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Full text of "Botany : a complete and comprehensive account of the flora of Barda Mountain (Kathiawad)"

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Wil Ji«l Ch"^ RHl'Jlill WiKl'UW. 


Bombay, December 17 1906 

It gives me great pleasure to testify to the Excellence of the Gujarati work written 
by Mr. Jaykrishn^Indraji on Botany, Herbs and shmbs of the mountains and how 
to recognize them. Mr. Jaykrishna has in his official capacity studied the plants and 
herbs of Gujrat and Kathiawad for more than a quarter of a century and has committed 
to paper his observations. 

I have gone through a greater portion of the work and am glad to say that it will 
be a very valuable addition to Gujrati Scientific literature. 

The language is easy and adapted to the wants of the Country. 

I trust his work will be a standard work on Indian Botany and will be wel- 
received by the public. 

Bhalchandra Krishna. 

aai 3i«i R^ 3Hi^ili 9h(qi'ui«(* 


I have much pleasure in saying that the Gujrati work written by my esteemed friend 
Mr. Jayakrishna Indraji and named ^JT^TRRira: ^^T^Jfr ^i^tgst, ^ qfr^ 3T^ ^S^^m 
is a very interesting, learned, and useful one. It is the result of the study and 
observation of plant-life for over a quarter of a century within my personal knowledge. 
Mr. Jayakrishna is well-qualified to write such work with credit to himself, and profit 
to the reader. I have heard read to me by Mr. Jayakrishna himself a good portion 
of the work and I am sure that the elaborate and learned preface and Introduction 
he has written will be highly useful to the Gujarati student of Botany. The language 
is easy, clear, and attractive and richly interspersed with specially-coined words in 
I Gujrati and Sanskrit to render the meaning of technical Botanical terms readily 
intelligible and not difficult to remember. I trust that his work when published will 
meet with the encouragement it deserves, -especially among those students of Indian 
medicine who interest themselves in the study of Indian Botany, and those who want 
to utilize Indian plants for the relief of human suffering. 

I wish the work every success, most cordially. 

Bombay, ") K. R. Kirtikar. F. L. S. 


5th December 1906. ) - U. Colouel. I. M. S. (Retired) 

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aH»m« Wl=ll^ A[m WlHHStlC-l y^j^a^ ct«tl R:VV-tl^l Mii.?. «"»MRIH ^Hog't'il ^^-imMi ^i41 
SMI 6cil. MlR^'iS^Mi Mlo M'il aHif>tPl^^«W "H>Hci ciMrti aHS/ (S^li ^H >MW^ rlM^ i<i^«'{l 
o-.'^Hl 3HlM=lWi aHl<l ^dl. ani @M^«ft ^Idl^l aH*Hm '^^l^qiKl 3H^ vti^ ^^ Ml^t^^Kl <^^il 
^^l^'il n.t%\(rHl ani (H5t «?=ll «i&ni%n «t^l'{\ cti ciM^ i^i^ ^ci H'iil 6c(l. 

^»ld U^^i' '^'tl '^'^d Ji'V^lcft QimiHl M^CHct^^ oy g. cn;tMrct'{l \^'i[, ^Hl »i^ W(^H- 
^l^ i\?l R^aiH i^ ^. SHI ^%rti il^^ »i(cl §M'^l3ft §, Wi^ v^i« j^:^ q'i^M(rl<ll%4'il 

^. 3. sH-irt^lil 1 5, . . 


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A. D. 1910. SAMVAT (966, 

PRICE Rs. 10. 

" It is pleasant to note all plants, from the rush to the spreading cedar, Erom the 
giant King of palms to the lichen that staineth its stem." 

( Martin 7 upper. ) 

( Registered under the Press Act of 1867. ) 



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sT^ ^?:THiiiTr?^ I ^ci^^ «H 5Fra& 11" 

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CHlHeil ^oi^ «l^<ai \RM\.*i SM^sUoV SHI y=i<^5f4 'll^i, «i!i>tl ^315^41 

<vil«^.ft Rllii ^. "^ ^^l ^^^"H 'il>t«R yi^«H Oil^l^^cll ^R- 

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aH(M<i SHHS *iH^l9V ^<l MlHl^ ^l(^l ^^-Hl "i'ft SHlM <l«t; 

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^^\ ^^T^4^^^\^ m^^i I ^Wi ^l'^h^l^^ ^m ^i fii?iRt II m 
sRnFT^ ilpci f^gf??i ^^q^q I qj^Fqfq q^«fiq ^\i ^^^\ f^ II "< H 
q^HTHR^rif^friR^flRaRll: i ^iffi^ciFrit^Tiii: wg ^m^ qr^i: II ^ ll 

i^m?m: gi^tqt iH^re: im ^^^\l^^'^m^^ ^ qf«r^i ^tr: s^ri^^i^iRoll*^ 

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5n% sH'^^q ?Ih ^ 5in^;T % I ^«i ^ ^v^m ^^^ ^i\(\ % \\ 
^m ^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ sH? qR I €i^ 3?^ ^^^4J ^%^ ^md 1 il 
f^l R^i^ ?r! ^f ar^qt ^ #^ I i^e ^^^k€\ 1 ^ mm \ Ii 

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w^ 5T^ ^n ^? 3Tfft I ^z Ii% 5^1 ri^ \m \ II 

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RT^^ gf^ ^K ^\^^ m^ I ^t^ f^^R^ mf ^'^ ^nft 1 11 




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q^'i ^im =qi^i m^^ i #i3 q^^'r juhi^i ll 

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q^q mm il^ f^qi^r I q^q q 5 ^qqr^ || 

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vnm -555 %iEft"|l*'itQi y^M^n iiy« Sim ^. "q^ 3^ «»:* ^q ?ft % *i^m sr^st^." (iftrji) 
8tm <^i^ y'^'H'fl uQ ^^ ^, 'H'^y^i^li >ii(^ci nm f^ik y'^M'ft >ii<ni "h^^i^I ^. 'ni^ 

" Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. Beauty is God's 
handwriting, a wayside sacrament; welcome it in every fair face, every fair sky, and 
every Fat'r Flozver, and thank him for it, the fountain of all loveliness; drink it in, 
simply, earnestly, with all your eyes; 'tis a charmed drought, a cup of Blessing." 

"^ifcT •>4ei ^«R «i%5j JJl'^iHi (Jiioi 2^55=11 »i(i. ^'44 5»l n^i'ii .4*<^i^^ ^. «^ =^i^Hcti 
^ilfiA SIi':ii>ii ^i^ cHi^ ^41 %i^5iiR sj?, =«H^ ^utni ^usH =»i^ -vjiwd^ Hja ( s5l>ii ^ 3i^ 

>ll'{l ) -H^^-^^^l ©•HSR ^W; «l^l ctl<i ^'m«(l y^y^l ^^ <§^i5l\4jf ^IIS % ^ 
w^Js ^l^[l«lig«ii MlQwi, >i^ill ^a^l &." {Martin Tupper.) 

" Of all the studies that ever occupied the attention of man, the cheapest, the 
most delightful to the mind and invigorating to the body, is the study of nature. It is 
here, indeed, that man may with truth be said to be following out that line of conduct 
that his Creator intended him. The first attraction to the child when set down on the 
green is to pick up the wild Flowers, and this first and fondest attraction generally 
remains to the last hour of our Hves." — (Richard Brook). 

" To our readers we say. Go, take practical lessons. None more accessible 
will you find in this world : for the 

* Flowers that spring by vale or stream, 
Each one may claim them for his own.' 

T -ke the great volume of the Book of I<!atitre, that book ever spread open before us by 
Him who is its Author; go straight on, gather leaf after leaf, examine, compare, and 
ponder over them. Ponder how well 

"The Almighty Maker has throughout 
Dis-'jiminated each from each, by strokes 
And touches of his hand, with so much art 
Diversified, that two were never found 
Twins at all points." 

Thus, and thus only, will you gain practical knowledge of, will you acquire real interest 
in the study of plants, "• — (Spencer 7homso7i.) 

' ' There lives and works 

A soul iu all things, and that soul is God. 

The beauties of the wilderness are His, 

That makes so gay the solitary place, 

Where no eye sees them." 


" in its case, 
Russet and rude, folds up the tender germ 
Uninjured, with inimitable art; 
And, ere one flowery season fades and dies. 
Designs the blooming wonders of the next." 

( Cowper. ) 

" Happy who walks with Him! Whom what he finds 
In nature, from the broad majestic oak 
To the green blade that twinkles in the sun. 
Prompts with remembrance of a present God." 


' ' There is a lesson in each flower, 
A story in each stream and bower ; 
In every herb on which you tread. 
Are written words, which, rightly read ; 
Will lead you from earth's fragrant sod. 
To hope, to holiness, and God." 


•' When I look at the poor little herbs that arise out of the earth, the lowest of 
vegetables, and consider the secret spark of life that is in them, that attracts, increases, 
grows, and seminates itself and its kinds, the various virtues that are in them for the 
food, medicine, and delight of more perfect creatures, my mind is carried up to the 
admiration and adoration and praise of that God whose wisdom and power and influ- 
ence and government is seen in these small footsteps of his goodness : so that, take 
all the wisest, ablest, and most powerful and knowing men under heaven, they cannot 
equal that power and wisdom of his that is seen in a blade of grass. — " 


The carpet of flowers and of verdure spread over the naked crust of our planet 
is unequally woven : it is thicker where the sun rises high in the ever — cloudless 
heavens, and thinner towards the poles. Everywhere man finds some new plants to 
his support and enjoyment." — (Humdoii). 

Within the tropics the wild luxuriance of nature is not lost even in the vicinity 
of large cities, for the natural vegetation of the hedges and hill-sides overpowers ^ 
in picturesque effect the artificial labour of man. * * * Houses within the tropics 

are surrounded by the most beautiful forms of vegetation, because many of them are 
at the same time most useful to man. Who can doubt that these qualities are united 
in the banana, the cocoa-nut, the many kinds of palms, the orange, and the bread- 
fruit tree j * * * 

Epithet after epithet was found too weak to convey to those who have not 
visited the inter-tropical regions the sensation of delight which the mind expe- 
riences. * * * In my last walk I stopped again and again to gaze on those 
beauties, and endeavoured to fix in my mind for ever an impression, which at the time 
I knew sooner or later must fail. The form of the orange tree, the cocoa-nut, the 
palm, the mango, the tree-fern, the banana, will remain clear and separate, but the 
thousand beauties which unite these into one perfect scene must fade away; yet they 
will leave, like a tale heard in childhood, a picture full of indistinct but most beautiful 
figures. — {Dartvin). 

Like a beautiful flower full of colour but without scent are the fine but the 
fruitless words of him who does not act accordingly. But like a beautiful flower full 
of colour and full of scent are the fine and fruitful words of him who acts accordingly, 
—The Path of Viituts— (Buddhist.) 

Do you wonder why poets talk so much about flowers ? Did you ever hear 
of a poet did not talk about them? * * * They will bloom over and over 
again in poems, as in the summer fields, to the end of time, always old and always 
new. — (O. W. Holmes.) 

Pink and red flowers almost invariably revert in many individuals to white . 
Indeed, there is probably not a single blossom of these colours in England of which 
white specimens may not occasionally be gathered. * * * Almost all pink or red 
flowers become white with the greatest readiness under cultivation. * * * "BhxQ 
flowers in nearly every case produce abundant red, pink and white varieties in a state 
of nature. * * * In an immense number of cases blue appears as a late modifi- 
cation of red, the bud or young petals being stiU of that colour, and only deepening 
into blue as the flower opens. — {Gratit Allen.) 



Irl^'HQ'HlSi'l'li 4KH ^H\<^ 6«H ilW^'li y%'All HOim^l ^^55 QllHl"Hi ^. 
«1VQ clqi y%«n1l"Hi UiSJl Jll»>ll (^iQ'i ^<l ^U<1 QllHl'll 5Hl^ &. ct«ft 5hI15:3 (Him 

«ll^l H^l "HiSi <\ciy^ aH<JMl%l S^ill rl ^W, cil clS^l^ft "H^ S^cii y^cl'^i ?l«ii9ll ^iM^ 

3{Mi o/^l "HSi ^li rlSfl. <^§fl ^'^R <H^5li "H^ «lrl%-H(cl 3^l(a'>H«ll'{l fi«il «wl^Hl >ll^ 
^HJllW 01^ ^ 5H^ ai^VRldl Qimi>{l aHl«li eW^'ufctn^cl'li ^i^cl'^l'd ^\i ^l«ll8(l 

«idL^(^<^ ^^< ^ ^^u ci^^ ani y=ici5i8fl (aviriR^l sH^M'nfci ii-nii^ jj^ili ^. 

aHl=l ^ ^:-Wt^ ^KHi ^ 5T^I?r S^l ^ cl (Kiei'll? ^lU rtsfl. <^(aI ^i^t (^l^ois^)'ll 

JsW^l ?" ^l<=[l qicil clS^l Uisfl <Sll3H4l^ 5s^<^l 'i RAlQlfncll ^^VHi SHl=l ^. 5HI <S\R^ 
o/ig^m ^ ^, ^IM^l <H^5iiL>il qci^"H(cia>ll^l ^HIH^H 5ii3i^lH "ftl^iHl^l U^fcSl ell Hojl &; 

((i|=t8ll»i) ^^l>li UlsA H<^\(<1 §01 ^, ;i ^-HlSft ^ntuVfl Hgisit ^H3V :?0l, ^^l, ci(Sl, 
SHTl^ =uil(? »(l55 HiaA =*HlMl4l 'V^^5Hlcl'{l ^\^^\. o^rlicft ^iSji?! ^H ^, MlSi 3l q»i%M(ci 
«rti^ & ^l^i? ^ «li^ 5 ci ?;^cll "^ ^[l->Hl«tcll risfl. sHRiSil i^l-Hlsfl ^i^l q»l%-4(ci 'H^- 

■Hl'tsl 5Hl^ ^. -HiSJ ^l^H^ b^ hi\ ^Ibctl rl^ft, 1-H^ ^ilMi^ cl "wHSJcll rlSfl." 

^■^R il>ll^ti ^^^ =Wil'Ml5|l Qliy5»ll^ 4lU"l8l fc§. ^mSJ ,^^ ^l ayoiiail HtSJlV ^JlgSft 
^Id^ ell Js^^ ^^S^ %:-^i\^\ ia>li <^ ei'l^'Hfcl §^ ^ cl Slidi'oi^ll'ft 1 el o4qJI 
ileiirU SHl'H^ «^l<:-l ^tl»>l cl<l ll?l(i bi[^ feslail ? 1 el S^iui^H^Hwl aH«l=ll "wHSinirii 
is5J «lfcl3>l el«ll yiU^l aHR^ ?llVll Jsl^iJli ^? «l el>l cl ^IM, ell "Htsl «l»l%'u(el sJIkAtJI 
^ <Kli^ lli^ ? «H^ el ^11 %ll^ci8(l ? 4i(ii;i ay^ll^ >i«i'^^l>ii ^l^ll «1HI -hMi &, ^^8(1 
ani'Heil >linqell 'Hiy ^^<Al i\ii,R m^^{^l U^l ^-Heft efoiel ^^aiel ^Hell >i^«>H 
ej^^d <H^l<HKl h^-UMi ^iJjlSlili ^m ^, SHRiSil fi^m H€l^l«l^lPll aH->^H ^•HM 'HiSi 
el<^<V <lel S^=tl =ai>i^H "H^K 5!lH>li oiel 8l'^l ^W &, S^'WliSiHl omMl^l^^ll SH^ 
0UVil5ll ^ildl^l -Hl^ ^Qliaieii ;iH^ ^^cii>ii jii^l (Hioi^i^lil ^^ an^ 4oU^, ^%lW»l*ll^^»ill 
^leiwl 5slR"<Hl«iiaRl"Hi Si^irft \4>ii(*t>li ^IH 6; -Hltill^il tH^tl^llSlHi |^ao}l^l»ll J5«4Rl 
^V^ ^il^li Ql^qi-Hl, ^^ell ^l(H qinni an^ %i<Jiiyi«ll"Hi, ^(yjs 3i4%lli oiiai «H3[l?ti3li 
wieil SH^ i^il^eii^ii zaC^ ff«''oi(il'Ullelicll anCHJil^laJll a/3l^l 3l>l elH (^?IH «l<Sl4l elMl^ft 
^■H 01^ elH «tHl^ ^Sl^l b^^i an^ ^"•HlinHl (n^ll^i-Hl ^lilMiJll ^IH ^j 4«l R$ll 
«tri%M(el*ll>ii ^^^ \iMi\ ^l(w SH^ <s(l^Hiaill^l sHOHiy i^cll^l fi^l^ll, ell el^li bti^A. 

ani^l s$Qi?si<a^ ^I'H^ ovj^^ 1^ ^<i\G\ 3ii<aih«ii, «iei«ii, ^«ti an^ el>ii ^^ai fcT'^^l 

ai^l^il^l %l>l«/eil^ JilH 5l^ 1«iui tPU^ Qis/cl^ti ^ y>ilHW el^cl R^etl (^ll. cMl^ 
4^ <T*j€l a^j^sl qrl^'Hfel aili(AT>l ^ wl^ ^lej? ^ «l ^l^J" %ui'»H«ll ^ <»[^^i ail^ ell 
SliaitHi^ ^ «liaj.i=l 1ii2i ? 

©MR Jl>ll^'{l ^^"IC-ft tR^MHiA fi^tn iiii^l^i tlW M^^^tl aMR 8l*lC-[l i^l^i 

^l^«i«^ %"^i 5lJ8i y^rtS \(r. <^R 1. Clio 1 »Hl3l%<t IC-oH >ii mi:l%lR $1 Ql^l Kl^l 
UMl^ 5Jl!s <wi^^ -UiiH^ y^icft ^(Kl. 

"yq ^lll^ f^*t(cl i^nwi aHl«l ^ ^:-^RtH6R %ei%2tlrl^l ^1^ ^^IR «Vil«^il Ml^ 

Swi =»Hl ^«l^ ^i^i <HAi ^i^l !s«n ^. ^\.1 5HI %ei%«llrl^i (33lc[l llfeT ^^.1 <V^^ 
%mft!j ^^ ^^dcll^i, Sli^fiiCH »ll>l, ^ctl o^ej^iH :iH^ (§-4^151 wllSjni'ft U=^'c?l Rl'Wl'llR 
Cll«l <}j^l <H!j"y«lR>li <: 8(1 \o eiiam ^l(l>ii O^H ?H^ ^iKleil^ ^et!5^ ^Sl^ Vii^^ 
cll cl (q^Hl >ili{ldl -Hk.^ ^l'H«lwi ^l«l$l. ^Ka «lRyi€ %llUlRI2i yi^l 81^ <VCli «V^- 

§TlR sJli^iay aHlM«tl-Hi aHl=l ^ 1:-«t»l%M(ci ^<X?A^ s>ll(n'<H«tl ^ «H9i=ll8(l«V :»il %ei%8ll- 
»l>li 'VSlCH'Oilcvl'fl ^l?s^l ^J^^S'tflsfl ani CH'Wi'lR^ >l«^ 4<^, H cl «R(>i«iW <5> 'HaUR 
^Itilcll cl ani iH'>H»tl'i iMSllV %l-HVc\l ^cll. cll ei«l%\(cl>li8(l ^>fl3>li «H»ll«ieil»ll fi^l^l 
«l5t <Hlq^ ^ cl^l o«iei^l^ (3M^l3l ?ll 5? c\ OKiejeil^ aHlaV^ %l>l^ £11^ «^^R«i &, 
"HH c{^l ^Icl^ii W<»«liy Ss^«ll «ltl5i. 

eicl%M(ci a>ll(A>H«ll >ll^ J[?sn cijj ^[-H «lQfl 5l?:tl R^^ cl^l JRcll et*i%\(ci4U%l^l 

«li^l U^i "H^ oiiq(^?ici ansild. [^H^y^ =wi^l%l (systematic-study) JjR«li ^fcJSl. 
"I>i^ S^cii vi^m««ft ^lU Mej qn^'ufci^ »iih ^i-Hqi^, cl^ q^*! ^^"^^d ^^ ^'^ ^^ 
jftcl ei3l\-Hi oiiS«ieti^ k\}M\.^ ^ >, <^«(l qn^-nfirii ^^«il^^ oi>i c^ qrt^-Mft 1 clPli 
»l^^l Jn«ll>li 5Hl«l cll cljj clW ^ cl^cl »15&1 hH 9X^, 55li^«v ci(^ -Higj ^ ^,ii ^Hoii'ft 
CIR14 SHH clni mMl-H oi^i^lH MiSi cl arteH *l^. -Hcl^-Hfi^ ^^i^cft qsiTi^is^i (Natural 
classification) <i»iej«ll8fl c\^ Itl^Mfci %(oiV(l yi>iir^ ^tw till HlH ^^M. &. »li gi*»H<5ll 
cl^l"^ ^Umk «i4 («n?t^-Malvacea)'{l 5^?! q»t^-H(cl^i %tl<l <lcl fiii^y? aH9-itl%l 

Ji^qi8ft ci^l ^ICH yVft 5l qo[>ii oveji^C-tl :«liy^ VSoo ^Icl^l a»j^ <r^ ^'iwQx'^l 
aH«Hliy tl^ S^<^ ?lfcj <V?l. ^^ J^l Uigjl an-Mqi^ &, ^i-H^j Ul^i^lPl ^i ^gRcTl qoi 
(Natural order) >ii Vii^fjft cl>lW qn%M(cl»ll ^iOitm %ti^l'-M ^cl ^b wft^^Pl Myiclw 
;^IH 5. cl«(l c\ ISoo qrt%-M(^ni ^iiai^m aiii mMi\. «li3[l ^litl, aH^ i^^ ^ cl>li«(l 
^IVJ -Hei qn^^fcl 55(1 »l«fl. -U^ (H^ §M^Mi Vi7{ ^iPii tJ. aHl^Sli:^l CHIQI? cl>lV 
tifj^ldl qn (ifr^^-Solananc) '{I aJljj q»i%-MQPli ^5$ /I55 aH<>Ul%l Js^il "H^, ^^ 3l 
qs'lKl clRl,^ %ll(l^cl ffrti^Jii -M^ ^H l^-Ho ctd^-ufa^i %llVjlROi ^^ ^(*!li« H\S «V$l. 
an^ aR4l Cl^l^qit/fl qci%-H(cl S^ldi ci 8lli%ll5j«fl avejiei^ ^, v\{ q»l%-H(^ ^Jil ?H^ Hi^b & 

«t«i%\(ci4 ^13 ^H ^i^ ciri^-qCiKl vinnM ij^i^ ^ ^i^<v h(^ -Hei cl ^4 

«wl'Ml»t8(l f^ -^^ »i4l 'l'^ cl^l^Hl qrl^Mfini «lCH t^il'fl ttlTll«ll«li tf mill 5H^ tsK^l iJ^Hltl 

ani^ 5, cii cleft »i<^ »i4l ct^i^ ani i^ii-Hi ^>i »iQ tJ'Midl ^m! I>i^ yivii^ej ^oi cli 

9H,^ Hejl cl^ili^cti hlM. ^. ci (^^ X^-H^tf an^ cl-Hiy iwl 5>l>i ^KHM 'Hi^ 1 aH(^ 
•t4l »l4l ct^lt^'fl «1<SI ^ ^il ^iwi-ofl 1lcl<l cl»ll oft oil oinincll^l Sl^lai^l-ft ^li ^. 

,41(51 «^ oftoii <$>y^, jj«aisTii "^ Mn^m ct?^ yuiHi ^iVi «H'ii«i<twi wii«l ^ ci 'hi^ 
^HReji ^41^1 §3icft ^i^Jj Ji(ii4 ^^ =^^ l^'^i'tl ctRii^'ii ^iH ^, 'H8i«ii ^H^S'fl 

»15!<;h 4l«t ^. aHl"Hi^l ^Wl SHltft'ol, 9l^ct, ^W? SH^ m\h[-H ^<\i cl>li oiietoi'li |^a, 

^[{oll aHl(« ani-Hej^ ^^^lo/ «lqi>ii v{(k aJ^cft yi\4i^ei elri^'ulcUl cl^l^ ^ ttl"H «l«iml 
fHl^ ^. cl^ JsRBi a>l 5 1, SHl-Hqi biH^iXi ftR<4 CtRlt^'^l ^iR^ «l%d»lld <Hl<ls 
^«l?lli«t Js<l cl=ft H^^^l'ft ^4 ^ Ql(il?lyi«tiyft rlSiH <H^cl, 5ftcl?, ^icl?, anita^H SH^ 

»iH si>i>ii sm^-i 5s^«ii'{l ^s^dl Jiifw ^ifcJ «lii 5. cl ^iQi q»i%H(ci4ii«»ii «i<jm%i«ft 

^>l«V <J!^»(l y>il^l ^^ >l^g cl«ll ^KwlSliWwi ^lcl^ssl>l>ii «V> ^C-l %^v{[ vfy :h|4 
■H^Slinl <HL^5f SH^ >i^l«4^ »tl<l3l<l ^«llMi ?Hl^ ^, cl 4l«Sl aHl^Hl^i^ V ri^l "Hm 

R^^ft yi?i>il yiRi ^9.m iAi'i\m^^[^ \% ^r^ "h^ii^ ^. ^hi SM^sfl ovejiii 5 1 
^[■Heji i^wi ^%i<a»n i!i#i^i*il ^n^isn ^^ ci?s<5i Jji^eii'il ^^^dl 

KiCb^ UI3|l ^l^ <^c(l. »l=ft ricft eicl%-H(^ :0i4 oft^ ^S^cft q%5j3li;^ 
4*>l*li «l<ll»il ^«:l ■H-i«tl8(l, cIhI aHl»i« aHiq<^l«ft SH^ cl<^ n^jiSUcfl ^JkH 
iJlM ei^lWl oft<Hi Oirlieilrll blMMi i\M<si Jj^ll'd ^«l ■Hi«ll8fl<V SHl^ft «Hl(HcfHi ?Hl0l«l 

«i^ kxhi^ ^H ^. (^^^^Uri^i ,4«n^i 9*1.^ n^ d^i«4*tl «i«i%'H(ci siih &. cli Id^ft «hV(1 

^?.lMi «4^l4li ^S^dl q^^wll «l€l, «a-il> "^iij "^^l SHlR^ «l5J cleft *HL|(cl»llril3V ^icll 

ii>i>il <h<Si Hki ^, ^ nm &. -maj •nnsiJH'ti m<^ ^^l^ isR<iR vt^i 511*1 ^\ii< 

5s^«tl^l U^ ^^'V' -ipy^ "41^1 ei»l%-H(ci*U%l^l wi*m%l ^, Mlt'^ ^"^ »HH$iliH i^Hl'ft 
Rtil ( Science of observation ) i^ ^. 

ift^'Hiciq^'i'ii ^^^ ;a%ci1i eii^cii (»m\ ei'oi'tR^ »l3 wiejetwi ani*^ ^, 
RcHWci^ii oi^iHi sH^v fi^iVii ^i>i^-%ti? 5H^ «ii<a1-^R»ti ;i3RM^ ^ ^l^oifi^rll Ol^il 
^oR«ii wis -"ieii^ii, ^ 5s*tf"ii ^f aimrft Qtl«il «voli>ii sy «i»i%"H(ci @oi S ? ^h^ cl 

^ SW^li 3Hl^ ^ ? cl "HiSJ cl ^Hi Sla art^ ^. 3la^9/ .i(^ "Hej %i<A[ls R^l^l»l cli 
(^^^SHcl ^^^ ■HISJ «t8(l Well C^'-^^SlK'ft «t»i%-H(ci (ei'Sl cl^ll^l y^^ll (5l^(*li 5. <itl^ 
^iill cla^ll^l (i^%S4lrl»ft ^fi^\Qx ^'oi^ ^<*Hl%l-1a?ll ^Im-ld^ «lU»l-aH^ %i^ 
clwliril -Hl^ %ll(|cU 4^ cl^l C^^IR ^ii "H^ &. w^ift (3^^^ ,4l(H aHlMejl t^l^l ^.^K- 

<\R «5><ii <^^ cl Tiiciini ^(uiHiHi §51^ «i*i%M(ci -Hisi Qti'W 3iiui\Hcii 4^. Sii^ <v 

t'Hfcl ^oi^ ^ ifcJ «iii u^ ;?iiH ani'msji t^i>ii ^^^ ^^i ^i c\ "^^t^a oy^i^ ili"^i>ii 

aniMeil \Ci,^ an^ <3*=H tl^l6l=(l»>ll cI"H9V sjl^loi^ivii a>l ^iri^li il^ii^i «i«ll»ll anw^wi 

aHl'Miajl iH^jflH aniii fi^l^l etci^MQcft ?llH i)ll(a i^cll 4<Al, c^^ll 5ii3il'H5ii3i onHSJIl 

^i5i<n 5i(iii<:t<ni 4di. an^ clni "hR^i^Ii^i ^tUi^i ci ?livi>ii gi-uiiH h^^xi ^ni. cl^li >iitH 

«l»i%"H(cl»li <\.M. «li9[l 51^1 R^cll '^ cliil«(l ^t'^.lH aHH2icll »l(i ^cll. -Hej «l^ %lUUll 
«l»l%M(ci «iy clMiyl Ci^H JjRrtl 4ctl ^^ ft«il8iT5li ^H9/ «(l«l 5:3^1^511^ o/3l<H^i 
^icll %tl«l "^^^tl €^5j =1'1%'h(cI c\m^ il^H^ sJ^lOlMl^l cl^ ^ll'l SHfMcll 4<ni. («l«ll %i'Hl- 
€»! i^sil'tl aHl4l "Hvifcl^l «41<H ^Ri^l "^^XMI^ H^<Hl^L ^IM 2l^?ll ^, =^ ^Sll «llcl 
^. "H^ ^h =yi5i<v (q^ici ( Mr. F. Gell. B. A. Cambridge ) (nai*icl«(l ani i*l>ii 
ani^l anmi ■'ifSi-H (i^%«ll'l'{l cIWH et't^'ufcl^l ©iin^q (practical) aH<>J4l%l >!<l 

By Natives of India alone can Botanical science be pursued in India 
with the same success which has attended the eflForts in this direction of 
Europeans in Europe. Botany is not of course merely a Nomenclature. But 
before it can be entered upon as a science, common plants must be known 
and discriminated by their names. Perhaps there are not half a dozen men 
in the Presidency, who could go into any ordinary ghaut jungle, and tell 
its trees and plants by their leaves alone. But more labourers in the field 
of Botanical Research are urgently required in india: and they must be 
drawn from the ranks of the educated Natives. Half a dozen men excepted, 
little, apparently, is known of the great Vegelable Kingdom by those whose 
deepest mysteiies nevertheless require the juice of a rare jungle plant; 
(Sarcostemma Viminale says Dr. Haug, is the true "Soma" of the 
Veds.) but many of whom are still content to feel an ignorant contempt 
for " the jungle," with all of Wonder and of Wisdom which it contains. It 
will be a day of real progress in India, which sees the educated Brahmin 
going forth into that jungle, to learn deeper lessons from it, than even the 
most eloborate of soma sacrifices can teach him, in a "spirit of love and 
of a sound mind;" and he may perhaps find that many a despised dweller 
in its recesses has a knowledge of its plants and animals, and of other things 
besides, which he and all his educated fellow-countrymen would do well to 
respect and utilize. The great Mountstuart Elphinstone, being found, late in 
life, attentively sitting amid students, to learn to the last whatever was to 
be learnt: and India will be great, in what constitutes true greatness, when 
her greatest men are not ashamed to do the like." 

Villi «i=u^i 'li'-Hi \^ ani-Hiaji liU itn^^n oi^*ti ^m-^i iU v{^r »i(4 sim ! I !^ 

ci»i%-M(ci'tl HOJI ^^M R^<\. »H^ ^'ll SlHl^ ^M ^■HlSd 5j^«ll^ 5)1 (nHH>ti (3til 
»l(i (3ClRcli «l'l%'4(cl'{l »ll(Xf«l an^ clrll oain^i^ SM^IpI (^l^Hl -HlQdl yi^H-H <lcl 
il8lH Q1151 f=:tw (SM^l^d ^. sJli^-V 'l(^ "Hiai ^ =l»i%'HrclR€4l'il 'Hi^l'l SHQ^l^ 
(^l^tW %ll>il'-H ^WHlWll <:4=14l^ (practical) >llt3i^l?(l "MiSi y^iSilSJ^U KW^^ ^ihm ^. 

RenKl U'-i5l ^m^l ^l«l, c\l cl^ -Hej ct ^%cll $i3l-Hcll Ql^^l 8lfef -H^ &. ^iHl iyWSj'ft 
^clCHOi a5l=ll ^ 1-^l'Hl»-H 5i«VRl<:{l ^^^ srt^'lUl «i^5ill "HiSi <tt\^ <rt^ ^.'W^^ 
^iWlKl ^iWl 3liyi'«{l ^rll 5il^^lH 5H^ (iM^Ul RHMKH ^cl 04141 ^l^. 

»l3i^l »i >lVl Cil«/ ^^l rl^^l ^^l) 'i^^l "HW ^l'«{\ cl^ 'Ht^'l «il=ucii OV^, ^UiPl ^ ^ 

qri%-H(rt 5H8i=ti cl»iL ci^»ii yi«l ^um<i[ 0/^, ^"t^ aHi=l ell ^Kl ^ifei Rm-^fl, "^ ysii 

rl^irlWi eiri%\i(rt»il «i> filQlloil OiRliH^j clQ tMm\. ^IH, cl cIhI ctl^l 'i%^[ ClMl^Ctl 

d. «i^ cl»ii eii^'l «ll=Hcll ^dl^l ?Hl<=tcll ci^fl. "HiSi <^H <^>i ^PlOl =li^cll ^ «l»l%M(cicll 
cl fioiioil n'HlRAcll ^ q^*^ ^^^ 5iyi<Hcil ayfclwl lA^Ji, cl>i ^M ci>ii oi>{<1 ^ ^^ ;^lri 

aJlitn'Oi 81141 ^. 

?ii cl 6n4 %ii| (Si^Hi^ "^w. :»ii <:-i">HniR^ anw <^^i «ih sihI oiiHil=»ii «i^ Roii<l -^qi lili'ft 

?ll<Hcl ^ 5Hn Sleii ili^i^l ^lOicl'ft 5HRAR ^Hl y%cl?!Kl ^IHl-Hl ^Hl^l ^tl, ^ %=llQlir=l5! &. 

Wll*tl Ri^l^l'd, ^ICll "V'qi aHSl«tl ^ICllSft ^H\.\ ^Icl \:lRietrtUl S^av (H^llrll R^l^l'ft SH^ o{l^ 
m^l RKl^cll "Htnl ^l1 &. wJil^ ^l CH'>H»ilR^ ^qVl ^Hl %q8ll»lrll Oi^jii |oi;^, «H^il»il ROii^l 

ci^ >ll^ €l">HclR ci^ll^l •wi^'oiR *^l^l (SMiR >ll^ &. Sli^ov »i(^ -Hej ^a^ll fi^ 
^l^HclR^ ^H SH^ \«H<Jtlci ^. ^^ICHcll V^llcll^l s^'Il-yRlHl-^l-HtSJ ^feil-^dsl «llcll 

^ ^ ^3U an^ QJii^il ^iis^^i yisi Hicii Js^ctl. SHI ^|S^;^l«l!! qicii 4^ litl >ii^i, 
< >ii^i, ■Hej c-fotniR ^icl cli ci •»H<1 ^i^ ^. 

"You will find something far greater in the ivoods than you will find 
in books. Stones and Trees will teach you that which you will never learn 
from Masters." (St. Barnard) 

"There is a tongue in every leaf, 

A voice in every rill." (S. Thomson). 

1h1 ^M ^h rii^icil Oi».?ii;i ^IM^ ^^ aHCtrSsRejrll ""-JllRSft oll(5ll4l5l \§{v{^ 
ell cl il%l«<1l8U ^l-H^ft m\ «lic\l h\ &, dVl ^<\\Qi \^ &. wHl^ 5lSf q,i%-H(rt^ 

wt-^Kl Qll«l8(l ^y»il ^3^ ^Mi^ -oi^iHR ^>i( cissftrl ?iy 'Vniil ^-an^ cl q^Hcl 

^^wi ^, an^ rt eii^'ii^ «cii sHd^^iHiR^ »v R^H >ivi &. ^oi^i^i ^-uti^i, -^81^1, 
iUi, ii4, aiii, ^R%ii€, oi?H, ci^y ^iR iU ^=hWi CHPwi ctsn, ■u«^ 515, d^lcl ^IH^^f^ 

tJ^<l UQll^ ^, -H^ cl "^(^ W^f ^f^" SH^^I ^Itl SjlfclCH ^iUH^'ll <5lliil>li ^liC-ftSl ^l ^ 

^l>l€l^ >t4l^l^l «il(isHW5i) yi^*H 01,41^^ l^(^^ f^^Wl "^1*1^ '^^'- '^^ ^Sli^i;^ 
<H^il ^^l^'ll »V%<n wllSJ^l'll an^ ^'(l <^H <H^ cIh ili-Hi il(%lQ. «iW ^<l ^^ 
5H^ >14CI shRiCHIHI 6cn. ^5^1 -^ii^^i ^^ SlV^Urfl RW^HiR ^lilVcll M^^^ 
(uP%l"Ml<St (<:H'>H'll?*tl I'l^'HfclRsil Ch-A an^ ^5l*i9!s) 5l%d;i HhriU'i (Chester* Macna- 
ghten) %lli<H ^l«l ^h M^^i clW=^cl Ss^cli «H^^il i^uKl q^l^-HCiKl ?llU 84^1 mCI «llcl Jjl^l^ 
^dl. ^''l^Sil ^h<U< ^l^Sl ^H-oi'tl^^ 'IIH cl JslH JsRqi >ll^ ani^ii^ ^d- '^^ ^'^ 
\ii^ >ll cl =l-»Hcl»ll ^l^oiSR'il »li^[n%<i=l ^^ yi^<H (4l<a «llriM%8l Sl^ai Sir 
F. S. p. Lely, C. S. I., K. C. I. E., I. C. S.) ^ ^i<[i< yi^Sl &.yyg ^^, ^>iv 
•oi^iRs riwSR xii^ieji yi^oi oi4i^^ "^isi k^'^^'i ^'^i ^i' <^M^8ft M %ii^5i 

oii^i ^1^<H (41CH =lKy%«l «4^CHl Hon. H. M. Birdwood M. A. LL. M. (Cantab) 

81*11 -Hfesl -IJiSlRs rll^ieR >i.4Rl^l yi^«H <H4l^^ >i^ iOCHiog % " cIHH ^li ^ilrl^l 

■ill ^IH i^U ^ 1 cl^ii <vil«a<fl Ht^l fcJ, "Hej rl ai^KA^H^l ffny^." "l^iSlRs 'ifHSR H^l- 

Rl-tJ-m. <HIS Clio \ ans^ioii? \C<1^ ^ ^IffiC %l«lR>ii >l^ Slif^i^l (Jl(\H<:l ^3sH >i$% 
"^ clHl^ fi>i^?s " b^\iR ^Ik \\X^i^ wl-i aill-^l" »ll |^l«(l ^l %«l%8iK>li S^- 
qiWi ^l<^l tJ. ^l ^JjM chsJ ^ Hl^ %tl^<H "HW oi^l an^ fi»i(ci i^ I yi^oi, ^ ^l?s- 
^Wl anfi Jc^lU <V!J^I ell ^KH ^ 3J«Hy>li mQcI QiaiHlrlCHlCH ^i^^iJ (t^KH %H3l%8l ) 

an^ 41. ^•»Hi^iH 'H'^'i ( 4i«a %«i3i%8i )rii %i^qi^>ii R(^ ei,t%'H(ci^i ^*m%i i^ ^ ^ 

R^ W$l. ^M^«(l c\5li %li^oi -uiiTH^i 4**11, 'H'i "H^ aH2i5:3Hi i|i ^:~ 

"Well, never mind, we have given you a congenial work I think. Please 
do your work and you will find an interest in it. Your knowledge of plants 
should now be put to some practical and useful work." anisft ^ ^R^lfcJ oi*il, 
;i ^lJs^>ii ^^ aiiii. ^ «i-H <^^. (VOICH-Oilciwl aH^ V ^i ^oJ^'ft ^1?J<1 bH dlo \ (jft 

<H«l 4^l'^'^l ^^'^^ "^^l "*1^ "^^'^'V ^ ^^R'Hl Sncft Uiajl"^^ aniH^lM^l^ft «l*t- 
%'hCi«11 •i^nisili ^ijjii iiCi. an^ cl ci'l%-u(ci>ii8ft 'ftsUKll ^^l, ^3l*ll »KK, o^g^ 

* Common Thoughts on Serious subjects by the late Chester Macnaghten, M. A. 
Principal, Rajkumar college, with an introduction by Robert Whitelaw, lutroductioq 
page XXV. London 1896. ^ 

=»il(?^Kl 'l^niaJlAl "mSJ ^2i^ Siu. cl %t2t4 v{!{ ^*il ^\^ ^<^\^ %ioi^^i Oo\.[i 
•"iSlRs clWSl? >l(^Rli3il yi^<H »i<^l|^ ^-r^^ ^55=tl H ^ilR Js<l «l^ %ll^<H^ aHl"^^!. 
ci %t2l,^ «i^ ^^ dell i^iliclSft -ujSlRg 'i).-iii\R M^lRi^i yi^oi ^l«^^^ HISJl R[^ ^^i 

ei^Hclcil >ioibJrii oiei;?,i;{ yi^oi (£/. ^. r/jc Governor Lord Reay) ^l ^U =«Hl'H«ll^l 

^iJjC-iqwl ^i^tii 4^1. <^^^i^ "Misi lid's iify^'H^i (yR($(^^<j) an^^U ^<*«iii^cii. 

«^ 1<i(l-'4 ell oil>ia ^et^SllHcll i5idlHl^cll il«^lrl^l ani %=l%8tlrl»ll Olioii>ii8ft 

^^ i$-»v »ii <l%i>(l ^iliici ^^wa Jti^^iHi ^<H?J" ii€*U>ii cli •stiH'iR "^iicti^ 
oi^i 4rti, 5?^ Mi^ "msi ueii nf^i^'H'li an^ ^U >i«lCHi ^ ann 5^ ^214^11 %iR%ci^ 
©M^ i^<Jii ^i^ ^iticii (^1 ani y%ciJs'ti ^""h "iaKl "mijvi ^uiiiid ^. 

«H^-il ;|3R'{1 <l»i%-M(ci *l0ivil»il q^rl^ SlSs ^^Cl?! ^'^'^[^ ^^\ «IH«U iHVirll^rll MHMl 
i^^i, SH^ cl8(l (wMl^ wHl^ cyoiei^il ^^«ll oveti^ 81^ (<il^ ^ ^ <^^\-^Qx ^^.\M\. ^Hl^ldl 

cl-il ^'m j!<l ^nmi anieicft ^dl. -Hiai ■»Hiciirti jtw iHRici ^^^ ^^ ^^iitn ^oi- 

=iHl y%cisj>ii ci»l%'H(ct«ti4'l'{l ^l^«licl8(l -H^iStl TTl^w ^i?s«ll^i ani^CH 5. c\ 

«ll>ti ^l=l<*l &. 5l^i \i^\\i ■HlfR^iR?! *lo^l (definitions) %t%^rt an^ oisv^ictl 
^l«l<ai k cl il8l-H rlV^ anUi^l :iH^ idlUll Ql^Sll /T'Wiyi ^=11 aVSJl^. "Hej ^^\ WiH^l 
an^ i(dl(Al Qi^^Hl cl il«tH risy^ <vi^l4l ^. cl=tl cl cl»li ^iPH ^^iKM^ wll^ ^l"H^ cl^l 

«li^s «ici%-m(ci^i^i ali^i (3'H^ iMi aH<^iy Js^il "H^iA cl %i^<:hi an^ Hejl SM^ll^Cl (Veiitl. 
miRqiiRsj ^it>^i'{l yi^ ^^i aH2i5:3>ii v^^ ;m%ilH ^iioli 'hi^ ^Jt«ii>ii ^i^cai 

?H^5:3 KV>i\ vCa S'ill^Ulcl^im i^H^llHil anJs ^d-o-Hl (3^l^Ulcl'{l -Hltsyi aH<»Jil%l1'{l ^toiet^di 


Natural order of the plant. 

Short description and properties of 

the order 
Serial number. 
Generic and specific (Botanical) name 

of the plant. 

Vernacular name of the plant. 
General description of the plant. 

Stem and branches. 
Leaves and stipules. 
Flowers, peduncle, bracts and pedicel. 







Economic parts of the plant. 

Medicinal properties of the plant. 

Uses. -medicinal and Economic. 



^i^i %ll^tHrii 41<:h :aHM[-M. H\<A[ {Flora of British India) ^ R^Ai^ ^^ri^H^ 

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S5ir»T^. ^kci ^^y^ ^ l<i^^ «14 i^ (^. ft. -Ml. n.) ^liii ^oHi?i^-ftua ^214 -uijI \. 

i^d 'll^l>li "H^^ dlH Ul^sj^ 'HI %«l%8lH>li oiKSll^ %?ll(<5s (local) »im Sl>HSl 

(Flora) iH>HlH 5 cl>i qri%-M(^*ii <Hiei ^ui^U^ ^11 ti^'l =*H^ =i^lfij! S'H^IOI SHl'H'lMl «/ 
aHftlMtcl yi^Oirtl ^^riiSfl S^-Hi q»l%-4(a'll OitS^im ?H^ 5HIHHIh @M*il3l 8lt«Sl R5l«l 

sm^ Js^eii^ii ^i=l<sii &. •Hi^ RHiH^H S-H^pi (a^Hsti^ti jfi/lmqiivil -aSM^. ■^i^<sii 
•fl^'ii Si 5i9/Ridl y^cili^i <N^\. wHi <3"4^i3i Js^«ti>ii vi^K fcj, <^i ^»ii jjcuwiini 

^<HR5s »ll^l^l (4«llill ^R^iwi y^l^iil &. 

\— 3Tr%3n^g-<H»llci»ll^ RlHC-i «(l^^ 5jXii. ^$l» ^H. a»i«-^i 5i^» •ui<HluftsHl il%^- 
-y<l lihiR (^ICH «l>l'iai^). 5H^«ieil€. y. y. 1<:^^, slL>icl ^. "H. 3^^ t^ {i\. 41. oil.) 

R— BTRTTTIRSlhrq-^^ ySk^ h\<\.\ \K* H«4^ll^1 >ie[l^lS^ 31i(hS55j ffrtHH^l^. a>l:i 
^\ {\ K\\. M,\.) ^ 

%?ll»l?sKl ijtl(ft>ll oiriai y^ a>lH oiaiqetl>li aHL«l^ ^ ^, cl ^<=t\Qi QfivX cIh «v 
8^ i^ 5ni3i«ll ovloi qwl, ss(|«lcl 1 JsRctl «l^«ll>lt aHl«l$[l ^ ell ^ •Hej ^i "Hrl^aVcl 

^IfcJ llhTo/Sll^il (v;ii R?1h C-iotlHC-ft ortlSJ?! -^3^ ci>l Js^qi (Sf'H'll?^ QnS'ft *Rct *ll«| 

via^w^ &. 5i |iHii>ii-a "Misi 1dc-(l5f ^^irt Si %ii4»/fi5j S-H^ioi-il cii^ftR^ oyiaii?l. 

^(^ a>li(n^>l^ Slcft Slilg "UIJ^ <c(l ei,t%-4(^ qi^icll^ 3tlWl'»(l *lJj?l Wt^ cl^ %\^ \^ 
y%ct!s CH^^ ^ ci "^^ an^ «IH oil«I o^i ci«U ai^H y>i5i9 CHiH-ll^ mcll^l H«liy ^['A^ 

q^R^i. sfHi y=ici?s>ii U141 ■•^I'^fl^i ^i<a>i "Hill Misj cl •oii'iftSii ^^ «ii^ciR n^cli- 

qVicl (;H">HciR^ CH"^ 8Vi2iieill c\l (H'^H'tl? cl 'Uil^fl^l $iVil=(l cl^Jli^l ^1911^ nh.. q^ll 

m«tii-Hl 2Hi«lCHi 3[l^«ii^, ^[l=? SH^ ll^wi aHi(i ^31^i"hI cl^ay (^^%?ii»i'ii »ft«i en^iwi 

s ax^x^x^^ (UYtf«jnAtf«a 

ani y%n5sWi <meii>ii 5Hi^<ai ^^^^ ■H^Rieii %ti^(Hcii ^idi ^i (^i^ois?) %«i- 

^%cl ^icll an^ CH'Oi'llR^ Js^irl^ol ^a>ll%llji ^S^W "H^^Usoi^i'l 8lfcl «Vcli ^l «iiv»ti 

ani y^clScii -H^tili 2j^"^i aH848(l Jj(ci •H^cl |iV(l.ii cl-Hl^ll ^\l[^ <veti»{l ?Hl2i4 

M^^ ^icll^l ^"iisei «fuicl ^l^ H^\. ^•H«fl cl ^Ul^ aHl'>-«li &, a»li^ «>(' »l^ "Mej 
cla>li yi";!!;! q-Ui^l ci-Uicl ani ^i^rM i$\M[ SR"*(laHiri H>ajl 51h<:(1 ^^»i'.a>li -Hej bH ^ 
claill yi^ol ani y%cli y'oi^ (jft^CHl ^^<\. Oii^i ^^[7i ij^^ »HlM?l, CH'winR'fl "41^ 
clwli^l aHl<Jll^ ^Irl^Hcll fntlH ^l^tl ti^fl. 

^UCQ ^tlH <H">HrlUrll •H^'hCh-H fi^K 4€4^1<V «nS«15i5 •^1i>l^^ feJ =»i^ ^Hl y^':l?j>li 
SHI y^ctJs WHltJ Oii^l^ "M^^ ^«ll, ^ «^ i-lwl ^,&l^l«l ^>{ "V ^^l"iU»l'l cl8ll i^[l 

f^(^95 %tl§"i ff^i<Hl H^Hl ^l<r»t (JirtU ff/JHl <«l Pl^ ii \j(rl^R ^H^l <^^[>\k[ § 1::— SlfiHWlA 
ilict^i ^IwH b?A[^ ^ncil^li o?iqi ^(V^rtKl ff»lct ^l'-^ <i;^«{l S. ^i<Hl iliiHWli^i ^Hl^Hl ct ^"^Hcl 

^I'V^l'd^ ^l^^ SHI ^^^ll'fHiti fel<H«i ^K^l^ 31H1 (icj. qofl 5h-h Mi^ CHMIM^ S\ ^i-Hl il«tH 
^R^>ii H^l SH^ ^[^ ciSil^ sRmI siU n^5j \i\[\f <Hl an^ C^Rii 25c(l C-{lUi. MSjA •iPKl^ 

<HRMy^ ^sHiKl ((4ic-i^ Hl»Hi^|l =4^^) =H^ ^fl't^R-Hi q^Hi, ^H^ $^-6t <n^ii ;i3R'{l "Kliai^ki 

iiM?fl S^'ll ^Rl^i n^iy ?i->J-H an^ ^li ^li^ dU 43. ^MC-d^l HRI «iHl M^ ^i'HlSil 
^liajM^ 3[Ht SH^ (Hi Heii ^4 ^<{1 S<f?l »IHI ( ^h-h )^i q.V\l. \t-A ciSilSH "^IdlKl ^I'vHl'd ^R'>i- 
£^^i aHll^n. ^S'-ll mail (3^^l ^^n^ll ^sVHct 3HJIIH §. ^l'--{[ ?fl^l-H2is;25'll Sly ^l^cfl ^ (id'Hl'Wl 
i^[^ §, ^H i^"HlH 'S, a^^ 'HR^iS^'ll ^(^RUSllSil^ ^ItcH^§ a^isy ^■4,^1 (i^^KSJ aHl5l>HlH 
^. ci5Hl«{l ^liT^MovtM^ t^d'Hl'115 ^IH S. 

ff?Wl il«tM g.<V i^^ldl, cHR \^ ^ih'H I^IJJ, ^l«Vrl, >l(4i;il5V, ^iHl =H^ iil^Jl i^^lHl. 

ani'HC-ll S. •H^|H ^6Rm^ Ri^lclSS-il ^W ^{^ciH ^(^Rli^il^l (Hw(^(i2i) ^1° "i\o'{{ %ilcl "H^I- 

^Hm ^iiaii^iHi 'iRi ^^ 'n^[^ S. 




SHl^ 511^51 (Jlii. 

R?lH Pl^=lW. 

^11^14(1 'w(l?ll£J. 

=iH^l*(l 6l«llt?. 

?iijii»fl 9iwKi^jj. 






^=11^ %<:\3. 



^H^ "hIWJ^M^ SH^C-l ff^'Hl^'il a^n HlllH'li'i'il 5/l4$il 

j^i^ ^(ct*iiijii^i !/lc-4li ascfl c-[l?ii ^rti. 

«H^ MlrtWl ^H=i 'H.^Wt/ "Hl^'^ft WWWl sAi-Sll MlSl &\^\. 

Si^ iail 3UH "Hi^ "4l?l%i^ >i(4itHd £§R tHs^io^-S" 

SiSil «ll ^lff<'■Hl^M^ od^lo^l ("ki'^ SiSil i^'tl §^H^ >tix 
l=ld 91=^ ^^1 SHn liR^i oiyi=<li. "Htnl ?;i=lrl,l<r<!:^ 

»ti %bm <»i^ ^idi'fl 3i^tH ci^rfin GiHW ^\^x 

^ rt*Hl >llci*(l'll ^^WM^^fl ^MlVflWll ntfiiH ^§- 

HI*! 5. Si;ii £ji^l^« iti---{<\ i&vs Hi cl H^tcfii 
5ia£i?i SiiCvife'^a iio ii^ %ii§5i jjit 

SiSii *(15h moii R(j(aHW ii^il i^c-ii w. (5" cIShi ^ft'fl 

il^!/irS>ii "Hftl^^ S. 5i?Hl ^d-ll ^H^ Ml4<IS>irt*il 

* ^'lift'ti ?_iiiii ftwia? an^ cl'ii i»i« ^11511 siai>iei ^i=»i jh^ ^wrQ cualefl aipiij,' $iy oid/^idl 
«ti^ii SH^t^^ii ^ti. (^icnmiji ^iHiKl =iim, ftiili, ^w5ti an^ ti^i iiQ^iicnini aniiw jjUi y'^m^ ei^im »t^ 
5WW &. 4i«iw^ >iivASii^ ^wi'ft »4itfi'"tn^ a^iMHi >iiS ti^i i^*i 5 5:— 

"«H'i^ m. ^^% ^>l(Sft Hl| SIR; 



A', a: AMifa, Photo-Artist. 



M(^l^l<^(l ^1 ^Ml(/n<Ml =«1^<H'{1 ^-^ «IHI i^cil, =H^ ^5hi^;1 td^R. hi yK-l>li RlT^lfot^i i^^imi 

mo <nio MRH^l^A ^llC-ini anmi "HlclKl ^l«H^|<H4l ^^^ijl^ H'4'tl ^^S (&ctl--H<4l Ml»tA'-(l iW 
*R«i^ "H'/MH"*! ^Irt SH^diR iHl ^Hl. ct^Hl %ili'^ ^^^cl twH>(f, S^clR.H, aHlKcti, =H^ ^ia 
^^l. -Ht^ll^M^ yi^ ^^l (^rfl. ^icnmi 6^4^ 'lli^y 'JlSi ilH cil "Hi^ ^l^tjl^ ^nrn'^Hl (41H i^l, 
SH^ <Hl<M^ yc-im. clSil ?{l^ dcH ffJl ^ jRhI^ ^i, cilMQJ ci^Hl y<?<^ =Ml^«iRl (tell. OR ci^l 
SHM^lMl MiSJ ci^l^ Ml^ «<?{ =llcl iiH % cil ciV^ ^^(1«V ^§-H SWl ^cll. ciSiiMl "Hlrt ^(?{'H4ni, 
^UH<HH =H^ ^i Pim<Hltni ^ctl. ^WlHl H^ =H^ (3^^=13?^ ct^Hl^^ 'H'^ ^^^K 43. ?li^^i 
ll^ "^^^.^fl 'i aH'^'^Hl -HliSl^ ^""ilH cil ct 9vi Miili^ i^^ll-Q ci^Hl'-d^ H^ 2i>^l^l ^c{l ^H^ 
6«1^ ^liaiy^li^U 'l^l't "HHJl^^ H^Hl^^ ^^c(l ilddl. ^ict R^ci^ >'H<Hl<H'il, =4^ ?it^lilc^^i ^ngi 
«MH%iW^ 6ctl. Rl<Vci^ an^ «>{l!rn SRIHI "HWI^I <^ ^ib^. H[Gib i^RlQ|l^ C-ft^l ci^^l^^ Rlil 

^^i ^im "i^T 6cii wcii Pi^iK ^WRi ci^ni^ ^>h[ t^cti. h^^'^w ^'(l ct^iii^i, mu ^^ 

0^*^% hiR =Hl(s «lSll?(l i^^ ^^^l iM ^I'^dl ^cll. ${W'i 'h m-i i^cQ =l>H^l;l^ 401^^ 
=H^«V 4^ 1 "SH'lJlcll, hm Slil ^IH rtl ?" cil ^Id 4^^ ^c^^Wcll 1 '% ! y^'ft i>l^ ^1 
•ife." =H^ ll^R "^llci '(IM i^ciri i^ctl ^-"i>i^ i^ ?il <£\ii 1^." =H^=ll^ ?lUlH\ i^dl 5H^ 
Wm^eWl ^"SSl^.^^ •Hi^l'^'H, ct^«V »llJ?'H^ ^(il^H SH^ V51HI ^n^i %M[r{[ ^(h"|c{| (^(jycu^yi 
(H<fi^=llfe«{l)^ m(^ Pl^ "i ^">Hct ff/dl. ci^l^ nt^l ^3-Hi "SrcT ^^^ ^^dSH^ «^ ^^Kctl 
'li^l (^^ QllHl Hi^Q »H='f^ <rn>^cll t^dl, 5H^ (Si 1 ^l\J" ciRPUl^ ^l^^-Hi ^l^^l l^i 'iii cilMi^ 
^Idl^ 31lHd Pl«lRl yi^a ^IR 6cil-5H^ tlRl Pij,l«i ^ittmrfl y[:fl Jj^^ i^idi ^cll-il-*«tlcl ^mi 
^ICHRS^^ ct^l'-fl^i ^l. Moo) ^l ^fRMlH 5Hl"^Hl (ictl. ciSil^'il cfldl l^^ctiQliR^i^d cfly 
^Pl, 5>t \p[[<{[ ^ipit^n, ^isllrd (HIh!, 5^ ^isiKi \^^i an^^ 5^ \^^\<{i QtlHl^HWi ill=^d ^^Q-i (^l^l 

d^ll^^ ^^fl^€liM^ ^4 ^"^'^ ^^l ^^ "HRn^^dl il"^Hlcl ^i'^i^i^ll ?itlSiei ^[^^<l 
^€Wl ^"{l^ll ^l«Hti€i ct<l> %?yi[?M H>^ ^ilHldl 4dl. ^H <Vi1<S<[l^l ci^iien^ dlS (^ai ?tM 
6=tdR-lpHct ojidi ^^ctll^l %iJl^ ^I-^-HRi Miai hm fecit. dSlieRdl o^Hl ^^ctSoiiR^i :^^lcl 
»hH il-H«ll^di ^Qli 6^cl(c-tfWd Ji>c{^l ^l«3S ^-'Hldl^ (fe^l (HWl^ =H=^^ Jild ^Idi (fefl (Hl'^Hl 
^i^cfil SiH?fl <=li=Hctl. ci^l?{ldl oadl :!i^cli(JiiRMi«(l 5J[i ^iicd^ sHndR'd hH\^ ^M'^tl'^H 
^wE-tpHd ^i^dS i£R ^W ^^^ dfel ^Ml^ ^IH, ( WHIH dl »HW\ ^.IHCH <: ^25 1°° 5^^! 
811H. ) 5>ig R.drV ^ilii ■MWl^ s^fd ^l^fl S^^ felC-tdHl ^^Q =Hl^^ $-d ^^% <HPl^d^ SHlHi^ 

<H^fed (ni^id) nRtj^l sPi'^ <ndi^^ §. "=i<aT ^i<v ^3^fe>ii ^<^d. i"H<:^ 'd «i<H^i ch-Jh&Ii fe^^i^i 
^«?l^l §. 

d^Hl^^ Ml/\ «l%i «H^ (MH feed. ci«(l d^l?fl ^ ^R R=lM "^l/l yi^l^ ^I'd^ *il«Vd 
i^dl. gSM^ Pl^4 Mr d fedl. dSiiMl^ sH^l^ld %iHd, 1.tM^ ^^ ^fl M ;i Hi 63. 

* SHI ®HH«(l SHH sHjiMl't nsT ^l5 9 I j.^tl'^ i^>JHl M\r^ ^C-lM CH^HllC^nl Si, cil clSli'U "Hl^ 
V«l>l IH'^'lRCH'fl ani^HlH^l ^44 Nei 6?1, 

6rn. ... 
II n^il'ii 


['Hi ^fH. 

mi anioHi 


T ^»^^ 'V 

=»{ ^? 

n^li «y 

Sl^ iHl 

1^1 >ildt 

5 tMl'ft ?ll 

l°^l d a 

H^ Hi^i 


Tny I II 

Late Maharana Shri Bhavsinhji of Porbander. 

^'ffn 'inm ^^m^i'i^ Qiwfi^si) Miti<H(%i(^2i' %ii. <ni. ^i «/'^ ^ci^x \«:^v 'ii ^w ^i 
•fls^ict^i) ^i "ii. nail n^wi ^KHH m ^inc-iwicAi «irai§n <§m^ Mil t^cO. whi'^ '{l«ii<?i <v=ii 

^H^ ct^il yi^'H'Q @>l^ at^J' cMl^. ct>l^ Jll«l(^i ct«ll aH?i25 1^^^ s'ilM'Hl Ml^ •^HIH^Q ^fl^iij^ft 
^iUciej i:a ^cd. ci^ii^fl^l rii4iriM«3j?fl <v (si^SR 5H^ ^^^'SHni svl^nKl H^fl idlcl fecfl. ci«a 

>l^ni ^«^5ii an^ i^ioi^a ^s^i iiiii, ^m, ^\% ^ ^H^Mcflni ^rI [k^i ii^ aniMni n^niKl 

^IclHl tm 2H^ HI Ml^t ^5^R%1 i^ n^ll^l isW^ iW jAiH 5HMI<1 ^Id tHill ^I2i) Sim. 

!il^ U6^ ^[ ct3j,ie(m :il5/^ld«{l ;^lov^MR ^l5t<VHl fisili^iy Hl^ >lli4t<Hl-Hi 5Hl°Hl ^dl. 
SH^ (HR M^ n^Hl ^IIH^R^ Hlo Sii^fi ^i^^^i i^^[-^n^ aH^C-lSR^d ^•>h'^>H Kl^i ^IM^lRi aHMl 
an^ ct'fl yi«l d^Hl yii^ 5>U>^C-{l5Hl 5H^ (is^SlH'il Mi^l (Hl^iwi ^^ISj^O i^fl i^cfl, aH^iaj 
sH*Hl%t «t^ ^I'^H'Hl'tl ct^'V ^«ll'i'{l «3^ <^^ ?l^<jy "i<r»tHcti ^fl^H-HWl ^3«(1 rt^Ml^^ ^^i 
3i«i2i)'QH^ ^o ^'VIA'i %lli"l'{l ■^■"i^^H =H^ i^a ^ovcii ii[%i^ cisqc-i ^o QictlKlSl^l ^it^qjajcfl 

i^.T^piH'iRiM HlSi ^iMi i^cii, m^^li, \^'-}i ^[^?^.l, ^ii ^5i-"^'Vd an^ 1m<^n ^hwhI 

il^>H ct^l'Q ciSil 'IWSR'^ '{lMl4i^ n^^ <Hil«ll =H^ H^l %li^a 5Hd<Hn aiHl t^ctl. 

"n^i^i "H^ti 'H?! (^K-Wl ^Rt>{lHl rllHSR il^R ^li'H'ft "^4 ciVijjeHl i«l^<H «lSl 8t^ ^jj. 

:il«l yi^'H'ti \^^ ?\Wi\ =Ml^<n %ll«l M^i^Hl. aHcHl^ ci^tt^rQ a^:^ :{^13|l |mct §. ^^f iiffyj^l 
Qt^'^ini flCHl^ll =^^ ^"n^l =Hl^R ^ ^\ (Hn^^mmi ^R«Hl ^ll^t'l^ "H^ «^ \(io\ rii 034 
^IW-fl 30 HI rtl^-vH Mld^l ^H^^l <V->1 81HI §. SHI Mld^ «Ml<H ^l«t =H(Hl^ «f ^•l'{l c^^i ^. 

^iffn nWSR HfeRHSil^ W QiWl^Kfeoii yi. <^l. ^l ^l«Hl(QlHi ct^ni SlSWi M^?lli 31^4 
M^ rt^cl ^clcV ItM^ ni (Hl«^=ll "H(i vs ^ ^I'ft^lR ( ctlo lM-4r-\«roo ) rii \[<t/ i[Q,Vi[<^[i,.^i ^ 
«lMct'll "'^K-fl/lSC-l Stiv^i s:icisi (^d^ !«l^«H^ ^isl 81^1 t^?il. 

ciSll nWtR^^i :^i„Hra c^aii^i ,^iJi^[ fifl^i \^ sliii .v ^i^HHl ''iWl'll SH^lMRiaj qi<««H 
3ii3l«(l il«tift(cl %-a ctl m.<[ i&cfl "^ il<rn ci^Hl^ft^ i^ldWl -^tlifl =H^ JHlOi ^l«t«V ^li&X Mi^J 
^"i'^llHi HlMl(Q (MctUJ«*l ait^fl ct^^ <Hl^ %ll^»i "l^'Hl C-tPfl. «Hiy yii"l il«n^ H't'=l<^ ^l<^ 
§, ^ ilfn'H Mej ciH^ «niJi<V ^"41 ctMni =1^134^1 14 Pi'^l'H^ il«t<H(in RlWl 6. «iR£R 
H^Rieil^ <Hl=l^6«5 ^l. <^l. HW =Hli«V ct?| ^layH 9il3l<l Wl y^l^ 31HI $. 

mn ?i^l* M^lSl'^dl ll/l^H t^ctl 3{i^ 5v Hi^i: -HiiJ ci^HWi ci«A H>^1 fi^lH ^i^^U 6cll. ctSll %ISI 
^l^H-Hl^ 6<1l, ciShiSI «U<lRi #l4?(l aft^-ii "V^IC-HI &(^ ^H^ (H^il I^Rni m^Jl ClMil iR iHl 
fedl. HK^li ^itn ctSil 'ilHtR yi§<H ^^ 2<lr3fl?(l £«llo^ 1, J?"^ =H^4^i2i Ml^Rfl Midi 
^^^ll^l^H Miaj S"^4 i^=llH §. SHI ctl ct^l^l^i >i(clHl'l =IW«V i<l %-{l (icQ ^H^ik JHl'fl ell 
ctSil TiRt <V t^ni, 5? ov'l sn^^ §, 5H^ ^'td'^ <=l^ ^Hl rt^Hl^Si ^ ^m ^^lai y^ctlo^il ^ n 
■ot^ay ffVrlS ^l«l^ Mi2l ^iV\[^ ct^l 0, 'imSR ^^[fH H(&Rieil <JIR(%1(&£? «l. «ni. ^i^i^ ^jji 
?i<H ilHl iXCHl $. 

^Hiii !Mi^^ £1'>hchi5hi?(1 \k^ ss^ ani'^ $. Mii<l in^'ti <v-'H'ii ^i^iRii ii^oi :(.ooo) ^MImiKI 

«tl(5i "^tW^ ti^HH^ 'il'l^ ^l«d R^^ ^^1=^^ ^'^ ^^^£l "ia^-^ ?iiH ^- ^l^'^l =H^ Wd^ ^i^'ll 
R€ll«ff5HirO ^^^rt ^=t<^fl^ §T^»V'i aniM^l ^l^ <M'il^«'{l ^-^<H (1% 'i{^fr^[ qifHS ^^ftaHl Moo 

QlS^i^ '{l(rl an^ !^>l ^WHl lcA=l<<(l =Hmi ^l^ «ii:>H i"^4 S. %i^^n Mli^UOimi Mi^ <t<Hi ^fl^- 
lajHl 3llS<H«aj «ttr6c(l. "^aiql^n^ cl^[^ yi^l -HiHi §M^ -HRciHl ^gift Hh«/ ^llctHl tlfilKl §7t(cl 

Sl^^HCH i^r-fl (fecfl anH 5ii <^lfc|^^C-tKl :^«tiM<ll i^l^d (&cfl sy^ "(HW(^i425 ^Ifcft^St" 'tl^ ^HMIH^ §. 

«?3 ^-ci 5^ 1 |J,itfi?(l lOilctl (HlHlcil^ $i3[ii cts^l =H'-'t ^^cl =HlM^l >ll^ %% ^'iW'l'k §mil 
ilWHi 'iiejIKl slC-fl^li iJit^ i^sa an;^ mjji ©tiHlcil^ >=i>«iH'{l ^IS^l^i £l"*HC-l i^ 'lOtWl 3l 

■^ti^l ^•»Hci ^WlHl 3i:Qoi it«iH lil^ 6«i^i ^Mii "!at41 <vslmi =4^r-(l aHlM«imi, ciSni^ €^l 
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y^fl CHPll^n ^I'^Hl feed. 

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^M'tiMi 1^3." ciSli'ft Rei§i<2i m^^ ^I'^i ^fi*ft ^^'^l'^ Hi^ll an^Qin an^ ^H ^^n^^ 6i ani 
JiSlKl an^m^ anH aW^l Hm^ ciSiv ^Ictl'fl ^S 5JS3(lMi "iiixh bRi^\ a^Pl ana^ii^l^ <-fl^ 

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HH?a ?i9*^ict^i itifan Wfctiw (B, C, 311 A, D, 1404) ^H'^ ^M^^'ii ^ic-^i \ 
Qil^l l H( WMl^ll S. 

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llWSJ^l n^l ^i 5>li^il»l( ^1^*0 ^rft ;^ff>rt i^ctl an^ ci aHi:iil "iH i^ ^HS^ a5iii3i(i^Tt«ft 
MH^li 5^«ctl. V>!^ei ^ 51W ^ aHR-fl»li Rl'^^mi SHWcti. Mlclli^l s[y <V^^ ^IH cil aflfl £1^ 
«=ll«t «H16R ^l^ ^cti. ^\h^^ mn '"^leicil 'ti&l ^W^ -MSRi^J S^cll. ci ^tt« slul rtSM^a>ii 
|H^i M^lltal^ »llt Midi. qtAci S^ll %l<HR>l[ a^R <Hl2l i[l Mimi^i ^ciW j^l i^«t >^i^ j^ \tyf| 
<H^R "HWcll «i^ ci r£<H%l §c%l«l cl^fS Ml<ncll. 

^1) =H^i>i» i-^ 


BitM^niMvt ^jnuit^^tu^Mm B 

Abrus precatorius... 
Abutilon Avicennae 




Acacia arabica 
A. catechu ... 

ebumea ?... 
f amesiana 
pennata ... 
planif rons ... 
Senegal ... 
Acalypha Indica ... 
A. ciliata ... 


Achyranthes aspera 

Adansonia digitata 

Adenanthera pavonina 

Adhatoda vasica ... 

Adiantum lunulatum 

Adina cordifolia ... 

^gle Marmelos ... 

i^rua Javanica ... 

^. Lanata 

iE. scandens ... 

^schynomene aspera 

M, indica 

Agave Americana (Aloefibre-plant) .. 

Agave vivipara (Aloefibre-plant) 

Ageratum conyzoides 

Ailantus excelsa ... 

Alangium lamarckii 

Albizzia glomeriflora ? 

A. Lebbek ... 

A. odoratissima? 


Alhagi maurorum... 

. 226 
. 67 
. 68 
. 61 
. 65 
, 60 
, 67 



Aloe vera 

Alternanthera sessilis 
Alysicarpus bupleurifolius ... 
A. heyneanus 

longifolius ... 

racemosus (Belgaumensis) 



vaginalis (Var) Nummulari- 
A. V. (Var) stocksii 

Amarantace^ ... 
Amarantus Blitum? 
A. gangeticus 
A. spinosus ... 
A. viridis 
Amarylude^ ... 
Ammannia baccifera 
Anacard iace^ ... 
Anagalis arvensis (Var) Csenilea 
Anaphalis CutcMca 
Andrographis echioides 
Andropogon annulatus 
A. contortus 
A. filiformis? 
A. foveolatus 
A. halepensis 
A. intermedins ... 
A. Ischaemum 
A. laniger 
A. pertusus 
A. schsenanthus ... 
A. squarrosus 
Anisocbilus camosus 
Anisomeles malabarica 
A. ovata 
Anogeissus latifolia 


Anthistiria cymbaria 
A. imberbis 

. 690 
. 668 
. 607 
. 218 
. 220 
, 219 
. 220 
, 219 

, 218 


Apluda aristata ... 

... 700 

B. repens 

... 595 

A. glauca 

... 700 

B. verticillata 

... 593 


... 439 

Bombax malabaricum 

... 87 

Areca catechu 

... 673 


... 471 

Argemone Mexicana 

... 23 

Bougainvillea spectabilis ... 

... 593 

Arg>'reia speciosa... 

... 484 

Borassus flabellifer 

... 677 

Aristida adscenscionis 

... 705 

Breynia patens 

... 633 

A. funiculata 

... 705 

Briedelia retusa ... 

... 627 

A. hystriculata ... 

... 706 

B. stipularis 

... 628 

Aristolochia bracteata 

... 613 

Bryonia laciniosa... 

... 364 

A. indica 

... 614 

Bryophyllum calycinum 

... 327 


... 613 

Buettneria herbacea 

... 96 


... 689 


... 132 

Arthrocnemum indicum ... 

... 611 

Butea frondosa ... 

... 236 

Anindinella gigantea 

... 697 


A. setosa 

... 697 


... 369 

A. tenella 

... 697 

Cadaba indica 

... 37 


... 448 

Caesalpinia Bonducella 

... 263 

Asparagus dumosus ' ... 

... 663 

Calotropis gigantea 

... 458 

A. racemosus 

... 661 

C. procera 

... 453 

Asphodelus tenuifolius 

... 670 

Canavalia ensiformis 

... 242 

Atriplex stocksii ... 

... 610 

C. obtusifolia 

... 245 


... 125 

Canna Indica 

... 653 

Avicennia officinalis 

... 576 

Canscora perfoliata 

... 470 



... 29 

Balanites Roxburghii 

... 130 

Capparis aphylla ... 

... 39 


... 123 

C. grandis 

... 41 

Balsamodendron Mukul 

... 132 

C. sepiaria 

... 42 

Bamboo Working -plan 

... 713 

C. spenosa 

... 41 

Barleria prionitis... 

... 555 

Cardamine hirsuta 

... 27 

Basella rubra 

... 611 

Cardiospermum Halicacabum 

... 160 

Bastard teak 

... 236 

Carissa carandas ... 

... 440 

Bauhinia racemosa 

... 292 

Caryophylle^ ... 

... 48 

B. tomentosa 

... 291 

Caryota urens 

... 675 

Bergia ammannioides 

... 54 

Casearia tomentosa 

... 344 

B. odorata 

... 53 

Cassia absus 

... 284 

B. verticillata 

... 54 

C. auriculata 

... 278 

Bidens pilosa (Var) bipinnata 

... 412 

C. fistula 

... 269 


... 540 

C. montana 

... 283 

Bignonia stans 

... 540 

C. obovata 

... 281 

Biophytum sensitivum 

... 122 

C. occidentalis ... 

... 272 


... 45 

C. pumina 

... 286 

Blainvillea latifolia 

... 411 

C. purpurea 

... 275 

Blepharis boerhaavisefolia ... 

... 554 

C. Sophora 

... 275 

B. molluginifolia ... 

... 555 

C. Tora... 

... 276 

Blumea lacera 

... 400 


... 649 

B. Wightiana 

... 400 

Casuarina equisetifolia 

... 649 

Boerhaavia repanda 

... 595 


... 145 


Celastrus paniculata 

... 145 

C. urticaefolius? ... 

... 115 

Celosia argentea ... 

... 596 

Cordia monoica ... 

... 472 

Celsia coromandeliana 

4-- ... 533 

C. perrottetii 

... 474 

Cenchrus biflorus... 

... 698 

C. rothii 

... 472 

C. catharticus 

... 698 


... 375 

Cephalandra indica 

... 362 


... 327 

Ceropegia bulbosa 

... 467 

Crataeva religiosa ... 

• •• ^^ 

C. esculenta 

... 468 

Cressa cretica 

... 513 

C. lyushii 

... 468 

Crinum defixum ... 

... 658 


... 608 

Crotalaria Burhia... 

... 177 

Chenopodium ? ... 

... 609 

C. evolvuloides ... 

... 178 

C. sp? ... 

... 608 

C. filipes 

... 178 

Chloris barbata ... 

... 707 

C. hirsuta 

... 178 

Chlorophytum tuberosum ... 

... 664 

C. juncea 

... 176 

Chrozophora plicata 

... 634 

C. linifolia ... ... 

... 179 

C. prostrata 

... 636 

C. medicaginea ... 

... 180 

Cissampelos Pareira 

... 12 

C. orixensis 

... 180 

Citrullus colocynthis 

... 361 

C. prostrata 

... 178 

Claoxylon mercurialis 

... 636 

C. retusa 

... 179 

Clematis triloba ... 

... 1 

C. sp? ... 

... 180 

Cleome Chelidonii 

... 31 


... 27 

C. simplicifolia ... 

... 29 

Ctenolepis cerasiformis 

... 368 

C. viscosa 

... 30 

C. Garcinii 

... 369 

Clerodendron phlomoides ... 

... 574 

Cucumis macolata ? 

... 359 

Clitoria biflora 

... 252 

C. Propbetarum ... 

... 359 

C. ternatea 

... 250 

C. Trigonus 

... 357 

Cocculus Leasba ... 

... 10 

Cucurbetace^ ... 

... 344 

C. villosus 

... 8 

Cucurbeta maxima 

... 366 

Cocos nucifera ... 

... 678 

Curculigo orchioides 

... 657 

Coix Lachryma ... 

... 699 

Cuscuta hyalina ... 

... 514 

Coldenia procnmbens 

... 476 

C. reflexa and chinensis ... 

... 515 


... 328 

Cyamopsis psoralioides 

... 184 

Commelina Bengalensis 

... 672 

Cyathocline lyrata 

... 398 

C. nudiflora 

... 671 

Cyclea peltata 

... 13 


... 671 

Cynodon daclylun . . . 

... 706 


... 392 


... 691 


... 481 

Cyperus exaltatus... ... 

... 692 

Convolvulus arvensis 

... 511 

C. Haspan 

... 693 

C. microphyUus ... 

... 509 

C. rotundus 

... 691 

C. glomeratus 

... 511 

C. scariosus 

... 692 

Conyza striata? ... 

... 400 

C. stoloniferus 

... 692 

Corallocarpus epigaea 

... 366 


Corchorus acutangulus 

... 112 

Daedalacanthus purpurascens 

... 554 

C. antichorus 

... 113 

Daemia extensa ... 

... 466 

C. capsularis 

... 109 

Dalbergia lanceolaria? 

... 259 

C. fascicularis 

... Ill 

D. latifolia 

... 258 

C. olitorius 

... 108 

Dalechampia indica 

... 638 

C. Trilocularis ... 

... 110 

Datura alba 

... 527 



D. fastuosa 

.. 532 

E. sp? 

... 619 

Dendrocalamus strictus 

.. 710 

Eugenia Jambolana 

... 338 

Desmodium diffusum 

... 223 

E. rubicunda 

... 336 

D. gangeticum 

... 221 

Evolvulus alsinoides 

... 512 

D. g. (Var) maculatum ... 

... 225 


D. latifolium 

... 224 

Fagonia arabica ... 

... 120 

D. laxiflorum? 

... 224 

Feronia Elephantum 

... 125 

D. triflorum 

... 225 


... 371 

D. triquetrum 

... 223 

Ficus amottiana ... 

... 646 

D. reniforme ... ... 

... 225 

F. Bengalensis ... 

... 641 

Dichrostachys cinerea 

... 297 

F. glomerata 

... 647 

Dicoma tomentosa 

... 417 

F. religiosa 

... 644 

Digera arvensis ... 

... 597 

F. Tsiela 

... 646 

Di scorea biilbif era 

... 660 

Filices ... 

... 715 


... 660 


... 693 

Diospyros Tupru? 

... 431 

Flacourtia sepiaria 

... 45 

Dolichos biflorus ... 

.. 253 

Flavieria repanda... 

... 410 

D. falcatus 

.. 253 

Flueggia leucopyrus 

... 633 

Dregea volubilis ... 

.. 463 

Fumaria parviflora 

... 25 



... 25 


... 430 

Fungi ... 

... 716 

Echinops echinatus 

... 413 


Eclipta alba 

... 408 

Gardenia lucida ... 

... 385 

Ehretia laevis 

... 474 

Gentian ACE^ 

... 469 

E. obtusifolia 

... 475 

Gloriosa superba ... 

... 666 


... 53 

Glossocardia linearifolia 

... 411 

Elephantopus scaber 

... 398 

Glossogyne pinnatifida 

... 413 

Eleusine segyptica 

... 708 

Glycine Javanica... 

... 230 

E. aristata 

.. 708 

Gmelina arborea ... 

... 571 

E. flageUifera ... 

.. 708 

Gnaphalium indicum 

... 404 

E. indica 

.. 708 

Gossypium herbaceum 

... 85 

Elytra ria crenata... 

... 549 


... 694 

Enicostema littorale 

.. 469 

Grangea maderaspatana ... 

... 399 

Eragrostis amabilis 

.. 710 

Grewia hirsuta ... 

... 104 

E. ciliaris 

.. 709 

G. populifolia 

... 97 

E. C. (Var) brachystachya 

.. 709 

G. salvifolia? 

... 99 

E. cynosuroides ... 

.. 709 

G. tiliaefolia 

... 100 

Erythrtea Roxburghii 

.. 470 

G. villosa 

... 102 

Erythrina indica ... 

.. 232 

Gymnosporia montana 

... 147 

E. suberosa 

.. 234 

Gynandropsis pentaphylla ... 

... 32 


.. 616 


Euphorbia Elegans 

.. 620 

H^modorace^ ... 

... 659 

E. hypericifolia ... 

.. 617 

Halopyrum mucronatum ... 

... 710 

E. microphyUa ... 

.. 620 

Helioteres isora ... 

... 94 

E. Nivulia 

.. 622 

Heliotropium Indicum 

... 477 

E. pilulifera 

.. 618 

H. marifolium 

... 478 

E. thymifolia 

.. 619 

H. ovalifolium 

... 477 

E. TirucaUy 

.. 620 

H- supinum 

... 476 

Index . 

Hemidesmus Indicus 

... 449 

I. reniformis 

... 497 

Herpestis monniera 

... 536 

I, sepiaria 

... 500 

Heylandia latebrosa 

... 175 

I. tridentata 

... 496 

Hibiscus angulosus? 

... 81 

I. Turpethum 

... 503 

H. cannabinus ... 

... 80 

Ischoemum angustifolium ... 

... 699 

H. hirtus 

... 77 

Ixora parviflora ... 

... 387 

H. micranthus 

... 76 


H. radiatus 

... 76 

Justicia heterocarpa 

... 561 

H. solandra 

... 78 

Justicia sp ? 

... 562 

H. tetraphyllus ... 

... 80 


H. vitifolius 

... 79 

Kaempferia rotunda 

... 653 

Hiptage madablota 

... 117 

Kydia calycina ... 

... 86 

Holarrhena antidysenterica... 

... 443 


Holoptelea integrifolia 

... 640 


... 578 

Holostemma rheedii 

... 460 

Lactuca Heyneana 

... 417 

Hydrocharide^ . . . 

... 651 

L. remotiflora 

... 417 

Hydrocotyle asiatica 

... 537 

Lagenaria vulgaris 

... 348 

Hydrophylax maritima 

... 390 

Laggera alata 

... 401 

Hygrophila serpyllum 

... 549 

L. aurita 

... 401 

H. spinosa 

... 549 

Lantana Indica (Var) albiflora 

... 566 

Hymenodictyon Excelsum ... 

... 380 

Lavandula Burmanni 

... 584 

Hyphsene thebaica 

... 678 

Launsea pinnatifida 

.... 419 


Lawsonia alba 

... 341 

Impatiens balsamina 

... 123 


... 173 

Imperata arundinacea 

... 699 

Lepidagathis trinervis 

... 560 

Indigofera anabaptista 

... 197 

Lepidium sativum 

... 28 

I. argentea (Var) cserulea... 

... 194 

Leptadenia reticulata 

... 464 

I. cordifolia 

... 185 

L. spartium 

... 465 

I. enneaphylla 

... 187 

Leucsena glauca ... 

... 299 

I. glandulosa 

... 186 

Leucas cephalotes... 

... 590 

I. linifolia 

... 185 

Li. linifolia 

... 592 

I. paucifolia 

... 190 

L. longifolia 

... 590 

I. hirsuta 

... 193 

L. Stelligera 

... 590 

I. tinctoria 

... 195 

h. urticsefolia 

... 589 

I. trifoliata 

... 188 


... 717 

I. trita ... 

... 189 


... 660 

Ipomsea aquatica ... 

... 502 

Limnophyton obtusifolium... 

... 690 

I. bUoba 

... 505 

Linaria ramosissima 

... 534 

I. calycina 

... 492 

Lindenbergia urticaefolia ... 

... 535 

I. dasysperma 

... 508 

LlNE^ ... 

... 115 

I. eriocarpa 

... 495 

Linum usitatissimum 

... 116 

I. Hederacea 

... 490 

Lippia nodiflora ... 

... 568 

I. muricata 

... 488 


... 614 

I. obscura 

... 499 

Loranthus longiflorus 

... 615 

I. pentaphylla 
I. pestigridis 

... 493 
... 494 

I/Otus Garcini 

Luffa acutangula (Var) amara 

L. echinata 

... 182 

... 349 


I. p. (Var) capitellata 

... 495 

Lycium europseum 

• • • \J%J^. 

... 526 

I. p. (Var) hepaticifolia ... 

... 495 


... 339 



Maerua arenaria ... ... ... 'hZ 

Malachra capitata ... ... 70 

MALPIGHIACEiE ... ... ... 117 

Malvace^ ... ... ... 55 

Manisuris granulans ... ... 700 

Martynia diandra... ... ... 547 

Medicago sativa ... ... ... 181 

Melhania tomentosa ... ... 96 

Melia Azadirachta ... ... 134 

M. Azedarach ... ... ... 140 

Meliace^ ... ... ... 134 

Melilotus alba ... ... ... 181 

M. parviflora ... ... ... 181 

MenispeRMACE^ ... ... ... 4 

Millingtonia hortensis ... ... 54o 

Mimosa hamata ... ... ... 299 

M. sepiaria ... ... ... 301 

Mimusops Elengi... ... ... 426 

M. hexandra ... ... ... 428 

Mirabilis dichotoma? ... ... 593 

Mollugo hirta ... ... ... ZTh 

M. spergula ... ... ... 374 

M. striata ... ... ... 374 

Momordica balsamina ... ... 353 

M. dioica ... ... ... 355 

Morinda tinctoria (Var) tomentosa ... 389 

Moringa concanensis ... ... 170 

M. pterygosperma ... ... 167 

MORINGE^ ... ... ... 166 

Moschosma polystachyum?... ... 583 

Mucuna pruriens ... ... ... 230 

Mukia scabrella ... ... ... 365 

Munaya Koenigii... ... ... 125 

Musci ... ... ... ... 716 

MyrTACE^ ... ... ... 336 


Naiad ACE^ ... ... ... 690 

Nelumbium speciosum ... ... 18 

Neuracanthus sphaerostachyus ... 557 

Nipa fruticans ... ... ... 676 

Nyctagine^ ... ... ... 593 

NYMPH^ACEiS ... ... ... 14 

Nymphsea lotus ... ... ... 15 

N. pygmaea ? ... ... ... 18 

N. stellata ... ... ... 16 


Ocimum Basilicum ... ... 583 

O. basilicum (pilosum) ... ... 579 

O. gratissimum ... ... ... 581 

O. Sanctum ... ... ... 582 

Odina Wodier ... ... ... 164 

Olacine^ , ... ... ... 144 

Olax nana ... ... ... 144 

Oldenlandia corymbosa ... ... 381 

O. Heynii ... ... ... 381 

Oleace^ ... ... ... 434 

Opuntia DiUenii ... ... ... 370 

OrchidE/E ... ... ... 652 

Oroxylum Indicum ... ... 540 

OxALiDE^ ... ... ... 122 

Oxystelma esculentum -\ ... ... 451 


Palme-e... ... ... ... 672 

Pandane^ ... ... ... 687 

Pandanus fascicularis ... ... 687 

Panicum antidotale ... ... 697 

P. ciliare ... ... ... 697 

P. colonum ... ... ... 696 

P. crus-galli ... ... ... 696 

P. flavidum ... ... ... 695 

P. Jumentorum (guinea-grass) ... 697 

P. sanguinale ... ,,, ... 696 

Papaverace^ ... ... ... 21 

Parkinsonia aculeata ... ... 267 

Paspalum distichum ... ... 695 

P. scrobiculatum ... ... ... 695 

Pavonia ceratocarpa ... ... IZ 

P. glechomifolia ... ... ... 71 

Pedaline^ ... ... ... 543 

Pedalium Murex ... ... ... 543 

Peganum Harmala ... ... 124 

Pennisetum cenchroides ... ... 698 

Pentatropis microphylla ... ... 458 

Peristrophe bicalyculata ... ... 565 

Phaseolus aconitifolius ... ... 249 

P. pauciflorus? ... ... ... 250 

P. radiatus ... ... ... 250 

P. trilobus ... ... ... 247 

P. trinervius ... ... ... 249 

Phoenix sylvestris... ... ... 676 

Phragmites Karka ... ... 708 

Phyllanthus distichus ... ... 632 

P. Emblica ... ... ... 629 

P. madraspatensis ... ... 630 

P. Niruri ... ... ... 632 


P. simplex 

... 631 

Rhychosia minima 

... 253 

P. urinaria 

... 631 

R. m. (Var) laxiflora 

... 254 

Physalis minima ... 

... 522 

R. sericea 

... 257 

P. peruviana 

.. 523 

R. viscosa 

... 256 

Pistia Stratiotes ... 

.. 690 

Rivea hypocrateriformis 

... 482 

Pisonia morindifolia 

.. 593 


... 377 

Pithecolobium dulce 

.. 326 

Ruellia patula 

... 551 

P. Saman 

.. 326 

R. prostrata 

... 553 

Pluchea lanceolata 

.. 402 

Rungia elegans ... 

... 564 


.. 420 

R. parviflora 

... 564 

Plumbago Zeylanica 

.. 421 

R. repens 

... 562 

P. rosea... 

.. 422 


... 124 

Poinciana elata ... 

.. 266 


Polyalthia cerasoides 

.. 2 

Saccharum spontaneum 

... 699 

Polycarpsea corymbosa 

.. 48 

Salvadora oleoides 

... 438 

P. spicata 

.. 48 

S. Persica 

... 436 

Polygala Chinensis 

.. 47 

Salvadorace^ ... 

... 436 

P. erioptera 

.. 47 

Salvia ^gyptiaca (Var) Pumila 

... 586 

P. persicariaefolia 

.. 46 


... 343 


.. 46 

Sansevieria Zeylanica 

... 659 

POLYGONACE^ ... ..; 

.. 611 


... 160 

Polygonum plebejum (Var) elegans 

.. 611 

Sapindus trifoliatus 

... 162 

Polygonum ? 

.. 612 


... 425 

Pongamia glabra ... 

... 260 

Sarcostemma brevistigma ... 

... 461 

Portulaca oleracea 

.. 49 

Saxifragace^ ... 

... in 

P. quadrifida 

.. 50 

Scbrebera swietenioides 

... 434 


.. 49 

Schweinfurthia sphserocarpa 

... 534 

Potamogeton indicus 

.. 690 


... 653 

Premna herbacea? 

.. 570 


... 532 


.. 423 

Senra incana 

... 75 

Prosopis Stephaniana ? 

.. 297 

Sericostoma pauciflorum ... 

... 480 

P. spicigera 

.. 294 

Sesamum laciniatum 

... 546 

Pseudanthistiria heteroclita 

.. 705 

S. prostratum 

... 547 

Pseudarthria viscida 

.. 214 

Sesbania aculeata... 

... 206 

Psoralea corylifolia 

.. 198 

S. a. (Var) cannabina 

... 206 

Pterocarpus Marsupium 

.. 259 

S. segyptiaca 

... 205 

Pueraria tuberosa... 

.. 245 

S. grandiflora 

... 207 

Pulicaria Wigbtiana 

.. 405 

Setaria glauca 

... 698 

Pupalia loppacea ... 

... 602 

S. verticillata 

... 698 

Pycreus capillaris 

... 691 

Sida carpinifolia ... 

... 57 


S. cordifolia 

... 59 

Quisqualis iildica... 

.. 335 

S. humiles 

... 56 


S. rhombifolia 

... 58 

Randia dumetorum 

.. 381 

S. spinosa 

... 57 

R. d. (Var) longispina 

... 383 

Siegesbeckia orientalis 

... 407 

R. tdiginosa 

... 384 


... 128 

Ranunculace^ ... 



... 516 


... 149 

Solanimi coagulans 

... 519 


S. Indicum 

... 518 

Trichosanthes cucumerina... 

... 345 

S. nigrum 

... 516 

T. palmata 

... 345 

S. xanthocarpum 

... 520 

Tridax procumbens 

... 413 

Sonchus oleraceus 

... 418 

Triumfetta rhomboidea 

... 105 

Soyruida febrifuga 

... 141 

T. rotundifolia 

... 106 

Spermacoce hispida 

... 392 


... 462 

Sphseranthus indicus 

... 403 


... 688 

Sporobolus indicus 

.. 706 

Typha elephantina 

... 688 

Stephegyne parvifolia 

.. 378 


Sterculia colorata... 

.. 93 

Uraria picta 

... 215 

S. urens 

.. 91 

Urena lobata ... X-' ••• 
U. sinuata 

... 70 

Sterculiace^ ... 

.. 91 

... 71 

Stereospermum chelonoides 

.. 540 

Urginea indica ... 

... 665 

Striga lutea 

.. 538 


... 639 

S. orobanchoides... 

.. 540 


Suaeda maritima ... 

.. 611 

Vahlia viscosa 

... 327 

S. nudiflora 

.. 611 

Vallisneria spiralis 

... 651 



... 566 

Tamarindus indica 

.. 287 

Vernonia anthelmintica 

... 395 


.. 51 

V. cinerea 

... 394 

Tamarix gallica ... 

.. 51 

V. cinerascens 

... 397 

Taraxacum ofi&cinale 

... 418 

Vicoa auriculata ... 

... 405 

Taverniera nummularia 

.. 209 

Vinca pusilla ... ^L>.^ ... 
Viola cenerea ... " 

... 442 

Tecoma undulata... 

.. 541 

... 44 

Tectona grandis ... 

.. 569 


... 44 

Tephrosia Candida 

.. 201 

Viscum angulatum 

... 615 

T. pauciflora 

.. 204 

Vitex Negundo ... 

... 572 

T. purpurea 

.. 201 

Vitis carnosa 

... 158 

T. tenuis 

.. 199 

V. C. (Var) red... 

... 160 

T. viUosa 

.. 203 

V. latifolia 

... 157 

Teramnus labialis 

.. 228 

V. quadrangularis 

... 155 

T. 1. (Var) mollis 

.. 229 

V. repanda 

... 156 

Terminalia belerica 

.. 330 

Vogelia indica 

... 422 

T. catappa 

.. 328 

Valutarella divaricata 

... 416 

T. tomentosa 

.. 332 


Thespesia lampas... 

.. 82 

Withania somnifera 

... 523 

T. populnea 

.. 84 

Woodfordia floribunda 

... 339 


.. 97 

Wrightia tinctoria 

... 446 

Tinospora cordifolia 

.. 4 

W. tomentosa 

... 447 

Tragus racemosus 

.. 699 


Trianthema crystallina 

.. 372 

Xanthium strumarium 

... 406 

T. decandra 

.. 373 


T. monogyna 

.. 371 

Zeuxine sulcata ... 

... 652 

T. pentandra 
Tribulus terrestris 

. 119 

Zizyphus jujuba ... 

... 149 

Trichodesma Indicum 

.. 478 

Z. nummularia ... 

... 151 

Tricholepis amplexicauUs ... 

.. 416 

Z. xylopyrus 

... 154 

T. glaberrima 

.. 415 

Zornia diphylla ... 

... 213 

T. radicans 

.. 416 

Zygophylle^ ... 

... 118 

2i«VRlrll Hl'^l'ft =yi«il>'H(^iiL 




• •• 



aH?lil, an^'^l 







5cl!A ... 


■>HMli ... 

'HitHldl; Wl ... 


31^% ... 


=i.i[ ... 


6»il ... 


iih ... 


ii^i ... 

«MitHl§ rtWrtil... 




flUc-iJ^ ... 


'IWi-ft ... 



SHiiHlf Mrt^lMlM^l 


"HlC-f«t ... 






5l«il ... 



SHitniS M='[l ... 


Mvll ... 


$i?a ... 


^kT ... 


<Hi?li<n ... 


Hiiji ... 




«ii>ii ... 


?i=ii ... 



'Hil^ani, »Hil<^SHi 








t .* 


• •• 








*H^il, SH^^ ... 

• •• 






• •• 




• •• 

. • • 





• •• 




• • • 





• • • 

• ■• 





• •• 




• •• 




• •• 

• .• 




• •> 

.* • 




. •• 




v{{{[vi\ ailil ... 

• •■ 




SHl(H^<Hl«H=-(l ... 

• •• 





■ ■■ 

• •• 




• •• 




SHW, *Hl=l<a ... 

• • • 




SHm^lKl ^li^l 

• •• 




'HWHl'fl aiSt^iiJl 

• •• 




sjii^^i, ^[^li^i 

• •• 












»Hi^lCH, SHi5li-{l... 

■ • • 

■ •• 



^'^i•^^^mt3a ... 

• ■• 




=hM, SHife^. (i=-»l) 





^[li, »HlJil ... 

• •* 

. . • 




• •t 






• *• 



















■ •• 



y w^c-i^. ( H«to{i^a^. ) 





a^M'S, y^H-t ... 





iU^iiRiii, ^Sii^jj, iij^iiC^^i 





^A'^'-^td «ii ... 





«A=i'ii'i, (^A'ti^mu ^Ai'i'^i 








§5ii wo 





• •■ 






• •• 





• •• 





• •• 


.. M^ 


• •• 




§o« 51M? 

• •• 

• •# 








son 3«i?a 

• •• 

• •• 


ii^l «jl5fl 

• •• 



soft rtc-l<^t?fl 

• •• 



ii^l ^liM^ii 



son oi|!j«a 

• •• 



ii^l %l?3lnl 

• •■ 


soft ^i3ii?a 

• •• 

• •* 


iiisj', Wl^l 


• •• 


§0(1 ?i=tl«l 

• •• 

• •• 


4^1 ... 


• •• 


(§$ii Hyii 






§9ll ^(iMSll,.. 

• •• 

• a • 





(39lt %l>l^^l 


• •• 


4tS|55, itj^afl 




§>!, (3>tild s4\i 

• •1 

• . • 




• •• 


SM?, SH'^l 





• •• 

• ■• 


@c-i^ ?iaR ( RiHl ) 




i^l3, i^^m« 


• •« 


@WHl H^l^ufl, (3^5ll 

• •• 












• •« 


Siji ( i=-tA ) ... 





■ •• 



Sg^M'fl, Ss^il, (3«^ 









• •• 










. *. 


... I'H+l^ 

'HiCHWl'fl ^€1 ... 




i^Hcfl 5i<l 

. * * 

• • . 





«-Hcn ^IST 

• .. 



SiiCHsg'fl ^CH ... 




biHii, sw^ 


• •• 


%^i'n •HisilSii 

• •• 



iv-a, sv-a^n ^iijs 

• •• 


%^-a |Uc-a ... 





• •• 









• •• 









... ^^0 

si^ii^ii Sim^id... 

• •• 





■ •• 



■ •fl 



• •• 

• •• 







• *• 

■ •• 



• •• 





• •• 



• •• 




♦ •• 

• •» 


anSlC-l, aH^li-fl ... 




iCH^n M^H^ 

• •• 




• •« 











44?A»HICH (iatA)... 




4r%i^, sl^a yi%i 

• •• 



• ■• 





• •• 

^64+^4: «r 








iWl ^l"«n3 





• •• 

... ^^3 

iiHi fiicni 

• •• 






SiHi d^^i ••• 




iPivflSit ii^ 


• •• 


w=a im^ 


• •t 




ii^ ''fl^i/l ... 







... \^^ 

ii'-ft ^i«fl 







ii^l i?tfil 







ii'-fl £J^ 

• • 






ii'-a 3'^ii 




M^<HW, 4RHl^ 


• •• 


• •• 

• •■ 



• *. 

• a* 

• •• 

ii'^a mJich ■) 



• •• 


ii-^l 'UiHCH J- 

■ •• 


4«1^ SCH4 




i4=a MU^ J 

il"^4il (r/il^l. ( 




iiys'^i, M5i$i ... 

4l«n HlHOfl 

4i«ft ^«ii-a 

Jivll SHR^U ... 
bVhl ii!A5ll .„ 
4l«ll M^!/l% ... 

bVh\ ^"ii 

4l5ll i«ll^l 

b[<h\. |c-iqi 

4l<hl <Hl=l«l 

bi<h[ oiw^i 

4l«?ll W^"^l 

bVhl fiftlH 

4l«ll ^■%l?l<r<' ... 



biim iiiv^i ... 

4iil«tl Ubi 

biil'Ai o«1'Hl ... 

4Ul«ll ii^l 

4Ul«ll dlH^l ... 

4iiiyli <HC-i 

4Ul5ll 9il^l 
4l=!i^(4atA) ... 


b\^\, 4i^'5i m%i 

r4>{i**ii5)iia ••• 

Sctl9i<Hl ( 4=^tA ) 
^l ... 







• •• 






• ■• 





• • • 


^^iHC-i (4=^lA )... 




• •• 


iV-ilKl oiir? ... 




• •• 

... V&o 




■ •• 

... M'^M 






















• ■• 












■ •• 






• •• 


5?ii, ^^■^i, §^i, 5^ 




• •> 








5li, Siil, Jii ... 




• •■ 












• *• 


















• • • 


h^u (4='feA) ... 




• ■• 






• •■ 






• «• 


4JlC-(l, 4'^l«il ... 





4"Sl (ax4=^t^) ... 



















... -HMH 


• •• « 



• •■ 


• •• 



• •• 


• •• 

, , 


■ ■• 


■>ni^ilSii. '\ 

• •■ 


■>Hi?iS{l*Hl f 

■ •• 


•^i^<:-a5ii r ••• 

• •■ 



• •■ 


■^iRHi-ftSii ) 










Vi, ^^, \<s 











• ■• 


■^=iHiifl (4=^ya)... 






• •• 


• •* 

* * * « 








■<n^%l^ <i"»H4ii ... 

■ *■ . 


• •• 


■"t^yiQft «ii^ ... 



• •« 


-mwi Qjii ... 






* •• 



... VS: 


*f • • 









2i'Ji ... 

•wiK^^t^flMMlA ... 



•"tiff/^ti^Q-fl =ic-t ... 








jlljl (i=-'cj1) ... 

•«tifl ^W'^ ... 



•»iiXl tsW 



Ml^-m^, Ml^wiai 





^i-»t? i«tH ( w^-A ) 

■"(l^ljl, ■wfl^HC-l ... 


^l^^^l vicilSii... 



?l«i, iil^ilSil IHW^I 

^rt^iS ^l 



^clRlS •WiiM^Hl 

... HM 


vlrt'il(§ S5«/^l ... 



>Hmi§ ^S^il ... 



vlct^lS tHCH 



Mct^lS «HCH«H5ll... 



^ilclHlS «lWil ... 



Vt^, ^H^Sll, ""l^Sii (HlHtn ... 



^\^Sl, ^1^«{l'^l <HlH«l 


si'^irI ct«l=lt?[l .. 



^iH\<l ^iiSi ... 

Mlfl ^vhi\ (i'-al) 



Virt (1%'^) ... 


3iUl3. tll^l 

^Hi^ (M'^i^His) 



yip, mtHiff/^l ... 



'-(Ici^l, '-flea, ^M 




oiSi^Si m (h^'S[) 


^iilSii SHM^U ... 





^\ = 







«iiii'HiS'i 1 



^ilil'Hl^'l > ... 

3l«l<\ 4€ 


^HiMl^li ) 




ai5ii, ai^li^i ^?li 











nli-ft, tilM ... 



siWHjiyiii'ii ^c-ii 


^fel SiMi 



^^n, ^^t[^n ... 




iliJill '^miJiallXl 



stlKlJiiv, ^'flKlmy 



m\ ?!w, 2i^<^ 



21MJl5li %^^^i ... 



SiA^li^il, 5li^«l... 


^■*il^4'=(l, ^>tl^J,^«fl 

5iil ... 



























— — 

— ^ 






• •• 

• f • 


ff^^l^^l MM^l... 

* . • 





• •• 


<V»lC-tl iill 





• •• 

• •. 


<uA^ i-^w 





■ •• 

■ a. 


(V^lC-fl ^li(l 

• •- 

• •a 


[S^^i, (^^l 

* .« 



ff/'3K-(l 3l«fl 


• •• 


P^C-t, fiiCHKl »tlS5 


• *• 


ff/3ic-(l mt<3 


• •a 




■ •• 


ff^sic-d i^^^^ 


• a. 



• •• 



<t?n&[ H«%HlM<^l 




sfl^il ... 

• •• 


• ■• 


ff^3ic-fl Cii 


• a* 



• •• 

• ■• 


c/^\^ nn 




5i(l*Hi ( iayJl ) 


• •• 



s/sichI Ml^^n ( 4=^tA ) 

• •• 




• •• 

• •• 



(j/3lC-il CHVi? ... 





• •• 

• •« 

• •• 


iv3K-(l HllJi 

. .• 

• •• 


Siwi'ft HC-t 

• •• 






• •• 




5)^ii 5lR 

• •• 




• •• 





• •• 






• a* 



• •• 

• •« 

• •• 






toUlfl »» 



• •• 





to^i «Hw<a 


• .• 




• •■ 

• a« 


istH^, a<«H^ ( JS'til-fil^ ) 

• ■• 



aflijiiii h-Hd 

• •• 

• •* 


fe>W<l »l«tl 

• •• 


• •• 


?ftiei>A 5H4^ ... 

• (. 



feW^l ^^H^l 

• ■• 

• •• 

. *• 


ifliilhfi iH«l^«l... 

• .• 



»w5li tHWtfi 

■ ■• 

• •• 


afliSl!/! M\ie ... 

• •• 






• . • 



sJli^sA 3l«ft 





• •• 

• *• 



:!AiJl>/l SloflsHl^«l 

• •■ 




• •• 




aJluisA s?ic-a ... 









?fli^!A i?'t> 

. .• 





aflijiiA >ll\il ... 

• •• 



m-ai^^ll ■"iR^I 





aJlt5i!/l ^S^^ ... 


• •• 







ci1iai!/l ^il 








3fli3i?A ai^A 









c^lljl^ SXlailJl ... 

• •• 







A^i h^k 








^t^j ifi<iid ... 






. • • 



ajltaij kmi^ ... 









ajltjli ShIHI^ yW 






a • • 



sjli^^ ^C-l m%l... 





. •• 




:S[^^ ^^\k 









^ii^j 6i?aRi:i ... 









sfltJl^l Sii-ot^u ... 




«t5tl tHW^a 

• •• 




3i1i5l5l aiRiSiiii 





• •• 

■ •• 

• •• 


S^^\ Sl«4H<l 


• •• 



• *• 


. •• 


q)1iei^i visiMi... 





• *■ 

• ••• 



5fttJlSl IHrtij^ll ... 






• •• 



ijlm^i Hi^=ii ... 









5^1^51 y^l^l ... 

• •• 



^ilHU, ^ilMSl... 




sftl^^l %l^\iHl ... 

• •• 



• *• 

• •• 


afli^i^l %ll^l ... 


• »• 



sJltai^i ^?i'^i ... 

?A^i ii^i/i^ii ... 
^n^i \kS[^\ ... 

iKHCHlSll o(f^l ... 

43«i§ i<n^ ... 
43RIS ji«i^ ... 

^siRlS <HC-1 
45^1(3 %IVI^I ... 

43Rl§ niilM ... 

4^1^ jjffc^i ... 
4^1(1 cAa 

p{[[ -^hSIi ... 










... l«:« 



... ^«'i 
... ^^+^^1 




... VtfS 







M?, rtnCwi ... 

CrtH? (i=^ea) ... 

RlUl'^l ■Hisil^ll... 

(^"Hl'il'ft ^C-l ... 
C^HlKl MUil^il... 

R\'«{lKl nc-i ... 
Slrt ... 

sRmiT ii^'^i ... 

sR^IkT aiff/^C-l ... 

gfi^HiT <M«tl ... 

Sl^sHlti 3ili ... 







... ^^B 










U^^l ( S'^t^ ) ... 
^^|l, U^^miy ... 

?ii«il iiwijd ... 
^l«fl l«?il ... 

Sii(4 ?n$i^3 ... 

Ul«ll SHPftSii ... 
^l^l SHI 

?ti5ii ZHM^li ... 

^i5li iisASii ... 

^i^ii Siim'^i ... 

^vhi y-f>i% ... 
^i«li ^i^^'^i ... 

'tsii, .isig, -tilu, .tJiii 
til'fl »il2i), tlilKl ^c-t 




... v^<J 





'l^ilcl^, nyw^'fl SiCH 



'tR^i^n 5ci!rt ... 






"tlilKl QH12? 


nuiKl ^«l 


'IR'fl ^<H 

... H^^ 





•tii-a^i^n, -tii-nsion 




nii^wi ^IM? ... 


-tl^lKl a^4R{l ... 


'tlSl'fl 5>10lHCH... 


'lUil'fl i'^il 


ni^iHl ■>H■>^l^ ... 


-il^l"^ »l(^ 


'ii&i'a Sii^-vn^ii ... 


'tl&l'fl ^lil 


'iii4i'fl 3,?i<:-a ... 


"Il^l-^l cld=l«il ... 


nii^l^l SHli'Jl ... 


•ll^l^l M%i!A5ll... 


-ll^l^l vUilsHl... 


'ii^wi hhJi ... 


ft5ll^ ... 















\n\'\\. SiHl 






\\\SSX aiilSHl... 


■H^E^ft slrt 


"H^t^a «HW<a ... 

M^l^ft 9ii3i"^i ... 


\\\^^ (HTil ..." 


■^^v^, M^^H^ ... 




■H^SH^^H'CI ^CH... 


VJdl (M«l«ftxi%iia) 


v-ictt ?iy 
















mIm^, -hIm^I, MlMUft 


iftuft dC-t=li4l ... 

•»fl«tl Qlk^HJl ... 
ifl^il SHPflSll ... 

Ml-^il »Hia$l ••• 
•^5ii ^,^i<l5^^ ... 


>ii«a, =^i?a'fl^cH... 



,«tia. ^ifta^w. 





















tH^ijeil, ( Mntt^l+l^'^d ) 

oi«wi %ll^ljll ... 

<H«ll ... 
tHlWl^'d ^«t ... 


ufli, tnlitsK'' ... 



5lii ^^l5A5Hl ... 
014 l^'Hl^ 
























5lll SiM^ii ... 
3l"J» MUilSii ... 



QlW anwl ... 

Oik 3l<^ 

win 4ti\li 
■H^iH^ ■>nMl^ ... 





^■«t>ic-(l ^^fl^ii ... 














mn^, »i^K<Hw 






hM, H^ll ... 














^tlSliiil^flnl Hill 






MlCnil, •HlCHiil ... 




>ti->Hl4l5il iflil... 


>lMl4l'Hl (hI^I ... 




M\4i tiJ'A^'^'i ^'-^ 

VI «r 

^41 ^IM3. 


Hi^ i^ 


Hlol «»? 


Hion <«i"i 


^1l 5ii-«H?U ... 


Ml"^! tHlHta 


•HfJl C-flo^l 


^ll ^VlHl ... 










^1«Q^, >tl'sCi?i Hw. 


}io\\VH, '*i<H\'-iy((<{ Mlill 


^ff/, •^w'ctw. ... 






^^. (s^^). ... 



"HlAl SliiH3.. 


Hl^ i^. 


•Hia SlS^. ... 
















VllXl QliHSHlH^ ... 

5lli iHlir/Cl^. ... 


5li2:i 4i«iH*^i ... 

■^iJl ^ti^^^l. ... 

>|i^ »HW(a. ... 

5§ia ^i^iijn. ... 

»§i^ ^H«ti?n. ... 

V^l^ iHCH. 

»i|i2:i sHHi^i. ... 

>^lJl aHli"Jl. ... 

s^iii visilSii. ... 


^\.% Riiji^iiil. ... 

Rwi tlAl'HiJll. ... 

^icd ji'Hi^^. ... 

5tlC(l (1Sl^l?fl. ... 






Ri«^ 5i?a. 

• •• 



^icn ^41. 

• ■• 



^id i^m- ••• 

• •• 



Hi^l anii^l. 

• •■ 



Rlcll SHPftSHl. ... 

• •■ 



^icli •"iUMiSii ... 

• •• 



^icii r^^i. 




Hl^l 414^-h'<1. , .. 

• •• 



?lcil C-ll^l. 

• •* 

... \\\ 


^uli tl^l. 




^Icil =l?fil 

• •• 



=iicli dm. 

• «• 



\i^\ V^i^l ... 

• •• 

... *\% 



• •• 




• •• 

... M<:l 



• ■• 



?W aniHWli. 

• •• 



^W <>ii. 

• •• 



^\^% ^wi?p. ... 


... v^<; 


^IH i\iH^. ... 












W'VOi-^a. (4=^tA). 

■ • • 



^RHl, ^W-ll. ... 







^Vll. (h^i^) ... 





• •• 



lii, imv^. 

• •■ 



?t5i<ni3i<\»Hi'fi H<H. 




3'cSl'^ ^itrft. 

• •• 



VcSl^ll ^CHil. 

• •■ 

... Mil 

Vji<?ii sis'^i. ... 

• «• 



^tji^ii I'cih. 




l^Wii. \ii£[^H[. ... 




V^ivil ^3(15(1. ... 

. . 

... ^M 


^yiifll »ltoi5li. ... 




t'Jl^ll ellC-flMl^^il 

■ •• 



^tJlihl %i?lVAi. ... 


... \\<: 


3t9l5ii ^^-HMI. ... 








• •• 














. * • 



i-^«A (Ciil«5). ... 








«t=f(^nsti oiii ... 

. • ■ 

... \S\ 



• t* 





^^iWi sUl. 


c-i<H. (i=-tnxi%fca.) 





'KVaii'U ?i^i ... 


H^^llS'ft <Hl£? ... 




^it'i. (-Hwi^nxa'^i.) 


^^ii, 'i^'^i ... 


oii^. (M«i«{i+i*itn). 




<*mMl^'fl HCH. . . 


=IU =ft^lil. 


HU ^AhSi. 


«m ^i\ii 


«iii fl^ii^n 








«tl5il, =tl"llMlR:l ... 


=iw i2:i4{l. 


lUR^ yiy 






fHSl(^, r=t«ifiss .. 

fic-lWcn SHloti-ft ... 

fiawcQ JHR ... 


Rc-twdi Srt!n. ... 


RflWdl m«. ... 


RcHWcfl «HW<a. ... 


fisiwctt 5ijn. ... 


(^awdl ^5 ... 


*i'^i, <ls$ii, <ii^ii, 




^i^5li. ■ ... 






nd. (\«ionxui'4\) 


Mil. ^ ... 


denied W4i^. ... 


^C-l«l JjAli/l^l. ... 


hsimi i4i«fl^idi ... 


Hsiiua i^^»i^<l. 


H(\m H\-H\. ... 


HC-ll^li 5lR"«15lM. 







































• •• 

• •« 



• •• 


• • • 

• •• 

• •• 


%ll^ rtC-l=li?fl. ... 

• •■ 


• a* 


• ■• 


^i>ii, %il>iitii%(.... 

• •* 



• •• 

• •• 



• •ff 



• « • 




• •• 


• • ■ 

• • ■ 

• •• 





• •■ 

• • 



^Hy\l, ^Vt"<fl. 




• ■• 

• •• 





■ •• 

• •• 

• .• 




■ • ■ 

• •• 

• <• 





• • • 

• *• 

• *• 





• •• 


• •• 





• •• 

• t • 


?iO*4l i^*. 

• •• 


• ■• 

• •• 






■ ■ • 

■ •• 

• •• 







• •• 




• •• 

• • • 

• •• 


%i. (4^^). ... 









• •• 





%ll?n«H«, ^l?(lsH«m:W. 

• •• 

• •• 




^lil, ^M, ■ 


• •• 

• •• 




^•^'11 ?i=tl. 

• •• 


• •• 




%l^^l ^I'^l. 

• •• 


• •• 



• •• 


• *• 


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?\H^. (b^^ 



• *• 



. * * 






• •• 





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• •• 


6^>i?, li^H^l. ... 

• . * 


• •• 


• •• 


(^^>li tniHtn. ... 

• •» 


• •■ 








• • • 

• •• 


dii^iiw, 6u^i!i<n. 




. .• 

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• • • 

• • • 





• •« 


• •• 




■ •« 

■ ■• 

• •• 




^Rl oiWOl. 

• • • 

• >■ 

• •• 




Vit^i, ^IW^^l. 







. • . 









• • • 























m^ JTi'Tt^'r sia^J'Tf^r. 


arrat, BTii5sfr, wm^i 

sMtl^^. . . . 
BT?^, aRoft. ... 




aii^, art^iBT. 




... '^<tv 


^^flS^. ... 















. • • 



M^'O, *<<fi 



• . . 

• .. 






• •• 











*ii<kR, ^tlvfrsfr, 


. • • 

• 1 ■ ^ 

C O 







• •• 

• • « 


*«*. ... 









• • • 

• • * 



^i^rw, ^R 




1%^ ... 




• • • 

• t • 

• * • 


_ _ . ,A 



• •• 








• •» 

• « ■ 



• • • 

• • • 

« • • 





* ' 

• • t 

• •• 

* • • 




*^i ... 


• •• 

• «• 

• • • . 






• •• 




ff^r ... 

• • • 

• »• 

• •• 





f^ ... 

• • • 


• •• 

• •• 

• •• 








• •• 

• • • 









• • • 

• • • 



f^ ... 


• •• 

• •• 




jO ... 





*« ... 

« ■ • 


• • • 






• ■ • 

• • • 






■ ■ • 






• • • 

• • ■ 




w ... 


. • ■ 

• • ■ 

• • • 




%TO, %rf^:r 


• • • 




%^<^ ^5?! 


• • • 





. . . 


• • • 




«bk<I, %. 

. . . 


• • ■ 




%^ ^t^^l 

• ■ • 



V • 




> . • 

• • • 





• • • 

■ • • 

• • . 




*l-i ... 

• • • 

• •• 





. • • 

• •• 

• • • 





• • • 







• • • 





• • • 

• •• 





• • * 

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••• ftftfl ••• 
.»• ••• ••• 









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... * • * ftft • 












. * • • « . ••V 












••• •■• ••• 



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••• ••• ••• 







■ft* ••• •#• 


^, ^tt .. 





• • . ft ft ft ••• 







... ftftft • • • 




* > • • • • 





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■ « • • 

ft • • • • 


^%q^nn"T?[r ... 

• . • ... ••• 




. • • • • 



a*. ••■ ••• 






**. ••• ••« 







•■• ••• ftftft 







•■■ ••• «•• 






nT'Tt, nin^r .. 


* • • •• 



* • • ••• ••• 


JTI ^Hf 





• • * • • • ••• 



• • • 



^^^ ^RI ... 

... •** ••• 







'•• ftftft at* 







• •• 

» . ... 




• ft. 



•«• ••• ••• 



• . ■ . 

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■ » • • 




... ... ft • • 



• • • 





3^ ... 

• • » 







• • • • ■ 



>■. ... ftftft 



■ ••• 

. . ... 


f%^r ^^cT ... 

•»• ••• ••• 


3t55 ... 

• • ■ 

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ftftft ••• ••• 


mi ... 


1 •• • • • 



.*• ••• ftftft 




• • « ft • 



... .•■ ••• 




a ■ • ft • 



... . . • a«« 






••* ••• ••• 



• • • 

t « • • * 






=Tgg ... 
3ftu ... 

511^ ... 

?rr3 ... 

mi ... 
ik^[ ... 





. . . .fN 






*v f\ 






itTi(i r^te'r ^m^ 




sis • • . . ■ . 
















cTR^ra^w^r ... 




XV vs 


diq^iT^q?? ■ . . 





r^ • <* 



















^?c5IST^.?5r ... 









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qr^sr 'arin ... 
5?ra3r '?rf'72r ... 

«ira|r p'f ... 
qrait sTT^wr ... 


5155 ... 

5TR55^ iir?, ;tr55 

l*!^ •■• • • • 

;f|55 ... 



.. VoV9 

^l^^^, sfr^sj^tfr 



.. S"»« 


...^ vso^ 

jf ratcR 

.. ^^1 


.. %'^\ 


.. '^^i 






... >!\\ 

qi^y^^rw ... 
TiJsrqr^n ... 

qF^O ^155 ... 

... V^V 


... ^u 

qnfr ... 

... H" 


... ^vs-^ 






... v^ 


^VAO + ^HS 


... ^^^ 

qisit ^^^ ■■■ 

... \'>?. 


... sv 


... ^VSi 


... H^^ 

qm. "frrd, qiqsT 

... "^^^ 


... . ^^s'. 

tft^r ^^i2r -.. 

... "i^v 

q^t^oii %^5T ... 

... H1^ 

q^ar '^(^ -•• 

... V-A 

tftq^ fcToS^^ •.• 

... ^'i'A 


... ^^^ 

'(t^^twfr .i, ••• 






. \\\ 


.. \^ 




— -- - — 





... ... 










.. ^<:v 




... ... 

.. '>'*H 




... • • " . 

.. "i^ft 




... ... 




.. \\>i 




.. ^«^ 




• • • • • • 




^K. . 

*n^ n^, *n^ 



... ^Rv» 





... V> 




.. v<;^ 



f^^f »?t^r ... 

... ^^ 




• • • • • • 





• •• • • • 

.. ^^v 

viii^ JTR 






.. IVo 




■ < • • • • 



... Vv»\» 



• • • • • • ■ 

.. '\<^% 




> ■ > * • • 

.. X'^^ 



^5, ^^r 

.. ^"^ 




.. in 



'jf^ ... 



>(?, *[^ 








.. vi^ 


... VV»^ 


.. v^^ 

«fflt »I?d 



.. H^^ 




.. ^»^ 



gin Rlwifi ... 

.. \\^ 




... ... 

.. •^^^ 





.. iStf 





... •=l^% 








.. ^"^K 




... • . * 

.. ^n 



^a ... 







.. ^\\ 




• . • ... 

... 1^^ 

ii^n^F^ ^, ♦I'tiw 




.. '\c\ 


... ^"^ 



... H^o 





\^^. 2H. 



Jf^k ?^^ 





^l^\; wt^fi ... 

1 iv 



.. ^1^ 


mw, »»w... 

.. I'A 


.. '.'i'i 



.. ■*«<: 

q^, 3<+c4 



. . . « 

... ^'i'i 


.. ^°^ 


.. ^vs': 



■ • 

.. R^^ 


.. "^Yi 



.. I'*^* 





liii^nj ... 

.. ^^^ 


.. V^S 


.. «.^"^ 


.. '\-^'^ 


... ^.^'^ 





... R'^l 

jfftsr, jfi^ar 

.. vx^ 


... ^'^'^. 






• • 

.. X^^ 




• • 

.. n^ 


... H'^«> 












• • 

... 'i^° 


... ^o<J 





... "A-^S 







... '^■rfS 


... ^V-^ 



... -^ol 

... V^"^ 


... Hi? 

*rw ... 


... H<:"» 

*?^ ... 





^5f ?^ 

... -^^^ 


... ^^^ 


... X"*"! 

' T • • • • • • 


... X^-l 


... ^<Jt 



flNi, jfrai^r . . . 

.. '*x-^ 


V "^ 




... V<i<A 


... ^"^vs 



*v V 


^o o 


... %\<: 

■^ *v 


.. ^^H 

ifisiqiRJI ... 


... ^')«. 








... X^Y 


... ")o<: 


.. ^'A 

^rsfra^^ . . . 

... ^^ 
... I")*) 



.. ^°% 



jTrswraarr^ . . . 

.. ^?1 


.. S<:i 



.. S-i.: 


.. Vo^ 




., V^tf 


, , . 

.. ^«.^ 


.. V>6 



«2r ... 
5? ... 

^ ... 

3l?5 . .. 

gs ... 

^ ... 
^(^ ... 

^\^ ... 
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... 1^1 


... ■*"^X 

i^2?ay *i<*^ 


... ^=1^ 

R55i«ralr^ra ... 


f^55r5!icfr R=^ ... 


\^^\mi «ii^rf.,. 

... U"^ 

f^^sizjcfr *r^ .... 


fk^^^ flcff ... 

... \'i 



... '\'<\ 








... ^^^ 

>cfi=^f JTTift ... 

... 11"l 

^g ... 


... ^I*- 

^?K=gr2?3 ... 

... ^^^ 

... %o\ 

... -^"A^ 

... ^^^ 

... •f'^'^ 

... ^^1 

... >!\\ 

... >i\\ 






tt3^7 flii ... 




















































f|l^, f|*Io5^S 










|«T ... 




1^ ... 


Cr'ft ... 







fiCT iTIiM ST^i^^T. 






^5i^^ra ... 





31^1^, 3<*I<AI 








■ Pi , 

. • ■ • • • 





... ... 










arfiH^rf^. (3R#r) 



^, ^^^z (+x^r) 



^* w 



















... ••« 




a • • • • • 











... • •• 



sum, 9n« 

... ••• 


?^[ qici 









3?!^. (*^t) 







^S^^', *f3^^f 





































^i ... 


... ... 




.. • 




... ... 


*{i<, ^[55 ... 




"J "Jo 







^^\, ^^; 

^nfl ... 

• •« 




^(51, ^"5^5 

• •• • • • ••• 





... •• ■ ••• 

• •« 


^M"! ... 



*.• •»• ••> 

• • • 


f^r ... 

. .. .. 







• •• 

>• • 





••• ••• ••• 






•■• #•• •'• 



W<i ... 






f5i ... 












^^f, *?re 


*via. %a^'r, 


^et ... 

• •• 


l«i ... 

• • • • . 


... ... ••• 




• « . •• 


••• ••■ •■• 

• •• 


^i*r-qw. (sm^) 


••• •■• ... 



^?^, ^?g, 

^T?r, ^i^ 


.•• ••• ■•• 




... . • 


••• ■•• ••• 



• a • • • 





... • • 





^ ... 

• • • ■ • 


• • • 



... • « 






... •• 




^^\ ... 

• •• . ■ 





*§Cr, ^fl^ 







• •• • • 


••• ••• •>. 






•■• ••• ..• 




■ • • . • 


••• ••• ••• 



^>{^i<, *^ 


^citirte, ^lyfiniq 




••• ••• !•• 







... •* 


••• ••• ■•• 








... .. 





... • 

••• -.• ••• 




• •• . . 


••• ••• ■•• 

• •• 



• •• •« 

^e ... 

•«• ••• a*. 



^m^. (^^f 

)... . 







••• >■• ••• 






• ■ • 


?3r5t ... 

... • 








• •• 


• • • * 


• • • • •• * • • 

t •• 


« • • • 

... ^^<^ 

... %\% 

... %^<: 

... %%>l 

... ^%% 

... ^""^ 

... "^<i'^ 

... ^4JV3 

... I^H 

... H^^ 

... «,<IH 

... >s'\ 

... 1o<: 

... m 

... X^o 

... 'i^'» 

... "K^o 

... ^^3 


... S^^ 

... H«'» 



^ri^^Rcn . . . 
^<, ^^5 s . . . 

^^r ... . • a 






3551 ... 
gan ... 

^^ ... 



.. %^^ 

. %\^ 

. ^^<^ 


. %^'» 

. "i<:o 

ni^t ... 
'i^r ... 

3^ ... 
sjzi ... 



^^3 ... 







f%ffif55, f^tl^s, I%5ft?5 

^1^... ... •>. 




=^?S^, ^^^ 







gfeira^^r ... 
gr2re??r55^icj ... 



«racT, 'si^rat ... 

5trf[ ... 
3n55 ... 


5iJ15?I3f^g . . . 
si^^I^^IST . . . 



■ • • •• • 

... V^% 

... IIS 

... <)vs<: 

... ^<si 

... VU 

... 't^S 

... ^n 

... V^o 

... ' \o<\ 

... ^1V 

... ^^« 

... "?^« 

... ^o^ 

... %%o 

... ■ ^ 

... ^u 

... '^%<^ 

... ^^v 

■ .. ^^^ 

... ^^<: 

... %^% 

... I^v 

... v?,^ 

... >f^^ 

... «,^v 

... ^^^ 

... ^v^ 

... «,vi. 

... \\<^ 

... I^-: 

... ^^^ 

... v'l^ 

... 'J'^'i 

... "^"^1 

... ^y-* 







a^?T[, 2^ ... 


2^ ... ... 

M ... 




31^ ... 

G^r ... ... 

cR^S ... ... 

^R^':, mm^ 


^F^, ^TIS ... ... 








... 1^^ 

... no 

... ^o"^ 

... '\^% 

... ^"".^ 

... '^^^ 

... ^^1 

... '\i\ 

... vjoS 

... 't^"^ 

... \<:'^ 

... v«,Y 

... ^^v 

... ^^^ 

... \'>s'^ 

... ' \o\ 

... Rvstf 

... \^% 

... Hv% 

... \o\ 

... VVJ^ 

... «oo 

... VJi 

... "J-l? 

... ':«'«. 

... H^^ 

... ^^1 

... v^^ 

... ^v^ 

... ««>% 








5^( ... 




... , 



• • * . 


l^. S"". P"?-- 






* • . • 



«IF3 ... 

... • 


^m^, af*j?r 

... . 

... S^<: 






5?[^ ... 


'^1^1 ... 

... U^ 


... ^sn 





... ^^^ 





qi, JI?53 




JI^ ... 





... ^vs<: 

511? ... 



... vu 




... ^s^ 

^Kf, 5IIc5t 

... '^o\ 










... ^"i"* 

ifl^, Jitq 



... "i\^ 







... ^*v» 


... '^o^ 

q^?, 1^1 

... S<<: 

T.1 ... ... 


T'^Q'jrw^ri^ ... 
qc?33fT, qc5q«5... 
'jm^, ^^^\^.,. 


Tir?-?^^r? ... 





TI^ ... 

qf|i^(5nq^ ... 


Til^T, TTITW ... 







qX qi?^ ^... 













^ ... 
"s^ ... 


^^-g^tt ( q^tlfT ) 

Tx^x • • • • • • 

^ ... ..f 






^^\ ■•• ••• It* 


^u, ^^fi 


srt^ ... 




f^grfjj^ ... 



4\^, ^51^55 ... 


Irt ... ••• ••• 

1^ ... 

^^U, ^^<t31I 










^u^u. >ii(t ... 

fl^^, »i^ ... 



*iHT • • • • • . 

*ftu3, *Tf^ ... 

^^"t ... 



W^ ... 



jfrs ... 

?cir ... ... 


<!*'3 ... ... 




t^H^m Ic5 ... 











• • • 




^ ... 








^Nlri(, 3135^ 


m^i^, pl'^^ 




... v<iv 





... «o'> 


* •• • 


















■ • • 









• . . 



... vsoH 


• > • 



^ftf, ^fi\ 


' \S^ 




• ■ ■• 







_ A .*■■ r^. 












"■ ^^° 


• ••• 


w|^ ... 


^"S?^'" ... 

• • • • 



... ^^i 


• •■ 


grcjr, qiti*r ^f« 



t t • • 





• • • 




• • •• 




• •• 




H^qhar, g<wr 

• • • 




^^' ... ••• 

• •• 







HWI'ildt ^^ 



1 ... 



... 'A'^l 


• •• 




^"^ ... 

• •• 



• •• 








%i*i*c4, 5rcTR? 





• •• 





• . • 





• •• 





• •• 




BWf^, «R5q^ 

« ■ • 


M\% m^ 



• •• 





• • • • 





• * • 





• •• 








(^ ..• 

• •• 

• • ■ 

• • • 





... ... 






• • . 



• • • 

• . . 

.. n'^ 

^ ... 

. . • 

• •• 




• *. 

• t • ••• 

.. \06 







•• • ••• 

... \^^ 

Wtl"?555, i«|c5|4)c4 






... . • • 





• • • 



^i^\, ^ 

• . • 

... ... 




• . * 

• * • 




. • • 

. . i • • . 

.. H1"» 



• • . 





• •• 

.. "JR-* 







.. M^ 

• • • 








.. H«.^ 


• • . 


* . . 







• • . 

• •• 









. •• 





... ... 

.. •I^'^ 

^*« ... 

. • . 

• • . 






... ... 


#ft ... 

. • . 

• •* 





... ... 

.. l-rfi 




• . > 





... .. ■ 

.. no 





• •• 





.. \^c 

«»lc5, ^*IT^ 

. ». 

• •• 


• • . 





.. ^-iS 




• •• " • • 

.. ^\ 


• •• 


• • • 

• •• 


g^g'*. i<i< 


• • • " • • 



• •• 

. . • 


• • t 



• • • 


.. VV»<J 




3ra ... 

• •• 


• • • 




• • • 


• ■ • 




• • * 


• » • 






• • • 





.. . 




. . . 




• •• 


• •• 

STf^yi, aiwif^+l 































3ra:^r3^3^ .. 

• • ••• 


.. ■^^«. 

.. ^«^ 



f^^ ... 



... ^^«> 

... ^Ro 

... 1^^ 

... 'iW 

... ^Va 

... ^n 

... n 

... ^S» 


... «i^^ 

... ^^o 

,.. ^oR 

... .^\^^ 

... '.^^ 

... ^^^ 

.. 1"^^ 

.. ^"^^ 

.. ^n 

.. W^i 

.. \n 

.. %\<: 

f?I ... 





nis: ... 
S^fl ... 



•■• «• • 






=^i^R5|i^'?^r ... 

1'%=^, r^R^r . . . 


=5f?f^?Ti%^r ... 

-Ji*iM4irir ... 
5t^ ... 

5if^ ... 



... n 

... \\o 

... I'^S 

... ^S<: 

... ^^-* 

... H'JI 

... ^^<: 

... v^v 

... "ivi^ 

... ^^5^ 

... H=l^ 

... \\^ 

... v^^ 

... -i^^^l 

... ^IH 

... ''.^X 

... -;vo 

... ^1^ 

... ■^0^ 

... ^^o 

... "1^^ 



cTI^ ... ... 

rl[Tfi#qTri?7 ... 
mTf5}t^;st ... 



ms^r, f%icr ... 
P^, p?? ... 







... '^? 

... l^o 

... "J^v 

... lo^ 

... "io^ 

... "i'i'^ 

... ^»\v 

... ^n 

... \\^ 

... ?V<1 

... '1^^ 

... nn 

... v^-<f 

... ^U 

... >«H^ 

... ^'^ 

... ^^^ 

... '^o^ 

... H»^ 

... H^^ 

... ^«? 

... HT^ 

... \-^') 

... "i-io 

... ^"Jl 

... «o^ 

... ^<^1 

... '^s'i 

... h^\» 

... lo-i 





;iH ... 


l^ai?T^. (5?l^l?7?5) 


vfz ... 









... 1^° 


... "io<i 


... U*A 




... ^^^ 


• ■ • 

... ^^«. 



... ^^<: 

... ^.^» 


... 't^^ 

"^rm, ^ 

... ^ot 


• • • 

... ^Vi 


. > . 






... ^"^^ 



... \^\ 



... <^o'. 


. . • 


... Sv9<: 

... \\% 

... "^^^^ 



... H^? 

... "^ ^.'^ 



^r ... 


... n^ 


• • • 





• ' • ^ 




... %^\ 









... ^V«( 



... ^X^ 


... «i1^ 



... '^^^ 



... ^vs^ 



... RX^ 


... ^\'i 

... ^u 


, , 



... "i^v 


, , 



, , 

... IX'* 



... Vll 

... ^-ifif 

... n-^ 

... ^'.i 


... ^^^ 

... SIT 

... %^}. 

... \'i\ 





























Jn^ ... 
^J^ ... 


3^ ... 

••• ••• 

• ■ • • • • 

• • • • • • 







• ■ • 

... \>S'i 




• • • 

.. . 

• • • 





• •t 



... 1 

. . • 



, , 

• •• 

... v\-rf 




• 4 • 

• a* 

• * . 

• t • 


■ • • 


... ^^31 







• •* 




21^9?, 2?rH 

• • • 


... ^"^I 





• • * 

• • • 

... ^^^ 


•U ^\S 



• • • 

. • • 

... V^^ 






. . . 




• • • 

• • * 





. • • 



... '^^H 




. * • 


• • • 

... \V3', 





• • • 







• *• 





• * • 


• • • 


... "i^vs 





• t • 


... V<^^ 






• •• 

... '.^^ 



■ . . 


• •■ 



... ^^^ 





• .. 






• •• 


■ • • 



• • . 

• • . 


... R«i<> 

• fl • 



• •• 

^ ^ 

... vli 

• t • 



• •• 

. . • 

... ^•''A 

f • • 




• • • 

... Vo:^ 

• « • 





• •• 

... Hn 

• • • 



• • • 





• . . 


• • • 

... "^VJ 

• • • 



• • • 

... ^Vi 

• • • 


a • • 

• • • 





• •« 

. . . 

> . • 

... '\%\ 



tjF^rq? (m^) 


■ • ■ 

... 'tS'^ 

• • • 








... in 

• • ■ 





... ^?^ 

• • • 





... "itf^ 





• •• 





• • • 

... vU 

• t. 



fl • a 

• •• 





— ~ "" 





,,. .... ••. 

... '^'i=i 


• •• 

• «< 

... ^"JH 


• • • ... ... 


i^^5M^*r^r, wr^^^r. 


... ^1H 


... ... ... 

... H^^ 

^ ... 


• * ... 

.. «")<» 


... ••• ... 

... %n 


• t • • 

• t«* 

.. ^H^ 


•#• ... ... 

... ^"° 



... %%% 

. •• ... • • • 
••• «•• ... 

'JO ^ 

... U>! 

5FT ... 

• • • • 

• • • t • 

• • • . • 

... K^^ 
... l^-^ 


.. SSI 



■ • • 

• • • • • 

... \%< 


... -^s^ 


• • • • 

.. SS"i 


... 1^"^ 


.. \%>s 

<<^i^, gift 

... £^^ 


• • • 

... 1<>H 

^ ... 

... ^-^1 

5»ti^vJ, WT^L 

• ■ • 

... ^0*} 



... ^vsl 

5Rl ... 

> . •• • 

.. S^<J 




... ^S^ 



... ',^<: 

5ira ... 

• • ••• 

... <^S^ 


• • • ... ... 

... ^^^ 




■•• ... ... 

... \o% 


» • • • • 

... ^R1 



... n^ 


• ••« 




... ^^^ 



... "iS^ 



... %^\ 


... ^Y^ 


... ^s^ 


• • • • • 


^M ... 

... H«^ 


*• • •• 

... ^Sv 




.. ^'^i 


... ^^0 


• •• 

.. V9^H 


••• ••• ••• 

... ^vs"! 


