln 

Babbct Cyrus, undertaker, h. 10 Purchase 

Babbidg-e Mary, widow, 92 Broad 

Babbit Alvin, housewright, h. 38 Prince 

Babbit Benajah, laborer. Turnpike near 4th street 

Babbit Isaac, machinist, h. 4th street 

Babbitt James, carpenter, 25 Stillman 

Babbit Winthrop G. constable, h. Ivers cor. Menimac 

Babbit Willard, painter, Marlboro' pi. h. 2 Sturgis place 

Babcock Amos, miller, h. Suffolk, near Lucas pi. 

Babcock Abel. 25 F. H. market, h. 44 Myrtle 

Babcock Archibald D. {Dretv & B.), b. 1 Somerset ct. 

Babcock {Dex.) & Coolidge {A.),\Y. I. g'ds, 9 Market sq. 

Babcock Dexter, house 121 Pleasant 

Babcock Hannah, nurse, Carver, op. Newbern pi. 

Babcock James, housewright, h N. Grove 

Babcock Martha, widow, 4 Franklin place 

Babcock Nancy, wid. of Abraham, 175 1-2 Hanover 

Babcock S. H.{Freeman Fisher & Co.), h. 13 Franklin pi. 

Babcock Samuel, h. Battery 

Babcock William, cabinetmaker, house Dedham 

Bacall Thomas, silversmith, b'ds 18 Pleasant st. ct. 

Bacall William K. cabinetmaker. Beacon, h.l20 Charles 

Bachi Pietro, prof Harvard University, h. 47 Brattle 

Bachelder Joshua, goldbeater, rear 795 Wash. h. 711 do. 

Bachelder Jesse, cooper. Front, h. 2d street 

Bachelder John, blacksmith, h. 4th street 

Bacheler James S. machinist, h. rear 660 Washington 

Bachelor William C. handcart. Pem. hill, h. 5 Tremont 

Bacon Alice, 7 Suffolk place 

Bacon Ann, widow, 5 Norfolk place 

Bacon Brigham N., clerk, at Exchange Coffee House 

Bacon Daniel C. merchant, 47 Commercial 

Bacon Francis A. collector, h. 88 Tremont, cor. Elliot 

Bacon Francis B. house 15 Tremont 


Bacon Eliza, corner Warren and Washington 

Bacon Henry S. furniture, Batterymarch, h. 16 Hawkins 

Bacon Henry, h. 113 Cambridge 

Bacon Hiram, mason, h. Broadway 

Bacon James, mariner, 92 Broad 

Bacon J. G. clerk, h. 5 IVIilk 

Bacon John, druggist, 40 Court, h. Crescent place 

Bacon Joseph V. merchant, 32 Central wf. h. 2 Derne 

Bacon Judah, 3 Hancock row 

Bacon Leonard, blacksmith, h. Garden cor. Southae 

Bacon Lucy Ann, widow of William, Gibbs lane 

Bacon Louis, mariner, rear 18 South Bennet 

Bacon (L. B.) & Motley (T.jr.y, dry goods, 63 Water] 

Bacon Reuben, blacksmith, h. 18 Fayette 

Bacon Richard, joiner, h. opposite 13 Pleasant 

Bacon (Ruhert) «fc Sons {Thomas C. & Joh?i), hat store, 
Ann corner Union 

Bacon Susan, school, Berry, corner Sister 

Bacon Thomas C. 139 Hanover 

Bacon Thompson, h. 23 Temple 

Bacon William, fishmarket, 33 School 

Badger Ann, widow, 45 Myrtle 

Badger Alfred N. carpenter, h. Beverly near Travers 

Badger Daniel B. tailor, 151 Broad, and shipping broker, 
12 Custom-house street, h. 121 Purchase 

Badger Daniel D. {Wadleigh S^ B.), h. 8 Salem place 

Badger David N. 13 Thacher 

Badsjer John B. trunk and harness maker, Turnpike 

Badger Joseph, Milk corner Federal, h. 15 Hamilton 

Badger Joseph W. Milk cor. Federal, b'ds 15 Hamilton 

Badger Marfha, widow, 7 Charter 

Badger Paine D., Thomsonian Infirmary, 554 Wash. 

Badger Rebecca, widow, h. 13 North Bennet 

Badger Robert S. & David N. grocers, 71 Prince 

Badger Susan, widow, 28 North RuSsell 

Badger Thomas, portrait painter, h. 7 Federal court 

Badger Walter, teacher penmanship, 25 Joy's building 

Badger (TVUlard) & Porter (Royal L.), publishers of 

American Traveller, 47 Court 
Badger William, brassfounder, rear Henchman lane 
Badger William, jr. {Grover & B.), h. 57 Charter 
Badlam Ezra, chaisemaker, rear 409 Washington 
Badlam Stephen, house 17 Warren 
Bagley Cornelius, mariner, Broad near Purchase 
Bagley Currier F. dry g'ds, 66 Hanover, h. r.21 Portland 


Bagley Mattliovv, house Fruit street court 

Bagley Pliilip, housevvriglit, 16 Distil-house square 

Bagline Michael, hiborer, rear Dedharn 

Bagnall Thos. pump maker, Broad op. Arch wharf, h. 

5 Purchase place 
Bail William V. housewrighl, h. Broadway near I street 
Bailey Adams, dep. col. Custom 11., h. 2 Hay ward placo 
Bailey Barnabas, Pond 

Bailey Benjamin, W. I. goods, Friend c. Merriraac 
Bailey B. engraver, over 123 Wash, house 8 Derne 
Bailey Calvin, house 28 Purchase 
Bailey Gushing, coachmaker, 1). 31 Myrtle 
Bailey Ebenezer, Young Ladies' High sch. 8 Mas. Tem. 
Bailey Hart {Bates & B.), house 119 Purchase 
Bailey Henry, hat store, 17 Court, h. 24 Thacher 
Bailey Isaiah, mason, house Spring near Poplar 
Bailey Joanna, v\'idovv, rear 13 South Margin 
Bailey John A. See Hayes & B. 
Bailey Lucy B. widow, 33 Chambers 
Bailey William, Suffolk iioar Canton 
Bailey Wm. (Dayton & B.), house Harvard place 
Bailey. See Bayley 

Baird Augustus, porter City Bank, house 56 Alien 
Baird {George) & Fessenden (Ahijah), engineers, 83 

Cambridge. B.'s house 4 Grove 
Baker Abel, bootmaker, 41 Congress, h. 13 West 
Baker Abel P. house 3 Province House court 
Baker Barker, house Thacher cor. Pond 
Baker Benjamin, oysters, 98 Milk, house 1 Stillman 
Baker Christian, widow, 405 Washington 
Baker David, machinist, liouse 60 Elliot 
Baker Eliphalet & Co. {Paul Alden, Wm. Jones S/ John 

Munroe), dry goods, 44 Water, h. 84 Federal 
Baker Ephraim L. innkeeper, Sun Tavern, Batterymarch 
Baker Francis, W. I. goods, 24 Long wf. h. 21 Hancock 
Baker George, teamster, house Commercial 
Baker Henry F. (J. B. & Son), house 8 Chesnut 
Baker Hiram, housewright, Thacher street court 
Baker Horace {Ball, B. & Co.), \\. 11 Hayward place 
Baker J. K. boardinghouse, 9 Brattle 
Baker Isaiah, jr. & Benj. oysters, Commercial CofF. H. 

h. Fulton court 
Baker James, 18 North Market 

Baker J. Y. & I. oysters, Fan. Hall Mar. h. 3 Fulton ct. 
Baker John, jr. agent G. H. Holbrook's bell factory, 8 

Long wf house 306 Washington 


Baker John B. saddler, 2 Elm 

Baker Joseph & Son (Henry F.), mer. 40 Central wharf 

Baker Joseph, house IG Franklin place 

Baker Judah P. captain, house F street 

Baker Martin, clerk, rear 45 Prince 

Baker Mary, 25 Pleasant 

Baker Mary, widow, house Butolph 

Baker Richard, sailmaker, house 11 Tileston 

Baker Rebecca, house 3 Pitts 

Baker Ruel, painter, 410 Washington, h. 2 Nassau 

Baker Samuel, dentist, 103 Court 

Baker Samuel, captain, house 30 Orange 

Baker Simeon (A. & H. A. Holhrook S^ Co.), h. Sun 

court street 
Baker Simeon, fish stall, Fancuil Hall market 
Baker Theodore, dry goods, 223 Wash. h. W. Cedar 
Baker T. M. auctioneer, 46 Washington, h. Broadway 
Baker William, painter, Sargent's wharf, h. 85 Charter 
Baker William, marble cutter, 168 Hanover 
Baker Wm. H. plumber and glazier, house Sun court 
Bakewell Henry, brassfounder, house 12 May 
Balch Benjamin, Secretary Suffolk Insurance Co. 
Balch Joseph, Pres. Merchants' Insurance Co. State, h. 

12 La Grange place 
Balch N. & A. school, op. 1 Orange court, h. 4 Orange 
Balch Susan, widow of Nathaniel, rear 505 Washington 
Balch Vistus, engraver, house 25 Orange 
Balcom Jonas, house Temple place 
Baldrey Samuel, shipkeeper, h. Langdon place 
Baldwin Aaron, President Washington Bank and of 

Boylston Insurance Co. house 12 Essex 
Baldwin Abel, housewright, h. Barrett 
Baldwin {Benj. D.) & Gay (Leiois H.), 11 F. H. market 
Baldwin Benjamin D. house 1 Wesley place 
Baldwin David, accountant, house 1 May place 
Baldwin Edward, dry goods, 38 & 40 Water 
Baldwin Henry, chaise and harness mak. h. 2 Lovett pi. 
Baldwin James F. engineer. Leveret, h. 163 Tremont 
Baldwin James W. 74 Fan. Hall market, h. 21 Hancock 
Baldwin Jane, widow, house rear 39 Charter 
Baldwin Josiah, constable, 38 Court, h. 98 Pleasant 
Baldwin Lucy, dry goods, 21 Leveret 
Baldwin Luke, merchant, 8 Merchants row 
Baldwin Margaret D. wid. of Rev. Thomas, 37 Portland 
Baldwin Richard, laborer, 186 Ann 


Baldwin T. W. & Co. {Samuel Stillman), dry goods, 40 

Kilby, h. W. Cedar, n. Mount Vernon 
Baldwin William & Charles, dyers, 19 Brattle 
Balford George, gardener, 153 Broad 
Ball Benjamin Franklin, house rear 57 Elliot 
Ball Daniel G. cooper, 13 Custom-h. st. h. Batterymarch 
Ball David, tailor, house 23 Washington avenue 
Ball {Gardner), Baker {Horace) & Co. {B. L. Whitneij), 

dry goods, 89 Kilby. Ball's house in Roxbury 
Ball Hannah, boarding, 16 Province House court 
Ball Job F. tailor, house 154 Washington 
Ball John, 70 Kilby, boards at Bromfield House 
Ball John {Catc & B.), boards 14 Batterymarch 
Ball John M. cooper, h. Commercial near Hanover 
Ball Joseph, house 12 Butolph 
Ball Lucy M. infant school, Theatre alley 
Ball Mary, widow, 17 South Russell 
Ball Nahuni, inspector Custom House 
Ball Samuel {Jones, Loios S^ Ball), boards 22 Beacon 
Ball William L. See Waters &l B. 
Ballard Daniel, jr. shipwright, 263 Ann , 

Ballard Eliza, widow, Essex corner Oliver place 
Ballard George, tailor, h. Bartlett 

Ballard H. S. (./. H. Bradford & Co.), b'ds Tremont H. 
Ballard John, house 49 Federal 
Ballard & Prince {Joseph Ballard, Charles A. Prince &. 

IVm. Ballard), carpet warehouse, 168 Washington 
Ballard Joseph, house 480 Washington 
Ballard Joseph A. house 22 Orange 
Ballard Marjory, widow, rear 45 Pleasant 
Ballard William, house 480 Washington 
Ballister Joseph. See McLellan & B. 
Ballord Albert. Sec Bullard & B. 
Ballou Hosea, Rev. house 24 Myrtle 
Ballou Ira, W. I. goods. Milk, h. Sister near Berry 
Balls James, captain, house 3d street 
Bamford John, laborer, rear 321 Ann 
Bampton Wm. silk weaver, house 5 Lucas place 
Banchor John, inspector customs, house 66 Warren 
Bancroft Aaron, merchant, 22 Broad, house 5 Oliver 
Bancroft Abigail, widow of John, rear 132 Hanover 
Bancroft Charles, boards 36 Hanover 
Bancroft Hannah P. boarding, 2 Central court 
Bancroft Jacob, Amer. goods, 43 Hanover, h. 28 Portland 
Bancroft Thomas, truckman, 22 Broad, house 5 Wendell 


Banks Cyrus, blacksmith, house 20 Sudbury 
Bang {Jacob JV.) &, Cole (Seth), pointers, over 44 Ann 
Bangs Barnabas, innkeeper, 1 Atkinson cor. Milk 
Bangs Benjamin, mer. 49 Central wf. h. 56 Mt. Vernon 
Bangs G. «fc W. & Co. (Isaac and George P. Bangs), 

merchants, 86 Water 
Bangs George P. house 32 Mount Vernon 
Bangs Isaac, house 48 Beacon 
Bangs Isaiah, 15 Long wharf 
Bangs Martin, mason, house 60 Fayette 
Bangs W. H. See Lombard & B. 
Banister John F. cooper and inspector of fish, 152 Sea, 

house 88 Federal 
Banister David C. tinplater, house 3 Jefferson 
Bannon Patrick, laborer, rear 67 Elliot 
Barber Abigail, widow, Ridgeway lane 
Barber Erastus «& Co. {Mvah Cummings), mer. tailors, 

172, house 266 Washington 
Barber James L. blacksmith. Snow's wharf, h. 276 Ann 
Barber Mary, widow of Samuel, house 276 Ann 
Barbour Elizabeth, widow, 34 Prince 
Barbour James S., Sec. American Ins. Co. 
Barbour John N. See Sullivan & Co. 
Bargery Thomas, trader, 664 Washington 
Baries George, tobacconist, house Williams court 
Barker Frederick W. measurer Custom H. 
Barker George, furniture, 13 Milk, h. 9 Nassau 
Barker Harriet, widow, house 13 Blossom 
Barker James, innholder. Marl, hotel, 229 Washing. 
Barker Jed. cordwainer, Bromfield, h. 10 Prov. H. court 
Baker Josiah H. house wright, 1st street 
Barker Nath'l, W. I. goods, 105 Ann, boards S. Lang's 
Barker Rebecca, widow, nurse, house 16 Bridge 
Barker Ruth, widow of Moses, Pinckney corner Charles 
Barker Sarah, widow of John, house 31 Spring 
Barker Sewalt, grocer, head Rowe's wharf, h. rear Sister 
Barker Susanna, widow. Sister cor. Williams 
Barker Susan B. dressmaker. Sister cor. Williams 
Barlow H. S. See Wetherell, Fowle & B. 
Barnage John, laborer, h. 8 Atkinson 
Barnage Patrick, laborer, h. 8 Atkinson 
Barnard Charles F., Rev. house Warren street Chapel 
Barnard (Charles), Adams (Mel) & Co. (G. M. Barnard) f 

merch. 41 Commercial wf B.'s h. 12 South 
Barnard Cloe, widow of Nathan, rear 22 Ann 


Barnard David, distiller, 6G Prince, h. 91 Salem 
Barnard Eb£n. broker, 2 Rogers' buildings, boards Old 

Province Coffee House 
Barnard Franklin, carpenter, 27 Salem 
Barnard George M. (B., Adams ^ Co.), house 12 South 
Barnard Henry, shoemaker, house rear 22 Ann 
Barnard Hezekiah, Treas. Commonwealth, h. 22 Beacon 
Barnard James {Edgerly, VinaL & Co.), h. 49 Portland 
Barnard John, fancy painter, 33 Friend 
Barnard John (Cottons S^ B.), boards 100 Pleasant 
Barnard {John M.) & Trull (Jo/m), distillers, Distil-h. sq. 
Barnard John M. house 10 Hawkins 
Barnard Mary, house Broadway 

Barnard Moses, bookkeeper, boards 484 Washington 
Barnard Robert M. ammunition, 1 City wf. h. 5 Leveret 
Barnard Tristram, 28 Green 
Barnard Wm. P. clerk, boards 11 Williams 
Barnard William K. 27 Kilby, house Broadway 
Barnes Abraham, housewright, house 25 Hamilton 
Barnes Ann, widow, Butolph, near Cambridge 
Barnes D. W. & S. H. ship chandlery, 3 Commercial 
Barnes David P. mariner, house 61 Sea 
Barnes Deborah, widow, rear 14 Stillman 
Barnes Edwin, tailor, 13 Brattle, h. 35 Myrtle 
Barnes Gillum, house 25 Allen 

Barnes Isaac O. naval officer. Custom H., h. 83 Mt. Vern, 
Barnes J. Q, A. trunkmaker, boards rear Hull 
Barnes James, 4 Barton 
Barnes John, sexton, house 62 Myrtle 
Barnes Joseph, furniture dealer, house 32 Cross 
Barnes Joseph W. furniture, Merrimac, house 32 Cross 
Barnes Martha, widow, house 15 Tileston 
Barnes Martha Ann, milliner, 296 Washington 
Barnes Martin, boardinghouse, Ann cor. Langdon place 
Barnes Mary, nurse, house 22 South Cedar 
Barnes Parker, W. I. goods, 424 Wash. h. 2 Pleasant 
Barnes Sally, widow of Andrew, h. 7 Brattle sq. 
Barnes Samuel G. grocer, 23 Salem 
Barnes Samuel H. housewright, rear 59 Poplar 
Barnes Silas P. {Emerson & B.), h. Sea near the bridge 
Barnes Susan, widow, rear 660 Washington 
Barnes Thomas, dentist, 25 Howard 
Barnes Thomas P. hardware, 28 Dock square, h. Sheafe 
Barnes Wm. H, hardware, 5 Union, h. cor. Wesley pi. 
Barnes William, printer, house rear 45 Congress 


Barnett Robert {Grant, Seaver &r Co.), h. 34 Boylston 

Barnett Wm. G. lace man. 10 Merrimac,'h. 12 Hawkins 

Barney Christopher C. G Piedmont 

Barney Jonathan, housewriglit, 1 South Margin 

Barney Jas. S. See Williams &. B 

Barnicoat Edward, carpenter, 192 Hanover court 

Barnicoat Wm. chief en. fire dep. City H. h. 79 Charter 

Barr Michael, laborer, 14 Stilhnan 

Barr Nathaniel, Boylston Hotel 

Barr Thomas, restorator, Tudor's building, r. 20 Court 

Barrell George, clerk, boards 95 Summer 

Barrell Joseph, clerk, 15 India wf. li. Wash. Coffee H. 

Barrell Samuel B. counsellor, 10 Court, house 6 Park 

Barrett Aaron, clerk, house 165 Court 

Barrett Andrew, laborer, 24 Stillman 

Barrett Ann, widow, house 1 George 

Barrett George, domestic goods, 89 Milk, h. 15 Pearl pi. 

Barrett George, wireworker, h. 26 Carver 

Barrett George, Tremont Theatre, b'ds 17 Franklin pi. 

Barrett I. Fay, 20 Court 

Barrett John, house 72 Chambers 

Barrett Mary, widow of John W. house 4 Grove 

Barrett Nathaniel A. merchant, State, h. 8 Rowe place 

Barrett S. W. &, J. tailors, 356 Washing, h. George 

Barrett Samuel, Rev. 26 Hancock 

Barrett Samuel, principal Adams school. Mason 

Barrett Sumner F. machinist, house 199 Hanover 

Barrett Thomas, printer, house 23 Allen 

Barrett Varnum ( C. Buttrich S^ Co.), h. 2 Cooper 

Barretts ifc Co. woollen and silk dyers, 35 Cornhill 

Barrett William, captain, 2 Battery 

Barrington Edward, undertaker, house South Margin 

Barron Abiram, stone cutter, rear 3d street 

Barron Rebecca, widow, 2 Newbury place 

Barron John, mariner, rear 27 Williams 

Barron Thon-Kis S. tinplater, 91 Essex, h. do. 

Barrows E. stove factory, 553 Washington 

Barrus Rufus, physician, 1 North Bennet 

Barry Charles, house 23 Fayette 

Barry Charles C. clerk, house 51 Carver 

Barry David, truckman, house Butolph 

Barry Edward, messenger Common. Bank, h. 690 Wash. 

Barry George, clerk, 97 State, h. 22 Allen 

Barry Henry '(Pollard & B.), h. 13 Green 

Barry James, stevedore, rear 101 Broad 

Barry James, insp. offish, T wharf, h. 690 Washington 


Barry John, sawyer, rear 75 Sea 

Barry Lydia, widow of Thomas, jr. h. Barry's wharf 

Barry Mary A. rear 110 Sea 

Barry Samuel F. dry goods, 61 Water 

Barry Thomas, manager Tremont Theatre, h. 34 Elliot 

Barry Thomas, surveyor of lumber, 72 Essex 

Barry William, hat store, 58 Washington, h. 13 Green 

Barry William, laborer, h. Brighton near Leveret 

Barrymore William, house 3G Boylston 

Barstow Sally, widow, 13 Tileston 

Bartemas Wm. hairdresser, Bromfield, h. 2 Newbury pi. 

Bartholomew Erastus, machinist, Harlaem pi. boards 484 

Bartlett Amos G. 74 State, h. 13 Beacon 
Bartlett Brewer, h. 8 Pearl 
Bartlett Daniel, dry goods, 14 Central 
Bartlett Daniel, jr. house Moon 
Bartlett Hozea, housewright, 4 Centre, h. S. Cedar 
Bartlett George, physician, 33 Green 
Bartlett James, druggist, 211 Ann 
Bartlett James, Barilett's wharf 
Bartlett John, musician, 19 Garden 
Bartlett John, tailor, h. opposite 145 Purchase 
Bartlett John H. See Lawrence & B. 
Bartlett John S. physician, 11 Atkinson 
Bartlett Joseph H. & Co. (Otis Minot), near Warren 

bridge, house Commercial 
Bartlett Levi & Co. {E. T. Farrington), W. L goods, 7 

Long wharf, h. 4 Howard 
Bartlett (Letcis) & Richards (Leonard), provisions, 

Bromfield. B.'s h. 1 Jackson place 
Bartlett Mary, widow, h. Fruit street court 
Bartlett Nelson, handcartman. Canal 
Bartlett Samuel, house Commercial near Hull 
Bartlett Sidney, counsellor, 16 Court, h. 71 Beacon 
Bartlett Theodore, housewright, h. 11 Myrtle 
Bartlett Thomas, house 155 Tremont 
Bartlett William S. cabinetmaker, 10 Henchman lane 
BartoU Samuel F. painter, Portland cor. Market 
Barton Henry H. saddler and trunkm. 213, h. 215 Wash. 
Barton Seth W. sailmaker, h. 4 Prospect 
Barrett Hiram, laborer. Court 

Bascom Henry L. innkeeper Boylston Hotel, 38 School 
Bascom J. D., Boylston Hotel, 38 School 
Bascom Wm. inst. Frankl. school, b'ds6 Trem't n. Pleas't 


Bass Abigail, widow, h. rear 5 Belknap 

Bass Ann, opposite 15 Front 

Bass David, mariner, Clark 

Bass George, hatter, 9 Faneuil Hall, h. 127 Hanover 

Bass Henry, assessor, house 14 Orange 

Bass Horatio, U. S. deputy marshal, 20 Court, h. G Eliiol 

Bass Moses, clerk City Treasury, h.22 Sudbury 

Bass Sfeth, librarian Athenaium, Pearl 

Bass Stephen G. (JVycth &. B.), h. 16 Orange 

Bassett Cushman, 30 North Market, h. 13 Franklin 

Bassett Fran. Dist. clerk, Barrist. Hall, h 1 Hancock av. 

Bassett Joanna, 556 Washington 

Bassett Joseph, 43 Charter 

Bassett Sam'l, jr. sailmak. Arch wf. h. Coiumer. n. Foster 

Bassett Zephaniah, blacksmith, head Hancock's wharf, 

house Unity court 
Bassford Jesse P. rigger, h. Greenough lane 
Bastilla Lydia, h. South Russell 

Baston Andrew, grain dealer, h. East rear engine house 
Batchelder Francis, lumber. Front, h. 32 Orange 
Batchelder Sewall, h. rear 83 Pond 
Batclieldor Sally, boarding, 31 Brattle 
Bates Alexander, mason, boards 2 Friend 
Bates Benj. E. (Davis, B. &: Turner), b'ds Pear! st. House 
Bates Benjamin, cordwainer, rear 160 Washington 
Bates Charles (Pierce & B.), h. 5 Court square 
Bates (Daniel) & Wiswell (Jeremiah), housew'ts, George 
Bates Daniel, stoves, 32 Union, h. 50 Temple 
Bates Elizabeth, widow of Caleb, rear 10 Prince 
Bates Elizabeth, widow of Daniel, 56 Essex 
Bates Ezekiel, housewright, Causeway, h. 10 Lyman pi. 
Bates George, physician, h. 12 Franklin place 
Bates James, cordwainer, h. rear 39 Sea 
Bates John, painter, Bromfield, house 31 Pinckney 
Bates John, stable keeper, Hanover, h. 8 Stillman 
Bates John A. purser, house 44 Spring 
Bates (John D.) «&. Co. (Ji. W. Thazter,jr.), merchants, 

55 Commercial wharf, h. 59 Mt. Vernon 
Bates Jonathan, cordwainer, h. 38 Portland 
Bates Joseph L. musical instrument maker, 6 Court 
Bates Joshua C. (Thayer & B.), boards Curnhill court 
Bates Levi, mason, Southac near W. Centre 
Bates Martin, hatter, 10 Ann, house 22 Sheafe 
Bates Mary, dressmaker, 164 Hanover 
Bates Mary, widow, 13 Tileston 


Bates Mercy and Sarah|^ tailoresses, Washington avenue 

Balf3s Minot F. housewright, h. 17 Portland 

Bates (jYalhatucl JV.) & Bailey (Hart), house and ship 

joiners, Atkinson. Bates's house 9 Columbia 
Bates Rr.chael, wjdovv, 15 Washington place 
Bates Samuel, W. 1. goods, 35 Central wf. h. 13 Williams 
Bates Samuel, jr. (Leavitt &. B.), h. rear 26 Chambers 
Bates Samuel D. painter, 54, h. 50 Cambridge 
Bates Seth, cabinetmaker, Dorchester 
Bates Sophia, boarding house, 20 Atkinson 
Bates Stephen, house 56 Essex 

Bates TJiomas, housewright, h. Church near S. Cedar 
Bates Thomas, house 50 Front 
Bates Thomas L. housewright, h. 9 Fayette 
Bates William, house 56 Essex 

Bates William, painter, 82 Commercial, h. 5 Leveret ct. 
Bates William, jr. painter, h. 6 Unity 
Batey William, hairdresser, house 10 Hamilton 
Battelle Leonard, laborer, h. rear 671 Washington 
Batterman Margaret C. widow, house 105 Essex 
Battest Anthony, boatman, Bartlett 
Battles Jason D. grocer, 145 Hanover, h. 60 Salem 
Baury Mary, widow, 4 Waverlcy place 
Baxter Albert G. broker, 4 Exchange, h. 16 Hancock 
Baxter Ann, widow, rear Battery 

Baxter Benj. D., W. I. goods, 713 Wash, b'ds r. 612 do. 
Baxter Charles F. See W. & S. Phipps & Co. 
Baxter Daniel, house 77 Front 
Baxter Daniel, jr. boards 79 Front 
Baxter Elizabeth, widow, bo Bowdoin 
Baxter (Enos K.) & Dutton {Benj.), W. L goods, 34 

Central wharf. B. boards Oliver 
Baxter Esther, v/idov/ of Rufus, h. 12 Tileston 
Baxter Frederick, clerk, boards 107 Purchase 
Baxter James, jr. {Farnsioorth &- B.), b'ds at Kilburn's 
Baxter John W. cooper, h. Henchman lane 
Baxter Jonathan, cordwainer, 20 Richmond 
Baxter Joseph G. clothing store, 73 Ann, h. 21 Leveret 
Baxter Mary J. corset maker, Hayward place cor. Wash. 
Baxter Nancy, widow, 3 Columbia 
Baxter Samuel D. P. dry goods, 203 Washington 
Baxter Sheming, harnessmaker, 64 Hanover, h. S. Russell 
Baxter Thompson, house E street 
Baxter William B. grocer, 76 Leveret cor. Brighton 
Bayley Benjamin, housewright, 14 Butolph 


Bayley (Rich. JV.), Voor {Henry) & Richardson ( fVm. H), 

dry goods, 28 Kilby. Bayley's h. 14 Avon place 
Bayley Samuel K. aiict'r, Milk c. Devonshire, h. 4 Pitts 
Bayley Thomas J. mes. American Bank, h. 22 Allen 
Baylies Edmund, mer. 18 Central wf. h. 49 Mt. Vernon 
Bazin George W. printer, 40 Cornhill, h. 40 Myrtle 
Bazin Mary, wid. of Abraham, op. 31 Tremont n. Wash. 
Bazin William C. clerk in post office, h. 15 Spring 
Beal Bela, mason, house Beach 
Beal Benjamin {John G. Loring & Co.), h. 41 Allen 
Beal Christopher ife Co. {Thos. Hoice.) grocers, Derne. 

Beal's house May 
Beal David, W. I. goods, 38 Belknap 
Beal Hannah, widow, rear 18 South Bennet 
Beal Henry, house 55 Hanover 
Beal Jonathan, grocer, Chailes, house Southac 
Beal Levi, paperhanger, h. rear 171 Washington 
Beal Levi, jr. saddle & harness raak. h. Butolph c. Camb. 
Bea' Madison, grocer, Southac c. W. Centre, h. W. Centre 
Beal Martin, housewright, h. 22 Chambers 
Beal Samuel & Sons {H. & W. L.), furniture, 31 Hano- 
ver, h. 8 Howard 
Beal Thacher, mason, house 5 South Bennet 
Beal Wilder, grocery, 29 Belknap 
Beals Henry, house rear 26 ^Vinter 
Beals Henry, housewright, h. 45 Cambridge 
Beals Lewis H. overseer stone dep. H. Corr. h, Broadway 
Beals Mary, widow, house Derne 
Beals Samuel, hou^P 16 Friend 

Beals (fVm.) & Greene (Charles G.), proprietors Morn- 
ing Post, 19 Water. Beals's house 7 Bulfiuch 
Bean Aaron, h. Washington cor Oak 
Bean Charles, stonecutter, house 14 Second 
Bean Edward, laborer, opposite 8 Atkinson 
Bean Elias, house 13 Beacon 
Bean John, laborer, h. 9 Brighton 
Bean Richard, grocer. Grove cor. Southac, h. May 
Bean Mary, widow, 445 Washington 
Bean Sarah, widow, rear 352 Washington 
Bean William G. h. 3 Tremont near Washington 
Beatey Robert, musician, boards 96 Cambridge 
Beath John, housewright, h. Broadway cor. E street 
Beath Lydia, ladies' trussmaker, 36 Elliot 
Beath Sarah, boarding house, 9 Suffolk place 
Bealley Ehzabeth, widow, 324 Ann 


Beatley Spencer (/. Foiole ^ Co.), h. 324 Ann 

Beck Andrew, mariner, 10 North square 

Beck George VV. princ. Pestalozzian sch., room 2 Odeon 

Beck Lewis, cooper, h. 97 Purchase 

Beck Saiah H. B. widow of Frederick, h. 64 Warren 

Beck William, messenger Atlas Bank, h. 9 Exchange 

Beckett John, cooper, h. Sea near the Bridge 

Bedford Jimes, jeweller, 91 Washington, h. 101 Essex 

Bedel S. L. artificial flowers, 244 Washington 

Bedlington Timothy, bookstore, 62 Cornhill, h. F street 

Beebe J. M. dry goods, 90 Hanover 

Beeclier Laban S. carver, 8 North Market 

Beeton John, house Lyman place 

Belcher John H. house 46 Spring 

Belcher Joseph, jr. painter. Water, h. Theatre alley 

Belcher J. Henshaw, teacher, Chauncey pi. h. Castle 

Belcher Nancy, boarding, 69 Pleasant 

Belcher Susan, widow, 4 Fayette court 

Belding Harvey, house rear 5 Belknap 

Belding Samuel, h. 71 Elliot 

Belding Samuel, jr. Boylstoij market, h. 71 Elliot 

Belknap. A. E. boards at Tremont House 

Belknap Jolm, merchant, 34 State, h. 2 Mt. Vernon 

Belknap William, mason, May 

Bell Abigail, widow, nurse, rear 660 Washington 

Bell Amory, stall, 1 Boylston market 

Bell Edward, mason, Commercial near Hull 

Bell Eliza, 12 Tileston 

Bell Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 211 Hanover 

Bell George M. mason, A^ Prince, h. Margaret 

Bell Isaac, merchant, Fayette, opposite Jcfterson 

Bell James, 211 Hanover 

Bell John, laborer, Battery 

Bell John, Salter place 

Bell Mary E. shirt establishment, 121 Charles 

Bell Mary Ann, sempstress, 48 Warren 

Bell Mary, widow of William, h. 6 Portland 

Bell Samuel, housewright, 6 Foster 

Bell Thomas, physician, h. 45 S. Russell 

Bell {Thomas C.) & Cowley (Caleb C), sailmakers, 

Prentice's wharf Bell's h. 128 Purchase 
Bell William, watch glass manufacturer, 1 Lindal!, h. do. 
Bell William, jr. coach trimmer, Bromtield, h. Nassau ct. 
Bel! William D. grocer, 223 Ann, h. Stillman c. Salem 
Bellamy William, fancy goods, 139 Court, h. 20 Brighton 


Bellows William {Moore & B.), h. 28 Blossom 

Belser Frederick, housewright, h. P st. S. Boston point 

Belser Godfrey F., P street 

Bement Edward, broker, 57 Stale, b'ds at Maverick H. 

Bemis Darius. See James Littletield & Co. 

Bemis Daniel W. mariner, rear 153 Ann 

Bemis T. W. See James Littlefield & Co. 

Bemis Leonard, 8 Boylston market, h. 8 Friend st. place 

Bemis Mary, wid. of Leonard, 8 Friend st. place 

Bemis Samuel A. dentist, 32 School, b'ds Tremont H. 

Bernard Sarah, widow, Clark 

Bender Jacob, broker, 5 City Hall, h. 28 Green 

Benellick James, mariner, 24 Washin|!?ton avenue 

Benjamin Asher, architect. Court, c. Trem. h. W. Cedar 

Benjamin James, counsellor, 39 Court 

Benjamin Park, 4 Court, h. Temple place 

Bennet Benjamin, bread store and h. 11 Myrtle 

Bennet Hannah, widow of Joseph, 2 Vine 

Bennet John, blacksmith, h. and shop op. 13 Pleasant 

Bennet Martin, housewright, h. 30 Carver 

Bennet Rebecca, rear 10 Prince 

Bennet Mary, widow of William, rear 67 Elliot 

Bennett Bezaleel, blacksmith, h. 36 Short 

Bennett James, laborer, house 9 Brighton 

Bennett James H., W. L g'ds, 93 Commer. h. 89 Salem 

Bennett John, provisions, 116 Court, h. 19 Temple 

Bennett John, cabinetmaker, Commercial 

Bense Frederick, shoemaker, 87 Pleasant, h. Warren pi. 

Bense George S. printer, Warren place 

Bense Peter, confectioner, h. Piedmont cor. Church 

Benson Fred. A. (J. Benson & Son), boards 3 Howard 

Benson John, laborer, Sweetser court 

Benson John & Son (f. A.), merchants, 18 City wf coal 

168 Sea, h. Berry cor. Federal 
Benson Joshua, housewright, 1 Sweetser court 
Benson Seth E. merchant, 42 Commercial 
Benson T. Constant, housewright. Commercial n. Foster 
Bent Adam, Old Road, South Boston 
Bent Albert A. 48 Long wharf, h. 3 Suffolk place 
Bent Ann, h. 216 Washington ' 
Bent George B. chaisemaker, Comey's wharf 
Bent George E. clerk, h. 3 Suffolk place 
Bent John P. (Whitcomb & B.), h. 2 Myrtle court 
Bent Samuel W. dry goods, 225 Wash., h. CO Hanover 
Bentley Samuel, shipwright, Commercial near Ann 


Bertody Francis, captain, h. 6 Suffolk place 

Berry Abigail, widow, 35 Poplar 

Berry Edward H. hackman, opposite 7 Columbia 

Berry Mary, widow, h. rear 103 Pleasant 

Berry Mary Ann, widow, 5 Sweetser court 

Berry Mary Ann, widow of Stephen H., rear 60 Elliot 

Berry Nehemiah. See H. Chase & Co. 

Berry Samuel H. painter, h. C street 

Berry Theophilus, 48 I'ond 

Berry Wilham, rigger. Prince 

Bertram Louis, boarding house, 32 Cross 

Berdgc Wm. H. dry goods, h. Clark 

Besent Joseph, typefounder, Hull 

Bettis Harriet, widow. Theatre alley 

Betteley Andrew, mason, 138 Hanover 

Betton Ninian C. counsellor, 31 Court, h. 60 Chambers 

Beverly Jas. B. clerk Bos. Ind. Rub. Co., h. 4th st. n. D 

Bickford Ebenezer, captain, h. Wheeler's ct. 

Bickford Ichabod, laborer, rear 4th street 

Bickford (.¥. ^.), Norris (P. R.) & Co. millinery, 309 

Bickford Rufus, laborer, 360 Commercial 
Bicknell Hannah, boarding house, 10 Atkinson 
Bignell Mary Ann, h. 4 Myrtle court 
Bickum John K. housewright, h. 49 Fayette 
Bigello Isaac, blacksmith, h. 41 Portland 
Bigelow Alanson (J. Bigeloio & Co.), h. 10 Pinckney 
Bigelow Elijah {Smith &.B.), h. 18 Bulfinch 
Bigelow Francis R. {Mansfield & B.), boards 12 Howard 
Bigelow George Tyler, coun. 10 Court 
Bigelow Jabez, wireworker, 544 Washington 
Bigelow Jacob, physician, 37 Summer 
Bigelow John & Co. {Jl, Bi^c/ozc), jewellers, 62 Wash- 
ington, h. 10 Pinckney 
Bigelow John P. Secretary State, h. 664 Washington 
Bigelow Josiah. See Trott & Bigelow 
Bigelow Nancy, dry goods, 436 Washington 
Bigelow Rufus, stage driver, house 8 Norfolk place 
Bigelow Samuel, leather and shoes, 19 Broad 
Bigelow Theodore, h. 4 Derne 

Biglow Charles, tailor, 350 Wash. h. rear 52 Tremont 
Bigsbee Luther, counting room, 32 Commercial 
Billings {Ehen.) & Marsh {Jos. M.), W. I. g'ds, 5 India 
Billings Ebenezer, house 136 Purchase 
Billings Ebenezer, jr. clerk, house rear 75 Elliot 


Billings John E. clerk, h. 2 Mulberry place 

Billings Merrick P. paperhanger, h. Bumstead court 

Billings Mary Ann, milliner, 52 Hano., h. 2. Mulber. pi. 

Billings Nancy, widow, 26 Orange 

Billings William G. {Thacher Sl B.),h 497 Washington 

Bingham C. R. h. 14 Blossom 

Bingham Daniel & Co. {Amos P. Tapley), shoes and 

leather, 24 Broad. B. b'ds Franklin House 
Bingham John, bond accountant, Cus. H., h. 4 Bowdoin 
Bingham Rebecca, widow, rear Broadway 
Binney Amos, counting room, 5G State 
Binney Barnabas, messenger Granite Bank 
Binney Charles J. F. 1 Commercial wf. h. 53 Allen 
Binney John A. h. 17 Mount Vernon 
Binney John, 1 Commercial wharf, h. 29 Green 
Binney John C. 1 Commercial wharf, h. 29 Green 
Binney John, housewright, 64 Salem 
Binney (Mattheiv) & Ellis (JVathaniel, jr.), umbrella 

makers, 77 Court. B.'s h. 46 Allen 
Binney Nancy, widow of James, h. 7 Stillman 
Birch George, upholsterer, h. 1 Hawley 
Birch Peter, laborer, h Spear alley 
Birch Wm. blacking maker, h. rear Lenox 
Bird Abraham B. h. 36 Elliot 

Bird Abraham H. lumber wf., 70 Front, h. 25 Harvard 
Bird Cornelius, 64 F. H. market, h. 27 Vernon 
Bird Elisba B. (Thurston & B.), h. 7 Leveret 
Bird George, carpenter, 2 Bartlett 
Bird George W. harness maker, h. 17 Nassau 
Bird Harrison, 27 Vernon 
Bird Hannah, widow, 17 Nassau 
Bird James, laborer, h. rear 324 Ann 
Bird Jesse & Harrison, 38 F. H. market, h. 7 Leveret 
Bird Margaret, wid. of James, h. 21 Blossom place 
Bird Matthew, h. 16 South Margin 
Bird Robert L. h. Nassau court 
Bird Samuel J. (Gaij & B.), h. 10 Kneeland 
Bird William S. See John H. Bradford & Co. 
Bird William, dry goods, 207 Wash. h. Tremont 
Bisbee Albert, h. Commercial near Hull 
Bisbee (A.) & Edwards (Hugh), machinists, Commer- 
cial near Prince 
Bisbee Franklin, blacksmith, Old Road 
Bishop Charles C. book keeper, h. 34 Orange 


Bishop Henry C. sex. Trinity Church, h. rear St. Paul's 

Church, Tremont 
Bishop Joseph D. mason, h. rear 19 Charter 
Bishop Win. P.. captain, 18 Pleasant street court 
Bishop William, gunsmith, 32 Exchange, h. c. Washing- 
ton and Northampton 
Bittle William, gilder, 66 Court, h. Essex court 
Bittner Elizabeth G. widow, silk dyer, 560 Washington 
Bixby Philip W. 32 Commercial, h. 55 Poplar 
Black Peter, rigger, 115 Broad 
Black William, teamster, rear 42 Congress 
Blackburn George (Parks, B. & Co.), h. 35 Wash. pi. 
Blackburn John, tailor, boards 8 Centre 
Blackmer Thomas, laborer, h. Clark alley 
Blackmer Holland. See Gould & B. 
Blackstock William, house 62 High 
Blagden George W. Rev.,^1 Sheafe 
Blair Mary Ann, widow, 71 Prince 
Blair Mary, widow, 15 Gouch 

Blair Phineas, counsellor, 17 Court, h. 13 Franklin 
Blaisdell Lewis, grocer, 37 Leveret, h. 91 Chambers 
Blaisdell Samuel,^ fruit, Blackstone, h. rear 95 Chambers 
Blaisdell William, housewright, h. 3 Carnes ct. 
Blake Ann, milliner, cor. Washington and Harvard 
Blake Benjamin, comedian, boards Union House 
Blake Charles (Kittredge & Blakes), h. 14 Essex 
Blake Charles S. painter, rear 120 Sea 
Blake Cyrus (Cragin, Cleaveland & Co.), b'ds Brom. H. 
Blake Don Carlos, stonecutter, h. Thacher st. court 
Blake Edward, coun. 39 Court, h. 7 Bowdoin sq. 
Blake Eliza, boarding house, 12 Avery 
Blake George, counsellor, 17 Court, h. 34 Summer 
Blake George B. See Almy, B. & Co. 
Blake George W. mason, house 10 Hamilton 
Blake Hannah, widow, nurse, 14 Piedmont 
Blake Henry, surveyor of lumber, h. 52 Pleasant 
Blake Henry, cordwainer, h. 4 Chambers st. court 
Blake Henry L printer, house 4 Piedmont 
Blake J. Quincy, jewelry and fancy goods, 196 Washing- 
ton, h. 16 Short 
Blake James, house 14 Essex 
Blake (James) & Co. (Thomas Blake), tallow chandlers, 

Blake's court, coun. room 31 S. Market 
Blake James, house 736 Washington 
Blake James, laborer. Beach corner Front 


Blake James, jr. {Kittredge & Blakes), h. 14 Essex 
Blake James H. {Southgate, B. «fe Co.), h. 48 Chesnut 
Blake John H. See Everett & B. 
Blake Joseph, bookbinder, h. 4 Chambers st. court 
Blake Joshua, merchant, 19 Central wf. h. Winthrop pi. 
Blake Josiah W. h. 9 Gouch 
Blake Lemuel, 70 Congress, boards 29 High 
Blake Mary, widow, h. 28 South Russell 
Blake Nathaniel, innholder, 226 Ann 
Blake Robert H. umbrella and music store, 417 Wash- 
ington, h. rear 52. Essex 
Blake Robert, painter, house 81 Elliot 
Blake Robert, jr. painter and glazier, h. 81 Elliot 
Blake Sally, nurse, 98 Salem 

Blake Samuel, salt store, 48 Long wf. h. S. Bost. point 
Blake Samuel P. {Dyer &/■ B.), h. 1 Somerset place 
Blake Sarah, widow of Edward, 7 Bowdoin square 
Blake Sarah, widow of Edward, 36 Pleasant 
Blake Sarah, widow of James, 132 Pleasant 
Blake Sarah A. boarding, 19 Hanover 
Blake Susannah, wid. of Thomas, Chambers st. court 
Blake Thomas, painter, h. 53 Temple 
Blake Thomas, carpenter, 22 Haverill, h. Stillman 
Blake Thomas {James B. & Co.), h. 740 Washington 
Blake William, grocer. Federal corner the Odeon 
Blake William, cordwainer, 18 Franklirr, h. 16 Short 
Blake William {H. N. Hooper ^/- Co.), h. 9 Lyman pi. 
Blake William {Shaiv, Patterson &. Co.), h. 21 Williams 
Blake William O. printer, Second st. 
Blakemore William, japanner, 2, h. 5 Graphic court 
Blanchard Abraham W. {Parker & B.), h. 2 Lynde 
Blanchard Andrew, merchant, h. 6 Garden court 
Blanchard Asa, refreshments, 108 Commercial 
Blanchard Benjamin, h. Carroll place 
Blanchard Daniel B. distiller, h. Mechanic place 
Blanchard Edward, Mt. Vernon, cor. Temple. 
Blanchard Edward, jr. Mt. Vernon cor. Temple 
Blanchard Elias P. {Haley & B.), h. 30 Cambridge 
Blanchard Fidelia {Jacobs & B.), 36 Milk 
Blanchard F. H. {Smith & B.), h. Pearl 
Blanchard Hannah, widow, 436 Washington 
Blanchard Hezekiah, mer. 4 Central wharf 
Blanchard Jedediah, grocer, 15 Elm, h. 2 Arch 
Blanchard {John Ji.) &, Blodget {John W.), dry goods, 59 
Kilby. Blanchard's h. 14 Pearl place 



Blanchard John, housewright, h. 261 Washington 
Blanchard John W, furniture, cor. Milk and Federal, h. 

Blanchard Huldah, wid. of Josepli, h. 3 Newton pi. 
Blanchard Joshua P. book keeper, Eagle Bank, at Miss 

Cotton's, Pearl 
Blanchard Lydia, wid. of Gilbert, h. rear 24 N. Russell 
Blanchard (M. JV.) & Alden (Maria), milliners, 232, h. 

247 Washington 
Blanchard Mary, boarding, h. 1 Lynde 
Blanchard Mary, widow of Nathaniel, Battery 
Blanchard Nath'l, shoe cutter, 95 Water, h. 26 Vernon 
Blanchard Nathaniel, jr. printer, h. rear 205 Hanover 
Blanchard Noah (JY. Faxon & Co.), h. 2 Centre 
Blanchard Otis, teamster, h. 18 South Bennet 
Blanchard Richard, hatter, h. Warren place 
Blanchard Samuel, Warren place 
Blanchard Sarah, widow, h. May corner Butolph 
Blanchard Susan, widow of Joseph T., Battery 
Blanchard Washington, min. painJ;., School, h. 66 Trem. 
Blanchard William W., jr. See Vinal & B. 
Blanchard Wm. E. dry g'ds, 26 Water, h. 34 Boylston 
Blaney Ambrose, tinman, 81 Cambridge, h. 18 Charles 
Blaney Benj. gratemaker, 100 Court, h. 19 Tremont 
Blaney Henry, mason, house 234 Washington 
Blaney Hannah, rear 34 Prince 
Blaney Hannah, widow of Charles, house 7 George 
Blaney James M. wharfinger, 28 Central wf h.23 South 
Blaney S. R. sailmaker, 8 Long wf h. 2 Unity court 
Blaney Thomas R. house 31 Brattle 
Blaney William, teller Common. Bank, h. Sudbury 
Blasdell Sally, North Hanover court 
Blasland Mary, widow of William, h. rear 12 Front 
Blasland Mary Ann, widow of Gideon B. rear 12 Front 
Blasland Samuel, sailmaker, B street 
Blasland Thomas, housewright, house ll7 Essex 
Blasland Thomas, jr. apothecary, 61 Sea, h. B street 
Blish Timothy, ^V. I. goods, 43 Commercial 
Bliss A. M. confectionary, Turnpike, Frank, market 
Bliss Betsy, widow, cor. Otis and Winthrop place 
Bliss James, W. I. goods. Broad, head of Prentice's wf. 
Bliss Levi, W. I. goods, 25, house 27 Sea 
Bliss Seth^ Rev. 5 Cornhill, house 27 Somerset 
Block Haas, mariner, 1 Cedar street court 
Blodget John W. (Blanchard & B.), b'ds 1 Montgom. pi. 


BlodgGlt Ann, widow of Eber, house 12 Howard 
Blodgett (George B.) & Burns (Robert), W. I. goods, 7 

N. Market 
Blodgett Henry, jr. housewright, h. 4 Harvard court 
Blodgett Luther, grain dealer, 27 Foster's wf. h. 4 Nassau 
Blom Nelson, painter, h. Spear alley 
Blood Aaron, house 11 George 

Blood Enoch, wharf builder, boards 444 Washington 
Blood (F. F.) & Shumway (Aelsmt), W. I. goods, G91 

Washington. B. boards Broadway 
Blood Nathan, 43 India, h. 27 South 
Blood William, housewright, h. May near Grove 
Blossom Earl, lastmaker, h. Newbern place 
Blunt Esther, widow of John S. near 18 Ash 
Blunt Phineas, soapstone worker, house 78 Pond 
Bluxome Joseph, tailor, 3 Brattle, h. 22 North Russell 
BIy Cornelius, cooper, 53 Prince 
Boardman Benjamin G. & Co. agents Boston Dyeing and 

Printing Co. 23 Doane, h. 9G Chambers 
Boardman Benjamin G.jr. (Denni.e & B.), h. 96 Chambers 
Boardman Darius, Custom H. officer, h. 10 Riflimond 
Boardman E. A. (Meriam, B. & Co.), h. 6 Williams 
Boardman Ebenezer, housewright, Fifth street 
Boardman Elizabeth, milliner, 254 Washington 
Boardman Wm. house 29 Hancock 
Boden {John S.) & Blaney {Thomas R), sailmakers, 33 

Commercial wharf Boden's iiouse Gibbs lane 
Bodge Charlotte, widow of Benjamin, rear Dedham 
Bodge Henry, housewright, h. 8 Madison place 
Bodge Noah, provisions, Pleasant cor. Carver, h. op. 96 

Bodge {JYoah) & Sweetser (George), provisions, Myrtle 
Bodge Samuel G. house 14 Spring 
Bodwell Isaac R. mason, house Spring street place 
Bogardus John, captain, 19 Washington place 
Bogman Parley, widow, 59 Pond 
Bogue James, tailor, house rear 5 Sister 
Bogue Thomas (Dudley & B.), house Jackson place 
Boies Artemas, Rev. house 3 Oak place 
Boies James, saddler, house Theatre alley 
Boies Jeremiah S. 4 Otis place 
Bole Thomas, carpenter, house rear 324 Ann 
Boles John, housewright, Friend, h. 11 Salem place 
Boles Warren, housewright, Sudbury, h. 60 Myrtle 
Bolles Charles {Freeman & JB.), house 28 Vernon 


Bolles George, housewright, house 48 Myrtle 

Bolles John, housewright. Friend, house 11 Salem place 

TJoIles John A. counsellor, 10 Court 

Bolles Lucius, Rev. Cor. Secretary B. B. F. M. 17 Joy's 

building, house 97 Charles 
Bolles Matthew, jr. 59 State, h. 68 Mt. Vernon 
Bolman William, cabinetmaker, Wheeler's court 
Bolton Leonard, laborer, Batterman place 
Bolton William, housewright, Battery 
Bond Anna, widow, 5 Orange lane 
Bond Benjamin, printer, house 120 Washington 
Bond Charles, watchmaker, 37 Washington, h. 8 Pearl 
Bond Charles D. house 13 Hamilton 
Bond Edmund, laborer, South Margin 
Bond George (Whitwell, B. & Co.), h. Winthrop place 
Bond George Wm. {Whitiocll, B. & Co.), h. 8 Central ct. 
Bond Joseph, blacksmith, house 76 Summer 
Bond Phineas, housewright, house 11 Leveret 
Bond Richard, architect, Flagg alley rear 60 State 
Bond Simon E. clerk, house rear 16 South Russell 
Bond Sewell B. groceries, Charles, h. 99 do. 
Bond Wm. & Son {Wm. C), watchmakers, 8 Cong. sq. 
Bonfield John, stone mason, house 2d street 
Bonney Edward, housewright, h. 7 Second 
Bonney Hen. T. groceries, 621 & 623 Wash, b'ds Castle 
Bonney Libbeas, housewright, Orange lane, h. Castle 
Bonney Pelham, housewright, 81 Portland, h. 6 Vine 
Booker William, pearl manufacturer, h. rear 10 Tileston 
Boot John W., James and William, h. 10 Bowdoin sq. 
Boot Mary, widow of Kirk, 10 Bowdoin square 
Boothby John, laborer, Richmond 
Boomer Mary, widow, h. South Russell 
Bortion Michael, h. Southac near Grove 
Bordman John, consiauiv., u. r>„^.,^ ^^ Rowe's wf. 
Bordman Mary E. widow. Broad op. Rowe s wi. 
Bordman Wm. H. merchant, 37 India wf. h. Trem. H. 
Borland John, mer. 68 State, h. 130 Tremont 
Borrowscale John, slater, h. Piedmont near Church 
Borrowscale Joseph, slater, rear 13 Essex, h. rear 52 do. 
Borrowscale Joseph, jr. slater, h. Bay near Fayette 
Bose John, laborer, h. Fleet near Commercial 
Boss (Isaac) &, Gerry (Thomas), sailmakers, Battery wf. 
Bossuet James B. engiueev, h. Travers 
Boswell Mary, nurse, house May near Grove 
Bosworth Benjamin, housewright, h. 47 Fayette 


Bosworlh Geo. housewright, May 

Bosvvorth Hiram, house 43 Poplar 

Bosworth Joshua, housewright, h. 47 Fayette 

Bourguin James, Fourth str(3et 

Bourn Ehas, housewright, house 12 Chambers 

Bourne Abner, c. room 70 State, h. 1 Kingston 

Bourne E. A. President State Banl^, h. 1 Hancock av. 

Bourne I. W. 85 Milk, h. 9 Bulfinch 

Bourne James T., Ind. rub. g'ds, 5 State, h. 49 Pinckney 

Bourne James, bar-room, 10 Commercial, h. 45 South 

Bourne Wm. ship carpenter, rear 2d street 

Bouton Richard M. civil engineer, h. 96 Mt. Vernon 

Bouve Eph. O. cabinetmaker, Richmond, h. 37 Salem 

Bowdlear Samuel, blacksmith, op. 10 West, h. Cedar lane 

Bowden Arthur, laborer, rear 28 Pleasant 

Bowden Elizabeth, groceries, 3d street 

Bowden Samuel, stevedore, 39 Prince 

Bowden William, Ann street court 

Bowditch Azell, confectioner, 273 Washington, h. do. 

Bowditch Horace, cordwainer, h. South Russell 

Bowditch Hen. I. physician, op. 10 Bedford, h. 8 Otis pi. 

Bowditch {Jonathan, jr.) & Cummings (Jlmos), W. I. 

goods, 376 Wash. cor. Essex, h. 2 S. Bennet 
Bowditch J. I., President American Insurance Co. 
Bowditch Maria, widow of Atherton T. 87 Pleasant 
Bowditch Nathaniel, Actuary of M. H. Life Ins. Comp. 

State, h. 8 Otis place 
Bowditch Nathaniel I. counsel. 60 State, h. 23 Somerset 
Bowdlear Samuel, whitesmith, h. 3 Cedar lane 
Bowen Abel, engraver and print. 47 Court 
Bowen Ann, house 13 Franklin 
Bowen Betsey, laundress, 6 Lucas place 
Bowen Charles, housewright, 1>. 38 Merrimac 
Bowen Charles, publisher i/ii w„.Mwgion 

n iicijiy, printer, h. 47 Court 

Bowen James,.slater, Rus. wf &, 40 Bedford, h. 62 Trem. 

Bowen John (Gould & B.), h. 12 Pitts 

Bowen Lorenzo, printer, h. 2 Leveret 

Bowen Patrick, laborer, rear 13 Hawkins 

Bowen Philip L. housewright, h. 10 Friend street place 

Bowen Richard, laborer. Battery 

Bowen Sarah, widow, rear 88 Warren 

Bower George, boarding and lodging, 6 Fleet 

Bowers Augustus, house 2 Friend 

Bowers Charles, dry goods, 41 Court, h. 5 Eaton 


Bowers C. E. merchant, 54 Commercial 

Bowers Isaac, intelligence office, Avery, h. Mason 

Bowers John, comb maker, house op. 17 May 

Bowers Levi, dry goods, 135 Court, h. 42 Spring 

Bowes James H. house 12 Hawkins 

Bowes John H. clerk Mass. Bank, boards 15 Hancock 

Bowker Albert, school, house 8 Howard 

Bowker Charles, provisions, 76, house 74 Essex 

Bowker Edmund, Cross c. Fulton, h. N. Margin 

Bowker Horatio N. housewright, 76 Charles 

Bowker {Joel, jr.) & Wheeler (Jesse), dry goods, 17 

Central. B.'s house 47 High 
Bowker John H. marble worker, h. 40 Poplar 
Bowker Lazarus, mason, h. 19 Myrtle 
Bowker Theodore P. housewright, house 40 Poplar 
Bowker Warren, surveyor, h. N. Margin 
Bowles Leonard C. h. VVinter place 
Bowlan Catharine, widow, nurse, IMedmont n. Church 
Bowlend George, boards 11 Beacon 
Bowman Abner H. distiller, Distil-house square 
Bowman (Charles C.) & Eaton {John J.), W. L goods, 

47 Long wharf 
Bowman Esther, widow, rear 61 South 
Bowman Isaac, 40 Commercial, house Strong place 
Bowman John, cooper, 114 Milk, house head of Pearl 
Bowman Joseph H. {Holbrook, B. & Co.). h. 124 Trern. 
Bowman William, handcartman, 55 Prince 
Bowthorpe Samuel, laborer, h. S. B. Point 
Boyd Hannah, nurse, 14 Short 

Boyd James, saddler, 27 Merchants row, h. 7 Pearl pi. 
Boyd John W^, W. I. goods, 4 India wf. b'ds 144 Purchase 
Boyd Thomas, housewright. Commercial 
Boyden Ashel, druggist, 42 Hancock 
Boyden Daniel, chaisemaker, h. Tremont cor. Elliot 
Boyden Dwigbt, innholder, Tremont cor. Beacon 
Boyden Elijah {Crosby &, B.), h. 8 Howard * 

Boyden Samuel, pianoforte maker, house 33 Warren 
Boyenton Nathan, 13 Charter 
Boyle Ann, widow, rear 63 Elliot 
Boyle Bartholomew, laborer, 88 Broad 
Boyle Edward, laborer, Barrett 
Boyle Elizabeth, widow of Col. John, 18 Harvard 
Boyle Isaac, Rev. 18 Harvard 
Boyle James, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Boyle James, house 18 Harvard 


Boyle John, house rear 63 ElUot 

Boyle Mary, widow of Jatnes, 18 Water 

Boyle Thomas, laborer, h. 12 Cross 

Boyles James, shoemaker, rear 83 Sea 

Boyles Mary, boarding, 48 Federal 

Boynlon Amos, housewright, h. rear 83 Sea 

Boyiiton David A. house Greenough lane 

Boynton G. W. engraver, 4 State, h. 26 Spring 

Boynton Hazen, housewright, h. 42 Poplar 

Boynton (Edmund) & Swasey (J. H.), W. I. goods, 21 

S. Market. B.'s h. 4 Brattle sq. 
Boynton J. (Gary, B. & Co.), h. 39 Portland 
Boynton John, painter, 3 Unity court 
Boynton Moses, housewright, h. 42 Poplar 
Boynton Nathaniel, silk dyer, Mechanic place 
Boynton Perkins, stable, Charlestown, h. Cooper 
Boynton Samuel, housewright, h. 42 Poplar 
Boynton (Sam'l) & Davis {Joseph), truckmen, Commer. 
Boynton Samuel, truckman, h. Greenough lane 
Boynton Stephen, soda room, Friend 
Boynton William, housewright, h. 42 Poplar 
Boyson Ann M. sempstress, opposite 65 Sea 
Boyson Michael, laborer, opposite 102 Warren 
Brabiner William A. auct'r & undertaker, h. Broadway 
Brabrook Charles, chairmaker, h. 33 Warren 
Brackenbridge George, messenger Boston Bank 
Brackett Catharkne M. dressmaker, 17 Temple 
Brackett Charles, pianofortemaker, boards 64 Elliot 
Brackett George P. clerk, h. S. Cedapnear Church 
Brackett Henry, h. 4 Brattle square 
Brackett Josiah, leather dealer, 20 Exchange 
Brackett Maria, dressmaker, h. 23 Hancock 
Brackett Richard, cordwainer, 173 Hanover 
Brackett Rufus & Son (Henry), leather, 38 N. Market 
Brackett Samuel E. & James, dry goods, 95 Washington 
Brackett Samuel E. h. 97 Pleasant 
Brackett Thomas O. messenger Traders' Bank 
Brackett William W. leather, 17 Exchange, h. 3 S. Cedar 
Bradbury Catharine, widow, h. 32 Charles 
Bradbury Charles, Pres. Col. Ins. Co. h. 5 Hamilton pi. 
Bradbury Charles W. 5 Hamilton place 
Bradfield Thomas, laborer, 137 Broad 
Bradford Alden, 47 Court, h. 76 Chesnut 
Bradford Bathsheba, widow, Broadway 
Bradford BenJ. W. cabinetmaker, rear 602 Washington 


Bradford (Charles) & Clinkard (M. L.), riggers, 32 

Bradford Daniel, housewright, Broadway 

Bradford {George) & Burckes (Martin), sliipwrights, 
Lincoln's wf Bradford's h. 36 Charter 

Bradford G. P. school, Masonic Temple 

Bradford George, jr. printer, h. Bro.ul op. Rovve's wharf 

Bradford Granville W. painter, East n. Sea, h. 49 Prince 

Bradford Isaac, cnplnin, house 5 Bradford place 

Bradford James M., Broadway cor. D street 

Bradford John, hardware, 21 Duck square 

Bradford (John //.) & Co. (Samuel D. B., William S. 
Bird &, H. S. Ballard), dry goods, 25 Broad 

Bradford John R. city weigherj^ Merrimac, h. 31 Brattle 

Bradford Joseph, cordwainer, 3d street 

Bradford Le Baron, house 57 Federal 

Bradford Lewis H. druggist, Washington cor. Pleasant 

Bradford Robert, merchant, 40 India, h. 35 Bridge 

Bradford Samuel D. See John H. B. & Co. 
Bradford Rufus, machinist, Broadway near D street 
Bradford William B. & Co. (John P. Whiton), W. I. 

goods, 24 Broad, h. 49 High 
Bradford Wm. J. A. attorney, 20 Court, h. 76 Chesnut 
Bradford Williams, physician, Broadway 
Bradish L. J. dry goods, 305 Wash, boards 14 Williams 
Bradlee Ann, widow of David W. h. 2 Washington pi. 
Bradlee Ann, widow, 6 Elliot court 
Bradlee Charles, music publisher, 2 Sweetser court 
Bradlee David F. house 65 Prince 
Bradlee Frederick H. (J. B. &, Co.), h. 3 Milton place 
Bradlee James B. (J. B. <St Co.), house^20 Pearl 
Bradlee John R. hardware, 3 Dock sq. h. 2 Kneeland pi. 
Bradlee John W. house Essex near Front 
Bradlee Joseph P. & Sons (Joseph & E. F.), oil, 50 

Chatham, house 22 Franklin place 
Bradlee Josiah & Co. (G. B. Gary & F. H. &. J. B. 

Bradlee), merchants, 34 India, house 20 Pearl 
Bradlee Ann, widow of Nathaniel, 93 Pleasant 
Bradlee P. F. weigher, 9 Central wharf, h. 29 Atkinson 
Bradlee Margaret A. widow, 93 Pleasant 
Bradlee Samuel, hardware, 142 Washing, h. 1 Avon pi. 
Bradlee Thomas D. house 6 Franklin place 
Bradley Benjamin, bookbinder, 69 Washing, h. 12 Vine 
Bradley Charles, 36 Water 

Bradley Edward W. wines and spirits, rear 134 State 


Bradley Edwin, grocer, 193, h. rear 195 Hanover 
Bradley William, blacksmith. Front, rear 730 Washington 
Bradshavv Hannah, widow, h. rear 50 Boylston 
Bradshaw Jesse, confectioner, 9 Marshall, h. 101 Wash. 
Bradsliaw Ruth, widow, 12 Distil-ljouse square 
Bradshaw Hamuel C. 112 Faneuil H. Mark. h. 32 Prince 
Bradshaw Samuel C. jr. grocer, Blackstone n. Hanover 
Bradshaw Tamar, widow of Simon, h. rear 10 Blossom 
Bradslreet Elizabeth, 20 Bulfinch 
Bradstreet Joseph P. clothing, 44 Court 
Brady James, grocer, 106 Ann 
Brady James, h. 14 Disiil-house'square 
Brady James, laborer, 3d street 
Brady John, laborer, 18 Water 
Brady Patrick, slater, house rear Merrimac 
Bragden William, Southac opposite *Southac court 
Bragg Alfred {F. & A. Bragg), house May 
Bragg Benson, carpenter, h. 4 Madison place 
Bragg Fowler & Alfred, shoes and leather, 25 Broad, 
house 2 May 

Bragg John, housewright, A street 

Bragg William, captain, house 39 Portland 

Bragg William W. housewright, b'ds r. 247 Washington 

Braid John B. liousewright and undertaker, r. Broadway 

Brainan Daniel, laborer, 20 Carver 

Brainan Patrick, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 

Brainard Michael, h. Southac near Grove 

Braman Jarvis, swimming school, bottom of Chesnut 

Bramhall Cornelius (Manley & B.), boards 51 Elliot 

Bramhall Ruth, widow of Sylvanus, h. 43 Myrtle 

Bramhall ( fVtn.) & Howe (r/to5.), W. I. g'ds, 34 Long wf. 

Bramhall William, house 2 Federal couit 

Brandenberg John C. laborer. Fleet 

Brassel Petet, laborer, h. rear 123 Broad 

Bray Sarah, widow of John, house 92 Salem 

Braynard Preston, iron founder, h. Turnpike n. 4th st. 

Braynard Selden, broker, 46 Congress 

Brazer Benjamin, plane maker, Charlestown, h. SBartlett 

Brazer Margaret, widow, 14 Short 

Bree Michael, house Merrimac 

Breck Martin B. dry goods, 55 Hanover 

Breed Aaron, mathemat, inst. 2 Rowe's wf. h. 140 Purch. 

Breed Ebenezer, 11 Dock square 

Breed Henry A. merchant, 24 Long wharf 

Breed Horace A. (Haven & B.), house 2 Front 


Breeden Abner, shoes, 15 Elm, li. 30 Bridge 

Breiting C. baker, G79 Washington 

Brett C. &. J. suspendernialsers, 7 Court, h. 4 Prince 

Brewer Abigail, widow, 12 Fayette 

Brewer Charles, snuff & tobacco rnatiufac.l4 S. Market, 
house 250 Hanover 

Brewer Clark, tobacco, 14 S. Market, h. 250 Hanover 

Brewer Elizabeth, widow of Nathaniel, 107 Purchase 

Brewer Fanny, 63 Belknap cor. Myrtle 

Brewer Gardner, distillery, 548 Washington, c. room 10 
Central, h. 10 Rowe place 

Brewer G. Alexander (Foiclc & B.), h. 8 Federal court 

Brewer George, pianofortemaker, boards 12 Avery 

Brewer Harriet, widow, 1(J2 Purciiase 

Brewer Henry A. {Jackson & B.), h. 11 North Russell 

Brewer Isaac C. clerk Suffolk Bank, h. 12 Fayette 

Brewer James H. merchant, 48 India wharf 

Brewer Jane, 88 Summer 

Brewer Nathaniel, 90 Washington 

Brewer Nathaniel, merchant, h. 107 Purchase 

Brewer Otis, printer, 14 Congress, h. 47 Portland 

Brewer Samuel N. & Brothers {Natlil & William A.), 
druggists, 90 & 92 Washington. See advertisement 

Brewer Thomas, dry goods, 414 Washington 

Brewer Thomas, clerk, h. Pleasant st. court n. Church 

Brewer William A. 5 Dover 

Brewster Henry, mariner. Commercial 

Brewster Henry B. printer, Court cor. Howard, h. 9 Bal- 
lard place 
Brewster John. See Williams & B. 
Brewster Osmyn ( Crocker & /?.>, h. Pitts near Green 
Briard Oliver, jr. house 6 Kneeland place 
Bride James, innkeeper La Fayette Hotel, 302 Washing. 
Bridge F. W. teller Commimwealth Bank, h. 42 Green 
Bridge Henry A. h. 1 Bridge street court 
Bridge {Isaac) & Marshall {Leonard)^ provisions, 69 

Cambridge. B.'s h. 52 Bridge 
Bridge {James) & Wellington {E. G.), W. I. goods, 

29 Commercial 
Bridge {James), Wellington {A.) & Co. {Lewis Taylor)^ 

grocers, 22 & 23 Elm. B.'s h 19 Atkinson 
Bridge {John D.) &. Stevens {Edw. L.), 10 Central wharf 
Bridge John D. boards 16 Somerset 
Bridge Joseph, house 42 Green 
Bridge Maria, school, Hanover cor. Charter 


Bridge Margaret, boarding house, 37 Purchase 

Bridge Nathan W. coal, Fiske's wharf, b'ds 37 Purchase 

Bridge Samuel J. 75 Commercial, h. 37 Purchase 

Bridge William, blacksmith, 16, house 45 Sea 

Bridge William S. {Fiske & B.), house 49 Chambers 

Bridgham Lewis H, stereotype founder, h. Church cor. v 

South Cedar 
Bridgham Samuel W. mer. 13 Doane, h. 1 Hancock av. 
Brigden Timothy, blacksmith, h. rear Broadway 
Briggs Billings, housewright, h. 5 Myrtle court 
Briggs Cornelius, cabinetmaker, GOi), h. 611 Washington 
Briggs Ed w. T. Mechanics' Exch. Wilson la. h. Lyman pi. 
Briggs Enos, Mechanics' Exchange, h. Lyman place 
Briggs Enos, jr. (R. S^ E. Briggs)^ h. 2 Lyman place 
Briggs Charles, Mechanics' Exchange and Reading room, 

Wilson lane 
Briggs Charles M. (Gulliver & B.), h. 9 Cambridge 
Briggs Charles, Rev., Sec. Am. U. Asso. h. 2 Cottage pi. 
Briggs James, housewright, 60 Pinckney 
Briggs Jeremiah, liouse 7 Lincoln 
Briggs John, shipwright, F street 
Briggs John C. See Shaw, B. & Crafts 
Briggs Mary R. widow, 16 Fayette 

Briggs R. & E. (Enos B. jr.), earthen ware, 12 Chatham 
Briggs Ruth, widow, 78 Prince 
Biiggs Setli, cabinetmaker, h. 1.32 Hanover 
Briggs William, shipwright, h. r. Old Road & Broadway 
Brigiiam Aaron <fe Son (IV. B.), W. I. goods, 26 Long 

wharf, h. 11 Pinckney 
Brigham Benajah, W. L goods, 29 Elm, h. 3 Hawkins 
Brigham Charles L. &. Co. (Robert Slade), wheelv/iightBj 

12 Hawley place, house 5 Norfolk avenue 
Brigham Elijah, 17 Union 

Brigham Elijah D See Chandler, Howard & Co. 
Brigham I. & W. P. dry goods, 56 Hanover, b'ds 35 Elm 
Brigham James M. boarding house, 3 Bumstead place 
Brigham John & Wm. P. dry goods, 56 Hanover 
Brigham Joseph L. See Z. Jellison & Co. 
Brigham Levi (Merriam, B. & Co.), house 17 Milk 
Brigham Nahum, wood, Barry's wharf, h. 37 South 
Brigham N. H. shoes, N. Market 
Brigham Nicholas H. house 19 Hancock 
Brigham (Otis) & Thompson (Cyrus), blacksmiths, 140 

Brigham Perry (Piper & J5.), house 36 Sea 


Bridgham Samuel W. merchant, Hancock avenue 
Bri^'ham I'eter B. oysters, 1 Hanover 
Brigham Ruth, vi^idow, 10 Siiort 
Brigham Susan H. bonnet store, Court cor. Howard 
Brigham Thomas J. wheelwright, 'A6 South Margin 
Brigham Tilly, druggist, 8 Ann, house 10 Sudbury square 
Brigham William, counsellor, 33 Court, li. 19 Hancock 
Brigham William, h. May cor. W. Centre 
Brigham William A. h. l*inckney cor. Cedar lane 
Brigham Wm. P. (/. & IV.), house 1 Howard 
Brimhall Samuel, grocer, 98 Cambridge corner Garden 
Brimmer George W. mer. 9 Brimmer's T, h. 45 Beacon 
Brimmer Martin & Co. (//. Inches, jr.), merchants, 2 

Brimmer's T, house 45 Beacon 
Brine Robert, tailor, house 30 Stilhnan 
Brinley Edward. See W. C. Stimpson & Co. 
Brinley George, house 128 Tremont 
Brinnick Kennedy, laborer, Broad cor. Cotton place 
Brintnall Charles, clerk, house 13 North Bennet 
Brintnall Charlotte, widow, G7 Charter 
Brisco John, painter, 4th street 
Britton Deborah H. tailoress, Elliot near Tremont 
Britton J. milliner, 121 Court 
Broad Keziah, widow, house 446 Washington 
Broaders Edward 11. (Otis, B. & Co.), h. 2 Fayette 
Brobson Daniel, painter, house rear Broadway 
Brobston Henry, painter, h. rear Broadway 
Brodhead Daniel D. navy agent, 43 Chatham. 
Brodhead Joseph C. cashier Fulton Bank, h. 45 Chesnut 
Bromall Sam. glass cut. and engr. Front, h. r. 795 Wash. 
Brookhouse John H. tailor, boards 54 Union 
Brookings Samuel, stevedore, 205 Hanover 
Brooks Alfred, stone cutter, h. 23 Friend 
Brooks (Charles) & Co. (Wm. G.), hardware, 6 Dock sq. 
Brooks Charles, house 4 Milton place 
Brooks Edward, counsellor, 10 Court, h. 31 Chesnut 
Brooks (Franklin) & Saunders (Edio. W.), leather, 27 

North Market 
Brooks Franklin, h. Pitts 
Brooks Gershom B. tailor, 30 Cornhill 
Brooks Job, stage agent, 11 Elm, house 2 Portland 
Brooks John, laborer, 110 Broad 
Brooks John, teamster, boards 34 Federal 
Brooks Jonathan, 102 Faneuil Hall market 
Brooks Lemuel A. painter, rear 351 Washington 


Brooks Luke & Co. {R. M. Connel & A. Jlvery), leather, 

12 Elm 
Brooks Noah, shipwright, bot. F street, h. Broadway 
Brooks Pardon, tailor, h. May near Centre 
Brooks Pardon A, tailor, h. May 2d door from W. Centre 
Brooks Peter C, c. room, 10 Court, h. cor. Pearl & High 
Brooks Peter C. jr. GO Commercial wharf 
Brooks & Co. {Kufus F. Brooks & Cornelius DriscoU), 

tailors, 14 Court. Brooks' h. 46 Pinckney 
Brooks Sally, widow, 2 Elliot court 
Brooks W. C. See Smith & B. 

Brooks William G. (C. Brooks & Co.), house 56 High 
Brooks William P. B. & A. B. furniture, 32 Union 
Brooks William, house 42 Pond 
Brooksby Bridget, widow, rear 58 Elliot 
Broomaid Abraham, sail maker, house Clark alley 
Brophy Thomas, laborer, 99 Broad 
Brown Abigail, widow, Spear alley 
Brown Albert H. ( Whitneij, B. *& Co.), b. 5 Wesley pi. 
Brown Amelia, boarding, 61 Temple 
Brown Andrew, baker, h. 24 N. Russell 
Brown Arthur, boatman, house 125 Broad 
Brown Bartholomew, baker, 39 Essex 
Brown Benjamin, truckman, 43 Prince 
Brown Benjamin, gunsm. 52 India wf h. 2 Humphrey pi. 
Brown Benjamin, painter, City market. Brattle 
Brown Benjamin, housewright, 48 Allen 
Brown Benjamin B. h. 5 Tremont near Pleasant 
Brown Benjamin H. {Cushing &, B.), h. Spear alley 
Brown Catharine, widow, Essex cor. South 
Brown Charles (Hitliard, Gray & Co.),b. 1 Franklin pi. 
Brown Charles, wharfinger, 25 India wharf, h. 39 High 
Brown Charles, grocer, 128, house 108 Charles 
Brown Charles S. fruit, 30 Dock sq. h. City Tavern 
Brown {Chas. IV.) ifc Holmes {Henry I>.^, housewrights, 

Brown Daniel, collector, Blossom corner Fruit 
Brown Daniel H. clerk Savings Bank 
Brown David, barkeeper. Union House' 
Brown David, pianoforte maker, house 2 Castle 
Brown David L. drawing academy, 664 Washington 
Brown {Edioin) & Hallet {Russell), pianofortemakers, 

cor. Essex and Wash. B.'s h. 3 Shawm ut 
Brown Elbridge, hat store, 12 Ann, h. 46 Allen 
Brown Eli, 11 State, h. 10 Hanover 


Brown Eliab, 34 Allen 

Brown Eliphalet, boardinghouse, 6 Hayward place 

Brown Emery {Taylor, Gove & Co.), h. 52 Allen 

Brown Francis, furniture, Blackstone, h. iQ Leveret 

Brown Frederick, druggist, 631 Wash. h. Castle 

Brown (leorge H. mason, house 110 Warren 

Brown George L. artist, h. rear 090 Washington 

Brown George W. C. clothing, 77, house 78 Broad 

Brown Hannah, widow, 2 Church 

Brown Henry, tean)ster, rear 671 Washington 

Brown Henry, blacksmith, house rear 12 Front 

Brown Horace W. laborer, Clark 

Brown Jacob C. house 24 Hamilton 

Brown James G. clerk, 204 Washington 

Brown James S. house rear North Margin 

Brown James {Hilliard, Gray &■ Co.), h.6 Wash, place 

Brown James, agent, cooperage. Spear's wf. h. 79Purch. 

Brown (Jeremiah) &■ Farwcll (Geo.), wood wharf, Sea 

near the bridge. B.'s h. 40 Sea 
Brown Jesse, fishmonger, house rear 19 Cross 
Brown John, Commercial n«ar Gray's wharf 
Brown John, provisions, Derne 
Brown John & Co. (Richard Soule and I. SchoIfield,jr.)f 

mer. 19 Commercial wharf 
Brown John, clerk, house North Hanover court 
Brown John, baker, h. Merrimac c. Travers 
Brown John B. physician, 2 Montgomery place 
Brown John C. broker, 57 State, h. 6 Bowdoin sq. 
Brown John D. & Co. (j9. Harris), junk store, h«ad 

Lewis's wharf, h. Salem place 
Brown John G. painter, 21 Exchange, h. 125 Charlei 
Brown John I. druggist, 425 Wash. h. 32 Elliot 
Brown John J. watchmaker, boards 837 Wash. 
Brown Jonathan, carpenter, boards 54 Hanover 
Brown Jonathan, bookkeeper. Market Bank 
Brown Joseph, philosophical inst. mak. 57 Wash. 
Brown Joseph, boardinghouse, 69 Congress 
Brown Joseph E. housewright. Church, h. 9 Madison pi. 
Brown Joseph M. 25 Commercial wf h. 44 Chesnut 
Brown Joseph M. house and ship joiner, head Otis's wf. 
Brown Josepli T. druggist, 292 Wash. cor. Bedford 
Brown (Josiah) &, Emerson (Rich.), housewrights, Pond 
Brown Josiah, house 73 Pond 
Brovvn Justin M. painter. City market 
Brown Lydia & Hannah, instructresses pianoforte, 6 

Hayward place 


Brown {Lemuel L.) &l Ide (Edunn), dry goods, 373 

Wash. Brown boards 14 La Grange place 
Brown Lemuel P. houf?ewriglit, 65 Leveret 
Brown Levi, grocer, 71 Salem 
Brown Loring, houscwright, h. Mechanic place 
Brown Luke, housewright, Wilson lane, h. 1 Stanifordpl. 
Brown Martha, widow, S. Russell cor. Cambfidge 
Brown Martha, widow of Francis, h. Hartnarket place 
Brown Mary, widow, house rear 31 Allen 
Brown Mary, widow, h. 13 Pleasant street court 
Brown Mary, widow, 15 Gibbs lane 
Brown Mary, widow. Piedmont near Pleasant 
Brown Mary & Ellen, 4 Orange -*•% 
Brown Nancy, widow of R. J. house 126 Charles 
Brown Nathan, captain, Foster 

Brown Nathan, housewright, Church, h. 10 Madison pi. 
Brown Nathaniel, house and ship joiner, h. 2 Purchase 
Brown Nathaniel, mastmaker, 22 Tileston 
Brown Nathaniel, chair painter, 17 Commercial 
Brown Newell, 46 Faneuil Hall, h. Chardon c. Hawkins 
Brown Oakes P. housewright, h. rear 732 Wash. 
Brown Philip, blacksmith, house rear 302 Ann 
Brown Phineas, oysters, 80 Camb. fi. Kennard's avenue 
Brown Prentiss, boards 41 Warren 
Brown Robert J. {Watson <^ B.), h. 126 Charles 
Brown Sam'l, mastmaker, Commer. n. railway, h. Prince 
Brown Sam'l, jr. sailmaker, 52 Commercial, h. r. Foster 
Brown Samuel N. house 6 Blossom court 
Brown Sarah A. milliner, 6 Avery 
Brown S. H. See Ellingwood & B. 
Brown Scott K. housewright, Harvard pi. h. Pitts court 
Brown Stephen, broker, Exchange, h. 69 Prince 
Brown Susan, widow, 14 Bedford 
Brown Thomas {Wyse if B.), rear 81 Warren 
Brown Thomas, grocer, 32 Pond 
Brown Tiiomas P. stage agent, h. Gorhani place 
Brown Thomas W. caulker and graver, h. Salutation 
Brown Thomas, jr. teller Traders' Bank 
Brown Timothy, housewright, 48 Allen 
Brown Tryphena, schoolmistress, 33 Pleasant 
Brown Vernon, house 12 Prince 

Blown William, druggist, 481 Washington cor. Elliot 
Brown William, caulker, 177 Hanover 
Brown William, laborer, Ann street court 
Brown William, mariner, rear 4th street 


Brown William C. clerk, house 7 Stillman 
Brown William E. turner, Beverly, h. 2 Shawmut 
Brown William P. clerk, h. Castle cor Suftolk 
-^ Browne {Charles A.) & Wight (D. F.), druggists, 16 

Commercial. B.'s house 14 Front 
Browne Daniel I. engineer, house 1 Somerset court 
Browne George, 31 Commercial, h. op. 13 Front 
Browne J. Vincent & Co. {W. Lang), W. I. goods, 11 

North Market, h. 11 Beacon 
Brownell Gilbert, dry g'ds, 100 Washing, h. ISStaniford 
Brownell Zebedee G. gilder, h. Travers 
Browning Eunice W. h. 280 Cambridge 
Bruce Benjamin, 33 Commercial wf. boards 11 Beacon 
Bruce {Benjamin) & Richards {J. L.),mer. 33 Com. wf. 
Bruce Calvin, W. 1. gds, 13 India, h. QQ Belknap 
Bruce Cyrus, harness maker, h. rear 13 South Margin 
Bruce Henry, U. S. Navy, house 5 Orange 
Bruce James S. merchant, 34 (/cntral wf. b'ds 18 Pearl 
Bruce Jonathan, pilot, h. Noyes place 
Bruce Lyman, boatman, h. Noyes place 
Bruce Lyscom, soda manufacturer, 173 Tremont, boards 

158 Washington 
Bruce Mary, h. Grove 

Bruce Rufus L. watchm. and jewel. 242, h. r. 1«8 Wash. 
Bruerton Simeon, whipmaker, 19 Dock sq. h.r. 59 Poplar 
Brummet John, fruit. Long wf h. rear 6 Hollis 
Brummet William, sailmaker, h. 3 Lancaster 
Brush Sarah, widow, 45 High 
Bryan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Creek square 
Bryant Anna, widow, h. rear 411 Washington 
Bryant David, housewright, h. rear 115 Ann 
Bryant Eleanor, boarding house, 9 Province House ct. 
Bryant Gridley, stone contractor, h. Broadway 
Bryant Harrison C. {Fisk, Rice &. Co.), h. Vernon 
Bryant John, innholder, La Grange House, 17 Union 
Bryant John, ropemaker, C street 
Bryant {John), Sturgis {IVm.) & Co. {Sam'l Hooper, ^^ J. 

B.jr.), mer. 58 Commer. wf. B.'s h. 61 Beacon 
Bryant Louisa, widow, h. rear 30 North Russell 
Bryant Nath. cabinetmaker, Harlaem pi., h. 347 Wash. 
Bryant Oliver H. 5 Vernon 

Bryant Seth (Mitchell & 5.), h. Bulfinch cor. Court 
Bryant Southworth, chair painter, 33 Exchange 
Bryant Timothy, teller Commercial Bank 
Bryant Thomas, grocer, Leveret, h. 3 1-2 Spring 


Bryant Wra. H. confectioner, boards 53 Fayette 

Bryarty Philip, laborer, rear Church near the railroad 

Bryden James, pianofortemaker, 7 Bridge 

Brydee Abigail, widow, h. 11 Charter 

Bryent (Walter) & Herman (Leopold), sto\cs, 27 Milk. 

B.'s house 81 Essex 
Bubier Joseph, sailmaker, 130 Sea, h. rear 89 Sea 
Buchanan Alexander, housewright, h. 22 Hamilton 
Buckingham Joseph T. ed. Boston Courier, 22 Congress 
Buckingham Joseph H. editor B. Courier, h. Cook ci. 
Buckley Daniel, sawyer, rear gun house, Forlhill 
Buckley James, brassfounder, Bromf. pi. h. r. 2 Province 
Buckley Matthew, Lion Theatre, boards 6 Sewall place 
Buckmar John, captain, 9 Hartford place 
Buckman Elihu, h. rear 9 Brighton 
Buckman J. C. See Sparhawk & Buckman 
Bucknam Jesse. See Russell & B. 
Budd Nathaniel, baker, 191 Hanover 
Buell Loveman, distiller, h. Warren st. chapel 
BufEnton John, saddler, h. rear 165 Washington 
Bugard B. F. instructer French language. Masonic Tem. 
Bugbee Edward, hairdresser, 601 Washington, h. do. 
Bugbee Elizabeth, wid. of Morris, h. 59 Myrtle 
Bugbee Leander, shoes, 61 Cambridge, h. 9 Centre 
Bugbee William, housewright, h. rear 89 Sea 
Bugbee Willard, h. 25 Second 
Bugnon Charlotte, widow, h. 57 Myrtle 
Buhler Joseph, laborer, rear 100 Warren 
Bulfinch Charles, h. 3 Bumstead place 
,Bulfinch George S. counsellor, 5 Court 
Bulfinch Thomas, 62 Kilby, h. 3 Bumstead place 
Bulger James, laborer, 3d street 
Bulger Patrick, h. 44 Pond 

Bull Ephraim W. gold beater, 54 Cornhill, h. 7 Fayette 
Ball George, crockery, 47] Wash. h. Mechanic place 
BuUard Caroline, house 496 Washington 
Bullard Calvin & Francis, lumber wf Front, h. 16 Oak 
Bullard Charles, 70 Faneuil Hall market 
Bullard Charles (Otis B. & Co.), h. 8 Fayette 
Bullard Charles, ornamental painter, r. 843 Washington 
Bullard Eleazer, h. rear 156 Hanover 
Bullard Francis, house 16 Oak 
Bullard Isaac, 70 Pond 

Bullard Jabez, h. 512 Washington cor. of Oak 
Bullard Jas , grocer, Causeway, c. Lancas., h. 14 Bridge 


Bullard Leonard {Adams & B.)j h, 20 Chambers 
Bullard Lewis, painter, Essex cor. Short, h. 7 Beach 
Bullard {Leicis) & Ballord {Albert), iron store, 19 Com. 
Bullard Otis & Co. {Charles Bullard), lumber wf. Front 
Bullard Mary Ann, widow of Silas, h. 4 Pearl place 
Bullard Warner, sexton, li. 8 Hartford place 
Bullock Jabez, mason, rear 7 Milton 
Bullock Luther, mason, h. 52 Orange 
Bumford Robert, soapstone cutter, h. Carroll place 
Bumstead Jeremiah, h. 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead John {Trott & B.), h. 2 Bumstead place 
Bumstead Joseph, bookseller, 5 Milk, h. rear 
Bumstead {Josiah) & Son {Josiah F.), paper hangings, 

133 Washington, h. 22 Bowdoin 
Bumstead Josiah F. h. G2 Beacon 
Bumstead Sarah, widow, rear 417 Washington 
Bumstead Sarah, rear 409 Washington 
Bundy Francis, mason, h. 83 Elliot 
Bunnell Edwin F. dep. naval officer, Custom House, h. 

83 Mount Vernon 
Buntin Robert, housewright, 61 Pond, h. 8 N. Margin 
Buoncore Levina, school, Masonic Temple, h. 35 Sea 
Buoncore Lewis, fruit, etc. 1 Washington, h. 35 Sea 
Burbank Aaron, handcartman, Canal 
Burbank Paul D. stage driver, h. 13 Hamilton 
Burbeck Edward, cooper, 2 Hull 
Burbeck Henry, painter, house rear 65 Charter 
Burbeck Thomas, sailmaker, h. Merrimac 
Burbeck Wm. H. clerk Custom H. b'ds at Heman Fay's 
Burchmore Francis, h. Fruit 
Burchstead Benjamin B. sailmaker, h. 26 Short 
Burchsted {Benj.), Leavitt {David) & Co, {John A. Phil- 
lips), shipw'ts, N. side Otis's wf. B.'s h. Gibbs lane 
Burchsted Nancy, widow, rear 108 Purchase 
Burckes Lewis, cabinetmaker, 29, h. 108 Salem 
Burckes Martin. See Bradford & B. 
Burdett S. bookstore, 18 Court. See advertisement 
Burditt Benj. A. musician, h. Southac cor. W. Centre 
Burditt {Henry) & Lewis {David), saddlery hardware, 3^ 

Kilby. B.'s h. Winter place 
Burditt James W bookseller, 27 Court 
Burditt Nathan, saddler, h. 9 West 
Burges Joshua, housewright, h. 5 Piedmont 
Burgess Benj. & Son (JVathan B. Gibbs) , mer. 24 India 
wf. h. High corner Summer 


Burgess {Charles S.) & Waldron {Horatio G.), painters, 

346 Washington, h. 5 Norfolk place 
Burgess Janjes C. founder, Silver street 
Burgess John, stevedore, South cor. Essex 
Burgess Josiah, carpenter, rear 3d street 
Burgess William G., W. I. g'ds, 123 Broad, h. Oliver 
Burk Walter, laborer, rear Lenox 
Burke Catherine, widow, house Avery- 
Burke John, laborer, Humphrey place 
Burke Pascal B. grocer, 126, h. 145 Court 
Burke Richard, baker, rear George 
Burke Walter, housewright, h. rear Gridley 
Burke William, house Butolph 
Burleigh Benjamin, truckman, Robinson lane 
Burleigh Ezra, housewright, Tileston's wf. h. r. 83 Sea 
Burleigh (Stevens) tSi. Dyer {Tkos. D.), distillers, Front. 

B.'s house 8 13each 
Burley David R. innholder, Wash. Hotel, 835 Washing. 
Burnham Arthur, housewright, 113 Chambers 
Burnham Benjamin M. 67 Hanover, h. Salem 
Burnham C. bookseller, 58 Cornhill 
Burnham Edward, clerk, boards 6 Hay ward place 
Burnham Samuel M. leather, B street 
Burnham Thomas, bookstore, 58 Cornhill 
Burnham (JVillard) ♦& Dow (Jas. G.), dry g'ds, 21 Kilby 
Burnett Warren, provis. 505 Wash. h. r. 2 Plymouth pi. 
Burnet Henry, Jaborer, 58 Prince 
Burnet I. F. houscl2 Hanover 
Burnett William, laborer. Commercial 
Burns Daniel, IMechanic 
Burns George, laborer, Batterymarch 
Burns James, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Burns John, marble yard, Haverhill 
Burns John, laborer, 137 Broad 
Burns Joseph, h. Carroll place 
Burns Mary, milliner, 68 Salem 

Burns Michael, book agent, 112 Wash. h.4th st. See adv. 
Burns Owen, laborer, house rear 3 Mason 
JBurns Robert. See Blodgett & B. 
Burns Terence, laborer, 86 Broad 
Burr A. milliner, 4 Beacon 
Burr Henry S. housewright, h. 24 Atkinson 
Burr Laban, stageman, 16 Green 
Burr Martin, tailor, 78 Hanover, h. 4 Beacon 
Burr Robert, trunks, 3 Hanover 


Burr Theophilus, housevvright, Brighton corner Allen, h. 

rear 15 Poplar 
Burrage William, currier, 22 North Market 
Burrill Azariah S. house 51 Temple 
Burrill Eunice, widow, h. rear 427 Washington 
Burrill John, gratemaker, Charlestown 
Burrill John, jeweller, 73 Cornhil!,h. 194 Tremont 
Burrill John, innholder, 112 Cambridge 
Burrill Maria, principal of Havve's Institute, Broadway 
Burrill Martha, widow, house Moon 

Burrill (Lyman) &, Slow (JVm.), dry goods, 88 Hanover 
Burrill Nathan, clerk in Post Office, h. 20 N. Russell 
Burrison Gustavus, waterman, h. Battery 
Burroughs George, house 3 Hollis 
Burroughs Henry, teller Suffolk Bank, h. 3 Hollis 
Burroughs William, rear Cross 

Burrows Benjamin, grocer, 277 Ann, h. 11 Commercial 
Burrows (Jcme) Sl Learned (Hajinah), milliners, 64 Hanov. 
Burrows John B. housewright, h. Charlestown 
Burrows Richard, mason, rear Henchman lane 
Burt James {Gerry ^^ B.), house Williams 
Burt John, pianoforlemaker, h. 54 Essex 
Burt John S. machinist, h. 10 Grove 
Burt Margaret, widow of William, h. 2 Lowell place 
Burton Hazen J. {Ehen. Collins dy- Co.), h. 7 Central ct. 
Burton John, engineer, D street 
Burton Sarah, boarding house, 2 Friend 
Bush Alice, 5 South May 
Bush Benjamin W. house 1 Harvard 
Bush Frederick T. {Merritt S^ B.), h. Temple place 
Bush Jotham, chair dealer, G N. Market, h. 14 Spring 
Bush Samuel L. (Stone, Seaver ^ B.), h. Temple place 
Buss Asaph E., W. I. goods, 8 Boylston 
Buss Sarah, boarding house, 1 Bromfield 
Buswel Jacob, housewright, Church near South Cedar 
Butler-Abel, housewright. Commercial 
Butler Abigail, widow, 7 Salem place 
Butler B. F. (Sandborn & B.), h. East Boston 
Butler Elizabeth, widow, Essex cor. Oliver place 
Butler James, merchant, 32 India wf. h. 7 Chambers 
Butler Julia, widow, rear 12 Washington place 
Butler Matihew, victualler, Lindall, h. Harvard place 
Butler Michat;!, laborer, h. rear 76 Charles 
Butler Nathaniel, mason, rear 3 East 
Butler Richard, laborer, 257 Ann 


Butler Thomas, ropemaker, Grove 

Butman Edward, housevvright, 12 Piedmont cor. Church 

Butmaii Eliza, widow, Theatre alley 

Butman Lucy W. boarding house, I Nassau 

Butman Mehitable, widow, 14 Batterymarch 

Butterfield Aaron, housewright, h. 15 Spring 

Butterfield Ahnira, widow, rear 42 Salem 

Butterfield Isaac, housewright, 3 Thacher 

Butterfield John, grocer, cor. Canton and Suflblk, h. do. 

Butterfield Sewall, cooper, Churchill's wharf, boards 2 

South Bennet 
Butterfield Simeon, fish and oil, 38 Long wharf 
Butterfield (S.) & Winn (Charles J), 93 F. H. market 
Buttrick (Miel) & Patch {Abijah), truck, c. r. 118 State 
Buttrick Abiel, house 7 Sheafe 
Buttrick Cyrus, truckman, h. 9 Lowell place 
Butts Isaac R. printer, 2 School, h. 85 Prince 
Buzel Solomon C. 3 Central wf boards 9 Morton place 
Byers Joseph, printer, b. 1 West 
Byles Catharine, Nassau Green, 46 Tremonl 
Byram Robert J. lock maker, 719 Wash. h. 2 Suffolk 
Byrne Martin, h. Spring lane 
Byrne Martin, h. opposite 5 Lindall 
Byrne Margaret, widow, 381 Washington 
Byrnes William M., Secretary Franklin Insurance Co. 

CABOT EDWARD, shin brok. 49 State, b'ds 637 Wash! 

Cabot George D. 16 Hayward place 

Cabot Henry, house 32 Summer 

Cabot Henry, sign painter, Blackstone, h. 35 Chambers 

Cabot Joseph, gilder. Union, h. rear 142 Hanover 

Cabot J. L. &. G. D. 15 Rowe's wf h. 8 Somerset place 

Cabot Lucy, h. 16 Hayward place 

Cabot Richard C. 9 Tudor's building, boards 4 Pearl 

Cabot Samuel {Perkins & Co.), h. Temple place 

Cadogan John, boarding, 6 Wharf 

Caffray James, grocer, 111 Ann 

Cahagen James, grocer, 163 Ann 

Cahill Alice, widow, Piedmont near Church 

Cahill Thomas, h. Hamilton alley 

Cain Elizabeth, clothing, 100 Broad, h. 10 Wharf 

Cain Patrick, laborer, rear Front opposite Beach 

Cains Thomas, glass manufacturer, h. 2d street 

Calder N. H. 106 Faneuil Hall market 

Calder William, type founder, 18 Hull 


Caldwell Enoch, provisions, 48 Pond, li. 29 Thacher 
Caldwell Jonathan P. dry goods, 21 Court 
Caldwell Daniel, housewr't, Battery wf. h. Greenough la. 
Caldwell John P. apothecary, cor. 4th st. and Turnpike 
Calef {Hiram) & Downing {E. P.), W. I. g'ds, Charles- 
town cor. Cooper 
('alfe N. S. &, J. liv. stable, Tileston's wf. h. 85 Summer 
Calhoun Charles, Clerk of the Senate, h. 78 Federal 
Call Abraham & Co. {John M.), tailors, 29 Court, house 

13 Fayette 
Callahan Francis, laborer, 19 Hamilton 
Callahan Humphrey, laborer, 143 Broad 
Callahan John, teamster, 12 Stillman 
Callahan Mary, 11 Lincoln 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, Spring lane 
Callender Benj. {W. T. Eustis & Co.), h. 101 Pleasant 
Cailender Charles, circulating library and h. 25 School 
Callender Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, 12 Front 
Callender George, merch. 42 Central wf h. 5 Kingston 
Callender John B. grocer, 166 Washington, h. 4 Mason 
Callender Richard B., W. I. g'ds, 22 India, h. 5 Kingston 
Callender William, turner, 52 Prince 
Callender William B. grocer, 54 Court, h. 5 Green 
Callow Jared, printer, 68 Charter 
Calhim Ebenezer, baker, h. 5 Stillman place 
Calrow Joseph, 7 Congress square, h. Henchman lane 
Calrow Wm. H. pocket book manufac. 5 Cornhill square, 
house Henchman lane 

Cambell Andrew, Blackstone 

Cambell Daniel G. h. 22 Fulton 

Cambell David, boarding, 23 Brattle 

Cambridge Frederick, liarnessmaker, 92, h. 90 Cambridge 

Cambridge Julia, widow, 143 Broad 

Campbell Daniel W. tailor, over 44 Ann 

Campbell Duncan, h. 10 Bridge street court 

Can:;pbell Eliza, widow, Wlieeler court 

Campbell Jane, widow of John, 99 Pond 

Campbell Jere. victualler, 46 N. Market, h. 18 Richmond 

Campbell John, rigger, 3 Battery 

Campbell John, 115 Faneuil Hall market, h. Cooper 

Campbell John, laborer, rear 59 Ann 

Campbell John, laborer, 58 Prince 

Campbell John. See^mith&C. 

Campbell John, jeweller, 28 Washington, h. 17 Portland 

Campbell John M. clothing store, 37 and 39, h. 41 Ann 


Campbell John, jr. paperhanger, Pond near Htmover 
Campbell Susan, widow, Battery 
Campbell William H. painter, h. 105 Milk 
Caneday Bera, cordwainer, Myrtle cor. S. Russell 
Caneday V. cordwainer, 16 Myrtle 
Canfield Nelson H. cabinetmaker, h. 41 Poplar 
Cannahan Robert, plumber, h. Robinson lane 
Cannon Cornelius, handcartraan, 2 Scott court 
Canny John, grocer, 144 Ann 

Canterbury Ira, cabinetmaker, h. rear 667 Washington 
Canterbury Jacob, h. 5 Portland 
Capen Abby, fancy goods, 1 Bovvdoin square 
Capen Andrew, 40 Essex 

Capen (Josiuh) & Lyon {Charles)^ coachmakers, Haw- 
ley. C.'s h. Jackson place 
Capen Josiah W. laborer, 2d street 
Capen Lemuel, Rev., Old Road, South Boston 
Capen Margaret F. widow, op. 75 Bedford 
Capen Nahum {Marsh, Capen & Lyon), h. 40 Essex 
Capen Phineas, clerk Probate office, h. 9 Derne 
Capen Stoddard, instructerj house op. 75 Bedford 
Capen William, leather, 29 Broad, h. 71 Bedford 
Capewell William P. victualler, 52 N. Market, h. 2 Salt la. 
Carberry Patrick, grocer, 81 Broad 
Carey Charles, stone mason, rear 4th street 
Carey Daniel, laborer, 2d street 
Cargill Daniel, housewright, h. 9 Friend street place 
Cargill James, printer, h. 8 Boylston square 
Cargill Thomas M. J. printer, h. Cooper 
Carlborg Charles Gustavus, sexton, boards 4 Elliot court 
Carlen Andrew, pedlar, 4 Wharf 
Carlen Barney, laborer, Well cor. Bread 
Carlen John, victualler, 5 Wharf 
Carleton Guy, jr. shoes and leather, 33 N. Market 
Carleton Hannah, widow of Jonathan, h. Tremont 
Carleton James, laborer, 664 Washington 
(!)arleton John K. cooper, Richmond 
Carleton Moses & Co. paper store, 116 State 
Carleton Wm. manufacturer, rear 12 Beach, h. 2 Kneeland 
Carlisle J. boarding, 30 Cross 
Carlton (John) & Tainter {JV. C), cellar, 5 Market sq. 

Carlton's house rear 13 Atkinson 
Carlton Joseph, housewright, house 4 South street place 
Carlton Sarah P. widow, 2 Hawley 
Carmichael Archibald, laborer, rear 42 Congress 


Carnes Edward & Son (Edward, jr.), riggers, Cross cor. 

Fulton, house U Hull 
Carnes Henry, clothing, 14 Ann, house Prince 
Carnes Joshua A. clothing store, 47 Ann, h, 17 Prince 
Carnes Rachael, widow, 3 Hull 

Carnes Wnrj. R. cabinetmaker, 2 Pond, h. 175 Hanover 
Carnes (JV/ji. R.) & Brown (Francis), furniture dealers, 

cor. Blackstone and Ann 
Carney Andrew, clothes, 40 Ann 
Carney Daniel, laborer, 4G Front 
Carney Edward, laborer, rear 83 Broad 
Carney James, laborer, rear East near Sea 
Carney John, laborer, rear Friend near Portland 
Carney Mary, widow, rear 93 Warren 
Carney Nathaniel B. boards 2 La Grange place 
Carney William, laborer, 3 Bread 
Carpenter Abijah B. sawyer, rear 5 Suffolk 
Carpenter Alfred, coppersmith, 7 Rowe's wharf, house 

164 Purchase 
Carpenter Ann, confectionary, 284 Washington 
Carpenter Ann, widow. Piper's wharf 
Carpenter Geo. mes. Appraiser's dep. C. H. h. 63 Charter 
Carpenter Margaret, widow, rear 4{i Pleasant 
Carpenter Orsmus, laborer. Leveret court 
Carpenter Oren, clerk, 525 Washington 
Carpenter Ruggles, laborer, rear 200 Washington 
Carpenter Thomas, shoemaker, h. rear 80 Tremont 
Carr Catharine, widow, rear 81 Sea 
Carr John, laborer, rear 675 Washington 
Carr Joseph, refresh. Cornhill ct. h. 6 Pleasant st. ct. 
Carr Julia Ann, h. 5 Bridge street court 
Carr Moses, housewright, house and shop 15 Piedmont 
Carrol Dennis, laborer, Front near Castle 
Carrol James, laborer, J 04 Sea 
Carrol James, Harnilton alley 
Carrol John, laborer, rear Fourth 
Carrol Robert, fruit cellar, 335 1-2 Washington 
Carrol Thomas, glass dealer, house rear 22 Federal 
Carrol Thomas H. laborer, Avery 
Carroll John, grocer, 106 Broad 
Carroll (John F.) & Yendley (Joseph), manufac. paper 

hangings, 93 Water. C.'s h. Hamilton 
Carruth F. S. & Nalh. druggists, 4 Long wharf 
Carruth Nathan, house 179 Hanover 
Carsen Thomas, mariner, 1 Henchman lane 


Carson Barney, laborer, rear 16 South Bennet 

Carson John, laborer, 325 Broad 

Carson William D. hiborer, rear 110 Sea 

Carter Ann, school, 58 Tremont 

Carter Artemas, 40 Central, h. 9 Bulfinch 

Carter David & Co. {James Hendley (^ Collins Stevens)^ 

lasts, 45 North Market 
Carter Ehenezer, innholder, Suffolk House, Elm 
Carter Eiisha, teamster, h. 491 Washington 
Carter George T. confectioner, Hanover cor. Union 
Carter H. W. millinery and dressmaking, 491 Wash. 
Carter Henry {H. M. Holbrook .^ Co.), b'ds Kilburn's 
Carter Henry. See Holbrook, Bow-^man &. Co. 
Carter H. W. instructer, 165 Tremont, h. 9 Bulfinch 
Carter Isaac S. cabinetmaker, 593, boards 484 Wash. 
Carter James, merchant, Liverpool vvf. h. 65 Summer 
Carter James W., W. I. goods, Bromfield, h. 4 Winter 
Carter John, 58 Tremont 
Carter John, slater, house rear 11 Short 
Carter John H. coppersmith, 12 Marshall, h. 30 Myrtle 
Carter Lucy and Louisa, 1 Province 
Carter {Luke), Coolidge {C. L.) &, Co. (L. C. Childs), 

dry goods, 46 Kilby. Carter's house 3 Vernon 
Carter Mary, widow, rear gun house, Fort hill 
Carter Oliver, clerk, house 598 Washington 
Carter Richard B. See Wilkins & Co. 
Carter Sewall, house 33 Cambridge 
Carter Thomas, h. 454 Washing. 
Carter Thomas, housewright, foot of Richmond 
Carter Timothy, stable and house opposite 22 Federal 
Carter T. H. counting room, over 135 Washington 
Cartret Samuel, painter, house 7 Blossom 
Cartwright Charles W., Pres. Manufacturers' Ins. Co. 

house 11 Hartford place 
Cartwright John, painter, rear Leveret court 
Cartwright {John W.) &, Thayer ( C. L), merch's, 32 India 
Carver Charles, cordwainer, h. Nassau court c. Tremont 
Carver David, jr. tailor, 8 Court, house Barton 
Carver George, cordwainer, 6 Sweetser court 
Carver Maria, widow of William, h. op. 40 Front 
Carver Reuben, bath house, Prince, h. 29 Leveret 
Carver Thomas, shoemaker, house Essex court 
Cary Adeline E. widow, 4 Piedmont 
Cary Alpheus, stonecutter. Front, h. 2 Newton place 
Cary Betsey, widow, Orange lano 

' DIRECTORY. 1 1 1 

Gary George B. (J. Bradlee ^ Co.), h. 3 Bowdoin place 
Gary (G. S.) & Spring (/. H.), combs and fancy goods, 

52 Kilby 
Gary Isaac, copperplate printer, 204 Wash. h. 29 Orange 
Gary (Isaac H), Boynton (J.) & Woodford (P. i^.) Jew- 
ellers and comb makers, 54 Washington 
Gary Jane, vidow of Elijah, rear 110 Sea 
Gary Joseph, baker, 15 South Russell 
Gary Peter, laborer, rear 8S Warren 
Gary Phineas, stone mason, 22 South Russell 
Gary Thomas G. (Perkins S^ Co.), h. Temple place 
Garyl Ruth, house 107 Pleasant 
Garyl Simeon, laborer, house Gharlestown 
Gase Flavel,capt. of the watch, off. G. H. h. r.TGolumbia 
Gase John M., F street 

Gasey Edward, victualler, 3 Water, house Spring lane 
Gasey Jeremiah, laborer, Humphrey place 
Gasey William, laborer, house Glark 
Gashen John, slater, Gentre 
Gashman Edmund, laborer, house 14 Avery 
Gashraan John, pedlar, 112 Broad 
Gasmay John, laborer, Bumstead court 
Gsss John, house 2 Ghambers street court 
Gass John A. machinist, h. Turnpike 
Gass Samuel, h. 21 Salem cor. Gross 
Gassady Edwin, painter, h. rear 253 Wasli. 
Gassady John, sawyer, rear Ghurch, near the rail road 
Gassell Edmund D. painter, 66 Gornhill, h. 8 Vine 
Gasson Henry, laborer, Gommercial near Prince 
Gastalow Thomas, house 2 Lyman place 
Castolo Dennis, laborer, h. 19 Hamilton 
Gastolo William, laborer, 19 Hamilton 
Gastle Andrew, laborer, h. Suffolk, rear Lucas place 
Gaswell Ghester, teamster, h. rear 61 South 
Gaswell Elizabeth, widow, 6-55 Washington 
Gaswell Richard, ropemaker, h. 31 Allen 
Gaswell William, laborer, 6 Boylston square 
Gate Ammon (Snoio S^ C), h. 5 Prince 
Gate James, housewright, h. 79 Essex 
Gate John, baker, h. rear 730 Washington 
Gate Joseph, housewright, h. 3 Hamilton court 
Gale Nancy, milliner, 599 Washington 
Gate Samuel, carpenter, h. 448 Washington 
Gate (S.) & Ball (John), coopers, 113 Milk and 79 Comm. 
Gate's house 3 Hamilton court 


Gate Wm H. block maker, h. Commercial 

Caten John, laborer, 46 Front 

Caton James, glass blower, li. Broadway 

Cavana Dennis, mariner, rear gun house Fort hill 

Cavenaugh Ellen, laundress, I'eck lane 

Cavenaugh John, blacksmith, h. Carney pi. cor. Wash. 

