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M!^"i J' 2^ K , 

M^^, ^ ,i,'S'>C s 

BBpVH'^ ^ ^ 

Bfef'if ■. 


^^^^^K^ ^ <^'«^ 


^H!?«j^?.^'^^'' »^ •-' f^ 


A .^ 

I f?ti^ 

^^^^^B*'f ^r i \ ^"^ >"' 


^^^^^^^^Hk' ^ 4 '' 

- "s 

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WK^^'^lX'''^ ''^ 




no. 112 














3 1833 02230 0492 




Attach to Municipal Supply 

Figure 202 — Double T 


Back, 14" seat. 2 sets of runes 





Figure /OS -Double Battery, Cold Water 

Full Line of Metal Shop 
and Factory Equipment 







Braman, Dow & Co. 

Established 1848 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Iron and Steel Pipe 

Brass and Copper Pipe 

Brass & Iron Fittings & Valves 

Steamfitters* and Plumbers' Tools 

Sprinkler Heads for Fire Protection 

Plumbing Supplies 


Steam Jacket Kettles and Glue Heaters 
Contractors for Factory Piping 

Offices and Main Warehouse 



Brass, Copper and German Silver 

Brass, Copper and Benedict Nickel 

Seamless Tubes 

Prompt Shipments from Stock a Feature 

Ansonia Brass & Copper Branch Benedict & Burnham Branch 


The United States Rubber Co. 

of New England 



280-284 Summer Street - Boston, Mass. 


Make a Specialty of the 

Typesetting and Electrotyping 

of the best kind of book work 



Boston and Lockport Block Go. 


-n. 2BZi.A.Krx> 


^pp Pumps 













The Plimpton Press 
NoRAvooD -jK) Mass-USA 
Perfect Bookmaking Jj /Vz- its Entirety 



Telephone Haymarket ISll-H 



Homeopathic, Shell, Oil, Sample and Physicians' Vials 

Drugeltta' Glatt Ware data Tubing of all «/re« Oil Cap Glaum 

Gas. Steam, and Water Guage Tubes 

Level and Plumb Gltzsses 





Sheet Metal Products 


For medium sized buildings it is 
the ideal light, fireproofing material. 
Replaces wood, stick for stick, in the 
superstructures of all such buildings. 

Prong Lock Studs and Furring 

for fireproof partitions and ceilings. 
Bending over the prongs secures the 
lath to the furring. Use them with 

Berger's Metal Lath 

for strong, rigid plastering sur- 

face. Has an even, uniform mesh, 
and no sharp edges lo injure the hands. 

offer the most complete selection of ar- 
tistic embossed steel ceilings. Eleven 
classes of distinct architecture are 
represented, each made in a variety 
of designs, affording an endless possi- 
bility for beautiful combinations. 

Sidewalk and Vault Lights have the 
largest light area per square foot of 
surface consistent with maximum 
strength. Strong, simple and efficient. 
Their installation requires no special 

from 8 to 40 lbs. Coating. Berger's 
Roofing Plates are recognized as 
standard all over the country. 

Black, Painted and Galvanized 

Eaves, Trough, Hangers and Con- 
ductor Pipes, and all accessories for 
the sheet metal worker. 

Berger's Steel Office Equipment 

has the handsome appearance of the 
most finely finished wood. Being 
absolutely proof against fire, rodents 
and vermin it guarantees the safety 
of office records under all conditions. 

e^^UC^^ ^^ AND 


Self-centering, reinforcing plates for 
floors roofs and sidings, walls, ceil- 
ings and partitions. Can be concreted 
on one side and plastered on the other. 


Reinforcing Plates are particularly 
adapted to floors of bridges, ware- 
houses, etc., where extreme strength 
is essential. Also makes an admir- 
able plate for heavy roofs. 

Tre are glad tn i/ire t/ou catalogs nf nni/ of these materials 
and to furnish estimates 



Office and Warerooms, 160-162-164-166 Broadway Extension 

Telephones, South Bofton 1600—1601 

Other Branches 

New York Chicago St. Louis Philadelphia Minneapolis San Francisco Atlanta 

Main OfHce and Work*: Canton, Ohio 

Castle Square Hotel 


Co., Lessees — Walter W. C'< 

European Plan 

Three blocks from the 
Back Bay Station 

Electrics direct to and from 
all R. R. Stations and 
Steamboat Landings 


Largest Hotel Marquee in the World 



25 Single Rooms with Private Bathroom for one oerson '61 "in r.»r ^«„ 

350 Double Rooms with Private Bathroom for two. $^00 per day e'Lch person 

100 Double Rooms (alcove chamber). Private Bathroom for two $1 25 per 

day each person * '" P^*^ 

25 Choice Rooms (extra large), Private Bathroom, for two. $1.50 per day for 
eacn person ^ 




tl Sirloin Strak, Frfncli Fripcl Potatoe 
ohniiw Veiielaljle Salad. French Drcssins 
and Halvc-d S..ur AppU-s with Cream 

Served for Two, $1.30 

Fanny Corn-Fed Tenderloin Steak en Casserole 

Delmonico Potatoes, Asparagus Tip Salad 

and Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple 

Served tor Two, $1.20 

Served for Two »1.*J0 

,■ Corn-Fed Tenderloin Steak en Casserole 
Delmonieo Potatoes and Baked 
Sour Apple with Cream 
Served for One Person, 60 cents 

)ne-Half Native Spring Chicken en Casserole 

Red Currant Jelly, French Fried Potatoes 

Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple 

Served Tor One Person, (10 rents 

NO. 3 


Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with Pitcher of 
Cream or Sliced Pineaoplc 

One Dropped Egg on Toast with Rasher of Bacon 
Two Rolls or Corn Bread 
Baked or Boiled Potatoes 

I or Cream of Wheat or Apple Sauce 
Farm Sausages Buckwheat Cakes 
Baked or Boiled Potatoes 
Two Rolls or Corn Bread 

VO. 11 40 CENTS 

>atmeal or Cream of Wheat with Cream 

or Sliced Pineapple 
oh Chop, Rasher of Bacon. One Fried Egg 
2 Rolls, Baked or Boiled Potatoes 


with Cream 

Above Prices on Speciala and Club Breakfasts Subject to Change Without Notice 





— AND 


WITH N/1 A. F 




246 Summer Street 

PRICE 1 In Cloth Binding JS.OO, irtth .'utenl Lyicx fiM, In Haif lialher 89.50, in Leather, Index «10.0 

CorTRioiiT, 3\MPS0N &-Hu.tiiecK Co., l£T.J 


♦Number of Names ia General Directory of 191G 348,292 

Number of Names in General Directory of 1915 .«— 343,260 

Increase of Na 

Namea added in Compiling General Directory of 1916 .V ^T. .Vtt. 08,130 

Names erased in Compiling Gt'nera.1 Directory of 1916 G3,104 

*Cbange9 of Address, Occupation, etc. in General Directory 91,845 

Total Changes in Genera 

♦This number includes the namea of 7,215 persons who ha 
since the 1915 Directory was issued, with date of death, etc. 

By comparing these figures, it ia seen that there are 223,08. 
that composed the Directory of 1915. or nesirly 65 per cent. 

, total of 313.200 i 

1916 1916 























































































































































































































































































































































































































25 1 211 



























Sbction 2S. That any persoD who Vil/uUy.'aaV-for.piio^t «hal) infringe any copyright secured 
by thie Act. or who shall knowingly and wilfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed 
guilty of a misdemeanor, and •upc&i •coiivic$lai> thereof' shall ')>e punSslied hj^'iinprisonment for not 
exceeding one year, or by a fin* oi iJouE IcTja' tjiii> ".oiie lIundr^;dql)aVnTnl«-.'more than one tlj.msand 
dollurs, or both, in tb» ilisirQtion of the court. 





Additions and Removals too late for rogula 


Advertisements. Index to 


American Benefit Society 

American Order Fraternal Helpers 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 

Ancient Order of United Workmen 

Apartment Hotels 

Area of Boston 

Army Offices 

Art Department 

Associated Charities 

Attendance Officers 


Avenues and Streets 

Bail Commissioners 

Bands of Music 

v-Bankruptcy Court 


Bathing Places 

Blocks and Buildinss 

Boston Protective Department. . . . 

Boston State Hospital 

Boston Stock Exchange 

Building Department 

Bureau of Statistics 



Carriage Stands 

Catholic Total Abstinence Union. . 


Census of Massachusetts 

-Changes in Boston Directory 

Children's Institutions 

Churches and Ministers 

City Council 

City Departments 

City Government 

City Registrar 

Civil Service Commission 

Civil Service Examiners 



Coal Miners and Shippers 

Collecting Department, City 

Commercial Organizations 

Commercial Travelers of America. 

Commissioners for Other States. . . 

Commissioners, Pilot 

Commissioners, United States. . . . 

Congressmen of Massachusetts 



Co-operative Banks 

Court of Land Registration. 
Courts in Boston 

Cremation Society 116 

Custom House 146 

Daughters of StGeorge 132 

Daughters of Veterans 134 

Department of Agriculture 145 

Department of Commerce and Labor 148 

Directors of the Port of Boston 82 

Eastern Scandinavian 127 

Election. Dept of 91 

Elevated Railway Stations 98 

Elks, Benevolent and Protective Order of . . 1 27 

Entertainment Bureaus 2238 

Exchanges. Mercantile... .2201, 2202, 2238, 2318 

Expresses 2581 

Ferries 73 

Fire Department 91 

Foreign Postage 143 

Foresters 127 

Gas Light Companies 2251 

Good Templars 133 

Grand Army of the Republic 133 

Gymnasiums 2263 

HaUs. Blocks and Buildings 74 

Harbor and Land Commissioners 83 

Harbor Master 91 

Harugari 12S 

Health Department 91 

Highway Commission 83 

Holidays 102 

Hospitals 82, 91, 2268 

Hotels 2269 

Hydrographio Office 148 

Independent Order Sons of Israel 128 

Index to Advertisements 5 

Industrial Accident Board 82 

Insane Hospital 82 

Institutions and Other Departments 90, 92 

Insurance Companies 2278, 2902 

Islands in Boston Harbor 102 

Juvenile Court 141 

Justices of the Peace 149, 2285 

Knights and Ladies of Honor 129 

Knights of Columbus 129 

Knights of Malta , , 129 

Knights of Pythias 125 

Knights of the Golden Eagle 129 

Labor & Industries, State Board 83 

Ladies of the Grand Army 134 

Land Companies 2287 

Lawyers 2290 

Libraries 92, 2304 

Licencing Board 92 

Lighthouse Department 148 

Loyal Knights and Ladies 129 

Loyal Legion of the U. S 133 

Loyal Orange Institution 129 

Loyal Order of Moose 129 

Markets 2315 

Masonic Societies 122 

Mass. Catholic Order of Foresters 13 I 

Mass. State Federation of Women's Clubs. 1 3 



Mass. State Government 84 

Masters in Chancery 2316 

Mercantile Agencies 2313 

Mebrupolitan Water and Sewerage Board. . 83 

MUitary Order of Foreign Wars 133 

Militia 87 

Mining Companies 2322 

Municipal Courts 141, 142 

Musicians 2160 

Names too late for Insertion 160 

Naval Battalion 88 

Naval Office 147 

Naval and Military Order of Spanish-Amer- 
ican War 133 

Navy HydrograpUic Office 148 

Navy Yard 148 

New England Order of Pr.)tection 130 

Newspapers 232G 

Notaries Public 2329 

Nurses 2334 

Odd Fellows 124 

Odd Ladies 125 

Order of the Eastern Star 123 

Overseers of the Poor 92 

Park Commissioners 83 

Paris and Recreation Department 92 

Parks and Squares 99 

Patriotic Societies 136 

Penal Institutions in Massachusetts 83 

Penal Institutions of Boston 92 

Physicians ^ 2351 

Pilgrim Fathers '. 132 

PUots 2359 

Police (city) 92 

Police (state) 83 

Population of Massachusetts 13 

Population of Rhode Island 14 

Post Office 142 

Postage Regulations and Rates 143 

Probate Courts 141 

Public Administrators 2370 

Public Baths 100 

Public Buildings ^ 74 

Public Carriage Fares 95 

Public Carriage Stands 96 

Public Monuraonts and Statues 101 

Public Works Department 92 

Pythian Sisters 126 

Railroad Companies and Offices 2372 

Railway Stations 98 

Reading Rooms 2373 

Rebekah Lodges 124 

Red Men 12S 

Registry of Deeds 141 

Removals, etc 160 

Revenue Steamers 148 

Royal Arcanum 131 

Salvation Army 107 

Savings Banks 2162, 2389. 2636 

Schools 92, 2389 

Scottish Clans 126, 131 

Senatorial Districts 84 

Sheriff and Deputies 142 

Societies 107 

Soldiers Relief 94 

Sons of StGeorge 132 

Sons of Temperance 133 

Sons of Veterans 134 

Spanish War Veterans 135 

Special Commissioners 153 

State Departments 81 

State Government 84 

Slate Senators S4 

Steamboat Inspectors 148 

Steamship Agents and Lines 2407 

Street Directory 17 

Street Railways 98 

Taxicab Pares 95 

Teachers 241S 

Telegraph and Telephone Companies 242.'> 

Theatres 2420 

Trust Companies 2430 

Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias 126 

Union Fraternal League 132 

United American Mechanics 132 

United Order Golden Cross 132 

United Order Golden Star 132 

United States Army Offices 148 

United States Coast Guard 148 

United States Courts 140 

United States Department of Commerce 

and Labor 14S 

United States Internal Revenue OfQeors.. . . 147 

United States Marine Hospital Office 148 

United States Naval Insp, Engineering Ma- 
terial 148 

United States Pension Bureau 145 

United States Sub-Treasury 145 

United States Weather Bureau 145 

Veteran Assns 1 ;i5 

Veterans' Union 134 

Voters, Board of Elections ■. . . 91 

War and Military Veteran Assns 133 

Ward Boundaries 78 

Weighers 94 

Wharves 7 

Woman's Relief Corps 134 


A. Stonsit Bemeiit Co. 140-15OFe<]ci 
ibbortGeo. H. SCo.aiSWashineto 
Abdnlian Lc.n II. 29j Cciitn, .1. P.. 
Aberthaw Construction Co. 27 Schoc 
Acco Lubritjmt C .mpai.y. 8 W.nte. 

Adams Chants Uali, 222 State 

Allams, Cusliing & Foster, Iiio. 1 

Adams'EXraim 'iCo.', 'l nc. ' 289' C ' 

Afam'-PoiVdConi'liany inc. 584 C( 

Adams WiliUnVc. :B2 Boyisl'oii 

Adams & Swett Clean "' ' 

Kemble. Ro.v 

AddressosrajJlr Co. 151 oumintr ...... 

Adelraan A. Really Co l«»O.S.bIdg. 

Anus Iron Works, Wl State 

Ames flow Co , tiuincy Hall 

Amory.Brownes Co. 48 Franklin... 
Anchor Post Iron Works 7» Milk... 
Anderson Alberts J. M. Mft. Co. 289 . 
Vnderson a. P. 8c Co. (15 Oliver 

;155 Andrews Paper Co. 54 India . 

. 2694 Bascom G 

:a29 Ba»>el IIo 

. 2818 Batchelde: 

292S Batcheldi' 

C. II. . 

„_. , !Pine.. 

3040 , Bay State Belting Co. 605 Atlantic a 

29S4 Bay State Cleaning Co. 8 Tyler 

amis I Bav State Company. 725 Wash 

3037 ' Bay State Floor Co. 100 Boylston.... 
3105 Bay State Fuel Co. 131 Cambridge. . 
3089 Bazlev Mercantile Agency, The, 
2916 Court . 

. 130-140 

^ , „„ - 2.S2S Beattie Wra. A. & Co. 55 Kilby. 

, s Co. luc. 169 Huntington av. 2678 Becker August Engraving Co. 24 

nstro™Dit'ct?ve.igenc\N2rSchooi 2797 Beckwitb Elevator Co. iffl Pearl 

!'*°5g G.W, Dining Boom and _^ , ll^;^\,f"^^^}^-^^St'-°J',X» 

II Congr. 

News Co. 78 Utica.^ 

Arnold i 

Arnold-Hoflman Co. 88 Broad 

Arnold-Roberts Co. 180 Congress.. 
Ashley T. C. i Co. 683 / ' ' 

Atteaux F. E. & Co. Inc. 176 Purchasi 
*^ '%'ashiugtun.. 

2707 I Benedict 

Bennett M. 

Market... 3107 

colored D 


O. W Co. 93 Causeway 2852 

Allen Rollin H. 27 State. 

Allen Shade HolderCo. 46 Cornhill.. 

Allen S: Daggett. 906 Old South bldg,. 

Allen 4 Paisley Co. 133 Portland 

Alles & Fisher, 31 Cambridge 

AUington & Curtis Mfg. Co. 706 EasI 

Alpine Press The, 32 Oliver. 

Chemical Co. 92 

. Audit Co. 53 State 

.Awnings Tent Co. 23t Sta 
. Bank Note Co. 887 Wash.. 

Atwood & McManus, 
Auld Shi 

Automatic Time Stamp Co. 160 Con- 

ASoraobiie Ins.' 'Co^ '« kllby! '.'.'..'.'.'.'. 

Avery S: Saul, 207 CongresB 

-iyres H. E. 8; Co. 164 Federal 

Babb Edward E. S Co. 93 Federal 

Babb George W. P. 748 South, Ros ... 

Babcock C. S: Co. 36 Beverly 

Babcock & Wilcox Co. 35 Federal . . . 
Bachrach Louis Fabian, lnc.647 Boyls- 

Badger E. B. & Sons Co. 75_Pitts 

; Co. 182 Portland 

Bergcr'Mfg.Co of Mass. 162Broal 

Berkshire Lif'i? Ins. Co. 79'Milk.. 
Berkshire l.ife Ins. Co. of Pitts 

68 Devonshire 

Berlin Aniline Works, 124 Pearl. 
Berlin Machi ~ ' -»" " - 
Berlitz Scln 

Boylston. . 
Berry Bros. 1 

Iront col. page u 
Am. Can Co., Midway cor. Biiiford.. 2730 
4m. Contractor Publishing Co. 262 I 

Washington 3006 ( 

3er. Adamson & Co. 68- 
jeJohn C. 198 Harrisi 
y Byron E. Co. 31 Winter, 

High... 2606 


) North.. 

_ Co. 375 Neponsct a 

Berry Wm. B. s Co " "' ' 
Berry Sl Ferguson, 159 i^evt 
Bertelsen 8t Petersen Engln 

256 Border, K. B 

Besse P. & J. Co. 140 Boyls 

Best Edw 


Bigelow, Kennard St Co._511 Wash.. 


C. S. Corp. 157 I 

Bishop J. W. Co 683 Atlantic a» 2762 

Bishop Robert Mfg. Co. 157 W. Siith. 2789 
Slackers ShepardCo 409 Albany... 2147 
BlacksloneSavings Bank, 26 Wash... 26.52 
Blair Donald M. ft4 Harnson av.. 

Am. Dyewood Co. 115 High. 
Am. E' graving Co. mArcn... 
■eft Company, lOo Sunim 



Am. Fire ProoUng Co. 166 Dev'shire.. 284 
Am. Fireworks Sales Co. 76 Summer. 3U; 
Am. Furnace & Engineeiing Co. 155 

Milk 2371 

Am. -Hawaiian Steamship 

Am"Ho"u;e'(N'c'w)r56 Hanoi 

Am. r.i'nVc'e'd'c'o'.'re'Mi'lk! !'.'.'. !'.!!'.''.! 3 
Am. Lithographic Co. of N Y. 79 Milk 3 

Am. Luitfcr Prism Co.49 Federal 2 

Am. Mason Safety Tread Co. 81.3 Old 

South bldg. 2 

Am. Metal Polish Co. at Soracrvillc.. .'i 

Am- Powder Mills, 131 State 

Am'. Sales Book Co. Ltd. 2(k)"Dcv'o' 


Am. Stave & Cooperage Co. at Chel- 

Am. .Steam oiuge'i Valve'jif'g. Co. 

220 Camden : 

\m. Surety Co. of N. Y. 89 Slate 

Am. Tool & Machine Co. 109 Beach, i 

Am. Trust Co. 50 State : 

Am. Tube Works, In Oliver 

Am- Type Founders' Co. 270 Congress 
Am. Woolen Co 911 Shaw niut Bank 

Bailey C. C. Co. 48 Canal -.... , ■ 

Bailey C. J.& Co. 22 Boylston 3116 ' Blair Isaac & Co. Inc. 4.3;l Harrison 

Bailey J.W.& Sons Co. Ullaym'kctsq. 2962 Blake Bros. S; Co. HI Devonshire.... 

Bailey Meter Company, 141 MUk 3159! Blake C. D. & Co. 564 Wash.......... 

Bailey k Weston. 81 Wash, north 28*1 Blanchard Machine Co. at Cambridge 

BairdSiBartUttCompany,63High.... 3033 1 Blaney C. C. 16 Kingston 

Baker, Avling & Young, 50 Congress. 2648 I Blodpet " "" ^'-*" 

Baker Browning K. Jr. 121 Portland. 2844 1 Blue Ilil 
Baker B. .1. & Co. Inc. 19 CoiigreSB.... 2710 I way, Milton 


ng Co. Inc. 156 Slate. 

Balch Joseph, 77 Franklin 
i I Baldwin Shipping Co ^ 
1 Ball Francis O- 79 M 
1 BaUard V. & Sor 
i I BallaidW. II Si 
; Banchor Frankli 
i Bank & Office Equipment Co. 161 

i Banker s Trade'sman"]??' Fe'deral 

5 Blue Hills park- 

Bruc'sVaVSupply Co!'l'2 Portland.... 
Bnice Motor Equipment Co. 76 Brook- 


Ton Patterns, 600 Boylston 3 

bright W. P. & Co. Inc. 512 Shaw- 

_ _ jtBankbldg i 

3094 : Bond Harold L. Co. 383-391 Atlantic 

2916 ! Bonbright W. P. » Co. 

256 Bo.yl8ton 2811 mul ■■" 


Equitable bldg. 

Bond & Goodwin, SO State. 
3175 1 Bonney's P. F. Sons. 459 V 

! Electri 
Bankers -Mortga 

Barber J. W. Advertising Agency, ; 

■ Stockwcll Co. at Cambridge 2918 

1 WellCo.6Beacon.. . 3193 

Barnes Henry K. Co. 2.34 Devonshire. 2688 

Barnes-Pope Eleci ric Co. 93 Federal. . 2815 

rWa°ter S 

Barrett Bros- 43 Haverhill 

Barrett Company, The. 35 Wen 
Barrett James Mfg. Co. 117 Peai 

I Bartlett Rolla W. & Co. 35 Congress. . 

BoHton Automatic Tire Alarm Co. HI 

Milk -. ^ : 

Boston BankNoteCo.77 Wash, north ■ 

BoHton Brass Andiron Co. 104 Utica 
Boston Bridge Works Inf:. 47 Winter 
Boston Chnmbcr ol Coir.niercc, 17i 

Boston Cleaning Co. Inc. 36 Beach.. 

BoeiOD Coal Co. 40 Central 

al Registry. 2! 

Boston Consolidate 

Boston Copper Wonts vo. m m 


Boston Curb Exchange, 9 Doanc. 
Boston Cutting Die Co. 202 A 


BostOD Dental Laboratory Co. 


Bostuu Di-e88 Suit Co. 809 Wash 
Boston Ejectment Co. 47 Court.. 
Boston Elevator It Macliine C 


Boston Filter Co. at C 

Boston Financial News, lil'.i state 

Boston Fire Sl Police NotiUcation Co. 

II High 

Boston Floor Co. Ltd. !2 Kingston... 
Boston Forge Co. 310 Mavericli 

Boston <iarase,aA St. Botolnh ! 

Boston OearWorks.atNortolk Downs i 

Boston Ice Co. 110 State i 

l!..Bl.,i. Last Co. 14 BiiiforU ! 

Bcjston Lightning Roll Co 1047 Old ^ 

Boston .MaiTing Co. 394 Atlantic av... i 
Boston .Metal Fireproofing Co. 8 Bea- 

Boston Mirror Co. 69 Su'dburv i 

Boston Morris Plan Co. 40 Court.... 213; 
Biiston Multigraphing & Printing Co. 

14 Federal ■' 

Boston Music Co. 26-58 West : 

Boston Mutual Lite Ins. Co. 77 Kilby 1 
Boston News Bureau Co. 30 Kilby . i 
Boston Nickel Plating Co. 100 Port- 
Boston Office Furniture Exchange, 141 
Boston OiisGasolVnc'co.'l's'.'li win- 

Boston Penny Savings Bank, 1375 
Wash 2 

Boston Plate & Window Glass Co. 20 
Canal 2 

Boston Portrait Co. Inc. :iil9 sudhury 

1 Stock Exchange. 53 State 2ltll 

1 Storage Co. 2-40 New, E. B.. 3169A 
1 Storage Warehouse Co. 233 

. Co nt East 
h'rl'sVian'As- ' 

Boston SiLockport Block Co. 100 C 

Bowditch JainesII. 1M3 Treni 

Breck-Kobinson Nuiaery Co. 

Breed Artliur F. 7 Water. 2 

Brcunan Charles J. 31-33 State 3 

Brennan Jatoes H. 31 State 3 

Brett William H. Engraving Co. 30 

Brookjine True' 

Carpenter L. A. Press Metal Co., 


Carpenter- Morton Co. 77 Sudbury., 

Carter, Carter & Meigs C 
Carter George H. Co. 4:i 
Carter .loUnS Co. Inc. 1 

''.C. & Co. Ltd. 221) old « 

Brown Bros. & Co.( 

n-Mowland Co. .30 Federal. . . . 

n Nelson H. 70 Franklin 

n Walter H. 18 Cambria 

Jo. 70 Kilby 

Brundige M. P' 

Balke-CoUcnder Co. 96 

An.^tin Chan . 31!« 

I^ead Co. Ki Con- 

nw Dudley, 

Burbank W. S. Co.U'Chapman Ch-i 

Burdett College, 18 Boylston 

Burditt (k Williams Co. 95 Sumimr... 

Burgess Walter, 15 Kxcliange 

Buriie Arthur W- 45 Kilby 

Burke Patrick F., Dsmrell S D, S. B 
Burke P. J. Detective Agency. I 


Burkhardt Brewing Co., Parker eo 

Boyden » Stcacle, I)n 
Boylalon Brewerj-, G.i r 
Boylston Nat n»..i<. ' I 

s Corp.« N. Market.. 3128 | Carpenter Cyn 

. 2920 Coinnionwe.nltli Tru.! Co, 88 Sni 

, 289!) Conant A. B.»Co.O,lMllk 

. !88l I Conani Bros. Co. at Soinervllle.. 


Concrete Steel Products Co. 7 Water. 
Condon llenryM 3()3TrenioDtTpiiiijl 
Congress Sboe & Rubber Co. 27« Sum 

Connell & McJConc Co. i 

Couuick Charles J. 9 Ilarc 
ConroyJohn .). IS Tremoi 


rCo. Uti State., 
n Co. 2^ Park s. 
)ii.a-t6 Wash... 

nCo. 189 Congress 


icr W..CustleSq. Ilolel.. 

Copley Prints. 612 Pierce bldg.. 

Corrugated Paper Mils, 37 ^ 


.. 350 Bovlstm 

L. V2d Summer , 

ixb^' Si Co. *> Kilby.. 


t CamI: 

Cropley, McUa asle & Co. 30 State. , . . S 

Crosbie Geo. H. 79 Milk 2 

Crosby F. A. 528 i retnont Temple.... 2 
Crosby Steam Gage & Valve Co. 40 

Central back cover and 3 

Crosby Sumner St Sou Inc. 69 Dor. av. S 
Crosby & Gregory, 613 Old South bldg. i 

Croas Murk Co. 145 Tremnut 2 

Cross Pen Co. 168 Devonsl ' 

Crowell I 

Co. 50 Congress.. 

Byrne, 2^:70 Washington 

Springs Paste Co. ill Milk.. 

Cummii.gsMach.Wks. 110 High. ... 

Cunningnam C. A. 19 Pearl 

Cunningbam-Giaham Company, 30 


Curk'V George E 542 Dudley 

Curner Bert S. 79 Milk 

Currier li. M. & C. R. 95 Milk 

Curtis David H. 387 Dudley 

Curtis Wm. Sons Co. .30 Eustis 

Curtis & Cameron, luc. 12 Huntington 

Cutter D.J. &Co.420Frei 

Dadmuu Company, 1 Washington.... 

tP.L Co. Inc. 29-32 Lewis wht '2 til 

.161. High.. 3000 

Dame, Stoddard Co. 374 Wash 3149 

Damon George E.Co, 7 Penib. sq 3153 

Dangel H. C... l«l Devonshire 3153 

Dametson John A. 41 School, Rox... 3021 

Dasey Charles V. & Son. 8 Broad 31til 

Davenport Bennett F. 34 School 2737 

Davenport W. E. & Son, 55 Kilby £916 

Davies, Turner & Co. 104 High... 3184 

Davis Burlap Co. 207 Essex 1^729 

Davis Frank B. 120 Franklin 2^36 

Davis Frank H. at N. Cambridge 2972 

Tl. aiCo. IIU State..' 

Dawes Ejectment Co. 81 1 
DayJ. H. Co. 131 State... 

DesRochers E. M. Mme.l60Tremont. 2812 
D'Este Julian Co. 26 Canal.. 3161) and 28;i« 
Dewey F. O. Co. 28 Canal. 

. Mason bldg. 70 Killiy 2664 

Ellis George H. Co. 272 Congress.. 
Ellms H. E. Co 22 Wash, north... 
Ely J. B.-Burgoyne Co. 2.i Union 
Emerson College of Oratory. 
Huntington av 

Emerson & NorriH Co, 

Domestic, N. H. & H. S. M. Agency, 

37 Bedford 3 

Donaghey P. J. Inc. 36 Bromfield.... 

2766 and 2 
Donnelly John & Sons. 97 Warrenton. 2 
Donovan John B. 670 Harrison av.... 3 
Dorchester Express Co. 778 Dudley 

Dor 2 

Dorchester Fireproof Storage Ware- 
house, 690 Dudley a 

Dorchester Mut. Fire Ins. Co. 55 Kilby S 
Dorchester Parcel Delivery Co. lOi 

Ho.'..e8av'.Dor S 

Dorchester Savings Bank, 586 Coluni- 

b'.aroad. Dor 2 

Dorchester Truot Co 574 Columbia 

Dorntee Casket Co. 175 Blackstone... 

Drake Louis Stoi 

Dudley Frank R. i 
Dudley Plumbing 
Co. 77 Wr-rren, I 
Durtiiey Brick Co 

Dunn Daniel W. & Co. 28 Bronitield.. 3 

Dunn John A. Co. at NVwton 2 

Dunne F. L. & Co. 328 Wash 2 

Dunshee Henry A. 14 Columbia 3 

Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co. 90 

North 2 

Durable Wire Rope Co. 93 Pearl 2 

Durell George & Co. Inc. 31 State. ... 2 
Duren D'-tective Agency, 27 State.. .. 2 

Durgin Park &Co. 30N Market 2 

Dutton Andrew Co. 60 Canal 2 

Diitton F. A. Motor Co. Inc. at West 

Somerville 2 

Dwinell-Wright Co.311 Summer 2 

DwyerJ P. Co. 31 Albany. 2 

Emniel Charles & R^s.- i 

Estabrook F,ank P. & Co. : 
Eetabrooka Co. ISStnte. . 
Estabrook'e R. Sons, 204 W 
Estey Organ Co. 120 Boylatc 
Eureka tire Hose Mfg. Co. 

it is 
Evans John 
Everett Louella D 
Everett Piano Co. 

Eustis J. P. Mfg Co. at Cambridge... 
c T„i,„ B. /*„ T- Huntington av.. 


bany cor. Ware- 

Everham H V. Co. SO WendVlL ".'"." 

:. 52 Chauncy., 

luweri iNeal, iti! Devonshire i 

Excelsior Print. 305 Warren, Rox ? 

Eyelet Tool Co. 40 Lincoln i 

Factory & Mill Suppiv Co. 1;^ Oliver, i 
Faelten Pianoforte School, SO Hunting-^ 

Fahlstro'nVcVE.& Co!9.<Miik.."!!"! I 

Fairbanks Co. 32-44 Pearl front co! 

Fairbanks J. L. & Co. 15 Franklin . . . . ; 
Falls Rivet & Machinery Co. .54 Pur- ^ 

Fancleve Specially Co. 284 South, J.P. J 

Farley, Harvev & Co. 141 Essex S 

FarnsMorth&Conant. Iil9 Wash i 

Farquhar R. & J. & Co. 6 S. Markei 

Dyer \ 
EaRle Oil 

Eastern Drug Co. 14 Fulton. 
Eastern Radio Institute, The, 

Eafitman Horace T. & C--, 

EdsonMfe. Co. 257 Atlantic aT ! 

Edwards Thomas J. 119 Summer ; 

Edwards Truman G. & Son. &19 Old 

South bldg ; 

Edwards & Slonahan Co. fi Beacon... 1 

Eisuer-Lenk Co. lOiiti Bovtston i 

Eldredse E. H. & Co. 10 Slate !- 

Electric Storage Baltery Cnmpaii.\ , 71.S 

Eliut Savings BankVlubudley'"!!! 5 
Eliot Sq. Storage Co. Inc. 28fi Roxbury t 

Elliot Geo. B. 209 Washington I- 

Elliot .4 Whitticr, 209 Wash : 

leaf c 

Faust School of Tuninf 

FearTng, Whiton & Co. Inc. fi-jo Atla 


Federal Trust Co. Water cor. Uevor 

FelWnX cVs M.'L.'co.'69'Long w 

I Blackstone... 8192 

Eastern Advertising Co. 199 Wash.. . . 2t>«8 

Eastern Audit Co. 131 Stale 

Eaatern Bridge & Structural Co. 

Ferrar * Hulchinson, Inc. 161 Summ 
Fidelity Trust Company. 1;J1 State.. 
Fidelity & Deposit Co. ol Maryland, 

Field Walter W. 

Field 4 Cowles, 85 Water 2S96 

Fifield, Richardson ft Co.l.e Franklin. 3184 

Finegan John C. Co. 4t!4 E. I^rst -'777 

First National Bank. 70 federal 2(:04 

Fischer Carl. 380 Bf.vlsUoi :W4 

Fisher Business Colleges, 2;>0" Wash.. 3124 

Fisher G. 1^. & Co. 140 Dudley 3019 

Fisk E. O. St Co. 2a Park... ..." 3120 

Fisk & Arnold, 3 Boylston pi 3050 

Fiske-Cartor Cons. Co. at Worcester. 2769 

Fiske Si Co. Inc. 25 Arch 2722 

Fitch Roberts. 79 Milk 3090 

~" " ScCo. 110Nurth....frontcol. A 

Fitz Francis Co, 2.i Pittsburgh 3169A 

Fitzgerald, Hubbard it Co. 95 Milk... 2704 


Fobs Charles W. 120 Trei 
Foss H. D. S Co. Inc. 112 Cai 

Fobs Leon F. 79 Milk 

Foster. Adams & Gibbs Co. . 
Ington north 

Foster Stetson Co. 471) Boylston . . 
Rayners Fur Company, 85 

rthf.idg .',..:.... 

e Hibbard Co. 170 State 

iiCo. Inc. 18 Bl« 


Franklin Square House, 11 E.Newton.. 28fi5 
Franz Preniier Distributing Co. 463 

Wash 2 

Frazar M. Abbott Co. 89 Sudbury 2 

Freeman Chas. A. Mfg. Co. 201 Dev- 

Freeman & Lawrence, 5.5 Kil 
French Herbert F. i Co. liM 
French jBs.W.r:lTrciii,.nt. 
French Shop, Tlie. <8S Boyl 
Frost Coal Co. 4S8 Neponset 
Frost George Co. 351 Treiiio 
Frost 5c Adams Co. 37 Conil 
Fuller Andrew D. Co. :i Han 
Fuller Brush Co. 291 Wash. 
Fuller Frederic W. 67 Milk. 
FullerF..T. XCo. .3liS.mth. 


Oalassi Mosaic 
Gale Geo W. I 
Gallagher D.F. 
Gallagher Kobert Co. 1 

1 L. iM. Co. 

iblcn A. W. 

Hamburg Grint 

melt J. L. Co. iw 
mond E. A. 2SM D 
Haiidv A. D. 31) Bronifl 
■- iom Constructioi 
enU. C.TypeF" 

rCo., Cambridge 1 

Gem Stamped Steel Co. at Chelsea.... ; 
General Ai-oustic Co. .59 Temple pi... : 
General Fire ExtinguishcrCo.of Mass. 

79 Milk : 

General Manifold & Printing Co. 185 

Franklin i 

General Vehicle Co. Inc 590-592 Com- 

Oilmour Rotherv Si Co. 120-1 

Ginn&Co. 29 Beacon 

Gleason R & E F. 3.35 Wai 

Globe Furniture 

nicke Co The, 91 1 

Goodrich B. F. Co. 

Goodrich Ira O. ilU D 
Gordon & Bcrmau. 21 
Gould Jesse & Son, 10$ 
Gould & Cutler Corp. ^ 

Graham .Tames .1. & Co. 
Gram Theodore C. 419 E 

Grant Mntm 
Graton * Ki 

Gray Arthu 

.1115 State.. 315 

lann & Maurer Mfg. Co. 44 Hig] 
: Me William, 200 Devonshire., 
ook, Cabot, Jt Rollins Corp. 

Holbrook H. E Co. 49 Federal.. 
Holbrook W. H. Co. 207 South. 
Holdensen P. Co. 35 Way.. 

ilollingsworth & Whitney Co. 185 

les Charles Leather Working 

chiiiery Co. at Cambridge 2 

Holl-Fairchild Co. 294 Wash i 

Holt-Sliattuck Co. 45 Wash, north.... 2 
,er-Cabot Electric Co. 125 Amory i 
okf Charles, 325 Medford, Chsn.. S 

Holier U. Inc. 25 BromSeld 2 

ome Savings Bank, 75 Tremont 2 

I John Co. 178 Ti 
Hood Kubbcr Co. 103 
Hoolov Edwins. Si Cc 

ool of Engineering Corp. 

i River... 26lir> 

Globe Stamp Works, 299 Washington. 3152 
Olobe.V • • " — ■•■■•' • "■-" 

Glunte James D. 
Gnecco & Inverni 

Good Roads .Macl 
Gooding Charles S. 27 ^ 
- ■ icTi r - - - 

. 21 Congrei 


Harris s, Lawton, Inc. 373 Wash 

larrionS. II Co. 062-072 Wash.... 

larl s Iluk-hinson Co. The, 111 Milk 3175 

lartford Fire Ins. Co. ol Hartford. 

Conn. 54 Kiiby 

Hartford Steam Boiler Insp. & Ins. Co. 

— Milk 

ard Brewing Co. 4.5 Com'l wharf. 

ard Trust t o., at Cambridge. ... 

■ey Arthur C. Co. 374 Congress... 


ey C. C. Co. 144 Boylston 

Harwood Bros. 403 Washington 

Hascall L. C. 22 Beacon 

Hastings A. W. S Co. 134 Friend 

Batch N. -M. Auction Rooms, 147 Col- 

Tremont. . 
ar<I L 3ii2 W. B'wa, 
k T. 396 W. Broadway.. 2(i3l 

Weeks, 60 Congress.... 

.Mfi^.Co .IGWhitticr.... 

•, 170-172 Canal 

I News Co, 261 1 

House Cleaning Co. 
Hovey C. F. Co. 13 
Howard E. Cloe' ' 


■ 10 Bedford. 

Co7373 Wash'..' 

Howe Scale Co. 145 Franklin.... 

Howe & French 99 Broad 2 

Hoyt Company, The, 1246 Dorchester 

Storage Warehouse Co. 849 

Hungerford U. T. Brass & Copper Co 

" leaf opp. 

i Co. 27 state.. 

lCo.120 Franklin 292( 

ndependeut Cool Tar Co. 27 Central . 31 1^ 
independent Ice Co. at Cambridge.... 2881 
Iiigsllfi Si KciKlricken. Inc. 47-49 

["co" 170 



H 'Davenport Co 



Co 10.5 Portland: 


<ton,p Co. 18 N 








I'.So'.'s'co.'iio St^ate 3187 

Co. 75 State 


Co. 2(11 Franklin. 


& Trucks, 840 Com 


Hale Charles F. 107 Pemberlon 
Hall A. U <i Son, 41 Spice, Chs 
Hall Edwin KlnK. 899 Boylston 

.1106 Hodgklni Englncenni Co. 137 Pearl. 2J10 Johnson Iver I 
S082 I Hodgson, Kennard & Co. Inc. 2J> State 2937 I Washington 

porling Goods Co. 155 


JolinBon Marble Co. at E. Cambridge. 2727 
• • son Thomas J. & Co. 896 Waeh... 2963 

Hon J O. Co. 79 Sudbury :i93!) 

!Bon Meyer & Co. 186 Tremont.., 2813 

lA. E. Co. 41 Bristol 3170 

) James R. Co. 183a Mass. av. . . . 3183 
Jones John D. E. 50 Equitable bldg. . . i907 

" lefl Lewifl & Son, 50 LaGrange 3189 

les. McDuffee & Stratton Co. 33 

ranklin bottom edge and 2791 

lea M. D. Co. 71 Portland VJ28 

leB, Peterson & NewhaU Co. 49-51 

'eniplopi 3141 

lie Walter P. 1272 Dorchester av. ., .1057 

,es W. H. & Webster Co. 708 Beacon 2082 

Jordan Marsh Co. 450 Wash 2S10 

: Elixubeth A. 100 Boylstoo. . 

. F. Co. at Cambridge 

Mattison Co. 186 Purchase. . 

. 300 Warren, Rox. 3084 
230 Purchase 2950 

Kendall M. K 

Kendrifk i Chase, 319 Adams Doi 

Kcnyou Frederick L. 54 Canal 

Kettell-Blakeft Co. 376 Washineto 
Ketterlinus Litho Mfg.Co. 49 Feden 
Keyes W. H. & Co. 101 Tremont... 
Kimball Russell & Co. 50 Congress 

' England Branch, I 

Kissel Ka 
Common wes 

Kistler. l*sh & Co. 319-321 A 

Klein Herman L. 101 Tremont 

Klein &. Underwood, 128a. Tremont.. 

Knight F. &. Son Corp. 40 Oliver 

Knight & Thomas Inc. 99 State 

45 High 3 

Knowlton Iron Works Co., at West 

Knowles Winfleld S 

k]uitable bldg.. 

LakeJa: , _ _„ 

Lakeman Nellie SI. aiiss. 15 Court f 
Lally Commercial Bodv Co., at Everett 1 
Lambert Hoisting Engine Co. at Camb 1 

LaniBon Co. The, 100 Boylston J 

Lamson 4 Hubbard. 92 Bedlord i 

Lanctot M. H. 55 Albany J 

LaneH. R. & Co. 34 Chauncy S 

Lang J. A. & Sons Co. 280 Dover S 

Langone Joseph A. 30 Prince ; 

Jvftughton Marie Ware, 12 Huntington 

Lauriftf Charles E. Co. 385 Wash....." I 
Lawley George & Sou, Corp.. Erics- 
son. Nep i 

Lawrence Geo. E. Co. 44 High :] 

Leatheroid Mtg. Co. 1 

Leavens Wm. & Co. Inc. 32 Car 

LeeC. F. Mrs. 12 West 

Lee, Higginson & Co. 44 State.. 
Leigh & Butler, 232 Summer. . . . 
Leighton-Mitchell Co. 95 Milk.. 

Leroy W. D. 103 Court 

LeUeney Wood Preserving Co. i 

Lewiff ClitTord B. 294 1 

Leyland Thomas 

Liffler Charles, jr. 

Linehan Charles, at E. Cambridge.. 

i Carbonic Co. at Cambridge. 

Liittle, Brown & Co 34 Beacon 

Livermore Homer F. 85 Pearl ... oj: 

Livennore H. J. 110 State 

Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. ( 

Lovell & 
Lovell & 

Lombard & Tracy Co. 161 Devonshire SM; 
London Harness Co. 176 Devonshire.. •J'XA 

LongJ. U.Mach. Co. 1S4 Hi-h LU-. 

Loup & Saunders Co. Inc. at Quincy 

Atfams 2yji( 

Lorentzen Oscar L. Co. 1 Seavar pi... 3U1.! 
op, Lee & Shepard Co. 93 Federal 3071 

CharlfsE. 75 State 3<)bl 

■ Co. 8 Congress 27a- 

Covel Co 122-140 Fulton 27.M 

Mall. 94-100 Poitland 296; 

Low-Cost Dental Engine Co at Camb. 279- 

Lowe Bros. Co. 21 Farnsworth ; 02( 

Lowe. Douald & Co. Inc. 100 Chauncy 2811 
Lowell J. A. Bank Note Co. 147 Frank- 
lin 30r( 

Lucas M. Frank, at West Newton 29fi( 

Luce Ernest & Co. 95 Milk 271' 

Luce's Press Clipping Bureau, 8 ^ 

Ludlam ChaVieV,*69 Bromfield!!."!!!! Stlvii 

ManwellF. P. & Co. 190 Ast.... 
Marble J- Russel & Co. 77 Pearl. , 
Marden, Orth & Hastings, 225 

Market Forge Co. , at Chelsea -2927 

Market Trust Company ,309 WaBh.Br. 2618 
Marr Danii-l & Son Co. 59 Templ^'pl;. 2769 
Marr Thomas E. & Son, 180 TreraOlit. 8046 
Marshall H. Newton Co. 43 Stanlio'pe. 3023 
Marshall Si Sloarns Co. 444 John Han- 
cock bidg 3196 

Marstt^is OeorgeE. Inc 248 Wash 3160 

Marst-.n F. A 2ll Ex.hange pi 2753 

.Mui>l..n .1. .M- .V Cn, i^L'o Kugglea 29H2 

Lufkin John W. 3.S Chardon 

Lumb Wni. & Co. I Province ct.. 

Lundin Adolph S. 176 Tremont E 

Lunkenheiiner Co. The. 138 High.... i 

Lunt-MossCo. 43 S. Market 1 

Luxfer Prism Co. 49 Federal i 

Lyall George 79 Milk i 

Lvbrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery 

aOCongress : 

Lynde Cliarles R 424 Boylston i 

Lynn Five Cents Savings B'k, at Lynn S 
Lyons W. J. & D. 677 Atlantic av.. . . . S 
Macaiastcr. Wiggin Co. at Cambridge i 

MacallenCo. 16 Macallen J 

Macauley George W. Co. 385 Albany., i 

McCann Frank, 15 Cambria £ 

McCann J. A. Co- at Chelsea :■ 

McCann P. Francis, at Chelsea J 

McCarthy George, 56 Kilby 1 

McCarthy John J. at Somerville S 

McCarty Charles J. & Co. 65 Oliver. . 1 
"-''-'.ey Register Co, 10 Thacher... J 

Dental Laboratory . 
120 Boylston i 

Macdonald & Sons, Inc. rear 208 Sum- 
mer 26! 

MacDonald Angus, 79 Milk 1 

MacDonald Ice Cream Co. 472 E. First ; 

MacDonald M. F. & Son, 98 Granite . . ; 

MacDonald & Joslin Co. 161 Devon- 
shire i 

MoDonald-WeberCo.435-437 Boylston i 

McDonald W.J. 9.5 Milk I 

McGaw John &Sons, 128 Wash 
McGovem James. 188 Geneva a 

r Alexander, 1 Beacon. . 



Mckenna John B. 

Maclary D. 
McLaughlin & Freema 
McLauthlin Geo. T. 


.-550 Tremont bldg 3041 

McMackin Hugh J. Co. 101 Friend... 2696 

McMahon & Jaques. 242 Mass. av 3058 

McMorrow Felix J. 238 Wash 3139 

McNamara Michael, 162 Congress .... 3058 
McNeil Corporation, 15 Havniarket so. 2J*59 

Macomber Frank G. 151 Milk 2913 

McPhee Daniel V. 56 Long wharf.... 2935 

McQuestcn George Co. 27 Kilby 2967 

MaeuUar Parker Co. 400 Wash 2745 

Magee Furnace Co. 38 Union 28S0 

Msgrane-HouBton Co.477Wa8h 2811 

Maguire W. J. 544 Washington, Br.. . 3110 

Mahoney James, 551 Boylston 2829 

Mahoney's, 64 Charles .... 2748 

Main Charles T. 201 Devonshire 2827 

Makepeaces. L. 387 Washington 2802 

Maiden Savings Bank, at Maiden 2634 

Maiden Trust Co. at Siaiden 2621 

Money Louis J. Co. 79 MUk 3022 

Manhattan Rubber Mfg. Co. 60 Pearl. 3115 
Manning R-A. & E.L., Shawmut Bank 

bldg 2651 

ton, itii uevonenire ayna 

Mass. Realty O^i-ners, 44 Bromfield... 3101 

Mass. Title Ins. Co. 16 State SOHl 

Mass. Wharf Coal Co. 93 Milk 2753 

Maston & Wells Fireworks Mfg. Co. 16 

Hawlov 3147 

Master liuilders' Assoc, of Boston, 166 

Devonshire 2762 

.Mather & Co. 33 Broad 2911 

Mathews U. H. 200 Devonshire 3143 

Mattapan Deposit & Trust Co. 474 W. 

Broadway . 2618 

Maxwell Investment Co. 200 Devon- 
shire 2709 

Mav Charles St Son Co. 373 Wash 2940 

Mayberger Edw. F. 1 Hubert 31;15 

Maynard& Child, 40 Central 3160 

Mayo Wni. F. Co. 286-290 Summer. . . 3139 
Mead-Morrison Mfg. Co. 125 Prescott 

E. B 2971 

Meade John Paulding & Co. 99 Milk.. 2910 

Meldon John F. 739 Boylston : 

Meldon Thomas J. 2389Wa8h Rox... 

Melledge Robert J. 60 State : 

Melvin & Badger, 43 Temple pi : 

Meud.'lsuhni:enaE. CO State : 

Me cliunts Adveitising Service Corp. 

Merchants National Bank. 28 State... : 
Merchants Towel Supply Co. 347 Con- 

^35 Congress.. . 2707 

Merrimac Chemical Co. 33 Bro: 
Merrymount PresH, D. B Updi! 

Mescrve John S. & Co. 86 Canal. 
Metal Products Co. 29 Central 

MetcalfT. O. Co. 152 Purchase 

Methot H. Ostrich Feather Co. 
feuipU' place.. 


I Coal Co. 20 Exchange 
I Furniture Co. of Boston, 

Metropolitan Hotel & Mercantile 

Agency, 22 School ; 

Mctroijolitau Storage Warehouse Co. 

Middlebv Criterion Oven Co. 228 230 

Milk 288.i 

Middlcby Joseph jr. Inc. 329 Summer. 2-J66 
Micrs C. J. i: Son Inc. rear 142 Cam- 
bridge, Chsn. and Somerville .31.'itt 

Mietza: Weiss. IL'H High 2S3I 

Miles George W. 88 Broad 2737 

Miller IJei.ry F. & Sons Piano Co. 395 

Beacon i 

) State i 

o. at Pittsburgh 

' Pa^iy.'l^r.'. .?.".'! 

Millers The Thiee Co. 58 Chardon.. 
Millert, Roe & Hagen. 15 Congress.. 
Milne & Chalmers Inc. 101 Tremont 
Mitchell Automobiles, 591 Boylston. 
.Mitchell Wm. H. & Son Co. 1 Provint 

Mitchell Woodbury Co.566 

nd Inc. 166 Devon- 

Model Typewriter Inspection Co. 164 

Monarch Metal Weather Strip Co. 444 

John Hancock bldg... 3 

Monatiquot Rubber Works Co. at S. 

MoneyweiRht Scale Co. : 

Moore Frank K. Co. 182 High.. 

Moore George W. 44 Farnswortii 2 

Moore J. W. Machine Co. 592 E First 2 

Moore Richard, 6 Province court 3 

Moorc-Sniith Co. 260 Dovunshire 2 

Moore & Wyinau E. & M. Works, 72 


. E. Oil. Paint & Varnish Co, 7 Sud- _ | Pa 

. E. Profit siiaring'staiiip'Co.' s Vj 

Winter T y." \\^ 

.E. Screw Co. 44 Farnsworth .J .: I'. 

. E. Static CarbonatingCo.KJSBroa.i .;i 1 ■ I':. 

. e! Supply Co. 817 Albanv 

. E. Tank & Tower Co. , ut Everett. . . 

E.TruBt Co. ISSDevonsliire 

New Home, Uomestic Bl Household 

Moore-8 Non-Loaku 

Morandi-Pructi.i O 

Morgan Sprinjr Cm. : 

MorrillGeVn. O; 

Morse E. S. .v Co l'.':i Medf'.M' 
Morse James F. & Co. <it» Nort 
Morse Teiiuey ^ Co. 14J Pcorl 
Morse & Fosa. ll-'M Treniont . . 
Morss Si Whyle Co. The, ai T 
Mortensen Sofus L. Inc. 184 I 
Moseley F. S. it Co. 50 Coiigrc 

Moss Charles E. Co. 38 Broad.... 
Mott J. L. Iron Works, 41 Pearl.. 

Mover & Brings. 838 Old South bldg... 

Muldoon .J. N . Co. 270 Franklin 

MullerWm.A.ACo. Corp 55 Kl I by- 

Murray Henry Co I'l Arlington 

Murray Sc Trpgurtha Co. 340 W. First.. 
MurMeldt W. A. Co. 161 " 

Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. 30 State. 1 
Mutual Lifelns. Co. ofN. Y.95Milk ! 
Myerson Joseph, L*74 ComniL-rcial : 

Nat. Cash Reg 

' Canton...... 

. Rockland Bank, *234.'J Wash 

. Roofing & Roof Repairing Co. 

-Supply Co. 4.5 Tern] 

: of book and 26ft 


Xewtoii F.'ll. Cuiiipuny,'6;t I'orllar 
Xiwlon ticorgi? II.. at Xow York.. 

NVwton TrLstCo at Newton . 

Nicholson J. & Son, 101 Tn-mont.. 
Xiokerson L. Awning, Tent .-^ Coi 

Co. 173 State , 

Nickcrson Pliilip T. 56 Hanover. - 

Nighlingaie & Childa'co. 'J)o Cc 

NneB-Benient-Pond*Co!'li:i o'lvcr*. 

Xobscol Mt. Spring Co. 14 Sears 

Nokorode Soldering Paste,50 Congr 
NorcrosB William C. Co. 486 Albao' 
Norfolk Hardening Works, Inc. 

Freeport, Dor 

.■•ortolk Iron Co. Norfolk Downs.. 
Norman T. W. Co. 55 Bromfield... 

Norris Charles S. 181 Treniont 

NorristowTi Magnesia & Asbestos ( 

North Av. Savings Bank, s 
North End Savings Bank, ; 
North Star Plating Works,: 

Norton W. A. Co. 166 Devonshire i 

Norwood National Bank, at Norwood '. 
Norwood Norwood, Mass.... 

Noyes Frank A. 294 T' ' 

i Co. 172 Freeport.... 2721 

Office, Bank & Library Co. 
OHearn Patrick, 'ilSAdan 
Old Colony Trust Co. 17 C( 

Olmsted Hart 
Organ ; 

N- E. Bedding Co. 321 ConKreas 

N. E. Box Co. 21M WuBliiiiRton 

N. E. Bureau of Teats, Ine 12 Pearl.. 

N. E Carriose Mfg Co. 17.'; Old Colo- 
nvnv.S. B 

N. fc. Cual and Coke Co. Ill Devon- 

N. E. Coat Si. .\prun Supply On. 817 

Osgood C. E. Co. : 

I'agcF. H.C". % Beverly Kilbv 

Page Wm. U. Boiler Co. 100 High.. 

Page & Baker Co. 88 Fnlton 

Paj/e & Shaw Caiuliea. 9-11 West... 
PaigeJohnC. iCo. 65Kllby.. 

. altiUA 

Pennsylvania St 

PennsVlvaniiil ,, 

201 U.-vonsliir, 

Penshorn Geo.l'n'' \\ !i^. 
People's Storage AVar. I 

Norfolk av 

Percival D. C. i Co. Inc. .^73 Wasli.... SIlO 

Perkins C. B. Co. 30 Kilby 273» 

Perkins Wood Working Co. 38 Ware- 
ham 296S 

Perrin, Seamans ft Co. 57 Oliver J978 

Perry Arthur S: Co. l.">0 Devonshire. . . 2705 
P.n-v, Buxton, Doanc Co 307 Atlantic 

Perry 'charies'E.'co.'lsi'Congress.",'! » 
' ■ • •■ Sons Co. 101 Tre- 


>. 14.5 High 2833 

, 131 S 


Pfister k Vogel Leather Co. «7 South. . 

Phelps F. S.&Co. 100 Milk 2916 

Phelps James T. & Co. 159 Devonshire 2903 

Phillips E S. 224 Congress 2849 

Phipps Horace J. & Co. tw Bedford. . . . 2858 

Pluenix Ins. Co. 1'17 Water 2914 

PhiEui-T Mut. Lite Ins. Co. :» State. . .. 2906 

Pierco-Arrow Cars, 745 Boylston 2677 

Pierce, Butler » Pierce Mfg. Corp. R". 
Federal ..... 2.'i75 

248 Boylston 3122 

Pierces. S. Co. 63Tremont 2863 

Pierce Wm. H. A Co. 352 Washington. 3046 

Pierce i Cox. 143 Kingston .3056 

Pilgrim Pres«,14A Beacon 3078 

Pilgrim Shoe & Rubber Co. '276 Sum- 
mer 3141 

Pinkham Press, 286 Congress .3071 

Pinkham S Smith Co. 288 Boylston... 3017 
Pinkham's Back Bay Ex. 520 Boylst'n •J&i7 

Pishon k Co. 50 Congress 2703 

Place Alberto. 131 State 2963 

Piatt Iron Works Co. 126 High 2980 

Plimpton Press The, 161 '" - 

Poland Laundry Mac! 


Poland Spring Water. 1. 
Pollard Kalph L. 406 Bo 
Poole James W.Iue.ltlt 
Poole Piano C'). at Cam 
Puorvu Harris, 18 Tr. 1,1 
Pope Ilartiord On. of 


Pope 1,. A. Co. The. 14 I 
PortableOfficc Partition 
Porter's Market. Ini- 151 
Portland Co. 110 Broad. 
Portland Stone "Ware Ci 
Potter E. C. k Co. .50 Co 


Pratt's Daniel Son, 5.'> Franklin.. . . 
Prav John II. & Sons Co. 646 WaBli. 
Preble Walter H. Co. U Pemb. Bq... 


Quincy& Co. 28 School.... 
Quinn Bros. Inc. 163 Milk. 
Ranil Charles S. 727 Boykt 
Band W. H. » Co. 101 Mil 
Randall Albert E. 56 Kilbj 
Randall Chas. F. 24 Milk.. 
Raodall. McCarthy & Co. 5 

d's lj!?al 
cvoilshire . 

!0 Central.... 
■ :;64 Wash . 

Jlerc. Agency, 161 

Samoset Chocolate Co. 60 Commerce, i 

Sampson Geo. H. Co. 13 Pearl '. 

Sampson-Soch Co. 731 Boylston J 

Sampson & Murdock Co. 240 Summer 

Santord Albert E. ,13 State., 

E, 59 Temple pi.. 
. Inc. 129 Tremon 

Ileddin Shorthand 

Redmond E. T. & Co. 85 Devon! 

llcece Button Uole Machme C 

Ilarriflon av •*■•■/, — 

: C". 2lB'Siimuiei 
uc P. 100 Boylst, 

Insecticide Co. ; 
! Metal Co. at N< 
W. S. 135 Pri 

Richards Job 
Uichardsou . 
Richardson I 

Lumber Co. 176 ^ 

B'co.'26'BVattie!!.".' i 

ure Co. 14 Sudbury 1 

Co. 5U Confess.... S 

15 Beverly. S 

, 17S High, i 

1 Engine "Co.239Frank- 

Ridlon Frank Co. 2,57 A st 

Riley Isaac Co, 71 Brimmer 

Riley ThOB. C. Co. 35 Commercial.. 

Rockwell C. P. Inc. 640 Common- 
Rockwell & Churchill Press,' 291 Con- 

t Cambridge . . 2749 

Scamman Earl Dr. 100 Boy 
Schieren C. A. Company, & 

Scliirmer F. 

Milk. 2715 

Sehooiot Expression, 301 Pierce bidg. 3123 
Schrader. Mitchell & Weir, 70 South.. 2849 
SchramW,F.& Sons Corp. leowash. _ 

Schuraaker-siitJy ci! iVl' Miik"'. '. '. '■ 3157 
Schupbach » Zeller, 2 Park sq 3018 


, 2946 

Scott LinotjpTng Co. 394 Atiantic av. 3070 

Scott T. A. Co. Inc. 400 Border 27,^2 

Scovell Clinton " ' " "" ""'"' 

Scully John T,' 

■"Eiev!"co.iu Dev 

im G. 30 State 
:W. 12 West.. 

Works, Inc at 

Everett 2934 

Sheafc Studios, 1114 Boylston 3121 

Shearman Heating Co. The IS Onion 2879 

South Boston Roofing Co. 

Spencer Wire Co. 177 High 

Spencer & Besse, 120 Treniont 

Spiller H. C. K Co. Inc. 27 Slate.. . 
Spirella Corset Shop. 420 Boylston. 
Spragne Bates Place Co. 66 Canal.. 


Co. 50 Congress 

- Sons,25F. H. 

Squire J olin P. a Sons, 25 F 
S.iuirc, The, Original, 27 F. 
Squirrel Brand Co. at Cam 

112 Portland 2874 

1 Co. at SomervUie. 2755 
irCo. 91 Essex 2989 

Standard Package 
Standard Paint Co. 
Standard Plate Olasi 
Standard Tu ' " 

Stauiford J. 


Rogers Clyde L. 1109 Tremont bldg... 3041 

RoUand E. N. 728 Dudley. Dor. 
Rollins E. H. S Sons. 200 Devot 
Roome .lohn W. 61 Hampshire, 

Harry, 260 Norfolk i 
Rousmaniere, Willian 

Roxbury'cieansir'g'Co. 61 Hampshire, 
Rox ." 

Roxbury Eye & Ear Infirmary, 24 
Warren c 

Roxbury Iron & Metal Co. 140 Granite 
avenue i 

Roxbury Storage Warehouse Co 727 

f Liverpool. 85 Water 2896 

Russell Frederick C 131 State 

Russell F. A. 294 Wash 

Russell Frederick C. 131 State 

Russell Lillian S 18 Tremont 

Russell »Fairfleld. 20 Kilby 

Ryan F. L. 279 Adams, Dor 

Ryan Jas. .i5 Lincoln 

Saco-Lowell Shops, 77 Franklin 

Safeguard Account Co. 528 John Han- 

Salvation Army of Mass. 8 E. Brook- 

Shepard Clark Co. 83 Com'l 

I Leather Merc. Agen 

Shuman Geo. L J 

lOWash 2747 

, _ Co. 22 Beacon 3078 

Sievert Torch Co. 15 Beacon 3058 

Silci Company. 45 High 2790 

Silver, BurSett & Co. 221 Columbus av. 3078 

Silver Elmer E. 79 Milk 2902 

Silver Lake Co , at Newtonville 2789 

Simonds C. H. Co. 297 Congress .3070 

Simons.Hatch & Whitten Co.73 Essex 2988 
166 Devonshire. 2779 


Simpson, Campbi 

Simpson Eugene A. 83 Broad 

Skinner CarlH 2 Park 

Slade D. «; L. Co. 189 State 

Slattery E. T. Co. 154-156 Tremont 
Slattery R. P. & Co. 163 Harrison av 
Smith (Al) Iron Works, The, at CI 


Smith Charles A J. 79 Milk 

Smith C. G. Artesian Well Co. 

Smith E.'s!&Co''63'staie.'.' .' 

Smith Geo. E. fl" Huntington av... 

Smith O. M. IS Tremont 

Smith Harry E. 6 Green, J P 

Smith, Ho"g & Co. 144 Esf 
Smith H 6°Co ~" ■■ 

) Portlai 

back colored K 

front colored E 

Staples Coal Co. ' 

Star BoiierCo. Ill Albany S 

Star Brass Mfg. Co. 108 E. Dedham... S 

Star Detective Agency, 27 School i 

Star Refining Co. 110-112 W. First.. . . i 

Starkweather & Shepley, 43 Kilby : 

Starrntt.\- Wilbert, 53 Devonshire.... J 

Starrett. Fields, Co. 809 Mass. av 5 

State Street Safe Deposit Vaults. 53 

° "^ "co.'ss'stotc!! ' 

'icr Co.,NepQ 

Co. 85 Portland. 

Lumber Co. 70 Kilby. . 2 

Stedman J. H. Co. at S Braintree S 

Steinert M. & Sons Co 162 Boylston 3 

1 Chatham. 

Stevens W. D. : 
Stickney & Poo 

II. E.,atBrooklinc.. 
Stoekli.ilder's Service Corp. 20 
Stone Lumber Co. 43 Kilby... 
Stone Robert E 35 Congress., 
back CI 

Co. 139 Pearl.. 

. F. S Co 141 S 


Stone « Webster Man Assn. 147 Milk 2640 

Storer & Bishop, ti8 Devonshire 2(i5.i 

Stofk Company The, 72 Broad 2809 

Storrs A.S: Bement Co. 140-150 Federal 3033 
Story O. L. Scenic Co. Inc. Somcrville rAYS-i 
Stoughton Rubber Co. 1.30 Essex .3116 

Bros. 24 Tremont row. 

Strieder J. W. Co. 178Rugglcs 

Stuart- Howland Co. 234 Congress 

Studio Jewelry Co. 141 Tremont 

Suffolk Engraving & Electrotyping Co. 

Suffolk Storage Warehouse Co. 98 

Smith Louis E. P 79 Milk. 
Smith L C, 4 Bros. Type 

1 W. .W Congress . 2820, 3 
vCo.2249-2281 Wash... 2 

"Sons. 17 India 2 

:o. 16 Chauncy pi, J. P. 2 

jnv Co. .i2 Union 2 

r Press, Inc. 530 Atlantic 

Smith Sc Townsend, : 

Snow W. A. Iron Works, Inc. 19 V 

Soleyft Blair, Inc. 444 Harrison av.... 2728 
Soloniont S. & Sons Trust, 18 Tremont 3093 
Sorosis Shoe Co. 176 Boylston 3141 

.358 Market, Br.. .3190 
JohnH jr.52Bromfield.... :U46 
Machinery Co. 185 Devon- 


) Southampton . 2727 

iwallow «: FalcB Co. 12 City 
iwasey, Raymond " "— 

City so.. 
Page im 

k Son Inc. 373 Wash 2939 

Sylvester Co. The, 141 MUk 2 

TafT T. F. & W. W. 157 Blackstone 2 
Taunton-New Bedford Copper Co. 61 


Tlia.\€r, Knlin & Bevcr Co. 6 Beai 
Thihaut Ricliard E. luc. 86-98 1 

Thiel AuguBt & Co. 5 

Co. 15 Trcmo 

ThomasF. U. Co 

Tnomas John B. 60 Congresa 

Thompson ' - " .. 



Thomson Henry C- 15 State 

Thresher Bros. ^6 Temple pi 

Thurston F. W.Hl Milk 

Tichnor Bros. Inc. '251 Causeway,. 

1 Kilby 

Tomflihrde A. .'^ Co. 16 Court 
Torrcy, Bright & Capen Co ft 

11 3186 

con 3063 

Son, 69 Gib- 



Wash. 2847 

- and .31185 

Tracy Lewis E. Co. 127 Broad 2 

Trainer II R. .« Ilinh 2 

Trnslt, Spencers: Co. 50 Congress. ... 2 
Travelers Indemnity Co. 141 Milk.... 2 

Travelers Ins Co. 141 Milk 2 

TrcmontNailCo.70Kilbv 2 

Tremoni Press, 91 Essex 3 

Treniont Stores. Inc. 90 Treniont 2 

Tremont Turkish Baths, 176 Tremonl 3 

Trimoimt Press, 93 Albany 3 

Triumph Electric Co, 92 Pearl 2 

Trull Wm.T. 50 Congress 2 

Trundy& Co. 165 Milk 2 

Tubular Rivet&Slud Co. 87 Lincoln.. 2 

Tucker, Anthony i Co. 53 State 2 

Tucker E. A. Co. 6ai Atlantic av 2 

Tucker, Hayes & Bartholomew, 60 
Congress. ...„ 2 


Turner Bull Bearing Co. 86 Utica 

TunierF. A. 19 High 

Twitchell-Champlin Co. 29-31 Slcepei 

Tyer Rubber Co. 50 Bromfleld 

Tyler C. M. Co. 185 Devonshire 

Underhay Oil Co. 73 Batteiymarch... 
Union Central Life Ins. Co. 79 Milk,. 
Union Decorating Co 26 N Market.. 

Union Fuel Co. 40 Central 

Union Institution torSavings,216Tre- 


United I.imli Si Brace Co. Inc 61 

United Shoe Mac'li.'CiVaiS Lincoln!".' 3 

U.S. Fastener Co. 95 Milk 3 

U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co. 84 

.Stite s 

U. S. Leather Co. 204 Essex 2 

U. S Radiator Corp. 136 Federal 2 

U. S. Rubber Co- 130 Essex 3 

U.. S. Hnbher Co. of N. E. 280-284 

U .s. Tr.,|.Ve"a'l"K.'i('id oi.'Vll'Milk °2 

Universal E.V|,oi1 ,v In,i,..rt r.. Ki 

Federal . 

Upham Artentas B. 7.rr 

U.her Samuel. 176 

Vacuum Co. The CVu, .. i 

V.cunio'sa'lVa'co. ill. >i 

Waite, Ranlct & Co. 80 Broad. , 

Walker Stetson Co. 157 Essex 

Walker & Pratt Mfg. Co. 31 Union.. 

Wallas M.U. 28 Scliool 

WaUburg i Sheri-y, 136 Harrison av. 

E. T. Sons. 4 

Ware Francis A. 294 Wash 8009 

Warner, Tucker & Co. 60 Congress. . . 2717 

Warner*. Childs 10 at Medford 3030 

Warren Bros. Co. 142 Berkeley 2778 

Warren Chemical Si Mfg. Co. 49 Fed- 

eral 3113 

Wanen F. C. & Bradford Co.B P o. b<i. 27.i2 

Warren Soap Mfg. Co. 77 Summer...'! 2741 
Warren S. D. & Co. 120 Franklin .30:16 

Waterman J. S. * Sons, Inc.2.326 Wasl 
Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen, 2 


Watson H. F. Co. 79 Milk 

Watson Mfg. Co. The, 444 John Han 

rock bidg 

Wataon Screen Thc.444 John HancocI 

Watts Detective Agency, Ii 

Wash., Old South iSdg.. 

Wax Bros. 14.3 Tremont 

Wead Harold K. .'« Congress.. 
Webb F. W. Mfg. Co. 52 Elm.. 

Webster & Atlas Nat. BanK, II 
Weeks Miles W. 108 Water. 
Weeks & Doten Co. 262 Wasl 

Weinz Trimming Co.68 ( 
Weisman Detective Agen 
Welch T- F. Co. 55 Suclbr 

Wells Eiothers Co. of N. Y. 185 Dev- 

WellB Fargo & Co! 43 Franklin. ..*."!! 

Wells John K. 97 Haverhill ; 

Welsh Willard Realty Co. Inc. 15 Ex- 
change ; 

Wentworth O. M. Monumental W'ka. 

Westerly Granite Co.: 
Weston W. M. Co. 12: 
Wethcrbec John O. 


Wethcrcll Bros Co 31 



. 3153 

Whiting D . i Sons, .WO Rutherford av. 2792 

Whitman O. M. (t Co. 82 Boston 3106 

Whitman "William Co. Inc.78Chauncy 2808 
Whitman .4 Howard, 220 Devonshire. 2826 

Whitney Bros. Inc. 84 Chauney xa 

Whitney Casement Hardware Agency 

444John Hancock hide 31tl6 

Whitney Edgar H. 22 Hawli 

Temple pi.; 


Wilkinson A. J. SCO. 184 Wash.' 

en Pioi 

s & Daly, 1115 Harrison av, 


Willis J. D. K. i'Co. 50 S 

WiUiston J. R. & Co. 53 State 

Wilson Bldg Co. Inc. 186 Summer.. 
Winchenbangh Lester P. 93 Federal. 
Winchester Rock S: Brick Co. 53 State, 
Windsor Cement Co, 161 Devonshire, 

Wing Mitchell Co. 113 Broad 

Wingate Jas. I. & Son, 402 Boylston.., 

Winship William H. 

Winship William W. 71 Summer 

Wiiislow Bros. & Smith Co., Lincoli 

inston F. P. Co. 14 Milk 

inthron For Coals, 2,50 Dcvonshii 
inton 6o, ~ • ■ 

, The, 674 Com'wilh s 

I Federal i 

o', 91 Cau'scwa'y i 
;o.', at' Norfolk ' 

i'o'der Spool Co. 13 Worlnwo 
i'ood Artfiur W, Co. 19 Congn 

. 201 Devoiishiri 




Total, in 1910, 3,366,116. Total, in 1915, 3,693,310. 

• Cities designated by an asterisk. Shire towns in' small capitals. 



1910 1 









4,995 4,676 
2,672 2,474 

783 631 
1,667 1,564 
1,822 1,919 

545 518 
3,917 3,144 
2,179 2,115 

263 270 
1,166 1,077 
4,295 4,369 
1,500 1,68S 

,663 655 

936 1,022 
1,415 1,420 

28,818 27,542 


13,218 13,026 

271 275 

973 959 

1,535 1,508 

1,114 1,207 

3,S5S 3,668 

f2? r.i 

6,627 5,926 

514 465 

1,257 1,116 

1,089 947 

4,481 4,106 

3,242 3,060 

358 388 

95 110 

92 92 

1.030 1,124 

22,035 22,019 

442 494 

195 237 

39,607 32,121 

564 650 

564 566" 

524 503 

1,862 1,817 

1,901 1,933 

327 382 

275 277 

. 1,277 1,271 

3,981 3,708 

375 404 

114,709 105,259 


2.387 1,692 
. 18,480 16,215 
985 999 
. 5,330 4,378 
. 2,499 2,235 
. 5,064 5,139 
. 6,277 5,122 
.124,791 119,295 
. 1663 1471 
. 5;772 S:i83 
.109,568 96,652 
. 9,398 9,562 
. 2,587 2,544 
. 1,810 1,726 
. 2.22S 2,00: 

; 3;377 2;79g 
. 2,558 1,97S 
. 36,161 34,258 
. 3,262 2,928 

346,964 318,573 




Gay Head 


Oak BluEfs 


West Tisbury. . . 








♦Gloucester. . . . 








Manchester. . . . 





North Andover. 






. 288 

. 1,276 


; rM 

. 1,324 

. 8,543 

; ^^ 

. 11,177 
. 1,677 

; 24;478 

. 2.377 
. 1,879 
. 49,450 
. 6,272 
. 90,259 
. 95,803 
. 1,112 
. 2,945 
. 7,606 
. 2,101 
. 14,007 
. 1,308 
. 1,387 
. i;590 
. 15,311 
. 5,956 
. 18,625 
. 4,351 

. 1,717 
. 10,226 

; lifs 

. 1,068 
. 1,529 



. 994 

; ^'1?? 

. 1,829 
. 1,220 
. 2,739 

.; 951 

. . 12,018 































. 1,782 




. 1,104 


'. 18,411 
. 11,339 
. 2,521 



. 5,558 
. 2,062 
. 559. 
. 9,845 

; III 


: nil 
: 'ill 
: ''iU 

. 375 

: 5,??^ 

. 9,346 


. 2,118 

. 618 



. 2,151 
. 14,889 

. 2,005 
. 2,779 
. 1,365 
. 8,081 
. 3,246 


. 490 
. 5,182 
. 6,681 
. 4,022 


'. isiseo 

. 2,333 

! 2i475 
. 6,758 
. . 5,538 
















Longmeadow.. . . 

Montgomery. . , . 









Alford.'.'.'.'. !'.'.'. !' 



^Springfield. . . 




West Springfield 



Cummington. . . 












Great Barrington 









Mt. Washington. 
New Ashford.... 


•NuHh Adams. . 


Huntington... . 








' Wa"hing^ton'. '.'.'.! 
West Stockbridge 





West Newbury. 








South Hadley. . 

Westhampton. . 
WiUiamsburg. . . 
Worthington. . . 














Bernardston.. . . 


Charlemont. . . . 








Greenfield. . . 

Kt:t :::::::: 


;; 779 


♦FallRivek... . 

;; 344 




Carlisle '.'.'. 

Chelmsford. . . . 





♦New Bedford. 
North Attleboro 

Rehobot™; ;;;;;; 


New Salem 




Shutesbury .... 




. . 7,925 

;; 'if. 
:. '-'it 

.. 1,278 

.. 1,118 










Framingham. . . 










. 1,228 






. 48,907 


. 15,250 



. 6,770 



, 30,509 


. 16,880 




. 43,113 


North Reading. 

. 1,292 






. 2,251 




. 1.206 




. 1,812 



. 12,781 



. 16,515 



. 2,843 




. 2,330 



. 16,410 




Nanttjcket.. . . 

. 3,166 




. 2,164 




. 33,490 

. 5,623 

. 2,800 
. 11,043 


dedhTm .■::;.■: 

. 3,755 




. 6,440 


. 2,948 


: 2346 



. 8,600 
. 6„542 



N irtolk . . 

■ ,A;I^? 





*Quincy 40,674 

Randolpn 4,734 

Sharon 2,468 

Stoughton 6,982 

Walpole 5,490 

Wellesley 6,439 

Westwood 1,448 

Weymouth 13,969 

Wrentham 2,414 



Abington 5,646 

Bridgewater 9,381 

*Brockton 62,288 

Carver 1,701 

Duxbury 1,921 

East Bridgewater. 3,689 

Halifax 638 

Hanover 2,666 

Hanson 1,796 

Hingham 5,264 

Hull 2,290 

Kingston 2,580 

Lakeville 1,491 

Marijn 1,487 

Marshfield 1,725 

Mattapoisett 1,352 

Middleboro 8,631 

Norwell 1,563 

Pembroke 1,337 

Plymouth 12,926 

Plympton 599 

Rochester 1,160 

Rockland 7,074 

Scituate 2,661 

Wareham 5.176 

West Bridgewater 2,741 

Whitman 7,520 


OSTON 745,439 ( 

*Chelsea ■. . . 43,426 

*Revere 25,178 

Winthrop 12,758 

820,801 • 


Ashburnham 2,059 

Athol 9,78.5 

Auburn 3,281 

Barre 3,476 


























New Braintree... 



North Brookfield. 





















West Boylston. . . 
West Brookfield. . 
Winchendou . 


3,679 5,648 

13,192 13,075 

712 736 

2,179 2,152 

4,373 4.267 

39,656 37,826 

16,376 14,699 

6,250 5,705 

3,596 3,524 

1,104 1,034 

2,514 2,147 

2,663 2,188 






t Formerly part 




' Cities designated by an asterisk. Shii 


Barrington 2,982 

BniBTOL 10,302 

Warren 7,241 


Coventry 5,669 

East Greenwich. 3,604 

Warwick 13,302 

West Warwick . . . 15,782 
West Greenwich. . 509 



Jamestown 1,518 

Little Compton. . . 1,382 

Middletown 1,992 

♦Newport 30,472 

New Shoreham. . . 1,414 

Portsmouth 2,678 

Tiverton 4,409 


Burrillville 8,086 

♦Central Falls 23,708 

♦Cranston 26,940 

Cumberland 9,929 

East Providence. .18,584 

Foster 1,076 

Glocester 1,491 

Johnston 6,693 

Lincoln 10,149 

North Providence. 6,780 
North Smithfield. . 2,805 

♦Pawtucket 55,335 

♦Providence 247.660 

Scituate 3,342 

Smithfield 3,284 

♦Woonsocket 40,075 



Charlestown 901 

Exeter 904 

Hopkinton 2,496 

Narragansett 1,431 

North Kingstown. 3,931 

Richmond 1,458 

South Kingstown 6,497 
Westerly 10,176 



The Association of American 
Directory Publishers 

Organized November, 1898 

President, W. G. TORCHIANA, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1st Vice President, MRS. ANNIE M. MEEK, Salem, Mass. 
2d Vice President, JAMES L. HILL, Richmond, Va. 

Secretary -Treasurer, THEO. F. SMITH, St. Paul, Minn. 


Wm. E. Murdock, Boston A. V. Williams, Cincinnati 

W. H. Lee, New Haven J. L. Hill, Richmond 

R. L. Polk, Detroit D. W. Bowman, Akron 

R. H. Donnelley, Chicago W. G. Torchiana, Philadelphia 

B. D. Annewalt, Cleveland 


J. L. Hill R. H. Donnelley A. V. Williams 

The objects of the Association are a>i foUows : 

First: To improve the directory business by the interchange of ideas, and 
by the exchange of competent employees 

Second . To protect the public against fraudulent advertising schemes operated 
under the name of directories and to drive the promoters of such out of business. 

Third: To provide permanent and continuous employment for honest and 
faithful directorv canvassers. 

Fourth: For the mutual advancement of the established and prospective 
interests of all who may become members of the As.'sooiation 

July 1915 


Members of Association of \ 
American Directory Publishers 

Atkinson-Erie Dikectory Co 
Atlanta City Directory Co. 
Ballbnqer & Richards 
Boyd, W. H. Co. 
BuRCH Directory Co. 
Cahon Directory Co. 
Chicago Directory Co. 
Cleveland Directory Co. 
Courier Co. 
Drew-Alus Co. 
Eastern Directory Co. 
Fitzgerald, Thos. F. 
Gate City Directory Co 
Gould Directory Co. 
Hartford Printing Co 
Henderson Directories, Ltd. 
HiUi Directory Co. 
Howe, C. E Co 
Kimdall Directory Co. 
Los Angeles Directory Co 
Manning, H. A. Co. 
Meek, Henry M. Publishing Co 
Might Directories, Ltd. 
Minneapolis Directory Co. 
Piedmont Directory Co. 
Polk, R. L. & Co. 
Polk-Hustkd Directory Co 
PoLK-McAvoY Directory Co. 
Polk's Southern Directory Co 
Portland Directory Co. 
Price & Lee Co. 
Richmond, W. L 
Sampson & Murdock Co 
Soards Directory Co., lyro 
Utica Directory Publisuinq Co. 
WiLUAMS Directory Co. 
Worley John F. Directory Co. 
Wright Directory Co 

20| Marietta Av. 
321 Ger.-Am. Bldg. 
1369 Perkiomen Av. 

127 So. Thii-d St. 
Plymouth Court 
518-519 The Arcade 
197 Main St. 
452 Main St. 

33 W. State St 
1024 Wyandotte St. 
1324 Washington St 
16 State St. 

Mutual Building 
208 South 4th St. 

424 S. Broadway 

231 Main St 

60 Washington St 

74 Church St. 

903 Northwstn Bldg. 

19-21 Howard St. 
812 Broadway 

208 Meadow St. 
45 Warburton Av. 
246 Summer St. 
531 Natchez St. 
227 Arcade Bldg 
220 E. 4th St. 
373 Commerce St. 
107 Wisconsin St 

Erie, Pa. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Denver, Colo. 
Reading, Pa. 
Akron, Ohio. 
Louisville, Ky. 
Chicago, 111. 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Buffalo, N. Y. 
Worcester, Mass. 
Wilmington, Del. 
Trenton, N. J. 
Kansas City, Mo. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Hartford, Conn. 
Winaipeg, Manitoba, Can 
Richmond, Va. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Watertown, N. Y. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
Springfield, Mass. 
Salem, MasS 
Toronto, Ontario, Can 
Minneapolis, Minn 
Asheville, N. C. 
Detroit, Mich. 
Oakland, Cal. 
Omaha, Neb. 
Little Rock, Ark. 
Portland, Me. 
New Haven, Conn. 
Yonkers, N. Y. 
Boston, Mass. 
New Orleans, La. 
Utica, N. Y. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Dallas, Texas 
Milwaukee, Wi», 


ad(W. R.), I *ABh (Essex et. sta.). ftt>n 
1 Tfleodore Parker Road. ! 19 Bennet to 16 Oak,Ward ^ 
Ward 23 I 


405 First Baptist Chu 

•Atlantic Avenue • (1 

Boston, 711 to end Essex st. 
fta.).tr. junction Commercial 
and Eastern Avenue to Knee- 
land, Ward 5 
2 Eastern Avenue 

' Street* 

* Indicates public hlehways 

See explanation, paK« IT 


wayl, trom l»n> Boylsto; 
to 100 Mounttort, Ward 8 
2 1 Boyltton 

as Qiieensbcr 

521; 519 Mounttort 


Neponeet Avenue* 




Main to Prison Point Brid?*^ 
Odd numbers Ward 3. Even 
numbers Ward 4 

I Uaina 
12 Seminarv 

19 Lynde Avenue 
Ch. 31 Lawrence 
44 53 Ruthertbrd A v. 
C3 Waahinetoi- 

Prison Point Bridi 

B.&H. K. B. n. d 

100 Front 

(> Railroad crossing 
AUBtin (Fenway), trom 437 

Pilgrim Road, Ward 14 
A 111.1 in I Mat.), trom Canter. 

'f,^^. ■ 

90 89£ 
102 101 1 
lid ( 
116 115 J 
Sch. I 
128 127 W. Third 

- ton 


138 137 Bolton 

Hyde ParK Av.# to Neponset 
river. Ward 24 
Back (Back Bay), trom 67 

from Common- 
Boylston,« West- 
le, Huntington Av. 

^'illis to 11 

' Bakerafield 

Corner), ti-om 28 \ 

Stoughton. Ward 11 

" WUlis 
211 Hinckley 
32 Mayfleld 
46 Momll 
58 Trescott 

Bald Knob Koad C 

P ), from Turtle Pond Roe 

Ward 24 

Baldwin (Chsn.),ft-om 4 

Rutherford Av. to 502 Me 

' Bartlett (Chsn.), from 29 
Monument SqusretnWalker, 

Rutherford Av. 

Bunker Hill School 
Bunker Hill* 
Idwin, from Granite 

ill (All 

at loss* 


229 Longwood Ai 
•Avery (Essex St. Sta.). ft. 
685 Washingt 'O* to 174 Tre- 
mont, Ward 5 


472 W»Bbir 
Chauncy* ^ 


Avondule I»lace (Dot. 

Center). fr..m 13 Kichmono to 

Bellows Place, Ward 21 
Ayr Rnnd (Coolidge Cor.) 

ftom 1914 Beacon* to Orkuey 

Road, Br., Ward 25 
•B Street (S. B.),from 282 

Dorchester Av. to CouKTess, 

Ward 9 

1 W. Seventh 

2 Dorchester Av.* 
12 11 Tudor 
2« 26 W. Sixth* 
38 Chestnut Place 


J ,-JOr^j I 

Dorchester _ _ _ _ 

Washington* Ward 21 [, 

Balnbrldge (Chsn.),tron- 
"i« Cbelses to 29 Moulton „ ,, 
■ri i Ballard 

changed to 

Baldwin Place (Hano- 
ver), trom 116 Salem, Ward ; 

Baldwin Place, irom ; 
Baldwin, Ward 9 

Baldwin Place (Br.), tt 
374 Washington,* Ward 25 

*Kaltour (Upham'sCorner) 
) Dalkeith, 

Ward . 

ridee (Ro 

to T57 Wal 


57 Mayfair 


MJi Park 
Baird (Dor ), fr. 
Hill Av. to Morton, 
•Baker (W R), trom.Cen- 


I n'oeli'tr. • " 
I Elmwuod 

I ' Belle Av. 
157 Hart"' 

V,Td 23 

471 Keith Av. 

S21 Lasell 
) Capital 

555 Temple 

597 Brook Farm Road 

641 St. Joseph's Cemetery 
> Martin Luther Home 
1 Newton line 

Bodwell t 

Ward 17 
Baker Court (J. P.), f 

2 Oermania, Ward 22 
Baker Park (Uphi 

Comer), trom 49 E. Cott 

) from ll.'> Bird, now 
)f Alexander 

■ Place (Upham's 83 Willow Court, 


■ Place (W. R), ft. 

_ Ballon Pla( 

Balsam (Dor. ).fr. 1080 Blue 

HillAv.*to Ashton,Wd.2l 
Baltimore (Dor. Center), 

ft 90 Beaumont to Elm Road, 

Ward 20 
•Bancroft (Box.). It. 1828 

Columbus Avenue* to 43 W. 

Walnut Park, Ward 15 

94 91 Sullivan 
22 125 Walker 
•Bartlett (R 

66 65 Lambert . 
66 Blanchard 
71 Dudley* 
-- Johi ■'■■ ■ 
Billings ti 
Bartlett Place (Hano- 
verl, trom us Salem to 16 N. 
Wiget and 16 Cooper, Wd 5 
ilartlett Square (J P.), 



from 2497 Wash.* 


-- Barton r 
76 Milton 

V , 

67 Barton 

3 Milton, Ward 5 

29 Leveretl* 
"i Chambers 
' Barton Court 


. opp. 125 South Hunting- 
ton av * toCranford, Wd 14 
Bagto Xerrace (Ros.), 
from 835 South, Ward 23 
Hatavia (Fenway), from 
33 St. Stephen to 110 Hemen- 
way. Ward 7 

Batchelder (1 to 13 Rox. 
15 to end llpham's Comer), 
from r2Clilton to68 Burrell, 

Batcbelder Xerr; 

11 rarx, ward 15 (Rox.), fr. 147 Marcella, 

eld Av. (Mat.), from I Centre. Ward 15 

Barnard Place (S. I 

trom 540 E. Third, Ward i 

Barrett Av. (S. 

Barrows (Alls.), fr. Csm- 
bridge, opp Union Square, to 

•Barry (Upham's Corner), 
ft. 425 Ouincy to 42 RichQeld, 
Ward IS 



•Barry (11. P. , Horn 1378 

River* toH. R., Ward24 
Barry Court (Sta. A), ft 

1250 Washington.* Ward 6 
Barr3' Park (Upham's 

Cor.), fr. 10 Barry, Ward IS 
Baratow (Alls.), from 36 

Saunders, Ward 26 

Batea Place (Rssei st. 

eta.).tt. 9 Kneeland,* Wd. 5 
Batea Place (Rox. Cross. 

ingl, trom 206 Koxbury,* 

Ward 13 
*Batb. fr Post Otflco So. * 

Ward 5 

• Battery (Hanover), fr. 445 
Hanove.* to North ferry. 
Ward 5 

* Batteryin 

2 "water 

1 Liberty Sou 
Crab Alley 



I Al 

15 Milk 

68 67 FranWin 

76 75 Wendell 

• Baxter (S. B.), from Old 
Colony av. to 208 t, • Wd. 9 

Baxter Place (Essex St. 
sts.), trom 25 Harvard. Wd. 6 

Bay (Essex st. sta.), from 66 

s public highways 

Soutli Sydney 
See explanation, page 1*7 


Buv State Plui-e (S B I, j Ltfl.lligla. 

lyoT. 543 E. First, Wiird 9 807 MsiUand 

■♦BayStiiteltoadlFen- j,.. Miner 

f !? S?'„'!!'l"' ^ I W9 87e luduhoS Road 

96 99 Deerfleld 
160 147 Sherborn 
SH 211 Oranby 

Bay View Place (I 6.W E. Eighth, Wi 
Bay View Place 

Baysirie lUpha 

6 Englewood Av. 
IS71 1S8CI Sirnthmore Road 
1914 AyrKoad 

•Beacon (H. P.) 

FairmountAv. toJ 
Ward 24 

Fairmount A 
14 9 Warren Av. 

*BeethoTeii (Rox.)i from 

Held to Mt. Benedict Ceme 
tery. Ward 23 
► Belcher Lane, from 36t 

*Belden (Upham 'a Corner), 

from 7(X) Dudley,* Ward 11 
BeKlen Square (Tip- 

numbers Ward 


the water, Ward 17 
•Bayi»water (E. B.), trom 
1019Sanitnin at R R., Orient 
Height., Ward 1 
• Beach (Chsn.). 
Medtoro Ward 3 
' Beach,* (Essex 
■om tff2 Waihin^t 
■ tlartic Av., Ward 5 


140 m Milton 1: 


6 ' 53 Saxton 
Belerade (Rob ), Ir 

Belgrade Av. to 118 

Ward 23 

irom tff2 Waihinirt... to 719 

fVom MS , Keale (Dor. Cen.), from 
1982 DorcheBIer *»-• to the 
St. ata.1. I railroad, WardiO 

Bearse Avenue (Dor. 

•Beaufort Road (■>?)' 


se Oxford 
67 Hudson 

68 Oliver Place 

72 Edinboro' 

82 Kingston 

78 83 Albany 

90 United States Hotel 

96 9i Lincoln* 
104 107 Utica 
124 121 South* 
140 151 Atlantic Av.* 
* Beach (Dor.), ti-oin ] 
Freepon to Park, Ward 20 
Beach Place (Chsn.), 
24 Beach, Ward 3 

435 to 997 Fci.itay to em 
Boulevard), trutn 63 Tre 

Chestnut Uill Reaervoir anc 
Newton line. Odd_nui 

Place, Ward 22 

i Carruth 

60 Pinehurat 

Dor.Cen.),fr. i 122 PcnUeld 
HI Adams, * ! 149 WalMortl 

(Back Bay), from 

137 W. Glenwood 

170 167 West Glenwood 
•Beck (E. B.) fr. end of Bre- 
men to 647 Chelsea, Ward 1 

Becket (Dor. Cen.), fVom 

Bunker Hill* to 376 Med- 
ford. Ward 3 

Belmont Sq. (E. B.l, 
trom 188 Webster* to «S6 
Sumner,* Ward 2 
Belmore Terrace 
(J ¥.)Jr. 14 Boylaton to Oak 
view Terrace, Ward 15 

IM Maaa 
Newton, t 

35 Jefferson Place 
38 Monaatery 
42 Bennet Place 

37 Corey Av, 
48 51 Hamaon Av. • 
Bennet Place (Eaaex at. 
Bta ), tron. 42 Bennet, Wd. .i 

• Kennett (Br.), fVom S63 
Market* acroea Parsons, 


Bennett Place (E. B.), 
from 24 White, Ward 1 

• Bennington (£. B.), ti. 
20 Central Souare to Revere 
Line, 1 to 264 Ward 2. 265 to 
end Ward). Cars from Cen- 
tral 80. to Revere line 

1 Porter 
2 Central Square* 

73 London 
82 Marion 
127 Havre 

Anawan At. 
Bell Court (S.B.), from 104 

D, Ward 9 
Belle Avenue (W.R.), Ir 

94 Baker, Ward 23 
•• BellevuetDpham's Cor 

across Hamilton at 66, 1 to .!6 

300 281 Chelsea* 

263 Day Saua; 

—• Chelsea* 
t Bremen 
I Railroad Brtd 
I Neptune Ro. 

to 22 
926 Ward 8 ; 
Brookline; all 

Mt. Vernon 

State House 

, g 28 Hancock Avenue 

= u 42 Someraet Club 
Bg 49 Spruce 
»a 66 Charles 

) Otter 

) Berkeley 
) Clarendon 

92 65 Kingston* 
87 Columbia 
105 Lincoln 
4C Summer* 

Beech (1 to 73 W. R., 76 
to end Ros.), trom 1743 
Centre to Horlor, Ward 23 
Care trom Centre to Belgrade 

Bellevue (W. H.) 
Centre to the watei 
Ward 23 

I Rutledge 
S7 Maxfleld 
119 Landseer 

619 Byr< 
661 Wor 
lOoe Saratoga* 
1010 Breed 

1074 Ashley 

1130 Levden 
1154 Walley 

Railroad bridge 

Benson (Br.), fr. 32 Antwerp 

to 35 Litchfield, Ward 26 
•Bentham Koad (Dor. 



(Ros.). I 
Brook to 

397 400 Gloucester 
433 426 Hereford 

Ch. Mt. Vernon Church 


180 NewbuTg 

200 Weatboume 

218 Eaatboum 

282 Orange 

3U6 Roslindale Av 
933 NikiBcn Avenue 

350 CyllrlB. 
« Washington* 

433 Farrington Av. 
444 Kittredge 

446 QranTiUe 

471 Grand View 

485 Wiggin 

515 Clarendon Av. 

Beecher (J. P.), from 48 
Boylston to Paul Gore, 

• Beech-CIIen (Rox.), tr. 
60 Fori Av. to 181 Highland, 
Ward 15 

Beechwood (Grove Hall), 
trom Geneva Av. near rail- 
road. Ward IS 

171 Cypress 

Shaw to li Sparhawk, Wd. 26 
« Kenton(Rox. Crossing), ft. 
9S3Tremont* to 708 Colum- 
bus Av.,* Ward 13 
•Berkeley (1 to99SU.A, 
101 to end %ack Bay),lT.49? 
Tremont to 147 Beacon. 1 to 
2::0 Ward 7. 221 to end Ward 
8. Cara from Tremont to 

Scenic Temple 

42 ^^ Appleton 

49 Theo. Park 
63 Lawrence 
68 73 Chandler 

r Memorial 

iom85 Revere, | 204 

Bellows Pla 


Corner), from 198 Al 
Corey Rd., Ward 26 

284 Nat. Hiat. Buildi 

237 Hotel Kempton 
242 247 Newbury 

288 Firat Church 
»92 299 Marlboro 
316 316 Beacon 

s public highways 



M4 Harvard Ward 1 

"•Birch (Ros.). Irom 2Bel- 
^de A».» to 172Duclley Av., 


Grove, Ward 3 
* Bird (Upham'B Comer), 
fr. 25 Hancock* to ISO Mag- 

•Blosaom (North 8ta.),fYom 
193 Cambridee to 38 Allen. 

2 1 Cambridse* 

5 BloBaom Court 

U Emmet Place 

13 Adame Place 

15 Ward Room 

16 Hancock PUce 

28 29 Parkman 

117 Pilgrim Road* to Riv. 
way, *ard H 

Berry (Dor.), tr. Loren: 

(Ro8.), fr b50 Ca 
to Sutton, Ward 23 
(Roa). from 329 C( 
J Aldrlch,Ward23 
rom (Dor). Irom 
Neponset Av.« Ward 20 
Bertram (Alls). Ir. 216 
Harvard to Reaa, Ward 2 

'Berwick Piirk(Sta. 

Bridee, Wd. 5 
48 29 Travers 
16 107 Cauiewav 

1 Lovejoy Place 

■ Bickerntaff (F 

from 14 Haviland 
Ward 7 
•BIckford (Roi. Croieing), 

70 Bromley Park 

Lucretia Crocker Sch. 
106 Plant Avenue 

Bickford A.veiiue (Rox 

165 Harvard 
Ward 10 
BIcknell A^venue (Rox. 

CroBfl ). from »1 Roxbury* 

208 207 Brook. 
•Blllerirn I North . 

54 Cii.«,fway« to 29 

Ward .! 

BUI. <'ourt (Rox. 

from 301 RueffleH, W>i 
•Blltmore (J. P), 

Chestnut Av- to 291 

tine. Ward 22 
Blnfor^l, tVoni 241 i 

Railroad. Ward 9 
Blnney (Fenwavl, I 

FranciB lo and ocrne* 

! Monadnock 

Cedar Plate 


' Midland Div. 

- _ across Everet 
Ward 22 

Parks to Gibson* Ward 20 

Blaban Place (Chsn.), I 
Irom 94 Pearl, Ward 3 

*Blackinton (£. B.),t¥om 
Bennington to Leyden, Wd I 
* Blackstone (Hanover), 
I Clinton 
. Fulton 

1396 Hiawatha Road 

1461 Almont 
1488 CoUine 
1485 Haven Avenue 

Railroad Bridge 
St. Angelas Chureb 
1519 Chester Park 
! Fremont 

1537 Reiford 


Hodge's Court 
1619 Oakland r 

12. Odd 67 to 565 Ward 16, 
567 to 789 Ward 22. Even 1: 
to 310 Ward 17, 312 to 4: 
Ward 18, 478 to 870 Ward 1 

t 8q.* 

t Square, Wd. , 

) end Ward 21. Odd 1 

I Woodville 

125 Alaska 
I West Cottaee 

139 Waverli 

'Blackwood (Fenway), 
irom 1^ St. Botolph to N. y ., 
N. H. ]. H. R. B., Ward 7 

' Blasden (Back Bay), tr. 

Copley Square* t 

Hall), changed to Westwood 

Vanderbilt Av. 
74 Rutledge Road 
84 85 Ruskin Road 
94 Roanoke Road 
opp.107 Ridge Road 


Corner), from 70 Boston* 


* Blunchard 

66 Bartlett lo 
Ward 15 
Blanchard (Readv... 

Bunker, across Norton, Wd. 

WardV * 

to 60 Greenbrier Ward 19 
BlounilDKlon (Dor.),tTo 
34 Tolman. to Howe, Wd ; 

935 Paiton 

) Claxton 

1009 Greenock 
10311 Fabyan 

1071 Hansborough 

1089 .Tohnston Road 

1090 Balaam 
1107 Wilcock 
1109 Havelock 

1 Place 
Mattapan Sq. 
1671 River* 
•Blue Hill Co 

to Wolcott, War 
*Board A.lley (Hanover), 
ft-. 237 Hanover* tol66North, 

*Boardman (E. B.},fl-om 
Bennington.* June. Sara- 
toga to Leyden, Ward 1 

■ Bodwell (Upham'a Cor. 
ner), Irom 410 Columbia 
Road* to 92 Bird, Ward 17 

Bolsler (J. P.). from 10 

1 West Second 
9 Bolton Place 
7 Bolton Court 
49 B Street 
100 99 C Street 

Coolidge Place 
i D StreSt 
200 199 E Street 

T F Street 

I Dorchester 
Bolton Coiirs (S B.),fVom 

7 Bolton, Ward 9 
Boltou Place (Chan.), 

from 133 High, Ward 3 
Bolton Place (8. B.), fr. 

9 Bolton, Ward 9 
• Bond (Sta. A), tr. 4 Milford 

to 9 Hanson, Ward C 
•Border i 


! Atlantic Wharf 
I East Boston Dry Dock 
109 Decatur 
122 York's Whan 
170 G. McQueaten Co. 'WhI. 
178 Suffolk Coal Co. Wharf 

179 Central Square 
192 Huckin's Wharf 

230 Weeks' Wharl 
266 Shacklord's Wharf 
—I Lexingloi 
Oreen'i'V .. 
296 N. T. and 1 

270 Green's Wharl 
■«. T. an- - 

822 Sturlcvant's Wharf 
3'.!3 Eutaw 
1 Nay's Wharl 

389 White 
) Boston Tow Boat Co.', 
409 W. Eagle 

from River* beyond Knight. 
Ward 24 
Bordealey Terrace 

(Br.), fr.afo Western Av.,* 
Ward 26 

'Boston * (1 to 61 S. B.. 
lo end Upham's Corner), 
fVom 687 Dorchester Av. lo 
Edward Everen Sq.. Ward 11 
2 Andrew Square* 
25 Ellery 

68 Ralston 

Railroad Bridge 

66 BlaKe Terrace 

80 Power 


Boston St.— Con 

230 Mayhew 

ovrdotn Avenue 

rove Halt), from 21 Elden 
2Bowdoin« Ward 20 


939 H' 
945 Fi 

939 Hereford 

" " Fire EnpineSS 
Police Sution 
- ilroad Bride 


Souare, • fr. 

bet. Court, Char- 
[i,aiid Cambridge, 

Rumford Road 
Muddy River 

I Maa8achusett§ Av • 

Charles, # Beacon. 

Boston riiii-e (S. B.), fr. , 
Sic Dorchester,* Ward 1 1 , 

trom 9a Tre- | 

» 43 Provinc*:. Wd. .1 l 

•Bonrne (Rob. 

Hill to 831 Cant* 

Ward 22. 

Weet Bourue Terrace 
South Bourne Road 

119 Wallace ParH 

1S5 Catharine 

169 HaUiday 

Ward 5 
•Bow en 

ot 128 C 1 
1 to 246 
Ward 10 

Warren lo 148 Walnut 
Ward 16 

Bower Place 
Conuns Terrace 

Spring Terrace 
Humboldt Av • 

132 131 Walnut Av. 

Bower Fark (Rox ) 
16 Bower, Ward 16 

Bower Place (Rox.) 

Brookline Av. • 
Centre •to3l59WaBhiT 

Belmore Terrace 

100 95 1 

St. Peters 
37 Burr 

ConertJKatlonal Church 

Bovlaton Place 
1) Dalrymple 
5 Bismarck 

! Bower Terrace (J. P-) 

I trom 78 South, Ward 22 
• Bowfeer (North Sta.). fi 

(Dot. Center) 

< 114 Melville Box 

Bowman (Dor.) 
Blackwell to 37 CI 
, Ward 20 

< 114 Melville 
Av.. Ward 20 
'Boutwell (Dor.). from 209 ! 
Neponaet Av.» to 132 Train, 

Beacon. Odd number 
8. Even numbers Wa 
4 1 Cambridpe* 

I BoylHlon Place (Essex 
■ i St. Sta.), trom IM BoylBlon, 
I I Ward 8 

,J BoylHton Place (J. P.). 
\ I trom lfi6 BoylBton, Ward 15 

I Boylston Road, contin- 
uation of Boylsion Street 
BoylMton Square (Essex 

1 ' St Bta.),trom667WafllAngton 
• to 22 BoyUton.WardS 

Penniman Road 

• Branch, from 17 Charles* 
to 4 Spruce, Ward S 

Branch (Dor. Center), trom 
24 Medway to Butler, Ward 21 

• Brattle • trom 77 Court 
tn 137 Washington. Ward 5 

1 2 Court 
26 Marston House 

32 Franklin Avenue 
47 Quincy House 

51 Brattle Square 

*Bratl1e Square, ft. 31 

Brattle* to 16Elm, Ward 5 

• Bray (Rox.), trom 3023 
Washington • to Columbua 
Avenue.* Ward 15 

«Breek Av. {Br I ftom614 
Washington toLangley Road 

trom 1010 

■Breed ( 

■Breed Square 

junction Benningto 

Bremen Place 
; Maverick 


(£. B. 


Ward?" d 

Younz Men'aCh. Union 
53 Masonic Tempi 

nton (J 

I, Ward 22 

i-kett (Br. 

Hotel Touraine 


161 Tebroc 
: BlakeviUi 
I Shepherd 

2U Norton 

Cottage Park 


246 247 Hami^ti 

FarocHial School 
281 Mt. Ida Road 
296 Mt- Ida Terrace 
316 Quincy 

Ch. St. Peter'B Church 

S39 Eaton Square 

Colonial Theatre 
Walker Building 

Voae Building 
Steinert Hall 

Wauban Building 
White'a Building 
Hollander Building 
Hotel Thorndike 

419 Warren Chambera 
420 Berkeley Building 
442 425 Berkeley • 

Nat. History Building 

581 Weslejan Building 

• to 360 Faneuil. 

' Rrudford (Sta. A), fro 
4a Walthani to 254 Shawm 

• Brudlee (Dor. Center),! 

opp. 3t3 Waehingtontt 

37 School. Ward 19 
"Bradlee (H. P.). Jrom 

Thatcher to Jalleison, Wd. 

High Bock 

nen Place (E. B.), 

24 Bremen, Ward 2 
man Place (9.B.), 

658 W»«h 
Ward ;0 

Ward 26 

688 687 Eieter 

739 Boylston Chambera 
301 Fairfield 

889 Oloucealer [Clu 

939 Tentiia and Racqu' 

' Bradahaw (Orove Hall) 
from 125 Olenway to 58 Ee 
mood. Ward 19 

Ay • Ward 2 

(Coolidge (Corner), tr. Com- 
monwealth Av.» to 14 ChiB- 
wick Road. Ward 26 

•• BraKdon (Roit.),tr. 3003 
Waeh.« toll4 Amory,'Wd. 15 

Brahma. (Rob.), from 4589 


53 i 
•Brewer (J- P.), fr.20Bur- 

roughB to 21 Eliot, Ward 22 
• Brewaler (S. B.), from 

601 Ea.t Seventh to 626 Eaat 

Eighth,* Ward 10 
Bridee (Rob.), ftora 664 

Canlfrbury to 319 Walk Hill 

•Bridee (H. P.), from 67 

Water to R. R., Ward 24 
Bridtfe Court (North Bta.)_, 

BrlEKa Place (S 

lElra I 

.2 STiaw 

> Brleham ( E. B.),*Tom 171 
Webster,* to Ruth, Ward 2 

Brigham Circle (Rox 
Crossing), junction Hunting 
ton Avenue, Tremont, Fran 

•* BrlKhtc 

95 Cambric 
well. Ward 

12 Cald- 

* indicates public hlghwaya 

B. ft L. freight depot 

66 Brighton-st. Place 

88 85 Chambers 

yO Barton Court 

106 Brighton-Bt. Ayenuo 
108 Milton 
114 119 Poplar 
138 143 Allen 

See explanation, page J 7 



Brlehlnn Avenue 

Av. • to 50;i Cambridge.'W; 

2 1 Commonwealth Av.« 
36 StLukcs Road 
50 Fordtiam Road 
67 Chester 

110 9S Linden 
148 147 Barrard Avenue* 
Park Vale Avenue 
190 Quint A». 

228 Mechanic 

2A5 BaptTst Church 
iH 2f<l Cambridge* 
BrlKhton.Ht. Avenu 
(North sta.), ti-. 105 Bright* 
to 15 Auburn, Ward 5 
BrlKhton-Bt. Plac 
(North Ha.), tr. 66 Brighto 
Ward 5 
•Brimmer (Back Bay). I 
102 Pinckney to 86 Beaco 

2 1 Pinckney 
30 Ch. of the Advent 
42 Mt, Vernon 
45 Oae Place 

60 69 CheBtnut 

142 Washineton to 153 Co- 
lumbia Roaa, Ward 19 
•Briatol (Sta. A), ft-om 442 
Harrison Av.,» t. 865 Albany 

• Broad. I1-. 117 State to 316 
Atlantic Avenue, Ward 5 

7 Doone 

20 21 Central 

37 Water 

77 Batterymarch 
96 Franklin 

Broad Exchange bids. 
Wharf Street 
107 Wendell 
- iport Street 

120 Intfia Stiuare 

1119 High 
140 175 Atlantic Avenoe* 
•Brontlwuy • (1 to 101 

Essex St. Sta , 103 to end S. 
B.),rrom W8 Washington to 
lfl9 Dorchester av., Wds. 5, 6, 
See also East Broadway 

and West Broadway 

Branch Publicl 
Harrison Av.» 

I Public Library 

53 Albany 

Broadway Bridge 
169 Dorchester Av. • 
Brodbine Avenue, Ir. 

307 Dudley • Ward 12 
Broderlek Alley, from 

490 Commercial* Ward 5 
• Bromfleld fr. 369 Waah- 

ington to 102 Tremont, Wd. 5 

2 1 Washington* 
29 Province 

62 73 • 

••Bromley (Ro: 
i¥. 42New Heatt. across oroi 
ley Park. Ward 15 
•Bromley Parh. (Ro 
Crossing), from Albert 
70 BickTord, Ward 1.'. 
2 1 Albert 
20 19 Bromley 

Hope, Ward 24 

Brook AveniK 

Kox 61 to end Lpha 

North Avenue 
66 West Cottage 
86 Uouldville Terras 
89 Victor 
96 Robinson Place 

Krook Farm Road 

(W. R.), from Corey to 69; 
Baker. Ward 23 

22 Worley 



r, NewSeld 



Broobdale (RosJ.trom 19 

Florencf to 161 sycamore 

Ward 23 
•Broobfleld (Ros.) fron 

830 South to South Fairview 

Ward 23 
• Brookl'ord (Up_h am ■ 

-7 He 
1 Bl.._ 
■ Randlett Place 

*Brookledee(Grove Hall) 
from 268 Humboldt Avenue* 

(Fenway), tr. Beacon, junc. 
Commonwealth Av to Brook- 
line line. I to Muddy River, 
Wards, to end Wsrd 14. Cars 
from Boylslon to Riverway 
8 Newbury 

60 Lansdowne 
80 59 Jersey 

123 Burlington Av. 

n fl Audubon Road 
Muddy River 

' Rrookalde Avenue (J 

22 Gemiania 

Catholic Church 
50 Montehelto Road 
61 Minton 
79 Cornwall 
98 Ophlr 

• Brookvlew (Dor. Cen.) 
Harvard, Ward 21 

Brown iRox.), (torn 7( 
Hunnemai., Ward J2 

• Brown Avenue (Ros.) 
(rom 284 Poplar to Florence 
Ward 23 



Bullard (Readv.) 

to Cross, Ward 24 
Bullock (S. B.),t 

Blanchard, Ward 2 
Blanct ard 

21 Seymour 


'SrownlnK Aveni 

(Dor. Center), f;om 39 Bei 
ard to w; Wales. Ward 19 

Bl Short 
Longwood A v. 
-T Long^o. • ~ 

331 Short 

429 Longwood Terrace 

SO 31 Morris 

72 75 Bennington* 

I Victor 

' Robinc 

188 139 Dudley* 

224 227 Condor 

Brooka (Dor. Center), Ir. 72 

Parkman. Welti 20 
Brooks (Rob.), trom New- 

Ward 26 


19 Parkma 
30 Hottou 

67 Gerrisb 

133 Upland Road 
1611 161 Faneuil 

Brooks IPIuce (North 
sta.), rrom 218 Cambridge* 
I BrookBdule BoudlBr.), 

trora 17 Ranelegh 
I Parse ~ • - ■ 

Parsons. Ward 2 

Bruee (Dor. Center), ir. 324 
Ashmont to HI Wrentham. 
Ward iO 

■truce (W. R). from Joy to 
Ricker. Ward 23 I 

•Brunawick (Grove 
Halll. fr.6-2 Warren* 10 244 
Columbia Road, * Wards 16, 

126 Lexington Av 
"~* '"3 Monument 

Monument La 

r Everett 

JelTerson Av. 


74 75 Blue Hill Av. 
116 113 Normandy 
214 215 Columbia Road 

tr. 1944 Dorchester Avenue.* 

■Bryant (Fenway and Ro 
Crossing I. from 200 Hemei 
way to 245 Rugg'es, Ward 7 

151 Farnum Place 
165 Ruggles 

224 School 
236 2S7J Pearl 

247 Allston 
258 Sullivan 

259 Cook 

285 Sackville 

296 Belmont 
316 Clark's Court 
818 Bunker Hill Court 

303 St. Fiancis de Si 
R. C. Church 

329 N Mead 
330 Mead 

371 St. Martin 
366 Auburn 

387 Walnut 
408 401" Baldwin 

Engine House 
Hillside Place 


36 Wain 
Av.,* Ward 16 
Buffalo (Br.), from 1 

I Lancers' Armory 
. Bulflnch Place 
Inch Place (Not 
doin. Ward 5 
Hard (Orove Hall). 

• Indicates public highw 

i partly public 

Bunker Hill Terrace 

(Chsn ),lrom23Tutts,Wd. 4 
'Bnrbank (Sta A). fh>m 

40 Buckingham, Ward 7 
• BurKeas (Uphams Cor- 
ner), fi-om 636 Dudle) • to 
98 Clifton, Wd. 12 
Burvoyne (Dor. Center), 
fr. 104 Beaumont to 105 Elm 
Road. Ward 20 

Burke*a Court (E. B.), 
■' •Vari2 
rfcliar^lt (J. 


(Ros.). from 26 Montclair Av. 

near Centre. Ward 23 
Burlington Avenue 

(Fenway), tr. 123 Brookllne 

Av. to 8. * A. R.R. Ward S 
Burmah (Mat.), from 628 

River* to 95 Edgewaler 

Drive, Ward 24 
"Burnett (J. P.). trom 3663 

to 3586 Wash.* Ward 22 
* Burney (Rox. Crossing), 

fr. 1602 Tremont* to .>9 Delle 

Av.. Ward 14 

See explanation, page 1? 

trom 476 E. Third, Ward 9 

• Burr ( J P.), tr. 37 BoylBt 
SsoBpringParkAi.,*d.2J 10| lOT 

Barr Roud fRoa.l from I 144 145 

899 C«nterburv. Ward 24 1 i62 163 Gold 

Burr Oak I'ark 1 Grove 

Ward 16 

• Burrell (Rox.), from 616 
Dudley* to Z53 Norfolk A»., 
Ward 12 

34 3^ Clifton 

71 Bntihelder 
102 N.)rt .Ik Av. 
Bnrrill riat-e (S. B.).rT. 
lU I Street. Ward 10 

• BurrouKha (J P.), tr. 6»7 
Centrt* to Pond. Ward 22 

• Burt (Dor. Center). Ir. 119 
Aihinont to 794 Wash., • 
Ward 21 

•Burloii (Br.l. 721 
Wa.niDBton. Ward 511 


C Street (S. B ), f*om Old 
Colony Avenue to Con- 
KresB.Wardli CarafromW. 
Seventh to W. Fourth 

61 Baxter 
r4 75 W. Seventh* 
■ 96 Tudor 


216 219 1 
242 243 1 

292 293 W. Second 

Cambridite • (Chan.), tr. 
574 Main to Someryille line, 
Ward 3 
2 Main* 

Sullivan Square 
12 Rutherford Av. 
B.F.Tweed School 
29 Sever 

81 Clinton Place 

95 Brighton 


I CreecenI 

bridpe Bride*. 

t MoBi Place 
Coolidge Av( 

to 13 Linden 

Canton, Ward 6 
*Buahnell(Dor Center), fr. 

197 Aahmontto 11 Weyanoke, 

Ward 20 
16 Lombard 
33 Rowena 

Radford Lane 

■a (H P.), f 
,t railroad bri 
r,« Ward 24 

Bnasey Park (Roa.). 
Bnaaey, Walter, South 

Richmond to Voae, 

US Cabot Place 

127 Weaton 
154 146 Rugglee 

155 Hampehire 
178 Dallaa Place 
188 Church Place 

196 Whittier 
Enirine House No. 13 

203 Cabot-at. Bath House 

' 224 225 Vernon 

8. Rueaell 
■ N. Ruaaell 

Brooke Place 
l.awrence Place 

79 Bearae 
83 Voae 
Butler Avenue ( 

at 1028 to Bern 

268 28T Linden Park 
Cabot PlaceCRox.Croaa.). 
j fr. im Cabot to 97 Warwick. 
Ward 13 
• Cnlder (Dor. Center), from 
1 30 Canterbury to 819 Blue 
Hill Av.« Ward 21 
Calder Place (J. P.),lTOm 
307 Chestnut Av., Ward 22 

Main to 69 Perkina, ' 


Croab.v Place 
69 Carolina Avenue 

Washington* to B. » P R. R. 
All even numbers and odd 
lumbers to 1.39 Ward 13. Odd 
numbers 141 to end Ward 7 
2 1 Waahiiifton 
10 Grant Place 
18 Wirth Place 
42 41 Shawmut Avenue* 
72 NorthSeld 

103 Northampton Place 
Sch. Everett School 
Ch. St. Paul's Baptist Ch. 
132 139 Tremont* 
179 Columbus Avenue* 
195 Dilworth 

212 N.V.,N. H.SH. R.B. 

lace (Sta. A), 

1822 Washington* Wd. 12 

Cameron (Upham'a Cor- 

Road to Stimson 
ipbell Place ( 

46 Market 

98 Traverse 
190 Causeway* 
Cannon (Chsn.), from 


Butler Place (Hanover), 

trom 144 Prince, Ward 5 
Batler Row. trom 3 Chat- 




(Chsn.). froi 


from 26 Tuck 
Ward 21 

291 Cambridge-8t. 
L.indall Place 
West Cedar 

Igt Lneiojuncnon waan- , 
on and winship. Odd | 
even numbers to B & A i 
R and odd Bumbers 679 I 
nd Ward 26. Odd num- , 
i from B A A R. R. to 677 i 

153 Windom 

175 Sorrento 
217 North Harvard 
296 Roya! 
311 Mansfield 
325 Lincoln 

over), trom 63 North Margin, 

■♦Byuner (Rox. Cross. ).tr.20 
Creighton to Jamaica Way. 


So. Huntington Av. • 
'•Byron (E, B.).trom Pope 

to Coleridge. Ward 1 
Bvron (Back Bay), trom 10 
River to 70 Brimmer, Wd. 8 

1 Tremont* June 1 

121 St. Alphonsus 

224 Parker 
Calvert Place (Bta 

Calvin Place (S B.; 

368 Congress, Ward 9 

•Cambria (Fenway). 

Dalton to St. Cecilia. ^ 

I Union Square 

I BarrowB 

I Kef. £piB. Church 

trom 81 Webster A^ 
• Canterbury (U 

Center, to end R( 

even numbers to R. R- 
24, to end Ward U3 
Blue Hill Av,« 
30 Calder 
50 Angell 
160 Austin 
555 Walk Hill 

631 Bourne 
633 Neponset Av. 
664 Bridge 
698 Paine 

850 Benr 

885 Wiederman 
899 Burr Road 

Canton, eee East Caott 

and West Canton 
Cnnton-St. Court (81 

A),tr.27 West Canton, Wd 

Ward 6 
•Capen (Dor Center), fr.: 
Nortollt* to Wilmington .d 
Wd 21 

St Elizal 
709 Sparhawk 
731 Murdock 
741 Elko 

28 West Canton, 



771 Henahaw I «f„_~, 

780 Washington* \ j^^^^j 

Cambridge-Street A.T. ' „ 
(North sta.), from 291 Cam- ^^--™-m».,^, 
bridge • Ward 5 | 225 W. _New1. 

Cambridge. St. L , _ 

(North sta.). trom 323 Cam- i * Carliiit 

Ward 4 

s public highwaya 

bridge • Ward i 
•denotes street c 

mouth, Ward 7 

irove Hall 
Ward 16 

■ explanation, page IT 


lender. Ward 21 
'Cartow (Rox.), from 19 

Wa'd"l2 '° '*' '"'>"'?• 
Carmel (Rox 

1628 Tlemom* 


Ouatleton (J 

HuntinptoD Av.« to Jamaica- 
waj. Wkii 14 
•CatuTvbu (Box.) 

South I •Centritl A.venn 

from 1179 River* t 

woodSij. Ward 24 

73 DeUe 

(lalhertrnl (Rox ). from 16 

Norwell, Wd. 

"— ' ■ v.» Wnrd'ii 

»riat--efRox CroiB- 


* Catherine (Hos.J, ft. 136 
Bourne t. 301 Florence, Wd. 

to Holliugsworth, Ward 24 
''i'^S^"^"^* (North Sta.) 
Wnr?5 '" '° '^" '''^'":« 

55 Lincoln 

Dell Av. 
71 Dell Ten 

14U Pog, 


(J. P.), 
. Wd. 22 

i;arolina I>lac 

It. 113 Carolina A' 
•Carpenter (9 B 

Preble to Hyde. W 

f .f-rlKK'a «'ourt (Oh.n.), 

tyom 4 Ice Court, Ward 4 
Carroll (W. R.), from 34 

Schiller Road to Dedham 

line. Ward 23 
* Carrutb (Dor. 

Vliadio""" '"' 

Van Winkle 



I M Billerica 
59 Lancaster 
fao Hotel Lucerne 
72 Naahua 

_ 89 Portland* 
3 gill Friend 
SD129 Canal* 
2g Elevated and subway « 

79 Wet 
" Arlington 

Greenwood Square 

*',^"!"''«' •^""■•t (E B.l, fr, 
16li Liverpool. Ward 2 

Central Plare (Chsn.l. 
from 108 Main,* Ward 4 

• Central Snnare (E. B.l, 
• June. Border, LlTerpool. 
Meridian, Bennington, Md 
SaratOfa. Ward 2 

■/«. RIalU. 

^ 668 Williame Terrace 
697 Burrouf^hs 

Ch. Fu-st Cons:. Society 
» 793 Holbrook 
6 South* 
« Hathaway 
S Ballard 

811 Dunater Road 

' Aldwortn 
Park Koad 

.Ward 24 
to 249 Roxbury 

1200 Ward 

• 1136 and even num- 

ber«1202toendW«rd23. Can 

from Eliot .Quaie to Eliot it., 

— from Beech, W. R. 

Eliot Square* 
Eliot Terrace 
Engine House No. 14. 
Highland Avenue 
Linwood Square 

1 Crescent Av. to ^7 

Columbia Road7* Ward 
•Carter (Ch.n ), from 108 

Cambndge * to Roland, Wd.3 
Carter I»lace(Banover), 

irom 66 Charter. Ward 6 

3 1 BoylBton 
^8 Towniend Place 
SO 29 Eliot* 
40 Carver Place 
67 Newbem Place 
JJ9 Lyndeboro Hace 
104 Pleasant 
Carver Place (Esse 
Bta.),fTOro 40 Carver, Ward 8 

*'?irZ*''S?* (Chsn), from 
127 Hien, Ward 3 

Caanett (Dor.), fr. 52 Dick- 
ens, Ward IS 

•'"•par (W^R.).from Lassell 
to Furbish Road, Ward 23 

••Caspian 'Way (Hpham's 
Corner) fr. 170 Savin Hill Av. 
to Rockland Av. Ward 17 

fr. 92 6prii 
p Ward & 

901 May 
:i:i3 Allandale 

Hill Av 

I Weld 
Parkdale Road 

I Merlin 

! South 

1649 Church 
' Central 

1 Manthorr 

I RedlandsRoad 

1743 Manthome Road 

Redlan ' " 
1785 WiUow 

1891 Police Station 

Dedham Br. R. K. 


V?'*'* <=™- A )• from s 
Wjjhlngton to 388 Tremoi 

40 27 Waahington* 

60 Mayo 

76 Shawmut Av.* 

110 Emerald 

184 Village 

166 166 TremonI* 
Caatle Court (E. B.), froi 
WIS Everett, Ward 2 
(81a. „ 
1 Chandler. 
■ ' ;,7,8 


•Cedar Place (Upham'a 
Corner), tr. 67 Bird to N T 
N.H.«,H.R.R.,Wardl7 ' 

Cedar Square (Rox.), be- 
tween Cedar, Juniper, and 
Thornton streets. Wds. 13, 15 

•Cedric (Rox.), fr. 66 Maga- 
> Langdon, Ward 12 

Centervale Park (Dor 
>J'er). tr..m 9 Upland Av. 
3 31 Bouruesidc. Ward 20 

* Central, from 82 Kilby 

2 1 Ki"by 
46 46 Broad 
62 6S India 


876 Shendan" 

H?de Square 
389 Perkins 
4117 Barbara 
416 Paul Gore 

436 German Baptist Ch. 

) »^29 Lagrange 
2047 Alberta 

^ 2063 Elgin 

i _ Cottage Ave 
2091 Lorcite 
2125 Temple 

ii IH! 

I Cenfre Ter. 

2361 GlendaleRoad 

, Ward 6 I 630 

SO^ Lochstead Av. 
"itli Place 

,„ . irtHoad' 

665 Lakeville Place 
opp Goodrich Road 

Ferdinand, Wa 
Caatle Rod 

CUphams Corner. 
Oramnian W«y to 1 
■Way. Ward 17 

ck St 

Parley Vale 
Chestii - 
i Pond 


aiaatieicate Boad 

(Grove HalT), from 490 Blue 
HIM av.* to 201 Normandy, 

138 121 AUantic Avenue* 
I'entraKW. R.), fVomieao 
Ward'23 ^''"'""' ""tinn, 
• Central .^LVenue (Mat). ; 


Industrial School 

248 247 Dorch 
271 Redw. 

291 Clema 

Elm Lawn 

bridge Smith School 

Maple Park 

319 Althea 

341 Palm 

311 Orchio 

-n Althea 




from 1683 Dorchester 


Court (Dor.), tr 
r**. Ward 20 
Place (Rox. Cr.t 


Centre Place 

63e Ce ■ - 
Ward : 

•Street Terrace , 

63e Centre* opp. Myrtle. 

. fr. 133 Cei 


Cor . 51 to end Grove 
Road* Wards )7, 18 
•riiadwlck. (Rox.i. 

Chadwick Court 

Thamber (Chsn.), troro 27 
City Bq* to 28 Water. Wd. 4 

* Chamberlain (Dor. Cen- 
ter), from- 30 Harvard to 25 
Algonquin. Ward 15) 

*Chainberi( (Nonh 8ta.),tr. 
106 Cambridge to 3S5 Chariee. 
Ward 5. Cars fr. Cambridge 

2 1 Cambridee* 
24 Cotting Place 
24 Chamber«-8t. Court 
38 St. Andrew's Church : 
54 Eaton 

jnn.t. Auetin.Ward 

20 19 Lawrence 
60 57 Ruthertbrd Av 

l^hapmau Place (Chan.), ' 
troii. t>^ Chapman, Ward 3 

* Chapman Place, Ir. 52 ! 

School to « BoBWorth. Wd 5 
M^hardon • (North Sta.), | 
Portlan(l,junction ilerrimac. | 

Hanover to 558 Commercial. 

23 Greenongh Lape 

7 Chardon Court 
29 Hawkins 

Charity Buildinf 
49 Bowker 

Portland • 

91 Mareton Place 

206 205 Barton 
216 219 Bnghton 
24f 389 Auburn 
252 253 Charles* 

Chaoipney (S. B ).fT0ra 15 
Newman to Columbia Road. 
Ward 11 

(Br), from 639 
h. toSOStrattou.Ward 26 
I Washington 

Hunnewell a 

Champnev Court (SB ), 

from 10 Champnev. Ward 11 
Champnev Place (North 

Sta.),n-. 43AnderBon,Wd.8 
Champuey PI 

Main to 426 Bunker Hill 

Wards I 

7 Charles-St. Place 
13 School-houee Court 
n Bunker Hill * 
<''harle» * ( ' to 175 Back , 

tTom' 176 BovlBtou. opp. Park I 
Sauare 'o Ififi Loverett, 
Odd numbers 1 to 175 and 1 
even numbers 2 to 190, Ward ' 

133 Putnam Aven 
I Parker* Hon' 

151 SUver Place 
I 175 Camoridge* 

215 County Jail 

Crossing), trom 18 I 
Ward 13 

'Chandler (Sta 

421 Tremont, to 
bus Av.. Ward 7 
2 Tremont* 

42 41 Berkeley* 

141 Columbus Av.* 

100 97 Clarendoi 
' " Columbu. 

Channel (Dor) 

^Charles (Dor.), from 1461 
Dorchester Av. * to 462 Gene- 
va Av.,* Ward 18 
2 1 Dorchester Av. 
13 Charles Terrace 

28 Freeman 

"Charles (H. P ),from Rox- 
anua to Church. Ward 24 

Charles Bank (North 
Sta.), fr. Can.bridge Bridge 
to Charles River Dam 

Charles-Street Plac** 
(Chan ), fr. 7 Charles. Ward 3 

Charles River Avenue 
(Chen.), from Water to the 
Charles river, Ward 4 

Charles River I>am * 
(North Sta.). from end of 
Leverett * to Cambridge lire 

Charles River Es- 
planade (Back B«v), from 
Cambridge Bridge to Charles- 
gate East 

Charles River i^quare 
(Back Bay), from rnarles 
R.iver Esplanade to 119 Re- 
vere, Ward S 

Oharletteui*- E.*«t (Fen- 
wax 1. tr. .■»i.^ btacOD to Bojli- 
ton, Ward 8 

l^harleocnte %Veii( fFen- 

•Charlesview (Br.).ft«m 
132 Bieelow to 66 Newton, 
Ward 26 

i 36 Williams Place , 

I 40 _ Salem i 

I 48 Phipps Placv 
I oil Dillaway Place I 

I -xs Carter Place ! 

I 75 JackBOD Av. 

(8 Hildreth Place 
. 80 Marshall Place 
I Cem. Conns Hill Cemeteiy i 
I 91 Copps Hill Terracf 

: 108 Snowhill 
i Commercial* | 

] * Chase (I'phams Corner), i 

from 16 Willie to 221 E. Cot- 
, tage. Ward 11 
Chaste (Ro8 ), fr. Aehland* ' 

t«j Columbia. Ward 24 
'Chatham, from 21 Mer- i 
chanto Row to 6 Commercial ' 
Ward ,-. 
43 45 Merchants Row 

56 Butler Square 

57 Chatham Row 
68 Commercial* { 

* Chatham «ow, fr. 131 
State to 67 Chatham. Ward 5 

* Chaucer (E.B.).fr.37Pope 
to 21 Moore, Ward 1 

S ,\ Z'^. ! 

ft fi9 Moore 
(^buunct-y PIace(Chso.). 

Pl'Me,''Ward''< ' '""°'' 

*Chauticy • (Essex Street 

Eflse'i. Ward 5 
2 1 Summers 

23 Avon Place 
56 49 Bedford 

7a Eieter Place 
&4 Howe Place 
US US Eeeei* 
Chaunry Pluoe (J. 
trom 316i Waeh..» Wai 

ftom 35y Sumner,* Wart 
Chelimtford (Dor), tr. 

an Bcott'e Court 
u MvBtio "Wharf 


L^helaeu Court ( K. 

•Cheney (Grove Hall), 

Blue Hil " 

Av., Wa 

2 1 Bh 
11 Sezal 

(1 13 llartwell 

71 Montona 

n Elm Hill Av 
Cheriton Rond (W. R ), 

fr. 25 Edgemere Road, Wd. 23 
*Cherofeee (Bo.x.CrosaiDg), 

from 37 Hillside to Ponttac, 

'Cherry (Sta A), from 1045 
Waahiuptor* to 150 Bhaw- 
mut Av » Waid 6 

Chesamun Place (Hac- 
over). Tom 250 Hanover* 
Ward :. 

Cheater (Mat ), tr. 73 Oak- 

Cbeater (Readv.). 
Mtltoii • to Reedvi 
ting park. Ward 24 

C •m...onwealth i 
61 Brighton AT.# 

Bridge. Odd 

Bradshaw. Ward 19 

Sq to the UheUe 
Ida numbers 1 t 
341 and even numbers 2 t 
.%2 Ward 2, to end Ward 1 
Cars from Bennington t 

2 1 Maverick 

20 Elbow 

30 Emmons 

54 53 Qove 

90 Chelsea Place 

98 Brake Place 

118 115 Porter 

140 Waihington Av 

Ifin Savage Court 
190 195 .Marion 
234 239 Brooks 
316 293 Putnaii 
3(H 341 Prescott 

Day Square 

Cheater Park (Mat.), tr. 

1519 Blue Hill Av. to Chester, 

Ward 24 

I Chester Place (Sta. A.), 

trom 588 Shawmnt Av. to 

' 141 Ncrtharapton* Ward 13 

Cheater Place (W, R.), 

from 66 Maple, Ward 23 
CheMter0eld (Rox.). tr. 
913 Massachusetts Avenue* 
to AUerton. Ward 12 
' 'Cheaterfleld (Ready.), fr. 
dvilletolUpent, Wd. 

t (Ch« 


6 Chestnut Court 

63 Mt. Vemoii Av. 
Monument Sq. 
Chestnut (1 to 63 Bos- 
ton, to end Back Bay). fw>m 
16 Walnut to Chariee River. 
Ward 8 
2 1 Walnut 

Cenf- to 60 Oreen. 1 to 
159 Wd. 15. liwto end Wd.22 
20 Rojs 
23 Prieaing 
29 Armstrong 

53 Ashley 
74 77 Mozatt 

106 Maas. Babies' Hospital 

107 Fo^be^ 
Ch. Dutch Reformed church 

116 Sheridan 
128 127 Paul Gore 

165 Roslyn Place 
159 Boyfston 

e explanation, page I'i 


Chestnut A.V.— 

Ltjl. Right. 

183 Spring I'ark Av 
202 Chestnut Square 

221 Chestnut Ftace 

Chestnut Roud (W. R), 

from Oak Road, Ward 2.3 
Chestnut Sq. (J. P.). from 
202 Chestnut Av., Ward 22 

Chestnut Terrace (J. 

P.), from 233 Lamartine to 12 
Chestnut Square, Ward 22 
Chestnut O 

ve (J. P.), 

Ward 22 
Chestnut Hill A. venue 

300 BriKhton. beyond 

'- " -, Irom 358 


Coolldge Corner), 
Washington to 

line. Ward 25. Cars 

Commonwealth av. to Beacon 

27 Bennett School 
Academv Hill Road 

33 Dighton 
50 Westminster Terrace 
58 Union 
62 Winship 

81 William Jackson Av. 
96 Wallingford Road 

165 Colweli Av. 
184 Chiswick Road 
Ch. First Parish Unit. Ch. 
200 Strathmore Road 
221 South 

Chestnut Hill Kes'r 
Chest Hill Driveway 
Commonwealth Av.« 
345 WoodmontAv. 
346 Englewood Av. 
Sutherland Road 
Beacon • 
Cleveland Circle 
416 415 BrookUne line 

>Chtckatawbut (Dor.), 
Neponset Avenue 
Vard 20 

from 36) Nep 

30 Narragansctt 
37 Bowman 
49 Plain 
68 Hayward Place 
82 Glide 

ChlckerinB Place (Es- 
sex St. Sta ), iron, 570 Wash- 
ington* to 28 Harrison Ave- 

•Child (J.P ), ft-om 92 South 


Av. to 
At.. Ward 

West Qlenwood 
Gordon Av. 

om hnplewood Av 

Ward 25 

Braeraore Road 
Strathmore Re ' 
Selkirk Road 

Strathmore Road 
Selki ■ •■ 
91 Comi 

Boylston, Wardp 

69 Shawm ut 
72 Ore) - - 

Grenville Place 

Columhus Av.* 
'Church (Dor.), from Est 
Sq* ti 41 High. Ward 17 
Eaton Square 
12 Fifleld 
22 Winter 
40 High 
•Church (W. R.) 

River* to Thompson, Wd. 24 

Church A.venue (S. B.), 
fi-. 356 W. Broadway* Wd. 9 

Church Court (Ch8n.),tr. 
109 Warren* Ward S 

♦ Church Oreen, junction 
Summer* Bedlord and Lin- 
coln Streets. Ward 5 

Church Place (North 
sta.), tr. 6 N. Grove, Ward 5 
Place (Roi. 
from 188 Cahot, 


odd Humbers and 

15 Fountain 
23 Herman 
30 Circuit Square 
48 41 Regent 
Ch. St. Joseph's Church 
84 Fenwick 

85 Alpine Terrace 
82 103 Washington* 
Circuit Square (Box.), 

trom 40 Circuit, Ward 13 
•City Square (Chsn.), 
ianciion Main, Park,Chelsea, 
Warren Av., Rutherford Av. 
and Harvard * Ward 4 
•City Hull Avenue, ft-. 
.15 School to Court Square, 
Ward .-. 
City Point Court (S. B J, 
t)-om879 E. First, above 0, 
Ward '.' 
Claflin (S. B.), from C St. to 

B St., Ward 9 
•Clapp (Upham's Corner), 
from 215 Boston to 1200 Mass. 
Av.. Ward 11 
80 Massachusetts Av * 
Clapp Place (Upham's 
Cor.), changed to Mayhew 

Clarence Terrace (Dor. 

Center), trom 17 Weotworth, 

Ward 21 
'Clarendon (1 to 75 Sta. 

A, 77 to t-nd Back Bay), 

ft-om 557 Tremont to 276 Col- 

1536 Dorchester Av.*, Wd. 20 
' indicates public highways 


37 Gray 
48 47 Appleton 

66 59 Chandler 
76 65 Columbus Av.« 
Railroad. No p 


Grundmann Studioi 

203 Providence 
Boylston * 
220 Hotel Guildlora 
220 Newbury 
Ch. Ist Baptist Church 
252 259 Commonwealth Av. 
260 Hotel Hamilton 
270 273 Marlboro' 
274 279 Beacon 

Clarendon Av. (Ros.).li 

Poplar to Augustus Avenue 

Ward 23 
Clarendon Av. (W. R.) 

ft-om Hautevale to 515 Beech 

Ward 23 
Clarendon Court (Ros.) 

fr. 5 Clarendon Park, Wd. 2: 

ndon Park (Ros.) 
•285 Poplar 

Ward r, 

2 1 Hanover* 

19 Walsh Place 
62 49 North 
70 69 Commercial* 

Clark Place (J.P.) 

Clark's Court (Chsn.) 
tr. 316 Bunker HiU,* Ward f 

•Olaxton (Dor. Center), ft-. 

1012 Blue Hill At. to 171 Cal- 

lender. Ward 21 
Claxtoil (Ros ), from 3940 

Washington, Ward 22 


opp^ 1197 Hyde Pari 
(Dor. Can 

401 Park. Ward 20 

106 105 I 

(Dor.), ft. 147 Nepi 
* to Queen, Ward : 
♦•Clayton (Dor ). 
Freepon to 59 Park, 
Ward 13. to end Wo 

* streets partly public 

) Greenwich 

Clayton Pla 

Columbus Av.* Ward : 

Davton, Ward 20 
Clermont (Dor. Center), ft-. 
51 Bailey to 89 Fuller, Wd. 21 

* denotes street care 

•Cleveland (Rox.), ft. 37 

Winthrop to 28 Moreland, 

Ward 12 
•Cleveland (H. P.), fr. 1385 

River* to Brainard, Ward 24 

Cleveland Av. (Alls.), 

ft-om 19 Everett. Ward 26 
•Cleveland Circle* 

(Boulevard), junction Bea- 
con, Chestnut Hill Avenue 
and Sutherland Road,Wd. 25 

•Cleveland Place (Han- 
over), trom 17 Snowhillto 16 
Margaret, Ward 5 

•Cliff (Rox.), fiom 139 War- 
ren to 2*36 Wash., Ward 13 

SO Cliff Place 
43 Dana 

62 Washington * 

Cliff Place (Rox.), ft-om 3 

CliH. Ward 13 
**Cliffiiiont (Ros.), froE 

lOOS Canterbury, Ward 23 
Clifford (Ros.), changed t 

AT..* Ward 16 
'Clifford (Readv.), from 223 
Milton* to ReadviUe b-ot- 


ington to Sefton, Ward 25 
•Clirton, (1 to 51 Rox 53 
to end Upham's Corner), ft. 
51 Shirley to 684 Dudley, 

40 41 East Cottage 
72 Batchelder 
93 Burgess 
121 Dudley* 
Olirton Place (Sta. A), 
tr. 1919 Washington, * Wd. 13 

Ward 23 
•Clinton (Hanover), ftom 36 
Merchanti- Row to 143 Atlan- 
tic ATcnue Ward 5 
2 1 Merchants Row 

ftom 38 Perkins to 81 Cam- 
bridge. Ward 3 
Cllve (J. P.), fr. 47 Boylston 
to 70 Spring Park Av., Wd.22 
::|over (Dor.), tl. 24 Minot, 

Clyde (E. B.), ftom 61 Mar- 
ginal, Ward 2 

:?oan Place (Rox. Cross- 
ing), fr. i? Conant, Ward 14 
Cobb (Sta A), ftom 1011 
Washington* to 132 Shaw- 
mut Av.,« Ward 6 
Cobden (Rox.), fWim 291 
Walnut Av. to 2988 Wash- 

See explanation, i 


>Godinau(Dor. Center). ft. 
Morton lo 861 AdanaB. 1 to 
279 Ward 21, 280to end Wd.SO 
Cars trom WaehitiRton et. to 

99 Druid 
125 Oak ridge 
2S1 Washington* 
279 Dorchester Av 
299 Patterson 
821 Hutchinson 


; Coliinibitt Park (Grove 

I Hall), from I'Ji Intervale, 
Ward IS 

I Columbia 

, ham's Cor.] 
I Road,» Wt 

tr 376Columbi 



Park (RoxO, 

fr. 11 Townaend. near Waah- 
ington, Ward 15 
Codnian Place (Rox.), 
from29M Wash.,* Ward 15 

• Codnmn Square (Dor. 

Center) • June. Waahington. 
Centre, Talbot A». and Nor- 
folk, WaroB 19, 20, 21 
Godman Hill (Koi), fr. 
2928 Wash • to Codman Fk., 

Coffey (Dor.), tr. 14 Ncwhall 
to 281 Neponset Avenue,* 
Ward 20 

• Cohaaaet (Bos.), from 
Corinth to Albano. Ward 23 

•Golbers ATCDue (Rob.). 
ftom 232 BeUrade Av. to 164 

o' Belgrade Av.« 

23 Ardent 
44 Rexhame 

64 Bradwood 

M Cornell 

85 Montvale 
103 Lorraine 


(Rox. Crossing), 

•Coleman (Upham's Cor- 

Hamilton! 1 to 21 Ward 17, 
22 to end Ward 18 
7 Trent 

Cleveland nearBrainard,"? 

re Place. (Uan- 
1 85 Salem, Ward 5 

45 Wash.,* Ward 

d, S. B.), t^. 600 Blue Hill 
r. to Marine Park Ito 
S Ward 19, 137 to 390 Ward 

1290 Ward 11. 1292 to end 
Ward Itt. Cars from Blue 

Blue Hill Av.« 
11 Old Road 
15 Michigan Av. 

Pinckney Road 

■Collimbua A.v.» (Ito 249 
Back Bay, 251 to 649 Sta. A, 
651 to 1571 Rox. Crossine, 
to end Roibury),tVom Park 
Square to Franklin Park. 
1 to 52 Ward S, 53 to C27 Ward 
7, odd numbers from 629 to 
1119 and even numbers from 
622 to 1192 Ward 13. Odd 


Motor Mait 

' AriUigton 

Ch. People's Temple 
189 Berkeley* 

Hotel Trenton 
221 Pope BIdg. 
223 Morgan 

Uolwell Avenue (Br.),tr. 

166 Chestnut Hill A». near 
South, Ward 26. 

X'omlnii TerracetRox.), 
from 36 Bower, Ward 16 

' Conimerce, from 3 Com- 
mercial • to 196 Atlantic Av. 

^Commercial* (1 to 4 

and 2 to 36 Boston, 49 to ^nd 
and 38 to i-nd Hanover), from 
17(1 State to 167 Prince, Wd. 5 

3 Commerce 
S Chatham 
18 9 South Market St. 
20 Faneuil Hall Market 
24 North Market St 

247 Wales Place 

1 oI'S'h.h.r 

311 Richfield 

315 Columbia Terrace 

339 Hamilton 
376 Columbia Place 
390 389 Quincy 
410 Bodwell 

431 Bellevuc 

468 Sayward 

490 499 Bird 

630 Davenport Av. 

Bay R.R. St 

589 Stoushton* 
j Dudley* 

North Burial Gr. 
I Hamlet 

637 Upham's Court 

702 701 East Cottage 

276 Clarendon 

Back Bay R.R. I 

267 Bucking: 
282 Hotel A 

318 Chandler 

S50 3.35 Dartmouth* 

30.3 Yarmouth 
380 Appleton 

398 387 W. Canton 

415 Hotel Columbus 

416 Holyoke 
419 Hotel Plaza 
437 Berwick Park 
465 Tlie Savoy 

440 barren Av. 

440 Columbus Square 

474 476 W. Newton 

486 Union Church 
488 Rutland Stjuare 

493 W. Rutland Sq. 

611 Qrcenwich Park 
6ln Concord Si^are 

636 Worcester 

659 Wellington 

622 627 Camden 


227 AtlanHc Av. 

261 Eastern Av. to S. Ferry 

295 Sargent's Whart 
> Clark 

323 Union Whan 
I North 

371 Lincoln's Whart 
1 Salutation 
1 Police Station 8 
i 371 Battery 

379 Battery Whart 
* H olden Court 

4f>9 Constitution Whart 
1 423 Hanover* 

425 Chelsea Ferry* 

5 Globe Alley 

i}i Greenough Lane 

6 Luther place 
4 Henchman 

463 Fiske's Wharl 

a Commercial Court 

(Hanover) from 486 Com- 
mercial*. Ward .'i 
Commercial Point 
(Dor.), from Freeport, opp. 
foot Wash and Union, Wd. 20 

I Boston B. B. Grounds 


J Biimark, 

) Park Av., 

from 870 
. Bradlee, 



•Colllaton Koad (Cool 
idge Corner), from 25 Lanarl 
Road to Corey Road, Wd.2. 

Colman Place (Alls.), ti 

Colonial Road 

69 Academy Hill 
Union, Ward 25 

First to 30 W. Secon 
•Columbia (Esei 

Bta.), from 87 Bedfi 

Essex, Ward 5 
Columbia (Ros.), 

lee to Chase,Ward 2 

ham's Comer), fro 
Vernon, Ward 11 


* indicates public highways 


1480 H Street 

1620 I Street 

1606 K Sfreet 

1662 L Street 

1736 M Street 

1768 Marine Roail 

1772 N Street 

1780 Kast Eighth 

1794 O Street 

187 6 East Seventh 

Farra"Ut Road 
Marine Park 

•Columbia Square 

f Upham's Corner) * junction 
Columbia Road, Stouehton 
and Dudley, Wds. 11, 17 

Columbia Terrace 

(Upham'B Cor.) from 316 
Columbia Road* Ward IS 

•* streets partly public 


870 Weston 

901) Koapton Place 

916 917 Ruggles 

1058 1057 Prentu 

1119 Station 
110« 1119 Tremont* 
1182 AUard Court 

119Z Roxbury* 

1267 Decatur Aven: 
1316 Cedar 

1281 Vitale Place 

1499 Old Heath 
14% 1501 Centre* 
15J0 Jackson Square 

1647 Echo 
1572 Ritchie 

1704 1703 Dimock 
1764 1745 Bragdon 
1828 Bancroft 

1860 Bray 

1926 1913 W. Walnut park 
1948 1963 Washington* 

1973 Weld Avenue 

Square (Kox.), junction 
Warren and Dudley streets. 
Ward. 12, 13 

Tremont. Boylston, Charles,* 
Beacon and Park streets 

•Common (Chsn ), trom 34 

I 1 Winthrop 

2 Winthrop Square 

10 Park 

14 Putnam 

• Common <, .^«» ^^'^ ^ ^j- 

827 "a 


Corner. 951 to 139 
to end Brighton), 

719 Wards 

I Beacon street 


4b 27 Berkelev 


t Baptist Church 


I Geo. Putnam On 

I Walnut Avenue* 

. Fail 



Columbus Place (Essex 
St. sta.), from 169 EUot * 

• Columbua Square (Sta. 
A), CoiumbuB Av. * opp. 
Berwick Park, Wards 7 

* denotes sfreet cars 

282 273 Glouceslet 
308 Imperial Hotel 

308 811 Hereford 

333 The Empire 
362 Hotel Commonwealtl 
866 355 Massachusetts Av.* 
390 Hotel Puritan 
400 Hotel Somerset 
415 Charlesgate (East) 
461 Charlesgate (West) 
490 Kenmore 
4^j 497 Beacon* 
See explanation, page IT 

541 I'heWestgate 
Ml RsleiKh 
I Brookline Avei 
541 IJeerfleld 

Crownlnihleld Road 
10J8 Babcock 
lCe4 Wimlow Road 

! Commonwealth J 

1161 Brighton Av. 

1199 Linden 
52 Harvard Av.» 
46 Idlewild 

1269 Spoftord Road 

1280 Gorham A 

Boulevard Terrace 
Commonwealth Ter. 

1640 Monroe 

1760 Kmrois Koad 

I Waahineton 

[Tommings Boad 
therlaiTrt Koad 

92 rhiswick Road 
1833 Sidlaw Road 

L54 BraemoreRoad 
178 (I Chestii 

1987 South 

2021 Foater 


Ward 9 
UunimOMweialth Tei 

rave (Cooli'lge Corner), 

muton (Sta. i 
W.i.i, to «» ' 

26 33 Shawmut Av.« 

« 45 Middlesex 

60 59 Emerald 

74 73 Villaee 

88 87 Albion 

92 96 Tremont» 
* Conant (Roxbtuy CrosB- 

3 Parker 
27 Coan Place 

Conant-St. Place 
33 Naaoii Place 

114 Whitney 

1^2 UuntinRton Av.« 

Conant Place (Koxbury 

CrosainK). from Si King, 

Ward 13 
GonanC-Street Place 

(Rox Crossing), from 28 Co- 

Monirment 90. to 1*2 Bunker 

from 911 Clinton, Wards 
Goacord A.V. (Chan.), from 

3 Lexington to Jefferton At.. 

Ward 4 
Concord Place (8la. A), 

from 108 Worceater, Ward 7 
• Ooncord Square (Sta. 

A), t>om 723 Tremont* to 

ao Columbus Av..« Ward 7 


*Gondor (E. B.),from foot 
ot Border to Glendon, Wd. 1 

15 Meridian* 
Bridge to Chelsea 
97 Brooks 
104 Crowley's Wharl 
185 Putnam 
CoDflrmatlon Place 
tChsn ) from 169 Rutherford 
* ConKreiis, from 31 State 

7 Worthington bldg. 
H ( Congress Square 
16 Post Office Avenue 
«0 Exchange Place 
60 59 Water 

Post Office Square* 
96 96 Milk* 


'Oopeland (Ro«.),from26( 

170 Perkins 

207 MatQiews 
216 216 High 
233 237 Purchase 

285 Estes Place 

295 Ollbert Place 

303 Dorchester Av. 

Congreis-St. Bridge 
ol8 Sleeper 
342 Famsworth 
352 3.51 A Street 
.368 Pittsburgh 
368 Stillinffs building 
372 Stillings 

3S5 N.Y.,N.H.»H.fVeight 

C Street 

1. Place, » 


hire to 

11 and 29 Congress. • Ward 5 
75 Mo: 

23 Burton Avenue 
45 Louise Park 

69 Copeland Place 

from 69 Copeland. Ward 16 
•* Copley (Rox.). trom 15 
School, across Atherton 
Ward 15 
•Copley Square (Bad 
Bay) • bounded by Boylston 
Trmity Place, St. James Av 
and Dartmouth, Wards 7, 8 

'Copley's HiKhwaj 

( Dor.), changed to Redfield 

m ?oi 
•ConKreaa Sqn 

29 8ta"e«---" "" ' 

piTKos.). from 931 
8 Centre. Ward 23 
*ConIey (Dor.), from 666 

Freeport. Ward 20 
Connolly (Rox.). trom 46 

Fellows. Ward 12 
• Conrad (Upham's Comer), 

from 33 Sumner, Ward 11 
•Convent Path (E. B ). 

from Gladstone to Breed, 

Converat- (Br.), trom 196 

Parsons. Ward 26 
•Conway (Ros.). fr. South 

to 26 Fairvlew, Ward 23 
•C^oob (Ch8n.),fr. 269 Bun- 
ker HiUlo328Medtord,Wd.3 

2n CooK-St. Court 
30 Hill 
34 Mystic Place 

42 Kelley Court 
U Cook-8t. Place 
48 47 Medford 
Cook Terrace (Mat.) 
>r 734 Norfolk to across Fre 
mont PI., Ward 21 
Coofe-St. Court (Ghsn,) 
■ m 20 Cook, Ward " 
>h-8t. Place ( 
m 44 Cook, Ward 
Coolidse Avenue (North 
Sta). trom 34 Temple to 86 
Canibridge«and 17 Bowdoin, 
CoolldfEe Place (S. B.). 

trom 114 Bolton. Ward 9 
•Coolldse ltd. (Alls. ).tr. 

Zposite 288 N. Harvard ro 41 
.nsOeld. Ward 26 
ON. Harvard 

■ CornlnK (Essex at. sta.), tr. 
986 Washington to 374 Tr«- 
mont. 1 to 23 Ward 5, 24 to 
end Ward 8 
2 1 Washington* 

82 69 Tremont* 
'Cornwall (J. P.). fr. 3261 
Washington • to 364 Amory, 
Ward 22 


16 Havertord 

33 Marmion 

40 Oifford 

l> 61 Brookside Av. 

'Corona (Dor. Center). fr. 61 
Bowdoin* to 375 Geneva 
Av..Ward 18 

' Cortes (Essex st. sta.),fr. 6 
Ferdinand to 117 Berkeley. 

•Cordis (Chsn.) 
Warrm* to 34 

Ward 3 
• Cordla.St. 

from 21 Cord! 
Ward 4 


Av. (_Chsn.; 

to Newton line. Ward 23 
u Park 

21 n'. Y^N^S. & H. I 
80 CenUe* 
88 Henshaw Terrace 

137 Garden 
62 Montview 

199 Pomtret 
22 Garfield Av. 

225 Ruskin 
42 Vermont Av 

263 Weld 



I Gould Av 
Brook Fa-m Road 
Seymoui Road 

Newton li 
Corey Avenue (Essex St. 

sta.). trom 12 Ash to 39 Ben. 

net, Ward 5 
Corey Court (Chsn.). from 

68 Cojey. Ward-l 
Corey Road (Coolidge 

Corner), froif. Brookline line 

Corinne Road (Br.), fr. 
11 Ranelegh Road, Ward 26 

•Corinth (Ros.). tr.20Bel. 
(trade Av.* to 4247 Washing- 
ton,* Ward 23 
•Corn Court, fr. 10 Fan 
euil Uall Square to 20 Mer- 
chants' Row. Ward 5 




266 261 Bellevue i 
) Linden 

I 306 Orange 

to 66 Court.* Wards 
Corn hill Court, fr. 201 

Washington* to Court Av.. 

Huntington House 

261 Westville.Wd. 

'• C«itta«e ( E. B >, from 112 
Marginal to Porter, Ward 8 
and from west of Frescott to 
Swift, Wards 2, 1 
1 Marginal 
9 Epis. Church 
24 23 Webster 

38 Cottage-St. Place 
54 53 Sumner* 
82 81 Everett 

152 151 Gove 

1 Neptune Road 
I) Swift 
, Cottaice (Chsn.). from 187 

Bunker Hi 

Cottace (S. B.), from 167 
W. NiSth • to Old Colony 
avenue. Word 11 

Cottase (H P.). fr. Water 
near pumping station to Mil- 
ton line. Ward 24 

4877 Washington.* 


S Bowdoin.* Ward 18 

Vashington,* Wd. 6 

Ward 13 

Place (H. P.), 

Road (W. R.), 
tie beyond Grove to 
)ad. Ward 23 

:e-8t. Place 

from 33 Cottage, 

41Lowallto95Leverett.Wd 5 

(Rox.). changed to Robey 
Cottlnn (North i 

■* ■ wallto95L 
11) » Wall 
14 Ransom Court 

lotting Place (North 
sta.). from 14 Chambers.* 

* denotes street c 


Tremont row to Bowdoin 
3 1 WoJihington* 
5 AmeB Building 


Scollay Square 
nt Row • 

65 Cornhill* 

Tremont 1 
J Cornhill 
77 Brattle 
M Howard 

85 Crawford House 
97 Hanover* 
109 Palauc Theatre 
US Sudbury* 
US Alden 
(08 Stoddard 
LflS Bulflnch 

187 Bowdoin Square* 
••Court Avenue, n. 217 
Waehinf^on* to Court 8q., 
•Oourt Square, from 24 
and 2« Court to City Hall, 
dourtlnnd Road (Mat.), 
from Greendale Road to Har- 
vard, Ward 2! 
Coventry (Roi. Croeilng) 
iTom 1033 Tremont* to 752 
Columbui At.* Ward 13 
•Covington (S. B.}, from 

^oTumbia Road to 63 

! Park, Ward 10 

132« Columbia 

) Am- 

ConiUKCW. R ), 

Orange to Waflhingtoi 

••Cowper (K. B.), fr( 

Moore to Short, Ward ] 
Crab A.IIey, from I 

terymarch, ward 5 
Craft (Rox. Crossing), I 

75 South Huntini 

1 Buntintrto! 
I way, Ward 

Cambridge to Roland. Wd. 3 
•Crandall (Ros.). ftom JO 

Augustus a. . Ward 23 
Crane (H. P.), from Bradlee, 


90 77 Humboldt Av, 

131 waumbeck 
ISl Hollander 
165 Holworthy 

ineKfrom SfiS Centre* to 6( 
Day, Ward 14 
LJresoent (Chsn.J. from Ro 
land across CambridEe.Wd. ; 

t H. R. R. Ward 11 

41 H«v«n 

53 Newport 
fi.1 Spring Garden 
87 Sydney 
Creneent Avenue i 
fr Langley Road south 
orly to Newton line, Ward 25 
Crest (W.R.). from 156 Mt. 
Vernon to 20 Kirk, Ward 28 
Crest A-venne (Dor. Cen- 
ter), from Medway, Ward 21 

• indicates public hlghva 

♦Creston (Grove Hall). from 
342 Blue Hill Av.* to 6 Nor- 
mandy, Ward 18 

Crestwood Part (Grove 
Hall), from 148 Townsend, 
Ward 16 

Crimmen riace (Chsn ), 
from 35 Corey, Ward 4 

■ce (St 
West Canton, Wa 
Crosbv rince (St 

Reed, \f ard 12 
Crosby rh 

r to 15 New, Ward 2 

•Cross (Hanover), 

78 67 Hanover* 


Fulton Court 

U« 119 North 
124 Fulton 
IJO 161 Fulton 

ardl W 

vilie to Bullard, Ward 24 
^ross Road ( W. R.), fron 

Overlook Road to Bungalow 

Road, Ward 23 
[Iross- Street A Venn* 

(Chsn.l, trom 33 Cross, Wd. ■ 

(Chen.), Itom 29 Cross.Wd. 4 
l^rosstn Place (Roxbury 

Crossing), t*. 26 King,Wd.l3 
r^rosslnnd Xerrace 

1 Br.), tr. 36 Winship, Wa. 25 

•Crosainan (> 

Norlolk lo W. S( 
Crosstown Avenue 

I Path (Dor. Ceu.), 
I Washington to Clay - 

Avenue ( 

Centre, Wd 
Crowley (Fenway), changed 
toSi.Albt " ' 

' WaTii'iS' 
Croydon (Mat ), tr. Sa 
nah Av. to Hcbion, War 
Crystal Place (Chsn 

tol39Nonantum. W,rd26 

Culbert PliKe (Roxbury 

Crossing), changed to Vltale 

•Cumberland (Fenway), 
tr 190 Huntington Av.* to 
N.T., N.H.»H.R.R..Wd.7 

Cummtnes (Sta. A), from 
Sotitharapton * to South Bay 
Avenue. Ward 9 

••CnmmlUKs Road (Cool, 
idge Corner), from 74 Corey 
Road if Commonwealth Av. 
* Ward J6 

Eton (Fenway) 

■Cushlns Avenue (Up- 
ham's Comer), trom 579 Co- 
lumbia Road * to 45 Sawyer 
Columbia Road* 
7 Wilbur 

. Mary's Church 

61 Jerome 
65 Bowell 
95 Sawyer / 

Cushine Xerrace (Up- 
ham's Corner) , from 18 Gush- 
ing Av, to end of Upham Av. 