• ••• 

.. "iv*") 


... H^^ 


• f • • 

.. ?^s 


••• -•• ••• 

... <^vs>f 


I* ••• 

.. VR 


• • • . • . • • • 

.. R^o 


»• ■ ■ • 

.. M^^ 


••• ••• ••• 

... ^^3 



.. I^l^ 




• • • 

.. ^So 



... W^ 



.. 1f"^i 



5T«^^qt, ^i'^riM . 

• •• 

.. Ho«. 



... ^^V-A 


... K^\ 


f^tui+Kdr • 


... '.Ho 


• • • • 

.. ^"^^ 

... '^S^ 



.. ^n 

^ ... 




• • • • < 

.. ■!f^") 


... ... 

... lYvs 



.. ^^ 


... H*:! 



.. H^« 

ii[^i^. ii[^ 



.. •^1'^ 


... **■ ... 



• ... 



*•• «•• ... 



• •«• • 

.. X^H 








• • • 

. • • • 


^^, ^tR^, ^^tl 

... v^i 


• •• 

• ■ ■ • 

... ^v»^ 




• • • 

• •• • 



... HU 


• •> 

. • • * 



... ^«l<: 


• •• 

• • • • 

... ViV 


... %\'i 


• • • 

• • ■ • 

... ^H^ 


... ^^S 




... ^H^ 


... ^? 


• • • 

... • 




• •* • 

... ^S^ 


.. . 

... H«^ 


... ^«v» 


• •• 

. * • • 

... U^ 


... v<Jv 



... vv«, 





... ^^?t 


... ^^ 

• *• 


... ^^% 



... R? 

... ^\^ 


• • • 


... SH^ 

i^\^, irndf 

... «1<1 



... ^«^ 




" • • • 


^xijt, 0¥tf 

... V^o 

• •• 

• •• • 1 

... 11o 


... V^tf 

• • t 

..• . • 

... %\-^ 



... ^"^'i 




• • • 

• •• a* 

... 'i'^1 


... ^<»1 


• • • 

... S'i'^ 


... 'IH 


tri wrw. 

^ti^^i ^Hmi liHy ^ Kim. 

$l^ia^ 'fl') ^>ii(| ^uM -Hiai QiiSli i^$il &. 
^liR 2H^ cl'd ^^>l ^a^rllji ^ti^rl a^l^ &. 

^. ^^frl^t ijnVq^ SWT^ — =^l Qll^'l^l =l'l^'H(rl "^^^-U^ ^ft <lcl 
oM«l^l^ ( practical ) ^ hmMi ^\^ ^ clcj cn^ri i^clRl ^Hl^g &. 


X^mi 1^.i{\ 'Mct'ft hh^hIci @5i ^ ^ jvn^i^ti^, iJ** 

\M, P/ai, Wc-tiil 1 \i{i '^Hri:^\(n h4'*" 'H'^ 
aH3i2i)Hi ^^r (Flora) i^ S. 

fcl'dlSl "^ ^^IHi S^l'fl 'tliilKl >^lA clHlH ^H^M- 

an^ -vjjyftaHl^l aH»Hl« H'tRl R{^l^l (Natur- 
alists) ^ ^iH S. "41^ !Mm/l ^<i (^m?. hi[ 

H^a'^l, n^ov My, M^, ail Vi[[ir{[ -xHRU-fl 

i^^ ®M^ i^^l H'Hl^llcaiSliPi ril ^'t^Mfcl %tisl ffV 
^l»/^ ilM ^Rl«ft dSiiPl "HcI^-hC^ 44^1" 'ti 
H^^ctSl'O aHl=t%Hictl aH«tH 'V^^fl'Hlrt R^'4 ^i §. 

^Mfrt'd a5Hi(A->HH^ f«l=llH atK-tjj «/ K^fl, cHl^ 
"Hrl^Mfrl Hill'l" d ^^^i ^-^"^^ ^ Pl"<^4 '^^• 

^%dJs ^IH, clHi cl R:«lHMi @3l<:fl «H(Hl ^H- 
^h(c1^ qi^'t aHl=l3 ^fc/Si. HH^mMi >l.y HiSl 
Rfei 9rjM^ 'h "HXI ano-Hl^ oi^l ct m^Mfcl 
®Mlil ci^ ctiH vi7[ cii^ct sviiojr^i 2(1^^ ^l ^^ 
ct ^m-ni "HrlJt">ifcl HlI'l'Mi H^ctiMl <t^l«n^ 
Hi=fl^ cl cirt:^Mf?l:i dlH an^ =t<4't Mlctl-fl >l5l 

^-QH^'ft iC-lM Miat>ti i^4ll ^s3 m'i anwi 
H^cti^i £^i t'l^Mfcl'll VI, QM^'I, ^ct, »lS, 
dR, aHHH^i, |M, VI an^ tlM PlSl^^ ^ik^ 

%tl<l ctni ^^C-t ^U^H Qtl'tmi C-t^Ml^ svlfcl^i. 

^ii^lH (h-^h i^ d, anH ^u^Ih fttH «t«J^l 

Mi'i (^^^l^i, £^i Rsini >i^ct1iMi ^u^Ih "^hw 

M^Jl ^-'Hl^ ani >iR:ct!! 4i>H'-tlMi M«^ "^dStli ^ll^U 
(Technical) «l'>^l c-fuiHl H^Hl d. a>iJj «11=^1h 
^I'H'-fl Hd^Mfct^l ani aHHHH aH«i'-ti Jl^^l a>il3iR 
«H«tH ci %imi'H M 1 "lo ^i'>^i'-n M»ai ^"^Hci 
%l»t35 ^lilH dfe. 

<:-aHl Ji^SMl '^'Icti ^Ml «1<1 (Hl'tl =tlM^ 
&. an^ wHl ^II^Ih <l'>^l 4f»-Hl RiqiH atK-^ iv 
•H^fl (Hi C-fo-Hl ^. 'M "SiC-fli «v3ll3i ^U^Ih 
«l*>^l =UM^m ^fclSi MiJl ci dfe »l(Acti ci<l ivSlian 
«ISI R^14 «l'>£l =IIMMI ^. I'fi i\h t't^MR'tl 
(otvi Rt-H aniil^l, ctUHR aHHH^l an^ ci»ii ^M 
^3ll 2Hi(s aJidsii iA^^i ^ "^^ Jl ctMm^ ^[i. ■wii« 

^H «H^ ctH ffVSl^l aH[(iMl <lilH an^ sn^R^ 

ciMi ^«t6 Ml, ancd ani^^cti «^■>H^mi"^l^^ i^qmi 

anl^ §. ay 5? 'H'l^tMfrl anl <H-«H'tl^ ctMl^^ 6vlaHC-{| 
§ ci^ ^H i^M <^^ CtH ismi «MwtH cl^ aniM^ 
§, ciufl <^ Hd^MfctHi id^R^H ■^a'HlSR 531, ^M 1 
aiHciR ^^mi a>il^^l 6 ct^ R^a^d "^tl^l 5^^ ^, 

1 -fvlrll^:) ci H't^Mfct «lc([ JrlQJctt,{i Jfl(^ (|f\(vl 

«tlH, an^l aHl«ft :^^<V an^i ^Hct ilHrffl %ll«l 
aH'H?ilH ^ifictKl tR «tlH ^i^ "V df^, M»ai £^S 
H^^Mict^ svlj/ciPl aHiai>M^l'{l i&^^^.^l ©t^l^'O «l«l 
(§(ja «11H, aH(V ani ^i^cti Sfwi'lR^l >H^l §3 d. 

(^-HH^MirtKl H^l^l, ^*rl«H^l an^ n^ H^lf- 
i^Q^l «MiV=ll Hl^ <^ «ll^ «n<3i'4l'ft anauHcti g, 

^ll5[lRi-»H«t«lHl an^ ^dl MlC^QtlPl^ J^io-^l 

aniR^ 8ll4 R3[t(['i ani <v5ll2l s^ir-ii^i aHl^ d. 

giT^qf^-THE PLA.NT. 
\o-gH^^-aH ^i'>SMi 'H'i^M(ct<ll%>l ilHlt^l 
'tl^l'ft v^lA clMlH el^^Mfct, anilict^ .i? ci;^:i 
^JT^qi^-5n^-vegetable-life ^l«t § cl ^H- 
(41^1 «Ml^«l «IIH &. andCl ov>{lrt w^^HH^ SHrlt^i 
Sii (H?i?(l i<l (satwi daii ^^l(^ct dU 'J^'fl; 
Mlt^ftni S'lcft dlii.l'liHi dl^lKl ^Hl(A«(l C-ttT >^l- 

^l>^i >§idi RwR'-ti«ii <Hd (H^) ^^Kl; anPl ^h 

^?cM?<IiMn«ft 9V ^>HlW «l1 aH^<:-fi %Uj>t !|,3l?(l ct 
^^«lSMi S^lcti SlSW^l'fl M^i anl ans (^^q%) 
«lo£Hi sitJi'il iRHmi ani^C-ft 6. 


ll-^^qr%-3r*f^Mi nni nji id iini 

i^=ll 'll^ =l'i%M(ct'tl ff? 5VJJI -MSI (Ml5ll ^m ^, 
ci i\i m^l^ il^^ organ i^ ^. 

H14 i<l Miat 5fj[?ir ilH ^ <v^ aniMi^ \i^ 

(1) ^(A-Root. 

(() iiH-Stem. 5i >^tii ^^mi m i^-Hin ^. 

(3) Ml«l-Leaves. 

(v) ■^'^"H-Flowers. 

(■4) l^^-t-Fruit. 

3HI M[2i i^r aH«l--tl 3H5llMi ^^CHl stijl SH^ll 

=H«llcl 'ita, ^Siil 5H^ MK 5i cW^mGi^ -o^Uli 

€l=imi 2H^ qHiRi »iss 3HIM ^, »ii^ an;! hh- 
^MfrtKl trr^ruT ^h^ ff^ ^??n^; ^h^ H'^m ct«ii 

\% "{l9V rtHl^ hlHli il** i^ ^ '^l^ ^ ^^ 

ani^ ^m §, aH«ltHl ci«{l oyslisn "SlW Si<l ff^<\ 

@M^ h^m "Mi't SH^ll ^sa^ llW 'im 'I aHl>(l 
«lim, ci4l 'H'i^Mfrl aH^i^ "W^Mtcl 5^=tlH S. M«l 

€3pT ^;i^^-phoenogamous plants i^ §. 

ci ®M^2(l cl Hfj^q'i^-annuals, ^ik S^ft^ 
5ti <HH «3H'tl^; ^fSRTj-Biennials, aJlisl 
<|5Q^ "I '\k Si'H'ti^; 5H^ ^jg^rrg-perennials, 

^IH S-ff? q^l^MKl <V>{lri (|M^ @3l § ct^ W555f 
^JT^m-terrestrial; ^ Ml'^fl'li l^l ^ n^ 
3T5r3T-aquatic; ^ <H't^M(cl «Kl25 ti-HRrMfcHi 
5H5lMi, MldHi an^l £l>HC-t iHl f^l-HlH clM^ §51 
^ ^'l SRrtt^TJT-epiphytes; an^ «? 'H'l^Mpt 

parasites i^ 0. ci<Hi (Isi^^i^i sH^k^ shI^II, 

fiR«ll SH«l=ll aHOni aH^}r>l Kl=i itMl^ 3HISW 
5H^ hm §: — 

(3) ^-THE ROOT. 

cHl IdCHli s^iilSil Klsoft d R^ctl^ Ml^fl H»voijt 

«iiH &; ^^a m\\i m diR §<?i ^^ ^i"^ §; 

JlRli ^ ^^; H^ Hq i<l M anst^ll «14Pl cl(q- 
^^\ Kli^l §; ^tfirti !(iii5ili Di>^ ^cQ a»iPlH(Mrt 
^ct Kli^lC-ll ^IH §; ^(A §M^ Hl4 i^ ^i>H- 
bud, MH ^ |CH aHl=lcli 'l^fl. 

^ HJA 'fli^l §, fl^l antMi^ %HW and "H^qiy 

W55 adventitious-roots i^ S. 

Su<Hiait&i "^Hta «t4l "^ 3A<«Jl ^^l d^cii c^lui( 
>i.^ ^IH ^, SiHi ^(A^ ^^en^^-WoS-fibrous- 
roots i^ §. 

ctmX n^ aH«mi a^ll JtldiaJil aH4 viH^[ q^i^ 

tuberous-roots i^ S. 

^^ <v>fl4>ii @ct^ HHi«a hm ^Aiiii ^«i -vHi 

'ifA^ ^T5fr^55-tap-roots i^ d. 

«ll3l ^. <«l^ Sicii iicfi;i ^,jf, ^j^ qp^ 5H^ 
^JRri rhizome R5l^ <ll^i aHlM=tl»li ani^ d. 

M«3i ani^i H«a .§ n ^id[ nyi i^^iiH d. >m ^ 

^'IW ^4 ^ H^l^ SHl-^, MW 1 i^MC4i ^q( 
MH scales ^IH d, aH«i=ll ^ik ^. Mi?J 'Vt^i 
>itflM^ n^ty i^ aHl=(3 'iJfl. |3l'ill "S CH«t^4l 
ii^l aH«l^-tl n^diHl m ^ ■>H^i >i(A 'lifl Mi^i 
ctKl Hl^i <;^ ojlijji \^[ ^iH g^ ^ ^cti -uj^i j^cq §. 

* Sim &li=tl>ii Tl^^a/ HH :^«l ani^ 5, Mt?l ^ H^ 
Well 'I'fl. 


M^^ cl ^l^cii^li Hi^i •vh'^i Qipi i^MlW^ ^SliJ' 
ci^l 8llil fcH^i "-Vi Sii'-m^l <HR ilHH R^ a^H 

or caudex i^ d, «J4l^ <^<4'=lHl$i ^UHKl sHl 
^[55-stock >ll H'fl ^J^ r^^fctan SHPlC-li 

^<{1 WHl ^IM d. aMl<Hl ^llta £^ <H,H '-l^ d, 
an^ SMcQ qi[4S if^^fl (Him mjll V^ldl niM 

^^Hi ^iilSilKl ani^t 'iMHC-ft ^IM, ciMi«ft SHm 
tld^i SHiSi ^H-w-ct ^IH 6. 

.iiil ^mi m?. r\h^^{ (vHl-iKl ana aH«i--ti 

%H\m KlSf^n cl^ ^, an^ ^ M^ a^5 -^ H^l^ 
ani-wll §cM^ «IIH 0. Si ^ii-uii aH«l=<l cl^ll Sfc) 

aHi^lMi«fl 4=ti >i(a an^ iiil M£l «IIM §, an^l 

^i«{li ^R qfjfsr offsets aH«l'-ll ^^T stolons 
i^ d, an^l cl aJis H^^j nH <V «4l"t ^'kl >i«l 
an^ -jiilaJil «l8l §H^ UMli^l ^Irtl^l «nH =m'^ 

aMli^ &. 

root-stock d, cl^ j\\ii \ ifjqj rhizome 
1^'HWi ani^ d. wHi^ >f^ ctSd Jjyi 5j>^i 

^IM, cHl^ cl^ Hyi^i gj:^ crown anU'-tl M»tl«fi 
=ll-nhf-tuber a»l ^i'>j ^ii, «viii^ S^iyii- 

•ilM aHHlH ^. ^^^TH orchisKl qts tuber 
^, cl anSH'-ll'i 3lill'Hl<?ll 9o5*T^Fo5 root-stock 
&, an^ H^ HUl'^l m^ aJiSiv anN ^IH ^. 
<*ll^ '^■^^l ^, ct Mi^l ^i'Vil^ ^qosvi^^ d, 
M<3i cl^ Hi^fl ani-oll ^IH d. 

^R.-^tft-bulb §, n 5is; sii;) H(Actl anisi- 

^ ctPiA Ml^l<?ll ^IH d, ci'ft ans^ aJii aH«tHl 
H^l^ ani^l iii^'Ai ^IH §, aH«i--ll ctM^ ani^C-ti 
^^qsrt scales ^i«n anivli ^IH d. an iiMai 
anPlC-ll q^'li «leti Mmi aH«t<Hl 6^ V-A'li 

H'Hii «wi^( Muni "S an n-^Hi «liii H<^i <f»ti( 

^IH §. anPl rt Hl4 S^ 'vHl't'O aH« a>i!HHl 

MK'ii ■<4i^i»^mi aMi^<j{l ani^i iiti «iW ann d. 

wHl^ iUlHR-ii i^MSti «l-j( an^ <§H^l IM^ ani^C-li 

^iH, M>2i (Ac^i ^iH cl=ii hk[^ ^i^qaNrsJt 

scaly, an^ ^H 4^1(41 "^ MHJjitHl ii£lH\'ti 
S^MC-ti Mlrt«li, ^i^itni aH;ia»is «Kl«t Qhr =ii<i- 
ii anl^c-li ^IH d, clHl iisi^ q^^ToSt tunicated 

R.S-aHiHl 3lii an^ ^^iJlKl atliA S, cl M^J 
»lill«ll5ll HoSfl^rSS ^, aJi «4l4 *^ '^^^ *^^' 

c-thi&ii «tcti 't^ft. aJiPii 3Hiii^ *n 1 3ikO{ -m^i 

^IH 6, cllMiSJ an^i SiMC-tlMl ani-oll dSlH^fl ^icft 
'i% mi m 1 a{l!/l^ ^^cT«R^ corm i^ ^. 

(^) tlil («?^) The Stem. 
^V-^:^r-aH -iiVim R^4, R«laH aH^ilc^^ <»v>flH 

«U>HiaHl cfliSl 6, Pi Myf\ MH, <«lOl i'H 
an^ d-Hd clM^ Vy\ ani^ ^. 

<si^>li SicQ ciiQ,,{|5ii ^IH §, "S ayKl »tR^cl 
#lHlaHiaH 3i^^?ll MI'<^|1h ^«^M ^Rli MH 
aH»lHl H'i^Mfct'll o{l»n Qti^mi M^iai d, an^ 
<?t( an \^r^ Miat't «liJ, aH«l!cV. H'l^Mtct'll ^''m\ 


=11^ 5H^ n^ 25'-^ ^'Ar-tli^, rtHl ^i avtSl 

cylindric §IM §, M«J "Slfcl'HR ""i^il Midi "S 

"i'll=l4>li iia <v<\ ^•^'•ct -I ^IH, an^ ivKl d^il^J 
'Hl^l 3 «(l M '{[i'i\ 3H« ^IH, ct<\ cH^Mfa 
( Hi^ i^ H^^^y ) gt^^t-herbaceous-plant 

^IH ^. 

ctft/l^«(l Id^Oyli «ll-^lSii Kli^l^Kl ^IH, ^Hi H'^M 
^Ri^ i^-Hl^ «U'^l*Hl^l Qiin =lHl^ ^IH, an^ 

(>^l^l §U^l sHUHl) :tt1I3 irrai-under- 
shrub, suffruticose-plant i^ S. 

'HRiii i'.Hl^ «U>HiaHl Klscacd ^IH, ^H^ ^'^ 
iri^-shrub i^ &. 

^ f^-tree i^niH §. 

§H^m (39a hM iiH §, (Hi^ rt<l iiil ^>fr, 
^ivft-erect i^^liH 6. 

^is-wHl^ M HtAM^«(l 'ftSt^l C-113U-0 "VMIK 
^\VM a^l«(l, M^ §'^ 8lW, :^H1 q^«a ^IH S 
ri<l dS{ ^ftxfr JT^T^r-decumbent aH«l=ll 
3^ ^^^r-ascending i^ d. 

^<:-«Hi^ ani^Hl >siil 5h«1"HI cl^i H^i (HR 

procumbent i^ ^. 

R.(!f-«Hl^ 9^iH^^^ iiM\^ HH^ '\??{ ^iV^i^i 

wrn: WrTsr-diffuse i^ &. 

^ cHl^ ci^ wr?jq?: q%^-prostrate, SH^ 
»fMl^ ancQ iiilMR«{l M«(l vinm ^rii «imM<«(l 

^rhw^:^ gis»n^-creeping i^ 6. «wHlX 

llW H'i^Mfrl'ii hI^hI "i him =tl >lW(-rhizomes 
M131 "vHUM^ aHl<l ^cl M«^lH4li ^IH, ell cl^ 

Mi^i ^ <v «ios mv^^mi ani^ §. 

wHl^ i!!^ an^l Hl^ Ml^ H'i^ iiil^ll ^Mi ay 
(Him aH«lHl ^AM^?fl -{lialC-fl .|lH §, cHl^ ct^ 
g^r*fr ^5 »fr^^55f-tufted, coespitose ii §. 

30-wHl^ 'int/U i(il liy 3JU<Hi 1 <H\25 H^4^l 
anW^l ii=ll, ctHlM^ =tI<i«llH<:-ft ^IH ^, <«l^ <t^ 
€reo5tcfr ( %55T ) twining i^ §. ani^l iiil 

4l»{l >l^?(l ivH'^ft >l^, 3H«iHl svH'^ft ^^«(l il<Kl 

( tendrils ) 1 #^Hi <v=li "{Im 'li^'ll S^ai- 
2|^C-{1 ^IH §, <?li^ ct^ qiiir^ "T^^rfr climbing 

Wff 5H«i'Hl »^55r-suckers ii S. 

wHl\ «llil yi^fl 'vHl'iM^ 5HI^«{1 ^ll"4iaHl 

ci'll ^Si^l aH«l=tl ci'H^'d 5i?0aHl §M^ «v 'l^l cl^«l 
aH«i=ti ^U=tl ^ S ci^ ^flfriT^f runners i^ §. 
iiil 5H«l^l cl'ft «U">^l5il @M^ 5? Pt|aHi?ft 
aHj a>i?t:Hl HHi^ «U'«il'ill ^ MW Kli^l §, n 
Pi|^ ?f«fr node i^ 0. aHl<l "^ si^ftaaicO 
=t5-5i<ii iiilMMi ^iitai^ 5i«frJiv-q¥niT (iicf/fl) 

internode i^ S. 

'fli^lSti §m $, <«i^ ^ «U->HlaMl aH«l=ll MH 
^TJRTmt opposite i^=llH ^. ^H ^^3i 

«Hi^ Hi^fl «ii">Mi5ii anitcii m^i Mw iiilrfl 5ii^^ 

ci=(l «l>HiaHl anSi^l Mrt^ ^TI ^^'M fS^\- 
Wi\K whorled, verticillate i§ d. 

wHl^ -SiilM^ «ll>Ml5ll ^mi MK -SiM Sis iv 
'^tlffl^JH, 55^!; Ji?ftH^S(l tn^, n>3i n<3J 3H^ ^lij 

jTOT ^PiT anPl g^ffn: ^S ^Hl^sii geminate, ter- 
nate, fascicled or fasciculate S^mn d. 



aH«lHl MW arfci^ ani^c-il-alternate i^-HlH S. 

«lH«mi SHReii ^IM, Mi^i H'ft aM>s ^M §M^ 
aH«l=ll '{151 0(125 sv\il fH^l^H^ «Ml-rt^ =l=^l=l2i 
il^-vjji^ aHl^«{l §IH, cHl^ ct^ «ll-«tl aH«l'-ll MH^ 
gtm^-decussate vi^CiX ^iMiKl Ml sHl^CHl 

wMl\ «1>HI aH«l=ll MK ^Hi ^jiilM^ PinfMrt 

*H«iqi ^lavj MH M^t-li'fl ^Hl C-fl^^i ^cft %\?. 
'{{b'hui ^IH 5H^ 5ic(l :(IH -SiM 5^ tMlag^H 
5l ^R %lMl'rt^ «ica ilH, cMl\ cl^l «ll>Hl 5H«l<Hl 
M14^ ^r^r^WiT =»i«i^l ^[g^f R distichous, 
an^ «Hl^ aHl<l ^^ iiilM^ ^«3i 6R SHlM 
§IM, cHl^ WW^t^ft =Hl^i-ti tristichous i^ §. 

3T^r?IJfrcI ^l!t ani^eti-Scattered i^niH d. 

«Hl^ «Ht/(l «U>HlaHl aH«l=ll Ml«H ilM a^ii <^^ 
tHlogM?: H^C-ti an^lHl '{\i«iC-li ^IH 6, cMl^ ci 

5lC-fl ^IH ^, M«J « ^ JlCrl«ll>MlaHl»{l m\.\i 
m4 S^ =^i %l^Wl ^IM, cHl^ ci^ «U>Ml5ll 
fsCvHt "^ f^^ri^-dichotomous an^ wHl^ 
anr-d ^ci il(cl«U'«llaHl ^i3J ^tjl '{\i5l«fl ^IM ^, 
cHl"^ ct f5r*?»fT ^ HlVHsTr trichotomous 
S^^tlH ^. wMl\ 3li «^">Ml ^tlM^l "liC-fls ^U^HiaHl 
a^i f^Ml^ft aii^R Klif^lC-fl ^IM, cMl^ ct^ ^U^MiaJli 
g?JI«KK umbellate S^^iH d. 

^td^Mpl-ft M"^ Hl4 i^ %tt/fl, «IA, «lll anPl 

jiii culm an riiH aniMcii^ii ani^ 6. 

(^) 'n^-The Leaves. 

3M-qH-Hl4 i<l •>ii4 H'i^"Hrn«H[ ans ^iHi^m 

^^ni, 5^ Mlrttfli qTJII blades ^IH 6, an ^n-^ 
Mini -HfAl^ ani qT;T i^cim g. ^;^ ^{b\>\. sij^T 
petiole ^IH § Jv'^fl ci -iiil^ c-ti^l^ ^m &. 

wHl^ tTTH^l =H15R ^H^lHl ci^ >IIM i^'HWl 
ani^ cHl\ ®M^ i^C-ii '^ >4H[ H(4l^ «1^^ qi^T 
^Mivctl^ S. aHc{l a>;£^ Hi4 i^O^ ildil^l «Ml- 
H«l i^HWi aHi=tcil 't^ft. cilM^J "idC-fls "ViliaH 
MH;i 'ilM ildilyicj M<^ C-f>HMRi ani^ §, MH'il 

a>il^ S. 

3^-Sii MW "^ V,C-t^l ^IVTOIR aH«t=ll «^<V 
■^ HH^Mfrt-il llfcl M^i <>{l2i) ^Rh, <v S^«(1 t't- 
^Mfcffl >liil aHS^ctl ^41 "^Itl <Hl<r»t aHSl^l ct(fi3\c-{l 
^IH <i dli, n tlRn^ crfo^-base i^<=llH d, 
an^ cl^i %ii5l^i &li cl;^ ^?^-apex ^^M 
JI«n^-summit S^HlH d. 

3is-«Hl^ ildil H^l^^ MW ^lil aH3R «1>HI- 
M^ anl^^ ^IH wi, cHl^ <i=ti MH^ ^f (MH) 
sessile i^ ^. 

«Hl^ MH^ aHl3 "^'4 ^f^H >ii-^ 'H''^ ^H"*^'*^ 

aH»i<Hl MH^ ^^^ TirJf ^-stem-clasping, 
amplexicaul ani^^ S^ S. 

wHl^ MH^ ct[(hg -siil aniR «ll>Ml^ Ml5t 
aildiii (V ^13 ci?(l, M^3 ci'ft ail^^ X^ hM 
M*^ ^IM d, 1 <^«(1 >siil anoR «U>Hl MhKI 

=iatMi«a a^ 'HlMl^ '{li<?ic-n s^mih ^, tmX ^Hi 
Mmi n(fAHi anoR MH^ ^'^RTg-perfoliate 
i^ 0. §£l(&^m "H^ft'ti MH -i't^ (333) ogSii* 

§rt(l aHl^«tt ilH ^, > ^«a ?iM^ at<A ani^C-O 
d^l a>i»l<Hl «liil ^i[ iMK d, cHl^ ciqi MW^ 
jfl"^ ^?r?:cf! ^T?:WT^-decurrent i^ ^, 

«Hl^ 5^5 MH aHH=ll clKl ailiaf\ cit{1 R^ct 
«l5i5tt ildil^ rt(caa ^iil »H3R «1->HIM^ cl'ft 
ii^a-il SM^ ^i'li^'ft Ml^i RdtfllHJi ilH 6, («tl^ 
a=a ildil, rtttfinU MH^ qft%f[v, ^ns^T^ 
sheathing i^ 6. @o m«, Hi« an^ ^(l«#l- 
aHHi MW. 



root-stock '{I <3M^<ft 3H«t=ll i(M Si Kl^i^ft 

aHM ^"^HIH §, an^i MH ^H^ ^CH^ 4jg6 | -j^ c l 
=H«lHl WSSirf radical MH SH^ ^Sl i^ d. 

S cHl^ ciPl ^r^oST 3r^ (Hl'i)-rosulate S^ 

^rs^q^ 3IR^ "^ ^tlW TR-cauline-lea- 
ves i^qiM 0. 

0, cHl^ ct ^T^-simple SH^ 3T#^?T-entire 

«Hl^ MH'fl liVil «vtil HltaHl (Sil^ 5H«l=ll 
m«a ff5>=tl sAi^l tictl SHl^C-tl ^IH d, (Mi^ ^;) 
3n^»fr-in'T Sr^ ^ToS^r^-ciliate; «Hl^ 
MH-fl "^RM^ ril^m ahl llH S, cHl^ ^^ 
^f?IT^I^-dentate, toothed; ««ii^ MuHl 

^tr^T^-serrate; an^ «Hl^ Ml-iKl iRM^'li 

^^-crenate; Moj «Ml^ Sj iiai^i ^(jji ut^^j 

crenulate i^ §. 

«Hl^ Ml't'ft iRH^ SHl^C-ll shl H>^1 §il 'if^, 

MH^ STR'inkcI ^rNr^T^-sinuate i^ d. 

^ImKI Ml!<i (3=ft Hl=(l ctM ^iH cHl^ n^ 
linn ^ a»5f<^re|l^ wavy, undulate i^ S. 

«HlX MlcfO "SR hHiX dil iMlH«{l ilH d, 
M«i ci'il JIM VKKI *l\^H-V^l =H«i'-tl ildil ^'fl 

lobed, cleft Js^ S. aHl<l ^n «iilcHl Mmi 
ilM an^l^l Pi(Hl3ll^ ?^ an'R ^DfraTT-lobes 
S^ d. wMl^ Ml'i'll -W^flaHl ^ii-Sl SH^ HtJJl 
aHplM(Mrt ^IH d, ^m\ n^lMKPl ^ffJ^T 3TR- 
iffRf ^^armr^-laciniate i^ ^. MH'tl 

^t^?3n-sinu3es i^ §. 

<wMl\ MH'ft ^RM^«Hl ilM aH»lHl R<Hl^l, MH'ft 
jiVh-Xhi aH«i=ll iliil ^^=(1 M^iSlC-ll ^IH ^, cHl^ 
ciqi MH^ ¥nT =HUHl f%*ni»T?r-divided, 
dissected i^ ^. ani^l ^ci MH^ti a^ Rotioli 

segments i^^.[h ^, =H^ an SiiSil MH iSU- 
M^«ft m(1 ovcii ^Hl M<ai ^Hl ildil«ft n rti-SHi 

(^l^ilH «1€l Mil ^ISdl 'im. 

«Ml^ MH rt-ll »i^H-Xm aH»l<Hl ^iil ^Ml 
(H9tlPlcl Si^ig ^iH §, cHl^ ^i MH ^3^- 
compound i^=llH d, an^ aHl<l ^ct MK-il 
ffi' R^il^ll «l'V-ll §IH ^, ft ^, tm "^ q^T 
leaflets S^HIH §. ani M^l aH«l=li [km^l ff?<l 
^ct iiil aHJR ^ll-«ilM^^ ^\^i MH "^H^ Ml 
§, ci'=n ^ct MH-il ildilM^^ MK -^H^cli, ciUHl 
■H^l^ "^^ Mi ^. ^ ^"^H ^(41 aH«icll ildilM^ 
Mmi ani Rw^ll aH^cii m^I anRsti ^IH g, 
ct^ WRT?^ ^TZ^t "^ g^s^ ^t^^r common 
petiole i^ &, an^ s^i \H an^iHi seiKl '^ii 
sa{\ ( •Hli&l'O ) ilill^ fri^-petiolule i^ §. 

yo-TTTTMi «llil Hi^ft f^I'CT^r veins ^IH ^, 
ciKl SlUHi^i^ nET^iafrsfr ^gsn-venation i^ d. 

RRlSil MH'd ildilHi«(l 'flif^ MH'il «Ml/l>li 
M^^lHC-fl ^IH §. H aniil an^-KOl ^U">Ml ilfrl^U- 
■MlSimi'41 Miy ^IH S. 

«lil *lM ^IH ^, <«i^ ci^ Jrar nerves i^ 
ilH §, d^ f^i^sft-veins, a^^ aH>ii?ft <^ 

'-Hi^s feiSii -{Is^ic-a ^iH S d^ ^?iJT ra^iarr- 

veinlets i^ ^. 

wtcfiHil «*t<AT MiKi ani tHiTn «iii sfrsr^r-an- 
astomose ^IH d, v MKMl ani^l ^?l ^g^H 
(^RlSil ^ilHC-a ^IH ^, ^3 MW 5TR5rfR:-re- 
ticulate, net-veined i^^llH S. 

«Ml^ 'Hit ^-^H (iRl MH'fl iliilMi?ft '{1s<aT 

K^\\ ct f«Rl MHKI JT^q'^r^T-midrib i^HiH S. 

«MiX MUKl ildilMi'-(l lA«{lSiS f^Rl^ii rOiofl 

«U">HiaHl>iSHl r^HlH <^\\. =lti SI)/" !(^ MK^ ^^^<^ 

«i«i HtacO ^iM, cti cWl r^RiSii^ ^mr??Tt: f^mart- 
parallel veins i^ 6. a^l<l fiRlani q^^ 


g^^qj^-monocotyledonous-plants'ti MH 

rim '{liM ^IH ^ rHl^ H^i MH^ BTOT ^^- 
qi^-3-nerved, qN > ^cT iT^r^g-5-7- 
nerved UcHlfs i^ S. 

iplinerved i^ d. 

r^RlS^l MK'fl ildil an^l^ ^^H^Hl'fl i\h 'HlagSi 
5iJs M(^'li Mlwi'ft ^U'^ilSll Hiyjs aMj, \iyf\ Sis 

feathered i^=tiH S. 

«Hl^ Ml»( 'v^li MH>li ^l?(l §M^^l ■«ii=(mi 

§IH, rHlX ci<H( MH^ ?:[5Rf 1R 511 ( ^''l ) 
Ijrate S^ S. 

SilS^l "MKHi rtPlHl n\\s, 'Vh'^l ^IH §, cHl^ 
ciqi MK^ Wira^f TT^T 515 ( MH )-ran- 
cinate Jt^ S. "Hiai wHl^ »H ''Ji'^nsJiiaMl aHj, 

^IH ^, cHl^ ci^i MW^ ^Nl^'t ^ (Ml'i)-pec- 
tinate i^ ^. 

«j^-palraate h^ §. ®o q^a an^l ^ii^i^i 
MW =Hini §IH ^. 

iliil ^Ml (3il 31^411 ^IH <*ll^ i^i MH^ ^2^ 
^vfr f^^rrfrtrf «l^-digitate i^ S. <§<> ^t^-wi 
an^ ?l^(Al4i MW SHiqi ^(H S. 

Bl^^-ternate; an^ an aHl^Mi MK^ Brqtiff, 
BiMsfi, ^"NTHsrr ^n^r, %^3lf-tri-foliolate; 

laaioff W<?4ia-5-foliolate, 7-foliolatc, i^ 
6. (30 >MlM^l an^l e>{|c^^i MH 'ftMiSjf an^l 

«Hl^ aHi Mmi tii^ {m[^[ ^^H[ ^IH 6. 
M»^ Klai'tl PtQllsll MlWl RoilPin «lW MW'ti 
rtf^AHi MW Pl^lH R(HlPlrt 81\J :^^CHl ^IH S, ci^ll 
%ll^R^^ «"»HK aHjs Mf^Hl M^l \ H«t «^^l €<l»l 

S, cHi^ ^Hi MH^ q%^T q;rr"% qiniff JTTTJ^ 
RwRicI ?j^-pedate i^ S. 

R<Ht(3lct «t?lCHi ^IH S, cHl^ ciHi MW^ ^smi 
^Hdi^ 'lisf ^^f-pinnate, 5^# ^^t-pa- 
Imate, an^ qf^T in ^^ (MH)-pedate 
i^ S. «Hl^ @M^ il^li^ Hin «iiii ^ ^ii iMl- 

Hc-ti ^iH cHi^ ui4 s^^ 'fraf q^ ^IT^T^f- 
pinnatisect, ^^5jV q^^qr^TcSf-palmatisect, 
T%^ TH q^ wrqricst-pedatisect, anM s^ 
S aJiPl «Ml^ an SIM B'lw^l a^Pl Ml^l^ll ■^•i{l=»tl 
(iy'Hl ^IH cHl^ ci^ '{\2l ilMli^ aH^i^l "ftST ^3, 

pinnatifid, palmatifid, pedatifid i^ d. 
Sii an^ ^c-t an }((\ >(([ R(HiPin ^\'^i ^m\ 

^^4n «l'^4ti ^IH S. wHl^ aHl<l <lcl MH'll 
3, V ^ qHl^ -HR (m^ Roiisll «i^CHl ^IH S, 
cMl^ ancil MtriPi ^-^^rR-decompound i^ d. 

«Ml^ MH ans, 5^ "^ ^ejHi^ iMlH^ll ani?) 

pinnate, i|[*ra-bi-pinnate, f^rvni-tri- 
pinnate 5l^ j^ g, an^ aHi<\ ^cl R(HiPh 
»^'lc^i MH^li^l M^«ll (ansiHl 4'-l(atcl o{l*n) RoiR 
ct>{i aHi^4ti sc-t "i M^l-leaflets «>lcl sn«lf*I*- 
fsWTT-pinna (sir. f^^^rnrt-pinna^) i^=tlH S. 

wHi^ Ml«i -v^ii yjii^ MH^i^i xTnrRn; 
rawTH 5HM'-ii Ml. PifHiwini q^ "^ q^ "til^l 

aH«lH %im«i>ii ani^Sli ^IH §, an^ an^ ^il- 
ShI^ si hi. RmRl "^ MH ^13 'i^fl, cHl^ «i 
Mi«i an^tcii a^i iti. (^(HPi Qi^n?^ ira-abru- 
ptly-pinnate, ^mi ^TORflS-equally- 
pinnate i^-HlH S. @o ^iifel^^v n. (^\o), ii- 
^^1 'i. (^1V). M<41 «Sl @M^ i^Hl ^i\^ SI 
Sil^l ill. PiOlR aH«l<Hl Ml anl^^i ^IM, <tl ci 
MH ansi^l MH^l ill. pKHRl 3T^mT5»HiI-»n- 
equally-pinnate ,odd-pinnate J^^lH S. So 


M<4i 'HM"<m §. <^^ 1-% ^cll^r^-bi-dentate, 
sPT ^tcirai^-tridentate, ^f ^fcTT«ri^-mul" 
ti-dentate, fsRVfiFTcT-bifid, BrRVnTncT- 
tri-fid ^^ f^¥iriiT?T-multi-ficl, % ^^ofrsTisir^ 
bi-lobed, fTOI^ansTr^I^-tri-lobed. nqR^sfr- 
unifoliate, fST^r-bi-foliate, «i^?fr-mul- 
ti-foliate. ^f^^f ^H^V'^ (pinna'), Oi^^^r^f- 
unijugate,^ ;ai¥r-bi-jugate, 5iafr striTafr- 

(ctKl "^IW Mi^i ^Rm, «Mli ^IH, an^ ct Sli'-Hl 
d'-il miii ^IM, Mi^ ciHl C-i'>llfc), Ml^lfAlb' S^cti 

^AR "i Mi^i iii^a ^H[\ Im, ^i^ ci ^^rr^i?:- 

linear i^'HlH ^. ®o "^d'^is Hl^ ^H^ l^iHUi 

anU^^^ d\5i Ml^l^ARl Ml^l^ ^IM, SH^ (^H^- 

m'i{[<[ •y<-ll SHlil^ ^^ ^IH, (*il^ ct:^ ¥Ig5TiPK, 
*TSr?ra3-lanceolate i^ §. §0 »Hl^'Hl- 

cHl^ n ^?Ti?5t ^-cuneate i^^-tlH ^. wMl^ 
>mi<?i 5li<Ai*cf?l3 an^ <n((A^ mi^i';Q ctiMi^ 5ii4 

ci^ cir^Hf TH ^Hl aHistR^-flabelliform, 
aHHHl q^^Rr anlSR^ fan-shaped i^ ^. §0 
aHrli^ ^^lil ^^(l 'i. (33). clU 't. (My\), 

ttcil Ml^icfll ^IH, an^ «MlS^l^l Klaiill Qtl'l <v:il =tis 
^cil ^isll sictl tHi^ll §IM, (Hl^ cl gRi?i?ir^ 
«F^gi 5rf-spathulate (?) i^-HlH §. 

wHl^ (MK'O)M^l(fil'cri^rti CH'-HiyOiP't <V ^nHf^fl 

tJrCr^-ovate; an^ «Hl^ a5i (v aniSlR'ti MH 
(ann^ll "{l«i) SRh)^ aHfel'-ia(?fl dH^'ll (Hl^mi 

obovate i^ ^. 

"mmi i^cii ^ai^i hHi^ ^ih "h^ cl'fl c-i<Hiy 

Mt^ltAlfcJ i^ni -H'm^ ^IM, <J4l^ ci at^T^K-oval, 
elliptical i^^lH ^; an^ wMi^ ancii (v aniSR^ 
Ml't ^A ^l ^i aHHHl S\icai'cl ^i ^IM, cHlX 
c1 ^J^nrSJ-oblong i^'HlH ^. ^"ij "^liSlWl^ MW 
fsT^rorr^RT^-deltoid i^=llH ^. ^Hm^Hl na^C-li 
MH-^l ^IS^i aHHciai:Hi ctpriHi'-ft Ml^lfAlW HH[\ 
ilH, cHl^ cl^ jj^nf^mg-rhomboidal S^ ^. 

wMi^ c-if'iiy s^^cii Mi^itAiW H'm^ ^iH, <Hi^ qrfTasi 

q^I^^I^-transversely oblong, oblate i^ 

falcate ii^lH $. 

MH ^ ci4l 9{<Hm, ^mi qHRrMQlKl "^iW ^Kh 

«lo£l HIM^HIMI ani^ ^. (v»t^ aMj; MH C-Iioi an^l 
%lis4 ^IH ^ ctlMiJl ci aHH'-ia{?(l ^1=1 Pl^H 
Ml^l^i a>i;i aH^ci2^?(l ®H^-ll <HRMi di ^-Sl 
^m yii| Hi ^IM § cHl"^ ctHi MK^ ^^f^T'C- 
*Ig5rf;rcT3-linear-lanceoIate i^^ Ml d. ciM 
ff/ wHl^ ^HS MH a^i^ ^ii| ^13 H^ > ct^ 

':qr^rr si^ ^isih, cl^i a^ ^qifr^ b^ «iiiH 

ctd^ cl Ml^l'5, "Hi^ il3 4^(1, clM ci =n-Pl §1 
^ii| Hi \^ ^13 H'-(l, cHl^ a>ii^ MK ?:qr«Rr^- 
^^»fl55-linear-oblong i^^llW «151M. ^S^[rl ^ct 
aniHl ^i^l (h'H aniSl^l MH aniR^i ^IH d. 

Vv9-qR5 J^-apex aHHHl ;i?ll^-summit 
wHl^ ani Hn^ ^^^ 3H3R >t8il(4, «is,il '^i^'^il'fl 

»li!(S ani^fl «id ^IH §, cHi^ ci^ 3TaiRi^-acute, 
pointed ii §. 

«Hi^ ci ^^i "^Jii^i ^i ^vl<\HH[<h 8li| m4 slr/iiy 

513 ^l*^ ^j cHl^ ciPl 5^-obtuse, blunt i^ S. 

M^ C-li»{\ anl^ft «lcii |lH ^, ci4 ^\^{ STOTRT^- 
acuminate, cuspidate i^ §. §0 (^iHi$j H. 

«Hl^ aMS MH^l Will «Mld iMlHSll ^IH a^l^l 
^IH d, cHl^ ci^ ^qtS-truncate ii d. «Hl^ 
Sib MH^ ^«tiui $ai aH«l<Hl «Mli ^IW ctM^ oy^ 
ans^ 5\^cfl -wiiai ^IH S, cHl^ ci^ ^wf^^T^- 
retuse i^ d. 

wHl^ ani -HH^ ^iaiiol MHKI H^H^m^l Sll 
^M^ ^ci a>is^ qcafli ^IH, ci^ 3T^t: %5Tcft 
^T^^I^-emarginate, notched i^ §. 




il^-Hi ^hHI aHi^fl ctPJlHl rt'/y SH^ dfcQ^i >i«ll'-Ai 
^, Mi^i n Ji%ira f^?Tl^r%3-obcordate 

a>il5l«A '-l'4l 5ii ^^"H a>i(^n ^^Q s^y ^^C-fl ^IH S, 
cHl^ ci^ ^riT^^7 a^ofr^^-mucronate; SH^ 
«Hl^ ani-^l ^'i^ 'Am v'-n «ni^J: ^IH § cMl^ 
^r^rWfSTDfi^I^-aristate i^ S. 

v<^-qR5 cTio53 Base of a leaf. 

■^K^ <Mi Mej ci'ii ■mmi'i\ ^1 H14 i^ 

anni f/ a-tSl (T^Sl anlSR;^ ^IH 6. Nijl ri'il anqi 

anisic SMliHl^ R^lUi^H 'flSUl «t'>si HM^IH §:- 

anS \H^ ctP^ji %liiil "^Jl-^lKl »tl!ii 5H<^[l=ll'Ji, 

^IH, cil ci"^ ^t^^^jg-tapering, narro^ved, 

<ai obtuse ^iH cii ^|M '^s«^ nrar^^g- 

rounded, SM^ ^HS^ ^t^cfl iRqitfli^ «nj5l 
Sf^I^r^^-cordate Si»i s^^lH S. 

«wHl^ "MH^ n(«\H ^i'U 5is. 1|^ «{l5i) j;^,^i 
iyi ^IH, cHl^ ci raT^^l^r^I^-oblique S^HIM ^. 

^ S'?^Ti;rcT3 qr^I-cordate-leaf s^HlH ^. 
"S ^tjfrsTT auricles ( or little ears) i^ §. 

Mo-v \['mi ^ ^i[ auricles ^(^Hi'Al (|iH 

aurioulate; an^ «y MH'li ^ 'SilSiiHl a>i^|l 
Kl^^l h5ic-{1 ^m ct'-ll MIH^ giorr^T^-sagittate 

i^ 6. <3o rl^i^i 'io ( \YK3 ). 

%m^T fJ3Rr ^?:'3I^^I^-hastate S^ $. 

w-^ MK'd Mi^i'-ai'cT cH'^ti'cT i<cti 'fyi^ ^m, 

Ml'fl "SlHl S-il ^ll'^l'cT elctl ^IM aH'-li -MH^ 
3T^^flt«^r?5i^r > sr^RT arr^TT^-renifo- 
na or kidiK'_v->Ii;ij)ed ( "HK ) i^ $. (30 ^t- 

Hi I'll •■i'' (3<i0. 2ji^l 'i" ( ^^^) 

'ifi, imi ct'tl nlat'-ll «Mi/lM^ Hi^ i^H n(cfiHi'{l 

iR Ml^ MtSi =lMn r{l2^<fl %tMl/Hl =t=-5llHai SHl- 
^C-fl ^m §, cHl^ 5J^qi MH %ITo5r sHV-tl 37351^ 
peltate i^HlH S. ^Hl'-li MH>li Hi4 i^ hMi- 
=ia< ildil'il ^3iH Ml^'-fl ^"^^Hd^il (s^i^JliR 'Oi- 

«i5i ^nii'cT ^iHiii ^iH SiM ^i^ ^isiH d. @. 

S, niMi^i MH^l a>iliR 3^ct ^HTKl^ ^-IH a^^ 

■HV-MK H14 i^ Hlcl'Ai an^ %lHld ^IH ^, 
M"^ yi^tlHl^ ^I'^rt ^IM anqi MW, -siil, is, V.'^ 
an^ =l'l^M(rt'll 'HIti'I <Hl>il wHl^ ^iHRi^ MUKl 
M^ 2tMdl mm 'I ^IH cHl^ ci 'OSui ,iiHl?(l 
aMlcaMlH §:- 

wHl^ 3i H%[ 'Ai^i <Hl(A ff/'-ti ^IH d cHR 
^U^^IoS ^^-setaceous, capillary; H(^i 
<ni€5f Mi^ aHfti a^Pl ^l ^IH'ft M^ anf^Hl'Ai 
^IH, cHl^ Iti?T 5Rt-acicular; T»lii an^ antti 
^IH, cHl^ ^g-^i TR ;^-subulate i^HlH 
§. «HlX Kl^^l §ll ^l^l«?ll a>i^ (3M^^l <SY\[ 
%tisil ilH, cMl^ 3T^r^C-ovoid; an^l anir*' 
SHISR M<^ (3M»^l 6il ^Hl^lSll ^IH ctl ;j^ 
3t:^r^T^-obovoid; 3\i'jiit) 6I3 ^r cHl^ ntoS 
sHH'-ll nrssr^T'C-globular, sphercal; »t8<l'-ni "i 
limi <v^l aniiR ^IM, rHl^ im ^f-turbinute; 
^^\.'^ ^ii^ ^i h% cHI^ ^tfrarrfJIT-conical; 

an^ «Hi^ Hl^i ^lis^ »ta ^iM, cMi^ nrsi?: ^- 
obconical i^HlM §. 

wHl^ aHlilSlM PllliailiR aH«l'-tl •ui'^flaHl'Hl^ll 
^XHIH SH^l (HRl (3H^ ^iill «icil ^IH cHl^ 
^f*TT9:T^ (?)-pyramidal, an^ Kl^i %tiiil «tfil 
^IH ctl ^r ^*II sr^-obpyramidal i^'-llH d. 

^^ 5Ti-fusiform; an^l wMI^ "iMI^d 511 ^1 
%tii4 **d 'I l^% cMl^ ^55 aniU'-ll Stc5^5- 
cylindrical i'^HlH ^. c^Hl^ aniii ilM ifl ^cti ct 



JIM t^Rfl3Hi'-ii5ii d |iM, cHi^ n^ ^^ ^nrg (?)- 

terete, Mtji «hi^ aniil i\\ 0(l\^ £"»ilH c'-tl^ 
fsrai^-trigonous, triquetrous ^H^ S^m*{ 
^. '-niog^^ft wHl^ «ll| Hl4 =^^4^ »IM^ ilH, rHl^ 
^^T'l^-compressed, "H141 wHI^ H\^ 5^ M^ii!?! 
=HMi *lMti ^IH, cMl^ JI%iro5 ^^ =^^'-11 gfe^- 
depressed i^^llH '3;. 

^IM, c*{l^ ci^ ^hn^osf-articulate sHU'-li 
jointed i^ ^. an^ ^ (fj'sliaH ct^ii q'i>M(^M< 
stPic-ti ^IH ci cysli^ 5lf^ qi ^gr-joints, 
articulations i^ S. crm^ PtHfHn SH-I^l'^l 
MW R^l'4 cliSJlW R^^ ^mi %lii| 8iH^ ilH, 
M(5l ^I'tl'O >i5l ^Hi?ft ^iHl'ft M'i ^1 Mil ^l^ 
'i^ cHl^ ft^ ^^»^ =H^Hl m^yrSl^-monili- 
form, torulose, beaded 5^ '3. §0 otisfJi'tl 

^iH d. «Hi^ ^li'-aM «)cti <aii '^ R^i»li=ii'Ji ^IH 
^, cHl^ rt gTigf-didymous i^HlH S. 

«Ml^ rl dv-H 5H^ '^t ^IH ^, cH:^ c\^ tTf^n fg - 
fleshy; an^ ov M»3i «Hl^ ctMl ^« =lHl^ ilH, cHl^ 
?:H^-succuleDt; wHl^ ^^i ^H^ M«vt>tJt llH 
§, cHl^ ci^ 'sTToR-coriaceous; 5H^ «^ M«3J 

staceous S^ §. 

«Hl^ Minoj M»Jl 8V?l =Hiii §IH, cMl^ ^Jm- 
^^5-cliartaceous, papyraceous; sh^ Mlrl'JJ 
M^i 5H«i^ "i ilH, cti ci^ qrcToSf Tf^-mem- 
branous ii ^. «Hl^ «v^t 3H»i ^IM M^j ^4 
<v MldCQ ^IH SH^ k^ «fl^ 'i^lH, M>5J «ll| H14 
\R%ilk ^IM, cMl^ ci^ '^Idff 515-scarious, 
scariose 5^ §. 

m45!^ ^WkH <HiHmi HM^iH § a ^i^a =1^- 

Mvs-<lM^ SHlMi^l ^iJ" m\. »W3l "i (§Hiili 
MHi^ "\ MKi aH«t=ll ^R ^IH ^, *M ll^ MUtT 

^^TcHE^fRT-veraation Si ^. 

M(i-*:^Mdr Ir^hTR-scales, j^qqift-bra- 
cts, aM'l 3"cniT«T-stipules. 

yt^ 5<1 5iH n^i^ =H?tHi^ ^ si-i'-ii-i i^^ 4^ ^is^i 

H'A-rfl '-t't>MW'{l ffsr^fr '5, M^^ cini ilH, 5>t, 
ic aH4 '-niRl yiHRiy MK i^cli rnfl d'l^'ii ^ 
ciSii Hi^ i^ .^j^^' / ijj, =i't>M/t'ti <hI['W?. 

aMl^yi ^IH §, aH»4^l ^TF^ ^Ml^Hl^l ctpA'l 
^■^c^ i^^ ^H \'A Kli'A-tl^l ^ll'^HlSil'U SHRI- 
MP ^IH §. SHI '-tMi ct^li 3l[^ct ^iifl H^ 
^IMianiHl anmi^l RiHI'-AI ?<(^HH '-Ha^lH i^ 

H=tl an 5-tHiti <v^i MH <^5t[ ^IH §, cHl^ 

ciaJii m4 i^ ^ii, Mi^i'-ai an^ anj, oftsviKl 

Ml^ MW ani^Hl §IH d. aniii tv Kfe Mt^ Mi^ 
i^ alii «l-H5iM^4i npflMl'd <i>R'{l »tl^i hii 

Htoii Si!. (Hlrn^l 3T':TT^-imbricate ^lu^il- 

nai^Hl anlil' 5>t^ ani'-Q ^a^Hl §M'^'-(l nSii^ 
'tiM ^^q^rf ^-like scales (mh) Mlai ^, 
^^■^ H^l< ^^R ^ii'rJC-li'ft "^iM^ ^ >T'(Tnfr 5H^'-il 
^T^cli *11H ^ cl M«3J ancQ :f[^ (3H<l(3MR ^lU- 

mHR^ MK M<^ H«^i 41^1'ti «l'cl ^T^^f ^Hl 

«ty mm ^iH §, cHi^ nani m^ i^ ^i'^^r*^ 

MH^ ilH i<l «lJicli 't?ft. ^Sl aH3l^ H'l^Mfcl'fl 

^^ t'f^nmi «Hi^ iiMiii <^^i Sii Hlsoieii 

^IH aHHHl S!)Q^\l Mia 4l^l<{l ^fcl iiMMl v<l 
«lfc) 3lili-{l ilH, ctl n^ MtJl ( ^^T^ ) an Sir 'IW 
aHMlH ^. 

\o-3Hi ^iNrt ttd^Mfrl^i ci'ii SM^'ii Ml«i 
( M^ 3Rdl ci aHjts aniMl ^IMIMR, ^H'^il ^enT 
^i MW anil (h (V ani^C-ti |l ) wHl^ ^lilH^'H' 
^ll^R"^ MH^d |M, ^'l, 5S SH^ 5li^i:t(^^i jyjji 
^;H S.cHl^ ct=li MH^ Jtqti^-bracts i^ S, 
ani ^^MM^l m4S^ H«^i 4l6Ki a>i;^ uiui ( il^il 
H'R'ii) im§. ^> ani ^i<^MM^l^l ^31 H<^(l«lR 
C-fl?il ilH S, cilM^i R^n i^^ ^--11 J^Hl |St 
Miy ci aHK5li llH § ci^i lilli yi^ii ^oi aSiiaH 
H<<n«^R HRtej i\?il §IH §. :^<^MM^l Mi^ <rrHl^ 
H«ii 'ii^'ii ^IH ^, cHi^ ci ^^q^yf-scales i|- 



fi'tl QM^'il <H131M^ aMl^C-ti >i'^"H"4^l b'<<ii ^H^ 
Aii\'i 5Hl^C-ti yiHl^«^ MK i'<cli aniiR, ii^l, ^M 

leafy-bracts i^ d. @o ^H^5(?ilH no ( t3\ ) 

S-Hidi ShJ;-^ l»^^i'^MM?ll ^M, VI, bi\ ^\[i^■^'^^i 

jwnfr-bracteoles i^ S. ■^^C-fli ^W^MfctMl 

^ 3-TTIlH-stipules. 

mA 1 ^ll-^lKi 3i?0M^ 5H^=tl ■4K'{1 ildil^ 

^IH §, ri^ 3iqT*T-stipules i^ S. aHl=ti SM- 

»i^ cl "SR^A MWKl ^^l b\^[ ^IH 5iH 'c((o[lqi^ 
svlqiMl ani^ ^. cilMi«i ciaJilrii o{liyi ^Ml-cl^ 'cHJli 

iWlHUiSl MH i^'-li ^IH ^, Mt^l ctS^l'Hcl 5id4ll iv 

«Hst1 «ii^s £1^1 ^=ii ^ =f^fl "^H'-a im 5?Hi "v 

SHl-Hl" Mid ^IH ^ d ^q-TqqR-stipellse i^cim 

^M-4lilM^ SHl^dRi ^l^R"^ Mid Vi7{ ^<h 
fimiH Hd^Mfddl "{1<M "SlW M"^ QHsll ^mi S^MHi, 
<§MMld, "i ^"^MM^l^ itHl^ il/1 ^IH §, cHl^ d 
^^RRSf stipitate i^^-tlH ^. 

S^-j'sq^^fff-inflorescens an^ ddi jwj- 

Hd^M(d>li >i'^M Hl^>2i i^dl^ ^iRl^ll an^ 
tiaJjiM^ sHl^Jti 'jitlKl <v SllS^m, d^ j^qrgjfT 
(inflorescens) i^ ^. 

«Hl^ aJii ttd^Mfd-fl iiil aH«l'-tl «IIMIM^ anl^iHl 
Sell Mld«ft @M^, -Siil 3)101^ ^il>Ml^ SI dliijlKI 

dltiilKl :!i(^Md ^ll">Hl«Ht, >i'"MM^l and ^4^1 aHl^^ll 
;^IH S, cHl^ ci ^CHHl^l «y?M (Hl'l '% Sll 

3^"7?^5ir s^'-tiH S. 

^vs->i'^M^aidiaHn--ll3i!s ^'4 «Hl^ Hd^MfdKl dlil 
an^'-tl «ll">Hl^ Si aHK'4i ^IH S, cHl^ d^ iiil an'R 
^ll'^l^ g^ STra^-terminal; an^ wHl^ ^iil 
'i ^ll"^lM< aniqcni Mlddl -wiijil aH«lK M:<"i^Mi'-fl 

•{Is^ic-ii ^iH, cHi^ d^ 'nr^'roiirr^if €\^k^~ 

axillary; an^ aniqi Mld'fl %llHl 'Hlog«(l Kli^lc-ti 

iiH, cHi^ d^ 'HSTHT ^55^ ^5n«i:«rr jft*^- 

leaf-opposed i^ S. 

«Hl^ -Hd^MldHl ^i^ "l «ll'>MlaMl^ SI ^C-t 
ani^Sii ^IH, cHl^ d'-(l oKct:^5!it;^ RqfjTcT S^^^TT- 
determinate; a>iPl <^'\[\ M^'^i'SjHi'-d ^?il aHl^ 
S, cHl^ d^ aiR^WcI-o'jg^m indeterminate 
i^ S, "l^tl ani oHHRrmni iiil "S «imi^ SI 
S=li>li Mid aniH S. 

\^-^i ^«^M^=Hdl "^ Sis JiC-l'fl Kl^i ^ ^i^ 

ili "s ^oil ^iH S, d^ 5^ «rr^ir ^??tt^ 

Ho5T an^iHl 5«q^^-pedunele 4^ S. ^i^-M- 
^atdlKl ans^'d ^l^Hld'd «ll>Hl«ft cl S^IAKI «llMl 
Is l^ ^Hl'Q dMiH ^ll■^ls5^ld «m<n ^cl 5^q- 
ji^q-rhachis an rtR?ft '*ll«\'v>l S. 

^t-J^T^:? aH«l<Hl Tit^M HRtJJ i^dl<l ««fll 
«Hl^ =ld^Mfrt Qi^RM^«0, aH»l'-tl -Slildi drAHl 
Ml^*-0, aH«l'-tl-*aS mn §M'<«(1 '{li«l S, cHl^ d^ 

^T55J[-.scape, radical -peduncle i^ S, ani^l \^- 

dRi^-H4 i^ Mid ^Idi d'-O. <§o •^nsji'^lrio (M3\) 

^3o-ii'^M>i,5MHi S^drft «ll»il ^ChHI 'QSi'tt 

il'dil ^IH S, ci^ ^5yfft l^Jlft-pedicel i§ S. 

^i-:!i'^M^=Hdi'{i ^ii>HiSii iiilKl m'^i'^i'ft 
m\i %im«iHl, anid^ "S "{l£5 ^d mijj ani^c-fl ^ihS. 

vs^-Sil^ ^5t %ii?(l il«tH @Hil ^Hlogdi (HRll 

Sis M^ ani qui S, 2hcq ;^3^^i;i f^?imri 

^^m centrifugal, an^ *ii'-ft Kl^idi \^[ 'UM.'H 
(S^il SHi^ «l*-a S^ <3Hl S, M Raidl^ 
3T^1W?T-'C^»TT centripetal i§ S. 

v33-§M^ ilMli^l (dHH S cllM<3} "H"^d a>lj ov 
=td=^M(d>li §M^ i^C-ft (n-^ ?at4i5ii ^cii^i a^l^ S. 

vSV-wHl^ SHi ^[{[ «aftM^ ildil -H^Rdi J^^ll 
aHKC-li ^IH S, cHl^ ^<[ ^i^^M^a^^i;^ jnnfr aH«i^l 
«f3T?:-spike, spicate i^ S. §0 >H4^(£{ls>ll 
•io (Y3V). an^^l do (yvsv). 



^IH, cHl^ ci)^ ^^Jifr-i'-'vceme, racemose i^ 

panicle, pcaniculate 5^ ^. §= $il<H^l "Ho 
( \°R ), iil*il 'io (^so ), 

«Hl^ 'JiUi aH«tK iliil <H3R4i aH«l^l =H^i «y 

q^sfr-head, flower head, capitate i^ ^. 

ci Mi<l^ ^ffff^r sH^'-ti 5^qr^^- receptacle 
i^ ^. <3o :H^^«fl, il«Al^5(l SH^ <mUiJ(1^1 '4 

composita? 03^1. SHl ^t^iHKi ^m H'^Q'Hl< 
^2^3"'^"^^'^?'^"'^^ flowers i^=llH §. 

umbel, umbellate i^ S. w^liR ^'^M^=mRi 
•Mf/l (^|Sii M^«(l Klst/fl »181l5l «^>Hl ^iMliASi 

5hW-(1 ^iH ^, n'-Q H^^^zm^ rTnrTar^r-corj- 

mb, corymbose ii §, 3HI<1 ^^Wmi '{1=^'{1 

^U'^l^il 5H«l=ll ildi\*Hi sti^Hl 3H^ SM^'d ^JiQ §IH&. 

«Hl^ clRl t^'fl «V ^atrtmi ^11->H15HI RtHlPw 

«i<l«fl ^iH, 5H^ cini &4i;i ^^^ ii«iH §h1 ^<[ 
^\M^ li% ni H<1 ?.^-[u{ ikvfm^ €k( ^€j- 

cyme, cymose i^ d. 

l5l«{l ^IH, cHl^ fl^ ^T^fffr 3^ ^-sco- 
rpioid i^ ^. 

«Hl^ Pl<JllPlrt clRl <^<1 ^t^M^^^dlMi ct'ft «ll-vHl- 
Sll m4 i^ %llH«lHl =H^ JiA ilH d, cHl^ fi^ 
3^3T^^T cnTT^ToSt-tbyrsus, thyrsoid i§ §. 

il^ili^ ft'-l «l'>£l "HTO^-tl^i 5Hl^ $, -^H "^ a'nCT 
ii^l ^^n\- raceme-corymbose, ^^snr ^t 
f^*irfncT ^Ri^FoSr-racemose-cyme iJcHlR. 

«lL"«il SH^ S^i ^itKl ildil 'ft^ aHSi ^SlH«i 
<H'^ <ni<5j5i 5HiiS, aH«l^l ^CH'd ^dai 6i ci^ft 
SM^ Mi^l '^^ 2Hl^C-li |lH g. M<«1 H'^ft'HR 2^3 

Kls^i-O iicft 4^1, q(/a a'Hi @H-Ji«^MM^i^ (k^ 

^W^[\f^\A ancii vnji ^irti 4?(l^ ^hl\ anicil 
ilH ^, aH«l^-ll andC-ti «^Hi MW Ml?l ani^C-li §IH 

cl(tfl*l (3M^l @M^ ^'49/ Ml^ MW 5lliHlHSli §IM, 
cHl^ Sicii i^i^MM^lHl ^^m"^ tJiT^R-involu- 
ere s^ ^. @o oft'^i^li an^l ^^"^cftPli <^h 03^1. 

invoUicel i^mn g, go ei^aHlvflni ^c-t>ti. 

iR 5Hl^C-li ^IH ^, cMl^ H^ 3^T^gI#^Plft 
j^TTW-epiealyx i^ §. (30 QtT-iHl "i^mi egSil, 

^IH §, ci^ ^JTT, tfRTr-spathe si ^. %o ii\i,^j 

rH^sHsii^ ^o (MV3) ^iMl^ -io (M3^9). 

^'Hi, «isii, Mictcai ^ iv^i =(lqi ^ict^i iv'Hi 

l(in^i2>li-chairs, pales, paleaa ^IH ^, ci q^jj- 
M^iaHl-tflQ^t ^IH ^ <i^ qRTrT^f-glumes 5^ §. 




(^) qixj-THE FLOWER, 

§, ci<Hi ^<H^ ^(irq^-a complete flower i^ 
6, d ^Ict^lrlKl PlHct ilHl i^^l^ ^ifM^H ^IH §• 
^r^'^RKl ^i "5 =tHl^ ^fsH ^IcH 4«fl, ansl-Hl ?i 

Q-H-n^llH aJi wi'^ ReiHK an^ an 5 o{\ffn?fl 
Hil ^IHS, «?ll^ H^-ti '^CH^ i|[3TI^SrfsfrT-clich- 
lamydeoiis i^ §; an^ <^Hi^ <Mili an^l ani- 
O-H-rt^ 5l tfi'^ "^IM a^S ^<fA %ll«l ffJl^lW 
(>»"Hl?(l aH«tqi ^ o\ %['mr[\_ 3i>l n anKl an^- 
((ictl^ «(l^ 'V I'^m ans oy anl^^ei aH«^'-ll ^[^'S[- 

monochlaruydeous i^ ^. 

^gTg[5Tt:r%?T-asepalons; an^l <^Hi :ii«^Hl»H-clV 
^W ^Icll 'l^ ri^ 3ifrI?:FgiT^5T^rf?T-apetalous 

^€t^ 3II^gj^?15rT-achlamydeous i^ ^. 

«Hl^ «Hl'H an^ aHQ-H-rt^ ^l oi^7{ ^%[^. ani 
t>{l«t %tl8l ^^1 ^mi ^IH ^, ^i^ cl^ ^TITT- 
f?T^3Tf7^I^-periantli i^ d. 

f|[5Trcfr?T, ^rSSET^mt-liermaphorodite, bis- 
exual S^=llH §. 

<V ^C-IMI aHi "S hHi"^ g%^^ ^IH M<3i ^%^U 

^IH, cHlX ancii ^41^ ri^55-male, staminate- 
flower i^ ^. an^ Si?a (3«^ <^ ^siHi ^ Ir^?: 

^st^ JIT^T^^-female, pistillate-flower i^ ®. 

aH«icil tn-^ aH\i4 ^IH ri=li ^St^ ^ij^^-neuter 
S^ S. «Ml^ llfcT iRQJ^d -H^ an^ »ll£l ih o{l<V 
Mf.l -H 5^ ^l"^ cHl^ ci^ mi5--barren, sterile; 
«H^ 'HliV M£l i<l ^f's cHl^ snST q^T^THre- 
fertile 5^ d. 

l;'--tca ^?: an'^Hi in^r ^im, chi^ fl=ti ^^li ^h-ai 

rl ^4^m(c1 t^^JHtcTt'SI-unisoxual, diclinous 
i^'-ilH ^. wMl^ q^: an^ m^T 'f^i ^h <tr ^'I^mItI 
§M^ <^i[ <MSi ^IH, cHl^ nM^ w^K an^ 111^^55 
«J:^5T ^JI^TfrTI?: ^\ 3J^- mona?cioup; wi'l 
wHl^ ans q4%M[rtM< JT?: an^ "(I^JM^ WT^f '^M 
( ^i (T/ (r>,lctr{l ) (s^c{| 5>j^^ etrl^^CnHr: •ii' 
^Ul|$l <r>J5i s^ti aHl^C^i ^IM, cHl^ ci cW^^^lfrt 

7{K an^ nif I <^^i dioecious j^^iiH S. 

wHl^ aHi IV an^lHl o9<l <53fl ^W^MfclM^ »T^, 

jir^r an^^ f^irtcfi^T "^r ani^c-ti ^ih 0, cHii 

cl'-li ^«il g^3n?fT?I-polygamous i^<HlH S. 
<^v5-«v'H Od^ui aH81Hl i^MC-li 'n'Hi MH an^^ 

<lM »v ^St "Hi^ ^l^RtJJ Ml^Ki ^Ml'rt^ 5V §, MiSi 
ci ani H^Hri MH S^cli |M, ^^l a^^ ^"Hl^i Hi^ji 

^^-wHl^ aHjs T^i^ x^'^M'li ctdl (H9il3ll aH«lK 
an^ll (an^ ilfcian^l) ^i ^''A^ V^ii ilH, cHl^ 
cl'Hi anSliPl ^t-free i^ $, an^ ci'{l ^t^w-Hl MQJ 
«Hl"^ '"mS =l«i^M[rl>il<ii S^i ^C-lMi ans ^\-^ (|lHcHl^ 
d RiajcT ^^Tl^oSf 3T«fr-definite in number 
i^^lH d. an^ wHlX ciHi S^i anai^i iiKiaH^iirfl 

^^ITcII^-symmetrical, isomerous i^ S. 
<^t-aHl<l ^cHiaJii %IM ^vmmcai (aH^U Ji(n 
aHoliHmi ) 14 ^''■^■**i H14 S^ V 1 M an^l ^(H §, 

M^M ajisi J^q^TU ^I^-calyx, an^l an ^iq^f 
itfcianSli 5?q^igT ^^f l^r-sepels i^=tiH &. 

5i M^C-li anairO sAf.^^ci ^^^M^ ^'^ "HH 
^^\V^f^K ^i^r-corolla, an^ aH"5iimi itpi- 
an^i qf'^^^-petals i^qiH d. 

stamens, an^ ^ "^^^["{l ^ai d Y=^i ^'^ ''i'' 
^"rljH^-pistil i^-HlM §, d i^lH ^. 

(f^l-wHl^ @M^ i^C-ti ^C-iHi a>i3li ^jA-ii "iliJ 
Mi^J anoHi il(da>i3ll ^>IH ^idi 't^O, ci^i M«3J 

\mi[^[ <n'=(l aMi «^->Ml hi anPl a>il5i^<{l ^icft 
>{% <H[\ anni liCH aHJtHl d^ti an^li |5rqfffsr^:sc 
(aH^^H)-irregular i^<4iH ^. 



(!;R.-5^qRIir^N- calyx 5H^ J^Tr*'!??!?:- 
^rq-corolla, ^mi sfTglFcI^igTR^^i^-pen- 

^(^H[ ^IH ^. ^iW^-lR cidi M^l-sepals ^tjii 
^IH ^, v^ini "itijR'ii 1d5(l's ^i'-'MM'-il ^=li, 

^51 i^ §. «Ml^ =IH^m(cI ^^^(cl ^'-dfclHi ^;<i d, 
cHl^ SHl ^Wni ilfriaM^ll sHHIi^ Ml'^il^il (H^'k <f/ 

§. 5H^ Ji'^M'ni'll'SmKl Ml cl ffv^-iiH <V [yf?l (oivH 

ci'-d ^ci 2HI 1hh\ mii ^a ^hrI shi^ S, 
Mtii y^ci^i |si s^i, an ans (r/inPli lic-tii s,i-<^i:) 

^Hi ^IH, =H^ ci ^(S\\ 5{is (V a^^l ^ ^M "^■"llctl 
^IH, cHl^ sHlMi^l 5HPl^ ii£\ ^i^l nH ct^ ^rsn- 
ja?3Tf!^w-perianth s^ S, »i^ an^i ii(ci5H5ii 

i^cti Si^l <HH «IIH ^ 1 ci Y'^'^ Mi>Mil»Hl 
1^^ ? > y'^Mni'llllHHi n^l (^?l ? Mt^ ancti 
^C-tHl 5l=(lSt41 clMl^l^ svlW ^IH cil »1151H M^^ 
"I an lH'ii i^a-Wl aH«t=ll ajiail^l SHi^l Qll'l (Hlivl 
an^^l (HRl^fl '^m ^ilH^ll SH^l ^^i^, iS an^ 

&M-S«qrv-3T5rR #q sH^ ci'ft Mi">nil5iirn ^a^rit 

^l'>?J a)il rQSi cilM^tit^i ani^CHl S, ci sv ^l'>^l 
'■^lHl'cl^^4cf§;lH SH^ ^'^Mni^'SL'4 aH^ ci'tl aH^llKl 

«Hl^ 3«qri--^??t? ^-{l Mi"^il5Hl lllil Hl^l MQl 
rSiJiSct aH«lK ^>5iH5fl ^IM 'S, cHl^ Si^ii "Sl'i^ 
3Tr%¥lTfJ-tir^^r^RIo5T-monopetalous, ga- 
mopetalous; SH^ «Ml^ ci'ft "i'--fl ■Hi">HilaHl 

ciM ^/l ^iH S, cHi^ 5i ii'A f%ffTfj qt'^^'r- 
su^foSr-polypetalous i^ ^. 

wHl^ Mi">Hil5il cl((A^?(l kili M>31 ^.ilHC-fl ^IH 
cHl^ ct^l 3iH ciqi aniiR ^IH, ctlM^iJ an «vlimc-ti 
<*IRI^ frsfr-tube, an^ MlMilS^Kl "ilJAdl ^dl 
<MlSil^ ciKl cA'-Hl\J^ 'flliicniy' ?i»v"^ ^TcTT-teeth, 

'wf^rsrr-lobes, ^mi ^r^^r ^^r^fr-segme- 

nts S^ §. Mi^HilaS^l <wHl^ dOh'l '=li^(l «llil 
^ilHC-U ^IH ^, cHl^ ct yiHRiji ^ci ^<ni ^ 
^IH aJiH ^"^IH ^, Mi^i cianl^ anl «lill5^l "^n <^l^- 
jA'-fl clMl^Hl^ ^, IHS H'i^M(ci-ll H^i aHi(a-^r-H>li 
3HI '-nRct H^ anoicH'd S. 

5H«l=liaiti ^Kls^i §M^ <^41 ^ci SHi^C-fl |r ^ ct ^at- 

■Hl^ J^TT^qfcT?: ^T^3 ^t^nr-tcstivation S^ «;. 

«Hl^ 'iSl'ft Mi"^ilaHlrQ 1R aM5 "{125<{1"SR ^l?i 

valvate; an^ iSi Mi'^ilaniKl "iR a^lSf 'Hly 
i3M^ aniqC-U |iH ctl ;jcr^RiK-inibricate i^ 
^. svl Mi'^MilSilrfl 1R 'aHJ^Kl "il«3 =l5l«n ^IH ctl 
^tsf^ gfoSaf-involate, an^i ^ ri <^U\'^ "ll«g 
•VhiQ. ^IHcii ^rf R ^^cfr-revolute i^^lH §. 
wHt^ S^i Mi">Hil Ml^Kl »{l2i) Mi^Mil Im^ a^s 
"il«g?ft ani^C-n ^IH, an^ ctKl *Hl5i) «^183M^ 
MWHl <Hl2i) ■4i">Mil ci4lM^ =Hl^C-fl ^[% cHl^. ci^ 
^Iir'J^rr, 3TR55r^^T-twisted, contorted i^ §. 
4rVS-wHi^ :^'^Ml9-H-ct^^l'^^l ^Whl ^H'-M Hi^i- 
■n^l QiRl 'itfU anstqi i?J3l(ffl ^'Hl aHlil^^l ilH, 
cHl^ ct ^^r =*H2l'=tl 3JT55T^^r-tiibular i^<HlH 

an^l aniiR aai '=(ii aH«lcil >-Hl«ll^ Mta?ii ^iH 
cHl^ ci^ gir^r^-campanulate, bell-shaped 
s^ $. %o HlJiy^'^vil'li ^C-l. 'to (^m). wMl^ an 

In'W ^'41 ^i^itni Miiwi^ 8ty cH3i9t3i siica 

«iy «iiil ii^lHl m\b ^-^Mldl ^IH, cMl^ ci^ ^^J 
^ s^irat-urceolate ii ^. «Hl^ an "Si^Kl 



Si >I4^ g^I^T<: 5H«l'-il cTr^r^[%^r-rotate, 

stelliitc i^ '5. 

Sm^^i «mu ^si^Hl 1 «iital <^^i ^iH, cHi^ Si;^ 

^^^1' ^ cf^^^^lirsft-liypocrateriform, sal- 
ver-sliapcd i^ ^. @o J^ioi, !"•£ rh^ wil^a; 

§H^-ll «Mld (HPl^ ( 3l>i ctl ci <H131 R<JllPw il =11 
2H"»iQcl ^l cilHiJi ) 3Tg?l5r-limb; an^ ^^aM 
MKH'li ^«ll^i^ g?3- ^mi iT^-mouth, throat 
i^ ^. wMl^ ^i^il^iirU 4a[l r{\2i^i (HPmi mhs\ 

aHHHHHltffl iw ^ ct aH^^^l^l'tl •^'^(I'Hl %lMli 
•4%l-<lHC-ll ^IM, cHl^ d^ noSofl^^r SHISR^- 
infundibuliform, funnel-shaped i^ «i. 
<Sr(J-R?TffR^;i[ ( irregular ) J^TT*?!??!?: 

Si •^I'^rii ijv-Hrqj!^ 'dSi ii^li^i Hmi Mi^Hi §:- 

«i --1<3J Mi-*MilsHl ^54C-tl ili'ft Mi ^M'^i ^Ici <rn<lMil 

bi-labiate, two-lipped i^ §. §o <i$lR;(l, 

o^Hl^ "1 ^IS i^-Hl Ji<^Ml*H-rt^ "^I'-t^idi ^C-lrfl 
•Htfflji [yi!^ Kl^tc-tl aH^iHl @MC-tl ^IS^ rt(cail?(l aHl'lui 
KlS^ll ani^stl QiPl ( ctl«l^-palate ) «ft ^-<IM^ 
^IH ^, cHl^ aM^l 3Tf^^T5fr-3fT^^r55r-perso- 
nate i^ d. 

«Hl^ (3M^ i^C-n rlt/fli-i ?^(, Hq @m| 3H^ 

li4^ R^r^fr-^rg^rssr-ringent i^ d. 

Sdi c^i5^l ^iH <r7^i Sli Kli^iJli ^m g, ^^^ s^;) 
^T?T^r ^SIT 3¥r"^ ?I'^55RTo5r-apurred i^ S. 

®o ^11(41^1 •»ftn'>*i'HU'i(^c-t .io (13), 5ic-i^^ 
9tPRi Mi>Mil @M^ ani^^n ^iM cMi^ nr^n^rsst- 

*H-ct^ "Si'-i'fl ani^fciMi^ m4 'ii\ aniM'-tl^i ani^'Hl 
^, d:M>4l Si^irii^iyii; (^(jtjq Mi^MilSiCHi'Al ^«'Hl- 

aHMlHCHl ^, civ ^li^li •j^l'd Ml'^Hil'^Hl aHlSlR 

lamina, an^ MK'fl iliil <v"-tl ^^tKl Mi">Mil^l 
'{\=He{i OiPl ^^(^ a>i«iqi ;5f55jV-claw-(un- 
guis ) i^'HlH S. anl'-Q Mi">HilaMl^ *T^9T "^ 
^T^sTl^roSf-unguiculate i^ §. 

ril MiiJ %tlHl-H ^rl >i^%^l ^H i^'^M'niH^lH'ti M'-tl, 
HiMil^li an^ \ti4 sj^cii (ftjf.i oy ^x^W ^H^ ^i's[- 
\'\i ^IH S, M<ai ^^^dlSi Rati^ i^cti :!i^%lXl M*ii 

1 o R.-j^g'^r-stamens. 

«i^i'H ^d 5%^?;^ aMi ildil an^i^ti >A<^fl 
%ltf(l ilH S, ctH ?fg-filament i^ ^. ^^ ctjj^ 
Hstic?! Hi^fl aHH-Hl^m^lHS, d^ q?:m^T"?-anther 

i^ §. ^ M^pi'SiH m4 i^ 'J^ ^r«io5r =^»tHi qt^r- 

( cells ) <Hl^l ^IH ^. an^l ^d SiJ; ^fg an^l 

q^FT^i^ H«il^ 5hj( 2%^?: «n^si ^m $. m^pi- 

^W'fl "llWilaMlKi m4 i^ Ml(AR3l'{l SliJJUR 
QisA a^suHl RV ^IM S d^ q?Tn?:5T-pollen- 
grains i^ ^. an i<s/ wHi^ ^c-t (§Hi §, cMl^ 
£^i "^Wiil @Hil d-Hi?(l <H^R ^:jR $, wHl^ 
M^Plll'-lKl »1 1l»l«ll **!& 4125 «l?l a>iliaHi 
ffi\-tlH«n ^idl 4?^ cMl"^ M^W'^W^l ^ (HlJl SMI 

u\^i«i(AlaHi;^ Jn^di ^iH, d^ ^jfrSTfj-connec- 
tivum. ii §. 

\o3-wHl^ H'^^l^mi clrj ^Idl 'i^ (t{l\ 
M^Pl^m drjH^R^l aH«t'-il t»il"Jl S^HIH d, Wctl 
iisj^^ \»^ ^ 5iH >irtm §. "4^ wHl^ M^R^l'4 

4 ^iH, aH«t^4i dMi ^iv Mji 'i mn, Km\ ^<i H^«^^ 
STTt^ 3^^^ =^^1^ qi5--.staminodia i^ d. 

3^^^^-moDandrous, an^ i^Hi ^^-Hl^^H 
H"5^^l ^iH ci ^ jsR^gr^-polyandrous 
i^'HlH ^; sYHI ^<^i >i^«^l aMS tHlr^i :mi«1 

•synandrous i^ ^. 




ail; aH«l^-tl ?i*«^ ^I'^^ft §IH ^, <Ml^ ^Hl ii^^^l^ 
phous S^ S. SHI ?i^«^ iWl ^Tl^^'ft Sii^^i 

!(^^yU Sis 'I'^U ^<<\ nKl ^^<Kl ^ih §, ^hh-hi ^ 


i^^ «ll$il(A, Hil>3.ll 'Hlfi'll H^'l (leguminosea?) 

g^Tj^g ;i"S«^l a^M »i^i^-triadelphous, 
pentadelplious, polyadelphous i^-HlH ^. 

tHla^ 5iS ^il'/li-fl Ml ^^IHC-ll ^IH, <?il^ ctHi 

:i"S%t^i^ qnn^I^-^^Tl'ft-syngeneslous s^ 
§. d. JH(§,'^«(lni H51 ( i>MlK5/l ) og^t. 

«Hl^ ( '=114 i=^^ "^ ^iSHl^Ai ^CHMl ) H"^^^! 
^\.\ h% ^*<i '^i ^^ i^ 'H'l "^Si* ^-li"^ ^i*t. 

didynamous i^ §. (|. rJ^lRrdHl H^i 

CHl'-ni 5H^ '^ isi ilH, ^l^ aH=i( ij's^t^l^ % ^\^l SI 
HU ^SFt ^rei^orf-tetradynomous i^ $. 

^, cHi^ ci ^^K ;^^^?Tf-exserted s^qiH ^. 

1 o^-q?:iTret^-anther. 

wHl^ MV1^14 dfJM^ SHl^l 5H^C-{1 ^^^ll ^m, ^m^ 
cl^ ct5R«IcT M^Plim-adnate; 5H^ «Hi^ M^W- 
IVi cHl rt(«flHi?(l cisj^ ^<JV«tct Sii/l ^^«il ilH, 

M^RlW-innate i^ S. 

^S^l^ff-versatile ii d. 

Met Hi^n^R an JH%C-t <^^^^l MiSl i'cT iR<3i«ft 

^iMi'cT irnH $, n'41 an 5^ mic-i Sis H'S i»ih ^. 

aas; ^il'Jl ( S^CH )dl MlStS M^Pl'^l'-l'fl Ml4t^ dk^ 

«iy^ ci (3Hi §, 5H^ ct-^l ans^ ctHR ^iHC-ft wm- 

sj?Tger-introrse, 3>i^ aH?(l (q^^ (j^n ct^!^ 
@^1 §, cHi^ ci^ ^g?^-extrorse i^ d. 

M^l3l^«v 6>^«li ^»v ^ ^jyi ^^ §icfl H«0, Miai 
1d«{li=lR a Hliy ^<l H^H Mt^ ^IM ^. 

li'^^^l iWi ^1^«^4l TT^^I^-carpels ^ 
<^l M^l HKl ??\'\i ^H^ SHliR MK?(1 H»^i '^<^A 

podocarp si^-llH ^. 

( I ) ^'t^^'C-nflra^-ovary an ^"S^t^^l 

n»<i 5is> ciHi^ srnf ^fsr-ovules ^m ^. aniR- 

oftay 5h oy Hl«ta?^l m(^M4=1 'Hl'V ( seeds ) «11H d. 

stigma an ^ll^^ri^-lSW ^t^ll^l aniH^ ^IH S. 
ci •^ivJ'-ll^ Sis ^Hi^n, Pi|, "S ^^^ Sil <v^ SH^ 
llW^R mM ^g an^ rtX^^R aHLSR'i ^IH ^. 

^(Irt SHl^^ ^IH ^, M>21 Sis \«P4 ^Ti^^^i drll 
sifHUinKl ans^i^WRi %vi5isi6 Mi^l 5Hl(s "{1<V 

cil ci ^1^^^ sT'jjft, SH^ ci ^-^n-barren d, 
SiM Js^^llH §. 

\\R.-^1"^=w^^i ^'ll ?i"*^H (Hl'l JTW^nr ovary 

§, aHi?i 5^1^«^'ti -"iHi, 3l(H'^l'-l 1 "{I'V^l'^l- 

( carpels )'{l «>>Hl SH^ ^HHR:«ll sHlfi^ •v'iy 




«Hl^ »HS ^'H^li'd ^r'i^^Hi a>iS«V Jl^'bl*^ SH^l'-tl 
«li >Ml;i ( carpel ) ^IH, cHl^ ci^ ^C-t Qi^^^RT "5 
iT^^'T^^-monocarpelhiiy i^'HlH ^. MQi 

3l(JK'\l'-l ^IM, rHl^ ci'd «-v>-Hl S>HUm Ml^ ^, 

tri, deca =H^ polycarpellai-j S^MIH ^. Mf^ 

wHl^ !^TS^M ^iQ^'^tH (carpels) 3^^=11 cHl 
31(hUi^I ( ovaries ) \\ix y<3ii aai *Hl<r'i %ii2i 

^3tR JTflfl^I^ syncarpoiis i^ $. a>l^ u^Hl^ 

TVrf^m-apocarpous 5^ S. 

lia-wHi^ ^3^ nvfi^l^-compound- 
ovaryd ^l\ ani^cni a»ilR "{l-^Kl ^^v^ Mi«l 

«Hl^ «MS^ H>^[1 ^141 ^■«ilH JM^ ^ct 5>il MiSlSni 

<tH\ ■^sm\. n\i\<\\ <t ^m, cHi^ ^^ q;^ qM- 
qioSr-unilocular, one-celled i^ §. Moj wm^ 

tHl^ SH sr^qr^^r^r-plurilocular, several- 
celled i^HlH 6. 

WV-'^il 3l9lklH=llt/(l ^Tis^^fHi ^l'^^^- 
•HfsiSiaHl Hl4 5^ -t^/l ^IH S, 3H^ d sXi dlcHil^ 
M«ll^ n^ >i^ '^IH d. Miii "SiC-fli^lR SHI ^RhsiShI 
aH»l'm cidi y>H ^I't '^ilHSti ^IM S, M^J ciKl 

1%1^ 'tfcHSlSil ct(ca^«(l Wis ct'ti d^l ^m -cj/l ^IM&, 
cMlX ct qg 5!fe5RT3?t^Iofr, 2hPI wML^ 5i ^(cHil. 
aai'ft §M^ ani^C-li ^-^MHl %i«ll5l«(l -ilSi ci >^i\ 
^IH MtJJ n rt[ca?l ^iWS\ ^IM, cHl"^ cl tTBTT 

«Hl^ ^l"5«^P-i^^Hl 5HM131 rftSi ?^\?H\' 

^r^tiisMi Jn^iiHiHl ^m, M«3i ci«(i §H^ «hWi cidi 

?i>H «? «tcti ^IH «?4i«fl *c|/l %{% ^\\ H ^5 

^W, cHl^ ^ tini, ""JicaflaHl, "^ SjUiailr-tl'-Ai S^- 
mn $. «l>tl«-H ^ci ^l^^i^dR-lMs^Hl SHXl'-tl ct«Hl 

■i^"<'ll aiQKSlH ( carpels ) '{I %1>>-Hl Jf'i'Kl <?/ 

%1-u.Ht (/iH^|l ^IH &. a>iH ■^iC-fli^lR ct (l(HM 

^IH ^. aH^"Sl\JHR qToS^'ftgt^^i-penicillate 
R<HiPid si'lcni ^iH ^. 

11^-Wt5I^'0 an;,^ <^ QtRd ctHUi 3Hl(i- 
'>{l^ ^l^c-ii \\*\ S, cic*ii3t^6rT3t^?IT»T-placenta 
i^ ^. "SlW'-lU smklH'ii "{I^^JIH >tl5t ^h c-{l/l 
■^ Pt| ,^^5/ ^m § an^ Hi^fl'-IR ci !Ml(i,R '{li'-Aa 
aH«l--tl ^M^ «1H^ M<^ ^IH $. 

wHl^ "i| MlC-iqi'ill 3l^l^l^^^l anS^ ci'O tXs 
Ml£l>iKl =^SR'll ■^i^^ll^ sHlfi^Hlsy CHlSic-ti ^lii, cHl^ 

an-Hi »{\<v^^H^ srf^-axile, 5h^ whi^ ani 
Mlc-l--tl(Al y^iict ilQll^mKl ^rd'O ana^rft oiiojj^i 
aHlfs^flov C-tPlcni ^iH, cHl^ dd ^T^ «>(lv- 
%54iri parietal i^ 6. 

wHR 3i(HUiH>ii 5Hl[f.'j{li/ 3l9tl«H'{l Mlil'O 
'H=^ ^IH §, cHl^ cl^ pj ^ j?vq^«iRVfree- 
and central oO^^^l-i i^ ^, ^Hl'-il ^l^UlHMi 
ciHl -Hat^ti^l ^^ §S ^[(jtl^m^ ^ic^^i ^«tiqi 
^Hl ^^^[ ^idi d'-d. 


nucleus «il ^^f.lH'-fl ci ^x^^ \{^, §. a^l 'A 
MiMKi ctHl '^mAi M^^ sr«rJT «I^r^-primine, 
^ anadRq^ ?Iflrr^-secundine i^d. 5Hl(s- 

"{livO <v ffv^iiSi 5Aci[«M'-?^ dPa^i ci'ii Mi'ft «i«l 

MaQ ^[\^ ^IH d, c\ <vill^ ^RT sNt ^f^TT^- 

chalaza i^ ^. aHdP^'Idi M«JlcaiM^ ®M^ i^C-ti 
Mini ^ iy,2(>tfoj ^IH 'S, ci^ ta-foramen i^ d. 
1\<:-wHl^ £1^ <^^l \% \%\k 3Hl(i"iWPl 
SiVK \\% 5H^ ^ll ciPl %ll>i §;i aMl^^ ^IH, 
SH^ aHl(i«Hlff»'^ 5>ii« ^^ ^IH, cMl^ ^'4. 
v{\^^}A\<tA ^3 aHM'-ii ^r^-orthotropous, 
strai'dil i^ ^. . 



rt4i H«imiM^'i Vtt nni ctpJini ct^H ^'1 ^^ 
iTq:^-campylo 'ropous, incurved i^ §. 

§IH 5H^ kS ci^ ctRriH ^IH 8H^ n'fl 5Hi?t ^^=(1 
g^^-anatropous, inverted i^ '5. 

Mf.l«l an^ ^k n^il =Ml>l-lL ^il "41^ ^IH, SH^ 

=1^^ ^IH, cHl^ ci^ 3T¥^ ^^^-amphitropous, 
half-inverted i^ '5. 

1.\{r-5^qT5IT 5'«TTHJr j^qrr^R-recepta- 
cle aHU'-li ^^ T^sfr 5H^ '^sni irnsi lAii 

JWIT^JI 5^71^1^ =H51HI ^55»fT q^^- Rece- 
ptacle, torus i^ ^. 5Mi ^t'MUlH »i«iqi ^c-iKl 

U Hi^dHR aniyfl ctHcfl Sli<*{l, «til, an^l^ »{l2i) ^ct 

\^o-H''MUlH 3H«tHl ^^iKl M-S^fl 2<iis;i^ ci?is{| 
^IH S, cHl^ fl^ ^r&l^r disk, disc si Q. an 
il^Jjl aHi \MI«{1, aH«im «Mli Ril"{l ^H, aH«t'-tl 
S^n "^ <§'»a 2{-^ 'VHl 5HIM5'{1 "^ o{l25 IdC-fli nMl 

S, aH«lHl ctl '^Jl-il Mi^Hil^il an^ ^j'S^t^lHl <=f^^ 
ilH ^, aH«l'-tl ^ ( Sfillil ) 'd 1R»^^ Mi">Mil3il "^ 

aHl«53'-Ml«J "^ aH<{\ Kl^i 3l(HUl'll i^itniKl mI ani^CHi 

i[^5l aH">AQct im ^, aH?lcll sictll -ujl^QaHl- 

( an ^*iHl anf.^ aHKC-ti ) H"^%l^l aH«l=tl ^^Srti 
^mll^l'fl ^-v^Hl 5V>d'4l aH«lHl aH«fl 'nimi ^IH ^. 

wHl^ if^lSl'll R^tl^ll ctS'i -ciil anPl iil ^m $, 
tHl^ ci^ ^piiT'in-glands i^ d. 

^IH ^, rHl^ '=H4 5^^ ci ^i'^M'^lll'ilH'ft 'l^l^ 

=i'aM ^iH §, anPl imdl ^n ^ 4(/fl^i n ani 

<HPl IV «1'J ^§«{l ilH $, aHHHl ci 51<HUIH^ H'A^ft 
^^C-a ^IH ^, an^ ct^l aHjs Qiioi n'fl ^^«fl ^IH 
d, an^l-Hl Sicft dv :(ln ct ^(^M'-Hl'lt^l'-l'ft H^fll an^ 
3l<JtUlH an "i-^H q'A^Q ^i«{l ^IH d. ani §M^'-ft 
^^Kl aH'-lHqirli ?:H[ri4[ zi^ ta^{. <r^Sl ^<iiH 
Kliol §, ci ^5l ilHli^l §:- 

lR.l-wHl^ ifi^iisl aH»t=tl ci'lW aMl^yf «^C-1 
aH»tlct. ct'{l Mi"»HilaSll ^o <nio ^R an^ 31<hUim«(1 
clJ.'i ^/l ^IH ^, cHl^ ci Mi^ilJHl aH«l'-ll ci ^C-l 
'Wr5m(^5R*-Tcr-hypogynous ( i.e. under 
the ovary ) i^qiH S. van ^m § cHl^ 31<h!- 
<IH ^tt-free aH«iqi ^\-4»mf5iT^-superior, 
H^'H'ni^'lW ^ft an^t^l SfT^sjwfr-inferior, an^ 

«Hl^ ^'^H'--lR«l SMl=(l ifisjil 'ml^lH^fl els'! 

^1^(1 HtnM ^iH ^, cHi^ cini 'j5t anmct, mIm- 

ilS<l JiflW^niftf^'IcT-perigynous (i. e. 
round the ovary ) i^^lH 6. 

wMl^ ^'^HHR'31 h\'\['(i i[^5l >i"^H<Ml'llllH'ft 

•ifrni ciH <v si'HkiM'O ni^u-ii cifcani «i«l ffJiii- 
HC-(l iiH §, (Hi^ nwr5iqiij|r1«I?T-epigynous 
(i. e. upon the ovary) i^^lH §. 

aHl"Hi ^5lmi ci^l 31<h!<IH 3T«frWT5lT-in- 
ferior ovary a>i^ Ji^^M'^il'li'^lH 3V^-5^«n- 
snperior i^<HtH §. 

l^^-ay ^^>ti Mi^HilSii ^icd 'I'-ft nni H"^- 
TftR«i?f an^ nvTr5rqi«lR«i?r an^i (k^n 

i^HWi ani^ $, 

1^3-wHi^ 3«qWT aH«llrl ^'ctHl H>J^ 31<HI- 
^IHKI ^1=1 ^M^ ^ci C-t<niH«(l ^IH S, cMl^ ci 
Hi^ JTWflr'Rt^rsfl-gynobasis, gynophore, 
stalk of the ovary i^HlH S. @o "^^Hi ejoi 
«g^l capparidce. 

\^V-wHl^ ^5l>ti'tl aHi (HPl aH«iqi aH^MH'tl 
R^l^il aJis oftiYt %(iSl Iil4l msjt ff^iilHC-ll ^IH, 

s/H "I ^'^M'ni^lm'ii M^i Sis «>{l<in^ SiiahTti 

C-tlSl4li ^IM, cHl^ 'H^l %l^H ^MUHl^ ^9|T- 



cohesion ^i ^i^-s, an^ whI^ ^^l M^l ^c-l'fl 
•Ml^ilSil yi«l sn^lH'di ^IH, cHl^ r\^l 'ii^H 
S">MU'Hl^ «Tr^5?r-''V'^lllcsion ^H Zl'H ^M^lH &. 

(^) »^^_THE FRIUT. 

HS<H (3l<HUlH)'il h?.<ii HQil "^^S^l^'-iiol «iW ^^^ 

MSH «Hl«i'^ <^i&R Mli-Hl ^I'i, HI ctl \i[ l^liJ'^lci 

^c-irfl rQSi ili ^iH cil, ct <?;5!^ ^'r^f-carpo- 
phore i^'HiH §. 

§IH d, cMl^ cl^ ^r^-simple \H i^ S, M*3i 

«11H §, cHl^ ct ^2^-compound 5j$t i^'HlM 

«lf.[ Y=mi cl <HP^ <v %-ti S"^IH S. ^i^^MUlH 
'Sltl'Hl^ H^l ^^l^l «iVJ 't^H «lfcl <MH §, an^ ci 
^C-lH\ ^iSl Mil ^H '5, ct?ft an i^ijj ^(h;Ii Sii 
<HPl 3HJIIH ^. <I'4^"^'»{1 ^'^M«Ml-H^l4^l IditlJ! 
(JiW 0^ ^m\m ^l«l ^(A^l^l ^IH S, ct tn4 !j^ 

H«3i ct MlSHl M^C-li oy "VH^I ffnH 6, ctlMiJJ ^ 
an^'-ll lilvAl^ ci X'^Hl ani^Miy >il^l/l SivT 

^S^^l M"aj V=^ ^liHl M^^li IV "n^ «vtH 6, 
M<ai «vi i-si MliHl M^-A ci, clM^ ^^ S ctl d'ii 
ctgSli MCt S^HlH'cil 5?<Hl 'H'^icl ^^C-tl |lM S. 

^IH §, "4<3i svl VH Mijsm ^tn ?1-H^ ^^C-fl ^tH 
d, cil fi'llM^ aJlS ani^ft ^i[, ^H'^l \i{\\ foflrl 

^^ inc-fl<^sh aH«iMl JTV?j¥rfn-pericarp i^ d. 

gr55 ^^'U ^Uffin-epicarp an^ S^'H'tl di 
^fM[ (HPl^ si^^r WT-endocarp S^ d. 

\^<:~!(C-i;^ <n6l^'fl «Hl<5jSi Hi^ftHU 'tl^Hl ^ii 
^IH &, ci^ qf?tr-wings(al3e) i^ d. Hs/otcl 
an^fl ^IM cil, cl^ 3ir^r srofr-beak. ^(-H ^Pli 
ilH cil, ct^l iK55»fr-crest, 'Min'^l an^ >)lH -v'-Q 

ani^ft ^iM ^i, ci^ 5fj55sr€t siorr-awn m>IX s^ 

^. ^ Y^^ *t^l^l "ll'A ^H'-iHl Ml'I'Ai \[rm •JY=ti 

iiMc^i^ ^iioj ^iH ^i, ci^ "Jrgf, %W55- 

pappus ii §. 

?:i=r^r35t-succulent; shmi Ml'^ft <^'-ll, =^S*qi "S 

Jica <^qi ^i^nitni ?(€t^i %iMi^^t «iiH ^. 'Hlsi) 

«in<ii !<*l (vMl ^%i (ilctl <% ci^ g<^ aH>4'-ll 
5^-dry s^C-t 5^ §. 

<^ \4t ci-il ans^^i o{l<V MliHl MW^, '4l»ii' 
ni&l^ MUni MlcilKl ^5l @h1 d, ci^ f^^RU- 
dehis cent, =H^ ^ ^«l ^Ictl'il >l<?l ^d ^HMl 
^IKl yi«l (HlM^ Ml d, ci^ arf^^I^R'-inde. 
hiscent i^ S. VH'^^m l<c-i Hi^ i^ ^hCh- 

l3o-^%ictica( s^chKI ?iM "Icil "{1=1 ?i<nf'-H S:- 
«? !<C-t^i ciPll «'cl5ll H^H<H151 W aH«l<Hi ^« 
ffi'^l ^IH an^ ci«(l «M6l^ ^"^i Hlctt/fl M»ICH §IH, 
ci'-ti :(C-t^ »T55^T^ <T:55-berry 5^ $. ^ 5i^4>ti 
ci^l >lM<>tl3l «Hl^ cl?M Mll/l 31^1 ^IM, cHl^ ci'tl 
5l Pl<Hl3l ^'S mi §IM, ctMi 'Hm^^ 'Hm ^yiHl^l 
ilH=H^ 5Hf.^^l <HOl Hl^daH^Kl <^^T JJ'^l =(lH<i 
3H«lHl ^1^41 iRlHl <V^l yvct iiyfoi^^l ^IH, 
Snqi x^-lK g^scT qj55-drape i^ ^. anwi ^'H'ii 
wHl^ '^R'd HlS^i y>>-ct iftAMl §IH, <«l^ ci^ 
sfoSiraTorf 'Ko5-stone-fruits 5^ d. 

aM^ Si %\i i\mmi ^Vi '^'V ^IH <?ll^ ci JITCT, 
nrsr-kernels aH«iHi sfi^T^f-pyrenes S^HIH S. 

la^-^ii Y^"^ ?i"^H «lcil SHI ilMl^ S:- 
q^Sf 'H^lHl ?JJR '■■ -capsule, pod a5l ^rtiKl 

2\\ ft?iH viid icii iic-i^, ^mi^i^ ^cl cHiiiiHiHi 
^(in, ■n&^'fl ^fl'i, ^laKi ^fl^i, ctcH'-i^'a'n <fl'i yi^iiC?; 

Ml^ '**t? ^cli m5il«l, "Hilisil, H'l, =il«ll, aHl'H«l aH^ 



>l5l <§Hir[[\ \ii d. 5HI !<CH wHl^MlJ/l "tH 6, 

<H[<tr <M4R 5Hiq ^. «Hl^ ^iivKl ^I'-M^-O'il Ml!j5r 
^(t^Hl 'Ji anUl (=i(Hl3l 1 M^ «ivA «H1<V «M^l^ 

circumsciss i§ $. 

nut, 5H^ 5H !(St4i Pi(Hi5li spRT^ nutlets 

\3 3-v 5{Sl^l »iM<HPl pericarp ctMHi 

"{l»>' ^^i |iH, cHi\ n^ M-^ sTrt^ ^ (rf;^) 
achene il^ §. <3o ^J^sv^^H, 4l'4l^(l, bM- 

Misi 'H^3cti5i n !<si d. no (^&M) «3^i. 

"13V-V !(<51^l ^\^H<HPl Mlct^ll 2H^ (^iil ^IH 

^, ^'-ti i^'d^ H<3i €rsrm ^ (tt^j) sftai-- 

utriele i^, S. ®o JijjoJi an^ »H?liHi vc-t 5Ml=li 
i^niSi ci M"^ 5^51 §. no (v^m), sh^ (v^sv) «3^i. 

13\-^ X'iC^ SM?1 §1 ■4i">H ^^=11 ^il itH 

^, ct'-li \^?. qf<s»«ll^ (^F^S) -samara i^ §. 
§o ^i^cQ ann 5ii(|iii =^;^^Ki \^ sHmi ^m 

•l3^-«Hl^ 3l^"SlH-carpels ansp skhI^ih^I 

<M?l <mSl §IH $, cHl^ n ^iHilMlQi <r»ts[ TvlfJ 

»>i S^'il^^ 5fl^0T-sutures i^ d, a>i^ wHi^ 

^a'-l«aiMR«fl §Hl §, cHl^ mi V=l^ ^f^ ( «4<^(l- 
■Hi^ Qi5i*-fl ^n.'3i ■4<3i )-follicle i| 6. 1^c-^li 

-^^l Mil ^tH ^. So aHliilrfl "iiil, ii^^rfl 

a>ir-ii iiH §. no(3V<i), no(3Mo), no(3Mv). og^i. 
Hiy, ^I'cC =(l«iii, Hi^ti'-a aniR'ti 'HJuni s^'^^ 

^iC-tis ^Hl^ 'll^il M<31 ^llT^lWHR a>tHlH ^. 
13^-sFnr-The Seed. 
^rj^T ^;T^f?rHi iv^ ^m ^ih ^. n s^'^'fi 

anS^'tl M^HfHl'l pericarp HI aH« SMl^cni ^IH 

H't^Mpl-angiospermous-plants s^ S. "^dstli 
=t'iR:M[clM['ti «H1<V nM ^IH ^, "S^i 1 d^l \^'^i 

»iM^in-pericarp ^icii n^fl. aHi^l <Hl<v "^i-c-ti 
Hn=iM(rl-gymnospermous-plaats i^ ^. 

ctMi Jm =H^'-tl Sr^f^'l-embryo ^IH $. ani 
HcM^^^'-d *>{l5yKl anS^Hl Ml^t ani^^ aH«t--il CHJlQtsi 
9t^lHC-(l ^IH §, M(Jl ctHl 'H^RHI cH'41 aH«lHl 
^avn ct CHlil^ll ^Lcil 'l^-fl. Mc^^R <H1»(("{1 =45^ 

«il"3ui !^=ti iiiai \m ^ «?^ jnrsT ^h^^hi ?r^r 

^ct^ JIoS?!!' q^?l-albumen, perisperm 
i^ d, ciHi Slili H$U i^ill ^IH $. tv y{l<J»'Mi 
^3[cy «yqi MSR-albumen ^IH S, flfHi "{l<v^ 
JnnraToSf-albuminous i^ §. §0 aJ^^ii an^ 
H(3; an^ ^Mi an Msi«i ^lai n«fl, ri'-ti «Hl«v 
JT*r3T ^ T^^ ?:f??T-esalbuminous i^'^lH 
§. So Hl^l'-A, ^5ij ^i^TanPl «Hi<5iU "{liVMi 
@M^ 5^1 UMl^ H^l<^ \ H^dl «rt vHl MSl«l S"^ 

^Mfcfil "{I'-.'ili an MSW ilH S an^ IdStunRl 
ilcil "i'-d. '^>\{\ "{1<V ct?M Mll^i ^IH aH8i'-{l ll'cT- 

evtJlnJ"aJilH ^. 

lYo-wftsyrQ (§>i^r{l aic-l 3l TAii «tsi M^Hl 

<^^«ft iiH^. ct^i^l '-H^Rni M^^ i:^^-testa 

ii ^, an i'-iai «Kl<rv>ti ^-w-H ^IH §, ci n^H aH8t<Hl 
i|<3l ^IH ^, 1lW=<R n rj^rt «ndia «tH n'i ^H^l 
=fl'-ti ^IH ^, ct ^\ ansiHl =l">Hcl ^yHl'JJ ^IH ^, 
^IW=IR ci qHl^ mN v3 «i^^ ^IH ^, an^llfcP 

HR ?iniM^ ^ 1 ^«i JjJcti --i['A'{[ Ml^a ilH S, n^ 

^i^"^ ^ing-coma i^ S. anj^ni M^^IIcToSi' 
gT9f "^ c^^T-tegmen i^ S. 



^IH S, ci li^GPl ^ro5-funicle i^ d. '^d'JdS'-lR 
Si!, \^ii ^<l £->HlH $. llfcl=lR ct Ul^n ^l^l/\ 

Ji'cT »^*A ^M \ S. =Hr-(l ^ci fn^rid »imc-0 ^na^ 
^R^-aril i| d. §0 o^Sii aJi^ii^li nk mii 

5, ci^ M<3i ^N^r ffv-strophiole, caruncle j^ 

6. @o $iw«i3} no (30). 

ilH ^iH «tH ^, ct im^ gi^^r-hilum; 5h^ 

r^^ fg5[-micropyle i^ ^. 
viyi^ ct(«l^ ^^ STTr^^-radicle i§ § cl, 
ledons ^H^ ^H '"h sH^i-Hl Hl^vM^Hi ct(oi- 
pumule ^IH ^. 

S, i^n nHl lic^i Hig:nf^pfr-ff^T-acces- 
sory-organs 6, d^ =t<4'l hl'iW sHl^ ^. 

tMCtI i^HlMi ?i-»-HA i^ ciPl il^ C-tl3lc(l ^2(1, 

tVY-ttg, crfcT<iir =H«t^l sr?rnT-tendrils 
(cirrhi). 5^ aH^il4 "HH'fl ildil5<i, >i'^M'4R<^ 

■»H^i ^<^^M*ii 'if^ 3Hi=icii, 5>ir-ii rfgart "i'fl ^h 

d. ct^SHl %iisi aH«t'-ll S^itslciTtl RtHlPld ^IH 
^. clM ci 'ilH sHdtl 5l>l clH q(/fl !i\h ^^i MI3J 
ilH d, an^ 5? ^td^MfclMi ci ani^C-ll ^IH ^, ci 

H'1>m(ci^ «4iH i^^i tiO. ci <n> q^<3^ ^i}/\ 

«ft d, ci^ HlACniW^ Mil §, 2H«l<Hl ci %il«l 
^U\h «IVJ <MH $, ci«ft d "HH^Mfct «H\=rn >5U> 
MlM life) <Hlai) ^^fJM^ 2lil «l^ 6. efl'iHiyil 
"wftSll ff^Hl iiil-hooks Mi^i cigaMl'ft M"^ 
eW^Mlcl'ft q^:5-liold-fastS d, Mi^l ci cijjSii 
«ct[ hm an^ SHI'-JTI ^({^^[(Al ^IH ^, =H^ ci 
Hi4 S<1 R^lPlct ^ictl 'i^\. 

IVM-WJTSRTf-thorns, an^ 9>t€t-prickles 

^li iill-thorn or spine d, ci aiii «u^Ml, 

^(votn 3H<^fl^-ll<ni 'Sil d; an^ Sis iiA-prickle 
6, ci H'1^m[cI«{1 cH^imi'-d Kii^iJii rfly^i aHt<(l- 
=ll«?il (3^31H ^, an^ ci H^ h^ '^'l^Mfcl'ft «ll>Ml, 
MKKI iliil aH«lHl RriSiI, aH«iqi i^'^H 'Hl^iJJ 
il'H^ ^cf(l ^ -H-^icl }i'^M'-Ml<Hl'-'1^1r4lM^ Mt3J 
ani^sfl ^IH ^. wHi^ -Hlri > QMMl't'fl IRM^ 
anl^C-tl jictl an^l'Hl ctSilrfl aHti|l aniaitnl^ ^iilH 

ff^Hl i^ §. Sii Hd^Mfct^ m^il Sidl ^IH, ci^ 
^flT^^-spinoiis SH^ ii<n ^R, ci^ ^\i[- 
^^-aculeate i^ §. 

W^-gioS 5H^Hl %5T-hairs ^, ci Hd^Mlrtdi 

%11HR>^ ^ci 'Hd^MfctKi cH^mi'-ft ScM^l »tctl ^Hoft 
(Ttcl'll qitfl^l ^Ml^^l «ilH &, cilM«5 ^^ '^'l/l 
cl^lii =H^ 'H'imd'il «^ 'Hl«l «IIH d, cidl ir^si 

^^r ^oS-bristles, ^55cl gio3-hairs, w^T:^ 
^To5-downy, ^5 ;^ gtoS-cottony an^l ^^ 

^m grss-wooly. 

ci^ <x{wi^ RotlPlcl «i?l«ll ^IH an^ cirti RoilSli 

^Ml<Q ct^K Ptl'i ^^«ll^ ""l^^^-ll ilH, cHl^ ciHl 
^l^A^ Jlv;?i:^?ITnTcT-attached by the centre 
i^ S. "4^41 MlwlKl «ll->HlaHl ^"^ Sji ci^ic^l 
^oflM^ o\.7{ "iiogan ^^>Hl lltA ani^CHl ^IM, 
cHl"^ ci qtgtsrWT-plumose i^HR $. «Hi^ 
qm^ cl(ca'^2(l IdC-fli ^llMlSii rftit/O ctRi'ft 

cTT'iT^rcfJTr-stellate i^ d, ^m ciRi^tcUl 
'^l^A'd [S^i^l an^llct. m-^[^l IdC-di'HR 5i5 "Hijy 
%ll«l ctlcAH ^ilW <f«"J^ clh'^ »Hs ^\iii i4i£(l 

^r3"«I5!r-scales; an^ 'v ^Ml-^M^ ci anH^ii 

scaly, lepidote i^ §. 

IVVS-'-t'lRrMrcl'fl "Sl^ ■H'SJ Si^H^Q ^M^RHI (aH- 
»lH ^i ^^l^ §MR'{I) c^rir-epidermis ®HR 
"ll'cT \i:?i 3^nJT-protuberance d ^IM, cMl^ 
clKi %lMl<ri gf^^-smooth S^HIH S. wHl^ '^ifcl'' 



"trWl =ll<a ci'tlH^ ^Wl -i^ cHl^ ^55^^!- 
glabrou&; SH^ wMl^ il«i^ ^Kl %iMl/lM^ ^l^a 
aHl(i i'cT §IH, MQi MlW^l^ft ^m H^lX "^l^ 
"Vctl ^IH, <*tl^ a ^55^?n?I?fr-glabrescent, 
glabrate ii=<lH §. wHl^ ctKl ^iMl/lM^ ^'£i- 
SHldl @c*ft «^l-rt^ 5H8l^-tt V>l\?. XHlani SHWC-fl 
^IH, rMl^ ct ^^r3?T^I55r-striate i^=llH ^. 

"it&R KlstAcU ^IH, cMl^ ci^ if^raroSt-furrowed 
(sulcate) or ribbed (costate) i^ w*. <^Hl^ 

«h1«{1 ^HlSii aniqc-fl ^IH §, cHl^ ct^ ^?:g3i- 

mwfr-rugose; «Hi^ cHw ^im jyft^ "nuiSii 

Mlc-ii ^IH ^, cHl^ <l^ igTSrsfrgTSifr-umbili- 
cate; an^ wHlX ^Ml^TlM^ SHl'lf^ ^V-tdi ct "«H^- 
"i^{[ CHlil S, cHl^ ri4 ?3^?I3-scabrous h^ 

rHl^ ct^ ^T^ifr, gfr^^-viscous, viscid, 
glutinous i^ §. wHl^ disi "V-Hl aHlJsR'll 

cHl^ ci^ iTToS^^nJlW^Vumbonate; <wHl^ 

cHl^ ci^ 5fra^4l^ro5T-tuberculate, wa- 
rted; s(^.[\ %\^^\. snt^dsi^ ^h^ <hHi^ "^m 

'fti^isti ^iH, ?i^ IV cl riii^Hl 5H^ %l"^rt ^;m, cMl^ 
ct^ ^^5T3^n#RT«Jr-muricate; 2H^ wHl^ 
§Vl^l ^^l^ 5H<«;[lSR an^ c-i3i(H3i hlf\ (v-Hl c-iiwil 
§IH, cHl\ ct^ ^fsr^gr 3^TJTraTo5r eciiinate 
i^ ^. «Hl^ =H«ii, §^l an^ ^iHl =tica %iMl<nM^ 
SHl^Sll ^IH, cHl^ d<<l ^Ml^ ^<5?IWTo5^55r- 
setose, bristly; «Hl^ an hi qic/j^ §■«, :y^^^ 

^'scT^foSWrafr-glandular-setose; an^l si{ 
anqi HitA'Hi M81ltai g.S'd ^1 'Hlii <HV|C-li ^IH, cil 

ci ^qfff 3Timgr55r ssft^jorr ^^icT^ToS^ofr- 

glochidiate i^HlH $. wHi^ «Ml/l <v^l eti'-^l ^ 
!Ml£l HlC^'ft V<^l(A2ft SHl^ Qi^lH«{l ^IM, cHl^ ct 
3n# ^SroS^rSST pilose; an^ iv^l anai iHitfl«fl 

hispid i^HlH ^. «Hl^ %lMl/lM^'ll Hl^A ^Qai 
^IH Mi^ M^il aH»i ri ^tM, cHl^ ci4l %iMl<n rft^ 
%Sro5^To5T-hirsute i^=llH d. «Hl^ =ll<a iil 

downy or pubescent; a>i^ an^ ^»l(/l ani^ 

^IH, rHl^ ^^lofTSTISr %SR5^To5^-puberulent 
i^HlH 0. wHl^ aHJfti an^ ijl 'Hm ani ov (i^nSi 
%m«ll H«I1 %IMI^^ StJlcll ani^CHl §IH, (>\i\ 
ct<l %l"Hl/\^ %3r ^'scT^^TagioJr-strigose 
5^ §. wHl^ ani ym/lM^ -i\n an^ isi =iica 

ani^sti §iH an^ ci ci(/fi ?ittni ^ iiicai^ ticii ^^irn 

§IH, cHlX rt'-a %tMlil JI^JT5fr%ST55^T55V 
tomentose, cottony i^^iH §. «Hl^ aJji 
«Mldl"4^ §4'{1 Ml c-litHl ^C-tl an^ ^tflQicn HlfA 

ani^c-ii ^i*t, cHi^ ci'-'Q ^Midl griT ^gfr %gTS- 

^T5§t-wooIy (lanate) i^HlH S. wHl\ ^m 
^1^1 "V iil, y'-Am ^ ^"^S ^IH, an^l rt ^Ml<tl- 
M^^d 4^ct -{liC/ft aniq ancii ^^^ ^yft ^:^i 
S^W H^a aH«l'-tl aniil fff'^l ^IM, cHl^ ct^ ^51 
aH«l=tl 5?^Rro5r-mealy (farinose) i^ §. 
«Hl^ =llta aJiic-tl <nHl ihl ^IH "^j ct ani^Sfl 
^tl^Ri^ ^ct "iHX ^liK 'iQi, ctlH^Sl -v «Ml/lM;t 
ct aHKC-ll ^IH, ct4l ^^ ?iiaiRl ^ctl SMldl ^IM, 
cHl^ ct^ ^r^^r^'V-canescent or hoary 

^ctl «ftSil ^>Hlctl §IH, anPl ciM^ Hq i^ aH<m <v 
??['{[ «Ml^i ^ffV aHl^«{l ^IH, cHl^ ci ^'^Jfrl i:*RI- 
glaucous i^=im S. 


a^l <3M^'li -il^ll <H<H^M(rlrn ^hUH\ yi^fl 
«i<tfl <y<\<\ i^cWl "SiSlli S^^lMl aH?lcti -^jiin 
Kli^ S, ctd aniM'HRi ani^CHl §. anKl. ?i'>'-H ail^ 

=i>Hrt ct $aji ji«ii «y<l "S dlc^ '^iX §ih d, an 

^H-MMi <H>Hcl ciC-t 1 XpiH 5?^l sllll ^jy ^IH §, 
aH«l'-tl ct ^}/\ M<aj ilH $. ci "llW^lR 'Hdii^fl, Mi^ 
R^^ i^^ =(l'-ld ^IH §. anicQ ^PmHI ^4 i^ 
Ml'i'il i^'^H ildila^l 1 ?i"^H Rl^iaill (3M^, ^"^M- 
^ai^lKl ^imiaMl (§H^, an^tHl Ji^MM^I, >io wjlo 
ll'Mi \^l an^ Mi^ilaitiKl ildilaJji ^ Ri^iSn ®h^ 

^iH S, anrfi ^um 8ii^ ^[H ^. @o ii^i(lrii 
■hum;: -io ( ^w ). 

(^) ncH^ ^RW^a Oi^eti iltAl, ^icia ?i^Rlcll 
wi §Hil ani^c-ti «ti^i »ui?ji, (V ^4 i^ 




widiaji Mlrt'41 A{\ ^ '-tltAM^ aHl^Sti ^IH §. <§» 

'«lli3}l?5i:i'il "H^l ( Umbellifei-io ) ni ijSfil ^^- 
OtPi ( pericarp ) Ml SH '^H[\ ^M^ ^IH §. 

^*l^r?T3-^nf^»^TiI-classification of plants. 
'%m^\.m =l4^Mfrl ^li^HHi ^R:CliMi aHL<H^ ^W^H. 

Slisi dHi ^s^cfl Roti^ii JtMii^i ci^ 'Hi^'t "H^Mir] 

M(/(l <l1. 3>i^ci2(l (t^liJ" qn^Mfrl rj^d aMlca>>{l 
i^^lMi ani^^ ^. ^ R^ ali| an^ €f>M=imi ani^ 

IMo-cW^MfclKl aMi 3ii?T-species Mi ani^C-fl 
rtMlM 'H'l^Mfct^ll, ^ aJii "(lu^ ancft ^^ »i(/^c(l 
ani-Hcfl ^IH -5, ctM^?(l cl clMlM qn>H(cl?ll sMi 
%tlMl'H MmiM^ft @i1^ ani^iHl §, aa^ anlMiJl^ 

[rik ^'S^a^, ani nnr^fct^i fl^ini •mrtHi j^Mi 

an^ ^SUl ^3lMi Sm[ %tlHRQJ V<5ll^l^ '^i "^^ii^l 
y^flHR <r/lfl iV^JlM, "Uej aniqi \\[xa ^l aHl^i^l 
an-i^^-t @H^«(l "Mi^ftsM «Wail ^, aJji ov H^^MfrWi 
«{WMi«ft@»Xc-li3{lllMi Miiiy'^fl=lRsS.=llMi ani^ S. 

H3[fi^i^Mi =l'tR:"M(clHl oIIcT-species ^i^ ^ ci 
'^^i iWM cv^R'i^. anitHHi Mo ?fl \oo ajili 
aniM"^ ffvtWaM, cil Si Ma^i^i "^ ^lan jji^i Sjj, ^ 
McWi ^, ^M aHRi^ Sils^t ^MSJ ^li/lail «W5l. 
^M<v -^ftVilHi ^H 8(1 Mo oilll ^W5i m, ^'4^ 
■^ an M=fl«l "S Matl^ ;aili aJii oy (McHi $. <*ll^ 
aJi^l ^ci <v Hn^Mict'll anj (4125;^ yi^fj (^ M^ldl 
anincfl ^IM, ci aMS 3ircT-spccies M^IH ^. ani 
£l>HCHlMi ani'^iini «U(Ai ^llll Mvil^ 5i5 (j»trt an^ 

"•(l"HVlHi ^H'Ai 3i[li M(A1^ ani tHlsi) Win aJiM 

IM-t-trrHl"^ ans <r»trl<fl ^v-Hl'nH qn^^Mffl^l 
^2i)^ -Hl^ ^ct lit) ^li« nmctMi T^fl (Vi^iy 
ani^ cHl^ ri, ct <^<Ml %-variety i^MlH ^. 
^ a^l-Hl *isqi'/il -Hn^Mfctdi <H\»»'Mi'-(l §«i^€ll 
^lMl»U4i iJU, 9iS oy^-li <V «11H 5*<l\ an «Kf. ^J^i 
Sl^r^-raee ^HSilH 6. anj a-^cl'ft =irt^M(rHl ^^-fl 
^n^Mini^l hMI^I JsStM, iia aH^l-Hl anivllSfl H'S 
ii\i §. M<3i anJt ilii;^Pli ciHi^i ^i 2lij,y ^^i 
"{loy^ft 5ny"^il §^ Mi^l clMi anii^i -vHJl a>l 
<>{l<JVMi«(l §»^<H ^IMHi iilllMi, ^i'ft <>{l25 «-tdi«ft 

^icA'^'-iiHi ctni 9{z nMi nfii, -v'-ii ^'S <^^ w*. 

Sii -"{^-"H^ if»trl Mlctmi "{l<vMi?(l Mlrtl <v^i <^ 

IMl-wMl^ 61C-1 ^HlMi "Vi^lHC-fl ^'l^Mfct'ft 
W#r-species ( anui^ 'to 0,0 00) rQ ^jv^ 
Ht^ v^l^l ^, c?<l^ anldC-fl^nHl HH^irMfct^l cHi 
"H^ffs^iJi ^3R a)ic*Hl%t b?^l, aH«i'-tl an S^5^ a^? 

=r(i| niM aniM^, an m4 ^^"^st &. ani ^^■^;-0 g,^ 
S^-Hl Ml^ fsfifT^^-Linnnsus niMdl (=tdR:Mfct- 
^U^dl [mcII ) Ml^^MlcH* ctT'-l^Ttl'l ^i ^"•Hli^J'-il 

c^l^!s M^ici ?iiHl ii^ §. anPl ct «q mi^h «iM 

=l4^M(rl«{l ^v-Hl^nH «nfil species 'V aHi 
«H\25^ H'^ Mcncfl ^IH, an^ «{lji! H«^fl <rnai?a 
ct 03^ MicO i[% 5i^ ivtctl^ ( aHi ^\^7[ M'Acfl 
ani^ aH<l tr^^m ^^i[i\^ ) aMS «iHR<^ ^«IWV 
( substantive )«il>l a^iM^ ^. ani^ :Qcl anj 
niMKl a>is^ ^ m^p "iHl <r«lctl^l «Ml^«l i^^l 
§, ct ivlcll^ ^IM^ ^ci aJjis ji^^-genus i^ 
§. aJi Sis «lHR«3i HlM ^4"*^l^i (geiieric) ^. 
an^ aHi <v 5:jq-genus MlKl S^i ( "^Ml^ ) 
^Tfrf-species aJ} <v ^ j^-oenusMl'd "{la^i 
<Mctl?(l o^fl ^l«n"»H=tl^ Ml^ ct 3Tra-species ^ 
aJti R^lHi^ etau^^iMi ani^ d, ci «nrtH Wi rtm 
specific-name i^=llH §. cHl^ ani iiMli^ iVs 
STRT-species ^ ( -Hn^MfrlPl ) »i ^ini^ a»ii 
5II^1»rm-Botanical-name anMlH ^. i\b 

* Ml^drl aHl«i 'W^'Hft^Tll'Hl'H Mlil «t't*M(ct'll 
AlH^l^t yi^l ctH W cifll aniil'^l d'H^'fl B^ ^ili^W 
4"^a &. SH^ ^ilMl =»'l^MQt'li ^ll^r^i ^'^il Vi< §Mi- 

?iwi ywi w\i m4't5Hiiic-ii5,i?> ^^n, ^^*, hi»«i^ 



grr^T-species ^^i §. <^H^:-'HlHH$lrtl«i 
<u¥l«l«iR-Hiptage madablota SHH <^ 
«i'>£i?ft ^^HiH^i ^, nni M^^ |^«i y=Hi SH^ 

rl$i«l«3[l Si 0^ ( H'l^Mrrt) 5n?T-species aHi oy 
55^- genus ( cleome ) Kl §, »il^ l-^l^ 
n^fH^llH-cleome simplicifolia, an^ ^-"^^yft 
n$iei»?[l'l- cleome viscosa a^H c-f«H=tRi 

IMa-ani^l -flcl jj^T-genera ^l «?iJlH 
tH^li^l. ri-il ^-u-Hl Mi^J «H!| «!'/ 51^" (^m\ ^ o o o 

^i^iiril MlVSl Si 5/ ^Ri^i Ji^ii^i HSU <Hi^Hl. 

s^di =im^ M^Acii sHi^tcti 4rti nni liS^m 

Natural -Orders i^-HlHl, 3Hl<Hl J^S H5>\^ s^is 
^, 3H^ ri m^ i^;^ 5isis "^Miy, ^ ^l^ ^rt ^^\ 

^I'-fl M^CHi MIJIM MlcHi ^r^^-genus cti rtin 
§H^«ft «^Hmi SHl^^i d. Sl"*Hitl <1^"S "^rlrll ^'A- 
(capparideif) Mi <^d «nsi aniS |ioll^l «^l- 

ff*'«^lHC^i capparis ^M ^l<H'ti "IIH <3'>4^?(l Sm^ 
ilMl^ H^l-i "IIM capparidea^ ^M-^mi 3>ii^g 

§. <J<1^ aMi (inn-species ^^\^ H't^Mfcl (hh 

generic 2H^ grraf^-speciiic ( ""ii^'im ) 
A\.h aniMHi. 

"iiHl d^ *5tsniTT»ft-classes Ml SllSH^i M^Hl 
&; 5H^ «Mi^ ^«cfl HouMi %tVm«\^ |i5^i::ii 

«M11^1 «iqi CHl3?ll ( <Jli^ ysiMrtl ^Hld^ ) ri5>l|,tl 
quft oft^n Fh91i311 Mli-Hl MiHl d. Sii ^j^cn 
^iJRKi ytSji n^i ^i^ll'll 'il^Hl Pl<SlRl «Mi\^Hl 
^^ gr^^HsJl-tribes, sh^ ^Hi ^i<H>ll'fl «ncll 

'll sv* 'iiU'W. R^il^l MUHl <t^ ^fliTfT-section 
an^ R<HWHl M<^ Mil R^Rl i^^mi anmi §. 
^iTi an^ R<Hi^i s^imi ani^sii ^, an^ -v Hi^- 

!3^ct iViJllH ^'Hl an^ §MC-tl H^U^l ^l^a^lrl 

m\ ^- 



5^^T gjft-natural orders. 

^T^jft-s ub-or d er s . 




^r ^^r?T-sub-divisions, 


^Z\ ^t^-sub-genera. 


^3T raWTt-sub-sections. 



\MM-!^ cn^rt^ ani <Hri:tMrrt'{l skW ( HH^Mpl ) 

ITTcTni-^'nJI-specific-character 5^ d; a^^ 

aHl(a">Ml^ aHK <t=ii ^n^ 5f#i-g'^5i- 
generic-character, an^ aJli ci^i «{l«t H^ll^ 
anW^lfcT anicl sHHl Hi^'i'^ g»ff«T-^'^-ordi- 
nal-cbaracter i^ S. a^i H'lRrMfrtKl tAn"^ 
|4,<H'{1 rt^il^ ^ni i?, ^imiaJil, MH, 5:»l anPl 
^iil'ft ^at'il aHl(i <iM^«fl H%hi\ ^^ ^l S^KA- 
•>HMl^ ^IH ^■^fi**tcti "VanlM'Sll ^HHMi @cl^ ^. 
\M^-n'l^M(rl'tl >^l<il ^Rl, H'U, '^i^i anPl 
ciaHHl "fl«n R^IM fH(HRl, «Ml\ ciaHHl ^'HRQl 
^ai^iMi ct^lKl «lPHctl an^ "^^l ^<AH <m\.H 
V^HHMi ^I'Wi^tl^li anmi ^IM, cMl\^ ^^tft- 
Natural ( ^nHui^l ) i^^ilH §; M«3J <^ (i^i'ii 
^?^cfl %i<H'^ \^c{l :Oct VMK^i :^i-o-Hl f^iqiH, lllili 

^i^iM mii nani^ ^^[fs^iai an^iHi ^^'ti s^^mi 
ani'-n ^IH cil, ^ ^'^ni-artificial i^MlH ^. £l>Hc-ti 




siiperior ^i*i-ciqi qau:- 

=Ml^R(«l ^nu^ ciH "Vi^ll^l dfe, ^M> ^'I^mPI'II (^?0 aHiyQ ^IM; ^^o tHlo ^imi M'Hl -^ii an^qi 

^?.^c(l ^^Sii F-i^i'< biV'i ciHi 'j?t, yem a<i3[, 
an^ ci'ii 'uaii sH^ll^ «MHJ~ <V^ Hsi^ @M^ 

'wm'Hi ^rm^vj^-g^^crrci-Dicotjledouous- 

plants ^?. i^^^55 5H«l'-ll 3TcI^v^^ ^^qfcT- 

Monocotyledonous-plants c-l">MlHC-ll ^. 

Hi^ji svtilHSli an^ ^iQlUlM^ CHl'lcni ^IM, jqfaicl 
V|di -MiSi ^IH; ifijil ^l^^iv s'^Hldl ^IM; >i^^^l 
f'tfkil aH«iHl anRrkct rH-'>-Hl'-tl(ni an^ lioOilo- 

^t't^Mfrt'ti iiliHi «liHi 311^1, \'U^l, c-iii| an^ i inferior, anaicii l^oOilo^lHHl nfoflili ^R Mi^J 


«IC-1, mi, ^HlS^l ^5 Oii^i V|ii Mil ^11 d'-li ( (y) ^ ri^i^ cH^MfrWi ^^tKl NiMil^Hl ^. 
iMl n?(l,^M^ -^l-m M^J^-ft aMr< fl4l anftHr^lct , -fl^-monopetalous Siiit «stJl aH»iH ^il- 

a^^^liii ^IH ^. ^Hi MH M^i «id ann Tjih ^(4 *=^ SIHHI, an^ V «a M M^W^ll ^IM; 

fw*TTfr"])olypetalous aH«il<^ '^f\ ^m^ :»(;{ ^ 
wn'^^efl ^iH; ^'^•Hwiililimi M?il ^di an^ 

SiiaJil ans"^ «\(i,R>ii a>il^C-ll an^ "{(l^l ^l^v^i 
(^41 ^'■^1. ^Mi 5ii^'«i^ an^ HS(l(<H^=ift 

aHpl[^ct ^^'-HWr/U Mi^MilSiim ^di a^;! }\9i{ir{\ ' '^o^i >ioOiloSmr|i M'^tl ^M<v MIMil^ll Ml^O 
^'i "V n*7W^>^^«IcT-liypogynous ^IH, a^^ | ^R ^IM Oi. 



perianth Hi4 i<l 3 ?(l 's R^tPll'-li^l, an^ 
>i1W^l Mi«i n<4Hl 3 Hi '5 i|lH S. ?l SHI ^R:clS>li 

^ gWTT^I ^m^r ^I^^rjft €r?I-coIlection 
and preservation of ])lants. 

CH5-jd ci'll 3HWI H^l^ nMRHl ^IH cil cl %ii*ll- 

sjg'TrsTT-speciiiiens M^S i^ a^R'^ S'H^ 
«i'4l, clMiyHl, 1, ?i5l<'i«ll «Hl ^l^ 9icni 5^ 
^l->H=ll i^W^i, 1 <^ Y^\^\ wHl^ ^^jSi (Hi^ j{\ 

^^ «Tg«n^Rt ^JTf-Herbarium i^ ^. 

51^, ir^T, ^ ( ^StKl i«il 5H^ (3Ml^ ^c-t ), 
'Tigj ( K'^ ii^ 5H^ Mii ) 3{ ^w[ ^w5h. ,^q 
l3M^ i^'^l clMlM <Jtl3l Sib 'i}i-[m §IH qi ci 
§IH, dH <V 5i (;t5m Qipi ci-u^^ ^^^l j^:(|^ 5,^ 

MH «flm ilH M«l l^ ri c-flHi ^m^ a^;^ 
'i^^l Mi^l «llil SW^l aH«l'-tl HiRl 311311H S. 

^l^l 3H«iqi ^Jlni Jj-o-H OiPl ^ini SHl^l C-tW 
5H^ ct ani^^l d^^l ^l>Hl <lilH dM 't ^IM, 
«IMI "H^ig i^ Sl^fl ^li^l, 5l «ilMl ^I8l 5iMi 

<^M <n^ ^IM visti Hlaisil MH eiHiH, dd«tl 5t=ii, 

^lui MW ^lil CHW^ 't^i-llKl %tl?l ^M^i. 5Hl^ 

*Hl3i) HH^Mfcl ciKl SHl^a "ilog <33[l ilM, 5H4 ct 
'-tn^Mfrt "(Isi) S^di Rsi^iSJ aH8i--tl Sili^i iW 
■^^!^ir^l<ni «'*Ml^'{l Sil^l, ctl cidl 'i^^l "H"^ ci 0/ 

<v^uSi?(i -^bmh h\^[ mQ. sty ^ph^i. n^i^Mfrt'ii 

't?i'il '4\ ^nni «^3li 'tfe, c1i5tl ml ct iil CHlSj. 

^Hi ^ii ( HirdMi )'ii siui 0'^i(i3i>iM^ sHUHi 

<VCHfl ^^1 svctl §1H 2i<Hi :^l^41, ^Hi (tij*t '1^41 
€l'4l ^=11, at^ 'H-^ HlQni^ a^lMiidl an^R Ml.H'il 
Mil?il <niHl 1 ^T^il Si'Hl, -vssfl 'I'i'll Sl^l^ai'd q=i 
£'>llfc)^ %tRl ^(l^l.aHl^l 'iii'll H^ CHl'-Q Q^ct «y ctMl^ 
ct iW ^-i^MRl S aHH rtijl i^cn^ ^ ^^^ ^i 4^,11 

^iir-ii svlwSi, anPt ci 'tJi'tiKl c^ft-tui mhi^i 
OY iin<ai»ti ^si^i-Hi^ si'J^c-ti ^m, ^ spicfii c^;^. 

mi 'nS^jtlH^il ^ya>l. t^Hcti ^'^ ^Y SCHliMf 

=4(41 ^[^i ilH, 1 =Hlil aH^l&ll «iW 3i?li |m^ ^1 

^H H^ ctM Rli4 JjlHH ^i. ^'il^r-lKAl il^l^ll 
't^i'll il^l ^Sl=(l 'tl'>H=tl an^ ^il il^l^il Ml»l 
ci <V 'I'idl Sl'^l-Hl^ ^IM^<HI, aH3R o{l3-«t ^il hPi^M 

HiMR^ii. ^-iRiHi^i 'i^i'ti Hi^ii mn hiH^mi 

Rl->H<Hl 'll^. 1^^ ct i^mHi ctH^ ^31 54^ §, 
'i'i'll'ft ^dUl^lluil iRoll ^Sl^tHl shWS}, Mt«i 

n^i dill 4 §iH, an^i^ =iini^ im, fli rt lic-i.- 

«Hl aH(?fH^ <n<?l 41 St^l %i<Hl(a^ ctMl<l ^il 

=ll?(l S'-nifcl ^^^l, M<^ ^ aH«ft cit^i^ s'^iej ^- 
fclfj ilH, ctl JiiiM^H^H^ aH3R o{lm '^il^ ^m- 

<Hi>-(l ci R^iH imh. 

wHl\ -H^i^l clS«1 ySlfc) "IH, cHl^ ct itaXi Mlil 
^5il iPicani ^[•«H^l. 