Cavenaugh Michael, laborer, Dedham 

Cavenaugh William, carpenter, 2 Bay 

Caverly Charles, house 4 Wheeler's court 

Cazenove Louis A. 13 S. Market, h. 40 High 

Cazneau Isaac, 7 North Bennet 

Cazneau Margaret, widow of Andrew, 14 Carver 

Ceeley Hiram, blacksmith, 4th street 

Center George, tinplate worker, boards 11 Ash 

Center Joseph If. machinist, h. 4t) Orange, shop rear 

Center John, 46 Carver 

Center John S. broker, 5 Exchange, h. Front near Essex 

Center John, 212 Hanover 

Center Sylvester, broker, h. Front near Essex 

Cermenati Paul, tailor, 4 Congress sq. h. Cooper 

Chace (Caleb) & Grew (Henry), dry g'ds, C & 8 Central 

('hace Caleb, house 3 Joy place 

Chace Daniel K. (Jlndreics 4' C'o.), h. Tremont House 

Chace Joshua, housewright, b'ds Cambridge n. the bridge 

Chadbourn (Humphry) & Libbey (J. B.), wood yard, 

Commercial. C.'s h. 29 Charter 
Chadbourn Isaac, cabinetmaker, 17 North Russell 
Chadbourn Seth, blacksmith, 14 Hawley,h. 5 Sturgis pi. 
Chadwell Martha Ann, widow, rear 57 Elliot 
Chadwick Cynthia, boardinghouse, 3d street 
Chadwick Ebenezer,merch. 70 State, h. 17 Mt. Vernon 
Chadwick Eliza, jiurse, 109 Chambers 
Chadwick Isaac, mariner, h. 5 Lancaster 
Chadwick John, clerk, h. 128 Charles 
Chadwick Mehitabel, widow, h. 3 Avery place 
Chafee Jonathan, mason, h. May 
Chaffee Ezra, captain, 1 Minot 

Chaffee George A., VV. I. goods, 24 Pinckney, h. May 
Chaffin Darwin, fancy goods, 80 Wash, b'ds Hanover H. 
Chaffin John, housewright, h. 1 N. Margin 
Chaffin Moses A. house 133 Court 
Chalk Wm. blacksmith, house Ivers near Merrimac 
Chantberlain Abigail, dressmaker, 289 Washington 
Chamberlain Ambrose. See C. Valentine & Co. 
Chamberlain Benjamin P. See J. D. Gardner & Co. 


Chamberlain A. L. grocer, 2 Pond 
Chamberlain Edward, house Thacher near Pond 
Chamberlain H. P. clothes, 86 Ann, h. 21 Salem 
Chamberlain Nathan B. phil. apparatus, 9 School, h. May 
Chamberlain Thomas {Hill & Co.), h. Salem 
Chamberlain William H. house 9 S. Bennet 
Chamberlin Carlos, clerk, 305 Washington 
Chamberlin Carmi D. blacksmith, 3 Cornhill square 
Chamberlin {Cephas C.) & Mower (S. F.), 80 Faneuil 

Hall market, h. 29 Charter 
Chamberlin Charles C. clerk, boards 1 Bromfield 
Chamberlin Charles P. 45 F. H. market, h. 13 Poplar 
Chamberlin David, grocer, h. and shop Essex c. Columbia 
Chamberlin Daniel {Hill, C. &/■ Co.), h. 4Tremont place 
Chamberlin Edw. crock. Hano. c. Blackstone, h. Thacher 
Chamberlin Edward, 36 Prince 
Chamberlin {Eleazcr D.) & Folsom (/. L.), commission 

merchants, 62 Kilby 
Chamberlin Ezra, house 13 Gouch 
Chamberlin Lyman, smith, Tileston's wf. h. 79 Essex 
Champney Edward W. {Horr &. C.),h.3 Brattle sq. 
Champney Erastus, cabinetmaker, Boylston place 
Champney Eunice, widow, 4 Pleasant street court 
Champney James H. mess. Wash. Bank, b'ds 2 Beach 
Champney John, jr. grocer, 10 Sumner 
Champney Joseph^ cooper, h. 10 Piedmont 
Champney Lydia, widow of John Y. h. 5 Grove 
Champney Mary, widow, 62 Leveret 
Champney Sam. D. groc. c. Elliot and Trem. h. 10 Piedm. 
Champney William L. housewright, h. Canton 
Chandler {Miel), Howard {Benj.) & Co. {E. D. Brig- 
ham), mer. 16 Central wf. C.'s h. 118 Tremont 
Chandler {Mexander S.) & Reed (T/towas), caulker and 

gravers. Commercial near Hull 
Chandler Andrew J. watchman, 16 South Margin 
Chandler Bradford, painter. Pond near Hanover 
Chandler Benjamin, housewright, h. 6 Clark 
Chandler Benjamin, housewright. North Margin 
Chandler Charles N. fruit, cor. Congress and Water, h. 2 

High St. place 
Chandler Ebenezer, house 38 Merrimac 
Chandler Henry, laborer, Clark alley 
Chandler Isaac, house 10 Poplar 
Chandler John, merchant, house 6 Arch 


Chandler {John) & Greenleaf {Richard C), dry goods, 

325 Washington. C.'s h. 8 Pearl 
Chandler {John G.j, Wright {Edward) & Mallory (7?ic/t- 

ard P.), engravers, School 
Chandler Jonathan, turner, Moon 

Chandler Joseph, pianofortemaker, h. south 794 Wash. 
Chandler J. S. P. {Kemp & C), house 9 Brattle 
Chandler Mary, widow, 1 bridge st. avenue 
Chandler Mary, widow, boarding house, 8 Cross 
Chandler Oliver, biacksmilh, W. & Pratt's wf. h. 7 Hull 
Chandler Samuel, painter, house G Clark 
Chandler William D. shipwright, h. 129 Pleasant 
Chaney Joseph, housewright, h. 20 Hamilton 
Chanley Michael, grocer, 93 Essex, house Essex place 
Channing George G. alcohol laboratory. Short 
Channing Walter, physician, 17C Tremont cor. School 
Channing William E. Rev. 49 Mount Vernon 
Chapin David {Prcscott & C), house 89 Front 
Chapin L. W. widow of Aaron, house 837 Washington 
Chapin Martha D. bonnets, 311 Washington • 
Chapin C. H. G., W. I. goods, Commercial 
Chapin M. J. house 29 Prince 
Chapin Orris T. tailor, house 107 Hanover 
Chaplin Lydia, dressmaker, 6 Summer 
Chapman Elizabeth, widow, 3 Hanover court 
Chapman George A. printer, house 3 North Margin 
Chapman George H. merchant, 70 State 
Chapman Henry & Co. {fJ. G. Chapman), merchants, 

29 Central wharf 
Chapman Henry, house 4 Chauncey place 
Chapman Henry Grafton, house 11 VVest 
Chapman John, provisions, C Pinckney 
Chapman Jonathan, 20 Court, house 52 Chesnut 
Chapman Margaret, widow of Jonathan, h. 39 Chesnut 
Chapman Samuel B. boarding, 1 Orange 
Charbonnel John, confectioner, 124 Cambridge 
Charlton Patrick, laborer, Turnpike 
Chapman Samuel B. boarding, 1 Orange 
Charter Daniel, laborer, rear 732 Washington 
Charter John & Co. (James Flagg),']\iu\<i shop, Chat- 
ham, h. 3 Cooper 
Charter Htjnry A. barkeeper, at Exchange Cofl'oe Housf> 
Chase Benjamin W. 5 Exchange, h. Hollis n. Tremont 
Chase Benjamin W. mariner. Fleet 
Chase Chauncey, housew't, Hobbs's wf h. 4 Sturgis ph 


Cha?e Elizabeth, widow, rear 81 Trcmont 
Cliase IIezi;kiali &, Co. (JY. Berry), mer. 24 Long vvf. 
Clinsc He7.ok. S. {Webster, C. & Co.), h. 5 Pearl place 
Cliase James, mariner, Greenougii lane 
Chase Josepli, honsewriglit, h. 4 Bath 
Chase John, li. 101 Chambers 
CJiase Martiia, widow, h. rear 22 S. Russell 
Chase Mary Ann, widow, rear 52 Federal 
Chase N. G. counting room, Bartlett's wharf 
Chase Plube, widow, rear 18 S. Bennet 
Chase Rowland, hemp manufacturer, h. 9 Plymoulh 
Chase Theodore, h. 44 Beacon 

Ciiase Tiiomas C. laborer, h. Commercial near Ann 
Cliase Thomas F. dry g'ds, 341 Wash, b'ds 4 Sturgis pi. 
Chase Thorndike, cordwainer, Garden court 
Chase William G. hairdresser, Cornhill court 
Cheney Alfred, liackman, 8 Haymarket pi. 
Cheney J. engraver, rear Suffolk Bank, CO State 
Cheney I. H. merchant, 43 India, h. 6 Province H. ct. 
Cheney Joseph, harnessmaker, 548, h. rear 599 Wash. 
Cheney Samuel, optician, h. rear 132 Hanover 
Cheney Timo. bag. mast. B. and P. Rail R., b'ds Church 
Cheevcr Abigail, widow, 1 Lowell place 
Cheever Daniel S. shoe store, Blackstone n6ar Ann 
Cheevcr James, leather, 35 N. Market, h. 28 Somerset 
Cheever John, h. Blackstone 

Cheever John, housewright, 4 Bridge street court 
Cheever Joshua, house 60 Warren 
Clicever Mary Ann, widow of Thomas, 65 Pleasant 
Cheever William, housewright, h. 7 Pitts 
Cheever William, cordwainer, South Russell 
Chenelette Victory, boarding house, 11 1-2 Atkinson 
Clierrington Edmund, upholsterer, 122 Court 
Cliesman Loring, rigger. Unity 
Che,=!suian Mosea, laborer, Batterman place 
Chessman Samuel, W. 1. goods, h. 170 Hanover 
Chester John, h.5 Travers 

Chevalier Francis, musician, h. 12"Pleasant street court 
Chick Ala-ira, widow, h. 1 Blossom 
CJiickering Deborali D. F. widow, 14 Hay ward place 
Chickering Horatio {Grl<rgs & C), h. 14 Hay ward pi. 
Chickering Jesse, physician, 1 Beach cor. Washington 
Chickering Jonas, pianoforte maker, 416, h. 502 Wash. 
Chickey Francis t^fe Co. {N. M. & P. A.), plaster figures, 
13 School 


Child Daniel F. c. room, over 719, h. 734 Washington 
Child David, 81 Washin^'ton, h. 27 Federal 
Child Edward H. hairdresser, 422 Washing, h. Essex ct. 
Child George H. h. 2 Champney place 
Child Isaac, house 734 Washington 
Child John, sailmaker, 13 Commercial, h. Unity 
Child {Joseph) & Crocker {R. J.), sailmakers, 2 N. Mar- 
ket. C.'s h. 161 Hanover 
Child Joshua, bookkeeper South Bank 
Child Mary, nurse, G Boylston square 
Child Mary F. widow, 45 Pleasant 
Child Moses, laborer, Claflen place 
Child Nehemiah, laborer, 12 Hoilis 
Child Richards, h. Hoilis, cor. Washington 
Child Simeon, school, Hoilis, house 19 Carver 
Child Stephen, wood and coal. Front, h. 598 Washington' 
Child Thomas (JV. F. Cunningham 8^ Co.), h. 8 Pearl 
Child Thomas, weigher and ganger, 12 Long wf. 
Childs Abner, jr. iron store, 98 Front, h. 598 Washing, 
Childs Luke C. See Carter, Coolidge & Co. 
Childs Noah, fruit, 5 Dock sq. h. 2 Spring st. court 
Childrens Henry, wool stapler, h. 18 Milton 
Chipman Charles, mason, h.41 Bridge 
Chipman Nathaniel, oysters, 4th street, Franklin market 
Chisole Emanuel, housewright, 8 Gouch 
Chittenden Charles J. (Proiitij & C), h. Broadway 
Choate Charles, physician, 27 Howard 
Choate Dudley, blacksmith, F street 
Choate Rufus, attorney, 4 Court, h. 23 Bedford 
Choristed James, nailer, Turnpike 
Chorley John, clerk Mer. Bank, h. rear Savings Bank 
Christian John, stone mason, h. Hamilton alley 
Christian Paul, musician, h. 15 Province House ct. 
Christian Richard, mason, 77 Warren 
Christianson Andrew A, sailmaker, 4th st. 
Christie James, boarding house, 224 Ann 
Christy Roland, 23 Richmond 

Christy Thomas, saddler, 12 Court, h. rear 26 Chambers. 
Chubbuck Anthony, caulker, h. 3d st. cor. I sl;reet 
Chubbuck Elizabeth, widow, opposite 20 Avery 
Church Susan, widow. 111 Cambridge 
Church Truman, mason, h. South st. place 
Churchill Francis, housewright, 7 1-2 Prince 
Churchill Ivory, housewright, 3d street 
Churchill Peleg, fish packer, T wf. h. 45 Carver 


Chiircliil! William. Sec J. Collamorc, jr. &, Co. 

Churoliill William F. 3 S. Maririn 

Chute Ellen, widow, Theatre alley 

Cliute Nichols, laborer, Theatre alley 

Chute Mary, widow, 74 Warren 

Clafien James S. painfer, Sprini;: lane, h. Claflen p!ac«» 

Claflen Margaret, widow, 52 Fayette 

Claflen Otis, truckman, h. Claflen place 

Clansey John, laborer, h. A st. 

Clap Plinoy, truckman, Go Broad, h. 5 Pitts 

Clapp Asahnl, \G India 

Clapp Artemas, confectioner, rear 10 Lynde 

Clapp Alex. H. cordvvainer, h. 5 Pinckney 

Clapp (Benj.) tfc Goddard (E. fV.), coopers, Richmond 

Ciapp Benjamin, h. North Bonnet 

Clapp David, jr. book and job print, and pub. Med. Journ. 

184 Washington 
Clapp Derastus, constable, 3 Franklin av. h. r. 427 Wash. 
Clapp Ebenezer, jr. inspector Custom 
Clapp Frederick, h. Baldwin place 
Clapp Galen, handcartman, rear 93 Warren 
Clapp George P. tailor, house 59 Myrtle 
Clapp Herjry, jr. clerk, 20 India, boards 27 Somerset 
Clapp Isaac, broker, 6S Broad 

Clapp Isaac P. nier. tailor, 7 Cong. sq. h. 4 Central ct. 
Ciapp I. B. clerk, h. 17 Piovince House ct. 
Clapp James, mason, h. 50 Chambers 
Clapp James, captain, 78 Pond 
Clapp John (LfAcis & C), boards C Carver 
Clapp Mdry, widow of Elisha, h. 18 Winthrop place 
Clapp Nathaniel, boarding house, G Sufl'olk place 
Clapp Otis, Ciro. Library, 11 School, h. 4 Federal ct. 
Clapp Pliney, truckman, 32 Friend 
Clapp Sally, Williams court 

Clapp Samuel, jr. W. I. goods, 747, h. 745 Washington 
Clapp Sarah, 80 Pinckney 

Ciapp Stephen R. pianoforte maker, h. 19 Orange 
Clapp Wm. W. ed. Ev. Gaz. 14 Congress, h. Temple pi. 
Clapp Washington, printer, h. lOG Pond 
Clark {MkinsJi.) & Kellogg {Theodore), harness makers, 

7 Ilawley place 
Clark Abigail C. nurse, 13 Hawkins 
Clark Alexander, house 57 Merrimac 
Clark Alvan, miniature painter, 15 Franklin cor. Wash. 
Clark Alexander, boarding, 1 Phillips place 


Clark Alexander, carpenter, rear 8 Fayette 

Clark Alexander, waggoner, corner A and 3d streets 

Clark Augustus, boards 11 Beacon 

Clark Amos, upholsterer, 2 Leveret 

Clark Benjamin, housewright, h. rear 66 Warren 

Clark Benj. cooper, Commercial, h. op. 189 Hanover 

Clark Benj. wine store, 9 North Market 

Clark Benj C. & Co. (C. G. JVazro), merchants, G3 

Commercial wf. h. 35 Beacon 
Clark Bradley M. painter, 71 Broad 
Clark Calvin W. (S. May 8," Co.), h. 7 Elliot 
Clark Charles S. merchant, 26 India wharf 
Clark Daniel, housewright, 13 Hawkins 
Clark Elisha W. See Hall & C. 
Clark Elijah & Co. (£. Clark, jr. and JYoah Perrin), W. 

I. goods, 5 Cliatham, h. 23 Hamilton 
Clark E. jr. (£. Clark & Co.), h. 44 Federal 
Clark Enoch W. & Brother (Jo^e;?/* W.), brokers, 6 City 

Hall, h. 14 Bulfinch 
Clark Eleanor R. widow, 74 Purchase 
Clark E. P. cashier N. E. Bank, h. 3 Bumsteadpl. 
Clark Eunice, widow of Joseph, rear Broadway 
Clark Frank, laborer, rear Church near the Rail Road 
Clark Geo. ink manufac, 52, h. south 794 Washington 
Clark George & Co. (Levi Ingols), 9 Brimmer's T, h. 35 

Clark George, silversmith, rear 81 Washington 
Clark H. G. physician, near 173 Hanover 
Clark Henry, painter, boards rear 18 South Bennet 
Clark Henry F. 67 Water, h. 48 Spring 
Clark HeTry, cabinetmaker, h. .547 Washington 
Clark Henry, notary pub., 8 Congress, h. 202 1-2 Hano. 
Clark Henry, stevedore, h. rear 324 Ann 
Clark Isaac, 5'^ Washington, h. Haymarket place 
Clark James, pumpmaker, 135 Ann, h. Parkman place 
Clark {James W.), White (JVm.) & Kimball {^. P.), do- 
mestic goods, 28 Central. C. b'ds 1 Boylston pi. 
Clark James, stone cutter, h. 44 Pond 
Clark James B. machinist, h. Broadway 
Clark John, Pres. Protection Ins. Co. h. 19 Louisburgsq. 
Clark & Gray, housewrights, Haverhill 
Clark John, plumber, Court square, h. 2 Acorn 
Clark John, tobacconist, 50 N. Market 
Clark John, jr. tobacco dealer, 30 Long wf h. 62 Pederal 
Clark Jonathan C. grocer, 20 Vine, h. 3 Blossom ct. 


Clark Joseph, blockmaker, Cross c. Fulton, h. 4 Sheafe 

Clark Joseph, jeweller, rear 87 Wash, h. 12 Prov. H. ct. 

Clark Jos. VV. (E. W. Clark & Brother), h. 63 Pinckney 

Clark Josiah, commis. merchant, 24 Long wharf 

Clark Judith, widow, h. 26 Prince 

Clark Lemuel, musician, house 53 Fayette 

Clark Louisa, boarding, 7 Brattle 

Clark Lydia, widow, Batterman place ^ 

Clark Lot {Means & C), house 75 Purchase 

Clark Luther, physician, h. 12 W. Cedar 

Clark M. B. silversmith, Harvard pi. h. Lynde place 

Clark Mary, dressmaker, 80 Federal 

Clark Mary, h. 6 East 

Clark Martha J. tailoress, 64 Elliot 

Clark Matthew, pattern designer, 79 Milk, h. 7 Green 

Clark Matthew, tanner, h. 53 Essex 

Clark Meshach, mason, 23 South Russell 

Clark Michael, moulder, A st. 

Clark Moses, grain. Front cor. S. Bridge, h. 41 Tremont 

Clark Nathan B. mason, h. 4 Grove 

Clark (JValhaniel), Homer (J.) & Lillie (T. J.), printers, 

6 Congress. C.'s h. Spring st. court 
Clark Noah M. confectioner, 176 Hanover, h. 28 Ann 
Clark Orren, boarding, 80 Broad 
Clark Robert, lobslerman, op. 4 Lowell place 
Clark Ruth, schoolmistress, Broadway corner D 
Clark Sally, rear N. Margin 
Clark Scotto, merchant, 26 India wharf 
Clark Stephen, housewright, 15 Atkinson, h. 5 do. 
Clark Stephen, moulder, h. Silver 
Clark Theron E. chairs, 36 Commercial 
Clark Thomas J. grocer, 276 Ann, h. 1 Snowhill 
Clark Thomas P. baker, Murray place 
Clark U. J. broker, 3 Brattle square 
Clark Watson, h. 9 Richmond 

Clark Wm. botanic phy. Thorn. Infirmary, 23 Harvard 
Clark William, stage driver, h. rear 344 Washington 
Clark William, laborer, h. 3d street 
Clark William F. 2 Merchants row, h. 107 Salem 
Clark William, fancy painter, h. May between Centre 

and Grove 
Clark Wood. See Rogers & C. 
Clark William F. captain, house 12 Hull 
Clark Wm. & Co. (Perez Sinith), provisions, City market. 

C.'s h. 4 Staniford placo 


Clarke Acenith, widow, 24 Charter 

Clarke Edward & Co. {E. L. Pcnniman & Sam'l Ciitler), 

Go Milk, h. 21 ChesTiut 
Clarke James C. printer, h. Svveetser court 
Clarke James, painter, 88 Comnieixial 
Clarke John, plumber and engineer, h..2 Acorn 
Clarke Nathan, mariner, 7 Clark 
Clary Ethan A. clerk Custom H., h. 19 Pinckney 
Clary Henry D. clerk Custom House, h. 19 Pinckney 
Classen Joanna, widow. Front, near Castle 
Classen William W. h. 240 Hanover 
Clay Jonathan, shipwright, rear GG7 Washington 
Clay Joseph H. shipwright, h. 6 Suffolk 
Clay Nelson, shipwright, h. SulFolk near Dover 
Clay Robert, carpenter, house Battery 
Claxton (Timo.) & Wightman (Jos. M.), philosophical 

ins. makers, 33 Cornhill. C.'s h. 33 Warren 
Cleasby Joseph, clerk, h. Chambers, corner Green 
Cleaves Charles, maciiinist, h. rear 44 Essex 
Cleaves John T. com. mer. 3 Long wf., b'ds 2 Wendell 
Cleaves Thaddeus, h. rear 83 Pond 
Clement Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, 9 Sea 
Clement Rodney, mechanic, h. rear C5 Charter 
Clements Jacob, blacksmith, h. rear 92 Federal 
Clemensen Peter, engineer, 4th street 
Cleveland Aaron P. mercliant, h. 55 Federal 
Cleveland Charles, ciiaplain House Correctiorj 
Cleveland Henry R. school, 16 Franklin 
Cleveland Stephen II. {Criig/.a, C. &. Co.), h. Trem. H. 
Clifford John, h. 4 Prospect 
Clillbrd S. Lawrence, stevedore, rear 4th st. 
-Clifford Thomas, grocer, 80 Elliot 
Cline Anthony, house Pitts 
Cline Peter, liborer. Salutation 

Clinkaid Martin L. {Bradford & C), h. Salutation 
Clinton Ann, widow, rear GO Elliot 
Clinton William D. hou.sewright, h. 3 Pitts 
Clisby Betsey, nurse, 3d near Dorchester 
Cli)nay Thomas, laborer, oppr)site 154 Purchase 
Cloues Aaron R. grocer, Com. n. Hull, h. 205 Hanover 
Clones Phebe, dry goods, 203, h. 205 Hanover 
Cloues Samuel L. grocer, 203 Hanover 
Clough Eben'r, city weigher, r. Charhjsj h. Greenough la. 
Cloiigh Willard, constable, h. 97 Tremont 
Clouston John C. housewright, house G Grove 


Clouston Robert, housewright, h. 1 Blossom ct. 
Clouston Robert II. housewright, George, h. 32 Charles 
Cloutman Abigail, widow, 3 Bath 

Cloutman Johri !S. painter, U)0 Wash. h. r. 104 Tremont 
Cloy d {John) & Hanson {Anlliony), housewrights, rear 13 

Sea. C.'s h. South st. court 
ClufTJMary, widow, rear 18 Ash 
Coates Hiram, housewright, 3 Pond st. pi. 
Coates John H. See Peirce & C. 
Coates Perez P. housewright, rear Pond 
Cobb Baxter, leather, boots and shoos, 13, b'ds 11 Elm 
Cobb Bailey, clerk, h. 4 Newton place 
Cobb Elijah & Co. {Elisha D. Winsloio), W. I. goods, 

10 India, h. 24 xMcLean 
Cobb Ethan, cordwainer, 20 Prince, h. Thacher st. ct. 
Cobb Henry & Co. (7*. B. Mackai)),commh. merchants, 

5 Broad. C.'s house l(i Bedford 
Cobb Martha, widow, Sutiulk cor. Canton 
Cobb Nathaniel, housewright, Suffolk near Canton 
Cobb Kichard,. house Beacon corner Park 
Cobb Sarah, widow, h. 120 Tremont 
Cobb Sarah, nurse, rear 133 Pleasant 
Coburn Caleb, \V. I. g'ds, 3 Rovve's wf. h. 17 Wash. pL' 
Cochlan David, lOG Commercial 

Cochran A. P., W. I. g'ds, 22 Cent. wf. h. 3G Wash. pi. 
Cochran Daniel, laborer, Washington avenue 
Cochran L. H. M. leather, 17 Exchange, h. GO Tremont 
Cochran Richard, laborer, 8 Atkinson 
Cochran Samuel Q,. wine dealer, Congress cor. Lindall, 

boards at Boston CotTee House 
Cockayne Abigail H., W. Centre corner Myrtle 
Cocklin James, laborer, 114 Broad 
Cockran Patrick, laborer, Atkinson near Milk 
Cocklin Michael, laborer, 3 Bread 
Coddington Edward, printer, h. rear 337 W^ashlngton 
Codding Simeon, housewright, boards B st. 
Codman Charles R. merchant, 29 Chesnut 
Codman Edward, wines, 31 Congress, h. 83 Bedford 
Codman Francis, house G Walnut 

Codman Henry, counsellor, 40 State, J). 119 Tremont 
Codinan John, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 41 Chesnut 
Ct)dman John, machin. & locksmith, 186 Tremont, h. do. 
Codman Sarah W. h. rear 32 Pleasant 
Codman Stephen, jr. merchant, 21 Commercial 
Codman Susan, widow, h. 41 Chesnut 


Codman Willard, silversmith, h. 2 Norfolk place 

Cody James, laborer, 196 Ann 

Cody Thomas, victualler, G5 India wharf 

Cody ThoniJis K. laborer, opposite 7 Columbia 

Coe Stephen, boards 19 Lyman place 

Coftee Patrick, laborer, rear 83 Sea 

Coffee Roger, painter, 2d street 

Coffin Aaron, housewright, h. 46 Fayette 

Coffin Charles, laborer, h. Hanover avenue 

Coffin George W. land agent. State House, h. 7Rowepl. 

Coffin Langdon, bookseller, h. 6 Ilaitford place 

Coffin Margaret, h. 45 Summer 

Coffin Mary, widow, 274 Washington 

Coffin Peter, merchant, 6 Central wf. h. 7 Atkinson 

Coffin Presbury, housewright, h. 40 Orange 

Coffin Thomas B. housewright, h. 17 May 

Coffin William, cashier Col. Bank, h. cor. Essex place 

Coffin William E. shoes, 195 Washing, h. 6 Hartford pi. 

Coffin William B. Sec. Mer. Marine Insurance Co. 

Coffy Andrew, laborer, h. Williams court 

Cofran James, wood yard. Canal, h. S. Margin c. Gouch 

Cofren Samuel, stable. Arch, h. Harvard place 

Cogswell James, cabinetmaker, h. May 

Cogswell Wm., Rev. Sec. A. E. Society, 15 Cornhill, h. 

3 Boylston place 
Coiffard J., Court square 

Coit Daniel T. physician, 12 High near Summer 
Colbath A. P. cartman, h. 76 Prmce 
Colbert (iarret, laborer, Hamilton alley 
Colburn Cephas, cordwainer, 20 Prmce 
Colburn Charles, book keeper, h. 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Elisha T. umbrellas, 13 Court, h. 355 Wash. 
Colburn E. widow of James L. h. 107 Hanover 
Colburn George W. 370 Washington, b'ds 2 Sewall pK 
Colburn Joseph (Stetson & C), h. 2d street 
Colburn Joseph, mason, h. 2 Kennard avenue 
Colburn J. M. accountant, h. 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Joshua, dry goods, Kilby, h. 2 Sewall place 
Colburn Josiah, h. 8 Howard 
Colburn Luke, combmaker, h. 81 Warren 
Colby (Daniel) &, Lothrop (Jarvis), wood and coal, 

Forthill wharf 
Colby Gardner & Josiah, dry g'ds, 19- Kilby, h. 32 Tem. 
Colby James, mariner, rear Hull 
Colby John, house rear 10 Hanover 


Colby (John) & Kenniston (John), W. I. g'ds, 10 Hanov. 

Colby Johnson, messenger to City Council, li. 6 Milton 

Colby Joseph, carpenter, h. Castle near Suffolk 

Colby Josiah. See Gardner & Josiah C. 

Colby Nathaniel B. housewright, h. 132 Hanover 

Colby Sarah, boarding house, 9 Batterymarch 

Colby William H. carpenter, h. Mechanic place 

Cole Ambr. W. cop. pi. print. 87 Wash, h. r. 104 Trem't 

Cole Charles, housewright, h. C Lucas place 

Cole Charles, jr. Arch wf. h. 142 Pleasant 

Cole Elbridge G. silversmith, h. 47 Leveret 

Cole Fanny, widow, rear 104 Tremont 

Cole Isaac D. housewright, D street 

Cole James, housewright, 4th street 

Cole Joseph, portrait painter, 1 Graphic court 

Cole John, cordwainer, h. rear 22 S. Russell 

Cole John J. laborer, h. 11 S. Russell 

Cole Josiah, housewright, h, rear 15 Gouch 

Cole Oliver, book keeper. Globe Bank 

Cole Seth (Bang & C.j, h. 123 Pleasant 

Cole Sell), housewright, 4th street 

Coles A. L. dressmaker. Prince near Hanover 

Colesworthy Nathaniel, printer, 17 Blossom 

Colford Philip, cooper, rear 53 South 

Collamore John, jr. & (./O. (IVm. Churchill & J. Curtis, 

jr.), crockeryware, 186 Wash. h. 1 Hayward pi 
Collar Mary, 37 Bedford near Short 
Coller Aaron, housewright, Lancaster, h. 45 Merrimac 
Collier David J. house over 47 Cor^gress 
Collier Isaac, cordwainer, house 11 Short 
Collier Isaac, jr. cordwainer, house and shop op. 38 South 
Collier Joseph II. mariner, rear 28 Pleasant 
Collier William, Rev. house 62 Belknap 
Collier William & Son (David J.), tailors, 47 Congress^ 

house rear 7 Tileston 
Collier William R. house 62 Belknap 
Collier William, 3d, cordwainer, house 11 Short 
Collins Ebenezer & Co. (Hazen J. Burton) dry goods, 

30 Central, house 9 Oak 
Collins Ebenezer W. painter, 103 Cambridge 
Collins Edward, laborer, rear Sweetser court 
Collins James, gardener, 4 Harvard pi. 
Collins James, laborer, Langdon place 
Collins James M. silversmith, h.5 Barre place 
Collins John. See Withington &. Co. 


Collins Maria, boarding, 72 Ann 

Collins ]\Iary, laundress, Devonshire 

Collins Matthias, laborer, opposite '20 Avery 

Collins Micliael, laborer, 105 Broad 

Collins Patrick, grocer, Ann cor. Clark 

Collins Patrick, laborer, rear Brookline near Suffolk 

Collins Patrick, laborer, south 71)4 Washington 

Collins Thomas, waiter Treniont House, h. Province 

Collins Timothy, laborer, rear 75 iSea 

Colman Dennis, tailor, 140 Ann 

Colnian Erastus, New England Coffee House 

Colman Jeremiah, mason, h. 10 Oliver 

Colman John, housevvright, h. 2 Bradford place 

Colman John U. boards 2 Bradford place 

Colman Luther, machinist, liouse 444 Washington 

Colman RIary E. widow, 17 Sea 

Colman Michael, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Colman Patrick, mariner, roar C street 

Colman Patrick, tailor, l^G Ann -. , 

Colman Samuel, 121 Washington, house 64 Chesnut 

Colman Thomas, painter, rear 5th street 

Colson Joseph, \V. I. g'ds, head Otis's wf h. 15 Gibbsla. 

Colson Martha T. widow, I Orange court 

Colston Wm. pianoforte tuner, 416 Wasli. h. 98 Warren 

Colton Hiram, h. Noyes place 

Colvin Caleb, machinist, h. south 794 Washington 

Comer T. inusician Trem. Theatre, boards 3() Boylston 

Comerford Patrick, chemist, house 794 Washington 

Ccmey Benj. wharfin. Comey's wf h. Commer. n. Foster 

Comins P. B. tailor, 3 Washington 

Comsctt Moses, laborer, house 18 South Russell 

Conant A. W.- 54 Kilby, boards "34 Boylston 

Conant (C. C.) Thayer ( IV. JV.) & Co. {JV. H. Conant), 

woollen goods, 55 Wash. C.'s h. 12 Somerset pi. 
Conant Daniel, 99 Charter 
Conant Frederick P. See Ayer & C. 
Conant James, captain, 318 Washington 
Conant Joel, oysters, 78 Cambridge 
Conant Josiah F. 4 Faneuil Hall, h. 80 Te.mple 
Conant Levi, teacher Elliot school, h. 15 Sheafe 
Conant Levi (Cook & C), house Phillips place 
Conant Nathan, teamster, house Pond 
Conant Sophronia, 2 Newbury place 

Conant Thaddeus, domes, g'ds, 62 Kilbv, li. 13 Chambers * 
Conant William H. (C. C.& W. H. C.)\ h. 18 Green 


Conaty Hugh, mason, 119 Broad 

Condon Samuel, printer, 32 Congress, b'ds 115 Purchase 

Condron Eliza, widow, rear 32 Pleasant 

Conery David, mason, li. 51 Fayette 

Conery Daniel, slioemaker, rear 10 Oliver 

Conery Patrick, laborer, Tremont near Pleasant 

Conery Thomas, laborer, rear 89 Sea 

Conkey J. Q,. A. crockery, 11 Wash. h. 88 Mt. Vernon 

Conlan Patrick, laborer, 2 Wharf 

Conley Bethiah, 298 Ann 

Conley Bridget M. widow, CO Broad 

Conley Charles C. {Wadlcij & C), h. D street 

Conley Patrick, laborer, house Mechanic 

Conlin Patrick, laborer, house 3 Cross 

Connall Michael, grocer, C6 Pleasant 

Connel R. M. See L. Brooks & Co. 

Connelly Christopher, laborer, Dedham 

Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, rear 13 Sea 

Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, 2 Wharf 

Connelly Patrick, laborer, rear 664 Washington 

Connelly Thomas, laborer, rear 664 Washington 

Conners Barnard, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 

Conners Christopher, laborer, rear Broadway 

Conners John, stevedore, 87 Broad 

Conners Patrick, laborer, 60 Elliot 

Conners Patrick, tailor, house Theatre alley 

Conners Timothy, laborer, 112 Broad 

Conning Henry, h. 257 Washington 

Connoly Thomas, hatter, B street 

Connor Ann, laundress, 6 Bath 

Connor John, laborer, Ann 

Connor Peter, laborer, rear 16 South Bennet 

Connor Peter, laborer, 88 Broad 

Connoway John, laborer, 3 Humphrey place 

Conolly H. L., Rev. h. B street 

Conolly Patrick, grocer, 118 Ann 

Conroy Michael, h. rear Friend n. Causeway 

Constant Victor, captain, 87 Summer 

Converse Benjamin, 11 Boylston market, h. 39 Front 

Converse James C. {Farrington & C), h. 37 High 

Converse James W. (Field & C), h. head of Pearl 

Conway Edward, razor grinder, Creek square 

Conway James, Rev. cor. Federal and Franklin place 

Cook (Arnold) & Conant (Levi), 62 Fan. Hall market 

Cook Benjamin, boarding house, 35 Ann 


Cook Charles, si^perintendent Odeon, h. rear do. 

Cook Charles {John C. & Charles), h. 3 Columbia 

Cook Eiiz;\beth, widow, 452 Washington 

Cook Elizabotu, widow ef FJlis, Commercial near Ann 

Cook George T. laborer, 28 Portland 

Cook Hiram, shoes, 449 Wash. h. 11 Shavvmut 

Cook Isaac, brewer, 21 Broad and 48 Central 

Cook James M. machinist, house 134 Pleasant 

C(iok James, W. I. goods, 3d street corner Dorchester 

Cook James, laborer, rear 143 Broad 

Cook Jer. 11. plumber, r. 48 Congress, h. 10 Sturgis place 

Cook John (Stephen Jcnney & Co.), h. B street 

Cook John C. & Charles, paperhangings, 220 Washing. 

house 6 Jackson place 
Cook John C. mariner, house 9G Charles 
Cook John V. laborer, house rear 9 W. Centre 
Cook Jothani, ropemaker, h. 547 Washington 
Cook Manuel, printer, house 12 Bovvdoin 
Cook Moody D. mariner, Batterman place 
Cook Moses (fValcutt & C), h. rear 55 Warren 
Cook Nancy, widow of Corey, Broad op. Rowe's wf*. 
Cook Nancy., laundress, Brookiine 
Cook Priscilla, widow of Levi, h. 45 Allen 
Cook Russell, tailor, C Clinton, h. 7 Sturgis place 
Cook Timothy, laborer, 22 South Cedar 
Cook Wm. housewright, Charlestown, h. 2 Prospect 
Cook William, tailor, house 26 Myrtle 
Cook William li. h. 2 Tremont south of Pleasant 
Cook Zebedee, jr. insur. broker, 4 Court, house Pearl 
Cooke Josiah P. counsellor, 9 State, h. 17 Winthrop pi. 
Pooke M- Manuel. See Roberts, C. & Walton. 
Cooley Aaron, truckman, Broad, h. 29 Charles 
Cooley Levi, laborer, house 19 Second 
Cooley William, plane maker, house 33 Chambers 
Cooledge Nalh'l, constable, 2 Franklin av. h. 37 Leveret 
Coolidge Amos (Dabcock 4^ C), house 24 Warren 
Coolidge Charles &. T. provisions, corner Temple and 

Derne, iiouse 2 Newton place 
(yoolidgo Charles D. broker, 49 State, h. 14 Hancock 
Coolidge Charles L. (Cartel- &, C), h. 10 Montgom. pi. 
Coolidge Cornelius, build, cont. 3 State, h. 4 Joy place 
Coolidge Flavel, brushmaker, 22 Exchange 
Coolidge Frances, widow of James, h.' Suffolk n. Dover 
Coolidge George, manuf lemon syrup, h. 2 Garden 
Coolidge Isaac A. turnkey, h. 19 Lyman place 


Cooiidge John, painter, house rear 59 Warren 
Coolidgo J. T. 21 Union wf. house 40 Bowdoin 
Coolidge Jonas, house 12 Poplar 
Coolidge Joseph, 3 Bowdoin square 
Coohdge Josepli, housewright, 32 Catnhridgo 
Coolidge Joseph B. laborer, boards 14 Battery marcli 
Coolidge Joseph, jr. h. Bowdoin c. Cambridge 
Coolidge Lem'i A,, VV. I. g'ds, 519 Wash. h. 11 Piedm't 
Coolidge Nathan, painter. 3 Lowell place 
Coolidge (Samuel F.) & Haskell (EHsha), auctioneers, 

G7 and G9 Kilby. Coolidge's h. 38 Chesnut 
Coolidge Tliacher (C & T. Coolidge), h. 12 Derne 
Coolidge Wui. D. (Madge & C ), h. 99 Pleasant 
Coonjbs Eliza, laundress, rear 600 Washington 
Coombs Isaac B. baker. Grove 
Coombs John, rigger, house rear 18 South Bennet 
Coombs Reuben, brancli pilot, 5 Fleet 
Coombs Warren, mariner, 6 Salter place 
Coombs William R. niariner, house rear 4 Hull 
Cooper David, soapboiler, house 5th street 
Cooper Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 13 Warren 
Cooper George D. mariner, 80 Pond 
Cooper John, laborer, INlarsh lane 
Cooper William H. physician, house 17 Blossom 
Copeland Amasa U. captain, rear 149 Hanover 
Copeland (Benjamin F. ^'- Charles) & Lovering (JY. P ), 

merchants, 35 India 
Copeland Benjamin, mason, house 50 Myrtle 
Copeland Daniel, mason, 57 Spring 
Copeland Elisha, constable, 32 Pleasant 
Copeland Elisha, jr. mercii. ()5 Broad, h. 40 Pleasant 
Copeland John, Commercial near Foster 
Copeland Nancy, widow. Commercial near Foster 
Copeland R. M. bookbinder, 02 Cornhill, h. 3 Barton 
Copeland Sarah, boarding, 48 Union 
Copeland Seth, mason, house 5 Avery place 
Copeland Thomas, housewright, 2 Blake's court 
Copland Seth, housewright, Somerset pi. h. 36 Blossom 
Copp John, tinman, 147 1-2, boards 43 Hanover 
Copp (Joslma) & Dudley (S)7iit/i G.), shoes, 4 Brattle sq. 

house 1 Trayers 
Copp Ruth, widow, 3 Mason 
Corbelt David, mason, house 36 Orange 
Cordis Thomas F. (Scuddcr, C. ^ Co.), h. 43 Beacon 
Cordis Thomas, house 43 Beacon 


Cordwell Harriet, widow of William, 7 Fleet 

Corey {Nathan) & Adams (Olir.), grain deal. 60 Long wf. 

Corey Timothy, 96 Faneuil Hall market 

Corey Walter & Co. (/. C. Glazier), clmir dealers, 28 

Corlew Elijah J. S., Suffolk Bank, h. N. Allen 

Cormerais Sarah, widow, 20 Fayette 

Cornell {E. K.) <fe Hurlbert {Truman R.), iron foundry, 
36 Bridge. C.'s h. 48 Temple 

Cornell John, housewright, house 109 Chambers 

Cornell Thomas I. hatter, house 47 Merrimac 

Corr James, grocer. Prince 

Corrigan Anthony, corkcutter, Bei^erly 

Corruih Theophilus, house 6 North Russell 

Corthell {Hosea) & Davies (Z)anie/), housewrights, Port- 
land. C.'s house 3 Leveret 

Cotterell J. H. shipping office, 4 Clinton 

Cotting Amos, 2 Joy's building, h. Pinckney 

Cotting Cha's C, W. L g'ds, 73 Cambridge, h. 28 Charles 

Cotting T. widow of Uriah, 2 Orange 

Cotton Dudley P. boards 469 Washington 

Cotton Eliza, nurse, house 68 Cambridge 

Cotton Jeremiah, fisherman, 1st street 

Cottons {John & Joseph) & Barnard {John), booksellers 
and stationers, 184 Washington 

Cotton John, house 39 Purchase 

Cotton John, blacksmith, rear 63 Elliot 

Cotton {Joseph), Hill {Samuel) & Co. {J. H. Cotton), 46 
Cent, wf chain cable manufactory South Boston 

Cotton Joseph, house 18 South 

Cotton Joseph H. {Cotton, Hill 8^ Co.), h. 5 Waverley pi. 

Cotton Mary, head of Pearl 

Cotton Nath'l, surveyor of lumber, house 40 Friend 

Coitrell Ellen, widow, rear 63 Elliot 

Couch George, tailor, house rear Gridley 

Couillard Samuel, machinist, h. 5 Lancaster 

County Patrick, laborer, rear 81 Sea 

Court Edward, teamster, house 83 Sea 

Courtain Thomas, laborer, house 106 Commercial 

Courtis Stacy (C, Pickering & Co.), b'ds 8 Milton place 

Courtis {William), Pickering {Arthur) & Co. (S. Courtis)^ 
dry goods, 59 Water. C. boards 8 Milton pi. 

Courtney Abram V. house 36 South Margin 

Courtney Jerusha, fancy goods, 123 Court 

Courtney Sylvanus, laborer, 1 Norfolk place 


Courtney Timothy, laborer, 5 Lucas place 

Couthony Joseph V. captain, h. 3 Barton 

Covell Charles {Jeicett & C), h. Hanover H. 

CoveJl Reuben, mariner, rear 39 Prince 

Covell Thomas K. housewright, h. Newbern place 

Coverly Edward {IV. S^ E. Coverly), h. 31 Portland 

Coverly Samuel, 13 Hancock 

Coverly Samuel, jr. 13 Hancock 

Coverly Wells & Ed. hatslore, 32 Dock sq. h. 38 Hancock 

Covington Elam, boards 17 Franklin place 

Cowden Asa P. laborer, h. Wheeler's court 

Cowden Betsey, widow, Canton near Suffolk 

Cowdin Abbi, widow, 15 Nassau 

Cowdin Jeptha R. laborer, house Broadway 

Cowdin John, soapstone worker, Charlestown, h. 23 

Cowdin Robert (Guild & C J, h. 15 Nassau 
Cowdin Zabiah, widow, rear 612 Washington 
Cowen Robert, house 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Cowley Caleb C. (Bell & C), h. rear 47 Sea 
Cox Lemuel, painter, h. Warren place 
Cox Mary Ann, widow, 2 Lincoln court 
Cox Rufus, coachman, house 154 Washington 
Coye (Horace C.) & Page (A. R.), truckmen, 91 Com- 
mercial. C.'s h. Carrol place 
Coye Rebecca L. widow, house 17 North Bennet 
Coyle Patrick, laborer, 29 Sea 

Crackbon Lemuel, 23 Commercial wf. h. 15 Purchase 
Craft Charles, house rear 15 Hanover 
Crafts Ann, widow, 20 Carver 
Crafts F. D. See Shaw, Briggs & C. 
Crafts George, messenger Market Bank, 1 City wharf 
Crafts Henry, provision dealer, h. 4th street 
Crafts John, rigger, house rear gun house, Fort hill 
Cragier Henry, rigger, house 127 Broad 
Cragin Nathan & Daniel, grocers, Broad cor. Gibbs lane. 

N. C. boards 45 Sister 
Cragin (Lorenzo S.), Cleveland (Stephen H.)&Co. (Cy- 
rus Blake), importers, 25 & 27 Water. Cragin's 
house 6 High 
Cram Geo. W. housew't, Front n. Oak, h. r. 41 Pleasant 
Crane Betsey B. nurse, 3 Leveret 
Crane Elizabeth, widow, h. 9 Blossom 
Crane G. B. (G. B. Thurston & Co •)» house Commercial 
near Foster 


Crane Horatio N. clerk, house 9 Distil house square 

Crane Joshua, iron dealer, IG Long wf. h. 18 Lincoln 

Crane Larra, 24 Poplar 

Crane Margaret, widow, 90 Sea 

Crangle Richard, stone cutter, house 18 Myrtle 

Crawford Ira, stairbuilder, 24 Fayette 

Crawford James E. cook, 13 Merchants ro\v 

Crawford Jolui, housewright, 77 Prince 

Crawford Samuel M. stairbuilder, h. Canton rear Suffolk 

Crawley Hannah, hoarding house, North square 

Crease William, mason, house 7 Norfolk place 

Creech A. A. hairdress. 5 Ci)ngress sq, b'ds South st. pi. 

Creech Sam'l W. hairdress. 9 Trem. li. h. 3 South st. pi. 

Creech Susannah, widow, South street place 

Creed William, machinist, rear 671 Washington 

Crego Hiram, laborer, 108 Sea 

Crehore Daniel S. cabinetmaker, 841, h. 837 Wash. 

Crehore Edward & Co. (/. Crehore), card manufac- 
turers, 6 Long wharf 

Crehore Hannah, boarding house, 463 Washington 

Crehore Tliomas, 3 Waverloy place 

Crehore William, housewright, 7 Carver 

Crehore William B. painter, J Hawley pi. h. 463 Wash. 

(/remar Casper, clerk, house 6 Boylston square 

Cressy Franklin B. 30 Washington 

Crew William, laborer, rear 3 Pitts 

Crighton James, clicmist, h. 756 Washington. See adv. 
Crisp Antonio, clothing, 2.52 and 254 Ann 
Crispin Elizabeth, laundress, 37 Bedford near Short 
Crispy Jan'ies, laborer, rear 83 Broad 
Croak Sophia, widow, opposite 4 Essex place 
Crocker Benjamin, ship caipenter, rear 3d street 
Crocker D. L. dressmaker, house rear 19 Allen 
Crocker Elisha, meichant, h. i5S Leveret 
Crocker J. D. hatter, 6 Ann 
Crocker Joseph, shoemaker, house 228 Ann 
Crocker Richard J. (Child & C), house 200 Hanover 
Crocker (Uriel) & Brewster ( O^-m?/ /t), printers and book- 
sellers, 47 Wash. Crocker's h. 23 Lyndc 
Crockett A. K. captain, boards 69 Congress 
Crockett Andrew, handcartman, h. Haymarket place 
Crockett Ephraim, furniture carver, 15 Second 
Crockett George W. merch. 37 India, h. 7 Mt. Vernon 
Crockett Susan, milliner, 312 W^ashington, h. 91 Salem 
Crockett Wm. handcartman, h. Haymarket place 


Cromartie Ann, 45 Pleasant 

Crombio Joiin, stairbuildcr. Lancaster, h. Williams ct. 

Crombie William, tavern, 1)4 and 9G Cambridge 

Crooker Hatch, caulker and graver, h. 318 Ann 

Croome George. See Lane 6l C. 

Crosbee Tlionias, house 210 Ann 

Crosbie Abigail, widow of Ziba, Batterymarch 

Cr«sby Alonzo, soda, 25 Excliange, h. rear 15 Hanover 

Crosby (.^su) & Boy don {Elijah), dry goods, 73 Court 

Crosby {Jlagvstus) & Small {Benjumin), cabinetmakers, 

rear 34 Wash. Crosby's h. 31 Myrtle 
Crosby Charles, handcartman, Salt lane 
Crosby E. widow of James, Broadway 
Crosby Frederick {Stone & C), li. 31 Bridge 
Crosby John, laborer, 24 Mcrrimac 
Crosby Joseph C. cordvvainer, Tlfird st. 
Crosby Josiah L. merchant, 45 Hanover, h. 14 Bridge 
Crosby Kendall, soda and coffee room, Lindall 
Crosby Lemuel S. stone cutter, 2 Second street 
Crosby Loammi {Stearjis & C-), house 2;) Bridge 
Crosby Porter, house 18 Gouch 

Crosby Sumner, broker, 5 Exchange, h. Spring st. place 
Crosby Tully, captain, F street near 4th street „ 
Crosby Walter, miis. inst. uiaker, 190, h. 196 Tremont 
Crosby Wm. S. {Leach, C & GShnore),h. Sea n. the bridge 
Cross Amos W. soda room, 78 Commercial 
Cross Benijah, pianoforte maker, boards 759 Wash. 
Cross Jacob, laborer, rear 10 Brighton 
Cross Othniel, handcartman, Dedham near Tremont 
Crossmafi George D. dry goods, 383 Wash, b'ds 105 Front 
Croswell Mary, widow, rear 34 Prince 
Croswell William, Rev. vestry of Chiist church Salem 
Crotty Richard, carpenter, h. Tremont near Pleasant 
Crowell Mary, widow. Market place 
Crowley John, laborer, rear 03 Elliot 
Crowley Jolm, laborer, 131 Broad 
Crowley Johanna, widow, Peck lane 
Crowley Lawrence, laborer, Devonshire n. Spring lane 
Crowley Timotby, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Crowninshield Benjamin W. h. 1 Somerset 
Crowninshield F. B. attorney, 4 Court, h. 1 Cliesnut 
Crowninshield Geo. machinist, h. Blackstono n. Hanover 
Crowninshield John, app. C. H. h. Belknap c. Pinckney 
Crueger Francis, h. rear 39 Sea 
Cruft Edward, merchant, house 6 Pearl 


Cruft Edward, jr. attorney, 9 State, house 6 Pearl 

Cruft John, port warden, 31 India, h. 47 Salem 

Cruse Thomas, laborer, south 794 Washington 

Crygier Simon, laborer, 4 Orange lane 

Cuddy Cornelius, laborer, 1 Humphrey place 

Cuddy William, laborer, P street 

Cudworth Lucinda, widow, 8 Leveret lane 

Cudworth Peter, housew't, Merrimac, h. 24 N. Russell 

Cudworth Susan, rear 34 Prince 

Cullen Sophia, widow, nurse, h. 9 Brighton 

Cullinan John, laborer, rear 50 Boylston 

Cullinan Harriet, widow of Michael, 179 Purchase 

Cullis Henry, stonecutter, 1st street 

Cullis John, h. May second door from Centre 

Cumings Bradley N. {Hobart & C), h. 23 Charter 

Cumings Thomas, shoes, 683, house 656 Wash. 

Cummings Abigail, 5 Howard 

Cummings Alvah. See E. Baker & Co. 

Cummings Amos, machinist, h. 30 Warren 

Cummings Amos (Boioditch & C), h. Essex 

Cummings Ann, widow of David, rear 78 Warren 

Cummings Bradley (JV. Hobart & C), b'ds 23 Charter 

Cummings Charles VV. & Co. {Luke Fernald), smiths, IBS' 

Camb. h. N. Grove 
Cummings Christopher, clerk, h. Garden court 
Cummings Daniel, 42 S. Market, h. 6 Causeway 
Cummings Daniel, truckman. Broad, h. 67 Salem 
Cummings David, innholder, Jefferson house, 16 Ann- 
Cummings Elislia, North Margin 
Cummings Ephraim, h. 98 Purchase • 

Cummings George & Co. {A. E. Hildreth), dry good»y 

15 Doane 
Cummings Gilbert, house 9 Charter 
Cummings James, laborer, Gibbs lane near Purchase 
Cummings Lucy, widow, Warren place 
Cummings Michael, machinist, E street 
Cummings (Robert) &> Gilman (Geo. W.), W. L goods, 

153 Ann 
Cummings Rowland, mason, house 62 Myrtle 
Cummings Sophia, widow, 2 Moon 
Cummings Sumner, h. Commercial near Ferry ways 
Cummings Thomas, brassfounder, h. 18 N. Bennet 
Cummiskey Hugh, house 9 Sullivan place 
Cunningham Andrew & Charles, merchants, 28 Fo8t»'» 

wharf, house 25 Mt. Vernou 


Cunningham Benj. blacksmith, 4th street 
Cunningham Charles, 13 Foster's wf. h. 42 Mt. Vernon 
Cunningham Charles, W. f. goods, 394 Wash. h. do. 
Cunningham Ephraim M. itispect. of cust. h. 3 Garden ct. 
Cunningham Geo. H. housew't, Harvard pi. h. BeverJy 
Cunningham Henry, coach lace, 3 Milk 
Cunningham James, laborer, 41 Leveret 
Cunningham James, mer. ii7 Foster's wf. h. 14 Chesnut 
Cunningham Jt)hn, laborer, 149 Broad 
Cuimingliam John, laborer, rear 8 South street place 
Cunningham Jos. L. auc. Federal cor. Milk, h. Rows pi. 
Cunningham Lucretia, widow, Richmond avenue 
Cunningham Nathaniel F. & Co. {Thos. Cltiid), mer. 38 

and 27 India wf h. 6 McLean 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, rear 12 Distilhouse square 
Cunningham Phebe B. house 5 Short 
Cunningham Simon D. house Beverly 
Cunningham Theodore W. housewright, h. Salem pi. 
Cunningham William, housewright, (commercial 
Curley Michael, laborer, rear 151 Ann 
Curran Dennis, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Curran Thomas (D. M' Murray & Co.), brushmakers, h. 

4 Prospect 
Currant Anthony, jr., Ann street court 
Currant John F. boarding house, rear 281 Ann 
Currant Joseph, cooper, Richmond 
Currier Benj. H. assistant clerk S. J. C. h. 202 Tremont 
Currier Eliza, widow, house 108 Cambridge 
Currier Elizabeth, widow of Eben. R. 115 Pleasant 
Currier Hubbard C. broker, h. Haymarket place 
Currier Hugh M. house 4 Champney place 
Currier Jerahmeel, trader, hou^e 3 Purchase 
Currier Jonathan T. bellhanger, h. 57 Pond 
Currier Nathaniel, teamster, rear 80 Tremont 
Currier (Richard) & Trotl (Peter), watchmakers, 139 

Washington. C.'s house Pleasant 
Currier Joseph B. house 61 Myrtle 
Currill Henry, h. rear 5 Tileston 
Curry William, jeweller, h. 28 Cambridge 
Curry William, laborer, 29 Sea 
Curtin John, Rev. cor. Federal and Franklin place 
Curtin Susannah, widow, 54 Prince 
Curtis Benj. R. attorney, 16 Court, h. 9 W. Cedar 
Curtis Caleb, Pres. Neptune Ins. Co. h. 36 Chesnut 
Curtis Charles, mariner, Langdon place 


Curtis Charles E. ropemaker, h. Arnold 

Curtis Charles l*. counsellor, 16 Couit, h. 19 Mt. Vernon 

Curtis Christopher, lime kiln and hoiiso, 70 Cliarles 

Curtis David, housewri^ht, house 36 Merrimac 

Curlis Elijah S. hardware, &c. 9 Dock square 

Curtis Frances, widow of Thomas, zl Mt. Vernon 

Curtis George, attorney, h. 7 W. Cedar 

Curtis Geor<;e A. stereotyper, h. Church cor. S, Cedar 

Curtis Hannah, vvidovv. house 4 Knox 

Curtis Menrj, wood wf. Front, h. 6i)9 Wasliington 

Curtis Janies F. superintendent Worcester Rail Road, 

house 11 Warren 
Curtis Jared B. See Kimhall, Jewett & Co. 
Curtis John, stereotype founder, house 25 Hamilton 
Curtis John, jr. (J. Collumore, jr. &- Co), h. 18 Bulfinch 
Curtis John & Son (Frc(/er^':A;), woodwharfingers,4rf SJea 
Curtis Joseph, mes. Cornmer. Bank, li. 26 Harvard 
Curtis Joseph H. <& (iefirge, 104 Faneuil market 
Curtis M.-iry, widow of captain Philip, 12 Columbia 
Curtis {Nathaniel, jr.) & Leavens {^S. D.), merchants, 

106 State. C.s h. 65 Pinckney 
Curtis Philip, housewright, Bhickstone 
Curtis Robert, clerk, 30 Broad, h. 4 Federal court 
Curtis Sam. lookingglass maker, 15 Wash h. 9 Staniford 
Curtis Samuel S. {A'urris i- C), h. 24 La Grange place 
Curlis Sarah, widow of David, h. 36 IVIerriuiac 
Curtis Sarah, widow, 5 Distilhouse square 
Curtis Sar-:{h, widow of N. R. house Arnold 
Curtis Theophilus, truckman, 'I'urnpiko. street 
Curtis Thomas, merchant, 15 Central wf h. 46 Purchase 
Curtis Thomas, punrpmaker, h. 3 South slr«^et court 
Curtis Thomas B. mer. 35 Central wf h. 19 Mt. Vernon 
Curtis William, Court, h. 202 Tremont 
Cushing Abel, counsellor, 9 State 
Cushing Abigail, widow, 6 Richmond 
Cushing Bela, shipwright, rear Hull 
Cushing Charles W. mason, house 6 Sheaf 
Cushing Deborah, widow of Henry, 10 Balterymarch 
Cushing Edmund L. school, 16 Franklin 
Cushing Eliza Ann, h. op. 98 Sea 
Cushing George, clerk Col. Bank, h. 6 Columbia 
Cushing George K. housewriglit, 25 Pinckney 
Cushing Goorgo W. coach trimmer, h. Batteryraarch 
Cushing Hannah, widow, h. Battervmarch 
CushiDg Hannah 6> milliner, 159 VVashington 



dishing Havwiird P. {S. Pcirce Sl Co.), h. 49 Hanover 

Cushinj; Henry (H. R. JVi'lians &, Co.), h. 12 Columbia 

Ciishiiig Henry W. h. 10 Batteryrnarch 

Cnsliing Is!ia(!, harnessinaker, Sudbury, h. jl Stillman 

Cushing (.///,/7je5), White {Charles Jl.) & Co. {Wm. R. 
Dr.ane &. Wm. Ji. IVhUe), importers and dealers in 
woollen j2,VKids, 6! Kiibv 

Cnsliing Jolm(/. Harris &"Co ), h. 59 Charter 

Cnsliing John, lioiis(nvriglit.Biir.ol|)h, h. 30 Garden 

Cusliing(./y»a.) &, Ames (jYalU'lF.), iner. 110 Milk 

Cushitig Jonathan, h G7 Poplar 

Cnsliing Lemuel, 's2 Hanrock 

Cnsliing Levi L. carver, o4 Poplar, h. 11 Brighton 

Gushing Luther S. counsellor, 4 Court 

Cushirig Martha, 90 Front 

dishing Mary, widow, Henchman lane 

dishing Mary, nurse, G Bartlett 

dishing Mary, boarding house, 18 Province H. court 

Cnsliing Nehemiah. mason, '26 Belknap 

dishing Perez, shipwr't, rear 57 Commer. h. 4 Unity ct. 

Cusliing (Roland) & Brown (Benj. H), house and ship 
joiners, Russia wf. C.'s h. 3 Purchase place 

Cusliing Samuel, stair builder, h. 50 Fayette 

Cusliing Samuel, printer, house 113 Chambers 

Cushing Samuel N. (Pratt & C), house rear 19 Charter 

Cusliing Sarah and Ann, house rear 52 Federal 

Cushing Sarah H. widow of William L. h. 39 Pinckney 

Cnsliing Sarah, widow, h. 39 S. Russell 

Cushing Sarah T. widow, 201 Ann 

Cushing Solomon B. mastmaker, 4th street 

Cushing Thomas, 2 Columbia 

Cushing Thomas P. & Co. (.Arthur Wilkinson), import- 
ers, 5 Kilhy, h. 4 Mt. Vernon 

Cushing Zenas, tailor, h. 19 Myrtle 

Cushman Freeman L. housew't, S. Margin, h. 7 Minot 

Cushman Jafnes H. mason, h. 104 Warren 

Cushman (Joseph P) & Vose (Joseph), coopers, 97 Wa- 
ter. C 's h. 6 Richmond 

Cushman John, housewright, h. rear 351 Washington 

Cushman Joseph, jr. dry goods, 161 Washington 

Cushman Lucy K. rear 83 Tremont 

Cushman Mary E. boarding, 41 Brattle 

Culler Amos, jeweller, 217 Wash. h. Bromfield House 

Cutler Charles, lighterman, h. 190 Ann 

Culler Elisha, lighterman, Corn. n. Ann, h. 51 Charter 


Cutler (Elisha) & Tewksbury {A. /?.)> ''ghterm. 80 Com. 
Cutler {E. n.) & Russell (J.), stage office, 11 Elm, h. 6 

Brattle square 
Cutler John. See Pattangall & C. 
Cutler Jonas, mariner, Murray place 
Cutler Marshall J. {Mclntire & C), h. 8 Crescent pi. 
Cutler ]\ahum, carpenter, Beach, h. Kuhn place 
Cutler Pliny, Pres. Atlantic Bank, h. 6 Mt. Vernon pi. 
Cutler Roland (JV. Faxon & Co.), h. 47 Salem 
Cutler Samuel (£. Clarke & Co.), h. 41 Bowdoin 
Cutler S. VV. cordwainer, 13 Salem, h. rear Hanover 
Cutter {Amnd) & Perkins (Richard), mer. 2 Brimmer's 

T and Portland, h. Pitts 
Cutter Caleb C. h. 2 Pitts 
Culter Dorcas, widow, h. Berry 
Cutter Edward, weigher, 15 Long wf. h. 28 Myrtle 
Cutter George, provisions, rear 113 Hanover 
Cutter Henry, 4 Arch 
Cutter John, blacksmith, h. 8 Snowhill 
Cutter Joseph, cardmaker, 59 Commercial, h. Clark 
Cutter Samuel L. wharfinjjer, 33 Com. wf. h. G Sheafe 
Cutter Samuel, mason. Henchman lane 
Cutter Wm. G. coach trim. C Hawley, h. Nassau ct. 
Cutting Benjamin R. See Wm. S. Lovell & Co. 
Cutting Elijah W. r. 15 Tremont near Washington 
Cutting Gilbert, shoes, 84 Cambridge 
Cutting Henry, provisions, Commer. cor. Hanover 
Cutting Jonas, laborer, 2 Bartlett 

DAGGETT EDW. C. grocer, 7 India wf. b'ds 48 Fed. 

Dagget Herman, W. I. g'ds, 43 India, h. Com. Coff. li. 

Dagget Milton, boarding, 5 Brattle square 

Daggett Henry L. shoes, 206 Wash, b'ds 64 Tremont 

Dailey Bartholomew, laborer, 92 Summer 

Dailey Cornelius, laborer. Broad, op. Maine wharf 

Dailey Carroll, laborer, Peck lane 

Dailey Cornelius, laborer, Creek square 

Dailey Edmund, laborer, Hamilton alley 

Dailey James, house rear Pinckney 

Dailey Jeremiah, laborer. Lane place 

Dailey Jerry, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Dailey John, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Dailey John, laborer, rear 40 Friend 

Dailey Lawrence, laborer, rear 99 Broad 

Dailey Michael, mariner, rear 660 Washington 


Dailey Patrick, laborer, Front near Oak 

Dailey Thomas, gardener, h. 5 Essex place 

Dailey Timothy, hiboier, 2 Wharf 

Daily Silas, ship carpenter, Broadway 

Daily William, honse rear 40 Friend 

Daly Patrick, cordwainer, hoards opposite 40 Front 

Diile Catlierine. dressmaker, 21 Summer 

Dale Ebenezer {Johnson, SewalL & Co.), b'da 11 Beacon 

Dale John, hosiery factory, South Cedar 

Daley John, wlieelwright", h. rear 235 Washington 

Dalle Silas, shipwriirht, h. rear Broadway 

Dall John, h. {]\S'i Washington 

Dall Joseph, h. ()H8 Washington 

Dull Rebecca, widow of William, h. G68 Washington 

Duiliiiger (John, jr.) & Welch {F. 0.), bats and fur, 19 

Dalrimple Judith, widow of John, 10 North Russell 
Dahon Garrett, laborer, 2 Whaif 
Dalion Huiih, laborer, C street 

Dahon, cashier Tremont Bank, h. 58 Mt. Vernon 
D.ilton Michael, typefounder, 12 Hull 
Dalton Patrick It. packer, 8 Sudbury 
Dahon Petei R. iner. 59 C(mimer. wf h. at Tremont H. 
Dahon Thankful, wid. of Thomas, h. 10 Pearl place 
Dalton Thomas, laborer, 3\i Broad 
Dam Leader, patera medicines, 49 Hanover 
Dam Sally, widow, h. Butolph 

Dame AbValiam A. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 7 Poplar 
Dame John \V. cordwainer, h. 109 Charles 
Dame Mary, widow (.f Levi, house 1(31 Court 
Djimtners Amelia E. widow, Theatre alley 
l>amon Joel, liatier, h. Silver 
Damon J. mas<m, house 222 Hanover 
Damon Leonard (Lamb & D.), h. Turnpike 
Damon Nathaniel L. clerk, h. 15 Myrtle 
Damrell Elbrid^^e G. cooper, Hobbs's wharf, Sea 
Damrell William S. printer, 39 Washington, h. 4 Poplar 
Dana Aaron, broker, 2 Rogers's building, h. 1 Howard 
Dana Charles B. {Davenport 4' D), h. 19 Hayward pi. 
Dana Dexter, mustard fact. 105 Ann, h. 53 Belknap 
Dana Elisha W. broker, rear 23 State, h. Ex. Coffee H. 
Dana Edward, fruit, 100 N. Market, h. 4 Cornhill squar« 
Dana Ebenezer, tailor, h. rear 39 Essex 
Dana Eleanor, widow, Spear alley 
Dana Enoch, laborer, h. S. Cedar near the chnrch 


Dana (EpJiraim), Evans (Alfred) »^ Co. {Luther Dana, 

A. IV. Farrar &. Geo. Hyde), W. I. goods, 44 and 46 

Broad. D.'s h. 10 Haywaid place 
Dana Francis, physician, 2 Central court 
Dana George, W. 1. goods, 13 Long wf. h. 142 Purchase 
Dana John, mason, Fruit street court 
Dana Lulher, h. 10 Hayvvard place 
Dana {MatliL), Greely {Philip, jr.) &Co.{Geo. F. Guild), 

mer. 1 Central wf. D.'s h. 19 Hayward pi. 
Dana Otis H. {Fales & D.), h. 10 Hayward place 
Dana Richard H. h. 10 Sullivan place 
Dana Samuel, 9 Court, boards 24 Somerset 
Dana { Samuel), Fenno {John IV.) & Henshavv {Samuel), 

brokers, 39 State. D.'s h. Chardon 
Dane John (B. French & Co.), h. 27 Green 
Dane Feter O. grocer, Merrimac cor. Portland 
Danforth A. h. 277 Washington 
Danforth Elizabeth, widow, 29 Bedford . 
Danforth Isaac, 13 South Market 
Danforth John M. paper hangings, 162 Hanover 
Danforth Mary, wid. of Thomas, boarding h. 105 Front 
Danforth Stephen, distiller, h. 13 Pleasant 
Danforth William, pianof irte maker, h. Silver 
Daniell Chester {J. & C. Daniell), h. 58 Warren 
Daniell George K. 9 Union 
Daniell J. N. 201 Washington 

Daniell J. &. C. dry g'ds, 201 Wash. J. D.'s h. Temple 
Daniell Otis (Grant & D.), h. 14 Montgomery place 
Daniels Betsey, widow, 110 Warren 
Daniels Eben., blacksm. Havvley, h. Garden c. Southac 
Daniels Henry, distiller, h. 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Daniels Joseph, strne mason, 3 N. Federal court 
Daniels Mercy L. widow, 5 Hull 
Daniels Nathaniel, baker, 38 Templfe 
Daniels Thomas, cordwainer, Merrimac 
Daniels William, cooper, h. 2 May place 
Paniels Wm B. housewright, h. 2 Grove 
Dano William, h. 4th street 
Dnrbe Josiah, provisions, 77, h. 113 Chambers 
Darling A. painter, 1 Orange corner Washington 
Darling Benj. h. 3 Bridge st. court 
Darling Chas. B. & Wm. A. dry g'ds, 163 Washington, 

house 97 Front 
Darling {Elhridge) & Hammond {B. F.), dry goods, 72 


DIRfeCTORY. 139 

Dnrling Elialdm, botnnic physician, 52 Salem 

Darliiig Ezra, shoemaker, U. ] Orange 

Daihng Guorgo F. haektnan, h. 2 Bath 

Darling Horace B. house 20 Orange 

Darling Leonard, hoii'iewright, h. 38 Belknap 

Darling l*eter II. ship and house joiner, h. (libbs lane 

Darling Sarnuel, wood, Brighton, h.23 McLean 

Darling {Thomas) & I'ollarJ (Thomas), soda, Frank, av. 

Darling Thomas, house 51 Allen 

Darracott George, agent Gas Ligiit Co. 185 Wash. h. 6 

Trem<mt place 
Darracott George, jr. snperinten. railway, h. 35 Charter 
Darrow Thomas, laborer, rear 41 Congress 
Dascomb Richard, VV. L goods. Sea c. East, h. 61 Sea 
Dascomb Thomas R. (Hunt .Nz Z> ), h. 57 Sea 
Dashwood Sarah, widow, h. Pinckney cor. W, Cedar 
Davenport Asher, rear 373 Washington 
Davenport Benjamin, clerk, h. 3 Sonierset place 
Davenport C. W, 43 Kilby, house 21 Orange 
Daven[)ort Edward J. physician, 3 Winter 
Davenport Edwin, baker, 42 Prince 
Davenport Elijah, 2! Orange 
Davenport (George) & Daua (Chorles £.), W. I. g'ds, 1 

Cenlral wf. Davenport's h. 10 La Grange pi. 
Davenport James S. truckman, 207 Hanover 
Davenport John, housew't, r. (J2 Milk, h. 115 Purchase 
Davenport Mary, widow, 14 Bedfoid 
Davenport Rufus, 120 Washington 
Davey John, trader, boards 15 N. Margin 
David Barnabas B. See Melendy & D. 
Davidson Hamilton, grain store, 37 Long wharf 
Davidson J<thn, boarding house, 313 Commercial 
Davies Daniel (Corthdl <fe D.),'h. 49 Poplar 
Davies Joshua G. paper hanger, h. Knox 
Davies Lucy, widow, 9 Norfolk place 
Davis Adolphus, iner. T3 Cent. wf. b'dsMilk c. Atkinson 
Davis Amos, laborer, rear 130 Pleasant 
Davis Barnabas (H. Sr.iidder <$'• Co.), h. Pearl place 
Davis {Bcnj. B.) & Fobes {EH win). 83 F. Hall market 
Davis Charles 6i J. H., 14 Boylslon market 
Davis David, assistant House of Correction 
Davis David, broker, 16 Exchange, h. 59 Belknap 
Davis David, jeweller, h. 5 Tre,niont ne;ir Pleasant 
Davis David C. baker, 5 Atkinson, h. 21 do. 
Davis David E. laborer, rear 60 Elliot 


Davis Eben. & VV. 26 F. H. market, h. 37 Friend 

Davis E()(Miez«r, 1 17- Faneiiil Hall marktt 

Davis Eliza L. widow, 2 Oran^fe lane 

Davis Elizabeth, widdw of Oliver, h. 20 Blossom 

Davis Elizabeili H. widow of'Atnbrose, 16 Howard 

Davis Epiiraim C. laborer, 13 Hull 

Davis Ephraini, house Canal 

Dnvi.s Ezra, wharfinger, 13 Foster's wf. h. 38 Atkinson 

Davis Frances, nurse, h. 7 Second 

Davis Franklin L. h. 108 Cambridge 

Davis Ferdinand H. clerk, 31 N<»rth Market 

Davis (George) ol Meserve {John B.), liousewrightB, 

Broukline. Davis's h. do. 
Davis George H. pianoforte maker, h. 18 Piedmont 
Davis Giltnan, clerk, h. 777 Washington 
Davis Gihnan, stone cutter, Broadway 
Davis Gihnan, pianoforte n)aker. h. 18 Piedmont 
Davis Henry, sexton, house 13 Fleet 
Davis Henry, pianoforte tuner, cor. Essex and Wash. 
Davis Hiram, broker, h. rear 57 Elliot 
Da^is Horatio, organ builder, 16 Bridge 
Davis Isaac, comb store, 28 Washington, h. 20 Hanover 
Davis Isaac P. 8 Winthrop place 
Davis Jacob, housewright, h. 4 Eaton 
Davis James, 22 Union, h. 148 Tremont 
Davis Ja's, jr. ag't Revere Co. 22 Union, h. 148 Tremonl 
Da\is Jaiiies, rigger, 2 North square 
Davis James, furcutter, Cambridge, near the bridge 
Dat'is James, h. 2 Sun court 

Davis Job, fruit cellar, Boylston market, h. Elliot 
Davis John, Judge District Court, li 1 Milton place 
Davis John, hoijsewright, h. 25 Brighton 
Davis John, laborer, h. Commercial 
Davis John, mariner, rear Pond 
Davis John, captain, Broadway corner Dorchest6r 
Davis Jojin, trader, h. Washington avenue 
Davis (John Gardner), Bales {Benj. E.) &, Turner (John 

M.), dry goods. 49 Water 
Davis John. See Prait & D. 
Davis John C. stevedore, Ann street court 
Davis John E. laborer, rear 60 Elliot 
Davis {Jo/m IV.) &. Abbott (Joseph), livery stable, rear 1 

Franklin pi. D.'s h. 3 Short st. ct. 
Davis Jonathan, paver, 15 Gaiden 
Davis Joseph. See Boynton &, D. 



Dnvis Joseph A, (Seo,rs S/- D.), h. 15 Orange 

Davis Joseph F. cabinetmaker, Poiul, h. N. Margin 

iJavis Jost^ph, brass nail maker, rear Broadway 

Davis Joshua, jjroccr, East, cor. South, 1>. 39 South 

Davis Joshua, house 28 Summer 

Davis Joshua, jr. blacksmith, house Friend 

Davis Juha, widow, 5 Orange hine 

Davis Lois, boardings, 25 Port hind ' 

Davis liois, taih)ress, rear <)3 Salem 

Davis Mary, house I Lynde 

Davis Mary D. widow, 11 Madison place 

Davis Mary, widow, rear ISorth Mai gin 

Davis Mary B. widow, house 44 Temple 

Davis Mary S. widow, 57 Elliot 

Davis Patrick, laborer, Washinirton avenue 

Davis Robert S. publisher, 77 Washington 

Davis Koxana, boarding, rear 46 Hanover 

Davis Rufus, h. Hanover avenue 

Davis Sally, tailoress, 4th street 

Davis Sally, widow, 104 Sea 

Davis Samuel, importer of watches, 1 Milk, h. Orange Ct. 

Davis Samuel S. housevvriglit, N. Hanover court 

Davis Samuel, jr. 4 Boylston market 

Davis Ste[»hen G. teller South Bank 

Davis Sullivan, laborer, 97 Pond 

Davis Susan H. widow of John W. 7 Winthrop place 

Davis T. A. import, of watches, 87 Wash. h. 11 Chesnut 

Davis Thomas, cartman, h. 324 Ann 

Davis Thomas, grocer, 7 S. side Fan. H. h. 23 Spring 

Davis Thomas C. clerk, house rear 339 Washington 

Davis Thomas, Otis pi. cor. Winthrop p|. 

Davis T. Kemper, attorney, 33 Court, h. 8 Winthrop pi. 

Davis Timothy, collector, h 25 Thacher 

Davis Wescot, grocer, 81 Purchase, h. do. 

Davis Williim. See E. »fe W. Davis 

Dtivis William G. organ buildfr, Friend, h. 2 Sudbnry 

Davis Wm. jr. merchant, 74 Long wf h. 11 Cambridge 

Davis William N. jeweller. Blackstone 

Dawes Albert G. boards 247 Washington 

Dawes Henry, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 173 Hanover 

Dawes James, laborer, rear 371 Wasbington 

Dawes Relief, widow, Middlesex, near Castle 

Dawley Augustus S. machinist, h. 7 Stillman 

Davlin Edward, laborer, rear 11 Cross 

Day Asa, house Middlesex near Castle 


Day John, house 8 Oliver 

Day Joshua, house Broad op. Rowe's wf. 

Day liucretia S. milliner, 137 Court 

D ly Moses, stonecutt^^r, Isi, h. 3H street near Dorchester 

Day(on (jVtt</i7 [, ) & Bailey {IVm.), bookbinders, 147 

Wash. h. Harvard place 
Dean C.lvin, boards 10 Clark 
Dean Charles A. crockery, 19 Elm, h. 5 Cooper 
Dean Christopher C, S 8 Depository, 13 Cornhill 
Dean Eliza, taih.ress, house rear Teinple 
Dt!an Henry {SUr.kney cV D.), h. 2G Green 
Dean James, house Medford 
Dean Jarvis, teamster, li. Lenox 

Dean l.oammi, eordvvainer,.14 Leveret, h. 109 Chamber* 
Dean Martha, widow, rear 7 Prince 
Dean Nancy H. widow of Tiiomas, h. 86 Prince 
Dean Paul, Hev 24 Green 
Deane Charles, boards 7 Central court 
Deane William R. house 44 High 
Dearhoin Abner, shoes, 204, house rear 202 Hanover 
Dearborn Benjriinin, h. 4 Avon place 
Dearborn Benjamin, cordwainer, 109 Charles 
Dearborn Henry, tinman, h. 3d street 
L*earborn Henry A. S. adj. jjcneral, office State House 
Dearborn John M. machinist, Sf>rin<j; lane, h. 4 Avon pi. 
Dearborn Jonathan F. housewr't, Commercial n. Foster 
Dearborn Joseph B, hf)usewrigiit, h. 9 Bridge st. court 
Dearborn Nath"l & Son {^f. S.), engravers, 57 Washing. 

h. 1 Cedar street court 
Dearborn Sarah, widow of Edward, 14 Newton place 
Deblois Dalton, weigher, 5 India wharf, h. 50 Essex 
Deblois Elizabeth, 3 (Neutral court 
Deblois George L. (Skinner & D.), h. 60 Mt. Vernon 
De Carteret Sarah, house 1 Margaret 
Dt! Coster Samuel, house wright, h. 556 Washington 
Decous Gef)rge, plume maker, 9, h, 7 Bedford 
Dee John, boardiriglu»use, 170 Ana 
Dee Morris, shoemaker, h. Cross 
Dee Patrick, laborer, house I Humphrey place 
Deering Marg.iret, widow, opposite 5 Norfolk place 
Defriose William, baker, 456 Washington 
Degni-nd P. P. F. house Pinckney near W. Cedar 
Dehon Elizabeth, widow,, 1 Chauncey place 
Dehon William, house 1 Cliauncey place 
Deigan William, 18 Stillman 


Delano Abraham, mariner, house 3 Tileston' 

Delano Thomas A. See Wells, D. & Co. 

Delano (IVin. H.) «& Whitney {{Vm. F.), drugs and paints, 

56 Chatham. Delano's house 6 Allen 
Dclariy Patrick, tailor, h. corner South street place 
Delay Jeremiah, laborer, 33 Sea 

Deluce Francis, housewright, I street corner 1st street 
Deluce Henry P. cooper, 1st street 
Deluce James, housewright, 1st street 
Deluce John, undertaker, ^d street 
Deluce John, jr. baker, I street near 1st street 
Demerit John W. tailor, house rear 200 Washing. 
Demerilt Henry, housewright, h. 20 Spring 
Deming Edmund C. haircntter, 62 Hanover, h. 42 Salem 
Deming Leonard, trader, 62 Hanover 
Demphys James, stonecutter, rear 24 Pleasant 
Donch Mary, widow, Derne corner Hancock 
Denison Gurdon, house 43 Front 
Denison Gurdon E. house 43 Front 
Denison John N. clerk, boards at American House 
Dennan I'hiiip. grocer, 126 Ann 

Dennett Charles B. {Tuttle, Weeks & D.), h. 30 School 
Dennett Mary, widow, 66 Poplar 
Dennie {George) & Boardman {B. G. jr.), leather and 

hides, 23 N. Market. D.'s h. 37 Blossom 
Dennie Henry, 10 Allen 

Dennie James, merchant, 105 State, h. 1 Hancock 
Dennie Thomas & Son {Henry), wine merchants, 105 

State, house 1 Allen 
Dennigin James, laborer, rear 60 Elliot 
Dennigin John, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 
Dennis Catharine, boarding, 4 Beach 
Dennis Enoch {Goddard & D.), h. 7 Shawmut 
Dennis John R. carpenter, h. rear gun-house Forthill 
Dennis Louis, mason, 26 Allen 
Dennison A. L. 123 Washington 
Dennison (T. R.) & Moses (/.//.), provisions, Brorafield, 

h. Theatre alley 
Dennison James, housewright, Carver, h. 23 do. 
Dennison John, laborer, Blackstone 
Denny {Daniel.) & Dutton {Geo. £>.), American goods, 

2*7 Kilby. Denny's h. 47 Hancock 
Denton {Augustus) & Wight {^aron W. jr.), painters, 

Bromfield. D.'s h. 8 Myrtle 
Denton John A. brasafounder, h. 15 Blossom place 


Denton Jonathan, housewright, Causeway, h. 10 do. 

Dtiiilun K-t.'becca, widow, J 4 Csouth Margin x 

Denton VViiliam, VV. I goods; ]5 Broad, h. 20 P(fplar 

Derby (EUas tiusket) & Andrews (/?e/i;. H.), counsel- 
lors, 4 State. D.'s house .^CJ Bo\ Istoa 

Derby E. Hersy, 16 Court, h. 2 Bowdoiu 

Dermody Richard, house IVlerrunac 

Desha Eleanor, widow, 87 Broad 

Desha Patrick, labi)rer, h. Market place 

Desha Timothy, laborer, h. Peck lane 

Deshon Daniel, merc-h. (3 Long wf. h. 18 La Grange pi. 

Deshon James, ship brok. 12 Central wf. b'ds Devonshire 

Desoijza Anthony, mariner, h. rear 2G Belknap 

Desmond Dennis, laborer, 24 Stillmaa 

Desmond John, laborer, 111 Broad 

Desmond Jnlin, carpenter, h. near 16 North Centre 

Desmond Michael, cordwainer, 151 Purchase, iiouse rear 
gun-honse Fort hill 

Devenney John, h. rear 40 Friend 

Devens Darnel, laborer, 104 Sea 

Devens G. A. See lingers & D. 

Devens Richard, tnerchant, 10 Central wharf 

Deverenx {Henry L.) & Donahoe {Patrick), printers, 
1 1 Devdnshire 

Devereux N. B jr. 47 Court, boards 7 Green 

Deverenx Patrick, laborer, Batterymarch 

Deverenx William E. 2 Short street court 

Devet Juhn, laborer, 115 Broad 

Devine Sylvester, laborer, Humphrey place 

Devoy Nicholas, grocer, A street 

Dewar Henry A. surgeon-dentist, 38 School 

Dewson Francis, captain, h. 118 Charles 

Dewerson Marcy, widow, rear Broadway 

Dewerson Richard, gunsmith. 14 Bedford 

Dewey Mercy B. boardinghouse, 1 Somerset cotirt 

Devvhurst {Ihmnns) & Ivers {Edvjard), braziers, 5th 
street. D.'s h. Broadway 

Dewhurst Wm. pumpmaker, Hanrock wf h. 3 Bennet pi. 

Dewing Benj-imin, mason, li. 54 Belknap 

Dewing Elizabeth, 117 Essex 

Dewing Fanny, widow ot Nathan, h. rear 5th street 

Dewing Seth, surveyor lumber, i)5 Summer 

Dewire Column, laborer, rear Turnpike n. Broadway 

De Wolf Ethan A. grocer, 2 May 

Dexter Alven, hackraan^ Sua Tavern, Batterymajch 


Dexter Amasa, housewright, h. 53 Cambridge 

Dexter Anson, Iials, 37 Court 

Dexter Catherine, widcnv, 16 Beacon 

Dexter {Frnnldin) & Gardiner {IVm. //),coun. 16 Court 

Dexter Franklin, house 3 Chauncey place 

Dexter George B. house rear Br(tadway 

Dexter (ieorge M. merchant, h. 58 Boylston 

Dexter Hannah, nurse, rear gun house Fort hill 

Dexter {James) & Smith (Benj.), wood wf. Commercial 

Dexter J. M. baker, h. S. Margin 

Dexter John C. 8 City Hall, h. 73 Beacon 

Dexter John H. house 31 High 

Dexter John IN. laborer, house Lane place 

Dexter Joseph W. {Pierce fy D.), house 17 May 

Dexter Mary, widow, rear gun house Fort hill 

Dexter Nancy, widow, Market place 

Dexter Nathaniel P. laborer, h. 4 Carver 

Dexter Samuel, house 31 ^igh 

Dexter Theodore, weiglier and guager, Custom House, 

h. 13 Somerset place 
Dexter Thomas A. notary and commis. 8 City Hall, h. 

34 Atkinson 
Diamond Asa, mason, house Pitts 
Diamond Joseph, broker, 9 Exchange, h, 2 Garland pi. 
Dibbens Thomas, laborer, Market place 
Dickason Charles M. caulker, Henchman lane 
Dickerman Nathan, housewright. May cor. Butolph 
Dickey James, truckman, rear 28 Poplar 
Dickinson Chester, boards Oliver near Wendell 
Dickinson Daniel, shipsmith, h. North square 
Dickinson David, stonecutter, h. 93 Elliot 
Dickinson Dexter & John, wooden ware, &c. 26 Dock 

square, house 29 Garden 
Dickinson Dexter O. dry goods, 7 Kilby 
Dickinson J. F. {Winkiey & Z)), h. 13 West 
Dickinson John, house 13 Garden 
Dickinson Prescott, captain, rear 732 Washington 
Dickinson S. N. printer, 52 Wash. h. 13 Sheafe 
Dickins Roland F. mariner, 11 Charter 
Dickman James, printer, house 18 Hanover 
Dickson James A. music sal. 36 Cornhill, h. QQ Federal 
Dickson John, laborer, rear 4th street 
Dickson Shadrach, housewright, h. rear 142 Pleasant 
Dickson Thomas, iron founder, rear 4th street 
Dignay Thomas, laborer, house 253 Wash. 


Dikeman Sarah, house 2 Second 
Dill Jahez, mariner, 39 Prince 

Dill Joshua A. «>ysters, 437 Wash. h. 7 Boylston sq. 
Dillaway Chas. K. teacher Latin school 
DilUiway Elizabeth, hoardins; house, 3'20 Washington 
Diflavvay Enoch S. brassf^>un(Jer, 4 Noyes place 
Dillaway Francis {Prince &- D), b'ds rear ^47 W^ash. 
Dillaway J.iujes, housewright, h. Lane place 
Dillaway Mary, nurse, 472 Washino;ton 
""Dill.iway Samuel, weiuher and ^jjua^ier. 26 Central wharf 

house at Oomiuerciil Ctttfee House 
Dillaway Thos. housw't, Gibhs lane, h r. 100 Purchase 
Ddlaway William {Sn-Jlinir & /).), house <!7 Salem 
Dillin^iham Drucilla, widow, Klliot corner Cars'er 
Dilliughaiu John, painter, 26 Wash. h. 2 Milton 
Dillingham Thomas, laborer, rear Boylston n. Carver 
Dillon'James {Holhrook & D), board's 74 Federal 
Dillon John, laborer, h. rear Sister near Berry 
Dillon Mary, widow of Peter, 3 Humphrey |)lace 
Diman Thomas, housewright, h. South street place 
Dimick Calvm, hats, 19 Wash. h. 4 Brattle .sq. 
Dimrnock John L. house II lia Grange place 
Dimond Anna, fi Richmond 

Dingley John T. hat store, 451 Wash. h. 17 Fayette 
Diii.smoor Geo. R. {Grant, Searer ^ Co.), h. 2 Bowdoil 
Dinsmore Hannah,. nurse, 11 Washingtoti place 
Ditson Horatio, joiner, h. 17 Washington place 
Ditson Joseph, (i Charter 
Ditson Mary, boarding, 1 Sewall place 
Ditson Thomas, machinist, h. Hayward pi. cor. Wash. 
Ditsoti Oliver, music, 107 Wash. h. 10 Province H. ct. 
Divill Emmons, house 1 1 George 
Divine John, laborer, opposite 730 Wasliington 
Divoll Timothy, hackman, h. 2 Province 
Dix Cecilia, widow of Stephen A. h. 98 Treraont 
Dix D. house 499 Washington 
Dix James H. house 26 Slate 
Dix Joel, 6 Noycs place 
Dix Timothy "B. {Woodherry, D. & Hartioell), hoasi 

Hancock avenue 
Dixon Thomas, merchant, 41 India wharf, Dutch Con 

sulate, h. 8 Walnut 
Dixwell Epes S. attorney, 39 Court, h. 5 Somerset place 
])ixwell Esther, widow of John, 5 Somerset place 
Dixwell John J. 5 Soiiierdet place 


Dnak John, coal, Commercial nenr the bridge, h. 11 Vine 

Dortk William A. boiirris Unicm Hduso 

Doane Betspy H. dressmaker, 32 Orarifje 

D..ane F. W. druggist, h. 60 Mt.' Vetnon 

Doane Geor^'e B. physifian, !():> Cuurt 

Doatie James, house opposite 8 Butolph 

Doane John. jr. &. Co. {Hcman 6'. Do///ie),brushmakers, 

1!) Ejo-hange 
Doane Solomon, table and stand maker, Beverly 
Doane Samuel B. sujrar refiner, Gouch, h. 2 Bowdoin pi. 
Dohson John, tailor, house 3d street 
Dockham Hannah, vvidovv, ](i Green 
Dockliam Stephen, carpenter, h. 74 Prince 
Dodd {Uenj.) & Snow (Z'-t/ms), ship chand. 7G Commer. 
Dodd Bcrtjamiri, house i) Fleet 

Dodd Benjamin, cashier Atlantic Bank, h. 52 Leveret 
Dodd Horace & Co. {Bent &. Busk), hats, 68 Washing. 

h. Salem 
Dodd James, clerk Mass. Bank, h.S Suffolk place 
Dodd Jr.rialhan M. clerk, h. 12 Bowdoin 
D.idd John, insp. of tohac. 25 N. Market, h. op. 2 Colum. 
Dodd John A. 25 North Market 
Dodd Rebecca S. widow of John, 61 Salem 
Dodd Tiumthy, fur dealer, 102 Milk, h. Ex. Coffee H. 
Dodge Alpheus, mason, Langdori place 
Dodge Biinjamin, silversmith, 9 Fan. Hall, h. Bennet pi. 
Dodge Catherine, cloth, store, 129 Br«>a'^, h. 19 Wash. pi. 
Dodge Eliza, milliner, Broadway cor. Dorchester 
Dodge Ephraim, innholder, 1st street 
Dodge George, mason, h. rear 67 Bedford 
Dodge Gilman, stable, Oliver, h. 10 Hartford place 
Dodge Matilda, fmoy goods, 240 Washington 
Dodge Nathaniel P. laborer. Cotton [)lace 
Dogan Timothy, laborer, rear 702 Washington 
Doggett John & Co. {Sam. S. Williams S/ Sam. Dntrgett), 

looking-gl. and carp, ware-h. 12 Cornh. h. 52 Buyla. 
Doggett Noah, h. Hollis corner Treinont 
Doggett Samuel, house in Roxbuiy 
Dolan Charles, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Dolan William, laborer, 105 Milk 
Dolbeare Edmund P. & St)n {E. P., jr.), shipwrights, 

north side Liverpool wf h. rear 83 Sea 
Dolbeare Eleanor, widow, 88 Purchase 
Dolbear Joseph, mariner, Clark 
Dole Benj., curdwainer, 50 Myrtle, b. May c. W. Centre 


Dole Edward, upholsterer, 17 Dock sq. h. 14 Centre 

Dole John, cooper, Commercial 

Dolliver Thomas G. saiimaker, Snow's wf. h. 247 Ann 

Doltoii Patrick, tailor, h. rear 53 Cambridge 

Domett George, whip manu. 19 Dock sq. h. 14 Friend 

Dommett Eliza, widow, op. 6 Norfolk place 

Domingo Antonio, boatman, h. Sun court 

Dnminick Eliza, boarding house, 681 Washington 

Donahoe Catherine, widow, Spring lane 

Donahoe John, laborer, Humphrey place 

Donahoe Patrick (Devereux & Z).), h. 23 Union 

Donahoe Terence, laborer, h. rear 22 Federal 

Donaldson Andrew, mason, rear Broadway 

Donally Bridget, widow, Market place 

Donally Elizabeth, widow of John, r. 8 South st. place 

Donally Patrick, tailor, rear 8 >outh street place 

Donally Patrick, laborer, rear Suffolk cor. Northampton 

Donally Philip, laborer, Front near Castle 

Donally Peter, laborer, 178 Purchase 

Donelan William C housewright, h. 92 Tremont 

Donivan Dennis, laberer, rear 702 Washington 

Donnal Thomas, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, rear Castle near Middlesex 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, 92 Summer 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, rear 27 Milk 

Donovan Dennis, laborer, rear Castle — another r. 13 Sea 

Donovan James, stone mason, h. S. Russell 

Donovan Jeremiah, h. 4 Williams court 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, 6 Wharf— another, 3 Bread 

Donovan John, 11 Hamilton 

Donovan William, laborer, rear 119 Broad 

Dooley Edward, tailor, h. rear Gridley 

Dooley James, laborer, 6 Lucas place 

Dooley Martin, tailor, h. Theatre alley 

Dooley Patrick, laborer, h. 671 Washington 

Dooley Thomas, blacksmith, rear 24 Pleasant 

Doolitttle Lucius, head of Pearl 

Doolittle Sybil, widow, boarding, Portland place 

Doran William, laborer, Avery 

Doran William, stevedore, h. Custom House street 

Dorety Daniel, Mechanic 

Dorety Francis, cordwainer, h. 4 Bridge st. av. 

Dorety John, waiter, h. op. 8 Norfolk place 

Dorety John, truckman, Bennet place 

Dorety Ross, boarding house^ 141 Hanover 


Dorman James, mariner, h. Bartlett 
Dorr Adeline,, boarding, Chelsea ferryway, Commercial 
Dorr Andrew C. inerclianf, house 54 Ple.isant 
Dorr A. ('.jr. Sec. Athns Ins. Comp. Stale, h. 06 Trem't 
Dorr Edward K. tailor, Franklin avenue, li. 41 Carver 
Dorr J(din, merclnint, house 31 Bedford 
Dorr Josepji, baUer, (> East 
Dorr Joseph H. house 3 Q,uincy place 
Dorr Ralph S. tnorchant, Ci4 Broad 
Dorr Samuel, house IGO Treinont 
Dorr Samuel A. house 10 Louisburgh square 
Dorr William B. coutisellor, 4lii sireel 
Doovis Jolin, blacksmith, h. Prince near the bridge 
Doubt Catharine and Mary, 2'.2'2 Hanover 
Dougherty John, mason, 1 Sister 
Dougherty I*atrick, grocer, 80 Elliot 
Doughty James VV. See Edson & D. 
Douglass Henry, tailor, Water, h. 3 Bath 
Douglass James E. fruit, &c. 73 Broad 
Doughty Tliomas, artist, 220 Washington 
Dovrill T. sailmaker, GO Long wharf 
Dow Amos, housewright. Commercial near Foster 
Dow James B. bookstore, 362 Washington 
Dow James G. See Burnham & D. 
Dow Jona. {M. Dow ^- Co.), grocer, Federal, h. Sister 
Dow IVliirk & Co. {J. Dow). VV. I. g'ds, 28 Winter, h. do. 
Dow Phineas, machinist, Ciiarlestown, h. 2 Causeway- 
Dow Sarah, widow, 72 Prince 

Dow Samuel, jr. {Horace Gray &,' Co.), h. 4 Hancock av. 
Dow Samuel, blacksmith, h. Tremont c. Kuhn place 
Dowe Joseph, bookseller, 130 Wash., h. Mt. Vernon 
Dowd James, laborer, rear 12 Washington place 
Dowden James, laborer, rear Avery 
Dowell John, s.ilk and straw \v«.aver, h. 2 South May 
Dowlinir John, |)lasterer, rear 53 Cambridge 
Down Sarah, widow of George, rear 188 Washington 
Downe John L. musician, h. 29 Warren 
Downer (Sam'l), Austin (fV. R.) & Co. (5. DojDner,jr.), 

oil and sperm candle factory, head Foster's wharf. 

Downer's house 3 Cambridge 
Downer Sam'l, jr. (Downer, Austin ^ Cn.)^ b'ds 3 Cam, 
Downes Baxter, captain, rear C street 
Downes Daniel, laborer, h. rear 49 Allen 
Downea John, engraver, h. rear 690 Washington 
Downes Margaret, op. 4 Essex place 


Downes Nancy, widow, rear f)5 Elliot 

Downing E. P. See Calcf .Xt D. 

Downing James, laborer, Biu.idway 

Downing Oliver, carpenter, Peck lane, h. W. Cedar 

Downinii William. See K. White & Co, 

Dowse Ann, widow, 27 Carver 

Doyle Bridget, widow, rear Warren near Elliot 

Duyle Catharine E. widow, rear 8 South st. place 

Doyle Cornelius, laborer, Gibbs lane 

Doyle Jiimes, gas works, h. 64 Prince 

Doyle James, laborer, li. rear la North Centre 

Doyle James, laborer, 8 Atkinson 

Doyle John, laborer, Avery 

Doyle Laughlin, laborer, Peck lane 

Doyle Margaret. Peck lane 

Doyle Patrick, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Doyle Sarah, widow, South street court 

Doyle Thomas, mason, li. rear 10 Oliver 

Doyle Thomas, house 11 Franklin 

Drake Alvan, machinist, h. Broadway 

Drake Andrew, wood, lime, &c. 41) Sea, h, 46 Sea 

Drake Bartlett, saddler, h. Muy, 2d door from Centre 

Drake Jeremy, h. Broadway 

Drake Lincom & Co. Eastern iron foundry, at Fairbanks, 
Loring &. Co.!s 

Drake Leprellet, mariner, h. 17 Gibbs lane 

Drake Ruby, widow of Asahel, 6 South st. place 

Drake Samuel G. bookseller, 56 Cornhill 

Dral<e Tisdale, house 55 Sea 

Drake Zillah, widow, Church 

Dranin David, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Draper Daniel, merchant, 9 S. side F. H. h. 28 Atkinson 

Draper Moses, counsellor, Franklin avenue 

Draper Samuel, clerk in Custom House 

Draper Sarah, nurse, Castle near Middlesex 

Drayton Henry H. housewright, Short, h. 35 Fayette 

Drayton Wm. H. blacksmith, Front, ii. 4 Bay 

Drew Almira, widow, 3 Bay 

Drew (Chas.) & Babcock (^. D.), dry goods, 177 Wash- 
ington. D.'s h. 5 Hayward place 

Drew Clement, clerk, boards 85 Tremont 

Drew Ira, clerk, Sea, near the bridge 

Drew John, truckman, rear 90 Front 

Drew Joseph, 31 Prince 

Prew Nicholas, taiiorj h. 45 Leveret 


Drew l*hincas, laborer, house 3 George 

Drew Snrali, widow, 18 South IBennet 

Drew William C. Iiatter, h. Church 

Drew William, captain, h. corner E st. and Broadway 

Drew William G. carpenter, h. Beverly 

Drinkwater James, laborer, Battery 

Drinkwafer Jo>iah, mariner, Commercial near Ann 

Driscoll Cornelius (Brooks & Co.), h. 21 Somerset 

Driscoll Cornelius, I jhorer, 143 Broad 

Driscoli I^ennis, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Drisroll Florence, laborer, ln3 Broad — another 2 Wharf 

Driscoll Jeremiah, laborer, Gibbs lane 

Driscoll Patrick, laborer, Peck lano 

Driscoll Timothy, laborer, rear 17 Sea 

Drollet Joseph, blacksmith, rear Broadway 

Drown Peter, blacksmith, h. Lancaster 

Drown Thomas, clerk Atlantic Bank 

Drury Charles S. IH? Hanover 

Drury Gardner P. (//. Hinckley k^c Co.), h. 692 Wash. 

Drury L. H. wines, 54 and 56 Brattle, h. Salutation 

Drury (Olis) &■ Macomber (C. £.),W. I. goods, Snow's 

wharf. Drury's h. 3 Otis place 
Du Audebert H. fancy j^oods, 303 Washington 
Duchesne Madame, 250 Washington 
Dudley Charles S. See Humphrey & D. 
Dudley J. Harvey & T., W. 1. goods, 82 Pond 
Dudley Joanna, widow, nurse, rear 351 Washington 
Dudley Mary Ann, boarding house, 256 Washington 
Dudley Smith G. (Copp & Dudley), h. 1 Travers 
Dudley (li'm.) & Bo^'ue (TAo5.), hairdressers, 70 Wash. 
Dudley VVilliam, h. Jackson place 
Dudley William, rigger, 4 Fleet 
Duffee Andrew, laborer, rear 65 Elliot 
Duffee Michael, laborer, 114 Broad— another m Gouch 
Duffee Neil, laborer, Medford 
Duffey Susan, widow, 36 Merrimac 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, 2 Bridge 
Dugan James, 24 Faneuil Hall market, h. 68 Poplar 
Dugan John, laborer, 8 Leveret court 
Dugan Peter, laborer, h. Ill Broad 
Dugan William, tailor, hf»use Theatre alley 
Dunbar Jonathan, soapboiler, A st. h. 3 Purchase 
Dunbar Joshua, laborer, cor. North Margin and Pond 
Dunbar Loring (Mitchell <^' D.), h. 64 Pinckney 
Dunbar Melzar, housevv't, Jackson's wf. h. 13 W. Cedar 


Dunbar Nahum, pattern maker, B st. cor. Broadway 
Du'nbar Peler, lruckm;in, IG Cus. II. St., and cual, Pack- 
aid s vvf. h. 11 1-2 Unity 
Dunbar Thus. J. truckman, 16 Cus. H. st. h. 67 Charter 
Duncan J.ison, c()f)per, rear 6 South street place 
Duncati John, tailor, Tond 
Duncan Frederick, mariner, rear 20 Cross 
Duncan Simeon, cordvvainer, h. 1 Leveret ccuit 
Duncklee Joiiu & Jos., W . I. g'ds, 132 Stale, li. 7 Cause. 
Duran Patrick, laborer, Front rif^ar Castle 
Dunham Juhn, cordvvainer, h. 2 Millon 
Dunham Josinh, h. B street 

Dunham Jusiah,'jr. ropewalk, 5lh st. h. B street 
Dunlap Augusta, widow of Andrew, 121 Tremont 
Dunlap Grace, victualler, Theatie alley 
Dunlap James P. 47 Court 
Dunlap Mary Ann, widow, 137 Broad 
Dunlap Mary, tailoress, Short, cor. Short st. court 
Dimlap Robert, laborer, Cedar lane 

Dunn John, painter, h. 2 Theatre alley 

Dunn James C. merchant, 83 Milk, h. 65 Mt. Vernon 

Dunn Mary, boarding house, 15 Hancock 

Dunn Mary, widow, Short near Bedford 

Dunn Theodore. See J. M. Smith &. Co. 

Dunn Thomas, house 55 Portland 

Dunnells Lucy, boarding house, 3 IIo"ward 

Dunster Rhoda, widow, South street place 

Dunton Austin, clerk, 1 Liberty sq. b'ds at Earl's Cof. H. 

Dunton Robert B. clerk, 31 Water 

Dunton Samuel, teamster, rear 730 Washington 

Dupee Amasa &. Chs. housew'ts, Lancast. h. 94 Chamb. 

Dupee Charles, h. 3 Gouch 

Dupee Horace, painter. Wharf, h. 2 Hamilton court 

Dupee Isaac, 13 Friend 

Dupee Isaac T. house rear 6 1-2 Prince 

Dupee Lewis, housevvright, Front, h. Hollis n. Tremont 

Durant Ellen, boarding, 23 Union 

Durant Henry, leather cutler, rear 13 Elm 

Durant James T. See Guild & D. 

Durant John, lab. r. 075 Washing. — another. Orange la. 

Durant Thomas P. upholsterer, 5L)3 Wash. h. 78 Pleasn't 

Durell Charles, 1) Dock square 

Durfy Edward, boatman, 4th street 

Durfey Owen, laborei, rear Chm'ch, near the railroad 

Durgin Ebenezer, laborer, rear 8 W. Centre 



Durgin Jarob. See Farnsvvorth Sc D. 

Durie Priscilla, widow of Charles, li. 2 Vine 

Dtiioy Miirtiiil, coiift;ctioner, 'M)8, li. 310 Washington 

Diirivage F. S. teach(M- French and Spauish, 210 Wash. 

Diiston LeandtT G. hlar-Usmith, h. rear 101 Treniont 

DiJttee VVilliatn, laborer, 5!) Prime 

Dutch Henry D. mathematical instr. mak. 79 Commer. 

Dutch Iliiskeil, harnessmaker, h. Thaclier 

Diittoii Benjamin {Baxter isi D.), h* Oliver 

Diiflon Darids, cooper, h. 134 Purchase 

Diitioii George D. {Dmny & D), h. J 7 Hay ward place 

Dutton {H. //'.) & VVeiilvvorlh (James), printers, 10 Ex- 

chan^ie. Diittotrsi h 10 lieach 
Dutton Warren, couii.sellor. 5 Court, h. 132 Tremont 
Dnlton William P. baker, (iOO Wash. h. 4 Luca.s place 
Dwelle Augustus, hoiisewrighi. Turnpike, h. 4th st. 
D\v«!le (Charles, shipwright, h. 4lh street 
Dwighl Fd.nund (./ K. Mills & Co ), h. 1 Park 
Dwiglit John, physician, h. 8 Knejdand place 
Dwiglit Thomas,'attornev, 17 Court 
Dwight Wm. W. physirian, 202 Tremont, h. 56 Belknap 
Dvv}Hr Edward, mariner. Purchase cur. Broad 
Dwyer Jauies, housewright, h Dedham 
Dwyer Nancy, widow, rear 75 Elliot 
Dyar John F. 76 Prince 
Dyar iSmiih, cK°rk, 18 Exchange 
Dyer Caleb, oysters, 3 Boylslon, h. 4 Jefferson 
Dyer Daniel A. {Stevenson Sl D.), boards 30 Wash. pi. 
Dyer David Y. oysters, 1G6 Ann 
Dyer Dency, 207 Hanover 

Dyer Ezekiel D. distiller, boards 256 Washington 
Dyer Ebenezer E. fancy goods, 98 Washington 
Dyer Ezra <fe Co. {James Dyer), tailors, 12 State, h. 42 

Dyer (Ezra C.) & Blake {Samuel P.), importers, 33 

Kilby. Dyer's house 42 Chambers 
Dyer Freeman M. oysters, 479 Wash. h. 4 Jefferson 
Dyer Henry, physician, 40 Green 
Dyer Isaac, 4 Faneuil Hall market 
Dyer James {Ezra D. dy- Co.), house Hanover 
Dyer James, pocket book mak. 77 Wash. h. 2 Wesley pi. 