Oushinc Hill Road 
( Dor.), trom HiU Top at be- 
tween Allendale Av. and 
Reddy lo Marsh St., Ward 20 

t^ushinun Avenue(North 

sta.), tr. 101 Leverett* to 9 

Wall, Ward 5 
Cusson Place(NorthsU.), 

trom 3i South Margin, Wd. 5 
•Custer (J. P.), tr. 67 South 

to 186 Arborway, Ward 22 
•Custom House St. 

tr. 70 Broad to 31 India, Wd. 5 

Cyanet (Br.), fr. 50 Antwerp 
to 68 Litchfleld, Ward 26 

Cypher (S. B), from 185 B 
First, Ward 9 

Dypress (Rob.), (Tom 171 
Bellevue Av. to 850 Beech, 
Ward 23 


andford to'St. Maryl 

... ...ncord to 14 r °°"- 


460 Shai 

»Cunard (Rox. Crossing) 


e(Sta A), 

Cypress Road ( 

numbers to Uia uolony A^ 
Wardll, loend Wardg 
Dorchester Avenue* 
Old Colony Av. 

102 101 W. Ninth 

104 Bell Court 

114 115 W. Eighth 

132 131 Baiter 

146 145 W. Seventh* 

158 157 Tudor 

168 167 W. Sixth* 

198 197 W°."F°°lh 
212 211 Gold 
226 225 W, Fourth 
240 239 Silver 

251 W. Broadway • 

I 267 Athene 
I 281 W. "■ ■ 

trow 65 Cahxt 
bus Av * Wai 

•r). ■ — 

"Jidg? 1 

778 1. 


) 516 Bennington, 

•Curve (Essex St. sta.), fr.M 
Broadway * to 169 Albany, 
Ward ,i 

t^ushlnz (W. R.), from 410 
Baker, Ward 23 

I •• streets partly public 

39 Dacia Terrace 

Itaclu Terrace 

ham's Corner), tr. 39 1: 
Ward 17 

Bacy (H. P.), fr. 1441 Hyde 
ParS Av.*toit. R.,Wara24 
[ (Dor. Cen 

• Dakota (Dor. Center), tr. 
378 Washington* to 427 Ge- 
neva Av. All odd numbers 
and even numbers to 14 Ward 
19, 16 to end Ward 18 


14 16 Clayboume 

26 27 Greenbrier 

56 Dakota Road 

102 Bowdoin Square 
142 143 Geneva Ay. 

Dakota Road (Dor. 
Cen.), from 29 Westville lo 66 
Dakota, Ward 18 
' Dale (Rox. ), trom 296 War- 
"1 JO 088 Wash.,Ward 16 
2 1 Warren* 
14 9 Sherman 
24 l^wis School House 
32 Maple Park 
27 Milli 

43 Rockland Av. 
48 Laurel 
56 55 Walnut Avenue* 

'■* 79Waluna^ 

93 Rockland 

HI Regent 

Park Washington Park 

132 141 1 

• Dale (Roi and H. P.), flom 


(Roi andH.P.),fl 
liar Ward 23 to Clai 
Us station. Ward 2 

I Place (Rox.CroBS- 

ing), trom 178 Cabot, Wd. 13 

sta.), from 17 Rennet, Ward 5 
>]>amrell (S. B), from 448 
Dorchester Av. to Old Colony 
Av., Ward 11 

>DamrelI Av. (Ready.), fr. 

> Aven 


Prsvidence Division N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R R. to Milton 

0°% N.T.,N. H.&H.R. R. 

14 l.'i Hyde Pari 

t Place 

98 Water 
14» 147 Loring 
180 Washington 

•Dunforth (J. P.), fr. Wy- 
man to 74 Boylston, Ward 15 

Danforth Place (Rox.). 
trom 22 St. James. Ward I.'! 

Dania (Mst). from Cook 
Terrace to Manchester,Wd.21 

• Danube (Upham's Cor- 
ner), trom opp 38 Brookford 
to 36 Dewey. Ward 17 

llle (W R), fr. 140 
, Ward 2S 

. 63Wri 

(Dor Center),! 

See explanation, page 17 


• Uurtmonth (1 to 149 Stu. 
A, to end Back Bay), from 
607 Tremont to 2«5 Beacon. 

1 to 257 Ward 7, 258 to end 
Wards. Carp from Tremont 
to Boylston 

2 1 Tremont* 
22 19 Montgomery 
48 45 Warren Ay. 

65 Dartmouth Place 
Rice School 



924 Eaet Fourth, Ward 'lO 
' Dearborn 

922 A" 

2M. Dudley. I ♦ Oern. 
Dearborn Place 

from I Derby Place (Sta A) 
' from 1941 Wash.* to Clitton 
Place, Ward l;i 

(North Sta.), from 
in lo 46 Hancock, 

Back Bay R.R. station 

Trinity Place R.R. Sta. 
175 Trinity Court 

Copley Square* 
220 Blagden 
230 Public Library 

Ch. Old South Churo: 
270 Boston Art Club 
280 279 Newbury 
800 301 Commonweallh A 
318 315 Marlboro 
330 Hotel Graffam 

* Dartmouth PI 


to702Columbu»Av.,« Wd.l; 
Davenport A. venue 

32 33 EuBtH« 
47 Ziecler 
62 63 Dudley* 
Dearborn Place (Hot.), 

t)^m 24 Dearborn, Ward 12 
•Dearborn Square 
(Roi.), Junction Dearborn, 
Albany and Mall, Ward 12 
Deblola (Sta. A), ti'om480 

' Decati 

> (Sta. A), 

95 Havre, Wd. 
2 I uoraer 
20 19 Uverpool 

BII (Roi.), from : 

Columbus Av.< 


207 London, Ward 2 
Davia Place (Roi 

SO Webber, Ward 12 
Davia Place (Rox.) 

ton. Ward 24 2 Ar mg. 

Fairmount Av. 
10 Way 
39 Walter 

*Davitt (Upham'B Cor.),fr. 

339 Savin Hill av.. Ward 17 
Dawea (Upham's Corner), 

fr. 2U E. Cottage to 33 Willis, 

17 Vine 
43 Bainbridge 
58 Decatur Court 
76 76 Dupont 
88 Chauncey Place 
Medtbrd - 
•Decatur (Sta. A), from 
1076 Washington to 367 Har- 
rison Av.,* Ward 6 
Decatur A.venue (Rox. 
Crossing!, trom I2S7 Colum- 
bus Av.,» Ward 15 
catur, W 
Decber Avenue (J. P.), 
from 200 Lamarliue, Wd. 22 
Dedhani. see East Dedham 
and West Dedham 

Deainoml (Rox.). trom 92 

Rutherford Av. 
Devens Street Place 

(Chsn.). fr. 74 Rutherlord Av. 

■•ever (Dor.l, from 178 Eow- 

doin.« Ward IS 
'•Devon (GroveHall), : 



rren «acroBB Columbia 
Wards, ^,J'"° *="■ ''■• 
22 23 Blue Hill Av. 

142 141 Columbia Road 
l&l Vaughan Av. 

70 171 N.Y..N. H.&H. R. R. 

' Devonshire, from Dock 
Sq. to 88 Summer, "Ward 5 
Cars trom Dock Sq. to State 
2 Dock Square 

Broad. Ward 5 

aud Faneuil Hall 


Square. Ward 5 
1 WaBhiugto 

24 Faneuil Hall 8q. 
SO Exchange 
82 Oevonemr€# 
Doherty Court (E. B.] 

from liiii Everett, Ward 2 
I>olun*s Court (J. P.), Ji 

346 Amory, Ward 22 
* Don (Dor. Center), fr. 15 
WoodrowAv. to 170 Callen 
der. Ward 21 
Bon, Ward 2« 

Faneuil to Hob- 

Hall), t>. Geneva Av.. neai 
Columbia Road.* Ward 19 
Moulin Pla.c*e (S. B.), fr, 
211 West Third. Ward 9 
Oorehester (R. R'i- frnm 
423 Wefli First 

90 to 259. Ward 7* 
Ward 1 


I Post OlHce 
141 Milk • 

Equitable Building 
161 Compton Buildini! 

Master Builders' A« 

John Hancock Bldg. 

FrankUn • 

> Roach, 

r> Dorchester Av 

E. Second 

27 W. .Second 

63 E. Third* 

G Street 
75 Athens 

E. Broadway • 

I Ward 9. 
E. Third 

Ward 20 
' I»ay (Rox. 
212 Beath i 
Ward 14 

r Grotto Glen Road 
! Hutchine Avenue 
Round Hill 

t Kenney 

299 Summer • 

'ey (Uphjim'e Comer) 

the Charles River, Ward 
•Deerine Koad (Mat. 

Harvard, Ward 2 
Delaware Place {I 

from 18 Arlinirton, Ward 
Delhi (Mat.), trom Moi 

108 Howard 
"Dewey Sqi 

Ward 17 

to 662 I • DeWoir (Upham's Cor- 
ner), trom 2«IS Hancock to 
10 Downer Avenue. Ward 17 
Dexter (Chsn.) fromAIford 

Park Av.» War 
Dell Terrace 

P.), Ir. 

I Evergreen 
■ Byjne 

98 106 By 
124 Ma 
148 146 Centre* 

Hyde Square 
• Day Square (E. B.) 

June. Prescott. Chelsea anc 

BenninKton,* Wards]. 2 
•Dayton (Dor. Center), fr, 

ZSNUontotheR.R., Wd. 2( 
Dayton .Avenue (Rox), 

(torn 30 Mall. Ward 12 
•Deacon (Sta. A), from 78 

W, Cnncora to Worcester, 


(Fenway), Ir. 451 Brookline 
Av.« to Rivcrway.Ward 14 
Brookline Avenues 
Pilftrim Road 

• Dean (Upham's Corner), 
from 49 Howard Av. to 22 
Judson. Ward 17 

* indicates public hitchwa} 

Crossing), from 7.S9 Parker 
to Carmel, Ward 14 
17 SewaU 
61 Burney 

Dempater (Rox. Cross- 
ing), from 260 Ruggles to 70 
Halleck, Ward 14 
Deiinla (Rox.), trom 4671i( 


2 1 Dudley* 
13 Huckiiis 
16 A Rollins Court 
28 26 Winthrop 
88 41 Moreland 
48 WoodvillePark 

53 Stafford 
52 67 Woodvllle 
Denniaon (Rox.). from 3 
Walnut Av . to Townsei 
Ward I.'i 
•Denny (Upham's Come: 
ftom 173 Savin Hill Av. 
the water. Ward 17 

ad, Ward 23 
K<l. (Alls.), trom 
435 Cambridge to Bralotree, 
Ward 25 

teuton Terrace (Rob.), 
Ir. 4420 Washington to Kit- 

'envir(Dor. Center), fr. 24 
Edwin to Shepton. Ward 20 
;ei>ot Square (Dor.), 
^nctlon of Walnut, • Vifood 
Rice and Taylor, Ward 20 

•♦ streets partly public 

■Dexter (S. B.), from 6J 
Dorchester Av. • Ward 11 

Dexter Court (Upham 
Comer), ftom 229 Boston, 4 
opp. Clapp Place, Ward 11 

Dexter Place (S. B ), fi 
8 Dexter. Ward 11 

169 West Sixth 
185 TudOT 

West Seven tti 






Adam, to 87Clayton,Ward IS 
DlChton (Br.), fi-om S96 
Washington* t^ 33 Chestnut 


Dillaway Pla 


(Essex St. 
Ills to Dor 

9 Charter, Wd. 5 

•Dillon (Sta. A.), fVom 7« 
Lenox to 27 Sawyer. Ward 13 

iDllworth (Sta. A.),fV. 390 
Northampton* to 195 Cam- 
den. Ward 7 

' nimock (Rox.). trom 2983 
Wash. * toIOo Amory. Wd. 15 

•DIneley Place (Fsbcx 

ams • Ward 20 
Dorchester av. 
51 LaHeld 

2 Newman 

306 Alger 
I) Boston PlaCf 

Ch. Grace Cliurch 

327 Tuckerman 
< Jenkins 
) Vinton 

Borhani Mem. M.E.Ch. 

341 Middle 

347 John Boyle OReilly 

I Ward 
361 Woodward 

John A. Andrew School 

38.5 St Monica'. R. C. Ch 

403 Dorchester Avenue* 

Andr*>w Square* 


torcheater Avenurd 

> 7 Boston, 9 to 699 S. B 7(:0 
) 1246 Unharos Corner, 1247 

> 1699 Dor., to end Dor. 
1 303 Congress 

fy" niiniberB290to 1032Wd. 
11. Odd numbers 1077 to 1269 
■ 1034 to 1266 
1 numbers 1266 to Shaw- 
"'"! Branch R. R. Ward 18 
Odd numbers Shawniut 
Branch R.R. to 1907 and even 

R.R to Southern boundary of 

Dorchester Park 
Odd and even num 
end Ward 21. Cars r 

See explanation, page 17 


, i NewUnd, Ward C 


688 687 N. v., N. U. 

West Second 
I Engine House ^ 
I W. Broadway* 
; MacAUen 
; Pepperell Place 



50y Carnegie 
M5 Humboldt Place 

1903 Talbot Av.» 
Peabody Square 

1931 Bailey 
1953 Fullei 


2070 2069 Codman« 

Cem. South Burial On 
2121 Valley Road 
2199 Bellows Place 

Oh. Catholic Church 
2221 St. QrCBOry'" Court 

686 Kemp 

702 Power 8 

715 RaweoD 

725 Washburn 

745 Howell 
766 755 Dorchester Old L 

771 BcUflower 

787 Dorset 
804 Locust 

827 Harvest 
854 847 Mount Vernon 

857 Roaeclair 
874 S71 Columbia Road 

921 Edison Green 
908 Qralton 

940 Crescent Av. 

949 East Cottage 

1002 Romsey 

1032 Belfort 

1027 Victoria 

1051 Pearl 
1050 St. William 

1064 Hallam 

1074 Elton 

1075 Thomley 
1090 1087 Doris 
UOO 1099 Savin Hill Avenue • 

7.'i7 Wflsh, • to 238 Tremont, 

■l>orla (Upham's Comer). fr. 
41 Auckland to 16 Eric At., 

■Dorr (Rox.).fi^m 70 High- 
land to 61 Lambert Avenue, 
Ward 15 

■Dorrance (Chsn.). l¥om 
651 MBii'*to74Arliogton Av. 
Ward 3 

■Dorset (Upham's Comer), 
from 787 Dorchester Av.# to 
160 Boston* Ward 11 

from 20 Mall to 15 Webber, 

Uouslaftn A.v« 

from 2C - ■■ ' 
Ward 1 
DoufflasH Court, (B 

over), t>om 141 Endic 
' Dove (Upham'e Corner), tv. 


rt (Ophi 
i Dove,Wi 

1149 Dunn Court 

1 Ellsworth 

I Kimball 

1 Orchardfield 

1S59 EUet 
i Greenwich 

J Fenno Place 

i St.Ambrose R, 

) Fields Corner 

' 1461 Charles 
I OShawmut 1 
R. R. 
1485 Faulkner 

> Lincoln 

> 1513 Park* 

J Christopher 

16(11 Elbridge S 
1683 Centre Av 

Rosemont Road 
1 Welles Avenue 

»»er (S. B.). from .3»3 
13 Dorchester Wd. 

Drew Place (Ron. Cross- 
ing), from aisRuggles.Wd.lS 

Drisko (Rox. Crossing), fV. 
432 Huntington Avenue • 
Ward 7 

*Drohaii Square (Up- 
Green, Ward 11 

Dromey (Upham's Comer), 

'' Judson to 34 Brook- 

Dromey easterly, ^ 

from 49 Olenway to 24 McLe 
Ian. Ward 19 
Duck I^ane Plac 

(Alls.), changed to Stadim 
• Dudlev • (1 to 663 Ro 
554 to 788 Upham's Comer 
from Eliot 8q. to Columb 
1 to 14S Ward 13 Odd nun 
here 147 to 553 and even nun 
bers 150 to 688 Ward U. Odd 
numbers 555 to end Ward 1 

113 Opera House 

People's Nat. Bank 
135 Dana 
137 Dudley-St. Bap. Ch. 

Hotel Dartmouth 

or Dudle 

83 Washington • 

1 155 Harrison Ave.< 
I Calvert Place 
I 269 Albany 

Downer Court (Dor), fr. 
388Bowdoin,» Ward 17 

•Downer siquare (Up- 
ham's Corner), junction Han- 
cock and Pleasant, Ward 17 

•DowninK (Rox Cross.), 
from 141 Vernon to 14 Whit- 
tier, Ward 13 

DoWnins A.venue (Br.), 

* Dracut (Dor. Center), fr. 
1872 Dorchester Av.» to opp. 

Drake Place (E. B ), 

from 98 Chelsea to 133 Paris, 
Ward 2 
•Draper (Dor.). fVom 38 
Arcafli-. to 267 Bowdoin • 
Ward IS 

lb 15 Wentville 

31 Robinson 

86 RIdgewood 


170 167 Harrison 1 

197 Pevear Place 

198 Ladder Co. No 4. 

198 Winslow 

201 Fremont Place 
217 Greenville 
2al Hotel Dudley 
233 Oakland Ay. 
■237 Hotel Dearborn 
253 Mt. Pleasant Av. 

254 Dearborn • 

291 Mt. Pleasant Place 

713 Hotel Denmark 
Holden Place 

723 Monadnock 
747 Virginia 

Phillips Place 

Hotel St. Botolph 
771 Hotel Melita 

783 Columbia Road* 

145 Rcslindale Avenue 
1<6 Amherst 
166 Birch 

Dudley Place (Rox.), fr 

«« Dudley* Ward 13 
Duke (Mat.), fr.lfi Ormond 

to 71 Wellington Hill. Wd.21 
* Dumas (Dor. Center), tr. 63 

Mascot to 58 Willowwood, 

Ward 21 

Perthshire Road 

•Dundee (Fenway), from 
130 Massachusetts Av. * to 
6 Dalton. Ward 7 

•Dunr«krd(Rox ). fr.l9 Cob- 
den to Fe.mer, Ward 15 

•]»unllam (S. B.).fr. 328 E. 

Xinth to 123 Old Harbor, 

Ward 11 

I Dunham Park (S. B), 

from 65 West Firth, Ward 9 

Dunkeld (Grove 

! '^\rTir' '" '■ ^"^■"*"'- 

•Diinlap (Dor. Cen.). from 

Whitfield, Ward °o" 
Dttulow (Rox. Crossing), 

from 219 Boxburv * to 25 

Elmwood. Ward 13 


Crossing). 1 

' 1 \Z "" 

e (Rox.) fi 
to 10 iHa 

3 Ridgewood 
lilton to Neponsi 

3h. St. Patrick's Church 
ae Woodward Av. 
433 Partridge Place 

449 Lewis°p1aoe 
457X Dennis 

Hugh O'Brien School 

473 Miller Park 
186 Shiriey 

495 Brook Av 
198 Rockford 
116 Burrell 

699 Howard Av 

636 Folsom 
636 Burgess 

637 Hotel Nightingale 
661 Magnolia 
677 Hotel Glad 
681 Alexander 

684 Clitton 

9 public highways 

■Dunreath (Rox.), fr. 236 
Warren * to 5 Aspen. Wd. 16 

■Dunstable (Chsn.). from 
284 Main * to 277 Ruther- 

Bakerto 16 Heldun, Ward 23 
>*Dupont (Chsn 1, from 168 

Chelsea * across Decatur at 

78, Ward 4 
Durant (W. R.), from 430 

See explanation, page Xt 


Odd HI 

fr. 677 Cam- 

N. Beai'on fl 

Ward 25. Evei 

bridlte • to US N. Beaion • 

(Sta.Al.from 227 
Shairmut Av. • to 518 Tie- 

Swinell (W. R.), from 270 

Corey, Ward ?3 
Dyer (Dor. Center), from 26 

Capen • to 58 Evaoa, Wd. 21 
I>yer A.veniie (S. B.), fr. 


ma, Ward 24 
'E Street (1 tc 


m xigia. 
< 869 O Street 


'J'uast Brookline 

A), from 1532 Washingt 
613 Albany, Ward 6 

274 273 W. Fifth 

314 313 Silver 

330 3?3 AthMis 
342 Adam< Place 
352 319 W. Third 
362 361 Bolton 

Vincent Church 
Sec - 
383 Dresser 
" - W. Urn 

37(1 37.'i W, Second 

383 - 
396 395 

50 49 hairisnn At. • 

79 Andrews 
92 Bu.h 
112 Thorn 
120 119 Albany 
►Fast Concord (SI 
fn m 1636 Washington 
Albany Wflrd6 
2 1 Washington • 

126 127 Albany 

•East Cottaee (Uphai 
Corner), from 552 Dudley 
949 Dorchester At. 1 to Ra 
road Bridge Ward 12, to e 
Dudley • 

East Fifih (S. B.), from 

"' " - 131 Farragut Boad. 

t, Ward 10 

Jity l>oi 
I .391 O 

Ward 11 



24 25 Clifmn 
36 29 Baichelder 
49 Baker Park 

Railrond Bridge 
98 Norfolk Av. 
105 Humphreys 
165 Columbia Road 

Easle (E. B.), 
West Eagle 

Eaele i 

from Cottage 

*Eaele Square (E. 

junction Chel-ea and i 
Eagle Streets, Ward 1 
Earl (S. B.). from 143 
Ninth to 40 Damrell, S. B., 
Ward 11 
*Easl (Essex t 
72 South to 705 
2 1 South 

Engine H 

11 East-St. I 

22 23 Atlantic J 


ter Av. • to 34 

56 wriliamsl 

278 Dorchester At. • 

•East Dedham (Sta. A) 
(r. 1456 Wash, to 565 Albany, 
Ward 6 
2 1 Wasniugton • 

in 17 Mystic 

46 Meander 

60 .19 Harrison At. • 

. 46 Putnam to Eagle Sq. Wd. j 
200 201 Putnam 
J3 Prescott 
53 Prescott Square 

317 liPxingtun Square 
325 Shelby 
.'J49 Princeton 

East Kiehth (S. B.l, 

676 675 M Street 

705 Onslow Terrace 
7™!X Scott Place 
716 717 N Street 
"SO 779 O Street 
826 825 P Street • 
874 873 Farragut Road • 

Marine Pai k 
•East First (S. B.), from 
West First to I Farragut Rd. 
Ward 9. Cars from P Street 
to Farragut Road 
West First 
452 451 H Street 
474 Jones K Meehan's Whf. 
481 Vicksburg 
489 I Street 
494 Stetson's Wharf 
500 Terrlll's Wharf 
i Bay .State Place 

Srinth (S. B.), from 
— " * * Colum- 

) 307 Mercer 
1 Dunham 

Columbia Boad 

Dorchester 1 __ _ 
Road, Ward 9. Cars i. . 
t to Farragut Road 

i Dorchester 

- - I Street 
613 Emmett 

1 I Street 
1 Emmett 
I K Street 

560 559 K Street 

Edison Wharf 

602 601 L Street 

1 M Street 
Lawley's Wharf 

Farragut Road 
East Fourth fS. B.). fi 
12* Dorches'r to City Poin 

Dorchester • 

501 Linden 
■■" O Street 

Fourth-St. Plai 

514 517 O Street 
5;il Ft ■ ' 
.)82 595 H 

616 616 I Street 
S« Jay 

679 Police Statloi 
683 K Street 
693 Emerson • 

64 763 M S 

Leonard Place 
813 N Street 
825 Ch of Our Redeemer 
854 855 O Street 

861 Engine House No. 2 
906 903 P Street • 
924 Dean Wav 
942 941 Farragut Road • 
Foot Marine Park 
♦East Olenwood 
nue (H P.), changed to 
Olenwood At 
East HastiuKS I 
f'om 1890 Centre t< 
Ward 23 

694 693 I 

740 789 M Street 

Sq. Independence Si 

805 N Street 
832 Acadia 
844 84.? O Street 
8JW Farragut Court 
874 Lauten Place 
902 901 P Street • 

Farragut Road 

43:) winSeld 
447 Sanger 
i 475 H Street 
489 Springer 

1 .575 K Street* 
1 623 L Street 
649 Pleasant Flaca 

u. H. Perry School 

778 777 O Street 
Columbia rd 

• East Sixth (S. B.), from 
86 O to Farragut Road, City 
Point, Ward 10 Cars from K 
Street to Farragut Road 

400 .399 n Street 

480 479 H Street 

496 Henderson A.Tenue 

514 513 I Street 
531 Webb Park 

576 575 K Street* 

76 675 M : 




'. Wash. • 1 

(Sta. . 

630 626 L Street 

Pe?" ' 

7.15 N : 

P Street* 

880 879 Farragut Road* 

asti SprinEfleld (Sta. 
), from 714 Washington* 
817 Harrison Av., * Odd 
mbers Ward 12. Even 
irabers Ward 6 
•t Third (8. B.), Iron, 
Dorchester to Farragut 

400 401 Dorchester* 

428 441 Emerson* 

458 457 H Street 

476 Burnham Place 

4811 Choate-Bumham 8ch' 

498 497 I Street 

507 Lincoln Park 
624 Emmett 

Viird 1 

East ( W. R ). fr. Adams bi 
yond Needliam R. R. to Hig 
bcvonil G.idner, Ward 23 

•East Brtfadwii 

540 Church of Our'Talh 

604 611 IStt'et 

620 621 Flood Square 

621 Emerson * 
646 Lincoln School 
676 677 K S'rcet * 
762 751 L Street * 

B Ward 10. Cars 

. Washington Place 

Washington * 
10 Sauford Place 
40 .3.1 Reed 
54 .',3 Harrison iv. 
fl6 Lenox Court 
90 91 Fellows 
■East Milton* (Readv 
) Slilton lit 

Barnard Place 
Schrepel " 
660 561 K Street 

Schrepel Place 
. K Street 
606 Hill Place 

om Prescott I 

510 641 I Street 

-8 Bay Viei 

2 601 K Street 

i N.ircross 

627 Hntch 

Ward 24 

bany. Ward 7 

612 l_ . _ 

Sq. Independences' 
710 7ll N Street 
762 761 <t Street 
7H8 Orace Court 
812 811 P Street* 

Farragut Road 
218 Beech ti 


Washington * to 69 Mt. Ver- 

58 827 N Stre 

Franklin Square 
27 F anklin Square I 
29 Jara.s 

Reedi Court 
49 Hairisoa Av. • 
76 Slate Armory 

Eastbiirn (B 

Washington * ' 
non, Ward 25 

Easlburn Place (Br.l, 
fVom 32 Eastbum, Ward 25 

Fastlturn 'FerracelBr.), 
from 24 Kastburn, Ward 26 

•Eastern A. venue (Han- 
over), from junction Com- 

to E. B. South Ferry, Ward 6 
• Eastman (Upham's Cor- 
ner!, from 664 Columbia Rd. 

• streets partly public 



EuHton A.' 

river. Ward :;* 
• Enton (North 

to Nepontet 
4g" and 59 

mad to 11 Howe. Ward 20 

Eaton Square (Dor.) 

junction of Church. Bow 

doin • and Adami. Wardi 

' Echo (Rot. CroBsi 


Kldon (Grove 
Ward 19 
f) Washingl 
21 Bow) oil! 


e to 6 Suneet, 
■ (Roe.), from 239 

Rox. Crossing) 
from ItiiHil ■■ -" 
Ward 14 
Eldredse ( 

Eldridse Roiid (J. P.). 
from 2ft4 Hyde Park Av.# to 
North Bourne Koad, Ward 22 

♦ Rlcniior (Alls.), from fil4 
bridge • to 35 Kidge- 

19 Eden Avenui 

23 Eden Place 

Sr. Forest Place 

Eden Avenue (Chsn.) 

from 19 fcden. Ward 3 
Eden Place (Chan.), fr 

6 barker to' 

Mechanic, Wd. 

* Ertffe Hill (Rox. Cross- 
ing* from 18 Uav Head to 

Edicemere Road (W.R.) 
fr.ll52 Washington*, Wd. 23 

* EdKemont(Ro8, 

(Mat.), fr.54n River to M 

keeeet, Wa-d24 
*£d8:ewaod (Rox), 

348 Warren • to 213 

HillAv.. • Ward 16 
Edjcewood Park (H 

) Bunker Hill* 
i Ferrin 

Electric Avenue (Br.) 
from 231 Parsons to North 
Beacon. Ward 26 

Elene (Mat.), from 2:^ Ala- 


1 'dd numbers to "5 and 

62 Compton 

Lincoln House Club 
86 Dover • 
;nierson (S. B.), fVom 20 
lorchcBier opp W. Second 
I im M. I to E. Broadway 

86 25 East Third 

78 79 H Street 

134 113 East 

138 139 Flood 8q 

Denton Road southwesterly, 

21fi 2n PteaMint 

*Eliut (J. P). 

I Mi lion 


Frothingham School 

■ B.). from 24 Paris. E. B-, 
Ward 2 
*Edinboro* ( Essex at. sta. ). 
from 93 Essex to 74 Beach, • 
Ward 5 

♦ Edison Oreen (Upham's 
Comer), from 921 Dor-hester 
Av.« to Pond, Ward 11 

*Edson (Dor. Centre), fr. 
144 Norfolk • to 68 Milton 
Av., Ward 21 
Edson (Reftdv.),from Dam- 
rell Av. to Vaughan, Ward 24 
'Edward Everett Sq. 
■ am'sCorner),* junction 
ichusetta Av., Boston. 

Cottage and Columbia 

Road, Ward 11 

* Edwin (Dor. Centre), fr. 
1816 Dorchester Avenue • to 

*EiElei«ton (J. P.). from 
100 School to 200 Boylston, 
Ward 15 

*Eeleston Square* 

(Rox.). junction/Washing- 
ton, Atherton and Columbus 
Avenue. Ward 15 
Effmont (S. B.). from C St., 


Sanford / 
Eliol PIace{^EF8exe 

(J. P.). 

from C7 1 
Eliot Place 

Eliot, Wtrd 22 

Elm I»l:ice IH. 
68 BuBineesto R. R 
•Elm Hill Ai 

87 linmest 
97 Hutchii 

Hall), fr. 550 ■Warren. 


Elmtlale (Dor.) 

icyono Bozella, Wd. 

••Elizubelh (Mat.), fr.472 

Norfolk to fio Adtoiia. "Wd. ril 
Elkilis (S B.). from opp. 

Edisfn Electric Co.towardBK 

•Elko (Br.) fr. 10 Sparhawk 

to 7J1 Cambridge,* Ward 26 

» Ellery (S. B.) from Dexter 
to .3.1 Boston St. Ward 11 

Ellery Xerrace (S. B.). 
from opp- 50 fclUry, Ward 11 

•Ellet (Dor.), fr 1359 Dor- 
cheBter A»,. • to 142 Adama 

EllinKivood (Rox. Cross- 
ing), from 6 EBtey, Ward 14 

• Ellis (Box.), fr. 119 Thorn- 
ton to 20 Hawthorn, Ward 15 

to 28 Hillside, Ward 24 
Ellswood (W. R.), fr.Far- 

ragnt to Baker, Ward 23 
Ellsworth (Rox.), from U 

Scliool, Ward 15 
Ellsworth (Dor.), from 1332 

liorchester A»cmie, • to 83 

Fre. port. Ward 18 
WEllwoo.l (Chsn.), from 15 

Eighth, Bee East Eighth and 

1 » to 20 Chelsea, Ward 2 
Elder (Upham's Comer), 
from 682 Columbia road.,9 
to 8 Humphreys, Ward 11 

ow to 30 Vassar, 

I (Rox.). from 281 1 
215 Walnut Ay. 
Ward 15. Even 

ibfrs Ward 16 
1 Washington • 

7 Ehnore Park 

Wa'lnut A». 
Elmore riirk (Roi.),from 

17 Elmore, Ward 15 
**Elmwood (Fox. Cross- 

lO^i'inden ParkStreet.Wd.13 
Roxhury • 

Elniwfod Court 

23 Elmwood Place 
35 K'ing 

Baker to North At 
Rlnm'ood 4'ou 

Bmmet fluce (E. B.),tr. 

17 Everett, Ward 2 

Emmons (E. B.), trom 30 

Chelsea to 73 Paris, Ward 2 
Emmons Road (W. R)., 

tr. Lmnft to Martin, Ward 23 

Ward 22 
* Endlcott(Hanover),fVoin 
l58Ha"Over to 283 Causeway. 

60 45 Crosfl 

61 Morton 
72 69 Stillman 

Ch. St. Mary's Church 

123 Pond-8t Place 

141 Dnufflaaa Court 
156 153 Thacher 

173 North Margin 
178 Endicott Court 

222 Washington North • 
225 Causeway • 
Keany Square 

ver), trom 17kEndicott,Wd. < 

Endicott Terrace (Dor. 
Center), from 1663 Dorchea- 
ter AT.« Ward 20 

* Enfield (J. P.), from 45 
Spring Park Ay. to 92 Rob- 
inwood AT., Ward 22 

Enelen'ood (Dor. Center), 
from 9.S.5 Adamh west to Dor- 
chester Park, Ward 20 

•EnKlewood A-venne 
(Coolidge Corner).'- " — "- 
"ne line to 346 Ch - 

88 37 Brookllne line 
54 58 Srrathmore Road 
88 89 Sutherland Road 
Chiswick Road 
Chestnut HillAv.* 
*Eppine(Dor. Center), from 
6W Wassington • to 26 Nor- 
folk. Ward 21 



:im«.ood riace (Box. 

CrosBing), from 23 Elmwood 

Ward 13 

Elton (Upham's Corner), 

20 19 Auckland 

•Brie A 

northerly. Word 17 

• Ericsson (Dor.), IVom 175 

Walnui to 87 Fnltou.Wani 20 

Washington • 

• indicates public highways 

• ftreeti partly public 

See explanation, page IT 



Erie ( 

P.), from Plpasant [ Eui 


Pleasant ! 

VoBe Av. I 

MetropolitaD Av. 
Erie Place (J. P.). from 

70 School Dear Wa>h.,W(l. 15 
Erie Xerrac-e (S. B.). tr. 

182 W. Fourth. Ward 9 
« Ernst (Ro!!.), from 61 Weal 

Walnut Park to 7(1 BragdOD. 

Westmore Road to (OtJ H 
yard, Word 2! 
*£iinit>nd (Grove Hall), 

Harvard, Ward 19 
68 Bradshaw 

110 111 Harvard 

* EHHeic (ClieD.),from lui 
tiOD Main and Mill to 
Rutherford Av., Ward 3 

2 Mm" * 
25 Lyndeboro' 
51 Middlesex 
40 Rutherford Av, 
♦Essex {EBsex Bl. sta.). fr* 
622 Washington to Allan 
Av.,Ward 5. Carslr, Wai 
ington street to Kingston 



Place (Rox.), trom 
K»b tustts. Ward 12 
Eutaw (E. B.), fror 
Border, crossing Meridi 
351,tos5 White, E,B..y 
2 1 Bolder 

18 17 Meridian • 

Ninth tobainreir,"Ward'ir° 

* Eyuim (Dor. Ce: 

Ward 21 

Milton Aver 

U 16 Thetford Av 

37 Stanton 

66 67 Capen 

.02 103 Nelson 
113 Corbel 
123 Hopkins 


i>a4l (Coolidge 
1 Corey Roaa to 
e. Ward 25 

* Evelyn (Mat.) 
Blue Hill ,1V s 
folk, Ward 21 


50 Chauncy • 

83 Oliver Place 
91 Edinboro 
lie 107 KingBtOD • 

135 Essex Place 
132 Columbia 
168 167 Lincoln 
166 EsBex Court 
188 183 South • 

2117 Shoe & Leatlier bldg, 
218 213 Atlentic Av.» 
* Essex (Coolidge Corner), tr. 

Cottage Farm* to the riverl 

Ward 25 
Essex Avenue (Hanover) 

from 112 Clinton to 12 Rich 

mond. Wards 
♦Essex Place (Kssex st 

sta.), from 141 Essex, Ward 6 

Ward 21 
Estes . 

Hall), fro 

Ward 18 
Estes Plac 


'Everett (E. B), from 69 

1 Orleans 
17 Emmet Place 
65 Cotttge 

' Exchu 

296 Malt 

27 Kilby,\*d. I 
■ Exeter (Back Bay), Ir. 2»S 
Beacon to 51 Huntington Av. 
1 to 46 Ward 8, to end Wd. 7 

12 11 M^lbSro 

18 19 Commonwealth Av. 

32 31 Newbury 

46 45 Boylston 

48 Hotel Leno< 

Boston Athletic ASfO. 

29 Harrison Av 

49 India,'ward 
F Street 

>*'-.i Eighth 
Odd'nun.bers 1 

206 203 Highland 

247 Summit 
292 296 Prospect 
310 311 Milton lint 

Falrvlew (Dor.), tr. Tn 
to Frost Av., Ward 20 

• Pnlrview (Ro8.),tr. Sot 
to Bussey Park. Ward 23 

38 Primrose 

58 Mendum 
Buesey Park 
Fairvlew Aven 

! 167 Hooten Court 

■ 168 Castle Court 
180 Doherty Court 
202 Union Court 

* Everett (Chsn.) 

Eighth to 349 W. 1 
" to 141 V 
and all < 
Kignth • 

mer • to 285 Congress, Wd. t 
Estey (Rox Crossing), trom 
101 Lawn to 164 Fisher Av. 

Estralla (.'. P.), from 29( 
Centre • to Priesing, Wd. 15 

**E8ty (H, P.), from Beaver, 

Ethel (Roj), from Augustus 

42 47 Cypress Road 
52 51 Qarden 
70 71 Maple Av. 
88 87 Elmira 

•Euclid (Dor. Center), trc 
659Washington • to 42 Wit 

42 41 West Seventh 

54 53 TudT 

62 61 West Sixth 

74 75 Bowen 

88 87 West Filth 
100 99 OoW 
110 HI West Fourth 
126 125 Silver 
142 141 West Broadway 
158 157 Athens 
174 173 West Third 
186 179 Bolton 
198 197 West Second 
208 2117 Dresser 
222 215 West Firat 
• Fainn (Sta. A), tr. 19 New- 
land to 10 Ivanhoe, Ward 6 
•Pabyan (Dor. Center), fi 

1033 Blue Hill Av • Ward 21 



' Palrbury (Upham's Cor- 
ner), tr. 17(f Blue Hill Av. • 
to 31 Rand, Ward 17 

Oleiirion, Ward 1 
9 Meridian • 

Oak Squsre. Ward 26 

243 Bothwell Road 
I Oakland 

I Turner' 
1 Fairbanks 

307 Brooks 
1 Oak Square Av. 
Monttern Av. 
353 Dunboy 

south, west and north side 

Faneuil Hall, Ward 5 

1 Merchants Row 

10 Com Court 
13 Change Av. 
f^l Dock Square 
42 HeadofN. Market St. 
Paneuil Terrao- (Br.). . 

from 23 Hobart_ to Brooksdale 

205 Holton 
231 Brentwood 
267 Raymond 

61 WinjI 
Ward 25 
*Eustls (Rox.) 

o23 Magazine, Wd. 

19 Renfrew 
33 Harrison Av 

Governor Eust 

'oiirt (E. B ), h- I 
, E. B., Ward 2 
lU.urt (Chen.), 
relt. Ward 4 
4^4>urt. (Han- 
■lace (E.B.), IT. 

Audubon Road, Ward .' 
' Palrland (Rox ),tr( 
Mt. Plea.anl Av. to 5S 1 
land. Ward 12 


80 Hampden, • 'across Reed- 
ing and Gerard, Ward 12 

Parnswtirth, IV. 342 Con- 
gress to N Y N.H.sH.R.R. 
Piers. Ward 9 

Parniini Place (Rox. 
Crossing), trom 151 Bryant, 


2»6 239 Hampden < 

259 Euslis Placi 

270 Hubbard T 

802 299 Magazioe 

Rverett Rand (Upham's 
Corner), changed to Play- 
stead Road 

•Everett Square* 

(11 P.), from junction of 
River,* Foirmount Av. and 
Central Av., Ward 24 
Bverett Sa. (Atle.l.from 
32 Westtord, Ward 26 

(H.P '.Troinl 
Mi'ton line. W 

Everett S 
64 Davison 

90 No"" 

* Isdicstee public highways 

• streets partly f 

•• Par<iuhar (Ros.). 

South, to 1486 Centre, near 

Weld, Ward 23 
Parraieut (W. R.), from 

imi Baker. Ward 23 
Parraieut Court (S. B ), 

trom «<iO E Second. Ward 9 
•Farramiit Koufl (S. B.), 

from Esst S"'i,>>d III 871 F.nst 


21 East Second 
„ 41 E, Third 
5 e."! E. Broadway 
JOE. Fourth 
"l31 E. Fifth 

East Sixth 

explanation, page 1*7 


ParrliiBton (E. B.), Irom 

29 Onem Ay.. Ward I 
FarrinKton (W. R.). from 

74 Anawan Av. to West Rox- 

bury Parkway. "Ward 23 
Farrineton (Ready.) 

Damrell Ay. to Vaughan 

Ward 24 
Farrinstfin A»ei 

(Ro«.),lt.433 Beech. Wa 
* Farrinaton Arei 

to 35'Li'nden. Ward 25 
•Panlkner (Dor.), fr 

Dorchester Av.% to op] 

Freeman. Ward 20 

2 1 DorclieBter Ay. 

Faulkner, Ward 20 1 

12 Do 

ayton, Ward IS 
laee {Dor.)^.lv 

Fenao Place (Dor.) 
1432 Dorclieiler Ay..« ' 

Fenton (I 
can to 23 CI 

Fenton P 

Fenway (Fenway), 1 

I'ugglc" w'aid 

Boet'tn Med. Libra 
35 Rumford Road 

(Chan.), Irom las Rutherlord 

Ay., Ward 4 
•FIaiiir(Sta A), from I84f 

Was *.• to 21 Reed. Wd. 12 
FlaKE (Br.), 69 Lake. £asl, 

• Fleet (Han 

1156 Boyli 
cn^dVarf 1 

Ward 5 

2 1 Hnnoyer • 

7 Garden-court Street 
18 Webater Place 

.10 45 North 

•Fenwick. (Rox.) 

Hurlbert to 64 Circuit, Wd. 13 
'Penwootl KoMd (Rox. 

Crossinp). fr. 747 Huntington 

Ward 14 
■ Ferftinantl (Eesex street 
sta.). trom 429 Tremont to 

29 Dlngley Place 
84 39 Church 
m Bay 
80 Ferdinand 
Payette Court (E>»e 

Sta.). Irom tii'b Waahini 

Ward 5 
• Favi*t<»n (Groye Hall 

310 'Blue Hill Ay.» to 

coma. Odd nuniberH Ward 

Summer. Ward 5 
2 1 Milk • 
60 First Nat. Bank 
70 59 Franklin 

107 SuUiyan Place 
118 Matthews 

121 Federal Court 

147 Jlilton Place 
170 163 High • 
178 Weld building 
180 Purtjhaae 

Federal Court, from 121 

Federal,* Ward 5 
Federal Koad (W. R.), 

from Corey to Seymour Rd. . 

mont,9 Ward lo 
■* Fellows (Rox.). from 28 
Nocthampton ♦ to 24 Webber, 
Ward 12 
2 1 Northampton • 

47 Orange Court 

60B Colony Place 
75 Woliert Court 
81 Fellows Place 

Fellows Place (Rox,), 
trom 81 FeUows, Ward 12 

Felton Place (Rox.), ft 
2174 Waahington,» Ward 12 

Pencourt (Fenway), from 

First Ret. Prea. Church 

41 Winchester 

Swedish "" 

49 Piedmont 

58 57 Columbus 

■ Perrin (Chsn.). from 132 
Chelsea to 100 Bunker Hill, 
War.1 4 

35 Bates 

Edge worth 
59 Jaclson 

Fulton to 12; North, Ward ."■ 
Pessenden (J. P.). fr. 263 

Chestnut Ay. Ward 22 
Pessenden (Mat), fr. 1294 

Blue Hill Ay . • to 551 Nor- 
folk, Ward 21 
•Field (Rox, Crossing), ti. 

289 Kuggles to Madison 

Court. Ward 7 
•Fields Corner • (Dor.), 

Chester ay. Wards IS, 19, 20 
Field's Court (Upharas 

Cor.) trom 65 Willow Court. 

Ward 11 
Fifield (Dor.), fr. 12 Church 

to 13 Winter, Ward 17 
Pirtli, see Eaat Fifth and 

West Fifth 
Pirth-Street Place 

(S. B.), irom 21 West Fifth, 

Ward 9 
First, see Eaat First and 

Fleet (Readv.l from Read- 
ville to Sprague. Ward 24 

• Fletcher (Ro».l. tVom 905 
South to Centre. Ward 23 

•Flint (Mat.), from 4.34 Nor- 
folk to N. Y . N. H. «. H. 
R.R., Ward21 

Flint Place '5. B.). from 
124 Marino Road, Ward 10 

•Flood S<iuare • (S.B.), 
ioS°a''ii°dI,WMdBTl'o "" 

Floral Place (H. P.), fr. 

43 Williams Av., Ward 24 
'Florence (Sta. A), from 
1060 Washington • to 357 

** Florence (Ros ), from 
80 Poplar to Brown av., and 

Southbourne Road. Odd and 

even numbers to R. R. Ward 

2). Odd 

to end ai 

R R. to Stony 

Xwd. 24! 
hers from Stony 

Rosemere Court 
Urammar School 
) Hawthorne 

Murray Hill Road 

Forest (Ready), from 249 
Milton • to ReadviUe trot- 
ting park. Ward 24 

ReadviUe trotting park 
Forest Park (Mat.), from 

63 West Selden, Ward 21 
Forest Place (Chsn.),fr. 

33 Olmstead 
39 Peter Parley Road 

267 Rossmore Road 
295 Morton 
Forest Hills A.venue 

te^y gite' Wwd 22 
ForsterH* Court (Chsn.) 

from 17 Union. Ward 4 
Port Avenue (Sta. Ai.fV 
421 Harrison Avenue* Wd.6 
•Fort Avenue (Rox.), It, 
145 Highland to 122 Centre. 
ror Celar, Ward 15 
2 1 Highland 
16 Highland Park 

33 Highland Park Street 
50 Beech Glen Aye. 
85 Highland Park Ave. 
105 CeSar 
106 Centre • 
> Fort Hill Square. Oli- 
ver, comer High, Ward 5 

• Poss (Chsn.), from 61 Chel- 
sea • to 62 Water, Ward 4 

• Poster (Hanover), fi-otn 

clal, Ward 5 
2 1 Charter 

11 Foster Place 

21 Foster Court 

Mount Hope Station Sq. 

1 Mt. Hope Station 

) Railroad 

) Hyde Park Avenue 

) Stony brook 

[ Catherine 

Floyd (Rox Crossing), fro; 

South Hnntinptoi 

Blue Hill Av. to Callender, 

■Pollen (Back 

Folsoni (Ros.). changed to 

* FolBom (Upham'i Corner), 
trom 6,35 Dudley* to 15 Rob- 
in Hood, Ward 17 

_ . _ P.). from 1269 

Hyde Park Ay.« to Dana 

PolAoni Avenue (Rox 

Cent^e*to li'TChestnut Av 
Ward 15 

toga to 10 Breed. Ward 1 

Qway, Ward 7 

I Washita £ton* to 7 Mer 

I.Ward 19 

neno Xerruce (Alls.) 

1 Cardingfon, Wd. 15 
* ( lOBuena 
19 Rockland,. Wd 16 

535 E. Third 
> Fisher A 


^nue (R 
856 Parke; 
Parker Hill Av.. Ward 14 

Rox. Fordha 

. Brookline 62 

from 56 Brighton Av. • 

' Forest (Rox.), from 14 I 
144 Mt Pleasant Av..Wd.: 
2 1 Mt. Pleasant Aye. 

28 BrodbineAv. 

46 43 Vine 

Forest Place 

to Washington, Ward 24 

•Foster (Br.), It. 76 Surrey 
to opp. 2018 Commonwealth 

147 Kenrick 
280 Kirkwood Road 
284 Radnor Road 

Commonwealth ay.* 
Foster <'ourl^ (Uanover), 

» Fottler Iloud (Mat.), 
24 Hazleton to 76 Uiawa 
jtoad. 1 to Walk Hill, \ 
21, to end Ward 24 
Walk Hill 
33 Mattapan 
Hiawatha Road 

• Foundry (S B ). from 
Dorcnester Ay.* Ward 9 

• Fountain (Rox.).fron 
Regent to 15 Circuit, Wd. 

Pounlnin Place (U 
over), from 4J4 Uanove 

Place (Rox.) 
from Fountain, Ward 13 

Fountain Squitre (Rox.) 
Walnut i%v.. bet. Munroe and 
Townsend, Wd. 13 (public) 

Fountain Square (Rox.) 

West Fourth 
Pourth-St. Court (SB.) 

from 166 W. Fourtn * Wd. 9 
Fourth-St. Place (SB.) 

from 631 E, Fouith. Ward 10 
Fowie (Ros.), trom SOBowe, 

Ward 23 

8 public highways 



* Fowler (Grove Hall), fr. 

52 McLellan to 21 Qteonwood. 

Ward 1> 
**Pox (Dor ). from 59 Adams 

1 Con 

> Wat-r, Ward 17 
Frances (W. R ), Irom 339 
*Franciii (Fenway), from 
727 Huutlngton At to PU- 
grim Road, Ward U 
2 Huntington Ay.« 
n St. Albani Road 
91 BInney 
Brookline At.» 

I Qreenmount, Ward 1 

■anconia (Dor.), t 


** Frankfort (E. I 

— rerick to " 

8t .f Pre 


•Frankltn (Chan), ttoro 

805 Mnii • to 132 High, Wd.3 

♦Fran Ulin, from 878 Waflh- 

I GreeleT to R. 

Freedman Terras 

(Dor.), ft. Faulkner, Wd. 

ftom 1(18 Main • Ward 3 
Freeland (M.t ), fr. M 
Chester. Ward 21 

J Dor.), from 28 

Warii 18, 
2 1 Charle. 
)pp. 2'- Faulknei 

Preeporl. ( Dor,). from 1266 
Dorcheeter \v. ro Spauldirig 
Square Odd nuniberstoR.R. 
Ward IS. evt'n numbera to 
R R. Ward 17, odd and even 
nuinberi to end Ward 20 

82 89 Hawley • 
74 71 Arch 
104 93 Devonshire 

154 163 conCTess 
200 199 Pearl 
148 246 Oliver 
m 276 Batteryn 

Fulton to 86 Walnut, WardSO 
•FranUlin (H. P.), from 
Sunnyeide to Thompson, Wd. 
• Franklin (Alls ), from 375 
Cambridge to N. Harvard 
1 to .10 Ward 2S, 31 to end 
Ward 26 

Cambridge • 
16 Braintree 
»0 B. S A. R.R. 
46 Lincoln 

80 Aldie 

69 Alcott 

81 Bradbury 

91 Eastou 

96 Uoltoo 

110 Fern 

116 Brentwood 

128 Appian ' 

121 Myrick 

184 Raymond 

153 Wcilz 


I No.: 


urt V 


e Corner), from 324 

^Id u 

(J. P.), 
r • Blue 

81 Court to 82 Brattle. Wd. 5 
Franklin Ooort (Up- 
■ -jrner). from 324 Nor- 
, Ward 11 
Franklin Field (Doi 

Franklin Park (J. 

bounded by 


, Ward 22 
lace (J. P.) 
lington •W.2! 
qiiare (Sta 
to 164" Wash. 

Forest Bills, 


ing'ton • 

r., Wd. 

E. Brookline St.: south. E. 

Newton 8t.i eaat. James 8i., 

♦Franklin Terrace 

(H. P.), from 46 Warren Av., 

Ward 24 
•Fraaer (H.P.) 

Av. to IS Reddy 
Frazer (Dor.), from Mlltc 

to Marsh, Ward 20 
Fred (Chsn.), fr. 99 Arllni 

ion Av. to George Ward 3 
•Frederick (S. B). from 

173 West Ninth to Old Col 

ouy Avenue, Ward 11 
Frederick Xerrao 

(Upham's Corner), from 62 
• Hartford, Ward 17 
• Frederika (Dor. Center), 

from 84.5 Adams to 280 Minot, 

307 Mill 

3.13 Everdean 
,„ S Union 

'» i Neponaet 
A Waahineton 
IH Plymouth 

4U Preston 

Popes Hill 
10 Tenean 

Popes Hill Station 
16 Conley 

■Fremont (Mat.), fr. 1626 
Blue Hill A V. - — 

Ward 21 
2 1 Blue Hll 

401 Riv 

Fremont Av.(Rox.). from 
Se Mall to Dayton Av., Wd 12 

Fremont Court (Chsn 
from 4 Fremont Place, rear 
Med ford. Ward 4 


, Falda (Rox.), from 8 Ellis 

to 218 Highland, Ward 15 
•* Fuller (Dor. CenteD.from 

l;)53 Dorcheeter Av. to 972 

Morton Ward 21 

2 Dorchester Avenue • 
39 Clermont 
5» Alherstoue 
113 114 Washington • 

Milton Avenue 


• Fnllerton (Fenway), from 

Brooklin* Avenue to B. » / 
B.R.. Ward 8 

• Fulton (Hanover), from 84 
Cllnt.'ii w 7 Lewis, Ward 5 

1 Clinton 
2 Blacksfone 

20 83 Cross 

68 Alley 
70 Fulton Place 
76 ina Richmond 
119 Arch Place 

lin t 1 Ericsson, Ward 20 
Fulton (H.P.). fr. Margin 

to A St , Ward 24 
Fulton Court (Hanover), 

trom 1 1 1 North and 124 Cross, 

« Fulton Place (Hanover) 

from 70 Fulton to 149 North. 

l(>0 (Columbia 
Rd.Ito 22 Ward 9, 23 1 
Ward 10 

2 1 Dorchester© 
22 21 E. Broadway • 

29 Silver 
44 41 East Fourth 
64 Eaat Fifth 

' Oardner (Chsn), from 624 

Main • to 36 Sever, Ward 3 
'Gardner (Kos. Crossing), 

from 292 Roxbiirv • to 46 

Cientre© Ward 15 
"nardner (W. K ). from 

115 Spring to beyond R. R., 


Gardner PlaceJW. R. 

Gardner, Ward 23 

from 60_Medford to Chauncey 

Place (Roj 
dley, • Ward 

Place Ward 
Fremont Place (Rox. 

from 201 r " 

French (Mat.), trom 231 W. 
Selden, Ward 21 

French Terrace (Rox. 
Crossing), tr. 10 Gore south- 
easterly. Ward 14 

Fresno (Ros.),fr. 106 Dudley 
Aveoue to Alder, Ward 23 

•Friend (1 to 113 Boston, to 
endNorth sta.). tVom 8Union 
to 111 Causeway, Ward 5 

77 Washington • 
109 Sudbury • 
123 Merrimac • 

Warren Square 
139 Market Sfreet 

B. Jt£ M. Produce mkt. 
Bridge to E. Cambridge 
•Front Avenue (Dor.).fr. 
18 Boutwell to 25 Fairview, 
Ward 20 

• Frothin ffham Avenue 

(Chsn ). from 306 Ms<m • to 
296 Rutherford Av., Ward 3 

Frnean Place (Dor.), tr. 
31 Highland. Ward 17 

Fruit (ChBn.),lrom6Bunker 

• Fruit (North sta ), from 30 
Blossom lo 229 CharleB,Wd " 

Commonwealth Av. easterly 
toB.Si A. R R., Ward 25 

•eace (Sta. A), fr. 77 North- 
ampton • to Trask, Ward 12 

fromN.Y., N.H. &H.R.R. 
lo 12«Hemenway.Ward 7 

89 Gardner. Wd.25 
Wav TVest 

Fen ), from Huntinglon Av.. 
t Girls' Latin School, to 

enrfleld (J. P.), from 3466 

-TasMngton • Ward 22 
etarfleld Avenue (W. 

. from 222 Corey to I**5 Mt 

Sarland Place (Sla..« 
from 2 Garland. Ward 6 

•«arrl»on (Back Bay), 
102 Huntington Av • acK 
St. Bntolph. Ward 7 

*Oastun (Grove Hall). 
624 Warren • to 327 Blue I 
Av. • Ward 16 

Ward 10 

©ay (Rox. Crossing). 
161 Rox " " ■ 

oxbury • t<, 8» l.maen 
, Ward 13 
day Head (Rox. Cross- 

Oayland (Upham'i 


24 26 St 

Jordan Hall 
St. Stephen 


bury to 12 Elmoi 
Clallatln (Dor. 

Ward 16 
Milton 'et.. 

82 West Cottage to 
18 Judson, Ward 17 
Oaylord (Dor. Center). tr. 
369 Washington • to 18 
Chamberlain, Ward 19 

Avenue (Br ),fr. 117 
emy Hill Road. Wd. 26 
e»ce (Sta. A), from 340 



■Oarden (North Sla, 
Ward 8 

68 67 Revere 
66 66 Myrtle 
Garden (Grove Hall), from 

8 Holborn, Ward 16 
Garden (W. R). fro 
yond Maple lo 139 < 
■Ward 28 
Garden (Ro6.),lr.l52 i 

fr. 476 I 

e Hall, to < 


Av. Odd num- 
1 Ward 19. 313 to 
427 Ward 18, 429 to end Wd. 
19. Allevennuinbers Wd. 18 
<;.r. iron. Blue Hill Av. to 

I Columbia Rosd • 
Vaughan Avenue 

• Minchen'8 Couit 

, trom 8 North S 

■St. Arch (North 
r 19 Garden.Wd. 8 I 

290 297 Bowdoiu • 

347 Holiday 
869 Oakley 

I ^„ ' Topllft 
-! 396 395 Wesrville 

1 427 Dakota 
I Josephine 
451 Bloomfleld 

Geneva ^v 


blen to SomerviUe Lioe.Wd.S 

* George (Rox ), from 152 
Hampden to fiOShirley, Wd.l2 
2 I Hampden • 

80 76 Magazine 

95 "Woodward Av. 
106 Jarvii Place 

113 Clarence 
124 121 Langdon 
146 136 Bhliky 
Cteorse (W. R.), tr. Glendale 

road to North av.. Ward 23 

•eeorice (Mat), from 829 

River • northerly. Ward 24 

• eeorKla (Grove Hall),1r. 
668 Warren to 66 Elm Hill Av. 
Ward 16 

2 B'.S7Hm Av. • 

101 Elm HiU Av. 
Beoreiana (J.F.), changed 
to DaiJymple 

eerard (Rox.), from 841 
Maesachusetta Avenue to 50 

Glenbrook (Upham'eCor- 

Hancoclc to 78 

46 Columbia Road • 
80 76 Bird 
eienclHle Road (W.R), 

trom 2351 Ceutre • Ward 23 
• eiendon (E. B.), from 278 
Eaet Eagle to Condor, Wd. 1 
eiendon Place (E. B), 
from 491 Chelsea to 622 Bre- 
men, Ward I 

eieahill Road (Dor), (r. 

Lorna Road to GlenvaleRoad, 

Ward 21 
Olenside Avenue (J P.), 

from 116 Olen Road. Ward 22 
eienvale Road (Dor), 

Glenhill Road Eouthwesterly, 

Ward 21 

9, 2;ir to end Ward ilj 

52 53 B Street 
100 99 C Street • 
150 149 D Street 

167 HardinB Court 

187 Lovii 
20(1 199 B Street 
236 236 F Street 
290 291 Dorchester • 
»Uold>niith (J. P ),li-om 
822 Centre to CuBter, Ward 22 

trom 20 Rugglei 

* Governor Shirley t 

ace (Dor. Center), tr. 16 

*erat1lf>n (ITpham'e C 
Av. • to MoBeley, Ward 1 

Orahani Court (Dor ) 
1176 M 

eramplan "Way (Dp- 
ham'B Corner), tf 140 Savin 
Hill Av. to 184 do.. Ward 17 
arannda Avenue 
(Ros 1. from 177 Metropolitan 

> 95 Fan- 

21 Parkvala 

neai Clapp, 

ilin (Box. 1, from Nor- 
•. to Sherwood, Wd. 12 
lan (W. R.), fr. 5268 
ogT..i> • to 369 Grove 

• eienway (Ur< 
(150 Blue Hill -A 

Grove Hall), fr. 

Harvard, Ward 19 

665 Commonwealth Av, • to 

Charlej River, Ward 8 
Orand View (Roe.), ftoro 

471 Beech, Ward 23 
•G-raniser (Dor, 

Cloytr • "■ '--- 

31 Duncan, Wd,18 

Ward 13 
Ctoldamlth Place (J. P.), 

trom 526 Centre.* Ward 22 
O-oodale Road. (Mat.), 

from Blue Hill Av. to IS! 

Wellington Hill St., Ward 21 
Gitodenoutch (Br.) 

294 North P *- ■ 

euil, Ward2 
Goodrich Road (J. P.), 

trom opp.680 Centre* Wd. 22 
Gloodn'in 4'ourt (S. B.), 

trom 3h Ward SL, Ward 11 
Qoodwiu Place (North 

Sta.).. 'rO'D 73 Rcvere.Wd. 8 
•Oordon (,T. P.), from opp. ! 

J. p. Station to 14 Elm,Wd.22 
^Gordon (Alia.), from 566 

Cambridge • to 68 North 

North Beacon 
♦Gordon Avenue (H.l 
from River. • opp. Bu9in< 
to Crew's Woods, Ward 2 
4 3 River* 

19 Summer 

41 Austin 

Granite (1 to 114 Boston, 
to end SB), from Mt Wash- 
ington Av. to bO W. Second. 

Mt. Wash. Av, 

Boston Wharf 
78 Richards 

113 West First 
125 West Second 
' Granite Avenue (Dor. 
Cen.), trom 800 Adams to 
Granite bridRe, Ward 20 


r.m to Neponset 

43 WebbertoSOMall, Wd. 12 
Olbbs Court (Chsn.), fi-om 

498 Main • Ward 3 
•• GIbaon (Dor.), 11-om 1570 

Dorchester Av.acioss Adams 

St. Ward 20. • trom Dorches- 

Glflford (,T. P.),ii-. 40 Com- 

wall. Ward 22 
Gin-ord Place (S. B), n. 

IB Ward St.. Ward 11 
Gilbert Avenue (Chsn,), 

fr,6 Hamblen to Fred, Ward 3 
Gilbert Place, from 216 

Summ ' " 


160 Roxtoo 
168 Brenton 
194 KB Harvard 
*Glenwood (Box.), fr. 
Wb' ren to 27 Cliff, Ward 1 
2 1 Warren • 

3 Glenwood Terrace 
5 Myrtle Place 
24 Glenwood Place 
28 37 Cliff 
Glentvood Avenue 

iN.Y., ; 

Summer • to 295 Congress, 
1 (Rob.), tr. 900Can- 

Koad, Ward 21 

R. fe to Washington, Wd. 24 
N.Y..N.H, SH.R.R. 

Hyde Park Av • 

Nepontet river 

lSr.Y.,N. H.4H.R. R. 


Glenwood Place (Rox.), 
froiD 24 Glenwood, Ward 13 

I.P.). from 92 Washmgton, 

Gordon Court (Rox.), fr. 

! 91 Hampdeti. Wardl2 

! Gordon Place (Dor.), fr. 

724 Parker lo 39 Terrace, Wd. 

Gorham Avenue (Alls.), 
fr. 1280 Commonwealtrt Av- 
enue to Brainerd Rd. Wd. 25 

Gosnold (E. B.), fr. S*itt 
to beyond Fresco' t. Wards 1 


59'B?l!e Av"! 

Dedbam line, to 
Ward 23 

99 Litch- 


' Glenwood Terrace 

_ _ j (Rox), tiom 3 Glenwood, 

9 Glen Road, Ward 22 I Ward 8 

'Glad.tone lE. B.), ftom "•JM'*'^ 'J"",^' J,''°S- *f' 
14 Wallev.Ward 1 S""??!,''"'"" '° ^ "^ ° ' 

Hall), f>. ',."'' . „ ,„„, 

BradBhaw, I Glinea Avenue (Rox.). 
! trom M School. Ward lo 
"•Glen (Upham'e Corner), 01obe^A.lley (Hanover), 

163 Harvara t 

from 34 Glendale to 17 Trull, 
Ward 17 

Glen Road (J.F.).fr.334i 
Wash • to Franklin Park. 
Ward 22 

65 Glenside Av. 
80 Sigourney 

83 Ofade Av. 

.• Wd. 5 
'Gloucester iBack Bay), 
from 397 Bescon to 877 Boyl- 

22 Commonwealth Av. 

56 Boylston • 
ve Hall), fr. 1 Glonceater Place (S 
400 Seaver, i A), from 377 Harrison Av. 
Ward 6 

field. Ward' 26 
Gould Avenue (W. B). 

from Corcv near Addlngton 

Gonldville Terrac 

(Upliams Corner).^ fVom I 

from lft71 Washington, Wd.21 
araut Place (All-.), from 

Upton Court, Ward 26 
Grant Road(Qrove Hall), 

Granville (Ros,), from 446 

Beeco Ward 23 
•Gray (Chen.). f^oiiL 47 

Berkeley • to 37 Clarendon, 
Ward 7 
Greaton Roafl (W. R.) 

from Weld to beyond Pier- 
pont Road, Ward 23 

Greeley |Dor.),fr. 33 Free- 
man to opp. 511 Geneva av 
• Ward 20 

'Green (ChBu.). h-.169.Main, 
at 6 Dexter Row to 18^ 

""o Main' • 

Dexter Row 
Hsrvord Church 
Winthrop Church 

I High 

B public highways 

• «tr« 

3 partly public 

77 Hancock 
98 Bunker Hill • 
* Green • (North Sta.).from 

I ion Chambers* 



* Oreenwood Avenue 

(H. P.). from Greenwood Sq. 
to N. Y., N. H. Jk. H. R. R. 
Ward 24 

I Rockview 
55 Alfred 

Chestnut Avenue 
1 Cheahire 


Woolsey Square 
Jamaica Plain R.R.Sta. 

149 Bartlett Sq. 

171 Meehan Place 
189 Union Avenue 
190 Alden Place 
206 213 Washington • 

end Ward 19 
2 1 Bowdoin 
28 27 Dakota 

" Tonawanda 

Oreimi* riaee (Roxbury 

Crossing) , tVom 48 Longwood 

Av., Ward 14 
*Grenville Place (EsBex 

46 Columbus Av., • Ward S 
! erew Avenue (RoB.).fr. 

1096 Canterbury, opp. Poplar. 

across Perkins to R.R..Wd.23 
Oreylock Road (Alls.). 

from 74 AUston to GlenviUe 

AV., Ward 2.5 
• Oridley. from 117 High to 

163 Purchase. Word 5 
««rifUn Court (Dor,), trom 
40 Clayton. Ward 18 
I »ricK« Plaice (AU 


Harvard, Ward 21 
B>reenlkale:e( Uphat 
Comer) from 770 Columb 
Rd. to 53 Roseclair, Ward 1 

*6reenheyii (Qri 
from 18 Mascnma to 
nolia, Ward 18 

10 Hills- 

from 754 Centre • 
, Ward 22 
QreenouRh Place 

'Oreenouirh Lane 

(Hanover), fr.23 Charter tn 
iS8X Commercial* Wards 

*Oreenwich (Rox. Croes- 
32"Wftiwick. Ward 13 

♦©■reenwicli (Dor.), from 
1402 Dorchester Av.» to 139 
Freeport. Wards 20, 24 

*Clreenwieli Park (Sta. 

, Ward 25 
from 179 
West Seventh to 188 West 
j Eighth. Ward 9 
Orinnell (Rox. Croflsing), 
from Columbus Avenue • to 
j Walpole. Ward IS 
Orooni (Uphi 
21 Humphreyi 
boro, Ward 11 
Ct-rosvenor Place(Rox.), 
from 2440 Washington* to 64 
I Cliff. Ward 13 
i *6roton (Sta. A), from 1191 
Wash.* to 230 Shawmut 
■ • Ward 6 

Hen Jtond 
(Rox. Crossing), tr. 37 Day, 
Ward 14 

W. R.). from 4895 

&rove • (North Sta.). fr.27i 
dge to 109 Myrtle 

* Urove ( W.R.).fr.240aCentre 

238 Washington 
351 German 

Dedhani line 
*Orove Hall (Grove Ball), 

junction Warren, Blue Hill 

Av.. Washington and Geneva 

Av.. Wards IG. 18, 19 
O-rove Park (Grove Hall), 

trom 12 Creston. Ward IS 
Grove Place (Rox.), fr. 

Lawrence Avenue, Ward 18 
•«rove Square (North 

Sta.). from lue Myrtle, head 

Canterbnry. to Florence, 
Ward 24 

ti-uernfiey (Rob ), from 1570 
Centre to near Bellcvue Sta- 
tion, Ward 23 

• e-uild ( Rox ),fr. 2581 Wash- 

wWm** '^™ 

WBflhingion • 
22 Thornton 
62 Lambert Av. 

Parker. Ward 14 

CluBtin (S. B.), fr. 199 W 

Nint^ • to 226 Old Colony 

" U Street (S. B.), from i 

> East Broadway • 

Benjamin Dean School 
136 137 East Sixth 
153 Howe Av. 
160 Monument Court 
162 163 East Seventt. 
188 187 East Eishth • 
208 Columbia Road 
H-Street Place (S. B.), 

from 47B Street. Ward 9 

* Hadley (Ch8n.),fr,39Park- 
er to Somerville line, Ward 3 

Hadwin Way (Ros.). fr. 
590 Hyde Park Av.,» Wd. 24 

* Hatcar (J. P. ), from 13 Eliot 
to 16 Thomas. Ward 22 

Etalborn (Mat), from 181 
West Selden to Delhi, Wd. 21 

«-Hale (North sta.), from 31 
Green to 20 South Margin, 
Ward r, 

*H.ale (H.P.), from 95 Gor- 
don Av. northerly, Ward 24 

Haley (Rox. 

Comer), from 65 Magnolia to 

4 Hooper Avenue, Ward 17 
Hairord Road (W. R.), 

from Theodore Parker Road 

to Cnurch, Ward 23 
^Halifax (J. P.). fr. 4a5 S. 

Huulington Av. to Pond View 

Av., Ward 22 
*fflal] (J. P.), fr. 148 South 

near Keyes. Ward 22 
Hall Place (Hanover), fr 

261 Hanover, Ward 5 
Hall Place (S. B.). from 

647 East Fifth, Ward 10 
Hall's Court (Rox.), from 

2241 Washington.* Ward 13 
Hallam (Upham's Comer), 

from 1064 Dorchester av. • 

to 25 Auckland, Ward 17 
•Halleck (Rox. Crossing). 

fr. 302Ruggles to 31 Station. 

Ward 14 


86 Prentiss 

*Hallet (Dor.), fr. 5 

to N. Y.. N. H. & H 

Ward 20 

Marsh, Ward 20 ' 
day (Ros, 

Hallowell (Mat.), from 

" • ■ " to M( 

Neponset Av 
Ward 24 
Hall owe 
Ward 24 


(lonterey Av.. 

(Chsn.), tr. 83 
Arlington Av., Ward 3 
' HaniliiirK (Sta. A), from 9 
Mystii- to 661 HarriBon Av.,» 

ham's Oor., IGl to end Dor.) 
from 339 Columbia Road U 
132 Homes Av., Ward IS 

I 137 Bowdoin • 
175 Stonehurst 
205 Speedwell 

! 223 tfomes Av. 

Hamilton (W. R.), fr. 41 

Gould to Charles, Ward 28 
^Hamilton (Readv.). from 
213 Milton* to Readville 
trotting park, Ward 24 
MQton • 

Main.* Ward;; 
Hamilton Place, from 

122 Tremont, Ward o 
•Hamlet(Upham'8 Comer). 

iimatt Koa4l(R0B.). 
3 310 Ashland,* Ward 24 
mmett (Rox. Crossing), 
2 Sarsfleld to 5 Grinnell, 

nmond (Rox. Cross- 
from 659 Shawmut Av. 
I Trpmont, Ward 13 

, 64 Lev. 

1 Gordon Court 

mg). ttom 150 
109 Linden Park 
2 1 Rugpl 
28 Mennig Court 



Cong. Church 

177 Vernon, 

HampKtead Road(J.F.), 

from Arborway, near South, 
Ward 22 
Hampton Court (Sta.A), 
fr 152 Northampton, *Wd. IZ 

* Hancock (Chsn.), from 
77 Green to 61 Elm. Ward 3 

* Hancock (North Sta.),tr. 
90 Cambnagt to 29 Mt. Ver- 
non. Ward S 

2 1 Cambridge * 

57 Myrlfe 

77 Mt. Vernon 
•Hancock irpham's Cor- 
ner), from 527Cohimbi& Road 
to 1245 Dorchester Av., Ward 
17 Cars from Columbia Road 
to Bowooin 

12 Upham Av. 
15 Wheelock Av. 

See explanation, page 17 


Hancock St.— Con 

•Hardwlck (Bi.) 
Bigelow to 62 DuDDl 

• Harlem (Grove 1 
03 Glenway to 4.) Gr< 

Ml. Vernon, , Ward 21 

lorley (Dor.CenlerJ.from 

lancock Place. 

•Hanley Square (Box. 
CroMingl • June. Boibury 
and ColumbuB Av., Wards 

1 Court 
New Ar 
67 Eta 

13« m Union 

144 Bethany Mif 

1(6 US Blaclutone 

209 Police Station No. 1 
212 Hanover Place 

221 Mechanic 
22S No. Uanover Court 

237 Board Alley 
250 CheBsman Place 

261 Hall Place 
266 Parmenter 

275 Richmond 

287 Seamen's Church 
288 Wesley Place 

309 Lathrop Place 

North Bennet 
Uanover St. P. O. 

' St. Stephen's Church 
Bay State House 


larlow (U 

trom 15 Fol«( 

Harmon (Mat.) 
Oakland • to Ran 
Ward 24 

arold (lto8< Kox.,biJ 
d Grove 170 W« 
itAv. to 4SSeaver, Wd. 

Ha'rold Park 
69 Mu 

139 Hol-worthy 
149 Hollander 
1R4 165 Waumbeck 

190 Abbotflford 

221 Kuthven 
232 231 Homestead 
260 259 Hutchings 

Seavet • 
Harold Hark (Rox.) 

i 643 K. Dedham 

661 Hamburg 
5 675 E. Canton 

818 Citv Hoapilul 
817 E. Sprinsfleld 

866 841 Maasachusett. Av 
861 Traek 

345 WashioKton fo Oakland 

. Ward 19. Odd s 

Harvard Park 

27 Harvard Aveou' 

Engine House i 

Philip's Church 
916 907 East Lenox 

919 Newcomb 
982 Ormond Terra' e 

996 969 Hunneman 

Geo. T. Angell School 

979 Plymouth Oouri 

991 Nawn 

1012 Webber 

1048 1025 Enstis • 

1116 U17 Renfre* 

1174 U67 Zeigler 
1190 U87 Dudley • 
1210 12tt7 Warren • 


139 Glenway 
153 Gleason 
165 Bicknell 

226 "Vesta Road 

Plaoo, Ward 6 

413 Uaxover • to 848 North, 

Ward .-. 
•Harris A. venue (J. P.). 

fr. 72lCentrc«tolJAlveBton. 

Ward 22 
» Harrlnhof to 147 (Grovp 

Hall), 148 to end (Box.), Itom , 

Warren to Dennison, Wards H 

Norfolk Place 
29 Exeter Place 

om 55 Russell, Ward 3 
arrlao^ Square (Dor.) 

Wards IS, 20 

.V (Uphi 

Green Hill to Pretton,' 

to 291 Essex st sta.,2 
Sta. A, to end Box.), 
Essex ^o 74 Warren, 

424 Fountain Place 
432 Warland Place 
464 499 Commercial • 
490 641 Chelsea Ferry 

Uanover I» 

Sta.), - 

ter)' tr"om foTi'Bh 

to a ■ — - 

Sta.), fVom 212 Hanover • 

. (Sta.. 


6. Odd and even numbers to 
end Ward 12 
3 1 EBsex • 
26 Oxford Place 
44 39 Beach • 

81 Knapp 
92 91 Kneefand • 
Ch. Catholic Church 

Ch, Harvard-StBaptistCh 

237 Pine 
260 241 Broadway • 

263 Noanet 
272 267 Railroad bridge 

642 fc.. Eighth, Ward H 
Uart'a Yard (Chsi 

28 Lawrence. Ward 3 
' Hartrord ft. 19 Wendell 

to 116 Purchas 
' Hartrord (Uphan 

ner), from 64 Howa 

19 Wavland, Ward 1 

I Cor- 

37 Tremont 
arbell Terrace (Dor.) 
■- 37 Leonard, opp. Duncan. 

Summer junc. L, Ward 9 
Harbor View <E. B), 
Coleridge Street, between 
Byron and Moore, Wd. 1 

• Harbor View (Upham's 

Corner), from 97S Dorches- 
ter Avenue • to 152 Sydney, 
Ward 11 

18 Grant 

44 Newport 

66 Spring Garden 

82 83 Sydney 

• Harcourt (Back Jay), fr. 



I Ensine House No. i 

443 Laconia 

449 Perry 
1 Thayer 

497 Savoy 
1 Banclolph 

from 64 Howaro J 
lyla - - - 

6 Hartford Terrace 
14 Robin Hood 

32 Lingard 
38 Chamblet 
61 Sargent 
55 CunniDBham 
62 Frederick Terrace 
70 Wayland 
Hartford Place, trom 

135 High, Ward 5 
Hartford Terrace 
rUpham'B Comer), from £ 
Hartford, Ward 17 
• Hartland (Upham's Cor- 
ner), It. opp. 98 Saxton to 98 
Sydney, Ward r 
•Hartwell (Grove HaU), 
from 22 Georgia to 13 Schuy- 
•Harvard ( City 
Square .to 92 .Main, Ward 4 

1 Police Station No. .3 
2 Bow 

12 Whitmore 
25 Baxter Place 

36 39 Harrison Av 4 

48 63 'Tyler 

281 Washington, Ward 19 

(Alls ).lr(.m 376 Cambridge 
to Br'.oklip' line. Ward 26 
Cambridge • 

6'i Farrington Avenue . 

64 Allston .M E. Church 

84 ' oJrdner 
Brighton Ave. • 

1>3 Glenville Av, 
207 Commonwealth Av. • 
Glenville Terrace 

(H. P.), from 1215 Biver* to 
1148 Hyde Park Av.» Wd. 24 
River • 
26 Winthrop 

Public Library 

High School 
56 Clay 

Hyde" Park Av« 

Harvard Place, trom 

311 Washington, • Ward 5 
Harvard Place (HP), 

from 7 Harvard Av. Ward 24 
Harvard Place (Br.),fr. 

384 Washington.* Ward 25 
Harvard Road (Grove 

Hall), from 5 Harvard Av., 

> Harveat (Upham's Cor- 
ner), trom 827 Dorchester 
Avenue • to 174 BOBton, * 
Ward 11 

Harvest (Dor.Center).from 
) Willowwood, Ward 21 

Harvest Terrace (Up- 
■ m'B Comer), trom 11 Har- 

» indicates public highways 

nation, page 1-7 




)i!9 7i 

(Dor. Center), fr. 

from 116 Rueglee to 99 Ver- 

26 Montview. 

* Hawthorne (Readv.) 
Preecott to Forest, Wd. 24 
Hyde Park Av.» 


Helena (J. P.). trom 252 l 
Lamartine to R. R.,Ward 22 

' Hemenway (Fenway), 
fr. 1128 Boylston to 461 Hunt- 
in^on Av., Ward? 
BoylBton • 

New Riding Club 
Hemenway Chojubera 

New England Con- , 
eervatory apartments . 



?av, from 180 Sum 
273 <5ongreB8, Wd. 
Hathaway CJ- P.), from 
Bardwell to 796 Centre,Wd.22 
Hathon Sqi 
from 205 Main 
529 Poplar, near Beech, Ward 

land, Ward 
Haven Avenue (Mat), 

tron- 1485 Blue HiU Av. • to 

107 Oakland, • Ward 24 
**Haverrord (J- P.). trom 

15 Cornwall, Ward 22 
*UaTerhill (Chen.), trom 

648 MR.r« to 25 Perkine. 

* Haverhill.* {North eta.), 
from HaymarKet 8q. to 145 

1 Haymarket Square 
47 T ravers 
129 Causeway 
Havey(Roa.), ft-. 141 Dudley 
Av.. Ward 23 

* Haviland (Fenway). trom 
161 MassachusettB A 
Hemenway. Ward 7 

Haviland Xei 

Washington •, Ward 23 
'Haven Square (Cbsi 
bounded by Bunker Hil 
Vine and Moulton, Ward 

• Haymarket Square • 

(North Sta.), bet. Union. 
Washington, Sudbury,Canal, , 
Merriniac an-l Waabington \ 
north. Ward 5 1 

* Haynes (K. B ). from 9 \ ' 
Orleans to 106 Marginal. 
Ward 2 | 

tredge to 32 Summit.Ward 2S 
Uenchoian (Banover),fr. 
36A Charter to 464 Commer- 

*HiKh (Cbsn.), from wei 
25 Walker. Odd numbers t 

108 8alem-8t. Av. 
118 121 Sullivan 

127 Gary FUce 
132 Franklin 

133 BoitoD Place 
144 143 Walker 
• Hleh, from 13K Summer t 
169 Broad.Ward 5. Cars fror 
Summer to Federal 
2 1 Summer* 
32 25 Federal • 
66 High-St. Place 
104 103 CouCTeae 

117 Gri<fley 
124 127 Pearl 

13- 137 Hartford 

150 149 OUver 

168 Batterymarch 


Parh ( 

from 201 Han- 

• oppositeWood- 
ward Place (Essex 

ace (D< 
> 68 Chic 

Extension. Wi 
Hayward I 

trom 86 Minot 

tawbut Ward 
Hazel Park (Rox.),ft. 38 

Maywood, Wardie 
^Hazelwood {Rox.),trom 

88 Mui.roe to 22- 

^Hazleton (Mat ), tr. 1335 
"■ "lill Avenue to beyond 
Road Ward 21 
Head Pla 
- ,.).ltom4; 

Tremont, Ward 
eath (Rox. Crossing), tr 
„ .__ . 100 S. Hunting- 

I Park 
; Call-sl 
Stetson Court 

S3 Call-st. Place 

Boylston • to 

Cudworth School 
"""^l Place 

172 167 Porter 
186 Sharon Cou 
246 247 Marion 
807 Bennm^on 

) Havre, Ward 2 

Ward 15. to end Ward 1 

Columbus Av.« 
N. Y.. N. H. & H. R.R 

36 Bromley 

Heath f lace 
Heath Av. 

261 Pine Grove Ter 
i Cranford 

8. Huntineton J 

* Hawes, trom 60 CongreRB 
to 49 Kilby, Ward 5 

changed to Brinsley 

* Hawkins (Nortr 
from 715 &u<ibur> to 29Char- 

2 i Sudbury • 
44 47 Chardon • 

* Hawley. 9 from 21 Milk tc 
24 Summer, Ward 6 

I MUk • 

92 87 Summer • 

Hawley "# to 46 Arcli, Ward :. 
'Huwthorn fRox.). tV. 4* 
Cedar to 174 Highland, Wd. 1^ 

2494 Wash.,* Ward l;t 
'• Huwihorne lRnB.),fyoir 
Florence to beyond Heath 

Crossing), trom 16H 

Mulvey Av., Ward I 

•Beath Placet: 

Hawley Place 

Roanoke Road, 
Ward 24 
'Hecla cDor). ftom 1281 

HeflTeran (Alls.) 

Western av. • to 152 N. Har. 

Heldnn rW. R.), from 7S 

•Helen (Dor Center), ft-. «1 

Bernard to 130 Talbot At.,» 

Ward 19 

Wall's Place 

220 227 Broad 

dancock • 
34 Highland 
I 41 Church 

i aigh (W R.),irom Bast St. 

i • HiKb-St. Place, ftom 68 
! High. Ward 5 

Hiffh Rock (H. P.), from 
j Bradlee, Ward 24 
niiCh Kock YVav (Alls.), 
ft-. 42 Webster to 24 AUston 
Heights, Ward 2o 
Miffh View A.venue 
( W. R.), from 4995 Washing- 
ton, Ward 23 
♦Hiirh(sate(Alls.), fVom»J4 

Cambridge • to 380 Market.* 

Henshaw Terrace (W. 

R ). trom 88 Corey, Ward 23 

• Herbert (Dor. Ccnter),fr. I 

53'l West Park 10 39 West 

Tremlett, Ward 9 
•Hereford (Fenway), lYom 

54 66 Newbury 
Boylston • I 

Herman (Rox.), trom 25 ; 
CSrcun to S4 Regent. Ward 13 , 

170 Centre. 
Ward 13 

2 1 Eliot Square • 
12 Highland Place 

53 Highland A» 
66 Alvah Kittredge Park 

143 Fort Av. 
181 Beech Olen 
I Hawthorn 
191 Thwing 

228 239 Marcella 


: Mat.), from Haven 

lersey Place (Essex et. j 
Bta.l,trom2l Essex, Ward 5 

Hesstoii Terrace (Up- 

67 Walnut Avenue* Ward 16 
•Hetve. (HoxJ, from 86 

Rockland to 116 Regent.W.lG 
•HewlDM (Grove Hall), tr. 

47 Colombia Kd. • to 31 Erie, 

Ward 19 
•Hewlett (Ros), from 8 

Walter to 1464 Centre, Wd.23 
•Hiawatha Road(Mat.) 

trom 1396 Blue Hill Av. to 

Fottler Road. Ward 24 
•*Hlcht,orn (Br.), trom U7 

North Beacon • Ward 26 
Hickory A venMe(Chen), 

trom opp.H.Iackson to 86 Fer- 

rin. Ward 4 

86 75 Milton Av. 
101 Milton Sq. 

Metropolitan At. 
•Hichland Avenue 

(Rox.), I*. 6 Alvah Kittrjdge 

Park to 28 Centre • Ward 15 
HiEhland Park (Rox.). 

ftom Ifi Fort Avenue, Wd. l."> 
•Hlgliland Park Ave. 

(Rox.), from 85 Fort Av. to 

Highland Park Street, Wd. 15 
••HiEhland Park St. 

(Rox ). trom 35 Fort AT. to 

Cedar Park, Ward 15 

8 public highways 


Hichlund riace (Bax.) 

from 12 Highland, Ward ] 5 
HlChlitnil Xerr»c< 

(Rox ).tTom24 Uighlandav. 

Avenue, Ward 23 

Hilbiirn Place (Ros.), 
trom 31B Poplar, Ward 23 

Bildreth (Dor ). fr. Wild- 
wood, aoutheaiterly, Ward 

Hiltlrelh Plare (Han- 

•Blllcrent (W. R.), from 1 
Elgin acrosBTeinple. Ward 2 
Hillsboro (Upham'a Cor.) 

Hilladale (Dor Cei.ter),lr. 

976 Adams, opp. Cedar Qrovc 

Cemetery. Ward 20 
• Hillside (Roi. CroBsing). 

at.), fr. 


Lamartinv to 46 Cb 
Av.. Ward .il 
■Hulburn (Grove Hi 
(66 Warren to SU Blu 
Av. Ward 16 
2 1 Warren • 
8 Garden 

9 Holbom Terrace 

17 Gannett 
20 Mav 
28 Holbom PHrk 
30 Kalada Park 
54 dS Blue Hill Av. • 
flolborii rark ( 

. 9 Holborn. Wd, 
• Holbrook (J P.), from 
793 Centre • to Dane Wd. 22 

f^m 786 Parker 

— Av..Wi ■•■ 


River* to Church, Ward 24 
Hlllaldp .Avenue (J P.), 

from 81 Wenbara, Ward 2'J 
Hlllalde A.veniie (Bos.), 

ftom 215 Poplar, Ward £3 
BlUslde Afenue (Er.), 

trom 78 Weiford, Ward 26 

Place (E. B.), 
laynes.Ward 2 
HllUlde Place 


Holden Place (Uphams 

Corner), from 728 Dudley, • 

Ward 11 
Holden Kow (Chin.), tr. 6 

Wesley to 3 Salem Hill Court 

Ward 3 

• Holldajr (Dor.), ft. 87 Bow. 

dointt to 61 Toplifl, Wd. 18 
Holland Place (EBsexst. 
Bta.), ttom 68 Tyler, Ward 5 

* Hollander 


a 462 Bunker Hill.» Wd .'i 

Hillside Road (Dor), fr. 
Ward 20 

Hilton (Sta. Al, from 840 
MasBachusetts Av.,«Ward 11 

•Hilton (H. P.), ft. Ill West 
to 108 Arlington, Ward 24 

•Hinctle.v (Upham'B Cor- 
ner), tiom 19 Pleasant to 20 
Bakersfleld. Ward 11 

•Hlneham (Sta. A.), from 

660 Commonwealth Av.» to 

Cummington, Ward 8 
Hinsdale Koad(W.R.). 

Ir. 5130 WaBhiugton* Wd. 23 
*Hobart (Br.), iVom 187 

Faneuil tu 68 Brooks, Wd.26 

Beech to Cornell, Ward 23 
•Hobson (Br. ),tr.301 Faneuil 
to 88 Hobart, Ward 26 

21 Bothwell Road 

35 Newcastle Road 

Ponnybrook Road 

•Hohson Square (Dor. 

Center), Milton Av. cor. 

Woodroff Av.. Ward 21 
HodiFdon Terrace (W. 

B.j.from 118 Maple. Ward 23 

fr. 135 Humboldt Av.» to 151 
Crawford. Ward 16 
Holley Square (Essex st. 
sta.), trom ID Uollis, Ward 5 
■HollinKSWorth (Mat), 
fr 88 Oakland • across Caton 
al 41, Ward 24 
Oakland • 
Randolph Road 

Hollls (Ebbci Bt. sta.). fr. 
779 WBBhing'"!. to 272 Tre- 
mont, Ward 5 
2 1 Washington • 
10 Holley Square 
12 Hollis- St. Theatre 
11 DiUaway 
21 HolliB Place 
54 35 Tremont • 

1 642 Main,* Ward ; 

83 Humboldt i 
Elm Hill A 

Howe A-venue (S. 
163 H, Ward 10 

Howe Court (Rox. Cross- 
ing), from 1134 Tremont • 

we Place (Chsn.), fr. 

from 118 Boston • to 746 
Dorchester Av. • Ward 11 
Howes (Unhom'B Comer), 

Av. northeast, 

fr. Myrt 
Ward 2 

(Alls.). tT. 343 N. 
29 Royal. Ward 26 

toSPIeasant, Wardl 
•Howltt Road (T 

opposite 195 Bellevui 

fr. 583 Warren •to II 

ace (Alls.) 
Ward 26 
Holly (Rox. CrOBSinj!), 
282 Buggies, Ward 14 
HookB (o 
Ward 20 


5 Coolidge Road, 

Bolmes (A 

Holnifleld A. venue 

(Mat.), from 688 River* to 
Neponset River, Ward 24 
Molton (Br.),fr. 30 Brooks 

to Ranelegh road. Ward 26 
•Bolton (AllB.),fr, 205 Ev- 
ett to 96 Franklin, Ward 26 

K At'tol"' 
olw*»rthy (Grove Hall), 
Ml, 12!1 Humboiui Av • to 

obuB Av.« Wq. 

43 Holmaii 
•Hooper (Dor. Center), 1 

25 Tremlett to 2u Melville Ai 

Ward 19 
Huuuer Avenue (Ui 

ham^ Corner), changed 

Hooten Court (E. B. 

from 167 Everett. Ward 2 
Hope Place (North Sta. 

from 10 N. RuBBCll. Ward 5 
• Hopedale (Alls.), fr. 3 

North Harvard. Ward 2() 

North Harvard 

46 45 Seattle 
60 69 Windom 

•!Io|>estilI (Dor. Centei 
tiom 24A3pinwaU Road to 
Southern Av , Ward 19 

Av.«to 479 Norfolk. 

ton (Dor.), trom 90 
Pope's Hill Street. 

'Houston (W. R. ), trc 
Montview to Garfield Avi 
Ward 23 
Hovey'a Court (CI 
rear 444 Main • Ward .1 
'Howard, ft. 84 Court to 
10 Bulfinch, Ward ,■> 

1 Court • 
2 Tremont Row • 
26 Stoddard 
34 Howard Athenmum 
44 Somerset 
66 61 Bulfinch 
'Howard (Rox.). trom li 
Hami>den • to 62 Magazin. 
Ward 12 
■Howard Avenue (Ur 
ham's Corner), trom 61 
Dudley to 170 Quincy.Wd. ] 
3 Dudley • 

Lutheran Church 

7 Howard Place 

Howard Av. School 

Eloyt (Upham's Cor.), from 
1246 Dorchester Av. easterly, 
Ward 17 

Hoyt Place (North Sta.), 
ttom 80 Joy, Wards 

Hubbard (H. P.), changed 

•Hubbard (J. P.), trom 207 
Lamartine to 182 Chestnut 
Av., Ward 22 

Hubbard (Alls.),tr. 9 Rena 
to ITOWestern Av. • Ward 26 

Hultbard Road (Up- 
ham's Corner), fr. 131 Savin 
Hill Av . Ward 17 

(Rox.),f>- 270 EustiB, Ward 12 
•Hubert (Rox. Crossing), 
f r'-m '37 Shawmut Avenue • 
Ward 13 

cbins (Rox 

Blue Hill Av. • t. 

'Hudson (Chsi , 

Chelsea »tc. SO Water, 

• Hudson (Essex s 

' 67 Beach to 31 Cur^ 

1 Beach • 

~ Kneeland* 

t Hudson Place 

, fVom 37 

fr.67 Beach t 
» 1 - ■ 
20 27 

I Cur 

Place (Essex i 

, 33 Hudson, Ward .' 
•Hulbert (Rox.; 

'■ cent. 


95 Regent. Odd 


numbers Ward 13 

2 1 Washington • 

6 11 Rav 
16 Fenwick 
30 27 Regent 
•Hull (Hanover), from 176 

Salem to .'■90 Commercial. 

Ward 5. 

4 Hull-St. Court 
7 Snelling Place 
1? to 47 CoppVHill Cemet'y 
40 Hull-St. Place 
62 49 Snowhill 
61 N. Hudson 
Commert^ial • 
Hull-St. Court (Han- 

' Humboldt Avenue! 

(1 to 97 Rox., 99 to end Grovi 
Hall), from 132 Walnut Av 
to 108 Seaver. Ward 10 
2 1 Walnut Av • 

Corner), from 7 Howard Av.. 

owe (Upham's Comer), 

'OCk* Ward 17 

. from Bloom- 

62 6) Munroe 

90 97 Townset 
1.30 Wyoinin 

168 171 Howland 
93 Crawford 
05 Ruthven 
25 Homestead 

24« 245 Butcbinas 

' indicates public highways 

ington to 10 t 
• denotes f 


111 • to 9 Bart- 

a puhlic hifrhwayB 


Jeni-r>ou Place (Eeiej 
St. sta ), fK>m 3fi Benoet, 

6S Howard A 

17 Rand 
18 I-afaye 

40 Jud«on 
62 Howard At. 
to Homes Av.. Ward 18 

aer (Chsn.), trom 6 

lennintes Plui>< 

from 234 Medford, 

tr. 24 Haucock • to 25 Everett 

Av., Ward 17 
••lemey (Fenway), trom 80 

Brooklioe Av • to Aud "- 

Road, Ward 8 
clerusalem IMace ( 

Ward 13 

K. Street (S. B). 

E. First to ColuiDh 

a Road. 
E. Siith 

127 E. Broadway • 
149 Emerson • 
250 251 East Fourtli • 
2811 281 East Filtli 
1 292 Heckler Avenui- 

psbury to 22 Elmore, 

Ward J6 

ill Roihury • t 

Ward 13 
*Kenton Ruad (J.P,). fr. 

.1448 Wash near l/nion Av. 

Ward 22 
* Kenwood {Dot. Center), 

from ses WashinRton • to 16 

AUston, Ward 111 
Kershnw Koud (W. K.l. 


s North, Ward 5 
imtr 126 Carolina 

John Eliot Square 

(RoxbU'-\ Crossiujl), from 1 
Dudley • to 2 Centre, Wards 
13 15 

JohnMon (W. R.), from 66 
Ward 23 


Baker, Ward 23 
J ohnson A vei 

from lii6 Main • to 4/ i,8w- 

rence, Ward 3 
Johnson A»enae(J.P.), 

trom 3112 Centre • to Buckley 

Johnnon Pliire (Mat), 

trom 19 River.* Ward 21 
John»on Terrace (Dor. 

Center), (r. 40 Woodrow Av., 

Ward 21 
Johuaton Park (Rox.), 

from 309 Warren,» Ward 16 
•J ohUMton Road ^ 

1 14 Pro 

Park* I 

B. Street Place (S. B.), 

from 210 K. Ward 9 
Salada Park (Orove 

Hall), tr. 30 Holborn, Wd. 16 

trom"sl Bellevuel"o54 Stan- 
ley, Ward 13 

' Keany Square (North 
Sta.), Junction WaahinRton 
north. • Causeway.* Endi- 
rotf sn-i Cha, le« River Bridge 
Ward o 

' RenrHargi 




Baker totiSO LaGrange,Wd,23 
Kelth*« Alley (Panover), 

fr. irii North, w'ard 5 
Relley l^onrt (Chsn.). tr 

4:; Cook, Ward 3 
Kelley Court (Br.), from 

474 Western Av.« Ward 26 
•• Kemble (R x.), from 98 

Hampden • 10 80 Magazine. 

! Renihle Place (S. B), tr 
■ P • Ward 9 
Kemble Place (Ros.).,fT 

from S077 Washin 

'Kerwin (Dor. i 
Ward 19 

ON. Y., N. H. & H. R 
168 Water 
172 Washington 
Keye.PlacelJ. P.),fr 

Rossmore Road, Ward 22 
* KllUy, from 67 State to 

Milk, Ward .5 

27 Exchange Place 
30 Central 
47 Uawes 

70 Maaon Building 
74 67 Milk 
Kilmarnock (Fenway), 

Audubon Road, Ward 8 
•Kiloych Koad (Coolidge 
to Brooklilie lino. Ward 25 

Ward 5 Cars fro 

2 1 Summer • 
34 43 Bedford 

166 155 Beach • 
Klnoton Place 
from 15 Kingston, V, 
Klniciiton Pine 

Kirk (W. R ), fr. 26 Mont- 
view, Ward 23 

* KIrkland (Essex st.sta.), 
tr. K4 Pleasant* to51Com- 

Kirkwood Road (Br.), 
nroci. 280 Foster, Ward 25 

39 Cliftondale 

75 Albano 

129 Risecliff 

Metropolitan Av. 
219 Denton Terrace 

Metropolitan Terrace 

Glendower Road 

17 Kittredge, 


Dorchester Av • to 1 


, Ward 18 
eo (Orove Hall), tr. 1 
Maflcoma to 197 Magnolie 

:. Crossing). 

Ward 18 

•Jooephine (Dor ). 
442 Geneva Av. to 18 Di 
Ward 18 j 

•Joy (1 to 6 Boston, 7 to end Tudor 
Mount Vernon Place 
.Mount Vernon Street 

Bta. Police i 

80 Hoyt P 

90 89 Cambri 
Joy (W R.), from Brqokline 

Dorchester Av.« to Old Col- 
ony Boulevard, Ward 11 
* Kempton (Rox.Crossing), 
from 797 Huntington Av.« 
to 44 Fenwood Road, and 
from opp. 797 Huntington 
At. to opp. 42 Wait, Ward 14 
Keuberma Road (Dor. 
ton to 7'AJlorton Kd., Wd. 19 
•Kendall (Sta. A), ft. 637 
Shawmut Av.« to 912 Tre- 
mont.«Ward 13 


to 35 Dudley, 
Ward 13 
Dudley • 
}ch. Dillaway School 
3h. Eliot Church 
Ich. Old Rox. High School 
50 Lambert Avenue 

Valker,Wd. 23 

Roxbury • 
King Terrat . 
Crossin Place 

King Terrace 
Crossin Place 
31 Conant Place 

S3 Nawn Court 

Elm wood 

•KlnK (Dor.), 


Ward '23 
•Knapp (Essex st. sta.),tV. 
15 Beacn • to »i Harrison 
Av.,« Ward 5 
Knapton Place (Rox. 
Crossing) trom 900 Columbus 
Av., Ward 13 
• Kneeland • (Essex at, 
sta.l, trom 706 Wantiington 
to 7* Atlantic Av., Ward 6 
1 1 Washington • ■ 
9 Bates Place 
23 Whitmore 
40 43 Harrison Ave. • 

iEbt (Ready.), ft 

rirt (J, 

38 Oakdale, Ward 22 

1720 Knoll (R08.) 

I Florida 

■ Qustine 
7 Train 

set Av., Ward 20 
King Terrace (Roxbury 

Crossing), from 18 King, 

Ward 13 
Kinenboro Park (J. P ), 



.Forest Hilla to Lotus, 

11 Gayland Ai 




(North S 
78 Poplai 

om 61 Allen to 

** Kennebec (Mat.) 
Oaklan ■ - " 
Ward 1 

Oakland* to Roanoke Roan 

1 Stratford.'wd.S 
(Rox. Crossing), 

2 23 Bernard 
6 89 Wales 
Llngrsley { 

ovvlton (S. B.), f*. 25 
Ifraoh to 264 E. Eighth,* 

of Summer, across East First 
to Columbia Road, 1 to 72 
Warn 9, 73 to end Ward 10. 
Cars from the harbor to East 

90 106 Emerson 
108 107 East Fifth 

Gaston School 
138 1.37 East Sixth • 
170 155 East Seventh 
192 193 East Eighth 
218 219 East Ninth 

Columbia Road 
• [•aconia (Sta. A), 

1 138 Prince to 191 
Endioott, Wd. 6 
LaFayette Park 

(Upham s Corner), from 18 

to 334 Centre. Ward 21) 
*l^uOraiiKe (EeBez at 
8ta.), tTom 679 Waahinj 
to 210 Tremont, Wartl 5 
2 I Washincton • 
66 Police Station No. 4 
S9 Tomworth 

4726 Waahinfjton, above Beech 

* L.aOranee (W. R.), from 

99 RobiD 

J Shaw 

288 Linnet 

S"? Land Beer 

333 Maifleld 

351 SturgeSBRoad 
BiUings Field 
I 395 Centre • 
I W. Roxbury Stat 

457 Chapin Avenue 

' 481 Pleas'ant 

I Wellon Road 

) Vale 

541 Torktow 
1 Roberts . 

I Weld 
I Newton lii 


' I-aw'ii (Rox Ci-OBBiuK), (Y. 
167 Heath to 249 do., Wird 14 

46 Guild 

62 Rookledge 

100 99 CeSS" 

' l^uinont (Rox. CroBBine) 

Ir. 142 Vernon to 41 Linden 

Park Street. Ward 13 
'L.ainson (£. B.),(rom 2yfl 
f^ Gove, Ward 2 


I Sumner • 


iirt (K. 

29 Blue Hill 


(Readv.), from S^ Sprague ti 
Dedham line. Ward 24 
L.akevllle PIa.ce (J. P.; 

Ward 15, 194 to 

87 Roy 

67 Sunny Co 

81 Hoffman 

101 Donovi 

159 Paul Gore 
1 193 Boylaton 
) Emaella Terrace 
1 Deeher Avenue 

207 Hubbard 

233 Chestnut Terrace 
240 Clark Place 

243 Glenvale Terrace 

260 Lawndale Terrace 
269 Lamarline Terrace 
268 Lamartine Place 
2SS Oakdale 
291 Biltmore 
296 Cedar Avenue 

311 Marlon Terrace 
820 Lamartine Square 

333 Oreen 
l.amartlne t^^nurt (J P.), 

tTOm 216 Lamartine, Ward 22 
r.amartine Place (J.P.), 

tfom26S Lamartine, Ward 22 
Lamartine Square 

(.).P.),(rora 112 Oreen to 320 

Liamartlne Terrace 

(J. P.), from 260 Lamartine, 
Ward 22 
* L<ambert (Rox.), from 36 
Highland to 26 Lambert Av., 
Ward 15 

Bartlett and all even nurnben 
Ward 18 Odd numbers from 
Bartlett to end Ward 15 

tvom 22 Lamson, Ward 
■•aiiark Suad (Coolidga 
Comer, tr. 2<l Kinrone Road 
lo Englcwood Av.,Ward 26 
EnElewood Av. 
25 CoIliBton Road 


l/ancaater (North Sta.), 
from 10.3 Mernmac • to 59 
CauBeway • Ward 6 
l^antl'H <^uiirl. (Hanover) 
from 223 North. Ward 5 

119 Bellevue to 307* La- 
Orange, Ward 23 

'Rox ). (torn 450 

Lanedun Terrace 

(Roxbury), trom 60 Langdon, 
Ward 12 
*l.aii|fley Road (Br.),fr. 
CreBCent Av. to 5.30 Waehing- 
ton, Ward 26 

9 Seminary 
Ch. First Baptist Church 

ti Lawrence-St. Place 
8 Lawrence Court 

L<awrence ( 

*-.?.■•" Terrace (Dor.), fr. 
WcBt belden southeast. Ward 

• Lienoji (Sta A), trom 1866 
Wa»h. ^. 808 Tremont, Wd. 13 
2 1 Washington* 

60 49 iihawmut Av.a 

Ward 3 
Lawrence Avei 

(Giove Hall), tr -322 Blue 
A».»lo235 Magnolia, Wd. 18 

'LaniMlowne (Fenwi 
Av., ^' 

to Brooklin< 

931 MaBBachuse'ttH Av.# to 
Famham, Ward 12 

WsT'p- • to 68 Sherman, 
Ward 16 

Larch Place (Rob ), from 
375 Hyde Park Av.» near 
Neponaet Av., Ward 24 

* l.iarchmont (Dor. Cen- 
ter), from 62 Waldeck to 90 
Greenbrier, Wafd 19 

**r,ark (S. B ), from 179 W. 
Elghrh to Old Colony Av., 

Lark (W B.), from 135 La- 
Oraneeti. 287 l)ellevue,Wd.23 

*Larkin (Rox.), from 141 
Hampden to 30 Adams, Wd.l2 

Larkiii A.Teniie (Br ). 
from 229 N Beacon, Ward 26 

La Rose Place (Br), Ir. 
26 Union. Ward 26 

Lasaell (W. R,), from La- 
Grange to 521 Baker, Wd. 23 

l..aChrop Place (Han- 
over), from 309 Hanover • 
Ward 5 

I., a a r e I (Dor. Center), 
changed to Peacevale Road 

'Laurel (Chji 

ice Place (_Br.), 

Market • Ward 26 

St. Place 

(Chan.l. firom 27 Lawren 
Ward 3 

Lawson Place (E. B 
tro., 305 Princeton, Ward 

(Fenway), from 

nwealth A •- 

R B.,Ward 8 

Leamington Road(Br.), 
from Wallingford Road to 
172!) Commonwealth Avenue, 
Ward 26 

* Leather Square, from 
9 Cbanning to 12 MatthewB 
Ward 6 

Lebanon (Upham's Cor- 
ner), from 28 .Magnoli" t" 
N Y.,N. H. &H.R,R.,V 

Lee (J. 

Lenox Cfvnrt (Sta. A. 
trom 66 East Lenox, Ward 1 

Kugglee to 40 Green leaf, Wd. 

Leonard (Dor.), trom 222 
Adams to 67 Clayton. Wd. 18 

tu356Centre •' Ward 20 
Leslie (M,t.),fr.r.'i5Mort 

lo Wujlson, Ward 21 
Leslie Park (Rox.), frc 

101 Walnut Av„ • Ward 1( 
Lester (Upham's Comer 

from 10 Clifton, Ward 12 
Lester Place (J.P), tro 

KiU Centre, • Ward 22 
l-etterflne Terrac 


Ward 17 

trom 324 
11 Tebroc, 


Keyes.Ward 22 
Lee Place. (North >ta.), 

• Leeds (S. B.).fr. 47 Wood 
ward to 560 Dorchester Av.a 
Ward 11 

* Leednville (Dor), from 
i^:i Dorchester Av.» 
Adams, Ward 18 
2 1 Dorchtster Av. 

22 Leedsville Court 

irt (Dor ), 
meville. Ward 18 
(Mat.), from 830 
iiiver m to il. R. Ward 24 
l.*ehlKh (Sta. A), from 214 
Albuuv lo Broadway bridge. 

Ward 1 

Leverett (E.B.).from Ben- 
nington to Ashley Av., Wd. 1 

'Leverett* (North Su.). 

from 93 'Jr-en l„ C^l/wia'^ 


2 1 Green • 

02 Hammond Av. 

88 Ashland 
95 Cottine 

101 Cushman Ave. 
02 Spring 
119 »finot 
131 Willord 

I M. freight depot 


■.•elcester I 

1 379 

Latiriat (Dor. Center), 
der. Ward 21 

Lanten Place (.S B.), 
874 £. Second, Ward 9 

LeiKbton Park (Sta. A), 

from 102V Dartmouth • to 

Truro. Ward 7 
Leinnd (J.P.),fr.Wachueett 

to Forest Hills cemetery, 

Ward 22 
Leiand Place (Sta. A), 

t>om 1288 Washington • W. 6 

..n. 98 Leverett,.. 
Ward 5 

Lewis (E. B.). from 203 
Sumner I, E- B. ferry, Wd. 2 
2 1 Sumner • 
60 Marginal 
10 Gibaon's Whan 
23 {National Dock and 
109< Warehouse Wharf 
2 111 East Boston Ferry 
Lewis (Hanover), from 208 

449 Dudley, • \ 
Lexington (B. B.), 
266 Boi der, crossing Mel 
atSK to .317 Eaat Eagle. 

Carstr Meiidianlo She 

37 Ltxingion Avenu 
63 Lexington Place 
74 73 Marion 
80 SI. John's Church 
182 181 Brooks 
194 193 Putnam 
260 261 Preacott 
313 Shelby • 
Lexington Square 
East Eagle 

• indicates public highways 


' l^exiuffioD (CliBD.l 

Lindeo (Rob.), from Belle 
vue Avenue to Beech. W(l. 23 
L,lndeii (Readv.), fr. Chester 


Monoment Sq. 
27 Bnnkcr HIU • 

•* L«ocUHt (Upbam'B Corner 
tW)in 80e Doreheeter Av. 
to R. R.. Ward 11 

r.ociifit (Mat ).fromTileGton 

J Commonwealth *I^O|EU 

•Lothinn Road (Cool- 
idRe Corner) from 153 Strath- 
n\ore Road to opp. 1S7 ChiB- 
wick Bd.. Ward 25 

*r^othr<>p (Br ). from 40 
Market • to 17 Portsmouth, 
Ward 26 


■ (•>■: 

I^exiiietun A 

B.), I "- ' 

L,ezJnKtaD Av. (Chsn.), 

ITom U6 Bunker HiU, • 

Ward 4 
•I^exlUKtou Avei 

P.), from 993 River f 

Westminster, Ward 
I^exInEton Placet E.B. 

trom 63 Loiington, • Wd. 
• I^exington Squi 

Lexington • 

1 993 River to opp. 94 


I of Lexington 

and East Eagle, Ward 
•"Leyden (E. B ). fron 
138 Boardman to 1130 Ben 
nington. Ward 1 ; 

• L.eyland (Upham's Cor- 
ner), from 11 East CottaBe to 
28 BurgeBB. Ward 12 

Libbey (W. R.), from 257 
Vermont to Keith Av., Wd. 23 

Ulberty (8.B,),tt.77 Preble j 
Ward 11 

• Liberty Sauare, June '■ 
tion Kilby, Water, and Bat- i 
terymarch. Ward 5 

, Itom 187 Tudor 1 
. Seventh, Ward 9 
:Bay), from 48 

Linden. Ward 
•L.lndeii Park St. (Roi. 
Crossing), tr 125 Roxbury to 

29 PrentiaB PUcc 

L.«mbard (Dor. Center), tr. 
16 Bushnell to 13 Carruth, 
Ward 21) 

Lombaril Place (Han- 
over), trom 8« Prince. Wd. 5 

*L.ombard Place (S.B.), 
troa 54 Ellery, Ward 11 

* L.ondon (E. B.), t^m 112 
Bumner to 73 Bennington, 

3548 Washington,* Ward 2; 
* Loader's L.ane (J. P. 

rrom 1(KU Centre. Ward 28 
liOiUs Pi'anK (Fen.).iroi 


. Ver- 


Main • to 303 Rutherford i 

58 55 Easex 
100 101 Tufls 
1S4 153 Beaoh • 

179 Albany Building 

t) River* 
81 Central Av. 
Harvard Av. 
* Lincoln (1 to 210 Br to end 
AUb.), Irora 9U Market to 3S» 
Cambridge. Ward 2*> 
Market • 

•ry Place 

I Allen, 
Linden Place (S. B.), tr. 

52)i East Seventh, Ward 10 
l..indi*ey (Dor. Center), ft. 
70 Waldeck to «6 Greenbrier, 

Linjeard (Upham's Corner) 
.), tr. trom 57 Magnolia to 32 Hart- 
land, ford, Ward 17 
ch to ♦* Linnet ( W. R.), f>om 146 
' BeUevne to 288 LaOrange, 
Ward 23 
• Llnwood (Rox.), ftom 67 
I Highlana to 82 Centre, • 
Ward 1.5 
•Linwood (H. P.), ft. 1323 
Biver, Ward k 
1 1492 Linwood Pli 

South, WarQ ; 
Linwood Koad ( 

reutre) flrom 691 Ad 

Waid 20 
»Llnwoad Squi 

162 163 Porter 

195 London Court 
207 Davis Court 
218 233 Bennington • 
London Court (E. B.) 

im London, Ward 2 
•Loiiz Avenue (Alls.) 

1359 Comn>oi,wealth Av 

81 Allston, Ward 2o 
*LonEt'eliow (Dor.), ftom 

74 Toplifl to 50 Draper,Wd. " " 

* Lonicmeadow (Rox. 
fr.36Clitton to 30 Batchelder 
Ward 12 

♦ Loniewood Avenii 
to IsCe 

. to Brookline 


J 1 Parker 

12 Thomas Place 

24 Longwood Av Court 

3tl Alton Place 

48 Greima Place 

66 Morlock Place 
69 Racine Place 

66 67 Phillips 
128 131 St. Alphonsus 
132 145 Huntington Ay • 
164 Worthington 
188 Wigglesworth 
138 Harvard Univ. Dental 

229 Avpnue Louis Pasteur 
240 Harvard Medical 8ch. 
300 Children's Ho-pital 

LonlftburK Sauare, 

oon. Ward 8 
Louifie Park (Rox.). from 
iCopeland, WardlO 
»vedeed Court (Rox.) 
om 9 Chadwick, Ward 12 
Loveloy Place (North 
- ■■ -ni Beverly* " 


Lovett Place (North Sta.) 

trom 90 Poplar. Ward 5 
Lovlft (S. B.J. frorn_187 Gold 

40 Causeway to 2 Brighton. 


1 2 Causeway • 

2 Tamworth.^ 
Lowell Square,* (North 
Sta ), Cambridge, cor.Lynde, 
Ward 5 
Lowland Place (E. B.). 
•■ -vara2 

ktine Av i 

ft-om 99 Everett, Wa: 

94 Waverlev South 
112 Utchflold 
142 Antwerp 
210 Everett 
240 Monto Place 
264 Ericsson 
296 Franklin 
366 Cambridge • 
Lincoln Park (S. B.),tr 

607 East Third, Ward 9 
Lincoln Place (Chsn.), 

trom 23 Elm, War.i 3 
* Lincoln Place (Han- 

1208 Blue Hill Av to Leslie, 

Ward 21 
Lincoln Square (8. B.). 

bounded by Emerson, East 

Fourth * and M Streets, 

Llndall (Ros.), ftom «0 

Ashland, • Ward 23 
LiDdall Court (North 

West Roxbury 

LItcbfleld Court ( 

from 846 Sumner. War 
* LithKow (Dor. Center) 

to 393 Talbot 

173 Meridian * 
Liverpool Av. l.E.B.),ft 
62 Liverpool to 71 Border 

•LIndea (S. E.), trom 501 E. 
Fourth to 9 Thomas Park, 
Ward 10 

•Linden (Dor.), fr. 61 Free- 
port to opp. 99 Adams, Wd. IS 

Linden (W. R.), from 32 
Montgomery, Ward 23 

* indicates public highwa 

from 68 Fremont, ' 

♦ Lochs* 

from 519 

Locke Place (S. B). 

5M2 East Fourth, Ward 10 

• Lockwood (H. P.), fro 
626 Metropolitan Av. to ; 
Huntington Av., Ward 24 

(Rox. Crossing), fr. 24 Long 
wood Avenue. Ward 14 

Loniewood Park (Fen- 
wav). Binney, Dei. Smyrna 
aurl Loogwood Av., Wd. 14 

Lon lEWood '1' e r r a c e 
(Fenway ).tron. 429 Brookline 
Av.* pear Longwood AT., 
Ward 14 

14 Woodwoith. 


Ward 20 
• Lorette (W. R.), frt 

Centre.* n.LaOrange,\ 
Loretto (W. B.), tro 

Seventh. Wi 
Lorine (I 

WUliams Av. to Tyler, Wd. 

47 Loring-st. Place 

L«bec(E, B.) fr.224Mavc 


Lucerne (Dor. Center), fr 
- attonto7t2.Morton,Wd.21 

Luteman Place (Rox. 

Crossing), from 7 Texas, 

Ward 13 
Lutber Place (Hanover) 

96 95 Tyler 
Loriiie-St. Place (H.I 

tVom 47 Loring, Ward 24 
Lorna Road (Dor.), from 
Morton, opp. Selden, to be- 

Lorralne (Grove Hall), fr. 

120 Stanwood to 107 Devon, 

Ward IS 
* Lorraine (Ros.), ftom 192 

Belgrade * to 108 Colberg 


; explanation, pajte 17 

Ward ;: 
IfFncle-St, PIuceXNortb 

«ain» to 19 Austin, 
: Lynde. Wi 

(Chin.), fr. 

26 Eexei 
I^yiideboru* Pit 

sexBtsta ). lom in 

• Liyudhurst (Dor. Center), 
from 550 WeHhi-.gtoo* to 3U 
Allston, Ward 111 



ndison Sq. (Roj 

ie, Warwick, Westmii 
ai Sterling Streets. W 

80 Adams, 
• Ward IP, 


Ward IS 
Livon Place ( 

570 Shawmut Av. 
£#yonH (Dor. Cec), char 

•M Street (S. «4 
First 10 ColumbiB tid It 
Ward 9, 73 to end Ward 1 
2 1 East First 
24 23 East Second 
8q. Independence So. 
45 East Third 

86 96 East Fourth* 

101 Emerson 
116 116 East Fifth 

131 M street Place 
140 143 Eust Sixth • 

from 131 M, Ward 10 
•Macallen (S. B.l, fr. 113 

Dorchester Av. to Foundry 

Ward 9 
'Mcl^ormicb Sn.rE. B.). 

streets, Ward 2 
McDonoiiirh Court 

(Readv.). from 87 Keadville, 

Ward 24 
McKenna Xerraee(W. 

R.), fVom 1932 Ceutre, Wd 23 
► Atacbin (Br.), from 516 

Western Av.» to 18 Waver- 

lev. Ward 26 

* Af cLean 

66 Cham hi 

(North Sta.), ft-, 

421) uudley to 1017 

1 Dudley* 

23 EubHs 
4 45 George 

55 Ccdrrc 

8 69 Norfolk Avenu 




46 Robin Hood 
67 Lingard 
65 Halt Mood 

87 Chamhlet 

! Thorn dike 

I FurbuBh Court 

I Gihbs Court 

607 Bunker Hill • 

609 Medfbrd 
I Mishawum 
I 525 BoatOQ & Maine B 
I Cambndge • 
Sullivan Square 

171 Myrtle Place 

229 Qreenheye 
2^5 Lawrence Av. 

MuKiioliufJ. P.).h-om365i 

WaBhington,* Ward 22 
* Masnoliu 8<|. fUphami 

Corner). Horn 1^6 Magnolia, 

Ward 17 
Magog Place (Rox.). fr. 

873 Albany. Ward VJ. 
Mahan Pluce (Esaex Bt. 

8ta.). fr. ''i'^-^ Pleasant. WS. 8 
llluhn> Terrace (Rox.), 

fr. 187 Atnory, near Boylaton, 


junction Commercial, Fleet 

] Ward fi 

24 Lytng-in HoBpita) 
26 McLean Court 
80 Channing Uome 
48 49 Blossom 
McLean Court (North 

13 Roughan Road 
25 Warren 8av. Bank 
25 Odd FeUowB- Uall 

B. E. R. Static 
623 Beacham 
624 Gardner 

642 Uomee Place 
M8 Haverhill 
fi51 Dorrance 
655 MvBtic Av. 
655 Sherman 8qui 
660 Caldwell 
*MaiUaii4l (Fenwt 
opp. 7»> Beacon • t 
Crossing), tr. 

Malcolm (Ros.), from? 

Belgrade Av to R. R 
'^Malcolm, fr. 59 ChcHtn 

to92Pinckney, Ward 8 

1 WaBhington • 

29 Meander 
48 Maiden Court 
64 63 Harrison Av. • 

Ualden ConrtJSta. A.), 
from 4H Maiden, Ward 6 
Mall (Kox.), from 3U Eustis 
to i> Dearborn, Ward 12 



94 96 BradBhaw 

tton.28 St. Martin. Ward S 
McATnry Square (S. ] 

iunction Mer-er, Vale a 

Columbia Road. Ward 11 

* MndUoii (Jtox. Croeeini 

HhawrnVt A 

Hyde Park Av.»i 
river, Ward V4 
Madison (H. P. 

don Hills), fr. nen 

(KOX. uroeeing), 

Wash_# to m 

'rom 1.5't2 

Ward 7 
MndUon Pln< 

fr. 1100 Wash. • 1 

149 Wnrren* 
149 Thompson 

297 Suilivan 

* Indlcatei public highways 

33.3 Chemical Engine I 
I Arthur Place 
I South Eden 

I MonumentEall 
341 Eden 


Freedom Court 
; Albion Place 

*• Btreeta partly public 

52 4»i Albany 

Dearborn • 
• Mallet (Dor Center), tr., 

AdamB«to62 Florida, Vd, 

Coail (Grove 

40 y Bowdoin Av. 
Mnlonev (W. R.l, from fi 
Montgomery to Webster, Wd. 
Malta (Mat.).tr. 614 River.* 


Malvern Road (Rob), fr. 

141 Metropolitan Av. to Etnel, 

Ward 23 
Miinchester (Mat), trom 

Cedar to Standard, Ward 21 
MancheHter iW. R.), tr. 

New Held to Mt. Benedict 

Mapes (Dor.), from 54 Park 

Ward 20 
'Aluple (Grove Hall), fr. 56 

Georgia to 242 Seaver, Wd. 16 

30 23 Cheney 
74 75 Schuyler 

Ward ! 

Hodgdon Terrace 

Addington Road 
Maple (H. P.). from 1208 

River » to Fain 
Ward 24 


Maple j^venue (Br. 


laple Park (Rox.). fr< 

32 Dale, Ward Ifi 

laple ParU (D'^r.),fn 

t08 Center, Ward 20 

Place (Essex 
n 219Hf)rriaonAv 

Maple Place (J. P.). tn 
across Seaverns 37 St 
lane. Ward 22 


Af aple Terrace <W. R.). 
■- -■ ~ ■• d. Ward 23 

Ir.), from 310 
34 Murdock, 

I Raib-oad, Ward 28 
ipleton (Br, 

rr'y', Ward 24 
Alls.), tr. Sll 

(Chsn.l. tVom 

(Rox Crossing), 

Landseer t 
Linnet, Ward 28 

* Marble (Kox. Crossing), 
fVom 121) Wa^«1l^l^ to 99 West- 
minster, Ward 13 

Marhle Ooiirt( N'orthSta.) 
Itom 40 Lynde, Ward 5 

• Marbury 

175 Amory, 

■ Marrella (Rox.). It. 28' 
Wash to 156 Ceutre, Wd. ; 
2 1 Washington • 

80 75 Highland 
91 Mulvey Terrace 
127 Oak View Avenue 
147 Batchclder Terrace 

from 28 March A\ 

March Ward 
■ 20 March Av., Wa 

Metropolitan Av. to Hyde 
Park line. Ward 23 
Mantliorne Road (W. 

" ■ " intre to Weld, 

Ward 23 


85 Prince to 10 Sheafe, 

JefiYies, Wara 2 

18 Orleans • 
m Clyde 

Episcopal Church 
Pearl Place 


• denotes street c 

See explanation, page l*? 


Murine Park i 

Citj Point, • Wirdi 
Marine Koad ( 

7S Hatch 
92 91 L Street 
124 Flint Pl«< 
146 145 M Street 

Meridian to22S Bremen. 
107 Ward 1, 103 to end Wd. 
2 1 Wliite 
22 21 Monmouth 
43 Eutaw Place 

64 Enirine House No. / 

70 71 Trenton 

83 Unitarian Ch. 

92 91 Leiinston • 
112 107 Princeton 
144 143 Saratosa 
168 167 Bennington • 

179 / 

188 I 

Alarion (Readv. 
Av. to Dedham li: 

Mark (Rox. CrOE 
124 Day, Ward 14 

Spring, Ward 23 
Marshall Place (Chen.), 

from 40 Walnut, Ward 3 
Marshall Plare. (Han- 

Marshall Xerrace 

to Brookline line. Ward 2A 
'Uarahfleld (Rox. I. from 

311 Clilloa to 279 Nortblk Ay., 

Ward 12 
Marston Place (North 

Sta ),from 91 Chambers to 28 

and 38 Leverett, • Ward 5 

931 Lausdowne 

1017 Magazine 
10rt3 Shirlej 

a«u Clapp 

306 Boston 

1309 Columbia Road • 
Edward Everett sq • 
Maasaaoit (Mat.), fr. 706 
River to Neponset river. Wd. 

end and 

(Grove Hall), fr. 
to 102 Infrvsle, 
ers to Fayston 
, Fayston st. to 

Portlano lo 4« Canal, 
li 5 

1 Portland • 
I Merrimac • 

157 Vineland 
: 191 North Beacon • 

hoUc Church 


1 Berkeley 

First Church 
I Clarendon 

274 277 Fairfield 

322 32.? Oloucester 

862 357 Heretbrd 

418 411 Massachusett. Av. • 

Cbarlepgate East 
Marlon Xerrace (J.P.), 

truni 311 Lamartine, Ward 22 

Cornwall. Ward 22 

from 120 Milton, 
Marsh I>a 

Union. Ward , 


16 Ifii 


-0 Intlrvsfe 

Mascot (Dor. Center), it- 
folk. Ward 21 

Mascot Place (North 
8U.), trom 34 Poplar to Pike 
Alley, Ward 5 

■ Mason (Chsn), ftom 14 
Rtithertbrd av. to 63 Front 
Ward 4 

' Mason (Essex St. Sta.), 
trom ay West to 170 Tremont, 
Ward 5 

'Mason (H.P.),fr.l4S2Hvde 
Park Av.# to Neponset river. 
Ward 24 

Mason Court (Chsn.), fr. 
63 Sullivan, Ward 3 

' Massachusetts A.Te- 
nue (1 to 389 Fenway, 401 
to 1099 Sta. A, 1100 to end 
Ullham's Corner), fr. Harvard 
Bridge to Edward Everett 
Square. I to 123 Ward 8, 125 
to 406 Ward 7, 497 lo 633 
Ward 13. Odd numbers 635 
to R. R and even numbers 
630 to 702 and from >outh- 
ampton st. to K. R. Ward 12 
Even numbers 704 to Roxbury 
canal Ward 6 Fr Roxbury 
canal to Southampton St. 
Ward 9. Odd and even num- 

to New England Av., 
** Matchett (Br.), 

Waahington, Ward 1 
♦ Mather (Dor. Center),! 

ton to I 
nd Ward I 

11 PeilbaKw 

47 Railroad 

'nuttapanSq. (Mat.),* 
junction Bine BTill Avenu,r 
and River. Wards 21, 24 

' Matthews, trom 118 Fed ■ 
eral to WT Confess, Wd. :. ; 
2 1 Federal • i 

24 Leather Square 

52 51 Congress 

' Maudlin (Chsn ), from II ! 
Wapping to 10 FosB, Ward 4 

* Maverick (E. B.), from 

60 61 London 
Ch. Catholic Church 

80 85 Havre 
108 111 Paris 
126 Meridian • 

133 .Maverick Square 
138 Chelsea 

13 Maywood, 
.),lr. 367 Main 

38 38 Rusaell 

■• ■■ l-St.Ten 
I ■ 

I (Ai: 

raond, Wa: 
Mead-St. Court (Chsn.). 

trom 28 Mead, Ward .1 
Mead-Street Terrace 

iChan.), fVom 45 Mead, Wd.3 
* Meander (Sta. A), from 46 
East liedham to 29 Maiden, 

Mears (Dor.), trom 45 ' 

man. Ward 20 
Mechanic (Hanover). 

m Hanover • to 134 No 

Court, Wards 7 
Mechanic (J 

Cambridge • 


• ic Court (Han- 


190 Dundee 

199 Hotel Trafalgar 
206 Fensmere Bldg. 

311 Symphony 
315 Huntington 
339 St. Botolph 

43;! Columbus A 
495 Tremont e 
587 Shawmut A 

il2 Lubec 
240 241 Cottage 

Lewis, .Maverick, Meridian, 
Chelsea. and Sumner Streets, 
Ward 2 
MazOeld (W^R), from 97 ! 

466 Audubon Road to 134 
Mary's, Ward 11 
> Medford (Chsn.l. th>m : 
Chelsea • to junction 

2 1 Chelsea • 

49 Wiley's Wharf 

119 Orpin's Whart 

149 Wellington -Wild's 
Wharf, called Stone's 
I Lexington 
161 Monument Wharf 
—. Cannon 
Fall's WI 

) Morse's ' 

95 Milton . 
Ward 21 
May (Gr< 

60 Nelson, 

e Hall), from 35 
IHolbom.Wd. 16 

to 25« Pond, Ward 22 

May Place (Essex St. sta.). 
trom 26 Oak to 9 and 17 Nas- 
sau. Ward 5 

May Place (Rox. Cross- 
ing), fr. 283 Rugglee. Wd. 7 

•Mayhrook (Grove Hall), 
Ir. liiz Gleiiwav to 81 Green- 
wood. Ward 19 

•Mayfair (Rox.), from 57 
Bainbridge to 46 Elmore, 
Ward 16 [ 

'Mayfleld (Upham's Cor- 
net). iTom 1011 Dorchester i 
Av.» to .32 

*5Iay hew (Upham's Cor), 
trom 230 Boston* to 70 Rose- 

••Haynard (Ros). f*. 408 
Poplar, crossing Metropolitan 
Av., Ward 23 

' ""ayo (Sta. A.), from 60 
ille lo 9 Cobb. Ward 6 

173 (>nnon 

19S Fall's Wharf 

1 Wharf 

231 Clark a Smith's Whart 
) Polk 

1 Jennings Place 
) School House 
! Elm 

251 CSty Whart 

267 Lawrence s Wiggins 
1 Mystic 

269 Terminal 
1 Pearl 

313 Bums' Whart 

1 Cook 
331 Richards St. and Wht. 

1 Saokville 

I Belmonl 
377 Tucker's Whart 
425 Waterman's Whart 
445 Edmands' Whart 

1 Wain" " 
! Baldwin 

Castle lo 9 Cobb. 

8 pnbltc highways 

' streets partly public 

Washington north, • to 249 

Causeway,* Ward 5 
Medford Court (Sta. A). 

trom tail Wash..* Ward 6 
*Medway (Dor. Cen.), fr. 

1190 Adams. Ward 21 
•Heehan (J. P.). from 16 

Rossmore 65 WiUiams, 

See explanation, page 17 

Irom 171 Qreen, ' 

Winter and Eaton Square, 
Wards 17, 18 
oMelbourne (Dor. Cen.). 
ftom 139 Centre to 182 WeUee 
Avenue, Ward 20 

• Melcher, fr.268Summer • 
to 306 A Street, Ward 9 

• Mellen (Dor. Center), from 
32 Ocean to 8 Montague, 
Ward 21 

ntelliali JKoad (Dor.). Ir. 

1040 Adams easterly. Odd ' 

numbers Ward 21. Even 

numbeiB Ward 20 
■^Slelrose (Essex St. sta.). 

Crom 12tf HeasanI to 19 Ferdt- 



169 Meridian Place 

Oh. Maverick Churcli 

Bennington • 

Central Square • 


_ , Post Office 25 Rutheriord 1 

271 Princeton • MIddle.e, 

2 1 Castle 

1447 ] 

1 469 Condor 
-T Nay 


. Bridge • 

479 Nay 
Merlin (Dor. Center),iyom 

6S7 W - ■ ' - ■■' ' 


Park to 8 Athelwold, 

Aleltail Ko&d (Br.), fl-om 

lingham Koad, Ward 25 
' Melrille .Avenue (Dor. 
Center ), tr. 612 Washineton to 
1696 Dorchester Avenn 

from 29 Spring, 

Melville Road (Dor. 
Cen.) cliangedto Dunlap 

•Melf inside Te r r ac e 
(Upham's Comer), from 1181 
Dorchester Av.» to 100 Pleas- 
ant, Ward 17 

MendeUaohn (W.I<.),tr. 
4663 Washington.* Ward 23 

•Mendon rai-k, changed 

*Mendum (Ros.), Irom 58 
Falrview to 186 Walter.Wd. 23 

*Menlo (Br.), from 20 Spar- 
hawk to 28 Henshaw, Ward 26 

MenniK Court (Rox. Cr.). 
from aTHampflhiTe, Ward 13 

Menton (Mat ), from Orove- 
land to Standard, Ward 21 

* Mercantile (Hanover), 
fr. 94 S. Market lo 38 Rich- 
mond, Ward 5 

ofumbia Rd.. 

Merrlani riace (Rox.) 

troro 184 Thornton, Ward 15 

• Merrill (Grove HaU), fron 
11 Ene to 22 Glenarm, W. rj 

MIerrill Avenue (Ros.) 
from 216 Ashland • Ward 2: 

* ]Merriuiac* (North Sta.) 
from Haymarket Sq. to 3. 
Causeway. Ward 5 

18 33 Friend 
46 Market 
Warren Soul 
39 Merrimac H( 
60 69 Portland • 
58 Chaidon • 

81 Traverse 
SO Pitts 
101 Lancaster 


72 173 Stamford • 
192 Prospect 
194 Causeway • 
Merton riace (Roxbury 

Crossing), irom 137 "-"* 

to 31 Newark, Ward 


from 66 


1 to 66 ~ 

J Hallet-Davis ^ 

I Whitredge 

Savin Hill > 

to Bay, Ward 17 
Midway, from 13 Btnlord, 

Ward 9 
Mildred Av. (Mat.), from 

&a Norfolk. Ward 21 
• Miles (Rox.), fr.92 Brajjdon 

to 86 W. Walnut Park, Wd.lS 
•Ulirord (Sla. A),from 261 

Sbawmul Avenue to 632 Tre- 
mor!. Ward 6 

2 1 Shawmut Av. 
3 Hotel Milford 

38 49 Tremont • 
•Milk, from 822 Wash, to 243 
Atlantic Av.. Ward 6. Cars 

2 1 Waahlngton • 
10 Old South Building 

21 Hawley • 
24 Penn Mutual Building 

26 46 Devonshire 
P.O. Post Office 

67 Equit ■ - ^ ' 

Hallet-Davis Av. 
*Milton Av. (Dor.Center). 
from 14 Woodrow Avenue to 
lingtonAv , Ward 21 

. ?i. T., N. H. t 

Hobson Sq. 

> MaxweU 


) Selden 

137 FairmounT » 

fl Wilmington Av. 
Milton Avenue (H. P.), 

from Beacon to Milton line. 

Ward 26 


92 Miftou Sq. 
108 Summit 

149 Prospect 

Milton line 
Milton Place, trom 147 

Federal • to Federal Court, 

Milton Square 

Mlnctaen'M Court (Grove 
Hall), fr. 187 Geneva Av. neat 
B.R.. Ward 19 

■Minden (Rox. Crossing), 
trom 23 Bicktoro to 34 Day 

Dorchester • 
. Telagrapb 
E. Efghth < 


I South Market 
Faneull Hall Square 
North Market 

I Clareodoii Park 
1P5 Rawson Road 
177 Granada Av. 

Hyde Park i 


» Mill (Dor), trom 307 Free- 

rrt to 39S Adams, Ward 20 
29 Ashland 

fl Railroad Crossing 
64 Preston 
90 Houghton 
95 Manlev 

Neponset Av. • 

Mill-St. Court (Chsn.), 

trom 16 Mill. Ward 3 
•Miller (Chsn.), from 214 

Main • to 217 Rutherford 

Av.. Ward 3 
Miller Park (Rox). from 

473b Dudley, • Ward 12 
Miller's tane (Dor. 

Cen.), from 1167 Washington 

lo 9 Baker's court (Dor.), 

Ward 21 
• Millet (Dor. Center).! 

Minnie Court (S 

1081. Ward 10 
' Minot (NorthSta.). 

end Dor. (Center) 

Maverick Sq. to Meridian- 
street Bridge. Odd numbers 

2 Maverick Street 
K Columbia Hall 
26 Elbow 
Lib. Public Library 

186 London 
163 Median i 

Metropolitan Xerrace 

(Ros.). from 200 Kittredge, 
Ward 23 
Meyer (Ros ), across Cath- 
erine, near Florence. Wd. 24 
•MIchiiEan Avenue 
(Grove Hall). f)-om 15 Colum- 
bia Road • to 69 Erie. W. 19 
I •Middle (S. B.), ftom 841 
Dorchester • to 486 Dorches- 
ter Av.» Ward 11 

Te •* streets partly public 

1 59 West Park 
I 101 Wheatland Ai 
I 133 Talbot Av.« 

I Av. to 40 Carruth, 

Washington Com 
85 Haywaid Place 

Southern Av. 
■ Mlllniont (Rox.), trom 44 

Highland to 37 Lambert Ave.. 

Ward 15 
Mills (Rox ). ftom 14 Rock 

land to 31 Dale. Ward 16 
'MlUon (Read\.), see East 

Milton and West Milton 
' Milton (North sta.). from 
' ~ ■ Bilghton. 

163 Sarauac 

242 Minot Park 
280 Frederika 

Minot Park (Dor.Center), 
from 245 Minot, near Adams, 
Ward 20 

Minot Place (Dor), fr.e2 
Minot. Ward 20 

(Upham's Comer), 

n (Upha 
avln Hi 11 


Minton (J. P.). fr- SS4 &m- 
orv to 51 BrookBide bv., 
Ward 22 

SU Main • to MS Rutherford 
Ay., Ward 3 
MUHion (Rot. Cross 
Huntington A 

161 Harre. Ward 2 

Montgomery to Webster, Wd. 

' lULanadnock (Upham'i 

Comer), tr. 723 Dudley • to 

63 Bird, Ward 17 
' Monba (S. B.), fr. 6»5 East 

Sixth. • to esex E. Seventh I 

Mt. Vernon 

t (Chsn.), trom 
21 Monument Square to 176 
Medtbrd. Ward 4 

Monument Sq. 

Concord av. 

Bunker Uiil • 

Rlordoo Place 

Monument Place 

43 Monument Sq. Ward 

Monument Sq., Ward 4 
Uannment Court (! 

trom 160 B, berveen E. 
and £. Seventh, Ward 1 

end Dor. Center). tr.254 South 
to 31 River, 1 to Canterbury 
Stre.t Ward 22 to end Wd. 21 

Forest Bills R.R. sta 
Washington • 
29 Orchard Av. 
108 Forest Bills 

119 Union Terrace 
Forest Hills Cemetery 

6G5 Wellinirto 

416 Dudley, Ward 12 
3 1 Dudley • 

39 Mt.Plesnant Terrace 

91 Falrland 

160 161 Blue Hill Avenue • 

Dudley • 
Mt.Pleusunt Place 

»>Xj),^lrom 291 Dudley,. 


(Rox.), from ; 

Av., Ward 12 


26 Adams. Ward 4 

.Vernon (1 to 109, 
' . to end Back Bay), 
Hancock to Charles 
^sjilanadc. Ward 8 

tion (Chin.), from 

•Monmouth (E.B.), from 1 Monument 

377 Meridian • to 200 Brooks, I (Chsn.l. from 67 
Ward 1 Ward 3 

14 Marioj 

• Monmouth Sq. (E. B.), 
junction Monmouth, Brooks, 
and White Streets, Ward 1 

*M:onponaet (Mat.), from 

666 River to Neponset river, ' 

Ward 24 
Monroe Rent] (Br.), from 

461 Washington • Ward 26 

• Monson (Mat.), from 20 
Temple to 29 Sturbridge, 
Ward 21 

' Hontasue (Dor. Center), 
tr. 10 Ashmont to 19 RosHn, 
Ward 21 

• Montana (Grove Hall),' 
trom 71 Cheney to 76 Georgia, 
Ward 16 

Montclair Avenue 

(Roa), trom 1669 Centre to 

Merlin, Ward 23 | 

•MontebelloRd. (J. P.). , 

fi-om 471 Walnut Av. to 50 . 

Brookside Av., Ward 22 

Walnut Av. 

Washington • 


Baker Court 

Brookiide Av. 
•Montello (Dor.), ftom 7 

Ward 18 
Montelltk (Ros.), changed 

to MoDtvale 

(Mat.).fr60 Almontto Ala- 
bama, Ward 24 


I Blue Hill 

Brewster school 


Forest Av. R.R. Sta 

89 Lou 

28 Concord 

29 Bartlett 
Charlesfn High 

43 Monument Avenue 

48 Soley 

80 Monument Conn 

Moody (Dor. Center), from 

14 Tofrey to 15 Dunbar Av., 
Ward 21 

** Moody (Ros.). from Ash- 
land, southerly. Ward 24 

*Moon (Hanover), from 1 
North nq. to 27 Fleet. Ward 5 
2 North Square 

1 Sun-ct. Street 
11 Lewis 

28 26 Fleet 

••Moore (E.B.), U-. 85 Pope 
to97Co»per.E. B..Wardl 

state House 
8 Hancock Av 

29 Hancock 
16 41 Jov 
38 Wahiul 

110 101 Malcolm 
118 109 Charles • 

123 African Church 
130 123 River Street 
Ch. (3h.o 

„ - (Upham's 

Comer), trom 196 Boston to 
the Pumping Station, Wd. 11 

■ W. Selden 

I 81 Horace 
I 107 Homer 

Horn (Dor. Center), 

Tremont to 156 W, 
Canton. Ward? 

Tremont • 
2 1 Clarendon 
18 Union Park 

English High School 
64 61 Dartmouth • 
74 Montgomery Park 
86 85 W. Canton 
Montgomery (W.R.), fr. 

201 Spring • ward 23 
MontKomery Park 
(Sta. A), tr. 74 Montgomery, 
Ward 7 

Monto Plar 

3 Adams, Wa. 
; (RoK.),f)-om216 

Dington • to 118 Mil 

28 Cleveland 

60 67 Whiting 
68 Fairland 

63 Montrose 
Ch. Mishkan Teflla Ch. 
75 Copeland 
93 Perrin 
102A 103 Bine HiU Av • 
124 133 Dennis 
14(1 139 Brook Av. Place 
Moreland (W. R.), troi 

Morzan (Back Bay), trom 
223 (Jolumbus Avenue • to 40 
Stanhope, Ward 7 

•Morley (Roi.),fr. 33 High- 
land Ward 1.V 

1120 Oakridge 

1214 1215 Sanford 
1264 1257 River* 
Morion Place (E. B). 

f^om 22 Saratoga, Ward 2 
Morton Place (Rox 

Crcssing), iTom 1442 Tre- 

mont» Ward 14 
• Moaeley(Upham'sComer), 

from 20 IDrescent Av. to 879 

Columbia Road, Ward 11 
Mosgrove Avenue 

Ros. ) . trom 4019 Washington 

Motley (Ruxbury Crossing), 
from liS9 Trem. nt to 962 Co- 
lumbus AV. Ward 13 

• Motte (Sta. A) fVom 976 
Wash, to 299 Harrison Av.« 
Ward 6 

Old Colony Boulevard 
91 Von Hillern 
' Ht. Vernon (W R.), a. 

1977Centrt toVeruiont.Wd. 23 

Mt Vemon 

Mt. Vernon Avenue 

(Br.), from 97 Academy Hill 
Road. Ward 25 

Moulton Avenue(( 

flrom 26 Moulton, Ward 



Bowdoio Avenue, 
Ward 19 
Ht.Bowdoln Ter- 
race (Grove Hall), trom 
29 Eldon to 19 Mallon Road, 

Ward 4 ' 

Warret. • to 63 sforeland, i 

Ward 16 
'MIontvale (Ros ),*rom 85 

Colberg Av., to 330 Belgrade I , . 

Ward 23 ' tr. 35 Pleasant to 46 Bakers- 

■ Montvlew (W. R.), from ; "''"^ W»"i " 

152 Corey to 131 Mt. Vemon, • Morria (1 

> Kirk 


Gardner. Ward 23 


30 Hamilton. Ward 1 


Mt.Ida(Dor), end of Per- 

dval. Ward IS 
•Mt.Ida Koad (Dor), tr 

281 Bowdoin • to 2 Marie 

Ward 18 
Mt.Ida Xerrace (Dor.), 

from 296 Bowdoin, Ward 18 
•Mount Pleasant (H. 

P.), fr. 22 Pond to 119 Sum- 

93 Chelsea, • 
a Place, Cr. 

ack Bay), tr. Public AUey 
1. 301, Ward S 
.Walley Av. (J. P.), 

froro ^42 A, S. B., to Fort 

Point channel. Ward 9 
Mt. Tf'aahineton PI. 

(S. B.). fW)m 413 E. Eighth,* 

Ward 10 
•Mountain A veniie(Dor. 

Center), trom 160 Woodrow 

Av. to 167 Ballon Av., Wd. 21 
•Monntfort (Fenway), ty, 

788 Beacon* to St. Mary's. 

Centre • to 109 L 


30 Friesing 
40 Armstrong 

Mulberry Pla« 

69 PorUand, Ward I 
Mulberry Plac 

Mulvey Avena 

i explanation, page 1 1 


sta.). ffotn Sa Tylei 

Terrace, aee 

Kailrond, Ward 3 

• lUurducb. (Br.), >rom 73! 
Cambridge to 130 N. Beacon 
Ward 2G 

Cambridge • 
4 3 SparhawS 
34 ^fapleton 

65 Murdoch Place 
90 Maple Av. 

from Hi Murdoch. Ward 21) 


Ward li; 
Miirruy Court (E. B.). 

from .i'l OrleanB. Ward 2 
MtirrMV H.ill Rand 

to 104 Florence, Ward 23 
Museum Itoiid (Fenway) 

from 479 Uuiitinaton Av. • 

to Fenway, Ward 7 
Muaic Hull Place, tron^ 

*Myrick (Alia.), from 121 
Franklin to 53 Cooidge, Wa. 

♦ Myrtle (North Sta ). trom 
57 Uttueock to 86 Revere. 

Bowdoin t-'chool 
A«h Place 

106 Grove Squ 

109 Grove 
18« 135 Revere 

Myrtle Placi 
7 Glenwood, Wa 
Myrtle Plac 

(Smer).from li 
Word 17 
Myrtlebnn li 

(Dor. Center), ft 
to Hill Top- War 
« Mystic (.Chi 

Bunker Hill • to 260 Med- 

ford. Ward 3 

Myattc (Sta. A), fr. 9 Mal- 


Mystic Place (Ch.n), 

from 34 Co<ik. Ward 3 
• »r Street (S.B.), ft-. 805 E. 

Secoi'd to Columbia Road. 

40 Eaat Second 

Independence Sq. 
56 Eut Third 
76 75 E. Broadway 
100 99 Eaat Fourth • 
124 123 Ea« Fifth 
138 SwaUow 

• Indicates public hlKhways 


148 147 Eaat Silth I 

I 171 East Seventh 

20nWaih. to Union, Ward 25 
*Xapl.esKoatl( Boulevard) 

Ward ,5 
\^assuu Place (Essex et , 

sta.), trom 12 Naasau, Wards I 
Nathan (.1. P.).tr Eldridge I 

to Patten, • Ward 22 
NathnnielV^eld Place 

(J.P.), tr. 145 South, Ward 22 1 

9f avillus Xei'race (Dor.) 
from 6 Winter. Ward 17 

Nawn {Rox.),ft.2nfi8WaBh • 
to 991 Hamson \v.. Ward 12 

ing), Ir. 3b, Ward 19 
NaT(E.B.),<r.479Meridian • 

Ward 1 j 

•Kazlne (li rove Hall). h-.549 

Blue Hill Av.« to 112 Maple, 

Ward 10 I 

Weal's Court (Chan.), tr. 7 

Short, Ward 3 

60 ' Maxwell 

Nelson (Readv.), from 31 
Stoughton Av. to Vaughan, 

Wd. 54 
Nelson <'ourt, from 270 

Congress, Ward 5 
Neponset (Dor), from 3,10 

Freeporlto26 South, Ward 20 
• Nepojiset Av. (Dor.), • j 

81 Washington 
Milton line 
eponset Court (Ros.), 
r. 80 Neponset Av.. Ward 24 
■nTeptune Rd.(E.B.)ftom 
509 Sarstoga to Wood Island < 
Pari. Ward 1 

(Dor. Center), from j 
lount across Wil- 
.V. Ward 21 
B.),tr 228umnerto 

Dvewood Co.'s "Wliarf 
Mayo's Wharf 
DeButts * Daggett-i 

Atlantic Works Wharf 
Allen (H. P.), from 

New Knelaud Avenue 

(Dor Con.), from 225 Talbot 
Av. to 133 Southern Av. at irs 
June, with Bernanl, Ward 21 
New Haven (W. R.).from 

•Newhall (Dor ), from 631 

Aehmont to 80 Oak Av.. Wd. 

Newhall Avenue (Dor.), 

fr. 27 Newhall to 658 Adams 

• Ward 20 
Newhall Place (Dor.), 

from 64 Newhall Av., Wd. 20 
Newtirk (Dor.), trom Ne- 
ponset Av. near Mill to across 

Manley, Woid20 
"Newland (Sta. A), from 

12 Upton to West SprlM- 

flcld. Ward 6 

2 1 Upton 

5 Draper's Lane 

8 7 W. Dedham 

19 Fahin 
26 29 W. Canton 
37 Trumbull 
46 41 W. Brookline 
58 57 Pembroke 
72 71 W. Newton 
77 W. 


I Place 

28 ON. Y..N H. *H.R.R. 
35 Terrace 

42 Bromley 

66 Parker 

Vew Park ,\venue 
(Ros.),fy. 157 Beech, Wd. 23 
Newark (Rox.). ftom 108 
Cedar to Merton Place, Wd. 15 
Nenrbern (Rox. Crossing), 

. 150 Sterlin 

3 29 Weaton, 

> Sterling, 


Spaulding Squ 

I Coffey 

near -Tremont, Ward 13. 
Newbern Place lEssex 

* Newburs (Ros.), trom 192 
Belgrade Av. to 180 Beech, • 
Ward 23 
52 47 Bc-rry 

to Bradlee, H. P.,Ward 24 
' Newbury (1 to 301 Back 
Bay, to end Fenway), ftom 15 
Arlington to Oharleegate 
East and from Chariesgate 
West to 8 Brookline Av., 

4 St Botolph Club 
Ch. Emanuel Church 
46 39 Berkeley 

Ch. Central Church 
103 Clarendon 
143 143 Dartmouth • 
1.10 Boston Art Cluh 
178 Horace Manu School 
South Cone. Church 
Spiritual -femple 

Ken . _ 
648 649 Brookline Av. 
^Newcastle Road (Br.) 

from 227 FaneuU to 35 Hob. 

eon. Ward 26 
* Newcomb (Sta. A),fron: 

1004 Waah. • to 921 Harrisot 

Av. • Ward 12 
Newfleld (W.R.),fromLa 

Granite to Laesell. Ward 23 

94 93 W. Concoro 

104 103 Worcester 

US 117 W. Springfleld 

Newlund Place (Sta. A), 
trom opp. fcSNewland.Wd.e 

^Newman (S B.), trom 292 
Dorchester • to 1238 Col- 
umbia Road, Ward 11 

Newman Place (Rox), 
trom 349 Dudley • Ward 12 

* Newport (Upham's Cor- 
to 44 Harbor "View. Ward 11 

Newsonie Park (J. P.), 
ftom 33 Eliot, Ward 22 

Newton, see East Newton 
and West Newton 

*• Newton (Br.), from 47 
Brooks to Charlesview, W. 26 

Newton Court (Essex St. 
Bla.). from 125 Tyler. Ward 5 

•NlEhtlueale (Dor. Cen- 
ter). 15 Bernard to 26 Talbot 
Av.,Ward 19 

Niklsch Avenue (Ros.), 
trom 333 Beech. Ward 23 

*Ninis Square.( North Sta- 

bridp'e,* North Hussell and 

Sou-h Russell Streets. Wd. 5 
Ninth, see East Ninth and 

West Ninth 
« Nixon (Dor. Center), from 

184 Centre lo 36 Mather, 

Ward 20 
Nixon ■■lace (Alls.). ftom 

Armington, Ward 25 
♦•Noah (Mat.), fr. Wood Av. 

to Moody, Ward 24 
Noanet(Essex St. sta.), from 

940 Washington • to 263 

Harrison Av.« Ward .i 
Noble Court ( E. B.), ftom 

), ftom 626 
i Ward 2(3 

Nonantuni Ro 

changed to Langle; 



from 709 Dudley • Ward 1 

1 to 13 Lambert i 

40 Blanchard 
54 57 Lambert Avenue 
•Norfolk (1 to 409 Dor. 
Center to end. Mat.), trom 607 
. Wash, to 1576 Blue Hill A»., 
Ward 21. Cars from Wash- 
ington to Nelson 

.-. Talbot Av.» 
26 Epping 


Cstholic Churoh 
98 Darling 

100 Wentworth 
See explanation, page 17 


INorfulk St. -con. 


ay Elmhurirt 
1 Peac€vale Road 
IW Feriidale 

138 Bernard 

139 Woodrow Av. 

I 159 Milton Avenue 

177 BaUou Place 
I Thetford av. 
J SUnton 

) " ' UfFord 

1 216 l^ngdon Place 
223 Laoa'a Court 
232 Sun Court Stj«et 

262 2S1 Lewis 
296 281 Kl< 
312 Be 

Everett Court 

Barber'i Alley 

1 319 aSi 

i NeUon 
3C9 Ma«cot 

: UniUl^an Ob. 


578 Power! Court 
SSS 371 Commercial • 
•.Vorth Avenue (Rox.), 
fr. 621 Dudlev • to 32 Brook 

tr. 2421 Centre 10 R.R. Wd. S 
•North Square (Hani 

495 Clarkwood 
523 Evelyn 
551 Feaeenden 
5fl9 Wilmore 
589 Walk Hill 
632 Mildred Av . 

Railroad Bridge 
em Delhi 

734 Cook Terrace 

Bch. Tileaton School 

770 757 Fremont 
Engine UouBe No. 19 

SOO Avender Court 

8(M 879 Blue Hill Avenne • 

•Norrolb Avenue (1 to 
279 Rox to end Upham'e 
Corner), from 116 Hampden 
to 96 E. Cottage. 1 to 279, Wd. 
2 1 Hampden • 
76 76 Gerard 

124 m Mauazine 

136 _ Prortor _ ^ , 

156 ' William ' 

North, Wd. 5 

39 North 

urtta Anderson (North 
ta), troiT. 263 Cambridge 
) Fruit, Ward 5 

Alls., toe 
- mbridl 


Cambridge, at Un 

P..7- 1 , 

Cambridge • 

33 Everett 

43 Sinclair Place 


«8 Arthur 

Holbrook Place 

KH Herricli 
117 Hichborn 

274 279 N. Y., N. H. »H 
824 Franklin Court 

to 34 Harrison Av. Extension, 
Ward 5 
Norfolk. TerriK-e (Dor. 

> Coolidge 1 

50 Cambridge 
Norlh Hiltlaon (I 

over), trom 54 Snowhill I 

Hull, Ward 

North MurKin (I 

Headville to opp. 17!i5 P 

34 35 Blanchard Av. 
fl River • 
Norway (Fenway), 
203 HuntiiiBton Av. toi 

2 1 Huntington Av. i 
Christian Science 
St. Paul 
Massachusetts A' 

13 Fair 

Lafayette Av 

53 Buttrick P 
59 Thacher 
33 N. Margin. 

arEln.St. Ct. 

, rr.%S North Mar- 

•North Market. iTOm 24 
Commercial to 42 Faneuil 
Hall Square, north side Fan- 
euil Hall Market, Ward .'. 

North Mead (ChBn.),from 
329 Bunker Hill •Ward 3 

North Mead.St. Court 
(Chsn.),tromtJ North Mead, 

Norlh Mil 

■ (Dor ) 

North Quincy Place 

(Chant., from 42 St, Martin, 

Ward 3 
> North Kuasell (North 

Sta.).trom 157 Cambridge to 

14 Eaton. Ward 5 

2 1 Cambridge* 
10 Hope Place 
28 Jewish Synagogue 

31 O. U. O. O.F.Hall 
32 Russell Place 
34A Russell Court 
40 Parkmar 

•Norway rark (HP), fr. 

72 Warren Av. to Summit, 
Ward 24 
•Nor well (1 to 169 Grove 
Hall, J70 to end Dor. Cen- 
ter.) trom 2(7 Wash. • to 
220Talbot Av.Wardia 
2 1 Washington 

> (Roi.),troin 
17 Bragdon, 

. 90Fairmount 


.111583 Do 
a Sbawmut branch 

om 1883 Dorchester 

1 E. First 
29 E. Second 
63 E. Third 
81 E. Broadwsy 
91 E. Fourth • 

,„, I Roi. to end Sta. Al. trom «0i Beni Pope School 

. ,0 ! Albany to N Y N. H. * H 130 U9 E. Afth 
R R. 1 to 12.5 Ward 12. 12b ,35 Swallow 

43 Ward 13. 244 to end ] 136 Hoss Place 

Ward 15 

Nott (H.P.) 