H\ C-HciqHl ctl«t 'l^'il MctRl'tl <Hhi i<^m 
\^ cioi^ wtsii Sliii c^-tHd Ri^l ^ll ^ 

•iltfl^l 't^^l Heii "HHniwil ilM, an^ ct «t^i. 
'>1^ £<Ml^l ^51H 'tfe cil ci»ti«(l MK 5iiM»( 5^ 



'tl^M^if, wt«lHl "i-^li MH ^K n^l SHl-wll aniil^ 

R^lH ^^«il<Al HH^'uCfl-sncculent-plants- 

M^il ^Sr-tHl. m ciH -irc^ iX"=t ^-.?l ftl ct Sl'l- 
(AHi ^5sl'-Hl 6^1 <«i Mi^l H^Hl i^^l ^H^ "Hl!^ 

C-tl3Nl ^l^ 'iW ^I^AKI Ml«^«(l Hl=i'ft aH3l9i) 

ai^Q ^Hl-'corrosive sublimate disolved 
in spirits of wine, in the proportion of 
two drachms to the pint." 

(3) ^ 'W^MfclMi^ft'i^^l «(l^l ilH 1 H'l^MfnHl 
ri^i^l S 1 cil Hl^ <i^l aiis (HR S. 

aHl<\ «> =H»l^l H^'ll ^ilH <Hl^ ctMi 'i ^MltT 

«(l?l«n 6!Aw^i«^ aftA (Lable) 't^'ii ^i?l ^i- 
>H<<1 (SlW^i, 1 ^?a «Ml^ 'l^i^l iVJ iR<^^^ 
(SlHlHi ani^, ^l^ <l «l^ ^'{l '^5!^!>rt ^'^ ^'^• 

«i^ a ani^l^ 5>il-5ll yil^l ^ISlll 'iMl. ^l^ 
^rft 3^i uiio^ (v^l MlcttAl ^'-n^l^ Sl^ ^^^ 
1, ct ^HHl My^ MI3J I'll -^ »13R i^Ml ani- 
iR^l -"-HrH a>il^-a <l^. aH^\ «til H^jJ'll »ilil 
^ <3(Ml ilH l<\ MW'Al SIM ^Sl'ft l-HI. ■^'=(1 

M^ >d^ H'V'i Rl"*H-j, an^ an^S wlHl 

Hiidl anijs ^sn ^blW ^^^ H^l^ <Ml<^ft 1 ci^- 
HlHl ^S^cft n'll--l<iM^ ani^R <iIh d. an^ a>ii'{l 
<nHct^ 5i siH h^riilTi ^M. ^H aH^(H'-t ^<ail 

«nH d, 1^ nM ^I'l M«i ^ni <sA'i d. ciiMej 

an^ ^fel^H ctMl Sil^ =t«»"t ani'H'Hl^ft 1^1 i^atwfl 

M^ ffnn ^, ani n-^ iR^li'-ft "t^iic-i a^^th 

««lMMi 'll^H'iR ^y Ml d. 

\^3-JydC-0 c4'>liv) Ml^miW'tl HlM'll HH^H- 
(ncll ^il ri^rii5ii;ii^H(4-Herbarium ^l^- 
^l HlH, 1^C-tl <fr m\-i[ (aH«<'Hl 1*-(l «^<v '<Hl\ 
MlM'il) il'li^ll 'l^'ll >ii'-lHmi -HlMHl ^IH, 11 

^a \^ ^atC-liSii;i \o\ ^zi Ml^l5ll ^>HIH 11 a 
^i SiM ^i^ «l§<n C-l\Ji $. Si^ 'iH&l^l MIM 

^i"^4i ^ih'ii, 'i^ni «n'4 Siiai iMi aniit Htjji 

an^^l ^l^Hl Ml, an^l 5i?ft -*^i^l »tlM ^l»-^l 
^IH 11 iMi ■^W M^J R^-H «ilH aH^ ^l^Hfi^i 
@Mli>lH S^=imi 't^'ll <^5ll ^ aHJ^ill «ilH. 

ans.^ «lW «vtH, cHl^ 1 S^i «^-il M'l^n'll 11^ (3M^ 
aH«lHl 1l^l«ft ^1<1^ "i "I t<^ il^'l'^Kl M^ 
ci=.Sl Mi 1^^ 'H^.'^il "^1<KI il^l'A Rl"«H^l, "iiC-l 

ii^a =iis«iw«(l M«/oti "ii^iHi X ^Mi n^i^Kl 

•Kl'll^'^ 25^11 siciJ 'i^^l «H5ll 'ife, anS «l( 
<=lHl^ IH^Mtl^l 'l^i^l ^Hi rtlM^ ^l'«t^l 't^, MiSl 
S^i «v wlcfO q't^Mft'il 31^ '^i'^l 't^'il ^IH 1 
ans (V 'AiiXHl ^l">H=ll*fl ^lUl^ll «icil rl«0. an^ 

'i^'iis^i ^iiHii, I^Hii, an^ Hdi ni^i «nNcti 

c-i^'4 =^n (Label) cl*ti «n^l<n^ ^^ at^ ^l^l^ 
«iH 'ife. "^MS «Si n RhHI =(IA ^niy ^H 11 

aH»lHl 3iHi«ft ?!Hl^ iHl oJU^i«(l C-fl^l t^^ ? ci 
jvt^i'm^ %i£(^ >isi «tlH d. aH«im yi^d'HR 51^ 
Mei "H^ ^ "^i «*l 'i?i'll 11"^ 'Hl^'Hl M«^ I'i 
'ilM Pi^lH Httl inl <H3R, "H3R =flflSi cl >iSim 
Sio^^l ^IM, an^ "SdC-lli <Hl«l 't^'il M«34 ^ «l«l 
^ilHl Rl-v>-Hl ll>\, ?il ^ ^iimi M^ HIS ?^«3^ 



( Label ) t^-^^^l 'l^'ll'^l «l«l ^l^'-ft <^ ^'^'*^- 

HH aniHl 'tii'tl ciHl^ i^^twi l\.% ^l "til yii- 

MIM aM^ aHlSR'ti =iPlilMi "l^lil, ^H^ hi^ 
i^HlH ^. 

<«l^ <i^ 'i^M i^^i Hi §. ^ rtMW^-tui ^41 "^ 
"V^l (»i\»VH<Hl«(l ^ 'il'H «ilH S. MiSJ <v^l ii>2i 

^m, cil 3«H Mi'^fl'ii Qilw-HHi, =>i^ Hiaji susj 

^IH ai Hi^n^lR «l<l ^1 SiKAHl Ml §. M<3l 

ciMi^-HiKl ani^l H^a^Mi 3i^M Mif^QMi ^m<\i 3H^ 

n Siltacti aHi«ft ^(Hl<A 6'J->i«l ^l^^^l ^iJ^H "S, 
ct n^ i^ni >IIH 'i^M «ilH, M*Jl ct n'lil 4 »i>lH 
aH«U<\5lwfl 'I ff»tH. 

\^"s-^'l^M(rt'ti 1% k!^ 5Hl(i «<l^l ^il 
MU<Hl, ilMHl "^ clMl^m^ SRHI fdSil, Mii, 
»^, ^IH 5H^ ^gfHS^l-iH-'l =Hl(i H^a^'ll'li ^iH'i 

im S. ct»il sAoji ^?li wtiti'ii ^8(>i<Hi5li ciMi^fl 

«ISIH S, M^l ^IhHI !(S<1 ans jsiM M^cllrfl In 
!<^<Hltf(l dlgji^ W^, an^ MINIMI ^l>H=ll^l 'tliiHl 
«l^^ "J-^lc^ bi\ ^">MIMR iR (pocketlens) 
aH»l=tl iMiini ctl^ svl^l^l 5l=H <^Mi 5\ "% 5t<^l iR 
^IH an^ n 1 «(l ^ ^a^ MhIsI focus ^l ^IH aH«ll<:V, 
ffJt^HKl <v '-t=:(l ^IH ct h[^^\ \ ^ R. ^2i ^/l ^l'4\ 
iRHi«(l aMlMi^ **1t)aJi dl ci H?:^ t^^m^ ^1!^ 
aniMi^ft anm^ nH^i^cfl iH'ti ^ISIM, 5i 5i H^^ ^IH 

cil <H%t 'S. ^^^{ ciMi^HiKl <h>j3^i mim ciiv 
^yia 4^ tlHi^i ^iH cil ^«m[ ^i^HHiKl 3 

ti^tHl aiR iiil'ft «ti"fl li-Hil =Hl^ §, ci «l«l 

q ^ t ^ q f ^ siioS^gRr l!l?l-Determination 
of plants. 

\^\3-aHi m^Mfcl anoR ci^l 't^^l svliJ ci^ 
5rreft^ tn»l-Botanical-naine 'iii/l s^'Hi.^ 

■^ <r»H3jqi.^ ^IH, fHl^ ^ i^j ci rflairti pi^at-lMl 

m^l^ a>l!i R:HR:S1H, Hicl, Pv^-C-tl, Wsilil "S ^^IMI 
ansj HH^Mfcl S^U-fl «t'-tlMl aHr-Q, an^ ci;i m^^. 
'ilH "I'iJ'Hl'ft W^VSI «tfc), cil ci^ rim ci r-i%«in, 

Jtin ^ PyiJ-iii =i5l^<Hi ^Ji^T^ ^^^m j^ct^- 

flora-Hl'-ft 'IS!/! i^ ci si^-^ sJtW^, aJjir^i ^i^ 
<v aHcii ^^^dfii ( floras )Hi t-i^MlcWl H^, (3H- 

HH, sl'H »i^ win H^i^'ii 5ar^r«WT»ir ^fi 

^ci «nQi'-ti ct'ft M'SiQl ^l^H-HlMi aniM ^IH S, 
ci @H^«{1 ci <M^|l ^ISm S, i&^ 3l5 H'l^Mfct^ 
«1^1h 'tlH «H3J'^l Ml^ ^*l«(l HHM ci^l =ih 
«tl^^l svlfclS^, -Hl^ ?i H'lRrMfct'll m^^i (Hl^ll 

annH ^'ti =^'' 'H*!^' anqn^i ctMi^ni «vtW3^, 

aH^ ci clMl^l 'lii^ Ji^g ^'cJaH 1, n Hn^M(ct ci 
^^ctiMi aniMSll I^D: ^"/l iHl ^h^['{{ 0? 
ci H^mi anl^C-fl =1<1^m[cHI it, aniSR, anPl rt-li 
M^^i^lHi anni =l4'l =»llM'sli §IH S 1 ci ciig^H 
%il«l a>ilHQll ^l^lHlKl a>i«l<Hi a>il\i^l <Mi^'--ll'{l H't- 
RtHIchI an^ll^l ?i«tinell i^cti ffil ci, ci cisicft ^m 
cil ci'd %ll«l ( «lUl Hi^l 1^^R«il ) ct ^I'Arti anR, 
M<3J iSi ci an qJirO ,i(^ §ij( ^i ^^ ll'AniM^ 
«ilH 4i. M<3i ci Ji^cliMl'll tKl^n "Slfcl H^A >1<A3 
«ilH, 1 ^ H^lKl ^ H't>H(cl ^IM. aHl<l ^ci Hsihl 

Hi^'i =«i«i ^ hh^mIci^i ^Jtm^ii i^ctl <^ HH 
(order) 'ti <H>4'1 %il«i H M'Acfl siiM, cHi^ n H'i- 
^M(ci^ 5t^q-(geaeric) ^tm 't5!/l h\i ^nWan- 

aHd^l Ml^ S^i =l3lMi ^dC-ti ^d^Hi aii^sti ^ih 

ci t\b ^dnKl 5iica->Jin^ ^i^ ci^ qt^n ci ^in'ti 

Mm^Ai Kl^i aniMHlMi ani^^ §IH ^.* aJiiSl 
^in <fni3J=ll ^l^ ^in'il =n4'l «l«i 5i^*il ci 
H't^MRni aH^iiPli -^il^^^i i^ctl sy^l, an^ ^ 

^i^'ii 'H<4'i %ti«l ci ittacti «iiM ci ^dci'fl ci d, 

aHH MlKl ^151H. M^ ciHl 54*1 (species) <f»tiajHl 
Ml^ ci H3Ri ani^Sli, ci ^d<nMi aniM ct^lM wtcl-ii 
'ilcl'Hi^ ^It^H »ilMmMi aHl^«ll ^IM S, ct %ll«l ct 
H't^Mfcl'ii anallPll ^s-mitl i^cti, ^ n\n «l«t ci 
u{l«5 tnHl ff»lcil S^cti R^H M«Acfi ilH aH«14l ctj'i 
M'Acfl ^IH, ci an m^^Mpl §, *iiM ^'^i- an^ a^^ 

* f2^-generic ■ti^'l SHl H^ct!r»li aHlMHRl ani^ii 
•t«(l; 5H5 n^l SH^ Mcti (H.'ti Ji'fl CHl'^i" 'll^^'l «Hl\=tl- 
Hi 2HlM ^- '^"fl 'HI H^ctiHl aniM «t't%M(cli ell 
ys/^icfl -WH "Af^i 5 cl^l <13\ j^tH an^ ntct ><IJJ 
5H>li«fl H«tl aHW?l. 



an^S 'H^i'd ell «i, MQJ clMl cicil ^d'<n^ 'IIH 
f.l"»HCH hl'^mi ani^M -i^, ^H't ^ "SlW ^d'H'li 
■H^'l'i M*^ 5i H-i^MfcWi 2>iSii^ qisj^ ^tj]^ ani^, 

=lRS-specific dlH 5H^ 5i 'H,i:tM(ct^ "^Ml^ 
Hi^'t »H ^i^rti^i aniM^lMi ^Hl^^ 't'-fl, >tl^ cl 

n\. Sliil V<!<1^ ^IL^l '{^cllM^ MlC^M Ml, cil 
%l>t<V^ 1 <H'l^M(rlHi 1d4llS !sRi^l«(l ^iW (HIH 
'll^.'tl >lui «iHl 4^, 5H«l<Hl <fnil Mlcl^l "^ ^^l 

Miaj »iiH '3, ctH 6?i; 3H«i=ii 'Vm ^>ciJ(M( <v 

«H^l'-H^ •H^'l 'ife §IH, M<^ 5Hl^l i<lHM^ 3Hl'=l'li 

H(^ft <v SllS^lW 5H^ 'i^a»ll^«ft MWl ■Hl^'fl 
H'l^Mfcldl «Hl^S ^ci ?iimi i^ ^^l ^ySi. 

%IRI'H ^ct =t't^M(cl'{l Sii <v «tftMi R:n<A 1 
«>{l«i ^dC-lii SjRt^l^ft 1->HI=1 an^ SHctH^Wi ^V 

( an ) ^^qfcRT ^ w^JTT «i?iT ^<^n:-^ 

1W-wHl^ SMS 'H't^"4(rl aHi ff/SllaJi rtl(&rii 
Jsf.Kl, ^Sl ^^HMl«n, iil MH^lfffl an^l m^ 1^1- 
Wl'Al »tlH S, cHl^ ct (V "{125 ffi'S\i5i Si«ft Ph^^ 
j^Slc-fl «tHlMi aHl4 S, an^H an ay 'H'l^Mrrt'il •HisJ'' 
«l«l ci4l *.M, VI, 5S aHifiM«a=tcti %i£6 ®cMvi 

ftlSH ci Si (V 'H'l^Mfcl ^IH S. 'VM"^ ySl H^«>ti 
Sijf HH^Mfrt «H'Jil ^ci 'llt^'il isrfl aim g. 
cHiX cio*' oU'tl ^C-tSMi Hi^fl <3=0 «IIH d. (^^ Sis 

ctM"i:*-(l Sis HWi>ii Si H^^mPi^ 'Hi4'l C-fVHlHM 
§IM, cil Si qi^H lyiSl Q{l4i yctiiiiKl, Si 9Y ctH- 

•^miH, ct«(l «S(i «IIH $, "HQi SiH Jl^^i ^Hl« 
^•Hl-^ Si §, "^ ct'il an^-tM^l'd ^^J-Hl, ^^H 
aHl(s *? H3lfs^i3l^i ?i-«-H <ni"idl 31QIIH ^, clMl 
1^>ll^ 5'-<p4cl ff/ ^IH 'S. cil M^Si ^H'd (h^14*-(1 
Sii^V '-inR:M(rtHi V-ll \'i^R «tlH §, ci ani Hl^i 

^siMi 9/(Jiir-imi ani^ d. ^2(1 Si-Hi ^^ii'^i 

^^ifei^ctl 8tW Mi 'iQ,. 

ail-v^Ml niM M^cil ^IH aJl'-O iJ^fK-fl <V3ll 1 ^ 
U-^>\ h^ ^^iSi'fl %iMl^«a Ht^Q §=fl ^IH an^ 
c*li %b--il% "^ '■♦ftdRl R^lH 'i ^IH, ct<l ffV^llSi 
<35ic(l H'l^Mtcl hiHl H^ (3=(l H^ d, Si^ii MH 
M«aj "H-iVHtcUl iS'it HMH^iMi anPl i^SllPll ^31 ?i\l 
«tlH ^. 

Mtai Si?(i @*^^, m^ -"tici^qn/ft «/>fl't>ii ^wSi 

cii«(l c*{i^i^l :i^c{l ^IH, an^l H(41 ^i «lMil M-Scil 
^IM, cil ci<l (V^fl-iMl (§3^1^ ci,i>-h(^h( ciHl 
Mi[ aH5!i<Hi Hi Hi4 §^ <H'4^, MK ^"^l >llii 
«i?i, MiJl ^41^1 ^31, SS an^ «^Hl Siiwi aniH^l. 

^si an^ ^\^ yHzmi S^idl ^H^Mfcini =ii<a 

an^ iiil 'V<1 ci'fl c=ia{l»ii«fl M£l Si'll^ q^jj- 
SilTll ci^m^i 5n^^ ^llvilSil iia anPl aH»^ "H^l, 
an^ iiRi 51<>1<A[ ^1">H^( si\ii ff^^l ^^t^Mfcl 
»i^l. ^a-il ■>Hlcl^qit/n '^^'i^i Si«ft @c-ti «ilH &. 

«?ii; fit-HRl Ml^-il M?«mi aHOR ""IRai sj'Hl'l 
an^ i&=ll Im. ^[ §3Ki^ cW^Mfclni* MH an^ 
ct'll «{\M <Hl*ll M<^ fn^lH «*1-Sl «tt) 'wiH d, 

^41 Siivsi ssR «iiH d, Miaj ss>ii 'iwi «icii -t^O. 

>Hlrt^ a>iPl oft'il^Rlc/fl yt^fl %ll^ ev>{l^»i( q^. 
^Mfct m^ <V'>'-H^ «Rl <M^WHltf(l §31 d, an^ 
^Sa ct3R>Hin^l'41 «»v*{l'tMi, ci (V ^<^fl 'iKilKl «tW 
5V1H §, Si ctict yi:0 :(lct <vi3jlH«fl ^. Mlcl^lod 
'vHl'lHi :/5lll ^l^ @=Hi 811H d Sii^ IV 41, H^ 

nni «imiSii, MH, a>i^ %i^4ci MHMi'ii seiKl 
^■u-m -41^ ct?i $, anPl ^UM^'ft ^«>i<n aSil^ 
(\Hl iUlSil ^UMlSil <v=ll «lfcl <MH d. \«l^l 

* ^\.\<Hi\ *^^«iw>ii 'Hi^l ^w^^ft €fi*»i fwi'^ 
m»fl «ti*i 5 an^ ci (rtiii^ m?n 5i"5i«i «ty «t<4 5. § o 



§, =H^ Q'-ii aiilmi a*-a @Jii nm. §. 

Ml^il ^^SR cflsjCfl d1 ^Hki MW 5H^ Ji^M^iMKl 
^U'*Hl5ll yi^fl ^l/l 81M §IH ^, anPl S^Pli ^-uiiq 
^(S\ cl4:tM(rl i^cti aH^l l^-tlW ^VAMl ^'-UHl 

«l^ «i ctHi, SH^ 5Jlsy ciri^Mfct (3:»Q ctMi in 

Jim M«^ SH^R CtHi '!<! ^d =Hl<^Hl M^-A ^St s^Sl 
SHl^ ctHl ^■'Ml'-lHi H^U ^^ Ml ^. 5H^ ^i<[ 
•Hl'rVJfl H'i^Mfrl rt =l"«ici ^(^'-Vil^ ^t\ an^.l 

anlH cHl> ^H IV "tctKl m Hf/fl ani^ cil ani 

ri iHl"^ Jrt^Srt •fli^l 5, an^ SHl'-ll 5U'-ll Htjfl^tH 
Cft '^ •l^emi'i «iy inW 5. 5i'-iwi -^iyi yi^i §ii^ 
«lii SH^ H^l^ ^%li%l CHICHI «tW 5. ^?a rl ^Wictl 
ilHMl HUl^ 2)1^41^ »Wm w. nil It «H«l 431?'fl 

■^iW'Hl^ 5i-^^[ ^5^1 ^^i d^-^^ gijit^ £;j^j{ .^5^,^ 

■^IWIR si ivtrlrft ciri^MrrWi ^sIrI ■4i">HilaHl 

«!, H '^V=t§il n^ ?>Hicft ^«il. -JHl iidl <H->H^ 
iH^Hn ^?ll aHl'-tHi«fl aH«t--ii rtl Ml^ilSil jshI 

^4st<v aniiiR'ii 8iw <^'\ d. smati ct^l"^ Mi^nil- 

MPiilHi Slctl ^[H n'fl 5/5ii3t «im Mmil^JiiMl 
«lfcl 31HI ^W §. 

=H^ lifci ti/j T<H §, aniqi ^^is^R m4 i^ "^MfHi 

'v -H-l^MfrtKl «tciHi>i an^ ^V'Ji'^^i ^'d ins! 
ani <V q^^H(rlH^ aniclcti ^IH, aH?l=ll rnflH^ 
ani-Hrli ^IH, a "I^Hlfcl^ aHS[(V H'l^MfctM^ Qt,«l- 

c{1h Jjlii mi ani^ gj an^iqi ^«nrnei|5ii 

^^Hlfel^^:^ anPl i^l-14^'^1 Sis "V H'l^MrctM^ 
aH«l'-ll ff^^H^ !r.jsi «lfcl inn ^, anlHl ^^!<RHi 
;^-aH«i--ll ^I-I^^IKI aJis -^c-tHi aH<Hl=l «11H ^. 
"SlWHR iv <H'l^M(clHi an-^i ^R'-H^li MH ani-Hcli 
^IM, CtHi >HQrt IW^m anR §, aH^tHl "uiQclSR 
aH'^H^ct ntl «vlH Wi. ani \:>\f\\ MH ir^gl r^;^! 

$^!tl^l HHRrMtclji ^IIH 'iftl i^dl q>H^ ansitHt 

yiHR«i ^^K'^l ^^'^ 'acM't h\\^ a[^. 

liso-'-i'i^Mfcl'li •^5:1 &«lH(4l^( practical) 

(<i>>lyi iSlHl an^ cf4l>Hl i^^ ^5j5i. cHi d^ 
-H-H^MfctKl %ti^l, ci«>iafl, sH^i 'ctt^fl ^^HiW ivK^ 
4lStcil =lR'-tR ^niHi anin^. ^ifl ctPl aJicfl Mll/l 
HlQ,^ H^ltl 1 ans =H%M(rl«il 31H ct=tl l^ctiW 
'I'leil aniiR Is SHHHH «cti ct ct^ anttfivfl ^s,^. 

3T^fk?T-Entire, zd. 

form, 'HI. 

3T5W g^^-Amphitropous, \\^. 

STUoST^cfr, ^^nraVTwisted, contorted.fe'^. 

«T^m;ro?T-Unequally-pinnate, odd pin- 
nate, y3. 

3ICT\(7 g;T^f?f-Ci7ptogamous-plants, XW . 

ST'J"^ j^JH^-Staminodia, \o3. 

ST"^?!!^, arofr^- Acute, pointed, Y3. 

arf^mcT ?3r^^^-Sinuate, sdf. 

3?t%?lfjIcT^^5Tr-Centrepetal, vs^. 

3Tr^*TTl>'7f^^t3!flgi55T-Monopetalous, "a- 

mopetalous, d\. 
3Tf^*T5fr-Indehiscent, l^t;. 
3Tr^^T5fir aflWToST-Personate, (^6. 
3T«ltmT^5T^-Inferior-ovary, ^R.\. 
3^1:5^ (H° "^'° ^''-^ ) Inferior, Wx. 

art"^, ?»j^-Bud, IS. 
3ri«jfr qilOTSraT ^ToS^I^-Ciliate, 3t;. 
siT^gT^STTffrT-Achlamydeous, ^M. 
arr^STT^ ^'TST^TSst g^^qfjT-Angiosper 

mous-plants, \3i. 

3n#%3ro5^o^-Pilose, lYvs. 
anf^^r-Pumule, 'iVa. 
sn^^oS-Radicle, iva. 
aTTT^'isi-Ovules, 11°. 
autrnc- Alternate, 3^. 
gn?T3-Axilc, \\\. 

g'^rnr-Protube ranee, \YvJ. 

^v^ nvT^^ra-Superior-ovary, 1^.1. 

^srir^ ^oS^^-Wooly, \Y's. 

^T^r^-Involucre, v9v9. 
^l-^^n-Involucel, ^tt. 
T'^TR-Stipules, \£. 
3tr-TtnTST-StipelliV, \X. 
^Tyrr^ft-Bracteoles, '? ^ . 
^555. ^^ar^- A natropous, 11^. 
^iRT^I^-lmbricate, \i. 
^^ ^g-at,- Ascending, ^v». 
3VTT, ^>it-Erect, R.^ 
^^, ^i^-Ortbotropous, Vx£. 
3^ at^Hir'C-Obovoid, MY. 

H^nfl^'T^T^-Monocarpellary, 1 \^. 
^^^55 ^JRTfcT — Monocotyledonous — 

plants. Yo, IM^. 
'^*3n?rT1-Uni sexual, diclinous, d \. 
1:^3^35 qiflJj^^I-Monadelpbous, \oM. 
«?^ 3l;^?::gi^-Monandrous, lev. 
i:w qra^^-Unilocular, one-celled, 113. 
H^^W-Pinnate, Y3. 
«i:^^'?I3, ^i«f*-Annuals, \Y. 
1:WJ:^ 5T?T-Abruptly-pinnate, Y3. 
c^^T^Slf^^-Monocblamydcous, <. M. 

sf^I^nc-Oval, elliptical-, YM. 
a^^f^rr-Ovoid, MY. 
^^^goSaVInvolute, t^t 
3R??;l^?ft^K^T^-Eujarginate, Y«. 
aiag^-Introrse, lo^. 




ST?r^5-Nucleas, \\^. 
3Tcnft^3T-Epipliytes, ^M. 
3TrT?:r^gr^^dlrT-Apetalous, ^M. 

^^gr^-Spathulate, VM. 

^^«7«yr, ^^q^sf^^t ttjt, ^fm^f-Scales, ^^, 

^5tr55t^r«yt-Scaly, :i^. 
^^^jfraToST-Rugose, V>(\s. 

^cJifr-Raceme, vsy. 
^cHr^^-Racetaose, vsv. 
^^^5 gT55-Testa, \Y°. 
^JM^I-Dibk, disc, Wo, 

^iToS^^-Chartaceous, MM. 

'KTmrgi^-Crenate, 3t. 

*f»TfT?R-Crenulate, 3t. 

^fer^^r 3TofraT^-Mucronatc, Vvs, 

^fsr^I^-SpinoLis, IVM. 

fjtfr-Prickles, \VM. 

^ferWI^-Aculeate, WM. 

^flt^^ ;j^n;iraR5r-Ecliinate, \Yvs. 

^t^-Bulb, R.^. 

^Fnft fJ. ^nr^-AuricIes, ViSr. 

«KT»RT f^^T^?!'^ a^^^-Hastate, Mo. 

^m^l ^5-Pectinate, yi. 

^T^rf-Stolons, \«i. 

^5Tr^^-Urceolate, (^vs. 
^fctpjT-Glands, \^o. 


^^qsfr ^-Cuneate, VM. 

^ i^cj I ^ -Retuse, v^s. 
^r^- Sinuses, 3k. 

^mi^r^-Pyramidal, My. 

'5ft^q;^-Tap-root, \S. 
^fHT^tt-Saccate, di. 

?^oft3TI-Lobes, 3t:. 
^;#3TRr^-Lobed, cleft, id* 


Til, JJ??Tf;f:-Embryo, l3iSr. 

iTjI^'rT, »^r3, qt55, €r5i?Rr«r-Carpel, \ot. 

nW^I^T ¥r€T-Gynobasis,Gjnophore,'i ^3 . 
*To5^T^ q^S-Berry, \3o. 
loS'jfr^r-Infundibuliform, funnel-shap- 
ed, d^a. 
nvn^r^-Ovary, I'.o. 
»Tflkl?irsi: ft^Tcf-Hypogynous, 1^1. 
nvfra^Tm^^Irl-Perigynous, \R.\. 
»T*Tra'n«^I^«rrr-Epigynous, i^^. 
I^^I^ffl #3fT-Podocarp, Xo^. 

*Tr«i^^-Obconical, MY. 

life- Tuber, R.\. 

nfsRIoSr iJj^-Tuberous-roots, =l\. 


3^Sra^ ^m^T55t-Thyrsoid, vsy. 

nrST. jTnT-Kernels, l3o. 
j Jlt^I^ToSr-Gribbous, &^. 
ntoJ, ^f55^T-Cylindric, ^M. 
»fT^ 3^*TRt^ro5r-Umbonate, ^vvs. 
'floSf^TC-Globular, spherical. My. 

^«n, q3i5t?fr-Node, 31. 

?T«ltiI>:q¥rTn- Inter-node, 3'\. 

^S%^> iJ^^fJr^-Whorled, verticillate, 3^. 

^T^I^nM-Distichous, 33. 



^*CT^I^-Campanulatc, u^. 

^o5^r «l?fr-Ghibrescent, Glabrate, lYvs. 

^^fcSt, 5f^-Hilum, scar, \y^. 
^q^T-Aril, strophiole, caruncle, \vi. 

^fSRorr ^TlrT^IoS^ToJrr — Glandular-setose, 

^f»ift,^^>^- Viscous, viscid, glutinousWvs 
'sfi^j-Coriaceous, MM. 

^f^T?:-Decussate, 33. 

^Wr^jR-Umbellate, 3Y, 

gTrTSyT^r^r-Rosulate, 3,;. 


fgS[-Micropyle, "tv^. 

^iriT«^*t^ "^ iWlTiJ^T-Apocarpous,!!^. 
^-Free, ^^. 

^ j-H>;q^5«irtfr-Free-central, 11 \ . 


Si^^f-Herbaccous-plant, R.M. 
^'fcT^sr, ^rcI?^,q^(^55r,'^r?T^t-Chafls, pales, 
palea), glumes, (^R.,<3. 


513^-Aquatie, 1M. 
gtxvjrafr-Tribes, \Mv. 

^To^^nc-Reticulate, net-veined, yo. 
^^«T^- Anastomose, Yo. 


^T^, f^-Treo, ^M. 
iri^i-Sbrub, ^M. 

g¥RnT3 JTr^J^^fr-Tufted, ccespitose, ^d. 
^T«fl^5 STR^i-Fascicled, fasciculate, i?.. 

jr^-Apex, 3Vi. 


JTT^-Turbinate, MY. 

^o^^RFoSr TlSf-Stone-fruits, \3o. 

sfesTr, iT^r-Claw (unguis), \oo. 

^f^enr^rojft-Unguiculate, loo. 


¥f¥T, «r^-Stem, 1^. 

^¥H ^*r3^^-Stem-clasping, amplexi- 

caul, 3\9. 
^^f, ^%^r^-Cauline, 3<;. 

^rs^-Petiole, 3M. 

^rjT^f-Petiolule, 3&. 

^rs^'t^ir i^flTm3«I^-Digitate, Y1. 

^nfRI^-Stipitate, \\. 

^rfr-FoUicle, <i3v3. 

grra^f-Peltate, M^. 


3g-Filament, "lo:^. 
cfgarr, SclR-Tendrils, so. 
?fgi^?IcT-Adnate, loyy. 
rTToSg-Base, 3^. 
rW^r-Tcgmen, 'tYo. 

cTT^fft ITJl^T 3Tr^R3-Flabelliform, YM. 
cTWf;i%5Tr-Stellate, 1Y^. "^ 




?fr':r^r-Corymbose, ^Y. 

WOT 3HJT-Te mate, 3?. 

^rr^Slg-rusiform, Mv. 

fWlori^I^-Deltoid, VM. 
iV^re-Trigonous, triquetrous, MV. 
T%«m, fk^iraVTrichotomou.s, 3V. 
I%¥Rr-Tri-pinnate, y3. 
fiiqsr-Ternate, Y\. 
BtTI^. f^rqfor, #5i^^r-Tri-foliolate, VI. 

^W^^K-Tristicbous, 33. 
^^^ rj^r^-Triplinerved, Vo. 

^^, 'TO "^ qsT-Leaflets, 3^. 
^R'Trl ?:iT«fr-Glaucous, XY^s. 

^?TRr^-Uentate, toothed, zd. 
^m^l^j qr^lf^i-Falcate, VM. 
f§[^qT5-Biennials, \Y. 
T5^^?lfnETt%-Dicotyledonous-pknts, IM'^ . 
I5*T?I-Bi-piiinate, Y3. 
f5?p^, f^3^f-Diadelphous, lo^. 
PssTr^^ri^^-Dichlamydeous, ^\. 
ll[3TIst-Bi-labiate, di. 
^TfT^^r^f q^m-Chalaza, Wv). 

^oJra^^f-Canescent, tvvs. 


^P'^'f^^rofr ^fl^^% — Gymnospermous — 

I plants, \3^. 

1^^^-Male, staminate-flower, dN. 

Mona'cious, £\. 

Dioecious, ^s. 

T^JT^IoS-Downy, Ws- 
fTJ^fJ-Neuter, <:M. 
»I^I-Nerves, Vo. 
JTr^^T-Style, 11 o. 
STfe^!5r5'^, 5?g'-Stigiua, \\o. 
ff^rV^^'r^^r-Tubular, {rV5. 

^ro5-Funicle, \Y\. 

'TF1T3 iTT^g-Uuder -shrub, Suffruticose- 
plant, ^M. 

R'TRcT ?;g^T-ceiitrifugal, va^. 

I^^fiTcr sijg^r-Determinate, ^vs. 

HTHf^^^-Irregular, (5-t. 

MfSJci ^?!?ir^T^f-Definite in number, i^^. 

^r't^'T^cT^CcfT ^TTi^^-Decurrent, z\3. 

flMr^Jlcn-Decumbent, ^is. 


q^^-Hold-fasts, \YY. 
T^IT^ xig-riTd-Climbing, 3o. 
T^^IoSt-Tunicated, ^^. 
q^, q^r "^ ^55-LeafIet, 3t. 
qsT^roiTlf^fr ^"t^s^- Axillary, ^^5. 
T^SIT- Adhesion, 1R.V. 
«T?:Tn^T^- Anther, \o^. 
T^T^^r'^^^rift-Sy ngenesious, \o\. 
TsCTfRSI-Pollen-grains, \°\. 
T^'^nrre-Secundine, V,^. 
TK^S^, ^noSrarg-Sbeathing, 3v9. 
q^RT Tn % 'T^rq^ ravi rmcT ?I^^-PedateV\ 
q^Tinqi ^qr^Tejf-Pedatisect, Y^. 

qmifran-Petals, d". 

^\^l-A\lv, wings, 1R.<:. 

qf^^r^, ^^rai^ (5i'^)-Samara, =13M. 

qri^f|?I?!-Innate, 1°^. 

qT?lo5iq^^5-Membranous, HM. 

qrn-Leaves, \R.. 

qi?l3rar 5«qq^T-Leafy-bracts, \\. 

qr^-Blades, 3M. 



qlgT^^-Plumose, 1V\. 

qlsr, WloS-Pappus, "l^<^. 

'ffST^^-Pinnate, V\. 

'ften^ q^qT^5st-Pinnatisect, V^. 

»rtem[%#Sn ^TT^i^sf-Pinnatifid, V^. 

cfi'ST^^^oS-Bristles, "l>f^. 

'f[55T, ar|-Siickers, 31. 

gwT, ^-Flowers, l^. 
5^T'?^-Bracts, \i. 

3*1??^JfI-Infloresccns, ^^. 

qrfjT-OfFiets, Xd. 


5wg-Coma, \Yo. 



^5yfir ^R^VPedicel, vso. 
^55JfT f:fr-Flowcr-ljeacl, v9Y. 
^55^r R^TWrl^gJTr-Centrifugal, vs<. 
^SfJU STlH^fflRT ?^^-Centripetal, vsR.. 

'^r?I'T ^f -Scarious, MM. 

3«qT^, 3^^^T?W^T:wm^r-Peclunclc, U. ^^3-Crustaceous, MM. 

J'TO^iI-Rliachis, U. 
3"T^1I«*I^-Calyx, ko. 

calyx, 6°. 
2"T ^?I^I^5IT qfiT-Sepals, <k:o. 
j^qTV^rcT^qfr^-Corolla, (-o. 
3^TI*?r?a^ qSTTg sfiJOi-^Estivation, (i\. 
J'TT^q", j^qrvTHTj ^^JjfT q:5^r-Receptacle, 

torus, Wd. 
J^^^Tj 5n:%^5a-Stamens, 4ro. 

'itit) ^-Spatbe, <r\. 
'frT^NroSl-Foveolate, td. 
'TT5r, ?RTq-Cells, lo^. 
^ii\oS\ q?[To5^T^-Oblate, yM. 
qr^i^-Ovate, VM. 


q^qoff, tjgqsfr-o-foliolatf, VI.. 
nrlR, rig.-Tendrils, 1.vy. 
J»?IR ?j;Tre-Primine, 1.i.v5. 

armJRJ f^flR ( MH^l ) Pinna, Y3. 
Sll«rffl^ fg^Trnr-Piiiiia', Va. 

q;55-Fruit, l^. 

qjaffr ^rsr-Carpophore, \^M. 
tE^SJft st^^T WT-Eiidocarp, 
CR^^r HV^wn-Pcricarp, 'ii<vs. 
q^a^ ^UflR-Epi-caip, \^^. 

^^-Geminate, 3^. 

^^R go5cfT-Re volute, (i\. 

^^JK ^rqfoSg-Exserted, \o',. 

^%9'3'-Extrorse, 1 o d. 

^I S^^r gr^-Polyandrous, \oV. 

^ gncTl^I-Poljgamous, <i^. 


^ gq^I^-Perennials, W. 

^TOTT^f^-Sagittate, Mo. 
nm^ ^oS^gf-Setaceous, MV. 
mK\^ arofrgT^-Aristate, vvs. 
sri^jfr-Valvate, d\. 
^I^^g-Parietal, IIS. 
^rfrr^^I^J! ^if^cT-Asepalous, 6\ 
^lUTfcl?: 3^«Rrq-Periantli, <:M. 


^"iStq^T, 5[^-Cotyledons, \Y3. 
^'rST^^ITJI-Placenta, \\\. 
^r^T^t-Nutlets, 13^. 
ClST^t 3[i ( k^ ), €l5Tf-Utriclc, 13V. 
^rs^ST ^i-( 5i<^^ ), ^TST-Achcnc, \33. 

^3T q^rqj^i^nl-Fcrtile, <:m. 

^t5ir^r. fsW'fr-Ditliotomous, 3V. 
^rgf'-Didymous, Mv. 


51I33;»TrT qioSr-Tuberculatc, lYvs. 
^f-Obtuse, blunt, Y\5. 




^C^r ^ WToSr ^-Moniliform, torulose, 

beaded, \Y. 
^ ^\^\^^\ ^Jl^T^ToSf-Didynaraons, \o\. 
sr 55Mt % n:fJ -i€\ ^r^'V^roSf-Tetradyna- 

inous, \o\, 
kit ^^cl %gr^^T^T-Strigose, \Y^3. 

^T^T^TC, *Tg5r^fcT3-Lanceolate, YM. 

5?:€r^I55r-Mealy, lyvs. 
Jj^^WSl^'r^- Runners, 3l. 

WT?IH?:^T-Procumbent, ^^. 
W^T^^^'t ^T55iTr<T-Creeping, Kd. 
vn^^K qtsfr-Prostrate, ^d. 
mWJK q^5fR3r-Diftuse, ^«r. 
^T^rg-Perfoliate, 3vs. 
wqisfV^t TM ^-Runcinate, Y\. 

fl'^JT^fr %ST^gTo5r-Tomentose, i.V^. 

jmsT, tr^irr ^tct^ jtoS^Tt q^m-Albumen.isi^ 

WiTSraToSf-Albuminous, Xsd. 

JTTSI ^^ q^m ?:f5cI-Exalbuminous, isd. 

W^^T^^T-Midrib, Vo. 

JT>;^?«JTRrT- Attached by the centre, IV s. 

fl«IT^ qtCr^-Obovate, VM. 
n«TT3f f^^T^fcTg-Obcordate, V\s. 

»TT^^5r-FemaIe, pistillate-flower, 6'H. 
JITWrlf-Fleshy, \M. 


g^IJ-Crown, =Lo. 

gi§^ 5TI^, ^HTf ^ 5'^s:?t-Common peti- 
ole, 34:. 

^SSJj iJ^oST^^-Radical, 3^. 

g;o5*n"-5W^^-Radical peduncle, scape, ^&. 
^oyflSK"^ ^;tr55-Root-stock, r.o. 

JTtsrt "^ S'tf^^f STT^-Wavy, undulate, 3t. 
T^T^r ¥rRT- Classes, 1MV. 
'TT'iTf, irfsr-Rhizome, 1^. 


JT3T?!r, ^TT^T^-Spike, spicate, vsy. 
'S^T^rcig-Rhomboidal, VM. 

'C^Wg- Succulent, MM. 
^^T^r^rar-— Hypocrateriform, salver — 
shaped, dys. 

TT?r{\ tjR ^-Lyrate, VI. 

i:^^^f ^o3-Fil)rous-roots, \\. 
^^rsrWoSr-Striate, iv^. 
^qr^T?:-Linear, VM. 

^5JI-Foramen, llvs, 

5jfstr 3TofT^^-Acuminate, cuspidate, Vvs. 
55^»Tr55-Oblong, VM. 

^ST^TI%-Plant, (^r. 

^JT^T[%3 f:t^-Genus, 1M^. 

^fJ^qfrl^r fl^^clt^JT-Natural Order, \M3. 

^JT5EqfcrJ0" ^rrT-Species, \\o. 

^T^qfcl aTT^JT-'Vege table-life, \o. 

^sT^qfcT^r sr^nr-Race, imi. 

^5T^qfcI5TT ^gJTT^r-Specimens, IM^. 
^fI?qra¥r^?r»-Parasites, IM. 
^H^qTcT^i^r^, sr^roS-Stock, caudex, l^s. 
gJI^q%5Tt ^f- Variety, IMl. 
^fI^q^^<^5I-Flora, R. 
^R^^^IT^-Botany, \. 
g5T^qfcl3 ^nt^?:iir-Classifica t i o n of 

plants, 1. 
^ff^qfcRr g^T f^JTr3?t^> ^5T?-Herba- 

rium. Vi's 
^?T^«irf^- Vernation. Mvs 




^f^ ^sfm^^-Canipylotropous, \\d. 
^\^\ 3T0ft^To5I ^^W ^^cT gfrSS^oST— 

Gloeliifliatc, lYvS. 
gr^qt qrgt ai-PeniciUatc, 1\M. 
^T9JTt Tf^ sr^t-Subulate, MX. 

f^^T^fr-Dchiscent, l^iSr- 
f^^T# srrS^ToST-rtingent, (!;<i. 
f^^a'^cm^yi-Scattered, 33. 
flrflrm^, vrn-Divuled, dissected, 3U. 
f^flTR Tt'S^fr^TSrroSt-Polypetalous, <!rM. 
fsfflTTncT q':q?:xr»TT-Panicle, pauiculate,vsV, 
f^¥iTmcr cTm^^'r-Cymose, vsv. 
T^^H ^T?:m^- Oblique, Y6. 

gt^JU J^s'T^rar-Scorpioid, vsV. 
grJSSTcTr ( ^^^l )-Twining, 3°. 

q^trt-Barreii, Til. 
5T53n^r':-Conical, MV. 

5IT?5lt?I-Technical, vs. 

^TT^nr siT^T-Botanical-nauie, 't'H?.. 

f5T?:r3TT- Veins, Yo. 

ra^sTRT ^^ITT- Venation, Vo. 


5ftgoi-Sutuve&', \i\. 
jStn-Capsule, pod, 'i3\. 

»Tti5-Sterile, barren, <:M. 

^TO^iraToSf-Symnietrical.isomerous, ^ <^. 

^ir^-Triincatc, Vv9. 

^nTT^I-T^amina, loo. 

^nifcTr f5T?T3TT-Parallel-veins, Yo. 

^^H fl^-Equally-pinnatc, Y3. 

^FJtT^^-Conn, ^3. 

«^cI^To5^ToJr-Setose, 'tyvs. 

«'s3«IT5I-r)rupe, \Zo. 
i^^sa^j^nm^r^Tl-Muricate, 'ivvs. 
^5^q^q^qf^-Plia'nogamous-planttf, 13. 
^>J35I-Terrestrial, 1M. 
^«Tr^RTII- Substantive, "IMR.. 
^^^:i"i 5IT?a^r-^cr^^ -Advcntitious-rootSj'l'c . 
^%H^-nflT'kl'J-0\ary, l\o. 
^'T^^T:-Pistil. do 
^'tj^qtl't-Hermaphrodite, bi sexual, ^M. 

^fir-Culm, 3V. 

m^^l STR^racT ^'T3TRr^-Laciniate,3t^. 

«t?^r ^T-Segments, 3fe. 

'errfl^mi-Opposite, 3^. 

^TJTTfiT ^IS^r, g's^ :5'TZ¥I-Coinmon pe- 
tiole, 3(^. 
^t^r^IoSf-Avticulate, MV. 

^r^-Simple, 3t;. 

^^T^'r %ST^WI55r-I>owny or Pubes- 
cent, i.VV9. 

^I^HTO^an-Veinlets, Vo. 

^'I^^f-Acicular, MV. 

^55?I-Cohesion, 1R.V. 
^2^cT-Compound, Zd. 
i^-^^?fcT-T^ecompound, V3. 
^CT^^-q^qr-Compound-fiowers, vsV. 
^2^cT j^^'crgi^-Synandrous, lov. 
^g^F^r n^^t^ '^ n¥lf?n^^I^-Syncarp- 

ous, I'lR.. 
^?lt5I^-Connectivum, \o\. 


^^Sfr q% ^qT?iat-Palmatisect, yR.. 

5r«rf»t 3if*T55r jrr'F^ f^^rfn^r qqg-Pal- 

raate, VI. 
^IC^vi-Secund, 33. 


5^?IT?;ra3-Cordate, yw*. 
ft^I^inTg-Terete, \Y. 
IwmroSt-Fur rowed, sulcate, XY^s. 







llfcl^iR ^ii Mt^l ^IH §. H^M'ni'll'^lH'li M^l 3 2(1 
^ ilH §, ci ct^ct "^fl MH S. :!i*^"4l'?-H'Tl^"^l4'{l 
Mi"^ilSil 3 1 =1^1^ ilH 0, anSl-Hl ^icfl 42(1. 

M131 yi4i^ ^"^il '^^ ^^ *HN»-ft 'r|^^l "4il ^IH 
S; ani S^i 3li5rt"iWHi \ 1 ^Hl^ aniis-'Hltv ^IH 
d. ^<H anwi "dsv^ticni H'^i "{l<vi[ (achenes) 
aH81'-tl '=t(iii"{l9y"-iiw0 ilil^Hi (follicles) =11':^ ^IH§. 

^<3lil^ ^if^i, '^^^A, iV-^HUli ct«tl (mtI ^Hd 

n«i^>ii na^ldl anlrlfHH an^ i^liap M<il ani 
wi §. 

^Irtl H2(1. ci>l i\i =l4^H(nHi Ml^ ansjiv iii^l- 
tlH Mi^J 9tl^5l sy ilH ^. SHi ^l^i'fl ^il^ 'H'l- 

S\h 3ii3i^m MUKHi^ ell «Hl<r»l^i aH(Jv ail>3l ^IH 

\-^u¥l«l«iW-Cleruatis triloba. 

t^l'-n- Hooker. Vol. I. page 3; Nairne. 
page 6; Watt. Vol. II. page 370; \^-H- 
8125 Pl«i<i^H6, My M. 

R-^^ftdR-^Mil^^l (Ml); >ll^^CH (ij); 
iTt^3, uif^tri (fl); g?ft, ^istsfrai, i^R (ff); 

3-Hi|lH->lR^^^'il ^'Hl HQJl CHMl <H?i ^. ci 
aJUqRl anPl (|a{i ailllM^ a^-fl a^in g. MK 
%iisi aH«t--tl %iJi4n and '^{(iHl -"Hi^flaHlHl^li ^IH 
S. ^41 Slltni an^ !^5l a>t(A^4l SHJll ^<Hi y<^i 

"{l<vii5ii ^u{[7{ «i^c-ii "iiH ^, «?^i ^^.m \ 2(1 

anl ani^Mi H51W '^ll^i^ ^8;^ ^I'Al ^tl^A'd 

^31^ ^IH ^, dM^ §'H\ ifei^l an^ %l^S "^IfA-il 
\m^ ^IH §. ^IM«1 «U>HlaHW |=ll<A andC-ft 
nHl 3(lai $,IH & "^j ct^ «{l^ an «ll-wtl5Hl ^lOll- 
*l5lcll ^^iKl ^'"HIH §. 

MlH-^lM^lMiaHiqCHi ^IH S, ct-fl ildil f ^a{?(l 
3 tiai ^ ct?(l Ml3i ChHI ^IH §. M14 %iisi, ct[ca«l 
5lia\lW Slcli ^l^l<al ^ M«tl<?i =iliSii ^d §IH d. 
aH?Wl 5ti3l 5lQi MH-Hl ^>H-SI'{1 Ml 'I'Si MK mi 
ani^CHi ^IH ^. ct«(\ ildil M<Si 'yM ^IH d. ^ cl 
^^Mimi-i i\b MH (leaflet) 1 2(1 3 "^liadaHiqitQ 

it41 S'^5! Ml'i'Hi 3l?l«{l ^IH §. MH \ 2(1 ;^^. gat 
C-thi an^ f 2a ll "i R.^ ^a^ Ml^l(Ai ^IM ^. 
ci'U «(\al«{l ^Ml/lM^ ^Wl^l R^lH ^iH ^. 

(3'H'Hl'i-^lcli 42(1. 

lj<H-:^'^M HRi3ii^4l=Q «ll>MiaHl H^s^l M^l- 
^li^>li2a 'Wb^C^ ^JH ^, flM^ ^iwft l^lH 3(lSll- 
^Qai aniHC-fl ilH §. >i»>MM^l H^S^ M14 '^'Hi 
^IM §. |C-l Siltai* Wi ^ ll 2a R. ^ai c4i. 
«4i ^IH §. 

^<rv %l$«, ^^'n Mltfli, ^^o CHlC-l, IVV anillHl'ft, 

vs^ «i'(HHiy, 3^ c-tlcni, t^ c-ntH'^iiT, v -"nii/i, jh^ '^ 
ii«ii 8ii*i S, »H^ s-ewi Sii mcfii ii^m. ^^M ^w §.' 

(^Qh 5ilCM(4<t'l\ 4^<Htl. 

l aHlcl^tlsHl-fire flamed colour, ^i anRRl'fl- 
blne. 3 (§(r/5ll-light. V si^ii-black. M \{\\Hss- 
crimson. ''. iMl4il-bu£E. vs 3i«il«fl-rose. € sn^i^i- 
purple. 4 Ml^li-yellow. lo ^Ktl-red. ll Siia- 
scarlet. l^ i-ftill-green. 13 %i|€-white. l>f (Ji'^l- 
brown. IH sHWl^d-dark-red. 



achene h^^i 'S'cJ^)m[ ^V^ "{Iv ^IH ^, 'H^ 
llH^ ^lill'^ «io{l a"<l ■v^l Mlctvil aH4 '\'<H 
tiiun ^Wl(n<Hlt/U ^ll^l^'lfcHSl (style) 5hiM 

«(1<V-S^S 51<H>14 5H«lla "{It^r-^ ( achene ) 

"?-(3M*il5l-^Hi "HH^l ^^ Jl« ®M^ Sji-H- 

^^l ^IM, ct ivSliH^ ^iim^il MHHl ^^^l =-^U?il 

»iU\ \'A(^\ H'-d, SM^ i^ Qi. 

">t:-ll^l ^«ll S^ct CHl^ Qi, ct 3RM §. il^, 

Mill «i." ('^. 33Hl«125, cgrii3i4) 

@3l ^, f.fg^tiai 5H^ 'hii^'H.i ct R^14 «IIH S.=:= 

<^-[^^lH fH=i=H'l-'^Hl ^C^Ri ^(Jl ^131 MH 
^M-Si'd Ml ani^ §, nCi S{7{ sh£1 (^lR'■n^<)^l 

3HI '-t^lni 1-^idi 'a^i, jjii^i an^ ^sii siim 

^. ani HnHiHl -HH^Mfct^ MK ^Hlrt^ ^Hl^ ^, ct 
«lf.i an^ aH'^^QctlR'-lWi ^IH ^. (3HMK ^Idi 
'i«(\. U'^M'-ni'll'^l't'li M^l Hl4s^ 3 ^IH 'S. 

H\^ rtHl Miji ftli^ s<\H Hi^siiHii'ft .ii^ iii Sn w. 

Ml?l Mt>l a>il^C-ti ^m S. ciKl cisjaHi yi^l >!,l 

aH«ini y<^l ^IH d, an^ ctni 'IQK'Sl't ( carpels ) 
MSt ^-la ( apocarpous ) aH«i'-ti ^j^w ( ?.yn- 
carpous ) mni ilH Mi, Mi^i rtHi ^M (stigmas) 
^rnd ^IH ^. ^Tl=M^'t(c-til yi^ft %i<^-H ^IH ^, 
aH«t'-ll ^icfl 't^-O. anl f.^Js 3i(3K"ii'4>ii <l ant^ll 

hHi^ ^m^i an^R «H\3vt '^isi^ii u^ic-dan cii a)ii(i- 
(Hliv ( ovules ) ^IH «i. J^c-i 1 aHM'-tl ^iSJl 

^il aH«lHl ^^M ^IH $. a>i^ cl>ti \ aH«l=l 

flHl §M^^ i=R-l anstHl wlSl (testa) 'Hii^jfl 
aH«l=tl =ft=li ^IH d. 

ani 'H^l'fl ^W^^frl sKH'll^lS, sy^jjM, Rjl<{l, 

^[X'^'n, aHi^MKH'-i an^ «{l?liaiMi iv <npimi 

^-^U'HI*! rH^t-Polyaltlua cerasoides. 
l^i'ct-H. I. p. 63; N. p, 8; Watt. \L 
part. I. p. 313. 

p, S^^R (?T); flfq (il). 

3_et,|irl-§H4i iiU <n^il^3i^Mi lo 2(1 ;^o 
•/U (32^1 <H^ §. M>31 ^2i) oy^l^^ ct 30 2(1 
Mo ^i (3^11 sv\qi>ii ani^ §. aM.r^ i{i H\^ii[ 
^g 5H^ Sll'Jl ^IH ^. Si^ti Hl^a «ll">HiaHl KIJi- 
5l«{l ^IH ^. MH eihi an^ anl^QaHltni ^IH §. 

ani^ d. an^ 5t(H ^r-naj, (Mif.^'HiMi Mi!/l »nM d. 

^<!A-sH^i *ivi jiii vi7{ ovHH MMi^ c-ti'>ti 

an^ <^i[ niH ^. ciMi'-d «-tii an^ ^lisji y<^i 

aiicH tn^ui;;, '-MdiRfl an^ ^^ ^<^(1 aH«t^-ti ^^ 
^IH d. ^M^ Ml-li/n <Sl^l "i il'-ni R'l-^l "IW^l 

a/ilil ilM i^ ^cti d-fl aH«^ C-tlS^ -<5l Ml'^fi -C 


an^ §2^ etR §, 

^IH §. ci«<l WlC-tM^ (§011 =(1<1 Mlc-tl ^IH S. 
ci'il s^n^wisi ^^l<Hi(/fl ^(voijl Mi^i <niii^fl 

<Jt^Ml R^iKl i:H S. n Sm^ ?ii"\i "<3i'ii wi\i 

" "mrl-aHict^ ani^C-li \\\ g, H'O iliil «V^l 
"til 5H^ Ht^n i?/l ^IH ^i. MH StnSllcfl Q^<iC^l- 

ilH §. a 3 «a < ^'4 C-thi =H^ \^ '-(I 3 
^a{ Ml^l«\i iR yi. HK'O %\\'^ ^Mlil ^^l 
€flc-ll ^3lKl an^ KIM ■>^cai%lM^ -jflCHl ^si'fl ^IH 
^. <3H^Hl ^"Hl^ S^Cli «^lSir{\ ^HHliA Pi^l'4 a{'A- 

^. HH^iHl -i^l <nM %iMl/laH R:M'^d ^-^Lctt ^IH 
S. an^ an 4ywa-al^ ^^llsiH aHl^$(l^ ('ti^l'tl 
q>cl^ "J-^l^ S'^iU'lR iiai)>ii J^'Hl'-d Hl^S^U 

li^^ ff/^i ^v\^ Klscfic-a ia^e^H <^il ^uRh^ 
il^^ Ml«ii%iM^ «(lsii ^i^iKl, -Hicitffl, 'i^i^i, ijjXI 

ilStl iWi isi ^IM S, aii \\'\\\ ^Ml« ^ €la| 
Kla^i 'H«tl'^H §. Si M^l nftflH Ml^Wi ^ 

«(l4lt and 5i M^ ^i '-ti^nKl ^Hi<n ^m 6. 

aM^ 3 "^il^iafl ^IH S. ^isil 3 MNilani ^^M- 
"il'H^lH-li M^l?(l anfct^, an^ Ml^l^l 3 Mi">H- 
il^l Si -H^lifO ^i^l aniM ^IH ^. 3 ^l^ltfR 
^i^ilani V ^ M CHlWn* C-li«{l a^Pl 3 4llWH 

"'-flcai^it^Hdi <:-{l&li iiH S, ^>^ Miwcn^ ^it^iufl 

3 Mi'^HilaHlPll ^31 (r<io^l[ aitl ^M §, an^l a>^ 
3 Mi">HilaHl %tiiil 3 MNilaHl SRcli R^lH <:-li"{l 
»iy JtH §. ani ^H'^il "4i-«HilaHl\^ t^'H «Nl- 

^il anPl ^^q «iiil ^IH 6. ci^i <r.i«iil ^3(rQ 

(3C*a ^ 3-rlil ^'431 4^ ^IH §. 

an^ ciaHiHl qai^i ^Jl'J\i "J^l VW Hl^ a>^lqc^i ^IH 
S, Sh41 M'^Pl^lH iOil ^-il'^l ^^Wl ^K S. 

an^ ft ::il^^Hi ^il'iliHl qa^Hi«(l ci^l«(l <VRl 

lati l^Micti ani^cHi ^iH S. s^cn Jicnim €{lc^l 

^3(41 itt^^ ^qi^Hl^Al, an^ anrii -^ =(lii«qicni 
ci qaR Si!; y{ljn?(l v^ai ^^i ^iqi?ft aJi ^^j 

siQ^llHaHplta <V<l[ aHJf .rvj^i <rn?.i s^CH^ ^M ^l^i^ s\ 
^. 5iiS{ Sisov' '^C-tKl ildilMR aH5(V ^Sl^ MiRi^lfH 

Ml^i MW ani^ ^IH^ ^rt aHi <^l§i4l ^H"^l 

aJii ^l^ll sAl^fl ^<nf/(l 3Y<1 MWf/ll ^ d^^t §IH ^, 

5?^ ^il ^ ^■'>ci aiij" irnH '5. ^ ct4 ^«iL«?l aHiq^d 

ani s^i i^c-tKl M I «a i^ai c-iiy{l ^ih §, 

i^fitPll oHi« \?(l \1 flat jyi^l ^IH §. ci alLtfll'cJ 
«lni dlM»^ il<A MlS Jl^'V %lii^i ^IH §. ci Mlii 

nH^$3 ayqi \\\ 'acti"^5icai wi ^ih §. ciKl 

^Ml/l «fl^, at'AScn an^^ ciM^ ^^H PiSanicft 
"tWi ^IH ^. an s^C-l'fl ans^ ^l^i ai^ ^m g. 
an^ an 3R^i "I «(l 3 wflay ^IH §. 5^^441 %qi?. 
"^d^t^^l ^IH ^, cilM^l ci Ml«(a«fl <^^l 
3l«iat'3l etl3l §. 

o(l<v-v 2(1 M eiiW't c-thi anPi 3 «(l v stiWd 
^i^i^i ^iH 6. ci ?l^«/ qii qftdi Pi ci'ii <n-^ 

* ^ eat aneti t ^mJ"'!. 


^-^•HiiiaQ aH5i-ni, "HH ^H^ Y^- 

§IM, ctl R"ll^ ^l^l ciH^ '^i^ S, (3HKI WICH- 
?Rii tHni^l ^lilH S. §^^ 'itlSl ^-^A 3>i^ 

^. ^ 'Hlt^R^ft ^l^iSl^R ^Hl «lHRi^ ^a «ilH &.=:-- 

(3M^l SH^'HI (3'n;;l4i s^C-id §H^i an^lHl (StHJ^l 
Jj^ §. ^Hit ^^!a "^"^f ^I'^i ^IH § an^ (3>i^i 


aMl ^'l^i R^l^i i<l^ ^C-il5^i 811H g. a^n ^iil^l 
3Hlll ilM i^ ^ni ct SHfR'-d a^iliR S'^IH ^. 

(ia^R=ll<Ai an^Hl "lalf^aHf^HisdaHl^lcai d^^R 
wiliRdi ^IH ^. ^ H^i^d ildil Ml^ nHl "Sr 

■»a&ll, »H^ al^lJli'Hl it's ^ R?lM Jrt'Hmi aniH 5. an^ 
^l^<>i«? rtC-fHfl'll ^Iff/cllil an^ oflM iHliiwi cl iH(a^<1 

<H^il liRni ^otlfl ann ■"ilMi^lR'tl ^iC-ft Cll^l SH'ti 

•ni^OaHi-Hlt/d aH?t'-ti ili^'iJ anRl^A 'H?l€fl(peltate) 
^If.l ^illM^ aH«iqi rnsi ^IH ^. and ^ "ll^S 
ll'H'ii M^l an^ Ji^^Ml^-H-cl^llHKl Ml'^ilaHl m4- 

^ ci i\hH[ (^'iHl aH'%^ aHirs«Hi<r/ ^IH §. an^ 
n an^Hi ans^ n^lyi (amphitropous or half- 
inverted ) ^IH &. ^liT^l^ d^^si^i ^[i[ JiotklH 
(^IH ^. anPi Hi^fl=tR »tl£l^C-t»li Midi ^^%l>l Mi^ 
anmi ^IH §. i^^l dl^iiHi ilH S, an^ a Mil ^ 
cHl^ ^ictl, rn^a-Sl, "^ il'^l ^'Hi «<^ "^H ^. "{l»V 
ant^QaHlCAi an^f^l an^f.dl SH^ilKl aHi J^U ^<Hl 
aHliRdi ^IH §, an^ rt Hl4i^ qisi <Vh<-di ^1*1 ^. 

H^tC-l an^ i|l(^di! yt^i ^^C-tl d. 

a-Hl v\'{[ ^dC-Cli ^W^MtrlHi ?i»R -^^l =OsQil 
^%l an^ 5ii>Jiirti %ict^ ^>J\^[ Mf.l»l ^X'Hl ^IM d. 

an MSI anl ^l^l'd 'H't^Mfct $. 

tt^HJi. 3 
l-^u¥lH rii>i-Tinospora eordifolia. 

t-^ikd-H. I. p. 97; N. p. 10; Watt- 
VI. part, IV. p. 63; ^. Pi. ML \. 

V"^^lUlH-5l5li, oi^lPliqi^i ( Mt+?i ); 355- 

W^ (11); 31^'r, argcTT (^). 

3-Hi%l'l-3lcfll'iK«ll ^1 «ni^Hl« ffn={Ri ani^ 
d, cllMi^ <t Sli>ii^ [c{^'\ @3Q ani^ ^. n ff/>{l't- 
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6, ctHl Hl%l (33^ an^ %'HIS =^5^11 ^ ii^l ^IH ^. 

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<rnii ^ ctMi sdiL^l an^ S^=ll« =lHl^ ^^C-fl ^IH 
6. MH^l anlSR ■^M^l > MlWMlMtflHl HKdl 

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C-fl li d?(l i^a M»3l ^IH §. 5i yt^l^lM^ jy^^H 

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ci rt^^C-l Hl^(^ iV.«Hl^ ^tfOanl i<cti i}fl ^IH S, 

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des) i|m*l 6. 


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SHi^ft ^IH 6, ^C-tKl ^Ml/lM^ ?lltai ^'iKl ^^-H 

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^l(ys ct^l 'HM^IH ^. Jl^il'll ^C-tl^l ^sicQ ^^i 

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ctlH <3M^ M^IM $; clM 'H^'H an^ ii^iRlKl »liS- 
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ansiHl MW^l :i-M^%l b\ vi7{ ^H'll oHlHl'-llcAli^ 

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ctHiKl «H<Acl^l SHiyfl «tiH §. 

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"1-aH^ctl^S, R-Ma^QiS, 3-3loll%tcq, V-^l^- 

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31^1 aJicAn «R« ^Rrl ?qi d, a>ilH ani^HS- 

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an -m^^mX llW aiisi^l 3H3R lit) '"^^l ^'^Jin 
an^R n ^i^^l %i*iin illlM ^i^Hi faig ^(41 
anl^ §. ^icfll «iH<H §mi^ «(lEi a ^i^ il^fct^ 

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S. Ji>«(l ct ?li^l il^fcl^ y>tH ^1->HHR ^mH], 

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«l5vl ^It^i^^ MRIS ^, ciM Mi«l MH«i^i^ JlCfll 
■vHRli^'4 ^. "^IWH"^ H^lctd ct H[\b d ani^ 
dM oidsi IV d«(l. 3l<?il'll ?it3J aniHl %IR^ ^I^IH 
efl^i HSUa»l d^ 3TW?fr aH«l1l STqcT^gjt a^3 
dl>i anli^i d. 

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JlllMHltai wH^Mi M<«1, 5^lM£l i^ ^. <3''i^H3 
[hMHwH^HI a)iS^ i^ldlWdKl d=(l aH%l3 d«(l. 

d^i 31^1 m^l «^« S=ll S. 

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=l5l^ o\^l[ iwiH ^, 2i)»4"^'t^*^i 'l^l 'H^'** ^' 
JtlHdl wH^Mi 31^1 «l| bm b\ 6. d a^^ 
ii"=ld aniM § an^ aHdloy.-^ ^H[\ Mia»d i^ 6, 
3l«Al^l ^%l ^iH'd ^l?l ^qi«(l bH<fH B *tl*< ^• 
d>l OY aic(\lcti %ci-^«;i %tlS^ %it^ "^Hl^ S't'HI, 
Jl>\^. H^l^ Cv.^ 6, VlsvKl 'wi?.^ ^i<fl 3RHI, 



anN'fl 3R>iiy dHiv ni'Ji'ci^ ^/l •fli^cti fHit 

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^tlct^W'll «"^cl Sl^Mi siollPll ^=t^y Ml'Hl^ft 

ctl il^iwi %ci^%i aHMlH S. ctHov rt^ilHl ^>Hi- 

ilM S^ ^, 'l^^l^ ^icfl ^m, <*ll^ 31011^1 ^HR« 

^ HICH/' (ll. =a. oil.) 

"31011 3H[rl%llM i&^HR, 'HltAS'Hl ^RK MdU- 
'iR, ^(*t ( 3H^ \^ ) ^W/ll 't'^l i^'tl^ ^^^ '^^'^^ 

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i!^^ n«tl ctC-l «fect ^Hl HW^ft SHR^lrt^ 

cl'll tfiil Kl^i Mi^l^ft ct fl R:8i5lRi sioiiHl MSUl 

sifci, an^ rt?(l i^'Hi'Q »inc-i'-M Siac-flof ^ 1, 

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SH^rlHl ^?tl«v fii, ^M i^^tRi ff/^l Mi^l ^Ul 
'iHi. ct ^«IH4|M §. ■Hli^W, -^l^, ^^%l cl«ll 
Wlcd'ti ?^^l (3M^ M^l, ci^l Vili^ft (3M'^R i^=imi 
3Hl^ §, 3H^ ci^ mRiSIIM M<31 m4 =Ml| 'Hl^ 
^, 3[Cfli S^i -af^-lM^ «ll«t ^. cilMt^ aHi«Hl =1,5 

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ct iSii iiH 'li^H^l, vi7{ Mli^ft^ 3|iafl el^. m^jA 
ci Ml(<ft^ aHl«^cii ^^. -mt^fl aniM*^ ^§ ^i^ 
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^m'-ll«(l aH«i^-ll ct,!^ <inHl'-(l ct ^SlW sy^. anl 
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il^^ 3l^l;i %it^ '<4l4 8ll^ 'tli^l $. •M«i ci Hl4 

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MH an^ s(l an s^i ^lOi ^((A riistl «iSi ^^cn-fl 
ctMi?(l (^-i-^^l 8ll4 «il4 >Hl1Wi ani^, ctl MKR^ 
llW Hi^ «lct^l om(fci -^ HiHetHl 9iH R^cil ri^. 
ant MMl^l'll ?l=H'-fl Ji^H ^af^^H »IIH S an^ 

^i n^ si*^ 6." (^. m. ^. 3li. ) 

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=tl^ 3^ %IH ^Pl^ till d. an Jl^lHi ^411:^1 

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^l« «l«l 3i:^Hl^ dl^l, hH ^l«l i^Pl dl^, Si^ilMi 
ctC-1 aH«l=ll ^i «l8l aHmmn^ mil ^, ct<ii -HM^l 
^« MiSJ ct^l 5/ Oii^ i^ $, Pi ^^i -Hial^ ^lli 
i^H >HIM, fll ctlH H^l^ (3M^ iltl 5t %i^ ^lop. iic?, 
^, »l^l;i =Mc'-l ilil^ "«MIM cil '^I'-lct =t^, -VKH \m 
Hi, HI, *t^Hl 5K ^^l^ il5l, ^^^V9, ^1 rl«il 

JiVwi Hia'ti ^i»t^ ^dil §." {\ ^3Hi8ia?. )- 

a»il"*Hl fe|^m<i-ll Hi^l">H^l 9i(^m ®Sl $. 
^-C^llH Cei«i=H«i-aHlHi^l S^Hl 1l«{l, cii^^^ 

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^iisjiH S. Pi ctSti ^R"^ vw=ti^ ^ilkq ^^et( 
MK i^ ^vhi^i ^h n% ^I'cT't ^^ ctM k^ 

a'cT ani^ ^. Pi cid 3i3i(A ^S SlRHPtl '^ hii M^-JQ 
ct«il an^S ^^ ^i^\. iS-Jl i^ ^. Pi ci ii^lPt 
sicni yct^Hl £l<Ri 'HlHl, ct^ >ti«ni i^ §. an 
^l^ni ^li^iPl ^<v?. -i c-ii3l, cidC-ll ^l^ M^^R §. 
ctM 9/ iMtflKltfll^ M"^ Mi<l^ ^. i^Vll«{l mvii 
«H«n^'Hi 3li^^ <?li failed M^l H(h ^.* 

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(Hwawi ir<t«ai«Hmi cin s/ oi\u 4'i^'fl ^ti=^ siiil'Hmi 

an^ Hlil'Hl'fl =lli>li (§5i S. ^ §4 aHH uii^i^Hlni ?i"'Wi 
a^r^Sl ^tiaiW ^.C-fitHiWl ailiW ^a'Z'^I »l5il ani ^H^m- 
rlHl '41^1 1'Aril A^; SH? C-d'oUl'li >§iei ajU SHl W- 
^«4KHi (^?iH Jil^mi SHWdi 't?fl. >iiX C-ittHil an^ 
anitMKi aJl^lM? ^l^iWl HCHl ">HI%1 4^^ =HiW'-lRi anin 

S. anfi iiil ann <Hi=i^'ii ^liJiM^ ai":j5ii ^^ki y^i >t«l 
w, ct anw'Smi n>t?m &. iAi«ii "s iiii-{l*Hi?l«'fl mi- 


an^lC-Wl <^^>IWHL SHlM^ll ^«Kl m^Act^'HlSH 
M«tH MIH^ ^Hl^l, 'ai4^l[i(^Hi' 'imd 5ii 

an^R ^l^ ?i^Sl ^IM, ^l <?ii M<31 a>ii?a ^«141 
'tlSil ^H\ ySl^l 'l^l- =H't '^I'^l SMlH^l C-{l5ii 
§3(1 '{liol ^. 'il^ ^'^ ^'l y^^clMi iSP-^ 

\ ^iM^ riiH-COCCULUS 

l^l^rt-H. I. P. 101; N. p. 11; Watt. 
II. p. 397; t ft. Ml. MU. 

^ \:t\[ riw-H^ni q$ii, (^i), "^na {^); 

3 <H4rl-'^Hil'tl '^CHl =il^l>i U«Sll <35Q ani^ ^. 
Hh l;d<HU "V^llSt cl <^l^ »liy Mei ^=tmi 3HK 

3)u "^ "SrcT "Aa5 »mi«i »i«?i cii cIhr yi^i '^k 

^n'ci 5Hl^ S, ^ k^ M«3l ^(Oi, M«i>l C-flcHi Pi 
Ml^ 6, rHl^ il^Al ^'Hi «l^ "t*i ^. k«l ^l^l^ 

^ aHPum^a =H?i^i "^ «^i*i'ii *i-^' =^3 ^i 

^14 ^, ^ 'H'r<^l VI %4}f- "^ Milium ^IH §. 
H«\M^ aHftHf^rt <3<Hl H^l ^IH ^. »i«A^l sHlil 

Mlciwft M^'ii 'H^'HI ^IH ^. 5*1 S^i M/l «fw!^ 

^IH Wi. SH^ anKJ M^'H=^5l MWl 'ikhi (V^l 

x>fl«ll rll<?(l n ^clt/fl 5i><l s^il ^IH §. "4<^ 

iiii ^ (&W (V<1 <Mil aH«l4l X\ Hi ^ i\i 
='HI%1'{1 M»4i ^HlHi ani^ §. ci ti^l (JJJI 'h hmi- 
«l<Hcll Vl'fl ^IH Wi. clM^ <§C*{1 (?,iyi 3H^ §<Hl 
=(Ul ^IH §. iiil (sM^'d M>lC-l <V^l Ml=(l ^ 6'=HA 
^R S. iii^^l 5Hlll SIM i^ ^rti ct 3H£^?(l 
^(»;^ SH^ ^iliR %'^i^ ^. "Sl'H'Jl ^U">HISHI «{lCHl 
•<»i'{l ^iH S, ^ ciM^ ^mi 'HlcaKl I'-tl/l ^Qa* 

aHl^«fl ^IH ^. S^Kl -HW =H^ ^Hii HyiHl ^1 

^IH S. MH C-in^llfA, H">Hct KlSi \l^l(A[ ^ §M^ 
%liiii, ^ =l>Hci 3 "S M -l^i^nsHRltni §IH ^, d 
llti^ll^ SHfA^ni MK -^Hl anliR-ii ^ lilW'-iR 
nPR^i-tdi ^hi MH iv=ti ^IH ^. »MS <v ^iHl 
§M^ ^'h "^i i'^'H cil =t>Hci Sis, (V ^ll>Hl §MR 
SHIHI «»ljl ffnJl 3HlSsR4i MH 5Hl^<Hi ^IH $. 
MKHI n-^ %f4l/lM^ 'mtflKl |H>ltfl 5MI^<:-{1 ^IH 
§. MH^l ^31 «{lsll ^IH d. MH^ ^5;*4 aH« 

'^%ic(\ -^[^ l[^. ^. SHJR /^^^ siicaiy^cj ^ih 
§, ^ ^5t^ ^^^ an^fl ^w S. ^iilMR'ii 
v^idi MM §M^'{\ =ni«g ^>Hci C-{l%li ^IH § ^ 

a :i 2a 3 ^24 c-thi ^ '1 «a ii, 1 ^ ^=H 

Ml(|ltAi ^IH §. "iRtA ^U'^llM^Hi Ml«H cl«(l SH^Hl 
4l^Hi ^ ^\hi\ ^IH ^. ci"H^ =tl(A'{l \'^[l\ yH(l 
^[l^ anl^C-fl ^IH §. MKMi ildil Ml*l«(l 't»tl 
§c*{l ^diSlC-fl ^IH $, an^ 5^ 'i^l aniil Kls^ft 
nKl liil rtR!( 31%-n ^K 6. MW ^l(AHl«fl H<3j[ 
={lii^li CHPi §. ?iKl nw (HI2i/'li MK 'V^ft an^ 
r-iU =^lii^l ^ MlWta«(l ^iov i^^l etPl d. 

«U-^l Hfcl^UMlSHl'Hltfn ^IH 6. fl Ml^KSJ^i^d 

^iH $, ^c-t c-GcHuiilcti >(l(Ai wi 1 «a ^ c-titu 


VI, oHl«, ^o «iio an^ »io aH*Ho "SrH an "iHi 
"i Xii *i^'^i §IH §, ci4l '"h Mil <V^l HHl^ '=i^ 

snsi -Hlc-tsjl SI (V^l HiiHtadl aMl^«(l ^IH S. 

^ ct^ 5}^!; ^:^ ^jj^i a>i(^(l §m ^. rt !^(;i '^[Hl 
^IH, cHl^ «{lsti ^ Ml^ rHl^ ii'Jii «lW ^^M S. 

^IH S. ^ 5l%l=tltf(l @\^'{l WlC-t h\i\ 'il"«lcti 

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^UlKl "^^ ^^l "^il^l ^IH S. an^ ci'fl «Ml/l- 
M^ <Kl"l ^^M >MUl ^ Sis i(Hl ^l^ ^IH S. 
S^S i^Sl^li 3H»i "ftov ^IH S. 

o(l«v-^ii^si ilH S. ciKl Sm^KI wist Ml- 
<A<i\\ 5H^ 5H£^ «'^S ^^t/ ^IH d. 

■H iii3J«W— fatVa»«iSl^ %lC^h, Him, @Tt- 
<Vi, «i^S, ^^sei, QM^Mi, h\ (MTt 3H^ qid 
rt«ll Rl'4 (&^. 

'iHi^iH'ii ^w 5H^ ^I'cT M«3i sRt^«a ^i^;:>ii ^i'^c-fl 

•>H^«V3, folldi an^ «{l"t ^l^^M< «icll aimil'tl 
^l^lRi Sh7{[ il^l ^flH\ ^i?i fej^l (iqy ^^, 

Ml<^-Sl=tHRi ani^ S. (MtIHI 35lilM^ MiSJ ci^ H<A 
y^ shPI «is^ «i«i aHMlH S. aH'ii \ca^ M^ ^l«l 

M^tH S. aarfl ji^ M<^ HJA^ =H^l^ ^"^Kl «V^UaH 

%0-Hi ^IM, rtl Silil qRMi Ml<<fl '^^{l i>lH d. 

Mlt^flM^ aHl4l ^H S. 5M^ d'fl 'OSi MKitt 'flcl| 
^-^ <r»tH d, 5Jl^ ^?^^ -vin^n ^ij^ ^ix>{i y^i 
5)l"Sl "((laH S, ct ^acttn MHIH §. aH^j Mi^, |si 
2HK l!P4i V^'^l ^« il^^, HS^ 5H^ aH=ii <V ^<m 

didjf s^^i SiiM^iH S. an^i ctt^rn ^i^a^i ^m si>^i 

%i(^<Hl <l«il iR^fl'il fl^rii aHl(r4^?(l S^rtl |-«Jiiql 
>1^ d, ai^ §Tt<Vis, «R5 an^ M^^^l (HlcWR 
iliJllH d. aH^li ^JjOl^i ^iR^lM^CHl ^qi Ji^j d; 
a«ft a ^R^lM^C-HrQ aH^SJ'ii =il"4R^ JlPH d. ^=1- 

il^ \ta «i!j^ «iii qi^ $is^i;i MdMl-5 (§M^ 
a>i\iH S. 5i^i ^(A^ mi<^(ImI M<1 %ti«l qi/1 a^i 
c«iM i^ niH=ii«iia MqiH S. (^^Mi an "Ml" 
a -Hl^ aJiitfl^HlH S. a^a a Mm'\[ t\mi -HM^IH 

S. aMw,i Misi s^c-tni^d ^ «n(ali ^=« 'fli^ S, ^ 

^ii'cTci^^ im ani^n ^r^ a^i s. ^^ii-ii ^c-ti 

^R ""ilH S, M>5J a^i (3d ana <HHiai ai an ^uh 
a^l^l S. ^Hil'ii HK W'l-MPlHl-lilfAMi H^ii ^l^l^i 
^Osl >Hlrti i^rtl. 

"^Hil'li MW'll ^y«(l Ml^P mHI «IH 6, SiMl 
«li^ 'tiWl ""{Iqi^fl 3RH1, it>i6, >i?l^W, «H(nrt^, 
ct^^l an %iqa <il<?l S. aJ<-li -ipsi ctt/\a ■^{I'HlHI 
PtM ctm Ril^a ^il^ d." ( q. l^'i[HSS' ). 

^Ri, qiilaini'd "Hl^lMl, qiil ana ^d^Kllidl'Hl 
<3M;i, a^ oy idicni ana "iW^lKl M'JliaMmi a Mi^ll 
§31(11 ^nqwi ani^ S. an Q,!:^:?!!^^! H>31l">H^i 

^i atica<Hl?(l Mli^l ^Hl «tHS >tl^ ana <V<H- 
«/H*fl h^ §. ana ana i^^Sot/l i^'-d'j iRiSJ 
aMH S^qwi SHK ^ >, ^l""! Jj^^ <li^ ^{^ aJi^i 
Ml«i "Hl'^l'ii =il<^ ^ Ml"«P ■*ft'l ^Irtl'fl 55S^(l 
"SdCHli Sltfl^Ml ^l^{l 6c(l, Ml^ Sia i^^i t^il s§ 
S, Mt^ Ziii^ Hli «1^<H C-l-ol d "S, 54=11 ai>H^- 
( Pedalium murex )'\[ MK?ft Mlf^fl 3ll| i^ 
a Mia an ^-wi %il^«i MWlHl S^S^fl ^l->Hctl ^K, 



»l =tHi^ ""il eii^l d. 9tt{[\ \skxh ^ci^l an^ 

">H^miSilMi ^'Hil'il ^'HiaMiPl (aiil ^m.[ ^itf sJU=li 

SH-Hcni, M<4j m4i=n^ ^i ^ifl'^ti =M^ HiJii 5ihi 

m^l 2>l"^a5 "HIM^ ^lilH Wi, s^Sil ^^tfl -in^ "H. 

^4-( ^WH^-H^jil:^ ). 

t^dl'rt-H. I. p. 102; Watt, II. p. 397. 

3 «n4'l-^RM'tl '4sil ^RW ^>^l S^Q a^l^ ^. 

aH<il ^411 «lHl-<iaj ^ri qejilrll rdl iV'Hl «tlH 6. 
ct (vHl^M^ M«1^1H §. c)^»/ 0)U=li ^sl^Kl aniii 
^c?i dl ctM^ Hm S^Ml aiil =r»tH ^. 5iKl ^iil 
?llt/(l ^ ^<[ ii^lKl ^IH ^. d»ii'-(l dlillKl dK^lHl 

Siril MK ^U^i^i 5H?iHl rtH'HR aHliMl ^IH ». 

^3Hi H>Jli ^^M ^IH S. ci SilMl%«l«{l aHl"*H^ ^Hl^ 
^. i^si iiw c-flc-ti ^ •Hl'^ S ^l^ T'i'a-ll ^^Hi ^t'cT 
svlH §. ci filMlcniHi Ml"^ ^. aH'll ^C-tlanmi "H^t 

Jil«\l ^Idit'-fl. 5H^ ^=11^ cHl^O R^l'-l ii'-li ^IH d. 
"V^l Mil ^ini 'i'-d. a5\r{l ^iilH? M<4ll (3<Jtl =(1m 

^i\ ^Hil ffJ'^ti ov ^ii l^^[^. w*. anHl "Swca 
^imiSii c-n^, (Isi eflc-ti ^JiHl ^ §c*{i (twictitffl 

c-tcti > oy^i %tiiii 'i[^. ^. q^Mi Mi^i'Jii ^ 'i\i 

«liii «lr(i 5aji, a>i?^ ul^tcfl MR^ll^ni, > ^<?M 
SHl^fiqitfli ^IH d. <H"«Mci MUHl =ta{Mi \ «A 3 > 
H ■'^'^flsHl ^IH ^. MH ^ ^^t^ ^ ^2t «hl 
5H^ ^ ^3A?fl 1 d^l Ml^lfAi ^IH ^. MH^l 

ilH d, rtlM<^ KIM %lMl:Q5l Ph^H s^lll 1 

sRniy (glaucous) ^iH ^. Mn^i ild«il^ m«ii- 

MR H'^ict ^\i ^[(A'd aniy^l V'^lfA 4lH 6. MH^ 

^w-ti«(l =(li^ji eii^i d, ctHl Hi« an^ ^<hi£ 
n ""fitfii^^cii c-iu-ti -<3Hi "^i«t «i. <idi ^-Hi^ 

I StlfcPl aHU<Hl ci^d M>^ «iUl aMl^l ^IH ^. 

•an ^ M^mi^fl 3 M-Hl HQji ni^i ^IH W>. 

^0 «ilo "Si'Mi M^l s^cli ii^l ilH ^. 

ami ^IH 6. cHl d^aJii^ Hm(h ^-MlSt=il(ni 
■*(l«ll ^nni M^lJlllH %M'^i ^""Mlctl ^IH 6. 

MHiim*lI^ Kli^lC-li ^IH §. ci a»iii^ aM«tqi iH- 
(airt <v :^ ^C-l 'Miy MW anmi ^IH S. anrfl 

•<H Ml^i^ ^cii c-il^li ^IH ^. 

>i'^'H«il^"^lH-'ii M^l '5, ciHi 3 y«ji ^(i:M 

§. ®l^Ki 3 ^^H M^lHl ll^ 'n6l< Klitncfl a^^ 

i^o cMlo "^Rdi 3 ^[^\ii M-ai «cti 'll^l'fl ^IH 
0. ^ H'd "il^ <^.'^l vii\ qc/icfl glH 6. 



I ¥l^«^-3lQiUlH 3, 3l i\is7{ miifh v\»i 
S^Mi aHft^ o{l<V ^IH S. !jC-l tHlo^^HSfl ov^i 

and \ «(1 It ^Hl^ ^l^t<ii ^IH d. ri M^Kl 

^•^IH ^. ^Kl SM^ <^'^ ni«9 =t=.Slic(2.2i iititr{\ 
•<H^ T>^1 aHftS -^l^ll ^IH ^. anlH ci'ft aHl«9- 
«^l«9 ^8(H <Hl«t >HUlaHl ^IH ^. 5c«l^l 5HISR 

WlC-t Mlrtt^l ^ctl^«ldl an^ ci'{l aHj^ >ilV^l 
«^f. ci^ftaHl M5l<V -V^l <Hin -iilH^ll ^IM ^. 

Sii^H cl^9V ^hM ivi anifl^j ^5i<Hi »ii^ 
^1»{1 aniR m<\ ^%l@clRcii?ft aH(l<<n^ ^"^l 

an^ HlilsHHl ^dlM^, ^^dlaniril eMlo^aH, ^qm 
iiU an^ Mlf^n-Hl ki^sui Mi^, M^rl^ ^rt^l anPl 

=tiil5iiMi, ciH'y»' 2idi "Hr^i^mcni M^it^i^Hmi ham 

'Oit^ SHU ^H SM? <r/5lCH ^Hldlli Rhh ^UHlt^ yS?| 
<r/3,iH'ii ^H^S 9lPRi«(l Si^lii 5(i"Si ( Acoupe ,-coppice 
with standards ) siVl €1(5" ff/«tl^l ynt"^! aniM^wi 

Mi Pl^lH ^Hliji m'Ml'l <H^ltH^ 't(^ ilHdi c/'Ml't'fl 
gati ^^<ti ^"=ti 6rti. His an (T^t^gi^^ -^^k ^t^ 
-.{UHWi «lil»Hi ov'Hl't <H^l<H? iMl^l ?uc-t s?m %ll^l«ll«l 
sil-H-ll ^HS ^^as'll^ «*W •tW'tl QrtW^ 5i 8/3lC-l>li 
iivi C-tHli«lwi aHl^?ll (4cll. SHI J^clrt aH^t^ft 6cll. 

eld an^iji %ii5/'ti Mi^Hi^i §n<l 31^. ri«ft cl Giiw 

<J-(«llmC«tH51rt-^ciM 5iRM <VC-ta Snitfl- 

^3Hi ^ d MR «n'^ MK-Sliiiil, ^;^H «a- 
«Hiog cticnrd V-^itfi iiH ^ if, t^'^ <Miog «{l%ti ^ ![lsi 

^IM §. ^ ^<SH =i3R^i §m d. 

anSR ci^ anifliai.^ v{H\^ J^iltl 31^ §. aHRMKl 
<Vi^l 901 MMM ^(mHI aiis; ^R^ i^til I, an^ 
<?1RM«^ ^ QIR aHH an^l;^ ani^i "^H^lRmmi 
aHKctl 6^1, dMR ^Rli IH a>i;i ^(jr an^ 

Clio 3 »{l rt'cl^e^R \<^(io i(l «lHS^(a anPl SilRM 
^^ lAHi (fecli. an^ g^H %lli^^l ^1^15 aii'-^ Ri-vq?it 
(&cll. (^^ aH!(li5l ^f.St 4)3 Mi3 't«(l. 

ctio \ il?lv/iR i^bo «(l anifscMnaji syJisui 
SllsaaHlct R«ni^ «fl^l^tQ^ aJii^tiHl <vj |(mhI 
ani ^R aniMl §. an «»-«Pl M«Hil ^i^ aniili^ 
elHlHl aH5 i^ 2Hl?<1 §. H'H ^o ^ yi'=(l«^ d. 

i?j i^l (5it(i«i SHl'^ ^IMl^ n>li^ ^vUlViX Sdlfl o/=ll 

g^ftani^Hi SHI<1 3l«il. »Hn (^'>1<1«A aHl%l< ^141 HliTa 

<v3ic-i ■•nwi'll Sti aniAiifl ^^li-ftsHl ?<Hl^ «tl^l\- 
«l^ an^ui Snwtl <r/i«(l dSn ?i4ltf 31^ (4d. ann 

M^ii Strfl c/i Ml* Miji ?iiiy ny 6<:fi. 

SiWH an^fi H=liWl -rci an^tjl'n SHHSS «llil Ulil 
e^^lff/ '-H^lJl «lli «ll4 SHi^ i,:(l ■»tH^W=(l ^y 5H. =>H\ 
X^l^l aiiCHrtl ^W cl S^Chhk rtisl J^U ann ^i«ni 

^Hi^is %ii^ ^lij ^i-^nHi J^ySi. =i»t^ ani c/ii mi^whisA 

•Hl»i !j< w, *ll SChA Mi^ »ll*t &, ^ aniH Hll cil cl- 



^^j %<^i\ H'if ^, M31 ^^ ^. dlo :i ilyv>t^ 
l<^&o 5H-SH ^i\^ aM^ aniHl ^i^i^x^ aHl^l<-fl 

3 «(l Clio 1° ^Hl»H (V itMl>il 2415^, ctlo \\ 

aHi(l«3l ' <»il'l =H^ =*il^M 3 QlPl ani^CH §. 
Ctlo \o ^^Si Jmi^ a^K^^ ^^n y^:,^ ^^ g. 

nio ^\ m Vi'^^S^ ofy i^c-t S, anPl aH5*fl 
Sil^^H'fl ■t/i sHl^^il ^, Sc-t^n 5^?.C-l «ic{l ci'-d, 
^l^li «l^ <lct ^I-HIH ^, cilMQl aH'l ^^ «i aH^ 
11^ =h1 ^. ctlo 3 i[^-i-(^\ \iaf\ an^Vl aHi:(H 
SH^ ^ QlPl "tHVta aniM^llMi ^(^^ 6. aH?(l 
^l?i ^CH^ §, :^ anai ^og ^^ ^, ctlo =lM-^-«f<l 
^m aHffK' Ji^l^ =115^, an;) «t-*iaHl^ Ml« 
ani'"!^ SMl^M Vi^ f*m\l{ "ifcl S^qmi a>ti^4( g. 
■iHRlJ! =m^ d. ci M=^ "tH §. aH!<fl<«l ff^lH^A 
■^ aJit^xi -"ticti Midi -i^-^l. aniO'^'i ''^^^ ^^ 'l^ 
^. aH=>mi «^<V%lloy ^^cfl ^^ ^. 

'i'H^ 1. 
^ ^ll¥l«l riiH-CISSAMPELOS 
t^l^rt-H. I. p. 103; N. p. 11; Watt. 
II. p. 327; ^. (d. Ml. 3:>. 

qi^qes (iTo ) fiRMt, qM^i^ (fio ) cJfqrsi (^o ) 

ani^ ^. n^ ajucti qsi^rft Siixt ^lafl ^ih cti d- 
M^ =H^«(l ^IH d, an^ dOicil <v>{l'i M? M«i<lMC-{l 
^IH ^. «Hl\ crflllM^ ai^C-a ^IH d, ^Jlt^ ^r{l 
iiil SH^ ^ll>Hl»ll aniil sH^tfQ an^ ^I'^ct ^jw- 
tfli'ft Ml ^lllHl ^If^MiaMWi qTd(niH«{l ^IM S, 
Mi^ (iy>ftdM^ •H«l^lH«fl §IH S, «?ll^ Ht^ftqi^ ct 
^m C-i<^lH«{l ^IH §. anPl cirtiM^ mjj( 6^ ^1 
Mid ani^C-ti ilH ^. aSldi MW MlctfAi a>i^ ^ijidi 
MW ff^^tl aHlSRdi ^IH S. '^'^^ ^'ti MH 3t5ii 
'^Hi M«i »IIH ^. an^i rl^ anPl »il^l ^?ll o^^ 
oa^ HC-tM^ anR Wi. d^ ^.C-trfl 3^1^541 jAf^fi 
Pl<JilPld %l'41aHlH^ aniM ^IH S. an^l >iisi 
^ChKI C-ti<Kl CHd aHJicti st^ ^m d. j,cH >fltai- 
«?ldl <:-{lsil ^Jldi ^<^H ^IH S. 5i€t dli&ldl qd^jl 
«?"H4i an^ ^Idl ^»ldi ^IH d. ^14*31 Qtl£^^ Jj€t 
aHl^ t^, anPl ^Rl%li§dR J^et Ml> d. 

aMl ^CdM^ <-:!i^l 1 ^m^ eldl <i,i^*l ^-lltfl'ft 

^vi-oy^ldMi Hi^ii §ii u^^sti ^r d. d «d^i- 

<«(l ^^l ^ aH£^«(l Qjji^l Ml«Al%l&ldl ^I'Al Wi 
^IM ^. ddl anil^isiM i^ ^di ct dHl «td 
ilMl$l atjsisi:^ 8H^ ^tfyij^ "J-vhIH d. Hm ^l^ilVd 
an^ R:^U d«{l<ll, a^l ^ W^l CHlsl S. 

£[>H 3i{l[\\ ^{[ ilH«fl evl-Hmi ani^ d, ani^ 
H^IIhR cidi 'iyid >im5l«(l aH«im iiilMi«ft 
iy,d'41 ^<[ Mld«[l ^HP ^iMiaiii Hli'^il^ ^IH d. 

d^i ^'i >(l(Ai«5ldi c-d^i, and d®M^ Soft e>.i^i 
and Ml<ai«?ldi ^irnKl |^i/l ^ih d. iR^a 

«ll"«tiaHi @M^ t-Hl^ Th^H ilH S. ^iMiaili mj^ 
H'VtJlct ^IH d. ct^l anilliiM i^ 6>ld( cl a>is- 
^?(l «(«A, 2<5!lSR an^ [h^^ Ml«ll«€ldl «{lcdl 
it'lHl t">MlH ^. 

■m«i-aHid^ ani^'Hl ^IH S. d 1 «(l V ^^ 
oHl«di ^IH §. d^l aniiR M«tl^«(l Sllf/iifclS^^i 

aH«t^i M«iiyi «^J»' «iii «13 ?ai 'I ^^^ ^8c^ 
a)i<^n=lltji §IH ^. ^dil Ml^ Mlddl d^ilHiKl ^l^ 
iv^l PiQilPld «I^«{1 M»^ 'dl4it^^ iliilMl "V^l 
<d(&lR 'ftSoK-fl §IH S. HldHl «d'^ %lMl<n >HWd 
^IH S. ^ dM^ -HltAKl Hl^ ^IH §. QM^'fl 
%lMt/l^l ^31 >(l(aW€tdl C-fl^l an^l Kl^lKl^l Ht^l 
![]^l ilH ^. Mld'O iliil Jftai ^=ll<a^ltffl, ^ «(l 
M dai CHi"{\, «liMi ov^l M^>SIMCH[1, an^ ii^Hl 
dH <V M«tl«?l "V^l 'Mil «l^«fl ilH d. dM^ 
QMRHI «dl<^ !^W^ 'Oi ^IH S, Mld^ sil^di cl 
afliiiji Sll^l S. =ll« ^'Hl^ Mtfldl a^;} %=(!? aiM- 
cilRjf M«l <V^l SH^>t^^^ »l«ldl CHl^l d. an^ 
d a^mi«(l d^l ^<Hl£ 5i)<HM^«(l ^^1=115 ^H[ <V?il d«fl. 
J^CH-rl^5^CH-H'^HHR«3i i^dl^ «»[15ii ji^i 
'^^T Mldf^l M't'll'^Mi^fl '{\}s<hif\ ^IH d, d H- 
«tic?l n'k \U[i(<^ H^ RmiPld «t^C-fl ^IH Q. 

dM^ ani^eti ^<^n Ml^i«?ldi c-flsii wi -t^ji^i 

«IH/1 ^d ?i=^'cSl <n>'Hi ^MIH §. %l^M^ ^l<Al 

-HitaHi ^wita iiH §. ^-^H !M(/Q>ii«(l 'fli^ndi 

icidlKlSi ci>Hct MK ^^-dl^l^ >i<iMMt ^IH S. 
•^o->i«Hl^^lti-di M^l ^8cH Y ^IH 6. ciM^ 

Qi«ii^i«a'{l \\sm ^iH &. M^i ^i^itfii §iH d. 

«niivi^ ^o o^^o imrfl qSi Sii iy^^i ^mk-O «?<l 
«jy ^^<:-{l iiM d, ci ^o «iio "Smdi Mt«(l ii/1 ^ih d- 



^1^^^-=Hl ^CHMi iicn <m. 

\m ^ ^h^i^ Im. §. n MH-O ildil ay=lil 
aH«t=ll n'-ft <Hi<>{l ^IH d. 3H^ ct ci«il ff/<l «lil 
5H»l"Hl ci«fl HlcttOl ilH d. nM^ ■HH <^=ll SHlSl- 
^41 H%i Ml^ Ml^ ^'^MM^l SHlct^ a^l^C-li ^IH 6, 

^l!i"^Ml =HR'Hi ^IH ^. ctM^ H'^Hl ^Wl "Hl^aKl 

<^(&R 'fls^cll Mil«Wl5ll ^IM $; 'tfc-tSl ygjM, ^^('h 
3 ( ^"^ ) Mit'^T ^IH d. 

^IH §. ci ilicnifcl&lli ^ ctM^ ^H^Kl |<Hl<ft 
>i §M*il3[l »H!>l-\<A, -Si^ a>l^ MW. 

%ll«l k\h hill aniMHRl SHl^ S. i^^M @M^ 
«Hl >ll^ aH;)i sc(i«t i{lciiH §. M8l^4l «£Hi 

6. «(H^I n«ll ^IH 5H^ i>M^ ^^ 3iy §IH rtl 
i^film^l MIS 5H^ C-lli i^lPl RlMl^l ^H-HIH ^. 

Ml'ft <V4 =IIM^ ^ISIH S. *^'{\ ^iildl iHl«l 
SchA "iH i^Hl^ »i^ ctl'-lHi?a §"^C-li s^^;^ ^irirt 
C-UHHl ■Hl*^ aHMlH S. Si'li Ml-i Ml^P^li <=ll/l 

^ nc-t St^llil MH ?i<n.siM^ 'H^'Hl^li ani^ §. 

M^ ^SllH ^. MK ctC-l^i iJiil'-U ciC-1 ii^lSHi 
SRSMi i>M^'il MlVSStl (Hl^lMR, 3H^ "iii^l-il S^S»li 

JiK.lMi aH^ S^ <t«ll §H^%1 <§M^ aH'li MH HM- 

*?i35^ M^n QlH«llH€ll€t 0»ft25 sH^i^-i <'«l%t'l 
5l«iwi -nil ^^«idl MWdl <4c1l. 


i'^dkcl-H. I. p. 104; N. p. 11;^. R. Ml. Zk. 
^-'^^[\'l\.H-h['([\U, il(/flMli ( Ml+?io ); 

?F3tqrsr ( ^o ). 

3-Ctl|lrl-5l<lHld'll ^c-ll 'ct^ i^Pi <^i^»ii« 
^Hl^i ani^ 'S, cilM»4l =iiMW n Hi^l (3^ ^. ci 
^Qat ffi'5l«iRi oJlllM^ ^^ll d^l ai-fl «tH S. 
aH-ll «ll>HlaHl\;i (39(1 (&WI an^ qiOlHI |«l'^ 
aHl^«{l ^IH ^. aiicti j^tfi m^ji g^i an^ M<Vot,cl 

<Ml5ti ^iH §. ■HH anirt^ ani^sti, 3 ?( I ^ ^^t 
c-thl, an^l R. «(l V ^at ^i^m ^IH §. <t ^»ll*l 
<rr?.i Mldcai, =(lHd, ili^ MlRi \(^m ct'fl 1R 

ili/l«(l <n6R 'flicficfl, anPl ci-ti d^Hi %ii54i sicti 

aHi^ftaHiaiil (^^i ^IH ^. d'Q SM^KI %lMl/l 

ifiii 1 ii^K-nc-ii -^^iKi ^ Hisi'n (h^ih ^h[ ^oiKi 

^IH «!. <3M^'{1 WHl/l C-fl^ ^ ani^ |W)l'^'*l'^ 
an^ KlaiKl -^«l«\2fl <H^lH«a §IH ^. MHHI ildil 
\ «A R.^ ^=H <Hi<Hl ^IH S. 5lrtl ^C-liaHRi M^J 
rl\ an^ »IUIJJ$1 <r^si cr^si ^IH S. HR^'it^li 
H'^MHRi^l i^'tl^'^^falani \^ XY,i. C-li<Hl ^IH §, 
an^ »ilSl^<HMi cl iisa ^IH ^. 'jC-l^l ^^l Mltfll%l 

siwitni an^ u° ^^^° "Si^Kl Mi'>HilSii Mi3i y-Ruti. 

^CH aHif^Kl Kl-i ^=11 aniSl^'ti^ Ivsicn-Hitni ^l<i d. 

^-(sM^ii^ll »H3i->ifa an^ MW. 



=0<v Mtnl^ "I nm d^ '^^fl^i ^uni Mi'^flMi 

'liMl ®5l«li wHl^ a)ilS tim Ml^(l "iisa ^^ 

il(/flMl<l aHS«fl an'l^ <*(l*5 Ml^H S-HlKl «l!l 
mH^iRsKI a>iS^ 3HMIH Q. ct^l ?i«l \n<H d, ^ 

^Kl-aRHl^ g.^ i^ 6. cl fiKlH ct»lW a^cWl 
fHTtw'H^'ft a4S^ HM9V R'4Hw=i^Hi <l 2HMIH 
«$. %tl^l aHi^jSni^ ctiq an^ (|'{l»4l rtW ^Hl 

<?<( "4lSl(s i=ll«l 3HIM4i MPH S. 1d«fli H'>Hct 

(Sflsti Mltni Mli^ft KlicrHl i^ S; ciiHl £^^^ MlSlfs 
iHm Hi^l %ll^l s^lH^l i^ ^. <1^%, SHSlcl^% 
<m[ 5ll>-flaHl flW MQl rt'ft Vi^a^m stAiiH 6. 

^ M«IR «l^ C-tl^ d. an^ M«in*li ^^S MSl«i 
M4^l ^IH ell H Mi^l il^UHliKl 'H'tWi Sl-KlMl 

«Hl^ w^l^Kl aHf.^ M^cJMi ^l^^l 9V^iq *l<l?tl 

?IH<V a?fl S^^ ^l« «)cti %«l KlSol S ciHl 
SV.Mi MlJlfi S=ll«l i^lH^l i^ S; =H5R il«llMli'li 
^itfOani^ 2ic>HHl ^najMi H^ SHS^ «ll4 M^ 
'iM\ ■^ f»'^l^ ^IH«1 «ilH d. ^«U<n'{l a>i£^ 
«Ml^ J^R Mi S <«l^ SltfflMld'il W^ ^^1^41 
RWMi ^^41 '*(l^i^i 'Hl^ ^- il^flMld, U(%lH<a[f, 

^ h<\ ctHi^A ^ cilCHl (A.)f 3^ niCHl Ml^flMl 
@Sl«tl 3Hli ctlCHl Mlt^ft "il>/l ^^ cHl^ ®ctR3 Pi 
ani ^i (f.H^Mi '»(l <vqi«(l M^IRKI <^0lrt^l, 
(3'l=ll-ct«ii"4laHl 5<niH d. 5H2i)>4'tl ^HS^ Mi^ ci 
(3M«lpft S. ct«(l aH'il'/^ <Hm^ Miai'i «ilH ^, 
cl«il ^(m^I 'tUl »tlH §. il«alHld^ H[S\ ctPll ^« 
^l«l @M^ 5ilMim«(l ciM<v ci^l ^« (§^l J^ 
(V^l MlHl«ft H^ll «l^l S^lH^l «tlH ^. SH^ a>il 
S«mi %tlHRi^ :Q^ ^l«n §M^ il(/(lMld ^ilM-ltl^l I 

^\.k ^^^ ^IH ell il^UMld (3TtH ?/-ll d. ^flcl- 
w'-l^^i a i^mll h% ^. syfrl^RHi il«(lMld 
Ml2(5f 5H^ 2^lf6 f.^Wl 5H«i %tl^ d. clMi ^l^i 
?i>«i ir-ll^ «{l^ fl cHitl'Hl oa?.l «gf.l S^l«lMi 
Hi 0. ■>H^% ^(l(a«, '^>H%t, ^"^d, (=ia<f2isi qSl^ 
c-HS^lH^i ci JjlH^l J(^ 6, an^kl «^^ M^i 
SltfflHld^l i'-ll«t ?l^l Sfatct S. 

Ml^tl-ilt/QHld'il H^fWl 'i!^'^ 'ii'ti ^ «(l V 
^ic-t. i^tiu ^ «ft y clK-ti." ( ii. <fl. jA. ) 

"SlvflMld 6CHia cl«tl cflHl d, ^ i![, ^'A, 5?, 
^l%t, ^(h^I sil^l 2H^ 5^ 5l«Ji^ Mi^ HdU'iR 

S. ■>H?% ^fi(a«, iiM^ rtiii <>{ljn siiMil'ti «^i 
@M^ ct^i ssi'b ^mi^mi ani^ S." ( h. ^u. m. 3li. ) 

" MliKl ^C-tl «ilH d, ciPl iluflMlA i^ S; ^c-tui 
MK ^^-iil sJ'qi ^IH S. cHi 'i'a H^i hml ^IH 
^. n ^lij" <Mcl^l RiR KlSt/ft 5Ml'-^l ^IH cil n 
=tl<n^ "»{l<Hl«(l ^{\ avtH d. il(4\Mld %«\, <§CH,a, 

Ik, Rh, ?i<-M, §£^^pi, m^i, RsR *H «H^ 

Mill §." ( ^- ^'l-iWSS ). 

^C-tl !<4n ^QmI and Sli^jt^i (r>>5K-tMi <V ogav 
svl^lMl ani^ §. M<^ 1isisi»ii <l Rll<t @Sl g. 

an^ i^<{lHlH 555Tr5r ii ^. il«flMld'ti H«l 
ani'^tiKl ovSllSi cti\4^qi m^i Sliji ?jf^i cH5j anR 

d. MiJi imiMld'ft an^Sii'liiOJclMsv ilfiMRUll 
ik^^X an^ ^Hil'li >J,^ <^M^IH ^. ctHl H<31 Pi^^ 

i^^ cil ^'lil'ii "v i^ta <n«t^Mi m»3i iitfAMidKl 

aH^95Ml ^ailctl si{mM.i aniH §. 

H5i-(n*ifl5l^-iMC-l^l =l5l. 

'^^H i^ '^'4'^ '**'^ ^ii^^lH: — 

ani H^Ai H'l^Mfci MlilMlt^QMi @5l d. ani ti^kni 
H'l^Mfrt'li MH >^l<ii ^ISt aH«l^l iliil Ml^ (C<HJt 
»i?l«li ^IH S. ^ ci Mli^Q <§H^clRcti ^W d. ^€t 
■>-ildi y^llfoict, ^icli, ?iC-tl»Hl, «^€ an^ aHi^HlHl 
ail=ll cl^e-,"HR R»H[, ci^ Pm^ ^^Hl M»3i «llH d. 
^C-i aH»^ ^1 ^IH ^ ^ cl Mli^n«(l <^6R @H1 6. 

^c-tKl ildil "til an^ cnioft ^iM d. H" '^t" 

"ilM'li M^l 3 «(l M-^, an^ H° 'H'^Ho ll^lKl m(">H- 

iisii 3 «a M-u H^i^ §iH s. H-**^ ^"i-"^- 

^Xl oilJ^i ^IH ^, >iCH CH«H^ltA aH«iHl ^lica MiHl 
i^Hl ^ atMdl M«l^[mvii llH d. cl»li ^T^^Ml 



ani HSRiKl ^HRrMfcl %\^\h, i[£i, H^<^, =t^S«l 

t^l-d-H. I. p. 114; N.p, 12; Watt. 
V. p. 436; |. f't. Ml. 3VSO 

Ji^^flriR-iMc-i, i-Hi (^1° ); ^lHi4 ( ?io ); 
^j?3, wi^\ (to ); ^Hcs (flo ) ^fR, fsf^sft, 

H411 ^IH S. ct (3M^«(l <?i^l^«lctl iicni Wl 'I 
5HS^ Mia^l 5H^ «1S ^IH ^. an isKl §MR StWl 

ni99 MK 5H^ ^eliKl ildil aniqc-fl ^m &. an 

iMStk'ft ^l^ §34 an^ :^ctis (11|, (j^l^ aH^ s/^l 
Ml^l ''{Isvt k t^HlH §. ciPl in^i -flai ^Htfl an^ 

§MR MK H ^CH ani^ ^. Si Riq^ Si;i'^^iii -g 

•Hl't-SMC-tiS'ft @M^ aMi^ «i. ^ MHHI ^dil 

anSJ/l im §. an^l ct M'l^St'-fl anisical 
^/<1 »»lil ^IH 6. d .fldil aHt^«fl \ii5cfl 
ilH ^. d ct^l aHi:ii ilM i^ ^rti ctMi '^ 

M^ aHi^Qcti MHKI m\b tt^lH«fl iR 6. Sjiel 

MuKl "^R ildM «li^ «n^i^ nm. «l (mi^i 

«tM ilH ^. MHWl iRM^ 5Pl^ ^IH S. MW 
V «(l I0 -^ 1^ 6'a< eihi ^ 3 «(l <: 1 \o ^ai 

\^m[ iiH 6. Mi'i'ft 'WH'{[ «Mi/l "wiia^ii viKl 

an^ ®M^'{1 c-flc-ii ^ li;ii c-Ochi vi«^ ^m $. Sm- 

'^109 ^8t»l ^ltA'{l 3Qat ^cll/\ anl^C-O ^IM §. 
MH'ft Sm^'O «Ml^ 5HW<HlJH>li ^=tl«(l rt 
§M^ (§H^ anl^Stl ^8jM Pt|3li ^-oilH §. MW- 

§. ^ MH^i ct anlil aiaiic-fl ^m ^. d ^^'-H 4^ 
MlMl 'Osail 5iiil aiK-n MW^l ^^ !^ldl ^'S dH^l 
y«^l ^<^l SjidlSil ^^ MH'ft "SR>ti %Otmc-tl 
^W ^. -HH iHW aHi'ti HH'fl ^l^i <^t^i ^I'-i 6. 

|CH-tticai 1 "SiWciR ;:icii Miaj iiH ^. a^ 

^ifl^ q-^Hrt §Hl, 6. ani ^CH^n ildil M't^lCH 
<v^ ^il ^IH «i, a>i^ ci'fl c-i«ni'cr-Hi(^(l'{l S^l'cT 
M^ a*ilHR ^1-Jh ^. ^ik ^C-l'd ildil Ml'^Q'fl 
'S^IJJ' iim^l C-li«{l cl^«{l ^IH d. an^ ^ MKiflKl 
«Ml/l?a allil dad aHl^«n ^IH §. ^CH^l ohi%i 

Y «fl ^ 9a{ "^ d«a it) fq^lH Mei ^IH §. ^C-tHl 
=tl« M^^ ^H &. 

«asii ^ dM^ ^^S ^IH §, an^ ^ ^ ?fl 3 aa* 
C-lWi ^ I ^ai ^i^icai ^iH &. 

^»l ^^S an^qi ^icfl ^R ^. ci^i aniSR ^^o «tlo 
>lH'li M^l Ji'^loY ^IM $. MiiJ ct ctcil ^iC-fl 

Mimical ^icn ri^a. 

<i nh^ aiMdl ;i ^i^icni an^ ^n[<f[ ^iii^iswi 

t^lag §9{l 4 rtMi "i \iiHmi WPihn ani^eti 

¥l^%!i-:ii-i%i^i'ft qa$i ^i^^rii ^M{ 5\is 

iCejil'ft <ni«3aH (M.fl (mfl \/\^l (iycii snu^f 
ani^Sli ^IH §. 4 ci S^S ^M'fl <3M^ CHi«Hl ^M 
ani^Sll ^IH ^. an :ip>{7{ rtijcli 3^ I^HMl ^IQti- 
^IM41 ^I3l>li Hi^i ^8jM aMl(i"{l(V si^mi a>ii^ ^. 
55<Jl-?llMlfl'll >ll^Ul ^15^1 <v=t|"^ 'H->Hct ci?(l 
«ll| >llili ilH d. ^ ^ 1 «a 't^ "^ ^ 6ai C4l«S 
an^ 1^ ^^ ^liioi ^(h S. ^ aHj^?a ^l^ an^l 
'i^M ^IH ^. ^eiHl Hlai M an^ 1^0 t^lo limi 

V M^l ilMH ^^ 3l5^c^( sS.cilHi aHK S. >iC^'0 

«Mia c-(wi, c-a«n, ^ Mitni^^cd a^caicn §ih d. 



^<HM^ ili'S^^l'il <na^l 'HH 'iv'Hl fAH H^ ^^<Hl ' 

^IH ^. sa ?1'^'0 <3M^4l §41 SHI <H'«ict Si j^^l'ft i 
§MR =tUwl ")lc-ll ffit^lMi 3Hn §. k^^l =Hlil 

0{l(V-ii^ ^Idi =H«i^l il«Ai ^IH §. ^ ^ ^ I 
■s-SM^l^l-i^l^iisS aH«t'-tl 5tl^^ «MI!0^ =h(31- 

Hi^ii ^i"Si 4iM^ §. sMcnk 3H«i=ii tlid^i <^^i iH 

>HIH d. Sll-i^l ^l aH2i!«4, %l^i^H[l ^"^ <^'<^ 

dl-il Ml<<n^i ■HfitltOl ct Ml<^n Wic/R CHfcf ell^ Rjsl- 
^'ii liSlii S^^IM^ ^HMIH 3!. "jC-t^l iqw "Siel^i, 
5Hfd%iR 5H^ fHTfil J<'^IM^ ^M^IH §, ct'isy ^^l 
dil^'ll (ISH'tl H'-nSRl (3M^ Mi^ aniM^l'ft ^d^llS 
WC-tWi^i i^ §. Si^i '^CH^l ani aiil H>^1 ^Jdl'd 

il^J aM^ 5AlR, 311311H §. n ^l^^Kl <^(acl^l ft^<V 

6W an^ =i^<ni e^i<^ <§M^ (sMHPi^i €i=im ^. 

lo^cll ti^%i §H^ Sirti ^(jSil iiHl ^li^'fl %tl«l 
aniSHlMi anl^ §. aH<ii s^ch aH^tta, Ul^iSil «H'4 

"<HH^l^Hmi aHl=l §. ci^ov ct M^ll'^ <=tW<Hl »tl^ 

an^ M^irKI <n«ict^i Siifcj^ i^i-Hi >ii^ an^ ^^^tJ.^|l 
cim vsic(lMi«ft M^cti ^l^ SM^ M>iJ d iRMi C-l=llH 
d. «(lcisiHi «{l(V 3ltflctl1l(i a>i^ aiRil'ii 'Kla^'i 
€^£l §V^ dl4S i^=tl 'tl'i HM^ilH §. Sidi «{l<v 

5^^i Qni^ 3i<^qi>ti vii\ §. Sirti MH an^ ciKl 

ciM<v |iiH«{l ^iil "^5 M iKS iV-ll 'iU f.l(?>=tl(ni 
<itl9W C-taiUHRi "^ <HlH<Hl^i ani^ §. MUcfl ^(^1 

^4Ri*-(l Midi ^l4l dM^ aniMMmi ani^ 0. 

d^«i, «HtfirtR, ^j;Hi[, met, R>^iii (^3i^ ^ui:) 

i[^ §. ^l-ii g,HPl qvii^ d, i>i s^ d." 

is-^^i^ii-Hl^i ■ui'^d'ti j/lai^^iitai ci'-ni^, 

(^-[ho CH=i=Hn-ogSii n'j^^. w. 

l-^ll¥l«tllH-N. STELLATA. 
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•{lSti>l5l (yo); i\mt, fiWT^t155 (qo); ^rf5q?T, Ht^f- 

3-H4'i-aHl i^C-t M^l 5iRi^ >flil Mli^d'ii 
cltfll^l anPl >Ml'Jll=(laHRi (s^lcni svlctmi anl^ $. 
SiKl ^iSt 'H'^ci noii t ciicrii j^st -^^j @3ic-i( 

"^Wl-^lMl^ ^ =f^ci d'-d >ll^l/l Wij aH«lctl 
i^tCHiS ani i^lC-t'ft '{ISi aiK §. Si oils §M^«fl 
iltfQ \V\ 0, ^ ct4lM^ il'Jti ^Id^i ^ ajlt^il qm 

«vqi ^«i iiH 0, ^ ans^ift a ^^s ^m §. 5ii 
JiiiKl -Hi^i §y an^ r-tis '/lsi%i^di =(li!i«qi5\i 

^ "MlWtA^d ^l^iv »{lil^«lcil C-IR 0. ani 3li,;^ 

Mt^ ^\i s^ 0. Si 'hiw rfi^Kl <niog ?Ri'n 

ci ^SliMd <^=li Mil ^l(Ai "^ aHl^Ml'fl vslHl^tdi 
't^H «(vss \(cnMi KliCflCHi ^R S. 1/ V 2(1 lo 
^at ^ ci«fl =t^l^ C-ti^Hi ^IH 0. Si \v:^\ §M^'fl 
"iiog MH ^ ^Sl Kli^lsii §IH §. 

iiil ^^ ^iMiaiil-^lcfl 't«a. 

Min-'ft ildilSii 5li^,rii (3\t^^[ ^I3l-4^?(l 
-fliSlC-fl §IH 0. ci ^C-l'{\ ildilSii i^rti C-tMl an^ 

* ^l^tH«^ ^=l^nw>ii iH'A'ti 3^«t ?ilil«!A ^'R'fl 
Ml^ni ^ll^l^ii cl«ai=l>ti, 6Q*»l 4^1^*11 •Hl^ftaHl 

rt<^wHi, "^l^iwiii, *(l't^«, ^it^i'Hw «t^*^ 3u5li'ii rt(ai- 

^^ni nli'^wi SH^ »l«ilCiaJ"4»ft MMli'fl cl«tl<:til>ii 
ail>tl^ mjii i^lfti ^-tHlHi aniH &. 



isa ^IH ^. ildil ^ct(41?(l fl MH^C-l ^<l cnriil 

fwA'fl anS^ ctRl^trl'll (aHl^anl^Rl'il) =11^1 ^IH ^. 
"i-^ %fHl/l C-a^ ^iH 0. rfta^ra yxii/1 f^igit 

^IH S. MHHI sh^^'U 4^11 ^io <: Kl IV Ml MHHi 

5Mi^c-fl iiH ^, HK R. «ft V ^ io i;!^ c-thi 
5H^ \\ Hi \ 1 i ^^ mlmi ^iM ^. MH 

'to <ir ctit/ii i^itfui MH <v=li <v 811H ^. "m^ i?^i 

^^-'0 iliilSii MQj etim Sm^'Ii ^rm"< 

Mh''{1 ildil^Hl q=-5l«fl «{lS(?iC-{l ^IH &. ci M't- 
^C-t«ft 2Hi'l(/n ff/<l T»lil ^IM §. <t Ml=fl 5H^ 

ctRl^fcWl =11^1 anmi ^IH ^. ^StPll oHi^t 3 «fl 
M €)2t^l ^IH §, ^ ci^l ^^l 3Hm>tl'fl WlHl^dl 

•io d 'ti iMSt'li ^C-t i^cti 'tlilHi ^IH &. 

^tMl/l^^l «(l«i ^t^Scti an^ C-flc-tl ^(oi'ti ^IH S. ^ 
nM^ i^ii <3iHl aHHMRS^ti MlsMl aniHC-fl ilH 

ane-Ho ■^R'd Mi>Hil5ii i^ctl %ti<V ^l^lii ^IH S. 
SH^ ct ct(ta^ ''ll^ltni ^ >l«ll5l «ii^i airti ^^^ 
H«li ^iiii M^^i ^IH ^. ci R. «(l R.4; tl^t 
eihi aH4 4- ^'a^?(\ ctvid iWi Ml^ltAl ^IH Wi. 

yni'^H'-ri'ii'^iH-fl MiMiiSti \o «a \R. "^ 

H^Hct Silil =l5m^ ^IH ^. cl ^i3J ^R'ti ^ir-llH«fl 
^IH &. aMl 5H3J ^R^iKl M^C-fl ^R ^ ^o e^io 
1lH4i M^l Ml^ aHK«{l ^IH ^, ct-fl 'ft^irfl 
%lMl/l «ilil tll^n «{lc-tl ROlrft ^IH ^. 'Hi'^til^l 
Jio Jtlo "imrti M^l iRcti rll^lKl an^ Wiiil ^IH 

"Hi'^ilaHl'fl Ml ctfcflH atMdl an^ Hmh «iwi 

^IH ^. ctHl «iSil (Hl^W aHS^Kl nisfl MRW^l- 
4'{l 5i s^i^i @c*{l ani^C-fl ^IH Wi ^ rt'll ^ii-5 
Otisi'tt 'H^R'fl tilog^fl MRRrSW^ (3C-{<lPl aHl«- 

«!. ci Mi^i Mltni RJl-il ^IH §. ci^ *l«il«l ■^HlCHl sy^i 
">HUl ^IH §. ct -"HUlKl HS-SllHaA "tiiR KlS^cft 
'Sli \S^ aH8(cil !j[i^Sl ^IH §, ^ M sniosaHJfl 

<^.i «3si ^ «ft \^ "I ci«a slui =tHi^ ani^c-ii 

^IH §. an ^■oi'ft §"HR -io ^ Kl i'H'H'd Mlki 
^Hhl ^M nfe aHlHcti iil aH?.R 'H'^lctl jicll anml 

^IH'ti siQrtiR anv-tl M^ ^IH ^. ci z\h M-S»li 
HiJll ^g(H "A<v §IH $. 

|j$i-'i «ft U ^=H c-iHi ^ 1 ^a 't^ Mimical ilM 

§. s^C-l Mlicti ^Ml ^o «tlo "^m^i V M^l ^C-t'fl tHifeR 
ilHH R^eti svlHlMI anld §, ^^ Mi">Hil5il an^ 
HSs^^l ^^ M^Sti "^^ <vcti £>HIH §. sj^l^ >l«ll«l 
=N'l"S%iRP-l^"'H'll Sictl M«3i ilHM ^"^Hlcll ^IH S, 
an sictl^l'{l Kl^t fell'^^l^'ti Ji'n aiitsi:^ ani 

<H>Hct Q^Ri R'wi «iW ^mi ^R ^, ^ ci'Q ^a-^Kl 

Mis{l ifSlKl anSR %iMivJ 31%-fl ^=tl>li aHl^ S. 
!^C-t C-fly ^ aicASjj ^IH §. ^ ctMR H"wtct ^Ifc) 

"Sifci MiMil and :»i"5«R itj^sii'd 31%-ii «n=imi ani^ 
§. ani.^si '{o ^ rt( iH^ni \^ i^cii H^i^ ^Ri 

^ >Hl(f>d ^IH S. ^C-t^l anui SIM i^ svicti 
SMR'ti ^l1%lRl^^"»i <vdSll ci»ti ziilSR M4 
5lli'-tlH5li ^^{HWi ani^ g. Si s^s M^Hi ^8;H 
Smi "^ S=l(a{ct Rwi yi^i o{l<V ^IM d. Pi an 
"{loy ^itfii ^j^H ci3*-A ci^ qtfiSieti ^ih d. j^'H-A 

=tl%i QJt anPi R:iHl? =(lsi%i^cil Ul ^^l <Hl3l d. 
!^CH «to <; rli 5^CH<Hi K^-t iv=li Miai ctl^ M.m(\ 
mm ^^iKl aH^«i)M( iSl Sictl ^IH S. ani s^CH^ 

cid aHRl5{ §i ^[(S\[ wii&R 'dSfadl ^l"^ ^IH S 

Pi nHl «Mi<nMR '^itnl 't^iKl S^Hl (nHi ^IH ^. 

o{lav (^'4 ^^l<Ai ^IH ^. 

*«i. .; Stw ani iHswi ^«i ^ Ulnaw mil aniai 



Piglet ^l^ o^aMl «i"i^ \\. 


tt^dl-n H. I. p. 115; 

C-dc-l aHH (h^H ^3Hi ^IH 6. ci 'M^li 'll^l'li ^lHl«(l 
aHcHrt ya ?>HIH ^. 

^-^u¥l<i riR-NELUMBIUM 


t'^dl-cl-H. I. p. 116; N. p. 12; Watt 
V. p. 343; I, (n. Ml. 3W. 

Ji-^^il riw-^iii i*i'^ (^'°); ^'-i ^'^^-i (y°); 

jfra ?.R3, aifl^r ^JT55, (l?) ^^, q?I (flo) q?J (^o). 

jtM«)i i^rti Htaji >li^iii iiM §. ^'\i Mi'i 
3\i«iisR dicH Sy-Hi i «(l 3 ?[ld cm^4i «i,iHi 

s[lSl «flsil ^'Hi 5H^ rt((A'l <H5-=4iq2t iliilqitfli 
eiMl, aiia^d Miscn, <n«,R«(l C-d^ 5*181=11 ^8f^ 

•wilM &, ci slmi^i anW ^IMA ^iiH'ft 5l«^,l >ll^- 
ot'S^Hl «l'-a ^^ 4^H ?ll5Ri >ini rt^^ ^5fl (wlU W. 

cl ni^i hh MKt &. SiHi 'i. <r -«cti anwi JjCh tuu 

^l^^^l M«li ^IM S. s^CH M<^1 3m>l4 SH^ 

<Kl»vm'Ji, ct&i?l «ii4 **d. ^'^i^ Mi'^i'jj,, ^iiaiisi^ 

aiMil H*llVli'Hl'Ji, 5H^ 5 m Y t'=4 '-Miy^ ^IH 
§. «>{1<V H»t>l Rl'Ai M'^ Mlvs'J\?{l <Ji<i Sl«Ai "i 

S>l$til34l ii ^. SHH 5)\,ti !^c-l^ i>lCH5lil 

M-^iOJ^lH J ^ ^^ ' S '^• 

l-^M^ilil-aHl iMCH^ll (sM'^l^l %imR«3l ^ct 
'to c }i<t/ox sj^qi^i anl^ ^. aH'ti s^C-t Ct:«R 
^IH «i. M^l aH'ti tHloy fv MWi^il sHn=<l i>iCH- 

^. anHi MH 3list an^ =(l<Hd ^IH d, ct«(l cl 

»<'ii ^C-lHl iliil^i?ft ■>(lyil«tlcll ^Itfll ^«l '{li«l 
^, ci HCi\mi {(^ "il'AHl'fl ^l^l H=tKl ilHMi 
ani^ &. t<t41 Sh>1 Mi^i i^-HlH ^ "S 8Hl ^^l^il- 

"<3cMCHl(i«ct-'{i^lcMC-t, Ji^^i ^ lli'ilS H'-'^'tl 
clict«ll an^ ^flMH £^i aH?il SH^l cii^il SlW ci^ 

Hli "HM^IH^. ^ ^l^^'irSl'cTMi^i <Hl3Ri Sl^ «lcil ^IH 
•^l^ ci §MR ci <^li[^ SiiMilH ^, cIM <V MlHlH 
^. i^lfnSliil aJi ^[k^i >{"4l 6, an^ ci Mli»»l 
Mi ^. ci^ Ml^P i^ "^fl-Hl^fl fMTlwq^'fl %1-v^rt 

cl'4i an^ @c^c^ '"h^ S. sMtfiitiil'ti c-flcHi ^V 
ci'ii Hl«i SH^R "^im, 'tUKl %ti5i ^qi«ft anfcl- 

«R '^H \l d, a>i^ 3ii:.^« 2lcil aHdi ^. 
an r«r-llH Mi^ an^lKl a>i?,^ ?|rti ^in^m, a>i<<4l- 
cm^i ci^<v 3l<HUlH>li«0 M^rj e^liCl (3cMCHl(f.<lct 
e)qi«ft ani^ d. 9V> ^1^ ^■*McilH'»Mct i^qi^ti «tc(l 

^iH ci<l ^1^ «t »i<HUiH*{i«ft hi[ -^i^i m^i 

(ilH cil ct ^H[ 3|Qi M^cil ;?IH cil ci ScMC-tlfs 

\ici €)qi«(l anil 6. ^ctqmi an^ «Hl»«i "itnci^ii- 

^cli»»'a[l «isl qi^fl ailMilH d, «»-ct Sl^'ft anj:^ 
S^'A'li Mis^i'fl ^l^Hl SM^ >jqi?(l «Ci^l £16 ^ll'Ct J 



811H &. clM-V «-»-ct wH^Hi «Hl^ ^^^'ll «l^^^i*ft 

«w M-nic-ti"-(ii. <l. ^.) 

"^loi iMC-t ^ictl n«ll ^HW iMSt i^cli «hHi^ 

aUHKl s(l %tl«l «IS^ 'll^ ■«il=ll*li snl^ dl iO{- 
6^1 -iUl «IIH ^." (^. ^11. »1. ^Uo). 

2H^ ant^Ml'ft^ %^\%X. 5^ $. 25lHi SHl 'to \\ 
^l^ ^^li i»iSl sv*^ ^^^cl^i q?IWJJI3 sHnni 
ai^'^ si ^, ci ^l«(| >^i^ anPl ^VH jsMCH 

^nUct «tcii ^fl'stiiJ^ «^H «!. >ti^ 5i !;i{c-i;i sjiH- 

cto <f, (. an^ \o anifi sv>rt( iiC-t ^hUcI cfvHci 

§yil \%H ai<^i "tH «ivr»»tH d, ct^ sir^Cn- 
ii^ft ii d. sir^RiiJ^fl iM^t'ti Y^ ^^Rsi^ft 
5>ic-i4i ^cH jj^rti 'tiiti'ti an^ ct^i^qi^ ^^ni «tiH ^ 
a«n ?i^ q%ifr, figMr an^ ^Jifeju ii S. 

HH 55il" l|-^^-Ul<i:^H<l) 

KliHlHi^ft SHit SH^ ctHi^fl atstl <3cMvl «1^4t[ S. 
i^t^lj i>l<Hl^1 an^ i^lCHrlM'ft 2tci( c-t^MlHi 
'tl*!! ^. ?ilc-t^>{l^ ani^H SMC-t^'H @MR ={\nMi>ii 
aMl^ ^. ^iR'^tJi^ sili aHl*iH M'U aH»tK SHCH- 
•^C-t §. e(«t2i)'il clMlM i^WVW §«-{l SM^lKl 
MlC-tl ^^iq=lRi ani^ S, <a^ iiKiaHlHi «ii'l'{l 
H^fctsHl •5i«as 5v5li5\ iHCH^Sl (3M^ "l^U^ft llct- 
^^l»ti aniM §. an^i sa^rii MI^IHI ^ISi^li H^(l 
<jy3ll5t SHC-t'^cnKl •HlSt^lcfl iuQ £-vHU=llMi aHlH«{l 
d an^l ani'-tl MlH^l H^Ml^l '^^^\ i^^lH §. 
and^ §ll?tia>t M«J iHC-l^Sl^ "hR^ ^SIW aniM^ ^. 
R<>i^U^l<^Mi CH^'S § 1:-^WPR >tl>^^^ ^H 

t anioHi 1 <^rii ^c-t i€l i^»tiH "v 4(4. 

d. ctMi Ht^l R^^i i^^ %ll^««i>tl^Mi an^ 

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HSjKl M6lHf»l QlH^l'fl an^ ^Hl'Hi^i'ft aHMl%l^ 
?.6ll S^^lli =Hl^ S. ant M^l^inKi svl iM«t^ 
^C-t 2til<HHlMi 'I ani^ ctl an -y^ aH1.>4 ^l'*i''< 
d. >ll^ aHWC-t^tl oy»ticii»ii ani^l \«1 ^^ i^HM 
«>1 JlMl« SMI «cti S^lCH^et 't m51 ctl ^-m^- 
ct2i)'ti aHrirH QtSctl ^l^ldl Rl«l "H31^ SH^l'tl 
^•^Kl <v3ll5i MlctHi M^ctS 6€l ci aiJicQ ij«i 
H<4 i^tl'ti tllcllaiil aniMiatl «i<Ji«l^lHl ani^ d. 
an^ aHl<l ^ci SMC-Wi ^StHl an'^lSJ »tl?i aniM- 
Hl«(l ^t^lSHEJ'fl H5^ U^ «IIH § anPt ^H6l- 
\'\^ \VrA «11H ^. ^ d«(l ci H'tHl Hi=-VS'tl 
H^ S^ d. aniqi RatlXl ?flM6l^H25'll <HSclHl 

aH»i^l HlC^S fiHl "I ^i «<« ^=^^1 Ml«im Ml^ 
Miil ^Ictl'ti H^ctS *(l»i(&l^^25^ ^m'^\ S. aM^ 

aHl<l ^n aiiftc-ti mcts ^ i>iCH"»i«n Vl^ 

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aH^25 Ul^ a^<l>ti^iM4ti.4t"ll^ ^Mtfel^=l25^ 
2tilHHl»ii anR §, ci^ tUrfi i>lCHH«»l ^^-^i"^ 
si=tlH S. 

ani Hictl Mi^fl iif^^ § ^ (n'^iii Qt^wi^ ans 
'-{"^ct ^iH<3S >ii^'ft anMi^^ (in^l ans %i&^ 



s^il'-Hi, ^ SiJt ViC-i feii^, ^i^ i^avt ^i4 H<Hl 

ans/ ^JU>^ aOcy ^, Sii ^*t -l^fl, ctl '-IC-tl'^ J'll, 

Pl?*<H'-(l 5WI mu 3H^ =Hc(l :(lct SHlc'Hl'HiSl^ <^ 

fit4 i^ctl 6rtl. 

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«Mi<a«a R. «a s ti=H (3=0 ani^ a s(/u ^iPtHi 

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cHi Mli^fl^i i^C-t Ml^ S. anl •jC-i'O Sli'JO /Idil 

(§M^ Wit^ ^61^ Mi<^(lMi«(l <n6R c-tir-ii an^ mi^ 
6. ani [iHi?(l 5iM <vi«iiH S "i ani ^c-tPl ciKl 

'tR, 6dl. M»3i ^CH dHicfl H"^a ct^ <M61R aHin- 
=11^ «v^^ MIch^, ct Miaj qtffl ^iRcd =i">Hct an^ 
Mlt^aKl 5H^l-a«(l «lU (3=4 ^i^'-nKl, dl ^51 ^iBtKl 
=l"»Hri SHi-Hl^ iRi^ \[9m[ Ra4^'lRi Nd^daHiai^l 

<lct Rift^ i^R-in «iW 3im M^q ^ivj oyg -^ M^ 

cl^ ^i^lH 4 S^ ^ Ml^ ^ Ml^ Ml'^dMi @rt^ 
«tH d. an^ cHl ci Ml'cSi ^llctwi «Hl <iiWl •>{l<r»1 

5. %(l'ti >i«^ ^^^ ni^ Si'fl <§\>ii iH'uw 5. 

(i'H^t'ii (§H^ $. ^^^ cUtMR <MM^ aH»tU <HM^l 
^HRi aHl^ d. ^ a5i ^'h ^iRtMi (3Hi ell aa^i 

HS^€'il ^rHl <HHR.l^[ ^\k^R %iVHt5l^ ^'V 
!(>l'=t>ii k.^i'd Rf^ctl ^^mi ani^CHl $. an^ HM^^ft 

iR'^i'^^ "^dc-tls :^Ri!! •Hi^'t i^sti ^, ^>i^iyi>ii 
%s^ fsrf^fcT^rfcr ^>'7*t^ fl^ 

f r ff cT 5f?I iTI%Hf »T3T TSJ^r^ II 

^^Hlil% iM^t^ei iflaticti ani (HM^i c^Ml 
!t«lW ^"§11. ^t'tMi ci RaiR «'-tl C-tli^l ^ ^l:fl 

Jl^l, cMl^ ani ^s:^ '^c-t Ml^ (l«Hi^l. a>il iiMli^l 
n (kmi i^ctl (icll S^dC-tlMi-aH>i^l«, ^ aHi 
6l^aH aHi<ft ct ^C-i ctlil «{1^, 

A bee inclosed in a lotus, thought 
within herself, the night will pass, the 
morn will reappear, the sun will arise; 
the beauteous lotus will smie again. — 
While she was thus thinking, alas an 
elephant came and bore off the lotus." 