See advertisement 
Dyer John D, inspector of customs, h. 157 Hanover 
Dyer Micah, jr. oyster shop, 192, h. 194 Ann 
Dyer N. F. 6 Faneuil Hall market 


Dyer Oliver, house Canal 

Dyer Phebe, C street 

Dyer Samuel B. teller Hancock Bank, h. 9 Hayward pi. 

Dyer Samuel N. gold beater, r. 39 Washing, h. J2 Front 

Dyer Thomas C. currier, 1G4 Hanover 

Dyer Thomas D. (Burleigh & D.), b'ds 157 Hanover 

Dyer (IVrn.) Si Reed {John, jr.), druirgists, 111 State 

Dyer William, druggist, Ann cor. North square 

Dyer William, captain, 25'2 Hanover 

Dyke William, coidvvainer, 24 Union, h. 30 Charter 

Dykes Joseph, cloth dresser, h. 4 Bradford place 

Dykes Samuel {Johnson & D.), h. 4 Bradford place 

EAGER WILLIAM, mer. 44 Cent. wf. h. 57 Mt.Vernon 

Eames Elizabeth, Essex corner Front 

Eames Jesse, housewright, h. 12 East 

Eames Luther, 16 Boylston market, h. 2 Madison place 

Earl Henry, housewright, h. 11 Lynde 

Earl Henry {Richardson &/■ E.), boards 11 Elm 

Earl Hezekiah, deputy marshal, h. 38 Green 

Earl William, wood yard, Richmond 

Earle (Charles) «fc Gunnison (James A), tailors, 9 State, 
E. boards 11 Lynde 

Earle John, jr. tailor, 27 Wash. h. 17 Lynde 

Early William, laborer, Dedham 

East William, rng dealer, h. Southac 

Eastburn John 11. printer, 18 State, h. 47 Atkinson 

Easte Joseph W. & Charles, grocers, Broadway c. E 

Easte Mary, widow, Broadway 

Easterbrook Lydia, widow, h. 31 Garden 

Easterbrook Wm. shoes, 1 1 Commercial, h. 90 Chambers 

Easterbrooks Joseph, captain, h. 15 Washington place 

Eastham Charles, bookbinder, 141 Wash. h. (53 Federal 

Eastman C. J. F. See Withington & Co. 

Easton Mary C. h. 24 Mt. Vernon 

Eaton Amherst, Concert Hall, 95 Court cor. Hanover 

Eaton Asa, Rev. 159 Court 

Eaton Benjamin, broker, house Castle op. the brewery 

Eaton Benjan)in A. house Castle op. the brewery 

Eaton Charles F. (Sijrnmes, E. *fc Co.), h. 3 Baldwin pi. 

Eaton David M. sailmaker, 91 Charier 

Eaton (David S.) & Gay (Grenville IF.), shoes and pa- 
per hangings, 44 Central. E. boards 18 Pearl 

Eaton Ebenezer, tobacconist, h. 13 Charter 

Eaton Ebenezer A. handcartman, h. 4 Siillman 


Eaton Eliv^abeth, school, ror. MiII< and Atkinson 

Eaton {Ezra) & Gould (Frc^/.), clothing, bd Commercial. 

EHtoii's house 2 N(-rth Eeonet 
Enton Ezra O. clothitiir store, 21)5 Ann, h. 2 N. Bennet 
E;iton Ira, phiter, h. 12 Norfolk place 
Eaton James {Sijmmcs, E. & Co.), h. 3 Baldwin place 
EaUm John J. (Bmriman .'t E), \\. 4 Eaton 
Eaton Joim, jr. clotliin^,-50 Ann 
Eaton John L. hacktnan, h. lo Hamilton 
Eaton John, tailor, 70 Arm, house 24 Tlianher 
Eaton Joseph B. hardware, 2 Union, h. 19 Hancock 
Eaton Eiicy, widow of.lohn, h. 4 Eaton 
Eaton Mary, hoirdinir house. 18 l'e:irl 
Eaton O. P. & Co. i C. H. Frothingham), dry goods, 58 

Hanover, li. 80 Temple 
Eaton Osiiood, hoiisewriglit, Haverhill, h. 240 Hanover 
Eaton Kiifns, honsevvri^ht, li. (Jl Pond 
Eaton Shmuel A. watchmaker, 107 Wash. h. 6 Oliver 
Eaton Tim(!thy, plater, Bromficld, h. op. 1 Colijml)ia 
Eaton William ^. Co (/?. /. Robinson), lumber, Cause- 
way, h. :^1 Cliarter 
Eaton Wm. G silk g'ds, 5 Merchants row, h. 3 Wendell 
Eaton Wm. J. iron store, o India vvf h. at the Tremont 
Eayrs Joseph H. h. 3 Ha}^ market plar^e 
Eayrs Moses, surveyor, !:. iShort cor. Short st. court 
Eayrs Thomas A. cal)i net maker, 4th street 
Eayrs Willi;im, clerk, 2 Centra! wf. h. 7 Suffolk place 
Eayrs William C. clerk, house 34 Fayette 
Eherle Andrew, laborer, rear 53 Elliot 
Eberle C. L. grocer, Gouch cor. S. Margin * 

Eberle Fredc^rick, musician, rear S. Margin 
Ebert Michael, lionsewright, h. 1 Piedmont 
Eckley David, 54 Beacon 

Eckley Thomas J., Court cor. Tremont, h. 9 Walnut 
Edds Daniel, machinist, h. rear 37 Friend 
Eddy Caleb, canal agent. Pond & Causeway, h. 19 Green 
Eddy Robert H. civil en::ineer, 8G State, h. 19 Green 
Edes Anna, widow, (5:^7 Washington 
Edes Daniel, cooper, 29 Commercial 
Edes Thomas, glazier, 135 Ann, house Snowhill 
Edgerton Phinehas. blacksmith, h. Richmond 
Edgeily (John S ), Vinal (S. J.) & Co. (James Barnard), 

grain, 51 Commercial. E.'s h. 4 S. Margin 
Edgerly Lucinda, tailoress, 3 Sweetser court 
Edgeworth John, laborer, house Sister 


Edgevvortli Mary, widow, Sister 

I^diMjinds B. F. house 27 Leveret 

Edmands Kph. W. sMshmaker, Di^lil-h. st. h. G50 Wash. 

Edmaiids G. W. hals, 40 Hanover 

Edmands J. W. {Jl. & Ji Luwrtnce & Co.), h. 7 West 

Edmands Mary, widow, 201 Ann 

Edmands Rachel, 211 Hanover 

Edmands Tliomas, h. 12 Hancock 

Edinnndson J(din, slonecutter, A street 

Edson i:iizab..lh, Hull 

Edson Mary, widow of John M. rear 77 Sea 

Edsoti {HiJdS D.) & Doughty {J. W.), h-ailier, 35 Central 

Edstroni Tlionias, saddler, h. rear 200 W^ishingtun 

Edsirom \\'\u. harness maker, c. lilai.kslone and Edmond 

Edwards BehB. ]5 Coinhiil 

Edwards Elizabeth, manluamaker, h. 22 N. Russell 

Edwards Geoige B. printer, 7 Piedmont 

Edwards {Henry) & Sloddaid {Cfiarlea), dry goods, 74 

Stale. E.'s h. 2 Bunistead place 
Edwards Hugh (Risbec »t E.), house Coirimercial 
E.iwards J. F. housewright, >^ Bt^dford, h. 3015 Wash. 
Edwards Joseph, boarding, Devonshire 
Edwards Joseph B. paver. Fruit 

Edwards J. S. hairdresser, Com. n. Hanov. h. 8 Foster 
Edwards Lucy, widow ot'Benj.h. Brighton n. Poplar 
Edwaids Mary, rear 89 S^a 
Edwards Oliver, h 8 Ballard place 
Edwards Samuel F. block maker, h. 134 Purchase 
Edwards Thomas, clerk, boards 79 Purchase 
Edwards William, slater, boards 40 Federal 
Ela David H. printer, 19 Washington, h. 20 Gouch 
Eldred William, captain, 8(5 Purchase 
Eldredge Edward, Pres. Atlas Bank, h 41 Hancock 
Eldredge {Oliver) &. Nickerson {Josiah), domes, goods, 

G Phillips's buildings. E.'s h. 14 Somerset place 
Eldredge Smith.. See D. Snow t\i Co. 
Eldridge Charles H. clerk Merchants Bank 
Eliot Eph. L. druggist, 271 Washington, h. 37 Tremont 
Eliot George A. hardware, 12 Dock square 
Eliot John F. druggist, 83 Hanover, h 4 Atkinson 
Eliot Nathaniel G. clerk, boards 37 Tremont 
Eliot Samuel A. 31 Beacon 
Elkins Harvey, housewright, h. 54 Belknap 
Elkins Hiram, laborer, Canal 
Ellery George, captaia, 35 Thacber 



Ellery John S. 3 Franklin plnce 

Elliot ElizM, dressmiiker, I iM;irgnrct 

Elliot Hirriet, widow of John, house 6 Onk plnce 

Elliiigvvood Theodore, laborer, rear :^51 VVashinglon 

Ellingwood (Liirkui) & Brown (S. //.), shoes and lealh. 

24 N. Market. E.'s h. l!l() Tr.-mont 
Ellis I'enjaniin, truckman, li. 3 Mechanic 
Ellis Calvin, physician, 1() Summer 

Ellis (Chus j ilt'Mayo '{John M.), VV. L g<h, 10 Chatham 
Ellis (Charles D.)"& ilayniond (Samuel), leather, 42 

N: Market 
Ellis David, merchant, 15 India wT. h. 51 Summer 
Ellis Ei)enozer (Hartshorn & E.). house 70 Leveret 
Ellis Geo. W. stationary, 5 Fan. Hall, h. 70 Leveret 
Ellis George, provisions, 85 Camhridge, h. IG Vine 
Ellis George (Jabf.z E. c^ Sons), house i)7 Front 
Ellis GranVille, h. i)5 Front 
Ellis Horace, painter, Wharf, h. 140 Purchase 
Ellis J. (Oakcs ^r £.), boards Bromfield H. 
Ellis Jabez & Sof)s (George &- Granville), grain, 37 

Long wf h. iJ7 Front 
Ellis Jonalifan, jr. (Perrin ^ E.), house Fine 
Ellis Luther, house 2 McLean 
Ellis Matthias, constable, h. 9 Tilesfon 
Ellis Nathaniel, jr. (Binney & £.), boards 2 Leveret 
Ellis liowlaud (['Justin & E.), Ii. 18G Hanover 
Ellis Rufus, 15 [nrlia wf h. 2 Oak place 
Ellis Warren, 21 Fan. Hall market, h. 59 Carver 
Ellison Andrew, tailor, 02 Court, h. 11 Myrtle 
Ellison James, rnerch. 18 liroad, h. 1 Sullivan place 
Ellison Samuel, housewright, h. 98 Sea 
Ellison Wtn.S. civil engineer, 21 State, h..ll Myrtle 
Ellms Anson, shipwright, Broadway rear D street 
Ellms Cornelius, 4th street 
Ellms John, tailor, 2() Wash. h. 1G3 Hanover 
Ellms Susan, widow, h. 18 Warren 
Ehn Wm. pumpmaker, Fulton, h. Lathrop place 
Elmore Oiis. h. 7 Province House court 
Elmes D;<vid, cordvvaiuer, rear Broadway 
Elmes Ebenezer, blacksmith, rear Broadway 
Elms Charles, (i Hanover, h. 4(i Carver 
Elworth Thomas, h. 9 Leveret 
Ely }loratio G. laborer, 15 Short 
Emerson Charles, clerk Sufiolk Bank 
Emerson David D. h. 50 Front 


Emerson E. C. (^. Walker & Co.), boards 124 Court 
Emerson (Edvard) &, Whiltemore {Geo. JV.), 59 Fan. 

Hall market, h 18 Poplar 
Emerson Frederic, 8 Poplar 

Emerson George B. instru(;ter, house Temple place 
Emerson {Henry) & Barnes (Silas P.), wood wf, 163 

Sea. E.'s li. 21 Essex 
Emerson Jeremiah, house 8 W. Centre 
Emerson John, wooden ware, 1.57 Court, h. Wheeler ct. 
Emerson (John) & Kent {Sarnl P.), VV. I. g'ds, 100 Front 
Emerson John, laborer, Warren pi. cor. Pleasant 
Emerson Jonathan, housewright, Carver, h. 3 Bay 
Emerson Oliver, house 110 Cambridge 
Emerson Parker, housewri<!;ht, h. Snowhill 
Emerson Hiohard {Brown ^ E.), h. Pond street place 
Emerson Robert, well digi^er, house rear 90 Front 
Emerson Romanus, housewright, Old Road 
Emerson (Thomas) & Lamb (ReuUn ^.) 4 S. Market 
Emerton John, laborer, 7 Bridge street court 
Emerlon John I. house B street 
Emery Francis W. R. wood and lumber, Front 
Emery Geo. F. perfumery, 173 Wash. h. Hancock 
Emery Harriet, 13 Washington place 
Emery Robert, stairbuilder, De-irborn av. h. 10 Oliver 
Emery Wm.tinplate worker, boards 11 Elliot 
Emmes Mary, widow, h. Piedntont cor. Church 
Emmes Samuel, hat store, 10 Elm, h. 137 Hanover 
Emmes Thos. P. hatter, 330 & 357 Wash. h. High 
Emmons Charles G. watchmaker, 77 Ann 
Emmons Edward B. clerk, house 28 Orange 
Emmons Henry, printer, 743 Washing. 
Emmons (John L.) & Weld (John D.), W. I. goods, 32 

S. Market. E.'s h. 088 Washington 
Emmons Joshua, sailmaker, house 15 Friend 
Emmons J. jr. tin worker, School, h. 20 Pleasant st. ct. 
Emmons Nathaniel, clerk Union Bank, h. 3 Poplar 
Emmons Nath'l \\.(T. R. Wales Sl Co.),h. 3 Rowe pi. 
Emmons Robert L. (S. E. <fe Sons), h. 4 Elliot 
Emmons Ruth, widow of Thomas, 21 Pleasant 
Emmons Sarah, widow, 688 Washington 
Emmons Samuel & Sons (WoAcrf L. and Stephen), ship 

chandlers, 107 State, h. 4 Elliot 
Emmons Steplien (S. Emmons & Song), h. 4 Elliot 
Emmons Thomas, cooper, h. 21 Pleasant 
Emmons William H. pianofortemaker, h. Maiden 


Emrnsley John, bnker, Broadway cor. Turnpike 

Endres Kasper, musician, rear 100 Warren 

English Charles, harnessmaker, Bromfield, h. Nassau ct. 

English James L. counsellor, U) Court, h. 22 Beacon 

English T. hroker, 4 Exchange, h. 22 Beacon 

Ennick William, North i\largiri near Pond 

Enoch Ruth, widow, Henchman lane 

Enwright Patrick, hlacksmith, 84 Sea 

Ernest Priscilla, Salutation 

Erving Edward S. cashier Hancock Bank, h. 79 Pleasant 

Erving Mary, widow of Shirley, 127 Tremont 

Estabrouk weigh, and gung. C. U. h. 16 La Gra. pi. 

Estec Betsey, widow, h. Barllett 

Estee Elij.ih, porter, h. N. Margin cor. Pond 

Etheridge Mary, widow, 53 Tremonc 

Eustis Jo!<cph, importer, 115 Wash. h. 113 Front 

Eustis Rebecca, widow, Lovell place 

Eustis William T. &, Co. {Benj. Cullender), hardware, 

13 Liberty sq. h. 19 Mt. Vernon 
Evans Allied (Dana, E. ifc Dana), house 10 High 
Evans Benjamin, truckman, h. 1 Ilawley 
Evans Chas. housew't, Gibb.>« la. c. Hr<.ad,h. 21 Hamilton 
Ek'ans Charles S. house 59 Cambridge 
Evans George, handcartman, h. i;}4 Purchase 
Evans Richard S. baker, U. 4 Knox 
Evans {IVni.) &- Lock {Philip Jl.), hats, 15 Dock square, 

h. 5 Hanover 
Evans William E. watchmaker, 35 Williams 
Eveleth Joseph, leather and shoes, 42 S. Market 
Eveleth Sacnuel, appraiser Custom House, h. 5 Williams 
EvcndorfF Charles, gnj(;eri< s, #^0. 90 Broaid 
Everett Aamn, h. Ktieeland corner Washington 
Everett Alexander H. 23 Court 

Everett {CharUs) & Mather (H. B.), commission mer- 
chants, G Liberty square 
Everett Erastus D. dry goods, 76 Salem 
Everett Eunice G. straw bonnet maker, 77 Elliot 
Everett Francis, teller City Bank 
Everett James, chaplain U. S. Navy, Pitts court 
Everett James M. printer, h. GI Temple 
Everett (John) &. Pierce (Joshva JW.), junk shop, Broad, 

head of Arch wf h. rear 150 Purchase 
Everett {Moses) & Ware (Leonard), W.I.g'ds,47L. wf. 
Everett Moses, house 657 Washington 


Everett (Otis, jr.) & Blake (.7. H.), chemists, 32 South 

Market. E.'s ii. 740 Washington 
Evert Henry, prof, music, 21 Joy's building, h.2 Howaid 
Ewer CharJFS, house 5!) South 

Ewer Geo.W. & Jas. C. stonecutVs, Creek, h. 44 S. Marg. 
Ewer Nathaniel S. hotisewri^Mit, 9 Bridge 
Ewinger Hannah, widow, 9 Lynde 

FAIRBANK JOSIAH, writing master, Adams School, 

Fairhanks Aaron B. gunsmith, 37 Exchange 
Fairbanks Amos, shoes, 3;? Merch. row, h. 21 Richmond 
Fairbanks Drury, shoes, 34 Broad 
Fairbanks H. P. (F., Loring & Co.), h. 8 Pearl place 
Fairbanks Henry, gunsmith, Exchange cor. Dock sq. h. 

2 Bridge St. ct. 
Fairbanks Israel W. housewright, h. rear 9 W. Centre 
Fairbanks John P. bookbinder, h. G24 Washington 
Fairbanks Otis, house 3 Oliver 

Fairbanks (btcphen), Loring (Henry) & Co. (Henry P. 
Fairhauks), liardw.82 Milk c. Kilby. F.'s h. 33 Bedf. 
Fairb inks Zjpher, mason, h. 5 Blossom court 
Fairchild Joy H. Rev., Broadway 

Fairfield John, merchant, 2() Central wf. h. 43 Bowdoin 
Fairfield Jolin O. merch. 2() Central wf h. 43 Bowdoin 
Fairfield Martha, tailoress, h. 59 Cambridge 
Fail field William, bread store, 140 Hanover 
Fairfield William, mechanic, h. Bartlett 
Fales (David K.) & Dana (Olis H.), dry goods, 71 Wa- 
ter. Fales boards 3 Biimstead place 
Fales Elisha F. dry goods, 2l> Kilby, b'ds 256 Wasliing. 
Fales Haliburton (Sc/m-5& F.). h. 121 Tremont 
Fales Josf'ph J. physician, h. 2o() Washington 
Fales Satnuel, merchant, h. 121 Tremont 
Fales Squire M. iron found. Bridge c. Fruit, h. 14 Blossom 
Faly Thomas, laborer, rear n(i4 Washington 
Faly Patrick, laborer, rear Warren near Elliot 
Farlny James, laborer, h. Cr(>ek square 
Farley Robert, Sec'ry Atlantic Insur. Ca. h.45 Pinckney 
Farlow John S., W. I. goods, Summer cor. South 
Farmer Benjamin, cooper, h. Gibbs lane 
Farmer Henry, furniture, 11 Howard, h 58 Temple 
Farmer Jesse, W. I. goods, Commercial, h. 23 Prince 
Farmer John P. blacksmith, 72 Front, h. 1 Newton pK 
Farmer Lavina, tailoresa, house 8 Pleasant 



Farmer Margnret, widow, G Goiicli- 

Fanner iVJiU^s, Indies' cordwaiiier, li. 21 Piedmont 

Farmer Naiuy, widow ot'Tliomas, I Newton plare 

Farmer Thorn. G. sand deal Piper's vvf. bds 1 Newton pi. 

Fariiam iItMiry,59 Fedi;ral corri^'r Milton place 

Fartiam 'i'liotnas. silversmith, "r. 87 Wash Ji. Pills court 

Farnham Isaae IVf h. 85 Porilaiid 

Fainiim D ii|)liolstiess, 1 West 

Fariiiim {Paul), Kimball (tJaiiie!) & Co. {Loring A'or- 

cruss), iiK^rfhaiiis, H7 KiN)y 
Farnmn Peter {Ki.iiihall & F.), I). 8 La Grange plare 
Famsworili (C/ifirlcs) <& Durgin {Jacob), victuallers, 

Broad cor Summer. F.'s li. 12:^ 
Faniswoiih T.phraim {Hnle, Lyituiris Si F.), h'ds 8 Mason 
Farusw.Mlh Isaac D.,VV. 1. g'ds, i:^S. Market, h. 7 Green 
Furnsworili {Walter) tX:. Baxter {.James, jr.), Bug. goods, 

8"i Kilby. Farnsworth's house iti Roxbury 
Farquar John, slater, boards 41) Federal 
Farquarson A lexander, cooper, !i. 10 Lucas place 
Farral John, laborer, 13!> Broad — Another under 141 do. Jolip, laborer, I Spring lane 
Farral Jidin. laborer, rear S<-a near Broad 
Farral Miciiael. laborer, rear i)4 Sea 
Farrall Bryan ()., coachman, rear 14(i Pleasant 
Farrall James, laborer, rear square 
Ftirrar Abijah W. {Dana, Eraiis & Co.), b'ds 10 High 
Farrar D.m'.el, clerk. 41 S. Market, h. 42 Camb-;idge 
Fiifviw {E'l/naivi II.) 'Si Kendall {Tiniutliij), d\y goods, 

2:57 Wash.h. :^(i I\Iilk 
Farrar Hannah, Lnglish goods, 3(10 and 005 Washington 
Farrar Jacdb, painter, house 1 Soulh Bennet 
Farrar JetFersoti C. painter, Tiemont n. Boylston, liouse 

28 Plea.^^aut 
Farrar Jnhn A. printer, (^ourt. h. 2 Leveret 
Farrar Jiids.m N. hook.keep. Commouw. B'k, h. 32 Myrlle 
Farrar Lawrence O. laborer. Well cor. Wharf 
Farrar Mary, widow, h. 32 Myrtle 
Farrar Otis C. cordwainer, house 73 Prince 
Farrar William, h. 7 George 
Farrell ¥. R,. h. Southac eor. Grove 
Farrer John, ri:iger, tear 27 Washington place 
Farringion Charlofte, widow, 3 SouUi street <-ouri: 
Farriu':toti Eben. T. (L. Bart/ett & Co.). h. Minot 
Farriuglon John, jr. silversunili, h. 17 Pleasant si. court 


Farringtnn (John) & Hiinnewell (Geo. W), gilversmiths, 

8 Williams court, h Pleasant st. court 
Farrinirton (Samvel) & Converse {James C), dry goods, 

1 Liberty square. F.'s house fil Federal 
Farrinjrton S. &- L. dry goods, 69 Ciininhers 
Farrington Thos. drugiiist, Treniont H. li.CO Chambers 
Farriter Ann, wid. of James, h. S. Kussell c. Cambridge 
Farrow Ira y. watchman, h. 85 Summer 
Farry Thomas, Merrimac 
Farwell A. G. See Fay, Farwell »^ Co. 
Farwell George. See Brown & F. 
Farwell Isaac, 92 Faneuil Hall market 
Farwell Lyman. See Fay, Farwell & Co. 
Farwell {Luther) & Magoun {Ellsha), housewrights, 

George, house May 
Farwell Walter, painter, 1.3 Mt. Vernon, h. 5 May 
Faulkner Charles (T. Tarbell & Co.), bds Bromfield H. 
Faulkner Dwight F. house 3 Acorn 
Faulkner {Luther) & Reed {John T.), English goods, 10 

Central. Faulkner's house 30 Chesnut 
Favor (John) & I^othrop {J]nsel), housewrights, rear 13 

Essex Favor's h. 463 Washington 
Favvcett Alvin, victualler, house rear 22 Ann 
Fawcett Samuel H. paver, 7 Spring 
Faxon Eliza, widow of Eleb, h. 89 Sea 
Faxon F. E. sailmaker, ]5 Ann 

Faxon Henry, porter Houses of Correc. & Indus. S.Bost. 
Fax<in Isaiah, dry goods, 91 Court 
Faxon John, printer, boards 5 Fleet 
Faxon Josiah, sailmaker, boards 5 Fleet 
Faxon Nathaniel «fe Co. {Roland Cutkr,JVonh Blanchard, 

and Geo. JV. Faxon), boot store, 53 N. Market. F.'s 

house 30 Atkinson 
Faxon Oren, cordwainer, house 2 Orange lane 
Faxon Ilachael, resir 34 Prince 
Faxon Thomas, blacksmith. Pond, h. rear Cooper 
Faxon William, house 20 Portland 
Fay Dana, house 13 Beacon 
Fay {Francis B.), Farwell (Lyman) & Co. (.^. G. Far- 

well), W.I. g(»ods, 8 North Market 
Fay Harrison, 23 Faneuil Hall market, h. 34 Myrtle 
Fay Heman, liouse 42 Allen 

Fay Isaac, fruit, 9 Faneuil Hall, h. 6 McLean court 
Fay (Joel) <fe Tirrell (John), woodwharfingers, 78 Front 
Fay Joel, liouse 14 Ash 


Fay Luke, 78 Faneiiil Hall market, h. It Hancock 
Fay (JVnhum) & Fiiller (Joseph), distillers, 32 S. Market. 

F.'s house 85 Chambers 
Fay Philip, laborer, rear 104 Purchase 
Fay Sylvester, jr. ship stores, Broiid, opposite Arch wf 
Fay William C. distiller. Harvard, c. room 51 India wf. 

house 454 VVasliin<^ton 
Fay Windsor, merchant, 51 India wf. h. 10 Harvard 
Fuarins Albert & Co. (J. R. JVewell & D. IVIiitonJr,), 

ship chandlers, 1 City wharf, h. 12 Essex 
Fearing Andrew C. (Thacher & F.), h 5 Lonisburgh sq. 
Fearing Matilda, widow, dressmaker, 3 Harvsnd court 
Fearing Thomas B. clerk Amer. Bank, h. 22 Purchase 
Federhen Jacob, house rear 2 Mason 
Federhen John, baker, rear Mason near Avei-y 
Federhen John, jr. & Jacob, comb store, 61 Court, h. 

87 Cambridge 
Fell Caroline, widow, nurse, Carney pi. c. Washington 
Fellowes Abigail, intelligence office, 446 Washington 
Fellowes Hannah, widow, 7 Salem place 
Fellows Jacob, shoes, 4 Rowe's wharf, h. Spear alley 
Felt Jonathan W. cabinetmaker, rear Tremont n. Warren 
Felt Joseph B. Rev. house 4 Oak place 
Felt Oliver S. (Proctor, Palmer & F.), h. 6 Otis place 
Felt Rachael, widow, nurse, 3 Fayette C(>urt 
Felt William, pattern maker, house 26 Cross 
Feltch Edward, cooper, h. Tremont near Warren 
Felton (Artemas) & Morse (Aaron, jr. }i distillers, 563 

Washington. Felton's h. 448 do. 
Felton ioUn (Luther F. «& Co.), h 652 Washington 
Felton Luther & Co. (John F.). distillers, 654 Washing. 

counting room 6 Long wharf 
Felton Martha C. house I street 

Fenlee George, rigger, Arch wf. house opposite 2 Bath 
Fennell Eleanor, widow of Thomas, h. rear 98 Warren 
Fennell Sarah L. silk dyer, house Avery 
Fenno Abigail, widow, 1 BlaRe court 
Fenno James W. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 47 Carver 
Fenno John, agent Chelsea ferry, Commercial 
Fenn(» John VV. (Dana, F. ».V: Henshaw), h.70 Chesnut 
Fenno Joseph, VV. L goods, Hanover cor. Cumuiercial 
Fenno Mary, widow, rear 26 Belknap 
Fenno Sihbel, widow, Margaret 
Fenno Williim, coffee hous<?, Cornhill court 
Fenno William, housewright, house 6 Brighton 


Fonwick Benedict, Right Rev. h. Federal e. Franklin pi. 

Ft-r^iisoii (Phillies il. dentist, neiir 15 Hanover 

Ferguson James, rig<ier, 

Fer^iison^James, taliovv ciiandler, rear 730 Washington 

Feriinson Jami-s, hi borer, ^>0 6outh 

l'"(^rriald Anr., widow, house (iritiley 

Fernald BHiijainiti, cooper, lioiise 7^11 Washington 

Ferriaid Joe), Iumish 19 North Maigin 

FiTtsaid Luke (C. JV. Cuinmlngs 6l Co.), house May 

Feiiiald l.ydia, widow of'N(Jiili, (ir^ Cliarler 

Ferri.ild Nathaniel. J:-ee Note 6l F. 

Fernald i\eal, laborer, Coinmercial near the bridge 

Feniald Oliver, founder, Fidlon, ii. Ml. Wasliiii^i. S. B. 

Feriiald VViiiiain M. cooper, bouse 7:i3 Wasbicgtnn 

Frniald William Vi. leaiber commis. store, l^G b. Market 

Feniald VViiliam C5. blaiksniith, Uurchester 

Ferriti Aaron, 5th, near I) street 

Feirin Albert, house 7 Merrimac 

Ferrin Freeuiaii, chair painter, house Pi:rs place 

Ferriii Hftrace, slii|) carpenter, rear Broadw.iv 

Fernii Joseph, stonecutti.'r, h. Eolith slieet place 

Ferrin Martha, upholstress, house Puts place 

Ferns James, laborer. Piper'.s wharf , 

Fessendeii Aliijali {Baird V F.), Inaise !25 Vine 

Fessenden Arlliur, house 2 Haymarket place 

Fessenden Benjamin, chair paiiiier, bouse 26 Charter 

Fessenden (C. B.), Thompson (./. B) A Co.f «. H. Skin- 

ni'.r), merchants, 17 Central wf F.'s h. Chardon 
Fessendeii John M. office 1) Joy's buildiiii;, b. 1 Bum. pi. 
Fes.MMid.-n John P. blacksmith, iVZ, b. GU^Poriland 
Fessenden Nathan, iron (bunder, (iO Portland 
Fessenden Thomas G. ed. N. E. Parmer, b. 53 Hancock 
Fessendeii {Tiiiiuiliy) &, Heard {iV'ni), axletree makers, 

Haverhill near Causeway, ii. 8 Causi'.vay 
Fethering Benjamin, mariner. Prince near the bridge 
Fewer Mailin, laborer, rear Gridley 
Fickelt Nalliaiiul, watchmlui, lear'lS South Bennet 
Firkett Sarah, widow of Nathaniel, rear id S. Bennet 
Field Barniiin, iiistriicier Franklin sciiool, h. 3d Fayette 
Field Charles F. Foster place 
Field Elislia, clerk and collector, 3 East 
Field Elizabeth. -^04 Ann 

Field i:nos tt Isaac, shoes and leather, 34 Clinton 
Field Freeman, bouse Harvard place 
Field George, tailor, 3 Wilson lane 


Field Goorge, shoes, 14 Hanover, h. Spring street place 
Field {Isaac) & C()nv«'rs;e (./. II'.), hides aid leailier, 43 

and 45 Broad. Field s luHise 7 McLean court 
Field Joseph, houfe 754 Wasliiiigion 
Field Justin, counsellor, 20 Courl, house J7 Orange 
Field xMary, house 3 ftlillon 

Field Pearson II. shoes, ItiO Washington, jjouse Castle 
Field Palricli, laborer, Pearl corner Purchase 
Field Silas, auctioneer, j\. side F. Hall, h. 3 Orange 
Field 'J'honias M. currier, Jictuse 7 Salem place 
F'ield William A., West Ceiilre 
Fielderi Armilsiead, reed mak. and harness knit. 63 Union 
Fielding Edward, laborer, 86 Merrimac 
Fillebrown Asa, organist, house 5 Aver} place 
Fillehrown Edw. W. 1. g'ds, J Bo} Ision, li. J43 Pleasant 
Fillebrown James, tailor, h. 5 Chambers street court 
Fillebrown John, house rear 2 Snowhill 
Fillmore Daniel, Rev. 6 North Margin 
Finch William, baker, house 110 Warren 
Finegan Jamos, laborer, Couch 

Finn Cornelius, laborer, Broad opposite Maine wharf 
Finn Michael, laborer. Broad opposite Maine wharf 
Finney Catherine, laundress, JNorth Centre 
Finnin Abigail, widow, rear 47 Pleasant 
Fippard William, laborer, house 31(i Ann 
Fish Abiel, engineer, boards Sea, near the bridge 
Fish Asa, mason, rear 11 Dislil-house square 
Fish Susan, widow, house 9 Bridge 
Fish William S. house 33 South 

Fisher Alden, rigger, h. Commercial c. Henchman lane ' 
Fisher Alvan, artist, 21 School, house 4 Derne 
Fisher Amos, grocer, ()8 Cambridge 
Fisher A. Scott, tailor, 7 Congress sq. h. 15 Hanover 
Fisher Betsey, widow of Oliver, 734 Washington 
Fisher Charles G. clerk, south 7!i4 Washington 
Fisher Cyrus, machinist, house 7^7 Washington 
Fisher Eliza, house 24 Allen 

Fisher Elizabeth G. boarding house, 409 Washington 
Fisher Francis (Stevens, F. Ai Co.), h. Temple place 
Fisher Freeman dz. Co. (6". //. Babcock), American g'da, 

50 Kilby, house 4 Kneeland 
Fisher Haskell, trucknjan, h. rear 83 Pond 
Fisher Hannah D. house 56 Belknap 
Fj»lier Jabez, flour, 40 Long wharf, h. 22 Harvard 
Fitflicr Jabez, 2d, house 19 McLean 


Fisher J. <^ N. provis. store, 9 Clark and 74 F. H. market 

Fislier John D physician, II HMywjird place 

Fisher Joseph L. lurner, Front, house D«'dham Moces,jr. hniisewright. house rear Gl South 

Fisher Mark. See J. A M. Fisher 

Fisher Pitts (Arnold & F.), h. Salem op. cor. Richnaond 

Fisher Nathaniel, house 32 Garden 

Fisher (Sidney) & Mor-e (/I'm. S. S), dry goods, 415 

Washington. F. h'ds 2 La Grange place 
Fisher Warren (fJeicins &. F.), house Nassau court 
Fisher Willard N. hatter, 137 Carnbridge, h. 7 Vine 
Fisher William S. See Manning *S: F. 
Fisher William D. cordwainer, Mechanic 
Fisk Austin, clerk, 3(> Orange 
Fisk Davi i, cellar, 4G Hanover 
Fisk Francis, giorer. Hatter's sq. h. 3S Salem 
Fisk George, iiouse 42 Green 
Fisk John J. cashier Eagle Bank 

Fisk John, b<»ottnaker, 72 Congress, boards 40 Federal 
Fisk Jonathan, cabinetmaker, 4 Wheeler's court 
Fisk Josiah (IVhitnny Sl F), h. 42 (irecn 
Fisk Peter, tailor, (37 Curnhill, h. 58 Myrtle 1' 

Fisk Prescott, grocer, 1(5 West, h. 5 fJayinarket place 
Fisk Samuel {Freeynan & F.), h. 9 Ash 
Fisk Sarah, 58 Myrtle 
Fisk William C. boards 1 Jefferson 
Fisk William, hat store, 202 Hanover 
Fisk (Ww.), Ri<e {Mron) tfc Co. (//. C. Bryant)^ mer. 

4 Ct-ntral wharf 
Fisk William, cabinetmaker, 841, h. 839 Washingtonj 
Fisk {IVm. P.) & Leiand {Horace), 21 Long wharf 
Fiske Augustus H. {Hand 4- F.), h. 53 Chesnut 
Fiske (Bevj.) & Bridge {!Vm. S.) njerch's, 55 Long wf. 
Fiske Benjamin, Pres. Amer. Bank, h. 2 Hancock av. 
Fiske David D. printer, bi)ards 33 Cambridge 
Fiske Emily, widow, 843 Washington 
Fiske John M. weigher and guager, Custom House, h. 

Commercial near Hanover 
Fitch Elijah, h. 7.52 Washington 

Fitch Geo. W. housewiight, Otis's wf. h. 24 Hamilton 
Fitch I. G. attorney, 10 Court, house Portland 
Fitch Jeremiah & Co. {John Fitch), English goods, 38 

and 40 Central, h. Portland 
Fitch J. B. See G. «fe H. Stearns & Co. 
Fitch John (J. Fitch fy Co.), house Portland 


Fitch John, portrait painter, h. 12 Myrtle 

FhrU PiuKer, htiusewriirhl, h. 80 Trtunont 

Fitz Albert, clerk Cominonvvealtli Bank, h. 247 Wash. 

Fitz Jeremiah, honsewri^lit, h. May near Centre 

Fiiz«;prald Elizabeth, rear Henchman lane 

Fitzirerald James, laborer, Batteryniarch 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, iV.i Warren, another 105 Broad 

Fiiz^ierald John Patrick, tailor, i». 5 Dearborn avenue 

Fitz^jernld Mary, widow. Peck lane 

Fitzgerald Mary, widow, Elliot cor. Carver 

Fitzgerald Thomas, 101 Broad 

Fitzgerald William, printer, li. Elliot cor. Carver 

Fitzpatrick Eleanor, widow. Theatre alley 

Fitzpatrick John, laborer, rear 67 Elliot 

Fitzpatrick John, milkman. South Boston point 

Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 105 Broad 

Fitzpatrick Mark, h. Prospect cor. S. Margin 

Fitzpatrick Owen, South Margin 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, grocer, Dedham 

Fitzpatrick Thortias, grocer, \'M Ann 

Fitzpatrick William, h. rear II Short 

Fitzsimmons Mary, Short near Bedford 

Flagg Besenta, widow, Warren place corner Pleasant 

Fhgg Charles A. bar room, 131 Slate 

Flagg (Daniel), Taylor {Alvuii) &. Horn (Trueworthy 

C.), stone cutlers, 1st street, h. Broadway 
Flagg Dennis F. grocer, 101 Hanover cor. Cross 
Flagg Eben. musician, Boylston Hotel 
Flagg James. See J. Cliarter &. Co. 
Fhgg John G. &. Co. {Sumner Flagg), uphol. 18 Union 
Fbgg Josiali F. surgeon dentist, 31 Winter 
Flaharty John, laborer, rear 671 Washington — Another, 

Orange lane 
Flaharty Michael, laborer, llO^'Broad 
Flahaven James, house Butolph 
Flanagan James, tailor, boards 8 North Centre 
Flanagan Michael, 118 Ann 
Flanagan Rosanna, h. Merrimac 
Flanagan William, laborer, Commercial 
Flanders Nathan, truckman, h. Travers 
Flanigan Patrick, stone mason, h. rear 23 S. Russell 
Flannelly Michael, marble cutter, 22 Water, boards 

. 11 Hamilton 
Fleoniin Ann, widow, 5 Pond street place 
Fltset AnD, 4 Atkinson 


Flemin<r James, laborer, h. Ill Broad 

Fli'tning John, rnnrhlo polislii-r, Devonshire, h. Hatter's sq. 

Fleiuinjr Patrick, labmer, Broiulwciy 

Fleming Patrick, C().>j)er. h. 84 tfea 

Flntcher Airnes, widow, 44 IJiigiiton 

Fletcher Anthony, typefounder, hoar-ls G9 Congress 

Fletcher Ari<^l K. truckman, Salter place 

Fietf her Benjamin F. housewright, h. 17 Blossom 

Fletcher Geo M. i) Cross 

Fletcher Henry, capt.iin, 'M Salem 

Fletcher John B. VV. painter and glazier, 9 Graphic ct. 

P'letcher Martha, widow, 1 1 Essex place 

Fletcher Mary, widow, Merrimac 

Fletcher Oliver, druggist, 2 India, h. 8 Hancock 

Fletcher Richard, counsellor, 10 State, h. 11 Avon place 

Fletcher Sadoc, blacksmith, h. 73 Elliot 

Fletcher Timothy, clerk, 33 Court, h. 20 Milk 

Flinn Jact)b, 4th street 

Flinn Michatl, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 

Flinn Michael, rear Humphrey place 

Flinn Michael, laborer, 3 Wharf 

Flinn Morgan, cooper, 18 Hamilton 

Flint John, physician, 20 Trenjont near Washington 

Flint Joseph W. (j\orris & F), h. 11 McLean 

Flint Joshua B. physician, 15 Green 

Flin^ Levi, boards 6 Centre 

Flint Thomas, handcartn)an, h. 45 Ann 

Flood Edward, h. Butolph 

Flnod Edward, hairdresser, Congress sq. h. 33 Pinckney 

Flood i^awrence, laborer, 7 Essex place 

Flo«»d Margaret, widow, Theatre alley 

Flood Patrick, slater, h. 12 Wharf 

Flower Truman, esserices, 59 Commercial 

Flower (Truman) & Pluntb (iVz/nuc/), variety store, 59 

Floyd Andrew (J. G. Lorlng & Co.), h. r. 18 N. Russell 

Floyd Daniel, shoe stock, 28 North Market 

Floyd Henry, housewright. Commercial near Foster 

Floyd Martha, npholstrei*s, 426 Washington 

Fl«)yd Rachael, scho(dtnistress, back 8 Pleasant 

Floyd Samuel, English g *ods, 4th street 

Floyd San)uel,jr. lrouse4th street 

Flyim Daniel, laborer, h. 10 Oliver 

Flynn Henry, laborer, rear 83 Broad 

Flynn Jtmes, laborer, 125 Broad 


Flynn John, mason, h. A street 

riyrin Maiy, widow, rear 5 Sister 

Flynn Ro<rer «fe Patrick {W'dUamson, F. <fe Co.), h. rear 

5 Sister 
Fobes Kdvvin, piannfortemaker, b'di? 1 Avery cor. Wash. 
Fol»es Edwin {Davis &, F), I), (i Disiilliouse square 
Foej^t John, Uibt)rer, h. rear .5 Grove 
Fo^erty Thomas, beer, 84 Broad 
Fogg Edwin, last maker, h. Wheeler's court 
Fogi/ Jeremiah, stoves, Blackstime, h. 59 Temple 
Fol«:y John, mariner, JO Oliver 
Foley John, laborer, Penk lane 
Foiliiit Dexter, cellar, 2 F. H. mar. h. 9 Green 
Foiling Benjamin, housewright, h. Dedham 
Foiling George, housewright, h. 51 Essex 
Foiling Ge(jrge, jr housewright, rear Ui, li. 51 Essex 
Foiling Patrick, laborer, rear 61)4 Washington 
Follis Ricliard, h. Southac cor. Grove 
Folsorn Frederick, shoes, 465 Wash. h. 29 Fayette 
Folsom Isaac L. {CkarahcrLin & F.), h. 63 Federal 
Fiiqne Hypolite N. captain, house (jieenough lane 
Forbes Abner, Smith school, Belknap, h. 1 Champney pi. 
Forbes Clarissa, widow of Eli, h. 63 Poplar 
Forbes Jonathan, 47 Faneuil Hall market, h. 30 Allen 
Forbes Luke, 63 Poplar 
Forbes Robert B house Temple plare 
Forbes Sophia, widow, h. 10 Leveret lane 
Forbes William, 25 State, stable 7 Sudbury 
Forbush C. W. leather and shoe store, 24 N. Market 
Forbush Jonathan & Co. (£. Toionsend), leather, 52 

Chatham, h. Bowdoin 
Ford Barnard, truckman, h. 4th street 
Ford Bement, carpenter, n.S. Bridge, h. Suffolk, n. Dover 
Ford Catherine, widow, 7 N. Margin 
Ford Cornelius, rear 57 Merrimac 
Ford Daniel B. housewright, house Dedham 
F«>rd Elizabeth, school, roar 72 Cambridge, h. Pinckncy 
F(»rd James, laborer, 3 Wharf 
Ford James M. jeweller, hoards 102 Washington 
Ford James W. grocer. Pond cor. Stillman, h. 39 Pond 
Ford John, printer, 2() State 

Ford Josiah, housewright, boards Brookliue near Suffolk 
Ford Samuel D. boards 469 Washington 
Ford Sarah B. tailoress, Suffolk near Dover 
Ford Sarah, widow, 469 Washington 


Ford Simeon, mason, Thacher street court 

Forest Jolin, cordwainer, boards 7 Nass;iu 

Forristall Ezra, truckman, 21 India, h. G Blossomr 

Forristall Jonas, h. 23 iMernmac 

Forrister Grace, widow. Spring street place 

Forsaitli (John) & Gove {JnJin F.), fruit, 11 Market sq. 

Fursbor^ Dorcas, widow, rear 200 Washington 

Forster Jacob, jr. merchant, 2() Long \vf. 

Fortune John, cordwainer, 34 Sea, h. 13 S. Margin 

Fosdick Abigail, widow, house rear 15 Winter 

Fosdick {John) *& Frolhingham {Isaac H.), English 

goods, G5 Kilby 
Foskett Ebenezer, cabinetmaker, h. 53 Cambridge 
Foskett Ezra, handcarlman, h. rear Lancaster 
Foss J. D. See T. W. Seaver & Co. 
Foss &, Gihriore, distillers, Charlestown, c. r. 13 India 
Foss Isaiah D. laborer, h. op{)osite 10 Charter 
Foss Mary, widovv, 108 Cambridge 
Foss Stephen L., May cornnr Garden 
Foster Andrix A. Iiouse 1 West 
Foster Archibald, Sec. Tremont Ins. Co. and Brazilian 

vice consul, house 71 Prince 
Foster Benjamin, mason, h. 12 South Margin 
Foster Benj. F. accountant, 1 IG Wash. h. 12G Cambridge 
Foster Caroline, house 4 Fruit 
Foster Catharine, widow, G Bartlett 
Foster Charles S. {J. H. F. <& Son), b. 70 Bedford 
Foster Deborali, rear 2 Plynioulh place 
Foster Eben. B. clerk, h. 51 Poplar 
Foster E.iward A. See Haughton & F. 
Foster Elizabeth H. Aj Frances, dry goods, 7 Hanover 
Foster Frances, widow of Pluneas, h. 5 Bulfinch place 
Foster Francis A. tailor, h. 19 Province House court 
Foster Franklin, carpenter, h. IG Ha) ward place 
Foster Franklin, truckman, h. 7G Pond 
Foster Gecjrge W. musician, 9 Garden 
F<jster Hannah, Warren place 
Foster Heni-y G clerk, house 3 Cottage place 
Foster Isaac, stabler, Devonshire, h. H-irvard place 
Foster Isaac R. cabinetmaker, opposite 9 South xMay 
Foster Jacob, house Commercial near Chelsea ferry 
Foster James, laborer, 44 Pond 
Foster James E. hoirse 2 Bedford 
Foster James H. & Son {Charles S.), paper hangings, 

156 Wash, h, 70 Bedford 


Foster James H. jr. 6 Federal court 

Foster J. Fierlerick, truss maker, 305 Washington 

Fost'^r Jeremiah, h. 2 Lyman place 

Foster {Jaroh) & Nottaije {NatlCl), soap stone workers, 

Union near Hanover 
Foster Joel, VV. I. jroods. 81 Commercial, h. 81 Prince 
Foster John, shipjoiner. Commercial near Foster 
Foster John, teamster, 81 Sea 
Foster John H. honse 1-2 Mollis 
Foster John H. & Co. {IVm. H. Foster), dry goods, 34 

Central, h. 5 Bulfinch phice 
Foster Jolinson W. cahinetmaker, h. Church, n. S. Cedar 
Foster Joseph, jroldsmilh, 171 Ann 

Foster Josf-j)h, first clerk State treasury, h. Ex. CofF. H. 
Foster Joshua, mariner, r. (ireenough lane 
Foster Leonard, h. Nassau court 
Foster Louisa N. seamen's aid =lore, North square 
F\ister Michael, laborer, rear 78 Warren 
Foster Matthias S., W. L goods, 27 Com. h. 7 N. Centre 
Foster Nathan, fruit, 13 Water, h. 1 Spring st. court 
Foster Nathaniel, rear 6 Staniford 
Foster Samuel R. house 2 Bedford 
Foster Samuel H. house 39 Bowdr)in 
Foster Sar;.h. fancy goods. 290 Wash. cor. Bedford 
Foster Thomas, housewright, h. 19 Province H. court 
Foster Thomas H. suspender maker, 19 Prov. House ct. 
Foster Thomas P. b!ock maker, F'ullon, h. Margaret 
Foster Thos. R. ( IVellingtnn, F. & Co.), h. 02 Poplar 
Foster Thomas W. clerk, h. 9 Vine 
Foster William, mas(m, Margaret alley 
Foster Wm. D. provisions, Bromfield, h. rear 10 Bedford 
Foster William K. cooper, h. Wash. pi. cor. Gibbs lane 
Foster William E. physician, office 1 S. Bennet 
Foster Wm. H {John H. F & Co.), h. 5 Bulfinch place 
Foster Wm. VV. trunk and harness maker, h 10 Blossom 
Fovell Elizabeth, sempstress. South street court 
Fowie Chas. S. ( IVetaerell, F. & Barloio), h. 14 Elliot 
Fowie George, monitorial sch. 313 Wash. h. 49 South 
Fow'e George M. merchant. 69 Long wf h. Oliver 
Fowie {Geo. M.), Johnson {Jos. jr.) &; Co. merchants, 

69 Long wf h. Oliver 
Fowie Henry, pump maker, house 49 South 
Fowie Henry, jr , Ann head Sargent's wf. h. Moon 
Fowie Isaac^ife" Co. {Spencer Beatly & J D. & IV. H. 

Fowie), carvers, 107 Commercial, h. 246 Hanover 


Fowie James, druggist, corner Leveret 

Fovvle {Parker) & Brewer (G. /I.), carpet store, 104 

Wash. F.'s house 12 Harvard 
Fovvle Seth W. drug:>ist, Salem cor. IVinre, h. 83 Salem 
F«ivvle Wm. B. femule nioriilorial school, Temple av. 
FowIe {William) He Allen (F. D.), dry goods, 93 Kilby. 

Fowle's house 837 Washington 
Fowler Asahel, honsewright, h. 13 Nassau 
Fowler Clinton, salesman, 30 Kilby, b'ds 3 Cambridge 
Fowler Jesse, h. '27 Tliacher 
Fowler John, laborer. Fleet 

Fowler John R. coach maker, Sea near the bridge 
Fowler Stephen F. botanic physician, Thacher c. Pond 
Fowler William, pilot. 352 Commercial 
Fowles Harriet, h. Gom h 
FowIps Mary, widow, 1 May 

Fox Charles, instrticier, Boylston school, h. 5 HoUis 
Fox (ieorge H. clerk, Williams ct. 
Fox Jacob, turner, rear 121) Cambridge, h. do. 
Fox Peter, laborer, rear 91 Broiid 
Fox Richard, painter, house 11 Federal courl 
Foj James, laborer, Cross 
Foye Ji)hn, ropemaker, h. rear Lenox 
Foye John, jr. honsewright, h. rear Lenox 
Foye Mi('hael, laborer, rear 63 Flliot 
Fracker Williani, turner, h. 49 Prince 
Francis David {Munroe & F.), library, 364 Washington, 

house 5 La Grange place 
Francis Fbenezer, merchant. GO State, h. Somerset 
Frances Frederick, laborer, Washington avenue 
Francis George W. honsewright. boards 32 Fayette 
Francis Jos. H. booksell., 12d Wash. h. 5 La Grange pi. 
Francis (JVat/i'l) iSi. Lovell {Javies G), pumpmakers, 52 

India wf. F.'s house 95 Purchase 
Francis Nath'l (//. Gray S/- Co.), h. 15 Montgom place 
Francis Peter L. grocer, Butolph 
Francis Simon, grocer, Brighton corner Leveret 
Fran.^is Thomas D. painter, h. 32 Fayette 
Francis Thomas I». h. 30 Bridge 

Franck Ja/.eniah, liv. stable, op. (501 Wash. h. 41 Warren 
Franks Charles F. rigger. Commercial corner Prince 
Franksen John H. clothing, 2 Clinton, h. 2 Fulton 
Fraser Simon, shoemaker, rear 32 I'leasant 
Fredericks Lewis, musician, 110 Warren 
Frederickson Adolph, Battery 



Freeland Ann, widow, 19 North Bennet 
Frt' Benjamin, house U> Piirrhase 
Freeman, C(,bb »fcCo. (C. L. Roberts, H. S. Kendall, 
Eben. Rhoades .!(' E. G. Roberts), dry g'ds, 71 Milk 
Freeman r,<hntirid, \'22 Fanetiil Hall niarUet 
Freeman Ehsha. See Pierce &. Freeman 
Freeman John, tram-portalion aiient, Boston and Wor- 
cester Ivail Road, li. 7 S. Bermet 
Freeman (John D.) Si. BoMes ( Charles), printers, 110 

Washington. F.'s h. 14 Chaml)ers 
Freeman Jt.sephus, caulker, Commercial 
Freeman Peter VV., Secy Bosion Ins. Co. h. 27 High 
Freeman Simon B. iiousewri<;ht, h. 3G BelUnap 
Freeman ( IVm.) & Fisk (Sam.), dry goods, 7 Liberty sq. 

Freeman's h. G BiiHiuch 
French Ahram (S. B. Fierce & Co.), h. 2 Poplar 
French Anthony, 2 Bridge court 
French Alphous T. 14 Faneuil Hall market 
French Arthur, mercliant, Hi Rowe's wf. h. 8 Lincoln 
French Beujaniin. housewright, h. IJumstead court 
French Benj. & Co. (John Dane), merch. 12 S. Market, 

house 1 Lieveret 
French Benjamin V., W. L goods, 334 Washington 
French Charles D. clerk, h. 23 Tremout, n. Washington 
French Charh?s, Maine wf. hoards 1 Purchase place 
French Charhis, dr'iggist, 181 Hanover, h. 9 N. Bennet 
French Daniel, housewiight, h. 1 street, cor. 1st street 
French D.ivid, sodi maker, h. Market place 
French Ebenezer, painter, h. 4 Distil-houGe square 
French Eliz;iheth, widow, op. 1 Norfolk place 
French Fphrain), wircworker, Portland, h. 2 Poplar 
French Hiram, 13 F. H. market, h. rear 13 Atkinson 
French John, 8 Long wf hoards Castle 
French Jeti'erson, mason, h. 7 Distil-house square 
French John M. distiller, Essex, h. South st. court 
French Jonathan, house 732 Washington 
French Jonathan, housewright, h. 29 Boylston 
French Jonathan, jr. {T. Lord S,'- Co.), h.744 Washing. 
French Joseph, boards 54 Union 
French Leonard, counting room 39 ComtnerciaJ 
French Mary, widow, boarding house. Harvard place 
French Moses, h. South Margin 
French Moses, jr. wood and coal, Maine vvliarf, near 

Summer, h. 1 Purchase place 
French Thomas, boarding house, 196 Tremont 


French Thomas, trijckmnti, Coopor 

French ''I'hoinMH E. comb makor, '.I Grnphic court, h. 3 

Cornhill H({itnin 
FrrMich Tlioa. N. c. room, 8 Lonp; wf. h. fi35 Washington 
French VV^illiam, (hslilh-r, l)islil-hoiis«! 8<iii!irc, h. 10 do. 
Fricdhcim .John, proCcssor nuisic, h. 12 
Frol)ishcr Bciij. C. jcwidhir, (;!> Wash. Ii. !> Warren 
Frohishor .Jt.seph Ii. housi; 4lli street 
FioPt Heiijamin, painter, r> West, li. rear 104 Warren 
Frost Coh'nan, houses (i Brifrhlon 
Frost Georf:(! 13. l^iilor, H Myrtle 

Frost Jan(^, wi(h)w, h. (^and»ri(l^e, 3d from the bridge 
Frost l.iicy, widow, 1 Harvard 
Frost Lowrdl, painter, h. rear I) W. Centre 
Frost Reuben, drain di;:ger, h 2.\ ObarhjH 
Frost Samuel T. jiaiuler, h. 2'.\ Soiilh llussell 
Frost Waller, carriage ttjanuf iciory, lb4 Trcinont and 

rear (!)ourt. iSee adverlisenicnt 
Frost William, CfUifecMioner, :{l Cambridge and 125 Court 
Frost William, merchant, 98 Water, h 7l Mt. Vernon 
Frothingham Amos 'I', tclbir Tremoiit iJanU 
Frothingbatri C. II. (0. P. Eaton At Co.), h. 9 West 
Frothingham Epliraiin L. cashier Trader's Bank, h. 1 

Tremont < ortier Wa.-<hingt<>n 
Frothingham G. W. dry go(,d.s24r, Wash. \\. 28 Warren 
Frothingliam Isaac II. See Fosdick 6c V. 
Fiothinghanj Joanna, widow orEI)ene/er, 3 Oak 
Frothingliam l.vdia, widow of Nathaniel, h. Ma.son 
Frothingham Nat. coachpaint. Hawley pi. h. 78 Tremont 
Frofhihgiiam Nath'l, 2<l, <:oach{>aint. '.> West, h. IJoylston 
Frothingham Nathaniel F. commis. mer. 25 Long wf. 
Frothingham Nathaniel L., liev. 43 Summer 
Frolhingham Samuel, eashit^r V. S. Bank, h. Ml. Vernon 
Frothingham Thomas, coachmakor, 9 West 
Frye Isaac. W. groccjiies, 17 Beacon, h. 143 Court 
Fry Levi, shoemaker, h. rear 17 Second 
Fuller Abba, widow, 9 La Grange place 
Fuller Abner, oyst«;r room, Ann c^or. Richmond 
Fuller Aaron, baker, h. rear 132 PItasant 
Fuller Abigail, nuiKO, Wli«M!l<;r court 
Fuller Alexander, boards I'etuberton Hill 
Fuller Abraham W. counsellor, 31 Court 
Fuller Anna, 4() Sea 

Fuller Charles, plane maker, h. 3 Chambers st. court 
Fuller Ebenozer, grocer, 123 Hanover 


Fuller Elijiih, boardin<; house, 105 Tremont 

Fuller Kzrii, boards (> Sij<}<tlU plare 

Fuller Henry H. rouiisellor, (> Slate, h. 2 Avon place 

Fuller James, li<)nse\vri;ilit, h. 78 Warren 

Fuller Jeremiah, hlar-Ksmith, h. Brook line near Sufiblk 

Fuller Joseph. See Fay <& Fuller 

Fuller Joseph, haeUman, h. 57 Llliol 

Fuller J<.hn E. house 1 I'itis 

Fuller Samuel N. bath lu.iise, 12 Bath st. h. 54 Friend 

Fuller Selh, bellhan<,'er, 2 Wilson lane, h. Ridgeway la. 

Fuller Stephen I*, surveyor, rear (iO State, h. 17 Hancock 

Fuller William F. blacksmith, ',U Prince 

Fuller William M. blaeksmith, h. G Orange lane 

Fuller Zenas, painter, 4 Dislil-hpuse square 

Fuller Zac(;heus R. carpenter, rear Foster 

Fullertcm James & Co. (./. Tvfts), iron, 1 and 2 South 

Market, house 2 Hancock avenue 
Fullerlon Jennet, widow, rear Leveret lane 
Fullerton Samuel, (54 Union 

Fulluin David, livery stable, 2 Bowdoin sq. h. do. 
Fidimn Jacob, !)oardit)g house, Br<)adway 
Fullton Elizabeth, widow, 3 Elliot court 
Fullton Samuel, mason, 7 Milt(m 
Furber George W. stone cutter, h. rear 85 Pond 
Furber John D. tobacconist. (58 Broad 
Furber Thomas, plater, 1(5 Union, h. 35 Chambers 
Furbush Benjamin F. surveyor, 5 Hull 
Furbush Joseph, laborer, 8 Sudbury 
Furbush James, laborer, (50 Broad 
Fuibush Milo, grocer, 4^ Federal, house rear 
Funk Gottfried, tailor, h. 1 Piedmont 
Funk Joseph, weaver, 80 Warren 
Furlong Lawrence, chair painter, h. 33 Stillman 
Furness Nathaniel H. house 41 Spring 
Furness William, clerk, b. 41 Spring 
Fussell James, tailor, h. 5 Madison place 
Fussell John (J. Sfiorey & Co.), h. 5 Madison place 
Furguson Robert, moulder, A street 

GABRIEL JOHN, sailmakcr, house rear N. Margin 
GafBeld John, cordwainer, 157 Ann 
Gaffield Thomas, cordwainer, 48 Congress, h. rear 
Gage (Mdison) & Streeter {JVathan H.), stablers, Brom- 

field, boards 5 Province House ct. 
Gage Benjamin W. crockery, 144 Wash. h. 101 do. 


Gago John, machinist, h. 3 Scott court 

G;i:ie John (Je.nntss, G. & Moudy),h. at Com. Coffee H. 

Ga<£e J. K. T. physician, B street 

Ga'^e Moses, liairdres>er, 46 Merchants row 

Gair John, sailrnaUer, Liverpool wf. h. 72 Purchase 

Gale Gustavus O. hat store, 7(i Manover 

Gale Isaac, 101 Faneiiil Hall market 

Gale John, oysters, 24 Franklin 

Gale Josiah, hat store, house Cooper 

G.ile \j. B. surgeon, 2 B«i\vdoin square, h. 74 Temple 

Gale lijdia, widow of John, 1 Lafayette avenue 

Gale iVJilton, house Cooper 

Gale Nathaniel, clothing, 52 Ann, h. 4 Hull 

Gale Nathaniel, physician. North Margin 

Gale Samuel, house B street 

Gallagher Michael, h. 3 Flagg alley 

Gallagher Tliou)as, laborer, Batterymarch 

Gallot Nathan, sexton, house llaymarket place 

Galloope Richard, hairdresser, Flagg alley, h. 6 Hull 

Galvin Andrew, laborer, rear 45 Pleasant 

GaUin Philip, laborer. Broad, cor. Cotton place 

Gait William, confectioner, 079 Washington 

Galucia Ambrose B. painter. Wash. h. Essex c. Columbia 

Giimage Hamiah, wid. of J(dm W., h. rear Northampton 

Gamage He.iiry, pianoforte maker, h, 19 Pleasant st. cl, 

Gamage Sarah D. widow, rear (J12 Washington 

Gamble Alexander; laborer, 18C Ann 

Gammell Eliza and Sarah, house 30 South 

Gamrnell Mary Ann, rear 41 Congress 

Gammell Samuel, boarding house, opposite 4 Columbia 

Gammon Stephen, laborer, h 67 Ijedford 

Gammon William, laborer, house 67 Bedford 

Gannett Cole, shipwright, house Cotton place 

Gannett Ezra S. Rev. 4 Hayward place 

Gannett Isaac, cooper, 55 Prince 

Gannett Thomas B. clerk, 34 Cent. wf. b'ds 9 Atkinson 

Garaux Francis, baker, 17 Portland 

Garbett Richard, professor of mu.sic, h. 16 Chambers 

Gardiner Mary, widow of Rev. Dr. house Temple place 

Gardiner WiUiam H. {Dexter & G.), h. Temple place 

Gardner Caleb, baker. May corner Butolph 

Gardner Elizabeth, widow, rear Southac 

Gardner Francis, teacher Latin school, h. 28 Vernon 

Gardner George, dry goods, 37 Hanover 

Gardner George. See John L. Gardner & Co. 


Gardner Hannah, widow, rear 121 Pleasant 

Gardner John, hardwiire, 8 Liberty sq h. 64 Mt. Vernon 

Gcirdner John L, & Co. {George Gardner)^ meichanls, 

47 India, h. 1 Beacon 
Gardner John D. & Co. {B. P. Chamberlain), com. mer. 

and auction., 5 Cent. wf. h. c. Beacon and Sotneiset 
Gardner Josefih H., Sec'ry Neptune Ifisuraiice Company 
Gardner (Leavitt) <& Murdock (.-^/n«5«, jr.), planenjakers, 

4 Green. G.'s house 1 Mihon 
Gardner l.orinjf, sliip.'<niith, C<»tton place, h. 10 Purchase 
Gardner Martha, ready m;ide linen, 2">() Washington 
Gardner Robert, laborer, rear !)8 Warren 
Gardner {Robert) & Sylvester {Jidam), W. I. goods, 

Gardner Russell, honsewright, h. rear Canton n. Dedhana 
Gardner Samuel P. merchant, h. 3^ Summer 
Gardner VVm. H. hides <fe le.ith., 42 Cent, b'ds 18 Hano. 
Gardner William, honsewright, rear 344 Washington 
Gargcm Patrick, laborer, h. 2 Bridge 
Garland Daniel, mason, h. 8(i Warren 
Garland James, house Aright, r. 530 Wash. h. 86 Warren 
Garland Joseph, 3 Pond 
Garran Jabez, house Unity 
Garrett Robert, boarding house, 198 Ann 
Garrety Mary, 22 StiUman 
Garrety Thomas, laborer, 2 Wharf 
G.irtlafid Peter, mason, rear 23 South Rus.sell 
Garvin Chauncey, mason, h. 7 Boylston square 
G.iskell Lymaii C clothes, (il Washington, h. 13 Cross 
Ghss Joseph. st(mecutler, Brighton, h. 3 1-2 Spring 
Ga.=s Michael, laborer, rear 101 Broad 
Gassett Henry &. Co. {JHcxander S. Riley), English g'ds, 

14 Kilby, h. 50 Summer 
Gales Columbus, physician, 133 Hanover 
Gates Israel, house iS'ewbern place 
Gates James W. «fe Co. {Levi ^ Willinm Heywood), 

chair deah-rs, 42 India Gates b'ds 4 Bowdoin 
Gates Jacob, physician, 13 Franklin 
Gales Jonathan, laborer, h. rear 12 Boylston 
Gaudin Augustus, teamster, 444 Washington 
Gault Benjamin, laborer, rear 4th stieet 
Gault John, carpenter, >outh c(»rni'r Essex 
Gauli Robert, typefounder, Robinson lane 
Gavett George B. boards 11 Tremont 
Gavett James H. house 10 1-2 Pleasant 

178 niRncTOkv. 

(Jnvf;lt, Jonfitfifin, Inmi)li{(lit<;r, h. Wnrrrn place 
(iiivcit .loMi;|ili, f:f)nlwiiiti»;r, fif)UH«! '.i WluM.lcr court 
(invi-W. JVl;irv, wirlovv, Mrnl<«;l, \)\ttr,i: 

(i:>VK\\ l{ul.<;rt H rii.i- l.iniHt, H lUirl;;*;, |i. 4 Colta^re pi. 
(i.iMi-M VVilli;irri H. vV (ic.o. li. Mry isihhIh. WsiHliingUni C. 

lioylMinri. W. K. (; IjMh :^ L;i (inirii;;.- [il.u;« 
Ciiiy (;ii;irl«'s i;. (rro«<!f, ^ '.7 Ann, Iioiihi; '.i Moon 
(^iuy KI)«Mi I' lioiihc \7)7) IJiitioxcr 
(iiiy {hl'ifn V.) <V V<.;iHi«! (/';/<), hIioch, 41 M'jrcliantH row. 

^iiy'M li. rc'ir li? Kirlirrirm'l 
Criy (i»'or^«!, «(»ijriH<'llor, '^0 (,'<>iir», }i. HolliH c. 'JVfirnont 
(j:iy (;«;<.r;.'(! II (|i;nliHt, 252 VVfiHliiiif^ton 
Guy (*T<:u\\\\i: VV. (l-lnlon ^ O' ), lt'<J« n-iir l^i iJif lirnond 
Guy l><Mnnrl. 12 Fiitifuil II. rrwirUra, li. 22 'r«;iiij>l«i 
G ly L«;wiH II. (lialtlwia »V r'; ;, li. l:{ Citnlro 
(i;iy ,\I;uiiri, pli vHicijiri. 4^. jVlilU, lMi;ir<lH r l'«Mirl 
Gay { I'll ill luiH i'j.) {^ \V\Tf\ (Stimiml, J.), ir«jri dualcrH, 44 

Inriia. (<.'s liotis*! \i^> I'lpaH.inl 
G.'iy llolicrr II trutrcliitnt, i:'. L()n« wf. ii 10 AlUtn 
(iay KijfijH J\1. prin. <ifl». f;l«Tl< in (Uih. II. b'dH 17 Fcurl 
Giiy Ha ly iM. 2ri La (irany.! plaft«; 
fjay 'I'iiotnas, trurUtnan, li IMfr-luiriir, 
(i:\)\i: l,iviti}fHi.ori, ttiarirHT. 2!* Tliaiilicr 
Ciaylnrd (MiarlcM, priii(»;r and Mil<mak«;r, 2d Htrc-ct 
Gi'liiy Afidifiw, [xidjar, I-'* Kmhox 

" imrncrcial 


"'_ H- •' '• " .. .'.. ...,<. 

G<'.or;»«! Lulu;, 2.'> Lon;: wliarf, ii. 4li Lovcrfit 

<;.:nr-<; Nalhani.d M. Ilonr, 2.") l-on;^ wf li. (i N. RiisHfjll 

wi'iiiy /inni«!W, [xtniiir, i-» i'.mhox 

G(;iHrn;:^i'r David, naval rtuidnzvous, Ann n. C«> 

Gi:iliMT Chaili'H. Ifaf licr of rniixi*-, HM 'rr«;fnoii 

(i»;or^<: lliratn, lio(iM(!wri;^lil , Iioijh<! Norlharnpl 

Goor;;,. J.d.n .S. H|,.M!fnaUrr. !)() lS«;!i 

G<'.or;»«! Lulu;, 2.'> Lon;: wliarf, ii. 4'A Lr;v('r(;t 

<i<:orir<; Nalii.irn.;! M . Ilonr, 2."> Lon;^ wf li. (i N. iv<im..;u 

Gfirrirtli Anrlrtjw, liardwarc, 41 ('orntnMrcial, li. Id Milk 

Gfiri^li .latrniH, l>la<l<Kinilli, r<!ar Broadway 

C«t'rri,ili TliornaH, l)rirkrn:il<(;r, r«!ar I'roadway 

(;.;rry Mil. nd;;.; iti.-r'|,;,ril, iA] Killiy, li 22 |{<;a 

(ji;rry .lafni'H, IJniU'd Sl.ilfs navy, hoards 22 !>•: 

G«frry TafricU, lajjori-r. 72 Itroad 

Gorry (Sunivrl, L.) A IJnrl (.himt'.s), <yn\i\u\cr\tn\ 

:{ ('oriiliill. <i' rry'H li 477 WaHliin^^lon 
G»;rry 'I'lioinaH. .Sc*! ItoHs <V (». 

<^i<-yf;r Andr«!W, drnii^iMl, 101 ||iinf»v<;r, li. li"* Salem 
(ii-yi'T (.'liarlt'H, tnuMlard fariory, (JrosH, li. 21) d(i. 
G«'y«;r <i«;otjfc, (-(topjir, Hri^lilon ripsir I'oplar 
Gry«T J W. frn-rrliant, 14 |{<iw<!'h wliarf 
Geycr Mury l'\ leeching enlubliMlinienl, lb2 'J'rernont 



Gibbpns Daniel L. «&, Son (Horn. //.;, grocers, 218 Wa«b. 

Gii)ljf-ns JiiifKiS. labiirfjjr, rtiar l'<i > JjKji-d 

Giftl»(ins^TJjret, iiou:if; VVilliinris «<>urt 

Gibheris Miiry 1). vvulovv of Georye Al. 2G Orange 

Gibbs Abi^;.il, 38 Milk 

Gibbs Ira, lijiiib<;r, E;iril, b. rear 44 Essex 

Gibbs MaUiari B.{fJ(i/ij. liurircsa ^'y !6on), b. Higli c. Sunj'r 

Gibbs iSiirab, bouse 4'J Mount Vernon 

Gibson Anna F. taibjr<;ss, HayrnarUet |>Iaee, cor. Avery 

Gibson iit'.isey, bouse 101 VVa&binglon 

Gibft«*n Cbarles L. P^ee VVebhlf-r, Cljate & Co. 

Gibson Geor;'!e, bouse 101 VVasbin;ilon 

Gibsrni Ge<»r;4e G diy {ro<uJs, :}15, b. .034 Washington 

Gihson Ilosea, pa|ierfiang(.r, b. 47 lioylston 

Gibson Irena, lailoiess, 47 BoylsUjn 

Gibson James, captain, li. 2') Cornnierrial 

Gil^son Jubn d. nierdiant, b. :i2 C'be=niit 

Gibson J.-bn M innbobJ.;r, 107 Milk 

Gibson Joscpli, cleik, b. '.)!<i Treniont 

Gil»son Kimball (.Xichols &l G.), bouse lOG Cbarles 

Gibson Mf;r'y, vvidfjw. ilaymarl<«'t place, for. Av»;ry 

Gibson ."^atnijiil V. paperlian;:(r, May cor. VV. Centre 

Gibson 'i'liomas, boardin<r, 243 Ann 

Gibxon William. SJte S. Westcott &. Co. 

Giddinj^s Lyflia, b. Ballard place 

GifFord Alden, captain, Tjlj l.cveret 

Gifford Ann, widow, rear 12 .Soiilb Riipsell 

Gilbeit Anlbony, Jiairdresser, 2.'30 Wa^-biiigton 

Gilbert Asbel, bousewrigiit, li. V.) Mortb Kusiell 

Giilic-rt Fienjamin I. 37 Warren 

Gilbert Benjamin It. ((Jilherl ^ Sons), \\. 50 Warren 

Gilbert ItK-rease (T. Gdhe/rt &. Co), \\ \) Houlb B.-nnet 

Gilbert Jobn, jr. W. I g'ds, !(>.'> Tr<;mont, b ]'4. Hanover 

Gilbert Lemuel {T. GUhtrt ^ Co.), b. 1 JetfV-ison pl. 

Gilbert, l.ijtber, grorer, 10 Leveret, b. 41 I'oplar 

Gilbert Margaret, widow, .Soulb street place 

Gilborl .Sarab M. widow, 31 Tliaf lier 

Gilbert Tirno. &. Co. (Henry Snffurd, Lemuel Gilbert & 

lacrense Gilbert), p\:\iii>i'<>nn inanufuctory, 393 and 

400 VVasbington, b. 10 Front 
Gilbert &- Sons (Samuel, Saiiiuel,jr. and Benjamin /?.), 

excbange office, Lxf|ian}.'e 
Gilbert Samuel, bouse 527 Wasbinglon 
Gilbert .Samuel, jr. hou^e 531 Wasbington 
Gilbert William A. See Orin HUdrelh <i& Co. 


Giles Ann, millinery, 212, h. 210 Washington 

Giles Emerson, leainster, h. rear Canal 

Giles Juiin B. marble polisher, 97 Ann 

Gill Ciirislopher, capuin, liouf-e (> Fayette 

Gill Uaiiiel, laborer, h. rear 8 South street place 

Gill Eliza, 44G VVasliingion 

Gill Henry, laborer, Prince 

Gill Joshua T. housewright, h. 58 Portland 

Gill Michael, laborer, 74 Warren 

Gill I'erez, lumber, Front, house 12 South Bennet 

Gill Simon, captain, 22 Brighton 

Gill Samuel VV. machinist, house Canal 

Gill Thomas, reporter, li) Water, house 4th street 

Gill William, laborer. Prince 

Gillespie John W. housewright, h. Castle n. Middlesex 

Gillespie Mary, house 1 Ballard place 

Gilieti Philo A. clerk, boards at Kilburn's Coffee House 

Gillfealher Daniel, laborer, A street 

Gilling John, mariner, Langdon place 

Gillis Mark, 15 North Market 

Gillpatrick (jeorge, clerk. Custom House 

Gilman Charles E. house rear 12 Spring 

Gilman E. grocer, 89 Merrimac, h. 2 Gilman place 

Gilman George W. {Cummings &. G), h. 134 Hanover 

Gilman M. S. L. sailmaker, h. 2 Hawkins 

Gilman Nathaniel, confectioner, Salem c. Cross, h. Clark 

Gilman Zebulon, boarding house, C2 Leveret 

Gilmore Addison {Foss &. G.), h. 4 Orange court 

Gilrnore Freeman, clerk, .house 34 Charles 

Gilmore James, house 97 Purchase 

Gilmore Jawies, straw manufiicturer, h. rear 756 Wash. 

Gilm»)re Joseph A. (Lbacli, Crosby & G), b'ds 2 Oliver 

Gilmore Josiah, merchant, 12 S. Market, h. 7 Causeway 

Gilmore Kcbert, chemist, h. rear 756 Washington 

Gilson Asa, stabler, 18 Blossom 

Gilson Jonas, housewright, house rear Northampton 

Gilson (Joshua) & Livermore (IVm.), grocers, West cor. 

Mason, and Warren cor. Elliot. G. bds 12 Avery 
Gilson Thomas, last maker, h. 1 Cedar st. court 
Giraud Mary, house 68 Belknap 
Givven John S. housewright, 13 Charter 
Gladden Wra. mason, h. rear 89 Broad 
Glanvin John, laborer, rear 123 Broad 
Glazier Jotham, innholder, Massachusetts Hotol 
Glazier I. C. See Walter, Corey & Co. 


Gleason Charles, cooper, rear Brondway near E street 

GItjfison lltiiate, (•()un>ell»)r, 9 iSlale 

Glesisdri Pliilip, li(HisfWii>>lit. h. rear Canton 

jGU-asori Thotnas!, labtirer, 105 Hroad 

Glcasuii William T. pnnti-r, 85 Tinckney 

GliddHf) Eliza A. widow, lionse 2 Cooper 

Gl« PS Juliii. caliineimaker, h. r»'ar Lenox 

Glover Kdward, house 24 SahJlaljon 

Glover Klisha V coiisiable, '<> Kriiiklin av. h. Southac ct. 

Glover Enoch, I Leveret court 

Glover (jeorne VV. liousewri<rlit, h. 9 Bratile 

Glover ller)rv K. {Manning i^- O.), h ti'^ Cliannbers 

Glover Johfi B. ^2 V»'aler. h 17 Soulh Bennet 

G\o\vr (J(iniis) & Richaidsun (G. B. jr.), grocers, 46 
Long wf h. 8 0ak 

Glover Joseph B. ( It aid i- G ), boards 9 Elm 

Glover Jonas, captain, H Oak 

Glover Lewis J ph)sician, 2(5 Orange 

Glover Mary, h. Sonili Russell 

Glover VVillJUm. umbrella maker, h. op. (5 Norfolk place 
Glynn John, bell .Sanger, Marlboro' pi. h Wheeler's ct. 
GodUo\d {Gvsiiirtis ^-J.) di Greene (£. /^ ), shipsmiihs, 
Cotnmercial n. Ann. Godbold's h. Henchman lane 
Godbold John, clerk, « Tileslon 
Goddard George W. provisions, 3 Chambers 
God laid Klias VV. {C'liipp <& G.), house 5 Unity 
Goddard Eunice, vvjdow, 7 Tileston 
Goddard George A. house 6 Walnut 
Goddard James, coa< hniaker, op 10 West, h. 16 Avery 
Goddard John, mastmaker. 14 Fleet 
Goddard Jonathan, house 571 W;ishi?iglon 
Goddard Mary Ann, 14 Slillnian 

Goddard Mary, widow of William, h. 4 Hamilton place 
Goddard Nathaniel, mer 15 I'nion wf. h. 53 Summer 
Goddaid t^arah, widow of George S. 5 Stiilman 
Goddard (Thovias) &. Dennis (Enoch), coach and chaise 

makers, 110 Tremont 
Goddard 'riiornas A. com. merchant, 36 Central wharf, 

house Hi Avery 
Godda.d William, housewright, South, house 49 Sea 
Goddard William, jr. housewright, h. Newbern place 
Goddard Wm. W. provis. 9 Baiterymarch, h. 4 Wendell 
Goddard Wm. W. 48 Central wf h. 4 Hatuilton place 
Godfrey B. See Allbee& G. 
Godifrey William, laborer, 366 Commercial 


Godwin David, stone cnttPr, I street 

GoflTHonwe H. b(.(»khiiiHpr, Sclio'.i, h. 20 Wnsh. place 

Cioff Snrfih, widow of Klu-ruzer, 20 Wash, place 

Goft'Siirnli, muse, rr;ir '.V2. Pleasant 

GdArWillMim, hoiir^e Arnold 

Gogirins PalrirU, laborer, d'.i Warren 

Golden Falriik, laborer, reiir 104 Purchase 

Golderman Casper, tailor. 4:i Corrdiill. Ii. rear r)^ Poplar 

Golding Geo. me*. N. E. iM.iririe Itis. Off. h. 41 Atkinson 

Goldnig John, jrrocer, l!)d Ann 

Goldin-r John P. straw and silk manu. Avery, h. rear 

75(i W.ishingttin 
Goldsmith Jonatlian, lioiisewri<Tht, h. 4 Lovett place 
Goldstnith Seth, binfl«;r, Franklin av. h. 104 Warren 
Goldthwait Joseph G. slioemaktjr, h. G irden court 
Goodale John W. handrartman, h. 102 TreoK.nt 
Goodale Joshua, weigher, ^iO India wf. h. 'Mj Fayette 
Goodell Joseph W. clerk, house !);'» Summer 
G(»od(!now Julia, nurse, Nassau Green 4(5 Tremont 
Goodhue Charles B. jeweller, l.'> Union, h. ^Phillips pi. 
Goodhue James S^ hairdresser, 220 Washington 
Goodhue [lol)ert, house C;inal 

Gooding Betsy, widow of Thomas, 1 Carnos court 
Gooding Ilenrv, watchmaker, (i5 Wash h.5 Montg. pi. 
Gooding Thornus, brassf)undHr, Hawkins c. Ivers 
Goodtiow Charles, housewright, h. Market place 
Goodnow D. cV G., W. I. goods, 577 Washing. D. G.'s 
< house 4:^ Tremont 

Goodnow John, W. 1. goods, 20 S. Market, h. 1 1 Elm 
Goodnow Peter, domes, g'ds, 29 Central, h. 21 La Gra. pi. 
Goodnow Peter, cttachman, h 2 Kiliot court 
Goodnow Susan, boar<iitig. h. 9 Morton place 
Goodnow Wm. B 12 Kilby, boards 3() Hancock 
Goodrich blben. organ build, r. o!) Wasli. h (>;{ Hancock 
Goodrich (fra) & Huntington (L .^.), tailors. 5 Joy's b'g 
Goodrich Isaac W stationer, 56 Wash. h. 21 Candtridge 
Goodrich (Josiak) & Talbot (Gilbert L.), dry goods, 82 

and 84 Hanover 
Goodrich .Mary, widow, 4 Clark 
Goodrich Oliver, house 10 Blossom 
Goodrich Samuel G. publisher, School 
Goodridge Ambrose H printer, hojjse Tr.Tvers 
Goodri<ige Klizabelh, miniature painter, h. Lyman place 
Goodridge Emily, h. 33 Warren 
Guodridge Joseph, huusewrigUt, 51 Spring 


Goodrid^e Lowell, fruit, &c. I^fiO Wnshinpton, h. do. 

Oiri)dri(iite Nmiicv, diessnuikfr. Ic WiiiTHti 

G(M)dri(if:e iN'nncy, widow, nurse, I West 

Gniidridge N;iru-y B. widow of Siinujel VV. h. 25 Carver 

Goodriilge I'liilip W. Iioiisewriglif, rear f-'^ h'ea 

Gondrid-ie Sain I, ship rlian. (i Cenlrfil \vf h Atkinson 

Goodrid^p i^arah G. niini.iturc painter, (33 Hancock 

Go(»drid<re Sarjili C, DorcIi(!sler 

GiKidspeed James R. cnrpenter, re;ir 83 Sea 

Goddwin Benjatnin, nnison, 4 Biidge sf. «'oijrt 

Goodwin Charles, clerk, h. (1 Provitiee House rourt 

Goodwin Enocli, cooper, Rowe's wf. h.SCuJumbia 

Goodwin George, Salutalion 

Goodwin Jan)es M. leamsler, h. rear ir.i\ Warren 

Goodwin John. cahinettnakiT, l)oards 4 Oliver place 

Goodwin John M. cnsli. People's B Rox. h. S. end Wash. 

Goodwin Joseph. See Stetson <JL- (i. 

Goodwin Maria, widow, h. 50 Be.-icon 

G(»odwin ]VI;irgaret. widow of NhiITI, 7 N. Bennet 

Goodwin Ozias, merch't, 39 India wf h. 5() Beacon 

Goodwin Rohert, cooper, house 4 Oliver place 

Goodwin Stephen, turner, Fieverly, h. 6 Slillmaii place 

Goodwin Thorniis, house "iO Th.iclier 

Googins Mark (jVute & G.), h. .35 Thacher 

Gordak Willijim. medicines, 47 Essex 

Gordon Cliarlc-s P. Id North Beunet 
Gordon George, mariner, rear 153 Ann 

iiordon George D See Messin^er, Mirick & Co. 

Gordon {George W.) <Xr Stodd.nd {I.eicis T.), dry goods, 
78 State. Gordon's h. 3 Slanif ird 

Gordt n James, l;d)orer, house rear 730 Washington 

G<»rdon Joanna, widow, renr Hi Sea 

Gordon John, provis'ns, 108 Salem, h. Hownrd c. Somen. 

Gordon Oliver S. provisions, .507 Wash. Ii. Cuslle 

Gordcm, lahorer, iiouse George 

Gore Christopher, piiinter, 8 Baiterymarch, h. 35 Prince 

Gore Christopher, painter, h. 4 Spring street place 

Gore Jeremiah, jr. 138 Purchase 

Gore Ste[)hen, 5 Long wf house Nassau court 

Gore Stephen, jr. High street place 

Gore Wat.son. See Smith & G. 

Gorhani Benjamin, 17 Court, house 126 Trcmunt 

Gurhain Benj. D boarding, 131 Hanover 

Gorham Eraslus, h. Ridgeway lane 

Gorbam Isaac, carpenter, Cutnniercial 

184 niRKCTOKV. 

^iorli.'irn Jjirrif^B L. {Joh. fVliifnr.y At Co.), l/«ls 5^0 Atkin. 

(iurliMK Miiry, wuJuw «(ri>r .loliiiji. II M'»iitg'>inury pi. 

(iorrii III (J||.iiI<;m, ftmiMt! (i(». rj Nurr.,lk |»l.i(;0 

((oriniiri Jitlm, hIackiHiiii li, rear I'nrK.o 

<furiiil) MicluM!), |iil)ur«)r, I .S|>riii;4 Ifitin 

(i'lrmly 'riiiMiiiiH, Htucco workt.T, roar OD Klliot 

(;...<« M.'nry, Iruil, I N IMarlu;!, Ii. H N. Kiihmi;!! 

<»<(»« Oir.i, rt!nloriiior, (/'oiif^rr.^s m(| Ii 1) Hi/utli (jodar 

CjKKK Itortviilj, j'riiil, I (J'tii;^r»fHrt rt«j li. I> S. (J«;(iar 

(iuA^U'.r {(iuHlanis) {k Kiiun.) (C/i:i'.f), 70 «lul(J 

Uoulil Ann, wkIuw nl Joliti \l , Miiy 

(ioiild Aii;/iHiij« A, pliyHician, ii r.>4 Trornont 

(ii>iiM l()!Mjaiiiiri, iriaHoii, Ii. 4 HiiU'olk 

(;<)i)l(| \i A :i:t Uiii<in wha f, li. ."i Wirillirf.(» piano 

(iuiild ItiMi). 'IV f^roc, M< rriiii.i*; <; (/ainoway, li. I I'roHp. 

C;iMil(l (;aliiariiii! W.«;-*K, .S. (;<<lar in;ar (/'liurrli 

(Jwiil.l (C/uulfH If.), K.;mlall ( C. S.) iV Liim;oIii (Joahua), 

l)(>okH»!ll»!rH, T) > VVuhIi. (j.'h Ii. '6 Avon pluoo 
GiMil.l (JyriH IV 27 IVlar;.Mr«!t 
(fu'.iid l>avi(l, l<;a«:lii!r htiokkfjujiirij^, 17 (y<<ijrt 
(»iiiilrl 10. I*, inic.kiiiari, li. r<'ar l'riti<;«) 
(»mil(l jjHiM'ii, wi(l<>w, IM 'rrt!i»i«)nl 

(iKiilfl I'Vc'Icrick { llii.l.on iV d ), li, l*riri(;»j (;or. Hanover 
(^oiilii llaiMiali, widow, (i.~» I'lljiol, 

(foul<l llvnry A. coacli iind cliairtfj trim. Ii. \) Fcdoral vA. 
(ioiild John, HJalo draUir, li. 'llli, n«!ar I) nln;«t 
Cionld (John, (t ) A, IJIackuH-r { llttllii,ii.<l), liouHCwriglitl, 

(/)iarl<!Kl,own. <i h Ii ;'.I I'oplar 
(ioiild Jol.n .S. labor.T, 17 Myrll.) 

(ioiild .lonlina, f.onCcrrionary , Ido Wanh. h. MiddioWJX 
(foiild MoMtiH, lioiiKi;wri^lil, Ii. |ti (/liarnlMtrH 
(ioiild l'alrnd<, lioiiKfwri;.'lii, Iioijhd roar l()7 Ann 
(foriUI Kudiard II. Iioimo :{!l l')<4<4(;x 

(loiild HaiMoid, tailor, H!) I'road, li. 8 I'rovirico House ct. 
fioiild SaiiiiMd, i\u\UvA, (id Arifi 
(jiuuld {Siijikv.n L ), Wilrlor (/y«/iy. (J.) & Co. (/.. WUkinM 

A, I), li. JVc.w/uill), pianoforlo rii.iiiu. lioylnton near 

WaKi,. (; H Ii U Jollornon 
(»onld 'IV (J. boarding, JilO Ann 
(iMidrl T'laddoiiK, nnudiiniKi, INorlli IVInr^in 
(i'lijid TlioiriaH, lMMiKowri;i;lil, '-io Friorid 
(ioiilrl TlioiriaH, jr. lioijHow I, liovorot, li Baldwin piac* 
Cjioiild VVallor, lionH«wri;^lil, li. roar 7'.i Elliot 
Gould VVilliain, rilro.ot. 
Gould William, bukor, Clark corner Ann 


Goulding John, machinist, r. Northamp. h. S. end Wash. 

Qoulding Thomas, laborer, r*iar 7(12 VVasli. 

Gove Austin, trncknMn, h. North Margin 

Gove CharU.'H J. stock inaniifar-tiircr, li. I Nowtoii place 

Gove (./. I)) *fc IJrown (/<-' ), liuil, I Fan. ilall luarkot. 

G 's h. roar 2d Atkinson 
Gove Jane, widow, 5 Oliver place 
Gove John F. {Fursailk <Sc G.), h. 125 Ilanovtsr 
iiovc (John) &. I.ocke {Edward), clothes, liO Coinmnr. 

G.'s h. '.\ (lanovcr (>la<;e 
Gove Rodney, sexton, l»'d.s rear tSt. Paid's church, Trem. 
Gove iSainnel, hoiisewri<;ht, h. ritar ('ooper 
Gowan Uenjamin, caulk«;r an<l graver, 7 Itartlett 
Gowan llebecca, nurst!, IJartlett 
Gowing Nancy, widow, h.)ar«iing house, 57 Fhsoi 
Gowlarid Ann, widow, rear 77 VVarren 
Grace Joseph, cooper, 18 Fleet 
Grace l>.awrence, laborer, rcsar 4th street 
Grace Margaret, widow, rearC'entre 
Grace Michael, cnulkisr, h. Ash cor. S. Hcnnet 
Graeter Francis, instrur;t«!r, h. (J54 Washington 
Grafton Daniel, h. 41 1 1. mover 

Grafton Joseph, tneasur«;r, Cos. II. Ii. Tremont n. Wash. 
Gragg Fdward I*, stable k«!ep(;r, !{ Atkinson, h. J4 Federal 
Gragg John, tru(^kriian, h. North square 
Gragg Oliver, slabh; keepe.r, Mi Federal, h. f) Wavcrlcy pi. 
Gragg .Samuel, h. 11 ('r<!sc«!nt [»lac(; 
Gragg William Francis, coll(M;tor, h. 7 lioylston sq. 
Graham I3ridget, wirlnw, taiioress, r<5ar 50 lioylsltju 
Graham (Ifcnnj V.) <Si. Wilmarlh (6C//1), maehiniHta, 

foot Vine, h. II Lynde 
Graham Joanna, widow, back of Humphrey place 
Graham John, wharl'builder, (/harlestowti cor. Truvor« 
Graham Mary, widow, Canton 
Graham William, batter, 4tli street 
Granger David, surveyor of woik, 4 Stale 
Grant A. Watson, Russia wf. h. 21 Somerset 
Grant Augustus, bathing house, ('ragie's bridge 
Grant {f{(:nj. li.), Seav«;r {(}.) &, (Jo. {d. It. IJln.smoor Sc 

li. liaruf.U),(hy g'ds, 5 Liberty sfj. G.'s li. 1 Mt.Vern. 
Grant Charles, h. 10 Bridge 
Grant (/harles &, Co. {Cha's E. Grant), paper hangings, 

() Union 
Grant George W. clerk, G Liberty square 
Grant Jamos, blacksmitli, house b4 Sea 


Grant Keziah, boarding house, 40 Federal 

Grant (Moses) <& Daniell (Otis), paper store, 9 Union. 

G.'s h. 7 Cambridge. See advertisement 
Grant Sarah, widow, h. 24 Cross 
Granville Bragdon, house 3 Thacher 
Graupner Mary, widow of Gottlieb, h. 1 Prov. House ct. 
Graves Dennis, painter, h. rear 11 Distilhouse square 
Graves Rebecca, widow, Gilman place 
Graves Wm. flour nier. 15 Long wf. h. 12 Myrtle 
Gray Benjamin, house 60 Poplar 
Gray Charles, clothing, 150 Ann, h. 10 N. Bennet 
Gray Edward, captain, rear 57 Elliot 
Gray Edward L. captain, house 5 Sister 
Gray Edward L. jr. (RicB & G.), h. 5 Sister 
Gray Fanny, nurse, 6 North Bennet 
Gray Francis H. physician, c Hancock and Cambridge 
Gray Francis C. counsellor, 17 Court, h. 41 Beacon 
Gray Frederick T., Rev. house 2 Cambridge 
Gray George H. & Co. (William G. Prmce), domestic 

hardware, 91 Kilby, h. 286 Wash. 
Gray Harrison (Hitliard, G. & Co.), h. Temple place 
Gray Henry, h. 44 Merrimac 

Gray Henry D., W. I. goods, 24 India, h. Snowhill 
Gray Horace & Co. (Sam'l Dow, jr. andJSath. Francis)^ 

mer 7 Commercial wf. h. 57 Summer 
Gray James, captain, h. 57 Pinckney 
Gray Jane, house 89 Chambers 
Gray Joanna, widow of Samuel, h. 27 N. Russell 
Gray John, house 286 Washington 
Gray John, housewright, 46 South Margin 
Gray John, laborer, 324 Ann 
Gray John C. counsellor, 36 Summer 
Gray John C. dry goods, 115 Hanover 
Gray John H. h. West 
Gray Joseph H. stevedore, h. 186 Ann 
Gray Martha, widow of Robert, 40 Salem 
Gray Mary, widow, 16 Fayette 
Gray Mary, widow of Wm. R. 5 Franklin 
Gray Nathan H. pianofortemaker, h. 6 Elliot court 
Gray Richard, h. 4 Pemberton lIill,Tremont 
Gray Richard, jeweller, house Newbern place 
Gray Samuel Chas§, tailor, boards 1 Oliver place 
Gray Sam'l C. merchant, 31 Central wf h. 53 Mt. Vernon 
Gray Thomas (Hawes, G. & Co.), h. 38 High 
Gray Thomas, jr. physician, Norfolk avenue 
Gray Thomas S. laborer, Essex cor. Oliver place 


Gray William, counting room, Hobbs's wf. b'ds 9 Elm 

Gray William, attorney, 17 Court, h. 3 Chesnut 

Gray William {Homer & G.), h. 2 Bowdoin 

Gray William D. laborer, Battery 

Gray William R. clerk, house 17 Merrimac 

Greaton Lucretia, instructress, h. 6 Fayette 

Greaves VVm. & Sons, 21 Batterymarch 

Greele Samuel, house 18 Winthrop place 

Greely Philip, jr. {Dana, G. & Co.), h. 17 Cambridge 

Green Abby D. house 122 Court 

Green Abraham S. turner, h. 7 Boylston square 

Green Andrew, measurer, Custom H. h. 59 Belknap 

Green Ann, widow of Richard, h. 2 Bedford place 

Green Caleb, cooper, house Battery 

Green Copley, house 32 Beacon 

Green Daniel, laborer, rear 671 Washington 

Green Ellis B., Hancock Bank, house 22 Leveret 

Green Elijah L. blacksmith, 18 Prince 

Green Elizabeth, widow, 90 Warren 

Green Francis, painter, house East rear engine house 

Green Gardner^ ropemaker, h. 3d street 

Green George, pumpmaker, 285 Ann, h. 2 Henchman la. 

Green Hannah, widow of Isaac, rear 3d street 

Green Henry T. jewelry, 35 Wash, b'ds Holbrook'i hotel 

Green Hugh, mason, h. Pleasant near Tremont 

Green Hugh W. 21 Water, h. 52 Myrtle 

Green James, blacksmith, h. Commercial 

Green John H. cordwainer, 4th street 

Green John, jr. painter and glazier, 659 Washington 

Green Joseph, laborer. Commercial 

Green Joseph C. musician, h. 2 South Foster place 

Green Joseph D. {Sands t& G), h. 3d near A street 

Green Joseph W. 33 Long wharf 

Green M. VV.,. Lewis's wharf, house Prince 

Green Martha, widow of Thomas, h. 9 Sheafe 

Green Patrick, laborer, rear 93 Warren 

Green Rebecca, nurse, 2 Pitts place 

Green Samuel, jr. block tin manufacturer, h. 5th street 

Green Susan, widow, 606 Washington 

Green Susannah, 33 S. Russell 

Green Thankful, widow, Suffolk cor. Carney place 

Green Thomas, clerk, h. 4 S. Market 

Green William, surveyor, 18 Prince 

Greene Benjamin D. house 3 Mt. Vernon 

Greene Benjamin H. bookseller, 124 Wash. 

Greene Charles G. {Beals & G.), h. 60 Belknap 


Greene David, Sec. A. B. C. F. M. 28 Cornh. h. 55 Pinck. 

Greene David (./. & D. G.), Iiouse 2'^ Cross 

Greene Klijnh L. See Godbold & G. 

Greene Eliznlietli, widow of (inrdiier, h. 32 Beacon 

Greene Franklin, jr. {Holhrook, G. 6i Co.), h. 4d Essex 

Greene V\. B. C. physicirin, 17 Franklin place 

Grqene Lydia, widow of Job, house 4 Sufioik pinco 

Gieone Jona. & David, lint store, N. side Faneui! Mall 

Greene Joseph H. shoe store, 1()3 Court, h. 7 Lyman pi. 

Greene Lui-y H. school, over 2:if) Washington 

Greene M. and L. T house 18 Elliot 

Gieene Mary and Hann.ih. house (5 Arch 

Greene Nathaniel, postmaster, h. 1 Somerset court 

Greene Samuel D. agent Bost India Rub. Co.h. Broadvv. 

Greene Simon E. broker, hibby State Bank 

Greene Z. R. barkeeper New England Coffee House 

Greenleaf Franklin, binder, 90, house 445 Wash. 

Gieenleaf Gardner, mason, 35 Allen 

Greenleaf Nathaniel S. mason, h. rear 2 Charles 

Greenleaf Oliver C. booksell. 118 Wash, b'ds 2 Bowdoin 

Greenleaf Richard C. {Chandler &. G.), h. 4(i7 Wash. 

Greenleaf Srn. 5 Exchange, h. 10 Winthrop pi. 

Greenleaf Samuel, morch. 24 Water, h. 10 VVinthrop pi. 

Greenough Alfred, merch. 40 India vvf. h. 09 Beacon 

Greenough B. F. & J. J. 17 State 

Greenough Benjamin F. h. 3d street 

Greenough David, h. 09 Beacon 

Greenough D. S. office 27 State 

Greenough Henry, merchant, 40 India wf h. G9 Beacon 

Greenough J. James, engraver, h. 1 Bromfieid 

Greenough Walter, com. mer. 33 Central, h. 9 Purchase 

Greenough William, hardware, 14 Merchants row 

Greenwood Allen, h. 93 Charter 

Greenwood Bela &. Co. (E. Grccmpood), 89 F. H. market 

Greenwood Elizabeth, vvi(l(»w, h. 33 Myrtle 

Greenwood E. L. surgeon dentist, 284 Washington 

Greenwood Elihu. See B. Greenwood Cfe Co. 

Greenwood Ethan A , N. E. Museum, 70 Court 

Greenwood Francis W. P., Rev. 24 Portland 

Greenwood Gilnian, grocer, .32 Sea 

Greenwood Ira, shoes, 404 Washington, h. 110 Charles 

Greenwood James, housevvright, Pitts 

Greenwood Jtjhn, druggist, 09 Pleasant, h. 1 Jeffersi^n 

Greenwood John, housewrighl, S. Majgin, h. 33 Myrtle 

Greer Philip, blacksmith. Commercial, h. Snowhill 

Gregerson George, merciiant, h. 02 Pinckney 


Gregg Jane E. tailoress, h. 58 Temple 
Gregg Washington P. counsel. 41 State, h. 11 Crescent pi. 
Gregory Deborah, milliner, 202 Wash. h. Harvard pi. 
Gregory Eliza, dressmaker, Wheeler's court 
Gregory John, bookbinder, h. 21 Charter 
Gregson Nancy, 8 Norfolk place 
Grelee Joseph, provisions, 112, h. 156 Purchase 
Grenville Thomas, at Post Office, boards 1 Bowdoin sq. 
Grew Henry {Chace & G.), house 51 Bowdoin 
Gridley Eunice, widow, 74 Tremont 
Gridley H. N. 83 Kilby, boards 9 Morton place 
Gridley Samuel, pianoforte maker, h. rear 52 Tremont 
Gridley William, h. Chambers cor. Green 
Gridley William, jr. furniture, Brattle, h. 17 South 
Griffin Eliza, widow of Edward, rear 83 Sea 
Griffin James, laborer, h. rear 94 Sea 
Griffin John, baker, corner A and 4th streets 
Griffin John M. 81 Charter 
Griffin Joseph H. laborer, rear 83 Sea 
Griffin Joshua, housewright, h. 12 Chambers 
Griffin Luther, shipwright, h. 106 Pondf 
Griffin Michael, 240 Ann 
Griffin Robert, mat maker, h. 65 Elliot 
Griffin Thomas, stevedore, head Ellis's wf. Ann 
Griffith E. R painter and glazier, Avery, house do. 
Griffiths Charles (IVelch & G.), h. 1 Hawley 
Griffiths Sarah, widow, 59 Temple 
Grigg Michael, laborer, 100 Broad 
Grigg Richard, laborer, rear 22 Carver 
Grigg Wm. physician, Athen£eum, Pearl, h. 30 Atkinson 
Griggs Charles, clerk, h. rear 132 Pleasant 
Griggs (David R.) & Weld {^aron D. jr.), 12 Long wf. 
Griggs Elizabeth C. 727 Washington 
Griggs George S. machinist, h. Church near Madison pi. 
Griggs John, house Lenox 
Griggs John, blacksmith, A street 

Griggs {JYath'l) & Chickering (Horatio), flour, 22 Comm. 
Griggs (JV.) & Liscom (John), coal, c. r. 22 Commercial 
Griggs Robert, laborer, rear 130 Pleasant 
Griggs Stephen, blacksmith, house Carver 
Griggs Thomas J. carpenter, h. Pleasant op. Elliot 
Grigory Elizabeth, tailoress, Leveret court 
Grimes Charles, house 25 Pinckney 
Grimes Francis, tobacco and cigars, 56 Broad 


Grimes Hiram, clerk, 128 Charles, house 108 ditto 
Griner Nancy, widow of Christopher, h. 15 Essex place 
Griswold Alhert, machinist, h. 6 Brighton 
Griswold Alexander V., Right Rev. Bish. h.6 Kneeland 
Griswold Alexander, saddler, h. Market place 
Griswold {Edward T.) & Wood (David), importers dry- 
goods, (58 & 70 Kilby. G.'s h. 4 Chesnut 
Groom Thomas, stationer, 82 State, h. 2 Pitts 
Gross Mary W. h. 42 Unity 

Grossman Mary, laundress, rear 337 Washington 
Grosvenor Lern. P. Eng. g'ds, 21 Doane, h. 7 Crescent pi. 
Giover Asapli, laborer, 1 Elliot court 
Grover Daniel, ropemaker, Knox 
Grover Daniel, jr. hatter, boards Northampton 
Grover Leonard, gunsmiih, h. 1(5 Hawkins 
Grover (JV.) &. Badger {Wm..jr.), shipsmiths, Broad op- 
posite Forthill wf. G.'s h. 2 Pnrcliase pi. 
Grover Oliver, housewright, h. 15 Myrtle 
Groves Elizabeth, matron House of Ref<>rmation 
Groves Isaac {Russell »t G.), h. 32 Fayette 
Grubb John, clerk Suffolk Bank, h. 1G(3 Ann 
Grubb William, 168 Ann 

Grubb Wiiliam, jr. clerk Suffolk Bank, h. AS Leveret 
Grush J. S. hairdresser, Bronifield 

Grush John H. jr. fancy g'ds, 251 Wash. h. Wheeler's ct. 
Guardenier John, bookbinder, 134 Wash. h. 27 Garden 
Guild {Aaron) ^ Cowdiu {Robert}, lumber, op. 93 Front 
Guild Aaron, house 91 Front 
Guild Albert, physician, 58 Hanover 
Guild {AUiert H) & Durant {James T.), dry goods, 57 

Guild Benjamin, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 24 Beacon 
Guild Charles, goldbeater, house G Carver 
Guild Curtis, merch. 28 Merchants row, h. 49 Carver 
Guild {Chester and James) & Richardson {Alpha), leath- 
er, 40 North Market 
Guild George F. See Dana, Greely & Co. 
Guild William H. merchant, house 17 S. Bennet 
Guild Zebadiah, housewright, h. W. Centre 
Guilford Bimsley P. house Merrimac 
Guildford Jonathan M. See Kendall & G. 
Gulliver {John) <fe Briggs {Charles M.), carpet store, 313 

Wash. h. 1 South st. court 
Gulliver Lemuel, stationer, 82 State 
Gulliver Rebecca, widow, rear Broadway 


Gulliver Stephen, hairdresser, South Riissetl 

Gulliver William H. mariner, rear Broadway 

Gunn Cephas M. variety store, 4 Fulton, h. 23 Levefet 

Gunnirig John, corduainer, h. rear 341 Washington 

Gunnison Edwin & Co. {J. Silloway), provisions, 77 Sea 

Gunnisim James A. {Earle &, G), h. at East, stage H. 

Gunnison Josiah, housewright. Berry 

Gurler Hannah, 547 Washington 

Gurney Hannah, widow of Benj. J., S. Dost. Old Bridge 

Gurney Henry, hranrh pilot, 304 Ann 

Gurney Nathan, 83 Salern 

Giishee F. A dry goods, 132 Hanover, boards 84 do. 

Gushee Hoi ace, dry goods, 91 Hanover 

Gustus I. Frederick, hoarding, 272 Ann 

Guthrie William, machinist, h. rear 7(i Charles 

Gutterson William, com. merchant, 48 India 

Gutterson Wni. H. housewrighi, h. op 9 South May 

Gwinn George F. hairdresser, 10 Elm 

Gyzelaar Caroline, widow, 51) Bedford 

HABICHT C. EDWARD, Swedish Con. h. 117 Trem. 

Hacker George, laborer, 18 Warren 

Hackett Andrew, i) Sudi)ury square 

Hackett George W. boaids 444 Washington 

Hackett Patty, house 102 Purchase 

Hadaway Mary, widow, 02 Salem 

Hadley Carlton, laborer, rear 18 Ash 

Hadley Charles J. hairdress. 3G0 Wash.h. 10 Norfolk pi. 

Hadley Moses, loll gatii. ('amb. Bridge, jj. 26 Charles 

Hadley Nathan, tailor, h. Leveret court 

Hadley Samuel, hairdresser, 3 Essex, h. Batternian place 

Hadley Samuel, jr. tailor, h. li W. Centre ' 

Hadley Samuel D. bricklayer, h. C W. Centre 

Hadley Thomas J. housewright, h. 355 Washington 

Hadley Willis, teamster, h rear 18 Ash 

Hadlock James, laborer. 111 Pleasant 

Hagen John, housevvright, h. 6 S. Margin 

Hager Darius, house Cooper 

Hagerty John, cartman, h. 3 Knox 

Hagerty William, laborer, Commercial near the bridge 

Hague William, Rev. h. Chardon 

Haines Ann, widow, Carney place near Suffolk 

Hale Aaron, cooper, house Broadway 

Hale Daniel L, provisions, Pleasant, h. Pleasant St. court 

Hale David, accountant, house 30 Orange 

Hale Enoch, jr. physician, 14 West 


Hale Frederick, cooper, 4th street 

Hale {John T.), Lymans (S. R. & Charles P.) & Farns- 

worth (Ephraim) , dvy g'ds, 36 Kilby. H.'s h. 7 Derne 
Hale Moses, housevvright, li. Brookline 
Hale Moses L. Sec. M. H. Life Ins. Co. h. 61 Chesnut 
Hale Nathan, editor Boston Daily Advertiser and Patriot, 

h. 494 Washington 
Hale Robert, house 65 Myrtle 
Hale Robert, jr. Sec'ry U. S. Insurance Company 
Hale Stephen C. handcartman, 4 Bay 
Hale Thomas, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Hales William, President Globe Ins. Co. h. 7 Chesnut 
Haley Alvin, housewright, h. 6 Madison place 
Haley Bartholomew, tailor, h. rear 7 Short 
Haley Benjamin, turner, h. rear Pitts 
Haley Hiram H. , h. 20 Sudbury 
Haley John, laborer, rear 143 Broad 
Haley John, laborer, rear 94 Sea 
Haley Thomas, house Battery 
Haley (Wm.) & Blanchard {Elias P.), shoes, 80 Court. 