•Nottineham (Grove 

Hall), trom 68 Bowdoin Av. 

to 36 Bullard, Ward 19 
NottinKham Koad (Br.) 

trom junction Colonial Road 

and Melton Road, Ward 26 
Noyea Place (Hanover), 

l^^.m 128 Salem, Ward 5 
• O Street (S. B.), fr. 867 E, 

First to Columbia Road, S. 

B.. 1 to 82 Ward 9. 83 to end 

Ward . " 

Center), changed 

' Norman (North Sta. 
61 Green • to 142 Merrimac* , North 

N. Bennet Place 
Eliot School 
31 Wiggin 

5 Creston 
2"* Intervale 

66 67 Devon 
100 99 Stanwood 
190 191 Washington 

201 Castlegate Road 
210 Wild«r Road 
228 Pinckney Road 
240 241 Seaver 
278 279 Columbia Road 
•North (1 

Ward 5 

1 Dock Square 

Ward 5 
North Brimmer PI., 

(Hanover) trom 173 NorUl, 
Ward r, 
• North Centre, (Han- 

(E. B.). trom 59 

Ward 2 

North Orov 

to i-ruit. Ward 5 
2 1 Cambridge i 
4Ji Church Plac 

I) Ci^^lr. 
21 Parkman 


72 Reed 

84 Engine House No 23 

89 St TPatnck's Church 
113 Parmelec 

124 125 Washington • 

146 Walker Place 
141 Chester Plact 

156 Hampton Court 

162 Wentworth Place 

168 161 Shawmut Avenue • 

224 Northampton Place 

232 Everett School 

288 243 Tremont • 

276 343 Columbus Avenue • 

390 Dilworth 

396 Watson 

400.399 N. Y.,N. H. JiH. K.R. 

Northampton Place 
(SU. A.). f>om 224 North- 
ampton.* Ward 13 

•* Northbourne Road 
(R08.), from 300 • -. • 

1 146 147 E. Sixth • 
149 r " 

168 167 E. Seventh 

Columbia Road 
O Street Place (S. 

from 149 O, Ward 10 
•Oak (Chsn.). fr. 388 Ma 

to 104 Russell, Ward .5 
• Oak (Essei St. sta.). I 
870 Washinirton to 143 
' bany. Ward 5 

2 1 Washington • 
13 Oak Place 

25 Maple Place 
26 May Place 
36 37 Harrison Avenue • 
60 61 Tyler 
80 75 Hudson 
94 93 Albany 
•Oak (H. PI. tr. 1280 I 
Park .\v» to Maple, Wd 
n Hyde Park Av.» 
2< Maple 
; 70 71 Msple 
depTrk I Oak Avenue (Dor.), 

North Hanover Court, 

(Uanoverl, trom 228 Hen. 
over • Ward 5 
• North Harvard (Alls 
ft-om Charles Ri 
Cambridge, Ward 

13 Soldiers Fiej 

Stadium Place 

Northern Av 

I Atlantic Avenu 


Northfleld (Sta. A,), fr. 

- and 888 Tremont • to 

Camden, Ward 13 

»Northw<»od (E.B.),from 

194 Lcyden to 90 Gladstone, 1 

chdi ■ ■ 
well. Ward 18 

Rich«eldto34 Speed- 
ard 18 

Ward :0 

I Business, Ward 24 

Oak Road (W. R.), from 
Birch Road, Ward 23 

•Oak Square (Br), • 
iunc. Faneuil, Washington, 
Tremont ind Nonantum, 

•Oak Square . 


' indicates public highways 


Ward 2 
• Oahdale (J. P.l, h-om 282 j 

.Ward 22 
Onkdale Terrace 

(J P.), from 19 Oakdale, 

: AveDue, • Ward £ 

Ward 19 
Colony JLvenue 

.1. trom 288 Dorchealer 
to Mt. Vernon. ETen 
lers 1 to D Street, Ward 
Street to end and all odd 
lers Ward 11 
) Dorcheater Av. • 


. 3 Allium Place, 

Oat Hill A^venne 

(Mat.), from 191 Wert Selden, 
Ward 21 
* Oakland (Rox.), from 
2701 Wash • to 90 Thornton. 
Ward 15 


S5 Oakland PI. 

49 Rexiord 

73 Cheater 


I Colorado 
' Alabama 
Randolph Road 


* Oakland (Br.), trom 44S 
Wash.* to 26fJ Faneuil,Wd.S(j 

Oakland .A. venue 

(Rox), trom 233 Dudley* 

Ward 12 
Oakland A.venue (Br.) 

trom 28 Oakland, Ward 2C 
Oakland Park (Rox.), 

from 14 Oakland, Ward 15 
Oakland Place (Mat), 

tVom 1619 Blue Hill Avenue* 

to 35 Oakland,* Ward 24 
Oakland Place (Br). 

from 49 Oakland, Ward 25 

* Oakley (Dor. Center), ft. 
69 Bowdoin * to 859 Oeneva 
Av., Ward IS 

» Oakman (Dor.), fVom 39 
Walnut * to 8 Taylor, Wd. 20 

*OakrldKe (Dor. Center), 
from 1120 .Morton lo 126 Cod- 
man, Wd. 21 

OakTlew A.venue(Rox.) 
from 127 .Marcella, Ward 16 

•Oakview Terrace 
(J. P.). trom 424 Centre* to 
bryond Belmore Terrace, 

Oakvtile A.venue(Rox.), 
from 69 St. James, Ward );) 

* Oakwood (Dor Center), 
fr. 68 .Norfolk * to 45 Torrey, 

Wood Av. 

Oak wood A.venue 

(Dor. Cent.),fYom SSCapen. 
Ward 21 
♦Ocean (Dor. Center), from 
120 Ashmont ro fi5 Welle" 
Av. Odd numbers Ward 10. 

W. Eiehth 
162 161 ICwei 




1 Harbor (S.B.),1 

5orche ' 


• Orchard (J. P.), from 876 
Centre opposite Arborway to 
Pond, Ward 22 

^Orcfiard (Mat,), fr. opp. 

from 29 Morton, near Wash., 


Orchard Park (Rox.), 

fr. 31 Adams to end of Chad- 

Orchard Road (Cool 
idge Corner) from Corey Rd 
to Brookllne line. Ward 25 

fr. Stimaon to Cottage Roa( 

I sta.), from 26 Harrison Ave.* 

! to 26 Oxford, Ward 6 

I Oxford Terrace (Back 

Bay ), from 38 Huntiiigton At. 

* near Dartmouth, Ward 7 

140 Dorchester to 1 


mbers Ward 10. Odd num 
■s 107 to end Ward 11 
1 Dorchester* 

05 E. Eighth • 
23 Dunham 

Columbia Road 

Alexander, Ward 

agnolia t. 

(SW. ; 
Washinirton * 

Waltham, Ward 6 
> Oliver, fr. 133 Milk 
Atlantic Avenue, Ward 

Oliver Court (Hanover), 

from 19 Webster Ave., Wd. 6 
Oliver Place (Essex st. 

sta.), from 83 Essex to 68 

Beach, * Ward 5 ^ 
Olmstead (J.P.),fr 33 Forest 

Hills to44 Peter Parley ,Wd.22 
Olmsted Park (J. P.), 

trom Perkins to Pond and 

•OIney (Grove Hall), from 
212 Bowdoin to 44 Rosseter, 
1 to 103 Ward IS, 104 to end 
Ward 19 

120 Cedar Av. 
130 143 Rosseter 
* Oneida (Sta. A), from 320 
Harrison Av * to 217 Al- 
, bany. Ward 6 
O'Aieil Place (Br.), from 

44 Winship Ward 25 
Onnlow Terrace (S. B.), 

Weil lo 282 Beech, Ward 23 
OranKe Court (Rox.), ft, 

47 Fellows, Ward 12 
•» Orchard (Rox), trom 41 

1 Centre, 


1378 Dorchester A 

Freeport, Ward 1} 
Orchid (Dor.), ft 

Ward 20 
Ordway Place, from 345 I 
, Washinirton * to 15 Province 

Court, Ward 5 
• Ores 

10 North Point Car Station 

11 Kemble Place 
24 23 East Second 

96 101 East Fourth * 
118 109 East Fifth 

I Messinger, 

♦Orient Av. (E Bl.from 
7 Wallej to Cosmos, Ward 1 

Orient HelEhta (E B ), 
on Breed's Island, Ward 1 

♦Oriole (W. R.), from 25.3 
Park to 180 Bellevue, Wd. 23 

♦Orkney Road (Cool- 
idge Corner), tr. 16 Strath- 
more Rd. to 17 Sutherland 
Road. Ward 26 

Orlando (Mat.) 
Ward 24 

♦' Orleans (E. B.) from 46 
Marjrinal to 517 Bennington, 

1 to Prescott, Ward 2, to end 
Ward 1. Cars from Webster 
to Bennlnirton 

2 1 Marginal 

23 Webster * 
37 Murray Court 
60 49 Sumner * 

69 Everett 
96 96 Maverick 
106 Percival Place 
130 Gould's Court 

East Fourth 

Park, Ward 10 
♦ Page (Grove Hall), from 93 

Glenway to 76 McLellan, 

Ward l3 
Paffe (H. P.), fr. 105 Arline- 

toii to 140 Central Av.,Wd. 54 
PaKe*s Court (Hanover); 

Neptune Road 
517 Bennington 

Ormond (Mat.), fr. 6 Well- 
ington Hill to 115 Wellington 
Hai, Ward 21 

Ormond Terrace (Rox ) 
fr. 930 Harrison Av.,*Wd. 12 

Orne (Dor ), from 592 Ash- ' 
mont. Ward 20 

Osborn Place (Essex et. 
sta.), from 40 Pleasant, cross- 
ing Shawmut Avenue at 62 I 
and 79». 1 to Shawmut 
Av., Ward 5, to end Ward 8 

♦ Oscar (Rox. Crossing), .r 
opp. 64 Terrace to 742 Parker, 

♦Osceola (Mat.), from 746 

40 Marine Road, Ward 10 
♦Paine iRos.), from 345 

Walk Hill to 696 Canterbury, 

Ward 24 
♦Paisley Park (Dor.Cen- 

ter), from 17 Upland Av. to 

15 BourncBide, Ward 20 
Palfrey (Ros.), from 169 

Brown Av. to 6Rowe, Wd. 28 
Palm (Dor.), fr.341 Centre to 

Whitten, Ward 20 
♦ Palmer (Rox.), from 22B4 

Wash.oEton to 96 Eustil, 

Ward 12 

2 1 Washington • 
28 27 Harrison Av. * 
40 45 Winslow 
65 Palmer Place 

24 Edgeworth Place 
30 opp. Winthrop 

44 43 Alaverick 
Engine House No. 9 

isood Court (Rox.), fr 

:663 Washington,* Ward 13 

OsBood Place (North 

I Calumet to 99 Billsid< 

Winthrop Square, to 64 Sum- ' 
men* Ward 5 
Otis Place (Back Bay), fr 

Otis Place (Ros ).from 16 

Norfolk. Ward 23 
♦Otlsfleld (Grove Hall), ft. 

Si Gaston to .146C Blue Hill 

Av.* Ward 16 
♦Ottawa (Rox.), from 61 I 

Sherman to 32 Laurel, Wd. 10 
♦ Otter (Back Bay), from 99 
Overlook (E. 

Ward 1 

79 Paris Court 
Ch. OhelJacob 
i 87 Gove 
1,33 Drake Place 

281 R. C. Church 
I 323 Bennington • 
arls Court (E. E 
■9 Paris. Ward 2 
iris Place 
137 Paris, Ward 
' Pari«h(Dor.),fr.38 Winter, 

Ward 18 
> Park (Chsn ). from 18 City 
Square to Winthrop Square, 

Roughan "Terrace 

Emerson Place 
Nelson's Court 

55 Common 
Park, "from opp. 126 Tre- 

Orient Avenue to Farrington 

i public highways 


■• Park (1 to 199 Dor. 
Dor. CeDter). from 269 Fi 
port to 458 Wash. • 1 
Shawm ut Branch R. 
Ward 20 to end Ward 
Can from Adams 
Geneva Av. 
I lYeeport 

ead L^.Right. 

908 901 Heath 
956 961 Bromley Park 

•Paul Oore (J. P.), from 
416 Centre to ]ft9 ' 
Ward 15 
Centre • 
80 Paul Gore T 
114 117 Cheatnut Ai 

Pepperell Place (S.I 
from 143 Dorchester Av. 

•Pequot {Box. CroBfling), 
from 41 Calumet to M Wait, 
Ward 14 

WeBtRos.M.E.Church o Parker 

"" 5""w1o'av Parker Mill Terrace 
221 Gilniore Terrace 
! Park Terrace icertiiiij 

239 Boxlord Terrace Parker' 

253 I 

Weet Fourth, 

(North I 
im HrthiV trom 4U wortn RuBnell 

wa jiouui , jj^^i^ Orove, Ward 5 

•Park (H. P), from 117 At- 2 1 N. RaBscU 
lington to 41 Weatrainater, 20 15 Bloaeom 
■Wa. 24 38 29 N. Andersoc 

•Park Lane Street (J. " §^Sr"ve 
P.),lIoni4«9WalnulAienue, n. uroye 

■Ward 22 •• Parkman (Dor.) 

Park Place (Roi.) 

63 Yeoman, Ward 12 
Park Place (J P.), 

Myrtle, Ward 22 
Park KoaU (J. P ) 

1590 Dorchester Av. • t 

Hill Koad to 27 
Winahip, Ward 25 
Peacevale Road (Dor. 
Center), from 116 Norfolk • 

•Pearl (Chsn.), from 103 
High to 296 Medford, Ward S 


51 Bunker Hill • 
Pearl-Street Place 
Coral Place 
Blaban Place 

99 Simnaou'B Court 

I Place 
69 Caldwell 
•Perklnn, fr. 170 CongreM 

to 67 Pearl, Ward 5 
•Perkins (J P.), from 389 
Centre* to Brookline line. 

Place (Han- 





Vale (J.l 

Park View Road (J.F.) 

changed to Parkton Road 
Parkdnle Road (Roe.), 
1402 Centre to Selwyn, 

and Columbue Av., Ward { 
Park Terrace <W K.), 

from 222 Park, Ward 23 kins, V. 

Park Vale A.venue Paries 

(Alia.) ftom21Glenv"'- • -■" 

to 1/0 Brighton Av., y 
•Park View (Grove Hall), , •Parmelee (Sta. A),fr. 665 
ftom 104 Hutchinga to 100 Maea. av. to 113 Northamp- 
Seaver* Ward 16 ton,* Ward 12 

^Parmenter (Hanover), 
Ir. 266 Hanover* to 105 
Salem, Ward 5 
. . 'Parnell (Sta A), from 68 
Ward 23 Leooa to 21 Sawyer, Ward 13 

•Parker( Parrot I 

kinato 111 Cambridge,* W. ■' 
•Parker (Rox. Croasing), *l 
fr. 460 Huntington Av. to Hs 
Centre. 1 to 503, Ward 7 1 

509 to New Heath, Ward 14, Waahingto 
to end Ward 15 : 30 31 Surrey 

I) 159 Faneuil 
190 Brooksdale Road 

195 Converse 
!44 Riverview Road 

North Beacon * 
PartrldEe (W. R.), from 
70 LaGrange to Cottage Av., 

Partrldee Place (Box.), 
fh>m 433 Dudley, Ward 12 

•Patten (J.P ), fr. 176 Hvde 
Park Av. * to Bourne, Wd. 22 
(Dor. Center), 

• Pearl (Upham'a Comer), 
from 1051 Dorcheater Av. * 
to 48 Pleaaant, Ward 11 

Pearl Place (E.B.I, from 

120 Pond View 

Brookline 1 
Perkins (Roa.), 
Canterbury to Gri 
R.R., Ward23 
•Perkins A.venu 
from 1369 River I ' 
Childa, Ward 24 
Perkins Place 

I 1369 River * to opp. 

'Perrln (Rox.) 


3 Summer, Ward 24 

I North Beacon, 

I Pearl, Ward :; 

Waah. * to 346 Shawmut i 

►Pelton (W.R ),fr.2; 

to Parkway, Ward 23 
* Pemberton Squa 

Tremont to 5 


) Archibald 
1 693 Ward Street 
i Prentias 
619 Longwood Avenue 

669 Smith 
698 707 Tremont * 
Ch. Trin. Lutheran Ch. 

739 Delle Avenue 


Av. 1 to 77 Ward 6, 78 to en< 
Ward 7 

2 1 Shawmut Av.* 
10 9 Newland 

23 Pembroke Court 

67 Hotel Pembroke 

70 77 Tremont * 

141 Warren Av. 

Columbus Sq. 

Pembroke Court (Sl( 

A), tr. 23 Pembroke. Ward 6 

•Penfield (Roe.), from a 

Birch to 122 Belgrade av., i 

t Codman to Brook, 

• Paul (Sta. A), from 392 Tre- 
4 Emerald, Ward 6 

167 Centre * Ward 1. 

WaBh.*to 449HarrisonAv.* 

Ward 6 
Perry Place (Chsn.), fr 

33 Pleasant, Ward 4 
•Perth (Grove Ball), ft. 157 

Quincv to opp. 55 Fayston, 

Perthshire Rd. (Br.), 

from 32 Dunboy across Bige- 

low. Ward 26 
•Peter Parley ] 

(J. P), from 3262 Was 

way), fr. Bovlston 

Peyear Place (Rox.).tr. 

197 Dudley,* Ward 12 
• Peyerell ( Upham's Cor- 

Sawyer Av., Ward 17 
•Phllbrick (R03.). from 15 

Ncponset Av. to Mt. Hope 

Street, Ward 24 



■ Phillips (North Sta ) 

Coburn Court 

51 Dutton Place 

71 SI. Augustine's Church 

83 Liudall Court 
88 89 West Cedar 
•Phillips (Rox. Crossing). 

Phillips Place (Hpham's 
Corner), from 748 Dudley,* 
Ward 11 

Phillips Sq. • (Esseist. 
eta.) junction of Harrison 
Av., Essez and Chauncy, 
Ward 5 

90 Walnut Av.« Ward 1 

Fairmount At. 
52 49 Waller , 

(J 99 West ! 

•• Pierce At. (Dor ),tr. 664 

Adams • to 40 Plain. Wd. 20 
• Pierce Sq.«(Dor.Center;. 

June. Dorchester Av.. Wash. 

and Adams, Ward 21 

Pine Av. (Readv.), Ir. Mil- I 

ton to Stoughton Av., Wd. 24 
PInePlace (Essexfit.sta.) 

from opp. 1 Pine Ward 5 
Pine I'ei-race (11 P.), fr 

8 Pine. Ward 24 j 

Pine Orove Xerrace I 

( Rox. Crossing), fr.261 Heath, 

Ward 14 
Pinehurst (Ros. from 60 

Belgrade Av.# to 124 Dudley 

Plottl Place (I'phara s 
Corner), from £0 Franklin 
Court. Ward Jl 

•Pitts (North Sta.l.fVom 17 
Qreen to 82 Merrimac, Wd. 5 

Metropolitan At. 

42 Vose At. 
Metropolitan At. 
Pleasant Avenue 

»nt Xerri 

72 81 Merrimac • 
Pitts Court (North Sta.) 

from 30 Pitts. Ward .\ 
PittsburBh, fVora 358 Con- 

Place (S 

*PU>in (Dor.) 

. 49 Chicka 

tawbut to Pierce A' 
Plainfleld (J. P.). from 
WUlianis to SSRossraore Rd,. 
Ward 22 


fVom 33 Middle, 
•Plymouth (Fenway! 

385 Lonfiwood Av. to Ben 

Ward 14 
Plymouth (Dor 


Freepor* to Neponset Street 

from 985 Park 
ford. Ward 15 

1 Av • W.12 
• toM3 Al- 

..1 (Up- 

• Plympto 

640 Uarnso 

bany, Ward 
•Polk (Chsn.), ftom 

Bunker Hill #10 230 Med 

Ward 3 
•• Pomeroy (Alls.), fr. 22 

Main to 24 Big 
2 1 Main • 
14 9 Warren ( 

35 Fleasant-i 

53 High 

Pierpont Road ( 

fVom Churcl 

Pite (Rox.), f¥. 835 Albany 

to 40 Fellows, Ward 12 
Pilie Alley, (North Sta.), 

tr. 10 Poplar, Ward .5 ; 

Pilerlm Place (Grove 

HaTl) , fr 20 Richfield, Wd. 18 I 


r 20 Richfield, 
•PilKriin ItoutI 

way), from Brookline Av,# 
to Riverway, Ward 14 
Brookline At. • 
M Short 

117 Berners 
149 Woodstock 
165 Longwood At. 
170 Austin 

175 N. E. Deaconess Hosp. 
176 175 Deaconess Road 
Chaniiing Home 

•Pincbney (1 to 123 Bos- 
t«n,toendBackBav),from 10 
Joy to Charles River, Wd 8 

80 Louisburg So. 
86 109 West Cedir 
92 Malcolm 
92A The Pinckney 
123 Charles • 
102 Brimmer 

Pinckney Roatl (Qrove 
Hall), fr. 72 Columbia Road • 
to 228 Normandy, Ward 10 

,fTom 19 Bunker 

from 907 Wash, to Park Sq., 
Odd numbers to 69 and even 
numbers to ."'4 Ward 5, to end 
Ward 8. Cart from Shawmut 
At. to Tremont »t. 
2 1 Washington • 

16 Spear pface 

46 Osbom Place 

54 69 Shawmut At • 

64 Kirkland 

72 Porter 

86 91 Tremont • 

101 Warrenton Place 
in Carver 
112 Fayette 

209 Pleasant-st. Place 
' 223 Mahan Place 

R.). fr. 142 
Maple to 199 Corey. Ward 23 

• Pond (Upham'B Corner), 
from 755 Columbia Road • to 
250 East Cottage, Ward 11 

' Pond (J. P ), from 695 Cen- 
tre to Brookline line, Wd. 22 

I Moss Hill Road 
301 Bockwooa 
S17 Pond Place 

' Woodland Road 

•qplar (Rob. 

) Hyde Park li 

South • 

i Hillside At. 

> Clarendon Park 

I Hilburn 
Hilburn Place 

I Metropolitan At 

465 Cornell 
180 Dale 

485 Glendower] 

JOl Beech 

529 Hautevate 
Hyde Park li 


Brooklme li 

Avenue (North 

m 101 Poplar, Wd. 5 

t-ourt (North 

m 72 Poplar, Wards 

Poplar Place (North 

Sta.),trom 43 Poplar, Ward 5 

Porcelain Place (North 

— d.5 


UEricsBonto 25 Water,Wd.20 

Central Sq. 

SL R.R, E. B.. Ward 2 

1 Central Square • 

90 87 Paris 

117 Union Place 
124 123 Cheleea 
134 Porter Place 
144 143 Bremen 
154 155 Orleans 



B,, R. B. SL. R.R. 
•Porter (Essex st. sta.), 
{Tom 72 Pleasant* to So 
Coming, Ward S 

• Porter (J. P ), tr. 236 Am- 
ory to 19 Bismarck, Ward 22 

Porter Place (E. B.),fr. 
134 Porter, Ward 2 

• Portlund • (1 to 65 Bos- 
ton, to end North Sta.), fr. 78 
Hanover to 89 Causeway, 

• Pleasant (Uphai 

' Pea?r 
■ Stoughton 

. 1542 Tremont • t 

65 Whiiby Terrace 
69 Hesston Terrace 

Edward Everett School 
85 Sawyer At. 

SaTin Hill Av • 

Hill • to 22 Vine, Ward 
• Pine (Essex St. sta,), fV. 892 

Washington • to 237 Harrison 

A».,» Ward 5 
•Pine (H P ). from Maple to 

1300 Hyde Park Av.» Wd. 24 

Pine Terraci 
29 Hyde Park I 

s public highways 

Downer Square 
■leasant (Dcr.l. from S( 
iUt^ to 47 Union, Ward 20 


iasant (W. R ), from 4S 
I.Vernon to 81 Dent.Wd.23 

•• streets partly public 

Pond Koad ( W. R.), fro 

Oak Road, Ward 2:3 
Pond.St. Place (Hb 

over), tr. 128 Endicott. Wd 
Pond View Av. (J. P 

from 120 Perkins to Morair 
Ward 22 
•PontlacfRox Crossing) 

fr. 1642TTer - 

side. Ward : 

•Pope (E. B.), from 680 

Saratoga* to Addison, Wd. 1 

Pope.Street Court (E. 

B.), from 72 Pope, Ward 1 
•Pope's Hill St. (Dor.), 

to Freeport, Ward 20 
•Poplar (North Sta.), from 
98 (Chambers to 343 Charles, 
Ward ,-i 

2 1 Chambers 
10 Pike Alley 
34 Mascot Place 
66 Farwell Ave. 
43 Poplar Place 

72 Poplar Court 

76 Kennard Av 

88 Lovett Place 

94 95Br^hton 

104 Porcelain Place 

48 Sudbury Square 
62 63 Sudbury Street • 

210 209 Causeway • 

Torkton, Ward 

•Powellton RoadfGrove 

Hall), from 93 Colun- 

•Pratt (Alls.), from 24 Lin. 

den to 42 Ashford, Ward 25 
Pratt <^ourt (Rox. Cr.) 

fyom 22 Weston, Ward 13 

See explanation, page 17 


Centre to Perkinn, ■» trd 22 

1 Dorcheiter A 

23 w'e'Sey"' 
39 Rogen 

• Princeton (E. B.). from 

• Public AJIey No. 303 

from 48 Pinckney south then 
east and Weet parallel Tith 
Pinckney. Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 401 
I Back Bay), fr.5 Irvin^on 
8 Garrison, bet. Huntingt' 
ay. and St.Botolph, War^ 

■ Pjiblir Alley IVo. 40a 

> Public Alley No. 43» 

'r ^' 

^A'a ■ (Back Boy), fr. 11 Garrison 

Back Hoyi 
3 261 W. Ni 

■Prenliss (Rox CroBainfj), 
from 1283 Tremoni to 698 
Parker. I to R B Ward 13, I 
beyond R.R. Ward 14 



onwealth av and Newbury, 

• Public Alley No. 43^ 

{Back Bay), from 283 Dart- 
mouth to fci6 Clarendon, bet . 



132 133 Brooks 
190 189 PutEam 

2SS Princeton Place 
2fiO 2.^9 Prescott 

374 S73 Chelsea 


PrenCisa Plat 

CrossinK). Irura 2 
Park. Ward 13 

Pre»by PI 

IJV Plu 

i*8 Winthr( 

Winthrop, Ward 1 

All even nu_ ____ ._.. 
numbers 1 to 37 Ward 1 
39 to end Ward 2 

Philip H. Sheridan 
2 1 Trenton 

aged to Glenville 1 
odd Princeton PI: 


) 136 Nortolk i 

June. Devens and Har 
6 Washington . Ward 4 

■Prescott (Readv.), from 
Wolcott Sq-» to Readville 
trotting park. Ward 24 
Wolcott Sq • 

Eagle. Trenton, and 

fr. 5 Appian Way. Ward 26 
^ PreBCOttSqua 

between Eagle. ~ 
Prescott, Ward 1 

Preston Court (Dor.) 

Oibaon, Ward 20 
Preston Koad (W. 

from 24 Pleasant to 24 Chi 
Av., Ward 23 

Ward 25 

>Prteslne (J. P.). from 30 
Mozart to 23 Chestnut Av. , 
Ward 15 

♦Primrose (Ros.), fr- 38 
Fairview to 99 Walter. Wd. 23 

2 Norths 
14 13 Hanove , 

33 Catholic Church 

Princeton. Ward i 
' Proctor (Rox ). ftom 1037 ' 

Ma.s.A ' - ■ 

' ProBpect(Chsn.),froral08 

Chelsea* to 21 Tremont.Wd.l 
■Prospect (North Sta.),fr. 

192 Memmac to 11 Lyman, 


2 Merrimac • 

6 South Margin 

Spring, rear ua 
Charles. Ward 23 
■Prospect (H. 

Prospect At. (Chsn.) 
11 Prospect, Ward 4 

• Prospect Av. (Ros ) 
Ward 23 

14 Johnswood Road 

37 Sherwood 
64 Sheldon 
Prout (J. P.). fr. St.Pe 
Ward 1'. 

• Providence (Back B 
from Park Sq. • to 203 Cla 

'Providence (H.P.l.f 
\25-i Hyde Park Av.« to : 
ropolitan Av.. Ward 24 
Hyde Park Avenue 

82 Arlington 
Hazelwood station 
86 Westminster 

'Public A IlevN< 

(Back Bay). fr.fcK W.Newton 
ton av. and St. Botolph.Wd.J 

• Public Alley No. 404 
(Back Bay), from 3 Cumber- 
land to Public Alley No. 405, 
between Huntington av. and 
St.Botolph. Ward 7 

> Public Alley No. 405 
(Back Bayt. fr. 238 Hunting- 
ton av. to 203 St.Botolph, near 
Mass. Av., Ward 7 

•Public Alley No. 414 

■ Public Alley No. 416 

(Back Bav). fr. S Gloucester 
to 1 Fairfield, between Beacon 
and Marlboro. WardS 

•Public Alley No. 419 

(Back Bav). fr..323 Dartmouth 

• Public Alley No. 43« 

(Back Bay), from 235 Claren- 
don to 250 Berkeley, between 
Commonwealth av. and New- 
bury, Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 43'J 
( Back Bay ) ,fr. 249 Berkeley to 
13 Arlington, bet. Com'wealth 
av. and Newbury, Ward .S 

• Public Alley No. 4»S 

> Public Alley No. 440 

(Back 268 Dartmouth 
to 36 Exeter, bet. Newbury 
and Boylston, Ward 8 

•Public Alley No. 441 
(Back Bay), from 35 Exeter 
to 44 Fairfield, bet. Newbury 
and Boylston. Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 443 

(Back Bay), 

• Public Alley No. 4aO 

(BackBav). fr.279Clarendon 
to 304 Berkeley, bet. Beacon 
and Marlboro. Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 4«1 
(Back Bay),fr.303Berkeley to 
3 Arlington, between Beacon 
and Marlboro. Ward 8 

• Public Alley No.4Sa 
(Back Bav), fr. 11 Arlington 
to 293 Berkeley, bet. Marlboro 
and Com'wealth av. Ward 8 

__. _ .., 143 Fairfield 
_7 (Gloucester, bet. Newbury 
and Boylston, Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 443 
(Back Bay), fr. 46 Gloucester 
to 58 Hereford jbet. Newbury 
and Boylston, Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 444 
(Back Bay), fr. 59 Hereford 
west, between Newbury and 
Boylston, Ward 8 

" Public Alley No. SOS 



J 6rdw 

1 Hanover • 
- ■ ■• Chi 

I School 

i Paul Revere School 

83 Margaret 

101 Snowhill 
I Lafayette Avenue 

* Province Court, fr. 

Place. Wa 
Public Alley No. lO 

(North Sta.). from 105 Brigh- 
ton to 14 Auburn, Ward 5 

Public Alley No. 11 
( North Sta. ) .from 23 Norman, 

•Public Alley No 13 
(North Sta.), from Poplar 
Bouthweast to Pike Alley, 
Ward 5 

♦Public Alley No 

(Hanover), fr. Si Rich 
to 158 Cross, Ward 5 
•Public Alley No. 10» 

ic Alley No. 434 

Bav),fr. 264Clarendon 
Dartmouth, bet. Marl- 
boro and Commonwealth Av. 

• Public Alley No. 43J> 

{Back bay),tr.31i Dartmouth ' 
to 18 Exeter, bet. Common- \ 
wealth Av. and Marlboro, 
•Public Alley No. 480 
(Back Bay), fr. 15 Exeter to 20 
Fairfield, between Marlboro 
and Com'wealth av. Ward 8 

• Public Alley No. 437 
(BackBav). from 9 Fairfield 
to 15 Gloucester, between 

(Sta. A) 

and Concord sq. pari 
therewith, and bet. Colum 
av. and Tremont, Ward 7 
> Public Alley No. SO» 
(Sta. A), fr. 62 Rutland su. to 
43 Concord sq. n. Columbus 
av. Ward 7 

• Public Allev No. '701 
(Sta. A). fr.325Shawmut av. 
to 584 Tremont, bet. Union 
Park and Upton, Ward 6 

• Public Alley No. TOS 
(Sta.A),fr 56 Worcester to 123 
W. Springfield, bet. Newland 

• Public Alley No. TOS 

( Sta. A), fVom life Newland to 
; Alley 1 


),fi. 95 Newland n 

. Ward 3 
•Public Alley No. 438 

{Back Bay), fr. 14 Gloucester 
to 30 Hereford, bet. Marlboro 
and Com'wealth av. Ward 8 

Ward 5 
'Public All 

(Back Bay), from 75 Riv 


'Public Alley No. 431 

(Back Bay I , fr. 44 Hereford to 
28 Gloucester, bet.Com'wealth 

> Public Alley No. 438 

. and Newbury, Ward S 

3 public highways 

Public Alle 

•Public Alley No. 810 

(Fenway), from Public Alley 
No. f09 to Public Alley No. 
811, Ward 7 
•Public Alley No. ( 

• Public Alley No. 901 

(Sta. A), from 15 Uemenway, 

•Public Alley No. 90S 

(Rox.), fr. Haviiand to Pub- 
Uc Alley No. 904, Ward 7 
•Public Alley No. »04 
(Rox ). from fiickerslaff to 
Public Alley N.j. 903, "n-ard 7 

• Public Alley No. »05 

See explanation, page 17 



. between 
Marlboro weet, then eoutb to 
Marlboro, Ward 8 

(E.B.),fr.l37 WebBter to 132 
Marginal, eoutheaet ot Cot- 
tage. Ward 2 
IPablic Garden, bounded 
byBoylston,* Arlington, Bea- 

Palattki Avenue (S. B-l. 
from 356 Athmn to 319 West 
Third, Ward 9 
• Purchase, fVom 221 High 
to 180 federal*, Ward.'! 

High • 
16 15 Belcher Lane 
96 95 Oliver 
J16 Cotton AUey 
U3 Harttord 
159 Pearl 
163 Gridley 
188 191 Congrefl! 

** Putnam (E- 
Condor to 312 Bremer. 1 to 
113 Ward 1, ll4to end Wd. 2 
2 1 Condor 

10 11 Falcon 

46 East Eagle 

66 65 White 

74 75 Trenton 

94 91 Lexington • 


:hton av.» to Glen- 
. Ward 26 
Bacine Place (Roxbury 
CroBfing), from 3tf Longwood 

IroveHall), tr, 
95 Harvard, 

•:Radclia'e Koad (Mat ) 
from 12S Randolph Koad to 
Tileaton, Ward 24 
(I Randolph Road 

96 Tileeton 

KadcIlfTe Road (Alls.), 
ft. 61 Quint Av. near Glenville 
Av., northwest. Ward 25 

Kadford L.ane (Dor. 
Center), from 29 Carruth to 
Mlllon Branch R.R., Ward 20 

w Kadford Place (H.P.), 
from 1364 River, Ward 24 

Kadnor Koad (Br), fr. 
284 Foater. Ward 25 

d (W. R.). from 
31 Corey, Wd. J3 


P.), I 
Walter. Ward 

Ward SB 

8 Westford 

24 Westford 
30 Riverdale 
39 Appian Way 
42 Holmes 

Southaniptou to 10 Kerable, 

Henley to 14 Common. Wd. 
* Putnam (Rox. Crossing.). 

from 16 Uudlev • to 136 Kox- 

buiy « Ward 1." 
Putnam Avenue (North 

Sta:). from 80 W. Cedar to 

IMCharles, Ward.S 
Putnam Place (Rox). fr. 

USRoibuty.* WaralS 
•Putnam 8quare(E.B.), 

between White, Trenton and 

Putnam, Ward 1 
Quail (W. R). from 220Cot- 

tage Av., Ward 23 


beyond Ruskin 
Camsey (Upham's Comer), 
fr. 784 lludW} • to 10 Hamlet. 
Ward 11 

ham's Comer). from 12 Ram- 
sey, Ward 11 1 

• Kand (Upham'a Comer), 
It. 17 Julian to 12 Brooklord, 
Ward 17 ; 

Kand Place (Upham's 
Comer), from 30 Rand.Wd 17 

•Kandall (Rox ). from 972 : 
Harrison Av.« to 846 Al- 

128 Cross 

135 Stoughton Av. 


15.1 Milton 
Ueddy (Dor. Center), from 

Milton near Cushiuz Hiil Rd. 

to Hill Top Ward 20 
» Keddy Avenue (H. P.), 

from 915 River, Ward 24 

Woodworth, Wd. 

Kedlundit Road (W.R.), 
from Centre • to Abbott, 
Ward 23 1 

Redwood (Dor ), (rm2ri 
Centre lo 12 Whilten, Wd. 19 

Regent fCoad (Mat.), fr 
204 Oakland lo Randolph Rd. 

ReKent Squaire (Rox.) 

from 82 Regent, Ward 16 
• Remtnston (Dor. Cen- 

ter),fr. 40Nixon to 212 Centre. 

Ward 20 
Bena (Alls.), fi, 258 North 

Haivard to 160 Western Av. 

Ward 54 
•Renfrew (Rox.). from 

19 Euitis • to 11 Wineloiv, 

Ward 12 
Bennrew «'ourt (Rox), 

from 12 Renfrew, Ward 12 
Reno (Rox. Crossing), from 

37 stAlphoDsus, Ward 14 
Reservoir (H.>.).flr. Mil- 

25 BoUins Place 

37 Anderson 

51 Thompson's Court 

77 Revere-st. Place 


t Terrace, Ward 20 

♦ Queennherry '( Fenway). 
from 70-139 Auaubon Road. 
Ward S 

• Uulncefleld (Upham's 
Corner), from 48 Humphreys 
to Wendover. Ward 11 


Randlett Plac 

7 Brook- Reed 

614 Harrison Av..» tc 
Albany, Ward 6 
Kandolpli Jtoad ( 

, Ward 12 

!. Newt 

Brookline, Ward 

36 E. Newton to 37 : 

ne for Aged W omen 

over), from 106 Clinton, Wd.5 

over),tr. 10 Charter, Ward 5 
Revere-St. PIace(North 

Sta.). trom 79 Revere. Wd. 8 
■•Rexford (Mat ), from 1537 
Blue Hill Av • to 49 Oak- 
land.* Ward 24 
Beshame (Ros.). from 282 
Belgrade Av. • to 44 Colberg 
Av., Ward 23 

.).fr.U Central, 

Rhodes (Dor.), firom 

•Rice (Dor.), from 69 Wal- 
nut to 40 Taylor. Ward 20 

Rich (Mat.), from 1«9 West 
Selden to Delhi, Ward 21 

Richards (Chsn.), from 331 
Medford to Mystic River, 

Ward 12 
■ Reedsdale 

Brighton Av.« 

Ambrose, Ward £ 

> BIchurds fr 

) Columbia Road 1 
327 Mt. Everett 
364 3«3 SUnley 
372 401 Bellevue 
428 Consumptives' Hi 

462 4W Clarkson 
480 481 Coleman 

Qnlncy Xerrace (Grove 
BalI),Irom71Quincy, Wd.IO 

BrooksdaU Road 
Riverview Road 

Sta7)7troml4Cotting, Wd 5 
Ransom Koad (Mat.) 
from 76 Randolpn Road. Wd. 

Caven (Upham's Corner). 

Raymond (W. 11.) 

19 Regent Place 
25 Akron 

Dabney Place 

57 Regent Court 
66 Herman 
78 79 Circuit 
82 Regent Square 

96 Hulbert 

124 125 Dale 

Sprague ic 



Begent Place (Rox.), fir. 

» Richwood 
Mchards Avenn 

(Ros,).fr.682 Hyde Park J 
• to Newborn, Ward 24 
Hyde Park Av.» 

I • Warti 26 
n Park 

Cottage, at 

; • Richfield (to 30 G 

BaU. 31 to end Uph 
C0T.).lr. 311 Columbia 1 

45 Richfield Park 



81 Olney 
Richfield I 

ham's Cor.l. f 
field. Ward 18 

(H. P.). from 
Ward k 

nrk lUp- 
.m 46 Hich- 

• denotes street c 


• Klchmond (Hunover). fr. 
1(IS Atlamii A». to 279 Han- 

I Commercial • 


- - — ihinrtoi 
ndale I 
Third Unitarian Church 
I Gilbert Stuart School 
I Dorcheeter Ave. • 
Blaney Memorial t;h. 

i Alpine 
Hulmgeld At 


109 Bwon Cou 

J." «'. 
130 131 . 
Richmoiicl Roud(Mat 

from 164 Oakland • to Ra: 

dolph Road, Ward 24 
Kichflew (Dor. Center),! 

75 HilLdale, near cemeter 

Ward iO 
iRlchwooil (W. R.), fro 

1915 Cer.tre to opp. 71 Mon 

view. Ward 23 
Kicker (W. R.), from 

JSidlce KomKDor C 

changed to Claybournt 

*RidKe Road (Ma 

opp. 107 Blake, Ward 
258 Oakland, Ward 24 

AllBton Heights 
55 Eleanor 

End of Street 
• KldKeway I.ane(North 

Sta ), from 70 Cambridce* 

to 25 Deme, Ward 8 
Ridceiv4»<»d (Dor.), from 

90 Toplitf to 30 Draper, Wd. ; 

9t9 Rosa 
965 Huntinetoi 
> Riverside S 


Lexington At. 

Metropolitan At. 

!066 We.t 
''93 Lincoln 
Presbyterian Church 

1117 Webster 
1137 T. M. C. . 
1161 Winthrop 

1267 Hyde Park At • 
i Cleary Sq. 
I Hyde Pai^ Station 

R. R. bridge 

1309 Gordon At. 
; Busines.' 

1323 Linwood 

l'3«9 Perkins At. 
i Radtord Place 

1385 CleTeland 
1421 Winslow 


' 12" Wai 

1559 Church 
1 MilfPond 

from 43 Mopumei 
Kipley (J. P.), tr. 69 

Arborway, Ward 22 

Kiuley Ko 

HaIl),(rom 43 H 

Vassar, Ward 19 

•Ritchie (Hoi. dossing), 

trom 234 Centre* 10 22Mar- 

cella. Ward 15 
• Klver (Back Bay), from 69 

River • (1 to 633 Mat., I 
Dedham line H, P.), tf . 11. 
Washii'gtnn to Dedham lin< 
1 to 507 Ward 21, 508 to en 
Ward ?4 

Ch. Village Church 

1838 .stark Av. 

1905 Sunnyside At. 
Eliot AT. 

Dedham line 
Rivrr.Slreet I»l 
(Back Bay), from 85 
Ward 8 
•Rlverdale (Alls.), 
Western Av. • to SO 
mond. Ward 26 

from 430 River • Ward 21 
•Riverside Square ( 

P.), from Arlington to I 
River,* Ward 24 
River View (W. R), 

■" " t»een Centre a 

k-ogel t 

Engine House No. 
77 Sturbridge 
70 Central Avenue 

101 Cedar 

121 Idaho 

139 Oroveland 

169 Standard 

249 Boston ConsumD-Hosp 

291 Liversidge Institute 

401 Fremont 
430 Rlveraide Place 
Mattapan Square 
507 Blue fiill At • 

511 Oakland • 

521 Oakland Hall 
540 Edgewater DriTe 

675 Whitney Park 
678 Tesla 
696 Tokio 
614 Malta 
628 Burmah 

633 Randolph Road 

Av., \ 1 

Park to 903 Huntii 

Ward 14 

Brookline At. • 

394 Huntington i 
Roacli (Upham's 

Ward '22' ""° *'"""'' 
Roniiobe Road (Mat.), 
tr. M Blake to Pleasant View, 
Ward 24 

37 Sefton 
Wood At. 


58 Forest Hills to 301 Sigour- 

ney. Ward 22 
Robey (Rox.), from 62 East 

Cottage to MarbhSeid, Wd. 12 
Robin (W. R.) trom 107 La- 

Pa?k,^WMd 23"^ 
• Robin Hood (Upham's 

Comer), from 45 Magnolia to 

14 Hartford, Ward 17 
•Robinson (Dor.),trom 161 

■,Ward 1 


• Rorkview (J. P.l. from 
57 Sprina Park Avenue to 40 
Green, Ward 22 

2 1 Spring Park Av. 

10 Rockvie's Place 

opp. 40 Robinwood Av. 

77 Parley Vale 

St. JoTin 

Rockvlew l*luce (J P.), 

trom 10 Rorkview, Ward 22 
••Rockvllle l»ark(Ros ) 

from 186 Warren,* Ward 16 
Rock way (Mat), trom 19 
Rexford to Chester, Wd. 24 

• Rockwell (Dor. Center), 
ftom 805 Wash •to 90 Milton 

Cocky Hill Avenne 

(Upham's Comer), irom 650 
Columbia Hoad,» Ward 17 

3 Lawrence, Ward 25 

. 43 Robinson, Wd. 

ham's Corner), fy. 375 
HiU Avenue, Ward 17 


•Rochester (Sta. 

!.» to 251 Albany, 

ter),fr. 229 Norfolk, • Wd. 21 
••Rock Road (Mat), fr. 
Randolph Road, Ward 24 

Hall I . tr. 63 Olney to 67 Wales 
pi.. Ward 18 
iCock Ridee (Mat.), trom 

ner), from 123 Savin Hill a 
to Springdelc, Ward 17 
* RockfortI (Rox.). fro 

(Rox. Crossing), changed 

19 Fenno 
20 Rockland Avenue 
30 29 Walnut ATenue • 
42 Wakullah 
66 67 Rock 

77 Hewes 
88 89 Dale 

Rockland (W. R.), fr. 
Washington • to Ded) 

••RoKers (S. B.), ft-om 376 

Dorchester,* to 28 Hyde, 

Ward 11 
Rogers Csktirt (Roxbury 

Crossing), off Brj'ant. bey. 

Bay View Place, Ward 7 
' Koland (Chsn ), from 

B. & M R. K. to Crescent At., 

trom 16A Dennis, Ward 12 
Rollins Place (North 
Sia ). trom 26 ReTere, Wd. 8 
Romar Terrace (Kox.), 
from 140 Cedar. Ward 15 

(Upham's Cor- 
from 1002 Dorchester 

1 numbers Ward 11. Odd 
ibers«7 to end Ward 17 

' Corner), from ] 
sey. Ward 11 

•Ronald (Grove HalK. fr. 
9 Brinsley to Railroad, Wd.l9 

•Ronan Square (Up- 
ham's Comer), June. Bow- 
doin and Hancock, • Wd. 17 

Roosevelt (Dor.), changed 
to Theodore 

* Rosa (H. P.), fr. 939 River, 
Ward 24 


Randolph Koad 
It Ruskm Road 
Rutledge Koad 
•Roaeclair (Upham 

35 SchillerTRoad 

Tard 17 

(Rox), from 20 Rockland to 
43 Dale, Ward Ifi 
Rockland A venuetUp- 

bam's Corner), trom 16 Gram, 
plan Way to 26 Caspia 
Wai ■ ■- 

! (Rox 

from 7 Rockland, Ward 1 
•RockledKe (Rox.), from 
62 Lambert Avenue to Thorn- 
ton, Ward 13 
Rockliire (W. R.), from 
Gould to 79 Belle Av . .Ward 28 

ipor. Center_)_^ 
litfleld. Ward 1 

: Washmgtou • to 78 

'Rosemary (J. P.), fr. 15 

South, Ward 22 
Rosemere Court (Rob.) 

ft-. 12 Florence, Ward 23 



(Mat.) from 

Center), from 1722DorcheBteT 

782Wa8h •to60Oceaii,Wd.21 

19 Montague 
i8 Harley 

Roallndale A.Tenue 

(Roe), rrom 145 Dudley Av. 

to 806 Beech, Ward 23 
Konlyn Place (J. P.), 

from Ifi5 Chestnut Av.. Wd .15 
Koaa Place (S.B.), from 

136 O Street, Ward 10 
Rofte Terrace (Upham'a 

Corner), from 231 Savin Hill 

AV., Ward 17 


Wl Gay 

169 Malbon Place 

c Dudley • 

J Eliot Square 

205 Roxbury Terrace 

287 Elmwood 
i92 Gardner 
i02 Anita Terrace 
116 319 ColuDibue Avenue 
Roxbury Term 

(Rox. CrOBHing), tTom 

Roxbury,9 Ward 13 
Koxtoa (Grove Hall),h 

Olenwav to 99 Greenw 

Ward 19 
' -Royal (Alls ),fr.295C 

Lamartinp • to 20 Cheetnut 

av.. Ward 15 i 

' Rozellu. (Dor.), from 450 ' 

AdamB»to 10 EImdale,Wd.20 
' Ruceles (Rox. Croseing), 

It. 2195 Wash to BOS Parker. 

ItoN. Y..N. H. & H. R, R.. 
Vd. 13. Odd numbers to end 

> Cambridge, • 1 to 165, 
Ward 4. ](J6 to end Ward 3 

43 Stanley Place 

169 Confirmed Place 

419 Middlesex 
471 Baldwin 

S63 Miahawum 
(» 625 Cambridge • 
Ruthven (Grove Hall), 
from 346 Walnut Av. to fi7 
Elm Hill Av., Ward 16 

-^St.^ndrew Itoad (E. 

B ), from 26 Bayswater to 

Austin Av., Ward 1 
*St..A.nn (J.P.), fr. 278 South 

to Aflticou Road, Ward 22 
**St.Botoluh (1 to 99 Back 

Bay, to end Fenway), ft. B. 

& A R. R. to beyond 23 

GainsborouRh. Ward 7 

VI Irvington 

20 Sc.Botolph Studios 

32 Harcourt 

48 Mass.CoU. of Pharmacy 

56 Convention Hall 

68 57 Garrison 

Woli ott Chantbers 

84 FoUen 

96 99 W.Newton 

116 Durham 

termed Children 
) Arena 
\ 269 Gaineborounn 
t Young Men'B Chris- 

• indicates public highway 


St.Stephen (Fenwny), 
tr. 285 MMtachmetti Av. to 
19 Bryant, Ward? 

1051) Dorcheater 


be (Uphai 

n 1'29 Stouj 

Salem ( 

28 SaJem Place 

J8 41 Cron 

W Jewish Synagogue 

56 Morton 

re Stillman 

85 Collnniore Place 

90 Wigei 

98 ■ Bartlett Place 

Baldwin Place 
121 Elmer Place 
127 Engine Houie No 1 
1 Noyce Place 

169 North Bennet 

IndoBtrial Home 
177 TUeaton 

Ch. Chriat Church 

Salem Court (HanoT 
from 181 Salem, Ward o 

fr. 28 Salem, Ware 

(Ch>n; • 

(Chin ), I 
High, Wi 

Salem to 108 

_1 1 11 C o II rt 

(Chsn.), from 8 Pearl.Ward 3 

Salisbury I»ark (Dor.), 
from Ul Park.» Ward 20 

Salmau (W. R.), fr. Cross- 
town av. to Upland, Wd. 23 

•Salt L.ane. fr. 25 Union 
to W Creek Sq., Wards 

•Salutation (Hanover). tr 
439 Usiiover • to 372 Com- 


•Sanfaril (Mat.), from loss 
Wash to 53 Cedar, Ward 21 
Washington • 
21 Morton 

64 Sturbridge 
72 Cedar 

•Sanford Av. ( 

Stark Av. to uedham line. 

Ward 24 

Sanford Place (SU. A) 

trom 10 E. Lenox, Ward 12 

Sanger ( 

3.), fr.m 447 E. 
1 E. Eighth, Wd 

Santuit (Dor. Center), fr. 156 

Welles \v. to 9 Roseland, 

Ward 20 
Snranac (Dor.), from 754 

Adama to 163 Minot. Wd. 20 
•Saratoca (E. B), from 38 

Central .«<] ' "" "' 



712 m Moo" 

Ch.Rom. Catholic 
774 773 Byron 
804 805 Wordsworth 
322 Addison 
970 Boardnian 
974 Ford 
986 9'S Bennington 

Saratosa Place I 

. 4«8ColumMaHoad» 

•Sayward (Upha' 

ner), tr.4«8Columbi. 

to 62 Bird, Ward 17 
Saynard Place (S. B), 

from 16 Woodward. Ward 11 
•Schiller (Rox. Crosaing), 

1087 Tremont* to 23 Grin- 
nell. Ward 13 

Saunders (Alls.). trom689 
Cambridge to 70 N. Beacon, 

68 71 North Beacon • 

trom 1«> Chelsea, Ward 2 
Savannah Avenue 

(Mat.), trom Hiawatha Road 

to Messinger. Ward 24 
*Savllle (W.R.). ft-.334 Park. 

to 201 Stratford. Ward 23 
•Savin (Roxburj), trom 392 

Warren • to 261 Blue Hill 

Ward 1 

°^'ward 23 " 
Schirmer Road (W'. R.), 

from WUlow near Abbott to 

Church. Ward 23 
School (Br.), changed to 

•School (Chan.), from 231 

Main to 224 Bunker Hill, 


87 Summer 
52 Bartlett 
60 8chool-8t. Place 
90 91 Bunker Hill* 
•School, from 285 Wash, to 

64 Trenionl. Ward 5 

2 1 Washington • 
88 Five Cents Savings Bk. 

Cambridge • a 
dale. Ward 26 

Walnut Av. to 23 Eric. Odd 
numbers 1 to 309 Wd. 22. Ev- 
en numbers 2 to 310 Wd 16. 

Ward 19. Cars trom Wal 
2 Walnut Avenue • 

Park View 
Humboldt Avenue 
Elm Hill Avenne 

8ta.), from 251 Tremont, • 


Seaver Sqiiare (Roi.), 

Junction of Rugglesi Cabot 

31 City Hall Avenue 
41 City Hall 
52 Chapman Place 
60 Parker House 
65 King'! Chapel 
2 Ti«mont 
•School (Dor Center). tr.427 
Washington to 66 Harvard. 
Ward 19 

Washington • 
22 Athelwold 

37 Biadlec 
40 Oliver Wendell Holmes 

50 51 Harvard 

•School (RoK.). tr. 417 Wal- 
nut Av t.. 176Amory, Wdl:. 
Walnut Ay. 
18 Ellsworth Place 

37 School-street Place 
46 Byron Court 
64 Glines Avenue 

69 Dlrwell 
70 Erie Place 

79 Weld Avenue 
(I Washington • 
UK' Egleeton 

Police Station No. 13 
) Alvevton 

Starr Lane 
> Central Cong. Church 


and West 
• Sedswicfc (J. P. ). trom 44 

South to 27 John A. Andrew, 

Ward 22 
••8 e rto n (Mat.), from 37 

Roanoke Rd. to Ool " 

Word 24 
Segal (Grove Hall), from 16 
Georgia to 11 Cheney ,Wd. 16 
• Selden (Dor. Center). from 
101 Milton Av. to 940 Morton, 
. Ward 21 
•Selkirk Boad (Coolidgc 
Corner), fr. 137 Kilayth Rd. to 
77 Chiewick Road. Ward 24 
i(E.B.).from97 01ad- 
Warit 1 


School ■ Street PI; 

143 John Lothrop Motley 
. 166 Playstead Road 

_ Caspian Way 

Grampian Way 

I RossTerrare 

) Grampian Wav 
263 Wedn.ore 
339 Davitt 
349 Sea View Terrace 

•Savoy (SU. A), trom 128< 

Washington * to 497 Harrisoi 

Av.* Ward < 
Savoy Place (Sta. A), fr 

9 Savoy. Ward 6 
•Sawyer (Sta. A), from 62; 

Shawm-'tAv.* to 130 Lenox 

Ward 13 
•lawyer Avenne (Up 

ham's Corner), fr. 85 Pleasan 

to 95 Gushing Av.. Ward 17 

29 Pcverell 

45 Gushing Av. 

10 M. E. Church 
12 Saratoga Place 
22 Morton Place 
80 81 Marion 
174 166 Brooks 

491 Richardson Place 

I Ashtord, Ward 26 

Savbrook (Br ) 

6 Market 

150 Paris, Ward 2 
Saxton (Upham's Corner), 
from 82 Savin Hill Av.. to 

I, trom 13 Charlee,W.3 
-tmann'a Xer- 

(W. R,), from 65 
nd. Ward 23 

3 * to Nikisch 


•Schuyler (Grove Hall), fr. 
606 Blue Hill Avenue to 92 
Elm Hill Av. Ward 16 
2 1 Blue Hill Av.* 

13 HortweU 
23 Maple 
43 Elm Hill Av. 

•Scollay Square • junc- 
tion Tremont, Court.Tremonl 
Row. and Comhill. Ward 6 

• Scotia (Fenway).h-. 62 Dal- 

ton to 20 St. Cecilia. Ward 7 
Scott Place (S. B ), from 

706X East Fitth. Ward 10 
Scott'a Court (Chsn.). Ir. 

196 Chelsea • Ward 4 
Sea View Avenue (£. 

B ). tr. 208 Orient Av.. Wd. 1 
Sea View Terrace 

(Upham's Comer), from 349 

Ssvin HUl Av., Ward 17 
•Seaborn (Dor. Center). fr 

45 Kenwood to 68 Centre. 

Ward 19 
Seairer Court (Br.), from 

16 faneull. Ward 20 

• Sears, from 64 India to 199 

9« Zellcr 
115 Hewlett 

132 Forquhar 

Austin to 9 Lawrence. Wd. 4 

"Seminole (Mat.) tr Oak- 
land * to "Wood Av. , Wd. 24 

•Seneca (Sta A), from 308 
Harrison Av.* to 206 Albany, 

•Sever (Chsn.) 



• SewalKRox. Crossing), fy. 
1460 Tremont * to II DeUe 

Sewall (Dor ). fr. 12 South- 
wick to 5 Pope's Bill, Wd.!0 

•Seymour (Bos ). from 21 
Ward 23 

Seymour Road (W 

; Allston.Ward 19 

Milk.'rfard 5 

Sharp (Dor. Center. 


Shaw (W R.), from 200 L«- 

Grangeto 320(;ottageAy.,Wd. 

dicates public highways 


Church. Ward ! 

Sta. A. to end Rox CrossinB), 
trom 286 Tremont to 51 Rox- 

512 Wd. 6. 513 to end Wd. IS 

2 13 Tremont • 
24 25 Warrenton 
S2 s» Pleaiant 

80 79 OBbom Place 
74 Ohio 

91 Morgan Chapel 
82 91 Corning 

Railroad bridge 
106 101 Cattle 

103 Hotel Windior 
130 Cobb 

Ch Ch. of the Holy Trinitj 
144 137 Lucas 
150 Cherry 
160 163 Complon 
178 Waterford 

201 Hingham 
210 20) Dover • 

225 Dwight 
230 Uroton 
242 Briggs Place 

251 MiSord 
254 Bradford 

I I'nion Park St. 
315 Union Park 
3;7 Public Alley No. : 

399 Shawtnut Unfv. Church 

446 Har. 

41Shepard, WardSo 
Shepherd A.veniie (Rox. 

Croflfling), f^om 824 Hunting- 

1782 Dorchester Ay. • I 

Sheptoa Terrace (S.B.), 

rear 681 East Eighth, Ward 10 

Commonwealth Avenue t 

Sherbrook Pluee (Rox 1489 Tremont,* 

Ward 14 
• Sheridan (J. P.), trom 376 

Centre • to 115 Chestnut Ay. 

Ward 15 


Church t ■ * 
Ward 23 
Sigel Court (Box. 

•South (blssexi 
Ward 5. Care f: 

3 Laraont, Ward 13 
• (J. P ). fr. 505 
) 78 Olen Road, , 

119 Melville 

Ward 211 
^ilva Place (Rox.), from 

34 Munroe. Ward 16 
'Silver (S. B.), trom 146 

Dorchesli-r Avenue to 29 O, 

tker; 122 157 Beach < 

lto2-6, Wd.! 

220 219 

Soath (Doi 

■South (1 t 

aendWd. end, 1 

2 J Dorchester Avenue • 
33 35 A Slreel 

67 Washingtou Place 

),tt.opp. 786 Centre 
Centre, Odd num- 

loraowd'la. Odd 

Jewish Synagogue 
460 Cumston Place 
470 473 West Concord 
480 Deblois 
490 493 Worcester 

512 609 West Springtield 
526 527 Massachusetts Av 
638 Chester Place 

694 691 Lenox 
623 Sawyer 
637 KeuSall 

642 Woodbury 

Ne* TwellthBap. Ch. 

718 719 ^ 

733 Hubert 
744 Winthrop Place 
760 758 Ruggles 

777 Swedish Epis. Church 
796 801 Vernon 
820 Marvin 
840 8.39 Roxbury • 

(Sta. A.), from 660 Shawmut 

Av.,« Ward 13 
Sheafe (Chsn.).tr.lOCook. 

Ward 3 
•Sheafe, (Hanover), trom 

•Shelby • 

313 Lexington 

Ward ] 
•Sheldon (Ros 

•Shenandoah (Dor. Cen- 
ter), Irom 61 Carruth to J 
Weseex, Ward 20 

Shepard (Dor )_._from 170 

63 Cranston 
104 Sheridan Place 

Chestnut Av. 
Sheridan (Dor), trom 86 

Minot. Ward 20 
Sheridan Court (Chsn.), 

trom 48 Tufls, Ward 4 
Sheridan PlacelS. B.). 

trom 59 West Fifth, Ward 9 
Sheridan Place (J. P.), 

118 Dewerson Court 
126 125 C Street 
I 176 179 D Street 

Bigelow School 
226 225 E Street 

from 104 Sherirtai 
Forbes. Ward 15 

> opp. ! 

bany and Northampton, Wd. 

Sherman (Chen.), trom 
Mystic Av. to Somerville line , 
Ward 3 
•Sherntau (Rox.), from 8 
Rockland to 29 Bower, Wd.]6 
18 17 Dale , 

8ch. Lewis School 
37 Catawba 
61 Ottawa 
56 Lansing 
70 61 Bower 

trom 33^ West Broadway • 
to 267 Athens. Ward y 

276 ! 

330 329 Dorchester 

888 387 O Street I 

Silver Place (Back Bay), 

trom 151 Charles. Ward 8 
•Slmniona(Rox Crossing), 

from 164 Vernoi to 95 Linden 

Park St.. Ward 13 
Simimon Court (Essex St. 

sta.), t>om 5 Vai. Rensselaer 

from 99 Pearl, Ward 3 
Sinclair Place (Alls ),b 

43 North £eacon,« Ward 2( 
Sineleton (Sta. 

to Northern Av., Ward J 
Sleeper Place (Rox.) 

from 305 Dudley, • Ward l: 
■Smith (Rox. Crossing), ftr 

91 Oregon 

108 107 St Alphoi 

116 117 Whitney 

Thorndike, Ward 12 

Nortolk'Av., Ward i' ' 
*Sherwoi»€l (Ros.), t^. 146 i 

Ashland to 2C9 Florence, ' 

Ward as 

Ashland • 

48 Prospect Av. 

71 Qarden 

Ridge I 

108 Florence 
Sherwood Court, (Rox.), 

fr 8 Sherwood to 121 Shirley, 

Ward 12 

Shirley (Rox.), trom 486 

Dudley to 1063 Massachusetts ' 

126 1 


Huntington At. • 

151 West- 

em Av' to 120 

Ward 26 
Smith Avenue (Sta. A 

trom 106 Kendall to 111 Han 

mond. Ward 13 
Smith Court (North Sta. 

Dudley t 

61 Cliften 
108 95 

121 Sherwood Court 

472 Saratoga, 

Bowdoio* 1 
' Shepard 



). trom 264 

> 161 Union, 

Shoreham (S B.), trom 
Dorchester Av.« opp. Raw- 
son, to Carson, Ward 11 , 

Short (E. B), tr.l29Cowper 
to U6 Coleridge, Ward 1 

Short IE. B.), It. 218 Everett ' 
to 355 Maverick, Ward 2 

• Short (Chen.), from 419 
Bunker Htli • to 520 Med- 
tord. Ward 3 

Short (Fenway), from 94 
Pilgrim Road to331Brookline 
Avr,» Ward 14 

Short-St. Court (Chsn.), 
trom 13 Short. Ward 3 

Short-St. Place (Chen.), i 
see South and North Short- 
St. Place 

Wards 1 and 2 
• HIdlaw Road (Br), trot 
1833 Commonwealth At.» I 
122 Chiswick Road. Ward 21 

over) trom 7 Hull. Ward 5 

• Snow (Br. ), trom 228 Wash 
ington to 12S Union. Ward 21 

* Snowhill (Hanover), tr. 
101 Prince to 108 Charter, 
Ward 5 

17 Cleveland Place 

Soldier'n Field Road 

( Alls. I trom 13 North Harvard 
to 516 Western Av., Ward 26 
•Soley (Chsn ), trom 67 

Warrei • 
Sq., Ward 4 
' Somerset i 

Boston ; 20 to end. 
- th Sta.), trom . 
1 Howard, Ward 5 

North Sta.), trom y Beacot 

53 Achorn Circle 

.\twood Square 

125 Asbury Place 
i Boynton 

146 Nathaniel Weld Place 
I Hall 
t Rosernary 

I St. Mark 
I Morton 

Bussey Institution 

733 Tafl'e Place 
» Poplar 
) Belgrade Av. 
N. f.,N.H. 1 

1 SoStt'^ouwa 

817 Fairview 
J Tyndale 
) BrookUeld 

I Robert 
891 Farquhar 
905 Fletcher 
931 Congreve 

tol987 Commonwealth 

Av. •Ward25 
South Uay Avenue 

(Rox.), tr. Atkinson, Wd. 9 
South Cedar Place 

(Essex St. sta.). from 20 Win- 
chester, Ward 8 
•South Conway (Ros.), 

South Fairview, Ward 23' 
•South Eden (Chsn.), ty. 

342 Hair • to 323 Rutherford 

Av.. Ward 3 
•• South TairviewlRoi.), 

fr 818 South to Roslindale 

Playground, Ward 23 
South Fairview Ex- 

teni«lou ( Ros ), changed to 

•So u t h Huntinctoo 

ing,327 to end J. P.), I 
901 Huntington Av. to t 
Centre, 1 to Perkins. Wd. 


See explanation, page 17 


Marxin (North 


pect, Ward 

82 CuBiou Place 

38 S9 Normtn 
48 Washington S 

68 6a atanifori) • 

•South Market, Irom 29 
Merchanti Row, aouth side 
Faneuil Hall Market, to 181 

1 MerchaotB Row 


Sta.),m>m 148 CatnbndKe • 

tossaiyrtle, WaKj s 
South Short-St, Place 

(Chsn.), from 4 Short.Wd. 3 
•Soulh Sydney (Uphams 

Corner), (rom 109 Savin Hill 

Av. near Railroad to &2 Bay, 

Ward 17 
• South Walter (Hon.), 

South WorthiUKton 

(Rox. CrOBfliiig), trom 1560 
Tremont • Ward 14 
•Southampton (1 to 32.5 
- ion A to end. S. " ' '^ 
Albany to 681 Doi 
Carwfr. Albany t( 
Av. Odd numbers to 325>nd 
even nunibera 2 to Mass. Av., 
Wd. 12. Even numbers from 
Mass. Ay to 324 Wd. 9. Odd 
numbers 3:7 to end and even 
numbers 326 to end Ward 11 

I) Massacnusetta Av • 
63 Gerard 

324 326 Midland Uiv. R 
Plymouth Diy. 
474 476 Ellery 

(Rob.), from 3.16 Hyde Park 


••Spear Place (Essex 
sta.). from 16 Pleasant, Wt 

Speedway( Dor.Center). • 
Franklin Field, Ward 21 

Sueedwav (Br ). fr. juni 

trom Js Spring, Ward 2 
•Spruce, from 51 Bea 
'SSCheitnut. Wards 

Westen) Avenue'* to : 

i BuddioK 
bants Row 
Lawrence Building 
Flake Building 
Farlow Building 
Fiake Annex 
Plymouth Building 
Richards Building 

of Market 
Ward 26 
•SpeedTvell ( 

Topllfl 10 205 Hai 
•• Spencer ( Dor. Center) 


bridge, Ward ". 

Spinney (W.R.l,fr.26 Spar- 
row to 19 Cowing, Ward 23 

•SpoflTurd Road(Alls.),fr. 
1269 Commonwealth Av. to 
Glenville Av., upp. Quint 

•SpraKue (Chsn.),fVom 83 

Bunker HiU • Ward 4 
•Spraffue (Readv ). fr. Re- 

Sprague Place 

Dedham Line 

I *SpraBue Place (Readv. 

26 Dunstable, Wd.8 
Place I 

Alls., Wards 
(Rox), from 83 
; Hill Ay. • to 46 Dennis, 


155 Custom House 

to y State-st. Block 

122 Harvard to 619 West p 
Ward I'J 

169 298 AUantic Avenue • 
d.21 Elevated and Subway 

Long Wharf 
'Station (Rox. Croialng). 

rom Sti Pitts, Ward 
pe (Back Bay 

14« Berkel 
Ward 7 
Stanhope Court 

Trinity PL, 

Stanhope Place (North 
Sta.), Irom 1« PhilUps,Wd.8 

•Mtanirord (North Sta.). 
fr. 43 Cambridge to 45 Cause- 
way, Ward 5. Cars from 
Green to Causeway 
2 1 Cambridge • 

72 69 Parker 

Station ( 
ponset River to FairmouDt 

Say brook 
Sprins. (UPbam' 

) 50 Bourne. Oddn 

•Southern A.Tenn 

585A Washington 

30 to end Ward 21 

17 Hopestill 
22 29 Talbot A».» 

t New England , 

•Suuthwood (Ri 

199 Blue Hill A 

Edgewood. Ward 1 

•Mpaldiuu (,1.F ) 

South Sydney 
•SprlUK (North Sta.), tron 
m Leverett t. 65 Allen.Wd. , 
2 1 Leverett • 
20 19 Chambers 
29 Melville Place 
37 Milton 
45 Poplar 
£5 Spriiig-st. Court 
62 6E A5len 
•Spring « (W. R), trot 
2129 Centre to Dertham line 
Ward 23 

Centre • 

70 Powell 
92 Cass 

93 Springvale Av. 

107 Spring 

115 Gardner 
164 Baker 

185 Loretto 
200 Cypress 

201 Montgomery 

223 Webster 

120 123 South Margin 
lianged to 136 137 Merrimac • 
149 Causeway O 
Comer) , stanilord Place (North 

B Brook Rd,Wd.22 


>m » Stanitord, Wd. 5 
'Stanley (Upham's 
ner). fr. ii Bellevue to i 
Circle, Wards 17, 18 

"Stanley <R»»d» ) «' 

cott to Forest, Ward 24 

Hyde Park Av.« 

250 Walnut 
2S2 Gould 

820 Washing 

* Spring l..ane, trom 278 

Wash.« to 101 Devonshire. 

Sprins Koad (W. R.),lr. 

29 Stimson Road, Ward 23 
Sprlnie-st. Court (North 

Sta ), tr. 57 Spring, Ward 5 

Terrace (Rox.), 

Stanley Place (Chan.), 
tr. 43 Rutherford Av., Wd. 4 

Stanniore Place (Rox), 
frou> 231 Warren,* Ward 16 

37 Evans, 

1 Walnut Avenue,* Ward 13 
•'4tanwood(Grove Hall),fr. 
42S Blue Hill Av. • to 204 
1 Road,* Ward IS 

Tremont, Ward l:i 
2 1 Washington • 
40 49 Shawmut Avenue • 
84 91 Westminster 

e Sherwin School 
So. Madison Square 
109 Warwick 

44 Henley, Ward 4 
•Stevens (Sta. A), from MO 

Shawmui Av * to Lincoln 

Place, Ward 6 
Stevena Place (8.B ), fr. 

148 W. Sixth, * Ward 9 
Stillin ss. from 372 Congress. 

Ward 9 
•StUlman (Hanover), from 

76 Salem tr_ 21 Washington 

I 120 Lorraine 

I 164 165 Columbia Road 

I Stan wood X e r r a c e 

rove Hall), from 26 Stan- 

itark (Chsn ). fr. 118 Cam- 

bridse to Roland, Ward 3 
^tark Avenue (Ready.). 

fr. 30 Milton to IfSS River, * 

Ward 24 

2 II Milton 
14 Stoughton Av. 

35 36 Endicott 
47 Stillman Place 
65 54 Washington north 
Stillman Place (Han- 
Cooper, Wd. 5 
••Stimson (W. R.), from 
Grove across Centre at 

Cambridge to 330 Market. 

Ward 56 

n Cambridge • 

U Murdock 
10 Elko 
20 Henlo 

'6 S5 Market * 
Sparrow ( W. R.). fr.SOOCot- 
tage -Av. across Partridge, 
Ward 23 

E (Dor ),froni 111 
Gustine, Ward 2( 
• indicates public highways 


•Sprine Oaiden (Cp 

ham's C5omer), from 6,3 Cres- 

View, Ward 11 

(?P.°,?r. 494 Centre* to 183 
Chestnut Avenue. Ward 22 


] Cllve 


Sprinedale (ITpbam'sCor- 

I nfr). fr. 28 Rockdale to 2S 
! Denny, Ward 17 
•Springer (S. B.). h. 616 E 
Eighth a to 4S9 E. Seventh 
Ward 10 

; E. Spring- ; 53 Kilby 

t Springfield I 70 Central 

Kiver * 
Starr L,ane (J. P.), fr. 
Centrr * to 42 Seavems i 
Ward 22 

Old Statr House 

27 Brazer Building 

Merchants Bank Bldg. 
29 Congress Square 
31 Worthington Buildinv 
31 Congress * 


Mass. Hosp Life Bldg 
53 Merchants Exchange 
Change Avenue 

2556 to Crosstown 
Stimson Road (W. R.), 
from Stimson, near Washing- 
ton, Ward 23 

• Stockton (Dor.Center),ft. 
829 Wash. • to 106 Milton Av., 
Ward 21 

• Stoddard, fr. 25 Howard 

Atlantic Av.* Ward 5 
■Story (S. B ), from 76 

to 125 H. Ward 10 
«tory Place (J. P.), l 

5 Greenough i 

768 Harr.son 
bany. Ward 6 

s partly public 

> denotes street cars 


•Stoushton • (Upliam'8 
Corner). • Irom 589 Colum- 
bia Road lo 57 Pleasant. Odd 
numbers Wa'd 17. Even 
numbers Ward 11 
2 1 Columbia Road • 
57 StoughtoD-at. Place 
65 Everett Avenue 
Stoughton-St. Bap. Ch. 
70 Sumner 
92 Austin Av. 

93 Windermere Road 
108 BaKersfleld 

129 Salcombe 
160 157 Pleasant 

157 Whitby Terrace 
StoucHton A. venue 
(Readv.l, from 136 Readville 
to 135 Eliot Av., Ward 24 

31 Nelson ' 
79 Stark Av. 
Eliot Av. 

Stoughton.Wd. 17 
••Strntford (W. R.) 

(J to 138 CoolSdje Corner,189 

Chestnut Hill Av 
*8trattoii (Dor Center), 1 

928 Blue Hill Av.» to Lyon 

Ward 21 
Stratton (Br.), trom 

Bigelow to Atkins, Ward 26 



mmer (Chsn.), Irom H 
n to 7 Pearl, Ward 3 
mmer • trom 428 Wash. 
L St., 1 to 248 Ward 5 to 
1 Ward 9 
1 Washinptor. • 

S3 Chauncv • 

1 High • 
137 South • 

I Purchase 

I South Station 

Bridge over channel 

253 Melcher 
00 291 A et. 
531 D 8t 
591 E St. 
629 Fargo 
160 Harbor 

'•Summer (W. R.), trom 
Spring lo beyond Ashland, 
■Summer (HP.), fr. Qor- 

4 Gordon Av. 
38 Summer-Street Place 
64 Parrott 

Summer-Street Place 

26 Austin, Ward 24 

(Rob.), from 225 

an Av. to Neponset j 
I Metropolitan Av. 


Stronie I'lace inorin»ia 
from 246 Cambridge • Wd. 

Columbus Av 
Studley Plare (Essei i 

Bta.), trom 216 Ehot • Ward 8 
•Sturbrldee (Mat) 

•Stuart (Back Bay), from 
181 Dartmouih* ■ 
Place and Clareo 

1 (Upha 

Dorchester Aveu 
130 Sydney, Ward 11 
idbury •tromHaymar- 

I 8q. to 115 Court, Ward 5 

Baymarket Square • 
7 Frfend 

Sudbury Sgu: 
49 Bowker 

79 Alden 

91 Hotel Royal 

39 Wesley 

47 Exeter Court 

61 Exeter Place 
62 69 Barllett 

68 Mason Court 
70 69 Ruiaell 

80 ' Wall 
Bunker Hill* 
Sullivan riace. 

Federal • Ward .. 

87 Morrisoua Wharf 

65 North Ferry Whari 
59 North Ferry Av. • 

I Carlton's Wharl 

Lombard's Whart 

31 Bremen 

260 259 Orleans • 
319 Wilbur Court 

> 336 Cottage 

1 Litchfleld Court 
849 Webster Av 
359 Cheever Court 
373 Noble Court 
386 Sumner Place 

i R. C. Church 
403 Seaver 
405 Belmont Sq. 

J 421 Lamson 

526 525 JeHVies 


554 563 end ot street 

195 £i 

East Cottage 
> stougnion. Ward 11 
I East Cottage 

Richard C. Humphrey 

1 Alvan Terrace 
Lyman Terrace 

•Sunderland ( Grove HaU) 

tt. 624 Warren • to 427 Blue 

Hill Av award 16 
Sunny Court (J P.), fr. 67 

Lamartine,* Ward 15 
Sunnymend Terrace 

(Br.l, tr.l 488 Commonwealth 

av., Ward 25 
•Sunnyiilde (Rox. Cross. 

opp."44 Creighton. Ward H 
•Sunnyside (H. P.). trom 

102 West Qlenwood Av. to 

Church, Ward 24 
Sunnyside A.venue (W. 

R.), from roTcy to Agassiz 

Av., Ward 23 
Sunnyside A.venue (H. 

P.), from 190S River* Wd. 24 
• Sun net (Rox. Crossine), 

fr 70 Parker Hill Av. to 188 

Hillside, Ward 14 
8un«et Avenue (.7. P.), 

from s.< Wenham, Ward 22 
Sunaet Circle (Upham's 

Cor.), tr. end Stanley, Wd. 18 

ket • across Foster Ward 26 
'Sun»ex (Rox. Crossing), 

from SO Hammond to24War- 

wick. Ward 13 
■Sutherland Road 

I to IfSO Commonwealth 
.. Ward 25 
Chestnut Hill Av • 

1 Cleveland Circle 

17 Orknev Road 
'1 Englewo, ■ 

I Selkir 


124 125 Lanark Road 

(1 Commonwealth Av • 
Sutton (Mat.l. tr.791 Morton 

to 54 Woolson. Ward 21 
Sutton {Roe ).fr, 37 B'rry to 

384 A.hland.* Wnrd 24 


l.j.trom 138 


I.). fVom 350 
Cottage Av, to 84 LaOrange, 
Ward 28 
Stvan Coiii-t (Dor.), fyonl 
109 Richmond. Ward 21 

"a'm, I'roro 38'oiney,Ward 18 

(0?*ve_thill), Ir. 194''Qu?nc * 

••Swia (E B.), trom 601 
Saratoga.* Ward 1 


68 Kit 

re (Ros.), 

Ward 28 ' ' 

leld to Mt.Benedict Cemetery, 

■■ rd23 
•Sylvia (J. P.), from 8288 

Wash.* to 65 Forest HUU St., 

Ward 22 
•SymnieR (Ros.), trom 20 

Fairvlew to 57 Walter,Wd.23 

Szatbmary Place (1 

fr«m 5 Lincoln to Rail 


20 23 Harrison Av. • 

1 Court (Rob.), ttom 

Ward 23 
'Xalbot A.veniie« (Dor. 

Center), Irom 870 Blue Hill 
Avenue, comer Harvard to 
Peabody Square. Odd t 

Washington, Wd. 21- 

) Franklin Fie 



141 Speedway 

i Asplnwall ttoad 

285 Colonial Av 
>. 293 Whilfleld 
i 313 Southern Av 
I 339 Norfolk • 
1 Washington • 
) Codnian Square 

) 3''3 Lithgow 

I Dorchester High School 

i 439 Brent 

) Welles Av. 

JSes Feabody Square • 


) Seminole. Ward S 

ita.), ft-.ftS Boylstor 
Grange. Ward 5 
'Tttppan (Rob ), 

South, near waiter. Ward 23 
Xaylor (Sta. A.). Irom 12 
Dwignt 10 7 Milford. Ward 

♦ indlCBten public hlgliwaya 

• streets partly public 

Xchapitonlas (Mat.), fr. 
Aine. Av. .cross R. R. to 
Neponeet river, Ward 24 

Xebroc (Dor.), tr. 151 Bow- 
doin to opp. 15 Levant, Ward 

Xeevan Place (Sta. A), 
irom 581 Shawmut Av., • 
Ward 13 

•Xeleeraph (S. B), fVom 
222 Dorcheiter to 53 Old Har- 
bor, Ward 10 
2 1 Dorchester • 
25 Knowlton 

42 43 Mercer 

58 69 Gates 

72 73 Old Harbor 
Thomas Park 

XeleKi-oph Hill (S. B.) 
Thomas Paris, South Boston 

•Xelforrt (Br.-), ft-ora 355 
Western Av., • Ward 2(3 

Xemple (Chsn.), trom i 
Dorrance, Ward 3 

• Xemple (North Sla.),froni 
48 Cambridge to 16 Derae 

2 1 Cambridge • 
34 Coolidge Av. 
Ch. First M. E. Ch. 

• • Xemple (Mat.), from 5; 
Rivei • across Sanford 
Ward 21 

• Xemple (W. R.), fron 
2125 Centre.* near Spring, t( 


HydcParli Av.» 
Metropolitan Av. 
M Huntington Av. 

Xhaxter (Dor.).lr. Daiota 
to WcstvU.e, Ward 18 

Xhayer (Sta. A), ftom 45« 
Harrison Avenue • to 379 Al- 
bany, Ward G 

••Xheodore ( Dor.l, fr. 754 
Morton, Ward 21 

Xheodore Parker K*l. 
(W. R.). trom Weld near 
Church to Ardmore Road, 
Ward 23 

Xhereaa (Rox.), trom 39 
Edgewood to Loyola, Wd. Ifi 

•Xhetford Av.(Dor.Cen.), 

Xhlril, see Kast Third and 

West Third 
Xhird.St. OourKS B.),lr 

259 West Third to 292 Athens. 

Ward 9 
Xhird.St. Place (SB) 

239 West Third 

99 Ivory 

189 Winslow 

268 Vermont 

Keith Av. 

300 Lasselle 

Temole Terrace 

• Xemple PlaceiJTom U 
Tremont to 48S Wash., . 
Ward 5 

Xemple Xerrace CW 
R. ), from Perham to Temple, 
Ward 23 

•Xempleton (Dor. Center), 
ft. 1840 Dorchester Av.« to 
567 Adams,* Ward 20 

Xempleton Way (Dor. 
Center), from 124 Templeton 

• Ward 2(1 

* Ten nyBOn (Essex st. sta.), 
from 212 Pleasant to 26 Co- 
l,.mOn« Av., Ward S 
2 1 Pleasant 
82 31 Church 

i Fulton, 

trom 630 

4 Tremont • to 35 New 
Heath. Ward 14 
31 Oorc 

71 Alleghany 

72 Parker Place 
New Heath 

Xerrace Avenue (J P.), 
from 33 Sheridan to 24 Cran- 
ston, Ward 15 

•Xerry (Rox. Crossing), tr. 
1231 Tremont • to IIXK) Co- 
lumbus Av.,» Ward 13 

Xeala (Mat.), tr. 578 River* 
Edgewater Drive, Ward 24 

wood. Ward 13 

Xexaa Court (Rox. Cross- 
ing), trom 6 Texah, Ward 13 

• Thacher (Hanov 
98 Prii • 

1 77 to 103 0, around t 
onument. Ward 10 

9 Linden 
Carney Hospital 
Old Harbor 

53 rovineton 
69 O Sticet 
lomaa Place (Bi 

Xhompson (H. P.). from 
138 West Glenwood Av., Wd. 

Xllden Place (Rox Cro 
ing), tr. 8 Auburn, Ward 1 
•Xileston 1 

362 Hanove) 
2 1 H- - 

15 Tileston Place 
38 Wipgin 

39 Unity 
56 51 Salem 

Fellows. Ward 12 
•Xilestou (Mat.), ftom 791 
River to Radcliffe road, Wd. 


Tracton Av. 

Radcliffe Road 
Xlleaton Avenue (Mat.) 

changed to Fottler Road 
Xllenton Place (Hano. 

ver), tr. 16 Tileston, Ward .'' 
Xlleston Place (Dor.),fr 

128 Neponset Av.,« Ward 11 
Xlleatpn 8qi 

Xownoend Place (Essex 

*Xracton Aveuue(Mat.), 

from Tileston. Ward 24 
Xs-ain (Dor.) tr. 130 Mill to 

520 i 

I Mill 

. Ward 20 



, Ward 1 



riiomp»on*8 Court 

(North Sta.), tjom 61 Revere, 

.. A), fr. 101 East 
Stoughton. Wd. 6 
P.), from River, 


Ward 24 
Xhorndlke (All 
1th a> 
Ward 25 

Main • to621 RuthertordJ 

Washington to 
1 Av.. Ward 12 
1 Washington • 


9.1 Washington 

1 S Prince 

9 N. Margin 
24 23 Endicott 
29 Thacher Court 
82 Lynn 

35 Washington north 
Xhacher Court (H 
over), trom 34 Tbacher,W 
• Xhane (Dor. Center), trom 
651 West 
Ward 19 

Xbornley (Upham's Cor. 
ner), trom 1075 Dorchestei Evennum 

69 Cedar 

123 Ellis 

m 172 Thornton, Ward 13 
(W. R.l, ft. Heron 
to Willet, Ward 23 
Xhur8ton(E.B.),tr. 1 Butler 

60 King 

7.', Rosemoni 
.00 North Mui,-oc Terrace 

111 Spaulding 
32 Boutwell 
'Xrask (Sta 851 Har- 

a north. Ward c 
1 Merrimac • 
3 Portland • 

Footway under B.E.R. 
tr Canal to Haverhill 
64 63 Haverhill • 
80 81 Beverly # 
94 95 Waahinaton north* 
Xredaeh »d. (W. R,), fr. 

High, Tf ard 2.! 
'Xremlett (Dor. Center), 

from 484 Waahinpton • to 18 

Waldeck, Ward 19 
' Xremont (<^sn ), from 14 

Ward 4 '' 

*Xorrey (Dor. Cen.) 
Waehingtoi. » to 44 

I Suffolk Savings Bank 
Kimball Building 
Cheney Building 
King's (Aapel 

Studio Building 
Phillips Building 

(Rox.). from 191 

Park to 70 Harvard, (Chsn^, from 2 Mill to 
Rutherford Av., Ward 3 

• to Cemetery, 

11 Cedman Park 
88 87 Walnut Av. 
124 125 Harold 
140 Burr Oak Park 
148 Crestwood Park 
188 187 Humboldt Av. • 
210 Friend's Meeting 1 

Ch. Park-Bl. Chu: 

Masonic Temple 

Hotel Touraii 
187 The Pelham 
La Orange 

235 Eliot • 

251 Beaver Place 

Ye Wilbur Theatre 

270 Warren • 

> indicates onblic highways 


2y7 Hotel Tremont 
294 301 Wairenton 

Subway enti anc-i 

314 317 Pleasant 

325 Jefierson 

331 New Tremont Hi 

421 Castle Square Theatre 
423 Caitle Suuare Hotel 

S Clarkson 

B.). trom 32* 
> East Ea^le 

63 Baptist Church 
106 103 Brook. 

" 179 White 
214 215 Prescott 

243 E. Eagle 
* Xrenton (Chan.), irom 1 


516 Odd Ke[low5 f 


541 Montftomery 

567 St. Cloud Hotel 
569 Union Park 

West Brooklin 
674 683 West Newton 

Bakersfield, Ward 1 
Prfscott Plao. 

682 669 Peml 
-• — , West 


703 Rutland Sq. 
710 West Concord 

723 Concord Sq. 
726 Tremont-st. M. 

784 743 Worcester 

969 Davenport 
983 Benton 
1007 Burke 
1033 Coventry 
"■■- St Mark's Cong. C 
L.adder House No. : 

10428 St Mar 
1046 Ladder 

1052 1055 Cunard 

1087 Sa'rstlefd 
1095 Kossuth Hall 

1106 Felling Place 

1U4 Ills Weston 

1134 Howe's Court 

1152 1151 Buggies 

U76 1175 Whittier 
1189 Motley 

1231 Terry 
1240 Market Place 

1259 Cottage Place 
1262 St. John's Chui 

1283 Prentiss 

Linden Park 

Xrevore Koad (W. E), 

from Hinsdale Road to Edge- 

Trinity Church, to Stanhope, 
•Troy (Sta. A), from 380 
Harrison Av. # to 261 Albany, 
Ward U 

* Xrull (Upham's Corner;, 
from 77 Hancock • 
Bellevue. Ward 17 

• rrumbnll (Sta. A), 
37 Ne^land to 28 Ivanhoe, 
Ward 6 

Trumbull (E B.). ti 

Vandyke to Horace, Wan 
•Truro (Sta Al. trom 

Yarmoutr. to 12 Harwi 

Ward 7 
Tufker (Dor. Center), ft 

Woodrow Av to 2 Calleuder. 

Ward 21 
•Tucberman (S. B.),fron: 

327 Dorchester* to 19 Middle 

Ward 11 
••Xudor (S B.), from 11 B 

to 105 Waahington, Ward 24 
li Water 


Tyler Place (Essex at. 
«ta.).fr. 30 Tyler, Wards 

•'Tyndule (Ros.),fr. Wal- 
worth to Guernsey, Ward 23 

tTflford (Dor. Cen.), from 240 
Norfolk to 12 Dyer, Ward 21 

• Ulmer (Ro.'c. Crossing), 

Undine (Br.). propoeedfrom 

Appleton Road, Ward 26 
•Union (Chsn.), from 116 
■3Ly • — - 

''Upland A. venue (Oor. 
Center), from 98 MelvUle Av. 
to 264 Park, Ward 20 

Upland Road (Br.), from 
133 Brooke to Dunboy, Wd 26 

• Upton (Sta. A), from 3S3 
Shawmut Av. to 590 Tre- 
mont, Ward 6 
2 1 Shawmut Av. • 
12 Newland 

46 45 Tremont • 
Upton (B.P.), from Border 

Ed. to Vernon. Ward 24 
Upton l;ourt(Alls.), from 

116 Western Av., • Ward 26 
*Utica (Essex St. sta ),from 
12 Tut- -" " ' • " - 

2 Main • 

Korstera' Couil 
30 Lawrence 
34 Rutherford Avenue 


Union, f 



12 Tufts 
~ dS 
1 Tufts 

to Haymarket Sq. 

'24 25 Beach • 
46 Utica Place 
68 69 Kneeland • 
B.*A. RE. 
UtIca Place (Es 
8ta),fr. 46 Utica, Wai 
> Vale (S. B ).from 282 Dor- 

240 Columbia Rd 


Roi.), fr. 185 Thom- 
9 Marcella. Ward 15 
V. R.), from 520 La- 


' 1327 I 

) Railroad Bridge 

1442 Morton Place 

1454 1447 Parker 
1461 Faxon 

1489 Sherbrook Place 
I Carmel 

! Pontiac 

1645 Catholic Church 

160^ Worthington 
1617 Wigglesworth 

60 49 C Sfreet 

94 99 D Sfreet 
150 149 E Street 

187 Lilly 
200 11)9 F Street 
Cem. Cemetery 

•Turts (Essex St. sta.). 
101 South to 12.1 Kin 

4 3 South • 
12 Utica 
22 21 Lincoln 

\ *Totts (Chsn.), fro; 
ford. Ward 4 
rurtB street Court 

(Chsn ), iTom 66 Tufts 

• Tupelo (Rox.),fr 29 

•Turtle Pond Kw 

R.), tr. Washington,* 
23, to West Glenwood^ 


634 W-.ti to 

Ward 26 


Tremont Place 

Tyler (Essex s 
sslieach in 1/. Ci 
2 1 Beacn • 

14 Children- 

28 27 Koeelan. 

30 Tylel - 

ch. Tyl« 

Children's Home 
■- !l«nd 
r Place 



, WardT 

ce (Br.), 
from 82 Tremont.* Ward 26 

oe Place 
58 Holland Place 
60 61 Harvard 

Municipal Oymi 
Sch. Quincy School 
116 115 Oak 

126 Newton Court 
1.39 Eddy Place 


Freepon ti 

(Dor ) 

I opp. 380 
i Pleasant, Wd.iO 

Ward 24 
■ Valentine (R 

27S9 Washington i 
da. Ward 15 


*• Union (Br.), from 160 ' Valley Road (Dor Cen.), 
Washington to 58 CJhestnut from lOOtiWashington to Dor- 
Hill Avenue, Ward 26 ' Chester At., Ward 21 
" 9? f/il™^??.? Van Brunt lHP.),fr.end 
^ NMtasket Av ^"^ '° '""'°'' ^°'- ^^- ^* 
123 Snow *• Vancouver (1 to 24 Fen- 

1 Shepard 

" Vanderbilt .Avenue 

(Mat.), fr. Blake to Orchard, 

. 189 Green to W29 Wash..'*' i V a n d y li « 

rard 22 ' Trumbiill to \ 

lion Court (E B ) from I Vandyke (Roxbury Cross- 

2 Everett. Ward 2 ' ' ' log). fr»m " 

Union Const (Chsi 

110 Main,* Wa]d4 
• Union Park (St 

from dls Shawmut Ai 
Montgomery, Ward C 
2 1 Shawmut Av. * 
52 63 Tremont * 

Park Street 

,30 29 Washington * 
7« 77 Harrison Av.* 
134 121 Albany 
L'nlon Place (E. B ), 

11! Porter, Ward 2 
L'nion Place (North Sti 

trom 33 Wall, Wards 
• Union Square (Alls.) 
)uuc. Brighton Av., Nol 

695 Huntington 
Avenue.v to Vila, Ward 14 
Van are»8 Place (Rox.) 
from 1 Duureath, Ward 16 

an Uenuelaer PI., 

( Essex St. sta.). trom 215 Tre- 




.^nity, (Hanover). 

P.), 1 30 Elmont 
lills 33 41 Radclitte 
50 49 Norwell 
. ,. VauKhan (Ready ), ( 
i ^t ' 121 ReadTiUe, opp. Chm 

14 Unity Terrace 

■2U Webster Av. 

26 2.3 Tileston 

I'nity «^ourt (Hanover), 

field to Stark A- 



.from 14 Unity, Wards i 
lom j%. venue (Up- [ Venice (K 
i Corner), from 12 Han- I Maverick. Wi 
to Gushing Av. Wd. | . Vermont ( 


June. Stought 

Road, and Dudley, Wards II, 

Upbam*H Court (Upbam'a 
Comer), from 037 boiumbia 
Road, * Ward 11 ' 

Uplan<I ( W. R.), fr. beyond 

2565Centerw — -■" 
St.. Ward 23 

Corey to andacn)8s449 Baker, 
— ■d23 

I La Grange 

See explanation, page 1*7 


' Veruon iRox. Crossing 

Wm. Bacon School 
8ft House ot Angel Guard' 

Voeei rn 

Von Hillrrn (Upham 
Corner), trom 83 Lotnist to H 
Mt. Vernon. Ward 11 

Vose (Dor. Center), trom : 
Ciest Av. to 93 Butler, Wd. 

. Croflstown I • W^alker (_Chsi 

Vemon Court 
Vernon Place 
99 Haeltins 

Main • t 
2 Main • 

25 Hieh 
36 waiter .' 

« Ruseel! 
M Wall 

i Holworthy 
i Crawlord 
291 Cobden 

ijoj. Ward2S 
•r Avenue (Chsn.) 
Walker to 58 Russell 

Wallter A 

enue. Ward 3 
> Wall (Chsn.). from 72 St 

livan to 64 Walker. Ward ; 
' Willi (North Sta.). trom 

' Columbuii Av • 

Hotretwr Aged Couple 
r School 
J Iffley Road 
1 Monlebello Road 

6 Peter Farlei Koad 
5 Sigoumej 
u Franklin Park 
Inut Court (Chsn. 

n MS Walnut. Ward .". 

Verona (J.P ) from 64 Child 
to Carolina Av., Ward T2 

Verrill (Mat.),tt.813MortoD 
to7« Woolson.W.rd 21 

Vershire (W. R.), from 
Cowing to beyond Alleyne, 

Vesta Road (Dor. Center) 
tr. 816 Blue Hill Avenue • 
to 225 Harvard. Ward 20 

• Vlcbsburg (S. B). tr. 670 
East Second to 481 East First, 

• Victor (TTpham's Comer), 
fr 89 Brook Av. to 19 Dana, 
Ward i; 

Victoria (Alls.), changed to 
Fordhani Road 

• Victoria (Ilpham's Coi 
ner). from 1027 Dorchestei 
Avenue • to 88 Pleasant, 
Ward U 

View I*art Terrace 

Vila (FennDy),fr 314 Long- 
wood Av • Ward 14 

• VilluKe (Sta. A), from 134 
Castle tc 2A Dover. Ward 6 

le (Chsn.). 11.143 Chelse 
3 Bunker Hill. • Ward - 

WadlelEh Place ( 

from I Ellery. Ward li 
WudHWorth (Alls.), trom 

4h Pratt to beyond Hammond 

Terrace. Ward 24 
• Wralnwricht (Dor Cen- 

764 Huntington Av 

9 Cushman Av. 
17 Cotting 

Jewish Synagogue 35S Walnut Av., Ward 15 

garJ.'r: Wamut Park 

t Avenue • Ward IC 
1 Park (Rox.), 
Washington • to 

ulley ( 

n 50 Walnut Park 
Wall'a nace ttjnsn.), ir. tooa Westminster Av-,Wd.l* 
64 Henley, Ward 4 Walnut Place (H. P.), ft. 

Wallu. e Court (Chsn.). 51 Dana Ay.. Ward 24 

trom a Wintbmp, Ward 4 Walnut Road ( W. R), fr, 
%VaIIace Park (Rob ), Chestnut Road, Ward 23 
fr.llSIBoume.nearCatharine, Walnut-Street Court 
(Dor.), trom 123 Walnut, 
Ward £0 
■• W^alpole (Rox. Ooeeing) 
ward 1 from ltj73 Tremoui* to Rafl- 

WulliniEfard Boad ^"""J,' Jf ""'"' 
(Br.), from 1765 Common- <> "Fremont 
wpalfh Av • In 96 rhestnut 28 29 Columbus Av. 

hIiiAv wtrdar"-" I ^Base^BaU Ground. 

WaUti Place (Hanover), 
trou. m Clark, Ward 5 

•WTalter (Ros.). from 879 
Soml, to 120U Centre, Ward 23 

65 Mel 

i otbia 

52 65 Park 

62 Larchmont 

86 Tonawanda 
101 Geneva Ay. 
»Valdemar Av. (E.B ).fr. 
Walley to the railroad. Wd. 1 
* Walden (Rox Crocsing). 
Ir. 178 Heath to 313 Centre. 1 
to 26 Wd. 14 27 to end Wd. 15 

85 St Andrew's 

fValdurf (Dor. Cen 

86 Aehmont to 30 

Ward 21 
• VVales (Dor. Center), ftom 

Blckerstaff, Ward 7 
' • IValnut (Chsn ), from 387 
BunRer Hill* to 476 Med- 
ford. Ward 3 
• <n'ulnut, trom 38 Beacon to 
38 Mt, Vemon. Ward 8 
1 2 Beacon 
15 Chestnut 

14 Mt. Vemon 
*Walnut« (Dor.), from 412 
Neponset Av to 29 Ericsson. 
Ward CO 

Neponset Av • 
6 Walnut Park 
Ch Appleton Church 

Sch. Minot School 
, Engine House No- 2tJ 

67 Symmes 
77 AsnUeld 
92 Selwyn 
99 Primrose 

1.35 Menduni 
.90 Weld 

'W^alter (H. P.) 

— r«to N T., 
.. Ward 24 

R R.. 

30 Melle 

34 35 Moulton 

St. Catharine's Church 
41 Tufts 
43 Bunker Hill 
■Vine (Rox), ft. 329 Dudley 
to 7^ Mount Pleasant Av.. 
Ward 12 
1 Dudley • 


99 Talbot Av. 
ales Place (Grove Hall) 
■om '.i47 Columbia Roads to 
» Rock Terrace. Ward 18 
Valb HUl (Ito 89 J F, 
) 349 Bos. 

1 Washington 
:. Odd number! 

*Vlne Avenue(Rox.).tt'om 

46 Vine, Ward 12 j 

•Vineland (Br), from 161 

Market* to 281 N. Beacon* 

Ward 26 
* Vinson (Dor. Center), fr. 

493 Geneva Av. • to 263 Park. 

Ward 30 

Dorchestei • to Old Colony 
Av., Ward II 

Vinton Court (Chsn.), fr. 
48 Henley. Ward 4 

Vinton Place (S B), fr 
39 Vinton, Ward 11 

•Virginia (Upham's Cor- 
ner), trom 747 Dudley • to 
31 Bird, Ward 17 I 

•Vista (Ros ).trom opp. 107 j ' 
Augustus Av. to Malvern Rd., I 601 Almont 
■Ward 23 ! 641 Mulvey 

Vitale Place (Roibury I 666 665 Fottler Road 

P."'.l"jU™i",F "' 

D 616 Nor- 
to 81 

Ch. Trinity Church 

ard 23 

'. to Fairmount Av., Wd. 2 

'Walnut Aveii 

449 Rox , to end J P.) 


*Vrulthuni (Sta. A). 

49 Bradford 

65 Ringgold 
108 99 Tremont • 
• Walton (Dor Cenlcr),fiODi 

70n Washinltton • to 36 Hai- 

ley. Ward 21 
■•Walwortli (Rob.), fr. 938 

South to Brook, Ward 23 

to 866 

317 to Iffley 

fiey Had 

Ifiley Rd.. Ward 15, If- 
1 end Ward 

81 Bourne 

St.Micbaels Cemeten 
319 Bridge 

Cem. Mt. Hope Cemetery 

Warren • 

23 Mount Warren 
27 Circuit 

Buena VisU! 
67 HeBtia Park 

Ohelses • tc 116 Water, Wd. ' 
•Ward (S. 

Dorcbesre, # to Hyoe 

across to the marsh, Wa 
» Ward (Rox. CrosBing), fr. 

31 Prentiss to 620 Huntington 

Huntmgton Av.9 
ard Court (S. B.), f 
Warn, Ward 11 

730 731 Norfolk 

' indicates public highways 

•streets partly public 

• denotes street cars 

See explanation, page 1 


► IVapren • (Cnsn.), from 
iuDCtion of Park and Henlev 
to HU Main. All even numberB 
and odd n 

i Cordis 
) Church Court 
) Universalist Church 

Main • 

1 • to 429 (Sos. ) 
from 430 (Qrove Hall), trom 
22S0 Wasn. to 453 Blue Hil 
Av. Odd numbers 1 to 19E 
Ward 13. E\-en numbers 2 tc 
136 Ward 12. Odd and ever 
numbers to end Ward 16 
1 Washington • 

22 Taber 

Elevated R'y Station 

76 Qlenwood 
78 Harrison Av. • 
82 Warren Place 
92 Kearsarge Av. 
93 Hotel Putnam 
108 Winthrop 

137 CliH 

Ch. New Jerusalem Churc 

139 Regent 
Juseph Warren Sq. 
136 Moreland 

141 St. James 

149 The Warren Hotel 
168 Advent Christian Ch. 

167 Tolman Place 
182 Rockvillc Park 

193 Walnut Av. • 

201 Highland Hall 
200 WKlting 

216 Montrose 

217 Buena Vista 

231 Stanmore Place 
8ch. Roxbury High Schoo 1 

i Clifford 

295 Dale 

309 Johnston Park 
1 Woodbine 

327 Haynes Park 
I. Presbyterian Church 

347 Bowditch Court 
1 Edgewood 

1 West Brookline 

: Pembroke 
207 Columbus Squarf 

I Beacon 

Franklin Ti 
I Highland 

Norway Pal 

Place. Ward 12 

• Warren 8«. • {North 
Sta,), junction Merrimacand 
Friend. Wards 

VTarren Square (J P.), 
from » (!reeii.» Ward 22 

W^arren Ten-ace (Br.), 
from 325 Washington, Wd. 26 

* VParreuton ( Essex street 
8ta.).troi. 877 Wa«hingtonto 
162 Eliot, 1 to 51 Ward 5, 55 


■ IVarwlcU (Rox.Crossinj 

Rox. Crossing) 
mond to 129 

S.^K^/ngine 1 

99 Cabot P 
lOy Weston 

126 Marble 
143 136 Ruggle. 
to 106 Boston stre 
' Washburn Ai 

2 Harvard to prison wsl 
idd numbers to 99 and eve 
umbers to 102 Wd 4, to en 

6 Prescoti 

Washington Terrace 

) First Free Bap. Ch. 

515 Wellington Court 

517 Waumbeck 
I Oaston 

535 Elm HiU Avenue 
1. All Souls Unit. Church 
Elm Hill Park. 

683 Howland 
I Stmderlan<! 
627 Crawford 

Ward 26 

Cambridge • 

Commonwealth Av i 

Woodstock Av. 



2 to 470 Boston ; 511 to 950 E 
sex St Sta, 951 to 1998 Sta. , 
2001 to 3125 Box , 3127 to 391 
J. P., 3899-to 4700 Kos , to ei 
W. R.l. from Ha\ market 8 
to Dedham line. 1 to 9 
Ward 4. 951 to 1714 Ward 
Even numbers 1716 to 2250 
Ward 12. Odd numbers 
to 2663 and even numbers 2252 
to 2672 Waid 13. Even num- 
bers 2674to 2816 Wd. 16. Odd 

iley Rd. to 4018 Wd. 22. C 
numbers 4169 and even nu 
bers 4020 to end Ward 23 

Hoymarket 8q.» 

2 Union 

54 69 Hanover < 

I^OCK eq. 
147 Comhill • 

Devonshire Buildii 

193 Courl 

199 Sears Building 


Old State House 

201 Comhill Court 
209 Rogers' Building 
219 Court Avenue 

RearYoung'e Hotel 
239 Williams Court 
Globe Building 
267 Herald Building 
261 Post Building 
Journal Building 

Spring Lane 

307 Advertiser Building 

345 Ordway Place 
369 Bromtleld 
373 Jewelers Building 
3S7 Washington Bldg, 

Franklin • 

Summer • 
435 Winter 

483 Temple Place 

Chickering Placi 
677 Clark's Hotel 

603 Fayette Court 
619 Park Theatre 
627 Savoy Theatre 

641 Boylston • 

667 Boylston Square 


I Union Faik Street 
Catholic Cathedral 

E. Dedham 
W. Dedham 
Hotel Dighton 

I Post-office Station i 

E. Brookline 
l W. Brookline 

Franklin Sq. 

Worcester Sq. 
Langbam Hotel 

I W- Sp' 

I Northaraptoi 

1851 WUlard Place 

Enisconal Chi 
1919 Cflfton Place 
1941 Derby Place 

1953 Woodbury 

Eiunneman Place 
2067 Sterling 

Ceni. Cemeteri 

nights of HonorHall 2234 
ew Marlboro'Hotel 22.W 

908 Broadway i 

927 Ohio 
9.35 Corning 

973 Castle 


South End Theatre 
987 Wells Memorial bldg 

Lovering Place 

Feltoi, Place 
! Bacon's Hall 

2196 Ruggles 
1 Palmer 

I Warren • 

2?41 Halls Court 

2285 Vernon 

2339 Marvin 
1 Zeigler • 

„„.„ 5 Nat. Rockland Ba 

2349 RoxDury • 
2389 Dudley Ball 

I 2397 Dudley • 

I Clifl 

I Grosvenor Place 

2475 Hayden Terrace 

2611 Juniper Terrac 

2613 Osgood Court 

2663 Cedar 
! Hulbert 

I Dale 

2701 Oakland 

Rescue Mis- j 2816 

1079 Watertord 
1095 Garland 

1 Old Franklin School , 

Kingsbu , 
2789 Valentine 

2845 Marcella 

Town send 

Codman Hill 
2933 Dimock 

Codman Place 


Westminster Av. 



3003 Bragdon 

3039 West Walnut Park 

1183 Hawtliome Place 
1191 Qroton 

' 1221 Myrtk Hall 

1231 Medford Court 
1 Barry Court 

1261 Acton 
I Cottage Place 

1271 Wilkes 
1 Mechanics Row 

3085 F E 42 

Egleston Theatre 
3097 Beethoven 
3122 3125 School 

i public highways 


TVashinBton St.— Con 

Peter Parley Road 

3429 Union Av 
3448 Kentou R^ 

3466 (iarfle.d 

3490 3491 Williann 


Forest Hills c 
3553 Burnett 

3583 Burnett 
Arborway • 
3679 Morton 

3728 Hyde Park Avenue • 
opp. 3780 - ■ " ^ 



4019 Mosgrov. 

t Bexley Road 

4167 Soutti 
: Murray Hill Road 

'. Asblaud* 
i Jeaonette Place 

Denton Terrace 

: Kenbenna Road 

Colonial Club 
485 W. Tremlett 

60.1 Wheatland Avenue 
■ Dun lap 

•Washington (a. P) 


Ward 26 

Neporeet Av. 

Dane Av. 


Olenwood Av. 
2 Gleowood Place 
105 Tyler 
lot Washington Place 
116 115 Cottage 
Wolcott Road 

* Wttuhinelon "'«•■»•',• 

p.. p n I (N""" Sia.j.l.. Hajmarket 
; V. ^=?,v'^- "v- I Sq. to City Square, Cnsn. 
Sccoiiu Cong. Church .^^,,(| r, 
607 Codman Square • I 22 Stillman 

Centre 45 Cooper 

'?»? ?,'!S°1^'- • M BevSrh. 

607 Norfolk* SB Traverte 

Library Building 1 jj Medtora 
615 Epping 93 Thacher 

Lilhgow 181 Endicott 

Brent ig^ 13s Causeway • 

659 Euclid „ , Charlestown Bndge 

" ncheste;;jremple | City Square 

VTaaliinicton A.v.(E.B.) 
! ttom 140 Chelsea, • Ward 2 
VranhinKton At. (S.B.), 
fr. 39 Hyde to Locust, Wd. 11 
j WrashinictonA 

4449 Hemlock 
I Cornell 
4495 Cedar 

4625 Schubert 
) W. R. Car 1 

4725 LaGrange 

5077 Kershaw Roed 
) Hinsdale Road 

J Edgemere Road 

(Qrove Hlffl), 
Hill Avenue, 

Even number 

bera 609 
numbers ( 
Cars fr. B 

61 Castlegate Road 

Strathcona Road 

185 N.T..N.HaHR. 

203 Lynnville Terrace 

829 Stocktoi 
833 Mora 
847 FuUet 

1071 Grant Place [' 
Dorchester First M 

1085 Sanlord 
092 Richmond 

U13 ChurchUl Place 

1141 River 

U67 Miller's Lane 
170 Dorchester Avenu 

Pierce Square • 

1219 Baker's Court 

IV aa hlniElon (1 to 

Coolidge Corner, 61 to 

Waalilnieton Park 

(Rox.), between Dale and 
Bainbridge, near Walnut Av., 
Ward Hi 
W^uanlnirtun Place 
23 Webster 

•^Vaterford (Sta. A.; 

. (Readv.), 
Regent, 'iVa 


(Hanover), llom 


High to 2117 Belch 


to end Ward 26. Cars froi 
Cambridge st. to Tremont 
1 Corey Road 
35 Allston 
42 41 Commonwealth Av. 
60 Union 

230 Shannon 
!64 Shepard 

285 Cambridge • 
296 WinsWp 

Police Station No 14 

307 Wirt 

325 Warren Terrace 
8S8 Academy Hill Road 

337 Warren Building 

861 Unitarian Church 

365 Market • 
368 Chestnut Hill Av. 
374 Baldwin Place 

379 Leicester 
384 Harvard Place 
896 Dighto; 


369 Gaylord 


461 Monro 
467 Allen : 
) Lake 

HTaahinKton Place 

(Rox. Crossing), tr. 95 Rox- 

Waahinstpn Place (H^ 

(Ch8n.),t>. 43 Wash. Ward 4 
^aahiuictan Terrace 

(Chsn.), tr. 12 Wash-, Wd. 4 

Waahinston Heiehta 
Avenue (W. R.), Irom 
■Washington* beyond 4995, 

>*Fater (Chsn ),lr,26Wa 
ren Av to Navy Yard, Wd 
2 1 Warren Avenue 
Charles River Av. 

26 Chamber 

36 .Joiner 

Hoosac Tunnel dock 

68 Gray 

00 Carey 
92 Ice Court 
114 Wapping 

Navy Yard 
* Water, trom 270 Wash. 
37 Broad. Ward 6 
2 1 Washington • 

7 Wintbrop Building 
16 17 Devonshire 
Simmo: " 

i KUb?^ 
u Liberty jiq. 
1 105 Batterymarch 

607 Charlesv 

Tremont _ 
689 Champney 

826 Nonantum 

Tremont • 
„. Champni 
662 Tiptop 


25 Port Norfolk 

Water (J P.), tr. 168 Ross. 
I more Road, Ward 22 

■%Vater (H. P.). fr. 169 Fair- 
mount Av to pumping sta- 

Readville to.Regent, ' 
'^aterlow (Grovi 

Northampton • near B. & P. 
R. R. to 215 Camden, -n'ard. 
■Waumheck (Grove Hall), 

■e Avenue (Upham's 
ler), trom 361 Savin Hill 

■Waverly (Rox.) 
Warren to 139 Bln< 
Ward 16 

76 89 Blue Hill Avenue • 

Market to 420 Western Av., 

Market • 
18 Mackin 
Sch. Warren School 

63 " Waverlcy Place 
Waverly South 

Western Av. • 
Waverly Place, from 

40 South, Ward 6 
fVaverly Place (Br.) 

trom 68 Waverly, Ward 26 
Waverly South (Br.), 

frSn 94 Lincoln, Ward 26 
• Wav (Sta. A), tr. 288 Har. 

"on AV • to 197 Albany, 

•Way (H. P.), trom 1172 
River* to 10 Davison, Wd. 24 

BVay Place (Rox.', tiom 
69 Copeland, Ward 16 

' IWayland (Upham's Cor- 
ner), from opp. 158 Magnolia 
to 9 Dacia, Ward 17 

■ Wayne (Grove Hallj.trom 
529 Blue Hill Av.« to 106 
Maple, Wd. 16 

Webb Park (S.B.I. from 
531 East Sixth. ■Ward 10 

• lVebt»er ( Rox ),^trom 1012 

195 Ruth 
I Lamson 
217 Alna Place 

266 Mccormick Squa: 
284 Sumner • 
W^ebater (W. R), 

24 23 Central Av. 
45 Harvard Av. 
66 Hyde Park Av.» 
■Webater (Alls.), fron 

Cambridge • Ward 2o 
debater A venue (i 

! explanation, page IT 


48 M UniU 

Webster Court (Chen.), 
from W Sackville to 49 Bel- 
mont, Ward 3 

^el>»ter Place (E. B.l, 
ft-. 'JUl Webster,* Ward 2 

VFebster Plure iHa 
over), Horn ll> Fleet, Ward 

^Vebater Place (Alls 

Wedeemere Road (W 

R.), from 2300 Centre, Wd. 2£ 
ll^edinare (Dor.), from 26i 

Savin Hill Av.. Ward 17 
Weltz (Alls ),ftom 15 Eav- 

ard to 153 Franklin. Ward '26 
» Weld (1 to 299 Roi , to 

fid. W. R.), from 190 Walter 

to 253 Corey, Ward 23 

90 Cenfre 

180 Merlin 
.1 2Sfr.1»J'5' 

Bill St 

-.- JIueHill Av 
» Morton, Ward 21 


W3 Gilmer 
115 Ormond 
1;53 Goodale Rofld 

" GreendaleKoad 
Welton Road (W.K.),f 

50i) La Grange. Ward 23 
* Vrendell, trom 58 Pearl 1 

107 Broad, ^tard 5 
" ■ Pearl 

IVendell (S B), h- 

Preble. Ward 11 
VTendell Place It 

-- Preble, to 

) Manthon 
449 Walker 
543 Arthur 

1 II Willow 

Weld Park (J. P.), f, 
115 Arborway, Ward 22 

. ^eta Hill (J P.), ft 
H,vde Park Av.» to Koi 
Hills Cemetery, Ward 22 

• Weldon (Grove Halll, 

St. to 12 Whart St., Wd. 5 
Welland Road (W. R.) 

from 81 Sanborn Av. to 14- 

' • W^elle« ^venne (Dor. 

Center), from t>70 Washineton 
to 1771 Dorches*— '—---- 
Odd numbers I t 
67 to end and ail 
bers Ward 20 
S9 Harley 


If endover (Upham's Cor. 
ner), from 738 Dudley* to 32 
Humphreys, Ward 11 

• Wenham (J. P.), from 14 
Walk Bill to 31 Weld Hill, 
Ward 22 

• Wenonah (Grove Hall), 
t-om 19 ISlni Hill Av. to 20 

'•%Ven»ley (Rox Cross- 
ing), fr. 09 rfeath tt. 19 Buck- 
nam, Ward 14 

" tVenttvorth (Dor.Cen.), 
from 1011 Nortblk • to Toi 

Wentworth Place ( 

A), trom 162 Northamptoi 
Ward 13 
' Wenley (Chsn.), Iro 

415 F Street 
St. John 
Hawes School 

E. Church 

160 PhiU; 

186 479 Dorchester • 

' We»t BruolLllne (S 

A), m.m 1531 Washington 
ins W«rren Avenue. 1 to : 
Ward li. 145 to end Waid7 
47 WaeninRton • 
ly. ^ Blackstone Sq. 

Ch. Church of the Disci 
M 195 Warren Avenue 
■ Went Canton (Sta. 
trom 1495 Washinirton tc 
T..N. H &H. R K.lto 
Ward 6. 136 to end Ward 
2 1 WashlnKtou • 

27 Canton-st. Court 
28 Canton-st. Place 
34 33 Shawniut Av. • 


er. Ward 17 
We.ley Pla, 

from 2«8 Hano 

Ward 50 
Wfrnt (E. I 

ver. • Ward 
■r Center), ti 
16 Weyanoki 

changed t 

14 AWord 
ard - 
, Ward . 





• n^eUlnKton 

to 147 Tremoi 

2 1 Washin 

32 Mason 

40 63 Tremont 

West (Ros.l, from 17 Beli 
vue Av. to 15 Orange, Wd. : 
•West (H.P.). fr. Neponi 
River to bey. Austin.Ward 
Neponset River 

67 Elm 

87 Central Av. 
Ill Hilton 
133 Hyde Park Av 


♦^«^e»t Bellflower (Up- 
ham's Corner), from 143 Bos- 


Av. • to i 

.Ward 7 
W^ellineton (E I 

Maverick to Porter, ' 


"-'" — 1515 Warren ,Ro»., 

_ 1 (M_..,. 

Walk Hill, Blue 
uiii Av.. 9 Moi 
vardsts. Ward-2 

197 AppTcton "'°"" 
200 Columbus Av. • 
I) N. Y. & N. H. R. R. 

• We.t Cedar (1 to 40 Bos- 
ton, to end North Sta.), from 
57 Cbe»lnut to 326 Cambridge, 
Ward 8 

2 1 Chestnut 

18 11 Mount Vernon 
40 31 Pinckney 

79 Phlflips 
80 Putnam Avenue 
106 Oilson Court 
110 109 Cambridge • 

* ^VeHt Concord (Sta. A), 
from 1687 Washington to 710 
Tremont. Ward 6 

62 61 Washington • 
Hotel Chatham 

' fVest Firu (S B.). trom 
dry crossing Dorchester 
1 74 to Dorchester Street, 

Dorchester Av • 

349 F Street 

Pond's Whart 

• M^est Cottage (Upham'e 
Comer), tr. 653 DudLley to 130 
Blue Hill Av odd numbers 
Ward 12, even Ward 17 

2 1 Dudley* 
30 31 Brook Avenue 
46 Judson 

Gh. Bethanv Bap. Church 
82 Gayland 

73 Woodville 
Blue Hill Av.» 

• We.t Uedham (Sta. 
from 1457 Washingtc 
Tremont, Ward 6 
2 1 Washington • 

32 37 ShavrmutAv.c 
62 61 Ncwland 

L to eoe' 

Dorchester Av. 
St. Peter and f 

A Street 

Police Station I 

298 299 D Street 

Ward 26 

Footway (Mat ). 
Wellington Hill Stre. 
Walk Hill. Ward 21 


96 Corey 
It Road. 


W^eit EiKhth (S. B), ft 

Old Colony Avfuue to 24 
Dorchester St. Odd number 
1 to 101 and even numbers 

Ward 11. Even 
i to end Ward 10. 
SI. to Dorchester 

404 Ward 

9, 405 to end Ward 10. Cars fr. 
Dover Street Bridge to C St. 
Dover-Sl. Bridge • 
38 37 Foundry 
38 Alger'sVharl 
60 Phillips Place 
74 83 Dorchester Av. • 
114 113 A Street 
162 Erie Terrace 

166 Fourth-st. Court 
178 177 B Sfteet 
222 Parker's Alley 
223 Parker's Court 
238 236 C Street • 
306 305 D Street 
560 359 E Street 
404 403 F Sft-eet 
464 So. Bost. Mun. Court 
464 463 Dorchester • 

W^est eienwood Ave- 

148 Dedham 
153 Brainard 

West Haven (Su. a 
77 Newland, Ward 6 

If est Milton (Readv 
Sprasue to Dedham line 

Pine At. 

EUot Av.' 
Dedham line 

** West ATewton (1 1 

Wright's Court 

. Omer's Hall 
--. Matthews Chu 
S. B Post office 

.St. Matthews Church 



Old Colony A- 
02 101 D Street 
.54 153 E Street • 

Dor-hester St 1 to 260 ^ 

1 Dorchester A v. I 
21 Firth-st. Place 
49 B Street 
69 Sheridan Place 
65 Dunham Park 
73 Polish Church 

• denotes street can 

Vashington • 

65 NewlanJ 

91 Lutheran Church 
107 Tremont • 
171 Columbus Av. • 

Home for Little Wai 

260 261 St. Botolpb 

266 265 Huntington Av. • 

280 Falmouth 

West NIntb (S. B.J 

Dorchester S 

" 101 D St 

135 Ewei 

143 Earl 

166 E Street < 

102 101 D Street 

173 Frederick 
185 Lark 
199 Oustin 
219 Mitchell 
S36 235 r 




Millard Place (AllB.J.h. 

H Nonh Hairard, Ward 26 
WiIIet(W.R.), tr4923Wash. 

inston • to Eagle, Ward 2S 

Chestnut Hill Avenue to 112 
Academy Hill Road, Wd. 25 
•W^illiani Pyuchou Sq. 
(Roxbury CrouBing), junc- 
tiott Tremont and ColumbUB 
Av., Ward IS 
WIUluiM (Rox. CrosBing), 

Canabridge I 

(AllB.). fromSSe 
.. » to 22 Braintree. 
Ward 25 
' fTiuctaester (EBBex Bt. 
Btal.from 142 Pleaaanl to 41 
Ferdinand. Wards 
2 1 Pleasant 
18 S. Cedar Place 


2 1 Washington • 
4S Adams Place 
SO 49 Shawmut Av. • 
85 83 Westminster 
* Vrtlliuma (J P.), from 72 
Call to 239 Forest HiUs,Wd.2(j 
*W^ilIiainB A. venue (H. 
P.), from 58 Water to Milton 
line, Ward 24 

66 Pond 



Milton Line 
Williams Court, from 

239 Washington* to 1/ Court 

. Ward 
'n'illluma Park 

Broil. ,18 East, Ward If 

Wllliuuis Plat-e. (Han- 
over trom 36 Charter, Ward i 
IVilliama Terrace 

from 663 Centre, • 

Ward 23 

(Rox CroBsii 

33. Dawes 

Old Edward Everett 

80 8« Warwick 

9« 97 Cabot 

M^indsor (Mat.), fr. Tileflton 

to Rutledge Road, Ward 24 
Winfield (S. B.). from 433 
E. Seventh to 4«) E. Eighth. 

Washington to I 

62 Chestnut 
nil AV. Ward2S 
Washington • 
27 PeaceabTe 
Winship Place 
CroBslaiid Terrace 
O'Neil Place 
Chestnut Place 
51 Eulita Terrace 

25 Taber 
35 Zeigler 
47 Dulley 

^f^illiston Koad ( 

Willow, from 37 Chestnut 
to 86 Mt. Vernon, Ward 8 
• Willow (W R ), from 
Railroad to across Dunbar, 

I Abbott 
I Weld 
) Dunbar 
' W^ill 

rt (Up- 

ham's Comer), trom 207 Bos- 
ton Street, • Ward 11 

Willow Park (Rox 
Crossing), cnanged to Hubert 

•««rillowwoad (Dor. 
Center), Ir. 170 Woodrow Av. 
to 355 NorfoUt, Ward 21 

Ballou Av 

) Nevada, Ward 21 

land to 6» Newbern, 

Crossing), from 8147 Wash. • 
Ward IS 

■ Winter, fr. 435 Washing- 
ton to 129 Tremont, Ward 5 
2 1 Washington • 

10 JacksonTlace 
15 Music Hall Place 
15 Orpheuni Theatre 

24 Winter Place 

68 49 Tremont 
Winter (Dor.), from 405 
Bowdoin tf> .31 Adams 1 to 
Church, W d. 17, to end Wd. 18 

First Parish Church 
I Parish 

Winter, Ward 5 
Wintlirop (E. B.) 
30 MavencK Square • 
30 Paris. Ward 2 
^Viutlirop (Chsn.) 

Ward 4 

2 1 Ma _ 

17 Warren • 

D Monument Square, 


, No. ! 

W^intlirop (Rox.) 
108 Warren to 19 Broi 
Ward 12 

18 Kearsargc Av. 

Ch. Winthrop-St. M 

37 ClevelanS 

.59 WhiHng 
66 67 Fairland 
120 Presby Place 

118 181 Brook Avenue 
•n^inthrop (H. P.), I 
1151 River* to 1234 Hydcj 

op Place (Rox 
1 2165 Wash. • 


Ward 4 
' WInthrop Squat- 

ISA Camden, Ward 13 

* Wise (J.P,),tr.27e Centre* 
to 5 Bov. Ward 15 

Wfistar Pla<-e (Chsn.),fr. 
44 Elm, Ward 4 

• IVithlnEton ( Dor-Center) 

tr. 44 Norfolk « to 21 Torrey 

Wolcott (Readv ),fr. Blu< 

Ward 24 

TToIcott Koad (H P.),fr. 
end Water. H. P. to Millon 
line. Ward 24 

•W^olcott Square 
(Readv.) from junction Hyde 
Park Av. and Milton near 
Readvllle station Ward 24 

VTolrert Court (Rox.). 

lTom76 Fellows, Ward 12 

Wood (Dor.), changed to 


I Noah 

t Roanoke Road 
Rutledge Koad 

180 Tina Av. 

186 Parker 

313 Fraser 

329 River* 
Wood Island Park, 

Wood Island, East Boston 
• MToodhine (Rox.), fi-. 32' 

Warren * to 175 Blue Hil 

id (W. 

2080 Centre, Wd. 23 

J^ Wash, •"to'642 Shawmut 
Av.,* Ward 13 
•• W^oodclifflDpham's Cor- 
ner), from 244 Blue HiU 
Avenue * to 19 Cunningham, 
Ward 17 
fVoodford (Uphsm's Cor- 
ner) trom 15 Magnolia to 29 
Magnolia. Ward 17 
\f oodland (Mat.),fr.River 

* to Rutledge Road. Wd. 24 
W^oodland .A.venue 
(Upham's Comer), changed 
to Caspian Way 

Place (H 

from 65 Maple, Ward 24 
Kodland Koad 

1159 West Selden, 

' M^oodro w .Avenue 

(Dor. Center), fr.'139 Norfolk 
to Blue-hill Av.* Ward 21 
Norfolk * 
14 Milton Av. 

N^Y.,N.H. SH.R.R. 

40 Johnston Terrace 

170 Willowwood 

197 Irma 
230 Lucerne 

Ch. Berean Bapt. Temple 

Blue Hill Av.* 
^Voods Place (Chen.), fr. 

22 North Mead, Ward 3 
•W^oodslde A.venue 

(J P ), ir. 3314 Washington,* 
to 71 Forest Hills, Ward 22 
'M'oodstock (Fenway), fr. 
151 Pilgrim Road to 9 Ply- 

f^oodstocli a.venue 

(Coolidge Corner), from 295 
Summit Av. to Warren, Wd. 

*^oodville (Rox), from 

108 Blue Hill Avenue * to 63 

W. Cottage. Ward 12 
WToodTille Park (Rox.), 

from 46 Dennis, Ward 12 
^Toodville Xerrace 

(Rox.), trom 16 Woodville, 

Ward 12 
* \l^oodward (S. B.), from 

610 Dorchester Avenue to 381 

Dorchester Street * Ward 11 
Dorchester Avenue * 
47 Leeds 
33 Glover Court 
16 Sayward Place 

9 Woodward Place 
» ^Voodward Avenue 

(Rox.), from 426 Dudley * to 

95 George, Ward 12 
■YVoodward Parit St. 

(Upham's " 

ird Pla 

(Upham's Comer), from 

Howari- " 


from 9 Woodward, Ward 11 
♦"Woodw'ortli (Dor.), from 

56 W aloul to Redfield, Wd. 20 
^oolsey Square (J. P.), 

Norfolk, Ward 21 
Worcester (Sta 
1679 Washington 

40 39 Newland 
94 91 Tremont * 

109 Concord Place 
156 159 Columbus Av.* 

thim 1903 Wash- 

(Sta A.), from 1678 Wash- 
ington * to 799 Harrison 
Avenue, * Ward 6 

166 Coleridge, 

il.).fr.290 Corey 
n Road, Wd. 23 

• Worthincton (Roibuty 

Crossing), ir. 1601 Tremont 

to Fenway, Wsrd 14 

2 1 Tremont* 
40 41 Smith 
48 49 Huntington Av. * 

See explanation, page 17 


'Wrrenlhum (Dor. Center) 
fr. t854A Dorchester Av. • tfl 
99; Adams. • Ward 10 

Wrenthani Park (Dor. 
Center), from 1846 Dorchester 
Av. • (o Milton Branch R.R., 

thoroe, Ward 23 

TFriBht Koad ( 

Upiand to Glendale Road, 

Ward. 23 
^VrlBhfa Court (S. B), 

trom 360 W. Broadwa7,« 
to 2r9 Athens, Ward 9 

90 87 Chestnut Av. 

Wymun (Ros), from 31 
NortblK. Ward 23 

W^ytnan Place (Essem 
eta.) trom IJ Common, Wd. 5 

Wyman Place (J. PI. 
from 2M Centre,© Ward 15 

• ^yonilnff (Grove Hall), 
tr. 489 Warren.* to 130 Hum- 
boldt Avenue, Ward 16 

^yvern iRos). tr.34()Hydf 
Park Av. • to 336 Florence 
Ward 24 

*Tarniouth (6la. A.), from 

K endley 

Ward 13 ' 

24 19 Chadvrick 

33 Yeoman Court 

3S Yeoman Place 
41 Orchard 
53 Park Place 

68 63 Adams 

76 115 Hampden • 

Washmjnon • 
Flevated B'y Station 

Harrison Av • 

indicates public hinhways 

ilanation page I? 


Atlantic Works, 72 Border, E. B. 
AUai Storei, 308 Congreai 
Bacon*!, 402 Albany 
Bailey'i. 872 Albany 
Baili'. 378 Wett First 
Batchelder's. 462 Atlantic avenue 
Battery. 379 Commercial 
Bay State. Dover, cor. Albany 
Bay State Dredging Co., Nay, E.B. 
BOBton, W. Firrt. (Jranite and Mt. 

WaflhiTipton avenue, 8.B. 
Boston Fish Pier, Northern av.foot 



Boston Tow Boat Co. 'a. 400 

Bradford's, 588 Albany 
Bradley's. 278 Albanv 
Brook's, 139 Coleridge. E. B. 
Brown's. 336 Border. E. B. 
Bunn',313 Medford. Charlestown 
Carlton'i. 119 Sumner. E. B. 
Carter's. Albanv. opp. E. Canton 
Central, 244 Atlantic av. 
Chelsea Ferry, foot of Hanover 

Clay's, E. Seventh. : 

crossing 86 Atlantic avenue 
Commonwealth Pier, North 

Constitution. 409 Commercial 
Craft's, 286 to 274 Albany 

Cunard, 75 Marginal, E. 

t, Commercial Point. Dor. 

Dorchester Yacht Club, 2S6 Free- 

Draper's, 242 Albany 
Dyewood Co.'s. New, n. Sumner 
East Boston Dry Dock. 100 Border 
East Boston No. Ferry, ft. Battery 
East Boston So. Ferry. Eastern av. 
Eastern av. wharf.. 261 Com'l 
Eastern Coal Co., Nay, E.B. 
Eastern Dredgine Co., 172 Condor 
Eastern Packet Pier, 126 Atlantic 

First, . 

•^dmands'. 41 and 445 MedtorH « 
Ellis, Meridian, cor. Condor, E. B 
fcmery'p. 2«0 Albany 

. 463 Commercial 

Fitchburg R. R.. Warren bridce 
Fort Hill. 446 Atlantic avenue 
Foster's. 888 Atlantic av. 
Frost's, at Neponset 
Furber's, 254 Albany 
Qillespie'f, 470 Albany 
Goodnow's, 294 Causeway 

Graham's. Mass. av. near Albany 
Grand Junction,107 Mareinal.E.B. 
Outtersrtn's, I,,ehieh, cor. Albany 
Hayes, Nay, E. B. 
Hoosac Tunnel dock and elevator 

wharves. Water. Chen. 
Huckins', 192 Border 
India, 288 Atlantic avenue 

NorcroBs. 4!t6 Albanv 
O'Brien's. 498 Albany 
Osgood's, Mass. av. cor. Albany 
Otis', 40S Atlantic avenue 
Palmer & Parker Co. 85 to 10; 

Pickerfa. New, opp. Cross, E.B 
Pierce's Lumber. 415 Dorchester av 
Plummer's. Jeflries. opp. Mav 

erick, E. B. 
Pond's, West First, onp. F, 8.B. 
Pope's, 280 Albany, toot ot Troy 
Pratt's, at Neponset 
Prison Point whl. at Prison Poin 

bridge. Ch-n 

Johnson's, 412 A 
Jones & Meehaii 
Kelly's. Margins 

Leatherbee's (A- F.), 37fl Albany 

Lewis, 32 Atlantic avenue 
Lincoln's. 371 Commercial 
Liverpool, rear 290 Congress 

McOonald-B. 337 Margin 

Massachusetts. 229 Marginal, E.B. 
Mayo's. New, opp. Cross, E. B. 

.Monks'. 804 West First 
Monument. Ifil Medford, Chsn. 
Morrison's. 37 Sumner E.B. 
Morses. 199 Medtord. Chen. 
Murray & Tregurtha, S40 W. Fi 
Mystic, Chelsea bridge, Chen. 

Sargent's. 295 Commercial 
Sbepard's. Southampton.n.Albany 
Shepard'e .286 Freeport [E.B 

Simpson's Dry Dock,273 Marginal, 

Smith's, 362 Border, E. B. 
Snow'3 Arch wht. 43U Atlantic i 
South End Storage. 470 Albany 
Stetson's. 494 East First. S. B. 

Sturtevant's. SI'S Border 

" - "" ")al Co,. 178 Bo. _ 

. whf., ft. Sumner, E.B. 

Suffolk Coal Co,. 178 Border 

■ f., ft, - 
T wharf. 178 Allan 
Tenean. Commercial Point, Dor. 
Terminal, foot Terminal st. 
Terriirs, 50'1 E . First, opp. I, S . B. 
Tucker's. 377 Medford, opp. Bel- 

Waldo's wharf. 648 Albany 
Waterman's. 425 Medtord. Chen 
Weeks'. 230 Bnrder 
Wellington's. Warren av. 
Whidden's dock. Sumner, n. N^ 
Wiley' s, 49 Medtord, Chsn. 
York's. 122 Border. E B. 


East Boston. South Ferry, foot of Eastern avenue to foot of Lewie street, E. B 
Boston & Revere Beach R.R. Ferry, 350 Atlantic avenue to Marginal street, E. 
East Boston, North Ferry, toot of Battery street to toot ol North Ferry avenue, 
Chelsea Ferry, foot of Hanover street to foot of Winnisimmel street, Chelsea 


Albany buildine.179 Linc^ 
Albion buUding, 1 Beacon 

. 200 Huntington a 

Allen-Ely bldg. 2113-300 Boyleton 
Allen Hall, 44 St. Botolph 
Allen Hall building, SS4A Boyletoi 
Allerton Hall. 1234 Waehington 
Allaton Hall. 198 Clarendon 
AllBton Hall, in Franklin. Alls. 
Allaton Hall, 13S Brighton av. Alls 

American Unitajian AsBOciation 

building, 26 Beacon 
dmee builainp. Waab. cor. Court 
Amory bldg. 601 Waahiugton 

Boyleton place 
Anderson Hall. 28 Pleasant 
Andrew Hall, 506 Soutbampton 
Andrews Sq. Hall. 508 Southamp- 

Annuity Building. 1.59 Uevonshire 
Appleton Building, 4 Liberty aq. 
" " t Appleton 


lilding. 7 Fark square 
Arlington buildinc, 334 Boylston 
Arlington Hall, 1125 Waehington 

7 National Lancere, 

Aflsociatlon Buildin, 

:.Pond,EaBt Cottage 


Auchmuty bldg., Kingston, 

Sacon's Hall. 2185 Waahinptoi 
Bacteriological Laboratory, 

Huntington av. rm. 518 
Badger building. 535 Aibany 
Baker block. 401 'Weet Broadw 
Baldwin Hall. Baldwii 

- lding.l7E 

, 30 WeBi 
ilallou Hall, 359 Povlston 
BairiPtere Hall, 25 Pemb. aquare 
Barta Press building, 28 Oliver 
Bartlett Hall. S89 Weet Broadway 
Bartletfe block. Blue Hill avenue. 

cor. River, Mat. [J. P. 

Bartlett's building, rear 149 Ureen. 
Batee building, 299 Washington 
Bay State Hall. 127t( Washington 
BeacoD buildinj:, 6 Beacon 
Beacon Chambere. 19 Myrtle 
Beacon Hill buildinn, 15 Beacon 
Beatey 'e block^ 24-26 Fairmount av . 

1 building. 17 Bromfleld 

Beebe building, 

and 88 Otie 
BellowH block, oft Walnut. Chan. 
Benedict Chambere. 3 Spruce 
Berkeley building, 420 Boyleton 
Berkeley Hall. 4 Berkeley 
Bernice Hall, 409 W- B'way, S- B 
Bertram building. 17 Pfarl 
Betheeda Hall, 409 W. Broadway 
Beverly Hall, 80 Beverly 

Hotels and Theatres, see Busint 

BlackweU Hall.SOO Huntington av. 
Blake building, 59 Temple pi. cor. 
Waehingjton [Hanover 

BlatcJitord Hail, 987 Washington 
Bloomfleld Hall. Geneva av. cor 

Bloomfleld. Dor. 
Blue Hall, 82 Tremont 
«oard ot Aericnltnre. State Houne 
Board ot Arbitration (State), 126 

State House [House 


'" ,131 State 

Booth's Hall, 1033Bennin£tOD.E.B- 
Roardman building. 157 Summer 
Boston Arena, 238 St.Botolph 
Boston Art Club. Newbury.c. Dart- 

1 Ashburton pi. 
Boston Fruit and Produce Ex- 

ch8nge,overFa>euil Hall Market 
Boaton Hall, 1096 Tremont 
Boston Opera House 335 Hunt- 
Boston Post building, 2i9 Waah. 
Boston Safe Deposit " 

buildmg, 20' " ■--■ 

Boston Tran 

Boston Wharf bldg. 263 Summer 
Hoetoniana Hall. «3 Newbury 
Boulevard Hall,695 Saratoga 


Boylston bldg.. Waah.t 

Boyleton Chambere. 
Boylston Hall, 276 Amory, 
Boynton Hall, Faneuil, Br 
Bradlee bldg.. " " 
" ilee buiVdi 

,. - dley, 
Bradlee building, 7 Tei 
Bradley Hall. 2152 Wash. Rox 

Bradley Hall, 376 W. Broadwai' 
Bradley HaQ. 24 Cliff. Box. 
Braintree Hall, 8 Braintree. Alld 
Brazer'e building. 27 State 
Brewer building, 186 Devonehire 
Brigge ouildine, 293 Washington 
Brisham build ing. Wash. .r. Beach 
Brigham Peter Bent Hospital, 

Brighton Hall. 398 Market. Br. 
Brimmer buildin", Common st. 
Brimmer Chambere, Pinckney, 

1 Canal 

Brown building, 185 Summer 
Brunswick Han.241 Tremont 
Brunswick Hall, 214 Dudley. Ro 
Bumstead Hall, 724 Waehington 
Cabot Hall, 724 Waehington 

Amory . Columbus av. co 

Carew Hall, 476 W. B'waj 
Carey Hall. Burley, Ros. 

oepital. Old Harbor a 

iiiilding, 541 Tremont 

Catholic Union 

Cattle Bureau. 188 State Home 
Cauley Hall. 644 Main 

Central building, 8 Belgrade e 

Chamber of Commerce. 177 Milk 
Chandlers building, 47 Devonstiire 
Cbanning building, 141 Franklin 

> Boyls- 

Chickering Hall, Northampton, 

cor Washington 
Children'e Hoepital, Huntington 

av. cor. Gainsborough 
Chtpman Hall, 88 Tremoiit 
Church Green bldg. 105 Summer 
City Gymnasium, 642 Harrison av 
City Ball, School street 
Ci^ Hospital, Harrison av., opp. 

City Prison, Somerset street 

Ci^ Square tbullding, 265 Wash. 

north. Chsn. 
Civil Service Commission (State). 

162 State House 
Claflin building. 20 Beacon 
Clan Nae Gael Hall, 247 D 
Cluny, 543 Boylston 
Clyoe Hall. 1091 Waehington 

lilding, 186 Wasnington 

Cohen block. R2 Croee 
Colbert Hall, 1171 Tremont [Roi 
Collins bldg." 2414 Washington, 
Colonial building, 100 Boylston 
Colonnade building. 172 Tremont 
Colombia Hall, 20 Meridian 
Columbia Hall, 67 Hampden, Rox 
Columbia Hall, 584 Columbia id. 

Columbia Life fc 
Columbia Squa: 
Columbia roai 
Columbian building, 1160 Wash. 
Columbian Hal). 7 Green 

e ildg. 

ColumbuB Hall. 994 Washinp 

Commonwealth bldg. 82 Dev'sh; 

Conant Hall, 20 Conant, Rox. 
Concord Hall, 75 West Concord 

■ " •l,1492Columbu«av 
L House, 14 Beacon 

Congress HaU, 220 W. Broadway 
Congress Street Trust bldg. 19 
Congress Wash. 

Contractors' and Builders' Aseo. 319 
Convalescent Home, 2150 Dorchek- 

Converee building a 
Converse Hall, 82 Tremont 
Cooke buUding. U South 
Coolidge building. 6 Bowdoi 
Copley HaU, 198 C 
Copley The, 18 Hl 
Cora Hall, 122 Salem 
Corinthian Hall. 1651 Waehingtoi 
Corliss Hall, 995 Washington 
Cornhill Building, 46 Cornhill 
Cotton Hall. 430 Main 
Court Hall. 200 Huntington av. 
Court House. Pemberton lo 
Court House, U. S.. P.O. bldjT- 
Cox building. Dudley.c. Bartlett 
Crawford building. 158 Summer 
Crawford Chambers. 136 Craw- 
ford, Rox. 
Crocker building. 569 Boylston 

Culvert Hall, 1171 Tremont 
Cummiogs building, 261 Franklin 
" ird buildinir. 126 State 

Curtis block. 2S04 Washington 
Curtis HaU, South, opposite t 

monument. Jamaica Plain 
Cushing building, 35 Water 


uag2ett buiidiDg. W3 Wash. 
DahlKi«n Ball. £. cor SUver 
Daniel Sharp Ford Hall. 15 i 

Dartmouth Hall, 126 Dartmouth 
Daudelin Hall. 7 Park ag. 
Deacon Hall. lt>51 Waabington 

Dewey, 1165 Tremont 
Dexter building, 453 Wash. 
Dexter Hall. 987 Waahingtoo 
Diamond block. 2283 Waahin^ou 
Dill buildinz, 19 Eliot 
Directory office. 248 Summer 
Diatrict Police. 3 State Houae 
Dojtgett biiildine. 276 Tremont 

14.S3 Dorchest 
Dragoo building, 29 CeutraJ 
Dudley building, 114 Dudlev, Rox. 
Dudlev HaU, 23S9 Washington 
Dudley-St. Opera House.lig Dud- 

Franklin Union, Berkeley coi 

Fraternity HaU, 658 Centre, J. P. 
Fraternity Hall. 27 Poplar. Ron 

Gainaborough building, '295 Hun 

Garden budding, L'48 Boylaton 
Gardiner building, 37 Temple pi 
. 112.'> WftBhington 

Germania Hall, 1448 Columbue av 
Germania HaU. Farrington av.Roa. 
QeiriBh block. Blackatone. c. Nonh 
Gibson Hall, Gibson near Adams, 

Gilbert Hall. 8" Tremont 
Gill huildine. 673 Bovlaron 
Gillette building, 41 W. First 

lildiug. 244 Waahingtoii 
Glynn building, W. B'way, cor. 
Qoddard buildmg, 19 Milk 

Homer Jordan building 250 Hunt- 
Horticultural Hall, SOO Mass. av. 
House ot Correction. Deer Island 
House of Detention for Women, 

Howard bidg.. 110 to 114 Merrimac 
Howe Hall,l77 Huntington av. 
HuU'a block, 358 Main Chsn. 
HunneweU buildine. 15 School 
Huntington Chambers. 80 Hunt- 

I Hall. 491 Boylatou 

Hyde Park Post Office, 7-9 Fair- 

mount av.. H. P. 

Ideal Ball, 6te Tremont 

ndiabu"ildingi84 State 
Qsane Uospitala. Aua 

Dwight Hall, 514 l^emont [H. P. 
Dyer's Block. 35-37 Fairmount av. 
Eaaton building, 15 State 
Eaton Hall. 48 Boylaton 
Eclipse building, 120 Harrison av. 
Edinboro buildins, 85 Eases 
Edison bldg.. 39 BoylBton 
Edmunda bldg. 164 Federal 
Eldredge building. 372 Boylaton 
Eliot Hall. Eliot at. n. Centre. J. P 
Elks Hall. 10 Somerset 
EUery (The), 94 Green, J.P. 
Ellis building. 25 to 35 W. Second 
Elm building, 61 Hanover 
Elamere Hall. 307 Freepon 
Elaon Hall, op. Jamaica Plain Sta 

Emmctt building, 658 Centre J. P. 
Emmes building.ll40Columbua av. 
Emmet Ball. 28 Kneeland 
EmiJloyera' Liability hldg.33 Broad 
Engineers' Hall. 995 Waahington 
Epicurean Hall, 21 Compton 
Equitable buildinji. 150 Devonshire 

and 67 Milk 
Equity building, 185 Devonshire 
Essex building. 683 Atlantic av. 

and 212E8aex 
Eaaex HaU. 67 Easex 
Eatea Preaa buildmg. 212 Summer 
Eureka Hall, Putnam, c. Bremen 
Eustis building, 184 to 190 Euatia 
Evangeline Hall. 214 Dudley. Rox. 
Evans building, 175 Tremont 
Everett House building. River, cor. 

Maple, H. P. 

I Co. building, . 

Evening Star Hall, 7 City iq ■ . Chsn . 
Exchange buildinE, 53 State 
Exchange Hall. 789 W aahington 
Faelten HaU, SO Huntington av. 
Fairview HaU, 43 Poplar, Roa. 
Faneuil Hall. F. H. aquare 
Farlow Building, 'M State 
Farra?ul building. 126 Maaa. av. 
Farragut Hall, 6« Dorcneater av. 
Farrington The, 117 Warren, Rox. 
Fauntleroy HaU. 42 Wenouan 

Fenway Building. 1136 Boylaton 
Fenway Studios, 2 to 40 Ipawich 
Ferris buUding, 42 Summer 
Fidelia HaU, Waahington. cor. 

Rockland, W.R. 
Field building. Adams, junc. Dor- 
Fire Department, Bristol at. 
First Nat Bank bids., Franklin. 

cor. Federal and Congress 
Fisk building, Sll Boylstoo 

t HaU, 85A Green 
i lorida Chambers, 60 Florida, Dor. 
Folsom's block, 15 Ring 
ford bldg., 15 Ashburton pi. cor. 

Foresters' Hall, 45 Eliot 
Foresters' Hall. 2373 Washington 
Foreaiers' Hall. 136 W. Broadway 
Fort Hill building, 144 High 
Foster building. i8 Summer 
Francis buUding. 31 Beach 
Franev buildinr.lll7Columbua ai 
Franklin building, 117 Franklin 

FrankUn build 

Grand Army Hall, 91 Park. Dor. 
Grand Armv HaU. 140 Meridian 
Grand Army HaU. 4 Vine. Rox 
G»and Army HsU. J234 River, H.P. 
Grand Armv Hall, 460 W. Fourth 
Grand Central Hall. 46 StUlman 
Graphic Arts bldg. 270 Congress 
Gray building, 6 Portland 
Gray Chambers, 20 Mt. Vernon 
Qray's Hall, 619 East Broadway 
Greenieat block. 12 Cazenove 
Green's block. 40 Walnut st., Chsn. 
Greenwood HaU, 179 Olenway 
Qreyaione Hali. 1125 Washington 
GruDdraann Studioa, 194 Claren- 

Guild Hall. 2374 Washington 

Oypay Moth Commiasu 

Hamblina Block, 143-159 Fair- 
mount av. H. P. 
Hampshire HaU, 712 Washington 
Hancock HaU, Reed'e bldg., Han- 

Hancock Hall. 670 

Hanover building. 

Harbor building. 287 Atlantic av. 

I Commissioner*, 
131 State House 
Harmonia HaU, Rockland, W.R. 
Harmony Hall. 724 Washington 
Harrison Hall, SS5 Harrison av. 
Harrison Hall. 4R3 Swett 
Harrison HaU, 1&51 Washington 
ng, 34 Chauncy 
:all. 1095 Tremont 
Harvard HsU. 22 Franklin. Alia 
Harvey building, 52 Chauncy 
UastingH bldg. 165 Tremont 
Hathaway bldg. 620 Atlantic av. 
Hawthorne Rooms, 2 Park 
Hayes- black, 45 Walnut. Chsn. 
Haymarket block, 22 to 39 Wash- 


Assembly Rooms, 

Hayward bldg. 624 

ilding, at 
ly build ir 

Hemenway building, 10 Tremoni 
Hendrie's. 26 TalboT av. 
Herald building, 177 Tremoi 

Hibernian Hall. 155 Havre, E.l 
Hibernian HaU. 193 Hanover 
Hibernian HaU, Union cor. 1 

rence. Chsn. 
Hichbom block. 88 North 
Hicks building. 17 Bowker 


id H.l 

Hilton bldg. 1489 Wash. 
UiDcklev building, 112 Water 
Hinch Hall, 170 Hanoiter 
HiBtorir Hall, l&il Washington 
Holland bldg., 27 Haymarket sc 
Hollander buildlna, 214 Boylstc 
HoUis Hall. 789 Wa.hinirton 
Holmes buildlDft, 1 Waahingtoi 

Intercolonial Hall. 214 Dudley, 

International Trust Co's. bi 

45 Milk 
Investiftator Hall, PaiDe t 

lane Rich Hall. 


> Wash. 

Jamaica block. 3222 

Jamaica Hall, 705 Centi^, J.P. 

Jefferson bQildiD&;,564 WasbinRton 

Jefferson Hall Albany, cor. DoTer 

Jewelers' buiWing. 37S Wash. 

John A. Ilawes Post 159 Ball, 
Maverick, cor Bremen 

Jonn Hancock bide. 85 and49red- 
eral, 120 Franklin and 178 Dev- 

John Mitchell Hall, 1165 Tremont 

Journal building, 262 Washington 
Jubilee Hail. 646 Warren, Rox. 
Julia Ward Howe HaU, 177 Hun- 

tinjnon av 
Kast building. 104 Hanover 
Keanv bldg, 251 Causeway 
Kelleher Hall, 445 Neponeet av.. 

nt building. 14 
mball building. 

Klein's Hall, 1091^'WaBhington 

Knights [ 

529A E. Broadway, S. B. 
Knights ol Columbus Hall. 204 

».Jsnis, Dor. and 1231 River 

Knights 01 Honor Hall, 730 Waah. 
Knights of Honor Hall, 144 Mend- 

Knights of Honor Hali, 4255 Wash- 
Knights of Pythias Hall. 2 Main 
Knights ol Pythias Hall, 145 

Kossuth Hall bldg. 1095 Tremont 
Labor Hall, 45 Eliot 
Lancers' Armorv. 5 Bulfinch 
Land Registrulion office, 408 Court 

LanJel'Hall, 1821 Washington 

ding. Sullivan s 




Litem Tree blocX, WaaninRton, 

Library building, Waihi> Eton, 
cor. Noiioik, Dor [AIIb. 

Lincoln blotk, 107 Brijihtou Av., 
Lincoln bldg.. ti6 and 86 Lincoln 
Lincoln Hall, 658 Centre. J P. 
Lincoln Hall, 1» liusex. 
Lincoln Hall. 69 West Concord 
Lincoln Hall, 1023^ Warren. Chan 

1 buUding. 1438>i Dorches- 

Longfellow Hall. 214 Dudley, Box. 

Love and Charity Hall, 1042 Tre- 

Lowell building, 2A Park 
Ludlow building, 133 Ebbcx 
tiunnber Surveyor Gen. .88 Broad 
Lusitana Hall. 164 Hanover 
Lvceam Hall, National, corner 

Dorchester. g.B 
Lyceum Hall. Meeting House Hill. 

Lyric Hall, Way bldg., Everett so. 

H. P. 
MaphiuiBte- Hall. 987 Waihinpon 

Knolia I 
Mantua building, 224 Tremont 
Manutacturers' bldR. 4« Portland 
Marble Hall. 514 Treraoni 
MarinerB' Exchange, Hanover, cor 

Marshall block, 50 Walnut, Chsn. 
Marshall building, 40 Central 
Marshall building 9 Elm 
Marshall P. Wilder building, 18 

Marston building. 35 Hanover 
Mason building, 711 Kilbv 
Masonic Block, 1234 River, H. P. 
Maaonit Hall. Warren bldg, Br. 
Masonic Hall (colored ) ,'» BloGsom 
Masonic Hall, 584 Columbia road. 
Upham'9 Comer 

Mauonlc Hail. Tt 

MaBB. Chambere. 146 Maps. av. 
Mass Charitable Eye and Ear Id- 

flrmary, 233 Charles 
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Assn.. 

Huntington a 

Mass. General Hnapital, Bioseom 
Mast. Highway 

f Technology. 491 

Master Builders' Exchange, 166 

Maverick Hall, Maverick sq. E.B. 
MaynBfd Hall, 245 D, S. B. 
MechanicHall, 212X Main [AIIb, 
Mecbanics' Exchange. 9 Braintree, 
Mechanics' Hall. S76 W . B'way 
Meehan Hall. 209 Green. J. P. 
Memorial Hell. Old State Houee 
Memorial Hall, 14 Green. Chsn. 
Memorial Hall. Silve-. S. B 
Merchants Bank bujldine. 30 State 
Merchants building, ' 

Midway Arcade. 44 Bedford and 

Minot building. Ill Devonshire 
Minot Hb11,68 W. Springtleld 
MLnton Hall. 4 Hyde Park av. 
MishawumHall, 11 City sq. Chsn 
Monks b'lilding, ?A CongreBS 
Monks building, 3ti« W. Broadway 
Montgomery Hall.735 Washington 

) W. B'v 

, 54 Endic 

ly str< 

Morgan Memorial, 8! Snaw 
Morgue. North Grov« - 
Morrill building, 144 
Morrison building. 

I building, Columbia r 

Vine. Box. 
Municipal building. City eq-.Chsn 
Municipal building, cor. Dudley 

MunicipaJ building, 116 Tyler 
Municipal buUding, 533 E. Broad- 
way. S.B. 
Munroe Hall. 67 Warren. Rox. 

Museum ot Pine Arts. Huntington 

MusiciauB' building, 56 St. Botolph 
Mutual Lite Building Truet bldg., 

96 Milk. cor. Pear! 
Myers Hall, 82 Tremont 
Myrtle Hali,122l Washington 
Mystic Stores, It. Terminal, Chsn . 
Naomi Hall, 724 Wasmngion 
National Bell, 1 National. S.B. 

History Society building. 

pine and Water. Cnariestown 
Needham Hall, 1488 Columbus av. 
Neponset blk., Everett sq.. H. P. 
NepoiiBct Hall, Neponset block. 

« Chauncv 

Newbury buildii 

New Albion building. 1 Beacon 
Newbury building, 107 Mass. av. 
New Century Building, 177 Hunt- 
New Englandblock.Blackstonest. 
New England bldg. 200 Summer 
New England Conservatory ot 

Music, Huntington av. corner 

New England Hall. 987 Wasn. 
N. E. Hospital. Dimock st. Rox 
N. E. Mutual Life insurance Co.'* 

huildinff. 87 Milk. cor. Congress 
1 Leather building. 

Newton ( 

Nickerson'a block, Fairmount av. 

cor. Maple, H. P. 
Niles building, 27 School 
Nolen building. 396 Dorchester 

NorcrosB HaU. 48 Boylston 
Norfolk Hall. 3-28 Wash. Dor. 
Normac Bungalow, 7 Murray Hill 
road CH. K 

Norris block, 54 Fairmount av. 
North Hall, 86 Bellevue 
Norton building. 93 Broad 
Oakland Hall, e Oakland 
Oberts Bungalo,603 River, Mat. 

Odd Fellows Hall, 515 Tremont 
Odd Fellows HaU, 25 Main, Chsn. 
Odd Fellows Hall. 6 Winthroo blk. 

Morton building, . 

i Parker, Rox 

Oda Fellows Hall. Wools* 

Old South building, 294 Washir 

lun and 10 MUk 
Old South Meeting 1 

Opera Chambers, 319 Huntington 

Orienta building, 2162 Wash. Rox. 
Osbom'a block. 8S5 Wash., Br. 

OtiBfleld Grande Hall. 17 Otisfield 
Oullook Hall. 1171 Tremont. Rox. 
Overseers otthePoor,Charity bldg. 

Owls Hftll. 66 Main, Chen. 
Paddock building, 101 Tremont 

Paine Memorial Han. 9 Appleton. 

near Tremont 
Palladio Hall, 64 Warren. Rox. 
Palm Garden Hall, 7 Northfield 
Papineau Ball. 180 Green. J.P. 
Park building. 2 Park square 
Park Commiflsionere. 64 Pember- 

Pflrker block, Wolcott sq. Readv. 
Parker building, 6il Washmeton 
Parker Memorial Hall. Berkeley. 

cor. Appleton 
Parkman building, 9 Cambridge 
Parkman Hall. 3 Boylston place 
Painell Hall. Washington, cor. 