■"i^UMdlaHl >Hi»iT «^l1iaH ^l^liCH^ 5^«li 

=i>Hi'^i*(l R125 «icti ^i»r^i»n^ M^l iin saR^i 

g%?T ^?:^ %> 5?^: 5JR5 11 
Ji^K ^^TK ^ 3TiT^^ jt^^tI; II 

f«3TcT ^^rWt ?inCT 55^ uf^^ ^9fTj 

*iR ^<im» «/Mmi4 yt§ii»iu jet 3T^a%f^;5JrH 



^ 'H'iCm ^^i W^ i^-H ! <H»i^l 1 ^^\ ^4^ 
Jl%l9l iRdRl etui ^>lRflH :^'^MHl SHMR aHH- 

and ^"(\ 'il'^lil sHincfl P^fd 5^ '3. ">H^l Th^ 
cil ani HH'l 5V § ^ i^U r-llM 'H^l^ r\[^ ^3[^Pl 

M-N. 0. PA PAVER A.CE^. 

§IM ^, HMcl >i41l!t Suni^ilM^ iidl M"^ ^IH 
anirt"^ ani^C-ti §IH §. SMMH ildi <iH{. ^CH m^ 

^IH §. ct t^ti^l cl^rt "wi^ «tH S. :!io ano-Ho 

!<«lMi ^?iH o{l«V m^i ^IH S. 

ani ^taiKl <=W^M(cI si^, »llSi, ^i^i, 5il^ 

ani ^l^lMHi an^li^ (Papaver somniferum) 
'tl Su^Ri^flKlS^Aril ^l^ ^ Mi^i S-HSjli^i (opium) 

•=1^ ^. f^Hl^ll ^lll m4i^^ 't<M«Al an^ M^'-l^l 

^<V>ict an^ SlAaHlKl rl'-nvfl fefrl aHj[li?J«n 
«iaHC-{ld, aHMHi^Jl «ll'5l^si^ §. H^,[ ^id'^Hill 
^^<S^<\1 fAHi^ ^m^ MR^lSt 8lW ovctl ir^cti^[ 

* 5iy5 ^iH^iSii an^ Jtfi<ii^ =11^ sHn flji "ii^wwi 
3Rm 5-cl^l Sis ifi w=tl\ aHl^i & 5:- 

#fraT IS TTTW^ ^w^ ^ra|i (4r) 

-I'i, an^ «>-m(4HI €5l^>li aHlRt>i-d ^[iw 
S(^^^ anPl i^-H^ ^i§y ^[il-^'l'd ^i\% ani 
(MR'%^) >'-lR:»tKMi iR «cti ani CHM'tl^^ svi 
aHcAct SHI an^ iMSMli •sM'^n'-t'tRl "^^l «vI--1R| 
ani^C-tl ^iH cil ci >H^->H^ 'JiSjXm H<4ll Hl^'A't 
'AHl^(l5iKl 'S. -vH^-^H^ aniq <H-u^d Pl^lHR aHSjl- 
'^'tl '-nHl^jpSlirn Hctfifaict Mt^l %t<Hl(a ^ llfclaH 
ani r-l^81H»li ^l"4l ^IH cil ci M^^^^ Vi^ ^^- 
^«ll^<f»' ^ilHl &. an^lioirti 3i^«t «4Hl<^(laiii 5ii 
a^Dil5i?(l o{l2i) ovSIiSh MWlKl >l5l s^y ^ijdi 
4?(1, ciM ci Ht4i^^ litltA =f«ici ^«{l!^ ilMM-< 
km M'SJ i^ «lSctl 'iSd. ct?(l ci^Hl «l?aaMl 

<v5ii^ Mi^ Mi^ ^^i 5^ >Hi=ii^ ^idi n^a, dl 

"iHll^fl^ aH5(l<4l iHi*-(l a>iMl<l ^f^ ? aHl<l (^Slfrt 
^icli 3l^n "iHli^flSii ^i^cli, 5iiic-li, "S -"^i^l ■^[zCi 
Mil ansjlioi^i rii^:^ 3Jv{| JiliSi^iin 811H 6. 
ansOiSJ'll Pl^l^R n^l'^fl^l'fl SHl^l aHci;^«li ^nW 
?:'V^m'i r[\\m a^l^l ^^5(^4 ^Hll^ftsHl ^l^ »XM- 
(4HI SSltfl^i aaj <^i<sY 'cSlM| <4^miHi anic,^ 

1^3. anPl n»ii a^iiPl ^i»{l ^-<ict ct^^^ -un^ii 

an^ an^lt^ ci^iH aniMHrni aHi'-tdi ^fti. aHi?fl 
i^^-tlKl MctC-l'-H an g > H^yi aH3R !sl(?l g!,i5i 

aHi iwi aH^i$.Hi 3i^'>t n^ii^aSii^ =mi^ 9ii3i- 

H<1 Ml d. >il^ aniHl ilfSlaH aH!(li3j^ u{^[^ 

"(IcH^c-t i^^iv 4 ^ySn. an:^ 81^ ^iH ni ci 
§iil ^^ ^WsH. |>ti«a ^Mci Hm kiii[7[ ci^ 

'4^-lH2i »11H ^. MiSJ ci Hi^n -n^iwd i^ §. aH5(li^ 
Ml^l?(l ^l^l^M^ sicfl Ml^ aH%l^, an^ =H?0>«i'i 
'-•H^-H ?iil'-tHl §MIH '^I'nct'ft 3TT^3Tj'^Rf 
C-lnnaj 6?Aicl aniM ^. ci ansfliSJ'ti "iHlt^fla^Hi 
Ql^ti-il •>Hlct^ aHi Kl=i <§cll^ SiqiMi a>ii^ $:- 
M S=llaHmi ankfliil Si aHcHct ©M'^l^tl €m 
§. M«l ^ rQ^ll i^'41'il §3?(l 5l=lRi anR § 
<^l^ n HQ|l MlHMl«fl b^rH^ afliv 8lW Ml S. 

"sH^is.i^l »-Hy^:-«liil Mi^i ?l=ii«(i iin'i 

^i^\-H[ ii^l anR S, a^^^l ii>^(art »11H S, 
ani^l «ci<v ^1 §, ^ VlffV "i^^l^Ml Ra{R«(| 
fJl^^^ ^^^ ^. Ml'cSCa^ «Hl^ a)i5[l^jr{l an^^ (vcft 

^^ ^ «i^ Mi?i QiiX «itl ^^ ^, anisHl esqi 



«l«<Hi'{l «i(m cl-imi ^idl 'i^ft. an^ ci c-ii-j^i 

cl^ ^lil Hlil JiiR^l*^ 5H3R ci^ ^M mn'^i^ 

ofl^l ^MICH ^Idl §H^ »lRHl'-(l M^i rt ^HlC-lcil 

aH<vm«i anHll ^3j(^ rt?(l. Iiy Hli^i^t^ 351^ 
an^ "^I'd^ Sll;^ ">Ml=tl'41 aHl=li ^">H Pl§ ^Ifef a^l^ 

Sllil ^IH ^. 

aiiS avl'fl <r^rt^l Ml%l ^"^MW 3Hl^ §, -V ^fc)^ 

i\i 3H"HH^l iMSlHct «lfc) «tH d, S>rl %ll!< Sei- 
dell rl«fl, (r/i^lfJl >if. «ilH d, aHrtliV-i %ti:(l ^l^ 
Miai'i »l<i <% ik^H M'l 3it/(l ii^lc-t ^m ?-»HlH ^ 
an^ ^l^^dlMl^ ^latl SH^ ^CHl Mil ^nH S. «Hl^ 

<v^l^^«tl <^M "Vi^llH S ^ ■ycy ^^^ aniH d. «? 

an^fliSjH ^iHl«ft ^iJjl'i'HSi «4ctl an^^i H 

llW MiJl ^cl «*l^ a>i!jli3J -^Mlg 'ill. WiSO"^ ^i'tl^ 
1l<3i^l liC^i ^\m\^[ MW 1^1 i^ §, ^ Ml«(A«(l 
•rSKlMHl aH(l<«J ^HIH §; Ml^ ani "il'-nrt^li H€i 

aH![l>3i k'-il'-H i&>^«li '-tHl^ 51'-tl^l ^(HH ^. iR»ai 
"^ flHH Hl^H^m h'<<ii ^{^ ^i\% (Hl»l ctl ciM^ 
aH!(Hl mi 'i^[ ^ ^<l'-a cid^i "^ 'H!^^ HJ 
Mi ^; Hl^ (&%?l«li aH![liiJ ^"^^ <V Slj ^ Hall 
Hl^ Ml^ aili^ s,^^ f.^^liv (j{lVt ®H^ a*i3l^ C-tliil 
Sm^ JHS 5is H^[\i cfy[\ >^i; 3H3i^ (&-*>l^li anH 
^cfl QiR ^^^ sHi^ ^^. a>ii?(| Siiii a*i!(li^ 
■^HRl-Hl'm '-M'^lf^flMl'll ^detli^ nHli^l i»tH d, ^ 
IdC-tlJ^ ani^ «11H ^. anr-Q <lcl aHS^tJi ?i!i^ an 
Ml4 ^i <H^^ 0. ^ Hi^l Midi ^^It^fl <ll anr-Q 
^H «4Hl>iJ 'iyi ^lirtlff/ 'i^-d. m'l SiSSM aHi^li^ 

?isi<l ^^ ansy QnH ^^Hi d. Mir^i mi'Hc-ii 

<Jtl^ anijli^ 5i5 i^ yn[r[[-^ 'A.H[^ M*^ anig^ 
Mi^ll'^l ^cl^ SHi M'^HHlilaHl'd an?.^ a>i!(lijj ^w 
»ilH S; Mi^i a>iiM S^^llHi H€l an^ ^Hlt^ftaH 
H14I (6Mcl Rl^HHlKl S. (^ n^l'^ft'i Vii}^ mi- 
=4^ ^IM ct ^^[^7{ tiii R'-i^Mi atl^ Miai an^U 
« ei>H<:t svt^l, an^ (S^tl^l cl^ll fe^Hct aniVHi. 

j «Hl^ a>i![lijj SiSJM «>iti i^HlHl ani^ <^l^ ^^ 
"li^s: ^i:(l^»li ■^il «ilH ^, ct^ ^l^R f^lM »iW 

I "IH S ^ ct iWM'l '4%1'Hl Mil S. H HdHi 
ancHct "HlaH «i, I^ t^^I jIh clKl MW*(l aH!(li«J 
^l^l §. ani^i (?.ct« a>{!(li4l Ml^ a'^Hl 5^ d. 25<H 

Mi«l ^i<a1 wi<l -Hoi ^, 6i«i M'lHi «■»« yact^ 

»11H §, i^^ S^ ^, HWl 5(1^ $, Mi*tl ^«IIH 
S ^ j«l!ll <r/ anidC-tl Kh%1 ^'■-(l i«n»v <^rll 6cil 

a S^ssz^ ^^\ m1 S, ^ Md ^/l Mi §. Rh^mi 

yo > Mo <H>H'1 3JUI «ilH S ^ aHl>Hl «^^ 
@M^ Ml^HKl ^S ^S <h5i e. «KHI<^(1^ ^l^ 1 
(SH^ 'Hlc-t^St FlSl aniHcfl 'l^n, >lldRi8(l C-tl^ a^ 
d, ^ aHi-»iMi«ft ct«il 'ilSili^ft MRQ dMiHl i^ 
$; (jm «-^ct C-lPl S, ff/S^lfk ^a »tlH d, ^ 
"SdC-fli ^l^Hct ^^i^ M^lin ^^ Mi d; «^ aHl 
<H'«ici H^l^ svtH g ^ aH![li^ qsR li H^ <vW«l 
aH<l ^d^i H.SR shI S^ ^. cilMi^i ani <^Hl f^dl 
^i{{\ »iKfei 6; »ii^ n '-Hinct --tit fe^ict ^i-»tcti 

an^ n^ «1PH Rc-tl^l aniMcti sJlll M«U<H cl«tl 
^l^R'tl rtJl n^f.l ©il'l @M^ '^ ^il (h^I^ «11H 
clrll ?ll3H fclc-lliv a^Hl 6i{'dS\, ani <M'=l( f^'^l 

m^imi msji ni ans ani^ulani M^n r^ ^. 
mH\.m ki'^ hk fiH>i ant (^& fec-t ji i Ml 6 . 



l^fl'ft m^f/^ S^'Hl'ft SH^^H <V^^ §. 

"mi,* M^lffl C-Q'^ll ^ 3l<Jil SH 3Al^ =(l!V^l ilil 
RhwMI 21R 'Hist 'H"<Hcl ^IH^i. SHl^ i^'l 

'iS^ <H%i?i StPl3 4*41. ani iUl sHKI^I Hj!l=t^ 

ci?(l 5ii^ g^4 idcim ^iHi^ 6:^Jsrt <v^ 'i^d. «- 
<l^ 3Y %iV< ^ili «11H § ^ «4H i^^ii 11^ shkIi^I 

<^^l 4k 5H^ «K\5i) ^ct<JlH ^=11 SHlMHl^d \i 
>l<^ (^C-lll M^'Hl ^U?l, -Hl^ Rid^iH S^l^l ©M^Pl 

«l^l ^if^i ■vlRli aniM^l. sHig fli aH=l%H ^H^i 
im'^li §, > 5H^l«l 'ii'llRl 'AHlf^ft »ilQl%l^ 
Ji^itfl g>t ^^ticni MRlS^i "SlijMtai 'Mcl'fl S^^ 

C-IR S ci hi'S'H^ aHMHKl ^SS RmiH !(W «Rl 
"IRli^d <v J^'mi^fl ^ii&'i i^ ^r^ &, an^ ci oiii^'dl 
t?(l. ■4lW^*(l ci4l ^l^^'ll TilSl (rnSl <Jil3| (3M^ 
Ml-Sl cl«tl ^d «11M Wi. 'V^ >ll^ «(l3lil2Hl qvs«il- 

31^1 niin '41'{l ansR ans si^i^i aniM^i <m« ^. 

5Hi ^iCmI ^Wl i^^lf^dS VAX 5H^ %ll^l ^if^di 

« r?<H^ M^ «"Vt (^-^l «l[ct «iqi »ii5. ^ 5H^ 
Hl^ Hl^ ci-Hl >l-i^i ^3 iWcl anma ilH ''iM 
€ll3l ^; ci^ M-H ^ik «ilH S ^ ^HS^iaj^ ^^l«il 
iHl M^ i€l ^fe aH;i<H^^l 5Jl^l ^Hj4 '^''i^ 
fl^ »Hl^ 6." ( ^l. <l. ?A. ) 

1-^U^1«l riR-Argemone Mexicana. 
i^l'Ct-H. I. P. 117; N. r. 13; watt. 1. 
p. 306; ^. k Ml. \f4 

R-%^il riiH-si^^ (Mi+?i.); "ft^sr -^rerr, ^jS 
w, nitTfr qi^ (q.); gc^tRi^it, ^5ic^sr, Virata 

3^r. (4.). 

^-H^rl-tllMl Su=ll (ilMl«\l'{l •gl^'Hlcl mjii 
§3l Wi, ci (H^^flqiSli 3H^ R. «(l V ifld §211 silH 
^. cini ^d€i ^If^lanl <{li(?l §. d H\^bi\ ^\h\ 
^ (§"=(i H^ ^. ani 3Hf«il SUHIM^ H\^.b^ cfls^isi 

^pi (iucti ciMi?0 (^wi^a^ti :^3i <^Hi Ml^i ^^i^i 

Hli^l §. 5i ^^iii aMi <T,tn'0 y^iffcict qi« ^iH 
d. ''Hi SiliM^ Q1^>{1 ^'I'fl aHcHrt "il^i Wl^ 
|lH S. ci ani^icnl^ft M^rti Sct^l <MM § ^ 'M 
»l^ Kl^i §U<Hl^l Ji^i j[l^i ({\i{i^ :\ ^<S\bn[ ^IM 
§. MH SdidHi MW ff/Hi C-lhi ^ "il^ SMlHCni 

■Hltfll ^IH W'. 

^Vl-^^i M-i^fl SHPlffO ^g <r»li Im. ^. ctKl 
WlC-tM^-^i dH^'ft llct^ Mlctafl 5M^ ?i^l ^31,0 
'in S. ^ ci ^^<v Hvt?(l vi^H'Hl'fl §rt^ ^H 
^. VSIC-I -I^MR^lQi^ ^ MlfARsiHi (|lH §. WICH- 

>ii«n ^5ii w ^^ &, ^ Hl^ Mi>l 'ci;^i sidi 
«tH S. ^ ci Mi«ca2(l Qi^i vi^i «iy awiy Msl 

^m\ ??['i ^IH ^. ci^l shQi JIM b1\ ^cti ?i 

fAii ^[^. §. ciM^ Sll^l S^ §^ iidl ajii^CHl 
^IH ^. =H^ -Siil SM^'ii o^Hi MW ^illj" ■'Ji^ 
ilSiC-ti §IH ^, ciKl "SMI ^^ 3iaHc-(l iiilM^ %-il 
1 Smi ilH ^■>MWl ^IH 6. iiil aim ^IH ^. 
ci^l anlil ilM 5r=0 «ncli cl a>if^^«(l rJiaH \-<HlH 
S. 5i siMrfl "SRM^^fl ^ik «»lCHMi«0 Mm ■«^5ii 
^« A S. ■?ll-«HlSll iiil (v<fl aH«iqi a?(l Mlcttffl 
MiSJ §IH S. ■?ll"^iaM| 5is»ti?(l «t5i aH'ii^l H\^ 
hii 'Wh^i^ ^IH 0, ^ ci si{li[\ ^iH d. aJii€i iiil 



'i'-fl. SHiii MK iiil =H«l'-tl ^U-»Hl^ SiUiJs »llJ"^ 

H'<^-{1 ^^^i m Mi^'ii 5\ wi^i M131 dH "i m^i- 

S. ''1 «^5 ^i^ SHSi Sti^^i cft^ji^ ajiOH'Hl^t si^l 

■«{il 'v^l ?ii(a1 aiH<:-{l ^IH §. ^^ MK [^(^rt 

^5^ Mlimi §IH ^. MH 5V^l J^ii ^IH ^. MK 
\^«{l <Jl^Hl «l<l ^4^-J^ 41^ MH sHiyXHl^Mi 

<V^l Pistil ■£-»HlH ^. MH'd 'Hiy (3Jt =H^ R:=llS 

ct'fl <^l« ^^<v MR^MlM<AHi 'j4l<^ MI%14 ^«\<^ 
^CH^l oMiy \; ^a 5 > 3 95^ ^i£ll §IH S. 

31MI 4^ -jC-lHl Mi'*Mil'Hl (§Hi §. 5H M^l (lit 
<M>>il ^41 ^IH S. 4 4^1^ «iiii ^ ^^=li 4^K 
Ml^lffli ^IH S. dKl "it^R^l «4loa iidl ^IH (S. 

^ ^4i ^^--(i^ft oy^i Kl^i 5hs si^i «Hl5^ sUi^i 
isw! Hiyi <m1i an^ <m»{[ ^m §. '^l m^i sh?.^- 
'fl (4109 «{l^i =»i^ 2i<ns4i ^,iH S. ^ ci ans- 

"{iM?(l '^ii ^IH S. ^o 5H*Mo "SihKI Mi>MilS^i 
wil M^lKl »i« iSlV-fl ^IH S. 4 <«Ml^ ^Hm.{'{[ 
^IH S cHl^ »tl M^l 'ft^i^ ""H^ =^i M^fl JHi 
'dSf^l 3>1<1 ^. »H M^l MiaiS eil'cPt ^Ni ^ ^i^li 

iiVrk Mi^i«ni ^iH S. 4'{l anj^rft "iiqg ^^h mic-i 

iidl'ft ^i ^»1'aI 'V'ft ^ICH ^R 6. an ^^^{1 
^IStMl" ^ChKI Mi>4ilaHl HH\(H iSlM«{l ^IH S. 
an^ an M^lKl an^^Hl wilo^ gc*ft 4^1 t'^HlM S. 
■»4«^Ml^H'n5(l^lH-'{l Ml^MilaJil \ ^IM S. c) 
Sli «>{l35«fl '4/1 ^IH S. Mi"»Hil dfcn^ «iiil ^ 

^rni 4^!< ^i^i'4l sidl ^iH d. "i^i 5ii(niti^3 
(|iH S. Mi"«4il m^ Mi4'^n, <:-fl^ a^:^ =M<a- 

idl ^IH §. ct'O MlvyA'd '4l<r3 ScHl 4^1 ^Ma 
£>Hl':(l ^IH S. Mi^ilani ■^^^Xl«(l C-lMl ^IH 6. 

^IH 6. ci4L ci^aHl Ml«ll, C-{l%il an^i ai(AS4l ^IH 
S. 44i ^^=liM^ H^PllilH ^'m ani^CHl ^IM §. «v 

¥l^yii-»HS ^K S. 4^1 3i(HkH ^^l «til 
an^ C-t«4»ilta §IH d. 4^1 ^»l ^\l <H^'*i\ ^IH S. 
clM^ (3<Hl ^i^ni Sidl ani^C-tl ^IH S. an ^Ts%i^^ 
H^ll^a ^141 -<5l4i, '4Mdi, Klaii .iCAdi V «(l M ^^l- 
(^4 ^">H ani^C-li ^IM «l. <^ >H^"^^ ^HC-tl iH^i 
Mfl^'Hl'ft sA^^li Mli^i<vQ4 Oi^iwd 5?=li %'Hm. S. 

"J^i^icai ^IH S. 4 it«tH iOil «ft^^l wi ^K 

S, ^ ySR § cMl^ s^il ?i^l ^'I'^i ^''^ '^IH 6. 
i^C-tM^ iidt ^IM S. an^ y 2ft M @C«{1 '(Is ^K 

<f/\[ ^ihii ^iH S. ^ 44i ^^=tw =feiTs%i^iJt- 

^i'^i ^Rl "<»l4i R^Sli ^R S. i^CH «l^ ^4 Ml!A^ 
:yilM & cHl^ 4 >i»il<?i ^^'•-ii 'd^i 4M^ ani^C-ft 
§9a KliMR^^l =(UlW^ SHi S. 4«ft 4 §M^ ^4^-^ 
«!•/ «nH S. iiCHM^'fl 4^1 ^ll^l^lil^'^'ft «l«i 
^-51'e) %-fl ^IH S. 4«(l ani =i>M4 ijCH^ »t«tl5i 
@Hi«li il">4M^ '^Hi 3Y^ 1>HIH d. i^C-lMi 4l6l4i 

t>(l<V-il«ll Wi 7 Stlfcl4 i^4i iifcli 45i ^IH 

S. 4M^ y^'i >4i-siSii'fl «n!i ys^ 'nns ^ih S. 
«Kliv^ 5^s\i■5^ oy-<i ani^ft^i'^l i!/l HR ^R S. 

■4-yia,l"^lH-JS(l5 MISS, <3CH/1 ^^41^, \^h, 

9iu^, H.'^c-i, jy an^ ^nnu. 

iSi^ M^lcll «ltl iMH S. 4 %liHl4l I^HWW SiR- 

i^m ani^ S. si^il4i <HlMi«(l i\b[ MlcAi vy 

ctCH Hls^?! S. 4 €1^ 'nitfl'HHl an^ aii?.laHi 4«tl 

ani^ S. Sl?il4i Ml4M^«ft bin h[{[ MK^ =ll<fl 
4^1 e^Mil 5^ 4 Mlii an^ m?/\'{\ 3liiM^ <4i^- 
qmi aMl^ d. £l^il4i MH^l ^« =HisiM^ ailMi^l«ft 
atU( ^>(l\J svlM §. aHi->44l ^-^mMi Jl^il^l ^« 
ani^tKl ls[\ H.'^i ^(\i\. =Hk> 6. "H«ft 3hN41 



MiXl^i ^ctS." (Watt). i[\M oft :ois[li5j 
i^ni M»3{ H^li ^^1 >lH<=lRi SHl^ S. Sl^il'tl 

aHl"^l SU=11^ <^lc/R ctKl ^1->M >{lSi riC-lMi H«a4l 
^IMi^Ri 3Hl^ ^. aMj^ asi ■«{« an^ £l« §M^ 

M<3i ^iiiTi ^. si^il^ii ^^ sii^j^'H^i Mc-tioH ^iv{l 

icU §." (\ W. M. oil.) 

^IH clH <im l^ ^3l^^ ^dll §. £l^il?ft ^ai Stl3\ 
WilKXl, n, (MTt.^ld, rtl^t, ^li«l H^l^^ Mills." 

PlIiM i^^ SilMl^ Mli^fl Qi^iy ^^3 ^IH an^ 
r^lHl^ ^il'J <ffi ^IH an-Hi ci'/liq anPl ViUl 
■wil'HiaftaHlMi Sl^il'll Suqi §3l ^. 5i sHl^Hi 
r^|R:«tlriM( anil qoil SIIH S. 

an d ^, aHcii oftff^ ^|i; "i^ciirii gi^;^ ^(J\^[ 

iU"«J a^i i^ctiH § ^, ji^il^l giiqi „Hi §01 
d. an^ aniogwilog'n rlMlH •VKl'l^ ^^ C-tW 

«Kl<fn RliH §\^pQ >llc^ an^ Si^qiSiiPi ^i^d 
-xR S. 

£i\il ^ca Q.i^i'i'fl cictKl riifl, M<^ an^R- 

il'ft &. Wcli a>il ^^wi aHl<:a Mlrtl^l feclR 
aHl>>il Q,|^«lWMi ^CHl'-Q M^ i^ ^^ d. ^'ii 

^i^^Hi ^-il Mltfii ^41 <3M^«fl, an^ iiVl a^i 

f.l^il'ii "{IffV ani R:--lR:«tWMi ^IHi-flsHl an^ ^i- 
^IHl ilfSl aniU !;:Q '^7A'<h[ ^liHl^ cHI H^i S. 
^i4 »{[<yf aJ^iii i^Hl'd ^rt ^=(1 & >, 'Hliv 
sHiSi i^HR MlrlKl ^Rl t^W^i ani ^Mi ^PH 
S, anPl (VMi^ll (&l«iMi Hl^i^l "i^l^^l =flH'^l 
aH«l^-ll yi<^^ Mil S, a>ti afl^dl aH?l<Hl WH^J- 
^'-(l Sl^il'ft «ll-«HlS{t Miil ^M-SiM^ 'IMl^l S, ^^ 
cidi X'HMi^d "{Ij/ '{IJiafl ^Mimi anl^lMl S. 

M<3i si^il'ti ctfii'ii HejlHR <Hn i^nmi ani^ §, 

aHM S^mn S. 


ani -Hami ^^Idi <«lll »lcti ri?fl, M^3 -ilttHl 
Sl^niaMl ailH S. ani ^si'fl 'W^MfcHi \[-i H^b^ 
"i(i (h(HiPicI 8l«leti ^IH §. |C-1 -Hl^Hi an^ 
feHR^^UR4i ^IH S. :^^"H"il^llM4i M^l ^; 

^I'S^t^ \ ^IH S. 

'irlSt, fa^^^t^Sl^ ^ifVi an^ ^U^i JJi^i^ian 

1-J?11^1h riiH-Fumaria parviflora. 
t^kct-H. I. P. 128; N. p. 14; watt. 
III. P. 454; ^ Pt. Ml. ^1. 

il-^<ll«ilH-fMtlMlMll :i= (MH-?io); fqgqiq^r 

ii C-tiwil «liH S. cillWHR ®(Hl, "Hi^i k^'i i^^ 
^Hl-HM^ MXi^lctl tllH 6. «Ml^ (§(341 ^IH 6 <J^l^ 
ciMl sllil ^U-«Hiai^l §IH d, Miaj <v>{l'l-H^ M^lRlH 
S cHl\ ctMi?(l tHJll ^imiaiHl ^ic?iC-fl sH^mi 
anl^ ^. MK 'll'V^'li MW '^cti ^(HlPlcl §IH S. 

^41 ^m "5 jic-ii"fl VKi, an^l cHi ^^=ii <w(>i^i 



VHl ^IM ^- 5;<H^l a'lliR C-ti'Hl =4^ ifcii (hCHc^i^ 
aHl-«il dUHl^l ^MR 5[lil «flc-ll ^31^1 ^IH S. 

d; H^l anill ilM i^ sv^cti n anf'tHfMci >^l^i 
RsiWl'^a 1">HIM §, m« aH^iamcO ^H^ ^^IS ^KA- 

^•i ^={1 «lil ^IH ^, M^l n J!=l(2tct oy ^IH g. 
r^^l^ i<l^ ^(A-Hl H81l«niM^«(l fAil ^cl«ll 'V'fl 

^ ffV^l il^ii^cfl iiH ^. rUlM^ ScHl rl^l ^IH 
d, ct (ndJsteil ^ ^%l^^ ^IH d. ^IM(A .?lMl^l 

. "mrl-SHtct^ SHl^ili ^ "i'iR<HlPlrt ^IH §. 
6. MW W^[^\. i^cti H^l^ ii=li ^IH S. 

^41 Mil, C-a^, sMc^rt a^tAScU, ?iicni%t?lcll f-flCHl 

^. £^i iC-lHl iliMSl r\h^ C-fl^, qaiHi 
^l<ji a>l^ 1\Si ^i^lioft aH^p^tl^i ^ii ^{jj^i ^^^m- 
M5i ^IH S; ildil ^C-l?fl iWi ^il, M«3l Mil ^ 
C-dsil ^aiHl ^IH d. 

6. ci^ >l«ll9l 5[lil M<a-il =^^1*^1 ^<<H aHl<(l ^IH &. 

>i^"HlQ^«-n5('^lH-'{l ■4i">HilaHl V ^iH 6, 

d §r*a aH«iHl <V^l SHlil ^Sdl ^IH ^; niS^Kl 

'^ Mi>Mil5iiHi«ft KlaiC-d MlMil dpA^ <vRl "^[^[^W, 

=Ml«{l ^lilS^tai^ MCfldl aHliRKl ^IM 6. d^ ^m<h 
Ml«'A'{l tnio^ d 'HaAHi <Hlc-ll i^l'{[ ^H 6. an^ 

\^ltfil ^ *^1<A ^IH 6, ci ^«il5l d=tlV aHisi^Kl, 

^. aJl^l ^ «M^^l ( spur ) ans (Ml«g?ft 5ii(Aiy 
^dl ^ <>{l25 "liaa ^^iV ciiisHfAdl ^IH d. H 
^SlKl ildil d"<!^ ^5li <3dV=\l ^IH d. aHs:^'{l 
'H Mi'^Hilanl tntR'ft Mi">Hil*Ml*-ft dl^lKl ilH ^, 
cl^ d(«l^ iii,(jM Mld'^l -liiC-fl ^IH d. ani Mi>H- 
il5iHi M«iL<ni !(lil ^ ^^l M^^il Wi ^ aiii 

>«^Hi >{Sll(Ai (JSlH'cli ^IH ^. 

MilVJ d^l 5\ ^s-'cS «t^C-ll ^IM ^. dHi Kl^idl 
ii^^wKl M/1 ana'ft Mi'^ilSil^ft »im 5HI^S{1 ^IH 
•S, anPl (sH^dl ^i^^adl dfj t^iiRKl "i-^l/l Mi"»H- 
il'll 'M^'Hl'd ans:^ oy'd d(&l?l «fl41l VlHl slC-O 

«{l«l, =ttaidl an^ M^l^f^R d«ll ^sv Ml^l« S^dl 
^ItAl Vldi ^IH S. 

^1«5i-a ^IH ^, JKhUiH «flstl Ml^l, §9^1, 
C-fl^l ^ '-Itflidl ^CHKI iliil h\<x[ JV^l Mil ^ d- 
M^ yi^l^ «^l«ll ^IH §; d&il ^l«ll ^'l-ft, 

c-G^, a^tasdl d(ca'^ 3i<HkmM^ «iHi«ft ^ilHl an^ 

^fj ^ Pi<HlPld ^m d. ^St MH i^cli hmi ^IH d. 

■m(<h Ml^ltHl »i<ifl an^l dpJl^l Mil il/lMlfQ, 
C-d^ ^ aitnsa ^IH ^. d il«iH <:-{l«i ^ ^ilM d 
cHl"^ ^ijl ^3y «lfcl MH d. StC-i^li \ >H\ff ^IH 
'S. ?cC-t ^St i^dl iiHi ^IH ^. 

o{l<v-Qi:ii "^ ?i^i <>i,^i ^31^, >iitfiiy^3 ^ 

--.^ t;=H cni;^ ^IH ^. d s^cH i^di h^ ^m d. 

•H-ii»3j"^lH-ii^lf^S, «Ri. ell^ ^'m^dl^, 
^^£CH an^ w'-1^9. 

'?-(3H*ll5l-«U(?.d;:irMTtMlMil^l il^l dl<H, 
an^^l, iiiii 3H^ t^l-ilRsR^-ft «ldi atmildl V{% 
d»t<V d^Mtnt'cT dM^ aHMlH 0. liC-tli v^^cil aH^l 

«"HRMi «llll ■'MIH ^. 

^. MiSJ cl vli^i"^ ■^d^lMl R^4 svlnmi ani^ §.* 

Si'll SliHl m?(i«t« J^iwi SHlHC-ll &. I 



J^rcHct 'ife «tcti MldlKl >l5l (V 5([cHct «lcti CHlsl ^. 
(corydalis) Rc^l^ctMi 8llH ^, ct <^>^>{[ \Qiri 

^IH §, "I ri?(l ct Sij i{l<r»t3i^i^ jm i(^ ^. 5,41 
•v^l 8iy %-a ^IH S. ct (3M^ i^«{l an^H'-M 

'{l=HC-{l <niog 7\ «{1^ @M«{1 «Hlo9 5Hl^i^l ^IH S. 

<Hiff9 Sis im,j{[ ^1 c^i«'{l *iy;i @M^'n %{\ 

ant I^CH Ml^ 2Hl^ §, cMl^ rt M^l^l^t'^ QM^KI 

^<c} 'i^HiWlKl wicfl:^ stiii 6. (a,ii?fl \\[oii^ 

HHm-^ Ml?l«a cqqi^, aH3l^ a^ ^cii^^ 1 5i «i'^ 
SIH «ilH S.) «Ml^ ^Hm^ (2HI<1 ^d M^W<v«a 

M^?a S'>il<^ 'flicril «1H ^, i??«fl ci^i Ml«i H" 
2H^ ^^-l«^l iiiy ir»lH ^, ^ M^^^^Kl «{lc-ii ! ! 

^21^ ^^J{ <Hi2t<l. anPl «^j( ff^sl l^itrfl «irtic(i 

ciMi^^l. 3HI Hin iw^ R^i^cti ml <y/ ^ Sim 

<[% M^JJ JHMi«(l 'T^^.l r^?,[ H^l 'M'ilHHiKI ^fw, 

* Nature series on British Wild Flowers 
considered in relation to Insects, by Sir John 
Lubbock, Bart., 'M. P., F. R, S., &c. &c. 
London. 18S0, 

i^^ =l»l^ <Hli? Hi^fl "ll'-nctl «fl>HlH ^. 5H^ 
ct ^i^fl ctnt ?^iaj^ ailK «11H ct -H^l^li d. 

@M^?(l Hi4s^ "{Is^cni an^ anid^ ani^sii ^ih S. 

o-H'-ct^'SlHKl •Hi"4il»Hi y; Ji^^^i \ ^mhI Y C-lhi 

SHI nsiKl H'i^Mfcl cftHl, ii<l an^ Rsi«(l ^IH 
§. an^i wftiv^l m^i^ clc-t ^IH ^. an H'i?:-^{h 

(&1<H Rc-llHdl nsiCHi ct<l^ Hi'ViW aniHcft 
|C-l'Sl«>{l, 3llil^l«{l an^l aHlfH^-H an t^Wl a>il 

l-^U^MnR-Cardamine hirsuta. 
4'^iict-H. I. p. 138; N. p. 14; Watt, 
II. p. 155. 

^-1^[l'lW-aHi<Hl§ ^ly (Ml-?io)^TJI^T? (JI°) 

3-eii|l«i-a^'tl SuHl H^hii'^ ^mm ®ctl^ 

C-t^ltH^l RlHlol si{^.mi anl^ d. ct V 6ai«(l \l?s 

c-thi ^iH ^. ct ffyHUM^ M«i^iH<:-ii ^hm |(hi 

^IH d. ci'li >l.(A "Mlctcai, ^i"^? a'Wi an^ ^iW 

^Rl«(l ^cH4l *i'<=(l T»til ^IH d, anPl clH^ ^llil 
|»l"l ^IH d. MH 'll^l'ii ^iW'ti Ml<t ff5>qi aniii- 
R'li ^IH d, ct ^l^HiaHUl ^il MlS'li R^H 

mai ^iH &. jiCH '^tni%i^ct( h(f\[ iMi ^"^ 
^a^i (!tsi) «fl^, (3^, dl %iisil «tcfl ^iWKl 

^Qoi .v-fl a^l^ ^, 





1-§M»li5i-3imil2Hi ^[M ^i ^ui ^iH v5. 

^. R^l'H 5^^ H'HlJ.'i Mli^n RlHl^ ySld ^IH 

l^l-ci-H. I. p. 159; N. p. 15; Watt 

IV. p. 627; i ft. Ml. MM3. 
5i ^^^QriiH-'H^'AlSii (Mi+?io). 3T|5[tiT (n»); 

=^^3?, '^, irn^ (fi°); =^^'", arir^tfl, ^^^^, 

^Tffu^Tr (Ho ). 

3_cti^ir(_3>l^tril5HKi ®l^=tl \ «ft t^ ^i (aati 

<U»ilSil ;{irltAl <^'-n «lil ilH ^. ^ ^"H^ aXH 
§9(1 /l^aSil ^IhS, MK H,^ Ml^'li C-li"{l /Id- 

HJR'li 3H^ *liiii ^IH §. an^ ciM^ «^? twi<a 

Umi 2Hl^ ^. ci ^laii 1 ?iC-ll«{l -^ani ^ H^i 

<ni?li ^iH S, n «ii-^iS<i^ ^l c-ti«Hl %t«il^i- 
M^ n'iHi a>iifi^ ani^c-ii ^m §. s^c-tKl il^il ^ 

aiM/l, <^-^ MW Mlcl«fl «=IR=11'41, ^^iMi ^l^l<41, 

^il'^ml "I •^Hi ^iH d. cl £^i >ni'ti "S ^icH»ii 

anwi "flv ^IH ^. ^ll'^l 41»1<J151 R. 'HivPt C-iKl 
an^ \^ CHlfcH ^l^l«ll ^IH d. d ^ilH d cHl^ 

an^ f CHl'd'l C-thi ^IH S. ciM^ 9^ li «"^£ 

iVi, «R3s SH^ =ll*i(iiWl. :'■ 

»i^l ^iH ciH^ c-i3iil ^. an^oilaHi'ti "{l<v^ Mi'^fl'ti 

'ii^ MC-liail 2ilcA^l*-(l ^Plc-H'cT y^Slt^l'ft >it 
Mli^n^li C^=tin «tlH $, ci ^i!A, JJlll, an^ «il<0 
P-tM^>-(l «tcti 21lHi]«Hi Z\\l §H^ H<^1 5ii3i!,i:(l 

3n«i^i»ii ani^ ^. n'^c-iKl ^lis §mr ciH»v «r^m^ 

<Kl^ Ml«^Hi <Hl^^ =tl an^ «>{l«l |>HWl ®H^ 

c-i»iu=iiHi sHi^ 'S. «Pi-4t. 'i'^mT, bmi \^ 

■^NlMi ani^ ^. ^l(&|!s ctfl"^ Mi^i a>i^'/na>ilr{\ 
^I'n an^ SII4 Ml'-llHi ani^ S. aH^tfilsHl'ft ?\'H 

"aiS^^W:-aH^t4\aHHl JH^il c-lW aniS snjji 
MKiflMi 41^ «l^ >l^ aii(A'Hl«a ?i^l =Oi^l 
^IHin ii^ rt 3U</(1 51^1; n.^ rtlM =Hi^^^^y, 
an^l yi^ ^l(^i an^ '-tlcl 6^ d. 

"{I25 "HlSiJS^ S'-ll %tl«l aHMlH S, ri«(l cQ^^fl 
■af^ «11H ^ cl«ll ^«IH «l!5 Scl^ d. aH^(/fl- 
ani^l ?lHI'-n ^i!/l ©M^ Hi^l «l^l =IM13JIH §. 
a^A^^^^ ^i!!^ <3M^ ^i^l «l^l d. aH^i(/(laHl^ 

5>tMi ■M«an^ ct^i * "lit^ d W Mlc^ a^i^i 

^=A a^r-ft ^IH ^l^ ^iHmi anl^ g H«ft MIM- 

ans^ Si^Stl §lliO'll <VMI=1^ ci clll § ct«ll ci 
aHHH^l'ft lR^ ^^C^'i h\ ^. aH^</ft5ii, (^(A- 
i\ ms^'^R an^ >lSlC-liil^ !ill«l Hl/1 sa{^ 
iim ^Mm §M^ aiiHilH d, 

>lWl-aA!i^^^%t ^ ctlC-tl, aH?l(/(laHl ^ a>iir{l»-fl 
ol (HR." (il. <l. aJl). 

"•aH^l'itlaHl^l ?iV>^l '[''i'Ai'S', ^^dilS^, H>l6 
^3l^ «€l <iM^ !cct<?i^^'-ft 'Hl"4<l «ISIH §. anfi- 
(/QaHl'fl J>cl %tl>t C-tlH'iR ^l^l V «fl M qiC-t 

yMl HM^IH S, anPl H^6, il£^ H»l^ WllI^ 
>ldliHRi HKl Ml^l ^ «(l 3 ciiCH ^Hi g." 
(q. «ll. »t. 5\i. ) 

R^ctiaiiirfl niogSi an^ f^iHlSl t^sic-li Wl5l <Hlil- 



^-N. 0. CAPPARIDE^. 

■HSlHl '^'i^MfcWi Mil %tl£i =H«i'Hl «*iW ^IH §. 

^IH §, 3Hct cHl Rq{[^[ CHiI) 3 «(1 (!r llH 
S. SMMW iini 'l«(l 5H^ ^IH § cHl^ ci H^fl- 
qiR iiil 3Y<hI ilH S. |CH «i(a>5i, JiCHloO, ?il<Al 

JlQiUlH'fl il<Jl ( stalk or gynophore )^ 

«IH 1 «ft V Mist an^ Hiili aHl(i«{l<vm5ll ^IH S, 
Hfsiil i?/l §IH ^, =H«l^l ^icfl ci«(l, an^ 'll^- 
il3<?i""t =HM^ 2H»iqi ^iMl <^^ ^IH S. K'^-l *^R 
■^ «ll3l <^Hl aniSR'ii ^IH 6. «{1<V Hl45!^ 
JiiV^lcfl (^s) ^irt^l <^Hi ilH ^. 

V?U^1*t«il>l-Cleome simplicifolia. 
t^kct-H.I. p. I69;N. P. 16; 

3-H4'i-"^^ cic-w'^ft'ii ^u=ii 2(1^1^ t^^3i^ 

H«i^lHC-tl ^IH § ^ llfclqi^ <§^l MQJ ilH S. an 
^ a^l^ft 1 ^ ^ (Id <vd4tL c-thi ^IH S. an 
fiU'^l^ ctR(l'l?(l 1d«fli ^U>Hl=ni ^S(aI =ilcl^Sj 
C-toilHC-fl ilH d. MH C-i'^oli'il, Ml^l«li Is mssii 
Im S. I^CH «n«ail :^OHi 2H^ 5[St '1161'ft <n'3i 

ffj'cti a>^^{l2>^l^i ^iH &. 

i^i ^iH §; nHi«(l i,s=ii%i|cft cflMl ^i%i <{\h^ §. 

a^^ iVRl =lctl \ ^^-Sl ^3irft ^m §. »18JlC?i j[^ 
5H^ HKl ^ll-«HlaHl Mlrtcai ^IH ^. an^l ct'tlM^ 
Hqb^X <^%i[ ^31'fl V «(l M i^i^l SHlM ilH 
S. SH 6i^W cfl^lSJ iidl (^cl[ ^i(/li c|l(/l 

sHl^etl ^IM d, 

'&^ C-thi ^ i m I > ^1 ^ai Mlil^li ^IH §. 

^ c-thi sH^ <v^i ^i^m ^iH d. SiKl «i.;i 

§. cl«n MHH^ ani^Kal ^^ncti n ^M^^ld CHl^ g. 

^ «t^i ^iH d, din ^M^Ki ri^i m45:a i^icn 

^m. HH^l aniSR C-in3lltA, aH»iHl "ilHl Ml^ 

^-Miy I ^a^ snn^[ a«ft sllll hHI^ ^IH S. :^o 
«Ml° llH'ti M^l «cli H° '»H»Hc. ^W'ft MNil^il 

«li<41 ilH S. 5i Mi->H«A5ilr{l (Ai^l^rfl (/iiog |tfl(A 

=Hl^-n ^IM S. H"^«^i \o «a 1^ ^IH 6. ?Hl 
cljj'^' ^mi MlclfAl ilH 6. ^1^«^ 1 §IH §. 

2iM^ ^IH d. 5t «a^ an^l eOc-ll iJoiKl ^IH d. 

0(l«;C-<?t^i, <V^l a^Mii^ vi^i c-n%i[ ^IH g. 
an^ ri^l ^'-tlS i^Hl §IH d. 

■H-?il3.l^lH-3R>l an^ ^l^(^d.l 

<H^H HlSl dC-tni 'tl^^fl ?i ^l^rfl ilHM^ SiJ^lcl 
Mil ilH ci'lW ^i mil CHSlil §. 5ni m<v 
Mlt^Q^i m^^ «im €>Hcll ^IH ^\\ ?lM i^ 
«!. ^4 <41<v tel«H[ m-A SISRM^ SiiM^^mi 
aHl^ §. 2i^i tHV MlSi %ll«l Md^-S @M^ IdC-tli 
^<^1<1 ^l^l ""ilH §. aJi^i gi^m ^(^ -uim $_ 

^-*«ll«1i-^^ctlSilKl <niog'^, ati«il^'ll xm:ji 
§M^ an^l |3l^M^ m^fft ^l«l Hi(fl <fv3lia^ ajij^i^ 
^qml aniH §. 5^ @Tt^ (i|R:«lK, S(^<^, "Sli^J 
^ ilfiHlHU^i §31 g. 

M«l^lHCHl an^ «l£[ MH^l^ll §tH ^. »ii^ S^^l 

5lA an^ ^i^ n^HHijfl s^ d. 2Hrii «i<^4i 

^C-t Ml«fa«ft aHi^HlKl «ltr«i1H g. d«(l dlicti 



. r 

-( i^r^^ ) 

^-^U^Ihiw-C. YISCOSA. 
t«^dkct-H. I. p. 170; N- p. 16; Watt 
II. p. 370; |. fd. Ml. ^ov. 

R-^^ftrll-H-Ml^l dCH-H^fl ( ''ilo ); rtsi^t^n (?io); 

^^mm 01°); ^^rar, Rr^sqtjff, ^^r (b<>). 
3-«l4'i-Mlcfil cic-i^i^Q'ii ^uqi Sii^i^ §5i 

g. ^ i ?(l 3 ^ M 50<i S^Hl »IIH §. 5i4i gi^cii 
3li rt^^lKl Ml ahl^ C-tini aJiSC-i ^iilSi §211 

«ll->Hl^Wl<Al s^lS ^MRKI Mli^i WlHC-ll ^IH 6. 

2Hl^€ll ^IH ^. clHi«(l aniJiJlMcft qi%i KlitflcU 

•A^fHiSpf ( 5-foliolate ) an^ Sh^'II (Hl'lMl 
(^"Hi^ll ( 3-foliolate ) MW sHl^c-il ^IH 6. ^c-i 
Mltni 3H^ !i4t «n.'3i -^^ti ethi ^IH §. 

^(A-!(lil ^1<AI ^5l;i ^IH ^. ^Hi ajli^il ^«l 

aHPl«ft <^3 -M^ §IH ^. =11^ ^15^ ^"ft <fl^ 

iiA »hH <u'>Hi5li-^iil 'i.'A ^<\ *nil 

^IH ^. ci C-Qc-tl VlKl 7i aifAScn ilH ^. >jlil 
ciHiV «U->HiaHl <§M^ §9il 61^1 5HI^«{1 ^IH &• 

XiW-aHid^ =Hl^Sli ^IH ^. ci ^«iirt ^IH 6. 

6. Hm^ ^si« hHi^ ^iH s. 5i j^vH iii^:^ 

»l»il^ 3 «(l M M<4 'Hl^'Hi ^IH &. ci J^i Mi^^ 
M<3i Ml«\l%l^cll i3['{\. ^?;M ild^il §IH d. 5i 
\(^ H>H^ <n'^ SI «lSii =H^ ^"Hci ^^qi rt^!i 
Ml^l«\i ^IH ^. ci'fl <^'^ ^Ml/lM^ t«t<A ^IM 
6. a^l dM^'O «Ml^^l VI ^^l«^?ll «(l^l ^ 
KlSl'd^l ^l ilH ^. Mi4 _^ «a ?^ ^ai CHhi 
an^ ^«fl «^, fiat ^i^iaii l[^. d. cHi ^R=ti 

wiiii ^ ant^ftsR an^qi ili^icni ^ <aji "^ ^i^i^ 

e\cti ^IH 6. ani 5HiJ "^ Miai Mi^lMi«ft <v ^at^ 
Mt4 ^IH ^ ciKl <n'^ "SR %l^^{l ^IH ^. an^ 
^rfto^logSini Mi^Hl \[\H\^ S^^ (h'4M (oblique) 

aH«tk ans %iiiil an^l o{l2J ^l^ltfd ^IH d. 
Mi^^i'fl 'l^l (3H^'{1 ^Ml^JH ans^ olM an^ 

^Rl'{l d^Sc Rl"^ svl'-tl^fl ci anl^MRS^ii ^-^IH d, 
ciKl iRH^ ^l^S^mKl 6R ^IH d. MH^ ail<Acti 
ci Mi^i a(ljiSli C-tlol ^. qi« qi^c^l ijivf •v'tl 
cft^Hl an^ ^'-IIS iiHl« S^cil aO^MXl ^IH ^. 

1^^-M^ll^lMi^ ^h\% anPi «ll-<HlaHHl ^il 
ct^!^ ci m^i Ml^ Ml^ Kli^lc-li J|lM §. I^C-t'ft iliil 
<v^l <wiil, C-li"{l an^ efl^rll ^ilHl ^IH d. ciM^ 

inil HHC-d an^ ^"i^ atiMielcfl ^ih d. ^.c-iHl 

Hl« §it ^IH d, 

Sis «4l<rn?(l V|<tl ^IH ^. ci «flcHl Wi i tJai 
4thi an^ (39ii ^IH 6. aii ^o anO-Ho IihHI Mi">Hil- 

ilH d. cl Miai ^o <nio "SlH'li H^lKl Ml 5ii 

"{lai)«(l ^<ft ^ §<»a iiH ^. ci ^io f'iio -simi 

M^l «cli (3=a ^IH §, ail ll^i ct^k "il^l*^ 

flat €ti«{\ ^IH §. ci ^MW Mlcl«ll an^ C-fl^ 

■^"l^l^l-aHW^ R.0 ^IH &. ci Mi"^ila»il«ft 

^3Kl ^IH ^. ^ M^llJlll'^ <Jl^l%l«^ctl Sioil 7[ C-dc-li 
5^M (H^ R^Hl ilH §. 

anlM ^IH ^, ^ n aaill«fl ivTi i^a, «lil, 
§»a an^ «(lc-tl ^'I'ft ^IM S. clMR ^Itfl ^IMii- 

"S^t^ aiQikiH^ Mnic?i alien ?i->H=ti«(l ^i/i dfeiii 

aniM ^IH S. ciM^ fi^M i»l«l ^icft 'i^O. 

^?fl ^ CHltH «lil ^IH ^. ^Kl '{ISiKl M ^ 
«ft R. tiat C-liofl |lH «!. «lt3l^ ^^^ <a(l. ^-^ 
alien ^IMiimt^l anC^fl ^IH ^. ^ilaiHl «Hl/lM^ 
§c*a «ii^l an^ an (J,Wl (§M^ 3licn ^IMiNtni 
adiiSJl ^m <Hltfl ani^CHl ^IH ^. <iTai H«tM 
edcHl ^'iKl ^IH S, M^l Mlia^ ^SIH d cMl^ 
<il^l ^aiHl HM »nH ^. ciHl aHi:^^i t^liV «l^ 

^1 mijA 'iHi Ma^ d ^v-ti Mi^«ft SmI d. ^ 



ci'ii §ici^i «^^i «i Mi 1\^^ '^i Mini rtfthni 

iSl=lRi ani^ ^. <vM <vH ^ll3l (3Hic{l (TirlH & 

AM ciMi?(l <Hl<v Hm '^^ ^^ni <^H 'S, ^ 

uiW r{\s\ >H^ 3im M^ ^^i "ili an^ 'Hlo^'ft 
«i «(aT Sli=tW H<Jil eihl =1"^^ ^Hl rH ai^sti 

<Hl5y-iRi ilH ^ cHl^ C-dCHl VHl ^IH d 
^ Mil d rHl^ ^ctl^ 1 <?i,^l^tlrll imi wi «lW 
s^H ^. ci s^iajaHJft (r»'^l 2tMii ^ ^iicniWslrli 
ilM ^. cl^l ^b §ll <V^l sH'^n^lctl "161^ 
KlS^cil §IH ^, ci^l 5H15R iSl y»V^lc(l «lctil 

5?<l %is^ 'nl'iSHi'jfl |iH §. <Hl»>'^i '-Mi%i 4: 

«IWH ^ih =H«l=ll cl^ iWl! aniSi ^iH g. ^Pji 
^=tU ct«fliHl an^ ii^l Stiol §. 

'5-§Xl«il3l-->(l(/[l rt4lci<<n'li MUKl ^125 31^<H 
^l^l "^IH S. il^Wl ?:">HWRi aMci[ iiiri;^i ^^ 

<v^i 3r<M i^ ci5i*ii >i(a<l d^ cTlH ^H^ii 

'ii-'H'-ll^fl ijlH^l ^m. §. clStH^'li MH^ =ll/l 

ctKl a^iCl »{la rtCHMi SiicaT n cist jutffl c-iw 

iHMi?(l M^ ^^3 ilH cil iHHi d^ <nH 'tl'y^ 
6. an^ an ctSl atUl an^l oyui^lM^ M^l fit^lU- 
"HlMl ani^ §. aJm dli^l^ =tl/lPl ctl?(l 3J'41M:-11 

%iiHi §M^ y»iii «)ili «ni^ §, n«(l ^145^^ 

atmil C-llSt «IW aniH S, ^ S^£ mi \1 S. 
rtSl<H<^Cl4i MW^ «ni!<fl ricfl ill-n« ^3URi ^iHl 
aH'm'il |:">Hl=tl rtUl ^l«tM^ «m[H'-111[ anR ^• 
cisi--l«i|l'ii *Hl<v ^ly-il ^1 ^lli anPl irjlrii cttii^^i 
ctM^lH ^. ^[h @M^ ctC-tqt^drli "{ItV-d Jtlia %llS^ 
«l«l aHMlH d. cll'H an^l iJUl Qm^ M^l aJi^i 
o{\iV Sli'-lKl «l?l anMlH S. aH2i<4 an^ Md'it 

11^ (3M^ an^i «{\<v iflUKl =m«l >H'-ti«t §. ^h^si 

an^ JiaJRl-fl 3lii <3M^ Mi*l anni «>{1<V iljai'tl 
Mmi ^%t ^I2l ^M^IH 6. aJirii o{l(vKl a^d^fl 
iV-tWi aniH 6. <i MWJt an^ "HlJi^Rctl OUSIIM ^. 
^iWKl Syrian clitql^fl'ti "ftiv <^l<IUMaiR^i =tM^lH ^. 

RIM14 5HI<1 'Iji ^W ni ciM^ "^Atfll clStH^H'ti 

MH^l R« Ni^ll <3M'Ap(l ^. acHHt^n'ti MK^ «lli 
">Hr-ll?(l SH^li^ «ll<Sl yH^ 6. f^ ^ 5/3liaH 
'M'^TlMaiRMi ^ld'<^lM^=llMi ani^ S ct ct f/^i5{ ani 

il. '>i"Gl«i ^^Sj ■^H <^(Jil|^ si S. Htnl na»ll 
ii '3 ^ <Ml€lH»4R'li M'S h\d \^ anl cl«l=l- 

i^fldi <Hl<v hHi^ ?i<3i=iica( ^. an^ ct RyiHd'-fl 

anl'-icfl <i5:Pn "i^l'-H^ i^ cl=li ^. RlHlHrt^ft ^iW^l 
^^l '-Hl^i anl^l mi'S anl^ $ ci^l <v ^ ani 
rtSt^'^fl'ti »{livni?(l ani^l ?tA=lRi ani^ cil ^-ti 
iWi ani aniH^lH ij,iaj»li a^tjlaniril Hm clM §. 

SS^, (MtI, dr-l, anis^^l, :m. an «h ^Pl^ Mdll 
d." (%. ^. W.) 

^9-^^lrli-"^vll ctCH^t^ftdl gUHlSil m^S^^ 
aHl"«il Ql^^tW^i SliMiy anil "H'll S^l ^. 

C-(ko CHHS!l*i-aHMi vftcAi ^C-t «<IH § Ml^ 
SH^ "Hloft n$l«lQ[l i^ §. «Hl^ aniMiSJl £^mi 
a>il clStHt^fl'tl Su^ia^ll a>iil r^l §31 §^ an^ 
cidi '>{l5V ^IfclKl s/^iian iiM aHl<l ^i"^ §, dl 
M^Tl SHlMiSil ilSi^ %ll^5ll an^ ^sTiaH SiPJi (§-4. 
'^Pl i^m R^ Mldl^ ^«HRS ^HH aniM^ s^^t/an 
^<l Rnfrl §. l>i> £C(l«fl i^ljj'fl -iHMcft aHiM^ll 

^^Ri ani^.'Ssiei siivii ^(mhiKI S. 

t-^U^l«i«iR-C. Chelidonii. 
t^l-cl-H. I. p. 170; N". p. 16; 

^-^^ll«iW-<3<Kl ctc-tqi^n (^li + ijo). 

3-h4'1-<3»(1 ctc-t'-i'^(l'{l Sli^l =1 «(l \t "^ 
3 5^U §'a<l ^?i ^. anMi =il^^?(l y>^(l «ll-«MiaHl 
Kfef/ll aJWl §U=ll ^M^ 5?m £>Mlctl ^R ^. 5i<fl 
^ll'^tlaJil cMi aH8t'-ll ciM^ ^H^^ld ^KAKI |V5ltfl 
^IH $. an^ii MK anicl^ ani^Sli an^ ^*i4ct ilM 

^. ciKl ^>>-H ildil sti<nl ^iH $. ^ ci ildii:) 

M8|l5i M ^ t 'il^l'ii M<4l ani^CHi ^IH ^. ciKl 
'-n"^ %IMIiAH^ ""H^^id ^Itfl ilH ^. ^« ilCHl'^l 
^3Hi ^IH 6. ci^l <iHl« I ^at ^d^l ilH d. 
ctKl Kial «ld "^ %i^icl 'tl^Hl >i(^MM^l ^IH S. 
^d'si (i^c-t) C-d^ a>i^ «l-Pl $1 «iiil licfl ^IH 

$. ^ ?IM? @^ 6i%lt aniM ^iH S. ?i ^ «a 



y ^^ c-tWl ^ ^Mi H<iii '^V ^IH 6. nV 



I — ^ll^^lHrii^i— Gynandropsis 

i^krt-H. I. p. 171; N. p. 16; 
IV. p. 190; t Pi- "^i- ^°>^- 

cl^^Hi^n (Mlo); rlHH'fl, ^icflctc-t^'in, aniilHlS^t&'^l 

(?io); qis(t at5i^^, qrsT ^55^, »n^1 (T°), ^^ 

q^r (?fo). 

Q^Q ani^ ^. n \ ?a 3 iOi <3ail «11H ^. 3irii 

ctKAl 'HltA'ft 3Hia^ |»l<n 5HlM $IH ^. MH 
■H54"»ii3[f (5-Foliolate) ^IH S. i^l ^l^Al, 

^>^ -HiJI^cttoil ff^HlriMi >Mlc-llH!A i^ SH^ ^-^ 

d. HinHl Hi« ?i«\i ^<l dl^Hl 3H^ ^^is M«i! 
iiil an^ ^iiMiSli-iiil 'iui <^<l <Mil, !^ii 

d. clM^ ^m\ ^trnKl anitA iwi^ ^i** ^- ^hKI^imc/i 
«i>HiSiw wii^c-ii ^ntfiHi 'ii'mi Ml'^i« elcti 

^VH ildil »»lil =«H^ S »il M\ a^t C-liofl ^W5j 

a>l 5\ rtt^ni -m^ifl rdSi^i C^ ni^ c(all 5i«il 

ildil Ml^ ^ihii an^ ^r-li rt^k ^l^l^i ^l** ^• 
an^l'Hl tH-^ dl mid 5H^ C-thi ^IH S. aMHi 

^j( Mi^l ^IH ^. '^'{l 1l^ %1^<V »t«tHl "HHi\ 

H'nci 6R ^R ^. ^Kl dM^Kl «Ml^^i:Vl isfte^i 

M^^-fl n^^ ^MIcHM^ ^Mfi^l «llil ^l^ffl V'^l^ ilH 

ct»ii»il ^cnni -HHrfi qi«^ Mcacfi m^i 'fti^i d 

^CH-«U>Mia5)lPl dlcHit»{l ytfflM^ SHJ, M«J^ a^i 

3ll(A ^iMshWl 'Hlta ani^stl ^IH §. a>i^ ani 
\^['{[ liVi?. 'Hl'A'ft ^R ^IH &. ani >i'^MM^l 
Ml'l <v=ll aniiMi M«il ct«il 'tH^Ki an^ (^"Hi^Kl 

Ml Mtat ^i3j 9l<ni ani^c-ii ^m §. ani li'^MM^i'fl 

'-tm^ £lhi an^ ^ tja<«fl \ ^^ <H->Hci •H^wl 
^IH ^. ani ^i<^MM^l<il "!a(3iRi«fl a>i»^ v^st rfls,??!^ 
^IH 6. 5^ ^CH'O Aiii Mlioil an^ ani^t^ \ ^aA 

^gf't =ii(n <n« Mi^ Mi^ a>^l^c^l ^m S. 

^ii ^IH S. ciM^ ^itn ^IMshMl ^W an^ 
^ clM^ HmKl (&R ^IH ^. 

<l^!t ^l^ltffl ^IH d. rt V ^=^ eti»{l an^l i ^at aH«im 
sifcli aJii^ Ml^ltnl ^IH &. ci H- ^^1° "^i**tf ^ 
M^WmaiCHl aucai MW a>il^<Hl ^R ^. Mi>HilaHl 



^Ai^flM (gjnophore)^ c-H^isii »l^ MHlSl t|^ii 
iRM^ "i^^l i^l% SH^ll H^lJllm 5Hl^Sll §IH S. 

d. a 531 «n«n "^^ ^i^i ^ ^m^ soa (&i^i «iim 

2HI ^"H'Q ildil«1l ^■ASeli ^[ ans (Mil %l[?ll 
«tlH §, -^^ aniM^t ^^l i<(laH ctlMi^l a^l^t.) ^Ita 
^IMilHltai ^m^ (H^IH«{1 an^ il^ iWi <Mil 
^IH §. ^d^lMi H*3ii »{[<^ aniHC-li ^IH S. ci 
<w*ll^ rlH Ml!A <inH 6 «Hl\ «n.;>Hi 5^ ^Id^i i??Hi 

afl^ini <r4H $. *^ ct»ti2(l "{W «H(iR "^^ctl MH ^. 

ciMiM "{Isv Hlsi/ft irnn § ^i^ «Q;>i'(l "t <nio3«{l 

^ C-tl'cPl cHi^^i ^iH §. ^<T/7{[ aniiR isi ^jl- 
cjioil sj^'i'^ictl vs ff?^l ^IH ^. ^iM ci^ aHi §1 

^74 anPi «>{loy (j*-^! ciisaH^c-fl anl^ft ilH ^. 
%tMl ffn=il2ft cmH^ aHcHcl ^S^ ^m C-tlHi 'nHi 

SuqiSil Miai (i€>«lH'il '4QJl">H^l <*ll3lRi SllMl^ 

§Mlil ^R Ml^ Hi^a i^ a^i <Hiya 'iPH §. 

aJl4l Su<HmI »{l Ml"i cMl^ StrQ ^dill Qrtld C-itT 
H^ ^U^iShi "11(41 Hi-«H^l irvlWaH. aHrii o{\(V 

I-^U-^Im tiiH-Mserua arenaria. 
I'^ikct H. I. p. 171; N. p. 16; 

3-cti|iri-?iriii sisAHi ann^ii ^>ik4i ^c-ii 

»V^l iSiai «11H «!. a 35U an^ "mllH^ Hi^ <3ai 

(3ctR ^ RlHl«l I i'Hp-lcl §&ic?ll "\^cti M<^ ani^ 
«i. ^R'l (k^H) £li"ft ^^^'tl 51^ -r/^l ^IH &. 

\<[ %m\. ^=»Hi "Sistis kiii^i ^bMi ^iH ^. 

a dai«n aHPl(/n?ft 6l«l-li iUi ^^l ^-Sl «IIH S. 

an^ 1 «(l 3 k}i- ^-li"ii »IIH S. M'Sl SJiil ilCl 
■^ H^^l^ctiail -^ yf\'^<l ovHl'fHl ilH cil ci an^li- 
3141 annm ajiia <^'-li ^imi'J'Hcli ff^til '1141- 

sii'-nr-titai ^^ "in S. ctKl ^w^ »i<h Ht^fl "v 

^aSiiHai 5ii %l(w!i 'Hdi^fl ^mi ^'iHl Mlcl«ft 
%taa ^IH 'S. an^ ani §H^ »141^1 ^Pl <^il 
Sll-^Hl %lcl^ WJlcil yi«?il ^«<HHl anf^iil ^IH 
§. rt'ft Hl=H ^i^«fl ^itT ^<[ cftMl anPl ^=tis 
Jl«l>l ffv^l 'ItAat^l ^ Ml'rS(A?(l cfl-^ii c-ii^i §. 

?iltAl ^'I'ft ^IH d. ci ^ctt/a«fl '•I'l^C-l ^^ «til 
^IH ^. H«l '=11411 sg'll ^ (3a<i HC^mi ci a>iiiSt2(l 



M'Hl ^iH^n <v=(l fAii «ilH d. ciKl (Sm^KI «l5t 
■^Mi«Ma4^ «*'/ clM^ (3il ={Ul Mil <MH ^. ^IHtfl 

'I'^l ^"iC-d aHcHrl Iwn «ll>HiaHl^l ^'l C-{l«il ^IH 
^. ii^ an^ «U>Ml5ll idS^fl 5H»ll<^ "idi>^Q ilM 
^. ct fiUcli ci^l iii aH«lHl <Hii =^^1 aH'HliV 

^. ci %iisi Pi wi-^iliWi'^i ^iH d. cl i^si 

<Kl4ll kn<i[ SH^ 3viii ^IH S, fiPll anisic «4<^fl=ll? 
^4i <^«' ^C^l 1 ^ill^HW C-t'-H^iltn, anil^fct 5H«1=« 

MuHl il^il ^ji'i Pi «iil ^R ^. "Hi'iMi'fl 'i^i oji^il 

^IH d. ct Ml-iKl SM^KI «Ml<nM^ ^^iv «H§W 
HlStncfl S^'llH 6. "SiM'/l VKKI KlaiKl <Ml<3gM^ 

^J'A'fl «iloS <Hm^ R:My ilH ^. "HK'fl ^n^Pl 
«Ml/l i-fl^ 5hPI wlJt «^-^l s^lil «(l«<l ^i'l-^l 

MH^l SlKActi ?i»li?a efl«<l iH7{[ ^^ r{ls5l g. 
ciKl qi« ^'/iHi -MUrit :i^rfl cii^;^ ^^oicd ^ih 
^. ct ^%i Sliil qi^Hi =dii^l «<y «vtH §. ^;ii 

•{li^Sli ^IH 6. ci MW MW 5HlHni«(l ?i=-ail 1 
^IH 6. ct'il HW il«iH ^'^i[ M«J MlW'/l'-fl ii'-(l 

c^l5l 6. ^'ciKl ildil ^51 \ltl2t nH ^iH 6. 

ci QMRf.'cli sy^l ivlil «ic{l anPl «{lc-ll -<3l'{l ^m 

•«i*>-H«Hllt^lH-'-H6l^«(l C-dCHl aHPl aH£<«(l % 
<Al%ielctl C-flc-ll ^3Ml ^R 6. cidi "4^1 Y ^IH d. 
ct I'i^ CHhi an^i i fel'-t Ml^t'Ai ^IM Mi. ci 

ciu(\aii (T^tinjPi rt'/il «v=ti «i5ic-ti, 7{ ^^[(i[ '^il 

'^m «i. ci ^y QHiMi M*^ Hlaii nHl MIV9<A H«a 
»«1M 6. aMl M^lKl ^l^M^ ^ItflT ^Hl/1 aHl^«{l 
■^IH 6. ciM>. ScHl :K<il «Ml^i ^5^1 anPl cHl 
ant^dl (Ml»lMi HSiC-il ri%t yi^d <f/ >-\\hi ^-y^icO ^m 

ciPll ^31 <Klc-tl«?lfil k[rl[[ ^ "^^l^l ^IM 6. cl >io 
'>tlo ■^IH'li M^l«(l 'il^l'ft anPl d*Hi?ft anict^ 
aHL^«fl ^IH §. Mt">Hil '-laiMi Ml^l'^il 7[ 1r^ a>il^f|. 

5. Mi-»tilPl clp/iaM ^!j^ ihi\ ilH 6. ct J^o !Hlo 

"514^1 M^iKl 't«iMl ana an^ict^ «i?ic-fl «flsti ^3i»{l 
0, ci ^I's^^'fl il^i aH«tl<n^^^i @M^ aniHeti 

lilH 6. ctcti a^Sil «fl«l, '^icni, a^tfiirtl, Mlcttftl 

and |*-(l \ ^at c-thi ^iH ^. H\m%v\ c-t^n^litn, 

'iv^ aHt^flsi:^ anPl rtfcA'^ RfHIPld ^IH d. ci 1 
'ctl-cPt i^cti ifcfi C-ti'ni anPl 7 CHl'cPl Ml^ltfll ii*t 

6. ciPll ^51 ijTSl ir»t<al» SH^tHl C-flCHl ^IH d. c) 
cigHl ^lat §M^ MW»qii«(l Sil^CHl ^IH S, M^l^l- 

ct ? «fl M ijai eiiHl anPl Ml^ltfllW ajifrmfMcl 

an^l 9V^l SHJJISR (|lM &. cirfl ll^M^ ^^ -v^ii 
'41^ ct^^ ^W ani^C-ti ^IH 0. ant £^i 'Hl'Cl 
nSt^ll QiR «iil'c)Pt -{1=41 «!•/ ^^5tl ^IH 0. ci«(l 
^ll'si ati^ «-<»fl y«iiH(Hl Ml^ll ^'-(l £">MIH 6. ci 
Mat»l C-flstl -<3i<0 ^IH §. M"^ MlS'ld ^SIH 6 
cMR m45i^ ctH^^ani iH'{\ ^'S ^flH d, ct 
^Hl a>i«t'-tl aMptMfHct ^ct qisaH??i«{l ^IH 6. 
oftHi «^ a>i?tcti ^r^rft c(at»i[ aJii %iyiJi §^ 

«3jl d^ ^iM 0. ^[InPl cicalaH c-tl'M^i'fl «'in T><i 
Mict^ll \ «ft 'tl ^at c-iMl ^z^^i ^iimoli ii/i 
^IH d. ^ '^il'fl iUil an^i ^rs«^3t9tUiM'fl 

0(l<V-ctM'*Hi^aHl 1: 9i^[ -^JUi ^iM §. ^ 
H^'fl WlC-t aH*tm \m([ Mlrt'4l ?.ieilSR a>iPl a<«t- 

icft '>ti'ii'-ti</[l ^iH d. 'Hi**' \ c-ti'cT'i^ft ifeTs 

C-ti«i ^IH d. ctKl «Ml/l ctdlM^ SHillSR fnni 
anir-tlPl C-{1H "^Hi^taiil CHIH &, <HlPll aniSR 
iiytilKA ctlM<^ ^»«1 t^tog^fl slMli/slctl a>{;i 
j'Jii <^iqij«0 u\%t<il (ilH 6. w{l<V ^t^**- iS(^ ^IM 

d. ci^l ducti ct»ti«(l Ml(Ai« c-^cti ^i'l^ M\i £<a 
Kli<n «>. ciKl m« <Hi4Jfl •<i'er f/^l c(l^>{l ^iH tf 



^Roi odff/^icft «Ml'Jll^ ci'fl ^1>H ■H>^ SlS^i^ 

i-f«l^H (H«i«t«i-aH^ i^\\. §MJS S^^tl^ 
il^«aj aMrii >i«i g^fct ^cil ^t'ls ^iH g ^ ,^^. ^li:^- 

"i«Hi liiMii ^fSl iHlHl ^MiS'Cl 9v3liaH @MC-l- 

^nWmtAl M^^M iU ( W. Dymock ) 4*4^ 
Q-Hh ^l^'H'U ^5t3i) >ld<lHl ^Qsi <H131 \i^- 
Hmi Ml^ ^s\^ ^ aHplfsicl 2HlH^wi g.'=(lHl ^^- 
bi C-fSlSll d, ci^ ^U^^H'tlH aH»t^l cHl ^C-tl 
ctani VLit^n^i <rA%'^m[ SHl^C-tl "ife ^cll. ci^ aHl<v 

^MiS »!l(lHl<HU«(l ?i"iiJ' "4=MKl a>il^ §. aH^ 

««i Mtji ci ms^bi[7{ iifimqi^fl iiimaniPi <n[ h«i §. 

1-<ll^1*t rlR-Cratseva religiosa. 
tSi-rt-H.I. P. 172; N. P. 17; watt. 11. 
p. 583; I. [<. -HI. V3t. 

(no); ^JfT, ^^, ^^I^T (fi«); ^^% 1%^- 

«!, <t Siid^St \m'S ^'^Hl«(l Hi^ki aJW^l £'>HIH 
M^lt^^ CHR d. an^i MH 4lc-tMM m\h 
Gi\\4^ ( 3-foliolate ) §IH §. aM^^ft ^ijilji 
:>i[i n^ct aMi(A-*Hl'cr ani^ ^. an^l Hl^i^^ ai^- 
Hl^i^i ?lltni ^iHl aHK §. ct 91^ ^ <rnuiil WlHl^di 

ci an^iii etwi^^i Mi"^ § <?ii^ ^wi si?f «nH §, 

^(A-3<U an^ "VHH ilMli^l s^-ii =H^ <Hhi 
§IH d. «l^ (ail Ml^-Hiaft av'ifl't^i ci '4t3ll §^[ 

■4lc-ll'i«l <§M^ <v MCHi^=tltfil ^^^ §IH §. an^ 

aMi?(l Hli^i-Hi ld<Hii kii[^[ ovHi'rmi §m^ »/ 
«lui Slim 'iSieii ^iH S. aH'ii H.^Kl w>ist ^i=^, 

ani^swdl an^ cft^ §IH ^. 

?l %l'i\\ Ji ^Hl«^ $IH ^. ^i'Q @H^ ^Itfll "^ 
Qi^r ^'Hl §<Hl =(Ul MlCHl ^IH §. an^ ct'tl §H^ 
'4'^fl'HR ^mi M»lMi M»3i ani^C-li ^IH $. sjiHl 
y»l5t "16lR«(l Ql=«r^ ^'I'tl ^ aHt^?a C-flC-fl ^IH 0. 
an Ml=0 anPl «Mi5l^(l ^IH &. ^ aH-fl Hl^ i/^l §J1 
an^ cfl'Kl ^IH S. "^iHca «U>Hl3ll "i(|m c-Oc-ti 1 

?l^i Qi5i ^'iKl ^iH §. ^ nKl dH^ «^£ 1 9iji 
widtajl an^ liy^i^ ^<v aniM ^iH S. 

HK-^lict^ ani^C-li §IM d. ci (^lHl<?i -VM^ «nH 
&. H (nMi4 ^IH d. ( aH«tlct. "{li-fl-HnKl m\i ^<3i 
HH^l ^M^l =Hl^5il ^IM ^. ) =Hl MH-^l ildil 

a^cAScfl ^IH §. anl iliil^ H«ll5l«ft ^ijl <i»iS[ 

ir»j?.i ili^ihitni Mi4 Kls^isti ^iM d. ^ ci ^i^'ft 

ildil ^ fla^ nM |lH ^. ani ^i«J Mi^^li-ii "i'^ 
witogrii 5i ■4*4'fl 'H^^'fl "^l^ anH^ai^ft ^iiil Jtcfl 
ildil ct^^ H^al »vHi«a ^ly^ §IH S. an^ <ni<&U'fl 
■^R H^^^ hM ^IH ^. ^=1^ M«4 =H^Ha{«a 

^IH S. anl 5t^l M^ 'H'=lHaA (3M-<«(1 ^^«v 
^iiii stcti ^ ^^^ ^£^ SiMl aHt^n^KAi ^IM $. 

an^ KlaiHl ^JA ^IH ^. M«4 3 «(l vs ^ai c-lhi 
^ 1^ HI V ^=H Hl^l^ai $,IH §. ctHi'fl 't^l ^'■^ 
nia^ Hl^i^ ^HK l"^ic(l ^K ^. Hl'i^ =41(^^1*0 




SjSl-m^!!^ «ll"»MlS<l^ §1 Ml^ Mm l^[ 5HIH 

5. "n il^iH ^\t "i'Hi ^ Ml»(A«(l nitfll«5lcll <^l 

ct^ <iCm (^vhi 'i^neli (claw) §ih ^. 

(gynophore) ^ c-tPlCHl §IH ^. 

'iR-tii ^idl ^?(l, an^ ^T^%t^iit?i'^ s^I^ ^iH S. 

<r»1H S. ct aicnijj Pi ci ^X<4\ ^idl WICH "lit 
"Uld^il ^R «!. anPi cl'fl 3H« »lC-t anPl ^i^ 
(pulp) "i*ip<Hl Wi ilH §. ^C-tPli anlSR 
hPl{\ C-fl'<)i ^qi Siicq aH«l=ll ^UCaiiJslril ^IH ^. 
anPl ?i 1^ ?(l R. ^at oHi^i^ ^IH $. s^^irO M 
et3l(H3l ^i^dM't 'V^ <Mil ^IH ^. !i'-cl>iiPll 3R 

ovRi Hib^i ^iH ^. ci'fl <Hi%i •^Icnl lioii 0Y<1 

^rKI ans^ 'cli^i (Hl^V §IH §. 

o(l<V-Pll aniiR iiffi'Rlcfl vs %ilclil <v^i ^IH 

6. cl ^5l qjI, Sloi anPl ciKl ^Ml^ '"^i'^aiil 

H-y>3,l%lH-H?t"=<, «Ri, Mia^i anPl ^llf^i. 

'?-(3"H»il5l-»l'ii H'lX'il WlC-t anPl ctia-^ xdri 
=il/lPt Hl^l J<C-tlM5tl %liHl Sm^ C-t3(U4l»li aniq 
^. ci«(l att^il CHl-H «11H §, a>iPl 0(5^^ cfo^ri 

^^ Hi ^iti'ft *tiKS H^ "s ^lai §n ant^ C. 

SHi \(A anPl ^[^Pll hili \H^ shPI ^cd^i 

anSSt^'tl SJUIHR aniM-Hmi ani^ $, ancti •nH 
Vidl %lsi (§M^, 9i->H H^R^l Ml^ aJiPl ctl'^Kl 
aH^lfwMi Mi^i HM^IH §. "I'^Ch.KI ^lii @M^ Sirii 

5iHl81 M^IH ^. ti.l^l'il 6«l'4l anPl M»H[ rtftfl- 
hIM^ aH<li -HH Sll/l^R «MiH'-tRi aH«lHl 
y^l^mi anl^ § ci?(l ({.1*1 -HaiPli ?li& SiiSi «|IH 
$. ^{"Hi Ml-i ^cil(c-tMHi Ml'i'il «l2l '^I'^Pl HV 
iO'fl 3lii ®M^ aiiM^qt^ti aHK §, an^i ^jj 
^StPll Qiioll ^HKl %il5l ill^RiR^a Hk<i{i «^l- 
M^ aHMK ^. aM^ti jiai( idPt aai^^cQ anxt^-tl ^^Pl 
Htili $llll 3li?i'-HiiM^ "ii^ §. 5i^ ctli^ (5>st^ 

aHlHaHlH^Mi H^tjilrO a^R "Hiq^l ^^i^\ 6. 

y-'-i^eiifs ac-i. 

ailP^l 3j,i^-aH j^iiM'l anPl \^C-t. ^R}S^[r\[ MH «n!i 
3RM ^ anPl ciiStl m'i dS^^RlHl anf,^ (Sm- 
'ipQ 6, ^^iill <vr<l(?t M€l>i i^'iR S anPl ajiii 
«l!c C-ll'H'tl^ ^. H.t'iPHl £^6Mi ci anc^TtM (§MIM 
§. 'H^tJJl'fl »1<H Qiltffl ^u«i ^tn^ Ml^Ri ani^ 
^. -H^tJlKi Ml'tPil ^-H^y \ ctlC-tl ^fl^ft «isl 
5lqi?(l yf^cilHi ^l^l 5[lH?l «ilH §. «Ml^ HlS^ 

ciPll ^Mlll -Hli^li iK-Hl^ft 'lli ^a,a mn d, 
=l^»Jll'li "HHPII Rr^tS ^i^U Ssi^l d, ci ^ll^i d. 

ciPli ii^i ^H «i«l ^mm ^mm ^^ ^ anPl 

\3im. «!. cHi MlS^lPil 9j)l, anis^t^ ^^ a>iPl 

sRivrii <Hliv ^li^m »ipiMi 'Hi<n =iiMi'Hi?(l 3ica- 

o'u Ml=a Ml §." ( M. <l. sA. ) 

=l^i^l =11, it MUSi^l, 'i^J^^w, mct^W, JliM, 

5ii41RiR, f^, ^m-\[ \i\ ^t^mici, wicO'ti 

•^<H (l^i anPl H[[l §, ^jqRsi^Pl dicil d. H^^lHi 
HSl «cl CHl^ §, <Hl^ d, Ml^ cHl^ ^id Pi ^^1 
«11H ^. =>R>1 ^, =11^ il«i ^, iS^Pl mil 6." 

<Hm^t^i ani^ ^. 'IC-l'MR anPl iH^^iMl ci "4li- 
qi^ii iil §il d. MR«MS^ r-lR:*!^! «H^il |3l- 
mi 'H<atKi <«UM<^i <3^ ^. aHPl'lltl'^lfcTivallaH 
cil ci'il ?i^lPl ^^l S^C-ll ^-HRl aMi^ $. cilM^J 
R^M S^Pl "4li^iaHl iil ct cim^ §51 §. 

(i|^«iiKi, m[S\ anPl ^i^/^idi 'ii^li H^l qji^ 



^Mli §iH S. n ^i^Riji ^it^^i'ii ^<Hmi Hlc-fl- 

§ ct (T^Slian --tiilKi ■H(S\r{[ rilj;) ',5l«t 5hPI clrti 

( S'-il^HHi )Hi ^ ^S "S '"h Hi^iki iJU =11=1- 

HlMi a^l^ ctl (=lillHct?fl aHRcG ^ly^ ff? ^M^ 

i^3 Ml § ct 'i ^<^[ ctKl -iHld 'Hiail'ti Sii 5^ 

<A[i ^^ Mlil «ll ciH ^. <Hi4llt^ 3iU %imRt^ 

*i9ii«l?(l M>«1 ^i\ (a^n ^l1 §." 

=(i«lki "MH, ^Sl 5H^ Misi Sj'HKI ^S^dl »ll'i 
ilfiHl'HU^i 1d«fls ffy3ll»H ct<ii 3<li uil^llMi 

V^ll^^ riR-Cadaba indica 
l^dl^cl-H. I. p. 172; N. p. 17. 

(%o) viRi (340), (Hdi^aHlC-t, oyaiC-O Hl^=(l, il^l 

mt^^i ( i=-aa ). 

^«ll ^=ti aniil aH=t'Al H<^(1 ^ll">Hl»Htclt(ni «im Q>. 

ci 3 «(1 v9 i^ld gaii =i?i §. \i^ ^iy=iR jiicai 

»l«i=ll «H1<M Mil "is cllllKl aMl?l ctHl ^ll-wil^l R.0 
«(l Vo lis SO^^ ^^ MiJl R^R ^=(1 a*^ «tH d. 

rt^ij'li MH Hlfl <fnMi MK ^=li ilH '5. ^CH 

«flc-ti« ^ ^^i^i^cii ■»(l'Ai timi ^5Hi (iiM §. ci 

aH?iil 'n'^li <rytii ^IH ^. ■H'Sl 'H'^Hct o^'ll "S "i-^lil 

^c-tmi ct ^[ii4 iui <iY=ii \>3,i «tii ^\.^. d. ci- 

Mi^ ciKl anS^Kl wist avtil, «Md«!<^(l an^ MltAl^l- 
^Ctl Qj^^l ^ ?iicai ^^irft ^l^^ ^. ^^tfi.^ ,t4i5| !;j,ji 
il«l ^, cl^l anillSlM S^ cvlcti ci %t(w!^ an^ 
^UklSR 1">^IH S. ci^ ciucti ri^Hl^ cisi si'^l ^« 
«{li^ §. =il%l =tl^C-fl ll)f ffv'^ft c(l>Hl an^ :t=llS 
ii=ll«&lcil =(l^M^l (Hl^l §. 

ci 'cl<^(l 'Hi.h'^ ilH §. .Siil (sM^'fl Wl<HM^ ijltfli 
WldiSli anPl §911 ={1^1 Mleil ^IH §. ^IMl-H ^ci 

M RliH 'T'lil ^icfl <% \^ ^mmm M 
<^=ft ^H ^iMi^ii Mi^n 'Qsc^ic-ft ^iH ^. Im^a 

«U>Hl5il Ht4i^ ■Hi*!^! <i?.m «y=a ^IH S. d^i 
cil^cti hi an-Hl aH'HliV?!! ci ct<cl li\ ^IH ^. SH^l 
Rr-HlS afl^M^l a>il^ ii=ll« ^cil ^IH d. 

■m«i-a>iici^ ani^C-li ^IH d. anPi ci>H^ \4^ 
ami •HH'tl l^mmi^d ^g^MM^ii^ ^<l 'il^lKl 
m'^i Hlit^l ci (3M^ ^ «ft 3 > =tHl^ MH Ml^ Mm 
'{iiolC-li ^IH Wl. MH-fl ®M^'{1 ^Ml/i^l ^31 c-flttl 

(111 1 QM^KI <v^l<y»' ^IH S, ancfl iRCfl MH 
yi4i^ <^^~5l Wi ^IH S. ci "i-^ ^MlcOSi 
<Hl«i aH«l=ll ciM^ ^t(/(l <^^!ia ( \<f/ ) ^IH §. MH^l 
iliil sjXfl 5^^ 1. *fl 3 "HlWl C-li^Hl ^IM d. MH 
1 ^a 3 ^ai C-tini anPl 1 2a ^ > =t>>icl \ i^Tai Ml^iql 
ilH §. cini ^^i^ti uj^i, aH^flMl<Ai ^ =t"«ici >Hia^qiq( 

^iH ^. mhKI rmi Hqhh. ^>Hicn ^ictt <im. 
M««j =f«ia mhKI KiSlKl «Ml/lSi ^ ai'41 ^-^Hicfl 
^iH S. an^i d ildil^i »i«ii5i?fl ^fiscal mhmI §»a 
3i*l«{l ^iH §. MK^ aiitfi'Hi^a n m^i =(li«i( C^l^l 

§. =ll%l cfl^a an^l :t=ll? i4=ll%tlicil §IH §. 

|<H-«imiaHl^ §1 Hl^m Jia-WlHl Ml ^ill 
ani^C-ti |lH d. ctHl =ll« 5/^11 ii<l an^ 

«{lc-tl Q|^l 1 «i<3il ^^iHl «lMl5{cft ^IH §, d- 
MR ^l(Al =imKl QJ^Sa ay^n V'5l<A ^IH S. iJ^J^M- 
M^l «nifli ^IH ^. ci ^C-trQ ^dilPi ctfca^l ani^C-li 

■!i'^M«il$lllH-'li M^l ^Si^n ^iilPi M«ti5l 
V ani^c-li ^IM ^. ci ail^ M^l R(HJct anaiicvaHj 
o{l(ryi?a -cl^di ^IH ^, ct «flc-ll«$lctl Q^^ll ts <r»iOiil 

«lHl«lcti ^IH 0. ^ ciM^ ^l«ll ^^l tutaKl \mi\ 
^IH d. a ^ ^a^ C-thI an^ A ^(^itfij ;i 
^^^ %lU-Si«icti ilH 6. aHl ail^ M^mi^ "I 



M^l«(l anict^ aHl^«(l ^IH ^. <t rtf^AHi rt^ij 

shc^ annni n'^cni ^--(l «iiil n^c^ ^ih ^. 3>i^ 

6. an j(«li>!iM^«ft =feil>«^'ft M (gynophore) 

wtl^cni ^IH §. ci'll cigsMi «{l^i, a^oiirll, >(l(ai«- 
$lcll «{lCHl 1 q>Hri ffvioiil ^»l'{l «Wl^ctl ^IH 

S. '^Jj'^i f «(l 1 iDai c-ii'-ni ^ d-HW «{lc-ti 1 
^ni^ii ^^m ct&i^«(l RoiiPw an^ ^^^ anijll- 

M ^iH 6. 31<mUih c-fl?ii "^ Tn$aii Vi^i ani 
Miinni^ii ^iH 6. ciM^ 'H"»Hci Client qitAKl v-^itn 
^iH d. ci^ 'ifetii H^ii ^"«i siicaisj&ici (ifn- 

«til ^IH d. ci'll *H Ml«i <v^l aiM(jl ^IH ^. 
ani aiMil Ml^ll'fl '^^^^^ SHi @»{l 'tW ^IH ^, 
«? ^n^l Mlicft <^'>Mci ^l\ 5\^l ci 9V3USi MIW- 
«l«fl Kli SIST «KlH S. «(l'3l «fl«ll > QJ^l hm 

\^ CHlfcl'l Ml^l^ll ^IH ^. ciMi H«^i "{1<V §1H 

S. ci fii^f^Mi wi ^idi Miqi'fl ans^ ^^€ii ^m 

^. ^H ^ilW^ ^llctl'O >l^ =(1^1H ^ <Ml^ 

ciKl anjR^i Si ^i^i Mi^i <n(ii^«ft H^i y« 

^■"tlcil ^IH d. 

ct «y^l ^\ii ^ a>iJt <ni«9 <v^l ^gjM aHi^flctloii 
§m d. ani '>{1(VM^ ffn<Hl C^l^{!t ^j^^ tAiHi 
^IM 6. "(1<V ^^[\ Sicti ^iH §. 

i^lM cil ail^i an^l MH an^ an-tl H^'tl SUSll 
^ik Ml/l^ g.'HMi MlH §. cllwi MH 'I »iyn «1 
^l ^li^^ cMi«0 ^5/1 ^fl'ai a>i8iHl ^iil'll 4iil 
H^'tl Wiiil £imi <viC-tl C-tjJ'ci Mi^ @\^ it^tii^ 
MIM §. anrfi iiil an^ Mtrl oil'4l ciKl ^^M WlW 
ani^.CHi dli^i^ J^4>ti MlH 6. aJicii jjfji,{l y,ic-t 

anl'fl "ilogSi, c(lilaHtr{\ c(ijHi^ ^HlSiHi jja 

anl^l^, iimi an^ W^l wtlH^l'li «icaia>ii>ii Si 

®5l §. an Se^Qj, ^Ui^, Jlff/^lct, ilfiHHU an^ 
i^'SHl \i^ «11H «i. 

^-Ch^H (Hq«t»t-§>liS'{l an^ aniKl iiil 
a>i^ «U>Hia»il ii aH^lW S^^ ^^ d, ^>4^«ft 

ani <n-^ c>5i-sHi^ ■^dc-tii elfii siVla>li i^ S. 

M>3J ^HiSKl ^iil ^It/il aM^ SHl'ft il«[l «ilH S, 
»tl^ M^C-tlPl Cti^ii 3H^ 8Hi;i JiOtl SiVlSll 
i^ «!. ogaJii ^o :to. ani iCH5j">ll^'HWl ilH^i a^i^ 
S Ml^ and i/lHlaHl^ oju^ J^ctl 6^. gli| 
<H-<iy^ ani^ ril^ MlV^S^Mi ^tl'ft^ i^ d, a^^ 
iil-flHi §M^ an^i MH "H^i^^l %\^m «4cil il<Hl«ft 
5i^ ^m Mi^l «ilc[l^ Mil 51^^ d. 3liHl tlill 
«il'tlMi'fl "f.'^iaH q->Hci i^ijKl ^fl'all MiSJ ^ai 
S. ?i Jll'flHi <^i«{l iilMtl i^cfl ct«(|, 5iM li- 
Cili Sl-^CHtaHiM^?ft «tqiHi ani^g §. 

aH'^ ( "^R^it?. )'{[ Hili^ SilKlHHi VLt m'i 

an^ct ^imcfl q-^ia ( ^^l^li^ ) slui aii-wii an^ 

^IMl^ C-tW an aJUHHi «l>$ Hl^ ^ia aHrfl ^id- 
'-il^ il£^»^l i^ $, <i>i HS^mi i^l-Hl'ft 9v3li ii 
JlUli Ml^ 'I ^IH h 6W «til 't»i^il^ i^ 
\^ aH<i( "HH dcti^ $. ancii 5h Sli^l ^iiqi 
a>i^ <HlRs S. 

ii«li iiJAHi^ 3jii3 ifcf ^a SM13 ci«(), Hm 

ci«fl ci ^I'cPil (jJlqisvl^icii^ii rt^d aniHjj riMl, 
Mm ci cill §M«ll3l^ «{m Ufiiii, d. ail^i ^st 
HiJli aH«lH"t ^<^i ^, ci^li ^ilH«{l iCHM1l«- 
}pH^['i\\ fitfll ( Slijlil ) ^l\f "wilW i««il Ml^ 
aH»i'Hl lljJ" 'fi'Jl^l ci»li Jl^?l HH[ ml fetl. SiKl 
^d^mi^l Rlgf^Hl ^^ilii »(i^i \i^ ^15/ \(^ 1 
fff^'tl -^Hl^ anis^t^j ^1^ \pk\ ( ^j^rt ) n\\m 
^-"il^lC-l ff/i^ilH d, ani «M'4 wl-Hl CHIMS d. 



iiiW CH>HlHeil ^^l^Hi anl^-lcil <^. M^ ^H- 

l-^ll%llH«ilH-Capparis aphylhi. 
tai'Cl-H. I. p. 174; N. p. 17; Watt. 
11. p. 130; ^ ft. Ml. VR.M. 

^rr, ^ff55, H^?fr (»To); ^Kt^, ^fr^, sir, 

rt«a «lui ®=Mi hU S. 5icO ^iii ^!s[ kmi viKl 

^ ctM^ =flRl MlcHl ^IH §. SHI jJU'Hft aiiilan^-ivfl, 
•i^M ctl^ ^=fl, ^^l «fl€ll 5l3lr{l Hi^fls; yi>HiaHl aHl^ 

Ml«^ 'M\ Htnl aHS«{l(rvlMi ^«IH«{1 ^IH Wf. -V^ft 
5h 35U=ti^l ^"^HK ^h ^« «flc-ll ^Md ^^l «1W 

^^ S. 5H ^inniani §m^ hi^hi iiii shi^ ^. ^H^i 
^5wi H6i1 y^itai »tmHi ani^ &. ^^i^ H«iii^i 

aJicii slitfilViT&lrti \^ Mil d, cHl^ ci ;:lrtl 

5ic-{i ^iH S. d nfei'<«(l «"^s ^ ^i ^^id ^ »is^«fl 

^«lW4lrtl <^[ 1 «^£ Vld ^IH S. SHrO WilC-t 
Ml=(l and 'ndS'^fl ^IH §. ciM^ <i(Hl an^ a^ii^i 

=^^i Mic-ti ^iH d. an w>iei a>is^?fl Mloiiy mi 

9J51 ^^iKl ^IH d. H«\^l anilllilM i^ silctl ci H- 

=■51^24 %i[w!i ^"^HiM ^. =im dlHl ^ r-ii? s-s^i ^ih ^. 

-<»l'{l -^i^Ha^il ^ < «(l ^ ^=H Mil ^IH ^. iiil- 
M^'U wist ^1=^1 ^IH ^. ^imiSii tn^m Hitfll 
9J^^l "i kR[ C-flcHl ^siKl ^ 'ndi'^Q ^IH d. ctM^ 
^l«ll«^ctl ^si-ft ^-H widt^ft an^ ^lW<Hl^ nM^ 
(H^ C^^J/l anu^l <iv Mi^ aniM §IH §. «l">Hia>il 

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«4U«iMi anlil SHHtnl HolC-fl ^ a>idHl*tC-{l ^ih ^. 

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^R t(t^i iv ^^-H MK ani^Sti ^>HIH ^. M^J tt rt^cl 

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ndiM^i Y ?a <: ^ 'H">Ha M «lui SiiwianHsi 

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Ml^ anr-d 'vqi?(l ct ^crflM^ ^C-lHl Jia.^ ^MK ^. 
«^ ctfcA^^d Mil ^ HHl<K Mincfll ndl ^IH S. 

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^c-iKl ildil Ht^n gfti^n ^idl ^ 1 ^a^ sii'^ ilH 6. d 
nh^ Mw^Q d Hm'fh ^c-tKl Mi*l Mil ^m 6. 

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^CH^l VI yCHlofl ^IH §, ^ ct^l oHl« I ^ai«(l 
\ ^at ^iil[ §iH ^. 

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Hl^aKl iHlcH ^IH 6i. an^ii ^31 iiC-tl«Kl, an^ an 
M^l ^ «ft 3 C415A eti«nl ^IH ^. aJi V M^l»iwi 
3 M^l-ft "^RM^l M^ii Vi\i ^lltAKl I'-ll/l a>il^C-(l 
^IH S. an^l an :^i^iM^l ^<H SHiMl^fl M^C-ti 9V 
^SlKl Ml'cStn cl(/il «yl<i g. an^ 5(1^ "4:^ Sii 

■^m aHst'4i'^i«t(f\l ff5>3 «iW Jio anoi-Ho imKl ^m^a 

Mi"«MilaHlPl MldHi Mdl^aMi ^l^ ctKl «Hailct i<l 
^^^ ^IH, aJiM svl-Hmi ani^ d. 

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^iH'li M^l iWi i'cTs iO'Sl ^IH^. aM MNilaHl- 
M^ M^l y^S ^IfAKl l^l/l anRc-fl §IH ^. M«^ 
ail Mi">Hil%^l ivdSll ^R Jio «Hlo1lHdi1l4 aH«icii 
ll«i(nl ffi^-Hi «t«lc-li aJli M^.^ ant^ ii«i>i ^jiHfeli 
^IH ^ cld^tl QiR eM^-ft ^niogaH ^i^U aitflMl 
an^ "Kl^l ^IM ^. 

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M«l MlWta«(l H-^n n i'lsi MfS-Sl ^»Ml ilfcfMH 
^. a*! djjani m^i:^ Qotl, i^i an^l iRi iv=(l 
Mldtfll ^IH «!. ^ cl ^ €5at«(l f ^a« Slhl ilH 
§. an ci^aHl^ IJil^l ani'clSll M^RftW ^^>l a^Pl 
■^Itfll VHl ^IH d. 

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^31^1 ^ ct-fl <§M^ ^ic-iKi ^JiKi y^gj^ aH^(l ^=a. 



Ml> § cHl^ ci ?xi H'S <^^ §. k"^ clJ'i MIJA 
3|Ml Ri^Hl ciKl 'ft^'fl <A<fl ( stalk or gyno- 
phore ) 3H^ ^c-iKl ildil HKl 'O^ ilMM ^^cni 

$, ivHi <'{l'!V %-li (|lH 6. ^C-tHl "Hm §2^ 5H^ 
M^?5^ §Hl an^t'Hi dHivT C-lRcfl H«ft ^^ Si^i 

C-tlSiRi'-ft ^'-Ml^^lll ai^^^ll^tl-O ^'HlW'li ^CH 

^Wf[ ^ll-«MiaHl ^l-H 'Hl'll £^£ §MR £1311^ 6. ci«fl 

aH<ii l^ ^y\^ i<£\M\ dl'^MHRl sHR ^. SHrii 
SRI k'Hd '^'i =H»t"ll "^^-ii ii ^. ^ il=^i ^1*1 

iim 6 2H^ 'Hl*i ct«ll SHll^^l i^ d. 5H4i c-Hiii^ 
aMi M^ldl ?liill «l2l *IHI HKQlMi H^U ^li"<i- 

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"anm^^ti yii\'\[ H!A'fl wist ilM ani^ ^. cl 

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iH^li di^niJll "V'^'^l riUl «11M «. ci»l<V «M^IR 
C-l3lU=ll«il ^ll!( 6l S. ^iltAl'd aH?.-< M Mli m/lH 

'^fAct'^l «11H d. 

anm, F-i4li'-i an^ Hiji^i dui i^dR 6. cl m^^i 

C-tl^ ^." ( H. .?ll. *1. all, ) 

•>Mi=ii?(l iK ct«ti 'Hi^ Hill §. ^a qmi ^, 

35lll M^im «l!^ C-ll^ §, M^HSl^ §, andM 

l=(i aniM S. \i\ 3Rn §, 3J^ ^, (|si §, >iiPi 

'^^^ MNl?(i ^«l, ^ll!5, an^'l, i!^, m, sum, k% 
aH3=(i, ?M, %tA, ^[n S{ «H ^i3M Hiii ^." 

■»MRai an^l ^mi iH M^^^-HltAl "V^fld^li S^l $. 

*ci M^t*^, 3i»v'^ici, jay, iiQni^u, ^9v^irt^«iH 

an^ ?.8^i3i ci^ "V S^ijl JsiSildi'ii «tlM S. 

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•Himdi 4mi "^^ F-i^i^ <{[b^<^i c-tiSi $. anPi 
%i>^ci «Hl<3vi, diH jj^tTsr §, Si o^n-J^;^ f^^}^i 

^<i[ M^ 5ii?l MH fe>i«l ^■^IH ciqi 1 ?j^'\Ri 
^Idi d^fl. an^ anliSi) ^U^Im ■"Ml^i 4R *H5jl- 
?i(Sil (aphylla)^, ci^l ^ink MH^^R^ a^iHl Hm.^. 

l^iKi J^li^-llHi wHl^ iiCHlo{i ^^l^i Him 
ani^tll §IH d cHl^ ciKl ^If^lSjl ijC-im 9ii<?ft 
'{i=(l ^i/i Sii"^^ V-*i^ ^^«fl ^IH W!. ant =i-"t^ 
?ll1 t\H[ ^HR^ ®i!i 3iU3 Sii i|c-tl«Hl ^Hi 
T/^ C-tl^l ^. aM^i an q-VHci S^^fl ^1(^1 V4^-«H^ 
5iS aH&tl>As «IW ^^ ^. anl aH^l>/iirtl svl=ll 
Hl^ an H>Hci *[iil dl^lKi »l^»llWiaHl, 'Sdf-fti 
•Met an^ ctXi?i"HR ^'Ki Mci^ftniai^i, rii,j.nt >\i^iii 
>i'iUlSll an^ "i atR ovtctKl iQilaHi Mi^l ani 
iili^lM^ ani^i ^l^eii ilH ^. anii^i Wcti M»2J 

&. ci'ii iwi ia (3di^ cny s.'^ti^i *=t^?<w n\^ i^\ 

%ll«l y»<t\l «HlM«tlHi «Hl^ &. 



^Hl MH ^Icli 't^ft ^l^ aas sPt cil ci^ jfcl =l"»Hl- 
t^Jdl K'fl an^ i^ 6 1:- 

ST ^ Hill ^R-'^lW -il^l ^i^^^^ ^MfTt iim «lHl 

«Jl^ 5H^S ^^l illH nHi ^, M«l ci?(l ^ ! <^^ 
^IdlHl ^Gk'll %l^H»{i Mm Ml^l^l (MW^ii^l^l 

lRn?R^^33K2T,a5TH 5l¥r JI^JJi^SlT ll" 

RiHl aH^ 5=-^ (Hmmi 5i;i l^i a>i^ ^i^i 

^CH anmcV, 1\,^ aH«tn4 sa.«i2ft >i«^ «vlH $. 

an "S^rft oy inrtKl a^i 'H'i^Mfk i=<-» (jf»HMn* 
«HS^ an^ ctHl Ml^Hi il(«^ cd^^itlH rli^Wi^j 

( capparis spinosa ) s^ §. ci <*iiR^M i^i^ 

«3'0 Cl^tl^llli ti M aH3R llMaMl @M^ (§»l §, 
^IH §. ci M't^Sl^ft anilUl sy^l sYlil ^IH ^. 

MtH viM\ viCi §, n <;-{l%ii, attascti SlicaiW 

«lct( ^ C-i«l»ll«l aH«t<Hl anil^f^ni MtSl ^IH ^, 
ct R t'a< oHl^ni ^IH S. ci Mtoii ^inii H H^ 
"i^A. ^^^n Si^l §IH ^, ci Ml«fa 'H^'lSll ^IH ^. 
Mrt'fl qiy qi^C-fl ^I'cTffp^l an^ ^IS -itUH ^Hl^l ^ 
MlV5!A?(l Rltl ^^l cfl^l eiiol g. MH'd ildil 

4: «(l I ^a( c-ii"{l anPi ^^i umi »{ :^m ji^i 
^IM d. ct s^MK § ^i^<r«i<34i wi ^tVjMH^. 

ilA'-ll'Ji, «{lc-ll :i3l^, ^M^snatil %tMl^qiui a>iPi 

<H^m ei'-n^lm ^iM ^. ci ^ 2ft y ^^ c-tioi an^) 

ti-llM^ \o Ui \\ §9fl (&i?ll aniM ^IHd. 

an i«l^rii MK an^ ^C-l^ aH«tii4 JV-iRl 
a>il^ S. ci ^Hl'Hil %4l an^ dl'-l'fl aH^lfwHloll^ 
■^H^t^lH^Wi anl^ ^, %i(?lctl @M^ an SHj:^^ sqi 

\-kli^^riiH~C. Grandis, 
tyi-ci— H. 1. p. 176; N. p. 18; Watt. 
II. p. 131. 

^J?5 ( Jfo ). 

a-Hll'i-M^'li ^l^^li M 2a lo !(ld @at[ cl^ 
&. ciHl H^ ^ll^MlSil «11H S. ci Ml^ftqR ^Sllrft 
^1 C-t<niy^ '^l^'i 3JU^[ aH3R qii H^l^M^ ani^l- 
■^l «ic(l ^qi^i ani^ $. ai^rii "Hfi^ iliil'll «tiH[ 
"i cfl^iSl aHl^(lMl«ll qisi ^<?IC-11 iidl ^IH ^. llW- 
qi^ aJiJjff,' o5i^H^ 5l59v <ii->HlMl ^dStii MK "Hl^ 
iiil ^IM S, an^ ^deiU MW ^Icll 'l?^. =H<ii 

^'ii ( uniform ) ^IH d. ci?(i an ajuqfli ^""JiiH 
SH^l ^£^ 5tl3l ^. 51;^ ^^s ^3Hi |CH (3.^i5i 
ani^ d. ^ K^H SilfAlfc) Slrti ^IH §, ci iilMl?! Hf^ §. 

§. ciHi?(l "^ii-llS ^idlSil ^^CHl §IH $. 'i^aM^'ft 
H»l4l «tfl, wi<j 5(^(1 ;i >iiaO §iH ^, rt ""{Icai^Stctl 

<^i ^'iKl iiH §. ciM^iKl "^tct^ sti(ai«*icti 
<Ji;^i ^^iKl ^ •»H,S'Jiai^ ^IH 'S. ^ca^ sitsi «'^s 
an^ S J<«1 ^IH S. qiy cd^Ml ^ rM'n cJ3;l«5lcil ani^ ^. 

iiXl »H?l J^imia^i-SiKl iiil ( si^ ) ^mm 

ci MaHi «l8l(a ^hI «lil »ilH S. ciM^Kl 'c>lC-t 
■*(l'Al« > 9i5l«?lctl ^JlHl qi J!l«ll«M^ ^IH ^. 
ci ^lafl, -"idna^il anPl stiil ^(h ^. ci§H^ 
§Qll =(1^1, Ml^ml Mi^^HlfAl Sidl, a^Pl q>Hci 
"vailSll telHlllctl ?il(ai Wi WlMi ilH S. 

^u'^iiSii c-ihi rt^^i jJ'hI '{l5<4l siiil hHI qii- 

ctH"<Hl^aHl ^JHi »iVi\b HICAKI ^^l^Ml ^Q^t shM^ 
^^'^ ^IH $. an 5H^cl^ 'I'wiHcfl •>M^Mctl rftiC/il 
ir»tH §. 

Hlrl-aHin^ ani^ d. MUKl ildil-Hl *J^ Mm 

(smmhKI <v3iisH 'c(i^s;(l 5\ cfle^i^i qlst jidi 

^IH S. ci MlfAl ■^ ctM^^ani \Ml ^I'A an^l 
an^ 3 eiiy'l?^ ^ ^ai C-l[»(l ^IH ^. ^M^ HKA'fl 



^'-tl/l ^IH §. MH^l 5HISR '-il^S^ »^!t ^^'Hl 

yi^i 't^^ (llH ^, ^ "MlW^A^-d ct 'ctteii %1->M «iy 
d. ct %im%tlMl aH«l=ll ?14<V anict^ 3MlM ^IH 

MH^ >l(A<:(l c(l^ <Hl^ wiPl ^[T-iim b^-im eldl 

Ml^ "4W sHl'ct ^. d QlfAi ^3Hi ^iH Qi. ^7[[ oH[%i 

cl hmn ^ cHl^ ct'fl =ll« ^^iJ/ H^^ ai'cTiMH 
S. l^'ii ^dil ■4H'{1 /Idil i^cti MW^O ^ C-tl"{l 
^IH S. ctM^ l^l/l ^IH ^.5^ /Idil f <i^m \ 
Sat CHi'^ §IM $. d s^C-trU :yill c-li(Hl ^tctt ct«(l 
■4<^ cicft ilil 3YiC-0 yi45!=^ 'f'lil «11H ^. 

«lni c-ftiii \iini Sii t>{\f^?ft <i^ii :i Mi^HilSiied 

:i^ Eiivfl, t(l(/n ^y»l(a^-llf/ll an^ ^/\ ^IH ^. n 

aH*i '^log'H a>ll^«fl an^l "{\iJ 5\ Sis M^tM^ 
an^c-n ^IH §. 

>i^y^l-'<4>3li ^IH 6. cl MMil^Hl'-d C-lhi 

^^l M<^ ^IH d. 

8lcil ^IH d. <t C-Oc-tl ^3(^1, C-fl^l, P| a^Ulicll ^IH 

tl">Hn |S1<{1 /Id^ «W ct-il 5?hI IV "Mil «it) «1H d. 

Sj$i-il^ ^m ^ cHl"^ ^fl-Hl ^'l^, C-Oy ^ aita- 
i<'l^ »(y aMl"«H\ ■^fAl«^3 94,^ Si'cT <MH d. cl 

C-^cii 3R ^IH §, ^Ht bmi '<M[ wani o{l<V 
ani^C-ti ^IH §. 

^51 MliHl MtJ^ ci ai[i^.h\ Hi^i Sliil ci>Hct 

ild^ ">Hl'cl irnH d ^ clHisd <41»v 'flai Mlil 1 
^>C\ 3iaH«{l Si^i jji^ciiH^ ^cimi ani^ §, ^ Hi^n- 

*»(lv-^_ ^2t«il M C-ilWH C-thi an^ 3 <Hl'c) 
'i^ \ li^A ^l^icrii ^IH «i. ci c-(l%ii, a<(riscti ^ 
■<^ bmi ^IH §. ci <f/V. =MMdi =:i«v:(!ic(l ^S %ilct- 

Y-(§\<iloU^ai-'i«l, MH and £tis|. 
H-'iii3j."^m-\iaii(,^l9iSi dstl (ai^?i«J!!l^^irVi. 
H§'*i*il3l-»^'li H.^ 'H^ wic-t^ 'Hl'^l ciKI 
Ql^l g,HMi "Hl/l ^l«^^l an^l anSiJi^ <3M^ »lHHi 

=HiHlM^ "ii^ ^. ci«(l Rl'cT ^^l ?it^ iX d; 
sM-li MH^l il^l «^1<C1 Ril^^i fa^^iiiSiitl^l ^if&li 
ct^^ "HM^IM ^. ancti c^l!!iiPl <§Hl C-lPlcd <im 
ct«(l ^'^l^^ai aJirii c-tliiRi^-d ai« 'HitW^l'fl 

aJi'li Hibii-il i^K $, aJUi «{\(v»ii«(l aHS^ncl^ 
ciS{ Kli^ ^. ci €<Hl an^ ^H "nW-lKl ilH^li 
a>il^ d, aH>i i^c{m d. 

\9-*^l«ii-^i ^nilaniKl '-iU^i, idlcAl an^ 

'il^'^ 'i svi'c)5i. "iitS ^/i an "S^il'd an^i i^i 
SlRil an 5\Rilr{l rrirlKi cld^Mfcl 6. MQi <H-^^l 
1^1=1 ^^»v'%lliV «^-5il an^ «H'^Hi iidl ^iqi«a 

H^ii «^i^i an «H-^^ ^jfl 't %iM'»'m>ii ^41 iX 

d. Ml^ sgaHl H'Jt^. llo. 

1-^ll^lH«il»l-C. sepiaria. 
tfeH'ct-H. I. p. 177; N. p. 18; watt II. 
p. 132; |. (h. Ml. M^<;. 



#«Tr?^ i^°); tT^, *«TRi ( f?o ); ^^\t, 3Tfwr, 

y«ll d'^ll ai-ll <MM ^. ^ <^i clKl «U"»Hl3ll ICHIH 
6. S^,{\ ^iil si^iti li^SiW^i^ \ «ft ^ 50<i 

^ o !(li (3^ aiil 5laH<j(l IiWHU wlHlMi SHiq ^. 

m^<^[?. ^'S ^i-Hl §IH ^. »H<i MH c4«M5llfA 3H^ 
«M!|Hl ^tiiii Sirti ^IH S. 5iMi ^lltAl Wi ^^llHl 

5llcAlfcl4lcti S^MSi <v=ti il«li \^ 5?S =H^ =H%ll- 
(iMi Ml"S S. ci 3 CHlW't^fl i ^^t ^Hl^'li ilH §. 

<Hiil Sidl ^IH §. 

1^tfl-'3| ^M ^IH §• n»li«(l SdStli «14l 
an^ Min«\l Mil^^l 'ftS^'^Hl '^IH S. \vi ^c-ll 

an^ T/Hmi ^n^[^^[ anml^fl (^wHl ^nisg ^^^ 

s>mm o^ril ^C-tlaniMi ci2ft M<«i «^4 **'*^ ^■ 
^iVlKl 'rSlCH <TAi[, s[lsji [^|(^Hl ^^I'O. Ml=fl an^ 
«Md5^(l ^IH ^. ^i^l^ ^lii %l1f. 5H^ Hl4 %i^ 
§IH S. ^l%l cfl^ an^ ^HIS S-S^l ^IH ^. 

Sltai^elctl VlKl ^IH. ^. clM^ Mlil«ll M>S'=fl=ilfni 

ff?<l <rnil, Mi^^, <H^^i «{lcHi ^JiKl an^l Qj^^ 
4wl«l=lltfil ^IH &. an ^imiaSli ii/l an^ o\i- 

S. MH^ ^^^ y^''^ "^'^ ^l*t ^- 'H'«l "Si^-li- 
iMi ci -^Hia^Kl ^t\ ^^^^ anl^fl aHl^«ft ^m ^, 
MK^l «H'^ «Ml/lM^ ^iV an^ OiJi qicaKl iwioi 
^IH §. clKl @M^41 %lMl/lKl ^H C-fl^ll, tl^i 
f-n^i 1 iltfll^l^^l «fl«^l ^IH §. anPl KlSlKl^i 
ci?ft <v:^l 5[l"Sl ^IH 6. MK^ ^m^[^ ^«lwi 
MK^ ^'-Acfl Hl« a>iPl atlct'Hl^fl =(l^M^l >qis c-tlSl S. 

MK'fl ildil-il «li^i §MMHKI oyillan <n-^ 
«Ml«ig5l ani^i qi-^i cfl^ij^ aH<^(l<Hl«ll SltHl^M^ ^Wl 

aH«tHl ^ll'^lSilPl §1 MW Ml^ Holi^ ^ ?(1 lo 

^ 1M ^J-t w^iiR anml ^iH S. ci ^mi wi* 

an^ 1 aa^ oHl^-li ^IH $. i,CHr{l ildil ^(^^(r/ sAl^ft 
an^ I «fl f ^a{ C-tio{l ;t aH«,i ^IH §. a^ll :^3l «{lc-tl- 
««^ctl ■»(l5ll ;i clM^ 91^1 =ll'A'fl \'^m ^IH ^. 

§M^ 'tl^l'fl ■rxtcl'ft il^Hf^il ?i*n^^ i^cfl ( ani 

l^mm M^ c-tcH an^i ai^^iirii ^^-^^^iPi T^wHi 

<l(l^M5 CHl^C-O M^l^i^sy a^i^icU ) ^=ll^i aniq §. 

^'^V-Hl^llH-'li M^l V ilH -S. a «nCHl«. 
^ni ■^{Icril Wi ^ ^vsimi^Ai ^IH &. aHHi?(l R. 
H^Wi M^l aHS:irii ;i H^L iWl <^^l ^l^lil 
^IH §. ^i aiR M^l^i'-fl :;. M^l «m«Ri 
rftati cicrQ oi^lc-li §IH d an^ "1 %ii^«ml 
^ii^tl ^lil -v^i aH«lcii »HllVlaHlOilHWi 
MPtt -^WKi •»H"*'M5i ^Hl aHl5R4i anl^C-ii ^(H S. 

^. an MI'^M^Shi cl[(/i?l yii^ ;i ^:^ci[ ci^!^ y^ay 
Ml^l<4\ sirfl ^m §. H Jio '>ilo li'Hi M^l«ft 
C-ti«{l ^IH S. Si V Mi>Mil5iwi?a :^ Ml^Hil^il 
ani anui aHl^CHi :!io «Aiio "Si'Hi MtKl (3M^'{1 
ll^ Ml^ '^ TA^i <mCl R^uSi M^t^C-fl ^IH d. 
an^ "{125 ^ M^ilant t'flavi 3HUi ani^SlI (J^o 
<nio ^IH^i) M't'fl §H^ Ml^ MW ani^ <t M^Hl 
H=-ai m<s\(k disdl ^IH ^H ct'llM^ i'hC^ §IH §. 

H^lliV "ll^i 3HUI an^cai ct?iCHl ^IH S. <i 
Mmil'Hl^ C-thl ^IH ^. an da'HlM^ ani^C-ll 
M^Pl^R aHcMcl ^S^ ^^Mlctl MiSJl ^8(H S^lsi 
«^3iic-{l ^3Hl ^IH ^. ^ ci^i ^[(Al :i3ic{l M^Wav 

»i«ll5l €^1, a^taSicil, <:-{lc-tW?lctl '^^l ^31^1 a>iRsll 
^IH d. ci^ ^81l<?i is/l ani^fl ^IH 6. an 31(hUi- 

K«t Siati ^IH § <Jil^ <Kl5tl VHi ^IH &, M^ 

■>{l(ni ^ Rw(, an^ Mil d <<ii^ hmi an^ yi^i 

cl^M «lfcl «IH ^. ct i^^^'ti s^C-t^Hl £-niM §. 
rt iSMi <n<|^l ci^i^i JV ^IH d. \(\^[ aniiR 5liai 
^IH 6. I^C-l^ ^^^ Sl(AW?lctl ^iJlHl JSi^ ^'^ 



ii'i 6. s^chKI 'ft'l'n M ^^ffl ildil s^cii rtil 

^IH d. SiKl =ll« an^ ^'-11?. I^Mi k^-t^ 'i'Acll 
ii'Hi ^IH ^. 'l^^l ^^IS ^"*H^ ^"t^ Jl'A^^l 

'tlMcti ciHl ^i\ "{I'ii f.St sllSta'llH'fl ■HlSsS 
HiitAlV-ti «0CHI ^'Hi S"«HK §. «HW ^ e=M 

)^-(3H»iloQ 5Hai-^A, MH an^ >i4t. 
m/l ani^H'tl ^l«vtM^ anrnKl aHlo>^'-Hl<»g ^{i'il 

a>i<i^ wi<H^i ^^i s(l n ct^rt 4i ^ddi %i->^ci 

3U?inii §M^ ^i^mi ani^ d ri«(l 3U 1 ?i<M^ 
rlW ^<n *nH d. a^ril MH ^n^C-ftanwi MUKl 

%ii«l cti/i:^ a^l «lMil M^i^Kl 3iUh^ "iN=imi 

M«l 3lii ctW MliM^ aHl<^ ^H d. (^^"^IdJs an^ 

MK^l Jtl^l ^l':! an^ t^'^ «l«l (a|^?i«lil^ ^if^i 
d<l"^ ^M^IH d. SH'ii Mlii S^si^l ^R M«l |>H<11 

^Ni an^ ^"HiiSii (iM^ c-i3iu<^mi aMi^ S, im\['^ 

^1>H cletMl M(A<1 ci clC-t ^R'ii (Hlii an^ atisiaJll 
<§M^ V^l^ ^l"Sl =1im1 d. cl?(l ctM^ rtW an^i^ 
ani^ d. 

VS-jt^l«ii-qiilSllr{l qUMi idicai a^^ <MIH- 
5lHi «n(Ai5}i^i aJirii ^CHi m^i @ol g. 5} liffviui, 

<:-Ch^H (HH't'l-aH'li \^ Ml"^ ^ «Ml^ iPlil 
ilil««{l, =H^ *iMi nisi dlgjiSJ aHl^n=(l«ll ilil 

5. R. Ml. M^«f^C-l-5l'H 6 1-" (S«il^) "(125 
'^IRil ^41 8*IH ^." aJi '^H $. <. ^y 

&-N. 0. VIOLACE^. 

>lli=li an^ dUHlSil «11H d. MH anirt^ a>ii^ d, 

ct anvii "^i^cdoii vm^i iMiv-ii i|iH d. Qmmh 

Jio t^lo ^I'Mi M^l M; ^o ^HC^Ho IrHI Mi">M- 
il2ii M; :g^%i^l M; ^>%i^ 1, i-^ic-t^iyfl; i^fil 

SHI ^l^lKl Hd^MfrfHi ^a^S, •HlPdil^i', H?t<H, 
^=1^<H, ci«ll i^, «'-4^ a>i;i ^mu i^i^i ^^C-tl§. 

l-J?U^M«ilH- Viola Cinerea. 
4,^1-ci-H. I. p. 185; Watt. Vl.-part. 
IV. p. 244. 

5c«ll ( Mwl^A+fiiHlo ) 

3_et,^l,l-5irti ^{i^l ^ i(\ \ 'S^ Sail «ti*( 

^(A- R. «a 3 flat fiti$a, ^^ ^'^ 'H'i ^l^l 

^IH S. d iliil n\\ «iS4[, qa|>tl Ml^l«li an^ 
llHl <\.\\ Miwi «iiii «<<li antJflsiR ^IH d. <l 
"i'^ «Ml/l5i Sis %l^Ml<HliHl ^3Hi, ^^M^m/l 
an^ ov^l S^at(i{l^l«U ^IH d. dKl ^a^c-fl ^^ 

<§Ji ^3i(^ct an^ ^'iit 4lsi««lfii 3ifj\2<^icHi3l0. 

!jCH-M^"ii«3iMi«(i '{liM aMi-^ia, §90, I «n 

l^ °8a4 c-tioft, \w ^i[ Min(/(1 «t/(lM^ aniS^ \<:^ 

«{ltHl VHi 'HlKl aHi^n^l«\i "^ ^"^MM^l ani^eii 



(hi ^ eflc-tl ^3Hi ^IH $. ri'ft "SR -HWafl ^ WicaI 
il*t d. M^l Mi">H^^l«(l 'HMci <v^l ^ii ^IH S. 

M^CHl ^lovlid ^Iff/^^tR i1^(V'tl ^R|M fitP%lMl«t 
»(lo «)i«irti cVaiH MW'O ^i^aJilM^ §^1 §.* 

\o-N. O. BIXINEJ^.- 

sJU^i an^ aJlll «11H S. a>ii ci3'i»iir{l ct»iR:\i(rt^ 
MH anict^ ani^ §. <§HMH ^wi 't^fl, an^ ^IM 
& ctl H^[ ^-H ^IH d. ri;^ an^ ^l«l v^€ll 

* dlo lo ^^5Hi^ \<:o\ ^ ^iT/ Sim Suqi Mff- 

aH«l=ll #1 ^'-li ;i«fl M m-i[tJ\i ^LH ^. 

aMl ^UlKl H'lRrMlctMi JinCl, SM^lHi a>i^ (ai^^- 

1-^ll%llH«iR-Flacour tia sepiaria. 
i^M-E. I. p. 194; N. p. 20; Watt 
III. p. 399. 

^k (fco); 

3-ct4«i-«ili(l'ii aJl«i lo «fl ^^o sJU dati 
«IIH d. rt*ti 'll^l'O 'iliS.l'ft i^ilHC-n Hi^ft ^ll>MlSii 
•ili^lC-fl §m d. aii^i cfliifi^ anii^pctitfii ^tH 
5li«Hl ii^l aHl^<Hl ^IH ^. ^H< H.^H[\ |(H an^ ^CH 

■HW-aHicl^ anmi ^iH d. ci «(l%ti a^tflicli 

an^ li^M^ i(3i^ "^ sicticiicai ^ih 0. a ildil 

cl^k «ii-Si '*<^i «^ ^^Hi ct^^ Mimical a>i«l<^l 5l«(l 
R^i, aH«iqi Slltflfclttrti > ^taji ^ll^l(ai 3H^ 

«lcli, aH«5i^c(l -wiiatHlcai "I aHi^ftaHmi ^IH §, 

MH <fn^( an^ =(lq<i iiH d. ci 1 «a 3 ^ai ethi 

an^ i «a \n ^ ^=H Ml^KAi ^K ^. n-d 
^CH-f^lMl«l ih aHl<l ^IcfflM^ ^CH Mil S. 

ans^ y<^i }i\^\['{[ ?ia-aa a>iiqc-n ^IH g, n 

^IH §, *n»li ^l^^i^'lfililS^l l^/l an^l ^cii 
^■^'tl Y «fl ^ ifiil^l @Uii l>Hlcll ^IH*'5. 

<rn<a-il R'Hi Mfc) <MH d. ct 3 <Hlfc)H oHi^^f 
^IM d. S^^li anisic Slitfi dl^Hi a^^Pa^i ^^i^ 
^^l c-ti5l 6. 5i }f<si7i ^^^ Y <(l ^ c-tio{l ?tu(l 



MiHi (3M^ Hl^i ^(4\ m4?!<l «n<H "ftj/ ^IH S. 
clM^ <3C41 'I'il ilH ^. «^^ ani ^1 Sis an^ 
?«l ©MR "HlMR^ll^ft 5^^ fi^RiSl 5^ d SiH 

»{lii rt«iHi Ssn/fl ci cic-i 3ii(/(l c-tfc) ^ifH'Hi 2H^ 
ctia? wic-t Mi^PMi ^i/l^ 5^ ov'tr-iR'ii i'^HR 

Wist ff?<l ?">HIH S. <t i^i Rcll^M ^iiO, Sl^Jl- 
€R an^ ct^l R:=llS "^Mimtlcil fl^l ^IH ^. ">MRl 

hii\^ «i<H ^"^ ^-iiQ. n=(l"^ H^p iifti* §. ^ 

(symplocos racemosa) tll'ni'Wl <h4 (styracea;) 
HI cW^Mfrt ^. M 5l Sii^im ^-iCl §. ?ilM>^ 

ctMW «icii^ Moj m^ (v^R^ ^. 1H 1 $ili(l'{l 
wist "SiCHlS mil $llt^«{l WlSt'ft <V5ll5>l 

1\-N. O. POLYGALE^. 

anl "H^mi irv{"5'?.^l, jjuqi a>i^ ^CHl «tlH ^. cilMi^l 
Hn^Mfct^ MK anict^ ani^ §. gMMH ^Icli 'l«fl. 

^IH §, clHi anSR'ii ^ M^l ( Min ) HNil^^i 

^ MICH anPl ;i odd/HlOJ ilH ^. 

ani =l3lKl ^Irt^Mfct '<=ll4i=(l wHR an^ ^ll«lH 
^liSllH ^. 

HOI— (^i^iai^n.) 

t.-?ll^1«l«ilH-PoIygala persicariaifoHa. 
I'^dl-cl-H. I. p. 202; i\- p. 21. 
'^J^flnR-Rl'fl ^^IH^H^t ( Ml + ?io ); 

%m[ «mvH[ ani^ S, n 4 «(li^ m,i c-ihi §ih ^. 

cHl anl-^l ^ii^[-^\ Hqb<\ '^ifli ?imi (sail 
aiddl =11«AKI V<*ltfl ^IH ^. aH'ii MH Jili^i a>iPl 
^Ml^ «t^i ^IH S. an^l Hijis^^ ^xllcn^Hl^Mi 
JiC-ll"{l Wi "il^i i^ ani^ ^. an^ !^«i aiMdi^ 
m42i^ ^^^ "^iaiHltfli (|IH §. 

cii(a <^cii ^%ii aH«ti<n^ i^iii Hli^ic-ti ^iH ^. 

>iill *H^ J^lMlSll-^iil H«A ^<l wlil an^ 

«ll>HlaiHl ci?(l MlrtCfil ^IH &. ct iiil'tl Hla^etl 
(Hl3Ri«(l KlitAl ^i^a^tR .siil iWi C-tiofl hHI 
3l5t«a ilH ^. 

■Hl«i-aHicl^ anl^cni ^IH d. ct \ «tl \\ tfat 
cni'-Mi an^ R. «fl 3 cHiiA > 1 t;a-i Ml(|ltai ^IH 

^. cHi ^R-^i ^^i aH^ ci^ ctPh'^ :i^gfM liiii 

^iH '3. mkKI SmrKI RiMi/l^i R31 <:-fl€li ^ 'flSi- 

ffl^l i\\\. ^IH ^. ^ <n-^ RiMlilMR RtSfM '^Itfl'fl 
^"■llil ^IH ^. MH'O iR an-ui^ 7{ ?iMR ^8fH 
^«l«A ^IH ^. MKHI "SR <VRl fftlil 8i«l(5{l liH 
6. MKm'i ^"{1 M^mXMI Rl'HlM 'H125 'iRll ot-S 
^IH d. MH «isii ^ aHj 1 Uiai^fct-ii ^IH 6. 
^CH-M^t'^l'il'O =Hl^ ci«(l <JVRl (3M-<«lT ^"^M ^Rtjj 
iR-il^ Ri^H «{li^«{l ^IH S. ci MH-il iliil 
iRdi m^i^l Mldtal ^IH ^. an^ cIMR 3 «il \R. ^i 




^CHKI ildil «ni^i ^LH S. ct ^C-1 <3H4m My^ 
Hlafl 'H'41 <r»tM ^. ^SlKl ildil4l 81i MW «=ll4- 

qaSiiciai c^sti ^sirO (§^ m/I ^IH ^. SHl »i M^l-ii 

'Hl'V ^IH d. ^CH MIJA ^H ^ ^l^ ci4i «H-^ 
M^"*Mi §Qli §^^ ct>li^ <Hlay 'Ht&R SHl^ ^. 

ctl^'-lltaw "il!j k-ViVk d. Sirii 1iH<A MUHl ztdi^fl 
=11:^1^ n«^l S^Mil "Hl'AHl ^l"tM^ ^niH^lHi =HK §. 

l-^U^lHrii^-P. Chinensis. 
i^l-d-H. I. 204; N. p. 21; Watt. VI 
part. I. p. 315. 

( i?o ) flRrg, jfr^ ( fIo ) 

§. ci ©(HI ><vHHMR'^CHlrll ilH ^. MK ^U^lW 
^cli aiMit ^ ^^^ "^iat^licai ^IH S. 

anmi (i£^8iiriHi (§3l §. 

et4-( ^OV. ) 

i^i'Ct-H. I. P. 203; N. P. 21; 
^-'^^ll«iR-<HlH«<3i ( Ml+^io ) 
3-Hi4«i-»H'll Su=ll 2imi^ @5l g. ^ (3(Ml 
■^ 'vHl'iM^ M«l^lrtl ilH ^. MH «(i^i, c-thi, 



^^i-^jftaJlis^iy'Sft-'H'^sdl^i HSU 

^ ?(l m; ^51 MictaQ > 'HdJs'in »ic-iqi(ni, «lut 

Wi«iHl R^IH <Hl^i "(livqitfli ^IH S. 

1-<U« ril«-Pol}'carp»a corymbosa. 
tei-ct-H. I. p. 245; N. p. 22. 

«n5l \idi «id\, t'ii^s ?litAi -HifaKl |qi/l'-ti(/fl 

"^I'd^lR aiislSR 5Hl^C-li ^■>niH ^. cl I 2(1 =1 ^=H 
^IH d. SMMK ^mi ^^Hi H«li MldtAl "^irt^i 

M^ Sis sv oiiog e^'i'm "Hc'isii Hijii ^f,^ ^>i^ wi 
^aviRi m4i^ 3H?il^ ^ii ^iH ^. 5^st^i =>Hi« ^ 

d. ci s^et -Mli/l 3[m \\^ ■Hijj siH^ ;^^ §. J^c-t 

»i\\ ^"^ 5^ "V'tiq^ i^j^ ^IH ctPl anlM d. 

vs-^^Hrii-Hll Mii^fl ^\d \'ii ^iH ^'-fl 

<v3liaH, clH "V '^^i ^cl^l^ ^^, an^ 09HR a^lR 

^^d ilH, a>i^ n ^SlH «Ml^ ci<l i^.'Ml'fHi §»l- 
ia.«> an^ (ii^Hi 2*ll"<H^U "^ a>lli i^ ^. ani 

ffy|^ ffvtCl aMi(a-«H^l^ veil aJilVt^ii 5»l ^io-s,{l 
aMRl^ RH^^i^l ^Snmi anl^ $. 5/>l> jAtsji 

•i»i5i 3^1. 
l-^u¥lM«iR— P. i^picata. 
tKl-cl— H. I. p. 246. 
^-"^<ll'tR-=(V?.c{\ ( Mlo ); 3li>H^ii ( ^o ) 
a-HillH-aHdl duqi Simi^i IdR f^lMl^l 

an^ ftflHl^lHlt^l <v>{l'l^i §51 ^. ciM[ V «fl I- 

^^ «(l 3 c-tiWH ^^i^r^i ^iM ^. <i rt(«\^«(l y^jji 

aHM 1>HIH S. SMMH ^^M, ^l«li, Mlrt'Ai, a^^l- 

icti, nPi'^ Mi^mi, H«ti5i «iwi *icii ^ c-tMl 



(3<Hl «{ldl ^IH S. 'jC-t ^ll>Jil5^l^ di SH^ M^- 

5?^ «i^ ^\^. §. 
" sin I'^di ^iH cii sHdi MH "Hii'l i[ii,mi 

=13-N. 0. Portulacea;. 
IihHI Mi'>HilsHl V ?(1 M; H?!^"^! Vl Hi^i; ^1- 

5Y=ii 5H^ ct^ii ?iiji s)mm m^i t>{[ff)^ ^^^ §, 

aMl ^3RiHl "SiC-fls H^iRrMfrl ""{l^ a>i^ "^lil 

AfH^* 33 
l-J^ll^lil'ii^-Potulaca olcracla. 
t^l-a-H. I. P. 246; N. P. 23; Watt. 
Vl-part- I. p. 329; |. Pi. Ml.^oa 

i^o) ^r#T^, fsr ( f|o ) fi?^mr, tife^ ( ^° ) 

^<Hl»li ani^ §, cilMisi r^iHitfii'ii n r=il\H §^1 S. 
aH'li ^liqi §(Hl aH»icii oyHl'lM^ M^ftlMCHl ^IH S. 
c1 ^ ^=<?(1 ^d "^ H"«Hd <^5^d J^i '^i<Hl C-li<Ml 

MW <M^i an^ M«il5l Ml^ltfli §IH &. ^CH »i^ 

^Vl-Y i^at^a ^ U ^\i ^IH §. aMl?a Id- 
H\i Mlcttfll ^^11 ^"Hl J^idlSil r{lj;(?i!Hi ^IH §. -liai 
^Clt^l^l Md^CH ^^ <nl^ ^(M g, n\lr{\ vsic-t 

i^il an^ <?iji ii^i'd ^iH d. Hca ans^^l ^\i 

S{'{1 'Hl%l an^ >'-llS ant^i'mcti ilH §. 

iUI ann ^uMiaJti-^41 ^u^m zili Y-ih^ 

«ll"*Ml^l KlSf^l ^M\\ <V>{l'iM^ M^i^lHC-fl ^IH §. 
n Jiyi ffv'^l <r»lil ^IH §, Pi ri alien, C-fl^, aita- 
idl, '-Mdi^fl a^Pl aHJ^?(i Ml=0, ^«<H^ an^ ^fos 
^IH S. an^l ^31 ^li C-flc-il aH«l^l ^ni^H^ ilH ^. 
^ aMrii >i:^ attAirtl (^^SaHlKl 'Hl'li ^IH §. SH-^I 
=ll« §Jl an^l R:ms ={lsi^l ^ ""idl«l$lcil £IPI 6i. 

Hi'i-'Hict^ ( "SivAr %im%lRi ) Vi(^ ^. ci-^l 
ildil ii^, aiM/1 ^ ^IPHl %ll^ ^iHl^fl ^l<^ ilH 
&. ildM a>ij^r{l UU03 "H^'SKil^i ^It^il 'HW'V=ll 
cl^Sli ani^C-ll |lH §. MH ^ ^^^ \\ d^t 
Sli"li an^ ^ ^ T d'-l ^liltAl ^IH «*. Ml'l^l 
anlitR H^h^ "^W-flni ■MKl av^l rl(ca'^ %lisll ^ 
^«lic?l Ml^l<?ll ilH ^. aH4i ^^cii (y^i ^iH ^. 
'il'fl iR ^icfl K clM^ i{fe^ Sictl <^^ fMHi ^IH 
d. aMrO '-H-Pl ^\l£\ C-fl^ Pi aicasjcfl §IH S. aHrft 
SM^Kl ^iMl'APll ^31 i-fl^lPl '{lal'OPll ^icii aH*!^! 
5^l"Sl (Ah 1 <^^>iiU ^IM d. anl <hA ^-Hli\M 
^?(>l Pl|5^lr{\ «iHi ^IM §, »Hd^ iv 'id MiSJ 
cUlM^ Htfll ^^^ ^\f. IMlil^ft <^<l ii^flSll 
^•w^lH g. an^i MH^i a;ii>v<Hlcni rt^5j ^l"*HlPt sm\.^.i 
ctMl anHMlWli H5?^ tfvtailil^t ^'HRl a^l^l ^. 
MH'ft m%i aHQjamdl an^l R:'^U "^RUl^clt 
>Ht^l Sll^l ^. 

^$i-«U"»HlaHlPl §!l M^ll'^jMi M «(l ^0. ?li ^CH 
MW Ml?t MK-Hl ?i=-»ili -{li^Sli ^IM ^. aHaim 
M^ll<Sl^i \ ^^la ani^ 6. ci -iflcAl Wi 5H^ 
MK«a ^ll^ni ^IH ^. dPl ildil ^icn 'l^d. rtPll 
t-Hiy R. ?(1 3 C-ll-cPl <^iSll ?IH §. :!i'^\\^l ^h[ 
^oHi ^Irl'^i oy^i SlM aHt^flmtAi ^IH i$. 