Haley's h. 33 (iardcn 
Haley William, provisions, 14 Leveret, h. 1 Second 
Halfpenny David, mariner, rear 276 Ann 
Hall A. B. clerk Granite Bank 
Hall Abel, laborer, h. 3 Lancaster 
Hall Abigail, widow, 124 Hanover 
Hall Adin, broker, 5 Exchange, house 21 Allen 
Hall Andrew, 3 Faneuil Hall market 
Hall Alfred B. book keeper Granite Bank 
Hall Andrew T. & Co. {Samuel Hall), crockery ware, 

99 Milk, house 5 High 
Hall Aruna, h. 2 Spring st. court 
Hall Bening, baker, house 17 Hamilton 
Hall Charles G. architect, Court corner Tremont 
Hall David, provisions, 8 Bedford, h. 43 Essex 
Hall Edward, bookbinder, boards 17 Franklin place 
Hall Edward F. auctioneer, 88 Water, h. 22 Spring 
Hall Eliza, widow, 20 Gnuch 

Hall Ephraim, weigher, 30 India, h. r. 654 Washington 
Hall Fitch, clerk Adj. Gen. Office, h. 1 Hancock avenue 
Hall Francis, distiller, h. 560 Washington 
Hall Frederick W. 388 Washington, h. Barre place 
Hall George, housewright. Sea near the bridge 
Hall George A. jeweller, Province 
Hall Gorham, Salutation 


Hnll €ii]st.'ivus V. clerk, 54 Kilby 

H;ill Harrison, trunlunaker^ 35 F,xchanfjn, h. 54 Union 

Hall Honry, inercliarit, 71> Milk, li. 53 liowdoin 

Hall Hiram K. clerk, 31 Blnssom 

Hall H()[»eslill, liousewrinlif, li. 48 Bridge 

Hall Horace. See James Kead & Co. 

Hall I. &, J. G provisions, ii(\ Cambridge, h. 22 Gouch 

Hall Isaac, 15 C.-ntral wharf, house I!) South 

Hall Isaac, fruit cellar, under 34 Hanover 

Hall .lacoh, house (i7 Prince 

Hall Jam(fs, Tres. N. K. Marine Ins. Co. h. 684 Wash. 

Hall James, mercliant, hoards 8<> High 

Hall James, hiacksmith, Charlestown, h. Prospect 

Hall James, housewri;iht, rear 2d street 

Hall John, house 72 Leveret 

Hall J<dm, housewright, Pond 

Hall John H. housewright, h. Canton rear Suffolk 

Hall John K clerk, 3()Kilhy 

Hall John, silk «Jyeing, 28 School, h. 72 Leveret 

Hall John G. (/. A: J. Halh, h. 22 Gouch 

Hall John W. baker, h. Batterymarch 

Hall John VV. {li'atarstnn, Prfiy& Co.), h. Morton pi. 

Hall Jonalhan P. 51 Han.-ock 

Hall Jonathan P. jr. druggist, 1 Union, h. 51 Hancock 

Hall Josiah K. tailor, h. place 

Hall Joseph, house 10 Hanc(»ck 

Hall Joseph, jr. cashi<;r Hamilton Bank, h. CA Federal 

Hall Jt seph, [)rokcr, h. Charles near Mt. Vernon 

Hall Joshua H., \V. I. goods, 11 Central wharf, boards 

K.\(rhange C<iffce House 
Hall Luliier, grociir, North square cor. Prince 
Hall Martin, housewright, house 38 Orange 
Hall Mary L. inslruclrcss pianoforte, h. TAJ Belknap 
Hall Mille(ent FI. dresstnaker, 5()0 Washington 
Hall Milton, housewright. Castle, h 5 Jeflerson 
Hall Milton, jr. housewright, Meclianic place 
Hall Nancy G. h. Mechanic 

Hall Nathaniel, grocer, Chcsnut corner Walnut 
Hall Paul, laborer, rear 12 Washinnton place 
H.ill Parthcnia, witlow, house <)2 Friend 
Hall Prentice, Lnglish noods, 13(il-2 Hanover 
Hall Richard, hardware, 15 Dock sq h. 31 Wash, place 
Hall Robert, sawyer, h. Siiort near Bedford 
Hall Samuel (.^. T. Hall <Sl Co.), h. 44 Atkinson c. Purch. 
Hall Samuel, sawyer, rear Short near Bedford 


Hall Sam'l W., W. I. g'ds, 72Commer. h. 13 Richmond 
Hall (Samuels.) & Clark {Eiisha ^F.), victualling cellar, 

Boylston market 
Hall Seth, blacksmith, house Southac 
Hall Stephen & Co. {Martin L.), W. I. g'ds, 2 Mark. sq. 
Hall Theodore N. house 51 Hancock 
Hall Thomas (S. Peirce &l Co.), h. 43 High 
Hall Thomas, grocer, Elm, h. 43 High 
Hall Thomas, fancy goods, 681 Washington, house do. 
Hall Timothy, tinplate worker, 83 Ann, h. 66 Prince 
Hall Vincent, laborer, Myrtle court 
Hall William, machinist, h. 39 Leveret 
Hall William, tailor, h.l07 Washington 
Hall William, straw manufacturer, h. op. 5 South May 
Hall William A & Co. printers, 122, h. 102 Washington 
Hall William B. brassfounder, 5 Chardon 
Hallett Benjamin F. attorney and editor Daily Advocate, 

65 Congress, h. 7 Williams 
Hallet Benj. Franklin, pianofortemaker, h. 40 Fayette 
Hallet George, merchant, 19 India, h. 3 Green 
Hallet G. E. merchant, 23 Commercial wharf 
Hallet Jacob G. (Hawes, Gray & Co.), h. 19 Purchase 
Hallet Job, ropemaker, h. 40 Fayette 
Hallet Russell (Brown <^ H.), h. 9 Carver 
Halliburton G. M. clerk Custom H., h. Dorchester St. 
Halloran David, laborer, 137 Broad 
Halloran Edward, painter, h. rear 664 Washington 
Halloran John, laborer, Front near Castle 
Halloran Patrick, shoemaker, rear 675 Washington 
Hallworth Joseph L. printer, boards 18 Washington pi. 
Hallsteck Bernard, housewright, 4 Graphic ct. 
Hamar John Henry, rear 274 Ann 
Hamblen Joshua, oysters, rear 48 Congress 
Hamblet James, stonecutter, h. Theatre alley 
Hamblin Benjamin, house 53 Pinckney 
Hamblin John, sailmaker, h, rear 21 Essex 
Hamilton Asa, tailor, North Margin 
Hamilton Jefferson, Rev. h. 7 Ballard place 
Hamilton Luther, inspector, Custom H., h. 41 High 
Hamilton Mary, boarding, 45 Milk 
Hamilton Strickland, laborer, rear 12 Lyman place 
Hamman George, brassfounder, 53 South Margin 
Hammatt Charles, bookkeeper Bos. Bank, h. 106 Chamb. 
Hammatt Charles H. 11 Kilby, h. 13 Franklin 
Hammatt John B. upholsterer, 10 Howard, h. Stoddard 


Hammatt John B. jr. captain, h. Lenox 

Hammond Artemas. See Adams & H. 

Hammond B. F. {Darling & H.), h. 23 Prince 

Hammond Charles, bhieksmith, 30 Blackstone, h. Cross 

Hammond Daniel, h. Pearl 

Hammond Elizabeth, widow, 23 Prince 

Hammond Horatio, wine merchant, 22 Exchange 

Hammond John, shipjoiner, h. 3d street 

Hammond John, mariner, 74 Broad 

Hammond John, housew't, Brighton, h. 5 Spring st. ct. 

Hammond John, honsewright, h. rear 417 Washington 

Hammond John D. 18 Carver 

Hammond John R. housewright, h. 7 Lyman place 

Hammond Joseph L. bookkeeper Ham. Bank, h. B st. 

Hammond Joseph, stevedore, 115 Broad 

Hammond Mary, widow of John, Salutation 

Hammond JNat. & J. B. housew'ts, 55 Leveret, h. Chamb. 

Hammond Prudence, Battery 

Hammond Susan C. widow of Samuel, h. 65 Bowdoin 

Hammond Sarah, widow of John, h. 33 Poplar 

Hammond Samuel, merch., h. Somerset pi. c. Somerset 

Hammond Thos. jr. (Prince <^ H.), b'ds Com. Coff. H. 

Hammond Thomas, jr, tailor, h. 3d street 

Hanaford William G. physician, 9 Howard 

Hanna James, bookseller, house rear Dedhani 

Hancock Charles, captain, rear Broadway 

Hancock Charles L. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 30 Beacon 

Hancock Daniel, shoes, Gl Cambridge, h. 9 Centre 

Hancock Eliza, nurse, h. Middlesex near Castle 

Hancock Henry K. cabinet and chair maker, C67 Wash. 

Hancock John, captain, 11 Essex place 

Hancock {William), Holden {Ji. R.) <fe Adams (C. B. F.), 

upholsterers, 37, h. 28 Hancock 
Handy Peter, rigger, h. cor, Ann and Commercial 
Hanners Benj. hairdresser, 48 Chatham, h. 8 Federal ct. 
Hannum Jonathan C. h. 7 Columbia 
Hanscomb Levi, shipwright, 2d street 
Hanson Anthony {Clnyd S/- H.), boards South st. court 
Hanson L A. house 20 Milk 
Hanson Lewis, housewright, rear 81 Warren 
Hanson Mary, vi'idow, house Bartfett 
Hanson Olive, widow, HI Charles 
Hanson Sarah Ann, widow, 6 Wendell 
Hapgood Henry, h. 50 Myrtle 
Hapgood Samuel, laborer, Salutation 


Harbart John, painter, house 3 Knox 

Harden Calvin, mason, (-astio near Middlesex 

Harding Josiah M. saihnaUer, h. 33 Salem 

Harding Newell, silversmith, r. 87 Wash. h. 155 Poplar 

Harding Ruth, tailoress, 7 Madison place 

Harding Schuyler C. blacksinilh, Broadway 

Harding Wilder, h. 4th street 

Harding William H. cabinetmaker, h 7 Madison place 

Harding Wm. B., W. I. goods, Turnpike, h. 5th st. 

Hardwick George & Co. (JVatkan Metr.tilf, jr),W. I. 

goods, 378 VVashingtf)n, boards 3 Kneeland pi. 
Hardwick Samuel, stageh. Norfolk av. rear 185 Wash. 
Hardy B. milliner, 55 Court and 59 Hanover 
Hardy George H. housew't, Hawley pi. b'ds 463 Wash. 
Hardy John, plasterer, h. rear .^d street 
Hardy Mary, widow, nurse, 1 Beach 
Hardy S. E. & Alpheus &. Co., merchants, 17 City wf. h. 

20 Leveret 
Hardy William, cooper, Batterman place 
Hardy William, blacksmith, h. rear 85 Pleasant 
Harenton Charles 11. sashmaker, Trenjont, h. 56 Elliot 
Harenton Mary, milliner, op. .35 Tremont 
Harford Edmund C. shipwright, h. I cor. 2d street 
Harken Patrick, II Cross 

Harkens John, India rubber worker, h. Arnold 
Harley Mary Ann, English goods, 136 Hanover 
Harley Robert, dry goods, h. 76 Pond 
Harlow Asajjh, tailor, 280 Ann, h. 78 Pond 
Harlow Charles, stonecutter, Cliarlestown, h. 27 Friend 
Harlow De.xier ( T. R. Peck V Co), h. I Howard 
Harlow Elizabeih, house South Cedar 
Harlow Seth, housewright. Silver 

Harmon Humphrey, blacksmith, h. c. Canton and Suffolk 
Harmon (Jo/m) & Town (Luther) lumber. Commercial, 

h. riiipps place 
Harnden Wm. F. ticket mast. Wor. R. R. b'ds 105 Front 
Harnew Samuel, grocer, 244 Ann 
Harney James, laborer, 20 Stillman 
Harney 'I'homas, laborer, rear Lenox 
Harper Edw. pianofortemaker, h. 32 Tremont n. Wash. 
Harriman J«)hn, painter, over 165 Washington 
Harriman Mcjses P. mechanic, h. 16 Green 
Harring Hannah, widow, h. Bumstead court 
Harrington Asahel and Willard, b'd Cotton place 
Harrington Andrew, farrier, Bromfiold pi. h. Nassau ct. 


Harrington Bethiah, boarding h. 96 Trennont n. Foster pi. 

Hanin<il()n Benjjitnin, painter, h. Fayette n. Jefferson 

Hariington Bowen {IVkeeler &. H), h. DC C^alem 

Harrington C:itl>.arine, tailoress, 8!) Sea 

Harringlon Daniel S. Iiousewriglit, 4th street 

Harrington Elizabeth {Smith •& //),8 Pearl 

Harringltin Ephraim. lace and hosiery, 17 Doane 

Harrington F'.dward, harkman, rear 52 Federal 

Harrington Epiiraim S (Slinpsnn <fe H ), h. 1 ('oiumbia 

Hariington Francis. See Lawson Si H. 

Harrington Henry F. & Co. pnb. N. E. Galaxy, 32 Cong. 

Harrington Henry, clothing, Commercial, li. r. 19 Cross 

HarriMgt()n James, laborer, op. Mariner's church in Purch. 

Harrington John, laborer, <»p. Mariner's church, Purch. 

Harrington Joseph, (-ourisellor, 9 State, h. in Roxbnry 

Harrington Joseph, jr. instructor Hawessch.b. in Koxb. 

Harringlon Reuben, physician, 42 Pond 

Harrington R-jfiis, farmer. 4th street 

H.>rringt«m Ste. H. d'k, 415 Wash, b'ds 2 La Grange pi. 

Harrington Tim. laborer, r. 104 Sea — another r. lOtJ do. 

Harrington VVyman, mason, 31 Warren 

Harris A. See Brown & H. 

Harris Azor, blacksmith. Creek sq. h. 11 Sudbury sq. 

Harris Benj C. (IVm. C. Mvrdor.k »fe Co.), b, 14 Lincoln 

Harris David, mariner, 3d street 

Harris Dunbar B. mason, h. 2 Mechanic place 

Harris F^lijah, brickrnaker, 4th street corner D 

Harris George, clothing store, 184 Ann. h. 5 North sq. 

Harris Henry, United Stales Deputy Marshal, 20 Court, 

h. 2 Hartford place 
Harris Henry, grocer, head Lewis's wf. h. 50 Prince 
Harris Isaac »& Co. {John Gushing Sl I. J Larkin), nnast 

yard, Commer. Harris's h. 8 North Binnet 
Harris James, merchant, 3 Central wf! h. 23 I]i<rli 
Harris Jeremiah, housewright. Lancaster, h. Lynde pi. 
Harris John, blacksniiilh, h. Mechanic- place 
Harris John A. writ, master Hawes sch. h. r. Broadway 
Harris John S. 5 Long wf h. 9 Tremont near Wash. 
Harris Job.) W. ship chandlery, 31 India 
Harris Joseph, jr. groceries, Broadway, h. 4lh street 
Harris L(»ach. h. 2() Washington place 
Harris Leonard, Eagle Coffee H. 94 Commercial 
Harris Luther, cooper, 4th street 
Harris Mercy, widow of Nathaniel, 2 Mechanic pi. 
Harris Nathl (.3. Walker S^ Co.), b'ds 1 Mechanic place 


Harris Richard D.. City and County Treasurer, City H., 

ii'nisp 2 H.iitfnrd p|:ice 
ITarrip Robeit, rigirer. ^[lear alley 
Harris Smith, fcni 
Harris {Snnujel) ik Jom-s {iJavlr.l), shipwr'ts pnd caulk., 

Broad near Fos1(;r's vvf. Harris's h. S6 Purchase 
Harris Samuel, printer, 3 Cornhill, li. 20 Guuch 
Harris Sainud. Ii. .">r5 Levi-ri't 
Harris Sa u.iel D. Ii. 2 Hartford place 
Harris ."^tepliru, jr. lioMsewri<;ht. h Holihs's wj)arf 
Harris TiiaddiMis M., R.;v. h. 4'.)!) Washington 
Harrison Martha, h. I'i Slanin)rd 

Harrod .launs, |irintHr, r. W.) VVnsliirijitnn, h. 53 Pinckney 
Hirrod Noah, cahincliriakf-r. h. 2'2,'Z Hanover 
Halt Cornelius, i-ihorer. Bioad opposite Maine 

Hiirt , widow of John, 14 Marshall 

H.irt (leorge VV. handcarlnian. hoard:? 34 F'cderal 
Hart .Joseph S. printer, h. 4 B.ith 
-H.irt l'Mtri<k. boardin-;. house. III Broad 
Hart S. Rol.ind. printer, :^7 Kx.h.ui^e 
Hart Stephen, laborer, rear 24 Pleasant 
H.irt Sally, widow of Edward, 1) Hull 
Hart SauMiel. mason, 2<i Atkinson, house Jefferson 
Hart Samuel, jr mason, h. ,'> Fayette 
H.irtt Joseph, captain, 21.5 Hanover 
Hartley Peter, corilwiiincr, h. 2l> Sudhury 
Hiirlshorn Calei , hats, 78 Washington, li. 8 Somerset pi. 
Hartshorr. Caleb W. boards Oak cor. Washington 
Hartshorn Charles, t.;ller Fulton B;.nk, h. 24 Blossom 
Hartshorn (£//:/,/t P.) & Ellis {Ehc.n), n\Gvch. 7 Central 

wharf H.irtshorn'.s h 24 Bl-.ssom 
Hartshorn John, 8(5 State, house 7 High 
H irtslunn John, blacksmith, h. rear 2 Plymouth place 
Hartshorn Mos.-s. stall I Boylstuu uiaiket 
Hartshorn K.>berca. :}I Prince 
H;irthy B<u t!ioh)ntew, laborer, Spring lane 
Hnrtson Jos'pli. Hanover H< use, 50 Hanover 
Hirivvell Ciiarles. boards 10 Clark 

Hartwell J. din W. {IVoodberrij, Dix & H), li. 6 Oak pi. 
Harlwell Joseph, machinist, house 5 Mason 
Hartwell Jeremiah,, h. Piethnont n. Pleas't 
Harivvell Thomas, iabiuer, 70!) Washington 
Harvey Charles, blacksmith, h. rear 4th street 
Hcirvey James G. mariner, Barry's wharf 


Harv^ey John, blacksmith, h. Marl<Pt place 

Hiirvey John L. watchman, h. Ij:i MilU 

HaiveV Patrick, hiborcr, opposite 73U Wasliington 

Harvey Pet.^r, h. 21 .Somerset 

Harvey Susannah, widow, li. 3 Chirk 

HarwoocI Daniel, dentist, hoiiso 145 Tremont 

H.irwood ICzra A. machinisl, h Carver 

Harvvood I'eler, jr. broker, 5 E.\chan<:e. h. 145 Tremont 

Hasehine Moses !) slock nPiUer, 1(5 Hridiie 

Haskell Aaron, innholde,. Railroad Hotel 

HasUell Abijah, housewri^ht. h. 45 :^(.u^h Rnssell 

Haskell Andrew I.. &. Co. {fim. O), house (iO Prince 

Haskell Alden B. h. Thacher near P..nd 

Hasl.ell {Ca'vln) & Savage (J«cyi S ), blacksmiths, Pond, 

h. 220 Hanover 
Haskfdl Kdward, lypeflmnder, h. 6 Atkinson 
Haskell r.lias. merchant, 4 Cent. wf. Ii H) ^taniford 
Haskell Ehsha {Coalulgp, <Sl H ), house 2 Tremont pi. 
HasUtdl Enoch, cabinetmaker, h rear 14 Bedford 
Haskell Josiah, housewriiiht, \.i Nassau 
Haskell Levi B. See Whitney &- H. 
Haskell IVIoses, ma.<on. h. :{6 Pleasant 
Haskell Niithaniel, jilazier. Ii. 670 Washington 
Haskell Noidi D house 42 Orange 
Haskell Stepiien, laborer, 10.B(»y Ulon near Tremont 
Haskell Sybil, h. rear Lancaster 
Haskell Thomas, sexton, rear 72 Salem 
Haskell William O. (W. L Haskell <fe Co.), h GO Prince 
Haskelt Sannnd A. J. sailmaker. reai 245 Ann 
Haslett William, coppersmith, Canal 
Hfiskins Ann, \:\ Front 

Haskins George F Kev. chaplain House of Reforma., S.B. 
Haskms Joliii\-8 Merchants row 

Haskins Ralph. 2 Haskins' Building, Court ror. Howard 
Haskins Shiverick, laborer. Front cor. Castle 
Haskins Tlios. cordial distill. 15 Front, h Carver c. Elliot 
Haskins Thomas W. hardware, 7 Union 
Hasselbom Nicholas, bar room, 114 1-2 Broad 
Hassan John, liouse :^:{ Garden 
Hastings (^yrus, painter. Hawley, h. 1 Grove 
Hastings {Daniel), Marsh {Jamrs^ & Co. (£. TV. Marsh), 

drugs. 27 S. Market. Hastin<rss h. 25 Hiiih 
Ha.etings Edm'd T., W. L g'ds, :^7 Cuuimer. ii. 4 McLean 
Hastings Francis T. h. 10 Grove 
Hastings Hannah, h. Fruit street court 


Hastinn;s Joseph, mason, 60 Plensant 

Hastin<rs {Jus. S) & Hunnewell (D. H.), crockery, 137 

VVasIiington. H:istings's h. 64 Mt. Vernon 
Hastings Marv Ann, 6 Bt-aoli 

Hastinj^s Uicliard C. Iioiisevvri^'lit, 5 Plp<isant st. court 
. Hastings Stewart, booUbindur, rear 9 School 
Hastings Simon, housewright, Carver 
Hatch AniDS, honstnvrigiit, S-') I'rince 
Hatch Bryant, clerk, h. 19 Hancock 
Hatch Benjamin F. printer, h. rear 339 Washington 
Hatch Calvin, tailor, h. Spring street place 
Hatch Henry, 23 Orange 

Hat«h Isaac A. clerk, 05 Congress, boards Essex ct. 
Hatcli Isaac J. {Pollard &/• Hatch), h. 2 Bridge st. court 
Hatch Jabe/, East near Sea 
H;it<;h James A. h. Butolph 
Hatch Jani«s B 113 Faneuil Hall market 
Hatch John, tailor, h. 15 Spring ^ ■ 

Hatch Joseph, laborer, rear 77 Elliot 
Hatch Matilda, 2 SniFolk 
Hatch Nancy, widow. Oliver near High 
Hatch Samuel, 132 Fanpii:l Hall market 
Hatch Samuel, auctioneer, 09 Congress, h. 16 Lincoln 
Hatch Weld, laborer, h. 2 
Hatchfield Joseph, laborer, h. Market place 
Hatcliman Ma»'garet, widow, 2 F^ronl 

Hathaway Adoniram, housewright, h. 3 Bridge st. court 
Hathaway Elislia *& Co {A. L. Richardson &: E. Hatha- 

w(iy,jr ), merch. 3!) Commer. wf. h. 5 Cambridge 
Hathaway Rlisha, jr. {E. H. .t Co.), boards 5 Cambridge 
Hathaway J.>hn, English goods, 7 Central, h. 23 Poplar 
Hathaway John, boards 5 Milk 
Hafhorne BenjamWi F. cashier Franklin Bank 
Hathorne Ebeiiezer, deb. acct. & assist, cl'k in Custom H. 
Hathorne I. H dry goods, 97 WHshinglon, h. 34 Buylston 
Hatliorne Mehitabel, 34 Boylston 
Hatstat (^harles H. I il)orcr,"4th street 
Hatsiat William M clothing, 14^ Ann, h. rear 4 PFulI 
Haughton {.James) ik, Foster (Edw. A ). dry goods, 12^ 

Washington. Hauirliton's ho:ise 129 Tremont 
Haughton Riehard. editor of Atlas, IHState, h 129 Trem't 
Hauthwait Francis, laborer, rear 75 Elliot 
Hauthwait William, laborer, Pleasant near Washington 
Haven Abner, house 1 Williams court 
Haven Calvin, W. I. goods, 18 India, h. 4 Lynde 


Haven {Calvin W.) & Breed (Horace ^.), painters, Essex 

near Washington. Haven's house 46 Warren 
Haven Curtis, painter, Atkinson near Milk 
Haven Esther, widow, 533 Washington 
Haven Franklin, cashier Mer. Bank, house 7 McLean 
Haven Jonas, housewright, h. rear 14 South Margin 
Haven Jotham, crockeryware, 150, h. 148 Hanover 
Haven Thomas & Son (T. .4. Haven), merchants, 30 

Central wharf, h. 54 Chesnut 
Havey Patrick, laborer, Warren place 
Haviland Hannah, widow, house 46 Carver 
Haviland John, house South Margin 
Haviland Thomas, stucco worker, 63 Chesnut 
Hawes John H. house 2d Street 

Hawes Madison, printer, 81 Cornhill, house 9 Southac 
Hawes Nathaniel, house 52 Elliot 
Hawes Nathaniel, jr. stairbuilder, h. Wheeler's court 
Hawes Noyes P. 18 Cornhill, h. 4 Garden 
Hawes Jeremiah, house 30 Hanover 
Hawes (Prince), Gray (Thos.) &. Co. (Jacob G. Hallet), 

merchants, 20 India. Hawes's house 147 Tremont 
Hawes Walter E. machinist, h. cor. Canton and Suffolk 
Hawes William, lumber. Battery wharf, h. 21 Portland 
Hawes William B. ropemaker, house 26 Carver 
Hawkes Benj. housewr't. Front, h. Middlesex n. Castle 
Hawkes Ezra, tinplate work. 130 Court, h. 8 W. Second 
Hawkes John, cabinetmaker, Middlesex near Castle 
Hawkes Levi, tinplate work. Bromfield, h. r. 143 Wash. 
Hawes Levi, jr. & Simeon, tin plate workers, 612 Wash. 
Hawkes Thomas B. grocer, 6 Green 
Hawks Joseph, mason, rear Causeway 
Hawkins Nancy, house rear 49 Temple 
Hawley F. A. stock manufacturer & linen store, 6 Elm 
Hawley T. R. stock maker, 200 Tremont, h. 19 Temple 
Hay Edmund, Washington place corner Gibbs lane 
Hay George, painter, 64 Prince 
Hay John, math. inst. maker. Dearborn avenue 
Hay Mary B. widow of James, house 46 Pleasant 
Hay (Joseph) & Atkins (Benjamin), glassware, 77 State. 

Hay's house 24 Elliot 
Hayden Abel T. branch pilot, h. Purchase c. Belcher la. 
Hayden Ambrose, wheelwright. Front, h. 3 Orange lane 
Hayden Caroline, house Hancock cor. Derne 
Hiijden Elizabeth, widow, 168 Pleasant 


Hayden {George) & Skinner (Benj. H), grocers, Tre- 

mont C(ir. Howard. Hayden's li. 41 Myrtle 
Haydien Georj;e N. vvawonHr, 2d street near I street 
Hnydcn Henrv, luMisewiight, house Broadway 
Haydeii John C. plivsiciaii. h. \'.i\ Tretnont 
Haydeii John S. caidUer, house Butolph 
Haydnn Joseph. shi[)wrifjlit, Ann strt^et court 
Hayjlen Josii. whcclwriiiht, house and shop Dedhain 
Hay<h'n Josiah, shoes, 55:^ Washington, h. ir!3 Essex 
Hayden Josiah E. shoes. Fedenil corner High 
H.iyden Michael. niachiMist, 17 Pitts 
Hayden Nathaniel, h 3 Oraiii,'e lane ' 
Hiiydun Otis {Spaul'ling t^ //.), house 20 Brighton 
Hayden P.itiiclc, laborer, 8d VVarreri 
Hayden Peter, laborer, I street corner Second street 
Hayden {Robert) *Sc Eaton (R.), honsewr'ts, Charlestown 
Hayden Robert. hi>iisewright, Charlestown, h. 57 Pond 
Hayden Sarah, 1 Howard 
Hayden Snsan, lanndress. 2 Lucas place 
Haydf^n William, hoiisewright, h nsir 108 Cambridge 
Hayden Wm. jr. City .Auditor, office City H. h. 4 Hollis 
Hayes James, laborer, A street 
H.-iyes James, marble polisher. Ii. 11 Hamilton 
Hayes John, laborer, 12^} Broad 
Hayes John, sJ«»ve mannficnirer, h. Creek square 
Ha^'es John, viclnaller. 149 Broad 
Hayes {Joseph K.) & Bailey {John A.), carpenters, 

Fulton near Cross 
Hayes J. W. 4 City wharf, h. Howard cor. Somerset 
Hayes Miitthew, laborer, opposite 61 Sea 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, rear 8>! Summer 
Hayes William, j)ainter, 274 Ann 

Hayford Riley, grocer, Milk c, h. High st. pi. 
Hayford William, mason, h. 11 Bridge street avenue 
Haynes Charles, shoes, 222 Washington, boards 247 do. 
Haynes Daniel B. gardener, :^d street 
Haynes Edward, house 647 Washington 
Haynes Edward, jr. shoes, 219 Washington, h. 109 Front 
Haynes Edward, jr. house 100 Pond 
Haynes Elbridge, silver and brass plater, 19 Dock square 
Haynes George, cooper, rear Pitts 
Haynes Jtdui C. laborer, 15 South Margin 
Haynes John D. house 36 Friend 
Haynes Lucy, dressmaker, house 43 Essex 
Haynes Sarah, dry goods, 647 Washington 


Haynes Tristram, house I N. Brighton 

Hayties VVilliain F. shoes, 24C, h 274 Washington 

Hayvvard Adiii, laborer, 3() FJtIknap 

Hayward Arnold, caipeiiter, 5*2 Pinasant 

Hayward Arlemas, shoeiiniker, 21 Riciiniond 

Hayvvard Cliarlc's R. h(>iis(i 21 Faviitle 

Hayward (/has notary pnb. 4i) Slat.;, h. i:^ Hayward pi. 

Hayward Cyrus, hrassfoiinder, (u4, h. 7U7 VVashiri«flon 

Hayward (Ebenrzer) & Johnson {Joseph). \V . I. goods, 

II Fostf;r's wliarf. H.'s iioiise Broadway 
Hayvvard Elizal)eth, widow, h. 9 Friend street place 
Hayward Gt orge, physician, 154 Trenionl near Winter 
Hayvvard (Jeor^je A. shoes, (503 Wash. h. 52 Pleasant 
Hayvvard JauM's, engineer, 4 Joy's hnilding 
Hayward James T. clerk, ho(jse 23 Atkinson 
Hayward John, clerk, hoards 10 Ft;deral court 
Hayward Joseph H. h. 33 Hancock 
Hayward Joshua S prifiter, h. S. Cedar near Church 
Hayward Joshua H. physician, 52 Mount Vernon 
Hayward L. F. 5 Brighton 

Hayward I.,ydia, straw bonnet maker. 277 Washington 
Hayward Pelhani W. Sec. Suft'olk Ins! Co. h. 23 Atkinson 
Hayward Sarah Ann, house 102 Treinont 
Hayvvard Samuel H. printer, 4th street near the bridge 
Hayward Tilly B. teacher, h. 33 Mount Vernon 
Hayward William, cooper, h. C street, S. Boston 
Hayward William H. clerk SutFolk Bank 
Hayward William P. grocery and h. 55 Chambers 
Hazelton Isaac H. mason, boards Norfolk avenue 
Hazleton Albert, teamster, h. 57 Pond 
Hazen Charles, 94 Tremont 

Hazen Charles D. (JV*. Whiting & Co.), h. 94 Tremont 
Head Francis C. 35 Broad 

Head George E. counsellor, house 4 Somerset place 
Head Joseph, merchant, h. Tremont cor. Boylston 
Healey Michael, Rev. cor. Federal and Franklin place 
Healey Mark, n»erchant, 53 Central wf. h. 24 Chesnut 
Healey Rhoda, widow, 22 Chatnbers 
Healey William, truckman, rear 152 Ann 
Hcaly William, tailor, house Theatre alley 
Heaman John, carpenter, h. 8 Svveetser court 
Heard Augustine, boards at Tremont House 
Heard George W. h. 47 Pinckney 
Heard John, judge, 17 Court, h. Walnut c. Mt. Vernon 
Uvord John T. distiller, Distii-huuse sq. h. 45 Haocock 


Heard Samuel, housewright, h. 27 Fayette 

Heard William (Fessenden S^ H.), h. 52 Friend 

Hearney Michael F. housewright, h. Cedar lane 

Hearsey John F. housewright, boards 72 Essex 

Hearsey Sarah, nurse, 6 Boylston square 

Heath Catharine, 9 Portland 

Heath Charles & F. A. lumber wf. Front, h. 697 Wash. 

Heath Dana, housewright, house 13 S. Margin 

Heath Frederick A. house 2 Dover 

Hector John, cordwainer, Barry's wharf 

Hedrick Sarah, house 40 Prince 

Hedrick Thankful, widow, 45 Pleasant 

Hedrick Uriah, cooper, Snow's wharf, h. 40 Prince 

Heely Sarah, widow. Castle 

HefFernen Helena, widow, Silver 

Heilge George E. painter, h. Travers 

Heilge Henry, hatter, house 711 Washington 

Heilge John P. furrier, house 711 Washington 

Heland Mary, Salutation 

Hellesen Charles C. cabinetmaker, house Dedham 
Heman Hannah, boarding, Chelsea Ferry c. Commercial 

Hemenway Mary, widow, Salutation 

Hemenway Thos. blacksmith, GO Front, h. 106 Warren 

Hemmenway Benjamin, coppersmith, 7 Garden 

Hemmenway Luke, W. I. goods, 7 Chatham 

Hemmenway Peter, shipwright, rear 07 Charter 

Henchman Daniel, drug'st, 41 Cambridge, h. 4 Chambers 

Henchman Harriet, widow, 14 Williams 

Henchman Lewis, captain, 31 Allen 

Hendee Charles J. bookseller, 131 Washington 

" Hendee William, mariner, h. 25 Hamilton 
Henderson Charles, painter, 75 Union, h. 76 Temple 
Henderson Elizabeth, h. Vernon'place 
Henderson Frederick A tailor, 2 Court, h. 1 Avery pi, 
Henderson Jesse E. house rear 36 Merrimac 
Henderson Joseph, carpenter, h. 37 Brighton 
Henderson Nathan, painter, house rear 36 Meirimac 
Henderson Nehemiah A. cooper, h. rear 4 Prince 
Henderson (W. H.) & Warren (Thomas), groceries and 

bread, Pleasant cor. S. Cedar. H.'s h. do. 
Hendley Hannah, widow, Commercial near Charter 
Hendley James, tinplater, 591 Wash. h. 3 Pleasant 
Hendley Patrick, laborer, rear Front opposite Beach 
Hendrick Rufus, grocer, S. Margin, h. Temple n. Canab. 
Hendrick Susanna, widow, 12 East 


Heney Patrick, boarding house, 18 Water 

Herinesy John, laborer, 3d cor. B street 

Hennessey Edward, chairpainter, h. Langdon place 

Hennessey Matthew, laborfjr, 105 Broad 

Hennessey Kichard, pilot, h. ] Tileslon 

Hennessey Stephen, laborer, rear 671 Washington 

Hennessey Tiniuthy, lHl)orer, rear 88 Summer 

Henry Harry C- house 134 Purchase 

Henry James, housewright, Hiirvard pi h. 1 12 Court 

Henry John, constable, 2 Franklin av. h. 18 Cross 

Henry Martha C variety store, 132 Pur( base 

Henry Rispah, laborer, Richmond 

Henshaw Charles, Pres. Fulton Bank, h.8 Hancock 

Henshaw David, boards 18 Lynde 

Henshaw John, dru<igist, 28 Coinm. wf h. 1 Bowdoin pi. 

Henshaw Samuel (Dana, Fenw) &l H.), h. .5(5 Chesnut 

Henshaw William, agent for printing ink, 124 Wash. 

Henss Charles, conft<'iioner, 36 School, h. 79 Tremont 

Henss William, boarding house, 79 Tremont 

Hepworlh George, wool cleaner, h. and s. Dedham 

Herman Ferdinand, furnishing warehouse, 192 Wash. 

Herman Leopold {Rryent & H.), house Devonshire 

Herrick Henry, bookbinder, h. rear 25 Charter 

Herrick Jacob, lather, B street 

Herrick Martin R. niason, Bay near Fayette 

Herrick Thos. W. (JV. V. Kent H^ Co.), h. Crescent place 

Herring Roger, slater, opposite 41 Carver 

Herring Tiujolhy, laborer, rear 143 Broad 

Heiringion Delia, widow, house rear 3d street 

Herritnan Alden, carpenter, h. Bartlett 

Hersey Charles, surveyor of lumber, h. 52 Allen 

Hersey Cornelius, fur dcialer, 1 Congress sq. h. 11 Beacon 

Hersey Daniel, auctioneer, 24 Exchange, h. 483 VVasl^. 

Hersey Lewis, cordwainer, house 27 Carver 

Hersey Mary, widow, h. Butolph 

Hersey Martin, housewright, house 34 Salem 

Hersey Nathan, 2d, housewr't, Lancasier, h. 3 S. Margin 

Hersey Samuel M. halter, boards 8 Newton place 

ilnrsey {IV Kuam) & Hutchinson (Juhu), gold beaters, 

1 1 Frankim avenue 
Hervey {Edwin] <Sf. liigalls (Wm.), hats, 1 Congress sq. 

H.'s h. 5G Belknap 
Henssler Abgail, tailoress, Theatre alley 
Hewes Eleazer J. mathematical instruments, Commer- 
cial, h. 13 Front 


Hcwes George, cab. & chair mak. b'ds 14 La Grange pL 

Hewes Jabez F. baker, 122 Court 

Hevves John B. hardware, Commercial, h. 13 Front 

Hewes John M. printer. Court, h. 30 Short 

Hewes Ricliard B. inspector of customs, h. 13 Front 

Hewes Sam. H. sup. burying grounds, office City Hall, 

h. 1 Fayette near Pleasant 
Hewes Shubael, irunkmaker, Blackslone, h. 13 Front 
Hewett Richard, iiousewright, h. 7 Friend st. place 
Hewett S. C. surgeon boneselter, 297 Washington 
Hewins Abel, farmer, rear 4th street 

HewinsAmasa, portrait paint. G Joy's build, h. 2Corn.ct. 
Hewins Simon K. {Tisdalc <& H), h. Cortdiill court 
Hewins (IVhiting) &, Fisher {Warren), VV. 1. goods, 100 

State. Hewins's house 14 Warren 
Hews Abraham, jr. jeweller, 243 Wash. h. 13 Ash 
Hews George, pianoforte manufactory, 393 Washington, 

boards 13 Ash 
Hews John, furniture, 5 Wash. h. 15 Brighton 
Hey wood Levi & Co. {W. Heyioood ^- Jcnncs IV. Gates), 

chairs, 26 Commercial 
Hey wood {Samuel P.) 6c Norton {Joshua, jr.), paper 

store, 97 State 
Hibbard Benjamin, hatter, h. Broadway near E strtiet 
Hibbert Joseph, mariner, house 192 Hanover 
Hichborn Sam'l, sailmak. Commer. c. Cross, h. N. square 
Hickey Bridget, widow, rear 93 Warren 
Hickey James, Cross corner Ann 
Hicks J. C. & W. H. dry goods, 45 Kiiby, h. G2 Milk 
Hicks Margaret, widow, Sun court 
Hicks Mary T. rear 89 Essex 
Hicks Rebecca, widow, 5 North Margin 
Hicks Zechariah, house 62 Milk 
Higgins George, mason, house C street 
Higgins John, oysters. Court, hi)use 17 Temple 
Higgins John, sailmaker, boards rear Gibbs lane 
Higgins John, truckman, 38 Salem 
Higgins John, hats, Fan^uil H. market, h. S Sudbury 
Higgins John, baker, opposite 155 Hanover 
Higgins John S. See Jacobs & H. 
Higgins Josiah G. painter, boards Mechanic place 
Higgins Major, pianofortcmaker, h. 19 Pleasant st. court 
Higgins Michael, cordvvainer, 153 Broad 
Higgins Paine S. truckman, 52 Prince 
Higgins {Peter) & Samou {John), Iiats, Faneuil Halt 

market, h. 9 North square 


Hi^gins Rebecca, dressmaker, Ilawley cor. Franklin pi, 

Higgins Rosanna, boarding liouse, 9 North square 

Higgins Sjlvonus, cordwainer, boards Mechanic place 

Higgins Willard, tinplate worker, iionse 11 Elliot 

Higgins William, handcartman, 52 Prince 

Higgins Willi;im, laborer, 130 Broad 

Higginson Francis, physician, Iionse 40 School 

Higgiiison Henry, merchant, 48 Summer 

Higginson James P. merchant, house 31 Mount Vernon 

Higginson (J. C.) & Pope (JVin.jr.), dry goods, 42 Wa- 
ter. II. 's h. 48 Summer 

Highland Daniel, laborer, house rear 4lh street 

Highland John, laborer, 5th street 

Highland Michael, Isborer, Market place 

Hildreth Abijah E. (Geo. Cinnmings &. Co.), boards 1 
Sewall place 

Hildreth Augustus, house 1 Gridley 

Hildreth Charles T. physician, 3 Beacii n. Wash. Bank 

Hildreth Clifton B. housewright, r. Front, h. 5 Suffolk 

Hildretli James, house 75 Pleasant 

Hildreth Orin & Co. ( VVm. Jl. Gilbert), mevch'ts, 34 Broad 

Hiler Grace, widow of Jacob, h. 8 Unity 

Hiler Josiah, caulker and graver, house Vernon place 

Hiler Margaret, Vernon place 

Hiler Stephen G. shipwright, house Lime alley 

Hiler Thomas G. captain, h. 113 Front 

Hill Abigail, dressmaker, 150 Purchase 

Hill Ann, dress maker, Cross corner Ann 

Hill Amos A. saddler, Merrimac, house 9 N. Margin 

Hill Archibald, wharfinger, Liverpool wf h. 17Purchaa9 

Hill Benj. F. house 11 Washington place 

Hill Bradbury, house 49 Hanover 

Hill Converse, professor music, boards 16 Ash 

Hill Daniel, housewright, A street 

Hill David, house rear 61 Milk 

Hill (David W.) & Chamberlain (Thos.), coppersmiths, 
Charlestown near Haverhill 

Hill Dennis B. provisions, 27 Prince, h. 3 Margaret 

Hill Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 20 Myrtle 

Hill George & Co. (E. J. Long and W. E. Hill), dry 
goods, 333 Washington 

Hill Henry, Treas. A. P. C. F. M., Cornhill, h. 57 Pinck. 

Hill Henry A. hairdre^ser, Merrimac 

Hill Jacob, truckman, Market 

Hill James, jr. 107 Fan. H. market, h. 104 Chambers 


Hill (Jeremiah), Chamberlin (Daniel) & Co., com. mer- 
chants, 7 Central wf. H.'s h. 46 Chambers 
Hill John, plasterer, rear 77 Warren 
Hill John, linplate worker, h. Fulton near Cross 
Hill John, laborer, house Battery 
Hill John, 103 Faneuil Hall market, h. 31 Brattle 
Hill John S. clerk, house Thaeher near Pond 
Hill Kinsley S. grocer, Hanover corner Charter 
Hill Mary, nurse, Boylston place 
Hill Mary R. tailoress, S. Cedar near Church 
Hill Nathaniel, housewright, Union, h. Commercial 
Hill Rebecca, 8 North Margin 

Hill Sairiuel (Cotton, H. &, Co.), house Broadway 
Hill Sumner, professor music, 416 Wash. h. 16 Asli 
Hill Thomas, 31 F. H. market, h. 19 Wash, place 
Hill Weaker E. (G. Hill. & Co.), boards 34 Boylston 
Hill Wm. H. bookbinder, 122 Wash, boards 6 Howard 
Hillard Daniel, laborer, rear 4th street 
Hillard Geo. S. counsellor, 4 Court, h 53 Myrtle 
Hdler Benjamin H. painter, house rear 324 Ann 
Hiller Thomas, stevedore, 96 Warren 
Hilliard Francis, counsellor, 23 Court 
Hilliard Wier, Fulton House, Fulton corner Cross 
Hilliard, Gray & Co. (Harrison Graij and James and 

Charles Brown), boakseWers, 112 Wash. See adv. 
Hilliard William, counsellor, 23 Court, h. 10 Wash. pi. 
Hillmau George, W. I. goods, 342 Ann, h. 59 Salem 
Hillman John, carpenter, Commercial 
Hillman Mehitabel, widow, 9 Prince 
Hills Freeman, teamster, house 4th street 
Hills George, carpenter, house 104 Pleasant 
Hills H. S. chair painter, 4 N. Market, h. 39 Salem 
Hills Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 7 School, h. 72 Tremont 
Hills Nathaniel, laborer, 16 Myrtle 

Hills (Sajn'l C ) & Powers {Herman), commission mer- 
chants, 54 Water. H.'s h 18 Winter 
Hilton Amos, housewright, h. 54 Belknap 
Hilton John T. mariner, h. rear 12 Boylston 
Hilton Leander, housewright, 3d street 
Himes Joshua V., Rev. house 96 Tremont 
Hinckley Allen, superintendent aqueduct, south end 

Front near bridge, h. 5 Nassau 
Hinckley Enoch, stevedore, rear 274 Ann 
Hinckley H. Thos. ornam. painter, 30 Cornhill 
Hinckley (//o//ne5J & Co. (G. P. Drur y), machinistB, 
Front. H.'s house 692 Washington 


Hinckley Moses M. stevedore, 74 Sea 

Hinckley Sylvia, tailoress, Mecliauic placo 

Hindman Anna P. widow of Caldwell F. h. 28 Fayette 

Hinds Alfred M. house 53 Leveret 

Hinds Barzillai, mason, rear 13 Charter 

Hinds Mary, tailoress, Essex corner Front 

Hine Clermont E. watchmaker, 242 Wash. See advert. 

Hine Elias, cordwainer, Tileston near Hanover 

Hine Francis V. J. See Smith & H. 

Hinkel John, tohacconist, h. Leveret court 

Hiscock Sewall, provisions, 44 Green 

Hiscock William, laborer, 107 Broad 

Hitchcock David K. printer, 9 Cornliill 

Hitchcock (Henry) & Nash {JS'atlmnid C), W. I. goods, 

2 Lon^ wf. H.'s h, 7 Central ct. 
Hitchings Ebenezer H. paporhanger, h. 368 Commercial 
Hitt John,f^urg. inst. j^naker, h. rear Boylston n. Carver 
Hittenhinie John, rigger, h. rear 123 Broad 
Hixon Edward, upholsterer, h. 22 N. Russell 
Hobart (.,'Jaron) & Cumings (/?. jY.), dry goods, 21 Cen- 
tral, llobart boards Commercial Coffee House 
Hobart Albert, dry goods, 46 Kilby, Ikjusc in Roxbury 
Hobart Billings, keeper, Earl Cotfee House, 3(5 Hanover 
Hobart (Enock) &: Kiiuball {David), tailors, 175 Tremont 
Hobart Henry B. bookbinder, IIG Wash. h. r. 61 Poplar 
Hobart James T. 14 State, hous^e 8 Beacon 
Hobart Moses L. collector, house rear 61 Poplar 
Hobart Nathaniel, 21 Central, h. 12 W. Cedar 
Hobart Peter, jr. liousew't, r. 253 Wash, h, 11 N. Russell 
Hobart {Rath) & Stimpson {Caroline), dressmakers, 17 

Hobbs Jarnus M. overseer rail road, h. Castle n. Middlesex 
Hobbs John, clothing, 88, house 220 Ann 
Hobbs John, pianoforte maker, house Dedham 
Hobbs Nathan, silversmith, 1 Dock sq. h. 21 Charter 
Hobbs Prentiss, lumber wharf, 90 Sea, h. 53 Sea 
Hobbs Sarah, milliner, 195 Hanover 
Hobbs William J. carver, 3 Wilson's la. h. 13 Blossom 
Hobby Nancy, house 2 Cambridge 
Hodgden John, h. 1 Shawmiit 

Hodgden Samuel S. housewright, Pond n. Charlestown 
Hodgdon (Henry B.) & Howe {Josejj/t H.), W.I. goods, 

31 North Market 
Hodgdon Jacob, housewright, h. Milton 
Hodge Charles, hat*, &c 52 Hanover op. Elm 


Hodge Jacob, shipwright, Ann street court 

Hodge John, caulker, h. Hanover avenue 

Hodges Jane G. dry goods, 241 Wash. h. 8 South st. pi. 

Hodjres {John D.) & Wells {Geo. R.), haird's, 111 Milk 

Hodges John R., Langdon place 

Hodges Otis, straw manufacturer, h. 17 Boylston square 

Hodson Richard, tinplate worker, 56 Broad, h. 41 Charter 

Hogan Hugh, Lane place 

Hogan Michael, laborer, rear 149 Broad 

Hogan Michael, hiborer, 6 Barrett 

Hogan Richard, stevedore, Langdon place 

Hogan William, laborer, 1 Spring lane • 

Hoit David, cooper, Prince 

Holahan Jatnes, laborer, North square 

Holbrook A. & H. A. & Co. {Simeon Baker), oysters, 

Faneuil Hall market. H.'s house Stillman 
Holbrook {Anth. jr.) &, Young {Dan.), oysters, 52 Brat- 
tle. Holbrook's house Barrett 
Holbrook Avery, grocer, 74 Commercial, h. 6 Tileston 
Holbrook C. W. dis. clerk City Bank 
Holbrook Charles, dry goods, 93 Hanover 
Holbrook Henry A. 131 Fan. Hall market, h. Stillmaa 
Holbrook (Daniel) & Shattuck ( /ri7/iawi), brokers. Court 

cor. Howard, h. 18 Second 
Holbrook Edward, 52 Long wf. h. 58 Leveret 
Holbrook Edw. jr. salt store, 51 Long wf, h. 58 Leveret 
Holbrook Enos, shipwright, Salutation 
Holbrook Hannah, widow, 96 Warren 
Holbrook Henry A. & Anthony, 131 Faneuil H. market 
Holbrook {Henry J.), Greene {Franklin, jr.) & Co. {B. 
T. Loring), dry g'ds, 10 Kilby and 11 Doane, H.'s 
h. 9 Cambridge 
Holbrook {H. M), Bowman {J. H), & Co. {Henry Car- 
ter), dry goods, 39 Kilby. H.'s h. 124 Tremont 
Holbrook James, shipsmith, Broad, opposite Otis's wf. h. 

164 Purchase 
Holbrook Jonathan, grocer, 218 Ann 
Holbrook Jonathan, jr. grocer, 218 Ann, h. r. 202 Hanov. 
Holbrook Joseph, oysters, 25 Hanover 
Holbrook Josepli & Co. {Thomas), oysters, Merch. row 
Holbrook {R. E) & Leonard (C. C), drg g'ds, 95 Hano. 
Holbrook Samuel, clerk, h. Sheafe cor. Snowhill 
Holbrook Samuel, housewright. Salutation 
Holbrook Samuel E. (IVhitmore & H.), h. 16 Hull 
Holbrook Susan,, nurse, h. 50 Myrtle 


Holbrook ( *?. F.), Dillon (James) &. Co. (Gad Leaviit)^ 
shipw ts, op. Fort liill vvf. H.'s li. 124 I'lirchase 

Holbrook Samuel, hoiisewri^bt, Beverly, h. i I'itts ct. 

Holbrook (Theodore) iSi Tappan (Lewis W.), hardware, 
83 State. H.'s h. 74 Trijiple 

Holbrook V^ernon, currier, 14 Clinton, b. 3 Brattle sq. 

Holbrook William, grocer, 1 Pinckney, h. 6 Stillman pi. 

Holcomb Hennas H. ship offi , 72Broad,h. 18 Hamilton 

Holden Abel, h. Henchman lane 

Holden Artcma.'! R. (Hancock, H-S^' Mams),\\. 8 Milton 

Holden Eliza, sempstress, 6 Lucas place 

-Holden Eliza, widow, laundress, Mechanic place 

Holden Eberiezer, 4iJ Faneuil Hall market 

Holden Erastus S. druggist, Cliailes, h. do, 

H(.>]den George, 5 Exchange, h 11)4 Tremont 

Holden .lolin, mariner, 10 Graphic court 

Holden J(j?hua, ornamental painter, 600 VV^ash. h. do. 

Holden Nicholas, lab(>rer, Hamilton 

Holden Thomas, constable, h. 7 Brighton 

Holden Silas, upholsterer, house 9 George 

Holdridge Hannah, dressmaker, 14 Fruit 

Holins Henry D. See Brown & H. 

Holker ]\ancy D. widow of John, Mt. Vernon place 

Holland Charles S plate printer, 6 Stale, h. 6 Mason 

Holland Daniel, laborer. 111 Broad 

Holland Eliza, boarding, G Mason 

Holland Henry E. housewriijht, h. 6 Mason 

Holland John, laborer, opposite 16 Ash 

Holland Laura P. widow, 105 Purchase 

Holland Susan, 8 Columbia 

Ho'land Thomas, house Beach 

Holland Thomas H. lumber, Front, h. 121 Front 

Holland Williau) A. boards Beach 

Holland William, laborer, 114 Broad 

Holley Truman R. stock manu. 200 Trem'nt, h. 19 Tem. 

Holliday Dorcas, widow of Samuel, Commer. near Ann 

Hollis Charles, painter, Union, h. Lynde place 

Hollis David JN. 8 Faneuil Hall market 

Hollis Daniel, housewright, 1 Oliver place 

Hollis Ebenezer, housewright, h. Suffolk, n. Lucas pi. 

Hollis L J. shoes, head of Wilkinson's wharf 

Hollis Joseph, house Cooper near Pond 

Hollis Sarah, widow of James, h. 7 Norfolk place 

Hollis Stephen, musician, 4th street 

Hollis Thomas, druggist, 30 Union, h. 16 Sheafe 



Hoi lis Thomas B. captain, h. 25 Carver 

Mollis William, frin<re and lassel worker, 4lh street 

Hollis Zebediah, stall, 2 Fanenil Hall market 

Hollivan Christopher, laborer, rear North Centre 

Holman John, shoemaker, h. r^7 Broad 

Holman Oliver (Jones & //.), h. 34 Allen 

Holmbert John, clothing, 86 Broad, 

Holmes Augustus S. distiller, Distil-house sq. h. 17 do. 

Holmes Benj. D. coppersmith, 157 Broad, b'ds 1G2 Purdi 

Holmes Davis, innholder, Turnpike, cor. 4th st. 

Holmes Daniel, housewright, Flagg alley, h. 20 Orange 

Holmes Francis, shipwright, Commer. c. CJreenough lan« 

Holmes Galen, h. 59 Bowdoin 

Holmes Henry, hairdresser, 9iJ Hanover 

Holmes Heman, shipvvright, Broadway 

Holmes Isaac, mariner, Connnercial 

Holmes J. B.' See Wadleigh & Badger 

Holmes Jacob, shipwright, h. rear 185 Hanover 

Holmes Jesse, typefounder, '.] Water, h. 4 Alden lane 

Holmes Leonard, clerk in Post ()ffice, li. 1 Lynde 

Holmes Mary, widow of Abnur, h. 2 Portland place 

Holmes Mehitabel, boarding, 5 Union 

Holmes Nancy, boarding house, 30 Federal 

Holmes Nathaniel, housewright, Flagg alley 

Holmes Oliver W. physician, 2 Central court 

Holmes Jlichard, carpenter, 94 Warren 

Holmes SatMuel, housewright, h. 17 Second 

Holmes William, hairdresser, 183 Hanover 

Holmes W^illiam S. stable, 15 Beacon, h. 59 Bowdoin 

Hoist Christian K. cabinetmaker, 470 Washington 

Holt Abiel, laborer, h. Southac cor. Grove 

Holt Daniel A. blacksmith, h. Turnpike 

Holt John, shipwrig'it, 3d street 

Holt Peter, housewright, 33 South Russell 

Holt Sylvester, paperhanger, r. 255, li. r. 305 Washing. 

Holt Thomas, printer, Greenough lane r. Commercial 

Hoiton John, truckman, h. 20 Pitts 

?Iolton Leonard, teamster, rear Friend 

Holway Francis, housewright, h. Market place 

Homan Milton, laborer, rear Church near Madison pjaci 

Homans John, physician, 157 Tremont 

Homans Lucy, 79 Purchase 

Homer Albert, painter, 64 Court, h. 4G Myrtle 

Homer Benjamin P. 37 Beacon 

Homer {Cha's S.) t^;: Gray {Win.), hardw. 13 Dock sq. 


Homer Chas. W. (Homes, Homer & Co.), h. 82Tremont 

Homer Drivid, livery sttible, 2, h. 3 West 

Homer Eleazer, h. SO Hanover 

Homer Eleiizer. jr. lumber, Battery wharf 

Homer Enoch, hiborer, North Margin 

Homer Frederick f.. boards 37 Pinckney 

Homer Francis H P painter, 502 Wash. h. 24 Orange 

Homer G. J. mason and colorer, Liverpool wharf 

Homer Oilman, h. Charlestown 

Homer (ieor<.^e, cashier State Bank, h 46 Temple 

Homer George, Sec'y Merchants Ins Com. h. 3 West 

Homer George J. (Homes, H & Co.), h. 6 Milton place 

Homer Henry, house 30 Charles 

Homer Henry, crier INJunic. Court, h. rear 14 Spring 

Homer .Ucoh (Clarke, H. & Lillie), h. 35 Bridge 

Homer Jacob P. coaclimaker, h. Cedar lane 

Homer (James L.) & Palmer (./o5e/?A), prop. Daily Cent. 

and Gazette, 34 Congress. H.'s h. 11 Sullivan pi. 
Homer Joseph W. boarding officer of Custom House, 72 

Long wharf, house 37 Pinckney 
Homer Mary, widow, 17 Derne 
Homer Moore R. laborer, rear lienox 
Homer Peter T. (."idams, H. & Co.), h. 38 Essex 
Homer Sidney. See Adams. H. & Co. 
Homer Susan, widow of David, house 3 West 
Homer Thompsf)n K. turner, house 12 Second 
Homer Walter W. housewright, h. Canton 
Homer William F. crockeryvvare, 33 Union 
Homer William H. printer and stationer, 51 & 53 Broad, 

house 10 Hamilton 
Homes Barzillai, fur dealer, 100 Milk, h. 504 Washington 
Homes (Henry), llomer (Geo. J.) & Co. (C. W. Homer), 

hardware, 34 Union Homes's h. 2 Hamilton pi. 
Homes John, hardware, 35 Union, h. 196 Tremont 
Homes. See Holmes 

Hood Charles, cashier Corn. Bank, h Summer c. High 
Hood Eliza, widow of Charles, 547 Washington 
Hood (Genrge &, Abner) & Abbott (John C'.),shoe deal- 
ers, 17 Doane 
Hood John C. twine and mats, 4th st. h. 3 Plea3. st. ct. 
Hood Samuel, matmaker, h. rear C street 
Hood Samuel, jr. twine dealer, h. rear 83 Sea 
Hoogland Lydia, widow of William, h. 2 Howard 
Hoogs Albert G. merchant, 40 India, boards 8 Pearl 
Hoogs Francis, housewright, h. 42 Orange 


Iloogs JMary, widow, rear 17 Federal 

Hoogs William tl. lionsewright, Church, house 4 do. 

Hook Dudley W. laborer, h. 266 Ann 

HooU Elias & Geo. G. organ builders, Friend, h. Leveret 

corner Second 
Hook Jacob, truckman, h. rear 5 Snowhill 
Hooker Harlow, merchant, 1i. 8 Kneeland 
Hooker Sarah, widow, 11 Lcverel. 

Hooper Henry N. & Co. (Jim. Blake ^ Thns. Richard- 
son), copper dealers, 24 Commer. H.'s h. Foster 
Hooper Henry, clerk Hamilton Bank, h. 65 Pleasant 
Hooper James L. liousewright, George, li. 6 Grove 
Hooper John {B. Loring & Co.), h. 15 La Grange place 
Hooper Susat), crockery, 71 Saiem 
Hooper Robert VV. physician, h. 11 Franklin 
Hooper Robert, jr. 34 Slate, h. 37 Mount Vernon 
Hooper Robert C. merchant, 20 Central wharf 
Hooper Samuel {Bryant, Sturois &. Co.), h. 21 South 
Hooper Thomas, mess(uiger Massachusetts Bank 
Hooper Thomas, house rear 2 Pitts 
Hooper Thomas W. teller Merchants Bank 
Hooton David, printer, over 42 Congress, h. 51 Prince 
Hooion Francis, painter, h. 20 Carver 
Hooton James, professor of music, 445 Washington 
Hooton John B. paperstainer, Caniden 
Hoofon John, 51 Prince 

Hooton John, jr. sailmak'cr, 116 Commer., h. 45 Prince 
Hooton Lydia, widow, 20 Carver 

Hooton Wm. sailmaker, Lev*'is's wf h. Com. n.ferryway 
Hope Ann, schoolmistress. Pleasant st. ct. cor. Church 
Hope Eliza M. nurse, h. 11 Leveret 

Hope Rob. E. pianofortemak., h. Pleas't st ct. c. Cliurch 
Hope Rebecca A. E..sch. Wash. c. Bed. h. Pleas'nt st. ct. 
Hopkins Bangs, innkeeper. Globe Hotel [c. Church 

Hopkins Charles (M. Hopkins & Co.), h. 143 Court 
Hopkins Eliza, h. 15 South Russell 
Hopkins-^iles, h. 2 W. Centre 
Hopkins l^fevi-W. clerk, 55 Broad, h. 82 Summer 
Hopkins Milton W. Coffee House, 4 Cornhill square 
Hopkins Solomon, h. 52 Poplar 
Hoppin John, woodwharfinger, 27 Charles 
Hoppin Mary, 2 JMyitle court 
Hopping Sarah, Salutation 
Hopps Charles, painter, h. 14 South IVIargin 
Hore John, laborer, h. 5lh street 


Horn C. liousewiight, h. 2 Leveret court 

Horn Joshua, 19 F. H. market, li. r. Distil-house sq. 

Horn Truworlliy C. See Flagg, Taylor & H. 

Horn William {Andrews ^- H.), h. 37 Leveret 

Hornsmari Henry, laborer, Clark alley 

Horr Lullier, iiousewriglit, li. 1 Tremont S. of Pleasant 

Horr (Lucius) & Champney {Edward IV.), dry g'ds, 91 

Hanover. Horr's li. 4 Derne 
Horrigan John, laborer, 119 Broad 
Horrigan Thomas, blacksmith, h. Mechanic place 
Horton David \V. (Scudder, Cordis V Co.), h. 95 Trem't 
Horton Francis, blacksmith, h. Ann street court 
Horton Gnstavus, h. Charier cor. PIupps place 
Horton Hannah, 8 Madison place 
Horton Henry K. {F. Skinner &, Co.), h. 54 Poplar 
Horton Robert, pattern desiun. 5 Exchange, h. 477 VV^ash. 
Horton Roby, widow, li. Charier cor. Phipps place 
Hosea Richard, house 75 Charter 
Hosea Samuel, shipwright. 24 Salutation 
Hosea {Samuel, jr.) &. Pierce {Junathan), pumpniakers, 

Sargent's wharf. Hosea's h. 24 Salutation 
Hoskins Jane, widow, house 8 South street jjlace 
Hoskins William, cooper, h. Bun)stead court 
Ho.smer Calvin, dry goods, 73 Hanover, h. 57 Leveret 
Hosmer Lulher, confeclioner, h. rear 49 Temple 
Hosmer {Zelotes) & Tappan {Benj.), hardware, 84 3Iilk 
Hosmer Zelotes, h. 9 JMilton place 
Houghton Lawson, teanjster, li. rear 18 Ash 
Houghton Louisa, dre.«snuil:er. Salutation 
Houghton Samuel A. grocer, Brigijton cor. Poplar, house 

Spring sUeet place 
Houpt Charles J. silver&mith, li. 27 Merrimac 
House Abner, Cdrpenter, 74 Charles 
House Eleazer G. printer, Merrimac, h. 6 Snowhill 
House Freeman, cordwainer, 4th stieet 
House Timothy, captain, rear Snowhill 
Housley Ann JVIuria, widow, h. 6 S. Bennet 
Housley George {Tompkin.^ & H.), h. rear 17 N.Russell 
Houston Alexander, housewright, Spring street place 
Houston William, laborer, 3d street 
Hovey Abijah \\ . 35 Commercial 

Hovey {Jl. iV.) & Pratt (./?. //.) paints and dye stuffs, 35 
Hovey Albert, clerk, 35 Commercial [Commeicial 

Hovey Charles F. See Jabez C. Howe & Co. 
Hovey Elbridge A. harnessnaaker, h. 51 Carver 

216 DiuECTOiiy. 

Hovfcy George O. {Jahez C. Howe «^ Co.), h. 18 South 
Ilovey Henry A. f;oacliniaUer, 68 Boylslon, h. rear do. 
Hovey Lucietia, dressiiiaUer, 300 VVasliiu<5lon 
ilovey iSl Co {PkinrJias B. 6l Charles M.), horlicultural 

srcd slure, 7;> & 81 Corriliill 
Hovey ^Sarnuel 6. provisions, Portland, h. 32 Bridge 
Hovey William B. stall, 32 Funeuil Hall market 
Hovey VVn». H. engineer, Clielsea Ferry, h. 90 Mt. Vern. 
How lilizabeth, house B street 

How {Halt J.) kSl Jones {Ebcn.), dry goods, 69 Milk 
How Hall J. house JSonth Bostt)n Heiglits 
How Luey, widow, h. Broadway 
How. See Howe 

Howard Abigail, widow, 110 Warren 
Howard {Mrakani) & Merry {Robert D. C), merchants, 

3i) Central wharf. Howard's h. Temple place 
Howard Benjamin {Chandler. H. & Co.), h. 4 Kingston 
Howard Betsey, widow, 2 Orange court 
Howard Boyd, liouse 42 Orange 
Howard Davis, c<»rdwainer, h. 23 Pinckney 
Howard Dorcas, h. 177 Hanover 
Howard Edward, machinist, h. 3 Sewall place 
Howard Edward, jr. house S. Russell 
Howard Elizabeth, house 17 Chesnut 
Howard Hannah, widow, rear 773 Washington 
Howard Harry, laborer, 12 Wharf 
Howard J. V.\.'ii,boU & If.), h. 2d street 
Howard John, 190 Hanover 
Hi>ward John, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Howard John, laborer, Dedham near Tremont 
Howard John D. caulker and graver, h. 2 Unity 
Howard Ji>nathan, house 1 Bulfinch place 
Howard Joshua, h. 14 Second 
Howard I^ucy, widow of Eleazer, h. 29 Tremont 
Howard Mary, tailoress, II Unity 
Howard Nathaniel, physician, h. 30 Prince 
Howard Samuel, iron founder, h. rear 4th street 
Howard Samuel, jr. iron founder, 4th street 
Howard Samuel, provisions, 50 Spring, h. 40 Brighton 
Howard Thomas M. mason, h. 2 South Cedar 
Howard William, housew.ight, h. N. Margin 
Howard Willirm H. 4th street 
Howard Zeviah, widow, 7 Federal court 
Howe Ann, widow of John, 3 North Bennet 
Howe Charles, hackman, h. cor. Ann and Commercial 


Howe Cranston, W. L goods, Broadway 

Howe Elines, laborer, rear 1 Pilts 

Howe George, dry goods, 32 Water, h 27 Winter 

Howe Isaac^, shoes, 48 Hanover, h. 283 Washington 

Howe Jabez C. A Co. {Charles Mixter, Charles F. and 

George 0. Hovey and Samuel Johnson), inriporters, 

55 Kilby and 5G Water 
Howe Jacob, boarditig house, 3 Otis place 
Howe John, rear 155 Hanover 
Howe John, printer, 17 Charter 

Howe John &. Thomas, lumber wharf, Sea, h. 5 Elliot 
Howe Jonatlian, printer, 39 JMerciiants' row 
Howe Jonathan, b4 Kilby 

Howe Joseph H . grocer, 127 Cambridge, b'ds City Tavern 
Howe Joseph H. See Hod<!den & H. 
Howe Joseph N. measurer Custdm H. h. 3 Pleasant st. ct. 
Howe Joseph N. jr. Iiouse 13 Chesnut 
Howe Jubal, watchmaker, 123 Wash. h. 16 Charles 
Howe Lucy M. school, rear 11 Allen 
Howe Marcus, cordwainer, 33 Front, h. 7 Nassau 
Howe Margaret, 1 Avery corner Washington 
Howe Maria, widow, (i Frierd street place 
Howe Rebecca, widow, boarding h. Pleasant c. Shawinut 
Howe Robert, plumber, 2'J Salem, house Pond 
Howe Samuel G. physician, superintendent and director 

of the Institution for the Blind, 11) Pearl 
Howe Sarah, dressmaker, h. rear 2(5 Chambers 
Howe Solomon, housewright, h. 32 Poplar 
Howe Susan, nurse, h. rear 2(3 Chambers 
Howe Thouu-is, grocer. 21, house 23 S. Russell 
Howe Tliomas. See Beal & Co. 
Howe Thomas {Bramhall & H.), h. Salem 
Howe Thomas, 8*J Hanover 

Howe Thomas, lumber, Sea, h. 13 La Grange place 
Howe William, Merchants row c. Ann, h. 15 Salem pi. 
Howe Warren, c.-ibii etniaker, h. 24 Orange 
Howes Benj. clothing, Hancock's wf h. 3()(5 Commercial 
Howes Elisha, captain, h. Broadway cor. Dorchester 
Howes Enoch, house 21 Union 
Howes Martha, dressmaker, Union 
Howes P. S. innkeeper, Blackstone cor. Cross 
jlowes Willie, ca[)tain, Broadway cor. Dorchester 
H;-)wland Caleb, mason, 63 Elliot 
Hcwiand Nathaniel, captain, h. 14 Province H. court 
Ho\vlaDd Sarah, milliner, 115 Court 


Howragan James, laborer, Broad cor. Cotton place 

Hoxse Michal, widow of Goorge W. 81 Sea 

Hoynes James, laborer, 139 Broad 

Hoyt Aaron B. teacher, Silver 

Hoyt Adam {Mason & H.), h. 469 Washington 

Hoyt Archibald, ii. rear Brtiadway 

Hoyt Stephen, house Prince near Hanover 

Hoyt Elizabeth, widow of Cliarles, 132 Pleasant 

Hoyt Jeremiah, 2 Boylston market 

Hoyt Lucy, widow, 11 Clark 

Hoyt Thomas, mariner, h. Battery 

Hoyt William, stabler, h. 2 Bath 

Hubbard Abel, lioiisewright, 45 Myrtle 

Hubbard Benjamin B. laborer, rear 55 Merrimac 

Hubbard Charles, sign, and ornamental painter, 4 State 

Hubbard Christopher, printer, h. rear 160 Wash. 

Hubbard F. M. school, Amory Mall, h. 4 Bowdoin 

Hubbard George, physician, 54 Hanover 

Hubbard Henry, house Louisburgh square 

Hubbard John, merchant, h. W. Odar cor. Mt. Vernon 

Hubbard John C. chairmaker, 581 Wash. h. 15 Fayette 

Hubbard Sam'l, counsel. 1 Barrist. Hall, h. 5 Bumsl'd pi. 

Hubbard Wm. J. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 72 Chesnut 

Huckins , widow, 21 Piedtnont 

Eiuckins Stephen, boards Boston Hotel, 47 Brattle 

Huddleston Samuel, book agent, 121 Wash. h. D street 

Hudson Asa, shoemaker, hcuse 33 Ann 

Hudson Benjamin, office 115. li. 153 Pond 

Hudson Charles A. feathers, 27 Dock sq. h. Atkinson 

Hudson Ezra, fisherman, rear 8 South street place 

Hudson Gordon, ironfounder, rear Broadway 

Hudson John, hats, 112, house 118 Hanover 

Hudson Joseph, boardinghouse, B street 

Hudson San)uel, grocer, 56 Long wf h. 2 Hawkins 

Hudson Sumner, 10 S. Market, h. 22 Temple 

Hudson Thomas, house 1(5 Charier 

Hudson William R., Turnpike near 4th street 

Huestis Joanna, widow, h. 5 Second 

Huestis Mary Ann S. dressmaker, 18 Hamilton 

Huff Jacob, baker, 8 Green 

Huff Simon, pumpmaker, house rear 7 Short 

Huggeford Henry H. dep. Sheriff, 4 Court, h. ■ • iJ9acO|x 

Huggins Amos R. laborer, h. rear 4th street 

Hughes Ellen, widow, rear 57 Elliot 

Hughes Fi^ancis, blacksmith, h. 42 Pond 



Hughes Frederick, tailor, 11 Brattle, h, 18 Pinckney 

Hughes George, merchant, 13 Central wharf 

Hughes John, milkman, rear 75 Elliot 

Hughes Sarah, widow of Thomas, 63 Federal 

Hughes Thomas, house 63 Federal 

Hull Jonathan, housewriglit, h. Sun court 

Humphrey Almon, fruit, south side Fan. Hall market 

Humphrey Benjamin, h. Myrtle cor. Hancock 

Humphrey Catherine, widow, 19 Boylst«jn 

Humphrey {David) & Dudley (Charles S), W.I. goods, 

42 Long wf. Humphrey boards i> Hancock 
Humphrey Giles, housewiiglit, 10 1-2 Pleasant 
Humphrey Henry B. See J. H. Pearson & Co. 

i Humphrey Wm. pianofoneinaker, b'ds 14 La Grange pi. 

[ Huniphreys William, flour, 45 Long wf h. 9 Hancock 

I Hunkins James, collector, house 3(i South 
Hunneman Peter, rigger, h. Spear alley 
Hunneman William C. engine builder, 37 Union 
Hunneman S. «5fe W. coppersmiths, 20 Union 
Hunnewell D. H. (Hostmgs & H), h. 48 Milk 
Hunnewell Geo. W. (Farritio-ton & H.), h. Court sq. 
Hunt Albert. See Wade &H. 
Hunt Anna, 3 1-2 Sudbury 
Hunt Charles S. house 55 Elliot 
Hunt Charles James, 48 Milk 

! Hunt Charlotte, boarding, 120 Washington 
Hunt Edward P. constable, house rear Pitts 
lunt Hannah, 67 Bedford 

*Junt (Ira) &■ Veazie (Elijah), clothing, 100 Sea 
Hunt James, housewright, h. Piedmont near Church 
Hunt James, housewright. Ill Pleasant 
Hunt James, stationer, (Custom-house St. h. 15 Atkinson 
Hunt John, morocco, 30 North Market 
Hunt John, housewright. Church, h. 129 Pleasant 
Hmu John, mariner, 67 Bedford 

\, Hunt (John, jr ) & Lawrence (Wm. F\), 12 Boylston 
market. H's house South Cedar 
3unt Joseph, printer, boards 67 Bedford 
Kunt .I'lseph S. L. machinist, h. south 794 Wash. 
Hint J. G. books, end Fan. H. market, h. 3 Hanover ct. 
Ij'uit Keziah, widow of Joal). ht)use 1 Spring 
Hm M. dressmaker and milliner, rear 26 Winter 
Hon. Mary, widow, Theatre alley 
HuntVII ilthew, branch pilot, 4 Fleet 
Isttnew M. house 117 Tremont 


Hunt Moses (Rice <fe H.), house 31 Brattle 

Hunt Moses, victualler, 94 Commercial 

Hunt Nathaniel P. 19 Broad 

Hunt Oliver, hnusewright, house 38 Orange 

Hunt Ruth, 43 Essex 

Hunt Samuel, bricklayer, h. 24 Carver 

Hunt (Samuel) & Dudley ( ), carpenters, Haverhill 

Hunt Samuel, Sec'ry Manufact. Ins. Co. h. 18 Hancock 

Hunt Samuel, housewright, h. 45 Allen 

Hunt Simon, 472 VVashmcrton 

Hunt Thomas, shoes, 38 Hanover 

Hunt (Thomas) & Dascomb (Thomas R.), 31 Long wf. 

Hunt's house 45 Essex 
Hunter Ann, nurse, h. 11 Allen 
Hunter John, marble manufacturer, h. 25 Pleasant 
Hunter Wm. victualler, 47 N. Market, h. 5 Stillman 
Hunter William G. c(>unsellor, 8 Kilby, h. 11 Beacon 
Hunting Bola (Maromber, Sawing //.), h. 12 Pearl place 
Hunting Daniel F. 17 Commercial vvf. h. Prince 
Hunting Ebenezer N. provisions, 66 Leveret, h. 40 Spring 
Hunting Joseph, 17 Commercial wf. h. Leveret lane 
Hunting Mich'l B., VV. I. g'ds, 729 Wash. h. 10 Orange 
Hunting Reuben, house 9 Shawmut 
Hunting Thomas, house G Orange 
Hunting William F. grocer, 19 Atkinson, house do. 
Huntington Lynde A. See Goodrich & H. 
Huntington Ralph, merchant, h. 34 Washington place 
Huntress John, house Garden cor. May 
Huntress Jos. F. wood & lumber, 84, h. rear 90 Front 
Hurd Calvin, shoe store, 101 Court, h. rear 15 Gouch 
Hurd Jeremiah, truckman. Battery 
Hurd (John), Hutchins (Ezra C.) &, Skinner (John 

W. I. goods, 6 S. Market 
Hurlbert Jesse P. paper, 25 Court, h. 26 Bridge 
Hurlbert T. R. (Cornell & H.), house 14 Charles 
Hurlburt S. M. paper hangings, 25 Court, h. 18 Green 
Hurlbult Elisha, well digger, house 111 Hanover 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, 10 Oliver 
Hurley Elizabeth, widow, rear 417 Washington 
Hurley James, tailor, 12 Pitts 
Hurley John, housewright, h. 56 Fayette 
Hurley John, laborer, rear Columbia near Essex 
Hurley Lydia, widow, 9 Allen 
Hurley Michael, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 
Hurley Michael, laborer, rear 12 Wash, place 

«, I 


Hurley Samuel, coppersmith, h. 25 Second 

Huse Elizabeth U. house 27 Mt. Vernon 

Huse Joseph, variety store, 475 Wash. h. r. 104 Warren 

Huse William, pianofortemaker, h. rear South Cedar 

Hussey Joseph, weigher and guager, 7 Central wharf 

Hussey i^amuel, teamster, h. Middlesex near Castle 

Huston Edward, house 45 Fayette 

Huston John, innkeeper, Federal st. Coff. H. 7 Federal 

Huston William, house 03 Congress 

Hutchins Ezra C. {Hard, H. ^ Skinner), h. 8 Tremont pi. 

Hutchins Horace G. {Shaio & H.), boards 18 Winter 

Hutchins Mary, widow, 61 South 

Hutchins Susan, tailoress, rear 5 Mason 

Hutchinson Andrew B.,VV. I. g'ds, 69 Purch. ii. 1 Spear al. 

Hutchinson Elizabeth, nurse, opposite 155 Pleasant 

Hutchinson (Elijah G.) & Sampson {Calvin C), furni- 
ture, 21 Cornhill 

Hutchinson {Henrij) & Burrill {A. S.), sailmakers, 18 
City wharf H.'s h. 78 1-2 Prince 

Hutchinson Jane, h. 77 Charter near Commercial 

Hutchinson John, rigger, 285 Ann 

Hutchinson John, See Horsey & H. 

Hutchinson John B. {Kimball^ Jewett 8f Co.), h. 4 Derne 

Hutchinson Mary, widow, 27 Cross 

Hutchinson Mary C. schoolmistress, op. 5 Norfolk place 

Hutchinson Richard, clerk. Causeway cor. Leveret 

Hutchinson Thomas L. house 21 Poplar 

Hutchpy Thomas, waiter, rear 20 Federal 

Hyde George. See Dana, Evans &; Co. 

Hyde James, carver, 78 Commercial 

Hyde John, laborer, 119 Broad 

Hyde Mary, schoolmistress, 17 Short 

Hyde Michael S. painter, 546 Wash. h. 19 Fayette 

Hyde Nathan D. land otfice, 14 State, h. 57 Federal 

Hyde Solomon L. boards 9 Batterymarch 

Hyde Wm. A. merchant, 51 India wf h. 103 Purchase 

Hyne Ann M. boarding, 200 Ann 

lASIGI JOSEPH, commission merchant, 36 Central wf 

h. Beacon cor. Somerset 
Ide Edwin {Broibn & /.), boards 447 Wash. 
Ide Frederick, carpenter, Canal 
Ide George B., Rev. h. 20 La Grange place 
Inches Charles, merchant, house Pearl 
Inches Elizabeth and Susan, 123 Tremont 


Inches Henderson, merchant, Russia vvf. h. Pearl 

Inches Henderson, jr. (Martin Brimmer «^ Co.), b. Pearl 

Ingalls Daniel, merchaht, house opposite 20 Elliot 

Ingalls Henry P. Iiousewright, house 32 Short 

Ingalls John R. blockmaker, h. rear 45 Cambridge 

Ingalls Jonathan, house 9 Centre 

Ingalls Mary, sempstress, 19 Tileston 

Ingalls William (Herveij & /.), boards 8 Pearl 

Ingersol Benjamin, boards 48 Purchase 

Ingersol James, boards at the Tremont 

Ingersol Joseph, 10 Central wf. h. at Marlboro' Hotel 

Ingols Levi. See G. Clarke & Co. 

Ingolls Moses, clothing store, 205 Ann, h. N, Margin 

Ingraham Ann, widow, Creek square 

Ingraham D. G. instructor, 170 Tremont, h. 10 W, Cedar 

Ingraham Joseph W. 72 Wash. h. 3 Barton 

Ingram George, chairmaker, rear 13 ij^lilk 

Innis Emmanuel, machinist, 90 Court 

Ireland James, cabinetmaker, h. rear 732 Washington 

Ireland Jonathan, chaisemaker, 546 Wash. h. 48 Warren 

Irish Isaac, 31 Ann, h. 19 Salem 

Irish William D. pianofortemaker, h. Gorham place 

Irven Simeon, house Lyman place 

Irvin John, laborer, 14 Gouch 

Irwin David D. accountant, 5th street 

Irving Samuel, blacksmith, Beverly 

Isburgh Alexander, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Isnard Maximin, French V. Consul, h. 4 Crescent pi. 

Ivers Edward (Dewhurst ^ /.), h. 650 Wash. 

Ives Chauiicey B. carver, 362 Wash, b'ds 105 Front 

JACK JONATHAN, housewright, 6 W. Second 

Jackman Mary, widow, rear 51 South 

Jackson Abigail, 30 North Russdl 

Jackson Andrew, mariner, h. 275 Ann 

Jackson Caroline, 2 Pleasant street court 

Jackson Charles, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 7 Bedford p!. 

Jackson C. T. physician, 11 Hanover 

Jackson Daniel, shipwright, house 2d street 

Jackson Edmund, tallowchandler, h. 773 Wash 

Jackson Eben, painter. Milk cor. Bath, h. Pearl n. High 

Jackson Elizabeth, widow, 3 Sewall place 

Jackson Emanuel, mariner, house Salutation 

Jackson Ezra S. (Totcle <^ J.), h. 12 Second 

Jackson Francis, Agent S. Cove Co. 27 State, h. 7 Hollis 


Jackson George, tallowchandler, 785, h. 787 Wash. 

Jackson George, hatler, h. Fulton near Cross 

Jackson {Isaac) & Brewer {Henry A.), dry goods, 27 
Central. J.'s h. 38 Spring 

Jackson Jane, widow, Essex cor. Oliver placo 

Jackson Jacob, laborer, 8 Bridge 

Jackson James, physician, 40 iSurrjmer 

Jackson John, silk hats, 2 Congress sq. h. 6 Haymarketpl. 

Jackson Joel, teamster, rear 47 Pleasant 

Jackson J. B. S. physician, 6 Bedford place 

Jackson Leonard, printer, h. 48 Myrtle 

Jackson Martha VV. indel. ink marker. Piedmont n. Pleas. 

Jackson Patrick T. merchant, h. 17 Winter 

Jackson Samuel, jr. mariner, h. Turnpike 

Jackson Stephen W. soap works, 775 Washington 

Jackson Thomas, assessor, 27 Pinckney 

Jackson Ward, lumber. North Grove, h. 12 McLean 

Jackson William, housewright, h. 10 W. Second 

Jackson William P. painter, h. 36 Short 

Jacobs Asa & Hiram, 2 Boylston market, h. 55 Pleasant 

Jacobs Benj. jr. linen store, 44 Wash, b'ds at Exch. C H. 

Jacobs {Cynthia) & Blanchard (Fi<ZeZm), boardinghouse, 
3G Milk 

Jacobs Elisha, combs & fancy g'ds, 73 Water, h. 49 Hano. 

Jacobs Eliza, boarding house, 36 Hancock 

Jacobs George, shipwright, h. Broadway 

Jacobs George C. {Spaulding S/- J.), I vers cor. Merriraac 

Jacobs James B. oysterman, rear 87 Wash. h. Bay 

Jacobs {John Y.) & Higgins {John 5.), oysters, 114 Court. 
Jacobs's h. Butolph cor. Cambridge • 

Jacobs John R. provisions, 32 Milk, h. 6 Sullivan place 

Jacobs Joshua", jr. housewright, Friend, h. 31 Brattle 

Jacobs Lydia, clothing store, 489 Wash. h. op. 499 do. 

Jacobs Peter, rigger, boarding house, 274 Ann 

Jacobs Seth, mason, Butolph 

Jacobs Thomas, variety store, 54 Myrtle, h. 55 do. 

James George {Putney i^/- J.), boards rear 41 Pleasant 

James John W. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 34 Wash, place 

James Noah, housewright, li. Fruit 

James {Thos.) & Whitney {Wm.), mer tailors, 3 Con- 
gress sq. J.'s h. 38 Brighton 

James Thomas, house 8 Prince 

James Wm. Edward, plasterer, h. rear 55 Warren 

Jameson Hugh, dcp. surveyor. Custom H. h. 13 Oak 

Jameson Sarah, widow, 2 Wendell 


Jameson Susan, tailoress, 8 Bojlston square 

Jameson William, laboier, Boylston near Carver 

Janes Theodore, bookbinder. 19 Wash. h. 1 Harvard p?. 

Jaques Henry, teller Suffolk Bank 

Jaques H. L. clerk State Bank 

Jaquith Aaron, paper ruler, 95 Charles 

Jaquith Moses & Aaron, cylindrical rulers, 136 Wash- 

M. J.'s h. 20 Chambers 
Jaquith Oliver, porter Union Bank 
Jaquith Thomas R. teamster, Travers 
Jardine James, laborer, rear Carver near Elliot 
Jarves Deming, Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, 

103 Milk, h. 71 Summer 
Jarvis Mary, widow of Benjamin, 56 Pleasant 
Jarvis William P. house CO Pleasant 
Jeffers Ebenezer, painter, house 6 Avery 
Jefferson Patrick ^ laborer, rear 88 Warren 
Jefferson Temperance, h. rear 57 Poplar 
Jeffery George, confectioner, 27 Union 
Jeffries John, physician, 9 Franklin 
Jellison John, laborer, rear 78 Warren 
Jellison Zachariah & Co. (J. L. Brigham), merchants, 

33 Central wharf, h. 26 IMcLean 
Jenkins Ephraim, stonecutter, h. Lancaster 
Jenkins Edward, blacksmith, h. 55 Merrimac 
Jenkins Gera, grocer, Commer. n. Hanover, h. Snowhill 
Jenkins Gideon, chaisemaker, h. 5 Elliot court 
Jenkins Henry, painter, 60 Commercial, h. Salutation 
Jenkins Horatio, hat store, 15 Hanover, h. Jenkins pK 
Jenkins Isaiah, pattern maker, Broadway 
Jenkins James. See 3Iorse dc J. 
Jenkins Joseph, builder, 23 Court, h. Temple 
Jenkins Josepli, jr. attorney, 23 Court, h. Temple 
Jenkins Joseph W. tailor, 11 State, h. 9 Morton place 
Jenkins Joshua, painter and glazier, B street 
Jenkins Mary, widow, nurse, Bridge street avenue 
Jenkins Nathaniel, housewright, h. W. Centre 
Jenkins Noble E. cooper, Liverpool wf. h. 41 Purchase 
Jenkins Oliver, housewright, h. 10 Castle 
Jenkins Sally, widow of Isaac, rear 602 Washington 
Jenkins Samuel, boatman, 4th street 
Jenkins Samuel, Tudor's building, 20 Court 
Jenkins Solon, painter. Arch wf. h. Broadway 
Jenkins \A'illiam C. grocer, Dorchester 
Jenkins William, mason, h. rear 24 N. Russell 


Jenks J. H. publisher, School, h. 1 Crescent place 

Jenks William, Rev. 1 Crescent place 

Jenness {John S.), Gage (John) &. Moody (George), dry 

goods, 3 Libert)' square 
Jenness Nancy, milliner, 4 iSalern 
Jenness Warren, baker, 4th street 
Jenness Woodbury, watchman, h. 56 Fayette 
Jenney Steplien & Co. (John Cook), merch. 8 Central 

wharf, h. 44 Purchase 
Jenning Alexander H. blacksmith, Market, h. Brighton 
Jennings Eliza, widow, tSo Hanover 
Jennings Josiah A. 19 Stillman 
Jennings John, laborer, rear 119 Broad 
Jennings Lucretia, widow, h, 23 Friend 
Jennings Philip, jr. caulker, Commer. c. Henchman lane 
Jennings Rebecca, house 301 Washington 
Jennings Robert, provisions, 143 Broad 
Jennings William, mastmaker, h. 40 Charter 
Jennison Ruth, widow, 3 North Russell 
Jennison William, 33 Spring 
Jepson Mary, widow, 12 Gouch 

Jepson Samuel, house wright, 4 S. Margin, house 26 do. 
Jepson William, watchmaker, 10 Elm, h. 12 Gouch 
Jerauld Washington, housevvright, 11 Thacher 
Jessop Joseph H. boarding house, 256 Ann 
Jewell John, laborer, 2 North square 
Jewett Charles A. engraver, 23 Cour; 
Jewett David W. house May 

Jewett (D. E.) & Covell (Charles), dry g'ds,48 Hanover 
Jewett David, h. 4 Pemberton hill 
Jewett Eliphalet, housewright, n. 477 Washington 
Jewett Emerson, laborer, h. Sister 
Jewett J. H. (Kimball, J. & Co.), h. 55 Hancock 
Jewett Jonathan, jr. painter, h, 3 Elliot court 
Jewett Nathaniel & Co. ( JV. T. Andreios), sugar refiners, 

26 Atkinson, h. 15 Williams 
Jewett Oliver, chaise trimmer, h. 3 Elliot court 
Jewett Rebecca, widow of David, h. 4 Pemberton hill 
Johns William, house 20 Union 
Johnson Abigail, widow, h. 36 Cambridge 
Johnson Abijah S. housew't, r. Charles, h. 80 Mt.Vernon 
Johnson Amasa P. laborer, h. Battery 
Johnson Artemas W. truckman, h. Friend n. Travers 
Johnson Benjamin, broker, 9 City Hall 
Johnson Caroline, school, city schoolhouse, East 


Johnson (Carver) & Sikes {John), housewrights, Friend 

Johnson Catharine, widow, Theatre alley 

Johnson (Charles) & Piper (Stephen II.), dry goods, 285 

Washington, h. 274 do. 
Johnson Charles, clerU, h. Castle near Front 
Johnson Charles, honscwright, h. 4 South street place 
Johnson Daniel, G Pitts 
Johnson Ebenezer, mason, h. 21 Atkinson 
Johnson Edward, 4 Treniont near Washington 
Johnson Elizabeth, widow, nurse, h. 4 Fayette court 
Johnson Enoch, laborer, house Peck lane 
Johnson George L. house 48 Milk 
Johnson George, h. 26 Merrimac 
Johnson Henry, rigger, h. rear 120 Purchase 
Johnson Hannah M. 18 Winter 
Johnson (Hiram) &, Dykes (SamH), W. I. g'ds, 25 Long 

wharf. Johnson's h. 2 Vernon 
Johnson Henry, laborer, h. Elliot cor. Barre place 
Johnson Ira, victualler, i;^ Merchants row, h. 5 S. Margin 
Johnson Jacob, mariner, Langdon place 
Johnson Jacob, pianofortemaker, h. 4 Bath 
Johnson Jacob A. housewright, house 8 Short 
Johnson James, glassblower, rear 3d street 
Johnson James B. barkeeper, Portland, h. r. 40 Fayette 
Johnson (James) Sewall & Co. (£/;enV J9a/e), American 

goods, 97 State. J.'s h. 38 Green 
Johnson James, collector, li. 5 Snowhill 
Johnson John, rigger, h. rear Medford 
Johnson John, jeweller, h. rear 30 Prince 
Johnson John Sewall, mariner, 118 Sea 
Johnson Julia Ann, widow, Spear alley 
Johnson Joseph (Haijivard ^- J.), h. Broadway 
Johnson Joseph, jr. (Fo7cle, Johnson 4' Co.), h. Court, 

corner Brattle 
Johnson Joseph J. cordwainer, h. Cross 
Johnson Josepii G. See Peak & Johnson 
Johnson I<atetia, crockeryware, 147 Hanover 
Johnson Lucy, widow, 12 Lucas place 
Johnson Lucy, dressmaker, 605 VVashington 
Johnson Lorenzo D. Rev. h. South Cedar near Church 
Johnson Martha, laundress, Richmond 
Johnson Margaret, nurse, h. 47 Boylston 
Johnson Maria, scJiool, C street 
Johnson Mary, widow of Seth, 47 Fayette 
Johnson Otis, flour, 47 Commercial, h. 37 Prince 


Johnson Peter, mariner, !i. 5 Williams conrt 

Johnson Peter, victualler, 87 Broad 

Johnson Robert, laborer, Creek square 

Julinson Riiftis, house Castle near Suffolk 

Johnson Samuel (J. C. Hoice^- Co.),h. 7 Franklin place 

Johnson Sarah, nurse, 1 Cedar street court 

Johnson Sarah, straw bon. niak. 259 Wash. h. 23 Myrtle 

Johnson Sarah, dressmaker and milliner, 525 Washington 

Johnson Sidney, mariner, 127 Broad 

Johnson Thomas, mariner, Battery 

Johnson Thomas, lighterman, 18 IBrighlon 

Johnson William, handcartman, 67 Bedford 

Johnson William, pilot. Commercial ct. 

Johnson William, 35 Garden 

Johnson William, glassmaker, C street 

Johnson William F. comedian, h. 38 Milk 

Johnson William P. clerk, 2 Brattle 

Johnson William W. clerk, 209 Wasliing. h. 30 School 

Johnson William H. hairdresser, 90 Federal, h. 74 Purch. 

Johnston D. C. artist, 6 Summer, boards 22 Atkinson 

Johnston John S. painter. Turnpike 

Johnston Robert, inspector, rear C street 

Johonnot xA^ndrew, clerk City Bank, h. 21 Vine 

Johonnot Andrew E. h. 21 Vine 

Johonnot Charles H. h. 12 Sudbury 

Johonnot Oliver, tailor, h. 12 Sudbury square 

Jphonnet Moses, laborer, h. 90 Pond 

Joice Mar}', widow, Front near Oak 

Jones Alden W . baker, h. 711 Washington 

Jones Asa, turner, Front, h. Village place 

Jones Benjamin, h. 37 Belknap 

Jones Charles, housewright, h. 9 Pleasant st. court 

Jones Charles, captain, Tileston 

Jones Daniel, h. rear 4 George 

Jones Daniel {Harris d^- J.), h. Salem 

Jones David N. artist, Pemberton hill, h. 35 Leveret 

Jones David, housewright, h. 45 S. Russell 

Jones David, innkeeper, Clinton House, 35 Leveret 

Jones Ebenezer (Hoic S^- J.), h. 24 Washington place 

Jones Edward, tailor, h. 5 Bridge 

Jones Eliphalet {JVorcross ^ Co.), h. 7 Vernon 

Jones Elizabeth, widow of John C. 6 Somerset place 

Jones Elizabeth, widow, Theatre alley 

Jones Elihu, housewright, h. 15 Province H. ct. 

Jones Elnath. jr. binder, 23 Court, h. 5 Union 


Jones Elias, currier, h. 2 Cooper 

Jones Ephraim, 30 Portland 

Jones Ezra, innkeeper, Park House, c. Boyls. & Trem'nt 

Jones Frederick & Nahutn, shoes, 22 N. Market 

Jones (Geo B.), Lows & Ball, jewellers, 123 Washington 

Jones Hans, ri<r^er, Lewis's wf. h. 31G Ann 

Jones Isaac, house 2 Myrtle court 

Jones Ivory H. See Alker & J. 

Jones Jacob, blacksmith, h. 2 Fulton court 

Jones Jane, dressmaker, 74 Broad 

Jones James M. housewright. Pond, h. 48 Salem 

Jones (Jeffnj A.) ik, Holtnan {Oliver), station. 124 State 

Jones John, combmaker, 242 Washington 

Jones John, Flagg alley 

Jones John B. over 123 Washington 

Jones John S. cabinetmaker, Crosa near Pond 

Jones Jonathan, bar room, 31 Elm 

Jones Joseph, mason, h. Commercial near Foster 

Jones Joseph &l Son {Joseph, jr.), sailnriakers, Arch wf. 

house 20 Purchase 
Jones Joseph, jr. house Gibbs lane 
Jones Josiah, house 5 Mason 
Jones Josiah M. leulher, 32 Broad, h. Pearl 
Jones Leah, widow, h. rear Broadway 
Jones Lewis, stove manuHic. 3G Union, h. 7 Commercial 
Jones Lois S. tailor^ss, May 
Jones Mary, dressmaker, 3 Norfolk place 
Jones Mary, widow, h. Clark 
Jones Mary, h. Southac corner Grove 
Jones Margaret, boarding, 39 Leveret 
Jones Nancy, widow, 11 Treraont near Washington 
Jones Nathaniel, housewright, 37 Belknap 
Jones Peter C. paper store, 110 State, h. 25 Fayette 
Jones Philander, bread store, Tremont near Warren 
Jones Philander^A. J. P. house 8 Elliot 
Jones Prescott. See Simpkins & J. 
Jones Rees, soapstone worker, George 
Jones Richard W. liouse 5 Pemberton hill 
Jones Robert, saddler, h. 4 Hancock row 
Jones Robert, artist, 15 Second 
Jones Samuel, Custom House officer, h. 27 Salem 
Jones Samuel H. shipwright, h. Broadway 
Jones Silas, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 9 Howard 
Jones Stephen B. housewright, h. May near Grove 
Jones Stephen, blacksmith, boards 104 Washington 



Jones Susannah, widow, rear 24 N. Russell 
Jones Thomas S. tailor, 21 State, h. Village place 
Jones Thomas, housewright, }i. rear 3d street 
Jones TJiomas, moulder, houso A street 
Jones William, hairdresser, 47 Cambridge 
Jones William, shoes, 157 Broad, boards 4 Berry- 
Jones W^illiam, rigger, h. Barllett 
Jones William H. (Palmer, J. ^ Blake), 44 Hanover 
Jones William, clothing store, 30 Ann 
Jones William (£. Bakei- S^^ Co.), boards 48 Federal 
Jones William. See Tuttle & J. 
Jones William. See Waterman, J. &. Co. 
Jordan Alexander S. combs and fancy goods, 2 Milk 
Jordan David, h. 1 Cedar lane 
Jordan James, mason, 004 Washington 
Jordan John T. captain, 49 Warren 
Jordan Loring, watchman, house Bartlett 
Jordan Michael, laborer, 143 Broad 
Jordan Mary, dressmaker, Haymarket place 
Jordan Moses M. laborer, h. 209 Ann 
Jordan Samuel, razor grinder, house 5th street 
Jordan Sarah, widow of Putnam, 11 Friend 
Jordan Simon, baker, rear 42 Warren 
Jordan W. H. S. publisher, 121 Washington, h. Sudbury 
Jordan William, chaisemaker, Boylston, h. 23 Temple 
Jordan William, housewright, h. 21 Carver 
Joslyn Samuel, painter, East near Sea, h. 7 Columbia 
Joslin (Jo/ni H.) & Wood (Micajah), housewrights, 129 

Cambridge, h. 11 Southac 
Josselyn Elbridge, iron founder, 4th st. near B 
Josselyn Elijah, ICG W^ashington, h. Silver 
Josselyn Freeman, sexton, h. Methodist chapel, Ciiurch 
Josselyn Isaiah, iron founder, rear 4th st. n. Turnpike 
Josselyn John, housewright, h. 20 Bridge 
Josselyn Lewis, paper hangings, 1C6 Wash. h. Prince 
Josselyn Morrill A. housewright, 2 Bridge st. avenue 
Josselyn Stilhnan, tailor, 15 Kogers's building. 
Josselyn Stockbridge, grocer, May, h. do. cor. George 
Joy Abigail, widow of John, 22 Mount Vernon 
Joy Charles, cooper, house Clark 
Joy Charles F. house (5 Centre 
Joy John B. house 10 Milton place 
Joy John R. liouse 48 Salem 
Joy Nancy, house Broadway 
Joy Reuben, laborer, 159 Court 


Kelley W. R. clothes, 5 Congress square 

Kelley William, laborer, h. Kennard's avenue 

Kellogg Ralpli, 65 Milk, h. 31 Federal 

Kellogg Theodore (C/a7-A; «&- K.), harnessmak. 56 Hanover 

Kells Joseph, Williams court 

Kelt Edward, musician, h. 108 Warren 

Kelt James, baker, house & shop 298 Washington 

Kemlo Eliza, boarding house, 153 Court 

Kemp Asa, housevvright, h. 7 Lucas place 

Kemp {jY. p.) & Chandler (J. S. P.), hats, 49 Court. 

Kemp's h. 9 Brattle 
Kemp R. C. clothes, 34 Merchants row, h. 6 Crescent pi, 
Kempton William, captain, h. 28 Blosaom 
Ketiard Allcut, tailor, house Haymarket place 
Kendall Abel, jr. tfe G. A. dry goods, 24 Washington 
Kendall Abel, jr. house 9 Crescent place 
Kendall Benjamin, cordwainer, Pond near Hanover 
Kendall C. cS. {Gould, Kendall <^" Lincoln), h. 5 Hollis 
Kendall Dauphin C. watchmaker, Broad c. Custom-house 
Kendall Edward, musician, house 1 South Foster place 
Kendall Ezekiel & Samuel, chair painters, Distil-h. sq. 
Kendall Ezekiel, house 32 Poplar 
Kendall George A. See A. & G. A. Kendall 
Kendall H. A. See Treadwell & K. 
Kendall Hugh R. (Lwerntorc S^- K.), h. 51 Chambers 
Kendall H. S. See Freeman, Cobb & Co. 
Kendall James K., musician, h. 18 Carver 
Kendall John, inspector Custom House 
Kendall Joshua, brassfounder, Pitts 
Kendall Mary, widow of Hugh R. house 5 Temple 
Kendall Mary E. widow. Castle 
Kendall Pierson, painter, 44 North Market 
Kendall R. widow of C. A. h. Salem cor. N. Bcnnet 
Kendall S. G. house 61 Temple 

Kendall Samuel, clothing, 4 Rowe's wf. h. r. 98 Purchase 
Kendall Sewall, bricklayer, 5 Friend 
Kendall Stiles, housevvright, 29 Thaclier 
Kendall {Thcop. P.) & Guilford (Jona. M.), W. I. goods, 

91 Purchase. K.'s h. Wash, place cor. Gibbs lane 
Kendall Timothy (Farrar S^ K.)^ h. 2 Cross 
Kendall Timothy C. weigher, 21 Commercial wharf, 

house Pearl cor. High 
Kcndrick John, laborer. Commercial 
Kendrick (Rtifus) &. Lamb (George W.), W. L goods, 

4 S. Market. K.'s house Temple 


Kenedy William, truckman, G South Margin 

Kenfield flbenezer, restorator, 4, h. 6 Wilson lane 

Kenfield Josiah W. carpenter, li. 6 N. Bennet 

Kennard Henry, h. 1 HayniarUet place 

Kennard John, laborer, opposite 730 Washington 

Kennard Wm. laborer, rear 88 Warren 

Kennedy Donald, currier, h. Suffolk cor. Lenox 

Kennedy John, merchant, 46 Long wharf, h. 4 Sudbury 

Kennedy Joseph, iron founder, rear 4th street 

Kennedy Lucius, house 98 Salom 

Kennedy Patrick, 310 Ann 

Kennedy Robert, slater, house rear Sister 

Kennedy Tinfiothy, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Kennedy William, h. S. Russell 

Kennedy William, housewright, 5th street 

Kennedy William, rear 4th near C street 

Kennelly Edward, laborer, 101 Broad 

Kennelly William, laborer, Batterman place 

Kenney Aubrey R. baker, h. 47 Warren 

Kenney Bridget, widow, 79 Sea 

Kenney John, clothing store, 43 Ann, house 2 Fleet 

Kenney Patrick, laborer, rear 16 N. Centre 

Kennison Daniel, carpenter, h. 32 Cross 

Kennison Tapping, wharfinger, h«use 19 1-2 Atkinson 

Kenniston John. *See Colby & K. 

Kent Barker B. shipwright, B street 

Kent F. A. 5 Cornhill, h. 2 Fruit street court 

Kent Hannah, boarding house, Dorchester street 

Kent Henry A. housewright, 2d street 

Kent Jacob H. teacher, 121 Hanover 

Kpnt James E. laborer, roar 59 Myrtle 

Kent Joseph, tknplate worker, h. 21 Second 

Kent Job {IV/dte S,^ K.), house 38 Warren 

Kent John & Co. {J. B. Phinney), 89 Water 

Kent Noah, housewright, h. B street 

Kent Samuel K. shipwright, Dorchester street 

Kent Samuel P. (Emerson y K-), boards 38 Warren 

Kent Sarah, boarding house, Dorchester street 

Kent William, Lion Theatre, boards G Sewall place 

Kent William V. & Co. (T. fV. Herrick), W. L goods, 

29 Long wharf, house 6 Stauiford 
Kern Louis, dentist, 167 Ann- 
Kerr Ann, widow of John, h. 72 Charles 
Kervin Patrick, laborer. Peck lane 
Ketcham Micah hardware, 37 Union, h. 1 Mulberry pi. 


Ketchum Samuel, housewright, 103 Cambridge 
Kettell George A. commis. merchant, 21 Long wharf 
Kettell James, boatman, Custom House, h. 41 South 
Kettell John, 15 Commercial wharf, house 5 McLean 
Kettelle Samuel, stucco worker, h. 3 Piedmont 
Keyes Wright S. grocery, 10 Marshall, h. Commercial 

near Prince 
Kidder Abner C. & Co., W. L goods and provisions, 

112 Pleasant, house 49 Fayette 
Kidder Abigail, milliner, Mason corner West 
Kidder Ira, dry goods, 89 Hanover 
Kidder Jerome G. oil, 5 Long wharf, h. 5 Pearl 
Kidder Joseph, druggist, 97, h. 105 Court 
Kidder Thomas, clerk, 100 Pleasant 
Kidder Thompson, chemist, 99 Court, h. 42 Boylston 
Kielchen Alexander P., Russian Consul, h. 28 Hancock 
Kieley Michael, laborer, rear 83 Broad 
Kiernan George, laborer, opposite 38 Bedford 
Kilburn Elijah C. <fe Co. (John J.j, innholders, Howard 
Kilburn John J. house rear 140 Hanover 
Kiley Morris, laborer, 312 Ann 
Kilham {Jonathan) , Maaxs {Elijah) & Co. {Grenville M.)y 

tailors, 93 Washington, house Cook's court 
Killen Thomas, h. 107 Washington 
Killom Francis, h. 30 Friend ** 

Killy William, laborer, house rear 198 Ann 
Kilton George W. Rev. 96 Tremont 
Kimball Aaron, jr. (J. B. K. ^'- Co.), h. 5 Crescent place 
Kimball Alva, provisions. Myrtle corner Belknap 
Kimball {Jinscl S.) &, Webster (fiewj/tmrn), house wrights, 

Haverhill. K.'s h. 17 Merrimac 
Kimball Augustine P. {Clark, White ^K.), b'ds 1 Mont- 
Kimball Berij. boatman, r. 207 Hanover [gomery pi. 

Kimball Benjamin, provisions, 72 Salem, h. Baldwin pi. 
Kimball Charles, school, h. 8 Howard 
Kimball Daniel, laborer, 7 Battery • 
Kimball {Daniel) & Farnum {Peter), com. mer. 87Kilby. 