ChcBtnui Hill av. Br. 
Paul Revere Boll, Mecha 


Pearson Hall. 2l South Russell 

Pelhara, 89 Essex 

Pembertoii building. 20 Pember- 

Penn Mutual building, 24 Milk 
PeuBion Agency, 87 P. O. huilding 
Pension Agent (state). 123 State 

Perkins Hail. 264 Boylston 
Pelts building. 179 Portland 

I Brooks Hall, 40 Chambers 

Pierce block, 
Pierte bullding,i2 Huntington av. 
Pierce 8 B. bldg. 598 Columbia rd. 
Pilgrim hall. !4 Beacon 
Pilgrim Hall. 694 Washington 

Pinkham block. 1842 Cent:'^,W. R. 
Plimpton building. HI76 Waah 
Plummer block. 1263 Hyde Park 

av , H P. 
Plymouth bldg., 100 to 110 State 

il building 34 Merchants r 

Post Office, 

Post Office square and Milk 
Post Office Sq. buildine. 79 Milk 
Postal Telegraph building. 110 

Porter Hall. 177 Huntington av. 
Powars block, 94 Blackatone 
Pratt building, 50 Bromfleld 
Pratt building 786 Washington 
Pratt's block. Walnut, near trank- 

Un, Nep. 
PrcEcott building, 86 Court 
Preston building. 179 Summer 
Probate Office, Court Bouse. Fem- 

RailroadCommiGBioners.20 Beacon 
Rathbone HaU. 24 Warren, Rox. 
Rathbone Hall. 694 Washington 
Raymond bldg. 22 Beacon 
Raymond Ball. 172 Matn. ChBu. 
Red Men's Hall, 514 Tremont 
Red Men's Hall. 362 Wash., Br. 
Reece building, 12 Randolph and 

502 Harrison av. 
Reed's block. 381 Albany 
Regittrars ot Voters. City Hall 



tion in Medicine (Board 
.1}, 159 State Bouse 
Registration in Pharmac; 

of). 22 State Bouse 
Registry of Deeds, Coun Houxe 
Rice building, 10 High 
Rich buildlug. Franklin, corner 

RichardB building. 114 State 
Ritchie Hall. U Maverick sq. 
Riverway Studios 120 Riverway 
Roach building, 72-74 Salem 
Roberts building. 11 Chardon 
Rockland Bah, 2S4S Washington 
Roddy Ball. 68 Market, Br. 
Rogers building. 209 Washington 
Roosevelt Ball, 1165Tremont,Rox. 
Roughan Ball, 16 City sq, Chsn. 
Roxbury Hall, 67 Warren, Rox. 
Roxbury Horse Guard Armory, 

2183 WaBhinirton 
Roxbury Municipal Court Bouse. 

90 Roxbury 
Roxbury Neighborhood Bouse, 

Ruggleg Hall,5 Ruggles, Rox. 
Russell Hall, Mechanics' building, 

Huntington av. 
Russell Hall. 1651 Washington 
Russia bldg. 530 Atlantic av. 



sUall. SOSmith.Roz. 

Asylum, Cuflhinft 

St. BoU-lph Studios. 10-22 ! 

St. Botolph Studio Annex. 
St. James Hall» 235 Hunting 
St. Lawrence-s Hall. 214 L 
Roi. [I 

St Margaret's Hatl. Bostc 


St. Omer Hall, 37« W. Broadwav 
St. Rose Hall, 17 Worcester 
St. Stepneo's Hail. 987 WashiuRtoi. 
Salvation Ainiy Hall, 12 Harvard 

av.. H. P. 
Sanderson's bloctc, 110 Pleasant 

Sargent bui!din£. 45 Bromfleld 
Savmf^s Bank buildrnjE, 25 Main 
Savinjts Bank building,H96 River, 

H. P. 
Schiller Hall. 10»5 Tremont 
School Committee. Maeon street 
School Street blork. 28 School 

104 Heath. Box. 

, 199 WashinirtoD 

, - Appleton 

Seavems block, 773 South. Rob. 
Seaverns Hall, 77.'J South, Ros. 
Seaverns Hall, 670 Centre, J. 1'. 
Sewall Hall. 177 Huntington av. 
Shapiro building. 38 Causeway 
Shaw bide. 7»Milh 
Shawmut building. 146 Franklin 
Shawmut Bank bldg. 40 Water, 8i 

Devonshire and 55 Congress 
Sheale HalK 30 Huntington av. 
Sheffield building. 228 Tremont 
Sheldon building. 301 Congreis 
Shendan liali,62 Oumey 
Sherman building. 93 Mass. av. 
Sherwood Hall, Washington, cor 

Shillaber building, 61 Court 
Shoe and Leather building, 20; 

Union Park >t. 

Sleeper Hall, 688 Boylstun 
Smiih block, 1727 WashingtOD 
Smith building, 1.1 Court square 

South Terminal Trust buildings. 

Standish building, 367 Bovlstou 
State House. Beacon, c.Bowi" " 
State Mutual bUlg. 60 Congr. 

) State House 

State Prison, 106 Wash. Chsn. 
Slate Street Trust Co. building, 

Stevens block. Wolcott su. H. P. 
Stevenson's block, Central sq.. E.E 
Stewari building, Geneva av.coi 

i building. 711 Boylston 

Stuart building, 462 Boylston 

Sudbury building. 79 S 
Suffolk-Norfolk Asaoci 

1632 Blue HiU av. 
Suffolk I ruBt bldg. 15 Congress 
Sumner Hall. 198 Sumner. E.B. 
Sunlight Hail, 82(> Washington 

Symphony Hall, Huntingto 


Temple Hail. 380 Shaw 

I Cambridge, 

Tenney bu Iding, 36 Columbus t 
Thespian Hall. ItiS Mass. av. 
Thnrndike Hall.fitiO Main 
Tickiior building. 9 Park 
Tiltston building. 600 Atlantic av 
TomfbhrdeHall.91 Boylston, J P 
TontiHaU, 327 E street 
Tt^ographical Survey, 13,1 State 

Trade bldg. 77 Wash, north 
Transcripi building. 324 Wash. 
Transit Commiisioa, 15 Beacon 
Trt?mont building. 73 Tremont 
Tremont Hall. 1435 Tremont. Box. 
Tremont Temple, 76 to 88 Tremont 

Tults bldg. t 

Tunnel building, 1 Boylst 
Turnhalle. 29 Middlesex 
TwUight Hall. 789 Washin 
Union block. 1219 River, I 
Union building. 119 Pleasa 
"- -I building, 40 State 
I Hall, 1208Tremon1 
I Rail. 180 Greirn. J.I 
I Ilali. 48 Boylston 

Union t 

Union HaM. 133 Blackstone 
Union Park Hall, 1371 Washington 
United Fellowship Hall, 26 Union 

Park street 
Unity building, 1172 River. H. P. 
Unity building, 1*5 Devonshire 
UnitT Hall. 724 Waahington 
Unity Hall, 633 Waehington. Dor. 
U. S. Army offices. 170 Summer 
U. S. Engineer's office (Harbor 

Imp). 25 Pemberton sq. 
U.S. Internal Revenue,69 P.O.bldg 
U. S Navy Pay office. 70 Kilby 

U. S. Treasury, P. O. building 
Universalist building.359 Boylston 
Universitv Hali. 1371 Washington 
Vermont building. 10 Thacher 
Vernon Hall. 1208 Tremont 
Vine Rock Hall. Spring St.. W. R, 
Violet Hall, 724 Washington 
Vorenberg building, 113 State 
Vose building, 160 Boylston 
Wainwright building. 279 Wash. 
Wakefield building. 84 to 98 Canal 

E B. 

t Central s 

Wales building, 110 Summer 
Walker bldg. 12U Boy.ston 
Walker Studio bide. 400 Newbury 
Walnut Hall. 203 Warren, Rox, 
Walton Hall. 708 Washington. Dor 
"' ' ' W_alnut, Nep. 

Hall, 471 Neponset av. 
Dor. _ [Dudley, Rox. 

wJrd building, STremonf^' ^^ 
Warnbridge building. 279 Wash. 
Warren building. 2 Park 
Warren building. 333 Wash. Br. 
Warren Chambers, 419 Boylston 
Warren Hall. 67 Warren. Rox, 
Warreoton block, 4 Warrenton pi. 

Washington Hall, 995 Wash. 
Washington Hall, 1278 Washington 
Waenington Hall,627Waihin^on, 
Wauban building. 184 Boyliton 
Waverley blocfc. City sq., Chsn. 

Way building. Everett sn.. H. P. 
Waytarers' Lodge, Hawkins stre. 
Webster buildingj^l34 Summer 

. 24 Wai 

Wellinzton building. 68 Chauncy 
Wells Memorial. D«7 Washington 

Wentworth bldg. 100 Chauncy 
Weotworth Institute, Huntington 

wVscortHaliffsS Meridian 
Wesleyan bull djng, 581 Boylston 
West End Union Hah. 164 Canal 
West Roxbury Liederkranz, 4i: 

Rockland, W. R. 
Westchester building, 98 Mass. av 
Westerly Hall, 1961 centre, W. R, 
Wetherell Hall. 22 Wash.. Dor. 
Wheelock Hall. 558 Columbia rd. 
White's building, 194 Boylston 
Whiting bldg. 221 High 
Whitney building. 48 Clinton 
Whiton Hall, 38 Centre, Dor. 
Whittier buiidine, 15 Exchange 

William Lawrence 

r building. 70 Fraoktii 

. 2167 Washington 

Woodbury Hall. 34 Woodbury ct. 
Wood's Ifall, Depot sq., Neponset 
Wood's Hall, Putnam, E. B. 
Woolsey block, opp. J.P. elation 
Woolsev Hall. Woolsey sq J.P. 
Worthliifton buiidine. 31 State 
Wyman block, 795 Washington 
York building, 101 Albany 
Zion Hall. 170 Hanover 


Ward One — Beginning at the intersection of 
the shore line of the City of Boston and the divi- 
sion line bet%yeen the property now or late of 
Alonzo Crosby heirs and the property now or late 
of Richard F. Green (said division line being the 
same division line as established by the "Ordi- 
nance Making a New Division of the City into 
Wards," passed by the city govemme 

thence by the boundary line between Boston and 
Chelsea and the boundary line between Boston 
and Revere and the boundary line between Boston 
and Winthrop to the southerly side of Winthrop 
bridge; thence by the line of the southerly side of 
Wmthrop bridge to its intersection with the shore 
line of the City of Boston; thence by said shore 
line to its intersection with the line of Brooks 
street extended; thence through the line of Brooks 
street extended, or Brooks street, to the location 
of the tracks of the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn 
Railroad; thence through said track location to 
Prescott street, or the line thereof extended; 
thence through Prescott street to Princeton street; 
thence through Princeton street to Meridian 
street; thence through Meridian street to Lexing- 
ton street; thence through Lexington street to 
Border street; thence through Border street to 
the division line between the property now or 
late of Alonzo Crosby heirs and the property now 

Ward Two — Beginning at the intersection of 
the shore line of the City of Boston and the divi- 
sion line between the property now or late of 
Alonzo Crosby heirs and the property now or 
late of Richard F. Green (said division line being ■ 
the same division line as established by the "Or- 
dinance Making a New Division of the City into 
Wards," passed by the city government of Bos- 
ton in the year 1895) ; thence by said division line 
to Border street; thence through Border street to 
Lexington street; thence through Lexmgton street 
to Meridian street; thence through iVIeridian 
street to Princeton street; thence through Prince- 
ton street to Prescott street; thence through Pres- 
cott street or the line thereof extending to the 
location of the tracks of the Boston, Revere Beach 
& Lynn Railroad; thence through said track lo- 
cation to Brooks street or the line thereof extended 
thence through Brooks street or the line thereof 
extended to the shore line of the City of Boston ; 
thence by said shore line to the point of beginning 
All portions of the City of Boston lying on the 
outside of the line beyond which building or 
wharflng out is or may hereafter be legally for- 

" ' * exist, then all 

reme low water 

eluded in Ward Two. 

i'AHD Three — Beginning at the intersection 
Prison Point bridge and the boundary line 
between Boston and Cambridge; thence by said 

of Prison 

boundary line to the boundary line between Bos- 
ton and Somerville; thence by said boundary lino 
to the boundary line between Boston and Everett : 
thence by said boundary line to the extension of 
the easterly line of a whai-f now or formerly 
known as Brooks wharf (said line being the same 
line as t^stablished between Wards Three and I-'our 
by the "Ordinance Making a New Division of the 

-- ISQ.'i); thence by said line 

to Medford street: thence through Medford street 
to Eveiett street : thence through Everett street to 
Bunker Hill street: thence through Bunker Hill 
street to Trenton street: thence tl - — 

street and through Cross street 
thence through High 

[i; iio Au&i;iu sLieeu; bu*iui:K tnrougn AUS- 
; and Prison Point bridge to the point of 

Ward Four — Beginning at the intersection of 
Prison Point bridge and the boundary line be- 
' - T,--^-- -^(j Cambiidge; thence through 

Prison Point bridge and Austin 'street and"across 
Tl ._ -^yan-en street; thence 

Thompson sqi 
through Warren 
through Cordis 
through High s 
through Cross sti 
to Bunker HiU 
Hill street to i 

3t to Cross stieet; thence 
and through Trenton street 
;et; thence through Bunker 
„ -- — -:ett street; thence through 
Everett street to Medford street; thence through 
Medford street to the easterly line of a wharf 
now or formerly known as Brooks wharf (said line 
'" " the same line as established between Wards 
. -_j „ ^__ )rdinance Waking a 

by said line and said line extended to the 
boundary line between Boston and Everett in the 
Mystic river; thence by said boundary line and the 
boundary line between Boston and Chelsea to the 
easterly side of Chelsea bridge: thence bythelineof 
the easterly side of Chelsea bridge to its in tei section 
with the shore line of the City of Boston; thence 
by said shore line to its intersection with the 
boundary line bstween Boston and Cambridge: 
thence by said boundary line to the point of 

Ward Five— Beginning at the intersection of 
Cambridge bridge and the boundary line between 
Boston and Cambridge; thence through the Cam- 
bridge bridge and through Cambridge street to 
Bowdoin street; thence through Bowdoln street to 
Beacon street; thence through Beacon street to 
Park street; thence through Park street to Tre- 
niont street; thence through Tremont street to 
Shawmut avenue; thence through Shawmut ave- 
nue to the location of the tracks of the Boston & 
Albany Railroad and the New York, New Haven 
& Hartford Railroad; thence through said track 
location to Broadway: Thence through Broadway 
to the shore line of the City of Boston on the west- 
erly side of Fort. Point channel, thence by said 
shore line along the westerly side of Fort Point 
channel, around the North End of Boston and up 
the Charles river to the point where said shore line 
most nearly approaches the east corner of the 
boundary line between Boston and Cambridge; 
thence in a straight line to said comer; thence by 
said boundary line to the point of beginning. 

Ward .Six — Beginning at the intersection of 
Tremont street and the location of the tracks of 
the Boston & Albany Railroad and the New 
York. New Haven & Hartford Railroad near 
Castle street: thence through Tremont street 
to West Springfield street: thence through West 
Springfield street and through East Springfield 
street to Harrison avenue; thence through Har- 
rison avenue to Massachusetts avenue; thence 
through Massachusetts a> enue to the Roxbury 
canal, or the middle line thereof extended; thence 
through the middle line of the Roxbury canal to 
its intersection with the shore line of the Citv of 
Boston on the southerly side of the South bay 
thence by said shore line along the southerly and 
easterly sides of .South bay and along the easterly 
side of Fort Point channel to Broadway; thence 
through Broadway to the location of the tracks 
of the Boston & .\lhany Railroad and the New 
York. New Haven & Haitford Railroad; thence 
through said track location to the point of begm- 
nmg. ^ 

Ward Se-j^en — Beginning at the intersection of 
Tremont street and the location of the tracks of 
the Boston & Albany Railroad and the New York 
New Haven & Hartford Railroad near Castle 
square: thence through Tremont street to Camden 
street: thence through Camden street to the loca- 
tion of the tracks of the New York. New Haven & 
Hartford Railroad: thence through said track lo- 

.?glejs street; t" " - ■ - 

street to the ' 

straight line to the i 



I BoylRton road; thence through Boyls- 
ton road to Boylston street; thence through Boyls- 
ton street to Arlington street; thence through 
Arlington street and through Ferdinand street to 
the location of the tracks of the Boston & Albany 
RaUroad and the New York. New Haven & Hart- 
ford Railroad; thence through said track location 
to the point of beginning. 

Ward Eight — Beginning at the intersection of 
Cambridge Bridge and the boundary line between 
Boston and Cambridge; thence through the Cam- 

pet to 

mont street: thence through Tremont street to 
Shawmut avenue; thence through Shawmut ave- 
nue to the location of the tracks of the Boston & 
Albany RaUroad and the New York. New Haven 
& Hartford Railroad; thence through said track 
location to Ferdinand street; tbenre through Fer- 
dinand street and through A rlington street toBoyis- 
ton street; thence through Boylston street and 
through Boylston road to the middle line of Mud- 
dy river; thence through Muddy river to the east- 

location of the M idland Division of the New York , 

to Warren street; thence through Warren street 
to Moreland street; thence through Moreland 
street to Blue Hill avenue; thence through Blue 
Hill avenue to West Cottage street; thence 
through West Cottage street to Dudley street; 
theuce through Dudley street to the track location 
of the Midland Division of the New York. New 
Haven &. Hartford Railroad; thence through said 
track location to Southampton street: thence 
through Southampton street to Massachusetts 
avenue; theuce through Massachusetts avenue to 
Harrison avenue; thence through Harrison avenue 
to the point of beginnmg. 

tween Brookline and Boston to its intersection 
with Ashby street or the line thereof extended: 
thence through Ashby street and the line thereof 
extended to its intersection with the boundary line 
between Boston and Cambridge in the Charles 
river; thence by said boundary line to the point 
of beginning. 

at the intersection of 

West Broadway and F street; thence through F 

"Eighth street; thenct through We 
Eighth street to D street: tnence through D : 

street to West I 


> Old Colony avenue; thence through Old Colony 

Dorchester avenue: thence northerly 

Railroad: thence through said track location and 
through the track location of the R idland Divi- 
sion of the New York, New Haven & Haitford 
Railroad to Southampton street: thence through 
Southampton street to Massachusetts avenue; 
thence through Massachusetts avenue to the Rox- 
bury canal or the middle line thereof extended: 
thence through the middle line of the Roxbury 
canal to its intersection with the shore line of the 
City of Boston on the southerly side of the South 
bay; thence by said shore line along the southerly 
and easterly sides of the South bay and along the 
easterly side of the Fort Point channel and along 
the northeasterly side of South Boston and along 
the easterly side of South Boston to its inter- 
section with the line of East Broadway extended; 
thence by said line of East Broadway extended, 
and through East Broadway and through West 
Broadway to the point of beginning. 

East Broadway extended 
shore line of the City of Boston: thence by said 
shore line to the line of Old Harbor street extend- 
ed; thence by the line of Old Harbor street ex- 
tended and through Old Harbor . . — . 

Ward Eleven— Beginning at 
of Dudley street and the location of the tracks of 
the Midland Division of the New York. New Ha- 
ven & Hartford Railroad: tbtnce through Dudley 
street to Stoughton street; thence through 
Stoughton stieet to Thornley stiept; thence 
through Thornley street to Dorchester avenue; 
thence through Dorchester a^■enue to Belfort 
street: thence through Belfort street to Saxton 
street; thence through Saxton street to Romsey 
street; thence through Romsey street and by the 
line of Romsey street extended to high water 
mark: thence in a straight line running through a 
point lying midway between Fox Point at the ex- 
treme end of Savin Hill and the south comer of 
the Boston Consolidated Gas Company property 
at the Calf Pasture to the shore line of the City of 
Boston: thence by said shore line to the point of 
its intersection with the line of Old Harbor street 
extended; thence by the lino of Old Harbor street 
eTtended and through Old Harbor street to East 
Eighth street: thence through East Eighth street 

to Washingto 
street to Warren street; thence through Warren 
street to Walnut avenue; thence tnrough Walnut 
avenue to Circuit street; thence through Circuit 
street to Regent street: thence through Regent 
street to Hulbert street; thence through Hulbert 
street to Washington street: thence through 
Washington street to Cedar street; thence through 
Cedar street to Lambert avenue; thence through 
Lambert avenue to Bartlett street; thence through 
Bartlett street and across Eliot square to Rox- 
bury street; thence through Roxbury street to 
Columbus avenue; thence through Columbus 
avenue to Tremont street; thence through Tre- 
mont street to the location of the tracks of the 
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad at 
Roxbury Crossing; thence through said track 
location to Camden street; thence through Cam- 
den street to Tremont street: thence through 
Tremont street to the point of beginning. 

tracks of the New York. New Haven & Hartford 
Railroad; thence through Ruggles street to the 
Tremont Entrance to Back Bay Fens; thence in a 
straight line to the nearest point in the middle line 
of Muddy river; thence through Muddy river to 
the easterly line of St. Mary's street extended; 
thence by said line extended to the boundary line 
between Boston and Brookline; thence by said 
boundary line in tne park system to Chestnut 
street; thence through Chestnut street to Perkins 
thence througn Perkins street and through 

Gay I 

; thence through 

Bickford street; thence through 

Heath street; thence through 

Minden i 

Bickford ._ __ __ ._ 

Heath street and thi'ough New Heath 

track location to the point of beginnmg. 

Ward Fifteen — Beginning at the intersection 
of Washington street and Cedar street: thence 
through Cedar street to Lambert avenue; thence 
through Lambert avenue to Bartlett street: 
thence through Bartlett street and across Eliot 
square to Roxbury street; thence through Rox- 
bury street to Columbus avenue; thence through 

Jigntn street: tnence tnrougi 
nd through West Eighth 

said track location to New Heath street; thence 
through New Heath street and Through Heath 
street to Bickford street; thence through Bickford 
street to Minden street: thence through Mi: 
street to Gay Head 

thence through 
thence through 
IfQey road to Walnut avenue; thence through 
Walnut avenue to Elmore street; thence through 
Elmore street to Washington street: thence 
■ Washington street to the point of begin- 



of Warren street and Moreland street; thence 
through Moreland street to Blue Hill avenue; 
theace through Blue Hill avenue to Seaver street; 
thence through Seaver street to Walnut avenue; 
thence through Walnut avenue to Ehnore street: 
thence through Elmore street to Washington 
street; thence through Washington street to Hul- 
bert street; thence through Hulbert street to Re- 
gent street; thence through Regent street to Cir- 
cuit street; thence through Circuit street to Wal- 
nut avenue; thence through Walnut avenue to 
Warren street; thence through Warren street to 
the point of beginning. 

Ward Seventeen — Beginning at the intersec- 
tion of Blue Hill avenue and West Cottage street; 
thence through West Cottage street to Dudley 
~'^'" '" . «- Stough- 

street; thence through Dudley 
ton street; thei 
Thorhley street 

thence through Stough 

thence through TL„ ^ 

to Dorchester avenue: thence through Dorcheste 

Belfort street: 

through Belfort 

street and by the line of Uomsey street extended 
to high water mark; thence in a straight line run- 
ning thrugh a point lying midway between Fox 
Point at the extreme end of Savin Hill and the 
south corner of the Boston Consolidated Gas 

shoreline to its intersection with the line of 6 
wich street extended; thence by the line of Green- 
wich street extended to its intersection with the 
track location of the New York. New Haven & 
Hartford Railroad: thence through said track lo- 
cation to Freeport street: thence through Free- 
port street and across Dorchester avenue to East 
street; thence through East street to Highland 
street; thence through Highland street and 
through Church street and across Eaton square to 
Quincy street: thence through Quincy street to 
Mascoma street; thence through Mascoma street 
to Fayston street; thence through Fayston street 
to Blue Hill avenue: thence through Blue Hill 
avenue to the point of beginning. 

thence through Fayston street to Mascoma street: 
thence through Mascoma street to Quincy street: 
thence through Quincy street and across Eaton 
square to Church street: thence through Church 
street and through Highland street to East street; 
thencs through East street and across Dorchester 
avenue to Freeport street; thence through Free- 
port street to the location of the tracks of the 
New York. New Haven & Hartford Railroad: 
thence through said track location to its inter- 
section with the location of the tracks of the 
Shawmut Branch of said railroad near the Har- 
rison Square Station; thence through the track 
location of the Shawmut Branch of the New York. 
New Haven & Hartford Railroad to Geneva ave- 
nue; thence through Geneva avenue to Dakota 
street; thence through Dakota street to Clay- 
' street; thence through Clay bourne street 
^-'- -' ^ -' 1 through Bowdoin street 

to Bowdoin 

to Geneva avenue: thence through Ge 

to Blue Hill avenue; thence through Blue Hill 

avenue to the point of beginning. 

Ward Nineteen — Beginning at the intersec- 
tion of Blue Hill avenue and Geneva avenue; 
thence through Geneva avenue to Bowdoin street; 
thence through Bowdoin street to Clavbourne 
street: thence through Clay bourne street to Da- 
kota street: thence through Dakota street to 
Geneva avenue; thence through Geneva avenue 
to the location of the tracks of the Shawmut 
Branch of the New York. New Haven & Hartford 
Railroad: thence through said track location to 
Centre street; thence through Centre street and 
across Codman square to Talbot avenue; thence 
through Talbot avenue to Blue Hill avenue; 
thence through/Blue Hill avenue to the point of 

Ward Twenty — Beginning at the intersec- 
tion of Centre street and Washington street at 
Codman square; thence through Washmgton 
street to Welles avenue; thence through Welles 
avenue to Ocean street: thence through Ocean 
street to Ashmont street; thence through Ashmont 
street to Dorchester avenue: thence through Dor- 
chester avenue to the southerly boundary of Dor- 
chester park ; thence by the southerly boundary of 
Dorchester park and across Adams street to Mel- 
lish road ; thence through Mellish road and by the 
line thereof extended to the location of the tracks 

of the Milton Branch of the New York. New Ha- 
ven & Hartford Railroad: thence through said 
track location to Granite avenue: thence through 
Granite avenue and Granite bridge to the bound- 
ary line between Ba=ton and Quincy in the Ne- 
ponset river; thence by said boundary line to its 
intersection with the ?hore line of the City of 
Boston; thence by said shore line to Its intersec- 
tion with the line of Greenwich street extended ■ 
thence by the line of Greenwich street extended 
to its intersection with the track location of the 
New York, New Haven ^ Hartford Railroad: 
thence by said track location to its intersection 
with the location of the tracks of the Shawmut 
Branch of said railroad near the Harrison Square 
Station ; thence through the track location of the 
Shawmut Branch of the Nesv York. New Haven 
& Hartford Railroad to Centre street; thence 
through Centre street to the point of beginning. 

Ward Twenty-One — Beginning at the inter- 
section of Blue Hill avenue and Canterbury street: 
thence through Canterbury street to Walk Hill 
street; thence through Walk Hill street to Blue 
Hill avenue: thence through Blue Hill avenue and 
through Blue Hills Parkway to the boundary line 
between Boston and Milton in theNeponset river; 
thence by said boundary line and by theboundary 
line between Boston and Quincy toGranite bridge": 
thence through Granite bridge and through Gran- 
ite avenue to the location of the tracks of the 
Milton Branch of the New York. New Haven & 
Hartford Railroad: thence through said track 
location to Mellish road: thence through Mellish 
road and across Adams street to the southerly 
boundary of Dorchester park; thence by the 
southerly boundar.v of Dorchester park to Dor- 
chester avenue: thence through Dorchester ave- 
nue to Ashmont street: thence through Ashmont 
street to Ocean street: thence through Ocean 
street to Welles avenue; thence through Welles 
avenue to Washington street; thence through 
Washington street to Talbot avenue; thence 
through Talbot avenue to Blue Hill avenue: 
thence through Blue Hill avenue to the point of 

Ward Twenty-Two— Beginning at the inter- 
section of Centre street and Perkins street: thence 
through Perkins street to Chestnut street; thence 
through Chestnut street to the boundary line be- 
tween Boston and Brookline: thence- by said 
boundary line to AUandale street: thence through 
AUandale street to Centre street; thence through 
Centre street to Walter street; thence through 
Walter street to Bussey street; thence through 
Bussey street to South street; thence through 
South street to Washington street ; thence through 
Washington street to Whipple avenue: thence 
through Whipple avenue or the line thereof ex- 
tended to the middle line of Stony brook ; thence 
by said line of Stony Brook to Florence Street 
East; thence through Florence Street East to 
Southbourne road; thence through Southboume 
road to Bourne street: thence through Bourne 
street to Walk Hill street; thence through Walk 
Hill street to Canterbury street; thence through 
Canterbury street to Blue Hill avenue: thence 
through Blue Hill avenue to Seaver street; thence 
through Seaver street to Walnut avenue; thence 
through Walnut avenue to Iffley road; thence 
through Iffley road to Washington street: thence 
through Washington street to Bovlston street; 
thence through Boylston street to Centre street; 
thence through Centre stieet to the point of 

Ward Twenty-Three— Beginning at the in- 
tersection of AUandale street and the boundary 
line between Boston and Brookline: thence 
through AUandale street to Centre street: thence 
through Centre street to Walter street: thence 
through Walter street to Bussey street; thence 
through Bussey street to South street; thence 
through South street to Washmgton street: 
thence through Washington street to Whipple 
avenue: thence through Whipple avenue or the 
line thereof extended to the middle line of Stony 
brook: thence by said line of Stonv brook to the 
tlack location of the Providence Division of the 
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad; 
thence through said track location to the bound- 
ary Ime formerly existing between Boston and 
Hyde Park: thence by the boundary line formerlv 
existing between Boston and Hvd'e Paik to the 
boundary line between Boston and Dedham- 
thence by the boundary line between Boston and 
Dedham and by the boimdary line between Bos- 


■Ward Twenty-Four — Beginning at the inter- Beacon street to Everett street; thence through 

section of Walk Hill street and Blue Hill avenue: Everett street or the line thereof extended to the 

thence through Blue Hill avenua and through location of the tracks of the Boston & Albany 

Blue Hills Parkway to the boundary lino be- Railroad; thence through said trade location to 

tween Boston and Milton in the Neponset river; the midtlle line of an old creek which formerly 

thence by the boundary line between Boston and formed the boundary line between Brooklme and 

Milton and by the boundary line between Boston Brighton ; thence by the middle line of 

and Dedham to the boundary line formerly exist- to its intersection with the bourn" 

ing between Boston and Hyde Park: thence by Boston and Cambridge in th 

the botmdary line formeily existing between Bos- tlience by said boimdary line to the point of 

ton and Hyde Park to the location of the tiiuks begiiming. 

oftheProvidenceDivisionoftheNew Yi rk. New w. „„ Ti-r^n.^ a.-^ n^:„^ir,^ .t .!,„ i„t«. 
Haven & Hartford Railroad; thence nei f lierly >\ Ann Tji entt-Six-— Begmmng at the Inter- 
through said track location to the mitidle I in.. ..r of Nonantum street and tho hnundary line 

Stony brook; thence by said line of Stony In k '"tw.'eii Hosl.mand Ne\v ton: (li.iiee ihrouah Non- 

to Florence Street East; thenco throupli I.'loien, e auiui., - - i i hmi^i. ,, n, , i , ^ ihence 

Street East to Southbourne road, llH'nee llir.Hit'h uii"ii-i' i;-, i .1 < am- 

Southboume road to Bourne stnet: iliene,. '.''"' , ' , ■ ' 1 ' 'r'IL"t^ 

through Bourne street to Walli Hill ^^(l•eet : tlniien ini.n 11 , n :. ^i rtet^ 

through Walk Hill street to the point of be^iniiin;;. • m 1 1. . 1 


Ward TwENTT-FivE — Beginning at the inter- i:h, .; , 1 , , , in, m i.,n ef the tracks of 

section of Ashby street extended and the bound- iin , • '■ .n u.^ilroLid; thence through 

ary line between Boston and Cambridge; tht'ine 'i 1 - lie inidtllo line of an old 

• • -■-' " — "-- the line thereof extended , , 1, 1 : .. nu-d llic l^oundary line 

Boston and Brookline; thence by the boundary nii.i ;! ■ ; ; - k to its intersection with 

line- between Boston and Brookline and by the the i 1 11 Boston and Cambridge 

boimdary line between Boston and Newton to int.i'i 1 ; ::(0 by the boundary line 
Nonantum street; thence through Nonantum bet.i.ii, ,i . liridge artd by the bound- 
street to Washmgton street; thence through dary l:ih 1 , v> 1 1 ;.,^, .11 and Watertown and by 
Washington street and through Cambridge street the boui,ii,.i:, I,, e hilnoen Boston and Newton 
; thence through Dustin s ' ' - ■> . <- . 

North Beacon street; thence through North 



Deparlmenla Office! 

Governor Executive Chamber, Stat* House 

Lieutenant Governor Executive Chamber, State Hout<e 

Secretary Commonwealth 333 State House. 

Treasurer and Receiver General 230 State House. 

Adjutant General 259 State House. 

Adult Poor, Division of State 30 State House. 

Agriculture, Board of 136 State House. 

Archives Division 437 State House 

Armory Commissioners 259 State House. 

Art Commission, Secretary 310 Fenway Studios 

Attorney General 200 State House. 

Auditor of Accounts 229 State House. 

Ballot Law Commission, Chairman 19 Congress street. 

Bank Commissioner 124 State House. 

BUnd, Commission for 3 Park street. 

Boiler Rules, Board of 246 State House. 

Boston, Directors of the Port of 40 Central street. 

Boston Transit Commission 15 Beacon street. 

Bureau of Statistics 251 State House. 

Charity, Board of 38 State House. 

Civil Service Commission 151 State House. 

Civil Service Labor Office 16 State House. 

Conciliation and Arbitration, Board of 1 2S State House. 

Controller of County Accounts 177 State House. 

Corporations, Commissioners of 23."i State House. 

Department of Animal Industry 138 State House. 

Detective Department, District Police 1 State House. 

Discharged Female Prisoners, Agent for 9 State House. 

District Police, Chief 20 State House. 

District PoUce, Deputy Chief 1 State House. 

Economy and Efficiency, Commission on 184 State House. 

Education, Board of 15 .\3hburt0n pi. 

Embalming, Board of Registration in 232 Huntington avenue. 

Examiners of Electricians, Board of 262 State House. 

Factories, Inspectors of 2 State House. 

Fire Inspectors, District Police la State House. 

Fire Prevention Commission 1 Beacon street, room 925. 

Firemen's Relief Fund 294 Washington street, rm. 626 

Fisheries and Game, Commission on 321 State House. 

Free Employment Office 8 Kneeland street. 

Free Public Library Commission 530 State House. 

Gas and Electric Light Commission 15 Ashburton place. 

Gas and Gas Meter Inspection 32 Hawley street. 



Departments Offices 

Grand Army of the Republic 27 State House. 

Gypsy Moth Bureau 408 State House. 

Harbor and Land Commiasion 131 State House. 

Health, State Dept. of 145 State House. 

Health, State Dept of, Laboratories 538 State House. 

Highway Commission 15 .Ashburton pi. 

Homestead Commission 314 State House. 

Industrial Accident Board 1 Beacon streoi.. 

Insanity, Board of 36 State House. 

Inspector Boilers, District Police 3 State House. 

Inspector Public Buildings, District Police 2 State House. 

Insurance Commission 243 State House. 

Land Court 408 Court House. 

Loan Agencies, Supervisor of 277 State House. 

Lumber Surveyor General 88 Broad street, rm. 724 

Mass. Training Schools 179 State House. 

Medicine, Board of Registration 1 Beacon street, rm. .">01 

Metropolitan Park Commission 14 Beacon street, rm. 507 

Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board 1 Ashburton pi. 

Minimum Wage Commission 1 Beacon street, rm. 911 

Minor Wards, Division of State 43 State House. 

Nautical Training School Commissioners 2a Park street, rm. 8 

Nurses, Board of Registration of 1 Bea^'on, rm. .501 

Optometry, Board of Registration in 180 State House. 

Pension Agent 123 State House. 

Pharmacy, Board of Registration 22 State House. 

Pilots, Commissioners of, for the Port of Boston 716 Chamber of Commerce. 

Plumbers, State Examiners 68 Broad 

Prison Commissioners 24 State House. . 

Probation, Commission on 174 Court House. 

Province Laws, Editors of 104 State House. 

Public Records, Commissioner of 193 State House. 

Public Service Commission 1 Beacon street, 7th floor 

Quartermaster General ISo State House. 

Registration of Legislative Counsel and Agents 148 State House. 

Retirement, Board of 146 State House. 

Retirement, Board of Teachers 315 State House. 

Savings Bank Life Insurance, State Actuary 507 State House. 

Sergeant-at-Arms 148 State' House. 

State Aid and Pensions, Commissioner of 123 State House. 

State Board of Labor and Industries 1 Beacon street, 6th floor 

State Forester 408 State House. 

State Library 3d floor, north State House. 

Surgeon General 256 State House. 

Tax Commissioner 234 State House. 

Transit Commission, Boston 15 Beacon street. 

Trustees, Hospitals for Consumptives 267 State House. 

University Extension 213 State House 

War Records, Division 257 State House. 

Weights and Measures, Commissioner of 194 State House. 

Workman's Compensation Bureau 508 Pemberton building. 

Dr. John F FennesBV, Boston, term expi 
Mrs. Helen B. Hopkins, Boston, term ei] 
Henry LeFarour, Boston (secretary), tei 
Henry P. Frost, M, D., Superintendent. 


dward F. McSweeney, chairman, t 

aseph A. Conry, term expires July I, 
onibard Williams, term expires iul: 
hief Engineer, Prank W. Hodgdon. 
inies T. McDonald, clerk. 

bi;ri:a.ij of staxibxics. 

Office State House, room 251. 
aarles F. Gettemy, Director. 
'iUiam Q. Grundy. Deputy Director. 

iNnvsxRiA.1. A.cciui:arx bo.&.ri> 

1 Beacon, 8th floor 

OlVir, service: OOMMISSIOIV. Frank J. Donahue. Boston, chairman, term expires 

I J. Hogan, ■ 

I P. Dudley. Secretary. 

Dudley M. Holman, Taunton, term expires June 1. 1910. 
Joseph A. Parks, Fall River, term expires June 1, 1918. 
Thomas F. Bovie, Boston, term expires June 1, 1919. 
David T. Dickinson, Cambridge, term expires June 1, 

Robert E. Qrandfleld, secretary. 



Central Office, State House, room 20, Boston, Mass. 

Second Clerk, Etta 

Berkshire County Jail and House of Correction, Pittsaeld • 
Bristol County Jail and House of Correction, New Bedford . 
«._:.._j Qounty Jail, Taunton. 

[napectora, Harry Atk'inson.lli 
. Cairns, Jeremiah J. Carey, Ji 


8. Beyer, __. 

Casey, Aneel J. Cheney. Ernest E. Cleveland, Sydney 
H Cliffe, Ambrose W. leele, Elmer Lewis. Angus H. 
McDonald, William J. McKeever, Waiter A. Penninian, 
Lemuel Pope, Arthur F. Koach. fcverett E. Ryan, Frank 
W. Saunders, John J. Terry, Daniel J. Fitzgerald. 
Inspection Depabtme 

GeorceA. Luck. luspectors, Merrill W. Allen, Percy 
Bragdoii. Henry Bushek, James W. Evaue, Charles t'< 
puBon. Franklin L.Forbush, W'"" ■ — ■ - ■ 
Hinckley, John B. Kearney, Artftur t . Loveri 
D. Mackintosh, Herbert E Mitchell, Edwa 
Edward A. Mores, Harry E. Morton, Willian 
say, George E. Richardson, Freeman H. Sanboi 

, Charles Skoglund, H.- 

Franklin G. Wright, Edward J. 

, Deputy Chief, George 

Detkctiv _ _ _ ___ 

Neal. Capt. William H. Proctor. ilUchael . 

Thomai E. Bligh, Ernest 8. Bndford. Joseph V. Daly, 
Thoma- A. Dexter, Thomas F. Eustace, i'rederick F. 
Flynn, James J. Grady, Frank P. HaMiman, Arthur E. 

' Inspector, Charles F. Rice. 


Fire Inspectors, James Anderson. Richard J. Griffin, 
Frank G. Hale, Edward P. Horrtgon, Edward J McCarthy, 
fi':-..,.!..- ^ .». — u„ ™.-.,.-_. p_ Murray, Edward ^ 

c County Jail. Newburyport. 
Essex County Jail and House of Correction, Salem. 


Middlesex County Jail, Lowell. [tucket 

Nantucket County Jail and House of Correction, Nan- 
Norfolk County Jail and House of Correction. Dedhara. 
Plymouth County Jail and House of CorrectioD,Plymouth. 
Prison Camp and Hospital, West Rutland. 
Reformatory Prison for Women. Sherborn; P. O. South 

State Fann. Bridgewater ; P. O., State Farm. 
State Prison, Charlestown. 
Suffolk County Jail, Charles Street, Boston. 
Suffolk County House of Correction, Deer Island. 
Worcester County Jail and House of Correction, Fitch- 
„ burg. [eester 

Worcester County Jail and House of Correction, Wor- 

Clerk of DetecUve Department, Francis W. Fogarty. 

Frederick C. Bailey, senior m 
John H. Frost, term ends ii 
Richard Banfield, secretary. 

State House, East Wing. 
WiUiam D. Sohler (chairman), term expires 191(i. 
Frank D. Kemp, term expires 1917. 
Synan, term expires 19ia. 


179 state House. 

F. Leslie Hayford, Executive Secretary. 

Lyman School for Boys, Westborougb Elmer L. 
Coffeen, Sunt. 

Industrial School for Girls, Lancaster. Amy F. EveraJl. 

Industrial School tor Boys, Shirley. George P. Camp- 
betl, Supt. 

Boys' Parole Department, Walter A. Wheeler. Supt., 

Girls' Parole Department, Edith N. Burleigh, Supt., 15D 


1 Beacon, 7th floor. 

Stone, Springfield. July 1. 191 
^-■"—^n, Winchester, July 1 
' • — - n), Ca: 

J. MacLeod (Cha 

John F. Meaney, Blackstone, July 1, 1919. 

iitantfl.JuBtin W. Lester, Edwin H. Feuno, Ernest 
Chief of Rate and Tariff Bureau, C. Peter Clark. 
Chief of Inspection Department, George W. Bishop. 
Chief of Telephone and Telegraph Department. Wil- 
liam H. O'Brien. Inspectors, James M. Cashing, M. J. 

Engineers, Henry W. Hayes. Lewis E. Moore. Asst. 
Engineers, Minor S.Jameson, William J. Keefe. 

Railroad Inspectors, Daniel M. Wheeler, Leweilyn H. 
McLain, Winfleld L. Larry, Henry W. Seward, John H. 
Paraot, John W. Ogden. Michael J. ScuUy, Arthur W. 
Hodges. Charles E. Montgomery. Asst. Inspectors. Philip 
Scott, Timothy A. Connor, James E. Rich, Thomas 

Charles J. Barton, ten: 
Everett C. Benton, ten 
Ellerton P. Whitney, 1 
George Lyman Rogei 
John R. Rablin, chief engineer. 

Rogers, secretary 

Hen^ P. Walcott. 

Thomas E. Dwyet, term expires March 20, 
Edward A. McLaughlin, term expires Mar 
"""* *' " .Secretary 

FredericlTix Sm'i 

expires 1917; John F. Tobin, 
iW.Don. "' 

Deputy Comu 

ThomasF.l ^. ... . 

Counsel, Edward F. Wallai 

Industiial Inspectors, Elmer 1. Christenson : Charles S. 
Clerke ; Joseph F. Cobb ; Charles A. Dam ; John R. Dex- 
ter; Andrew M. Goff; Edward Grant : Marv E. Hallev; 
James R. Howes ; Mary A. Nason ; Arthur J. Vaughan and 
Mrs. Mary K.O'SullIvan. 

Industrial Health Inspectors, Albert W. Buck; AJfi-ed 
Katz ; Alfred W. Kimball ; James H. Malonson ; John J. 
McDonough ; Francis L. V. Murphy ; Carl T. Pomeroy ; 
Samuel M. Schmidt; Frances Stern; Margaret F. Col- 
lins; Eugene J. McCarthy, William Newsome Eichorn. 

expires March 20, 1919. 


Ellen Nathalie Matthews. 


Office 131 State House. 

William S. McNary, Boston, chairman. Term expires 

George M. Harlow, Boston, term expires 191C. Charles 
C. Paine. Hyannis. term expires 1917. 
Frederick N. Wales, clerk. 



T, Lleutenant-Gov' 

and Kecelver- 

The annuaf popalar el6cti< 

I day following the first Monday of November. The 

SpringHeld, Salary, $ 

Salary i Treaa., and Receiver- Gen, —Charles L. Burrill ot Boston 

Salary. $5,000. 
amptoii, Auditor of the Commonwealth — Alonzo B. Cook of 

Boston, Salary, $5.U00. 
Qgtry ot Attorney - General— Henry C. Attwill of Lynn, Salary, 

IVG VOtJNClJL. Salary, $1,000 and expenses of t 

I David L. Parker of New Bedford 
( Richard P. Andrews of Boston 
t Timothy J. Buckley of Boaton 

6 Henry C. MuUigab of Natiek 

7 Channing Smith of Leicester 

8 Charles H. Wright of Pittsfleld 


8ENATOE8-Henry Cabot Lodge, of Nahant, tUl 1917; John W. Weeks, of Newton, till 1919. 

RBPEE8BNTATIVK8— Terms expire March 4, 1917. District 1— Allen Treadway, of Stockbridge. District 2- Fred- 
erick H. Gillett, of Springfield. District 3— Calvin D. Paige, of Southbridge. District 4— Samuel E. Winslow, 

District 5— John Jacob Rogers, of Lowell. District 6— Auguf' " " ' ' " ■•■ 

District 7— Michael F. Phelan, of Lynn. District 8-Frederick W. Dallinger, i 

• ■ - "' ■ "' -ict 10-Peter F. Tague, of Boston. — ■ 

"alUvan, of Boston. District 13— Wiiimm n. v-unct, ui iickuubiu. i^ihuh-i ii 
District 15— William S. Greene, of Fall River. District 16— Joseph Waish, . 
New Bedford: 

of Worcest 

District 7-: 

W. Roberts, of Chelsea. District 

Boston. District 12— James A. Galli 

Richard Olney, 2d, of " " '"' 

District 1 

SE1V.A.XOKS. Compensatic 

$1000 for the session. 

Diet. DUKE6. 

(7ap«— Charles L. Giftord, of Barn- 

Frank Baitlett. of Pittsfleld 

, Joseph W- Martin, jr. of North 

t Walter E. McLane, of Fall 
; RichardKnowles.of NewBed- 

1 George H. Jackson, of Lyni 
•2 F. Howard Perley. of Salen 

3 Chas. D. Brown, of Gloucester 

4 Htnry O. Wells. I '" 


John W. Haigis, of Montague 

1 Qurdon W. Gordon, of Spring- 


2 John F. Sheehan, ot Holjoke 

George H. Ellis, of Newton 
I James F. Cavanagh, qt Eyerttt 

I James e . Cavanagh, ot Evertii 
i Nathan A. Tufts, of Waltham 

Wilton B. Fay, of Medford 

7 Chaa A. Kimball, of Littleton 

8 George E.Marehand, of Lowell 

1 Louis F.R.Langelier, of Quin- 

2 Onon T. Mason, of Medway 

John E Beck, of Chel«€ 

i Martin Hays, of Boston _ 
• Daniel J. Cha 

1 Robert N. Washburn, of Wor- 

l Clarence W. Hobbs, jr., of 

! Frank S. Farnsworthol Leom- 

[ Wm.A.L.BaEeley,ofUxbridge 

HerbertE. Cummings, of North 

SeNA.TOKlA.U niSXKlCTS. [Established by Chapter 497, Acts of 1906.] 

DennU, Eastham, Edgartown. 
Falmouth, Gay Head, Gos- 
nold, Harwich. Ma Bhpee,NaB- 
lucket. Oak Bluffs. Orleans, 

Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, 
Dalton. Florida, Hancock, 
Hinsdale, Lanesborough, 
New Ashford, North Adams, 
Peru, Pittsfleld, Savoy, Wil- 

1 Berkshire County. Ches- 

Longnieadow, Montgomery, 

. Attleboro'. Berkley, Dighton, 
Eaaton. Mansfield, North At- 
Norton, Raynhani, 

haven, Freetown, New 

. Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton 
Ipswich, Manchester, New- 
bury, Newburyport, Rockpoit, 
Rowley, Salisturv, Topsfleld, 
Wenham, West Newbury. 

. Amesbury, Boxford, George- 
town, Groveland, Haverhill, 
Merrimac, Middleton, Pea- 

Bernardstou, Buck- 
3harIemont, Colerain, 
r, Deerfield, Erring, 

hutesfury, Sun- 
deriand. Warwick. WendeU, 
Whately, in Franklin County. 

set, Egreraont. 

ington. Lee, Lenox, 

Mt. Washington, 

New Marlboro', Otis, Rich- 

Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, Lyn 

1. Springfield, 

f. Chicopee, Holyoke, Westfleld, 

West Springfield. 


I. War^Bfi, ePV" 8. 9, 10 »nd 11, 

(. SomerTille. 

I. Everett, Maiden, Melrose. 

i. Belmont, Concord, Hudson, 
Lexington, Lincoln, Marlboro, 
Maynard, Stow. Sudbury, Wal- 

; Arlington.Medford.Stoneham, 
Wakefield. Wincheeter, Wo- 

ton, Carliple. Littleton, Low 
ell. Wards 5 and 9, North 
Reading, Reading, Weptford. 
Wilmington, in Middlesex 
County ; Lynn, Ward 6. Lynn- 
fleld, SauETua, in Essex County. 

Dracut, Dunstable, Groton. 
Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend, 

Franklin, Medfield, Medway, 
Millis, Needham, Norfolk. 
Norwood, Plainvillo. Sharon, 
Westwo. ■ — ■" 

East Bridgewater, Halifax, 
Hanover, Hanson, Hinghani, 
Hull, Kingston, Marsfifleld, 
Norwell, Pembroke, Plym- 
outk, Flynipton, Rockland, 
Scihiate, Whitman, io Plym- 
outh County. Cohasset in 
Norfolk County. 
. Brldgewater, Brockton, Lakr- 
ville, Marion, Mattapoisset, 
Middleborougn, Rochenter, 
Warehnm, Weflt Bridgewater 

1. Chelsea, Revere, Wjnthrop 
Ward 1, Boston. 

2. Wards 2, 3, 4 and fi, Boston, 
and Wards I, 2 and 3, Cam- 

. Boston, and 


1. Wards i, 6, a, 7, 8, Sand 10, 

2. BerlinjBolton.BoylstoD, Clin- 
ton, Harvard. Holden, Lan- 
caster. Sterling, W. Boylston, 
Worcester, Wards I, 2 and 8. 


, Blackstone, Doug) 

borough. North bridge, axlord, 
Shrewsbury, Southborough, 

Grafton, Hopedale, 

Braintree, North Brookfleld, 
Oakham. Paiton, Petersham, 
PhillipBton, Princeton, Rut- 
land, Southbridge, Spenoer, 

Dedham, Dover, Foxborough, 

7. Wards 18. 19 and 22, Boston. 

8. Wards 20 and 21, Boston. 

HOUSK OF REPSfiSKATXAXIVfiS. Compensation, $1000 f 

3 Brewster, Eastham, Orleans, 
Provincetown, Truro, Well-, 

1 Clarksburg, Florida, North 
Adams, Wards 3, 4 and 5, Sav- 
oy-James T. Potter o* North 

2 North Adams, Wards. 1, 2, 6,7 

- William H. Woodhead of 
North Adams. 

3 Adams. Cheshire, Hinsdale, 
New Ashford. Peru, Windsor 

— Cornelius Boothman of Ad- 

man of Williamstown, 
5 Pittsfield, Wards ». 6. 7-Rob- 

t T.Kent of Piltsfield. 
i rittsfleld. Wards, 8, 4, 6 — 
William C. Renne of Pittsfield. 
Becket, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, 
New Marlboro. Otis, Rich- 
mond, Sandisfield.Tyringham 
Washington-John H, McAl- 

leli. Stockbridge. West 
Stookbridge-C. Edgar Searing 
of Stockbridge. 

oro. North Attleboro, 

Seekonk— Maurian I. 

Algodt N. Anderson ot Easton. 

I Taunton. Wa^ds 5, 7, 8- Mat- 
thew A. H^gins of Taunton. 

\ Taunton, Wards 2,3,4— Joseph 

5 Berkley, Dlghton, Rehoboth 

I Acushnet. Dartmouth, Fa 
haven, Freetown — David 

Kelley of Fairhavt 

Parker of New Bedford. 

9 Fall River, Wards 1 2, and 

Westport—Joseph E. Freeling 

and Isaac U. Wood of Fall 

brose F. Ogden of Fall I 

11 Fall River. Wards 6. 7, i 


Bagshaw, Frank Mul 

ranit Muiveny ana 
Larocfjue of Fall 

1 Chilmark, Edgartown, Gay 
Head, Gosnold, Oak Bluffs, 

. French of liaverhill. 
1 Haverhill. Wards 4 and 8- 

Eseix S. Abbott of Haverhill. 
I HaverhiU.' 

Morrill of Haverhill. 
1 Lawrence, Wards " 

7 I.,awrence, Ward 5— Frederick 
Butler of Lawrence. 

8 Lawrence, Ward G— James T. 
O'Dowd of Lawrence. 

9 Andover-Nesbit G. Gleason of 

10 Boxford, Groveland, Haver- 
hill, ward 7, North Andover— 
Peter Holt of North Andover. 

11 Peabody— Michael J. Sherry of 

12 Lynn, Ward 3, Swampscott- 
Charles H. Annis of Lynn 

D. Bentley of Swamp- 

14 Lynn, Wards 3 and 4, and Na- 
hant— George C- F. Allen and 
" Oaiinc" 

JamesE. OdlinofLy; 

15 Lynn, Ward 6. and Saugus— 

Thomas W. Baxter of Lynn 

and FranclB M Hill of Saugus. 

16 Marblehead— John N. Osborne 
of Marblehead. 

17 Halem, Wards 1 and 2— James 
Coffey of Salem. 

18 Salem,W8rds 3 and 5— Chaun- 
cey Pepin of Salem. 

19 Salem, Wards 4 and 6— Denis 
J. Sullivan of Salem. 

£20 Beverly and Danvers— Francis 
Norwood and AUison G. Cath- 
eron of Beverly. 

21 Gloucester, Wards 4, 5 and 8, 
Manchester— Harris E. Foster 
of Gloucester. 

22 Gloucester, Wards 3. 6 and 7- 
James E. Tolman of Gloucester 



M. Lyle 

on, Ipswl 
Rowley, Topsfleld, 


" Hamilton, Ipswich. 

n, Rowley, Topsfleld, 

-Frank E. Raymond 

23 Newburyport. Wards 1, 2, S 
and 4— Carl C. Emery of New- 

"* " Newbury, New- 

buryport, Wards 5 and 6. _ 
bury, Wesi Newbury— Wil 
F. Runnells of Newburypo 

G. FeiTy of Shelbume. 
! Greenfield— F rede 

Pierce of Qreenflcld. 
I Bernardston, Den-fli 

Leverett, Leyi 

4 Erving, New Salem, North - 
field.Orange, Shutesbury.War- 
wick, Wendell-Harry C. Gates 

ofMonson. ' 

I Agawam, Blandford, Chester, 
East Longmeadow, Granville, 
Hampden, Longmeadow, Lud- 
low, Montgomery, Russell, 
Southwick, Tolland, West 
Springfield, Wilbraham — 
Edward E Chapman of Lud- 
low and George W. Love of W. 


1 Springfield, Wards 2 and 3- 

Joho Mitchell of Springfield, 
j Springfield, Wards 4. 6 and 6— 

George D. Chamberlain of 

) Springfield. Ward 7— Julius F. 

Carman of Springfield, 
r Springfield, Ward 8-Merrill 
;.Streeter of Springfield. 

I Chicopee- 


John J. Murphy of Holyoke. 

10 Holyoke, Wards 3 and 6- 
Frederick W. MacKtnzie ol 

11 Holyoke, Wards 5 and 7- 
John D. Ryan of Holyoke. 

12 Westfi eld— Thomas J. Coolcy 

FitzGerald of Northampton. 
J Chesterfield, Cummington, 
Easthampton, Goshen, Hunt- 
ington, Middlefield, Plainfield, 
Southampton, Westhampton, 
WilUamsturg, Worthington- 
Frank E. Lyman of EastHamp- 

I Belchertown, Enfield, Granby, 

Greenwich, Felham, Prescott, 
Ware-Roland D. Sawyer of 

Cambridge. Wards 1, 2 and a— 

■idge. Wards 1.2 

Lynch of Cambridge. 

2 Cambridge. Wards 4, a, o auu * 
—Frederic F. Clauaa, Albert M. 
Chandlerand Charles N. James 

3 Cambridge,Ward8 8 9,10andll 
—Philip R. Amniidon. Ken- 
neth P. Hill and C. Buniside 

Weston.jr. of Newlo 

6 Walthani— George P. Drury 

and John M. Gibbs of Wal- 

6 Natick— Thomas H. Brennan 

7 Framingham— James E. Mac- 
Pherson ot Framingham. 

8 Ashland.Holliston.Hopkinton. 
Sherborn - Charles D. Fisher ot 

9 Marlborough— John H. Parker 

nard, Stow— George E. Osgood 
of Hudson. 

11 Acton, Ayer, Carlisle, Chelms- 
ford, Littleton, Westford- 
EdgarH.HaU of Acton. 

12 Ashby, Dunstable, Groton. 
Pepperell, Shirley. Townsend, 
Tyngs bo ro— Joseph A. Saun- 
ders of Pepperell. 

13 Bedford, Con 
~ iai 


14 Dracut and Lowell, Ward 1— 
Arthur W- Colburn of Dracut. 

15 Lowell. Ward 2— Uennis A. 
Murphy *>* Lowell. 

16 LoweU,Ward84and5— John J. 

O'Connell of Lowell. 

18 Lowell.WardS— Fred O.Lewis 
of Lowell. 

19 Billerica. LowfU, Ward 9, 
Tewksbury- Burton H. Crosby 
of Lowell. 

20 Burlington, 
Heading.W „ . 

-Fred J. Brown of Woburn 
andEdwardB. Eamesof Read- 

lE. Bliss, Lloyd 


28 Medford, Wards 1, 2, 4. 6, and 7 
—James Morrison ot Meoford. 

29 Arlington, Lexington — Jacob 

1 Dedham, Needham — John A. 
Hirshof Dedham. 

2 Brookline— Charles F.Rowley 

Martin of Boston. 
4 Canton, Milton — Joseph F. 

& Quiucy, Wards 1, 2 and 3 — 
Albert L. Whitman of Qulncy. 

6 Quincy. Wards 4, 5 and 6— 
Edward J. Sandberg ot Quincy. 

7 Weymouth— Kenneth L. Nash 
of Weymouth. 

8 Avon, Braintree, Holbrook,— 
Hartley L. White of Braintree. 

9 Randolph. Sharon, Stoughton 
-Joseph Belcher of Randolph. 

10 Norwood. Walpole, Westwood 
-Julius Guild of Walpole. 

11 Dover. Medfield, Medway, 
Millis, Norfolk. Wellesley— 
Harold L. Perrin of Wellesley. 

tham — Horace W. Ilosie of 

1 Plymouth— John W. Churchill 
of Plymouth 

2 Duxbury, Marshfield, Nor- 
well, Pembroke, Scituate— 
Edmund Baker of Marshfield. 

5 Cohasset, Hingham. Hull — 
William O. Souther, jr. of Co- 

HanoTcr, Hanson 
" im J. Barry 

min §. Atwood of Whitman' 

6 Carver, Lakeville. Marion 
Mattapoisett, Rochester.Ware 

Kingston. Middle- 

.Plympton- William 


8 Bridgewater, EastBridgewater, 

West Bridgewater-AlTston M. 

Sinnott of Bridgewater. 


10 Brockton, Wards 1, 2 and 5- 
Willlam B. Baldwin and . 
I Maybury of Brockton 

^iTst twenty-five d 
wards in Boston. 

24 Everett— Fred P. 

: Wards 1 and 

2 Manassah E.Bradley and John 
J. Kearney 

3 John J. Gillis and James J. 

4 Wards 4 and 5— John P. Ma- 
honey, Michael J. McNamee 
and Charles J. McNulty. 

& Wards 1 and 2— -Toseph M. Lev- 

6 Ward's— Vincent Brogim and 

and David Mancovitz. 

Ward 9— Thomas F. D 
and Samuel Silverman. 
Ward 10 — Channing ] 

Ward 12— John W. Craig and 

James W. Hayes. 

Ward 13— William J. Foley 

and John N. Levins. 

Ward 14— Daniel W. Casey 

and Joseph Uakhem. 
Ward 18— Patrick E. Murray, 
jr. and George E. Curran. 
Ward 11) — James Mclnerney 
and William H. Sullivan. 
Ward 20— John J. Cummings. 
Peter F. McCartv and Joseph 

Ward 21 — Simon Swig and 
Addison P. Beardsley. 
22 Ward 22— John P. Englert and 
*■'- ij. Mo.T- 

2;i— Geo 
and James E. ', 

24 Ward 24 — Charles S. Lawler. 
Joseph J. Benson and Sanmel 

25 Ward 25— Frederick E. Dow- 
ling Herbert A. Wilson. 

2G Chelsea, Wards 3 and 4 - 
John J. O'Brien of Chelsea. 

27 Chelsea, Ward 5. Revere, Win- 
throp-Edgar H. Whitney ot 
Winthrop and Charles U. 

Cross of Royalston. 

Arthur F. Lamb of Templeton 
and Charles H. Hartshoro of 

3 Barre, Holden, Hubbardeton, 
Oakham, Princeton. Rutland. 
Sterling, Westminster- Water- 
man L. Williams of Holden. 

4 Brookaeld, Hardwick, New 
Braintree, North Brookfield, 
Warren. West Brookfield— 
Louis H. Ruggles of Hardwick. 

5 Charlton. Southbridge, Stur- 
bridge— Daniel T. Morrill of 

8 Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, 
Millbury, Shrewsbury, Sutton, 
Uxbridge-Peter C Paradis ot 
Millbury and Francis Piescott 

9 Uopedale, Mendon, Milford, 
Northbridge, Upton — Arthur 
W. Frail of Upton and William 
A- Murray of Milford. 

10 Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clin- 
ton, Northborough, Southbor- 
ough, West BoyUton, West- 
borough— Albert M. Tyler of 
W Boylston and George A. 
Whitrey of Clinton. 

11 Fitchburg, Ward 6, Harvard, 

14 Worcester, Ward 2— G. 

17 Worcester, Ward 5— Thomas 

20 Worcester, Ward S— Theodore 



Adiulant-GeDcral, Bri" -Gen Charles H. Cole, Boston. 
Aides-de-Camp, Capt. Richard Lawrence, Boston, C»pt. 
J. A. LoweU Stake, Boston. 

A(Uiitant-Oeneral*a JDepartmeiit. 

259 State House 
vVdjutant-General. Brig.-Gen. Charles II Cole, Boston. 
AdjutB.-Gen., Lieut.-Col. William S- Simmons, Milton ; 

and Majors Charles A. Stevens, Lowell and Cbarles T. 


lnspeGtor-Oenera.l*H Depurtmeut. 

South Armory, Ir\ington Street, Boston 
Inspector-Gen., Lieut. Col. George H. Benyon, Water- 
Inspectors General with rank of Lieut.-Col., Jt'sse F. 

Stevens. Wollaston : John S. Barrows, Boston 
Inspectors General with rank of Major, Charles F. Sar- 
gent, Lawrence, and Olin D. Dickerman^ Newton 

JudKe A^dvocate^B Department. 

South Armory, Irvington Street, Boston 
-Cnl. William C. Rogers, Boston, Judge Advocate- 

Common wi 

Col. Charles Haydi 

Major William L. Conrad, BoitOD. 
Major Henry B. Knowles. Gloucester. 
Major Harrie C. Hunter, Marlboro. 
Major Joseph N. Willcutt, Cohasset. 
Capt. Elon F. Tandy, South Framinj 

dent of State Arsenal. 
Capt. Joiiah S. Hathaway, Brookllnc. 
Capt. Charles T. Uukelow, Brookline 
Capt. John P. Ka 

SomerviUe, Deputy Quar- 

Field Hospital Xo. 1. 

Ith Armory, 1036 Commonwealth Av., Alls. 
1 D. R. Woodworth, Jamaica Plain, Medical 
'ps., Commanding. 
Ctpt. Frederick A. King, Bosron, Medical Corps. 
Ist Lieut Charles R. Morgan, Boston, Medical Corps. 
Ist Lieut.SumnerC.Andrins, Gloucester. Medical Corps. 
1st Lieut. David L. Williams, Boston, Medical Corps. 

Ambulance Company Wo. 1. 

Conlm^nwealth Armory, 1035 Commonwealth Av., Alls. 
Capt. George F. Keenan, Brighton, Medical Corps., Com- 
Capt Leonard W. Hassett, Lynn. Medical Corps, 
lat Lieut. Frederick W. O'Brien, Brockton, Medical 

Chief of Ordnance. 

South Armory, Irvington Street, Boston 
Maj. Kingslcy A. Bumham, Boston. 

Corps of Enefneers. 

South Armory, Irvington Street, Boston 
Maj. Christopher Harrison, Everett, Chiet of Engineer 

Second Brigade. 

Headquarters, Commonwealth Arm< 
1035 Commonwealth Av., Alls. 

, John M. Portal, Wo- 

Fir«t Corps of Cadets. 

Headquarters, Cadet Armory, 130 Columbni av., 
Lieutenai t Colonel, Franklin L. Joy, Roxhury 
Major, Holton B. Perkins, " * 

Medical Department. 

266 State House 
Surgeon-Gen , Lieut.-Col. Frank P. Williams, 

. Joseph 8. Hart, Lincoln, Surgeon 
waj. William R. P. Emerson, Boston, Surgeon. 
Maj. Frederick E Jonei, Quincy, Surgeon. 
M»j. Jonn U. R. Woodworth, Jamaica Plain, Surgeon 
Mai. Fred L. Bonan, Dorchester, Surgeon- 
Ma). Irving T. Cutter, Win Chester. ^Surgeon. 

Maj. Harry H. Nev...,, ^-.....,^^. ^=... ^^.^^^^. 
( apt. Abraham C. Williams, Springfield. Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Witliam NTenney, Canton, AasistantSurgeon. 
Copt. DunlapP. Penhallow. Boston, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. WtUiam H. Blanchard, Quincy, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. George F. Kceoan, Brighton, Aisistant Surgeon. 
Capt. Frederick A. King. Boston, Asst Surgeon. 
Capt. Mason D. Bryant, Lowell, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt James Glass, Framingham, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Edward A. Rushford, Salem, Asst, Surgeon. 
Capt. James F. Coupal, Roxbury, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Charles F. Mams, Dorchester, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt Benjamin E. Wood, Allston, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Sydney C. Hardwick, Quincy, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Oecar A. Dudley, Saxonville, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Leonard W. Hassett, Lynn, Asst. Surgeon. 
Capt. Harry C. Martin, Longmeadow, Asst. Surgeon 
Capt. Dana W. Drury. Boston, Asst. Surgeon. 
Ist Lieut. Benjamin E. Wood, Allston, Asst. Surgeon. 
1st Lieut. Karl R. Bailey, Jamaica Plam, Asst. Surgeon. 
' t Lieut. Charles R. Morgan, Boston, Asst. Surgeon. 

Capt. Harold W. Estey, Billerica. 

Ist Lieut. George B. Dabuey, Boston 

2d Lieut. William J. Toppau, Boston 
Company B. 

Capt. John F. Osborn. Cambridge 

1st Lieut. Edwm M. Brush, Brookline 

2d Lieut. Elias Field. Forest Hills 
Company C. 

Capt. Charles M. Rotch, Boston 

Ist Lieut. Robert E. Hamilton. Cheliea 

2d Lieut. Lester F. Sargent, Westwood 
Company D 

Capt. Porter B. Chase, W. Newton. 

Ist Lieut. George I. Cross, Cambridge 

2d Lieut. Carroll J. Swan, Allston 

Coast .A^rtillery Corps. 

Headquarters, South Armory, Irvington Street. 
Colonel, E. Dwight FuUerton, Dedham 
Lieut.-Col., George F Quinby. Dorchester 
Majors, Benjamin B. Shedd, Medford; G. Morgan King 

Hyde Park 
Adjutant. Capt. George B. Stebbins, Roslindale 
Eneineer, Capt. Frank M. Gunby, Boston 

, Capt. Walter L. Weeden, Worcester 

utants Ist Lieutt. Walter J. Gilbert, New 

Bedford; Charles Keveney, jr., Dorchester; EdwardF. 

Chase, Lynn 

Battalion Quartermaster and Commissary, 2d Lieuts. 

George E. Adams, Quincv ; George B. Sawyer, Quincy ; 


Sheahan, Quincy, 

1st Lieut. Richard H. Miller. Boston, Asst. Surgeon, 
lat Lieut. Merrick Lincoln, Worcester, Asst. Surgeon. 

Chatlestown Armory, Headquarters 

Bunker Hill Street: 
Commonwealth Armory, for Mounted Troops, 1035 Com- 

Naval Battalion Armory, 97 Huntington Av. 
South Armory, Headquarters Coast Artillery Corps., 
Irvington Street. 

; Lieut., Cyrus 

Josepn H.Hurney, Dorchester. 
2d Company— Capt.. Albert L. Kendall, Framinghan: 

lit Lieut-, Edward W. Raymond, E. Weymouth. 2. 

Lieut., Vernon A. Campbell, Boston 
3d Companv— Capt., Harry J. Kane. New 

Lieut.; Charles C. 
Clarence H. Poor, jr., Cambridge 
7th Company— Capt.. Arthur W. Burton. Cambridge. 


uni, EastBoston. 2d Lieut-, Thomas 

Fifth Refflment orinfaniry 

Headquarters, Charleetown Armory, 
366 Bunker Hill Street. 
Colonel, 'Willia W. Stover, Everett 
Lieut. Col., Willard C. Butler, Plymouth 
Majors, Franris Meredith. Soinerville, OrviUe J. 

Medtord, Walter L. Bouve, Hinsham 
Adjutant, Capt. William W. Wade, Woburn 
Quartermaster, Capt. Jackson Caldwell, Somerville 
Commissary, Capt. Merton E. Jenkins, Charlestown 
AsBt. Inep. Small Arms Practice, Thomas McCarthy, 


Battalion Quarterma 

1 Commissaries, 2d LieutB. 

Evere'tt Arnold, West Roxbury, Charges E. Mc- 
intire, Cambridge; Edward P. Brock ' "^ 
Chaplain, Stephen H. Roblin, Brooklii 

Companies at Charlestown 
Company J 

Car " 

2d Lieut. Chal-les W. H. Smith, 

Capt. James D. Weir, Somerville 
1st Lieut. Eli C Benwav, Boston 
2d Lieut. George E. Irving, Charlestown 
Company H. 

Capt. Geo- T. Lattimer. Charlestown 
let Lieut. Patrick F. O'Brien, Somerville 
2d Lieut., James J. Kearney, Maiden 

Sixth Kefflment of Infautry. 

Headquarters, Commonwealth Armory, 

1035 Commonwealtb Av., Alls. 

Colonel, Warren E. Sweetser, Wollaston 

Lieut.-Colonel, Herbert W. Damon, Framingham 

Majors, William H. Dolan, Fitchburg; Colby T. Kit- 

redge, Lowell 
Adjutant, Capt.^hilip L. SchujMe 

Capt. Jolin Kenney, Somerville 
Ist Lieut. Chester A. Baker, Boston 
2d Lieut. John R. Sanborn, Medford 
B Troop. 

I LieutB Howrrd'c7Le8'l'ie',"MHton^' 

1st Lieut Daniel Sweetland, CambridRe 
2d Lieut. Bertrand W. Ashby. Medford 
D Troop 
Capt. ^ 

Ist Lie . ... 
2d Lieut. Waiiam F. Swain, Mattapan 

First Resiment of Field Artillery. 

Headquarters, Commonwealth Armory, 
1035 Commonwealth Av., Alls. 
Colonel, John H. Sherburne. Brookline 
Lieut. Col 
Majors, Thorndi 

Howe, Haverhill ; Richard K. 
Hall, Brookline 
Regimental Adjutant, Capt. Roger D. Swain, Cambridge 

tE. Goodwin, Con- 

Commissary, Capt Arthur W. Green, Lynn 
Veterinarians. Dr. William T. White, Newtonville, Dr. 

JohnH. Seale, Sakni 
Battalion Adjutants, Capt. Norton Wiggiesworth. Milton 

redge, Lowell 
'■ - ' Capt. 

aster, Capt. Henry H. Wheelock, Fitchburg 
try. Capt. Lewis O- Hunton. Lowell 
Asst. Insp. Small Arms Practice, Capt. James H. Keough 

8 Practic 

Sattalion Adjutants, Ist. Lieuts. George t 
Jamaica Plain ; Charles E. Akeley, Leomir 

Elbert M. Crockett. Milford; Harrie C. Perr, 
borough; Winf red C. MacBrayne, Lowell 
Chaplain, WilUam F. Dusseaull, Lynn 
Company L— Armory. Bulfinch Street, Boston 
Capt. J. Holman Pry or. We: * "' 
Isi Lieut. Joseph C ""' 

Ninth ReKiment of Infantry. 

Headquarters, East Armory, 75 E. Newton St., Boston. 
I L. Logan. South Boston 

Winthrop Miller, Boston, 2d Lieut, Stuart McLeod, 
Chaplain, Murray W. Dewart, Winchester 
A Battery 

Capt. Edward B. Richardson, Brookline 
1st Lieuts. Herbert S. Allen, Boston; George A. 
Parker, Lancaster _ 

2<1 Lieuts, James F. Clarke, Boston, Erland F 

Xaval Militia Department. 

Headquarters, 264 State House 
Chief of Department. Brig.-Gen. Charles H. Cole, B 
Naval Alililia Bureau. 

Parker, retired. Chief of Bi 

' Bedfori 

1 E. Baudoin, New Bedford 
nruvai Battalion. 

Headquarters. 97 Huntington Avenue 
Captain. William B Edgar. Fall River. 
Lieut. Commanders, Frederick G. Robinson, Somerville; 
John T. Nelson, Fall River ; Albert H. Baker, Boston ; 
illiara W. Ramsay, Cambridge. 

Commissary. Capt. Daniel J. Murphy, Natick 

Asst. Insp. Small, Arms Practice, Capt. Joseph T. Law- 
less, Waltham 

Battalion Adjutants, 1st Lieuts. John W. Mahoney, 
Lawrence: Francii J. O'Kane, Brookline, Joseph W. 
O'Connell, Worcester 

Battalion Quartermasters and Commissaries. 2d Lieuts. 
William H. Drohan, Dorchester; John D. Murphy, 
Natick ; John J. Lydon, South Boston 

ChaplD" --■'-"■ 

, Fall Riv. 

2d Lieut. Joseph T 

'^a*pY William J. McCarthy, Dorchester 

. McConnell. Boston 

. Charles J. Cannon, Dorchei 

Comoany C. 

Capt. Herbert S. M. Lavden. Dorchester 

lat Lieut. Nicholas A. Fleming, South Boston 

2d Lieut. George J. Cronin, Dorchester 

Company E. 

Capt. James J. O'Brien, South Boston 
1st Lieut. Daniel J. Canty. Woburn 
2d Lieut. Frank E. Collins, Roslindale 

CompBoy 1 

Capt. Christopher F. Lee, Dorchester 
1st Lieut. James J. Flanagan, Boston 
2d Lieut Robert Hayes, Dorchester 

Plrst Squadron of Cavalry. 

Headquarters, Commonwealth Armory, 
1035 Commonwealth Av., Alls. 
Major, Charles A. Schmitz^West Medford 

QuartTmoater and Commissary, 2d Lieut., Leroy 

Robbing, Medford 
Veterinarian, Arthur W. May, Jamaica Plain. 

Lieut, (junior grade). William H. McEwen, jr., Melrose. 
Lieut. Com. David G. Eldridge, Dorchester, Surgeon. 
Lieut. Com. Milton I. Deane, Fall River, Paymaster. 
Lieut. Orland R. Blair. Springfield, Passed Asst. Surgeon. 
Lient. Frank P. Turner. Maiden. Passed Asst. Paymaster. 
Lieut, (junior grade) George E. Butler, Fall River, Asst. 

Licuts^fjunior grade) Roy W. Mathers, Lynn; Frank 

W. Sleeper, Dorchester Aset. Surgeons, 
Lieut, (junior grade) Joseph D. Grf " 

COMPANIES at Mechanic Building, 97 Huntington Av. 

1st Deck Division. _ ,„ ^ ^ ^^ 

Lieut and Chief of Co., WiUi»m A. Rattgan, South 

Lieot. J. G.. Frank W. Lanagan, East Boston. 

Ensign, Ernest J. Flannigan. Wakefield. 
2d Deck Division. „ „ . ,_ ... 

Lieut, and Chief of Co.. Edwin W. Keith, Melrose. 

Lieut. J. G., Wm. J. FitzRerald, Dorchester. 

Ensign, Henry J. Lund, Concord Junction. 
3d Deck Division. 

Lieut, and Chief of Co., Howard G. Copeland, Stone- 
Lieut J. G-. William A. Hindon. Melrose. 

Ensign, Norman E. Merrill, Walpole. 
1st Eneineer Division 

Lieut. Chief, of Div.. Franklin G. Wright, Dorchester. 

Lieut. J. G., Edward J. Ho^an. South Boston. 

Ensijms. Oscar B. Davis, Medford; William H. But- 
terworth, East Boston. 

Chief of Div.. Henry H. Bartlett, East Boito 
- - — -er F. Brookins. Boston. 

W. Walsh, Roslindale; Hiram 1 

Lieut. J. G.. Walter F. Brooki 
Ensigns, George 

First Marin 

97 Huntington Av. 
Capt. Commanding, Walter A. Powers. Brookline 
Ist Lieut., William A. Wharton. Mattapan 
2d Lieut., Stewert W. Chaffer, Brookline 

Fir»t Battalion !$ieual Troops 
Headquarters, Commonwealth Armory, 
1035 Commonwealth Av.. Alls. 
Major, Harry G. Chase, Boston, Chief Signal Officer. 
Company A. (Wire Company) 

Capt.. S. Stewart Smith, Somerville. 
Ist Lieut., Frank P. Edwards, Cambridge. 
1st Lieut., Henry C Gawler, Somerville. 
Company B. (Radio Company) 

Capt! . 

1st Lieut., Addison F. Crafts, Everett. 



Departments Offices 

Art 1001 City Hall annex. 

Assessing 301 City Hall annex. 

Auditing 20 City Hall. 

Building 901 City Hall annex. 

Building Examiners, Board of 1001 City Hall annex. 

Cemetery 1001 City Hall annex. 

Children's Institutions 49 City Hall. 

City Clerk 31 City Hall. 

City Council, Officials of 55-50 City Hall. 

City Planning Board 47 City Hall. 

Collecting 2d floor City Hall annex. 

Consumptives' Hospital 1001 City Hall annex. 

Election Ill City Hall annex. 

Finance Commission 73 Tremont street, room 416 

Fire Headquarters CO Bristol street. 

Fire Department, Chief of Engine House 26-35, 18 Mason 

Harbor Master Battery cor. Commercial st. 

Health 11th floor. City Hall annex. 

Hospital 818 Harrison avenue. 

Infirmary 51 City Hall. 

Institutions Registration 5 City Hall, basement. 

Law 73 Tremont street, room 730. 

Library Public Library, Copley square. 

Licensing Board for City of Boston 1 Beacon street, Sth floor. 

Market Faneuil Hall Market. 

Overseeing of the Poor 43 Hawkins street. 

Park and Recreation 33 Beacon street. 

Police Commissioner 29 Pemberton square. 

Police, Superintendent of 37 Pemberton square. 

Printing 251 Causeway street. 

Public Buildings 802 City Hall annex. 

Public Works, Commissioners of 509 City Hall annex. 

Public Works, General Office 506 City Hall annex. 

Registry 103 City Hall annex. 

School, Officials of the Committee 14 Mason street. 

School, Superintendent of 14 Mason street. 

Schoolhouse 1007 City Hall annex. 

Sinking Funds 20 City Hall. 

Soldiers' Relief 00 City Hall. 

Statistics 73 City Hall. 

Street Commissi jners 401 City Hall annex. 

Supply SOS City Hall annex. 

Treasury 21-22 City Hall. 

Vessels and Ballast 157 Liverpool St., East Boston. 

Weights and Measures 106 City Hall annex. 

Wire 905 City Hall annex. 



Boaton was incorporated as a City in 1822, when the judiciary of Boston was separated 
from the executive and legislative branches. In 1885 the executive of Boston was separated 
from the legislative branch. The term of mayor is four years, subject to recall after two 
years by not less than a majority of all the voters in the city: the city council consists of 
nine members elected at large for three-year terms; all nominations for a municipal election 
to be made by petition of not less than five thousand voters, without party designations on 
the ballot. Election sixth Tuesday after annual state election, see page 84. Terms begin 
the first Monday in February 

Mayor, JAMES M. CTXRLEY, Salary, $10,000. Office, City Hall 


Salaries, $1600 each. 

DANIEL J. McDonald 

Term Expires 1917 




Term Expires 1918 

Term Expires 1919 



. Pratt, William F. Prindeville 

Art Departm 

1001 City Hall ai 
Commiasionere, Thomaa Allc 
Templeman Cooiidge. jr. 

npteman Coc 
irles D. Magii 

lis, Alexander Steinert. 

44-Michael I 

45— Warren F. Freemau, Aionzo A. Pulverinaa 

4ft-Edward E. McGrath, Clarke Waters 

47— Joseph J. Houston, Edward F. Brenii 

48— James F. Maguire. P. Frank Tracy 

■" "-"-'iF.Carley. John J. Casey 

Assessine ]>epitrtment. 

301 City Hall annex. 
Board of Assessors: Edward B. Daily (chairman), 
Frederick H Temple. Fred E. Bolton, Charles E. Folsom 

■ lam A. Creney, William 

. with 9500 extra tor the 
chairman and $200 for the secretary. First and Second 
Asst. Assessors by Districts ; 
1— Thomas O.McEnancy, George E. Leet 
■2— Joseph H. King, Patrick J. Monahan 
3— Edward L. Hopkins. John J. Quinlan 
4— Lucian J. Priest, Edward F. White. 
6— Michael J. Brophy, James V. Doherty 
6— Jacob Kosenberg, John J Dolan 
7— Thomas Bond, Simon Goldberg 
8— Arthur C Quincy, Ernest Martini 
9— Mattliew Binney,jr., James McNulty 
1>-Harry C. Byrne, Saverio R. Romano 
1— Edwin R Spinney, John A. Badaracco 

Delehanty, Lawrence H. New] 

, Grover C. 

3— William 

4— Alexand _. 

5-Uenry J. Ireland Charles E. FuUlck 

6— A. S. Parker Weeks, Harry Coheii 

. Jacobs 

isadore "C 
IS-Joseph D. Dillworth, William A. Braae 
19 — James H. Phelan, Edward Llenemann 
20-Timothy W. Murphy, Jerome J. Crowley 
21— James I. Moore, James A. Strech 
22— William H. Allen, Daniel J. Goulding 
2.S— Arthur W. Smith, Joseph F. Ripp 
24-^ohn H. Hout, Jeremiah P. Murray 
25-^Tohn Marno, Cornelius M. Liston 
26— John S. McDonough, James A. McElaney, Jr. 
27— Henrv W. Reynaud, Thomas Grieve 
28-Frcderick F. Smith, Frank Ciambelli 
29 — Aionzo F. Andrews, John S. GUraan 
30— James P. Fox. John F. Kinney 
31— Charles H. Warren, Joseph C. Woods 
.12— John J. Butler, Robert F. Waul 

35— Charles A. Murphy, Frank A. Gafney 
3ft-Daniel A. Downey, George O. Wood 
37-Frcd W. Burleigh. Louis Davis 
38— John J. Dailey,^Ullam J. Henry 
- ~ ■ - -'■ .Murray 

37-Frcd W. Burleigh. Louis 
- - .hn J. Dailey,^TUllam J 

imotliy J. Mur 

. Fred Pierce,. 


A.iit]itlne I>epartnieiit. 

Room 20 
Mitchell. Auditor; Salary, 
sst. Auditor; Salary, 83,600. 

,000. Julien C. 

Bostrd of Biiildiuff Examiners. 

1001 City Hall annex 
Thomas D. O'Conner (chairman); Thomaa K. Re; 
lolde ; William H. Besarick. 

ISuildiiis: Department. 

901 City HaU annex 
Patrick O'Hearn, Building Commieaioner. Chaa. 

i Conetruction. John 
Egreea Oivf ' 
vision. James W. Fly 
Patrick H. CoBtello " 

, Clerk of Dept. Edward 
J.Turner, Supi 
Supervisor of 

Chief of?lan 
Supervisor ot Gaofltting. 

M. Wilson, Chief Inspector Tei 

t Houae Division. 

Cemetery department. 

1001 City HaU annex 
Trustees, Charles E^ Phipps (chairman), Frederick E- 

, Albert W. Hersey, Jacob R. Morse. John 
Madden. John Frank Kea""" o-— -.»--" i ^„«»rH ■ 
Rosa, supt , salary. $3,000. 

Childreu*it lustitutionH department. 

« City Hall 
Which includes Suffolk School for Boys. Rainstord 
Island, John J Ryan, Supt. Trusteea, John O'Hare 
(chairman), Margaret T. Walsh, (secretary), Louis A. 

City Clerk Department. 

Office, 31 City HaU. 
Donovan, city clerk, term ende 1917, salary, 
d J. Doyle, asst. city clerk, salary, 83.8(K). 


<'ily Council, OlficialM ol' 

OfKcc, :..'i-5ij City Hall. 

Room 5:i 

I J. Leary, city int-fiseiiger, salary, $L*,oOit. 

Room 56 

I F- Dever, clerk of comniitteea, salary. $2,500. 

1. Warreo Bq. Friend street 18. Pittsburgh 
2 Paris - - ■• - 

4 Dudley, 
6. W. Fou 

Frauk X. Chieholni, sec. 

1 reporter of proceedings. 

dolph P. Moeeley, William H. Sullivan, Jaraes F. 
Cornelius J. Spillane, Edmond V. Lynch, Janie* v» . 
Gibbons. Insolvency Clerk. William E. Cunningham. 

Consumptives* Uospltiil Deptirtment. 

1001 City HaU annex. 

Tnisteee, Dr. John F. O'Bhen (chairman). Dr. James 

J. Minot (secretary), Mies Isabel F. Uyams, John J. 

Barry, Mrs Margaret G. O'Caliaghan; Artlmr J. White, 


111 City HaU annex. 
John M. Minton (chairman), salary, 
$4,000: Melancthon W. Burlen. secretary, Frank 
Seiberlich, John B. Martin, salary, $3,600 each. 

Finance Commission. 

73 Tremont, room 416. 
John R. Murphy, Chairman, salary $5,000; John F. 
Moors, Charles L. Carr, James P. Magenis. James M. 
Morrison. Counsel, John C. L. Dowling, salary $3,200. 


Headquarters, Bristol street. 

CommiBsioner John Urady; salary, $5,000. B. F. 
Underhill. Chie* Clerk ; salary. $2,600. Chiefs Head- 
quarters. Engine House 26-35, 18 Mason et., Peter F. Mc- 
Donough, Chief; salary. $4,500. Div. 1, John O. Taber. 
Deputy Chief; salary, $3,500. Div. 2, Darnel F. 
Deputy Chief; salary, 

' ndent of Fire Ali 

8. Fort 

9. Sil ft 

h, D< 
Temple, Do: 

Fourth, near K. S 
'M. Andrew iq. H. B 
21. Saratoga, cor. Byn 

City Plannine Soartl. 

Room 47 City Hall. 
Ralph A. Cram (chairman), John J. Walsh, Emily 
Greene Balch, Henry Abrahams, William C. Ewiug, 
Elisabeth M. Herlihy, secretary. 

Collecting Department. 

City Hall annex, second floor. 
John J. Curley. Collector. John J. McCarthy, Cashier. 
LeForreat A. Hall, jr., Bookkeeper. Michael W. Ahem, 
William T. Gartlaod, Edwin A. Wall, Tellers. Deputy 
Collectors, Thomas R. Appleton (chief), Edward J. 
Bromberg, Wm. Kells, Mattnew H. McEttrick, Louis P. 
Pfau, .lames S.McKenna, 

. ,J.P. 

12. 1046 Tremont itree). 
18. Warren av. 
14. Harvard av. A 

16. Washington. < 

17. 157 Harrison a 

, Loogwood and Brook- 
line avs. 
, Walnut it. Dor. 

;. Bristol I 

Weeokinq Waqom 


Under Management of the Fibk Undeewbitebb 
Office, 40 Purchase st. Incorporated March 10, 1874. 

Samuel B Reed, Fres. Henry L. Hiscock. Vice Pres. 

Edwarft .Spaulding, Sec. and Treaa. F. A. Dewick, 

William H. Rogers, Edward F. Woods, Carlos P Faunce, 

Henrv L. HlRcock.WalterS.Giera3ch,William E.Davun- 

port, James H. Carney. Directors. Samuel Abbott, Supt. 

Dr. W. F. Temple, Med. Officer. 
Company No. 1,40 Purchase Street. J. T-Fitzgerald, 

Capt. Arthur F. Swift, Edgar Abbott, Lieuts. 
Company No. 2, 4 Appleton St., near Tremont, Henry E. 

Thompson, Capt. Samuel A. McDonnell, G. E.. 

Blakeley, Lieuts. 
Company No. 3, Itil Roxburv St., J. J. McCarthy, Capt 
' " D.Seeley, Lieuts. 

Michael J, Gleason. Jo! 


George 1... Fickett. Super- 


The fact that an alarm-box is located near their resi- 
dence should be known to all persons; also tlie simplS 
manner ot giving an alarm in case of fire. The Fire 
' " persons who may see 

Open the door oi the box-pull the 
once and let go. (Jpening the do 
door but does NOT give an alai 


ilary, ^.i.OOO. Eugt 
salary, $3,000; and 
Chiefs ; salary, gS.nOO each. Dist. 1, Jolin W 

Supt. of Repairs: 

Dist. l(i- WalterM.'McLean ; Dist. ii, Henry A. Fox ; Di 

working of the machinery in box. 
" pull again. 

an order from the chief 


. Fourth, cor. O st., S.B 
, Harrison av., c. Bristol. 
Bulflnch street. 

9. Paris street. 

10, River, tt Mt.Vemon ( 

11. Saratoga, cor. Byron. 

13. Cabot street, Rox. 
14- 27 Centre St., Rox. 
15. 109 Dorchester av. 

i.Temple, Dor. 

17. Meeting- 

18. 30 Harvi 

19. Norfolk 

30 Harvard stre 

25. Fort Hill square. 

26. 18 Mason street. 
•j:7. 11 Elm St.. Chsn 
28. 659 Centre St.. J- F 

a. Winthrop st., Chsn. 

4. ft^ Shawmut av. 

5. Grove Hall. Dor. 

7. Saratoga, cor. Prescott, 

30. Centre.n.Bellevue.W.R. 

31. Fire Boat, 531 Com '1 

82. 440 Bunker HUl at., 


83. Boyliton, cor. Hereford. 
M. Western av. n. Waver- 

ly, Br. 
35. 18 Mason st. (horseless) 
36 44 Monument Clisn. 

37. Longwood and Brook- 

line avs. [less) 

38. Congress, S. B. (horse- 

39. Congrese, S. B. 

40. Sumner street, E.B. 

41. Harvard av.. Alls. 

42. Egleston square. 

Never open t 

of fire. 
Never give ai 

Harbor Master'i 

Office Battery, cor. Commercial street. 

Lieut, and Harbor Mastt-r. Ross A. Perry; Sergeants, 

Ernest A. Webster. Ibri W. H. Curtis, Frederick J. 

Swendeman Thomas H Soutter; Patrolmen, Thomas 

Connor. John J. McCarthy, William H. Rymes, Herbert 

Commissioner, Francis X. Mahoi 
$7,500. Frederick S. Davis, Secreti 
Deputy Commissioners : Thomas E 
■ ge of Medical Div' ' 

^ $5,000. 

f Food Inspec- 

arge of Medical Divis'on, salary, 
„ulIowney,M.D., in charge of Division _ . 
tion. salary. $3,000, Francis H. Slack, M. D., in cnarge 
of Bacteriological Laboratory, salary, $3,000. Thomas 
Jordan, in charge of division of Sanitary Inspection, 
salary, $3,000. James O. Jordan, Inspector of Milk and 
Vinegar. William H. Davis. M. D.. Vital Statistirian. 
Robert E. Dver, D. D. S.. Chief Div of Infectious 
Diseases in Animals, City Hall annex. John McLaugh- 
■ " " City bldg., 20 North Grove st. 

Hospital I>epart 

Office City Hospital, Harrison av. i 

Trustees, no salary. A. Shuman, pres., Thomas . 
Forsyth, Conrad J. Rueter, Francis J. Keany. M. I 
Joseph P. Manning, sec. Supt. ot the City Hospital. Jol 
J- Dowling, M. D., salary, $5,000. Asst. Supt., Edmui 



liiflriiiary J>epitrtmeiit 

Ofllce, SI City Hall 
IncludesalniBhouaeatLonglsland. Trustees : Thonias 
' " " ■ ■ ■ ; MiflsMary A.Dierkes, secretary ; 

" Masterson, Frank L. 


Office, 5 City Hall 
Registrar, Chas. F. Oaynor, salary J3,000, 

Police DivlBions. 

Captain, Mathew 

SECOND Div— No. 21 Court sq. Captai 
Sullivan. Lieuts., William J. Hylana, 

body. Lieuts., Daniel G. Murphy, Ferley [ 

1 expires May 1st 1919. 

Ijaiw Oepartinent 

730 Tremont building 

I Counsel, John A. Sullivan, salary, $9.(m. 

. . _ouniels. Geo. A. Flynn, salary, $4,000; Joseph V. 

Lyons, salary, $6,000 ; Karl Adams, salary. $8,300 ; Joseph 

A. Campbeir, salary, $3,300; William P. Higgins, salary, 

$3,000; Walter J. O'Malley, salary, $2,500; TEdward T. 


Isit. Cou 

FIFTH Div.— 21 East Dedham street. Captain, John 
E. Driscoll. Lieuts., Harry P. Burns, Murray Munro. 

Sixth Div— 273 D st.. South Boston. Captain, Hugh J. 
Lee. Lieuts., James E. Sanford, William F. Manning. 

Seventh Div.— Emmons cor. Paris, East Boston. Cap- 
Brickley. Lieuts., John P. Clark, 



City , _ 

Elizabeth Af. Taylor, salary, $3,000. 

fclcQettrick. Balaiy $2,500; Da 

Kane, salary. $2,500. 

Captain, Herbert W. Goodwin. Lleute., Henry J. 
WalhiDfl, Albert F. Loveli. 
;nth Div.— 1170 Coh ' 
Jeremiah F- Qalliv. 
William J. Henness; 

Rev.ArthurT. Com 
AsBt. Librarian, 

JLihrury Uepartnieni 

Office, Public Library. Copley eq. 
(no salary); Joaiah H. Benton, president, 
T. William F. Kenney, Rev. Alexander Mann, 
"y. Librarian, Horace O. Wadlin. 

Licensiua Itoard for City of Boston 

1 Beacon, 8th floor 
Hetcher Rannev, chairman, salary, $4,000; Jofliah S. 
Dean, salary $3,500; Louii Epple, Sec, salary, $3,000. 

Market Department 

Office, Faneuil Hall Market. 
Patrick H. Graham, Supt., salary, $3,000. 

ng of the Poor l>epartnient 

Office, Charily Bldg.. 43 Hawkins Street 
William P. Fowler, chairman; William H. Hardy, 
Becretary, salary, $3,000; William P. Fowler, Thomas 
Sproules, Thomaa F. Lally, Mrs. Margaret J. Gookin. 
Franklin P. Daly, H. Staplei Potter, Simon E. Hecht. 
John R. McVey, terma expire, May 1st 1917; Mai^aret 
Leahy, Vincent de Paul Reade, John H. Fitzpatrick, 
Matthew J. MuUer. terms expire May Ist, 1918. 

The Board meets the- first Wednesday of every month, 
except in May, when the annual meeting is held the lirst 
Monday, at their office. Charity building. Chardon st. 
City Temporary Home, Chardon street and Lodge tor 
Wayfarers. Hawkins street are in their charge. 

Park and Recreation Ikept. 

Captain, Charles T. Reardon. Lieuts.. Wesley W. 

Chandler, Thomas Keane. Garage, 19 Dickens, Dor. 
Twelfth Div,— East Fourth street, near K, South Bos- 
ton. Captain, Robert E. Grant. Lieuts., John A. 

O'Rourke, Daniel F.Eagan. 
Thieteenth Div.-Seayerns avenue, Jamaica Plain. 

Captain, Joseph Harriman. Lieuts., Herman B. 

Bodenschatz, John W. Riordan. Sub-station at 

Franklin Park. 
FoUBTKKNTH Div.— Waehington, opp. Winship. Brigh- 
ton. Captain, Forrest F. Hall. Lieuts., Jamea E. 

Sargent, Frederick J. Smith. 
Fifteenth Div.— City sq., " 

Lieuts., Hayden J. Riui 
Sixteenth Div.— Boylstou, cor. Hereford st. captain, 

Thomas F. Goode. jr. Lieuts., James F. Hickey. 

Francis J. Mulligan. 
Seventeenth Oiv.— No. 1891 Centre st., West Roxbury. 

Captain. Clinton E, Bowley. Lieuts., Henry Hazlett, 

Patrick J. O'Neil. 
ElGHTRENTU Div.— No.1243 Hyde Park av., Hyde Park. 

Captain, -Tames F. Driscoll. Lieuts., Edward J. 

Welsh, Edward H. Mullen. 
Nineteenth Drv.— 872 Morton, Dorchester. Captain, 

James J. Walklns. Lieuts.. Philip E. O'NeU, Alpheus 

W. Parker. 
Salaries :— Captains. $3,000 per annum; lieutenants 
andin8pectors,$2,000perannum; sergeants, $1,750 per 
; patrolmen, first year's service, $1,000; second 

after, $2.50 per day. 

Printing; Department. 

Office, 251 Causeway. 
Supt. ol Printing, William J. Casey; salary, $4,0 

Dillon (chairman), salary 
$5,000. term expires 1916. Thomas F. Galvin. term ex- 
pires 1917. Charles Gibson, term expires, 1918. Com- 
iniisioners, Daniel J. Byrne, Secretary, salary, $2,500. 
James B. Shea, Deputy Cummmisflioner. salary. $4,000. 
Charles E. Putnam. Engineer, salary, $3,000. 

Ward, clerk, s 

, $2,500. 



Offices, Pemberton Square. 

Police Commissioner, 29 Pemberton sq. Stephen 
O'Meara, salary, $6,000. John P. McNamara, sec, salary. 
$;i,000. Thomas Ryan, captain and chief clerk, salary, 

Superintendent of Police, 37 Pemberton sq.. Michael 
H. Crowley, salary, $5,000. Deputy Superintendent, 
Otis F. Kimball, salary, $3,500. Captains, George C. 
Garland, Charles W. Searles, Patrick F. King, Richard 
Fitzgerald and Lieut. James McDevitt. Sergt., Horatio 

Public W^orka Department. 

Commissioners Office, 509 City HaU annex. 
General Office, 506 City Hall annex. 
Combining Bridge and Ferry Division, Highway Di- 
vision, Sewer and Water Division. Edward F. Murphy, 
Commissioner, room 509, salary, $9.000 ; term ends in 1919. 
Bernard C. Kelley, Chief Clerk, salary, $3,000. Bridge 
and Ferry Divlaion, room 602. John E. Carty, Division 
Engineer, salary, $3,000. Highway Division, room 501, 
James H. Sullivan, Division Engineer, salary $5,000. 
All routine correspondence, including complaints, should 
be addressed to room 506. 

Registry Department. 

103 City Hall annex. 
Edward W. McGlenen, City Registrar, salary. 


Dually I 

John R. McGarr, Chief Inspector, salary, $3,300; Ains- 
ley C. Armstrong. Captain, salary $3,000; Thomas A. 
Sheehan, Oliver J. Wise, Alfred N. Douglass. Michael 
J. Morrissey, Morris Wolf, Edward T.Conway, Michael 
H. Cronin, Gustaf Qustafson, Daniel W. Hart, George W. 
Patterson. Henry M. Pierce, WiUlara J. Rooney. James 
D. Conbov, James A. Dennessy, Levi W. Burr, Thomas 
H. Lynch. Walker A. Smith, Walter M. Murphy. Silas 
F. Waite, Francis J. McCauley, WiUiam H. Pelton. 
- ■" " Gl 

_ Patrick J. O'Neill. John W. Kilday, Owen 
Farley. John F. Mitchell. William A. Sayward, Michael 
J. Burke, Joseph L. A. Cavagnaro, Thomas M. Towie, 
James H Egan, James F. Conconnon, Sergeants. 
Keeperof City Prison, Capt. Thomas C- Evans. 

ling such women as may qualify for t 
Vacancies in the School Committee are f 
remainder o*' the municipal year in t conv 
School Committee and the City Council. Regular meet- 
ings of the School Committee are held on the evenings 
of the first and third Mondays in each month, except in 
July and August. Office, Mason street, near West 
street. Opeu from 9 o'clock a.m. till 6 o'clock p.m. 
onSaturdays, from 9 o'clock A.M. till! o'clock P.M. 

School Committee. lOlO. 

Term Sxpirea February, 1917.— Michael H. Corcoran, 
David T. Scannell. M. D. 
nrm EipirtB February, 1918— Joseph Lee, Frederick L. 

Term Expirea February, 1919.— Frances G. Curtis 




' the School Committee. 



., chairman; ThorDton D. 
, $4,740; Franklin B. Dyer, 

^"" KeoURh, 


, salary. 13,000. 

se offices are open daily, except Saturdays, 

c A. M. until 6 o'clock p. M. On Saturdi 

e at 1 o'clock p. M., and during July a: 

Sy'Sl.- -- - - .. 

ess Agent, 801 City Hall annex, salary. »4,7^ 
B. MulTey. Schoolhou&e CuBtodiau, 801 City Hi 

Elementary SchooU-CoNTiNUEP. 

(* Schools having Kindergarten clasBCB) 
Dearborn. Ambrose, corner Lawrence, B, cor. W. Third 

Orchard Park. street, S. B 

Dillaway. Kenilworth ft, Lewis, Paulding, cor. Wal- 

. Gibson Little Em'ly, Adams, Dor. 

Dudley, Dudley, 

. Pui- Louis Prang, Bartlett. Rox. 

gust at 12 

Superintendent of Schools. 

14 Mason. 
Franklin B. Dyer, Supt. George S. Burgess, Secretary 
to Supt: salary, ^3,180. Office houra: Tuesday,"' " 
day and Thursday, 8 to 4 P.M. Fridays, 3 to 5 I 
Iflt an<J -■ ■ 

confined to school 

A^Bsistant Superintendents. 

14 Mason. 
Walter S. Parker, office hours Mondays, 4 to 5 P. 
Thursdays, lii to 1 PM.; Mrs. Ellor C. Ripley, of 
hours Wednesdays, 4 to 5 P.M., Fridays, U to 1 P.: 
Jeremi»h E. Burke, office hours Thursdays, 4 to 5 p. 
Tuesdays. 12 to 1 p-m^; Augustine L Rafter, office " 
Fridays, 4 to 5 , ' " 

Thompson, office houTB Mont 
days. 12 to 1 P.M.. salary. »5 49 

of hoard on first and third Mondays, except during July 
and August, at 9 A. M. 

School Hoiiae Department. 

1007 City Hall annex. 
CommisBionerB. Joseph P. Lomasney, chairman, salary, 
t4,000jWii:iamJ. Hennessey. Thomas D. O'Connor, sal- 
ary, |3.fiO0 each ; Executive Clerk, Horace B. Fisher, sal- 
ary, 12.500. Office hours : 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturdays, 9 

Dwlght, 116 W. Springfield Concord at. 

Edmund P. Tilesfon. Nor- Lowell, 810 Centre st. J. P. 

folk. Mat. [Dor. •Lucrctia Crocker, Parkerst. 

Edward Everett, Pleasant st. near Centre, Rox. 
Elbridge Smith, 248 Centre Lyceum Hall. Meeting 

St. Dor. House Hill, Dor. 

Elihu Greenwood, Metro- *Margaret Fuller, Glen rd., 

politanav.,H. P. J- P. [Dor. 

Eliot, Eliot St. J. P. *MarBhall, 39 Westville Bt. 

Eliot. North Bennet street. Martha A. Baker, Walk Hill, 
Elizabeth Peabody, Popli 


ntington i 

, WedncBdavs. 12 to 1 P.M. ; Frank V. 
npBon, office hours Mondays, 4 to 5 p.m., 
. 12 to 1 P.M.. salary. »5 496 each. Regular r 

♦Ellen H. Richards, Beau- Worthington st. Rox. 
mont St. Dor. Mary Hemenway, Adams, 

Emerson. Prescott St.. E. B. Mary L. Brock, Chiswick rd. 
Everett, 232 Northampton st. cor. Chestnut Hill av. Br. 
Everett st.. 6 Everett Dor. Mary Lyon, Hesterand Tur- 
Fairmount, Wniiams av ner sts. Br. [Dor. 

cor. Summit, H. P. Mather, Meeting House Hill 

*Farraeut, F e n w o o d rd., *Mayhew, Chambers st. 

Rox. *Mile8StandiBh,Roxbury8t. 

•Florence Nightingale, 512 Minot, Neponset av., Nep. 

Frances E. Willard, Rutland _Rox. 
•Francis Farkman, Wa 


,J. P. 


[., June, July, August and September, 9 A 

Frederic W. Lincoln, 648 I 

Broadway. S. 
•Frederi- - ""- 

•Mt. Vernon at., Mt Vernon 
nesrCentre, W. B. 

•Mozart, Beech st., Roa. 

Normal. Latin and JHiffh Schools. 

BOSTON NORMAL, Huntington av. c. Longwood av. 

BOYS' LATIN, Warren avenue, cor. Dartmouth. 

GIRLS' LATIN, Huntington av. cor. Longwood av. 

BRIGHTON HIGH, Cambridge, cor. Warren, Br. 

CHARLESTOWN HIGH. Monument square corner 
Bartlett, Chin. 

CLERICAL SCHOOL, Roxbury High School annex, 
Dunreath st. 

r)OR0HESTER HIGH. Talbot av. cor. Wash. Dor. 

EAST BOSTON HIGH, Marion, between Princeton 
and Saratoga. 

ENGLISH HIGH. Montgomery street: annexes, 
Franklin Union, Berkeley St., and Patrick A. Collins 
school, Huntington av. 

GIRLS' HIGH, West Newton between Tremont and 
Shawmut av. 

•Pasteur, Fenway. 

cor. Greenville, Rox. 

HYDE PARK HIGH, Everett and Harvard av. 

MECHANIC ARTS HIGH. Belvidere, cor. Dalton st. 


«OUTH BOSTON HIGH, Thomas park, G street 

WEST ROXBURY HIGH, Elm street, J. P. 

Chan, ■ 
_ _ Nathan Hale, Cedar st. Rox 

A. Whitney, Web- Nathaniel Hawthorne, How- 
Freeman, Charter st. *Noble, Princeton st. E. B. 
Frothingham, Prospect bI. Norcroaa, D. cor. W. Fifth 

Chsn. street, S. B. 

Gaston. E. Fifth, corner L Oak eq. Tremont cor. No- 
,8. B. ~ 

•Nahum Chapin, 

•George Bancroft, Appleton *01d Agassiz, Burroughs st. 
- •^--^-"outh J. P 

abie Hoar, West Old Dearborn, Dearborn 
■ " . pi. Rox. [st. Dor. 

Old Edward Everett, Willis 

George Putnam, Columbus Old Gibson, Thane and 

, Dartinouth 

George T. Angell 
man, c. Hamsor 


Stuart, Richmond Oliver Hazard Perry, 
7th, r- " ' " " 

•Harris, Adams s 

Industrial ScHooIh 

Boston Industrial School for Boys, at Brimmer 
(chool. Common at. near Washington 
Trade School for Girls, 616-620 MaBaachusetts av. 

Elementary Schools. 

(* Schools having Kindergarten classes) 
♦ Aaron Davis, Yeoman at. Bowditch, Green st. J. P. 

near Albany, Rox. Bowdoin, Myrtle st. 

•Abby W.May, Thomtonst. Bunker Hill, Baldwin st. 
Abraham Lincoln, Ferdi- Canterbury st.. Canterbury 

nand at. cor. Bourne, Rob. 

Abram E. Cutter, Medford Capen, I st. c.E. Sixth, S. B. 

near Elm st., Chsn. Chapman, Eutaw at. E. B. 

Agassis, Burroughs it. cor. Charley Bulflnch, Parker st. 

Glenway, Glenway n. Blue ♦Oliv 
Hill av. annex, Glenway Wesley, Chsn. 
flt. l>or Oliver Wendell Holmes, 40 

Grant, Phillips at. n. Garden School st. Dor. 
Hancock, Parmenteratreet *FaulJonea, Horace and By- 
Harbor View c. Dorcheater ron ats E. B. 
av. ♦Paul Revere, Prince at. 

8, Adams at. cor. Mill Peter Faneuil. Joy st. 
rd, Devene at., Chan. Philip H. Sheridan, Prescott 
ird. North Hari-ard, st. E. B. 
— ~ "• ''ipB Brooks, Quincy,c. 

rth atreet 
Phineas Bates, Beech st.Ros. 
♦Heath at. cor. Walden, Rox. Pierpont. Hudson si. 
♦Hemenway, Walcott at. ♦Plummer, Belmont sq. E.B. 
Readv. [H. P. •Pormort. Snelling pi. of! 

•Henry Grew, Gordon av. Hull st. 
Henry L. Pierce, Washing- Prescott, Elm 

Newbury, i 

•Hillside, Elm st. J. P. ♦Quincy, Tyler i 

•Hobart St. near Brooks. Br. Quincy at. c^.^ Stanley, 
Horace Mann, 178 Newbury, ' " '■' ■ 


uincy E. Die! 

Harlow, Dor. nolia st.. Do 

Hugh O'Brien, Dudley, cor. Rice, 

♦Hull, Quincy 8t. Rox. •Richard C. Humphreye, 

•Hyde, Hammond street Sumner st. Dor. 

•Ira Alien, Parker near Rug- Robert G. Shaw, Hastings 
,Rox. ^ - ™ " 

Albert Palmer. Eustis s 
Amos Webster, Hiltoi 

•Asa Gray, Weston St., Rox. Charles Sumner, Ashland 
♦itherton. 185 Columbia rd. street, Rob. 
•iubum, Waverly st.. Br. Chestnut av.. Chestnut av., 
Austin. Paris near Meridian J. P. 

eta., E. B. •Choate Bumham, E. Third 

•B. F. Tweed, Cambridge st. near I eta.. S. B. 
♦Bailey st., Bailey st. near Chri atophe r Columbue, 

Dorchester av., Dor. Tileston near Hanover 

•Baldwin, Chardon ct. Christopher Gibson, head of 

Benedict Fcnwick.Mognolia Morse, Dor 

■t. Dor. *Clinch. F Bt. c. W. Seventh. 

•Benjamin Cuahing, Robin- 

•Benjamin Dean, H st. cor 

E. Sixth, S.B. 
•Benjamin Pope, O at. cor. 

ETFifth, S. B. •Common at. Chsn. 

Bennett, Chestnut Hill ave- Copley, Bartlett st. Chsn 
" •Cottage- pla" '"''' — 

Jacob Fobs, 

Chestnut, Chsn. 

Comins, Tremont, < 

Commodore Barry, Sumner, 
. Lamson, E. ." 

Robert Swan.Thetford av. 
^ __ cor. Evans, Dor. 

McDonald, Polk ♦Roger Clap, Harvest Bt. n. 
at. Chen. Dorchester av. 

•James Otis, eor. Paris, Mor- Roeer Wolcott, Norfolk cor. 

ris andMarion sts. E. B. Morton, Mat. 
•Jefferson, Heath at. Rox. Samuel Aaaras, Webster c. 
John A. Andrew, Dorches- Bngham. E B. 
ter St. near Andrew sq. ♦Samuel Dexter, Harvard st., 

John Boyle O'Reilly, 347 ♦Samue'l G. Howe, W. Fifth 
Dorchester. S. B. st. near C, S. B. 

lohn Cheverus, Moore, cor. "Samuel W. Mason, 137 Nor- 
Chaueer, E. B. folk av. Rox. [Rox 

John D. Philbrick, Phil- ♦Sarah J. Baker, Perrin at. 
brick near Hyde Park av. Savin Hill, Savin Hill av. 

•John G. Whlttier, Southern cor. Aukland 

, Groton Sherwin, 

Shurtlefl", 215 Dorcheater i 

John Lothrop MoUey, 143 S. _. 

Savin Hill av. Dor. Simonds, Broadway, S. B. 

John Winthrop. Brookford, *Skinner, Fayette 

Bennett Branch, Dig! 
Bigelow, E. cc "' 
rtreet. S. B. 

. Fourth ♦Cudworth, Gove St., E. B. 
♦Cushman, Parmenter et- 
Blackinton, Leyden. E. B. •Cyrus AlgenW. Seventh ■ 
Boston Consump" . ^ ^ ^ 

pital School, Ri' 

•Joseph Tu'ckei 

East ker, Rox. 

Somerset st. cor. Allston 
•Stephen M. Weld, Seyn 

Ward Howe, Dale, c. *Stoughton, River|nearMor- 

. Dor. Damon, Readville a 

Lafayette 2 Rugglei 

•Tappan, Lexington s 


Elementary Schools— Contin 

(* Schools having Kindergarten clasBt 
TIieodoreLymau, Paris, cor. Wella. BloeBOm, 

Thomas Dwlght, Phillips 

*rhonia8 Gardner, Brent- 


. Alls. 

Thomas N. Hart, 

Thomas Starr King, Bunker Kenilworth 

William Brewster, Morton 

cor. Norfolk, Mat. 
William Cullen Bryant, 



Wash. WilUam Wirt 


*Wincheil, Blossom 
; Wash. *WinBhip, Dighti 

WaVst. near Harrison av. 
*Weld, Highland st., H. P. *^ 

^ttenclstnce Officers. 

Office, 218 Tremont 
William H. MarneU, chief, 37 Mt. E- 

Market, Br. 


Harold, Box. 

Wintlirop St., Winthrop st. 

*Wyman, Wyman st. J. P. 

Baker Frederick T. 
Batchelder Forrest O. 
Blakeley James W. 

Brigss Joseph O. 
Callahan Patrick J. 
Collins Daniel J. 
Conroy James P. 
Cotter Charles S. 
Curtis Fred A. 
Dustin Clarence O- 
Mark R. 
Farnum Lorenzo T. 
Feitel Frank H. 
Flynn Daniel T. 
Foley Patrick J. 
Ford Patrick P. 
Gordon Thomas H. 
Hallin JL.awreni:e C. E. 
Hapgood Charles W. 
Harms Fred G. 
Harris Charges B. 

Hawkins Frank E. 
Heflernan Joseph M. 
Hooton Benjamin F. 

Kelley John W. 
Kelly John F. 
Keogh John E. 
Kitson Fred 
Lamb Thomas C. 
McCarthy Eugene J. 

McCarthy Jeremiah L. 
McDonnell Eugene P. 
McGrath Martin 
McMahon James C 
Mahoney William F. 
Mahoney William F. jr. 
Manning Mark M 
MitcheUForrest O. 
Moore Christian 
Morrison Arthur E. 
Nelsou John F. 
Noel Edward W. 
O'Sullivan Denis 
Page Harold D. 
Podolaki William A. 
Richard James F. 
Riddell Walter S. 
Robbins Ellsworth G. 
Ryan George P. 
SaHord Harry N* 
Seeley William 

Webster Moses R. 


Francis F. Aieta. 
George \V . Bean, James A. Berrill, Henry M. Blackwell, 
James Bragdon, Maurice F. Corkery, Constantino F. 
Ciampa, Joseph W. Ferris, John T. Hathaway, Joseph 
W. Hobbe, Timothy J. Kenny. David F. Long, Michael 
J. McTieman, William A. O'Brien, Richard F. Quirk, 
Geo. A. Sargent, Amos Schaffer. William B. Shea, 
Warren J. Stokes. John J. Sullivan. Richard W. Walsh. 


Wood. Supervisor of 
iinore. Timothy F Regan. Office hours " "' 
•.M. daily except Saturdays. Saturdays 

SinkiuBT Funds Deiiartnieut 

Baker Fred'k T. 
Batchelder F. O. 
Baum Cecil E. 

Bragan L. A- 
Briggs Joseph O. 
CalTaehan T. J. 
Callahan P. J. 
Collins DanielJ. 
Collins Michael 
Coyle Hugh F. 
Crowther A. W. 
Curtis Fred A. 

w. S 

, sec'retary, sal'ary, 8700. Charles H. Slat- Dyer Chas. A 

tery, treasurer, salary, ^200, 

Soldiers* JEelief Depurtmeiit 

Office, 60 City Hall , 
oner, John E. Gilman, salarj-, $3,500. 

Statistics I>epa.rtmeiit 

Office. City HaU.rm. 73 

Trustees : John Koren, c 

Robert J. Dyeart, Frederiv,-. .. . x.,..s,ft, .. .. — -^- 

Kissick, Edward M. Hartwell. secretary, salary, 83,000. 

Street Commissioners 

Room 401 City Hall annex 
John H. Dunn, chairman, term expires 1918. salary, 
84,500. Frank A Goodwin, term expires 1919, Francis J. 
Brennan, term expires 1917. salary, $4,000 each. Chief 
Engineer. Frank O. Whitney, salary. $3,500. John J. 
O'Callaghan. sec, salary, $3,600. 

Supply Uepsirtmeiii 

Room 808 City 
D. Frank Doherty. purchasing agent, salary, S3,0(J0. 

Eisenham M. R. 

Foley Pafrick J. 
GiUen John E 
Gordon Thos. H, 
Gorman Thos. A 

Alden Morton 

Appleby Benj F. 

Harris Charles B. 
HartnettF. J. 
Hawkins FrankE. 
Hayes James J. 
Hefternan Jos. M. 
Hersey Charles F. 
Hooton Benj.F. 
Inch Alfred 
James Lemuel T, 
Jewett William S. 
Joy John W. 
Keith Georg. 

Kitson Fred 
Lamb Thomas C, 
McCarthy Daniel 

McDonald E P. 
McGrath Martin 
McMahon Jas. C. 
Mahoney Wm. F. 
Manning Mark M. 
Mason Leslie H. 

Cronin F. L. 

Crosby Arnold B. ■ 
Crosby Fred M. ' 
Crowley Daniel J- ' 
Crowley D.Joseph ' 
Crowther A. W. 
Cudworth A- B. 
Cunningham D.T. 

Morrison E. P. 
Muldoon James H 
Nelson John F. 
Noel Edward W- 
O'Sullivan Denis 
Page Harold D. 
Pearl F. L. 
Podolski Wra. A. 
Riddell Walters. 

Robinson J. T. 
Safford Harry I 

Wall MichaPl 


Office. 15 Beacon, 8th floor 

J.500. Edmund S. Davis, 


Weiehts and Af e 

James B. Noyes, David A. Ellis, 
Leighton Beal, secretary, salary 

nson, .leremian j. urowie; 
Sweeney. Charles^E. Walsh. Julius^Meyen 

. Chief Inspectoi 



Kdl7 John F. 
Kennay Martin . I 
Kenne .TauicsF' ' 
Keogh John E. ' 
Kiernau John F. 
Kierstoad Leslie 
Kiley John F. 
KirchgasBerJ. A. 
Kitson Fred 
KIouB Maurice H. 
Ladd Edward A. 
Lamb Tnomas C. 
LBDglej Holhs A. 
Lauten Daniel F. 
Lavin John J. 
Lewis ClarenceW. 
Little F. E. 
Lynch Jamee P. 
Lyon Pearl B. 
McAvoy Walter D. 
McCarthy Daniel 
McCarthy E. J. 
McCarthy F. E. 
McCarthy Jere.L. 



'Moore Richard J. Saw 

Morriaon Ed. P. 
Moree Eugen 

Safford Harry N. 

Schultz J.Irving 
Seeley William 

Muldoon JameeH. 

Nelson Jonn F. Stiles Frank L. 

ay Charle; 
I Fred L. 

Peterson A. A. 
Pike Herbert W 
Piper Edward I 

iGeo.G. Tag Henry H. 
1 L. K. Thielscher F. W. 
,nk R. Thomas Geo. P. 
:. R. Thomas Henry F. 

)ld D. Thompson H. R. 
ames E. Tierney Paul F. 
'. L. Tobin Francis J 

.. O. Traver 8 Patrick F. 

js A. Trow Frank E. 

i. A. Trull John E. 


McKeen HoraceE. 

McMahon Jas. C 
Maguire John J. 
Ma^oneyWm I 

Porter Horace L. 
Raymond W. W. 
ReaidonC. T.,jr. 
Reinhard H. F. 

Wall Michael 
Wallen Lucy E. 
Walles Albert M. 
Walters Henry E 
Webb George C. 

■ Horace J. 
nine Mark M. 
sfield A. N. 

Marcy Richard 

Baker Fred'kT. 
Batcheldcr F. O. 
Blakeley Jas. W. 
Bragan L. A- 
BriggB Joseph O. 

Riddell Walters. 

Ko'tSins E. g'. 
Robson Stuart E. 
Rock Arthur 
Rock Henry 
Rodger Edward 
Rogers Patrick J. 
Rogers Ralph W. 
Rose Russell M. 
Rowe S. Walter 
Ryan Martin H. 

Harris Charles B. 
Hawkins FrankE. 
Hay BenjE ' 

Wood Fred P. 
Woodbury S. P. 
Woods Charles H. 
Woods Wm. J. H. 
Wray John 

Manning Mark M. 
Mitchell F. O. 
Moore Christian 
Morrison Ed. P. 
Nelson John F. 
Noel Edward W. 

Reinhard H. F. 
Riddell Walters. 
Robbins E. G. 
Safford Harry N. 
Seeley William 
Sidwell Alfred J. 

McCarthy Jere L. 
McDonald E. P. 
McGrath Martin 
McLaughlin T. J. 

Sullivan Tim. J. 

Walters Henry H. 

1 Frank H. 

Flynn Daniel T. 

Folev Patrick J. 


Gray Herbert C. 

Hallin L. C. E. 

Hardy Charles A. 

Harms Fred G. Morris John J. 

Trow Frank E. 

Wall Michael 

Walters H. H. 
Whitney J. C. 
tian Whittemore J. A. 

Hawkins FrankE. Mors 

. Eugene Woods Chas. '. 

'.W.K. Jordan Thomas O'Hearn Jo. __ 

M Kelly Lawrence J. O'Keefc Thos. J. 

Cassidj- Johnji. Kenne^ Mich'I B. Reagan Tim'thyF. 


s section of Directory) 

SuJlIvau Frank J. 

Stone Walter M. 

Mahoney W.F.jr. Wood I 

Briggs Joseph O. 
Collins DanielJ. 
Conroy James P. 
Culken Thomas F. 
Curtis Fred A. 
Dunn Patrick R. 
Dyer Chas A. 
Eisenham M. R. 
Feitel Frank H. 
Foley Patrick J. 

Howe Charles E. 
Hubbard Amos f 
Joy John W. 
Kelley John W. 
Kelly John F. 
Lamb Thomas ( 
Landy Joseph 
Lombard Sam'l.j 
McCarthy E. J. 
McGrath Martin 

Foley William M. McLaughlin "S 
Giles G. Everett McMahon Ja 
Gorman Thos. A. Mahoney Pat' 

Henderson A. R. 

Moore Christian 
Moore Richard J 
Noel Edward W. 

Reinhard H. F. 
Riddell Walters. 
Robbins E. G. 
Robinson S. H. 
Ryan George F 
Safford Harry N. 
Seeley Charles H. 

Waldron Alfred A. 
Wall Michael 
Walles Albert M. 

Claflin Henry A. 

Corbett G. T. 

Crosby Hanford Thos. ; 

Waterhouse R. D, 
Young John E. 

The 1 

drivers of hackney carriages propelled by mechan- 
ical motors and using taximeters as the means of 
measuring the distance traveled, to be known as 
"Motor Taxicabs." may charge and demand for 
services rendered in conveying passengers as 
follows : 

From DO 
First half mile or fraction thereof, 

person 40c. 

Each quarter mile thereafter 10c. 

Each additional person for the whol3 journey 20c. 

Waiting time shall include all time during 
which the vehicle is not in motion, beginning six 
minutes after its arrival at the place to which it 
has been called, or, if engaged in the street or at 
a stand, beginning six minutes after the time of 
such engagement. A charge at the rate of 30 
cents for twelve minutes may be made for any 
part of the first chargeable twelve minutes of 
waiting, and for all subsequent waiting a charge 
of 10 cents for each six minutes may be made. 
But no time shall bS made for time lost through 
interruption of street traffic or through the inef- 
ficiency of the vehicle or its driver, or for time 
between premature arrival in response to a call 
and the hour for which thp vehicle was ordered. 

No charge shall be made for a distance less 
than one mile traversed by a vehicle sent in re- 
sponse to a call, but for a greater distance a charge 
of 20 cents a mile may be made for each mile or 
fraction of a mile in excess of the first mile. 


Wben a vehicle Is dismissed at a point more 
than two miles distant from the place, at which 
It was ensaged or from the place in which It was 
whm called a cnarge of 20 cents a mile may be 
made for labh mile or fraction of a mile in excess 
°^ Hand' baggag'S' may be carried by passeng^s 
wiJhou? chaleT The"^ carriage of trunks sha£be 
optional with the person in charge of the vehicle 
but if carried, the charge shall be 25 cents for 

"^F^erry toils will be paid by passengers. 

When a motor taxicab is lured by the hour or 
for a trip Xuy or in part outside the limits rf 
the City of Boston. 

person hi charge may 

SlpS ^Ith .the7consent''£?he l>assenj^r the 
?^1 plic'e^lo^b^ali: a^n^d\hT5fo^tof tfxSS 



The authorized fare for automobiles other 
than motor taxicabs shall be the same as for 
horse-drawn hackney carriages. This rule shall 
not be deemed to apply, however to automobiles 
whon hired bv the hour or for a trip wholly or in 
part°o*'u"slde'ihe limits of f Je Ci'y "4 Bos'on^ 
TViic piilfi shall apply to automobiles nirea aii a 
Jarage as will SS to those hired, in the publu 

The rule ! 



_ ^utomobil 

Horse Drawn— For one passenger from one 

Dint to another within the city proper. 50 cente. 

'or one passenger from one point to another 

Charlestown. withui Bast Boston, within 

^-_^ — 1^^.JTl Wrtvhtirv .'in cents. l^aCU 

P'or one passenger 

jTlthln Charlestown. _ . 

South Boston, within Roxbury 51 


additional passenger 50 

beyond eertaui lunlts the rates are ) 

For a complete statement of the ra 
carriages the inquu-er is refeired to t 
schedule and map on page 23 

Children under Ave years, witn 
"''chfldren between five and twelve years old, 
'''*om twSve^t nTght' to W ta the mo^^^^ the 
fare Is 50 cents above the preceding hates for 
^''No''cha?gf for one trunk; each additional trunk 
^ Bt "the Hour— Passengers may at all times 
eniage horse-drawn hackney carriages by the 
^SJ The rates of fare for one, two, three or 
fo "pas^enge^ThaU be as follows: For the tet 
hour or fractional part thereof not more than SI .50 
and for each twenty mmutes or fractional part 
thereof after the first hour not more tha,n 50 cents. 

The time shall be so reckoned as to include the 
time necessarily consumed between le^"g 5?^ 
returning to the place from which the carnage was 
hiredVwhether during anyport^lon of such time 
It has been empty or otherwise 


The rates of fare for park carriages shall be as 
fnUnws- If bv time, each passenger shall pay 
twenTylflva cents per hour, and five cents for 
fiverv ten minutes or fraction thereof abofe even 
houre- if by distance, each passenger shall pay 
twenty-flve cents for every five miles, and ave 
cents for every mile or fraction thereof above 
^''TS"Siver8 of park carriages shall not be re- 
nnlred to carry any passenger for less than one 

party of less than four persons for any time 
dStance unless such party "- ""-"" "»' >"™ 
amount equal 
Buch time " -" 

twen'?|-flvB"cents"Ita.:efcrr.:"Nor shaU sJch 
be required to carry a single person 

theTare of four passengers for 

Atlantic avenue, east 

Atlantic avenue, east 


;h of Long wharf, 3 
east side, north of Commercial 

Canal street, north side, near Causeway Btreet. 6 

C^t'le sSeet, north side, 60 feet west of Washing- 
ton street, 3 carriages. 

Causeway street, east side, south of Lancaster 
street. 2 carriages. 

Causeway street. 

street, 2 carriages, 
al street, i 
t carriages. 

side, north of Lancaster 
Bt side, north of Battery 

Atiantic avenue, east side, comer of Beach street, 
Atfantlo avJS'e^^Sst side, corner ot Kneeland 
Beac'hitreet nort^slde, east of Lhicoln street. 3 
Beach'sfreet, south side, south of South street. 3 
Bev*eriy s^eet. side of Union station. 10 carriages. 
Bowdoln square, west side, corner of Green street. 
BoVdo'l^^square. north side, east of Chardon 
■Jroadwiy Ert^on, soLtb ride near Washington 
•stnet. 2 cwTiagea. 

Essex street 

Congress square, near Congress street. 2 carriages. 
Court square, easterly side City Hall annex, near 

Court street, 3 carriages. 
Dpre street, near Washington street, 1 carnage. 
Exchange place, south side, near Congress street, 

2 carriages. 

Exchange place, south side, near KUby street. 2 

Franklin street, north side, east of Arch street, 1 

carriage. ... 

Franklin street, north side, west 

street. 2 carriages. 
Harrison avenue, east side, south i 

3 carriages. 

India stret. Chamber of Commerce, 2 carriages. 
Lancaster street.- north side, near Causeway street 

2 carriages. * . . . 

Liberty square. Mason Building. 1 carriage. 
Lincoln street, west side, corner of Kneeland street 

4 carriages. „ .. » ^ n 
Lincoln street, southwest comer Beach street, Z 

Park"street, south side, near Tremont street, 2 

Park square, south side of Emancipation Monu- 
ment, 4 carriages. 

Park square, north side of Emancipation Monu- 
ment. 5 carriages. _ _ 

Post OfHce square, at No. 12. 1 carriage. 

South street, east side, north of Kneeland street, 
4 carriages. , . „ ^ ^ ^ , 

South street, east side, south of Beach street, 1 

Summer street, at No. 212, 2 carriages. 

NIGHT TIME ONLY [7 p.m. to 4 A.M.) 

Atlantic avenue, east side, north of Summer 
street, 20 carriages. 

Atlantic avenue, east side, south of R. B. & 
L. R. R., 20 carriages. ,.,,,. 

Atlantic avenue, east side, north of Rowe a 
Wharf, 20 carriages. . . 

Avon street, north side, near Washington street, 
2 carriages. 

Beach street, north side, near Washington 
street. 3 carriages. ,„ . . . 

Bedford street, north side, near Washington 
street, 5 carriages. , , 

Bennet street, north side, near Washington 
street. 5 carriages. _ 

Berkeley street, between Tremont street and 
Warren avenue. 5 carriages. _ 

Bosworth street, south side, near Tremont 
street. 2 carriages. ... „. ... ^ 

Bromfleld street, south side, near Washington 
street, 3 carriages. ... ^ » 

Castle street, north side, near Tremont street, 
10 carriages. . , ., . „ 

Causeway street, west side, south of Beverly 

Essex street, north side, 100 feet east of Wash- 
ington street, 3 carriages. „.,.,_, 

Essex street, south side, near Washington 
street, 2 carriages. ^ ,., ^ 

Franklin street, north side, near Washington 
street, 6 carriages. 

square, between Washington 
and Sudbury streets, 2 carriages. „ ^, _ 

Kneeland street, north side, near Washington 
street, 4 carriages. _ 

Nashua street, north side, near Causeway 
street. 5 carriages. 

Portland street, north side, near Causeway 
street. 5 carriages. ., .„ ... _^ 

• School street, north side, near Washington 
street. 5 carriages. ., . „ , ^ 

South street, west side, south of Kneeland 
street. 5 carriages. . «,o „.. .. ir , 

State street, south side of Old State House, 3 

Tremont street, east side, south of Winter 
Tremont street, east side, south of West street, 

Tremont street, west side, south of Ellot street, 

2 carriages. 
Tremont street, 

street. 3 carriages. 

Tremont row. 9 carriages. 

Washington street, southeast corner Hanover 
street. 4 carriages. _ 

Washington street, northwest corner Brattle 
street. 2 carriages. 

Washington street, at No. 632. 1 carriage 

West street, south side near Washington street. 

3 carriages. 

side, south 




»- MAP -* ■ 






j iip 


P^^ 1 


~ ''•■ j 




llmSr ^/%M 


11/ A 





Bates of Fare for Hackney Carriages 
The Police Commissioner 

north o# a line drawn through the centre of 8t»te, 
CambridfEe Btreets. 

south of H lloe drawn through the c _ _ . 
iorming the aoutherly boundarv of Section A, »nd north of a 
line drawn through the centre of Dover and BerKeley streeti. 

SECTION C^ Includes all that part ot the city proper lying 
aouth of a line drawn through the centre of the streets named as 
Iorming the southerly boundarr o* Section B, and north ot a 
line drawn through the centre of Massachusetts ar. 

SECTION U includes all that part of the city proper lytnf 
south ot a line drawn through the centre of the streets named ai 
forming the southerly boundary of Section C, and north of a 
line bepinning at the comer ot Wihow court, and thence running 
^■L. L ^-u * ^ Boston and Dudley a^--'- •^"-- - 

; Charles r 

thence along Deerfield street t 

NOTICE. -The division 
shown on the map, applies on 
Boston and South Boston in 
applies only to Cabe. 

TAXICAB FARES (except hereinafter stated! for any 
number of persons up to its capacity! from any point to any 
other point within the city limits, one mile or less 30 cents, eacn 
quarter mile additional 10 cents, each 6 minutes of waiting 10 
cents. For three or more persons in that part of the city north 
and east of Massachusetts av.. first third of mile 30 cents, e«ch 

The division of East 


ur or traction, one and one-half doUars ; each succeeding third of an hour or fraction, fifty cents. Children under 
ivith adults) free; over five and under twelve (with adults) half price. One trunk, free; each additional trunk, 
Bicycle, twenty-five cents. One hand valise, free. Between midnight and 6 A. M. fifty cents a 







Between points 

Between points 

Eaat Bo 

Between points 











Between polnU 








or two. 







Between point! 
Section C 

potato in 






or two. 

or two. 






or two. 

Between points 


tor one or 


for one or 






for one 
or two. 

1 additional paseenger, SOc. for the journey. 

]>lSXA.]!irCE RAXES. 

en points, o 
ot Sections A, B, C, D. 8 

" ' ' n, and fares between points in 

Boston, East Bosto^ and 
for one passenger 

South Boston, fifty c 

ty cents tor the journey for each 

•Between points In East Boston, one or both of which are 
north of a line drawn through the center of Porter street and 
Central square, fifty cents for one passenger for the first mile. 

thereof, and fifty cents for the journey for i 

•Between a point outside of East Boston and a point in 
East Boston, the fare for which is not otherwise provided for 
by these rules ; tolls and one dollar for one passenger for the 
first mile, and twenlv-five cents for each further half mile or 
fraction thereof, and fifty cents for the journey for each ad- 
ditional passenger. 



Ifiostoii Elevaieil Ruilwuy 

Office, 101 Milk Stkeet. 

Surface cars through the city and to all suburbs, 
from terminals head of Franklin street. Post 
Oflflce Sq., Adams sq.. North and South stations, 
Scollay sq. and Scollay Under Paik street and 
Boylsl.on subway stations. Dudley street. Sullivan 
square and Forest HUls. 

Through cars from Mattapan Sq. to Milton, 
Hyde Park, Randolph. Avon. Brockton. Con- 
necting for: E. Milton, Rockland, Abington. 
Whitman, Bridgewater, W. Bridgewater, E. 
Bridgewater. Middleboro, Lakeville. New Bed- 

. Middletown, R. I., New- 
Through cars from Sullivan Sq., for Biu-lington. 
Billerica, Winchester. Woburn, Melrose. Wake- 
field. Reading. Stoneham, Wilmington. Tewks- 
bury. Andover. Lawrence and Lowell. 

Through cars from Harvard Sq.. to Arlii 

Through cars from Dudley St.. for Wollaston. 
Norfolk Downs and Quincy. Connecting for: 
Squantum. Braintree, Holbrook, Brockton. B. 
Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, Nantasket 
Beach, Weymouth, S. Weymouth. Hanover. 
Norwell, Rockland. 

Through cars from Forest HUls to Hyde Park. 
Readville. Dedham, E. Dedham, Norwood, E. 
Walpole, West wood. 

Free transfers between Elevated Trains and 
Surface Cars at all Elevated Stations, and trans- 
fers by Conductors at all leading junctions. 
ELEVATED Trains between Fobest Hills, 

Washington St. Tunnel and via At 

Station and Sou 
Avenue Circuit (i 

Cambridqe ; 
Harvard Square 
Central Square 

Kendall i 
Park Street under 
Washington Street under 
South Station 


on Atlantic 

East Boston Tunnel Stations. 
Bowdoin Square 
Scollay Under 
Devonshire Street 
Atlantic Avenue 
Maverick Square. E. B. 

Elevated Train Stations. 
Forest Hills 
Green Street 
Eglestoa Square 
Dudley Street 
Northampton Street 
Dover Street 
Beach, cor. Harrison av. 
South Station f Atlantic avenue) 
Rowe's Wharf 

State Street (Atlantic Avenue) 
Battery Street (North Ferry) 


Massachusetts Park Street 

Copley Scollay Square 

Boylston Street Adams Square 


Washington Street Tunnel Stations. 
Union — Friend 

State — Devonshire • 

MUk— Water 
Summer — Winter 
Boylston — Essex 

Bay State Street Kailway «>o. 

General Ofllces 84 State Street rm 628. 

Passenger Department 15 Milk Street. 

Throdgh Cars and Connections. 

From Scollay Square Terminal — Through cars 

to: Everett. Maiden. Melrose Highlands. Chelsea, 

Woodlawn Cemetery. * "* 

Beach. Beachmont, 
Sauius Center. Cliftondale. Lynn. Swampscott. 
Marblehead. Salem, Beverly. Connections for: 
I'eabody, Darners, Gloucester, Newburyporl . 

Prom Sullivan Square Term.nal — Th.ough 
cars to; Winchester, Woburn. North Woburn, 
Burlington, Billerica, Lowell. Tewksbury, WiJ 

to Quincy. Connections for. Braintree, the Wey- 
mouths, Holbrook, Hingham, Brockton, Nantas- 
ket Beach. 

From Fore.=:t Hills Terminal — Through cars to; 
Dedham, Westwqod, Norwood. Walpolo. East 
Walpole, Hyde Park, Readville connecting for 

From Mattapan Square Terminal — Through 
cars to: Milton, Randolph. Avon. Hyde Park. 
Brockton. Connections fur: Taunton. Provi- 
dence, Newport. Aliddleboi-o. Fall River. Bridge- 
water. Plymouth. New Bedford. Abington. 


Allston, Boston & Albany R. R.. Cambridge, cor 

Ashmont, N. Y., N. H. & H., Dorchester av., cor 

Back Bay, N. Y., N. H. & H., Dartmouth, cor 


Bellevue, N. 
Bird Street. N. 
Blue Hill av., N. Y., N. 

& H.. Bird, cor Ceylon 
Blue Hill av. 

near Collins. Mat. 
Boston, B. & A. R. R., Atlantic av. cor. Summer. 
Boston. Revere Beach & Lynn, 340 At- 

Boston & Maine R. R.. Causeway street. 

N. Y.. N. H. & H.. Atlantic av.. cor. 

Boylston street N. Y., N. H. & H., Boylston, near 

Laniprtine. J. P. 

Brighton. B. & A R. R 

Cedar Grove. N. Y.. ] 

Milton. Dor. 

Clarendon HUls, N. Y., 

Cottage Farrn, B. ic a'. 

N. H. & H. Motropolit 
'de Park av.. H. P. 
R. R., Commonwealth t 

Crescent Avenue, N. Y., N. H. & H.. foot Cres- 
cent av.. Dor. 

Dorchester, N. Y., N. H. & H.. Woodrow av. cor. 
MUton av. Dor. 

Dudley Street. N. Y.. N. H. & H.. Dudley cor. 

near Jeffries 
Fairmount. N. Y.. N. 

Fairmoimt i 
Paneuil, B. & A^ R. R.. foot of Brooks, Brighton. 

Field's Corner, N. 
Forest HUls, N. Y., 

Sq. N. 

Charles, cor. 


N. H. & H.. Dickens, near 

Hayton bt 
Harvard Street, N. Y.. N. H. & H., 203 Norwell 

Hazelwood, N. Y.. N. H. & H.. Providence, cor 

Arlington. H. P. 
Heath. N. Y.. N. H. & H., Heath, cor. Albert.Rox 
Highland, N. Y.. N. H. & 


, Corey street. 

Jamaica Plain, N. "! 

Boylston ; 

Mattapan, ' 

'ey street. W 
& H.. River cor. 

R.. Irvington. near 

& H.. Green, near 

., Blue Hill av., cor. 

& H., Morton, near 

Norfolk, Mat. 
Mt.Bowdoin, N. Y., N. H. & H.. 191 Wash., Dor 
Mt.Hope, N. Y., N. H. & H., Florence, cor. Mt, 

Hope. W. R. 
Neponset. N. if., N. H. & H.. Taylor, cor. Walnut 

., Pope's HUl stn 
, Hyde Park av.. 

Pope's Hill. N. Y.. N. H. & ] 

ReadvUle. N. Y., N. H. & E 
Wolcott sq.. H. P. 

River Street. N. Y.. N. H & H., River, near, Os- 
ceola. Mat. 

Rosllndale, N. Y.,N. H. & H.. South street. Ros. 

Roxbury. N. Y.. N. H. & H.. 1369 Tremont street. 

Savin Hill. N. Y.. N. H. & H . 117 Savin Hill av 

Shawmut, N. Y., N. H. & H., Clement pk.. near 
Centre, Dor. 

SomervUle, B. & M. R. R., Camoridge and Per- 
kins streets. Chsn. 

South Boston. N. Y.. N. H. & H., West Foiu-th st 

South Station. Atlantic av.. cor. Summer. 

Spring Street. N. Y.. N. H. & H . Sprmg street. 

Trinity Pla 

West Ro.'Jtaury, N. Y., N. 



The Common. Tremont to Charles and 

Beacon to Boylston street 48.40 

Public Garden. Charles to Arlington 

and Beacon to Boylston street 24.25 

Commonwealth avenue. Arlington street 

to Newton line 112.70 

Back Bay Fens, Beacon street to Brook- 
line avenue 1] 5.00 

Riverway, Brookline avenue to Hunt- 
ington avenue 40.00 

Olmsted Park. Huntington avenue to 

Prince street 180.00 

Arborway, Prince street to Franklin 

Park 36.00 

Arnold Arboretum and Bussey Park. 

South. Centre and Walter streets 223.00 

West Roxbury Parkwav. Centre to 

Washington st.. Bellevue Hill 150.00 

Franklin Park and Zoological Garden. 
Seaver to Morton street and Blue 
Hill avenue to Forest Hills street 527.00 

Total Acres. Maui Park System 1.456.35 


Columbia road. Dorchester way, Frank- 
lin Park to Marine Park. City Point.. 31.20 

Strandway, Columbia road railroad 
bridge to City Point (land 54.30; 
flats 191) 245.30 

Marine Park and Aquarium, Farragut 
road. City Point (land 52.50; flats 
4.90) 57.40 

Castle Island, off City Point, bridge 

connecting (land 25.70; flats 78.30).. 104.00 

Total .\cres. Marine Park System.. . . 437.90 

Charlesbank. Charles street, from Cam- 
bridge street to Leverett 10.00 

Charlestown Heights. Bunker Hill and 

Medford streets (land 6.10: flats 4.30) 10.40 

Chestnut Hill Park, Beacon street and 

Commonwealth avenue. Brighton. . . . 55.40 

Copp's Hill terraces, Commerrial and 

Charter streets. North End 0.60 

Dorchester Park, Dorchester avenue 

and Richmond street 26.00 

Franklin Field. Blue Hill and Talbot 
avenues. Dorchester (park area. See 
under Playgrounds for larger area). . . 17.00 

Governor's Island. Boston Harbor, 

about one mile north of City Point.. . 73.00 

North End Beach. Commercial and 
Charter streets (land 3.70; flats 3.00) 6.70 

Rogers Park. Lake and Foster streets. 

Brighton 6.90 

Savin Hill Park. Grampian way. Dor- 
chester 8.26 

Wood Island Park, East Boston, on east- 
ern waterfront (land 55.60; flats 
155.40) 211.00 

Total ."Veres. Miscellaneous Parks. . . . 425.26 



Square Feet 

Berwick Park, between Columbus ave- 
nue and N Y, N H & H R K., 3.800 

Blackstone Square, Washington street, 
between West Brookline and Wes.t 
Newton streets 105,100 

City Hall Groimds. School street 7.700 

Columbus Square, Columbus and War- 
ren avenues 2,250 

Con.'ord Square, between Tremont 

street and Columbus avenue 5.000 

Copley Square, between Huntington 

avenue, Boylston and Dartmouth sts. 28,399 

Fort. Hill Square, Oliver and Higo sts.. . 29,480 

Franklin Square. Washington street, be- 
tween East Brcokline and East New- 
ton streets 105,205 

Massachusetts Avenue Malls, four sec- 
tions, between Albany street and Co- 
lumbus avenue 106,500 

Park Square, Columbus avenue, Eliot 

and Pleasant streets 2,867 

Rutland Square, between Tremont street 

and Columbus avenue 7,400 

St. Stephen Square, corner St. Stephen 

and Batavia streets 100 

Trinity Triangle, between Huntington 
avenue. Trinity place and St.James 
avenue 5.380 

Union Park, between Tremont street 

and Shawmut avenue 16,000 

Waltham Square, Harrison avenue, op- 
posite Umcn Park street 3,000 

Worcester Square, between Washington 

street and Harrison avenue 16,000 

Brighton Square. Chestnut Hill iiveniia., 

and Academy Hill road 25,035 

Fern Square, between, KrajikJin and 

Fern streets .\ . .■ . ...•.".-. .,:. ■ 1 .900 , 

Jackson Square. Chestnut Sill- oVem.-e, " 

Union and Winsliip f'.-rec-ts-. . ' . . .- .'. , * 4.3.10 
Oak Square, Washingti^n and Faneuil 

streets..,. 9,583 

Sparhawk .?q'mre i^a;-iibridi?p. Murdocl^ :''-'' 

and SpaHiawk sfn-ts . . . :,.^ ^ . . , , , .T,i/iO 

Square, Cambriosc. LiaMla jnd •'• ' 

fleld streets : ■'l3;939 


City Square, head of Rutheiford av and 

Main sts S.T.iO 

Essex Square, and Lyndeboro' sts 930 

Hayes Square, Bunker Hili and Vine sts 4.484 
Sullivan Square. Main. Cambridge. 

Sever and Gardner streets 56,428 

Winthrop Square, Winthrop, Common 

and Adams streets ■ 3S.4.')0 

Adams Square. Adams and Granite sts. 2.068 
Algonquin Square, Algonquin and Brad- 
City Nursery Grounds and Greenhouses, 
Massachusetts avenue and East Cot- 
tage street 102,531 

DorchRster Square, Meeting House Hill 56,200 

Drohan Square, Edison green 10.241 

Eaton Square. Adams and Bowdoin sts 13,280 
Mt.Bowdoin Green, top of Mt.Bowdoin 25.170 
Peabody Square, Ashmont street and 

Dorchester avenue 1.963 

Public Ground, junction of Adams and 

Codman streets 700 

Public Ground. Florida street 6.090 

Public Ground, Magnolia street 3.605 

Richardson Square, between Pond and 

Cottage streets 45.982 

Spaulding Square, junction of Freeport 

street and Neponset avenue 6,263 

Tremlett Square, Tremlett street, be- 
tween Hooper and Waldeck 7.107 

Wellesley Park, Wellesley Park street... 28,971 


Belmont Square, Webster, Sumner, 

Lamson and Seaver streets 30,000 

Central Square, Meridian and Border 

streets 40,310 

Maverick Square, Sumner and Maver- 
ick streecs 4,396 

Prescott Square. Trenton. Eagle and 

Prescott streets 1 2.284 

Putnam Square. Putnam. White and 

Trenton streets 11,628 

Camp Meigs, Readvllle 122.404 

Green, Junction of Beacon street and 

Metropolitan avenue 220 

Green, junction of Milton avenue and 

Highland street 220 

Green, junction of Williams avenue and 

Prospect street 700 

Greenwood Square, junction of Thatcher 

street and Central avenue 200 

Webster Square, jimction of Webster 

street and Central avenue 220 

Wolcott Square Readvllle 220 

Alvah Kittredge Park. Highland street 

and Highland avenue 5.600 

Berners Square. Plymouth and Bellevue 

streets 56,628 

Bromley Park, Albert to Blckford street 20.975 

Cedar Square, Csdar street, between 

Juniper and Thornton streets 26.163 

City Storage Grounds, Massachusetts 

avenue, adjoining NY. NH&HRR 74.279 

Elm HUl Park, off 550 Warren street. . 6.920 

Francis Circle, junction of Huntington 

avenue, Tremont and Francis street.. 1,662 

Highland Park, Fort avenue and Beech 

Glen street 158.421 

Horatio Harris Park. Walnut avenue. 

from Munroe to Townsend street. ... 1 16.000 

Linwood Park, Centre and Linwood 

streets 3.625 

Longwood Park. Park and Austin sts. . . 21.000 

Madison Square, Sterling, Marble. War- 
wick and Westminster streets 122. 191 

Orchard Park. Chadwick, Orchard Park 

and Yeoman street 104,492 

Public Ground, corner Blue Hill avenue 

and Seaver street 2,500 

Public Ground. Warren. St.James and 

Regent streets 1 ,380 

Square, Albany street, near Mall street 1.253 

Square. Harold, Crawford and Abbots- 
ford streets 966 



Square, old Hsath, New Heath and 

Parket atrsots 2.419 

Walnut Pja'rk- between Washington st 

and Walnut avenue 5.736 

Washington Park, Dale ff.nd Bainbrldge 
.^ .streets .'. :.:...... 396,125 

Independence Square, Broadway, Eec- 
-o<id. M and N streets. . . ,, 283.140 

Lincol:^ Square, Emersori, Tourth and 

M streets. - '....;...... 9.510 

TSl^graph Hill. Thomas Park 190.000 

Carruth Square, South Conway, South 

Fairvlew and Robert streets 750 

Central Square, Centre and Perkins sts 3,200 
Mt.Bellevue, public ground, water 

tower at summit 27.772 

Oakview Terrace, ofl Centre street 5,287 

Soldiers' Monument Lot, South and 

Centre streets, Jamaica Plain 5.870 

Total area of PubUc Grounds, etc., 2,770,180 
square feet, or 63.59 acres 



Parks and Parkways; 

Main Park System 1,4.56.35 

Marine Park System 437.90 

Miscellaneous Parks 425.26 

Public Grounds, Squares, etc 63.59 

Grand total 2,383.10 

Bridges located In Parks and Parkways: 


Foot-bridge, over pond 


Agassiz, carrying Agassiz road over the Fens 

Boylston, over outlet of the Fens 
Charlesgate, over Boston & Albany Railroad 
and Ipswich street. 

Audubon, over Newton circuit of Boston & Al- 
bany Railroad. 

Bellevue. over Muddy river from Bellevue street. 

Bridle Path, carrying the ride over Muddy river, 
near Audubon road. 

Brookline avenue, over Muddy river. 

Berners street foot-bridge, over Muddy rjver. 


atlet of Leverett 

Ellicott arch, carrying Circuit drive over walk 

at Ellicottdale. 
Forest Hills, carrying entrance to Franklin Park 

over traffic road. 
Overlook arch over entrance to Overlook Shelter. 
Scarboro'. carrying Circuit drive over Scarboro' 

Columbia road, over Old Colony avenue and 
Plymouth division of New York, New Haven 
and Hartford Railroad. 

Columbia road, over Shoreham street 

Castle Island, South Boston to Castle Island. 

Neptune, carrying Neptxuie road over Boston, 

Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad. 
Foot-bridge, from Prescott street over Boston, 

Revere Beach &. Lynn Raih-oad. 

Ashmont, Brent st. near Talbot av.. Dor. 
Billings Field, LaGrange and Bellevue sts., W. 

Carolina av. near Lee st.. Jamaica Plain. 
Charlesbank, Charles St., West End. 
Charlestown, Main and Alford sts , Ohsn. 
Charlestown Heights, Bunker Hill and Medford 

Chestnut Hill, junction Beacon and Chestnut 

Hill av.. Brighton. 
Christopher Gibson, Dorchester and Geneva av.. 

Columbus Avenue, at Camden St., South End. 
Common. Charles st. side. 
Commonwealth. C. D and Cypher sts., S. B. 
Cottage Street, near Maverick St., East Boston. 
Dorchester Park, Dorchester av. and Richmond 

Dummy Field, Everett St.. Allston. 

Factory Hill. Hyde Park, off Sunnvside. 

Fellows Street, at Hunneman St.. Roxbury. 

Fens. Back Bav. 

First Street, at M st.. South Boston. 

Forest Hills, Washington st. and Firth rd., Ros 

Franklin Field. Blue Hill av. and Talbot av.. Dor. 

Franklin Park. Dorchester. 

Freeport Street, near foot of Park st.. Dor. 

John Wintlirop. Dacia and Danube sts.. Dor. 

Marcella Street, Highland and Richie sts., Rox. 

Massachusetts Avenue, near Edward Everett sq.. 

Mystic. Chelsea st. and Mystic river, Chsn. 
Neponset, Neponset av , opp. Chickatawbut st., 

Norfolk Street, opposite Evelyn st., Mattapan. 
North Brighton, Western av. and North Harvard 


North End Beach. Commercial st. 
Olmsted Park. Jamaicaway, J. P. 
Orient Heights, Saratoga and Boardman sts.. 


Parkinson, Forest Hills and Williams sts., J. P. 
Paul Gore Street. Jamaica Plain. 
Portsmouth Street, Brfghton. 
Prince Street, North Bennet and Prince sts.. 

North End. 
Randolph Street, Albany and Randolph sts.. 

South End. 
Ripley, Trescott place, near Harvard st.. Dor. 
Rogers Park. Lake and Foster sts.. Brighton. 
Ronan (formerly Mt.Ida) Bowdoin and Percival 

Rutherford Avenue, 

stin St., Charlestown. 
Denny sts.. Dor. 
. Hyde Park 
opp. Old Harbor st.. 

• Tremont s 


Strandway, Columbia rd 

South Boston. 
Tyler Street. South End. 
Ward 19. Phillips St., nea _ _ _ 
West Fifth Street, between D and : 
West Third Street, comer B st.. South Boston. 
William Eustis, Norfolk av. and Proctor St., Rox. 
Wood, near Hallet St., Neponset. 
Wood Island Park, East Boston. 

Public Batha and Qymnaaia, 

Cabot Street— 203 Cabot st., Rox. 
ing 45 shower batlis. a swimming pool, 75 by 25 
feet, and a gymnasium. 

Charlestown — Comer Bunker Hill and Lexing- 

Containing 28 shower batlis and i 

Dover Street — 249 Dover st. Containing 33 
shower baths for men and 17 for women, also tub 
bath. No gymnasium. 

North Bennet Street — North End. Contain- 
ing 65 shower baths. 400 lockers and gymnasium. 


Charlesbank — Charles St., West End, two 
houses (i. e., for men and women). 12 shower 
batlis in each, outdoor gymnasium. 

East Boston Gymnasium — 116 Paris St., 74 
shower baths. 

Municipal Building — Comer Columbia rd. and 
t)or., 26 shower baths, swimming pool 

Municipal Building — South near Sedgwick St.. 
J. P., 19 shower baths and a swimming pool, 75 
by 24 feet. 

Municipal Building — Broadway between G and 
H sts.. 8 B.. 40 shower baths for men and 23 for 
women, 2 extension showers for boys. 

South Boston Gymnasium — D st., 14 shower 

Municipal Building — 75 Tyler St.. South End, 
40 shower baths. 

Ward 9 Gymnasium — 642 Harrison av.. South 
End, 13 shower baths. 

Ward 17 Muncipal Building— Vine cor. Dudley. 

Blossom Street, West End, 
shower baths. 

Dewey — Medford St., Clisn., three houses for 
men, women and children. 

Freeport Street — Dor., two houses for men 


) houses for 

NortH End Park — Commercial : 

I bouse for boys. 

Border Street — Bast Boston, two houses for 
men and women. 

Cbarlesbank — West End. two houses for men 

Dover Street Bridge — South End, two houses 
for men and women. 

Port Point Channel — South End, one house. 

Jeffries Point — East Boston, one house for men 
and women at different hours. 

Mystic Bridge— Charlestown, one house. 

Warren Bridge — Charlestown, two houses for 
men and women. 


Orchard Park — Chadwick and Yeoman sts.. 
Roxbury, two houses for men and women, with 
concrete! open air pool 80 by 30 feet. 

The Summer Baths will be opened daily from 
June 15 to Sept. 15, from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Indoor 
Baths open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday 
and Thursday for women only, except Dover 
Street, which is open for both sexes every day. 

Boys and girls under fifteen years of age shall 
not be admitted to the Bathing houses_after 7 
o'clock P.M., and the decision of i ' 
against admission shall be final. _ 

Boston Catholic Cemetery Association — 

114 Dudley and 2374 Wash., Rox. Acting Pres.. 
Edwin A. Wall. Treas., James McCormick. 
Sec.. Francis J. McBarron. Agent, Thomas M. 
McLaughlin. Supt.. M. H. Regan. 

Bunker Hill Burial Ground— Bunker HUl, 

Mt. Auburn Cemetery — Cambridge and 
Watertown. Office 601 Sears bldg.. 199 Wash- 
ington. Trustees, Prentiss Cummings, pres ; 
Charles P. Choate, Edwin Hale Abbot, Thomas 
P. Beal. Wm. L. Richardson, Joseph B. Russell, 
Edward W. Hutchins, Jerome Jones, Alfred 
Hemenway, Franklin W. Hobbs, Wallace L. 
Pierce.. Sec and Treas., Prentice W. Abbott. 
James C. Scorgie. supt., Cambridge. 

Mt.Benedlct Cemetery — Corey near Newton 
line West Roxbury. 

Mt.CalTary Cemetery — Berry, cor. Sutton, 
RosUndale. Martin H. Regan, Supt. 

Mt.Hope Cemetery — This Cemetery, con- 
taining 117 acres 36,500 sq. ft.. Is on Walk Hill 
street, Mattapan. and is under the care of the 
City Cemetery Dept. Leonard W. Ross, Supt. 

Old Catholic Burial Ground — Bernard St., 
Dorchaster (St.Mary's). 

Kalnsford Island Cemeterjr — Ralnsford 

St.Joseph's— Baker, beyond Weld, W. R, 
(Catholic). Containing 100 acres. Cardinal 
William H. OConnell, pres.: Daniel F. Doherty, 
vice pres.; John A. Bruen, clerk; Richard F. 
Johnson, treas. Trustees, James W. Dunphy, 
Joseph A. Cogan. Joseph P. O'Connell, Michael 
J. O'Heam; James M. Driscoll, supt. 

etery — Fenwick 

Cedar Grove Cemetery — Containing about 
fifty acres, situated in Dorchester between Adams, 
Milton and Granite streets. Office at CemeteiT. 
Board of Trustees — Edwin J. Ham, pres.; W. D. 
C. Curtis, vice-pres.; Guy A Ham, sec. and 
treas., 24 Milk; G. A. Wheeler, Amos T. White, 
William D. C. Curtis, Walter B. Grant, J. J. 
Wall. Supt. P. J. Caldwell, at the Cemetery. 

Central Burial Ground— On the ( 

Burial Gr 

nd— Norfolk i 


Dorchester Old North Burial Ground — 

Stoughton, cor. Columbia road. Upham's Comer. 
d — Dor- 

-Wash. near East 

Union Cemetery— East Fifth, near L, S. B. 

Cemetery — Walter, near 

Warren Cemetery — Kearsarge av., Roxbury. 

Westerly Cemetery — Centre, near LaGrange, 
W. R. 

Woodlawn Cemetery The — Everett. Charles 
Leeds, pres. Roscoe Pierce, sec. and treas.. Office 
' ' ' I 326. Trustees, Frank W. 

Boston Cemetery — Swift, 
B. Frank L. Tume.r custo 

Parlin. Fred A. Davenport, Pre.scott Chamber- 
lain, Wm. A. Muller, act. supt., William J. Mc- 
Clintock, Everett. 