•Jj'i'HttilllllH-'ii "^^l i^^il ^ictl <3Hi ^ ^IM 6. 

>i^Ml9-«fn5illH-fl Mi">Mil'Jll V«fl M Hltfl 
^'iKl ilH 6, ct Mlcttfil Pi nnvh --Mi^l'-llvR ^IM &. 

■»i^=«"^i-Ml^i wi <^ «(1 1^ "^ <llls ^iH 6i. cl 

"HNil?(l ibi ilH §. aJi'll asjaaiPt cl[<A*l ^l^lictl 
<^ltfl ??^ ^^■H 4=11/1 ^IH §. 

^fl^iJi-^ ^iH §. nPli 'khUr c-{lsii "^ ^ini 

^aiPll «f|^l ?. aicaSdl ^IH S. Hm^ vid^ ^(kil^ 
MAVh (I'll 3 2ft <i R(HPll 81'^Stl ^IM ^. 

sjCH-c-Ga, ^^i, n«i"H «{k-ii Pi Miwtn^ft ff.i«a-ii 

■^ ^=il '^'id ^I'cT *4H ^. 'HPll aniiR ScHI ^ilH/" 



■^ <,mi{\ -^^i ^iH ^. =H^ SiPi 1\^ ^^^ anf^n 

an^ §M^^ M^ i^i SlfcT <r^H 0, ^ Kl^i^ ^'AV^^ 
^i M^ ^U^HW ^"^ «IH ^. clti H«li «Kl<V 

Jijy^icO \s ^iciii ^=ii ^iM ^. an^ Sis Si ^i^H. 

anf^fl ^IH Wi. ^ aH^flKl SHS^KI ^niag ^'Is "<»Kl 

^iH 6. "iW* cHi'cPt ivic-ii riitjiHi ^iH §. Si 
r-id =fl5!<^i ^iH S. 

«lli i^HlMi ani^ S. ci >Hl'=ll'4l OiH^ RiR >i^ d, 
oJUl aji^l M«IR «l!t SHI^ S, SH^ anaiKl il^ 
Siiya «llH S. 'H^^i MH "Hl/l ^ct=ll (§M"< =i:M- 
^qmi ani^ S, n'-A iiib «iim S. m^ih alili k[l[ 

vim[ ^IH, aH81^-tl "{^ ^\\. l[% dl ai'^n'li MK^l 
§5icfll anHl a^^ati(Hi^ (fZ-l^iMi 5\ c{[:)_ \^^[H[ 
s^IhIi «11H ^. ^i'^'ii "^K =llA ci^l m^ll'il ^■^■rt 
^■^il^ilKl SHS^ CH^HSilSilM^ 6lH a=iRi ani^ S. 

n^iV «lS^'fl %ll«i iRi '-HliV il>l6 SH^ 5HMIH §. 

MiA^i n<l"^ c-i^iu^imi shR S. Si^i ^Wf ^n- 

fel^fl anPl aJUlM^ M<^ HM^IH «>. Si»ii (His/ ^■H[7\[ 

^iKi 5^ §, SiM *niH S. 9v5ii«c{itni^ jii^n^ «ui 

>H=t^lHlH S. anWHin SM^ ^i'^fl'li "{Iff/^l Ssi^l 

^[>i\ m^ ^ISii iiiili <jt\ S. i&W'd tj.5ic-{l a^;) 

^%i nM^ SitM:i §. anJR iii^a'li MH ildi Hii 

SiH<!yniHl ^i^ S. 5i^fl an^ anhc-ft'ii MH «i^i 

atlC-lci >HIH S, H^l ci ^Ui rt^'S 6"*>i«l 'HM^ldl <l?fl. 

fMTt^ m-i b\ d." ( -SI. '-il. 5(1. ). 

<3^w, ^^Xi'i> R4, ^ii, a^milHi ^R, Si «^:^ 

Mdii s. '^I'in^ ^i^ i^ s." H. ^ t!. ). 

i^-*5lirli-^:^dLSilKl "ilogSi, <H[^Sii<{\ qu 
MW, Ml'^fl'tl Wl^aHlSil Sil an^ "iilSli ^tl^i ^J 
(\^\ @3l S. Si aHl»il [^|:t«ll't>li 811H S. 

4lM HiJi 6^1. ^'ii •Hloy t^wl^Mi HmH &■ ci 

t-^U'Hl<t«iW-P- quadrifida. 
tSl^cl-H. I. p. 247; N. p. 23; Watt. 
VI. part. I. p. 330; ^. (d. Ml. ^o3. 

^-^^flllH-^'^S^ ^'4, 'HHI (Mlo); ^i^ 

( r§o ); 553-3nW ( Ho ). 

3-eti4'i-3Ai^ft ^ii^fl'ii «w^i '^^'i "^^i'-^^ 

MSl^lHC-li ^IH S. ^H^ft ^imiSil ^Rl 5?cQ ^[ri(sW 
^IH S, 5H^ ct oyH -^H HHcfl r»tH S ciM ct»l 
d'll %tiHl% Ml^?(l #\Hi ^Scfl ovtH S. H^[l- 

^R ani ^'^Q'li wirt'-ni ^ini ^^hi M"3i 8iih S. 

ilH S. 

«U">HlSil =il>l^ yi^ft M«t^lHC-{l ^IH '2>. ct i[lil ^Irtl 

■<3iKl, <Hl^ ^ aitaidl ^m ^. cHi «iHiSini 

<3M^'ll S-SlSil 5/^1 hH[\ ^ctl%t'4ctl a^Pl ii* 

•Hiri-ym%tmi ani^c-ti ^m §, ci ^^=ii mw 

iv^l ^ibii Hcli ^IH S. iliil H<4 ^b;M =»1^ 

s^lsi «{lcHi H'^ ^iH S. MH <:-{lsti wi, **tii, 

«a«i ^ =H(AScti ^IH S. -HKH^ 'HiyC-il^'ft 
^di ^'^-H. C-flcHl Pi|Sil oi-^^ tfliog ^""MIH d, 
an^ ^RlKl ct^^ MH aHl4 ^iHl s^lrti ci>li ^^l-A 

^■«tlH d. MH ^ «(1 ^7 SUfcfci eihi an^ ^ CHlWH 
M^l^ii ilH S. MH^ ailca^Hl^d =(lil«=tl«ll ^« 
'{ls5l §. cti« (§Jt a>iPl r-il£ >HRl«^cil Ml^l 
C-IPI ^i. 



^$i-«ll-^lS4l^ §1 aMSS "^tAl ^31^ ;h^M ^CH 
Y^ 'nMl^'ii "IR =tPll My^ '^^ «ty MH §. 

sAi[ anPl (3^ "{IStacfl ^IH §. ct ^■>H Ml^ ^V^l 

SHlil^ ^^l^ ^'^fi'ti "ft"^ <^^l ^W ^. 5^^ 
aniW^C-tl^^i svlcti ci<l cHl @M^ ^^^ <nHi 

•HiJl i^ 6, ani ^"^Q n^ns^i ^21l=tl 5Hl^ d, 

iv-N. 0. Tamariscinefe 
ei3l-1^(^(^«{l-ill«^l -Hal 

ani =l3lMi Hl^Hi o5li<Hi 811H ^. ani "H^lMi'd 

(Nairne ) ^IH §. :!i«y^l V-M-T.O "^ MiJli; 
5H^ nni R.-3 ^ '-l^i oflff/ ^IH d. •Hlfr/^ ^2^^ 

M>3i ?i"«-H<:^i^ J<1(&1 ?i*3i ^IH S. 

V^U^Im rlR-Tamarise 
^•^dl-n H. I. p. 248; N. p. 23; Watt. 
VI. part. Ill p. 411. 

5?-"^*(l riiH-iii%t, m (Mlo); <a^(Rii(l); 
55^, 5n3 ( g+iTo ); in^ (flo ); eri^:, 5ir^: (^o). 

^IH §. 5hPI ci^l §M^ \Hr[ CHRcll^A ci»li?^l ^^ 
i^cil aH--ll5y 'UsSl g. ani oJU'Hi^l €'»Ml<H g3:«(l 

aHl<l M61 ^(ii«Hl My^ cImI s^CH MlVl ^H &. 

«Hl5i) 1d«{li »/ll^ MU '{IsM ^IH ^. ci »{lc-il- 
H.t'l'ft Sild^Sj c-ti«>{l ^C-llHC-d ^IH ^. 'i^A'd Sh^KI 
WlC-tM^ MWUft "^icl^ ^IH ^, cl aHi«{l ell MW^fl 
^IH § "5 "^^l 'I'^Hcfl -^H^Hcti (3'4il <r»lH ^. 35141 
^'i?. CH^^ani <^<l ®^ =0^1 Mi«fl ^IH g. SHI 
■^Icl^ ^SlKl wuH Hl^Q ^{(r/oijl an^ «{l^1 ^IM ^. 
5hHI SHS^^l ^^l "V^l «(l«(l ■A^fl^tctl >d«?ll ^IM §. 
aarfl qm dl''-HR<HHi 5^C-lHKl ^l^ aH^H^U^l^ >l<Ac(l 
§IH §. SH^ ^=11S Hi^U fl^l ^IH ^. -JitA^ 4lli| 
^4 ^l^voicl an^ «{l^ ilH ^. an^l anillSlM i^ 
^cti an %i(as; an^ =H5!lSR ^■«{IH S. aH^O qiiy 
«l€t^ Mf^icft an^ R;=ll£ «^9V •^Rm«^cil ={1^hXi 
an^ cj^^l CHl^l ^. 

ciKl (aM^Kl wic-i 5[lj!i ^mi ^^irft ^m g. ;i ^^ 

®H^ ^l<Al =(l^l M).Slt ^IH d. ^IM WieiM^ 



§. ^ ci'tlM^ ^I'^iv 't^*^! ■"i^M'-tl'-fl "<ld "^i 
rfli,(/(\ (T^H ^. iiil'fl VSrH^l ^f.^^l -<'l Ml'Aiy 

H%i[ 41R 0. ^ ^--IIS -^Hfill^lilcil H^[ '^l ?ljH §. 

•Hlu? nio^ ^^^ "t^^l ^IH ^. M14M^ 54'Aicti 
^f.R Wiii^li ^IH ^. MK^l >-i[Z H^H ■^l^l ^ 

i^'il^ «^M^ Kl^l'-d ^l^l'fl, ^^^ =iiis4 Sh^ 

Ml^?(l l^^t'd ^f^-H ili^ Kls^A^-fl ^IH ^. 

■Ji'^'moi^^lH-'ii M'-il kUi ^Ictl ^'Hi, '-^'Aicti 
^ mi-'aM iii ^IH §. 

'fl V yi"{l aA^ \ i}/\ 5A^ ^ll'Amelm ^31-n ^IM 'S. 
>ii*i^l-H ^IH «>. ft ^Tb%l^?(l c-lhi ilH §. 

cl-iW 3 aR-UsIsAI aA^ ^lliHl 'V={i ^i^ ^-^ ^IH^. 
(3M^ ^lisil aAHJlsini ^IH S. SA ^<3J Mi 5A«i=ll 

tAHlA ^, ci^ aA({(Al "wl^ ^A^ VAl=naHl H\^ 
aAH.^H »Hl^i ^M-v S. 5i aiill^l ct^Al MlctHl 

oJUl SH^ ^P-l^il n«tl ^I3v1 (3M^ Ml^A ^. S^Ai 
CAliiiKl Rl"^ HlSi cic-t»li >lcA^ H =tul, mil, 

mni^i hCh aHA a^Ui»Hl '^IH $. CA"«A ^(l'4l 
'{litAl ^IH ril 'A^il iA^Al ^"Al^ 5il^«l Xi^Kl 
Aii ansi'-ll wm Ali^l^i QSI^I ft l35l«ll il^l 
Alii 'rsmni fA«^ AlH Wi-aAAR ct AWl'ft ^l^l 
Ml A ^1^4 ctl 'Hi^Hl AKAH-^ fA^;i Mli ^Hlil 
AW ^. ili^'il ^U">AiaMW Mi^i AlilAi'Al 
(ani irnct^l ^lA) «tm ^. ^ Ai^ Jll^l <i(?s 
'-lARlH §. ili^Hi^l Aill ati»iii anPl iMii ^A- 
^lAl SlAli anlH ^. saKI 'rSl'A an^ "^IH'A «U>Al- 
aAl^ ^^il^ n Ai«l Wl iWAi fA §. Mi^^ft 
3ji>ll («ll">Al5Hl)Ai'-(l "«Alct<<^(l, ^l^lAi JlKAmi 
AW^Hl^l «W^l, anPl ^i«flaHl H«^l ^icll 'AAl^ 

5, Jli«^ CAlii R^n i<lA 'ACAct<^Al ilHMi 
aAiq ^. Si^l Ai^^ «ll->AtaHRi?(l t«,lS!l>li ^M- 
'Hl'ft Stuil^il "iAlH^lMi ani^ d. aH,j CAlsi H\^ 
'^i Hi A»-(l ci?(l %lHlilaAl 5il^l aAAl SllSii- 
Mi?(l \% ^C^^i, {[^'^^[,^<^^l^/i\ AI6IKI 
2{l^ tAAl<l AA^ ^A 2iil<l ^Si d. ail^ CAIS^ 
«l^ Mlp4«l »IIH 'S. ^ AH^ SllM^l in Ai«J «l^l 
ail ^. aHr{l 'SW^ 3{l>ll «lA«/ll rt^"! «A^|aAl 
.iiS^l Hl^ 'HM^IH d. 

«-*^l«ii-A€l, Al«li =4^ R^Hl 9{lAl«lHl«il 
an^ -uiR^t (vHIAhI <3A §, ^ anmi (6|^81lA^i 
»ilH S. 

i-Ro (HH^l-i-^Kl «U>Al5il ^IHl Si/l ^^-Q 
Ai«^ KlScn 'S ciM^^fl iaat Sil^ Ui^ "S^ftl 

^fl. (%iH an^ s=-'cSMi ^^ (Ji?i i^ 6. an^ SiKl 

anfcl IWn «U-«Al»Al SAdC-d cil Al^i Al^ ani^C-fl 
^IM ^ "S ct ani C-flstl RA-il %l'JllaMl«{l ^il sv'^l 
l-«ilH «i-ciA^'-(l Q.'ClHl ^"^ ^idl^cll 6^1.* 

«liHi ^Ani 3jli (T/tniuiU §3\ 5. £1 §4^1 ^""^ ^Ai^l 

6. 3H^ M^i Jil^h 0(1,4 ^1? A151 SH^l ati^i •'*ii<4 S. 

H=lWi "A oiCHctlJl Ct^^ ^iniov «ll!tii §A*il3l>ti SHl^ 

S-§H S tAlAl Ml^at c/M\'l^i(ni 4i>ii <A\<j^ ?)iii 
§:>lcti 't'A. W^Aft^ll JM^nAl =l'»tcl an -H^lC-Wl ini 
5il^l Mi^'ti €lliii H*(l^ SHfii 1H ft<»Ul ^cll. 'Mi^'ii 
3)l"il ^31^ ^IH ^IWlAl "H^i UiHl §51 5, tl^ Alisfl 
JSW ani^ B. SiAii H^W 5i|.tcl S M^ai ^ci:tAl't^ »hAI 

«i^ aniH!; 5. 'HiS: 0/ ^=t^siw ct^!i«ft Sl'ti !>(ii<Hi^i 

6CiAl <u^lH Aiy 't'la)? an^ >A6i^^>ii 'HW'ii «u=ti 
§51 &. ^H ^Q<ii i3H>ii<ii -ui^AaHi n</liH>ii Hi^ 



ani ^'HRrSiW^ti (Sisi '^^ (casuarina equise- 
tifolia )'ii Mil ^IHHlHi SHl^Sli ^. ct ^^?(1 
■il(y«ii ajill 5?'-ti 1">HI*1 d, Ml^ 5^1^ Mi«i "idStlS 

3vi^ H«i^M[n §, <(g^l -i'-H^ Hl>5. 

\M-N. O. Elatinese 

«lHi aH»l=ll SiPli ani^ §. MK^l iR ^H"^- 
Iw^l "S "ll^S MH ^=li ^IH §. :!io '-nio 
^ «ft M I^IH •^. :!i1«^l MiSi ^o «ll«« 

JmUlHH^ ^ 2(1 M dRtil^^l ^IH §. \i[ R., 3 

1 M MlC-t'-tl'JJ ^IH ^, 5H^ ciMi HiS^i ofloy ^IH $. 

ani H^I-il ^H^Mfrl^i Rsii{\, cl«tl ^ll«i 5H^ 

V^ll^*l riR-Bergia odorata. 
tt^dl-cl-H. I. p. 251; N. p. 24. 

M«i ^mm anm^ ci m^ii s^Q ani^ S. c-fHiilnini 
•rsintfiiM^ '^itni ii'iHl v<5ifA ^ ci'il =Mi«l =(l5i%i4ini 

^liil'fl oilfl i4c(l. «H^ ciMi ^Mil "Hi^tl "^^cll. '?l'-(l 

?iBt'{l ^■>h'^ <^i c^JHi 5^1^=11 (T/y ^1413 <<£[. JH^i -ui^'ii 

cl-ti C-ll4iiHi«fl §l«l^l «m >lli:5Hl^< 3M ?i4 nH\^ 
41'^ 'li">HHlHi SHlHCni S." 61CH SMI ctt^Wfl Mi<nM^ R^w 
>/lHc(l aiiJi'ti o{l»y =ir-(l an rttniH sC^rt ^C^^ii o/ai^-fl 

<?iji ^^i-ii ^d'/d'-ft d^«{l ani^ic/a Ji'Hi <rAsi ^IH 
'^. ci uvMld^ti (3ii 3H^ fithi siHsii §iH ^. >j(a- 

43H 2H^ avlil ^IH §. ct l3Ml«fl ^Icl^ ^ctl«- 
^4ctl OiJl ^aiHl ^ Mlct'4l ilH ^. ■v 'l>MHcfl 

ci 5HS^?fl «l£ an^ sy.ilSR ^>HIH S. aH<{\ cti^ 
^^itkcl SH^ ^'-ilSH^Ucl^l^lH 'S. ci Siiil^m-^ 
SH'ti ^i^AKl WlC-t ?llilqR >ll^^lHi Rl->HHl'-fl 25«t 

d ^rt'Ja^a M't^c-l ^:;<l Tviil ^iH S. 5iHl 
^i^ Kl^lKl niogSi ivHl'tMl 'ioi an^ §M^'{\ 

iM^'ii ^in^ aHi«ft cil Mlcl^Al ^IH ^ ^ ci av\{ 
^ilHl^fl ^HlctlKl ^<?i §rl^ <vrfl ^ctiHl aniH S. 

■Hlrl-%ilH%tl>li sHlHC-ti im $, ci c-flsii i^^Hi 
^ ciM^ 'HA «Ml/l5i ^^s ^v-rl qica^ft |»ic/l 
ilH ^. MK^ HqSsi\ iliil ^icfl ct?a. MH'ii 

(3MMH ^IH §. •H14 ct[cA?l ^tii^i an^ ^:ic|[ ctRS^ 
"iciHl Mil^i ^IH $■ ci ^ 8(1 l^at c^hi an^ 
^ dat ^ ci'-d iyi Siiwi xi^KAi ^IH $. •4H«{i 
■^R ii'l^l ^ Sictl'-IKAI ^IH §. ^ ?i yt4i^ MH'ft 

r-tl£ =OiW?tcil (1^1 ^IH §. 

^5li '{isc?i4ii ^iH §. ci ^citf^,^ ^m §. ^rH 

ildil MK?a iia anPt C-nCHl ^oicfl ^IH ^. ^C-t l' 
^^Hi anPl ct(oriH ^iiii ^IH W-. ci'fl 1l^ m4i^ 
^o (^lo "^imi -H^i^fl sii"{l, i^^ioil anPl anicl^ 

^. ci'ti ^^'-li 3ii(nifcj5icti iiM t5. 

^!5i ^IH S. Sirii ^^5il ^lai 3i4ll0{l ^DHi^l H 




<«l^ ciHl MR M151 ^"^iftlHl >l5l (3f*n =(1^1W «tH 
S. Pi ct»li«il *Hl<iv "i(iiR '{[i'h §. !^C-l C-fl^ ^ aitf\- 

m\. ^Hl Mi^ 'i^'li ^C-Hi yflavl 3H=lH^l di^ 

oft'V-SHcHct "ilfli ^IH ^. ct €«[, attflidi, 

•>*-ii(3j."^lH-^l^»ti g.H ^i^MR =H^ <va cWl 

ihMi S^Hld Mil ^IH 5H^ iiH ^SJ^Hl^l ^IH dt 

SJ^lrt >H^ «tH ^. 5H^ siM M/l inn ^. C-lHlil^ 
<H%1^ ^HH^lH^llI =Hl^ ^ cl^ ri^ |>l qti ^, aHM 

"{l<rn ^l^ Mi3i ^IH ^. 

MW, Mict^ -^n^mi, ^"^rt «i%Hi <§^cfl ^dini 

Ai MQJ <33l d. »5i i=^», (ii^, s!((SMlciu a^^ 
an^l it) R^l4 q«l!!^ (3MHRI 5HIM<^1 ikii SihiXl 

'i^l m'^iSn nti^ ^^?a Hli^i g. ^ n^i MH 

'=<<3li ©M^l^n ^. il<?l tsicri Si %r;1i t(i^i i/\^^ 

=151— (y^Q.»a). 

1-^11^1h •iR-B. amniannioides. 
I'^il't-'i-H. I. j). 2.51; N. p. 24. 
R-Mii •iR-<v:-i 5ii->H^u ( ^lc+5io ), 

%^l ^IM &. MK c-i<n^l'A, y^i^ ildil qsi- 

^'ti, <i(^?l wbii «icti, dniyfl iR^icai ^ ^ «a 
X 'd^ ethi iiH S. i^ ^ia^'d lilies "^ic-tis 

aiQiUlH 3 «(1 \ ^llC-tqi5li ^iH ^. ^cH^ii Hi^i 

4i \oi[<ii SikisHi (3M^ 2ilM4'-lRi ani^ d. ri«fl 
^^isi <H3l^ ct^ct ^aifcl irviH S. 

^IH Siqi -vHlu^lP^Hi 5H^ ^IScni^imi Ml^|l hil 

@5l Q;. 5i Hiajs^l aHi>Ml (6|^«llrlMi 811H ^. 

Ro Rq^tri-Ml^P Sil (§51 § m^ 5^;^ (jy$4 

HOI— (^ilfirtt). 

t-^U^Mrim-B, vcrticillata. 
i<^<>l'Ct-H. I. p. 252; N. p. 24; 
\.9i. Ml. M^^. 

C^i<Hl «IIH 6. MK X «a 1^ tiat C-ti<ni, «*{l>^ 
SI «Uii «lcli ^ ^«^ ji3l^<Hl«l( ^IH d. 

aM'ii ^et EiicAi wi ^iH S. :^o <Mio ^imi m^i 



1^-N. O. Malvaceae. 

Mi^i^til ilH ^. 3H^ a>tl ^l^i'ft Hl^n ^n^ =W- 

a^si-Hl (H^'^lV-tl<Ai an^ii 3 ?{l M, i5 "^ t Mi^fl- 

an^lHl 3 «(1 M 1 15 (i-^si rnsi MH ( Mi^ ) =Mi 
^•«-H ildil^ M?ll<?l =Hl'-a HH ^«i4n «t^c-ii 

'to M^ ) §MM14 Mi^ ct^t^=tl< aniiR'ii §IH S. 
ct "^dC-iU <H4;^'M(a^i ffVC-t<l'-(l -vH^ avtH «!. a>il 

^Wi aHHl 'Tirj^^l (M61 il^Hi ^S^ ^?ll ani^ $. 
^i^ ^ 'id MiJl, Siis/ l^ m^l ^31 !Ai£sii^ $. 
5V>Hl (Hi'.Sl'fl aiis T/iciHi ^CH'd ioil H«tH ^^l%i- 
e^cll ^'I'fl ^IH §, ft ®'=ti ^l^ «^S ^01 ii(^ioi 
i^ ^, 5llil H">Hct Myf\ ct ^c-l 3iC-tl"{l an^ Ml«(a«ft 
?t^l ?iC-ll'4l ^31^ 8iy"«tH d; an^i^Hiqi^til § ^l^ 
^13, MM^ sa^M*?, an^ Sh^ ^^l QJ^Rll ilOll ??[^ i{'^ 
«nH d. ^'-U ^cl ani ctoRi'ti H'l^M&'ti ^?il MWlKl 
ff«t^ r^fl aHH^l*l avjsi ffn?l ^^li \^i^Qi !j^ §_;^ 

* ^H^'ti H3i ^RiJi^tl ( Rnbiace^ ) ^tpH^ 

<H(il^ <H'4l Shs (3'Ml'^lH ( involucre ) ^IH §. 
rt-ti M^l^ (3H--!i<^-HM^l ( bracteoles ) i^ ^. 

1;14'{1 Mi-^ilSii Mi^ M ^IH S, a ^\\\.%\\ 
hiX MiHilSiiPl ct[5i'; Hta^iai ^R §. an^ ^ 

k<m ^^[ Si'cT ^^Sti ^IM §. St ^3i(;[l a>4«tcii 

siM <^i«3aH?a m4i^ :;ii«^i'ii anct^i^ a^Sii 

'{li<?iCHi ^IH S. ^Kl §M^ M^P aH^lHl M^Pl"Sm 
^. n^ti^fl M^W»V "i^l^ 'Oi<Ac{l H>Ha ^ >llC-l 

§»{l §^l §. M^i3R(^"ti sitaji Sii(/ii'/ $1^1 ^cti- 

M^l ^IH ^. 5*i >HKirii M,S aH«lcii M^SlSii ^c-irH 

=MiliR ^lliHl'cT <i «l«l ^^RCHi ^iH ^, ( q^S^i 
■•^■Hli '1° YM ). ^T^^^'l(?tSl5ii tti^!;^ oiQi|. 
^IH^i <^iC-li •"tl'li ^K %, ctd«fl ^IH d. an^ 

n i\h ^MHi'ti ^-^M^ ani^c-fl §im ^. 5i 

'l(4liiaMl ani i^lai' «l«l ^45!^ «llil yt^Q ^ilHC-fl 
^LM §. ani cisirQ 1i<-{js( ci4;{.-4(^j|[ ^ls%t-<'l(c-t- 

siSii 3i(jtUiHMi'ii ■>HKi'{l %i-"-m?(l "t^tlijp -HQl 
i^a sSi^ ^^^. <^m ( (hIIi ) \ ^rhi "td't 

aH«l'-tl iV^^ ffi'cii ( -^MMld ) aHJt^l ^S3ll^(rl'ii a>i;i 
C-I'>t^ica ( llH^l an^ ^>M ) aH»t clU'-lR aniSl- 
^'ti «tlH «i. s^C-l'ti Z\b ^MHi 1 Xii^i ^i 'M^i^-lt 

anl H^ftt =l'tR:M(rt ^^^H, M^, M(|i an^ S^ld 
anifi^ ^I^IS n^"S yi^n SR aniq §. a^l aHl>Ml 
^3lHi "^l-/ M<il 'H't^Mfct 3iJ(l 1 y{l55 :a^ -JS- 
^U«iil^i aHlo^^fcfl «ti^^-iRl ani^C-a 't«(l. 

ani =131'{1 n'tRrMfclMi %il2(l (iM'^l^Q =(i^ aHl>>{l 
iPtMlHi =lliai'ti ^'^ aH«ilct^ iMl(«Ml'{i aniog ^tiog 

Hli'-aiMsti tni^i, c-ihi, «^s, ig<\vs\{ an^l attasm 

\^ aH«iqi ^ i^ $. 5i HlWl'fl ^yiCAHi^d dt^ 
cl^iS.'ll ilH^ '■H'tl^=ll»li a>ii^ 6. Jy^i @v^i3i ^i^^ 



?Al^l, »i,^«, ^^f.S, -<i^% (MTt^imi, '^IMS, @^«^^i, 
RH(?,^ a«tl S!i, Hlct 5H^ ?U«ta. 

W^MplHl v-Hl (hAs^ ISiaiKl ci>H?. ceH[\ "{l25 

•4131 SHI cjDiHl =i4>M(cl f<H^H Qll^l aHHIS ^"^ 6<^. 
ay^a <^^\\ h^i^l Pl<Hin «IMI (^ni. 5HI ^l^Hl 

iSlMl ani ( ^i<sqR:(l-Malvacea^ ) "H3l'{l 


\-^U^lH«ilH-Sida- humilis. 
m^^-R. I. P. 322; N. P. 28; Watt. 
VI. part. II. p. 681; ^. 9i. Ml. M«:o. 
R-'^^il«ilH-<MlH'nc-i, QilH'-HC-ll ( Mlo+y,':' ); 

jjtR^?nr ( ^o ); ^^R^r? ( ii° ); ijf%^^. ( ^o ). 

3_Hi^l,t-5H^i gi^cti ;^ ?(l 3 ![li sthl «IIM 
^. 5\Kl ^U->HlSil C-lio{l SitTS.Sll'fl -Hikh SMiil 
wi^'/ll -iM ^IM §. SH^ti ani'^Hl ^li^l M^ ^\i 
aHAicll, Slhl, aniil @<Hl 'HICA'{1 |wi(A ^IH ^. 

n^ti'^a '^dc-tii '>ii^i ^«i 'v'Hi \iii <{\'Ac<[ 

^ ciKl H^'i'ft =iHt^ SJ>^ =H^ =ft=ti (^IH §. 
M'l '^i\ <^'til ^IH ^. ^^l ^^l «fl^l ^IH d. 

iiil'ii 'W^y.i Qti'iMi «=ti^ftHi^ 3jl\(l ciR «y4l 
«Mi/\^i -<='i "-.^^-^i 1 ^\\. ^-0^1 2H^ '{lS\rfl;ii 

«i<V i[l"Sl ^IH S. MH-il ildil ^CHHI ildil 

«rti "til ^iH 6. iUil^ »t«ii<?i?(l «=ii4i(l 

Miai'-fl d'-i 45\i rOir/ii ■^^^r^^[ 3[>[c{{ ^m S. 

MhKI "sir ildil "UW Roilfsirt (llH ». ^Hi^ 
MK ^l^l«li, olKAlfciCHrti (^^Hl-^f'l'li »l'^<Hi 
^IH ei. MKHI IRMR Si'l<l ^IH S. Mmi 

'ir-{[ ^liii «icti a>ii^Q5>ii'Ai '^;h ^. mh ^Miy 

MlrV/ii ^IH ^. aJi'ft t^'^ «Ml^M5; «^ff/ kVAl 
HUl 'ft^CHl (JiPHi MH Hi^i Ml|l<ai wi^ (3M- 

Ml'l'ft iliil'll »liMi ^(^M C-tini (3MMH ani- 
^C-li ^IH d. 

ij$l-M^"^lQl>li*-(l SH»i '^C-t KlS^^ ^IM 6. 
aH«tHl M^"5l«ilHi^ ^X^l *1^' •^^"ll ^'^^ '^^ 
M^-^ ^b Ml^ MlRl «lui ^^a vili 'il^ni M^'tl 

Mi<i«4l \ 2fl R. a^^ c-ii«Hl 5>iPt ^H'A^ §MR«(l 

yiHWltfO ^IM §. an^ «iHl (3HR«(l cl ^l^v 
<Mil «tcfl ^IH §. 

■>i''M«Hl§lllM-'il M^l M ^IH §. ci Kls^CHl 

5H^ @MR ^il ^IH ^. ci^R=li "IRlc «is^l 8tcli 
anl^flaHltni ilH «!. M^^l aHlSR Pl"ili^ ^IH S, ci 
MR 'Hs-Siiq^ (3f*{l C-flCHl R^lHl ^<ai 'iRil ^IH S. »Hl 

yUlQ-U'-nJil'^lH-'fl Mi^HilSil M ilH ^. a 
J^o !Aiio "IWcii M^l?(l (MP^l ov C-tio{l ^IH ^. ^ ct 
■^l^Al ^%l^aHl R^l'ft ilH $. ct (3MR«(l ^■il SH^ 

>i^%"^l-"»(ltni VHi SH^ H«^i ^IH ^. cidl 
c^asHi c{\5l?^| Slil'cJ^ 'tc;[l gi?l{fl (^IH §. :^ HKl 
(3MR MRRl^m ^dl £"*Mlrtl aniqc-ll ^IH ^. MRl^l'il'-l 
2H^ Rsy M<^ ^^i il*t ^. 

^"^^^-aHJs ^IH §. ci Mk'iiliH"^ -"Hi^KOl ^IH 
d. citi i\b -"i^MR =HS!i ^i^>l ^"^H^tltfll 'i(c-til 

SjCH-^lRl ??ii MR >Mi=tl'ii ^IH d, ci Mli^^ 
^SlHl M«^ ci^ fXb ■"i^ ni ^^ ^- =^1^^* 

tf>Hci SH^H M«^ §IH ^. 



d dMR aH^ii Mw, ss>\ »i^ 43r41 i^-tu^ii ^%i 
aiiii »iHi §iH ci (AH iv^l s^ini Mi'i^i @?ii«?ii 

aMlM d, aH»l i§ ^. ^iSl aH^ Sl'^i 5^61 ^[h\'{\ 
§iivil ii^si aH^ iSQli'ti f.^lmi aHMlH W*. 

^^m?. a^^aHlt3l Hl^'ft cl<AlaHlMi (s^i d. Sj 

»liHM5l M«1RIH ^, »tl^ 5i;i ^W<H$il H ^. 

l-^U^lil'lW-S. spinosa. 
tKl-d-H. I. p. 323; N. p. 28; Watt. 
VI. part. II. p. 686. ^. Gi. Ml. \ii. 

^i2iig#: ( ^'> ); ^^, ywy*(l ( i|o ) «^- 

5?f^ ( Ho ). 

datl «11H §, ct»ti "^IsAr sllil M<31 yi^n=tR 

6. MH anict^ SHl^C-li ^IH S, ci i 2(1 % ^a{ 
C-thi an^ ^ «(1 f ^'4 ^l^l'Ai ilH d, ctW- 

=iR msji ^isii d c-thi, an^ liy^R ili^iaii ^ 

Ihi ^IH §, ctM^ 'Hl'A'fl |»l«l ^IH ^, ciKl "^l^- 
M^ «aSl ^i«tl ^'*l ^. •i'^i-'' ^l^ clHl 1r <tr'<[ 
fi©il(»lct aH«lHl %tijil «4c(l ^IH 6. MK'fl iUil 

aHi«(l <H^l^ 'f^l Ml«ll"S i[lsi ■>{l(Al ^^Hi Slmi- 
^iSclR Kls^iiii ^IH §, ciKl ildil Mlcttfll 
aM^ MW'fl ildil ^A«fl "S d?fl fV^l £lMl an^l 
^C-i?(l oy^l Kl^i «i^iqi(^n ^IH §. :!io "ilo 

limi "4^1 M ctfa^l fffi^iHCHi ^ Mmcfi -i^ii 

clKl 4kil >im<?i fq^llPlcl ^IH d. ^1^y^-1, cidl 
^IQlklH M "«HHi ^ ("iil'crqR li) >H-S=ll0ll, S^i "»i^M-< 
^[^^ ?i"*H=lian anai^ ^(CHSI ^IH g. i^a M 2(1 "i/ 
■>Aiqi«li, S^i -HS\?. §c4l 1 2(1 ^ anf^ft ^IH 0, i^Jl 

sn^w M^acti 01^1^ ^^i 9i5i ^3Hi ^iH ^. 

■H-^l5J^lH~@M5t!! an^ Mlf^Jr. 

l-^M^ilOl-M^Ml ^"k ^^IR-il «HfAct^l §M^ 
an^i ^cn-fl tflSl, WlC-l^l @il<?il, an^ MH^l R:H;:« 
mi\ mk 'HM^R §. MH^ mcH ciKl ^Mil n^^i'HM 

v9-^^l«ii-^^ctl'{l "lls^aM, qiilSilHl qi^ an^ 
Mii^fini ^i^ani Mi^, ctM<^«' ■»J«H5; "^iiHiuil <vHl- 
•mi, an^ m^'fl %ii?i S^l ^. an (is^mi 3R>i 

an-ti Su-HW Miil ^<^i mi <HiSl«ii JMlHlJji i^ t^. 

l-^ll^1«l«iR-S. Carpinifolia. 
i^ict-H. I. IX 323; N. p. 28; Watt 
YI. part. II. p. 679; ^ ft. "m. \3^. 
R-"^^Q«ilH-43Rl§"iei, «nsil ( "Hlo+ajo; ) 

a^f R2»r ( T» ) Tir^ ^h^R ( f|o ) ^<5T, "sm- 
f^^ ( 4°. ) 

3-H4'i-i'Rl'§"iSl'il Sum ^ 2(1 y !^U 

6, ci aiid^sj wi(im '£C-IIM«{1 iW 6, ci-ll Hi^l 



Sictl ^R ^; rt^i ildil ^'^Jl ii'l ^IH 6i; ili- 

ildi uml <\H\ c-ihi ^isii <3HMH ^ih ^. 'jsi 
limi mHi m Bi'MtiiiiR, ctfca*) ffJtiiH^di ^ ^m^\ 

^im«fl Pi ^4il5\ '4/1, and yo "ilo "JjlH^ftCHMl 
^IM W\ ii-^^ i{Hl-"S«^l "iStl ( sidii ) Kl "Met 


il^llH Mi. "414 ^l^n^lHl '^.'5lt»t qvi-^iH §. 

^di aQ^l <fMim[, W^\\-{[ ■H^i'i'Wl, JiRi^il 

»*R HSR'd ^^Sffl 'H'l^Mfd CH-IhsO 6. ff/'fl "i:- 
^-^55T-Skla carpinifoliu. 
^-JTlROT-^itlii' rhouibifblia. 
^-3TRlsI^r-Abutilon indicuui. 
y-?irn^5ri-Gru\via j)opulifolia. 

il. «rii «l^'>i '-'PUC-imi'Al ^<'iH 41. (3««1=4« 
?.Tl«il aniHR (3M"<^ Hl^ il>ili^ ^U '^tct'fl 
oiiHl ( sida ) »il^ ». 

^-tn^tl-sida cordifolia. 

<-^(S,l"i'Hl-sida rhoiuboidca. 

a-^fct'-'istl-sida rliouibifolia. 

V-4in<HC-ll-,sida alba, 

<\\ii\ «lcil risiil. "iH^ «HC-il, ( bidii ) wimi 

( abutilon ) an^ ipiXl ( Grewia ) an ^% 
^^^l d. "i^ucHi ct<>t <HCHI ( sida ) 'ft H*^ «n<ll 

(abutilon) a^^ oinXl ( Grewia ) -ft Mn-ft 

^4>M(rl F-i^lH §51 §. >il"i wHl tA <vH «=!« 
C-tli^i clH '-IR oi^il >tl^ ^U H^^Mfn C-fl^fift <t^^[>\ 
d. <*il> (3M^ i^«{l ^1^ "Mcfft H-i^Mfct 5»|i 

(i^id o-.'tilicft 4*-ft. ^H"^ an ni^ ^'i^-Hfrt «"^<V 

Mi^ =t'i^M(n^U^4t PlHM MMliil ell an j^i 
H't^MfdHl cf<i<i, f'i^f'f^ltffl d. an £^5 '^t^'ft 'H'l- 
%M(ct"Hi*-ft J«1<1 Mfl 'Md'll ^«iaMl '{\i^ ^, ^ 

S; 'HUl an^ -^Mli^ft MclKl ^td^MfdMi^ft dilS, 
C^i«nl 3H4 ^=il<Al ^«l 'fti^ d, 5rMl^ aiSl/l-ft 

(^«l) 'ftirri &. 

'>ft»V4 ^HCHSHJil, an^ =*H[rl«H€il ( "»HMli ) di 
"ft<v^ v^ldl "ietsii^i s^ d. Mi^ rll^loiCHl 
( il»l^ ) 41 oftv Hl4s^ <MM^Mi 'tfA'li 't^ft. 
ftM ci4i "ft»v anl^i^ <i<l"S iHM^lrti M<3l svtm^ii 
SHWcti 4^0, "^MS; 4Pl<HSll «HlX sfaiil 6, fil 

^ 2;>=tirt c-ii5l «i H«ft rtHi wft-v <HiA "v 6i»t 

«l«i <ir^4i ^rft q-^ici ■>Hiy Hl2l dl^ Ml^P Ml=tlMl 
"^Sji Mi d." og^l 4"i^ ^54. 

l-^ll^'k'lR-S. rhombifolia. 
t''dl'4.-H. I. p. 31^3; N. p. 28; Watt. 
VI. part. II. p. G81; ^. Pt. Ml. \2(£. 
\-'i^[\riVH.-^<A\l%^'-^, ■o<rt^l(3n<H£Hail (MI+ 

^o); f=^^^\, ^\^l(^o) g^^qr, qla^ar (ffo) 
»i5i^ar, g^^^r, "flcig^r (go). 

^liHl ^ «ft V i^ld ^2^1 '^H 6. ct4l §H^4l 
C4l5Ri "SdC-fls CHJoft «l->HlSll 'ft4"i«{l ^IH 6 



>ii^[ ^ ^^^i Mliltfli SH^t'-ll ct^6^R anliR-ii ^IM 

Mi^is^ MrtKl ildil«a c-iMl ^iH ^, a M^'Si^^- 

N^ jA^fl anl^ft ^IH d, "5 ^idl 'l^. «Kloy 'H'HHi 

'dii^ «i&£'-ii* i^ ^, 5i \^p«, m, (S'l^-ti, 

"I'Hct^, P-l'H»t«H^, Wldl'll ^R, SH«i, ^i<rn, 
diq, M^^i, ^'i^i^ini ^ «H^ ivh ^; Hir^^^i 

^K^iyi^lKl fn-l'ft q'lR:M(cfHi«0 HiJll ^« ^«l 

•{licfi § ct {vi^i c4<nn3i ^Hi<H -ii, «ui^ Qs^i- 

'i^Ml ( Sida Fibre )'{[ HHi'm '^k ^[^Hl Hi, 

I-J^U^IMHIH-S. cordifolia. 

t-^iict-H. I. p. 324; N. p. 28; Watt 
VI, part. II. p. 680. ^. ft. Ml. \a^. 

^-'ik\[^iH-'^% «^siPii gii^i, «H«ll, <ncHf.ii3ii 
(Mi+?io) R^iir, c?iR^[%^ Mm (n°) grtqf5j(r?o) 

mn «!, ct 2it»ti^ Hi^L §dQ anR S, SH^ "ii- 
C-OS oysllSH ct Hl\ m^ Mi^ ^'HRi a>iiq ^. 

^(A-Hi^i <34l 'H'^'-tli ^IM d, ct ^ct«il2(l ^'t- 
^ICH sy^l «l-li, ijlil ^l^l Wi, ^Ih^i ^ ^<v- 

•V^l «til, ^tai^^ctl «flc-ll ^il'fl "^ ^>Hci aHJi 
* %i(iM-%itK<l '4 Vernonia cinerea ti 'Mt%l\^ 

ciM< ctRi^ft^ti 'HL'n ^ii 'c^.ii snmi ^ih §, 

ciMl nMR ani'ltfll ^,^^cli ct -^R^i CHlSl §. ^ei^tfl 

4lhi and f ^'ai*-fl \^ 'H^ \i^m ^IH ^. ci 
(if.Hl^rcHi, C-t^HsilC-l, ibl^f.R an^ ^^H 5VRI 

%iiiii »tni «3^i ^iH §. ^-{l "1-^ ^mi-Qm^ ^"^- 

*t^ct (^^-(l ^qi'^H Hl^ ^IH §. §H^«{1 ^MMl'A^l 

^31 i[lii ea^i an^i r{iSir{i;ii pi^i^ (i-^, ;^iH ^. 

MHKI ildil MK «cli iJ/l ansi^l cii4{l C-tKl 
§IH ^, ci ajll^ft yct«ll ^41 MWAI anPl ctHl 
QM^KI y-llc^ y^H'l ^il'-S^ «-(l!i J^IH Hi. ^dil 
Ml'l'ft ^R4l ^3tH Ml?t Qm^KI '^l<^ "i'iHl ir=tl*Hl 

ili^^ ^m^l^fl ?i^H H 'l^il Hlsyd MldHi 31HC-0 
^IH ^, nMi«a '^£J 'l^l '{lS^«a SjH Hi, MK'll 

an^ '^'iHl ^m^'i^ ^vk'S. ilH §, ci Ml'lKl 

^HIV) 3lSi<fl ^IH Hi. "HK^ SiicA'-tl'-d ct =(lst3ii 
C-IPI -S, cii^t }i'J\H[ HH^ >l'Ac(l an^ :t'^lf. cL^l 

3 !ii^H R«^'^^ i|lH §. 

§, d ?Rl ^<1 Mlct'fO, 'HlfaHl JWl'A'-fl Qi^lH«fl, 

^IM §. ^^=1 Mltftl Wi ilH d, d>li MR^MlM- 
tnni ^5ll^ »t'A<:ft 9y^l ^l^ (|lH ^- ^"^t'll '^Hl^ 

■^(^H^Hlfl^lH— ii "H^l M f|l'-t §. ci ct(«l?l'-ft 
'^to^ii ^iiHC-ti ^ >l«ll5l ci>il Ml^ Sictl '^il 
f.'Hlctl ^IH §, M?tl Ml^lfAi, an^ftaHl^^li, =4^ 
'Hl'A'ft ->-lldl«a ^^IHCHi ^IH S. a ^ ^at C-ti->ti 

Sli (3»a ^l^ ^IH S. 

d ciFa^I ^iMi ^ »t«ll^ 't^ ^IH ^. ct ct[«li4 




(ilH §. an ?^i ■«H4M^ aHai/l rtfitji ^j^^ ^m- 

'>t6l^ KlS'Ad ^IH §. KHMi MR >MKi, =H^ ?.^Jt 
"^HiHi a>i4b'^ «>{W ^IH S. ^chHI WlC-t MlctwO, 

^IM ^, ctM^ ?^^ <M(/(l il^l (|IH §. i^CH-li f.^i 
■"iHi^ »i«ll^l ^K Sfi^ C-liy{l an^fl ^IH d, a*l^ ct 

i-CH?lH(H^=Hrl-§Hl'{l «Hl2^ <H^l iwi ^Hi 

an^ (3HIHMS iKl*HlMi ^^lX HH^IM §. "Si'li 
\«l'ft «1<H ^i'-Q "^Hiil gM <1«*l «li^ %tl«l Ml**! 
ctl M«im HI^QhR «n3 Mi3 ^IH ct Vil g. nCH- 
f.l««il ( andi "HliV ) 3RHl«il 35Ul^ »l<ili S, HljJ- 
^yl i^ ^, niA^ ^l*:!!^ ^." ( HO \° Si) 

HOI- ( >il$^^. ) 

t-^ll^'^lM'iR-Abutilon polyandrura. 
t^l-ct-H. I. p. 325; N. p. 28; Watt, 
I. p. 17. 

^'-ii/1 '^iM d. an^ 5i iqi/i Hir-iiH <^l«t 'm^s^l 

sll'A H«<l«liHl«ll -Him ■Hl'A M>^ aHlH'4l i^lH ^. 

SHI nm an^ ;i%i ^i*i^ 'rtiswi ^i«iMi aiai a^^'-*! 

■>Hl»V A\k d. MH ^U'^l'Jsiai aH«tHl 3 '^I'^flaHi, 
Sti'Hl aH<^flHl'/li, an^ C-ti«{l ZldilM^ I^IH ^. ^'4 

ani aHl-«Hl SUHl^l ^'l <t^\[ Ml'^mM^ ^IH d. 

>itfl-Y «(l S i;)at ^ <H"^ci 'i^S C-li*^ ^IH d. 
ct*ii*-(l silili anui aHHtni \{i.\?H\. HlsSlc-tl §IH 0. 
>ica %lcl«il«(l ^H^^l ^^ "l4 ^IH S. M«J "*^Ul 

^l"^?, «fl^, <^il, ^«Wlw(\ anPl aflHd ^IH W!. HW 
<§3A an^ ^Hlf, =(lil^ ^cil cfl^l ^IH d. 

^ aHR'fil ^c{i jvt^ ^m g. iiilM^'ft win ![Ul 

^loU ii'lKlaH^-^MynaAil ^IH ^.^m'A «U">HiaHl (§M^ 

(l\l C-O^l ^IH ^. ^ll'^iianl siltfl ^IH d. ^ 
clH^'ft MilC-t ^^tlHl Ml ^I'A'l §n^ a>il^ 3^^ 
=(lHd (ilH W!. 

"Hlrl-aHin^ aHl^<Hi ^IH d. iliil R. «ft 3 "^ 
H-^Hci v^lii MKMi V «(l ^ 6=^ Sli"AaM^ ^4- 
S<1 c-iT'Ul'd %twfl -^'-(l <f»til (|IH d. ciM^ Hl'A'ft 
Hl/l a>ii^c-{l ^IH §. iliil^ MW^fl ^\\ KlSi 
«i^l ^,IH S, ctH} <3M^'{1 <ni<53 a^M/l an^ ctHl 
KIM <^iog^ @C*{1 ^i^l ani^C-fl ^IH ^. MH 
si^l^Sl^ ^IH §, a>i?. ci'fl ^R ildil Ml^ Roil- 
Plcl ^IH 6. iliil^ >l«il5l?(l M 't^l Klit^l MHMi 

n<l<:-fl §iH ^. MH ^imiti^Hni, ^ H'^ct an^qa^ 

@M^«(l ^t?i ■^'JJift'Hl «i^C-ti ^IH §, clMl Hai«)l 
•"J^i^l R*iM sti'^l ^IH ^. MU'li ^■<'-ti CHi'-ni a*t;^ 
aH<^fi «iai ^iH d. MH Mintni ^ "^^^Id ^IH d. 
Ml'i'fl (3H^'{1 %iMl/l^l \^[ ^\\. <Hl«ll an^ •fiai'fl^l 
sv<l ![l"^l ^IH $. MH^l 'flSi'fl «Mt<nM^ ctRl- 
^(cHl an^ "{l«t c-ti'-ni ^l^l 'Hl'A'ft V'^l^l »Hl^!Kl 
^IH Wi. H<<n=llR MH C-flc-ll, Ml«n Wld<<fl«ft fatftct 
H'V-li ^IM S. MH 3 2(1 V tl'-t aH81'-tl M «(l ^ 
tia< C-»i'>li an^ Ml^l^i ^IH d. H^flHR aHl >ilii ^ 



qi« (3J1 3H^ >--llf. ^(lii^U an^ "^^%l<i ^IH §. 
Wi ^ «^»^ ^'iPtrt (^iH ^. '^51^1 =>Hi^ ^«(l 

%t^<V =(lSt«Jl W'li PlS^Hl ^IH d. ani iliil I 
ll4«(l sill 'ftSi ^tim^tiwft ilH ^. 

^ ^ c-iifcl't c-ihi ^iH S. ci HlSiJft sviiiHc-il 3H^ 

'c^S miW H=-SilHa{ Sis §(»{l »i%t ^IH §. SHI 
M^IM^ "4»«l "HCAKI |HI^ aH^ ^ll^ H«imhlcai 

ln|5ii sHi^sti ^IH 6. 

n Hl^i'-ft H'^^i^'tPctsi «i8l sviiiHc-fl, Pi Qm^ 
MiSi "t^ S"^lcQ ^IH S. Mi"nil cMl, atqjcd 
^ ^ftwft^lH ^. ci rtPlSi %iiiil Pi K«ll5l T^l^loU 

d, ^ ci ^«^a>il ^'Ki §IH ^. ci'ilM^ 5Hl^C-ll 

s^Ui ■^i«ai ^'wl ^iH S ^ ci^ ^m(!\ Hm'd 

«{l^l ^31^1 ^ 5io '^lo "^IH^ ctpAH (3*il ani^sli 

ciaHKi'ift «v^i »nil ^iH ^. ci <:-{l4ti««l(ii -^iicAi 

SjCH-3 CHlvJ't €li<3 an^l Hd^sy Ml^l<Q ^IH 
6. !^SI«{1 '{ISi )^o «tlo 1l4 Htajl CHhl cf»Hrt «Hl 

R^ ^. ![CH MR ®^ iiftl 1 ll'M^Q §IH &. ci 
S^i '(ii'fl <H6R 3(l»l l-HliTl ^IH d, anPl M 
SHS^'fl '^l«J C-0^ d 24tfl5c(l ^IH ^. ft i\b 
Ms^ l^ll^ aRf^fl iidl <v^ SHi^fl ^IH §. 5tSl 
il^ ^IH d <34l^ C-n^tl ^ Ml!/l^ ^SIH S <Hl^ 

i\h\. ^[ i^i'i «ifc) «tH §. ^ ciKl >4i=i Ki'^i 
5»is, (Hlin'fi '-^i<igSi?(i ^/l Mil <v!-J ci-ii Hi 
SiJii <i'=til =inH d; <«i^ ci ani^Hi \<^M.i ajinl 

sHf^fl £">MIH §, ani&l Jiaii 5^c-tHi ^ M ant^ft 
^■^icfl fecn rt K^t MlJ/l^ ci'tl \i ®'=t^ <v=ll«tt 
\o g-vHlH §, <H-«Hct ^StHi ^ StC^l ^IH §, sJtf^ 
cl @yicii?(l ?idi <t:^ M^ an^ >i«4icii "i^i aH<^(l 

('Il«y-9i=ii«5tcti sicai ^nni ^ih 6, n ^I'^ni 

^IH ^. 'Kl'V'ft %tMl^M^ %ctl%t«tctl ^<:(H -<Hl- 
«d qm-ft "iHi §IH S. ci I Stlfc)^ c-thi an^ 
i 'HlW't Ml^Wi ^IH §. "{I'V'fl Siej ai'jl Sl(A 
di^tcti ctMi*-(l cts{l5tl J^Tli ^l<?ii H^l^v Kls5i ^. 

^hKI Hm @Jt ^ ^Hif. =(lj!i^i^ cic-flSti c-tiil ^. 

1-(§'H*il5l-aH'ti H^fft «»lC-t s}i^ "fliv^l 
§il^l 3U«il^ ciM( MH 1 ^ili^ ^(A={1^ M^H'-hKI 
^l^Hl<Hl«tl^ aHMLH $. ^Hrtt vi[yi{[ Sli^tl^ '>tltfil 
ciKl ^l-«>t S^^Hl ilHMi HM^IH Mi. ait'ti 'jSl «li- 
'.Kl «l«l ^liA il^i&Hmi^ '>{l=l^K §. aH«{l a»l£l- 

ycltffl, ?l^, an^ «*«l ^l^i «tW ^l1 ^. 

i5-^«iwi-i&QMi «v3i«iMi iii%il5>ti ctcai^-tsi'l 

aai^i, an^ ^imi<lR ct»tl \[<^^[{{ <tPl»ti =t,S an^ 
i-(H?lH («i«i=H«l-aHl ">HMld'il ^ijqiM^'ll 

i{[<s\ ^^mkm '■■im a^^ ciM^'ti =Os^ii ^«^ 

an^icti =t01 aH8tqi -^iW =-tl^ «i, Hl^ 5};^ 

l-^ll^H«iR— A. Indicura. 
^yi-ct-H. I. p. ;^26; N. p. 28; Watt. 



I. p. 16; 3. k. Ml. IV". 

'^^fl'lR-^Mli (MIo ) iR«{l, ii«>A ( 340 ) 

g?i, >ft?nft, JT^, ^^51^, ( T ) ^, "TfsnO ( f?- ) 

3Mt^ S. cil M(*l SilHl>i cl H^l §5(1 ani'^ '5. ci 

y «a ^ 5[U (3241 q^ d. ^Mi«ft «iiils ^M 

^ll^HW «i<34l ^'iHl WlHl ^IM 6. MK ^l«llfcl 
rft^tCHi Mi «y^i ^ Si%i!/1 "5; Scfl^HHt f.ictl ^<l 

Vl^ ^IH d. ctMi«fl hilb ^iil^l 'H'i ^"^l 

qiail an^ Mlrtail §1H ^. ■^«l^ CHli| ifiaj, qi^ 
<3M 5H^ ^=ll« (l"5l =05^11 »i^ sitnat^l |lH §. 

•v^ ff^il ^ 3ll«l ^IH §. ci ^il C-flc-tl ^^Jl'fl 7{ 
ciH^ SHl^lf^ I^Hcti ci ^qi«Q «tl5i §. «ll"»il5il 
iiil«ft Mlci'^il ^IH §. ^ ctM^ y-Hl^l ^ItA'fl 
331^ H'-'ti'^ liH d. n*-fl ci ci^ti^ ^i'Hicrfl c^(3i 

§. iiil SH^ ^U"^laHl (3M^Hl «lSt MWoil, lioy. 

®ctl^ (|IH cil %l«i3l (3cl<l ani^ S. iiii 3H^ 
^llMlSil <H2tMi«(i MRl ^W ^. 

"Hlrl-aHict"^ SHlHCni ^IM ^. ciM^ <n-^ <^ia3»i 
^'-iltfil <-{i<Hl^^ctl ^ilKi l^l/l-i =H^^ ^IH 'S. 
ci«ft MWM^ «HM '-Mlsg^ SHPluil I^Hrti ci M">H- 

V!> tla^ ^cti«4l ^IH ^. ci^ ^«tl5i?(l li ^ (!r 4^1 
a>t«i^l ^"^l 'Hs^al Ml'iMl »IH«{1 ^IH §. H14 
tl' «(l M > \ Sl^t ^Hl^'ti §IH 6. MH Siicaitl 
Slcti an^ 1(^ anl^ftilcti ^W ^. MUKi iRMR 

HmH Wi}{ sicti ^iH d. ^ .fliil Mi^ ciKl 

■^R rH<HlPlcl !!l5i<-{l ilH S. 'H'^ci MUKi "iRM^ 
'"h ^131 ■'Ji'iil Hls^iC-tl ^IH S. MHKI SM^Hi =MMl/l 
?i^l C-{l€ll ^^iKi ^ KiS^'fl iv^l l^lia ^IM &. 

|$l-«ll>Hl an^ iiilcii §il Ml5i H^U^M^- 
'Hi^^ii'-d a>i«,i ^CH Hls^l^ ^IH ^. ^<H Ml'Al ^^I'j 
^IH ^. ci \^\^M oJti^,^ ^m g. SiHl qi« 
MR^MlM^lHi s^^tKi m^^ Mcncfl ^IH 0. ^SlKl 
^iil ^ MH MW'-fl KiscrlC-n ^IH n Ml-tKl ildil 
S"<cti Stioft anPl c(Mci «^<iy ci«(i ■Hlct'41 ^IH d. 

SMI iidii 'jc-i^ft sia Ki^i ^im'Hi'4i ^iH ^. 2i;ii 

m^U ^M^d J">Mlcil <v^l ai-fl anReli ^K d. 

^ %ti^-iiM-<^ iliil <v^i «iil «i^<:-{l ^iH 6. iliil- 

M5 %i<Hl«Al '-II'AHI I'-ll/l^ aH>ct^ (^IH S. ^H^ 
ci'llM^ «lUl C-ii'-Hl Qwi "{l«l Hl'A M<3| ani^C-li 

■<3l i^Ta C-fl€il aH«i"-ti 5iiS <^l«9 wit^il »lHl€lcil 
^IH d. 

•<i«''HOil$llm-'ii M^l Mia^ i^lH §. aH«iicVHR 
M^l?(l H° '^1° ^%l'< '-H^^=il ^IH §. =8Hl^rA S^lil C-flc-tl 

■<3i^i Ki^i'-O ^iiH^i »Hi Mi^itnl 'ti^i'ft "^li^A 

v^l »IVJ R^iii ^IH g, an^i (§M^ ci'llMR sicll i^f.i 
\-HMl ^IH ^. 'H llH ^o anO-Ho >W«ft 'llW^l 
^IH d. SlriiM^ ^qitfii c(i(q,{l icti/\ ani^C-fl 
^IH §. Si "I14KI a>i?:ir{i «ilogHl cii^/i c(tti^ c^inl 
and ^Wl ^IH ^. Si "^iHrfl tHK-aM^m MR «ictl 
<{\5i ^ll^lCAl ^ <3M^ «is,Jl«icll 1?^ SHHflSR (|l*t 
«i. 5^1 i\b sictlMR ^=-=il'-ia^ aMi (3«^ ^MV S'^Hlcft 
4%! J|lH §. a)i;i 3( 4^r{l yi^Pi ^HlogaH sidlWl 
IRM^ any^s sy^l ii[A\ dW aniM ^IM §. 

■>i'^>ll<!Hi»rl^'|lH-'{i Mi-^il^l Mi=H ^IH 6, 
aM«tKMia{ Mi">MilaHl M^Qd H° '****Ho llH <^^«^l 
ilH §. ani Mi=i Mi^HilSil ^2i«ft ^ilH«{l, ^ 
§M^«(l '^A ^IH S. S^i Mi>H/l Kl^i «iiil »i<:a 
:^ ^^^ Ml^ltfll ^IH d, 2<Hi Ml^ ^U{[ ^i dll 
iv^l <46R HlifAcil ^IH ^. anl i\i Mi">HMlR 
5li "(Is^M^ «llil ^M aHS4l^ ®MRl <3M^ a>iiM 
^IH S. Ml^Hilani «{l%il a>iPi a^cflicfi ^IH 6. ci 

^o «nio ^imi M^i^l anict^ ani^c-fl ^ih S. mIm- 

ilM^ ctU'ti MUM^ ^IH 6 ci<i §f{l <m ^IH 
d. Mi"^ila>il •{l^i'il (HRRi :!JS«<'i[orisi «l«l 
(SiiiM€ ^IH ^. 

Mi'>M^5ii«(l ^ii HlH §. rtMR-il M^RlilH »i^ 
M^Pl'^m^tiKl M^PR<V M^i "^dtni Wi ^IH ^. 
M^l'R'V'il £11^1 aHlsJasil^l (^i^H q^gPl v^l/i 
S^ £">HU'1R iR ) «(i 6victi sllC-t an^ aH^H 
MIV.<U ^^MIH 6. ii^^R^litSlM^ ctRl^Rt'll ^ 



SHU I =H=tfni <tr\i cHitMi 'Hita'fl \'sm ani^c-ft ^m 

ct^a^l (Sfl^i 5H^ atcaictl Sllci:^!^ aHl^C^l ^IH S. 

^IM &. 5»l i\h ^iS'ti ?i"^M^ SHViia ^Ts«^- 
'ifitSl 5>ilH«{l ^IH §. 'Jl 'ifsiiiaHi C-{l«l, atta- 
icfl^l C^H[ kHrii ^IH ^. ci ^"^^^l T>J$a Sli«4l, 
SH^ ci?fl iWi <r»iil, aHH flaHl'O 'H=^Si SHlM ^IH 

Mil Miy Ml^ aHl<l ans 31(hUih (»il(s!^C-l) tn^&ll 
^IH S. SHI ^mklH 'Hiai Mi^il^HirQ ,{\ai >i[sji 
•ujl^ftaiHl, C-Oc-tl ^JWl H«ll5l 'llt^l'd -"ili^tl^l aniq&ll 
^IH d. ^ ct-llH^ ^"^S, CHl'-Hl, ">nR%ld JllSllJaat 

SjC-t-Sl^ti ilH § cHl^ "^t^il WlHlSicti K^Sl 
C-ftCHl -<3W[ ilH ^ M«^ «m^ Mlia^ ^5tH ^ <Hl^ 

f fel^t CHhi ^ riiC-li'V Mimical ^IH §. ctM^ ^ICAl, 

attfiscti, sHUi 3H"Htni ^itfi-^l i«i(a ^IH §. ri^i 
IM «(l ^o <rn^ <^{\ Mi ^■'Hicfl ^IH ^, an 
S^i \[b ( 3m>W ) <nM Hl^ S<^lH«fl ^IH §, ^ 
ci^ H«ll<?i an^ ^.^n^ 3H»i 2H!\ft ^IH §, ^ 

MHi «Hl<v ciMi ^H^ll Ml =tl^ «i. ^C-t rtW ^il»eil 
"M^ ciM^'tl ^W 9i^l ^3Hl «tfc) J4H ^, an^ 
ci'ft iill •^MMlfiHi'd Ml aiii <Hl5;i'-(l (r«l€\ Mi 
^. X^H^l 2HlJsR 2<islil^, 5H«1HI ^U^l 'JIM "S 

HM im ^, wi^ HKl =t5^mat «iiil Mill ilH 
^. :!io nu ll*^ an X'H'fl ^{1=1 H«ll C-ti"il HMrt 

^^ '^H ^iH ^. 

Mf^icfli ^IH 6. ci ani dl wil<fiSl< 5H^ 'Kl'V : 
^U^l^CHcli m «. aHHi JH'^ Ml«[ oy^l S«Hl- 1 
MC-ti ^IH &. <HliV^l ^31 il'ill«^cil Oi^^l ^IH ' 

^, oilv i^!^ anPl M ^tMicTlM?: ys>i Hi^n ^/'ft 

«HWi! ^IH ^. 

* {{is-ii'SK^W-carpel. 

V^iiSj.'^iH-^if^s, <iMiiM5, ^iMS an^ 'i5^c^. 

'5-<iM*il5l-"^Mld'{l o-.'^ Ml<^(lMi H^l »lMi3j4l 
<3cll^ ^l^ "^l^H^l^llH §. ^fnKl WlSl^l <3Sl5ll 
an^i-Hl ^^Va iiSilAl S^SMl SHMIM S. Sni ^(0^1 
®Sl<?ll 3RM ctl^Hi iiiy n^l aHlM^mi anl^ 6. 
5HK ci oiaini 1l'4Mi M«l <iM*ll3ft ^, 2HH S^=(IH 
^. aHr{\ yilSl "^ MH41 il-iHl >ili MIS^ ^IH ^l 
ci'llM^ iRWlt iRl^ d. Min ail<l^ MldRi •<l'«H- 
=tl«ft ^I'ii'O 3i^Hl aaitjfl 8tK §. aJirti MH^ 

=ii>l^ ci^i ■<« ^li^ mh >lta'^ M^uwi'd 3RHt- 
qi'-ni^ anMiH §. «ic(l "^ >\i-ii*ii2(l h^ mi 
^iH cii a^irii 'i[^(J\ MH^i ^%i 1^ ^i8i 5^ca4l^ 

■^H^R^llHi ani^ §. Mln^l il^l M^lMl, ^^« ^H^ 
y,5s«lHl ^l<r<t ®H^ aHMlH d. MMld'li MH =ll/l^ 
il^t Ml/\« ct^"^ '^Hm ^, <v?(l aiisi <VC-ta 
|illW 9i«lH §. >H<'>"-li anPl =li«"il'{i t^cact^i (3M^ 
•^Mlidi MK Hl/1^ ?{% «i, ct?fl "iqct^l 5hPI ^^ 

aniyii «iiH §. an-ii w{\«v^ yt<ni^»ii >^iii «iSl- 

«il«5r 4^ S, an^ ci Hojl ^r^ds Ml^Ri 'tlM^HMl 
ani^ d. <Hl<v^l Sil^it (a(^iii5iii:fl ^[(t^di a^^ 
(iMSlMS ct^ls aHMW d. a^rif uflsy^ §IM^'{1 WlC-t 
il'fl ^^Mi ^iVKi 5ll(A «l8l ^liyfi b^ h\<mi 
Wlcflni S^S-HIOU^ 5HMIH ^. Sli^ini MiMi sAi^ll 
JA^M M-SHl^fl dKi SHRi^ KlitAcft §IH 1 <^3lM 
^IH, cil "iCHoftii^'Kl '^tifl SHIM d. an^ aiirii ^c-t 
5H^ 5Ri !c^-l M'^Ml'-tlcni^ ^IS^Kl «l8l ■•Htl^l'^ 

§. ""iMidKl w>ic-i*ti«(l \m Kli^i g a^ m^i c-iicii, 

%l^£, SiWlidl anPi H<^^uicl ^IH «i, ciKl Sl^, 
SRii, ^ct^, ^m H^l^ 'H'HlH'Hmi ani^ §. «i^l- 
Mli ffJ^M Marsh-Mallow <HM^l*i § ctH aniM^il 
\im ■>H'mi =IM^IH d:- 

"^lii^l an atR av^^ Mfl i^lct^l JiUrfl 
MSl^l d, %i^|ctMi d^ ^3T S^ §, '-HStlSH aH({l' 
hmyX an^^ >MlMd ( -^Mld ) 'iW^ft Jlfy^ ^. 

nni MH (^?l(4\'ii 5/ql 811H «i. ci 'Hst^iisji'O 
rnd^ Jiu 0. M>^ ct <^cH£H^i2(l ^^idi mn $. 

«Hl<VMi ans <r«tcl^l dC-t^l 9tl3i <^«)i §. Jt^ 
■wiUcti <M't 1^'lcl Ml V^, Ml^ -^HUcli M^C-ti cl^ilcft 
5Hg^ ^SW^i «tfc)aH, 

l-'HR nCHl(6i<^l«l-aH^S'{l £101, '"HMId'ti ^, 
SHVH<A, iisii, an-xH^i, ;;i^Kl, aHl«3i?4 Jh <^Hi 

M^m ^ dicHi an^l Mi^fl 3^ ciic-ti nTa <lct«^. 



R.-(niHi^cH-«n€irtl -m V ^^ eiW ct^ 3^ ^r | 
PiHl 2HfA ^ ^i"< 1^, =m^ ^R <i^ =H^ ^i ^^ 

wilM^tmi aniq cii ct ^1 6. ci ^i(^<;i ^ a>t^ 
9hCm, ii^'il?, MlMl^l |"«Hl^l 5H^ siCHJli^ H^l^ 

«iHi«(l '=<^i «i^i \[h\[ ^[^. tt; ct^<v tiict'-Hi- ! 
MU^ 2i«4 «l« SM^ |*=t>ii >tCA<l e^^i^ft il£^, 

•X m 6 <\m." (-ii ^^ss/ :>(i^i ?.vm. Sh% ann, ; 

aH%l- wtM'i^R). 

§." (HO |3Hl«l»5. og'iRd. ) 

qiil an^ ^rt^l^ ^l^, an^ Ml'^fl'll Ml^anl iix 1 
ci»t <^«' il^lmvU "vMl'tM^, ^ M^ct^ syifldM^ •«HMld ' 
§^«fl «vl<HRiaHK 6. 5l Hqh^ ani^Hl (E|>«11- 
'ili «11H S. I 

<-(h^H (Hqatrl--»HMld SH rim aniMiyi kfl- 
^lll %iim^<4i ^ct a>ilt2i) ( Generic ) ^m Abu- [ 
tilon rfl Ml "i^ "Ictrll ■>HMld'il §UHl^ CHSlli 0. 

JHHI i^tcUl •»HMld'll ^UMl «lHl^«i ^ci aJiS 

|St, VA an^ c^-il SUHI (sM^-il HltA H»l^Hi <v I 
•^ rti^Wrt ^IH S, ci M^«(l ricii -^Ml^ ( Specific ) 
'il^l a>ilM>3ll^liiaHMt«l «jsi <V anRiHi § ff/»ft:- 

<^_-uii<r>'qt^fl ">HMld-Abutilon Poljandrum. 

^-■»H"Hld-A. Indicum. I 

5-M">HM«{l "<HMld-A. Muticuui. 

V-^ie^iKl "^HMld- A. Avicennua-. 

M-^l«(l ">'tMld-A. Ramosuiu. 

^-al»3i3/l ">HMld-A. Fruticosuic. 

'IIM >HMU ani n^ij anMlM^ ^. >H"«*U an dR, 

'4M/1 an^ 5ii mu?fl ( i^ctrt«fl ^^irti c^liiHl 
Mirtcai ni^aniHl mus )»n€l Mi S ci <3M^«(1 M-t^ 
c^l5l §. Si^ iioy^icd cii^' i(^?A an^ (^CUm 

5i ill^d ^l5ll^ ^^^ enrll^g ^IH, ni n M»^ 
ancli J^ei^lirfl s^i-^i ff^fl Xi^cfl q>Hci cl^l ^"'Ml'H 
(&?l. a^rii Sjc-m Siitn wiM <^qi aniiR M^^l ^i^^. 

aH^^«ti5i -"iu ^r-ii«0 >ii<H^ an 'imi Misii c^lSl ^ 

■^iMldHl iiil an^ ^ll>MiaaiPl ^o 8(1 :^M Rq« 
MH^n^i MSliafl ^PH 6 <»ii^ ^rO «i*i n M^«fl 
■tl/l Mi tt. My^ ct wra^ aii(A'-ll«(l ci^l %ti«il Mi^l 
Hlifil ^H d, a>i^ ^«l 5^1">MI «11H d. anl ^%ll 6li 
UHli^ C-li«Hl, «{)«l, '4aiirtl an^ «^S ilH &.=;= 

^H "M^^^Hl '-<iW>ti aHl=ji (43. 'M« tHU aHM^WlSMl 

^t^wcni ^<r HI tJP.sU'i ^^M^ '^iSiH'ii ^iWy'ti "nt- 

^KMI -^WXlAi \?i\, «lHi«A oi-ll^CH yrt«ft, ^l<l, SH^ MMl- 

iMii«il 'I'i'll »ii«tlHi SHl^^ll 6<1l. c«li MUl MIJll ^Ml^- 
Siitj Hi'i iH«ll ct^ii "^a^i^ ,43 an^ THMlini \%llR'^ - 
" ( Khapat fibre if it can be sold at fay 27 lbs 
of a rupee it will command a good market)" — 
H'iis^wi 'tis H^fiw ^lo <Hi» -ii i(^iw'fl finis'^ 

•«liW ell rtHl ^l^ tH«l? =HiC-(l <i5.': 

«it4 %ii§<H CH>H & S-?i'^t!S■■^i%i^>ti ■>^mia'Ii \%ii (=i'^ 

tJP^Utl «>?i4 an'l'lrl^ym a^^ iltilMli'll \%ll i\M 
HUl\ ^■>HlHil ^W S. aHH i§=tmi ani^ 5 J ""IMli'tl 
^?%IIM^ SliT Mei V3| WCH^^fl a-til <l^ &. SHH cl^l a<oi- 
Mi iJ^ni^ rt^l ^1 &. '-Hi SiS^ wHl-iMi MMli «ll<^l 
^W rtl rt>li«fl \^i il4'*l CHWi ■•HMlA'fl iiil an'^t 

y'i^ ^o Ail rtHi«fl aii-«tl >;^l rt^W ^iT <IS?1. Jit;!- 
MlA-ll '^%ll «rti MMli'll ii^ll ^Ul"^ %l«l 31IJIWW C-ftH 

C^ai^^aC^jUi^iwi ^i^ii «>wi=i<*wi ii^"^winMiaHi 

%W4l'tr<«l'fl HUl^Hl <iHik ^ >flH<X CHlii &, cl !AHcI "»1MI- 
A'tl >:%ll »l^« rt'll'fl HPU^fl i"^ ». ■Hii ani ■"IMU 
»>i^ el-fl Wll? «icil>ii«n 'flMcll ^Wl'fl Ml^fl %ll^ 
^rt clMl%l «4l«a, Si <H§ o/^^d &. "»tMlA'li<'(\»'' isi'^l^ 
mi<tl'(l 9i«llHlil !MW\ a^l^ 6. "^MlA SHl %iA ( ^V 



I-^U^IMHW-A. Muticum. 
4^l-ct-H. I. P. 327; N. p. 29; Watt. 
I. P. 17. 

1-"%^ll«im-'H"^*t«(l^Mli, "^HMld ( ^lo) 41"1«{1 
( ?io ) ^^3, =^^^ ( ITo ) 

^IfAl^Slcll '-{Ic-tl an^ }([il ctMHl^^Ml ^3Hl 
ciHl %ll«l S{r\[ M^ Hl4i=0 ctUl^fcWl *aH«l^-<l 

«Hl«t wii^i »i^cai c-ii«Mi "Hi^Kl iwita ani^c-fl 

§. SHI -wiMld-il X'-IM^5 aHl^K-fl •^Mld'A >i^ Ml^ai 
>JWI-H4^^ "^I'l^ ">HMld'l[ ^ ^i ^IH «i. 

^ii-<HiSliM'. ^■»H>i<:-{l ^'-iifai qm'd |=it^^ '=ti4 

sv »lii/t>Ut an^cl^ §IH ^. iiil »i^R ^UMl citjdi 
ovc-lfl ^icft H«4l "SMl flHl SM^-ft VSICH Hl^flff/ 
>t'Vu^ci ^%IWI'41 ^ =fl=td §IH ^. MtSJ ctSiiHl 

tH«^ ) HI SHS ^iotlS WliHl »llillt 5. »M^ rt ■Sid'^l 

THi^ Md^iwi »HiH 5, a^^ n JiiWi MtA cl oi'na*^ 
iViwi ^i^ » rlHi cl oii<n1 'li'oiHi'Hi ^hih ». ^hi* 

Sdl'-ft rtHl^fl "»lli<Hl Oi?=lld =tl^, <n"lS'li JJlcl?, *Hn 
cl^l iS\<il»l iVHWi »Hl«Uil 't'-ft. rt Mlil ^ =^l"4l<l 

MW-aHict^ a>^lqc^i ^IH ^. ci^l aHlSR ^11«11VJ 
C-lctl, (4£Ml^(ct^l, SH^ ^^H anl^fl «lril §IH $. 

^^-Hi rt^!^ PH^I'-I %tiSii sicti, aM^ ^U<HWl (SM^'tl 
(HR4i ct SlltAifcJJlcti ^IM 1^. MUKl ^RM^ ?.ictl 
^IH d. ildil'll ^k'AH MlM MKHI ^SR R^lfilct 
«lfc) ct'tl '^{ ^il ^J^ HlSSicll ildM «'t(?,R 'fljj- 
<Actl ilH 0. MH-fl ildil^ ^«ll<?l8il IS «fl (/ cl^l 

^IH ^. rillliil (SM^KI ^Ml/l %l^iV C-flc-tl^ielcll 
Hmm (H^lHSfl ^IH §. cUlM^ aMlJlC/il l^^cti ci 

c-ini^ an^ ^i^wrcT «4i4^^ ^^'*^ ^i** ^• 

QiPWi Mi^idi Mw =i^ci ^ «(l V5 ^ai c-iyinAi 
^IH S. ■Ml'lKl ildil M«i ■MK'll itHiyj'it eti"{l 
^ isa an^l ^il ^iH S. d 1^ ?ft ;i > M «n 

^ ^ai <h["{1 ^IH §. MW^ aii(a=ll«ft ijCAHi 

Mmi ^'-Q (mi^ ^W 'fljcfi S, an^ ail<H=(l«(l 

cl^l R^IS =(lS^U ^ ">H^«d CHl3\ $. 

HHKI ildil'll «tiMi <^-^ <ni»3 aniy^ 3 

^£SPl?l MM 'fi^ <i'-fl3 ilH &. 

1 «ft \?7 ^=^^1 iiH d. ^Kl ^i^ R^m 'i^^G ^icft 

-t^a. ^c-iKi iiiii MuKi iidii ^'-n ^ii =H«t=ti ^«a 

oit^-H ) ^Hl 'HPl'ft ^ll^H^lfnl, rtH ff/ ^'tl V« 

'tni '^ «(l <r § 1 ^^ Sail «i?t 5. Mi^i ^lir^-^iiil ann 

RHillHW'fl otPl"<l Slo(l«« wMl'tHl ell S^cti §iicii 
5i?(lJH Sail an^ J4il 'iPHlSlinitai ^niHl aniH 5. 

ciHl "H^iPl «^l ^'J'^- 5H§ ""fHli'll "^^l ^Rii ui-ll- 

5i4ll (aH^Pft 5 ci (§M^ CWCHi 5ini (3M*iPl«(l %!§«»• 



>i^M'>il^^lH-'ii M^l Ml^t ^IH §. aHUHi 
^ ci £^SH^ ^ei %(*{[ 'i^l '^IH §. (vMiKl ^=H«0 ^ 

an^ M^WV ^ <nHi ■^{IfAl ^'Hi §IH 0. Ji^«V 
i^ai «^iv «ii\, c-iiofl, an^ ^»l <:-{lc-ii«4l<ti 

%l^ ciHl S\hl^[ «(^<1 ^<^ »*1M S. ani ^11- 
«^^l JlSiUlH sllcaiW^lcil M^HMC-fl at(/)scli 

@M^ "vcti H^i^l ^/l ^o da^Mi ('t(c^il3^l)Mi 

^I'AKI V'-="^ anl^C-fl ^IH ^. ^CH iv<l iR| ^IM 

d, ^ ciKl iRM ^Kl M"^' sirti ^=(1 ^-"HiH w*, 

Miaj cl Mil ^ cHl^ ani sidlani (i^|•Sl) §y^ «m 

^^ ^. iiC-lHi aHl«\ 3o^i ijis ^iH g^ ^ s^j 

rftai x^o «ilo "^m \!\ Mli^ 31HI MW^l -MiSi -<^£il 

oilV-'-nio^H^ a^Mdi, 5ii g:^ aH^[l!!<cti an^l 

^IH ^. ciKl «Ml/l -"titna^il ^IH §. ci^ »Hiy- 

an^ ^=tl<n ^-^IM «i. "{Iv iji^i ^IH d. ci \*fl 
I C-ilkH fiii'li ^IH §. ci^ aticirti ?1 2(lsi^i c-tPl 6. 

"4+1 ^ni »iMU'ii -^iiaj'^iH an^i d^^lisi §m- 

^Kl ">HMli i^Hl%!^*' &. Mi^l ani "'HMld'll >UAKI 
»lSt a>i^ wftiV r«lHlH <Ml!/l^l CHl'l aMi%t^ n<\"^ 
«lk<l §MMl3lHi a>iiqHi ovi^lH ^. aniHl WK-t^iWl 

M'5j '-iti \»u ii^qmi ani^ d. 

Mlt^flrll itl^ani ifl ctm Mict^ <fi'HH ^ il€l^Kl 
^IH ciM^ M>H»1C-{1 ■'HMld =tHl^ S^ d. 5i^ Q,|- 
^MK'tl f.(^i:il anPl M(*t>llTlR Qll^lMi «tlH 6. 

i-fn^H Rq^rl-aHl ""^HliHl ^UHIM^ ■'HMli 
iWi 'H'^l^ ^ftai ^muf\ ^aif/i^ an^^ ^IH ^, Hli 
*Hl >l'«H>l<S(l'»HHU S^'Hlcfl 6^1. aMcii j^c-t sutfl a<5; 
ffJ^^i ^IH $ ci^i aJi^ M^iflHi 3li^i i^ d. 

il*lli^l 6. 
§IH §. 

^-^UMi^s^i c-ti<Hl ct^^i'fl ^^^ rfli<?ic-{l ^m §. 
3-MH cnm^i =ivici fi"sii^naHi ilH d. 

kSl H''M'-Hl^"^t'4Hi <JSIH^ ^13 'I'-O. ^C-1<{1 
KliM^ Stio{l anl^fl 41H §. 3H^ ^c-1^ ^^[(fi m^. 

\-dUHlM^ ^'-(Itni <Hl«A'ii "tii aH^ct^Hl mk 
"{l«t C-thl anui aHH<ni HlVlKl i»ica ^IH ^. 
R.-<U>HlaMl aH^j,^ -iit^iKl Heft ^»i^,{l ^^i 

3-MH siicaiye^rti ^[^. §. 

M-!(C-l Ha^Mi tlV'ti "td'i'd »ll^i Mli^l'Ji, ^ 



^-•Hl*/^ ani ^1 <t/H[ isa a>i^|l ^IH ^. 

1-^ll^lM«iW-A. Avicenna\ 
i^l-<1-H. I. p. 327; Watt I. p. 15. 

■^MMld (Mlo+U"). ^^l^i ^^ (^o) 

M%l^me(l, 5H«l=ll ^li "^ aJUKl a5il«lM^ c-i'-tlHC-fl 

aHRofl <^^ <Mil, aM^ n»li«a ^Hl, Mlct<m ^ 

WlMl ^P^sv ^IH §. an^ ri'tlM^ C-li'>il qi^l 'il^ 

aHR«fl ^IH ^. 

■HW-anict^ ani^Sli, :i «(l 3 ^a* C-lhl an^ 

^; MUKl ildil R. «(l 3i ^ai c-ti«{l ilH S. 
ri'(l'~««fft t-tl/l=ll^ll an^ ^'^KlSi "idSmi %liHl- 

ctioil ^iH ^. «itl«fl ^si ct^ct -"H^ inn S. M^j 
n !iC-i>ti H^vyici iifcT snn '5. %t'41 ®^ ^im 6, 

MiSJ ^€t Mli'-il Mil d «Ml^ ci %li^W?(l rflafl 

ilH d, ci ct(<AH«(l «lilHC-li ^ »l«ll<?i ct'tl MR 
^^H aHi^tl»ictl ^l«i 0, ciM^ ^a^^i \ ^l^t ^IH d. 

>i'»'»4l<*^«-n^1m-Kl Mi>HilaMl M Ml«il ^n-fl ^ 
>i^^^l-M««li ^IH ^, ci ■'{iqi VHI ^ ciKl 

5il(A, »t81l^ §il ■"J^U'Hl^l, an^ c-lhi at'ilSctl 

IM \[H ilH ^, 5i £^s s^iiM^ ijA ^ ani^n 
^IH §, a>iPi an anti^lM^ ^S^ |=ll/l f^l^lH ^ilhl 

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Mliri ^IH ^, ci^ H8lic?l ll^ni (Hd4Kl »ili(S 

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aniKl dsiMl Mict^ 'vHl't^ii §51 ^. »M (i|>«iH'ii 
Mr«i>llTt^ <M131M| ciH'V i=^W, r^H^, SlfSMRU, 

SR>{1^ an^ 'n3ii«imi mn §. 

ani^sfl 51^1 "^Ml^l S^cti 'il^m ilH §, »ll^ Si 
•il^lrfl '>H"Hli i^'-ilH S. anirfl «U>HlaMl R^IH 
i^ 9^iHM^ 'ct'-nlH S Ml^ an^l 'HiH">HMl>i ^ <HiH- 
h'm?/\ ii ^. aHHi«il 'Oscactl %^i^[ 41^ ivHl 
^-Hltni an^ ai(/iS(iicti(/ii §[H g_ ^^iv^^ 3i>^ ^d.i 
'^^l m aiiiHcli MtSJ ci^l atoisid ajf^i MMl 'tMl. 
S\»ti 5i(A anPl "{Ifv Htaii ^if^i 3i«^iH g. 
an^ «Mi*lM^ aH^ii ^(S\<{[ wisiPti s=ii8t H^ ^ik 
Hm siWilaHl ^lll MlH $. an ""HMli «Hi S^ll 
ilH <«i aH*!'-!! cl'O a)iiog(/iiag ^\{^ ^^MtJl ilH 
^-aHM ci Jilli >iiPl ^. ■Hl^ ^i-Hi^j Qllf.^cimi 
5{r[[ §UHia5il IdStls S)i"^i cti-jrll ^l^-d, 

t-^U^MHR-A. ramosum. 
tai-ct-H. I. p. 328; N. p. 29. 

3-«ti|l'*"'^^ MMli'tl Su«tl aMi ^i <^isil 



a^fASctl fel«^l ifliJJl anUl Hl'A shiVhI ^IH d. MW 

to isimvAi (|i<t ^. 

@Jt an^ R:'-!!? Hl.M^^lcil =(l!:^l ^IH '5. 

> aHhiaft 'n>'-ft «til ^IH &. n il«lM «fl5ll ^'iKl 
^IH S. M<41 ff»lci f.Sll iiil =^^ <Mil ^U'^llSilKl 

^"^iHC-t V'-ll ^i-Hltai HltA-fl ^Hl/\^ a^^rt^ =H^ 

"din C-tmi, a^'Jlidl, a>iiii aH^l'Al ^I'A a>^l^C^l ^IH'S. 

■HH-anict^ ani^C-li ^IH d, MH'fl iliil <Hi'4l 

-•tlfA'ft |WI^ anl^C-fl ^IH §. MH i ^ M ^=M 

eiN^^i, SH'R slmiVl^rti ^IH d. an^ H^Hcl Sii 

aH«il ^li"Hl^l t"^iq ^">MM«{1 >HMld ff^^l ^"^IM 
6. Mt^l ^"»M^«fl ■'HMldMi F-1?14 S^ MH ^I'A 

MH-fl Hl^ird ^-41/1 §M5i4l i^cti q^l^ y'-iiwft 
^IH ^. =H tM'^ «Ml/l «{l4tl "<51'{1, cilH<^ KlSlKl 
^l<Al«^ni Vl-fl ^■^IH S. MUKl QM^'fl «Ml/l- 
MR Vvn 3ll=H '^-fl Oijl 'Hl'A'fl ^Hl/\ ^IH d. ^ 
KIM «Ml^M^ SjcQ -^-Hi/l ^ aKl %lisl 5li'>ll 
•HICAHI V'^l'A M"^ ^IH ». MH »V^l u\ii ^IH ^. 
^CH-M^"^l'^»li?(l an^ «ll">Hl^l^ SI ani^Sli ^IH 

H<^(1 ^Q'-l 9i^lH«fl ^IH S. ^Sl ^'Al%l?lcll 4l(Al 
anS "HN ^l«t ^4lW^ ani dliSlKl MlC-0 aH3R 

^i^ ^^.i »ty ^^sii ^iH S. an^i an^qsA @h^'-(1 

M?tl qicA*-(l ^QSiliQxt (HRlHC-li, Mi'«<il«(l ^si, 
an^ «{ICHI wi ^IH S. an f.^!j MtM^ S^S §»a 

li'^MlQ-k'-nii'^W-'O MiMil^'Ml M -vd'Al^ilrti 
^I'At ^^l"^ ^ I^A h(^[<J\\ ^IH S. 

>i^^^l-Mi3li ^IH S. d >(l'Ai ;i5Hi 7{ yi[-^. 
il5iP-ft ^Si ^IH S. 

^fl^Ji-l ^IH S, ^Hl dfatSlSHl ^ftoil ^ 
Mi->HMl«ft isA ^K S. 

^I'Ai, «{i^, an:^ ?}i(rn ri^irft <ni(/iiqi(/a ^^ ^. 

ci f,^st Mi-^l ®^^ "t«-5i C^i«{l aH<^n ^IH S, ci 
anf^flM^ Ml^Am^ni 9i,^l, a^qssrtl, CHWl, 'flail 
't^ctl Ml«^ '^^l =ll(A'0 \»m ^iH g. a>ii j^j 

"iio 1m sjc-i Mii/i ovni ^Hl ^^«ii ^iH 0. ?i ani 

'-IMa R?lH C-li'"ll ci^<»v ctUl^fcWl lltA^fl ^^IH^l 
^<q ani^flji^ 81'Vcti ^IH 0. ct ^C-l«fl c-ihi an^ 

<M-^ ■Ml«i ?.<ni<iC-tl ^IH d. «>{lPl Sii 61 ^j^H 
>Hi?4 an^ an -uiiai Ml^ ^^H aH^(l ^IH d. «HliV 

»il^M^*li 'l^H't "vcti ^ic-t-il •"lil'HU MWdl ^cflril 

4«i an^ "^HiiM^ clH<v ^i^^H'fl quMi si^qmi 

ani^ 6. an (^l^nH'll Mf^JllTl^ <HRl an^l lij 

(^-R^H («l«i^«i-aH >HMli'{l «1<H, >^ld[ 
MH SH^ ^St ?ll«ll««tcti ^IH S »ll^ aa^l Viiyfl 
■^"Hli i^ S. ani ■'MMldM^ iftat c(i«i,ft |«|(ii 
^l-Hl^ «flEi aJt^i ^fS\ an^ "fliv RlHlH'ti aH<i( 
an^ll^l a>u'it^ (1^1 llui SM'IRI »lcil C-»l5l 6. 

l-^u¥lH«ilH-A. fruticosum. 
t^l-rt-H. I. p. 328; 



«ll>HlSilKl Ml <3=fl a^-icn CHi'Hl rt^^tlKl nl 

<5n<Hl=H5^<1l ^l«\l '^[<\i ^<HlfAl =ll(A^ ^H^-^^ ^IH 
S. aMl anW^ ftl^^lH "{1^ '^i'S ^<\'i\. ^l^ ^'tl" 

MH C-lh^:^! ilH ^, 3H^ «Hl5r; MMQHI Ml'l 
S. ^C-1 >MMld ^=ti "Ht^ H<^i 'tli&Wi 'I 1° ^"^1- 

^<n-^<:ttal«0 sHi'ml ^i <^i «*ih ^. ^ 

^CttaWl ?fiiiM< ^<l <r^^ «tlM §. SiKl tflSl 

an^ ^^^i <W(. C-tm^i ^IH &. ^^"=11 H^i^ 

ildil Ml^ Sirft -^i^ PlQliPlrt ^IH S. .fldil^ 
M«ll5l?(l M «(l '5 't^l Hlscfft MK^li 31H<5(1 
^IM S. MH \ «(l R. ^ai Simi an^ \ 2(1 I ^ 

Hl^i^ '^i «^'»Ml «{lsil%t?lril ^^l ^[<s[[ ^IH ^. 

MH'fl iliil 4 ^at'-a \{ % \ m c^i'>{l ^R §. 

">-^,Wl ^Unmi an^i MH SMR-HI MIM i^cli =t>Hcl 
aA ■"iMli'ii MH «>{l5i' •>HMl^l ^i<H[ =(lii^i 

HrI^ i^-il^ ^tfQ Hls^lC-fl ^IM §. anl ««11 

ilH §. an^ ci'il ^'IHH^ «i^l ^IH d, wHl^fl 
^41 Hlii^ 9VRI His=ltfl3 ^IH ^. 

^'^M'Hl^llH-'li M^l Miat ilH S. H cl(ca?l 
anHnai ^m (SlilHC-li an^ @M^ ctHl Miat fJrtl 

^^^ ^hil «4ctl anl^flaHltai ^IH §. an S^s sidl- 
M^ ^a-Siictat ani tAi\ §^ 't^ a>iPl iyj^^l ?ii'Al 
"HICAKI ^'-llil anRsd ^iH S. a>i^ ?.hl ^^l-il 

llH^l oHl« C-l3lQi3l 3 C-tlfcH ^d«il ^IH §. 

^•^Hl^M'-n'i^lH-'n Mi-^ilSil Mia{ ^IH 6. 
ci rtRlH ^ilH«{l Pi dM^ '^ ^IM S. Mi">HilM^ 
ctli'li MKMi ^IH S 5i'-{l (3C«0 'l^l ^IH ^. 

:^^JH"^l-H>3li ilH ^, d'tl rta^ll Klal^a ^S[^ 
%J,8cH 'ifeiil 'H^C-fl ^IM §. an^l M«ll<?i cHl d^^l 
^il ^IH §. d^ani, M^PlllH, vi^ M^Wiv an 

"i'Hi "^(Ai wi im ^. 

iiH S, ciKl lo nlitsiSii >(i(ai%t«lni ^litauJiKl 

ip^l^lHl =iaii ani^Sfl ^IH g. fl HSllJO J^'^^l C-tioft 

SjCH-3-^fo'l aHS^cti rt?(| JvTs «li«a, =H^ »l«ll«fl 
^1 StuA «a 3 C-tljA ill^lCQ ^R g. fl J^i ^is^ 

-JilH^ ^IH ^. k'SiW ctl^l^frt'il * ^l(Al aitAWl 

£«l ^8(M anigjl fj'rtl <^^1 1>Hldl ^IH S. an^ an 
sirtia^Wl aijs*fl ciatMi 'tH^lKl "^Hli ^IH '5. aHl 

aftii^l <v^l s^^^l a>iPl HlU^&lai ^IH ^. 

an^ H'ilH^ ^,^M 'HltA'd <nHJ ^IH ^. 

«^l "llW'ii ^(AiaHRi ^ifto^lVlviHU Q^i §. an 

SlfS'tlHli an^ RlH»ii «11H d. 




•i<H!i Mo. 

\-<U^<l rim-Malaclira capitata. 
l<^<il-rt-H. I. p. 329; N. p. 29. Watt. 
V. p. 109. 

Jl-^^[l rlR-M^M (Hill (>ilo + yo); f^55Rft 

^iH §. ct'fl '^A ^\[{[\i --A^^ qica«{l "^iwi 
^(i'/[l?(l ^sii'^^'i ^<l <Mil ^iH §. ci M^i^ «i!m- 

Hlit/Q MH^i 'iSiC-fl ^IH d. MH'O ^R siniHic4l 

5Hl^4li ^l<t ^. ^i^'W^i h'^mi MH oy-Hl an^ 

^IH §. »H "IMM^ tjioil ^v-ct CHl'^l cii(/i ani^C-ll 
|lH S. H* '^l" ^''^'li 'H^l M ^IH §, ct ctfn- 

^IH d. Jio aH»Mo IIHKI MKil^i^l M ^IM Q>, ci 

ct(ca?l 6viiifc)^ 4<fil ^=a «i?ii:-{l sH^ ci ^"^%i^aa- 

^■^?t^ \ Hiai siQi^m-Hlt/fl il*t &. ci«il S^i ^IQi- 

o{l«v->Oii ^ ^^l "^'il ^^Hi 5is 61 mini 

|<Hl<ft an^ cl-fl «isl ?ilH ^<l a»i<^ftqi(ni, Qi^ni, 
«n<|m clRl^fcWl an^ «lSl «"'H sidl 5?Hl <^ltA 

^«l an^ oftoyrfl oySliSi J HI a,{ic([ ^^^ $_ 

^-{l 4iilHi«a Sit^Mld^l ^«l ^Hl ^«l 'fti^l 
d-a>l^ ci »il^ SH'il §U<Hl Htail (3M<lP(l 6. Sj j 
%11'=IR<^1 5/Hl'tlli (3^1 6. ci^ls %tl^l n'll ^IH 

cii ^'W. duHi od'^iKl Ml SiRi^irO ^i^ctin gift 

anKl iiil cllSi/ "^IH <*il^ 9V Mli^ftMi M *(l <: 
(i^y MC-il(/fl Riv{cn. M^-J^ H^ aiitffl %iiij i^=(i>a 
^i^l Ml^l an^ m\[ rflijaa <v^ an^l ^^i 
h-^-Hl Mll^fl^li Hit) «i'-tl^ d^H anPl 3M^ a(«l- 
ildHKAl clMR n^. ^1. citdKl (3s«H^^i ^41 

'Hiat'Hl C-tlMS S. 

VS-*«ll«ii-aHdl ^li-Hl 241 Ml^ ilO ciM <V "il^Kl- 
i^R an^ >lRH'Hl<Hl orHl'tHi Qsl §. jl 

'Hl ^tclKl ^2(1, M««J ?(^iil aH>iRsirti 6_\(^| 
61C-1 Si m^ <f/:>n[5i MldlKl >\5i @5i 6, a^l 
Hi^ R?iH hi\A H^Hl anioa^Hlog cil ffy^^JloiH ®sl 
6. Si mTjlHl ffirlct ImI, MK^C-iPil g>Hl^ H^i ^iH 

HwiJi HI. 
L-^ll^H fiR-Urena lobata. 
l-^dkct H. I. p, 329; N. p. 21); Watt. 
Vl-part IV. p. 212. 

(no) ^i%2, ^\^z\, g^gsr (flo). 

0u=ii ^<4i 1-^iH 6. MK \2(l ^ M <nm an^ 

^«(l 3 Ml^ltni ilH S, ci 3 «(l M ^ vs ■'Mi^OaHl 
R.«ft 3 Ml^i Miy ^IH S. !(Sl MR ■'Hl'ii aH^ 

* >IW<h€^ *1^«lK>ii SH^i uflj/ a>i5lo »lM«li<i 

yfliw' oi«fii 5Hi«ii wijiw Q-5h^ ciHi uii^i, fntii 5H^ 

Sum tHil«ti %ll«l =^^ 4H Mict^ <r.''Hl't»ii Siwi^ 

'^wi'fl >i5i mjii §5[i ani^ S. Sl-ii si^i' ®i'i'*i "H^i 

(Hg viiil », ^ii-fl Micl^ orMl-lMi =<l»il?i 'H'li oflc 
5cH sMi--fl 3i<ii MtA Hr-fl ^Mi §1*1 cil i^rt M^=i ^ 
>i§'tcl sH'tl 6»<txi 5l4<*l §^Q «l<* clM 5. 



^Kl wicH^ii^O Mt^ yi^ji %is^ ^-HifAi ^=yi 

'Os'^i §. ^ «Qjrii ^^(rfl ff/3ll5i il^t ani^l ^i"s 

l-^ll¥l«i •ilH-U. sinuata. 
iVkcl-H. I. p. 32^1; N. p. 29; watt. 
IV. part. IV. p. 213. 

^m% (f{o) fi^rai, ^sHtar (f^o). 

sAi^ll d^lani JtaiiC-tl ^IH d. ^C-i !^C-t -J-ilii §lH 

t-^ll^*t«iW-Pavonia glechomifolia. 
t<><>l-ct-H. I. p. 330; N". p. 29; 

SMH ^. ci Mi^s^ (vHUM^ H^^ldl ^IH §; a 
J/Hi MH ffJ^qi ^m §. |St aH«U ^I'Hi^Mi %t?. 

<i'4il ^^ ^, an^ <HM« \^ "iH «ifcr «nH d. 

i^C-l Mm %iS^ 3H^ aH*^M<n «i'Hi ^IH d, ct MR 
Si^tlani fV-Hl ^IH ^, clM^ ^U'^i^ •v^l iidl ^IH ^. 

an^ •^^%i<i ^ifA'O \'sm ^iH g. d»ti =(lsmi ^«'tl 

^8fM ys^ (<n|5il ^iH S, ciMi«(l HV-tl^ M'Acd 

svlil ^iH §• ci ^bl 9t^l -<3l'{l^ ciM^ m4i^ 
?i'<iM. <§m =(l^l, 5H^ >H-S"i=4il f,l<^ll ani^C-ll §IH 
§. .?ll-«Ml'5^l ^ct«il JJ'^l <rnil ^ 5[lil «{lsill; ^rtl%l- 

^m ^ C-liKl q^C-d ^IH d. cirilM^l ^^t'H §^l 

ci'fl VSl<H Hl^n M<Vt>lcl an^ =flqi ^IH ^. 

■Ui«i-»iici^ ani^sti ^iM d. ci \ «ft 1^ > 

Mi^mi ^IH ^. rtKi Qm^HI «Mi/i cM ;i '{iSl'fl 
2[lil VlKi (JIH S. ciKl n^^ %lMl/lM^ m4i^ 
Cl^l ^llWlHl iHlcA anPi Siicai, aitaScll ■»iWA=ll»l'{l 
i'^m ^IH ^. ^ ci»ii 'cli^i 9il3i ctRl^fct'tl =;= nm 
^iH $. Mmi ^;i<hI <asT ^Hi^fl'-ii^i, an^ iliil. 
MW MK^l ^R (HQilPlcl ^IH ^. MW^l ^RM^ 
ii'l^l ^IH S. MH'ii H'nct R. «(l 3 -"^(^ftaHl MiJJ 
^IH §. ci^i sU^^'ti MH^i ^IH ^ ciqi ^8j>l MR- 
f.m f^saSli ^iH $,ci ani^iCHl^ ( 'il^l'fl ={1<V^ 
>il^ i<l ^"ni^'iR iia^ ) Ml ^=11^ «4>ail kH^i. 
^>MIH ^. MUKl ild-A yi^fl Mlcttol ^2ft3 ^at 

cHi'Hl ^iH ^. ciPl >t«ii?ii«fl 3 «ft M (^yi'^ ^ ) 'i^li 

•ilscfl MHHI 31H«{1 ilH ^. ci MH^fl 'ilatrfl 
«Ml<QSi i^M'^i ^">HIH ^. MW^ 51101=112(1 ci =(lst^i 

^ii^ii, ^\i an^ (1^1 etPi S. 

MH'ft iliil-Hl sii^i %lJi>l ^is^i 5\ @MMH ^m S. 
^-MHll<«l>li2(l ans^ Klicfl^ ^IH ^. ci Hltfll 

^^i^ani "^ tiicAi :i5i^ ^iH d. ci^i t>my ^ m 

iliil 1^ 2a \ "^ \\ ^ai filial ilH 6. 
an^ ci ciKl SM^'II I'H'ii @H'Sl4«(l <r»'-<l 'ftai 
!«Nl=tl«n ^IH ^, an^ %tlHl«(l QM^ H <v^l «til 



^IH ^. clrllM-< ^nig.R'il 91l»mi ctRl^frHl * iHl«l, 

^ (3(*n 'l^l ^IH §. 

M^im^ll ^o «iio ^1^1 anl^^ll ^IM §. ci SMlltH^d 
ill, »Oil ■"^IfAl-C-flc-tl :^3l^l, V'^Sl'A^l^l =^^ 
^ fiai CHJS^i ^IH d. d'tl MW M^l ctrtfl»42(l 

ffn^iMc-ti an^ M«ii<fi ci'ii Mi^i m\ Mi^itni ^m^ 

g-uilctl -^il ^IH d. anl Sidl SMSlH'li H^l2(l 
anict^ aHl^<Hi ^IH S. 

aH£R H° '*****° '^^'■•'^^ Mi'^MilaMi Miai a^l^C-fl ^IH 
6. ct ^o (^lo "Simi Sictl«(l anict^ ^IH §. ani 
MiSi Mi>HilaHl <\h^ ^tisil ^ M5!tl<n Ml^l(/fl ilH 
§. ciM^ ctUdi MHM^ ^IH § ci<l Qc*a 't^l ^R 
&. "Hi'«MilS^l'f\ aHS^:ii ctfwmi^l Sllll QIR aHASm 
.tl^l MOi-il ^»l^l §IH §. Mi'^il I «(1 f ^ai 

atfASctl ^I'Al «Hl<li ^ItflKl |«»l(a ani^C-fl ^IH §. 
>i"l%^l-§M;i S(|c-ll Jio an^Ho llH-il Mi'^iil- 

aJiirfl ans^ ii'^^i^i aniHc-ii §iH §. ciKl 4kn 

aitAidl ^<l ffn^i-il Vl'fl ^IH «i, ci Mi'^lilani 
«l2l ctftA^ sviilMC-fl ^IH ^. ani -{(khii }i'H 
M(at siclWlffl ^IH d. 'tRtil ctKl Sm^'II ^'^^n 
;^%5(c\9aHi %iQ,cl aMS \i-«Hil ct^it ''"'^^ ^l*< 
6. 'ifcHSl'fl aHHctat §4^?ft ^4!!^ m^l dAi^JI 
aHH^H ctjJsHl KlS^KHl^iH g. a H^i kn fA<iiSl 
VHl an^ anPlMplct c-itHlt'dl ^IH ^. MWll'-l 
^8eM (Isi "i ct^iv ffn^a-Jl Wl ^IH §. M^WV 

aH£^«(l <vy «H6« 'flit^l \o (£«l) ^^M Ml<ni 
^31'fl -tfcHiiaHlMi ^^atmc-n ^IH d. an j^i ^^^ 
>AS|l 'iRlSl^ M«ll5l ^?jM ^>M ^IH ^. an^ ^- 
M^ %l"|€ «(^M 'Hltfl'd Ml^ ilH ^. aJl >(laa 
iiatKl ^(UU aH£^«(l «l^ i^^Hl at«l <V<1 ^IH ^. 

"MH'fl Klai sHi ^iL'>{l'8 aHilt/il'fl Ml «Mld M«^ 
^?| v^. ( anl H'^ci aJns ^g^ Ma4'^|i^ ^Jioft ); vm- 
tfd'fi =iai Shsj Mai^^li^l «i^ aniSR -iiiiSji'-llt/ll ^Sl- 
=i<n "i 4l«n«(l ^i^^l ^H an^iov (3Mlm an^ >io «Mlo 
"SlM^l ^-"ilH »!•/ ^^4^1 ^IH S. ani aJii «l<l 3,1^- 
m "i ovilaMlsH -"l^^M^ ^=11 cHlMi 6. ) S^C-t iiaj 
^IH ^ cMl^ ^ItAl ^31^, an^ Ml'S^ 5Ml^ 91^1 "S ?l^l 
<?j^l ^31^ ^ attfijcj «itJ «m «,. ^ Miat >Hl'lhl«j 
^R &, M^j"Sl'rM^ ciMl aMSlj 5\ MHi aH\i4 ^"^ 
«vlM $, <*<l^ ci 3 "^ V -"iUhl'Ji ^■"ilH d. J^C-fO 

ii\.m sy^i ci^i j-^r-i «iy <^?ii ^ih ^. ci^i omi« 

^ ^ai;^l ^IH S. ^51 ^51H § <*4l^ cl^i •'Ml'ti a^i 
"{l5n?(l ^ii Mil =^1M^. ci S^i ■«Hl;i ctftfl'^ 
^ih^ ^ M«tl5l Ml^l^O, Hi ^tH S. ci aHS:^rfl u\[o^ 
<V^l =tii=l5i^ ^IM § anPi ^Kl tHi&uKl <Mlo3 
cidW aJii (3C*{1 't^t $IH d, ^'{\ «H|i5j5h Sli-»H| 
«?qi ^8t^ iiil ^IH §. aMdi ^lUi <Hi3ii SJQJ 
^IH ^. ctKl C-i'-Mn/ll CHiyrl (Jyd«{l iiHS. an 

»tl<V-ilsi ^IH ^ ^l^ sOil ^I'^l =i'»d ^ 
Mil § c?ll^ ^*Ji:i ^Idl 'i^ri H'd <r»lM d. ci^ a^Hi 
^1 aHl<fl ^IH «i, ^ ci vn^r{[ anS^Hl <niq9 iltAl 
9i^[ Vl^l ^b;M a^i^Sti ^iH §. t>{loy \ stlWH 
C-tiuj an^ 1 C-tlfcl'tl ct«(l iWs Ml^l^i ^IH ^. 


H-^ii^i^W-'-Alfe, §M^H4 a^:) wH^M. 

<5-§M^l5l-5i^ >i^(A Mlt^QMi 1l<n^ 5^ 'V'tl- 
"^^m i"»HM^ '<Hl^ «^lll ^iMi 6. aH'li MH^ 
■Hl/l nKl elMil^l 3li?iMii §M^ Ml/l«^ lil"^ 
§M^Pl i^ ^- aH'li MH anJi'-ll ani^Hl Su^l 
MI^Pmi §il</(l ci Ml'^ft'fl ctRHltfll^ <^15[ a^MlH 

d. aH'ii ^c-t «is-<'{l %ti«l m^u'-hHI <n«nct^i @m^ 

••M^l^lHlH d. aH'ft »lCHHi«0 ^%ll KliSl 6, ci iWfA 
an^ '^l^ 'H'ilHHl'll ilMMi ani^ d, S^-il dUHl 
'■Mi^i an^ siliki (?ldi) tn;! >HIH S. 

VS-*«ll'ii-^*cllSil'0 "llog*M, 'HlilaJii'fl c(i^ 

Mi^, ki^ni, «niH(n anPl yicn siSl^'ti j<u=iiaHHl ^ 




^dSti ell ^^ll(91rt ^IM «i > Si WiRlrft Vii\ 
l^iiiS cl^"^ JlvHC-t i^m Jll^H S. 

t-^l**flH«HR— P. ceratocarpa. 

i^l'cl-H. I. p. 831. 

R-"^*[l«iR-i^il*ii, -nicriym (Mi+^o). 

3-eii|'i-i^ilHi'il SUHl 5lRl^ Hi^i gift ani^ 
^, Ct ^1 «ft 3 Sii J[ld (3^11 5!11H d. =IU "^ "{l«i 
oJI-SHI^I "^Ifc) aHi8i<Hit4l ovslian an^ s^l^tXl ^5l 
ctl <*ii anrO ^il-«il5il anil^MiHl Ml CHlKl <M 
<vW a^l^l^ y 1 H (li (3=(l ^{[ TviH $. ai^^i 

3i^!/l :^3Hi ""flcni |4tl anw &. ct (jH^t <iiin 

5H^ H\R "H^ tnH 8lW <f»tH ^. K'H <il=iil ^^Hi 

kih C-li^ ^IH ^. <tHi«0 "{l<r»t jfleil ijidl'^l 
'{li«\C-ll ^IH ^. ""HlCHlJiCa ^rtt4l2(l d^tC-fl aHt^ltfil 

<^^ <rn^ 8tiH §. -Jita tniSR^fl ^i^i ^m^ ^i.\^ 

^\'^ iH ^IH d. ^(AKI WKH ^lil^n, =(liHi ^^i- 
ctM^ @<Hl =(lRl MiC-tl ^IH d. ciKl 'cSlSl «(lc-ll ipi'W 

^»^t*ict ^^r-ti^l iiH S. clM'.'fl ■Hintfil "^ict^ 
«^<v cfwi^A (a^iicti Qa^il «tH S. «i-^i2Mi iflsi 

«{lc-ll "^ ^Ictl 5H«l^l <^^4l '^ai-O »lHl€icft ^IH §. 
MW "I "Mct'll ^ilCAl -HICAKI \'M(t\ ^IH ^, 5ild4t 
ans n«l *ilH J?ni an^ "{\^ ^aH Mi«(lM^ 

3H2t=ll ^CH^^'li MH ^^l ^IH ^. ct 1 2(1 3 a^ Slhi 


«Ml/l^l ^>l C-a&ll d KlaiKl^l <VRl (l"Sl ^IH §. cl 
n-^ %tMl/lM^ ctRl^fct'll* an^ ^ «fl 3 ^IH ^Hl 
•^Itni, aitflictl ^m aHlHCHl ^K ^, «?^ M 

%i\i<n anioiyfl "^R^ai "^wa <^\^ ^. MH'ii 

"Sr<\^ ^<^M dell iiH §, an^l ildil MW Sirft 
^R«y^l RfHlfiW «lM ^IH §. iliil^ >i«ti^^l 
3 «a M ^ ^ItlHR ^ 't^l 'fts^Ol MUMi 3iM 
^IH 6. d MH'ft MWHllKl 'nl'?3 "lfel"< 'fi=!^<:fl 
^IH ^. MK^ft iliil 'iC-lKl ildil iWi 'Mil ^ 

<v^i ^cai^sicti c-ac-ii ^^iHl §iH d, a ^ 2(1 

\^ ^ai c-li«>{l ^IH ^. MW^ ^l(a=ll«(l ^'(l 'Hl%t 
^fani MW^ *ltrid\ anPl ailH-Hl^A ct^l R:HU =(l- 
Si^ll an^ Sicl a>i(ni5j' «rnH ci'4l ■•Hl^l fitl»l §. 

^IH d. syHl ^RM^ ^i«ai sthi slltflKl 4R ^IH ^. 
Sj(St_Hnili3iMi«ft ansi '{li^^ ^IH §, an^ 

«u-«Hi5iiPl $1 <i Mi^i ^Qat ani^sii Im. S. |et 
■»(ltai vwi ^i^iv anii^^ii^i ic-iKl Hi%i^ >i«icfl 

^<Hl%l^l«li, an^ \ «(( It ^2{ oHi^ni ^IH $. 
^«1'{1 ildil ^ ^=i2a \ 6ai c-tWl, an^l nHR 
"ll^i an^ Mil aHH ^ <Mct«il ^l^A^l ^Wl^ 
aniM ^IH §. iliil H«lic?l %\m^ Klai c-{lc-ii 
%iiHiHi«ll, an^ «i'4i^ <3H^ "v^i Mil ^IH ^. 
^i ciM^ c-iRi Hmwm'fl ^Qai v^sitn ^ih §. 

^M'^lH-'ti M^l \o (£«l) ^IH §, a ct(5lH8ft 
«lui ^ilHC-ti anPl HHl^i "il^il ^IH 6l. an H^l 

I c^l5J^ ^dsii ^<4 an^l I m ^^n f flai 
c-iitni ^K ^. ciKl "SRM^ ^iH ^Hi c-ihi ^i^ii 

^IcaKl 6R ^IH ^. rt =lltfHl «liHi ^?(M Mi£(l 
^IH ^. 5i M^l'ft Mltffa'd %l-Hl<flH^ dl^l^(rt'll 

(f^^aniHl "iHi ^IH if. ani M^l ^C-nl ^^o nio 
"SlH'li MHi i^cti C-li"li an^ ■Hi->MilaHi«(l "i(i54l 

■^i'^M'Hl^'^lH-aHSlU'jC-lKl ^iHhi M^l M §W 
g. an^ tHIcrn ^l«^Ri 'HlC-flaSl rti Jio tHlo Iw 
^mi ^ChHI ^l^ -Miai M^l-ft 'n^^fl ilH ^. *ii 
Miai M^l rtfai^l^ft 5is t>{l^ %ll8l ^S[m\ an^ 

»i8ii5i tidi ^w §. ct msji Mi^itfii sicti ^Hi 

|>HIH ^. ci^i S^ ^ sictl'fl ^a^Hi ct'ft ^l^^l 
•uii^l <n6R Kli^Adl l^Hl^l §IH S. an M^l «{lc-ll- 
««lcll ^m. ^3Hi ^iH tJ. an^ ci-tW 3 2(1 M 



^■My l^^irfl, Sc'd, cM H^ll ilH §. ^M^ rtRl- 

^(cwi %i^s s^cnsni ^(icn'fl {'^vn sh^ HKl ^i-<- 

M«ilCfl -il/l Im, d. Mi^i clKl ^R "^^l ^ib <Hl2i! 
Mi-^ilM^ clU-ti Ml'lM^ ^m «l n<l (3<:*ft 'i^l, 

s'l^ H'd li^ MW «1s mcnKl |»'^ §i*i ^^ 

«{l^, Mi^t ■•HiatlHlf/ll, M<iY'{l t^HiSR M-S^-(l ^H'^l 
■^il>li ^1^1 ^IH ^. ci Miai "«nHi=tl5ll ^K §. 
cini MiSl •>Hl'li C-flili, atcaisrti, ^[<hZR =4^ -H^En^fl 
H«^l "ii^R Kli'ilcti ^IH Wi. rt'-(l %IIM^ ^ci ct^l 

^ilcflrU il«ti^(lM^ C-ftc-ii -uisA (3(Hi Kn ^li[[ ^IH 

aH« 3Hl^«fl i^iH §. ci lii'ill -<3l'{l «{l^ Pi 5^cnidi 
^m §. ci'tl S«l (lo) 5n<^l ^H ■^~^«^'i(Slil'ti 

;yj^M ^M 3H^ ?i<ilM^ 'MltnHi ■'■fty^ ani^C-fl ^IH §. 

SjCH-^^^Kl ■Hi""iilSii, ii-wi^ ^l^«^ -iR-lJilSii 
an ^'cl'ili -^H^ 31HI -Hyq oichUiH (s^ch) (r>H (^H 
>il^l «icil wiH ^ ciH ciH ^0 «llo ^I'^rti ^i^Hi 
tidl cirilM^ (jSlctl <MH ^, ff?«(l 31(hUih aH«llcl 
6^ [{<H ci'fl ^I'^'fl aH« (JSl'cI <r^M S. aM?.i 

(silHi) <vqi «iy ^^ ^. ^Hi^ ^ci ^iMlMi -iiiMc-ii 

Mi^ ^iMl §MR ^isi <*v(l aMi j^ilm^^ ^Idi 1 
atiHil-^l M/l =tlM ^IH, ciM HCfil, ciM^ 5^;^ 

i^ilHl M/I5il t^ifcfl ^iH ^^!v £-»HlH S. (»M 
<^'tl=id Mej aJjj «i,i ^41 c-tiHj $). 

^y MM ^, t:H MliHl My^ ci'ti MiSi ■'HHi Si's 
'4Wh'^ M-Svi'-(l <r^ji Mi ». an s^Jj ■•HHiPl Mmc?l 
^11^^ ^=11 Mt^i iiil anPl ci^ cH/(laH "I -i^Kl 
wi^ »\ >llil aJi^i aii^ ^£s Sicnirll, d^M sidl 

«Hi^ ^IM «i. S^C-l^l ^iiMlS ff^^l rj^^l ^ M J'-Hil ^IH 0. 

cil aacil ^^01;^ g^^iMi =ll/l ci^l i^iM^ 6tM i^HlMI 
SHl^ §. MK ^ll^l^ ^iM'il i'^MM' >let=ll«ft 

^l«i ">H=l^iq Mi, aM^ i^ g. ^^i^i ^([(41 Klicol 
^IM, cil Wl^ ^r^l aJirii 5HIMI ^UHl^ ^^il 
Wiyiti llfcTci «l« CM»1^ MIM 6. 

■mil §ii §, Mi^ a>i^l^Hi i^rti ^^rmI i^ilni 

an (^!4, s^a an^ iidnr-iuMi Rli'-i i^l^ «iiH d. 

^-R^H [Hq^«i-^irli ^CHMHl «ilMl i^m 

s'^m^ <:-fl^ 5i^ i^il«ii, an^ andi >4H >Hidi 
v-ni^ ^fii li'd'-ti^ ^l^c^lHi «i«l aa^i ■uih ■•hih 

^. MiJl ci^l Hl^flHR dct an^ ^i<ni an'^lfcl <f»lH ^. 

5idi Mirt«a hM'A ^?.Mi a:Hi^ «iiM ^, ^MR«n 

i^ilHi'fi ani ^41(^1 ^C-trQ ff^ct «ilH d. ci^l 
dUHl iRilHHl «liqi^ %l^'l^ 'i^Hl ^IM d. c|rt{ 
MH M«l "^ildi ^l*i ^. ci'tl M^R'^m 9>'^l QJ^l 
:^3Hl ^ M^WV ■^l^il ^IH d. 

=*Hil^Mi ci»i»V iJ(Xl«4iHl §Hill3l CHMlHCil 
5Hl»/ ^'^l avt^J^'HRi a>ii^«il ri?(l. M«ai anKl a^lctKl 
m^Mfd ( Pavonia odorata ) il^lRl^l a^'t^ 
cl<li M«^l c-ii'^l H"^n«(l ^M^IH «. 



H3l-( >ll$^^. ) 

l-J^ll^lMrlW-senra incana. 
t^l'd-H. I. p. 334. 

R-i^Urll>l-»i^<'il§^i««J ( MH- ?io ) 

2H»tHl R. (Id (3241 ^H d. ^Ifcl^R ct 9>'>{l«iM^ 
M«t^lH51l ^IH ^, SH^ llW-HR §<Jil ^IM ^. anil 
§U^l <H'4l<i ci»l<V =n<4<H^ly M»ai «JIH S. «n^- 

^ ^ 3 ^^.'^\. §IH «!. MW^l =H15R %ilHRi3J 

wi ^it^i'ti |c-i ??^.[ ^^^^ jjrti ^jii ani^ g. 

s^St ilC-ii ^qi Mtej H'Sii 'tl^Hi ^IH §. 

ff»l| «11H S, ci»ti«(l m^l slUl «{l<rvl M'l^CH 
«?=ll «t4l M-il 'fli^'Hl ilH 5. ^itfl RlCAl Vy 

Slctl §IH ^. MK-fl {[ill I «f I '1 1 ^i ^'ai 

cHiwfl ^iH ^. an^ d^ Hm<h mhKI li^ Roti- 

an^ \ «(l R ^ ^^ ^at ^i^itfii §iH $. Sh^^ 

=tiv(l (^iH 6. nM^ '?i,Rr-iitfi'fl jqi^n an^ li^i 
ijfc-trt «ty" 5RI Mis'! -{I'd ri>{i «m $_ :!i<^MM^i 
( qiijiMi vi^ct "ii^qitAi ^iH $, ). deli ^^Hi siioiivX 

tidf, an^ clM? M'«iH<Kl -mtfl'fl ^^-11^ an^ ^^l 
clM'»Hl^aHl Wi «iii^i ^IH ^. ci f «(l \ dai 
c-thi an^ ^^ «a f ^^'4 ^l^l«Ai ^IH S. IH \?d<\ 
^'S mi M^ Ji° aH<?-Ho ^IH s!<>liy^ ■'H^ *»tH 
S, an^ Jio «Mo ll'Hi M^l 'IQlUlH ( annlcl. 

an^ ^"^MM^l S^cli isi ilH §. ci^l ^^l Mlf^ll^t- 

4^cti e{l«ii 'H^. S. n -{lai^fl ^^ihchI an^ an^^t- 
<^ai §M^?(l ^di m ^. ^'ti ^^"li anl^fiSR =H^ 

ciM^ iH^ <3C*a n^l aHK ^^S '-HOl-^l |'-tl^ ^IH «!. 
n^l ^31 Hl<ai aH«i'-ll tr<i<aiL ^IH §. Mi^il iH'l- 

aHW«{l ilM § anPl anH^ai Klai shj^KI «ni«9 
H ats;X(isact ?i-<i «i<aa -<^['^ In §. 'l^l Mi>M- 

Sictl ^IH ^. an cifJ'ifyiL'd <3M^ H'^^i^ ct^dl 

RSWl MRPl^lH'-il^l aHH^l4 ci^aHi aniHC-ll '^K 

^1'^«R-\ ^IH §, ci^l 3l9lUlH <n^R KlitAdl 

'((sisi^a §M^ M(a^ ^e^^ ^'41 <^<l MlfAl ^ 
<^^ii 'i}['^ aH<?t-ct aA^icfl t^Hlcfl '^IH ^, ^ 
rt £^i^ Maiic?l ^(^M HI^AKI Ml^^ltfi Sl(Al«Sl<i 

aHl^«ft ^IH ^. ^ ^cni««lc1l <:-{l4tl ^31^, 2i(AS3, 
•{lai ^ii^sirj aHH H«ii<?i Ml^l^i ^IH S. <t 
\[3{ >HHkl'Ji ilH «i, ct'ti i\i ^HiMi «=!% 

CHi«^ an^ <i«i«tl "^ ^*tlN ^'^^ ^- ^'^"^'^ "^^^ ^^ 
\^ CHUJ'l «li(a an^ ^ «(l f ^tiW'i ^l^l'4 ^IH 
§ct<l «lic(l -l?(l. (j!^l^aHlM^«ft ci ®ct^ «l> g). 



itM6 §M^ ^HIH S. Si^i 3Hl->Hl "^IM'A ^IMl^ 

^SIH &. rt«(l ct ctW Ml!A f'lH S. 

V^-^^Hi-MlV-ns^'il "lUl S<1R >Hlil iiT 

(Id <^^l an^ cldCHl <V ^i^iqWl n\'^mi SHl^CH »i, 
^dC-tlS «lfSi^ Ml'l^ 5i^ ^ 1 ^IC-t ^cl^Rl 

\-^u¥l<4«iR-Hibiscus radiatus. 
1'>^W-H. I. p. 335; N. p. 31. 
^-■^^ftriR-^si^cHlll ( Mlo+?io). 
3-ti4'l-i^l=^'*il>SHl §U=li 5imw i^mi 'r^i 

qR ddl QH^'il 91PlMi«(l 5ll^ (3={l aided StMl 
^Ul «U"^i5hI '{1S^«{1 ^IM d. ciM^ %i8fH ^-^ 
"HlfAHl V'^l^ (llH S. MK a>iin^ aMl^CHl §IH §, 
ct dii $ii ^K d. cl»li M «(l ^S ■>Hi=(laHl > 

lit^Mim aH»i Hlic^iti ^iH 6. nKl ildil c-iiofl ;i 

»*?l <Hh( ^IH d. ^4t "^dtfll i^Hl, 3 «(l M tJat 

a^usii-Hmi ^R 6. ct M^l ys^ c-iiii §. s^c^ 

■uftSlWi, *Hl(i(UUJli ann Jlimi (r/aiCHrfl MlSHl ywfl 
V.\\ Ml^ R?l<i S^n kl"ll Vii[\ Mlii^Hi «iHii 

Kl^v^l §il<?ii ^ti^ «isi H>1(?, §M^ an^ -HH 
Cho Gto |5t 5<iiti dl ^f.R ^IH S ^ aM;ii 


l-J^U^H'iR-H. micranthus. 
t&ll'ct-H. I. p. 335; N. p. 30. 

ci Mi^i §3(1 ani^ S. n ?. «0 O "^iWhr \o 

■^i ^^[ =tMl 3l*l41l ilH S. ctHl ^IIMISHI C-lNl 

•3. ct jJU=li ctSi^rll 5Hltll^ «4^P C-li«>{\ -M wiH 
Wi. an §Uc(tPli ^-xHlei e/^i g^ifl aisl/l^i cji^eii 
ff/^l C-ilSl «!. 1H ^ aJi^i iti^;)! 3MISR Ml^i^ 

■^ ?iCHlo{l W>lHl«lctl ^iHl ^lil aniq §, ?l «tMl^ 
§'4^1 %tiiy "i^ «lW «tM §. JtCH ^ItfllfclC-idl 
^^Idl =i(il<^l ^Hii ^IH §. 

Si -Sl^^l <M|Hl -"H^^ld qitnKl 4wltfl«fl Qi^lH«ll 

■^«l-Si^ >*{lc-ti>i(ri ^cttffl?a mc^ aniiK/fl 

^i '^i (^H ^. ciMi«ft liC-tli !(Uiaili Kls^lCHl 
^IH d. fl^l ^Jl <n^l^«a <^^l d aH?^«(l %t^£ 
^IH 6. ^tfl^ etlii SJiai ^IH 6. WICH <V^l (r»lil 
^IH 6. ^ aH?^»fl «)£ and =(l=l<i ^«iqi</fl ^IH 
6. ^HIS oy^l =(lii^l Pi cfllHl C-tl5i d. 

»nil an^m <t«(l ^^"v Micitffl ^iH S, cl eflsti 

■^ "^l^l ^^iHl an^ •^M-S'Haiil ^IM 0. cUlM^ =«|tfl'{l 
\^[i\ aHi^<:-{l ilM d. ^iil ^m vi7\ MI^S^ 
^Hl ^iH §. clrO w»ic-i ^«iqitf[l 5H^ y<<fl MlVOlCt 
i^lH 6. «l">Mia5il <r»l<v ^IH §. ct ChMI, ^Hl, 
Mi'^a^il^ (!{lc-tl ^aiKl aM^ ^r\(J{[ ^^ \l<iuW ^^ 



aMJay C«k|MR«(l ^ ^ Y 'Hl'l M»SJ '(ls<?lc^i svl^-lRi 
C-ftc-tl :i3Hi SH^ >H^%ld §IH $. ctM^ ^Hl^ {"^iSi 

«lcti ^IH S. MK'fl ildil Hi^n i!A §IM §. B^ 

M«=ll^ =l2t«fl 'l^l (3MR Ml-iKl ildil MI>1 c-li«{l 
^^l"'-'^ (gland) ^IH S. ^ "SiSiis MHMl ct 
^IcU 'l«(l. HW^ =iltA=ll?(l aKl ^l%l ^i^dl MWfl 

lR«ft Kl^t M «(1 «r 3Aq|1 %ltf(l ^'-ii H° *^l° 
1l4?(l Hl^ni «{lstl ^3Hi (sM^mM^il Bracteoles 

'Hi'5j =iMct nisj ^ii c-Oc-ii ^3tr{i (§90 -mi In S. 

"il'-Wi M^l S^rti CHi«{l §IH §. n «Hl^ |€l'fl 

'^m §IH ^. n it«iM ^\i, \^ ^c-t3isii<4l, 2H^ 
^iH ^. cia^j^i nPn^ Sis (Hlirn ^iSi ^^ly oyti 

aHi ^(/tl "i^«fl ^IH ^. ci^ }iy\ Mist Si<1Wl«i 

cl :ji1^^'i(?l5l'{i '■■{^'Sln^ aMl^«fl (|l«< §. ct Jil- 
^^'tfilJl'tl ?i"«l MW'-ft M2lP-i<Hl(3W «taHC-{( 

aHrH«ft ^IH '3, fi^lM^ %i"^f. ^lUl'O aHt«^ |=ilil 
SIH S^ni ctMi MR "^ii I'^IH ^. SH^ ct €^i 
C141 MR -^i (3Hil MldlKl ^<?i m^f.l Ml ^. 

K^^i c^l^i §. 

ct Ml!/l^ ^SIH S cMl^ ^Rl ^ Sl'Al Wi SivX^lH §. 
ctMR CHini «^£ 1 91.^1 ^qi«tl ^l^aKl \'M(l[ ^IH §. 

sHMldl iHl^lHi HMRIH «!. 'H^l 51^1 M«ll«n«{l 
Sli^isMi til -"{IH ^. 

iimi^HHi <^<r[m an^ >h-ji'-hi §m^ §5i g. Si 

§t.S^l R^IH i^ <nPUMi ^lH=ll»li =Hl^ ^. cidl 
Su-Hl^ >t(Aai SiPii gi^^i ^Rim 5t;i a>l4<Hl<i 

t-J«U%flM«il'i-H. hirtus. 
IKl-cl-H. I. p. 335; N. p. 30. 



(^o) ^: (^o). 

oJUm ^=il ^>MIH §. ct 3 «(l M aili !(U S'sil ilH 

aHc4ct %i« IHl SHl^ d. ci nMl^ §Hi S. 'Hl^ 

^5l Mi^l S^l d. 

aJl'ii MH SH^ ^St^l @M«ll=>l aH-l<ni<§ «HMl^- 

t-<ll¥l*l'lR-H. Solandra? 
t«^Al-cl.-H. I. p. 336; N. p. 31. 
^-^^flnm.-rtC-n (Ml, ?io). 
3-et4rl-cl«{l'll Sl^^l =ilHl^ H<^t §5a ani^ 

Sis ^M^ '^^l ^"^HIH d. MW (SSHl^fcWi ^ M 
■^ 3 ■^'i^^ll'Hi |lH ^. =il*tl%li 2Hl'>H^ ^»li l^ 

ani^ $, ^ lOii ^m VHi ilH S. ^U=lWl 
%-Hn «i^R^i ^n ^\ii 5/^1 ^iH d. 5H^ cHw 

d. a y «fl ^ flat 1 i^s c-ii<i iiH $. a ^icni 

^'l-i an^ i|»^ ^IH ^. clHi«(l IdCHlJj s^iil 'fli- 

51C-11 ^m d. 
iiil »hH ^imi»Jii-^i45'^l 'is'^ ^"^ '^^ 

jfrWl * ^l(A aHl^C-tl ^IH d. .siil aM««(l Ml^^l 

■Hlrl-anict'^ ani^Sti ^IH d. fi Sli'Hl'il Hla^Sll 
<HPm (ISHl^fcl'li, SW^«R, ci«a ISM^'ii MiSis 
^W^l ■>Ji^paHiqi(Ai, an^ ^i ©M^di H"*} •^•^fl- 
»ilHltfli ^l*t 6. ciHi H^t^ll •>Ji<^U C-li5\^l ^IH ^. 

^iH 6. mkHI dM^Kl %tMi-0^i i^ c-fleli, Pi 

Hl^iHl^l lilll ^IH ^. MK \ in 3 "^ 3| ^ai 

§. ^Kl AiH. i ^ai «a \ 1 1^ aa< sii"{l [|IH 
§. ildil^ HUl5l«(l 3 «ft M "^ \a 'l^l Kli'iQ 
MHKI >Wi 3iM'^ ^(H $. MH aii(aHl«ft aOji^i 
Sil^l d. qi^ §Ji aii^l >'-iis aOil^i^Hcil ^I'/R^l 

|(H-M5(1li^Mi2fl ^<>M MRiaj S^dl^ W4l I'-ft 
?.{ ^a^ cHiKl rfts^?!?!! ^IH d. fl'tlM^ '^Itfll '-tltfl'fl 
^=11;^ aniqc^l ^IH $. 5^ «'AT ^5Hl Sh'^IH'O 
•{1=1 ^iHlHltffl anPl (Mil ^IH v§. ^'H^l ^^l '»(l(Al«- 
^cll ^l5ll, an^ oHi%i I gjai j/d^i ^(H §. 
SM'^lH'ii M^M «ft <: "S 1o ^IH d. tl H"> *^l«» 

i^cti =l«m^ C-flCHi ilH d. ri'tlM^ M<aj nitflKl t=lt<n 
aniHC-fl ^IM ^. ani S^J M^i §M^ §9(1 ^^J 

Klai'-fl ^ilM^l ^ <§M^ ct-Hl Hiai f.hl 'l^f^-c-tl l>Hlctl 
^IH ^. ani J^i ji?ii Hla^ Ml^icrll ^ ^^-Hl" cl^^ 
^iilWcil CHloft anl^ft'Hl^ll ^IH d. a^l "^I'^^l 

^=tl/l R^l'4 ^IM ^. fi'il £^5 shW M«3J ®»{l 
ni^i 'i^l iSlqiMi anl^ $. ri 3 C-tlfcH ^A«ll 
<Hi^l (|lH &. 

>^t>\llQ.«4rrt^1m_r{\ Mi^MilaJil M, ci 3 C-tlWH 

>i1^^l-^%t^'i(«t!tl Mi^MilaniHl cia^iqa^ ^q. 

d. M^ ciaani (aM^'il M^Rf^lH an^ M^RllM^liKl 
MR15R<V "i^l^aMl ^^Hi (|IH ^. 

^l'^^^-'^ ^m §. ?iPti 3l$iUm aHJl^frt aH»t'-ll 
'ilc/flSi^'il (3$iil ^ ^Idl -v^l an^ «{1<HI ^'l^l 
^IH g. ri'llM^ H^i<fr attflSrtl HlfAKl ^Wl«l 
aHlM ^IH 6. WtnUlH^l aniil ilM 5=(l «^n( 
d>ti Miat M>S ^M^ £>Hlctl ^IH ^. ('l^UlH) 

-ifc-lil Mia^, ^V- =^='1'^ ^'*t ^- ^ ^^** '^^ 
o{\(r.t %tl?l sviiW«0, ^ <§M^ <vai cl^il Mia^ 5(idiaMi 




Ml^ 5ii wri^ s\% oiKl ^§^ ^IH S. 

il«tM «{lCHt :^il^ ^IH S ^ ^ilH d cHl^ ^ipa 

Ml §. ^ S^i >MHl»li M «ft v9 <K\<V ilM S. 
1-§M»iPl-aH'll aHl->Hl ^ism <HH^^ ct-fl 

^i>H ricH^i 'iiMl ^i^'ii m(>h?. ^[\i> §. ^j^^i 

'^^tiW §, Ct«(l J.^ H^ §, 5H^ !;§ §, cl4fl'{l 

^iilT<'ft 'c?lC-tMi«ft ^«l KlS^ 'S. rt'ft £1^ 'i^H 

t-^U^lM'llH-H. vitifolius. 
lyi'rt-H. 1. p. 338; N. p. 31. 

3-h4«i-'hi Qil^i'ti ^li'-ti aiiHi^i sUnmi 

M sOi <3^' ^IH ^. dl-SHHl KlSm ^PiHk MH 
>^lii SH^ (3M^ "Vrli 'tK&Hi iiini ^IH §. MH^l 
aniiR «llll Slt^'ii MH^ MtAdl ^IH §. ^^ >^lil, 

^31^ ^IH ». ct»ii?ft k[i[ <Mil SH^ jJli^il ^«15HI 

■Hl«i-5Hici^ aHl^«li ^IH S. ct 3 «(1 M "^^t^ftsHi, 
J^-^ ^Mi^n^it -Hica^a ^Hl/l'-tltai 5H^'SRM< sicti- 
=litfli ^IH §. iliil «tj «a 3 ^2< eti»{l ilH '5. 

ci-il" ildil ^i i^i^, ^[ m-A'^ ^8(M ^=11^- 
cHi«Hl ^iM §. ^ii^niS^i^i 'SI 'cti^i^ i^ maji 

Ml^ MW ani^ 3l»HSt( §IH «i. 

«flc-ti aH^ atfAirtl H">HH«fl -<3l'tl ^^M Hlta^fl 

>4<»H«Hl^^lH-M H^ldl "Uih ^IH 'S. ctHl 
Ml'Si M^l ct&l'^?(l SH^^-t^l ^Hl Jv\ilHSli, SH^ 
§H^ cHl MiSi ?icll Mimical ""^fitl S^Hlctl ^R §. 
^o "iio "sm 3 Sll'cPl^ 4 tf^t C-li'Jll, C-{|(Hi -<3lPll 

ct'tl t^i M^M^ 3 «ft M <39a 'i^l ^HlM ilH 'S. 

ci "!a<;-5ll ■^Itni ^3i;ii, an^ n'il £^i MlMilM^ 

>i'^*l^l-^l ^^<H ( column ) Mi">Hil5ii«(l ^\i, 
ctHl H^Siicist ii^ujii -<3iPii ^(A3i M^Rll4?(l Wa- 
H^l §IH §. H^l3l"<<v 5iica 9i^^l ^ictl ^si'fl 4IH Mi. 