Kimball's house 7 La Grange place 
Kimball David, dry goods, 8 Washington 
Kimball Ezra C. wheelwright, 135, h. 90 Cambridge. 
Kimball, Jewett & Co. {EHphalet Kimball, J. H. Jewett, 

J. B. Curtis <^ J. B. Hutchinson), dry goods, 29 

Kilby. Kimball's house 2 Beach 
Kimball J. Francis, house 14 Vine 
Kimball George, soap stone works, 74 Front 



Kimball Hezekiah, laborer, Commercial near Hanover 

Kimball Hiram, housewright, h. Church 

Kimball Horace^ surgeon dentist, 260 Washington 

Kimball Isaac B. shipwright, h. 4ih street 

Kimball J. B. & Co. (Jl. K.jr.), shoe store, 18 North 

Market, h. 5. Crescent place 
Kimball Jedediah, clothing, 9 Commercial 
Kimball John E. dry goods, 93 Water 
Kimball John F. clerk, h. 14 Vine 

Kimball John S. stockmaker, 79 Washington, h. 9 Lynde 
Kimball J. Merrill, 8 Central 
Kimball John, shoes, 198, h. 196 Tremont 
Kimball Jonathan A. carpenter, rear Broadway 
Kimball Nath'l & John, jewelry, 16 Hanover, h. 41 Pond 
Kimball M. Day. See Webster, Chase & Co. 
Kimball Moses, stock manufacturer, 12 Washington 
Kimball Osra, cabinetmaker, h. 37 Bedford near Short 
Kimball Rebekah, widow, h. Fruit cor. Bridge 
Kimball Samuel, 11 Doane, boards at American House 
Kimball Simon, provisions, opposite 6 Summer 
Kimball Timothy S. laborer, Ann 
Kimball William, housewright, 4 North Russell 
King Benj. boots and shoes, 25 Hanover, h. 6 Salem 
King Charles G. {G. King <^ Son), house 5 Lynde 
King Daniel C. dry goods, 91 Washing, h. 11 Franklin 
King Dexter S., Rev. 19 Washington, h. 7 Ballard place 
King Duncan, printer, 2d street 
King Edward, laborer. Henchman lane 
King Edward (Pratt &/- K), boards 102 Washington 
King Elizabeth, house 2 Lyman place 
King Eliza, widow, house rear 417 Washington 
King Franklin, boards 102 Washington 
King Gedney «& Son (Charles G.), nautical instrument 

makers, 7 Broad, house 5 Lynde 
King Henry, laborer, 2d street 
King Isaiah, 48 Pond 

King James, grocer, 18 Water, house Theatre alley 
King John, house Deacon 
King Joseph, mason, house 240 Hanover 
King Joseph, stevedore, Hanover avenue 
King L. F. ik H. H. milliners, 169 Court 
King Matthew, scowman, 7 Orange lane 
King Richard R. grocer, 1 15 Essex 
King (Tlios.) & Thomas (Lciois), dry goods, 307 Wash. 

house Thacher cor. Pond 


King William, electrician, 54 Cornhili, h. 2 Lyman" pi. 
King Wm. H. livery stable, 50 Hanover, h. 40 Salem 
Kingman A. clerk, 22 Long wharf, li. 40 High 
Kingman Betsey, widow, boarding, 654 Washington 
Kingman Eliab H. laborer, 7 Milton 
Kingman George, sailmaker. 2 Chatham, h. 3 S. Margin 
Kingsbury Abigail B. boarding house, 102 Washington 
Kingsbury Asa, boards 23 Fayette 

Kingsbury Benjamin, Barristers Hall, h Kennard avenue 
Kingsbury Benjamin, crdiector, house Battery 
Kingsbury Benj. W. & Charles, shoes, 429 Washington 
Kingsbury Calvin, house rear 100 Purchase 
Kingsbury Elijah, houscwright, h. 5 Carver 
Kingsbury Jesse, victual. 2!) N. Market, h. 5 Richmond 
Kingsbury Thomas N. grain. Broad op. Prentice's wf. h. 
Kingsbury William B. 7 India wharf [3 High 

Kingsley Charles M. house IG South Russell 
Kingsley Elias (Loioe S/- K.), house 30 Charles 
Kingsley Erastus T. stucco worker, h. 22 S. Russell 
Kingsley Joseph, mason, house 20 South Russell 
Kingsley Nathan P. mason, 52 Orange 
Kinkard Leonard W. housewr't, Commer. n. the bridge 
Kinley Benjamin, oyster room, 58 Court 
Kinney George T. {Riley & K.), h. 35 Elm 
Kinney John, hoiisewright, h. 25 Second 
Kinsley Mary B. French goods, 181 Washington 
Kinsley Thomas, founder, rear 4lh street 
Kinsman Henry A. sailiriaker, h. 477 Washington 
Kinsman Henry W. counsellor, 33 Court, h 07 Temple 
Kinstler Conrad, cabinetmaker, h. rear 57 Elliot 
Kirby John, machinist, rear ()()0 Washington 
Kirkland John T., Rev. house 41 Summer 
Kitchen Andrew, hairdresser, 39 1-2 Congress, house 9 
Kitchen Mary, widow, 98 Salem [Shawmut 

Kitchen Robert, hairdresser, 42 Milk, house 14 Fayette 
Kittredge {.jlvah) & Blakes {J. jr. ^ C.),furnit. Brattle 
Kiltredge Ciiarles {Maynard S/- K.), h. (37 Warren 
Kittredge Josiah, physician, 289 VVashington 
Kittredge (./.) <Sr. Wyman (James), grocers, Haverhill 

corner Market. Kittredge's house 52 Pond 
Kittredge Martha, upholstress,.3 Fayette court 
Kline Peter, laborer. Salutation 

Klienstrup Peter N. cabinetmaker, h. Suffolk n. Dover 
Knaggs Thomas, carpet maker, rear C street 
Knapp Charles, house 1 Kneeland 


3 • 

.' Knapp Horace, type founder. Prince 
Knapp Jesse, jeweller, 4G N. Market, h. 129 Hanover 
Knapp John, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 1 Kneeland 
Knapp Josiah, house 1 Kneeland 
Knapp Sophia, Portland place 

Knapp William, assis. clerk Police Court, h. ?A Bridge 
Kneeland Abner, ed. Investigator, 6 Congress square, 

house 15 Salem place 
Kneeland James, cabinetmaker, Harv. pi. h. 17 S. Russell 
Kneeland Patrick, laborer, Front n. Oak 
"Kneeland Samuel, teller Granite Bank, h. Crescent pi. 
Kneeland Sylvanus, house 12 iMillon 
Kneese John, mariner, rear 88 Warren 
Knight Abel F. musician, house 5 Blossom court 
Knight David, currier, h. 28 Tremont near Washington 
Knight Edvv. tailor, 14 Rogers's build, h. 19 Lyman pi. 
Knight Edw. provis. Federal *& 87 Essex, h. 10 Federal ct. 
Knight George and Nathaniel, board at Tremont House 
Knight Holland L. dry goods, 335 Wash. h. 4 Avery pi. 
Knight Henry, machinist, 4 Bridge street avenue 
Knight Joel, hatter, house 1 Kennard avenue 
Knight Joseph R. house 1 Blossom ' - 

Knight Manasseh. Eng. goods, 45 Wash. h. 22 Poplar 
Knight Nath'l & Geo. merch. 45 Cent. wf. h. at Tremont 
Knight Philip, cooper, house rear 53 South 
Knight Winthrop, truckman, 110 Warren 
Knights Robert, house 44 Orange 
Knights Thomas, ferryman, h. Bartlett 
Knights Wintworth, tailor, 13 1-2 Marshall, h.50 Prince 
Knorre Charles (Gossler ^ K.), house 10 South 
Knott James, cordwainer, 19 Summer 
Knott James, jr. cordwainer, 21 Summer 
Knott Robert, shoe maker, 21 School, h. Essex court 
Knott Thomas, cordwainer, rear 39 Essex 
Knott William, shoemaker, 19 Summer 
Knovvles Joseph, mer. 2G Union wf. h. 24 Mt. Vernon 
Knowles Nathari, housewright, Lancaster, h. 77 Salem 
Knowles Perley, mason, rear 3d st. near Dorchester 
Knowles William, housewright, 13 Cross 
Knov/lton Arad, cab. maker, 21 Exchange, h. 102 Charles 
Knowlton Calvin, house 27 Temple 
Knowlton John, clothing, 216 Ann, h. 7 Foster 
Knowlton Timothy C. mason, h. 46 Bridge 
Knox Rachael, widow, 49 Essex 
Kocks Gerhat, painter, h. rear 80 Warren 


Kramer Matthias & Co. {Melcher Kramer), variety store, 

48 Cornhill 
Kraniz Frederick V,. laborer, 12 South Russell 
Kuhn Elizabeth, 21 Boylston 

Kuhn George, marker and prover, Custom House 
Kuhn George H. 35 Broad, h. 63 Beacon 
Kuhn John, tailor, 4 Congress, h. 101 Cambridge 
Kuhn John M. laborer, 3 Southac court 
Kuhn Sarah, widow of JcJlm. 12G Cambridge 
Kupfer Charles F. 10 Merch. row, house i Short 
Kupfer Charles F. jr. {Loving ^ K.), house 1 Short 
Kurr Lawrence H. baker, G3 Elliot and 70 Pleasant, h. 

134 Pleasant 
Kurtz John E. baker, 57 Warren 
Kutts John, architect, 73 Cornhill 
Kyburz Daniel, musician, 1 Avery place 

LABORATORY of the Slate, Pleasant, H. Sheafe miU 

itary store keeper 
Labree Sally, May 

Lacave Jane, widow, 15 Washington place 
Lacoste P. A. house rear 12 Bedford 
La Couture Mary A. h. 74 Purchase 
Ladd Bela O. coffee room, 3 & 4 Lindall, h. 22 Fayette 
liadd Charles, housewright, 20 Tileston 
Ladd Frederick P. wines, 4 Chatham, h. 5 McLean ct. 
Ladd Usebia, house Leveret lane 
Ladd Wm. G. merchant, h. 103 Tremont 
Lafaver Hannah, widow of John, rear 409 Washington 
Lafferty Francis, stable. Congress sq. h. at Exchange 
Lafield William, laborer, 19 Hamilton 
Laforme Antoni, silversmith, Bromfield n. Trem. h. do. 
Laforme Bernard, silversmith, 6 Hawley place, house 

4 Graphic court 
Lahey David, laborer, h. Blackstone 
Lahey Michael, baker, house 59 Sea 
Lahy John, laborer, house Leveret court 
Lahy Michael, mason, Hamilton alley rear 5 Wendell 
Lake Sarah, corset maker, 6 Avery 
Lakeman John, house 29 High 

Lakeman Moses B. housewright, Union, h. 31 Poplar 
Lakin Eda, widow. Spring lane 
Lally John, 174 Ann 

Lalor Dennis, carpenter, rear 18 South Bennet 
Lalor John, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 


Lamb Benjamin W. house 58 High 

Lamb Elizabeth, confectioner, h. 'M Allen 

Lamb Geo. VV. {Kendrlck Sf L.), h. 7 Green 

Lamb Hiram K. tailor, 8 Franklin av. h. 71 Elliot 

Lamb (Joseph) & Damon (Leonard), provisions, F'rank- 
lin market, Turnpike 

Lamb Margaret, widow, 1 Bumstead court 

Lamb Mary, school, 11 Oak 

Lamb R. A. (Emerson ^^ L.), h. 4 Tremont place 

Lamb Rosanna, widow, 8 Hamilton place 

Lamb Thomas, Pres. Wash. Ins Co. h. 15 VVinthrop pi. 

Lambert Gideon, shipwright, Barilett 

Lambert Henry, painter, 71 Commercial 

Lambert Sophia A. widow, 5 Salem place 

Lambert Thomas, carpenter, h. Blackstone 

Lambert (JFm. G.) & Slade (John, jr. and Alfred), im- 
porters dry goods. Milk op. Kilby 

Lambord Wm. tinplater, 421 Wash h. 28 Temple 

Lambriglit John G., German physician, 7 South Cedar 

Lamson Benj. cabinetmaker, 127 Ann, h. E. Boston 

Lamson Edwin, mercli. 29 Long wf. h. 4 Garland place 

Lamson John (Lane, L. 8f Co.), house 18 Chesnut 

Lamson Rufus, trunks, 9 Clinton 

Lamson Tho's,com. mer. 11 Foster's wf. h.. 3 Garland pi. 

Lamson Tho's, jr. dep. surv. 48 India, h '3d street 

Lamson T. L. P. 11 Foster's wharf 

Lanagan James, laborer, opposite 102 Warren 

Lanagan John, stucco worker. Court, h. rear Dedhain 

Lanagan Thomas, laborer, Clark cor. Ann 

Lancey Samuel F. house 10 Southac 

Land Nicholas, 200 Ann 

Lander John, tinplater, house Moon 

Lander William, rear 80 Purchase 

Landers John M. painter, South Margin 

Landra Richard, laborer, 107 Broad 

Landragan John, laborer, 78 Purchase 

Landy Francis, laborer, Bartlett 

Lane Alexander, cooper, 8 Tileston 

Lane Alfred A. h. Merrimac cor. Friend 

Lane Alfred A. stock factory, 54 Hanover 

Lane Benjamin, house 15 1-2 Cross 

Lane Charles &, Co. (Geo. P. Wheeler), W. I. goods, 3 
India wf h. 14 High 

Lane Charles, jr. cordwainer, 111 Chambers 

Lane Eliza, h. 1 Hancock avenue 


Lane Frederick, umbrellainaker, 35 Court, h. 28 Elliot 

Lane Freeman, innliohter, 8 Market sq. 

Lane George, housewri^ht, li. 31 Slillman 

Lane {George) & Read ( rf7//mm), liardware, 6 Market 

square. L.'s house 8 Allen 
Lane George H. house 11 Williams 
Lane Hannah, 2;)G Washington 
Lane Heniy, housewright, 2 Brighton 
Lane Isaiah, teamster, house Hancock row 
Lane John E. captain, house 43 Brighton 
Lane {John T.) & Souther {JVath'l), housewrights, rear 

22 ^Vater. L.'s house Pond 
Lane Jonas H. physician, 170 Washington 
Lane Jonathan, cooper, Drake's wf. h. 122 Purchase 
Lane {Josiah), Lamson {John) & Co. {David Lane), dry 

goods, 47 Water 
Lane Samuel, housewright. Friend, house 14 Gouch 
Lane Timothy, liackman, house 2 Province 
Lane William H. clerk, 11 Dock sq. house 2 Allen 
Lane {IV. J.) & Croome (Gt'oro-e),cabinetma. 439 Wash.. 
Lang James, marble mason, house 3 Bridge court 
Lang John, cooper, 57 India wf. h. 8 Hamilton 
Lang John L. stevedore, h. 36 Purchase 
Lang Margaret, nurse, h. Milk cor. Theatre alley 
Lang Nathan, bar-room, 44 Union, h. Stillman place 
Lang Richard, French g'ds, 123 Wash.h. Springe. Allen 
Lang Stephen, housewright. Union, h. 22 Friend 
Lang William (J. V. Browne S/- Co.), house Broadway 
Lang William B. 13 Doane 

Langbalee David, mariner, house rear 29 Cross 
Langdon John W. merchant, 41 India, h. 24 Hancock 
Langdon William G. house rear 21 Portland 
Langford A. jeweller, 1 Washington 
Langford George A. printer, house 18 Hamilton 
Langley.Alona, widow of VVilliam, h. 19 S. Bennet 
Langley Elizabeth, widow of Hemy, h. 14 Second 
Langley Ephraim, handcartman, h. Short street comt 
Langley Samuel, jr. (J. Williams 8/- Co.), h. in Roxbury 
Langton Samuel, house 18 Temple 
Lanning Thomas, laborer, rear 12 Washington place 
Lansing Abraham, auc'eer, 12 Franklin av. h. 91 Charles 
Lanstrom A. M. milliner, 159 Court 
Lapham Benjamin, shipwright, h. rear Broadway 
Lapham Luther. See Thomson & L. 
Lapham Oliver, teamster, house 3 Cross 


Lark Nathan, barber, Merrimac, house 40 Toplar 

Larkin Israel J. See I. Harris & Co. 

Larkin {John) & Southvvorlh (C), vict'Iers, Merch. row 

Larkin Joseph, clockniaker, h. 7 Di.stilhoupe square 

Larkin Mary^ widow of Ebenezer, liouse 2 Myrtle 

Larkin Michael, laborer, house 17 Myrtle 

Larkin Thomas, house 20 Hamilton 

Lasey Patrick, house Southac 

Lash Robert, teller Boston Bank, h. Conimer. n. Foster 

Latham Harrison, inason, B street 

Latham Marcus, collector, house 23 Brattle 

Latham Sumner, groceries, cor. Church and S. Cedar 

Lathrop Charles (Wm. ^ C. L.), boards 2 Oliver 

Lathrop John, sailmaker, 135 Ann 

Lathrop J. 1*., Rev. writ, master Wells sch. h. Broadway 

Lathrop Wm. & C. saddlers, 67 Congress. W. L. boards 

5 Barre place 
Lathrop. See Lothrop 
Laughton John, distiller, 6 Hawkins 
Lauriat A. J. goldbeater, r. 33 Wash. h. 13 Lucas place 
Lauriat Lewis A. goldbeater & assay mast. h. 795 Wash. 
Lavery Ann, widow of John, A street 
Lavery Arthur, laborer, opposite 104 Sea 
Law Hamilton, confectionary, 478 Washington 
Lawlor John, boarding, 12 Wharf 
Lawrence Abbott, house 8 Park 

Lawrence {Abel) & Barry {John), housew'fs, Haverhill 
Lawrence Abel, housewright, h. 40 Bridge 
Lawrence Amos &, Abbott & Co. (./. H. IVolcolt <^' J. W. 

Edmands), mer. 11 Lib. sq. Am. L.'s h. 143 Trem. 
Lawrence Catherine, widow, rear 119 Pleasant 
Lawrence Joel, laborer, rear 76 Charles 
Lawrence Joseph, wheelwright. Commercial 
Lawrence Joseph W., W. L g'ds, 595 Wasli. h. 33 Pleas't 
Lawrence Joshua, tailor, 53 Wash. h. 85 Pinckney 
Lawrence Samuel, laborer, rear North Margin 
Lawrence Sam'l {W. ^ S. L.S/- Stone), h. 7 Mt. 
Lawrence William, 3 Bulfinch 

Lawrence Wm. grocer, 14 Batteryin. & cloth. 70 Broad 
Lawrence {William Sf Samuel) & Stone {William W.), 

mer. 85 State. W. L.'s h. 3 Bulfinch 
Lawrence Wm. B. tinplateworker, 28 Union, h. 90 Pond 
Lawrence Wm. F. {Hu7it Sf L.), b'ds S. Cedar n. Church 
Lawrenson Lawrence, captain, h. South street court 
Laws Hosea, truckman, house 462 Washington 


Lawson (Henry) & Harrington (Francis), upholsterer?, 

228 Washington 
Lawson Nancy, liouse rear 12 S. Russell 
Lawson Nicholas, laborer, Hanover avenue 
Lawton Richard, laborer, rear 27 Milk 
Lawton Sarah, widow, h. 4 Leveret 
Leach Eliab, cordwainer, Middlesex, r. G83 Wash. 
Leach E. W. physician, rear 113 Hanover 
Leach James, dry goods, 72 Court 
Leach John, house 33 School 
he&ch (John), Crosby (William S.) & Gilmore (J. A.), 

W. I. g'ds, 3 Merchants row. L.'s h. Gl Federal 
Leach (Josi. F.) & McLellan (P. O.), dry goods, 19 

Central. L. board.s American House 
Leach Mary, widow of Thomas, house G3 Chambers 
Leach Matthias, provisions, Charles, house Hancock 
Leach Studson, housewright, Trcin. h. Middlesex r. G83 
Leacli William, house Milton [Wash. 

Lear Peter, leather, 15 Elm, h. 98 Chambers 
Learnard Thomas, clothes, 54 Ann, boards G7 Charter 
Learnard William, caulker and graver, GO Charter 
Learnard William, clerk, house 25 Myrtle 
Learned Ann, G Lyman place 
Learned Gearfield, pointer, house 8 W. Centre 
Learned Grant, cordwainer, 8 Boylston square 
Learned Henry, soap works, 2d street 
Learned Jedediah, soapboiler, house Dorchester 
Learned Lucretia, 20 Carver 

Learned Wm. H.shoe store, 10 Marshall, h. 2 Cooper 
Leary Dennis, laborer, rear 75 Sea 
Leary Mary, 2 Theatre alley, ncar,Milk 
Leary Timothy, laborer. Broad op. Maine wf. 
Leary Timothy, laborer, T05 Broad 
Leary William, laborer, Devonshire near Spring lane 
Leatiie Abigail, boarding house, 1 Bowdoin square 
Leatherbee Benjamin, laborer, rear Gridley 
Ijeatherbee James W. 118 Sea 

Leavens S. Davis (Curtis 4- L.), h 1 Hancock avenue 
Leavens George L. 17 Spring 
Leavitt Anthony B. grain store, cor. Chelsea ferrywaj 

Leavitt Benson & Joseph M., W. I. goods, Battery wf. 
Leavitt Benson, house 9 Fleet 
Leavitt (CAa'5 F.) &. Bates (Samuel, jr.), stoves, 16 

Union, h. 15 Somerset place 


Leavitt David, house 28 Temple 
Leavitt David {Burc.hsle,d, L. is,/- Co.), h. Gibbs lane 
Leavitt Gad. Sec llolhrook, Dillon &l Co. 
I<eavitt If. 11. hat store, I):} Court, h. 28 Temple 
Leavitt Joliri, housew't. Front, b'ds 14 La Gran;[jc place 
Leavitt Jolm L., VV. L goods, Blackstone, h. Pliipps pi. 
Leavitt Jonathan, ropetnaker, house rear 87 Pleasant 
Leavitt Joseph 31. house li Fleet 
Leavitt Joseph P. houscwriglit, h. 5 Pleasant st. court 
Leavitt Nancy, widow, confiictioner, h. 9 Leveret 
Lecain (Fred.) &, Stone (Tho's J.), wine cellar, 10 Mer- 
chants r(jw, h. IG High 
Leckie John, mariner, house rear 108 Purchase 
Lecompte Francis, confectioner, 10 Tremont House 
I^ee George C. housewright, Lancaster 
Lee Hannah, widow of George, h. G3 Mt. Vernon 
Lee Henry, merchant, 30 India wf !i. 4 Bedford place 
Lee Jeremiah, merchant, 108 Milk, h. 25 Mt. Vernon 
Lee John, clerk, Custom House 
Lee John, house 8 Milton place 
Lee John, mariner. Henchman lane 
Lee Nancy, widow of Henry, house 85 Pleasant 
Lee Thomas, h. 1 Temple place 
Lee William, blacksmith, house G Devonshire 
Lee Wm. confectioner, 255, h. 101 Washington 
Leeds Amasa, cordwainor, h. Ash cor. South Bennet 
Leeds Benjamitj, house Castle near Fiont 
Leeds Benjamin L (MrJiols ^ L.), h. 12 1-2 Fleet 
Leeds Henry, shoes, 52 N. Market, h. G4 Salem 
Leeds Henry M. dry goods, 32 Kiiby 
Leeds James, jr. & Co. (rimo/Zi?/ C), wine merchants, 

18 Long wf boards 3 Federal court 
Leeds John H. bookbinder, rear Second 
Leeds Joseph, dry goods, 57 Kilby, h. 22 S. Bennet 
Leeds Joseph, coach maker, h. 33 S. Russell 
Leeds Samuel & Co. (fV. W. MUn), shoes, 1 Market 

square, h. 4 Hawkins 
Leeds Theodore C. merchant, cor. Kilby and Central, 

h. 5 Milton place 
Leeds Timothy C. {J. L. jr. &/- Co.), h. at American H. 
Leet David, iiackman, Hanover 
Legg Daniel B. straw hat maker, G2 Cambridge 
Leighton {Charles) Sl Robbins {Samuel E.), lumber, 

Causeway. L.'s house 37 Allen 
Leighton John P. printer, house Carrol place 


Leighton Robert, blacksmith, rear 5th street 

Leighton Sarah, house 201 Ann 

Lekain Sarah, boarding house, 4 & 5 Pearl 

Leland Caleb W., Gorham place 

Leland John, housewright, 21 Tileston 

Leland Horace {Fish 4" L.), h. Washington Coffee H, 

Leland Sherman, counsellor, 31 Court 

Leland Thomas J. {Potter S,- L.), h.' S. Cedar n. Church 

Lemaire L. professor music, 23 Joy's building 

Leman Charlotte F. widow, 352 Washington 

Leman Ebenezer, truss maker, 43 Milk, h. 352 Wash. 

Leman Eben. C. corkcutter,48 N. Market, h. 6 Newton pL 

Leman John & Son (John, jr.), shipsmiths. Broad op. 

Foster's wf. h. 12 Washington place 
Leman John, jr. shipsmith, h. Washington avenue 
Le Man (James) & Mann (Franklin), marble paper man- 

ufictory, Bromfield. Le Man b'ds 17 Franklin pi. 
Lemarle Francis, blacksmith, A, h. cor. 4th street 
Lemoine Elizabeth, boarding, 4 Hawley 
Lemon John, boarding, h. rear 176 Washington 
Le Moyne Clarissa, widow, 13 Sudbury square 
Le Moyne Thomas, house 4 Unity court 
Lemure Joseph, house 22 Bridge 
Lemure Mrs. dressmaker, house 1 Grove 
Lenex Andrew, house C street 
Lenfest Solomon, currier, h. 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Leonard Abiel, house 19 Spring 
Leonard Ann, widow, h. 42 Brighton 
Leonard Daniel, laborer, Commercial 
Leonard George. See Owens & L. 
Leonard George K. house Salem place 
Leonard James, mariner, Washington avenue 
Leonard Joseph, jeweller, house 3J Stillman 
Leonard Nehemiah, livery stable, 41 Leveret 
Lepean Albert A. house 28 High 
Lepean John, English goods, 16 Wash. h. 28 HigFi 
Lera Thomas, rigger, house 320 Ann 
Lerned B. 22 Faneuil Hall market, house 6 Sheafe 
Lerovv Lewis, inspector custoujs, house 47 Allen 
Lester Ebenezer A. machinist, h. South street court 
Lettny Fanny, tailoross, 102 Warren 
Leverett Frederick P. school. Spring lane 
Leverett Thomas J. grocer, 19 Brighton, h. 57 Chambers 
Lewis Abiel S. & Co. (John Wheeler), druggists, 118 
'State, h. 10 Suffolk place 



Lewis Asa, housewright, rear 78 Commercial 

Lewis Asa, binder, 31 Cornhill 

Lewis Catherine, milliner, h. rear 171 Washington 

Lewis Celenda, widow, 1 Cedar street court 

Lewis David {BurcUtt i/- L.), house 194 Tremont 

Lewis Edmund, wheelwright, Hawley, h. 283 Wash. 

Lewis Freeman, oysters, 254 Ann 

Lewis Geo. H., Battery 

Lewis {Gabriel E.) & Ross {John T.), tailors, 17 Rogers's 

building. L.'s h. 22 Washington place 
Lewis Georije A. mariner, house 23 Richmond 
Lewis George W., W. I. g'ds, 17 S. Market, b'ds 9 Elm 
Lewis George W. captain, house 14 Oak 
Lewis George W. cutler, house Merrimac 
Lewis Henry, Agent Hemp manuf. Plym. h. 39 Tremont 
Lewis Henry P. printer, 95 Pond 
Lewis Jabez, laborer, 11 Pleasant street court 
Lewis John, inspector, custom house, li. 60 Leveret 
Lewis John, baker, Salutation 
Lewis John G. teamster, h. rear 773 Washington 
Lewis Joseph {J. Weld 4^ Co.), house Unity 
Lewis Joseph W. h. south 752 Washington 
Lewis Mary, widow, 10 Suffolk place 
Lewis Nabby, boarding, house 18 Franklin place 
Lewis Oliver, house G Sudbury 
Lewis Patrick, laborer, 110 Broad 
• Lewis Seth, housewright, George, h. 22 Brighton 
Lewis {Simeon H.) & Clapp {John C), W. L goods, 18 

Central wf. L. boards 30 Wash, place 
Lewis T. & Co. (J. M. Dexter)^ blacking factory, 58, 

house CO Broad 
Lewis William, miniature painter, Court cor. Tremoru 
Lewis William, milkman, 4th street 
Lewis William K. {W. Underwood &r Co.), h. 165 Court 
Lewis William P. housewright, h. Ash near S. Bennet 
Lewis William L. printer, h. 49 Poplar 
Lew'is Winslow, 31 India, h. 80 Boylston cor. Pleasant 
Lewis Winslow, jr. physician, 80 Boylston cor. Pleasant 
Libbey Isaiah B. {Chadlnti-n (^ L.), boards City Twern 
Libbey Joseph, tailor, 33 Congress 
Libbey Joseph, cordwainer, 4th street 
Libbey J. B. See Chadbourn & L. 
Libby Jacob G. L. jeweller, 157 Wash. h. 2 Unity 
Libby Oliver, 15 Long wf. h. Congress court 
Lienow Henry, Hawkins 


Lietner Catharine, widow, h. May corner Grove 

Lietner Lucy, widow, boarding, Hanover 

Light (George JV.) & Stearns {Josiah A.), booksellers, I 
CornhiJl. L.'s h. 45 Salem 

Lighthols Frederick, mariner, Hanover avenue 

Lillebridge Amos, stage agent, h. 21 Summer 

Lilley Jolin, umbrella maker, 65 Court, h. Gouch 

Lillie Daniel, grocer, 18 Tileston 

Lillie Daniel W. cabinetmaker, 85 Salem 

Lillie John, balance maker, h. 50 Prince 

Lillie John S. house 16 Staniford 

Lillie Thomas, brassfounder, N. Margin, h. Snowhill 

Lillie T. J. {Clarke, Homer Sf L.), h. 16 Staniford 

Lillis John, laborer, rear 22 Federal 

Lilljequist Mary, dressmaker, 7 Piedmont 

Lilly Sarah, confectioner, 11 Marshall 

Lincoln Albert L. jeweller, 53 Court, h. 7 Acorn 

Lincoln Alexander, linplater, 29 Dock sq. h. 52 Tremont 

Lincoln Bradford, hatter, 96 Ann, b. 22 McLean 

Lincoln Charles, 11 Richmond 

Lincoln Eliza, house 31 Leveret 

Lincoln Elnathan, baker, Lenox, h. rear do. 

Lincoln Ezekiel, mason, h. Commercial near Hull 
Lincoln Ezra, printer, 14 Congress, h. 38 Myrtle 
Lincoln Francis, merchant, 2 India wf. h. 7 Kneeland 
Lincoln Frederick, mason, 56 Prince 
Lincoln Harvey, 11 Elm 

Lincoln Henry & VVni. merchants, 29 Fndia, h. 5 Gouch 
Lincoln James, pianofortemaker, boards 64 Elliot 
Lincoln Jared, housewright, house 29 Pinckney • 
Lincoln Joseph, housewright, Charles, h. 62 Chesnut 
Lincoln John E. merchant, 49 India wharf 
Lincoln John E. house 8 Somerset place 
Lincoln Joshua {Gould, Kendall Sl Co.), h. 8 Avon pi, 
Lincoln J. B. {R. Lincoln & Co.), h. 42 Purchase 
Lincoln Lawson VV. carpenter, rear 39 Prince 
Lincoln Levi R. appraiser, Custom H. h. 19 Commercial 
Lincoln Lot W. cooper, house rear 38 Charter 
Lincoln Minor S. & Co. {Freeman Stowe and A. G. 
Thompson), dry g'ds, 33 Water, h. 9 Montgomery pi. 
Lincoln Mitchell, mason, h. Wheeler's court 
Lincoln Mitchell, h. 4 Sudbury 

Lincoln Noah, shipwright, Commercial, h. 11 N. Bennet 
Lincoln Noah, jr. wood wf. Commercial, h, 42 Leveret 
Lincoln Oliver, house 55 Carver 


Lincoln Robert B., W. I. goods, Avery, bonrds 12 Avery- 
Lincoln Russeil &. Co. {J. B. Lincoln), merchants, 22 

Central wharf 
Lincoln Warren, looUincj-glass manufactory, 20 Wash- 
ington, house 8 Hull 
Lincoln William S. {F. Skinner ^^ Co.), b'ds 17 Pearl 
LindoU Edward, laborer, Theatre alley 
Lindell B. widow of John, house rear Broadway 
Lindon Michael, boarding, 180 Purchase corner Brond 
Lines Timothy, mason, 3d street 
Linton William, boarding house, 22 Federal 
Linzee John I. clerk in State Treasury, h. 8 W. Cedar 
Lippey George W. currier. Turnpike 
Liscom John, counting room, Causeway 
Lisset Stephen, laborer, 1st street 
Liswell Ruth, widow of James, h. Bedford avenue 
Litchfield Enos, housewright, Bedford av. h. 29G Wash. 
Litchfield Howard, housewright, h. 89 Mt. Vernon 
Litchfield Ward, mason, I Salem place 
Lithgow Hetty G. widow, h. 6 Eaton corner Russell 
Litleyman William, 3d street 

Little Eben'rH. insp. gen. of fish, IIC Milk, h. ChambeTS 
Little Nicholas, blacksmith, 75 Pond, h. 1G5 Hanover 
Little Walter, house 90 Federal 
Little William, housewright, B street 
Littlefield Abiel H. cartman, house 6 Province 
Littlefield Betsey, bonnet maker, Blackstone 
Littlefield Eliab, bookseller, rear 83 Washington 
Littlefield George W. housewright, house 2 Leveret 
Littlefield (James) &, Co. {Darius &/- T. W. Bemis), c. 

roon) 37 JNorth Market 
liittlefield Joshua, laborer, rear Canal 
Littlefield Ozro, housewright, h. c. Church and S. Cedar 
Littlefield Parmelia, rear 366 Washington 
Littlefield Samuel, teamster, h. 711 Washington 
Littlehale Sargent S. {Pickens &, L.), h. 44 Bowdoin 
Livermore H. G. & Co. {Elijah), W. L goods, 1 Fan. H. 
Livermore Horatio G. house 8 Somerset place 
Livermore {Isaac) & Kendall (Hugh R.), wool dealers, 

Quincy hall, over Faneuil Hall market 
Livermore Jonathan, carpenter, 3 Grove 
Livermore Thomas, house-41 Myrtle 
Livermore William ( Gllson 4" L.), h. 95 Warren 
Living Robert G. {Rice <y L.), h. B corner 4th st. 
Livingston Henry B. housewright, h. 5 Milton 


Lloyd Charles B. gilder, 38 Cornhill, li. 32 Prince 
Lloyd Hannah, widow of James, 5 Park 
Lloyd Henry B. stable, Belknap, h. 64 do. 
Lloyd Martin, saihnaker, house 37 Salem 
Lobdcll Thomas J. IG Long wharf, h. 74 Chesnut 
Lock Lyman, balance factory, 3 Fulton, h. 2 Unity ct. 
Lock Philip A. {Evans ^ L.), house 5 Hanover 
Lock William, blacksmith, house CO Elliot 
Locke Charles B. confection. 32 Hanover, h. 13 Sudbury 
Locke Charles H. 2 Morton place 

Locke Delmont, coppersmith, Fulton, h. rear G3 Charter 
Locke (Dudley Ji.) .t Rea (Samuel), Exchange Coff. H. 
Locke Edward (Gore S^ L.), h. C5 Prince [Cong. sq. 

Locke James S. silversmith, boards 5 Barre place 
Locke John, physician, house 21 Portland 
Locke John, blacksmitli, rear 3d street 
Locke John B. housevvright, h. Canton near Suffolk 
Locke Joseph, City wharf, h. 8 Sullivan place 
Locke Joseph A. house 61 Pond 

Locke Nathan, hairdresser, Merrimac c. Pitts, h. Poplar 
Locke Richard, blacksmith, 3d street near Dorchester 
Locke Stephen, 51 Salem 
Locke Susan, house Hull 

Locke William, blacksmith, h. 3d street near Dorchester 
Locke William, provisions, house Sun court 
Lockery Patrick, scavenger, Well corner Wharf 
Lodge Edward, tailor, Charlestown 
Lodge Giles, merchant, 5 Exchange, h. 54 Boylston 
Lombard Ammi C. & Co. (Ephralm Lombard), mer- 
chants. Brimmer's T, house 22 Hancock 
Lombard Dan. jr. pearl worker, Williams ct. h. 26 Blos'm 
Lombard Ephraim, house Temple 
Lombard (Israel) & Whitmore (Charles 0.), merchants, 

31 Commg-cial wharf. L.'s h. Temple 
Lombard Joseph, wheelwright. Market, h. 7 Merrimac 
Lombard Loring L. mer. 52 Commercial, h. 8 Mason 
Lombard Nath'l K. sailmak. Brimmer's T, h. 22 Hancock 
Lombard Oliver C. fisherman, h. 3 Fulton court 
Lombard (Thos.) ^ Bangs (IV. H.), mer. IGCommer. wf. 
Lombard William, jr. agent pearl factory, 7 Williams ct. 
Long Claudius B. clerk, 31 Water 
Londragon Thomas, laborer, 2d street 
Long David C. bookbinder, h. 57 Hanover 
Long Edward J. (./co. Hill 4- Co.), h. 18 Bedford 
Long Ira T. labor.i . rear 120 Sea 


Long Jacob, h. S. Ruspell 

Long Mary Ann D. straw bon. 71 Court, h. 18 Hanover 

Long Olive, nurse, rear Broadway .^ 

Long Peter G. laborer, Butolph 

Long William, laborer, 38 Friend 

Long William, laborer, back of Humphrey place 

Long William J. li. Norfolk place 

Longburst M. B. dressmaker, rear 188 Washington 

Longley Francis E. painter, Cambridge, h. Strong place 

Lofjgley James, innholder. Commercial Coffee H. Milk 

Longley James A. architect, (53 Court, h. 11 Prov. H. ct. 

Look Rebecca, boarding, 21 Merrimac 

Looniis Beriab, housevvright, 23 Hancock 

Loomis George A. See Snow & Loomis 

Loomis J. B. house 5 Fleet 

Lord Caleb, cabinetmaker, house 42 Warren 

Lord Daniel M. Rev. 3 1-2 Commercial, h. 9 Pearl place 

Lord Edniund B. hackman, h. North Margin 

Lord Francis A. boards 5 Hanover 

Lord George, pianofortemaker, h. 33 Orange 

Lord George, housewright, b. Piedmont near Church 

Lord Jeremiah P. stable, 97 Hanover, h. Deacon 

Lord Joanna, nurse. 20 Orange 

Lord Joseph, house 20 Pinckney 

Lord Joseph H. agent N. E. Glass Co. 140 Washington, 

h. 49 Leveret. See advertisement 
Lord Melvin. c. room 131 Washington, h. 37 Bowddin 
Lord Rand, porter Suffolk Bank, h. Spring c. Milton 
Lord Thomas &. (^o. (Jonn. French, jr. ^ IV. D.Messer), 

American goods, 93 State, h. 7S Temple 
Lord Sarah, h. S. Russell cor. Cambridge 
Lord William, truckman, h. Brookline near Suffolk 
Loring Ann, widow of Jonathan, h. 49 Pinckney 
Loring Benjamin At Co. {Jnlin Hooper)^ stationers, 122 

State. See advertisement 
Loring Betsey, 27 Charter 
Loring Braddock, mason, h. 34 Short 
Loring B. T. See Holbrook, Greene & Co. 
Loring Caleb, merchant, h. 10 Somerset 
Loring (Caleb G.) & Kupfer (Charles F. jr.), hardware 

dealers, 10 Merchants rt)W. L.'s h. 60 Warren 
Loring Caleb, jr. tinman. 335 1-2 Wash. h. 3 Newbury pi. 
Loring Charles G. counsel. 39 Court, h. 20 Mt. Vernon 
Loring Edw. tinplate worker, 335 1-2 Wash.'h. 9 Piedm't 
Loring Edward G. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 2 Walnut 


Loring Elijah, wharfinger, 53 Long wf. h. 7 Pearl 
Loring EMis Gray, counsellor, 27 State, h. G71 Wash. 
Loring Frances C attorney, 39 Court, h. 23 Ml. Vernon 
Loring {Henry) &. Parsons (Ehcnezer), housevvrights, 

Berrv. Lorings h. 93 Purchase 
Loring Henry {Fairbanks, L. i>- Co.), h. 15 South 
Loring Israel, mason, h. rear 85 Prince 
Loring James, bookseller, 132 Washington, h. Cook ct. 
Loring James. See Jonathan L. &, Son 
Loring Jane, dressmaker, Boylston near Boylston pi. 
Loring Job, housewrighi, 00 Pinckney, h. 4 Grove 
Loring John G. & Co. {.indreic Floyd 6,^ Benjamin Beal), 

coppersmiths, 04 Portland c. Ivers, h. 5 Causeway 
Loring Jolin J. cashier South Bank, h. 117 Tremont 
Loring John F. 61 Washington, h. 3 Bumstead pi. 
Loring Jonathan &. Son {James), sailmakers, 113 Cora. 

h. Commercial near Hanover 
Loring Joseph B. tinplateworker, Turnpike, h. A st. 
Loring Josephj sailmaker, h. 55 Sea 
Loring Joseph, weigher and guager, Custom House 
Loring Josiah, bookseller, 130 VVashing. h. 75 Bedford 
Lonng Joshua, clerk, h. rear 8 Pleasant 
Loring Lydia, widow, h. Boylston near Boylston pi. 
Loring Peres, surveyor of work, h. 12 Brighton 
Loring Rutli, widow, 10 1-2 Pleasant 
Loring Sally, carpet maker, Boylston n. Boylston place 
Loring Sarah, widow, h. Peck lano 
Loring Sarah S. widow, 107 Chambers 
Loring Seth L. housewright, h. Spear alley 
Loring Thomas B. sailmaker, 54 Commercial, h. 18 Hull 
Loring William, constable, Franklin av. h. r. C71 Wash. 
Loring William, cooper, h. Purchase 
Loring William, housewright, Ji. 5th street 
Loring William J. h. 4 Bowdoin 

Loring Wm. J., Fres. Com. Ins. Co. 53 State, h. 2 Otis pi. 
Loring William M. clerk, 21!) Washington, h. Dedham 
Loring William P. measurer. Custom H. h. Broadway 
Lorkin Thomas, clerk, 107 Essex 
Lothrop Ansel, housewright, h. Fruit st: court 
Lothrop Ansel {Favor & L.), h. 8 Pleasant st. ct. 
Lothrop Calvin, housewright, h. Middlesex n. Castle 
Lothrop Edw. & Son {George), looking-glass factory, 44 

Cornhill, h. Mt. Vernon near Charles 
Lothrop Eben. W. jeweller, Harvard pi. h. Lyndo place 
Lothrop Frances, widow, rear 42 Milk 


I,»)lhrnp llanisoti (jhinahlr Si //.), h. ('(muunr. n. Hull 

l-olliiop .I;is(iii, lioiisrvviifflil, (ilrttr^c, li. 17 Muy 

l,()lliii»|. .liiivis {Colhij A'. I.), U. <1 S. n.-niict 

IiO(lii(»|t .lofjcph, haUor, li. rmr SiiU'ulk lusir ('anion 

Luilii(i|) Joseph D. dork, 12 Ijon^r wf. Ii. IJ yudl)ury gq. 

Lolhrop .lolin, Mailtnakrr, lI?.! Ann 

liollnop Nancy, wiilow, ('oniincrcial iM'fir llunovor 

Lollnnp Sainn«M K. Urv. ('nuitn. 'ricnntnl 

l.iHul Alii/fail, widow of iSulitnion, '.)'4 Cunrt 

Iion«l (Joor^^o VV. cahinciniaki.'r, ll!iJ (^onit 

J-(»nfilM>a(l .fames, HlM»('tnakc!r, rear 3117 VVrshinglon 

lionglMMly James, tailor, mar 53 Essex 

Lon^o lliV^li n, soria niannlaelory, roar 81 WaHliinglou, 

h. 7 rieasant sireel eomi 
LounHbery William, mariner, Ii. 18 N. l^nnnct 
Louvrier r. C. FriMioli Icaelicr, WjiHJiin^lon ror. West 
Love F.|)inaiin, waih^r, rear Short near Uedlord 
Love James, laliorer, rear 7r> S«!a 
LovM'joy (ieorfje, haller, Hft Ann, h. 17 Sliilmnn 
Lovejoy Kindiail, h. rear (51 Myrtl(! 
Lovepiy I.oyal, hitiist'wri^ht, Devonshire, li. I'rospect 
Lov«'j<ty IMiilip, h. 5 IMason 

Lovejoy William U. Iialler, 70 ('omnior. h. rhij)|)s pi. 
Jiovell ICsther, hoarding, 17 Fratddin placn 
Lovell James, lahnrer, rear 7'M) VVashMi;.Mon 
Lovcdl James (i. {Francis A-. /..), h. Vl\ rnrehaso 
Lov«dl Michael, allorney, 'M Court, h. 2 iSudbnry 
Lovell .Sanmel, pilot, ('omtnereial r»oar llanover 
Lovell William S. Ii. 5!) .Spriiifr 
Lov«dl William S. At (.'o. printern, 01 Washington 
Lovering Joseph, h. HH'i Washington 
Loveriil^e Thomas, hihorer, rear H7 Rroad 
Lov«'l( Alexaiid(!r, iiispe«>. (ish, (jonun(>r. h. JenkinH pi. 
Lov(!tt Augustus, hoards 7 llayward place 
Loviilt IJenjamin, hrieklaycr,M Lovctt place 
Lovclt Charles, canlker, h. Rarllett 

Lovelt Chas. W. el'k, .See. ol'Slale's ofti, h. 84 Mt. Vern. 
Lovett Hannah, widow ofAngiislnH, 7 Hay ward pi. 
Lovelt John A- Millon, dry goods, 401) Washington, J. 

L.'s h. :'.:? Tremont 
Lovett Milton, hoards I JSwHotscr chnrt 
Lovis Thomas, shipwright, house 81) Soa 
liovjoy {Ht.ulicn) Si, Mor<'y {Jrrcviy), grocers, Front. 

Lovioy's h. Wheoler's ct. 
Low Ahiah I*, h. Fleet 

'Zirz uiuiu. rojiv. 

Low Diivid, triinU mid Innicss Mi;ik(M', 1 ll(;lkliti]> 

Low KohUm-, <;iii|)(Mit.(!r, 'IT* IMtNisanl 

Low rniiicirt {Jours, Loirs- Si. />«//),]», 8 Moiil^oiiiery pL 

liow l''i;iii(;is, li^^tM', (>ommt;i(;i;il 

Low («\tor<j(»!, f;i()<-cr, 187 llimovcr, li. lOf* Hiiloin 

Low Is.iiic S. virdiiilltir, i:{ IMcicli.uils row,li.iM Fodcial 

Jiovv Joliii V. tiiilor, li. () Slionfo 

Low Jolin J. (Jours, Loios iV Ihill),\\. 3 Montgoiiioiy pi. 

liOw John V. |»aiiil(!r, '^W Soiitli llnssidl 

Low J. <;. CU^iiiihrid*!,!! 

Low Josfpli II. piiniiir, 'M Vino 

L(.w INalliaiiiid iV. Co. VV. 1. floods, I!) City wliiirf 

Low I'olcr, l»i)oUI)iiidc!r, ii. J\t;wl»(iiii pliico 

Lowo {jihrahdia 7'.) iV- Hoed (Stuii/Ksou), diiii5fj;iMtfl, !i4 

' JMiuclmiils row. Lown l»'ds ul, KillmnrH, Howard 
L()\v<t (Jii/iii) A Kin;j;sl('y ( /J/z^/.s), pla.sttir mainilUctniors, 

iJ.itolpli. L.vwc's h. 21) .'Mill. 
Lowt' .loliii, lioaidiii-;, I llaiicocli row 
Lowi! VVilliimi {D. iaojf'ord Ai. C'O.), ii. GlJ Lssox 
Lowd(!n (loor^^d, liousrwiij^lit, 'M stroot 
Lowoll (^liail(!s, K(«v. .')! Clli.'.sinit. 
Lowell ('liarlcs K. 'J'i !Slali>, ii. 'rcniplo place 
Low(dl V. C. mrT(diaiil, '17 India, li. ;'.:{ Hciacoii 
Low(dl (Ji'oi-^o \V. caiptMitiM-, 21 <'ross 
Lowoll .liicol) VV. Iioard.s IJoslon lloUd,:)! Hialllo 
Lowoll .loliii, I'J.") Trcmont 

Low(dl Jolin A. niorclianl, '^ OliviM-, li. 1 IJciirord pliicc 
liowoll William (Mori ill i^ /,.), Ii. Short si. court 
LowiV(> .Icdin, lioiis<'wrij;lit, (' street 
Lucas I5a/.alccl, maslinakcr, rear (i(H) Wasliin^'ton 
Lucas Mdinnnd I), dry f^'ds, III) Hanover, li. li llaiiov. pi. 
Lucas Jeremiah, painter, h. VV. ('eiitro c. Sonthac 
Lucas Samuel, hoiisewri^hl, li. Kiihn plac(9 
Lucas VVillard, laslmaker, 'rr(!mont near VVushiuyton 
Lu(rkis Heiiiamin, (i North HeniK^l 
liUckis l{eii"|ainin, jr. h. (i INorlh Benm;!. 
Lu(dvis Jidin S. hrassroiinder, riMr (> North IJcnnct 
Ludden KlizahiMli, widow, II> VVarron 
Luders .los(>ph, lal)orer, Salutation 

Ludin^lon (-orhet, soda room, 10 Winter, li. 1)3 Charles 
Liidwij;; .lose|)li, shoemaker, !>7 IClliot 
Lndwi^ IMallhus, () Uoylslon .square 
Ln(M»! Susannah, 152 Hanover 
LuCkiii Deborah, widow, U) Bennot 
Ijuke William L. cnji;ineer, boards 132 Pleasant 


Lull William, riding school, Mason, boarda City tavern 

Lum Isaac &l Hon, (■.(n\UiCA\ux\*tT^, HUckstone 

Luniax Williarn, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 

Lurnest Warren, ropernaker, h 57 Elliot 

Lund Jerabmeel C. housewrigbt, 3<3 Friend 

Lundgreen Daniel, North square 

Lundstecn Frederick Ferdinand, rnaebinist, Market pi. 

Lunt Cutting, ropernaker, rear 140 Pleasant 

Lunt James H., rfec'ry Globe Insurance Company 

Lunt Johnson, laborer, Short street court 

Lunt William, laborer, rear GOO Wasliington 

Lurvey Elizabeth, widow, near H -South street place 

Luther Job, machinist, h. 10 Grove 

Luther Jonas, tinman, house 4 Cooper 

Luther Philip, mason, h. rear GI Myrtle 

Luther HIade, mason, 2 Jackson place 

Luzardar Samuel, cooper. Lane place 

Lydson William, jr. rnin. painter, Court cor. Howard 

Lydslon Susan, widow, tailcress, house 5 Hawkins 

Lyford ( Fj. K.) &l Howe (Samuel), sashmakers, Havetliill 

cor. Causeway. Lyford's h. 2f.) Poplar 
Lyford G. C. See Mackintire <& L. 
Lyford (Thos.) &- Mitchell (Theo.) housewr'ts, Barrett 
Lyman Charles, house 2G Mount Vernon 
Lyman Charles P. ( Hale, Lymaris ^ Farnsworth), hoards 

at American House 
Lyman George W. 2*2 State, h. Belknap c. Mt. Vernon 
Lyman S. R. See tiale, Lymans &. Farnsworth 
Lyman Theodore, merchant, G Bowdoin square 
Lyman Theodore, jr. 3 Bowdoin 
Lyman William, merchant, Court cor. Tremont 
Lynam Richard, house South Margin 
Lynch Catharine, widow, Humphrey place 
Lynch Dennis, gardener, house IG Williams 
Lynch Elizabeth, widow, rear 75 Elliot 
Lynch John, laborer, 20 Front 
Lynch Michael, laborer, rear GO Elliot 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, 149 Broad 
Lynch William, house Mechanic 
Lynch Thomas, Rev. house Broadway 
Lynd James, h. 1st street 

Lynes Samuel, housewright, 1 East, house 8 do. 
Lynn Patrick, laborer, 119 Broad 
Lynn William, rigger, rear 1-53 Ann 
Lyon Charles (Capen 6f L.), house 3 Newton place 


Lyon Elizabeth, widow, 74 Summer 

Lyon G. P. See Marsh, Capen & L. 

Lyon John, 19 Atkinson 

Lyon Joseph B. 17 Kilby 

Lyon Mary, widow, 45 Pleasant 

Lyon Susan G. boarding house, 9 Atkinson 

Lyons John, housewright, h. 80 Pond 

Lyons Moses, rear 732 Washington 

Lyons Timothy, stone mason, 3d street r. Broadway 

MACE ABRAHAM C. cooper, h. 1 Scott court 

Mace Benjamin, laborer, W. Centre 

Mace Daniel, livery stable, 144 Cambridge, h. W. Centre 

Mack Hugh, laborer, rear Church near the rail road 

Mack John, painter, Blackstone 

Mack Moses, laborer, Humphrey place 

Mackay Harvey C. wharfinger & com. mer. 12 Rowe's 

wharf, house 25 Washington place 
Mackay John, captain, house 1 Washington place 
Macliay Joseph, liouse 16 Hancock 
Mackay R. C. merchant, 21 Union wf. h. 4 Bulfinch pi. 
Mackay Tristram B. auctioneer, 5 Broad, h. 4 Bowdoin 
Mackfield John, pilot, 352 Commercial 
Mackintire David, mason, house 111 Cambridge 
Mackintire {Eilab P.) & Lyford {Gideon C), dry goods, 

34 Kilby 
Mackintosh Peter, blacksmith, 98 Pleasant 
Mackintosh Peter, jr. teach. Hancock S. h. 25 McLean 
Mackintosh William, mason, 1 Prince 
Mackvoy William, laborer, Tremont near Pleasant 
Macnair Eliza, widow of Robert, 25 Essex 
Macomber C. A. {Drury <^ -W.)> h. Prince c. North sq. 
Macomber (Icfiabod), Saw'in {Ezckiel) & Hunting {Bela), 

W. L goods, 49 India. M.'s house 30 Elliot 
Macomber (Ichabed, jr ) & Tolman (James), tailors, 

Congress cor. Water. M. boards 30 Elliot 
Macomber J. T. superintendent Elm street Hotel, 9 Elm 
Macomber Z. innkeeper. Elm street Hotel, 9 Elm 
Madden Patrick, house 10 Bridge 
Maddin Robert, laborer, 106 Sea 
Maddin Timothy, laborer, rear 104 Sea 
Madigan Walter, mason, 29 Sea 
Madigan William, mason, 29 Sea 
Madour Sarah, house 75 Cambridge 
Maginnis Roger, mason, h. Theatre alley 



Magncr Daniel, colorer, 28 Federal, boards 69 Congress 
Magner Margaret, widow, Piedmont near Church 
Magoon Moses L. housewright, h. 3 Mulberry place 
Magoon (JVuthaniel S.) & Winchester (Hosea), botanic 

infirmary, Mount Vernon cor. Charles 
Magoun Calvin S. housewright, 98 Ann, h. 17 Brattle 
Magoun Elisha {Faiwell S^ M.), h. W. Centre c. Myrtle 
Magoun Phebe, widow, Peck lane 
Magoun Snow, machinist, 2 Water, house 17 Brattle 
Magoun Thatcher, jr. merchant, 47 State 
Mahan Benjamin F., W. I. goods, 71 Long wharf 
Mahan John A., W. I. g'ds, 50 Long wf. h. 14G Hanovtr 
Mahan John, laborer, 14 Distil-house square 
Mahan Thomas, laborer, rear 8 South street place 
Maher Michael, glasscutter, 4th street cor. A street 
Mahon John, laborer, Middlesex near Castle 
Mahony Cornelius, victualler, h. 17 Federal 
Mahony James, shoemaker, h. 25 Charter 
Mahony Jeremiah, laborer, Gibbs lane 
Mahony John, laborer, 153 Broad 
Mahony John, laborer, rear 106 Sea 
Mahony John, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 
Mahony Julia, widow, 27 Williams 
Mahony Patrick, painter, 100 Purchase 
Mahony Patrick, cooper, h. Spring lane 
Mahurin James, mariner, house rear Prince 
Maier Conrad, cordwainer, h. Fleet 
Mair Peter, housewright, rear 6 N. Bennet 
Mair Thomas, housewright, 4 Tileston 
Mair William, housewright, rear 5 Tileston 
Mairs Patrick, h. 14 Distil-house square 
Maiston Isabella, widow, Robinson lane 
Major Rebecca, mantuamaker, 16 East 
Malcom A. stocks & clotiiing, 30 Elm, h. 16 Merrimac 
Maley Donald, painter, rear 58 Elliot 
Maldt John, laborer, 2 South Margin 
Mallet Elizabeth, tailoress. Garden court 
Mallet William, boatbuilder, Salter place 
Mallon Aaron P. housewright, 9 Belknap, h. Eaton 
Mallon Wm. S., VV. L goods, 40 India, h. 1 Cottage pi. 
Mallory Richard P. {Chandler, Wright S^M.), h. 1 Court 
Malone Elizabeth, widow, rear 4th street 
Malone Michael, laborer, Turnpike 
Malone Richard, packer, house Turnpike 
Maloney John, laborer, Devonshire, near Spring lane 


Maloney William, plasterer, rear 83 Broad 

Malony Margaret, Market place 

Maloy George, cooper, h. 1 Humphrey place 

Maloy George, housewright, li. 1 Humphrey place 

Manbee Thomas, blacks.nith, h. rear Soulhac 

Mandell Eliza, house 54 Chambers 

Mandell M. J. {Sha^o, Patterson S^ Co.), h. Bromfield H. 

Mangen William, laborer, Dedham near Tremont 

Maogum John, house opposite 10 Piedmont 

Manley {John R.) & Bramhall (Cornelius), dry goods, 

24 Dock square. Manley boards 102 Washington 
Mann (Anson) &, Thompson (Simeon, jr.), hats, 371 

Washington. Mann's house 8 Castle 
Mann A. C. house 54 Portland 
Mann A. E. milliner, 9 Myrtle 
Mann Briggs, mason, Baldwin place 
Mann Cyrus, housewright, 54 Friend 
Mann Elizabeth, widow, rear 39 Sea 
Mann Franklin (Le Man &. M.), boards 89 Summer 
Mann Hartley, hatter, boards 8 Castle 
Mann Horace, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 11 Beacon 
Mann James, laborer, rear 88 Warren 
Mann Joel R. house 1 Fayette court 
Mann John, bricklayer, 108 Charles 
Mann John, waiter, Broad opposite Maine wf. 
Mann John, jr. dry g'ds, 205 Wash. h. 108 Charles 
Mann Jonathan, iron founder, 4th street 
Mann John C. iron founder, Broadway 
Mann Jos. junk store, Broad op. Pack, wf h. 36 Purchase 
Mann Joseph, grocer, May corner Grove 
Mann Leonard, cooper, corner D and 4th streets 
Mann Levi, housewright, house South street place 
Mann N. P. agent BosLon Ind. Rub. factory, h. F street 
Mann Peleg, mason, 73 Warren 
Manners George, British Consul, 48 India 
Manners R. C. vice con. and ag. Canada Co. 48 India 
Manning (Charles) & Glover (H. R.), dry goods, 1 Fan. 

Hall, h. 83 Chambers 
Manning Francis C. and Joseph, jr. W. I. g'ds, 15 Cent. 

wharf, h. 18 Winter 
Manning Joseph, machinist, 32 Short 
Manning Joshua (Ripley & M.), boards 95 Summer 
Manning Patrick, laborer, rear Lenox 
Manning Russell, cordwainer, rear Broadway 
Manning (Sam'l B.) & FisheT (W. S.), printers, 9 School 


Manning Sylvester, laborer, house N. Grove 
Manning VV'ni, mess, to gov. and council, h. 16 Bulfinch 
Manouk Thomas, laborer. South corner Essex 
Mansfield Bowen G. laborer, house Leveret ct. 
Mansfield Elizabeth, widow, 48 Orange 
Mansfield Eliza A. widow, house rear 51 South 
Mansfield Hannah, widow, Thacher near Poud 
Mansfield Hannah, widow, rear 100 Warren 
Mansfield Hannah, widow, 108 Cambridge 
Vlansfield (Isaac) & Bigelow (F. R.), dry goods, 2 Lib- 
erty sq. M 's h. 13 Mt. Vernon 
Mansfield James, laborer, rear 93 Warren 
Sanson (JVat/ianiel G.) & Allen (Samuel P.), iron and 

steel, 27 Broad 
Vlansur Gilman (S. & G. M.), h. 100 Chambers 
tfansur S. <fe G., W. L g'ds, 19 S. Market, h. Vernon pi. 
ilarble Hosea, housew't, Lancaster, h. 47 Merrimac 
Warble James S. housewright, Front n. Oak, h. AVheel- 
i^Iarble Pearly, laborer, lOG Warren [er's ct. 

tfarch Andrew S. See Whiton & M. 
ilarch Ichabod, housewright. Pond 
Warden David, paver, 4 Richmond 
Harden G. H. house 2 Clark 
^larden John, mason, 143 Hanover 
ilarden John C. blacksmith, h. 5th cor.'C street 
>Iarden Maria, widow, 3(i Belknap 
larden William C. laborer, Clark alley 
tlarden Wm. ifeCo. printers, 32 Congress, h.r. 113Hano. 
rlarett Philip, Pres. New Eng. Bank, h. 5 Kneeland 
lariner (Joseph), Tebbetts (John C.) & Co. (Wvi. Mar- 
iner), com. mer. 109 State. M.'s h. 9 South 
Warks Fehx, laborer, 11 Plymouth 
*Iarnaugh Wm. laborer, cor. Broad and Batterymarch 
►laroney William, laborer, Peck lane 
larquand Joseph, 40 High 
darr John, laborer, 29 Sea 
larr John, house 7 George 

/larr William, printer, h. Castle near Middlesex 
larroot Jacob, watchman, Suffolk cor. Lenox 
larsh (BelaJ, Capen (^ahum) & Lyon (Gardner P.), 

staiionerii, 133 Wash. M.'s h. 41 Front 
larsh Ephraim, housewright, h. 84 Pleas, cor. Fayetto 
larsh Eben. W. (Hastings, M. & Co.), h. 6 Sturgis pi. 
larsh Harriet, widow, Suffolk near Lucas place 
larsh James (Hastings, M- & Co.), h. 15 Cambridge 


Marsh John, grocer, 114, house 115 Broad 

Marsh John, stationer, 77 Wash. h. o4 Pinckney 

Marsh Joseph M. (Billings & M.), Iiouse 65 Poplar 

Marsh L. H. clerk, house Winter place 

Marsh Robert, mason, h. rear 132 Hanover 

Marsh Rufus, hackinan, h. Lowell place 

Marsh Sarah, widow, house rear Moon 

Marsii Seth E. (Andrews & Jtf), house Lancaster 

Marsh Thomas C. Jaborer, house rear Moon 

Marsh (Warren) & Maynard (LMinbert), livery stable, 

Batterymarch. Marsh's h. do. 
Marsh William, bookbinder, over 362 Washington 
Marshall Caleb, tailor, house 51 Warren 
Marshall Cyrus L. mason, h. 280 Wash. 
Marshall C. S. tailor, 3 N. Market, h. 51 Warren 
Marshall Drury N. housewright,h. Fayette n. Jefferson 
Marshall D. N. &, Co. housewrights, rear 351 Wash. 
Marshall Elijah, h. 52 Bridge 
Marshall Jacob P. victualler, 88 Commercial 
Marshall Josiah, mer. 39 India, h. 24 Franklin place 
Marshall Leonard (Bridge & M.), h. 52 Bridge 
Marshall Mary, widow, rear Broadway 
Marshall Samuel, chaisemaker, h. rear 3 East 
Marshall Thomas, school, Bulfinch cor. Somerset place 
Marshall William, paper hangings, 270, h, 266 Wash. 
Marston George P. captain, h. 2 May place 
Marston John, laborer, Pond street place 
Marston John, boarding house, rear Broadway 
Marston Josiah, teamster, Broadway 
Marston John M. merch. 4 Chatham, h. 18 Lyndo 
Marston Trephenia, house 2 Berry 
Martin Elizabeth, widow, 201 Ann 
Martin Enoch, broker, h. 6 Norfolk place 
Martin Henry, captain, h. 64 Purchase 
Martin Israel, agent Rox. In. Rub. Co. h. 11 Hay ward pi. 
Martin Jeremiah, blacksmith, Broad op. Packard's wf. 

h. 22 Tileston 
Martin John S. painter, 16 Federal, h. rear 9 S. Bennet 
Martm Michael, laborer, 3 Pitts court 
Martin Patrick, house 3 Pitts court 
Martin Prince, h. rear 24 Merrimac 
Martin Richard, wood wharf, 102, house 116 Sea 
Martin Sarah, wiuow of Joseph, 11 Fayette 
Martm Thomas, grocer, 4th street 
Martin Valentine, jeweller, 26 Washington 


Martin Wm. C. superint. Mas. Temple, h. 8 Boylston sq, 
Martin Wm. P. printer, house 45 Front 
Martis Mary, widow of Anthony, house 3 Grove 
Marvin T. R. {Perkins & M.), printer, 24 Congress 
Mash Peter, boarding, h. 190 Ann 

Mason {^sa F.) & Hoyt {.^dam), hats, 253 Washington- 
house Piedmont 
Mason Charh's B. hats, 8 Clinton 
Mason Ezekiel, paver, 4 Milton 

Mason George M. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 140 Tremont 
Mason Hale, housewright, 3 Spring street court 
Mason Jeremiah, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 140 Tremont 
Mason John, Broad op. Arch wf. h. 20 Hamilton 
Mason John R. house joiner, house Broadway 
Mason Jonathan, house 74 Mount Vernon 
Mason Lowell, prof. Bost. Acad. Mus. h. 9 Pinckney 
Mason Nancy M. tailoress, Hobbs's wf 90 Sea 
Mason Newel P. laborer, house W. Centre 
Mason Sampson, W. I. goods, 38, h. 40 Cambridge 
Mason Sanford, portrait painter, 46, h. 355 Washington 
Masrm (Simeon 0) & Spaulding (S. H.) provisions, 

725 Washington 
Mason William C. mariner, 4 Hull 
Mason Wm. P. counsellor, 3 Rogers's building, house 

51 Mount Vernon 
Masters John, stevedore, house Lane place . 

Masters W.lliam, painter , house 7 Prospect 

Mastin John, laborer, rear 47 Pleasant 

Matrihett Theodore, boards 17 Pearl 

Mather Henry B. See Everett & M. 

Matson Powell, mason, 27 Prince 

Matthews Albert, house 4 Brighton 

Matthews Ebenezer, housewright, Silver 

Matthews (Edicard) & Wood {Edward E), merchantf, 
22 Commercial wharf 

Matthews John, junk, rear 58 Commercial, h. Clark 

Matthevvson Andrew, house 80 Chambers 

Maunder George, mariner, 22 Hamilton 

Maxey Patrick, laborer, C Dearborn avenue 

Maxfield Ann, h. Broadway near I street 

Maxwell David, carpenter, house Canal 

Maxwell Edward, mason, house Prince n. Hanover 

Maxwell James, victualler, 131 Broad 

May Catharine, boarding, 39 Brattle 


May Ebenezer, furniture, 25 Milk, h. Atkinson 

May George, house 714 Washington 

May Harriet A. widow, rear 12 Boylston 

May Henry K. wlmrfinger, 6 Union wf. h. 18 Sheafe 

May John VV. cordwainer, 102 Charles 

May Joseph, Sec. Bos. Mar. Ins. Co. h. 510 Wash. c. Oak 

May Orra, house 111 Chan)bers 

May Parmelia, boarding, C Sewall place 

May Perrin,503 Washington 

May Samuel & Co. {Calvin W. Clark and J. J. May), 

hardware, 1 Broad c. Stale, h. Atkinson c. Purchase 
May William D. mariner, 74 Purchase 
Maycock Mary Ann, h. rear 2 Province 
Mayer Morris, whitesmith, h. rear 32 Pleasant 
Mayhew William, mariner, 118 Sea 
Maynard Charles, at Post Office, boards 38 Green 
Maynard George, teamster, rear 12 S. Margin 
Maynard George. See Prescott & M. 
Maynard (Jesse) & Kittredge (Chas.), bakers, 67 Warren 
Maynard Lambert & Co. {John D. Richardson), bakers, 

99, h. 97 Broad 
Maynard Parker, restorator. Church c. Madison pi. h. do. 
Maynard Samuel, blacksmith, 1 La Fayette avenue 
Maynard {Waldo) & Noyes, druggists, 13 & 15 Cornhill. 

Maynard's hou«e 2 Mason 
Mayo John M. {Ellis «fc M.), house 11 Orange 
McAllaster James, housewright, 24 Tudor's building, h. 

15 Allen 
McAllaster James, house GQ Pond 
McAllaster John, mariner, house East 
McAnnaliy Francis, laborer, rear 67 Elliot 
McAnnally James, laborer, h. Carver near Pleasant 
McAnnaliy Michael, laborer, 114 Broad 
McArdle Patrick, laborer, Merrimac 

McBride , laborer, rear 60 Elliot 

McBride George, clothing, 206 Ann 

McBride James, innkeeper, Layfayette Hotel, 392 Wash. 

McBurney Charles, saddler, 22 School, h. 6 S. Cedar 

McCabe Ann, widow, opposite 104 Sea 

McCabe Hugh, laborer, SufToik rear Lucas place 

McCabe James, laborer, 53 Elliot 

McCabe Jeremiah, laborer, rear 110 Sea 

McCabe Michael, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 

McCabe Terence, laborer. Front near Castlo 

McCaffery Henry, saddler. Cross 


McCafFerty James, house Menirnac 

McCafFerty Jatiies, laborer, rear A street 

McCafterty John, laborer, opposite 102 Warren 

McCafFerty Patrick, jr. ironmoulder, house 21 Sea 

McCafFerty Thomas, h. Garden c. May 

McCann Ann, widow, South cor. Essex 

McCann James, laborer, h. Moon 

McCann James, laborer, south 794 Wash. 

McCann Michael, laborer, rear 12 Cross 

McCathery James, laborer, h. Charter n. Commercial 

McCartney John, coachmaker, 4 Brattle sq. h. 90 Pond 

McCarthy Ellen, widow, Devonshire n. Spring lane 

McCarthy John, glass grinder, 4ih street n. Turnpike 

McCartiiy Patrick, laborer, rear 106 Sea 

McCarty Bartholomew, laborer, rear 13 Wash, place 

McCarty Charles, laborer, Leveret court 

McCarty Daniel, laborer, house rear 152 Ann 

McCarty Dennis, laborer, South Margin 

McCarty Edmund, tailor, Broad near Purchase 

McCarty Florence, laborer, Hamilton alley 

McCarty James, laborer, rear G71 Washington 

McCarty John, laborer, Broad op. Maine wharf 

McCarty Michael, laborer, 105 Broad 

McCarty Timothy, laborer, rear 75 Sea 

McCauly John, shoemaker, Batterymarch 

McCauly Patrick, laborer, Devonshire n. Spring lane 

McCaw Samuel, laborer, rear 26 Friend 

McCleary John B. house 82 Prince 

McCleary Samuel F. city clerk, City H. h. 8 Somerset pi. 

McClennen George, rigger, Arch wf. h. Cotton place 

McClennen Robert, rigger, h. rear 80 Purchase 

McClennen Sarah, widow. Cotton place 

McCloud Curtis, trunk maker, 158 Hanover 

McCloud Harvey, h. 4 Second 

McCloud John, mariner, rear 39 Prince 

McClure Cyrus, 105 State, house 39 Leveret 

McClure Mark, laborer, rear 5 N. Margin 

McConnell Robert (L. Brooks ^ Co.), 7 Purchase placft 

McConnell William, h. 98 Purchase 

McConvill Hugh, tailor, house rear 53 Essex 

McCormick John, mason, h. 93 Warren 

McCormick Michael, laborer, S. Margin 

McCormick Thomas, laborer, rear 24 Pleasant 

McCoy , widow, 14 Short 

McCoy John, laborer, rear 26 Union 


MeCue John, tailor, Broad cor. Purchase 
McCue Patrick, laborer, Merrimac 
JVfcCullough Cornelius, truckman, h. rear Gridley 
McCuIlough Patrick, laborer, opposite 20 Avery 
McCurdy Alexander, tailor, h. rear 7 Short 
■ McDaniels Thomas, house Southac near Grove 
McDavit Patrick, tailor, house rear 41 Congress 
McDermot Bryan, laborer. Creek square 
McDerniott Bernard, tailor, h. rear 8 South street place 
McDonald Alexander & Sons, ship sawyers, r. 3d street 
McDonald Andrew, confectioner, 337 Washington 
McDonald Catharine, widow, Tremont near Pleasant 
McDonald David, laborer, 123 Broad 
McDonald Donald, blacksmith, h. 10 Bridge st. court 
McDonald Elizabeth, widow, rear 664 Washington 
McDonald Henry, boarding house, 212 Ann 
McDonald James, laborer, rear 664 Washington 
McDonald James, laborer, Front opposite Beach 
McDonald James, confectioner, 147 Court 
McDonald John, laborer, rear 46 Pleasant 
McDonald John, confectioner, 418, house 337 Wash. 
McDonald Margaret, house 8 Sudbury 
McDonald Mary, widow, 5th cor. of C street 
McDonald Peter, carpenter, house 666 Washington 
McDonald Peter, painter, h. 666 Washington 
McDonald William, tailor, house 30 South 
McDonell William J. weigher, house rear 5 Pleasant 
McDonough Harriet & Anna, 4 Mason 
McDonough Patrick, Merrimac 
McDonough Patrick, laborer, rear 664 Washington 
McDougall Jamos, cordwainer, 547 Wash. h. Dedham 
McDougall John, tailor, 190 Wash. h. Dedham 
McDufTy Elizabeth, widow, North Margin 
McEwen Mary, h. Butolph near Cambridge 
McFadden Elizabeth, 6 Sweetser court 
McFan James, laborer, 7 Wharf 
McFarland Duncan, laborer, 104 Sea 
McFarland James, stevedore, 4 Bartlett 
McFarland Jane, widow, house 104 Sea 
McFarland John, laborer, 22 Stillman 
McFarland Nancy, 36 Elliot 
McFarland Thomas, machinist, A street 
McFeely Patrick, laborer, 4th street 
McGafFert Barney, laborer, rear Commercial 
McGafferty Patrick, laborer, 3d cor. B street 


McGaw John A. com. nier. IG City wharf 

McGaw Robert, Commercial 

McGee Eliza, house South Margin 

McGooch A. fruit, 28 tSt. G Dock square 

McGerry Patrick, laborer, Commercial near Hanover 

McGill Thomas, tailor, 4 Washinfrton 

McGilvray , housewright, h. May c. Butolph 

McGilvreay Fanny, nurse, Essex court 

McGinnis Jnnies, South Margin 

McGinnis James, laborer. Friend 

McGirr Francis, jr. gold beater, 28 Fayette 

McGonagle Thomas, laborer, Charter n. Commercial 

McGoogin Henry, waiter, house 547 Washington 

McGowan Daniel, tailor, 9 Water, h. 11 Hamilton 

McGowan John, mason, house 8 Devonshire 

McGowan Mary, widow, 15 Essex place 

McGovern John, 157 Pleasant 

McGrady Michael, moulder, h. corner South st. place 

McGrady Patrick, laborer, A street 

McGrath Terence, boarding, 101 Broad 

McGrath Thomas, laborer, 101 Broad 

McGrath William, blacksmith, house 70 Broad 

McGray James, cooper, house Battery 

McGregor {Daniel) &, Meriam (C. £>.), dry goods, 47 

Kilby. McG.'s house 77 Pinckney 
McGregor James & Co. {Joseph Simes), W. I. g'ds, 12 

Commercial wharf 
McGriskin Barnard, laborer, rear Ann 
McGuire Edward, stone cutter, house Creek square 
McGuire Hugh, laborer, Mechanic 
McGuire James, laborer, h. 3 Cross 
McGuire Thomas, laborer, G Wharf 
McHenry Bernard, apothecary, Franklin pl.c.theOdeon 
McHugh Constantino, laborer, Dedham 
McHugh Timothy, laborer, rear 75 Elliot 
Mclntire Andrew, sand dealer, Commer. n. Henchman 1. 
Mclntire Charles, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 42 Federal 
Mclntire John, clerk, house Stoddard 
Mclntire Samuel, 52 Elliot 

Mclntire Samuel, jr. straw manufacturer, Fayette court 
Mclntire (Sam'l) & Stevens (Otis), prov'ns,68 Purchase 
Mclntire Silas, stable keeper, 392 Washington 
Mclntire Thomas, organ maker, 2 Blossom court 
Mcintosh Baihsheba,dry g'ds, 107 Hanover, h. 59 Pond 
Mcintosh L= F. house 1 Alden court 


Mclntyre (Daniel) & Cutler (M. J), dry goods, 12 Kil- 

by. Mcl.'s h. Crescent place 
McKay John, liousewright, rear.5 Tileston 
McKay John, cabinet maker, 21 Exciiange, h. 59 Pond 
McKay Wm. P. watchm.cor. Cong. & Milk,h. Cong. ct. 
McKean H. S. engineer, h. 53 Myrtle 
McKean John G. counsellor, 4 Court 
McKean Joseph W. physician, 12 Hanover 
McKenley Rosanna, Mechanic 
McKenna Abigail, house 112 Ann 
McKenna Ann, widow, op. 8 Norfolk place 
McKenna Andrew, mason, h. Castle c. Middlesex 
McKenna Daniel, laborer, Peck lane 
McKenna Francis, custom-h. officer, b'ds 2 Province 

McKenna , house Merrimac 

McKenna Hugh, milkman, 3d street 

McKonua John, 16 N. Centre 

AlcKenna Michael, laborer, rear 106 Sea 

McKenna Patrick, laborer, A street 

McKenna Stephen, laborer, Dedhain near Tremont 

McKenna Timothy, laborer, 91 Broad 

McKenzie James A. house 31 Blossom 

McKinzie Alex. D. cop. plate printer, h. SO Pond 

McKown John, cordwainer, 8 Sudbury 

McLane Eliza, house 22 North Russell 

McLane James, boarding, 4 Wharf 

McLaughlan Patrick, iron founder, h. A street 

McLaughlan Bernard, tailor, 81 Ann 

McLaughlin Bernard, victualler, 104 Purchase 

McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, south 794 Washington 

McLaughlin Edward, laborer, 114 Broad 

McLaughlin Eph. B. crockery, 24 Hanover, h. Brookline 

McLaughlin George, laborer, 11 Pitts 

McLaughlin James, boarding, 7 Wharf 

McLaughlin John, laborer. Peck lane 

McLaughlin Margaret, rear Centre 

McLaughlin Michael, laborer. Mechanic 

McLaughlin Patrick, h. 13 Distilhouse square 

McLaughlin Patrick, cordwainer, 32 Federal, h. Sister 

McLauglilin Thomas, laborer, 93 Warren 

McLaughlin William, laborer, rear 15 Centre 

McLean George, housewright, h. rear 46 I'leasant 

McLean Hannah, Richmond 

McLellan Edward ( fVhedwright, M. ^ Co.), house 3 

Wiothrop place 



McLellan George, l)oarding, 54 Hanover 

McLollan {Isaac) & Balllster (Joseph), merchants, 27 

Centrnl vvhart* 
McLellan Isaac, h. 3 Winlhrop place" 
McLellan Isaac, jr. {IVhtdicrigUt, M. ^ Co.), house 3 

VVinlhrop place 
McLellan James, honse 13 Sudhiiry 
McLellan P. Osgood (.Leach S^ M.), b'ds N. E. Coff. H. 
McLoon William, captain, house Broadway 
McLond Susan, widow, Northampton cor. Plymouth 
McLoud William, baker, house rear 28 Pleasant 
McMann Dominick, laborer, rear 27 Mi-Ik 
McManus Joann^ widow, Batlerymarcii 
McManus Patrick, laborer, 4 Prospect 
McManus Robert, laborer, 114 Broad 
McMarrow Charles, shoemaker, h. 60 Purchase 
McMillan Marion, widow of John C. h. rear Gibbs lane 
McMurray (David, jr.) & Co. (Thomas Curran), brush- 
makers, 28 Exchange 
McNamara Cornelius, housewright, h. Arnold 
McNamara Daniel, mason, h. rear 10 Oliver 
McNarney Michael, laborer, 2 Cross 
McNeil John, surveyor of customs, h. 4 Q,uincy place 
McNear Robert, ship stores, Broad op. Arch wf. 
McNerney, Sophia, widow, Salutation 
McNulty Thomas, stonecutter, 3 Flagg alley 
McNett Williatn, stevedore, 115 Broad 
McPahlin James, laborer, 125 Broad 
McQuaid Thomas. See Smith & McQuaid 
McSolay Dennis, laborer, IG South Bennet 
McSweeney Eliza, widow. Milk cor. Theatre alley 
McSweeney Eugene, laborer, 1 Wharf 
McVey Cornelius, tailor, h. rear 75 Elliot 
McVey John, shoemaker, h. Arnold 
McVeity James, iron moulder, h. Market place 

McWlre , h. 10 Bridge 

Mead George M. druggist, 58 Union 

Mead John,' binder, 131 Washington, h. G5 Prince 

Mead Patty, rear 773 Washington 

Mead Sam"uel O. cashier Market Bank 

Metids Joseph, grocer, 62, house G6 Myrtle 

Meads John, h. 9 Piedmont 

Mealy William, tailor, Flagg alley 

Means (Isaac) & Clark {Lot), 14 Cent, wf h. 56 Temple 

Means James, merchant, 17 India, h. 30 Winter 


IVlears Edward, h. rear 13 Distil-house square 

Mears Elijah {KUham, M. & Co), h. Cook court 

Mears Gienville {KUharn, M. & Co.), h. Lyman place 

Meais John. iSee Trouiy & M. 

Mecutu George, silversiiiilh, South Russell 

Mecum Nancy, widow, 3 Shawmut 

Meder Natlianiel R. ciutliinff, 73 Broad, h. 13 Hamilton 

Meder Samuel A., W. I. goods, 7 Sea, h. South st. court 

Meder William E. shoes and clothing, 5 and 7 Sea 

Meggitt Robert C. h. Merrimac 

Meek Samuel, jeweller, Cornhiil ct. h. 8 South Cedar 

Meneen Patrick, moulder, h. rear 63 Sea 

Mein Andrew, chairmaker, 4th street 

Meiers H. H. merchant, h. C Walnut 

Meiring Joseph, cordwainer, h. rear 2 Province 

Melcher Charles, printer, house S.)5 Elliot 

Melcher George, laborer, Canton 

Melcher Levi, merchant, 31 Long vvf. h. 208 Hanover 

Melcher Natlianiel, at Post Office, li. Berry corner Sister 

Melcher Rachael, widow, 95 Elliot 

Melcher Sarah, widow, house 34 Short 

Meldrum & Co. {George Odin), brewers, Castle, c. room 

G9 Broad. Meldrum's' h. 18 Orange 
Melendy (Satn.) & David (B. B.), whipmak's, 8 Dock sq. 
Melledge James, h. 18 Hayward place 
Mellen David, victualler, I South Market 
Mellen George W. chemist. Castle, boards 105 Front 
Mellen Lsaac M. fisherman, 4th street 
Mellen John, crockery, 133 State, h. 45 Spring 
Mellen Michael & Co. {H. A. JVorcross), earthenware, 

16 Merchants row, h. 17 Leveret 
Mellen Moses, furn. and feath. 38 Union, h. 42 Pinckney 
Mellen Samuel, h. 2 Grove 
Mellen W. H. & Co (C. P. Sanger), dry g'ds, 64 Kilby. 

Mellen's h. in Roxbury 
Mellow William, pianofortemaker, Castle n. Middlesex 
Melius Amelia, boarding house, Beacon cor. Somerset 
Melius George, painter, 30 Joy's building 
Melville (jeorge, cabinetmaker, h. 5 Lucas place 
Melville John, cabinetm. 352 Wash. h. 14 La Grange pL 
Melvin David, mariner, h. Langdon place 
Melzar Hannah, nurse, 20 Avery 
Melzard George, laborer, rear 110 Sea 
Mendall Charles, rear 83 Tremont 
Meredith Isaac. See R. Meredith & Co. 


Meredith Richard & Co. (H. & /. Meredith), grocers, 

389 Washington 
Meriam Anna, widow of William, h. 16 Lincoln 
Meriam, Brigham (Levi) & Co. (E. A. Boardman) , wine 

merchants, 20 Congress 
Meriam Charles, laborer, h. 11 Second 
Meriam Charles U. (McGregor <fe jtf), h. 22 Warren 
Meriam Edward P. See. Col. Ins. Co. h. 39 Bridge 
Meriam Elisha, cabinetmaker, h. 6 Brighton 
Meriam Ephraim, carpenter, Theatre alley 
Meriam Francis B. truckman, h. 47 Poplar 
Meriam Jonas, truckman, 47 Poplar 
Meriam Jonas, jr. grocer, 44 Leveret, h. 50 Poplar 
Meriam Mary B. widow of Levi, h. 22 Warren 
Meriam Nathaniel, Pres. Mer. M. Ins. Co. h. 39 Bridge 
Meriam Silas P. & Wm. merch. 39 S. Mar. h. 3 Camb. 
Meriam William, h. 14 Allen 
Meriman Nelson M. clothing, 50 Merchants row 
Merriam Charles. See Sayles & M. 
Merriam (^^heeney F. h. 5 Milton 

Merriam Ezra, paperh. Porll. c. Merrimac, h. Oilman pi. 
Merriam (Galen) &. Perry (0. B.), W. I. goods, 3 Long 

wharf. Merriam's h. 81 Front 
Merriam Josepii W. piovisions, 53 Milk, h. Sister 
Merriam Otis, paperhanger, Portland, li. 37 Friend 
Merriam William, trader, 77 Commercial 
Merrifield Francis, baker, 178 Ann, and 97 Summer 
Merrill Catharine, widow of Moody, Theatre alley 
Merjiil Charles J. clerk, 341, boards 250 Washington 
Merrill Daniel, mariner, Noyes place 
Merrill Daniel, messenger County Court H., h. Cook ct. 
Merrill Edward, housew't, h. W. Centre n. Cambiidge 
Merrill Jabez B. cabinetmaker, h. 5 Stillraan pi. 
Merrill James C. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 42 Chesnut 
Merrill Jesse, handcartman, rear 366 Washington 
Merrill Joseph, housewright, h. 11 W. Second 
Merrill Joseph, hatter, h. 87 Prince 
Merrill Lemuel, handcartman, rear 337 Washington 
Merrill Nathan, teacher, Snowhill 
Merrill Nathaniel, h. 110 Pfeasant 
Merrill Sarah, widow, Haymarket place 
Merritt Benjamin, laborer, rear 85 Pond 
Merritt (Jerome) & Bush (Frederick T.), com. merch, 14 

Central wf M.'a h. 53 Hancock 
Merritt John, laborer, 3 Humphrey place 


Merritt John A. h. 20 Treinont near Washington 

Merritt Russell A. clerk, 38 Water 

Merritt Ziba, housewriglit, Kennard avenue 

Merry John, cooper, opposite Union wf. h. Fleet 

Merry R. D. C. See Howard & M. 

Meserve John B. (Davis ^ M.), h. Brookline 

Messer James, teamster, rear Friend below Travers 

Messer Siillman, grocer, 33 Poplar, h. do. 

Messer Willard, h. 19 North Russell 

Messer William D. (Thomas Lord ^ Co.), h. 17 Green 

Messer Wm. W. jewelry & fancy g'ds, 208 Washington, 

boards 12 Somerset place 
Messinger (Charles), Mirick (Beiij. L.) & Co, (Geo. D. 

Gordon), dry g'ds, 13 Cent. Messinger's h. 7 Orange 
Messinger Daniel, hatter, old stand, 387 Washington 
Messinger Daniel, jr. hatter, 387 Wash. h. 4 Salem place 
Messinger David A. housewright, 21 Carver 
Messinger Eben. F. (MoLineux 8^ M.), boards 7 Orange 
Messinger George W. iron store, 62 Broad, b'ds 1 Avery 
Messinger Roswell E. wines, Milk, h. 4(j Allen 
Metcalf Caleb, mason, 17 Allen 

MetcalfNath. jr. (Geo. Hardwick Sf Co), h. 447 Wash. 
Metcalf Philander, teamster, 4th street 
Metcalf Reuben, pattern maker, house 2d street 
Metcalf William, spar maker, h. rear 324 Ann - 
Metts Edward, musician, h. 7 Province House conrt 
Meyer Borchart, dry goods, 367 Washington, house do. 
Middleton Thomas (Wade S^ M), h. r. 371 Washington 
Milan Martin, laborer, 21 Washington place 
Milk (John) & Nash (^r-m. H.), boatbuild. N. Battery wf. 

h. rear Moon 
Miles Anna Eliza, governess Female Asylum, Essex 
Miles Solomon P. principal High School, h. 52 Pinckney 
Miles Walter, truckman, La Fayette avenue 
Miley Enoch, stevedore, h. 59 Prince 
Millard Charles J. soapstone worker, h. Haymarket pi. 
Millard Samuel, housewright. Carver, h. 8 Avery 
Millbanks John, laborer, rear Hamilton 
Miller Andrew, shoemaker, h. Purchase cor. Broad 
Miller Charles, mariner, rear C street 
Miller Charles, Rev. h. Margaret 

Miller David, blacksmith, r. 614 Wash. h. 7 Lucas place 
Miller David, housewright, h. 25 Second 
Miller David, caulker and graver, h. East rear school h. 
Miller Edward, 161 Tremont 
Miller George, h. Old Road, S. Boston 


Miller Geo. Lyman, painter, 18 S. M;;rket, li 30 Pnplar 

Miller Hannah, nurse, 45 Pieasiint 

Miller Hannah, widow ofCharle.s, h. 9 Franklin place 

Miller James, fruit, 91 Cornhili, h. N. Grove 

Miller John, merchant, 4 India 

Miller John W. R. mariner, 253 Ann 

Miller Martin, enrtman, h. rear 2'2 Washington place 

Miller Mary, widow, 69 Tremont 

Miller Mary Ann, school, S. Bridiie, h. 689 Washington 

Miller Moses, inspector fish, K. Boston, h. 20 Fleet 

l\liller Sarah R. widow of iSamuel R. h. 4 Park 

^Tiller Sarah, nurse, h. 35 S. Margin 

Miller Stephen, cahinetmaker, h. Charlestown 

Miller Thompson, counsellor, Franklin avenue 

Millet Abraham, jr. hats, 19 Washington, h. 13 Beacon 

Millet Alexander, rear 43 Prince 

Millet Jonathan, Pond 

Millet Martha, school for seamen's children^ Sun court 

Mills Cyrus, grocer, 104 Pond 

Mills Daniel, laborer, Hiijh street place 

Mills James K. t& Co. (Edmund Dicight & Charles H. 

Mills), com. merch. 52 Broad, h. 5 Chauncey pi. 
Mills James L. sawfiler, Hanover avenue 
Mills & Smith, attorneys, 4 Tudor's building 
Mills John, U. S. dist. attor. 4 Tudor's build, h. Trem. H. 
Mills Lewis (Peirre, M. &- Wheeler), h. 13 Sheafe 
Mills William, bridge builder, 10 Charter 
Milne George P. grocer, 81 S::Iem, h. 12 Prince 
Milne Mary, nurse, Commercial near Hanover 
Milner Elizabeth, widow, 456 Washingt(Mi 
Milton Ephraim, W. L goods, 117 Commercial, h. Clark 
Milton William H. &. Co. (T. Slocomb), c]o\hes ware- 
house, 4 Faneuil U. Milton's h. 50 Mt. Vernon 
Minehani Henry, teamster, 547 Washington 
Miner Benjamin F. captain, h. 43 Fayette 
Miner Henry C. mariner, h. rear 4 Orange lane 
Mining James, laborer, 4 Prospect 
Mining Mark, b. South Margin 
Minns Susan, widow of Thomas, h. 22 Pearl 
Minot Jonathan, distiller, Front, h. 436 Washington 
Minot Otis (Joseph Bartlctt & Co), h Comrner. n. Hull 
Minot Thomas, baker. May, h. Commercial near Prince 
Minot William, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 58 Beacon 
Miragliss Salvadore, laborer, 279 Ann 
Mirick Benjamin L. (Messivo-er, M. ^- Co.), h. 53 Carver 


MiricJv Henry, jr. lu G South st. place 

Mitclieil Ale-xander, laborer, rear (50 Elliot 

Mitchell (Cusliing) A: Bryant (Seth), leather, 30 Broad 

Mitchell Elizabeth, senipskess, h. ](i Fayette 

Mitchell Isaac R. lamps and fancy it'ds, 318 Washington 

^Mitchell James, cordvvainer, 2 Southac 

Mitchell James, stuccoworker, h. rear 18 S. Russell 

Mitchell James B. baker, h. W. Centre 

Mitchell John, wood wharf, Charleslown, h. G4 Leveret 

Mitchell Joseph, laborer, Batterman place 

Mitchell Nahum, house 57 Federal 

Mitchell Phineas, h. 1 Acorn 

Mitchell {Sani'L H.) & Dunbar (Loring), housewrights, 

Lancaster. Mitchell's h. 12 Lynde 
Mitchell {byvanus L.) & Co. (JV. D. Hyde), merchants, 

14 State. Mitchell's h. 57 Federal 
Mitchell Theodore {Lyford 4^ M.), h. 9 Brattle 
Mitchell William & Co. {John Til[son),fiuding store, 43 

N. Market. Mitchell's h. 48 Poplar 
Mixer Daniel, Franklin House, North Market 
Mixter Charles. See Jabez C. Howe & Co. 
Mizner Gilbert, stage driver, Margaret alley 
Moffat Joseph L. druggist, h. 68 Cvhambers 
Moftett L. L. hairdresser, 8 Hanover 
Moffett Priscilla, widow, 3 Norfolk place 
Moffit Sophia A. 1 Wendell 
Molineux (Robert JV.) &. Messinser (E. F.), dry goods, 

395 Washington. M.'s h. 30 Warren 
Monks Patrick, ship sawyer, 3d street 
Montague VVm. H. & George L. dry goods, 43 Kilby, h. 

1 Kneeland pi. G. L. boards Tremont 
Monteath Caroline, widow, rear 31 Allen 
Montgomery Hugh, counsellor. Turnpike cor. 4th St. 
Montgomery Thomas, laborer, h. rear 41 Congress 
Moody George (Jcnncss, Gage ^-- .¥.), h. 47 Chambers 
Moody {Henrietta) & Allen {Harriet), variety shop, 54 

Leveret, h. 7 Spring 
Moody William, mariner, N. Margin 
Moody William, 88 Faneuil H. market, h. 1 N. Margin 
Moody William H. dry goods, 73 Milk, h. 55 High 
Mooney Jatncs N. painter, boards Canton near Suffolk 
Mooney Nicholas, laborer, rear 116 Sea 
Mooney Patrick, sexton, bookstore, op. 44 Federal 
Moore Abel, turner, 73 Corn hi 11 
JMoore Abraham M. truckman. Pond cor. Charleslown 


Moore Abram, counsellor, rear 24 Cotirt, li. C8 Temple 

Moore Artiiiatus, coppersmith, Soutli Margin 

Moore A. L clerk, rear 39 Salem 

Moore Augustus M. baker, h. N. Russell cor. Vine 

JVfoore A. N. (Samuel Wales &- Co.), boards 9 Elm 

Moore {Calvin G.) & Bellows (IVm.), grocers, 119Cam- 

bridire. Moore's li. 31 Leveret 
Moore Charles, grocer, 27, h. 28 Poplar 
Moore Charbitte, widow, Humplirey place 
Moore Edward, laborer, 107 Broad 
IVloore Eliza, widow, Theatre alley 
JMoore Fanny, widow, rear 39 8alem 
Moore Frances, nurse, rear C71 Washington 
Moore Hugh, truckman, h. 1 La Fayette avenue 
Moore James, painter, h. 217 Ann 
Moore Joseph, housewright, h. 1 ISturgis place 
Moore Levi V. R. painter, 36 Portland, h. 87 Prince 
Moore Nathan, cooper, house 81 Sea 
Moore Orin, h. 57 Saleui 

Moore Patrick, laborer, south 794 Washington 
Moore Samuel, hats, 300 Wash. h. S. Cedar n. Church 
Moore Samuel, North Federal court 
Moore Samuel, captain, 192 Hanover 
Moore Saujuel H. laborer, Elliot near Tremont 
Moore Sarah, widow, 8 Pleasant st. court 
Moore Thomas, clerk, 204 Washington 
Moore Thomas, brushmaker, h. Humphrey place 
Moore William R. cooper, Salter place 
JNIoras Emanuel, grocer, h. Butolph jiead Southac 
More Sarah, widow of Thomas U. h. 7 Hawkins 
Moiey George, counsellor, 21 State, li. 18 Franklin pi. 
Morey Jeremy (Lovjoy ^^ M.), h. rear GG2 Washington 
Morey Joseph, mariner, h. 24 Sheafe 
Morey Stephen L. machinist, h. 3 1-2 Spring 
Morey William, laborer, h. 29 Front 
Moran James, laborer, (j75 Washington 
Morgan Caroline, widow, 4 Norfolk place 
Morgan Enos, housewright, 59 Prince 
Morgan Isaiah, laborer. Castle near Middlesex 
Morgan Nancy, widow of Littleton T. h. Portland 
Morgan William, laborer, h. rear 22 Federal 
Moriarty Joseph, physician, 98 Court 
Morn Charles, laborer, Dedham 
Morrill James, 3d street 
Morrill James, 2d, clerk, house 101 Tremont 


Morrill Jolin, liousewriglit, rear Beilinap, h. 2C do. 
Morrill Peter, well digger, rear 13 Sea 
Morrill Robert, laborer, h. Clark alley 
IMorrill Samuel, physician, 12 Sullivan place 
Morrill Susannah, widow, back of 8 Pleasant 
Morrill {Thomas) & Lowell {H'm.), housewr'ts, Lindall 
Morris Abigail W. widow ofKobert, house 7 Acorn 
Morris Ann, 18 Williams 

Morris Apolios, paints, 112 State, h. 27 Tremont 
JMorris Charles, mariner, Dedham 
Morris Charles, waterman, rear Moon 
Morris John, house La Fayette avenue 
Morris Lewis H. dry goods, 427 Wash, boards G Beach 
Morris Robert, house Cliarlestown 
Morrison David, 86 Faneuil Hall market 
Morrison Edward, laborer, cellar 104 Purchase 
Morrison George W. mason, house 52 Fayette 
Morrison James, laborer. Creek square 
Morrison John, provisions, Sudbury square, h. Pond 
Morrison Patrick, laborer, rear Prince near the bridge 
Morrison William A. See Allen & M. 
Monissey Edmund, cooper, h. 24 Washington avenue 
Morrissey John, laborer, rear 143 Brond 
Morse Aaron, jr. {B'c.Hon ^'-.M.), h. 15 Tremont n. Wash. 
Morse Christopher, cabinetmaker, h. 2 Fayette court 
Morse David, handcartnian, house rear 27(5 Ann 
Morse Edmund N. pumpmaker, rear 30 N. Russell 
Morse Elbridge G. dry g'ds, 21) Cambridge,-h. 19 Hancock 
Morse Elisha, Fire Department's HoteT, Old Road 
Morse Eliza D. tailoress, 5 Norfolk place 
Morse Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 2 La Grange place 
Morse Ezekiel, pilot, h. 17 Tileston 
Morse E. R. milliner, 15G, house 159 Court 
Morse Har\nah, widow of Elijah, rear 42 Pond 
Morse Hazen, engraver, 70 Washington, h. 4 Sullivan pi. 
Morse (Hennj) t^ Jenkins (James), painters, 60 Commer. 
Morse John, variety store, 60 Sea, h. East r. engine house 
Morse Joseph, painter, 60 Commercial, h. Salutation 
Morse Joseph A. housewright, h. 23 Carver 
Morse Lydia, boarding, 1 Bath corner Milk 
Morse Mary, widow of Robert, house 34 High 
Morse Oren, rear 25 Allen 

Morse Robert M. & Co. (/?. R. Rand), 9 South Market, 
house 12 Bowdoin 



Morse Samuel F. &. Co. (Sidjipy B. Morse), Eng. goods, 

12 Cimtral, house 8 South Bennet 
Morse Sarah H. dressmaker, rear 351 Washington 
Morse Sidney B. (5. F. M. ^ Co.), h. 2 La Grange place 
Morse Wm. S. S. (Fisher S,^ M.), hoards 2 La Grange pi. 
Morse VViUiam, machinist, 3 Comhill, h. S. Russell 
Morton Abigail, house rear 2 Plymouth place 
Morton Andrew, stable, Federal, house 27 South 
Morton Ebenezer, honsewright, Trenioni, h. 48 Fayette 
Morton Newell, laborer, rear Church near the rail road 
Morton Otis, housevvr't, Median, pi. h. Trein. n. Warren 
Morion Sylvenus F. shipwright, h. Spear alley 
Morton VViUiam. See Thompson &■ M. 
Morton William S. 16 Court, house 13 Avon place 
3Ioseley David C. house Bromfield cor. Washington 
Moseley Flavel (Phillips & M.), h. Orange ct. c. Wash. 
Moses Charles, house 8 Lowell place 
Moses George H. mason, Henchman lane 
Moses I. H. (Dcnnison &/• M.), h. 9 Federal court 
Moses Joseph H. provisions, Bromfield, h. 9 Federal ct. 
Moses Samuel W. printer, house Brighton 
Moses Thomas, printer, house 41 Brighton 
Moshier Abba G. widow, h. 72 Prince 
Mosier Philip T. carpenter, h. Piedmont near Pleasant 
Mosier William, mariner, h. Salutation 
Mosman Rufus, house 23 Stillman 
Motley lEdward, boards 10 South 

Motley Thomas & Edward, merchants, 31 India wharf 
Motley Thomas, jr. (Bacon 4^ M.), house 9 Chesnut 
Motley William W. tailor, 5 Wilson's lane, h. 11 Trem't 
Motte M. L Rev., Castle near Front 
Moulton Charles, teamster, h. rear Short near Bedford 
Moulton Daniel, grocer, Haverhill, house Beverly 
Moulton Jotham. See Sargent & M. 
Moulton Moses P. 63 F. H. Market, h. 3 Lathrop place 
Moulton Newell IL grocer, 50 Brattle, house 33 Bridge 
Mountforl Charles, sailmaker, ] Rovve's wf h. r. 23 Allen 
Mountfort Joseph, house 44 Prince 
Mower Levi, innholder, 24 Ann 

Mower S. F. (Chamberlin 4/- M.), h. 4 Brattle square 
Mudge Alfred, printer, 2 Sweetser court, h. 4 A\ery 
Mudge (B. W.) & Coolidge (Wm. D.), com. merchants 

and auctioneers, 13 Broad 
Mudge Ezra, inspector, Custom H. h. rear 30 Chambers 
Mugford John, house wright, house rear 59 Warren 


Muirliead William, machinist, h. 3c! street 

Mulcahy John, hibnrer, rear 29 Milk 

Muldoon James, hiborer, rear 88 Warren 

Muldoon Owen, musician, rear 63 L^lliot 

MijIIen Barthoh)mew, laborer, Middlesex near Castle 

Mullen Daniel, laborer, 18 Water 

Mullen Dennis J. house Prince 

Mullen Francis, laborer, 114 Droad 

Mullen John, laborer, rear S3 Sea 

Mullen John, cordvvuinor, o]>posite 6G5 Washington 

Mullen Jbhn, laborer, house 12 Cross 

Mullen John, laborer, h. rear 40 Friend 

Mullen John, laborer, Middlesex near Castle 

Mulligan Thomas, laborer, h. 3d street 

Mulligan James, laborer, rear Sister near Berry 

Mullery Michael, laborer, 2 Wharf 

Mulvey Matthew, laborer, rear 63 Elliot 

Mumler John, typefounder, Ivers corner Merrimac 

Munday James, laborer, rear 671 Washington 

Munn Luther {Richards Sf M.), h. 55 South 

Munroe Abel B, provis. 214 Flanover, h. 17 1-2 Tileston 

Munroe Dan'l, watchniak. 36 Congress, h. Haymarket pi. 

Munroe Edmund, merchant, 14 State, h. 6 Hamilton pi. 

Munroe (Edtimnd) ^ Francis {David), printers and 

booksellers, 128 Washington 
Munroe Edwin, grain, 69 Commercial 
Munroe Elizabeth, v\ idow, 5 Norfolk place 
Munroe {Lewis) & Williams {Jer.). stablers, 21 Hanovor. 

Lewis's house 33 Elm 
Munroe George, provisions, 233 Ann, h. Tileston 
Munroe George, dry goods, 175 Wash, boards 8 Pearl 
Munroe Isaac, dry goods, 291 Wash. h. 8 Somerset pi. 
Munroe Jas. & Co. ( Geo. JVichoIs), booksellers, 134 Wash. 
Munroe James, provisions, 174 Ann, h. rear 5 Tileston 
Munroe John F. 84 Hanover 

Munroe John, teamster, Commercial near Foster 
Munroe John. See E. Baker & Co. 
Munroe Jotham B. provisions, Salem, h. r. 10 Tileston 
Munroe Lewis {Williams 8^- M.), house 33 Elm 
Munroe Otis, grain, 12 Commercial, h. 209 Hanover ^ 
Munroe Richard L. grain, 13 City wharf 
Munroe Sarah, widow, nurse, 67 Bedford 
Munroe Solomon & William H., W. L goods, 109, house 

107 Broad 
Munroe Washington, h. 31 Friend 



Munroe William, innliolder, Broni field House, Bronifield 
Munroe VVm. provisions, Coin. n. yVrin, li. n. lOTileston 
Munroe Wm. C. whipmaker, 35 Kxrh. li 47 Tretnont 
Munson Israel, mer. 17 Central wf. h. at Trernonl House 
Murdock Amasa, jr. {Gardner ^' M.), h. 11 Allen 
Murdock George vt Co. (yllfred A. Wetlmglon), grocers, 

23 Dock square, n. GO Federal 
Murdock John. See Levi WiIcuU & Co. 
Murdock Sarah, widow, 8 Blossom 
Murdock Stephen, innlmlder, G41 Washington 
Murdock Warren, merchant, 48 Com. h. 50 rinckney 
Murdock Wm. C. & Co. {Bhuj. C Harrh), shoes, 10 

Broad. M.'s house C24 Washington 
Murphy Archibald, 57 Fleet 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, rear 87 Broad 
Murphy David, laborer, 78 Purchase 
Murphy David, laborer, h. 38 JMerrimac 
Murphy Edward, carpenter, 3 Humphrey place 
Murphy Edward, laborer, 104 Broad 
Murphy Elizabeth, widows, Barro place 
Murphy James, house 3 Pitts conit 
Murphy James, laborer, rear 78 Warren 
Murphy John, laborer, rear 91 Broad 
Murphy Michael, slater, rear 13 Distil-house square 
Murphy Michael, coppersmith. Canton near Suffolk 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h. 88 Broad 
Murphy Michael, laborer, rear 75 Sea 
Murphy Michael, Pond 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, Theatre alley 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, Sister 
Murphy Stephen, South Margin 
Murphy Tliomas, boarding house, 22 Atkinson 
Murphy-Thomas, tailor, h. 3 Dearborn avenue 
Murphy Thomas, tailor, h. Peck lane 
Murphy l^homas, laborer, rear 94 Sea 
Murphy William, boatman, Commercial court 
Murphy William, waiter, h. Lindall 
Murray Isabella, h. 10 Bridge street court 
Murray Jaquith, housewright, house 44 Brighton 
Murray John, cordwainer, rear 83 Tremont 
Murray John, victualler. Cross 
Murray Michael, laborer, rear G3 Elliot 
Murray Michael, laborer, r. 104 Sea — another r. 83 Broad 
Murray Patrick & William, hats, 98, house 9G Broad 
Murray Robert, tailor, Theatre alley 


Murray Thomas, undertaker, h. Old Road, S. Boston 

Murray Thomas, tobacconist, 302 Ann 

Murte Barney, tailor, house rear 1()7 Ann 

Murtoy Michael, laborer, rear 123 Broad 

Mushevvay John F. laborer, house Church 

Mussey Benj. B. bookseller, 29 Cornhill, h. 5 Kneeland pi. 

Muzzey John, Custom House officer, h. 3 Federal court 

Myers Michael, Ji. 8 W. Centre 

Myers Saiah, widow, 18 Fayette 

Myers William, sugar refiner, Lyman place 

Myler Matthew, laborer, rear 119 Broad 

Myrick Samuel, mariner, rear 103 Purchase 

My rick Willianj, hou-^evvright, 110 Court 

NANCE JOHN, housewright, h. 1 Cedar street court 

Naromore Abie!, laborer, 9 Brighton 

Narey Richard, founder, A street 

Nash Bartholomew, laborer. Market place 

Nash Charles VV. baker, h. 13 Hamilton 

Nash Hiram, housewright, h. Carney place cor. Wash. 

Nash Jose[)h, caulker and graver, h. US Charter 

Nash Lydia, boarding house, 16 Fleet 

Nash Nancy, widow, Henchman lane 

Nash Nathaniel C. (Hitchcock S^ JV.), h. 52 Temple 

Nash Rachael, boarding-, 54 Union 

Nash William H. (MUk ^ M.), house Moon 

Nash William, shipwright, North Hanover court 

Nason Daniel, sup. depot Bos. ifeProv. railroad, h. Church 

Nason Daniel, housewright, house Southao 

Nason Joel, rear 107 Hanover 

Nason Leavitt, tailor, 4 Congress, house 4 Derne 

Nassau William M. hairdresser, 44 Court 

Nay Stanley, leather, 14 North Market, h. 25 Warren 

Nazro Charles G. (B. C. Clark & Co.), h. Pleasant 

Nazro Hem-y James, book keeper, house 42 Fayette 

Nazro John, house 42 Fayette 

Nazro John G. book keeper N. E. Bank, h. 9 Orange 

Neal Daniel W. blacking maker, h. 23 Warren 

Neal James, laborer, 153 Broad 

Neal John A. wheelwright, h. 5 Lowell place 

Neal Samuel, housewright, house 37 W. Cedar 

Neal William A. cordwainer, Broadway near I street 

Nealo Robert, printer, house 8 Southao 

Neat John, painter, h. 3 Short lane 

Neat Nathan, saddler, 4 Elm, h. 13 Stillman 


Neat Samuel R. 20 Lincoln 

Needham Sanjuei, chaisemaker, h. 58 Fayetle 

Neil Lucy, boardinfj house, 5 Sister 

Neles John, cooper, house 92 Sea 

Nelson Fanny, Barry's witarf 

Nelson Jatnes, printer, h. 30 Stillman 

Nelson Jane, widow, 12 Elliot — Another, rear 120 Sea 

Nelson John, laborer, rear 314 Ann 

Nelson Mary, widow, Barry's wharf 

Nelson Nehemiah, grocer, Salem c. Cross, h. 95 Pofld 

Nelson Thomas H. stonecutter, h. lOS Warren 

Nevens Rapha H. house rear 149 Washington 

Nevers Abel R. (.4. JVeUci> & Co.), boards at Exchange 

Nevers Benj. M. livery stable, U Boylston sq. h. Ill Front 

Nevers {Elie.n. W.) & Woodsum {Isaac P.), wood and 

coal, Otis's wf. N's h. 16 Wash, place 
Neville Thomas, laborer, Oliver 
Neville William H. carver, house 73 Charter 
Newcomb Abigail, widow, 62 Prince 
Newconib Annis, liousewright, h. South st. place 
Newcon)b Asa, carpenter, h. Fulton court 
Newcomb Danforth P. 7 F. H. market, h. 17 Tremont 
Newcomb James, 7 Faneuil Hall market 
Newcomb James, 2d, 129 F. H. market, h. r. Charlestown 
Newcomb Lemuel, 114 Faneuil Hall market 
Newcomb Loring, auct'r, 27 Exchange, h. Summer 
Newcomb Norton, dry goods, Blackstone, h. 4 Unity 
Newcomb Rufus, printer, 19 Water, h. r. 427 Washing. 