Bllot Cemetery (17S5)— Eliot, 

Evergreen Cemetery — Commonwealth 
near Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Brigh'— ""^ 
P. Harding, custodian. 


Forest Hills Cemetery — Morton street, Ja- 
maica Plain, containing 256 acres. Office 14 
Beacon. Arthur R. Potter, sec. and treas. Board 
of Trustees, Charles G. Smith, pros.; Thomas A. 
Forsyth, vice-pres.; George R. White, William A. 
Gaston. Andrew J. Peters, Dr. Harold Williams. 
Nelson Curtis. Henry S. Adams, supt., office 

; the cemetery. 

W. R. 

Granary Burial Ground — Tremont, opposite 

Cemetery — Emerson < 


■ Schoc 

Chapel Burial Ground — Tremont 

The following list, arranged alphabetically, 
comprises the principal monuments and stat- 
ues located in the parks, squares, avenues and 
other public thoroughfares of tho city of Bos- 
ton. It does not include statues located In halls, 
theatres, association rooms or private residences. 
Wherever possible to obtain the information, the 


Adams Samuel, Adams sq. ; 

Andrew John A.. Doric Hall, State House; 1872. 

Apollo, Grounds of tho Museum of Fine Arts. 

Appeal to the Great Sph-it. Museum of Fine 
Arts grounds; Cyrus E. Dallin, 1912. 

Army Nurses, Hall of Flags, State House; Bela 
L, Pratt, 1914. 

Aristides, Loulsburg sq.; Italian work, 1849. 

Attucks Crispus, monument, Be 
Robert Kraus. 

Boston Common Monumental Tablet, East cor- 
ner of Common; R. Clipston Sturgis. 1914. 
Brooks Phillips. "■ ' " ' '" 

grounds; Augu 

i St.Gaudens, 

Trinity Church 



Bulflncli MoDument of the Kevolution 
stored), Stato House park. 

Bunker HiU Monument, Breed's Hill, Charles 
town; .Solomon Willard. 1825-43. 

Oass Col. Thomas, Public Garden, onp. 24C 
Boylston; Richard E. Brooks, 1899. 

Channing William E., Boylston cor. ArliliKton 
Herbert y>'' ">"•» 



Dovens Charles Gen. and Judge, State Hon 
park; O. L. Warner, 1898. 

Dorchester Heishts (Revolutionary Mom 
nt), Thomas Park, South Boston. Peabody & 

Emancipation Group (monument). Park sq. 

Public Garden; J. Q. 

Thomas Ball, 1879. 

Ether Monu 
Ward. 1867-68. 

Ericsson Leir, Commonwealth av.- Ann 
Whitney, 1886. 

Everett Edward. Edward Everett so.. Dor, 
W. W. Story, 1807. 

Parragut David G. Admiral. Marine Park 
South Boston; H. H. Kitson, 1893. 

Franklin Benjamin, front of City Hall; Green- 
ough, 1856. 
OllnT'^WarSf fie""^'*' ^'''■""■<»""''"«' av.; 

Glover John Col., Commonvpoalth av, : Martin 
Milmore. 1875. 

Hale Edward Everett, Public Garden: Bela L, 
Pratt, 1913. 

Hamilton Alexander. Commonwealth av.; Wil- 
liam Rimmer. 1S65. 

Harvard Monument. Old Grave Yard, Charles- 
town; 1828. 

Hooker Joseph Gen., State House grounds. 
French and Potter, 1903. 

Labor and Science, Post Office bldg.; French, 
"louse; Emma 

front of State 

Parker Theodore, front of First Church, West 
Koxbury; Krauss 

Parkman Francis Memorial, southwestern 
shore of Jamaica Pond; Daniel French, 1906 

Phillips Wendell, Public Garden, near Charles 
St.; Daniel C. French, 1915. 

Prescoct William Col., Bunker Hill Monument 
grounds; W. W. Story, 1881. 

Quincy Josiah, front of City Hall; Thomas Ball 

Shaw Robert G. Col (bas relief). Beacon st., 
opp. State House: Augustus St.Gaudens, 1896. 

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston Com- 
mon: Martin Milmore, 1877. 

Soldiei's Monument, Cedar Grove Cemetery, 


Soldiers Monument 
Brighr.on. 1866. 

Soldiers Monument, cor. Centre and South 

vergreen Cemetery, 

Obarlestown: Martin MUmore. 1872. 

Sumner Charles, Public Garden, onn. 270 
Boylston; Thomas Ball, 1878. 

Warren Joseph Gen.. Bunker Hill Monument 


Washington George, Doric Hall, State House: 
Chantry, 1827. 

Washington George. Public Garden; Thomas 

Powers, 1859. 

Winthrop John Gov.. First Church groi 
Marlboro, cor. Berkeley: Gre«nough, 1880. 

Wolcott Roger. Governor and Spanish 

Veterans State House, 1906. 


pie Island, contaming 8.9 acres, purchased 

Owned by Benjamin 
Castle Island, 21.6 acres.'with Fort Independ- 

care of Boston : 

Deer Island. 182.3 acres. Owned and 

County House of Coft-ectii 

upon the island. 
Gallup 's Island, containing 25.1 acres, pur- 
chased in 1860 for $6,600, by the city of Boston; 
leased m 1915 to United States Government. 
Occupied by Quarantine Station. 

George's Island, 39.7 acres, with Fort Warren, 
owned by the United States. 

Governor's Island, 
United States, but under 
and Recreation Dept. 

Great Brewster Island, containing 23.1 acres, 
was purchased by City of Boston in 1848 for 
$4,000. Under jurisdiction of Town of Hull. 

acres. Owned by James 


Little Brewster Island, 3.6 acres, owned bv 
United States; occupied by Boston Light; under 
jurisdiction of Town of Hull. 

Owned by Heu-s 

ontaining about 215.5 

Government purchased 1.2 acres hi 1819, 
acres in 1867 and 10.5 acres in 1900. 43.5 : 
owned by the U. S. Government. 

station and Fort Standish. 

Middle Brewster Island, 12.2 acres. Owned 
by Melvin O. Adams, Richard S. Whitney and 
BenJ. P. Cheney. 

Moon Island, containing about 30 acres. Taken 
by right of eminent domain in 1879. It consti- 
tutes the point of discharge of the main drainage 

Ralnsford Island, containing 17.4 acres, owned 
by City of Boston was purchased together with 
all hospital buildings and dwellings thereon. In 
1871, for 840,000. Suffolk School for Boys is 
located upon this island. 

Spectacle Island, 61.4 acres. 
Ward & Co.. city of Boston anc 
Government. City owns 6.1 acr 

iwued by N. 
United States 
purchased in 

'hompson's Island, 146.5 acres, annexed 
ton by act of March 15, 1834. Owned ai 
jpied by Farm and Trade School for Boys. 


City Proper 1.829 

South Boston 1 ,002 

East Boston 836 

Roxbury 2.700 

Dorchester 5,614 

West Roxbury 8,073 

Brighton 2,277 

Charlestown 586 

Hyde Park 2,953 

Breed's Island 785 

Islands in Harbor, belonging to City of Bos- 
ton, about 500 

Total Acres 27,160 

Square Miles 42.440 


Birthday. February 22d. 
Patriots' Day. April 19th. 
Memorial Day. May 30th. 
Independence Day. July 4th. 
Labor Day, first Monday in September. 
Columbus Day, October 12th. 

When the 22d of February, the 19th of April, 
the 30th of May, the 4th of July, the 12th of 
October or Christmas occurs on Sunday, the 
following day shall be a holiday. 


Headquarters. Tremont Tomplo. 

Berean Temple. Woodrow av. near Blue Hill av.. 
Dorchester. Rev. O. A. S. Howe, pastor. John 
E. Morsan, sexton. 

Bethany Church, West Cottage, cor. Judson. Rox. 
Rev. Isaac Higginbotham, pastor. 

Blaney Memorial Baptist Church, 67 Richmond, 
Dorchester Lower Mills. Rev. Allan A. Ride- 
out, pastor. Charles A. Roberts, sexton. 

Boston Baptist Bethel. 332 Hanover. 

Boston Baptist Tabernacle, see Warren Avenue 

Brighton Avenue Baptist, Brighton avenue, 
junction Cambridge. Allston. Rev. Herbert 
R. Whitelock. 630 Cambridge, pastor. 

Centre Street Baptist Church. Centre st. cor. 
Mozart, J. P. Rev. Aubrey S. Bishop, pastor. 

Warren Avenue Baptist Church, Warren i 

Edward C. Blanchard. first reader. 
Third Church of Christ Scientist of Boston (Hyde 
Park district), Arlington near Hyde Park av. 
r, first reader. 

Frederick L. Bauer, 


George W. Tyree, sext< 
Cosmopolitan Baptist Temple (colored). S5 Con- 
cord. Rev. Charles H. Johnson, pastor, Bert 

Dorchester Temple Chnrch, Washington, cor, 

Welles av. Dor. Alfred E. Isaac, pastor, 

Frfderick N. Wayland. sexton. 
Dudley Street Baptist Church, 139 Dudley st, 

Rev. Chas. L. Page, pastor. Richard B, 

Messer. sexton. 
Ebenezer Baptist Church, W. Springfield, near 

Tremont, Rev. Cassius A. Ward, pastor. 
First Baptist Church. Clarendon, comer Com- 
monwealth av. Rev. Austen K. deBlois. pas 

tor. James B. Newsou, sexton 
First Baptist Church of Charlestown, Lawrence 

st . corner Austin. Rev. Harold L. Hanson, 

pastor. Clovice B. Chevallier, sexton. 
First Baptist Church, Dorchester, Ashmont, cor 

Adams street. Rev. J. Cecil Hayes, pastor 

Chas. E. Fales, sexton. 
FuTit Baptist Church, Hyde Park. Fauinoimt av 

cor. Pierce. Rev, William Reid, pastor. El: 

Phillips, sexton. 
First Baptist Church (Mariners'). 332 Hanover 

Rev. Walter J. Swaffleld, pastor. Bernard 

Johnson, sexton. 
First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, Centre 

cor. Myrtle, J. P. Rev. Walter Calley, pastor. 

First Swedish Baptist Church. 455 Shawmut 
cor. Rutland. Kev. John G. Oster. pastor. 
August Person, sexton. 

Hill Memorial Baptist Church. N. Harvard, cor. 
■" -• •■■ Rev. Wm. Bradley Whit- 

Immaniiel Church, 191 Adams, Dor, Rev 

Lettish Baptist Church, 1165 Tremont, Rox, 

Services, second Sunday evenings, 
Norwegian Baptist Mission, 2J W, Cottage, Dor, 
Rev. M. L. Rice, paste 

■ ' "' (colored., 

Puller, pastor, 
James Gabourel. sexton. 
Roslindale Baptist Church, Ashland, cor. Florence 
Ros. Rev. Floyd L. Carr, pastor. Cupid 

South Baptist Church, Fourth, cor. L street, 

S. B. Rev. William J. Rutledge, pastor. 

Aimer J. Stygles. sexton. 
Stoughton Street Church, Stoughton, cor, Sumner 

Dor, Rev. Charles J. Burton, pastor. David 

B. Dole, sexton. 
Stratford Street Baptist Church, Anawan av. 

comer Stratford, W R Rev. John Howard 

Demlng, pastor. James Major, seirton. 
Tremont Temple Baptist Church 

Rev. Cortland Myers, 

88 Tremont. 
Rev. Cortland Myers, pastor. Rev. Herbert 
Handel, asst. pastor. Rev. David M Lock- 
row, director of men's work. Maude M. Morgan, 
director of young women's work. Earl S. Gou- 
dey, director of boys' work. Mrs. M. C. Wil- 
kinson, Miss E. S. Crawford and V. Alice Porter, 
pastor's assistants- Edgar C. Lane. Sunday 
School supt. F. F. Plimpton, supt. of building. 

Trenton Street Baptist Church, 69 Trenton, B. B. 
Kev. Charles J. Jones, p"*" 
E. B. William A. Taytt 

Twelfth Baptist Church, 678 Shawmut av. cor. 
Madison. Rev. M. A. N. Shaw, pastor. Rev. 
Cecil Weathers, asst. pastor. J. O. King. 

ongregational Church, 
W. Brookline. Rev. Sarkis M. 

Boylston Cong, Church, Boylston, cor. Amory, 
Boylston station. J. P. Rev Donald B. Mac- 
Lane, pastor, 155 Amory, Rox. Philip L. 

Rev. Willard L. Sperry, pastor. Arthur T. 

Blennerhasset, sexton. 
Central Congregational Church, Tonawanda, cor. 

Waldeck, Dor. Rev. CUnton J. Taft, pastor. 

C. L. Peterson, sexton. 
Central Congregational Church, Elm, cor. Seav- 

ems av.. J. P. Rev. Chauncy J. Hawkins, pas- 
tor. Charles S. Hamm. sexton. 
Clarendon Congregational Church, Huntington 

av. Hyde Park. Rev. Albion H. Johnson, 

pastor. Walter M. Cass, i 

Geo. E. We 

BUot Church of Roxbury, Kenilworth street. 
Rev, W. C, Rhoades, pastor, Benjamin F. 
Hamilton, pastor emeritus. Frank O. Wright, 

Faneuil Congregational Church. Brooks street. 

Brighton. Rev. Andrew H. Mulnix, pastor. 

Chester G. Parsons, sexton. 
Fu-st Church in Chsn.. Green street. Rev. 

Charles Talmage, pastor. Charles T. Fall. 

Rev. George W. Owen, 
pastor. Walter C. Scrlvens, sexton. 
French Evangelical Congregational, Berkeley. 

Newbiu-y. Rev. Romeo David, 

Harvard Church, 15 Gleason, Dor. 

pastor. Nathaniel Cate, sexton 
Highland Church, 738 Parker street. Rev. 

William R. Campbell, pastor. Herbert S. Still- 
Hope Chapel, 15 Shawmut. Rev. Harry O. Mar- 
tin, pastor. WilUam Foley, sexton. 
Inunanuel-Walnut Avenue Church. Walnut av. 

cor. Dale, Rox. Rev. Benjamin A. WiUmott, 

pastor. C. W. Tasker. sexton. 
Maverick Church, Central sou 

A. R. ™- .^ ~^^ 

P. B. 

Old So 

Rev. George 

Roxbury. Rev. Oluf M. Jons- 
Fred Grenberg, sexton. 
Church, Dartmouth, corner Boylston. 


T, pastor. Rev. 

PhUlips Ohapei, 

Alfred V. Hui 

Reynolds, asst. pastor. 
Phillips Church, W. Broadway, near Dorchester, 

S. B Rev. Clarence W. Dunham, pastor. 

Wm. H. Schmidt, sexton. 
Pilgrim Church, Columbia road, opp. Hancock. 

Upham's Corner. Rev. , pastor. John 

S. Clark, sexton. 


Headquarters, 1 Joy Street. 

Rev. Samuel A. Brown, pastor. Arthur Jones, 

Seaman's Church (Boston Seamen's Friend Soc), 
287 Hanover. Rev. J. McD. Blue, pastor. 
Richard Smith, sexton, 14 Mystic, Ohsn. 

Shawmut Church, Tremont. cor. W. Brookllne. 
Rev. Judson V. Clancy, pastor. Oscar Klngs- 

— "^-'^ Consrega , 

Charles V. Bowman, pastor. 

Victor Peterson, sexton. 
Trinity Church, 51 Watout St., Neponset. Rev. 

, pastor. David Snow, sexton. 

Union Church, 485 Columbus av. Rev. Ernest 

G. Guthrie, pastor. Walter L. Eaton, asst. pas- 
tor. Frank H. Moning, sexton. 
Village Church, River, cor. Temple, Lower Mills, 

Dor. Rev. Phillip King, pastor, Milton 

Elijah B. Hallett, sexton. 
West Roxbury Cong. Church, Centre, cor. Mt. 

Vernon. Rev. Edwin H. Byington, pastor. 

R. A. Welsh, sexton. 

All Saints Church, Ashmont cor., Bushnell, Ash- 
mont. Rev. Simon Bllnn Blunt, D.D., rector. 
Rev. Arthur W. P. Wylie. curate. Rev. Pran- 

William H. Dewart, rector. Rev. Enrico Sartorio 

, John T. Slade, sexton. 

Christ Church. _River cor. Maple, Hyde Park, 

Rev. Arthur Ketchum, 

Peter Altchi- 

Church of our Saviour, Albano St., Rosllndale, 
Rev. Charles Case Wilson, rector. Frank 

Church of the Advent, Brimmer, cor. Mt. Vernon, 
Rev. William Harman vanAHen, S. T.D., rector. 
Revs. John Higglnson Cabot and George Nat- 
tress, curates. J. H. Hunting, sexton. 

Church of the Ascension, 1906 Washington, Rox. 


Headquarters, 25 Beacon St. 
All Souls Church. Warren, cor. Elm Hill av. Rox- 

Eev. Sheed Anderson, minister. Joseph J 

Parker, sexton. 
Arlington-Street Church, Arlington, cor. Boylston 

Rev. Paul R. Frothlngham, pastor. Oscar A. 

Nelson, sexton. 
Barnard Memorial, 10 Warrenton. Rev, Paul 

H. Drake, pastor. Thomas Costello, 

Channlng Church, E. Cottage, near Dorchester 
av. Dor. Rev. Charles P. Wellman, minister. 
Harry Anderson, Janitor. 

Christ Church. Dorchester av. cor. DIx. Dor. 
Rev. Paul Harris Drake, pastor. Wm. P. Mans- 
field, sexton. 

Church of Our Father, 85 Marlon, E. B. Rev. 
Adolph Rossbach, pastor. Alvah H. Tarr. 

Ohurch of the Disciples, Peterborough, comer 
Jersey. Rev. A. M. Rlhbany, pastor. Ben- 
jamin F. Jones sexton. 
Ohurch of the Unity, Walnut st. cor, Oakman, 
Neponset. Rev. Geo W. Cutter, pastor. 
Stephen A. Crook, sexton. 
First Church in Boston, Marlboro, cor. Berkeley. 
Rev. Charles E. Park, pastor. Henry F. Holm- 
First Church in Roxbury, John Eliot square. 
Rev. James DeNormandie and Rev. Otto Ly- 
ding, pastors. William Slater, ""•^"r, 
First Con ' ~ . . « 

rict M. Connolly, janitor. 
First Parish Church in Brighton (1730), Chestnut 

Hill av. near Strathmore road, Brighton. Rev. 

Palfrey Perkins, pastor. 
First Parish In Dorchester, Winter, cor. Parish, 

Meeting House Hill. Rev. Roger Sawyer 

Forbes, pastor. William H. Goss, sexton. 
First Parish of West Roxbury, Centre, cor. Corey 

street. Rev. Harold G. Arnold, minister. R. 

bur F. Gray, sexton. 
Hawes Unitarian Cong., East Broadway, between 

G. and H., S. B., Rev. James Huxtable, pastor. 

Thomas Sanders, sexton, 
pel, Tr< 

. pastor. 

Snow, asso. pastor. George H. Wiley, 

Norfolk Unitarian Church. 268 Norfolk street. 

Dor. Rev. Ernest S. Meredith, pastor. George 

C. Smith, sexton. 
Roslindale Unitarian, South, near Brookfleld St., 

Rosllndale. Rev. Charles W. Casson, pastor. 

William H. Williams, sexton. 
Second Ohurch in Boston, Audubon road, cor. 

Beacon. Rev. Samuel R. Maxwell, pastor. 

Frederick W. Spear, sexton. 
South Congregational, "Dr Hale's Church," 

Newbury street, corner Exeter. Rev. Edward 

Oummings, minister, 1()4 Irving, Camb. Henry 

Li. Wildes, sexton. 
Theodore Parker Memorial, 53 Berkeley. Ernest 

O, Amy, supt. Carl J. Decker, janitor. 
Third Religious Society, Richmond st.j Lower 


Church of the Epiphany, Stanton, cor. Norfolk, 
Dor. Rev. Thatcher R. ICimball. rector. Rev. 
Edward A. Baker, asst rector. H. D. Cooper, 

Church of the Good Shepherd, Cortes st. Rev. 

George J. Prescott, rector. J, J. Hlckie, sexton. 

■ ■ • " ■ - ,Mat. 

- -- - rector. George W. 

Thain, sexton. 
Church of the Messiah, St.Stephen, cor. Gains- 
borough. Rev. John M. G, Foster, rector, 

James ^ 
Church of I . ___ _ _ _ 

Rev. , rector. Jacob C. Bibber, sexton. 

Emmanuel Church. 15 Newbury street. Rev. 

Elwood Worcester, D.D., Ph. D., rector. Rev. 

., asst. rector. John O. Haynes, 

Emmanuel Church, Stratford, corner Clement av. 

W. R. Rev. Howard S. Wilkinson, rector. 

L. S. Payson, sexton. 
Grace Church, 315 Dorchester street. Rev. 

Charles Harden McCurdy, vicar. George C. 

Johnson, sexton. 
St. Andrew's Church, Bayswater, corner St. An- 
drew rd. George S. Flske. minlster-in-charge, 

Frank J. Cooper, sexton. 
St.Angarius Church (Swedish), 777 Shawmut av. 

Rev. A. W. Sundelof, minister. A. M. Sund- 

borg, sexton. 
St.Ann's Church, E. Cottage, near Dudley, Rox. 

Rev. A. George B. Jenner, rector. Walter 

King, sexton. 

St.John the Ev 

gellst, Bowdoln street. Rev. 

Evangelist, Bowdolr 

Frederick Cecil Powell, superior 
St.John of Damascus, 68 Hudson, Rev. Solo- 
mon Ferneny, rector. 
St.John's Church, Devens St., cor. Rutherford av., 

Chsn. Rev. Philo W. Sprague, rector. John 

Bertram, sexton. 
St.John's Church, 80 Lexington, E. B. Rev. 

Waters DeW, Roberts, rector. Rev. George S. 

Fiske. assistant. W. 0. Farmer, sexton. 
St,John'3 Ohurch, Roanoke av., cor. Revere, J. P. 

Rev. Thomas O. Campbell, rector, M. T. 

Wallace, - '- 

associate rector. Henry E. Reid, sexton. 
St.Liuke's Church, Brighton av,, AUston. Rev. 
Charles W. DufBeld, rector, Hormldas Renaud, 

St.Margaret's Church, Wash., cor, Eastbum, 
Brighton. Rev. Walter G. Read, rector. Wil- 
liam Clifford, sexton. 

StMark's Church, 73 Columbia road. Dor. Rev, 
Frank D. Budlong. rector. Charles A. Deppe, 

St.Mary's Church, Cushlng av„ Dorchester. 
Rev. Walter E. O. Smith, rector. Mark Cook, 


t. Matthew . -_.--- 

Rev. James Sheerin, rector. Horace Carlyle, 

Swett Riusmaniere, dean. Revs. Frederick J. 
Walton. Artley B. Parson and Henry Goddard, 
a.ssistants. George Allen, berger. Margaret S. 
Ijloyd. deacone^.;. 
St.Peter's, Paul Gore street, J. P. Rev. Warren 
D. Bigelow, rector. John Hohey, sexton. 


O. Sauber. curate. Rev Dwight W. Hadley 
and Rev. Percy J. Kanimer. assistants. George 
A. Real, sexton. 
Trinity Churcli, Copley sq. Rev. Alexander 
Mann, rector. Rev. Reuben Kidner and 
Henry K. Slierrill. assistants. Charies E. 
Ctiester, sexton. 

Friends' Meeting House. 210 Townsend. near 
Warren, Rox. WUbur K. Thomas, minister. 
Sunday 10.30 a.m. and Friday 7.45 p.m. 

StLulce's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Rock- 
land, near Dedham line. W. R. Rev. Frederick 
O. Wurl, pastor. George Dietzel, sexton. 

St.Marks iSiglish Lutheran, 29 Winthrqp, Rox. 
Rev. Edwin Lunn Miller, pastor. S. S. Stan- 
ley, sexton. 

Swedish Trinity Lutheran Church of E. B., 168 
Saratoga, E. B. Rev. August F. Seastrand, 

Trinity Churnh (German), Parker street, cor. 
Gore. Rev. Paul Loeber, pastor. Gustav E. 
Hageman (English), pastor August Moeller, 

Abraham of Boston, 70 Wayland, Dor. 

Adas Israel. 28 Arlington, H. P. Manasha Miller, 

Adath Israel, 94 Brighton, Isaac Baritz. rabbi, 

G. Levin, sexton. 
Adath Jeshunm. Blue Hill av. cor. Brunswick. 

Phineas Israeli, rabbi. Jacob Levin, sexton. 
Adath Jesura Nusuch Art, 8 Smith ct.. near Joy st. 

A. A. Yudelovitch, rabbi. 
Agudas Archln, 89 Lowell and 14 Crawford. 

Jacob M. Feinsteui, rabbi. 
Ahwath Achim. 179 Chelsea, E. B. 
Ansha Siavuta, IS Minot. Samuel Apher, rabbi. 
Anshe Poland, 19 Oswego. A. M. Shershevsky, 

Anshe Sfard, 16 Davis. A. M. Shershevsky, 

Anshe Zoslave, 125 Leverett. D. M. Rabinovitz, 

Anshei Sfard, 11 Ashland. Jacob G. Shain, 

Anshei Sfard, 29 HasWns, Rox. Aaron Goro- 

_ Seltzer, rabbi. Samuel Sugarberg, cantor. 

Anshi Volin, 13 Florence. A. M. Shershevsky, 

Ansho Estroch. 80 Leverett, Theodore Singer, 

Beth Hamedash Hagodol, 28 North Russell. 

Hvman Sharfman, rabbi. 
Beth Hamedash Hagodol. 103 Crawford. Julius 

Karksberg, rabbi. 
Beth Israel, Baldwin place. Abraham Aaron 

Yudelovitch. rabbi. 
Beth Jacob, 24 Wall. Simon Price, rabbi. S. 

Chevre Mishraith, 186 Chambers, D. M. Rabin- 
ovitz, rabbi. 

Ein Jacob. 16 Poplar. Isaac Baritz, rabbi. 

Kenesseth Israel, 15 and 17 Emerald, A. M. 
Shershevsky and Joseph Rakusin, rabbis. 

Llnas Hazedeck, 62 Poplar. Meyer Alperin, 

Mishkan Israel. Bloomfleld Hall, Geneva av. Dor. 
Herman Benmosche. rabbi. 

Misiikan Shlomo, 71 Poplar. Isaac Baritz, rabbi. 


Headquarters, 581 Boylston Street. 

Rev. John W. Hamilton, Bishop. 

Allston M. E. Church. Harvard av. cor. Farring- 

ton av., Allston. Rev. Wilbur G. ChaSee, 

pastor. AUdls W. Day, sexton. 

Appleton Church, Walnut, near Noponset av., 

Neponset. Rev. Tobias Foss, pastor. W. A. 


Barham Memorial M. E. Church. Dorchester, 
cor. Vinton. Rev. D. Harold Hickey, pastor. 
Edgar D. Trefry. sexton. 

Bethany Church, Ashland, cor. Sheldon. Roslin- 
dale. Rev. Duane B. Aldrich, pastor. Wal- 
lace Crook, sexton. 

Bromfleld and Tremont Sts. Churches. Tremont 
cor. W. Concord. Rev. Kelley Jenness, pastor. 
Russell B. Spratt, sexton. _ 

Daniel Dorchester Memorial Church, Park, cor. 

March av., W. R. Rev. J. Ralph Magee. 

pastor. Thomas Manson. sexton. 
First Church, Temple st. Rev. Charles O. P. 

Hiller, pastor. Edgar H. Allen, sexton. 
First M. E. Church. Dorchester, Washington, 

near Richmond. Dor. Rev. John R. Chaffee, 

Ph. D.. pastor. John G. French, sexton. 
First M. E. Church. Hvde Park. Central av 

Winthrop. Rev. Descom DeF. Hoagland, 

pastor, John Haigh, sexton. 
First M. E. Church. Jamaica Plain. Elm. cor. 

Newbern. Rev. Wentworth F. Stewart, pas- 
tor. Chas. J. Tufley, sexton. 
Fii-st Norwegian and Danish M. E. Church. 5 

Howard av. Rox, Rev. Bent E. Carlsen, pas- 

tor. Mers^in Carlsen, 

First SAvedish M. E. Church. Walnut pk. cor. 
Walnut ~ ~ _ . ., j: 

Rox. Rev. Frank E. 

Nusach Sphard, 336 Blue HUl av. D. M. Rab- 
inovitz. rat>bi. Barnet Leonard, sexton. 

Ohabei Sholom. 11 Union Park street. M. M. 
Eichler, rabbi. Erwin Wolkowich, cantor. 
S. M. Caro, sexton. 

Ohel Jacob, Paris cor. Gove, B. B. Josiah D. 
Jurnan, rabbi. 

Sharai Jerusalem, Jerusalem pi. S. J. Frieder- 
man. rabbi. J. Stanetsky. sexton. 

Shara Tfllo. 15 Otisfield. Hyman S. Shoher, 

German M. E. Church. Atherton. cor. Amory. 

Rox. Rev. Charles Stephen, pastor. Henry 

Doherty. sexton. 
Greenwood Memorial Church (formerly Highland 

Church), 380 Washington, Dor. Rev. Charles 

Edw. Spaulding. pastor. H. W. Spencer, sex- 

Shari Zion, 35 Barton, Louis Silberstein, rabbi. 

Frank Krasnogor, sexton. 
Sons of Jacob, 210 Dover. A. M. Shershevsky, 

Meridian St. Church (Bethel). Meridian, cor. 

Havre. E. B. Rev. Thomas C. Cleveland, 

pastor. r. sexton. 

Morgan Memorial Church. 85 Shawmut av. Rev 

Edgar J. Helms, pastor. Thomas F, Benbury, 


tor. 66 Orchard, J. 
Emmanuel (Swedish), 20 Emerald. Rev. A. M. 

Benander. pastor. 
Immanuel German Evangelical Lutheran Church, 

48 Bennington, E. B. Rev. Frederick C. Wurl, 

pastor. Frederick Sheffler, sexton. 

James Stuart, sexton. 
Parkman Street M. E. Church. 29 Parkman, Dor. 

Rev. William C. Poole, pastor. 
People's Temole, Columbus av.. cor. Berkeley. 

Rev. Arakel H. Nazarian, pastor. Elvin B. 

GUbert. sexton. 
St.Andrew's M. E. Church, Centre, cor. Walden. 

J. P. Rev. John E. Bentley, pastor. John Gled- 

hill. caretaker. 
St.John's, West Broadway, near F. S. B. Rev. 

Charles E. Davis, pastor. William Manning, 

der Abel, sexton. 



Trinity M. E. Church. 60 High Street. Charles- 
town. Kev. Wesley Wiggiu. pastor. Edward 
E. Darville, sexton. _ 

Upham Memorial, Wachusett. corner Patten St.. 
Forest Hills. Rev. George H. Spencer, pastor. 
Edward "VVhittemore. sexton. 

Wash Boulevard M. E. Church. Wash st. cor. 
Grove, W. R. Whiley C. Hausam, pastor. 

Winthrop St. M. E. Church. Winthrop St.. Rox. 
Rev. Charles F. Rice, pastor. Edward Shaw, 


Columbu.s Av. Africa 

Zion Church, Co- 
Northampton. Bev. B. W. 
Swain, pastor. .1. Albert Peck, sexton. 
First African M. E. Chm-ch, Charles, cor. Mt. 
Vernon. Eev. Montrose W. Thornton, pastor. 
J. R. Bonner, sexton. 



Boston Society of the New Jerusalem Church, 1 3b 

Bowdoln St. Rev. James Reed, pastor. Kev. 

H, Clinton Hay. associate pastor. William B. 

Atwood. gen. sec. church parlor. Freeman pi. 

15a Beacon. Charles H. Webster, sexton. 
Roxbury Society of the New Jerusalem, St. James, 

cor. Regent. Rev. Willia " " '" 

C. R. Noyes. sexton. 

Wunsch. pastor. 

Rev. Albert M. MacLeod, pastor. 

byterian. W. Brooklme. cor. 
Rev. Kenneth M. Munro, pastor. United Presbyterian. 

S. B. Rev. James Todd, pastor. David Gamble 

Warren, cor. 



Young pastor. F. E. Raymond, sexton. 
St.AndreWs Church. 8.5 West Concord. 

, pastor. 

St.Paul's Presbyterian Church. Bexford, C9r. 

Oakland, Mat. Rev. G. Leonard McCam. 
Scotch" Presbyterian Church 76 Warrenton st. 

Rev. John Calder. pastor. Archibald MacLean, 
Second Reformed Presbyterian. 27 Chambers. 

Rev. James M. Foster, pastor. Matthew Wat- 

His Eminence Cardinal William H. O'Connell. 

All Saints Church. Centre, c 
Rev. Charles W. R_egan. pa 

„, O'Connor and Rov. 
pastors. Timothy J. Casey 
•nfh.>rlrn1 of the Holy 
James Wile 

Penryth, Box. 
■. Rev. Joseph 
F. Duran. asst. 

Cross. Washington 


Patrick Morrisroe. 

Church of the Sacred Heart. Brown av.. cor. Ash- 
land. Ros. Rev. John F. Cummins, pastor. 
Rev. Eugene A. Twomey, Rev. Henry C. Rear- 
pastors. George " "' "" " 

, O'Hara, 

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Italian) 12 

North square. Rev. Vittorio Gregori, pastor. 

Rev. Francesco Liberti. Rev. Francesco Berti, 

Rev. Ernesto Ros,si. Rev. Filippo Vittigli, 

assts. Ferdinando Tassinari. 
Notre Dame des Victoin 


Church of Gate of Heaven. E. Fourth, cor. I st., 
S. B. Eev. George A. Lyons, pastor. 

Church of Our Lady of Czenstochowa (Polish). 
655 Dorchester av., S. B. Rev. John M. 
' pastor. Frank Gradowski. sex- 

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. 92 W. Sixth. 

8. B. Rev. Patrick B. Murphy, pastor. 

William Maloney, 
Church of the / 

Church of the 'Blessed Sacrament. Centre, cor. 
Oreighton. Rox. Bev. A T. Connolly pastor. 
Bevs. John F. Madden. Joseph P. Mahar, Ed- 
mond D, Daly, asst. pastors. , 

Rev. John P. M^Schlf 
Wise, S. J,, an" 

1 u^u.^„uv... S. J.. Rev. Andr. .. 

Rev. John B. Schmandt. S. J., 

Charles Sandholzer. sexton. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception. Harrison 

av cor. East Concord. Rev. Charles W Lyons. 

8. J., pastor. Bro. Joseph Erhard. 

Church of the Most Holy 

cor. London. E. B. Re _^ 

. pastor. Rev. Joseph C. Burns. Bev. 
Gallagher, asst. pastors. "' - - 

Redeemer. Maverick. 
Patrick H. Riley, 
rns. Bev. Hugh J. 
Patrick O'Brien. 



(French). 25 Isabella, 
lastor. Leonce Gau- 

Frankfort. E. 

Our Lady of Mt.Carmel. Gove. 

B. Rev. Giacomo Merighi. 
Our Lady of the Rosary or Pompeii. 373 Harrison 

av., near Dover. Rev. Pasquale DlMilla, pas- 
Rev. Alexander 

240 Adams, Dorchester. Rev. John 

H. Harrigan. pastor. Bev. Joseph P. Murphy, 

t.Angela's. Ulue Hill av. cor. Fremont. Mat. 
Rev. Francis J. Byan. pastor. Edward J. 
Campbell, asst. pastor. John C. Fox. sexton, 
t. Ann's. Neponset avenue, cor. Ashmont. Rev. 
. pastor. Rev. Joseph Brand- 
Flannery, asst. pastors. John 

or. Athol, Alls. Rev. Hugh 
pastor. Rev. William P. 
Mc'Namara and John F. Kelleher. assts. Pat- 
rick J. White, sexton. 
St.Aucustine. Dorchester, near E. Eighth. Rev. 
Joseph F. Coppinger. pastor. Arthiu- J. Ber- 

St.Oatharine. 49 'Vine. Charlesto^vn. Rev. J. D. 

Tierney. pastor. Edward J. Merrick, sexton. 

Timothy J. Ryan, janitor. 
St. Cecilia, Belvidere st. B( 


John S. 
ly. Rev 
St.Anthony. Holton, 

, John J. McGarry. 

St.OolumbkiUe, Market, cor. Arlington. Brighton. 
Bev. Joseph V. Tracy, pastor. Rev. William 
Reardon. John W. Mahoney. Geo. A. Reardon. 
assts. John J. Flaherty, ' 

St.Eulalia, O, " " 

Broadway. Rev. Mortimer 

Twomey. pastor, 
t. Francis de Sales. 3( 

town. Rev. James. _ . , 

Bunker Hill st. Timothy O. Harrington, sex- 

St. Francis de Sales, 

I Vernon street, Rox. Rev 
Denis J. O'Farrell. pastor. Revs. Myles D. 
Kiley. Michael J. O'Connor, Francis V. Murphy 

StGregory's, 2221 Dorchester av.. Dor. 
Francis X. Dolan. pastor. Rev. Char 
Heaney. Rev. Richard " '" 
tors. Lawrence Karle. 6 

St. John's the Evangelist. Blue Hill av.. corner 
WoodclifT, Rox. Rev. P. J. Supple, pastor. 
Richard Murphy. 

St.Joseph's "' 

street. Rev. 

Francis W. Maiey, pastor. Kev. james n. 

Courtney. Rev. Peter J. McCormack. Rev. 

Walter J. Roche and Eev. Joseph J. Smith, asst. 

pastors. Charles Gallagher, sexton. 
StJoseph's. Breed, opp. Ashley. Orient Heights. 

Eev. Charles A. Ulh-ich. pastor. 
St Joseph's of Roxbury. Circuit street. Rev 

Michael J. Spiaine. pastor. 
St.Lazzaro (Italian). 117 Leyden st.. Orient 

Heights. Rev. Lodovico Toma, pastor. Louis 

St.Leo" , 'iOO Esmond, Dor. Rev. Francis A, 
Cunningham, pastor. Rev. Patrick J. Sulli- 
van asst. pastor. Malachi Pendergast, sexton. 

St.Lednard's of Port Morris (Italian) 33 Prince. 
Rev. Anselmo Lenzi. pastor. 

St.Margaret's. 800 Columbia road, cor. Dorches- 
ter av. Rev. W. A. Ryan, pastor. Revs. M. 
J. Ouddihy.Thomas P. McManmon and Francis 
Kenney, asst. pastors. Henry Heinemeier. 

St.Mark's, 1725 Dorchester av. Dor. Rev. John 
A. Daly; pastor. Rev. John M. Farrell. Rov. 
William F. Toohig. asst. pastors. 

Thomas J. 

St.Marv of the Angels. Columbus av. cor. Walnut . 

av.. "Rox. Rev. Dennis J. Sullivan, pastor. 

Rev. WilUam J. Foley, asst. pastor. 
St.Mary of the Sacred Heart, Endicott, corner 

Thacher street. Rev. William J. Conway, S. J.. 

pastor. John J. McGafflgan. sexton. 


St.Mary's, Warren, cor. Winthrop. Chsn. Rev. 

J. W. McMahon. pastor. John Kyle, sexton. 
St.Mary's Star of the Sea, Saratoga, cor. Moore. 

E. B. Rev. Wilham H. McDonough, pastor. 

Michael A. Larkin. sexton. 

nan and Rev. Walter F. Sweeney, asst. pastors. 
Patrick J. Brennan. sexton. 
St.Monica's Church. 3So Dorchester. S. B. Rev. 
John A. Degan. pastor. Thomas J. O'Neil, 

St.Pat'ricks. Dudley, comer Dunmore. Rox. 
Rev. J. H. Gallagher, pastor. William H. Con- 

StPauVs. Woodward Park St.. Rox. Rt. Rev. 
Joseph G. Anderson, pastor. Francis H. 
Gwynne. sexton. 

St.Peter and St.Paul. 55 West Broadway. S. B. 
Rev. James A. O'Rourke, pastor. Patrick J. 
Reynolds, sexton. 

St.Peter's. Meeting House Hill. Dorchester. Rev. 
Peter Ronan, pastor. Daniel Moynihan, sex- 

St.Philip's and Old St. Patrick's., 

East Lenox. Rev. Garrett J. Barry, pastor. 

St.Stephen's. Hanover street, cor. Clark. Rev. 
E. F. McLeod, pastor. John Babstock. sexton. 

St.Theresa, Spring street. West Roxbury. Rev. 
John F. Broderick. pastor. Charles F. King. 

St.Thomas. 93 South. Jamaica Plain. Rev. Ed- 
ward J. Moriarty, pastor. Revs. Louis H. 
Kelleher. Timothy J. Donovan and James P. 
Sherry, asst. pastors. Michael McDonough. 

Oxford. Mrs. E. D. Mason, 
ham st . Cambridge. 

Ohristadelphians, Franklin Union bldg.. 41 Berke- 

Church of God and Saints of Christ. 34 Wood- 
bury. Wm H. Plummer, pastor. Wra. T. Brax- 
ton, asst. pastor. 

Church of the Higher Life, 585 Boylston. Lucy 
C. McGee, minister. 

Church Rescue Mission (Episcopal), 1066 Wash. 

First Pentecostal Church, 1 E. Lenox. George 
W. Tillman, pastor. 

First Union Church of Hyde Park. Eeadville near 
River, Readv. Rev. H. RejTJOIds Goodwin, 
pastor. Charles H. Spencer, sexton. 

Ford Hall Sunday Evening Meetings. 15 Ashbur- 
ton pi. George W. Coleman, chairman. Mary 
O. Crawford, sec. 

German Reformed Christ Church. Chestnut av. 
opp. Sheridan. J. P. Rev. E. W. C. Bruecknor, 

Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation. 46 
Winchester, cor. Edgerly pi. Rev. Constantino 
Douropoulos, pastor. Nikolas Kanellopoulos. 

Italian Evangelical Mission. 1900 River. H. I". 
William J. Alexander, treas.. Mrs. Thomas A. 
Clark, direct) 

St. William's. Dorchester av.. cor. Belfort st. Dor. 

Rev. Tiniothv J. Mahoney. pastor. Rev. 

WUliam Drenan. asst pastor. William Moore, 

Syrian Mission Church. Our Lady of the Cedar of 

Mt.Lebanon. 66 Tyler st. Rev. Joseph K. 

Syrian E. C. Church, 

Nicholas ~ 

Harrison av. Rev. 

First Spiritual Temple. Newbury, cor. Exeter. 
Spiritualist Phenomena Society. Harmony Hall. 

724 Wash. Mrs. Josephine Webster, pastor. 
Unity Church, Jordan Hall, Huntington av. 

Rev. Frederick A. Wiggin, pastor. 

Headquarters, 359 Boylston, Rev. George E. 

Leighton, superintendent. 
All Souls Universalist, 70 White, E. B. Bev. 
Thomas J. Farmer, pastor. Bernard C. Ted- 

Edward A. Griffln. 

Sc.Paul's. Rockview. opp. St.John. J. P. Rev. 
Merrill C. Ward, pastor. George H. Mar.shall. 

J. T. Mathes, treas.. 224 State. 

New Thought Church and School Inc.. 30 Hunt- 
ington av. Miss Emma C. Poore. leader. 

Norwegian Lutheran Mission, 48 Bennington, 
E. B. Joseph Johnson, pastor. 

Norwegian Seaman's Mission. 170 Sumner. E. B. 
Joseoh Johnson, pastor. 

Our Saviour's Norwegian Lutheran Mission, 48 
Bennmgton. E. B. Joseph Johnson, pastor. 

People's Mission, 323 Wash. Dor.. Dr. John H. 
Sparling, supt.. 144 Huntington av. 

Roxbury Rescue Mission. 194 Dudley, Rox. Rev 
William W. LeSeur. supt. 

St. Cyprian Mission. Franklin Union rm. 203. 
Rev. Joseph M. Matthias, pastor. 

Salvation Army. 792 and 1522 Washington, 
Bowdoin sq.. 351 Cambridge, 12 Harvard av. 
H. P.. 17 Roxbury, 753 Shawmut av., Rox.. 
246 Hanover (Swedish). E.tecutive offices. S 
E. Brookline. Industrial Home. 134 Hamp- 
den. Rescue Home. 103 Train. Dor. Adam 
Gilford, Col. 

Seventh Day Adventist. Tremont Temple. Rev. 
Archer V. Cotton, pastor. 141 Orchard. West 

Shawmut Av. Mission, 65 Shawmut av. Daniel P. 
P. Goslme. supt. 

Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Rev. 
Joseph F. McGlinchey. D.D.. diocesan direc- 
tor, 41 Maiden. 

Sunday Commons. Huntington Chambers Hall. 
30 Huntington av. Rev. Charles Fleischer, 

Syrian Orthodox. 32 Hudson. Rev. George D. 
Maloof. pastor. 

Union Rescue Mission. 64a Dover. Rev. Phen- 
land E. Call. supt. Henry J. Christopher, sec. 

Vedanta Centre of Boston, 1 Queensberry. Swami 
Paramanada in charge. 

S. Farnum. treas.. Clive P. Dorman. 2d 

_ngl ._ 

Duilding. 316 Huntington 
Peirce. director. 


[Before deciding that a Society has been omit- 
ted from this List, look under American, Boston, 
Mass.. New England, United States and other 
words likely to form part of the title. 1 
(See also Clubs, also Hospitals, in Business Direc- 
Adjustment Bureau of the Boston Credit Men's 
Association. 77 Summer, H. H.Humphrey, pres. ; 
H. A. Whiting, treas. 
Advent Christian Publication Society. 160 War- 
ren. Rox.. Rev. George F. Haines, pres.; Fim 
Murra, mgr. and treas.; George E. Tyler, sec. 
S. Vernon. Vt. 

Alliance of Unitarian and < 

Liberal Chi-lstia 

line S. Atherton. 

; Mrs. Mary 1 

Wayne, Pa. 

.lumni Association of Boston University School 
of Medicine. Dr. HoULs G. Batchelder. pres,: 
Dr. Howard Moore, treas.; Dr. Harold L. 
Babcock. seo., 5.'?,t Beacon. 

ilumni Association of the Mass. Institute at 
Technolog.v. ( 'harles .\ Stone, pres. ; Walter 
Humphreys, sec. and treas.; I. W. Litchfleld. 
Held mgr. ' 



Alumni Social Service Bureau 161 Devonshire, 
rm. 509. Philip W. Carter, sec. and treas. 

Amateurs Inc. (Dramatic). 10 Post Office sq.. 
Burton R. MUls. pres.; Herbert M. Leland, 
sec. and treas. 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 28 New- 
bury, Henry P. Walcott, pres.; Henry H. Bdes, 
treas.; Henry W. Tyler, cor. sec; William S. 
mericai _ 

Henry H. Piper. D.D^.S.; 

E. Peters, D.M.D., rec. sec., ia4 Marlboro; 

Henry W. Haley. D.M.D., cor. sec.; Charles 

A. Jameson. D M.D., treas.; Martin B. Dill, 
D.M.D., librarian; Percy R. Howe, D.D.S., 

American Advent Mission Society, 160 Warren, 
Box., Rev. George B. Tyler. S. Vernon. Vt., 
pres.; Rev. Henry E. Stone. Wallingford, 
Conn., sec. and treas. , 

American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society, 
800 Ford bldg., Rev. James H. Franklin. 
Rev. Joseph C. Robbins, foreign sec. : George 

B. Huntington, associate sec., William B. Lipp- 
hard, asst. sec. ; Ernest S. Butler, treas. and acting 
home sec; Rev. P. H. J. Lerrigo, dist. sec, 716 
Ford bldg. 

American Baptist Home Mission Society, Frank 
T. Moulton, treas.; Rev. H. L. Morehouse, 
New York city, gen. sec; Rev. P. H. J. Ler- 
rigo, dist. sec; N. B. office, 716 Ford bldg. 

American Baptist Publication Society, 16 Ash- 
burton pi.. J. Whltcomb Brougher, D.D., pres.; 
Harry S. Hopper, treas.; A. J. Rowland, D.D., 
sec, Philadelphia, Pa.; N. B. office, 16 Ash- 
burton pi.; business dept., W. A. Klnzie. mgr. ; 
benevolent dept.. Rev. P. H J. Lerrigo, 716 
Ford bldg., dist. sec. 

American Board of Com. for Foreign Missions. 
14 Beacon, rm. 708, Rev. Edward C. Moore, 
pres.: Rev. James L. Barton, Rev. Cornelius 
H. Patton, cor. sees.; Rev. William E. Strong, 
editorial sec; Frank H. Wiggin, ■ - . ~ 

Fitts, 40 Lynnwood. 

33 Bowdoin; Rev. 
Ros. sec. 

American Chemical Society, Northeastern section 
Frank H. Thorpe, pres. ; Hermann C, Lythgoe, 
treas., 538 State House, Ellwood B. Spear, sec. 
491 Boylston. 

librarian and asst. 

WaUam H. Cobb, 
Thomas Todd. jr.. sec. 
Express Employees' Aid Society. F. H. 
Sleeper, pres.; George W. Fernald, 43 Frank- 
lin, treas.; F. L. Pearson, rec. sec; William H. 
SpokesSeld. On. sec. 
American Folk-Lore Society. Boston Branch, Dr. 
Charles Peabody, pros. ; Mrs. Joseph W. Court- 
ney, sec. 436 Marlboro; Samuel B. Dean, treas. , 
treas. , 2d Newbury. 
American Fox Terrier Club, H. H. Hunnewell, 

sec. and treas.. 87 Milk. rm. 23. 
American Free Trade League, 6 Beacon, room 
U08. Harvey N. Shepard, pres.; John Ritchie 

Eben Shute. treas.; Guy Richardson. 
American Jewish Relief Committee. A. Kosh- 

land, treas., 501 Sunmier, L. H. Frankenstein, 

sec, 161 Devonshire, rm. 1002. 
American Invalid Aid Society, 707 Tremont bldg., 

L. O. Southard, pres.; A. B. Upham, treas.; 

Mrs. E. W. Waite, sec. 
American Irish Historical Society, 

Fitzgerald. ' ' " " 

{)res. ; John J. Keena 
ennial Association Isaac Walker, 
pres.; Geo. A. Pottle, treas.. 53 State, rm. 930; 
Nathaniel Wheeler, sec, Sharon. Mass. 

American Missionary Assn., 14 Beacon, rm. 615, 
Rev. Henry C. King, pres.. Oberlln. O.; Rev. 
George H. Gutterson, N. E. district sec. ; Irving 
O. Gaylord, treas.. New York city. 

American Motorists' Protective As,sn.. Inc., Fred- 
erick Keith, pres.; E. S. Miller, treas. 

American Osteopathic Association, R. Kendrick 
Smith, dkector of educational dept., 19 Ar- 

S. R. Knit 

American Public Health Assn., 755 Boylston, 
rm. 313, S. M. Gunn. sec. 

American Ramabal Association, 222 Boylston, 
Rev. Harlan P. Beach, pres.; Miss Alice H. 
Baldwin, sec, 233 Fisher av., Brookilne; Curtis 

134 Eliot, Mrs. 

American Society of Colonial Families, 301 New- 
bury. Rev. Ernest M. Paddock, pres. ; Ernest 
A. Washburn, treas. ; George A. Smith, sec. 

American Statistical Assn. . 491 Boylston, Charles 
P. Neiil, pres.; S. B. Pearman, treas.; Carroll 
W. Doten, sec, 491 Boylston, rm. 44, Horace 
G. Wadim, librarian. 

American Sunday School Union, Martin L Finck- 
el. Philadelphia, pres. ; Warner L. Carver, supt. 
for N. E. 8 Beacon, rm. 37. 

Branch. 50 Brc 
field, rm. 306. William PhilUps Hall, pr 
Louis Tag, treas.; Rev. Isaac Pierson, N. 

American Unitarian . 

25 Beacon. Rev. Sam- 

WUbur J. Hatch, treas.; John T. Slade, sec. 
Andrew Square Associates. 15 Boston S. B. James 
B. Troy, pres.; William J. Holland, treas.; 
William A. Batts, sec. 

T. Cabot. 
Anti-Imperialist League. 40 Central, rm. 308. 

Moorfleld Storey, pres.; David G. Haskins, 

Jr.. treas.; Erving Winslow. sec. 
Anti-Saloon League, see Mass. Anti-Saloon 

Hall, treas.; H. A. Dennison, libra- 

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, at 
BuBsey Farm, near Forest Hills station. Jack- 
son T. Dawson in charge; Prof. Ohas. S. Sar- 
gent, director, Brookilne. 

Associated Charities, 31 Charity bldg., 43 Haw- 
kins. John F. Moors, pres.; Henry B. Cabot, 
treas., 60 State; Arthur Adams, clerk; Fred R. 
Johnson, gen. sec. dist. 1, 237 Meridian, E. B.; 
dist. 2. 9a Monument sq.. Chsn.; dist. 3, 375 
Fourth, S. B.; dist. 4. 746 Dudley, Dor.; dist. 
5, Old Court House, Brighton ; dists. 6 and 7, 342 
Hanover; dists 8 and 9, 43 Hawkins; dist. 
10. 12 Carver; dist. 11, 53 Berkeley; dist. 12. 
413 Shawmut av. ; dists. 13 and 14, 20 John 
Eliot sq,; dist. 15. 1140 Columbus av., Rox.; 
dists. 16 and 17. 1632 Blue Hill av.,Mat.; dist. 
IS, 8 Belgrade av., Ros. 

Associated Press The. 7 Water, Frank B. Noyes. 

New York city; Edward McKernon, N. 

Association for the Work of Mercy, 244 Town- 
send, Rox. Miss Catherine A. Codman. pres.; 
Mrs. Samuel Hammond, asst. treas., 194 Bea- 
con; Mrs. Malcolm Storer. sec, 302 Beacon; 
Leverett S. Tuckerman, treas. 

Association of Evangelical Lutheran Church for 
Works of Mercy. Rev. Adolf H. Biewend. 
pres. ; Rev. H. Birkner. vice pres. ; Rev. J. Fred- 
erick Pfeiifer, sec, 55 Kittredge, Ros.; Emil 
Reichenbach, treas.. 17 Burr, J. P. 

Association of Master Painters and Decorators, 

, 477 Tremont. 
Atlantic Marine Benefit Association, 32 India 
whf.. Edward Rogers, 

James M. Rothwell, vice pres. ; G. Kendrick 

Smith, sec, Stephen H. Roberts, treas. 
Backus Historical Society, 15 Ashburton pi.. 

Rev. G. E. Horr. pres.; Henry K. Rowe, sec; 

Prentice W. Abbott, treas,; Rev. Charies H 

Watson, librarian. 
Bank Officers' Association, Norman L. Adams, 

pres.; Robert B. Hill, treas.; Edwin A. Stone. 

sec, 6 Park square. 
Baptist Publication Society, see Am. Bap. Pub. 

Bar Association of the City of Boston, library, 
" building; Samuel J. Elder, pres.; 

George W. McNear, pres.; F. K. Swett. treas. 

Beneficent Society of the N. E. Conservatory of 
Music, Mrs. Charles H. Bond, pres.; Mrs. 
Henry M. Dunham, treas.; Mrs. Chauncey B. 
Allen, sec, N. E. Conservatory 

Benevolent Fraternity Fruit and Flower Mission, 
Parker Memorial building, and Bulfinch Place 
Church, William P. Fowler, treas., Mrs. Char 
E. Lincoln, Mrs. Robert G. Shaw, directors. 



Benevolent Fraternity of Unitarian Churches, 

18 Tremont, rm. 726, Rev. Edward Cum- 

mings. pres.; William P. Fowler, treas. ; N. 

Winthrop Robinson, sec. 
Benotti Israel, Sheltering Home, 15 Cooper. Hy- 

man Kanterowitz, supt. 
Bethany Union for Young "Women. 14 Worcester, 

Arthur E. Mason, pres. ; Harry E. Wiley, sec. 

and treas.; Miss Bertha Laugmaid, asst. sec.. 

Garrison road, Brookline. 
Bethesda Society, 4 Joy. Rev. Raymond Calkins, 

pres.; Lewis K. Morse, treas., Mrs. Livingston 

Gushing, sec. 
Board of Education, Diocese of Mass. 1 Joy; Kt.- 

Rev. William Lawrence, D.D , pres.; Rev. John 

W. Suter, chairman; Henry G. Vaughan, treas., 

53 State; Rev. James Bancroft, sec; Carlton 

P. Mills, educational sec. 
Board of Mlnisteral Aid, see Mass. Board of 

Ministeral Aid. 
Boot & Shoe Workers' Union. 246 Summer; John 

F. Tobin, gen. pres.; Chas. L. Baine, gen. sec. 

Boston Architectural Club. 16 Somerset, James 
F. Clapp, pres.; Louis C. Newhall, treas.; 
Ralph W. Gray, sec.. 19 Congress, room 102. 
- ■ ' -1. New' ^- — -... 

treas.; Frederick H. Mil 

Boston Association for the Relief and Control of 
Tuberculosis. 4 Joy, Arthur K. Stone, M.D., 
pres.; Geo. S. Muniford, treas.; Seymour H. 

Boston Assn. of Retail Druggists, Inc., Joseph T. 
Waterhouse, pres.; Lyman W. Griifin, treas.; 
Charles H. Davis, sec.: 760 Washington, Dor. 

Boston Atheneeum, lOi Beacon, Alfred Bowditch, 
treas. ; Albert Thomdike, sec. ; Charles K. Bol- 
ton, librarian. 

vlce-pres.; George W. Beals, 

Fred W. 

Moore, treas. 
Boston Authors Club. Robert Grant, pres. ; Oscar 

F. Adams. 9 WUlow. sec; W. D. Orcutt, treas. 
Boston Automobile Dealers' Assn., Inc., 5 Park 

sq., J. H. MacAlman, pres,; F. A. HinchclifTe, 

treas.; Chester I. Campbell, sec. 
Boston Baptist Bethel Society. 332 Hanover 

street. O.T>. Giftord, D.D., pres.; Fred T. Field. 

sec., 901 Barristers Hall.; G. A. A. Pevey, treas. 

20 Pemberton sq., rm. 603. 

treas.; James R. Roberts. 141 Milk, sec.; meets 


. Bartender's Mutual and Benevolent Assn. 
J 77. 1 - -- ■ 

W. Conley 
Boston Bible School and Ransom Institute. Inc. 

17 Roclrville pk. Rox. ; Rev. F. L. Piper, 

pres. ; Rev. C. W. Shattuck. sec., 37 Sagamore, 

Lynn; Charles Woodman, treas.; Rev. H. E. 

Thompson, Ph. D., prm. 
Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, 55 Kilby, rm. 

61, F. A. Dewick, pres.; F. E. Cabot, sec.; A. 

J. Lewis, asst. sec. and treas.; James Davis, 

asst. sec. 
Boston Boot and Shoe Club, 166 Essex, 

, pres. ; Frederic M. Haynes, treas. ; 

Thomas F. Anderson, sec. 
Boston Branch National Metal Trades Assn., 40 

Central, rm. 601, Henry F. Arnold, pres.; Win- 
slow Blanchard, treas.; W. W. Poole, sec. 
Boston Browning Society, R. Kendrick Smith, 

pres. 19 Arlington. 
Boston Carmen's Union, 294 Wash., rm. 436 

Thomas G. Doyle, pres.; Charles M. Ross 

treas., Owen P. Moore sec.; Mathias J. Nes 

dale, bus. agt. 
Boston Chamber of Commerce, 177 Milk, rm.- 

403, C "" 


treas.. 16 State; Carrmgton Howard, gen. sec. 

Boston Christian Endeavor Union, Theodore E. 

Stevenson, pres., 1144 Kimball bldg. ; Norman 

vice pres.; Mary Patrick, cor. 

v. Suter, rec. sec. 
Boston College, 761 Harrison av.. Rev. Charles 

W. Lyons, pres.; Rev. Michael Jessup, vice 

pres. ; Rev. James F. Mellyn, treas. ; Rev. John 

S. Keating, sec. 
Boston Commercial Motor Vehicle Assn., 5 Park 

sq. rm. 16, J. 8. Hathaway, pres. ; E. Day Baker. 

treas.; Chester I. Campbell, sec. 

Boston Congregational Club, Ethelbert V. Gra- 
bill, pres.; Isaac T. Ripley, treas.; Theodore E. 
Stevenson, sec , IS Tremont. rm 1144 

Boston Cooks' Benevolent Assn. 869 Wash., 
Mitchell Salway. pres., John Lambert, treas., 
Edward Daly, cor. sec. 

Boston Co-operative Building Co., Horatio A. 
Ijarab, pres.; I. Tucker Burr, jr.. treas.; Har- 
riot S. Curtis, sec., 28 MtVernon. 

Boston Co-operative Information Bureau. 491 
Boylston, rm. 35. Lewis A. Armistead, pres.; E. 
H. Kittredge, vice pres.; John Ritchie, jr., 
chief of service; A. Dutton Smith, sec. 

Boston Council of Jewish Women, 47 MtVernon, 
Mrs. Arthur Berenson, pres.; Mrs. E. Van- 
Noorden, Mrs. Nathan Waxman. Mrs. A. 
Ilailpam, vice presidents; Mrs. William S. Ros- 
nosUy, rec. sec.; Miss Anna S. Pelonsky, cor. 
sec.; Mrs. Max Mitchell, treas.; Mrs. A. P. 
Spitz, auditor. 

Boston Credit Men's Association. 77 Summer 
H. H. Humphrey, pres.; E. P. Tuttle, 1st vice 
pres.; H. N. MilUkon, 2d vice pres.; Herbert A. 
Whiting, sec. and treas. 77 Summer. 

Boston Dispensary, 25 Bennet. Edward R. War- 
ren, pres.; Ashton L. Carr, treas., Edward C. 
Streeter. sec; Michael M. Davis, jr.. director. 

Boston District Eclectic Medical Society, Charles 

E. Buck, M.D , pres.; Fred G. PhilUmore, M.D.. 
sec, 146 Woodrow av.; John Perrins, M.D., 

Boston Druggists' Assn, Prof. Edgar L. Patch, 
pres.; Geo. H. Ingraham. treas.; Harry O. 
Wiggin, sec. 14 Pulton. 

Boston Elevated Mutual Aid Assn., 18 Tremont, 
rm. 343. F. Irving Howe, pres.; William P. 
Brown, treas.; Dennis J. O'Leary, sec; George 
H. Barnes, collector. 

Boston Episcopal Charitable Society, 1 Joy. 
Francis W. Hunnewell, pres.; John S. Law- 
rence, treas.; Charles B. Mason, sec. 30 State. 

Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good 
Government, 167 Tremont, Mrs. Quincy A. 
Shaw, pres.; Mrs. Charles Park, sec; Mrs. 
Francis H. Williams, treas. 

Boston Esperanto Society. 12 Huntington av.. 
rm. 402. George W. Lee, pres.; Roger Good- 
land, sec and treas., 10 Dartmouth. 

Boston Fatherless and Widows Society, 1145 Old 
South bldg.; Mrs. A. J. Gordon, pres.; Mrs. E. 
L. Rodman, sec; Thos. J. Emery, treas. 

Boston Female Asylum, see Boston Society for 
the Care of Girls. 

Boston Fire Department Charitable Assn., 694 
Wash. James J. Hughes, pres.; John M. De- 
vine, treas.; James J. Kelleher. sec; flre dept. 
Bristol St. 

Boston Firemen's Mutual Relief Assn, Michael 
Boyle, pres.; Albert M. Laskey, vice ores.; 
P. F. McDonough, sec. and treas.; Fire Dept. 
OfHce. Headquarters, B. F. D., Bristol street. 

Boston Firemen's Belief Fund. 60 Bristol, Fire 
Commissioner Jotm Grady, pres.- Alexander 

F. Mitchell, treas.; John F. Hardy, sec. 
Boston Fish Bureau, 13 Administration bldg., 

Boston Fish Pier, George E. Willey, pres.; 

Louis Lee, treas.; F. F. Dimick, sec. 
Boston Fish Market Corp., 2 Administration bldg. 

Boston Fish Pier. W. J. O'Brien, pres.; M. P. 

Shaw, treas. 
Boston Floating Hospital. 54 Devonshh-e, rm. 16. 

Edward W. Pope, chairman; G. Loring Brlggs. 

mgr.; George C. Lee, treas.; Wm. H. Brainerd, 

Boston Flower Exchange, Inc., 1 Winthrop sq., 
William C. Stickel, pres., Lexington; Samuel 
H. Goddard, vice pres.; George Cartwrlght, 
sec. and treas., 53a Dale, Rox.; WllUam Thurs- 


Bostoft Fruit and Produce Exchange. 


lomeless Boys. 5 Church. Ches- 

• R. Lawrence, 
Miss Amelia McKenzie, sec. 
Boston Home for Incurables. 2049 Dorchester av., 
E. Pierson Beebe. pres.. 6 Beacon; Emor H. 
Harding, treas., 6 Beacon; Joseph Grafton 
Minotj^sec, 1110 Tremont bldg. 

■' ' " ' ■" see Bos- 

Boston Indian Citizenship Committee, J. Weston 
Allen, chairman; J. S. Lockwood, sec, 43 Fed- 
eral: C. O. Dorchester, treas., Shawmut Kat. 

806. John N. Cole, chairman; WUliam A. 
Gaston, treas.; Nathaniel F. P. Nichols, sec. 
17 Davis, Rev. George 
W. Fowle. vice ores.; 
Oliver c Kiiiot, supt.; R. W. Hastings, M. D., 
sec; Charles D. Bagnall, treas. 
Boston Italian Immigrant Society. 357 Hanover. 
Eleanor M. Colleton, pres.; Ida Adams, sec; 
Vincenzo Bonzagni. treas. 
Boston Janitors' Mutual Benefit Association. 
Clarence W. Scott, pres.; A. E. Stanley, sec. 8 
Argyle. Everett. 



Boston Ladles' Garment Mfrs. Assn., 18 Boyls- 

ton. rm. 1, Louis A. Abramson, pres.; David 

H. Glickman, vice pres.; Harry Reamer, treas., 

Jacob Rubin, sec; Martus Linenthal, mgr. 
Boston Lake Shore Home, Sharon, Charles A. 

Uftord, pres.; F. F. McLeod, treas.; Rev. M. 

R. DemfiiK. supt., 523 Tremont Temple; D. L. 

Smith, clerk, 
Boston Latin School Association, Charles W. 

Eliot, pres.; Thomas Tileston Baldwin, treas.; 

Allan H. Whitman, sec, 82 Devonshire, 
Boston Legal Aid Society. 39 Ooiu-t. rm. 28, Al- 
bert F. Bigelow, pres.; Dudley Pickman, jr., 

treas. -^^ Richard_H. Wiswall, " 


1792, Allen i 

sec, 71 Ame 

librarian. 48,000 volmnes 
Boston Life Underwriters' Assn., Alexander S. 

Browne, pres.; Edward Marsh, treas.; .Joshua 

B. Clark, sec, SO Congress. 

merce building, Capt. Peter H. Crowell, pres, 

, G • " • 

deen H. Child, sec; Capt. Samuel Pray 

Capt. James Gurney, 

hamber of Co 
'owell, pre 
Capt, Aber- 


Boston Maritime Association, 156 State, 

John G. Crowley, pres,: C. G. Stoddard, treas.; 

Harris Livermore, sec; Richard R. Freeman, 

cor. sec, 95 Commei-cial. 
Boston Medical Association, Dr. K. H. Brigham, 

sec, 8 Fenway. _ 

Boston Medical Library. 8 Fenway, Dr. George 

B. Shattuck, pres.; Dr. Blisha Flagg, treas.; 
Dr. W. L. Barrage, sec. 282 Newbury; Dr. J. 
W. Farlow. librarian 

Boston Medical Society, Dr. A, Everett Austin, 
pres.; Dr. Harry L. Rothblatt, sec, and treas., 
1.3 Allen. 

Boston Methodist Social Union. Chester O. Dor- 
chester, pres ; Arthur F. Macey, treas.; Web- 
ster A, Chandler, sec, 40 Court, rm. 521. 

Boston Missionary and Church Extension So- 
ciety of the M. E, Church. 581 Boylston, Ev- 
erett O. Fiske. pres.: George B. Whltaker. sec; 

C. H. J. KimbaU, treas., 112 Water; Rev. A. F. 
Reimer, supt 

Boston Music School Settlement, 110 Salem, 
Walter R. Spalding, director; Daniel Bloom- 
field, asso. director, 6 Beacon; Mrs, A. Lincoln 
Filene, treas. 

Boston Music Trade Association, Kirkland H, 
Gibson, pres.; William Merrill, sec. and treas., 
114 Boylston. „ ^ 

Boston Musicians' Protective Association 56 St. 
Botolph, F. C. Kingman, pres.; E. J. Sprmg. 
sec and treas. 

Boston North End Mission, office, 300 and 301 
Tremont Temple, Charles W. Kidder, pres.; 
William H. Bain,; treas.; Albert D. Auryansen, 
sec, 50 State; Rev. C. L. D. Younkln, supt. 

Boston Numismatic Society, Malcolm Storor. 
M. D., pres.; Robert Bird, vice pres.; Fred 
Joy. treas.; Harry A. Gray, sec. 41 Rockland. 

Boston Nurses' Club, 839 Boylston. Dr. William 
M. Conant, pres.; Charlotte W. Dana, treas.; 
A. Maude Grierson, cor. sec; Bessie T. Telfer, 

Boston Pageant Association, Frank Chouteau 

Brown, chairman of Organization Conmiittee. 

y Park St.; Delcevare Kmg, treas.; Everett B. 

Mero, sec, 48 Boylston. 
Boston Paper Trade Association, Charles L. 

Baird. pres.; "• " " 

-- - - ''2i7 

and August, E. M. Carpenter, pres.; Fred'k W. 
Stiles, sec, 310 Warren St., Rox.; G. Carleton 
Russell, treas., 38 Wellesley pk.. Dor. 

Boston Pilots' ReUef Society, John H. Low, pres.; 
Joseph W. Colby, treas.; Clarence A, Martin, 
sec, Lewis wharf. 

Boston Placement Bureau, 218 Tremont, rm. 
206. Michael H. Corcoran, chairman; Henry 
S. Dennison, treas. 

Boston Police Relief Association. 37 Pemberton 
square, Jolm J. Reilly, pres.; Thomas Ryan, 
treas.; Edward A, Dever, clerk. Station 2. 

Boston Port and Seamen's Aid Society, 1 1 North 
sq,; Rev. George A. Gordon, D.D., pres.; Lewis 
Raymond Tucker, treas.; John A. Bennett, 
rec. sec; Horace P. Chandler, cor. sec; Rev. 
Geo. L. Small, pastor; Capt. Joseph P. Hatch, 

Boston Post Office Clerks Association. Branch 
No. 5 of the United National Association of 
Post OfBce Clerks. John J. Sheehan. pres.; 
John J. Glacken, vice pres.; Joseph M. Gracia, 
Jr., treas., Boston P.O.; Charles R. ' — 
sec; James P. Brogan, fln. sec. 

J, Sennott, vice pres.; James A. Walsh, fln. 
sec; Joseph T. Hiu-ley, rec. sec, 574 B. Thu-d, 
S. B,; James A, Barry, treas. 

Boston Proofreaders' Association, Tremont 
Temple. Miss Mary L. Allen, pres.; Miss Grace 
H. Cooper, treas.; Miss Lois W. Clarke, sec, 
221 Putnam av., Cambridge, 

Boston Provident Association, 32 Charity build- 
ing, Chardon st. ; Russell G. Fessenden pres.; 
Thomas B. Gannet, treas.; William H. Pear, 
gen. agt. South Boston branch, 395 W. Broad- 
way; Henry B. Stuart, visitor. 

Boston Public School Teachers' Retirement Fund 
Trustees, Michael H. Corcoran, pres.; Charles 
H. Slattery, city treas., custodian; Alfred Bun- 
ker, sec, 51 Cedar, Boxbury. 

Boston Real Estate Association. 30 Pemberton 
sq., John R. Campbell, prfs.; Thomas M. Wat- 

Schwartz, pres.; Wm. Krone, treas.; Erhardt 
Adler, rec sec. 
Boston Scientific Society. 585 Boylston. second 
Tuesday, John Ritchie, jr., pres. and treas.; 
Dr. Nelson O, Davis, sec, 494 Rutherford av.. 

Rev. Merritt A. Farren, cor. 
sec; Chapel, 287 Hanover; Rev. James McD. 
Blue, supt._ and chaplain. 

Edwin W. Smith, M. D., treas.: Harold E. 
Delhi. M. D., sec, 1244 Hancock, Quincy, 
Boston Social Union, 53 Berkeley, Robert A 
Woods, pres.; Ellen M. Coolidge, sec; Julia 
O. Hunnewell, treas.; Emily A. Babb, asst. 

Society for Dental 


E. Cutler, sec. and treas., 1278 Ma,ss. 
Boston Society for Medical Imprt 

1838: 8 Fenway, Dr. Herman F, Vickery, pres.; 
Dr. Geo. G. Smith, sec. and treas., 309 Marl- 
Boston Society for the Care of Girls, 184 Boyls- 
ton, rm. 54,MissAbby M.Storer. first directress; 
Miss Sarah C. Paine, treas.; Elizabeth F. Nich- 
ols, sec. 55 Mt. Vernon. 
Boston Society of Architects, Ralph Adams Cram, 
pres.; Charles K. Cummings, treas.; Charles N, 
Cogswell, sec, 294 Wash. rm. 1006, 
Boston Society of Civil Engineers, 715 Tremont 
Temple, Richard A. Hale, pres.; Frank O, 
Whitney, treas.; S. Everett Tinkham, sec. 

Boston Society of Decorative Art. 555 Boylston, 
Henry F. Bigelow, pres.; Boylston A. Beal, 
treas.; Miss Ellen Bullard, sec, 3 Common- 
wealth av.; Marion M. Shaw, supt. 

Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Herbert 
J. Kellaway. pres.; Loring Underwood, ' 

George Gibbs, jr 


Boylston, Edward S. Morse, pres. ; William 
A. Jeffries, treas.: Glover M. Allen, soc. and 
librarian, 234 Berkeley; Charles W. 

Boston Society of Red Cross Nurses, 98 Hunting- 
ton av., Laura A. C. Hughes, M.D., pres.; Miss 
Jennie R. Dix, sec. 

Boston Stationers' Assn., Frank W. Bailey, pres.; 
Frank J. Merrill, treas.; John T. Bailey, sec. 
57 Franklin, 

Boston Students Union, Inc., 81 St.Stephen, Mrs. 
W. H. M. Austin, pres.; Dr. S. S. Windsor, 
treas.; Miss Lucy Lowell, sec; Mrs. Katherine 
Osborne, Res. Dir. 

Boston Sunday School Superintendents' Union, 
Inc., meets second Monday in month, Oct. ' 

Richards, sec. Canton; Howard B. Blewett, 

treas.. Braintree. 
Boston Surgical Society, Inc., Robert B. Green- 

ough, sec, 10 Gloucester. 
Boston Symphony Orchestra, Mass. av. cor. 

Elsie M. Blake, 
tiols, rec sec, 68 Glen- 
dale, Dor 
Boston Textile .Association, George Quinn, pres.: 

Boston Turn Verein, 29 Middlesex, Christian 
Eberhard, pres.; Oscar A. Schmidt, treas., S 
Bolster, J, P.; Gustavo Buth, sec, 8 Ashley, J. 

Boston T.vpographical Union No, 13, 294 Wash- 
ington, rm. 321, Edward M, Martin, pres.; 
James H. Fairclough, treas.; John O. Battis, sec. 


I of Trade, headquarters. 

Boslon TypothetBB 

176 Federal. E. E. Nelson, sec. and mgr. 
Boston University, 6SS Boylston. Hon. ,Iohn L. 
Bates, pres. of corporation; Lemuel Herbert 
Murlin. pres. of university; Silas Peirce. treas. ; 
George S. Butters, sec; College of Liberal Arts. 
William Marshall Warren, dean: College of 
Administration, EveretJ^ W. Lord, dean; 
Qtington dean; 

dean. 80 E. Concord i 

Boston Water Color Club, Charles Herbeit Wood- 
bury, pres.: William J. Kaula. treas.: Miss 
Margaret Patterson, sec. Arlington Heights 

Boston Wesleyan Assn. o81 Boylston. Silas Peirce 
pres.; C. R. Magee. treas. 

Boston Wholesale Grocers' Association. William 
M. Flanders, pres.; C. E. Hanscom. sec and 
treas., 4.5 Commercial. 

Bostoo Wool Trade Association 246 Summer. 
Charles P. A\-ery. pres.; George W. Benedict. 

Lewis A. Armistead. 


1165 Tre- 
Rojc. Meets first, third and fourth Sun- 
Boston Workingmen's Home and Industrial 
Mission. 63 Warrenton. WUliam G. Brett, sunt. 
Boston Young Men's Christian Association. 316 
" ' ' ■' " Johnson, pres.: 

Lewis A. Orossett. Jtreas.; Geo. W. Alehaffey.' 

gen. sec; B. & M. Railroad dept. 
Navy branch. 14 Harvard. Chf 

Boston Young Men's Christian Union, 48 Boyls- 
ton. Frank L. Locke, pres.; Charles L. Burrill. 
sec: Edward A. Church, treas. 

Boston Youne Women's Christian Association. 
08 Warrenton: Miss Josephine Quiniby, supt. : 
and 40 Berkeley. Mary A. Lyon, supt.; Mrs. 
Benjamm Tenney. pres.; Miss Abbie W. Covel. 
40 Commonwealth av.; Miss Harriet 

Streeter. pres. ; H. F. Speare. 

treas. . 43 Milk. rm. 609 
Boston & Maine Railroad Relief Assn., 50 North 

Station, Charles E. Akerman, pres.; Walter H. 

3mith. sec and treas. 
liostonian Society, Old State House, Grenville H. 

Norcross, pres.; Francis H. Manning, vice 

pres.; Charles F. Read, clerk and treas. 
Boy Scouts of America. Greater Boston Council. 

50 Bromfleld, rm. 304. Ormond B. Loomis, ex- 

Boylston Schulverem. Danforth. J. P., P. E. 

Muchleder. pres.; Frank F. Ernst, sec. 
Boys' Brigades, see United Boys' Brigades 
Brewers' Association of Mass., 26 Pemberton sq . . 

William H. Lee. pres.; Howard Noble, sec; 

Albert Hayman. treas. 
Brewery Workmen's Unions, Nos. 14, 29, 122 and 

1117 Columbus av., Rox. 
Brimmer School Association, Maj. Patrick F. 

O'Keefe. pres.; Arnold Hartman. treas.: Dr. 

A. H. Gilson. sec. 149 Tremont. rm. 721. 
British Charitable Society of Boston, organized 

1816. 5 Park sq.. Vaughan Jealous, pres.; F. J. 

Stark, treas.; T. T. Stokes, sec. 6 Park sq. 
British Empire Club. rm. 45 Qulncy House. 

meets second Wednesdays. WUliam S. Pepper 

ell. pres.; Jchn R. Smith, treas.: Alfred P. 

Marsh, sec. 
British Imperial Relief Fund of New England, 

18 Tremont St., — """" " ^-^-^ ,«,- 

deler. chairman; 

Mclntyre. treas. 
Brooke House, Home for Working Girls, 79 

Chandler, Mrs. Jacob C. Rogers, pres.; Walter 

Hunnewell. treas.; Miss Marianne Paine, sec, 

21 Brimmer. 
Brotherhood of Israel, 47 MtVernon, Samuel 

Shemfein. pres.; Robert Silverman, sec; To- 
bias Berman, treas. 
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Auxiliary, 

Bay State Division, 24 Hayward pi.. Mrs. 

W. F. Collins, sec; Mrs. Susan B. Thresher. 

Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen and Engine- 
men. Z. J. Blake, chairman, 9 Cambridge, rm. 
204, L. I. Clark, vice chairman: F. A. Symonds. 
sec, 22 Lincoln sq.. Worcester. 

Brotherhood of Painters. Decorators and Paper- 
hangers of America, Dist. Council No. 41. 12 

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Bunker Ilil 

Lodge. No. 404. 14 Green. Chsn.. 1st and M 

Sundays; Charles P. Nelson, pres.. 34 Mystic 

av., Somerville: On-in .S. Tarr, treas.; Wallacn 

O. Wood. sec. 2 Newport av., Medford. 
Brotherhood of Raih-oad Trainmen for B. & M. 

System, 7 Water, rm 711, T. E. Donovan, gen. 

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. No. 507. 

Meets 2d and 4th Sunday. 409 W. Broadway. 

S. B.. Frederick J. McCarter, pres.; John C. 

Skinuion. treas.; C. B. Berger. sec, 71 Elm, 

Brotherhood of Railwav Clerks. Boston Lodge 

119. 249 Friend, A. H. Major, pres.; B. P. 

Corbishly, treas.; George H. Streetur, sec, 100 

Builders Hardware Association, 17C Federal K. 

W. Wastcoat, pres.; D. Fletcher Barber, sec: 

J. F. Willett. treas. 
Bunker Hill Boys' Club, 10 Wood. Chsn.. George 

B. Baker, pres.; Frank S. Mason, sec. 3 Dexter 

row. Chsn.; George P. Tufts, treas.; H. G. 

LeRoy. supt. 
Bunker Hill Monument Assn.. James DeNor- 

manrlie. D.D., pres.; Francis H. Brown. M.D.. 

sec, 15 State, rm. l03. Joseph G. i'lmot. treas. 
Burnap Free Home for Aged Women. 38 Pleasant. 

Dor.. J. Converse Grav. pres.: George G. 

Qulncy. treas. ; Mary A. Fitch, sec. , 332 Mass. 

av. . Lexington; Ida L. Angell. matron. 
Bums Memorial Association. Incorporated. Wil- 

Uam R. Riggs, pres.; Da\id Halliday, treas.. 

Robert Earle May. clerk. 33 Franklin. 
Business Men's Association of Hyde Park, meets 

4th Monday each month. Francis W. Darling. 

pres.; Robert Gray, treas.; Fred'k W. Boyntou. 

Women's Club, 

Bowdoin. Sarah M. 

Bussey Institution, South street, at Forest Hills 
station. William M. Wheeler, dean. 

Caledonian Club of Boston. Thomas Grieve 
chief. 09 Kilby. Thomas J. C. Bell, sec; 24 
West. Meets first Tuesday of each month 

Cancer Commission of Harvard University, J, 
Collins Warren, M. D., chairman: Arthur 
Adams, treas.; Robert B. Greeuough. M. D., 
sec, 10 Gloucester: E. B. Tyzzer, M.D.. di- 

Kustus J. Howlett. bus. agt. 
Caterers Bureau of Boston. 119 Dartmouth. 

Thomas P. Marlow. pres.; Beverly L. Smith. 

sec. : Charles E. Liggett, treas. 
Cathedral Holy Name Society, meets 2d Sunday 

at 4.15 P.M.. Joseph A. Sheehan. pres.; John 

Cathedral Young Men's Catholic Association. 
75 Union Park St.. meets fourth Sunday at 3 
P.M., Jeremiah Minihan. pres.: William Barrv. 
sec: Dennis Foley, treas.. 7 Waltham. 

Catholic Alumni Sodality of Boston. 761 Harri- 
son av.. John A. Brett, pres.; Daniel M. Lyons, 
sec; Maurice J. Lacey. treas.; Rev. John S 
Keating. S. J., sphitual director. 

Catholic Charitable Bureau; 43 Tremont, room 
515. Rev. Michael J. Scanlan. director. 

Catholic Lawyer's League. Frederick W. Mans- 
field, pres.; John S. Wilson, sec and treas.: 
246 Huntington av 

Catholic Literary Union. 5 Monument sq.. Chsn. 
Michael Pahey, pres.; Daniel Grant, treas.; 
James Mead, sec 

196a Hamilton. Dor. 
Cebra Tennis Club. Hyde Park. Percy R. Leete. 
pres.: C Arthur Piske, sec: Frederick W. Fen- 
Cecilia Society, Chipman Hall. 88 Tremont, 
Henry L. Mason, pres.; George E. Hunt treas • 
Henry Chequer. 20 Oxford, Somv. ; Chalmers 
Clifton, conductor. 
Certified Public Accountants of Massachusetts 
Inc.. F. R. Carnegie Steele, pres.; Gerald Wy- 
man. treas.: Geo. Lyall. sec; 79 Milk. nn. 408 
Channing Home, Pilgrim rd..cor. Francis. Fen- 
" pres. ; Algerno 

way. Samuel A. Gr^ — „^. „.. „.co.. ^i.^oiiiun 
Coolidge. jr.. M. D.. clerk. 613 Beacon: James 
P. Parmenter. treas.; Miss E. C. MacAdams. 

Chaplain's Assn Order of the Inner Shrine. 5S1 
warden; George E. 

Boylston. Francis L. 

104 Canal. Meets 4th Thursday of 
each month. Patrick J Doherty . pres. ; Jeremiah 
Cronin, sec; Frank Hughes, treas. 


Charitable Irish Society, .John M. Hornev, pres. ; 

John J. Keenan, sec. P. O. Box 45, Back Bay 

sta.; John B. Dore, trsas. 
Oharlestown Artillery Veteran Association. J. W. 

Rose, pres., treas. and cor. sec, 32 Blue Hill 




Improvement Assn., 

- -■ — Uipl 

2 MtVemOD. Chsn. 

treas. ; Patriclj .7. Kyle, i 
Charlestown Veteran Fi 

Salem, Clisn., Allan J. Macdonald, pres.; Frank 

O. Fall, vice pres.; Frank D. Woudtaury, 2d 

vice pres. : Frank Benjamin, treas.; Joseph F. 

King, sec.; Henry Fox. fin. sec. 
Children's Aid Society, 43 Charity building, 43 

Hawkins, Horatio A. Lamb, pres.; I. Tucker 

Burr, treas.. 53 State; J. Prentice Murphy, gen. 

sec; Ernest H. Cole, extension sec. 
Children's Hospital, Lcngrwood av.. Francis W. 

Hunnewell. pres.; Huntington Waicott, sec; 

Gordon Abbott, treas. 
Children's Mission to Children. 279 Tremont, 

Henry M. WUUams, pres.; Rev. Christopher K 

Eliot. 2 West Cedar, clerk; Allston Burr, treas.; 

Parker B. Field, gen. sec. 
Children's Muiseum. Olmstead pk., J. P.. Delia 

M. QritBn. director. „ ^ 

Chinese Otu-istian Association, 163 Harrison av.. 

Chin Chee, pres.; Chin B. Fong, Chinese sec. 

J Empire Reform Assn.. S6 Harrison av. 

Christian Non-Sectarian Rescue Home, 1-5 liast 

Lenox, Rev. George W. Tillman, pres. 
Church Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church. 581 Boylston. Rev. George S. Butters. 

pres.; Rev. Wilson E. 'Vandermark. vice pres.; 

Bev. George S. Chadbourne. sec. and treas.. 11 

Oass, Melrose. Mass. 
Church Home for Orphan and Destitute Children. 

office 296 Boylston, rm. 507, Rt.-Rev. Wm. 

Lawrence, D.D., pres.; Charles E Mason, 

treas, 30 State St.; Rev. Reginald H. Howe, 

D.D., sec. 23 Monmouth St., Brookline: 

Katharine P. Hewins, gen. sec. ^ „ ^ , 
Church Temperance Society (N. E. Dept.), see 

New England Dept. of the Church Temperance 

Cigarmakers' International Union. 11 Appleton. 

Edward Brodeis, pres.; William F. Kinder, sec. 

and treas., Henry Abrahams, cor. sec. 
Citizens' Association of Boston, 53 State, rm. 

1004, A. F. Estabrook. treas.; H. L. Harding. 

sec. 53 State, rm. 1004. 


ty History Club of Boston. 6 Beacon, rm. 311. 
Frederick J. Allen, du-ector; Miss Mary P. 
Follett, vice pres. ; Rev. Thatcher R. Krmball, 


field Damon, jr., pres.; Archie E. Hurlburt, 
vice pres. ; Thomas O. Paige, sec. and treas. 
Missionary Society, 14 Beacon. 

Arthur 8." John.son. pres. ; Rev. D. Vf. Waldron, 
sec. and supt.; Samuel F. Winkins, treas. 

City Temporary Home for Women, Chardon. 
cor. Bowker. 

Civic Federation of New England. 6 Beacon, rm. 
228, Edward Hamlin, pres ; John Mason Little, 
treas.; John B. McPherson, sec. _^. 

Civic Service House, 112 Salem. Meyer Bloom- 
fleld. supervisor; Philip Davis, director; Wil- 
liam W. Locke, head resident. 

Clerical Club of Boston. Hotel Thomdike. Meets 
second Monday of each month, Oct. to June at 
6 P.M.; Rev. Edward Tillotson. sec. and treas., 
60 Monument av., Swampscott. 

Clothiers' Association of Boston, meets at 77 
Summer, Joseph Barron, pres.; William Rip- 
ley, sec. and treas.; Herbert A. Whiting, act- 
uary, 77 Summer. .„. „ . 

College Equal Suffrage League. 585 Boylston, 
Miss Eleanor Piper, pres.; Miss LUlian Landy, 
sec. ; Miss Ethel Thayer, treas. 

College of Phvsicians and Surgeons 517 Shaw- 
mut av.. Joseph Bennett, pres.; Ezra Robin- 
son, clerk; Thomas D. Crothers, dean; Arthur 
S. Knell, registrar. 

Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 30 State, 
Frederick Jackson Turner, L.L.D., pres.; Henry 
H Bdes treas.. 30 State; H. W. Cunningham, 
rec sec, 89 State; Rev. Charles E. Park, cor. 
sec, 347 Marlboro. 

Columbus Associates. 124 North, Antonio Chiesa, 
pres. ; Isadore Albertinl, treas. _ _ 

Columbus Outing Club, 150 North, Frank Ba- 

Cougrogational Education Society, 14 Beacon, 

rm. 612, Rev. Clarence F. .Swift. D. D.. pres.; 

Rev Frank M. Sheldon and Rev. Edward S. 

Tead. sees. ; S. F. Wilkins, treas. 
Congregational Home Missionary Society, see 

Mass. Home Missionary Society. 
Congregational Sunday School and Publishing 

Society. 14 Beacon, Rev. Clarence F. Swift, 

D.D., pres.; Samuel F. Wilkins, treas.; Rev. 

William Ewing, missionary sec; Luther H. 

Cary, business manager. 
Congressional Medal of Honor Association of 

New England, Patrick J. Kyle, pres.; Herman 

W. Kuchmeister, sec and treas., 91 Washing- 
ton av.. Winthrop. 
Con.sumers' League of Massachusetts. 4 Joy, Mrs. 

Frank W. Hallowell. pres.; Robert H. Gardiner. 

jr., treas.; Mary C. Wiggin. executive sec; 

Mrs. Edwin H. Abbott, jr., rec. sec. 
Contractors' and Builders' Association of the 

City of Boston. 319 Wa,shlngton, rm 9, Waiter 

F. Burk, pres.; Charles A. Stewart, sec; W. H. 

Keyes. treas.; J. E. Lahey, supt. 
Co-operative Workrooms, Chanty buildmg. Hon. 

George Duncan, pres.; Orrin G. Wood, treas.; 

Mrs. Neal Rantoul. sec, 30 Falrfleld; Miss S. 

R. Berry, mgr. 
Copley Society of Boston, Copley Hall, 198 

Clarendon, rm. A, Holker Abbott, pres.; D. 

Blakely Hoar, treas.; Frederick W. Cobnrn. 

sec. 103 Mt. Vernon, Winchester. 
Cottane Place Neighborhood House. 1049 C<> 

lumbus av, Rox., Miss Kate L. Butler, head 

worker; Miss Edith Oulverwell. assistant; Miss 

Adelene Moffat, director. 
Council for Co-ooerative Theosophlc Propaganda, 

295 Huntington av., rms. 211-212. Mrs. 

Mary Hull, pres.; Chester Green, treas.; Mrs. 

Grace Lord Porter, sec 
Council of Fifty. . chairman; Pat- 
rick F. O'Keefe, vice-chairman; Leslie C. 

Wead. treas.; E. B. Mero, sec 48 Boylston 
Country Week Society, 48 Boylston; Miss Ellse 

S Johnson, sec. ; Edward A. Church, treas. 
CuUis Consumptives Home. 560 Blue Hill av, cor. 

Seaver. Hon. John L. Bates, pres.; Rev. E. D. 

Mallory, treas. and supt. 
Daly Industrial School. Ill Train, Sisters of St. 

Daughters of Massachusetts, Mrs. Austin C. 
Wellington, ores.; Miss Jennie G.Moseley, 
rec. sec, 45 Magnolia. Dor.; Miss Martha R. 
Prescott. treas.. Hotel Bristol, cor. Clarendon 
and Boylston. 

Daughters of the Teniple. 617 Tremont Temple. 
Miss Carolyn K. Wood, matron; Mrs. K. L. 
Shaw, sec, 332 Talbot av.. Dor.; Miss Edith O. 
Streeter, treas. „ 

Decorative Art, Boston Society, see Boston So- 
ciety of Decorative Art. 

Democratic City Committee. 15 Exchange, rm. 
.. „. . „ ,,_, .._ Francis L. 



Tremont Temple, Rev. Harry O. Leach, pres., 
Plttsfleld; Rev. H. E. Hodge, Wlnchesier, sec; 
Rev. Joseph B. Perry, treas. . 

Conference Committee on Moral Education, 5S>5 
Boylston. Mrs. Clara B. Beatley. chairman; 
Miss Eva Channiug. sec. Hotel Hemenway; 
Mrs. Olivia T. Fay, treas. 

Congregational Board of Pastoral Supply. 14 
Beacon, rm. 610., Rev. Arthur J. Covell, sec. 

ConKregational Church BuUding Society, Boston 
office, 14 Beacon, rm. 611; Lucien C. Warner, 
pres.. New York; Rev. O. H. Richards sec. 
New York: Chas. H. Baker, treas.. New York. 
WUUam W Leete, N. E. field sec. 

Oongregational Church Dnion, Samuel Usher, 
pres.; Fred L. Norton, sec. 73 Tremont rm, 
432 Chas. E. Kelsey, treas., 881 Common- 
wealth av.. Alls, 


Leo M. Harlow. 




Denison House (Boston College settlement), 
Tyler. Caroline S. Humphrey, pres.; D. "' 
ly Hoar, treas.; Miss Mary H. Dana, sct;.. -«* 
Allerton. Brookline; Miss Geraldine Gordon, 
head worker. 

Diocesan Board of Missions, 1 Joy, Bishop of tne 
Diocese, pres.: Clarence H. Poor, treas., 
Bromfleld; Rev. Prescott Evarts, i 
len. Cambridge. „ 

Dorchester Board of Trade, 218 Adams, Dor., 
Matthew Oumraings, pres.; James L. Flynn, 
treas.; John J. Dalley. sec. 

Dorchester Free Dispensary, 204 Adams. Dor. 

Dorchester Historical Society. Old Blake House, 
Richardson park, Frank L. Young, pres.;Tsaac 
T. Ripley, sec. and treas.. 7 Mt.Everett. Dor. 

Dorchester Medical Society. Francis X. Corr, M. 
D., pres.; Carleton E. Allard, sec. and treas., 
92 Savin Hill av.; meets 3d Wednesday of each 
month except May. June, July and August. 

Dorchester Postal Employees Mutual Benefit 
Association. Meets at Tonawanda Hail, Ton- 
awanda st. and Geneva av.. Dor.; William J. 
Farrell, pres.; John J. Farren. treas.; Alexander 
J. Michie. sec. 61 Dix, Dor. 

Dorchester Relief Society, 204 Adams, Dor., 
Edwin T. Home, pres.; Edward B. WUder. vice 
pres ■ Everett H. Sharp, treas.; Mrs. Frank 
King Nash, sec, 7 Colchester, B'line; H. 
Eugenia Bruce, agent. 

Dorothea Dix Hall Assn.. Mrs. Alice L. Glover. 
25 Winthrop, Rox.. sec, Mrs. Annie V. Sharp., 

East Boston Catholic Literary Association, 
meets at 360 Meridian. E. B., Arthur H. Stout, 
pres. ; George F. Murphy, treas. ; John T. Cal- 
lahan, sec. 28 Monmouth, E. B.; Thomas J, 



East Boston Improvement 

third Thm>;day in East Boston High School, 
Richard C. Kirby. pres. ; Franlv C. Wood, vice 

East Boston Italian Improvement Association. 

156 Maverick H. B.. Orescenzo DeSimone. sec.«rn and Gulf Sailors Assn.. Percv J. Pryor. 

sec.. 150 Leyden, ~ ~ 

vice pres. for U. 


Egypt Exploration Fund. 527 Tremont Temple, 
Prof. Herbert Weir Smyth, vice pn ' " " 

Cambridge: Chester I. Campbell, _ 

Marie N. Buckman, sec.. 527 Tremont Temple. 

Election Laws League of, B Beacon, Edwin 
L, Sprague, pres.; Richard L. Gay, sec. and 
treas.. 6 Beacon, rm. 1026. 

Elevator Operators' Union. 987 Wash., William 
0*Donnell, buo. agent. 

Eliot School Association. Edgar S. Dorr, pres.; 
WiUiam Robinson, treas.. Charles E. Wiggin. 
sec., 57 Court; William B. Holmes, historian. 

Elizabeth Peabo.iy House, 357 Charles, Dr. Rich- 
ard G. Wadsworth, pres.: Edward J. Holmes, 
treas.; Miss Alice A. Burditt, sec. 1848 Com- 
monwealth av.. Brookline; Mrs. Eva W. White, 
head resident. 357 Charles. 

Ellen M. Giflord Sheltering Home for Animals . 
gleton Pd.. Br., Josephine MacC. Shaw, 
Herbert B. Gushing, gen. mgr.; Albert 

B.; Hei 

H. Perkins. : 

Ellis Memoria. 

Carver, Mrs. T. Bussell : 

U. Crocker, treas.; E. L. Storer. 222 Beacon. 

Elm Hill Aissociation School. Wenouah St.. Rox.. 
Prod L. Howard, pres.; William Hoag, treas. 
and sec.. 19 Milk. rm. 64. 

Emerson Hospital. US Forest Hills. J. P.. Na- 
thaniel W. Emerson, pres.: Helen J. Clark, 
sec. and treas. 

Emmanuel Church Parish House, 13 Newbury, 
Edith Ambrose, sec., social service. 

Emmanuel Memorial Hou=e. 11 Newcomb, Rev. 
William L. Clark, director; Mrs. S. Reed An- 
thony, pres. of committee; Hollls French, 
treas.; Miss Eleanor Qulncy, sec.. 452 Beacon; 
Ethel King, visitor; Henry Farquharson, Harry 
Hutchins, custodians. 

Employers' AssociaUon of Mass.. 88 Broad, rm. 
702. George B. Hugo, chairman executive 
com.; B. S. Atwood, treas.; Albion P. Pease. 

Employment Managers 


Everard S. Pratt, 

G. F. Hardy. 
' leers' Union Local No. 16, meets every Frl- 
■ evening at 724 Wash., P. J. Gorman, pres.; 


day t _. _ , 

1 Seymour. Ros.; William Kelley, 

John B. Clapp. 

Dr. Alfred H. GUson, 

Episcopal City Mission, 1 Joy, Rt.-Rev. Wm. 

Lawrence, D.D., ~ --.-.. 

treas.; Charles E 

Ernest J. Dennen, supt., 1 Joy, 
Evangelical Alliance of Greater Boston, 507 

Tremont Temple. Rev. William M. Macnair. 

Bres.; Rev. Duncan A. MacPhie, sec; Frank- 
n P. Daly, treas. 
Evangelical Baptist Benevolent and Missionary 
Society, Tremont Temple, Oliver M. Went- 
worth, pres.; Rev. Charles L. Page, sec. and 
treas. 33 Whiting, Rox. 
Evangelistic Association of New England. 519 
Tremont Temple, Allan C. Emerv. pres.; S. 
M. Sayford. gen. sec. and treas.; Arthur W. 

Examiner Club, Rev. Dr. James DeNormandie. 

pres.; M. A. Dewolfe Howe, treas.; Edward B. 

4S Garden. Cambridge 

' " .rnuel C. F: 

Robert J. KeUy. sec. 
15 Devonshire. 
Faith Mission at Home and Abroad. Rev. Daniel 
Steele. D.D., pres.; Rev. E. ~ " ' "" 
and sec. 44 Crawford, Rox. 

supt.. P. O. box 
Federated Jewish Charities. 5 Charity building. 
A. C. Rathshesky, pres.; Simon E. Hecht. 

Hebrew United 

Staniford; Home for Jewish Children, He- 
brew Immigrant Aid Society, Leopold Morse 
Home, Free Employment Bureau, Hebrew 
Industrial School, 154 Charles; Charitable 
Burial Assn., Mrs. M. M. Silverman, supt., 5 
Charity bldg. 

Federation of Churches & Religiot 

tions in Greater Boston. Rev. Alexander 
Mann, D.D., pres.; Rev. Christopher R. Eliot, 
.sec; Kicluvrd M. Everett, tresis.; 53 Mt. Ver- 

Field and Forest Club, 12 Huntington av., rm, 
318. Rev. Frederick M Brooks, pres.; Edward 
M. Hagarty, treas.; Miss Bertha Randall, cor. 

Fishing Masters' .Association, 25 Administration 
bldg., Boston Fish Pier. William Thomas, pres.; 
Henry D. Malone. treas.; Sylvester Whalen, 

Fitchburg R. R, Freight Office Relief Assn.. 160 

Beverly, John C. Phinney, pres,; C. C. Rldeout, 

treas., George H. Streeter. sec, 160 Beverly, 
Floating Hospital, see Boston Floating Hospital 
Florence Crittenton League of Compassion. 506 

Tremont Temple. Rev. A. Z. Conrad, ores,; 

Edward E. Stevens, treas,; Mrs. John Knox 

Marshall, sec; Clarence R. Preston, gen. sec. 

Home, 701 Mass. av. 
Frances E. Willard Settlement. 44 Chambers. 

Caroline M. Caswell, pres.; Mrs. Elmer A. 

Stevens, treas.; Nellie F. HUl. sec. 
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception 

of St. Anthony's Convent, 31 Prince, 
Fiiinkliii Assii. No IS. 39 Court, rm. H, James 

l"lalu'i-t>-. pii'.s, : Michael .^. Cooney. sec. and It; Mt Vernon. Chsn 
Franklin Square House, 11 E. Newton. Rev. 

George L. Perln, pres ; Frank A. Shlrmer. 

vice pres.; Fred M. Lam.son, treas.; J. Porter 

Russell, clerk; Miss Castine C. Swanson. supt. 
Franklin Typographical Society. 121 Chandler, 

Patrick J. Guerin. pres.; Charles H. Phinney. 

sec. 324 Washington St.; Leonard Rajrmond. 

treas.; 85 Broad St.; trustees, Albert W. Fin- 


Franklin Union. Berkeley c_.. ..^r . - 

Olney. pres.: Nathan Matthews, vice 
George F.Swain^ sec: Henry L. Higgii 

Appleton. Richard 

Free Hospital for Women, Glen rd., Brookline, 
George R. Peailng, jr., pres.; Frederick J. Brad- 
lee, treas., 222 Boylston; Nathaniel U. Walker, 
sec, 53 State. 

Free Religious Assn. of America. Rev. John 
Haynes Holmes, pres., 61 East 34th St.. New 
York: William H. Hainlen. treas.; Rev. George 
Grover Mills, sec, 120 Boylston. 

French Women's Christian Association. 28 Ad- 
pleton, Mrs. David R. Craig, pres.: Marcel L. 
Orleans, treas., Mrs. Emma Pache. matron. 

Fund for the Erection of Churches and Chapels 
in the Diocese of Mass.. Cteorge H. Richards, 
Huntington Saville. John H. .Storer. trustees. 

Gannett School Association. Mrs. Charles E. 
Laiuiat. pres.; Mrs. Arthur M. Pratt, treas.; 
Mrs. S. D. Whlttemore. sec. 151 Lmcoln. New- 
ton Highlands; meets Jan. and Oct. at Hotel 

General Convention of Mass. Baptists, 508 Ford 
bldg.. Henry T. Bailey, pres.; Harry P. Bosson. 
treas. : Rev. Hugh A. Heath, sec, SOS Ford bldg. 

General Society - - - - 

General Sunday School Assn. of the Universallst 
Church, Rev. George E. Huntley. D.D., pres.; 
Rev. Frank L. Masseck, sec, 22 Hopkins rd., 
Arlington: Mr, M. A. Brown, treas. 

General Theological Library. 53 Mt. Vernon, 
Francis Henry Appleton. pres.; Arthur P. 
Estabrook, treas.: Rev. Frederick B Allen, 
sec; Miss Mary M. Pillsbury, librarian. 

George Washington Memorial Association, 44 
Bromfleld, rm. 609, George Milbank Hersey, 
gen. sec; Mass. Advisory Council. Samuel L. 
Powers, chairman: Frank H. Pope, treas. 

German Aid Society. 13 Charity building, 43 
Hawkins, open from 10 to 12 a.m.; C. W. Holt- 
zer, pres.; Sebastian Gahm, treas.: John Kalbs- 
kopf, agent. 

German American Singing Society, 367 E. Eighth. 
S. B.. Louis Hofnaiier. pres.: Harry B. Stuart, 
treas.; Frank Siepel, sec. 12 Cypress. Rox. 

Germantown Citizens Association, meets third 
Sunday, Gallivan Hall. W, R. Richard J. 
Crouin, pres.; Andrew Gallivan. treas.; Hugh 
McCarron. sec, 55 German, W. R. 

Girls' Friendly Society in America, Miss Isa- 
bella G. Whipple, pres. for Maas.; Miss B. A. 
Baker, treas.; Miss Margaret A. Rand, sec, 
49 Kirkland. Cambridge. 

Girls' Helpful, 88 Tremont, rm. 616, Mrs. Cort- 
land Myers, pres.; Miss Marlon Clark, sec; 
Miss Maude M. Morgan, director. 



treas., 19 Congress; Mrs. Anna F. Welling- 
ton Wolbach. sec, 420 Beacon 

Girls' Vacation House Association, 56 West 
Cedar Miss M. J. Allen, pres.; Miss Harriet a. 
Johnson, sec; Alice H. Bassett, M. D.. treas. 

Good Government Association, 11 PemSerton 
square, rm. 502, James .lackson, treas.: Robert 
J. Bottomly, sec, 161 Devonsb re, rm. 604. 

Gordon Bible Institute The. 7 Montgomery, Rev. 
Nathan R. Wood, dean; Egbert B. Staclipole. 
treas., 39 Pairview av., Arlington. 

Gordon Home 28 Montebello rd.. J. P., Mrs. M. 
M. Mackenzie, supt. 

Grace Mission, 52 Snow Hill. 

Granite Paving Block Mfrs' Assn. of the U. S., 
Inc., 54 Devonshire, Zenas W. Carter, field sec. 

Great Boston Peoples Relief Committeei Philip 
Potash, sec; 101 Devonshire, rm. IOCS, Louis 
E. Kirstein, treas. . 

Greater Boston Association of PatVot'C^I^trug- 
tors, 101 Tremont. rm. 1102, William J. Wal^, 
pres.; Miss Nellie A. Tracy, sec; Elmer N. 

Powell, "pres.T I. R- Miranda, sec, 457 Blue Hill 

Guild of Boston Artists", 162 Newbury St., Ed- 
mund U. Tarbell. pres.; W. W. Churchill, treas.; 
Mrs. LiUa Cabot Perry, sec, 312 Marlboro 

Guild of the Infant Saviour, 43 Tremont, Theresa 
M. Lally, directress . „ , , ,, , 

GuUd of St. Elizabeth, 59 East Sprmgfleld. Maud 
M. Rockwell, pres.; Mrs. Gerald Blake, sec, 
1236 Beacon, Brookline; Alice Murray, treas. 

Hale House (social settlement). 6 and 8 Garland, 
ward 9; Thomas P. Beal, jr.. pres.; Edward C. 
Fitz. treas.: Ernest C. Amy. head resident. 

Handel and Haydn Society, Jacob Sleeper Hall, 
688 Boylston. Courtenay GuUd, pres.; George 
M. Brooks, treas., 79 Milk, rm. 401: Duane 
White, sec, 24 Milk: William N. Eustis, libra- 

Harrison Square Association, Harrison square. 
Dor., Thomas F. McManus, pres.; Miss Mary 
A. Dierkes, treas , 33 MUl; John J. Carr. sec. 

Harvard Alumni Association. 50 State, K. ±i. 
Gardiner, jr.. treas.; Roger Pierce, gen. sec 

Harvard Building Association of Boston, Sis 
Washington, Dor., Archibald L. Stark.: pres.; 
Edward F. Blake, treas.: Frank T. Viles. sec; 
84 State, rm. 413. 

Harvard Dental Alumni Association, Young's 
Hotel, Ernest H. Chute. D.M.D., pres.; 
Charies T. Warner, D.M.D., 168 Newbury, 
sec: James J. O'Brien, D.M.D., treas. 

Harvard Improvement Association, Inc., of Dor- 
chester, meets 10th of each month at 179 Glen- 
way street, Alonzo E. Yont, pres.; Wilbam E. 
McGerigle. treas.: Kent Knowlton, sec. 

Harvard Medical School, 240 Longwood av., Ab- 
bott Lawrence Lowell, pres.; Edward a. Brad- 
ford, M.D , dean; Francis W. Palfrey, M.D.. 

Harvard Musical Association, 57a Chestnut, 
Charles G. Saunders, pres.; Herbert H. Dar- 
itng. sec. 38 Equitable bldg.; Henry Warf 

Harvard Odontologlcal Society. Harry S. Par- 
sons D.M.D., pres.; M. F. Rogers, D.M.U., 
treas.; John A. Furbish, D.Mrt)., sec, 2.J5 
Marlboro: meets third Thureday in the month. 

Harvard University Dental School 188 Long- 
wood av. Eugene H. Smith, D.M.D., dean, 283 

Health Education League, 8 Beacon, rm. 31. 
Dudley A. Sargent, pres.; Rev. George IJ. 
Gate, sec; A. L. Darrow, treas. 

Hebrew Educational Alliance of Roxbury, 110 
Townsend Rox., Samuel Webb, pres ; Meyer 
Weisman, treas.; Benjamin Summerfleld, -"" 

Hebrew Charities, see Federated Jewish Charities 
Hebrew Free Loan Society of Boston, 5,32 War- 
ren Rox.; Nathan Pinanski. pres.; Sellg Lipsky, 
treas.; Louis Pokroisky. sec, 10 Sunderland. 
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, 104 Salem, Isaac 
Heller, prel.; Harris Poorvu. treas.; James 
Stone, gen. sec. 104 Salem; Samuel L. BaUen. 

Max L. Kftlman, attorneys. 
Hebrew Ladies' " 

21 Queen, Dor.. Max Leb- 
pres.; Mrs. Fannie R. Titlebaum, treas.; 
^„... Koritz. sec: Jacob Krilow, supt 
Hebrew Messianic.OouncU, Dr. Edward S. Niies. 

pres., 514 Commonwealth av. 
Home for Aged Colored Women, 22 Hancock, 
Joseph P. Loud, pres.; Robert Homans, treas.; 
Miss Lucy Parsons, sec, 398 Beacon. 

n *• — A„ed Couples Corporation, 2055 Co- 

' 409 and 417 Walnut av., Rox., Dr. 
A. OarletoD, pres., 30 Union pk.: 
Damon, treas • Gladys M. Damon, 

lumbus av 

Men, 133 West Springfield, 
jrson, pres.: Charles A. Cool- 
Ames building: Charles W. 

Home for A 
Charles E. 

Home for Aged Poor, Dudley, cor. Woodward av.. 

Home for Aged Women, 108 Revere: Winthrop 
H. Wade, pres.; Frank W. Kaan, sec, 50 State: 
William P. Blake, treas.; Dora E. Roberts, 

Home for' Destitute Catholic Children, 788 Har- 

nonah, Rox., Daniel J. Pyne, supt. 

;ome for Jewish Children, Canterbury cor. 
Austin. Dor.. David A. Lourie, pres.; Oscar 
Grosberg. treas.; Mark Stone, fln. sec; Casper 
M. Grosberg, rec sec, 484 Wash.; Sol. Z. Pro- 
kesch, supt. 

[ome for Little Wanderers, see New England 

Home for Old Ladies 1 

Home Furnishers' Association of Mass. 24 Milk, 

6th floor; Fred T. A. McLeod, pies.; B. A. 

McMahon, treas.; Alonzo E. Yont. sec, 24 

Hotel and Theatre Chaplaincy Association, 899 

Boylston. Rev. Eugene C. Webster, chaplain 

■" '• - -' "rkins, J. P., Bro. 


I of Angel Guardii 
of Good 

B.. Miss 

Ada M. C. Hartzell. head worker 

House of Mercy, 244 Townsend, Rox., Miss 
Catharine A. Codman, pres.; Mrs. Samuel 
Hammond, treas.: Mrs. Malcolm Storer, sec, 
302 Beacon 

House of the Good Samaritan, Binney, cor. 
Francis St., Joseph S. Bigelow, pres.; Francis 
W. Hunnewell, treas., 87 Milk, rm 23; Miss 
Catharine A. Codman, sec. Canton St., Ded- 

House of the Good Shepherd, 841 Huntington 
av., Rox., His Eminence Cardinal O'Connell, 

Household Nurses Assn. of the Municipal League, 

Robinwood ! 

J. P.. Ann Murray, 
Assn., 28 Robinwood 

Ann E. Murray, supt. 

Howard Benevolent Society, 14 Beacon, rm. 602, 
Rev. D. W. Waldron, pres.; John A. Bent, 
treas.: W. B. Bancroft, M.D., sec, 597 E. 

Hull Street Settlement, 36 Hull, Mrs. E. M. Tay- 
lor, supt.; Mrs. D. F. Barber, treas.; Mrs. S. 

B. PUlsbury, sec. 

Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Mass.. 

549 Tremont bldg.. J. Collins Warren, M. D., 

pres.; P. C. Welch, treas.; Ellery H; Clark. 

sec. to standing committee; Charles P. Curtis. 

chairman standing com. and sec..|71 Ames bldg. 
Hyatt Field Lesson Memorial Assn.. Hervey W, 

Shimer, ores.: G. Winthrop Lee. sec. 147 Milk. 
Hyde Park Current Events Club, meets at 

Methodist chm-ch. Central av. cor. Winthrop, 

Wednesdays at 10 a. m., October to April 

inclusive, Mrs. Robert A. Falconer, pres:. 

Mrs. H. A. Collins, treus.: Mrs. Edward K. 

Ellis, rec. sec. 38 Beacon, H. P. 
Hyde Park Historical Society, meets at Public 

Library, Horace Sumner, pres.: Mrs. Helen 

Greenwood, rec. sec: Fred L. Johnson, cor. 

sec. and librarian: James S. Mitchell, treas. 
Hyde Park Medical Club, meets at members* ofU- 

ces: E. H. Baxter, M.D., pres.; Percy W. Carr, 

M.D.. treas.; Francis G. Barnum, M.D., sec 
Hyde Park, Young Men's Christian Asso., 1137 

River, Albert Stonestreet, pros.; Stanley B. 

Wheeler, treas. : Robert C. Snow. gen. sec. 
Immigrants' Home, 72 Marginal, Mrs. Amanda 

C. Clark, supt.; Miss Hattie B. Cooper, treas., 
1 Kensington pk., Rox. 

Immigration Restriction League, 11 Pemberton 

sq.. rni. 611, John P. Moors, pres.; Richards 

M. Bradley, treas.; James H. Patten, sec. 
Independent Order Sons of Israel, 47 MtVe 

Henry H, Levenson, gran' "~- " 

Silverman, sec: Joseph Kirs 
Independent Workmen s Circle of America, m 

every Monday evening at 9 Cambridge. 

307: Samuel Wilcon, pres.; Samuel Egdall, i 

Morris Ossen, 

National Shawmut Bank. 

Industrial Aid Society. 43 Hawkins. William P. 
Fowler, pres.; William Atherton, treas.; Rev. 
Christopher R. Eliot, sec; Henry Peterson, 
gen. auent. 

industrial Credit Union, 264 Boylston, Miss Jo- 
sephine D. Weymouth, pres.: Miss C. A. Per- 
kins, treas. ; A. H. Heininger. sec 

Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed 
Children. 241 StBotolph St.. Joseph Grafton 
Minot, pres.; E. Pierson Beebe, treas.; Thomas 
K. Cummins, sec, 70 State, rm. 70. 

Industrial School for GWs, 232 Centre street. 
Dor.. Mrs. Bessie A. Capron, matron: Miss 
Eleanor S. Parker, pres.: Mrs. Elerton James, 
sec, Milton: Robert S. Sturgis, treas. 




Industrial Union for the Deaf. 585 Boylston. rm. 

42a. Mrs. E. B. W^de. supt.; Miss L. W. 

Broolvs. treas. 
Infants' Hospital (Tliomas Morgan Rotch, jr.. 

Memorial bidg.) "" " • ' -- "- •^■-- 

bldg.. Boston 
Ingleside Corporation. 14S Prosp 
office. 609 Trcmont Tcmplf: ' 

League of Preventive Work. 44 Bromfleld. 

704, Ada Eliot Shefllold. pre.s.; James A. 

Murray, treas.; Isabolle KeudiGC C:ill. gen. 
Legal Protective Federation. L'62 Wash, rni 

Hsnry Sterling, pres. : E. Homer Marks. 

a^d treas. 
Lend-a-Hand Society. 101 Tremont. rm. 

Rev. E. E. Hale, founder; Rev. O. 

M. Fowl. 
Adams Leland. sec; Annie F. Br 
and director book mission. 
C1IO.X As,sociatcs. 7 t;i-oen. Michael Na 
Rae. sec.: Charles .Spatalo. 

i Eliot. 

n. supt. 


ries .Spa 
Ii7 ^Va^ 

ISIiss Mury 

'■, 211 .lolin Eliot sq. Ro 
liance of Theatrical Stage Em- 
1 No. 11. 119 Pleasant. John J. 

Beard, direr 


pioyees. Un 

International' Brotherhood of Railroad Station- 
men and Railroad Employees' Alliance of 
North America. 2 Park sq.. rm. 77; Robert P. 
Neil, ores.; J. M. Faulkner, sec, 107 Chandler. 

International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Chauf- 
feurs. Stablemen and Helpers. No. 25, 31 
Thacher, Joseph J. Hunt. sec. and treas. 

International Geneva Association, Boston Branch 
9a Park sq., Leopold 'Wirth, pres.; Jaques 
Roilssat. vice pres.: Frank Fischer, treas.: 
Harold Small, sec. 9a Park sq. 

International Printing Press and Assistants' 
Union, Franklin Assn.. No. IS. 39 Court. 
James Flaherty, pres.; M. S. Cooney. sec. and 

International Stereotypers and Electrotypers 

Union. 244 Washington, rm. 29. George W. 

WUUams. sec. and treas. 
International Sunday School Association, S9a 

Broad, William N. Hartshorn, director. 
International Sunshine Society, Mrs. Cynthia 

W. Alden, pres. gen.. New York city; Mass. 

headquartei's. 29 Temple i " 

I EUen 

Interstate Co-operativ 

1006. Francis 

M alone, sec. 

Jamaica Plain Citiz 

Dr. E. M. Hartwell, pres.; 


Jamaica Plain Friendly Society. Curtis Hall. 
J. P.. Dr. O. R. Chadwoll. pres.; Caroline E. 
Chickering. clerk; Eugene W. Clark, treas. 

Jewish People's Institute. 02 Chambers. Simon 
Rudnick. pr&s. : Moses Caplan. vice pres. ; Harry 
Novack. treas.; S. Margolis, Bn. sec, 248 

John Howard Industrial Home, 560 Massachu- 
setts av.. Rev. Howard N. Brown, pres.; Red- 
ington Piske, treas.; Howard W. Brown, 70 
State, clerk; Albert Arnold, supt. 

Journeymen Barbers' International Union of 
America. Local 666, 43 Portland, Antonio 
Ruggiero, bus. agt. 

Knights of Labor. District Assembly No. 30. 
22S Tremont, Tlxrinn^ i| ' <,.>,■•■ -, ■ luI 
treas.: M.J. Halliv, , : . ,. 

Kossuth Hall Associ:ili i ; 

Loecke. pres. : Max I i i i ■ 

Labor League. 11 Chiiini.n- \|> - , , .i k.,i - 

Seigal. treas. 
Ladies' Aid Association of the Soldiers* Home in 

Massachusetts. Sewall Hall. 177 Huntington 

av.. Mrs. Lue Stuart Wadsworth. pres.; Mrs. 

Lizzie O. Clapp. treas.; Mrs. Annie R. Leighton 

rec. sec; Mrs. Nina B. Lovejoy. cor. sec. 
Ladies' Catholic Benevukiit Assn.. Mrs. Winifred 

McHugh. pres.: Mrs. Kllen Miirph\'. tfejts.: 

Miss Helen Hilton, fln. sec. : Miss Mary OBrien 

Ladies' Catholic Club Assn., Mary A. Barr, pres. - 

Mrs. John Jackson, sec. 1472 Wash. 
Ladies' Physiological Institute. Chipman Hall, 

Tremont Temple, Dr. Adelaide N. Abbott, 

pres.; Miss Eva Barker, treas.; Miss Lillian G. 

Perry. M. D.. rec sec ; Mrs. Francos L. Blake. 

cor. sec. 54 Sydney, Dor' 
Ladies' Unity Club Home for Aged People, 64 

Bartlett. Rox. Mrs. Carolyn E. Bell, pres., 20 

Cobden, Rox.; Carrie J. Littlefield, treas., 

Ina P. Main, sec, Meh-ose. 
League of American Pen Women. Mrs. Annie A. 

Wilder, pres.; Miss Jessie A. Griswold. treas^; 


pres. ; Nathan H. Glover, treas.; Clarence 
Humphreys, sec, 49 Humphreys, Dor. 

Lord's Day League of New England, 5: 
mont Temple, John L. Bates, pres.. 
William D. Brigham. treas.; Rev. Martin D. 
Kneeland. sec. 520 Tremont Temple. 

Lowell Institute. A. Lawrence Lowell, trustee. 5 
University Hall, Cambridge; WilUam T. Sedge- 
wick, curator. 491 Boylston. 

Magyars of Massachusetts. 40 Court, rm. :^21. 
Dr. Albert Propper. pres.; Lowlnger Armin. 
vice pres.; Berecz Istvan. treas.; Joseph Jan- 

Margaret GoflBn Prayer Book Society, 1 Joy, 
Rev. Geo. J. Prescott. pres. ; Mrs. G. S. Wins- 
low, sec. 47 Chestnut. Henry M. Upham. treas. 

Marine Cooks & Stewards Assn. 258 Commer- 
cial. A. .\nderson. bus agent. 

Marine Engineers Beneficial Association. W J. 
Lindsay, pres.; N. L. Bunistein. treas., S8 
Broad; George H. Willey, bus. mgr. 

Mariners' House, 11 North sq.. Rev. G. L. Small, 
pastor: Capt. J. P. Hatch, supt. 

Charles E. Mills, sec; George P. Shields, treas. 
Martin Luther Orphan Home. 670 Baker. W. R.. 
Biewend. pres.; Henry Birkner. 

Kittredge. Ros. 

Mass. Altar Society. 1 Joy. Miss E. T. Bush. 

pres.; Mrs. George H. Monks, treas., 67 Marl- 

" ■ Crocker, sec, 72 Cypress, 

_ . Squitable bldg.. 

pres.; Jeremiah E. Burke, vice 
pres.; Robert H. Magwood, treas.; Mrs. Eliza- 
beth R. White, see. 
lass. Anti-Saloon League. Frederick Fosdick. 
pres.; Theodore H. Raymond, treas.; Arthur 
J. Davis, supt.; Fred H. Lawton. asst- treas. 
and asst. supt.; Montgomery M. Goodwin and 
Robert H. Magwood. secretaries, 323 Tremont 

Anti-Tuberculosis League, 4 Joy, 'Vincent 
Arthur Drinkwater. 

Y. Bowditch, M.D., ] 

Mass. Assn. for Promoting the Interests of the 
Adult Blind. James Arnold Lowell, pres.; 
Edward E. Allen sec; Mrs. Mary Morton 
Kehew. treas. 

Mass. Assn. of Women Lawyers, Mrs. Pauline 
N. Hartstone, pres.; Mrs. Teresa A. Crowley 
Miss Vera Ryan, vice presidents; Miss Monica 
Foley, sec, 184 State House; 7' ' ~ 


League of Catholic Women, 43 Tremont, rm. 513. 
Mrs. James Dwight. pres.. 225 Beacon; Miss 
Katharine F. Kennelly. sec. 

R. Thurston. 

Mass. Audubon Society. 66 Newbury. Edward 

H. Porbush. pres.; Winthrop Packard, sec- 
Mass. Auto Operators Association, 883 Boylston, 

W. F. G. Pratt, pres.: J. P. Han-iman. 

vice pres.: P. V. Thompson, rec sec; Philip 

Sulkins. fln. sec: Donald M. Johnson, treas. 
Mass. Automobile Club, 100 Stuart, William H. 

Ames, pres.; Arthur H. Brooks, sec; Frank 

W. Remlck, treas. 
Mass. Babies' Hospital. ofBce 41 Charity bldg. 

Edward R. Warren, pres.; Walter Hunnewell. 

jr.. treas. 
Mass. Baptist Charitable Society, 525 Tremon t 

Temple, Rev. Harrie R. Chamberlain, pres.. 

Newton; John P. Barnes, treas.; Rev. C, L. 

Page. see. 33 Whiting. Rox. 



Mass. Baptist Missionary Society. Rev. Leland 

H. Cole, pres.; Rev. Hugh A. Heath, gen. sec, 

7U.S T'oril bl(l«.: Willard E. Waterbury. a^st. 

sec; Edward E. Stevens, treas.; Rev. Ferdinand 

P. Peterson. Sunday s.;hool director. 
Mass. Baptist Sunday School Assn., 70.S Ford 

bldg.; Stephen Moore, pres.; Ferdinand F. 

Peterson, Sunday school director; Edward E. 

Stevens, treas. 
Mass. Bar Assn., Henry N. Sheldon, pres.; Frank 

W. Grinnell, sec, 16 Central; Charles H. Beck- 

with, treas., Springfield. 
Mass. Bible Society. 41 Bromfield, Hon. Robert 

F. Raymond, pres.; Rev. Frederic B. .\llen. 

rec. sec, 1 Joy; B. Preston Clark, treas.; Albert 

Roscoe, mgr. 
Mass. Board of Ministerial Aid, U Beacon, rm. 

609, Rev. P. E. Emrich. chairman; Ohas. L. 

Ziegler. treas. 
Mass. Branch of the Free Church Assn.. 1 Joy. 
I. Rev. Dr. Reginald Heber Howe, pres.; Clar- 
ence H. Poor, treas.. 45 Bromfield: Rev. Dr. 

William O. Winslow. sec. 525 Beacon. 
Mass. Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary to the 

Board of Missions, 1 Joy, Mrs. Francis O. 

Lowell, pres.; Miss Alice M. Morgan, sec, 6 

Mercer circle, Cambridge; Mrs. H. S. Macom- 

ber. treas. 
Mass. Charitable Fire Society. Henry G. Jordan. 

pres., William H. Lincoln, vice pres.; Courtenay 

Orockor. sec, S15 Tremont bldg.; James R. 

Hooper, trea.-^. 
Mass. Charitable Mechanic Association, 111 

Huntington avenue, Daniel B. Badger, pres.; 

Judson Baldwin, sec. and treas. 
Mass. Charitable Society. George U. Crocker. 
L. pres ■ George Glover Crocker, treas.; Carle- 
ton Hunneman. see. 00 State, rm. 024. 
Mass. Child Labor Committee 6 Beacon, rm. 

804. Grafton D. Cushlng, chairman; Prof. 

Charles P, Bradley, treas. ; Richard K. Conant, 


H. B. 


s.. 5S Winlc 

Mass. Christian Endeavor Union. Rev. Carl 
Staekman. pres., .Somer\ilIe; Wilfrid O. Broad- 
bent, gen. .sec, Plymouth; Prof. Carle B. Hay- 
ward rec. sec. N. fleymouth; Dr. Henry Ij. 
McCluskey. treas., Worcester; Theodore E. 
Stevenson, district sec, Suffolk county, 307 
Kimball bldg. 
Mass. Church Missionary Society, 1 Joy. Rev. 
Reuben Kldner, pres.; Joseph H. Be&Ie, Jr.. 
jr sec; George G. Bradford, treas,, 50 State. 
Mass. Church Union. Charles G. Saunders, pres.; 
Rev. P. A. Reeve, sec, 34 Hunnewell av., New- 
ton; Rev. J. Higginson Cabot. Ph. D.. treas. 

Alliance. 60 Bromfield, rm. 3UG. 

Rev. P. \V. Lyman, pres.; Fall River, Horace 

G. Wellington, treas.; Ebeii W. Burnstead, sec. 

Mass. Civic League, 3 Joy. Edward Cummings. 

gres.; Edward T. Hartman. sec; Lawrence G. 
rooks, treas. 
Mass. Civil Service Assn.. . pres.; 

George U. Crocker, treas.; Arthur H. Brooks. 

sec. 53 State, rm. 1021. 
Mass. College of Pharmacy. 70 St.Botolph. C. 

Herbert Packard, pres.; Lyman W. Griffith. 

sec; John G. Godding, treas.; Theodore J. 

Bradley, dean. 
Mass. Conference. S. D. A., 88 Tremont. rm. 

liOO, John K. Jones, pres.; I' 


Mass. Employment Agencies Assn. Inc., 7 Water 

rm. 801. Frank A. V/are, pres.; Wm E. McGer- 

igle, treas. ; Grace E. Cooke, sec. 7 Water, rm. 

Mass. Federation of Churches. 53 Mt. Vernon. 

Rev. Charles F. Rice. D.D.. pres.; Rev. B. 

Tallmadge Root, field sec. ; Rev. Charles Conk- 

lin, D. D., sec. ; Harry E. Warren, treas. 
Mass. Pish and Game Protective Association, 

73 Tremont, rm. 748, George W. Wiggin, pres. ; 

Walt P. McMahon, sec, 73 Tremont, rm. 

748; Rollin Jones, treas. Forestry Association, 4 Joy, Nathaniel T. 

Kidder, pres., Milton; Harris A. Reynolds. 

sec; Ernest B. Dane, treas. 
Mass. Golf -Association, 35 Congress. Harry Ij. 

Ayer. pres.; Henry H. Wilder, vice pres.; 

R, Clay, treas.; Arthur 

Mass. Historical Society. 1154 Boylston, Henry 

Cabot Lodge, pres.; 

State, ■" " ■ 

Mass. Congregational Charitable Society, Win- 
slow Warren, pres.; Grenvilie H. Norcross, 
treas.; Rev. Edward Hale. sec. 5 Circuit road. 
Chestnut Hill. 

Mass Congregational Conference. Ernest L. 

I Miller, treas.. 64 Chardon; Rev. Henry Lincoln 
Bailey, sec. Longmeadow: Rev. Francis J. 
Marsh, registrar, Upton. 

Mass Convention of Congregational Ministers. 
Rev. William E. Strong, sec, 14 .Beacon; Rev. 
Benjamin Uulkeley. treas.. Leominster. 

Mass. Co-operative Bank League, 930 Old South 
bldg.. Frank E. Burbank, pres., 101 Tremont 
rm 1014; Herbert W. Pinkham, sec. and treas. 

Mass. Council for Patriotic Service, 88 Tremont, 
rm. 507; Mrs.TSeorge W. Coleman, pres.; Dun- 
can A. McPhie, sec; James F. Lockwood, 

Mass. Credit Union, office 78 Devonshh-e; Felijt 

Vorenberg. pres.; Max Mitchall, treas.; William 

J. Stanton, gen. mgr. _ _ .. „„, 

Mass, Cremation Soc . Crematory. 171 Walk Hill 

St., Forest Hills. Telephone Jamaica 239. Rev. 

Paul Revere Prothingham. pres.: Richard W. 

Hale, treas.. 16 Central; R. D. Swaim, clerk, 

16 Central. 
Mass. Dental Society, Chas. M. Proctor, pres.. 

Maiden; Joseph T. Paul, treas.. 419 Boylston. 

rm. 415; A. H. St.O. Chase, sec. 179 Linden. 

Mass Eclectic Medic.-U Society, P. W. A. Geddes. 

M. D. pres. ; Fred G. Phillimore. M. D. . sec. ; 

John Perrins, M. D.. treas., Charles E. Buck, 

M. D., librarian. 

Gilliert. sec, 35 

53; Edward Stanwood, rec. sec; 
Wm. R. Thayer, cor. sec; Samuel A. Green. 
M.D.. librarian. 
Mass. Home for Intemperate Women. Blnney 
cor. Smyrna. Rev. " 
" ' Boyde 

James Reed, 
sec, 16 Penhallow. Dor., 
Isabela A. Potter, treas.; Mrs. Mabel P. 
Jones, supt. 
lass. Home Missionary Society, 14 Beacon, 
— " ■ " ■ Rev Fredk E. 

Mass, Homoeopathic Medical Society, 
rest Martin. M.D., pres., Lowell: ' 
Strong, M.D., treas. " ' " 

G. For- 

M orris 
Edward S. Galderwood. 
M.D., rec. sec.. 223 Warren. Rox.; Benjamin 
T. Loring, M. D., cor. sec, Watertown 

Mass. Horticultural Society. Horticultural Hall. 
300 Mass. av. cor. Huntington av.. Richard M. 
Saltonstall, pres.; Walter Hunnewell, treas.; 
Wm, P. Rich, sec. 

Mass. Hospital School, Canton, Edward H. Brad- 
ford, M.D., chairman; John E. Fish. M.D., 
supt. and treas.; Leonard W. Ross, sec, 723 
Harvard, Mat. 

Mass. Institute of Technology, 491 Boylston, 
Richard C. Maclaurin, pres.; Francis B. Hart, 
treas.; Prof. Allyne L. Merrill, sec. of faculty; 
James P. Munroe, sec, of corp,; H. S. Ford. 
bursar; Robert P. Bigelow. librarian; Albert S. 
Smith, supt. of buildings. 

Mass. Liquor League, executive oflfice, 27 Hay- 
market sq., Thomas J. Burke, pres. ; .Springfield: 
Victor Brusendorfl, * " " "'-'- 

Victor Brusendorff, treas.; J. Henry Breslin, ! 
ass. Medical Benevolent Society, George 
Shattuck, M.D., pres.; 

, -.. , ,-.. — , Robert M. , — 

D., sec, 78 Marlboro; William L. Richardson. 
M.D.. treas.. 225 Commonwealth av. 

Mass. Medical Society. 8 Fenway. Charles F. 
Withlngton, M.D., pres.; E. M. Buckingham. 
M.D.. treas.. 342 Marlboro; Walter L. Bur- 
rage, M. D.. sec. 282 Newbury; Edwin Howard 
Brlgham. librarian. 

Mass. Medico-Legal Society. 8 Fenway. George 
Burgess Magrath. M.D.. pres.; A. Elliott Paine. 
M. D.. treas.; Harry M. Cutts. M. D.. sec. 105 
Aspinwali av., Brookline 

Mass. Mutual Fire Ins. Union. 141 Milk, room 
315. Alfred H. Nash. pres. 

Mass. Nautical School, office, 2a Park, chair- 
man. Rear Admiral John P. Merry; commis- 
sionors, Capt. William E. McKay. Clarence E. 
Perkins; William H. Dimick, sec. 

Mass. New Church Union, 134 Bowdoin, James 
B. Carter, pres.; Albert P. Carter, treas.; 
Herbert S. Kempton, sec, Newtonville; B. A, 
Whittemore, agent. 

Mass. Optometrical Society, meets quarterly. 
Howard C. Doane. pres.; J. R. Kingston, treas.; 
Lewis Taylor, sec, Lynn. 

Mass. Peace Society, 31 Beacon, rm. 32, Bliss 
Perry, pres.; William Gorham Rice, jr., treas.; 
Henry S. Haskins. sec. 

Mass. Political Equality Union. 1301 Wash.. 
Miss Mabel Gillespie, pres.; Mrs. Susan W. 
Fitzgerald, sec; Miss Fannie C. O.sgood, treas. 

Mass. Prison Association, 56 Pemberton sq., 
room 7, Joseph G. Thorp, pres.; Warren F, 
Spaldhig, sec; Francis H. Appleton. jr., treas. 

Mass. Retail Grocers' and Provision Dealers' 
Association. 46 Clinton, rm. 512; Harry G. 
Phelps, pres.. 32 Grove, Worcester; Henry W, 
Mansfield, sec. and treas., S. Braintroe. 

Mass. Retail Lumber Dealers' Protective Asso- 
ciation. E. B. James, sec. and treas.. 40 Cen- 
tral, rm. 309. 

Mass. Single Tax League. Inc.. 120 Boylston. 
rm. 529. Lewis J. Johnson, pres.: R. E. Blakes- 
lee, treas., 30 State; Alex Mackendrick, sec. 

Mass. Society of the Order of Founders and Pa- 
triots of America. John H. Westfall. governor; 
Charles I. Thayer, treas.; Herbert M. Leland, 
sec, 10 P. O. sq.. rm. 45, 


Mass. Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts. 
24 State House, Cliarles LifBer, pres.; Walter 
B. Waterman, treas.; Fred L. Ooburn, sec; 
George E. Cornwall, gen, agent, 24 State House 

Mass. Society for Mental Hygiene, 313 Ford bldg, 
William H. Burnham, Ph. D., pres., Worcester: 
John Koren. treas.; Dr. Franliwood E. Wil- 
liams, exec. sec. 

Mass. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Animals. ISO Longwood av., Dr. Francis H. 
Rowley, pres.; Guy Richardson, sec.; Eben 
Shute, treas. 

Mass. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children. 43 Mt. Vernon. Grafton D. Cashing, 
pres. John H. Sturgis. treas.; Carl C. Carstens. 
gen. agent and sec. 

Mass. Society for Promoting Agriculture. Prof. 
Charles S. Sargent, pres.; Richard M. Salton- 
"~" ' " ' Henry Appieton. 

IT Vrt 

r for s'c 

Mass Society for Social Hygiene, 6 Hancock : 

Charles W Eliot, pres.; David L. Edsall, 

vice pres.; Ernest B. Dane, treas.; 


•Mass. Society for the Univei-sity Education of 
Women. Mrs. George H. Earl, pres.; Mrs. 
John P. Marshall, treas.; Mrs. Frank Owen 
White, sec; 97 Sewall av.: Brookline. 

Mass. State Association of Master Plumbers, 
William A. Bradford, pres.. Qulncy; James H. 
Trow, sec, 4 St. Peter, Salem; Robert Robert- 
son, treas., Beverly. 

Mass. State Automobile Association, 93 Mass. 
av.. rm. 220, Lewis R. Speare. pres.; John P. 
Coghlin. vice pres.; Jas. Fortescue. sec. and 

Mass. State Board of Trade. 6 Beacon. John H. 
Corcoran, pres.. Cambridge; Richard L. Gay, 
sec. and treas.. 6 Beacon, rm. 1026. 

Mass. State Firemen's Association, J. B. Currier. 
Haverhill, pres.; Hiram R. Williamson. Wor 
cester. treas.; D. Arthur Burt, sec. 626 Old 
South bldg. 

Mass. Sunday School Association. 602 Ford 
bldg. : Rev. Charles B. Jackson. Fall River, pres. ; 

Mass. Surgical and Gynsecological Society. 
Henry O. Spalding. M. D., pres.: C. Y. Went- 
worth, M.D., treas.; Harry J. Lee, M.D., sec, 
635 Beacon. 

Mass. Tax Assn., 
A Andrews, pres.; 
Malcolm B. Nichols, 

Mass. Temperance Society. Arthur S 
pres.; J. Wesley Barber, sec. and i 

Mass. Total Abstinence Society. 36 

rm. 504, open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Saturday 
until 1 p. M.. Col. Edward H. Hascall. pres.; 
Charles E. Mtjin, treas. ; Rev. Warren P. Lan- 
ders sec; Charles B. Dennett, chairman Board 
of Directors 

Mass. Tract Society. .SSTremont.rm. 606, John K. 
Jones, pres.; Horace B. Tucker, sec. and treas. 

Mass. Unlversalist Convention. 359 Boylston. 
Rev. Harold Marshall, pres.; Sidney tt Rnf- 
trick, treas.; Rev. George B. Leigh' 
" " ■ )Ol 

reas.. 338 

state super\isor and field sec; Rev. Albert W. 
Hopson, sec. Somerville; T Theodore Whltnev, 
treas.. Wakefield. 

lass. Wine and Spu-it Dealers' Assn.. 6 Beacon, 
rm. 620. S. F. Petts. pres.; P. J. Kennedy. 

Adams, vice pres.; Mrs. Oakes Ames, treas 
Mrs. Alice DeNormandie. sec, and office mgr. 
lass. Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 
541 Mass. av., Mrs Katharine L. Stevenson, 
Isabel A. Morse, treas.; Miss Ada 
Rice, roc. 


Master Bakers' Association of Mass. 
ter. pres.: George A. Sa,nderson. tri 


.MAWailL^' ■ 
i Devonshire 
Sayward, sec 
ana creas. 
Master House Painters* and Decorators' Asso- 
ciation of South Boston, 154 F street, R. B. 
Beven, pres.; Frank E. Howard, sec, 148 F 
St., S, B. 
Master Plumbers' Association of Boston and 'V^l- 
cinity, 24 Hayward nl.. Charles H. Smith, mes.; 
236 Sumner, E. B.; William 

Assn.. meets 2d 
t 1180 Blue Hill 
; Walter E. Mul- 

erick Higginson, sec, 73 Seaver. Brookline 

Mercantile Library Association. 674 Tremont. 
Charles 11. Anisdon. pros.: William 1'. CroanuT, 
vice pres.; Joseph .\. Itourke, treas.; KoUuid M. 

Merchant Tailors' Exchange of the City of Bos- 
ton, William F. Walsh, pres.; J. Henry Bean, 
treas.; Samuel H. Spring, sec. 73 Tremont, 
rm, 209. 

Metaphysical Club. 30 Huntington av. rm. 211. 
Mrs. Mary E. T. Chapin. prus. ; Mrs. Sanili 
Shaw, sec. 

Methodist Ministers' Relief Insurance and Trust 
Association. Wesleyan bldg.. 581 Boylston. rm. 
42: Rev. Charles Wesley Blackott. pres.; Rev. 
Henry L. Wriston. sec. and mgr.; Rev. Arthur 
P. Sharp, treas. 

Metropolitan Bible Class League, 30 Huntinir- 
t(5n av., rm. 514, Chester R Lawrence, prrs.; 
G. Harry Peterson, treas.; Allen B. Rider, 
gen. sec. 

Metropolitan District Dental .Soc, 

S. Andrews, D. M. _.. ._„: 

Waldo E. Boardman. D. D. S., treas.; Roy ' 
Skinner, D. M. D., sec. 29 Commonwealth av. 

Metropolitan Improvement League, Col. Thomaa 
L. Llvermore, pres.; Sylvester Baxter, sec; 
Flavel Shurtlefl. treas. and cor. sec. 19 Con- 
Metropolitan Motor Assn.. 93 Mass. av., rm. 220, 
Samuel L. Powers, pres.; Charles E. Hatnoiri, 
vice pres. ; Arthur F. Clarke, treas. ; ,1 Fc r- 
tescuo, sec and a.sst. treas. 

Metropolitan Mutual Aid Assn.. 827 Shawmut 
av. Rox.. F. A. McAvay. pres.; Timothy Con- 
nell. treas.; G. B. Thompson, sec. 15 George. 
Winthrop; W. H. Sullivan, fln. sec 

Military Historical Society of Massachusetts, 
Cadet Armory. Ferdinand St., cor. Columbus 
av.. Col. Thos. L. Llvermore. pres.: William R. 
Trask, sec. and treas., 40 State, rm. 37. 

Milk and Baby Hygiene Association. 296 Boyls- 
ton, rm. 406. John L. Morse, M. D.. ores.; 
Charles E. Mason, chairman; F. Abbot Good- 
hue, treas. ; Hugh Nairn, sec ; Dr. J. Herbert 
Young, medical director. 

Mmer Charitable Society, Mrs, S. Robbin. pres.; 
Pauline Spooner, sec. 206 Harold, Rox.; Mrs. 
M. W. Phelps, treas.. 8 Idlewild. Alls. 

Clara R. Mo 
rec sec. 120 Court. NewtonvlUe, Miss A. I. 
Johnson, treas.. 48 Dwight. Brookline. 
Ministerial Union. 25 Beacon, Rev. Charles W. 
Wendte, pres.; Rev. Frederick M. Eliot, sec. 
and treas. 
Morgan Memorial Co-operative Industries and 
Stores, Inc. , 89 Shawmut av. , Francis H. Stack, 
pres.; Dr. E. J. Helms, supt.; P. C. 

M. D. 


215 Main. Chsn, 

Rox. 327 Dorchester 

Miss Kate F. Hobart. 

Branches, 86 Meridian. E. B., 

Cambridge. 1326 Tremont 

. . Seminary Settlement, 79 Shawmut av. 
Mount Hope Citizens' Association, first Monday 

in John D. Phiibrick School, George Cherry, 

pres.;|John W. McCarthy, vice pres.; John P. 

Kelly, treas.; Percy F. Lannon, sec, 19 Gar- 
den, Bos. 
Mount Hope Home, Southboume rd., J. P.; 

Miss Myra J. Chapman, matron. (See Boston 

N. End Mission.) 
Mount Pleasant Home for Aged Men and Women 

59 Elm Hill av., Rox.; Alvin S. Dexter, pres.; 

Fred M. Lamson, treas. ; Mrs. Lillian Maulsby. 

Moving Picture Machine Operators' Union. 

William C. Tranke. bus. agent, 19 Jackson pi.. 

J. P. 

Francis L. 

treas.; Benj. Ives Gilman. sec; Arthur 
Fairbanks, director. Open weekdays 9 to 5 
except Saturdays 9 to 6 (Nov. to March 1, 9 
to 4), Sundays 1 to 6. Admission 25 cents. 
Free on Saturdays. Sundays and public holi- 

AIu.seum of Fine Arts School, Museum rd. near 
Huntington av. Alice F. Brooks, mgr. 

Musicians Mutual Relief Society, 22 Garrison, 
Harold C. Benton, pres.: Herman P. Liehr, 
treas. ; Joseph F. Tobin. clerk. 

National Association of Cotton Manufacturers. 
Albert Green Duncan, pres.; Charles H. Fish, 
sec. and treas. ; 45 Milk, rm. 501, 

National Association of the Granite Industries 
of the U. S., 161 Summer, rm. 75, H. E. Fletch- 
er, pres. ; Robert D. Smith, sec. ; Edward D. 
Marnock, treas. 

National Association of Insurance Agents, Ed- 
ward C. Roth, pres., Buffalo, N Y ; Henry H, 
Putnam, sec. and treas., 55 Kilby, rm. 56 

National Association of Patriotic Instructors, 
101 Tremont, rm. 1102, John B. Lewis, pres.; 
Mrs. Nellie D. Orchard, treas.. New London. 
Conn.; Mrs. Elizabeth R. Berry, sec. North 

National Association of Stationary Engineers. Ira 
J. Hunt, sec, 995 Washington. 

National Association of Stove Mfr's, 161 Dev- 
onshire, rm, 612, P. W. Elliott, sec. 


(■harles M. Haskins, sec: Mark Sherwin, treas. 

National Association of Wool Manufacturers, 
683 Atlantic av., J. P. Wood, pros.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Winthrop L. Marvin, sec. and treas.: 
William J. Battison, statistician. 

National Automobile Association, 9 Park, R. El- 
mer Townsend, pres.; Allan Forbes, treas. : 
Francis Hurtubis, jr., counsel and sec. 

National Civic Federation, Woman> Dept., New 
England section, 2a Park, Mrs. George T. Rico. 

Ellery Sedgwick, sec. 
National Council oft" 

; Congregational Churches, 

~ n. H. M. Beardslo.v. 

ator; Rev. Hi: 

„ „, „.„.,„„.., Rev. John J. Walker, trcus 

National Economic Ijeague, 6 Beacon, rm. 310. 

Harvey S. Chase, treas.; J. W. Beatson. sec. 
National Fire Protection Assn., 87 Milk, rm. 42, 

Charles E. Meek, pres.; Franklin H. Weiit- 

worth, sec. and treas.; Roijert O. Dawson, supt. 

fire records. 
National Metal Trades A.ssn.. Boston Branch. 

4(1 Central, rm. 601, Henry F. Arnold, pres.; 

WlDslow Blanchard. treas.; Walter W. Poole. 

sec. 40 Central, rm. 601. 
National Sailors' Home. Quincy, Mass., Fred B. 

Rl-e, pres.: W. S. Crane 

State, rm. S5. 
Natinnal Shoe Travelers' Assn., 207 Essex, rm. 

311, G. A. Schaub. pres.; Fred W. Stanton, sec 
^ aval Library Institute and Museum building 

No. 5, Navy Yard, Ohsn., open daily (holi- 
days and Sundays excepted), 9-12 and, 1-4, 

free; Asst Naval Com.Thos.B. Richey, curator. 
Navv Young Men's Christian Association. 14 

Harvard,Chsn. , Frederic S. Morrison, sec. ; Chas. 

K. Cummings, chairman. 
Needle Woman's Friend Society, 149 Tremont, 
810. Mrs. William M. Conant, pres.; Mrs. 

178 Devonshii-e 

, Clement, pres. ; Mri 
" 5 M. D. Banks, sec. 
New England Association of Commercial En- 
gineers, James W. H. Myrick, pres.; Herbert 
RE. Stone, treas.; F. S. Eggleston. jr., sec, 53 

Devonshire, rm. 14. 
No» England Association of Gas Engineers, 71.5 

Trc.-nont Temple, Nathaniel W. Giflord, sec. 

and treas,. 38 Central sq., E. B. 
New En^'and Association of General Baggage 

AiTPOts. G. V. Worthen, pres.; W. L. Pratt. 

sec and treas.. .517 South station. 
New England Baptist Hospital. Parker Hill av., 

Edward H. Haskell, pres.; Vernon A. Field, 
,„„ „ _ , . Emery B. Gibbs, legal 

sec , 704 Tremont bldg. ; James A. Floyd, clerk : 
Emma A. Anderson, supt. 

New England Baptist Library Assn., 315 Ford 
building, Rev. Joseph S. Swaim, pres.; Pren- 
tice W. Abbott, treas.; Rev. Charles H. Wat- 
son, librarian and sec 

New England Christian Association, 560 Colum- 
bus av. Rev. Samuel McNaugher, pres. ; Mrs. 
Anna E. Stoddard, sec; Edward D. Conant. 

A. Sheldon, treas., C. Joseph Hart, 

Now England Co-operative Society, 7 Water, 
H. S. Potter, jr., pres.; Raymond H. C'veson, 

New England Cotton Buyers Assn., 71 Kilby. 

rm. 29. Stephen M. Weld, pres.; Arthur E. 

Brown, treas.; Charles N. Brush, sec, 53 State. 

rm. 830. 
New England Deaconess Association. Rev. W. T. 

Perrln. pres.; C. H. J. Tilmball. treas.; T. A. 

HUdreth. cor. sec. 112 Water, rm. 408; Mrs. 

rd., Fenway; Home. 693 Ma 
School. 10 Deaconess road. Fenway. 

New England Department of the Church Tem- 
perance Society. Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, 
pros.; James M. Hunnewell, treas.; Tremont 
bldg.; Rev. S. H. Billiard, sec. 1 Jo.v. 

Now England Dry Goods Assn.. Henry C. Brine, 
pres. ; Frank W. Buxton, sec. 165 Tremont; 
William L. Taylor, treas. 

New England Education Society, 581 Boylston, 
Rev. Charles F. Rice, pres. ; Rev. N. T. Whit- 
aker, sec; Rev. J. M. Durrell, vice pres.; 
George E. Whltaker, treas. 

New England Engine & Boat Assn.. 47 Haverhill. 
R. M. Kershaw, pres,; H. W.Rapp, treas. 

New England Grenfell Association. 20 Beacon, 
rm. 304. William DeWitt Hyde. D.D.. LL.D., 
pres.; Emma E. White, sec; Frederick R. Gal- 
loupe, treas., 20 Beacon. 

New England Hardware Dealers' Association 
(retaU). 176 Federal, rm. 320, Henry M. San- 
ders, pros., 27 Eliot; Calvin M. Nichols, treas.. 
1246 Dorchastor av.: Goo. A. Fiel. sec. 176 
Federal, rm. 320 

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 9 
Ashburton pi., Hon. James P. Baxter, pres.; 
Geo. A. Moriatry, jr., cor. sec, Newport, R. I.; 
Alfred Johnson, rec sec; Lew C. Hill, treas.; 
Wm P, Greenlaw, librarian; Henry B. Scott, 

England^ Home for Doaf_Mutes, 112 Fre- 


bard, treas.; Alden M, Cleveland, sec. Park 

St. Church; William Alcott, managing trustee; 

Arthur R. Pierce, gen. sec, 507 Tremont 

:i!W England Iloiiin for Little Wanderers, 161 S. 

Huntington av., Kox., Arthur S. Johnson, pros.; 

Samuel D. Parker, treas.; Frederic D. Fuller, 

.'loc; Rev. F. U. Knight, supt. 
lew England Hospital Medical Society, meets 

Boston University. (iSS Boyjston. Marion Nute. 


Kerr, M.D., troas. 

New England Iron and Hardware Association. 
.SS Broad, rm. 422. Charlas A. Adams, pres.; 
Chas. H. Breck, treas.; George J. Mulhall, sec. 

New England Kurn Hattin Homes at West- 
rhinster, Vt.. George W. Coleman, pres.: Arthur 
J. Crockett, sec; George B. Graff, treas., 294 
Wash., rm. 353 

New England Methodist Historical Society. 581 
Boylston, Robert F. Raymond, pres.; George K. 
Whitaker treas.: Rev. James Mudge, D.D., 
rec. sec; Rev. Seth O. Cary. cor. sec; Charles 
S. Nutter, librarian, 581 Boylston, rm. 41. 

New England Moral Reform Society (Talitha 

pres ; Mrs Arthur Porry, jr., treas.; Dr. Julia 

Henry H. Haskell, preb.; Dr. Ralph Caileton. 
vice pres.; Dr. W. Holbrook, Lowell, sec. and 
treas., 101 Newbury. 
New England Passenger Association, F. T. Grants 

V. L. Pr: 

and treas., 617 
South station. 
New England Peabody Home for Crippled 
Children. Hale street. Hyde Park. Mrs. Her- 
bert A. Joslin. pres.; Mrs. Edward B. Kellogg. 
- "■'— •"■- 3, Whitmore. sec. 18 

New England Scandinavian Benevolent Society. 
9 Appleton. A. E. Nyman. pres.; Carl G. Peter- 
son, treas. : John F. Holmberg, sec, 29 Falmouth 
St., Belmont. 

New England Section Nat. Electric Light Assn. 
149 Tremont, rm. 1123, W. S. W.vman, pres.; 
R. W. Rollins, vice pres.; Bowen Tufts, treas.: 
Miss O. A. Bursiel, sec. 

New England Shoe Wholesalers' Association 
(jobbers), _1 66 Essex, Byron S. Watson, pros.; 

Henry F. Tapley, t 

Thomas P. Anderson, 

New England Shoe and Leather Association, 
166 Essex, Harry I. Thayer pres.: Thos. P. An- 
derson, sec. and treas. 

New England Stove Mfrs' Association, 161 Dev- 
onshire, rm. 612, P. W. Elliott, sec 

New England Street RaUway Club. 12 Pearl, 
rm. 21. Clarence E. Learned, pres.; Fred F. 
Stockwell. treas.; H. A. Fulkner, sec. 

New England Trade Press Association. Everett B. 
lerhune. pres.; George R. Ford, sec and treas.. 
127 Federal. 

New England Watch and Ward Society. 67 
Milk. Rev. Frederick B. Allen, pres.; Godfrey 
L. Cabot, treas.; J. Frank Chase, sec. 

New England Water Works Association, 715 
Tremont Temple, William E. Sullivan, Nashua, 
N. H., pres.: Lewis M. Bancroft, treas.; Willard 
Kent, sec, 715 Tremont Temple. 

New England Whist ," 
R. B. Farwell, pre 
Ernest W. MorriU, sec. 

New England Women's Club. Chauncy Hall 
bldg.. 585 Boylston. Mary H. Ladd. pres.; 
Mrs. Frank A. Morrill, sec. 87 Walpole St.. 
Norwood; Mrs. Lilias Fllger. treas. 

News Boys' Protecti 

Green, cor. Char- 
Philip Bernstein, 
h. fin. sec: Harry 

, Benjamin 

Weinberg, treas. 
News Bovs' Reading Room Assn., 7 Green; 

Clement S. Houghton, pres.; Frank C. Brewer, 

sec 36 Temple pi.: B. "Preston Clark, treas. 
Nickerson Home for Children. 125 Townsond. 

Rox.. Mrs. Theodore Nickerson. pres.; Mrs. 

G. M. Dawson, sec; Howell F. Wilson, treas.; 

Mrs. Lola C, Holway. supt. 
Norfolk House Centre. 14 John Eliot sq,. Rox.. 

C. L. DeNormandie, pres.; Miss Margaret W. 

Thatcher, clerk. 69 Alleghany, Rox.; R. M. 

Cushman, director. 


North American Civic League for Immigrants, 
173 State, rm. 4. Frederic C. McDuffle. treas.; 
Joseph Spano, field s 
Torth Benuet Stree 
North Bennet, Mrs. ,^iuuvj ^. kjuc*,,, ^,w.^., 
Russell G. Fessenden, treas.: George O. Gree- 
ner, director. 

North End Union, 20 Parmenter, Rev. E. A. 
Horton, treas. and pres. local board of dh-ec- 
tors: Saml F. Hubbard, supt. 

North Street Social Service House. 207 North. F. 
P. Luce, chairman; Rev. C. M. Panuncio. supt. 
social service 

Northern Baptist Education Society. Prof. 
Frederick L. Anderson, pres.; 8. H. Greene, 
treas., 60 Federal; Rev. F. W. Balieman, cor. 
sec. 89 Clark av.. Chelsea. 

Norumbesa Women's Club, 14 Green, Chsn., 
Mrs. WUIiam Oliver, pres.; Mrs. Charles Ray- 
mond, treas. 17 Cross, Chsn.; Mrs. Nathan 
Allen, sec, 1st and 3d Saturdays. 

Nurses and Social Workers' Home. 101 Clifton, 
Dor.. .lames Wright, sec. 101 Clifton. Dor. 

Obstetrical Society of Boston, Malcolm Storer. 
pres; H. T. Swain, treas.; Robert L. DeNor- 
mandie, M. D.. sec. 357 Marlboro. 

Odd Fellows Hall Association. S15 Tremont, 
George F. Clark, pres.; Josiah H. Goddard, 
treas.; Charles A Boynton. clerk; Daniel Mac- 
donald. supt. 

Old School Boys Assn of Boston, Isaac Chase, pl-e-s. . 
Winthrop; Gen. Thomas R. Mathews, vice 
pres. ; Charles A. S. Troup, sec and treas. ; Rose- 
well D. Gushing, historian. 

Old South Association in Boston, Old South 
Meeting House, Washington, cor. Milk, 
("Charles W. Eliot, pres.; Courtenay Crocker, 
sec. 73 Tremont. rm. 845; Richard W. Hale, 
treas.. 16 Central. 

Old South Historical Society, meets ui Old South 
Church, Geo. G. Wolkms. pres.: Miss Jessie 
G. Paine, treas.; Miss Ellen E. Ellis, sec, 19 
Mt. Vernon av., Br. 

Order of St. George of the Holy Roman Empire 
in the Colonies of N. America. ' " "'"° ™ 
Lithgow WUley. 

corder. P. O. Box 2535, 

Paint and OU Club of N. " 

ford. - - - - - 

1798. W. 

Fred L. Mo 


Federation Vatra. 

pres.; Nicholas Tomara. sec, 

Costa Ratska, treas. 
Parent American Band of Mercy, 180 Longwood 

av.. Fen.. Dr. Francis H. Rowley, pres.; Guy 

Richardson, sec; EUa A. Maryott, Louise H. 