¥11^^-1 |IH Wi, d^l 'IQiUlH <39il, iail 
Mk •"i^'^najiicttc?!!^ c-flc-ll ^3lPll, 3H^ %ll€ atoisdi 

•ii?t<41 H«ll^ ct'll Mi^ 'Sit 'i»l£l t>Hlcll ^IH », 

«. -ifc-t.Sl 5H^ ?i"»'< M«il -r-iia^l ^'Hi ^IH S. 
SjCH-il^iM «(lsil an^ ^iW S <Jll^ Qijl i^si^ 



|Hl<n 5H^ SHlil 4^1 ^IH «. iiC-l ct'o'l MlJ/l »»1M 

an^pHi HisHl ana >[lsa W\\ iMsa iiH ». 'Hl<f^ 

CHSKHil \ CHlfcl'l C-lioi an^ ^i^H f^lS^ira «1HS- 

1-<ll^«l«iR-H. Cannabinus. 
l^ict-H. I. p. 38!); N. p. 30-, Watt. 
IV. p. 231; J. [^. Ml. U°. 

(^o); qra^R, artsn^ (f|o); Jirf^r, q«?itc5r,^33?i5fr, 

^JRltOl iiM'-tlf^il 'vHl'l^i m=^i ^IM cil \o ?^l 
\(3 !^U da^l «tlM $. aJ^rQ 4iil ff^il 7{ iidiqiail 
^IH §. MH Sl-S'-iHl KlaiCHl (HPmi (^SHl^fcWi 

Mltni "5 3m>/l ^5wi an^Kl 'hioj^ fl((aM ^^i 
»ii<ni an^ Hm <^<hi 3A<3ji iidiHitni ^ih 'S. "fl-v 

m^l a^^ ^iJ*^;^]!^ 'cliX^ !^IH£1 i^ ^. aH'ti 
•^'=1^1 •<« %ili^ an^ H^'fl *ll?i rMTl(Hil<M"< 
aHMlH §. MH^i iilil %ll!( C-tlHHl^l ^i^J ». 

(Tj'SliaM «ii^^mi aHi^ d. Mlt ^l<^ a^l^l ct^'S 
QHMl'Wi a^iiH «i. ci^o'.' <Hl<v Mi^ "^R^ "^'-l- 

\w-\m viii d, anHl »rHMi*-(l c-ihi ^?.^ ^«i 

'flsSl 61. ^ l[-({ \i\ii 'H'tlHMl'il iRMi aHK §. 

Wist c-flm \^\ ^rfl -<^CH ^sa .jiilSii ik.l[ 

€lm««/fl 'H'tl^l^lHl (SMMRRl ani^ &. 

^^Hi-'^'il ^im ^^mi HWH «l«t Mlctl'fl 

H^i ^ivj "^ifci §Sic-ii Simi^ ^HiMi aniq §. * 

( H3l-'Hl(S-^%ll ). 

l-<ll¥l<i«ilH-H. tetraphylliis. 
l»il-rt-H. I. p. 341; N- p. 31. Watt. 
IV. p. 246. 

n m^id 5h5 ct^%ii-{l Ml 5iia ^iilSi V ?(l \ 
!(li 5fa(l q^ tf. c1*li <Hl5^ ^UMlani S=i(aicl <v 
ilH ^, anPi ^IH w,, ?tl ttli=ll^ n(«l?l 8llil 
( «ll-^l5il ) ^iH «,. llfcT "^i-cfciR ct^l «*U^l M 
C-i'-^liJ^ anPl 5hs; tJiia^ ani^C-ti i^SWl wr^ c-flti ^ 
a^i <nio;^ a/iH iHH-fl "mI 'H«ll ^i|c-il iim «i. ^-i\. 
aHMl «umM^ 'nc'^t "»M^«i mca ani^C-li ^K ». 

anni od'ii <^Hi <f/ MH ani^ S. ?i 3 «(l ^s c-thi 

Wl^ >Ji^"liflanl'-ll(Ai an^ "l^^ «Ml<naH >M5:%ld 

"diH «. ildil ^t^n «Ml ^ I'lil '^m ». iUiki 

«<iMi »\ <3MMH ^IH ^. ^5t I «(l I V ^=H C-lMl 

ildilM< M^'sim^ii^il an;! iiill ^uMiani^ §1^ 

aHKCHi ^IH d. ci lltlqR SHi (V ^[\h[ ans M«Q 

aJii yiaii §iM 'S. ct Ml«Ai wi i «n ^ dai o^i^rti 
^IH «. Ji'-MM'^l V «iK ^IH ^. H" *^i° "^''^'•i 

* '^Irt'M^^ ^^iiiwMi ofi/li ^ct%i? qi^rt^ 4^<ti»<i 

anisiwi'ii otiimi H«^s<l 9flii =tiH=imi ani^ ». ctfti 
^yi ^rti liwwi y^iw »ii^ (§M*ii>mi «t ». 



M^l *nilW ctRnn c^ait/d ■^=11 «taHCHi and »t«tl"l 
iCHM ^l?t =(1^1'/ ani aHW^fta-Hltfll ^S\. ■v^i aHj 

iidl 5Ml^CHl ^IH $. ^C-t m^li iH^l ^IH d. 
H.^'fl vsist^l y'-tl'-M Mi^i U^(^ ^^ M^Un'fl 

^«i '{li5i §. siail !jc-i^ tiQil 3i^«i eifii "Siy- 
®H^ M^-t^ii^ ^. an^ Misi "flsy ^if^di Mi>Ri 

:43RM^ myHl %ii«l Si (His['i[ Sii^i §3icii ^=tmi 

i-R^H Rq«t«i-aHrii !^€t ( 9(l'il ) M^ H^[ 

HOI— (HlC-^Rfl). 
't'HJi'. 13. 
l-^u¥lH «il>l-H. angulosus ? 
t'^dl-cl-H. I. p. 341. 

3-«i4'^-"Hi"n<^(lMl (HI^HI §UHl 5liMl>l §5l'Hl 
^Hl>ti 5Hl^ S. ft R. «fl 3 1 H>Hci M «(1 '^ 

'^l^m, (iSMl^(rWi an^) 3 «(l M "^ vs •^(^flaHl 
^IH d, an^ Sm^'II 9il3Ri 3 «ft M >H<<flaMi 

aH»l^l ^«Ar i^Jail WlMl^lcti ^IH §. an^ ctKl 

a>is^ a^ (A{m k\[ <^^ii v>iki ^im ^ih $. 

^tfl-SU'HHl Hm^Hi y ^aA?(l ^i ^ \^ 5^i 
C-ii^i a^Pl ^4^C-l?(l s^iiiH ^i ff.t4 ^IH §. SH'tl 

•{lairti (jiiomi jAi^i iiii 'fts^c^l im §. an.^ 
c-iisl ^lyj ^ 't^H ^iM §. ^'{l §M^'0 wiei 

<^'-(l ^il §IH ^. ct -<Si c-flc-fl aH«{'^l <sA^{[ 
WlHl^idl ^IH §. ci-HlM^ km yt^l %l^f. -"i^^d- 
=tltA an^l ^^H Ji«(laHl a^l^C-O ^IH §. «KH ={lqd, 
\«l=ll«ll an^ MlctfAl ilH S. -Siil an^ «ll-«Hl5»ll 
aHS^2(l Ml=ft an^ =tatMi A^M ^\<Hn<J\\ ^m $. 

"Hlri-aHirt^ aHiq<iii ^R §. <i ^iil'll ^naic-ii 

(Hi'mi H^yi "i-^iii an^i @Tt^iTt^ <3M^ svcii 
'i^Ki «irti ^iH ^. >iidi>ii >^ui mhKI ildil 

^ctl^&lrtl ^^iKl ^IH §. ci 9V^l ••M^^d an^ 

>^ldi MW \ «(l I7 'i<i "Hl^'li a>i^ 'tl^WiMl 
Hl^Wi kirt 1 ^ ^T '^=^'^' ^IH d. ■Hl't'ft ll^ 
iPl^ ^IH ^. ■>-^lii MK IS -vJi^flaHi an^ ^l(^Hi 
3 «fl M M'^I'hI ^IH ^. ciKl t^-^ «Ml/l -"HV 

KlSi'd^i i^i ( «(lt^i ) ^iH ^. ildilPi M«ti^«(l 

Hk'll -yit^ftaHl vdC-fl aHSilcV, 3 2(1 's 't^i Hlivn 
MW'il i\i -"it^ftaHlMi anliJ/l ^I'^C-fl ^IH $, cl 
<^(iHl Ml'tKl «n-^ «Ml/lM^ R:M'd 1>HIC(1 "161^ 

a^mni ci H«li Hli^i 4tl^ S. 4l« §J< an^ r-tis 
HHKl iliil'll «liMi jA^ji «1 §MMK^IH §. 

^^i-Kl ^dil H^li<3i>ii2fl an^ m^i^i^ dl 



^ Retail ffi'^l «1^ ilH ^. Ji'^MM^l V 8(1 

3 (HikH "ili^itni ^m ^. ci^i anisic ch'>i51i(A an^ 

^tndl ^IH S. 

^'^'HWil^'^lH-lr 8(1 ^ flat sii(J\i an^ 3 c-tlfePl 
Ml^l«?ll §m S. ricii M^l M ^IH S. MiJl ci 'MR 

^IM S, an^ 'HHl'h cl iC-t^^l%t ^l^l'cT ci'ii MR 
Sicll 5ii w{l»iri yi8l ^(l\\ <5/fcl ^i aHl^QaHlffll 
Ml^ltni d^l 5?=ti ii'lc-ti ^IM S. ct^ ^l ^l«fl 

"kmi 'Hicfl'fl iwita SHl^C-fl ^IH S. 
ll^ §M^l<iM^ aniM §IH S. 

^i^lrU a>i^ ^«il5l i[lil '*(l(Al ^'iKl ^IH d. ci'll 
M^ \\h\. 'ii'Ai iPl'il iJl^cM d^aniM^ Ml^iail" M^l^l- 
llH aniHC-ll ^IH S. n an^ ctMi'ft \'<\?{?.<v M^J 
J[lil Ml<Al Wi §IH S. 

ct^l aniiR ^Rfl <v^l ^IH S. ^ cUlM^ cidl 
MR MiKl Mi^^ 'l^ll ^■"Hldl ^IH S. •hIsIJI rl(ca?l 

^»aii ^^iKl an^ ii"i%i^'i(c-iii8(l «n(&r< cHi mr 

•41CAI ^IH S. 

^'4 !^[c-tn «lW ilHl M^l ^o 'Alo an^ 1^0 aHC*Ho 

MlSHl ^Hl dKl %ll«l ^^ d, ?i §(Hi ^IH d, ci«(l 
J^CH ctKl aH« iSlH^ C-tlSl S. 

"iivJ'-tR ^ fls^ c-ihi an^ I 8(1 1 tl^i c-HmHi 

^IH S. cUlM^ Mi^t 'iSil :tM'^i ^""^idl ^IH d, rl 
M^ ?lltfll >M^«d =(l!(l%lC-i<1l mt/i 3Hl^C-ll ^IHd. 
<l iRi ^IH d «Ml^ m»ji <t^ ^m'A ^IH d, ^ MI'S 

§ ^Ml^ =(l'-li «|W ff»tH S,. 5^5(^1 anill ilM i^ 

*nrti fi^i MR M-1 ^>HiH 6. ^ j^s M.s>ti 

^IH S. ^CH^ ^^^ ^8jM fflil a>i(^n ^IH d. 
t'il'V-aHISl^ odiHi "da/ ^vh! ^IH d, <^ aHi 

ct'ii '>i'^ Mi%ii <?/^i j<MiH£ti ^iH S. "(Iv iinn 
^^ ^. ci \ m \\ c-tiw-i c-m^-ii ^iH S. ct'ft 

«Ml/lM^ Ql^l HicaKl l^l/l ani^C-fl ^R S. 

M-'iii3,l^lH-n'>t^ U JtMli^. 
=ll8(l ctMi8(l =(li^ll C:i=lR Hli^l S. cl ^li^'fl 

«i«l n%=ti(ni^ ^H^i^ S. -siilM^'d wic-mi'-O 

aniH S. MH ni/l^ Ml/1« ISl^ ^IM^ d. ^<H 
^HS^Hl «l«l M^MlHlfAl^ "^H-H^IH S. an^ iwi 
X'SXi ^lli i^ Hi^i 3l^'-H ^fSl ■'MIM S. 

<^^>Sl ;|3i^^i ci Hi^Q ffVsuaH §3l S. cilMi^i ^^'^ 

^iKnaji <viicH Mi^ ^^Mi^nHr-tKi ctoiiHi R?m 

iSiHiHi ani^ S. an Ji^>ai =»i^ ^liej^i »wh S. 

<i-C«l^H (HH«t1-aHl (JdilKl «il»llM^ %f«-cl 
iidi ^Ictl h8(1, Mi^ =^liyil 'i^^l-HltA'd IwitA ^IH 
S. an^ ci Hl^d <v ^sm«l ^IH d, ciMR8(l ^'^ 

H3l-( >ll<S-^Jitl ). 

<l-^U^«i rll^l-Thespesia lampas. 
t«»dkcl H. I. p. 345; N. p. 32; Watt. 
Vl-partlV. p. 45. 

^-"^^[l«il'i-3Mini§ MR%tMlM<?il, <vJl«fl-MR« 
MlM^ii (Ml+^io), ^iTaiH§ (qo), ^ ^ri (f|o). 

3-«i4't-'H'il SliHl ^ 8(1 V jOa datl »iW ^. 
ciMi 3 8(1 M -^it^flaHi MH 5Hl^ §, J^«t MR«- 

>{lMtfii <v=ti Ml«ai ■♦iidi Simi^ ani^. d. s^ch 

5iRl«i SctR Ml"S S. 

^Ul-aHRl^n <V3 ff»l4 «IIH S. ci i 8fl 1 y^i 

^d^i (vMl'tMi §ci^^ ^K 0. ^»ii80 «>(l«i ^iii ^ 




Si=tl%tM anPl R:=ll£ ^H^^ >i^iv =(lii^l ^ miw- 

iiH »^H ^iMiSii-Sirft ^iii Jija ji^cii 

<a^ H^ Maa Sis wilog 'tHl «IH ^. ^ «fl^ ^ 

■mrl-»iict^ 5Hl^«li ^IH d. -^dil V «(l <: flat 
C-lioft «{kHl%l5tctl •»(l«ll ^^iKl ^ct«n <V<1 <r»lil 

Kl^i'ft^l H^U ^T^l ^IH S. «n'^ %iHi<n ^itascd 
an^ «{l%ll cilM»ei <§H^'{1 ^Ml^ <VRl •wi^yA ^IH 

M^<h1i sh^ 0.^1 c-ii3l ^. 

C-t[o{l ^ ciKl @M^ H^S^ 5^ ^Sl anl^C-tl §IH 6. 
ant ^C-fft ildil i «(l ^ ^a* C-lim ^IH S. ^C-t >{l(Al 

V «(l <: §iH §. n ^iiii ^ ani^Qncii ^ih S. 

sn^lHSli 3H^ M«lial cl'll jirtl V|^dl 1-xHlcll ^IH^. 

^IH S. 

^fllH^-l §IH S. d^l 31(hUiM Y «/) M 
■•Hl'tWlSll ^IH S. 

^IH S. i^C-t ilslHC-Gcni ^ ^SIH S «Ml^ ^^l Ql^l wi 
Uti «tH S. 5H^ n Qdil'ft Ml (^logSi^d 3 2(1 M 
Kii^ @<Hi §«4i S. nKl «Ml/lM^ aHPt«fl 1v 

qcii ci ^^dv c-fl^i c^l3i §, Misi 'iii^i'fl H^3^ 

^UtaKl <Mlfli ^-Hl/l an^ ^8cH S^^lill ^•"MIM d. 
H'H'fl J^S K'li^i ^^i^ \ ^ \o *Hl<V ^IH S. 

M«ii«?i ^i^Ri ^'I'd sii«>{l |«ita §iM S. ani iwita 

aiM^Sl ^vscti?fl Kl5«n ^H S. ^ ^Kl '{ISi 
Hl^vKl %IMI^ a^^Aidl Sltni ^3l'{l, ^ nM^ sJlt^ft 
'i^l ^""HIH §. «Hl a^i SI ov^i ani^ft «icli 7{ >^^ 
%l^H aiUcHl^iql ^IH S. ci Sli m^-Ih a>i£^ <H«- 

cti ^ wfls? Siicatwitni ^im S. ^HW s^^i ^ih 
S. ^^ ciuai ?tMi2ft <i«fl^ K^ii ?i'^i"ft ^'id 


il>l(^'ii SR^lMi HM^IM d. as^Kl wic-t>ii«<l ^«i 
'fti^l S, ci ^l^ H^l^ n^W^tHl 5RMi anl^ S. 
a»i<ti MH^ a5^il^cic-t C-toilil MWl €->Hl=llM^, 
ttltAHl ?ll«nM^ an^ ii<3J ?iM,jlM^ "ii'=fl ctHlM^ 
^i i^ S ctMl £^f- 'l^^ Ml S. aH^il jiaji j^ei^ 
<Hl<n^ ^l^Ri^l l^^mW «Im i^ S. ci»i«v 5i^i 
I^Sl an^ S^Sl ^iHl im^i HM^IH S. Siail ijSt 
SlS^iani >MIH S. an^ il>i6Hl^l^ >\m ^ik 

"»MH^miMi ani^ S. 

m^ (Villan §31 §. ctl Mm ^=ll«l ffysiSl'^i cl'41 
an^ aJlH^Mi i^M^'ll WlH^l Klat ci R^lH %mi 
svlHlHl ani^ S. 

aii f^MK-lH, "i^llC-ll an^i J^i^Ml «11H d. 

i-fH?lH (H^JHn-aHrti ^4t MU«>(lMCAl ^ 

<h11i M^?! i^ d, Mi^J wi'ti MK^l ^-"ifi MR«- 
MlMtani MH^ M^Aai ^ictiPi «{l?l 5iPl c^oi^ft 1 



^-^ll^lH'llH-T. i)opulnea. 

m^d-H. I. p. 345; N. p. 32; Watt. 
Vl.-part. IV. p. 45; 3. Pi- Ml. Ml?:. 

^-?.J^ll«iR-MR%l^H^l ( ^l»+?i° ); ^, 
( i?" ); qrfw, iR^rr^, mv^^ ( ^° ). 

«l^R>3l =(lc1 (S^ti «tlH ^, M^l ^iW "^IW oySliSi 
ci yo ?(l Mo i\i. '3ati MiJi "yit^iWi ani^ §. 

aHl<l ^l1 ci^ <^4 Mi^ ^[^. §. sH^li Ht^ft ^U^l^Hl 
'Os^iC-fl ^IH §, 3H^ rt Sllri^!^ Ic-tltf «l<l «4dl 
siSiC-d ^IM ^. "SlMta ^ll"^iaHl Ht^n^R (3=(l a^dcO 
^ rO^d ^Sdl Mt«i ilH «i. MK C-ti«{l an^ -I^M 
.ild^H^SHWX aniqSli §IH H*. <t SlKai'cfsicti, ClPlH 

timi ^IH §. ci 3 «ft M ^2{ oHl^cii ^IH S. 

"ilo ItinKl =iliii ■^Hl«fl an^ H«il«l iia aH^fl'-llCAi 

«lW MH S, ctM^ 2iR Kli ^""Hicft ^IH S. StSl 
iji^ ^IH ^. •■HI'/ "ifiHl <^SlHI Wi, ■^'^(I'Ml- 
«ll«li, 3 'Hlfcl'l Sll^Hi, 5HS SI yiSikai aH(^(l- 

anmi ^ «Hl^ ^i^i«ii ^ <3ji ^ih 0. 

t-<i'H»4l5l-MR« MlHCHWi ^aKI Wist r^tV 
FhSRHI i'Hl«t'll ^M»li aHMlH ^. "'H^iV'-li, %ll£i 

an^ »R>fl'ti =Hi?.i ci«ii ^i^iml 5i^i (§!(i(ai«0 
^rihI ani^ d. MR%i MlHtai'd «i€i>ii?fl \^i 
'{{h^ © (iKl ?i^ =t«^'-iml 2Hi^ d. shKI wu-t 

i^sKl ilMHi HM^IH d. 5i^i ^^l^;^ ^^i c^3ii{\ ,^^1 
3RH i^ Hl«ll'tl ^1«IM^ 'Hi'--l^-tmi ani^ d. Md'tl 
|-«HIMW aH^i MH^ «^'=tli^ i^^lMl ani^ S. 
aJidi HH ^l<n ciKl '4Mil Ml-n«l <1^> «tH^lM 

«ii^'{l «i^ it^lt&Hitni^ ■«i=i^i'-iiH §. ciM ^iwi- 
ani^ d. ||,c-i an^ \<^'^i \^ tiii an^ -^h^ <3M^ 

CHSlUHlHi ani^ g. Si'ti hm k^Him Ml«ll«- 

«ldi «{l«li ^w <{{i<^ ^, ^ oflun i^i-a %iisi »t(n'-ll 

=ll«ft r«Ml5l ctMi ?i« <n^lH d, ci :^ni«^<1l 

il^i 91^1 vi^i ^iH S, a ^-"HMiSM^ ^imi 

^•>HIH §. MU%l'>(lM^l'ti iia<i \iM\. l^ «l« 
■% ^ll'AHi ^ll^Al i^ -"HH^ir-ii'-d anm, %iJt(&i^n 
SH^ (t^^l M^ ^. aJirii «{livMi«0 cist '{Is^ 6, 
ct ^MMM S^SIM^ SIH aHl<l «l"i S. aH-ti o{l<V 
iMl^dwiiKl oysliaii 2[\^ "'HH^l^inmi ani^ $. 
an^i StlS^iMl^l il«?il %IR (HtiP-ISR QH^ HMRIH 
S. aM^ =«R H^R^ C-tlS^ Ml^, <ndil4, an^ ctW 
%til «1H ci^ ^IH d, ci«(l ci <nc-tcH3l fil=tlH 
«Hl<M iRMi HM^lcj 't^fl. M««l »>i;{t ^i^ Hi^ii 
Mi^otct, ^n«m <v^l il^ll an^ dil§ ^IH $. 
ci^ Mli^Q ^ ^'-tl'fl aH%t^ rt^cl Stifled d^. 
m'i ciHi^ ^cftdl 5{[<r^\i <H'tl'H=ll»ti anl^ ^. 
ancli Mi <^ctiaHl'{l niogaH WlHil »tl^ =llM"HRi 
a>il^ S. MR^'^MtniKl il^ll, MH, ^C-t an^l 

ijst «>-MPiHi |sm ^■"tct ^l^l^ ^"^itn ■^H^^w- 
=tlHi aHiHcti i&nl, ct'-ft ^R «i)=tcti ^i§ti ftdi, aJ^^^ 
■V 'i^ M>Jl Sicii a(i^i?ft iiidi «i*ti ^ni. aHrii 
3}li ^iXHI 2tRl ct<l"S N^li (3HHRQ «l. 

"k!^ i!^ i^ $, Ji^l SRi S, 3s^^ S^ &, 
m, (MtI, ai^lHl ^Pl, Wicfl'tl \\?l, an ^ql) 
Mdll^." (M.) 

W-^^tHi-^^cllanirft «ni«3aJi, tniSll an^l =llil- 
a»tmi -Hl^C-ti «l^Ri ani^ S, Hm "^dSfli sv^lian 
MlctlKl >l«l HiSJ (33l S. a5^ '-HSllStl an^ S^^Hi 
«tlH S. 

R^l ■'Ml^i M^t't (aniji) Ht^ft an^^ i<l «lS<il 
't^fl. anl^ >lRH>t/l'-ll(al ciMiv \<im (^^ii- 
M'Hl«tl <v>{l'i MlS^Js ani^ S. 5}!; ci-v>icl @w^ 
31HI M^ ^^ Ml^jl-ft «iR ^^cft rt«(l. ^ (VCH^ 
H'H'tl^ 3}U d. an^ itfiMl<m-l <^«tl aJU ^l^l- 
^Hl H^^lMi Sidi jji^i ii^i fiicrl t<tjii dM'lPll «t»r 
Mi ^, Ml^ aJl^l HHl^l S^Hl ^fc/^. aH'ti riqi 
Jjtll «'Cl<V?ft ctH (V anrQ ^i^ii !ji^1 ciicicii?(\ vii^i 



'VH.R 11. 

V^ll'^^'ll'i-Gossypium herbaceum. 
t«^il-ct-H. I. p. 346; N. p. 32; Watt. 
IV. p. 25; |. R. Ml. Mn. 

«fl^i«i ( ni+?io ) 

=iHl 3i^c-{l ^iH §. n liy-HR ^ ?(l to 1 iM 

•lift <Ml^ ct ffi'^H'tM^ (itfft «tH d, 3H«t^l 3 ?(l 

^I'SJ sJ'Hl ilH ^. =H^ ^iH M^l ciHl <V ^tfll ^'Hi 
filHl<?l a>ll^ §. !(C-t il<H( ^Hi M^J 'iKSl'ti ilH d. 

=ii(f(l, =ii« ^i^ifvict, an^ r-iii d^^i, ^ii^i ^ ">Hdi«- 

'Hl'ti §IH §, ■^R'A «ll>Hl5il <3ijl^5lcll «{lc-ll 

vi-fl ^ <iM^ Qiiii ^titaKl |=ii<Q an^ iicai ^^Hi 
■Hiri-anict^ anmi ^m S, ci l^ft r.^ ^at 

C-lhi an^ I «(l ?. tiat "^l^l^i iW §. MH 
3 «ft M -"il^flaHi ilH ^, ciMi ^atill -^Jit^ftaHi %u8(l 
C-li'J\l, anPl KlSm tH -u^i^ftaHl ^l«ft iil ^IH ^, 
ani Mial •wii^QaHHi ^^Hl H^i^ ^ItAltlSlcti 
<aji ^ aHt^flsHltai ^IM §, MH "V^l «t4i, a>i^ 
<nvi «mi/15h iOsi «ft<Hl Wi ^IH ^. anl «n'^ 
«Mi^M^ ^??^ -^i^i ^ikaHI r-ii<^ »H^ il^i wi'i'^i 

<i5i^>ii =»i=(i 'H'li ?ii^wi im^i s^=tiMi aHiH«ii s. 
Sl'ti 5<ii'fl il>tct tsiMPi<ii |ii«i^i «li^wi %iH<f/HiHi 

aHlH«{l S, ^>1^ 5i,ii MW 5H^ i;<H ■^llTyi^i ^R «Ha<li w. 

j^lH §, cl^ ^Wh^ 3 ?a M 't^l 'Oitnl MK'll 

ciaS^iciai c-flcHl "^ Sl'Jll yi'{l ai^j a^M/1 ^^'3}"^ 
i^^"^) iW §. MK^ atimi^fl ci-fl qW il=ft 
^^ ^<\, an^ atl<HHl«(l RrHl?, ">Hdl«Slcil c^^l, 
=fls^l ^ Ml»tfl«0 <v:il =(l^M^l c-ll5l g. 

^(Al AHii i^i, an^ cirO aHJ^ n^ a(5\M Miat 
rn^a^l Wl ^'r.1 a^^assrtl aiiiCHl ^IM §, cl \ «ft 
X\ im ^[>d SH^ R. ^ 3 ^ai oHi^^ ItH g. 
|iH«{l ^l« ■4R%<'^lM<ai'ti ^^Hl =IW^ »l'Ac(l ^,IH 

^dil S^rli <n|^l aviil ilH ^. <U{ ^«tl5l x^o 

ilH S, cirti ^1^ M^l n(^M ^^IHC-ti anPl "iloga>i 

^ii iiH d, ci^ ^^^ H'^Hci R. 2(i 3 aTia^i jidi 

^IH §. ani @M-Ji<i\M^l i «ft <l|. t!a{ (Hi«ni 
an^ ^ «(l 1 ^ai Ml^l«li ^IH ^, clMR @<»ft H^l, 
cirft «Ml<n ■»HR%li, ctM^ ^ii wmni il<Al «iid»3ji 
an^ '-("^ci <Ji;il Wl clRl^rrt'll=;= ^m aHl^«ll 

Mi^l M^l svt^lW^ n ani MK-fl ^^l ''i^ell ^IH 
d, n §H"SlH iWi ^"Sl §IH ^, ct UflCHl Vl^l, 
Miai ^liicai ^W^l sidlHl^ll, an^ :i ^a 3 C-llfc)^ 
oMl^^l ilH ^, ctM^ imi '<5i(i««ll ani^C-tl §IM d. 

§. ct i\h Ml'^Hil t|/l ^lM<ai clrft "ll^l Sii u{l«5. 
M^ =l5l«{l §IH d. 

¥(|5H^-l ^IH S, ci^l 31!h!<IH cl((a?l Ml^Ml 

Mditn=ticfii, -mi^ ^ihli H^i, i^h, attnscii, «(l«ii 

^'l^l an^ iWi wiii^jhl^ll ^IM d; 'tfc-lSl Miat 
'Oi'Hltffl, ?li(/(l, C-fl^, aitAScfl, 5ii ^tffl ,^ca 

'i^UiHM^ a>ii^c-fl ^w §, ct^ ^^[(^ ^i^ hmI 

'tfeiSlit^^H Miat ^i^l «?=li ^Mlcli ^IH S, ct 
:!il«^'t(si5l«(i gati llH S. an^ ctM^ M^WV 

mM ^i<Hi«a cim45:(l Hicni ^>hih §. 



=»^rt ^f^ c^^5cl( R^ d, ^ "ds/MRKl 4ti«>{l 

^l<ai 'HUA'O VrSKA (iMl^t) »nil, ^)/l, an^ ^bi 

\ li^ m>^ ^IH d, dHi \^ Ml R.0 ^i "{l«v ^IH &. 
^IH ^. ci ani 61 a>il^fl=iltai ^IH V^. ct^l 3HliR 

^ ri'-d "l«,l^ iOil ^I'^l ^^Id ^Ri^ll M««l iil dlR^ ^ 

"H-yi^l^m-Jllfe, ^\^\b, ^l(^i a>i^ wq^«. 
1-§M*il5l-aHd ^(t\ diqcti j,i^i>ii ci\i^m §^ 

a^MlH §. aHdi Hl«i^l ^^ ^i^M i^ SH'll |">Hl=il 
HlSi cic-tMi J,5i,Sl<l ct cic-t Wiql C-isJ" ailMil'ii 

^<ri ci^ 5/^1 <HI!0 'ife Miini siM^si an^ 3^-4^ 
"liHHl^fl ct cl^d \[>/[ «tH 6. aH»ii du^ <nicf(l 
ci'fl ^1">H ctC-lHl ^(A^ ^ aiisi an^ (HlSi Sm^ 

an^ <n^4l 4'l^Mi I^RM^ wHl'fl ^ilanlKl anieg 

^iiMiani n^^iiHl Mi^i H<<fl eii<Hl ^Hl mi^iH?. 

a^^ <f>1H 6, an^ ct "HJl^Hl^ "V^ielmi Qal 6, 

ci'tl dU<Hl an^ ^Sl -MiS-Sl ^'Hi ^IH d. a>ii«ti(i 
"^^H'^Q'ti YAMMi iHl%ila>il rt'ct '{\S«11 'tOi "Vcti 

'^$11 ^>Hn ^'=(1 ciMi ^<{l «i«l c-^^i(nl r^ d. mi^ 

'^^ $il^^ i^ &. ani aHitniS ^^qi^Q an^iqi 

i^im 'ani <^^i SiM sti^i §. 

M3i-( Mi^^;^ ). 

l-^ll¥l<4«iR-Kydia calycina. 
i^l^a-H. I. p. 348; N. p. 33; Watt. 
IV. p. 5fi8. 

s^r^, «frj(u ( Jio ); q>5r, gcsr ( j%o ). 

i\l lati «11H §. Mi^l *^2i) "VSiian cl ^^ R^m 
daii «11M 6. anni (§'2(1 a-l'icfl H^/l ^l->HiaHl 

Klioic-O ^iH 6. MH V «fl ^ a^i cnhi an^ 

3 «(l -"-l ^ai ^l^l<ni ^IH S. cl Slltfllfcl^lcti 

ansiHi ani^A ^qicHHivfl ^iH ^, an^ <{l5irfl ^^^i- 

ta«ft aQai (Ji^lMC-n ilH 6. iJi^^Mii-SM H^S^ 

§ctR aniH 6. 5[CH ^io e^lo IrKI a>ig^ -iSlHC-li 
^IH 6. ct atiijl ^=lil ^IH 6. 

§H»ll3l-aH'ii HJA'tl Wl4t^l il^l ^l^itnKl 
<Hcact^l <3M^ aHMlH 6. MK ^l^« lil^ =tM^lH 
6. ^CH an^ iiail \^ Jl>l6'Hl(Al^ anMlH 6. anrfl 
WlC-lMi«(l H»Jil iHhl ^ 'i^M'^^tl KlicJl d, ct>ti«ft 

* "i^lRfn*^ %=tR«<W'tl «H?4l ^^l^Ml feCi^ll ?Qwm=si- 
ct ffCslM (35l &. SHI ftlHW (HRilHl oflJS 5iy <t/3[[£i 



t-^U^1«l«iR-A dansonia digitata. 
tyi'cl-H. I. p. 348; N. p. 33; Watt. 

I. p 105; ?. ft. Ml. "433. 

aHi«M«fl {?io); <k^I%g (qo); iifW fqcSt (f^o); 
'T5fl8J> "T^q4, ^i^qi^ (€o). 

^^ ^[^. §. an 3ju anrit «i^'{l «t4iWrti ^t»tiiai»ti 

(3^ »ig 'i«(l, ctlHiSJ ci 3 2fl Yo xld §^ «i=tlMi 
»il^ d. aH^«li M«ft \o ^ H"^rt ^o ?ft 3 i^ld 

H^l^ C14 «i)qriii oii^iH ^. %r{\ ^itv{[5il Silct^^ 
\^mM.\ ^IH ^ cl«ft ci %ll^l ^<l=ll=llc3 ^-^IM d. 
Sl^l aas ^-u-H iliiiw MRMi^A MK ^«li SMl^ 

%l«il <Jli»{l an^ 'Aii ilH S, ci MHili^jMi^fl aHttJja 
•{li<?l«0. ^IH ^, H° '^^° ^l'^ ^i '^I'^l'^ ^*^"^'ft 
ffi'^l an^ MfVuicl ^IH ^, ci Miai M^ftl «H^^l 
§IH $, ci'ii MR M^l<Hl §^l M«tlol «lUl H»«ll 
^■"Hldl ^IH ^. Jio ane-Ho ^mHl Mi^^ilani \[s\ 
^R S. ci >io «Mlo ll4«(l CHi«{l an^ ct(ca?l ^"S*!- 
^iPl HcnM ^IH d. ,;i"S%t^l H^i ^IH 6, ct cl(tfi«i 
^ilfc)^ ^S -if^ '^^C-n ^IH d an^ ^«iicri nHl 
aHH^H ci^aHi m^i rdjcfl^ti §ih §, ani ci^SilM^ aJii 
MlC-tnifAl an^Slitfi M^PllilH aniHC-il ^IH §. ^- 
1«^ \ ^IH ^. cl^l m\m M «(l 1° MlCH=ll5li 

^IH S; 'ifstii H<^Q c-iWl, «H«&R Klscacft, an^ ^^ 

H«tl5l-»lOtUlM»l( »?d«{l "^llC-t ^IH Mi ctAC-tl Mlct«ll 
( '{{kiiU ^>H ) §>Sl M«^lctl ani^CHl ^IH ^. 

aniil^ €H€ii "^ <lHi -v'^l <m^m ^IH ^. ciHl 
«Ml<ftM^ (s^^lHltaHl ^=tlil ^IH d. ^ i^C-lHi 
MAl««^cil <t^l 3l«a ^IH ^. ciMl Hiiji <4l9V 
ani^Sil §K ^. 

^-§"H*ilift«>i5l-Hja, WlC-t SH^ \<^. 

M-ail3j;%lH-<§M^M5, Jtl^ an^ (MtIi^^. 

l-S'H^ilil-^fa anPl aiisiPli ii^i oi^Hl'li s^- 

^IM[ §MilMi d^l SHHIH ^. an ojl^rft wiCHHl^d 
«l€ iaS^ ^«l -ilsai ^. »? tlii an^ iW^ 'H'll- 

n^lHl jm^li aHi<l <i^ d. aJi Mi'iH wichhI 9V>HM 

i^Hi^ft ^i<?ii ?is^ 'Os<?i ^, ci^ >iii \[hi l[^. 

cil >ll4Ri ^I'^H'^l anii^ §, a«fl anUlH «ilH d. 

SiHi «ist.j 5^1^ cti=ittitfii^ aHMiH ^. yi^tHl 

MI^%1 JUilH^m "iiH^ml aMl^ &. aJiHl >[C-iPll 
^m mi^J^ an^ 35UKI S^SlMi ciH<V fHTt 
RiU'll dlWl |C-ll^Stl ••HRlKi «l«l ^l^ll i^ 
SHMIM §. <§<l^ aii 31(^^1 ^iv^id ■^l^il ^IH cil 
^•{l ?iSC^ aH«^ C-tWcfl d«(l. dlS^iiaMW ^^ii 
an^ ^Ul §M^ SU^lHl 'cJlC-l H%(1^ M «l8l aa^li 
Jicn M^tlH d. aiir{\ •^(^{(n «U'>HiaJil an^l MH 
^l^Hl aiRl ct^"^ m^i @MHl5mi ani^ S. 

«-^^l«ii-aH 3i[S Vi[[ih\i =tct'{l ^. Mm 

(&IS1 ani ^«Mi ^-nq-Hmi ani^ d, ci«(l ci h^|1 

o/3ilSH ^=tlMi ani^l ^.* 

rll«t^5i i^lclHl (^l^l^ ani ?8^'{l Ki^l «H%il 
«Hl5=l Ss\h ^, ci (3M^?(l an^l Sii^>H anheft i'^ 
S. 'Hd ^i-wlim^Mi aJii ou^-^ aHh«fl^ ^ajl •H'll'i 
3J14 ^ cl^ i<£>i^^ i^ d. 

anifiLilMi sHrti 5hj j5U^ «14 i? 30 s^ld 
^^i^i i,i. ciHl 3|Q|^T :5iii^ a>lir%^ i^l cii 
ci Miat ^fA\ '=i^i ^, aHM i\n'^m[ anio^ ^i. 

V^U^flM'il'i-Bombax malabaricum. 
si'^il'Ct-H. I. p. 349; N. IX 33; Watt. 
I. p. 487; ^ Pi. Ml. WM. 

V^^llnR-^m^ll, i.i\H<M, «1»l5ll ( ^l+?io ); 

dati an^l feclRqifai «icti 4% M<3J im «ft k^ 
> 'H"«Hci 3 ![ld dfaii 811H ^. M^ f^S^slHcli 
«{l<rt QtlSiml ciHi Mm (h^H i^^ MlCH^llli H 

* ani *H*«<W'W ^^ii oiiiwi !Hi 5ii siii \o ^^ 
d^ SHH l^ ^^ «l4 (43. ct %<:€(: <{ ctl^M>ii Mil 
31^. ti(« (Hlg SiitHl^ Miy «fi«ll 414 an* i^CH H(f?i 

^ ci-ii ofl^Hi «(^<iiH^a tHWMi Hwcni cl>ii!fl 
m^i c)iiJi «rti sSicni 5. »fl^i?iHi«i£5 *i6Wi<^'ti <Hi»iHi 

^IIJIM? <r«'Cti ^lld^^lsMl^-il ff^-sil aniH ^. (*li MtJl^H^ 
SHS >^li 3)li 5. 



Hell §sAi sH^ 'J\i§i«ii R^rtiR<^itf\( «tiH ^. <^i S) ' '^(A-H'iii »nii an^ <3ii '"J^V^ii ^ih ^. ^'ii 

^I'^i ^dCHli !^U laSAi hHI M«f\ rt»ti>-(l "IISKI 'iliiJs I WlC-l <ryiil, ^icfl, Ml=(l ^ '^t>i^ \VK §, ^MR'ft 

anrii jjiiMR H<V<)irl Ml^icril M.<^^l«ll ^i^sHlSl- t(^-A «11M ^ ^l^ >Hi'^^^ ^l^ ^^IH ^, sMctV 
^'tl ^^Ul iidl ^IH d. Mmi ^»l"^l yi4s^ vsiSt ^Wiqiufl ^lun ;i ^tvi^ct ^m §. \«A^l anfil 
^ir^Ml'HHl 'Sil "HW ani^ ^, cl 6^i ^M^Mini ilM i^ ^cti ci aHS"<?(l ^^rHl^i aM^ «(wU 

MlJ/l^ "^^ «tH ^, '^^l^ ^'^^ ^l^' ^"^^ i* I «l^ ^"^ ^Wl ^^lii *IVJ «tH §. Itfl'ii «tli^[ 

S\%i<ni ^wi ^3Hi '^lii "j^i =Hi^ ^- ^^l ^-i ^*i Klitacii ^=imi shh &, ctn «v ciKl Qm^^HI 
^tli^ «{l^ sH'ii ^i^i '=11^1 1.^^ ^wi 'J'lsii'ft 1 §iH $. \(n §M^'{1 wic-i ciH«y ci'fl Mwc/fl 1w^ 

^l^S £'»MlW ^^ ^. SH^ *KrJRl<V H^iciHl ^IQimi ^ §M^ ^^^ 'h'^K'W^ "IHi ^IH d, ^ ^Hl^- 

o-i^iic-imi an caui •Hl^'i aJiiiKl HdWi iife^ 

^■>HIVJ ^i ^. a^l 'H"'HclaH ajlll «n!4 anH-i^i CHR 
§. an jJlilMl \y< M"^ ^Hl^C-ti ^^lii aHr=l S, «/»ti 
H^ y« ^W<A ^^I'l ^i iMl%l 'S ^ (HX^i ilM 

H%i<t ^It^'tl !il=»l ^«n «ll!/l %-fl ^IH, ^ ^^ 
an^C-ll 5l%l=ll'(l -Vl^ ^IH, a'cll Qil« i^lH ^.* 

,^<l 5. '^ Si ^ ?iHtnwi ijCH ««H< ^tin MlbTl mt«l w, 
t<ll^ cl clW 'fl'-ti Midi n^fl, -"liil 'Hlcll'fl H?i 5JU- 

M^ff/ isiil ^*iid Ui iHW ci>ii ^^«ti -jflj/ ^id PiiiKl 

^imiSil ■HH't aH3« c{l«t i<ll«n <^t\\ 6l«Wl«(l, SjCHMisd 
^IH^ ff/y M^ ^, »HH t«li d^lSli ^iliHl'Hl =t5i'^^i 

aniMl <\cl ^mfAwi oftff'' ci'ft %ii!l ^^<Hi -*Vi. iMiy^"^ 

fed« Sa^i 4il\lM^ "541 ^ct sia ^iw? ?i>t<nwi 
piiini «ii»ii ^ »^ui «iii iiii'Hi ^w », ci Mi^ "i 

il^ll «rtl ff/lSllH w -5h4 an i ^iHtniKl AX*K ^ ^I'-fl 

»i«i JH ii^l5^^'i ^li^ %iiH^, 6^<Ji aniQ "fl^nt o/'ti- 

=UWl U<l«l«A oi<ft KVi 5; an^ <'{l«^ aHS ci'ti \<\ 
Hl^ W, (Ul^ SHWi wt'i'-t'^l'tl '4%lWl?(l ajli'fl •tUMl'Hl 
^l4l 5, rt«a ^HHld iMl^l cfl»/ ^Ijj rtHM (H^l^ 
Klif'kl t=i SiHl Hii 5. ff/»l?iwi ^Wi "*4l\ ani ^■"IIH 
.l<r/\ ort"*lMi aHK VJ, (<H\ tMg H«t Mi &, aH'-i (J^- 

ct m4 ^^ \v\ d. ci y^s^ H^Hl -<3i^ an^ 

HM^ MlSjtOl Misdnicni >^ldl iiil ani^C-tl ilH 
^. ©M^'ft WICH Ml=(l, «niii^(l, ^ anclVrSlCH X«l- 
^l(/(l an^ =(lss^P ^R S. «ll">Mia5il H^Js^ 
vs^liR @TtXlTt^ atddl Srl^ctl «lli'fl m1 anlM 
§IH d. sAi^ft an^ 'JilKl «ll-«^ia>ilM^ q>Hci iUl 
ildl 'iiil. MiSJ ct ':^\ ^ai'ii, an^l -"ii'-HStil ^IH $. 
anfcl ^IH(A 't^l't ^IL'^ilani C-flCHl ^^irfl, cfl^, 
ai«lSc{i i^ ciM^ ^Itni %J8jM «id>^i ^IH ^. 

"HlH-^iJiW an^ a>lictX ani^C-ti §l«t S. Ji 
m41 ^ Ml'l MW MW ^tAi anicfl ani :^>>k\ 
^<\ £>Hlcti ^K d, M"^ q^^ctlan M «fl vs MW^l 
^MMl aH«l=ll ^^SIM, aii anSffv (^*iia) HH 0. 
MH^l ?i"«-H ildil ^iicH, efl^ an^ <:-{k4l«5lrtl 

Ml'ni "S ^icii ^si-fl ^iH ^. cidiM^ ®c»a yfi'rs^ 

'{i"Sl ^IH S. cl 8li>li (T^il ^iM §, ?l^ ^^^ 
M-^9 (<viC-ti MH a*ii^4ii ^IM ^ dic-ii) «iVti ^iH 
S. an sXi %iiti ^»i>MlMHi ?.^i MH^l >Ml« 
hl^ **i^lH«{l ^IH S. an ^iHlSilM^ Hlal ?i»i(v 
iM^ tn-^ «MI«5J^ ^-w-H ildil'ti 'J^'Hi'd "Si? aJti 

an ii->'-M iidil^ ^^^ <^ M «(i IS MH ^i\y\ 
%V\ 6 ci»iy y^i^ ^a^^ MH ^isfl >(^l^ 

an^ ctHl <ni«^'ii "i Mn ci«il A\<k\'\\ ^ <Hl»»i 



an^ M«ii5i oy^i Miiitni ^id" ^iitaiiJ ^^cti Mt^i ^^^ 
•iU"H</Cl 'Hi^ Rll^ 5^ qisjicii ^=i«i Mw^ H«Acii 

5H^ MH i^rti Plll'^ 2t'-aild=lltfil ^IM ^. »H -H^l 

5li(n<ni =ii« <§J(, 2H^ 2ii=i<ii ^ms tj^^w^^cii =^i^u 

MH 'lli&Hi ^IH S, cl cl^ct -"H^ «tH ^. 

$. ri aitascti ^IH ^. cl^l Hid Sii ^tl^Wl '^HlStl 

^iH d. ci>ii ■Hi;i%t^Mtfii'ii ^siKl mi%i^ ^^icd 

■^i^HOillt'^lH-SHi '1161'fl "^Mli-fl «y^l ^IH S. 

3 «ft M ^ ct>Hci v9 aMplHtMrt Ml^l«ll ii^l^l "^ 
jicll<Hl<?ll ^iH ^. ci "\m^ HltAwilrtl «ficHl 
Vl^l, C-fl^l, attAicil an^ aAsi«fl ^'-11^11, %l"^£ 
3H(Mct ai«li(1l M^^HC-fl tHltAHl ^^m^ »i^rt^ 

^/l aiM«l nHl ^R Sis <Hl^M^ «llil ^M, 
vi'c^m ^idl, a^tflscO, C-n^ an^ «H(iR«a 5[lil ^Wl 
^^l-il, ^ ia?(H %l"^S "n^^d clRl^Qfil ^ItaHl ^Wiai- 
ttiuft ^IH d. cl il«iH ^^=(1 ^IH ^, M^i 5^«t §HiMl 
MtA ct Ma=)li Hwfl «IH $. IV H">Hct an^^i j-vHm 


(HPWi ansstHl aHl->Hl ^l^ »lHl«lcll ^IH S. H 
«{l«l, a^caictl an^ ani^^ 1^ ^a^ ChNi ^IH d- 
sH'tl ctaaniKl \l3j{, ,^{\ 5ti<l ^il^Hi wiHlHC-ft 
( pentadelphous ) ^MIH d. 5^ S^i ^ilHl 
\o «ft ;^o ii"^%i^i ^iH S. HM[*-ft Y^ <J l%i- 

^iH ^, an^ 'HOA-ii \mi[ <a\ 'imMi 

«l-JlHC-tl an^ »l«il«t "cl^dl ^IH d. M^Rl^lH l-'^llSl- 
mtAl, Rini ^3Hl, Pi d^SlHi 'i^m?. H=-^lHat«(l 

¥l"l%^-=L iiH ^. n^i iiotUiH Ml«li%ielcti 

C-flsil Wl, ®9ll, MI'I KliHl^il, ct(ca^ (V^l '>il^ic?ll, 
»t«ll5l %liill8tcll ^ i{i8(^ «"|S HW-il iwiVlHlc?ll 
§IH §. •i(sisi ctPlM rnil, M«il9l %liiil«lc(l, 

Hs«^i«(l sti<Kl, <^\[ «til, H^^^dg i^Hi ^n-fl 

Vi^ ^^ ^2t c-li"{l ^IH S. ani 'itc-lil^ ^l^tlct H 
!)ft<4ll d>ll ^Hi ^ ^at C-lNi M 't(c-til5Ay>H ^IH 

1^0 ane-Ho In an^ iil^^l "^H^ «tH $. 

IjSi-aH'ii S^C-l 'll^l'ii ^IH & <?tl^ ^U^Mlanl^ 
dl an?. d-Sl Ml^ C-flCHl VHt @<*li ^laiii RlW 
ilH a^cii ^-wilH §. ( ani =l'»Hct Mi^i an aJUPli 

i-^iH 5ii Ptfat^ ^<S?.l 6. ) k^H at'i mijA^ ^sih 

^ cHl^ 9i,^l 5l«ll VWi 8i'J ff*tH d. ct^l «lHR<^ 

Siitfi 8icti «H-^ ^1 ^ihi^i ^ «ii ^1*1 ^- ^ 

M «(l ^s ^ai c-ti<3 H 1I «a ^^ a^ natMi "^l^iuj 
ilH S. k!^ Hli ij<4i ^IH ^, ^«(l ct «^Sllfcl2ft 
aHl4 il"^ «liia 't^fl. M121 cUlM^ M Q^U Kli 

§m &, d Kli <iM^«ft d^ @^ =^| ^iH* ni ^ 

%l^€ll!j«fl =(lRlfcl «tH ^. K^Mi Miat "t^tei anPl 
niat MiSl ^IH ^. n aH£^?(l ^MHi Mrt^i 'V'^l 
^\% aH^cl^mtAi ilH §. 5tC-l hl^ ^IH ^ cHl^ 

clKl Misi ^i^ani 1 -"i-sia*^^ Mtacfl %m ^ih 

§. cl Mil d cHl^ cl>ii«(l iMl^ani 3y=li *H[<t/ 
^ n^ CH313 aHcHd »i|, atitfig, !(^il ^l<ai ^'l^ 

«iy «tH §. n^ Sii §:i ani^Q anPl aHl^ft«a <v^l 
@M^ a^W^ "^HR an^ iJ/i HR ^IH S. 'Kl'fl 
%iMl/lM^ Hmi ^<i}i tfidiSji'tt 'Hl'iJt ^l<t ^. ct 



Mi^itni ^iM ^. rt ^Mi«(l ct<rt ^ii Mil «i"^ ^. 

R« ni^R 2Hi^ d, n^ ^ii^H^^ i^ §. SHI 5lw- 
J(%^ "Sifcl^ii^ "i^\n[ ^I'm^'ii ^ch M«3i i^ S. 

d. fi>i<v anril ciiin ^^(a 5i^?.i a>i^ y.i^ji'ii s^- 
^iHi ft>i<v M^U'n'ft 3ii>{lHi %tii^Kl «i«l Silt) Mi^ 

«15^ «l«l mV^ <ii[\ \H\.M. ^. ^^^iS 3H^ 
^R^%1 yi3il Mlfei 3im«t 5H^ Mllmi =IMRIH ^. 
>IW^«'{1 %^ gH an^ «li^ «l«l ^iPdJt rtCll; 
H<^1 &ll>l Mian ^. ^lai^y Miaj %iJ*(^^fl, oiUl and 
^laMUl ^W^il^l (3M^ IM^IH d. ^IMCAHl MH- 

^iinSii §M^ <ni^ §. MK^ =ii/\^ ciKl elMil 

MK ^l^l^ atRl ct(l"S Hiaii ^H'H^lH'HlHi aniH ^. 

^MtaiKl anavtsisiMWl ^«i 'ftioi g, ^ \ii\ 

'H'il'Hm'll ilMHi =iMW ^. 'H'il X«l M«11 *l"^o 
^IH d M<il Miytn^ft rt^rt Wl%i^ctl VHl «tW 
»»tM ^. an ^%ll rVm an^ CHhl ^IH ^. andi 

attnid %»^£ anc^ct ^=llcQ aHlSiHi ^ <v^ ^ Hli- 
vi^, «y cti^aHKH^qHl hmMi a^l^ ^. Sj ^^tai 
ctiAaMW ^'iR^ =11 «l*ll ^IH cil ci m/1 J^H ^. 
clMffy Idefli C«i ^ani ^ictrti H^»^i ^l->M^l'tl 
iinsiwi an ^ (H<1 c{^[ H^^li ^l^ ^, iRl 
^Htfli «li^'ft «l«l il>i(«, §H^ ■'H'H^l^ &. >liat- 

■>H'-t^lHHmi a>ii^ ^. dHl M«J R^'l'AS^ CoJi^Q 
<H^i an^ 3ii«li^ sHmI ^H[\ i^M C-tmqi >il^ ■>HH^i^ 
d. w^MPiHi lii^^ii ^mtni'fl 41011, MH an^ ^y 

'V(H^^ Ml^ «11H ^. ci «mRt^ "i'^ctijl ct^^ 
an^ mii <Mi,si 'n'liqqHl ilHMi a^l^ ^. ^M- 
(AHi «l4'ti eiliii^ iiafl ?i'{\ hl^ mi^l y»l« 
•HWlKl iilaiil tn-il't d 

•S. ci^i adiiyi c^'-im %ili^ W-U lt>l6, S'i'tl 
rt«<l ^la^f^^ ml aHMlH ^. ^Mtani niM 
jjC-t^l ^« riq^il Mll^nHi 'tNl aH3R g,H*ti 'li^ 
%-ll«(l Mi^J aJlil nH «11H d. ^MtfllHl VSlCH^l 
^« ^"iJ^'ti 3i<^>ll MHKl «i«l ■'Hi'-ii^A it>\c, ^^ 
^, an^ £16 «U'Ct «11H ^. ^M«lHi J.S1 <Hl!i1 ^-i 

Mini — oi «ft oil cii^iu 

^R^^Kl «n'tl'-ii;-liS,3'PUH"<5i.^:-'il'W>ll«<, tls- 

'^% ^i, yi, Hmilni ^c-t, €li«, qioii, »>{l^, 

>^iai^«, iloflMld, iilWlCH, anini'd 3lii«fl, anfrt- 
RmKI i«fl an^ <l«lH^[l «l «M<Hl3l CHW rt^ 

sJlil, il'-tl(^Jtl <mi ^J(Ctlfrl%ll^ an^ MRimi ri 
anHlH ^. Hijil ^•^rt ^lll anl ^i^ ^"^^^ '^^ 
^. il£^, <lHyW an^ aHtHla=lMi an^ 2ij4 '3^* 

«li5Q ^. wi^iiH^sii^ aii>Hicti tinsj»ti ^"^ 
^tn<l Ml=ti>ti ani^ 6, ct?a yi^i ^■^■ct anfct^i^ 

£"ilH S. IdC-fli H"^ci ?(t5i3llH^5iU^ %ll«i "Hlfl- 
6^ an^ ^l^ f-Hlaal aHMlH d. ci«(l Mi a^i^llKl 
ttRcft ^i^cft 'I'-fl an^ aH?t^ MR'l «11H v5, 

MWl— R. aniKl^ft oi Qil^." ( i[o <lo ?Ao ). 

" ^m5ll ^iafHTt^ Mill S, ^^ilM't S, iii 

i^ &, [mti^ mil §. -HR^^ di^i d, (Hi^ d, 

^^im S, i^ i^ ^, 31<H^ ^'llM'i i^ d. >liaA- 
^%l 5ii Ml« ^Hl *i^ ctl Ml^l^l RiR i\^\Mi 
«1HI ^IH cil Mill ^." ( HO ^5Hl«i«5 ). 

llMfAHi ^41 ^M« a>i;^ ^R^^Kl «Hl<n<1 
eili^l^tHKl ili^H^Mi si«Mli3J i<Hiei aHl>i£tl d. 

l^-^^Wi-^lMtAWi ><U 4''^ I'll ■^-S'^l"<l. ^^^ 

t^i^ iil an^ Mi<§Hi §3l S. *»l r^i^mi 

m3ll">H^l <Hl3ll>li «11H d. 

i-C«i^HCH«i'^'t-^MfniMi ^icti ^(a *»m d 
Mi^ SiPl ^i^^^ciMi RJrt^us^<S(l i^ ^, ^SS' 

^HdJ^U^H^ft Mi^i lii«ajMi §51 d. Il*l«ll;i «Hlovi 
^^^rt •HIM 5ii?4i d, an^l ci^l ^%l, Ml^ ^ 
MWJ^^ i^Hlcil 6^. W^MPlHl liltaKl 'H^H^ 
^MtAHi il«li, MK an^ iRl !i6lM^ Htqi ^l^l- 

^iiHifal ct^il-il Mi^ »H4 ai^uin ill ^iMfawi 3iiii msii 



^i 'Wmm. mi 6ni. misj smi RrH^strt^i ^m- 

(AHi ojlll RIlH t(^ ^l-Hl^d ^^l a^rt 'iUl ^I'il 
rilMr^ Sqi Sis Ml=fl tflCH ^<l 2i<Aidl '^IH ^, 

M-S<1 §l«fl V5K-0 «M«t^^i =H411<1 §IH rtl =m«{l 
i«R cl<V<HCH 5i(V ^IH ^HH HQJ SHji^W «iy" 

efai^ll'li Rfes =l<^'t =>Hl^ 6 <M[ Hl4^^ 

<i iidWl'fl, («^(9ivl MH-HlfQ, ^3i'=t 131^'li i^- 
'{[% an^ =H«l? 5i«lHl(fl ilHl^ «{l^ cl qi^^l^ 
iR'll'fl ^ilji Ml^ «1\J'm1^ ^. ans aHl^PlJr 


§*irT ^aiJT ?itr% gf^TT ^^ ®«n II 
t^fi^ ^^r Ji^ iTiT^r 5^^ "til, 
5Ji«i 5*ra ^R STH ^^5 ^m II 

onncT ^m 511^ 5TRT5I ^ wi^ II 

#R ?pT ni^ ^ «m ?re ri ^ II" 


ani ^?mi 1^1, s^u-Hi an^ 'iiiHi Suniani «tlH 

'Hl'-A'fl BtSlfA ilH S. aHicialHl H't^MfH'tt 'S\.^^i 
\^ k^n hii ?is^ ^^l =(lsi^l MSIH ^^«^l ^IH 
i$, and aHriV^l«lMi«A ^«^ ^"^S M9Vt>trt ^^IM 
^yqi ^mcAl aitASctl ^^l •fliSl §. anl H^lKl H^l- 
^Mfrt^ MH ania^ aHl^ §, n «isi, -uiJijlaHtcdtai 
aHSi'Hl %i«i4n ^1H§. iMHK 'i^l'ii ^IH ^. I^C-t "i|- 
otirdH aH«im SMS "S (i^dlH ^IH ^. ^'^M'tlH^l- 
'Mi H^l M ilH ^. a 5<J( «Hlirn «i?l Slul Htjii 
^.ilHC-li ^IH S. ^il 1l'4?(l «M6R ^M^ aH5 @H- 
"%14 M«SJ ^IM §. :!i'^Ml*H-rt^>l'^'fl Mi"«<il5il "4 
^IH S-anUHl ?i£C-t ^icfl 'l^ft. Ji^^l^l M-\o-\M 
^ -^Hl^ ilH ^. fi H^iii Sis «Kl<in «l«l niil- 
y^ ^'H^ aH«iHl Siil 'V=li «iy ^^C-ti ^IH d. 

ctaSi cfui^ ^lii ^l^^i M«ai §IH S. ^11«^ \ 
^IH S. ciMi m4i^ \ «a M MICH ^IH ^. !i«t 
^h^* 5>i«lHl ^^Ql<Ut SH^ ^ rt^4=lR anisi- 

aMl "HsH H't^MfclMi M»^ Ho "IS Hl«ll H^Wi'fl 
H'l^MfrtMi %Hl anwHlH ?ii^l ^-Hl 31*^1 %Hl 
d, d ®M5iMi, Jtl41, ^if^ii =H^ ^^«l aHi(i 

W^mPiHI |Sl^ <H'»Hci anl qaki aJU llSl^l, 

ri^H^ V30. 
t-'^U^H'iR-sterculia urens. 
i^li<X-E. I. p. 355; N. p. 34; Watt. 
VI. part. Ill p. 364; |. Pt. Ml. V5M. 

* 14^4-Dry. t «^QIH-Fleshy. 



a-'H^'t-WlHHi 35U IM «(l ^M ^i f^ati 

vi7{ §1 Jnlti ilM «!. ctHl'-fl ^d«li s^idlSHl 

(3J1 5H^ ^-HIS HliUielctl a^l ^IH ^. 

§. ciM^'fl V5161 Ml=fl an^ «lil ^R S. «l«iM- 

H.^'ft wiet'ft =ii« <vd«fl (3J1 ^idl H^ft an^ =^Hia 
Min-anict^ ani^c-ii ^m §. ci ^ «ft \ w,i 

«l?l<:-fl ^IH S. an^ Ml't'd "^RM^ H sil vs -ujiajl 

hl'^ «tffl»Hl '{l55l«a ^IH &. cl «{lC-ll««)rtl 

aHl^«fl ^IH §, ^ ctM^ ^8cH MltAl Wl =(lil«- 

tiUKl il't'll aniiU^ ^i'^MM^ ^IH ^. J^StKl 

3 C-tlVJ'i oHl%l^ ^IH ^. 5H»ti MlMilSii ^icH ct^O, 

^gj^ HIVIHI \'\[A ani^C-fl ^IH §. ci oxm^ 
^ctl^^lcll an^ ana^ft <:-flc-ii ?J>[^1 ^ih d. ci-d 
'i'41'ti ?i'«H Ml^ Hl«l'ft R5lH ^m/1 anlM ^IH 

•3. an 'i«ll anaHl "tl«3 Rictl ^31'ft ^IH d. 

«IH «fleil RH^l Mia^ R(HPWl5ll ^IH d. 

rlH flH ct'tlM^ ^Wl M>H>1«{1 m«l aHi-Hrll «1H 
^. an^ 515141 \'m Roilill (iM^'ft «ni«9aM ^i 
<H[<T*\m ^ii «|cti ovtH ^. !(C-l'll ?.^i (h<HR^I 
aniiR "iSm^ H«lni ^IH ^. ri MliHl mQ d 

an S^Jt R'HR'fl C-tniif \?fl \\ ^a< an^ x^^i- 
^TilvT ^ ^ f ^atKl ^IH d. an Rsilili ^51H d 
t*tl^ -na^iiciai?/) an^lVJ «vtH d. an^ ci<{l H'-'^ 

IRH^ ci^ii'ii "{I'v '-i<a^i4t[ sHnmi anR §. ^Kl 

d an^ liStii M^MiH «IIH §. '^ SRi R^ «1H 
§ ct iltfll iMi an^ 'il^l'li ^IH §. an^l ci 
«a(«{l ciciieti ^iH §. ^;i ^i^rti ^>|[?(l lit) «tcl^i 

^^l §IH ^. ci^ ansj g:| ^ftcam^rtl ^^iKl an^ 
it'll «>{1<V^ ^IH S ^<l ii>(l ^IH d. ail 'Hl'ft 
aH£^«ft an^il <V^l Vlov Kls^l g. ^Kl tll« an^ 
^HIS an^il <vqi <V ^IH g, aJi tt{[^ sj^nitf R «(1 

3 sufcH an^ ^i^itnivT 1^ «ft ^ c-iiWri ^iH d. 

a>l^l aniSR C-i«l^lta ^IH ^. 
^iiSJ.'^M-J^lfe, (§M€lMi, ^ifei an^ fai^Jl^lJil^l 


^if^i «1^"l %tl« an^ MlM^Kl «l«l aniMcimi 
ani^ S. i-SlHlKl WlSlPll ^<H^« aicfl^i >ijjRi §M^ 
"^\^ an^ inKl %ll«l a^MlH i^. ancfl wieiMi«(l 

WRHi MH anPl llMtA «ll>HiaHi -Hli^flHi MC-ll<A- 

■Hi^ft Mi^p^ii cl'fi =(lii« ®a^ d. n Mi^p Imi 

«lc(l4i s^tMi a>ilM=imi ani^ 6. i^lMHl ^1c-li 

"fl*/ iiJOKl "vSlian ciH^iH d. RmitaiKl sh^^ii 

iilMWi ^liKl tfismi (V-vHH «m«(l 'nXi iiVi 
=HHlH ^. 5i sifR^l iiWl^l^i^ aHJim i|t^ j§ 
d. a>l ySR M«ill ^l(^dJ Ml1l>li =I^^IH S. fil«il5l 



ri'il :i«^ 3ll(/fl Sty ci ■<« (^^IcaKl ilii^lltai^ Ml-Hl 
SHIM S. iilHl^l ?i« H^^ian 3H^ MlM^Kl «l«l 
§H^y, ^M an^ aHHi wirdrji ^^ji^i HM^IH §. 
i^SlHl-i C-llS^, «lC-t ^1(aI an^ HW 5*1 li^'ft 
H">Mc| cl^lM ^1^1^ ■>H'-l^l=l<Hm( ani^ S. WlMl^ 

>IM i^ ^. ( H' |o ^o ). 

V9-*^l«ii-|»l^^i WlHUi 3)lll H<3ii «11H «!. 

rHlQJl (vJlsm H^lTt^ MiHl^l <§M^ R?IH i<l i4l- 
MWiffr iJUl «IIH S. ctM^«(l ci ^SRMi (VHlHl 
"iil ( M'Wli ) iiWllA^ 'tl^ 5ii(n-<HlH S. 
Si (^I^H'tl M[«t>ilTlR 5H^ Sf^i^ StlWl 

^iSl an^ ■Hl'f^i Si M^ifl ^i>li 5i«{l Rltfil »1<H 
M^«(l MliHi <V(JilH 6.* 

* Wmwi ^ifJl <H<il 43«"H? <4l «trti ^rt rtl 

3ii>ii'{l <H^i, 9ii<ii SH^ tH(ati iiwwi ^u-a tSlC-l *H^ 

telCH ■'Hl'^l'd 3U<il §i'^l>ii JU 'l?!^ dg, ^ ^^l^ 
(§1^3 ^9, 'H't 5^^•{l4 <H?ll aiwi^wi ^iicd »1W ri«Q 

5i iMtflKl <=i'»irt ??{l 3l€«l (lucerne)^ Wlo/ ^t^T 

anwcti m^ii ^rti5H ci "'h^s i^ <ti^si ^g. Ni^ ci-ti 
5ii^w i» Hvn. ^Hl Hii=|l \m »ai n v ti'^'fi Sa^i 
H^l n^l t4ctl. SHWI Ri'^uiciw i-{i?i yijil ^rtWl yi«l?l 
«ii^ »wi 6cti. Mi^ n' oitfilw siwwl isic-1 -^m -hH 

WMl ctHW iji5lHi«0 ^lUini oJl^lSi ^P*^ ^g. 

l-^ll¥l«l«iR-S. colorata. 
t«l'Ct-H. 1. p. 359; N. p. 35. Watt 
VI. part III. p. 361. 

^■-■^^lI'lR-IUl^l ( Ml+ijo ) ^3fi#, )7Tf^1| 
(qo) ^r<s^ (f^o). 

«n4't-"Sl?UKi <«UMtaj him ^d«ti % ct«fl 
«lui q^l^ daii «tlH ^, ci^fi ^U^Ml Jt(cl«ll->HiaJil 
<l=(l a^dcfl ctH sv a>ilil an'Htffl •U^^lcfl ^IH d. 
ciKl WlC-t (H^>ft i^oiHl §tH §. ctKi aHdV'iilSl ^l^ll 

®»ti ?^«ti 4ii ?i4Wl 'Hl^i dCti. MliJ Si sji^lrft \j.t- 

S/Mftl sHrii y(lff^;t sH^tin iWM ^MHl Hit 5i,ti 
rtHlH fJilSl ^3«'li !))l"Swi 4ii »<'"*^'^ 'H?'<H^ 4Ml=fl 
'tlM'll^l (Coppice) (jj^aUH -wtlctini *ll^ "UHl^ oitl- 

<§M^ v»ii^ ^^«li j){i'Ji syMict >H\[tn\ irHiy 3wi, 
ciHi«fl ^ctw-tnl %ii«i'ii H?%ii«?a cicii <r»'Mi't>ii ^^<Hi 
«ii'll »H^?iH>ti«fl ^wi v«i (Coppice-shoots) ^il 

<H^i<>t^4'HWi (Coppice) Rww @^i ^^ »i5i€ii ^ni, 
ci ajiJi ri»ii H[^«ii ^(^n 's<Hi<^ jisiy *i«ii 6<ni, 

WWwiali^Hi m>44i ovHl-ioi^KH? jiiwl (Coppice) 
'ti">HHlHi aHl=*li 6cli Ml ^Siy H^<S\i <-tlSii Mljl ^I'^l^ 
"^H?l=Wl nil SWHl 2Hl=<ti (4di. rt Stcfl ^ci 5 ^ 
«tlS4 aHl""a ?l(1 MlljflMi -MC-tltol iWHl'^ Ml 4iil J^ 

ct 5i^K "^i?i"=i<^mi sHi^rti 6-11. ani f^ww iiwwi 
siii'ii ^41 «ii4ii 9i^«H «ii?i omn^ 0.iii 4i'>(l stC 

3Wl ^Cll. 

4iWl'li sjiSwi @H?V>tli^^t §M<il3|, 4iWWi flli^Al 

4ii<ii'ii 3>ji"^wi ^H tnn clM oia^w an^ yi^i =tfcii"^i 
4^^i ^ySi, ^ ^Y^ sPk? n 4^ ^ 5iy«tR jsita \'^, 
rti-Hi^ ani ^q^JiwMi'ii ^i"^i^ himii ^jiJi % «»vifl 
yi^ ^cl oiaii^l <i§. 

4-jiiMi Jii^i fiww ^Ift^l, <l>i$(l, an^ >i^«l>ti 
^iSl ■Hl^ 4iWl'{l ^"J SH 44l"lHi ^I'^l^ yi^i SH^il^ft 

H^ni 5. •n>i RH=-i«t rt rt o!ii»ii R?it fiH^i-iHi 

4?HWi aHlH«i &. 4iWl'ii aJU^l S4M tlMrt ^«»ll ^fti 
cl^G^^l SH^iisi ^lyin C-l^Hiil ^mni SHl^Otl -tSfl. Hit 

ani «i">H'ii"^ Ml Si <§H<ii3i ft^ "yP^iU't ^i'^a?" 

>il§->i ^n l&oo Hi ^<*ICH »MlH«ll S. 

Indian Forester. May. 1900. 



(isHijfcwi, M 2(1 \o €!»A c-thi an^ ^ ?(l 1^ 

«i. Smmh «lwi, <H«C-tl^rct«ii wt^ ®<Jii ^IH $. 

dl Klb^l^n ^IH S, ^ R<HlPlcl an^ ^idl ^IH 
S. ^eiKl iliil 5M^ 1<S\ H>il 'tR^ftani ^JlKl Qi^V 
sa«fl aHl=-Wl(£rt ^IH S. H° '^'» ■^l'* f ^ 
1 '6^ ^[^i ^ -H^fl ^^l ^IH S; cl ans^rfl o^lag 

mi, «ll^i annni "^mKl ^^i^ii'"?ii ^ih 6. 
Mflm^ cicada Sis "^iicai-O m1 «i5J ^(i-Hi ^m S. 

sAt^fl ^IH S. 

SjCH-^il'l ^=ll ^^IH S. ^ R. «0 3 flat 5thi, 

wdfV iRi ^IH S cHl^ <V =fl^lfc) «IH S, n^O 
^^ ^C-t^l R<Hl5ll'fl ^l^M^ =11^CH[ ^>HIH 6. 

aH«l=ll ^«(l h^h 'll'^Wi il*< ^• 

^-§M*ll^[l aH3l-H<A, MH, »1<H an^ MH. 

an^ 25(4 rti^t '3'*^^ '**"^^*^ ^- "Si^i^i*^ aii€i*ii«n 

ilMMi "HM^lH S- "^ISWl'ft Wl'H'ft «^MPlHl Siltfl 
q>Hci 3l^<n |ilP\Hl ^1*^1 iiaS i^^ ^cll 6cll. 
\\.m[i tHii^r «l«t 'H^ 'ii't Sil^ ^"^^ ^'^l^ 

M»3i i^l^Wl HiHl^l <§M^ S^l §, Mi^ ^ iilHl 

an^ £(^«ai»il «11H S. 

i-(H^H(HH=H'l-«^M(HHl |il(a ^"^M^ "1^41 

451MI R<Hi^ sli^i lisi^i'ft «iy sH^ ^i«ii ^i^l^ 

5t«lH >HHRl=t<tl ^m. 5H^ rHR Mtt>\ ^H^ll iil^l 
an^ M^il ■>HH^l'i«ll «?.cil. SHl^ il^«l ^H S ^, 
^la^Ki Jili iiiHl SWi M«^ 'IRM 811H 6. ^ 

«l4-( %Ai4^^^. ) 
H'H^. VSR 

t-<U%l1<l'lR-Helicteres isora. 

lyi-rt-H. I. p. 3fi5; N. p. 35; Watt,. 
TV. p. 212; ?. Pi. Ml. dX. 

R-l^d'lR-'HiM, anl^i (^lo); -H^mM 

(?i°); w^^, ^^ (IT"); mvf:^ (Ho); "jn- 

^a M > ^1\J^=IR ^ «a <r (Id (|24i «tlM Wi. 5i4i 
5<l>J4i»i «4^|l «U>Ml5ll KlS^lC-Q ^IH d. ^ll>HlS^l 
wi^ MHH^ m4s=0 ctRljfcUl* ^[ qi^ ani^CHl 

^iH S. anPi »^icn^ Qiis^^ ^tni ^»wi |«i ani^ 
yi. 5? Mia»(a?(\ sO^i s^w^uHl ^^Hi «itr <mh 

S. aH<ii ^51 UiHiol Ml"S d, ^ cl ^Ifft Ml ani/l 
H«?l<Hi ^IH S, »y^l anrii TiimXHi wHl^ ^C-l 
^IH d cMi^ ci 9/i\{M 5{[(J\-yni\f ani^ g. 

^<A-Hl4 <§4 *^1M ^IH S. 5>lrti ^(/irtl H»3Jl 
Mil Kli^lc-il §IH 6. cl «H(&R«A ^i an^ anf.- 
^«fl RrlWilcll ^m pHl ^IH d. ^«l M^Kl 

»iei Hivutct ^^1=11(41 §iH S. =ii« oy^ii ^3i(^<t 

an^ ^Hlf. W<Hl««lril (J^\l ^IH S. 

^liHl iUi <v<l «til ^IH S. anPl ^Hi«(l Ifl'^ 
clWl <v<l H<^fi ^ll-^lSil Ml^ MR Kli^lC-fl ilH 
S. aJirft aiei^l VI Qi^^l I <M^>{1 aH*lcll elldi^ti 
Sid ^^l ^IH d. WICHM^ @9tl =(l^l anPl Qijl 
Wi «l»3Jl ^=li «id»3i[ ani^C-ti ^IH 6. WICH 

Mt^p**- =(l=id ^(voici ^^iHiwQ ^iH d. "imta 

^imiaJllM^ clMWl^iani Rl'il ni'A'ft 3{l=4l^ftai 
|=tlA aHl^«ft ^IH S. 

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aH«tqi \ «(l \o ^ai C-lhi, an^ ^\ «(l \ ^ 
<J ^ai Ml^l(A( ^IH d. Mmi ^RHi anl^Qanm 
aH«iHl <aii ^W S. MW'ft ll^M^ ii'l^l aHl^<-{l 
^IH d. ildil Ml^ MH'fl "il^ «v^l ^lii^cft 
(iR^lPw »l^«{l §IH S. MH SI<h31i(A aH*i=ll 
ildil Ml^ ^^iV «is^i an^ ©M^ «vclt M^t«ll 
^ ^iy<Kl^ ^ "^ 3 -vJii^lHltfli ^IM S. MH'ft @M- 
\'i\ %lMl/l^l ^Jl 41^1 «fl5li Pi cflai'fl^l (111 
^IH S. ^'0 ^H^'fl «Ml=aM^ ctl^ljRi'tl* =ll«l 
aHl<l«l ^IH 0. an^ KlatKl ^\[S[\^ ctl^lj(cl'il 



mtaHl «i8l 9^1 eflcHi ^3ni maiKl ^Hivft JHI.A 

Slldiit 5^1<i{l ^|^^ §. J/?(l Mn-4^ aniJltfil l^clcli 
•il^iHl «Ml/l ©M^'fl «"4l/l iWi SHiy^ "^^^li 

"Ul^S^lS an^ «n(4 ys^ S">MIH ^. MH^ 2li(a=ii«(l 

=ii«(i ci^i %=ii£ fi^^i an^ ^i^ii c-tiSi §. 
Smmh ^i^i ^qi ^floji ^iH §. 

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^eli'O ildil Mwtal ^iH «i. an^i H'tw sAeii 

^llat ctKA'tt i=ll^ anl^C-a ^IH ^. ^C-1 \ «a \4r 

^at <Hhi an^ MR«'»{lMviwi ^stKl Hi^i^ M«ac(i 

anl ^IH ani 4tf(l <^^i tH^iii ^IH §. ^ ^[(S\>[ 

ani^eil §IM 6. an ^m;^ >i«ii(?i 3l^t «1 a^it^ 
( "^IS ) 'fli<fi2il ^IH ^- ciMi (sM^'il a^tOiHi 5\ 
an^ Klai'll a»lit.i»ti ^jj ji^i ^>Hlrtl ^IH ^. aJi 
li^l Sirtl ^51 §Him \^ Klait =ltf[l ^H ^. ^ 
■^mKl a>ij^Kl ^Mloa ^1<AI k^Hl C^ioil =ll<A^ an^td^ 

ilani jio fnio "Imi M^i «al c-ii«>{l ^ih d. 

elctl Vl'fl, Milicil ciisjHOlcO an^ "Hi-^lilSil^ft (M 
^MM^ M^PllilH anlHcHl ^IH ^. 

%Cl"|JH^-\ ^IH 6. Si;ii il^UlH Miat MICH 

aniM ilH §. 5iKl M(at 'ifcHSlSii M H^[l 
^ilH«(l an^ ll^ «til «t?l«{l ^IH ^. 

Jj$l-( «l5li )-il«lH C-Oc-tl VHl an^ Ml^ S 

=lltfl'fl |4ia ^IH d. a \ «ft \\ ^at ^sthi SH^I 
:^ «a 3 CHifcH <f»t-sl ^IH 6. rt'ft 'ftai Mlrt«il 

««il ^<l M an^ n^ ^^^ ani^n ^ih S. Stsm 

■Hi=i (h(H131 C-thl, «l!(^l an^ ^«\«R ^IH d, ct 
aMM^aifc)^ ans i>{\Tn ®M^ ^m iiH d, ci«(l wl 
ani^ ^<H ani aHidwitni ^<Hl ( ^|-screw )'ft 
Hi aH^tniHti ^"^IH ^. 5tSl wMl^ rtS'l ^ilb) 
«1H § r*tl^ 2H«il Mial (H(3il3ll Sii o{l<r»fH^«ft 
(flSll «lV:i "cl^dl M-fl «nH d, an^ an Ai QiPl <3^l 
a(Ulfc) n^[«ft '>{1<V <Hi&W aHl^ ^, in £^S ^I'Wi 
H?iH H«ji <Hl<v ^IH ^. an ijC-t^ m4i=(l -i^rt 
^=IW C-ll3l $, «i?(l ciMl'li "il<^ "^iHlW »nH ^. 
wHl^ anlH Hk^ ^IH S fHl^ anHl "ilKl rlMW 
i^cli aH^l«(l Sltai -<»l^l Qill 'flsal 0. 

«(l(V-i c-iitl'i sii"ii §iH §. n^i aniiR an^ 

aHt?P ilH 6. anKl Sii t^log §il an^ <Hl25 "1184 
^y>^ ""HU ilH §. "(I'd ^IMlcTl "^^=«<i ^IH d. 

'H-yi^'^lH-Jtl^, ^if^di, @MSlM5, an^ wH^M. 
1-(3\»il5l-aH'ii H«l«{l aitA^l il^l ^ili^'G 

aHl«t^«fl ctl=t anlHcll ^IH cl^ an^ti ^tflKl WUH^l 
il^l ^^1 sllll ^C-ll^Sll >Ml^l <{M aHlM<Hmi 

9i^ ^tli^Kl «l«l aJUl anPl %i5l4^P^i auMlM ^. 
i'^M^ etoiucilHi a>il^ 6. Md*ll ^^ll »icll ^IH 

cti M^^i^il^ft'O ^ »fl| anPl yi<n «l«l !((^ S. 

dli^i'il sJUlM^ M^4l«ll»Q^ silMi H^^ MIH S. 



ta^i ^l^m a<Rl rVdl t^fi Sh^r i^l^mi ani'^'ll 
i^rtl. ^'ii HH ■•HH^miHl Jii<3ii iMi iHMi 

<4«l, H'SJ, ^l^i, U>l6, ^fn 3H^ S^^l 'iUl i^'iU 

•i»i^ V93. 
l-^ll'^l^'iW-Melhania totnentosa. 
4gl'cl-H. I. p. 373. 

■ 3-«44»l-'Hi<ni§>HMl<i'tl 6U<HI 1 2(1 ^^ ^i 
da^l «11H §. ^HMi Sllili c^i«>{l ^imiani Kli5l«{l 

^IH W. n'ft "Sl^M^ ii'l^ 5H^ Sidl ^IH d. cl 
hA ^\[{{^ 9i^[ Hl^lKl 3Hl/l2(l <mmi ^IH 
S. ci2ft cl s^lil C-tlc-tl Wi^ '{ISi ?iiail«t6lcll iMi 

^i^ii ^iH §. Mi^il^i >io «nio ^iH«(l iHi«Hl ^w 


""HMli'tl <vHl 6. 

l-<ll^1«i«ilH-Buettneria herbacea. 
I'^il'ct.-H. I. p. 376; N. p. 36. 

3-H4«i-*H'll 6UHl SiiHi^ meji §51 §, ^ 
^ 2(1 3 (Id (Sia^l |lH ^. HmI «ilil M<4i ^ciufl 
sv'^l «til fitioft «lf<Hl^l KlS^l d. MH anict^ 
ani^CHl, ct(th«l ^l^l(Ai, >t»ll5l «iiii «l(li aH«lcll 

MR iPl^ anH Sictmicni; ovRl <Mi(, <§MR «{1CHI, 

KlSi ^itfii^iticii vi'ii, ^i^i an^ ^lii tjicawitn'ft 

|=ll<n=tl«li, 1 2(1 ^i ^at C-tloil an^^ ^ 2(1 <^|. 

^^ Mi^i^ni ^K d. ildil^ MUi«?i2(l MW^i 3 

2a M 'i^y Kli^lC-fl ^IH §. "ilSaKl HHJilHl 'i^l 
MtJl *llH%ll>fl an^ (3=0 atdcfl MnKl KlatHl %iMl- 
/\aH <n6lR Klli^dl ^IH S. Ml't'O SMR'a «Ml<A 
«(A 1 «a{V(l MM ^IH aH<l ^MIH ^. ^£t Ml- 
■Sli3J'li2a «<<3ii <^i<hm ^IH & H "^tni "i Rldl ^IM 
^. aJi dUHl^l ^I^IR<3J I'wiW «HCH-«H$t«ie.a«il 

^-^iM^lpft ^nai-'iyi an^ MH. 




^^isisHi §M^ ^iM-SHmi 2Hl^ S. an-ii ^il MH 

^-^^Ki-;!'!^ »1^ ^'il Hl§>ii 541'iW «<1=hH1 
SH sf^ei, 1\h% i?Mih 5H^ Sii:Q^lMi «11H 6. 

1^-N". O. Tiliacete. 
<H3i-(i(il4i^-3l3l/l, ^?ll^ sH^ WW^l -Hal 

3HI =t3l>ti -j^l, ^ijcii an^ ^((^Irti SuciiShi 
Sim 'S. anl '\^\'^ ^'t^Mfrl^i M141 =(lsi|i ^*t 

MH anicl'^ SHStHl %im%iRi ani^ ^. an^ cl 
«isi aH«lHl -iJit^ftaHiaMiciiy^i ^m -J. @MMH 
'lliiil'ti ^IH S, ^ «^^'^l cl^cl ">H^ «nH ^. ^o 

aHSlK «lil«li (valvate-ifeiai'ft >i/l =ticril ^m 
cMl^ ^[\ aHRoU ^il^i ^^ rI M* ci»l) ilH 
§. \^o anOHo "SmKl MNilaMl 3 2(1 M ^R ^, 
aH«l'-tl ?iS«i ^ic(l «i2fl. ct (S'H^lS'Hr: ( imbri- 
cate-H^'ii »H^iM"< 'ttAlani ^lui y<«ii <§H^l<3M< 
SHl^iHi ^IH Wi ciM) aH«lHl ^^M^ ilH 'S, ct 
H%hi\ Ml^Al ^^iHl an^ *t«ll^ ■«iiat=lltf[l ^IH 
6. :!il%l^l Hi^i ^IH §, ct ans %tMl<i ^HH[ 
'^m KlStncft if^lSl (Toras)M^2(l Kli^lc-ti ^IH 
§, ci "c^ii (free) ann^ll M^H^'*'^ (pentadel- 
phous) ^IH '5. aHrii ctcjaiHl Hi^i^ "il^i iRi 
<^=ll ilH S. an^ cUlM^ ?.-Ml«t^L«Al M^l'l^m 
ani^etl ^IH ^. ^1"I%1^ 1 §IH S, ci^i ^ ?(l lo 
^ISl ^IH S. 3tC-l '^"b anSiqi ^«(h| ^IH §. ci 
^HRil^il (dehiscent-MlciiKl >l5l (sH-SHl^) 
aH«i=ti »>l(HilJlll (indebiscent-MlrtlKl >ic?i 

an^ an i\Ss >A^Mi Hl4i^ aMi ^ ^^[\ »{\<v ^[n g. 

wil 'H'I'fl tW^MfclHi M>ii anV^HlH ^ii^ C-taiWl 
Ho \^ 41 'Ho'iMiKl 'H'l^'Mrct'il 3^1^ <^<Hl d. 

l-^ll^1«4 rii^i-Grewia populifolia, 
^t^il'd-H. I. p. 385; N. p. 38; Watt. 
IV. p. 182; ^. Pi. Ml. iv\. 

(?io) ^"r, iiiJtjf (He) Jiinfl, g?5^^t, iiFi^an 
(i|o) nfqw, ^»ra^r, =^:'i5c5r (^o). 

s^d <3=Hi «11H §. ct«{l «U-«Jii5ii -4^141 ^Hl 
d^^il <n><l -{Is^fi S. Hi^ tli^ficii^ rt^i anouai^ 
aniil aM^lt/ft ^liviia^ll H<ai ^IH §. ci2(l an ^^u^ 
H14 %iSR <H131^ H2(1. ■hl^ MK^cni H 416141 ^IH d. 
^C-t Rltni ^3141 sy^l ^qiftlct <^J an^l a^^iu >l(^4Wi 
aMK §. an^l f^lMl^H Jn^cti ^C4 Mli^ <f4H W*. 

aii c>5Ucii4l "Smta (JH^m Pl^m i=(l ctRl^- 
(cl4l=;< "Hlfa ani^C-tl ^IH ^. 

^<:A-»vHl4 aH4 :^U=ti4l ilHl^lHi <Mii ^llH 
^. ct IisJ^'^hAr aMlilUll > (&l«i «v"=li ii^-Sl ^IH 

^. ct msji c-ihi ami ^ih ^. ctMi2(l >dsii4 

iUlSil Kli^lcHl ^1*1 ^. ^i^cnKl SM^'fl wic-t 
■^H-S^natil an^ Qi^^l ^'iHl ilH ^. 4 M a^i:^ cl 
^ctW^cll ^^iKl, aioiicfl, ^%l(H^ ^IH §. ajict^. 
WIC4 sjlil^li^ctl Hl'^l -^JlKl, ^%ll=tiaO ^ H<^fl M<?/<*irl 
^IH §. aJirQ qi^ (|ii a^Pl r^ii =flil«5{ctl f^^t 
^K S. ^Vi^l anfii SIM S^ 6vicli ci^ Slli^ «(a»;^ 
aH4 aiijisR ^>HlH Wi. ci fe(^ i^i^J ^IH §. 

MiJl fn^lH i=(l ci4i >ica^ M«ll<?i2(l aniil anwl 
Hl^fl «ll>MiaHl ^S<?lC-{| §IH S. an ^imiaMRlJd 

lit) ^ii^Hi (&i«i4i ii^i 1 tii«t 5y=n Mil «iy 

,siil;i ^M Mil §. an^ ci^i2(l Mt^ a^lil aHc{Cfil 
■^iefli ^ll^^HlSil '{licn S. ci f^i i^'{\ ^iH ^. 
"SRfA «ll>MiaHl^l ij3l «{lS^l ^IH S. ^ Ct4lM^ 
ctRl^(cl4U;= qitfl ani^sil ^IH §. ^ll'^l'O Wist H^ 
Mivoict ^ ^^l^liyil ^IH S. 

"Hin-aHin^ ani^CHl §IH S. ct |; ^ \ 'h 
ll^at eihi an^ "KiHl ctiC4i<v Ml^ltfli ^IH i^. 
3l5i<a4l oiim.Ui (&M?li Ml^p »i(fHl i^cj ^IH ?i^ 
ffvallaH "Sl'eTqR n4i M.14 \\^ 3 ^a» Slhi an^ 
CH3l(H3l cid<ai<V Ml^l'^i ^IH §. ^ ci «l^Ri3l Ml4 

i^ni Midtfii ^'S ^I'l'ai ^m S. «imi-m ^a 

aHi(V aiU^i aH?l=ll «ll>HW Ml4 rt^6"HR SHliR4i 




Sim §. "^dstii MW ff? ca^l «ii">Hi'^i'{l \^i^ 

MK <V^l a^ii ^ ""H^^i ^IH ^. <1'{1 ^UM^ si^l 

^m §, an^ cicii ^^^i <v-<i aHi^fliwi ^ih §. 

•UHKI iliil^ ^8|l^«a MH^i 3 «a M 'i^l 

«ll-«Hl5ii Pi MH Klica §. ;t <yi«a <v H^H HR«il 
S^dl^ «(A1 M<^ 'Wi^h d. aH«l<4l "HHKl =itl>l^l 

^i'M<Hl^^lH-'li M^l Mi^t §IH §. ^ T 

^. <i «n6R'<l "iio^ c-Oc-ii ^'kI an^ ^e( ^\i 

^IH ^. ct'ti ^^'Hi ani t>{|Tyi[Pl "HOisQ %-ii ^m 

Sli \tA 0(125 SHM aH^5j?l svH 'V*! ani "H^lKl 
^Mlo^aHi -"^(K-fl «tcfl J^<1H ^ ci»l clH ^o s>i9■^.o 
'SlH'ft ■Hi">Mila>ll rUl 'llcARi^l <n6R HlifAcft 
ani^ 6. an^ ^=1^ rl'iR M^l'O «^log an^^^'Hl 

ani wflff^eft "t^di Mil «tH §. 

cl ^ M^Hl siltflRi ani^C-fl ^IH^. »ii Ml'^iil- 

^IH ^. ^ ciM^ Hl<ni VHl "tl^i M^PlSlM 
ani^lStl ^IH §. 

«Kl«l '.'l^l ^ ^M^ ^IcaKl ^=ll<n aHl^«(l ^IH S, 

5^<li <VRl Sliofl ^ avtil ^W $. ^^ ^>H ^IMS( 

T/3 an^ <:-{lsti ^'i^ ^iH ^. 

^ n @M^ i^aA«fl Mil «nH d. »-li M«l ci 

ct'-ii»v a^tfik-ii ^^ S. K'^ ^ «fl V ["^QtRr-iicnl, 
^ 3 €ii?A c-Hi^fii ^m §. ci'{l SM^'ft wi<H 

ilil HlMcli ci'tl €^Jt R9iRlHi«(l anSsit ij«3l 
i«AlaHi cfls^l igi. n 5is ^i aH^(l«lcll ^IH ^. 
an Sc^lani^ rilictl d>li "i ogSl ■>Hi ^'^IH d. 

an s^i ■«>i-$»ii2(l anas *4l9/ Hli^i d. iwi s^ei 

yi^li aflii^i 7[ ,^[ ^iM yi. M«^ \Ci W. <Ml^ 
•v^l fljli ^ "^Hi^^^i CHl^l ». rt ^ilMl My^ 

«(l<V-^lfai -<3Ki ^R W. rt \ «(l \^ CHl'd'l 

c-ihi ^ \~ «0 \ c-ii'J'i Mi'^ifni ^iH &. ci «^<v 

a^Mdi ^ ci^ aJii w^ an^P *^IH d. ci^l aniiR 

an^ (hM6^. 

=•1^41=0 "^if&IS! d^^ "(l'^ =l«H3li yi^l aHMlH 
&. 3Rlil^ ^ Mll^n^i H^l^ 5^ (Vdiq^Hl 
J.^tM^ aiiMilH S. 3l»l<n'li MK Mll^flMi =tl<n^ 
"^l/lW lili^ qMRIH ^. MH^l ^« «li^ «R 
M^ll'^ an^ il^6'{l «H(art^lM^ aHMR d. an^j 
^St anPl iiaii SfC-t M<^ Jl^6=tltni^ «15^ «l8l 
M^i^lH 6. a'l^l/lrii s^c-t^ ai5lii i"^ 6. ri Ml> 6 
<3<l^ ai^n ^l"ll ^m rt^^ ^MlH S. aJirii ^CH 

=(lS(Sji Mi^l !j^«i C-llil g rt«ft ^l«i <^^ >HIH 
d. Jl^l/lKl •cSlCH'fl Qi>A 5>t an^ «li^ «l8l 
^l(Ki cl^"^ aHMlH ^. ctHl a*ict^wiSl^i«(l ^«i 

Kli^i $. ?i m^s^ ^\, ^m in^[ :\ oidst^ii 

^iH 6. ci «i^R«^ ^i^ 'n-ii-nnul ilM^ll ani^ 

^. 3i3i/l^ cHii^ -^cai^^a ^lui ^m ^. ci'fl ^mni 

I ^[""i^tiKl c-iisil nni^ 6. »">-m(hhi liiviMi aiSl/l^l 

I m, 2i<Mii n<nct^i ci«ti ctiH^ >^^li S." 



^iliy^'H^, 'iqHl'l, S^HW^CH H^l^ oyamsHKi ^>^^l>li 

Si '{Ic-t^QR, tf^"^ H^H ^m, "SlSiai, M«l'>i 

«HCHI «!. Si 211^ m^Hi ?ii3j Sii WiyW Hl^Hl 
^. «9^l W"!^ v\. 

•^ Si^ SjCH R. «n Y SwilaHl'-llfJi ^IH ^, H^A Si^i ^n 

ai^l/l'ti s^c-t^ Hi«ii «ii"Si ^ftsi<l5lqi i^ §. "^Mi 

"VillSil^i |lH g. ct?(l ^asi^ ^l^Sll ell"^lPl splil 
'H^RKI 'H'^nn <^3i4t>i[ (Hi5\l ct>H<l Jc^'Hl^ ^IH 

«151 ( fifCH^l:^ ). 

t-^ll^'l«4'llH-G. salvifolia ? 
i^l-a-H. I. p. 386; Watt. IV. p. 182. 

vm^i 6 m \^ ifld §a<i MLH §. ctKl ^ll^HlSil 

H^ifl ^I'^l^Hl '>i«U»{l ilH S. ani^ft Si ajl^qi^ 
^«ll«i «M*Ml «Mld S'niH d. Ml-i ahi, ^CH ">{l(Ai, 

alRl^ «Hl^ aHl c^U^ MK an^ ^C-l?(l (H^IM^ 

^,iH §, (Hi^ Sim^ ^Hi etms; JitT^^ d. ^c-t 

H^li ^iMi anSi^Hl <H^ q^^l^ aniH 0. an^ ieC-l 

^«l-c«U a^^ tr^Hl'l'tl ilHUiiJMi ^M^ an^ iHi$i 
^IH S. Si^i?(l dhl J^idlSil Kli^lCHl ilH ^. ^ cl 
KiilSilHi^^ nifls ^«l ^H{ sAiSil !(UlSil H>3i 

Sia\l ^^iKl ^ anciVrSlsl ^\i ^IH d. ci M<iv«tct 
^«Wlw(l ilH §. cirft m%t (33^ an^ ^^l£ 

^JlHl^lH d. aH^«U">MlSiiM«^Hl4i^ ci<lo)^^lH $. 
1W(A ^U">HlSilM^ ^ItAl "5 <1HW\(laHl VWl ^l^Hl 
^'-tl^ a>ilM ^IM ^. -Si^ an^ ^U^lSiiH^'d WlSt 

a @5iirti <3Tt^iTt^ ^i "{I25 <3m;i m-s ani^c-ii 

§IH Si^ M^-^l ^1 <3=^1 S. SH^lla Si tflCH^i 

§. iHS^ M'^'-'^rt, <Hl^ anPl ?il'Ji ^ Mlqi^t^ctl 

■mrl-anict^ aniHC-ii §IH S. ct R. «(l 3 1 "H ^^i 
CHhi ^ \ «(l ^T ^=H Ml^l^i ^IH S. ^'ft "iR 
JR^JR an^ ^^Hl an^PMl'Ai "S {^^i ^l^ ^. ildil 
MW MK'ft ^R n'im RhM ^IH Wi. MUKl ildil 
an^ HIM «Ml^M^ ?il'^l ^1<A'{1 |=ll<n Siiiijt 
5^1«a ^IH §. an^ ili^^ »i«ll^l«ft ^141 ©(HI 'i^i 
MHMi 3iil«fl liH ^. ci -Hl-iKl KIM ^Ml/lM^ 

^Ht^d ^n n^R Klstacfl im d. muKI Sm^'A 
%lMl<A^l 5:31 «l^i «fl^i ^ HlM^i sO^i ^l5il ^IH ^. 
MK ^ilH S cHl^ §M^ il«ai 815^ «nH d. ciKl 
'■M'^ =WMl^ ■•H^^ld ^IH §. Hi^ <3M^'ft «Ml^ 

Mlcfft ildil'll «tiMi %iSi^ <3MMH §IH e. 
ci S^i ««flH^ 'i'^l ^^l '^I'l ^- k''^'^ ^"i^ 

^HWl -<3l J/Hi ^l(Ai ^IH §. ^^l ^■'Hm X ^ 
I ^a^ ^d^l an^ nKl 'll^ Hl^%lMl\<AHi l^'H'fl 

•^•^H'Hl^'^lH-'ll M^l 'Hi=U ^IH S. ci R<MJsn 
aH«iK ^i <Kl<Jn^ "^ii ilH «i. c\ 'flSm WMl^Si 

S. ci MmilSii^n '4hi an^ anici^ ani^c-ti §IH §. 
Si f.^Jt M^M^ HlM %iMl^Si Qijd (^^sa an^ 5t»^ 



c^K iiM S. ci^ MH\(i[ c-dsii^^iai -"-a'Ai ^^i;^ Mi2< 
«i,<l <^^vi sH^'Hi ♦ctiRi^Rwi %is^ qm ^IH ^. 

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@M^'{1 Wist il^ 'll">H<li =>i£^?ll «HRdl i^llaHl 
<v=tl 5ils1 in StfflsHl Kli^ S. d^ ciUcli ct»ti«(l 
aJii "^ 3\ o{ls/ rflssCfi g. i(AlaHRi 1 «(1 :^ ■>H^ ^IH 

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>il^l^ ^IH §. n^ aHJf Si anl^n ^IH ^. 

an^ »{l<rn 5^ <f/4l=t^Hl f.« (§M^ aiiMilH ^, 
ft*l ft ^i-^l «isl H^^ ^^RiR'tl ^iJvl <lM^ 

J(| §. cl siSliiKl ^"^ ^i^l >MIM s. «niia^i 

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§31 g. ?lt Mtaj aHlR<Jtliili <^.^^lC-tMi'{\ HlnioJR^ 
Sil an^ €\M-Sj5^'tl ?ili>ti, nHff/ cilV'^flMl <!Y3l€t 
"Ml^l ^ct^ an^^ 'Hl^^^ldl ^0(11 \ii^^ anfell^. 
sJ^^ iil, cl»t<v sivil, '^H\i[ SH?. ^(H<t«^ I'lR'fl 
Mli^l an^ M-SHl<lM^ Rt^lH i^ ^^I/Hi Mi^i 
§3ic-li svl=lRi ani^ $. 5l (^l^Kdl niH^H anl^ 

sf^itaj Mfe^i Qti'mi «tiH $. 

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^/^ C-ft^ «tlH ^, »tl^ 5i::i ^l^lil i^ctl «&?i. 

'H^il |»l^ ^ml\'i\ C-tliil Hl^ il(«<i d. 
ma I^RMl^d SlflMlHli a>i^ iiuy^lrHl H'^iyiW 
OtPlRi ^yi/ldl C-tliilSll «tH d. 5ii^a>' rt(^ 
M>4l ^^I'm^'i ^l"^l M<«J ^^l/lKl CHlsil felt^n 
M^« i^ ct F^stlMct ^li?l 'S. ^^l/l^ti stlSii^ 

^K-{i« ^ ai^iM i^Hi^a ^ (^I'-ft sici ??i c-n^ ^ 

=4f'lid «tlH d. ri Ml^ clKl M^S^ft §. 

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«tl*t $, 1 ciPl ^l^ Ji'^W itS^k («^ 1&oy)>ii >iR 

'■4?.^ ='=^^-t^«tH^ ^s 5i^lic^l%l ^(dfOi *t«l«0 d. 

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tll'^l drt^ «i. s'lil/l'd C-tlsM SQ»trt 1 aHHi«(l 
V anm %iHl «llH ^. wHl^ ^^'fl C-lliil ol 

«fl \ ^Mi5t 1 d«a hmi^ a M «a =10 ^>(i5i 

^yiilKl C-tlsilPl say^i ^,{1^ a,t;i >i^i^>tj 

Mi-M c-iisil i^ d. an^ mTi § 1 aaHl cniiil 

wHl ^IH ^i %IM aHl<l ^ijtctl K^l. 

HOI (Ci[il5l:ta) 

t-J^U^l'lH'lR-G. tiliajfolia. 
tSl'ct-H. I. p. 38fi; N. p. 37; Watt 
IV. p. 183. 

* 'cS'^MPi^il t,M"l*li T^l^ SHI ^=l^«<W'ti cfHlM \Q^<X 

ff^n«li Vi«ti U^ ^'iwi 'Hi^^i (irti, c*ii^ t>fl«i ^ii^wl 

5, Hl2: 6H SH 5ji:jwi ^^ o\^ rtH ota^iH an^ qitl^l 
«Hi ^y«H. 1,1^101 5 R{l^i^n1 <Hi4sT ^ iH^ii ^innl 

^yi^ni sjiinRwi Pi?iH Hi^i 8t=ii^ srtiji cital 

viH\ -Hibn •••ti ^l"^^!-! SilJl M%1« S< &. an^ dH 
hQ. ^^iM CHlSil ilM^tmi clnl MW»fl ^IMl^HlrQ 
%ll«l <r«t4l ^imwi Mljl \S 4Wl Hli Ql^n MM^lWi 
SHl^ 5. aH3« ^ aHinwi ^IMl •Ulctf^l illH ell Ut?ft 

H« rtnl iiil "*i«i ^icfl <r/Kln>ii«A hi'O. «lniHi anin 

W. Mi^ ani «t«-^ 5ild«(l ^^iM C-tliil SlH«tl»ti ^'ti 

iiiiHi^i h5[\ 'ii^i «tw 6. Mi? ^'d «iiiil iivcti 

ii-fl m=fl ntil ■?IMI •! ilM'-fl, rt^ff/ '^'ti JtlitR 

■♦i«i>ti«n vi^ «l3 ^ ^a*l. 



(flo); ^H^ (ffo); ^^, 5?^^ (to). 

<v^ «ll->Ml5il Kli^iC-ll ^iH §. Miij ct <M|Vii iVl 

Select! Ml^ §. 

iHhl si'leil ^IH ^. 'i^l'ft wist H^|l H<vuict an^ 
=(l=ld ^^^yfl ^IH d. Slllil Hl4 iji^l ^IH S. 

<H*Hl =ltiil WImI H"nci ani^C-ti ^IH ». "SlMtA 
«l'«iiaHl eflsil^^ctl ^[ ?pi<{\ ^IH ^. ^ cl'llM^ 
«{l<Hl«4lctl ^^l > clH>4l^3Hl ^3Hl 2i(nscll 3Q=il- 

«lil, =ftSHfl 2H^ Hi^ft M<vaicl ^«l=liaft ilH 6. 

"mcl-aHict^ =Hl^5li ilH d. ci ^ ?ft M ^at 

C-thi 3>1^ \^«<l 3 £l=H Ml^ltAi ^IH §. clKl @M- 

^Hl %iMiiT ^^i «flc-ii -^'iKl ^ KlSi'ft K'Isi ^i«ai 

aniM im d. ^ <3M^'ft ^MldlM^ ^di ^di 
<1l^l|(rl'tl iy^M =llfA SHlH^l ilH ^. clKl iliil 
\m 1 ^=H Stl*^ 2H^ ^lUlKl ^<Hlil2ft (Jt:^lH<:-{l 

rmi %llM%llMl Hl^i^ ^S "{I5? -i^l «isi svt^l- 
HC-d §IH 6. MI^IH:! IRMR i^=lcl ^=11 tidl ^IH 
6. ^ ^fldil \l^ rt'O llR r=WH §IH S, ^ ?i 
<v3iiaH ll^M^ Sicil ^Idl 'iSft. MH-ii ^^=li ^tlSii 

Siicarti ci ^i^i c-ti^i S, ci^i ^<his 4lsi^i ^ 

rfti^l d. ti llvJnR ^ «ft 3 aH«lHl n'-ft H^l^ 
2iS(V Mtll«SiMi«ft -{liM ^IH d. ^ 7 ^=H«ft 

ani^Sfl ^IH d. SH^ ^M^ ^At^Q n^l S'»Hlc(l ^IH 
d. SXS »tl<\ ««l1^ M8il5l 3 > ^im^ H'^^M^l 

ani^sti ^w ^. 5hPi ciKl =ia5l«ft t^tiHi 3 ih 
Kls^i^ii ^iH §. ^cH'ft il^il %t(/(l i^ni ^i/l an^ 

MWtffl ilH '5. ^lil'fl itfllM^ M«i <H(SiR«ft §9(1 
'lyi ^""ilH «!. ^ei "i^^Hl ^«li :^3Hi ^iH g. 
ct'ii^ft «§»»' M^^ 'Hl^ KlSCfl ^. 

H^W "Ii^rKI "ilog 9i_^l --tlcA'ft ^=tl<il aHR«fl §iH ^l 

n aHJ^Kl 'niog «{l«i Pi ■^(ai ^m ^. ct ^tijsii an^ 
^ «ft ^ ^'-^ eti<^i ^iH ^. n^ S!l ^h ani^ft 

^. ci'ft Mi'^ilaHl ^o "tlo \VA^[ M^l i^rti ii/l 
^IH §. ci'li ^^-Hi lib' MmilHi <^l[ -WGd «iil«ti 

/l?ft aHia-«l(i<1 ^^i[l ^IH §. 4(c-ts,l <V^l avtil ^ 
Ji'S^^l tfJ'iC'fl eti^ft ^IH d. ct aSti <nio9 or^.1 
'iihVSV^ ^IH §. ci^ ^^\.(^ atM^, allcaiSR, 

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?lctl ^3Hi stfc) ^H §. ci olicniW ^cti, M^-il 
£H3il«ft >ildi, aH-«t<i aH«iqi S^ (HOtWctlcai ^IH 
§. J^C-t ^ilHl \^ ctMWl it41aHl H"SJl %i"^ct H'S 
«tH §. ^^ ciUdi ct»ii dl^'tl "«h1i ^"^MIH ^. 

o(l(V-^8fH ^ctl«€lctl <?i^l ^si'ii ^IH §. 

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=(l«ii^l ^« <ni<V^Hl Hli.'Hi di^ ct ^3^(^^Pm^ 
aHMlH S. HlMi^lKl WlSt^ qi/1^ «M(nct^l »lcfl 
^IH an-Hl ^l"fH^ ni^ §. itlHiSiKl WlStMl^ft 
^«l Hls^l d, n H«^l ^<vutct, d^M, €thl an^ 
91^1 i^Hl ^IH ^. ct>ti«ft ^1<1 anPl -^MliC-tl^ qi^ 
'H'tl^ §. i<^lil etl^l anHl aHft^«ic-t C-tlS4Hl 

cticieil H<ail ^IH ^. ct«ft ct il^lcA '^•HmmHl 

homi m^k IV ani^ ^il S. m^ ctKl ^i^ H<^fl 

aH5[li«i'tl S^M^ ®St/l i^l"H=tl iHlM^ ^. itlMi^l^ 
CHli^ »liV0lct, 9tl^ ^ ^\i Im. ^, ctdi "^ISlwd 
Rsi^'tl 6WI "idt^ d. V-ni^ Sll^l Mldl-il ^y(l 

<v3iiaH qiM^ §. ftiHt^j'ii c^li4mi«ft "^idetiKl 



■>HiH ^. 'nmt^j-i 61154, ''51'^ ^"^ ^''^ "^'^^ '^^''^ 
•>H=tRir-tmi 5Hi^ $, H«ft 9tyiMi iH =iR §, »hh 

S^ 0. W'l-MplHl |iltA>ti iHRi^jKl «ll>Hl5il an^ MH 
(H?ll [=t^^ ^l^l^ ^''i^ ■'HH^lH'HlMi SHWrti (&rli. 

<tetisi tl!;55d 'ii'id '^^ "^3 VVimi^ri %i -^^^ 
km% 'fiW^P h31^ M 'ii^i H«JH^ <3M-<«a 

t-^U%(l<4«ilH-G. villosa. 
t'^dl-ct H. I. p. 388; N. p. 38; Watt. 
IV. p. 184. 

ei«iwi c«u ( h''^ ). 

3_et4'i-'Hll"4-JWi ^(^"Hi V «(l ^ !(^i (32{i 
ctil S. ctMi 'Hi«>{l ctWl -^^l 09'*' «ll'^l»Hl 
Hli!<?l d, aH«lHl "^IW^R H<^ «ll">HiaHl <{lst/n 

^Ml M««i ^Hl 3l»l«{l svtHWi anl^ d. MW ^litfiiy 

^cii«6l<:ft dM!Am<Ai ^(Al vwi ani^ §, anPt \H 
%i[ii % ^RKi 'ni'i <v<Hi »11H S. ci 5ilHl«i 

aH4i JiU-HlM^ «n*Hl eti<H) ^HlfAl ^tiyiKl iV9l«l 

^<A-Sid ^cHiHja 4 *(1 1 ^ I? y,i "^i^ 

iv^fHni Scl^^ ^IH S. dMi«(l "Hl^t Sllili «til 

3l?l!Hl §IH ^. ^ica M4>(lc-t>-fl ani'luQ ^ 'H'^Hci 
(iW-Hi 'V^ <!A^ (|lH Wl. ciHl vsiCH <n6U^ 
91^1 531'0 "^Irt^^^iwd ^IH §. ct ^W^ aH?^«ft 

inil anl^ Qi^^l ^^iKl ^IH d. «ll">HiaHl "f^rl^C-l'-ft 
da^«{l aHi'lf^n ^<l «lil 3H^ ^ctl%l?lrtl O^^l ^'iKl 
^IH S. ctMR aHi^lffd l^^tdi ct -^^^d C-tlSl d. 
cl %m ovni a^M^ ^'iC-O ^IH S. "SRta ^imisMl 

cllcriKl V<5l'A aniM §IH 6. iiil 1 «U>HHl 3li(a 
OtPHl an^l ilM S^ ^cll?ft WlC-lPll <n6R^l 
ati <?i^l ^31^1, ans^^l C-fl^tl, C-tlSii^i ?ll5ll Vi7{ 
stliii =t5-5m 3UQ<l^l =Hi «{l^l 1'>HIH S. ci "Ji^- 
ll[b il^l^d lyficti C-tiiii^t ail; Hi^ii t/ti^di fosi- 
cii5ii an^l oii(Hl^l >lwi (m>SI<H1311 ^"'MIH ^. iiH aH^ 

=(lHi ilH ^. =tl%l <§5t an^l RrcllS aftii^ll I^ (J^^l ^IH S. 
Hl«i-=Hicl^ anl^C-ti ^IH ^. ci \ «ft 3 €1=1 

aHl^n-Hltai aH«lHl ^lltAlSjCirli ^IM ^. an^ clKl 
"Sir iliil Ml^ R<HlPicl aM^ (hHH (oblique) 

§. cilM>3J SMRKI ^Ul^ >H^«d ^IH ^. MH-O 
^•u-H \[zi ri^i rflSirO «-4t.naH <n(&R HiifAdi an^ 
(SM^Hlan a>ij^ «\«c(l ^IH 6. aH 'lyiM^ KlSl'ft 
^Ml/lSi C-ll'-Hl ^tKAKl ^WlfA ^IH §. Si ^■vwi 

'i^^i'ii =i2ic-ti siitniSimi'ft sA^fl ^i^li «i^ anPi 

aniil ^IH d, ci Sii iiy-i\ 't^i^i^d rftstfil "(l2i)^ 
H^n ^. ani 'l^Hl ilRiaMl'O «Ml^M^ Ri^M ^^i 
ciiCA^ aHM^ ^IH S. MI'ISM^'O «HI/IM^ ^At^fl 



W!. MH^ aii(/iqi2fl ^ai[cii -41,1:1 in^cft qi^ «{li5i 
^. 5M^ R:=llS fl^l ^ -^1^6 iHl^ §. 

Sj^cl -"i^ «nH 6. 

€li«{l ^IM ^. n 'Jl Mmi 3UCAI'{1 'H=^^ 5H«l^l 

§IH §. ^C-t'fl ildil ^(/(l i^di MWtffl an^ H14- 

i^ ciiC-Oiv <!\M[ iiH wi. 3H^ ct^R^ ci=iiiv qitf\'{\ 

§. ci c-in^lm ^ cHi ^^=ti «isii =hi^Q€R ^ih ^. 

sHiM ^I'J ^. ct •^dtni ^^iHl ^ ciHi ^icii «iiisii 

;!il^"^i-3iwi §iH §, ci ""(icai k^i-il ^iM 6i. 
ct ^o 5Hio limi M^i«(l ^5l ^ ■Mi'^il^ft stNi 

^^•H anPl c{3M^ <^^^ U^IHC-ll ^IH S. 

c-thi Hi^aKl |w»icn^ 5Hi=-*csi(ici ai^leli ^ih ^. 
€<Hi Mltni viKl ^K fe«. ct ii^^^cijj^d <^{[ iiH 

6. an^ ci^ M81l<?l Stlt-t ^3ij^ 5^>H 5HlH^ ^IH §. 

SjSi-il»lM «(lsil i'Hi ^ ctM^ <Hhl -HlcaKl |vsitA 

^IH ^. M«^ Mil: Wi cHl^ ci ^Ictl Wi ^It) <^H 

d. ^ ct <:t>H^ 5iM^2(l CHi<Hl V<:5l<A "^M^^-ll >til ^. a^H 

XchHI wic-ch:^ an Hm KlaiHl ancifl <iy41 (§c*a \i^ \i\ 

«tH d. ct^ft ani =l>Hcl i^StM^ anisiaU l^ci^i ^rfl 
«Ml<n >H^«i C-tPl §. 5^C-t^l aniiR silCAiy&lcil H 
§M^«(l oy^l a^M^l ^IH d. ci^l e>Ml« | ^ai^^l ^IH 
§. ^CHKI (SM^'fl Wl€t "VRli Sl«Mcli cl «Mdj/l^ S^lil 
<f»tH §. ciHl a>i£^ ^«^Hl Vl^l 31<A ^IH 6. ci 
aitn^l an?^ atR ^ajlani an^l ct qa-2l <S\m \m 
ilH §. an ^«i an^l ana il^ 'll'>Hcti aH»lhl 

5^1^ SfAlaHl ^dl Ml «!. an S^i i(Alani 1 ^at 
c^i"il an^ 1^ C-llfcH Ml^l<?ll ^IH ^. cl Hi^l i^i^l 
^ Ml«ll Wl ^IH §. rt 5iJ, ri:^^?a >l|<v Hii- 
Htacil ilH §. S^'ft WMlil Sll«ilHC-{l ^IH §. ai^Kl 
c^iSiiciat 5ii §9(1 rfli; ^IH §, <v M^i aJt'=Qiv 

■Hl^l an^l :i<His "vHi^l^^i ^IH ^. 

<Hl«>'-i(alaHl^ Qiiilcti ct>ti«fl 1^ R. "HliV 'fljol 

§. ct ov^i i^iai iiH §. ci (lit -Siitfii ^^iHi, \1 

CHlW'i eihi ^ \ SllW't ^l^ltfli ^IH ^. ct «i'^ 
Ml^ %lisv '4Mii §IH 6. ci^ aHjt SI ani^Q ^i 
"{l^ iltai^&l^l <^^l 2^UC-ll ilM ^. Si a{U€ti?(l 
cl anl^fl ^Hl ^Kl Ml-lfAl 1l^ SlJs <^l -<3l'{l 

^-<3'H*ll^l-aM'li ^taKl «IC-I^l 5i=tl<H an^l 
il^l ajl^l ^ WA^ti^ dM^ aHlM=lRi ani^ g, Pi 

"hIm^KI «ist ®^^« an^ tficflrti s^^im;; mqi hmrih 
§. ci'ft cllSi/ «lSt^ Mli^dMi ^Itfll cl^l ^« *lli^'0 
yi«l M^^l an^ M^ll<nKl 3l^Hl<Hl<ai^ M=llM d. 

anKl ^iil an^ t9ic-i^i?(l ^%ii -{licfi §, -v oiji^i. 
elcll ^mi, ib[ M<3i Hivj^cl ^IH ^, ct ^l^ 
'H'lRHKi ilH^i aHK S. cHi MH ^ llMtfj 

aMl R:HR:«tL4'li §lfll "Hl^Mil i^ ^, ci ?l=ll cl^"^ 

^S-^^l«ii-^^ctlaHl*{l "llogaH, -HlilaJilKl <Hii 

Mi^, kitni ^ wct^i "iiW'ii 'T'lcaiaHRi, an^l ii^- 
Hi(4\ svMl'tM^i Mil"<H^i'ii <ai<5'-ii d^icti sMmi 
anR §. 5i sf^Qj an^ m[^m (ie^w»il ^tiH 0. 

^-Cn^HCHHai'i-Mll'nil'ti !(CHH i=.»>li ^- 
«ii i^ S. ct Qjiv clR5[ "i<i «11M ^, ^ cMi«(l 
^i-S^ ^ ii^l ct^!c ^i ^^l <^^^ ^H ^. Stigiv 
'ife M>^, llfcl llW qR ct ^nW ^m M<31 shIj 

'tmW Pi ^i^i d^l"^ i^^yfl ^ii^^ki c^l^ $. an 

^ whI "{125 H-i^Mfcl «ilil (§51 ^ cIm<v «i25i>l( 
Mlt^a ilcj -l^a cWl »»'^l2i PlIlH S^ §31 d, 
M«l aii'ti \SiMi ail^l ^ii^J ^^$ll ^ 1, ct ■«Hl'Ht«ft 
cliSlKl aHJi:^ ^<{l vi^\ <vi^lc(l ri?(l. an^l ail^[ 
\'H >Hlt)Pl i«{laHl ^l(Jlli l(i«{li=tR ^1->mI ^JtHl^fl 
^ll-tWi anHl ani'-Hl i^ 6, anPl Mi^/m ct^« ^^m. 




V^t JMlii W^^ ci<l ivSllSl r^^Ml-^ i^C-fi (&?l. 

"i-^ll¥l«l«ilH-G. hirsuta. 
l-^dl-ct-H. I. p. 391; N. p. 38. 

cilMi^J =imi^ R^l'H ^IH &. ct'fl iiil a>i^ «U'«il2Hl 
4i>il <n!|m AJA ?M «U">Hl Stlrt^!^ c-{«ilW (MH M*. 

SlUl "(liM s^idl M<^ 'dicfisii ^iH g. :»i(A'{l WlC-t 

an^a 5?<l 5H^ ^U'*Hl^l ^Ct'4l?(l ■<&ii.^'\ aycfl 
6, 'n^Ml ctRl^fcUl 'Hm Mm ^IM ^. 

^ dMHi Mw M «ft \ ^2* c-ihi Pi ^ «a 3 fiai 

^. MH'ft ^RMR "ll^S ii'l^ ^IH d. ^ ildil 
^ an^flSR $.IM ^. iliil ^1 etiW'i«ft ^ 1 y 

C-llVJ'l CHi«{l ^IH 6. rtPl M«ticri?(l 3 -H^l 'Osvfl 

"HltflKl ^<Hl^ ani^C-fl ^IH §. ^c-lHl itfll 5l«H3ll(A, 

M«ii5i ?a|l an^ <?i,^i«elcti km •Hica'fl i«ti<il«ft 
andc-fl t^Hl ^^m«fl ^w '5 ^ ci :^3\ Eii(/(l ^-utiH 

^'^■Hl%M'-Cl'^"llH-Mia( •Mi^MilaMl^l '>i^^\ ^IH 
^. Mmil sttn^liwi an^ cHi ^^<h( <!iji ^IM 6. 
Mi"«Mil cttfflaHl ct^lii ^^^S a{tairtl "Hl^lKl l^tldl^ft 

%Cl^^^-^ iiM §. ci^i 3i<hUim ^mKI ^mil«ft 

!jCH-3ll(Alfc)€icli ctlMi^ ^Silo\ "\lc-ti ^IH §. ct 
^•rSll =Hl^ ^i=ftaHl'Hl«ai '^IH ^. ci >i!tl*i 6 rHl^ 

MH §. ^C-l«ft Klai ^i/l Miei ^fl ilil "^IM d. ^CH 
3 «ft V C-tlW'l oHi^t^ ^iM g. Jj€t»li 2(1^ 'il^Hl 
jcrilani fvA MlC-fHltAl ^IM S. 

^-*^i'ii-<n^ii i^w (3M^ an^ (tKl MiS^ti 
<^3>i 35U=li (Grewias) i^cti %u«il 'tl^l^i «. 

an^ ci R^m s^ >Hirfi yiSi @3|cj ^cimi ani^ 

^isi ^^i ct^l >MIH §. 



t-^U^*4 rlR-Triumfetta rhomboidea. 

t^l-n-H. I. p. 395; K p. 38; Watt. 
VI. part. IV. p. 202; ^. R. Ml. \£. 

R-i^UrlR— 3AM<a,25M/l (Mlo)+(?io); m^- 
i.€j, %^ (^o); f^^'r, fsrCram, (f|o); iIjuCisf (?ro). 

3-<Hi|iri-3AM<n'ti §u=ii 2iRW '=t«ii S^Q 

^. ci I 20 3 i^ld (3211 H'^ d. ct "^Ifcl^R anSCH 
-SiilSi «ll"»Ml =l3R'il ilM ^. 3H^ "SlWqR clHl 

ilH §. MK ^U^l^ ctt/ftaH "i^^i Ml^lCfll ^ 
>^ldi SH^ H«ll5i «iiii ^ rii^wi ^iH §. s^si ^^H 

^IH Wi, ct §H^ ^ijA aHt^n=lltai iidl (hooked 
spines) iiH ^. l^ M^Mlg "4?^^ @h1 d. 

MH ^3 H^ ^m d. ct4i ^«lltai Ml^«(l 'H'uici 

Sluii '-Hlin ^iii^^i '{l5<?ic-ti ^w &. ^^nKl wic-i 

ct ^(S\i<^ an^ «{lc-li -<3lr{l an^iHl '^«i^l WlMl^ldl 
§IH ^. ctM^ 2HPltf[l '^^=tni ci -wi^^ld c-ll3l ^, 

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H«{1 ^m 'S. ct^ ^^[^^\ 3?0 m "i i'H('-ici»*' is 

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^Ml/lM^ '^m 'Qi'Adl ^-^Hicft ^IM d, cilM>3l d 

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dM^ HltA'ft tHl/l 5HlM ^IM §. ^St'ft MMil, 
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y'^Ml<*'4l'-Cl^^lH-^Mi^ Mi"«Mil2>llPlt «MptSil ^IH 

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^IH ^. d "tl/l, Mlrtwft 3HPi H° "^1° ^^^'^^ 
M^l«a isJs ii^l ^K §. 

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H'd <MH W!. d a^ijiirii siiiji i^rti i'yit riii^irtf 

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§IH ^. ci^iM"< %l"^S 'Hl'lKl 3flai |cii/\ ani^C-OilH 



ani^cHi ^iM d, Si iiiisHiM^ aniii, ^'<(H, kmi, 

iWh'i ^ih ^IM ^. k^Mi ^i^'-d ^tl^S "{1<V ^IM §. 

"{l-v Mi^i<2, ^IH $. ctKl Sis '•niq^sM ctai^i j^^i 
Hr an^ cHi "i Mmi s^HiMsii ^w Qi. Pi "{Is? 

"ilog ^^i M-S"i=Hil §c*(l -i^ll iR «i. 

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3Hl'-^ 'im cil :i'-Ml^ CHI^l dlW NIH §. •'{li? 
S'-llSllKl %tl5l sAm/I^ 'i^^ f»t"<?i^ai5!l^ ^iffifi ct^> 
<Vi'<[^. d. an^ ^fJl cti/l «lJs^ «l8l %i3^(^(^fl anPl 
5iUl <§M^ 2Hl'4'Hmi ani^ ^. aiHrii i^nPl cn-fl ^Kl 
elMil 31^-^ ytHii §M^ ^SR »\ aJirli mkPI 
^ll-^lPl <"il^ C-tl^l ctlTxt ff/>HH §M^ ?i^ §. cl*(l 
fVHH ^>JlW «1H §. ^-Hl "Sm'A MH'O <HI2i» 
5^ 6. l\.\<i ^icli QllSiM^ sAM/l'li "414 qi^Pl 
CHilli §. clMiV d'll ^Sl ^UHlKl ^1">M ric-t>ii >lcn4l 
aiki anPl <HUi ®M^ ^IM^ §. sAMil^i ^CH ^H^l 
iiaii \^ %ili^ RAl«l il>li&^MlPl ^^im-il n<arl^l 
@M^ ""Wl^ §. ^flMdl-il »lc-tHi«(l ih\. \^l 

sAMil-Hl dli=tl ^« ct«tl "{l<r'i ^R -^HIH ^. ci?fl 
I.'HMI 5'lH <H^ Wi, 551*1 '<'H[^ kCsl si ^. 

■vRct^m ^<Jl anPl ■Ml'^fkl ^l<lMl"4^, Ml^'d ciaU- 
aaWi m« 91311 vi7{ wi^il ^SRM^ •lif^d iVilCHl'O 

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^[}/\ a»it^(lcii^Jll iidl Sirli s^CHM^ iWl'-fl 'Sl'cT My 
""i >ll<«i^ aH'tl my-H MW*-(l «{li«l ^, <?<l^ ci 
^UHl^ cl M^iHi an^l "S .i'c5,il'{l, an^l »ilijl%l'll 

:/ilMd StPl-Hlifld cl<i1Hi!A aHl^fl^tltfll 'Aii "^ilwl 
M^Pl ^5l 1 ^jy,^^ ^ ^H3l%lPl 513li ailil ^H 6, 

^^^l 6^1, SHM y^ll Rt^^lPll^ ^H^ ^. 

1-^11^1h riR-T. rotundifolia. 
iSll-rt-H, I. p. 395. N. p. 38; ^. Pi. Ml. \6o. 

R-"^<ft«iiH-i}lM^i Oiio); uM^i (jjo); fif^r, 
i%g^, fci^i^> {^o); f%?[?iRr (f|o); %%02r (go). 

3-«l4'l-^^'HdHl ^U'Hl ^i^-ii ISliy wii^ m^ 
^^m ani^ d. cllM>^ Si SUm^ <^H[\ QaQ 
aMlH d. ct ll 2(1 3 "^ 3I ![U dail ^IM 6. 3l^i 
M»ii i^lM/lKl M^^ silil ^U-^iaJll g^ ^^ o/^ll C-ti<Kl 

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ilH d, ci «HMR M^il %Hi ^. SjC-t sAh^ «y=l( 
i'um, MiJl n?(l <r/^l -^^lii ilH d. 

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|Hl/l anPl cl»i( •cl^di "c^ii ctUt^fcl'il* =11^1 
ani^CHl ^IH ^. 

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^4 S<IH §. ct Sli<^ Pi §i aH(^QM3 iiH 6i. ciHl 
SHS^'d «lC-t anPl C-ll5;4 =M^S, =A"Hi, »lPl *l»/^ct 

im w. ^Hi^ 3i(/[l'ti mhPi »i<nc(l qi%i ^dsoi «;. 

aJiPll %=ll£ =^5!(i]l, (l.'^l »lPl ov^l Mla^SlHl ^IH §. 

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ilctl ^K S. cinW ctRl^fcWh;: W^liR S^ieil cil'Jl 
ani^CHl im S. ct2(l ciM^ ani'ltfil ""^R'^cli ci M^- 
%ld eil^l §. ^iilKl SHcl^WlC-l ^^|l ^^d ilH d. 

1i>i<A ^ii^HWii^i 'mca'ft j^icfl R^iH aniM ^ih §. 

■Hl«i-»tict^ ani^C-li ilM ^. ct -\ «(1 1 1 
\l i;Ja< CHhl Pi ctdC-ll oy MliltAi ^IH d. ci'll 
SMJI-^I ^Ml/lPll ^'l ^^l «{lell Pi 'dSi'OPll "V^l 
'^IcAl^^cll ^IH ^. ctHl "I'Pl %lMl/l"4^ ctRl|(ct- 
'llv. iiil <vqi c^m SHl^CHl ilH d. ct«(l Ml'tM^ 
aHi^luil '^^^ct[ ci ""M^^d C-ll^l d. MH "V^l '^ii 
Im. §. dKl dM^'fl «Ml^M-< Pl^M qitn an^ ^8;M 

PilSiiKi t>ii,is ^[ii 6, hhPIi anisR H\4hi\ I 

^IKAl'rl^lrti iiH d. cil Ml^ "idC-tii MH iliil MI>1 1 
«i5^i ^IH ^. Pi H«ll5l "SdC-liiPt «l aiR ^M 



■»^^i Kli^CHl ^IH ^. MK'O "SRN^ <A'rn\. 

'-l^lC-fl anPl (Mil ?i?iC-{l ^iH §. H'llM^ 3Q5it3Q?4 
=im ^l^Hl^RHl ^l^d Mcacfl an^ Rr'-Hf. (^^l =(l5i- 

^St«{l iliil ^8(M ^IH S. dN^ ^ICAKI ^-^ll^ H^ 

Altai's 91^1 'Hiyi'ft 3(1=4 |=ll^«A <H^lH?ll ^IH §. 
an^ nS^Hl ^^^i 'tlSi ^^2;H 5H>^fl ^IH «!. an i{?ii 

a^fASril <:-(lc-ll ^3Wl, iidl«?il an^ <^1[ ^IH S. 

'lE-isi ^tfii ^'irO, :!i^^^ct3?(l ^i-v "til an^l 

ilH Wi. cHW M;^l^i dkMl an^ =liia cfljfi^l 
aHt^n^llCAl Si^l aniqCHl ^IH i^. iifd MW «{lc-ti ?. 

^2(-H ?A>4ll Rl«ll HltflHl |=llil ^IH §. ctH^'ll iiil 

ci ^jtiy^ hx ciM"4\^aHi vm «i*cr<rnH S. an 

'3. i^CH^l =HliR C-in^ltn §IH S. ctKl ilil ^J^g^-H 
ilH S. ?iC-t ^ ^at iWi H>Hci SfclS Ch[«^ d cid^ c/ 
<SVA Ml^l«i J^IH ^. K^-tKl ans^ Sii, s^rii ci^^i^ 
oftiv (Hl^'l <v Mil d. lMl ct Mlicft =liHcl ci^i 

<Hl<V-^cll«4lctl ^31^ ilH §. ct anj §^ aHtiPsi^ 
anPl w{l^ Ml§l':Q ^IH ^. ciKl aJts uilo^ a^i^ 

C-lii^ aH«l'4l ciea <^\[ i'i ^IH ^. ^ ct'Q «Hl/l 

ctfH>3l jAm/I S^cti ant 3)lMdHi NKMi R?m JiiSJ 
^^^l 5/ijllH S. lHl sAMdl'ti MW »ltf[l «l1 <?il^ ^Pl 
^i^ ^lll =AM^4i MH ^-tlM^ctl 't«(]. S'-Mlil an^ 

y{l^ <^3i«{l ?ii1i J? |3i^^i Hty 1 (^(Acfsj =131^ 
<Hi^ §, ansiqi qiill ^nct^iMi »tic-fl an^ ^4 ?lt1i 

<v 3<liMl'l 1 ^IC-l --tl-i'-tl^ St^ i^ 6, ctani^ 
ct qi(Scli sv^tH «IIM, cil cl<ct ajlMil'li Ml'i a^l^^ 

o/■^^ @M^ ^^ §, ci«(l ?ii'll Hig <^U si'/inH S 

an^ oy-^M MlSMlfclH iTJl'tftivtH §. ^R Mi^l 
^AMtfl i^cti iilMdl'tl ^l,SHl^ H^l^ ■»Hr-tl«i i^ d. 

3<lll ct^ct »l<n ^H g. fcllsj^'^dl i^ S, ildi ^, 
<H%t -"ilH cil IH HHI^ S^ ^." (H€l-^mi«t25). 

l9-*«ll'li-:rf'lM/l'{l mi\. y^fl^iR o51m^I M131 
@3l4{l nitani a)ii^ §. an m[^»1, s[|lQJ and M^ 
(ilRrSllH^ti «ilH §. 

Sii'-ii i^cti 'cf^fl^i^ ^5=11^ >ii^i an^ i^'^i «n=tmi 

ani^ §. anPl s^lM^'ft «IS1 i^cti an^l tflC-iMi«ft 

ci^i^ ^9v«ict ^%ii KlJs^i ^. ml anPi ciAm'^i 

ii S. ^AHdHi ^<HMi iidl ^l^l«(l ctM«3i JJlMd 
C-llHctl ail<n <r«lH §. 

ctl?»l oy">HM ^sJWlHi Si sAMiWi MK aHd«l[ 
'>lHi H'"-Hlcl S 1, aHlMiSJl Stllmi a>ts ^[^ s^^^ 

§ (iy-^s^js ti^lani^i^ ff/^isi^ii m« 'Hidcti sm- 

4H[ ( ^(Hm^'ti ) MK«fl ct«{l aHisit/d =ft:ilW ^ivf, 

an^ m4 ^[^ -^licnm stp^, cHi^ cii^ tun^i'd 

M-S-vi d^ietl aJii §li--tHi MH 'HjJ', ct«fl <nr'^^ 

^ ant met "^=(1 ^IH, cil <V«iM ^JiWHl^l anl 
?i<^ gAMdWI MW^tiiimiH ^. •wli, ^<Hl^,aH^o{l«t 
my =11^41^1 ^l^^l^ HW -H^l^ "Hlddi m^tHl ^R?fl, 
anoR £lci:iii«(l aV^M «liH cil cl^ct ctaHl ^fiMdl^ 

?iiMl iidl ani vi't a<i€ <v^^ <3M^ >lti §, 
n«(l H>ii«(l 'flitna ^i<^ dw 'aM ^'S <mh S. 



SHlHHi '5, ri (mi Ml^ ^M& H WMl^t'^t S. 

t'-<ll^1«irtlH-Corchoi-us olitorius. 
im-B.. I, p. 397; N. p. 39; Watt. 
II. p. 540; 3. R. Ml. ^o,;. 

3-en4«i-»«iHi ^lic{i Siim^ moil (§dQ a^^ 

d, ^ Mi^i^ fiiHi^i ^sijj inn §. ci 5Hi%i^ 

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€il'>ti a^'iiJscti sini<Hic/il ■^iv-ittni %is^ ?4i<idi ^r 
^. ^st ^tfii ^iH §. an^ <fl'5li (!^c^) cni^Hl, <rnil 

\{ li. aii a>iPi \\h[ hm i^ im k n-nim 

H^\. \^\. ^qi sjidl^l '{l5«lC^l ^IH 6, ^'/irfi wist 
Mlctt/fl, =(1'-IA an^ yi^Q »l5y«lct ^IH 'S, HTAdl ^Hlil 

5H^ *HIS 5{lM%t«iai >{l1l ^ cj^^i eiiBl g. 

^^ «lil ^IH S. ct ana^ MlS^n 5H^ Ml=fl 
^IH d. ciM^^Kl WICH =(lqd an^ »l9>'t>lrl ^^iqiail 

^icft "Si ;rn<ail wmiiicil ^iH §. ct a^cAScfl an^ 
ciHlM^ «lUl =fl^l an^l wiMi Mllc-li ^IH &, 
■^Irl-anid^ ani^^Hl ^IH '5. ci ^ ?(1 ^ ).ja^ 

ami an^ \ «(l 3 i^'4 M^itni ^ih §. ciKl §m<'{1 

cl HlSt-fl %iMi/lM^ ^H[\ ^'Aiu^mi im S. Jirfl 
n^^ «mia1 «{l^, s^atc-ttqitfil an^l ^r{\ -^i^m^ 

Im. S. ciKl §M^ Sis ,{l5, a^i)^ qicarO ^ctiiT 

3tStC-{l ^IH g. ^ SmrKI %iMl<nM^ aH« '"A^cfl ^ 
KlaiKlM^ 'Hi^R rftscnrfl ^m d. iiiii MW MUKl 
IR-Hl tictl ^'-11 <il(J,lrii 5l Sii cfliCfiCHi ^iH g, 
d^ ^^^ CHi'Hl ?ni^n aMt^n ^IM e. Ml'fll ^^=ti 

MHKI ild/l Ml>t dHNH ^IH S. ^ il^M 

»iim ansicti M^^ii^ 'mct^:^ ^ xiH^n «i>\?a 

Kls^l $. ^ MH'fl ili^ Hcti iia ^IH d. ^^l- 
M^ \ m 3 ^$il aniq §. '^'cT^i oHi« 1 (Ja{ 
^i^i ;^IH ^. an^t a op\i\ q-^i g j,,^^ "^^^ 
H^ ^2f^, an^ d^ ct(ch51 ^ ygjM ^'^MM^l ^IM $. 
H'^'^Oll^^W-'ii M^l M ^IH ^. n MW M^l 

5ii «{lr»i?a '^ii and Mi^MMl a^ict^ J^R d. ;i 
?i d'-a ^il iiH w!. ^^i anisR lisi^a SiscH 

Sis '^l^M'-d "t^il illH S. ?i ctl'AH y^JjM ani^fl, 
qi«ll ^ »{8il3l ^"^t^icfihca ^IH d. ""ci Mlctcffl 

^'tlM^ MRslli ^(iH atcascti wUt^ii ^IM S. 