See advertisement 
Newcomb Susan, boarding house, Hull 
Newell Augustus T. Sec E. Vose & Co. 
Newell Horatif), laborer, h. 3 West Centre 
Newell James, 9 Elm, h. 30 Salem 
Newell Jeremiah G. housewright, Piper's wharf, house 

7 Newton place 
Newell Jonathan K. boards 95 Front 
Newell Joseph A. clerk, 401 Wash, b'ds 3 Kneeland pi. 
Newell Joseph, as.-istanl surveyor, house 29 Boylston 
Newell Joseph R. ag. wareh., 51 N. Market, h. 87 High 
Newell Joseph W. messenger North Bink, h. Lynde 
Newell Montgomery (Roh. Appletnn ^^ Co.), h.7 Frank. 
Newell Richard A. druggist, 75 Summer, h. 3 South 
Newell Willard M. clerk, 22 Merchants row 
Newhall Cheever & Co. {John Jl/.), shoes, 36 Broad 
Newhall Daniel B. (Gould, IVilder ^' Co.)^ h. Dedham 


Nevvhall Daniel R. music master, hou?e Dedham 

IVewhall Ezra F. dry goods, 179 Wash, b'ds 36 Camb. 

Newhall George, shoes and leather, 17 Broad 

Newhall James, shoe store, 161 Hanover, h. 87 Charter 

?fewhall Josiah, inspector Custom H. b'ds 1 Bromfield 

Newhall John See Whitman & N. 

Nfcwhall John, housewright, h. opposite 61 Sea 

Newhall John M. (Cheever A. & Co.), h. 24 Pearl 

Newhall Sally, nurse, 718 Washington 

Newman Caroline & Ann, toys, 57 Court 

Newman Gustavus, boarding, Well corner Wharf 

Newman Nancy, house 283 Washington 

Newman Kobert E. crockery ware, 45 Court, h. 1 Colum. 

Newman Samuel II. tuiK)r, 2 Brattle, h. Pemberton hill 

Newman Susan, widow, 4!)1 Washington 

Newman Thomas, tin worker, h. 69 Sea 

Newman William, tailor, 2 Brattle 

Newmarch Angelia, instructress, 5 Atkinson 

Newmarch Samuel, baker, h. N. Margin 

Newnun Donald, laborer, op. 4 Bread 

Newton Abigail J. G, widow, rear 690 Washington 

Newton (Curtis) & Parker {Ahtier), grocers, Merrimac 

cor. Ivers 
Newton Henry, cordwainer, Turnpike, h. 4tii street 
Nichols Betsey, boarding house, 47 Temple 
Nichols Benjamin R. counsellor, 60 Slate, h. 20 South 
Nichols Charles, teller N. E. Bank 
Nichols Cashing, house 14 Charles 
Nichols Charles, mason, h. 3 1-2 Spring 
Nichols Chas. C. ind. rub. goods, Stale, h. 8 Williams 
Nichols Eliza, 64 Essex 

Nichols Eleazcr, carpenter, house 61 Warren 
Nichols Frederick, clerk Globe Bank,h. 24 Allen 
Nichols George. Sec James Munroe 6l Co. 
Nichols George, housewright, h. 30 N. Russell 
Nichols Henry, confectioner, h. Leveret court 
Nichols John, boarding, Alden court 
Nichols John, laborer, rear 120 Purchase 
Nichols John D. bootmaker, North Bennet 
Nichols J. P. painter. Harvard place, h. 5 Stillman 
Nichols Lawrence, confec. 119 Court, h. Alden lane 
Nichols Luiher W. h. 4 Gouch 
Nichols Mary, widow, house Blossom place 
Nichols Oliver, rose water manufacturer, &c. 103 Pleasant 
Nichols Ptrez, house Alden lane 


Nichok Tl. Whe]Icn,-h. op. 13 Front 

Nichols S. VV. mason, 00 Salom 

Nichols Susnn. wid. of Ebenezer B. 48 Tempio 

Nichols (Thaddcus.jr.) Sl Whitney (Israel), merchants, 

in Central wf. N.'s h. Bowdoin 
Nichols Tliomas F.. publisher Standard, Ann 
Nichols (T"*/??^;. S.) iV. Gibson (K.), painters, 163 Tre- 

nv>nt. N.'s h. 40 Carver 
Nichols Wm. honsewright, r. 9t3 Pleasant, h. 50 Warren 
Nichols William, 20 Elliot 

Nichols William, printer, Wilson lane, h. 3 Orange ct. 
Nickels Samuel, capt. portwarden, 31 India, h. 44 Spring 
Nickerson David, house Broadway 

Nickers(m Ebenezer, fisli, 3!) I^ong wf. \\. 8 Sturgig place 
Nickerson FVedorick, capt. h. F. st. near Broadway 
Nickerson Josiah {Eldredgc S^ J\\), h. 19 Lynde 
Nickerson Wm. honsewright, h. 4 Flarvard court 
Nicolson Samuel, agent B. & R. Mill corporation, hous« 

7 Bulfiuch place 
Niebuhr Hem-y, pianoforte tuner, 7 Avery place 
Nightingale James, dry goods, 2i7 Wash. h. 2 Bedford 
Nilcs John S. honsewright, house rear Broadway 
Niies Jesse, housewrigiit, Atkinson n. iMilk, h. Cotton pi- 
Nilcs Thomas, rear Suffolk Bank 60 Slate 
Niles Thomas, broker, house 16 Pearl 
Niles William J. stable, 21 School, h. 16 Pearl 
Nions Cor.ielius, laborer, Peck lane 
Noble Elizabeth, widow, 2 Madison place 
Noble Julius A. auctioneer. 111 Washington 
Noble Samuel, truckman, house rear 22 Ann 
Noble (Thomas) <fe Payne (Samuel), 85 F. Hall market, 

house 54 Portland 
Noble Wm. handcartman, op. Mariner's church Purchase 
Nolan Martin, house 4 Prospect 
Nolen Spencer, jr. surgeon dentist, 16 Winter, boards 

1 La Grange place 
Norcross Archelaus, corkcutter, house 2 Hawley 
Norcross Daniel, blacking maker, boards 67 Bedford 
Norcross H. A. (Melleri .^^ Co.), boards American House 
Norcross Jose()h, boatbuilder, Packard's wharf 
Norcross Judith, widow, 6 Bartlett 
Norcross Mary C. widow of Otis, house 6 Poplar 
Norcross (Luring) <Sl Wood (Mattheio F.), dry goods, 22 

Kilby. N.'s h. 4 Pinckney 


Norcross Otis & Co. (Eliphalet Jones), crockeryware, 23 

and 24 S. Market, h. 33 Blossom 
Norcross Sarali, Trcmont ror Kulin place 
Norcross T. R. 100 Faneuil Hall inaiket 
Norris Elijah, shipwright, 2d street 
Norris George, mason, house 108 Camhridge 
Norris James S. cooper, house rear 9 South Bennet 
Norris John, housevvright, George, house 4 Grove 
Norris Phineas, house Milton corner Spring 
Norris Priscilla, widow, 3 Pitts 
Norris (Rufus G.) &. Plint {Joseph TV.), leather, 21 N. 

Market. N.'s h G Barton 
Norris Sarah, widow, nurse, rear 119 Pleasant 
Norris (Shepherd H.) & Curtis (Samuel S.), dry goods, 

35 Kilby. N.'s h. GO Boylston 
Norris Theophilus, wood, Oliver place, house 3 do. 
Norris Wm. painter, house rear 119 Pleasant 
Norton John, laborer, Gouch 

Norton JohnD. bookbinder, 130 Wash. h. 41 Friend 
Norton Joshua, sailniaker, 11 Foster's wf. h. 2G Friend 
Norton Joshua, jr. See Heywood & N. 
Norton Lydia, widow, 13 Atkinson 
Norton Nancy, widow, 2 Prospect 
Norton Patrick, shoemaker, h. rear 344 Washington 
Norton Richard B. clothing, 234, house rear 324 Ann 
Norton Thaxter, cordwainer, Merrimac, h. r. S. Margin 
Norton William, bookbinder, h. 41 Friend 
Norwood George M. hook-keep. Mer. Bank, h. 3G Spring 
Norwood James W. printer, h. 12 Chambers 
Norwood Samuel, assessor, 3G Spring 
Norwood William D. cabinetmaker, house Dedham 
Notaby Richard, laborer, Peck lane 
Nottage Nathaniel, house Vernon place 
Nottage Samuel C. (Pratt S^- JV'.), house 6 Hull 
Naurse Amory, copperplate pri. School, h. Sweelsor ct. 
Nourse Benjamin F. bookbinder, h. Church 
Nourse Benjamin, baker, h. 22 Washington place 
Nourse Charles, dry goods, 20.5 Wash. h. 43 Federal 
Nowell Oliver, restorator, 29 Nortli Market 
Nowell Sliadrach, cordw^ainer, h Mechanic place 
Nowland Cornelius, laborer, r. Church near the rail road 
Nowland Daniel, laborer, rear 119 Broad 
Nowland Matthew, laborer, h. 2 Short street court 
Nowland Miles, laborer, Broad op. Maine wf. 
Nowland Nancy, widow, G."> India wharf 


Nowlarid Patrick, laborer, re;ir 93 Warren 

Noyos Charles E. paiiiler, house 24 Carver 

Noyes Daniel (Maynard \- JV.), h. ]0 Morton place 

Koyes Ebenezer, niessenger United States court 

Noyes Ebenezer cSi. Elisha, VV. I. g'cis, 67 Sea cor. East 

Noyes Edward {Maynard 4'" jV.), house 27 Somerset 

Noyes Hosea, painter, h. 19 Orange 

Noyes Joseph, paint, and glaz. h. rear 2 Plymouth pi. 

Noyes Jo.sepli, 76 Salem 

Noyes Michael, ropemaker, h rear Suffolk near Canton 

Noyes Salome H. dressmaker, 24 Carver 

Noyes Samuel, tailor, 7 Congress square 

Noyes Sarah VV. boarding house, 40 Union 

Noyes U. VV. dry goods, 70 Hanover 

Nugent Bernard, clothing, Blackstone, h. 18 Myrtle 

Nugent Christopher, laborer, Jt) S. Bennet 

Nurse Gilbert, clerk, house 30 Charter 

Nurspicktie Mary, house rear 7 Allen 

Nute {Clark P.) & Fernald {A'atk'l), blacksm. Haverhill 

Nuie James, blacksmith, house 35 Tliacher 

Nute {James) & Googins {Mark), blacksmiths, Richmond 

Nutson Jolin, housevvright, house roar 4th street 

Nutsptill Franci.s J. hairdresser, 93 Broad, h. 17 Hamilton 

Nutter Richard, soda room, 22 Franklin 

Nutting Buckler T. laborer, h. Cedar lane c Pinckney 

Nutting Calvin, house 6 Beach 

Nutting Catherine, widow, 11 Federal court 

Nutting Eleazer, truckman, Market place 

Nutting Luther & Calvin, blacksmiths, Beach. I.. N.'» 

house 3 Church 
Nutting Nancy, boarding house, 13 Atkinson 
Nutting Surali, milliner, 234 Washington 
Nye Benjamin, house rear 53 Cambridge 
Nye Caroline, boarding house, 247 Washington 
Nye David, painter, h. 11 Garden 
Nye Elizabeth, widow, 6 Richmond 
Nye Geo. B. house Alden lane 
Nye Henry, cooper, 1st street 
Nyman Benjamin, furrier, house 34 Vine 

OAKES ASA, baker, Battery 
Oakes Daniel, Suncourt 
Oakes George, cooper, house 12 Bedford 
Oakes {Geo.} & Russell {John F.), painters, Packard's wf. 


Oakes (Geo. L.) &, Ellis (./.), commission merchants, 17 

and 18 S. Market, h. 1 Sewall place 
OaUes Geo. P. printer, 16 Haskin's buildinir, h. Fayette 
Oakes James, salt store, 49 Long vvf. h. 12 Williams 
Oakes Joshua, ship joiner, r. 49 India, h. r. 170 Hanover 
Oakes Joshua J. fruit collar, 7 Sea 
Oakes Josiah, housewright, house 7 Stillnian place 
Oakes Lewis, coppersmith, h. rear 2 Plymouth place 
Oakes Moses, rear 324 Ann 
Oakley Alexander, boards G Hayward place 
Oakman Samuel, hatier, boards Boylston Iiotel 
O'Brian Martin, tailor, house 27 Williams 
O'Brien Ann, widow, house rear 17 Federal 
O'Brien Ann, widow, house Sister 
O'Brien Anthony, laborer, house 14 Stillman 
O'Brien Charles, laborer, rear 94 Sea 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, lOf) Sea 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. Broad op. Maine wharf 
O'Brien Dennis W. upholsterer, h. 1 South Foster place 
O'Brien Edward, stone cutter, house 12 East 
O'Brien Edward, cooper, rear 75 Elliot 
O'Brien Edward, laborer, Gibbs lane 
O'Brien Francis, laborer, 10 Oliver 
O'Brien Jerry, laborer, rear 88 Summer 
O'Brien John, laborer, Hobbs's vvf — Another, r. 104 Sea 
O'Brien John, laborer, 46 Front 
O'Brien John, clerk, 85 State, h. 10 Lynde 
O'Brieii Mary, widow of Edward, groceries, 24 Pleasant 
O'Brien Michael, inariner, 2 Humphrey place 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, 153 Broad 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, opposite 47 Front 
O'Brien Michael, beer, 78 Broad 
O'Brien Stephen, head Ellis's wharf 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, rear 79 Sea 
O'Brien William, laborer. Peck lane 
O'Connel Geo. C. baker, boards 8 N. Centre 
O'Connel James, laborer. Broad op. Maine 
O'Conner James, W. I. goods, 33 Sea 
O'Conner James, house Southac cor. Grove 
O'Conner Mary, widow of John, 33 Sea 
O'Connon William, mason, house 13 Williams ct. 
O'Connor Margaret, widow, 74 Purchase 
O'Connor Thomas, waiter, Peck lane 
O'Daniel John, laborer, A street 
O'Dell Elizabeth, widow, 4 Elliot court 


O'Doll Noah, cordwainer, 2 Fleet 

Odenwald George A. cordwainer, op. 2 Bcidford 

Odin George {Meldriim & Co.), ii. 20 Bulfinch 

Odin Jolin, house (J2 Warren 

Odin John, jr. physician, 88 Tremont cor. Elliot 

Odiorne (George) &, Son {James C), iron and nails, 97 

Milk, h. 43 Hancock 
Odiorne George, jr. clerk, boards 74 Sinnmer 
Odiorne Henry B. teller Eagle Bank 
Odiorne John, shoe dealer, house 5 Stillman place 
Odiorne Kaniiiel M. housevvright, Salutation 
Odiorne William H. cashier American Bank 
Odiorne William, blacksmith, h. 2 Hancock row 
O'Donnel Edward, laborer, Peck lane 
O'Donncl James, tailor, h. rear 8 South street place 
O'Donnel John, laborer, rear Castle near Middlesex 
O'Donnel John, carpenter, boards rear 188 Wash. 
O'Donnel Simon, laborer, 104 Purchase 
O'Donnell James, 14 Stillman 
O'Donnell Michael, laborer, rear 671 Washington 
Ogden John T. chaise maker, 24 Friend, h. 210 Hanover 
OHaraJohn, laborer, 3 Bread 
O'Hara Michael, shoemaker, opposite 73 Elliot 
O'Hara Patrick, laborer, house Mechanic 
O'Heare Nicholas, laborer, opposite 102 Sea 
Oliver Ann, widow, 224 Hanover 

Oliver Benj. L. counsellor, Barristers Hall, h.730 Wash. 
Oliver Edward H. packer of glass, rear 65 Charter 
Oliver Elizabeth, house 55 Hancock 
Oliver Elizabeth, 63 Charter 
Oliver Francis, oysters, 99 Ann 
Oliver Francis J. 58 State, h. 5 Chesnut 
Oliver Henry H. boatbuilder. Commercial n. Foster 
Oliver Henry J. nierch. rear Suffolk Bank, h. 14 Sheafe 
Oliver Hubbard, tailor, 13 Water, house 7 Oliver 
Oliver John P. shoes, 87 Hanover 
Oliver John, branch pilot, house 123 Purchase 
Oliver Michael, house 6 Bridge 
Oliver Royal, housevvright, keeper S. B. O. Bridge, h. 

Old Road S. Boston 
Oliver Sam'l W. A. (Shepard, 0. ir Co.), h. 14 Chambers 
Oliver Samuel P. teller Market Bank, h. 114 Hanover 
Oliver Susannah, house Battery 
Oliver William, mariner. Salutation 
Oliver Wni. B. tinplate worker, 19 Union, L. Lathrop pi. 


Olney Stephen W. hat store, 29 Wash. h. 12 Fleet 

Omen Henry, rigger, house Medfurd 

O'Neal James, carpenter, house Dedham 

ONea! John, caneworker, rear 409 Washington 

O'Neal John, laborer, Purciiase cor. Broad 

O'Neal John, laborer, 143 Broad — Another, do. do. 

O'Neal Owen, laborer, house Langdon place 

O'Neal Patrick A. plate printer, h. South st. court 

O'Neil Terence, laborer, house W Essex place 

Oiithank Curtis, intelligence office, 47 Milk. h. 411 Wash. 

Oornen Peter J. baker, house rear '.i Lucas place 

Ornond Robert, painter, rear 68 Charter 

Orcutt Catherine, lailoress, rear 16 Hawkins 

Orcutt Ephrairn, mason, 1 North Russell 

Orcutt Francis B. provisions, 28 Prince 

Orcutt Samuel, machinist, house 30 N. Russell 

Orcutt Sarah B widow of John P. 3 Pond 

Orders Thomas, blacksmith, 3d street 

Ordway Abigail B. millineiy, 233 Wash. h. 7 Norfolk pi. 

Ordway (F. J.) <& Stuart ( Georire), housew'ts, Haverhill 

Ordway Frederick J. housewright, h. Travers 

Ordway Moses, grocer, 89 Cambridge, house 8 Blossom 

Ordway , widow, 7 Norfolk place 

Orne Joseph T. pianoforte maker, h. 12 Lucas place 

Orne William, soda room, 30 Brattle, h. Chambers 

O'Rourke Daniel, carpenter, h. 12 Wharf 

O'Rourke Michael, laborer, 92 Broad 

Orr David, cabinetmaker, house 8 Lucas place 

Orr Robert, housewright, house 52 South 

Orrok (Jus. L. P.) & feimmons ( Thos.), ship chan. 7 India 

Osborn E. T. 26 Union wf boards at Tremont 

Osborn George, 44 Mount Vernon 

Osborn Geo. L sikerplater, h. Southac cor. Garden 

Osborn John J. shoemaker, house rear 39 Essex 

Osborn John J. jr. shoemaker, house rear 39 Essex 

Osborn Samuel, ropemaker, op. 34 Elliot 

Osborn 'VVyman, house 3d street 

Osgood Alfred, jr. jeweller, 96 Wash, house Gouch 

Osgood David, physician, 7 Winter 

Osgood D. B. wheelwright, 21 Merrimac 

Osgood Deborah, Lafayette avenue 

Osgood G, L. housewright, h. Charlestown 

Osgood Hannah, widow, 2 Sturgis place 

Osgood Hannah, widow, rear 77 Warren 

Osgood Isaac P. counsellor, 5 Court, h. American House 


Osgoofl Isnac, clothes warehouse, 31 Dock square 
O-good Jolin B. painter, h. Loverel cor. Loveret lane 
Osgood John, jr. watchniaker, 3Dd Washiiigloii, Iiouse 

VVhe(;If,r's court 
Osgood J. H. & J. dry goods, 3 Kilhy, h. G Sullivan pi. 
Osgood L. H. weighor, 17 Central vvf. h. 7 Wash, place 
Ostinelli Louis, professor of music, boards 22 Atkinson 
Ostrom Charles, ivory turner, house 14 N. Russell 
Otis George A. house 2 Boylston place 
Olis George W. Surveyor General of Lumber, 112 Milk, 

h. 2rf (chambers 
Otis George W. jr. physician, Court sq. h. 20 Bulfinch 
Otis Harrison G. 42 Beacon 
Olis James, house 18 Oak 
Otis {James J. G.), Broaders (E. R), & Co. booksellers, 

147 Washington, h. 18 Oak 
Otis Mrs. widow of Samuel A., 47 Beacon 
Otis (IVm. E.) & Rand (E.), 110 F. H mar. h. Cooper 
Otis William F. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 70 Bencon 
Olis William H. mathemat. instru. maker, h. 56 Myrtle 
Otterson Joseph D. machinist, rear Second 
Ouldin Richard, plasterer, 4th street 

Owen Eliza, widow of Wiliian), r. Broadway and 3d st. 
Ovvon Lydia, widow of Benjamin, h. 83 Purchase 
Owens JSIichael, laborer, 1 \Vliarf 
Owens Owen, laborer, h. 6 South st. place 
Owens W^illiam, laborer, rear 45 Sea 
Owens William, laborer, rear gun house, Fort hill 
Owens (fr??t.) ife Leonard (Geo.), confectioners, 4th st. 

near Turnpike 
O.xford William, boatbuilder, Commercial near Hanover 
O.'inard Henry, mer. 54 Commer. wf. li. 5 Mt. Vernon 

PACFvARD DAVID, clerk, 60 Purchase 

Packard Elijah, machinist, h. B street 

Packard Otis, npholsterei, h. Suffolk c. Carney place 

Packard Philo F. furnife. Federal n. Milk, h. 21 Leveret 

Packard Sylvanus, merchant, 14 Central wharf 

Paddon James, teacher music, 210 Washington 

Page A. R. See Coy & P. 

Page Calvin, mason, h. 21 Myrtle 

Page Edward, paperhangings, 182 Wash. h. 24 Tremont 

Page Enoch, cai)inetmaker, Ul Mf^rrimac 

Page George, housewright, rear Broadway 

Page George, mariner, lUd Ann 


Page Gilrnan, mason, h. 2 Cedar street court 

Page Jar.ob, liou>ewriglit, h. Broadway 

I'age Jatnes Anderson, laborer, 86 Court 

Page James, mason, 54 Temple 

Page John, liousewright, h. Middlesex near Castlo 

Page John A. mason, h. I Staniford place 

Page Joseph, mason, 8 Piedmont 

Page Kilby, paperliangings, 9 Court, h. 24 Somerset 

Page Stephens, laborer, 2 Norfolk place 

Page Susan, widow, rear 146 Pleasant 

Page Thaddeiis, Custom House officer, h. 15 Sheafc 

Page'Thos. papcrhangiiigs, 319 Wash, b'ds 24 Somerset 

Page Thomas, cordwainer, Hanover near Richmond 

Paige JaujHS W. & Co. {JVathan Jlppleton), dom. goods, 

85 Milk, h. 60 Summer 
Paine Amasa, U. S. navy, h. 2 Bowdoin 
Paine Charles C. attorney, 39 Court, h. 5 Bedford pi. 
Paine {Elias /7.), VVheelocU (Dioight) & Co. (F. F. 

/F//6e/fr), dry goods, 24 Cent. P.'s h. 56 1-2 Hano. 
Paine Elizabeth, widnw, 16 Newton place 
Paine Emanutd N. hemp manufac, b'ds S. 794 Wash. 
Paine James H. 49 Central wf h. 16 Newton place 
Paine Johnson, housewright, h. Dedham 
Paine Paschal, h. Derne 

Paine Robert T. counsellor, 17 Court, h. 16 Newton pi. 
Paine Samuel, laborer, h. 199 Ann 
Paine Sarah S. widow of Charles, h. Willow 
Paine Thomas M. tailor, 8 Franklin aven. h. 5 Unity ct. 
Paine. See Payne 

Pairar Antoiiy, boarding house. 258 Ann 
Palfrey William, clerk CustomH. h. Commer. n. Foster 
Palmer A. C. See Proctor, P. & Felt 
Palmer David, sexton, h. 26 Cross 
Palmer Edwin A. 401 Washington, h. 7 Province 
Palmer E'ijah F. ship carpenter, 4th street 
Palmer Ezra, tailor, 92, h 90 Ann 

Palmer Ezra, jr. physician, 52 Hanover, rear Portland 
Palmer James, laborer, rear 600 Washingtori 
Palmer John, tailor, h. 17 High 
Palmer John, hatter, house 8 Oliver 
Palmer John K chemist, 173 Tremont, h. 15 Hanover 
Palmer {J. P.) & Wallace (Jerome), boarding, opposite 

head of Lewis's wharf 
Palmer Joseph (Homer 4^ P.)^ house 7 Arch 
Palmer Julius A. merchant, 70 State, h. 3 Crescent place 


Palmer Lemuel, plumber, 2 Plymouth place 

Palmer Lucy L. h. 14 iStuniford 

Pahner Mary B. dressmaker, 41 Atkinson 

Palmer Mary VV. tailoiess, Essex court 

Palmer S. & I\. mantuamak. G4 Camb. h. 28 N. Russell 

Palmer Simeon, tailor, 49 Ann, h. 4 Myrtle 

Palmer Stephen, stonecutter, h. rear 47 Sea 

Palmer Thomas, mason, house 3 Statiiford place 

Papanti Lorenzo, dancing master, h. 221 Washington 

Park Amasa C (Scudder <^ P.), h. 15 Hayward place 

Park Adeline, nurse, 39 Boylstoii 

I'ark John, painter, Spring lane, h. 3 Sudbury 

Park John C. attorney, H'Couit, h. 18 Spring 

Park Thomas, carver, rear 409 vVashington 

Park William, mason, Broadway 

Park William A. painter, house 8 Butolph 

Parker Abner. See Newton &, Parker 

Parker Abigail, widow, 2 Sudbury 

Parker Abigail, widow of William, op. Ill Pleasant 

Parker Anna, widow of Bishop, 25 Bedford 

Parker Aurelius D. counsellor, 20 Court 

Parker Benjamin, laborer, h. Claflen place 

Parker Carleton, mason, h. Lowell place 

Parker Charles A. clerk S. J. Court, County Court H. 

house 8 Milton place 
Parker Charles, housewright, h. 1 Barre place 
Parker Charles H. h. 26 Warren 
Parker Clark, carver, h. Piedmont near Church 
Parker Daniel P. merchant. 01 State, h. 40 Beacon 
Paiker David, wharfinger, 14 City wf h. Distil-h. square 
Parker Deborah, widow, (>2 Boylston 
Parker Eber, blacksmith. Sea, h. 46 South 
Parker Edward W. clerk in Custom H. h. in Roxbury 
Parker Elizabeth, dressmaker, Salem near Hanover 
Parker Elizabeth, widow of Luther, h. 80 Tremont 
Parker E. milliner, 272 Washington 
Parker Frances W. widow, 7 Central court 
Parker G. G. G. handcartman, h. 3 Portland place 
Parker Gookin, housewright. Beacon, h. 3 Staniford pi. 
Parker {H. D.) .t Whitney (Fra/i^/m), Tremont restora- 

tor, Tudor's building, Court 
Parker L^aac, house 81 Pleasant 
Parker {Isaac) & Bianchard {Mraharn fV.), American 

goods, 74 Water. Parker's h. 9 Tremont place 
Parker Isaac H. h. 44 Pinckncy 


Parker (James) & Swift (John J.), flour store, 17 Long 

wf. Purker's h. 39 iStuiimer 
Parker John, 21) Long wharf, h. 69 Siiininer 
Parker John, grocer, 10 Prince, h. 16 do. 
Parker Juhn, laborer, 47 Pleasant 
Parker John, h. 6 Beacon 
Parker John, jr. 20 Long wf h. 139 Tremont 
Parker John B. merchant, 31 Congress, h. 17 Pearl 
Parker John D. 54 Kilby, b'ds at Cotninercial Coffee IL 
Parker John 11. telegraph office, 26 Central wharf, house 

5 Walnut. See advertisement 
Parker Jonas, cordwainer, house 83 Sea 
Parker Jonathan, hardware, 3 Union, h. 22 Thachor 
Parker Joseph \V. teamster, h. Suffolk near Dover 
Parker Lucy, boarding, 5 Hay ward place 
Parker Lydia, 6 1-2 Elliut 

Parker Mary, instructress, 127, rear 129 Pleasant 
Parker Mary, widow, boarding, 165 Court 
Parker Matthew S. cashier Suffolk Bank, h. 9 Kneeland 
Parker Miliey L. widow, h. 2 Pitts 
Parker Moses, housewright, Beach, h. do. 
Parker Natiianiel, truckman, h. Short near Essex 
Parker I'eter, 20 Long wharf, h. 46 Beacon 
Parker Richard G. instructer Hancock sch. h. 12 Orange 
Parker Samuel U. counsel. 3 & 9 Slate, h. 41 Mt. Vern. 
Parker (Samuel H.) & Ditscm (Oliver), music store and 

pianoforte wareh. 107 Wash. h. 3 Hayward pi. 
Parker Samuel, teamster, Commercial near Prince 
Parker Stanton, h. 4 La Grange place 
Parker Susannah, widow, 4th street 
Parker Theodore I), merchant, 48 India wharf 
Parker Thomas I. physician, 25 Bedford 
Parker Thomas, grocer, 239 Ann 
Parker William, h. 4 Travers 

Parker Wm. & Co. paper store, 116 State, h. 5 Chambers 
Parker Wm. T. paper store, 116 State, h. 5 Chambers 
Parker William (Stevens, Fisher 4'- Co.), h. Howe place 
Parker William, 9 Rowe's wf h. Wheeler's court 
Parker Wm. ship'ng broker, 12 Custom-h. st. h.Wash. av. 
Parker William H. clerk, boards 17 Pearl 
Parker William W. teamster, h. Travers c. Charlestown 
Parkerson Wasliington, 3 Water, h. 196 Tremont 
Parkhurst Ciiarles A. housewri't, h. S. Cedar n. Church 
Parkhurst (D. C.) &, Stevens (£>.), North. H. 97 Hanov. 
Parkin Thomas, bricklayer, h. Mechanic place 


Parkinson James, organ builder, h. 4th st. c Turnpike 
Parkman Daniel, deputy slieiiff, 3 Tudor's buildings, h. 

Somerset place 
Parkman Francis, Rev. 5 Bowdoin square 
Parkman George, physician, H Bovvdoin 
Parkman Mary B. 43 Mount Vernon 
Parkman Nathaniel, shipwright. Battery 
Parkman Sally, manluatnaker, house 14 Fleet 
Parkman Sarah, nurse, 211 Hanover 
Parkman William {J. West &/- Co.), h 2 Hanover place 
Parks {ELisha), Blackburn (George) & Co. (./. Stearns), 

American g'ds, 8!) State. Parlis's h. 15(5 Tremont 
Parks {Luther), Wright {John S.) &Co. {E. P. Whitman), 

merchants, 101 Stale. Parks's h. 6 ChesntJt 
Parks Otis, painter, Friend cot. Merrimac, h. 5 Chardon 
Parks William, mason, Broadway 
Parmeley Alfred S. laborer, h. 1 Leveret 
Parmeley Asaph, baker, south 794 Washington 
Parmele {Henry F.) «& Smith {Thomas P.), dry goods, 

327 Washington 
Parmenter Horace, W. I. goods, 1, h. 3 Pinckney 
Parmenter Joab G. wheelwright, h. 109 Charles 
Parmenter Nancy, instructress, Elliot near Tremont 
Parmenter William B. dry goods, 365 Washington 
Parr Thomas, cabinetmaker, h. 8 Sweetser court 
Parr William, mason, h. Mechanic place 
Parris Alexander, architect, 51 Court, h. rear 56 Poplar 
Parshley John S. shoemaker. Turnpike, h. 3d street 
Parsons Ann, nurse, 102 Tremont 
Parsons Charles, laborer. Commercial near Foster 
Parsons Charles, captain, Portland 

Parsons Charles C. mer. C8 Long wf. h. 2 Chauncey pi. 
Parsons Daniel G. laborer, 11 Fleet 
Parsons Ebenezer, mariner, h. 102 Tremont 
Parsons Ebenezer {Loring 4- P.), h. 83 Purchase 
Parsons James, pilot, h. 238 Hanover 
Parsons John, house 314 Ann 
Parsons Josiah, housewright, h. 35 Fayette 
Parsons Mary J. and Lucy G. h. 76 Federal 
Parsons Nehemiah, pros. Hope Ins. Co. h. 6 La Grange pi. 
Parsons Sam'l & Co. {Roh. Wallace), dry g'ds, 20 Cent'l 
Parsons Sarah K. milliner, 154 Washington 
Parsons Theophilus, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 47 Chosnut 
Parsons Thomas, mer. 68 Long wf. h. 51 Federal 
Parsons Thomas W. physician and dentist, 16 Winter 


Parsons William, merchant, Hancock's wf h. 2 South"' 

Parsons William, jr. merchant, Hancock's wf. h. 2 South 

Partridge Adin, clerk, 403 Wash, boards 100 Tremont 

Partridge Charles, grocer, Blackstone, ii. 57 Poplar 

Partridge George, W. I. goods, 130 State, h. 7 SJiort 

Partridge Mary B. widow, 34 W^arren 

Partridge Nathan, laborer, 14 Stilhnan 

Passarow Geo. weigh. & gnag. 54 Com. h. 20 N. Ruasell 

Pastrouich Peter, cook, h. rear Broadway 

Patch Abigail, h. 02 Union 

Patch Abijah {Buttrick ^ P.),h. North Margin 

Patch Barbara, nurse, 14 East 

Patch John, counsellor, 33 Court 

Patch Lydia, widow, h. Medford 

Patrick Edward F. stonecutter, h. 22 Garden 

Patrick James, gilder, rear foot of Richmond 

Patrick James, shipwright, h. 6 1-2 Prince 

Pattangall (Moses) & Cutler (John), victuallers, cellar 

Boylston market. P.s h. 417 Washington 
Pattee John C. grocer, 20 Front, h. 23 Warr.^n 
Patten Asa, pi&noforteniaker, r. Boylston, h. Lowell pi. 
Patten Charles, dry goods, 67 Water 
Patten David, housew't, r. 5 West, h. 135, r. 133 Pleas't 
Patten Elizabeth, h. 10 Bridge st. couit 
Patten James {Sargent <^ P.), h. 20 Tremont n. Wash. 
Patten Jonathan, grocer, Tremont cqrner Elliot, house 4 

Pleasant street court 
Patten Thomas, soap stone, Blackstone, h. Crescent pi. 
Patten Thomas, jr. h. Crescent place 
Patten William, laborer, Front, rear 730 Washington 
Patterson Benjamin, clerk, 64 Hanover 
Patterson Eli, laborer, h. Salutation 
Patterson Enoch, h. 9 Chambers 

Patterson Enoch, jr. dry goods, 51 Kilby, h. 57 High 
Patterson Henry, b'ds Mrs. Heman's, Chelsea ferry way 
Patterson Joseph W. (Mmij, Blake ^^ Co. ),h'd>i 9 Chamb. 
Patterson William, mariner, 2 Leveret 
Paty William, captain, house Commercial 
Paul James, upholsterer, OS Court 

Paul John, grocer. Carver, h 2 Tremont S. of Pleasant 
Paul William, cabinetmaker, rear 8 Pleasant 
Payne Elias, cordwainer, 15 Water, h. 50 High 
Payne John, cooper, h. near 8 South street place 
Payne John T. boarding, 120 Ann 
Payne John, laborer. Broad corner Cotton place 


Payne Nath'l, messenger and keeper, Custom II., li. rear 
Payne Ricijard, Ii. rear 160 W.isliington 
Payne Samuel {JVoble S^ P.), Ii. Salem 
Payne Sarah, widow of Charles, h. Willow c. Mt. Vern. 
Payne. See Paine 

Payson Alex, paper stainer, Chambers, h. 50 Cambridge 
Payson Betsey, widow, 49 Pond 

Payson John F. 75 Faneuil H. market, h. 10 N. Bennet 
Payson M. P., Barristers Hall 
Payson Relief, widow, N. Federal court 
Payson Ruth, widow, 50 Chesnut 

Payson Thomas E. student at law, boards 6 Hayward pi. 
Payson Samuel, casiiier Massachusetts Bank 
Payson Samuel, tailor, house 4 Jefferson place 
Payton Edmund, cabinetmaker, h. rear 52 Essex 
Peabody Augustus, coun. Court c. Trem. h. 52 Bowdoin 
Peabody Elizabeth, 2(3 Front 
Peabody Jeremiah, G Central wf. house 37 High 
Peabody John, mariner, rear 39 Prince 
Peabody Lilley, widow, 2 Milton 
Peabody William B. housewright, 4 May place 
Peacock George, lampmaker, h. 1 S. Foster place 
Peak John, Rev., Snowhill 

Peak (John) & Jahnson (Jos. G.), housew'ts, Cliarlest'n 
Peak John, housewright, 33 Chambers 
Peak Philip, sailmaker. Commercial, h. 55 Prince . 
Peak Wm. hatter, 449 Washington, h. II Shawmut 
Peaks Nathaniel H. housewright, h. 8 Bridge st. court 
Pear Edward, silversmith, h. 18 Pleasant street court 
Pear Joseph, bookbinder, boards 18 Pleasant st. court 
Pearce Shadrach S. wool stapler, house 29 Warren 
Pearce Sam'l, mer. 45 Long wf. li. 22 La Grange place 
Pearson Charles, paperslainer, house 26 Blossom 
Pearson Elizabeth, widow of William, 2 South st. place 
Pearson Henry G. painter, house rear 12 Boyisti>n 
Pearson Gorham, upholsterer, h. Suffolk near Lucas pi. 
Pearson (Joint H.) & Co. (H. B. Huriiphrey), 44 Com- 
mercial, house 9 Mt. Vernon 
Pearson Jonathan, housewright, house 53 Temple 
Pearson Lemuel, painter, rear 85 Prince 
Pearson Mary, nurse, 11 Charter 
Pearson Phenias, housewright, C st. 

Pearson Sewall, uphois. 581 Wash. h. Suffolk n. Lucas pi. 
Pearson Simon, blacksmith, 36 Hanover, h. 1 Ivers 
Pearson Thomas & Son (Thos.jr.), 56 Fan. H. market 


Peck Abel G. dry goods, 15 Central, h. 25 Howard 

Peek Chauncey, porter Globe Bank, house 9 Allen 

Peck Oren, 7 Boylston market, house 11 Ash 

Peck T. R. & Co. {Dexter Harlow), hats, 2 Cornhill 

Peeler Henry, house rear South Margin 

Peeler Jolm, laborer, 4th street 

Peirce Charles, mason, house Oliver near Wendell 

Peirce George, gilder, 6 Washington, h. 3 Staniford pi. 

Peirce Henry, clerk State Bank, h. 14 Hayward place 

Peirce John, housewright, Beverly, h. 9 Salem place 

Peirce Jonathan {llosea ^ P.), h. 45 Charter 

Peirce Joseph N. house 39 Fayette 

Peirce (Josiah), Mills (Lewis) & Wheeler (Jona. D), 75 

Peirce Newton R. 9 Cornhill, h. 11 Myrtle [Kilby 

Peirce Nicholas, laborer, rear 14 South st. place 

Peirce Richard, boarding house, 43 Hanover 

Peirce Silas &, Co. {Thomas Hall ^ H. P. Cashing) y 

W. I. goods, Elm 
Peirce Thomas J. baker, house 17 May 
Peirce Thomas J. truckman, house Barry's wharf 
Peirce William, bookseller, 9 Cornhill 
Peirce. See Pierce 
Peirson (G. fV.) & Rowland {David S.), druggists, 188 

Washington. Peirson boards 89 Summer 
Pelby William, Staniford corner Green 
Pelletier James A., French teacher, h. 276 Washington 
Peiham Sally, widow, rear 142 Pleasant 
Pelham Sally, dressmaker, rear 142 Pleasant 
Pelton Oliver {Terry, P. ^ Co.), boards 3 Myrtle 
Pemberton W. W. 7 Rogers's building, h. U Winter 
Pendar Philip, laborer, rear 28 Pleasant 
Penfield Benjamin, truckman, house op. 98 Sea 
Pendleton Mary, widow, 5 South May 
Pendleton Wm. S. copper, and lithog. printer, 204 Wash. 
Penniman Sally, widow, Middlesex near Castle 
Penniman Alanson P. 5 Central wf. h. rear Broadway 
Penniman Amos, housewright. South Russell 
Penniman Atherton T. housewright, 16 North Russell 
Penniman Edward L. {E. Clarke^ Co.)^ h. 120 Trenaout 
Penniman Henry. See Sweetser & P. 
Penniman John A. (Lewis ^ P.), h. rear 234 Washing. 
Pentland Clement N. painter, coi. 5th and D streets 
Penniman Edward, machinist, house 6 Sudbury 
Pepper Benjamin, Clark 
Pepper Dorothy, widow of Matthew, S. Cedar n. Church 


Pepper George, editor Boston Pilot, boards 22 Atkinson 
Pepper Geo. B. slioemak. Coin. n. Ferryway, h.25G Hano. 
Perham B. F. civil engineer, 4 Joy's building 
Perkins Abraham B. teamster, Front near Castle 
Perkins Alfred, wood wharf, Haveriiill, h. 20 S, Margin 
Perkins Anna D. widow of Thomas, h. 14 Mt. Vernon 
Perkins (Benjamin) & Marvin (T. R.), booksellers, 114 

Washington. P.'s house 17 La Grange place 
Perkins Daniel, house 3 La Grange place 
Perkins Edward, house 2 High street place 
Perkins Ezra, cooper, rear 773 Washington 
Perkins Henry G. clerk Worcester Railroad, h. 6 Beach 
Peikins H. P/ 3 Winter 
Perkins Herald H. hatter, boards 4G Union 
Perkins John, furniture, Wash. cor. Elliot, h. 37 Fayette 
Perkins John, housewright. Salutation, h. Lathrop place 
Perkins John, mariner, h. 63 Salem 
Perkins Margaret, boarding house, 4G Federal 
Perkins Martha L. widow, 6 Oak 
Perkins Mary, widow, 36 Purchase 
Perkins Nabby B. widow, 48 Tremont 
Perkins Nathaniel, cooper, h. 3 Mechanic 
Perkins Nathaniel, engraver, h, 19 Pinckney 
Perkins Oliver L. bookseller, 62 Cornhill, h. Broadway 
Perkins Patrick, blacksmith, h. 123 Broad 
Perkins Richard (Cutter 4- P.), h. 48 Tremont 
Perkins Samuel, milkman, rear 4th street 
Perkins Sam'l, treas. N. E. floor cloth comp. 164 Wash. 
Perkins Samuel G. Pres. Suffolk Ins. Co. h. 2 High 
Perkins Samuel S. housewright. Carver, h. 81 Warren 
Perkins Sarah, widow of James, house 14 Pearl 
Perkins Stephen H. (Thioing ^ P.), h. 35 Chesnut 
Perkins & Co. (Thos. H. Perkins, Sam'l Cabot and T. G. 

. Cary), merchants, 52 Central wharf 
Perkins Thomas H. merchant, house Temple place 
Perkins Thomas H. jr. house 1 Joy place 
Perkins William. See R. G. Shaw & Co. 
Perkins William, pump and block maker, h. 68 Charter 
Perkins Wm. B., W. I. g'ds, 118 Commcr. h. 17 N. Bennet 
Perkins W. C. wharfinger, Bartlett's wf h. Henchman la. 
Perley Nathaniel, dry goods, 227 Wash. h. 12 Harvard 
Perrin Augustus, 63 Broad, house 22 Charles 
Perrin George W. dry goods, 57 Btoad 
Perrin Noah jr. (E. Clark ^' Co), h. 23 Hamilton 


Perrin (Paijson) & Ellis (Jonathan, jr.), iron dealers, 10 

India wharf. P.'s house 22 Treinont near Wash. 
Perrin Sebastian, baskets, 20 Dock square, h. 28 Stillman 
Perry Benjamin F. plasterer, h. 16 S. Russell 
Perry Caroline, widow, house 78 Essex 
Perry Catherine, widow, Bartlett 
Perry Cephas, engineer, 4th street 
Perry Charles H. shoes, 83 Court, h. 4 Staniford place 
Perry Edward VV. restorator, Bromfield, h. 154 Wash. 
Perry Enoch W. gratemaker, G2 Congress, h. 33 Salem 
Perry Isaac, shoe dealer, 131, h. 129 Court 
Perry John, coach painter, house 655 Washington 
Perry John, jr. grocer, Charlestown cor. Beverly 
Perry John B. moulder, h. Turnpike cor. Broadway 
Perry John B. ropemaker. Salt lane 
Perry Josiah F. moulder, h. Turnpike cor. Broadway 
Perry Lyman, 10 S. Market, h. 24 Tem[)le 
Perry Marshall S. physician, 467 Washington 
Perry Mary, boarding house, 7 Province House court 
Perry I\athaniel, cabinetmaker, 401 W^ashington 
Perry Orves B. See Merriam & P. 
Perry Rufus, laborer, Salutation 
Perry Salmon, house 14 Leveret 

Perry Wm. & Co. grate manu. School, h. 15 Prov. JI. ct. 
Perry William, handcariman, h. rear 27 Williams 
Peteis Abigail, widow, 4 Oliver place 
Peters Edward D. merch. 12 Central wf. h. 12 Rowe pi. 
Peters John, house 3 Washington place 
Peters John, stoves, 62 Cambridge, h. 78 Pleasant 
Peters John, rigger, boards rear 120 Purchase 
Peters Sarah, widow. Theatre alley 
Peterson Christian, rigger, h. 15 Gibbs lane 
Peterson Henry, captain, house 7 Hartford place 
Peterson Joseph, rigger, h. Spear alley 
Peterson Lucas, rigger, Bartlett 
Peterson {Lucy A. H.) & Mcintosh (L. F.), dry goods, 

149 Court, house 1 Alden court - 
Pettingill Joseph, laborer, rear 52 Elliot 
Pettingill Samuel S. joiner, Sargent's wf h. r. 36 Charter 
Pettegrew James, laborer, 4 Barrett 
Pettes E. P. jewelry and fancy goods, 226 Washington 
Pettes Henry, French goods, 224 Washington 
Pettes Horace, sexton, rear 170 Hanover 
Pettes Samuel, house 4 Jackson place 
Pettes James B. innholder, 4 Sea near Free bridge 


Peverelly Mary, coiifoctionor, 178 Wash. h. 6 Ballard pi. 

Peyton Wm. H. sliippini? office, 12 Custom-li. st. h.3dst. 

Pfaft' (Charles, German Coffee Ilouse, 155 Pltiasant 

Phalen John, mariner, liouse 2 Humphrey place 

Phares Mary Ann, boarding iiouse, Fulton near Cross 

Phearson Mary, widow, Knox 

JMielan John, grocery, 88 Broad 

Pijelps Abel, wines, 2 Market sq. h. Howard c. Bulfinch 

Pijelps Abner, physician, 49 Congress 

Phelps Elihii, teamster, house 17 Second 

Phelps Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Poplar 

Phelps John B. cordwainer, Cornhill court, h. 20 Avery 

Phelps John VV. truss manufacturer, 63 Court 

Phelps William P. printer, h. 1 Lancaster 

Philbrook Mary, rear 4 Second street, S. Boston 

Phillbrook Charles P. house 14 North Russell 

Phillips Betsey, Williams court 

Phillips Edwin, upholsterer, 51 Cornhill 

Phillips G. W. attorney, 11 Court, house 12 Beacon 

Phillips James, Sec. to''Ov. of Poor, Fan. H. h. 2 Carver 

Phillips James B. housewright, h. 95 Warren 

Phillips Jane, widow, h. 9 Bridge street court 

Phillips John A. (Burchstcd, Leavitt ^ Co.), h.U9Purc\i. 

Phillips John L. painter, 557 Washington, h. 43 Warren 

Phillips Jonathan, (5 Rogers's building, h. Tremont House 

Phillips Joseph D. laborer, Castle near Middlesex 

Phillips Mary, widow of Horace, h. 37 South Russell 

Phillips Nabby W. rear 01 South 

Phillips Nathaniel, house 1 Bradford place 

Philli|)s Nathaniel, turner, Court c. Tremont, h. 6 Hollig 

IMiillips Owen, laborer, 29 Sea 

Phillips Patrick, laborer, E street 

Phillips Sally, widow of John, h. 12 Beacon 

Phillips Samuel, house 6 Hollis 

Phillips (Sam'l M.) <fe Moseley (F.), iron deal. 6G Broad 

Phillips Samuel M. house 144 Pleasant 

Phillips Thomas W. clerk Mun. Court, h. 6G Chesnut 

Phillips Turner, house 59 Leveret 

Phillips Wendell, attorney, 11 Court, h. 12 Beacon 

Phillips Willard, counsellor, 21 State 

Phillips William, importer lace goods, 6 Statq 

Phillips William W. cfibinetmaker, h. G Boylston square 

Phinney Eliza, library, under Bapt. Meeting-h. Broadway 

Phinney Josiah B. See J. Kent & Co, 

Phinuey Thomas, house Soutiiac corner Grove » 


Phinney Timothy, house 3G Myrtle 

rhippen George, hairciitter, Cross, h. 93 Purchase 

Phipps (jeorge W. mariner, rear 120 Sea 

Phipps Thos. G. dry goods, 21*5 Washing, h. Somerset 

Phipps William & Samuel & Co. {C. F. Baxter), dry 

goods, 77 Kilby 
Phyfe William, silversmith, h. 18 Merrimac 
Pickard Sarah C. boarding house, Norfolk avenue 
IMckard Susan, Commercial near Ann 
Pickens {James) & liittlehale (Sargent S.), merchants, 

7 S. Market. Pickens's h. 42 Bowdoin 
Pickering Arthur {Courtis, P. (^ Co.), b'ds 8 Somerset pi. 
Pickering Edward, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 18 Pearl 
Pickering Henry W., house 74 Beacon 
Pickering John, counsellor, 9 State, house 74 Beacon 
Pickering John, jr. 9 State, house 74 Beacon 
Pickering Octavius, rep. des. S. Ct. 20 Court, h. 18 Pearl 
Picket R. jr. 123 Washington 

Pickman Hannah, widow of Benj. T. h. 43 Chesnut 
Picquet A. F. boards 9 Atkinson 
Pierce Abraham, laborer, house Leveret lane 
Pierce Abijah H., W. I g'ds, 1 1 S. Market, h. 18 Sudbury 
Pierce Aniasa, laborer, 30 Garden 

Pierce Amasa {Whitney. BrownSf Co.), h. G8 Pleasant 
Pierce Betsey, widow, B street 

Pierce Catharine T. widow of Jabez W. 6 Wheeler's ct. 
Pierce {Edw.) & Bates {Charles), housevvr'ts, Haverliill, 

house 5 Court square 
Pierce Ephraim, watchman, h. 4 Es.-^ex place ^ 
Pierce George, moulder, h. cor. B street and Broadway 
Pierce Ira, Fancuil Hall market, h. 4 Cooper 
Pierce James, constable, house 8 Havvi<ins 
Pierce Joel, instructer, Salem, h. 28 La Grange place 
Pierce John, optician, 102 Washington, h. 11 Sturgis pi. 
Pierce John, carpenter, 9 Salem place 
Pierce John, mariner, h. rear 27G Ann 
Pierce Jonathan, furniture, 21 Cornhill, h. C8 Pleasant 
Pierce Jonathan, well digger, rear 47 Sea 
Pierce (Joseph) Si. Freema7i (Elisha), oysters, 204 Tretn't 
Pierce Joshua M. {Everett ^.^ P.), h. rear 150 Purchase 
Pierce Joshua Y. oysters, Congress near Milk 
Pierce Jcisiah, mason, house Tileston near Salem 
Pierce Luther B. laborer, 22 Bridge 
Pierce Lydia R. widow, house 71 Temple 
Pierce Nancy, widow of Isaac, h. rear 185 Hanover 


Pieroe Otis, instructer, Franklin sch. h. 28 La Grange pi. 

Pierce Otis S. liouso 2 Portland 

Pierce Parker 11. Pies. U. S. Ins. Co. h. 3 Otis place 

Pierce PriscillM, widow, Norfolk place 

Pierce Samuel 13. & Co. (^. French), crockery, 14 Union. 

P.'s house o8 Essex 
Pierce Samuel S. {IVurcesicr & P.), house 4G Poplar 
Pierce Sarah K. dressmaker, Berry- 
Pierce Stephen A crockery and china, 370 Washington 
Pierce Stepiien H. housewright, house Silver 
Pierce {StiUman) & Coates {John H.), housewrights, 

Haverhill. Stillman's h. Springst. court 
Pierce Susan, widow, rear 61 South 

Fierce (Thomas T.) & Dexter (Joseph JF.), bakers, 17 May 
Pierce William, hairdresser, 5 Marshall 
Pierce William, clerk, house 20 Prince 
Pierce William, laborer, house Langdon place 
Pierce William G. house 715 Washington 
Pierce William T. laborer, Unity 
Pierce. See Peirce 

I'ierpont Charles H. land office, 21 State, h. 8 Somerset pL 
Pierpunt John, Rev. opposite 25 Essex 
Pigeon Henry (AlUn, P. ^ Pool), h. Com. near Railway 
Pike Ann, rear 660 Washington 
Pike Benjamin, boarding house, 651 Washington 
Pike Benjamin, housewright, house 34 Charles 
Pike C. fancy goods, 127 Court 
Pike Charles, baker, George 
Pike Chase, laborer, rear Brooklinc near Suffolk 
Pike Daniel, grocer, 41, house 39 Leveret 
Pike David, laborer, rear 4th near B st. 
Pike Elias, teiunster, house 18 South Bennet 
Pike Ezekiel W. housewright, Lancaster, h. 27 Myrtle 
Pike Hugh, blacksmith, h. rear 57 Elliot 
Pike Jacob, housewright, house Broadway 
Pike Jacob, mariner, house 2 Fleet 
Pike Sarah, widow of James, house 12 Short 
Pike John, ropemaker, 38 Carver 
Pike John K. housewright, house B street 
Pike Jonathan, baker. Poplar rear Spring 
Pike Levi, housewright, rear Broadway 
Pike Perry, bricklayer, house 60 Elliot 
Pike Rebecca, widow, house 39 Carver 
Pike Thomas, hatter, rear 559 Washington, h. 39 Carver 
Pike William, baker, 104 Cambridge 


Pike Walter R. stable, Pond, h. 97 Tremorit 

Pilsbury John C. mason, house Wheeler's court 

Pilsburv Moses H. mason, house Knox 

Pilsbury Sarah F. boarding, 22 Pitts 

IMndar Mary, widow of John, 31 Fayette 

Pine John, housewrigiit, h. Bedford corner Columbia 

Pines Eunice, widow, Lafa3^ette avenue n. Prince 

Pipe Mary Ann, boarding, S. Cedar n. Church 

Piper George C. house Salem 

Piper Nathaniel G. machinist, h. 44 Merrimac 

Piper Solom. & Co. (P. Brioham), wood wf 30, h. 11 Pea 

Piper Stephen ll.{Johnson %■• P.), b'ds 6 Hay ward pi. 

Piper Thomas, housewright, h. 3 Sudbury 

Piquot Eliza, nurse, 604 Washington 

Pitman Abigail, widow, rear 4th street 

Pitman Benjamin, blacksmith, h. rear 1 GO Washington 

Pitman Daniel, stevedore, opposite 145 Purchase 

Pitman Ezekiel, jr. tailor, 40 Congress, h. 13 Fleet 

Pitman John H. cooper, rear 135 Ann, h. 59 Charter 

Pitman Mary, widow, Sheafe near Snowhill 

Pitman Sally, boarding, corner Prince and Hanover 

Pitman Thomas S. baker, 42 Salem 

Pittee James, laborer, rear 110 Sea 

Pitts Samuel, hats, 12 Clinton, house 17 Richmond 

Pitts Sarah, widow, house 49 Allen 

Pitts Sarah, tailoress. Mechanic 

Pitts Thomas, inspector customs. Custom House 

Pitts Walter, grocer, Causeway, h. 29 Vernon 

Pitts William, farrier, house rear 67 Elliot 

Place John B. {Mien & P.),h. 17 Vine 

Plaisted David, teamster, 606 Washington 

Plaisted Mellen, mason, h. 19 Gibbs lane 

Plimpton Horace, dry g'ds,391 Wash h. 57 Carver 

Plimpton Job, organ builder, h. 534 Washington 

Plimpton Julia, milliner, 420 Washington 

Plumb Samuf^l, flour, house 220 Ann 

Plumer Avery {Robinson &/ P.), h. 5 Howard 

Plumley George, mariner. Battery 

Plumley John, clothes, 79, h. 72 Ann 

Plummer Enoch, labf)rer, h. 109 Chambers 

Plummer Farnham, 108 State, h. 6 Howard 

Plummer Roswell {Raymond i^ P.), h. 3 Brattle square 

Plevinski Carrol, fencing master, over 44 Court 

Plummer Ignatius, painter. Turnpike, h. Broadway 

Plympton Emmons, 60 F. H. market, h. 10 Pitts 


Plympton Henry, balance fac. Theatre al. h. 43 Atkinson 

Plympton Nath'l, wine store. 25 State, h. G5 Hancock 

Poland Alexander R. mariner, C street 

Polk Wm. handcartman, h. Essex cor. Batterman place 

Pollard Aaron, boarding house, Sears's buildings, Elm 

Pollard Abner W. clothing, 34 Alerch'ts row, ]i.4 Centre 

Pollard Albert, mason, Battery 

Pollard Benjamin, City JVlarslial and coramis. of healthy 

office City Hall, h. cor. Beacon and Charles 
Pollard (Cummings) & Hatch (/5a«c J.), 50 F. H. market 
Pollard Joshua H. grocer, Pitts corner Merrimac 
Pollard Luther, storekeeper. Boston and Prov. rail road, 

boards 469 Washington / 

Pollard (Merrick R.) & Barry {Hmrij), hats, 50 Wash. 

Pollard's house 70 Chambers 
Pollard Thomas, engineer, 29 Milk, boards 5 do. 
Pollard Thomas. See Darling & P. 
Polley Azell, housewright, Haverhill 
Pollock Allan, philos. inst. maker, house and shop ] Car- 
ver corner Boylston 
Pollock George, 70 Kilby, house 3 Fruit 
Pollock George B. merchant, house 1 Carver 
Pollock James, cordwainer, May 
Pollock Thomas, engraver, h. south end Washington 
Pomroy Clarissa, house 47 Temple 
Pomroy Hannah, widow. Castle near Middlesex 
Pomroy Harriet, tailoress, 33 Boylston 
Pomroy Lydia, widow, nurse, h. 38 Prince 
Pomroy Margaret, widow, h. 5 Belknap 
Pomroy Samuel, comb carver, house 5 Graphic court 
Pond James M. blacksmith, 23 Water, h. op. 10 Pearl pi. 
Pond Moses &. Co. {John Spence), tinplate workers, 30 

Merchants row, house 68 Sulem 
Pond Prescott P. shoes, corner Williams and Federal 
Pond William, 473 Washington 
Pook Sarah Ann, house 19 Allen 
Pool Benjamin C (Men, Pigeon 8^ P.), h. Bartlett 
Pool Frederick, phil. inst. 176 Tremont, h. Pearl pi. 
Pool Galen, grocer, 4th street cor. C 
Pool Lot, surveyor of work, 79 Pinckney 
Pool Martha, widow, 672 Washington 
Pool Seth, pianofortemaker, house Mason cor. West 
Pool William, iron founder, house 4th street 
Pool William, stevedore, Bartlett 
Pool William K. moulder, house 4th street 


Poor Benj. propri. Rockbot'm factVy, 3G Water, h. 4 Allen 

Poor Henry. See Bayley, P. & Richardson 

Poor Henry, carpenter, house 58 Elliot 

Poor Isaac & Son {John), painters, Salem, h. 217 Hanov. 

Poor Nathaniel C. clerk, h. 1 Garden court street 

Pope Lemuel, President Boston Ins. Co. h. 1 Dernc 

Pope Micajah, farmer. South Boston Heights 

Pope Otis, stage driver, house rear 5 Mason 

Pope Park, mariner, house 8 Noyes place 

Pope Paschal P., India wharf, boards 10 South 

Pope Thomas, housewright, h. Mechanic place 

Pope Thomas B. house 1 Derne 

Pope William, clerk, boards 59 Pond 

Pope William, jr. See Higginson iSt P. 

Porter Betsey, milliner, 11-2 West 

Porter Catherine, tailoress, 11 Pleasant street court 

Porter Charles H. cooper, 234 Hanover 

Porter David, house Newrbern place 

Porter Edward P. hats, 1 Dock sq. h. 44 Cambridge 

Porter George, mariner, rear 417 Washington 

I*orter George W. grocer. Sea near the bridge 

Porter Isaac, physician, 114 Hanover 

Porter John, blacksmith, house 2 Lyman place 

Porter John, laborer, rear 42 Congress 

Porter Mary, widow, 56 Pleasant 

Porter Noah, mason, house 60 Pleasant 

Porter Noah, jr. mason, house 33 Fayette 

Porter T. J. house 1 Noyes place 

Porter Royal L., Ed. Am. Trav. 47 Court, h. 20 McLean 

Porter Stephen, machinist, house 42 Allen 

Porter Thankful, widow, 5 Petnberion hill 

Porter Thomas J. mason, house 60 Pleasant 

Porter William B. mason, house 11 Fayette 

Porter William S... N. E. Spectator, 10 Haskin's build. 

Portington Roger, cabinetmaker, Merrimac c. Ivers 

Potter Alice, widow, 6 Distil-house square 

Poller (Henry) i& Leiand {Thomas J.), provisions, CI 

Faneuil Hall market 
Potter Lucy, widow, house 53 Spring 
Potter Rodney, housewright, h. Pinckney c. Charles 
Potter William, upholsterer, house 1 Blossom court 
Powars Daniel, h. 10 Gouch 
Powars Daniel E. 12 Tileston 
Powars Eli, teamster, 26 Charter 
Powars Eliza, milliner, 197 Washington 


Powars John G., Common. Ins. Off. h. 34 Poplar 

Powars Lnvi, 11011*0 12 Boylston 

Powell Elizabeth, widow of SnelJing, 20 Atkinson 

Powell Jolin, laborer 4th street 

Powell John, grocer, 14(5 Ann 

Powell John T. house 10 Pleasant street court 

Powell Joseph, house 2G Belknap 

Powell Michael, scowman, h. 4lh street 

Powell Robert 11. machinist, h. rear 8 Pleasant 

Powell Snelling, clerk, 34 Cornhill, h. 51 Poplar 

Powell Stephen, scowman, B street 

Powell William, laborer, 2 Hancock row 

Power James, cordwainer, h. Harvard place 

Power James, house Bartlett 

Power Thomas, clerk Police Court, h. 8 Barton 

Powers Eliza, upholstress, Essex corner Columbia 

Powers Honora, widovv, house South street court 

.Powers Heiman {Hills & P.), b'ds at Kilburn's Coff. H. 

Powers James, painter, rear 67 Elliot 

Powers James, laborer, south of 97 Front near Castle 

Powers Mary, widow of John, h. Fayette near Jefferson 

Powers Mary, widow. Broad cor. Cotton place 

Powers Nicholas, laborer, 111 Broad 

Powers Patrick, blacksmith, rear 83 Broad 

Powers Susan, widow, C Mason 

Powers Thomas, blacksmith, h. back of Humphrey place 

Poyen Charles, teacher French language, r. 176 Wash. 

Prassal Hannah, 2 Lowell place 

Pratt Alfred H. See Hovey & P. 

Pratt A. Foster, 21 Central, boards 28 Hancock 

I'ratt Asa, captain, Jefferson corner Tremont 

Pratt Caleb, housewright, house 120 Sea 

Pratt Caleb I. undertaker, house 12 I'urchase 

Pratt Charles, mason, house 17 Spring 

Pratt {Calf^b S.) & Nottage (Samuel C), house wrights, 

Haverhill cor. Causeway 
Pratt Cyrus, grocer, house 9 South Russell 
Pratt Daniel E. stable, rear of Kilburn's, Howard 
Pratt (David) & Stevens (^. L.jr.), sail lofi,80 Comtn. 
Pratt Ebenezer, housewright, h. 7 Second 
Pratt (Elcazer F.) & King (Edioard), druggists, 28 India. 

Pratt boards Salem corner Sheafe 
Pratt Eleazer. See Wilkinson & P. 
Pratt Esther, widow, h. Clark alley 
Pratt Ezra, soap stone worker, rear 83 Pond 


J'ratt George (John P. 8/ Son), h. 146 Tremont 
Pratt George W. 86 State, h. 8 Mount Vernon- 
Pratt Jabez, 38 Salem 

Pratt (Jairus) & Gushing (Sam'l JV.), railway, Commer. 
Pratt Jairus, house 19 Gharter 

Pratt John & Son {George), merchants, 19 India wf. 
Pratt {John, jr.) & Davis {John), cabinetmakers, 73 Com- 
mercial. P.'s h. 98 Salem 
Pratt Joseph, mason, Middlesex near Gastle 
Pratt Lowell, iron founder, 4th street 
Pratt Mary, widow of John, High cor. Pearl 
Pratt Minot, printer, 19 Water, h. 143 Pleasant 
Pratt Obed, housewright, Merrimac 
Pratt Samuel B. h. Southac op. Southac court 
Pratt Samuel H. house 4 Hartford place 
Pratt Sarah, tailoress, Leveret court 
Pratt Sarah T. widow, house 123 Gharles 
Pratt Thomas, laborer, 3 Henchman lane 
Pratt Thomas, housevvright, Gommercial, h. 60 Gharter 
Pratt William, merchant, house 26 Summer 
Pratt William, watchmaker, 34 Hanover ' 
Pray Benjamin, h. 62 Gambridge 
Pray Delia, widow, house 21 Leveret 
Pray Edmund, housewright, house Knox 
Pray Isaac G. {Waterston, P.^ Co.), h. 40 Purchase 
Pray Isaac G. jr., B. Pearl, 124 Wash. h. 40 Purchase* 
Pray Jerry R. housewright, h. rear 26 Federal 
Pray John F. shoes, 103 Washington, h. 23 Blossom 
Pray John H., English goods, 48 Wash. h. 51 Belknap 
Pray Joseph G. stable, Turnpike, house 4th street 
Pray Lewis G. shoes, 155 Washington, h. 39 Allen 
Pray Wilham M. bookkeeper N. Bank, h. 3N. Brighton 
Prentice Wm. H. & Son {G. IV.), wood wharf and coal, 

Broad rear 43 Purchase, house 71 Sea 
Prentice W. H. jr. mariner, house rear 8 East 
Prentiss Henrj', music store, 2 Pemberton hill 
Prentiss Henry, umbrellas, 52 Gourt, h. il Prov. H. ct. 
Prentiss Henry J. printer, boards 477 Washington 
Prentiss Margaret, widow of Lsaac, South street court 
Prescott A. H. 52 Gommercial 

Prescott Benjamin T. dentist, Portland cor. Hanover 
Prescott {Daniel) & Ghapin {David), wood and coal, 

Baxter's wf 92 Front 
Prescott Daniel, house 1 Plymouth place 
Prescott Edw. wood & coal, 92 Front, h. Tremont c. Jeff. 


Prescott Elisha, 3!) Prince 
Prescott H. school, Bedford near Washington 
Prescott Harrison (J. P. & Sons), house :34 Warren 
Prescott Isaac, laborer, Buinslead court 
Prescott Jonathan, constable, h. 83 Cambridge 
l*rescott Jonathan & Sons {Jerome and Harrison), fur- 
riers, 1 Market sq. h. 12 Carver 
Prescott (John C.) & Maynard (George), truckmen, b. 

33 Thacher 
Prescott O. B. 29 Prince 

Prescott Samuel J. notary, office 8 Boylston Hall, upstairs 
Prescott Sarah, widow, CI Chaiter 
Prescott William, counsellor, h. 22 Bedford 
Prescott William H. house 22 Bedford 
Preston Alonzo F. jeweller, 185 Wash. h. 2 Williams 
Preston (Elisha) &< Thayer (Nathaniel, jr .) , W. I. goods, 

6 Long wharf 
Preston John, President South Bank, and Sec'ry Ocean 

Ins. Co. h. J 36 Tremont 
Preston John A. clerk, 140 Wash. h. 2 Williams 
Preston Jonathan, mason, house 10 Short 
Preston J. P. chemist and drug. 70 Federal, h. 2 Williams 
Preston Sarah A. 2 Williams 
Preston Simon, cooper, h. rear 505 W^ashington 
Preston T. B. house 4 Brattle square 
Preston W. H. & T. B. dry goods, 111 Washington, 

house 1 Sewall place *^ 

Preusch Frederick, baker, 102 Tremont 
Price Abraham, laborer, rear 3d street 
Price Fitzjames, house COO Washington 
Price Henry, house Castle opposite Suffolk 
Price Mary, widow, house 060 Washington 
Priest Franklin, house B street 
Priest Joel, 116 Stale, house 15 Chambers 
Priest John F. iron and steel, 11 India, h. 22 Winter 
Priest John L. house 6 Morton place 
Priest Stillman G. house 6 Acorn 

Prince Charles A. (Ballard <^ P.), h. 7 Waverley place 
Piince Hannah, confectioner, rear Dedham 
Prince Hezekiah, stucco worker, 58 Cambridge, house 2 

W. Second 
Prince James, merchant, 45 India, h. R6 Mt. Vernon 
Prince (Joseph B.) & Hammond (Thomas, jr.), dry 

goods, 30 Kilby. P. boards 3 Cambridge 
Prince John, grate manufacturer, 62 Cambridge, h. Cross 


Prince John T. clerk Custom House, h. 49 Belknap 

Prince Mary, widow, house 8 North Russell 

Prince Michael, laborer, 3 Wheeler's court 

Prince Nathan, mason, liouse U3 Front 

Prince {J^atlil S.) & Dillaway (Francis), housewrights, 

Theatre alley. Prince's house 48 South 
Prince Sam.sailmak. 22 India wf. h.Coaimer. n. Hanov. 
Prince Wm. G. (Geo. H. Gray &/- Co.), h. 23 Chambers 
Prince William E clerk, house 23 Chambers 
Proctor Amos, machinist, Haverhill, h. 4 N. Bennet 
Proctor Eben. housewright. Commercial, h. 35 Leveret 
Proctor Eliza, widow, house rear 101 Tremont 
Proctor George B. hats, 50 Union 

Proctor {John C), Palmer {A. C.) & Felt (0. 6'.), hard- 
ware, 19 Merchants row. P.'s h. 50 Bowdoin 
Proctor Uriah, stable, 36 Hanover, house 98 Court 
Pronk Edwin, house 51 Pleasant 
Pronk John N. D. V. physician, 51 Pleasant 
Pruuty {Caleb W.) & Chittenden (CAar/e5./.), truckmen, 

Arch wf. P. boards 41 Purchase 
Prouty (David ^ Lorenzo) & Mears {John), ploughs and 

iron, 12 Commercial. L.'s h. 34 Milk 
Prouty Dwight, painter, Merrimac c. Market, h. Blossom 
Prouty John L. 5 Unity court 

Pruden Israel R. cooper, 32 Com. wf. h. 3 1-2 S. Margin 
Puffer Aaron, pianoforte maker, h. 123 Pleasant 
Pully Asa, stairbuilder, Charlcstown, h. 25 Brattle 
Pulsifer David, 77 F. H. market, h. 213 Hanover 
Pulsifer J. F. boarding, I Suffolk place 
Pulsifer Thomas P. house 6 Sheafe 
Purcell Philip, laborer, 117 Broad 

Purdy Edward C. editor Daily Times, h. 3 Haymarket pi. 
Purkitt Henry, house South street court 
Putnam Charles G. physician, house 9 Winter 
Putnam Harriman, truckman, h. 16 N. Margin 
Putnam Edmund, engraver, 96 Washington, boarding 

house. Pearl corner High 
Putnam Jesse, h. 3 Tremont place 
Putnam John, printer, 39 Washington 
Putnam John P., 40 State, house 10 Essex 
Putnam Mary, milliner, 262 Washington 
Putnam Mason, bookbinder, 47 Wash. h. 2 Staniford pi. 
Putnam Orpha, widow of David, h. 16 Second 
Putnam Samuel, J. S. J. Court, h. 10 Essex 
Putnam Samuel R. merchant, 40 State, li. 4 Winthroppl. 


Vutnam Tfiomas C. laborer, rear 12 Spring 

Putney {Leonard) & James (Gen.), W, I. goods, corner 

NVarreri and Treniont, li. 20 La (Jrange place 
Pynclion James L. dry goods, 93 Water 

QUAID JOHN, innholder, rear 147 Wasliington 

Q-ueney Hugli J. laborer, Gibbs lane 

Quigley Dennis, laborer, li. JMecbanic 

Quigley James, furniture, b. 49 Mount Vernon 

Quigley Martin, laborer, CO Purcbase 

Q,uig!ey Jobn, cabinetmaker, b. Tbeatre alley near Milk 

Quigley Josepb, laborer, rear 57 Elliot 

Quimby Amos, bookseller, bouse 107 Front 

Quinby Dyer, cooper, li. 17 Second 

Quincy Abigail A. widow of Jobn W. h Essex court 

Quincy Edmund, counsellor, 27 State, h. 49 Beacon 

Quincy Edmund, brassfounder, 9 1-2 Suffolk place 

Quincy Josiab, jr. counsellor, 27 State, h. 1 Hamilton pi. 

Quincy Samuel, captain, 13 Purchase 

Quincy Silas A. house Mason near Avery 

Quincy Thomas D. merch. 25 Commercial, h. Essex ct. 

Quinland Cornelius, laborer, 88 Broad 

Quinland John, laborer, 90 Sea 

Quinland Michael, laborer, rear 94 Sea 

Quinless Mary, widow, h. Tremont corner Warren 

Qurnn Hannah, widow of Michael, h. rear 61 Myrtle 

Quinn James, h. rear 3 Pitts 

Quinn Jerry, laborer, rear 74 Purchase 

Quinn John, laborer, G Salter place 

Quinn Morris, laborer, 88 Broad 

Quinn Nicholas, housewrigbt, h. 4 Milton 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, 22 Stillman 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, rear Church near the railroad 

Quinn Patrick, laborer, 8 Oliver 

Quinn Philip, laborer, rear 85 Pond 

Quinn Tinjothy, laborer, 137 Broad 

RADDIN BENJ. (T. Raddln,jr. ^Co.), h. 202 Tremont 
Kaddin Thos. jr. &. Co. (Benj. Raddin), shoes, 40 Wash. 
Rafferty Bartholomew, handcartman, rear Friend 
Rafferty William, laborer, Ci Cross 
Ragan Daniel, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Ragin Donald, Inborer, Peck lane 
Ramsdell Daniel, mariner, Comnjercial 
Ramsdel! Reuben, grocer, Poplar c. Brighton, h. 44 Popl'r 


Rarasdell Reubv°n, jr. painter, h. 11 Second 

Ramsay John, grocer, 4 Cross 

Ramslead John, laborer. Boylston near Carver 

Rand Aaron, inspector provis. 721 Wash. h. Gorham pi. 

Rand {Beiij.) & Fiske {.8ug. //.), counsellors, 5 Court, 

boards Tremont House 
Rand Daniel, jeweller, h. Bartlett 
Rand Edward S. attorney, IC Court, h. Mt. Vernon 
Rand Eldred {Otis & /?.), h. G Brattle square 
Rand Haley, house GO Popiar 
Rand Isaac, 84 Faneuil Hall market 
Rand John W. housewriglit, h. 122 Court 
Rand John, painter, Langdon place 
Rand Luther, 84 Faneuil Hall market, house 49 Myrtle 
Rand R. R. {R. M Morse ^ Co.), h. Southac 
Randall Beza, plater, b. Batternian place 
Randall Ebenezer, painter, h. 113 Milk 
Randall Elizabeth, widow, opposite 44 Pleasant 
Randall Elizabeth, paperhang'a, 399 Wash. h. 78 Pleas. 
Randall Henry, dry goods, 405 Wash. h. 15 Ash 
Randall James, mason, h. Broadway 
Randall John, physician, 20 Winter 
Randall John W., 20 Winter 
Randall John, housewright. house Broadway 
Randall John A. C. prinfer, h. Portland cor. Hanove'- 
Randall Judith, widow, 10 1-2 Fayette 
Randall Mary V. widow of William, 78 Pleasant 
Randall Mercy, widow, 3 Hawley 
Randall Moses F. physician and dentist, 15 Summer 
Randall Nathaniel H. housewright, h. Leveret court 
Randall Otis G. &. Co. shoes, 51 Commer. h. North sq. 
Randall Sarah, widow of Nathan, rear 409 Washington 
Randall Stephen, housewright, 24 North Russell 
Randall William S. provisions, 50 Cambridge 
Rankin F. W. A shoemaker, 229 Ann 
Rankin George, sexton, h. IG Province House ct. 
Ranney David S. chairs, 40 Commercial, h. 16 Hamilton 
Rawson Charles, grocer, Merrimac, h. rear 43 Salem 
Ray Abigail H. 3 Church 

Ray Charles M. cooper, h. rear 11 Distil-house square 
Ray Edwin, h. 4 Brighton 
Ray James, laborer, opposite 8 Norfolk place 
Ray James, handcartman, h. High st. place 
Ray Jesse, laborer, h. rear 9 Leveret 
Ray Mary & Dorcas, 9 Columbia 


Kay Robert, Imndcartman, li. HIgjIi street place 

UaytTKjnd Alinira, tailoress, ]7 Tiomont 

Raymond E. A. & Co. (Z. L. liaymond), W. I. goods, 

Elm, h. 14 Briirhton 
Eayniond (Emmons) tSi Plummer (RosweU),W. I. goods, 

2 Faneuil Hall. Raymond's li. 18 Allen 
Raymond F. F. & Co. (T. R. Ray mond), grocers, 230 Ann 
Raymond John, hairdresser, 2HJ Ann and 94 Commer. 
.Raymond Tliatcher R. h. 4 Garden court 
Raymond William, clerk Oriental Bank 
Raymond Z. L. (E. Jl. R. S/- Co.), h. 9 Distil-hoiise sq. 
Rayner John, coachmaker, 3G Hanover, h. 1 Sudbury 
Rayner Thomas L. slater, rear East near Sea 
Raynolds Brewster, \V. I. goods, Turnpike, h. do. 
Rea Rebecca, boarding, 95 Summer 
Rea Samuel (Locke 4" R-), Exchange Coffee House 
Read Alexander H. leatiier dressq;-, 20 Elm, ii. 7 Minot 
Read Evert, 21 Elm, boards Fulton House 
Read James B. livery stable, Sudbury 
.Read James & Co. (Hoi-ace Hall), merchants, 4 Liberty 

sq. cor. Water, h. 23 Franklin place 
Read John H. jr. grocer, 102 Ajin, h. 39 Brattle 
Read Joseph S. jr. saddler, 11 Exchange, h. 13 Portland 
Read (Micujah) &, Prescott (Elisha), grocers, 152 Ann 
Read Rebecca, Butolph 

R.ead Willian), wheelwright, h. Commercial court 
Read William. See Lane & R. 
Reade Mary J. h. 7 Allen 
Readdy Jeremiah, mariner, 10 Boylston 
Ready Thomas E. painter, b. 28 Tremont n. Washington 
Redding Charles, painter, 84, house 86 Court 
Redding Geo. &- (Jo. (Fran. Richards), painters, 38 Court, 

h. Howard corner Court 
Redding Hannah, nurse, opposite 145 Purchase 
Redding Henrietta, widow, 36 Elliot 
Redding William, glass stainer, 88, house 86 Court 
Redfern Sarah, widow, house 12 May 
Redman Alexander, laborer, Salutation 
Redman John, mason, house 489 Washington 
Redman Miles, carpenter, h. rear 80 Elliot 
Redmond Catharine, boarding house, 25 Williams 
Reed Andrew, printer, h. 97 Purchase 
Reed Augustus, shoes, 36 Green, h. 43 Myrtle 
Reed Benj. T. mer. 43 Commer. wf. h. 11 Tremont pi. 
Keed Caleb, 2 Central wharf, h. Louisburgh square 


Reed Chniles E. baker, boards 4 Hay market place 

Reod CI)ailFs T. provisions, 114 Cliiirles, h. 2 Willow 

Reed Clieen(!y, carpenter, h. 8 Stillnjan 

Reed Daniel, pattern maker, h. East, rear schoolhouse 

Reed David, publisher Chris. Reg. 151 Wash. h. G8Q do. 

Reed Eiilm, merclnint, 18 Long vvf. h. 2!) Myrlle 

Reed Elizabelh, widow, boarding. G Otis place 

Reed George, constable, h. 12 JMilton 

Reed George, "baker, h. 12 Milton 

Reed Henry, painter, Ii. 11 Norfolk place 

Reed John, jr. {Dijrr & /?.), bouse 6 Beacon 

Reed .John T. {Faulkner S^^ R.). Ii. at Treraont House 

Reed Josiab. See Stanley, R. & Co. 

Reed Leavitt, 10 Merchants row, h 28 Poplar 

Reed Lucy, boarding house, 19 Hancork 

Reed Lvdia, widow of Abel, h. 77 Cambridge 

Reed Marshall, 40 Central 

Reed Martin, lighterman, 9 Cross 

Reed Releaf, widow of Thomas, rear Moon 

Reed Reub. chaise and harn. mak. 32 Elm, li. 5 Sudbury 

Reed Sampson {Lowe & R), h. Louisburgh square 

Reed Sarah, milliner, 116 Hanover 

Reed Sarah, h. 7 Belknap 

Reed Solomon, housevvright, h. 2 Aldcn court 

Reed Sophia, widow of Lemuel C. house 57 Poplar 

Reed Thomas {Chandler S^- R.), h. rear 65 Charter 

Reed Thomas, jr. captain, rear 83 Hanover 

Reed Timothy, fruit, 1:) Merchants row, h. 23 Poplar 

Reed William, wheelwright, h. Commercial n. Foster 

Reed William, Rev. 44 High 

Reed William, coach trimmer, Marlboro' pi. h. 51 Elliot 

Reed William, h. 108 Salem 

Reed William C. jirovisions, Willow, h.77 Cambridge 

Reeves Benj. F. hairdresser, 5 Brattle sq. b.8 Ballard pK. 

Reeves Elizabeth, widow, rear 43 Prince 

Reeves Richard, teacher, house 1 Oliver place 

Reeves Robert, housevvright, h. 5 Bath 

Reeves Susan, h. 8 Ballard place 

Regally .M. clock &■ watch mak. 40 Milk, h. 5 Sevvall pi, 

Reibly Anton(!, 6 Boylston square 

Reid Joshua T. cabinetmaker, h. 6S Tremont 

Remaly Andrew, hatter, h. 12 S. Russell 

Remich Samuel H. housewright, 3 Kennard avenue 

Remick Ai, housevvright, 26 Carver 

Remick Alvah, shipwright, h. Cotton place 


Remick Benjamin, blacksmith, h. Gibbs lane 
Remick Polly, milliner, 154 Hanover 
Restieaux Robert, tailor, h. Margaret alley 
Restieaux Robert, jr. tailor, 2G Congress, h. 71 Prince 
Restieaux Thomas, drug^gist and apoth. 132 Hanover 
Revere Edward, rear 113 Hanover 
Revere George {Rice <^ R.), h. 53 Warren 
Revere Joseph W. h. 122 Tremont 

Reynolds Charles G. 32 Commercial, h. 686 Washington 
Reynolds Edward, h. 5 Washington place 
Reynolds Edward, jr. physician, 29 Winter 
Reynolds Elizabeth, dressmaker, 95 Elliot 
Reynolds Grjndail, h. 33 Washington place 
Reynolds Jacob K. blacksmith, h. 42 Bridge 
Reynolds John^ binder, h. Broadway 
Reynolds Martha, widow, 43 Salem 
Reynolds Nathaniel, watchman, h. 17 Gibbs lane 
Reynolds Nicholas, laborer, Barrett 

Reynolds (S. 5.)& Wailt(J]shbell), moroc. dealers, 36 N. 
Reynolds William, tailor, 9 W. Centre [Market 

Reynolds William, house 4 Washington place 
Reynolds William B. 56 Commercial, h. 6 Winthrop pi. 
Reynolds Winthrop, h. 95 Elliot 
Rhoades A. H. h. 25 Leveret 

Rhoades Ebenezer {Freeman, Cobb S,/- Co.), h. 3 Lynda 
Rhoades Isaac, house Clark 
Rhoades Jacob, clerk, house 17 Charter 
Rhoades Stephen & Asa H. hats, 1 Court, h. 4 Bulfinch 
Rhoades Wilham, cooper, 66 India wf. ii. 10 Batterym'h 
Rhodes Ann R. widow, 8 Carver 
Rhodes Daniel, clerk, house 8 Carver 
Rhodes Zachariah, rear 650 Washington 
Rice Abigail M. widow, 4 North Russell 
Rice Aaron. See Fisk, Rice & Co. 
Rice Adam, cabinetmaker, h. 6 Boylston square 
Rice Alanson, mason, 99 Charles 
Rice Emery, 66 Faneuil Hall market 
Rice George, grocer, Leveret, h. 23 Brighton 
Rice Henry D. cook, h. 3 George 

Rice {Henry) & Living {R. G), hardw. 72 & 84 Water 
Rice Henry, English goods, 54 Kilby, h. 8'Bulfinch pi. 
Rice Henry G. house 59 Beacon 
Rice Hannah T. widow of David, 2 Waverley place 
Rice Hosea B. mason, boards 40 Federal 
Rice Israel C. & W. 69 Faneuil H. market, h. 28 Allen 


Rice John, merchant, h. Arnold 

Rice (John H.) &. Revere {Geo.), stoves, 3 & 7 F. Hall 
Rice John H. house 21 Purchase 
Rice John P. house 3 Cambridge 
Rice Leonard, machinist, h. 837 Washington 
Rice Louis, milliner, 238 Washington, h. 1 Central court 
Rice {Martin) & Gray {Eihc. L.jr.), shipw'ts and caulk. 

south side Forthill wf. Rice's h. 43 Sea 
Rice Nancy, nurse, 1 Beach •, 

Rice Nahum, house 718 Washington 
Rice (JVathan) & Thaxter (Benj.), merch. 27 Long wf.| 
Rice Nathan, h. 10 Avon place 
Rice Nelson, laborer, rear 49 Allen 

Rice (Prescott) & Hunt (Moses), machinists. Cross c. Ann 
Rice Richard H. housewright, h. Canton n. Suffolk 
Rice Rufus, clerk, 31 Water, h. 42 Essex 
Rice Timothy, North Margin 
Rice William D. coppersmith, h. rear Friend 
Rice William (/. C. &, JV.), h. Franklin House 
Rice Zebulon, truckman, h. 2 Plymouth place 
Rich (Benjamin) & Son (S. H.), merchants, 61 Commer- 
cial wharf, h. 46 Summer 
Rich Charles H. oyster shop, 128 Hanover 
Rich Edward A. clerk, boards 102 Washington 
Rich Elizabeth A. instructress, h. Wheeler's court 
Rich Isaac, 128 F. H. market, h. 4 Wesley place 
Rich Isaiah A. house 10 Fleet 
Rich James P. mariner, 1 Prince 
Rich Obadiah, Williams court, h. 4 Columbia 
Rich Otis, shoes and leather, 38 Broad, h. 3 Sullivan pi. 
Rich Richard, fisherman, h. Fulton court 
Rich Samuel H. (B. Rich & So?i), h. 13 South 
Rich Seth, fish market, Atkinson near Milk, h. 10 East 
Rich Thomas P. 38 Broad, boards 1 Somerset court 
Richards Calvin, jr. 29 Faneuil Hall market 
Richards David, housewright, Canal 
Richards David, druggist, 78 Broad 

Richards Eliakim, housew't, S. Foster pi. h. 81 Tremont 
Richards Eliza, milliner, 344 Washington 
Richards Francis (G. Redding <^ Co.), h. Haymarket pi. 
Richards Isaac D. house 144 Purchase 
Richards Isaiah D., W. I. goods, 38 Sea, h. 36 Purchasa 
Richards J. L. merch. 33 Commer. wf h. op. 66 Tremont 
Richards Jonathan A. bookkeeper Washington Bank 
Richards Joseph, cooper, 25 Thacher 


Richards (Jos.) «fe Munn (LMfAer),stoneci]t's, Peirce'swf. 

Richards Josiah W. dry g'ds, 345 WasJi. b'ds 1 Bradf 'd pi. 

Richards Leonard (Bartleit & R.), h. 5 Province 

Richards Lucy, widow, Haymarket place cor. Avery 

Richards Mary, widow, Gibbs lane 

Richards Reuben, jr. hardware, 41 S. Mark. h. 6 Hancock 

Richards Sarah, widow, rear 41 Pleasant 

Richards Samuel, musician, boards 17 Franklin place 

Richards Sarah, widow, h. Bumslead court 

Richards Thomas P. truckman, Salter place 

Richards VVyatt, mason, h. Garden cor. Myrtle 

Richardson A. & H. account's, 81 Wash. h. 1 Brattle sq. 

Richardson Alfred, merch. 16 Union wf. h. 144 Tremont 

Richardson Alpha, currier, 40 N. Market 

Richardson Asa G. teamster, h. 15 Essex 

Richardson Barbary, widow, h. 15 Essex 

Richardson Benjamin, mason, house Grove 

Richardson Benjamin P. house 60 High 

Richardson Bill, housewright, Commercial, h. 33 Charter 

Richardson Charles (Whitney <^ R-), h. 71 Warren 

Richardson {Charles E. H.) & Stratton (William F.), 

academy, 323 Washington 
Richardson Eliza, widow of Eleazer T. F. h. 49 Chesnut 
Richardson Elizabeth, widow, Barry's wharf 
Richardson Edward G. house 7 Suffolk place 
Richardson Francis, laborer, rear Hamilton 
Richardson George, merchant, 16 Rowe's wharf 
Richardson George B. & Co. (Leiois G. ^ Josiah), 1 

Market square 
Richardson (George C.) & Earl (Henry), dry goods, 51 

Water. R.'s house 47 Front 
Richardson George P. jr. (Glover <^ R.), h. 1 Fruit 
Richardson Jacob, clerk, 35 Cornhill, h. rear 31 Allen 
Richardson James, confectioner, h. 42 Warren 
Richardson James, cordwainer, house 92 Tremont 
Richardson James, grocer, 235 Ann 
Richardson James B. merchant, 2 Gridley 
Richardson Jeffrey & Brothers (James B. <^ Benj. P.), 

iron merchants, 2 Central wf h. 79 High 
Richardson Joel, gunsmith, Faneuil Hall, h. 228 Hanover 
Richardson John D. (L. Maynard ^ Co.), h. 97 Broad 
Richardson (Joseph) & Whitney (B. £>.), merchants, 11 

Central wharf. Richardson's h. 22 Lynde 
Richardson Josiah, house 3 Brattle square 
Richardson Lewis G. house 3 Brattle square 


Richardson Loa, hats, 18 Washington 

Richardson Natlianiel W. houspwright, G, h. 48 Bridge 

Richardson (A'ath'l) &. Abbott (John), hydraulic engines, 

14 MilU 
Richardson JVathan &. VV. clothing, 16 Congress, house 

8 Crescent place 
Richardson Rebecca, widow of Jeffrey, h. 79 High 
Richardson Rlioda, widow, house 42 Allen 
Richardson Robert T. S. mason, h. 58 Pinckney 
RichardsoH Robert, jr. shoes, 37 Central 
Richardson Ruth, 472 Washington 
Richardson Samuel, 93 State, h. 24 Harvard 
Richardson Samuel, clerk, house 53 Portland 
Richardson Susan, house 34 Prince 

Richardson Thomas, ironfounder, Sea, h. 1 Fourth street 
Richardson Thomas {H. JY. Hooper ^ Co.), h. 4 Minot 
Richardson Thomas K. house 6 Province 
Richardson William, housewright, h. 7 Blossom 
Richardson Wrn. H. (Bayleij, Poor ^^ R.), h. 18 Winter 
Richardson William L. apothecary, Hanover cor. Charter 
Richardson William, housewright, h. (560 Washington 
Richardson W^illiam, student ai law, h. 6 Montgomery pi. 
Richardson William, merchant, 16 Rowe's wharf 
Richardson Winthrop, boards 12 Bowdoin 
Richmond William, glassmaker, rear 2d street 
Ricker Benjamin F. mason, h. 103 Cambridge 
Ricker George W. mason, rear 253 Wash. h. Southac 
Rider George, painter, foot of Richmond 
Rider Margaret, widow, house 42 Warren 
Rider Neheuiiah M. oysters, 12 Winter, h. South st. pi. 
Ridgley George, brassfounder, h. 15 Carver 
Ridgley Sarah, house 1 Hawjey 
Ridgway Abigail, widow. Castle near Middlesex 
Ridgway H. W. merchant, 13 Long wharf 
Ridgway James, house back 49 Cambridge 
Ridgway John, silversmith, 34 Cambridge 
Ridgway John W. boards 5th street near Turnpike 
Ridgway Sam'l S. lumb. wf. Sea n. Free bridge, h. 5th st. 
Ridlon Noah, housewright, Charlestown, h. 7 N. Centre 
Ridlon Richard, housewright, S. Margin, h. 17 Gouch • 
Riedel James, housewright, boards Sea near the bridge 
Riedel John, house wri^iht, house Broadway 
Riley Alex. S. (H. Gassctt &^ Co.), boards 22 Beacon 
Riley Andrew, saddler, 19 Hanover 
Riley Charles, laborer, 13 Distil-house square 


Riley Daniel, blacksmith, 4tli street 

Riley George, rig^icr, Battery 

Riley {James) & Riniiey (Geo. T.), saddlers, 70 Cornliill, 

house 84 Cliainbers 
Riley James, laborer, Broad corner Cotton place 
Riley John, brass turner, h. 8 Norfolk place 
Riley Margaret, v/idow, house opposite G5 Sea 
Riley Mehitabel, widow, house 14 Redfiird 
Riley Michael, constable, house rear 28 Poplar 
Riley Michael, laborer, rear 45 Pleasant 
Riley Miles, laborer, 11 Uistii-house square 
Riley Owen, laborer, rear C3 Elliot 
Riley Patrick, blacksmith, A street near Turnpike 
Riley Patrick, laborer, rear 12 Washington place 
Riley Patrick, laborer, opposite IG Ash 
Riley Thomao, laborer, rear 24 Merrimac 
Riley William, h. 13 Stillman 
Rimmer E. (Sloper ^^ R.), house 104 Washington 
Rimmer Samuel, turner, house 194 Washington 
Rimmer Thomas, bootmaker, rear 46 Pleasant ' 

Ring Eliza, milliner, rear lOG Washington 
Ring John, bricklayer, 2d street 
Ring John, laborer, Barrett 
Ring Nathaniel, gilder, house 1 North Russell 
Ring William D. paperstainer, 10 Summer 
Ringot Joseph, stevedore, 254 Hanover 
Rinney G, T. See Riley & R. 
Ripley Francis, 10 Cross 
Ripley George, Rev. house 3 Bedford place 
Ripley (George C.) & Manning (Joshua), provisions, 

Summer corner Purchase. R.'s house Lane place 
Ripley Isaac, house 97 Purchase 
Ripley Joseph, housewright, Cross, h. 166 Hanover 
Ripley Joseph, cooper, h. Commercial near Foster - 
Ripley Joseph W. bookbinder, h. rear 119 Pleasant 
Ripley Mary, school, JMiddlesex cor. Castle 
Ripley Robert, cooper. Commercial near Foster 
Ripley William Z. (Mams S,^ R.), bds 484 Washington 
Ritchie James, housewright, 4 Salutation 
Ritchie Thomas C. accountant, 94 Commercial 
Rivers Benjamin, house 14 Vine 
Roach Annastatia, widow, 78 Purchase 
Roach Cornelius, stonecutter, h. rear 123 Broa^ 
Roach John, house 33 School 
Roach Philip, laborer, rear 81 Sea 


Roath Charles, architect, Rogers's building, h. 34 Fayette 

Bobbins Abigail, boarding house, 1 Jackson place 

Robbins Asaph R. laborer, h. Tear 46 Pleasant 

Robbins Chandler, Rev. house 173 Hanover 

Robbins Charles, master House of Correction, S. Boston 

Robbins Edw^ard J. painter, house Merrimac 

Robbins Edward H, 5 Phillips's buildings, h. 45 Summer 

Robbins Elizabeth, n'idow, 48 Sea 

Robbins George L. C. carpenter, rear Carver n. Elliot 

Robbins Harriet, boarding house, 447 Washington 

Robbins Henry, grocer, head Wales's wf h. 10 Purchase 

Robbins Levi, teamster, h. 6 Orange lane 

Robbins Lewis, housewright, h. Grove cor. May 

Robbins Margaret, widow, Mechanic place 

Robbins Nathan, mason, house 36 Myrtle 

Robbins Nathan, jr. 35 Faneuil Hall market 

Robbins Nathaniel, fruit, 34 Merch'ts row, h. 3 Leveret ct. 

Robbins Richard, attor. 13 State, h. 11 JMontgomery pi. 

Robbins Robert, wharfinger, Tileston's wharf 

Robbins S. E. {Leighton ^^ R.), house 26 Temple 

Robbins Shepherd, wood, Tileston's wf h. 37 Atkinson 

Robbins Stephen, jr. cigars. Leveret court 

Roberts Benj. P. jeweller, rear 87 Wash. h. 47 Myrtle 

Roberts Charles L. See Freeman, Cobb & Co. 

Roberts E. G. See Freeman, Cobb & Co. 

Roberts {George), Cooke {M. M.) & Walton (Calvin)^ 

proprietors Boston Daily Times, 72 Washington 
Roberts John, mariner, h. 23 Richmond 
Roberts John, marble mason, h. Pimd near Thaeher 
Roberts John, housewright, Friend, h. 50 Friend 
Roberts John G. bookbinder, r. 39 Wash. h. r, 107 Pleasant 
Roberts John L. mason, 34 School, house May 
Roberts Malinda, widow, boarding, 104 Washington 
Roberts Mary, 5 Arch 

Roberts Richard S. furniture, 114 Cambr'ge, h. Fruit st. ct. 
Roberts Susan, house Williams court 
Roberts Thomas J. mason, house 10 Leveret lane 
Roberts Tobias (Wiswell & R.), h. 114 Sea 
Robertson David, carver, h. Dedham 
Robertson John, house 106 Pond 
Robertson John, laborer, 105 Broad 
Robertson Joseph, mariner, rear 57 Elliot 
Robertson Rebecca, boarding, 25 Brattle [way 

Robertson Sam'l, agent Bost.^Beer Co. 6 Lindall, h. Broad- 
Robins Henry, merchant, 9 Centra! wf. h. U Purchase 


Robins Jonathan D. house 11 Purchase 
Robins Richard, counsel. 21 State, h. 11 Montgomery pi. 
Robinson Andrew G. bootrnalcer, 1G7 Hanover, h. Ann 
Robinson A. L. victualler, r\i N. Market 
Robinson Alexander, h. Friend below Travers 
Robinson Charles, bctokbinder, 38 Cornhill, h. 25 Pinck. 
Robinson Edward, turner, Friend near Causeway 
Robinson Edward, Rev. house 08 Chesnut 
Rol)inson George, housewright, 4tli street 
Robinson George, constable, house IIG Salem 
Robinson G. \V. machinist, N. Margin, h. 5 Garden court 
Robinson (Geo. JV.) & Wiggin (James S.), W. I. goods, 

30 India. R.'s h. 18 Thacher 
Robinson Henry, Gas Light Conip. office, 185 Washing. 

house 1 Winthrop place 
Robinson James, iustructer, house 8 Poplar 
Robinson Joel M. blacksmith, Charlestown 
Robirison John, stall, 5 Boylston market, h. 33 Boylston 
Robinson John, housevvright, Robinson lane 
Robinson J. F. flour, 5 City wf. h. 22 Green 
Robinson John P. brass nail maker, I street 
Robinson John R. boards IS Thacher 
Robinson John T. baker, Clark 
Robinson John W. stevedore, 39 Prince* 
Robinson Jona. P. housevvright, Salutation 
Robinson Judith H. dressmaker, 4th near C street 
Robinson Lydia, widow, 6 Norfolk place 
Robinson L3'man, innkeeper, 18 Ann 
Robinson Nancy, widow of" Josiah, h. Charlestown 
Robinson R. I. (JV. Eaton & Co.), h. Commer. n. Prince 
Robinson Seth, housewright, h. Court sq. 
Robinson (Shadrack) &. Plummer (jlverjj), flour and 

grain, 7 City wf. R.'s h. 53 Chambers 
Robinson Simon W. grocer, 88 Prince, h. 10 Sheafo 
Robinson Thomas, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 100 Saleoa 
Robison William, h. op. 37 S. Russell 
Roby Dexter {Warren <fe. R.), h. 2 S. Margin 
Roby Henry, G2 Belknap 

Roby Joseph, physician, IGl Court, b'ds 62 Belknap 
Roche Maiy, widow, tailoress, 7 Province 
Rockwood Calvin P. painter, h. 4th street 
Rodden Elizabeth, 2 Elliot court 
Rodden Michael, laborer. Pond cor. N. Margin 
Rodden Rebecca, widow, 15 Gouch 
Rodgers Geo. S. shipping office, 79 Broad, h. 15 Wash. pi. 


Rodgers Wm. M. stock maker, 6 Joy's build, li. 1 1 Nassau 

Roessle John, cordwainer, 3:28 VVaj^li. h. 2 Norfolk pi. 

Roffe Elizabeth, widow, house 200 Washington 

Rofte Matthew, shoemaker, '204, h. 2DG Washington 

Rogers Abigail Ann, boarding, 7 Brattle 

Rogers Benjamin & AUan,fish and flour, 41 Long wf. 

Rogers Benjamin, Ixiuse 3 Sweeiser court 

Rogers Daniel A. h. 17 Green 

Rogers Edward, shipwright, h. I street 

Rogers Elii)halet, mariner, h. 4 Chambers st. court 

Rogers Fitz William, furniture, 2 Union, h. 37 South 

Rogers (G. B.), Devens (G. J.) & Co. (J. L. Hunntioell), 
drugs, 5 Conimcrcial. R.'s h. 24 Leveret 

Rogers George, merchant, 2 Union, h. 12 Newton place 

Rogers Henry, shipwright, h. P st. S. Boston Point 

Rogers Henry B. attorney, h. 5 Joy place 

Rogers Jacob A. broker, h. Castle 

Rogers J. D. paper hanger, Marshall 

Rogers John, brokqr, house 1 South st. court 

Rogers John Gorham, agent type foundry, 37 & 39 Con- 
gress, h. 8 Grange. See advertisement 

Rogers John Gray, Justice Police Court and counsellor, 
17 Court, h. Pearl cor. High 

Rogers John H. shoes, 50 Court, h. 10 Williams 

Rogers {Joseph S.) & Clark {Wood), wood wf. Leveret. 
R.'s h. 13 Brighton 

Rogers Leonard, painter, house 59 Carver 

Rogers Lewis B. mason, house rear 7 Short 

Rogers Luke, housewrlght, h. 11 Unity 

Rogers Martha, widow of John William, h. 605 Wash. 

Rogers Mary, widow, Charter 

Rogers Moses, h. Prince cor. Salem 

Rogers Nathaniel, innkeeper. Eastern Stage House, Ann 

Rogers Robert, tailor, h. 5 Ninfolk place 

Rogers Robert, notary public. Custom H. h. Alt. Vernon 

Rogers Sally, widow, house 35 Blossom 

Rogers Samuel, physician, 17 Bedford 

Rogers Sargent, foreign let. office, City H. h. 59 Pinckney 

Rogers Shubael G. jr. Sec. Fireman's Ins. Company 

Rogers William S. house 10 South 

Rogerson Robert, Am. g'ds,53 Water, h. 19 Somerset pi. 

Rohan Edward, house 28 Fayette 

Roland John, grocer, &d Elliot 

Rolland John H. painter, house 1 North Russell 

Rollins Charles, handeartman, 5 Pemberton hill 


Rollins Frances, widow of Ebenezer, h. 18 Beacon 
Rollins Hannah, widow ofNoah, h. W. Cedar c. Acorn 
Rollins Jefferson, laborer, Clark alley 
Rollins John, liousevvright, h. VV. Centre 
Rollins Meshach, housewright, h. Leveret court 
Rollins William (Atkinson %■ K.), h. 44 Summer 
Rollock Jofjn, laborer, h. West Centre 
R(tom William, cabinetmaker, Suffolk near Dover 
Rooney Patrick, waiter, rear 22 Federal 
Roper James, ropemaker, h. A street 
Roper John B. 74 Purchase 
Ropes Hardy, Treas. Am. Ed. Soc. 15 Cornhill 
Rose James, laborer, house 8 Portland 
Rose John, cordwainer, h. 3 Humphrey place 
Rose Lydia, dressmaker, rear 351 Washington 
Rosevear John, housewright, h. Elliot near Pleasant 
Ross Charles, umbrella maker, 228 Wash. h. East n. Sea 
Ross- Charles, teamster, house 10 Essex place 
Ross Daniel, laborer, house 6 Essex place 
Ross Edward M. housewright, h. 25 Blossom 
Ross Francis, laborer, Essex cor. South 
Ross Isaac, tinplate worker, h. rear 96 Purchase 
Ross Jere. & Wm. W. tailors, 7 Congress, h. 22 Bulfinch 
Ross John, hairdresser, 380 Wash. h. 72 Tremont 
R(jss John T. {Lewis 4" /^), h- 11 Province House court 
Ross Joseph L. cabinetmaker, 7G Court, h. Chardon 
Ross Mary, nurse, rear 123 Pleasant 
Ross Mary, house Battery 

Ross Robert, umbrella maker, h.Travers c. Charlestown 
Ross William W. house 24 Brighton 
Ross Wm. clerk Bos. & Prov. rail road,b'd3 Harvard pi. 
Rotch Susanna, nurse, 055 Washington 
Rottey Jeremiah, rigger, h. 18 Washington place 
Roulstone Charles ?I. trunkmaker,57 Milk,b'ds61 Poplar 
Roulstone Michael, glazier, 55 Milk, h. 61 Poplar 
Roundy Alvan, truckman, h. South street court 
Rouse Sarah, tailoress, 14 Fleet 
Row Benjamin, bnishmaker, house rear 5 Belknap 
Rowan John, haudcartman, rear 89 Broad 
Rowan Rachel, widow, Berry 
Rowe Daniel, sashmaker, h. 60 Fayette 
Rowe Esther, widow, rear 732 Washington 
Rowe Ichabod, laborer, Elliot near Tremont 
Rowe Isaac F. house 7 Snowhill 
Rowe Joseph, stevedore, h. Bartlett 


Rowe Joseph, counsellor, 31 Court 

Rovve Samuel ( Lyford & R.), h. 2 Vernon 

Rowell Manly A. Iiousevvright, house Vino 

Rowell True\vf)rthy, patiernrnuker, h. 34 High 

Rovven Thomas, painter, boards Church 

Rowland David S. {Ptirsun ^/- /?.), boards 2 Central ct. 

Rowley Reuben, portrait and inin. painter, 9 Pearl place 

Rowley Sam. II. G., City Tav. h. 3 Chambers st. court 

Rowson William, clerk Custom House, h. r. 5 Hollis 

Royalston Francis, weaver, rear Ann 

Royce Elihu M. grocer, Turnpike street 

Royce Jeremiah, livery stable, 444 Washington, Ji. do. 

Ruby Isaiah, laborer, ii. G Bridge 

Ruddock John, carpenter, h. 6 Barrett 

Ruggles Levi, cabinetmaker, Charles, h. W. Centre 

Ruggles Samuel, isinglass, 89 Cambridge, h. Blossom 

Ruggles Seth L. currier, h. Rutland 

Ruggles (Simon) &. Currier (Jos. B), prov'ns, 60 Myrtle 

Rumney Richard, cooper, h. 50 Allen 

Rumney Richard W. caulker and graver. Salutation 

Rumrill Joseph, jr. painter, East near Sea, h. 5 Bartlett 

Rundle Thomas, carpenter, 21 Warren 

Runey Janies, wharfinger, Gray's wharf 

Rupp Adam, painter, 55 Allen 

Rupp Jane, widow, house 49 Allen 

Rupp John, clerk Boylston market, h. rear 17 Boylston 

Russ Daniel, cordwainer, h. Batterman place 

Russ Daniel H. mason, h. 8 Sweetser court 

Russ Hiram, mason, h. I Portland place 

Russell Benjamin, cooper. Salutation 

Russell Benjamin, house 12 Lincoln 

Russell Benjamin, jr. house 12 Lincoln 

Russell Calvin S. clerk, ]8 State 

Russell David, plate printer, 11 School, h. Elliot c. Carver 

Russell David, jr. meal store, 135 Ann 

Russell Edward, painter, Ji. Henchman lane 

Russell Harriet G. 54 Belknap 

Russell Isaac, 39 Prince 

Russell I. (Cutler ^^ R.), boards at Wildes's, 11 Elm 

Russell Isaiah, housewright, h. Fruit 

Russell James, bookkeeper Atlas Bank, house Mason 

Russell James D. attorney, 5 Court, h. 4 Walnut 

Russell (James) & Thomas (JVm), 19 Long wharf 

Russell Jolm, mason, house 4 McLean court 

Russell John, butcher, h. rear 121 Pleasant 


Russell {John B.), Shattuck (L. G.) & Co. (J. D. TF. 