Guyol. state organizers. 
Park Street Club, 48 Boylston, Charles A. Bur- 

rell. pres., 67 Kingston; Fred C. Hanscom. Esq.. 

first vice-pres.; Richard S. True. M. D., second 

vice-pres.; William H. Rigby. "" " '' 

James H. Rollins, treas., 200 Devonshire. 

rm 631. Meets 1st and 3d Saturdays 
Parker Family Association of America, Inc., 294 

Washington, rm. 811, William C. Parker, pres.; 

Joseph S. Parker, treas. ; Walter S. Parker, clerk 
Passenger Train Employees Assn.. 265 South 

station. W. F. V. Cole, pres,; C H. Gushee. 

treas. : Fred M. Robbins, sec. 
Passionist Missionary Society of Boston, V. Rev. 

Ale.tis Cuneen, O. P.. 159 Wash., Br. 
Patriot Dames Inc., 100 Boylston, rm. 310, Mrs. 

Susan E. Stevens, pres.; Harriette Kemp, clerk; 

Emily A. Snow, treas. 
Pattern Makers Assn.. meets every Tuesday 

evening at 724 Wash., M. K. Harris, pres.: 

Polish Young Men's AlUance of America. 43 Still 
man, Julian Marecki, pres.; Mrs. Anna Dulska 
vice-pres.; Leon Lysick, sec; Frank Rymut, 

Postal Progress 


Beacon, rm. 1026, 
Beach, pres.. New York city; 
Richard L. Gay. sec. and treas. 

Prince School Assn.. Prince School bldg.. Louis 
J. Hlinter. pres. ; Miss May Puttick, Brookline 

Prince Society. 12 Boswortb, Frederick L. Gay. 
pres.; Ernest L. Gay, sec, 385 Beacon 

Professional Women's Club, meets at Copley- 
Plaza Hotel, Bi " ■ - - - - 
Abby Proctor, i 
B. Cahill. treas. 

Prohibition State Committee. 36 Bromfield. rm. 
301, Solon W. Bingham, chairman; Wilbur D, 
Moon, sec. : Moses D. Monroe, treas. 

Public Interest League of the Mass. Anti-Suf- 
frage Assn., 685 Boylston, Mrs. B. L. Robinson, 
pres. ; Mrs. Evelyn Sears, treas. ; Mrs. B. C. 

)rary -_ 

.Fadlin. librarian. 

Public Recreation Lengue of Boston. 48 Boyls- 
ton, Everett B. Mero, sec 

Public School Association. 101 Tremont. rm. 706, 
Randall G. Morris, pres.: Charles F. R. Foss, 
sec: PhiUp Cabot, treas. 

Pythian Temple Association, Elmer P. Sawtelle. 
pres.; Benjamin L. Higgins. sec; Chas. A. 
Boyer. treas. 

Quincv School Assn. Edwin P. Saywer, pres. ; 
Joseph M. Sullivan, see. ; 180 Wash, rm. 11. 

Railway Conductors, No. 157. 24 Hayward pi., 
4th Sunday; Charles W. Merrill, sec. and treas. 
29 Evergreen. Rox. 

Railway Mail Assn., First Div., Boston, Gran- 
vUle C. Russell, p 
44 Bromfield. rm. 

Reciprocity Club of America. Boston Section; 
Malcolm E. Sturtevant, pres.; Horace Stetson, 
jr.. clerk, 7 Arch; Henry A. Shepard, treas. 

Red Acre Farm. Inc.. 15 Beacon, rm. 27. Jose- 
phine S. Gay. Brookline. pres. ; Harriet G. Bird. 
Stow, treas. and mgr. ; Lillian C Thacher, sec, 
69 Alleghany, Rox. 

Refuge Society, see Bethesda Society. 

Republican City Committee. 6 Beacon, rm. 709, 
Herman Hormel, pres.; Grafton D. Oushing. 

~ Squiri 

^' . 1„ _. 

3harles H. GUdden, asst. sec. 

Republican State Committee. 18 Tremont, rms. 
423 to 429, Edward A. Thurston, chairman; 
Prank B. Hall, sec; Louis Pfeitfer. asst. sec; 
Jesse B. Baxter, treas.; Benjamin F. Felt. 

RetaU Credit Men's Assn. of Boston. 23 Beach, 
David E. Moeser, pres. ; William J. Starr, sec. 

Rides for Invalids. 48 Boylston, Edward A. 
Church, treas.: Miss Elise S. Johnson, sec 

Robert Gould Shaw House, 6 Hammond, Rev. 
Frederick B. Allen. D.D.. pres.; Rev. Charles 
E. Park, sec, 347 Marlboro; Harold Peabody. 

Roslindale Citizens' Assn., 3d Wednesday, Long- 
fellow School Hall, 8. J. Lent. pres. ; Harry 
Gillman. vice pres.; Harold A. Clay, treas.; 
Alfred K. New. sec. 66 Dudley av.. Ros. 

Roxbury Board of Trade. Inc. 1150 Columbus av 
Rox. Meets third Thursdays. Joseph R. Yen- 
dley. pres.; Frank Tucker. ' " 

Frank W. 

03; W. B. Simpson, 


Paul Revere Memorial 
square. William B. Re 
nolds. treas. ; 30 State, 
sec, 30 State, rm. 603 

People's Choral Union of Boston, Henry G Pick- 
ering, pres.; Bert Poole, vice pres.; Frederick 
W. Wodell. conductor; Sydney M. Warshauer, 
treas.; R. W. Lincoln, sec; P. O. Box 2880. 

Perkins Institution and Mass. School for the 
Blind, N. Beacon cor. Beechwood av.. Water- 
town, salesroom, 383 Boylston; workshop. 549 

T. T„ — ., f. T. . T„ :_ TT_ Appleton, pres.; 

Edward E. Allen, 

Phi Beta Kap^f^ Society, Alpha of Mass.. Prof. 
Charles H. Grandgent, pres.; Richard H. Dana, 
treas.; Wm. C. Lane, sec. Harvard College 
Library, Cambridge. 

Phillips Brooks Memorial Reading Room. 6 Ham- 
ilton St., Readville, open Tuesday, Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday evenings, 7 to 9, except 
hoHdays, Henry M. Dean, jr., librarian. 

Phineas Stowe Seamen's Home, 8 North Bennet, 
Miss Susie Tuckerman, pres.; Mrs. N. B. Jones, 
treas. ; Mrs. L. L. Gerrish. sec. 399 Columbus av. 

Physicians Protective Association, 53 State, P. L. 
Newcomb. pres.: F. D. Monahan. treas. 

Pilgrim Publicity Assn.. 44 Bromfield. rm. 613. 
Herbert G. Porter, pres.; Samuel Reiss. treas.; 
R. E. Huntington, sec. 

Roxbury Historical Society, Municipal Court 
bide,, Roxbury St., Charles E. Wiggin. pres.; 
Walter R. Meins. sec. 6 Beacon, rm. 714 

Roxbury Home for Aged Women, 5 Burton av., 
Rox., Martin L. Cate, pres.; Mary S. Parker, 
sec. 218 Seaver. Rox.; Charles L. DeNorman- 
die, treas. ; Mrs. Eleanor J. Jones, supt. 

Roxbury Improvement Society. Daniel Thomp- 
son, pres.; Gabriel E. Adams, treas., 1152 Co- 
lumbus av.. Rox.; Thomas H. Bilodeau. sec. 
73 Tremont rm. 801. 

Roxbury Latin School. Kearsarge av.. Rox., Rev. 
James DeNormandie, pres.; Wm. Dudley Cot- 
ton, sec; William H. Slocum. treas.; 55 Kilby. 

Roxbury Neighborhood House Assn.. 858 Albany, 
Martm L. Cate. pres. ; Albert J. Foster, treas. ; 
Miss Julia O. Hunnewell. asst. treas.; Mrs. 
Donald Gregg, sec, 858 Albany: Miss Ethel 
W. Dougherty, head resident. 

Roxbury Veteran Firemen's Association. 2389 
Washington, Rox.. James A. Mitchell, pres.; 
Martin F. Cavanagh. sec, 217 EustU, Rox.; 
Michael H. White, tress. 



Roxbury Young Women's Christian Association. 

173 Buggies, Rox., Frances L. Bennett, gen. 

sec; Etta M. Rutherford, asso. sec.: Miss Ellen 

R. Edgell. matron. 
Buggies Street Neighborhood House. 147 Bug- 
gies. L. P. Greene ■' ' ' 

work: Mrs. George Sale. 
Bussell Club. 694 Wash.. Louis C. Stickel. 

Harry O'Leary. sec. Engine 31. B. B 

Daniel J. Looney. treas. 

Charles J. Craivford. treas. ; Michael J. Mc- 
Grath. sec. 
Sailors' Haven. 46 Water. Chsn.. Rt. Bev. Wm. 
Lawrence. D.D., pres.: George S. Selfridge. 
treas : Stanton H. King. supt. 

287 Hanover, Rev. 

McD. Blue, chaplc 

Bailors' Snug Harbor, at Quincy, Francis W. 
Sargent, pres.; Arthur Adams, treas.; Leverett 
S. Tuckerman. sec. 63 State, rm. 953. 

St.Francis Orphanage and Home. Fulda cor. Ellis. 

. Box. (German). Rev. .Joseph Faber. pres.; 
^ Matthew Brock, sec; Sister Mary Salome. 

St. Helena's House. 89 Union Park St., His Em- 
inence Cardinal O'Connell, pres. ; Sister Duffln, 

St. Jean Baptiste Societe. 17 Worcester, Timo- 
thee Vaillancourt, pres.; C. Hector Hebert. 
rec. sec. Atlantic; F. X. Julien, fln. sec Meets 
2d and 4th Wednesdays. 

St.John's Boston Ecclesiastical Seminary. Lake 
St.. Br., Rt. Rev. John B. Peterson, Ph.D., 
; Rev. Charles N. Cunningham, treas.; 

line. Sister Mary Boniface, 
sisters of St Joseph 
St.Leo's Holy Name Society. Dr. Charles W. 

Aspinwall. treas.. 50 Congress, rm. 836; Charles 
E. Masgn. sec; Miss H. O. Coombs, matron 
t.Mary's House for Sailors, 120 Marginal, cor. 
Cottage, E. B.. Rev. K. R. Forbes, chaplain, 
185 Webster. B. B^; Edwin D. Griswold, supt. 

St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum. Camden street. 
Cardinal William H. O'Connell, pres.; John P. 

Leahy, chairman; William E. Cunningham, treas.; 
Thomas F. Harrington. M.D., sec, 310 Com- 
monwealth av. 

Salvation Army Rescue and Maternity Home, 
103 Train, Dor.. Industrial Home, 134 Hamp- 

Savin Hill Improvement Association, Dr. Madi- 

son T. Thurber. pres.; Melville F. Rogers.. 
' ' *!. Nolan, sec; N. WinthropRobln- 
242 Savin 1 

: John E. Nolan. 

Scandinavian Sailors' and Immigrants' Home. 

Ill Webster. E. B.. Rev. J. A. Johnson, pres.: 

John Danielson. treas. : Charles Bosenquist. sec. 
School for Industrial Foremen, 491 Boylston, 

Charles F. Park, director. 
School for Social Workers. 18 Somerset. JefTrey 

B Brackett. director; Miss ZUpha D. Smith, 

School Voters' League, office. 248 Boylston. rm. 

416, Mrs. George W. Coleman pres.: Anne 

Withington. treas. ; Mrs. Susan W. FitzGerald. 

sec. 7 Greenough av.. J. P. 
Scientific Temperance Federation, 36 Bromfleld, 

rm. 400, Bobert H. Magwood, treas. ; Miss Cora 

F. Stoddard, sec. 36 Bromfleld. rm. 400 
Scots Charitable Society, 114 State, rm. 10. Boo- 

ert Earle May, pres.; John N. Jordan, treas.; 

Shaw Asylum for Mariners' Children. ofHce 87 

Milk, rm. 23, Quincy A. Shaw, pres.; Hollis H. 

Shaw, treas. and clerk. 
Smimons College. 300 The Fenway, Henry Le- 

favour, pres.: Robert Treat Paine. 2d, treas.; 

Sarah Louise Arnold, dean. 
Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament, Sister Mary 

Leo. superior, 21 Worcester sq. 
Social Law Library, Court House, Pemberton 

sq.. E. W. Hutchins. pres.; Jeremiah Smith, 

Jr., clerk and treas., 84 State, rm. 1115; E. H. 

Bedstone, librarian. 
Social Service House. See North Bonnet Street 

Industrial School. 
Social Service Library', 18 Somerset, Margaret 

Watkins, librarian; Mary Lee Hale, sec. 
Socialist Party Clubs of Mass., James O'Neal, 

sec, 14 Park sq. 
Socialist Party of Boston. Elsie M. Royce, sec. 

14 Park sq. 
Societa di Mutuo Souorso Circolo Bieslnl, 207 

North, Salvatore Giambarrse, pres.; Salva^ 

tore Taschetta. treas. 

Societa Provincia di Salerno. 176 North, Nlcho' 
la,s DeBueriis. pres. ; Vincenzo Trulcillo. sec. • 
176 North. Louis J. Soldani. fln. sec; Arturo 
DiVenuta. treas. 

Society for Americana. Inc., The, Edwin M. Ba- 
con, pres.; Arthur P. Gay, treas., 6 Beacon. 

Society for Helping Destitute Mothers and In- 
fants. 276 Tremont, rm. 5, Mrs. A. D. Shef- 
field, pres.; Miss L. Freeman Clarke. 91 Mt. 
Vernon, sec; Mrs. Bertram Greene, treas,; 
Miss E, M. Locke, agent. 

Society for Home Savings, Mrs, Matthew Hale, 
pres. ; Frank C. Brewer, treas. ; Edith Plummer, 
sec. 109 Sewall av., B'line. 

Society for Promoting Theological Education, 
Rev. Howard M. Brown. D. D., pres., Boston; 

William P. Fowler, treas.; Bev Benjamin R. 

Bulkeley. sec. 25 Hale, Beverly, Mass. 
Society for Protection of Children, 36 Charity 

Society for the Expression of the Christ Ideal. 

739 Boylston. rm. 101. Shirley B. Crosse, pres.; 

Sarah W. May. treas.; Charlotte A. Parker, 

Appleton, cor. sec 
Society for the Protection of Native Plants. 
66 Newbury. Robert T, Jackson, pres.; Amy 
Folsom, treas.; Margaret E. Allen, cor. sec; 

Forests, . pres.; Allen Hollis. sec, Con- 
cord, N. H.; George T. Cruft treas., 10 Tre- 
-"; Philip W. Cruft. forester. 4 Joy 
Relief of Aged or Disabled Epl 
len. 1 Joy. Bt. Bev. William Lav. 
rence. pres.; George P. Gardner, treas., 40 
State; Rev. Prescott Evarts. sec. 19 FoUen. 

Society for the Relief of 'Widows and Orphans 
of Deceased Clergymen of the P. E. Church. 
1 Joy, Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, pres.; Rev. 
Reuben Kidner, sec, 16 Brimmer; Russell S. 
Codman. treas. Ml 

Society of Arts and Crafts. 9 Park. Prof. H. 
Langford Warren, pres.; Henry Percy Ma- 
comber, treas. and sec. 

Society of Arts of Institute of Technology, 491 
Boylston. Richard C Maclaurin, pres.; I, W. 
Litchfield, sec. 

Society ol California Pioneers of New England, 
meets at United States Hotel, Edward O. 
Carpenter, pres., Tarrytown, NY..; Stephen W. 
Foster, sec and treas.. 86 Hancock. Dor. 

Peters, sec. and treas., 477 Tremont. 

Society of Mayflower Descendants of Mass., 53 

Mt. Vernon, rm. 7, Lew C. Hill, gov,; Alvln P. 

Johnson, treas.; George Ernest Bowman, 

sec. 19 Auburn. Rox. ; James E. Cussen, treas. 
Soldiers' Relief, City Hall, rm. 60. 
South Bay Union, 640 Harrison av., Charles F. 

Ernst, supt. 
South Boston Aid Association. Gray's Hall. S. B., 

2d and 4th Wednesdays, Granville S. Farrell, 

pres.; Edwin B. Spinney, treas.; Bobert Ker- 

».,. „ ^„.., „-., ^. Broad- 
Michael J. O'Leary. pres.; P. Jo- 
seph O'Leary, treas.; Henry J. D. Small, sec, 
138 O, S. B. 

pres.; Edward F. Tunmins. sec. 527 E. Broad- 

State; Mrs. O. W. Er 
monwealth av.; MLss E. H. Flint, sec, 290 
Commonwealth av. 
South End House Association, 20 Union pk., 43 
B. Canton. 640 Harrison av. and 171 W. Brook- 
line, B. A. Woods, head of the house; Bev. 
Hodges, pres.; Jas. A. Lowell, treas. 

David F. Tilley. 

Stamp Saving Society. 264 Boylston, Charles S, 
Rackemann, pres.; Mrs. Helen Peirce. treas.; 
Mrs. Mabel W. Whldden, sec. 264 Boylston. 

Star of Jamaica Veteran Fireman Assn., 385 Cen- 
tre, J. P., Jeremiah J. Kelly, pres.; William P. 
Driscoll, sec, 21 Bucknam, Box. 

State Executive Committee of the Young Men's 
Christian Associations of Mass. and R. I. 167 
Tremont, Bfth floor; Herbert M. PUmpton, 
chairman; Preston B. Keith, treas.; Edward W, 
Hewne. State sec. ; Fraqhlin P, SUunjway, clerk- 



pros.; \ 

Phelps, sec.. 256 State J 

Suffolk District Medical Society. 8 Fenway, Paul 
Thomdike. M. D., pres.: H. F. Vickery, M. D.. 
vice-pres.; A. K. Stone, M.D., treas.; David 
Cheever, M.D.. sec.. 355 Marlborough. 

Suffolk-Norfolk Associates. Inc.. 54 Kilby, W. 
Newton Harlow, treas.. 54 Kilby. 

Sunday School Superintendents' Union of Boston 
and Vicinity. See Boston Sunday School Su- 
perintendents' Union. Inc. 

Sunday School Union of the Diocese of Mass.. 1 
Joy. The Bishop of the Diocese ex-offlcio, pres.; 

pres.: Henry 

!ler Ma , . . 

Vaughan, treas ; Rev. Frederic W. Fitts. 

I Society, see International Sunshine So- 

Leander Hokenson, 

;., Allston Post'dfflce; Herbert N. Han- 
son, Back Bay P. O., treas. 
Swedish Charitable Society of Greater Boston. 
Gustaf Sundelius, pres.; Anton Hedin, treas.; 
George Nelson, sec., 904 Tremont bldg. 

Swedish Lutheran Immigrants' & Sailors' Home. 

11 Henry. E. B.. Rev. • -- - 

J. A. Eckstrom, trea: 

sec.; Ivar Loren, supt. 
Swedish Masonic Club of Boston, meets Gould 

Hall. 3d Saturday; George Nelson, pres.; 

Gustaf Larson, treas.; N. J. A. Langell. sec. 
Swiss Benevolent Society of Boston, 34 Oak- 
view ter., J. P., William Conza, ores.: Mrs. 

Emma Schuerch, sec.; Mrs. E. C. Fischer. 
I.; Conrad Schuerch. agt.. 54 George, Rox. 

Talitha Cumt Maternity Home and Hospital, 

see N. E. Moral Reform Society. 
Teachers' School of Science, George H. Barton. 

director. 66 Newbury. 
Team Owners Assn.. 12 Pearl, rm. 28. Elmer J 

Shiland. pres.; George K. Stebbins, sec. and 

Telegraphers' Mutual Aid Association. 84 State. 

rm. 413, William Ryan, pres.; W. A. Connor. 

rec. sec.. 84 State; W. H. Sullivan, treas. ' 
Telegraphers' PurchasiUK Association, 7 Water, 

rm 614. Wm. H. Sullivan, treas. 
Temporary Home for Working Women, 453 

Shawmut av., Mrs. Henry R. Dalton. pres.; 

Miss Laura R. Little, sec; Richard O. Storey. 

treas.: Mrs. Maude A. b^dson. supt. 
Ten 'Times One Corporation, see Lend-a-Hand 

Textile Exhibitors Association. 5 Park sq., rm. 

16. F. H. Bishop, pres.; Chester I. Campbell. 

sec. and treas. 
Theosphical Society, Alpha Branch. 295 Hunting- 

^"' '" ^ ^--.-..,-^-- Marguerite 

James Middleton, 
Boice. sec. and treas.. 833 Be 

Theosophical Society. Boston Lodge. 295 Hunt- 
ington av , rm 212, Mrs. Bessie Jewett, pres.; 
Dr. Charles Rosenthal, vice pres. ; Mrs. Mary L. 
Porter, treas. ; Miss Grace E. Brown, sec., 23 
Holis St., Newton. 

Trade Assn. of South Boston, meets quarterly; 
John J Toomey, pres.; Samuel Sullivan, Au- 
gust Bencks, vice prests. ; Thomas Saint, treas. ; 
James E. Coveney, sec, 497 E. Broadway. 

Training Schools for Nurses, Mass. General Hos- 
pital. Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital. City Hos- 
pital, N. E. Hospital. 24 McLean and N. E. 


Keith. 1 


Rhodes, pres.; 1 

Lockrnw. direct . . 
Trinity Church Home for the Aged. 135 South 

Huntington av.. Ros., Rev. Alexander Mann, 

pres.; Mrs. Percival H. Lombard, sec; Mrs. 

Isaac R. Thomas, treas.; Annie E. Jarvis. supt. 
Trustees of Donations to the Prot. Episcopal 

Church. Geo H. Richards, pres.; William P. 

Blake, 27 Kilby, treas.; Chas. G. Saunders. 

sec, 95 Milk. 
Tufts' College Dental School, 416 Huntington 

Mason, treas.; 

Huntington av. 
Tufts' College Medical School. 410 HuntinKl 

av., Hermon O. Bumpus, pres. ; Arthur 

Mason, treas.; Frank E. Haskins, sec, 4 

Huntington av. 
Twentieth Century Club, 3 Joy. Rev. Chas. 

Chandler, sec: 

Dole, pres.; Edward 
Fisher, treas. 
Twentieth Century Pledge Signing Crusade. 101 

W. BirtweU, sec, 131 State: Francis P. Sears, 
treas. : meets at Hotel Somerset on 2d Wednes- 
day. October to April. 
Unitarian Historical Society 25 Beacon. Henry 
Edes. pres.; Rev. George 

Unitarian Sunday School Society, 25 Beacon. 

Rev. William I. Lawrance. pres. and executive 

agt.; Rev. Frederick W. Eliot, treas.; Miss 

Mary F. Gill, clerk 
Unitarian Temperance Society. 25 Beacon. Rev. 

Edgar S. Wiers, pres.; Rev. Chester A. Drum- 

mond. sec, Somerville; Chas. H. Stearns. trea.s. 
United Boys" Brigades of America. Mass. Dlv. 

Inc.. 36 Bromfleld, rm 408. Major Gen. Wm. 

G. Dolloff; W. Roxbury dlst.; Com. Adj. 

Gen. Fred H. Nowers. Danvers. Mass. 
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, 

Local 802, meets Mondays 1362 Blue Hill av.. 

Mat, James McNaught, rec. sec. 
United Hebrews of America, 18 Boylston. Moses 

LewiA, pres.; Louis Davis, sec: Jacob Bargar, 

United Improvement Association of Boston. 8 
Beacon rm 83 John E. Macy. pres. : Edward M. 
Hartwell. treas.; Francis D. Harrigan, recorder; 
George E. Richards, sec, 8 Beacon. 

United Irish League of America, Boston Central 

Branch. Michael J. Jordan, 
Denis O. Reilly. 
of Post Office Clerks. 


James Hitchcock, director; 

United N 

Branch 5, Boston Postal Dist., John J. Sheehan 
pres.; Joseph M. Gracia. treas.; Charles R. Ar- 
mour, rec. sec; James F. Brogan. fln. sec. 

United Shoe Workers of America, 683 Atlantic 
av.. rm. 74. Stephen M. Walsh, sec. and treas. 
Arvid G. Erlando, gi 

United Society of Ch _ 

Vernon, Rev. F. E. Clark. D.D, 
.'fhaw. sec; .\. J. Shartle, treas. 

Universal Brotherhood and Theosophical 
ciety. 246 Huntington 
evenings. James Hitc 

G. E. Thompson, treas.; Miss Helen P. Morton, 
recorder. International Headquarters, Point 
Loma, Calif. 

Universalist Club of Boston. R. Perry Bush. D. D. 
pres.; Roscoe Pierce, treas.; C. Leonard Brown, 
sec 39 Wallace. Somv 

Universalist General Convention. 6 Park sq.: 
Lee S. McCollister, D.D., pres.; Rev. W. H. 
Skeels. sec, Watertown. N. Y.; Joseph B. Hor- 
ton, treas., 6 Park sq. 

Universalist Historical Society, 359 Boylston, 
Hosea S. Ballou. pres.; Llewellyn D. Seaver, 
treas.; Rev. Clarence R. Skinner, sec. Tufts 
College. Mass. 

Universalist Sabbath School Union. 359 Boyls- 
ton, W. F. Smallman, pres.; David L. Rand, 
treas.; Carl F. Eisner, sec, 359 Boylston. 

Upholsterers Union Local 53, 53 Hanover, Edwin 
E. Graves, bus. agent. 

Vermont Association of Boston. Hotel Westmins- 
ter. Carroll W. Doten, pres. ; Clayton B. Kinsley, 
treas. ; Arthur W. DeGoosh, sec. 

Veteran Odd Fellows Association of Mass.. Mar- 
ceUus Littlefleld, chief veteran, Woburn, WU- 
liam C. CoUett, treas., Boston: Albert H. Lam- 

State; Percy L. Brynlng. sec, 12 Pearl. 

Vincent Memorial Hospital, 125 S. Huntington 
av., Rox., George H. Davenport, pres.; Charles 
H. Parker, treas.; Rev. Reuben ludner, sec; 
Miss Jean C. Eraser, supt. 

Vocation Bureau. 6 Beacon, rm. 311. Meyer 
Bloomfleld. director; Frederick J. Allen, in- 
vestigator of occupations. 

^ the American Assn. 

Volunteer Harbor. 

of Masters, Mates and PUots, 433 Atlantic i . 

AVm. H. Breed, pres.; Robert M. Lavender, 

treas.. William H. Broivn. sec. 
Volunteers Children's Home, Inc., 42 Sea View 

av.. Maiden; Major Prank Wise. supt. 
Volunteers of America, 2 Park square, rm. 10. 

Col. Frederick A. Lindsav. 
Waiters' .Association, 40 Church. W. H. Sutton, 

pres.; Robert H. Graham, treas. and sec. 
Walters' Union (public) 80 Portland, James E. 

O'Brien, bus. agent. 
Waiters' Union, Local 80 (white), 63 Shawmut 

av.. John J. Kearney, sec. 
Washlngtonian Home, 41 Waltham. Hugh B. 

Watch and Ward Society, see N. E. Watch and 
Ward Society. 

Wayfarers' Lodge, 30 Hawkins. 

Welcome House. 9 Florence and Industrial Home, 
20 Bowdoin av.. Dor., Mrs. H. S. Howe, pres.: 
MLss A. M. Stm-gis. treas.: Mrs. Robert Ho- 
mans, sec. Quincy. Abbie O. Hitchcock, supt.. 
9 Florence; Altie P. Gales, matron. 26 Bow- 
doin av., Dor. 

Wells Memorial Institute. 985 Washington. Ed- 

mimd Billings, pres. 

Wm. O.'Ewlng. supt, 

Wentworth Institute, Huntington 

Prang. Arthur L. WUliston. prin 

Minot, treas. ; 

India, Clarence S. Famum, treas. 



White Eats Actors' Union of America. Inc. 
Boston Branch. No. 10, 665 Wash.. Thomas 
Kennette. pres.; John Bohan. vice pres.; Geof- 

2 Gloucester. 

3ter HOL ._ _ _ 
town. 10 Eden, Chsn., Walter S. GUdden. pres.; 
Leslie LangUl. sec, 63 Pearl, Chsn.; William P. 
Hart, treas. 
Woman's American Baptist Foreign Mission 
Soc, 703 Ford bldg , Mrs. Helen B. Montgom- 
ery, pres,; Mrs. H. G. Saflord. Miss Nellie G. 
Prescott. foreign sees.; Miss Alice E. Stedman, 

World Peace Foundation, 40 Mt. Vernon, Edwin 
Glno, founder; Edwin D. Mead, chief director 

World's Christian Endeavor Union, 31 Mt. Ver- 
non, Rev. Francis E. Clark, pres.: John Willis 
Baer. sec: William Shaw office sec. and treas. 

Yacht Masters' and Engineers' Association. Law- 
ley's Ship Yard, Nep.. Laurence Larsen, pres.; 
Edward Holm, treas.; Charles A. Peterson, 
sec. 20 King, Dor. 

Yacht Racing Union of Mass., Ralph C. Goudey, 
pres.; Howard Gannett, sec; J. Justin Dyer, 
treas.; .545 Columbus av. 

Young Men's Catholic .\ssociation of Boston. 41 

field, rm. 301. Frank Auchter, pres. ; Clinton M. 

Woman's Am. 

England Bn ______ 

Huston, dis. sec. for New England; Miss Ger- 
trude L. Davis, clerk. 

Woman's Auxiliary to N. E. Baptist Hospital, 

Parker HUl av.. Rox.. Mrs. C. n! Walsh, pres.; „'"^- „ , , „^ . . ,, . 

Mrs. Margaret T. Blanchard. treas.; Mrs. Young Peoples Christian Union of the Unj 

William Colton. sec. Forest av., Hudson. =....-* ^v, — u o.„ „„,..__ „... 

Woman's Auxiliary to the British Charitable So- 
ciety Mrs. Frederick Clark, pres.; Mrs. John W. 

treas.; Miss Helen B. Calder. home sec; Miss 

Kate G. Lamson. foreign sec; Miss Alice M. 

Kyle, editorial sec; Miss Mary Preston, sec. 

young people's work; Miss S. Emma Keith, 

asst. treas. 
Woman's Board of Trade. 120 Boylston, rm. 427. 

Charlotte Smith, pres.; Mrs. Ella DesRochers. 

vice pres. ; Miss Lucy Nichols, treas. ; Mrs. 

Christine Page. rec. sec. 
Woman's Club of Park Street Church. See 

treas.; Miss F. L. Nicholi . . __ . 

Farnham. agent. 

Woman's Home and Foreign Mission Society of 
the Advent Christian Denomination. 5 Whit- 
ing, Rox.. Mrs. Maude M. Chadsey, pres. and 
treas.; Mrs NelUe E. Fellows, clerk. 

Woman's Home Missionary A.ssociation. 14 Bea- 
con, rm. 607, Mrs. Cornelius H. Patton. pres. 
Miss Louise K. Nqyes. sec; Miss l,i:!zle D 
White, treas.; Miss Ellen A. Smith, asst. treas. 

Woman's Home Missionary Society 681 Bo " 
ton. rm. 47, Mrs. O. H. Durrell. pres.; Mrs 
F. Barber, treas.; Mrs. George A. Kimball, 
sec: Mrs. J. Frank Knotts. cor. sec. Powder 
House Terrace, Somerville. 

. sec, Mrs' Joseph O. White, treas. 

51 Fremont ; 

son. treas., 18 Haviland. 
Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Mass. 

687 Boylston. rm. 615. Mrs. John Balch. pres.' 

Mrs. James M. Codman. treas.. Walnut St.; 

Brookline; Mrs. S. Reed Anthony, rec. sec; 

Mrs. Charles P. Strong, cor. sec. 
Women's Auxiliary of the Ma,ss. Civil Service 

Reform Assn.. 31 Beacon, Mrs. Richard C, 

Cabot, pres.; Mrs. Mary M. Kehew, treas.; 

Miss Marian C. Nichols, sec. 
Women's Catholic Union of Oharlestown. 289 

Bunker HUl; Ella F. Magurn. pres.. Mrs. 

R. F. Geswell. vice pres.; Mary J. Riley. 

rec sec; Mabel A. White, fln. sec; Bridget 

E. Mullen, treas.; meets second Monday 

Women's Educational and Industrial Union. 264 

Boylston. Mrs. Mary Morton Kehew, acting 

pres.: Mrs. Helen Peirce, treas.; Miss Florence 

Jackson, sec, 264 Boylston. 
Women's Municipal League of Boston. 6 Marl- 
boro, Mrs. T. J. Bowlker. pres.; Arthur Lyman. 

treas.; Mrs. Sumner B. Pearmain, sec: Grace 

B. Day, asst. sec-treas. 
Women's National Missionary Association of 

the Unlversalist Church. 359 Boylston, Mrs. 

Minnie J. Ayres pies.. 103 Woodland rd.. 

Woonsocket. R. I.; Mrs. Emma L. Bush, treas., 

Chelsea; Mrs. Grace L. Hunting, rec. sec, 

Rochester. N. Y. : Mrs. Agnes L. Conklin, cor. 

sec, Charlotte, Mich 
Working People's Aid Society, 22J Broadway, 

William W. Campljell, pres.; Joseph Martin, 
" ■" . treas. 

and treas., 359 Boylston. 

Young People's Religious Union. 25 Beacon, rm. 
11. Sandford Bates, pres.; O. Arthur Mc- 
Murdle. treas. ; Grace R. Torr, sec 

Young Women's Christian Association, see Bos- 
ton Young Women's Christian Association. 


Masonic Temple, Tremont, cor. Boylston. 

Grand Lodge op Massachusetts. 

Grand Master. Melvin M. Johnson. Cambridge. 
Deputy Grand Master, Frank Vogel, Boston. 
Senior Grand Warden, D. Edward Miller. Spring- 

Ramsay. Wey- 


Grand Treasurer. Charles 


Grand Secretary, Frederick W. Hamilton 
Dist. Deputy Grand Masters. Howard M. North 
Waban. Dist. No. 1; Robert G. Wilson. Bos 
ton. Dist. No. 2; William G. Bowler. Boston 

Perry Bush, D.D., Chelsea; Rt 
Kev. John W. Hamilton. D.D.. Boston: Rev 
H. Stiles Bradley, D.D., Worcester. 

Grand Lecturers. Frederic L. Putnam, Melrose; 
Edwin L. Davis, Chicopee Falls. 

Grand Tyler, George W. Chester. Boston. 

Aberdour. Masonic Temple. 2d Tuesday. 

Columbian, Masonic Temple. 1st Thursday. 

Germania, Masonic Temple. 4th Monday. 

Joseph Warren. Masonic Temple. 4th Tuesday. 

Joseph Webb, Masonic Temple, 1st Wednesday. 

Lodge of Eleusis. Masonic Temple. 3d Thursday. 

Lodge of St.Andrew's. Masonic Temple, 2d 

Massachusetts. Masonic Temple. 3d Monday. 

Mount Lebanon. Masonic Temple, 2d Monday. 

Revere, Masonic Temple, 1st Tuesday. 

St.John's, Masonic Temple, 1st Monday. 

Shawmut. Masonic Temple. 4th Thursday. 

Wlnslow Lewis, Masonic Temple, 2d Friday. 

Zetland, Masonic Temple. 2d Wednesday. 

Adelphl. S. B.. 3d Tuesday. 

Algonquin, 6l8 Wash.. Dor.. 1st Monday. 

Baalbec, E. B., 1st Tuesday. 

Bethesda, Warren bldg.. Brighton, 1st Tuesday. 

Dorchester, Masonic Hall, 584 Columbia rd.. 
Dor.. 1st Thursday. 

Eliot, Masonic Hall, J. P., 3d Wednesday. 

Faith. Thompson sq., Charlestown. 1st Friday. 

Gate of the Temple. South Boston. 4th Tuesday. 

Hammatt, East Boston. 4th Tuesday. 

Henry Price, Thompson square, Chsn.. 4th Wed- 

Hvde Park. Masonic Temple, 4.5 Fairmount av., 
H. P.. 3d Thursday. 

Lafayette, 171 Warren. Rox., 2d Monday. 

Mt.Tabor, E. B., 3d Thursday. 

Prospect, 27 Poplar. Koslindale, 2d Monday. 

Rabboni, 584 Columbia rd.. Dor., 3d Thursday. 

St.Paul's. S. B., 1st Tuesday. 

Temple, E. B.. 1st Thursday. 

Union, Masonic Hall. 584 Columbia rd.. Dor., 
2d Tuesday. 

' • ' n. 171 Warren, Rox.. 2d Thursday. 


Board of MAaoNic Relief. 207 Masonic 


M. W., Melvin M. Johnson, Masonir Temple. 

Boston, pros.; R. W., Edmund S. Young. 

M.-isouic Te ■ - 

Lowell; Herbert F. French. Randolph: Dana 
J. Flanders. Maiden; Everett C. Benton. Bel- 
mont: Homer S. Joslio. Oxford; George M. 

Mt.OlivLt Chapter of Rose Croix, 3d Friday liJ-> 
t)rlol3LM'. Det-eniber. Februar.v and April* 
Krank E. Buxton. M. W. and P. Master. Benj. 
W. Rowell. Sec. 

Massachusetts Consistory, 4th Friday In Octo- 
bur. Oeri'inber. February and .-\pril. .lo.^cph 
A. liryant. Oom.-in-Chief. Benj. W. Roweli. 

Ancient Accepted Association, George O. Thacher 
Pres. B. W. Rowell. Sec. 
The above Grand bodies meet at Masonic 


Grand Rotal Arch Chapter. 
209 Masonic Temple. 
'3rand High Priest. Arthur D. Prince, Lowell. 
I3eputy Grand High Priest. George C. Thacher. 

Grand Treasurer. Eugene A. Holton, Boston. 
Grand Secretary, J. Gilman Waite. 209 Masonic 

Ikleetings Tuesday preceding second Wednesday 

in March, June. September and December. 
Ut. Andrew's Chapter. 1st Wednesday. 
llt.Paul's Chapter. 3d Tuesday. 
Ht.John's Chapter. Masonic Temple, E. B . 4th 

iSt.Matthew's Chapter. S. B.. 2d Monday. 
Mt.Vemon Chapter, 171 Warren. Kox.. 3d Thur.s- 

Ohapter of the Signet. Thompson sq., Chsn.. 2d 

Dorchester Chapter. 5S4 Columbia rd.. Dor., 4th 

■' " ' ' ■ Temple 

Grand Codncil Rotal and Select Masters 

209 Masonic Temple. 

Grand Master. William H. L. Odell, Dorchester. 

Deputy Grand Master, Herbert A. Sanderson, 

Grand P. C. of the Work. R. Gardner P. Barker. 

East Braintree. 
Grand Treas., William B. Lawrence, Medford. 
Grand Recorder. J. Gilman Waite. Medford, 209 

Masonic Temple 

Annual meeting Monday preceding second 
Wednesday in December. 

Boston Council, last Thursday, monthly. 

East Boston Council, Masonic Temple, E. B., 
2d Monday, monthlv. 

Roxbury Council, -ith Wednesday at 171 War- 

200 Masonic Temple. 

Grand Commander, Frederick I. Dana. 
Deputy Grand Commander. Samuel D. Sherwoi 
Grand Generalissimo. William H, Emerson. 
Grand Cupt. General. William J. Bolton, 
Grand Senior Warden. Everett C. Benton, 
(irand Junior Warden. Harrv G. Pollard. 
Grand Prelate. Rev. R. Perry Bush. 

Grand Recorder, Benjamin W. Rowell, 206 Ma 

sonic Temple. 
Grand Standard Bearer. Henry C. Dexter. 

Grand Capt. of the Guzrd, Charles R. Hi 
Grand Sentinel. William B. Wilcox. 

Meetings May and October. 
Boston Commandcry. 3d Wednesday. 
DeMolay Commandery, 4th Wednesday. 

Wm. Parkman Commandery. Masonic Temple. 

E. B., 2d Thursday. 
St.Omer Commandery, 584 Columbia rd.. Dor., 

3d Monday. 
Coeur DeLion Commandery. Thompson sq.. 

Chsn.. 3d Tuesday. 

Scottish Rite. 

;oston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, 1st Friday 
in Oct., Dec. Feb. and April. Oscar Storer, 
T. P. G. Master. B. W. Rowell. Sec. 

iles F. Yates Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 
2d Friday in Oct.^ D^'C, Feb. and April. Ja 

Next meeting of Grand Chapter In Boston. 
2d Thursday in May, 1916. 

Granii Matron. Mrs. Edith R. Avery. Framing- 
Grand Patron. Harry D. Sisson, Pittsfleld. 
Associate Grand Matron, Mrs. Louize G. Grafts. 

Associate Grand Patron, Charles W. Kidder. 

Grand Secretary. Mrs. Carrie A. Cushing, 82 

Bromfleld rd. W. Somerville. 
Grand Treasurer. Mrs. Lucy G B. Colby, New- 

Grand Conductre,ss, Maude E. Wrigbt. Dorches- 

BosTON Chapters. 
No. 10. Vesta Chapter, meets 2d and 4th Wed- 
nesday. Memorial Hall. 14 Green, Charlestown. 
Mrs. Katherlne E. Witham. sec. 63 Highland 

No. is. Keystone Chapter. 2d Tuesday at Ma- 
sonic Temple, Roxbury. Mrs. Flora S. Ma- 
thewson. sec, 826 Washington, S. Braintree. 

No. 34. Mystic Chapter, 1st and 3d Monday. 
Masonic Temple. E. B. Miss J. Annie Taylor, 
sec, 288 Meridian, E. B. 

No. 53. Blue Hill Chapter. 1st Tuesday of each 
month. Masonic Temple, 45 Fairmuuiit av.. 
Hyde Park. Mrs. Eva F. Drake, sec, I HI 
Harvard, Dedham. 

No. 56. Roxbury Chapter, I. O. O. F. Hall. 
Rox.. 1st and 3d Thursday. Mrs. Carrie S. 
Cole, sec, 65 Clifford, Rox. 

No. 59. Wenona Chapter, Wenona Hall, Dor.. 
2cl and 4th Saturday Mrs. Esther K. Moody, 
sec, 27 Clement pk.. 

No. 62. Reliance Chapter, 1st and 3d Wednes- 
day, Bethesda Hall, S. B. Mrs. Nettie V. Mc- 

Hall. Rox. Mrs. Nellie F. Jones, sec. 

1st and 3d Thui-sday. Elizabeth W. 
Waldron. sec. 21 Heath. Winter Hill. 

Star of the East, 670 Centre, J. P.. 2d 

lo. 104. Roslindale, Fraternity Hall, Roslin 
dale. 1st Wednesday. " " 

Emma B. Fol- 

, 89 Hewlett. Ros. 

;o. 111. Germania, 1165 Tremont, 3d Monday. 
Miss Anna M. Doering, sec. 12 Adelaide. J. P. 

o. 113. Hadassah. 584 Columbia rd.. Dor. 
2d and 4th Wednesday. Mrs. Mary D. Carl- 
ton, sec. 199 E. Cottage, Dor. 

o. 124. Sabbatia. Lithgow Hall. Codnian sq.. 
Dor.. 1st and 3d Tuesday. Mrs. Clarissa M. 
Urquhart, sec, 4 Gannett rd., Quincy. 


456 Tremont street. 
Grand Master. Isaac L. Roberts. M.D., Boston. 
Deputy Grand Master. Edward E. Brown. Bos- 
Senior Grand Warden, Harry C. Elliot, Wor- 

Junior Grand Warden, Walter W. Samples. 

Grand Treas.. Thomas V. Jones. Boston. 
Rec. Grand .Sex-., William H. Skeene, 0.1 Dundee, 



Cor. Grand Sec, George T. Banks, 2 Marble. 


Meetings held on the 1st Thursday in Decem- 
bi.T. annually. 
U nion Lodge. 1st Tuesday. 
Uising Sun, 1st and 3d Monday. 
Celestial Lodge, 3d Monday. 
Eureka Lodge, 2d and 4th Monday. 
Castle "William Lodge, 1st Wednesday. 
St. Luke's Royal Arch Chapter, 3d Wednesday. 
St.Stephen's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 1, 1 

Lewis Hayden Commandery of Knights Temp 

lars. No. 4, 2d Tuesday. 
St.Luke's Commandery of Knight Templars. No. 

9. 2d Wednesday. 
King Solomon Consistory, No. 6, Scottish Rite 

4th Friday. 
Holy Sepulchre Consistory, No. 17. Scottish Rite, 

4th Friday in Dec, March. June and Sept. 


Grand Lodge meets annually, 1st Thursday in 

Grand Encampment meets annually, first 
Thursday in March. 

Officers of the Grand Lodge of Mass. 

Grand Master, J. Herbert Simpson, Winthrop. 

Dept. Grand Master, Clifford h. Mahoney, Ar- 

Grand Warden. Lavater W. Powers, Waltham. 

Grand Secretary, George H. Fuller, Boston. 

Asst. Grand Secretary, Rhotire 8. Lovell, Boston. 

Grand Sec. Emeritus, John U. Perkins, Chelsea. 

Grand Treasurer, Alfred S. Pinkerton, Worcester. 

Grand Marshall, William S. Barker. Watertown. 

Grand Conductor, Samuel K. Walker, Lynn. 

Grand Guardian. Leon Newman, Jamaica Plain. 

Grand Chaplain, James P. Simpson, Melrose. 

Grand Representative, James Bennett, Lynn. 

Grand Representative, Horace M. Sargent, Hav- 

.irand Instructor, William M. Wei 

Covenant Hall. 515 Tremont Street. 
, 2. Siloam Lodge, Thursday. 
. 15. Tremont Lodge, Wednesday. 
, 37. Shawmut Lodge, Friday. 
, 77. Unity Lodge, Tuesday. 

Fbiendship Hall, 515 Tremont Street. 

No. 53. Hobah Lodge, Tuesday, 558 Columbia 

No. 84. Neponset Lodge, Monday, 4 Bloom- 

aeld St. 
No. 158. Dorchester Lodge, Monday, 41 River 


No. 176. Mount Pleasant Lodge. Thursday, 558 

Columbia rd. 
No. 236. Kmg Solomon Lodge, Tuesday, 328 



No. 202. Longfellow Lodge, Thursday, 27 Pop- 

No. 70. Qulnobequin Lodge, Monday, Woolsey 

Hall, Depot Square- 
No. 200. Daniel Hersey Lodge. Tuesday, 66 

Charlestown, 25 Main Street. 
No. 14. Bunker Hill Lodge. Monday. 
No. 22. Howard Lodge, Friday. 
No. 78. Olive Branch, Wednesday. 

Officers of the Grand Encampment of 
Mass., OfBce 515 Tremont Street. 
Grand Patriarch, Robert E. Pray, Greenfield. 
Grand High Priest, Frederick W. Pierce, Somer- 

Grand Senior Warden. George S. Wadsworth, 

Grand Scribe Emeritus, John tJ. Perkins. Chelsea. 
Grand Scribe, George H. Fuller. Boston. 
Grand Treasurer, Walter F. Johnson, Boston. 

Grand Junior Warden. Charles W. Fewkes. New- 
ton Highlands. 
Grand Instructor, George H. Hartley, Maiden. 
Asst. Grand Instructor, Oscar A. Marden, Stough- 

Asst. Grand Instructor, Frank Bartlett, Pittsfleld 
Asst. Grand Instructor, Herbert N. Kingsbury. 

Asst. Grand Instructor, Sam Woods, Jr.. Atlantic. 
Grand Marfiil, Elmer T. Hart. Greenfield. 
Grand Sentinel, Herbert A. Holland. Springfield 
Deputy Grand Sentinel, Clement L. Lawley 

Assistant Grand Scribe, Rhotire S. Lovell, Bos- 

Grand Representative, Herbert N. Kingsbury, 

Grand Representative, Bert J. Whltmore, W. 


Albert W. Bullock. Wal- 

, 515 Tremont Street. 

Encampment Hall, 515 Tremont. 
.241. Norden Lodge, Monday. 
Ancient Landmark Hall. 3 Boyl.ston pi 
. 32. Ancient Landmark Lodge, Monday, 

No. 111. Lodge, Wednesday. 203 War- 
No. 18. Warren Lodge, Tuesday, 203 Warren. 
No. 81. Putnam Lodge, Tuesday, 1165 Tremont. 
Nu. im. America Lodge. Friday. 203 Warren. 
No. 211. Roxbury Lodge, Friday, 1 165 Tremont. 


No. 3. Commonwealth Lodge, Friday, 584 Co- 
lumbia rd. 

No. 10. Oriental Lodge, Wednesday, 618 Wash- 

No. 1. Massasoit Encampment, 1st and 3d Fri- 
day, 515 Tremont. 

No. 2. Trimount Encampment, 2d and 4th 
Tuesday, Lithgow Hall, Codman sq.. Dor. 

No. 3. Ridgeley Encampment, 1st and 3d Mon- 
day, 163 Meridian. B. B. 

No. 5. Bunker Hill Encampment, 1st and 3d 
Thursday. 25 Main, Chsn. 

No. 6. Mt. Washington Encampment, 2d and 
4th Thursday, 409 W. Broadway, S. B. 

No. 12. Shalom Encampment, 1st and 3d Fri- 
day, 328 Washington, Dor. 

No. 49. Mt.Sinai Encampment, 1st and 3d 
Wednesday, 515 Tremont. 

No. 54. Ellison Encampment. 2d and 4lh Thurs- 
day. 41 River. Mat. 

No. 57, Paul Revere Encampment, 1st and 3d 
Thursday, 1 165 Tremont. 

No. 60. Monterey Encampment, 2d and 4tb 
Friday, 37 Fairraount av.. H. P. 

No. 63. Nathaniel Adams 
4th Monday. 55S Cuiuni 

No. 65. 

npment. 2d : 
., Dor. 

and 4th 
Wednesday 515 Tremont. 
0. 74. Charles Hayden Encampment, 2d and 
4th Friday, Woolsey Hall. 

Massachosetts Rebekah Assembly, I. O. O. F. 

Annual meeting first Wednesday in May. 
Pros.. Mary C. Granger. South Weymoulh. 
Vice Pres.. AUce M. Rand. Ailston. 
Warden. Gertrude Reidell. West lioxbury. 
Sec, Sarah A. Barry, 9a Monument sq., Chsn. 
Treas., Cora B. Cutttag, Roxbury. 
Marshal, Bertha E. Gayton. Maiden. 
Conductor. Rena M. Chamberlain. Milton. 
Chaplain, Su.sie M. Mowi'y. South Weymouth. 


Rbbekah Lodges. 
No. 1. Mary Washington, 2d and 4th Monday, 

and 3d Thursday, 10 
it and 3rd Wednesday, 
and 4th Tuesday, 328 

6. Bemice, 2d and 4th Wednesday. 409 
Broadway, S. B. 

" ■ 2d and 4th Thursday. 515 

Brighton, Isi 
, Allston. 
No. 34. Progressive, : 
45 Fairmount av., H. 


a. 1st and 3d Thursday. 67 War- 

and 4th Thursday. 618 

No. 101. Mu-iam, 
Wash.. Dor. 

No. 101. William Parlcman. 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday. Woolsey Hall, Depot s ' " 


and 4th Wed- 

.. Harriet M. Durrell, .. 

nesday, 27 Poplar, Roslindale. 

No. 125. Victor, 2d and 4th Friday, 558 Co- 
lumbia rd.. Dor, 

No. 131. Star of the Zenith, 2d and 4th Tues- 
day, 163 Meridian, E, B. 

No. 149. Eunice, 2d and 4th Thursday, 45 Fair- 
mount av., H. P. 

No. 156. America, 2d and 4th Thursday, Ge- 

cor. Bloc-"-'-" '^— 

Lydia G. 
670 Centre st., J. 

0»D fEl.l.O'WS 

Mass. Dist. Grand Lodge, No. 26, 14 Kilby. 

Dist. Grand Master, Edward D. Hayden, New 
Bedford; Dist. Deputy Grand Master, Edward 
S. Davis, Cambridge: Dist. Grand Sec., J. Sol- 
omon Gaines. Boston; Dist. Grand Treas.. 
Christopher S. Winter, Boston; Dist. Grand 
Director, Andrew Gale. Brockton; Legal 

Past Grand Masters Council, 31 North 

Russell. 3d Monday. 
No. S14. Bay State Lodge, 456 Tremont, 2d and 

4th Tuesday. 
No. 1384. SumnerLodge, 31 North Russell. 1st 

and 3d Wednesday. 

1st and 3d Monday. 
No. 8966. New England Lodge, 456 Tremont. 

1st and 3d Monday. 
No. 66. Household of Ruth, 31 North Russell. 

2d Wednesday. 
No. 131. Household of Ruth, 31 North Russell. 

2d Tuesday. 
No. 2607. Household of Ruth. 446 Tremont. 
No. 4585. Household of Ruth, 456 Tremont, 2d 



Manchester Unity. 
rovincial Grand Master, Richard March. North- 
Provincial Dep. Grand Master, George Hughes. 

wOr. aecretarv. TTar 

34 School. 
Provincial Treasurer, George W. Rockett. 11 

Fairmont coiu*t. Maiden. 
Past Provincial Grand Master. .lames W. Owen. 

jr.. New Bedford. 
Meeting of Grand Lodge held at Boston, second 

Wednesday in May. 
Boston Lodge, Fisher Hall, 2307 Wash., Rox., 

1st and 3d Friday. 
Franklin Lodge, 1095 Tremont, 1st and 3d Tues- 

Irving' Lodge, 515 Tremont, 2d and 4th Friday. 
Jamaica Lodge, I. O. O. F. Hall, Woolsey so.. 

J. P., 2d and 4th Thursday. 
Metropolitan Lodge. Central Hall, Everett sq., 

H. P., 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
National Lodge, Pilgrim Hall, 732 E. Broadway 

S. B.. 2d and 4th Thursday. 
Paul Revere Lodge, 142 Meridian, E. B., 2d atd 

4th Monday. 
Plymouth Rock Lodge, Deaconess Hall. 1851 

Washington. 1st and 3d Wednesdav. 
Rockett Lodge, Walcott Hall, 32 Central sq., E. 

B., 2d, 4th and 5th Wednesday. 
United Lodge Wenona Hall, Geneva av., cor. 
, Dor., 2d and 4th Tuesday. 



8 Hathaway. New Bod- 
Id Lady, Mrs. Maria 
iMiijtJiiiuiii.. /iiuemiro: Prov. Demity Grand 
Lady. Mrs. Dora llrelherich. Hnlvokc: I'rov 
Grand Troas., Mrs. Janette Cochrane, Lowell: 
Prov. Cor. Sec.. Mrs. Mary Kay. New Bedford. 
No. 5. Brittama, meets 2d and 4th Tuesday, 

'. Martha Washington, meets 2d and 4th 
Tuesday, 442 Saratoga, B. B. 

Bourne, meets 1st and 3d Tuesdays, 



Instituted in East Boston, 1845. 

Supreme Board, 1165 Tremont, Mrs. Emll- 
R. B. Osbom, Sup, Lady, Boston; Mrs. H ' 
Wilson, Sup. Treas., Somerville; Mrs. T. G. 
gins. Sup. Sec, 
Supreme Board 
in March. 

R. W Lady Governess, Mrs. Sarah A. Wet- 
more, Brighton. 

R. W. V. L. G., Mrs, Mary A. Dodge, East 


Government, 3d Thur.sday In June, September. 
December and March, 1165 Tremont. 
No. 1. Amity Lodge, 2d and 4th Thursday, at 

W^alcott Hall, East Boston. 

Lodge, 1st and 3d Tuesday after- 

and 4th Thursday, 11 

No, 12. Hi 
Nq^ 15. Aloha, Jst_and ^3d Monday, Bradley 


No. 29. Columbia, 2d and 4th Wednesdav 659 
Centre, J, P. 

No, 30. Bay State, 1st and 3d Wednesday, We- 
nona Hall, Bloomfleld St., Dor. 

No. 32. Prosperity, 1st and 3d Saturday, 407 W. 

NoT'IT""'^" " ' _ _ 

Rox., 2d and 4th Monday. 

No. 43. Glenwood, 1st and 3d Wednesdav. Guild 
Hall. 2374 Washington. Rox. 

No. 46. PriscUla. 2d and 4th Friday. 2374 Wash- 
ington. Rox. 

No. 48. Naomi Lodge. 1st and 3d Monday 
Central Hall, Hyde Park. 

No. 50. Mistletoe, 2d and 4th Thursday, Odd 
Fellows' Hall, Allston. 

No. 53. Blue Hill, 2d and 4th Wednesday, Odd 
Fellows' Hall. 41 River, L. M. 


The annual session of the Grand Lodge ol 
Massachusetts is held in Boston on the first Tues- 
day (7.30 P.M.) in May. 

Office of the Grand Lodge, 15 Ashburton nl 
rm. 306, Boston. 

Officers of the Grand Lodge or Mass. 
Grand Chancellor. Harlan P. Knight, Boston. 
Grand Vice-Chanccllor, Clifford E. Jones, Con- 
Grand Prelate, Rev. Francis L. Beal, E. Camb. 
Grand Keeper of Records and Seal, George E. 

15 Ashburton pi.. 
Grand Master of Excheque 
N. Cambridge. 

, WUliam F. 
or L. Steven 

Grand Outer Gi 

Grand Trustees. Samuel DanleU. Boston; Alfred 
B. Hodges, Taimton; G. Everett Stackpole, 

Place and Evening of Lodge Meetings. 
No. 1. De Soto-Beacon, 2374 Wash., Rox., 1st 

and 3d Thursday. 
No. 3. Boston, 515 Tremont, 2d and 4th Thurs- 

lo. lb. Washington, 
1st and 3d Monday, 

Columbia rd.. D 



No. 12. Ilamon, 44C Treraoiit, Ist and 3d Fri- 

No 13. Ivanhoe, 2 Main, Chsn., Thur.sday. 
No. 14. Webster. 1165 Tremont, 2d and 4th 

" "ing 

and 4th Wednesday. „ „ „ ,. ^ 
No. 19. Commonwealth, 328 Wash., Dor., 1st 

and 3d Wednesday. 
No. 23. Somerset, .515 Tromont, 1st and 3d 

No. 33.' '^King Philip, 163 Meridian, E. B., Thurs- 

No.^l4. SchiUer, 694 Wash., 1st and 3d Friday. 
No. 37. Commercial, 24 Hayward pi., every Fri- 

No.'Ti Massachusetts, 2374 Wa.shington, Rox., 

1st and 3d Monday. „ , . ^ , , , „ . 

No. 44. Unity, 724 Washmgton, 1st and 3d 

No. 47. Teu'tonla, 1095 Tremont, 2d and 4th 

No. 52. Marathon, 328 Wash., Dor., 1st and 3d 

No. 53. Colonial, 249 Friend. 1st and 3d Tues- 

No 58. Mt.Bellevue. Annawan Hall. 13 Anna- 
wan av.. W. Rox., 2d and 4th Monday. 
No. 60. Boylston, 9 Appleton, 2d and 4th Tues- 

No. 86. Faulkner, 724 Washington, 1st and 3d 

No. 9^ * Friendship, 2374 Washington. Rox., 

2d and 4th Monday. „„,,„■ t^ 

No. 93. Milton. I. O. O. F. Hall, 41 River, Dor.. 

1st and 3d Tuesday. ^ ^, _, „ , , ... 
No. 102. Savoy. 724 Washington. 2d and 4td 

No. 111. Brighton, 10 Franklin, Alls.. 1st and 
No. 126. Liberty. 67 Warren, Rox. 1st and 3d 
No 129.*^Red Cross, Central Hall, Central sq.. 

E. B.. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
No. 141. Bay State. 249 Fnend, 2d and 4th 

No. 158. Welcome, 24 Ha5^vard pi., 1st and 3d 

Na^Tw^'^Henry C. Allen, 724 Wash.. 2d and 

4th Monday. „ „ , . , , .. 

No. 163. Horace Greeley. 3 Boylston pi.. 1st 

No"°f3r 'Srdtk?kP-?'o. O. F. Hall. 37 Fair- 

mount av.. 2d and 4th Monday. 
No 175. New England. Seavems av. cor. 

Centre, J. P.. 1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 176. Enterprise. 3 Boylston pi.. 1st and 3d 
^ Wednesday.^ Warren. I. O. O. F. Hall. 203 

Warren. Rox.. 1st and 3d Monday. 


George E. Wraeg, gen. supt. for N. E.. 15 Prov- 
ince. Annual meethiK of sections m Dec. 

Section No. 10, 15 Province. Geo. E. Wragg. sec. 

Section No. 49, Ivanhoe Hall, 2 Mam, Charles- 
town. John W. Martin, sec, Somervllle. 

Section No. 4151, 243 Lexington. E. B.. H. M. 
Cole. sec. 


Grand Temple. Pythian Sisters. Massachusetts. 
Grand Chief. Mrs. Lou Stuart Wadsworth, 
Boston: Grand Senior, Mrs. Jennie L. Storey, 
Gloucester; Grand Junior, Mrs. Annie fc. 
Manzer. Somerville: Grand Manager, Mrs. 
Lillian M. Litch. Ljim; Grand Mistress of R. 
and C, Mrs. Edna L. Holland. Springfield; 
Grand Mistress of Finance. Mrs. Bertha M. 
Tomfohrde. SomervlUe; Grand Protector, 
Mrs. Maude Bradstreet, Lawrence: Grand 
Guard, Mrs. Minnie Jones, Middleboro. 

No 1. Rowena Temple. 1st and 3d Tuesdays at 
K. of P. Hall. 2 Main. Chsn. , , .^ ,, ^ 

No. 39. Boston Temple. 2d and 4th Mondays at 
Red Men's Hall. 446 Tremont, Boston. 

No. 41. Crescent Temple, 2d and 4th Mondays 
at 163 Meridian, B. B. j .,j n ■ 

No. 49. Mayflower Temple. 1st and 3d Fri- 
days, 45 Fairmount av., Hyde Park. 

No. 66. Marathon Temple. 1st and 3d Thurs- 
days. Norfolk Hall, 326 Washington Dor. 

No 74. MUton Temple, 2d and 4th Fridays. 
1. O. O. F. Hall, 41 River, Dor. 

No. 87. Webster Temple 1st and 3d Tuesdays. 
1165 Tremont, Rox. 

UNlFOKltt KAHflt K. of P. 

Brigade Headquarters. 16 Court sq., rm. 25. 
Brig.-Gen. Lewis J. McKenzie, commander. 

First Battalic 

" ■ ~ 3lvidere 

Second Battalion, Second Regiment. Head- 
quarters, 202 Columbia rd.. Dor. Major Har- 
vey T. Pond, Commanding. . „ , 

No. 4. Hub Co., 67 Warren. Rox.. and 3d 
Wednesday. Walter C. Brown. 125 Bower. 

No. 15. Boston Co., 995 Wash.. 2d and 4th Wed- 
nesday. Frank W. Boden, 324 Wash., Dor., 
Recorder. , , 

No. 22. Faulkner Co., 995 Wash.. 2d and 4th 
Thursday. Lieut. S. Shapiro, 39 Norway, 
Acting Recorder. . „ . . 

No. 36. Blue Hill, Liberty Hall, Hyde Park, 1st 
Monday. Joseph E. Walsh, Dedham. Recorder. 


No. 143. Abou Ben Adhem Temple, Lawrence 

K. P. Hall, 724 Washington. 
Royal Prince. Harvey T. Pond. Dorchester. 
Royal Vizier. Harry G. Beyer, Boston. 
Secretary, Fred C. Minkemer, 43 Carolma. Med- 

Financial Secretary. William J. Dunton. 15 Prov- 

Trcasiirer, William F. .Siiiclair, City Hall Annex. 

Publicity Agent. F. C. Minkemer. Medford. 


161 Devonshire, rm. 1004. 
Supreme Lodge meets annually in Boston. Next 

meeting 2d Wednesday in April. Benjamin 

Pearson, pres. Albert Young, treas. Edward 

L. Townsend. sec. 

The following Lodges meet In Boston. 
No. 3. Massachusetts. 3 Boylston pi.. 2d Thurs- 

No. 75. Athens. Palido Hall. Warren, cor. Dud- 
ley, 29th of each month. 

No 153 America. 16.51 Wash.. 3d Wednesday. 

No.' 1.55. Suffolk, 2152 Wash., Rox., 3d Friday. 

No. 157. Bay State, Warren Hall. 67 Warren. 
Rox.. 2d Monday. „ .. 

No. 175. Dorchester. ElUs Encampment Hall. 
Adams. Dor., 4th Thursday. 

No. 195. Sbawmut, Warren Hall, 67 Warren, 
Rox., 4th Tuesday. _ _ _ 

No. 204. Sheridan, Lincoh) Hall, Centre, J. P.. 
4th Thursday. 

No. 212. Columbus, 214 Dudley, Rox., 1st and 
3d Tuesday. 


Supreme Lodge. 120 Tremont, rm. 434. 
Annual meeting tn March. 
.SupriMiio Pre.s., Joseph T. Ing.-ills_,_Cholsea. 




M. Dphti 

No. 2. Warren Lodge. 3d Saturday. 67 Warren. 

No. 28. Russell Lodge. 2d Tuesday. 2152 Wash.. 

asiericjlN oruek of SCOXXISH 

Royal Chief. James F. Wilson. Roxbury. 


lo. 1. Clan McKenzie, 214 Dudley. 2d and 4th 
Tuesday. William Shedden. Secretary. 


Main ofiSce. 74 Antrim St.. Cambridge. 
State Convention meets biennially the 4th 
Tuesday in August. 

Col. Richard A. Skane. Adj. Cant. Frederick 
I. Weene. Qr. Capt., George H. White. 

State Secretary, Richard Dwver. South Boston. 
State Treasurer. Dennis J. Slattery. Weymouth. 
State Chaplain, Rev. B. J. Fitzgerald, Clinton. 


(inAND Lodge. Office 12 Walnut. 
Annual meeting 4th Tuesday in April. 

OiScers of the Grand Lodge. 
I Master Workman. Fred .\. MaxHolil. Lvnn. 
I Koi-nmaii, Fred D. Thorpe. Holyoke.' 
I (l\ersior. William H. Nahh. IMainville. 
ir.iTiri MaslcM- .John U. fiallaghcr. 

I Recorder. Charles C. Fearing, Boston. 
I Treasurer. S. Herbert Wllkiris, Salem. 

iorman. KitrhburK. 

Rochester. N. H. 


fo. 1. Beacon. 2d and 4th Monday, 515 Tre- 

fo. 2. Massachusetts, 2d and 4th Monday, 

Brunswick Hall, 214 Dudley, 
[o. 5. Unity, 1st and 3d Thursday, K. of C. 

HaU, 529 Broadway, S. B. 
ro. 7. Everett, 1st and 3d Tuesday, Hancock 

Hall. 572 Columbia rd.. Dor. 

Dearborn, 1st and 3d Tuesday, Paladio 

3d Thursday, Grand 
Army Hall, 91 Park, Dor. 
ro. 10. Metropolitan. 1st and 3d Tuesday. 


Historic Hall. 1631 Wash. Mcetincs : 
4th Wednesdays. ChrLstian Andersen, pres. 

" M. Marker, sec. ."114 Pearl OamhritliT, 

Petersen, fln s 

H. M. Marker, sec, 314 Pearl. Cambridge; Axel 


Grand Lodge office, 49 Monmouth, E. B. 
Grand Chief of Honor. Amanda Wilkius. Salem. 
Grand Recorder, Mary Todd. 49 Monmouth. 

E. B. 
Grand Treasurer. Etta Webster, Newburyport. 



I Lodge, 
idley Ro 

No. 16. Boston Lodge, : 
HaU, 184 Dudley. 

No. 30. Mt. Washington 1 
Hibernian HaU. 184 DudleyT 

No. 39. Unity Lodge, 3d Thursday, 67 Warren. 

No. 41. J. R. Lakeman Lodge, 1st and 3d Fri- 
day, Winona Hall, Geneva av.. Dor. 

No. 42. Prescott Lodge. 1st and ^d Monday. 
163 Meridian, E. B. 

No. 53. Independence Lodge. 2d and 4th Mon- 

Grand Lodge of MASSACHuaBTTS. 

nd 4th Thursday, K. 

HaU, 658 dentre. J. P. 

No. 82. Mayflower. 4th Tuesday, Odd FeUows" 
HaU, 41 River, L. M. 

No. 94. Boxbury, 1st and 3d Monday. St.Law- 
rence HaU, 214 Dudley, Rox. 

No. 104. Falrview, 1st and 3d Tuesday. Fair- 
view Hall, 43 Poplar, Ros. 

No. 109. Dudley. 2d and 4th Tuesday. AuxU- 
iary HaU, 184 Dudley, Rox. 

No. no. Boston, 1st and 3d Thursday, (iould 
Hal!. 'A Boylston pi. 

No. 115. Mt. Washington. 2d and 4th Friday, 
Bernice HaU, 409 Broadway. 

2d and 4th Tuesday. 

R. HaU. 
140 Meridian. E. B. 

fo. 126. R ■ - - ■ 

field Hall. 

To. 129. Vulcan. 2d and 4th Monday, John 
Boyle O'ReUly Hall. 184 Dudley, Rox, 

Tremont, 1st and 3d Tuesday, Need- 

4th Thiirdsay. Nor- 

ham HaU, 1488 Columbus i 
3. 132. Codman. 2d and < 
folk HaU. 328 Wash.. Dor. 

and 3d Monday, 

West End. 
Boylston place. 

No. 145. Charlestown, 2d and 4th Thursday. 
Roughan HaU, City sq., Chsn. 

No. 147. Abraham Lincoln, 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday, Sarsfleld HaU, 184 Dudley. Rox. 

No. 151. AUston, 2d and 4th Tuesday, 10 Frank- 
lin, Alls. 

No. 156. West Roxbury, 2d and 4th Thursday. 
Vine Rock Hall, Spring and Baker. W. Rox. 

Farragut, 1st and 3d Thursday. 409 

W. Broadway. 

Friday, St.Lawrence 

HaU. 214 Dudley, Ro 

No. 183. WendeU Phillips. 4th Thursday, St. 
Lawrence Hall, 214 Dudley. Rox. 

No. 197. Greenhalge, 2d and 4th Tuesday, Rox- 
bury Hall, 67 Warren, Rox. 

No. 218. Shawmut, 4th Tuesday, Gould Hall, 
3 Boylston place. 


Grand Exalted Ruler, James R. Nicholson, l; 

Tremont, room 727, Boston, election in Jidy 

Boston Lodge, No. 10. Meets at Elks Hall, II 

1 October, 

Exalted Ruler, Edward C. Carr. 

Est. Leading Knight, Dr. Charles F. MacDor 

Est. Loyal Knight, Daniel W. Flynn. 

Est. Lectiu-ing Knight, Randolph J. Martin. 

Secretary, Patrick F. McCarron. 

Treasurer, Alfred E. WelUngton. 

Tiler. Oscar Shaffer. 

Grand Treas., Henry Erickson, 656 Adams. Dor. 
List op Lodges in Boston. 

Sveaborg. Odd FeUows HaU, 

Warren, 2d and 

and 4th Thursday. 
Fredensborg, Appleton HaU, 

Norge, Walcott HaU, 33 Central sa. 

Appleton, Satur- 


Grand Court op Massachdsetts. 

G. C. R.. Joseph P. Liunehan. Lynn. 

G. S. C. R., William J. Hayes, Lee. 

G. T., Thomas H. Powers, Fitchburg, 

G. S.. W. H. Stafford. 19 Pollard block, Lowell. 

G. R. S., Patrick J. Dailey, Lawrence. 

G. Lee., WilUam J. MitcheU, Somerville. 

G. S. W., John O'Mahoney, Natick. 

G. J. W., Frank CotUlo, Boston. 

G. S. B., William A. Lyons. Taunton. 

G. J. B., James A. Cody, Rockland. 

Gr. Trustees, John F. Grainer. Andrew J. Snyder, 

Joseph Trainor. Hermas Carrigan, Frederick 

D. S. C. R., Patrick J. Brown, Webster. 
Chairman Grand Board of Appeals. George F, 

James, NewtonviUe. 

Courts in Boston Under Jurisdiction 
OP Grand Court of Mass. 
No. 22. City of Boston, 1st and 3d Tuesday. 

No. 118. Gustaf Wassa, 1st and 3d Wednesday. 

2 Appleton. 
No. 143. Italy. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 193 Han- 
No. 186. King Humbert, 1st and 3d Monday, 

P. Hall. 

No. 203. Golden Star, 1st and 3d Monday. 
America Hall, 724 Wash. 

No. 204. Joseph Verdi, 1st and 3d Tuesday, 
Independence HaU. 

No. 212. Roma, 2d and 4th Thursday, Cora 
HaU. , 

No. 237. Savoia. 2d and 4th Monday, Commer- 
cial Hall. 

No. 243. Mt. Washington. 2d and 4th Fridays, 

I Tuesday, 133 Black- 


Unikobmed Bran 


HERWOOD No. 53. 

River s 

No. 72. 

Sup. Com., Joseph A. I.awrence, New Bedford. 
Sup. Adjt., John McGann, 22 Nelson. Dor. 
Treasurer, H. D. Palmer, 1183 Dorchester av.. 

No. 114. Pride of Mass., 1st and 3d Monday, at 

188 Hanover. 
No. 152. Mt.Washington, 2d and 4th Friday, 

724 Wash. 


Grand Lodge meets 3d Sunday in Au 
Officers op the Grand Lodge 

Lodge Meetings. 

; and 3d 

No. 19. Eintracht, Kossuth Hall, 1 

3d Monday. 
No. 24. Kossuth, 1095 Tremont, 

No. 79. Roxbury Mannie, 1093 Tremont. 2d 

No. 219. Teutonia. Harmonia Hall, 1st Sunday. 
No. 516. Washington. 367 E. Eighth, S. B., 2d 

No. 604. RosUndale, Germania Hall, Ros., 1st 

and 3d Thursday. 
No. 640. Jaeger, Turn Hall, Amory, Rox., 1st 

No. 700. Bellevue, Kossuth Hall, 1095 Tre- 

Ladies' Lodges, 
No. 1. Bertha. Roosevelt Hall, 1065 Tremont, 

Rox., 1st Tuesday. 
No. 57. Thusneld^, Pairvlew Hall, Ros., 1st 

, Thursday. 

No. 174. Maria Catherina, 367 E. Eighth. S 
2d and 4th Friday. 


Supreme Secretary's office, 18 Tremont. 
Ward M. Tenney, sup. pres.: Walter S. Hali- 

Tuesday in March. 

Tremont. 3d 

Broadway, 2d Wednesday. 
No. 19. Boston. George W. Rodwaye, 3 Boyls- 

ton place, 4th Tuesday. 
No. 31. Tripoli, L. Paglia. 193 Hanover, 4th 

No. 40. Allston, Henrietta Gibson, Franklin 

Hall. 2d Tuesday. 
No. 41. Harvest. PUgrim Hall, 742 B. Broadway. 

S. B.. 1st Monday. 

„ „ ..-_ „„„ Washington, 

Uncataquissett, Odd Fellows Hall, 41 
;.. Dor., 1st and 3 Wednesday. 
Algonquin. Red Men's Hall, 85 Surrey. 

Br.. 2d and '_ 

No. 75. Pawnee, 6 
4th Wednesdays. 
' ■-■ Ponkapoag, Fiske Hall, 2307 Wash., 



United States Grand Lodge, 18 Boylston. 

Grand Master, Manashe Krantzman. 

Grand Treas., Isaac Shapko. 

Grand Secretary. Louis Davis. 

No. 17. Dr. Theo. Hertze Lodge, 724 Wash., 
2d and 4th Sunday. 

No. 29. Freedom. 25 Leverett. 2d and 4th Sun- 

No. 34. Hub. 214 Dudley, Rox., 1st and 3d 

No. 39. Liberty, 7 Eaton, 2d and 4th Sunday. 

" 4.3 _ Greater Boston, 724 Washington, 2d 

45 Poplar, 2d and 4th 

and 4th Sunday. 
No. 55. Boston Liberty. 724 Wash., 2d and 4th 

No. 76. Sons of Jacob. 163 Mpridian, B. B., 1st 

and 3d Sunday. 
No. 115. Wm. D. Wheeler Lodge, Otisfleld Hall, 

2d and 4th Sundays. 

isritEPEarnENx order sours 


47 Mt. Vernon. 

Meets first Tuesday of each month. 

Annual Convention third Monday in June. 

First Deputy Grand Master, Hyman J. Danzig. 

Second Deputy Grand Master, Hyman Weinberg. 

Third Deputy Grand Master. Jacob Berman 

Fourth Deputy Grand Master. L. D. Frank. 

Fifth Deputy Grand Master, Nathan Stemseher. 

Grand Secretary. Robert Silverman. 

Grand Treasurer. Joseph Kirshon. 

Grand Medical Examiner, Joel Ginsburg. M.D. 

Grand Warden. Max Weiner 

Grand Inner Guard. Simon Winitzer. 

Grand Outer Guard. Louis Mill. 



No. 1. Baron de Hirsch Lodge, 2d and 4th Sun- 
days, 62 Chambers, 2 p.m. 
No. 2. Pride of Boston Lodge, 1st and 3d Sun- 

Wm. McKinley Lodee. 

days. Castle Hall. 446 Tremont, 2 
lo. 4. Star of Roxbury 
days, 184 Dudley, 2.30 

Lodge, I'st and 3d Sun- 

No. 6. Morris Lottman Lodge. 1st and 3d Sun- 
days. 25 Leverett, 7.30 p.m. 
No. 7. Theodore Roosevelt Lodge, 2d and 4th 

Sundays, 385 Harrison i 
No. 9. Friendship Lodge, 1st and 3d Sundays, 

62 Chambers, 10 a.m. 
No. 11. Jehuda Leib Levenson Lodge. 2d and 

Great Junior Sagamore, Wendell P. Hutchinson. 

Great Prophet. Orah F. Snow. Dorchester. 
Great Chief of Records. George W. Emerson. 18 

Boylston. rm. 18. 
Great Keeper of Wampum, William T. Smart, 

Boston, last Thursday 

Great Council 

In October. 

Boston Tribes. 
No. 4. Shawmut, Schiller HaU. 1095 Tremont, 

1st and 3d Thursday. 
No. 21. Soangetaha, Wenona HaU, Dor., 2d 

and 4th Friday. 
No. 42. Kitchamankin, Odd Fellows Hall, 558 

Columbia rd.. Dor.. 1st ana 3d Friday. 
No. 46. Abenakis, 163 Meridian. W-?."* "oston. 

2d and 4th Thursday. 

No. 19. Sons of Monteflore Lodge, 1st and 3d 
Sundays, Puritan Hall, 249 Friend, 2 p.m. 

No 20. Harry Cabitt Lodge, 1st and 3d Sun- 
days, 62 Chambers, 2 p.m. 

No. 21. Freedom Lodge. 2d and 4th Sundays, 
Ashland Hall, Leverett St., 2 p.m. 

No. 24. EUsavetgrad Lodge, 2d and 4th Sun- 
days, 7 Eaton. 2 p m. 

No. 26. Isaac El Chonan Lodge, 2d and 4th 
Sundays, 62 Chambers, 2 p.m. 

No. 28. West End Progressive Lodge. 1st and 
3d Sundays. 30 Leverett. 2 p.m. 

No. 30. American Lodge, 1st and 3d Sundays, 
995 Washington, 11 a.m. 

No. 31. Jacob Gordon Lodge, 1st and 3d Sun- 

, 93 Staniford. 


No. 37. Menorah Lodge, 2d and 4th Sundays. 
1006 Blue HiU av.. Dorchester.. S p.m. 

No. 40. Samuel Sheinfein. 2d and 4th Wednes- 
day, Puritan Hall, 249 Friend. 


State Headquarters, 100 Boylston, room 1015. 
Annual meeting, 2d Tuesday In May. 
State Deputy, Daniel J. Gallagher, Boston. 
State Secretary-. William ,T. Day, Boston. 
State Treasurer, Henry B. Hagan. Boston. 
State Advocate, James E. Dunleavy, Springfield. 
State Warden. John S. Quinn, Boston. 
State Chaplain, Rev. Joseph F. Coppincror, Bos- 

No. 78. South Boston Council. 529a W. Broad- 
way. S. B., 1st and 3d Wednesday. 
No. 84. Fitton Council, Porter cor. Bennington 

1st and 3d Monday 
fo. 89. Magnolia Council, 1 
Hall. H. P.. 1st and 3d Monday. 
~ - — - -• p^ 


of Columbus 

No. 98. Mt.Pleasant CouncU, Paladio Hall, 54 
Warren, Rox.. 2d and 4th Thursday. 

No. 107. Tremont CouncU. Russell Hall. 1651 
Wash.. 4th Monday. 

No. 108. West End Council. lU Green, 3d Fri- 

No. 116. James E. Hayes Council, Pleasant, cor. 
Pearl. Dor., 2d and 4th Thursday. 

No. 117. Eedberry Council, 9 Beacon, 1st Tues- 

No. 120. Jamaica Plain Council, BBSeavemsav.. 
J. P., 1st and 3d Monday. 

No. 121. Brighton CouncU, Warren bidg.. 363 

Wash.. Br.. 2d and 4th Thursday. 
No. 123. Eoxbury CouncU, 1435 Tn 

Ist and 3d Thursday. 
No. 134. Robert Fulton, 732 E. Broadway, 3. B. 
3d Friday. 

CouncU, Pleasant, cor. 

No. 139. Mt.Vei 

Pearl, Dor., 2 ■ 
No. 168. Fran 

4th Thursday. 
No. 170. Shawmut Council. 184 Dudley, Rox., 

1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 180. Dorchester L. M. CouncU, Fraternity 

HaU, Adams St.. Dor., 2d and 4th Monday. 
No. 213. Ehn HiU Council, Pleasant, cor. Pearl, 

Dor.. 1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 219. North End CouncU, 16 City sq., Chsn.. 

. cor. Lucas. 3d Monday. 
No. 271. Pere Marquette Council, 361 B'way. 

S. B.. 2d and 4th Monday. 
No. 290. Mt.Bowdohi CotmcU. Pleasant, cor. 

Pearl, Dor,. 1st and 3d Thursday. 
No. 298. St.James CouncU. 724 Washington. 2d 

No. 331. Back Bay CouncU, 1114 Boylston. 4th 

No. 555. AUston CouncU. Franklin HaU. 10 

Franklin. AUston, 2d and 4th Friday. 
No. 1308. John J. WUliams CouncU, 27 Poplar. 

Ros.. 1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 1331. Rose Crobc CouncU. 214 Dudley. Rox. , 

2d and 4th Wednesday. 
No. 1513. Ausonia CouncU. St.Anthony Hall, 

N. Bennett St., 2d and 4th Monday. 
No. 1538. Mattapan Council, Catholic Assn. 

Hall, 520 River. Dor.. 1st and 3d Thursday. 

Grand Caravan. No. 3. Harry F. MacLeod. 
M.D., Grand Commander, 173 Norfolk, Dor. 
Prank Dowling, Grand Scribe, 950 South, Ros. 


Grand Oabtle of Massachusetts. 

Next annual session meets in Boston, May S. 

Grand Chief, Bert E. Ham. 34 Lynnfleld, E. Lynn. 
Grand Master of Records, Henry B. Brown, 333 

Union, Lynn. 
Grand K. of E.. Otis C. WeUs, Ro.xbur5'. 
Kenllworth Castle, No. 2, 446 Tremont, 2d and 

4th Thursday. Carl A. Loges. 4 Upland rd. 

Warren Castle. No. 7, 102J Warren, Charlestown, 

1st and 3d Friday. J. P. Aldrich, sec., 6 Lin- 
coln, Chsn. 
Boston Oommandery, No. 2. William F. Moore. 

capt.. 373a Warren, Rox. 


Grand Lodge ofBce 218 Tremont meets on the 

second Wednesday In May In Boston. 

Grand Protector. Mrs. Agnes G. Fletcher, 

Grand Sec., Samuel Hathaway, 218 Tremont, 
Grand Treas., Edwin E. Bridge. Dorchester. 

No. 21. Jewel Lodge, Paladio Hall. Rox.. Ist 
and 3d Wednesday. 

No. 64. Unity Lodge. K. of H HaU, 730 Wash- 
ington, 1st and 3d Friday. 

No. 125. Friendship Lodge, 570 Columbia road. 

ington, 1st and 3d Friday, 
ro. 125. Friendship Lodge, 
Dor.. 1st and 3d Wednesday. 


Grand Oommandery of Mass.. 915 Colonial 
Annijal session second Tuesday in June. 

Grand Commander. Andrew G. Robinson. Everett 

Grand Recorder, Frederic H. Willson, 100 Boyls- 
ton, rm. 915. 

Grand Treasurer, Oreb M Tucker, Somervllle 

Oommanderies in Boston. 
No. 157. Cross and Crown, 515 Tremont. 1st 

and 3d Thursdays. 
No. 167. Boston. 558 Columbia road. Dor., 1st 

and 3d Wednesday. 
No. 183. Bethany, 37 Fairmount av., H. P., 4th 

No. 207. St.Aldemar, 32 Central sq., E. Boston. 


Imperial Court meets annually in April, In Boston. 
King, W. N. Hmckley, 87 Savin Hill av.. Dor. 
Queen, Margaret Eldott, Fliren'^e. Mass. 
Imperial Chancellor, Fred W. Calkins. 52 Pur- 
chase. Boston. 
Imperial Chamberlain, Marianna H. Peirce, 169 

W. Newton, Boston. 
No. 1. Court Mizpah, 3d Tuesday, 177 Hunt- 
No. 2. Coiirt Orient, 2d Wednesday, 89 Marshall 

No. 14. Court Justice MerUn. 3d Friday. 627 
Wash., Dor. 


Mass. — Annual meeting 
ly. Semi-annual m 
; Tuesday In November. 

Grand Master. James Smith. Whitinsville. 

Grand Secretary. George Davison, 181 Elm, Ev- 

Grand Treas., John Given, 224 ThomdUte. Cam- 

Washington Lodge, No. 8, 724 Wash.. 1st and 3d 

Martin Luther Lodge, No. 70. 1165 Tremont, 
Rox.. 2d Tuesday. 

Bunker HiU Lodge. No. 91. 2 Main. Cbsn.. 1st 
and 3d Wednesday. 

Cameron Lodge, No. 102, 1165 Tremont, Rox., 
Ist and 3d Monday. 


Grand Chapter of D. S. A. 
Grand Master. William Corbett, Brookline. 
Grand Registrar. WUliam Dawson, 34 School. 

Grand Chapter of Mass. Annual Meeting, 1st 

Monday in May. 

State Grand Treasurer. Alexander Johnston. Ev- 


Supreme Lodge Headquarters'. Mooseheart III. 
Annual Session in July 1916 

Boston Lodge, No. 34, 2181 Washmgton, Rox., 
2d and 4th Friday. OfBce of Boston Lodge, 
2181 Wash.. Rox. Fred A. Herbert, sec. 

Peninsular Lodge. No. 13S9. Pilgrim Hall, 732 
E. Broadway. S. B.. every Tuesday. 




Main Office. 17 Worcester street. 
High Court meets annually 4tli Wednesday In 

'teh Secrets 

Secretary Treas., Daniel H. Maguire, 17 
Senior Conductor, John W. Connelly. 
High Junior Conductor. William H. Thomas, 

High Inside Sentinel. William J. Sullivan. Boston. 
High Outside Sentinel, George P. Dorman. Wor- 

High Medical Examiner. Francis J. Hanley, M. 

D.. Whitman. 
High Chaplain, Rev. James H. O'Nell. LL. D., E. 


Sdbobdinate Courts in Boston. 
No. 1. Cathedral, 1st and 3d Wednesday, 17 

No. 3. Fenwick, 2d and 4th Thursday, 11a 

No. 4. St.Francis. 1st and SdJWednesday. St. 

Francis de Sales Hall. Rox. 
No. 5. Leo, 1st and 3d Wednesday. Central Hall. 

Central sq., E. B. 
No. 6. Cheverus, 2d and 4th Mon., 135 StUlman. 
No. 7. St.Patrick's, 1st and 3d Thursday, Dahl- 

gren HaU, 327 B Street, S. B. 
No. 8. Sherwood, 2d and 4th Friday, 17 Wor- 
No. 9. Columbus, 2d and 4th Monday, 17 Wor- 

No. 11. St Joseph's 

and 4th Wednesday, 164 


No. 12. Fulton, 3d Friday, 17 Worcester. 

No. 13. Fitzpatrick, 2d and 4th Tues., 35 Cen- 
tral sq., B. B. 

No. 15. St.Peter and St.Paul, 1st and 3d Tues- 
day. 327 E. street, S. B. 

No. 17. Hamilton. 1st and 3d Wednesday, Hi- 
bernian Hall, Union, Chsn. 

No. 18. St.Peter, 1st and 3d Thursday, 204 
Adams, Field's Corner, Dor. 

No. 19. WUUams. 1st Monday and 3d Sunday, 
Hibernian Hall. 125 Havre, E. B. 

No. 20. Mt.Pleasant, i2d and 4th Tuesday, 
Palladio Hall, Rox. 

No. 21. St.Alphonsus, 1st, and 3d Monday. 1322 

No. 23. St.John, 2d and 4th Monday, Central 


To. 24. 
lie Fraternity ^-... «.,.»»^ o„.. ^. ^.^., „ 

No. 28 Erin. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 17 Worcester. 

No. 34. Americus. 1st and 3d Monday. 17 Wor- 

No. 37. ' Friendship. 1st and 3d Thursday, 184 

Dudley, Rox. 
No 38. St.Jaseph's. 1st and 3d Friday. 184 

Dudley, Rox. 
No. 46. St.Augustlne, 1st and 3d Tuesday. 

Dahlgren Hall, 327 E street. 8. B. 
No. 49. Constantine, 1st and 3d Tuesday, 17 

No. 51. Holy Trinity. 4th Tuesday, Casino Hall, 

133 Shawmut av. 
No. 52. Highland, 2d Sunday, 1651 Washington 
No. 54. St.James, 1st and 3d Tuesday. 1651 

No. 57. . Carroll. 1st and 3d Wednesday, Lincoln 

Hall, 654 Centre, J. P. 
No. 65. St.ColumbklUe, 1st and 3d Tuesday, 

Parnell Hall, Chestnut Hill av., Br. 
No. 70. St.Michael. 1st and 3d Tuesday. E. 

Broadway, cor. I st.. S. B. 
No. 93. Germania, 3d Thursday, 133 Shawmut 


No. 95. Columbia. 1st i 
Columbus av. Rox. 

No. 99. St.Ignatius, 1st and 3d Thursday, 43 
Poplar, Ros. 

No. 105. St.Oecilia (ladies), 1st Tuesday, 133 
Shawmut av. 

No. 106. St.CIare (ladies), 1st and 3d Thursday. 
17 Worcester. 

No. 107. Notre Dame (ladles). 1st and 3d Thurs- 
day, K. of C. Hall, Broadway, S. B. 

No. 108. St.Agnes (ladies). 1st and 3d Wednes- 
day, Central Hall. H. P. 

No. 113. St.Jerome, 2d and 4th Monday, 17 
Worcester st. 

No. 114. Alma Mater (ladies). 1st and 3d Mon- 
day, Central Hall, E. B. 

No. 118. St.Othiila (ladies), 2d Tues.. Casino 
Hall. 133 Shawmut av. 

No. 119. St. Boniface, 1st Sunday, Casino Hall, 
133 Shawmut av. 

No. 125. St.Aloysius, 3d Wednesday. Casino 

Hall, 133 Shawmut i 
No. 126. Bunker Hill, 
City sq., Chsn. 

No l.J5. St.Genevieve (ladies'). 2d and 4lh 
Monday. Parnell Hall, Market, cor. Chestnut 
Hill av., Br. 

No. 138. St.Josephine (ladies). 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday. Ellison Encampment Hall, Dor. 

No. 140. Angelus (ladies'). 1st and 3d Monday. 
Cathohc Fraternity Hall. L. M.. Dor. 

No. 141. St.Gertrude (ladies'), 1st and 3d Tues- 

No. 145. 

ington. Dor. 
No. 151. Perpetual Help (ladias'). 1st and 3d 

Tuesday. Harvard Hall. Longwood av. cor. 

Huntington av.. Rox. 
No. 153. Father Thayer. 164 Canal, 1st and 3d 

No. 154. Hughes. 2d Tuesday. 17 Worcester. 
No. 158. St.Paula, 1st and 3d Thursday, 214 

Dudley, Rox. 
No. 173. Owen A. Galvin. 2d and 4th Wednes 

day. Roughan's Hall, 16 Main, Chsn. 
No. 180. Neponset. 1st and 3d Tuesday, 21^ 

Neponset av.. Nep. 
No. 181. St.Loulse (ladies'), 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday, 17 Walnut, Nep. 
No. 184. St.Phiiip, 2d and 4th Thursday 184 

No. 187. Blessed Sacrament (ladies), 1st and 3d 
Wednesday. 1488 Columbus av., Rox. 

No. 198. Dorchester. 2d and 4th Thursday, 
Hancock Hall, Dor. 

No. 202. Father O'Connor. 1st and 3d Wednes- 
day, 1095 Tremont, Rox. 

No. 204. Fraternity, 1st and 3d Thursday, 17 

No. 206. St.Victorian, 4th Thursday. Bruns- 
wick Hall. 214 Dudley. Rox. 

No. 211. St.Luke. 2d and 4th Wednesday, Cath 

177 Huntingti 
No. 221. Pentecost, 4th Tuesday Columbus 

Club Hall. 48 Pleasant, Dor. 
No. 223. Salve Regina, 2d and 4th Wednesd 

Winona Hall, Bloomfleld st. .Dor. 

228. Ashmont, 1st and 3d Wednesday 

No. 230. 

No. 248- St.Bernadette. 2d and 4th Tuesday 
Catholic Assn. Hall, Mattapan sq. 

No. 250. Mt. Ida, 1st and 3d Thiu-sdav. Winona 
HaU, Bloomfleld street. Dor. 

No. 254. Father McGoldrick. 1st and 3d Tues- 
day, St.Leo's Old Jlectory, Esmond St.. Dor. 

Edward Everett. 2d and 4th Monday. 

and 4th Monday, 11 

No. 255. 

570 Columbia rd.. Dor. 
No. 256. South Boston, 2d Tuesday. Nazareth 

Hall, cor. B. Third and O sts., S. B. 
No. 257. Lady of Grace. 1st and 3d Tuesday, 

St.Francis de Sales School Hall. 
No. 258. Presentation. 1st and 3d Thursday. 

Bungalow Hall, Br. 
Knights and Ladies of St.Rose (second degree) 

corporation, 2d and 4th Sunday afternoons. 17 


Supreme Lodge Office, IS Tremont. rm. 205. 
Arthur M. Willis. Melrose. Sup. Warden; Dan- 
iel B. Sullivan, Pawtucket. R. I., Sup. Vice 
Warden; Prank B. Hill, New Haven. Conn., 
8. P. S. W.; Daniel M. Frye. Somerville, Sup. 
Sec.; John P. Sanborn. Newport, R. I., Sup. 
Treas.; Herbert A. Chase, M.D., Camb., Sup. 
Med. Examiner. Meeting second "Tuesday m 

Grand Lodge of Mass., 101 Tremont, rm. 412, 
Asa Smith, G. W.; Frank W. Swett, G. V. W.; 
Eben S. Hinckley, G. Sec; G. S. Newhall, G. 
Treas. Meeting second Wednesday in March. 

No. 7. Phofnix Lodge, 2d Friday, Warren Hall, 

67 Warren, Rox. 
No. 22. Enterprise Lodge, 2d and 4th Thursday, 

Columbia Hall. 570 Columbia rd.. Dorchester. 

No. 30. Hercules Lodge, 2d Friday at St.Law- 
rence Hall, 214 Dudley. Rox., and 4th Friday 
at 54 Warren, rm. 506, Rox. 

No. 33. Commonwealth Lodge. 2d and 4th Thurs- 
day. Rathbone Hall. 24 Warren Rox. 

No. 34. Massachusetts Lodge, 1st and 3d Friday 
1651 Washington. 


No. 57. WiDtUrop Lodge, Ist and 3d Tuesday. 
16S Meridian. E. B. 

No. 66. Washington Lodse. 2d and 4th Friday. 
54 Warren. Rox. 

No. 75. Shoe & Leather Lodge. 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday, Guild Hall. 2374 wash., Rox. 

No. 117. Clarion Lodge, 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
27 Poplar. Ros. 

No. 150. Mlzpah Lodge. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
409 W. Broadway, S. B. 

No. 185. Roxbury Lodge. 1st and 3d Wednesday 
24 Warren. Rox. 



Meets 4th Saturday. Covenant Hall. 515 Tre- 
mont street. 
C. M. Poor, 123 Nevada, Newtonville. 

E. B. Canney. 1H9 AUstnn. Cambridge. 
" A. Haf ' " ■ 


laines. Melrose. Sec. 

No. 280. Defender Lodge. 1st and 3d Friday. 409 

W. Broadway. S. B. 
No. 289. AUston Lodge. 2d and 4th Wednesday, 


No. 305. SufloUi Lodge, 1st and 3d Thursday, 
News building, 66 Seaverns av., J. " 

No. 333. Beethoven Lodge, 1st and 3d Mon- 
day, 214 Dudley. Rox. 

No. 339. Tremont Lodge. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
Guild Hall. 2374 Wash.. Rox. 

No. 351. Fairmount Lodge, 4th Thursday, Cen- 
tral Hall, H. P. 

No. 355. Algonquin Lodge. 1st and 3d Thursday. 
Palladlo Hall. 54 Warren. Rox. 

No. 393. Charlestown Lodge, 2d and 4th Thurs- 
day, 44 High. Chsn. 

No. 410. Geneva Lodge. 1st and 3d Monday, 
2307 Wash., Rox. 

No. 420. Blue Hill Lodge, 2d and 4th Wednes- 
day, 214 Dudley, Rox. 

No. 423. South Boston Lodge, 1st and 3d Tues- 
day, Dahlgren Hall. E St., S. B. 

No. 446. Robert Emmet Lodge, 1st and 3d 
Tuesday, 163 Meridian, E. B. 

No. 447. D. E. Frasier Lodge, 2d and 4th Tues- 
day. 184 Dudley, Rox. 

No. 452. Albert R. Wade Lodge. 2d and 4th 

nesday. bitk uaii, zioa wasn., kox. 
No. 487. Unique Lodge, 1st and 3d Tuesday, 

Fraternity Hall, 656 Centre, J. P. 
No. 490. Oodman Lodge, 1st and 3d Thursday, 

Wenona Hall, Geneva av.. Dor. 
No. 523. Massasojt Lodge, 1st and 3d Friday 

184 Dudley, Rox 

No. 549. Dorchester Lodge, 

204 Adams. Dor. 
No. 550. Old Glory Lodge, 2d and 4th Tuesday 

214 Dudley, Rox. 
No. 567. Olmstead Lodge, 2d and 4th Monday 

Lincoln Hall, 660 Centre, W. R. 
No. 569. Dudley ~ . - . ....,«, 

Wednesday ' " 

. O. O. F. HaU. 203 Warren, Ro 


Main Office. 407 Shawmut av., Alfred T. Tur- 
ner. Supreme Secretary. 

Office of the Grand Council for Massachusetts. 

908 Paddock building. 

Grand Regent, Frederick A. Goodwin, Dorchester 

Grand Vice Regent, Herbert A. Billings, Wey- 

Grand Orator. Fred E. Jones, Lowell. 

Grand Sec. William L. Kelt. Allston. 

Grand Treas.. Horace G. Williams. Roxbury. 

Grand Chaplain, Henry G. Wells. Haverhill. 

Grand Guide, John T. Friary, Dorchester. 

Grand Warden, Henry L. Hines, Springflold. 

Grand Sentry. William T. Irving. Boston. 

State Medical EA.ammer, Robert B. Dixon, M.D. 
Annual meeting 4th Thursday in April. 


No. 1. Alpha, 203 Warren, Rox. 1st and 3d 

Friday. Joseph W. Mulford, sec, 557 Dudley. 
No. 2. Eliot, Putnam Hall, 1165 Tremont, Rox. 

1st and 3d Wednesday. James A. Smith, sec, 

54 Brackenbury, Maiden. 
No. 4. Boston, 30 Huntington av., 2d and 4th 

Monday. Gideon G. Rider, sec, 16 Clark, 

No. 10. Washington, 184 Dudley, Rox., 2d and 

4th Friday. Seth D. Geer. sec, 80 Spencer, 

No. 35. Monument. Memorial Hall. 14 Green. 

Chsn, 1st and 3d Thursday. L. H. Blgelow. 

sec, 69 Bay State av.. West SomorvUle. 
No. 46. Howard. Frlend.'ship Hall. 515 Tremont. 

1st and 3d Monday. James B. Hill, sec. 15 

Wallingford. Br. 
No. 48. Bay State. Brunswick Hall, 214 Dudley, 

Rox., 1st and 3d Tuesday. M. P. Pickering. 

61 Bainbridge. Rox. 
No. 53. Bradley Sirk Hall, 2152 Wash., Rox., 

2d and 4th Wednesday. Theodore P. West, 

sec, 11 Worcester sq. 
No. 60. Suffolk, Paladio Hall, 54 Warren, Eox. 

1st and 3d Friday. W. G. Baker, sec, 13 

Beethoven, Rox. 
No. 79. Forest. Seaverns Hall, 670 Centre, J. P.. 

1st and 3d Thursday. T. B. Rich, sec. Box 21, 

J. P. 

1st ! 

Royal Chief, A. G. Findlay. Seattle, Wash. 
Past Royal Chief, John Hill, St.Louis, Mo. 
Royal Tanlst, Walter Scott, New York city. 
Boval Coimsellor. A. G. McKnlght, Duluth. Minn 
Royal Secretary, Thomas R. P. Gibb, 248 Boyls- 

Royal Treasurer.JDuncan Maclnnes. New York 

Royal Physician, G. A. Johnson, M.D., Everett, 


Grand Chief, Frank S. Abercrombie, Boston. 
Grand Tanist, George Lambie, Cambridge. 
Grand Chaplain, Bertram Glencross, Everett. 
Grand Secretary, James A. MacKenzle. Lynn. 
Grand Treasurer, R. Murray Finlayson, Boston. 
Annual meeting April 19th. 


No. 2. Clan McKenzie. 694 Washington. 1st and 
3d Thursday. James E. Menzles, Secretary, 
71 Cottage,"Bverett.. 

No. 32. Clan Cameron, 1st and 3d Wednesday, 
32 Central sq.. E. B. Daniel F. MacKay, Sec- 
retary, 102 Saratoga, E. B. 

No. 54. Clan Farquharson. Pilgrim Hall, S. B. 
1st and 3d Thursday. George Reid, Secretary, 
29 Josephine, Dor. 

No. 67. Clan Stewart, Mishawum Hall, City Sq. 
Chsn., 2d and 4th Tuesday, John Gallaway, 
Secretary, 70 Medford, Chsn. 

No. 101 Clan MacLeod, Fraternity Hall, Fair- 
mount av.. H. P., 1st and 3d Monday. Thomas 
W. HalUday, Secretary, 596 River, Mat. 

No. 145. Clan Ramsay. Evangeline Hall. 214 
Dudley. Box.. 2d and 4th Wednesday. Wil- 
liam Gray. Secretary. 10 Robey. Rox. 

No. 208. Clan MacKinlay. Hancock Hall. Up- 
ham's Comer. 2d and 4th Wednesday. Mel- 
ville Cockburn. Secretary. 1 Akron place. Rox. 

O. O. 

No. 136. Neponset 

mont av„ if P.. L _ 

erlck W. Saunders, sec. 19 Dell. av. H. P. 

No. 169. Maverick. 32 Central sq.. E. B.. 1st 
and 3d Thursday. W. H. Duncan, sec, 7 Don, 

No. 214. Star. 3 BoyLston pi., 2d and 4th Mon- 
day. A. Chalmers, sec, 295 Summit av.. Alls. 

No. 268. Allston, I. O. O. F. Hall, 10 Franklin, 
Allston, 1st and 3d Monday. E. W. Peterson, 
sec, 6 Cleveland av.. Alls. 

No. 437. Dorchester. I. O. O. F. Hall, 558 Co- 
lumbia rd.. Dor. 1st and 3d Monday. T. H. 
Keenan. sec. 7 Half Moon. Rox. 

No. 452. John Hancock. 24 Hayward place. Ist 
and 3d Friday. T. R. Appleton. sec, 52 Town- 
send, Rox. 

No. 538. Wlnthrop, Columbus Club Hall, rear 
529a E. Broadway. S. B., 1st and 3d Tuesday. 
William J. Murphy, sec. 173 W. Seventh. S. B. 

No. 693. Charles Sumner, Sewell Hall, 177 
Huntington av., 1st and 3d Monday. A. 
Levy, sec, 37 Copeland. Ro.x. 

No. 835. Jamaica Plain, Seaverns Hall, 670 Cen- 
tre St., J. P. 2d and 4th Monday. John M. 
CaU, sec. 101 Tremont. 

No.1007. Roxbury. Guild Hall. 2374 Wash.. 2d 
and 4th Wednesday. James E. McGuire. sec, 
516 LaGrange. W. R. 

No. 1008. Bunker Hill, K. of P. Hall. 2 Main. 
Chsn.. 1st and 3d Friday. D. L. Mahoney. sec. 
6 Prospect. Chsn. 

No. 1306. Roslindale. Fairview Hall. 43 Poplar. 
Ros.. 1st and 3d Monday. Maurice H. Flana- 
gan, sec, 807 South Ros. 

No. 1858. Blackstone. 694 Wash., 2d and 4th 
Wednesday. J. M. V. Plunkett, sec. 41 Wash- 
burn. Dor. 

No. 2139. Oodman. Llthgow Hall, 61S Wash., 
Dor., 1st and 3d Thursday. Walter E. Leslie, 
sec, 889 Adams, Dor. 




Office G. W. Secretary, Westminster, Mass. 
John W. C. Sargent. Westminster. Mass., G. S. 
Tiiomas Hollow, LawTence, G. T. 
Nicholas Bowker, Fall River, Mass.. G. P. 
William J. Piatt, East Boston. G. V. P. 
No. 2. Boston Commandery, U. S. K., America 

Hall. 724 Wash., 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
No. 07. James A. Garfield Lodge, Intercolonial 

Hall, 214 Dudley, Rox., 2d and 4th Monday. 
No. 161. Admiral Nelson Lodge, Pilgrim Hall. 

732 Broadway. S. B., 1st and 3d Wednesday. 
No. 222. Hearts of Oak Lodge, 32 Central sq.. 

E. B.. 1st and 3d Thursday. 
No. 275. Commonwealth Lodge, Liberty Hall, 

1203 River, H. P.. lst|and 3d|Tuesday. 
No. 391. Gen. Havelock, Fairview Hall. Ros., 

2d and 4th Wednesday. 
No. 394. Cabot Lodge, America Hall, 724 Wash., 

1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 403. John Bright. 446 Tremont. 1st and 3d 

No. 488. Duke of Wellington Lodge, John Wln- 

throp Hall. 446 Tremont, 1st and 3d Thursday. 

No. 76. Oriental, 163 Meridian, J 

No. 183. Brighton, 8 Braintree, Allston. 1st 

No. 294. Roslindale, 127 Belgrade av., 3d Tues- 

No. 386. Shawraut. 529 E. Broadway, S. B., 4th 

No. 526. Alpha. Palladio Hall. 2d and 4lh Mon- 

No. 528. Peace, Roughan Hall, 1st and 3d Tues- 

No. '791. Bloomfleld. Masonic bldg.. 584 Co- 
lumbia road. Dor., 1st and 3d Monday. 

No. 845. Fenway. 209 Washington. 


Offlce of Grand Commandery, Haverhill. Mass. 

The annual session of the Grand Commandery 
of Massachusetts is hela in Boston on the second 
Thursday in June. 

Grand Commander. Edgar H. Walker: Grand 
Recorder, Mrs. Harriet A. Wa"' " " ~ 
John H. Peak. 

Valker; Grand Treas., 

lo. 115. Victoria .Jubilee, 177 Huntington av.. 

2d and 4th Friday, 
lo. 158. Myrtle, 32 Central sq.. E. B.. 1st and 

3d Tuesday. 


Supreme oiBce. 185 Summer street, rm. 401. 

Supreme Congress meets 3d Wednesday I 
June. 1916. 

Supreme Officers. 
Supreme President. John Merrill. 
Senior Past President, T. A. Paradls. 
Junior Past President, P. J. Tetrault. 
1st Vice-President, Joseph E. Pellerin. 
2d Vice-President. John S. McGowan. 
Supreme Secretary. James F. Reynolds. 
Supreme Treasurer. John C. BartheLmes. 
Medical Du-ector, J. P. Roulier, M.D. 
Medical Examiner. Edward J. Dailey, M.D. 
Supreme Coimsellor, John P. Leahy. 
Supreme Actuary, George Dyre Eldridge. 
Sorgeant-at-Arms. L. P. Beaudet, M.D. 
Supreme Instructor. J. P. Mcintosh, M.D. 

Grand Assembly of N. E. meets biennially o 

Grand Speaker, 
Grand Sec. A. ChaUle. 
Grand Treas.. Joseph B. Latour. 
Columbian. 1st Friday. 17 Worcester. 
Gen Warren., 2d and 4th Tuesday at 214 Dud- 
lev. Rox. 
Mt. Washington. K. of C. bldg., S. Boston. 2d 


State Counsellor. Vose E. Cross. Peabody. 
State Vice Counsellor, H. N. Symonds, Danvers. 
State Council Sec, Alphonso Blakely, 7 Central 

sq., Lynn. 
State Council Treas.. Fred A. Dodge, Beverly. 
S. C. Ind., A. L. Morse, Salem. 
S. C. Ex., W. K. Morse. Salem. 
S. C. Pro.. C. L. Jones, Roslindale. 
S. C. Dkn., C. R. Levin. Haverhill. 
Jr. Ex. S. Cr., George W. Penniman, Mattapan. 

Annual session held at Beverly, Feb. 22. 1917. 

Junior Order United American Mechanics. 
Annual Meeting in Boston, Mass., 3d Tuesday 

Sept., 1916. 
State Counsellor, Albert P. Wadleigh, Haverhill. 
State Vice Counsellor, Harry Richardson, Hav- 


Offlce of Grand Commandery, 209 Wash., rm 50. 

The annual session of the Grand Commandery 
of Massachusetts is held in Boston on the fourth 
Wednesday in April. 

Walter Powers. Groton, Grand Commander. 
Helen Kelly. 209 Wash., rm 50. Grand Keeper lof 

Merton E. Holmes, Campello. Grand Treas. 

Broadway, 3d Wednesday. 
No. 12. Hope, Columbus Club Hall, rear 529 

E. Broadway, 1st Wednesday. 
No. 16. Beacon, 34 School, rm. 35, 2d and 4th 

No. 19. Allston, Franklin HaU, 10 Franklin, 

Allston, 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
No. 39. Bunker Hill, 6 Monument sq., Chsn., 2d 

and 4th AVednesday. 
No. 48. Boston, 15 Province. 1st and 3d Mon- 


Supreme Colony. 

Supreme Governor, George F. Bradstreet. Maiden 

Supreme Lieut. Governor, John D. Cooley, Mai- 

Supreme Secretary, Emra D. Jaqua, Jr., 292 Es- 
sex, Lawrence. 

Supreme Treasurer, A. V. Bugbee. I^awrence. 

Supreme Medical Examiner, George W. Dow, 
Annual meeting first Wednesday in April. 

Subordinate Colonies, Boston. 
No. 12. Highland, Palladio Hall, 54 Warren, 

Rox., 2d and 4th Wednesday. 
No. 16. John Winthrop, Intercolonial Hall. 214 

Dudley, Rox., 2d Tuesday 
No. 18. John Alden, Homes of members, 2d 

No. 24. Mount Washington, Bethesda Hall, 

Charlestown, 1st and 3d Wednesday, 

No. 74. Gen. Warren. Seaverns Hall, Centre St.. 
J. P., 2d and 4th Tuesday. 

No. 81. Shawmut. 8 Warren, Rox., 2d and 4th 

No. 82. Tri-Mountain, Walcott Hall, 32 Cen- 
tral sq., E. B., 2d and 4th Monday. 

No. 144. Liberty. Warren Hall, 67 Warren, Rox., 

Chariestown, 1st and 3d Tuesday. 
No. 167. The Star, 11 Savin, Rox., 4th Tuesday. 
No. 171. Hiawatha, Palladio Hall, 54 Warren, 

Rox., 1st and 3d Monday. 
No. 194. Unity, .St. Lawrence Hall, 218 Dudley, 

Rox., 3d Wednesday. 




Chaplain General. Rev. Maurice J. O'Connor, 

D.D., Boston. 
President, Rev. Joseph V. Tracy, P,R., Brighton. 
Treasurer, Rev. WilUam J. Casey, Maiden. 
Cor. Secretary, Patrick P. Donovan. 
Rec. Secretary, Maurice Dinneen, Custom House, 

Fin. Secretary, Helen M. Sweeney, 88 Pearl, 

Board of Government meeting 4th Sunday, 3 

P.M., 18 Harvard. 



Hibernian T. A. Society, 3d Sunday, 3.30 p.u., 694 

Holy Cross Temp. League. 1st Wednesday and 

3d Sunday, S p.m.. School Hall, Maiden St. 
St.Columbkill Total Abstinence Society, 1st and 

3d Sunday, 2.30 p.m., Verdi HaU, Marltet St.. 

St.James Total Abst. and Athletic Society, 1st 

Sunday, 18 Harvard. 
St. Valentine's Total Abstinence, 1st Monday. 

8 P.M., Boston College Hall. 
St. Theresa's (ladies'), 1st Wednesday, S P.M., 

Boston College Music Room. 
St.Joseph's Total Abstinence and Athletic So- 
ciety, Tuesday 7.30 p.m., 95 Cambridge. 
St.James' (ladies') Society, 2d and 4th Tuesday, 

S P.M., Oheverus Hall, IS Harvard. 
Father Matheiv Total Abstinence and Literary 

Society, Monday eve.. Parochial School bldg., 

Bunlcer Hill St., Chsn. 

I. o. OF aooD x£m:i>i,ars 

Oband Lodge op MAssAOHoaETTa, 
G. C. T., George A. Lee, 1S5 Bunker Hill s 
P. G. C. T., Chesley D. Corkum, 21 Corey, E 

G. Coun., W. E. Thomas, Watertown. 
G. V. T., Miss Ida F. Baker. Lynn. 
a. S. J. W., Mrs. Annie L. Peugalley, 101 Cha 

D. I. O. T.. Harry Woodward. East Saugus. 

Next session in Bo.ston, first Wednesday in 
April. 1917. 

List of Lodges in Boston. 
No. 2. Central, Walcott Hall, 32 Central sq., E. 

B., 1st andiSd Monday. 
No. 4. Commonwealth, 12 Huntington av., 2d 

and 4th Wednesday. 
No. 7. Naomi. 1234 Wash.. 2d and 4th Tuesday. 
No. 9. Metropolitan, 1234 Wash., 1st, 3d and 

.■ith Thursday. 
No. IS. Helen Harper, 1042 Tremont, Wednes- 

No. 33, Massachusetts, Roslindale, 2d Monday. 
No. 6S. Home Circle, 149 Warren av., 2d and 

4th Wednesday 
No. 84. J. M. Ford.. Seamen's Bethel. Monday 
No. 151. Wylie, 440 Tremont, Wednesday. 


The annual session of the Grand Division of 
Massachusetts is held in Boston on Patriots' Day, 
April 19th. 


G. W. p., James J. Leggett, Everett. 

G. W. A., Mrs. Ella M. Rice, Cambridge. 

G. Treas., George A. Smith. Box 267. Rockland. 
G. Chap., Rev. John Mason, D.D.. New Bedford. 
G. M., Alfred WilUams, Haverhill. 
G. A. S., Miss Marion G. Simpson, Somerville. 
G. D. M., Miss Inez L. Hathaway. New Bedford. 
G. G.. Mrs. Hattie A. Westgate, Whitman. 
G. Sent., Nathan Silverman, Worcester. 
G. Mess., Walter Mathews, Lowell. 

Chapel, Readv. 

Old Bay State, No. 32, 1st Wednesday evening. 
Tremont Temple. 

Steadfast. No. 57, 1st and 3d Wednesday even- 
ing. 214 Dudley. Rox. 

Caledonia, No. 90, Saturday eve., 446 Tremont 

War and Military Veteran Associations and Auxiliaries 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. 

Headquarters. Faneuil Hall, 

Officees Elected in June. 

Captain, Major General Walter E. Lombard of 

First Lieut.. Lieut. Thomas H. Ratigan of Dor- 
Second Lieut. . Sergt. Joseph A. Gahm of Brook- 
Adjutant, Lieut Walter L Tougas of Boston 


Asst. Paymaster and Clerk, Lieut. George H. 
Allen, of Boston 

Commissary. Oapt. Jacob Fottler of Boston. 

Judge Advocate, Lieut. Augustus Andrews 

Asst Surgeons, Dr. Charles O. Kepler, Dr. Wil- 
liam P. Ripley. 

Sergeant. Lieut. Edward P. Brook. 

Sergts. of Infantry, Joseph A. Maynard of Rox- 
bury, William J. Miller of Concord, Charles C 
Rogers of Manchester, Albert E Carr of Rox- 
bury, Charles H. Campbell of Chelsea, William 
H. Hayes of Boston. 

Sergts. of Artillery, Samuel H. Bartlett of Wal- 
pole, Nathan SalUnger of Boston, Bion B. 
Libby of Brookline, John M. Keyes of Concord. 
Charles 8. Powell of Boston, T. W. Carman of 

Military Order of Foreign W^ars ot the 

U. S. 
Massachusetts Oommandery. 
Com., William A. Bancroft. 
Sec., Allen Arnold. 85 Devonshire. 
Registrar. Edward H. Eldredge. 
Deputy Sec, Hugh Bancroft. 

Oomuandert of the State op MASSACHnsEXTa. 

Headquarters. Cadet Armory. Columbus av. 

, Col. Charles F. Morse 

Brig. Gen. Joab 

2931, Boston, 

Registrar, C, Peter Clark, 

Treasurer, Lieut. Arthur B. Denny. 

Chancellor, Lieut. Col. Willard D. Tripp. 

Chaplain, Rev. Sidney B. Snow. 

Council, Capt. Henry N. Coney, Lieut. Frank E. 

Orcutt, Capt. Henry N. Blake, Henry W. 

Dwight, William D. Eldredge. 

Military Order of Span 


Treas., Lieut, William L. Swan, 77 I 
Registrar, Lieut. James O. IPorter, 

erand Army of the Republic 

National Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Com. Chief, Ellas R. Monfort. 
Department of Massachusetts 
Headquarters. 27 State House 

Commander. pTancis E. Mole. 

Senior Vice Commander, Daniel E. Denny, Wor- 

Junior Vice Commander, Edwin P. Stanley, Man- 

Medical Director, John Gilbert. M.D., Fall River. 

Chaplain, Seth M. Hall. Brockton. 

Assistant Adj.-Gen. Philip A. Nordell. Brookline. 

Asst. Quartermaster Gen., Wilfred A. Wetherbee, 

Inspector. Edward W. Streeter. Adams. 

Judge Advocate. Hubert M. Coney. Ware 

Chief Mustering Officer, Albert H. Haskins, 

Patriotic Instructor, Jefferson K. Cole, Peabody. 

Chief of Staff, William L. Gage, South Braintree. 

Department Ofllcers elected In April. 

There are 203 Posts of the G. A. R. In this 
Department, the officers of which are elected at 
the first stated meeting In December. 

The following Posts hold their meetings in 

No. 2. Dahlgren. 1st and 3(1 Wednesday. 409 
W. Broadway. S. B. 

No. 7. Charles Russell Lowell. Wednesday. 
Grand Army Hall. 1151 Washington street. 


No. 11. Abraham Lincoln, 1st and 3d Tuesday, 
G. A. R. Hall, 14 Green street, Chsn 

No. 15. John A. Andrew, every Friday. G. A. R 
Hall, 1151 Washington street. Arnaed Battal- 
ion, Post 15, 2d and 4th Tuesday. 

No. 21. Friedrich Hecker. 2d Tuesday, Tum- 

140 Meridian street, E. B. 
No. 26. Thomas G. Stevenson, 1st and 3d Mon- 
day, Court House, S8 Roxbury street. Roxbury 
Washington, 2d and 4th Friday, W. 

The following Circles hold their meetings In 
Boston : 
No. 16. Wm. McKinley, 1st and 3d Friday 

afternoons at GuUd Hall. 2374 Wash.. Rox. 
No. 23. John A Andrew 2d and 4th Thursday 

evenings at Post 15 Hall, 1151 Washington. 
No. 26. Paul Revere. 1st Monday afternoon 

and 3d Monday evening, Lithgow Hall, 618 

Wash., Dor. 

Grand Army Hall. 91 Park St., Dorchester. 
No. 92. Francis Washburn, 1st and 3d Monday, 
G. A. R. Hall, 319 Washington street, Brighton. 
No. 113. B. W. Kinsley, 3d Wednesday, Black- 
mar Hall, 506 Ford Building. Bowdoin cor. 
Ashburton pi. 
No. 121. Timothy Ingraham, 2d and 4th Tues- 

„ .. „ . p^^^ 

every Thursday, 46 

No. 149. Major G. L. Stearns, Wednesday. 332 

Main street, Chsn. 
No. 159. John A. Hawes. 1st and 3d Monday. 

at John A. Hawes Post Hall, Maverick, cor. 

Bremen, E. B. 
No. 191. Gettysburg. 


and 4th Friday. 3 

Relief Corps. 

National Headquarters, Belleville, 111. 

Nat. Pres., Mrs. Carrie Alexander Bahrenburg. 

Department of Massachusetts Headquarters, 657 
Washington, room 17. 

Dept. Pres., Mrs. Annie P. Atwood, Whitman. 

Senior Vice Pres., Mrs. S. Anna. Starkweather, 

Junior Vice Pres.. Mrs. Flora S. Chapln, Worces- 

Sec. Mary E. Elliot, Somerville. 

Treas., Fannie M. Jones, Somerville. 

Chaplain, Mrs. M. Eunice ColUdge. Athol. 

Inspector, Mrs, Mary B. Hyde, Fall River. 

Counselor, Miss Susie F. Burton, Bridgewater. 

Instituting and Installing OlHcer, Mrs. Ella P. 
Long, Hyde Park. 

Patriotic Instructor. Mrs. Rose K. Coy. Stone- 
Press Correspondent, Mrs. Mabelle H. Smith, 

Department officers elected in April. 

The following Corps hold their meetings in 

Boston, officers of which are elected at the first 

stated meeting in December: 

No. 3. John A. Hawes. 2d and 4th Tuesday 
evenings at John A. Hawes Post Hall, East 

No. 9. Geo. L. Stearns. 1st and 3d Monday 
evenings, G. A. R. Hall, Hancock sq., Chsn. 

No. 20. Dahlgren, 1st and 3d Tuesday evenings, 
409 W. Broadway, rm. 9, S. B. 

No. 23. Charles Russell Lowell. 2d and 4th 
Monday evenings in G. A. R. Hall, 1151 Wash- 
No. 35. Timothy Ingraham, 2d and 4th Tues- 
day afternoons. Liberty Hall, Hyde Park. 

No. 39. Abraham Lincoln, 2d and 4th Tuesday 
evenings, G. A. R. Hall. 14 Green, Chsn. 

No. 63. Thomas G. Stevenson, 1st and 3d Mon- 
day afternoons. Court House, 88 Ro.ibury St., 

No. 07. Robert A. Bell, meets 1st and 3d Wed- 
nasday evenings, G. A. R. Hall, 48 Joy street. 

No. 68. Benj. Stone, jr., G. A. R. Hall, Park St.. 
Dor., 2d and 4th Tuesday afternoons. 

No. 79. Francis Washburn. G. A. R. Hall, 
Brighton, 1st and 3d Tuesday evenings. 

No. 88. Frederick Hecker. 2152 Washington. 
Rox., 2d and 4th Monday evenings. 

No. 91. Washington. W. Fourth, cor. Dor- 
chester, S. B., 2d and 4th Wednesday evenings. 

No. 157. Boston. Thomas-st. schoolhouse, Ja- 
maica Plain. 1st and 3d Friday evenings. 

I^adies of the eran<l A.rmy of the 

Department of Massachusetts Headquarters, 620 

River, Mattapan. 
Pres., Mrs. Nellie R. Thomas, Cliftondale. 
Sen. Vice Pres., Mrs. Elvira P. Veasey, Reading. 
Jun. Vice Pres., Mrs. Frances C. Lhmell, Somer- 
Sec., Mrs. Bessie W. Sebolt, W. Somv. 
Treas., H, Maria Ward, East Lynn. 
Chaplain, Mrs. Lillian E. Goodridge, Cambridge. 
Inspector, Mrs. Hallie E. Whitney, Lowell. 
Patriotic Inst.. Miss Nellie c:. Thomas, Clifton- 
Press Cor.. Miss Mln<lnra Kennedy. Roxb\u-y. 

loeiution Navul Veteiuua 

1151 Washington. 
Commander. Andrew Houghton. 
Paymaster. Thomas Grinnell. 
Sm-geon John Dixwell. 

Secretary. George L. Almeder, 663 Adams, Dor, 
Meets 2d and 4th Thursday, 

Department of Massachusetts. 
Headquarters, 630 Washington, Stoughton, 

Commander. George W. Pratt. 


Deputy Commander, Henry W. Ayers, Everett. 
Chaplain. Daniel W. Gould, Chelsea. 

Quartermaster General, John D. Thompson, 29 

Webster. Rockland. 
Gen. Jos. Hooker Command, No. 9, 1151 Wash- 

ual meeting In October. 

Sona of Veterans, U. S. A. 

National Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Com. Chief, Col. A. E. B. Stephens. 

Massachusetts Division. Headqdakters. 15 

Beacon. Room 38. 
Commander. Rev. A. A. Bronsdon. Millers Falls. 
Senior Vice Comdr., Milton B. Boody, Roxbury. 
Junior Vice Comdr., Edgar W. Howland, Rock- 
Secretary, Henry F, Weiler, Melrose. 

The following Camps hold their meetings In 

Boston, officers of which are elected at the first 

stated meeting in December. 

No. S. W. H. Cudworth, 2d and 4th Friday, 
G. A. R. HaU. 140 Meridian, E. B. 

No. 9. Charles Russell Lowell, 1st and 3d Tues- 
day, G. A. R. Hall, 1151 Washing- 

No. 30. Lieut. Nathaniel Bowditch. 2d and 4th 
Tuesday, G, A. R. Hall, 91 Park, Dor. 

No. 46. Gen. Nelson A. Miles, 3d Tuesday, 
Court House, 88 Roxbury st., Rox. 

No. 51. Joseph Stedman, 2d Friday, 418 Poplar, 

No. 89. Joel D. Dudley. 1st and 3d Friday 
following 1st Monday, G. A. R. Hall. Brighton. 

No. 90. John F. Andrew, 4th Tuesday, 1151 

No. 98. Dahlgren, 1st and 3d Thursday, 409 
W. Broadway. S. B. 

No. 100. Abraham Lincoln, 2d and 4th Mon- 
day, G. A. R. Hall, 14 Green, Chsn. 

Vo. 145. Frederick Hecker. 2d and 4th Wed- 
nesday. 1095 Tremont street. 

UauKhters of Veterans, U, S. A. 

National Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Nat. Pres., Miss Katharine R. A. Flood. 


Department President, Mrs. Nellie M. Goodman, 

Smith, Dorchester. 
1 reao.. m.o. i.i».,i..o i.. Tucker, Medford. 
Inspector. Mrs. Mabel H. Gooding. Somerville. 
Patriotic Instructor, Agnes B. Barry, S. Boston. 
Secretary, Anna Doyle, Roxbury. 
Department oflScers elected In April. 


The following Tents Hold their meetings In 
No. 1. Mrs. John A. Andrew. G. A. R. Hall. 

Park St.. Dor.. 1st and 3rd Wednesday. 
No. 29. Mrs. Wihnon W. Blackmar. Court 

House, 88 Roxbury St., 1st and 3d Thursday 
"' "■ Betsey Ross, G. A. R. Hall. 
— • " ■ • 4th Friday. 

Jamaica Plain, 2d i 

No. 3B. Lizabeth A. 

and 4th Wednesday. 

Wash., 2d 

Son» of Veterans, Auxiliary, U. S. A.. 

National Headciuarters, Philadelphia, Pa, 
Nat, Pres., Mrs. Libbie Meis. 

Massachusetts Division, Headquarters, Marsh- 

President, Miss Lottie L. Ford, Marshfleld. 

Vice President, Mrs. Mabelle M. Ham, Boston. 

Treasurer, Mrs, Alice A, Pratt, Stoneham 

Chaplain, Mrs. Harriett Young. Boston. 

Inspector. Mrs. Lucy Goodspeed, Duxbury. 

Installing Officer, Mrs, Emma Warren, Spring- 

Patriotic Instructor, Mrs. Marie Hollis, South 

Secretary, Mrs. Lizzie PlaveU. Marshfleld. 
Chief of Staff, Mrs. Grace Howland, Rockland. 
Pres. Cor.. Mrs. Blanche Fish, Somerville 
Judge Advocate, C. C. McNaught, Millbrook, 

The following auxiliaries hold their meetings 
in Boston. 
No. 8. Abraham Lincoln. 1st and 3d Wednesday, 

G. A. R. Hall, 14 Green, Chsn 
No. 51. Joseph Stedman, 2d Friday, 418 Poplar, 


Spauish War Veterans 

National Headquarters, St. Louis, Mo 
Next National Encampment, Aug. 1910. 
Com. Chief, Lucius C. Dyer. 
Department of Massachusetts, 
Annual Election, April 19th 
Headquarters, 41 City Hall. 
Dept. Commander. John J. Linehan, Lynn. 

Dept. Chief of Staff. Robert H. Knight, Pittsfleld. 
Dept, Adjutant, P. J. Mullane. Charlestown. 
Dept. Quartermaster. George P. Field. So. 

Dept. Inspector, John A. Bussell, Rox. 

Dept. Judge Advocate, Alfred B. Jones. Lynn. 

Dept. Surgeon, Edwin D. Towle, Salem. 

Dept. Chaplain, Rev, Wm. F. Dusseault, Lynn. 

Dept. Marshal, ,Ieremiah J. Shea, Springtteld. 
Dept. Historian. John C. Barrett, Somerville, 
Dept. Patriotic Instructor, Edwin D, Woodbridge 

The following Camps hold theh- meetings in 

Boston : 

No. 1. Geo. J, Whitten, 1st and 3d Monday 
1151 Wash. 

No. 3. Major P. J. Grady, 1st and 3d Friday. 
G. A. R. Hall, E. Boston. 

No. 4. Major M. J. O'Connor, 1st and ."nl 
Thursday, Dorchester and W, Fourth sts.. 
South Boston. _ 

No. 0. Ensign Worth Bagley, 2d and 4th Fri- 
day, Roughan Hall, 16 City sq., Chsn. 

No. 13. Roxbury, 2d and 4th Friday, 1101 Tre- 

No, 14,' Col'. Fred B. Began, 1st and 3d Wed- 
nesday, 38 Cross, Chsn. 
No. 18. Capt. John Drum, 1st and 3d Friday, 

694 Wash. 
No. 23. Roger Wolcott, 2d and 4th Friday, 214 

Dudley, Rox. 
No. 27. Edward N. Cunningham, 1st and 3d 

Thursday, after 1st Monday, G. A. R. Hall. 

Washlnctton St., Br. 
No. 34. John Cleary, 1st and 3d Friday, 

Liberty HaU, 1203 River, Hyde Park. 
No. 38. Bunker Hul, 2d and 4th Thursday, 28 

Union, Ohsn. 
No. 53. John E. RUey, 1st and 3d Wednesday, 

Dorsey Hall, 456 Tremont. 

Auxiliary to XTnlted Spanish War 

Department of Massachusetts. 
Headquarters, 146 Oxford, Cambridge. 
Dept. Pres. , Edith W, Lindh, Cambridge. 
Dept. Sr. V. Pres.. LilUan Cook, Charlestown. 
Dept. Jr. V. Pres., May D. KeUy, E. Boston. 
Dept. Sec., Rena E, Jenkins, Charlestown. 
Dept. Treas.. B. Maud Dugan. AUston. 
Dept. Chaplam, Rae Blair, Dorchester. 
Dept. Judge Advocate. Adelaide Castegnato. 

Dept. Instituting and Installing Officer, MoUie 

Reardon, Lawrence. 
Dept. Patriotic Instructor, Jemiie R. Dix. Lynn. 

No. 1. Alice C 

Armory Hall. E. B. 
No. 2. Catherine L. Crane, 1st and 3d Thursday. 

11 65 Tremont, Rox. 
No. 4. Mary E. Bogan, 2d and 4th Mondays, 

38 Cross, Chsn. 

Adelaide Worth Bagley. 1st and 3d 


214 Dudley, Rox. 
lo 29. George J. Whitten. last week day of t 
month. Whitten Hall, 5 Ruggles, Rox. 


I a. WUUams, Adju 

Light Infantry Veteran Corps. Meets 
_ _ juth Armory, A. Otis Chamberlin, Com- 
mander; Capt. Conrad M. Gerlach, Sen. Vice 

Commander; Capt. Albert L. Kendall. Ju 

Vice Commander; Color Sergt. James Walker, 

jr.. Adjutant, 79 MUk; Sergt, Edward S, Eaton, 

British Naval and Military Veterans' Asso- 

elation of Mass. Incorporated. 5Parksq.. 

John R. Smith, pres.; Reginald K. Famell. 

treas.; George Stephens, fin. sec; Thomas T. 

Stokes, sec, 5 Park sq. 
Charlestown Artillery Veteran Association. 

John W. Rose, pres., treas. and cor. sec, 32 

Blue Hill av.. Rox. 

100 Federal. 
Flfty-Nlntb Mass. Beglment Association. 

James F. Flynn, pres.; Chas. P. Battelle, sec. 

Custom House, Boston. 
Firty-Slitb Mass. Regiment Association. 

First Mass. Heavy Artillery 

65). Charles H. Masury 
George W. Lewis, trea 
W. J. Mansfleld. sec, i 

(Veterans 1861- 

Danvers, Mass.; 

Melrose Highlands; 

Pleasant, Wakefield, 

First Mass. Vol. Cavalry Association. Charles 
Blller, pres.. Roxbury; James L. Robinson, sec. 
and treas.. 193 N. Main, Brockton. 

First Regiment Mass. Vol. Infantry Veteran 
Assn. George S. Campbell, pres,; L. Edward 
Jenkins, sec, 78 Lexington. E. B.; Sergt. Har- 
rison Whittemore. treas., 37 Brent, Dor. 

First Regiment Mass. Vol. Mllltia Veterans. 
1151 Wash., Alvin R, Morgan, commander; 
Henry O. " " ' ' 

Parker Brown . 
and treas.. Lunenburg, Mass. 

. and treas.. 324 Wash. 

Regiment Assn 

Forty-Fourtb 1 

Samuel May. jr.. pres.; inii-at-i- r. ru 
sec, 14 Library. Revere; F, G. Webster, 



Association. 1151 Wash- 
Myrick, com.; Capt. 
Capt. George F. Ur- 

I'orti'-Second Mass. Reelment Association. 

Jotn A. Page. pres. ; Daniel L. Weymouth. 
sec; Ellery C. Crocker, treas., Medfleld. 

Forty-Tblrd Mass. Regiment Association. 
George E, Curtis, ores.; Thomas R. Apple- 
ton, treas.; Luther W. Bixby, sec., 2817 Wash., 

Fourteenth Mass. Battery Association. 

, pres.; E. D. Sanboru, vice pres,; Andrew 

J. Alexander, sec. and treas.. Soldiers' Home, 

Fusilier Vetera 
Ington, Maj. J. W. H. 
John P. Murray, treas . __. . 
ling, sec., 74 Atlantic, WInthrc 

German Veteran Society. Hoadciuarters. 1095 
Tremont, Rox., B. J. Arntz, captain; John 
Koelsch, first lieut.; Max Lenz, sergt-major 
and sec., 71 Woodrow av., Dor.; Adolph Schultz 

Booker Association. Gen. Walter E. Lom- 
bard, pres.; Frank L. McPherson, treas.; Lieut. 
Henry J. Bardwell, sec. 453 Mass. av. Ros. 

Mass. Assn. of Minute Men of 1861. Charles 
E. Winslow. commander; Edward F. Chand- 
ler, quartermaster, 124 Walnut, Somerville; 
James H. Griggs, adjt. and sec, 48 Pinckney, 

"Mass. Assn. of I'nion Ei-Prisoners of War. 
Dennis F. Linnehan, comniander. Custom 
House, Boston; James H. Griggs, adjt., 4S 
Pinckney St., Somerville. 

Ninth Regiment Association. 1151 Wash.. 
Capt. John W. Mahoney. comm.inder: John C. 
Driscoll, quartermaster: David J. Crieason, 
adjutant, 1458 Tremont. Rox 

Old Guard of Massachusetts. Capt. Herbert 
P. Staples, commander; Capt. A. G. Reynolds, 
adj.. 101 Milk, 5th floor; Lieut. Geo H.. Wash- 
bm-n. quartermaster 

Pierce Light Guard Veteran Association (7th 
Co., C. A. C), M. V. M.. South State Armory. 
Capt. Arthur Wentworth Burton, pres., 371 
Harvard, Cambridge; 1st Lieut. Frank R. 
McCullagh, treas., 314 Warren, Rox.; 1st 
Sergt. Edward Oscar Risem, sec, 15 Lansing, 

Roanoke Association. Meets Feb. 8th. Rich- 
ard H. Jackson, pres.; , sec; Thomas 

Swasey, quartermaster, Marblehead. 

Roxbury City Guard Veteran Association 
" ■ C.). Municipal bldg., Rox- 

Thlrd Mass. Cavalry Assn. William B. Cor- 
thell, pres.. 120 Shute, Everett; Oscar A. Rice, 
treas., 71 Marion, E. B.; John A. Sale, sec, 
Rockland, Mass. 

19 Milk, Boston. 

treas^ 294 Devonshire; Frank E. Orvutt, 

143 ifpham, Melrose, Mass, 

ris P. Webster, pres. 

Thirty-Second Mass. Regiment Assn. Fran- 
and treas., 108 North, Hingha 


Alfred A 

Lincoln, sec. 

vice pres.; Albert C. Stacy, 

Tigers Veteran Association (ad Co., C. A. C). 

A. Otis Ohamberlln, commander, 41 Amory. 
Cambridge; Sergt. Edward S. Eaton, pay- 
master, 28 School ; Color Sergt. James Walker, 
jr., adjutant, 79 Milk 

ntleth Mass. Regiment Assn. Charles 
Newell, pres., 10 Ball, Rox.; Levi Whlt- 
nb. vice pres.; C. J. Greier, sec, and treas. 

Twenty Fourth Regir 

Charles tt, Amory, 

Twenty-Ninth Mass. Regiment Assn. Fran- 
cis M. Kingman, pres., E. Bridgewater; J. O. 
Willy, treas., Lynn; Henry E. Stewart, sec. 
Soldiers' Home, Chelsea. 

Twenty-Second Mass. Regiment Association. 
Gforge H. Ackerman. pres,; Eben W, Pike, 
■ " -)lk. 

; Norfolk. Cambridge . 



'eteran Assn. of the Independent Corps of 
Cadets. Headquarters Cadet Armory. Francis 
Henry Appleton. pres.; Charles 
first vice pres,; Edward N. Fenno 

ores.; Charles E. Loud, 


acond vice 

McDonald E. 


It.A.1JeiIXl:KS OP THE A-MT^RlCA-fl 


National Society Headquarters, 
Memorial Continental Hall, Washington. D. O. 
President^General. Mrs. William Cummlng 

massachuselts State Officers 
Headquarters, 585 Boylston. 
Regent. Mrs. Frank B. Ellison, Belmont. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs, Franklin P. Shumway of Mel- 

Ohaplain, Mrs. Charles W. Sprague. 72 Brent. 

Rec, Secretary, Miss Isabel W. Gordon, 35 AVhit- 

raan rd.. Worcester 
Cor, Secretary. Mrs, Emma H. Copeland. 


Treasurer. Mrs. George Minot Baker, Concord. 
Historian. Mrs, Charles B. Meserve, Newton 
Asst, Historian, Mrs, H, E, Wilson, Pittsfleld, 
Registrar, Miss Mary I, Howe. Lowell 
Auditor. Mrs, Alma P, Brown. Fall River, 
Asst, Auditor, Miss Julia T, Peavey, Lowell, 
Parliamentarian. Mrs. George W. Pfelffer. Allston 


Boston Tea Party, Boston. Meets 3d Tues- 
day In each month 

Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Alta Nevons, Medford 
Treasurer, Mrs, Mary G. Bunton, Hyde Park, 
Registrar, Miss Annie S, Head, Brookline. 
Hlstorlaa Mrs. Isadore P. Baxter, E. Milton. 
Honker Hill, Boston. Meets 3d Thursdays 

October to May. inclusive. 
Regent. Mrs. George H. Newcomb, Woburn 
Vice-Regent, Mrs, Anabplla Plaisted, Everett 
Rec, Secretary. Mrs. Charles H. Johnson, IS 

^ . V.,.,.... V-. , ..^.s, Percy J, Holmes, Somerville. 

Registrar. Miss Emily Glldden, Oharlestown, 

Historian, Mrs. A, Lincoln Bowles, Roslindale, 

Colonel Thomas Gardner, Allston. Meets 
17th of each month from October to May In- 
clusive. ^ 

Regent. Miss Emma S. Coblelgh, Allston. 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Amos D. Baker, Allston. 

Rec Secretary, Miss Nancy H, Harris, 37 Saun- 
ders, Allston. 

Treasurer. Miss Nellie Hancock. Hudson. 

Registrar. Miss A. Gertrude Snow, Allston. 

Historian, Miss Marian Ellsworth, Allston. 

Committee of Safety, Boston. Meets Satur- 
day, once a month. 

Regent. Mrs. Hattie H. Wagner. Dor, 

Vice-Regen«. Mrs. Marion B. Thompson. Win- 

Rec, Secretary, Mrs. Lucy Brown Littlehale, 63 
Gushing av.. Dor. 

Treasurer. Miss Amy G. Littlehale. Dor. 

Registrar. Mrs. Grace O. Bartlett, Boston. 

Historian, Mrs. Eoline V. Rogers, Dor. 

Franklin, Boston. Meets 3d Wednesday In 
each month. 

Regent. Miss Hattie A, Wilkins. Newton Centre 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. George O. Brooks, Boston, 

Rec, Secretary, Mrs. D. S. Monroe, 38 Paul Gore, 
J. P. 

Historian, Miss Clara M. Fowler, Boston 
General Benjamin Lincoln, East Boston. 

Meets 3d Monday in each month. 
Ruspnt . Mr.s. J.ihn R. Story. Melrose 
Ai,-t--Rf..-."it'j Mrs. E. lO. Kenney, Dor., Miss 

! ur\ I: I;. I, 111', E. Boston 
l;. C, Agnes Godbold, 150 

'li.irles F, Drew, E, Boston 

rge E, Anderson, E, Boston 
hi^.jhen F. Oai'dn 


Hamphrey and Spragu 

4th Tuesday in each moiun, (_Kiuoer lo june 

Regent. Miss Gertrude Hudson. Wlnthrop. 
Vice-Regent. Miss Elizabeth E. Hewitt, Walt- 

Eec. Secretary. Mrs. Edwin S. Price. 115 Summit 
av.. Wlnthrop. 

Treasurer. Mrs. Augustus Sparhawk. Boston. 

Registrar. Miss Ada H. Morse. Brookline. 

Historian. Miss Ethel Downer. Brookline. 

John Adams, Boston. Meets 4th Friday in 
each month, September to May. 

Regent. Mrs. Charles D. Holmes, Brookline 

Vice-Regent. Mrs. Edgar B. Ouyer, Dorolioslcr 

Rec. Secretary. Mrs. Maria F. K.inkinp. .56 

Treasurer. Mrs. Henry D. "W. Morris, Dorchester 

Registrar,. Mrs. Leonard J. ScUuler. West Rox- 

Historian, Miss Marianna P. Smith. Brookline. 

John Hancock, Boston. Meets 3d Tuesday 
in each month. October to May inclusive. 

Regent. Mrs. Herbert W. Drew. Newton High- 

Vice-Regent. Mrs. Augustus A. Fales. Chsn. 

Rec. Secretary. Mrs. Mary B. Alland. 75 Wel- 
lington Hill St. Dor. 

Treasurer, Mrs. Addison McGarrett. Dor. 

Registrar. Mjss Jessie F. Emery. Rox. 

Historian, Mrs. William H. Preble. Somerville. 

John Pan! Jones, Boston. Meets 2d Wed- 
nesday of each jnonth. 

Regent. Mrs. Frederick C. Parchert. Brookline. 

Vice-Regont. Mrs. Lue S. Wadsworth. Boston. 

Registrar. Mrs. O. E. Corkran. Boston. 

Historian. Miss Marion Howard Brazier. Boston. 

Hary Draper, West Boibury. Meets 2d 
Saturday in the month. October to May in- 

Regent. Mrs. A. C. Jordan, West Rox. 

Vice-Regent, Mrs. Walter Newell. 

Rec. Secretary. Mrs. WilUara C 

Goodnough. West Rox. 

Coleman. 97 

Clement i 
Treasurer, Mre. 

Registrar Mrs. Charles T. Hauer, .Jamaica I'lam. 
Historian. Miss Abble M. Lovejoy. West Roxbury 
HInnte Men, Boston. Meets 4th Friday. 

October to May Inclusive. 
Regent. Mrs. Ralph M. Kirtland. Maiden. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs. Wm. L. Fox. Wlnthrop. 
Rec. Secretary. Mrs. George O. Kent, 108 Almont, 

Treasurer. Mrs. Hugh B. McKay. Revere. 
Registrar. Miss Lillian B. Mathewson. Maiden. 

each month. 
Regent, Mrs. Edward E. Synge. Brookline. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs. Joseph B. Brown, Brookline. 
Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Truman D. Hayes. 15 Park 

av.. Cambridge. 
Treasurer. Mrs. Edith L. Wilson. Camb. 
Registrar. Mrs. Chas. L. Adams. Boston. 
Historian. Mrs. Roscoe H. Chesley. Camb 
Old Blake Bouse. Dorchester. Meets 3d 

Wednesday of each month. 
Regent. Mrs. William B. Rand. Dorchester 
1st Vice-Regent, Mrs. Herbert M. Watson. Mat- 

2d vTce-Reeent. Mrs. W. B. B. Child. Mattapan. 
Rec. Secretary, Miss Marion G. Earle. 39 Whit- 
Treasurer. Miss Alice M. Talbot, Dorchester. 
Registrar. Mrs. Alexander Stockwell. Dorchester. 
Historian. Mrs. Carrie M. Weis. Mattapan. 
Old Boston, Boston. Meets 1st Wednesday 

in month. October to May. 
Regent. Mrs. Rosina R. Page. Arlington. 
Vice-Regent. Dr. Clara E. Gary. Boston. 
Rec. Secretary. Miss Mary Mossman, 1616 Blue 

Hill av., Mattapan. 
Treasurer. Mrs. Adah F. Kendall. WoUaston. 
Registrar. Mrs. Fannie H. Wilkins. Newtonville. 
Historian. Mrs. Abbie Earl Sims, Saugus. 
Old North, Boston. Meets 4th Friday. Oc- 
tober to May inclusive. 
Regent, Mrs. Ellen S. Perry, N. Wilmington. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs. Thomas Guthrie. Roxbury. 

Safford, 23Clark- 

. Grace G. Giles, Weston. 
Registrar. Mrs William C. Bowditch, Dorchester, 
Historian. Mrs. Adam S. Stiger, Watertown 
Old South, Boston. Meets 2d Monday in 

Regent. Mrs. Chas. H. Stevens. Dorchester. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs. F. A. Williams. Boston. 
Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Grace Shaw Wilder, 24 

Botolph. Melrose Hlds 

Historian. Mrs, Louise C, Perry. Dor 

Order of Patriot Da 

clerk, 1011 Bu>lsti.ii; Emily A. !Siimv, Ir.a.s. 
Paul Revere, Boston. Meets 1st Thursday In 
the month. October to May. inclusive. 

Hogisli-ar. Miss Jtssi,- Kishcr. Newton. 
Historian, Miss Ethel G Gould, Chelsea. 
Warren and Preseott, Boston. Meets 1st 

Saturday in the month from November to 

April, inclusive. 
Regent, Mrs. George H. Hobson, Brookline. 
Vice-Regent. Mrs. John H. Morrison. Boston. 
Rec. Secretary. Mrs. David S. Penhallow. 4S3 

Beacon, Boston. 
Treasurer, Mrs. Leslie O. Wead. Brookline. 
Registrar. Mrs. Elisha D. Bangs. Boston. 
Historian. Mrs. Charles F Batchelder, Cambridge 



Governor, Arthur C. Walworth. 

Treasurer, Francis L. Coolidge. 

Secretary, Herbert M. Leland, 10 Post Office 
Square. Boston. 


Cadet Armory, society meetmg July fourth, 
committee meetings first Thursday of March 
and November. Winslow Warren, pres.; Ho- 
ratio Lamb, vice pres. : Robert n 
David G. Haskins. jr.. 


Commander. Edwin Sanford Crandon. 

Trea-iurnr. Alvin R. Bailey 

Recorder. John H. Westfall. Box 1. Allston. 

10 Tremont. rm. 25 


President. Mrs. Barrett Wendell. 

Vice Presidents, Mrs. WilUam G. Farlow, Mrs. 

Henry Parkman. Mrs. Robert S. Russell. 
Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Frances T. Bowles 
Cor. Seeretarv, Mrs, Samuel Hoar, Concord, Mass 
Treasurer. Mrs. Charles Linzee Tilden. 
Registrar. Mrs. Charles K. Bolton. 
Historian. Mrs. Chas. A. Coolidge. 
Genealogist. Miss Idelle Keyes. 


Gov. J. Grafton Minot. 

Walter K. Watklns. 

Registrar. Paul "M. Hubbard 

Historian. Boylston A. Beal. 

Chaplain. Rt. Rev. William Lawrence. 


MASS. SOCIETY. 73 Tremont, rm. 439. 
President. Frank E. Woodward, Wellesley Hills. 
Treasurer, Charles M. Green, M. D. 
Secretary. Herbert W. Kimball. 


President. Edmund Hawes Talbot. 

rm. 45. 

ROGER WOLCOTT CAMP. 839 Boylston. 
Secretary, Dr. Laura A. C. Hughes, n.S Huntirg- 
Chairmau and T.easuror, Jennie U. Dix. 


585 Boylston. 
President, Mrs. George W. Perkins. Boston. 
Clerli. Mrs. Frank B. Hawley, Cambridge. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Arthur W. Lane, 7 Williston, Au- 

i-eas.. Mrs. .. , 

Gen. Fed. Sec., Mrs. Donald 

Pres., Miss Ethel M. Peirce. Dor. 

Vice Pres., Miss Margaret S. Mansfield, Dor. 

Treas.. Miss J 

F. Ballou, bo 

Meets at different times at Head- 
quarters, 17 Tremont, 
Pres.. Mrs. Quincy A. Shaw, Boston. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Chas. G. Ames. Boston. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Eleanor O'Brien, Chestnut Hill. 
Treas., Mrs. Clara B. Beatley, Roxbury. 

Brighton and Allston Equal Suffrage Assn., 
Brighton. Meets monthly, second Thursday, 
2.30 P.M., Allston HaU, 138 Brighton av.. Alls. 

Pres., Mrs. William H. Boss, Alls. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Pauline Nelson Hartstone. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Clara E. Ellis, Br. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. F. E. DowUng, 4 Webster St.. 

Treas., Mrs. John E. Madison, Alls. 

Brightelmstone, Brighton. Meets first and 
third Mondays, 2.30 p.m., Brightelmstone Club 

Pres., Mrs. Charles H. Woodbury, Alls. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. W. Henry Alline, Boston. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Henry S. Dawson, Auburndale. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Frank O. Davis, 55 Brentwood 
St., Alls. 

Treas., Mrs. Emily J. Burbank, Alls. 

Business League, Boston. Meets monthly 2d 
Tuesdays, 3 p.m., 585 Boylston. 

Pres., Mrs Isabella A. Potter, Brookline. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Evelyn M. Stillings, Boston. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Grace L. Porter, 8 Cumberland. 

Treas., Mrs. Arvilla Lecount Bates, Melrose. 

Chromatic, Boston. Meets fortnightly, Tues- 
days, H A.M., Hotel Tuileries. 

Pres., Mrs. A. Julian Rowan, Belmont. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Minnie Little Longley, Boston. 

Rec. Sec, Miss Winnetta Lamson, 217 Babcock, 

Asst. Sec, Mrs. Chas. H. Flood, Brookline. 

City Federation, Boston. Meets, Executive 
Board monthly. Delegate meetings upon call. 
Annual meetings in April. 

Pres.. Mrs. George W. Perkins, Rox. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Julius Ardrews, Brookline. 

Rec. Sec, Dr. Agnes C. Vietor. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. O, F. Gettemy, 43 Roslin, Dor. 

Treas., Miss Marion C. Nichols, Boston. 

Civic Club of Ward Seven. Meets monthly 
Wednesdays. Occasional reunions, Barnard 
Memorial. Annual meeting in February. 

Pres.. Mrs. Charles Park. 

Vice Pres., Miss Margaret McKinnon, Boston. 

Sec, Miss Laura Leavitt, 68 Warrenton St. 

Treas., Mrs, Mary F. Forsander, Boston. 

Civic Club of Ward Nineteen, Boibury. 
Meets monthly, third Wednesday, 7.45 p.m., 
1049 Columbus av., Rox. 

Pres., Mrs. Louis Prang, Rox. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Georgia Warren, Rox. 

Rec. Sec, Miss Wilhehnina DaUas, 1001 High- 
land av., Rox. 

Treas., Miss Agnes Howard, Rox. 

Clifton Literary, Dorchester. Meets month- 
ly third Thursday, 2 p.m., homes of members. 

Pres.. Mrs. Harry R. Terhune, WoUaston. 

Vice Pres.. Mrs. William Koppel, Dor. 


Treas , Mrs George J. Warren. Dor. 

Congenial. Meets monthly, first Monday, Bos- 

Pres., Helena M. Low.lGreenwood. 

Vice Pres., Miss Christine Jackson, Boston 

Sec, Miss Christie Jennings, Wtnthrop. 

Treas., Miss Bernice Woodcock, Winthrop. 

Council of Jewish Women. Meets first Sat- 
urday and third Monday, Temple Israel. 

Pres., Mrs Charles E. Wyzanski, Brookline. 

Vice Pres.. Mrs. E. VanNoorden, Brookline. 

Rec Sec, Imogene Morse, Brighton. 

Cor. Sec. Miss Anna Pelonsky, 8 Egremont rd, 

Treas.,lMrs.!I. K.JE.jPrager, Allston. 

Pres., Mrs. B. D. Weeks. H. P. 

Vice Pros., Mrs. Charles F. HiU, H. P. 

Rec. Sec. Mrs. Edward K. Ellis, H. P. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. W. W. Petrie, 31 Pleasant, H. P. 

Treas., Mrs. Harry A. Collins, H. P. 

Current Topics, Dorchester. Meets first and 
third Tuesdays, 2 p.m., homes of members. 

Pres., H. A. Dodge, W. Newton. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Etta B. Morris, Dor. 

Rec Sec, Mrs. Lucy P. Hersey, Dor. 

Cor Sec , Mrs EUza H. Eaton, 1095 Blu3 Hill av.. 

Treas., Mrs. Minnie B. Stone, Hyde Park. 

Daughters of Maine. Meets monthly. Fri- 
days. 2 P.M., homes of members. 

Pres., Mrs. George W. Young, Boston. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Lucy A. Stockbridge, Br. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Bessie Lowell, Camb. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Charles G. Pratt. 160 Strathmoro 
rd., Br. 

Treas., Mrs. Frank H. Holden, North Acton. 

Daughters of Maine, Dorchester. Meets 
monthly, fourth Thursday, 2 p.m., Dorchester 
Women's Club House. 

Pres.. Mrs. James H. Flint, Weymouth. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Warren S. Perkins, Wakefield. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. John Clair Minot, Watertown. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. George H. Guard. 372 Cornell. 


Vice Pres., Mrs. Arthur B. Corthell, Winchester. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Raymond G. Laird, 22 Rockview. 

J. P. 
Treas.. Mrs. Edward Rugg, Reading. 
Ex Club. Meets four times a year. 
Pres., Mrs. Anna D. West. Boston. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. May Alden Ward. Boston. 
Rec Sec, Mrs. Emory D. Leighton, Meador rd.. 

Treas., Mrs. Mary E. Mason, Hyde Park. 
Ei-Club of New Hampshire Daughters. 

Meets annually. 
Pres., Mrs. Nellie E. Terhune, Boston 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Florence W. Cadieu, Everett. 
Rec. Sec, Mrs. Ella S. Bean, Medford. 
Historian, Mrs. Ida J. Balcom. Nashua, N. H. 
Treas., Mrs. Emma O. PhUbrick, Dorchester. 
Ei-Begents (D. 4. E.). Meets three times a 

Treas., Mrs. W. Henry AUine, Boston. 

Fathers and Mothers. Meets first and third 

Tuesdays, at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. 
Pres., Mrs. Mary Pamela Rice. 
Vice Pres., Rev. Woodman Bradbury, Camb. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Jessie M. Wilkinson, Brookline. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. A. Dudley Dowd, 30 Berwick rd., 

Newton Centre. 
Treas., Everett W. Lord, Boston. 
Greater Boston Women's Auxiliary to the 

Railway Mall Assn. Meets second and 

fourth Thursdays, 2.30 p.m., 30 Huntington av. 
Pres., Mrs. P. T. McCarty, Watertown. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. J. T. Barker, Melrose. 
Rec. Sec, Mrs. J. F. Karcher, Br. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. H. S. Kilcup, 314 Faneuil, Br. 
Treas., Mrs, W. E. Rice, Hyde Park. 
Half Century, Dorchester. Meets monthLv. 

second Tuesdays. 2.30 p.m., homes of members. 
Pres., Mrs, Mary R. P. Hatch, Rox. 
'" " " " " Woodbury, Newton. 

Vice Pre 

Rec Sec, Mrs. J. E. Hamilton, Brookline. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. J. L. Stoddard, 637 Dudley. Dor. 
Treas., Mrs. W. B. Rend. Dor. 
Harvard Women's Club of Boston, Inc. 
Meets first Thursday, 2.30 p.m.. Hotel Ven- 

rd. Br. 

Treas.. Mrs. Prank W. Ballou, Camb. 
Home Club, East Boston. Meets first and 

third Tuesday, 7.45 p.m.. Central Hall. E. B. 
Pres.. Mrs. Herbert L. Cooke, E. B. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Edmund A. Rice, E. Boston. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Ellen B. Tomlinson, E. B. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Frederick T. Manson, 112 Bays- 

Treas., Mrs. George C. Anderson, E. Boston. 


Jamaica Plain Tuesday, Jamaica 

' sday. 3 p.m., EUot ~ ' 
i W. Carter. J. P. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Arthur P. Perry, J. P, 
Eec, Sec. , Mrs. Henry B. Sears, J. P. 
Cor. Sec., Miss Jean W. Swain. 24 Myrtle, J. P. 
Treas., Mrs. Albert W. Goodnow, J. P. 
Junior Charity. Meets third Tuesday, 2.30 

P.M., Laughton Studio. 
Pres., Miss Mabel Paul, Winthrop Highlands. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Chas. L. Purinton, Brookline. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Olive Bell, NewtonvUle. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Arthur G. Jones, 132 Pleasant, 

Treas., Miss Florence Bunting, Winchester. 

Ladles' Aid Assn. of the Soldiers' Home In 
Mass. Meets first Thursday, 2 p.m., 177 
Himtington av. 

Pres., Mrs. Lue Stewart Wadsworth, Boston. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Austin C. WeUington, Camb. 

Rec. Sec. Mi-s. Edward Leighton, Worcester. 

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Francis Lovejoy, Box 566, .\ycr. 

Treas., Mrs. Ozias Clapp, Chelsea. 

Hall, Tremont Temple. 
Pres., Dr. Adelaide N. Abbott, S. Boston, 
Vice Pres., Mrs. F. E. Wilson, Everett, 
Rec. Sec, Dr. Lillian G. Perry, Cambridge. 
Oor. Sec, Mrs. Frances L. Blake, 54 Sydney, Dor. 
Treas., Miss Eva M. Barker. Dorchester. 





nightly, Mondays, 

Pres., Mrs. Solomon Townsend, Ji 
Vice Pres., Mrs. A. R. Foster, Dor. 
Rec. Sec. Mrs. George J. Warren, Dor. 
Cor. Sec, Miss Lillian F. Chandler, 460 Colu 

rd.. Dor. 
Treas., Mrs. O. P. Creamer, Dor. 