%t;^<v dii ^1*1 d. rtrii aa^ii^ M^iii"^m an^ 

■H^lJl^oy an «Aifcii Mi'^Mil <V=tl Ml^ll Wi ilM d. 

¥l"^5H!{-i ^iH §. rt jii«^L«a ifJi ija Mej 

fl«(l yi^fl «viil ^iH .5, ^Pli oiQiUm (39^1^ c-deii 
^ §9{1 (^iSiicil^li ^iH g. rtfstSl svtil, iyi a^;! 
ct'fl ®M^ ^licaiv/^lrj -^iw. J3ij^ ^M ^IH §. 

<lTai-( !^CH ) ^ «a 3 ^a* etiofl a>i;i ^ ^n 
MlillCfO ilH S. ci \ 2ft 3 q>Hci Ml^ Ml?! ^^W §IH 
§. ci siiq, C-ll:^, a^tfiicd Vi7{ «{lc-ti ;i5i<{l ^^ g. 
(yilH d <*<l^ (Ji^^fl «ll<i d) nM^ @'>fl S^l 6i^l 
^IH §. 5i f.^i cj^lci-iirft (3»a 'ftiMi ^icfl dl^ 
ilM v%. <^?ft 5i «n'3ii «4<^fl ^« >>Hm d. ^dsi^ 

«ll3l^l a^lil SIM S^ svtcti ci»ii Miat -"ij > MICH 

0(lv-aHC-l=ft£H^l ffj'cii ^viiH §. ^ j^^ ;j 
■»ii«^a4ii ^m g. ^ <Ji^:il«?lc1l ilcAl ^jsul a>i^ ^ 
€tlW't CHi'^li ^IM d. n^l aHlSjR ft-^ii^ > aipj^^(l5( 
ilH d. 55^ ■>Jt'^|laHl^ia ci^il a^ii -u^^i o{[n[ ^t^ 
Hcli <»\i HH[\ <HikR KlSCfi^i zoi7{ «i5"ii ^i»^ ^. 

Vy«^^m-<§M'HMi, Jll^l, %l(kh an^ orH^a. 




5H^ ^IS^Kl %ll8l Midi S'^r-llM^ 5HMIH «!. ^Irti 

ani^ ^. Si^i MH^ -Hldl^ n ^iaI« ct^^ 3U- 
?i^^iaMl @M^ 'MiM'HRi ViiS\, §. an-ii cllivi MH^ 

(HR ^(nS^'fl 9jyi «l?l 5HMIH §. an-Hi MH qi«lHl 
^l"t an^ wttArt^l §M^ il45t ^(i "iMl^i SHH 

"flivPl mil ct Md^il |"«Hl=ll 3H^ %iJt6<^fl §M^ 

awiHi Sum <Jl*ll 5Ml(« ^l^^ =^Rl cl^"^ 
■>HH^l^=tRi aniq §. ct?ft ct Midi «ilH d. 
^WilKl «l41Mi«(\ ^"^JMld 2H^ ^Wi «M'iWl'il 

^%ii iid^imi sHi^ S, 

«?i6H[l, R'^, upip^s, ^iwli'H 5i ^"^Ti mil g." 

( qo ^3Wl«15:5 ). 

^ICH %tl«t »Hrii Si^eiiSil Pi? cl^> @Sl S. |3l- 
^^i H[^H<n[ H«^ SH'll Su=ll ^Al «mHl @»lctl 

*n«imi ani^ S. 

Su^i ^iMl <35ti 811H S. anni Mm c-thi, ^li^itni 

an^ ^Q'3l Hl^ft «til «tlH S, Ml^ 5iPi 5|{5*Si s;^ 
S. "SmI 5^l^^«» (C. capsularis)'no ^3 fil^llH 

<ni?!^H^ n^m wwiKl ^i\ili Nf^i'ft a-ii=H 'v^fl sti«fl 
«tiH S. Mi^ M^-i ^54, an^ ^^ti »a> *i^ "^^i- 

Si^iMl ?i'5i'Hld nHir-iHl ^<ll (Jute- fibre) cHl* 
bi'-Ami ani^ 6. Si iii^Hli'fl SliMl ?i^]l ■^fl^llH 
§, 'vmI y-v-Hc^ i^ cMi Sii-uil <H^^lHi ani^ S. 

Hii«ii Qs^l't^Hi aHlM«fl §. ct SJ^l^SH cjia^qi 

eim '5. 

^l. 'flstiJ^lH il^l91iy |ct "fis^n il=(l llCHct" 

t-^iict-H. I. p. 397; N. p. 39; Wntt. 
ir. p. 535. 

3l-"^^ll rlR-ww, 3^iv.9V5 (Mio); w^ {^o); 
^I'^l (flo); ^i^m^, (?fo). 

RlHlSl ^Jsl^^ «tH 'S. ci \ ?(l ^ ^i HM[ «|iH g. 
ci ani^^ ^ ?fl 3 ^a{ 1 aH^?il ^d hMI m^ ct»li«ft 
"iiC-flS a>iiil aH=iafl ^IV^[^\. Kli^l g. ci«(l cictl 
Su^l^l «l^l (H^IH «liH g. lljJclR ^^i 5iii£ 5i 

^ii^^iSii rdjscal ci sv^'tM^ •'uefl ^lh §, ansi-Hi 

'V>{l'iM^ Mil Ml^ (3=(l at-icft §IH S. MH vswil 
<^Hi Mi«J cl'-ft <V^l rtl^Hl an^ %liiii ^IH S. |C-t 

Hl^i, an^ x-H 5ii(niyiicti «iiR "^ yiJj^l <iyqi «iih S. 

^wi-^, ?a 1 ^d <vHlHMi (I4 5il^ ^iH d. 

d 9i,^i=w^cti ?iicai ^31^ 7{ H^ jn^ ^iH .5. ?i^i«(| 

«lUl jAi^I ijiilWil r{l5C?letl ^IH S. ^ cfW(^ V{lc-t[. 

HF^ i^cti Mi^i ixm ^IM S. ^iCAKl WICH =(lcid 
an^ M<voicl ^IH S. 

M121 ^IH § <*tl^ ci M'l^ei'-ft aHiJltfd ^<i ff^il 
ilH S. «U>HlSil '{ISiKl <^lo9 5[lil C-{l5ll ii?{<{[ 

an^ SmrKI '-niog in^il wwi^cfl §ih S. ci 

^cltfll?(l M^^ <^<l «nil ilM S. ^M^ HmKl 

ania^ l^iil ^iH §, ^iil an^ ^U'«ii5iiM^'{l «ic-t 
Hi^fl =fl^d ^«im(/ll anPi ci^ (aSiil ^im cii wn^i 
§aiil aniq ci'^ iiH S. 

MK-anict^ ani^ §. ci ^ «ft y ^ai CHRl a^^ 
^ «(l ^^ Cai ^lil<Ai ilH S. ci c-itn^iitn, a^Pi 
ct(cAM ci'fl ll^'il "I S-Sl C-i'-HlHC-ll ^IH d- MW'ti 
^^'Hl %lii-Si ct«ll ani^flsR an^ ci-fl ^RM^ Slctl 

cftSiKl^ii !0"Si c-n«ii ^iH §. '^^M\ ?iMi/l R!lH 

ai'ASrft cilM'SJ »t^%ti ilM S. MK^l ^a^C-fi 't^t- 

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^ai c-li«{l ilM S. MH^ 2tmqi«(l ci>ti»-a afls^i 
^W 'fli^ §. cl clRct ^iiy «r»tH S. ciKl =(l« 
ctifM»»t'fl Q112J ff?<l %V\ '3. 



|<Si-'4wi-si'ti ^c-i sy'-ii Ml<Ai wi ^iH d. ci 

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M«Q "i^ «<W <^H d. ( cl dM^^ "ViillH d "^ sv' 

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l^iH S cMi^ clMi 'iM «^ir-ii'-(l n»ii»-ft 

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^«t^l §il^l yJt^'^ft 5H^ ^H @M^ SHHIH ^. 

aHMlH Wi. 

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'l<tl<HPWl "^ilHi ^^ ttoo'a ^llCHMi ^-U Sllil »li- 

nui^. <» <^'>f ^'"^ '■''"ft ^^> '^'^ ^^1*1 "^o .JH ctiun 

t-<ll%l1<l'lR-C. trllocularis. 
10il-rt.-H. I. p. 807; N. p. 39. Watt. 
II. p. 544; 3. Pi. Ml. Soi. 

5i-^^(l'tW-C-li'%i»(Mlo); ii<l «wil (ijo); 

3-H4«i-<Hi'-nl ww'ii ^u'^i =imi^ §5l S ^ 

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d. ci (3=(l qHl M-il <v:^i ^1=0 i^m «nH d. 

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icll =ti?iH ^UtaKl (h^14 5Hl^ ilH S. 

^ai-^ct«il«ft M'l^si ff/3 ff»t4 ^i<t §, ctMi«(l 

^dCHlS; ^cl«il i^^l an^ sAi^l ^%il vHl 5iUiaHl 
'{licfisii ^iH g. jjcn «H^R«(l 9J51 SH^ ansV-d 
%l1? iHrl (|lH d. ciHl ^-ll^ ^Jl(ka a>i^ :^-Hlg 
=(lSl«5lcil cJ^Xl ^ 31^134^1 ilH d. 

M-i^lc-l s?<^ (fAii, aicas<(l,'»Hi<naiil, S^il «ft«tl i.H'H 
> ct>Mci aHii? "ilog '^^-Sl ^'iKl ''^IMl^cfl ^IM 
^. •^ll'^LaHl Mi^ iiil <^<l'V ^IM d. Mt«l ci«(l 
Mlcltffl an^ -i^H ^IH 6. ■^W«l «ll">MiaHiMR S^d 
i^Wl ilH §. -siil aH^ «ll>Ml3ll'ft WlC-l m^ a(h^ 
^^Rltnl §W 6, cl (32iil ^W ctl «C-l3l (iaiil 
ani^ ^. 

Mlrl-anhX ani^C-li ^IH d. ci ii^M^^ii M^KAi 
^ «ll>HiaJllM^'li «U,ji ^IH d. ci 1^ «ft 3 ^ 
Y ^at eihl aH^ ^ ^ai?fl 1, \{ ^ ^ tiai ill^wi 
^IH S. d ildil ct^!^ Ml^ltai ^ ^V-li ct^Sf ^Mii^si- 
»4cli ^IH Wi. iliil Ml^ ci^d "SR^l ^q.i'il "I Sidl 
3A<^ft an^pqitfii ^ihS. ^ 'H'^ci ci «y^l 5(<MIH<HI 
M«3i ^IH ^, an^ iliil Ml?l ct'fl lR <VRl (m^ 

»»il, ct«ft I'^l'^ "to <S «tl«fl »Vll^ »», ann a»l %iifl 
"Hitl^ "io <V9 '^ivfl 5fti3ii/l -jw aH«l^l uiliji-ft cll SH^«(l 
(H'-ft (an ?5 5 ^l^ui ?il^l ci^tH(acti4l rt^l §H^l3Ri « 5. 

<HiS^ -l^l^ iiJ Sii^»» sH^ ^aii-i oflor sW!i?'-n 
iiau^l V^R ii\ ^UHl Hil ^WHl>li SHl^li $9. ^H ihW 
V«i §2fl wii'-ll MiJi Vrtl Sts**"' (&ftl. 



Sidl aniHiil ^IH ^. Ml'i'd IRM^ i^^«{l SH^ 

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6, ctM^ <?i,^l 'i ^Vm ^H'-nKl 5Hl^ I'-llil ilH §. 

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ct RAlSii ^ C-li-4l a^Xfl aH^[l=titfli ilH «!. 

ci'tiHR \ ?(l V 1^1 MW Mi^t 2Hiqc-ti ^m. d. ct 

<nMl^ §H1 §. 'ifil =tilil^ =HH 3 etlWd cHWHi 
^IH &. nKl Hl« ^Mld'li ^chKI HW^ Htficft ilM §, 

M^l (lil ^«ll ^3Hi ilH ^. cHl ^^^i anf^ftSR 
an^ ^cll^^di ^IH §. 2HI Mi^i M^l ^Hs o{l^?0 

MfcSCfl H'-nl <r^H ^. ci Mi>Hil^ SHirt^ sMIHCHI 3^^ 

51310151 ci'ti ^dc-ii stmi ^ih §. n-fi Mi«»«n'{\ 

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«ic(l ^iH d. ci^ ci(ca?l ^ecH i^si "^^i ^^i*^ 
.$U«{1 ^iM §, ciM^ HicaHl 5Hi?^ r-tidl ^m S. 
Mi^Hil'ii ^^=ii Siicaiwiirti, M^i'-ni ^Hn-Hi 3h»41- 

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iHhi ilH §. ci'il ctgani M^l^llm ^ M^R^sv 

«fl^, 3H^ ct^ ^«ti^ ^ittni'cisi^ d^ ^M ^w d. 

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^2i M^it/ft ^iH d. ci -<Si e{l«{l 3>mqi avioi-ii ^i'l'fl 

»IMI ^c(l ^IH d. ci Ml^ § <*tl^ 9J^^ H'S ff»tH ^. ci MlSl 

<HPl «H^ ^IM d. ci^ Ki^i i^l, =^-1^1 M ilM ^. 
ci'tlM^ 3 «(l V 6i*il 5H^ 'fti (|tH ^, =H^ ci^ 
H«ll<ft ^|l anl^Q ^IH §. ^li'oi'il «Ml<n -H^^i 
ilH d, M<^ ^Hi hA C-{l«l it'cj^ fflM ^. ci 5 «0 

5i M-i (3«ti ShI §. 5i s^i M-s^i %i<^^ ^'d'^*' 

«i1<V-vr^-iKi «>{l(V sj'cti Hi^l ci«(l •Hl^ni 
ilH ^. d I CHWH ^MW-ii *^IH $. ci (H^^i 
=1^1^11 il<ai -<3Hi ^ t^'tHl 'H-^ MW s«Mirai 
^IH §. ci4i Ml^tlKl "i-^ tiiVR J/i'iR (tlH ^. 
ciKl H=-5il'-l21 S^S §9(1 'i^l (|lH §. tHlsy^l *HIS 
v^wiWi <Hl«vPi mrM <f^\[ =(lil%l5icil ii^l |lH ^. 

ani iJlitKlvi'rS "4«^l <§ii S. "Hi^l ^IW llW oy^liaH 
ct '4«4l «rti --i^iX (3»l«{l ^'^iMi ani^ ^. ^ 

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sti<4l siiH d, ^i^ Si;\ <Hio{l»a» ii w«. ^ 

•f^wil'ti ■HH Mlcltfli 5H^ llMfA ^IH ^ Ml^ »i[^ 
vi^l i^cli aHHi MH^ «lli ^lll (H?i4 M^iS i^ 
d. aH«ii «Hl<V Mt«l =mi^ i-S^li §1=11^ cl^ t^M- 

H5i-( ara^i^a ) 

X-kXi^^rilH-C. fascicularis. 
t^l'rt-H. 1. IX 398; K p. 39; Watt. 
11. p. 539; ^. Pi. Ml. \o£. 
^-"^^ll'lR-WWil, deft "t!|5i«(l ( MI+5JO ); 

5Hl^ §, ci (^iHloi ^iiW n\ii ^. ci ^«ft I > 
"atl^lR ^ ^i §atl 'H?l S. Sml ^1 ^'i 5iiil 
«ll"^l'»ll Klital ^IH ^. MH vi^^l «?qi Miil 

ci«a 'ii^ni iiH §. |c-t >(ltfii, ^ ^Q'aii (jjsi) ii/i 

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^«A-sii<Hl'ci;«» ^cti. 
'f»iil, sflcHi 1 «n<a>si k^i'H ^iH ^. ^u^MiSii c^i«Hl, 

(3=(l audi ^ Mlctwfl §IM ^. ^ ci^llM^ (3c4l 
fei^l ilH ^. 

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^m ^. ildil U<<fl I"/! ^ciM^ ^iicri'fl |Hl/l 5Hl^«fl "^IM 

^«ll<A2ft 3 «(l M H^l <{[-A\ MH^i 3i5ic-{l ;|IM 
d. an 'l^l'H=^^^ i^^iUm SHHMRjilS "^IH 6. 

'j^l Ml*l MW sHl^C-li ^IH ^. 

■^^H<Hl^^lH-'t' ■H'Hl "4 ^IH tf . n Hi^ii iy.i^'H SH^ 

C-lni «{lc-ll k^['{\. ^ ^SIH ^ <Hl^ ^^l dMMl^SHl ^^iKl 

«?<! o^fl ^"^iH S. ^Di^ml ^<3i M-s ^iH ^, ^ 

^ 'o^i ^i>li ^ii»l 'Klsv H^li ^IH ^. ^fl^lM^ 
niM«l R^l'-l i^^ aHXHct^lrtl ^iC-t ^^Q HHl^Qal 

6.* an [^^|*«ii't'ti sO^-i^i Mf^^l sti^mi »tlH ^. 

"tni ?irsi Sii>ii^i aHl'>H^ C-Qc-l=lL^[l i^ ^M W.rtRwi^i 
(hI«1 ^WlHl %IW t5i"<-ll 5Hl(s JaJiili ^1*^1^ "^l?:! i^^ 

■^«i^i^ w. snni ufto/ ai^tH eiili ^iiii s;(\ 3iit(i;i 

S^iOKl «n'^U^ »H <^'<l Mil §IH ^. <n|K^-{l'ti 

^-<i^r{l ""^^ «v^ ?">MIH ^, ^l^, aH«tqi aJi'ii 
"{W^l ^\m "U«i t^^i^Kl >Ji^^ ^(Acil ^IH 6, 

l-^ll^'lH'llH-C. acutangulus. 
t'-dkrt H. I. p. 398; N. jj. 39; Watt. 
II. p. 534; ^. Pi. Ml. \o(. 

R-'^*[l«ilH-'4w, wUl^viw (Mlo); «;/ct«fl 

(^»); f^ (*i°); ^*si (fio); ^i (««)• 

3-Hi^ri-w^i:(lwj,Ml &U=tl ^mW ^mi 

R. i^d C-lhl ^IH ^. aH-Hi?(l IdC-flaMS ^ll->MiaHl 
Klitnl m%t "^ »vMl4M^ M«RIH«{1 ^IH d. MIH 
Ml^ioii ^ C-tRi ^IH §. MH ^SS) '^^iKl ^1 ii'l^- 
Sr< ilH ^. ^C-l '*(l«Ai, an^ ^ll'l (!t^H) a>^RHltfil, 

^^ ci^ ^^[^ o{ f^QiPi'Hitfn ^1^1 ani^fl §k ^. 

^<A-^clcnl^ M'l^C-t -v^ f^i an^ ^i^Rl ^31^ 
'^IH Wf. aM»ii?(l Sluii d(Ii^i ^%ll <v=tl J^idl^l 
Kli^istl ^IH ^. ^ i^^ an^ WICH y<^tl =(lHd 
^IH 6. m^ ^silHcl an^ ^qi£ HlSl^Ci^l =(llii^ll 
^ ri^[ SIR d. 

^C-l ff?cQ avl^ ^^^^| g. ^ $(1chi -^ !(l5i 'M'S-il 
VlKl ^IH §. ciM^ ^l«Al =ll^'(l aniafl |Hl/l 
aHl^«{l ^IM ^. •^IWiaHl M^l aHHl <V VlKl M'Sl 
ciM^ |Hl/l R?i'-l ilH 6. an^ anfct iRtA «ll>Hl- 
anW C-liwil, a^tASdl ^ICAKI aftat |«l«a ^IM Q>. 

jiil ciHsv ^immKl tsi4i ^<tr»i^ \^m(tl\ 

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'ctmi an^i I «ft ll ^ai Ml^l^ll ^IH §. Ml't'fl 
iliil { «(1 l^ ^ai chKI an^ ?IM^ Slhl 'HlcnHl 
iwi^ ^IH §. "HH'd ^M-^ «Ml<nM5l M^J aniyTl 
^Wica aHiH«{l ^IH §. ildil^ M«iial«(l 3 «a M 
't^l 'fli'/il MH^ti 3l^«(l '^IH ^. ctMi =iat«(l 3 



<^^l <wtil an^ f\[%'{\ «H aH^P §IH S. Ml'l'ft 
'i^l'H^Si^ <f»ttffliR an'^MRS^U ^IH §. 'UH^l 

■41^ ct'll 5t sicti cfu^^ a>i^(laHl(ai ^IH 6, ^ 
=l"^rt ^Irtl 'i«(l. MnKl "SRM^ Slrtl <^^ ii^lCl 
§IM ^. MUHl dV^Kl «MI^ «{lstl -<3lr{| ^ KlSirO 
MRl 1 ^hi «{lc-tl ^si^fl ^IH $. MH^l ^<Hl£ =(lsi^ 

^ mkHI ildil?fl 'iii&Hi, cifth'i ^i^ioii ;i >l«lic?l 
^«t'{i «(A1 Kli^l S. rt Hi^fl ^ia ^IH s. n^ 

§. ri -^d'/ii ^oiKi, ci(ca'^ ^^M ^i^«flHi«a1 ^ nm'fh 
:^^%^i-io «ft \M §m ^. d Mi->MM i'cji 

■H^R'^1'4 an^ M^PRoy an oiHl ^<ni ^'Hl (JIH ^. 
3 ?a 's '=lR'Hl5il ^IH §. d-HlM^ "HIOIHI ^=tl/l 

^n,'oi-( 5csi )-'i ?« vi ?ia^ c-ti»{i ^ I «a ^ 

«11'<A Ml^lt/fl ^IM 6. ciM^ (3C*a H» HR ilH ^. 

«il3i^ "i^i -^^ ani^fl mCI ffnCl shihc-U ^ih ^. 

«l''l il«iM «{lc-il ^ trvifgit ^siKl «lHl6lc(l ^IH d. 

^>MiM d. an i\i \mi ^(^^ t>{l(v mjii ^ih §. 

»H«i={l an^iJ^^cti ^ tfwirt aH>l[ IdCHli "Wji^l 

Kli^i^i ^-^HiH 6i. rt ^ cHiy^i ^dsii c-ti<ni ^ih ^. 

<l^l ^^U iSA[ ^IH d. 

Ht^ft (§3l d. an ii£:t:«tH'tl ''VqmW. <HRimi »IIH ^. 

« Hr im S Mil aTM yUi^vi'w ii ^. 

1-'?ll'^H«ilH-C. antichorus. 
t«^dl-rt-H. I. p. 398; N- p. 39. Watt. 
II. p. 535, 

(Mlo)+(?io)+(Mo)+ (f^o). 

S-q^ri-uifiXC-n alRl>l Hf4 §^ft =^i=i ^• 
ciM"SdC-{l>E 9/5ll^ rt tni^ Ml^ M"31 ^=lRi ani^ d. 

1 \<,(i Si'ni ^IH ^. Mty "^IfcT ■^iW'HR cHi ?. 2(1 

3 ^<L-[\. ^i^i-HUi «irt^i Miai M^n ani^ §. ^'ii 

MH 'il^ni, i-<at«n an^ iRl^lnitnl ^IM §. ^H 

^^^ ■^I'ni ^3Hi, an^ ^iisii ( k^H ) ^lyKl ^ft^ii 

^Wl-^ct«il?fl anml <^3 «^| ^'H ^' ^ 

<^^R?fl >Hi<naiil, QJJl yiHl ^ aHJR?(l «{litiytlrtl 
^JlHl ^IH ^. H.^'i «ll5s4 5i««l ilH 6. "Hl« 
HliwM an;! ^nrc Jl«t>l »{lM%l^rtl ^^ii^l ^ 

ani'ml <iy'-(l M«3i <Mil «IIH ^. ^ i««l^ «{lc-tW£lcll 

>(l(/ii vi'ft M"ai Miwtn^a 91^1 viHl «iy »•« $. 

a-n V51CHMR =^l^l Mil nM^m "^W^l (3ci:idl ^^Hm 



mMHi{\ ^IH $. iRtA ^ll'oilSil @M^ ^l^l «(iM 

HitfiKl ani^ \^\S[ ^iH «!. ^m an^ k'^iz nyi^ 
cnnSlitn ^iH 6i. n 'i?^ «ii.ii 3h«i^i ^r^i^ni 

MUKl %[\ miH'Jil an^ •MKM^ i^aiC-fl aH«tcil 

anl^C-ll ^IH §. Ml-i^liKl 'l^l ©M^Kl %l"4l/\aH ans^ 
and dKl 'Ha.Si^ Mf^ilM an'tlMRS^U §IH ^^ 

^HIS =(lii5ll, (1^1 ?. ^m^ll C-li5l d. 

<r4<1'{l ""il^ m%l ^icft -i^fl. 

C-flCHll Qiiil <lcll ^3l«ii ^IH «*. an^ <1 Mi"«iil5il 

Siim'^i ann^ll ■>-HlC-ll i^^ »i">H ^IH ^. 

C-ll'cJ't ""ll^l'/ll (^LH §. cl ^'-{l 5H«l--tl Sllil ^ii- 
-H'Acfl ^IH ^. ci Sim ^"k atR (3(Hi MiHl'^l ^IH 
S. cl H«iM Ml'-ni%l4lctl <Hl51i -<3l'{l ^IH 6, M"^ 
yilH «i <?{lX 9i,^l "^^iKl «t'cl 8-4H ^. Pi ^<^«(l 
cidi ^[\ -Hi §^i ={UlW S^i MiMi«fl ^dC-lIk ^<iM 
"{liv «H(&R ani^ «, ci-il «Ml/l "^/^l ""H'li^d (^IH 
^. Pi ciM^ (3*{l <n'4Ul a^R :iirfl /l^la>li snO^'il 

Wi ilH ^. ci n^Pl ^l «iji anPl ciKl ^\[{\- 

M (&i«"S '=1R §iH «i. ci |r Ml { eiiWH cihi 
anPl ci?(l it'i aHiw»i ^r^itrii ^iH d. ci %=ti1 
3|caaidi anPl <f/\[ mam^i ^ih wf. 

■•4-3415.1^ IH-Uia^lf^i, <3MelMi, rai-<^mSl^ 
^iPiS, 3^11^ a>iPl -^i^^, 

§, ci^ HiJll ^{Isi ciPl anitri-vil $. '^<4X«fl'll ^Hf^Hl 
§U^l 'Hl.n ciPll :i« ^ib?. "^ iR^^i:^^ 5ii5j ^liirft 
«t«l ?i^cl, "^5>^l ^ JlM!St'il S%Pl «{l'^ «ic(l M^imKl 
'^tfld^l @M^ ^IM^-HWi ani^ 6. «H'i^C-{l m^il 
%^ib MfSlHi ^M^IH d. cliq anPi «i^(«.<^flHi'-ft 
%ll<r^ «lcll S^flPl <H'i!^«{lPll <SiltHl ^{IM^'O %il«l 
aHMlH ». dlU t^'^iiC-flPl qicrt dP^l \^, ^M^\. ^JA 

"^Ik^fl "^iiiftHi Mc-tunl ciPli ii^«ii $iHi'-M. ^m{ 

"l|!i«flPll @Sl?fil ^li^^rQ «in ^ISilrti -HZl %\\ ani 

C-flni -HW yiill m\\. h\ ^. <H<^\<^M^l ^^l"i 6H 
aHPl ^li^'ll «lSi ^H anPl tftcfl'il oflj-t oHiHI 
§M^ aniM'-llMl anl^ ^. %tJ<(&<^fl, ajlil a^Pl 6^«Kl 
tntad^l (3M"< =^t!2![C-{lPll il^l iKh ml aHMlH d. 
ttl5j^l[*^i4 ct^"S "I'^St^il'fl s^li/l «IS^ 'i feH'fl «l«i 
U<3iiell"Sl ^IM ^c(l ci>Hrl C-i d. m^^^li^jciiPl c-{l?i 

6W M3Wi ct(aiH['{l ''Itart^t, ati^il^ c-tl^ti «1^ 
anPi \\i.i, mi^i %'^i\ ^l-iiPll ^ilH, v>lc(lPll 
^'•nSlXl, ^-^Hl^i^Sil anifs ^R !!11H §, ci (3M^nia5 
"i'4>t<:-{lPl Mi<<fl>ii =11^ ciPli ^« anPl ^j/l ^ih cii 

ciPl Mll^flMi ■4C^ltfil ciPll hii^[ ^Hin, aH»R ciPil 

^hvh[ nm «ts^ anPl -vflM^ diMl c-ihi (i=i%i 

^'=(1 d^ ^--W i^^l?(l (3M^ i^c-ii ^H ^Pl M^ ». 
'H'iSii-dHi illi^l ^<^ ^imPl C-llf-l ci q-oia b'^?^Hn 
i\ 6, »tl^ «M<i^<:-{lPll MMl'l aiisi?ii ^m ?i ^cni 



ani^i clfl"^ '1|\<-{l'{l HWl oil ?(l \ cil*ll- 

V9-^^lrtS-^=tclL'{l "ilo^Si, Mii^Q'tl ?il^3Hl bil, 
5i<il M'-U^ Mil an^ Sl<l=tl«ll ovHl'l'Hi, ^iiHl 
ii'fl'H fiMV sf^Hl il'il^ il€\=tltfft ff/Ml'tM^ 5H^ 

§3l »!, an (%ifc(, -HavfJi, ^IHoHUicl, sf^^il, ?i»»'^in, 
SiQhI^U 5Hd i=-'rSMi «ilH ^. 

J^C-fl m^ «11H &, Ml^ 31^ riM «H!||[^ §. 
5H <?*'>a'l>li WlcltAi'D ■Hik.b <35l g ^i^ 5lPl 

•vHl'tM^ M«i-<iai 'iMl M<^ §^l ^IH fi ^l^ a^ 

dU^l 5HI ^. Ml^ ^^ C!ft(^l?A»© S^ ^. an 

<n*!^€'ti »i<i'4i 3i^n ^i"5i aassi i,:0 ^ii^uir<'fl 

<nffi^R^i 3lWl^ («i ^Sl ^. cirfl il^d Sii 
(Hl^aJi \ 2(1 ^ aHHi 3iil:(l tii^i sHlM §. ^liHl 
^lll d^ aH({l' <^dC-n Rl^ <niM »i'^5-r ^i[^ S. 

311H41 <Hl<fn %^8i tlili -Mi^i 3i^<n c-li"5iPl €11^1 

aniH >ll^ aaPil :t[M Hmi ^.['Si 0. 

a^l r-l^«ll'l>ii '^IK'^-fl S^^lSl SiiC-d '>iMl @3l 
& "^ ^id'A §ll'^l cidi VSW'iliPli (H'Act«J ct^"^ (3M- 

^m(cI <35i §. 

HOI (fifii^^ta). 

l-J^U^lHrllH-C. urtieaifolius ? 
t'^il-rt-H. I. j3. 397; Watt. II. p. 544. 

^-1^ll«iR-aH-:ni@'4wil (%0+Jio). 
3-'H4't-'**-5'^''§'-^'*^'il ''^l-'*i =imw H«Sil 

@5i S, ct m^il Mld'Al an^ n^M ^R §. aT^^I 
^U'^Hl^l iflt^ft ^n'/ft <v'^l Min'41 ^W §. ■HK 

<-»hl, yisii, dr«i'^ 'M'iMi R4>i ^R-Hitfii, ^^^ 

'=ti4ji «Uii «lrti aHi^flaniCAi ^IH S. cl-fl 'hl^M 

an^ <H!|Hl ?lRl C-flsil ^'IHi ^R $. ct \ ?(l Y 
)Jai CHhi anPl 1 ?fl 1 > \| ^a( ^li^icni ^IH 

§. 'jc-i ■«(itai, anPi ^(I'si ( s^«t ) 'ritfiiHl ^il'^i <^<l 

ciR«^ ri?fl iS/l, Mlcltfll an^ Hl45!<l 3-(^i?ll- 
^-livtl ilH S. ct «fl%t1 ^ ai'AScfl ^iH 0. SlMl" 
3--<Hi, a>i^ s^i -u^^Hi ^^'H iitai Wi 'KW 

^=li Sli«{l aHi^flHltai ^Icli cl^d, M«3l ci (sM^Klai 
f.'niH'^l anPl TJiOllaHlSiRi'Ai §IM §. ci S^^'V 

an "^wil Mici:^ ■^ctXl an^ ^'RMl Ul^Kl %ll?l 
H'^ft <35i g. Si s[^i3i^i Plll'l S^ «ilH ^. 

an^i Sm'Ir ii«ii 3H^ 'to <:m Hi'4l ^"fesil 

Ife-N. O. LINE.E. 

ani <WHi Hl4i^ ki<^ '^''^I'll SUHlanl 8llH 'S. 
an Vl'tKJ.l^l^, cilMt^ »H$l^ ani qaiKl H-l- 
RrMfrl ^Idl a^i^i Si eiJi^ ^^^i^^h cifen^^ §. Si ci^l- 
^liHl H4R:"4(ct^ Ml<i ^MX a>il^ §. ct «isi, an-^Qcl 
■^l^^l^i, 1 H'^ci iin^qicAi ilH d. SMMH ^IH 

§, HI ^icti aH\. ^o «nio liH'ti M^i v«ft M Rotia 

1 anRfJtinaH^ <3M^l§M^ ^IH §. llio a>iQ-Ho "iRrft 
Hi'^iilaHl V 2(1 M §IH S, ct d^ct ""H^l <rnH ct<l 
I^IH ^. Mi^ilStlKl Ml^ =1^11 ^y^^'^Sii 
(glands) §IH §, ci Jil^t^ct^aHirO (i^:i[(j[[7[ 
'^is^ C-tlM §IH §. ^^«^l V «(1 M ilH d, 
Pi ct'fl «l«l Hl^S^^ cidSliiV aH">i^4 y^^^l 
Mi^ ^IH ^. clgaJii ctfcQ'l ffiiiHj^ ani QJ'ltffl 
'^Hl «iW ^^'cll ^IH «!, an^ Si a^aHlMRdl M^l- 
'lll'-l ^-^l-HHWl ^IH §. ^l^^tR I (|IH 0, ct^l 

^iQiUiH y «(l M Mi 1 >iic-i=ii<?ii ^iH ^; dRt- 
siSii 3 «a N, n vi/l > ki^ H^fl (^iiH«a ^iH 
d. i.H M MK-lHiyl ^IH ^, an^ ct s^5 Mr^^i 

ani H^l'O Hd^Mfclili §M^MS, 3^l'Cl, H^^, 



( «l3l-<«liy'{l. ) 

l^il^cl— H. I. p. 410; N. p. 40; Watt. 
V. p. 2; ^. Pi. Ml. S^i. 

(JTo); 3T55#, cfiet (fio); qHoir. aTTOt (?ro) 
'*i,[S\-%M^\. '■0\'X =t:ildM't*(l i'4«fl aHPl'41 -V^ 

^41 ^^, .^iMiSii @<Hi, ^ct«ll ^<l MW'4l, siicn 

a>i^ C-tMl §IM ^. ii^ an^ ^ll->JtlsHl C-ft^ SH^ 
=(l--id ^IH S, n rtUcli a>li'-fl Hi4il<v "tl^i 
^i% Wl 1"^IH §. 

"Smi^i ^IH ^; MWHl MlWtA'd 'Al<?3 ^<^ SMI H^tl 
aniM ^IH §, MH sy^l <r»tii 5H^ <^-^ «Ml/15l 

^lii c-O^ii R'Hi ^IH §; n I «a 3 €l=-i cHi'>ii 
a>i^ l^ C-llW'i'-ft ^ ^'-l Ml^l'Ai (|lH d. 

dHMin-iicti <^. 
^iH ^, n c-flsti ^iHi, ^^Hi n^!t %ti5!-i[«im ^ 

aH'^(lHl<Ai ^IH d. ci'fl ^iHliflM^ §»(l 1 2(1 3 't^l, 
a>i^ nHl "SUM^ aniMKl NlMi <^Hl ^^ km. 

^ siiW't ^ii^itni ^iH -5. 

d, ^ ^ «(l ^1 eiiW'i Mi^KAl an^ rtdifl <v c-ti'>{l 
^iH S. cl Jio "tio liH»ii \^i;^ (v^i ctii^rti <v 

( MR MlMilSll ) ^C-tMi'-fl <^4R ^^ Ml S. ci 

i^r^llHl'ti Mi i^cti MiSl Ml-t'/il ^IH d, M<q ri 

nio SlH'li M^l»-ft (3=ft ilH tf, <i rttffli^ «v^l 
^liiil 5i|8fH ^l^'il aHt^dm'/fl, a^^ M«il5l Ml^iwfl 
(|IH $. ci^ H«tl^i ^SfM aHptM(Hn (y|'l 
iPl^ ^IM '5, Mi"^il>ti nU'ti MHMi ^IH d 
n<l ^<l aHl^l^Hrft yi-ft §»a n^ll ^IH ^, ci 

>4lw'^l-"H \VK ^. ^ «(l%ti ^ a^cajscli ^IH d; 
ci'll dfj5ii ct^?l ^icai an^ %^l(/ll anS/l ^%1^1-Ml 
( Gland ) qi'Al (|lH ^, ci M^ll^l ilsi aHi^MlKl 
i^-W. ilH S; M^l'lil'H HatHi ^Itfll ^ "^l^ ani^- 
MlKl ilH d. sXi l^'i^'.Hl na-lMi aM»i «Ml^5 
^li ^1%1^ M<^ ^IH ^. 

¥(l^^-1 ^IH S, 31(hUiH Miai ^K-tqic?li, ^^ 
tXs ^llSl'tl §<Ml "I fHfHPl il^C-tl ^IH ^, ^ ct 
£^i rH<Hl3lHi ^\ aHl[im<n^ §IH §; 31(hI«H 
c-fl^i, at'Asni ■^{Itni^Hcti C-Oc-tl ^JlPll ^iH d; 
ciKl §M^ M 4m?k\ k^Sl a>il>tHl'{l -<»l'{l aniM 
^IH §. 

!j(H-Ml^l'Al Mdicam«ll 4ta«Hl aniiR^ ;;. «ft 

3 ^HfcH c-iioi ^iH ^, n^ »mi<?i X(^ ^^ 

ilH d, rt'iW S-^d «fic-ll :i3l'{l \o M<n ^VK^\ 
^IH 6, an^ iSl^ti 1° 'HI*/ ^IH d. 

R-ll^lSlctl ^31^ \ ^\ \\ C-ll'cl'i C-tioi ^IH §. 

■U-y»a}"^lH-§M^HMi, 3AII.C1, ^if^di <1«il lil«l 

'?-§H»il5l-aHC-l%fl'il Sum ^R "^'IIH S. ani-vHl 

«^IM^ C-tilU S. anst^fl'ti 'Kl'fl Ml<n%t^l (§M«lRl 
il^«^S. d. aHcii ^"^K Qsioli (3HR%i (3M^ «IS^ «isl 
aHMlM Wl. aHC-l*(l'ti *Hl^l Mli ^l(^i«t rt^l M^IH 
0. ci^ »*' <H\M ^llPdi MUWi cHi «Hl ttM^lH 
0. a>ic-l^1^l ^U^l^ Ml^|l-Hi 3RM i<l JlHl ^\\ 

i^Hi«ni^ rti-^Mi ani^l ^. an^i diiSii M^u^'d 

ir<Ml»ii M*^ aHMlM d. aH4t%0'il 6l4«tRi*-(l ^^l 

an^ '41m[?(1 n4i Kli^ d ci^i Sm^r nfit^ 6. 

"iSt^ dl«i Wi, 'ma^ i>ic(l i^ d, aHi>M'tl 

n«*'^ ^du ^, ancH^l'ti \\%<\ qi»i Pi ii^^ ai^i 
>i'Ai H^^i^ ^k)':n >iistKl %ii«l ^f. ct^ll d^l S. 



i-(H^H(«i«i5H«i-5HC-tyT a>tl R:q>«iH ( MR- 
oi^^)Hi ^llTHRi ani^cfl 4'^, -Hlil ann Mct^Ml 

a^^ m^K\ ci'41Sii»ii ^41 ii'j "SitT '3u=ti <§>ic-it 

ffvt=imi SHH «i; ci cidi "{Iff*' Hf, 'IS'-H 1 "il<fn 

'^IKl %ii«l »itaiW anr-iHi^ H'fl %<isi <3^Q aniHrti i^^i. 

Mia^^ HW R. *-(l ^SV9 yMl ct'll t)(ct4l«, a>ilH- 
HIh 54134, ^«l, an^ aHC-t>(l qiH^tlKl ^d =l5l^ 
'^incllKl C-tni"^ ii!/lict aHlM^-{l § cl [^ill^Sl 

^o-N. 0. Malpighiaceai- 

«ti<{ S. MH ^m^rni an^ an-vnGct "^R'-imi ^isl 

^IH ^. SmMH Hl45!^ ^Wi 'l^fl an^ ^IM ^ ^11 
'4<3ji «Hl^S ^IH ^. H° '^1° "^IHni M^l \ia< ^IH 

^ildi §IH ^, ft'll cl^aHi -c^ii 5H«i'-ii ct(cri?l ^^i- 

ani HsiKl ^'i^MlrWl ^it^ S^nCl, ['^i{^ rl'-tl pHTt 
an^ ii^ft 3l«llH 6. 

H5\— (HlQ-ntu^l^ift). 

t-?ll^H«ilH-Hiptage madablota. 
l^l-ct-H. I. p. 418; N. p. 41; Watt. 
IV. p 252; 3. Pi. Ml. VM\. 

w^\ (^o); nrqslt, arf^gTfir (^o) 

'*' *l3ft^-Nectarea]-gIaDd. 

3-<h4'1-MI^^'11 ^C-li Hm CHhl ^IH ^. M^J 
ci-^l eii'4 «ll'«iiaHi;i iy anlHR ^i H<?1 cil ci aniil 
aHH«Al <l'i«niVj^ ani dl^ni aJUciJ JJ>c(| jj^ ^^ 

S. anrti ^sti ^j^cfl i\<\<^ ^i •Hi\'{\ \i Vim 
ciH vfyi \^\M[ ^iH §, n«(l 5i,ti ^sii^ >^5lli 

C^i ^m'^[ mi^lW at<Jiq 0, ctH Ml'«l«ll- 
^l^'Ct^Hl anPl ^iR^l Hld^Wi, an^ "dan «i(^- 

cmi 2isimi HiH^l^iM-i =irhr ^t^'^ smmi 

ani^ ^. 51^1 ^sii^ ^i/1 ^it)=lR fel«t'ii iui«fl 
n M'Hi «l«l'A ^<l *nil silH ^. ciMi«(l aniil 

H^-fl iiH ^, an^iHi -Hi^ anin >ic;i ^i ^MR «ini- 

HC-fl ^IH «!. 3^ ^ll->HlSimi?a 1<LC{[h Mi«^ Ct^«l 

'-UfA-il |Hl/l ani^C-d ^IH '3. 

an-li Ml'l C-ti'>ii an^ atcAbcli ^IH Wi, cl %ilH- 

«Ri ani^c-ii ^iH S. ci sH^ii liUHitni, =fl=id, 
eft^ii an^H 3 «ft ^ ^^ c-thi an^ ^ «fl 3^ ibiat 

Ml^l^ni ^IH ^. ct^i ^^qi aH«^ft»wi an^ -fldil 
Ml^ ci'fl ^R Sli^li/slcfl, -"iia^ni'-Al 1 !Mii^«ic(l 

a'i'li '^41 tti^li ^S^ ^IH S. ci ct^ct sftjj^i 
a^l^ Mi. ci s^lsi ijc-tl'^l \ ^Itfll VHi P((ai^ ^at^tl- 
moil aH4 ancVct ^t^^ =ll^Hl<ai §IH §. Sicti 
•j'H <3H1 § <*ll^ an MlH^l ^iM"H^ <JiM^iaiil^l 
^^l <m.H. «i. ci Rh ^Itvft^dHi ei"^^ d 1:— 

wnf^r vT^srarr ^wjr^T^j^oTr" 11 i 11 
Sidi ^CHH '^iR'ii iMi^ «'aT ^u^i^ii:) §:i 

aH«l'-ll M^lHSlMi?(l KliCfljfl liH '5, ^iM^ %\i qiq- 
<{! jqi/l ^IH S, n 3 ^fl ^ i^Iai c-<i<41 ^IH S. 
l'^ \ «(l f ijai oHl«^ ^IM tf-. ^ri( ^o «iio 
lil'Hi M^l <3^i anPl ci'ft mISi Mi^ilSiird ^1^1^^ 
ii?.^ 3HH.\ a*ilM ilH 6. an Miat Mi'^^^l^liKl 
ai^S mN^^ ct((h?i ^Z\ ^(lcnt Vl^l atU^ll ^IH 
Mi. Sirti s^it 3 «(1 Y Mi^lHl^li ^IH $. 

^f-^SM'ilift *Hai-MH, ^C-l an^ ?lc-tl. 

"U-Sii^'^m-R'cKll ct«ll Rrt and s^ft. 

cisi>ii i-2iii<l ci n'4 wi'4l etw aimilni \pmi 

aimilM^ aiiMiHlHi a»ii^ «;. Sj^i ^iri qi/i;) 
■^%i (3M^ C-t3ia §. Si^ii Ml'l «tl/i^ ^RPi 25<<lct 
Mil ^IM ^l HdlH? '>tiH=^l^i 3Hl^ ^, d«fl5|i^ 



' ci^ t(^l aHRm «ilM 6. ^l^ ^R^ ^il ='l''J ilH 
ell an^i ^si ^Hctl«(l aHRiM »11H d. =Hrii liC-t^l 

qwl aHl'-HC-tl §. 

blota) 2hM ^iH«l$lTll_ (3M^^ ^l^^ svijiiH 

Hm<l'ii Ji^i'd :^awi, ^bm, ^j^rll 2H^ i(?l ^H 

" The beauty of the whole plant is 
very striking, and the want of symmetry 
in the flowers and fruit not less so/' 

( A. K. Nairne ) 

ci^rcinl ?il<Hl i^'S. "Hiptge madablota 
is called delight of the Woods or 
delight of the Spring." 

(As. Kes. 4. p. 282.). 
^ctl'-tc-ll <umi ^^icHi ^tt^HMi ^l^lKl ^l»41 

6 "5, Ml<l mqCl 'istHi ^C-t aiiioHi $, Hl^ ^ 

si{-A[?. aHl«y »il^ ^l«l ctMl^ flv^^ ailit^ ffn?l, 

rt>il^ ani^ M^l'l «l«l >t'AHl^ an^ Hin i^<Hl^ 
§ ct "it'cT "{Iwl Jl%i3W ^l"^!." 

f% #?i^ f^5cCniTrg?7T: f^«m ii 
fi> T?»^5i ^nJTorr ?^nrar r^ntg:!! 

^Tr<-"^5r'' MH 811H «i. 

»ilH<l'li ^c-iHi'll M5^£«fl ^^rt «l^^-ll Qt>l^l'*ll 
I^^55 5T?T JIRT^T fq^ 3T^?T m JtIrT II 


^m%imi aH«i=ii snict^ ^mi^ S, ci "\>Hii 1 3 

(3MMH R. iSl§ ^IH S, ^ ft VH^ iidl -^^i ^IH 
6. :^o «nio"^R'li M^i V^AM; >io 3H9-Ho"SlH'{l 
Mi">MilaHi V ?(l M; H'^^^l Mi'»iilSli <^,iCHi, s>mm, 
ci«(l s^"^ ^«4l 3imi ^IH ^. ^\^?. \ ^IH ^. fiMi 

an it(%i4 s'-ii5iHi Sii'-tiSii ^. 

* Mltsi w'^i-pinnate.-'Kl4i ?ii»t3 *i^ 'Mi<H«ft'ii 




l-^U^1«t«ilH-TribuIus terrestris. 
tfed'Ct-H. I. p. 423; N. p. 42; Watt. 
VI. part. IV. p. 78;^. ft. Ml. V3. 

3-H>4't:-HlJl ^W'Hl'ii Su^laJii Siwiy H^ii 

aHM "i avtcl-il <Hl«l'ft s^m ^IH W. 

^Ul-^clC/a«ft M'l^^Sl ^3 »»1^ ilH ^. ^>ii«a 

■^iCHlS i^idiaHi Hli«i€»l ^IH ^. Sj^ ^i^A V «fl 

O 1° &'at (34 31'^^ ^IH §, n %mi k^ii ilH 
^. ct'd aUC-l «til M<Vot<l anPl ^^iclltfll, Mi^i 

mi 'Hii^ Mi^ ^ «niii4 §iH S. ^cnHl m^ 

=(lil«?ldi, dC-flSit, w^i (t^^i Pi Hill c-iR §. 

^C-llH«a ^IH ». d ^ct'4l ^<l ^lil 50il eflcHl 
"^ ^'iia-il iei'{l a>lHl«lc(l ^IH 6. ciM^ y<^M an^ 

sthi aHc(i u^,;) ff^rt'ii '^itni m'4'fl 5vs?(a ^r 
^w ». dM Sli MH 4^ ^ Sii <^r<i d«n 5ii$^ 

^IH d. ci ^ ?(l 3 ^ai ami ;i I ?a \|; £!at 

MK'fl ^-^-H ildil ^5.^ aH(3|la^ ^IM §. ^i ?i->>H 
iliilH^ ^f^M MH (leanets)'{l «m%llHl 6R "^ 
•y^ilaHl aHl^«fl ^IH », aJi 5^5 141,1*11 M «(l V9 
^R 1 ^ilani §iH §. an 6i;i»ii^i mH f ^a^ 
CHhl ^ ^ ^a 3 etlij'i Ml^lcAi ^IH §. <t^ ^^ 

«Mi=nM^ ^=11/1 aniya an^ 'ftaiHlM^ C-ti"{l, a^ta- 
irfl, ^'HlCfil ^ MHM5 •i'Adl V-^l^^ ^(1=* ^IH ^. 
MHd ^l^lHl (\\\ \[H\ aniWXHl^^li 6v^dl ct^i 

Mn^ »itac(l qm an^ <t^\[ ^a^^'^i aicaa^^i 

(i^l R;=tl£ ani^ S. 
<H^lHC-li R (3MHH §IH S. 

■ S. n ^ ^atSfl i ^at eiio{l ^iH §. ^gt >([aii 
^^Wi ^ «a 1; flat oHl^cti, atiiii^ 2H^ li^f ffnclKl 

MW M^l Sii «{l^«fl ^di, ^ «a 3 ^^tlW'l €th[, 

<»iPH<r.' 1 c-iifciri \[lm, ^^^ ant^ftsiR, ans^rO 

<^l«9 C-fl^i, a^cASrti, C-flc-tl ^i^Kl an^l ^iM >11 
Mic-lt(icai §IH ^; an^ ^Hi^rKI "iio^ ^H^R Kls^Arti 
an^ C-iMl 2«ica''-(l Ql^lHC-ti ^m S. 3^ Mi">Hl\aHi 

^ Min«il ^iH 6. 

\>^ "ci/i §iH d. ci n\m ^ijtil, >i«iic?i Mi^itnl 

an^ ^^^ ^^M anPlMfHcl fjctwioft ^IH d. n 
anicl^ aniHsfl ^IH ^. 

§. cHl ct^ani Mi'^ilaHl?(l Rliq xftfAl ^IH «>. 
an^ M^PlllH ct^v ^iv M<41 "^(ai ^IH d. cl 

^1^%l^2(l <V^l 4si iw 0. 

Sj<St-«l%l M^ll^t^l'ft V-tlW'ti ^CH sy^ Miai Ml">Mi- 
<Hl'4 ^IH ^. aJi Miat Ml'>Hi kH^i ^MWi ^W 
d. aJi s^it Mmi^ «n(&R'{l <ni«?g Klaisil ^PlHi 
"I dSl an^l cta^icia^ Jh WAl siil ^IH S. i^Sffl 

il/l ^IH d. ^et^ ^^^ ^S;H -lE-til aji^i ^^IW 
Miai ^-vH ani^eti ^IH d, cl«(l an \tijj 5ii ^8(M 

^1^1 c-fl«li ^ ^im. ^ cHi^ sO'si Qi^^i «ivJ MH ^. 



CHlsl 0. ^CH ^ilH ^ cHl^ ^i^li S^<ei SlW MM «. 

3H£^ C-dc-li JolHWi £">MIH Wi. Mi^ Mi's «l cMl^ 
![lSl <?i.^l W( «ltr<wlH $. ci'H^'^l «lrt^ ^llrt«ll 

§IH 6. <1^ SMi g:^ ;iHJi^ anlifl ^IH S. 

^l^ wtH H^^^l aHl'^J'Hl ^M^IM §. ^l^f.i 5h^ 

clHiV >i^'-t^ W^ii ml aH"HlH Wi. il>l(& HS^ 

^y6<^(l a>l^ aJlilM^ aHHW §. 

^l^tH 5{l1l til(A ^"^Hcl ^ll->M^'li MH-il <Hia^ 
i^ ■«11H d. an^ aH,(i s^c-l^i "^iiil <41m aniil 

=l">Hri Hm 3l^«H etlll ^l'«M^'ti !^c-i^l 9Qi[ vtlrtl 

*ni. a>i^i Sucti^iRi wHi^ jiiiqwi j^ch "hiVhi 
^idi 'iHi rH[\ ct'ti iiii ri-<M isicii:^ c-Oit ^R 

^HWii iU(\m ^>>-Hr^ i<l Wil HUl Slfui^ 

■^l« ifl^ \-Hil d. 

Slfl'-ll«il ffy>fl4M^, ctH*/ ^^cllSii<{l wtl9g«i, 'Hlil- 
^^iKl clU MW, MHip'il fil^aHl six, ^"^ '4^«l'.^ 
Ml"^ Jllil civirt (H^iy ^^3 ^IH SicQ j^Miiiiirfl 
an^ '^iKl <^'>{l't>li §51 d. jii^^^i iii^^L 5,^:j 
•I'RMi 'l^ an^ ^li'/lia>ll si^ H<ai ani oli-o^j ytoji 

«l'>S^l ^im?ll aHl Sii-u^^^i )j«t ^isi j^qmi ani^ 
S. ani iU'^^'ii i'rl wHl^ \\}/\A ml ^ ^l\ d'ii 
Ml"^i ^«l^4l M-S Mlctl«{l >l<?i aJii <>{l«i^(l "lf.i 
Mi Wi. Mt^ cHl qatc-tl ^PHi ol "*^ldi Mi 'ftalKl 

^di Ml d. <?<lX Si^ii j-«iiH <HRl<n^ 5l ^li^tic^ 
i^«ll 4^1. ^'^ igiai ailMKl ^M^ cflsftg aH(?f(- 

=ii(ni ^icti ci^ oii^^ aniiHi Siiiii i^^^i 6^* 

anl ^llM^'tl dUHl aH^ s^C-t ti^il ^7i >{lil«M^ ^IM 

^ "nd an Siji an^ ^Hji 3ii-«i^ i^mn d. an^ 
§9iRi>M^ (Pedaliura murex)'tl §u=ti»ii (39ii 
an^ 5^51 ^11^ §^ m^ d ii4 §IH ^, »il^ ct 
^Qil ^ i-lHl S^il'^^ i^=llH 6. no VIM og'^l. 

\-k\{^^ rii^-Fngonia arabica. 
t^il'd-H. I. p. 425; N. p. 42; Watt. 
Ill, p. 308; |. R. Ml. i. 

R-lkdrlVH-'^m^l ( ^ll+ljo ); qm^ (;To); 

RUh rtlivt «tMCHl 6viqi>li a*<i^ §, ^ | ^i«ft 

* 'kiK'Hi^ ^'iR^il-mi Hiii sliMS'll »l,5<=li5il aii^ii^ 
ani"^ M»l5 §il &. "^Mi 5CH (SIMS) f^Wl^i ii^Otn <-ii5i 



^ii^Mi^ii r{is5ic-n ^i4{ §. ^ aiiii d^a =im M«a 

tflrltni'fl "J^i aniil ^ -ilafl 't^tcfl "iCHlcd irnn ^. 
\m^itl ^IH ^qi ^-"MIH d. ^iil aH4 MK s(l4l 

KlscJlCHl §IH §. cii« vi7{ r-il^ (3H ^IH d. 

■*m ^=fl ^il »H^ i\m[5\[ «fiCHl ^31rfl ^i«t g. 

?iM^ %9{\ rim im S. >m^ «U">MiaHi>4^ ^^f. 

MiS «Mi "v^i !r<iil an^ <:-{lsii%iilcii h^i 

=t?l'W ^IH d. Mi^ ci av^l H^iil «tlH $ aMJil 

^^i, M^ii ^ cini?(l ytjii ^si ^iH ^. Mw^ 

^^^ ^,<i^ 5H"<(1 ^IH S. ci avl^i, ^ ciKl <HM 
«Ml=a m43!fl Sis ^\-^{ ^i[ «flsii i^oiKl ^m 
d. MU'd iliil ^^^H ^lil ^m VlHl ^IH 6. 

^$i-5l iiAiHl qa5i?fl »i»i m\.'^\. i^ii ^si 

ilH d. ci 1<H dHil 31HI ny'l ^iH MlSHl Mil 6 
cHl^ 'fl=»fl M\ «nH d. anrii ^t^MH^l dW "hH 
«*tH d. Si-ti |Si «qR»ti @Hi $. 

M^l C-fleil ^3Hi, cl((A«^ ^l^ltfll an^ ^^<h( ct<b 
«iiii 8icti ^^m ^IH d. 

a^^ H^l'l^iV ^ '^[m ^3Hi ^IH d. 

5H^ ^M^^ ?i->H Ml(Al«5lcti C-flcHl ^»Hi §1H ^. 
JjSl-Miai Mf^iqi'Ji, Kl^ 'l^l^, Hm<n Sti«Hl 

Ml^HlMi an^Jt <Kl»V ^IH 6. aJi^ j^s, vifuj \ CHlfcH 
i^cli 5i^»/ CHioj an^ f C-llWH ^l^l'i ^IH 6. 

j ^^iji «iy «tH 6, an^ ci^ i\}s mp4 'i(tfi'l«(l 

I iHil ciMi«(l 'Kl^,' '-n^R KlStAl r»tH g, (Hlffir 
I Klitfll 3RI \t^ M"^ >MK-(l X«t 'H'll W!U=im 

i m^i c-thi q-^ct yHl RiH ii^eii ^qmi ani^ &. 

-<3Hi aiw ii«iH $. ci aiMii, ani 61 3iia\iy ilcti ^ 
«Kl<v 61 <v^i an^psw iliH 6. ciKl «mu1m^ 
^c^M Riaai'd «nHS iiH 6. <Hliv f etifcH 

C-lhi ^ ^ •Hl^'i Ml^l^Ai ^IH 6. ci-ft 1U ^l(Al«- 
Slcfl Mlci«il §IH 6. ci :tqi^ =(li'^i, <V^l ^l^i 

^ Oil c-ti5l 6, 

ilj, «q^ an^ rHTlfl. 

'5-(3'H»il5l-HMl%tl'll ^tA^l il^l ciM<v ci'tl 

6idqi^i ^T<« M«u'-H «i^ cHi'-iqi »ii^ qn^m 6. 

; H^l^m 6l-sqi^ «1<1m1 ^^il aHi ijouiMl ciKl 

i Mi<i«(l 'hM n Mid«{l Mit^dni 'liMl Mii^ft ii^H 
I an^ Mfl'll «l Sli^il Qii^lKl MIS^S qi^ ci^ ■Hi'<ft»t( 

i ^i^ wii^n^ aJi vii(^n s-^wi'H y-^ci ^R'Hmi 

j dldS "fHl »ll^ H«Jl ^l^l ^Si 6, HMl^tl^ =tl<A 
ctH '-n^W^lHltAi <Hlii 1 ?i'-H-Si^lM^ Ml/1« ct<l^ 

I ' 

«lflMil, a^m^l "i 6i«l Mli^l ^IH cil <1<3M^ 

H*ll?il <Hl<n ci'O SlMi-fl «ni^qRi a>iiH 6, ^ ct«fl 

j Hi^ll ?i«3J «1W 6. >^ll Mli^ ilH cil H^mni 

I Siicnni "Sl^lcAl i^ 6. 'HHl^Hl dl^qi^ "Hl^flMl 

Qilt/ft ci \Rft'{l «->M cllctqi<Al^ "i[\ aniM 6. 



3ll<l, ^«, SH^ «Htfl?l^ y<4ll ^1 ell"^l >Hn^lH<1l 
(&ctl. ^Miyi'il ^Uqi^ ni«n ciHl ^1->H si^S 5H^ 
^R?i?i'ft ^[k HCA^l cic-l^li 'li^Hl (li'O Ml^ 

^lil, ""i^^l^flaMl an^l H^Pll sciiu ^ifin stlHm 

rt«n 1^ 3ll4 MH^Q rtl^^l «ni^ KHli M«a ^ (Wl<^fi) 
§MMl3l»li ^^. ?H?.l ?ii^ ^(lrt<n §. H'll^il^l ^%l 

<i^l 5ii^l <Hy tl^l ^ rt Sil'A 8llil sllil =f^cll =l"»Hrt 
^ll-JRi ^f^t»l«(l ^ll^aKl aH^Hl IliC-ll, MRi =lSl^ 

Hltl-^H M«a 1o ?ii*li" (it. <l. 3(1.) 
"tlMl^l <MM, >lS, HS, 5i(, 'i'X% hi[i ^^^, 

H^'k i\\\A mil ^. (h. ^u. h. sii) 

I aH»Ho ^["Hrft Mi'»Mil5ii M; ii>«^l 1o; an^ 
Miai ■"Hl'ii'-licni an^ ^^Rm<(1 ^IH §. an^ti i\i 

^^-N. 0. OXALIDE^. 

«tlH §. a^l qJiKl H'i^MGi^ MH a^iict^ ani^ S, 
^IH 6 ^ ^icti 't«fl. ijo Olio "iimi M^l N; >io 

l-^U^1«i«il>l-Biophjtum Sensitivuui. 

l<^dl-ct-H. i. p. 43 G; N. p. 43; ^. Pi. 
Ml. M^S. 

3?i5Wcft (^o)■, mi (ik°)i S^^'S^ (^»). 

3-«i4'l-Ji>^'il St-5'Hl ^i^l x>R<4ll an^ 'il6Hl 

MH %i^in l|«fl "4 fia^ Slhi, ^ ciKl ^-^H 

ildilMR'li 'lli^Ki HK (Leallets)'fl \o «0 lY 

§. ^fit ""^tni; K^H ^<ic>l ^IWlfclGlcti; ^ '-Kliv 
■>Hi'-Ha|^i ^IH ^. MH an^ J^C-l Hl^S^ aMdl 

aaHi SuniM^ fn^iil WlHl ^IH &. an^ ait^i 
^li^M aHPlt/Q C-taiUdi 5irii MH «lui J^^R- 
Ijjlrll Ml ^=Mlfcl viu\^ ^a^iy oYtH 0. 

■»i-iH5!.^lH-Ml(fel, »ip<'=t, «Ri an^ (a^^ytai- | 

M^lR'ti an^ ni'H'ii V<\[M[ anlM^lMi ani^ ^. 
fat^=i<?lSl^ ^if^iS n^"^ aHMlfll S^C^li 5=ll«i an^ 

d ^:-"aH4i Ml't m-H^ "^=il«fl M«IR ^5=1 ^IH 
ci ^'i d. tl^l^l rt«ll ilS={laHl'ft %ll«l ■vftqi^ft 

^H^iMtflKl -41^ M^ ^." 

Mi ^. 

»ll1l-ol «ft oil W\ " (il. <l. ?A.) 

«-^«4l«ii-<1(Al'H Sii ct'l'V =t^«l?.'li Mll^ft 
Qi^lW 5:(icti ^It ri^l •«im>MHl=^laMRi dMV 



"vsi^liMi ^^lit 3Jii<Hi»Jli^ winl Ji^^'ii ^u=ii 

:i3-N. O. BALSAMINE^. 

(glands) §IH ^. ^c^ H^i PihM Rh 
( very irregular ) ^IH d. cHl J^o «uio 

t-<U^M«iR-Impatiens balsamina. 

l^icl-H. I. p. 453; N. p. 44; Watt. 
IV. p. 334. 

Jl-l^llrlW-^lc-lHCl (mIo) MWci^list (340); 
f^^^f (^o); ^i\ (r1«>). 

ani^ ^. n I «fl 3 lOi ^ "Sifcl^ii^ ^^ <^=Hi 

Mi^ »ilH ^. 5>lrfl ^i^l an^ ^UMl^ll ^IH<A ^W 
^yi—H^lH ![lil ^mi ^«l ^=li ^IH d. ct 

ailMI i=^«fl 5Hi3l'jR ^^ avtil ^IH ^. ^U^l5ll 

\w «nil «i^<;-{l ^iH.^. ^m(A «imiaMW ^mi 
HL'A'fl I'-ii-A 5HKC-{1 ^iH «;. ^iil Wi^ «ll">Ml5il 
'^£^?ft Mli'A, "l^S^[l 5H^ Hl^il ilH §. 

ilH S; MK-n iRM^ i^-Hd (v=ll mi ^IH &. 

MwKl ildil orii >i\f[ im d. ?i il^il'fl n-^ 

"^RM^ ci^ir»' MlH-il "SR'tl ildil MW'll QiRW 
51WI ??l'^ ^g;M ^^iP-M^ll (glands) ^IH S. 
MKHI Q-H^'U %tMl<Q C-dai ^ ?i^l «fl41l RilKl ^ 
^M^ ^ge'i ^|»^l ilM S. fi MH^ ^UlKl cl^K 
^iMl «Hl*f='CHl^S(l ^cti ^H^ ^cl 5HHMR- 
slli ^"«HIH S. MK'ft ^S^'fl *lMl/l (li/l 

an^ nH^ ^i<ni '^m-{[ ^afi ^=ti^ §ih S. 

MKH =im^l^ C-ftsll ^« Kli^l S. -v «lUl '=t>Hct 
«Jl^ «1H §. t^lW ®Jl ^IM 'S. 

H^"Sl«3l»li«ft 'Os5l«ii ^iH S (Hl^ ^!/l Jit^H HR«3i 

i^-ii^l «cnlM^ ani^eii ^ih S. an^ \ an^Hi ^ 

KlS^Sli §IH d cHl^ Hi^ftiv MW«il iliilH^ ci 

§iH S. ildil 1 «ft ^ ill^t c-ii<Hl, |»i(aHiu(l 
vi7{ ^-wici ^cti«4lni ^31'fl ^iH d. ^*t<{l c-t'^ivi 
\-^»^Hl ^IH «. |c-i>ii Kli'^^i c-tKl 1i8i'4l 
<^^l Sil (spur) HIS 'H'Actl ^IH S, ^ ciM^ 

^i«R |'Hi<n ^iH d. }i° "^1° "^I'^'ii M^i Mimical 

^ ^2c^ ^IH §. an^ Hi^il^llHi ^-^H Mi">HiT 
3lltAltl$ic{l Ml^l'41 ^ 'HMa ans^ o^ycft -"Hiat- 
Hl«ll ^IH S. H"^^^l M ^^'l ^11;^^ \ ^IH d. 

cHcti 9J51 ^3Hi nt) MM S. ctH^ ^mi 4ihi 

at^aidl =ll«lKl |»lta ^IH d. K'^ ct((a?l ^Hov 

^8ii5i «ii4i«icti ^ -naiHi "v^i (h^h ^i^itfii 
^iH S, ct ^i(^Ki ilm sY'-d >^m, d. s^c-i c-ii-^ 

^IH d. ci ^«(l| ^a( C-lhi ^ 3 C-tlW'l HatHi 
Ml^ltni §IH §. ctHi ^ «ft I0 ^li M{l<v ^IH d. 
!^C-l atlMHl % H»«ll -Sl^'-a <3Hl d. 

oft«y-f 'iiiy'i -^-Hmdi, c-t<n3ii(a, iitai««)cti 



■U-^i5l^lH-<3«t/l i^l^^l^, ^=HS an^ \^ei. 
^l!H anPl ri-u^ ^31 «i, Si^ii MK an^ !^St liStlS 

:iY-N. 0. RUTACE/E. 

1-^u¥lH'll'i-Peganiin Harmala. 
tKl-rt-H.I.p. 486:N. p. 45; watt VI. 
part. I. p. 124. 

niSii ani^ «l3l"J (§51 ». ctHl 'Hijl Siiiiioii^ i^il^Hl, ^KSllHlH 
5ll"iiwi (V^lC-tKl »JiS^^l ■W\?tlJl il^l ■HIJI 3lC-lH^«fl 

^iwrtw ^J^w'fl ai^Hi "n^iO «wi «ti^i <fi\ «m 5. 

{ ?io); ^T^K (*io); ?^JT?, ^?c5riid (ilo) 

'S. cini yi^ft «ii>Mi5~u ^soi^-ft ^ih &. mh ^ ^ 

3 tiat C-thi C-flcHl J'Hi a»<;i jAi^JI diia»liqi(ni 
(llH d. aH'il «i^l C-tNi, «iiil an^ aHi^ftsitrti 

iiH «!. 'i«i Mnli>5i^i'-(l anifc^ ani^^ ^m «;. ^ 
C-Oc-fl 'i>ll'm'^ Rl'/ll vi^ ^ T ^l I t'a{ oHm^ 

Jio aH»Ho ^l4rfi Mi-'HMl iHlhl ^ il'H^ ^IH 

1-§'H*il5l-(&^M^'tl aHl>Hl dUHl an^l^ cl-ll 
^Hl^vKl (^^l %=iay, j,^qi )ti^ ti(^Q jt^qi^i ani^ 
S. m^Jl fi--l«'tl f.^^'fl aHiag^Mogrfl ^r^[ •o^^^o^ 
xt'ic-fl ^IH ctl ci<l ffv?lia»l «{M t^H^l %ll«l (&V 
^^I'O ^ll">HiailHi iSil anJR S^^i s^si (>(l'Jl=imi 
aniH d. (?,^H< aH?llcv. 'cT^M'i'li "{1<V H^l (at^?i- 
"SJil^ ^if^S, i=tl«l an^ Ml^lHi <HlM5l=llHl aniq 

^ta<l «idi a^isi anPl «v>H>ll (3M^ CHOluqiMl 
ani^ ^. an^i "(lay ^ti^i an^ Qh CHIH-IR »1<311H 
§. n ctl'H an^ Md-il ^ilM^ anMW ^. aa^i 
MH^l SSlcrll ^hC^^IIM^ aHlH^lHi ani^ ^. 

aa-ii 'itfi'ft ^"A ^i^^ani cic-tKl «i«l qi'JiMl 

S^-Hlct "Mil ^IH ctl "Hl^A^ <HJ|Uqmi aniq S. Sirft 
gf^ft ^.Scll (VM^l a>i;^ aiisiaJii^ aniH^imi a^i^. g. 
(^^M'i'ii "{l^i QtR 3Y^l rft^l ^i^l 'HJllM §. 

^ n ^<Hi(/fl^ suM^^i'O H>4ii HsTi w^m^ b\ d. 

^-%«ll'ii-«9'ti ""is^l an^ is^ >l/lqit41 9i>H^ 
ovHl'lMl §^l §.* 

F-l*i't!!^ aJi '^IM'»H Mil, 'i^f^, ft^ anPl 
javsHi §^l ^. 

Mi«ii %[{^h ^ Kl^ll-Hiuii 3l>SilM S. 

■H«i i^ S. 

* "fil^oi?^ ^ct^>4W>li Si Jti-c^ii^ aH4 5il4=lUl «li'fl 



»id<3ii (oil glnnds or pellucia dots) §1*1 §. 

Mi<i m^s^l sHirt^ ani^'Hi (IihS. a «isi, ^"'44^ "^ 
■•(Iwi J?^-tl iiH §. ^Kl iliil Miiufl siti 'ii^i'ti 

?(l M; ^o aH*M. llH-fl Mi'^il^Hl Y «(l H; :!i"S- 
^^l Y_vi aH«l=tl <; ?(l 1.0 "S H«li §IH ^. ^1- 

MMH^l, "Hlii^Q, «Hl^Ri, HlSl an^ '^Idi sQ'$3, 
SHI "H^l'd ani "Hi^^ (Murraya paniculata) 

t-^.U^lMrlR-Munaya koenigii 
l<»il'Cl-H. I. p. 503; N. p. 47; Watt. 

V. p. 288; ^. R. Ml. \^. 

s-'^^ll'll^-Hlllc^lVii ( Mio ) Js^CHNll 

(?io); w^^m, ^M\^ (flo); ^?JTR (^o); 

r%Hf^ (?io). 

a-qt^ri-Hlii sd'Hii'ii au<Hi ^im an^ ^lil- 
SiiHl qu^i »i^ aHi«9<ni<ja ^idi'O ?lc?i ct^ti 

C-ti'^fl W/flM:^ aMi^ §. ^c-t ^gfM %iV- ^'Hl §IH 
9. ct ii^-tfi'ft m'^ aniqeti §iH §, anPi ^c-t ani- 
«^ 1 ^^'4 cAf'iiy'ti Rinil ii'flw^ni ^icii §ih 

aidi^n <n«il'-f-ll>li a^^ hiini -HlM^ $. MH iiHl 
§lcti 't^d an^ ci i^ili clM^R ^ Ml^ anPi ^'^l 
an^ i6lCHT<H^l i§ ^. 

aJirii ^01, WISI an^ MH §Tl<VS OUSJIH S, n 

MK Mli^Q^i ^tjJ ci Mit^n 3ll«ll C-lW an^ Ml"HlMi 
anR cil ri?(l (3C-ltQ uiH «11M $, 3^^ j^cim g. 
aH4i MKHI atii^ft Miati an^lH g. aH25>4 ^^ 
MddL ^il Sm;: aHni ysi MK-il Slicnni aiiJii 

aHKi ^ii MK^t §6l«ll M>il '=l^fl «R€1 <HlM 
§IH an^l^ (3*l<n an^ aHM^il 81?lsil §IH dl clH^ 
aHMlH 'S, 

l-^U%fl<trllH-Feronia Elephantum. 
t«l'Ct-H. 1. p. 516; N". p. 48; Watt, 
III. p. 324; ^. Pi. Ml. :^o\. 

Ji-^^ArllH-iS, liii (MIo ); 114, ll^ ( ?io ); 
^f2, ^cT (qo); 1st, ^>55, ^«T (flo) m^^: 
^f5l?T (^o). 

3-Hi4't-'^l^'ti 3ju Hi^i gati 8im d, d^ 

H6 ^m anPi «n!|Hi m4 ^H. '-t^^ ^ih ^. mh 

^^W anl^ anw^ aHl^^Hl §IH ^. clHI ^•>*-H 
ildilH^ ^^H MW (Leaflets) ^IH^mi ani^^li 
ilM ^. ildil «H^m MWKl >R ^=Q «!^l<Hlt4l 
§IM §. MH'ft ©M^'ft ^Ml/l ^^l «flCHl VlKl §IM 
§. an^l MK^ =il(Acti rmim H^ann^l «?<! ^aiHl 

'Oi^ d. •?ii-^iSimi "{Ijfl'ti a^u'fl Mi; ^^i 
^'^>^^ sidi ani^sii §iH §. |5i 'cip]s^ (asKAi-fl 

^l^^lri ani^ ^ a>i^ s^c-l a4Ri«l aHl>M^ MlV^l 
«1H d. ci 'ct^il CHi'^l qvict ^i'^ 35UM^ ^§ ^. 
'^Sl I ^ai --Ml^ni 5[lsi ^Ictl ^3Hi t^^Hl <n(|- 
<^'1c(Ih ilH d. ci»li 'l^ anH HUl Hl4s^ aJiiav 
Ji'^MMiH'O ®M^ anw-li §IH §. ^i'^H H^i^J b\- 
r[[^ ^ll-^ia5^l a>i^ IC-lKl >fiiil3^l @H^ ^g^M 
<HI«1'{1 ^=11/1 §IH S. 5cC-l ^m Z4,l ^=l[, ^ «(l 

§iH §. ^xi >HiM^^i 3R ani;! m^i tHlffv §im $. 




^IH d. <i^l 3R F-1^4 S^ =-ld'^fl =H^ i-SS »tl^ 

^, Si4i -^rt Hlsi^ ^l?l SH2^^ an^ 3^Ul (3M< 
5HMIH §. Sict'tl MRl SH^ 'KQ ^?i> »M^^ ^11 

^Hl i'wi'H^ =ilMi=tRi 3Hl^ S. ^H-ii !(S1^ "^IC-fl 

^I'Al ^^I'i ^IH §. n •tHcflHlil'ii ^[n\\i an^ 
"5i^i Misi Y^'^i m -HI, ik, <5'^<^. ^^, ■*HS, 

^iia JjcMiR ^I'M Mill ^. Si^i m RqPl dicrl 
""SiMi mU^ki ^^^'iiH'ii g.HMi 'ii^ Siivn 

"i^wH^'U 3H« 35UI =H'l^ »l^^l il*< ^l^ 
OiiaiJA MUl <§Hil 5Hl^ ^. «HlX «^l^ ^M^ ^IH 

7{ ^[iim ^i^ =rHI "veiicft ^iH ^i^ "III 

:i«(l iF^rt, ^ifl "-l^l^ ^^k'^ '^^^l Hli^fic-ii c-iisl fi. 
ni^ ct>ii«fl 4ia «liii ?t'=ii ^i^' ^^^^ ^- ^''5^'*' ^''^ 

liA'ti \^ 5HMsi=iis ci^^ H<aii «IIH §. ^ cH( 
cH^i^ qis^i ^"^ yiaji ">HiH S. ^^^ctii ci^ «>{l(f^ 

3)lil <3^ft «tH S. 

^-<ll^^«ilH-^'Kgle Marmelos. 

l«>di-ci.-H. I. p. 016; N. p. 48. Watt 
I. p. 117; 3. ft. Ml. VM. 

Ji-'^^ft'lW-'Hli-a ( Mio )+(?io); ^% ^ 
(uo); l?5, ?rr?5re^, €mf^ (Pi°); f^, ^fl"^ (?t°) 

aH(il' shhIhI 3Hl^ ^. '^'{l «lMlSil 3lUl ouni- 
Hical =H^ »il^ 3H=l(fll HlsM ^IH §. an^ «ii 
^\. '<^li ^IH ^. «U'>MiaHlM^ »t»/0Ui ^Hl Siil 
^14 §. MH ^«3i ^t^i «l(Ai ^•"Hil'ft ^1 ani^c-li 

^ItAl ■<3Ki ^^l =Hl^ ^. ^ ^^^ -Hl^lHl^ni ilH 
d. 5cSt i^^, st<H5ll'A "S 3licanJ€lrti ^IH d. ^^J 

aHlCA>Hiy ani^ §• 

^(n-'*KlCHl>J«l Hl4®'4 •vHl'iHi Hivotct 3\^^ 

^iH d. nMi«(l "^ic-iis s^idiani KlitnT c-ti<ni siSieii 
^IM^ ^iMlSli 5y<\ «l'>HiaHl (suckers) Klioi ^. 

^^a ^IH ^. «1<H »nil, Ml=ft 3H^ «Mdii^fl i^lH 
S. cirft HW <33A an^ >qiS iiHmttcil (3,^1, 
Jioia^^l an^ MlW((A«(l <f/<l »(lll eil^ ^. 

^(A^ CH154 ^4 ^i^ ^ Hl^l^^ctl Qmi ^31^ 
§IH §. n^l aniil ilH iWi dMiMl Mlct«?ll ^« 
35^ d, ^ «llil^l^ R^^ Hl^ll ^ Hi «lfcl <~tH 0. 

aM^i l^lil ^l^ll ^'Hi «lMi an^ ^Ml 1 lil«ll 
§(*il =ft^l MiCHl ^IH §. ^t^lKl Wist Ml=(l, <nij^fl 

an^ 'cit^isR iiH d. cl n6i^«(l 9i.^ ^ 5>if.'.«(l 

•^(IcAl^tlcll ^l^l Vl'fl ^IH ^. "^'^ ^** =^'1 
Wlf. Si=»W^ctl tj^^l ^IH ^. 



aJii<V (<^|M^«(1 R. 2(1 V ^ ^ MK -MW Ml^ 

Kls^icHi §m S, MK'fl 5^">>H ildil edtn-siHl «fffl 

-v^ Mlctcol, C-Oc-ll ^aiKl ^ ciM^ ^\i HltA'd 
j=tl/l ilM &. ct^ HHi(h ^<3J MH (leaflets) 

^icai sucnKl |=ti/\ ^iM §. (liw^R Mi^i -41^ 

^i ">HR ^IH «i. an MW ^ «(l y ^^ cnhfaM^ 

^IM 6. MH'fi "SRM^ iPl^, '{12(HI «Ml/l5i 
•iyi ^M^ ■^■^idl, 3H^ MKMi fid'^a'ti MW^li ^IH 
6 ci"Hl -HRS^U y,^M [<H|5il (pellucid glands) 

^W^ i\<\.i\ W\\^[ -flicric-ft ^IH ^. ct ^U>Ml 
il(rt«ll>Hl5il=tlvil ^IH §. ^St'ft iliil V ?(l "4 

i<=ll/lqi«Al ^R ^. ctM^ Ri:^^ C-llstl :^iHi P^|5ili 

^<>M«Hlll"llH-V «(l M N^l^l "i^^l §IH ^, 

M^l ct(tfl^ ^il'rj^ S^i :y^>i \mc^ ^q[ atpj 
^«ll5l rUl Mimical sictl «t£l ^-"llctl §IH 6. ani 

d. ct'ft 'nsR'O "iiog R^m «fl«{l ^im ^. ^c-i'fl 

^4 siiW^ Miii<^(l iiH §. ct "til Pi a^ "i^ 

cMl^ Mi'^Mil^i |lil <V<1 MlC-l ^-VMIH $. "Hmil 
i^MlH ^ fMl^ Kl^fl «i»{l MH ^. 

¥(|5H5i-\ §IM ^. fl Mil, Mil ^""HHloft 

^. i^c-t^i aniiR slitaiW^ni, '"^^li, Slidsli, c-t<H3lita 

1 MR <^^l ilH §. ^C-l'fi M rt^ct '{IM MH 

$. ci?(l stcnKl Kl^i (3il Mr4 ^-"him S. ^c-i^ m«ii5i 

Miil H%hi[ il(Al 9iJl ati-SCHlKl ans^ '-jTly,^ i^icH 
^IH ^. !t«l \^ 2(1 \4 ^34 cHiu^i a,i;^ oi^v^i ^i. 

<Hi "v "^^limi iiH d. ^i*cr=iiR ciKl Militaifci i^ni 

C-t<HlW HHI^ ^IH S, S^SlHl WICH yi^fl Sj^i^i ^IH §. 
k^Ml t 2(1 =LM ^i -Wi ^IH S. an^ ^^ g^j 
^i'li ^'((^ct KR^Qani ^3141 Hl'jl 3R \\A ^. 

^ a>ii Hi^i (Hlffv ^iH tt. 

=tMRlH §. Siril >i(rir{l vsistPii jcii«t rt^lsHl rtlH^i 
aHMlH §. ctMiV c^ ^VKAS. H^iiRW 'Mi^ 
aniM ^. "{lC-fl;i >ica Mlii^llHi H^^ 5^ iV'ti- 
=l^Hi J«l <§MR StlMictiHl ani^ ^. «>{lC-{l^i 
'MH'd \\£\^ aHi>H<1l eMl^llMR ^SIH '&. 

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<^mi aHl^ §. ll^ca MH'fl aidl^Q '^'il'H'HRi 
aHl=l d, ci fMTt^imi an^ W?\i, ^H^W d. aii'li 
MH-i aHmi4 S^qwi ani^ d, ri ^\.^ik'\\ JWW 

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&. ci8fl ct'ii anoRi 3i^>{i :^ aRihi^ ani^ ^, 
"flc-fl^i iiaii ^i[ it-lKl <?iyi %lliR «tSl aJUl 
an^ %iJ^i?.<^fl dMR ^>^<^•' ^^Kl «lSl aH5iii4 a>i^ 



\^Hl m^M «lWn tH-HK ^ cl oi\,i\., §ch/1, 
^HiR^, ^m an^ fMTtRsR QM^ ciM»-/ ^4 CHPQ 

an^ sji^ M141 3ii^ anPl (iM^lMi ct^"^ HM^IH 
&. Sirii iiaii !^c-l^ a>l»lll4 ^^' 'H^R'iR anjjm 

an^ clMli (H^qi-fl ^mc-fl ct^"^ H%\. eifSl ctiM^ g. 
"(IC-O'li c)JU>li«(l 'HlH«Wl ^£^ <VHl ^j,i\ 

elcti ^mi ^3y 5H^ -jisif^rt ^i*i S. an^ 

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'M'li'H'Hi'ii im^l '-nr-fl «l^ §. Mi^ ct R^H i^^ 

ci=ft ^ct HM^ia H?(l. »H^ c-tis4 aHlM^l"Sl «Hlavt 

&. ait'i'ft Mi 'HlC-tt'ti C-tli-si^ Ml'^fiMl y^^ 
«(l M^l^^lSi)^ atilHHmi 5Hl^ §. 'Hlc-fl'll MH 

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"oflc-fl'ii s^si ^laji §iH cil ci ivi^ifjt^ imik 

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qm^i ni a^^i net d "^ ai^, *Hlc-ll, ^^i, S^i 
cil ^si i^cHMi y«^ ^. ^Hlc-flHi >i^n <§<^{\ H^k"^^^ ^ 
^ci^i^dii ^. ^«ft'ii "^is-i i!^, 'ti. =^l'i, ^^, 

^l"t H^l^^ Mdl^ ^. <HlC-{l'ii 0(1^ ciCH 3RM S. 
ell^ iVh §." (^. |3Kl«i5:?). 

i-Ro (ei^?trl-"{l«{lrii -MH 3Hl>Hl ^l=liSJ 

Ml«'il yWtl^'l fi'H^ ^l ^ '*HI%1 i^^ stilH^lHi 
ani^ §. "^Afilli ^IH«1 Ml«Mi «11CH5i «>{\«{lMl 
%(l M^l'^=t»^ =^^1=1 d. ^^i Pt^l'H S^ ^^l 
CtHM ^IH ^ "^, "ik-O^l 'H">Hil aH«tk 1<^ MH 
H«ll^ SHS \4 ^''^ i^'ll'* ^- '^l '*^i ■HH^i^A 

anslS MH "«H^ 3l?i §IH cil ci MK "^Gcl sugjiH 
^. aM^ ci^ -wiQci MW ^t-U'H^i 'Hk-O'Q a>it^ Jifl 

(^l-H^ aiiir-tl^ M(i,lc*H '=il4 '*"^'i ^- "^*^ '^^ 
ilMli^ "{I'M aJlll'li NK N^il 'Kl M^U^lwa atl 

d. an^ "{Ic-fl^icti ci "tMi H'Ai '-HyCnsH iti-Hin 

d. ci Rh *«lli ^ li:- 

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<r^€l (HR-il ^^C-d g ci Fhh *€ll"^l S "S:- 

f^S'^T fiTJTr^rr^f sTTririnw 5^: li \ II 

^K-N. O. SIMARUBE.E— q^i-Rl^- 

ani "H^'mi ">-iui ^^i ^"^ iju^i «ttH <^. •hh 
anict^ ani^ g. ci m^i^ yi^ji -j-^idi ^iM d. H 

^wi ^=ti, «^W aH«t=ll «isi ^IM e-. QMMH ilcti 
•H^ft, ^ ilH^ cil ClRct -^il <r»tH d. 1^0 <tio liml 

M^i 3 2(1 m; H" 'H^Ho "SmKl Hi^HilsHi 3 m 

■M; H&'M^l "*1 'H^t'-il Hi">M^'»ll*fl '"^»li«ji ^IH «/. a^Pl 
ci iGilJsH ctpJl^i qtn^l'Hi ^IH §. ci'tl dji^'ll <^<i^l 
■i^il iR §. M^Wlm ^ MlC-tqitni an^ <^ttm anct- 
^■«H ^IM ^. ^ll«^ HiajS^ 't Ml M Miei=*l«il t ilH 
S. a>i;i ci^^M«ll5i R. ?(l M 'l&SlaHl ^l«t $. ^CH 

eihi "Hicufl «ik ^=ii, aH«iHi ^'M SiiiCHictiail :i 

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Hl4i^ =»t%i *K\oY ^IH d. 

* ^rttHS^ %«i*'Hi'tHi "flc-fl'ti siii M 5 a»ii"«ni mn 

43«Hi V?ii 'c5=twi §51 &. ctRt^j rl Siiiii^i, i^Q^ii an^ 

m^iM^ (h?Ih i/inm aniH &. ^i^tna ci«iHdHi ct 

^<K^«lW'tl tH^d^lSilHi ttin=lRi SHinC-ti 5. 

*ll"Hiil Hl%l>ii <H^il iJUHi'-fl ">Hl■>^^ ■>UH'tl ilCl<H 
^iC-fl tilSl oOi-fl'ti ^W cilil CHl=a unc-ftMt 1^^ tlM- 

^ni tH=<i^>ti H*fl ilictiti 5i<7/?w =-t«ii^ &. 



jsfn ^ii«i SH^ <»^m ^M^ ^^sti »nm '3. 

^-^U^1«4«ilH-Ailantus excelsa. 
I'^dl'rt H. I. p. 518; N. p. 50; Watt. 
I. p. 148; ^o fto Mio -u. 

(Ml+Jio); ^-^-m, ll^'^, ^TpT, 3T15!?Tr (iTo); 
fliiw, JTiifsisr, 3?^3n (fio) ang, sij^q (^o) 

?11M §. fi =^|Ul ^^i -H^lSti SH^ 8llil «ll"^iaHl- 

^^ ^laMC-ii MH-Hl rt(cfiH t|SMl^(rWl ^ Vii\Vh 
^mIJs-JI 5H<^fi81ctl SPl \^ 3lSiC-tl J-^HWl ^m ^. 
MH V «(l M (Id Sthi 54l4i^ «U•>HlS^Hl ^i\ 

=ll(ni ^IH ^. ci C-13l9t5l (3«-6l'-ni 5Hl>H^ 1 

an ?&l»li?(l g^ani^i Ml-i'd =ll«^ ^tfAdl an^j- 
amcfl 41%! Kliol 6, 3H^ aHrti xiH fl^isy 1i>ioi 

<?Jc(l Iw^Im^ (3^1 =0^1 mVjII ^m 'S. <HI%1 )iiA\V.- 

&lc(l (3Jt an^ ^ql? ii^l, Cj,^l Pi JlCAS^^l eiR §. 

iiXl »-HH ^llMl!Sll-Ml=0 2mPI 'A.^\\ "td5"<n 

!(lsi «{lCHl ^ 9ijil ^aiKl Pl rlM^ »i-"lMC-{l ^qi/\ 
^IH S. '^'(l WICHM^ <?l^l ^l^ai <3<>ll =(l^l 2hPI 

^<iH widijii ^iH d. ci«(l an^^Hl wic-t «{lc-(l, 

^l=(l P^ «^ii!<<fl ^R d. Hl« lit SH^l VWi. ^\<h'>\>.\ 


ctpJiM 1 ^=H «iil Pi §M^ orcti ^im anPl ■mii'41 

«idl ilH §. ct -^IcrimSirtl «{lcH| -<3ir{l Pi H'«i»isQ 
I'-ll/l'-fl ^\W^ \\\ §. ci ct[ori'^ -wiiatmaa anPl 

ci'^W aniSRrii -mil ^?(l v^iii ;^v 2ft 3 SCH 
1 MK (leaflets) %im^Ri s^l^cni iiH 0. ^ 
MK'O Kl^lcft ^iC-Oi ^ilSlHl MH <v^l anict^ 
^IH 0. MH'ft ^il av^l §^ ^^ ^IM§. an 
^il^idi MH'ft ildil ^ctfAl <v^ MlctCAl, ^ 
^at«ft I tl=^ C-ti«{l Pi 'K'^ ilH §. clH^ H'«iH«fl 
S'-ll/l ^IH §. an MH V 2ft (i ^^1 c-thi Pi ^ 
«ft 3 ^ai \\\m \\\ §. nHl IR ^dil Ml^ 
' R^4>1 3^Pl @M^ jictRiyfl \VK ^. cHi ^^"Ki vXhiX 

M>nM«{l |=ii/l ^Ri^ft ci y=iicni siiSi g. Sirft 

(SH^'fl %lMl/lPil VI «{l^l "^ ?i^l «{l«ll Pi 'ftSlKlPll 

Hl^ai^frlcii 50^1 «ft&ii ^iH %. sH^i stl'n,$iHi MinHl 

•i^l m1 -l^l 5Hl^C-fl ilH §. qi« @Jt anPl ^<HIS 
9lcfl=H^l, <l\l Pi Ml'cSCfi^ft yi^l ^l??il svijjlH §. 

l;$(-Ji^M »i,SMl M^5^ M'l"Sl>^^i«ft ^imi Hfrt- 

ff»tc(lH-(polygamous)-^% ani^c-ti ^IH ^. rl^ 
^C-wi J^o «nio ^IH^li M^l anPl H" =***'< ° '^i^'fl 
^i^Hil^l -Hiat Miat ^IH 'S. a^Pl ^1-:^iH5il3ft 
^ilmi "Hiil ci cidStk ^IH §. ■Mi"»<ilaHl Mi^i^nl, 
<Hi-C-tl^(cl'ft, wt^ <^4Hl MlWWl ^tolC-ft ^iH g. :iil%i^l 

=io-(^1:i^^p(l k^i'ii =^ *ft 3 cig'Hi H»sii Mid'-ni 

anPl CHMl ^IH ^) ^1'S^^ \ ilH ^. 

JjCh-^ «fl 3 MicitAi c^hi sit^SiLta 1 2ft ^ 

^at 4»hi M-S=tl«\i ^IH §. Pi ^ ^=H \\\m ^IH 
§. ctni M4 ^^d M^ siSiC-ti ^IH S. ci -HlctcaT 

w{l<V-k^-wi MiKl a>i« ^>kV^ =Hl«^ ^ tfai 

d MiM^Kl yi«l <i^^'ft =*i^irw §h;; ^qiH §. 
SiKl tfic-t M^Hl «i8l =ti<fl ddi ^«^i JRM i^c-t 



iHl/l^ %iJ<<,^(l an^ ^Ut SM^ HlMV-imi 5HK^. 
anHl Wl'rt =141^ 'H'V'iMi «i--tlH cil ci?(l Sstifl 

^IH fll >ll'ilMi ^l">^'-ll>li 3Hl^ ^. SH^^^tl^ CHli^ 
^l^ &'ak »H^ i^S ^IH §. SHdi SilSiidi Slil*Hi 

<['{[ nni ^irl'ft H-4^ Ml^(l <H^ ^l"4l ^ Mlf^fi 

aH'^i'Ml =ll/l ctKl 8lM«{l m>/\'{[ 3iUM"< H«3i "Ud- 
ells i{\i\ ?i"% $. a>iRl«Hi SllSiRiSd rl(HHR4i 
H15HH, ^ICH an^ ^IC-lia ciH^ IdC-fli M-ni 

Wi^ il^li?. §M^ M^J 2HMIH ^. SH^i^Hi il=Hi 
%ll«i ciril ni2ii WlSl C-im?(l aK><Hl M^J'l'O ^-^-rt 

»ii^i-l <Hi'=t." (-11. <1. sH). 

9JCg a>i8l'-ll 3R^q SM^'H KlS^^ SIR Mi. 
«lcli »l"<l«l^ an 'ilH R^'4 StlHS »>^IH ^. 

%tl«l SMI aH^l^l'fl QiC-t ti Sim ci Mli anl^ 

tioii:. loo. 

t-^U^1<4'iR -Balanites Roxburgliii. 
I'^iici-II. I. p. 522; N. p. 50; Watt. 
I. p. oC3; ^. f'l. Ml. \\i. 

\-\kH'H'H-'iiHl^i, tI5llP<H (Mlo); tl^lf^Ml 
(ijo); IfTioi^j, f|q^ (qo); i3^, fl'frs (f|o); 

is^ (go). 

3-ei4n-i;l^llf^Hi'ti iJU lo ?(l R.0 ^i §*aii 
atlH 6. ci*li ciK^iKl cti^iKl 'SAC-fli! «ll>ni'i^l 'fli- 

5ic-fl ^iH ^. ci'iL Sii "1't^i c^i<Hl dlgfiai siii- 

'IKKi MH (leaflets) «lH«l>ti a4l^«ti ^IM ^. 
•jc-t §-i^i<?i ani^ $. ci ■»{l(Ai%iticii c-Oeii -<3Hi 
^IH 6. s^CH C-i'^iSlita ^ «4i^i iHJj §IH d. ci 

>jtfl-^iC-lli itiAiaHl^Wi, 9i,^l ^l«ni ^'Hi, -i^M 
an^ %l(wiA ^IH §. »141 (Mil, Ml={l, ^StiQ, «Hi- 

4l« ^-H anPl :t^-tl£ ii^l aM^ fJ^Xl C-tlil $. 
??l'{\ ^ ■ni'HMil '^IH d. <ll">HWl ^(Al««^1l 

«(isii i^^i'd ^ ctM^ mA<tr ^<i^ aniyfl iqi/l Hm 

^. "iWA «l">Hl5il <:-{litl«^4cll ^'I'O ^ ctM-. ^n 

WlC-t <n<4m ^ltAl«C-lctl ^'I'fl ^ Ml=(l ^IH d. 

ciHff/ SHI '*i^fil SH^4;^ll l'-l?lH i^ §=111 nJil. cilMt^ 
5h tHW uil^l SH^ qiilSimi HW4l»ii SHIH &. Irl^Hli^i 
SH^ c((9/%l«^i ^im-fl Hl/l=.HlHi >^Ul an^i^tiWi ^dli 
■Hi XUH m'HIwi SHlHcHl 6cli. ■Ulil 61<H ci ^Idwl 
it5i Miii dn 5. ^i(v5lA ct^if >^141 aH^^^wi 3jli M*^'- 

i^ »*n"i =in"5 §51 V. Miji ci^i §H'4i5i ^(J'H ?li?ii 

«ini ff/ijllrtl "I'd. ani ^H^nw«tl <Hlilwi «H'^ wtrt'li 
»H^4;^l HlH^lwi "tl^CHl W. an^ cl>ti«fl 31^<H iil'^W 



jy^l ^IH §. nM^ MW SH^ IH\. aHK ^. («Hl^ 
^IH ^. nMl^i S^4 MK (leaflet) \ «il ^ 9^1 

JjCH-Y ^ 10 ^IS i;^'{l ii=^^-A5il Mnlli3i>li«(l 

^^ 6'2i C-li«>{\, Mlct«il ^^ |v?ica*-fl (H^lH«(l ^IH S. 
5^'i*-(l "^ii ilH §. ci-il ^R 8liil siiti citncft ^IM 

d. ci ^lii c-flsii wi ^ «^-^ «iio9 Iww'i'^i 
Mi«J ^A 5H^ H° "^1° ^I'^'ti ^^i*ft =Hi<^^ 

}ih^i-\o ^iH § (^IW=IR an^ji^rtl (by- 
arrest)^ <Hl^ <r «(l «r ^^-twi ani^ S). d-ll 

Jj$l-5R€i C-tl'oi sy'-Hi >iiai oy^l fi?m C-t'-H^iica 
^IH d. CI Siaii §m g <j4i^ C-{|c-ii ^'Hi ?. Ml""* 
d cHl^ c-U'tsKl m1<v ■^(Al VKi *i5J »nH S. 

\ ^ cld«{l<V «*lil ^IH ^. s^C-lH^Hl «t€t 't^H 
an^ tr\[ (rnil ^IH ^, ct aH£^ M<«,1 "^'^tt §IM 
'S. ci «^5tl'd'-(l il-jl <ISIH d. ciKl ans^ \ %t>Kt 
Hli^i ^IH ^. ^ ciHl §H^ 'A^Oictl QiJl yi^li 

c-i-fl @Ji an^ *Hif. Miaj ci^isy HiH d. anrfl -m^ 

iv^l R^IH 'HR iiM ^IH cil »ll?^ at/l ani^ ^. 

Ml^l^ ilH ^. ciKI ans^i^ Slii^ £i-j ^i sj(oj 
^IH $ "^ ci ^i^n =ica M«l ii^"^41lfc)'4l <Hin ^. 

5iid^ s^c-t'ti M^it^j'ii 1 «(1 ^ ill^i sii«i an^ \ 
■^ ^'41 Fh^'4 Mi^i^i Im. ^. ?i^i ^i'l oiXi ^ 

ciM^ ^^i^Hi ;i (§f*a Kli ^IH d. an 3ltdC-ti^ 
nbMi ciHi?ft Sis <H1»/ Kls^i ^. 

0(1<V-S^<?1, s^Sl '-fl^l ^'Hl *ft'^ ^3 ^IH 
Hl« <l ^<l ^ ^Hl?. OY^I i^Hl^^cil cic-{la»il 

■>4-^ii%l'^lH-<3i-t/l«l=WR,^2ii ct«ll |(h an^ 


>^iH^ Sl^ ilH ct H^ d. SjC-tKl a>i£^rii «>{l3yHi«(l 

cicH Kls^ S. ^^ii(^Hi iSci ^i>^F-iiR, anm, m, 

m^i, ^ft, "HW, Rm, »j^% ^S! Si %(^ »jiii g. 
(q[. I^Kl^iS^). 

ElsAani an^ aim^'tl «^l (3M^ SilM.S=lRii SHK 
§. <Kl<V SK^ii ^ ^l 3 '=!§• 911^ aHMlH ^. WlC^, 
il^ 5^CH an^ H[-i |f*lM an^i ^a^j JiijjiH ^. 
^R^ anis^^l »i?\l ^IH ctl ciM^ "l^il IsR^l 
^'11^ ellll l^illf^Ml'li i^Sl an^i ^CHdl (§il«ni i^l ci 
^R^ MIM §. ci«fl ci^ ^d -tl^ 0, ^illRHKi Misi 

SliisiiMi <n|i^i ill <*t^ lu'Hi^ii a^i^i Ht ci^i 

^^11 >^l^l cilH <^Hl aHHlOY «tlH 'S. Sirji sliiiiii^t 
1:1^ ciHl <XHVi <l>H"-lt'{\ ^ll<A ^ iW-{l '^'tmiMl 
a>il^ ^, tJ5ll(^Hi'li MH ^R, a<Rl ci^l -"IIH Wi. 
"Si'li !^*l mC^^H Gil^^iH^li ciM <r«' f»«lR l^lHl 
Ml Cl^> ■^qiH §. aMPi ciHi^d Sis ^nctRl Sl^ 

sRi s^c-t Ch^R '^^I'ft ^Jj^ an^ Miii 8yc»iC-il 
■wtl^ii ii^tlH Wi." ^^ C-11S| «Rl'M ^ci i^Qj 

§iH 5. ci ii€i«il ciai^ni ^v»ti t^'ir-iqHi smni 

a>ii^ §. Si^i Hi zoiTi s^chHI »ic-i §rt Jiiqirii 
il^iHi '-IM^IH «f. Sini ^C-lMl^l 3R X^IH tilHHl 

* ifelw- SlC-(l«i"<t ^i^crtC-ti »iiii>ti 5i rtC-i-j qi^k 



f^Hl aniR m^a 4l>tl Kli^Sti (Vi^lH ^. 

^v9-N. 0. BURSERACE^. 

\R a>l«l^l rtPl<{ ani^lsii ^(H S. ^I'Sy^ \ ^IH 
i^ anRsi^n 5H»l'-il ^'-tRiUfl ^IH ^. ci>ti \ 

tSl-cl-H. I. p. 529; N. p. .51; Watt. 
I. IX 366; ^. k Ml. R.vs^. 

• %{\<Jii\ ^■={Rm<H[ a>iifi<ti«ii 3iu=ii u«ii 43R«fl 

c^jH-CI MlS^i @il 5. rtH "tll^tn?^ ctC-lM<1'n aHl%lMl%l 
Mi^i iltQ^tluft wMl'f'Hi i'iMmi ^lil tHiiHl d^i^li ^tllMi 

3-H4«i-y'l'^'ii iiUHi y «0 IR. (Id %'^\ »11H 
•3. SiHi anicfl aHH'ifl, C-ti'Hl ^iO, sidl <^fl 

Mirt'41 '^m^ (^Ri ?.n<{\ §ct^ (vcU ?Mm 'S. an^ 

^^ Aii ^IM §, ci Cmi^i ">H^ «tH ^. 5H^ 

=4wi^ ^-i^iwif. ^iHiHl «i5l Mi«l 'I'-ti ani^ $, 

•ji'=t ^ictl ^3141 ^_^H ilH S. ci Q-^l^l ani^ d. 
5^51 MS'C-ll <>Y<Hi 'll^.Ki ^LH &. ci ail^ll^lKl «^- 
•■■iMHi Ml!A <^^. S. 

iliRlcnl aniil aHHf^fl ^U^lSliPl C-fl^i ci Sis 3}^i{ 

^i "emih '3. Ji'i'^'ti 3<u'-ii^ c/>M>{l i^'-ti'-^l 

"'-d^l^ilcil =(li cini'-d Kli^ «!. ci RlHl^ ?ii=.^ 
^^l "iHlH ^. ct^ ii5l«l i^ d. 

^(A-^tii, c-ihi 5H^ ^Ai^ji !^idiSimi'/il ^iH 

n^l anill ilH 5^ '^nrti ci ^(tf!^ a^Pi ^ihi'^ 

HffVoicl ^IH ^. ciHi«(l Hl«ll«?lil i?l^\. ^\i 
'tts^ §. «lSt §M^«{1 MWCAl ^icl^ anj^'^l jitni 
^ (3M\*-(l <Ji5t ^^I'O ilH S. a aitaicfl Pi «n^ 
(|IH d. =ll%l ^^if^ct an^ r-iii <^W'^n\. hSAl 

-iiil »HH ^U""iia>ll-aH'{l iiil aH«l--ll 81i ^«fl 
'? ^=H ^ 1 V^d "-Hl^^ ^IH 6, Miai ci Pl?i4 
^% 'i^i 'I'-^l. "H*^ ci'tlM^'-fl aHlil an-Hcol M^|l 
^ll"^l5il rflicTi g. ■>4l-H'/l «ll">Hl5ilPi dl ^cll«^cll 
9i^l ^il'^'d ^<Hl<n ^IH S. Mi C-lli^ ^I'Al -^^i^ 
=(i-^d 3H^ 6«1^ ^IH §. »l«l «flc-tl ^3ir{l ff^^ ;| 
Ml'/ll^^lctl -^^Hl ^h^l (H\W^ ^IH d. WIC-IM^ 

%l^«y ii'Hl^Hcil ^aifHct an^ ^HIS ii^l ^i 
ima^^l C-IPI «i. 

"mrl-^lC^HlSilPi S;^, aH»l<^l sidl^=Q «ll"^l5il^ 
Md-ui, ^l^iHl 't^l ?U"^l*Hi Hl5!«il ciniM^ MH 
ani^C-ti ^IH d. ci <H"^ci s>Cv,<s, a*t?iqi o<, "^ ^i^j 
Ml^ "41^ SHl^^lt ^IH §. anH "Sl'cJqi' ^<^ Hl't 
^•^ilKl Ml M»^ anl^ «l. MHKI ildil HRfl ^?cM 
^IM d aH«t'-ll ^icfl ^'-fl. -^li^ MH c^'Ai aHl^Sli 

(im ^ <*ii^ H^^ MH ciHi «Mio9'ii Mi't i^ctf 
■HMlX '4i$)i ^ Ml^l«i ^IH ^. Ml-i c-fl^i, '-l^ASli, 
C-Oc-ll i^ani^ iliil d^!^ ^iSii an^ ^^=li d^ij 
Ml^l^li iilH ^. dKl "^R SPl^'^l''il ;^IH V§. ci 



^IH 'S. MH^ Siicnrti clHi^ «^<V ^^K^ct ^H'-im, 

^^l-^HS OY jJUM^ Hl^l a^^ »t^ i^i *£isi 

an^ *j{l«t i51-lM^ <nHi >ll$l 'fHI 5HH M<^ a^l^ 

S, H[^i ^inmi H"^^^ 5HM,i4 iiH ^- 'H'l 't^ 

cl'll ^[\ Sictl -"^fC-tl s-«ilctl ^IH S. ct Mi'^iil- 
HQfl Hl^ Ml^l MiJJ '^ 3H^ ScHl §IH ^. ct'li 

"^^JH^l-^: ^IH S. cini 2^1^ ^ii sh^ =ii^ 

atl? MlC-tHl5ll ^IH S. anKl £^5 MlSl^i (3 H\ Y ?) 

^IH ^. S~A aajs §1 ^?^M SH^-fl ilM §, ^ n 
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^H^lHHl^ji ani^ ^, aH3=(l SM^ <l'^M>li ^i^ifcifiHi ? 



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^^-N. 0. MELIACE^. 

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MlSl^imi, §(^1 (3'=ti'iRl, and <3(Hl a>iKCHl ^IH '3. 

<h11%ir \ ^ ^ 2(1 m ""ini^-ii^l; <kbi \ an^ ct^ 

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ani H^iKl ^W^Mfct m4i^ i-i'fl ^IH ^. an^ 

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%-tl 6. 

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<<ii ^5i 5. JH yiSii isi^i ^iM 5. rt 4tM aniCrHi im 

l-^U^1^«il>l-Melia Azadirachta. 

t'^iin-H. I. p. 544; N. p. 53; Watt. 
V. p. 211; ^ Pt. Ml. \3. 

R-^^llrll>l-C-n''>iil Cllox-^o); fim,^|i?ra(;To ) 
sflfT, fltsi (flo); H=r, fq^q^, fqfiT^, qiRJR (gc) 

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iWi iJli H'ili S. •vMl^ fill'-^il'j 3JU MiJJ aHi 
^. C-tl'yi^lc^ 3<U Vo 2(1 ^ o ![U (3'^ an^ H»^l 

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^i ?ii«llW20 81fc) ^f5 'S, an^ cl «1<1 ^KctctHi 
!^IH §. aJi ^ili «i^ 6l<HctMi a>iM?.WlS Si^J'HI, 
@TtR Jsl^aHlcii:^ iay,, (^V^ an^ qiH-.H JticWl 
«il4l <Hl^Wi ^IH 6. <«l rl R=HiRl'{l <v5ii5i 
SW ani^ §. aHHl aJl-J 'tCiHlS, anHSRlS MW 
^dC-li (§'aii «iiH S cidCHi (3*=ii «*(l5? lit) ^^^ 

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anhKi 3i[i «11H §) ^"HlHi shR 3. 

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>ll^ to «(1 «i.M 1 R.M ili <3'aii «ilH ^. anPl H 
Hi^i fecfli^ ^Icli ^2(1. ?iiHioj t^H^Xil'i'ii IdCHl's 
'tCl iliHi 3ll>lmi ci ^Ri (a's-li and R^trlRHltfli 
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ci»*i 4l^lHl ^lL"^l^l dl H'^fi'HU '{\=(l ^ia, 

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llC-ic(l ^IH 6, ct evl'tR'ii M't^ M<ii ^ICHI<1 
•Hlin aH<l "^a^ld'ii ^"^l*^ *^W ^. aJi'ti sJU 
RlHl^AlHl «H(i'Hl Mini -HiR^i ilH §. ctlM"«J «Hl^ 
<HR (3'6l<AlHi ^«l!i^W WlMl'O "V^W ^IH S 
^l^ an >i£^ 'l^lMaH Min[2(l (h<M5 ^tfcT R^ Mi. 
anKl »Wl an^ cil ^(in^ ^IH d 1, ct (H<V^lHi 
'I'-tlfcl 3iy S. "ii'-ft ci ^l^ stt'^il shKI ^(Icicn 
41^ WlM; «l^ll c-t>H>{iiil." (ef>HH«4i>ia.'rj!), 

Ml't %l<iict an^ aHS(HM aH«tlcV. ctKl ^'v^M 
ildil "S *i«ilMR •ilt&Hi MH (leaflets) aHl^C^i 
(ilH ^. ci ffj'Rl an^atSliR, sictlSR an^ 6^ ^"i 
^IRW--! ^r-tl2(l m^i ^^l^-,R Stl^l ^. ctMi Mt?i 
a^'ii "i^'l ^1 MH ctl <ni%t$tcll ^\a([ Wi 

aHc'-t'n '-I'/iscti ;>iH ^. ct s^ aii-fl m\n ?it<»<l 



'Mi^i cil ^Riv M^ SHIM S. 

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^■^ci SHcHct ^^^ MR^tfl SH'li 3i[S^ M<4i «1"^ 

CH'cl ir^,tH rt «^ia3 ct ctKl %li8l 5HK-{1 iwtM W. 

'i.H'{\ ^ ^tll^«G ^R §. ci Hi\[h ^mi Ml"^ ^, 
cHl^ ci yi^li -Hc^-ll^l^ -uir-tl St4l2{l^ ^. an ^HiJ-ii 

^IH 6. ^hWI "SdC-tli SjiilsMl r{liCflCHl ^K $. 
M «1<H ^^S 'h \<il^^<i{ -<?['{[ ^ C-ft^ ^IH 

«tH ci4l ^IH 6. ctH^ =(l^l Mlill ^IH §. >J«n^ 
CHIS^ ^4 i^i^4 ^IH S. 'Hl« aH"i?J3[ilcft SH^ :^ciis 
ii^l SH^ ft^l ^IH ^. 

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^Ictl 3H^ <Hlc-ll 5il>l fitet :^Jlc{l ^l^{ $. Slrfl 

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C-ti<ni ^IH §. ci «ll>JiiaHHl Wl^l Ml^ ^&H[ ^%H 
1 ?i=-»l'0 Ml Ml^ "41^ ani^'^i ^IH ^. ■Ml't'{l 

^»-H ildil Ji^Mi «nil ^iH v§. ct ^i«i an^ 

^clt/(l?(l JWS Miclt/ll ^IH $. ciH^ ctl^Hl MH 
(leaflets) ^IM^IMI aH^Hi "v^i ^m\ aniqc-ti ^ih 
d. cl li- ?(l w "i q-^ci =[-;( sHiishTii ^:h §. 

ci \ «(1 y ^21 sthi and I Hix'ix^ tl=!i %^iaii 
iiM ^. anKl iUil ^&»t, ct((A»\ <^'<l (SM^'il <niog aiM/l 

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RhM ^IH ^, ^ aHl'lVl ctM^ sictl ^IM &. Sj^ 

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olltn 2iMdl ^J;^^ V5id«li ^IH ^. ct ^IH«\ MHMi 
Pi?l4 ^\^i JMIM 6. "^Rta MH'ft Wil£[ ^.rii^- 
eldl -<3lHl an^ ri^i, ^^c(i^ a>i;^ sictl'{l an^ft 
Mlcai%tHctl C-flCHi ^3Hi ^IH ^. MW'il qaiC-fl ct^ 
^H'^d S>Mlc(l "iM %lMl<naH «H(&R -{Istacfl ^K 
^. an^ ct-d ^niogKl 't^ll sA'^ft anPl «H<iHl «IM- 
«lHl ^IH S. MUKl ildilStlM^ lifclciR ^^sv 
%f[ mifi "I ^,<^^ |<Hl/l ^IH ^. 

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^iH ^. 'jchKI ildil Hi^Q ^^8f>i, eflc-ti ^JiKl ^ 

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ci <v^l i-S<l (VijllM $. 

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5/^1 (Sl^lM'di ^ ^8ticfl V|^di ^IM ^. ci eflCHl^ltlrtl 

^itai kPHi, ^i^icni, ^RH ^ii ^ 5li«iiyfrlcti, 

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ci^l 3l(*iklH C-ftsil ^Jl'fl 'Mi^lM^ wiiq&ii ^IH 0. 

ci 3ii(nifci€icii, ^icascii, c^m ^ efl^i §k ^. 

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^. ci ^51M ^ cHl^ tl^i ctMWl^laMl ^^ni «lW 

<>-«iH §. ci f ^a< 4ii<ni ^ R. «(l 3 stiW't Mi^i'Ai 



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o(l(V-cHi!ii ^ "^^=ti msi "v^i %i(i4«id ^iH 

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ilM ^!A ciHl Kl^i 'Hl^HJJ Rl">M=ll«fl ci^li W Mi 

y^fl %il^ 5H%<^ S^ d. <V^ Sii"^l ^""ict cim 
=Hl^ ^^, 2H^ i«ft'liy«i "HlKi 'I 5Hl^, cHl^ M>31 
s(l'«l^l'li ■»^,«a'fl wist »llM<Hl«(l «l^l StlH^l «11H 
d. aiUlKl %ll«l C-li^Hi q>Hcl rtl=l ^^ %-ii g^^Wi 
C-ntn^Wi ^tflKl «mi SHl«t aniH'-lRi 5Hl^ ^. 

oVcllH^Wl i"«iMR y>iliaHl =ilMl S. 

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dlHMi aH4lH §. #-MilKi annVcSlSl ^l^ dKl 
MlHP»<i MSlltfil %l'-ll^ ct -Mlt^Q 3i[(j[\ c-t^J" (ai^ijui. 

si^ ^l(^^s rt^"^ ^ Ml=tiH §. cti'-tKl 3i^>flMi 
Mi^p-O (1^1 H«^n c-ti^icfi ^m, cHi^ c4I»tii'fl 3Mn- 

V':VlC-t Mi^P^i Hl<fl, ci ctHl^ Mli^flMl ^«i'-n, <i 

Ml^fl^ Ml>{lPl ct MHIH ^. ^«{l IMI M^ d. #>t- 
-tl'fl anctRWlCH ^iffcl'Hl'ii l^imi 5»^iC-{l a^^t^l 
<Hla5 £^l3li<{l %ii5l ctlM^=llHi anl^ 6. rtlHMi>-(l 

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#>tii'{l anct'iiwist ^imI •lii'^m^l mijs Qct^ ^h 

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S. =H'{[ vsic-t Ricti -^^i n'liH^Hi siMMi =iH^idl 

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Jjciiii aH>R s^i^?"*! SHIH^I." (il. <l.) 

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c-t\'«H^ni Mw^ qi/1^ ^tisumt dl^ »ii^ ^it; 

dR d, ci?(l a-n Klitfil 4vtH &, Sl^ i^ 6. 

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iHm Hm i^-HiMi sHi^ d. (ani ^i^fl ^ti'^^i'^t 

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^t^-Hl «lct snail 'tl^, =Ml^ ^ct qiil, ct Ml- 
f^flMi wit^fl^ ililani, aHiict^ani an^ 5ll«flaHi 
ctlHM^ yiaii Sti^i Ml5i $. C-dwiiHi MH^ "Hldl, 
ci'ft alMc-ft Hlii ^st>ti iisii^l, ^ ?lsi 3ii"il c-iW, 
ct^ imi |->Hr-iiM^ iKMi <il:;i H-^him «i. iiHMi 

v^ldl licrflani "^ anlldl M^^m Ml^ ■^i«{ls =^1^1 
iH H'^l^ », M<3J ct Mil -ife a^dStl Ml^ C-(l"i- 
MAI MH'O *l«ll iH H'm^=ll^ M^^ S. «Nl 
€>Hcll ^IM aH«iqi <i^^ iw eip^ ^m tll ctMR 
<3M^ i^^ dc-t SliM-s^Ri ani^ $. c-{l<niwi MH- 

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<nik el'H^l'-t'HRi aHl^ d. C-n^niHi rtl<M mh^i 
h^m i.[l[ 5^ ci«(l %ii<l[ a^isi aM^ ^'^^(Stl 
^iqRi a>il^ S. C-d'tt^HJ MH a»>-MPlHl |!(ica>ti 
clMlH wtri'ti ^l^l^ ?il"il a^i^i ct^-^ M^l^l^Ol 
6ctl. (3d an^ "iWianiPli ctl c^ a^il (iq^ M<^ 
^■»-M s^l^l 6. sd'I^Hi MH ^iKl^ 2i>«<lct 't Mi 
aMdC-ll Mii 5il>Ml, a|§', VI ^t^l^ aH'tl'v^ti ^Ml^ 
etlll Rl^ d. ciH<V S-hKI «141, ^^JPJHI, Vi7{ 



^tlMilSni 1 ^i^ctlmi MiJl ci^ <38ll 'I CHl'Wl -Hi^ 
^^i S^^i ^ii MH ^l^'HWi 5Hl^ S. "^I'cT >lli^^ 
mrct «t$i ^IH, cil ci^ SHI ^'Vt^i'i ( ''ll^"iS^)'ll 

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>Hl/l ciM^ "ii^ $. ^ISil ^isvqi ^IS^IH ^ ct Ml> 
'id Snistl »ll^ rt'ilM^ C-fln-SHl MH<Hl'Ji cic-15{^ 

c-tTn^i'ii 1m<n mi'I ^h^ %tis^ '^'il =A?.^^ (i^-t>i 

mix ci|<=:C(lMl M^R «l?l. ■^dsiis "wii ^ "(l^n 

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<Ml^ aniMtJll iHCII SlS^ft illilsH ^H^-IL M«ll^ MRi 

c-iT-M^Hi MH <niH d/'^ c-d'^iHi MH'ft mk m- 
■cidi Mi 'S. (H« an^R 3UH "s ncns^ it) v'^Ul 

(VMH «l^l "^IH cHl> SH^Hl ^i ^ ^'-Hl^l $ll"5;l 

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■'^t^ "T^-lilW w. 5m5 24=41 Siift Xi^iHi C-l'itHiwi MW 
Si""!! ^ 5^ (4HI ^^la S^ 5. Miii ^ rt n ^l^H rtl 
6=tl HUl"^ 5^ ?lcti rtKl -tT/^ Siiil 5^ «H%^ &l- 

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3r5Wt?i3cf fc^r ♦i#^n?ii3?i ii ^ n" 

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*[«^ <a'4l Kli^ S cHl^ n^-il I^R-il ^'-Hl<l 
«il"il C-dwiiKi NHHl §il5ll V5l?iMi 'li^ ^%l^ 

3HK S. a^l^l H'AH ■^dCHlS ^ii&^all ?:(^^i<r»' "i'll^l 
M^lct cl<\"^ ^Hlll^ 541^^ ^. *c-(\''>i-SWi Ml'ld ^l^ 

silni HiMHRi 3HIH S. JitAcii "si4=ti<Ai^ etT-n^wi 

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MlQ|lMi aHlM=ll?(l CHi'H H">Mci aH?(l yi^u i^t^j 
syijiw ^. m^H[ -wlUlM^ 'Jtl'niHi MH^l ^H 

c-i'uA 3RH Mii^fl'-ft >ii^ ?ir-ii»-(l ^ili nl »\ 
ani^ w!. ^dMi ^fn «iHi ^ih cii c-(\''^<jHi mk 

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d^"!: HH^IH §. H"*i«{l "^d«(l5! ^CHl^iH [iHl^lHl 

ct«ll ^PlHl ^'n SMcU «11H §. ail»iil 31>1 ct^ 
\M\[ §">HiHlv S^cli ^IH ctm S^^S %^ aniHcft 

^iH nni t.i'Ci^ c-d'-HiKi Mii^QSi (sci«^i 5i(«i 

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an^ oy-sj H<1 »»tH §. c-tT^^ni mk^ Mi>^^i 



<Mf.l (Ml^lRi ^h1 5^ ^ n S^SMi C-tT>iiHi mh 
i"<=tl^ '-H^i ^l^ Qct^ d. ^IfAl^ C-d?! «l^Hl 

iHi MH <ni5[l^ n^iH §. ed'n^Hi mh Sika m^ 

C-l3l(H'l Mis «1HI aalo'^l ^IH cHl"^ C-iT-MiHi MH^ 

c-flnini MH an^ ctcH ^^ m^ c-t-cT ciHl mi- 

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"c-(l<Mii'ti Misii, M(3^i ^id an^ nc-t «i5i =ii<n 

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^M iMl My^ ^I'lCH (VnH^ C-il«HiKi Mmi Sil- 
cni?(l ^l=t^l^ ^. "VC'lWl i>H dM^ Mm C-tl'-H^l'li 
MH'd Ml/1« >llV-(l i^WSi. s^s ffncwi Rh Sm^ 
SlT-MiHl MH^ Hlcfl ci^l ^« iUl MlHl«fl ^IH£1 
«11H ^. sUniHi MiSii, £l?«»ta£^ an^ 'vA'HH 
^*^'d 1"4 i^ '*'=* ^^"f* ^^-t^ i^^ll '^'l ^ 

^*iH^ «H'4l •rncl'li sim ®H^ S13Ui'-ll«(l <\\^ a»il- 
;ilH «11H ». C-ttniWi MiSii^l i^-i "iiM'-tl'-fl 5im 
^351M «i. an^ ci hih -^iWm aJJlSl^l an^ [mtI 

«lo Ho ^l.) 
ilMV 5HMIM §. 

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ani^ fil an^i vt^ Mi d." (h. «U. H. ^l.) 

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s4Sii<l ci (lit Hi»<Ri 'ii'^ »ii?i ^^ d. ri«fl 

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ScM^l «11H d, an^ liC-di ^R SCH^l Mm **IH d. 

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clet 9/^1 (V ^im ^- '^'ti •^'v w-t^, Sic an^ 

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il^M ^^-t 'l^Acll "Sid ( leprosy )'li <n'^ UStRHl 

anc-t. £tI, 5»^M. il.) C-i^H ^. oiCArtl ^IdM^ C-fl«H- 
i[^ ^st aiic-i>li3i^l (gj-nocardia odorata)'li 
dC-iKl ^isl ^ca<l SiiM^qmi ani^ g. ani^i '^-^'n- 
,il^ ctc^ Mm ^l«i<^l <HPW SiiMiqi^ft i^lH^l «11H 
•5. £Q"n-ii^ dc-t Hi«l 'ii-»H'-ii«fl i^i^^ '^'*' ^^''^ ^• 

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mi^ ^ "i:— 

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?l«ft '<^ =1<CI yt^l ^Pl ■«H^m *lrtl §IH, ci'ilM^ 

^ct^i^ a^iati Mlsil ^IM, ^>iHl ^^ (mange) 
Hti ^IH d'ilM^ ilV-^l(i<i anftli, >Wl^ ^£t vik 



Hl4 ^15 il^ 's\ S. <hI'-M^I^ ct5t ^(HHI ^^l^ 

ct <H»is^ ^^iX'H.l SmhpQ S. ^let^U ^ 'ii S 

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31>1 rini [vsfl ^^?^i ^IH ^H^ ^l^ fli^ aHf.5*-(l 

(.51. <l. Jil). 

stT-nii^i -iMita "^in^ n^"^ =^m^im $ an^ «Hi 

aiiu>Mi Mli^ft ^^l rt'll "^iW M*^ ^I5mi«(l llW 
llW =l>Hfi ^%l ^^ ^. 5>ll^l ^%l Mll^Q ill <^ 

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«im ct MHKI %ll«i SHMIH 6. sfNiKi li5tis 
*^ld[ aJUl'li^ft %tl€ 5« «l§ S. ci (a{^?i«3iil^ 

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«H'ii=i'Hwi 5Hi^ 6. c-fi''ii Misi cniiiiHl "^/l^ 

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3H^ ^»l a<iW'-tWl smMl tfH^lctl J^HIH d. 

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ct^ ^l>H<Hl*-(l ct %tl^ «11H tf. StKil^ ^U "Sl«l-,L. 

ciS^Vfl ■^ICti'-ll'J'llStiaH C-tt'-Hil'ti Mi aHl'-d (V- 

c-tNii-fl .ii^i«a MH't ani^ 5i'-a ^?i a^ 'H^il 
•5, ^ n«(l 5i ^i^i %ii^i HIH S, StH >tl^ ^. 
^H^Sll 'i^lPlH'l iiSi"^! M«iJ aHH MW § "^j 
'4HiKi 35li -^ <f/^l^ ^IH ct w^ii^O ^tti ^|- 
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Hl^iiKl aHi«g'-niqg c-fNiHi aJii H'-i'i^ '5. 5li"5i 

ll'^^ii ^§ di ^ Ml-llKl >15i %ii^ 8ifc) «iH ^. 
>ditli l^llHi StT-t.Sl'ii Mi Kl^i Sr:C\aHl^ ^^qi Ml^ 
^'Ui^i <ni^ '5, an^ ct>li <H3l^ S'HlSt ^Ri »icti 
>iHl iPXl \^ &. M-il ct ^M4 «{l»»t J<fl^ ilH 
ani^ ^, aJtiti Stl'-H^Cli 3iU cHl ans ptHfHci 
f.qi'^Ml'li ct^l'S'y SlM»»i ani'-Q «f5 &, a^^t 3i(^ft 
«lilH. MIV-HS^ ^=l>«tl'i'ii i^R'^i 'iiM^ti ^^'-Hiy 

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aniH '5. <*li n ^{<[ «icli ^i'fl ^^ ^. %tRl »iHHl 
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d. anw Hi'{l^ 'Midi »iHl aJiii j^u^l "Siy ^id3 

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MlMfAl-fl mXi 'H^ h\ S. an^ H^ ^^^hI anKl 
H«t i^ 2}:^ 5t|,>ii anii mR^MI S^ S.* 

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i^n ^\im, aHi(ic<iniii, ^n^wwsH^ •t«(l»Hmi^ c/31- 

acil «^bil ct^^-fl <l(»lMlMi rt R5i<t §3i 5. ^iiqww 

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SHrti 5lU Miaii 11^ Wi «tW S. an^ ^Hl^SHl■Ml^, ^liqi- 
"IW, aHl(it*lll^i, "TlV^liqi, ^Idll^i »H^ aHimi^i JUHl'Hi 

5i»ti 5)14 mjii §=Mi an^ oig ftwrttMi «tw 5. 
c-fitHiwi »ii 5^€li iM^i'Q 5 ct nni §\^ i^«ii sv 




Mist 5i an^i MlC-WRl^ aH<rv sfmRi^ s^S 

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^T^ 3TI55^I5r «ETr ':^r^ ^R JTT^T II 

^R JT^nro^^rT ^t^r rfnT^i^ II 
5^f% ^f ?T ?^TJT ^ra 5Rft ^T3r 3t^ I 
511%^ ^5T^ 5^5 ^rsr fJT ^^€t ll 

5IIT?T lifting: 15 ^\^<(\ RisRT^ I 
^t^^T H^IT ^W ^5^% ^^5T^ II ? II 

•«=l*«tl'l'tl ff/Ml'l «fl(HiWi oJli^ >iliji *Hl^ rl^il W. 
<H[ SHni cili yi^i ^l^i lit 5. MlJl SHI ^H^«(W»ii 

an^i R?i SiRi^wi «ft*4i^i ■'ni"^i "U^i't ( Siiii ) 5. '"h 

■>H«l MHt^fl ^i ■^^H'n. ■"(iHfAl qH< ^^"u-cl il^ll sn^ 

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fi?m 5H?« c/iyW 5. «i(<Hil'li ■HW 'Hl^ Sllil'fl tH«ft 
«IM » 5lA|iff/<(4 Mljl rtKl ^ «a to ^i ^i^ailHtn 
ii^ii ■m^i »H<nl ?i!>i aJ^ii «iy <^H 5. sHi«A ^H^ti ajuH 

ciw"=ii ^6'n. SiiHi^ «m^ sii'^i'il tC^^ »i=(i J^ySi 

tJll"^ =HlH«n«^-Hi ^^l 'tl^l 111 S, 'H •"I'^M^ ?iR't1*t 5. 
M^s/l 5H^ fHl«?Hl wti^rtl rtlHHl ^l^«t ^Vi\ C-l[<HiKi 
MW SH^ tslCH^l U&il QM^l^l i^ 5. fcii\fttl J,!!l'nHi 
C-f((Hiwi s5li Oi^il :|HH»<i'-(l ^l"^Kl =-l«l "Hi? Ui^l- 

M^i svia 3wi 6<ni. mw ynw'i'fl ^ic-tni n^ii'^ 

cyniil><i ^W«ll"Hi ^i\^^i v5. 'H^ clsfl mill 5u=ll5ii 
•HHilHl S^n 'ds.^K-tl^.rtil ^<Hl«l ^1 rtltH^il ^n^^i 

rt'ii vn ■^H^Si tiiiii sifii n« «?i. SH^ ^'i^«ii't^ 

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wil'HWi =41^1 Hii S\,^^ <ii4Ki wu=ii n eii^ Sl^c-{l»»' 
rt'fl ^<Hl«l 'I'Hl'ft BV^^ct 6. 

Hi^ 'i'mf 31131 ^. 

5JT€r JT^ ri^r^ 5*Tn §^h ar? 1 
T?5T ^J» iTr^flr 8?fvi^ nJT qMs li 
o;^ srfe ?R3s*3 g^f ^«r?f ^mii i 
■r\'^T>^j mirua ^^^ ^ ^ ^r?irf ll 
i^r^cT f^grfJilVr i^r^H ^^ v^. 1 
art^^ ^'^rft^ i^^T^i^r ^nws n 

sfrgH^lr ^m ^5 »T7^ri^ ^irqil ll R 11 

t-^ll^1*4«ii>t-M. Azeclarach. 
f^dl'Cl-H. I. p. 544; N. p. 53; Watt. 
V. p. 221; ^. Pi. Ml. IM. 

R-^^Q«il"H-'^!!H, niKSd'Hil, "iiW-flMll 

( ^i+?i<> ); ^^i^^ (To); ^^\^^ (f|o); JTursr^; 

3-cii|lrl-'^!jH c-il'>tiHi 35U ':-n<'iiHi 3<liMl 
MltiHi «11M S. aH'ii MH C-ft'-n^l-ii MH^ Mmi 
M<3i ^'tl iWi »ll§ldi SH^ ^ «ft 3 Qi^'i ilH 

RlHl^i ani^ ^. <1 K^il "^^-^l Wi ^IH '5. clKl 
jcfil ^ ^=H C-li<Hl (llH ^, ^SlHl qi« 11«1H ^^iV 
M^ii M"^ Mltfta^ft ii<l C-tl^l §. J^c-t SJifillti «)ct( 
^IH d. 

■Ji'^'^'Ml^llH-'H M^l4l n^«ll ^IH S. cl 
(Isi C-Osil "% "ii^il vslHl«^ctl ^31^1 §IH d. cHi 
M^l MI'^hM 5>li<1^ 5HKC-li d «'^?. ^«l(AHl'Ai 
ilH §. 

•^fm«.»^rrt^^lH-M Mi^Mil'Sll^l «M^^l §IH 

^. ci anf.^ «fl?ii ^ <n^.R«fl |»ivmi5\i ^ih ©. 
Mi^^ilSii Jio e^io "^iMHi M^i«(l ^iR'ii^fl eii'^ 

Hf/H »ia>\c-(l ^IH ^. ri M^^l «vi<3il R'lKl, <:-{l^ ^ 
^, an -l«(m a>is^ Vlitfil |wm ^IH 6. M^l^fln 



ci'li ^M«ft ffV^l -{1=1 ^^«ft §IH §. ci;il »l9tl- 
«IH M "HICH-Hl^li, Ml(Al^?lctl C-flc-tl sJl^ll, C-il^l, 
atCAictl 3H^ ct Sis ii\[ i-flc-il ^aiHl, a^caicfl, 

^M'li %t3m Mill iiii <^>^i[ ^31^1 sHi iii^i ^K §. 

<^iH<li •jSi«{l ^'^'il "^^>H^ H^ ^S^ 5H^ 

(3H*il5l-SHrii ^(/iKl WlC-t^l @il5ll |(»l-4^ 
ctl 5^'fl aH%l^ i^ §. 5irt| MK^l ^« 

M«^ ^[>tJi <Ai\'^ ^\\[^. §. ciMoy ^i^sui i\\mi 

M^un CHl'-t<Hl >ll^ Miaj 5HMIH §. ■»H^»VHi 3H^ 
Mi. an-ii MH^ <Hl/l^ ciKl ^i'lfl oi^jiH^iM^ "iiH- 

nni HK SH^ ii(/(l25^ qi/l <MiivRni Himi 

=MlSl aHMlH '3. S'Wi iMil aH^ Ji^cfil^ (S^ll 'I 
eilSl ridCHl Hl^ C-Q'-n-SKi MH^l Ml 'HiK'li MH 
M»3J ct^i ^l>H=tlMi ani^ §. «HSl'l'il |i4t »ll«lHl 

U[{). n«tl tia.H 3113JIH S. <H5l«i'ti !j^ ">HlHlMi 

^i^aki ^I'l, ^ii, >A[^ an «ciPi ii(fi g_ -j^qrtt 

' (qo ^3Hl8t25. ) 

H«^l (3a<i «ilH 'S. ctl otil«i^ >i(SlPl<H ^11 
Ml^ S^l 4?i ct ^^dvtd 't^ft. aHSt«nct "n'lW'li 
MH uv^l c-il'>iiKi MH i^di c-iini ^ Ml^l«li 
^IH ^, ciiMiSJ ctdi Mi^ "^ SC-t ( leaflets ) <li 
C-tt'-H-JHi M<4^ i5si«v ^IH d, 

%ii| «iiH ^. an^i Mn an^ ^c-t Hi^ji ^s^ ^wi^ 
«{l?l an ^p[m[ r-iiH ^. ogaJii ^(4iPi«i «i"i^ fet. 

H5i-( 5lQi$l%1 ). 

l-^ll^^t'iW-Soymida febrifuga. 
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5l-"^^U«1l>l-^L«^ (Mlo); ^I6<^n (5Jo); ^or, 

qiSI^ (J^o); (f|^ (r^o); fr|<^ (^o). 

3-«t4'^-'^im'li ^l-J y^li (3=mI «11H §. Mijj 

"i^^i i^^\^i ci ^o ?fl 3 j(li gail (^cn^iani^ 
d. Si^ «<i » «a t 1 ^ !(l<i o*ii«d ^iH d. 

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(llH §. HJA-i -illsC, ^I'Al ^ ^dl^^irtl 531^ ^m i^. 
«l*l ffnil, ^ini ^^iHI, 5H^ cl^ll M^Kl "^irt^ Qiill- 

^cfl an^ >'-iif, f^^i ^ si^i c^l3l g. 

:^3|^ ^IH S. an^ ciH^'Cl WIS! (H^Hl ^^l^fl ^l*i 

«llMlSil'{l VSI-H <^^l '^l«ll ^'iKl ^ clM^ aHpl- 
h(HcI «IM( an^ ^^M «ii>^i anRlii ^IH g. a>i(rt 
■^RCA yi^Hiaal «ijli ^Jl'ft ^IH S; ciM^ (§<Hl =(1^1 

an^ ^&M <?iiii yiii^i ^ih d. 

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Si ildil sidHi «lil an^ anWA "Vcti MW^fl «ic(l 

«cal«(l H"^fl Mil ^IH S. ct'llM^ "s »il ^o MH 
^ m4 (leaflets) WM^wi "SlilSl anmi ^m 
^. nMl =«l«fl 'ft^'ft SHS ^ "\ «viil^i MK «lui 
anw^ ^IH 'S. Si MK (leaflets;) 'ft iliil 'ctiJ|l 

i^n an^ ^ini ^iiHl ^iH «;. n^ nMlKl na^sO ^^ 

^R iliil MW «H*^l R^^H ^IH §. an^ n^l 
•wiiaiHl«Ai ^IH S. MW anisi^ «i'>t5litfi ^^ g. 