IVi.Uianis), booksellers, 121 Wash. 11. 's house 5 

Siillivnn place 
Russell John P. (Oakes SfR),h. Leveret street court 
Russell J. G. furn. and feathers, 2 Dock sq. h. 21 Gouch 
Russell Luther, glass maker, rear 3d near Dorchester 
Russell M. B. portrait and niin. painter, 220 Wash. 
Russell Martha, widow of Walter, jr., 6 South st. place 
Russell Martin, laborer, rear 18 South Bennet 
Russell JMary, widow. South Margin 
Russell Mary, house- Silver 
Russell Mary S., Elliot near Pleasant 
Russell (JYaf.han, jr.) &, Bucknam {Jesse), shoes and 

leather, 28 North Market 
Russell Nathaniel P. 34 Beacon 
Russell {Samuel M.) & Groves {Isaac), pumpinakers, 

60 Front 
Russell Samuel, cordwainer, Tremont, h. r. 87 Pleasant 
Russell Timothy, laborer, 44 Orange 
Rust Enoch H. 15 Prince 
Rust William P. A. housewright, 127 Pond 
Rutherford Ann, bonnet maker. Theatre alley 
Ruthven Robert E. brassturnor, 4 Marshall, h. 10 Unity 
Rutter Charles, cordwainer, 26 Federal, h. Sister 
Rutter William, junk, Snow's wf. h. 18 Merrimac 
Ruthven Marion and Margaret, Oliver cor. High 
Rutledge James S. clothing store, 28 Blackstone n. Ann 
Ryan E. widow, B street 
Ryan Daniel, laborer, 106 Sea 
Ryan Elizabeth, widow, rear 65 Elliot 
Ryan Isaac, housewright, 152 Ann 
Ryan James, grocer, 119 Broad 
Ryan James, laborer, vSea near East 
Ryan James, grocer, Batterymarch 
Ryan James, Howard street House 
Ryan John, laborer, rear 17 Sea 
Ryan John, coachman, house 3 Sister 
Ryan John, grocer, 141 Broad 
Ryan John, carpenter, rear 4lh street 
Ryan Joseph, laborer, rear 104 Purchase 
Ryan Lawrence, currier, house rear Broadway 
Ryan Mary, widow, house 20 Garden 
Ryan Michael, tailor, 30 Poplar 
Ryan Michael, laborer, house Leveret court 
Ryan Michael, laborer, Hobbs's wharf 


Ryan Michael, rear 29 Milk 

Ryan Patrick, housewriglit. Theatre alley 

Ryan Peter, laborer, corner Silver and A street 

Ryan Timothy, painter, house south 794 Washington 

Ryerson Eliza J. dressmaker, 154 Washington 

Rynex Samuel, tailor, house 1 Spring st. place 

SABIN MARTHA, house 17 South Russell 
Sabine Samuel R., Pleasant, 1st h. north Piedmont 
Sacket Noah E. stair builder, house Chambers 
Sackett Ruhamah, Indian doctress, 15 Myrtle 
Saffbfd Daniel & Co. {JVm. Low fy A. W. Smith), black- 
smiths, Devonshire. Safford's house Beacon 
SafFord Henry (T. Gilhert S^ Co.), h. Avery c. Wash. 
Salisbury Ambrose, wheelwright, Creek sq. h.IMerrimac 
Salisbury Samuel, merchant, h. Temple place 
Salmon John M. coach painter, Marlboro' pi. h. 38 Short 
Salmon Robert, painter, marine railway 
Salmon Stephen D. stable keeper, 3 Sh*jt, h. 50 South 
Salomon George, cabinetmaker, h. reai 80 Warren 
Salter James, cordwainer, h. 15 N. Margin 
Salter Richard H. physician, house 2 Bowdoin 
Samon John (Higgins & S.), h. 9 fsiorth square 
Sampson Amos, printer, 12 Federal 
Sampson Calvin C. See Hutchinson & S. 
Sampson Ebenezer, mess. Eagle Bank 
Sampson John S. housfewright, h. r. 26 Belknap 
Sampson Joshua, house 16 Hawkins 
Sampson Lucy, widow of Joshua, rear Broadway 
Sampson Martin, hatter, h. Pinckney near Charles 
Sampson Thomas, founder, 5th street 
Sampson Zephaniah, superintendent streets, Merrimac, 

house 37 Charter 
Samuels Emanuel, house Cotton place 
Samuels Isaac, dry goods, Kilby cor. State, h. 3 Mason 
Sanborn Amos C. &, Co. {Will'tum S.), stonecutters, Ca- 
nal, house Spring street place 
Sanborn Charles, farmer, House of Industry 
Sanborn Christopher P. housewright, h. Allen c. Spring 
Sanborn Erastus W. house Cooper 
Sanborn (£.) &, Butler («. J.), stoves, 8 Union, house 

2 Carnes court 
Sanborn Greenleaf C. housewright, Hanover, h.Peck 1. 
Sanborn G. G. housewright, rear 3 Hanover 
Sanborn Henry A. painter, house 242 Hanover 


Sanborn Amos & Win. stonecut's, Causew. c. Ilaverliill 

Sanborn E. VV. b. 1(5 Cooper 

Sanbojrj iSilas, bousowriiibt, r. 3 Hanover, b. 17 Garden 

Sanborn VVoodbridiie, 14 Cross 

Sancry Francis, cabinetmaker, 557 Wasbiiii^ton 

Sancry Jolin, 17 Boylston fisb market, li. lU Elliot 

Sancry Eney, widow, 4 Madison place 

Sanders Jobn, sand dealer, G Suffolk 

Sanders Mary, widow of Josepb, Wnsbington place 

Sanders William, giinsmilb, 91 Broad 

Sanders. See Saunders 

Sanderson Abrabam, grain dealer. !i. Canton n. Suffolk 

Sanderson James G. 58 F. IE market, h. 3 Myrtle 

Sanderson Josepb, bandcarlnian, b. 67 Bedford 

Sanderson Eutber, W. E goods, 75, b. 80 Pleasant 

Sanderson William, laborer, li. rear Sbort near Bedford 

Sanford Samuel, mer. 3 Eidia wf b. Eincoln c. Bedford 

Sandra Francis, ladies' hairdresser, 2()7 Washington 

Sands Edward, 88 F. H. market, b. 8 Koyes place 

Sands {Theodore T.) & Green (J. D.), blacksmiths, 

Turnpike, h. 3d street 
Sanger Calvin F. ( W. H. Melien Sf Co .), b. 8 Morton pi. 
Sanger Eydia, rear 1 1 Sbort 
Sanger Zedekiab, cooper, b. 3d street 
Sargeant Stephen, W. E goods, 549 Washington 
Sargent {Budwell) & Patten (James), W. E goods, 54 

Chatham, h. 3 Cambridge 
Sargent Benjamin, chaise painter, b. 4 Myrtle court 
Sargent Charles, laborer, 5 Eucas place 
Sargent Darnel, Pres. Best. M. Eis. Co. b. 58 Mt. Vernon 
Sargent Dorcas, widow of Epes, h. 5 Poplar 
Sargent Edward, cooper, b. 87 Salem 
Sargent Ensign, wine store, 3 Ci)atbain, h. May 
Sargent Epes, merchant, b. 5 Hartford place 
Sargent Gilman, boards 117 Hanover 
Sargent Henry, 10 Franklin place 
Sargent Henry, h. 109 Purchase 

Sargent Henry J. counsellor. Court sq. h. 72 Beacon 
Sargent Hosea, grocer, 67 Eong wf. b. East Boston 
Sargent Ignatius, 59 Commercial wf h. Joy place 
Sargent James, housewright, b. Ill Purchase 
Sargent Jauies E. baker, b. 86 Warren 
Sargent John, dry goods, 54 Hanover, h. 12 Staniford 
Sargent John, plumber, h. Ill Purchase 
Sargent John, branch pilot, Broad op. Howe's wbaif 


Sargent John, jr. cooper, h. 78 Essex 

Sargent John O. attorney, 4 Court, h. 5 Hartford place 

Sargent John T. Rev. h. 12 Chesnut 

Sargent Joseph, staves & tinware, 71 Broad, li. 14G Purch. 

Sargent Joseph R. Commercial near I'rince 

Sargent Loring, house U) Prince 

Sargent Leonard, watchman, Commercial near Prince 

Sargent Lucius M. counsellor, 40 Slate, h. at Roxbury 

Sargent JNIercy, widow, North IMargin 

Sargent Nathaniel B. painter, 30 1-2 Cross 

Sargent Sarah, widow of Ignatius, 3 Franklin place 

Sargent Simeon, baker, h. North Hanover court 

Sargent Sumner, grocer, 48 Crtttle 

Sargent William, joiner, Packard's wf h. lOf) Purchase 

Sargent (William C.) & Moulton {Jotham), W, L goods, 

6 Rowe's wharf 
Sargent William L. tinplateworker, h. 1 Bennet- place 
Sarzedas David A. comedian, h. 6 Blossom court 
Saunders Ann. widow, intiholder, 148 Ann 
Saunders Edward W. See Brooks & S. 
Saunders Henry T. h. 2 Bowdoin 
Saunders Jacob, pilot, Commercial near Hanover 
Saunders Joshua, wheelwright. Beach, b. 70 Pleasant 
Saunders Kendall P. variety store, 476 Washington 
Saunders Lurena M. boarding house, 74 Federal 
Saunders Nancy, widow, 5 Howard 
Savage Cyrus, fruit, 180, h. 135 Hanover 
Savage George, merchant, house 5 Castle 
Savage James, President Savings Bank, h. Temple pi. 
Savage Jeremiah, laborer, h. llO Broad 
Savage Jacob S. See Haskell & S. 
Savage John, boarding house, 113 Milk 
Savage Sarah, widow of Edvv. h. op. 31 Trem. n. Wash. 
Savage William, mer. 45 Commer. wf h. Beacon 
Savage 'William, stone cutter, h. Creek square 
Savage William, laborer, h. Essex place 
Sawin Abigail, widow, h. Prospect 
Sawin Ezekiel. See Macomber, S. &■ Hunting 
Sawin John, clockmaker, 33 Cornhill, house 4 Vernon 
Sawlell Amos, baker, 8 VVest Centre 
Sawtell Henry, house 9 Blossom 
Sawtell Isaac B. shoes, 619 Washington 
Sawyer Alpha, laborer, 14 Battery march 
Sawyer Amos, baker, 17 Temple 
Sawyer Benjamin F. cordwaiuer, house Hamilton 



Sawyer Cephas, housewright, h. 31 Pinckney 

Sawyer Dorcas, h. 8 Bulolph 

Sawyer Edward, machinist, Haverhill 

Sawyer George P. captain, house 2 Orange lane 

Sawyer {James) & Williams {George H.), grocers, 55 

Commercial. Sawyer's h. 41 Atkinson 
Sawyer John M. soapstone cutter, h. 103 Pond 
Sawyer Joseph, table stand maker, Beverly 
Sawyer Jesse, clerk, h. South street court 
Sawyer Leonard, jr. clerk, 35 Central 
Sawyer Mary C. widow, 8 Kneeland 
Sawyer Phineas, victualling cellar, 1 Long wharf 
Sawyer Sylvester, mariner, h. 9 Cress 
Sawyer William, merchant, G3 Mount Vernon 
Sawyer William, mariner, opposite 1 Norfolk place 
Sawyer William N. 80 Commercial,-h, 2 Foster 
Saxton Charles M. h. 1 Pitts place 

Saxton Thomas F. physician, 41 Leveret, h. 1 Pitts pi. 
Sayer Mathias, cabinetmaker, 80 Warren 
Sayles {Willard) &. Merriam {Charles), domestic goods, 

83 Kilby. Sayles's h. 138 Tremont 
Schade John, pianolbrtemaker, h. 80 Warren 
Scadding John, laborer. South Margin 
SchafFer Andrew W. auctioneer, 13 Ann, h. r. 39 Essex 
Scharman Cord, h. Gouch 
Schagen Albert, mariner, Clark alley 
Schaw Edw. hyg. med. 79 Court, h. 21 McLean. See adv. 
Schoener J. B. miniature painter, 19 Joy's building 
Schram Leonard, laborer, 1 Norfolk place 
Schinitz Mary, widow, house Lowell place 
Scholfield Isaac & Son {Arthur), carpet warehouse, 7 

Cornhill, h. 43 Pinckney 
Scholfield Isaac, jr. {J. Brown &^ Co.), h. 43 Pinckney 
Scholfield Joseph, h. 43 Pinckney 
Scholfield Sarah, widow, Church 
Scollay Catherine, widow, 56 Bowdoiri 
Scolley John, lamps, 52 Cornhill 
Scotchler {James) & Willard {Geo. W.), chairmakers, 84 

Commercial. S.'s h. 2 Pitts place 
Scott Abigail, widow of Benjamin, rear 505 Washington 
Scott Samuel P. 1 Tilcston 

Scott Ebenezer, painter, 135 Ann, h. 13 Salem place 
Scott George, housewright, south end Washington 
Scott Joel, boards 6 Hayward place 
ScottJohn G. captain, h. 18 Hull 


Scovcll Ezekiel, mariner, North Margin 

Scudder (Charles), Cordis (T. F.) & Co. (D. W. Horton), 

hardware, 82 Milk. Scudders li. Teinple place 
Scudder (David), Park (Jlmasa) &. Co. (\J. J. Walicorth), 

hardware, 72 Kilby. Scuddtir b'ds 18 Franklin pi. 
Scudder Horace & Co. (Barnabas Davis), merchants, 8 

City wf. h. 10 S. Bennct 
Scuse Richard, laborer, 143 Broad 
Sealey George, bar room and house, 37 Milk 
Scaley John, laborer, 1(5 Atkinson 

Searle (George) & Upham (Henry), dry g'ds, 79 Milk 
Searles Curtis, cordwainer, 58 Congress, h. 24 Spring 
Searles James M. pianofortemaker, h. Wheeler's court 
Searles James, teamster, h. 8 Elliot 
Sears Clark, laborer, 3 Scott court' 
Sears David, 41 Beacon 
Sears Delight, widow, h. Deacon 
Sears Ebeu, housewright, h. 5 Ilaymarket place 
Sears Elizabeth L. widow of Zebina, op. 7 Columbia 
Sears (George) & Davis (Joseph Jl.), merchants, 14 Cen- 
tral wf. Sears's h. 23 Orange 
Sears Josiiua, W. I. goods, 14 Long wharf 
Sears Judah, house carpenter, rear 2d street 
Sears (Thomas IV.) & Fales (H.), W. I. goods, 5 Long 

wharf, h. 4th street 
Sears Willard, housewright, h. 7 Norfolk place 
Sears Wilfiarn, cabinetmaker, h. S. Margin 
Seary Amy, widow, 19 Hamilton 

Seaton Ambrose, physician and ov. of poor, 106 Purchase 
Seaton Nathan K. inspector of customs, h. 106 Purchase 
Seave John, mariner, 222 Hanover 
Seaver Benj. (IVhitweil, Bond S^ Co.), h. AQ Chambers 
Seaver Ebenezer, h. Friend street court 
Seaver George (Grant, S. ^'' Co.), h. 38 Summer 
Seaver Hannah, widow, 8 Elliot 

Seaver Hammond; ornamental painter, h. r. 123 Pleasaht 
Seaver Joseph, laborer. Piedmont near Pleasant 
Seaver Nathaniel. See Adams & S. 
Seaver Norman. See Stone, S. & Bush 
Seaver Phebe, widow of Ebenezer, 68 Tremont 
Seaver Sarah, nurse, opposite 189 Hanover 
Seaver Susan, widow, Barry's wharf 
Seaver T. W. .\: Co. dry goods, 68 Hanover 
Seaver William, chaiimaker. Sister, h. 16 Williams 
Seaver Williaut J. coppersmith, 25 Union, h. 16 Willianjs 


Seaverg Hammori, h. rear 13 Soiitli M;irgin 
Seaverns Abijali & Joel, provision!^, 33 School 
Seaverns Tlios. VV. groc(;r, 02'. & 027 Wash. h. 44 Pleas't 
Seaward Goor;:fe VV. clerk, h. Hutnlph cor. Cambridge 
Seaward Nathaniel, laborer, K! North lieiinet 
Seiberlich Josepli, coppersmith, li. rear 2 PlyinoiUh pi. 
Senter Stephen, clieniisl, Broadway 
Sennett John, laborer, 4th street corner Turnpike 
Serisola Guiiio, boarding liouse. 111 Cambridge 
Serrat VVilliani F. grateinaker, 15 Cross 
Sessions Chester, messenger Merchants Bank, h. Arnold 
Setchell VVillian), cooper, h. Battery 
Severance E. H. bookkeeper Mercliants Dank 
Severance Nancy, widow, h. 113 Ciiambers 
Severance Rnlus O. livery stable, Charles cor. Acorn 
Severance Samuel, stonccutl* r, h. op. 4 Lowell place 
Sevey Sarah C. widow, nurse, 52 Prince 
Sewall Benjamin, Pres. Fishing Ins. Co. 20 Commercial 
Sewall Benjamin F. fruit, Merrimac cor. Causeway 
Sewall Joseph, 21 State, h. 4 Morton place 
Sewall Moses, Sec. Fishing Ins. Co. h. 82 Federal 
Sewall Samuel E. counsellor, 21 State, h. 4 Morton pi. 
Sewall Thomas R. broker, 21 State, h. GO Chesnut 
Seward Joshua, stable, 36 School, h. 2 Travers 
Seward Thomas, assist, overs. H. Industry, h. Broadway 
Sexton John, laborer, opposite 61 Sea 
Sexton John M. painter, 33 Federal, li. r. Sister n. Berry 
Seymore Friend. See Whitney & S. 
Seymour Thomas, south end Wasliington 
Shabot John A. stevedore, h. rear 254 Hanover 
Shackford Joseph, siiin painter, 43 Wash. h. 29 Boylston 
Shackford William B. {Mlwtt ^ S.), b'ds 29 Boylston 
Shackley Rufus, gardener, h. 37 Brighton 
Sliakcjshaft Henry, laborer, 3d street 
Shakeshaft James, laborer, 3d street 
Shales Edward, cooper, h. Pleasant near Fayette 
Shales John, blacksmith, rear Boylston, h. 10 S. Cedar 
Shannon Anthony, rigger, rear Gibbs lane 
Shannon Oliver N. superin. of Mt. Washington Hotel 
Sharland John, cabinetmaker, h. Mechanic place 
Shapleigh Richard W. boards 8 Pearl 
Shapley James E. jeweller, 110 Hanover 
Shapley J. Han)ilton, 110 Hanover 
Sharon Steph. & Co. (/. D. Foss)^ 8 Merrimac 
Sharon Stephen S. h. 5 Lancaster 


Sharp Daniel, Rev. house 18 McLean 

Sharp Edward, teller Massnchusetts Bank 

Sluirp Jainns, ornamental furniiure, 393 Washington, h. 
4 Newbury place 

Sharp John, stonecutter, 83 Merriinac 

Shattuck Abie), teamster, h. Spear alley 

Shattuck Abel B. cooper, h. 3 W iliiania 

Shattuck Charles, cabinetmaker, h. 10 Cross 

Shattuck Clark, teamster, boards 34 Federal 

Shattuck Daniel, teamster, boards 34 Federal 

Shattuck Daniel, cooper, Ann cor. Commercial 

Shattuck George C. physician, Staniford cor. Cambridge 

Shattuck Lemuel G. {Russell, S. ^- Co.), h. 79 Front 

Shattuck Louisa, sempstress, rear 30 Prince 

Shattuck Rlioda, widow, Pleasant st. ct. 

Sliattuck William {llolhrook ^^ S.), h. 67 Leveret 

Shaw Catherine, rear 4th street 

Shaw (C. B.), Patterson &. Co. ( IVm. Blake &f M. J. Man- 
dell), dry goods, 67 Milk. Shaw's h. 8 McLean 

Shaw Earl & Co. {Syltanus Thomas), dry g'ds, 31 Cen- 
tral, house 43 Spring 

Shaw Edward, architect, 4 State, h. 87 Cambridge 

Shaw Elizabeth, widow of George, h. 4th st, 

Shaw Francis G. See R. G. S. & Co. 

Shaw Isaac L musician, h. ]02 Warren 

Shaw James, founder, rear 4th street 

Shaw Jesse, housewright, Chesnut, h. 59 do. 

Shaw Joel, liousewriglit, Oliver place, h. 5 do. 

Shaw Joseph, lamplighter, 25 Pleasant 

Shaw Joseph, printer, h. Vine corner Bridge 

Shaw {Jos. P.), Briggs {John C.) & Crafts {Francis D.), 
saddlery, 7 Dock square 

Shaw Lemuel, chief justice S. J. Court, h. 37 Mt. Vern. 

Shaw Philip, printer, Bridge corner Vine 

Shaw Robert G. &, Co. {IVm. Perkins t^ Francis George 
Shaio), merch. 51 Commercial wf h. Bowdoin sq. 

Shaw Ruth, nurse, rear 2 Pitts 

Shaw Samuel, housewright, h. 8 Bridge 

Shaw Southworth, jr. h. 14 Purchase 

Shaw Thomas, mariner, 1 Cottage place 

Shaw William, merchant, house 18 Milk 

Shaw (^JVm. fV.) & Hutchins {Horace G.), dry goods, 24 
Kilby. Shaw boards 62 Federal 

Shay William, baker, house Spear alloy 

Shea Calvin, cooper, Broadway 


Shea Mary and Catharine, 2 Theatre alley near Milk 
Sheafe Henry, niiiilary store keeper, Laboratory, Plea»- 

ant, house Howard 
Sheaii Eliza, widow, rear 8 Fayette 
Sliean James, laborer. Theatre alley near Milk 
Shean John, laborer, Suftolk, below Lucas place 
Shears Samuel, stonecutter, Thacher street court 
Shed ('alvin, cooper, rear Broadway near E street 
Shed Edward, house 131 Pleasant 
Shed Eliza Ann, rear 142 Hanover 
Shed Peter C. housewright. Ii. 33 Leveret 
Shed Samuel A. grocer, 41 31ilk 
Shed Susan, widow, 131 Pleasant 
Shedd John H. dry goods, 51 Hanover, h. 9 Stillinan 
Sheerin Thomas, laborer, house Barrett 
Shehan John, laborer, house Salt lane 
Shelly Abner, cordwainer, h. 7 Madison place 
Shelton Fanny, widow, 8 Hartford place 
Shelton John, saddler, 45 Congress, boards 92 Purchase 
Shelton Philo S. 44 India wharf, house 37 Chesnut 
Shelton Stephen, house 43 South 

Shelton Thomas J. &. Stephen, pump and block makers, 
Forthill wharf and Sea. T. J.'s house 92 Purchase 
Shelton William, house 86 Purchase 
Shepard (Edicin), Oliver (Sam'l W. Jl ) & Co. stereotype 

founders, School 
Shepard George T. coachman, h. 41 Fayette 
Shepard Green, soda, Franklin avenue, h. 20 Portland 
Shepard James, clerk, h. 33 Chambers 
Shepard Mary, 408 Washington 
Shepard Nathaniel T. clerk, h. 85 Charter 
Shepard Preston, innkeep. Pearl st. House, Pearl c. Milk 
Shepard Thomas R. house 4lh street near D st. 
Shepard Walter B. watchmaker, 144 Hanover 
Shepard William J. house 116 Court 
Shepherd Joseph, laborer, h. opposite 38 Bedford 
Shepherd Susan, widow, boarding, 110 (Cambridge 
Shepley {Luke) iSi. Wright (Albert J.), printers, 32 Congr. 
Sherburne John, cabinetmaker, 199 Hanover 
Sherburne John, Canal Hotel, 91 Pond 
Sherburne Jos. M. hat store, 42 Washington, h. 7 Oak 
Sherburne Reuben B. clerk B. ^ Concord Boating Co. 
Sheridan James, handcartman, h. 211 Hanover [Cooper 
Sherman Asa, baker, 7 South Margin 
SV««rman Ebenozer, housevvright, rear Broadway 


Sherman Elizabeth, widow, 177 Hanover 

Shertnan F')i^,abeth F. h. 3 Spring street court 

Sliermari Kanriah R. widow, G Brighton 

Sherman James, honsewright, boards B street 

Sliernjan Nathaniel, lionsewr't, Hawley, ii. 2G Pinckney 

yhcrman Tliomas, clerk, 4 Barllett 

Sherwin Ferdinand, printer, B street 

Sherwin George \V . frnit, 7 Faneuil Hall, h. 22 Stillmaa 

Sherwin (Joseph) & Merrifieid {Jones), grocers, corner 

Pond and Stillman 
Sherwin Ric-hard, printer, 18 Cross 
Shillaber Daniel, h. 12 Crescent place 
Shimmin Win. merchant, 34 Long wf. h. 4 Bowdoin sq. 
Shipley Horatio, attorney, 33 Court, h. 26 Hancock 
Shipley Joel, mason, 39 Myrtle 
Shipley Thomas, laborer. Battery 
Shipley S. G. baker, Union 

Sfiipsey Edward, laborer, opposite 145 Purchase 
Shirley William W. laborer, 6ii4 Washington 
Shirwin George, honsewright, h. Kennard's avenne 
Sholes John, rigger, Commeicic.! wharf, h. 11 Hull 
Shorcy John &. Co. (John Fussell), dry goods, 191 Wash» 

house 3 Province 
Short Isaac, cabinetmaker, house 50 Orange 
Short John, laborer. Cross corner Ann 
Short Moses, housewright, 73 Elliot 

Short , housewright, Robinson lane 

Shumway Nelson (Blood <V S.), boards 680 Washington 
Shumway Willard A. (Mams ^ S.), boards 11 Elm 
Shurtleft' Benjamin, physician, li. 134 Tremont 
SiiurtlefF Nathaniel B. physician, 2 Beacon 
Shurtleft' Samuel A. physician, Pemberton hill, Tremont 
Shute Caleb B. Mass. Sabbath School Union, 47 Corn- 
hill, house rear 97 Salem 
Shute Daniel, teamster, li. 711 Washington 
Shute David, housewright, h. 149 Hanover 
Shute Ebenezer, constable, h. 6 Leveret court. 
Shurell John, house 81 Charter 
Shute Ebenezer, jr. caulker and graver, 332 Ann 
Sibley Henry, mus. inst. 190 Tremont, h. I Foster place 
Sibley Jonas L., U. S. Marshal, 20 Court, h. 7 Avon pi. 
Sibley Richard S. watchmaker, 59 Commercial 
Sibley Stephen, house 13 Unity 
Siders Sally, widow, 425 Washington 
Siders Susannah, school, Essex near Washington 


Siflion Nicludns, sailinaker, h. 2 Friend street place 

Sigourney Daniel A. cjisliier Washington Bank 

Sigourney Elizabeth, widow of Andrew, 25 JN. Russell 

Sigourney Henry, rnerch. 47 India wf. h. 1 Hartford pi. 

Sigourney Mary, widow of Charles, 9 Avon place 

Signy James, boarding house, 79 North square 

Sikes John. See Johnson At S. 

Silloway James. See E. Gunnison & Co. 

Silioway Nathaniel A. carpenter, Haverhill 

Silver John, laborer, h. North square near Bethel Churcli 

Silver Joseph, hatter, Bartlett 

Silver William, laborer, rear 89 Broad 

Simes Joseph. See J. McGregor & Co. 

Simmons Benjamin, brassfounder, h. 7 Cross 

Simmons Benj. miller, Pitts, h. 5 Leveret [Hous« 

Simmons Benj. F. (Geo. W. <^ B. F. S.), b'ds at American 

Simmons David A. counsellor, 20 Court 

Simmons {Geo Ji.) & Thorndike (Eben.), oil, 21 Long wf 

Simmons George S. ironfounder, Broadway 

Simmons George W. & B. F. dry goods, 41 «5b4S Water, 

house 13 Franklin 
Simmons Geo. W. clothing, 34 Ann, h. 28 I,a Grange pL 
Simmons Hannah, widow of Sylvanus, 25 Essex 
Simmons Hiram, housewright, Charles, h. 2 Pitts court 
Simmons John, clothing, 51 N. Market, h. 17 Staniford 
Simmons Joseph, pump & block maker, h. 1 Salutation 
Simmons Levi, housewright. Leveret court 
Simmons Nancy, house Essex near Short 
Simmons Seth, housewright, rear Charles, h. 9 High 
Simmons Thomas. See Orrok & S. 
Simmons Valentine, clothing, 37 Merchants row, house 

177 Hanover 
Simmons W. clothes, 36 Ann, house 19 Salem 
Simmons William D., W. I. i^oods, Broadway cor. C at. 
Simmons Wm. jus. P. Court, 31 Court, h. 51 Pinckney 
Simonds Alvan, dry goods, Turnpike, house do. 
Simonds Artemas, superintendent House of Industry 
Simonds Catharine, boarding, 143 Court 
Simonds Henry C. attorney, 10 Court, h. 18 Ciiarnbera 
Simonds Horatio N. house rear I'inckncy 
Simonds John, livery stable, 9 N. Russell 
Simonds {John H) & Atwell {Pickering), merch. tailors, 

5 1-2 Congress. Simonds's house (i Avery place 
Simonds Joseph, dry goods, 265 Wash. h. 59 Cambridge 
Simonds Josiah, 3 N. Market, h. 20 Richmond 


Simonds Luke, cordwainer, 40 Portland, h. Friend 
Simonds Mosely, shoemaker, h. Friend near Portland 
Siraonds'Sheplierd, cloth'g, 3 N. Market, h. 18 Chambers 
Simonds (StUiman) & Tyler (Jlsa), boots and shoes, 27 

Cambridge. S.'s house Butolph cor. Cambridge 
Simonds Thomas E. teanjster, h. Beverly 
Simonds William, grocer, 55, house 5!) Cambridge 
Simonds William, jr. dry goods, 57 Cambridge 
Simpkins (John) &. Jones {Prescott), leather, 22 Broad. 

Simpkins's house C Staniford 
Simpkins Samuel G. bookseller, 79 Court, boards 6 

Howard. See advertisement 
Simpson Daniel, stabler, 2 South Fester place, h. do. 
Simpson James, shipwright. Salutation 
Simpson John K., Pres. Commonw. Bank, h. 26 Howard 
Simpson John K. jr. feathers, 1 Ann, h. 12 Bulfinch 
Simpson Joshua T. lobsterman, h. 83 Sea 
Simpson Maria M. 16 Elliot 
Simpson Mark, laborer, h. Cedar lane 
Simpson Mary Ann, wid. of David, h. r. 339 Washington 
Simpson Michael H. merchant, 53 India wf. h. Cook ct. 
Simpson Paul, physician, 12 Milk 

Simpson Thomas, broker, 14 Exchange, h. 57 Belknap 
Simpson Warren, musician, house 1st street 
Simpson (Williavi M.) & Harrington {E/jIi. 6'.), crockery 

ware, 166 W^ashington. S.'s h. 1 Columbia 
Sims Eleanor, widow of Charles, Fayette near Jefferson 
Sims Stephen, house F'ayette near Jefferson 
Sinclair Arthur, rigger, 127 Broad 
Sinclair Thomas, brassfounder, h. 6 Margaret 
Sinclair William, boarding house, 17 Gibbs lane 
Singleton Thomas C. mastniaker, h. Charter n. Commer. 
Sinnat Alice, widow, Piedmont near Church 
Sinnot Arthur, housewright, h. rear 146 Pleasant 
Sinnot Mary, widow, rear Custom-hotisue st. 
Sinnot Thomas, laborer, 60 Purchase 
Skelton Alfred, teller Globe Bank 
Skelton Eunice, milliner, Hancock 
Skerry Clarissa, house 6 Oliver 
Skerry Edward A. H. mason, 124 Hanover 
Skerry George W. jeweller, r. 87 Wash. li. 124 Hanover 
Skilton S. P. teller State Bank 

Skimmings Wm. provisions, cor. Elliot, h. 102 Warren 
Skinner Alvah, watchmaker, 42 Merchants row 
Skinner Benjamin H. See Hayden &. S. 



Skinner B. Hurd. See Fes^enden, Thompson & Co 
Skinner Elias,jr. tailor, 51 VV.ishinglon 
Skinner Francis & Co. (IV. S. Lincoln & H. K. florton), 
An^er. <r'ds. 23 and 25 (-ent. S. b'ds Beacon c. Som. 
Skinner J. F. See Hurd, Hutchins & S. 
Skinner Lncian, teller Slate B. Iionse 52 Temple 
Skinner (jVonh K.) &, True (IVm. M.), tailors, 29 Mer- 

cliants row. Skinner's h. 15 Stillman 
Skir)ner ( fVm. S ) & Deblois (Geo. L), rnerch. 4G India 
Skinner William S. ag't for Lloyd's, Liverpool and Glas- 
gow Ins. offices, 46 India, b'ds at Exchange C. H. 
Skinner William H. See Stanley, Reed & Co, 
Slack Ruggles, clerk, 21 Water, h. 5 Province 
Slade J?.mes, housewright, boards Mechanic place 
Slade John & Wm. J. housevv'ts, 81 Portland, h. 5 Minot 
Slade John, jr. (Lambert 4" S.), h. 10 III. Vernon 
Slade Nancy, widow, rear 92 Federal 
Slade Rob't (C. L. BrlgliamS^^ Co.),U. 1 Church n.Pied't 
Slade W. J. housewright, h. rear 30 Chambers 
Slater Jane, widow, house Pemberton hill 
Slater Nancy, widow, boarding, Canton n.iar Washington 
Slater Persis, widow of Andrew, h. 3 Carnes ct. 
Sleeper Jacob, tailor, 6 Congress sq. h. 12Montgom. pL 
Sleeper John O. provisions, Commercial 
Sleeper John S. editor Mercantile Journal, 26 State 
Sleeper Mary, vvidow, house 1 Beach 
Sloan Joseph, coachman, h. rear 115 Tremont 
Sloan Mary Ann, widow, 2 Cross 

Slocomb Thomas (JV. H. Milton^' Co.), h. N. E. Coff.H. 
Sloper (M. A) &.Rimmer (£.), milliners, 194 Washing. 
Slugjrett Mary, dressmaker, 10 Bedford 
Small Benjamin (Crnsby Sf S.), h. S. Cedar n. Church 
Small Sarah, widow, house Spear alley 
Smalley George R. provisions, 8 Bedford, h. 43 Essex 
Smalley Isaac, painter, house 91 Merrimac 
Smallidge Jeremiah, painter, 55 Milk, h. 6 Avery 
Smallidge Samuel, housewright, rear 89 Broad 
Smart Samuel, clothing store, 105 Broad 
Smith Aaron, auctioneer, house Dedhatn 
Smith Abigail, house 3 Pitts 

Smith (Abigail) &. Harrington (£.), boarding, 8 Pearl 
Smith Abner, jr. grocer, head Smith's wf h. Salutation 
Smith Albert, clerk, house 53 Pond 
Smith Albert T. physician, house 56 Belknap 
Smith Albert W. (D. Safford ^^ Co.), h. 66 Essex 



Smith Alexander E. housewriglit, h. 15 Blossom pi. 

Smith Allen, blacksmith, h. 22 Cross 

Smith Amasa G. See Taber & S. 

Smith Andrew, jr. {fVchber ^ S.), b'ds 11 Atkinson 

Smith Ann, widow, 20 Cai ver 

Smith Archibald, fisherman, Bartlelt 

Smith Benjamin (Dexter 4" S.), h. 8 Garden court 

Smith Caroline, widow of William, school, C2 Salem 

Smith Catharine S. widow of Amos, Sister c. Williams 

Smith Charles, com. mer. 65 Broad, house Vernon 

Smith Charles A. painter, 284 Washing, h. 14 Prospect 

Smith Charles C. liousewright, h. 41 Poplar 

Smith Charles W. clerk, boards 1 Bradford place 

Smith Cyrus, house Wheeler's court 

Smith Daniel, baker, rear 42 Salem 

Smith Daniel C. 127 F. Hall market, h. Barrett 

Smith David, h. Cedar lane corner Pinckney 

Smith David, machinist, house rear 122 Hanover 

Smith David W. groceries, 25 Cambridge, ii. Clark 

Smith D. D. barber, Clinton 

Smith (Dennis) & Hine (Francis V. J.), stairbuilders, 

Smith Donald, clerk, h. 2 Avery place [Haverhill 

Smith Dustan K. mason, h. 42 Brighton 

Smith Ebenezer, Blackstone, house 3 Lynde 

Smith Ebenezer, jr. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 3 Lynde 

Smith Edmund, provisions, Hanov. c. Fleet, h. Idl Hano. 

Smith Edmund M. truckman, 3d street 

Smith Edw'd, shipwright, Commercial n. Henchman lane 

Smith Elias, physician, .54 High 

Smith Elisha, cooper, house 5 Bath 

Smith Eliza, rear 8 South street place 

Smith Eliza, rear 339 Washington 

Smith Elizabeth N. house 5 Bridge street avenue 

Smith Frances, widow, 3 Foster 

Smith Francis, Commerci;il near Hanover 

Smith Franklin, baker, 14 Hawkins 

Smith Frederic, grocer. Court square 

Smith George, printer, h. Williauis court 

Smith George G. (Terry, Pelton &. Co.), h. 107 Purch. 

Smith George M. house 21 S. Ben net 

Smith Geo. P. cordw. Purchase c. Liv. vvf. b'ds 128 Pure. 

Smith George W. 5 Kxchange, house t) Atkinson 

Smith George W. 19G Hanover 

Smith Green, soda, 39 N. Market, h. 144 Hanover 

Smith Hannah, boarding house, 3 Cornhill court 


Smith Hannah, widow, (!!laik 

Smith (Henry) & Gore { JVatsoti), hosiery ,150 Waahiug. 

Smith Henry, house Pine 

Smith Henry, carpenter, h. south 794 Washington 

Smith Henry, captain, h. 4fh st. corner F stieet 

Smith Henry, hatter, rear 559 VVasli. h. 4G Fayette 

Smith Henry B. counsellor, h. 2 Franklin place 

Smith Hilliard, cabinetmaker, h. 94 Warren 

Smith tliram, 15 Lyman place 

Smith Hyman J. stonecutter, rear 77 Sea 

Smith Isaac W. boards at Kiiburn's Coffee Flouse 

Smith (J.J.) & Brooks (IV. C), W. I. goods, 53 Com- 

mercial. Sjnith's h. 2 Vernon 
Smith Jacob, furniture, 8, h. 12 Milk 
Smith James, housewright, h. rear 11 Short 
Smith (Jas. IV.) & Bigelow {Elijah), flour, 33 Commer. 
Smith Jeremiah, housewright,;Mt. Vernon, h. 64 Belknap 
Smith Jeremiah P. painter, h. 4 Barre place 
Smith J. V. C. quarantine physician, otfice City Hall 
Smith J. Cutts, (358 Washington 
Smith John, bookbinder, h. 8 Stillman place 
Smith John, stevedore, Battery 
Smith John, mariner, h. 2 Sun court 
Smith John, mariner, Purchase corner Broad 
Smith John, innkeeper. Wash. Coff. H. 158 Washington 
Smith John, Bartlett's wf. h. Commercial n. Foster 
Smith John, painter, h. Castle opposite Middlesex 
Smith John, jr. Bartlett's wharf 
Smith John H. teamster, h. 18 Washington place 
Smith Jolin R painter, r. Bank, Trem. h. 3CornhilJ sq. 
Smith Joseph, h. 4 Cooper 
Smith Josepli, h. 51 Portland 

Smith Jos. B. com. mer. 13 Foster's wf h. 145 Purchase 
Smith Joseph R. counsellor, h. 130 Pleasant c. Shawmul 
Smith Joseplj L. G Congress 
Smith Joseph M. & Co. (Thto. Dunn), druggists, 13S 

Washington,, h. Pearl 
Smith Joseph P. baker, h. 18 Washington place 
Smith Joshua R., W. I. goods, 179 Ann 
Smith Josiah A. clerk, boards 48 Orange 
Smith Judith, widow, 2d street 
Smith Laban M. merrhant, h. Gorliam place 
Smith Leonard F. vict. Broad op. Arch wf h. op. Otis' wf 
Smith Leonard, lastmaker, h. Wheeler's court 
h. 41 Prince 


Smith Lorenzo G. clothing, 23 Ann, h. Henchman lane 
Smith Lucy, house Robinson lane 
Smith Lydia, dressmaker, 23 Fayette 
Smith Lydia, widow, 21 South Bennet 
Smith Mace, coroner, boarding, Broadway 
Smith Margaret, widow, S.Cedar near Church 
Smith Maria, widow of Joel, Castle near Middlesex 
Smith Maria, confectionary, Essex near Washington 
Smith Martin, undertaker, h. 14 Prospect 
Smith Mary, widow, rear G3 Elliot 
Smith Mary Ann, widow, 9 Franklin place 
Smith Mary H. dressmaker, 534 Washington 
Smith Mary L. widow, 53 Warren 
Smith Mary S. English goods, I'urchase c. Pearl 
Smith (Melancthon), Blanchard {F. H.) & Co. (T. A. 
Sumner), dry g'ds, 115 Wash. S.'s h. 136 Pleasant 
Smith Mehitabel, washwoman, 3 Mechanic 
Smith Micah, wheelwright, h. 7 South st. place 
Smith Michael H moulder, 4th st. near Turnpike 
Smith Mighill, 14 Washington place 
Smith Morris, miniature painter, Hanover 
Smith Moses, handcartman, h. Merrimac 
Smith Nancy, widow, h. rear 730 Washington 
Smith Nancy, widow, 49 Atkinson 
Smith Nathaniel, stonecutter, h. 2d street 
Smith Nath'l P., W. L g'ds. Milk, house 51 High 
Smith Orlando, W. L g'ds,' 138 Pleasant, b'ds 469 Wash. 
Smith Pamelia F. boarding house, 34 Federal 
Smith (Patrick) & McQuaid (I'Ao'i-) dry g'ds, 381 Wash. 
Smith Perez {IV. Clark ^^ Co.), h. 18 Hanover 
Smith Phebe, widow of Adam, 83 Elliot 
Smith Pliny, provisions, eor. High and Atkinson, h. do. 
Smith Ralph, merchant, 108 State 
Smith Richard, clerk, rear Hawes school 
Smith (Rich'd) Sc Stetson (Clement), housew'ts, Black- 
stone, h. 23 S. Margin 
Smith Sally G. nurse, 73 Warren 
Smith Samuel, chair painter, h. Lathrop place 
Smith Samuel, collector, h. 57 Pinckney 
Smith Samuel R. boards 1 Bradford place 
Smith Sam'l J. H. pocketbook mak. 2 Milk, h. 22 Croaa 
Smith Sanford R. clerk, boards 106 Purchase 
Smith Sarah, school, Greenough lane 
Smith Sarah, widow of Benjamin, 73 Purchase 
Smith Sarah, widow of Richard H. h. 50 Orange 


Smith Sarah, widow, 39 Front 

Siriitli Simeon, mason, 11 Sudbury square 

Smith Simeon W. housewright, rear 21 Second 

Smitli Standfast, widow, 73 Summer 

Smith Stephen, mechanic, c. N. Margin and Pond 

Smith (Stephen) & Campbell (John), provisions, 99 Han. 

Smith Stephen, machinist, h. Pond near Charlestown 

Smith Stephen, cab. mak. Wilson lane,h. 21 Atkinson 

Smith Stephen, provisions, 100 Hanover, h. 17 Salem pi. 

Smith Susan, widow, Piedmont near Pleasant 

Smith Thomas G. painter, house B street 

Smith Thomas P. (Parmele & S.), h. May c. W. Centre 

Smith Thomas, laborer, south 794 Washington 

Smith Thomas C. merchant, 8C State, h. 2d Green 

Smith Tolman G. painter, 8 N. Market 

Smith Uriah, typefounder, boards 69 Congress 

Smith Willard, laborer, house Merrimac 

Smith William, messenger Savings Bank, h. op, 2 Bath 

Smith William, cooper, house Moon 

Smith William, shoes, 42 Union, h. 4 1-2 Hawkins 

Smith William, waterman, C street 

Smith William, organist, house 87 Cambridge 

Smith William H. comedian, house Cook court 

Smith William H. merchant, h. 13 Warren 

Smith William O. clerk, house 21 S. Bennet 

Snell Ephraim, housewright, house 717 Washington 

Snelling Anna Mary, school, Hull 

Sneiling Edward A. house 4 W. Cedar 

Snelling Enoch H. glazier, 85 Ann, h. 104 Salem 

Snelling Ephraim, shipwright. Commercial 

Snelling George H. counsellor. Court cor. Tremont 

Snelling (John) &. Dillaway (IVm), caulkers, Commer. 

Snelling John W. clerk, house 116 Salem 

Snelling Jonathan, teacher High School, h. 4 W. Cedar 

Snelling Nath'I G. Pres. Mass. F. M.Ins. Co. h. 1 16 Salem 

Snelling Nathaniel P. tailor, 10 Congress, h. 16 Vine 

Snow (Aaron R.) & Loomis (Geo. A.), tobac.2 N. Market 

Snow Asa B. physician, 132 Hanover 

Snow Azel, house 81 Court 

Snow David & Co. (5. Eldredge), W. I. goods, 9 City wf. 

h. 1 Garden court street 
Snow D. F. (Thos. S. & Co.), h. 18 Hanover 
Snow Ephraim, house 12 Sheafe 
Snow Ephraim L. wood, Dawes's wf. h. 19 Leveret 
Snow Gideon, merchant, 24 Long wf. h. 33 Chesnut 


Snow Heruan, laborer, 30 Stillman 

Snow Hezekiah H. mariner, 2 Pond 

Snow Horatio G. clerk, h. 49 Spring 

Snow Humphrey L. clerk, 30 Kilby 

Snow Isaac, housewright, li. rear 90 Warren 

Snow (Isaac) & Gate (Jlmmon), soda, 14 Fulton. Snow's 

h. 19 Gibbs lane 
Snow James P. boards 132 Hanover 
Snow Jethro, housewright, h. Thacher st. court 
Snow (John J\l.) & Wade (Joseph F.), merchants, 13 Long 

wf. h. 13 Sheafe 
Snow Larkin &. Son (Ephraim L.), wood wharf, Dawes's 

wf. h. 19 Leveret 
Snow Martin, trucknmn, 91 Merrimac 
Snow Philip, housewright, house 15 Hawkins 
Snow Prince, coro. & dep. sheiiff, 31 Court, h. 79 Prince 
Snow Sarah, nurse, 3G Charter 
Snow Tho's & Co. (D. F. Snow), wine merchants, 18 

Merchants row, house 82 Tern pie 
Snow Wm. & James, painters, 14 Frank, h. 100 Charles 
Snow William, mariner, house Commercial 
Snow Winthrop, housewright, house 48 Pond 
Snow Zenas (Dodd & S.), house 3 Unity 
Sohier Edward D. attorney, 27 State, h. 21 Franklin pi. 
Sohier William D. counsellor, 40 State, h. 8 Franklin pi. 
Soley J. J. 49 State, boards 40 High 
Soil Caspar, housewright, h. 4th street 
Somerby Charles, organ builder, house 54 Union 
Somerby Horatio G. painter, Spring lane, h. 3 Salem pi. 
Somes Edward, cooper, h. 8 Oliver 
Somes John, house 7 Province House court 
Somes Nehemiah, broker. Congress, boards 45 Milk 
Soper Mary Francis, 1 Quincy place 
Soren J. J. teller Washington Bank 
Soule George M. (Sprague & S.), h. 20 Atkinson 
Soule Richard (John Broimi <^ Co.), h. 40 Chambers 
Southack F. W. clerk, 103 Milk, h. GG Cambridge 
Southack Joseph, baker, house GtJ Cambridge 
Southack Maria, widow of Francis, h. C6 Cambridge 
Southard Nathaniel, house 2 Oliver 
Southard (Ziheon) & Steele (Julius C), W. I. goods, C3 

Purchase. Southard's h. 64 Purchase 
Souther Ezokiel, housewright, h. Pinckney n. Charles 
Souther Isaiah, housewright, Haverhill, h. 37 Temple 
Souther Job, shipwright, 3d street near Dorchester 


Souther Jul* T. joiner, liouse 4th street 
Souther Nathaniel {Lane *^- 6\), h. rear 44 Essex 
Souther VVilHain, bookbinder, iJG Wash. h. 2 Minot 
Southgate {Lyman), Blake {James H.) & Co. dry goods, 

6 Kilby. S.'s house 11 Beacon 
Southvvick Arnos VV. druggist, 93, h 97 Cambridge 
Southwick Ji.i^epli, leather, 20 N. Market, h. 3G High 
Southvvick T. L. oysters, 52 Union 
Southworth Clarina, widow, 14 Short 
South worth Constant {LnrkiiL &/■ 6'.), h. 1 Cooper 
Southworth N. miniature painter, 220 Washington 
Soward John, rigger, house 17 Hamilton 
Sowdon John, intell. office, Court square, h. Alden court 
Spade William, tinplate worker, 2G Union 
Spalding Benj., W. I. goods, 37 Hanover, h. 20 Pinckney 
Sparks Charles, Williams court 
SparJiawk Daniel O. hatter, 4tli street 
Sparliawk {Stearns) & Buckman {J. C), curriers, 7 North 

side Faneuil Hall. S.'s h. 15 Harvard place 
Sparrell John T. hats, 6 Market square 
Sparrell William, architect, 64 Cornhill, h. 22 Myrtle 
Sparrow Mary, boarding, 23 Williams 
Spaulding B. Prescott &. Solomon R. leather, 28 Broad. 

B P. S. boards Hanover House 
Spaulding John, clerk, 341, boards 447 Washington 
Spaulding {Leonard) &. Hayden {Otis), wood, Poplar 

Spaulding's house Gl Leveret 
Spaulding'"Patrick, laborer, rear 123 Broad 
Spaulding Rufus, Rev. house 7 Ballard place 
Spaulding Solomon H. See Mason & S. 
Spaulding Solomon R. {B. P.S^S. R. S.), h. 1 Federal ct. 
Spaulding William, laborer, rear 17 Sunjmer 
Spaulding(Z. /-*.)& Jacobs (Geo. C), grocery, Merrimac 

corner Portland. S.'s h. Lancaster 
Spear Abigail S. school, south 752 Wash. h. 21 Bedford 
Spear Benjamin A. typefounder, h. 2 Sudbury 
Spear Edward, taliowchandler, h. 1 Blake's court 
Spear Eliza, widow, G Charter 
Spear Hannah, rear Broadway 
S[)ear Harriet, widow, Essex coin-t 
Spear Isaac, silversmith, h. rear Lancaster 
Spear James, cooper, 8() Front, house 45 do. 
Spear James E. paper stainer, h. Battery 
Spear John L broker, 7 Exchange, h. 47 Federal 
Spear Lucy, widow, house 9 Bridge st. court 


Spear Mary, widow, 15 Essex 

Spear Ruth, widow, 1st street 

Spear S.ilatliiel, blacksmith, house Charlestown 

Spear Samuel, teamster, h. 5 Oraniie h\iie 

Spear Samuel A. pump and bloekmaker, 240 Hanover 

Spear Thomas Truman, portrait painter, 21 School, b'd3 

20 Atkinson 
Spear Warren, blacksmith, house 15 Essex 
Spear William A., stonecutter, h. 3d st. near Old Road 
Spear Wm. T. cordwainer, 30 Congress, h.57 1-2 Prince 
Spence John (Moses Pond S,- Co.), h. Baldwin place 
Spencer Hohart, mason, h. 3 Stur^is place 
Spencer Job, coachmaker, h. 3 Harvard court 
Spencer Peter H. mariner, h. 9 N. Margin 
Spencer Robert B. tailor, G State, h. 4 Southac court 
Spiller Moses, India wharf, h. 3d street n. school house 
Spink Ebenezer, printer, h. rear 45 Congress 
Spinney Harriet, sempstress, house 115 Essex 
Spinney Mark, victualler, 62 India vvf. h. Spear alley 
Spinney Thomas, penny post, house C street 
Spokesfield Fernald D. clerk, h. 4 Wendell 
Spooner (Geo. JV.) &, Thomas (Isaac /?.), merchants, 40 

Long wharf, house 38 Milk 
Spooner Sherlock, cabinetmaker, 581, h. 501 Wash. 
Spooner Wm. B. leather and hides, 33 Broad 
Spoor Elijah, laborer, h. 547 Wasliington 
Spose Bartholomew, boatman, 229 Ann 
Sprague Charles, cashier Globe Bank, h. 25 Boylston 
Sprague G. J. 19 India, house 583 Washington 
Sprague John, Tremonl corner Jefferson 
Sprague Joseph, tailor, 386 Washington, h 46 Essex 
Sprague Margaret, widow, Barry's wharf 
Sprague Mary, straw bonnet manufacturer, 95 Cambridge 
Sprague Matthew, housewright, 3d street 
Sprague Peleg, counsellor, 17 Court, h. AG Chesnut 
Sprague Perez, laborer, 15 Hamilton 

Sprague Piiineas & Seth & Co. (E. S. TobrAj), mer- 
chants, 13 Commercial wf P. S.'s h. 15 Milk 
Sprague Samuel, bricklayer, 583 Washington 
Sprague Stephen, chaisemaker, house Merrimac 
Sprague William, wood wharfinger, Bull's wf h.35 High 
Sprague (IVm. jr.) & Soule (Geo. M.), W. I. goods, T 

wf house 35 High 
Sprague VV^illiam W. bookbinder, 16 Bennet 
Spring I. H. See Cary & S. 


Spurr William, gilder, h. Commercial op. Gray's wharf 

Slack James, house Williams court 

Stackpole Charles, hatter, house 50 Tremont 

Stackpole Reuben M. currier, 801 Wash. h. Arnold 

Stackpole J. Lewis, 5 Court 

Stacy Joseph H. laborer, 15 S. Russell 

Stacy Mary, widow, house Butolph 

Stacy Polly, widow, rear 108 Purchase 

Stacy Wra. R. refreshments, Pemberton hill, h. Province 

Standish James, mason, boards 40 Federal 

Standish Moses, housewright. Front, house 3 Suffolk 

Stanford Joanna A. widow, h. 89 Mt. Vernon 

Staniels Hazen, collector, 8 Piedmont 

Staniels J. P. grain, n. Warren Bridge, h. 97 Chambers 

Stanley (Gilman), Reed (Josiah) &Co. {IV. H. Skinner) ^ 

merchants, 10 City wharf 
Stanley Jos. G. boards Boston Hotel, 47 Brattle 
Stanley Sarah, widow, 101 Essex 
Stanley William, laborer, rear 22 Carver 
Stanton Barbara C. widow, house Castle 
Stanton Catharine, dressmaker, Batterymarch 
Stanton Jacob C. 105 Faneuil Hall market 
Stanwood Calvin, stone cutter, h. 33 Thacher 
Stanwood Lemuel, 5 Rogers's building, h. 22 Beacon 
Stanwood Samuel, painter, Tremont n. Warren, house 

rear 65 Elliot 
Stanwood William, h. Williams cor. Atkinson 
Staples George, 99 Faneuil Hall market 
Staples Isaac, house 4 Acorn 

Staples J. N. & Isaac, wine merchants, 7 City Hall 
Staples James N. h. cor. Gridley and Purchase 
Staples John, machinist, h. 2d street 
Stark Anna, widow, Battery 

Stark James, hatter, house south end Washington 
Stark John S. laborer, 164 Hanover 
Stark Joseph, tailor, 43 Congress, h. do. 
Starkweather Charles, laborer, house 9 Blossom 
Starret Jane, widow of William, rear 58 Prince 
Stavers John, iron and hardware, 49 Broad, h. 2N. Bennet 
Stearns Amos F. clerk, house rear 80 Purchase 
Stearns Asa, W. I. goods. Commercial near Hanover 
Stearns Charles, mes. Tremont Bank, h. Congress court 
Stearns Charles H. grocer. Commercial corner Ann 
Stearns Charles J. 40 State, house 1 Gouch 
Stearns Curtis and Elijah, grocers, Salem cor. Prince 


Stearns Curtis, house 78 Salem 

Stearns Eckley, 53 Faneiiil Hail market 

Stearns Elijah, house 63 Prince 

Stearns George B. 40 State, h. 73 Mt. Vernon 

Stearns G. & H. & Co. (I. B. Filch), shipchandlers, 10 

Commercial wharf 
Stearns Hannali, widow, house Merrimac 
Stearns H. L. house 4 Bowdoin 
Stearns Jacob, merchant, Green corner Gouch 
Stearns James VV. distiller, house 50 Salem 
Stearns Jesso, fruit, 26 Union 

Stearns John (Parks, Blackburn ^ Co.), b. 55 Beacon 
Stearns John, cartman. Leveret court 
Stearns John, house 3 Travers 
Stearns Josiah A. See Light & S. 

Stearns Simon, VV. I. goods, 8 India, h. 2 Sullivan place 
Stearns Timothy D. truckman, rear Moon 
Stearns (/Fm) & Crosby (Loammi), W. L goods, 134 

State. Stearns's house 15 Staniford 
Stearns William, mason, house rear 43 Federal 
Stearns William G. counsellor, 4 Court 
Stebbins C. F. pumpmaker, Otis's wf h. South st. court 
Stebbins J. B. physician, Broadway near Dorchester 
Stebbins Judah, infirmary, 31 Chambers, house rear 
Stebbins Roderick, house rear Cross near Hanover 
Stebbins Samuel, pumpmaker, Otis's wf h. 4th street 
Stebbins Thomas H. h. 10 Pleasant street court 
Stedman Benjamin S. 57 Washington, h. 10 Ash 
Stedman Daniel B. clerk, 133 Wash, house S3 Front 
Stedman John, 57 Washington, house 10 Ash 
Stedman Josiah, house 83 Front 

Stedman Josiah, jr. (Talbot & S.), h. 4 Brattle square 
Stedman Wm. M. &, Co. (Josiah Stedman and Joseph^. 
White), W. L goods, 3 Central wf Wm. M. S.'s 
house Kneeland 
Steel Robert, fruit, 26 Dock sq. h. 2 Kennard avenue 
Steel Sarah, widow, house 22 Garden 
Steele Charles, housewright, house 6 Southac court 
Steele Gurdon, cashier Nortli Bank, h. 3 N. Brighton 
Steele Julius C. (Southard & S.), h. 117 Purchase 
Stenchfield Henry, rear 132 Hanover 
Stephens Samuel, carpenter, h. 8 Sheafe 
Stephenson Thomas, dep. sh'tF and jailor, h. Leveret 
Stetson (Mpheus) &. Colburn (Joseph), wood and lum- 
ber, 1st near Dorchester 


Stetson Angeline, dressmaker, 35 Salem 
Stetson Charles A. h. 15 Somerset place 
Stetson Clement {Smith ^ 6'.), h. 31 Brattle 
Stetson Joshua & Co. {Lehbeus S.), dry goods, 85 Hano- 
ver, house 6 Leveret court 
Stetson {Lebbcus) &. Goodwin {Joseph), lumber, Com- 
mercial. S.'s house G9 Hanover 
Steven Abel, Rev. h. 7 Ballard place 
Stevens Aaron, h. 53 Poplar 
Stevens Abraham L. smith, h. llG Salem 
Stevens A. L. jr. See Pratt &. S. 
Stevens Amos, bal. fac. 5 south side Faneuil Hall 
Stevens Benjamin, sergeant at arms, h. 4G Hancock 
.Stevens B. Franklin, chairs, 113 Cambr. h. 60 Myrtle 
Stevens Charles F. blacksmith, h. Charlestovvn 
;Stevens Caroline A. widow of Charles, 1 Stillman place 
Stevens Collins {D. Carter Sf Co.), h. 3 May place 
.Stevens D. See Parkhurst & S. 
Stevens Ebenezer, 13 Long wharf, h. Broadway 
iStevens Edward L. {Bridge 8f S.), h. 3 Arch 
Stevens Eliza, nurse, 15 Hawkins 
Stevens Eliza, widow of Ebenezer, 48 Orange 
Stevens Franklin, chairmaker, Hi) Cambridge, h. Myrtle 
Stevens Franklin, provisions, G2;) Washington 
Stevens George, cordwainer, h. 3 Bridge st. avenue 
Stevens Gideon, laborer, rear 13 Sea 
Stevens Hiram, h. Charlestown 
Stevens {Isaac), Fisher {Francis) & Co. {fVm. Parker), 

rner. 23 & 24 Central wf Stevens's h. 135 Tremont 
Stevens James, planemaker, 5, h. 6 Merrimac 
Stevens John, Sec. Conunou. Ins. Co. h. C83 Washington 
Stevens John H. printer, h. 3d street 
Stevens Joseph, inspector of Customs, h. 77 Purchase 
Stevens Luther, cop'pl. print. 6 State, h. r. 81 Mt. Vern. 
Stevens Mary, widow, opposite 6 Norfolk place 
Stevens Otis. See Mclnlire & S. 

Stevens Serial), chemical worker, 1st, h. Dorchester st. 
Stevens Silas, provis. op. 40 Federal, h. 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Stevens Simeon, teamster, Cambridge, near the bridge 
Stevenson Emily, h. (3 Blossom court 
Stevenson Galen L. cabinetmaker, h. Canton r. Suffolk 
Stevenson John, laborer, rear 80 Tremont 
Stevenson J. Thomas, 35 Central wf h. 24 Bulfinch 
Stevenson William, notary public, 51 State, boards at 
25 Bulfinch 



Stevenson (JFilllam) & Dyer (Daniel A.), puinpmakers, 

hearl Foster's wharf. IS.'s h.4 Purchase 
Stewart Abigail, witlow, h. 7 Bridge st. court 
Stewart Alexander, upholsterer, 32 Tremont n. Wash. 
Stewart Andrew, stotiec^uttcr, h. 5(5 Pond 
Stewart Adam, physician, h. 710 Washington 
Stewnrt Charles, laborer, h. Poplar 
Stewart Edward, printer, h. 7 Bridge street court 
Stewart James, jr. pianufortemaker, h 88 Warren 
Stewart John, handcartman, h. Market place 
Stewart John, housewright, h. 60(1 Washington 
Stewart Nathaniel, mariner, 279 Ann 
Stewart Robert II. upholsterer, 32 Tremont n. Wash. 
Stewart Silas, clothing, 7G Ann 
Stewart Thomas, cordwainer, Williams court 
Stickney Benjamin, Bromfield House 
Stickney Josiah, distillery. Front, W.I. goods, 16 India, 

h. IIG Tremont 
Stickney Samuel, housewright, house 4th street 
Stickney Silas, jr. h. 16 Brighton 
Stickney (JVUlium) & Dean {Henry), 12 Chatham, h. 52 

Stieger Conrad, sugar refiner, h. Short street court 
Stiles Moses, housewright, Bennet place 
Still Joseph, mason, h. Langdon place 
Still Lucy, widow, 2 Murray place 
Stillman Samuel {T. fV. Baldwin &, Co.), h. 15 West 
Stimpson Abigail, school, I Harvard, h. do. 
Stimpson Amelia, laundress, 85 Prince 
Stimp.-*on Andrew B. bookbinder, h. rear 2d street 
Stimpson Caroline {Hobart S,- S.), 17 Temple 
Stimpson Charles, jr. bookseller and .stationer, 72 Wash. 

house 20 Williams 
Stimpson Frederick H. house 25 Atkinson 
Stimpson H. &- F. (Herbert H. S^ Fred. H.), stove and 

tin ware manufactory, 127 State, h. in Dorchester. 

See advertisement on cover 
Stimpson Isaac H. bookbinder, boards at Floyd's, 4th st. 
Stimpson John, clerk to Directors House of Industry, 

Faneuil Hall, h. 27 Fayette 
Stimpson John C. fruiterer, 1 City Hall 
Stimpson Joseph, laborer, Broadway 
Stimpson Mary, widow, Barry's wharf 
Stimpson Samuel, housewright, h. 20 Spring 
Stimpson Sarah, widow, 28 Purchase 


Stimpson William C. & Co. (Edw. Brinley), druggists, 3 

south side F. Hall, h. 12 Leveret 
Stimson Ciileh, h. i;5 Avon phue 
Stimson Lovet, dancing master, house 33 Alien 
Stinson Aroliibald, butciier, 4tli street near D 
Stinson Nathan, portrait painter, li. 4 Nortii JMargin 
Stinson William, h. 14 South Margin 
Stinson William, housewright, h. 4 North Margin 
Stocker Sarah, 1 West Cedar 
Stockman James, captain, h. 43 Essex 
Stockman John, housewright, h. 4 Haymarket place 
Stockvvell Joseph, truckman, 8 Mechanic 
Stokell Sarah, widow, 4 Short st. court 
Stoddard Betsey, widow of Ilezekiah, h. C4 Chesnut 
Stoddard Betsy, h. (5 Garden 

Stoddard Charles (Edwards ^ S.), h. 3 Franklin 
Stoddard David, 7 Central wharf, h. 13 Mount Vernon 
Stoddard Erastus, blacksmith, h. 2'^ South Cedar 
Stoddard Gridley, housewright, 32 Cambridge 
Stoddard Isaiah, housevv't, Bumstead ct. h. 3 Fayette ct. 
Stoddard John, upholsterer, h. 26 Short 
Stoddard John B. house 3') Friend 
Stoddard Lewis T. (Gordon ife .S), house 7 Staniford 
Stoddard Mary S. school, 1 Bartletl 
Stoddard Thomas, 151 Hanover 
Stodder John L. tailor. Congress, h. 41 Atkinson 
Stodder Joseph, surveyor, Richmond 
Stodder R. H. (Thomas TarhelL & Co.), h. 3 Ceiitre 
Stodder Samuel C. sailmaker, h. 199 Hanover 
Stone C. J. dry goods, 53 Hanover 
Stone (Daniel) ''Sc White (Robert), wood, Cambridge. 

Sione's h. 12 Charles 
Stone Dan'l P. dry g'ds, 25 Kilby, b'ds East. Stage House 
Stone Ebenezer VV. clothing, 35 Brattle 
Stone Edwin, grocer, Merrimac, h. 39 Friend 
Stone George, h. 21 Merrimac 
Stone George C. See Thurston Ai, S. 
Stone Henry B. Pres. Suffolk Bank, house 31 Temple 
Stone (./. E.), Seaver (Norman) & Bush (S. L.), dry 

g'ds, 29 & 31 Water. Stone's h. 65 Belknap 
Stone John, pianofortemakcr, h. 44 Fayette 
Stone John S. Rev. h. Temple place 
Stone Joseph, h. South Russell near Cambridge 
Stone Joseph L. measurer, appraiser's office, Custom H. 
Stone Joshua, pianofortemaker, 1j. Essex n. Washington 


Stone L. M. pension clerk, Commonwealth Bank 
Stone Luther, cabinetmaker, h. 53 Tremont 
Stone Lucy, widow, 30 Scliool corner Province 
Stone Mary, 25 Pleasant 

Stone Martha and Margaret, laundresses, 4 Orange lane 
Stone Nathan, wiieelwright, Pond, h. North Margin 
Sto-ne Nathan, prov. Parkman's mar. h. r. 113 Cambridge 
Stone Nath'i, jr. dry goods, 74 Hanover, h. 30 School 
Stone Otis F. & Co. {Thomas Hoioe), grocers, 77 Cham- 
bers, h. Leveret court 
Stone P. A. housewright. Causeway, h. 192 Hanover 
Stone (P. R. L.) & Crosby {Frederick), W. L goods^ 

Charles corner Cambridge. Stone's h. 24 Bridge 
Stone {Robert, jr.) &. VVhitiier {Daniel), dry goods, 7S 

Kilby, up stairs 
Stone Sardine, house 5 Chardon 

Stone Sawyer S. dry goods, 317 Washington, h. 40 Essex 
Stone Stephen S. innholder. City Tavern, Brattle 
Stone Thomas J. {Lecain ^ S.), h. 4 Causeway 
Stone William. See Burr! II & S. 

Stone Wm. W. {JV. ^ S. Lawrence <^ S.), h. 46 Bowdoia 
Storer D. Humphreys, physician, 14 Winter 
Storer Robert B. merchant, 47 India wf. h. Hancock av. 
Story Franklin H. 20 Chesnut 
Storey John, glasscutter, rear C street 
Stoodley William F. cooper, h. rear 200 Washington 
Stott John, stone, seal and gem engraver, 23(3 Washing. 
Stoughton Anna Margaret, widow, 10 Summer 
Stove David, boarding house, Berry 
Stover Sylvester, furniture, 28 Milk, b'ds 18 Prov. H. ct. 
Stow Baron, Rev. 11 Sheafe 
Stow Edward, clerk, h. rear 20 Charles 
Stow John P. bookbinder, rear Broadway 
Stow Truman, w'd & coal, Packard's wf. b'ds 30 Wash. pL 
Stowe Freeman. See M. S. Lincoln &, Co. 
Stowell Charles, mason, h. 33 South Russell 
Stowell Ephraim C. stage agent, 7 Elm, h. 7 Ballard pi. 
Stowell Jane, widow, 4U Pleasant 
Stowell John, painter, house 46 Pleasant 
Stowell Seth, constable, A street 
Stowers Benjamin, laborer, Blackstone 
Strange Abiel, housewright, h. 12 Purchase 
Strand Christian, rigger, h. 131 Broad 
Strain John, laborer, 143 Broad 
Straiten Frederick, grocer, 1, house 3 George - 


Stratton Frink, auctioneer, 5 Water, house 42 Spring 
Stratton John, VV. I. goods, 50 Central, li. 60 Purcliaso 
Stratton Jonas, teamster, h. 55 Pond 
Stratton Leonard, h. Commercial near Charter 
Stratton William F. {Richardson ^ S.), h. 18 Vine 
Street Margaret, boarding liouse, 73 Broad 
Streeter Sally, widow, rear 585 Washington 
Streeter Sebastian, Rev. h. 202 Hanover 
iStreeter Sebastian, Latin teacher, boards 6 Beach 
Strong Alexander, shoe store, 401 Washington 
Strong Charles D. bookbinder, 62 Cornhill, h. F street 
Strong Louisa P. boarding, h. 84 Elliot 
Strong Woodbridge, physician, 18 Winter 
Stuart Arthur, ag't Bos. and W. railroad, h. 10 Fayette 
Stuart George. See Ordway & S. 
Stuart Polly, widow, Tremont corner Jefferson 
Stuart. See Stewart 
Stubbs John, house 240 Ann 
Stubbs William, shipkeeper, h. Silver 
Studley Warren, tailor, 44 Court, h. 196 Tremont 
Sturgis Elizabeth, widow of Russell, 11 South 
Sturgis William {Bryant, S. i^ Co.), h. 52 Summer 
Sturtevant Earl, 51 Brattle 
Sturtevant William, 16 Long wharf 
Sturtevant Winslow, carpenter, h. 21 North Margin 
Sullaway John, stagedriver, h. Bedford cor. Columbia 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, rear 87 Broad 
Sullivan Daniel, boarding, 84 Broad 
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, 12 Stillman 
Sullivan Dennis, laborer, 104 Sea 

Sullivan Dudley, wool stapler, h. S. Cedar near Church 
SulHvan James, stevedore, rear 12 Washington place 
Sullivan James, laborer, Dedham near Tremont 
Sullivan James, machinist, h. rear 714 Washington 
Sullivan James, laborer, 153 Broad 
Sullivan James V. See Adams & Sullivan 
Sullivan Jeremiah, blacksmith, house C street 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, Humphrey place 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, rear 120 Sea 
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, rear 149 Broad 
Sullivan John, laborer, 153 Broad 
Sullivan John, laborer, rear 83 Broad 
Sullivan John, house 102 Chambers 
Sullivan John J. pilot, house 2 Moon 
Sullivan John O, laborer, Broad, opposite Mame wharf 


Sullivan {John W.) & Barbour (JohnJ^.), mer. 36 Com. 

Sullivan Mary Ann, 5 Lucas place 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 8 Wharf 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 119 Broad — another, 88 do. 

Sullivan Motley, laborer, 88 Broad 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, rear 149 Broad 

Sullivan Richard, h. 1 Hancock av. c. Mt. Vernon place 

Sullivan Roger, laborer, 33 Sea 

Sullivan Simon, gardener, h. Blackstone 

Sullivan Timothy, shoemaker, Batterymarch 

Sullivan William, laborer, Lane place 

Sullivan William, counsellor, Court sq. h. 15 Chesnut 

Summers Ann, A street 

Sumner Amos, tailor, h. North Grove 

Sumner Bradford, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 25 Hancock 

Sumner Charles, attorney, 4 Court 

Sumner Charles P. sheriff, h. 20 Hancock 

Sumner Ebenezer, jr. 37 and 3!) Faneuii Hall market 

Sumner F. A. physician, 13 School 

Sumner Jesse, broker, 2 Exchange, h. 25 Chesnut 

Sumner Luther, housevvright, rear 6G0 Washington 

Sumner Sarah, widow, h. 1 Belknap 

Sumner Timo. A. {Smith, BlanchardS/- Co.), h. 102 Pleas. 

Suratt Francis I. French teacher, h. 52 Cambridge 

Supple John, laborer, rear 12 Washington place 

Suter John, captain, 5 Avon place 

Sutherland George, jeweller, 17 Friend 

Sutherland George, jr. jevvi Her, 130 Hanover, h. Crosg . 

Sutton Enoch, watchmaker, 377 Washing, h. 10 Avery 

Sutton Maria, milliner, 338 Washington 

Sutton Samuel, A corner of 4th street 

Swain Sally, widow of Darius, h Commer. n. Board al. 

Swallow Asa, mason, Salem 

Swan Thomas, teller Colutnbian Bank 

Swan Thomas, carpenter, house Bartlett 

Swan William, jr, clerk Union Bank 

Swartz Michael, foundei, h. rear 5th street 

Swasey J. H. {Boynton 8f S.), boards 4 Brattle square 

Swasey Mary, widow of Joseph, boarding, 10 South 

Swasey Rufus, clerk, Portland corner Hanover 

Sweeney Daniel, laborer, Humphrey place 

Sweeney James, laborer, Broadway 

Sweeney John, laborer, Humphrey place 

Sweeny John, h. Friend near Causeway 

Sweeny John, laborer, Middlesax near Castle 


Sweeny John, laborer, 110 Broad 

Sweeny John, tobaccon. 14 S. Market, h. op. 37 S. Rus. 

Sweeny John, hiborer, A street 

Sweeny Terrence, tailor, h, 11 Summer 

Sweney Charles, lighterman, h. Sun court 

Sweney Dennis, lighlorman, h. Istst. near I street 

Sweney Lawrence, lighterman, Sun court 

Sweney Miles, lighterman, house Sun court 

Sweet Aaron, clerk, h. 10 Crescent place 

Sweet Jabez, tailor, liouse 5 Centre 

Sweet James S. watchmaker, cor. Mer. row, h. 5 Centre 

Sweet John H. jeweller, 9G VVasiiington, b'ds 17 Green 

Sweet William L. house 27 Blossom 

Sweetland Samuel, machinist, boards Rutland 

Sweetser Benjamin, h. 21 Leveret 

Sweetser Benjamin G. agent Brewery, house S. Cedar 

Sweetser George, butcher, house 50 Tremont 

Sweetser Isaac, Secretary Washington Ins. Company 

Sweetser John, fruit & groceries, 200 Wash. h. 31 Fayette 

Sweetser (Sam'l) & Penniman (Henry), shoes, 9 Wash. 

Sweetser Sarah, widow, 85 Salem 

Sweetser Thomas, h. Howard cor. Somerset 

Sweetser William, physician, 137 Tremont 

Swett Joseph, cabinetmaker, h. Province near School 

Swett Joseph, Faneuil Hall market, h. 17 N. Margin 

Swett Mary, instructress, 12 Avery 

Swett Moses A. cordwainer, h. 8 Norfolk place 

Swett Samuel (W. B. S. k Co), h. 1 W. Cedar 

Swett Samuel W., Vice Pres. National Ins. Company 

Swett Sarah, milliner, 485 Washington 

Swett Silas, cordwainer, 19 Essex, h. 8 Norfolk place 

Swett Tasker H. merchant, house CO Beacon 

Swett Wm. B. & Co. (Samuel), mer. 16 Custom-house st. 

Swett William C. printer, h. 61 Pinckney 

Swift John J. (Parker S,^ S.), house 28 Charter 

Swift Mary, house 12 Centre 

Swift Mary B. widow, 277 Washinglon 

Swift Peter, house Flagg alley 

Swindell John C. cordwainer, 135 Broad 

Swiney John D. coppersmith, h. 18 Myrtle 

Swinson Peter, captain, h. rear 126 Cambridge 

Swords John, handcartman, h. Bedford near Short 

Sylvester Adam. See Gardner & S. 

Sylvester Nancy, widow, 8 W. Centre 

Symmes Edrnund, dry goods, 277 Wash. h. 1 Sewall pL 

348 Directory. 

Symmes (John), Eaton (Charles F.) ScCo. (James Eaton)^ 

W. I goods, 1 Brimmer's T 
Symmes Luther, 14 Butler row, house 41 Boylston 
Symmes Margaret, widow, of John, h. 16 Dislil-house sq. 
Symonds John H. hairdresser, Congress sq. h. 26 Myrtle 
Symonds Josseph, jeweller, 1 Summer 

TABER (JOB) & SMITH (A. G.), carpets, 76 Wash. 
Taber Job, house 11 Green 
Taft Joseph R. laborer, opposite 65 Sea 
Taft Samuel J. boarding house, 484 Wasiiington 
Taft Stiilman, grocer, 1 Haverhill 
Taggard John, house 9 Sea 

Tainter Albert, barkeeper. Globe Hotel, h. Commercial 
Tainter Daniel A. house 1 Ridgway lane 
Tainter William C. (Carlton i^ T.), house 3 Salt lane 
Tak J. J. V. D. crockeryware, 304, h. 318 Washington 
Talbot Abigail, boarding, 11 Beacon 
Talbot George, housewright, rear 730 Wasiiington 
Talbot (G. W.) & Stedman (Josiah,jr.), crock. 31 Union 
Talbot Gilbert L. See Goodrich & T. 
Talbot John, carpenter, h. Market place 
Talbot Solomon, pianofortemaker, b'ds 14 La Grange pi. 
Tallack John, mariner, Hanover avenue 
Tallant Jacob C. watchman, 2 Oliver place 
Talles Thomas, house rear 253 Washington 
Talman Peleg, boards 23 Purchase 
Tank Christian, cabinetmaker, h. 79 Tremont 
Tapley Amos P. See Daniel Bingham & Co. 
Tapley William, provisions, 95, h. 119 Chambers 
Tappan Benjamin. See Hosmer & T. 
Tappan John, merchant, 76 State, h. 30 Summer 
Tappan John G. (Townsend <^ T.), h. 30 Summer 
Tappan Lewis W. (Holbrook 4' T.), h. 30 Summer 
Tarbell Eben, brewer, h. rear 41 Pleasant 
Tarbell John, watchmaker and jeweller, 4 Elm 
Tarbell Silas P. merchant, liouse Lyman place 
Tarbell Thomas & Co. (R. H. Stodder ^ Charles Faulk- 
ner), Europ. & India g'ds, 55 Water, h. 11 Avon pi. 
Tarbett Lendall F. clothing, 83 Commercial 
Tarbox Esther, nurse, 2 High street place 
Tarbox William, housewright, house 47 Leveret 
Tarlton Harriet, widow, toy shop, Derne 
Tarr David S. housewright, house 37 S. Russell 
Tasker Ebcnezer, grocer, 326 Ann, h. 2 Bennet place 


Tasker Matthew, painter, rear 39 Essex 

Tales Susan, widow, rear G Hoi lis 

Tates William, mason, rear 6 Holiis 

Tavares Joseph, stevedore, h. Hanover avenue 

Taylor Alvan (Flaggy T. <^' Horn), h. Broadway 

Taylor Caleb, housewright, rear Broadway 

Taylor Cliarles, rigger, house Barllett 

Taylor Charles W. bookkeeper City Bank, h. 6 Minot 

Taylor Charles VV. house Haymarket place 

Taylor (Daniel) & Waklron (Samuel JV.), crockery 

ware, 59 Broad. Taylor's house 15 Leveret 
Taylor Eber, housewright, 37 West Cedar 
Taylor Edward T. Rev. house Prince cor. Hanover 
T:iylor Frederick, wood wharf, Canal, h. 34 Friend 
Taylor George, pianofortemaker, h. 17 Short 
Taylor George, teamster, 38 Friend 
Taylor Henry, painter, house 82 Summer 
Taylor Isaac, laborer, S. Margin 
Taylor James, counting room, 58 Commercial 
Taylor James, house 253 Washington 
Taylor James, laborer, 3 Scott court 
Taylor John, baker, house 105 Milk 
Taylor John, laborer, house 195 Hanover 
Taylor John, laborer, h. Grove corner Southac 
Taylor Joseph,' house 190 Hanover 
Taylor Lewis (Bridge, Wellington & Co.), h. 9 Elm 
Taylor Lewis, laborer, Clark alley 
Taylor Mary, widow of ll4ifus G. 16 Summer 
Taylor Natharsiel, housewright, h. Broadway 
Taylor Philip, housewright, rear Broadway 
Taylor Ralph, mariner. Salutation 
Taylor Simeon, tinman, house 2 Clark 
Taylor Sophia, widow, boarding-house, 45 Federal 
Tayhjr Warren, cabinetmaker, h. 4 Jefferson 
Taylor William, cabinetmaker, house rear 67 Elliot 
Taylor Willjam, hou.-^e 69 Bedford 
Taylor William, jr. hardware, 408 Washington 
Tead Edw. L. sailmaker, 3 1-2 Commer. h. r. 352 Wash. 
Teal Elizabeth, widow, 85 Tiemont 
Teal J. G. periodical publisher, 54 Cornhill 
Teal Thomas George, bookseller, h. 85 Tremont 
Tebbetts F.noch, housewright, h. Canton near Suffolk 
Tebbctls John C. (Mariner, T. c^- Co.), h. 65 Chambers 
Teevaii John, laborer, houne High street place 
Temple James L. handcartman, h. rear. 16 S. Bennet 


Templeton {John) Sl Avis (Thos.), stonecutters, Ciiarles 

cor. Cambridge. Templeton's h. 3 George 
Tenney Amasa, cooper, 24 Long vvliarf, li. Riclimond 
Tenney Amos, boards 3 Kneeland place 
Tenney Asaph, housewright, li. (J75 Washington 
Tenney B. Franklin & Amos, dry goods, 3D7 VVasIiington 
Tenney John, housewright, C street 
Tenney John H. boards 30 Federal 

Tenney Samuel, assis. Pres'. Mer. Ins. Co. h. Commercial 
Tenney Samuel N. hardware, 7 Union, h. Charter 
Tenny Marshall, mer. 4 Central wf. h. 6 Province H. ct. 
Tenny Oliver, cotton wareli. Atkinson; h. 6 Kneelund pi. 
Tenny William, house 3 1-2 S[)rii)g 
Tenny William P. house 28 Prince 
Tent James, fruit, 69 Congress, h. 115 Essex 
Terry H. G. bookbinder, flG Washing, h. 27 N. Russell 
Terry Timothy, teamster. Piper's wharf 
Terry (Wm. D.), Pelton {Oliver) &. Co. {Geo. G. Smith), 

bank note engravers, 39 State 
Tewksbury Ann, widow, South Cedar near Church 
Tewksbury A. R. See Cutler & T. 
Tewksbury Martin W. ballast office, 85 Commercial 
Tewksbury William, jr. captain, 127 rear 129 Pleasant 
Thacher Caroline, widow of Charles, h. 40 Chesnut 
Thacher Charles, house 40 Chesnut 
Thacher George & Co. {Isaac Thacher)^ W . I. goods, 

31 liOng wharf, house 4 Sewall place 
Thacher George C. iron foundry, S.Boston, h. Broadway 
Thacher George M. 41 State, house 1 Arch 
Thacher Isaac {Geo. Thacher <^- Co.), h. 7 Morton place 
Thacher Mary, 5 Oliver filace 
Thacher Peter O., Judge Miniiti[)ril Court and counsellor, 

Court square, house 10 Cliesnut 
Thacher {Thovins) & Billing-; {tVm G.). cotton dealers, 

20 Long wharf Thacher's h. 7 Milton place 
Thatcher B. B. attorney, 33 Court 
Thatcher David, dry eoods, 2(1 Central, h. 12 West 
Thatcher {Peter) & Fearing {.'Indrcw C), dry goods, DO 

State. Thatcher's house 34 Mt. Vernon 
Thaxier A. W. jr. {Bates S,- Co.), house 99 Tremont 
Thaxter Adam VV. house 3 Allen 
Thaxter Benjamin. See Rice Sa T. 
Thaxter Jacob, painter, h. rear 90 Front 
Thaxter Jonathan, house 42 Levnret 
Thaxter Mary Ann, nurse, S3 Warren 


Thaxter Sam'l, math, inst mak. 125 Stale, h. 41 Pinckney 
Tliaxter Setli, ciirpeiitfir, Nassau, house 83 Warren 
Thaxter Theodore, harncssmaUor, 10 Boylston sq. house 

Wheeler's court 
Thaxter Warren, cabinetmaker, Sea, house 51 South 
Tliaxter Warren, jr. mariner, house Travers 
Thaxter William V. housewright, house 3 Jefferson 
Thayer Ann, laundress, G Lucas place 
Tha^'er Barnabas, blacksmith, house 4th street 
7'hayer Betsey and Deborah, rear 676 Washington 
Thayer Ciiarles. shoemaker, h. 2 Harvard court 
Thayer Charles'Lovvell {Cartwright §^ T.), h. Gridley 
Thayer Charles R. boaids 40 Atkinson 
Thayer Charles W. clerk, h. 6 Blossom court 
Thayer Cotton, Battery 
Tiiayer Deborah, h. 12 Somerset place 
Thayer Ebcnezer, clerk, Cook court 
Thayer Elias B. house 12 x\sh . • 

Thaj-er Eli, jr. house South street court 
Tliayer {Elijah) tt Bates (Joshua C), 13 N. Market 
Thayer Elizabeth F. dressmaker, 2 Harvard court 
Thayer George, housewright, h. Short street court 
Thayer George L. house 11 Staniford 
Thayer George W. & Brothers (Luther, jr. 4^ Seth T.\ 

shoes, 22 Merchants row, h. 11 Staniford 
Thayer Gideon F. princip. Chauncey H. sch. Chauncey pK 
Thayer Henry V. printer, house South Margin 
Tliaver Hollis, boards at Exchange 
Thayer Joel & Hollis i% Co. (C R. Thayer), W. L 

goods, 33 India 
Tliayer Joel, house 40 Atkinson 
Thayer John E. broker, 49 State 

Thayer J. T. clerk, 55 Washington, h. Somerset place 
Thayer Joseph H. house 9 Washington place 
Thayer Luther, jr. 22 Mcrcliants row, li. 11 Chambers 
Thayer Mary, widow of Eli, house Cooper 
Thayer Mary, widow of John, h. 77 CJiarter 
Thayer Moses, house 43 Allen 

Thayer Nathaniel, jr. (Prestoii S^^ T.), h. 18 Lynde 
Thayer Rachel R. school, over 302 Washington 
Thayer Rebecca, laundress, rear f>l Essex 
Thayer Richard, surveyor, Short, h. rear Broadway 
Thayer Sarah, house Tileston corner Unity » 
Thayer Seth T. See G. W. T. & Brotheis 
Thayer Sylvanus, Col. Engineers, U. S. A., h. 13 Allen 


Thayer Stephen, engine builder, From, h. r. 555 Wash. 

Thayer Sumner, blacksmith, lintise C street 

Thayer Susannah T. widow of Nathaniel F. h. Gridley 

Tiiayer Thoiuas A. sailtnaker, Wales's wf. li. 4th street 

Thayer Warren, hair work, 22 Hanover 

Thayer William T. housewriglit.h. rear Elliot 

Thayer William VV^ {Cciiant, T. 4'- Co.), h. 18 Green 

Thayer Zebah, saddle and harness maker, Warren place 

Thing Joseph, captain, h. 30 Washington place 

Thing Samuel, pump and bloek maker, 2 North square 

Thissell Lucy, nurse, 51 Temple 

Thom Sophia, v, idow, house Dixadway 

Thomas Alexander, physician, 35 Tremont 

Thomas Charles, h. I'oylston place [at Park House 

Thomas Charles A., W. I. goods, 326 W^ishington, b'ds 

Thomas George P. mer. 4 India wf. h. 11 Washington pi. 

Thomas Hannah, widow. Lane place 

Thomas Isaac B. {Spooner Sf T.), h. 38 Milk 

Thomas Josiah, cnrdw. 11 VVater, h. Market c. Merrimac 

Thomas Lewis {King S^f T.), h. Thacher cor. Pond 

Thomas Luke, 48 Tremont 

Thomas JMark W. painter, 44 Congress, h. 5 Southac ct. 

Thomas Martha, widow, (iOo Washington 

Thomas Peter L. captain Chelsea steamboat, h. S. Russell 

Thomas Seth J. hat store, GO Wash. h. op. GO Tremont 

Thomas Sylvanus {E. Shrav S/- Co.), boarding, 44 Milk 

Thomas Sylvanus, assistant House of Correction 

Thomas Thomas K. house 133 Tremont 

Thomas William, house 1 Staniford 

Thompson Abigail, widow, 10 Bulfinch place 

Thompson Amasa, pumpmaker, house 82 Summer 

Thompson Amos G. {M. S. Lincoln ■^^ Co.), h. G Otis pi. 

Thompson B. L. merchant, 58 Long wf h. 10 McLean 

Thompson (Charles) & Lapham {Luther), 'won atid steel, 

2 City wharf 
Thompson Cyrus {Brigham S^- T.), h. Garden cor. May 
Thompson Dolly S. corseimakcr, 3 Mavvley 
Thompson Ebenezer, boarding, 8 Centre 
Thompson Erasmus, shipwright, Commer. h. 4 Snowhill 
Thompson Gabriel H. mathemat. school, over Granite 
Thompson George, h. 13 Avon place [Bank 

Thompson Geo. C. com. mer. 41 Central wf h. 114 Pleas't 
Thompson G. <Sl James L. com. merch. 28 Long wliarf 
Thompson Henry & Co. (G. B. Crane), housewrights, 
Thompson James, whitesmith, h. 62 Essex [Commer. 


Thompson James, laborer, Turnpike 

Thompson James M. commis. merchant, 41 Central wf. 

house 7 Leveret court 
Thompson Jeremiah R. {Fcssciiden, T. ^ Co.), h.Chardon 
Thompson (Jalm) & Morton (Jt'tu.), W. I. goods, 25 

Foster's wharf. T.'s liouse 571 Washington 
Thompson John, cordvvainer, rear 26 Congress 
Thompson John, jr. cordwainer, 52 Federal 
Thompson John, stevedore, house Hanover avenue 
Thompson J(»hn, wheelwriglit, h. rear 28 Pleasant 
Thompson Joseph, cordvvainer, rear 6 Charter 
Thompson Moses, mason, 90 VVarren 
Thompson Newell A. 17 Court, house 14 W. Cedar 
TJjompson Ralph, house 18 Gouch 
Thompson Samuel, musician, 22 Richmond 
Thompson Simeon, jr. {Mann »& T.), h. 45 Fayette 
Thompson S. T. teller New England Bank 
Thompson Tliomas, merchant, 10 Beacon 
Thompson Thomas H. physician, 188 Hanover 
Thompson Thos. M. hardware, 13 Merch. row, h. 5 Allen 
Thompson William, h. 12 Somerset p'ace c. Bowdoin 
Thompson William, blacksmith, h. opposite 10 Pearl 
Thompson William, mastmaker, h. 63 Salem 
Thomson Samuel, botanic physician, Infirmary, 23' Har- 
Thorn James, 44 Pond [yard 

Thorndike Augustus, merchant, 52 Beacon 
Thorndike Ebenezer. S^ic Simmons & T. 
Thorndike Edward, druggist, 63 Cambridge, h. 26 Spring 
Thorndike Israel, merchant, h. Beacon cc»r. Belknap 
Thorndike James F. {Adams i^- T.), h. 50 Boylston 
Thorndike P. leather, 14 Broad, h. W. Cedar 
Thorndike John H. (il State, house .50 Boylston 
Thorndike J(d)n P. 61 State, house 50 Boylston 
Thorndike Mary JM. widow of Ciiarlcs, h. 5 Otis place 
Thorndike Wiliiam, President Nat. Insurance Company 
Thornton Elizabeth, nurse, h. rear 58 Poplar 
Fhorp Charles M. {]Vatcrman, Jones S^ Co.), h. 100 Pond 
Thorp Ezekiel, housewriglit, h. 69 Tremont 
Thorp Joshua, liouse 3 Fo.ster place 
Thorp Sarah, widow, Hanover avenue 
Thorp Thomas, victualler, house 139 Cambridge 
Thresher Eben., cor. sec. N. B. Ed. Soc. 13 Joy's building 
Thresher Mary, widow, 39 C^arver 
Thurber Maria P. milliner, 80 Hanover 
Thurlow Elizabetli, widow, Church near S. Cedar 


Thurston (Caleh) & Stone {George C), wharfingers, 

4th street, house B street 
Thurston Daniel, teamster, house Broadway 
Thurston George B. and Edwin, h. Suffolk near Dover ~ 
Thurston (fV. S.) & Bird (E. B.), dry goods, 9 Central. 

Thurston's house 6 Crescent place 
Thwing (5. C.) & Perkins {Steph. H.), merchants, 2S 

India wharf. Thwing's house in Roxbury 
Thwing VVm., VV. I. g'ds, 28 Cent. wf. h. Green c. Gouch 
Tibbets Clark J. housewriglit, h. Canton near Wash. 
Tibbetts Isaac, teamster, h. 10 Hawkins 
Tibbetts Timothy, house Franklin avenue 
Ticknor Wm. D. bookseller, 135 Wash. h. 14 Pinckncy 
Tidd Martha T. widow of Jacob, h. 87 (Uiambers 
Tiff'any Lyman, 83 Kilby, house 40 Green 
Tighe Francis, laborer, 118 Ann 
Tighe James, grocer, 118 Ann 

Tighe Lucy A. widow, boarding h. cor. Atkinson Sl IMilk 
Tighe Peter, laborer, h. 20(5 Ann 
Tilden Bryant P. merchant, house 4 Bumstead place 
Tilden David, mason, 41 Bridge 
Tilden James, merchant, 16 Long wharf 
Tilden Joseph, President Columbian Bank, h. 10 South 
Tilden Joseph, mason, 110 Charl-js 
Tilden Joseph W. house 110 Charles 
Tilden Nerissa, widow, boarding house, Broadway 
Tileston Benjamin L. planemaker, h. 75 Front 
Tileston Harvey, confectioner, 49 Hanover 
Tileston Otis, dry goods, 174 Washington, h. May 
Tileston Thomas, house 23 Purchase 
Tileston Timothy, planemaker, 54, house 75 Front 
Tileston Timothy, jr. planemaker, house near 18 Ash 
Tileston William H. house 3 Derne 
Tillson David, slater. Friend below Travers 
Tillson John, shoe stock, 44 N. Market, house 48 Poplar 
Tillson Maria, dressmaker, 276 Washington 
Tilson Joseph, instructer, house 1 Pitts 
Tilt Benjamin, silk weaver, 705, h. 706 Washington 
Tilton Benjamin, dry goods, 36 Central 
Tilton Dearborn W. painter, house 1 Orange 
Tilton Ebenezer, housewriglit. Silver 
Tilton John P. truckman, boards 123 Purchase 
Timmins Henry, house 11 Mount Vernon 
Timmins Martin, handcartman. Friend near Travers 
Timmons Henry, teamster, h. Medford 


Timoney Dennis, clerk, boards Theatre alley 

Timson John, jr. stove Iritiitner, house Brookllr.c 

Tinkham Jeremiah, captain, 44 F'ayette 

Tinkham Sylvanus, viclual'r, 123 Camhr. h. 1 Southac ct. 

Tirrell Arteinas, coal. Cross, h. 10 Stilhnan 

Tirrell Cynthia C. dressmaker, Belknap cor. Myrtle 

Tirrell Edward C. shoe store, 26 Ann, house rear do. 

Tirrell Isaac, boxmaker, Front, h. 4 Blake's court 

Tirrell John {Fay & T.), house 3 Nassau 

Tirrell Oakes, boxmaker, Front, ii. 3 Blake's court 

Tirrell Samuel L. 99 Charter ^ 

Tirrell Thomas, shoes, 47 North Market, h. 9 Friend 

Tirrell Tliomas A. shoes, 47 N. Market, h. 7 Sturiris pi. 

Tisdale (Mace) & Hevvins (5. K), hides and leather, 

1 Long wharf. T.'s house 15 Rowe place 
Titcomb Ephraim, shipping office, 72 Broad, h. 117 Purch. 
Titcomb George, school, 5 Haskins build h. 1 Garland pi. 
Titcomb Robert, pianoforte maker, h. Gorham place 
Titcomb Samuel B. house Elliot near Carver 
Titcomb Stephen, starch maker, 11 Lyman place, house 

G Myrtle court 
Titcomb Stephen H. clothing store, 75 Broad 
Titus Benjaaiin, plasterer, 10 JMilton 
Tobey Edward S. See P. & S. Sprague & Co. 
Tobey Lemuel, house 2 Grove 
Tobey Joseph, housewright, 4th street 
Toby Joseph, laborer, house Creek square 
Todd Catherine, widow of Jacob, 85 Purchase 
Todd Charles H. importer French goods, 55 Congress, 

boards 9 Central court 
Todd Frederick A. 55 Congress 
Todd Nancy S. dressmaker, 2 Elliot court 
Todd Thos., W. L goods, 146, h. 150 Pleasant 
Tolman Adeline, dressmaker, 585 Washington 
Tolman Christopher, paperstainer, house 20 Cross 
Tolman Henry, painter, h. 487 Washington 
Tolman James (jMacomber <^ T.), boards 27 Somerset 
Tolman John, clerk, boards 14 La Grange place 
Tolman Nath'l, furniture, 380 & 384 Wash. h. 11 Oak 
Tolman Nathaniel, housewright, h. 1 Cedar st. court 
Tolman Rachael, nurse, 585 Washington 
Tombs Michael, 99 F. H. market, h. 20 Temple 
Tomlinson James, cordwainer, h. S. Cedar n. Church 
Tonilinson John H. house Sumner East Boston 
Tompkins Abel, books, 32 Cornhill, h. 36 Tremont 


Tompkins (/. S.) & Housely (George), coppersmiths, 

21 Union. T.'s house 33 Salem 
Tompkins John S. spect. man. 54 Cornhill, h. 36 Trem. 
Tompkins Lemuel, collector, h. S. (^edar cor. Church 
Tompkins Mary, widow, op. 29 Tremont near Wasli. 
Toohey Mary, Ann corner Cross 
Toomy Catherine, widow, house Spear alley 
Topliff Benjamin, liouse 26 Purchase 
Topliff Samuel & Benjamin, reading and news room, 

City Hall. S. T.'s h. 32 Washinj^ton place 
Torbetl Charles VV. engraver, house Norfolk place 
Torpey Timothy, bottler, house 84 Sea 
Torrey Charles, broker, 49 State, house 42 Hiijh 
Torrey Eliza, widow of Ebenezer O. h. 6 Unity 
Torrey G. VV., VV. I. goods, 25 S. Market, h. Frank. H. 
Torrey Hammond, house 47 Leveret 
Torrey Havilen, 30 Wash. h. 124 Charles 
Torrey John G. house 53 Federal 
Torrey Joseph, grocer, house 43 Salem 
Torrey Joseph G. See Adams & T. 
Torrey Manassah C. portrait painter, 2 Graphic court, 

house 3 Howard 
Torrey Samuel & John G. merchants, 61 State 
Torrey Samuel, house 102 Tremont 
Tolhill William, tailor, 29, house 31 Brattle 
Totrnan Isaac, jr. housewright, h. 58 Pinckney 
Touig Thomas, laborer, 104 Broad 
Tower D. B. teacher, Bennet school 
Tower Elisha, gilder, house 15 Centre 
Tower Elizabeth, widow, 32 Fayette 
Tower Job, grocer, 654 VVash. h. Suffolk n. Dover 
Tower Levi, mason, house 3 Blossom ct. 
Tower Nichols, mason, h. 3 Myrtle court 
Towie (Abraham) >Sc Jackson (Ezra S.), housewrights, 

72Merrimac, h. 31 Brattle 
Towle Lsaac, carpenter, Oliver, h. 4 Hartford place 
Towle John, laborer, h. Barrett 
Towle Lyman, house 17 Salem 
Towle Newel, house 31 Garden 
Towle Orel, hats, 29 Hanover 
Town Edmund, laborer, 44 Green 
Town Luther (Harmon Sf T.), house Bennet place 
Towne John, gas works, house 2 Snowhill 
Towns Lydia, widow of Solomon, capt. h. 31 Orange 


Towne Orr N. hat store, 34 Elm 

Tovvne VV. B clerk, 85 Kin>y, boards at American H. 

^\)vviies (jicorire, mariner, Battery 

Tovvnsend (^liristuplier F. pianofurte maker, h. Dedliam 

Townseiul David, couris-dlor, 3 Slate, b'ds 130 Plensant 

Townsend David, jr., W. I. goods, 459 & 461 Wash. 

house 26 Harvard 
Townsend David S. paymaster U. S. army, 141 Pleasant 
Tovvnsend Elbridge, housewri^iht, 65 Charter 
Townsend Eliza, house 5 Hawkins 
Townsend Elmer, h. 2 VV. Cedar 
Townsend {Henry B.) &. T.ippan {John G.), French g'ds, 

75 Stale cor. Kill)y. Townsend's h. 12 Avon pi. 
Tovvnsend Isaac P. & Co. {.Ilfred Wmsor), merchants, 

23 Commercial vvf. h. 62 Boylsion 
Townsend Judith B. house rear 22 N. Russell 
Townsend Sal I}', grocer, Essex corner Front 
Tovvnsend Satnuel, housewright, h. rear 67 Charier 
Townsend Solomon D. physician, 18 Somerset 
Townsend Thomas, housewright, Avery, h. 1 Mason 
Townsend \V. S. clerk, 52 Chatham, h. 2 VV. Cedar 
Tozer Samuel, truckman, house 75 Elliot 
Tracy Charles, housewright, house 6 Southac court 
Tracy Joseph, editor Boston Recorder, 9 Cornhill 
Tracy Mary, widow, h. rear 41 Congress 
Tracy Nathaniel, weigher and guager. Custom House 
Train Enoch & Co. {E. N. Train), merchants, 50 Com- 
mercial vvf. h. 70 Ml. Vernon 
Trainer Michael, laborer, Theatre alley 
Traip Robert VV. dry goods, 39 Wash. h. 28 Hancock 
Trask Asa, shipcarpenter, h. 9 Richmond 
Trask Benjamin, mason, house 42 Warren 
Trask Edw. merchant, 45 L(jng wf b'ds 22 T^a Grange pi. 
Trask Elijah, bar room, 43 Brattle, h. 80 Prince 
Trask Elijah, jr. tailor, 45 Brattle, h. 58 Poplar 
Trask James', h. 110 Warren 
Trask James I. housewright, h. 17 Blossom 
Trask John, blacksmith, h. 2 Vine 
Trask Joseph, shoemaker, h. r. 5 N. Margin 
Trask Wm. laborer, rear Church near the rail road 
Treadwell John, cabinetmaker, Atkinson, h. 15 do. 
Treadwell John, laborer, h. 5 Lvman place 
Treadwell {Mnscs) &. Kendall" {H. A.), W. I. goods, 

1-4 Commercial 
Treinere John B. wharfinger Sargent's wf. h. 189 Hanov. 


Tremfett Jnim B. 2G Foster's vvf. h. 9 Soutliac 

Tremlett Thomas, counting room, 2G Foster's wharf 

Trench George, mariner, op. 4 E=;sex place 

Trench Hannah R. 4!J Prince 

Trench Hannah, widow of Othniel, h. 2 Henchman lane 

Trench Sarah, widow of Othniel, h. 8 Tileslou 

Trescott Eben. constable, 2 Franklin av. h. G4 Purchase 

Trescott Elijah, jr. shoes, 171 Washington 

Triplett Wm. E. cooper, 109 Commercial, h. 3 Barllett 

Troffiter Edward, machinist, h. Turnpike c. Broadway 

Trott Edward, stucco worker, 22 S. Russell 

Trolt Elizabeth Jane, widow, 5 Milton place 

Trott Elizabeth, widow, 14 South Bennet 

Trott {George) & Bumstead {John), mer. 40 S. Market 

Trott George, house 32 Winter 

Trott {Charles E.) & Bigelow {Josiah), druggists, 128 

State, h. 6 Howard 
Trott Jonathan, clerk Union Bank, h. 14 South Bennet 
Trott Peter {Currier it, T.), h. Essex court 
Troup Alexander, housewright, h. 1 Alden ct. 
Troup William, dry goods, 50 Hanover, h. 1 Alden ct. 
Trout William, baker, 16 East 
Trow Richard, harnessmaker, h. 355 Wasliington 
Trowbridge Almarin, clerk Union Bank, b'ds 5 Mason 
Trowbridge Edmund, housewright, h. Brighton n. Poplar 
Trowbridge James, h. 22 Bridge 
True Benjamin, printer, 19 Water, house 1 Portland. 

See advertisement 
True William M. {Skinner ^ T.), h. 27 Somerset 
Trueman Jane, house 199 Hanover 
Trueman Robert, house 3 West Cedar 
Trull Aaron, distiller, house rear 81 Tremont 
Trull Charles, h. Alden lane corner Sudbury 
Trull Ezra, distiller, junction of Merrimac and Portland, 

house Alden lane 
Trull Ezra, jr. distiller, Merrimac, boards at Ezra T.'s 
Trull Frederi<;k, grocer, Salem corner Charter 
Trull John {Barnard & T.), h. 9 Hawkins 
Trull John F. house 67 Chambers 
Trull J. W., Pres. North Bank, h. 29 Beacon 
Trull Silas, W. I. goods, Salem, house 109 do. 
Trumbull Abigail, widow, h. Butolph near Cambridge 
Trumbull James, lampliiihter, Essex cor. Peck lane 
Trumbull William, liouse 15 Ash 


Truss Jfimes, mariner, 127 Broad 

Tubbs Benjamin, iron founder, 1st street 

Tucker Alanson, jr. counsellor, 4 State, h.2 Q,uincy pi. 

Tucker Charles L. {Win. T. 8^" Sons), h. Rowe place 

Tucker Charles C. C. (R. D. Tucker \^ Son), h. 4 High 

Tucker Eleanor, widow of Nathaniel, 2 Quincy place 

Tucker Elisha G. dentist, house 18 Milk 

Tucker Henry, clerk, house 2 Second st. ct. 

Tucker James, laborer, Pleasant near Tremont 

Tucker James, handcartman. Cross 

Tucker John, boards at Exchange 

Tucker John C. whitewasher, h. Castle n. Middlesex 

Tucker John C. h. rear 48 Merrimac 

Tucker Joseph C. guager, 29 India, h. Lafayette Hotel 

Tucker Joshua, dentist, house 145 Tremont 

Tucker Lyman, house rear Castle 

Tucker Lyman, jr. turner, Tremont near AVarren, house 

10 1-2 Fayette 
Tucker Mehitable, house 1 Ballard place 
Tucker Rebecca, widow of Wm. h. 20 Friend 
Tucker Richard D. «& Son (Charles C. C), second store 

above the arch, Lidia wf h. 58 Summer 
Tucker Seth, clerk, house rear Boylslon near Carver 
Tucker Thomas J. house 6 Garden 

Tucker William & Sons {Wm. K. & Charles L.), mer- 
chants, 37 & 38 Central wf h. Rowe place 
Tucker Wm. K. (Wm. T. & Sons), house Rowe place 
Tucker Zephaniah, house rear 50 Essex 
Tuckerman Abraham, 10 Province House court 
Tuckerman Edward, 5 Kilby, huuse 33 Beacon 
Tuckerman Gustavus {W & G. T.). h. 15 Franklin pi. 
Tuckerman Henry H. merchant, G87 Washingtpn 
Tuckerman John, house 30 Spring 
Tuckerman Joseph, Rev. 4 Mount Vernon place 
Tuckerman VV^m. &. Gustavus, hardware, Milk corner 

Tuckerman William, house 3 Bulfinch place 
Tudor Frederick, merchant, 20 Court 
Tufis Amos, jr. wharfinger. Brown's wharf 
Tufts Asa, cordwainer, house Snowhill 
Tufts Charles, 9 Brimmer's T ^ 
Tufls Charles, mason, house 5 Sturgis place 
Tufis Eliza, widow of Ebenezer, 39 Charter 
Tufts Francis, distiller, 58 Essex 
Tufis Gardner, collector bills, &c. 58 Essex 


Tufts Hannah, widow, 58 Essex 

Tufts James (./. Fullerton &, Co.), house 20 Green 

Tufts John, carpenter, house 5 Svveetser court 

Tufts Margaret, widow, 73 Warren 

Tufts Natlianiel, tinphite worker, Bhickstone 

Tufts Otis, machinist, Bromfield. h.4 Province H. court 

Tufts Quincy, English goods, 105 Wash. h. 8 Pearl 

Tufts William, Sec. Mass. Mutual Insurance Company 

Tufts Willi:ini, paper ruler, house 5 Sewall place 

Tufts Wilham, clerk Sec. State's office, h. 50 Leveret 

Tulley Francis, painter, house 2 Piedmont 

Tullock William S. clerk Franklin Hemp and Flax 

Man. Co. Plymouth 
Turish William, lahorer, rear 19 Sea 
Turner Ahby D. tailoress, house 1 Marston place 
Turner Alice, widow, house Carroll place 
Turner Azro, lookingglass frame maker, h. 84 Prince 
Turner Charles, ironfounder. Haverhill, h. 3 Sheafe 
Turner Cornelius, caulker, Hanover avenue 
Turner Elizabeth, dressmaker, 296 Washington 
Turner Israel, saddler, 119 Cambridge, h. 81 Court 
Turner James, shoemaker, rear 140 Pleasant 
Turner Job, bricklayer. 12 North Bennet 
Turner John, mariner. Henchman lane 
Turner John N. {Davis, Bates &, T.), b'ds 6 Otis place 
Turner Joshua, huusewright, 15 Harvard place 
Turner Joshua, jr. housewright, house 21 Merrimac 
Turner Lois, widow, rear 45 Sea 
Turner Margaret, widow, 1 Lowell place 
Turner Mary, nurse, 695 Washington 
Turner Nancy, widow, rear 110 Sea 
Turner Otis, teller Hamilton Bank, house 1 Tileston 
Turner Paul S. housewright, Canal 
Turner Porter G. currier, Fulton 
Turner Sally, rear Snowhill 
Turner Sarah, 5 1-2 Hawkins 
Turner Thomas, cordwainer, 19 Summer 
Turner William, grocer, 104 Broad, h. 14 Wash, place 
Turner Williams, chair painter, South Russell 
Turpin John P. collector, house 2 Jefferson place 
Tuttle Cornelius W. housewright, h. rear S. Cedar 
Tuttle Edward, baker, 328 Ann and 80 Salem 
Tuttle Eliza, widow of John W. house G5 Charter 
Tuttle (Hugh H.), Weeks [Wni. Jl) «fc Dennett {C. B.), 

printers, School. T.'s h. 54 Allen 


TiJttle Jededinh, bouse 93 Summer 
Tiittle John, blacksinitli, 4 Braltlo sq I). 53 Porthmd 
Turtle {Samuel, jr.) & Joru-s ( IVm.). sail l.'ft, 7d Com- 
mercial. T.'s ii. 2(5 Prince 
Twist Solomon, 10 North Russell 

Twitchell Josppli, wood wharf, rear East, h. 2 Oliverpl. 
^^volnbiy Alexan. H. hardware, 4 Union, h. G7 Summer 
Twonibly Wm. h. Purchase cor. Belcher lane 
Tyler Asa, house Butolph cor. Cambridge 
Tyler Geo. W. auctioneer, 42 Commercial 
Tyler Jabez, mariner, Dedham 
T\!er John, merchant, t) Central vvf. h. 5 Rowe place 
'jN !(M- John, jr. merchant, 9 Central wf. h. 5 Rowe place 
Tyler Jolin S. & William C. brokers, 63 State. J. S. 