Plaza Hotel. 
Pres., Mrs. Barbara Galpin, Somerville. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Richard Hamlin Jones, Newton, 
Rec. Sec, Dr. G. Maude Hough. Boston. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Mary-Abby Procter, 15 Haviland, 

Troas., Dr. Eliza B. Vahill, Boston. 
Rosllndale Community. Meets first and third 

Tuesdays, 2.30 p.m.. Congregational Church, 

Pres., Mrs. Geo. S. Kramer. Ros. 
Vice Pres.. Mrs. William Muir, Ros. 
Rec Sec, Mrs. William G. Kinnear. Ros. 
Cor. Sec. Mrs. John C. Brodhead, 38]MoutcIair 

av, Ros. 
Treas., Miss Stella O. Libby, J. P, 

Meets first and third 
.._ , . .1 Warren, Rox. 

Pres., Mrs. John W. Sanborn, Rox. 
Vice Pres.. Mrs. Melville C. Freeman, Rox, 
Roc. Sec, Mrs. Edwin E. Kidder, Dor. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Holmes E. Bruyere, 31 Braiuerd 

Pres., Mrs. Carolyn E. Bell, Rox. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. George H. Guest, Melrose. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Ina F. Main, Quincy. 

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Jane C. Tarr. 69 Paul Gore, J. P. 

Treas.. Miss Carrie J. Littlefleld. Rox. 

Mass. State Nurses Assn. Meets three times 

Pres.. Miss Sarah E. Parsons, Mass Gen Hospi- 

Ruskln. Meets second and fourth Mondaj's, 
3 p.m.. Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library. 
Pres.. Miss LUla E. Kelley, Dor. 
Vice Pres.. Mrs. Emma Gibbs Whitney, Camb. 
Rec Sec, Mrs. Luraine E. Gerrish. Boston. 
Oor. Sec, Mrs. Minnie M. Soule, 9 Leamington 

Treas., Mrs. Clarissa Sears Blackmer, Rox. 

Memorial Hospital, Worceste 

2d Vice Pres., Miss Mary A. Myers. R. N., Long 
Island Hospital, Boston Harbor. 

Rec. Sec, Miss Julia A. Smith, R. N., Union Hos- 
pital, Lynn. 

Cor. Sec, Miss M. E P. Davis, R. N., 21 Walnut 
av., Norwood. 

Treas., Miss Esther Dart, R. N., Stillman In- 
firmary, Cambridge. 

Historian, Miss Mary M. Riddle, R. N.. Newton 
Hospital, Newton Lower Falls. 

Hattapanock Woman's, South Boston. 
Meets first apd third Saturdays, 2.30 p.m.. 

Vice Pres.. Miss Clara L. Stuart, S. Boston. 
Rec. Sec. Miss Ethelind Stuart. S. Boston. 
Cor. Sec. Miss Kate A. CooUdge. 65 G. S. B. 
Treas.. Mrs. Frances A. Means, S. Boston. 

New England Wheaton. Meets second Satur- 
day. October to March, 2 p.m.. Hotel Vendome. 
Pres., Mrs. Herbert C. Joyner, Cambridge. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Elbert Murdoch. Boston. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Julia A. Butler, Newtonville. 
Oor. Sec, Mrs. Chas. Capon, 2 Hancock, Boston. 
Treas., Mrs. H. M. Jones, Kingston. 

New England Women's. Meets every Mon- 
day, 3 P.M., 585 Joylston. 
Pres., Mrs. Mary - 

, .„., „ Ladd. Boston. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Mary Alden Ward, Boston. 
Rec Sec, Mrs. Charles A. WooUey. 5 Fells rd. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Silas Folger, 29 Summit rd, Mcd- 

Treas., Mrs. Addie R. Bradbury, Waltham. 

New England Womeh's Press Assn. Meets 
first and third Wednesday, 3 p.m.. Hotel Belle- 

Vice Pres.. Mrs. Lulu S. Upham, Newton. 
Rec. Sec, Miss Isabel Loughlin, J. P. 
Cor. Sec, Ml-s. Alfred T. Waite. Cambridge. 
Treas., Miss Grace M. Burt, Neivton. 

Cor Sec, Mrs. Lena ^.. ....^..w.-, ^ ..— . 

Treas., Mrs. Lura P. Mead, Somerville. 

Norumbega Woman's, Cbarlestowo. Meets 
first and third Saturdays at 2.30 p.m.. Memo- 
rial HaU, 14 Green, Chsn. 

Pres., Mrs. Augustus A. Fales.'^Chsn. 

Vice Pres., Mrs.lEzra^R. Fisher, Chsn. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Edward E. Alien, Chsn. 

Cor. Sec, Miss Florence Brock, 63 Elm, Chsn. 

Treas,. Mrs, Charles Raymond. Chsn. 

Vice Pres.. Mrs. Carolyn E. Bell, Rox. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Charles Butterfleld. Rox. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Clement G. Godfray. 41 Waldeck. 

nesday, 2.30 p.m., 640 Harrison av. 

Pres.. Miss Sarah Brown. 

Rec. Sec. Miss Ellen Blood, 43 E. Canton. 

Treas., Mrs. Berman. 

South End Woman's. Meets first and third 
Mondays, 8 p.m., 171 W. Brookline. 

Pres.. Mrs. Silas H. Ayer, Boston. 

Vice Pres., Miss Ida Gilbreth, Boston. 

Tvec. Sec, Miss C, Littlefleld, 901 Commonwealth 
av.. Alls. 

Treas,, Mrs, Walter Kendall, Boston. 

Thought, Hyde Park, Meets first and third 
Tuesday, 2.30 p.m,, homes of members. 

Pres.. Mrs. George W. Barle. H. P. 

Vice Pres., MLss Florence A. Runnells. H. P. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Wellington Stewart, H. P. 

Treas.. Mrs. Frances C. Hamblin. H. P. 

Thursday Morning Fortnightly, Dorchester. 
Meets fortnightly Thursdays, 10 a.m.. Dor- 
chester Woman's Club House. 

Pres., Mrs. Charles S. Burr, Dor. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. William Penn. Somv. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs, Francis M. Wilson, Dor, 

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Charles E. Quincy. 41 Kenberma 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Joseph H. Goodspeed, Boston. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. W. H. Mitchell, Newton. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Frances E. Stanley, 638 Centre, 

Wlntergreen. Meets monthly, third Friday, 

11.30 A.M., homes of members. 
Pres., Mrs. J. Sewall Reed, Dor. 
Vice Pres., Rev. Ada Choate Bowles, Gloucester. 
Rec. Sec, Mrs. Alanson ■ ■ — • 

Chestnut Hill. 
Treas., Miss Abbie A. Rogers, Boston, 

394 Hammond. 


Hall, Uphams Corner, Dor. 
Pres., Mrs. Walter M. Payson, Rox. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Perley Miller, Dor. 
Rec. Sec, -- - _ _ .. 

Cor. Sec, 

Treas., Miss Harriet L. White, Rox. 



Woman's Charity. Meets monthly, third 
Thursday, 10.30 a.m.. Hotel Vendome. 

Pres., Mrs, Joseph C. Otis, Norwell. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. F. S. Risteen, Newton Centre. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. A. L. Tallman, East Boston. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Clement G. Lewis, 38 Tonawanda, 

Treas., Mrs. Arthur H. James. South Boston. 

Woman's Club* Dorchester. Meets second 
and fourth Tuesdays, 2.30 p.m.. Dorchester 
Woman's Club House. 

Pres., Mrs. George R. Clark, Dor. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Frederick I. Winslow. Dor. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. J. B. Smith, Dor. 

Cor. Sec, Miss Ethel N. Shumway, 81 Welles av, 

Treas.. Mrs. Warren A. Edson, Dor. 

Woman's Club, West Roibury. Meets sec- 
ond and fourth Tuesdays, 2.30 p.m.. Highland 
Club Hall. 

Pres., Mrs. Arthur B. Porter, W. Rox. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Alonzo G. Howard, West Rox. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Edward J. Rowse, W. Rox. 

Cor. Sec. Mrs. William B. Brophy. 154 Temple. 
W. R. 

Treas., Mrs. William S. Mitchell, W. Rox 

Woman's Club of Park Street Church. Meets 
second and fourth Mondays, 8 p.m., Park St. 

Pres., Mrs. Irene C. Scott, Boston. 

Vice Pres., Miss Ella E. Bickford, Dor. 

Rec. Sec, Miss L. Belle Hewson. Boston. 

Cor. Sec, Miss Ada H. Foucar. 95 Commonwealth 
av. Chestnut HUl. 

Treas., Miss Katharine Robertson, Dor. 

Auditor, Miss Katherine Robertson, Dor. 

Woman's Era. Meets first and third Mon- 
days, 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., place of meeting to be 

Pres., Mrs. Gertrude Wright Morgan, Cambridge. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Sarah A. Williams. Everett. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Elizabeth King, Boston 

Cor. Sec. Mrs. T. E. Elmore, 15 DUworth. Bos- 

Treas!. Mrs. Rachel P. Richardson, Cambridge. 

Woman's Home Literary, Dorchester. Meets 
fortnightly. Mondays, 2.30 p.m., homes of mem- 

Pres., Mrs. L. A. Maclean, Dor. 

Vice Pres.. Mrs. Walter M. Payson, Rox. 

Rec. Sec, Florence S. Wight, Maiden. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. Gertrude L 

Treas., Mrs. Lucy Bolter, Rox. 

17 Cobden, 

Pres., Mrs. WUfred A. French. Brookline. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. William H. Daniels, Alls. 
Rec. Sec, Mrs. Frederick S. Fogg, Boston. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. Llewellyn D. Seaver, 16 Home- 
stead, Rox. 
Treas., Mrs. Herbert V. Mitchell, Roxbury. 

Women's Neighborhood, Roxbury. Meets 
every Thursday, 8 s-.m., 858 Albany. 

Pres., Miss Ethel Ward Dougherty, Rox. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. Jacob Weinstock, Rox. 

Rec. Sec, Mrs. Stephen Sugrue, 58 Hunneman, 

Treas., Mrs. John Evans, Rox. 

Women's Organization, Boston Assn. Retail 
Druggists. Meets monthly, third Thursday, 
2.30 P.M., 30 Himtington av., rm. 211 

Pres., Mrs. Truman Hayes, Camb. 

Vice Pres., Mrs. J. H Green. Newton Highlands. 

Rec Sec, Mrs. Francis J. Connolly, Dor. 

Cor. Sec, Mrs. William R. Acheson, 8 Park av., 

Treas., Mrs. Frank F. Ernst. Jamaica Plain, 

Women's Publicity. Meets monthly, second 

Friday, 1 P.M., Hotel Thorndike. 
Pres., Mrs. George B. Gallup. Boston. 
Vice Pres., Mrs. Ida May Pierce. Winchester. 
Rec. Sec, Mrs. Kenneth MacNichol, Brookline. 
Cor. Sec, Mrs. I. V. Wellington, 121 St. Stephens, 



99 Post Office Building. 

Associate Justice, U. S. Supreme Court — 
Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

Circuit Judges — Wm. L. Putnam. Frederic 
Dodge, George H. Bingham. 

District Judi 

Hampshire: Art; — — -, - 

Clarence Hale, for Maine: James M. Morton, jr., 
for Mass.; Peter J. Hamilton, for Porto Rico. 

Marshal — John J. Mitchell. 

Clerk — Francis M. Fogarty. 

Dept. Clerk — Arthur I. Oharron. 

Annual Term, First Tuesday of October. 

Sessions foe Hearing Cases, Fh-st Tuesday 
of January and October and second Tuesday of 

111-112 Post Office Building. 
District Judge— James M. Morton, jr. 
Dist. Attorney — George W. Anderson. 
Clerk — William Nelson. First Deputy Clerk — 
Frank H. Mason. Deputy Clerks — John E. 
Gilman, jr., Arthur M. Brown. Mary E. Prender- 
gast. Herbert W. Lewis, Arthur D. Grandison. 

U. S. Marshal of the District of Mass. — John 
J.-Mitchell, 103 Post Office building 

( hiof Deputy — Patrick J. Duane. Deputies — 

Rice, Springfleld: Frank F. Dresser, Wo 

Alex, McL. Goodspeed, New Bedford; Arthur 

H. Wood, Pittsfleld. 

.lury Commissioner — Bernard J Rothwell. 

Terms of the Court, March, the 3d Tues- 
day: June, the 4th Tuesday; September, the 2d 
Tue.sday: Dec, the 1st Tuesday. 

121 to 125 Post Office Building. 
Referees — James M. Ohnstead and Charles K. 
DarUng. Boston, for Suffolk Co.: Geo. W. Stet- 
son, Middlcborough, for Plymouth and Bam- 

and Suffolk Co.: Ohas. F. Aldrlch. Worcester, 
for Worcester Co. ; Charles W. Bosworth " ' 
field, for Hampden Co.; Edwin K. ] 
Adams, for Berkshire Co.: Clifford P. Sherman. 
New Bedford, for Bristol and Dukes Counties 
and Nantucket: Harold H. Flower, Greenfield, 
for FrankUn Co.: William Perry. Salem, for Es- 
sex Co.; Walter L. Stevens, Northampton, for 
Hampshire Co. 


238 Court House. Pemberton square. 

Chief Justice — Arthur P. Rugg. Salary. 

Associate Justices— William O. Loring. Henry 
K. Braley, Charles A. DeCourcy. John O. Crosby, 
Edward P. Pierce. James B. OarroU. Salary. 
$10,000 each. . 

Reporter of Decisions, Henry W. Swift. 

Clerii of the Court for the Commonwealth — 
Clarence H. Cooper. 

Clerk for the County of Suffolk— John F. 

Asst. Clerk — John H. Flynn. 

Deputy Sheriff and Messenger — Robert Herter. 

Sittings of the Court, for Suffolk county, 
on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Jury Sittings, first Tuesday of April and 
second Tuesday of September. 

Law Term for the Commonwealth of 
Mass. Monday after first Wednesday of Jan- 
uary, first Tuesday of March and second Monday 
of November. 

225 State House. 

Attorney General — Henry O. Attwill. 

Assistant Attorneys General — Nelson P. Brown, 
H. Ware Bamum, William H. Hitchcock. 




Court House. Pemberton Square. 

Chief Justice — John A. Aiken. Salary. J9.500 

Associate Justices — Franklin G. Pessenden, 
John H. Hardy. WUliam B. Stevens. Charles U, 
Bell, Frederick Lawton. Jabez Fox. William 
Oushlng Walt. Lloyd E. White, 1/oranus E, 
Hitchcock, William F. Dana. John F. Brown, 
Henry A. King. George A. Sanderson, Robert 
F. Raymond, Marcus Moi 
Joseph P. Qulnn, John D. McLaughlhi, Walter 
P. Hall. Hugo A. Dubuque, Patrick M. Keating, 
Frederic H. Chase. Richard W. Irwin. William 
Hamilton, Christopher T. Callahan. James H 
Sisk. PhUip J. O'Connell. Salary. t8.400 each. 

Clerk for Civil Business — Francis A. Camp- 
bell. Elected by the people. Term expires 1917. 

Assistant Clerks— William Gilchrist. George E 
Kimball, Allen H. Bearee, Stephen Thacher, 
Giu- H. HoUiday. Flourence J. Mahoney. Charles 
^art, Francis P. Ewlng, 

Messenger of the Court — Charles F. Dolan. 

Tebms of the ConBT fob Civil Bdsine 
first Monday of January. April, and October 
Court House. Pemberton aquare. 

District Attorney — Joseph O. Pelletier. Sal- 
ary, $7,000. 

.Assistant District Attornevs — Daniel V. Mi- 
Isiiac, Daniel J. Gallaplit-r. Abraham O. Webber. 
Salarv, $3,800 each. Deputy Assistant District 
Attorneys — Henry P. Fielding. Ralph H. Hal- 
•"" Salary. $2,200 each. Messenger of the 

1 January. 1917. 

Assistant Clerks — John R. Campbell, Julian 

Probation Officers — Richard Keefe, James F. 
Wise, Charles M. Warren. John J. Barter. Alice 
M. Power. Catharine M. RelUy, Mrs. Prances 

Tebmb op the Codbt for Criminal Business, 
first Monday in each month at Court House, 
Pemberton sq. 

Room 120 Court House. 
Judges of Probate and Insolvency — Robert 
Grant. Elijah George. Salary, $7,000 each. 
Register of Probate and Insolvency — Arthur 

Officers — Frederick .1. Pinnegan Messenger. 
Frank W. Brown. 

Sessions of the Probate Court are holden 

Court House, Pemberton sq. Register — WIl- 


408 Court House. 
Judge — Charles Thornton Davis, salary. $8,000. 
Asso, Judge — Joseph J. Corbett. salary, $8,000. 
Recorder — Clarence C. Smith, salary. $4,500. 
Hours. 9 A. M. to 4.15 p. m. 

Associate Justices — John H. Burke. Geo. L. 
Wentworth, James P. Parmenter, William Sulli- 
van, Michael J. Murray, John Duff, Michael J. 
Creed. Thomas H. Dowd. salary, $5,000 each. 
Special Justices — John A. Bennett. Abraham K. 
Cohen, Joseph A. Sheeha 

. John G. Brackett. 
; J. Gorman. 

_ Donovan. 

Clerk. Criminal Business — P. O. Ingalls^ 

George L. Twombly, 
H. Powers, Patrick E. HoUeran. 

Probation Officers — Albert J. Sargent, chief: 
Francis A. Dudley, first asst. : Mary L. Brinn. 
second asst. Assistants — Albert J. Fowles. D. 
Joseph Lmehan, Joseph A. McManus. Frank L. 
~ - " "Tilkinson " . ~ ^ . 

Maynard. Elizabeth A. Lee, Alfretta P. McClure 
Margaret H. Markham, Theresa C. Dowiing 
Ethel Wood. Aimie M. Kennedy. Mary A. Tbu- 

Terms of the Court for Civil Business 
every Saturday, at 9 a.m., for the return anc 
entry of civil actions not exceeding $2,000. 

Fob Criminal Business, every week day ex 
cept legal holidays, at 9 a.m. 

Special Justices — Frank Leveroni, Philip 

Clerk— Charles W. M. WiUiams. 

I'loliiition Ollicers— Jolm M. I\.iiis;nuin. Jolin B. 

Clerk's office open 9 to 1. 



Municipal bidg., Broadway near G. 

Justice — Edward L. Logan. Salary, $2,750. 

Special Justices — Josiah S. Dean. William J. 


Clerk — Adrian B. Smith, salary, $1,650. As- 
sistant Clerk— Harry W. Park, salary, $1,100. 
Court Officers — William L. Drohan, Robert A, 

Probation Officer — Clayt; n H. Parmelee. 
.\ssistant Probation Officers. Ellen McGurty. 
James P. Glcason. 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
day except the legal holt- 


Trial of civil actions 



ABCAniA Street, cor. Adams. 

Justice — Joseph R. Churchill, salary. $3,500 

Special Justices— Michael H. Sullivan, William 
F. Merritt. 

Clerii— Frank J. Tuttle, salarv. $2,100. 

A.ssistant Clerk— Frederick E. Simmons, $1,400 

Court Officer — John P. Halligan. 

Probation Officer — Reginald H. Mah. 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holidays, 
commencing at 9 o'clock, a.m. 

For the return and entry of civil actions every 
Saturday. 9 a.m. to 12 m. Trial of civU actions 
Saturdays at 9.30 a.m.. except from July I to 
Sept. 15. For trial of poor debtor cases last 
Saturday each month except during July and 



Cahbridob Street, cob. Henshaw. 

Justice — Thomas H. Connolly. Salary, $2,000. 

Special Justices — Robert W. Frost and Harry 

C. Fabyan. 

Clerk — Daniel F. Cimningham. Salary. $1,200. 
Court Officer — B. Franklin Sanborn. 
Probation Officer — Edward J. Drummond. 
The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holidays, 
commencing at 9 a.m. 

For the return and entry of civil actions, every 
Saturday at 9 a.m. For trial civil actions, every 
' lay at 9 a.m. For hearings of poor debtor 
ry Saturday at 9 a.m. 

and equitable i 

Frank T. Hawkes, 



Roxbubt Stbeet. 

Justice — Albert P. Hayden. Salary, $4,000. 

Special Justices — Jos. N. Palmer, Timothy J. 

Clerk — Maurice J. O'Connell. Salary. $2,400. 
Assistant Clerk — Fred E. Cruff, salary, $1 ' 
2d .■ " - „ . 

D. Mclnerney. 

Probation Officer — Joseph H. Keen. Assist- 
ants — Ulysses G. Varney, Edward A. Fallon. 
(juvenile). Mr.s. C'elia S. Lappen. Clerk — Mat- 
thew M. Leary. 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holidays, 
commencing at 9 a.m. 

For the retiu-n and entry of civil actions every 
Saturday at 10 a.m. 

For trial of civil actions every Tuesday, at 
9.30 A.M. 





Maple Place, off Seaveens Avende. 

P. O. address. Jamaica Plain. 

Justice— .John Pen-ins, jr. Salary. S3.U(IU. 

Special Justices— J. Albert BracUett. Henry 


Clerk — Edward W. Brewer. Salary. $1,800. 
Court Officer — Thomas H. Staples 
Probation Officer — Frank B. Skelton. 
Probation Officer for Delinquent and Way- 
ward Children— Arthur R. Towle. 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holidays, 
commencing at 9 a.m. 

Per the return and entry of civil actions, ex- 
cept ejectments, every Saturday 9 a.m. until 12 m. 
Entry of ejectments. Saturday. 9 until 10 a.m. 
For the trial of civil actions every Wednesday at 

10 A.M. 



City Square 
Justice— Charles S. SulUvan. salary. $3,000. 
Special Justices — WUIis W. Stover. Joseph E. 

Clerk— Mark B. Smith, salary $1,800. 

Assistant Clerks — James J. Mullen, jr.. and 
Thomas F. Fitzpatrick. salary $1,200. 

Court Officers — Henry Fox. John F. Sullivan. 

Probation OflBcers — James D. Coady. John P. 
Foley. Florence A. Smith. 

Session for children, Satur- 
days. For return and entry of civil actions, ex- 
cept ejectment cases, every Saturday before 

Thursday at 9 a.m Ejectment cases, on th® 
return day. For trial of poor debtor cases, Wed- 
nesdays, at 9 A.M. 

Meridian St.. Corner Paris. 
Justice— Joseph H. Barnes, salary. $3,000. 
Special Justices — Charles J. Brown and Joseph 
J. Murley. 

Clerk— William C. Maguire. salary $1..S00. 
Assistant Clerk— Henry P. Mcltedo. Court Offi- 
cers — (ieorge E. HaiTington Edmund C. Orady. 
Probation Officer — Dennis J. Kelleher. 
Juvenile Probation Officer — Frederick L. O'- 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except legal holidays, 
at 9 A.M. For the r " - . .. 

For the return and entry of ejectment 
cases every Saturday before 10 a.m. For the 
trial of civil actions, except dubuque cases every 
Monday at 9 a.m.. dubuque cases. 3d Saturday 
■ " - Session for juvenile 


Sheriff and Jailer — John Quinn. jr.. salary, 
$4,000. Office. Court House. Pemberton sq. 
Elected by the people. Term expires first Wed- 
nesday Jan. 1916. 

Deputy Sheriffs — John P. Kelly (special sheriff) 

; ejectment cases. 

. . . Cornelius A. Keardon. 

Court Deputies. William .] . Leonard (chief) . Dan- 
iel A. Cronin. W. W. Campbell. James A. Hussey. 
Francis H. Wall. Richard J. Murray. Thomas A. 
Murray. Peter McCann. Oscar L. Strout. Robert 
Herter. William A. McDevitt. jr.. Caleb D. Dun- 
ham, George F. Mitchell. Frank C. Pierce. Wil- 
liam Nawn. William Burns. Thomas P. Hurley. 
Andrew J. Orotty. 

Supt. of Court House, Winthrop Alexander. 

At Jail— Edmund P. Kelly. 


Open at all times for business 

ei-— James J. Jac 
hier — James N. Greig. 
et .Stamp Clerk — Max 


Superintendent — John W. McGrath. 
ChieC Clerk— John A. Brennan. 
Asst. Supts. — Edmund R. Sargent, Alfred T. 
Hanson, John P. J. Couutie. 

Asst. Supt. — Ezra O. Winsor. 
Supt. of Carriers — William J. O'Brien. 
General Delivery Foreman — Alonzo P. Wood- 

Open for delivery from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; holi- 
days 7.30 to 10 A.M.; for registration, all hours 
of the day and night, except Sunday; holidays, 
12.01 a.m. to 10 A.M. Asst. Supt. — Alden B. 

3 pen 

from 6.30 
m 9 P.M. to 

3t. Supt. "W 

to 9 P.M., i 
k.M. Supt.- 

. Dawes. 


Warren C. VanDervoort. Supt. N. E. Div.. 44 
Bromfleld. „ „ . „ , 

Chief clerks. H. P. French. J. T. OanBeld. Fred 
C. Streck. P. O. Building rm. 79. 

George A. Leonard, in charge. 

New York City, 9 . 
Southern, 9 a.m.. 3. 1 
Western. 9. 11.30 a.n 
Worcester. 7.30. 9. 1 

Sprlngiaeld, ' 7.30, 9, 

10.15. 10.45 P.M. 
Salem. 3 a.m.. 3.30 ai 

Southern. 3. 7.15. 9, 11 a.m.. 12 m.. : 

10. 11 P.M. 
Albany, and on the route, 3, 7.30, 9, 1 

12.30, 6.30, 10.15 P.M. 
Western. 3. 9. 11.30 a.m.. 12.30. 6.30. 1 
Cape Cod. 6.30 a.m. .and 3. 3.30 p.m. 
Northern, 2, 5, 8, 11.30 a.m.. and 7 p.m 
~ via New York, day previous 

reign via 
at 9 P.M. 

Eastern. 2. 5, 

, 7, 8 

Southern, 5.52, 8.14 a 

10.15 P.M. 
Western, 6.50, 7.25. 1 

1.15, 3. 6.30 p 


M., 12.25, 2.31, 3.50. 


.... 12.15. 2.55, 3.50, 

6.25. 8.35 P.M. 
Eastern. 6. 8.50 Ex. Mon. a.m.. 12.45, 3.40, 8.35. 

9.40 P.M. 
Albany. 12.45. 5.50, 7.25, 11.15 a.m., 12,15, 2.S5, 

6.25. 8.55 P.M. 
Northern. 7.25. Ex. Mon. 8.25 a.m.. 12 m.. 4.55, 

7.25. 10.50 P.M. 
Cape Cod, 10.17 a.m. and 6.50 p.m. 

Canada Afalla. 

Montreal. Canada. East, close 2. 5. 8, 10.15 a.m. 

and 7 P.M. Due except Monday 8.25 a.m. and 

7.25 P.M. West, close 3 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

' Due 5.50 A.M. and 2.55 p.m. 

3.. 50 

Carriers' Delivery. 

Central Office. 

50. 9.30. 11 A.M. 12.21 

.=.,, v,.30, 8. S.40. .. ~ 
Registered Mall, Business, 
1.30, 2.15. 3. .'ill 
Market, 8, 9.4( 

2, 4 P.M. 

, 12.30, 2, 3.45 P.M. 
.30. 11 a.m., 12.20. 
i. House. 8. 10 A.M.. 2,4 P.M. 
1 A.M., 12.30. 2, 3,45 P.M. 


Branch Ofuckb. 
Allston. 8 Harvard av., 7.30, 10.50 
ArUnston, 7.30 a.m.. 12.45. 2.45 p.M 
Arlington Heights, 7.30 a.m., 1.45 p. 
Atlantic, 7.40 a.m., 2.05 p.m. 
Auburndale, 7.30. 10.20 a.m., 2.45 i 
Back Bay, 34 Hlintingtou 

9.30. 11 A.M., 1.15, 2.3r 

10.15 A.M., 12.15, 2.30, 4.30 P.M. 
Belmont. 8 a.m., 2.15 p.m. 
Braintree, 7.30 a.m., 1.45 p.m. 
Brighton, 339 Wash., 7.30, 10.45 a.m.. 2.50 p.m. 
Brookline, 7.30, 10.35 a.m., 2.40 p.m. 
Cambridge, 7.45, 10.10 a.m.. 1.50. 3.45 p.m. 
Cambridge A, 7.30, 10.20 a.m., 2.05, 3.45 p.m. 
Cambridge B, 7.40, 10.45 a.m., 3 p.m. 
Cambridge C, 7.30, 10.20 a.m.. 2, 4 p.m. 
Charlestown, 58 Mam, 7.40, 10.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 
Chelsea, 7.40, 10.40 a.m., 2.15, 2.50, 3.40 P.M. 
Chestnut Hill, 7.40 a.m.. 2 p.m. 
Coolidge Corner, 1354 Beacon, B'line. 7.30, 10.50 

Dorchester. Dorchester av. near Charles, Busi- 
ness, 7.45, 10.30 A.M., 1.55. 3.45 p.m. House, 
7.45. 10.55 A.M., 3.05 p.m. 

Dorchester Center, 595 Wash., Dor., 7.45, 11.00 

A.M.. 2.55 P.M. 

East Boston, 19 Meridian. Four trip districts, 
7.45, 10.10 A.M.. 1.50, 3.40 P.M. Three trip 
districts, 7.45, 10.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 

East Milton, 7.30 a.m.. 2.20 p.m. 

East Weymouth, 8.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 

Essex Street. 50 Essex, house, 7.50, 9.30. 11 a.m., 
1.30, 4 P.M.; business. 7.50, 9.30. 11 a.m.. 12.20, 
1.30, 2.30, i P.M. 

Everett, 7.40, 10.45 a.m., 3.10 p.m. 

Fenway, 132 Mass. av.. Business, 7.45. 9.30. 11 
A.M.. 12.45, 2.30, 4.1^ P.M.; House. 7.20. lb.20 
A.M., 12.30, 2.30. 5.00 P.M. 

Grove Hall. 483 Blue HIU av., Rox., 7.45, 10.50 

A.M., 2.40 P.M. 

Hanover Street, 342 Hanover. Business, 6.30. 8. 

9.30. 11 A.M., 12.45. 2.45. 4.10 p.m.; House. 

7.45. 9.30. 11 A.M.. 2.30. 4.10 p.m. 
Hyde Park. 7 and 9 Fairmount av., 7.45, 10.50 

A.M., 3 P.M. 

Jamaica Plain, 78 Green, 7.30, 10.40 a.m., 2.20, 

Maiden, 7.50, 11 a.m., 3.05 p.m. 

Mattapan, 511 River, 8.15 a.m., 1.20, 3.15 p.m. 

Medford, 7.50, 10.55 a.m., 3 p.m. 

Melrose. 7.30, 11 a.m.. 2.45 p.m. 

Melrose Highknds, 7.40, 10.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 

Milton, 7.45710.45 a.m., 2.45 p.m. 

Mt.Auburn, delivered from Watertown 

Needham, 7.55 a.m., 2.15 p.m. 

Needham Heights, 8 a.m., 2.20 p.m. 

Newton, 7.40. 10.30 a.m., 2.45 p.m. 

Newton Center. 7.30, 10.40 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 

Newton Highlands. 7.30. 10.50 a.m.. 2.50 p.m. 

Newton Lower Falls. 7.25. 11 a.m.. 2.45 p.* 

2.30, 4 P.M.; house, 7.40, lO.iO a.m., 1.50, 4 p.m. 
North Weymouth. 8.15 a.m.. 2.15 p.m. 
Qumcy, 7.30, 10.50 a.m.. 2.40 p.m. 
ReadvUle, Wolcott sq., 7.40, 10.55 a.m., 2.55 p.m. 
Revere, 7.30, 10.45 a.m., 2.45 p.m. 
Roslindale. 22 Birch St., 7.40, 10.45 a.m., 2.30 p.m. 
Roxbury. 55 Warren. 7.35. 10.30 a.m.. 2.10. 4 p.m. 
Roxbury Crossing. 1289 Tremont. 7.40. 10.45 

South Braintree. 7.30 a.m.. 1.50 p.m. 

South Terminal Station, delivered from Central 

South Weymouth. 7.45 a.m.. 2.10 p.m. 
Squantum. delivered from Atlantic 
Station A. 1519 Wash.. 7.45. 10.45 a.m., 2, 4 p.m. 
Stoneham, 8.10 a.m.. 2.50 p.m. 
Tuft's College, 8 a.m.. 1.40 ,4 p.m. 
Upham's Corner, 7 Stoughton, Dor.. 7.45, 10.50 

A.M.. 3.10 P.M. "B . . . 

Waban. 7.45 a.m., 2.15 p.m. 
Waltham, 7.50 a.m., 12.40, 3 p.m. 
Watertown, 7.45 a.m., 2.05 p.m. 
Waverley, 7.45 a.m.. 2.10 p.m. 
Wellesley, 7.45, 10.50 a.m., 2.30 p.m. 


West SomervUIe, 7.40, 10.40 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 
Weymouth, 8.15 a.m.. 2.30 p.m. 
Winter HUl, 7.40, 10.30 a.m., 3 P.M. 
Wlnthrop, 7.20, 10.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m. 
WoUaston, 7.30. 10.45 a.m., 2.30 p.m. 

In addition to the above Stations, there are 
two hundred and two numbered Stations for 
receiving registry matter and for domestic money- 

Street lietter-bas Oallectlan*. 

Central Office. — Boxes collected hourly from 
8.00 A.M. to 12.00 noon, and half-hourly from 
12.00 noon to 8.00 p.m.. and at midnight. Sun- 
days. 7.30 P.M. and at midnight. 

Holidays: 4. S p.m. and at midnight. 

Branch Offices. — At every Carriers' deliv- 
ery, with above exceptions (see "Carriers' De- 
livery" for names and time) on week days. Sun- 
day and Holiday collections ' "' "* 

made after 5 p.m. 

Stations are 

Uoiiientic PoatnKe JCnteR. 

IsT Class. — Letters, and all matter sealed so 
that it cannot be examined without breaking the 
seal, except proprietary articles of merchandise, 
in simplest mercantile form, not in themselves 

iiailable. Postage : 

ounce or frac- 

Rlco, Guam, Shanghai (China) (U. S. Postal 
Agency), Canal Zone and the Philippine Archi- 
pelago or Tutuila. Mexico, Canada. Cuba and 
Republic of Panama.) At least one rate (2 cents) 
must be prepaid to insure forwarding, except to 
Cuba and Republic of Panama. Limit of weight 
4 pounds. Postal cards. United States, Cuba, 
Mexico. Canada and Republic of Panama. 1 cent. 

Letters and postal cards can be forwarded from 
one post-offlce to another without additional pre- 
payment of postage. All other matter can be 
forwarded only by prepayment of additional 

2d Class. — Unsealed. — Rate, 1 cent for each 4 
ounces or fraction thereof. Full prepayment re- 
quired. No limit of weight. 

This rate applies to newspapers and other peri- 
odical publications bearing notice of entry as 
second-class matter, etc., when they are mailed 
by the public. 

3d Class. — Circulars, labels, photographs, 
proofsheets and corrected proof sheets with MS. 
copy accompanying the same, blank checks and 
receipt books, mainly in print, drafts, insurance 
policies and other legal papers, hand-bills, pos- 
ters, and all matter of the same general charac- 
ter, mainly in print. Rate. 1 cent for each two 
ounces or fraction; full prepayment of postage 
compulsory. Books, seeds, cuttings, roots, bulbs, 
etc., up to 8 ounces, may be transmitted in the 
mails for the U. S. with postage prepaid at 3d 
class rate, but matter of this nature for Canada, 
excepting printed books, must be prepaid at 4th 
class rates. The limit of weight of packages of 
this class is 4 pounds, except in the case of a 
single volume of a book, to which there is no limit 
of weight, and miscellaneous printed matter which 
J and conditions when 

of weigh 

is subject to parcel post i 
1 of 4 pounds. 

ITiiiteil States AConey Orilem. 

Payable in the United States (which includes 
Guam. Hawaii. Porto Rico and Tutuila. Samoa) ; 
or payable in Bermuda. British Guiana. British 
Honduras. Canada. Canal, Zone (Isthmus of Pan- 
ama). Cuba. Newfoundland, at the United 
States Postal Agency at Shanghai (Cliina) , in the 
Philippine Islands, or the following islands in the 
West Indies Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Do- 
minica, Grenada, Jamaica, Martinique. Mont- 
serrat. Nevis. St.Kitts. St.Lucia. St. Vincent. 
Trinidad and Tobago and Virgin Islands. For 
orders from 
SO.Ol to $2.50 03 cts, 

2.51 to 5.00 05.. 

5.01 to 10.00 08 . . 

10.01 to 20.00 10, . 

20.01 to 30.00 12 . . 

30.01 to 40.00 15. . 

40.01 to 50.00 18. . 

50.01 to 60.00 20. . 

60.01 to 75.00 25. . 

75.01 to 100.00 30.. 

ForelKD Po8taK«. 

Prepayment optional, except for 

_ ckages; but < 

matter, commercial paper and sample 

ent opti 

1 printed 
, postage 

^ order business. 

; least partially prepaid. 

Letters — To England, Ireland, Scotland. Wales. 

Newfoundland. Bahama Isles. Barbados, Dutch 

West Indies, British Honduras, British Guiana 

and Leeward Islands 2 cents per ounce or fractiiin 

To other foreign countries. 5 cents for first 
ounce, every additional ounce, 3 cents. There 
are sold "Replyl Coupons" at all post offices for 
6 cents each. Upon presentation of such a cou- 
pon at a post office in any one of the countries 
subscribing to the arrangement the holder will 
receive, without charge, a postage stamp of 



that country equivalent In value to a 5-ceut 
stamp. By this arrangement a person in the 
United States can furnish his correspondents 
in foreign countries with postage stamps with 
which to prepay on replies to his letters. 

To Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Republic of 
Panama, the postage for letters, prmted matter, 
merchandise, etc., is the same as in the United 
States, except that on seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots 
and scions to Canada the rate is 1 cent for each 
ounce or fraction up to 4 ounces: over 4 ounces, 
Parcels Post. All matter must be fully prepaid, 
except letters, which must be prepaid at least 2 
cents. Sealed packages other than letters are 

Commercial Papers — The same for printed 
matter, but the lowest charge is 5 cents. Limit 
of weight. 4 pounds. 6 ounces. 

Parcels Post — Merchandise not exceeding one 
pound, 12 cents; each additional pound or frac- 
tion, 12 cents. Limit of weight, 11 pounds, ex- 
cept to some offices in Mexico where limit of 
weight is 4 pounds. 6 ounces. Packages must 
be accompanied by a Customs Declaration, blanks 
for which will be furnished at Post OfQce. Pack- 
ages may be registered except to J^arbados^. Ar- 
gentina. CiibrrJta:-. Curacao, Great Britain and 
Ireland, The Netherlands, Uruguay, France. 
French West Indies, French and Dutch Guiana 
and Greece. Not mailable from a letter-box 

Postal Cards — 2 cents each. Reply Postal 
Cards — 4 cents each. 

Printed Matter — 1 cent for each two ounces 
or fraction. Limit of weight. 4 pounds, 6 ounces. 

Samples of Merchandise — The rate is the same 

Iiitei'ikutioual Afoney Ordera 

Payable In foreign countries not Included la 
"United States Money Orders" table. For or- 
ders from 
$ 0.01 to $10 10 cts. 

10.01 to 20 20 . . 

20.01 to 30 30 .. 

30.01 to 40 40 . . 

40.01 to 50 50 . . 

50.01 to 60 60 . . 

60.01 to 70 70 . . 

70.01 to 80 80 .. 

ni . 90 90 .. 

90.01 to 100 1 del. 

Special Delivery — -Any letter, package or arti- 
cle of mail-matter, to which a 10 cent Special De- 
livery Stamp OP ordinary postage to the amount 
of 10 cents is attached. In addition to regular 
postage, will be delivered immediately on its 
arrival at destination, by special messenger, at 
post-offlces where Carrier Delivery system is in 
operation, and at all other post offices within a 
radius of One mile from post-office. If Special 
Delivery fee is paid in ordinary stamps the ar- 
ticle must be plainly marked "Special Delivery'* 
or its equivalent. Registry fee 10 cents. 

Fourth class mail matter embraces all other 
matter, including farm and factory products, not 
embraced by law in either the first, second, or 
third class, not exceeding 50 pounds in weight to 
points in the first and second zones, and 20 pounds 
to other zones nor greater in size than 84 Inches 
in length and girth combined, nor In form or 
kind likely to mjure the person of any postal em- 
ployee or damage the mall equipment or other 
mail matter, and not of a character perishable 
within a period reasonably required for transpor- 
tation and delivery. 


Table of Postage Bates on Fourth-Class (Parcel Post) Mall. 

are mailable at the rate of 1 cent for each oudc* 
distaaoe. Parcels weighing more than 4 ounces arr 
I fraction of a pound being considered a full pound: 

or fraction of an ounce, regardl 
the following pound 

First Zone 























SO. 06 


























«0 i:' 

2 pounds 

3 pounds 

4 pounds 

5 pounds 

fi pounds 

7 pounds 

8 pounds 

9 pounds 

10 pounds 

11 pounds 

12 pounds 

13 pounds 

14 pounds 

15 pounds 

16 pounds 

17 pounds 

18 pounds 

19 pounds 

20 pounds 










First Zone 



First Zone 







21 pounds 

22 pounds 

23 pounds 

24 pounds 

25 pounds 

26 pounds 

27 pounds 

28 pounds 

29 pounds 

»0 pounds 

31 pounds 

32 pounds 

33 pounds 

35 pounds! '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 














36 Dounds 








$0 40 

37 pounds 

40 pounds 




45 pounds 


47 pounds 


48 pounds 



50 pounds 


The local rate 

on a rural route st 

Books — .>ight 


is appU 
rting th 


cable to 
r, 2 

parcels in 

tended for deUvery at 

ent, over S ounces, par 
or less, L' ounces 1 cen 

the offi 

el post 

ce of m 


aiUng 01 
, parcel 



-Parcels i 
ner t 
(See I 

of distance whe^ ^ 

conform to the following conditions: — - 

When In glass bottles holding four ounces or 
less, the total quantity sent in one parcel shall 
not exceed twenty-four ounces, liquid measure. 
Each bottle shall be wrapped in paper or other 

Preparation for Ualllng.— 

prepared for mailing In such 
contents can be easily examined, 
to 33, inclusive.) 

A parcel must not be accepted for mailing un- 
less It bears the name and address of the sender, 
preceded by the word "From." 

Postmasters will refuse to receive for mailing 
properly Indorsed or packed for safe 

box made 

absorbent substance and placed in 

of cardboard or other suitable material and i 
placed In a box and packed In a container made of 
double-faced corrugated paste-board of good 

auallty. The comers of the contahier must fit 
ghtly and be re-inforced with tape so as to 
prevent the escape of any Uquid, If the contents 
should be broken, and the whole parcel shall be 
securely wrapped with strong paper and tied 
with twine. Single bottles of liquid holding four 
ounces or less may also be packed as prescribed 
In the following paragraph; 

When in glass bottles holding more than four 
ounces, the total quantity sent in one parcel shall 
not exceed sixteen ounces, liquid measure. The 
bottle must be very strong and must be Inclosed 
in a block or tube of metal, wood, papier mache, 
or similar material: and there must be provided 
between the bottle and the block or tube a cush- 
ion of cotton, felt or other absorbent. 

The block or tube must be at least one eighth 
of an inch thick in its thinnest part for bottles 
holding eight ounces or less and at least three- 
sixteenths of an inch thick for bottles holding 
more than eight ounces. The block or tube must 
be rendered watertight by an application on the 
inside of parafUn or other suitable substance and 
must be closed by a screwtop cover with suflBcient 
screw threads to require at least one and one-half 
complete turns before it will come off. 

The cover must be provided with a washer so 
that no liquid will escape If the bottle should be 

the parcel is the same i 
matter. The container must be 
and inclosed in a strong box 

All packages contahiing liquid. ; 

All pa 

securely sealed 
nust be marked 

Where Mailable. — Parcels must be mailed at 
a post ofQce, branch post office, named or lettered 
station, or such numbered stations as may be 
designated by the postmaster, or delivered to a 
rural or other carrier duly authorized to receive 
such matter. Parcels weighing four ounces or 
less may be mailed In. the same manner as matter 
of other classes. 

Parcels collected on star routes must be de- 
posited in the next post office &t which the carrier 
arrives and postage charged at the rate from that 

Insurance on Parcels. — A mailable parcel 
on which the postage Is fully prepaid may be 

insured against loss upon payment of a fee of ^ 
cents for value not exceeding $5, or 5 cents for 
value not exceeding $25, or 10 cents for value not 
exceeding $50. or 25 cents for value not exceed- 
ing $100, in addition to the postage, both to be 
prepaid with stamps affixed. It may not be 

Beturn Receipt for Insured Parcels, may 
be obtained by indorsing the parcels "Return 
receipt desired." 

C. O. D. Collections, not exceeding $100, 
made for fee of 10 cents in addition to postage. 

, Money Order Offices. A "C. O. D." tag fur- 
nished by the postmaster must be filled in by the 
sender and attached to the parcel. A receipt is 
given to the sender at the time of mailing, but 
no return receipt is furnished, as tV •■• 

shows that delivery has been made. 

All Stamps good for postage. 

Unmallable Hatter. — The following matter 
Is declared unmallable by law (see sees, 211, 212 
and 217 of the Criminal Code of the United States, 
approved Mar. 4, 1909) : 

1. Matter manifestly obscene, lewd, or las- 
civious: articles Intended for preventing con- 
ception or for procuring abortion; articles in- 
tended for Indecent or immoral purposes; all 
mailable by law, the outside 

Spirituous, vinous, malted, fermented, or other 
intoxicating liquors of any kind ; poisons of every 
kind, and articles and compositions containing 
poison (except as prescribed in sec. 19); poison- 
ous anima l s, insects and reptiles; explosives of 
every kind; Inflammable materials (which are 
held to include matches, kerosene oil, gasoline 
naphtha, benzine, turpentine, denatured alcohol, 
etc.) ; Infernal machines, and mechanical, chemi- 
cal, or other devices or compositions which may 
' explode; disease germs or scabs (except 

as prescribed In sec. 36); and other 
artiflcial articles, compositions, 
whatever kind which may kill 

materials of 

- — — — in any wise 

damage the mall or other prop- 

injure another 

Live or dead (and not stuffed) animals, bh-ds, 
or poultry (except as prescribed in sees. 29 and 
34) raw hides or pelts, guano, or any article 
having a bad odor shall not be admitted to the 

A parcel post map and guide for determining 
ostage rates may be obtained by remitting 7! 
ents by money order to the Third Ass't Post- 
" Division of Finance, Wash., 

D. C. 

Be careful to specipt the citt oi 
where the uap is to be used. 

Further information may be obtained 
post office. 

V. S. Siib.Xi'eainry 

60 to 65 Post Office Building 

Sub-Treasurer, Charles B. Strecker. Cashier, 
Wilhstou Lincoln. 

17. S. Pension Bureau 

124 Post Office Building 

Armstrong, George 

Cnstodlan's Divlalon 

136 Post Office Building 
Harry A. Vose, Asst. Custodian. B. H. Pear- 
m. Chief Engineer, 137 P. O. bidg. John Healy, 

First V. a. Civil Service 
nistrict, Boston, Masa. 

145 Post Office BuUdlng. 
Dr. Bolivar L. Falconer, dist. sec. Ernest L . 
Reynolds, asst. dist. sec., Edmund H Kingston 
James H. Larkin, Francis A. Clementson, Chester 
W. Pike. Harry A. Dutton, James W. Sullivan 
Leroy A. Boardman, Henry L. Hamilton Mrs' 
"iller, Chester J. Burleigh, Rena b' 

Jessie W. 

U. S. UE:PA.RXM£IVT op A.GiB.1. 

Weather Bureau. 

149 Post Office Building, Boston. 

A red flag with a black center Indicates that a 
storm of marked violence Is expected. 

The pennants displayed with the flags Indicate 
the direction of the wind; red. easterly (ftom 
northeast to south) ; white, westerly (from south- 
west to north). The pennant above the flag 
Indicates that the wind Is expected to blow from 
the northerly quadrant; below from the souther- 
ly quadrant. 

By night a red Ught will hidlcate easterly winds 

and a white hght belo ' ' - 

westerly ' 

Ught wUI bidicate 

used for the distinctive signal. 

Northern , 

the pennants being omitted. 

SmaU craft warning.^A red pc 
that moderately strong winds are expected. 
No night smaU craft or hurricane warnings are 

Office open to visitors from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Information by telephone from 9 a.m. to iO 

ur language ui a uueious, s 
threatening or dunning cha 

John W Smith, Meteorologist in charge 
Telephone Main 491. "^ 



The Custom House opens at 9 a.m., and closes at 4.30 p.m. For the public, i 

> 3. Saturdays at 12 

Collector's Office. 

Edmund Billings, Collector. 

Ell Perry, Special Deputy Collector. 

Samuel J. Devlin, Deputy Collector. 

Emma Batchelder, Aileen O. Doyle. Minnie L. 
Snow, Mrs. Mary E. MitcheU. Gladys P. Cook. 
Mrs. Delia R. Powers, James A. Perry, Albert 
G. Crowley, Clerks. Arthur L. Forbes, Henry 

Raymond O. Littlefleld, Supt. Bonded Ware 

L. O. Clark, Maurice Dinneen, Arthur P. St. 
George, Edward W. Millett, Thomas J. Law- 
ler. Chas. H. Dean, James P. Corcoran, Louis 
R. DeVoto. Harry E. Rice, Wm. H. OampbeU, 
Louis J. Peyser, Charles A. Beckford, Eugene 
M. Schermerhorn, Storekeepers 

WUUam B. Lamb, Clerk and Stencil Cutter. 

on 10th floor 
Wm. H. Locke, Cashier. 
George "W. Pettes, Assistant Cashier. 
George E. Symonds, Isaac E. Pearson, William 

M. Kelso, Clerks. 
George J. Brown, Messenger. 

S. D. Salmon, Auditor and Disbursing Clerk. 

F. B. Kingsbiu-y. Chief Clerk. 

T. J. Kelleher, John McArthur, Forrest D. Hunt, 
O. P. Atwood, Gustavo A. Mueller, Maurice 
J Angland, George E Grady, Alfred Anderson , 

Clerks. John Bench. Walter P. Smith, Thom- 
as 1'. Keefe, Charles H. Russell, Messengers. 

Firat Divisio 

Gllson, Winthrop F. Butlei 
Mrs. L. A. Baxter, Numbering Clerk. 
Jos. H. Bramble, May E. Scanlan, Adolph T. 

Lange, Marcus W. Waite, William H. Gleason, 

Order Clerks. 
Leander C. Hancock. Chief of Bond Bureau. 
Frank H. Robbins. Guy J. Carroll, D. P. Calla- 

nan, Wm. J. Connor, Bertram N. Fernberg, 

Bond Clerks. 
S. A. McPhetres, Triplicate Invoice Clerk. 
Herbert E. Vowles, Custodian of Entries. 
C. H. Haven, E. Powers, W. A. Hoyt. John A. 

Corcoran, John J. Gleason, Edith P. Perkins, 

Edward E. Underhlli, Walter M. Chase, Clerks. 
Wm. H. H. Rideout, Inspector of Cigars. 
M. J. KeUy. Clerk. 

Arthur C. Hayes, Acting Deputy Collector. 
Robert Torrey, Permit Clork. 
Joseph Engler, Benjamin A. Durgln, James P. 

Cotter, Augustine J. Timpany, Stephen V. 

Upton, .lesse L. Cox, W. J. Gerrish, A. S. Han- 
sen, Wm. J. Manning, Messengers 

Second UivlsloD 

14th floor 

- - ut 

P. M. Weale, Chief C 

George M. Miller, Export Entry Clerk. 

T. A. Prune, Permit Clerk. 

John T. Deegan, Trans, and Ex. Clerk. 

Joseph Brandenburg, Storage Clerk. 

James Thompson, C. P. Stanwood. H. E. Grigor, 

Immediate Transportation Clerks. 
E. D. McSweeney. Abstract Clerk. 
T. O. Webber, Accountant and Miscellaneous 

Bond Clerk. _ „ , , , „ „ 

Charles E. Osgood, Henry H. Murphy, G. H. 

Sawyer, O. L. Walker, Accountants. 
A. G. Skinner. Custodian of Entries. 
Clarence W. Ifearing William P. Pounder, Clerks. 
Edward A. Holland, Stenographer and Abstract 

Ernest H. Baker, Arthur N. Ward, James O'- 
Beime, Messengers. 

Register's Office — James Reilly, W. H. Bath- 

Marine Department. — Wm. Devens, W. A. 
Martin, W. A. Pugsley. Herbert S. M. Leyden, 
Benjamin W. Chase, Geo. R. Starkey. E. H. 
Maloney, John E. Hesseltine, J. D. Bourke, 
Joseph L. VanSteenburgh, James Alexander 
Clerks. James S. Daley, John F. Campbell, 

tatistical DEPARTMENi--John M. Ayer, Wil- 
ton G. Smith. L. B. White, Napoleon L. White. 
Alfred M. Pinfleld, Mrs. P. E. Corwin, Fred- 
erick T. Sampson, Clerks. 

Rooms. — C. . 
Shepardson. George E. 
Pendleton, Messenger. 

Fourth nivlaion. 


lenry w. Berthrong, George 
P. Clements, John R. H. Finn, Luther 5. 
Hoyt, Arthur L. Pond, Daniel J. Sullivan, 
Harry M. Keith, H. O. Keene, James C. 
Valentine, George H. Bruce, Dennis P. Co- 
han, Liquidating Clerks. 

L. Nelson, 

, Woodls, 

Sanford K. Goldsmith, Chief Clerk. 

Ernest C. Beale, Pugh A. Carney, Mrs. Eva M. 
Chlckering, Chester W. Pike, Joseph B. Mc- 
Donald, Drawback Clerks. 

Sixth Ulvlsio 

Darling, Deputy Collector. 
jrry, Chief ~ ' 

Herbert P. Dwyer. Ralph H. Cary. Herbert G. 
Brewer. Michael J. Pitzpatrick, James B. Gra- 
ham, jr., Francis Brady, Albert G. Huxley, 
Charles Murphy, John F. Sullivan, John J. 
Sullivan, Charles E. Cobb, Frederick T. Samp- 
son, Clerks. 

Josephine P. Walsh, Stenographer. 

Julius C. Rudolph, Messenger. 

Post Office ]>ept., Ciistoina Bureau. 

Post Office Bldg. 

Murphy, John J. Sullivan, John P. Sullivan, 

Joseph A. Maynard, Surveyor. 

John W. McGrath. Special Deputy Surveyor. 

, Moses B. Mann, Deputy Sur- 



Allard Frank E. 
Bond William H. 
Boyd Everett F. 
Brown Alfred W. 
Burke Michael M. 
Cahill Edward J. 
Carr James W. 
Carroll John P. 
Carter Walter 
Cleary Warren W. 
Clement A. B. C. 

McKenna Owen P. 
McLaughlin James E. L. 
McMahon Euceue V. 
McTieman John F. 
Maloney Thomas A. 

Mulkern James A. 

Murphy Patrick B. 

Neilon Frederick S. 

Newsome Robert E. 

ODoherty Robert E. 

Perry James H. 

Pratt Guy W. 

Pulson Roy M. 

Quinn Edward N. 

Rhoades Frank F. 

Richardson Francis H. 

Rundlet Frederick T. 

Ryan Charles E. 

Scollard Cornelius J. 

Shaughnessy T. F. 

Sleep WilUam J. 

Smith John J. 

Sullivan John J. 

Tarby William A. 

Tighe William H. 

Tinkham George B. 

Tripp Leonard B. 

Twigg Aaron 

Walsh Robert A. 
Kenfleld Chester B. WeUings William E. 

Kilner WilUam B. Whitcomb John M. 

Kuchmeister Herman W.Whitman Frank M. 
Lawton Herbert L. B. Wilkins Lilian T. Miss 
Linehan Dennis Wood Francis T. 

Edward F. Dowd. Walter E. Moriarty, Lleu- 

Cronin Edward H. 
Cronin WUIiam H. 
Falby Henry C. 
Famham Israel H. 
Farrell John H. 
Fee Patrick J. 
Finn Martin J. 
Finnegan Thos. F. 
Forbush Charles F. 
Ford Daniel 
Foss Warren H. 
Fuller Charles H. 
Gleason Daniel H. L. 
Gleistman Charles F. 
Green Joim P. 
Gregory Joseph 
Hewes John H. 
Holbrook Harley W. 
Ingersoll Francis A. 


Cutler John F. 
Devlin John J. 

Downey Wm. J. 
Dutton George W. 
Gantley John J. 
Griffln George B. 
Hastings George H. 
Homans Gilbert M. 
McNichol Charles 
Strong John J. 
Sullivan Jeremiah 


George P. Cheever, R. A. Swanholme, Leigh 
W. Carter, William K. Clair. Edward F. Curtis. 
George Latimer. WUUam D. Taylor. 

John S. Wilson, Timothy D. Moriarty. 

AM9t. Custodian's OfBce 

cnsTOM HotiaE. 1st floor. 
H. Foster. Asst. Custodian. 
Moses A. Libbey. Carpenter. 
Charles B. Carlin, Walter H. McNan 
ence B. MacNefl. WilUam H. Regai 

Edward M. Davis. Electrici: 
Robert H. Bresnahan. Charles P. Bennett. Ed- 
mund P. Brown. John J. Brol. William L. Pow- 
ell. J. L. Carter, Louis H. Selden, Elevator- 

John B. Nash, Naval Officer. 

Edward L. KimbaU, Deputy Naval Officer. 

Chas. P. Battelle. Asst. Deputy. 

C. F. tamb, James H. Larkln, John A. Wood 
ward, Alonzo W. Bowers. Grace I. Porter, 
James H. Clahane. Frank E. Corbett. Charles 
H. Davies, Charles W. Taber. .Tohn A. Wood 
ward. Cornelius R. McLaughlin. Frank H 

Wilson' A. Gardner, Thomas P. Higgins, Mes- 

77 State St 

James L. Dunn, Chief Clerk. 

Mrs. A. P. Joyce, Clerk. ^. ,^ „. . 

Francis X. Quigley, Asst. Appraiser, First Divi- 

Everett B. Osgood. George H. Gary, Alexander 
Diebold, Cyrus L. Doe, Joseph OUarc. O. G. 
von Ladau, Wm. P. Kinnealey, James McKis- 
sock. Examiners. „ 

James W. Kelley, H. A. Halstead. Examiners at 
the Post Office. 

Frederick J. SulUvan, Asst. Appraiser, Second 

H. W. Wright, Albert S. Moulton. James A. Cufle, 

Frank S. Ooburn, Edward Spiller. Osgood O. 

Blauey, Examiners. . , . 

Redmond S. Fitzgerald. Assistant Appraiser, 

Third Division. , „ 

Frederick A. Kent, C. W. C. Rhoades. James F. 

Cotter, Jos. J. Ulrich, J. G. Hollingsworth, W. 

W. Hirtle, W. S. Ripley, jr.. Examiners. 
Dennis Flynn. Special Examiner of Drugs. 

Fourth Division. 
Daniel L. Cobum, Examiner. 
Warren P. Sharp, Examiner of Tea. 
W. S. Glover, George M. Palmer, Polariscopists. 
Herbert E. Hall, Storekeeper. 
Lewis A. Horton, Watchman 

17th floor, Custom House 
Lemuel W. Bean, special agent in diarge. 
Charles B. Dowd, Frank M. Jewell, Wilham 
B. Harney, customs agents. Theophilus Grout. 
Special inspector. Annie J. Locke. Special in- 


Office, 1S5 Devonshire. 
■Third Collection UUtrlct of Mafi.«chu»ett.. 

Includes the entire State. 

John F. Malley, CoUector. 

ccstom house. 10th and 11th floors. 

John D. Murphy, Chief Deputy Collector 

George W. Barrett, Aaron S. Thompson. C. A. 
Learv, D. J. Casey, Thomas J. Byrne. M. J. 
Carter. S. L. Stacey. W. F. Norton. L. P. 
Noonan. J. J. Barry, B. J. Shea, M. J. Rowan. 
J. P. Coogan, J. H. Flaherty, J. H. Morgan. 
J F Timiltv. W. E. Cooper, Daniel Downey, 
James A. Cook, Edward J. Dowd. John O. 
Norton, Edward M. Cunningham, Darnel T. 
McLaughlm. Joseph F. Freno. Thomas P. 
Garvey, Joseph J. Hickey, John A. Foster. 
James J. Twohig. Chester J. Biu-leigh, John N. 
O'Donohue, Thomas N. OKeefe. John P. Kil- 
martm, L. Philip Garland, Thomas A. Mc- 
Cluskey, Llovd O. Walton, Arthur A. Dono- 
van John P. Troy, Everett M. Studley, James 
A. Higgins, CarroU B. Deady, Michael T. 
Murphy. Deputy Collectors. „ „, , 

Gaugers. Michael J. Henrity. Henry V. Slack, 
Frederick A. Marsh. Albert J. Lynch, James F. 
Storekeeper Gaugers, John B. Blake, Daniel 

Enright, Patrick F. Mahoney, Arthm- E. Felch. 

John B. Lord, J. Frank Hackett. Oscar Wenzel. 

Charles A. Richardson. Arthur W. Rigby. Harold 

D. Stebbins, John A. Nutter. John E. W. Doane. 

Frank J. Finn, W. E. Jones. Arthur H. Crabtree. 

Edward A. Holland. Ralph R. Robinson. William 

A. WUder. WUIiam E. Pittock, Gustav Springer, 

David F. O'Connell, Prank A. Lewis, WUIiam J. 

Mulcahy. F. J. Sheedy, Charles E. Anderson. 

Julius Atlas. Onslow W. Comstock. George G. 

Russell. Charles A. Davis. 
Messenger. John Powell, 



Robert O. Shelley, revenue agent In charge: J 
T. Fahey. C. J. McLeod, special gaugers; Walter 
Carter, general deputy collector: John H. Buck- 
ley. Arthur J. Rutfedge, H. A. B. Peckham, reve- 

Bureau of A.iiimal Induatry. 

20th floor. Custom House. 
Dr. James P. Byder, Inspector in Charge. 

V. S. Coast «uard, Eastern Divialon 

Office. 141 Milk, room 1031. 
Senior Captain Horace P. West, Division 
Captain of Engineers N. E. Outchin, Division 

U. S, 


141 Milk, room 1031. 

Capt.. B. H. Camden: First Lieut.. M. S. Hay: 
Second Lieut., C. H. Jones; Thu-d Lieut., J. A. 
Starr: First Lieut, of Engineers, L. O. Farwell; 
Second Lieut, of Engineers, O. P. Kendall. 

Master's Mate, George D, Robinson. 
V. S. Coast Guard, 1st and %d Districts 

18th floor, Custom House. 

Coast of Maine, New Hampshire and Massa- 
dusetts, Oapt. James G. BalUnger, U. S. C. G. 
.sst. Inspector. 

XT. S. Army Ofllces 
Quartermaster's office and Subsistence office. 
Summer, cor. Melcher. 
i Engineer's office, 25 Pemberton sq., rm. 1017, 

Haynes, Warren W. Karnan, Charles H. Keyser, 

" ' " "y, Harold W. Whitman, Assist- 

S^oolard, Inspector in Charge. 
William W. Paine, Inspectors. 


Bureau of Foreign and Bomestic 

18th floor. Custom House. 

Coast and Oeodetic Survey 

18th floor. Custom House. 
Commercial Agent, W. A. Graham Clark. 

I^lKtathouse Service. 

22d floor. Custom House. 
Ralph H. Goddard Inspector. S. Antl 
Savage Supt. 

Radio Inspector's Office 

7th floor Custom House 

,wler Radio In 
Walter J. Butterworth 

Steamboat Inspection Service 

Office, 33 Broad, room 112a 

Commandant, Capt. 

Aide Lieut., W. K. Kilpati _ 

Naval Constructor, WUliam J. Baxter. 


Capt. of the Yard. R. D. Hasbrouck. 
Inspector Officer. Comdr. W. K. Riddle. 
Medical Officer of the Yard, Medical Inspector 

N. J. Blackwood. 
Engineer Officer, Comdr. Frank Lyon. 
Pajrmaster of the Yard, Pay Inspector Joseph 

General Storekeeper, Pay Inspector David Pot- 

Clvll Engineer of the Yard, R. B. Bakenhus. • 
U. S. Marine Barracks, Major N. H. Hall, Capt. 

H. O. Smith, 1st Lieut. W. S. Harrison. 2d 

Lieut. B. A. Moeller. 

V. S. Heceivlne Ship 
Comdr. D^ P. Sellers: Lieut. 

Wood: A. Surgeon, C. 

Inspector of Ennineerine Material V. S. 
Navy for Mass. Bist. 

17th floor. Custom House. 
Comdr. J. L. Latimer, U. S. N.; F. L. Broad- 
ley J F Gabel, James J. Morrison, J. J. King, 
B^lstant Inspectors; J. F. Welch. J. P. CantweU, 

L. Goudey, Howard M. 'Tait, asst. inspectors of 

Immigration Service. 

Office, foot Long Wharf. 

Henrv J. Skefflngton, Commissioner. Jere- 
miah J.' Hurley. Alcott W. Stockwell, Assistant 
Commissioners. Inspectorial and Clerical Force 
— Edward O. Arnold. William J. Burke. Wm. M. 
Clark. John W. Dolan. Louis J. Domas, Nicola A. 
Galotti, W. R. Hartland, Martin J. Leonard, 
John M. Lyoms, Fred A. Lundberg, M. Chester 
Macomber, John L. O'Neill, Angelo Onessimo. 
Olof L. Root, John A. Ryder, Feri F. Weiss, Wm. 
J. West, Albert J. Nute, M. D., M. V. SafTord, 
M. D.. Hugo B. C. Riemer, M. D., /James E. 
Fitzgerald. Morris I. Silton. 

Statistical Bivision. 

Frank W. Quinn, chief; Frank A. Abercrom- 
ble, Benjamin F. Maricle, Henry J. MltcheU, 
WilUam H. Nltz. 


Catherine S. Burgess, John H. Cavawo. Mrs. 
Bridget Connors, James P. Curran, William J. 
Flaherty, Joseph J. Foley, Patrick Innella James 
K Kealey, WUUam P. Kelly, Loomis J. Knight, 
John J. Markey, John B. Mattison. Archibald T. 
McDonald, Joseph D. Mitchell, James Sulhvau, 
Patrick J. SuUivan. Patrick Whalen. 

r Assistant surgeon, f rea xi. 
Martin J. Mitchell, orderly. 

Chinese : 

James A. McCabe, chief; T. W. G. Wallace, 
Walter M. Perry, John G. Sullivan. 

^- Mlatrons. 

Mrs. Ida G. Carter. Mrs. Ida B. Collins, Mrs. 
Mary KeUy,«Mrs "—'- "' '"—■•-"" '"- 
Anna Schlesinger. 

Mirmie M. Marshall. Mrs. 



Abbott Forre St U 
Abbott Joseph 
Abbott Leon M. 
Abrahams Louis 
Achorn Edgar O. 
*Adamian Farnag A. 

Adlard Walter 

Ajdrich Edward I. 

•Bates Benjamin < 
Bates Claude H. 

Baum Horace J. 
Baylev Edward BaDcr( 
Beal B. Uighton 

Deal Thomas F. jr. 

Beals Oardner 
Beals Sidney h. 

Bearak Joseph 
Beard David Breed 

Bhckley Barthnlonie 
Brief Benjamin 
Brier Frank L. 
Briggs Frederick L. 
Briges Lloyd Vernon 
*Brigham CharleB H. 

Broberg I 



Chalmers Alexander 
Chaiiiherloin Frank C. 
Chamberlain Prescott 

Chandler Waldo H. 
Chandler Webater A 

Chase Frederic H. 
Chellman J. Edwin 
Chertok Beoianiin I 
Chick Francis M. 
Chick William H. 
ChUd Samuel M. 

Cowan William H. 
Cox Edward J. 
Cox Guy W. 

Crafts George B. 
Crafts Storer F. 
Cram Charles M. 

Crawford Jay B. 

Allen Horace G. 
.\llen Payson E. 
Allen Thomas jr. 
Allin Horatio N. 
Alpert Abraham 
Altmon Joseph I. 
Amadon Samuel f 
Amerige George 1 
Amory Francis I. 

•Anderson J. Alfred 
Andrews Augustus 
•Andrews John E. 
Andrews Richard F. 
Anthony Frank 

Appleton Thomas R. 
Archibald Robert E. 
Arnold Albert 
Arnold Augustus F. 

•Arzillo Carlo F. 
Attridge John J- 

Atwood Lewis L. P. 
Auchter Frank 
Austin James W. 
Austin William E. 
Aylesworth W. G. 
Bachelder Thomas C 
Bacigalupo James J. 


Baker Chester A. 

Baker Ezra H. 
Baker Frank L. 
Baker Julius 
Baker William G. 

Baldwin James H. 
Balkam William H 
Ballantyne Jamee 

Bangs Francis R. 

Barker Arthur C. ' 
Barker B. Deveraux 

Barlow Robert S. 
Barnes Clarence A. 
Barots Herbert H. 
♦Barrett Alonzo H 

•Belt Herbert F. 

Bentield Albert J. 
Benjamin Edgar V 
Bennett John A. 
Bennett Joseph 
Bennett Joseph I. 

Bergen James T. 
Bergen John A. 
Berger Alexander \ 
Bergson Samuel 
Berkowilz Abram 
Berkwitz Abram J. 
Berlin Henry C. 

Blood Frank L. 
Bloom Warren J. 
Bloomfltid Meyer 
Blossom William A 

Blumenthal Abraham 
Blunt Walton W. 
Bogardus Frederick 
Bogle Joseph 
Bogrette Henry N. 
Bofes John F. 
Bolster Percy G. 

Boles John F. 
- ■ r Percy ( 

_r Stanley „- 

Bolster Wilfred 
Bon Joeiah 
Boothby Oren C. 

Boydeii Rolph H. 
Boyle John J. Jr. 
Brackett J. Albert 
Bracketl Rny 
Brackett Sewell C- 
Brade William A- 
Bradford George G 
Brady Edward F. 
Bragg Henry W. 

Buffinton Eugene L. 
Buie Walter A. 
Bullock Rutus A. 
Bunker Clarence A. 
Biirbaok Charles E. 

Burgets Harrison Q. 

Burke William E. 
Burleigh Frederick W. 
Burnham Henry L. 

Burrage Charles D. 

Burroughs Harry E. 
Burt James D. 
Bushman Maurice 
Butler Timothy A. 
Butterwoith George T. 
Butt«rworth Louis H, 

Cabot Frederick I 

Callahan Timothy J. 
Calviere Cannellno 
Campbell Francis A. 
Campbellf rank W. 
CampbeU James P. 
•Campbell John A. 
Campbell Joseph A. 
•Canavan William J. 
Cangiano Alphonse 
•Cangiano Michele 
Canney Daniel J. 
Canney Edward 
Cannon Martin A. 
Capen Charles G. W. 
Capen Edward N. 
♦Card Horatio S. 
Carew Charles H- 
Cardin Bernard E. 
Carleton Philip G. 
Carlton William L. 
Carmody Daniel B. 
Carmody John D. 
Caro Maurice 
Carpenter George S. 
Carr Charles L. 
Carr John H. 
Carrasco William H.I 
Carret James R. 
Carroll Charles V. 
Carroll Francis M. 
Carroll James E. 
Carroll James T. 
Carter Clarence H. 
Carter James F. 
•Carter James T. 
Carter Sylvester B. 

Casassa Andrew A. 
Casey Daniel A. 
f Francis P. 

_ . _ Brenner Samuel 

Bartlett Charles E. Brett Carlton L. 

Bartlett D. Wend- 
Bartlett Ralph ~ 
Bartlett WUlIa 

Casey John M. 

Catheron Alllflon G. 

Ulapp t'ntl Kogers 
Clapp Eugene H. 
Clapp Wm. Channlnf! 
Clark Carl H. 
Clark Chester G. 
Clark Edmund F. 

Clarke William W. 
Cleary James P. jr. 
Cleworth Harold B. 
Clifford Andrew B. 
Coakley Daniel H. 

[swell Walter C 

Coftey Wm. B. 
Coffin Charles S. 


Cohen Abraham S. 
Cohen Franklin M. 
Cohen George I. 
•Cohen Joseph 
Cohen Mark E. 

Colahan Joseph L. 
Colby Clarence C. 
Cole Earnest H. 
Cole Joseph W. 
Coleman Charles H. 
Colgan George A. 
Colons John A. 
Collins Joseph A. 
Collins Timothy F. 

Colman Edward J. 
Coman Harry H. 
Comerford John 
Comstock A. Barr 
Conant Harry W. 
Conley Frederick T. 
Connell Albert J. 
Connelly John W. 
Connelly Martin F. 
Connolly Fred W. 
•Connolly Thomas G. 
Connors Charles F. 
Connors John D. 
Conroj John J. 

Coolidge Francis L. 
Coolldge Harold J 

Brewer D. Chauncy 
Brewster Frank 

' Harold * 

Coran Michael 

Coreoran Declan D 
Corcoran Frederick 1 
Corcoran Wm. J. 

Coughlin Cornelius A. 
Counihan Edward A. jr, 

Creed MichaelJ. 
Creed Thomas M- 
Croan Lyman 
Crocker Oourlenkj 

Cronin Daniel J. 

Cruff Frank E. 

Cuddy William H. 

Ings William B. 


Cunniffe Walter P. 
Cunningham Daniel F. 
Cunningham Guy 
Cunningham John H. 

Currier George O. 
Currier IsraelL. 
Currier Wilton L. 
Curry James E. 
Curtis Charles P. 

Daly James Harlow 
Dalv John M. 
Daly Peter 

Damon Charles R. 

Davenport Charles M. 

Davis William F. 
Davis William F. ir 
Day Charles Frank 
Dean Henry M. 
Dean Josiah S. 
DeBlois George L. 
DeDomimlcIs Bernai 
DeGoosh Arthur W. 
Deitrick Frederick S. 
Delancy William T. 
Delano Delavan C. 


Dellheim Beni»min 
Delury Timothy J. 
Demott T. H. Greeley 
Dennis Samuel S., jr. 

Dennison Walter Q. 
Derby Isaac W. , 

DeRochemont Louis L.G 
Des Mazes Charles S 

Devine Robert L. 
Devlin JameeH.jr 
Devlin Thomas M. 
Dewey Charles G. 
Dexter Philip 
Digney Charles A. 
DifiawayWm. E. ].. 

Donahue Chas. H. 
Donahue Daniel A. 
Donahue David J. 
Donnell Andrew r. 
Donnelly Frank 
Donoghue Francis D. 
DoDOvao Cornelius J. 
Donovan James E. 
Donovan John J. 

Dot an Thomas R. 
Dorcey James E. 
Dore John B 
Dorr Jonathan 

♦Douglas George A. 
*Douglass James M. 
Dow Charles F. 
Dow Charles H. 

Downey Joseph L. 
Downey Thomas F. 
Doyle Arthur J. 
Doyle Louii C. 
Doyle M. Joseph 
Doeyse Wilfred J 
Dresser Robert N. 
Drew George G 
Drew Stephen A. 
Dt w William J. 
Driscolt Charles D. 
DriBcoU Charles W. 
Driscoll Dennis D. 
DriscoU Francis J. 
DrlBcoIl Michael J. 
DruryC " 
DuBois I 
Duffee Patrick E. 
Duffy Francis G. 


linsky Hairy H. 

Duffy John F. 

Dunham Cheater A. 
Dunham Horrieon, 
Dunhftm William i 
Dunn Leo J. 
Dunn Sidney 
Durkee William H. 

Ebann Charlei D. 

Edwards Henry 
Edwards Herbert H. 
Efron Nathan 
Ehrlich Harry E. 
Ekrman Herberts. 
Eldracher John W, 
Eldredge Clarence F. 
Eldredge Edward H. 
Eldredge William D. 
Ellerby Simon L. 
•Elliot Oliver C. 
Ellis David A. 
Ellle Herbert E. 
Ellsworth Victor A. 
Elton William E. 
Emanuels Joseph 
Emereon A. Silver 
Emerson Edgar H. 

Emery Howard B. 
Emery Thomas J. 
Emmons PaxU D. 
Emmons Wm.H.H. 
Engel Joseph 
English James F. 
English James S. 
*Epple Louli 
Epstein A. David 
Erickflon Ernest E. 

Eyges Leon R. 
Eynon John S. 
Fagan Joseph P. 
Fahey Michael L. 
Fales Augustus A. 
Fallon Joseph D. 
Fanning William H 
Farley James F. 
Farley J. Wells 
*Farmer Harry W. 
Farnum Geo. R. 
Farr Walter Bates 
Farrell Michael F. 
Farren Joseph H. 
Farrington Robert D. 
Faunce Sewall A. 
Fee James 
Fee Peter P. 
Feely Joseph J. 
Feeney John D. 
Feinberg Philip J. 
Fcldman Benjamin 
Fellows Henry P. 
Fennessey Jeremlali G. 

Field Phineas P. 
Field Richard F. 
Fielding Edward M. 
Fine George 

Flnkelfltein Abraham 
Finlay Patrick J. 
FinnE. Philip 
Finn WUliam G. 
Finneran George H. 
Fischer Maximilian 
Fish Wm A. 
Fisher Horace B. 
Fitch Robert S. 
Fitton James A. 
FittsFenton J. 
Fitzgerald Austin T. 
Fitzgerald Christophei 
Fitzgerald James E. 
Fitzgerald Jn" " 
Fitzgerald W 
Flaherty Wii:_. ._ 

Flanagan James 

Flanagan John F. 
Flanagan Thomas E. 
Flattery Maurice D. 
Fleming Patrick J. 
Fletcher Ernest B. 
*Fletcher H. Theodore 
Fletcher John E. 
Fletcher Thomas W. 
Fletcher Wm. L. 
Flint Albert F. 

Flynn John H. 
Flynn J. Joseph 
Flynn William J. 
Fogarty Francis W. 
Fogarty John D. 
Foley John M. 
Foley William J. 
Folsom Arthur A. 
Folsom Charles E. 
Fonseca Michaei 
Ford Francis J. W. 
Ford Henry W. 
*Ford William 
Forrester Joseph J. 
*Forte Achille 
Fosdick Frederick W. 
Foster Arthur L, 
Foster Frederick 

Fottler John 
Fowle Seth 
Fowler Josii 

Fox Isidore H. 
Fox James P. 
Fox Walter S. 
Foye Edward W. 
Franceschini Augusto 
Franchini Ercole 
*Fraser James 
*Frederickson Peter A. 
Freedman Elcazer 
Freedman Samuel J. 

Freeman Lewis A. 
Freeman Warren F. 
Freiman Mitchell 
Friary Thomas J. 

Ivory I 

Frost Clifford H. 
Frost Robert W. 
Frothineham Randolph 
*Ful!er Joseph R. 

Fuller Walter F. 
Fuller Walter T. 
Fullerton E. Dwlght 
Gadsby John F. 
Gaffney James J 
Gagen Thomas F. 
Galflcar Frederic R. 
Gallagher Charles T. 
Gallagher Daniel J. 

Gallagher James G. 
Gallagher Morrill A. 

Gallagher Patrick J. 

Garfield IrvinM. 
Garfield Umberto D 
Garland Francis P. 
Gaston William A. 

Uaynor Charles F 
Gebhardt John A. B. 
George Elyah 
George F.L. 
George Harry I. 
Gernsh James R. 
Gerry Frank F. 
Gerry William Gordon 
Geretein Carl 
Gettemy Charles F. 
Gibbs John M, 
Giblin Walter A. 
Gibson George A. 

Oilman John E 

. Ginsburg Edward I 

Gleason Albert A. 
Gleason George T. 
Gteason Wallace A. 

Glynn Thomas P. 
Goddard Frank A. 
Goddard George A 

Goldberg Abraham I 
Goldberg Harry J. 
Goldberg Louis H. 
Golden John W. 
Goldfine Morris 
Goldinger Sidney H. 
Goldkrand Harry 

Good William J. 
Goodrich Charies N. 
Goodrich Fred P. 
Goodwin Arthur E. 
Good^vln Edward L. 
Gordon Donald 
Gordon John 
Gordon Louis 

Gould David E. 
Gove Jesse M. 
Grabill Ethelbert V. 
Grace Charles J. 

♦Green George W. 
Green Louis E. G. 
Green Thomas H. 
Greenberg Jacob D 

Greene Peter T. 
Greene William A. 
Greenleaf John L. 
Greenwood Leonard J. 
Griffin Francis A. 
Griffin James F. 
Griffin John F. 
Griffin John H. 
Griffin Lyman W. 
♦Grimes Robert A. 
Grimiell Frank W. 
Grosberg Israel M. 
Grover Jefferson W. 
Groves Lovett B. 
Grundy W. G. 

Hagar Albert O. 
Hagar Eugene B. 
Haggerty Dennis W. 
Hafeer Walter H. 
♦Hale Charies F 
Hale Edward B. 
Hale F. Gordon 
Hale Matthew 
Hale Robert 
Hale Robert S. 
Hall Anthoiw D. 

Hall James m! 
ilnll L.Wallace 
Hall Thomas H 
Hallahan Stephen J. 

Hamlin Louis H. 
Hammett John L. 
Handy WiUiam B. 

Hennessey William J. 
Henry James F. 
Henshaw Joseph P. B. 

Hill George C. 
Hill James G. 
Hill John C. 
♦Hill Johnson W. 
Hill Lew C. 
Hill William G. 
Hilton Frederick H, 
Hinckley Eben S. 
Hinckley Frank C. 
Hmckley Henry H. 
Hincks David A. 
Hindenlang Walter 
Hines Thomas H. 
Hinkley Ralph G. 
HisCQck Henry L. 

Hodgdon Albert J. 
♦Hodgdon Ernest I 
Hodsiiinson Charh 
♦Hoffman Frank N 


Holbrook Pinckney 

Holsberg Maiuice I 
Holt Hermon, jr. 

Homans Robert 
Homer Edwin L. 
Honan Daniel J. 
Hooper James M. 
Hooper Roger F. 
Hopkins Edward I 
Hoppe Henry G. 
Horolit Maurice H 
Horenstein Isaac 
Horgan Francis J. 
Horgan Frank T. 

Hosmer Jerome C. 
Houghton Albert H. 
Hourihan James L. 
♦Hourin Christopher L 

Harding Herbert Lee Hourihan James L. 

HardV WiUiam 1 
Harlow Leo M. 
Harnden E. W. 
Harper A ' " 

Harrington Arthur 
Harrington Daniel E. 
Harrington Francis F. 
Harris Daniel 
Harris Isaac 
Harris John J. 
Harris Joseph A. 
Harris Reuben 
Harris Samuel T. 
Hart Henry W. 
Hart Martfn T. 
Hartetone Robert S. 
Hartstone Walter 
Harty Thomas B. 
Harvey George S. 
Harvey Samuel B. 
Harvey William E, 
Haskell George D. 
Haskell Wm.TL. 
Hassam Frederick W. 
Hassan Edward D. 
Hasty Harry E 
Hatch E. Mertain 
♦Hatch Franklin C. 
Hathaway John W. 
Hatton James A. 

Hayes William H. 
Bayford Howard L 
♦Hayler Harry 
Haynes Frank L. 
Haynes Julien C. 

Hedley John M. 
Hegenberger Alphoi 
Hefnzen ftarl p" 

Henderson Charles "N 

Howard Charies E. 
Howard Charies H. 
Howard Charies P. 
Howard Louis T. 
Howard Nelson W. 
Howard William F. 
Howes Walter S. 

Hudson Harvey B. 
Hudson Samuel H. 
Huggan Ira M. 
Huegins A. Harry 
Hughes Alfred H. 
Hughes James J. 
Hughes John E. 
Hughes John T. 
Humphrey Chester B. 
Humphreys Clarence ] 
Humphreys Walter 
Hunnewell James M. 
Hunt Atherton N. 
Huut Thomas 

Hurlburt Archie E. 
Hurley James W. 
Huriey Wm. J. 

Hutchins Edward 
Hutehins Edward W. 
Hutchinson Freedom 
Hutchinson George A. 
Hyde George P. 
Hvmau Abram 
IngalU Frederic C. 

sF. Isaacson FoUette : 
Isaacson Myer H. 
Isenbeck Charles J 
Ivaszkevicz Antai 
Ives Ilurlbert A. 
Jackson Charles A 



Jackaon James F. 
Jackaon Joseph M. 
Jackson Maxwell 

Jaquith Harrv J 

Jeonines L. i>. Lan 

Jewett Francis R. Lan. 

Johnson Ausley M. Lan^ 

Johnson Arthur T. Lan 

Johnson Edward C. 
Johnson Ernest H. 

Johnson Samuel W. 
Jo lies Max 
Jonea Charles Willia 
Jones Eliot N. 
Jonea Philip N. 
Jonea Westley 

Jordan Michael J. 
Jordan Thomaa 
Joy Benjamin 
Joyce Martin T. 
Joyce Thomas a. 

Kai "e O^ Edward 
Kalesky Samuel 
Kalman Max M. 
♦Kalmua Otto 
Kane Daniel J. 
Kaplan Jacob J. 
Kaplan Samuel P. 
Katzeff Morris 
Kauftnan Augrustua H. 
*Kaufman Charles 
Kaufman Lewis P. 
Keams John 
Kearns Patrick A. 
Keorsley George A- 
Keating Cornelius F. 
Keating John Frank 
Keating Patrick M. 
Keay Horace R. 



Keenan Wilfred B. 
Keene Samuel 
Keezer Prank 
Keith Charles C. 
Kelley Bernard C. 
Kelley George F. 
KeUey John B. 

Kelly Edmund P. 
Kelly Edward F. 
Kelly Edward T. 
Kelly Henry W. 
Kelly James P. 
Kelly John F. 
Kelly Nathan S. 
Kelly Theodore L. 
Kelly Thomas 
Kelly Timothy W. 
Kelso Robert W. 
Kenealy Martin A. 
Keniston Davis B. j 
Kennedy Henry P. 
Kennedy Johu A. 
Kennedy John 0. 
Kennedy John J. 
Kenney Henry 
Kenney John T. 
KenDey Michael A. 

Kerrigan Thomafl F 
Ketchum Phillips 
Keyes Charles D. 
Keyes James M. 
Keyes Prescott 
Kifev Daniel J. 
KiUfon Bernard J. 
Kimball Benjamin 
Kimball David P. 
Kimball Edward A. 
Kimball George E. 
Kimmett Thomas P. 
King Franklin 
King John A. 
King Joseph H. 
King Stanley 
*King Thomas H. 

Kirby Richard C. 
Kittredge Francis W. jr 
KJttredge Wheaton 
Klayman Harry 
Klein Alexander 
Klemm Frederick W. 
Knapp Fred R. 
Kncefand Herbert A. 
Knight Henry F. 
Knight James H. 
Knight Joieph H. 
*LleeDM to marry 

Knowlea Charles S. 
Knowles Frank T. 
Kroh Theodore 
Kurth WillUm J. 
Ladd Babson S. 
Laereze Hermann C 
Lakson Samuel T. 
Lam son Clement R. 
Land Jacob 
Landesmanlsidor A 
Landy Joseph 

McCarthy James J. 
McCarthy John J. 
McCarthy "WiUiam 

Larkin J. Richard 

Leahy John J. 
Leahy John P. 
Leahy William A. 
Learned Francis M. 
Learned Isaac N- 

Leary Edward J. 

McCrUlia Herbert O. 
MacCutcheon Samuel H 
McDermott George H. 
McDemiott Thomas J. 
McDermott William T. 
Macdonald John J. 
MacDonald James T. 
McDonald Jamea A. 
McDonald John F. 

McDonough J. Harris 
McEnanev Thomas O. 
Macer Frederick W. 
McGarry James T. F. 

McGettrick Edward T. 

McGourty Thomas 

Mclsaac Daniel V. 

McKenna Henry C. 
McKenna Johu B. 
McKenna T. A. 
Mackernan WUIiam 
McKie Lewis B. 
McKie Linville E. 
McKinney Perry L. 
MacKusick Albert R 
McLaughlin Edward A. 

McLaughlin Edward F. 

McLean Amos M. 

Lewenberg Milton D. 
Lewenberg Solomon 
Lewis Charles G. 
Lewis Mark 
Libby Bioa B. 
Libby Fred C 
Libby George 
Libby Ira F. 
Libby Moaes H. 
Liffler Charlea 
Liffler Charles, jr, 
Light Robert W. 

Lincoln Preston S. 
Lipman Matthew 

Loriug Walter D. 
Loring William 
Loschi Augusto V 
Lothrop Thornton 

Lourie Myer L. 
Lovell Arthur T. 
Lovett Wallace R. 
Lowe Harland J. 
Lowell A. Lawren( 
Lowell John 
Lucas Harry J. 
Lucas John J. 
Lucas Winslow B. 
Lucey Geo H. 
Luciano John 
Ludden John M. 
Lund Joseph W- 
Luther Willard B. 
Lutton Charles H. 

McLeod Keith 
McMackin Hugh J. 
McMahoQ Bernard A 
McMahon Philip L. 
McManua Joseph 
McNamara William 
McNulty Chas. J. 
McNulty Patrick J. 

Magrath Timothy F. 
Maeuire Peter J. 
Maher Peter S. 
Maher Thomas F. 

Mahony Dennis H. 
Makepeace Lloyd 
*MalagutJ Charles D. 
Malone Dana 
Malone John 
Malone Maurice M. 
Maloney James F. 
Maloney S. L, 
Mancovitz David 
♦Manks Herbert M. 
Mann Joseph E. 
Manning John J. 
Manning John P. 
Manning John P. jr. 
Mansflefd Edmund R. 
Mansfield Frederick H 
Manafleld Frederick ^ 
Mansfield John J. 
Mansfield Thomas F. 
Manaon Georjie P. 
Mapplebeck Rupert L 

Marcus Maurice I 

Marshall Andrew 
Marshall PhUip F, 
Marston Artliur M, 
Martin A.Robert 
Martin Frank E. 
Martin John B. 
Martin John J. 

Lynch Charles J. 
Lynch Daniel F. 
Lynch John F. 
Lynch Maurice B. 
Lyon Pearl B. 
Lyons Daniel M. 
Lyons Joseph P. 
Lyons WiUiam J. 
MacAdam Albert C. T, 
McArdJe Patrick J. 
McBride John F. 

McCaigJohnA. ,„, .. .^„ 

♦McOance Alexander May Charles L. 

Matthews Thomas R. 
Matthews Nathan 
Matthews Thomas A. 
Matthewa William C. 

May John P. 
Mayberry Georee L. 
Mayberrv Lowell A. 
Mayers Walter J. 
Maynard Charles H. 
Maynard Herbert 
Mead Frank W. 
Meade William F. 
Measure Altred 
Medbery George A. 

Meudum John A. 
Mercer Harry P. 
Aleredith J. Morris 
Merriam John M. 
Merriam Walter E. 
Merrick Edward J. 
Merrick John H. 
Merrill George A. 
Merrill James F 
Merrltt N.Thomas.. 

Metzler Curtis O. 
Mignault Wm. T. 
MiUer WiUiam J. 
Miller Wiuthrop 
Milllman Frank V. 
MUlmelster Israel A! 
Mil more Martin 
Minard M. Elmer 
Minot Lawrence 
Minton John M. 
MIntz Herman A. 

Mitchell Oliver 
Model Samuel J. 
Mogan James W. 

Moltedo Henrv P. 
Monahan Frank D. 
Monahan John L. 
Monahan Roy P. 
Montague David T. 
Montague Henry W. 
Muofrs Walter 
Muoers William F. 
Muoney Charles P. 
Mooney Joseph E. 
Mouney Timothy 
Moore Charles U. 
Moore Ernest B. 
Moore Joseph A. 

Morrill Charles F. 
MornllC. Sumner 
Morris Charlea H. 
Morris George E. 

Morrison Abraham I 
Morrison Barnard 

Morrison JohnlVI. 
Morrison Michael J. 
Morrison Morris L. 
Morrison William F. 
Morrison William P. 
Morse Charlea E. 
Morse Charles W. 

Morse Edward E. 
Morse Everett 
Morse Francis A. 
Morse Herbert R. 
Morse Sylvanue G. 
Morse Willard I. 
Morse William A. 

Muldoon Frederic J. 
Mulhall George J 

Nason Georee Wi 
Naion Robert W. 
Navlson Joseph 
Nay Frank N. 
Nay George M. 
Nay or Harry H. 
Neale Arthur F. 

Neeley Jonn B. 
Neil WiUiam J. 
Neilson Arthur 
Nelson Julius 
Nelson William H. 
Newell Frank A. 
Newell James M. 

•Newman Max H. 
Newton E. Bertrair 
Newton John F.Jr 
Nichols John E. 

Nicholson Alexandei 

Nilz William H.I 
Noble Artliur H. 
Noble Charles E. 
Noble William M 
Noonan David H. 
Noonan John £. 

Norton William I. 
Notman Frederick 1 
NoyeaBernice J. 

Nudd George F. 
N utile Thomas 
Nutter George R. 
Nutting George H. .. 
Oakraan Arthur L. 
Oakman HeDry P. 
O'Brien Charies J. F. 
O'Brien Frederick P. 
O'Brien George E. 
O Brieii Joseph F. 
O Brien J. Frank 
O Bnen Patrick J. 
O'Brien Thomas C. 
O Bnen Thomas F.| 
O'Brien Wmiam H. 
0;Callaghan John J. 
O Connell Edward P. 

O'Donnell Charles E." 
O'Donnell James F. 
O'DonnelJ James W. jr. 
O'Donnell Joseph V. 
O'Donnell Timothy J. 
O'Donnell William J. 
Ogden Arthur E. 
O^er Edward R. 
o'Hara George L. 

>Leary Michael J. 


Oppenheimer Jacob 

Murphy Patrick J. A. 
Murray Francis J. 
Murray George F. H. 
Murray Thomas W. 
Murray Wendell P. 
Murray William F. 
Myers Louis G. 

Parker Cornelius A- 
Parker Frank 
Parker George W. 
•Parker Leonard W. 
Parker Wm. A. 
Parker W. Prentiss 



•Patrick Thomas 1 

Patton Johii S. 
Paul Frank 
Paul Philip B. 
Paul William J. 

, Irving C I, 

nutter Mark 1 

•Pease Oscar E. 
Peirce Edward 
Peirson Charlei L. 

Pelletier Joseph C 
•Pennini Lewis 
Pepper Roderick A. 
PeDoerel WUUiam S 
PeS^fns Charles W. 
Perkins Edwin C. 
Perkins Harry E. 
Perkins Henry Q. 
Perrln Richard B. 

Perry Carlton A. 
Perry Francis A. 1 
Peny George H. 
Perry Joseph Earl 
Perry Ralph D. 

Petters William F. 

Pettigrove Fred G.\ 
Phelps WiUiamB.' 
Philbrlck Charles W. 
PhilbrickE. W. 
Phillips Solomon 
Phillips Stephen W. 
Phippen George B. 
Phipps Joseph B. 
Plefce Charles E. 
Pierce C. Eaton 
Pierce Daniel F. 
Pierce Edward J. 
Pierce John B. 
Pierce J. Homer 
Pierce Myron E." 
Pike Chester W. 
PiUsbury Albert E 
Pinanski Abraham E. 
Pinkney Phillip 
Piper Charles E. 

Pollard Frederick 1 

Porter Alexander S. 
Porter Peter P.| 
Potenza Louis 
Potter Henry Staples 
Powderly William H 
•Powell Benjamin F 
Power Charles O. 
Powers James A. 
Powers James E. 

Powers Thomas J.' 
Powers T. Walcott 

Pratt Cheater M,. 
Pratt Frederick L. 
Pratt Joseph H. 
Precott William H. 
Prest William M. 
Pritchard Robert A. 
Proctor Edward O. 
Proctor George 

Reardon Cornelius A. 
Reardon Daniel J. 
Reardon James W. 
Reddish Wm. F. 

Redmond Eugene T. 

Reed William L. 
Regan Timothy F. 
Regestelu Edwin C.G. 
Rehn George L. 

•Reimer Arthur E. 
Reinstein Samuel O. 
Restarick Charles W. 
Reuben Moses I. F. 
Reynolds Augustus G. 
Reynolds Charles Q. O. 
Reynolds John 
Reynolds John D. 
Reynolds Thomas M. 
Rice Edward D. 
Rice Edward E. 
Rice Thomas F. 
Rice Walter A. 
Rich WiUiam D. 

Richards AlMn L. 
Richards Francis H. 



Prout William C. 

Prudhomme Hippolyte 

Pullen William L. 

Pulsifer George R-f 

Pulverman Alonzo 

Putnam Charles E. 

Pulverman Alonzo A 
Putnam Charles E. 
Putnam Charles W. 
Futnam Frederic H. 

Putnam James L 
Putney Harry W. 
" ■ "ey Martin F. 
•y Edward A. 

i Hugh J. ' 


Eamsey Johnson y> 

Ranney Fletcher 
Ranloul Neal 
RatsheBky Abrahaii 
Rau Chrfatopher 

Sawyer Maxwell 
Sawyer Meyer J. 
Sayer J. Frederick 
Sayward WiUiam H. 
Scanlon Michael A. 
Scannell J. Frank 
*Schaub Harry M. 
Schell WiUam I. 
Schmatzler Karl H. 
Schmeltz W. Sherman 

Sprague Rufua Bates 
Spring Roniney 
Squires Harry N. 
Stauk Joseph H 
Stanton Edward J. 

Stearns Harry N. 
Stebbina Charles H 
Steele Frederick J. 
Stern Anaon 

Semlnara Joseph 
Serber A. Jacub 
Seretto Michael 
Seriack Julian 
Shack ford 
Shain Mark 

Edward M3 Shaughnessy % 

I David E. 
Rider Charles H. 
Riley George A. 
Riley Josepli 
Rising Hawley K. 

Roberts Walter H. 
Robinson Alexander I 
Roblnaon Clarence H. 
Robinson John H. 
•Robinson Nathaniel ( 
♦Robinson Robert 
Robinson William 

Rogers George L.. 
Rogers George V. 
Rogers Henry M. 
Rogers John H. 
Rogers Leo A. 

Romaskiewicz John 
Rome Bernard 
Ronan John P. J. 
Roos Samuel B. 
Rose Alexander 
Rose Alexander E. 
Rose Charles H. 
♦Rose John F. 
Roaen Morris 
*Ro8enband Adolph 

Shaw David B. 
Shaw Herman W. 
Shaw Willian S. 
Shea Francis A. 

*Sheppard Joseph 
Sherey Aaron M. 
Sherman John W. 

Sherwin Henry 

Shrelder WoU 

Shulmau Louis 
Siefert Charles H. 

Ross Charles R. 
Ross Frederick \ 
Ross Harry B. 
Rowe John F. 

Ruane Michael^ 

Ruben I. Manuel 
Ruby Israel 
Rudnick Carl 
Ruetfc- Conrad J. 
Rnggles Daniel B. 
Rush Thomas 

Rueaell Charles G. 
Russell Charles T. 
Russell Fred N. 
Rusaell Herbert W. 
Russell Reuben A. 
Rusiell Robert T. 
Ruasell Thomas 
Russell Thomas H. 
RuBBoJamei V. 
Rusao Jerome J. 

Ryder E. Albert 

♦Sahlitz Rudolph 
*Saklad Ellas 
Saklad Joshua B. 
Saklad Philip 
Salles Frederick M.j: 
Sampson Charles H. 

Silton Alfted J 

Simons Nathan 

Slack Francis H. 
Slader Frederick 
Slader George R. 

Small George F. jr. 

Smith Franklin E. 
Smith George B. 
Smith George E. 

Smith Stephen a. 
Smith Walter R. J. 
Smith William, jr. 

Snow Elmer H. 
Suow Francis S. 
Snow Frederic E- 
Son Frank P. 
Sondheim Ellas H. 
Sondheim Philip J. 
Southack Theodore 1 
Southard Louis C. 
Sparrow Charles K. 
Spellman Frank D. 
Spence Henry G. 
Spencer Charles W. 
Spencer Josephs. 

Stockbridge WiUiam I 

Stockton Lawrence M. 
Stockwell Charlea P. 
Stone Arthur P. 
Stone Mark 
Stone Mason £ 

Stone Robert B. 

Streeter Thomas W. 
Stuart Wallace N. 
SturgiB Roger F. 
Sughrue Michael J. 
Sullivan Alexander M. 
Sullivan Andrew J. 

Sullivan Edward J. 
Sullivan E. Mark 
Sullivan Florence F. 
Sullivan Frank J. 
Sullivan Jamea A. 
Sullivan John F. 
Sullivan John H. 
Sullivan Joseph F. 
Sullivan Joseph P. 
Sullivan Lynde 
Sullivan Alichael A. 
Sullivan Michael H. 
Sullivan Michael J. 
Sullivau Patrick 
Sullivan T. Robert 
Sullivan William H. 

SwanChas. Herbert 

SweetserE. Leroy 
Sweetser I. Homer 
Swift Henry W. 
Taft Edward A. 
Taft George F. 
Tarpey WiUiam J. 
*Tay Herman S. 
Taylor Albert E. 
Taylor Harold J. 
Taylor Harry C. 
Taylor John 
Taylor John D. 
Taylor Lester E. 
Tebbetts George E. 
Tebbetts George W. 

Temple Frederick H. 
Thayer Frank W. 
Thayer Henry J. 
Thomaa Edward A. 
Thomas Miner R. 
Thompson Edward V 

Thorpe Walter H. 
Thulin Ralph C. 
Thurston George O. 
Tibbetts Q. Wallace 
Tierney Edward L. 
Tierney Paul E. 

Todd Charles E 

I Christos B. 

Towle William Warren 
Towne Winfield C. 
Townsend Edward S. 
Townsend John H. 
Townsend Robert Elmer 
Tracy Reginald P. 
Trask Frank E. 
Trask Fred G. 
Traek William Ropes 
Treadwell Henry S. 
Tremere Benjamin I 
TsagriB r— - ° 
Tucker ( 
Tucker Lewis R. 
Tuckerman Leverett S 
TurnDullJoseph A. 
Turner Edwiu J. 
Turner Everett L. 
Turner Frederic A. jr, 
Turner Walter H. 
Turner William D. 
Turrell Charles L. 
Tushins Jacob W. 
TutUe Frank J. 
Tuttle Henry C. 

Tyndale Theodore H. 
Udelson Theodore 
Ulin Charles 
Ulin Max 
UUiau Nathan 
Ulman William T. 
Ulmer W. Edwin 
Ulrich Peter C. 
Underbill Benjamin F 

Upton Eugene C. 
VaUely Jamea B. 
VanAmringe Robert C. 
*VanDam Harry 
Vanderhoot Nelson B. 
VanNostrand Alonzo G 
Varney Alfred L. 
Vaail Roman J. 
Vaughan John W. 
Vaughan Samuel 
Vecchioni Joseph 
Vernon Bernard N. 
Vezina George 
Vialle Charles A. 
Viaux Frederic H. 
Viele Frank H. 
Viles Alden E. 
Vinson Thomaa M. 

Wade John F. 
Wade Winthrop H. 
Wagner Samuel W. 

dman Clarence H. 

Waldron Hiram E. 
Waldron Thomi " 
Walker Albert I 

Wallon Joseph A. L. 

Walih Morrlfl J. 
Walsh Patrick D. 
Walsh Richard M. 
Walsh Roberts. 
Walsh Robert H. 
Walsh Thomaa F. 
Walsh William E. 
Walters laadore J. 

Ward Carl 



Warren Chas. J. 
Warren Harry S. 
Warren Joseph 
Warren Joseph F. 
Warren Webster 
Washburn Franks. 
Washburn Paul 
Washburn Thomai Q, 
Wasaerman Jacob 
Waterman Curtis H. 
Waters Bertram G. 
Waters Frank D. 
Watkeys Frederick W. 
Watson Thomas M. 
Watt Fred O. 
Waugh Jamea H. 
Webber Abraham C. 
Webster Charles H, 
Webster Franklin A. 
Weeden Oscar F. 
Weed Arthur H. 
Weeks Warren B. P. 
Wehvle George L. 
Wehrle Otto A. 
Weinberger Samuel 
Weinstein A. H. 
Weiscqpf Edwin L. 
Weitz Herbert A. 
Welch Charles H. 
Welch Francis C. 
Welcome Albert A. 

Wells Frank L. 



1 Clarence P. 
■old James T. 
■I.e.- IViKrsili 

Wheelwright John T. 
Wliellon Daniel A. 
Wliclton John B. 
Whidden Edwar.l E 
Whiddon Frederick \V 

Whjleley Frederic 

Vigsin Joseph 
I'ipnt Oelano 
Hlbur Jacob W. 
fileox WUliamJ. 
Wilder D. Ed*in 

Williams Arthur 
Williams David W. 
Williams Frederic / 

Williams Jordan P. 
WiliianiB Joseph S. 
Williams Manning A. 

W|ng Franklin R. 

'ingersky Frederic 

Wise Samuel U. 
Wishman Harris W. 
Wiswall Richard H. 
Witkin Samuel J. 

Woodaman Ernest S. 
W..odrouKh Joseph A. 
WoodrufTFrederick O. 
Woodward Edward O. 
Woodworth Stewart C. 
Worcester Joseph E, 
Woronoff Benj. 
Worthy Richard E. 
Wrasg GeorKe E. 
Wright Charles E. 
•Wright Curtis J. 
Wright John P. 

Young James E. 
Young Thomas J. 
Youngman Wm. S 
Zerbel Fred A. 
Zintz Abraham 
Zolla Pilgrim R. 
•Zottoli Frank M. 
Zottoli Joseph T. 
Zuckernik Jacob B 


B.jyce Mary L. 
Brackett Blanch 
B.ennan Mary j 
Brimmer Lydla 
Brown Annie E 

Coyle S 

im Frances F 
: Gertrude S. 
k Caroline J. 

Crawford Alice I. 
llewell Mary A. 
Dunn Margaret A. 
Fisher Mary A. 
Foley Kathryn 
Folev Monica A. 
Gallagher Sarah A. 
Gallant C.Louise 
Garritv Mary E. 
Glass tsabelle B. 
Harris Georgia A. 
Uerlihy Elisabclh J 

Hoyt Martha S. Jl 
Keating Helen L. 
Kelley Agnes V. 
Kjmball Slyrta 
Kisloft Bessie 
KlellBtroni Inez 

Levaen Caroline 
Levy Blanche S. 

JIcMahon Mary E. 
McMahon Rose L. 
Mahan Mary A. Mrs. 
Maher Margaret J. 
Moulton Lillian B. 
Nurenberg Leah 
Power Clara L. 
RoweEniilic G.Mrs. 

Shreve Grace A. 
Snow Lena C. 

i Mabel R. 

Tonilinson Ellen B 
Tyler Marion L. 
Walsh Katharine f 
Wehren W. 
Weiler Harriet 




For Boston and a large number of other Cities 


Sampson & Murdock Co. 


LIBRARY COMMITTBBS and others desiring to complete their 
files are Invited to call and iaapect onr Olrectorlet 



Received Too Late for Regular Classification 

Algonquin Mineral Spring Co 180 State 

Anderson Sidney O steno Jamaica Plain Trust Co 
678 Centre J P bds 79 Van Winkle Dor 

loans and investment securities 40 Court 
2d floor— See page 2626A 

Boston Raincoat Co 161 Summer from 10 Mar- 

BUBCHELL, CLABK & LOGAN Inc certified 
public accountants 89 State rm 42 — See 
page 2650 

Burgess, Lang & Company bankers 199 Wash rm 

Chamberlain Frank O lawyer 78 Chauncy rm 64 
from 18 Tremont rm 1126 

Civian David (Boston Stocking Co) 77 Bedford 

CLABK CHABLES S district sales mgr Pennsyl- 
vania Steel Co 70 Kllby rm 12 h at E Dux- 
bury — See page 2927 

ING CO (M D Wallas) 28 School rm 27 — 
See page 2651B 

Corno Mills Co animal food 40 Central rm 803 

Gotten Preston S vice pres and treas The Boston 
Morris Plan Co 40 Court 2d floor h at Win- 

Danforth Richard O advertising writer 101 Tre- 
mont rm 201 bds 154 Rosseter Dor 

Drake Albert R asst treas The Boston Morris 
Plan Co 40 Court 2d floor h at Waltham 

Duffy Michael supt heat control 1007 City Hall 

annex bds 8 Bowdoin 
EAGLE OIL & SUPPLY CO C N Coward pres 

oils and engineers' supplies 45 India — See 

page 3013 
Elbee Co textile specialties 85-Pearl 
ELIOT SAVINGS BANK 114 Dudley — See 

page 2630 
Eliot Square Real Estate Co 187 Roxbury Rox 
FBEEMAN EDWIN A photographer Broadway 

cor MtVernon Somerville — See page 3046 
Greeley John B tailor 61 Court h at Winthrop 
Industrial Service & Equipment Co 100 Summer 
International Equipment Co 352 Western av B 
International Instrument Co 353 Western av Br 
Inter-Trust Security Go 15 Exchange 
Jamerson Charles E pres 453 Wash h at B'line 
Jamerson Clothes Shops Inc 453 Wash 
Jamerson H Curley vice pres 453 Wash h at B'line 
Laban Pratt 50 Congress 

investment securities 40 Court 2d floor — 

See page 2626A 
Quint WUder D editorial writer 259 Wash h at 

Raeder James Ritchie architect 16 Somerset 
Sartorio Enrico G asst rector Christ Episcopal 

church (Old North) h 193 Salem 
Stiles & Cole Co (Oscar O Stiles, George L Cole) 

mfrs agents 40 Central rm 400 


iMPaoN & MoRDOcK Co., Boston, Ma 

ab above 
adv advertising 
agt agent 
al alley 


div division 
do ditto 
Dor Dorciiester 
E East 

E B East Boston 
E B Co East Boston Co 
E B T R R Co East Boston Ter- 
minal Railroad Co 
E E I Co Edison Electric Ilium- 

bet between 

J Co 

eng engineer 
Ex Express 
exch exchange 
extn extension 
Fire Engine 

BAA Boston Athletic Associa- 

B E R Boston Elevated Railway 
B F D Boston Fire Department 
B F S Co B P Sturtevant Co 
B P D Boston Protective De- 
B, R B & L Boston, Revere 

Beach & Lynn Railroad 
B S D & T Co Boston Safe De- 
posit and Trust Co 
B S G Co Bay State Gas Co 
B S H Boston State Hospital 
B S I W & C Co Bay State In- 
sulated Wire & Cable Co 
B & A Boston & Albany Railroad 
B & M Boston & Maine Railroad 
Br Brighton 

Camb Cambridge 

Camb'pt Cambridpeport 

Cen Centre 

Chamb of Com Chamber of 

Chsn Charlestown 
coll collection 

I merchant 
com trav commercial traveler 
Com'l Commercial 
Cong Congregational 

Nep Neponset 

corp corporation 

H P Hyde Park 

H T D Hoosac Tunnel Docks 

Bids Highlands 

Hts Heights 

Inst Tech Mass Inst Tech 

J P Jamaica Plain 

Mass Massachusetts 

Mat Mattapan 

mech mechanical 

Met Metropolitan 

mfg manufacturing 

mfr manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mlcr maker 

mkt market 

M & M T Co Merchants & Mi- 
ners Transportation Co 

N E Conservatory New England 
Conservatory of Music 

N E T & T Co New England Tel- 
ephone & Telegraph Co 

N F H mkt New Faneuil Hall 

pr operator 

' O sq Post Office square 

ass passenger 

'emb sq Pemberton square 

hone telephone 

prop proprietor 

pub publisher or publishing 

r rear 

RMS Railway Mail Service 

rd road 

Readv Readville 

rem removed 

rep representative 

S South 

S B South Boston 

sec secretary 

sect section 

sol solicitor 

Somv Somerville 

sq square 

sta station 

steno stenographer 

supt superintendent 

tel telegraph 

ter terrace 

treas treasurer 

U C Upham's Comer 

USA United States Army 

U S N United States Navy 

up upper 


W R West Roxbury 
Wash Washington 

A A Wire Co insulated wire and cables 93 Fed- 

A B Mfg Co (Abe Borans, H F Brennan) chil- 
dren's dresses 27 Kingston 

Jackson jr mgr 4th floor 111 Devonshire 
warehouse 163 Oliver — See page 2822 
A D H Publishing Co music 40 State rm 41 
A STORRS & BEMENT CO paper warehouse 

140-150 Federal— See page 3033 
A W Mfg Co wrenches 120 Milk rm 85 
Aab Co real estate 19 Milk rm 41 [55 Kilby 

Aachen & Munich Fire Ins Co of Aix-la-Chapelle 
Aalto J tailor h 61 Myrtle [ren Rox 

Aaron Abraham L jeweler 1915 Wash h 624 War- 
» Barney com trav h 668 Blue Hill av Dor 
" Charles T salesman h 18 Haviland 
" David J (Aaron & Bartlett) lawyer 40 Court 

rm 1002 h 1254 Conunonwealth av 
« Fred cigars h 77 Empire Alls 
" Harry F salesman 40 Central rm 305 bds 737 
E Broadway (Broadway do 

• Herman mgr 628 E Fourth S B bds 737 E 
" Jacob driver h 147 Chelsea E B 

. Jacob L law student 40 Court rm 1002 bds 

1254 Commonwealth av 
" Joseph porter 72 Franklin h at Stoneham 

• Julius cigarmaker h 737 E Broadway S B 

• Solomon E vice pres 60 State rm 316 bds 93 

Henley Chsn 

• Sophie M h 578 Newbury 

" S E Co patent dealers 60 State rm 316 
. Wolf W mgr 1022 Wash h 3 Normandy Rox 
. & Bartlett (David J Aaron, Charles E Bart- 
lett) lawyers 40 Court rm 1002 
Aarons Loring E tel opr h 406 W Broadway S B 
" Manuel H (Aarons & Golosov) 162 Hanover h 

884 Harrison av 
" Samuel cigarmaker h 406 W Broadway S B 
- William (Aarons & Fum) 671 Wash h 120 
Warren Br (671 Wash 

« & Finn (William Aarons, Harry Finn) jewelry 
« & Golosov (M H Aarons, Leon Golosov) 
clothing 162 Hanover 

. Abraham M laborer bds 

Barnard died Aug 31 1915 
s 177 Mag 
i Wash bds 37 North Russell 

Aug 3 
bds . 

David A clerk bds 177 Magnolia Dor 
Harry A clerk 368 Wash bds 37 :^ 
Henry real estate h 177 Magnolia Dor 
Max (William Pink & Co) liquors 347a Co- 

Abaghian Leon shoecutter h 87 Mlnden Rox 
Abaid Alexander baker 23 Hudson h do 
Aban & Co real estate 53 State rm 930 
Abangarez Steamship Corp 131 State rm 900 
Abar Alice A Mrs h 1 Atherton pi Rox 

- NeUie M h 26 Forest Rox 
Abare William H asst sec U D Mut Fu'e Ins Co 

- Calogero laborer h 8 Hanover i 
" Fllippo laborer h 37 Sheafe 
» Francesco candymaker h 99 Prmce 
" Francesco hostler h 43 Tileston 

« Giuseppe barber 125a North bds 31 N Bennet 

- John blacksmith h 185 Bennington E B 

- Luigi laborer bds H Sheafe 

- Salvatore laborer h 10 Charter 
Abatto Salvatore laborer h 71 Lubec E B 
Abazorius Anthony shoe repairer 208 W B'way 

S B h 194 Athens do 
" Kostantas tailor h 137 Bowen S B 
Abban Patrick A teamster h 4 Boston pi S B 
Abbe Clarence M clerk h 497 Huntington av 

" Elizabeth M physician 45 Dale Rox h do 
" Frederic E salesman 50 Congress rm 326 bds 

at Camb 
" Frederick R physician 15 Sayward Dor h do 
" Henry T buyer 90 Chauncy I 

Abber Annie Mrs rem to Maiden 
Abberton James F mason h 1972 Centre W 
" Patrick driver h 1980 Centre W R 
" T Frank 14 Fulton h 10 Cedar Ros 



_ _ 205 Lincoln h at Maiden 

" Ida E h 148a Bowdoin Dor 
Abbisso Salyatore laborer h 5 Revere pi 
Abbot Alexia L designer bds 64 Kingsdale Dor 
" Andrew A real estate 904 Harrison av li 6 
Kingsdale Dor 

» Edwin I proofreader bds 27 Lambert av Rox 
" Elmer B clerk 587 Wash Dor h 11 BuUard do 
« Eugene B treas 165 Milk h Hotel Canterbury 
« Frank D supt 343 Congress h at W Somerville 
" Gabrielle teacher Abraham Lincoln school bds 

108 Pembroke 
. Gabrielle N Mrs h 108 Pembroke 

- George agent 60 State rm 115 h at Andover 

" George W & Co (W L Abbot) com mers 42 

u Harold C student bds 1 1 Bullard Dor 
« Henry L rem to Wobum 
■ Lawrence A salesman 887 Boylston h at Lynn 
. Mary E widow George J bds 11 Bullard Dor 
« Nathaniel h 1 14 Norwell Dor 
« Otis H salesman h 8 Fenelon Dor 
" Rosalie Y teacher Girls' Latin school bds 108 

Pembroke [bds 108 Pembroke 

" Susan E teacher Louisa May Alcott school 

- Walter L (George W Abbot & Co) 42 Battery- 

march h at Manchester [Somv 

" Walter L jr clerk 42 Batterymarch house at 
" William H bond broker 15 Court rm 23 h 27 

Lambert av Rox , ^ , , „ 1P°I 

« Winifred bookkeeper 27 Central h 11 Buuard 
. & Downing Co wagon mfrs 394 Atlantic av 
Abbott Abbie G teacher Dearborn school Rox bds 

66 Westvllle Dor 
" Adelaide M physician 459 E Eighth S B h do 
" Albert B cashier Copley Sq Hotel h at Camb 
« Albert M clerk mailing div P O h 274 Norfolk 

Dor [StBotolph 

« Albert R broker 68 Devonshire rm 715 h 121 
" Alfred L clerk h 10 Houghton Dor 
.. Alice nurse rms 23 Worcester sq 
« Alice L widow George E rms 415 Wash Dor 
. AJonzo F shipper 374 Congress h at Quincy 
« Ambrose H court officer municipal cnmmal 

court 101 Court House h 24 Pratt Alls 
.. Arthur E bookkeeper 76 Devonshire h at Wol- 

laston [Reading 

« Arthur M salesman 645 Atlantic av h at 
"AH salesman G E Co 84 State h at Winchester 
« Charles piano tuner rms 11 StCharles 
u Charles B watchman 142 Berkeley bds 18 

Washington Dor . .„ . ,. ^ 

. Charles B 104 Kingston h 12 Austm Dor 
• Charles Elmer investments 201 Devonshire 


- Forrest H clerk 35 Congress rm 1005 h 15 

Chelmsford Dor 
" Frances h 4 Walnut 
« Frances A widow William T h 4 Lingard Dor 

- Frank A driver 74 Franklin rm 302 h at Wa- 

verley (Hingham 

■' Frank P clerk 1st floor Custom House h at 
. Frank W (Abbott, Hall & Co) 12 S Market 

rm 57 bds at Melrose [at Medford 

" Frank W inspector Custom House 6th floor h 
" Fred foreman h 6 Smith Alls 
" Fred W died Jan 11 1916 
» Frederick L physician 252 Newbury h do 
« Frederick 8 shipper 19 Lincoln h 67 Perrin 

" Frederick W clerk 185 Devonshire rm 1103 

h Austin Mat [Somv 

- Gayton clerk 55 Coneress rm 911 h at W 
Geddes G clerk 120 Franklin h at Braintree 

« George driver bds 242 Lexington E B 
'■ George jr clerk bds 32 Alaska Rox 
« George E conductor h 90 Easton Alls 
» George H engineer 87 Milk h 11 Wesley av 
Dor (J P bds do 

" George H engineer Faulkner Hospital, Centre 
ABBOTT GEORGE H & CO (J Alfred Ander- 
son) auctioneers real estate and insurance 
209 Washington rm 19 h 60 Iffley rd J P 
—See page 3102 
• George J music teacher bds 222 Brighton av 

» George S driver bds 7 Monument Chsn 
» George W buyer 35 Temple pi h at Lexington 
George W div engineer 331 South station h at 

iV Ne 

Gilbert J flsherman h 496 Dudley Rox 

" Gordon 

17 Court 
" Grace M mi 


- Griffith E rms 185 W Brookline 

- Hall & Co (F W and W T Abbott. F C Bates. 

A D Hall) merchandise brokers 12 S Market 

- Hannah F widow William V died Feb 27 1915 
" Harold E 243 Summer h at Andover 

- Harold F driver bds 2 Forest pi Chsn 

- Harry P teller Liberty Trust Co 197 Wash bds 

Helen A teacher bds 24 Pratt Alls 

Helen M teacher bds 94 G, S B 

Henry L collector 24 West h at Wobum 

Henry L printer 244 Wash h at Revere Beach 

Henry L student bds 67 Perrin Rox '" " 

" Howard B clerk 59 Com'l bds at Atlantic 

321 hi 

906 : 


- Charles N died Maxch 29 1916 

" Charles P constable and (C P Abbott & Co) 

53 State rm 417 h 55 Belvidere 
« Charles P real estate and ins 44 Kilby 
» Charles P salesman 280 Summer bds at Wm- 

" Charles W tinsmith h 242 Lexington E B 
. Charles W watchman h IS Wash Dor 
" Charlotte A seamstress bds 20 Ashmont Dor 
" Clyde V paint«r bds 496 Dudley Rox 
« ComeUa A widow Jacob b 10 Qumt av Alls 
« Curtis lawyer 53 State rm 722 h at Newtpii; 

vUle [State rm 41/ 

. C P & Co (Charles P Abbott) mfrs agents o.i 
. Demis M widow Leander B real estate 17 \ al- 

entine Rox h 255 Walnut av do ^ -,.- 

« Edgar lieut B P D No 1. 40 Purchase h 2;,o 

Harold Rox 
" Edgar C lecturer h 1010 Boylston 

- Edward D treas 181 Mass av h at B hue 
.. Edward R com trav bds 76 Dakota Dor 
» Edward S conductor h 633 Warren Rox 
,. Edward W salesman S 

. h at Winchester 

Elizabeth O widow Edward A h 1212 Com- 
monwealth av Alls ..„ , 
" Ellen M widow William F h 21 Milford 
„ Ehner E machinist h 1139 Hyde Park ay H P 

- Ehnont B porter 204 Essex h 2 Miller pk Rox 

- Emery W asst gen'l frt agt 3 North station h 

at Reading 
" Emma E h 45 Westland av i.. », , 

.. Emma Louise bookkeeper 166 Devonshire bds 

at B'line [t "t Medford 

.. Ernest W civU engineer 294 Wash rm 1001 
. Eva nurse bds 39 Mountfort „ ^ „ ^ 

- Everett B chocolatemaker h 3 FuUer Dor 
" E A builder 185 Devonshire rm 906 
"ED Company printers 181 Mass av 

- Ida 

- Isaac S masseur bds 212 Everett Alls 
« Isabella J Mrs bds 5 Burton av Rox 
" Iva Mrs h 8 Grant av Alls 

" James clerk h 293 Lexington E B 

" James laborer h 13 Monument Chsn 

" James (58 Wrentham Dor) died Dec 19 1915 

- Jennie Mrs h 1001 Wash 
» Jere Mrs h 406 Beacon 

" John lawyer 53 State rm 718 h at Winchester 

« John E died Dec 2 1915 

. John a engineer h 61 Story S B 

" John J laborer h 489 E Third S B 

.. John J laborer h 14 Lexington av Chsn 

" John J teamster h 37 Medford Chsn 

.. John W clerk rms 6 DiUaway 

W dept agt 43 Commercial h at Atlantic 

John W 32 Derne h at Camb 
Joseph lawyer 78 Devonshire i 

Sq r "- 

I 41 

17 Oak 

" J H & Co publishers 294 Devonshire 

Quint 1 cashier 125 Milk rm 51 h 10 
Leander rms 465 Mass av [Walnut av do 

Leander B jr mgr 17 Valentme Rox h 255 
Leo bookbinder 41 Arch bds at Camb 
Leon M (Bates, Nay, Abbott & Dane) lawyer 

73 Tremont rm 934 h at Bliue 
Leonard G h 19 Fenno Rox 
Lewis B architect 122 Ames bldg h at Dan vers 
Lewis G mgr 294 Wash rm 523 h at Provi- 
dence R I (h 25 Peterborough 
Lewis W electrical engineer 50 Oliver rm 808 
Lewis W Mrs 1 ' ' ' "" ' ■* 

_ I teacher h 25 Peterborough 

Louis brushmaker h_27 Elmhurst Dor 
Louis D driver !" 

av Dor 
Louis F h 67 Perrin Rox 

W Newton b 

Louis P ex-chief I 

11 Garden W R 




« Marshall R salesman 110 Summer rm 34 h at 

S WejTTiouth 
Martha Mrs h 121 StBotolph 
Mary E Mrs hairdresser 4 Rosedale Dor h do 
Mary E widow Barzillai h 572 E B'way S B 
MoUie teacher h 32 Alaska Rox [ton 

Nathaniel W pilot end Lewis whf h at WoUas- 
Oliver B sales mgr 46 Clintoa rm 505 h at 

Oscar A com trav bds 82 Can-er 
Osceola H h 22 Circuit Rox 
Paul W 79 Milk rm 714 h 293 Commonwealth 

ay I Dor 

Philip S salesman 161 South h 30 Beaumont 
Prentice W 199 Wash rm 601 h at Medford 
Ralph E pres 133 Broad h 22 Halford rd W K 
Ralph P clerk 40 State rm 37 h at Danvers 
Raymond H clerk 187 State rms 28 Bickerstaff 
Roy C hiteme Mass Gen Hospital bds do 
Royal H salesman h 26 Rosemont Dor 
Royal K rem to Canton 
Eussell E frt auditor's dept Old Fitchburg 

sta h 31 Ma^olia Dor 
R M rms 440 Columbus av 
Samuel eggs h 30 Brookview Dor fpk Rox 
Samuel supt B P D. 40 Purchase h 20 Cedar 
Samuel A B 84 State rm 1025 h at Welleslev 
Samuel B switchman N Y, N H & H h 209 

Washington Dor (Rox h do 

Samuel E Dr physical instructor 11 Newcomb 
Sarah E widow Henry R h 66 Wostvllle Dor 
Sumner massage h 212 Everett Br 
Susan E widow William H h 32 HartweU Rox 
S Dwight elevator constructor bds 75 Dakota 


5 K & Co bookbinders 100 Purchase 
Thomas laborer h 7 Princeton Ghsn 
Thomas J laborer h 74 Decatur Chsn 
Thomas Q freighthandler h 367 E. 8 B 
Tressellian R undertaker 335 Wash Dor h 27 

Harvard av do (h Hotel Somerset 

Waldo L accountant 201 Devonshire rm 526 
Wallace M chef rms 108 MjTtle 
Walter C salesman 131 State rm 327 h 222 

Brighton av Alls 
Walter F salesman rms 265 Shawmut av 
Walter 8 leather sorter bds 85 Condor E B 
Wendell P salesman 129 Federal h at Law- 
rence [Camb 
Wilbur H clerk 55 Commercial whf h at N 
William clerk bds 15 Humboldt av Rox 
William teamster bds 835 Saratoga E B 
WUUam A engineer h 645 E Fifth 8 B 
William D blockmaker h 85 Condor E B 
William F clerk 89 Pearl bds at Chelsea 
William H clerk 1157 Wash Dor h 21 River- 
side pi Mat 
William Lee draftsman bds 45 Newburg Bos 
William P engineer h 15 Hmnboldt av Rox 
William S engineer F E 16. River cor Temple 
Mat h 1 193 Morton Dor [field 
William S spec agt 71 Kilby rm 9 h at Lynn- 
William T (Bates & Abbott) tea 12 S Market 
rm 57 h at Winchester [Pleasant Dor 
W Herbert pres and treas 112 Beach h 60 
W Herbert Inc leather dealers 112 Beach 

6 Femald Co teamsters 237 Congress 
Abboud Michael T chef h 25 Belvidere 
Abbruzzese Aniello laborer h 337 Harrison av 

Antonio (Ciambelli & Abbruzzese) barber 99 

Blackstone h 21 Hecia Dor 
Carlo clerk h 2 Shelby E B 
Emanuele barber 1238 Dorchester av Dor bds 

21 HecIa do (do h do 

Gabriel grocer 164 Trenton E B and 2 Shelby 
Lorenzo marbleworker h 74 Dresser S B 
Pietro grocer 313 Lexington E B h do 
« Raffaele laborer h 5 Thacher ct 

- Salvatore barber 99 Blackstone b 21 Hecla Dor 
Abbt Julius waiter h 1 Oxford ter 
ABDALIAN LEON H photographer 295 Centre 

J P h do — See page 3046 
Abdallah Beshara grocer 19 Hudson h do 

- EUas laborer h 71 Albany |W R 
" George dry goods 76 Kneeland h 35 Heron 

Abdelahad Assad shoemaker h 102 Sheridan J P 
" Mitry shoeworker h 94 Hudson 

Abdou BandUy shoeworker h 51 Hudson 

" Dovik shoeworker h 49 Albany 
Abdow Abdul helper h 86 Hudson 
Abdulnoor Salome boardinghouse 40 Staniford 
Abdy George H clerk 417 Wash h at Revere 
Abe Albert H auditor bds 4261 Wash Ros 

" Catharine widow Christian h 16 Brown av R< 

« F William rigger bds 4; 

« Louise widow William 1 _ 

" William A clerk bds 16 Brown ; 
Abel Alexander carpenter h 80 Torrev Dor 

- Alexander janitor h 56 Nelson Dor 
" George H rem to Utica N Y 

" Harry driver 84 Fulton h 27 Laconia 

- John M cabinetmaker h 71 Cottage rd \ 
" Joseph porter 84 Fulton and grocer 3i 

conla h 24 do 
• Thomas longshoreman bds 50 Kendall 

783 Dorchester n 

Abele Andrew ] 
" Catharine widow li 18 (^amdeu pi 
- Chartes H teamster h 77 Harbor 
" Frederick W carpenter 1 

Abell George musician Modem theatre 523 
" John G butter 23 Farrington av Alls h do 
" Leslie G clerk bds 23 Farrington av Alls 
" Rollin mfr flexible tubing and shafting 4 
Tlleston Mat h at Milton (WoUaston 

" Walter P patent lawyer 53 State rm 835 h at 
Abells George C mgr 218 Bowdoin Dor nns 47 

Toplifl do 
Abelman Abraham h 30a Bower Rox 
•" Fannie Mrs dressmaker 36a Bower Rox h do 
. Max grocer 168 Chelsea E B h do 

" painter h 60 Nightingale Dor 

32 Chardon 1 

Abelovltz Harry (Eastern Rubber Tire & 

canizing Cc " " ' " 
Abels Alexander H salesman 120 T 

Hermn com trav h 37 Lena pk Dor 
Julius grocer 42 Litchfield Br h 40 do 
Max tailor h 408 Saratoga E B (E B 

Abely Alice M, Public_Library bds 72 4 Saratoga 

Joseph F clerk 1165 Mass : 

Joseph H (Lewis & Abely) 427 Wash h '37 


Farrington E : 


William P „ 

Abend Max tailor h 19 N Anderson 
Aber Harry shoemaker h 88 Poplar 
Aberbach David (Golden & Aberbach) grocer 72 

Erie Dor bds 11 Greenwood do 
Aberblitt Abraham laborer h 41 Rochester 

•■ Jake tailor h 41 Rochester 
Abercrombie B G mgr 387 Wash rm 801 h at 
Melrose Hid s 
" Daniel W jr rem to Worcester 

- Elmer E 85 Equitable bidg h at Braintree 

» Prank S inspector end Long whf h 1 3 1 StBo- 

■■ James grocer 499 Sumner E B h at Lynn 

" James K baker h 25 Albion Rox 

" Margaret L h 33 MtVemon 

" Marian widow WUUam h 71 Mlston Alls 

« William conductor bds 71 Allston Alls 
Aberdee Joseph H clerk bds 15 Worthington Rox 

" Mary T widow Henry h 15 Worthington Rox 
Aberdeen Street Garage (William C and William 

B Durkee) 20 Aberdeen Fen 
Aberlatt Abe pedler h 41 Rochester 
Aberle Abbie E widow Frederick h 2212 Centre 
W R [land Rox 

.. Alfred J clerk 131 State rm 216 h 231 High- 

" William H coUector 501 Wash h at Everett 

" see Abele [Idlewild Alls 

Abemathy Charles J clerk Second Nat Bank h 11 

« Rebecca widow John h 91 Bloomfleld Dor 
Abersman Hilda milliner 333 Blue Hill av Rox h 

Abert Carl cigarmaker h 9 1 Minden Rox 

- Ernest h 701 Walkhill Mat 

engineers and contractors office 27 School 

i G (L G . 
L G Mfg Co (Louis G Abizaid) razor strops 

and canvas gloves 94 Essex 
Mansour (J G Abizaid & Sons) 143 Tyler h do 
Martha widow Amen h 102 Tyler 

" John H machinist bds 129 Callender Dor 
Ablewhite Edward painter h 54 Clarendon 
Abolen Fritz carpenter h 24 HaU J P 
Abolin Fritz carpenter h 6 Logan Rox 
Aboozbeeb Aesia K carpenter h 34 Hudson 

" Elias K salesman h 34 Hudson 

" George salesman bds 34 Hudson 
Abom Arthur S sales mgr 294 Wash rm 1101 h 
at Winchester [Bline 

• Bertram salesman 29 Temple pi rm 5 h at 
« Caroline D director of kindergartens public 

schools h at Medford 

- Charles M salesman 46 Canal h 41 Astor 
" Charles T clerk h 9 Sunnyside Rox 

. Harold K decorator h 42 StStephen 

" Hermon W clerk 50 Devonshire h 819 Beacon 

" Lizzie M widow Henry h 21 DeU av H P 

- Ruth H music teacher 9 Shenandoah Dor b do 
. Samuel P bookkeeper Market Trust Co Br 

h 79 Surrey do 

- William H salesman h 9 Shenandoah Dor 

- WilUam H jr clerk 70 Federal bds 9 Shenan- 

doah Dor 
Aboud Shaker laborer h 53 Albany 
Abourjeilv George M restaurant 73} Beach h do 
Abowitz Jacob tailor 106 Brighton h 108 do 
Abraham Abdulla dry goods 146 Harrison av h 51 

Harvard [B'line 

• Abram (C Abraham's Sons) 276 State h at 



.. Assad plasterer h 6 Hudson 

«. Benjamin rms 19 Myrtle 

.. Bernard S li 2r, Vale S B 

» Caspar mKr 276 State h 716 Wash Dor 

.. Charles driver h 3425 Wash J P 

a Charles A teamster 52 N Market 

" C's Sons (Abram) cigar mfrs 276 State 

.1 * Franlt laborer h 103 Hudson 

.' George polisher h 1 34 Hudson 

" George porter h 50 Tyler 

tervale Box 
Harry h 84 Holworthy Rox 
Henry hatter bds 42 Bennet 

riaker h 17 Intervale 1 

■ S Ilose 1 
Mary Mrs h 51 Albany 
Nasif laborer h 149 Albany 
Peter hatter rem to Amesbu . 
Peter shoeworker h 107 Hudson 


" Thomas M salesman 01 Clmton h 8 Elder 

" Walter shoeworker h 39 Edinboro 
■■ William shoeworker h 37 Hudson [Rox 

Abrahams Abraham L laborer bds 12 Marble 
" Abram tailor rms 22 Upton 
" Albert (Edgar E Abrahams & Co) 114 State 

rm 14 h 9 Rozella Dor 
" Albert pedler rms 709 Tremont 
- Alexander cigarmaker h 39 Browning av Dor 
" Bertha widow h 43 Hollander Rox 
" Edgar E & Co (Albert Abrahams) paper boxes 

and seals 114 State rm 14 bds 9 Rozella Dor 
" Gabriel laborer bds 12 Marble Rox 
" Henry sec 11 Appleton h 12 Marble Rox 
« Isadore cigarmaiker bds 4 Batavia 
•■ Joel sub carrier P O. sta A bds 12 Marble Rox 
" Louis cigarmaker h 43 Hollander Rox (ha 
" Louis cigar mfr 124i Broad " ' " " ' 

at S Praming- 

Sf.ars b'dg bds 96 Waumbeck Rox 

Hansborough Dor 

Walter clerk 31 Beach bds 

Abrahamsen Otto 

Milk rm 1136 h at 
Abrahamson Carl woodworker h 54 WoodcUfl 
■' Charles asst gear keeper White Star Line 

H T D Chsn rms 34 Harvard do 
" Israel pedler h 21 Schuyler Rox 
« John master mariner rms 366 Columbus av 
'■ Maurice clerk bds 159 Callender Dor 
. Nathan G clerk bds 159 Callender Dor 
« Paul W glazier h 159 Callender Dor 
. see Abhamson 
Abraitis Angelo tailor h 6 Hatch S 1 

Oscar clerk 61 Salem bds 36 McLean 
Abramhofl Abraham clerk maUmg div P O h Ifl 

» Israel orderly Boston City Hospital bds do 
Abramo Angelo pedler h 62 Hale 

.. Natale carpenter h 61 Chelsea E B |Dor 

Abramovitz Alexander provisions h 106 Pleasant 

.' Arnold barber h 9 Greenwood Dor 

. Ciharles printer bds 101 Leverett 

" David rem to Beverly 

" Harry pedler bds 58 Lowell 

" Isidor stitcher h 1 1 Eaton 

" Jacob tailor h 17 Seneca 

« Joseph A plumber h 29 Porter E B 

" Lena widow Louis bds 68 Allen 

" Louis salesman 39 North h 21 Morris E B 

" Max tailor h 101 Leverett 

" PhUip taUor h 5 Wiget 

" Solomon clerk h 43 Compton 
Abramowitz David tailor h 59 Corning 

" Myer provisions 49 Compton h 43 do 
Abrams Abram pres and trcas 131 Portland h at 
B'line (Dor h do 

u Abram L furniture mover 17 Woodrow av 

« Alec provisions 1126 and 1720 Dorchester av 
Dor h 106 Pleasant do 

- Alec (Abrams & Superior) 611 Wa-sh rm 506 
bds 237 Quincy Rox 

» Alexander cutter bds 132 Myrtle (ing 

« Alexander A clerk 342 Boylston ims 59 Corn- 

« Alfred salesman h 81 Lucerne Dor 

« Allen asst Inst Tech rms 16 Westland av 

« AUen T carpenter h 13 Bm-r J P 

. Annie Mrs h 12 Albion 

" Annie J widow Louis E h 14 Garden Rox 


Arthur trustee 47 Union bds 126 Brighton 
Augusta D Mrs h 1254 Commonwealth av 

Barney tailor h 69 Savin Rox 

Benjamin bookkeeper bds 129 Hutchings Rox 

Benjamin printer bds 12 Albion 

Bessie widow bds 21 Queen Dor 

Charles (Sandler & Abrams) vestmaker 75 

Harrison av h 62 Emerald 
Charlotte ensign Salvation Armv h IGl W 


bridge Alls h at 1 

Edward B machinist bds 919 Dorchester av 
Dor (Dor 

Ellen widow Benjamin h 919 Dorchester av 

Fannie widow Louis grocer 94 Porter E B h do 

Harry laborer bds 126 Brighton 

Harry tailor h 43 Joy 

Hattie D L widow Horatio h 86 Elm Chsn 

Henry meatcutter 165 W Broadway S B h 
22 Julian Dor 

Henry salesman bds 32 Stanwood Rox 

Hiram pres 31 Beach h 176 Naples rd 

Hyman carpenter h 126 Brighton (Rox 

Hyman clerk 222 Clarendon bds 32 Stanwood 

Hyman tailor h 118 Intervale Rox 

Hyman E (Enterprise Press) printer 75 Har- 
rison av h 40 Cross 

Isadore (Williams. Baer & Abrams) lawyer 8 
Beacon rm 21 h at Quincy [Compton 

Israel (Abrams & Co) 181 Shawmut av h 45 

Israel clerk bds 57 Stanwood Rox 

Jacob (Greeley & Abrams) tailor 10 Tremont 
row h at Winthrop 

Jacob tailor h 12 Albion 

Jay division mgr_426 Wa^h 

>h salesm 

I O painter h 208 Quincy Dor 
Co) 20: 


Rox h 9 Munroe do 
Julius clerk 81 Bedford bds 34 Allen 

adjutant Salvation Array 8 East 

• ■-- w Springfield (ton 

" ■ oleton bds 43 Comp- 

13 Cambridge 



Julius L newsdealer 2 __, 

Lizzie widow Ansel bds 81 Lucerne Dor 
Louis buyer died Jan 7 1916 
Louis grocer 36 Oswego h 128 Shawmut 
Louis (Lyons Hotel Co) lodgmghouse 2 

son bds SO Munroe Rox 
Louis provisions 8 Rose h do [Beac 

Louis provisions 248 Market Br rms 
Louis taUor h 50 Allen 
Louis h 214 Howard av Dor 
Mark real estate h 39 Intervale Rox 
Mark salesman 373 Washington 


Max florist i 

Max foreman 32 Arlington H P h 994 River do 
Max provisions 31 Erie Dor h 141 Ehno do 
Meyer h 129 Hutchings Rox 
Morris clerk 255 Dorchester S B h 46 Rose 
Morris foreman 27 Albany bds 132 Myrtle 
Morris salesman bds 19 Creston Rox 
Morris taUor h 1063a Blue HiU av Dor 
Myer postal cards 31 Creston Rox 
Myer real estate h 5 Garden Rox 
Omuld tailor h 57 Everett Alls 
Paulme Mrs h 7 Lafayette pk Dor 
Philip clerk 81 Salem bds 295 Cambridge 
Philip pedler h 237 Quincy Rox [av Rox 

Philip tailor 368 Bowdoin Dor h 140 Howard 
Philip A taUor 493 E Bway S B h 510 do 
Rebecca Mrs h 8 Fowler Dor 
Robert mgr h 123 Howland Rox 
Robert salesman 503 Wash bds 45 Munroe 
Rox (Harrishof Rox 

Samuel (Abrams & Green) 5 Bromfleld h 97 

18 Warrenton 

Simon tailor 1 

conductor B & A h 350 Cambridge 
William carpenter bds 13 Sewall Rox 
& Co (Israel Abrams) wmdow glass 181 Shaw- 

& Green (Samuel Abrams. Joseph Green) 

jewelry mfrs 5 Bromfield rm 55 
& Superior (Alec Abrams, Harry H Superior) 

com mors 611 Wash rm 506 
iramson Benjamin (Abramson Bros) grocer 45 

Eden Chsn and 409 and 520 Mam do h 68 

Russell do 
Bessie dry goods 
Bros (Benjamin i 

Charlotte E h 25 j 

E salesman 201 State rms 19 Myrtle 

Hannah Mrs bds 68 Russell Chsn 



; h SO Harlem Dor 

" Israel woolens 50 Kingston and (Victoria 

Cloak & Suit Co) 27 Albany h 21 Schuyler 

" Jennie widow Samuel h 24 Allen 
" Louis pedler h 88 Porter E B 
" Louis pres removed to N Y city 
. Louis A (Century Skirt Co) 77 Bedford h 102 

Maple Rox 
" Max news agent h fil Glenway Dor 
- Morris N h 159 Callender Dor 
" Morris S h 61 Glenway Dor [Dor 

" Myer clothing 229 Hanover li IM Glenway 
" Mver taUor died Oct 17 Ifll.i 
" Nathan G clerk bds 159 ("iillnuk-r Dor 
" Samuel grocer 180 North h 41 lismond Dor 
" Samuel mgr 6 Waverley blk Chsn h 77 Fayston 

" & Clarke vestmakers 158 Harrison av 

" see Abbahamson 
Abreu Raphael musician rms 30 Berwick pk 
Abruzze Tommasso laborer h 31 Minot 
Abruzzese Alfonso laborer h 21 Tileston 

» Lorenzo marbleworker h 74 Dresser S B 
" Pietro shoemaker 72 Revere h 28 Prince 
■■ Ttimaso laborer bds 16 Foster 

Abt Club House 276 Amory J P | 

" Meyer salesman 564 Wash rm 405 h at I 
" Nathan clerk h 63 Stanwood Rox 
" William clerk h 119 Intervale Rox 

Academy Music Store 135 Dudley Rox 

nsosa Antone mariner h 17 Phillip [E B 

Accetta Manfred clerk 94 S Market h 23 Faxon 
Accettullo Michele marble polisher h 209 Salem 
ACCO LUBRICANT CO auto greases and lubri- 
i 8 Winter rm 1106^^See cage 3014 

Accolla Domenico laborer h 29 Hale 

" Bros (Emiho and Angelo) provisions 151 En- 
dicott (London E B 

- EmUio (Acerra Bros) 151 Endicott h 82 

- Marino h 82 London E B 
Aceto Simone laborer h 30 Sheafe 
Acevedo Pablo student bds 1 1 Nassau 

Acford Edwin F baggagemaster N Y, N H & H h 

Acher Charles M com trav h 1391 Commonwealth 

av AUs [Dor 

Acheson Eugene A gen agent h 136 Savin Hill av 

. Graphite Co 45 V ' 


» George h 40 Mountain av Dor [av Alls 

" Ida M widow George S h I30I Common woaitli 

- Jennie M dressmaker 301 Poplar Ros h do 

" John (Dorchester Laundry) 10 Milton av Dor 
bds 40 Mountain av do 

" Millage S carpenter h 301 Poplar Ros 

" Robert L fireman h 204 Centre Dor 

" William salesman rms 22 Claremont pk 
Ackerley T H h 349 Columbus av [av Dor 

Ackerly George B blacksmith bds 1117 Dorchester 

" Margaret Mrs h 57 Circuit Rox [Hillside 

Ackerman Alden B clerk 24 West h at Modford 

•■ Arthur W laborer bds 15 Centre ter W R 

" Clara M Mrs h 62 Charlotte Dor 

" David D salesman 653 Atlantic av h at l-t'liiu' 

" Edwin G foreman h 19 Erie Dor 

" Herbert N clerk 14 Beacon h at Medford 

- Herman 15 shoes wholesale 604 Atlantic ■,i\ h 

at Somv [Molrosr 

" H Stanley clerk 714 Chamb of Com bds at 
.. Isidore junk h 107 Vernon Rox 
" Jacob cutter rms 31 Genesee 
« James A trainman B & M rms 39 Cambridge 
» J E (Ackerman & Brummel) 653 Atlantic av 

h at Brookline [Melrose Highlands 

» Peter H sUverware 373 Wash rm 809 h at 
" Richard laborer rms 21 Glenwood Rox 

- Roland P 155 Wash bds at IsUngton 

" R Wesley printer 244 Wash h 628 Norfolk Mat 

■• William M salesman S4 State rm 911 h at 

Somv [cut soles 653 Atlantic av 

" & Bi*ummel (J E Ackerman, Max Brummel) 

Ackermann Charles M organist h 808 Parker Rox 
" Olga E bookkeeper 300 Warren Rox bds SOS 
Parker do 
Ackers William M chauffeur 39 Boylston h 1 1 
DeWolf Dor [Quinty 

Ackerson Herbert N recorder 430 South sta h at 
Ackert Alson messenger 43 Franklin h at Medford 

Ackhurst Hardy AV pianotuner rms 88 Pembroke 
Ackiss C L clerk 117 Franklin h at B'line 
Ackland James A civU engineer 70S City Hall 
annex bds 87 Hamilton Dor 
« Mary widow Thomas h S7 Hamilton^Dor 
" Thomas J bds 87 Hamilton Dor 
Ackles Walter R clerk 38 Bromfleld h 10 Inwood 
Dor , [313 h at Worcester 

Ackley Albert W trav freight agent 294 Wash rm 
" Harry L clerk 300 Wash h 43 Larchmont Dor 
" John A h 30 Hutchings Rox 
Ackner Joseph clerk 134 Harold Rox h at Maiden 
Ackroyd Charles N clerk 141 Milk rm 225 bds 
at Winthrop [Somv 

" Edward J stockman 109 Brookline av h at 
" Henry A watchman 387 Wash h 4 Conant-st 
pi Rox [Needham 

'■ James A lawyer 82 Devonshire 2d floor h at 
" Walter stock broker 60 State rm 627 rms 9 

. William J clerk h 169a Centre Rox 

- see Akeroyd and Atkrotd 
Acme Automatic Scale Co 218 State 

- Credit Co loans 146 Summer rm 4 1 

" Die Casting Corp 176 Federal rm 415 

- Granolithic Co (Geo W Sharpe, Peter Mc- 

Achom Abbie L steno bds 78 N Beacon Alls 
» Ada A Mrs osteopath 687 Boylston rms do 
" Albert. A supt 394 Atlantic av h at Arlington 
.. Albion bds 22 Whitman Dor 
" Aldan L h 78 N Beacon AUs 
" Caroline M died Oct 13 1915 

- Edgar O (Achom & Bates) 10 Tremont rm 70 

h 30 Beaufort rd J P 
•■ Edward F printer h 1949 Dorchester av Dor 
■• Emma J widow Orlando R h 104 F, S B 
" Ernest R clerk 620 Atlantic av rm 100 bds at 

E Walpole 

- Harry C asst supt 253 Summer h at B'line 
■• John W clerk bds 78 N Beacon Alls 

" J Joseph starter B E R h_22 East Dor 

Orlando R clerk bds 104 F, 

Rebecca Mrs h 841 E Fourth S B 
William O clerk bds 104 F. S B 

;dgar O Achom, Sanford Bates) 
) Tremont rm 70 

[Commonwealth av Alls 

mgr 141 Milk rm 903 h 1399 

arrj' S vamper bd; 

lawyers 10 ' 

Achiifl Charles E mgr 141 M 

Max died Oct 10 1915 
Acker Albert W salesman 183 Devonshire rm 40i 
h 38 Fordham rd Alls 
" Andrew machinist bds 40 Mountain av Dor 
" August G shipper 281 Summer h at Quincy 
" Bryant B fireman bds 204 Centre Dor 
« Charles boatbuilder bds 504 E Fourth S B 

- Christian bottler h 366 Amory J P 

- Ernest compositor 75 Hancock h at Revere 
" ' -arpenter i 

•■ Oil Co 1 Seaver pi 

" Painting Co 53 Comhill 

" Press 94 Blackstone 

■■ Road Machinery Co 141 Milk mi 1132 

" Roofing &. Repairing Co (M H Lanctot) 55 

» Rubber Mfg Co 274 Devonshire 
• Valve Co faucet mfrs 147 Columbus av 
" White Lead & Color Works 266 Border E B 
" Window Cleaning Co 36 Boylston 
Acone Alfonsina rem to Winthrop 
•■ Modestmo treas 336 Sumner E B and phy- 
sician 419a Hanover h at Winthrop 
» Raflaele mgr 336 Sumner E B bds 419a Han- 
over ^ [B 
Acorazza Francesco shoeworker h 26 Frankfort E 
Acores Alfred teacher bds 24 Dracut Dor 
" Alvaro artist 176 Atlantic av h 24 Dracut Dor 
■■ Augusto artist bds 24 Dracut Dor 

' ■ ■ fur clothing 34 Chauncy h 67 

Charles E mariner h 6 Shatter Dor 

ard Alls 
Iron & Metal Co 170 Purchase 
Knee Pants Co (Max Hellmann) 77 Bedford 
Lunch Room 144a Tremont [rm 14 

Publishing Co music publishers 181 Tremor 
William fireman rms 60 Quincy Rox 
WUUam H clerk 30 Kilby bds 841 E Fourtli S I 
see AcHORN [Academy rd B 

res Alfred J bookkeeper 103 Clinton bds 9 
Benjamin C (Wallingford & Acres) awnings 1 

India sq h at Maplewood 

Frankfbds 17tPortiNorfolk 1 




" George H. Ladder 14 Harvard av Alls h 97 

Academy Hill rd Br 
» Harold derk G E Co 84 State h at Maplewood 
" Harry painter bds 17 Port Norfolk Dor [sea 
" William T awningmaker 10 India sq h at Ghel- 

Acton Alfred S machinist bds 30 Newton Br 
" Amy F lawyer and chief insp inc charities 37 

State House h 4 Farrington av Alls 

- Arthur J engineer B & A h 30 Newton Br 

Michael bartender St James Hotel rms do 

Beacon h 70 HUbum Ros 

Transit Com 


" Richard piano tuner bds 7 Sheridan Dor 
" Robin steamfltter bds 7 Sheridan Dor 
" T Donald asst supt 65 Shirley h 14 Baysido 
Dor [Dor 

" William D bookkeeper 85 Broad h 42 Saxton 
Adal Matray variety 89 Hudson h do 
AdaUan Bros (Charles G and G Harry) rugs 62 
StJames av and 18 Glencoe Br 
" Charles G (Adalian Bros) 62 StJamcs av and 
Glencoe Br bds 135 Parsons do 

« Brooks lawyer 84 State rm 1025 h 33 Chestnut 

and at Quincy 
" Bros shoes whol 275 Congress and 111 Lincoln 
« Caroline A Mrs music teacher 214 Columbus 

" Carrie E steno bds 380 Ashmont Dor 

■' Catharine widow James h 31 Sackville Chsn 

» Catherine Mrs h 17 Gay Head Rox 

" Cecil Q gen mgr 83 South h at WeUesley Hills 

" Chapman Co produce 37 North Market 

.. Charles A clerk h 25 Ridgeway lane 

" Charles A pres 17 Richmond h 432 Mass av 

.. Charles A treas died November 17 1915 [do 

» Charles A variety 772 Adams Dor h 86 Minot 

.. Charles B salesman 104 Kingston h at Somv 

.. Charles B 39 Boylston bds 22 Bynner Rox 

.. Charles Day Estate 10 Tremont rm 20 

" Charles D cashier h 56 Parkton rd J P 

" Charles E platform master Back Bay sta h at 

Charles E treas 68 Devonshire rm 604 h at 
Brookllne [Essex rm 24 

Charles E Company sewing and lining silks 68 
Charles Follen h 59 Waverly Rox 
Charles Francis died March 20 1915 
Charles P builder h 83 Bunker Hill Chsn 

Y city 

" Henry W mgr 79 Bunker Hill Chsn rms H 

Monument sq do [Dover 

" Joseph tailor 1084a. Dorchester av Dor h 168 

" Luka pedler h 50 Poplar 

. WilUa - 

Adames James 1 

Adaml Adolph electrician bds 4334 Wash Ros 

Henry J foreman 139 Columbus av 1 
Adamian Pamag j 

~ "1 blacksi 

L 204 F, S ] 
teacher h 284 Hanover 
1 laborer h 177 Condor E B 
" Filomena widow Leonardo h 328 Hanover 
" Gabriele h 11 Hanover av 
" Martm E pharmacist 50 Wash b at W Somv 
- Salvatore grocer 680 E Sbtth S B h 681 B 
Seventh do [Camb 

Adamowski Josef teacher N E Conservatory h at 
" Teofll blacksmith h 866 Albany Rox 
■' Timothee teacher N E Conservatory h 23 
Adams Abbie seamstress h 15 Dorr Rox 
" Abbie A rms 560 Columbus < 
" Adela W asst I -- ■• 

3 Brc 

rd Fen rms do 
Agnes widow Michael h 433 Brookline av Fen 
.. Albert tailor h 61 Nelson Dor 

- Albert H boardlnghouse 50 Howard 

- Albert L 220 Devonshire rm 409 h at BUne 
■' Alexander plumber h 3 Northam pk Dor 

" Alexander D (Columbus Motor Co) 10 Co- 
lumbus av h 144 Worcester 
" Alfred D undertaker 426S Wash Ros bds 90 

Poplar do 
" Alfred F salesman 25 Bromfleld h at Atlantic 
" Alfred J brakeman bds 33 Blinker HUJ Chsn 
.■ Alfred R engineer 1715 Hyde Park av Readv 

h 57 E Springfield 
.. Alfred W rem to Syracuse 
" Alice M visitor 49 City Hall bds at Wobum 
" Allan G salesman 215 Columbus av h at Somv 
» Alonzo watchman 13 Binford h Hooper rd 

" Alton D engineer 15 Beacon rm 78 h at Natick 

" Amanda Mrs h 42 Falmouth 

" Andrew machinist bds 192 Athens S B 

■• Aima F widow Joseph L h 763 Centre J P 

. Annie M Mrs bds 10 Eden Chsn 

" Arlo M rem to Gardner _ 

« Arthur vice pres N E Trust Co 135 Devon- 

" Arthur A moch eng 381 Congress h at B'line 
■• Arthur E cashier 85 South h at Watertown 
. Arthur G salesman 345 Wash h at Medford 
.. Arthur L sec 147 Milk h at Melrose [ler 

» Arthur W restaurant 28 Oazenove h 71 Chand- 
.. Asa J bookkeeper 273 Summer h 103 West H P 
" -Atwood Co shoe mfrs 215 Essex 
" Aubrey E laborer bds 2 Hefleran Alls 

J Camb [Dor 

Bert mason 713 E Fourth S B rms 74 Boston 
Bertha M 87 Milk rm 57 h at Everett 
Bertram A bookkeeper O C Trust Co 17 Court 

W Somv 

.. Charles G h 426 Colu 

the states and British provinces and notary 
public 222 State h 44 Murdock Br — See page 

» Charles H pres 309 Wash rm 30 and vice chair- 
man State Board of Charity 37 State House 
h at Melrose [Rox 

. Charles H salesman 164 Milk h 26 E Cottage 

.. Charles H h 20 Laurel Rox 

.. Charles H h 211 Wash Dor 

- Charles H & Co furniture 79 W Broadway S B 
h 823 E Broadway do 

.. Charles Lloyd automobiles bds 44 Murdock Br 

.i Charles L purch agt 88 Purchase ^ ■ '" " - - - 

.. Charles L salesman 183 Essex rm suy t 

" Charles M agency mgr Mass Accident Co 
Devonshire 9th floor h at Somv 

. Charles P prop Back Bay Hotel 263 Columbus 

av h do 
.. Charles R pamter 22 Ridge rd Mat h do 
« Charles R treas C D Parker & Co Inc 78 Dev- 
onshire rm 2 h at B'line 
" Charles S salesman 155 Wash h at W Somv 
.. Charles S ship draftsman Navy Yard Chsn h 
at W Medford (Centre 

" Charles Z salesman 273 Summer h at Newton 
" Chester S clerk 258 Wash rm 5 bds at Camb 
■■ Clara mdow h 16 Hanson 
" Clara L Mrs h 11 Tetlow Fen 
" Clarence B transferman Am Ex North sta h 

88 Edson Dor 
" Clarence T painter h 14 Robey Rox 
.. Claude H clerk 140 Tremont h at Walpole 
» Clifford T clerk 86 North bds 453 Mass av 
■■ Comfort A prof Inst Tech h at Camb 
" Company dry goods 3 Fairmoimt av H P 
.. Co Inc taUors 103 Wash 
■■ Cristobel h 16 Yarmouth 
and mfrs M 


Non-Leakable Fountain 

Pen 168 Devonshire and 21 Federal — See 
page 3155 

C Malcolm (Newell & Adams) ms 30 Kilby rm 
5 bds 37 MelvlUe av Dor 

C Thompsori horticultural expert h 2069 
Centre W R 

Daniel 311 Summer h at Aubumdalo 

Daniel B' sewing silk 111 Summer h 12 West 

Cottage Dor 
Daniel F wireman bds 80 High Chsn 
David driver h 25 Danforth J P 
David fireman gas plant South sta bds 43 Ar- 

dale Rox 

Earl O clerk 100 C 
Earl L clerk pas 
' ; at Lynn 

74 Broad bds 9 Dix- 
>■ h lOljawrence Chsn 
lee Old Fitchburg sta 

Edward A clerk died May 
Edward A steno h 157 Hemen- 
Edward B 
Edward Bll 


Ml Vernon 
tant 294 Wash i 
W Newton 
Edward B clerk 9 Wc-st h at Wiiitbrt 
Edward E slot machines 31 Hartft 

Denton t«r Ros _ 

Edward Franklin h 17 Shafter Dor 



- Edward F lawyer h 104 Strathmore rd Br 

" Edward G salesman 112 Water rm 411 h at 
Linden [95 Oolberg av Ros 

- Edward G & Co grocers 9 Anawan av W R h 
« Edward L artist 73 Hanover rms do 

" Edward P (E P Adams Co) 170 Summer rm 
201 h 323 FuUer Dor [U12 h at Medford 

" Edward P landscape architect 53 State rm 

" Edwin h 65 Dennis Rox 

" Edwin C salesman 887 Boylston h at Camb 

" Edwin F & Co ladies' neckwear 24 Bentley Br 
h do [Medford 

" Edwin G jeweler 36 Bromfleld rm 409 h at 

» Eleanor N widow William R h 744 Dudley Dor 

- Eli^a A h 12 Falrweather 

- Elizabeth A h 82 W Fourth 3 B 

- Elizabeth M Mrs h 15 Eliot J P 

- Elizabeth W h 67 Washington Chsn 

- Ella A Mrs h 57 Woolson Mat [J P 

- Ella C widow Charles H h 434 Jamaica way 
. Ellie M Mrs h 86 W Springfield 

" Eloise J steno 89 Causeway bds 88 Edson Dor 

- Emily A teacher dancing 30 Huntington av rm 

618 bds at Camb 

- EmUy J died Sept 8 1915 

- Emily M widow Edward L h Hotel Ludlow 
ADAMS EPBRAIM & CO Inc T C Adams treas 

bookbinders 287-293 Congress — See page 

" Ernest removed to Albany N Y 
" Ernest C sec 688 Boylston bds at Watertown 

- Ernest L vice pres h 99 Columbia rd Dor 

. Ernest R trav auditor 147 Milk bds at Bline 

• Estella S steno rem to MiUtown M,e 

• Estelle C widow William P bds 68 Bernard Dor 
" Eugene watchman h 559 Shawmut av 

" Eugene D porter bds 559 Shawmut av 

. Everett A h 687 Bennington E B 

. Everett M clerk bds 4 Charles H P 

• Express Co 108 Arch 15 Merchants row 270 

Mass av. South Station. 146 Dudley Rox, 
127 Providence, 36 Broad. 18b Nashua, 570 
Boylston, 426 W Bway S B, 611 E B'way 
do, 4 Fairmount av H P and 4 Waverley blk 
" E musician HoUis St theatre h at Maiden 
" E P Co (Edward P Adams) adv signs 170 Sum- 
mer rm 201 

- Forrest N lawyer 67 Milk rm 25 bds at Natick 
" Frances M widow h 21 Orchard J P 

- Frances S widow Otis bds 10 Atherstone Dor 

at B Ime 
« Frank painter rms 26 Lynde 

- Frank porter h 70 Middlesex 
" Frank A rms 23 Rutland sq 

- Frank D treas Foster, Adams & Gibbs Co 

furniture 54 Wash north h at Waltham 

- Frank H pres 86 Mora Dor h at Arlington 

" Frank H salesman 38 Hawley h at Dedham 
" Frank J boilermaker h 16 Tuttle Dor 

- Frank L stockbroker 31 State rm 401 h 37 St 

John J P 

- Frank N motorman h 306 Wash Dor 

1004 h at 

' bds 129 Pembroke 
" Frank R dist _ 

- Frank R h 884 E Broadway 

- Frank S salesman 178 Devonshire rm 202 h at 


- Frank S salesman 104 Kingston b at Brookline 

- Frank S teacher music 246 Huntington av rm 

39 h 28 Westland av (at Wobum 

" Frank S typewriter repairer 146 Congress bds 

1 at Melrose 

FredHL " _ i_ ::: Z_- _„ 

Fred I capt F E 32, 440 Bunker HUl Chsn 1 

Kearsarge ter Rox [Dor 

Fred J mgr 130 Kemble Rox h 74 Kenwood 
Fred L machinist h 38 Austin H P 
Fred W printer 244 Wash h at Somervllle 
Frederic H h 175 Dartmouth [sch b at Natick 
Frederick C junior Mechanic Arts High 

— - junior Mechanic 

Frederick J printer rms 37 Appleton 

• ■ ■ " ' ■ . Saratoga J 

- Frederick i 

- Frederick W hat frame maker h 30 Oakdale J P 

- Freedom S treas Adams & Swett Cleansing Co 
yO Kemble Rox h 32 Tremont Camb'pt 

10th floor 
tes Chsn 

George mgr 242 Dover h at B'Une [vere 

George trunkmaker 657 Atlantic av h at Re- 
George A 450 Wash h at Newtonyille 
George B h 38 Whiting Rox 
George Carlton sec 202 Boylston h 161 Bay 
State rd (1915 

George E (2 Deaconess rd Fen) died Dec 29 
George E lawyer 60 State rm 504 h at Quincv 


" George O salesman 126 State rm 22 h at Marl- 
boro (at Winchester 
" George S clerk ticket office North station bds 
" George W. Christian scientist 453 Wash rm 
1017 rms 29 Robinwood av J P (HUls 

- George W salesman 6 Congress h at Wellcsley 

- George W h 102 Talbot av Dor 
" George Z died Aug 19 1915 

" Gertrude L h 103 West H P 

" Glenn W rms 79 Rutland 

- Grace P Mrs artist h 59 Marcellu Rox 
» Grace W teacher h 1 1 Queensberry 

" Gregory 182 Kneeland rms 18 Warrenton 
" Gregory T restaurant 65 Eliot rms do 

- G Oarleton sec 202 Boylston bds 192 Dart- 

mouth (S B 

- Harold D mattressworker rms 510 E Fourth 
" Harold E mach opr bds 36 Heath av Rox 

" Harold S cashier 39 Boylston bds 17 Hubbard 
rd Dor (doin Dor 

- Harold W jeweler 40 State rm 49 h 373 Bow- 
■■ Harry clerk rem to B'Une 

- Harry mgr rms 6 Lexington Chsn 

- Harry A treas Pulsifer-Kingston Co 19 Eliot 

h 16 Beach Dor (coin h at Haverhill 

.. Harry E (W & V O KimbaU) shoes 143 Lin- 
" Harry J cashier 43 Chatham bds at Needham 
" Harry J coffee roaster 58 Eastern av rms 600 


- Harry K bds 19 Myrtle 

- Harry M clerk 43 Poplar Ros h 7 Boxley rd do 

- Hattie M Mrs h 9 Dixwell Rox 

» Henry 2d treas 84 State rm 1025 h at Lulcoln 

- Henry A foreman h 17 Taft Dor 

" Henry D died Jan 26 1916 (Camb 

» Henry E salesman 179 Lincoln rm 504 h at 
" Henry H engilneer Metropolitan Sewer Pump- 
ing station E B h 40 Washburn Dor 
Henry J mgr 87 Summer bds The Lenox 
Henry Saxton supt Forest Hills cemetery and 

landscape architect h 55 Union terrace 
Henry S cashier's office 87 P O bldg 
Henry S civU engmeer 87 Ames bldg h at 

Herbert h 78 W Concord 

Herbert W draftsman Navy Yard Chsn h 18 
Meredith W R (Dor h do 

Herbert W physician and dentist 744 Dudley 
Holman fireman h 6 McLellan Rox 
House. George G Hall Co props 553 Wash 
Howard S clerk 27 KUby h at Canton Comer 
H Jane widow Edwm bds 73 Harvard av Alls 
Ida H teacher Horace Mann school h 102 

Brook rd Mat 
Ida M widow Morton I h 4 Maple pk Dor 
Ira L salesman bds 8 Bulflnch pi 
Irving R orderly 745 Mass av bds do 
Irving W shloper bds 989 South Ros 
Isabel H widow Waldo h Hotel Ludlow 
Ivors S rem to Wilmington Del 
Jabez driver bds 110 Hampden Rox 
James brassflnisher h 45 Everett Chsn 
James clerk h 62 Clarendon 
James teamster rms 14 Chambers 
James vice pres Warren Inst for Savings. Sears 
bldg 199 Wash h at B'Une (B'llne 

James jr salesman 82 Devonshire 2d floor b at 
James D clerk 332 Boylston b 80 Ashford Alls 
James E (Adams, Mears & Co) 275 Congress h 

12 Ruskin W R 
James E confectioner h 104 Millet Dor 
James G ins 87 Kilby h at HoUiston 
James H h 17 Oakley Dor 
James I laborer bds 31 Sackville Chsn 
James L salesman 126 State rm 22 h at Con- 
cord June (38 Holbom Rox 
James W clerk cellar 2 F H mkt North side h 
James W painter h 1 1 Pacific S B 
Jane Mrs h 135 S Huntington av Rox 
Jessie L teacher Dorchester High school h 8 

Seaborn Dor 
Joe engmeer h 93 Warren Rox 
Johanna widow George Z h 21 Maple Rox 
John butler rms 33 Gray 
John chauffeur rms 405 Mass av 
John physician 1637 Tremont Rox h do 
John real estate 294 Wash rm 501 h at Somv 
John teamster h 39 Sydney Dor 
John teamster h 594 Canterbury Ros 
.Tohn 84 State rm 1025 h at LincoUl 
John h 122 Bowen S B 
John rms 141 W Canton 
John A bookkeeper h 1 17 Trenton K B 
John A clerk 31 Dock sq h 54 Newcomb 
John A laborer died Aug 7 1915 
John A plumber h 7 Sanger S B [Arlington 
John B (Adams & Dodge) 17 N Market h at 
John B F driver 222 Summer h at MUton 
John D carpenter h 22 Dana Rox 
John D director in charge 80 Emerald h 466 

Aubudon rd 
John D physician 261 Beacon h do 
John E printer 16 Beach rms 11 Greenwich pk 
John E S carriage mfr 24 Hunneman Rox h at 
Melrose Hlds (Rox 

John F barber 422b Mass av h 31 Bainbridge 
John F pedler h 310 Paris E B 
John H clerk h 11 Foss Chsn [SB 

JohnJHJwatchman 417 Wash h 884 E Bway 




" John H whitener h 41 Notre Dame Rox 
« John H rms 19 Myrtle 
- John H jr messenger bds 11 Foss Chsn 
" John I steno 1 State House h at Auburndale 
John J bricklayer h 41 1 W Fom-th S B 


watchmaker 40 State rm 49 

" John 

« John Quincy clerk collector's ofiBce City Hall 

annex 2d floor h 1060 Saratoga B B 
" John Q chief clerk 37 P O bldg h at Stoneham 
■• John Q publisher 120 Boylston rm 703 h at 

• John Q & Co publishers 120 Boylston rm 703 
" John S teamster bds 110 Hampden Rox 
" John S vice treas Provident Inst for Savings 

h at B'Une 
" John T carpenter h 74 Boylston J P 
" John W com trav bds 323 Fuller Dor 
" John W machtoist h 4379 Wash Ros 
" Jolin W salesman rms 146 Smith Rox 
" Joseph carrier Essex-st P O h at Wmthrop 
" Joseph engineer rms 65 Pembroke 
" Joseph plumber h 23 Chelmsford Dor 
» Joseph h 55 Allen 

" Joseph C clerk 93 South bds at Maiden 
" Joseph F clerk h 36 Rosemont Dor 
" Joseph H barber 119 Brighton av Alls h 5 

Griggs pi do 
« Joseph H clerk 55 Tremont bds 11 James 
" Joseph H ins agent 1498 Dorchester av Dor 

h at E Dedham 
" Joseph L died July 16 1915 
« Joseph O trav freight agt 131 State rm 301 h 

42 Parkdale av Alls 
" Joseph T laborer h 266 Meridian E B 
" Judson H carpenter h 9 Templeton way Dor 
" Julius teamster rms 73 Sterling Rox 
" J & Co Inc flsh 23 Boston Fish pier 
" J Henry salesman 200 Devonshire rm 465 h at 

Katherine F h 62 Mt Vernon 
Kilbum E 1165 Mass av Dor h at NewtonvUle 
Lawrence driver rms 278 Dudley Rox 
Lelia H Mrs h 1277 Conamonwealth av Alls 
Leon P clerk 161 South bds 4 Maple pk Dor 
Leonard F asst mgr 242 Dover h at B'line 
LeRoy mfrs agt 185 Devonshire rm 621 h at 

Lester C 450 Wash h at Brockton 

" Lewis rubberworker rms 176 W Springfield 

" Lewis A lawyer bds 306 Wash Dor 

" Lewis H ins agt 1498 Dorchester av Dor h 149 

Poplar Ros 
" Lewis S & Co coal 37 Melville av Dor 
" Lewis S Mrs h 37 Melville av Dor 
" Lillian h 576 Wash Dor 
" Linnie Mrs nurse bds 583 Beacon 
" Lola h 571 Dudley Dor 
" Lottie widow John E h 52 Meh-ose 
" Louie W salesman 93 Federal h 989 South, Ros 
" Louis A shoemaker h 1 Areola Rox 
" Louis B reporter 259 Wash h 124 Day Rox 
» Louis C salesman h 10 Bralnerd rd Alls 
" Louis T salesman 68 Essex h 36 Edwin Dor 
» Louise teacher E B High school bds 194 Dor- 
chester S B 
".Lowell R boatbuilder h 8 Haskell Alls 
" Lucille D h 1318 Commonwealth av Alls 
. " Lucy h 24 Sussex Rox 
" Lucy B Mrs h 30 Batavia 
" Lucy E music teacher 32 Glendale Dor h do 
" Luther P Rev 55 Kilby h 3 Frothlngham av 

" L Sherman investment securities 50 Congress 

rm 423 h 30 Glenville av Alls 

« Mabel E teacher Horace Mann school h 38 

Percival Dor 

• Mamie H bds 54 Lassell W R [Newton 
« Manley U treas 70 Kilby rm 56 h at West 
" Mfg Co dry goods whol 17 Edinboro 

" Margaret nurse rms 20 Charlesgate west 

« Margaret Mrs h 38 W Cottage Dor 

» Margaret Mrs (681 Mass av) rem to Revere 

" Margaret M L h 76 W Rutland sq 

» Maria T widow Jabez L h 110 Hampden Rox 

" Marina P Mrs h 8 Hubert Rox 

" Mark T Mrs h 16 Garrison 

" Marne B Mrs h 54 Falmouth 

.. Martin I died Dec IS 1915 |Me 

" Martm L com trav 157 Essex h at Ellsworth 

" Mary steno h 1301 Commonwealth av Alls 

" Mary A h 50 Lonsdale Dor 

" Mary A Mrs h 29 HamUton Dor 

■• Mary A widow William b 23 Robin Hood Dor 

*• Mary B teacher Horace Mann school h 102 

Brook rd Mat 

" Mary I teacher W R High school b 15 Eliot J P 

• Mary W widow George^W li " " 

'■ Matilda W widow Bbenezer died Dec 24 1915 
" Mears & Co (J E Adams) shoes whol 275 Con- 

- Melvln mfrs agt 44 Bromfleld rm 607 h 194 

Dorchester S B 
" Melvm O lawyer 73 Tremont rm 635 and 

presB, R B &Lh36 Beacon [1915 

• Melvina A F widow Ambrose L died Aug 21 
" Merrill W baker bds 23 Leroy Dor 
" Metcalf clerk 8 Milk h at Maiden 

- Mmnie E widow George F h 72 Iffley rd J P 

" Morris real estate 43 Tremont rm 1115 h 6 
Hancock [line 

- Morton sec 68 Devonshire rm 604 h at Brook- 
" Myron W student bds 4 Rutledge W R 

" Myrtle A teacher Theodore Lyman school 
E B h at Newton Upper Falls 

« Nathaniel salesman 183 Essex rm 703 h 2 
Deaconess rd Fen 

" Nellie hairdresser 260 Columbus av h do 

.. Nellie Mrs h 13 Lincohi pk S B 

" Nellie A Mrs h 42 Falmouth 

- Nervine Asylum, Edward B Lane supt 990 
Centre J P 

" Norman I vice pres Nat Shawmut Bank h at 
Lexington [Alls 

" Nut Food Co (Robert Adams) 52 Harvard av 

« Ocean P clerk New England House bds do 

" of Boston Inc chocolate mfrs 17 Richmond 

" Oscar A bookkeeper 131 State rm 519 h at 
Melrose Hlds 

" Oscar Fay author rms 9 Willow 

" Paul student bds 38 Holborn Rox 

" Paul C office mgr 104 Portland h at Melrose 

" Paul O cutter h 61 Nelson Dor 

" Percy M cashier 40 Alford Chsn h at Somv 

« Peter (Boylston Sea Grill) 1002 Boylston h 21 

" Peter carpenter bds 36 Winslow H P 

" Peter cook h 21 WaU 

" Philip artist 98 Chestnut h do 

•• Philip, Herald h 36 Crawford Rox 
ADAMS-POND COMPANY Inc concrete en- 
gineers and contractors 584 Columbia rd 
rm 304 Dor and 166 Devonshire — See leaf 
opp page 17 
Press printers 24 Commerce [Hlds 

Raleigh B supt 80 Elmwood Rox h at Newton 
Ralph G instructor Inst Tech h at Needham 
Raymond M lawj'er 10 Tremont rm 20 h at 

Allston h 17 RadcUfle rd i 
Robert coachman 990 Centre J P bds do 
Robert B elevator supt 6 Beacon h at Melrose 

Robert C salesman 207 South h at Needham 
Robert J cutter rms 59 Woodbine Rox 
Robert J grocer 2987 Wash Rox h at Everett 
Robert M carpenter bds 17 Hainhorne Readv 
Robert T pres 15 Milk h 4 Ruttledge W R 
Robert T Co hardwood floors 15 Milk and 

166 Devonshire 
Roger student bds 79 Charles 

Roscoe C, R M S rms 528 Columbus av 
Royal A machinist bds 34 Hyde Park av J P 
Royal D clerk 147 Milk h 17 Hubbard rd Dor 
Royce E cable tester bds 86 W Springfield 
Russell F reporter SWinthrop sq h at Kingston 
Samuel (Samuel Adams Co) 858 Dorchester 
av Dor and plumber 29 Mallet h do 
•• Samuel rms 139 Pembroke 
« Samuel Co (Samuel Adams. James Cowan) 

plumbers 858 Dorchester av Dor 
" Samuel G (Bro\vn & Adams) wool com 260- 

279 Summer h 278 Commonwealth av 
" Sarah A h 34 Bennet 

- Sarah A widow Richard H h 80 High Chsn 
» Sarah E teacher Abraham Lincoln school bds 

15 Guilford Alls 
" Sarah E widow Amos R h 417 Geneva av Dor 
" Sarah E widow Ivers W h 98 Wash Dor 
" Sarah H h 845 Boylston [Newton 

« Sarah L teacher Everett school bds 80 West 
" Sarah R widow h 33 Dunster rd J P 
" Sarah W widow Edwin bds 1109 Boylston 
.. Shoe Co 183 Essex rm 809 
" Sidney Francis ins inspector 55 Kilby rm 61 h 

at Wakefield. 
" Simeon died March 17 1916 
" Simeon A clerk 200 High bds 39 Sidney Dor 
" Smith fireman B & A rms 34 Harvard av Alls 
" Square Co bowling and billiards 165 Wash 
" Square Jeweh-y Store 126JWash 



Susie widow Joseph H nurse h 1 1 James 
Susie B bookkeeper bds 12 Ruskin Vf R 
S Arthur helper bds 39 Sydney Dor 
Taylor & Co (James A Gallivan. Jol 
_ Clarke) foreign com- mers 193 i 

Thomas O carper 

Thomas F clerk h 59 Mareella Rox 

F electrician h 121 Western av Alls 
H salesman 35 Federal h at Wellesley 

Valmore F clerk 241 Congress h at Somv 

Vernon G teamster h 19 Harbor View Dor 

Walter laborer h 86 Albion 

Walter B bds The Puritan 

Walter O salesman 739 Bovlston rm 321 [Rox 

Walter D salesman 37 N Market h 19 Wayne 

Walter E press representative B cSc A 341 

South sta h at Maiden 
Walter F bds 2055 Columbus av Rox [HIds 
Walter H salesman 89 Pearl h at Newton 
Walter O 123 Tremont h at Winchester 
Walter P C shipper bds 42 E Cottage Rox 
Warren J clerk Cham of Com h 4 Charles H P 
Warren P jr clerk 87 Milk h at Weston 
Warren_ W music teacher 12 Huntington av 


Wesley J bds 1059 Tremont Rox 

William draftsman 120 Boylston rm B29 h at S 

William 450 Wash h at Revere 

William rms 128 Pembroke 

William A janitor h 59 Dundee [Dor 

William B liquors 321 Tremont h 81 Selden 

William C lawyer 60 State rm 323 and chair- 
man commissioner of fisheries and game 321 
State House h at Newton 
ADAMS WILLIAM C optician 332 Boylston 

am E ck 

William G printer 24 Commerce h 16 Harrow 
Dor [mond Rox 

William H clerk 64 Long wharf bds 102 Ham- 
William H foreman SO Border E B h216 Brooks 

23 Chelmsford do 
William L bds 2049 Dorchester av Dor 
William L rms 68 Pincknev 
William L B watchman h 965 Hyde Park i 

William R salesman 67 Kingston h at Stone- 
WilUam T dist commissary Pulhnan Co ft 

Haverhill h at Melrose Hlds 
William T salesman 207 Essex bds 914 Beacon 
Winbum B salesman 222 Eliot h 507 Mass av 

Winthrop P salesman 159 Tremont b at B'llne 
' "" ■ B physician 166 Newbury h at B'line 

(Amos L Taylor 
40 Court rms 804-813 

" & Singleton (L W Adams. Charles H Single 

ton) diamond mounters 36 Bromfleld rm 40a 


Kemble Rox and 515a Warri 

page 2741 

AdamskJ Frank machinist h 3 WaU 

" John laborer bds 1 1 A, H P 

Louis papermaker h 12 Winter H : 

- David L 1 

George shop work instructor public schools 

bds 32 Kempton Rox 
James A draftsman 60 Federal h at Somv 
James R teamster 2i Park sq h 32 Kempton 

John printer 19 High rm 28 h at Beachmont 
John N longshoreman bds 135 Havre E B 
William brakeman B & A h 135 Havre E B 
Adan George E salesman 417 Wash h 21 Milton 

av Dor 
Adapt! Co conduit flttlngs 81 High 
Aday Francis M rem to Philadelphia Pa 
Adba John G restaurant 8 Hudson h do 
Addario Nicola 14 Cypher S B h 4 Phipps pi 
Addelson Nathan physician 548 Warren Rox h do 
Adden Willard P (Adden & Parker) 12 Bosworth 
h at Reading 
■ & Parker (Willard P Adden, Winthrop D 
Parker) architects 12 Bosworth 

Addle A S sec 66 Franklin bds at|Melrose Hlds 
Addiletto Alfredo barber 355 Hanover h 23 Clark 
Addis William G engineer 15 Ashburton pi rm 400 
h at Winthrop [521 h at Saugus 

Addison Alexander S salesman 176 Federal rm 
" Angeline dressmaker 25 Dundee h do 
" Carl E salesman 27 Harrison av bds at Maiden 
" Elmer G structural eng h 64 Bradfleld av Ros 
- Harry carpenter died Aug 24 1915 

« John clerk h 330 E Eighth S 

" John H jeweh-y 275 Main Chsn h at Wilmmg- 

" John H laborer rms S Vicksburg S B 

" John T driver h 116 Elm Ohsn 

" Leah widow h 8 Arnold Rox 

- Marion W laborer h 17 Dundee 

- Maurice R laborer h 79 Ehn Chsn 
« Philip h 27 Anawan av W R 

" Priscilla widow Thomas D h 48 Samoset Dor 
" Richard H salesman h 22 Standish Dor 
" Thomas D died Oct 14 1915 

- Wallace K inspector power plant South sta 

h 39 Parkman Dor 

- WUliam H carrier P O h 687 Mass av [Dor 
" William H elevator repairer bds 48 Samoset 
" William S clerk freighthouse 6, Congress h 

19 Symmes Ros [E B 

Addisoni Sparendio rubberworker h 511 Orleans 
Additon Blanche M Mrs h 63 Charles Dor 
" Fred T treas Union Laundry 535 Albany h 2 
Batavia [at Newton Centre 

" Harvey F art advertising 10 Tremont rm 37 h 
Addonizio Carmeno (DeSimone & Addonizio) 156 
Salem h 1489 Columbus av Rox 
" Filomena Mrs midwife h 9 Garden-ct st 
. Michele rubberworker h 7 Margaret 
Adder George clerk rms 501 Columbus i 

_ page 3009 
Addrisi Francesco candymaker h 1 14 Cottage 1 
Adduci Antonio clerk bds 26 Barry Dor 
" Felice tinsmith h 3 Quincy ct 
" Francesco J tailor h 26 Barry Dor 
" James V & Co grocers 22 Broadway h 

Barry Dor 
" John B barber h 84 Houghton Dor 
. Joseph taUor bds 26 Barry Dor 

- Rose Mrs h 415 Columbus av 
Ade Nellie h 966 Parker Rox 

Adebahr Carl J paperhanger h 6 Blackwood 
Adelberg Charles carpenter bds 4 Linden av 

- Julius printer 324 Wash bds at Revere 

" Samuel cigarmaker h 42a Stanwood Rox 

- Samuel jeweler 15 Pemberton sq h 32 B 

Celestino tailor bds 131 Cottage 1 
Adelizzi Pasquale shoemaker h 55 Chelsea E B 
AdeU Blanche T (Marcyes & Adell) ladies' hair- 
dresser 296 Boylston rm 307 bds at Camb 
" Carl A machinist h 84 Romsey Dor [Dor 

» Hedwig widow Rudolph bds 85 Willowwood 
" Jacob machinist h 106 Union Park st 
« Peter G machinist bds 84 Romsey Dor 
AdeLman Aaron (A Adehnan Realty Co) real 
estate 294 Wash rm 1030 h 62 Hutchings 
ADELMAN A REALTY CO (Aaron Adelman) 
real estate 294 Washington rm 1030— See 
page 3095 
" Dinia widow bds 49 Chambers 
. Edward clerk 5 Bromfleld rm 48 h at Chelsea 
. Elizabeth teacher bds 49 Chambers 
" Elizabeth widow Frank h 1 Percy pi Rox 

- Frank leathersorter bds 1 Percy pi Rox 

" Harris rem to N Y city (at Somv 

" HjTnan (Zahler & Adelman) tailor 86 Court h 
" Israel pressman h 17 Wabeno Rox 
" Jacob carpenter bds 184 Chelsea E B 
" Jacob printer h 49 Chambers 

- Leon metal worker bds 49 Chambers 
'■ Louis carpenter h 186 Chelsea E B 

" Louis helper 72 S Market h at Beachmont 

" Louis R com trav h 35 Waumbeck Rox 

" Martha \vidow Jacob bds 30 Harlem Dor 

. Max H carpenter h 67 Lexington E B 

•■ Nathan A (Parisian Novelty Co) 116 Bedford 

rm 505 h 55 Ivy 
" Peter leathersorter bds 1 Percy pi Rox 
•■ Philip mgr 111 Summer bds 12 Castlegate rd 

" Samuel mgr 153 Mass av h 64 Iffley rd J P 
Adelof Lillian M asst mgr Modern theatre bds 91 
Adams Dor 
" Melker C steward 7 Park sq h 91 Adams Dor 
Adelphl Quartet 218 Tremont rm 401 
Adelson Abraham dry goods h 61 Devon Rox 
" Abraham pedler h 1 1 Drummond Dor 
" Abraham (Adams Mfg Co) 17 Edinboro h 107 

Deering rd Mat 
" David dry goods h 9 Fowler Dor 
» George janitor h 75 Phillips 
" Harry salesman h 8 Hollander Rox 
" Harry L h 50 Porter 


5T0N [1916] DIRECTORY, 

« Kate grocer 37 Fay h 39 do 
- Louis pedler died May 4 1915 IDor 

" Maurice B clerk 284 Tremont bds 152 Quincy 
"Max pedler h 6 Dunkeld Rox 
" Nathan pedler h 85 Glenway Dor 
" Samuel clothing h 43 Anderson 
« Samuel pedler bds 85 Glenway Dor 
" Samuel J pedler h 22 Gaston Rox 
Adelstein Harry clerk bds 9 Oswego 
" Jacob junk h 9 Oswego 
" Max raattressmaker h 69 Poplar 
" Morris painter h 24 Rose 
» Samuel shoerepairer 8 Seneca 

Tremont Temple h 

" William ladies tailor 7C 
61 Blue Hill av Rox 
Adenauer Oscar J clerk h 379 LoveU E B 
Ades Abraham h 16 Minot [Dor 

Aclessky Fannie widow Morris h 243 Woodrow av 
" Israel salesman bds 243 "Woodrow av Dor 
• Jacob printer h 137 Woodrow av Dor 
•• Samuel com trav bds 243 Woodrow av Dor 
Adesso Pasquale laborer h 18 Cleveland pi 
Artie ATirirp.w nres fif) Federal h at Chestnut Hill 
155 Washlh 92 Selwyn Ros 
_ _ _ P H sq h at Peabody 

James S clerk 185 Devonshire rm 1 103 bds 92 

Selwyn Ros 
William tailor h 92 Selwyn Kos 
Ijemian Joseph shoemaker rms 291a Centre J P 

James A clerk 12 P H s 

I 325 

Bureau of New England 14] 


Adkinson Florence M Mrs h 7 
" June bds 71 Fairview Dor 
Adlard George W ins 121 Water h 29 Virginia Dor 
" LeRoy V clerk 95 Water bds 29 Virginia Dor 
" Walter sec 95 Water h 29 Vu-ginia Dor 
Adieman Samuel (Specialty Cloak & Skirt Co) 501 

Wash rm 64 h at Gloucester 
Adler Abraham tailor h 9 Westville Dor 
» Adolph grocer 30 Walker Chsn h do 
. Alexander A salesman 218 Pleasant bds at 

" Alfred A clerk 344 Wash h 10 Albemarle 
Benjamin carpenter h 24 Phillips 

« Dora L teacher St Andrew's House school bds 

at Somv 
" Edward A lawyer 85 Devonshire rm 911 h at 

Waban [Mass av 

.. Edward D clerk 720 Shawmut av Rox bds (102 
" Erhard h 144 Heath Rox 
.. Eric carpenter S Lenox h 749 Norfolk Mat 
» Erwin barber 146 Heath Rox h 61 Walden do 
.. Florence asst 30 Huntington av rm 519 bds 143 

Arlington H P 
" Frank watchman h 8 Grove pk Rox 
. George H salesman 143 Arlington H P 
« Harold D 39 Boylston h 27 Savin Rox 
" Harold L bds 300 Roxbury Rox 
" Harry rem to Richmond Va 
'■ Herman M asst prof Harvard Medical school 

and chief of staff 74 Fenwood rd Rox h do 
« Hyman expressman h 16 Seneca 
- Hyman salesman h 21 Willard 
•■ Hyman shoeworker h 402a Blue Hill ; 
.. Jacob (J Adler & Co) tailors 125 Treni 

310 h 15 Grove 
" Jake expressman bds 16 Seneca 
.. John E h 300 Roxbury Rox 
" John F supt bds 300 Roxbury Rox 
" Joseph steamfltter h 1030 Boylston 

clerk 720 Shawmut av Rox r 




Adolfson Ferdinand A helper interlocking Boston 
Terminal Co h 19 Carson Dor 

" August machinist h 10 Rockview J P 
" Frank A salesman rms 316 Huntington av 
" Henry H chauffeur h 43 Kerwin Dor 
Adolphson Gustav L printer 213 Hanover h at 

Adomovicz Zigmont J mgr 32 Lincoln Br h 373 

Western av do 
Aden Stefan canmaker h 113 Brighton [do 

Adonis Samuel E jr barber 561 Shawmut av h 518 
Adrella Antonio woodworker h 260 Marginal E B 
Adrian Isabel h 110 Huntington av 
Adriance William bond salesman 35 Congress 2d 

floor bds at Winchester 
Adrian! Louis porter h 76 Sumner E B 
Adrower Giuseppe clerk 15 Exchange rm 20 
Adukiewicz Frank waiter 190 Hanover bds 3 

Wiget [403 

!s 79 Homestead Rox 
s 662 Mass av 
125 Tremont rm 310 
" J Fred supt 300 Commonwealth av bds 300 

Roxbury Rox 
" Leo shoemaker 303 Tremont h 4 Emerald 
" Louis junk h 113 Ruggles Rox 
.. Louis H jeweler 365 Wash h 23 Mvmroe Rox 
" Maurice compositor bds 9 Westville Dor 
« Max h 47 Garden 

.. Max M pres 211 Essex h 210 Humboldt av 
Rox [N Y 

.. Philip salesman 16 Piedmont h at Brooklyn 
.. Robert E driver bds 300 Roxbiu-y Rox (av 
« Rudolph mgr 162 Newbury h 497 Huntington 
" Samuel clerk bds 45 McLean 
" Stuart N student bds 641 Huntington av Rox 
" Wallace machinist h 467 E Sixth S B 
. Walter signpaioter 19 Temple rm 404 bds 467 
E Sixth S B [Rox 

"William D clerk 1981 Wash bds 662 Mass av 
" Yetta Mrs h 85 PhilUps 
Adley Coleman J machinist h 664 E Third S B 
" Frank P teamster h 5 Hart pi S B 
.■ James h 88 W Sixth S B 
.. John P teamster h 588 E Third S B 
- John J laborer h 339 E, S B 
Adlow Julius tailor 8 Hollis h 79 Homestead Rox 
" Nathan furniture 43 Boxbury Rox h 35 Elm 
Hill pk do 
Adney Frank com 1 
Adnofl Pauline wid 


Machinery Co 200 Congress 

and printers 160 Warren Rox 
Advertiser Newspaper Co 311 Wash 
Advertisers Press The Inc printers 141 Franklin 
- Service (Michael J A Ryan) adv agents 241 

Franklin 3d floor 
Adwers Horace F bookkeeper 35 N Market h 5 

Akron Rox 
Adye Elton M clerk 262 Wash rm 84 h at B'line 
Adzigian Avedis H ins agt 141 Milk rm 427 b at 

Stoneham [pi Ros 

Aechtler Edward P shipper 185 Milk h 3 Wilkins 

. Fred W 39 Boylston rms 8 Irvington 
Aeolian Macaroni Co 540 Sumner E B 
Aerakis Paul chef rms 148 W Canton 
Aerofram Co The 107 Mass av rms 57-58 
Aerson John E. U S N h 26 Princeton Chsn 

W Burke gen agt 45 Kilby — See page 2891 
.. Creditors Assn Inc 113 State rm 40 

Water marine dept 70 Kilby rm 5 — See 

page 2896 
jETNA life insurance CO accident dept 

Heber Bishop mgr 50 Congress rms 401-413 

—See page 2908 
iETNALIFE INSUEANCE CO life dept William 

T Trull mgr 50 Congress 4th floor — See 

page 2909 

gen agt accident and liability dept 45 Kilb;' 

—See page 2891 
" Rubber Co rain coats 78 Portland 
Afla Carlo marbleworker h 86 Bremen E B 
Affanato Antonio shoemaker 17 Bunker Hill Chsn 

h 22 do 
. Giuseppe stone cutter h 86 London E B 
.. Joseph C salesman 178 Devonshire rm 202 

bds 29 Rochester 
" Michael baker h 29 Rochester L""?*"" "^ 

Affel Herman A res asst Inst Tech rms 316 Hunt- 
Affleck Bertram L, Miles Standish school Rox rms 

316 Huntington av 
" William motorman h 491 Geneva av Dor 
Afflerbach Rudolph ladles' tailor 665 Boylston h 

35 Asticou rd J P (Canton 

Affolter Clarence N pressman 244 Wash h 109 K 
Affsan Sam weaver h 75 Oak 
Afholderbach Carl machinist h 125 James Ros 

. Fritz cabinetmaker h 477 Beech Ros 
Afus George clerk 607 Wash Dor rms 335 Talbot 

Agason Margaret widow rms 19 E Canton 
Agassiz George R 14 Ashburton pi h 76 MtVernon 
.. Maximillian 14 Ashburton pi h 28 Marlboro 

- Rudolphe L 12 Ashburton pi 1 ' 

wealth av and at Hamilton 
Agate Alfred ." 

- Harry M ciern uua oi r— 

- H Morton salesman h 81 Draper Dor 
" Luigi bricklayer h 152 Bremen E B 

Agathos Paraskevas cook rms 15 Appleton 
Agel Aaron died Feb 6 1915 
. Harry h 9 Staniford 
. Simon J (Agel SpiUer Co) 30 Chardon and 384 

Warren Rox h 13 AUen 
.. SpiUer Co (S J Agel. C J Spiller. I SpiUer, L 
Spiller) stable 8 Pitts 30 Chardon and 384 


77 Cass W R 

Aghjaian Leon i 
Aginley John r 

Agnes Sirandi waiter rms 68 Clarendon 
Agnesy Karl musician Symphony Hall h . 
bor View Dor 



;neto Bros (Nicholii 

431 Hanover 

Nicholas (Agneto 

mun h :i7 ElliilKwood Rox 
river iKls IS cliff Kox 
John laborer h 532 E Third S n 
John laborer li 402 W Second S B 

Edwin J clerk 60 Conf?re 
Frank A conductor h 3578 Wash J 
George B painter h 4G Creifjhton Ro 
" orge F dr' 
rry M op' 
teU Dor 

- Henry D waiter bds 357S Wash J P 
" James porter baggagerqom South sta bds 43 

Sterling Rox 
.. James E salesman bds 17S Dorchester S B 
" James F h 44 Cottage E B 
" James H patternmaker h 15(1 Worcester 
" John E laborer h 9 Ward S B 
.. John H clerk 30 State rra 406 bds 72 Ridge- 
wood Dor 
" John H clerk 136 Federal bds at Lynn 
" John J & Co wholesale liquors 333 and 351 
Sumner E B h 156 Webster do and at Win- 

-"'""^ — ■ ■ - ' " •[ aajMcLellan Dor 

Lottie S widow James H 

Margaret h 156 Webster : 

Margaret A h 146 Mass av 

Mary widow Edward h 178 Dorchesle 

" ' " " - - ... Creighton Rox 

Paul N foreman bds ■ 

Ago James A electrician h 143 Hemenway 
Agolino Joseph laborer h 76 London E B 
Agoos Lassor & Co leather 72 South h .50 Canter- 
bury Dor 

- Samuel L leather 145 South h at BJine 
" Solomon mgr 207 South h at B'line 

Agostino Benino grocer 528 E Third S B h do 

- Giovanni metalworker h 6 Flagg 
" Luigi laborer bds 21 Charter 

Agranat Samuel I 

Agretelis Peter i 

h91 do 
Agri Antonio laborer bds 14 Hanover av 

« Giuseppe laborer h 14 Hanover av 
Agricultural Insurance Co of Watertown N Y 70 

Kilby rm 1 
Agrillo Santos meatcutter h 5 Oswego 
Agrippino Agri laborer h 9 Emmett S B 

" Angelo hodcarrier h 19 Charter 

" Domenico laborer h 17 Fleet 

- Luigi laborer h 301 North 

Agron Leonard piano tuner nns 582 Mass av 
Agry George salesman 601 Wash h at Newton 

. William H real estate h 146 Worcester 
Aguere Marita 141 Federal h at Somv 
Aguero Ernesto salesman 11 Otis h at Peabody 
AgugUa Antonio salesman 98 Com'l h 385 Han- 
over [385 Hanover 
" Augustine (AgugUa Bros) 98 Commercial bds 
» Bros (Augustino) wholesale fruit 98 Com'l 
" -Desmouceaux Francesco clerk 1 North sq bds 

215 Hanover 
" Giulio clerk bds 385 Hanover 

Matteo candymaker h 10 Battery [Rox 

Agustine Alfred rubberworker bds 6 Beethoven 

Agym Jacob flsh 199 Roxbury Rox h 81 Highland 

do [Harvard 

Agyra Printing Co (Zalahores & Collatos) 26 

Aharonian Apel shoemaker 594 Shawmutav bds 

at Watertown [ander do 

" John S provisions 745 Dudley Dor h 37 Alex- 

« Levon editor 120 Boylston rm 215 b 37 Dover 

Ahearn Andrew P examiner 77 Bedford h 22 

Smith Rox 

- Annie widow Thomas h 6 Lark S B 

•• Annie L widow Andrew h 18 Cliff Rox 

« Bartholomew J (John Nagle & Co) flsh 3 

iclministration bldg Boston Fish pier h at 

Christopher clerk 68 Summer bds 29 Gates S B 
Cornelius horseshoer h 86 W Fifth S B 
Cornelius A teamster bds 748 E Bway S B 
Daniel laborer h 22 Gumey Rox 

Daniel F teamster h 88 Dresser S B 
Daniel J clerk h 242 Bennington E B 
David hostler h 76 E Lenox 
David J foreman 17 Bowker h 395 Dudley Rox 
Dennis B laborer h 29 Pleasant Chsn 
Dennis J laborer bds 1086 Dorchester avDor 
Edmond rem to Somv [av Dor 

Elizabeth A bookkeeper bds 1086 Dorchester 
Ellen h 83 Armandlne Dor 
Ellen h 335 Seaver Dor 

Francis J carrier S B P O bds 748 E B'way S B 
Frank clerk h l^Montebello rdJ P [Dor 

" John F teamster bds 18 Cliff Rox 

" John H foreman h 12 Everett av Dor 

" John J baggageman North sta h at Somv 

« John J driver 14 Fulton h 467 E Third S B 

" John J motorman bds 51 Smith Rox 

« John J sergeant poUce 29 Peraberton sq h IS 

Foster Br 

« John W driver h 28 Charles Dor [do 

" John W foreman car shops Readv h 5 Chester 

■' John W printer 178 Congress h at Somv 

" Joseph F laborer h 27 Faxon Rox 

- Joseph M (Harley. Plynu & Ahearn) 7G Sum- 

mer h at Arlington 

" Joseph P driver h 85 School Chsn (at Somv 

" Martin freight sorter Am Ex North station bds 

» Mary h 36 Clarence Rox 

" Mary Mrs h 123 W Fourth S B 

" Mary A widow Timothy bds 34 Covington S B 

" Mary E widow Cornelius h 748 E Bway S B 

" Mary L h 12 Seminary Chsn 

» Maurice J bookbinder h 3 Chaucer E B 

" Michael fireman h 51 Smith Rox 

- Michael laborer h 201 Havre E B 

" Michael S teamster h 39 Gates S B 

« Nellie Mrs h 2040 Wash Rox 

" Nellie widow h 20 F. S B_ [Camh 

bds 1 Tilden pi Rox 

« Thomas P rem to Chicago 111 
" James J clerk 105 Court h 100 Kneeland 
•■ Thomas J driver h 254 Medford Chsn 
" Thomas J 50 OUver rm 901 

- Thomas P musician h 219 M, S B 

" Timothy bartender h 17 Shepton Dor 

" Timothy J watchman h 7 Cummington 

" Timothy S porter 95 Blackstone h 159 Chelsea 

" WilUam teamster h 214 Lincoln Alls 

- William F bookbinder b 468 Mass av 

" William J u'onworker bds 26 Border E B 
" WUliam J laborer bds 51 Burrell Rox 
. William J h 65 Astor 
" WilUam M clerk h 112 W Ninth S B 

- WilUam R clerk cigar stand North sta rnis 6 

Dexter Row Chsn [ond S B 

" WilUam T electrician 417 Wash h 402 W Sec- 
« WilUam T teamster h 555 E Fourth S B 
A'Hearn Clarence J clerk 126 North sta h 13 

Bruce Dor and at Hudson 

- Gertrude A teacher Philip H Sheridan school 

E B bds 13 Bruce Dor 
" John waiter rms 61 Allen 
» John J supt 409 W First S B h 13 Bruce Dor 
" Leonard W clerk 409 W First S B bds 13 Bruce 

Dor [Hmgham 

» Ray, N E T & T Co 32 Ohesterfleld Rox h at 
Aheame WiUiam F clerk Rossmore Hotel h at 

« WiUiam J steno 77 Bedford h at Lynn [Doi- 
Rox h 46 Sawyer 

„ .-„ tine loneshorem"" ' '" " " 


AUce widow WilUam h 212 W Ninth S B 
Annie widow Thomas h 428 E Fifth S B 
Annie R tel opr 43 Commercial b at Winthrop 
Arthiu- foreman 214 W First S B h at Newton 
Arthur J driver h 92 Albion [Dor 

Bartholomew freighthandler bds 33 Glendalo 
Bridget widow William h 62 Mt Hope Ros 
Bridget M widow William C h 418 Sumner E B 
Caroline widow Maurice h lOG E Newton 
Catherine widow John h 44 Belmont Chsn 
Charles machinist h 82 Arlington av Chsn 
Charies F 177 State bds 428 E Fifth S B 
Charles M clerk Plant Line Com'l wharf h at 

CorneUus E com trav bds 209 E Cottage Dor 
Cornelius G clerk bds 156 Calumet Rox 
CorneUus M teamster h 501 E Fifth S B 
Daniel electrician rms 35 Temple 
Daniel laborer h 22 Winchester 
Daniel laborer h 2 CaldweU Chsn 
Daniel h 24 Taft Dor 

Daniel E cashier 244 h 7 Lawrence Chsn 
Daniel F bookkeeper ceUar 21 F H mkt north 

side bds at Arlington |Rc 
•■""- "8.659 C -«...«.- 

James metal v 
James J janit* 

» Centre J P bds 101 Day 

Sixth S B h 295 Dor- 

Daniel J clerk 125 MiUf i 
Daniel J real estate 4214 Wash Ros h 12 
Dudley av do 
" ■ " "" ■ ■ 158 Worcester 

David porter 200 Causeway h i . 
David E clerk 244 Wash b 1309 Common- 
wealth av Alls 



James J 

James J real 

Neponset a 

James J 

« Dennis J slieetmetal worker h 44 Everett Ohsn 
" Edward L visitor 5 City Hall ll 38 Bowdoiu 

" Edward W derk freight auditor's dept Old 

Fitchburg sta h at W Somv 
" Elizabeth dressmaker h 67 Fort av Rox 
« Elizabeth widow Michael h 49 Delle av Rox 
• Ellen widow William died Dec 12 1915 
" Eugene clerk freighthouse 6, Congress h 74 

Everdean Dor [bridge Rox 

» Prank taUor 21 Bromfleld rm 410 h 35 Bain- 
" Frank E bds 27 Oakley Dor 
" Frank J driver h 45 Gates SB [E B 

« Frank J shipper 176 OUver bds 418 Sumner 
" Frederick J clerk bds 129 Dudley av Ros 

- George A clerk 69 Pulton bds 24 Taft Dor 

" George J attendant B S H. Walk Hill Mat b do 
" James car repau-er bds 33 Easton av H P 
!' James longshoreman bds 76 Medford Chsn 
" James shoemaker bds 77 Puller Dor 
■• James (135 Hyde Park av J P) died May 3 

1915 [Rox 

" James A plumber 709a Boylston bds 101 Day 
" James A steamfitter h 43 Lamson E B 
" James D salesman 62 Brookiine av h 1131 

Commonwealth av Alls 
" James P whitewasher h 2 Mill Chsn 
» James H coremaker bds 156 Calumet Rox 
" James H mech eng h 79 Savin Hill av Dor 
" James J bottler h 911 Harrison av 
" James J buttonholemaker 88a Essex rms 25 

12 Paris E B 
3state 84 State rm 310 and 1 
Dor bds 19 Blanche do 
100 Kneeland 
James J 11 Pemberton sq h 418 Sumner E B 
■' James J jr clerk 24 West bds 911 Harrison av 
" James L h 30 Hemenway 
•• Jennie M widow Edward S steno 8 Island Rox 

bds 6 Brinsley Dor 
•■ Jeremiah laborer h 5 Scott's ct Chsn 
•• Jeremiah teamster h 34 Dix Dor 
" Jeremiah J laborer h 169 Heath Rox 
" Jeremiah J molder h 122 Bartlett Chsn 
" John butler 127 Commonwealth av 
" John chocolatemaker bds 26 Decatur E B 
" John grocer 28 Charles Dor h do 
« John laborer h 402 W Second S B 
" John laborer bds 191 W Fourth S B 
" John switchman h 42 Austin Chsn 
•• John teamster h 11 O, S B 
" John rms 10 Nassau 

•• John F clerk 260 Main Chsn h 8 Lawrence do 
■• John F clerk 34 Howard Rox h 50 Templeton 

» John F clerk bds 418 Sumner E B 
" John P physician 1438 Dorchester av Dor and 

19 Blanche do h do [Rox 

•• John F plumber 709a Boylston h 28 Evergreen 
« John P 55 Summer h 911 Harrison av 
" John P 450 Wash bds 42 Austin Chsn 
" John J (T Ahern's Sons) 100 Hampden Rox h 

33 Neponset av Dor [Brookiine 

" John J agt Pullman Co 214 South sta h at 
» John J blacksmith h 121 Child J P 

- John J clerk h 974 Harrison av Rox 

" John J dept clerk 004 City Hall annex h 6 

.. John J driver h 130 Myrtle 
" John J waiter bds 74 Everdean Dor 
" John M asst opr B P D 60 Bristol h 50 Temple- 
ton Dor 
•■ John M T compositor h 143 Pleasant Dor 
" John P chauffeur bds 17 Davis 
" John P watchman h 6 Princeton Chsn 
" John W station agent Harrison sq Dor h at 

" Joseph A dentist 520 Beacon h 101 Day Rox 
.. Joseph P clerk bds 35 Glendale Dor 
« Joseph T clerk 242 Wash bds 24 Taft Dor 
.. Katherine M h 30 Temple 
.. MarceUa widow h 194 W Eighth S B 
■■ Margaret h 86 Thetford av Dor 
" Margaret A widow John J h 12 Smith Rox 
« Mary Mrs h 26 Decatur B B 
« Mary widow Michael h 35 Glendale Dor 
" Mary widow h 100 Kneeland 
" Mary A Mrs h 1131 Commonwealth av Alls 
.. Mary L, widow Michael J h 123 W Fourth S B 
" Maurice J com trav rms 96 G, S B 
.. Maurice J helper bds 106 B Newton 
" Maurice P driver h 27 Lawrence Chsn 
■' Michael fireman 18 Tremont h 44 Austin ' hsn 
.. Michael laborer h 186 Webster E B 
" Michael laborer h 115 Everett E B 
» Michael laborer h 79 B Canton [Rox 

» Michael plumber 709a Boylston h 101 Day 
» Michael A helper bds 49 DeUe av Rox 
» Michael P clerk h 35 Bainbridge Rox 
" Michael H cutter rms 11 Common 
» Michael J (Ahern & Owens) 24 Dock sq h 12 

MarceUa Rox 
» Michael J clerk 93 Arch h 442 E Third S B 
.. Michael J Rev, Boston College 761 Harrison 


« Morris P (Arlington Gas & Electric Fixture Co) 

90 Portland h at Arlington 
" Nora widow WiUiam h 2 Smith ct 
" Patrick clerk h r 860 B Second S B 
" Patrick laborer h 6 Lawrence pi Br 
" Patrick laborer h 2664 Wash Rox 
" Patrick laborer bds 99 W Broadway 
" Patrick & Co grocers 344 Com'l h 
" Patrick D bds 77 Fuller Dor 
" Patrick J houseman bds 127 Conmion 
" Patrick J laborer bds 10 Edgerly pi 


Rox h 223 Hamilton Dor 
PhUip chauffeur bds 130 Myrtle 
Richard A Custom House inspector 28 Minot 

h at N Camb 
Richard P laborer bds 6 Lawrence pi Br 
Robert M asst chemist 1 104 City Hall annex 

1 67 Charles 

« Sarah E h 44 Belmont Chsn [Chsn 

« Sylvester P clerk 327 Summer bds 42 Austin 

" Thomas laborer h 72 Middlesex 

" Thomas porter h 33 Locust Dor [do 

- Thomas A grocer 771 Dorchester av Dor h 769 

- Thomas P died July 29 1915 

" Thomas J bartender bds 100 Kneeland 

. Thomas J clerk 450 Wash bds 42 Austin Chsn 

« Timothy h 115 StAlphonsus Rox 

» Timothy P clerk 1 Beacon 8th floor h 33 Ne- 
ponset av Dor 

" Timothy J auto repairer h 28 Bellflower Dor 

•■ Timothy J clerk bds 34 Dix Dor 

. Tunothy J clerk bds 223 Hamilton Dor 

. Tunothy J clerk bds 42 Garden 

" Timothy J lawyer 1140 Columbus av rm 22 

Timothy J h 18 Burnll pi S B 
Timothy S clerk h 159 Chelsea Chsn 
T Sons (John J and Patrick M) building mov- 
ers 100 Hampden Rox 
William clerk 1182 River H P bds 35 Union pk 

-J Stone- 
William G (Ahern & Cahoon) 131 State rm 

1106 h 1534 Commonwealth av Br 
William H clerk 52 Elm bds at Stoneham 
William H plumber h 375 Centre J P [B B 
William H carrier Back Bay P O b 418 Sumner 
William J clerk P O h 428 E Fifth S B 
WilUam J driver 75 Pitts h 42 Austin Chsn 
William J helper bds 606 B Broadway S B 
William J laborer bds 71 Lawrence Chsn 
William J plumber 709a Boylston bds 101 Day 

William J police sta 3 h 142 Princeton E B 
William J salesman 157 South h 43 Newcastle 

rd — 

« & Cahoon (William G Ahern, William A Ca- 
hoon) mgrs 131 State rm 1106 [Dock sq 
" & Owens (M J Ahern J A Owens) liquors 24 
« see Hern Hearn Burn and O'Hearn 
Ahl Astrid E clerk 15 Ashburton pi rm 511 h at 
" George A painter h 99 Union Park st 
" George R brushmaker b 99 Union Park st 
- Henry H artist 12 Harcourt h at Newbury 
« John B plumber bds 99 Union Park st [212 
Ahlberg Bearing Co ball bearings 93 Mass av rm 
" Frank G packer h 129 Florence Ros 
» John A carpenter h 250 Norwell Dor 
« Karl baker 82 Dartmouth b at Camb 
" Lilla L bds 129 Florence Ros 
" Nils baker rms 18 Dunreath Rox 
« Oliver D clerk reg sect P O rms 86 Monument 
Chsn [Marlboro 

Ahlborn Bmil B artist 30 Ipswich rm 305 bds 258 
.. Emily Mrs h 258 Marlboro [J P 

Ahlenhoff Paul sausagemaker h 231 Lamartine 
Ahlers Bruno H elec engineer h 7 Wait Rox 
Ahlgren Andrew blacksmith h 27 Cranston J P 
■' Augustus J motorman h 63 Lambert av Rox 
" Charles W florist h 331 E Eighth S B 
Ahlin John pressman 299 Atlantic av h at Everett 
Ahlquist Carl B salesman 4 Park sq h at Everett 
" Carl G junk h 31 Porter E B 
" Charles J weaver h 29 Wordsworth E B 
" Fred W pilot end Lewis whf h at Camb 

Ahlstrom Arthur laborer bds 504 Sumner F 
" Carl T carpenter h 261 Lamartine J P 
" Charles D h 257 Webster E B 
" Charles G machinist h 42 JefEries E B 
" Christopher carriage painter r 15 Austin 

h at Somerville 
" Herman pianomaker 
- Martin C 

" Oscar F shipper bds 7 Centre Rox 

Ahmed Rafldin dentist 140 Fenway 
Qg Co 12 Ashburton pi 

widow bds 62 Lubec E B 
Michele laborer h 177 Cottage E 1 
Vito helper h 62 Lubec E B 


Aicardi Allgolo A clci-k bils S03 K Fifth S I! 
" Dora lodginghouse 7 Pelhiuii 
. Frank salesman bds S63 E Fifth S B 

- Frank G B salesman bds 124 Adams Dor 
■• Giovanni B h 863 B Fifth S B 

■• James A confectionery 653 E Bway S B h do 
*■ James A olive oil h 124 Adams Dor 

- John B com trav bds 863 E Fifth S B 
" Julius M clerk bds 863 E Fifth S B 

.. Robert chef h 7 Pelham 
Aidcis Charles laborer h 506 Western av Br 
Aiello Antonino fi^erman h 177 North 

" Augustino barber North sta h 4 N Hudson 

- Battista fisherman h 260 North 
" Bruno laborer h 38 Fleet 

- Domenico cabinetmaker h IS Harris 
" Giuseppe clerk h 352 Sumner E B 

" Giuseppe laborer h 28 Battery 

" Giuseppe tailor h 160 Cottage E B 

• Joseph barber b 60 Highland Rox 

- Letterio pedler h 130 Orleans E B 

■• Lorenzo tailor h 85 Chelsea E B 

■* Mario laborer h 7 Pleasant pl^^ 

Peter pressm 

I 82 Chelsea 
Pietro h 53 Chelsea E B 
" Salvatore fisherman h 1 3 Lewis 
'■ Salvatore laborer h 83 Lubec E B 
■■ Vito fisherman h 15 North 
Aiessi Calogero laborer 

Paola shoemaker h : 


Aieta Francis P attendance officer Eliot school h 
66 Percival Dor 
" James V barber 249 Wash h 9 Park Dor 
mgr 1 1 Watt 
L 9 Park Dor 
" Salvatore actor bds 9 Park Dor 
- Vincent clerk h 19 Ban-y Dor 
Aiewskl Robert bartender 90 Market Br h 36 

Lincoln do 
Aigeltinger Gustave laborer h 132 Terrace Rox 
■• Signe widow Eugene h 12 Bromley pk Rox 
Aigen Joseph B clerk 39 Warren Rox bds 30 

David I 

Edward B com trav 9 Conamercial 1 

Ellen M widow Samuel M h 84 Lonsdale Dor 

First church Berkeley cor 
Marlboro h 92 Brook av Dor 
eorge E clerk h 13 Morris B B 
[arold machinist rms 13 Berwick pk 

L 402 h 

Howard L salesman 

James clerk 373 Atlantic av bds 421 E Sixth 

S B tpl Br 

James F salesman 63 Summer bds 3 Winship 

John Adams chief justice superior court Court 

House h 65 Mt Vernon and at Greenfield 
John D salesman rms Hotel Lenox 
John N carpenter 417 Wash h at Arlington 
Joseph shoemaker h 16 Auburn 
Joseph L salesman 42 Wash north b at Everett 
Leroy photographer h 35 Windsor Rox [Dor 
Margaret C widow John " • " "' ■ - ' 

Playstead rd 
. Mary A h 421 E Sixth S " 
.. Mary A widow Henry B h 109 Chelsea E B 

Noble C driver h 51 :essex Chsn 
Thomas laborer h 3 Winship pi Br 
Thomas F died Aug 16 191" 

widow John S dressmaker h 620 
Dudley Dor 
Aikman Louis R student rms 316 Huntington av 
Ailman John H & Son (Walter G) opticians 10 
Bromfield [Rox 

■• Josephine L widow John H h 1 Abbotsford 
" Martha H music teacher 162 Boylston rm 24 
bds 1 Abbotsford Rox [at Wrentham 

" Walter G (J H Ailman & Son) 10 Bromfield h 
Aimo Manuel ironworker h 56 Riverdale Alls 
Almone J Baptist waiter h 5 Westville Dor 
Alms J Ralph salesman 61 Mass av h at Camb 
Ainbender Abraham rem to Chelsea 

" Samuel rem to Chelsea 
Ainhorn Harry carpenter h 16 Spring 

•• Hyman presser h 139 Chambers 
Ainslee Edith B music teacher 30 Huntington av 
rm 618 h at Egypt [Mat 

Ainslev Charles E chocolatemaker h 117 River 

"■■ ■ " h 10 Neponset av H P 

1 1 Dorchester av Dor 
bds 1 Worcester pi 
" Howard F chocolatemaker bds 117 River Mat 
•• H Highman clerk 17 Temple pi 
•• John carpenter rms 316 Dudley Rox 
" John R (John R Amsl ■ « - 
h 465 Audubon rd 


" John R & Co (John R Ainsley. Joseph O Por- 
ter. James McCaudlish) hosiery and under- 

Ainslie James B forger h 185 L. 8 B 
Ainsworth Annie widow John A h 271a Lama 
" Arthur broker h 25 Peterborough 

" Edward M clerk 125 Milk rm 107 h at West- 
" Cleorge driver bds 271a Lamartine J P 

- George C dentist 45 Bay State rd and asso 

prof Tufts College Dental school h at Now- 

- John J, F E 40 Sumner E B bds 271a Lamar- 

tine J P (borough h do 

• Nellie B Mrs Christian scientist 25 Peter- 
« Sarah J widow John B h 44 Oak H P 
« S Elizabeth custodian Public Library H P h 

44 Oak do 
" William A rem to Providence R I 
■ & Co publishers 120 Boylston rm 623 
Ah- Line Dispatch 194 Wash rm 81 

- Shock Absorber Co 9 George Rox 

Alrey Patrick porter h 969 Columbus av Rox 
Au-ola Augustine lawyer 73 Tremont rm 529 h at 

Aisner Hyman tailor 46 School h at Revere 
" Joseph M newsdealer 26 Hawley h 22 Thane 

" Julius dentist h 33 Brainerd rd Alls 

- Morris M lawyer 53 State rm 623 h at Revere 
" Samuel ins agt 95 Milk rm 20 h 4 Browning 

av Dor 
Aissen Adolf painter h 16 Ehno Dor 
" Annie widow Israel bds 43 Elmo Dor 
Vitchlson Petersexton Christ Episcopal church 

1327 Hyde Park av 

" Clifford I 

- Hamlet F 

av Rox 

" Harry machinist h 9 Cazenove 
« Harry J salesman 465 Medford Chsn h at 

" Herbert M reporter 244 Wash h at Melrose 
" Horace W clerk 93 Arch h at Beachmont 

- James salesman 518 Wash h 165 W Canton 
. James E clerk 111 MUk bds 2 Dent W R 

" James M clerk 274 Siunmer bds at Medford 
. John carpenter h 23 Schiller Box 
« John A engineer h 36 N Beacon Alls 

- Matthew chauffeur h 183 Mass av 

« Bufus P 157 South bds 65 Morris E B 
Son & Co millinery goods 120 Tremont rm 335 

- William W clerk 614 Atlantic 

Aitko John L comicemaker bds 42 A. S B 
Alvaz Jacob K restaurant 1609 Wash h 1615a do 
Aivazian Christopher M clerk 43 Temple pi h 25 

Ajamian Michael H treas 56 Fulton and 30 Knee- 
land h 24 Paul Gore J P 
" Norau- barber 1115 Columbus av Rox 
" Samuel tailor rms 57 Waltham 
• Toros barber h 636 E Seventh S B 
•■ Vahan (Presto Lunch) 69a Dover h 2 Garland 
Ajauskas Frank clerk 32 Lincoln Br bds 12 Wa- 
verly do 

- Robert waiter 90 Market Br h 36 Lmcoln do 
AJAX METAL HOOP COEP ready to drive 

metal hoops office 10 P O sq mill 10 
Oakland pi Mat — See page 2990 

> pas 

Rubber Co Inc 1084 Boylst( 

Akabas Bros (Maurice W and Max) hardware 

521 Dudley Rox 

« Maurice W (Akabas Bros) 521 Dudley Rox 

bds 18 Lena pk Dor [Wolcott Dor 

» Max (Akabas Bros) 531 Dudley Box bds 44 

Akarshan Abraham helper h SO Hudson 

Ake Eugene B com trav 131 State rm 1 131 rms 19 


Hoffman J P 
" James A carpenter h IS Reddy j 
- Jessie B h 98 Hemenway 
Akerley Freebum H driver 2 Binney Fen h 3 do 
" George M foreman I ' 

Harry O woodworker 142 
Akerman Abraham shoemaker h 9 Lena pk Dor 
" Charles B ticket seller North station h at 
Winter Hill [Dor 

- Edward A clerk 284 Mass av b 111 Stoughton 
" George machinist h 5 Quincefield Dor 
" George F trimmer h 101 Hammond Rox 
" Gustaf organbuilder h 43 Saxton Dor 

& Co) 27 Harrison ; 


Akeroyd AJfred wool 22Sa Summer h at Newton 
" Kvans musician h 137 Paul Gore J P 
" Fanny widow Vincent h. 34 Montebello rd J P 
" Lillian A musician bds 34 Montebello rd J P 

Alcers Arthur H painter bds 26 Gordon Alls 
■' Earle G salesman 147 Tremont b at Provi- 
dence R I 
" Eva P interior decorator S School Dor bds do 
" Ezra R died Aug 20 1915 
. George V roofer h 26 Gordon Alls 
» Harriet O widow Ezra R h 8 School Dor 
" Henry S clerk h 9 Granada av Ros 
" Leslie M grocer 37 Decatur E B h at Melrose 
" Minnie widow William G h 6S9 Columbia rd 
Dor [Alls 

» Samuel L clerk 37 Decatur E B h IS Idlewild 
" see Acres 
Akerson Ingrid nurse rms 20 Charlesgate west 
Akerstrom Hannah widow Andrew h 1 Highland 
pi Rox 
Sidney M student 1 
Ingrid widow 1 
ren machinist h 384 Hyde Park < 
larry M janitor h SO Sawyer 
an William A cook h 4 Haven 

" Fannie M widow Robert h 8 Mills Rox 
" Frank H mason h 34 Stratton Br 
" Harry J steamfitter bds 80 Wrentham Dor 
" James fireman bds 41 Waverly Br 
■• James teamster h 451 Western av Br 
■■ John buttonmaker h SO Wrentham Dor 
- Michael laborer h 451 Western av Br 
" Robert A janitor h 8 Mills Rox 
Akmekjian Dick confectionery 104 Dudley Rox 

h 2 Eenilworth do 
Akmen John carpenter bds 4 Romar ter Rox 
Akofl Morris baker h 95 Woodcliff Dor 
Akola William M steno 85 Pearl bds 46 Clifford 

Akron Tii-e & Rubber Co 24 Columbus av 
AkulionisAndrew laborer bds 22 Nashua 
Akunevich Peter J bartender 247 W Broadway 
S B and real estate 362 do h 321 Athens do 
Akus Karl shoenorker h 36 Heath av Rox 
Alabeso Angelo barber h 418 Hanover 

■' Angelo laborer h r 17 Charter 
Alabiso Calogero laborer h 76 Charter 
" Salvatore brace maker bds 76 Charter 

clerk 130 Harvard Dor bds 

" Gaetano laborer h 174 Norfolk av Rox 
Alaitis Joseph sugarworker h 147 Silver S 
Alajajian Heripssene widow bds 175 Talbot 

Alara Abraham polisher h 91 Hudson 

- Held brass polisher h 140 Hudson 

dies &c wholesale and retail 104 Tremont — 

See page 2954 
Alander Meyer grocer 35 Anderson h 30 do 
Alapso Angelo barber 1774 Wash h 418 Hanover 
Alario Salvatore (Alario & Lentino) 120 Bedford h 

14 Genesee 
" c& Lentino (Salvatore Alario. Giosippino Len- 

at Dover [420 Boylston i 

& Co (A M Alary, C L Smart) haii'dressers 
ascia Pietro laborer h 273 Paris B B 
asevicz Peter laborer h 44 Silver S B 
aska Gold Belt Mining Co 262 Wash rm 77 
ba Andrea laborer h 292 North 

Bia«io laborer h 28 Clark 

Paolo laborer h 6 Everett ct 

Saverio (Alba & Raso) 337 North h 19 Clark 

Antonio laborer h 35 Charter 
■• Antonio mason h 64 Frankfort E B 
" Giuseppe laborer h 351 North 
" Michele laborer h 163 Cottage E B 
■' Michele laborer h 6 Phipps pi 
" Michele tailor h 64 Bennmgton E B 
" Nicola barber h 10 Thacher ct 
.. Nicola shoeworker bds 64 Frankfort E B 
Albanlki M real estate rms 9* Ashburton pi 
Albano Albert clerk bds 20 Prince 
» Bartolomeo waiter h 20 Prince 
" Carmela variety 44 Charter h 43;- do 
« Domenico laborer h 2 Marshall pi 
« Giuseppe laborer h r 435 Charter 

- Leonard tailor h 48 Curve 
" Nicola laborer h 59 Hull 

" Pasquale chauffeur bds 8 Margaret 
.. Rocco laborer h 33 Clark 
" Salvatore baker h 92 Everett E B 
" Salvatore pedler h 26 Rochester 
" Vincenzo laborer h S Margaret 
" Vincenzo laborer h 165 Gove E B 

- Vito laborer bds 72 Charter 

Albany Biscuit Co (Samuel Levine, Simon 

Freidman Jacob Barnack) ice cream cone 

mfrs IS W First S B 

- Carpet Cleaning Co (John J Hanrihan) 51 

[Albany Rox 

_o (Simor " " 

■ Co of Albany N Y _ 
" John fnrit bds 17 DeUe < 
« P W Paper Co Jos H Patterson mgr paper 

specialties 79 Milk rm 815 
" Shoe Repairing Co (Joseph Freedman, Alex- 
ander Feldman, Moses Lewin) 157 Kingston 
" Warehouse Trust 35 Congress rm 701 
Albapare John B carpenter h 125 Florida Dor 
Albaralle Arturo tailor h 1 1 Snowhill 
Albarian SarkJs M pastor Armenian OUician Cong 

I at Chelsea 
: Watchmaker (Nathaniel S Albaum. Ed- 
ward Watchmaker) real estate and ins 262 

" Amos D (Amos D Albee Son & Co) 53 State 
rms 629-630 h at WoUaston 
ALBEE AMOS D SON & CO (Amos D Albee, 
Herbert H Albee, Richard L Harper) certi- 
fied public accountants 53 State rms 629- 
630— See page 2657 

. Anna M G widow Wilder O rem to Philadel- 
phia Pa 

" Annie Mrs nurse bds 583 Beacon 

L Mrs Cimstian science practitioner 

15 Fairmont av H P h 112 Gordon i 
Arthur L investment securities 95 Milk 

34 h 5 Regent Cu-cle J P 
Charles H student bds 109 Trenton E B 
Charles I h 109 Trenton E B 
Charles R painter h 203 W Ninth S B 
Clarence W stoves S3 Selden Dor h do 
Curlys L student bds 112 Gordon av H P 
Edward E draftsman 511 State House h 

Melrose Hlds 
Ellis E machinist h 29 Aldie Alls 

- Prank S carpenter h 56 Davison ] 
" Fred H salesman 134 Friend h at W Medford 
" Fred L machinist h 112 Gordon av H P 
» George H clerk Ohamb of Com h 26 Thui-ston 
E B [ton 

.. Grace C visitor 159 State House h 14 Warren- 
" Harry E laundrvworker h 175 W Fourth S B 
" Harry W ironworker h 9 Minton Dor 
« Herbert H (Ames D Albee Son & Co) 52 

State rms 629-630 h at Wollaston 
• Howard D salesman 43 Commercial whf bds 

at B'line 
" Humphrey G mgr American House E B h do 
» Isabel L accountant 53 State rm 629 h at Wol- 
« John H h 5 Perham W R 
" Luther G, Herald h at Cliftondale 
" Margaret C Mra h 29 Aldie Alls [B'line 

Rachael M bookkeeper 683 Beacon bds at 
Ralph B clerk 177 State bds 5 Perham W R 

Samuel fish 55 Fairmount 

Ph : 


William C carpenter h 41 Clifl Rox 

Albenio Brogna laborer h 83 Everett B B 
Albenise Michele tailor h 64 Bennington E B 
Alber Theodore salesman 93 F H mkt h at Camb 
AlbereUl Arturo taUor h 11 SnowhlU 
Alberene Stone Co soapstone 164 Dover 
Alberg Fred clerk bds 1a Leyland Dor 
Alberger Heater Co 36 Bromfleld rm 503 

" Pump & Condenser Co 88 Broad rm 924 
Alberghini Vitaliano clerk 222 Friend h at Somv 
Albergo Fillipo pedler h 15 Pitts 
Alberico Raflaele clerk 5 North sq h 23 Clark 
Alberini Alexander vocalist rms 478 Mass av 
Albers Charles A pubUc accoixntant 110 State 10th 
floor h 50 Peterborough 

" Homer lawyer 401 Sears bldg and dean B U 

•• Alexander dry goods 239 W Broadway S 

at Chelsea 

" Alexander rubberworker h 33 Minden Rox 
" Bessie widow Aaron h 1 1 7 Elmo Dor 
" Charles carpenter h 15 Blossom 
" Charles clerk 16 New E B bds at Revere 

- Delia widow Manuel h 10 Davitt Dor 

" Ephraim steno bds 196 Columbia rd Dor 
" Prank fruit bds 10 Davitt Dor 

- Prank R pedler h 14 Davitt Dor 

« George shoemaker h 95 Addison B B (den 
" Harris law student 27 School rm 301 h at Mal- 
" Harris pedler h 196 Columbia rd Dor 
» Harry tailor 405 Shawmut av h 46 Rose 
" Jacob tailor h 76 Leverett 
" John laborer h 2 Newton ct 
" John S bookkeeper 242 Dover h 167 Home- 
stead Rox [13 Bromley pk Rox 
" Kate P Roxbury branch Public Library bds 
» Leo clerk 177 Blackstone bds 43 McLean 
" Leon clerk bds 41 McLean 




" Leon laborer h 417 Harrison av 

" Martin clerk bds 41 McLean 

« Max raincoatmaker bds 117 Elmo Dor 

" Morris B salesman SOI Wash mi 44 h 44S 

Norfolk Mat 
" TJalph F lawyer 27 School rm 301 h at Maiden 
■■ liose Mrs bds 10 Auburn 
M Sam hardware 13 Maverick sq E B h 3 do 
" Samuel (Bloom & Albert) pants mfr 23 Elm h 

at Revere 
" Samuel driver h 7 Anderson 
» Samuel pedler h 1 Hancock pi 
" Samuel tailor h 345 Charles 
" Simon flsh 93 Salem h 1 1 Stillman 
" Vahram tailor 15 Poplar Ros h 56 Prospt-ct av 
db [bds do 

■• Victoria L music teacher 196 Columbia rd Dor 
. William tailor h 116 Myrtle 
" William J laborer h 2 Sharon 
» & Libby (George A Libby. Albert J Libb,\) 
Back Bay Express 54 Chatham 91 Cause- 
way and 71 Conant Rox 
Albertassl Verginio laborer h 22 Mitchell S B 
Alberti Amedeo laborer h 8 Sumner pi E B 
•• Andrea laborer h 150 Webster E B 
■ Edward F teamster bds 1466 Wash 
" Gustav W bookkeeper 116 Merrimac bds 6() 
Kingsdale Dor [Pulton 

" Importing & Exporting Co Inc grocers 57 
•• Joseph A brushmaker bds 1466 Wash 
" Luigl laborer h 8 Sumner pi E B [Dor 

" Marguerita widow Paul L E h 66 Kingsdale 

- Oscar W (Alberti & Co) liquors 461 W Broad- 

way S B bds 66 Kingsdale Dor 
" Pasquale shoeworker h 23 Norman 

- Victor statuary h 1466 Wash 

" Victor E (Alberti & Co) 461 W Broadwav S B 
h 22 Vinson Dor [Broadway S B 

Alberto Manuel R fruit h 10 Davitt Dor 
Alberts Abraham salesman 373 Wash rm 710 bds 
129 Devon Rox 
» Annie widow Isaac h 29 Brinsley Dor (Dor 
" Charles & Co jewelers 743 Wash h " ' 

Prank J driver h 5 Newland 

fwanda Dor 

Leon N asst eng Boston Transit Com 

Beacon bds 129 Devon Rox 
Max M. Isaac Alberts Sons 373 Wash rm 

bds 129 Devon Rox 


•• Morris Z teacher h 129 Devon Rox 

•• Nathan 373 Wash rm 1 bds 29 Brinsley Dor 

- William J clerk Fargo cor C. S B bds 97 E 

Albertsen Hans cooper bds 41 Moreland Box 
AlbertsonJAlfred tallyman bds512 Hill Chsn 

- Harry died April 3 1915 

. Olepine widow Martin h 12 Hill Chsn [Dor 
" Sbnon fruit 117 Commercial h 38 Johnston rd 

, at Gloucester 

George W mgr 1 Wash h at Somv 

Albery Rose phrenologist 410 Boylston h < 

. -" (Alb- - --■ - 

and 2 Franklin h at Chelsea 

Albianl Anthony P (Albianl Bros) 154 Summer 

Bros (Anthony P and Dominick) barbers 

Summer and 2 Franklin 
Dominick (Albianl Bros) 154 Summer an( 

Franklin h 206 Neponset av Dor [ 

" " Jbia ' ' 

visions 107 Summer [103 Summer 

" Lunch 17 and 147 Federal 136 Bedford and 

Albig Frederick C baker 238 Western av Alls h 
10 Athol do [Paris E B 

Albino George shoemaker 167 Causeway bds 176 
" Frank porter h 20 Cooper 
" Nicola shoemaker h 26 Chelsea E B 
" Vincenzo laborer h 176 Paris E B 

Albion Thura painter h 19 Spauldlng Dor 

Albisser Benjamin F foreman 58 Kemble Rox h 
131 Dudley do [S B h at Somv 

Albohn William asst foreman 383 Dorchester av 

Alborghetti Pietro clerk h 7 Lathrop pi 

Albom Charles M Mrs h 41 Astor 

Albre Lorenzo mgr 197 B. S B h 74 Dresser do 

J P 

Augustus L carrier Dor Cen P O h 3584 Wash 
Barbara widow John C h 4345 Wash Eos 
Charles H student bds 23 Charles Dor 
Conrad H mason bds 305 Cornell Ros 
Constant helper bds 94 Cornell Ros 
Francis silk weaver h 83 Selwyn Ros [Falls 
Francis R clerk reg div P O h at Newton Upper 
George J tailor 324 E. S B h do 
John O jr machinist bds 4345 Wash Ros 
Nicholas h 3584 Washington J P 
Otto machinist h 153 Amory Rox 
Otto jr purch agent 76 Atherton J P bds 153 
Amory Rox 


» Philip C lithographer h 23 Charles Dor 
» Udo rem to Chicago 111 

" Uh-ich (Litzolman & Albrecht) barber 67 War- 
ren Rox bds 3 LaGrange pi do [Ros 
" William instrimient maker h 174 Bellevue av 
•■ William machinist h 312 Amory J P 
- William pres 295 A h 11 Maybrook Dor 
" WilUam Inc rectifiers 295 A 
" William P tel opr h 92 Cornell Ros 

Albrechtsen Louis r' 

Albree Edward C 5.= 
" George 16 State rm 35 h at Concord (Chsn 
" Helen M widow John D h Waveriey House 
" John 16 State rm 35 h at Swampscott 

Albret Elizabeth widow Philip h 24 AshBeld Ros 
Ernest salesman Fargo cor C, S B h at Milton 


- EUzabeth h 534 Columbus av 

- George W molder h 121 Park Dor 

" Harry K photographer rms 546 Columbus av 
" Isabel h 534 Columbus av 

- Jacob E molder h 121 Park Dor 

- Lee M asst shipper 222 Summer b at Medford 
" Mary died Mar 22 1915 

" Mary A Mrs h 121 Park Dor 

" Michael waiter rms 37 Greenwich pk 

» NeUie h 534 Columbus av 

Albro Mary C Mrs h 721 Tremont 

Albuquerque Geraldo S M barber 5 Poplar Ros 
h 4324 Wash do 

Alburtis John printer 244 Wash h 1 Grant rd Dor 

Alcaraz Arthur M clerk bds 4 O, S B 
" Pascasio P cigarmaker h 4 O. S B 

Alee Joseph laborer h 75 Shawmut av 

Alch Gershon capmaker h 43 Rose 
" Harry cutter h 417 Harrison av 

.\lcock Mary Mrs h 1 Thorn 
» Thomas motorman h 909 E Second S B 

Alconada Gabriel cabinetmaker h 17 Cherry 

Alcorn Charles H collector h 7 Ward ct S B 
" G P clerk G E Co 84 State h at Winthrop 
" Harry driver h 74 Russell Chsn 
" Howard salesman rms 153 Worcester 
« Sarah Mrs cook 693 Mass av bds do (thi'op 
•• Walter S salesman 27 Damrell S B h at Win- 
» William J drawtender h 55 Pleasant Dor 

Aleott George laborer bds 180 Prmceton E B 

- George R clerk 43 Tremont rm 705 h 331 Sea^ 

ver Dor 
" John printer h 15a Chambers 
» John S P clerk 87 Kilby h at Brookline 
" Louisa M Club 15 Oswego [Everett 

" William night city editor 244 Wash house at 
" William waiter h 331 Seaver Dor 
•' William J salesman 518 Wash h at Everett 
Alcuzar Isaac physician h 72 Perrin Rox 
Alden Albert mgr 354 Congress h at Wollaston 
" Alton G shoecuttei- rms 32 Rutland sq 
" Arthur W grocer 168 Fairmonnt av H P bds 

232 do [scott 
■' A Fred salesman 45 S Market h at Swamp- 
ALDEN BROS CO mUk dealers 1171 ' 

Rox and 24, 28 and 38 Dempstei 

page 2792 
" Charles A asst auditor 111 Devonshire rm 705 

h at Arlington 
" Charles A bookkeeper Quincy Hall h at Camb 

- Charles B bookkeeper 140 Federal bds 224 

Ashmont Dor [Arlington Hts 

» Charles B mech dentist 120 Boylston h at 
" Charles C clerk freight auditor's dept Old 

Fitchburg sta h at Wilmington 
" Charles E laborer h 22 Peverell Dor 
" Charles H clerk h 25 Cranston J P 
" Charles H pres 111 Summer h at B'line 

- Charles H Co shoes 111 Summer 

» Charles L (Alden Bros Co) 1171 Tremont Rox 

h 232 Fairmount av H P 
" Charles L jr sec 1171 Tremont Rox bds 232 

Fairmount av H P 
■• Charles T clerk bds 641 Huntington av Rox 
" Charles T machinist 42 Pearl h at Medford 
» Charles W bird importer 15 Bromfleld h at 

« Charles W h 175 Bunker HiU Chsn 

- Clau-e K 597 Wash h 47 Mather Dor 
" Clark L rem to Weymouth 

" Craig student bds 35 Schuyler Rox [ford 

" Daniel W carriagesmith 25 Joiner h at Med- 
" Darius G salesman 161 Tremont h at Camb 
" Dwight I (Home Confection Co) 121 Dudley 

Rox h at Everett 
" Edgar H rms 193 Warren av 

- Edward M Co wholesale coal 18 P O sq rm 34 
" Edward S variety 15 Wolcott sq Readv h 24 

Hamilton do 
" Edward S jr mgr 1070 Hyde Park av H P h 
35 Pleasant do [43 Webster H P 

- Elisha C clerk freighthouse 2 foot Sleeper h 
" . « . . Huntington av Rox 

« Emma M Mr: 

" Flora S Mrs physician 140 Boylston 1 

L chaufleur bds 641 Huntington av Rox 

" Franks 

" George A & Co trustees 201 Devonshire i 

; machinist 566 Atlantic a 




" George D asst trcas Franklin Savings Bank h 

at Whitman 
« George W clerk h 18 Newton Br 
" Gustavus F bookkeeper 2326 Wash Rox h 224 

Dudley do 
« G Edwin pres 58 Thayer h at Wellesley 
" Harriet J widow George h 1932 Beacon Br 
« Henry Bailey architect 15 Exchange rm 35 h 

at Dedham 
.. Horace C steno 196 State rms 38 Temple 
" Horatio lawyer 73 Tremont rm 926 h at B'line 
" HowardC.Nat Shawmut Bank bds at N Wey- 
" Howard P clerk 31 Milk rm 65 b at Medford 
- H Bingley (Alden & RusseU) ins 121 Water h 

34 Melville av Dor 
" John (Alden Bros Oo) 1171 Tremont Rox h at 
Newtonville [B'line 

" John G yachtbroker 131 State rm 616 h at 
" John G Mrs h 16 Algonquin Dor 
" John T clerk 125 Milk rm 312 h at Newton 
" John Wpres 2220 Wash Rox h_35 Schuyler do 

school E B bds 22 Jerome Dor 
« Martha L widow Elijah h 91 Thornton Rox 
" Merton R sales mgr 159 Lincoln h 19 Perkins 

avH P 
" Morton 420 Freeport Dor h 16 Beaumont do 
" Percy S clerk 91 Causeway bds 25 Cranston 

J p [laston 

" Ralph S draftsman 125 Amory Rox h at Wol- 
- Raymond M clerk 121 Dudley Rox bds at 

Everett _ _ [Concord 

Ruth F teacher bds 24 Hamilton Beadv 
SUas A instructor physical training 30 Hunt- 
ington av rm 51 1 and physician 93 Mass av 
rm 206 h do 
S Augustus bds 10 Morse Dor 

« S P treas 78 Lincoln h at Brockton 
. Weston P supt 185 Su mm er rm 308 


illiain chaiifleur bds 803 Tremont Rox 

- WiUiam A clerk 100 Kingston h at W Somv 

" William A electrician 39 Boylston bds 21 

Bloomfleld Dor [Dor 

.. William A jr pianoworker bds 21 Bloomfleld 

» William R engineer B & A bds 85 Adams Alls 

- Woolen Co 76 Summer 

« & Russell (H Bingley Alden, Joseph W Russell) 

insurance 121 Water (ton 

Alderman Clarence E 141 Milk rm 503 h at New- 

" Frederick B clerk rms 1 Oxford ter 
Alders John G clerk B & A freight 187 Kneeland 
h at Wellesley Farms [Somv 

Alderson Oliver W carpenter 55 Lansdowne h at 
Aldlne Light Heat & Power Co 212 Summer 

« Pen'Co 34 Hawley [ham 

Aldous Fred foreman 853 Albany Rox h at Ded- 
Aldred Alvan E chauffeur h 139 P, 8 B 
Aldrlch Addison L pres Cobb Aldrich Co 726 
Wash (h 6 Arlington 

" Albert C construction loans 15 School rm 42 
.. Albert N clerk 20 Milk bds at Stoneham 
.. Alfred H salesman 47 Chatham h at Medfleld 
" Alice E teacher Edward Everett school Dor b 

9 S Mimroe ter do 
« AlUson O rem to Providence B I [do 

. Alonzo B dentist 758 Dudley Dor b 24 Willis 
« Alvin E com trav h 2 Park sq 
.. Annie E h 45 Walnut av Rox [do 

u Arnold W driver 2260 Wash Rox h 69 Zeigler 

- Arthur rem to Hartford Conn ■ 

u Arthur D driver 63 Bndicott bds at Everett 

" Bernard S foreman h 609 Columbus av 

" Carrie B widow Frank G clerk 76 Stoughton 

Dor h 11 B Cottage do 
« Charles B salesman 36 Lincoln h at Brookline 

- Charles B & Co shoes 183 Essex rm 304 h 136 

Townsend Rox 

- Charles Frost Mrs h 441 Beacon 

" Chester S treas 33 Commercial whf h 47 Mt 
Bowdoin ter Dor 

- Clifton E salesman 39 Summer h at W Somv 
« Duane B pastor Bethany M E church h 11 

Sheldon Ros 
« Eben T physician 1064 Wash rms do [N H 
" Edgar. U S dist judge P O bldg h at Littleton 
~ ■ F ticket taker 177 Huntington av h at 
.-tlantic [Dor 

" Edward E salesman 496 Wash h 10 Eastman 
" Edward I selling agt 103 Bedford h at Brook- 
" Edward R spec agt 87 Kilby h 47 Nixon Dor 
« Edwin L clerk 2267 Wash Rox b 64 Astor 
a Elizabeth E Mrs petticoats 2 Park sq rm 30 h 

. Ellen K widow Grosvenor h 32 Albion H P 
•* Elliott F agt paper machinery 141 Milk rm 

1013 h at Wollaston 
" Elliott W janitor 144 Con^rress h at Maiden 
.. Emery A salesman 20 Oxford h 1340 Common- 
wealth av Alls [B'line 
" Ephrahn Fred laivyer 53 State rm 503 h at 
u Evelyn H sec 29 Beacon bds at B'line (do 
. Frank M real estate 748 South Ros bds 645 

" Edga 


" Fred rms 8 Dalton 

- George B : 

- Grosvenor 

" Harold M died Jan 21 1916 
" Harold P foreman 910 Commonwealth av rms 

137 Hancock Dor 
" Harriet widow Cyril h 680 Mass av 
" Harry A salesman 88 Broad rm 304 h at W 
Somerville (water 

" Harry K salesman 100 Kngston h at Bridge- 
« Harry M lawyer 60 State rm 422 h at Lex- 
ington (Woburn 
" Henry M accountant 141 Milk rm 906 h at 
" Hosea P machinist 7 Sherman Chsn h at Somv 
« Jacob B shoecutter h 11 Clarence ter Dor 
« J F;rank mgr 300 Mam Chsn h 6 Lincoln do 


Nathaniel W salesman 88 North h 131 P, S B 
Nellie E lodginghouse h 9 Common [Dor 

Nelson E solicitor 80 Sunmier h 1 1 E Cottage 
Olea H widow Harold M bds 925 Wash 
Otis J driver h 104 Richmond Dor [Woburn 
Raymond W draftsman 89 State rm 56 bds at 
Roy S dept mgr 155 Wash h at E Milton 
Sarah M teacher Washington Allston school 
■"""■■ , [Walnut av Rox 

, 25 Batavia 
• Sybil B teacher Girl's Latin school bds 45 
" Talbot 60 State rm 921 h 34 Fairfield 

- Thomas Bailey Mrs h 59 Mt Vernon 

•■ Thomas R clerk 126 State rm 22 h at Somv 
" William F auto repau-er bds 57 Forbes J P 
" William L salesman 494 Rutherford av Chsn 
h at Maiden [rm 32 h at Brookline 

- William L & Co postage stamps 5 Bromfleld 

- William T (Bellows & Aldrich) architect 8 

Beacon rm 68 h 31 Hereford 
" Winfleld S clerk h 244 W Newton 
" W Malcolm salesman 15 Broad h at Stoneham 
Aldridge Florence B steno 124 Boylston bds 31 
Orkney rd Br 
" Guy C bookkeeper h 35 Ardale Ros (den 

" Henry L salesman 207 Essex rm 214 h at Mal- 
Aldus Francis J laborer bds 8 Paris E B 

- Robert J laborer h 8 Paris B B 
Alebord Dana gilder bds 34 Brie Dor 

» EUen L mdow John h 34 Brie Dor 

" James H framemaker 47 Field Rox bds 34 
Erie Dor 

•■ John J porter h 1 5 Brie Dor 

" Martin F laborer bds 34 Brie Dor 

" Michael J florist bds 34 Erie Dor 
Aleck Anthony baker h 33 Tufts Chsn 
Aleckman William laborer h 10 Parkman 
Aleckna John R balder 1726 Dorchester av Dor 
h 21 Rosemont rd do 

" William porter 417 Wash h 21 Moulton Chsn 
Alegata Angelo shoeworker h 78 Cottage B B 
Aleksander Stelak laborer rms 1 Sayward pi S B 
Aleksiewicz Antony laborer h 46 Ward S B 
Aleksinas Adam cigarmaker h 315 W Fourth S B 
Alemi Pietro A shoemaker h 54 Bickford Rox 
Aleniewski Peter baker h 883 Albany Rox 
Aleo Alessandro laborer h 346 North 

" Giuseppe barber h 130 Bremen B B 
Ales Agostino shoeworker bds 7 Henchman 

" Leroy M pianomaker rms 535 Mass av 

" Pasquale barber 347 Hanover h 7 Henchman 

" Silvestro barber 23 Fleet bds 7 Henchman 
Alesandrini Alfonso barber 189 J North h 463 Han- 

" Pasquale laborer h 414 Hanover 
Aleshnick Julius helper bds 12 McLean ct 

•■ Louis pedler h 12 McLean ct [B'way do 

Alesnis Frank provisions 238 D, S B h 301 J W 
Alessandri Paolo cigars and grocer 297 North h 

Carlo h 629 Saratoga E B 
Eduardo laborer h 165 Gove B B 
Ernest salesman h 171 Talbot av Dor 
Filippo candymaker h f 

" Michele laborer h 76 ChartiSr 

" Nunzio laborer h 19 Camden pi 

" Paula laborer h 210 Dover 

" Philip laborer h 32 Kirkland 

" Santo finisher h 13 Vicksburg S B 
Alessio Roberto laborer h 58 Chelsea E B 
Aleta Mme teacher 240 Huntington av h 28 Clare- 

mont pk 
Alevo Filippo laborer bds 4 Vernon pi 

' Afbert L^ 

Thompson's Island 
" Alex cabinetmaker h 34 Coffey Dor 




Alexander carpenter rms 107 
Alford J rem to Quincy 


33 Brainerd 
rd Alls [Glendale rd W R 

Alice T steno 161 S Huntington av Rox bds 6 
A Edward mpr 8 Irvington h 29 Torrey Dor 
Benjamin police 29 Pemberton sq b 690 Shaw- 

Carl U painte 

■ bds 52 Savin Hill av Dor 
Catharine widow Peletiah H h 50 Lambert ■ 

Charles waiter h 660 Shawmut av Rox 
Charles h 7 Copley Rox 


Charles A salesman 207 Essex rm 303 h at 
Charles E reporter 324 Wash h 63 Mt Vernon 
Charles H printer rms 241 Columbus av 
Charles H salesman 10 Mercantile h at Med- 

Charles N com trav h 86 Humboldt av Rox 
Charles W student bds 86 Humboldt av Rox 
Charles W surveyor bds 3 Wabon Rox 

110 Dartmouth 
David cooper h 2 Lawson pi E B 
David waiter h 60 Chambers 
Donald C (Alexander Paper Co) 184 Summer 

rm 504 bds at Brookline 
D WaUace rem I 

■ Lexington ] 

Edward fireman ] 
Edward bds 416 Meridian E _ 
Edward F pianotuner h 24 Nottingham Dor 
Elizabeth E Mrs bds 70 Bartlett Rox 
Elizabeth L Mrs h 34 Hammond Rox 
Elmer M vice pres 196 Milk h at E Braintree 
Emma L Mrs h 113 Cedar Rox [ren av 

Eugene H, F E 41 Harvard av Alls hill War- 
Frank E restaurant 101 Compton 

Frank W clerk 27 KUby 


Iquin Dor 

19 h 41 Algon- 

Frederic C contractor and buUder 294 Wash 
rm 745 h at Winchester [E B 

Frederic W clerk 20 Merrlmac bds 68 Eutaw 
Gabriel cutter 84 Beach h 32 Bdinboro 
George consulting engineer 


George machinist bds 2648 Wash Rox 
George teamster bds 15 Liverpool E B 
George H conductor h S3 Beacon H P 
George H druggist 100 Dorchester S B h 7 

Glenarm Dor 
George M clerk bds 125 Moreland Rox 
Gertrude M steno bds 125 Moreland Rox 
Hamilton Institute 14 Federal rm 304 
Harriet S widow Ebenezer died Jan 26 1916 
Harriett I missionary 14 Beacon rm 602 rms 

69 Hancock IFayston Rox 

Harris & Son (Abraham) tailors 84 Beach h 27 
Harry tailor h 76 Wayland Dor 
Harry waiter rms 49 Hemenway 
Harry O salesman rms 173 St Botolph 
Harvey L salesman 50 Congress rm 922 h at 

Winthrop Hlds 
Hayes porter h 5 Holyoke Rox 
Henry cigarmaker h 34 Dewey Dor 
Henry J barber 259 Dudley Rox bds 125 More- 
land do 
Henry J elevatorman 141 Milk h 69 Pearl Chsn 
Israel com trav h 7 Strathcona rd Dor 
Jacob printer 363 Wash h 71 Hancock Dor 
Jacob salesman bds 71 Hancock Dor 
Jacob E mgr 220 Devonshire rm 407 h 1868 

Commonwealth av Br 
James (Alexander Paper Co) 1S4 Summer rm 

504 h at B'line 
James machinist h 1 14 Heath Rox 
James E barber 17 Dundee h 60 Westland av 
James E (1384 Commonwealth av Alls) rem to 

N Y city 
James G clerk 145 Milk bds 68 Eutaw E B 
James H painter h 824 River Mat [Stephen 
James H salesman 1020 Boylston rms 18 St- 
James P salesman 10 High 10th floor h at 

Springfield [B'line 

James S clerk 4th floor Custom House h at 

John clerk bds 68 Eutaw 1 

John D foreman 1 .__ ._ . 

John D machinist h 2648 Wash Box 

John J laborer Custom House bds 83 Camden 

John L clerk h 59 Bailey Dor 

John S h 550 River Mat 

Judah cigarmaker bds 207 Blue Hill i 


Margaret T h 125 Moreland Rox 
Marian R Mrs forewoman h 70 South J P 
Magnus W bds Hotel Fritz Carlton 


- Margaret M nurse bds (iS Eutaw K U 

. Mary L h 157 Wash Dor 

" Max salesman 24 Fulton h at Winthrop 

» Michael H clerk 606 Atlantic av bds 34 Dewey 

" Mildred D Mrs h 331 Himtington av 
~ ~ HP 

Nathan shoemaker bds 54 Bromley Rox 
Neil M clerk 125 Milk rm 208 h 59 Bailey Dor 
Nellie widow Philip B bds 9a Ruthven Rox 
Oakey L mgr 131 State rm 223 bds Hotel Can- 
Paper Co (James, Donald C and Stuart L Alex- 
ander) stationers 184 Summer rm 503 
Peter restaurant 69 Kneeland h 71 do 
Philip h 53 Greenwood Dor 
Raymond B salesman 201 Devonshire rm 234 
rms 316 Huntington av [S Oak 

Richard H asst drawt.ender L st bridge S B h 
; & A Alls h 21a Bennett Br 

- Rufus 

- Samuel tailor 74 Kneela 

- Sarah J widow David D h 136 I. S B 
•■ Sophy Mrs h 276 Newbury 

" Stuart L (Alexander Paper Co) 184 Sumnie 

rm 504 bds at B 'line 

■• Theodore janitor h 83 Camden [dovi 

« Thornton solicitor 20 North station h at Ai 

■ Tobias E optometrist h 54 Alpha rd Dor 

" William mason h 725 E Third S B 

- William sugarboiler 47 Granite h 68 Eutaw K 

- William B musician h 2843 Wash Rox 
•• William F conductor h 7 Bennett Br 

» William G engineer h 91 Williams av H P 

" WilUam G foreman B E R, Dor sta h 17 Rod 
well Dor 

- WUIiam H rem to Portland Me 

" William J driver 468 Chelsea E B btls £ 

Brooks do 

" William J foreman h 7 Elm H P [tc 

- William L salesman 589 Boylston h at Arliui 
" William P clerk 22 Congress sq h at Everett 

Winthrop supt 119 Court House 1 


[wealth Hotel 


•■ W G salesman 214 Devonshire bds Common- 
Alexandria Cotton Co The Ltd 40 Central rm 503 
Alexieff Stephen machinist h 4 Siunmer H P 
Alfama Antonio steward h 10 Border E B 
Alfano Antonio laborer h 36 Sheafe 
" Arcesenzo laborer h 82 Quincy Rox [ E B 

« Charles clerk 55 Blackstone bds 127 Cottage 
" Francesco presser bds 711 E Seventh a B 
" Giuseppe tailor rms 13 Church [Sheafe 

•• Pasquale woolens 324 Harrison av bds 30 
Alfleri Giovanni fruit h 29 Mechanic ct 
Alfiero Bartolomeo laborer h 23 Henchman 
" Gaetano driver bds 23 Henchman 
" Giovanni driver bds 23 Henchman 
Alflerro Maria A widow Vlncenzo h 326 Ooml 
Alfons Joao longshoreman bds 25 Fleet 
Alfonso Joseph 39 Boylston h 8 Scott pi S B 
Alfont Eric machinist h 5 Hammett Rox 
.Alford Cigar Co 212 Hanover [B'line 

" Edward B salesman 141 Milk i-m 1018 h at 
. Fred died Feb 1916 
" James A pedler h 83 Seattle Alls 

- M artist 30 Ipswich rm 304 h at B'line [Rox 
" Nathaniel lawyer 210 Hanover h 34 Woodbine 
" Rose A Mrs grocer 83 Seattle Alls h do 

- W Thomas janitor 166 Devonshire h at N 

Alfovich Isaac J h 89 Ruthven Rox 

Alfowich Zalkin dry goods 8 Boston S B h 498 

Southampton do 
Alfred Benjamm L clothing cutter h 54 Allen 

- Guy porter 89 Causeway h 23 Henchman 
Algar John clerk 46 N Market h 8 Dalton 
Algeo John O watchman State Prison Chsn h at 

Somv [W Bridgewater 

Alger Arthur H pres 683 Atlantic i -- - 

- Blanche P wido 

wall rd Dor 
. Cambridge Express 36 Merchants row 
. Charles F mgr 35 Essex h 7 Halifax J P 
. Dean & Sullivan (Paul D Dean. John B 

Sullivan jr) lawyers 35 Congress rm 7ns 
" Ernest A credit mgr 440 Wash h at Wollaston 

- Ernest E clerk Int Trust Co 45 Milk bds at 

M Forrest M salesman h 112 Magnolia Dor 
" Frank W clerk Chamb of Com rm F b at Wa- 

' ■ ' ■ ■ 1581 Washington [boro 

low Rev Roland F h 36 Aspm- 

Fred real l 

Fred A sec 683 Atlantic £ 
George F foreman 156 Pearl 1 

63 h at Middle- 

h 92 Co 

- „_ielma M widow Walter E L 
" John P clerk h 47 Charles Dor 
" Joseph treas 683 Atlantic av rm 63 h at Brock- 
.. N Alonzo supt 40 Central h at Melrose 
•• Paper Box Co Inc 683 Atlantic av rm 63 
•■ Philip L Inst Tech h at Taunton 
- Thomas J flsh 1403 Wash h 36 Simmer Dor 
" Walter B (W B iUger Co) Chamber of Com- 
merce rm F h at Everett 



.. & Co East 

Devonshire and 105 Arch 
Algermas Alexander laborer h 69 Gold S B 
Algomah Mining Co 60 Congress rm 404 
Algonquin Club 217 Commonwealth av 

" Printing Co cotton goods 52 Chauncy rm 
Algren Andrew h 27 Cranston J P 

" Edward tailor rms 157 W Newton 
Alguire Kate h 115 Worcester 
Alhfont Eric machinist h 5 Hammett Rox 
All Mohamed baker 104 Tyler h do 

" Nicola laborer bds 12 Lawn Ros 

Pilippo laborer bds 66 Pleasant 
" Giovanni barber 136 Dorchester S B bds 4S 

Shawmut av 
" Joseph barber 337 Tremont h 2 Lyndeboro pi 
" Joseph h 10 Lansing Rox 
•• Joseph ]r barber h 10 Lansing Rox 
■* Lawrence barber h 12 Lansing Rox 
« Ned barber 283 W Broadway 8 B h 2 Lynde- 
boro pi 
" Philip barber 62 Westland ; 
" Philip barber 202 Eliot 1 "' 

V h 26 Kirkland 
Santi kitchenman h 278 Shawmut av 
Alicata Agripplno laborer bds 76 Charter 
Alikotf Paul furniture 304 W Third S B h do 
Aliment! Joseph fruit and confectionery 5205 
Wash W R h 54 Hinsdale rd do 
- Raymond fruit 2 Wolcott sq Readv h do 
Alimento G fruit 5205 Wash W R h 54 Hinsdale 

rd do 
Alintuck Max salesman h 6 Balfoiu- Dor 
" Max jr instructor bds 6 Balfour Dor 
Aliot Marie A music teacher 218 Tremont rm 314 
bds at Medford Hillside 
" Rachel widow Dominick h 41 Thetford av Dor 
Alioti Joseph D barber 1 1 1 Devonshire h at Med- 
Alioto Domenico barber h 88 Chardon [rimac 
" Ernest driver Am Ex North sta bds 108 Mer- 
» Giuseppe barber bds 108 Merrimac 
.. Samuel barber h 151 Montmorenci av E B 
" Santos barber 212 Friend b 151 Montmorenci 

.. Spiro barber 212 Friend h 108 Merrimac 
Alippi Ottairo chef h 40 Dundee 
Aliquo Salvatore laundryman h 7 Cross E B 
Alison Robert H rem to Fitchburg 
Alizoo Francesco clerk 140 North h at Revere 
Alizio Antonio barber h 48 Shawmut av 
" Giuseppe barber 337 Tremont h 3 Piedmont 
» John bUliards 127 Pleasant h 48 Shawmut av 

_ 1 barber 286 Tremont I 

- Pietro shoemaker h 17 Kirkland 
Alkazin Sallm student rms 505 Columbus av 
Alkins Sadie clerk 76 Devonhsire bds at Lynn 
Alkon'Ann wldowIHarrls h 58 Bnmswick Rox 

. Annie widow Morris h 459 Tremont 

» Edward com trav bds 58 Brunswick Rox 

" Jacob com trav bds 58 Brunswick Rox 

- Jacob mgr 110 Tremont rm 7 bds 459 Tremont 
All America Garment Co (David and Abraham 

Shapu-o) raincoats 145 North [mont 

" America Shoe Shop 66 Summer and 79 Tre- 
Allaben Nelson J salesman 141 Milk rm 730 h 

1376 Commonwealth av Alls 
AUaby Harry foreman 627 Columbia rd Dor h 2 

Roseclair do 
Allain Benjamin Rev h 25 Isabella 
Allaire Louis printer rms 735 Tremont 
Allamand Andrew rms 4 Pinckney 
Allan Alexander clerk 287 A bds 48 Cranston J P 
'■ Andrew A brassflnisher h 48 Cranston J P 
" Andrew H (H & A Allan) 90 State h at Mon- 
treal INeedham 
. Andrew T & Co woodworker 106 Utica h at 
" Arthur F salesman 294 Wash rm 231 h at Med- 
» Brvce J h 255 Beacon 
» Edith nurse rms 20 Oharlesgate west _ 
« Fannie B widow John A h 62 Trenton E B 
« Forbes shipper bds 48 Cranston J P 
" Fred J electrician 51 Humboldt av Rox 
« Frederick O bottler bds 39 Webber Rox 
» F Selwyn clerk 220 Devonshire bds at Melrose 

" George draftsman h 81 Thetford av Dor 
» George E polisher bds 51 Humboldt av Rox 
■. Georgianna nurse h 129 Selden Dor 

- Harrv chief mst 238 St Botolph bds 51 Hum- 

boldt av Rox 
» Herbert W 450 Wash h at Qulncy [England 
" Hugh A (H & A Allanl 90 State h at London 
« H & A (Hugh A and Andrew H) agts for Allan 

Line Steamship Co 90 State 
. Isabella N widow John h 10 Lincoln Dor 
" James A machinist h 62 Wordsworth E B 

- James H bookkeeper 78 Utica bds 22 Ever- 

green Rox 
•■ James W died August 1 1915 
•■ John bookkeepr 222 Summer h at W Somv 
" John P barber 127 Dudley Rox h 50 Ottawa do 
" JohnSF salesman h 81 Thetford av Dor 

- John G prea Norfolk Hardening Works Inc 

79 Freeport Dor bds 10 Lincoln do 

" John R brassforeman h 22 Evergreen Rox 
« John W 450 Wash h at Everett [Chsn 

" Line Steamship Co 90 State and Mystic whf 
« Lucy F widow James W h 39 Webber Rox 
" Mitchell G painter h 285 Webster B B 
" Neil M tailor's pressman 440 Wash h at Somv 
" Robert sexton Allston Cong church h 75 

Braintree Alls 
» Robert sheet metal worker died Jan 20 1910 
•■ Robert W steamfltter h 26 Wakullah Rox 
" Roy stitcher bds 51 Humboldt av Rox 
« William pastor Clarendon St Baptist church h 

10 Pinckney rd Dor 
" William F clerk freighthouse 8. Congress h 20 

Newborn J P [at Melrose Hlds 

« William P & Co stationer 220 Devonshu-e h 
" William H sea captahi h 39 Farquhar Ros 
» William W clerk bds 26 Newbem J P 
" William W pamter h 64 WUUams J P 

Allanach Amelia Mrs nurse bds 293 Emerson S B 

" J 55 Lansdowne bds 7 Quincefleld Dor 
Allanbrook Walter E cashier 192 South h at . 


[tailors 29 Milk 
land Bros (Samuel and M Jacob) merchant 
Felix pres 112 Tremont h 115 Hemenway 

Bros) 29 Milk h Hotel Belle- 

John clerk h 58 Gates S : 

i bds 48 N do 

Ros [ S B 

Allard AnneD teacher George Frisbie Hoar school 
» Carlton E physician 419 Boylston h 92 Savin 

Hill av Dor 
" Conrad L clerk 69 Tremont rms 29 S Pinckney 
" David ironworker h 4 Sheafe Chsn 
■' Donnet L bookkeeper bds 249 Boston Dor 
» Ellen J widow Isaac H bds 1080 Boylston 
« Felix h 115 Hemenway (h at Wakeaeld 

« Frank E inspector Customs Commercial whf 
« Frank E physician 419 Boylston h at Wellesley 
" Hector E plumber h 249 Boston Dor 
" H Eugene electrician 510 Atlantic av rms 118 
Pembroke [ford 

« John S vice pres 50 Congress rm 1019 h at Med- 
" Joseph rms 90 Maywood Rox 
" Joseph P engineer h 11 Maiden 
» J Stetson clerk 19 Congress bds at B'lhie 
" Kinnear & Co Inc investment seciurities 50 

Congress rm 434 
" LUlian M Mrs h 91 Dakota Dor [Hill Mat 
" Mary A widow William H h 75 Wellington 
« Norman B clerk 15 Congress 3d floor bds at 
B'llne [h at Chelsea 

« N J (C V Ryan Co) real estate 28 School rm 46 
« Rose Mrs h 7 Dover 
" Thomas printer 41 Arch h at Atlantic 
" William carpenter rms 41 Dover 
« William C salesman 39 Boylston bds 11 Fen- 
wood rd Rox 
" William T plumber h 89 E Canton 

Alias Dexter W salesman 174 Tremont house at 
Whitman [78 Paris E B 

Allatte Joseph shooting gallery 40 Roxbury Rox h 

Allavesen Fred clerk bds 234 Meridian E B 
" George h 234 Meridian E B 
" John teamster h 191 Marion E B 
" Mary J widow Martinus h 234 Meridian E B 

Allbee Abbott G clerk h 140 Winthrop Rox 
" Bert rms 383 Columbus av (Rox 

" Burton H pamter 123 Chandler h 5 Irwin av 
" Jennie Mrs h 16 Garrison 
" John M rem to W Medway 
" Theresa A widow Grant U h 146 Winthrop Rox 

Allbright Clifford draftsman 40 Central rm 200 

h at Milton [ rd Dor h at Milton 

■■ Henry G treas Adams-Pond Co 584 Columbia 

- Mauley F pastor Allston Congregational 

Church h 31 Quint av Alls 
• Mary widow William H b 121 Stoughton Dor 

Allchln Annie widow Thomas h 49 Oakview ter 

AUeas Rose shirt waists 78 Huntington av h do 
Allebaugh S M foreman h 39 Somerset 
Allegra Joseph blacksmith h 46 Belmont Chsn 

" Lorenzo cook h 386 Medford Ohsu 
Allemania Fire Ins Co of Pittsburgh Pa 1 1 Doane 
Allen Aaron salesman 177 Blackstone b 19 Allen 
" Abigail C widow John A bds 238 Norwell Dor 
" Adelbert H carpenter h IS Neponset av Ros 
" Albert barber bds S5 Green 
" Albert foreman h 308 Wash Br 
« Albert machinist bds 8 Park H P 
" Albert bds 59 Pinckney (146 Mass av 

» Albert A salesman 19 F H mkt south side h 
" Albert C salesman 33 Summer bds at Everett 
» Albert E elevatorman b 705 Shawmut av Rox 
•■ Albert H fireman N Y. N H & H boards 98 

Templeton Dor 
" Albert L clerk 280 Summer rms 49 Hancock 



Alexander M chauffeur h 55 Chandler 
Alfred D h 1 Malbon pi Rox (Newton 

Alfred E asst gen frt agt 35r. South sta h at 
Alfred F pur agt 263 Athintic av h at Maiden 
Alfred H clerk 574 South sta h W Rowdoin Dor 
Alfred S clerk 387 Wash rm 501 h at Camb 
Alpheus M nurse h 64 Dakota Dor 
Alverter widow matron 18 Arnold Rox 
Andrew J clerk 101 Milk rm 602 h U Arck-ii Alls 
Andrew J driver h 6 Centre Rox 
I L instr Smunons College bds > 

Southern av do 
.\nnle widow h 241 ^ 

162 Norfolk Dor h 18 

Arthur H porter 140 Tremont h at Cf 
Arthur M salesman 93 Franklin h at 

Arthur S jeweler bds 61 Sydney Dor 
Arthur W physician 657 Boylston 1 " 


Aiigusta C widow Charles H h 391 Seaver Dor 
Augustus H driver rms 372 Main Chsn 
A Gilbert 40 MtVemon h at Camb 
■ Lester clerk 114 Dudley Rox bds at Maiden 
h 109 Huntington av 

Bella widow . 

ijaniln clerk 59 Shawmut av 
Benjamin F pres 31 Comhill h : 
Benjamin P 185 Devonshire rm 

Dor h 34 Ashfor< 
" Bessie B waitress h 60 Castle (av Rox 

•■ Bessie M steuo 261 Frankim bds 13 Humboldt 
ALLEN, BLAISDELL CO slate products 12 

prof Inst Tech 1 
» Carleton M com trav 68 I 

Montview \V R 

Catherine widow Henry A b ^ 

- - . ; Codman Dor 

- Catherine ^vidow Orlando h 19 Hopedale Alls 
'■ Catherine A widow Alvin B h 36 Tappan Rns 

- Cecil B salesman 120 Tremont rm 608 bds 

57 Harvest Dor wd 11 

- Chair Co 54 Canal 

» Chancellor C h 53 Hartford Dor 

- Charles clerk rms 33 Lynde (thiop 
» Charles mfrs agt 501 Wash rm 61 h at Wln- 

- Charles porter 646 Wash h 27 Arnold Rox 

- Charles B janitor bds 16 Greenwich Box 

- Charles E lawjer 111 Devonshire 9th floor h 

at Abington 
" Charles E molder h 880 E_ Broadway S_ B 


15 Rockville pk Rox 
~" fth 

Charles F clerk 50 State rm 16 h at Wartham 
Charles F fireman B & M h 43 Elm Chsn 
Charles F janitor h 16 Greenwich Rox _ 

" Charles H conductor h 20 Woodlawn J P 

" Charles H trav auditor 147 Milk h at Now- 

" Charles M painter h 25 StRose J P 
» Charles R agt State Board Education 12 Ash- 
burton pi rm 509 h at Cambridge 
• Charles R ironworker bds 241 Havre E B 
" Charles S actor h 10 Holbom Rox [way Uos 

- Charles T engraver 373 Wash rm 71 h 22 Con- 

- Charles T jr salesman 46 Clinton rm 405 h 70 

Kittredge Ros (lington 

" Charles W, Allen Chair Co 54 Canal h at Ar- 

- Charles W pres Little, Brown & Co book- 

sellei-s 34 Beacon h 41 Chestnut 
" Chester teacher bds 203 Temple W R 

- Clara A h 814 Centre J : 
. Clara E bookkeeper 126 Harvard Dor b( 

West Park do (Wir 

- Clara H teacher Chapman school E B I 


" Clara L widow John J h 713 Dudley Dor 

- Clara W h 543 Boylston 

" Clarence G machinist bds 94 Folsom H P 

- Clarence I cashier Revere House bds do 
.. Clarence P died April 23 1915 

■• Clark B salesman 39 Boylston bds 9 Flint Ma 

1054 h at Melrose 
Co electricians 221 Columbus a 
Conrad supt h 151 W Brooklini 
Cora Mrs h 108 W Springfield 

Corinne manicurist h 586 Newbury 
• Cyrus A waiter rms 38 Greenwich pk 
" C Raymond printer ' ' 

__ , Warren Rox 

- builder h 581 Cambridge Alls 

C Temple clerk h 70 Kittredge Ros 

■■ David ironworker h 4 Sheafe Chsn 
" David steamfltter rms 57 Warren av 
ALLEN, DOANE & CO Inc steel stamp mfrs 29 
and 31 Cornhill — See page 3151 

- Donald h 40 Circuit Rox 

" Donald A ins agt h 3 Rockland Rox 
" Dora E widow Fernando h 91 Village 

- Doris L keyboard opr 246 Summer rra 600 bds 

IS Whitman Dor 
•■ Dorothy H teacher bds 9 Flint Mat 
« Dwight (Allen Shade Holder Co) 46 Cornhill 

rm 405 h at Stoneham 
.. D Webster treas Allen BlaisdeU Co 12 Pearl 

rm 33 h 22 Glenville av Alls 
" Earl O asst Industrial School for Boys. Com- 

^_ _ _ Maiden 

" Eben S conductor h 13 Humboldt av Rox 
« Eben S machinist bds 181 Dudley Rox 
" Edgar E salesman 140 Federal h at Camb 
" Edgar H sexton h 81 Myrtle 
■■ Edgar L clerk 39 Boylston h 109 Huntington 
av H P [75 Brighton av do 

" Edgar W nigr 1089 Commonwealth av Alls h 

- Edith nurse bds 20 Oharlesgate west 

" Edith M teacher Tuckerman school S B h 36 

Tappan Ros 
" Edmund H optician 288 Boylston h at Somv 
" Edna L teacher manual training Longfellow 

school Ros h 242 W Newton 

- Edward carpenter rem to Randolph 

" Edward caterer rms 202 Northampton 

" Edward pres 1344 Hyde Park av H P h at 

■. Edward waiter rms 32 Milford 
" Edward A teamster bds 417 E Third S B 
■■ Edward C 39 Boylston h at Lexington 
" Edward D illustrator 179 Summer h 9 Hamil- 
ton Dor 
. Edward B pres died March 10 1916 

1 Chsn h do 
" Edward F clerk 15 State h at Medford 

- Edward F patent attorney 4 P O sq rm 53 h 

844 Beacon 

- Edward J teamster h 1338 Dorchester av Dor 

- Edward V clerk 15 Harrison av h 596 Tremont 
■■ Edwin government insp 263 Summer h 202 W 

■■ Edwin h 25 Algonquin Dor 
" Bdwin C sheet metal worker S9 Warren Rox h 

181 Dudley do 
" Edwin H physician John Hancock Mutual 

Life Ins Co 120 Franklin and 37 Hancock 

h do 
" Edwin L asst chemist 224 State h at Arlington 
•■ Bdwin W clerk bds 430 B Fifth S B 

- Elbert G elec eng 147 MUk h at Neivton Hlds 
" Elbert R comptroller 268 r ' "- " 

• h 3 Suther- 
land rd r 
Eli G h 12 Linwood pi Chsn (h at Stoneham 
1 H Allen Co 41 Beverly 

1 and treas E 
a pk 
Edward h 63 Kendall 

Ell H pres an 

Eliza J h 42 Union ] 

Elizabeth widow Ed 

Elizabeth A Mrs h 112 Appleton 

Elizabeth B widow William h 9 St William Dor 

Elizabeth C Mrs corresponding sec N E Con- 

Elizabeth H widow his Woodford Dor 
Elizabeth M h 407 Huntington av Rox 
Elizabeth T widow Wallace I h 22 Hopedale 

Alls (Stoneham 

Ella M bookkeeper 46 Cornhill rm 405 bds at 
Ellen Mrs h 989 Harrison av Rox 
Ellen E h 814 Centre J P 
Ellen J Mrs h 11 Carson Dor 
-Elmer P shipper 75 Chauncy bds at Medford 
Elmira nurse bds 20 Charlesgate west 
Blw3m H foreman 1 Charles River av Chsn h 

at Reading 
Emily nurse h 36 Gray 
Emma A bds 12 Pinckney 
Emma A Mrs h 496 Columbus av 
Emma F widow Henry C h 167 Park W R 
Emma G Mrs h 30 Pemberton sq 


" Kruest B mech engineer 220 Dovonsliirc rm 

609 bds at Needham 
» Bstwick sexton h 21 Bentley Br 
■■ Ethan com mer 68 Essex h at N Y city 
" Ethel M Mrs h 462 Shawmut av 
" Eugene B lawyer 73 Tremont rm 811 bds 34 

G. 8 B [101 MiU do 

" Eugene G asst engineer F E 20. "Walnut Dor h 

-Foster Willett Co shoes 207 Essex rms 215-216 
» Frances E (Allen & Fltzpatrick) 2 Columbia 

rd Dor bds 1868 Dorchester av do 
" Francis H 4 Park h 215 LaGrange W R 
" Francis E (Allen & CoUens) architect 40 Cen- 
tral rm 904 h 20 Fairfield 
« Francis S (Thorndike & Allen) broker 53 State 

rm 309 bds at B'line 
" Frank engineer h 51 Lyon Dor 
" Frank laborer bds 5 Nawn Rox [Dor 

« Frank salesman 455 Wash h 243 Woodrow av 
" Frank B draftsman 164 Federal rm 57 bds at 

. _ . . T Br? in tree 

12 h at Co- 


" Frank E adv agt 453 Wash i-m 1003 h at N 

" Frank E brakeman h 32 Charles Dor 

" Frank G gasfitter 687 E Fourth S B rms 860 do 

" Frank G pres 248 Summer h at Nonvood 

• Frank H (Allen & Daggett) patent lawyer 294 

Wash rm 906 h at Norwich Conn 
" I'Yank H clerk 55 Blackstone bds at Camb 
" Frank H h 22 Milton sq H P 
■■ Frank J driver bds 11 Josephine Dor 
" Frank K carpenter h 9 Bynner Rox 
■• Frank L fireman's helper P O h at E Wey- 
mouth I B'line 
" Frank P mgr 620 Commonwealth av h at 
" Fred room clerk Copley-Plaza Hotel h 149 
Hemenway [Strathmore rd Br 
.. Fred D (Isaac D AUen Co) 21 Winter h 114 
» Fred E h 530 Cambridge AUs 
" Fred E jr rem to 'Whitman 
•■ V^ed P machinist h 5 Salem Chsn 
" Fred H police station 5 h 103 Spencer Dor 
" Fred J salesman 417 Wash rms 65 Hancock 
" Fred L pres cellar 4 N F H mkt h at Somerville 
•' Fred W chef h 16a Camden 
« Fred W dentist 520 Beacon h 91 Prince J P 
.. Frederic A printer 324 Wash h at Winthrop 
" Frederic W (Lee. Higginson & Co) 44 State 

h at New York city _ 

" Frederick teamster bds 99 Hunneman Rox 
" Frederick A engineer B & M h 8 School Chsn 
•■ Frederick A pressman 324 Wash h at Beach- 

" Frederick B Rev 1 Joy h 132 Marlboro 
" Frederick O (Allen & Smith) lawyer 18 Tre- 
mont rm 722 h 35 Ashford Alls [ham 
■ Frederick C dentist 139 Newbury bds at Ded- 
» Frederick H clerk 149 Summer h 620 West 

Park Dor 
■■ Frederick J director City History Club 6 Bea- 
con rm 311 h at Arlington 
•• Frederick L rem to N Y city [Needham 

•• Frederick R pres 149 Tremont rm 912 h at 
» Frederick S clerk rms 122 Chandler 
" Frederick T treas 51 Troy h at Wellesley 
■• Frederick W sculptor 295 Huntington av rm 

410 h do 
" Frederick W treas N E Trust Co Devonshire 
cor MUk h at Reading (Howland Rox 

~ - - - — , j^(j jjjgp J33 Portland h 91 

I h 12 Llnwood pi Chsn 

F Milton- editor 171a Tremont rm 42 h at 

Gardner W physician 419 Boylston rms do 
- - - ■ 'i at Maiden 

" George laborer bds 3558 Wash J P 

•• George verger 136 Tremont h 129 Charles 

" George A porter bds 86 Zeigler Rox 

" George B clerk 712 Chamber of Com bds at 

" George D lumber h 80 Myrtle _ 

" George D salesman 340 Summer h 36 Cum- 

nings rd Br 
" George E carrier Dor P O h at WoUaston 
" George E clerk 70 Federal bds 15 Rockville p k 

" George B com trav 241 Congress h at Ten- 
nants Harbor Me [do 

" George E executive asst City Hospital bds 
■' George B steamfltter h 1 Gladstone B B 
George B (39 Boylston) rem to Walpole 

George G (AUen Press) printe 


George G (Rousraaniere. Williams & Co) 93 
George G machinist bds 94 Folsom H P 
( leorge G woolgrader 196 Summer h at Maiden 
(ieorge H clerk Ancient and Honorable Artil- 
lery Co Faneuil Hall h at Hanover 
George H clerk bds 6 Arden Alls 


" George H special agent 141 Milk rm losi I 

" George L janitor J 
*■ George M real ( ' 
•■ George P clerk : 

Mascot Dor 

- George P painter h 126 Hampden Rox 
" George P h 184 Minot Dor 

" George P rms 129 Charles 

" George T modeler bds 113 Stanwood Rox 

- George W mech eng h 38 Pleasant H P 

- George W painter h 1420 Dorchester av Dor 

- George W 73 Essex h 42 Albion 

» George Y engineer h 104 Rowe Ros 
" Gertrude H h 23 Magnolia Dor [ford 

" Gideon M salesman 142 Portland h at Med- 
" Glover M sec Boston Society of Natural His- 
tory 234 Berkeley h at Arlington 
" Gordon architect 45 Bromfleld 10th floor h 92a 

" Grace L hairdresser rms 128 W Newton 

- Greta teacher bds 34 Wales Dor 

'■ G Ehner salesman 42 Pearl h at Arlington 
ALLEN, HALL & CO (W B Allen. E H Hall. 
Clarence S Preston) interior decorators 
Allen-Hall bldg 384 Boylston — See page 

" Hannah widow Samuel h 509 Beacon 
" Hannah E widow Richard h 4G Grove 
» Hannah L widow George W h 98 Beech W li 
" Harold D salesman 140 Tremont bds at New- 
ton viUe 
" Harold M sec 29 Comhill h at N Weymouth 
•■ Harriet L Mrs dry goods 762 Adams Dor and 
1310 Commonwealth av Alls h at B'linp 

- Harriet L Mrs h 185 Huntington av [H P 
" Harriett M widow Marcus O bds SO Beacon 
•■ Harry com trav h 47 Chambers 

■• Harry porter Clark's Hotel bds 14 f'.rcen 

" Harry salesman 9 Com'l whf bds at Camb 

" Harry rms 41 Union pk 

" Harry F porter h 7 Swallow S B 

■' Harry F salesman 66 Lincoln h at Norwood 

« Harry G salesman 69 Tremont b at W Somv 

•• Harry H cashier bds 1079 Adams Dor 

pital 180 Longwood ; 
" Harry M salesman 265 Atlantic av h IS South- 
ern av Dor [Dor 
" Hairy P clerk 232 Tremont h 34 Monadnock 
" Harry P foreman 93 Leon Rox h at Everet t 
" Harry S com mer h 4 Plymouth Pen [Lvnn 
" Harry S scaleman Am Ex North sta bds at W 
" Harry W brakeman h 99 Wachusett J P 
" Harry W electrician 176 Causeway h at Everett 
" Harry W laborer bds 16 Greenwich Rox 

- Helen Mrs h 505 Huntington av Rox 
" Helen Mrs h 9a Ruthven Rox 

" Helen C h 44 Orkney rd Br 

" Helen F "widow Richard h 11 Josephine Dor 

" Helen I h 5 Idlewild Alls 

" Helen I h 31 Kenwood Dor [J P 

" Henrietta M widow Charles E h 7 Brown ter 

*' Henry cook rms S Linwood pi Chsn 

" Henry laborer bds 521 Ash m ont Dor 

- Henry D boxmaker h 36 Eutaw E B 

" Henry E asst mgr 16 West h at Beachmont 
Henry E waiter 250 Wash h at Beachmont 
"'■•'! 1079 Adams Dor 
bds 28 Cedar Chsn 
reader 24 West bds 102 Falcon 
E B [Walthani 

- Henry N watches 149 Tremont rm 1014 h at 
" Henry O clerk 55 Congress rm 911 bds 21 Ran- 
dolph rd Mat 

" Henry T signaknan h 186 Neponset av Dor 
» Henry W mech engineer 37 Wormwood inis 

United States Hotel 
" Herbert C bds 391 Seaver Dor IB'lino 

" Herbert D (Isaac D Allen Co) 21 Winter h at 
" Herbert G clerk 97 S Market rms at Quincy 
« Herbert M (Allen. North & Co) and (Oriental 

Tea Co) 87 Court and 50 India hat Camb'pt 
« Herbert S (Allen & Fish) lawyer 60 State rm 

418 bds 240 Commonwealth ay 
■• Herbert W bds 31 Woodbine rd W R 
" Herman B draftsman h 12 Spaulding Dor 
■■ Hollis clerk Nat Sha"wmut Bank bds at Dv\- 

" Horace F h 177 Warren av 

•■ Horace G lawyer 18 Tremont rm 703 and Bos- 
ton transit commissioner 15 Beacon h 1925 
Commonwealth av Br 

- Horace P osteopath bds 1 5 Blcknell Dor 

" Horton S special agent 125 Milk rni 307 h al 

" Howard D salesman 17 Pearl h at Beverly 
" Howard L printer rms 35 Falmouth 
. Howard R Uneman 371 W Fourth S B h 725 E 

Sbtth do 
" Hubert laborer h 3 Fairweather 

- Hugh E paymaster 41 W First S B h at Somv 
.. -Hurd Co produce cellar 4 N F H mkt 

'■ Ida steno Boston Transit Com 15 Beacon bds 
151 W Brookline 

- Ida E Mrs bds 25 Richfield Dor 

- Ida J widow John W bds 5 Inwood Dor 




•■ Ivory L conductor B & A h 122 FrankUn Alls 
- Jacob shoemaker 33 Cross h 19 Browning av 

" Jacob tailor h 1S2 Howard av Dor 
" James (Fay & Co) teamster 111 Summer h 

674 Mass av 
.. James barber 366 a Tremont h 360 do 
■■ James choreman h 69 E Lenox 

" James 14 Fulton h at ' 

- James bds lOS Myrtle 

- James A carpenter h 62 Wordsworth E B 

- James A foreman R R shops Ueadv h 

Hyde Park av do 

- James F janitor 260 Clarendon h do 

•■ James H machinist h 26 Sedgwick J P 

■■ James H shoecutter h 41 Hawthorn Rox 

. James H waiter h 39 Kendall 

.■ James H h 175 Hemenway _ 


- -Lane Co dry goods com 260 Devonshire 

- Langdon clerk 35 Congress rm 701 bds ut 

" Law Office 28 School rm 31 
" Lawrence 354 Congress h at Waban 
. Lena Mrs h 37 Garden 

- Leon A auto tester h 31 Haskell Alls 

. Leon T salesman 131 State rm 2 h 391 K, S B 
" Leonard B salesman 95 Sunmier b at Medford 
" Leonard D salesman 134 Friend h 24 Pine H I' 
" Leonard E teamster 375 Rutherford av Chsjt 
h 15 Beach do 

- Leroy E clerk 52 Elm h Centre Rox 

" Leslie H editor Falmouth cor StPaul h 5 Bilt- 
more J P [Soniv 

. LesUe H estimator 27 School rm 600 h at W 
" Lester D machinist bds 391 K. S B 

- Lewis E provisions 163 Chestnut av J P U 60 

Boylston do 
" Lillian h 63 Woodford Dor 
" Lillian F teacher Hugh O'Brien school Rox 

bds 62 Tonawanda Dor [27a Lindsey do 

nwealth av Alls 
James M clerk 111 Devonshire rm 701 h at 

Newtonville [7 Alcott Alls 

James M mech dentist 184 Boylston rm 44 h 
James M real estate 27 State rm 66 h 34 Wales 

James M . _ _ 
James N watchman SI Arlington h at Need- 
James 9 jr asst U S attorney 98 P O bidg and 

45 Milk rm 610 h at Winchester 
James T mgr 680 Wash h at Beachmont 
James W carpenter died Jan f 

James W salesman 

Jane ^" 


10 Dorset Dor 
205 EUot [do 

12 Birch Rox h 37 Sycamore 
. Jennie a Mrs h 22 Glenville av Alls 
. Jeremiah H horseshoer h 122 W Canton 

- Jeremiah W coppersmith h 2 Buttonwood ct 

Dor [Rox 

- Jessie widow Thomas E h 1901 Columbus av 
. John chauffeur bds 28 Cedar Chsn 

" John chef bds 49 Warwick Rox [pie 

■■ John drawtender Draw 4 North sta rms 4 Tem- 

- John helper rms 49 Corning 

" John pliunber h 83 Pulda Rox 
" John porter rms 14 Porter 

- John printer 324 Wash h at Wilmington 
" John waiter rms 46 S Russell 

- John A cashier 222 Summer h at W Somv 

" John A laborer h 23 Cobb [24 Dawes do 

■• John A, Ladder 7, Meeting House Hill Dor h 

■ h 21 Randolph rd 

" John E clerk 495 Su 

" John E & Co investment securities 85 Devon- 
shire rm 802 h at Swampscott 

- John F painter h 12 Blackwell Dor 

» John G engineer h 1144 Bennington E B 
" John G printer 16 Beach h 33 Symmes Ros 

- John H clerk 88 Wash h at Somv 

" John H printer bds 11 Josephine Dor [Rox 
•■ John H ]r clerk mailing div P O h 17 Walpole 

- John J decorator h 97 Oak av Dor 
72 Lincoln h 1277 Com- 

av J ■- 

■• John K adv mgr Falmouth C-, - 

- John L h 333 LaGrange W R 

- John M died April 7 1915 
" „.-_... jj^j, ^^^ 2^|, 

_ --J do 

- John R purch agt h 333 LaGrange W R 
" John R teamster h 442 E Fifth S B 

■ John S. Herald h 1325 Commonwealth av Alls 

- John S produce h 54 Mansfield Alls [Dor 
John T clerk head Long wharf h 468 Quincy 

■ , 29 V aughan i 

E foreman 254a 
Joseph F tinsmith bds 6i 
Joseph Henrj' real estat 
h at Melrose 

repairer i 
carpenter 1 

Dor h 2 Tem- 
Neptune rd E B 
: 294 Wash rm 1053 

■■ Joseph ; 

- Joseph H foreman 27 Damrell S B h 50 Ne 

port Dor (land do 

" Joseph M clerk 80 Etmwood Rox bds 19 Cope- 
" Joseph N driver h 19 Chestnut H P [ton do 
" Joseph O. F E 28, 659 Centre J P h 20a Crans- 
" Josephine bds 132 Marlboro 

- Julia widow Henry h 28 Cedar Chsn 

- Julian longshoreman h 67 Kendall [Alls 

- Juliet F widow Howard B bds 20 Glenville av 
» J Archer garage 14 Lakeside av Readv h do 

■■ J N & Berry (Frank Hemenway) label print- 
ers 195 High [Newtonville 
" J Walter electrical engineer 439 Albany h at 
" J Wesley janitor h 101 Cedar Rox 

73 Tremont 

land Rox 

" Lloyd O clerk 8 Huntington av bds 67 Bow- 

" Louis h 39 Somerset 

" Lucia E widow Robert H b 5 Biltmore J P 

" Lucia M clerk IRl Summer rm 67 h 704 Com- 
monwealth av 

- Lucy D widow John R h 41 Bartlett Chsn 

" Lucy G teacher 48a Gloucester bds at Somv 
. Lulu Mrs h 713 Dudley Dor 
« Lulu E Mrs h 391 K. S B 

« Luther T window shades 23 Bromfleld h 21S 
Ashmont Dor [at Maiden 

" Lyman H clerk B S D & T Co 100 Franklin h 
" Lj-man W salesman 161 South h at WoUaston 
" L W driver Am Ex. North sta h at Maiden 
" Mabel bds 2 Walnut 

- Mabel A steno 92 State rm 34 h at Wilmington 

- Mahala Mrs bds 59 Elm HiU av Rox 

- Malvina O widow Daniel h 94 Folsom H P 
" Margaret h 135 S Huntmgton av Rox 

- Margaret bds 167 Park W R 

" Margaret Mrs h 102 Falcon E B 
" Margaret widow Arthur S h 179 H, S B 
» Margaret A widow Curtis L died Oct 18 1915 
" Margaret E h 12 Marlboro [av Alls 

" Margaret E widow Frederick E h 77 Brighton 
" Margaret J widow John bds 12 Aldie Alls 
» Maria widow h 19 Woodbury [at Somv 

" Mariette F teacher Brighton High school bds 

- Marion Miss h 67 MtVernon 

" Marion B Mrs arttet 561 Boylston h 477 Com- 
monwealth av 
" Martha A Mrs bds 13 Humboldt av Rox 

- Martha B grocer 43 Yeoman Rox h 14 James 
" Martha F h 514 Sumner E B (Dor 
" Martha J widow Frederick W h 15 Spauldina 

- Martha W widow Edwin h 203 Temple W R 
" Martin J police sta 15. Chsn h 7 Prospect do 
" Mary widow David h 60 O. 8 B 

" Mary widow John h 105 Templeton Dor 

" Mary widow h 221 Eustis Rox 

" Mary A dressmaker 454 E Seventh S B h do 

" Mary de L nurse h 15 Woodford Dor 

. Mary E Mrs bds 1195 Tremont Rox 

" Mary E widow Frank h 703 Shawmut av Rox 

" Mary B widow Vivian h 5 Grosvenor pi Rox 

" Mary J widow George h 37 Vinton S B 

" Maud F h 4 Phnnouth Fen [Worcester 

» Merrill W boiler Inspector 3 State House h at 

« Michael fireman h 57 P. S B 

" Michael laborer h 33 Lothrop Br 

» Milton motorman bds 667 Mass av 

- MUton E salesman h 184 Minot Dor 

•■ Minnie A teacher Theo Lyman school E B bds 

31 Lexington do 
" Morris glovemaker 435 Blue Hill av Rox h 4 

Stanwood ter do (at B'line 

« M Frances, Christian scientist 372 Boylston h 
" M Pauline clerk 60 Congress rm 307 b at B'line 
" Nahum H (Allen Bros) stencil cutter 130 Wash 

and 55 Cornhill h at Revere 

- Nathan D warden State Prison Chsn h do 

- Nathaniel E salesman 220 Franklin bds 21 

Bentley Br (tucket R 1 

" Nathaniel T salesman 125 Kingston h at Paw- 
" NeU clerk bds 83 Fulda Rox 
. NelUe A Mrs h 530 Cambridge Alls 
" Nelson L salesman 511 Atlantic av h at Mai- 
den (ett 
" Nicholas I jr salesman 115 Piu-chaseh at E\er- 
" Norma T h 46 Westland av 
" Norman D electro-therapeutic apparatus 462 

Boylston rm 409 
. North & Co (W H North. H M AUen. E W 
Reed. H M North, C H Bucek) and (Ori- 
ental Tea Co) tea and coffee 87 Court and 
50 India 
. Olive E D Mrs h 350 Chestnut Hill av Br 
» Oliver H janitor h 42 Village 
« Otto N carpenter h 19 Mechanic Alls 
» Owen C porter h 10 Deme. 



« Park P h 15 BickneU Dor 
» Patrick rem to Newton 
« Paul pedler bds 41 Glenway Dor 
" Paul C machinist bds 94 Folsom H P 
" Paysoii E clerk 75 Comhill bds 59 Piuckney 
" Percy M machinist bds 16 Burke Rox 
" Perry O treas 325 Medford ChsnbdsatCamb 
" Peter bartender h 321 Athens S B 
" Peter h 1868 Dorchester av Dor [bot av do 
" Peter J horsedealer 258 Adams Dor h 510 Tal- 
« Phineas D machinist h 21 Randolph rd Mat 
« Press (George G Allen) printers 96 Essex 
" Prince A supt 30 State h at Everett 
« P Brooks clerk American Trust Co bds 129 
Charles [Canton 

" Ralph N sorter 125 W Brookline rms 122 W 

- Ray motorman h 851 E First S B 

" Raymond E died August 23 1915 (av Dor 
" Raymond L expressman bds 1829 Dorchester 
" Reginald G carpenter h 338 Cornell Ros 
" Reuben P sheetmetal worker bds 150 Adams 

« Richard pensioner h 1 Hope pi 
" Richard H driver h 11 Charles Dor 
•■ Robert com trav h 7 Phillips 
•■ Robert mgr 15 N F H mkt bds at Somv 
» Robert mason h 95 Toplill Dor 
" Robert sheetiron worker n 2991 Wash Rox 
» Robert watchman 88 Broad h 30 Laconia 
" Robert O furnituremover 5 Berkeley h 430 E 

Fifth S B [Dartmouth 

" Robert E carpenter 382 Columbus av rms 67 
" Robert F junior master English High school 

h at Melrose Highlands 
" Robert H pilot h 164 Lexington E B 

- Robert T supt 80 Summer h 286 Seaver Kox 
" Robert W transitman 15 Ashburton pi rm 40(1 

h at Wrentham 
" Roger N SO Congress rm 719 h 163 Beacon 
ALLEN aOLLIN H real estate 66 Brazer's bldg 
27 State h 240 Commonwealth av— See 
page 3080 
" Rose Mrs h 8 Grant's ct Chsn 
" Rose F widow John A h 1 Malbon pi Rox 
•• Roy P Inspector 78 Devonshire rm 22 h at 
Whitman [Milton sq do 

" Ruby G asst instructor High school H P h 22 
" R Harold chief deputy State Niu:sery inspec- 
tor 136 State House rms U S Hotel 
. Sally S teacher Samuel Dexter school bds 34 

Wales Dor 
" Samuel bricklayer h 46 Lucerne Dor 
" Samuel horseshoer h 32 Eutaw E B 
" Samuel machinist bds 81 Summit H P 
" Samuel pedler h 72 Allen 
" Samuel shoes 7 Cotting h 99 Green 
" Samuel W blacksmith h 190 Princeton E B 
. Sarah E widow William h 7 Behnore ter J P 
» Sarah J widow Louis L h 31 Elmore Rox 


« William coachman h 59 River 

•' William laborer h 36 Chickatawbut Dor 

" William meatcutter 500 Dudley Kox I 

William Albert clerk 574 Commonweall 

1 Islhigton ter Alls 
William A (Billings & Co) real estate 1478 and 

1866 Commonwealth av Br h at Andover 
William A salesman 280 Summer bds at Beach- 
William B electrician 96 Essex h at Everett 
William B horseshoer 8 Porter E B h 48 Sara- 
toga do 
William D car repairer h SO Bromley Rox 
William G steward h 240 W Canton 
William H clerk h 57 Harvest Dor wd 1 1 
William H fireman h 31 Standish Dor 
William H foreman 185 Milk h 1000 South 
Ros [Somv 

William H helper 881 Commonwealth av h at 
William H inv bonds 19 Congress rm 84 h at 
Greenfield [do 

William H lieut police sta 7. E B h 102 Falcon 
William H mgr 350a Warren Rox h 381a do 
WilUam H molder h 51 Bickford Rox 
William H pamter h 1 Islington ter Alls 
William H printer h 381a Warren Rox [ton 
William H real estate 67 Chauncv h at New- 
William H steno 180 Wash bds 1903 Columbus 

William H jr structural steel and iron 110 

State rm 704 h at Winthrop Center 
William H A carrier sta A, P O b 44 W Newton 
William J apprentice bds 59 River 
—illiam - • . . - ~ . 


William Lothrop jr bds 291 Commonwealth av 
William M paper ruler 51 Franklin h at Med- 
ford [Hotel Bellevue 
William Richard pres 35 Congress rm 008 bds 
William R dep collector 185 Devonshire h at 

William R janitor rem to Lubec Me [Melrose 
William S editor Falmouth cor StPaul h at 
William S h 44 Village [Alls 

William T chaufleur 39 Boylston h 12 Aldie 
William W painter h 10 Moreland Rox 
William Y dentist 149 Newbury h at Camb 
Willis B lawyer h 477 Commonwealth av 
Winthrop B designer h 20 Glenville av Alls 
W Prank supt 32 Canal h at Melrose 
W Herman asst mgr 101 Milk rm 414 h at 
- W Lloyd ■ 
yer 30 

ALLEN SHADE HOLDER CO curtains, fixtures 
and window ventilators 46 CornhlU rm 405 
— See page 2854 
" Sherwood F foreman R R repair shops Readv 

h 80 Beacon H P 
« Solomon coal h 19 Allen 
" Solomon S porter h 20 Windsor Rox 
" Stanley clerk bds 4 WaUace ct Chsn 
.. Stanley E chaufleur bds 77 Brighton av Alls 

- Stephen G real est " 

Commonwealth : 

- Stephen ^ salesman 246 Northern ' 

architects 40 Central rm 904 
ALLEN & DAGGETT (Frank H AUen. Fred K 

Daggett) patent solicitors 294 Wash rms 

906-909— See page 3042 
" & Pish (H S Allen, B F Pish) lawyers 60 State 

rm 418 
■■ & Pitzpatrick (Frances E Allen, Susan M 

Pitzpatrick) dressmakers 2 Columbia rd Dor 
ALLEN & PAISLEY CO furniture mfrs 133-137 

Portland — See page 2844 

IN Alline and Alltn 
Allenbrook Charles J steno 120 Boylston rm 901 

bds at W Medford 
Allendorf Abdiel H foreman 66 Hanover h 9 Car- 

dington Rox [Chsn 

Theo ( 

Thomas artist 12 Commonwealth l 
Thomas driver bds 160 N Beacon Br 
Thomas jr lawyer 6 Beacon rm 601 h a 

S mgr 49 Federal rm 427 h^at Ne%vt.c 

Viola M 

Lindsey Dor 
Vivian E died AprU 27 1915 
Waldo B electrician h 31 Woodbine rd W R 
Walter 417 Wash h at Waverley 
Walter B (AUen, HaU & Co) Interior decorator 

384 Boylston h at Worcester 
Walter B shipper 100 Summer h at Walpole 
Walter C chaufleur h 485 Blue HUl av Rox 
Walter D h 1368 Commonwealth av Alls 
Walter P clerk 30 State rm 501 bds 620 West 

Park Dor 
Ward shipper h 864 Columbus av Rox 
Warren 8 heating engineer 274a Adams Dor 

h 62 Tonawanda do 
Warren W machmLst h 31a Lexington E B 
Wendell P draftsman 514 Atlantic av h at 


" Linus pianotuner h 139 Chestnut av J P 
AUenshepski Adolphus, U S N^b 39 Damav H P 
" ' repairer h T ' 

Andrew car repairer h 39 Dana i 
Bernard shoemaker 1249 River H P 

Dana av H P 
George shoemaker bds 39 Dana 

» Peter laborer h 39 Dana i ._ . 
Allentown Portland Cement Co 120 ' 
Allerby Elizabeth widow James h 97 Milton Dor 

•■ James R rem to Avon 

" John A agent died Oct 15 1915 

» .lohn H died Nov 1915 
Allerton Allfretta I Mrs h 48 Bickerstatt 

» John bds 27 Dean Dor 

» John C rem to Bridgeport Conn 

" William, Art Museum h at Newton Lower Falls 

" WilUam H clerk 55 Tremont h 73 Charles 
Alleruzzo Antonino barber 5 Bunker Hill Chsn b 
115 Chelsea do 

" Nicola cook h 115 Chelsea Chsn 
AUes Bros (Nicholas, Peter and George) : 

- Geoi 

and 1857 Wash and 10 Cherry 
rge (Alles Bros) 1056 and 1857 Wa 
lid 10 Cherry rms 10 Willard pi 

" James L clerk 50 Broadway h 2 Waterford 
" John (Alles & Fisher) 34 Cambridge h 453 

MtAuburn st Watertown 
" Michael laborer h 2 Newton ct 



. Niaiolas (Alles Bros) lOofi and 1857 Wash 
and 10 Cherry nns 10 Willard pi No G 

- Peter (Alles Bros) 10 Cherry 1056 and 1857 
Wash rms 10 Willard pi [Watertown 

H bookkeeper 34 Cambridge h at 

Allessandroni Samuele shoeworker h B23 Saratoga 

E B [Somv 

Alletzhausser Richard F sunt 77 Wash north h at 
Alley Anna E widow Charles h 126 Belgrade av 

" Arthur H vice pres 36 Hawley h at Norwood 
•■ Branch Mass Breweries Co 123 Heath Rox 

- Charles A Mrs h 41 Astor 

" C Edward clerk 185 Devonshire rm 1019 h at 
Auburndale [wealth av Br 

- Ellen F widow George F h 1426 Common- 
" Ernest V ad solicitor 30 State rm 810 h at 

Newton Centre (32 Pierce H P 

" Evelyn t. teacher Damon school Readville bds 
« PMorence Abom Mrs teacher Burdett College 

h at Wobum 
« Frederick J treas 38 Hawley h at Hamilton 
" Frederick L 205 Lincoln h at Lynn 
" George R supt 123 Heath Rox h 130 Marlboro 
" G E clerk 205 Lincoln bds at Everett 
" Harold C student rem to Portland Me 
" Harvey L salesman 142 Berkeley h at Somv 

- James C (Alley & Page) 201 Devonshire rm 

416 h at N Y city 

- John S treas 95 South h at W Newton 
» John W engineer bds 76 Wyman J P 

- Josephine widow rms 47 Emerald 

" Laura widow Charles W h 4 Galena Rox 

- Lucinda I clerk bds 8 Cumberland 

" Mary Adilon widow Frank bds 87 Poplar Ros 

- Nettie A Mrs h 8 Cumberland 

" Raymond mgr 43 Commercial h at Chelsea 

- Walter L, State Street Trust Co h at Beverly 
" Wilbur R h 76 Wyman J P 

. & Page (J C Alley. R W Page) pig iron coke 
and coal 201 Devonshire rm 417 
AUeyne Janet O Mrs h 264 StBotolph 

- Richard S hamessmaker 780 Cambridge Br 

rms 19 Dilworth 

" Robert E clerk 450 Wash bds 264 StBotolph 

" WUliam 315 Wash h at W Somv 
Allfrey Philip J watchman h 3 Auburn Rox 
Allgaier Andrew laborer h 1 Hoffman J P 

- Charles laborer h 24 Ward Rox 

■• Jacob Andrew shipper 2205 Wash Rox h 55 
Marcella do (Hoflman J P 

" John A clerk 1435 Columbus av Rox bds i 
" WUliam chauffeur h 126 Terrace Rox 
Allgeier Peter V driver bds 15 Tower J P 
Alliance Assurance Co Ltd of London England 
automobile dept 20 Kilby 

- Insurance Co of Philadelphia 85 Water 

" Well Co 170 Summer rm 305 (W R 

AUicott Mary widow Thomas bds 217 Spring 
AlUed Printing Trades Club 17a Brattle sq [344 

- Temperance Organizations 73 Tremont rm 
Alliez F Emll fireman 79 Milk h at Everett 
Alliker Thomas H bartender h 20 Claremont pk 
AUm Horatio N lawyer 15 Beacon rm 34 h 1381 

Commonwealth av Alls 

Alline Louisa M h 7 Acorn [borough 

. William H clerk 258 State House h 113 Gains- 
" see Allan Allen Allin and Allyn 

Ailing Benjamin B musician h 24 Abbot Dor 

AlUngham Archie C salesman \ 

Radford lane Dor 
" Arthur clerk 218 High h at Somv 
« David J salesman 268 Devonshire [broke 
« Edward W shipper 49 Island Rox h 57 Pem- 
.. Thomas machinist 49 Island Rox b 802 Dor- 
chester av Dor (Hlds 
" Thomas J salesman 68 Chauncy h at Newton 
. Vinie M h 22 Dana Rox 
collectors furnace feeders exhaust fans and 
blow piping 706 E Second S B— See page 

Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co power machinery 50 Con- 
gress rm 724 

- Dexter W repairman 174 Tremont h at Maiden 
« Edward L sales mgr 180 Mass av h at Melrose 
" Edward W finisher h 11 I. S B 

" Fortis H salesman 86 Essex h at Haverhill 
" J C clerk 205 Lincoln h at Whitman 

Allisi Philip candymaker 274 Friend h 32 Kirk- 
land [tonville 

AlUson Albert B salesman 162 Boylston h at New- 
. Albert H laborer State House h21 Saxton Dor 

- Alexander J supt 39 N Bennet h 35 StBotolph 
" A A 104 Kingston h at Watertown 

" Charles H porter 79 MiUc h at Medford 
" Chester T clerk h 8 Summer W R 
. Elizabeth widow Robert h 10 Brookford Dor 
" Emma A widow Frederick L h 8 Summer W R 
» Frank rem to Quebec Can 

V Mount- 
fort (tei'town 
■• Howard A timekeeper 104 Kingston h at Wa- 

- James salesman 69 Tremont i-ms 19 Myrtle 

» James F shoemaker h 14 Newburg Ros (E B 
" John elevatorman 35 Congress h 29 JefTries 
" John S purch eng 39 Boylston h at Newtonville 
» Louis machinist rms 108 Sunmer E B 
" L Mont flutemaker 61 Hanover rm 46 
" Margaret O widow Charles J h 356 Centre Dor 
« Richard mariner bds 116 Webster E B 
" Robert salesman bds 17 Yarmouth 
» Ruth L widow John T h Normandy cor 
Castjegate rd Dor 

- S Persis h 212 Huntington av 

" Theresa H milliner h 6 Ramsey Dor 

" Vincent teacher bds 35 StBotolph 

" William C clerk 70 Federal bds at W Somv 

" William Harold clerk 8 Harvard Dor bds 

Saxton Dor 

" W D Co physicians' furniture 691 Boylston 
Allith-Prouty Co hardware specialties 136 Pearl 
AMitzhauser Joseph cutter 68 Summer h at Milton 
Allman Bamett tailor 11 Parmenter h 21 Mas- 
coma Rox 
■ Harry clerk 104 Salem h 130 Devon Rox 
" Harry B teacher 334 Boylston h at Greenwood 
" Irving clerk bds 68 Lawrence av Rox 
- John J clerk 707 Wash h 49 Dix Dor [Rox 
» Morris clothing 104 Salem h 68 Lawrence av 
" Redmond J pamter h 97 Buttonwood Dor 
Redmond J jr sorter h 634 Dorchester av S B 
■ 72 IfBey rd J P 

- Samuel salesman 
Allnut Ernest clerk rms 12 Causeway 

" Frank cook rms 12 Causeway 
Allodi Paul pressman h " ' " 
Alloo Modest teacher N I 

[ Sherbert Inc) 382 Cambridge 

Alls Charles E optician 47 Winter rm 406 h i 
Allsop James steamfltter h 995 Hyde Park < 

« Louis W rem to Bridgeport Conn 
Allsopp John driver h 189 Huntington av ] 

.. Margaret Mrs h 17 Mechanic Rox 
Allston Bowling Alley (William L Myott) 9 

tree Alls 

Brighton R 
» Drug Store ( 


. Flower Shop (William J Rosenthall) 135 Brigh- 
ton av Alls [Northampton 
. Frederick E barber 561 Shawmut av h 181 
. Fruit Co 174 Harvard av Alls 
» Garage 122 Brighton av Alls 
" Georgianna Mrs h 44 Sawyer 
" Henry bds 12 Cunard Rox 
.. House 62 Linden Alls 
" John D shipper 7 Hamilton pi h at Camb 

- John J student bds 10 Folsom Dor [Dor 

- John W & Co liquors 185 Court h 10 Folsom 

- J Hendei-son prijiter 174 High h IS Wellington 

- Margaret A widow Philip J h 227 W Canton 
. Maria Mrs h 12 Cunard Rox (mont 

- Newcomb H mgr 208 Mass av h 526b Tre- 
. News Co 14 Franklin Alls 

.. PhiUp J died Dec 28 1915 
. Post Office 8 Harvard av Alls 
" Press printers 44 Harvard av Alls 
" Public Market provisions 120 Harvard av 
Alls (Alls 

. Real Estate Co (A B Heustis) 53 Harvard av 
» Richard clerk rms 156 W Concord 
'■ Roderick E waiter rms 12 Truro 

- Sarah A Mrs h 930 E Fourth S B 
" Shoe Store 397 Cambridge Alls 

- Storage Battery Co (Lester B Knight) 31i2 

Cambridge Alls 
" Storage Warehouse Inc 138 Harvard av Alls 
« Theatre 128 Brighton av Alls 
" William clerk bds 385 E First S B 
. William H waiter rms 526b Tremont 
Allstop John machinist rms 108 Chandler 
Allvino Alphonso tailor 417 Wash h at Revere 
Allwood David E waiter h 63 Dundee 

- John sheetiron worker h 44 Pleasant Chsn 
Allyn John (Allyn & Bacon) 50 Beacon h at 

Camb [Heights 

" Philip M agent 50 Beacon h at Arlington 

- Robert C mgr h 72 Gardner Alls 

- S Bradford receiving teller Merchants Nation- 

al Bank h at Belmont 
" William supt rms 27 Rutland sq [50 Beacon 
" & Bacon (John Allyn, G A Bacon) publishers 
" see Allan Allen Allin and Alline 
Akn Andrew W chef h 22a Astlcou rd J P 
" Carl oilcloth maker h 57 Clayton Dor 

- Henry F artist h 705 Mass av 

" John E machinist h 30 Tileston pi Dor 
Alman Hyman real estate h 72 Iffley rd J P 
« Lazarus painter h 23 Normandy Rox 
" Max (American Tooth Co) S Winter rm 704 
bds 72 Iflley rd J P 




" Samuel (American Tooth Co) 8 Winter rm 

704 bds 72 Iffley rd J P 
Almborg Harvey G carpenter h 70 Kingsdale Dor 
Almeder Charles H clerk mailing div P O bds 14 

Holiday Dor 
" Eames & Co (L P Almeder) poultry 53 Com'l 
" George L inspector 608 City Hall annex h 663 

Adams Dor 
" George L jr clerk 591 South sta h 8 Train Dor 
" Joseph E clerk S3 Commercial h at Everett 

- Lyman P (Almeder, Eames & Co) 53 Commer- 

cial h at Everett 

- Robert S clerk 50 Congress rm 1001 h 26 

Cameron Dor 
Almeida Frank cabinetmaker h 625 Saratoga E B 
" Joaquim woodflnisher h 37 Chaucer E B 
" Joseph S fireman 219 Wash h 9 Monks S B 
" Louis finisher h 41 Bennington E B 
Ahngren Axel cook New England House h at 
" John F clerk 90 Leverett h at Maiden 
" John H printer h 462 Columbia rd Dor 

» Jacob h 39 McLean 

« Joseph builder h 7S Kingsdale Dor [North 
" J & N (Jacob and Nathan) provisions 220 
•' Louis painter h 3 Parkman 
" Louis salesman bds 36 S Russell 
" Max L dry goods 253 Main Chsn h 261a do 
" Morris mgr 188 Chelsea E B h 219 Marion do 
» Morris provisions 272 North and (Alpert & 

Reinholtz) 244 do h at Everett 
" Moses h 140 Chelsea E B 
" Nathan ( J & N Alpert) 220 North h at Everett 
- Nathan barber bds 140 Chelsea E B 
" Nathan carpenter h 12 Barton ct 
« Nathan clerk 272 North bds at Everett 
.. Philip B painter bds 3 1 Evelyn Mat 
'■ Rubin driver h 2 Church pi 
.. Sam clerk 160 Hanover h 17 Spring 
» Samuel painter h IS Barton [Balfoiu- Dor 

■' Samuel picture framing 140J Bedford h 22 
.. Samuel provisions 115 Meridian E B h 2^ 
Eutaw do 

Emma L clerk P O bds at Medford 
« Fritz fireman rms 34 Saratoga E B 
" Hilmar A machinist h 260 Everett E B 
Alms Charles teamster bds 266 W Broadway 8 B 
Almstedt Gustaf machinist h 140 Beaver H P 
Almy Arthur C pres 89 State rm 38 h at B'line 
" Arthur C Company cotton 89 State rm 38 

- Bigelow & Washburn dry goods 13 Edinboro 
" Charles (Almy & Spehnan) 73 Tremont rm 

1023 h at Cambridge [dale 

" Charles E clerk 95 Milk rm 52 h at Auburn- 
" Edward 32 Chauncy h at Auburndale 
" Edward C salesman h 2049 Columbus av Rox 
" Ferdinand B tailor 48 Summer rm 27 h at Mel- 

- Fi'ederick & Co woolens 31 Bedford rm 407 
" Harold E reporter 120 Franklm rm 333 bds 

1761 Wash [Dor 

" John E shipper 89 Causeway h 13 Westcott 
•. Lowell P clerk Nat Shawmut Bank bds at 

• Robert T clothing h 1761 Washington 
" Robert T jr clerk 6 Beacon rm 617 bds 1761 

" William & Co (Theodore G Bremer) cotton 

buyers 4 Liberty sq rm 00 h at Brookline 
" & Co com mers 32 Chauncy 
'■ & Spehnan (Charles Ahny. Henry M Spelman) 

lawyers 73 Tremont rm 1023 
Aloflf Samuel carpenter h 136 Interval