T.'s house Bowdoin 
Tyler Laban A. binder, h. Turnpike 
Tyler William, Rev. h. cor. Federal and Franklin place 
T\ ler William F. jr. ropemaker, h. rear 660 Wash. 
'J\ylcr William N. ropemaker, h. E st. near Broadway 
Tylor Sully, widow, boarding, 256 Hanover 

UART MICHAEL, house 109 Ann 

LJInian Jacob, housewright, Marlboro' place, h. Church 

Ulman Maria, wid(jw, Piedmont near Church 

Ulman Wm. binder, 232 Wash. h. Piedmont n. Church 

Underbill Samuel G. smith, Beverly, house 93 Pond 

Underwood Jesse, laborer, opposite 15 Ash 

Underwood Joseph, mason, 2d street 

Underwood Nathan, laborer, opposite 15 Ash 

Underwood Robert, cordwainer, 95 Charier 

Underwood William & Co. (fV. K. Lctcis),(J7 Broad, and 

4 Battery march, h. 5 Morton place 
Unruh Joseph B. silverplater, 3 Brornfield, h. 243 Wash, 
Upham Melinda, widow, house 61 Charier 
Upham Samuel E. handcartman, Commerci?.] 
Upham Alfred W. auctioneer, 12 City wf. h. 11 Bulfineh 
Upham Charles, victualler, head Hancock wharf 
Upham Charles & Thos. W^ I. goods, 433 Washington, 

house 27 Bcylston 
Upham Henry {Searle S^'- U.), h. 47 Mount Vernon 
Upham Pbineas, h. 23 Mount Vernon 
Upjohn Richard, architect, 47 Court, h. 4 Myrtle court 
Uran Joseph, weigher and giiager. Com. h.236 Hanover 
Urann Richard, patent flooring estab. rear 746 Wasiiing. 


Urquhart Alexander, 1 Otis place 
Usher Hannali, widow of William, house 4th street 
Utley Parley, stable, 19 Hanover, h. 5 Derne 
Uxford Henry, mariner, Henchman lane 

VALENTINE CHARLES & Co. {A. Chamberlain), 

merchants, 12 Long wharf 
Valentine E. school, 27 Joy's buildinir, h. 5 Brattle sq. 
Valentine J. G. upholsterer, 74 Wash. h. 3 N. Russell 
Valentine John J. merchant, 15 Commer. h. 31 Federal 
Valentine J. Y. 15 Commercial, boards 11 1-2 Atkinson 
Vallette Mary M. dry goods, 167 Court, h. 15 Hancock 
Van Wart, Son & Co. commis. merchants, 5 Doane 
Van Wormer (John) & Ashley (Luke), house and ship 

joiners. Broad n. Purch, Van W. b'ds 14 Batterym. 
Vannevar Alex. coop. & ins. Sargent's wf. h. (J N. Beniiet 
Vannevar George, housewright, George, h. 9 Hull 
Vannevar James, cooper, h. 233 Hanover 
Vans William, h. rear G50 Washington 
Vansavv John, laborer, 4th street 
Varney Abigail, widow, 40 iVince 

Varnum Nath'l J. morocco dresser, h. r. Dedham n. SufF. 
Vaugh William, stonecutter. East, h. rear 81 Sea 
Vaughan James, carpenter, 110 Sea 
Vaughan Samuel, housewright, h. 16 Boylston square 
Vaughan William, housewright, h. 1 South May 
Veasey Thomas, stonecutter, h. 7 Friend street place 
Veasey George W. bras.>ifounder, h. 14 Castle 
Veazie Antonio, rigger, h. 7 Bartlett 
Veazie Charles, shoe store, 257 Washington, h. do. 
Veazie Elijah (Hunt <^ V.), h. 100 Sea 
Veazie Joseph A. druggist, 11 Broad, b'ds 24 Leveret 
Veazie Rebecca, Carroll place 
Veazie Susannah, widow, 31 Thacher 
Vega Antonio G. Span. Con. 20 Joy's build, h. Trem. H. 
Veber John, wheelwright, h. 10 Grove 
Verder Daniel, painter, h. S. Russell cor. Cambridge 
Verge Joseph, cooper, Hanover 
Very Theodore K. blacksniith, Charlestown 
Vesterman Frederick, baker, Tremont corner Canton 
Veritress Magnus, shipjoiner, h. 3d street n. Dorchester 
Vialle Stephen, jr. cordwainer, Tileston corner Unity 
Vickars Francis, stevedore, 114 1-2 Broad 
Vickerman Ann, milliner, 4th street 
Vila James, wool, Batli, h. 22 Beacon 


Vila Josepli, wool and domestic goods, 63 Kilby 

Viles (j\atha7i) & Allans (Henry), VV. I. goods, 37 S. 
Market. Viles's li. Vl Hnyward place 

Vilnov Sarah, widow, Clark alh^y 

Viliiow Peter, caulker and graver, rear 65 Charter 

Vinal Ezra, painter, 78 Commercial 

Vinal (Gideon) & Sons (Jjlbert 4/- Gideon, jr.), lumber 
wf. near the Canal, Causeway, h, 16 Poplar 

Vinal Gideon, jr. h. 1!) Poplar 

Vinal (Nathaniel) & Johnson (Otis), grain and flour, 46 
and 47 Commercial 

Vinal Nathaniel, house 47 Portland 

Vinal Otis, merchant, 42 Long wf. h. 39 Hancock 

Vinal (Robert) & Blanchard (Wm.jr.) flour, 17 Com. wf. 

Vinal Spencer J. See Edgerly, V. & Co. 

Vincent Anna, widow, house Carver 

Vincent G. \V. captain, Broadway 

Vincent Isaac, laborer, Gibbs lane 

Vincent Mercy, widow, laundress, rear 88 Warren 

Vincent William E. clerk in the State Bank 

Vinson Tho's M. weigher and gua.Cus. H. h. Broadway 

Vinto John, cooper, h. North Margin 

Vinto Samuel, cooper, h. S. Cedar, near Church 

Vinton Edward, house 21 Somerset 

Vinton Elisha, dry goods, 403 Wash. h. 100 Tremont 

Vinton George & Co. (IV. V. Mden), domestic goods, 18 
Kilby. Vinton's h. 10 JVewton place 

Vinton George W. confectioner. 87, house 85 Court 

Vinton Josiah, jr. h. B street 

Vinton Sarah, boarding house, 17 Pearl 

Vite Joseph, dealer in alabaster, boards 48 Milk 

Voax James li. bookbinder, h. 7 Tileston 

Voax Sarah, widow of James, 7 Tileston 

Volentine JNalhaniel, rear 142 Pleasant 

Von Hagen P. A. instructer of music, 32 Fayette 

Vose Abraham, truckman, 55 Elliot 

Vose Charles, merchant, 11 Rogers's building 

Vose Charles H. niason, house 604 Washington 

Vose Ebenezer & Co. (Ji. T. Newell), shoes, 379 Wash. 

Vose Edward A. painter, head of Railway 

Vose Elisha & Joshua, hatters, 96 Water and 559 Wash- 
ington, h. 559 Washington 

Vose Jamt;s VV. grocer, 284 Washington, h. 20 Harvard 

Vose John, housewriglit, h. rear 759 Washington 

Vose John, jr. teamster, h. South May 

364 DirtECTORY. * 

Vose Josopii (Ciishmun ^ V.), house 43 Prince 

Vose Joshua {Elisha ^ J. F".), Ii. lOTreinont n. Wash. 

Voso Jusiah, h 50'J VVa^^hington 

Vose NathaiiH^I D. tnilkriian, 759 Wasliington 

Vose Satnijt'l D. teamster, 3 Carney place 

Vose Tiioiiias, merchant, 21 Commercial wf. h. 22 Elliot 

Vose Thomas B. com. mer. 98 Water, li. 75 IMt. Vernon 

Vuckley James, brassfounder, h. rear 2 Province 


Summer. W.'s h. 4 Norfolk place 
Wade Charles, \vat(lim'ilver,9 Commercial 
Wade Charles, broUer, 2 Merchants row, cor. State 
Wade Eben H. (J. Askton 4' Co.), boards 1 Somerset ct. 
Wade Jotham, mason, b. 11 Leveret 
Wade John, jr. attorney, b. 18 Winter 
Wade John, laborer, h. 217 Ann 
Wade John, captain. Commercial 
Wade Joseph F. See Snow & W. 
Wade Levi, housewrlght, 47 Boylston 
Wade Mary Ann, widow, h. Leveret ct. 
Wade {mdlil) &. Middlelon {Titos.), dry goods, 369 1-2 

Washington. W.'s li. '^\) Fayette 
Wadleigh Albra, bouse 89 Summer 
Wadleigh G. F. R. shoe slock, 13 Elm, h. Thacher 
Wadleigh {Isaiah), Badger (D. D.) & Co. (J. B. Holvies), 

blacksmiths. Cross c. Ful'on. W.'s h. 2 Leveret ct. 
Wadleigh James, gilder, Soulh Russell 
Wiidley (Jona.) & Cowley {Chns. C.^, housew'ts, C st. 
Wadsvvorih Ale.^iander, surveyor, rear 60 State 
Wadsvvortli G. P. painier, 82 Commercial, h. 46 Union 
Wadsworth Seth, FnUdn House, Cross cor. Fulton 
W<idsworth Wiswell, boatman, h. (5 Slillman 
Wainvvright Elizabeth, nurse, 90 Federal 
Wainwright Henry, mer. 25 Cent. wf. h. 2 Mt. Vernon pi. 
Wainwrigbt Jonathan M. Rev. h ]4 Summer 
Wait Richai'd G. clerk Conunon Council, City Hall 
Wait Thomas C. (Adams &■ IV.), h. 3 Champney place 
Waiie Thomas, ir)nholder, Province H. r. 105 Washing. 
Waitt Asbbell. See Reynolds & \V . 
Waitt George P. painter, h. 2 Piedmont 
V/aitt Henry, shoes *.V leather, lOU Water, h. W. Cedar 
Waitt Lsaac B cordwainer, 5 School, h. Causeway 
Waitt Jacob, shoes and leather, 100 Water 
Waitt Kendall B. housewright, Commer. h. 6Q Pond 

» ' DIRECTORY. 365 

Wakefeild Terence, h. 5 Newton place 

Wakefield Si. Co. {Cxjrus & Enoch H.), W. I. goods, 85 

Walcott Aaron, wlieelw't, Tileston's wf. h. 7 South st. pi. 
Walcott Josiah, painter, h. 54 Union 
Walcutt Charles, housevvright, Haverhill, h. 90 Ann 
Walcutt {Lfiicis) & Cook {Moses), truckmen, Long wf. 

W.'s house 75 Elliot 
Waldo Henry S. merchant, h. 2 Somerset place 
Waldo William T. boards 37 Purchase 
Waldock James, tailor, 342 Washington, h. do. 
Waldock William, laborer, Market place 
Waldren Margaret, widow, 12 Derne 
Waldron Horatio G. See Burgess & W. 
Waldron John, crock, ware, 40 Broad, h. 104 Chambers 
Waldron Samuel, h. 31 Vine 

Waldron Samuel W. {Taylor &, W.), h. 38 Chambers 
Wales Amasa, hats, 10 Washington 
Wales Samuel, 10 Faneuil Hall market, house 7 Friend 
Wales Samuel & Co. {Sam. Wales, jr. Thos. H. WiUiams 

& A. JV Moore), dry goods, 49 Kilby 
Wales Samuel, jr. h. 5G Federal 
Wales Thomas B. & Co. {muh'l H. Emmons & T. B. 

IV. jr.), Wales's wf. Sea. W.'s h. 24 Winter 
Wales Thomas C. boots and shoes, 195 Washington 
Walker Aaron G. h. 40 Brighton 
Walker Amasa & Co. {E. C. Emerson & JV. Harris)^ 

merch. 22 S. Market, h. 5 Tremont place 
Walker Anna, h. Fleet 

Walker Charles, 94 Faneuil Hall market, h. 20 Thacher 
Walker Charles E. leather, 37 N. Mark. h. 51 Leveret 
Walker Cornelius, teacher in Wells school 
Walker Daniel, truckman, h. 12 Pitts 
Walker Edward B. house Hull 

Walker Elisha, housewright. house rear 142 Pleasant 
Walker Elizabeth, widow of Ezekiel, 55 Warren 
Walker Eliza, widow, boarding, 9 Central court 
Walker Ezra, grocer, Bedford corner Short 
Walker Ira, laborer, house 76 Summer 
Walker James, cordwainer, 5th street 
Walker James R. See Nathaniel Whiting & Co. 
Walker Jane, widow, S. Cedar cor. Church 
Walker John, silverplatc worker, house 89 High 
Walker John, tinplate worker, h. rear 41 Pond 
Walker Lawrence, house 28 Hancock 


Walker Mary R. 12 Oak 

Walker Matthew, pianofortemaker, li. Dedliam 

Walker Moses W. scliuul, Hawkins, house Vernon 

Walker Nancy, widow of Hamilton, rear 104 Purchase 

Walker Richard J. housewright, h. G Pleasant st. court 

Walker Robert, laborer, 90 Broad 

Walker Samuel, school. Leveret court 

Walker Susan, widow, rear 411 Washington 

Walker S. A. dry goods, 46 N. Market, Ji. McLean ct. 

Walker Theo. W. hardw. 30 Dock sq. h. 1 Hancock av. 

Walker Thomas, rigger, h. (iO Purchase 

Walker Warner, Tliacher court 

Walker William S., U. S. Navy, house 13 Orange 

Walkins Edwin E. cordwainer, h. 4th street 

Wall Edward, surveyor, h. 12 Whaif 

Wall John, laborer, 108 Broad 

Wall John, moulder, A street 

Wall Martin, laborer, Salutation 

Wall Michael, tallow chandler, rear 794 Washington 

Wall Nicholas, laborer, rear 91 Broad 

Wallace James, marble polisher, h. May cor. Garden 

Wallace James, pianofortemaker, h. r. 752 Washington 

Wallace Jerome. See Palmer & W. 

Wallace Robert {Samuel Parsons ^ Co.), b'ds Amer. H. 

Wallace Sarah, widow, h. 8 Prince 

Wallcut Thomas, rear 4 Orange lane 

Walley Charles, house 37 Hancock 

Walley Samuel H. house 14 Beacon 

Walley Samuel H. jr. eoun., treas. Sav. Bank, 5 Wash. 

house 5 Sianiford 
Wallis Ann, widow, 74 Warren 
Wallis Mordecai L. mason, 45 Poplar 
Wallis Nancy, widow, 52 Elliot 
Wallis Thomas, housewright, h. 84 Broad 
Wallis Thomas, baker, h. G Devonshire 
Wallis William, mason, h. rear C May 
Walmsley Henry, plasterer, rear 55 Warren 
Walsh John, counsellor, 23 Court 
Walsh Richard, stucco factory, Brighton, h. 17 do. 
Walter Lynde, merchant, 47 State, house 58 Belknap 
Walter Lynde M. ed. Transcript, 10 Exch'ge, h. 58 Belk. 
Walton Calvin (Roberts, Cooke's,- IV.), h. Bay n. Fayette 
Walton Reuben, housewright, h. 23 Second 
Walworth James J. {Scudder, Park & Co.), h, 4 Derne 
Ward And. H. weigh and gua. Cus. H. h. 13 Pearl pi. 
Ward Artemas, leather, 15 N. Market, h. 11 Elm 


Ward Artemas, Cliief Justice C. C. P. h. 6 Park 

Ward Charles T. raerchaiit. 7 India wharf 

Ward Daniel, hiborer, rear 4G Pleasant 

Ward David, house 207 Hanover 

Ward Henry S. 94 Faneuil Hall market 

Ward Holbrook, h. 10 Purchase 

Ward .Tolin, Tljealre alley 

Ward Mary, widow of captTiin William, 212 Hanover 

Ward Patrick, laborer, house rear Hamilton 

Ward Richard, teller Atlantic Bank 

Ward Samuel D. counsellor, 10 Court, h. G Park 

Ward Thomas W. 3 Park 

Ward William & Co. {Josrph W. Ward), druggists, 2G 

India cor. Milk, h. 13 Pearl place 
Ward William, sailmaker. Commercial near Foster 
Ward William H. commis. mer. 75 Milk, h. 20 Beacon 
Ward (TVinthrop) & G\ovev (Joseph Z?.), W. I. g'ds, 106 

Milk. VV.'s h. 70 Poplar 
Warden Francis, French goods, 224 Washington 
Wardwell George, inspector Ci]s. H. b'ds Fulton House 
Ware Addison, messenger Fulton Bank, h. 60 Tremoat 
Ware Bridget, wddow, rear 12 Washington place 
Ware Clarissa, widow, 76 Summer 
Ware Daniel L. painter, 97 Cambridge 
Ware Edward Y. h. 27 Somerset 
Ware Edwin, bookbinder, h. 39 South RusseTl 
Ware E. A. clerk, Milk, opposite Kilby, h. 40 High 
Ware George, h. Southac 

Ware Horatio G. grocer, 67 Cambridge, h. 2 Fruit 
Ware John, housewright, h. 20 Piedmont 
Ware John, physician, h. 3 Hamilton place 
Ware Joshua, clerk, h. 20 Piedmont 
Ware Leonard {Everett Sf JV.), house 77 Elliot 
Ware Rhoda, boarding house. Mason 
Ware Sophia, toy shop, 322, house 320 Washington 
Wareham Olive T. h. 5th street 
Warner Bela, W. I. goods, 19, h. rear 26 Belknap 
Warner John, 99 Charter 
Warner Jonathan E. cooper, 117 Hanover 
Warner Richard, slater, h. 58 Congress. 
Warner William, house A street 
Warren Asa, musician, rear 585 Washington 
Warren Charles, jew. Her, 9 Commercial, h. 41 Portland 
Warren Charles 4&- Co. {Varnum Warren), dry goods, 92 

Hanover, house 93 Salera 


Warren Edward, physician, 13 Montgomery place 
Warren George, marble cutter, li. J02 Tremont 
Warren Geo.'W. {Warren ^^ Brother), h. 20 Bulfinch 
Warren Henry, stonecutter, h. 33 Thacher 
Warren & Brother (J. L. L. F. S^- G. IV.), dry goods, 

85 Washington 
Warren James, marble cutter, house op. 18 Carver 
Warren Jerry, laborer, 87 Broad 
Warren John C. physician, 2 Park 
Warren John, jr. See Whittier & Warren 
Warren John, bookseller, 186 Tremont, h. 74G Wash. 
Warren John W. physician, h. 18 Milk 
Warren Jonas, h. 5 Barre place 
Warren Joseph R. printer, house 3 Barre place 
Warren Josiah, jr. cabinet and chairmaker, 10 Hawley pi. 

house 8 Columbia 
Warren Levi, wood, Haverhill, house 13 Lynde 
Warren Lydia, widow, 48 Tremont 
Warren (Moses) &, Roby (D.), woo(f «St lum. Haverhill 
Warren Thomas (Woodcock c^,'- W.), h. 93 Salem 
Warren Thomas {Henderson «y- W.), h. South Cedar 
Warren Thomas B. baker, corner A and 4th 
Warren Thomas R. bootmaker, house 9 Fayette 
Warriner Rebecca, h. 55 Pcjrtiand 

Warwick Thomas, watchmaker, 123 Wash. h. r. 6 Elliot 
Washburn Abiel, jr. dry goods, 23 Kilby, h. 57 Bowdoin 
Washburn Caleb, cooper, h. 92 Tremont 
Washburn Calvin & Co. (./. M. Washburn), English 

goods, 6S Slate, h. 2 Allen 
Washburn James, shipwright, house G6 Charier 
Washburn Jeremiah & Brothers {Theodore &/• William), 

housewrights, Causeway, h. 13 Derne 
Washburn John M. {C. Washburn Sf Co.), h. C9 Poplar 
Washburn Salmon, housewrigljt, h. rear 57 Temple 
Washburn Theodore, housewriglit, Causew. h. 32 Myrtle 
Washburn W. R. P. counsellor, G State, h. 2 Quincy pi. 
Waterhouse William, clothing, (3 Clinton 
Waterman Andrew T. sexton, 2 Pitts place 
Waterman Anthony, engineer, house 1(J8 Pleasant 
Waterman Melzar, silk dyer and bookstore, 388 Wash. 
Waterman Nath'l, jr. linplater, 87 Cornhill, h. 10 Vine 
Waterman {Thomas), Jones {Wm.) & Co. {Cha's Thorp), 

housewrights, Barrett. W.'s h. 27 Commercial 
Waterman Thomas, h. 30 Fayette 
Waters Ebenezer, coppersniiiii, Pond 


Waters Francis T. liouse rear IVospect 

Waters Hannah, dry goods, 21G ilanover 

Waters John, Sec'y N. E. Marine Ins. Co. h. 26 Elliot 

Waters Thomas S. liairdresser, 4th street 

Waterston (Rob.), Pray (Isaac C.) & Co. {John IV. Hall)^ 

dry goods, 71 Kilby. W.'s \\. High cor. Oliver 
Waterston Rol>ert C. h. High cor. Oliver 
Wutkins Keziah, widow of David, rear 90 Warren 
Watriss Sylvanus F. coachman, 324 Washington 
Watson Abraham A. physician, 4G9 Washington 
Watson Aclisa, house 85 Tremont 
Watson Andrew, laborer, Williams court 
Watson (David) & Bi^sbee (Thomas), turners, Haverhill 
Watson (Eihcard) Si, Brown (Rob't J^, jewellers, Wash. 

cor. Milk. W.'sh. 3 Jefferson place 
Watson Elias D. Merrimac 
Watson George, printer, house 35 Chambers 
Watson John, mariner, Prince near Hanover 
Watson .John, tailor, house D near 4th street : 

Watson Martha, 69 Tremont 
Watson Thomas, trunk maker, house Clark 
Watson Thomas, laborer, h. 3 Sister 
Watson Wilham, laborer, 125 Broad 
Watson William, dry goods, 235 Washington 
Watts Caleb B. shipwright, h. I street rear Broadway 
Watts Francis, Pres. Atlantic Ins. Co. h. 5 Quincy place 
Watts Francis O. counsellor, 20 Court 
Watts Rachael, widow. Commercial near Foster 
Watts* Robert, fish dealer, 93 Chambers, h. Leveret ct. 
Watts William, currier, Turnpike, h. Broadway 
Watts William, rigger, liouse 19 Hamilton 
Waugh Abigail, widow, Warren place 
Way S. A. watches, 13 Court, h. 57 Belknap 
Waymouth Hepzibah S. nurse, Elliot near Tremont 
Weafer James, h. 90 Warren 

Wear John, eordwainer,67 Pleasant, h. Suffolk n. Dover 
Weatherbee Daniel, painter, h. 24 Charles 
Weatherbee Elijah T. clothing, &c. 100 Summer corner 

Broad, house do. 
Weatherbee Sarah, house 80 Pinckney 
Weatherston Margaret, dry goods, 16 Myrtle 
W«aver Edward H. painter, 14 Sudbury 
Webar John, mariner, 45 Prince 

Webb George J. professor of nousic h. 33 Mt. Vernon 
Webb John, house 40 Friend 


Webb John, boarding, 46 Union 

Webb Lucy, 2 Bowdoin 

Webb Mary, 83 Prince 

Webb Michael, jr. house 1 Barton 

Webber Aaron D housewr'ht, Devonshire, h. 127 Essex 

Webber {Monzo J.) & Smith {A.), tailors, 50 Congress 

Webber Hannah, house Kuhn place 

Webber Philip, baker, 4 George 

Webster Amos, house 104 Treinont 

Webster Ann Eliza, boarding house, 4 Bowdoin 

Webster Benjamin. See Kimball & W. 

Webster Daniel, coun. 33 Court, h. Summer cor. High 

Webster Daniel, mason, 5th st. corner D street 

Webster Hannah, ^idow, 5 Milk 

Webster {Joshua, jr.), Chase {Hezekiah S.) & Co. (M. 

D. Kimball Sl C. L. Gibson), dry goods, 16 Kilby. 

Webster's house 5 Pearl place 
Webster Luther J. house Batterymarch 
Webster Mary, widow. Sun court 
Webster William, h. Friend near Causeway 
Webster William, jr. boards B street 
Wedge Betsey, wid. of Lothrop, boarding, 4 Norfolk av. 
Wedger Jacob, mariner, 5th street 
Wedger John, baker, Kennard's avenue 
Weed John H. tailor, rear 29 Commercial 
Weed Otis, h. 3 Friend street place 
Weeden Eliza, widow, 320 Ann 
Weeden Susan, nurse, 320 Ann 

Weeks James E. P. h. Southac 2d door from W. Cfentre 
Weeks John S. housewright, h. 6 Madison place 
Weeks Joseph, h. 2 George 
Weeks Joshua M. cooper, h. 10 Centre 
Weeks Nathaniel B, refreshments, Com. h. 60 Temple 
Weeks Sarah, widow, house Southac 
Weeks William A. (Tuttle, W. & Dennett), h. 85 Prince 
Weernan Ebenezer, blacksmith, Merrimac, h. 16 Gouch 
Welch Benjamin, jr. laborer, h. 50 Bridge 
Welch David, laborer, h. 4 Bridge street avenue 
Welch Edmund, laborer, rear 101 Broad 
Welch Edward, tailor, house rear 53 Cambridge 
Welch Edward, laborer. Piedmont near Pleasant 
Welch Elizabeth, widow of William, h. 14 Franklin pi. 
Welch Francis, Pres. Frank. Ins. Co. h. Louisburgh sq. 
Welch F. O. See Dallinger & W. 
Welch Hiram, well borer, 8 Leveret lane 



Welch John, Beacon corner MoMnt Vernon 

Welch John, victualler, 34 Long wharf 

Welch John, laborer, 110 Broad 

Welch John, laborer, 170 Purchase 

Welch John, waiter, h. Lindall 

Welch Michael, laborer, 105 Milk 

Welch Michael, laborer, house 310 Ann 

Welch Richard, boarding, 105 Milk 

Welch Sarah, widow, 60"Elliot 

Welch Timothy, laborer, Williams court 

Welch Thomas, cooper, Peck lane 

Welch Thomas, cooper, rear 15 North Centre 

Welch William, laborer, 108 Broad 

Welch (William) & Griffiths (Charles), sawmakers, 

Congress corner Water 
Weld Aaron D. jr. See Griggs & W. 
Weld Benjamin, 112 Slate 

Weld Daniel & Son (David), 36 8. Market, h. 742 Wash. 
Weld David (D. Weld & Son), h. 6 Central court 
Weld George M. merchant, 5 1-2 India 
Weld James & Co. (Joseph Leiois), bakers, 95 Broad. 

See advertisement 
Weld .John D. (Emmons & W.), house 11 Kneeland 
Weld Sarah, widow of Frederick, h. 62 Temple 
Weld Thomas S. hardware. CO Kilby 
Weld Wm. F. mer. 25 Central wf h. 4 Montgomery pi. 
Welden Benjamin, h. 55 Merrimac 
Welles Arnold F. attorney, 17 Court, h. 9 Rowe place 
Welles (Augustus L.), Delano (Thomas A.) &Co. (Geo. 

G. Wilder), dry goods, Pemberton hill 
Welles Alfred & Co^ (Mel R. JYevcrs), silver ware, 84 

Washington, h. 19 Chesnut 
Welles Benjamin, merchant, 31 State, h. 16 Chesnut 
Welles Benjamin Pratt, h. 59 Summer 
Welles John, house 59 Summer 
Welles Margaret, 12 Beach 

Welles Titus, President Eagle Bank, house 3 Walnut 
Welles William, confectioner, h. 12 Beach 
Wellman George B. clerk Custom H. h. 26 High 
Wellman Nelson, teamster, boards 34 Federal 
Wellman Samuel E. housewright, h. Spear alley 
Wellman William A. clerk Custom House, h. 26 High 
Wells Abigail, variety bread store, 37 Leveret 
Wells Charles, Pres. Mutual Ins. Co. h. 20 Bowdoin 
Wells Charles A. bookbinder, 8 Water 
Wells Charles B. office City Hall, h. 5 Barton 


Wells E. JM. P. rector of school for moral discipline, S. 

IJostori point 
Wells George R. See Hodges & W. 
Wells Hannah, widow of Seth, G Lynde 
Wells Jacob, cabinetmaker, boards 14 La Grange place ^ 
Wells John B. general inspector of beef and pork, IIG 

Milk, house 23 Charter 
Wells Lydia, widow of Benjamin T. 53 Salem 
Wells Mary Ann, North Margin 
Wells Oliver S. house 1 Brighton 
Wells Sarah, fancy bread store, 85 Purchase 
Wells Samuel A. President Atlas Ins. Co. 
Wells Thomas, h. 1 Friend street place 
Wells Thomas G. & Co. stereotypers, c. room 5 Exch. 
Wells Wm. A. bookbinder, 3 School, h. 45 Milk 
Wellington A. {Bridge, W. &. Co.), h. 1 Phillips pi. 
Wellington A. A. (G. Murdoch &, Co.), h. 96 Salem 
Wellington Benjamin, cordwainer, h. 15 S. Russell 
Wellington Charles, 90 Faneuil Hall market 
Wellington (David, jr.), Foster (T. R.) & Co. (Leonard 

Wilson), W. I. goods, 5 N. ISIarket 
Wellington E. G. See Bridge & W. 
Wellington John, wheelwright, h. 12 Bedford 
Wellington Jonathan F. 10 Boylston market 
Wellington Seth, stall, 3 Boyls'ton market 
Welsh Henry, tinplater, boards lOG Purchase 
Welsh Richard, bricklayer, A street 
Welsh Walter, Gl F. H. market, h. 24 S. Russell 
Weltch Nancy, widow, G Sweetser court 
Wendell John, housewright, rear 53 Broad, h. 27 Myrtle 
Wentworth Cyrus, clerk, boards 10 Federal court 
Wentworth Eliza Ann, widow, 78 Prince 
Wentworth Frederic, mason, h. 10 Milton 
Wentworth Henry, stable keeper, rear 158 Washington 
Wentworth James. See Dutton & D. 
Wentworth Mary, house 1 Hancock avenue 
Wentworth Moses, housewright, h. 3 Milton 
Wentworth N. P. assistant House of Correction 
Wentworth Wm. truckman, 7 Custom-h. st. h. Merrlmac 
Wescott Edward, grocer, lOG Sea 
Wesson Mary, widow, Suffolk near Lucas place 
Wesson William, housewright, rear 38 Short 
Wesson Wm. M. jeweller, h. Suffolk near Lucas place 
West Ann, widow of Joseph, 105 Purchase 
West Charles, house 15 N. square 
West John, housewright, house Silver 


West John, India rubbpr dresser, house Church 

West Joseph & Co. (Jf'm. Parkman), hardware, 5 Dock 

square, house 33 High 
West Lucy, widow, 57 Chambers 
West Lucy, widow, h. Sister 
West Thomas, confectioner, 159 Ann 
Westcott Steph. & Co. (/f 771 ff'estcott and W'm Gibson), 

fact, leather, 9 Merch. r. W.'s h. Merrimac c. Friend 
Weston Alden B. merchant, 37 Commercial wf 
Weston Betsy, widow, 19 Williams 
Weston Caroline, young ladies" school, 38 Boylston 
Weston Deborah, widow, Washington cor. Bedford 
Weston Ezra, jr. attorney, 17 Court, h. 1 Hancock av. 
W^eston Geo. W. painter, h. 3 W. Centre 
Weston James {IVise S^- JV.), house 5 Hanover 
Weslon Mary, tailoress, Bedford corner Washington 
Weston Richard W. 9 Central wharf 
Weston William P. houscwright, h. rear 90 Front 
Wetherbee Daniel, painter, over 29 Milk,-h. 24 Charles 
Wetherbee Jeremiah, stonecutter, Causeway 
Wetherbee Lucv, boardins house, 33 Union : 

Wetherell (John), Fowle {Charles S.) & Barlow (H. S.), 

mer. 79 Kilby. W.'s h. 9 Hamilton place 
Wetherston M. shop, 10 Myrtle 
Wey James C. painter, house South Russell 
Weymouth Betsey, 19 Tremont 
Whaland Martin, laborer, head Ellis's wharf 
Whalen Catherine, house Broadway 
Whalen Francis, laborer, 206 Ann 
Whalen John, laborer, rear Castle near Middlesex 
Whall Joseph, whitesmith, house 50 South 
Wharf Joanna R. boarding, 25 Union 
Wharff Susan, nurse, Castle near Middlesex 
Wheelden Benj. reedmaUer, 3 Lindall, h.55 Merrimac 
Wheelden James, tinplate worker, h. rear 39 Essex 
Wheeler Abel, instructor, Boylston school j b'ds 44 High 
Wheeler Abner B. physician, 633 Washington 
Wheeler Abigail, widow, 38 Elliot 
Wheeler Benjamin, merchant, house 40 Boylston 
Wheeler Cyrus, housewright, house 13 Shawmut 
Wheeler Edward, jr. hatter, boards 11 Shawmut 
Wheeler Elizabeth, widow, Havmarket place 
Wheeler Elisha, W. I. goods, 805, h. 807 Washington ^ 
Wheeler Eliza M. dressmaker, h. 1 Fayette court 
Wheeler Fordice F. See Paine, Wiieelock & Co. 
Wheeler Gebrge P. (C Lane & Co.), h. 3 Hartford place 


Wheeler Gillam B. Itousewright, Wheeler's court, house 

corner Tretnont and Pleasant 
Wheeler llunnah, 12 Tileston 
Wheeler Jesse. See Bowker & W. 
Wheeler Joel, bricklayer, Castle cor. Village place 
Wheeler Jona. D. See Peirce, Mills & W. 
Wheeler John, agent East Boston Ferry, h. 32 Allen 
Wheeler John, blucksniitii, 3d street 
Wheeler John (j1. S. Lewis ^ Co.), b'ds Bromfield H. 
Wheeler John 11. housewright, h. Tremont cor. Pleasant 
Wheeler Joseph, paperlianger, h. 17 Boylston square 
Wheeler Joseph, broker, 8 Exchange, h. 95 Salem 
Wheeler Joseph N. tallow chandler, 31 South Market, 

house 5 Blake's court 
Wheeler Mary, widow, house 12 East 
Wheeler Moses, merchant, 79 State, h. 142 Tremont 
Wheeler Nathan, house 2 George 
Wheeler Rufiis, snrg. dentist, 439 Washington 
Wheeler (Samuel) «fe Harrington (Boioen), W. I. goods, 

13 City wharf 
Wheeler Samuel, Sec. Protec. Ins. Co. 691 Wash. 
Wheeler Warren, laborer, rear Merrimac 
Wheeler William H. mess. South Bank 
Wheeler William, clerk, liouse Northampton 
Wheeler William, publisher, house 10 Avery 
Wheelock C. H. 99 Pond 
Wheelock Dwight. See Paine, W. t& Co. 
Wheelock Gill, dry goods, 32 Central 
Wheelock James J. 20 Friend 
Wlieelock Obadiah, fruit store, h. 7 Cross 
Wheelock William A. broker, 1 Rogers's Buildings 
Wheelwright Dnniel, weigher, 42 India, h. 81 Bedford 
Wheelwright {Ehenezr/r), McLellan {Edward) <fe Co. 

{Isaac McLdlan, jr.), merchants, 22 Central wharf 
Wheelwright Esther and Martha, 24 Atkinson 
Wheelwright George, turner, 19 Dock sq. h. 25 Vernon 
Wheelwright Joseph, woodsawyer, Commer. n. Hanover 
Wheelwright Lot, jr. house 22 CJiesnut 
W^heelwright Mary B. boarding house, 2 Morton place 
Wheelwright Samuel, weigher and guager, 35 India, h. 

28 Washington place 
Wheelwright Samuel, jr. 41 Broad, h. 28 Wash, place 
Whelon Stc; hen, blacksmith, Medford 
Whipping George, rear 39 Prince 
W^hipple Benjamin, inspector Custom House 
Whipple B. F. housewright, h. 24 Pj-ince 



Whipple James, machinist, h. rear Dedham near Suffolk 
Whipple James K. agent Am. S. S. Union, 22 Court 
Whipple John, cabinetmaker, h. 17 Hamilton 
Whipple Joseph L. teamster, h. Ash cor. S. Bennet 
Whipple Lorinda, widow, house 3 tj. Margin 
Whipple Oliver M. 1 City wharf 
Whipple Otis, house rear 53 Cambridge 
Whipple William, carpenter, Jiouse 126 Ann 
Whipple William, housewright, house 5 Bath 
Wliiston Francis C. super. H. of Reformation 
Whitaker Edward 11. painter, Spring lane, h. 57 South 
Whitaker E. K; 123 Washington, h. 42 Atkinson 
Whitaker Nath. H. 46 Wash. h. 14 Province H. court 
Whicher Luther, mason, C street 
Whitcomb Abigail, nurse, Haymarket pi. n. Avery 
Whitcomb A. J, P. blacksmith, h. cor. George & Southac 
Whitcomb {Jsa) & Bent {John P.), grocers, Mt. Vernon. 

Whitcomb's house 1 JNlyrtle court 
Whitcomb John, house 6 Sliort 
Whitcomb Samuel, 28 South Russell 
White Abigail, confectionary, 652 Washington 
White Adonijah, h. 4th rear Turnpike 
White Alden, North Margin 
White Arm, widow, 2 Bridge street avenue 
White Asa, lead pipes and copper pumps, 10 Market sq. 
White Artemas, larrier, 4 Brattle sq. h. 28 Friend 
White Azell, musician, 2 Haymarket place 
White Benj C. 3 1-2 Commercial 
White Benj. F. counting room, 11 Kilby, h. 64 High 
White Charles, druggist, 230 Wash. h. 3 Avon place 
White Charles A. See Cushing, W. & Co. 
White Charles S. mason, 7 Madison place 
WJiite Charlotte, widow, house S. Russell 
White Christopher C. pianoforte maker, h. 37 Fayette 
White Cromwell W. h. Southac cor. W. Centre 
White David, jr. dry goods, 293 Wash. h. 4 S. Cedar 
W'hite Ebenezer, housewright, h. 3 Cedar lane 
White Edward, clerk in Post Otfice, house 5 Columbia 
White Elihu, druggist, 549 Wash. cor. Tremont 
White Elizabeth, widow, house 28 Orange 
White Ferdinand E. merchant, 22 Long wharf 
^White Jacob, fancy painter, house 14 Second 
White Jas. A. rigger, 15 Foster's wf h. r. 150 Purchase 
White James, laborer, back of Humphrey place 
White James C. dry goods, 45 Hanover, h. 8 Howard 


White Jatnes L. housevvright, h. 8 Bridge st. court 

WItite Jesse, handcartman, 70 Pond 

White John, harnessinaker, 14 Dock square 

White John, porter State Bank. h. Congress court 

White John, cordvvainer, rear Columbia near Essex 

White John, saddler, rear 14 Dock square, ii. rear East 

White John, victualler, Creek square 

White John, house 52 Allen 

White John, cordwainer, h. 11 Garden 

White John, jr. druggist, 30 School, h. 55 Temple 

White John L. innholder, 21) Union 

While Joseph, cashier Atlas Bank, house 673 Wash. 

White Jos. A. See VVm. M. Stedman & Co. 

WJiite K. & Co. {V/illiam Doicning 4^ M. W. IVright), 

leather, 21 N. Market 
White Lois, widow of Benjamin, h. 3 Province H. court 
White Lyman, painter, h. op. 2 Tremont n. Pleasant 
White (Moody) 6l Kent (Job), W. L goods, 72 Front 
While Moody, house 27 Harvard 
White Mary ^Ann, widow, 71 Bedford 
White Mary T. widow of James, h. 47 Warren 
While P. H. teller North Bank, h. 3 Province H. court 
White Rachel C tailoress, 7 Madison place 
White Reuben, brickmaker, rear 714 Washington 
White Robert {Stone S^ IV.), house 24 Charles 
White Sarah, widow, 16 Piedtnont 
White Samuel, caulker, house Hanover avenue 
White Samuel D. pianofortemaker, h. 10 Lucas place 
White Sewall, sugar refiner, North Margin 
White Stephen, laborer, rear 12 Lyman place 
White Stephen, 5S State 
White Thomas, laborer, 106 Sea 
White Thomas, housewright, house 15 Tileston 
White Warren,' W. I. goods, 663, h. 665 Wash. 
White Willard C. 24 Exchange, house 2 Friend 
White William {Clarke, W. ii^ Kimball), h. 2 Kingston 
White William, rigger, 24 Washington avenue 
White William, laborer, house Peck lane 
White William A. See Cushing, W. & Co. 
White William B. watchmaker, 4 Ann 
White W. F. h. rear 17 Hanover 
White William P. laborer, rear 13 S. Margin 
White William S. captain, 649 Washington 
WJiite. See Wight 
Whitehead John, liandcartman, h. n. Bethel Ch. N. sq. 


Whitcliead Oliver, Iruckmnn. Canal 

Wliituheid James, h. rear 253 Washington 

Wliileliouse Benj. C. house 'J'ravers 

Whitehouse Sally, widow of Charltis W. h. r. Broadway 

Whithead John, mariner, li. 17 North square 

Whiting Charles, livery stahlo, Hawley pi. h. 9 Lincoln 

Whiting Caleb, paints, 55 Broad, house rear 65 Leveret 

Whiting Calvin, teller Globe Bank, house 35 Warren 

W^luting David, jr. comedian, h. Cotting place 

Whiting Elias, machinist, house 28 Blussom 

Whiting Elizabeth, widow, house 65 Leveret 

Whiting Ephraim W. clerk, h. 154 Washington 

Whiting George, laborer, 65 Leveret 

Whiting Harlous, njercuant, h. 1 Boylston place 

W^hiting Henry, silversmith, h. 115 Purchase 

Whiting Hosea, 9d Faneuil Hall market, h. 25 Brattle 

Whiting Lucy, widow ofjabez, liouse 6 Howard 

Whiting Marcus, cashier Oriental Bunk 

Whiting Nathaniel »& Co. {J. R. Walker and C. D. Ha- 

zea), dry goods, 53 Kilby, boards 4 Pearl 
Whiting (O. R.) &, Seymour {Friend), housewrights, 

Whiting Ozias, housewright, h. Brookline near Suffolk 
Whiting Ruth, boarding, Williams court 
Whiting SamucJ, boards 48 Milk 
Whiting William, mason, house rear 46 Merrimac 
Whitley William H. blacksmith, house 5 Knox 
Whitman Alanson, teamster, house Travers 
Whitman Allen, house rear 101 Cambridge 
Whitman Bancrofts, laborer, house 31 Cross 
Whitman Benjamin, counsellor, house 39 Federal 
Whitman C. S. physician, 61 Broadway cor. Dorchester 
Whitman (Edw ) &.Newhall (Jo/tn), wheelwrights, Pond 
Whitman Edward, house 35 Salem 
Whitman E. P. (Parks, IVright Sf Co.), h. 46 Pinckney 
Whitjnan Ezra, housejoiner, rear 3d street 
Whitman Freedom, housewright, Merrimac, h. Prospect 
Whitman G. H. counsellor, 9 Stale, h. 39 Federal 
Whitman Snow, housewright, 2d street 
Whitman Thomas, caulker and gra\er, 76 Prince 
Whitmarsh Hannah, widow, 95 Elliot 
Whitmarsh Thomas, wholesale cloth, store, 3 Cong. sq. 
Whitmore {Amos) <fc Holbrook (Samuel E.), boatbuild- 

ers, Sargent's wf. W.'s h. Hull 
Whitmore C. O. See Lombard & W. 


Whitney Abel, school, Harvard place, h. Sudbury 
Whitney Abigail, widow, boardinjz;, 21 Bedford 
Whitney Abraham, laborer, h. 6 Wheeler's court 
Whitney Barnabas, instrucier, 29 Joy's build, h. 35 Myrtle 
Whitney B. D. (Richardson ^ JV.), h. 3 Hartford place 
Whitney Berij. L. (Ball, Baker fy Co.), h. 104 Tremont 
Whitney Charles, truckman, N. ftlargin 
Whitney Ebenezor T. teamster, rear 2t) Belknap 
Whitney {EliM.) &, Richardson (C\), grocers, 37 School. 

W.'s h. 71 Warren 
Whitney Ephraim, physician. 3 Bridge 
Whitney Frances, widow, h. 4 Vernon 
Whitney Franklin {Parker S^ W.), h. 5 Court square 
Whitney (Geo.), Brown {Jilb. H.) & Co. {jlmasa Pierce) y 

warehouse, 57 Cornhiil 
Whitney (Georire Ji.) & Fisk (Josiah), dry goods, 37 

Kilby. Whitney's house 18 Winter 
Whitney Israel (MrJiols Sr W.), h. 58 Chesnut 
Whitney Israel, house 2 Province 
Whitney James P. shoes, 43 Court, h. 14 Bridge 
Whitney James S. provisions, 74 Court, h. 2 Canton 
Whitney John, laborer, GiLbs lane 
Whitney John, stevedore, h. Gibbs lane 
Whitney John A. truckman, house Lancaster 
Whitney John H. dry goods, 193 Washington 
Whitney Jonathan, house 9 Bovvdoin square 
Whitney Jonathan, jr. house 9 Bowdoin square 
Whitney Joseph &l Co. {Freeman Allen (^- James L. Gar- 
ham), wholesale shoe store;, 94 Water, h. 59 High 
W^hitney Joseph A. broker, Merrimac cor. Market 
Whitney Josiah, merchant, 43 Central wharf 
Whitney Levi, grocer, Derne cor. Temple, h.5 Derne 
Whitney Moses, jr. leather, 34 N. Market, h.5 Federal ct. 
Whitney Nahum P. housevvright, Lovett place 
Whitney (Paul) & Haskell {Levi B.), English goods, 99 

Washington. Whitney's house 21 Lynde 
Whitney Prentiss, auctioneer, 30 Wash. h. 124 Charles 
Whitney Salmon, W. I. g'ds,28 Long wf. h. 14 Staniford 
Whitney Samuel, physician, boards 300 Washington 
Whitney Sarah, widow, boarding house, 50 (/ambridge 
Whitney Simri, shoes, hats, &c. head Wales's wharf, 

h. head of Pearl 
Whitney Sumner, jeweller, boards 102 Washington 
Whitney William (James &, W.), boards 165 Court 
Whitney Wm. tnerch. 41 Broad, h Atkinson n. W^illiams 


Whitney William D. cabinetmaker, Suffolk near Dover 
Whitney William F. (Delano & fV.), h. 12 Allen 
Wbiton David, jr. (^. Fearing & Co.), h. 8 Pearl 
Whiton Ebed, silversmith, rear 87 Wash. h. 64 Salem 
Whiton Ezra, jr. New York packet office, 21 India 
Whiton {James M.) & March {Andrew S.), dry goods, 

41 Kilby. W.'s h. 58 Federal 
W^hiton John P. {Wni. B. Bradford & Co.), h. 194 Trem. 
Whiton Mary Ann, 17 Pleasant street court 
Whittemore Benjamin, Rev., Broadway 
Whittemore B. F. 70 Slate, house 55 Salem 
Whittemore Geo. mer. 32 Long wf. h. 27 Wash, place 
Whittemore Geo. W, (Emerson ^r IV.), h. 13 Poplar 
Whittemore Hiram, housewright, IG Green 
Whittemore James, house 3 Brattle square 
Whittemore James, housewright, h. 110 Warren 
Whittemore Joel, handcartman, h. rear 50 Boylston 
Whittemore John, ropomaker, house 711 Washington 
Whittemore Thomas, editor Trumpet, 40 Cornhill 
Whittemore Thomas J. 50 N. Market, h. 8 Lynde 
Whittemore William, distiller, rear C street 
Whittemore William & Co. (Thomas J.), card manufac- 
turers, 50 North Market 
Whitten Francis, baker, 53 Cambridge 
Whitten Geo. W. stone cutter, House of Correction 
Whitten Robert, boarding, 39 Sea 
Whittey John, laborer, rear 110 Sea 
Whittey Michael, laborer, rear 17 Sea 
Whittier Daniel (Stone & fV.), boards 11 Elm 
Whittier (T. G.) & Warren (J. jr.), shoes, 14 Dock sq. 
Whittington George, clerk, 118 Sea 
Whittle James, Henchman lane 
Whitton George, boards 74 Essex 

Whittredge Daniel B. &- Co. (William Jidams), black- 
smiths. Friend cor. Causeway 
Whittredge Thomas, shoes, 134 Hanover 
Whittum Sarah, widow, rear 18 South Bennet 
Whitwell John P. druggist and apoth. Milk cor. Bath, 

house 99 Tremont 
Whitwell Lucy C. widow of Benj., Chesnut cor. Spruce 
Whitwell (Sar?^^^e/), Bond (Geo.) & Cor (B. Seaver ^ 

G. W. Bond), auc. 11 Kilby. W.'s h. Winthrop pi. 
Whitwell- William, housewright, 17 Pinckney 
Widdifield Daniel B. optician, 139 Washington, house 6 
Hawkins. See advertisement 


ddovvs Henry, boards 37 Purchase 

ggin Asa A.' grocery & wooden ware, 61 Hanover 

ggin Charles E. crockery, 4 Marshall, h, 62 Salem 

ggin Ezra, grocer, Hanover, h. 41 Pond 

ggin George W. mover of furniture, h. 3 Marston pi. 

ggin James S. (Robinson <^ W.), h. Foster 

ggin Noah, blacksmith, h. 93 Elliot 

ggin Samuel, h. Hancock row 

gglesworth Edward, IG India wharf, h. 57 Chesnut 

gglesworth Thomas, 16 India wf h. 19 Franklin place 

ght Aaron W. musician, house South Cedar 

ght Aaron W. jr. See Denton and VV. 

ght Charles, lastmaker, Fulton, h. 90 Ann 

ght Ebenezer, druggist, 46 Milk, opposite Federal 

ght Lothrop, clerk,"77 Kilby, h. 5 Shawmut 

ghtman Joseph M. See Claxton &. W. . 

ghtman Martha, tailoress, 33 Warren 

Iber Samuel, tinplale worker, li. 2Stillman place 

Icutt John, mason, h. rear 12 N. Russell 

Icutt Joseph, jr. undertaker & house wr't, h. Short lane* 

Icutt Levi & Co. (J. Murdoch), housewr'ts, 313 Com- 

Id Amasa T. laborer, 5 Belknap [mercial 

id Barnabas, truckman, opposite 84 Sea 

Id Daniel, broker, Exchange, h. 16 Hancock 

Id James C. cashier Boston Bank, h. 5 Acorn 

Id John, mastmaker, h. Commercial near Foster 

Id Warren, broker, 14 Exchange, h. 25 Harvard 

Id William A. handcartman, 9 Cross 

Ide George C. clerk Supr. Court, h. 19 La Grange pi. 

Ide Samuel S., Judge Supr. Court, h. 60 Mt. Vernon 

Ider Benj. G. {Gould, W. S^ Co.), h. 33 Orange 

Ider Eleazer, caulker and graver, h. Lane place 

Ider Enos, engineer, 49 Chatham, h. 19 Sudbury 

Ider Daniel, pianofortemaker, h. 70 Pleasant 

Ider George G. See Wells, Delano & Co. 

Ider James S. wharfinger, Long wharf, li. Salem 

Ider Lewis, carpenter, h. 33 Fayette 

Ider Martin, c.-arriagesmith, Hawley pl. h. 4 Norfolk pi. 

Ider M. P., VV. I. goods, 3 Central wharf 

Ider Sally, widow, 75 Bedford 

Ider Sarah, widow, rear 600 Washington 

Ider Volney, pianofortemaker, house Maiden 

Idermulh Mary, widow, boarding house, 74 Broad 

Ides Solomon, innholder, 11 Elm 

Ides Solomon L. broker, 16 Exchange 


Wildes Wm. cooper, 25 Long wf. h. 13 VVasliington pi. 

Wildes William, IG.North Miirket 

Wiley Daniel, teamster, h. Canton near Washington 

Wiley P.iiil, laborer, rear 75 Sea 

Wiley Thomas, teller U. S. B. B., h. Myrtle, cor. Butolph 

Wiley William, Rev. corner Federal and Franklin place 

Wiley William, mariner, Well corner Wharf 

WilUins Abijali, liousevvright, h. 7 Blossom 

Wilkins Bruce, liouse rear 13 Hawkins 

Wilkins Charles & William B., W. I. goods, 33 Long 

wharf, h. 7 Howard 
Wilkins David, laborer, h. 10 Boylston 
Wilkins Fanny, widow, 82 Purchase 
Wilkins Geor<ie A. housewriijht, h. Cooper near Pond 
Wilkins Geo. W., W. I. g'ds^4 Liverp. wf h. 82 Purch. 
Wilkins James, baker, Salter place 
Wilkins James, shipwright, h. 82 Purchase 
Wilkins Jeremiah, victualler, h. 14 Piedmont 
Wilkins J. H. & R. B. Carter, paper dealers, Water 
Wilkins Levi {Gould, Wilder ^ Co.), h. 119 Pleasant 
Wilkins Samuel C. pianofortemaker, boards 759 Wash. 
Wilkins William, 34 Faneuil Hall market, h. 10 Centre 
Wilkins William, cooper, h. 82 Purchase 
Wilkins Wm. B. (C. ^^ W. B. Wilkins,) h. Allen c. Spring 
Wilkins & Co. fish store. Brimmer's T 
Wilkinson Arthur (T. P. Gushing &. Co.), b'ds 8 Pearl 
Wilkinson Michael, cordwainer, h. Harvard place 
Wilkinson Thomas, cabinetmaker, house Grove 
Wilkinson (Simon) & Pratt (Eleazcr), caulkers and gra- 
vers, Wilkinson & Pratt's wf. W.'s h. 7 Charter 
Wilkinson Ware, baker, h. 8 W. Centre 
Wilkinson Westley, cabinetmaker. Salutation 
Wilkinson William, sexton, Bartlett 
Willard Aaron, clockmaker, 843 Washington 
Willard Aaron, jr. clockmaker, 815 Washington 
Willard A. T. 200 Tremont 
Willard Abigail B. 159 Hanover 

Willard Alfred, comb store, 149 Wash. h. 31 Tremont 
Willard Augustus H. hackman, h. 17 Boylston square 
Willard Benj. F. Sec'ry Boylston Ins. Co. b'ds 29 Orange 
Willard prances A. widow of Henry, h. 65 Chambers 
Willard George W. (Scotchler fy JV.), h. 39 Brattle 
Willard Henry, clock case maker, rear 843, h. 107 Wash. 
Willard Henry, portrait paint. 77 Cornhill, h. 125 Charles 
Willard Joseph, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 45 Bowdoin 


Willard Joshih, 115 Tremont 

Wilhird Simon, jr. watchmaker, 9 Congress, h. 3 South 

Willard William W. bookkeeper Oriental Bank 

V/illcutt Joseph, housewright and undertaker, 98 Sea 

Willcutt Joseph, jr. housewright, rear 13 N. Bennet 

Willett William, surveyor, house 510 Washington 

Willey Sarah, tailoress, Essex corner Oliver place 

Williams Ambrose, laborer, 2 Bowdoin square 

Williams Augustus L. house Lincoln court 

Williams Benjamin S. umbrella maker, rear 13 Milk 

Williams Cecil C. widow of Henry, 5 Pemberton hill 

Williams Charles, 20 Cornhill, h. 6 Bridge street court 

Williams Daniel, wire worker, 411 Wash. h. 124 Court 

Williams David, I street 

Williams David W. {J. D. & M. WilUams), h. 744 Wash. 

Williams Deodat, refreshments, Devonshire, h. 112 Court 

Williams Edward, house 501 Washington 

Williams Eli C. farrier, 23 Portland 

Williams Elijah &. Co. (£. jr.), 23 Long wf h. 6 Avon pi. 

E. jr.'s house 48 Pinckney 
Williams Eliphalet, cashier City Bank, house 23 Pearl 
Williams Elisha, laborer, 4 Elliot court 
Williams Eliza, 15 Essex place 

Williams F. H. counsellor, 81 Wash. h. 131 Tremont 
Williams Francis, mariner, 127 Broad [Hanover 

Williams (Franklin) &. Brewster (John), dry goods, 46 
Williams Frederick G. clerk, Oliver near Milk 
Williams (Geo.) & Barnes (James S.), tailors, 1 Broadway 
Williams George F. clerk, 23 Long wf h. 6 Avon place 
Williams G. Foster, 37 Central vvf h. 744 Washington 
Williams George H. (Sawijer & 11'.), h. Chambers 
Williams H. & R. brokers and auctioneers, 4 Central 

wharf. H. W^'s house 15 North Russell 
Williams Harck, boarding house, rear Gibbs lane 
Williams Henry R. & Co (H. Cushing), tailors, 67 Con- 
gress, house Broadway 
Williams Hiram, teamster, boards 09 Sea 
William Horace, 8 Joy's building, h. 90 Mt. Vernon 
Williams Isaac, shoes, 180 Washington, h. 04 Tremont 
Williams Isaac F. wireworker, 69 Cornhill, h. 124 Court 
Williams James, hairdresser, 188 Ann 
Williams James, tailor, 21 Brattle, house 91 Charles 
Williams James, harnessmaker. West, h. 62 Elliot 
Williams Jane, nurse, h. 14 Second 
Williams (Jer.) & Munroe (Lewis), stablers, 21 Hanover 
Williams John, house 14 South 


Williams John, counseHor, Commercial, h. 3 MrLean f;t. 

Williams John, clothing, 37 Brattle, li. 28 Commercial 

Williams John, painter, 13 Boylston square 

Williams John, waterman, h. 17 Fleet 

Williams John & Co. (S. Langleyjr. 4' J. S. Williams), 

dry goods, 17 Kilby, house 10 West 
Williams John D. & M. wine merch. 33 South Market 
Williams JoRn D. house 744 Washington 
Williams John D. W. See Russell, Shattuck & Co. 
Williams John W. 23 Long wharf, h. 40 High 
Williams Jonathan T. clerk, house 1 Jefferson place 
Williams Lucy, widow, Elliot corner Barre place 
Williams Mary, instructress, 49 South, h. East r. school-h. 
Williams Mary, widow, rear 18 South Bennet 
Williams Moses (J. D. 4" M. W.), h. Jamaica plains 
Williams Michael, mason, h. 5 Friend street place 
Williams Nancy, widow of Jonathan, h. 1 Jefferson pi. 
Williams Nathaniel, captain, Murray place 
Williams Pardon, tailor, rear 39 Washington 
Williams Peter, rigger, 257 Ann 
Williams Robert, house 1 Minot 
Williams Robert, rigger, h. Spear alley 
Williams Robert B. Ocean Ins. office, h. G6 Pinckney 
Williams R. P. & C. booksellers, 20 Cornhill, house 6 

Bridge street court 
WilliamsRulh, widow of Thomas R. 5 Prov. House ct. 
Williams Sam'l G. & Co. brokers, 40 State, h. 7 Otis pi. 
■ Williams Samuel K. counsellor, h. 8 Washington place 
Williams Samuel S. {Daggett & Co.), h. in Roxbury 
Williams Sarah, widow, 14 Brattle 
Williams Sophia B. house Fruit street court 
Williams Stephen H. merch. 37 India wf h. in Roxbury 
Williams Susan, widow, nurse, Gibbs lane 
Williams Susanna, widow of Thomas, h. 131 Tremont 
Williams Susanna, widow, h. rear 29 Belknap 
Williams Thomas, h. 24 South Margin 
Williams Thomas A. painter, &i Boylston, house 5 

Province House court 
Williams Thos.H. {Savi'l Jfa/c^.^^ Co.), b'ds 25 N.Russell 
Williams Timothy, merchant, 48 India wf h. 14 South 
Williams William R. stevedore, house rear 79 Purchase 
Williamson Elizabeth, widow, Peck lane 
Williamson {Richard), Flynn {Roger) & Co. {Patrick 

Flymi), dry goods, 37 1-2 Kilby. W.'s h. r. 3 Mason 
Willis Benjamin, merchant, 118 Purchase 


Willis Charles, 50 1-2 N. Market, b. 25 Prince 

Willis Clement, W. I.g'ds, Federal c. High, h. 18 High 

Willis Dean, 12 Derne 

Willis Elisha, baker, house 8 Brighton 

Willis Henry, typefounder, 66 Congress, h. 118 Purchase 

Willis Horatio M. 3i) Court 

Willis James, pilot, house 15 Gibbs lane 

Willis Martha, widow, 138 Hanover 

Willis Nath'l, pro. Recorder, 9 Cornhill, h. 31 Atkinson 

Willis Nathan, jr. inspector Custom H. b'ds 35 Pleasant 

Willis Richard, shoemaker, 4th street 

Willis Robert B. merchant, 25 India wf. h. 31 Tremont. 

Willis Royal B. cabinetmaker, house 9 George 

Willis Stiilman, jeweller, 153 Wash. h. 176 Tremont 

Williston George W. ropemaker, 4th street 

Williston Joseph, sugar boiler. Centre corner Hanover 

Williston Joseph, jr. bousewright, b. 16 North Russell 

Willoughby Ebenezer, boarding, Blackstone cor. Ann 

Willson Harvey {Withington Sf fV.), h. 107 Pleasant 

Willson William H. house 7 Green 

Wilmarth Seth (Graham 4" fV-), bouse N. Grove 

Wilmot Nathaniel N. gunmaker, rear 13 Court 

Wilson Ann N. boarding, 3 Cambridge near Bowdoin 

Wilson Betsy, widow, house Silver 

Wilson Charles, mariner, h. Moon 

Wilson Enoch, blacksmitli, 3d street 

Wilson Hannah, widow, Batterman place 

Wilson Hannah, boarding house, 128 Purchase 

Wilson James, tollgatherer, house 95 Charles 

Wilson James, crier, Congress square 

Wilson John, branch pilot. 8 Fleet 

Wilson John, jr. 24 Court, house 44 Federal 

Wilson John & Son (J- jr.), tailors, 24 Court 

Wilson John, constable, 50 Allen 

Wilson Leonard. See Wellington, Foster & Co. 

Wilson Lydia & Sarah, dressmakers, h. 168 Hanover 

Wilson Peter, laborer, house 31 Carver 

Wilson Robert, florist, bouse 9 Allen 

Wilson Robert, tailor, house 20 Friend 

Wilson Ruth, widow, 53 Pond 

Wilson Stephen F. joiner, bouse 3 Southac court 

Wilson Thomas, laborer, 137 Broad 

Wilson William, plasterer, bouse rear 321 Ann 

Wilson William H. painter, h. 88 Tremont cor. Elliot 

Wilson William H. & Co, (JVm. Forbes), tailors, 21 State 


Wilson W. W. eng. & plate print. 9 State, b'ds 158 Wash. 
Wilton Rebecca, nurse, rear Ljjficaster 
Wily John, surgeon United States Navy, Ann 
Winchester Amasa (E , Jl. & W.), house 20 Somerset 
Winchester Augustus, housewright. Carver, house rear 

52 Tremont 
Winchester A. jr., W. I. g'ds, 15 S. Mark. h. 26 Somerset 
Winchester E., A. & W. provision dealers, 15 S. Market. 

E. VV.'s house 19 Richmond 
Winchester Fitz E. saddler, 07 Pond 
Winchester Hosea (Magoon ^ W.), house Mt. Vernon 

cor. Charles 
Winchester Jacob B., 30 Fancuil Hall market 
Winchester Stephen (£., A. c^ JV.), h. 21 Commercial 
Wmchester Wm. P. (£., A. ^- JV.), h. 20 Franklin place 
Winfield James, mariner, Greenough lane 
Wing B. F. physician, h. 1 Montgomery pi. cor. Tremont 
Wing Israel, laborer, Market place 
Wing Joseph, house 8 Garden 
Winkley John II. mason, 7 Boylston square 
Winkley (Swain) &. Dickinson (J. F.), clothes and hats, 

120 State. Winklev's h. Atkinson 
Winn C. G. {Butterfield &/■ IV.), h. 61 Pond 
Winn Caroline, widow, 1 Garland place 
Winn David, cooper, h. 8 Essex place 
Winn Elizabeth, widow, house West Centre 
Winn Ezra, teamster, boards 83 Sea 
Winn Mark L., Pond near Massachusetts Hotel 
Winn William, Commercial cor. Fiske's wharf 
Winn William, inspector, Custom House 
Winning Alexander, grocer, 115 Ann 
Winship Alice, widow, -^70 Washington 
Winship F. & L., Boston Coffee House, 38 Milk 
Winship Nancy, milliner, 321 Wash. h. 12 Bedford 
Winship Stephen, G5 F. H. market, h. 52 Belknap 
Winslow Benjamin, broker, 4 Exchange 
Winslow Benjamin P. 44 Long wf. h. 13 Leveret 
Winslow Charles, housewright, h. 53 Pond 
Winslow Charles, broker, house 2G Fayette 
Winslow Ebenczer D. stonecutter, Charlestown 
Winslow Edward, merchant, 6 Broad, h. 4 Pearl 
Winslow Elisha D. (E. Cobb ife Co.), h. 7 Morton place 
Winslow George, 44 Long wharf 
Winslow Hubbard, Rev. h. 3 Mount Vernon place 
Winslow Isaac, clerk, boards 74 Summer 


Winslow Isaac & Sons, mer. 44 Long wf. h. 13 Leveret 
Winslovv Isabella, dressinaker, 116 Court 
Winslow John, boards Iw Purcliase 
Winslow John, cabinetmaker, Greenough lane 
Winslow John K. stock man. 6 Joy's Build, h. 21 Castle 
Winslow Nathaniel, mariner, house Battery 
Winslow Samuel, sexton, Commercial near Hanover 
Winslow Thomas, mason, house rear 18 S. Russell 
Winslow William, 15 Faneuil Hall market 
Winsor Edward, merch. 14 Commer. wf. h. 20 Bulfinch 
Winsor Joseph, fish dealer, 43 Long wf. h. 44 Warren 
Winsor Nathaniel, house IG Allen 

Winsor W. widow of Thomas, h. W. Cedar c. Pinckney 
Winter Francis B. mason, cor. Myrtle ct. and Centre 
Winter Ignatius, houscwright, house 50 Friend 
Winters Thomas W. carpenter, house rear 89 Sea 
Winthrop George E. counsellor, h. Beacon c. Walnut 
Winthrop Grenville T. counsellor, 17 Court, h. Beacon 
Winthrop Robert C. attorney, 11 Court, h. 7 Tremont pi. 
Winihrop Thomas L. house Beacon corner Walnut 
Wise George D. laborer, rear Hull 

Wise Isaac K. hardware, 23 IMerchants row, h. 26 Temple 
Wise James, victualler, Northampton 
Wise James, house 3 Wesley place 
Wise John, house rear 63 Warren- 
Wise (John) & Weston (James), hair cutters, 56 Brattle 
Wise John, boarding, 137 Ann 
Wise Jonathan, ropemaker, house rear 63 Warren 
Wise Richard Owen, rear Hull 
Wise William, housevvright, rear 4ih street 
Wiswall {Elisha) & Roberts {Tobias), ^xokqv?,, Broad op, 

Tileston's wf. W.'s h. 36 VV'arren 
Wiswall E. G. captain, boards 53 Pond 
Wiswall Samuel, provision dealer, house Arnold 
Wiswell De.\ter W. shoes, 77 Broad 
Wiswell Eliza, widow, 12 Lyman place 
Wiswell Jeremiah. See Bates & W. 
Wiswell xMary Ann, wido\y, nurse, h. 75 Pleasant 
Wiswell William, cordwainer, house rear 41 Prince 
Witham Amos, haudcartman, house rear Ann 
Witherell Richard, mason, 50 Poplar 
Witherby Jer., W. I. goods. Commercial cor. Foster 
Withers John, housevvright, house rear 14 S. Margin 
Withington Betsey, widow, 87 Pleasant 
Withinijton Elizabeth, widow, house 29 Chambers 


Withington (Henry B.) & Collins (John), W. I. goods, 

Pond cor. Tliucher 
Withington (Increase S.) & Willson (Harvey), fur deal- 
ers, 18 Central. Witliin^ton's h. 11 Poplar 
Witliingion James, house 5 Friend street court 
Withington Josiali, 6 Boyl.ston market 
Withinston Nowell. 21) Chambers 
Withington Newell '& Co. (C- J. F. Eastman), W. I. g'ds, 

39 Commercial 
Withington Stephen, mes. Globe Ins. Co.h. 12 Boylston 
Withnm Lydia, widow of Joiin, house Kennard's avenue 
Witt Asa, W.I. goods, Batterymarch, h. 2 Hamilton ct. 
Wivield Niel, musician, liouse 36 Hancock 
Wolcott Cliarles, housewright, house 56 Myrtle 
Wolcott Emily, widow of H. D. house 22 Beacon 
Wolcott J. H."(.'?. <^ ^. Lawrence 4" Co.), h. at Mrs. Went- 

worlh's, 1 Hancock avenue 
Wolcott Josiah, wheelwright, Front, h. 102 Warren 
Wolcott Lucy, widow, house 11 Franklin place 
Wolkins J. F. 43 Faneuil H. market, h. 4th near A st. 
Wood Amos & Son (Henry), lumber \vf. & h. 10 Charles 
Wood Amos, jr. house 23 Bridge 

Wood Arad H. housewricht, 1 Norfolk av. h. Harvard pi. 
Wood B. Clark (Rogers^SL fV.), house 32 Poplar 
Wood Bailey, housewright, 27 1-2 Ann 
Wood Benjamin, 2d, 33 Faneuil H. market, h. 45 Ann 
Wood C. M. veterinary surgeon, 23 Portland 
Wood Davids (Grisicold & IV.), h. at Tremont House 
Wood Edmund W. laborer, 4th street 
Wood Ephraim. tailor, 354 Wash. h. 3 Avery place 
Wood Edward E. (Mattheics & W.), b'ds East. Stage H. 
Wood 'Henry, paperhanger, over Boylston vegetable 

market, boards 4G'J Wasliington 
Wood Henry (A. Wood & Son), house 20 Charles 
Wood James, engineer, 5 Chardon 
Wood Matthew F. (Xorcross & W.), h. 4 Pinckney 
Wood Micajah (Josseiyn & W.), house 11 Southac 
Wood JMoses, housewright, house 15 Harvard place 
Wood William W. founder, 2d street 
Woodard Rebecca, widow, house Butolph 
Woodard Warren, housewright, boards 4 Sturgis place 
Woodberry (Asa, jr.)., D\\(f. B.) & Hartwell (John IV.), 

jewellers, 251 Wash. h. 6 Otis place 
Woodberry Charles, mason, boards 38 Union 
Woodberry John, bricklayer, 13 North Russell 


Woodbridge Christoplier, 1 Stillman 
Woodbury Elizabetii, widow, liouse 27 Thacber 
Woodbury Moses, liousewrigbt, liouse Lev«ret court 
Woodbury TJiomas, painter, rear 37 Prince 
Woodcock (Joseph) &. Warren (Tkomas), wood, Canal. 

W.'s h. 39 Cliarter 
Woodford P. R. {Carey, Boynton & W.), h. 3 Eaton 
Woodman Abigail, 2] 1 Hanover 

Woodman Cbarles, caps, 75 CornbiJl, house 30 Allen 
Woodman David, baker, 45 Hanover, h. 18 Friend 
Woodman David, jr. baker, 194 Hanover 
Woodman Edvyin, bats, 75 Cornbi!), b. 30 Allen 
Woodman Geo. agent S. Bost. In. Rub. wareh. 19 Central 
Woodman Joseph, ma?on, 15 Pinckney 
Woodman Joseph & Wm. dry goods, Pemberton hill, h. 

15 Pinckney 
Woodman Sarah, widow, house 30 Charles 
Woodman Wm. dry g'ds, Pemberton hill, h. 15 Pinckney 
Woods Daniel, house 3 Bradford place 
Woods David J., Turnpike 
Woods Hepsibah, widow, 103 Pond 
Woods Hiram H. stage driver, h. 4 North Centre 
Woods John, house 19 Cross 
Woods Lucy, boarding house, 1 Central court 
Woods Nathaniel B. assistant House of Correction 
Woods Samuel, merchant, 3 1-2 Commer. h. 30 High 
Woodsum Isaac P. Sec Nevers & W. 
Woodward Elisha, grocer, Travers, h. 2 Oilman place 
Wooifindale Charles M. painter, 300 Ann 
Wooiley Charles, rear 85 Salem 
Woolner William, mariner, rear 32 Ann 
Woolsey Charles W., East Boston, house 17 Sheafe 
Worcester (Eldnd) & Pierce (5. S.), Court c. Tremont. 

W. boards Boylston hotel 
Worcester Lydia, widow of Joseph, h. rear Broadway 
Worcester Thomas, Rev., Louisburgh square 
Worcester William, teamster, h. 44 Sea 
Wormell Joseph, boarding, 209 Ann 
Worrick Levi L. housev/right, Sr.uth Margin 
Wormwood E. R. clerk Ocean Ins. Co. h. 25 Blossom 
Wormwood Ivory, blacksmith, h. rear Norihampton 
Worthley Mark, fincy boxes, CO Washington 
Worster John, junk store, 02 India wf h. 122 Purchase 
Worster Stiilman, cooper, house rear 39 Sea 
Worthen Daniel, house rear Lancaster 


Wortliirigton Francis, coal, Drake's wliarf, 40 Sea 
VVortliington William, merchant, 20 Central wharf 
Wreaks Joseph, importer British Ince goods, 01 Water 
Wriglit Ann, widow, house 8 Bridge 
Wright Ann S. widow of James, h. 26 Charles 
Wright Albert J. See Shepley & W. ' 
Wrigl)t Archibald, stone cutler, 4th street 
Wright Caleb, grocer, 37 Cambrid^';e, h. 7 Lynda 
Wright David, exhibition Diorama, cor. Trem. & Bojls. 
Wright Edmund, house 3'J North Allen 
Wright Edm. jr. wharfinger Brimmer's T, h. Pemb. hill 
Wright Edward (Chandler, W. & Mailory), h. 1 Bath 
Wright Ellis, house 48 Purchase 
Wright Ephraim, chairs, 38 Commercial 
Wright Epin-aim, painter, liousc Thacher n. Pond 
Wright Eunice, widow, rear 8 W. Centre 
Wright Gad, housewright, boards Dedharn 
Wright George, clerk, h. 7 W. Second 
Wright George B. cordwainer, 17] Ann, h. r. 30 Princo 
Wright Geo. B. jr. hindcartm;*n, h. 9 N. Margin 
Wright Isaac H. (JrinsJow IV. ^^ Co.), h. 31 Green 
Wright James, grocer, 4 Flagg alley 
.Wright James, W. I. goods, Broadway op. the church 
Wright James. 103 Hanover 

Wright John S. (Parks, W. S^'- Co.), h. 22 Beacon 
Wright Joseph C. cordwainer, h. W. Centre cor. Southac 
Wright Maverick Wyman. See K. White & Co. 
Wright Nathaniel, mess. Stiff. Ins. Co. h. r. 26 Chambers 
Wright Phineas, grocer, Bromfield, house do. 
Wright Stephen, liackman, rear 17 Hanover ^ 
Wright William (/?. T. Alden 4- Co), house 3 Hawley 
Wriglit ^Villiam, house Broadway 
Wright William, painter, Broadway near E street 
Wright William, sailmaker, house rear Foster 
Vvright W^mslovv & Co. {Isaac H. Wriglit), merchants, 

12 Broad and 6 India, h. 31 Green 
Wyatt William, fancy ccdorer. h. 795 Washington 
Wyer John, rigger, house 70 Temple 
Wyeih {Joseph) Si, Bass {Stephen G.), W. I. goods, 8 

Broad. W.'s house 110 ('liarles 
Wyman Abraham G. grocer, 23 Green, h. 14 Lynde 
Wyman Elbridge, grocer, 54 Pond 

Wyman George D. painter, 95 Milk, h. 9 Hartford place 
Wyman James, leather dresser, 529, h. 537 Wash. 
Wyman James {Kitircdge S^ W.), h. 32 Slillnian 


Wytnan John G. tailor, 71 Wasli. li. 15 Green 
Wyman L. 121 Wash. h. 30 Federal 
Wyman Mary, widow of William, h. 537 Wash. 
Wyman Oliver C. clerk, house 17 Williams 
Wyman Otis, dry goods, 301 , h. 274 Washington 
Wyman Sarah, widow, house 32 Charles 
Wyman Susan, nurse, 81 Elliot 

Wyse {Ira 0.) &, Brown (Thomas), saddhrs and harness 
makers, 400 Wash. Wyse boards Wheeler's court 

YATES RICHARD, bar room, Court, h. 113 Cambridge 

Yeager Charles, printer, house 122 Hanover 

Yeaton Benjamin, chaise trimmer, Hawley, h. 10 Front 

Yendell George, painter, 15 Atkinson, h. 3 Fruit st. ct. 

Yendell Samuel, grocer, Commercial near Ann 

Yendley Joseph. See Carroll & Y. 

Yerrington James B. printer, G5 Congress, h. 11 Atkinson 

York James, boarding, 13 Myrtle 

York Thomas, laborer, A street 

Youlen Aram, coach painter, Brattle sq. h. r. 6 Mason 

Young Alexander, Rev. 14 Rovve place 

Young Andrew P. painter, 180, h. 157 Hanover 

Young Bushrod W. J2 Cornhill, h. 4 Stillman 

Young Calvin, clerk in Post Office, h. 5G Pinckney 

Young Daniel, house 2 Staniford place 

Young James, mason, h. 229 Ann 

Young Joseph, 3d street 

Young Mary, widow of Alexander, h. 1 Oliver 

Young Moses, stonecutter, h. East rear Engine house 

Young Samuel, teamster, iiouse Commercial 

Young Thomas, lobstennan, Commercial near Foster 

Young William, physician, 1 Oliver 

Younger Isabella, variety shop, 80 Cambridge 

Younger Levi, mariner, 5 Salutation 

Yvonnet Alexis, hairdicsscr, 117 Court, h. 56 Portland 

ZEUNER CHARLES, profess, of music, 3 Boylston Hall 


ALEXANDER S. R. cordwainer, house 2 Belknap 
Allen Jesse, laborer, house Robinson lane 
Anderson Esther, washwoman, rear 245 Ann 

BARBADOES ISAAC, tailor, h. 21 Belknap 

Barbadoes James G. 31 Exchange, h. 5 Butolph 

Barbadoes Joseph, barber, house 21 Belknap 

Barbadoes Joseph, hairdresser, Salem 

Bassett Benjamin P. hairdresser, C8 Pond 

Beck Samuel, laborer, house 3 George 

Beckit Betsey, widow, h. rear 29 Belknap 

Benjamin Samuel, h. Belknap near Cambridge 

Berton Pamelia, washwoman, Richmond 

Biner Charles, teamster, S. May near Washington 

Birley William, house W. Centre 

Bisbett John A. mariner, h. 1 Butolph 

Blue James, mariner, house 6 May 

Bowen Peter, house rear 21 Belknap 

Boston Louisa, washwoman, Robinson lane 

Bowman Samuel H. hair dresser, Cambridge c. Bridge 

Brooker Samuel, h. Grove cor. Southac 

Brooks John, Peck lane 

Brown Edward, mariner, house Southac 

Brown John W. 17 Belknap 

Brown Thomas, waiter, Flagg alley 

Brown Thomas, waiter, house 31 S. Russell 

Brown William, waiter, house 28 Belknap 

Brown Diana, widow, house 13 Second 

Burr J. hairdresser, 5 Elm, house Southac 

Butler J. W. waiter, 36 Federal, h. May court 

CiESAR ELT, barber, 117 Broad, house Butolph 
Carroll Henry, West Centre 


Caples Charles V. house 12 Belknap 
Carroll William, house Southac 

Cash Jonatlian, handcartinan, 103 Chambers « 

Casttl William, house 4 May 
Chambers Lettes, washwoman, rear 1G7 Ann 
Christian James, clolhinf^, Ann 
Clark Daniel, house Soulhac 
Clark Peter, dollies dealer, 16 Brattle 
Clarke Jonas W. clothes dealer, 18 Brattle, house May- 
Cleaver Jacob, provisions, W. Centre c.'Southac, h. 11 

West Centre ♦ 

Coburn John P. clothes dealer, 8 Brattle, h. Southac 
Coburn Smith, Robinson's lane 
Cole Samuel, boarding, 157 Ann 
Cole Thomas, hairdresser, Congress, house Southac 
Cook Samuel S. iiairdresser, house Derne 
Cooper Tiiomas, h. Southac 
Copeman Henry, mariner, house Southac 
Curl John, house West Centre 
Cutler John B. barber, 71 Chambers 
Cutler Sarah, widow. South May 

DALTON THOMAS, house 29 South Russell 
Davis John, tailor, 3 Federal, h. Southac 
Durfy William, laborer, house Southac 

ELI JOHN, clothing, 38 Brattle 

FARMER STEPHEN, cook, house rear 29 Belknap 

Ferguson Moses, house May 

Foster Cyrus, clothes, 36 Brattle, house rear 3 Vino 

Franklin Clark, liouse Southac 

Frederick Thomas, mariner, h. rear G Bridge 

Freeman Cato, bootblack. Elm, h. rear 704 Washington 

Freeman John, mariner, rear 310 Ann 

GALL ABRAHAM, variety shop, h. 23 Belknap 

Gardner Caesar, bootblack, Atkinson near Milk 

Gaskin Henry A. Turlcpy oil stone manufacturer, 97 Sea 

Goddard Charlotte, shop, 147 Ann 

Grandy Moses, laborer, h. 96 Ciiarter 

Gray John B. hairdresser, Atkinson, near Milk 

Gray Peter, clothes, 12 Brattle, house 2 Vine 

Green Charles W. barber, 106 Commercial 

Green Peter, mariner, house Southac 


HALL PRIMUS, soap boiler, house Southac 

Hammond John, house Peek lane 

Handliss Affia, house rear Southac 

Hanson Thomas, laborer, house 9 Second 

Harris Walter, boarding house, 11 West Centre 

Heminenway John, Grove 

Hilton John T, clothes dealer, 20 Brattle, h. Southac 

Henson Daniel, clothing, 2G Brattle 

Hogan John, laborer, house -103 Chambers 

Holmes Henry, barber, 99 Hanover 

Holmes Solomon, hairdresser, 39 Leveret, h. Belknap 

Holmes William, hairdresser, 183 Hanover, h. Belknap 

Howard Peter, hairdr. and music, 82 Camb. h. 18 Poplar 

Howe Louis, house 28 Spring 

IVES JOHN, mariner, house 1 Butolph 

JACKSON AMOS S. house rear 3 Vine 

Jaspar Samuel, waiter, house 1 George 

Jenkins Lewis, house rear 17 May 

Jinnings Thomas, clothing, 57 Union 

Jinnings William S. clothes dealer, Franklin avenue 

Johnson Lewis, hairdresser, C2 India wharf, h. Belknap 

Johnson Rob. clothes clean, store, 5 Brattle, h. Belknap 

Johnson Thomas, mariner, Charter 

Johnson William, house rear 17 Belknap 

Johnson William, loariner, Robinson lane 

Jones Arthur, barber, 154 1-2 Ann, h. Langdon place 

Junier William, waiter, house 1 Butolph 

KENDAl.L WILLIAM B. house 27 Belknap 

LAMKOS MARGARET, widow, house 21 Belknap 

Lavvson Edward, laborer, Peck lane 

Leonard John, waiter, rear 6 Bridge 

Lewis A. J. iiairdresser, 13 Sea 

Lewis Andress V. barber, Howard 

Lewis C. I. house West Centre 

Lewis Joel W. blacksmith, 70 Cambridge, house Centre 

Lewis Uriel, house rear 29 Belknap 

Lewis William, hairdresser, 203 Ann 

Le Vonn, Anna, washwoman, Robinson lane 

MARSHALL JOHN, rear 152 A 
Martin Luther, boarding house, 1 

152 Ann 

*8 North square 


Mattrass Ezekiel, West Cantre 

Mills Jane, boarding house, head Ellis's wharf 

Moody Matilda, Peck lane 

NASH OLIVER, barber, 9 Hanover, house May 
Nell Williajii G. tailor, I'rattle square, h. rear Bridge 
Nibbs William, house 3 George 
Nichols Henry, laborer, house 3 George 

OSBORN JOHN, hairdresser, 258 Hanover 

PAGE SAMPSON, house 4 Holden place 

Patterson Pierce, laborer, Southac 

Paul Catharine, widow of Thomas, G George 

Payne Timothy, laborer, Soulh May 

Pero John B. hairdresser, rer.r 1 Dock sq. h. 22 Belknap 

Pitts Coffin, clothes, 28 Brattle 

Potter Anthony, Wilson's lane 

Putnam George, hairdresser, 2 Bromfield, h. IG Belknap 

REDDING CHARLES, house rear Blay 
Redding William, house Butolph 
Revinason Ann Mary, house rear 152 Ann 
Reynolds Andrew E. cigar maker, 2 Fleet 
Rider John, rear 732 Wasliington 

Riley William, clothes dealer, 22 Brattle, house Southac 
-Roberts B. F. cordwainer, h. 9 Second 
Roberts Chas. H. clothes cleaner, 3G Federal, h. May ct. 
Roberts Ralph, laborer, house Robinson lane 
Roberts Robert, house 9 Second 
Robinson John, clothes, 42 Brattle, h. George 
Rog(!rs-John, clothe*, 14 Brattle, h. rear 29 Poplar 
Rowe Charlotte, widow, h. 10 Second 

SAMPSON PHILIP, 719 W^ashington 

Saunders Joseph, house Butolph 

Scarlett John E. shop 40 Brattle, h. 9 South May 

Schuyler Samuel F. hairdres. head Arch wf h. 312 Ann 

Silver John D. mariner, Southac 

Silver Joseph A. mariner, 704 \Vasliington 

Simpson Violet, Robinson alley 

Smith John, house West Centre 

Smith Lewis, grain measurer, May 

Srnilh Peter, clothing, 82 Cambridge 

Snowden Samuel, preacher, 5 Belknap 


Standin Francis, house 13 West Second 

Steward Linea, doctress, house rear South Russell 

Stockbridge Adam, house Southac 

St. Pierre, John, house rear JMay 

Surney Susan B. Hobinson alley 

TAYLOR JOHN R. boarding h. Southac, 2d door from 

West Centre 
Teford Andrew, barber, h. rear 29 Belknap 
Telford Andrew, hairdresser, Mt. Vernon, h. IMay court 
Thacker Henry, bootblack, 3 Spring lane, h. Southac 
Thompson G..W. hairdresser, 32 Hanover 
Thompson Samuel B. house rear May 
Thomas John, clothing store, 245 Ann 
Thurston Pomp, waiter, 2G Belknap 
Tidd Dudley, laborer, Southac 
Toliver George, house Southac 
Tyler Henry, clothes shop. Blackstone 

WALLACE WH.LL\M, hairdresser, 82 Ann 

Washington George, bootblack, Water, h. r. 29 Belknap 

Weeks Maria, house Southac 

White John, tailor, 24 Belknap 

White Samuel, mariner, Peck lane 

White Samuel, mariner, Robinson lane 

W^illiams Alfred, house 20 Belknap 

Williams Charles, hairdresser, Tremont near Warren 

Willuims Isaac, house 27 Belknap 

Williams John, shoeblack. South cor. East, h. Butolph 

Williams John, laborer, Southac 

Williams John, mariner, house Southac 

Wilson Benjamin, laborer, Robinson lane 

Wilson William J. hairdresser, 174 Hanover &, 241 Ann 

Winsor Thomas, Robinson lane 

Woodland Isaac, house 17 Belknap 

Woodruff William F. clothing, 151 Ann 

Woodson Joseph, blacking maker, George 

Wood Robert, boarding, Butolph 

Wright John, clothes cleans, store, 5 Brat. sq. h. Poplar 

YOUNG HANNAH, widow, house Southac 

Omissions, Removals, ^c. 

Barrett George, 22 Broad 

Bennet Benjamin, bread store, 62, house G Myrtle 

Chapman George A. printer, house 15 Salem place 

Dalton Robert H. broker, Excharige 

Ellison Andrew, house C Myrtle 

Ellison William S. house 6 Myrtle 

Fish Samuel, physirian, 5G Hanover, at Hanover House 

Frothingham (G. JV.) & Blanchard {W. E.), 20 Water 

Hildreth Charles T. physician, 1 La Grange place 

Hudson Benjamin, 115 Pond, h. 153 Court 

lasigi (Joseph) & Goddard (TJio's J.), mer. 30 Cent. wf. 

Knapp Isaac, publisher of Liberator, 40 Washington 

Lamson Samuel, h. 4 Garland place 

Lamson Samuel, Rev. boards 4 Garland place 

Leonard Jonathan, physician, Pearl 

Magoon Nathaniel S., Thomsonian infirmary, 554 Wash. 

Maynard & Noyes, druggists, 11 Merchants row 

Ruggles Charles, h. 15 Ash 




72 Washington Street, 



M E S S E R ' S . 




Profossional and Visiting Cards neatly engraved and printed 
■ D. C'lapp, jr. Printer, 184 Washington Street. 






Stocks, Suspenders * 3 

Boston Wire Work Manufactory ... 3 

Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry - . . 4 

Paper Warehouse ...... 4 

Sign and Ornamental Painting .... 4 

Drugs and Medicines - - - - 5, 8, 18 

Chart, Stationary, and Nautical Book Ware House 5 

Chaise, Harness, and Painting Establishment - 6 

Silk, Cotton, Linen and Woollen Dyeing, &c. 6 

School Book and Stationary Depository . - 7 

Isinglass .-...-.. 7 

Bell's Paste Blacking 7 

Practice of Medicine 8 

Combs, Jewelry and Fancy Goods - - - 8 

Book Agency 8 

Auctioneer and Commission Merchant - - 9 

Feather Dressing and Purifying Machine - - 9 

Furniture, Chairs, Beds, Mattresses - - - 10 

Bronzed Lamps, Gold and Silver Watches - 10 


Ploughs, Plough Castings, Stoves^ &c. - - • 10 

Shawls, Silks, Millinery and Staple Goods - 11 

Foreign Bookstore 11 

Copper and Brass Founder and Plumber - - 11 

Cast and Sheet Iron Stoves, Tin and Brittania Ware 11 

Pilot, Navy, Ship, and Wafer Bread - - - 12 

Thonosonian Medicine 12 

Paints, Oil and Window Glass - - - - 13 

Fire Insurance ;14, 16 

Books and Stationary - - . , 14, 15 

Parker's New Semaphoric Signal Book - - - 15 

Irish Linens, &c. 16 

English and French Stationary, &c. - - - 17 

Hygeian Medicine 17 

Furniture and Chairs 17 

Job Printing 18 

Spectacles and Optical Instrumentg - - - 18 



Manufacturers of Drawing Room Furnituref 

Have on hand and are constantly manufacturing, from 
the very best materials, at their ware rooms, No. 439 
Washington Street, PIER and CENTRE TABLES, 
with Rich Marble Slabs, Commodes^ Lounges and So- 
fas. Also a great variety of high and low priced Ma- 

Boston »^nnual Advertiser. 3 

fVVV% ^/V^/X 'VV^/X VV%/V 'V^/V\ VVVV 'VVV% 'VV'^^ VX'V^ 'V\/%^ VV X/VV^ VVX/X ^/\^^% 

hogany Chairs, Study and Arm Chairs, Mahogany Rock- 
ing Chairs in Plush, Morocco and Hair Cloth ; Music 
Stools, Tabciays and Screens, &c. &c. All articles in 
the above business made to order and warranted, and 
prices as low as at any other establishment in the city. 


manuf^lCTurer or 




At his furnishing store, 
JVb. 80 Washington Street, Boston. 





JVo. 69 Cornhill, late Market Street, Boston^ 

Makes all kinds of FENDERS for Fire Places of every 
description. Also, Bird Cages of all kinda; neat Safes, 
Lattice Wire Work for Window Guards; Gravel 

jj^o,^ Weaves all kinds t)f Brass and Iron Wire. 

Fenders repaired and painted. All kinds of Wire 
Work done at short notice. 

N. B. Drum Sieves for sifting powder, for Apotheca- 
ries and confectioners. 

4 Boston Annual Advertiser. 



JVo. 39 Congress Street, 

Have constantly on hand a largp assortment of TYPES 
of every description, for Book, Newspaper and Job 
Printing, and also of Printers' Furniture, generally. 

They are constantly engaged in STEREOTYPING, 
and are prepared to execute with despatch large or small 
works, in the best manner. 

All orders will be promptly executed by 


^gent for the Company. 


Jfo. 9 Union Street, 

Have constantly for sale — Printing Paper of all sizes for 
Newspapers ; Royal, Medium and Demy for Book Print- 
ing 5 Royal, Medium, Demy, Folio Post, Cap, Pot and 
Letter Writing Paper, various qualities; Fancy colored 
Medium, Log Book and Cartridge Press Paper ; Binders' 
and Band Box Boards ; Wrapping Paper, of all sizes, for 
Cloth, Hard Ware, Cotton Goods and Groceries. 

Also for sale, 
Rags, Bleaching Powder, Oil Vitriol, Alum, Felting, 
Brass and Copper wove Wire, and all other articles re- 
quired by paper manufacturers. 



JSto. 4 State Street, opposite City Hall. 
Druggists' Ware and Glass Painting neatly executed. 

Constantly on hand, a good assortment of Timepiece 
Dials and Glasses. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 5 







Wholesale and retail. 





90 and 92 Washington Street, Boston. 




JVo. 122 State Street, Boston, 

(directly opposite broad STREET,) 

Offer for sale, on good terms, a great variety of 
Account Books, English and American Sta- 
tionary, ChartSj JYautical Books, Fancy Ar- 
ticles, Sfc. Sfc. 

Blue and Brown SKIVERS, GOLD LEAF, and 

Incorporated Companies, Merchants and Manufactu* 
rers, furnished with complete sets of ACCOUNT 
BOOKS, in elegant or plain Binding, and ruled to any 
pattern. Old Books rebound. — Maps and Charts neatly 
varnished and mounted. 

B. L. & Co. are constantly receiving all new and 
valuahle Nautical Publications. 


Boston Annual Advertiser. 

k VVVV\< - VW\i^>V«/« 





JVo. 18 Tremont Street, rear of Kew Court House, 


Will attend to all orders in the above branches, with 
punctuality and despatch. 


[Cr Repairing, Painting, and Varnishing second hand 
Carriages, &c. attended to at short notice. 

H O T 1 O E. 


Would inform her friends and the public, that she still 
continues to carry on the Silk, Cotton, Linen and Wool- 
len Dyeing and Scouring, at her old stand, No. 560 
Washington street, Boston, nearly opposite the Boston 
and Worcester Rail Road, where she would be happy to 
wait on all who would be pleased to favor her with their 

N. B.— E. G. B. feels grateful for past favors, and soli- 
cits a continuance of former patronage. 

Goods left at her Agent's, Mr. Josiah W. Richards, 
345 Washington street, will be promptly attended to. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 

• vx/vvvv^^-^/w* 




JVb. 77 Washington Street^ 
[nearly opposite the post office], BOSTON. 
ttU' R. S. D. publishes several highly approved School 
Books, which, together with a complete assortment of 
School and Classical Books, are offered for sale to coun- 
try merchants, Teachers and School Committees, on the 
most liberal terms. 


Sheet Isinglass for Compass Cards, Signal, Battle, 
Engine, Common and other Lanterns, Stove, Furnace 
Doors, &c. 

The above article is superior to any thing ever used 
for the above purposes, on account of not breaking or 
burning, but standing the most intense heat. 

Also^ for Mineralogists and others, elegant specimens 
of Mica, or Talc, constantly for sale, on the most rea- 
sonable terms, at store No. 89 Cambridge street, direct- 
ly opposite Crombie's Tavern, Boston, Mass. 



Factory Washington St. near the Roxbury Line. 

In tropical climates, in South and North America, no 
Blacking has, for these last ten years, sustained so high 
a reputation for uniform excellence, in nourishing the 
leather, whilst the ease with which its beautiful lustre 
is produced has called forth the admiration of the most 
fastidious observer. Merchants, and shippers to foreign 
destinations, liberally supplied. 

8 Boston Annual Advertiser. 



May be consulted at any time, at his office, No. 56, 
Hanover street. Having been extensively engaged in 
the practice of medicine for nearly thirty years in an 
adjacent state, he hopes to merit the confidence of those 
who may need his assistance. Office immediately over 
door in second story. 


JVo. 46 Milk Street, opposite Federal Street^ 



Maw & Co.'s Domestic Instruments — Prout's Tooth 
Brushes — do. Nail do. — Medicated Lozenges — Fancy 
Soaps — Perfumery — Chemicals — Medicine Spoons — 
Hull's Trusses — Moore's Ess. Life — Chlorine Lozenges 
— Purified Bear's Oil — Quakers' Herbs — Black Currant 

\rT Physicians' prescriptions and family medicines 
will receive strict personal attention. 

MEDICINE CHESTS, for Ship or Family use, put up 
with suitable directions. 

E. W. has made such arrangements as will enable him 
to be constantly supplied with the genuine EUROPEAN 






j9f HiUiard <^ Gray's, 112 Washington Street, 

Agent for the Writings of Washington and Franklin, 

edited by Jared Sparks. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 9 


Auctioneer and Commission Merchant, 


Corner of Milk and Congress Streets, 
Attends lo out-door Sales of all kinds of Merchandize. 
He has superior accommodations at his office for sales 
of every description of property. Regular sales of Dry 
Goods are held every Wednesday, and of Furniture, 
Watches, &c. every Saturday. 

Boston Horse and Carriage Auction Mart. 

A regular sale of Horses, Carriages, &c. is held by the 
subscriber every Saturday at 11 o'clock, at the Horse 
and Carriage Mart, Haymarket square, Union street. 
He has taken the large room formerly occupied by 
" the Caravan," in Union street, near the above square, 
for a depository, and is ready to receive carriages, &c. 
on storage, for either public or private sale. Liberal 
advances made on property consigned for sale, and 
accounts settled with promptness. J. M. ALLEN. 

June, 1836. 


The Subscriber, at No. 8 Milk street, 4th from the Old 
South, continues to dress and purify feathers with Rey- 
nold's patent machine. It is said that old beds, that have 
been thoroughly dressed in the above named machine, 
are better than new that have not been dressed. Rights 
to use the machine in the counties of SuiFolk, Norfolk, 
Middlesex and Essex, are for sale by the subscriber. 


Boston, May 2, 1836. 
About six months since I examined Mr. Smith's ma- 
chine for purifying feathers, and being satisfied that it 
must produce the effect for which it was intended, I sent 
a bed to be purified, which had been dressed and aired in 
the ordinary way, by an upholsterer, four times in four 
successive years, without any lasting effect. The pro- 
cess of Mr. Smith's machine upon this bed has proved 
completely effectual. The bed continues to be in perfect 
order, and the bulk of the feathers is permanently in- 
creased 25 per cent. F. EMERSON. 

10 Boston Annual Mverliser. 

%%>V V VVVV VVVV "VVV^ >VV«^ 'VVX/X VX/V^ 'VVWX -VVX^ VX/'VV IVVX't vvvv v% ^/vv« 



Cor. of Hanover <^ Elm Sts. 

Keep constantly on hand, as large an assortment of 

as can be found in the city, and on as reasonable terms, 
consisting of every pattern and variety — from the best to 
the cheapest. 



Import from the lest makers, Silver, Plated, Brittania 
and Japan Ware — Fine Cutlery — Bronzed Lamps of all 
kinds, ivarranted. Gold and Silver Watches, from the 
most celebrated makers, and of the finest class — Paris 
Clocks and Mantel Ornaments — Bronzed and Fancy 
Articles — in great variety. 

Manufacture Silver Plate and Rich Jewelry to order, 
in the best style and finish. 

%* Fine Watch Repairing, by a practical experienced 


Ploughs, Plough Castings, Cast Iron Hubs, Boxes and 
Axletrees. — Agricultural Implements. 



Wood and Coal Cooking Stoves, of most approved 

JVo. 12 Commercial Street, 


Boston Annual Advertiser. 11 





JVo. 26 Water St. 

Corner of Congress Street. 


A GOOD collection of French, Spanish, Italian and 
German Books, may be found at S. BURDETT'S, No. 
IS Court Street. 


Copper and jBrass Founder, and Plumber^ 

No. 9 Fulton Street, 

Continues to manufacture Composition Rudder Braces, 
Spikes, Wood End Bolts, Clinch Rings, Coppering and 
Sheathing Nails, of all kinds suitable for ships' use. — 
Also, Factory Castings, large Stop Cocks, Casters, Rods 
and Railing for folding doors ; also copper and brass 
work of every description, such as House and Ship 
Water Closets, with Glass Bowls (a superior article) ; 
Brass Speaking Trumpets, Steam Engine Pipes, Copper 
Gutters, Trunks, and Boilers ; Clothiers' and Hatters' 
Kettles, Suction Pumps and Lead Pipes, Gutter Pipes, 
Reservoirs; Sinks, lined with lead or zinc ; Zinc Trunks; 
Vapor Baths ; — also, Hawser and Scupper Leads, Head 
and Bilge Pumps, and Chemical Apparatus to any pat- 
tern given. 


Agent jBlackstone St. 3d door West from Hanover, 

Has for sale. Cast and Sheet Iron Stoves, Tin and 
Brittania Ware, of every description, Wholesale and 
Retail, at the lowest prices. 

12 Boston Annual Advertiser . 



95 Broad Street. 


In any quantity, furnished by the Subscribers, at the 
above Establishment, at the shortest notice. 



Fellow Citizens : — The astonishing and unexampled 
increasing popularity of the Botanical Medical practice 
is, and must continue to be in all time to come, an in- 
tensely increasing subject of contemplation to every 
friend of the human family. The system originated in 
the fertile and inventive mind of Dr. Samuel Thomson, 
who more than forty years ago introduced it to the world 
amidst opposition and discouragements that would have 
forever paralyzed the efforts of a less stout hearted, perse- 
vering and determined individual. The limits of this ar- 
ticle must prevent a detail of the struggles which the be- 
nevolent author had with power, prejudice and persecu- 
tion, in all their various forms, and from all their different 
sources, before he could overcome such hostility and es- 
tablish his system upon a permanent foundation. It is 
enough, however, to say, that through his own exertions 
he has accomplished his object, and now lives to behold 
the perfect and triumphant success of the safe, speedy 
and efficacious vegetable remedies, over the uncertain, 
dangerous and ever fatal operation of the mineral speci- 
fics. But as in all new systems that have been attended 
with signal success, trespassers will infringe on the rights 
of the original Patentee, so in this one, numerous indi- 
viduals without authority from the father thereof, and re- 
gardless of the golden rules of moral and equitable jus- 
tice, have entered into the practice of establishing public 
hospitals, and thus grasped at a division of the honors and 
profits without experiencing any of the trials and respon- 
sibilities that awaited — or possessing any of the know- 
ledge and merits of the founder. A more flagrant vio- 
lation of the moral and legal right cannot well be ima- 

Boston *^nnnal Advertiser. 13 

The consequence of this infraction of Dr. Thomson's 
Patentee is, that numerous mistakes are made in the ad- 
ministration of a great deal of spurious medicine, by such 
trespassers, which result fatally ; and such effects are 
charged as the legitimate consequences of the Thomso- 
nian remedies, when in fact they are caused by the igno- 
rance and malpractice of those persons who are not, nor 
ever will be the legal agentsof the Doctor. These things 
ought not so to be. Be not deceived, therefore. To 
avoid the evils described, the undersigned gives notice to 
all those friendly to the practice, that he still continues 
in the well known establishment, No. 23 Harvard Street 
(Harvard Street leads from Front Street, and is opposite 
No. 499 Washington Street, Boston), where every varie- 
ty of Thomsonian Medicine, prepared by the author 
himself, is administered in its purity. It would, perhaps, 
be needless to add that his house has ever been, and is 
now filled with patients in various degrees of convales- 
cence, because his infirmary has long been known to be 
the resort of invalids who could get no relief from tho 
regular physicians. He would state, however, that Dr. 
Samuel Thomson himself, when in the city, makes this 
establishment his home, and can be consulted at any 
time in all delicate, critical and doubtful cases. 

For sale at the Infirmary, Family Rights, Robinson's 
Lectures, and all other books explanatory of the system, 
together with every variety of pure Tho'msonian Medi- 
cine used in the practice. 

WILLIAM CLARK, Botanic Physician, 
And Agent for Dr. Samuel Thomson. 

N. B.— Among the trespassers referred to in the above, 
are Elias Smith, P. D. Badger, Hosea Winchester, N. S. 
Magoon and Mr. Darling, all of Boston — the latter has 
not been an agent of mine for a number of years. 







14 Boston Annual Jldvertxser. 

%/V^/V 'V%/VX VX/VV 'VV'V/X %/X/V^ X/X/X^V 'VX/V/X V'X/%/V VX''V^ -V'VX/V X/VX/V 'V^ 


No. 20 State Street, in Boston, give notice that their cap- 
ital Stock is 


which is all paid in and invested according to law — and 
that they insure against loss by Fire, upon all descriptions 
of property in Boston and the immediate vicinity, not 


nd other property 


and on Factories and other property at a distance, not 

on any one risk. 

[O^ They will also insure Buildings and other Pro- 
perty, in the city of New York. 

Section 8th of the charter of this Company provides 
that the Directors " shall annually set aside one-tenth 
part of the nett income, over and above six per centum, 
to be appropriated to the use and benefit of the Boston 
Fire Department, in such manner as they shall see fit." 
THOMAS C. AMOKY , President. 

S. G. ROGERS, Jr. Secretary. 



79 Court f co7-^ier of Brattle street, 

Keeps constantly for sale, a general assortment of 


Ladies' and gentlemen's Pocket Books, Wallets, 
Tooth Brushes, Rodgers' Fine Penknives, &c. &c. 

Boston Jlnniial Jldvertiser. 15 


JosT published, and for sale at the Observatory, 28 
Central wharf, J. R. PARKER'S New Semaphoric 
Signal Book, in three parts, containing the Marine 
Telegraph System, with the Appendix, the United States 
Telegraph Vocabulary, and embracing the Holyhead 
System, to which is appended the Boston Harbor Signal 
Book, the whole adapted to the use of the Semaphoric 
Telegraph, containing thirty thousand words, phrases 
and sentences, numerically arranged for purposes of ge- 
neral conversation at sea and on sliore, together with the 
designating numbers of all vessels who have adopted the 
Marine Telegraph and Holyhead Signals. 

Also, a pocket edition of the Marine Telegraph Regis- 
ter, containing all the vessels designating numbers which 
have adopted the Marine Telegraph Flags. 

(n? The oW Books taken in part exchange for the 
mew, of all subscribers. 



College Buildings, 112 Washington Street, 

Are extensively engaged in tlie publication of improved 


[CJ" Terms liberaL 

16 Boston Annual Advertiser. 



State Street, with a Capital of 


continue to receive proposals and to eifect insurance 


on Dwelling Houses, Stores, Factories and other Build- 
ings, Machinery, Merchandize, Furniture, Vessels and 
Cargoes in port, &c. on the most favorable terms, and 
for any desired length of time, for an amount not ex- 
ceeding $30,000 on any one risk. No charge made for 
the policy. 
Said Company continue also to insure against 


as usual j and to loan money on bottomry and respon- 




JVb. 44 Washington street, a few doors north of State St. 

Keeps constantly for sale, an extensive assortment of 
7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens; 9-8 pillowcase linens; 5-4, 
6-4, 10-4 and 12-4 Linen Sheetings of an extra fine quali- 
ty ; Damask Table Cloths of every description, both 
colored and white ; elegant Damask Napkins and Doi- 
lies ; extra fine Russia feheetings, Diapers and Crash; an 
extensive variety of Linen Cambrics and Linen Cambric 
Handkerchiefs. Also, a complete assortment of English 
and American Flannels of various widths, from 5-8 to 
8-4 ; 4-4 and 6-4 Silk and Wool Flantifil ; Rogers's Patent 
Flannel, well known not to shrink in washing. To- 
gether with an extensive variety of house, keeping articles ^ 
of the very best fabrics, all of which are offered on the 
roost favorable terms, either at wholesale or retail. 

Boston Annual Advertiser. 17 


Opposite the City Hall and Post Office, 







A general supply of School Books, Bibles and Stand- 
ard Works from Auction, will be sold to the trade at a 
iair advance, without regard to the publisher's prices. 

J. M. manufactures the following articles, in all the 
variety, viz : — Account Books, Morocco Work, Portable 
Desks and Dressing Cases. Orders for particular pat- 
terns in either branch, made to suit, at short notice. 

[CF Country Merchants and Traders will find the most 
complete assortment of Goods in the line, as above, at 
the lowest rate, in large or small quantities. 


The Hygeian Medicine of the British College of Health, 
London, for sale by the Subscriber at Mr. Simpkins's 
Bookstore, No. 79 Court, corner of Brattle Street. 

N. B. The genuine article not sold in any other store 
in the city of Boston. 

E. SCHAW, State Agent. 


Nos. 55, 57, 59, 01, 63 and 65 CORNHIIiL, 
George Whitney, 

Albert H. Brown, S O S 1* O INT . 

Amasa Pierce. *» w o x v « ■ 

18 Boston Annual Mvertiser, 





Warehouse Hanover Street, under the American 
House, Boston, 


And Manufacturers of 


M E D I C I N E S, &c. &c. 






JVo. 19 Water Street. 
N. B. — Commercial Blanks, of all kinds, on hand 
or printed to order, at short notice. 




No. 139 Washington Street, two doors south of School 

o V 



^ ^ , • '» o *•* 

4-'^ ,.-"•• "'^. 


••• „♦" 


.^V ^ 


-r^WZ<y^ * vy_ ^'t>'"