Mtaj T/M syH Miwi >^li( ^ ^^il «lrli ovlH S 

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■HrtKl ««« an^ ^It fitT>til iv=li ii=li ^IH 6. 

aHl^<Hl ^IH 3i. (1 MH «^^C-^l aH«lctl rl«(l 'H«j"il'JHl^ 4lhl 

i^il ^IH d. clM^ <«X(1 i<l<^a «U>Hl, ilfft^U^^HlSll 
anin^ aHl^«{l a^lH ^iHiaS^l'-tlufl ^IH d, ^ (iflil) 

<Hl«^ MtArft >i^^ ciiy=ll'/li ^IM d, 

M^l^l n^^ll ^l*t S. H ■Hi">Hil''5'n blr\[ Hm 

H''"Hl«-«iTl^'^lH-'{l Ml>H{15ii M ^IH §. ?l 
^, ^'ll rt^ani Mi»iilaHiKl ^1 ^\i :^»Kl ^ M^il^l 

«lrti ^IH S. ?i «{l«i, aitflSrti an^) Ml'^l«?lftl 
«(lc-ll -<5H[ ^IH S. ci Mil S <»ll^ <^l Rldl 
Wi an^ ^ilH S <?ll^ 51«a( «1W «IH S. s^SlHl 

M n't! iiMit?i^l «til an^ '^^i ^ini ^Jj-fl ^m 

S. StSlHl H^ail'^a^ ^laii 311041 ^m g^ ;t ^,{1 
"tlagsM \iiai M3 aMi^«ti ^IM d. Sf f,>i Mi»il 

(iM^i<3H^ Hi^i «{l<v ani^c-ii ^iM S. j^c-tKl «n«,i- 

^Kl '^lag MW Qf'fl Hli ^IM §. c^ ^*t \\.% S 

^i^ an KliM^^fl ci^ii Mi <^%i Ml § an^l «{l<w:) 

n^i'li MiaA Mi an^ <HaA5il »uiil ^M^ «"»HIM d, 
a>i^ SiHi aJi'ti Mi an^l ctMl ^av ^'-(1 ^£5 

>>-Mic-i ani^ §. aHcii c^a^c^l su^tmi q(4\ <v>^[h^ 

Mia^ QJ51 VWi Pt|5li^ a«j( aHl^^ ^IM S. an^ 

^Hl =iaiMi =((41 5ii (3t| V?; ^jiH^i §i»i §. 

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n f.^S -^i^iajlM^ Mt*l ®M^ MMl"^ Slfl'lfl ^IH 6. 
(>H\>M^ ani !^€t qai^ii'^ ani^ SlMl <f^=»l CHlMSt 
d). an iStKl a>i«^^i Mi a^^ '>l(i,l^'fl M^l'^l 



<v^l N«3J ^^l? i-t^l ^IH d. I 

oClfV winged-seeds 5i HR SHIM^ S) >iV 
Miri«ii, 2i«isni an^ Si'-ii §ih d. M<ai ct'fl i^- ; 
m« 359i»ii siiyli ^Ma ^^cft 'isfl. 

•HM^IH 6. =HMR tlfSl a^lMii ^>1'-1KI ilMMl ciM«V 
Ml^ GlfSl »«ltfl ^'IHWl iR>ii ^HSJ'ft »IS1 =tlH\ 
Wi. ^liJl'fl aHrl^»lCHMi«(l <?t^l-^Wl ^'k HvotJl 
^«l 'tliCfl 6, M Sl^ an^ "^MldCHl Ql^m^ q^i 

=il>li ani^ ^. ct y'Jt^Hfl an^ i)l4hl'A £»»'(1l 

M«w -"H-^^wnmi a>iR d. ^iQj'ii |«t M^ and 

Hl^i %tl«l 5H25'4 'H'^ ^l"^ §^^ "^H^IH §. ^HSJ'ti 

%€[^ *^idi 3ii an^ ?i'^^i fv <vc-t<l Miidl ^t 

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Slli^ 'n'i dil® aMH M'i'Ujct ^IH W, cl^ ovCH- 

Cl?fl (3<^\ stiiQ «iic(l ^m. ml 'ti^ni Sii^^i^ 

wflni M^aj^i^J «l»»H 'H'll^qi ^[i. 5i^ CHIS;^ 

HiM^^mi ani^ d. ^i^j'ti c-iii^i^it «i^ wm«icti 

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n <5fl'«HiHl ^is^Kl oySiiai^ ciM<lH «>. ^liJl'ft 
''5ISWI QSKHRi ^fUl^ Gli"^l MlrtHi iM^si ^3l &. 

tsHlli d^l 5. clRiil aHlQ<<ilUli ff<^3lC-lt'l "mis*!! ai«- 

a^HW ?ti3i ci^i y%i iiM«ipi i^ 5. ani ^'H^uw^ii 

b^< ^.\\\^ 5. cl>ii aHlHt^'ft iJlCH^i i(»H*l«i aiR^ 
'■flu^i ^i ann <H5i %'5id '*y »«1<1 6. a^^ ct<l 4^ 

■mijil^i ■Hi*ii "HtA ci tHji'di if/CH^ Pi?»iia sui n^A 

ci«(l rtnl jA'HcI MUl =lill^ §M^ 5, anic-ll »tiJ ^It^cft 
•cSlCH Mt^fl SM^iliQ^ ^>ic{l 311411*1 5. '^ VK tH^-t» 
43rt'tl yiil^il ( S^l ) an^ 9l'^i^i ^Twi aii'^i ^wiJa 
ct-li MW cl ^l^Hl dH^lSRl ani^l &. SiiCHI >ti^ <Hji^i 

piilicfl lm«i ivh\ Mw ^idl ^(Hi^ Si^i ^iiilaHiann 

Qi'^l Hfi "Hliil <r<l«l &. JHASJ <r/ .l(^ Ml^ \C^n <f/i\- 
Sllnl «H(4« aH81<:ll Sil^Jft ^(^ct ir/'3l4il^ a>ig? t<|ji 

«m'^ <ii4Mi q)u sHAcni ga^i ^(i »wi ^w 5 ci-ii mk 

^i^l^ y^^ ci'fl il5ll <Hi3fl ril\H S. aH«(qi rt*!! 
Siwivii ^=iiil=icfl MW ^iicfl 4l«ll ani'cft «ii,A 'Il'ft 

•tHi=(l ^ &. ci«(l ct ^r<i clni "mn ^i^cniu^fl "oiitf <i5 

&. aHi«fl i^^ '^iiji'ti oji^i^li ^yan ^^i h^i'^i «kli 
't«fl. ^ S aHlC«c«4lliii, JlHl^l ann Slidliili ff/'siCH-ft 
^|€ ^-tl Mcl^ni*^ il^^Htfll i/Ml*! ^ll^-ti o(i:>W <H§ 

ni?i«t Sa<i ii«iiai ^ttwi anwcti n'fl. -ti^wi nii^wi 
^^t"^! ^iiji'ii cduJi 'H<n aniCsc^ii^i ff»''»icH>(i 5. an^ 

«^ HH i&ir^'^l SUHISHI ct'tl -l^l S^i &. Jrt ani ^ilji^l 
%tl^ ^ct oOtiXH an^ ttUl<l «=»wi SHIH cil cl'fl 'cSlCH 
an^ «li| «> yiili >/lHcfl & ciHi«ft W^IW^ 5ii 

%ii^ ^iHil «?<*H ><si<i «<a ^li ctH S, 5>i5 Wlm 
HiJ ^tH« an^ ^«Hy«n R«tmct ji^d <»^^ &. shi 

:)iUiHl nUl i^'lRiaiil ^>mcqi i^^ ^^ aiWnrtl'Hl ». 



^&-N. O. 01acinea\ 

6. SHI ns'l'ft 'H'l^Mrct^ ■UH snicl^ SH^Hl %IIM- 
«mi 3Hl^ Wi. H «l£i aH«i=*l •'It^JlHl'HHl^i (IIH ^• 
@MMH ^Irti 'I'd. H° '^l" "^^'^ V «fl M RQiPir-il<?ll 

H'tlH ^. 

HOI— ( 5>llilCi:l»{l ). 

l-*,U^1*t'llH-01as nana. 

lyi-rt-H. I. p. 576; Watt. V. p. 479. 

3Hl^ ^, ^ Y ?a ^ 'H^ 'i ii «(l l7 ^l ^=Hl 
C-flsil -<3l'(l ^ ^ct'4l ^'-n «til ^IH §. ciM^ @c*a 
Mi'X ^i^m =H«i HiJ ciMw sHiMi sMRi ani^cni licii. 

w, 5h 5 rt il5l j_ii(^ ^iWl ^\rH Hil Mi^ aHc^irt 
cl'ft ^IfHl^Hi ■Hiji 31^ rtH «tl^=tW ndiy d/Hl^fl, an^l 

■^ii4«ti ^juiinl ft«lGi ^Hl«(l >i'^ ^i'^l 5Hl=n <l!r?i. 
sUl^ni :Hi fficMln U\XVH\ '-tl<fl 'tM'Hl'd (coppice) 

4li ■wt'^^^ c/jiCHHl <H^-^m--il CHWi 5. qtfft «>«ti rt 

mi «w J^tJ "1*1 ». 1^ hvh ^bvh 3i^(H ctiii s^n 

(3C*{1 aHJl-Hi dm =^ir(l an^ <MP^V ct^li^il i|(ct- 
Md "S ^'t^C-t ff/'-(l »»til ^IH $. »H "^dSfli 

C-thi SH^ \^ CHiVj'iisil :^i c-tiW^l ■& \ ^21 Ml^Kni 

M?^ {k^V\ 'H</il t'-'tH d. Ml'l i^-si ^IH §, ci*il 
ct'll H'^C-O 'l^ (^I'HIH '-'ili'l'O (HP^lv £">MIH «l. 

an <M6l^ 'fls'Acfl ^IH §. MH '-HdiiSji ^IH 'S. ct 

SIR §. ■MH'fl ildil Ht^fl<v %J^^M ^(H •^, ci ^U^HIM^ 
%iiHl«il "\1C-{1 §IH d. an %iiEil cl^rt v^^ avtM 6. 
MH ^ilHl M^ il«ni ^'ini «1W «tM d. M^^l"^- 
Mi?(l 5H^^ ^mi ■<3l^ ^5( 'fli^l^ ^IH S. ci MK'-(l 
i^ ^R §. ^.CH^ iliil ^1 «A 3 C-tlW't <^H, 
2(1^, ^'Aicfl,^ iOsi C-nc-ll ^siKl, ^Af^n ycivft 
«^'-(l Mlctvfl, an^ MH'fl 'lls^S'V @c4l aH»t'-tl (3=(l 

■Hi""lil 3 ^IH ^, cl ^t\ km[ iHr{\ an^l '-H^R 

3^; CHl'-A !^d«il ^IH §. ^St gy^Hl "4^ ^Nil 

^^^ »l ^^M £1-11 ^">MIH 0, an^ an ^i^l mN- 

ilSii 5ii ^M'-ft ^/l Nil n^rt ^<\ T^H «i. 

an £^S Mi'>HilM^ <H=^in'^ SHi -^Hl H"^%t^ wid 

^iH d. an^ ^ia[ ii^%«^i ci«fl ethi an^ ci 
viKi, €=rfl ^ =Htfiidl ^m d. 'i(sisiy^'»i i<^ 

til '^i, ^Itfi, 2itfli4 'H^ ^^^ ^<i'* ^'"^l '^'^ 



■<H5il(^Hl Sl(41 iiil »iH ii3l^=tl<Ai MH^lt^B 
=4Wl^ H<H>i^ ^J^HMi, ilR'^l ii^l^i SH^ 

dl^l^il "ilcll <^^. «9^l 'i'H^. ^ ^1. '53'll^l'i ct^k 
^(Illl(fl^ 'H«Sl"'«<iSllS ^l^il ^ilSll i^ ^. 'i. 3Mo. 


ani <H3mi ill =»l«l'Hl iSUni 8llH ^. ciMi IdC-tii 
aiJUHi =l>Hn ^CHl <^qi ^IH ^. liaii ^Jl^qiaHird 

MH^lM^mi 3H21=ll SHlcl^ 5Hl^ «!. ct H^iH 
«l£i ilH d. §M"4H ^Icti «1^, 2H^ ^IH ^ ell 

M; ^o 5H»Ho IihKI Mi'^ilaHl Y 2fl M; SH^ 

^W d. }ii^\[ 3 2a -M; 3H^ M^l^llW R.-Ml4t- 
nioil ^l*i ^. ^11^^ I "S 3 «fl M HlCH'-liyfl ^IH 

'KliV'li d-lW '^'i^l M^ 1 aiiMlll (aril) ^IH §. 


t-J^U'HlM'llH-Celastrus paniculata. 

l^kd-H. I. p. 617; N. p, 57; Watt. 
II. p. 237; ^. Pi. Ml. 13 0. 

?,~\k\[ rll>l-MK-t5ii'3li, ^KHiR^fl, ^^lC-15iJ^(l, 
MlSliii^P^l ^^l(MU); Ml<HiR«3ii(?io);q'fl, ^\^- 

^iTRt, ^i'Ti^rr {^o)^, Jii55%?iar, nis**fr (11°); 

3-H4't-'HlStiiit^fl'll ^«tl «<««Jl yhl =1^ &' 

I Pi ci gati ajuiM^ ^{i "IH S. ^ifc) liyrn^ anKl 

; «llMl5>ll 5hs «>{l2i) «lll ^l^^iKl %l^ Ml H\d«AlfcJ 

^idl ilH §. 5H^ cictl ^ii §M^ ^CH an^ iiC-t^l 
I 9tl^ 2hR ^ <*il^ ^l rt =lHl^ Kl^ft ^Sa ^li-V M<3i 
I HH't CHW^ll^fl 5Mm d^ ^«Ml i^ §. ^H I'^W 

; <M'| »i^i6^ c-iiSi s. Mw %1^'v <Hhi ^ attfiirti 
^iH ^. ^ei '1161'ti, ^<Ai«&lni «{l€ti ^'h(, ^i^-v 
n'iiX ^W'titAl iiH §, ?i H%i5 'vJ^i ani^ 

j rtHki 1%i^»ii wi ^wi '^'v «Hi^ Hiciirft 

! ^l-^ilSiiKl ?il<JtlMi H^l H^lXl i^ §. 

HQji (3ii sH^ c-ihi Ji'AcHi iiH d. ci ^'t^c^ 

, aHPlt/fl 1 (fel«i'ti hUi^ «il«3 ^li, 2H»i^l «l^ 
1 dil (V^iUHi >^l<il ^^HKl n^ aH«ftSi hHI^ 
' «t>si «IIH §. ^^iKl WICH §T^2(l <^l Vl-fl, ""ii- 

a ^Wl Vi'W ilH §. WK-t «til, Ml=fl 5H^ <Md- 

! ii^n iiH §. HKl =ii%i »y^i ^3i(Hct, c{\v{i an^ 

I ^ms tl^llt^ni (3JI a^^ Slifei 4ll5l §. W e<ii4 

ij«i an^ ci^l ^R H^Vil \M[ i^i^i ^IH §. 

^mi i^[<{[ §iH §. ci 'icn ^"ft «iil ^iH &. 

I dKl dM^Kl to let ■"ii<^=lil, 9JJI ■^oi'fl ^ ctM^ 

§^l =(l^l MiStl ^IH 'S. aHtlKl V5lSt ^Wl VlKl 

I iiH «i. Imtfl ^imi^Hi ^ctufl«(\ ^'l^et ^<l 
«til ^IM S. ci «ijil ^ilcll Vl'fi ^ ciM^ Qi,^l%t6lrtl 

I * 5j15hI «i<H^ l\%. 



\Ml ^Jl'ti dMii ^IH d. aM(rt>lM(ri «l>Hl3ll "Sflsil 
Vl'ii ^ a"4^ «V- -i^^ii ^l*^ '^• 

Mi^mi ^iH d. ^ H'»Hct >i«ii«i «isii ^ n(cfi^ 
MH'fl "SR SiicaiWildl ^iH ^. ^i^ tjaw^i sicii- 

mi^ "V^l cflMl m%l anl^ g. an^l ^<Hl£ Sl^S 

H Klsfl 'iMca ^iH 6. rt Hlmi 'ti^i'fl 'ii^i'fl 

H^fl RoilPld ojlf^ft %t(/tl^l "i^m 5Hict^ 5HI^C-{1 

ildil «flstl -<3l'{), H<^fl :^^l^fl ^ ^iNwltfft ^IM ^. 
^8;H "vetCl "^^ ffvtH ci=ti 2>iS, "S »l ^''MM^ 

cl Ri^-H C-flsil ^oi^l, Kl^i'-d ^ilH^l ^ §M^ "Vcti 

<M6rKI <Hi83 ^^^ |'m<n ^W d. cl ^io ano-Ho 

«>S ?lctl (VHl ^Ita ^IH d. (v ^St -{1=1 ^MS! 
t'«ilH d), 

H» «Hio limi M^m 'Utfii'd H^5i 3Hi^«{l ^iH d. 

^sHi -Mil ailMimi ql'i'illHC-ti ^■'HIH d. fi'll 
qi« @y R£l<lk«fl qi«^ M<Ac(l aH^ ^l£ Mlii 

McAcll ^IH d. nHi«(l !(lsi <Ji>^l V4 Mi H^liV 

"H-^ii^'^m-S^iVi, £l(?,J, ^^SCH, H.tC-1 an^^^lH- 
cigaJil^ «f4<l aniMHR. 

'?-(3'H»iUl->ll'Hiiii^|l'li >i«l^ Hl<^(l>li M^ 

ani^ ^. »ll£liii^(l'{l 'il'ifn «ll>Hl5il an^ MK^ 

qiA "Hicam ?ii«iH^ Hiiii 6ii>i ni^ 6. Misisi- 

9i\n ^fiXii SliMilH d. wi Vlsv"il «£^ yi^ll 
VM^l i^ &. ^llC-tiii^p'ti ^C-t aM^ 5^C^.i aH«tll4 
«qiHi aniq d, ct qi^ aJCHLHC-ll >ll«?i«^ 'niW 
S<1 >Hq^l=tlM ^. list's is>4l'ti k!^ =»1^ «K\<V^ 

5ni !jc-i an^ «Kl<v ^a^iH d. Mic-tiis<^fi'ii «>{\^ 

%^=ll«fl fl>ti«a rtCH '{\!t5l d. an^ ^ICHiis'^ft'ii 
u{l»«' ciC-tMi ii-Sl^^ Mt^ aniM^H ci-H clHR W=ll*li 
aiil^ d. ct ciei ^fel §MR SiiMiiH 6. HlC-tiii- 
l^Q'ti «{1<V, a>i9»'Kl, jAKlilfl 3H^ »VdRl^^ =tl<A 

qrtl 5\i(M, \^HM an^ tKlan <tl'tct3'{\ 'I'^ttfllU'd 

«tcti i\\i @M^ c-tJiu-Hmi ani^ d. an^ smhi 

%\\l<tr ansls qm^ Mo ^^ MHlH ^, »il9liijr-' 
(Jp'ii "{l*/ ^if^i MiIrI "^MRIH ^. «^^ "H^ 

ctC-tMi iiJl'fl ci ciet ^I8l aiicfl ^. »llCHiii«li an^ 



^. 5i;ii Mi^ii io an 3 ^vi M«ii«H '=t^U'ti 
SHMIH ^, dliilsHl ctl<H>li MR^^l »l^ =H*IH1 

d. ^1<H^L SHSR "{ISi; ^n aHRiA SHl'^il "Vi'^i 
^«^ ^IHl ^IM ctl ciM^ JliysUiSli^ nc-t SilM-llH §. 

ani^ cil aHMR;MR »l/l «IH S. sHJjliJJ'i S^ §rll- 
^{k ^. ■HK-tiiseji'ti "{loy ^m^-Hi H[^ -^v. 

an^ ^lcl4^ ^. ci S^trt^ Jldl SHIM ^," ( ^o 
«llo Mo 3\lo ) 

"Hisiiii«3ii'{l Siivft-Mic-tsiii^i anii ni<Hi, ^S 

S^<1. fl aHfjtMl?!, ^^^ an^ %i[H=llMi "'H^im S. 
Minimi a>il^ an^l ?ll3H M^H ^f^i^llMi a>il^ ctl 

Bd5tl «n«^l rftlf^ilcil 'l?^, M»3J 5tW <M>1 8ilH 
M^ ci ^(^Mi aniq $. ^ >li^ sfloi ciSl^ sHlciclj 
^I'Q a*l«fl 3llA«fl <nH «41H S. 

MWu-Mic-tsisijii^ net r. »ii<n«(l mwsii <Ha; 
ci«it nKl ^it/(l ; «a \ rtiili," (4io cQo dAo) 

MK-ll!ii«ihi 'Hlff^r' an^ cl-ii ric-trii (sM^lm R^ 
■^li ^il^nKl ils^H^Mi C-totL«i (&!A5cl aHl>^<-0 
d ci qmi C-llMi §. 

'^'-s^'ft n«i^Mi "Si^fl ^i^i ^ai<Hi <ain &, ci 

>^i4l Ml\"llM^ >tlSlMWQ^l SHi ^?li aii?li a.'^i y^i 
winl an^ yiiil >§Ul RRdrt«tl5li «i5i?}i 6. ^;i MiMl- 

'^^S'G ^l^Pani Ji^^l'ft ^laJ^i jt«^i aniMl 
ci'fl aH^2^Mi ^M V>. 

H3l-( ^ilR^Kl ). 

t-^ll"^lH«iW-GTmnosporia montana. 

l^ict-H. I. p. 621; N. p. 57; Watt. 
IT. p. 239; 3. R. Ml. 34:?. " ' 

R-"^*Uim-*sXl (Mlo); <\ic?lC 'fli'^l (iio j; 
%^?, 3J*o5(qo);^I7I^I (l|o) 1^^:^, f^^^ (^o). 

(AHi aiU'Hi \ ^ Xo ^i latU^l^. M^i fl^H 

i<l^ ci anf^ Hi H^si^HivQ ovHUMi*^ S^icti nmmi 

ani^ d. ^ aH(6 ^ ^ ^ V s[li ^^l iliW^l 

^iM ^. a ■^{Icaiw^ni «fl4ii, Ml^ni aH«iHi <f<i«a-5i 
^3iKl giH Q. n 3R a<l ^a Klsft (3=(l aniil 

anqoU ci"l«0 ^IH 6. ciM^ C-tmi c(l8(Qj an^flqicAl 
Sidl ani^sil ilH S. 4 ci iidlM^ R^H i^ MW 
an^ ^?ll ani^ d. MH «lii !?Sl '^^l i^M ^IH 
S. ^Sl ^8cM ^l«ll%l^ctl i.Ml, mtrl'ii MH^ H«l<^ 
§JlHl%l=lltni («IHI"1 SHim ^CH ^lt/[lM^ Ml>A «i1H §. 

^tA-siU'^i an^ fj'Hl'i MMi^i «t4 an^ (34 

»l^^ ^IH §. cl»li*-(l SlUli Xii'^l 'fli^Sll ^IH 

§. ^taKl »i4i §M^«(1 ■^i^atil -^i^i Hlcai viKl 

^ aHS:^?(l Qil^l ^ini VlKl ^IH §. ct ^(^H\. Ml=(l 
an^ <ndl!^(l ^IH d. ci-il =ll%l ^S'fl m^i^ H«lcft 
ir/Rl yair^n an^l >ciis ii^i^lH §.' HJA^ <Hli!| 

WIC-IM^ §<Sil an^ aniil afl^l Mlstl ^IH §. "SlMtA 
«U'>Hia><i ^d«ll^ %^dM«i> M'i^Sl «v<l «lil ilH 
d. cimrHi iidi Iw-a ^IH d, <«i ^^41 ci^l vt 
">{l(ni«5icil C-flsll aH«l4l <rri«jii ^IH 6, •Mt^l MW') 

■Hl«i-a>iicl^ ani^ 0. M<3i llV) ^iW-Hl^ iiil 

an^ ^l«?ilMR aHJ,(V «v5liaH«0 Heii MK Mai^«H'fl 

' Ml Ml^Ml^ 'Oi^ic-li §iM ^. ?ir{l iliil ^Jjfl 

^m $. ct ffn^gil ^u^'tiM^ witjiii ^'iKl $IH d. 

MH M«ll^ Ml^ltfli anPl ildil ct^!^ «iiii «tctl, 

^mi ^IVJ<HI^ <n'^ 6^ ^liii «ictl aH«tHi ^Rcii 

I Ml>l H<ili Ml^l«li anPl ^^^ a>Js^ l^^cd -uiia^HltAi 

1 ^IH d. MKHI "Sir 8llil Hi^n 5Pl^€l^ ilH S. H 

-iil«- -la**^. -"•'«? ^'%L it T»E "s ?*"' -- :t. i Bg. fc. 

A!4i ^ a«i< s^ sa«L "S:^ ^ =% ^HE «l 

%^»-«*i ^ -?is-«^ -r«^ »n x-os :;^«Bi 4»^ 

•^ saw -^ "1-3-4 =_J-it ^PL VL, ^^k X *3d. ^^bT ^* 

iwL -"fl^sap* IWL kan %i. ^. api. ^= i-4, ^a. 

^^ iL% ^. i. :?«-?«. 3^. «. 

S-r* ^=3K. 3fi5- 3« ^i ^ *«* «^ -.r 

%s^ n-iB-i ^?M «£9-i Sffli ««% m ^s^ -m . ■ ' a««i ^i -"rf. iS-- ^i 

^e- aMi #»Ji »*wr =a« ^si ■»^ "Sfit aafs 3l 

'^ «_ ^ %.jt. W an ■- ' ■ ' '- ^ %aM: 



qffC l C t ^Tft^^*T *i**'l gfT^'r^'T 

y^fy^ r^R^r ^^^t^ ?^ ^ 
^^ g^?r siramTTT sm: v^TTja^ ii 

( aiHk^l'v^m'i ). 

l-^U^I^'iW-Z. nummuluria. 

t'^il'Cl-H. I. p. 633; X. p. 59; Watt. 
yi. part. IV p. 370; |. Pi. Ml. v^y. 

^-"^^lI'lW— Mlit^i (Mlo); ani^llS S^Uil, 

^m, si^, ^^irii4<. (^J"^); inw> 5T^, itP?- 
qw, *T3tT (r1°). ^55^, ^Tes^fj^T, arsra^, 

3_«tj^,t__^ct^l§ S^i^il, Misl^i aH«t=ll =H«^n- 

3 ^i 1 ^IW=IR Y «fl M k'l'i ^^i^l <3=Hl ^--IRi 
3Hl^ ^. riMi ^iil iHfaict v ilH §. ^H^ '^l*t 
^ ni ft >sa ^IH ^. M»?i h4^ ^"^^ ^^^' 
IWi H»^l iidl 5>t^ =Hlil SH^Ai^ aH«"^ «1"»Hi2hi 

Hls^^fl ^iH d. d ^^(l'^R »>'M\'iH^ «>w'-ni'{l 

^iki ^«liHC-n iiH '5, ^ 5H:HI ^ \*Jl llH 
MH ani^eii ^IH $, ^$1 ^^^M €fl«l«Sl<1l jOii 

^icni wi ^4^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^- ^^ ^***^ 

ctMi \M[ Wi 'll^l'li ^l^A \i\ \l^ ^, «? Mltf- 

ai»^(l5Hi'^l^'ll SUHl H*^l a>i%llHl^<^ §»1«1W 
C-{l?i rt H^l «l^Rt^l »H^m d, 5>i^ fi^ '=l«^l ^\,\i 

d. T? ct^Hl^ aHlM[Tt'{l H"»Hn ilH HlH d. ^'> "v>lL 
JlfSl ni ci^ MWHi ■»in^lHi'-(l ^H 'Ji!{ riM. ilil- 

fl= «lfcVl «i^ HH dl rid, M^J il^ |il5l ci 
^cl^l^ ?iWl 'i'-O. ■Ht^ ^Mi n Pl?lH ^-.'-fl Sn 
d. ^ -vMt Jlill^ anrtrt §M'^lJfl Ufc' Mi $, H 
2HlM^ 5HPl'Jl s>tW^. 

H"^ct «lui Sfiii^.i Mtij -{li^Hi ^m ^. ct^ ^ii4 

H% «-vM ^ «V- il^ 'S. ^"^ »i^ "1^ H?.'- 
nrl %m'={[<A[ aHS<^ ?llcAl^il<1l ^Ictl wi^ '-H^l- 
<'-(l <ltll ^JlKl ilM ^. ctH<'{l llrt^ Min'4l ^ 

%>[ J^lrQ |l4t §. ^JCrirfl qi^ S;i=a SH^ <mS 

ii^l%lilctl y^l iXl 'H'l ^lil =flil*lilni ilR '3. 

a^'-Ai^ll Pi '.ctl«iicti ^il-d iiH yf. nM< (H^ 
j ^'I'O Wl^ a)iH c^5i ^JiKi ^^-H Sit^i ^>q| »(d(^ 
ilH §. -liil'tl 'fl^lill ^WVi Wlil §M'.'-(l 9^^l 
i^l'd M-l'ASlil, ^ nM< 5(1^1 Mi:Hl ilH ^. 
^IMl'Hl ^cl'-ffl'-ft ci Md^dsi ^ ani'lVll v^l ^il 
^IH S. n 'll^itdl Jil-il 5fl^l, ^I'-Aicd '^i^ Pi 
widt^hitffl |lM §. clPll SHlll ilM i^ (fJlcli ct 
5H£^-fl ^ifoj a>iPl «>S ^IM 0, Pi cl^d H^l=ta( 
Ml^il 'imi ^IH §. SiKl <[i[ anPl ii4il «ll">Hl- 
anlM^'tl bin ^OVA «llMl2iWrii Sjiii j-^rti ^il 

Pi --i"«iH '-n-^ =tiii qSlsiL im §. liM'Ji «ii>Hi»ii 
^cl'jQ ^=(1 1 ct'-d M^ MW'-nl ^m S, rt a<'-ai<fl 

PI \l5i ^ij^i > ^i<ni i^'{\ |iM 6, (iM^ @^i 
^i>ii 3hPI ^i^i;*!*!^! Hi/l ^IH 0. an ^iMi^li 
ctM^'ii mhKI Jiil '111 qii^i'-ol iiH 6. clMl ct 
yi^ani «y^ =tii=i'iidl ^MiH •$. 

■m«t-»ilct^ anmi ^IH 'S. d i ^a<«ft 
^ ^at ^^l^ni iw ^. M<^ llWHl^ «*^l »fHl«- 
=tl'41 sySJHi ^1^1 H^yi gu»ii ct 4 Ul 1 ^ai 
oHl^l'ii M<^ ilH d. ctnT ildil H^P ^^M ^ 
ctM: ^I'l Hica-fl t'll/l ilH S. Ml'l'tl §M^'{1 
«Mlift sfteit PI 't'lai'tl ^Isi «{lyi ^at'fl ilH S. 
SM^tT «Mi/lM'. si-\«*'Pl •tl=i'tlM^ «iy ^titntT 

R^m 3m<n ^IH d. MW 3lltfU?i€lcll WHJl^^i Pi 
=l>Hrl I'K^ ^c^^i »l*i[lHiaii ^m $, MW't'l Ml»- 
tfi-fl '-niag ildil Mi>t«(l ^^^M 3 ^>ii -{li^ril mh»u 
3i*l«{l im d. MH «i-ji Pi ^i^M^ sirtiHicai ^w 
I $. Mi-inl ildil Mi>i «i">Hi3iiM^ «(U^ aH«j||Hi'J)i 



l«ii^ '116k'1 ?i^a^ 'fli^ ^. 'jst 't^-ii ^ «fl'^-ti«- 

d, 5i £^i -oi^^ii a>i»^ «>{l5V ^IH 6. 

C-irtl SPSI ^iltfll ^3Ki ^IH §. ci'O =ll« '^'<l I ^Irt^ il^l 'll->H<li cl'O 'HJ^^fl ^t'^t ^V (^a) 

S. I^C-Wl iliil ^J^M =H^ ctciiM^ 9i^{ ^»WI 
SHl^l^ <Vcll cHl MlSi tirtl <^i;i M%l=<Wl S'nini 

^iH ^. rt 'ilSlKl "1103 \H\.i\^m ^ SmrHI "ii«!9 

C-n%ll ^IH d. ^Kl Ha2il<H3^ SiJ; QcHl K^l ilH d_ 

5n^fl«icn sH^l ^^Hi ci^^ ^i^i^n «icn iin §. 
^ ^io "iio iimi M^m tlciHi i\b 'iitAi'd H^^Sl 

>iiy^l-M ^Itni yWi ^IH ^. ct M<Si >io wtlo 
'SlHcii M?lHl f.ictKl aUtaiHl H^^ SM^'H ni<?9 

l-dM^li^i— sHrti ^(A'ii Hijii ^Oi[ sirtiai i^ 

^IH ctl ^{\ <rnH ^, ^i'^Mi f^^M MlJf ^IH ell 
aHdl ^tfUl iUm "SPlfAl i^<Hl«(l ci »l-n <r»lH &• 

"HW =ll/l^ M^MRltAl^ an^ 'H«l"i'fl 'Htflcl^lHltfll^ 

5ii-< (km<h <mm ^i"Si >i=ii ct^l "^m &. nHi 

ka @M-< yMl ^iRC-{l ^IH §, ^ n«ft (3M^ ndl ■ §iHi5il «Hi;ir{l Oi^m i^ S. ^ ^ >{qi rt^"^ 

g. 5»l >iV ^dC-llS ^Ipdi MlllMi ^HRR ^. 

^=(1 Mlrtl^ s^ffV^l't aiCHiqrtl (^<M. Si o{[,:^^i Jt^l- 
aniKl "i[^i '^i i^ ci ^;^l3s cl<l^ 'HlM^ctl 6cll. 
an^i ■HH'ft iiSi) 5^ Midi 6<1l. ^l"^ -H^ M<31 

at^paniti^R H=^l Hi^l [gq^ll ^^(1 ^llrll^ iisyRW 
aic-tl^ «. «n«i aM^ 3lU^i (^ii)^l M*^ an »[[\,i[ 
§um ^Hl^ atl^l ^. V5'>-MplHl |M«l =f>Hcl aH^il 
^l-i=lW iM\\. »lli<i "IHl 25Hrti Rlli 6rti. 9l^"l 
CilfAlani -wlin «{l^l aHrii ^licn^fl jiil^lcfl 
IlSll^l ^^i\ iiii ^Jl Mlil a>i;»l Qi>i Mli/d Jvt^^i 

aHl^l «i«l ^<a<l ct'ti siMc-ti i^ >Midi ^cn, an 

^ ^ii ThH (^^llSi <H01CHI £>Mlrtl ^K 6. :!i° 

d cHl^ MlfAl, ^Icti ^ 6s ani"^^ iltni^l^ctl 
5tlcll ^3Hi Mi^l *lW "W d. ci 3 C-tlfcH^O ^ ^a* 
'^Ml^t'll ilH ^. ci e(l«i Pi attnsdi ^IH S. fi^4 
■H13/1 «tit d fHl^ ciHl SM^KI WICH Ml=(l Mil 
«IH d, ^ ciM^ S'lia^efl M^ S. S^St^ H«4l<n ^<i(»l 
Mlil ^IH 6. 'vMl Qj^^l k^li \\<A\ (remains 
of the styles) \^ =l^^ ^■>HlH 6. rt %il'S<t^ 
'ifilSl^l anq^H ^IH ^. k<H^ ct(tfl'^ <M^l 
R3l^ a^jj an^ aKl q^aiicia^ y^H 'Hi'/l -H^IC-O il/l 



an^ fntt §M^ «l^ 8H^^ S^'ilRl '1>^IH Wi. aM-fl 

i^ d." {\o |o ) 

"ll«g»H, =llil5il'{l -HU ^l^, 'HrtR an^ <HlilaMWl 
^-liaHl <IM^, a^^ =151< •wl.SlHC-ft M-id^ ^^IMl 

^^iHil 1^S^ll! (Hlill»ti »11H S. 

i-C«l?lH(H«i«t'l-=Hl «\l^il^ 'IR ilfl5Hl'-ll- 

■"ill Si riiT^i >iic-ll (MH) <lM^«(l -H-SMl 6^1. 1M- 
1 ^"^l MlSll aH»tK 'HK ^R'll =HRl rt^"i ">^l%l 
i^ ani \^im HH^IH d. sH'ti ^C-l Hl^l'li ^r-ii^ 

Ml^t^i aH«l^l 3{^|laHi^lMl 'SUHl '^^ Slf^Hl 

aH»tlcl SSlfA n-'Hcl 6^M<1 SWi HHi^ MlSt^ Vi, A 
\\k Mi^l d, sHd^ir/ ci^t \ii^ a^ 'H">Hci cl^i i^lSl 
^^itl 5Hl^ S, an^ 1'^ia ct aHJ[9/ >ll^H>ti 
SlHR aMl'-Q ^MM ^. an^ SSR clM 'l^ ell cl, 
H ^l«M»ii «li"il H>Hn ^m anioHl i^ d. aH'ti 
J^CH >HWl > ^2i=ll Ml^ §c1l^ 'SfM M^il ^i^l>l 

§. a 8iui ^siH ^i.'k a^ ?iii«a ^i"^ii ^Mi«n 

MH an^ 4l<?ll Siil «t£i Mil §. M^^ MH ^'li 
i^ C-lfc) ci^l aiRl cl^"% MlctHi H^Ml %ii<(^ i^ 
^IM ^, aH«ini ct »{l<r>i ^R-Hl^l^ll^ «l=0 ct'll 
^«l i^ d. ^Itfli iidl -v «Ml5a ^§ S ct'll «l^ 
HH •^ct^Kl HU ij^ ^, MQJ il5l ISl^^l cil ci ^l^ll 
iidl M"^ 2j^i^»jl itfiiPl ^^1,0 ^^^[ t»ti(/tct. 
nstcHil rial's ^=(1 aHl>l S. an^ ^n a(i^i Ti ^\\[. 
i'ft H^flfV ci^n ^IH cil SHcii §i^cii ^ii ?i;i 
cllM^ ctl«l S^il ^R^ ^-■i\[^ d. an^ aH?(l 

<ni^ls HMci ani^ «Mi^ <li ^ct^iKl ^m HUHWi 

Ml?i^Hi >5ltAiiidl Mll^fl^i HC-llt/fl, H^^ ci^ ^"Jil 
^R^ ■•H'H^l^ d, 'Sldg <v '{{I M<«i ci MlH 
M<«J ■"ilH 6. 

i'-WHl »{Im ^tRlKl yi«l "UC-fl^l atl^l iMl- 
^a^l ct^l CH«, 311M, '^tflS aniR^ anMlH '5. Si, 
«n5^l an^ ^[ill'^l ctl an ^uis<v'iimH S. H^^l 
%iil4 i^'WMi Miyi i=(l ^I'^H S, ^ il^l esicfl 
wHl^ «Hl^ ailXl ctM >l(acil 'im, cHl^ ^l^l^ 
^'-t«A ani M^fl^l aAl^l«v aniMni^i a^l^ §. an^ 

ct«ft ^R Htaii %iRi cii^M ^^ §. 

WATT.— "Food and Fodder.— The 
fruit is appreciated by the poorer classes, 
especially in times of scarcity. It is 
sweet, acidulous, has a not unpleasant 
flavour, and when boiled in milk is said 
to make a fairly good tart. Brimdis 
states that during the famine of 1869, 
which drove large numbers of the in- 
habitants of ^larvvar and other parts 
of Western Rajaputana from their homes, 
it served as food for thousands, '' In 
the winter 1869-70/' he writes-'- the 
crop of these berries had been plentiful; 
and when I marched through Rajapu- 
tana, From Agra to Guzerat, in De- 
cember 1869 and January 1870,1 found 
the shrubs completely stripped of their 
fruit wherever the flocks of hungry 
emigrants from Marwar had passed 

The leaves form a most valuable 
fodder for camels, goats, buffaloes, and 
cows, and are highly esteemed in the 
sandy districts of Sind, the Punjab, and 
Baluchistan. They are stored for winter 
use. They are supposed to be heating, 
and to promote the secretion of milk. 
In the Delhi District it is stated that 
camels and goats prefer this fodder to 
almost any other. It is said to be cut 
in that district twice a year in April 
and November, and that it sells at from 
3 to 5 maunds per rupee. It is so 
valuable as a camel and cattle fodder 



that villagers often jiay their nenuce off 
the produce." * 

l-^ll^1«lHl>i-Z. Xylopyrus. 
S^kcl-H. I. p. 634; N. ]i. 60; Watt. 
VI. part. IV. )). 374. 

^{^, w^^zi ( 1° ); ^\z, ^[i\, ^^i, ?ftcTi%? 
( r?o ); %r ( ^° )• 

andi 35UHi ^ «(1 ^M !(l=i 't'^H^ ^=^i "^^^^ ^l** 
0. 5J\>ii (§M^ 9Vcti felf^n «U'>Hl'*ll Kli^C-fl ^IH «i. 
"Sltlm^ ^imiSil (STt^W^ <3M^ <Vcli >>!a «idl 

Sirli jJUqini ■^I'cl'^tR Sidl «lui ^IH tJ. ^ =i"nci 
QiPil oy 1"»ilM §, M«l "^ Siil ilH S cHl^ cil 

^IHCA 9iPlM^ <?i^^l"S ctMMl^aHl ^^iKl |<Hl/l ^IH 

§5i 5, rl'Hi \Ul sHlRwmiA SH^ ClMil »iwfl ^>l>ii 
ell 'H'li nttfli ^ "ICli J^^lHl =>Ml^ &, ^< ct SM^^ 
5H!( 3ll>ld <IH ■H>51 <Hl5til Mi«i 5. ^\\»\i\ ^H^UW 
n>=ll 5ii slUl I^VIS ^H^ ^"^S"! ^WHltai, ^HfT*" »HltA 
(V'Hl'I'-llfAl ^SliHl Mlil^i "tH^ =m?Q<lii>lW'll WliHlSil 

■»ini suH'ti ^li-fl 5li5i^i cl>iT/ ot^iwi ^oii^ ?li5wi 

=i'll<\aHl 2il^l oft«l WliHlSil'fl ^\k ■Hl&^i'tl Sli- 
cliS^l MlJl ^^l ■Mi'H'll'fl ^ilMl tHl(a=ll M'>fl (T/cll 
^rtl. Mq =H«l =>H^ 5(41^ »ti2 Si-ii Sum Hi^w SM- 
*lpa ^Wi ci fl^l 4!HHWl ^H^UW ct^^«a §i>i 

•moi^i'ti 5ii=iiSii ^ 51 ^ -Hw «t4 iMian «it4T, cii 

clHl %n\l {(K-l SHRcil aH^!A «t<l 5. -Hli an^l 5u- 
Sttian. rtfti ♦iyi ^li'Hl annlrl. ^Hl€l Sl4«li ft^l. 

ff?<l «iil aim S, ci ^i ^^iKl ^ <iM^ <3<Mi =0^1 
8>i^ ^^Ml :^3Hi ^y\<i wiMi anmi ^m «*. om^ 

MI3J ^IH d. <ll">HiaHlM^ Ml'tHl ildil Ml^ aHSS 
'^h[ iUian«i<=ll''HSiil ^IM§. Wist Ml=(l, "idi^P 

^ f.iiajuu ^iH S. d^i ^31 ^ni^^cii oi^^i ^ih ^. 
sHciVcsist \^im'iil oy^i ^ivoiji ^ ^cimiini ^itfii 

^^irQ ^IH 6. qi%i c{l»{l ^ ^=ll£ a?.l (ilH §. 

Ml«i,-a>iict^ ani^Sti |lH §, ct ^ 2A Y ^'ai 
ethi an^ \4:'-fl 3 tiat Mi^wi ^iH S. ^'fl Sm^KI 

!4lMl.n ^<l «flstl ^'iHl ^ ct^^ ani^ X^iil ^IH§. 

•{lalKl ^^ ^ n\\ \-A\a ^f^ ^{[^ h^. d. 

KIM %lMl/lH^ 3 §(H1 't^l <H(J,l^ HlitAcO ^M^d ^ 
<3"H^'{Im^ %-ll«^rtl -<3lKl 'l^l £-»Mldl ^IH ^. 

MuKl li^ sictiHitnl ^ ildilMi^ Rhm ^m ^. 

^^3 oy^l aH^P^R ^H'^l ig*' ^IH S. MH'fl 

ildil ^^ t'ai c-ii»{l ^ -•>W^ |=ti/f^iyfl ^m $. -hh 

^$1,— 'O ^^^^^[ H*^ ^W^ ^IH d, ^ 
ctM^ ti(iHl rlM^flanl i^Jl'fl R^'-l |m/l i^lM &. 
^o "ilo ^imi M^l ct(th?l sn^SlHSli, ^° a>i<5^Mo 
"SR'd Mi-«til«Hl MIW'^ ^^^l M^«(l M ■'Jli^aaHr-tH/d, 

ifeil^^VioikiH 3 MieiHi^i, ^f'Hci ct*ti ^ 1 y 

MICH ■Hiii §tH 6; -ifstJl 3 "I ^ qi V M«ii ^IM ^. 

S{$1,— iRcti HPl^^ Ml>A JWC-ti <?»lmMi 

aHl^5t ^. ci Ml^ ^ (Hl^ ^rtl^tSlni <Ji,^l J^^l'ti 

«tW ffnn ^. ci I «ft % €]=H '-Hi^'ti ^iH 6. ci 

iRi §IH d cMl^ a^viicti a>i^ <V<1 rl^^l ^m §. 
\I3J Ml>sa^ ^iiaii § cHl^ maji y^Kt H'S «MH 
$. clKl §M-<'fl Wic-t MlcV'^n §IH ^. cirfl aM*£^ 

MRi, <vRi HliKieidi, ^\, \m\\ ^m ^iH Hi, 

^C-l ^sslfcT 31HI Ma^ MiJl an 3101 an^ttl ^il (v^l 
ct>ti ^^ d, ^ cHl^ »H^l ^^HIS 9V^l >Ml^l ^ «n- 
■^Hiyini^ -v^l C-tl^ 6. aJt oita^li :i3i <}j^^l ^Icil 

^iH &. K^-tKl M n^ ci(tfi5i Sis ^^M ^^[cni'fl 

H=^at aMi^«fl ^IH 6, ^ Xn"^ »l«il«?i ^il ^^,6^1 
anf^a ( 'ifyil^^'^ ) ^IH §. i^etrO «Ml/iH^ 

%1-vi-ri iPhSll ^IH d. cirft Vii\ 3, MiiJ HM^ ^ 
^ V Mi ^IH ^, an^ 'H ^\i ^-S»<i aH»^ 
'Kl<V ^IH §. 



ci ov^l %l-«-(1 ^R ^. ct a^fAirli <?i5L Sl'Al Wi 
ilH §. ci ^Hi d1 <V^l anli^tlSR ilH §. HKl 

^IH §. «Hl^l ^319/ ill«ll <3l^l, d<s{lSil ^ \'^[\ 

^— ^M^lloftsA^U— WICH, CHli^, MH an^ \'S{. 

1— (3^*1151— ^-ii ^i^AKl Wic-l^l Sl^l M<^ 
^{[\i\. an'l^ ■ Ml«i^l'{l WlSlKl Ml siisi an^ 'iH- 

il<?ll -<'l «H^ ^, aHrti Siail 5^41, MH an^ llHCA 
^U>HiaJll ^R a^l^l n^^ ^HIH ^. ^Hi^iSil S^^i 
Misi \^ 2tl<l ciMiMl iwHani il^ rll-iH §. ^ 

itnlani Qii^ft ci»iHl m*/ wi^'HiHi Sis^Ri 

6. ctMi'-A >Mld5tl'fl iAl, QH^I, an^ *SlSltffl MIH- 

^'ll \iHR[ an^ ol^<3ji3llPl ill §51 ^. aJj (||. 
?:H[Mi ll^ii m^W «tlH ^. 

<:— (ho Rh^ci— iji5ii^ii;i ^HrQ %tiSi 

«ll1l ?id^l^il an^ ^^^ «Hi ^^ ^CH 1 SjCH 
^icll 't^ft cHl ^Hl <i ani (V %iH^ g. xioj 
?i<i»lRil an u{ii^^ «irt §. aH>li ^C-l iygjM an^ 
I^chS^r .^=ti ani^ §. an^ ^Xl -io R.V (capparis 
grancUs) an l^ilrfl <r»tct d, aH»ii ^^iii ^jic^i 

jjc-t anPl Atl$a Jyci^i >{idi ^irti 'VOi ^st siih d. 


mn d. n ciaailHl ^I'm^fl HiiHt, cill^qi, ^Hiei 
an^ (aaft M,S'^IM^ aiifl wm g. ani cisjrft ci^i^i^. 
(rHi MK y^S^ anict^ aHl^?ti ^IH ^. ci «ui, 
>3<^(laHlHl«li aH«l=ll ^JiW ^IH d. H© "^l* '^iH'ti 

''■^iK-il iv'-li «i^l 'illni ^IM g ansl'Hl R<JilPlct ^IH §. 
^o aHC*Ho 'iRrd Mi""Hil5il V 2(1 M "itiHl >i«lial 
^-11H«(1 ^i*i Qi. }i\^\i V «(1 M ilH ^. ci Mi->H- 

ilSiird %ti>l an^ sstSisi^ cic/ilH m4s<l ani^C-li 
§IH $; "Miai 'ii'M[\ 4iih\. ^icfl -i^. ?i>H iyj^-H 

aH«<'HI ^l^l'Ji ^7{ s\-^l In ^. ^CH ^^(HMl, 
1 ?(1 ^ MICH<Hl«ll, anPl Si j^5 xiistHi I «ft ^ 
"{liv §IH §. «4l»/ (Sf-i, anPl H\^h^ «i^l^ 

ani viHi =n^M(ct»ii m4;!^ Mit^n <^Hl ^« 
Mi^l ^IH §. ct yi^fl^R Hi^i p-ia^^ S16S (acrid ) 
ilM §. ani ci^lKi =WR;\RMi J^l^ cini R:=ll^^ 
\i(^ «fl^ yi^n Hfe^ ^. 5HI "Hsi'd lAJfls ct^. 
>M(rt Jill, r^?.l»Cl, ?ll«in, »H^ ''ll^y^ ISli^ 5W 

't'^'l. 111. 

I— ^u¥lM«iR:— Vitis quadrangularis. 
tSl'Ct:— H. I. p. 6i5; K p. 61; Watt, 
VI. part. IV. p. 256; ^. R. Ml. 1\^. 

R— "^^ilnR: — 6u=iiisfn,6u%ii« ( Mi+?io ) 

(f|o), ^^#, 3TR«T^<t (go). 

3 — =l4'i — i&U^tiitfl'il H^,l C-lhl ^CHl «liH 
^, ci Hi4s^ <^lX 'il*! s>l=tlMi ani^ S. n 
anmM anSliJi <^qi <n<t^i, iffl^ii^ a^CASrtl anPl 
«NKicni §IH ^. ci^l ^31 ^IM/lanK-flsll an^ 
U^P'-il^ ail J. 1 Si <^log '^A^ii Wim^cil ^IH 
^. 9(l'll«ni«il ^l^ svHl'Rl cirii «iHl ^ 2(1 

lo ^at sti«Hi an^ V "ii^R Hlstacd ^RqitAl 
^IH ^; M^i ysa it>3i <V>{l'l"Hi ci \ tfat^il y 
^ ^ tlat Slitni an^ «a|l y ttRl^lcai «ilH ^. 
^^l S^S %ii^l ciKl 3li^ Hiy ^i^RiHl ^IM ^. 
an ^iilanifl JliiKl 'Hl^aH?(l ^il->MlSii r{ls,c(i $. 
ct t^iii^fl, adi^P, ania^omcft cii^i a>i;i -vhi^i 
^HlS"Hlf/fl ^IH d. ^ oj^M^ ^l-^=ll«(l 25^ cJRct 
inil ^ ^H^^Wd 8i'-ll CHPl S. 

MW anid^ anl^C-ti §IH ^. ci Mi^l S^i 
«i'--ll'{l ^i-SiaHC-fl JlUKl <^lo3Sl?(l rfljotitl ^tH 
^. ci ^li^li n^Hl «ti(, ^l^ sictlSilHl^i, «{l«i 



•fli^i §c*{i 'i^i^-iiuil, anPl m4i:0 lii^ 3\[\ ^[\- 

mail ^IH 6. MK ''tdJiJli, «v^l ^(limi R«Hl«li, 
;• ■41^'fl iliildl «<iMi <n'^ <H183 5H«i -il^lti 

mhKI ^iMl "ii<jg5^^ ^iiMi5iHi ^imaniKl 
3iUh^ sHiii ^nt^l -r/^l Mlcl<?ll Hri (tendril) 

da 'i"^ KlSVini ^'^MHRiSl i^'il^l ^i Wil 'fli- 
<h^. ctM^ 'tliilKl •ll(i,lHl wniiR Mlcl'Jll %l«flaHi 

iMl«{l -v^l «n^5ll ^W S. 

^-<3"U»ll3(l»H'3l-4iil, MK an^ liCH. 

1-^M^l5l-6l4«is'^'il ^'^l ^•A^ ^Mm 
m3«\l ^IH aH»l<Hl it) (Aimim ^^il \^ "VHl^fl 
(ilija^^ »1W ^IH fll rlM^ ni^^lHl ani^d, aHrti 

^iMlajSct niSli 1 an^ «li^ }{[^[ \, an «H'J\iPl 

'ii^ MiH ^, n«(l '-11 an^ PiTt »t^ d, SiM 

si^^lH S. (ili^is^Kl ^(il an^ MH nl^Hl'■(l 
\l &. aH'ft iiil an^ MH^ ^<1, n <1l=tilM^l; 

ts,u«(l>ti <ni«il, ci'O <i-«i mH «i«l ^^M n?6- 
n'-ft ^=H eii>l ^. ^Fm, 6^%i, iSc, ^j,iM, -"h^-v, 

?i'^ii, f^'C-t, (HlSl^ (lli aJi «H ^l»l^ 'idli ^, 

^ ^u^iii'a'ii sdSsi c-ivj clKl »r=t Su-fl 'ti^^ 

SlSlsi «l5l qi-Q cl'ti ^i ifl ctC-wi cltffl^ ^1<V 
a>lS ani ^4 •^IHl'-ft •HHl^l'l «H M<ft «1H ^, 

Sltfl 'li"4'<l." ( H° ^5KlH2) ). 

anliw, ^\'^m, <l«i^ui, MlHiH(l an^ li^^^i 

%l[m ff?=tl t^HlH ^, an^ H C-lhl ^IH 6, i^^ft 
cl^l €">Hi'H eii'Kl «iivi <v^l e»i3l 6, Ml^ ^^ 

t-^U^1<4'll>l. V. repanda. 
i^iM. H. I. p. 648; N. p. 62; Watt. 
VI. part. IV. p. 265, 
^-"^^ftrllH-'liii^sli. (Ml+?io); ^^ (*»°). 
3_«t,|r(_5i<ii ^CHl Ht^l CHi«Hl an^l «i4l 

^al at<n «IH d. ^ iJliill dl ^^Sl^ ^IM 6 1, 



«1«1 6, <m ciM SiHl o^'fl ^iil 3H^ ^ll>HiaHl- 
M^Hl Wist 9ijl ^'iHl 3M^ ^l=(l 8tc(l «wlH d, ^ 
Hm? «=H«il 3H^ =(l^l M^ »KtH S. anrfl ^ii>H(Sil 

«tH &. 5>lrli \[r[7{l J-U^IH S^lJ^rli MK ^^l ^ICll 

'l^fl. M«aj ^IMI'H ^ci (^<aj^=tHl NlH ^^l '^IH 
^iW'O ^^iH-M (gland) SS'tl M^l-il <1«fl "^ 

aJU=li hSI^ M^ a<<fl «tH ^. ^C-Wl ?i=^«l %i«iin 

j^i^Kl «KiciMi i«i«ft >i9y«^ct an^ «ili ^?li ani 
H[*{ $, an Hiaji ^i^icni fectR^I \^\^. §, an^ 

^m S ci^ >i5Ai^ an (iisQ ^ d. m'i ^^ a^i 

ovSlian idSi §, 5i»i j^cim §. Si'ti MW an^l 
ail«Hi Ml't ^\H 5^^ M«l ^icawi ^l»»tM^ ^l-^H 

^IH <tl -Sli an^ ^<ni^ ?il^l 'liiKC-lHi MH 
"Hl/1 ciH^ "ii^ §. ailrti ^€1 M^ani v^lH §. SH 

H31— ( $i>=»icii4a ) 

t-<ll%fl<irlR. V. latifolia. 
l^ict-H. I. p. 652; N. p. 63; Watt. 
VI part IV p 255. 

R-'%^ll'lR-'^"3l«(l!^M (Ml+?i°); ^^^J {^o)■, 

M^ yt^l (sail a^-^ siSiCHi ^R $. nKl iiil 

Hm^ '4l4s=n «l=tHl VlHl Wl^ ^IH d, . ^ aniil- 
<:-fl«fl Hmi Srt^ ff»lH §, MH Al'*H ^<h[ Mej 

d(cn«l yi^ii Mi^ifai an^ >i8ii5i ••a'^ftHiciitni ^ih 6. 

^HMl aHcH'rt ^6^ :^irtl :(3Hl -Sl^l c-tlHi ^IH ^. 

a^^ !(«t ymn «flc-ti, \yri ^icti, Pi ^hi him 

Hw-anict^ anl^C-li ^ih ^. d 3 «(1 ^ 1 
6 ^^ cHhi anPl V «(l ^ >li^ica[ ^ih ^. cl 
«n«-^ «Mi<n3l <:-fl«i, an^iHi ciHi -{ISiKi ^i^i/^. 
M^-fl 'i^iiM^ q>Hci oijii qitaHl iHi<fl ^ih d. 
MH 3 «(l M 1 ^ ■^•^(iHWltfli ^iH S. nnl 3 

"i^^l 3 -^<^^[ an^ dM^ 91^1 > ^Itfll 'IKA'ft 

^'I'ft ^ KIM !(li^ "H^iHl avtojil »iHi«lcfl 
|lM §. ct«{l 'flairn ^Ml<^M^ "iyi HHi\ (^m 
'Wi^^, an^ ^K'll i\i la'^l'ft 'ta'^i iHiod aianc^ 
^IH §. ^ MKHI ildil^ >l«tl5l«(l -{liSlc^ anPl 
'^'^ «MldlaH <m^s[ ^'iKl S'>^lc(l ^IH d. 
MWHl ll^ €ictlHl«fl anPl iliilctl\i Ml^ ci 
5lK-ll5/5lcft RtHlPlrt ^M §IH §. Ml'i'fl 
iliil ^«(l ^ ^ai c-tio{l, <v^l <^S\, SM^rfl «nio9 
-fli^lKal, «14»ll <V^l M^41HC-{1 an^ R^^ «iil 

il'Hl^ «(l?t MW ciUrti ci iliilPl "i^Mi rlW 




ciM^ H\^b^ 'AP-^n^ 'i'Ml i^H^l 'il^l'ft 'iliJil'ft 

^r^Kl 5HSR aHlH«{l if^ilKl 'H^t^i ^,?(M ^"*HIH S. 
Sj$l-3lltfl, im Wi, «0%li^ aitnsrli ilH^. 

SiS (3f*{l K^ ^IH §. and "tl<^M^ ^^^ anlil 
'i^l aHl^«{l §IH ^, '>{[^^ ^J'JiHl '-^logaH ctRS^i- 
^a{ S{h (39(1 4%l an^ ctKl "i\<?^^ C-li(ni "^lil 
^IH S. ^ 1R SHiJltR ilH §. *Hl<V Sis SI 

«i|l ani^fl A ^^ <v^i ""iui^iyi §iM S. ofljv 

^-<i\^loQ»-H3l-MW an^ K^-t. 
■»l-^i3,l^lH-?il«t an^ <V'a$t. 

^l<rnM^ Ml«A%l cl^^ C-t^lU'-iWi ani^ S. Si^i 
MH ^i-llam anPl s^CH Mf^iSji >HIH S. 

t^li^ ill §Si S, Si Q>?^«lH'll <HiHoH Jiid, an^ 

(i-Ro Piq5t«i-aHl ^CHHi Mrt an^ \^ SilM"il 
clc-tl (v-Hi «l^ S, M»3i an <v3ic-t>li §3l d Hl^ 

^l"i SiM c-llSl S. Si i^i-vH'tl ^'Hl SiiHi^lKl 1X\' 
■HWHi -H^^U «lHl'-fl M^'Hlff/ <3'>Q ff«lH d, ct'-A 
ct ct^cl SiitA-ni'/aHl^ 'S. 

h4— ( ^>=5lQl4l. ) 

l-^ll^^HrlR. V. carnosa. 
l^l-d-H. I. p. 654; N. p, 62; Watt. 
VI. part IV, p. 252; ^ Pi. Ml. ^dd. 
Jl-'^J^lkR-'^ldMi'Jii ( "S^i+iio ); ^(t, 

3-qi^iri->nid->Hi'-nHi ^c-ti SiiMi^ m^ii 

■^•HlMi ani^ S. an cnhl an^ Mlrt'/ll ^IH 'S, 
SiMi 5iQj Mmi ^■"i-SllI MlKi 1"^ ^«ai HK 
9i'-Ai ani^Sli ^IH S. ai^^ ctjj anRc-tl ^^IH d, 
^/tl ^US^ci 3l^i ^stl (H^ct > aJlllH^ at^l jiSic-tl 
^IH §. Sirii ^c-t'tl i^^'rSi ^hl eflSil :^3Kl, an^ 
\^ Sm^ ^«lcti MiSi iltAl ^JHi ani^ d. 

^yi— R^H i=(l i^ ^IH S, ciHi«ft "SdC-llSii 
C-li«Hl s^idlSil Kli5lC-ll ^IH S. Si !^UiSii;i 
SI hi "S 3lii (tuber) ^IH S. a>i«lHl S^^Qvil'tl 
HI ^1 i^idl^ Si H aHl^fl, Midi fi h\7{a\[ 
iS'dai&l S!l i^i^l aniJlca q?l S, an^ ciH^ <H 
aH<l<V :(lct j£ aniq S. >iSt an^ Mil^l'^l ^'1 
olXl ^ ctM^Kl y»l€t Mlcttffl ^IH S. j£ aH«?a 
tlic?il an^ R«?fl W^^l ^IH S. cl^ ilMHl^fl 
ct»li«(l ^=H -H^cti ^il S, ^ Hi^l q>Hcl ^m H6MI 
S^ S. k^l ^MH «'^£ ^cll'Jj,1 St^ftaHUl iS'tl 
^^l ^IH S. ct ^Ifcf IhAr "l5l aia^i^ ^i^^i 

^-Hi^i ani^ S^ clKl m« (ay anPi ^=11?. n«tH 

5(11l anPi MlW'A^l "f*-^! =^^M^l (Hl^l S. an^l 

«llilHR MtJ^ 25^ ■«i^%ti an^l «nil «tW ovlH S. 

iiil anH ^ll>HiaJll— iiil ^icll 1 «flc-il 

-^^iKl ilH d. cl ^SldMH^a Mrl^CH i^<l *til 

•{l^iHi (Mi^mi <:-{l^ "^ anitj^ ^Hi^Hi«tl, an^ 

H'4l^ 3Q=4P(la^ 'HI^AKI -^Hl/l«(l Q1^1HC-{1 ^W S. 
ciMR <3C*a 'i^l ^IH S. 

■Hlrl-aHlct^ ani^C-ti ^IH S. ct^fl ildil i-flCHl 
■^ ^rtl^i^ctl ^ilKl, ^cl(/(l 1 ^?li^'l ay'=ft '^il, 



MH ( Mi4 ) anl^C-ti ^IH 6. ciMi =(21^ MH >^li 
^R S. Si ^i^l MH^ ^It^l-^l ildil iR §. ^Mi 
■H'-lC-ti 'Hl'tHl ildil 4; ^ 1 ^^ S<i<Hl aHH tHlaSdi 

iliilsMl Mi^ (3(>{l 't^l, =lltA'fl t"*'^ . '^'^ '^^■ 

■^UM^ iPl^ > Sidl ^ ■wii^O'Hl ^IH ^. MK 
T»tii, ^%t(H4l, !(lil ts ii\[ «flCHl Wi, "i'^ %IMI- 

MH'ft ans^ C-fl'i^^i MH'fl Ml ^gj^ «id<aii ^^MIH 
§. MH ^ «(l V Sl^i iHi«ni 5H^ 1-^ 2(1 3 Ml^lcAi 

dH'Hi'i-MK'Q {[iMi ^s^^ (^-i^ «it«g 

MH ^IH §. 

Hrjaili-MH'fl «i»fl '^iiog «u"^iSiiM^ d(35ii 
(tendrils) Kls^i^ii §ih ^. j/ 3 ?{1 M s^idi- 
Siicliail ^IH ^. an £^s ydl4l m^i ^^^»i x^t^M- 
MH sj'g MH ^IH $. Si s^iii;i ^^^ alien :y^^ 
^«^N (gland) ^IH '5. <^^i'-a ^dii^ii =^s 
^^cil §IM §. Si ^r^M ^Icl^ojUMR aiiidi aiMd 
<!\^ rHi ^l/l «tH &. <^«(1 ^?ll <^^ mM 
gSil a^ifl T«iH g. 

sycQ aHiiqi ci?(l <JV^l aviil a^^ cidC-flsy aH?l=tl 

ct?(l 9v'"<i c4io{l ^iM ^. clM^ (ic*a rl^l ani^ ^ItnKl 

l^-ll^ aHl^CHl ^IH §. Si i^t^M ^Ri^ SMl^ 

an^ Si^ii :ti5j Qii3ii>i[?(i H i\hM[ qtfil hi^ hi^ 

>jll4ll XUlSil Kl>!«?l 6. Si JjidlSilrQ §Vl^ ^gj»l 

ildil'-lltni '^Sll ani^ §. aHRi Si"4l cflq^i ^^5^1 

^iH ^ ^, s^ ^ \ii\<\). H^A'ii Jimi^i sMiis '^c-t 

a>i^ ct'fl '^log'fl 5^ ^U^HlSiiM^ HiSJ H>«1 ^«t 
Ml^ Miy SHl^ §. 

?14, an^ Mm/lSil Si :nH'J\[ (j{lcHl Wi ^H^ 
^f^'H^lCA'd l^-tl/l^'ili ilH ^. ^'^^l <^Hm 91PH 
i^' 1 C-llfc)H oyi&ll ^IH Wi. ^inKl ildil cl(tfli{ 
MH«ll a>i^ M«tl^ ^il «ic(l ^IM §. 

^"^HWillillH-SiJ; Ri^n Ml«(l sAl ^IH ^. 

Hll Mi^, Si %iH(ni 'iimai ^IH S. |C-1 iW ilV 
i^'-(l Sl^i %Hl §, cil ci QqicU 'Vm Mi">H- 
ilSii Hl=i?(l 'cl/l Mil ^ni^ Si^liv 6vi^lH«{l :i<ll 
Sii ^l^flrQ ^li^i M^ Ml §. M^i ^ ^<H \4 
(>«lcflHi aHl4l (3ttl S, cil, ci'd a>i aii^ Mi"»iilSil 
>ianc?i?(i 'tiX[ Mil -{l^i HfAl «viH §. 

>i^%i"^i-Y ^i^i ^3h(, ^di, \mi['{[ ^mi 
^Hi Ritai ^'Hi iiH d. 

%ft^^51:-3l<HkwKl M^J^n ?lltfll VlKl, ll^M^ 
>Mia^imyfl; ^I'S^^'l&il <Mil «lil«{l, <i*a, an^ 
HS^lol ^lltfl ?i">M^l«tl ^Icll i?[<{\ ^LH §. 

!j$l-iist>l C-flcHI, Pi Ml^ ^ cMl^ Slfai Wi 
sifcf <ii^M d. ct tusii oy a^cAidi ^IH ^. clKl anj^ 
sjicrii 1 (3T,i«gli :{« §iM g. s^ch^i c-HlW 3 CHuA 
^/d?tl ^IH ^. 5^c-t siitfii'cT ^rtt, >i^l<?l ^«MHi, an^ 
Sis ^?i>l aHi^ftm^ni ^IH $. ?iC-t>li R, *(l V t'ftffy 
ilH d. 5^41'{1 'USl cm M^sfl Mijl il<Al ^3lHl 
SisJ'siM ^IH §. and >io "ilo ^m cl«tl Sc^Kl 
ildil «{lc-ll ^3Hi ct'd 'Hal s-»MHi ilH §. \^'{\ 
^W §y an^ ^HIS Hi^l<v @M an^l •«il^[ ^IH d. 

oftoy-l 2(1 ^ c-n^n c-ii*^, •^«\i%i "S «{lCHl«- 

&lctl Qi^l -^'l^, ^i ^1 aH^(l»ld, ani eMlo^ 
(§C*{1 HR<Hl'Ji, anPl »Hl25 ('iio;^ -{Is-Hl^ ^IM ^. UlV 
ciiud «ni53'li «^-^ ML^i f/?.l aH« S<MlMCHi ^IH 
§. "Hiv i^ijl ^IM 6. ci^ cilidi ci>li?(l ^S( 

M-^tS^l^lH-fcl-A (acrid) 

1-(3"H*ii5i-'^idMi<^Hi ^tn ( is ^ \[s ) ^ 

^€1^ -HlCAHl ^L<fnM^ '-niH^-lRi a^l^ §. m4 
(qcllSil «IM) i^i^ ^IH ctl ci;J 5^ SctRcil 
cHl ?ll<MM^ MiJl ">Hld>Mi"iHi ^tfl =ll/l^ <MiH- 
-HWi ani^ 6. ■>Hld>Hi<nHl MH =tl<A^ ^R'ii 



iilisi CH31U $. aMdi Mlii }(,^^i^ iic?ll ^« 
aM^ Sli^SMl ^Mct i^ni Si^li :^3Hi rtlsv^i ^1!^mI 

jifcl anl^ 3lW ^IH rll ci'iiM^ -"lli^Hi'JiHl MK 
=tl<n^ sH^'tl "w^i^l S^iMi ^. 

■»HWRi SMl^ cil oicji «\^ MH &, 3H^ £14 «ilH ^. 

^-^^H^-^^ctiKl tniw^aH, qiilaniKl hum!, 

(35l d. an (ilRiJimi H<3!l>H^l ©ililmi «11H d. 
^-Cho CnH'il'i-aH'tl ^CHl Mlil «11H ^ »tl*J 

MH ( a>i[4 MlWJ^^i ) ilflHlHU>li ellll CHSShI 
i^HlMi ^IM*^ § ci <v*«H^(4<4lcl ( Bryophyllum 
calycinum) 'li Ml'l &. andit 5>n| ^t^rfl %iiSi 
aHl(Vitis carnosa) @M^ S^c-ti vni-oii'Jil'lt 
MH HlM^^l'fl <?iSl »t<l n ^fcj5<. ani ""ili-^Hi" 
<^Wl ftl^H'tl <^=tl ^Sll «11H ^. an^ ^V^t^i^iiKt 

anicn-ul ^, ct'ii ^ 2fl y !(li (s^ii <ni5li»ti Su^i 

«11H §. o^aiii "i*^^. =lV»s. ^o Re Ml" "HiSit <Hl5il 

H5\-( ^>^lCil(4 ). 

^-^U^lH«ilH-V. carnosa-(Variety red) 

t^il'Cl-H. I. p. 654; 

V'^J^ll'lR-^ll'i^l^l, ^l^l ■<Hli->M|'"^l (^Ixije) 

3-H4«i-=^'tl ^eil ^Irtl VWl M't^CH <^Hl 
«til ^ «h IR. (Id 'Hini «11H S. -siil 9i5l ^31- 
-ft C-n^ anPl ?lM^«a Mlctotl 1lrt<l Srt^cft ?>MIM 
6. il-A an^ ^llMiaal ^liHl-Hlwd, ^«<H^, @»(l 
(?.Wl=ll(/n, ^tcll il'l'O an^ ^■^S ^tfAScll M-*MH«n 
<Hi«i'ft I'^mm m^lH«fl ^IH ^. 

MH ■»MU'»M^"il'{l M"^ a^i ?i"^*l ildilM^ ^"^ 
^m anmi ^IH d. ildil \ tla< CHi«{l ani^l MH 
1 «fl 1^ ^ai CHini an^i -^ ii\ \ ^a( Mlll^li 
^IH S. Mll-fl <n'^ %IMI^ ^icfl »C'{ cidlM^ »1- 
^HMC-O ^(AKI 4<Hl<n ^IH Wi. an^ ctHl 'I^IM^ 
c-li<Hl ?ll<ni a^oisctl «Hltfl«{l \\sm ^IH &. 

^■H'Hl't-«ll">Ml^ atidii \[<ii ^JHi ?li(/ft a^tfl- 

'di'Hl V'^ita an^ 3 «n V Mii'-ii'^i ^iH d. ct ^ 

2(1 3 tiat C-lhl anPl ^Ai^ft <M\\s Ml'AHi livj^liKl 
M"5 cl^l^tl ^IH &. <i^ ^i «{lsil ^Jl'ft a^M^ ^- 
&-H ^«^r^M (gland) ^IH d. ci •'Hii aH'W 

S^ ^CHl^l m^'^l \'Hn ■'Hld^Hi'ni ^^l «ilH'S. 
an ^CHHl ct'gaHi ^{rU U'lHl Ml "^HiiMR =il^ 

•laii ai^ ffvlM §. »{l^ an^l ^iPi^l^ i^ d. 

anrti ^(a cii/l^ =ii(aHi ^iMM^^imilani ^li^i 

3 3-N. O. SAPINDACE^. 

ani H3Ri ?$l, J5U=liaHl an^ SiUli 3{li^l ^CHl 
m>\ 6. ani qaiKl ^4^M(ct^ MK R*lH S^^ 
anict^ ani^ §, a>i:^ >1\JhU «lH%lRi Mi^J ^IH 
'S. ci «l£i aH«tHl ^^W ^ ■>(lv?i ^qi ^IH S. 
ShMH S^fa^d <V ^IH 'S. :!io «Mlo ^I'Ml M^l Y 
eft M; yo aHC*Ho "SR'ft Mi>HilS^l V ^ft M, anslHl 
^icd 't^n. :ij^%i^i M Ml 10 ^IH d. ^ «n'iH 
sl^il'fl aH£^ ani^c-ti ^IH d. ^TS«vi<h!<i<{ 

1 8(1 Y MlVl=tl5ll (llH d. anKl £^i MlSt^l "i 
«(1 ^ "I H-m '=Ci[\ aHl(£"{l<V ^IH §. K'H «*»4- 
i^ lal^flHl aH«l^-tl Mm^ltni ^IH §. 

anl nslKl '-i'l^MfclHi ?<l^, "V'^H. ^if^dJ, 
=llPctiRi, %x[<^h, RH6^ a>i^ ^l«Ul ^^i^l 
\li\[ ^IH S. 

t-^ll^l^'ll'i-Cardiosperirum Halica- 

4Kl-rt-H.I.p. 670. N. p. 6.5; watt 11. 

p. 15.0 

R-"^<n«ilH-iWMlaHl(^lo); i^l(/(laHi(5jo); 




aMl^ S. cl ^ «(l Vi "5 1o ^i c-thl ^IH 6. 
X'imi (in outlines)-[5ilniiiii^ ^IH ^. ^c-t 

Si anmi HC-llM^ H\i^ii[ ?lltf(l ^^Sf'i V-^l^l 
<ni^i ^idlaMiqioi, oim^ ^^l^ =HS^^ M^Hl 

«U->Hl 'fliM ^l<fl 'l^fl, 5H^ H>Hct "^d^fli 
V^l'ft ^ ci\^ §9(1 ^i^l aH4 ^8(^ «^S qitfl'fl 

R^IH ^IH §. »h;Ii :t=(i£ ff/^i Jt^cii^s^^l aftj^i 
^ Sit C-ll3\ &. 

Wi^ Sl3l<H5l cidC-li«/ M^l<Ai ^IH 6. ^iil Hm\ 
S. MWH^ <H'^ «Ml/\aH ^^^ q[(i\c{\ a>il^ ^=11/1 

n>ii ^atc-ii MK^i ^li <v^i H^i^ ^iili Pi c-t<ni- 

C-ti"{l ^ •*'^l <^i[ SH^ dcHl ^Wmitffl ^IH S. 
cflSi o\ iiy)(/iic{l 14"^ <Hiijcic?ic-ll o5l«il §41 "S 5>ii5il 

=iU 1 m%iM^ a^^ ffnn §. an anii^i c-flc-ii \Mi 

an "I aniiiiaHl^ft «ltl @H^ an %i«tl^l ?tiil 

H^'MMI ^IH §. ^ tXi R^il^i^ ^-<^ ^^M ^l(/U 
^^Hi ||i«)l aHl^C^i ^IH g ^st^i oHi%i «i| CHIV/H 

^ M^i %11^^1-Hi ^hi an^ R. n«(l ^m 'im. §. 
ci ans^ H<acti ^m $. ct^i ^in c-flsli ^ih §. an 

§. aM 341^ -Mf-^il^RiHl ^ Mi^MilaHl x^o «nio 

HM <tr\l <§M^ i«A MlMil '^i \Mi ani^^ 
^IH §, an^ "HlSi) R 'iK^lHl Mi'^'lilaMl ig^^i^l^ft 
<V^l Qi{\ ^IH §. <\M^ \<3l H'mi^ ^i \m\ ^IH §. 

>il%^i-(i-^iH &. ct ^m ^ n-H^ ^^M 
^tifnKl ^<Hi<n iiH §. M^i^rsm lOii ?iicai ^jhi 

Hcti 'HfeKi ^IH §. 

^l^Wlvft ^IH §. 

|j$l-3 -^M[v\i > v^i^hlcii ^IH §. ct "ISl- 
^'-(l WH Ml^l%l^ctl C-{l€ll ^01^ ^IH ^, Pi MIW- 
tA«(l 91^1 ^'t^ «1>J »nH S. ctPll <iHl%t I ^a^ 
<^i^\. ^IH §. clHl "i(&l^^ "44 ■mcto] ^IH §. 
clMR «H^£U 'i^l anPl «ni^i ^\z qicA'd ItflfA 
^IH §. k'^'il S^S la<«ilM^ anPl •»a^ll'{l =l^5iiciat 
aMttJA QcHl -i^l ^IH «!. s^C-l^ ^^ "^l$i ^IHd, 
Pi clPl -mfri :^ictl ^3lKl 3 ^(CHSiaili ^^ 3i5i^«{l 

M4 il-fl 'ti'^idi ct«(l a>{£^ ctaatiqa^ i^H^laHUi 

■H4 ^=ti ^i^ni, Micttni Pi @wi 3 m-s ^^mih d. 

ail l\i "M-S^i -HaailHai axis^ ^litfi ;yj^>i q^njji 

Mi MlctlKl >15i ]^[f\ yi\(\ MH §, Pi ^t\r\i 3 
^l«Ai Mi 3 'Kl'V ^Icli aS^rii ^CHiM^ fiiio^i q-wict 
^Hl ^<:-Ml i^ §. 

<HI<V-M«1H C-flai ^IH §, Pi ySlH § iHl^ il«ll 

^oni n\j <n\i{ S. "lis/ 5ii(/i ^m §. ci c-O^i 

Pi aitfiscti ^IH 0. ciHlM^ ?cl'Wi Ml'Wl aHlSRpll 

(ISMi^fctPli \ ^vhi ^iK ^hh l\^, §. "KlivPli 

^-Hl%» I 2(1 1^ C-llt4 ^d4ll ^IH §. ct Mi^i 
%l>>-ct ^IH S. ct dtioi ci»ti2fl d«{laHl ^["li Vt«»«' 



^^l^eti ^ H«3ii ffvi<Hl <HlMi (|lH d. 

1-(3\»il3l-^^ >i(a H^A"^ ^=ll?0 <§CH/1 811M 
d^SiHi oHi(?t an^ anil (3M^ Q^HPQ d. sMrii 

6. iRilt/flaniPll anivii ^tli qi<r| >{|Ji ^ji^ij 

eti?i Micii 'I'-ft 5iH Mi^ ^. 5H^i '3^^^ gH^i 

^^■HIH d. Sl<ii \\,^ ^isa 't'^ilrt^tHi Mi (3MR 

«nN--ii«fl s^ctH eii^ d. an ^rh^ an^ii mh^i %« 

■^Hl "Hi^J ^SS SHlanl «l«l aHMlH S. 

5H^ ^^U^i '-tdani^J Hl=ii'{l ^isl ancii qsii 
<33lcHl iSlqiMi ani^ $. 

i-[«lO Rn'H'i-aH'ii Sltfli <KlHi ^1s aiU5il 
^IH ^ Mli ^^ Sl5l"iiyilaHl ( iPUl^l :il5li ) 

'tliil'ii ^IM d, ^[i anPl ajligjili til's loTl^l 
( C. microcarpiim ) i^ §. 

H^l-C ^Plr^:^ ). 

l-<ll¥lM'tl>l-Sapinclus trifoliatus. 
l^l-n-H. I. p. 682; N. p, 6G; Watt. 
VI. part- II. p. 468; \. Pi. M\. Ml^. 

3-eil|rl-aH^iHi ?!U \H^ ^\ (Id da^l ^n^il 
I^RHl ^^ml ani^ 6. clMi M<^Q «U>HiaHl rflsuO 
^Irt^!^ "^Simc-fl ^IH ^. ctMi VKKI ^dl Hi^(l 
«l^ ^IH ^. MH %i<iW 5H^ ^iOlJt ^IH ^, 
ci^ 6i H\^h^ MH ^13 'I'fl, MiJl ct'fl <v3iiaH 
»/^l "Mil i!/\ an^P ^IH d. |,C-t s^lil ^Itfll Wi 
aniii iRrtl aniH §, an^l s^St '^[H M^\ ^4[^i 
ctHU «11H d. ct 3 "^Hi^flaHlcllcni ^IH ^. cl«(l 3 

an oJU-il iRfa 9tl3W yi4i^ 91^1 "S cfH^- 

^5Hi ^51'fl iw»i(a ^IH ^. 

^^A-^mi i^idiaHlclltni, Mil a>iPl maji <3i[ 
%-li ^IM S. ctKl SMRKI WICH Qij^l ^3l'{l, ■>H> 
^^i[, =ft^l5iiqi(/ft, ^1=0 ^ «HdS^P ^IH d. a'ft 
5>i«'{l WICH C-flc-tl a>i;i (Jijl ^Ji<{l, C-0^, attaScU 
^ «Mdi^(l ^IH S. ^i CHli^ iOil 91,^1 '^«Al 
^^l^ ^ ^«(h| ^IH ^, M<ai il'^-Hl MtA 8llM<^( 
ci ciMiV ciM^-fl WlSi ■^(Al Wi «iW MM d. 
ct^l anuiiiM i:Q «fvlci( ct qai^i ^fos^ »i^ St^- 
^»ii£R, mVsR ^"^IH ^. JiVa «v^l c{l>Hl^elcfl 
yail^ct anPl RrcilS ii<Hi^€l^i sica^^l ^ =flV 

^IH d. ctM^ 1iy=tR (H^Ml VHl SHplMfMrt WlMl 

an^ wld^ji ani^c-ii ^ih 0. Si*{l v^isi <n6R«ft 

■^i^naiil ^ ^H^ 5(1^1 M^C-li ^IH ^. llMcn <ll'>HlSll- 

35l«il =(Ul Miill ^IH d. anfct Im^n <ll">MiaHl. 
M^ clM^^ani ^3Hi qiOl'fl «M<^Hl =41^:^5 ^^l^ 
ilH ^. ^U^uiia^il Hl^ft "V «nd5^{l ^IH d. 

■»*lrl-aHicl^ a>ti^c-t( ilH S. ciKl Ji-^-M iliil 
ycl(41«(l ^5ldM^ <v<l Mil, ct(tA«l Ml^lt/ft 7{ 
"•Mi^fHU^l, a>i^ ani'ltfl SM^'II <niog <hr^l atM<A ^ 
ciaaJiqat g^U 'i«qicf(l ^IH &. ci 3 «(l 1^ ^*l 
C-tiofl an^ ^ |m/ltii(/(l ^iH d. rtM^ MW "^ 
•H«4 (leaflets) Kl \ ?« 3 ^il »ll^«n ^IH §. 
n o^'^i M &<a an^l <{l5i«a §M^ <\\\ iwjtii^l 

v^l/l ^IH §. ^IW^IR aJi ^ilHkl MH tf/^l Hlaii 
§a|i ^iH $. an^ (H^Hci natC-fl «*til ^l«(l >^l^ 
ilH d. ci'{l ildil Hl^n ^Sa an^ Ml^n41 Kli^tioft 
^IH 6. ildil MW 5^ "Sdeiii MW'fl "SR iv^l 
PlHM ^IM d. an -MH 1^ «fl <J tl^l C-ti"!! an!) 



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'l^W='=iri y«^ <^^ ill 5HHMl^S?li 1"«HIH ^. 
MH'O "Hl« 5H^ ^Hl£ €l(fei ^H^ §il iHlsl §. 

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C-thl, ^rtvf\«(l MHlOcH <v^l «t4l 2H^ iWl^t^dl 

iliil Hi^n im ^IH S. ci^ cl(&l?l y,8(H ^i'^MM^ 

^Sl i «(l ^ ^21 C-ti'Jli, J^Sl ?il<ai W( =H^ |H»ltfl- 
'Hml ^IHS. ci SHf^ciffV aHRi §Hl §. 

■^'»">l«illlllH-'li "H^l M ^IH §, ciH^ \«3i 
Qi^^l "HltA'fl l^l/l ^IH S. ct-ii ^\^[ ^ji ^ ^Itffl 

\ ^IH §. ci ^o «Hlo ^IH'il M^l«ft <V^l «ii^ 
^ eti^ft ^IH §. cHW i-iM«li -v^l 6wi 3[l=il- 

5ftat «1s <h[«hi =ii«i'{l m^\^ mm.m ^ih ^. 

^l(Al ctioi'ft |m)1(A ^IH d. ciMMl M^l^llm ?il^l 

11(41 ^IH §. 

^fl^^H-^ ^IH 6. ci^l 31<hUiH 9i^\. ctM^- 
^5Hl '»l<n«(i WR^l, 3 -"HisflsHl ^ 3 ^l€ltll(?il 
^IM &. ctH^ 3 (wj^liwll 't(si»siaHi ^IH ^. 

S ««l^ clM^Hl ^WW '^M Hl^ >H^ «1H 

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"«ii=(laHl ct^ct <>3Sl Ml ^. ail S^i >Hi=^aHlM[ 

sHtt^ "{Iffy ^iM §. s^c-iKl wic-t dv^i ri^H an^ 
">Hfflg^ ^c(i oiaiqi«tl ^IH d. ciKl =ii%i <t/\i §i<- 
^^if^rt anPl ^^His }^^■^ syri Hi"^! m"^ Mitftfi^ft 

Hi^ll hi^l, ={lRM^l an^ §21 €<l3i §. 

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«i. ci^ ciUdi ciMi^ft MltAl=M5lcll ^OHi §M^l®H^ 

an^ >1SI «lk hlAR r\H[ (3Ti<»Vi. 

an^ <*{lTn 5^ 'V'il^l^'il i>nM^ aiiMi<=tlMi ani^^. 
an^Jni MH ^R^ atRl <1^^ ^M-H^l^ 6. 
^R^ 03 Mil ^IH cil an^OiKi MH an^ «l€l^l 
SSI^II i<l ci Ml^|l«(l ci lll7{ «t^ii ^ai^^i r^oil^ 

^i"Si Hi^i^i^ ^, nM -v an^swi <HlHi'-fl sc-i ii-fl 

n^ 'Hl/1 C3 Mil ^IH 2l<Hi ^1:^:1 ^;ii Hm i^ 
^. ci«(l ag -wi^ «iH d. an^ii.^ eii5| m^ 
"IdS^ ^IH S. ci«(l ci Pi?m sWMi aHlcjg ri?(l. 
ctiM<«j ci i'-ni '^iti^iKl h(a1, «ii^c-ti, "Sisiofl <hSI. 

^Hl ^ISllSil, jcdani, siyi/l cl3l^ 'H'iKmi 5l»iMl 
ani^ ^. 313 1 SJ^J ?i<n-5i 4 MlScti ^IH ci'llM^ 
^^ki MW anPi ^4i;i qi/l rtKl llH«ft ^5<Hi«(l 
ci cl^rt 3l(/ll TvW ^. an^iKl 5j$l?l M<^ ^H^flil 
S^ S. ci %llOi'{l ovSliSl 4^3iii fclictlMi an^ rii6l- 
=lRi il»l ani^ d. an^Ji'li ![lm'ti Mlcti«(l aHim- 
i.M[ an^ ilKctrl'll ^l^lirtl |">HWm[ Hl^lR^aA'i 
cl^"S 'lli^li /IH dl^H ^, ^«(l 'ilJt^tiMl ^'^ita 

5^ ^M ^IH cil an^SHi 3[li3lHl«i Hl^|l §CH/1 
JtRlH<Hl Ml^ M=tlM §. aH^SWi "{ImI^A ciCH rflsc?! 
v^, ci ani^ii ct^l iiM aMl^ ^, Mi«l ci ^^ 
^i^ Ml §. an^SHl S«llaHl'{l Ml«ll an^i Cl^-oil 
"HlH^ll^ll ani^ §. ci «n^il ISR'll Wl^ani M^^ §. 

S "^j an^ft xii?l ^M 3HI<1 «licil »1«(1. 

an^ini s^c-t'fl wic-tMi^i w 3 1 V 4i§- 911^ 

«l-<<^ct anPl aHl%l<H>t[ aHlMHl«(l Md^l ^"Sl ^i d, 
aH<lU^ 'iyi iS^H »1«311H «>, 



<§H'-{1 W>lC^^ >Hiil clKl ^iJlflSii wiHl^ ^IsHl 
an^il-li S^Jl^ aH«V4 S^Hl^fl «Mdl 3^^l 'tl^l »ilH S. 
«« <HR. ( -il. <l. sA. ) 

"sH^a fnaH^ >{iu-HR ci«ii ^loi^ muhr 

•HlW -nni aH'-li «>{lT»i «:i'glHi ^H^Jl^l <?j>l ^Hl- 

aHlH-j, SH^ M H[-^[ \ ^ \1 ^(mhI QlR-ilfV 
^H(V'-(l. aH:fla'li ofl S^ ^. "{I'll m-^ HWl 
51 «ft V 9ii ( y§- ) ^m §. SH^il'ft »K-lPl 

M^^ ^. anflil^ !t«l ^l^a iWi ^«lHl iM^i 
^IHlMi M'll^Jliai "^HiX ^?M d. 5HI l^lKl ^3^1 
Ml«lKl qicfl, i-Mii cisil SPQ'tl Vi[\ S^HlMi dPll 

"an^lini !0"^»ii I'll ^wi ^iicnT Hicfl (§m^ 
^iMi?(l ^1^ iiw'-i d «ini §m cii ffv<HCl «iiH 

SH^il'd 3H«^ 3191 ^«tH Sm^ § and a?(l 
'l^Mlcl i^--ll>li ci n^K d, aMM i^HIM §. Ml«l 
6ll<^ atil <V=IHI ^WHi, 'iv/l an^ "^^QSlHI M<^ 

VS-^^tHi-l'R aH^ |»RI«{1 »V>a'i^( iH^JHi 

sau ©^ d* 

g^i bi'^wi y(?fl vsiiSi §51 5. clwiii 5ii,»it^i ^(^ci 

ci^nC-lMi 9Wni^ ^'Ml H,^ Mi'cii^iM?; iMl SHn 4ilaHl 
43lR»li >Al^ an^SHi 3)li rtni \^ 'MiURlM^ (h?^ 

e>i«ii o'^dHRi ani^ 5. t>t^ii 431? «cti zm.i\ ann ^«- 

rtW "iinKl M^mtni J/^-t^t^ an^iWi cijli d'*! ann 

aH'-ll^-iHrt •HU^d >ltfm i"^ &, rt 5. <H^il 43rt>li?(l 
aH<\iwi i[«t HOil^ an^ on«i 3i^tH ?li^i CHi^l =tliv 

oiS^Ml aiiVdn fii nai 5. ^«fl 5lH«>llll anm si^tH 
?il^l '^Wl!! 31»r^in a-^C-llH &, 

an^Unl aJliPl «>i;rii -oiRi MIH (SiiJi- brine- 
laden-wind) «(l Ht^ ^ii«H «iiH d, Mli n 

ani ^iiHl Hi^ui 1^1 an^l sjuni mn ^. hh 

anh^ ansl-Hl «l*l«Ri ani^C-li ^IH d. ct %iiji anSi'-tl 
%i^W ^IM ^. dMMH ^irti cl»-ft. ri^ a>i;i ;^1|(4i 
^'m <r^€( svt^ji ^IH d. aH«iqi rt^-^l-aH^l ^l^j. 
^'^l^n ^«t M^^IH ^, >io ytio "^tmi M^l 3 «(l M 
^,IH ^. Jio aHQ-Ho ^IHKI Mi'-HilaJll 3 «(l \ ^IH 
§. ct ^io «iio \[^r[i M^l^ anictX sHl^C-fl §IH 
•3. "^Ifcl^l^ Mi">M/l5ll ^icd 't'-d. ii^^^i H aH«i=ll 
'■{^(k ^IH ^. ct if^SlKl §M^ aH«4qi ctpA^ ani^cni 
^IH d. ii^«^M^ aHl^CHl HVllm '. >ilSl=ll(Al 
ilH d, ^Ti%i^ 1 d^H^sil^ annlcv. ^o «tlo 
■SinKl SH^ aniM ^IH ^. ci \ aH8i=ll Jl «fl \ 
■"MUhiafl §IH §. K«l 1 ^ H "^HHr-lHQ anPl cl 
f.^i ^HHIHI H^iii \ ^fr ^IH S. 

a>ll =l3m['(l ^i^ft'^l^ ^H^Hfct'li^l ^« (h«i^ 
(acrid) ^IH S. SH (^ihih ant'^HlHy"^ J<1<£1, 

mct(&^ aHl(i ^IH §. 

ani H^lMi «1«fl fny !^Sl HRi^ i^'lR ani'-nid 
?^ ani^^i d. <v^l QH'iiJl anPl n[^fi ^I'll 
^<^HlMi §. ilog, 9{lC-ll»tl an^ aHyiUHi aJU M<3J 
aHl Wi ^. 

t,-^U^lH«ilH-Odioa Wodier. 
IKl'Cl-H. II. p. 2;'; N. p. 68; Watt. 
V, p. 445; ^0 Pio Mlo MIS. 

^.-\^\\ rllH-M^ll (Mlo); M^il (Jjo); 5lT«»*, 

^i^f, ^^ (fl°); sTrjut, jn|jf! (f|o); fam^ (^o). 

ct \o ?fl :^o ^i ![li (aa^i lilH S, M««J (6|^«<l- 
'Hl ^"A <Hl3llMi ?i yo «(l Mo ^U Qati <Htl $. 
ct>li «til «ll»tlaMi Sllil ^m S, M«3J 'll^lHl 

'iiii'fl aniil an^tfil yi^ft <u>Hi5ii rftsoic-fl ^m S. 




MH m^ Wi[\?. ««iScl ani^C-ti ^IH 6, ci HiSji 
ataiScti ?. ^f.\ ^[^. ^, ci «H|Hl ^U"«Hl»il^ ^i 
Ml^ Ml^ aHl<l H^'>1«{1 ^11 ^>Hlrti ^IH ^. cl 

ani^ &, isC-t ^ctW«lctl ^3Hi qi£l ^qii (3'6l^ Mil; &• 

^tfl-'^^i'^ si<Am5lcii wi iiH §, n ivHH 

&. niW «iov ^3i(Hcl an^ ^'-llf, iiHl«5icil >Hl^l, 

'liSl 3U«iim«ll aH«lctl C-fl^ ^IH §. ^U'^lM^'fl 

"^ll^^, <^d5<^ an^ =(lsi««lctl 3a(jitcii(;n ^IH §. 
cl^l :tHl£ Hi^U ri^[ 7{ m'^axm oy\[ i^^l c-liol 

S. «miSiw «4l4i=fl ^i^i «lMi ^H*^ ^i^l^'Wl 
SII311SR ^M 'Mi%[ ^IH &. ancft >l>i(A <U">Ml5ii 
C-flstl ^31,0 5H^ ctH^ <^[ iil'{\ %V/\ aH«lHl rtl^l- 

aH«tHl «(nl \o ?(l \M ^=M C-ti«{l an^ C-t\(H-Jl'ft 
«tf[l«fl iWi <M{\ ^IH S, ci ^{Icai^lSlctl «{l£(l 
aH«t<Hl SHif yiio^ "i^g^l ^^l-fl «lHl^cfl, «fl^ 

Si <iaiH( a>ii^|j ^K d, (svlilrii MW (leaflets) 
Hl4s^ ^IM^Rl ^IH §. d^Hi =l=HC-li MK'fl 
ildil I «a \| ^^ C-t(t>{l an^ ^M MH'ft 
Ht^Q ii/l ^IH d. i^ic-fl ^il'll MW iliil r[\\ 
«ntm Ml^l<Ai ^ ^^q %iiiii ^ aHt^flaniCfli ilH 

^ Slhi ^IH §, an^ ^JS'li 'H^ -V^l «ii-Sl ^ 

Miy JV^l Ht4s<l «iiil an^ fi"*^ ^IH ^. WM 

aH<^aHl<Ji ^IH S. MUKl SM^KI ^Ml^ kll C-flc-ll 
^ KlalKl ^Vll^Slcll C-ftCHl VlKl §IH 6. «H'^ 
iMMl/1 C-O^T ^ ai'AScU ^IH §. MH^lKl 'l^l 
^l-H*ll*{l an^ "^-^ «MlAaH n^Hl <n6R Klitflcd 

ilH d. MH 3 «ft ^ ^ai <Hhi an^l ^ ?a 3 ^ai 
%[^m[ ^IH §. SHcfl 'im'Si HKH^ ^^£ ^i^S^ 
aniM ^IH ^. MK^ Siioicil'-ft =ll« c{l-oil%lSlc(l 

HlSl liCHrQ ^i<l an^ rt^ ^c-tKl ^^4ct M «(l vs ciS 

yctcal J?<1 Mintnl, ann ^di^islrtt Mltni ^'I'ft 

iliil yi^n ^,?(H an^i icfil «H'i^l ^ctl^Stdl ^nKl 
HlH §. ciM^ "ili&l'ft H^^i-wil ?i*nr-t i^cfl svlqiMi 

^st ^1; «(l R. siiy'i oiii^^i aHRHi >^R'{1 qi«^ 

i/^^l >i'Acfl -widm^lcft ^aifHct qWHl«li §IH S. 

Oiii ^ Mi">HilSil«fl iii ^IH ^. ciHl >l^M^ "Hlta'fl 
diR ilM &. 

^=^^^ jt^ ati^ <v ^iH S) d ■»(l«ii«slcti «{lc-ii :i 

^icll ^JlHl ^^^ anl^naHltfil §IH &. |C-1 §H4Hl 
\<-A ci ct^rt n^R^l cl^sj '{l=(l 't^fl «IH S. 

MNilanl^ft anid^ a>i^ V ci'ft ^IMI §IH S. ct^ 
s^lil Mltai Wl an^ M^Wlm •»{lafl ^R aH^ Qj^d 

^I'l^JJ-'HlSl ^C-t^i 3 «a V dR-lSl ^1(1 ^•«t- 
■Hltffl Ml(Al«^cll ^3lKl ^IH S. 

§, ci atcairti, «{l%l[ an^ aH[«il'{l ^liSc-fl ^qi 

aniiRdi ^iH $. ci 3 «a 3^ c-iiy^ ami ^ ^ «fl 

3 C-tlWH "^il^l^Al ^IH ^, ^Kl «lCHM[«a 1^ 1 
(HlH^llaHUl am sv'cd m^ cOscri g. ;^<Hls oitaa^^l 
^ >Hdl%lSlctl ^IH ^. JjC-lKi aH£^ anif'il'fl 3ll{«{l 
•^=(1 ijiai ^l"ll ^3lKl 'lli&l'fl slijijfl ^iH ^. 5i<H^ 

an^ cidi H«iitfii^ 'v^i m<x(\ ciH^ ^^i dSHi- 

^(rt^l ^8cH 2^ii^l ^IH §. 

o(l<V— !lSWl aniSR^, R. CHlWd 4li<3, aH^ 1. 
"^il^l^ ^IH S, ciM^Kl WlC-l Mictcal «n«lMlaHl ^^l-fl 

^iH ^, ^ ctMi tHsi^m M3i<v (v^i sen iiH ^. 



2wi 2lki an^ (Hlil <"il^a5il ?li5i ^. •H^^iKl 
«lC-t^l il^l hi Mli^ ilH cit l:Pmi S^'HWi 

M^-JlKl Wl€l ^(ISl^ ^li'Sl «i3lii, and aiMl^ Cll'^l 
a{l»t^ Wm iW*ll 'JIM^ ^. ^^4HI MH 3RH 

aiisi Qiljl an^ 'VvM'l ®M^ =ilMilH S. »iHiHi 
aJUKi WlCH^i 9V>MM i^=tl'-fl t%l <^i «i, <V MIW- 

^«0 ?is^ -^^i 8i5J^ <^^. ^, ct ii«tM ^^3(^14 1 

^IM 6, Mi^ n yiini >lil S tHl\ ^tctl "^ Sltfll 

d. »t^iWl J^CH^ »l"^ii i^ ^. 3^ H^lii^ aH«ili4 

aH9ii<4 ®M^ ■»H'-llH Wi. 'i^il'll C-lliii'U Htffl, 
|<HHl «<|(HC-ll, '^tflS'fl tU%l^, •"lliStl'tl MlHl, 

an^ •Hid tim =f>Hci ^«^ "4=1^1^ 6. 

^-^^I'li-'HHil'li MS H\i\. ^^im iilHlKl 
>)1 I'R'll Mi^lRlH^, an^ 35^1^11, cl«ll >HliiU^ 
iil feiiSji §31 ^. 

an^ iilMWi aJlll an^i^l ^I'^Hl 24RI >il^ iMlW 

3iHi, cMi^ S-H^ (3si^i'-ft H ^mm ^tfl «n^di 
■»l^ «liSwl ^i^i iH'-a M^^idi msi a)i^ ^itai- 

M^ 25"Hcti ^^1 6rti. »ll^ liWlKl HM^ li^Hi 
atW »ll^ anl :^=t%ilH(MlW«)>ll <^M <M^il |3l- 
^^t «lctl SiRHi ajlll ^iCHl (3m51pQ d cIdC-li (V 
H^iHi M<^ ^. ct'-O i^lHlKl "^1 oy ^q^Hi iJlll^ll 
MQJ ffJ'H ^H^ ciM oi^ll-H a>i^ qHl"^! i^^l (SlWSl. 
^^iHi aJU-il ^IMiaJll <H^il |3l^^i 5imi?{ aniMl- 
aniM 6<f»l^l (33(1 a>ii^ '5, ^^i 'i^il'fl ^l«l iKlPl 
"Hl^ ^IH, cilM(3l ivM q^ an^ MlM'^QKl 4l5li>ii«fl 
aU «tlH d> ciM M^iRl«ft MtJl «ilH 6. 

(SH^HHl «rt^ A'A^l rtcq) Hi^l ^iq S, d'-fl rt-d 
jl«l =liq<Hl'-(l cl^l ?li'=tlW'-fl qHlXl «l*d «lS Wf.* 

3M-N. 0. MORINGEiE. 

ani qai H^[ rti^iPli &. an^l »tln 3^ "S ^tij ff^rtdt 
3<U «tlH ^. H %11'dR^l Stdi ^IH ^. ^i C-ili^ >)l^ 
^IM ^, ^ ciHi'-A 'd<iHl 3ii::^ Kli^l g. ani e,3i^i(^[ 
Jilll^ Mid ^idX Viik d; d f^Kl^l -"i^ «ih ^. 
Mid ^^Ui ^ ^^iid ^IH d. d SlS-fi,-^ P((HM 
c£lH §. 5i MidMldl R^tl^ll «IM«IMI ^IH d 
an^ dM^ ani^c-ti ^gjH Mid 1 SC-i (leaflets) Miaj 
Hl^S^ %llH«Ri an^ an-^Qd "^Rqitfll ^IH ^. 
Mlddl fH'51l3llM^ H^bi\ ^^^H-mAi (glands) ^IH 
S. >io y^lo llH MU-ft ^^l MtJJ M M^l > 6il=ll<?il 
^IM S. 5H^i M^i 3li «>{lin«(l dl(&ld[ >^ui ^IH 
S, and d Mmil5il ^<4 I^HIH ^. H° 'H**^'' 
ImHl Mi'«HilaHl M ^IH S, ^ d M<^ dH^lKl 
^[{[ ilH §. :!i"i«^l £-\o «a ^^ ^IH ^. d 
jt^ilKl "IR ®M^ aniHSli §IH d, dMldi ^j^^l^l 

* ^W-ctlo «: "H. l<r«ro ^l ^Kn- ^(^Ul ^C^n 

iWl siUHl *Ki > siilc-ll o/MHHi rtni SM^dl 
»ll3l>li %l^« ?iS^ dliviili ^MWi ^HWdl 6ril, Mijl clni 
dlaldl CHiaRi S^«tl5 ji?? J^iiy ^dl%lCtcll si<ni ^»l^l 

m 3i«lai 6rti, rt tfl^i^iitfi ^ ^^ig-m^ ^sii tMicli 

i4cil. Si-Hi an^i <r<tdHl <r/ji£il 5HH rtdi tiJii MIIH 

?icll §W Si»i ff/i9iig ^g, shh aHl"=(l ^d ^^ ^«ll(l 
a/a (Hlifl ^§CH cl jig^Hl ?i5l ^\ W»WM\^ «vM\'l- 
V •^HRcll 6rtl, SHn anwi"^ SHinl ^5l 'Hl^i^i Sljji 
Uy ^^?il 6^1. 

M^ildl JiSWl aH«ii ?^si o^m;1 Mll?(l»ii «tlXl tH^Wl 
^iHl^ filial qi'UM^ «tii i^ &. 

aic-i andl^i^, jiiHii, teidldi ^R, ^-"tdl |sivfl, <*i, 

(ysitfldl (wtcl^ qd^nCrt Balsamodendron Myrrha 
^i ?]«,ri «H«l?>ii ^^icfl «^^l5iia &;) s§ a, 5i 
5ii 5jii>ii?(l ypii Sim 5, *H!i 't?*! clcti«fl ■^Qli, 

•twi mjii <i3i >t"2: 5, Siti tsWHi »i5i ^^€i>ii «tsii- 
i'li'ft Hinidi 3i<Hii Hi 5," 



^, 3H^ «Hl3-^ 4-V3 "S^^l H%!i^ aHM4 ^'i^ 

eii^Kl «n.'3l iv^, \ MICH 5H^ 3 §(Hi M-i=ll«i ^IH 

^hIc-1, MRS, =llct4^, (MTt=l55i, "V-^Hl^li <\m 
^m 3H^ i\U ?iiiU ^i«il ^. 

n5l-( >lll^3[l ). 


^^I'rt-H. II. p. 45; N. p. 70; Watt. 
v. p. 276; I. Pt. Ml. 3\«r. 

fignr, 5it'fi3i, ?n5tJ!r, mz {^o); h^rt, li»iqr, 

d^li «11M §. liC-Cli ff»'oliaH cl S^?(l (aa^i Mei ^IH 
d. H^li <Mil ?ll"«tiaMl Sllil Mi^i 'll^lKl 'il^lKl 

H<^Il yi^HiSii rfli^ic-fl ^iH §. aa^ti MH Hiaji 

sail =H^ -HlUlani 5HI ^Mct ^HlM ciH §icti, 

Si^cti, ^ lic-icii 6>l=iwi 5Hi^ g, cHi^ »a;ii t>H;=i 

Hi^l^««lW ^i ^. ^CH M«^ ciHi c-flsti ^JlrftsiM 
^ iv^l ^^ilH«{l ^ll'slHl ^H>Hl ^>A ^^411 nnm 
aHl=l ^ cHl^ 2H mi SHS anavtH^t (Vg SH^l &. 

^<A-■^^c-^li s^iiiSiWioi, «n(^i^«il oi,^i««^rti 

iC-tSA ^IH ^. cl^ etlS^ M^i Ml^ a>i^ ^'Hh, ^IH 

^. 5H>ii»a '-iQ<Kl ^iw */<l c(l>Hl 'ii*! Klitndl ^ih §. 

1 W^>{1 i^i ^IH S. clM^Hl aiSi Mil, Ml=(l, 

3H^ clM^ §il =(lRl MiCHl ^IH d. cl'fi ^IMta 
^ll"^iaHiPii VI ^'ira 1 "^tai^iiril «fl$li ^IH §, 
7{ ^M5. q-«Hct ^iV, |t^l<n, Is ^,J^»l Sl"3Jl <V<Hi 
Pil^Mi ^iH §. 5i^ C-tli^ Ml^, mi, ^l«ll ^ 
?Oil W^l ^31^ an^ H^^d 1iSl4 ^IH §. 

■m«i-5Hia^ anw-ii ^ih §, cl xHi^ ^i 4thi 
2»i^ m4i<l f^Ql^ri (tri-pinnate) ^IH'S. ci-ft 
?d,'>^H ildil dfcaii R:JldM't ffV^'fl «iail ^ =^»j 
^IH 6, (§M^<Vrtict Mlcttol ^ 'l^*! «ic(l 6i §il 
Ml^ cil ^Rl (V-fl Mlct«fl ^ 'l^H «1W %-{l ^IH 
^. ^ ildilM^ 3 «a ^ ^A (Sim riK&^l MKHI) 
6/1 6<n SH^ %tW«lMl 3Hl^«(l ^IH d. aH i\h 

i^il-ii %iim Mi>{ ansSi T»tlli iwi^i ^m 6. ^ 
an i\k m^i'W <3M5i «H(4^i ctKl *iM^i anJsa 
§9(1, Iwi^'HmT ^^M ^^l^f'-M (gland) ^IH 6. 
mkKI ^ i\i ^Mi \ ^ d ^m \% 'iii'ii 

MW-^l (StilsHi aHl^«(l ^IM 6. SH^ clMl M"^ 
Ml«^ aM«(l 'iH&l'fl Hlai'li MK^i sililaMl ^IH 6. 
MH'fi S^i ffvlil^ 61 Vi^l MH ^IH 6. H 
H^S^l^ ^il'ti MK«a iV^l >^li ^IH6. ffilil'll 
MH'fl ^^J-H ildil^l M«l %liHl SH^ «H^^l §9(1 
^«^r^M^ltf(l §IM 6. an^ MK (leaflets) HI ^?c^ 
ildilaMi M13J ^i'm^d'V ^1^ ^IH 6. «lilMi«ii 
MK (leaflets) -^ 2(1 f €lai c-ii«ni an^ 3 c-titH^ft 
^ 6a^ Miiitni ^iH 6. cl a>i-uii ^R=iifai, «{l«i, 

sicAidi ®M^ ?i^l 1 (lil «{lc-ll ^JUi ^ '{ISi R^H 

!^si c-ftc-ti wi ^iH 6. H liMca ^iH 6 cMi^ 
<M^m Mlfni%i^cti ^3Hi ^iH 6. ci c4tH3lm ^ 

an^l^frwi 5H»t^l aH«il ^l^icnl ^IH 6. ct'tl ^V-tf 
3ll(Altl?lrti, a>i8icti ^^q a>is^ 5l«c(l ^Hiat "S QH^i^fV 
Ri^H an^P ^IH 6. MlnKl SM^'d ^Ml/lM^ ^"^(1 "V 
^^(^M %l^S |<Hl^ ^IM 6, ct a>ilfc)3Sll%l«il ^-"iW 

6. Sicft iidii im im, 6, M^i ^ii^ 61 

SHl^Sli MHKI ildil aH«(l ff/^i (Hi"{l §IH 6. an 
'ti^H ildilani^l :^oi ov^i Mloli^S^rtl ilH 6. 

MH^ Sii(n=ii«il cl aftsi^i c-tiSi 6. anrft cit%i cfl^Hl, 
3RH, an^ %^l£ "^iil^l^cil =(ls^i ^ Ml'cSCa«fl 

^cai <^^i 0Y\[ cflMi sti^i 6. 

^(H-H^ 6^«fl ^Itfli CHlSl 6, Mm Ml?l«fl 
^ctl^Hcti tiioii ^ es MlM \<H^ ^ ■»{l(Al«^ct( 

?licnl ^■»HiM 6. ^chKI i(/n ^ctwelcti ^loii ■<^i'{\, 

^ clM^ «(lCHl Vl-fl WlHl Wi^ ^8iM Vliofl ieii/l 



Hi^i 'Oi^ «HM MySii Mi^ ^iW. <a([\ ">HIH ». 
«-*«ll«ii-Hlit ^^'IHUi :rfU R^H i<l^ =llil, 

«41H 6 ml ^A Midi ^l^icii i^ g. 

«VIHHI i5l.S «Hl»»'«(l «<IM §, dHl i^rli cHl 

an^ aHI«^ "vMl't R^m llki ^Hl^l ^- ^^'l ^^• 

^^JlHUi ^HlHi'-O ciC-t il^s'-tl'd rtivflo-^ <?^'iPl't 
^M^UH-il 24RHUMi i41l%l=il^ Mlo ^Idl'aiCH Hifl- 
'^dtl^'il H'^rmi sr-imi aHl^«{l (&c(l. ciaHisH c^i 

^vmi ^h '^'^['■'iii'i h\^ ^i. »i^ <^i %i<5r-iKi 

^^^^IHl^ ^S 5H^ »1<H «=ti4li jiJii v§. ^ cieft 
^IICH S^€l "S. aHR. Girls'^ MlcIKi "-vufclajci^ 

R^ Hl4 'I'll^'^i r=t^'-l'i =»HIM^ §. cl m^M(cl- 
«R3icii (^H -^ivl ^H !s^^> rlrii MH, ^<H an^ 

9>>^l sllll %IU -{lai UMli^ d:— 

aJlH 'iR ^iM^V:^ ^vJaH "i, aHJ^is a>is '-W^Mrn^l 
a>lJt Sil^l ^IRli rt(l^ HM^lcil ^IH cil ci^l <Hl«vt 

• "Poisonous Plants of Bombay" Vol. I. by 
Colonel K. R. Kirtikor. I. M. S. F.L. S. (18%) 

ct %IH»>'3. 5iHl £l->HCHtaHl «n^:Hl ^ 1, "SAC-fli 
<H4^M(ct^l wHl^ aJii Qii^i ^stiHcft (HXC-{1 ^?i 

5^ ^i^Hl^ n'"\cHi §. ^jyifclHi K'Si^ (French 
beansj Kl ^fl^ll Hi^l «t^(lcfl g, :{ q!(l n^ 
<Ui MQJiaHl >HIH $. an «llS ^l^i, ?^Ai^ ct«ll 
(ia'H 'HIH §. M«ai ct^ nyi ""ir-llHi aniH <lt 
^(l ^. ^rlt(g, (Batatas edulis) 'il VJi^ ^Ui 

^ iiati M<il aH^QaHl^^Hl s^CAK^R^li SHlMi^ ■^ilS-J^ 

MK^ «iis «<i«^i'ii ^k?mi Iranian -vhi*^ t^^ ^>0 

c^aHi:^ dKl J^^l a>i%l^ «lcti Ssi/l ^ iJUl «tHl i&clt, 
■^idlWdl ^CH ^UliMl "ndlVJ cl^'5 <HM<IM d, M"3l 

o^ay yniHmi ani^ cii S^Hlan^^i^ S. «ni«{l^ 

>^CH "distill >HIH ^, M<^ ani Sl^H'stlMl ci'ft a>lCH 
an^ i^Ml Hi^ll HH^IH ^, cilMiJl cl^l 5i?l 'H't^'HfoKl 

Ji^tdmi «{l^i ^, "i'll ^i i."i '^'^ ''^i^-* ^^'^i 

1-^ll^'l«l'll^-M. concanen&is. 

l^l-ct-H. II. p. 45; N. p. 70; Watt. 
V. P. 275; ^. k Ml. 31^. 

V^^flrlR-i-S^l «Vl^l, ;43W§«^»l"<^l (^1+ 
?io) gstflr, 5^1 ( »io ); ^rsjir ( fio ); ^Tpftig, 

a-HiliH-ii'-il ^^Jl'-lHi j5U ^(4^=^ HIM 

-i^.\. aHMi "idC-fljs aHlilaHHUil "i iH^d ^'^ «ll- 
■»HlS{l r{li??i<{l ^m d. an^ «li ^ tlM«(l R. ijli 

M>5i H<^(lHR ci'-(l «thi ^iH ^. ^c-t Mi^ni^i^liii 
^itAi '^'ni an^ ^Qni ( i^CH ) Hlii^^H'-ii'ft <iT3i 

5?<l cllM<«l ct«ft <V^l "Mil ^IH d. a^ilii ^mm 



^l«Al \^li ^IH §. ciM^Kl WlC-l inil, Ml=(l, ^«- 

^ni««icll ^il'fl, ^ *li«fl <^6R ^M^ %l[ ^'l-fl 
■^ict^ ^IH ^. 5>il ^W^M^ @Qil =(1^1 SH^ ^2(*l 

^(=-Wi; a>i^ ctKl niog^l »K-t^l ^Pl ^t=m »imi 

^ <3H^'{1 WlSl Mt=(l, Mil, 4«t!/l, "idil^fl an^ 
«{ICHI, ■^{IcAl, ^Idl anPl ^KAl ^HM ct^i^^l^ (hH 
'>A'{\ ^IH ^. SH wiSl <3H^'fl 'n^R'fi ^Ict^ 5H«l=»l 
»141 Ht^fl ffnil ^ Mi=il ilH §, ^ clM^ §Qil 
<3il ^^l MiSll ^IH §. anrft ^[^1*11 ,f/-y>m 8icii«fl 

ci>{i >Bii ^i«ii "s ^m^^cti wt ?it^ Kls^i §. 

Qi>>{l ^^iKl ilH Wi. nM^ W(i^ 5[lii ^l^i ^ 9i^i 
^IH S. an «U-vMiShIH^KI WlSl 2HS^«(l «Oc-ii ^siKl 
S^ svtdi ct qat^i ^iRl 3a<Ml 5y<l a^Pl "ilo^^ 

■4i«i-aH(n^ ani^sii ^IM «!. ct \ «(1 R.I i\i. 
\ "JlVl-HR rt«(l M"^ Slui C-lhi §IH ^. MH'ft 
^■w-H iliil cl(tflH H'«lct ^Sld^cl^d M't^Sl 
^'fl «nil ^ anisitn ovrti MlctfOl «ic(l ^iH ^. aJi 
iliilM^ ^^ S^ MUHl %lR«lHl ^il»U aHiq«ll 
^IH ^, anPl Hl^flclR an iii^"^ 1\^ M«^ an 
^ilHWl aMi Ml'i ^^ MH ani^^ ^IH S. ^i^^-H 
iUilM^ aniM mkHI ci^w iliilani yimqiud 

^IH ^. •HH'fi ^-^H il^ilM^ «>{l2S %tm«l>{l aii'-ft 
'tliSlHl <Ml^ iliilani ^(^<^ ^IH ^. ft C-fl'»l-Sl'(l 
^tf(l <v^l Mlcttal ^IH S. an j^i iliilM^ Ml^ 
^IH^lMl V «(l ^ iliilani aJ.«ft ^i^irO ajiiqc^l 
TilH §. SM^ Si iliilaitiT^rfl Miricfl l «n 3 

^ clM^ %llM%tRi anais 'iliil'ti NH (leaflets) 
aniHSti *^IH ^. •hkKI ildilani^ ^1 y^iCl 
aH*;^ 4161^ MH ( leaflet ) ani^^ ^IH ^. 5i 
41^k[ \H (leaflets)'(l iliil^^l ^i/l ^IH §. 

="i -HH I «(l ^ ^at c-ti'-ni ^ 3 c-inA«a \|; 
!^>A ^i^mi ^IH ^. n 4i'-H3li(A "^ aiic^yilrtl 

a>i81--ll '-^M SI <VRl %liiii«trti ^IH S. d tAi'l, 
1\^ ^l«Aiy" «lcti, "^Hiatctioii «^|i ^iH S. iliil 
Ml5i 4lriHl "^L^ Hl^i^l iv^l Pm>i ^IH S. anPl 

ifl ^iiilsiird ^IH S. MK^l <n'^ %lHl/l^ 
"H"^ci iya;M fciioil =ll^Kl |Hl/l ^W §. c1«^\<Im- 

(IS/I ^R S. 

dH'Ml'i-'ft (vSiw H^s^ rii^icii %ijjicl HH 
an^ 'Ji •IKl'ti MUKl iliilH=-Sl ^?(»i ^^^f^M 
^IH S. 

5iSll ^IH S. ci «li"^l il(cl<ll'>MlaHl^l«ll §IH 6, 
fi «{lc-tl <OHi Mt4l "VW ctM^ oy^l ^idl WlHl 
MiJJ ^IH S. rt 3 "H^m \ %6 C^i"il ^ MH'fl 

ciM^ 91RI HltA'^l aflat |^l<fl aHl<H=ll«(l H a^i 
J'^ini oilH S. ctM^ ani^C-fl ^IMl n(cl«ll"«liaHl 
clH-yv ^^^iKl ildil Hlai aHHii ;y8f>l ^|i ^^=ti=tl(Q 

=ll(4l, an^ sv^l -Hii-H^Acfl J^IH d, n 1<H ©Mil 
3RI M'J^ '^'=(1 ^Q'^l >(|l<n «l'^l »lil, Mi "i ct 
^ri'^l'd %il«l ^a(l 4^1 "IH S. 

S. ^ ctMl 'H'^Hct OYRl ^icfl /l^daJil "% WlHl ilH 
^. clKl Hl« OY^l >1^<1 Mt^l ■HlWtfl«(l «:(1^ 
ir/iailH 6. '^c-tPll oiti^ \ «(l \ flat ,^^€^1 ^iH 
d. 'jC-t @Hi S <*ll^ ct-fl Mi'^nilaJti anPiMr^lct ^cl 
(341 an^l aJilil ^t'cT -<i«{l ^IH §. 

■>i'^'4«Hl^"^lH-M ■M^l^l «n^«il ^IH S. ci'li 
M^l ctrai«\8(| ^iiM€ti ^ §-4^ ^(ti ^IH d. ctPll 
(Si-JlM^l QtPl aJis ^S;^ tHt€{| <v^l <n^ttl ilH 
•S, ct (Hk-ll -<3l'ti ^IH S. d c|*(l (3\^4l ci*il 
Mial '^61 ii[ ^Hi«fl\<«(l «i'mHl«^l (^IH ^. ci 
ial tli(/ii 7\ Mi">HilaJii Jf cti ^-uiirii l^m i^. ci v^ei 
(m^MI M«n K'atl (joil «tM S. an ^^ia^ §ii»ti?ft 



?ii»il, ^i Ml<ai«M ^i«0 ^ =f»Hct ci'ti 'flsui 

?t 3 «(l M C-tiy^t 5ii'Hl SH^ \^ m ^ C-tlW'l 

Mi'^MilSill ^l^^lHl "l ^niogaM 5H¥.!!^l aHl^<:-fl 
iW §, SH^ ct«(l 'H 'il^l'O MiM^Sii ij'S^l^l'fl 

\o, q>Hcl \\ an^ i^fs^rt^)' \< ^IH M*, «Hl^ 

H"i«^l 1\ "S \^ ^IH S, «?il^ "Ht^l >ti4 cil M «■«' 
svlttlMl ani^ 'S, M<^ aH^4 O ^ ^IH ^. aHlM 

anWiS tt'=tl^l^ a>i"H.»^ ^"^^l^ ani^li ^IH ^, SH^ 

1*4 ^'^^^'^ "^^^P '^l'^ =^ =^'^'4 H^^^l SHl^C-li 
^IH d, a>t^ ^I'-fl 'iUS.Wi li4 '^1^< ctg'fl 

>4(«5 H^«^l Si> M ^IH g, MR Sis •Jr< 
«lu( H*aii ^isi ^5ls<( ^iH d, an^ ciSiirO qs-Si 
%ill«^ aHi^«fl §iH d. ani Mia^ H'^^Xl ^iO^ 
\ «i*(l 'Hi^a ^«^ ^T^W^Kl Mlvs'-a aHl^«i ^IH 
^, an^l ail«(l :^ oy^, ,ti^i^[ ^^^i ^l^il^Kl 

aga>l( \{|(ni i^Jni ^iH d. ri -iPa^ ov.^l a>lil, 

MiSl ^(4 H^^l^Kl dcjaHiPl ^^[(![ -vd'Jll ^SWI 

S'^iHl M^fl wHl^ SHrfl \li5t (|^■^ d ^i^ 5i^l 
aniiR S\i(/iifc)t{^i s^fcl «tH g. 5i oi^l (^lllctan 
H^l»lSm Ji^y^ci^aHlKl anl^ftH^ Hai^i'-ft <VRl 

tA'ti ■HHKI '•ll 41^ ff^cil (peltate) i^ «ilH d. 

■%IH ^I'lMi ^l*i ^. H"«Hct riSii^ »linic?i «»'^i 
^S^ Pis ^3 f^S ^W '3, 'H^ ^'^ft^R «l«(l 

Mil, CHl'Hl an^l ^iCl ani^ft §IH d. 

«IH at^4ll, <3*ll, ^cll%l5lcll -^'l^l ^ «l£ ^«l«l- 
■Hioll §IH ^. 'llcHil ^ItAl ^31'fl, ^ii-H^lC-O ^ 

^n'5l-(!i6l)-^ ?fl 1o ^ai a>i«iqi \ «fl \^ 
y,i C-ti«Hl an^ ^ «ft 1 ^SA «lil ^IH 'S. cl^^ 
<l(tfl«l «ijl iH'iX ^ildM'l <v<l «til il/1 ^IH 6. 
^Oi'l M Ml^ «Y^l «ijiil an^ ^R^ M*il ^isil»icfl 
(^IH '3. d c-O^, (lii«flcHi ^^ii'fl ^ =t>H^ «»'^i <M<ail 
yilHieldl MiJl ^IH §. ciM^ @»{l ^ 't^l an^ 3 «(l ^ 

ij^isii ^iH S. ci 3-MiHi«il an^ Hliiy^JiHiHl 

^(I'^l S^rli yi^ft anlt^a MR^lH'-fl "OiH^l ^H\ 
'H>i d. ci MliO^ 3 ^4^l«a Hl^i^ §»a afl^lH d. 
an^ ctMi«(l *^<v "i(&R ani^ d. «1'Jl a>t««(l 

■^'Ai«€ic(l <Kle{l ^iH S. a*t;i ani 3 HiKl 

H='^lHat aJii (3<Kl ^l«[l 't?! ^IH d. «il»l an?^^ 
9/^1 3(15^(1 ^IH ^; ciHi <Hl5y M"^i ^im d. H 
ail'fl ^ci ans "{liviHl Ml^ MW 3lumH«ii ^m 

^IfcT^^C-fl ^IH d. ^Q'JR ciUcti ctKl <Hl« cfiwi 
SH^ ^Hl€ ii^l ^ ^I'/^^t c{l% Sllil d. 

oUv-iKl'di^^lcti Ml<ai R'Hi §iH d. ci'ti- 

H^ ^«| Mlcttfll dil ( win<fs ) ^IH d. «Hlv 4; 





MRl ^IH 6. ct«{\ Hl%l 3H^ ^^U ^ll^l^ Itacti 

i-Ro (hh^I'I-'mi «^3iciira ^fiSii mifi j^cQ 

aH<{l «iIoll i^<l §IH §, cilM«^ n >{lSl 

^Jl wt^ i4Hl %^3im^l ^iioiill. 

3-^cHMi ^idl wiMi fn^m ^ ?liil Mlyft ^IH §. 

^Wfl 5Hl«^ ^'-tl/l ^IH d. 

^-^c-l'fl qi%i R^4 >l^4^ iicfl 't^ft. 
t-\<iiH[ R^H Hl«tl «IHI ^ «llil \[<i[ ^IH §. 

i^idi ^<*wi wiihS. ^i^<H«? 

'Hli?^ 3ll*l«A SaRtsfl C«<USM 

^^aWWl qJUl oi^il 431- 

M-«ii:»ii is/\, ff»iii, an^ «"^ct^iH,^. n 
HmKl \'^[i\ R^v\ ^iH ^. 

3^-N. 0. LEGUMINOS^. 

anin^fl, aHl=t(A, ansi'-flaHl, «KIhi, ni=l«l, ^^ 
an^ ^ll^J H^l^ "I'iHl ^ll'silHl^li 'H'l^Mfrt^l Hai. 

Si^ (^lodn^i hk^. ai a{i?l. 

<^'Hl^ aHL Si^^UiHl^ »l«iH '^IH^A'il HilHl 

anl H^l <Klr«t H^U i^di Ht^ll M^t^lH^l S. 
=^dS^ SHI H^lKl q«i^Hfa Hi^ft uv^llan ^wfl ani^ d. 

Klsi) clHl^t "tclHl ^^^M{h i^cti ani H^lHl m- 

ani H^lHi R. «(l V flat ^d^l ni^wi SUMl- 

aMl?(l C-lfc) Ho «(l loo !ild dail i^l «ilH d. 

ani "imi ^ «(1 V tJai'-ft C-15J"Mo «(l \oo ^i. 

c-iini ^51l5ii M^J ^Hl»ti a>il^ d. ani ^jih 

■^ n«a ^^ Moo «a 1,000 ^k ^hT ajH'ti^ 

an^ aHlsl^^ni Ml-i aniq §. ani q^l'd 1l\J etH- 
^MfrWi MK aH^HRf.^'is, rtl "SlWMHi MH'ft >tlH 
'l^lffv ci<l §IH d. llW^i MHmI an^HMl^S^li 
Wlii^ii ^IH 6. a>il q^l'ft H<^(li H'i^Hfrt'li MH 
(f-H^ "M^icl «!?/ ^l^ "{lil^ «nH §, aH«il<:V_ 
PtSl-H^l «11H ^. ani =l3i'fl "^iC-fls H^^MfcWi 
Ml'i^ aH4i=il«(l an^qi %1^<V ^i Ml^^ilMl 
ct >il'ailvr«tH §, aH81i<v"^ltf =fl«lVj <^i ^IH 
(IM MH *l"liailhr «^H d. <lM^«(i ani HSiMtKl 



"iiiGi n<t*Mrft^ sn^R^jJl i^ &. SHI "HsiKl 
^I'rJ «»'l^M(cl'ti MW «l£i ctl "a^'ti «<iW, llW'li 

MH Mlctl^ ^Hl-cl^ '-H£«l<l (ifl ^ Mii (tendril) 
f?% JlW «»tM ^, iv Ml^'-li 'H^l^^ Msil ^<Hl^ 

3MI Vmi \pi['{\ ^SH'il =H^ ^'J^M MI3J RIhH 

H't^MRlMi ildil =(3^1 'tK^Hl ^ell cil llWMi 
fitiiHl -AiilM^ 3Hl^C-li, 'iii'M Rm{\ ildilM^ ell 

ffy<l, SH^ "ii'Jfli 'H'l^M(cWi iSllHl ci ciicfiKl m€\ 
Ml«^ "i set^ft ^<l ^IH wi. Md^Uani ^m 2>iiJ,i- 
Irii ^ellKl S(4\^l 5HISR "Hwd H<4i^ ^i-ilHl 
Hi^a aiiat ^^l ilH &. ^St-Hl ^^i ^loj ant qsRl 
'4^ S^ %l'<=ttAl M</fl 5Hl^ S. liCHijt ^«ii:^l ;J3| 

^i5ii, ni ^dcnis^i 2*{i^^i'{), J/U^isi), iiig.(^Hi, 
§iH d. aH^g IV 'ifi, M"^ H»aii \k^ k^m^ ^b 

<v ^'t^MfrWi ^h^i Hi^ft^R «i^Wi anR §. 

^IH &. ctHl Hi^ <Jtl^ ^il ^ Mlctwn «[loll 811H 

Y slat Ml^l'4l ^IH d. H'4l anwlM*^ 'V^ aM g 

<ll"»l M"^ «ilH ^. 

H3l*i Vli^ Ht^H. 

mani »iiH §. ani ciiiKl m^Mlni^ •mh M^i^ 

ank^ ani^ d. ct %ll£i aH*iqi :H^ -HiriTii ^■st{l[ 
vm^i M^'ft Mi'-H'ft Mi^ aJiim^ fHQilf^in «t'^C-li 

> «ii«(l H^i^ <^R (HfHiPid «i'^c-ii vin\^ ^^4n 

d aHi^ ov ^r^ M<34 ■Ml'Wi ^CH (leaflets) Ml^ 
M»«J 'HS^l ^8,:M <i'>l-(3M'Ul'l (stipelltv) ^IH 

^IH S. aH«iqi ^ aHi n^ ^i M\i H^'^ ^IH 
^. ^^M HR«i i^'ll^l %tw(l ^ ^St M^lliq- 
^i'-fl aHJl^ll MWHl «1>{1 «ni«^»-(l aH?l=ll ^ll>Hl- 
anid di SHi^ ^. M>3J PlIlH i^^ «ifl ^cfQ-H^ 

41^1 ^v(l <U-"il Hfrt^ll^Hiai^Hltal «tVJ H^il^l 
^•^M HRi^i b\ §. ■^'^M'H'li ( bracts ) an^l 
(§M-'^'^'»*'4^l (bracteoles) Si nA H^h^ 
»\l^ S. |ei ^M'ittl PiHM(h^4 (irregular), 
( aH«il^ aH«»»l«i aHi?l 5is a/ ^C-tMi 'il^lKl 
*(|l/l Mi'^t/lSil ^IH ciqi ) Vl>i^*li^ft 
(liermnj)hrodite) aH^sl 'iimfA »l«ai, an^ 
(HPMov n«lPli (regular), (aM^tlc^ ^MH a»li5t 
Siif ^CHMi'd '^'=(1 Mi'>HilaHl aA5«^->Hl J? aH^l 
anlSRKl, S^^^i rti^i^ v^i/l ^[^ Sjcii) aH«tH( 
«H«|«nnl<t (polygamous) (aH»iK 'l=i» ^ISl, 
an^ %(l:g^»4pQ ih aMjiv H'i%M(clM^ 1 ff»lCl 

a5id«l aHj, t>{lra ^[i{ ^iiHyj, aH«i=ii rci(Ji4n 
5ld?l ^<ii §l«{ ^. ci wifiMl ^JH^in aiid5l 
'1161'ti "i^ldi ^IH Wi, an^ 'il^HR cl ^4iy^ cictl 
^1^ 5\(v Sli^ tv^irti §iH $. (aga^i anoi^ftHHi 
'j-H-Sesbania Grandiflora "io \\^) 

^(^tllcHlrcl^^m-Hl Mi-»MilaHi M ^iH d, 
(■Mi^w ci^a Sii^A ^IH d.) ^ Hl?ii^^ 5ii. 
«4l«i«(l '4/1 an^^ aH5H>ll«i aJid^t 'il^lKl >^l/l 

aH«t--ll ct^ rti^A^ a>^l^C^i ^i«i d, Ji^^t^'tl ct^Sll 
v:^dl anii-Hl ^dC-Oi ^<i aH5»{l«n «l5l ^iiilHC-tl 
(iJH ^; H^Rllil'i '"5^ ^rHHMl a>i;^ t/i(|Hi 4>\« 
(3(Ml QHi'tRl ^IH 6. 

^l^^i'-'l'HkH ^^l; -itc-lil «l^ 'i«aT ^=ft, 

Sim ^ yi4i^ 'ft^ 'tMcfl; «H\"^«^iJi^->H -iRi- 

3l(HUtMMi \ aH«lc{i ciHi^ SHiR^Hlsy aHRl«ll 
^(iHtai (ventral suture) "4^ a>ii^c-ii ^m, d. 

Sflji-H^iS^ U^h <n'5l ^IM S, ci aniJlC-ft 
Ml»c-{1 '^'-'l <(lHm (ventral and dorsal su- 
tures) (3M<«(1 =(i^lfcl^ <3«*1 §; aH«4Hl IdC-Oi 



^ ciM^?(l 5HI ^l^kl liaj (3\H3l! i^^lMi SHl^eil d. 
dMH'l-l ^l — Papilionaceaj.-sHl QMH^wi 

@H^ ani^Sfl, ^-o-H Mi">Hil (standard) ^1«(l dM^ 
5H^ ^l«fl "i^R (Hl4i<l «lm >^l/l) 5HI^«{1; 
SH^ "{I25 =MR Ml'^ilaHl %il^%li>fl ^ ii{i{.^ 
aniM ilH 0. H"^%i^i ftfSicl (Definite) {^v\<\ 
«M%t">^MiHivil Siiel Sis »*tn'{l qn^Mfrt'ti cmR 

Jl^f^fl, ^«1, Sit^Jl, wH(rl, ar'-lWl, ^flH'^, ctR- 
=iuil, a'-t^. £l<l=»ir4cH, H'l^^l, "idSHej, s^^QS^i 

ct 4 ^IH ctl qislica "^ <HAH^l^ ^C-t ailCH^l.) \[^ 

(standard); ciKl a^t^'fl ^MlogaHicft Si \ii>MilaHi;^ 
■Hi"<H (wings); ^hPI ^i«ft a>is^rn rfts^c-n 5\ 

'tl=t'ii ct(aiHi "S iiii^ft ^lil ^41 S'nicfl ^IH ^ 
ct^ ^lil (keel) i"^ d. 

QM^sV^Hl^-Csesalpinieai. wtl %\'=i^m |C-i 

ani SMttslMi aHUli, aHl^tfl, anh^fl, aHl^Jl 
ili^l, ^^tlilSit, ii^jjl, Ji^Micfii, aiC-t>lR, ?iC-l3^, 
^W-Hl'-ttfl, 5M^ ^H«^l q5l\ H't^Hfrt 3HI^«{1 §. 

©MvVa ^-Mimosea; aHl §M«i3l»li anj 
«Xl "i "^U SHUqi ""fl^A "i isiaft ^41 H^H ^=H- 

'iiHl ans^ ^»^ll Mi^ Mi^ ^u^M ^ili ani^c-ii ^tn 

«*. ?iHi Mi>H^5ii yHW 5>l«lK =«^^ ( 'il'^lHl 
^^l/l 't^) §IH d. fl'fl 1R MW Miy aHl^C 

5HI @M'-l3Ri «isij^(i (Inga dulcis), WlVil, 

«(l^« anifs H'i^Mfct 2>ll^C-{l $. 

anl q^l'ft =t't^M(ct *i^^H, M?i, 'M^ an^ ^f*\ 
soil M^lil ^qi 25H ff/jjani aniRPl ^l^li n^'i 
H<^fl il>l ani^ §. 

31(41^1 ^31 «? <V5l 35l|^ $ ci HQJ ani H^iKl 
=ti^M(ct (oit/fl'll §U-Indigofera tinctoria) 
^[^i •fliol d. ci»t oy yni juini anlctcti >Hl>H^l, 
Mct»l an^ ^clkc-il'ii Ht^i @M«ll5[l ijili M«i 
ani «lJKi §. 

il-o-Hlct Hk^i eHRUl, ciMoy h:^ ^JaiRrfi 3(1^ 
an^ ^ict^ ilH ^l^ H{^f^ v{l>lell :i(l«H Mi^ 

ani ^iSRi si^Mc-t $. ancHd %\kp{\ ^itH^<i 

<a^ an^ SR-si tHHWHl^ J^l«3j Mej aHl H»i>ti 
anl^^ti d. £=ll cl^l ilH aHiqcfl M«J y^|l >M^ 
■H-i^Mfct a>ii <^^^i iiofl 3>il^ d. ^iRl ^^|l «y 
§\Hl3[l an^ a^l^ ciM^l^'ft H^^aJtl ani ei3i,{\ 
^K^Mfct Ji^ Mil d. 

^lHl^«3J ^ct ani HilKl H'l^Mfcl 3j^ 3H^|*( 

H?tc-t, «R>t, an^ Hid, i!^, pMTt, ^"^d ctm «=t^H 

H3l-( ilo^^^l^ )-(§-kci3l \ ill 

t-^ll^lH^lR-Hejlandia latebrosa. 
l^l^ct-H. II. p. 65; N. p. 75. 

ct ivHUMH teldcni'fl mi^i M«jyMC-tl ^IH ^. 



m^^R ^icd -i^ft 5H^ (ilM ^ *l\ ^n<^ ^<l 

<Hl£^^ ^^^ ^m^eti fHl^i il^l c-Oc-ti ^3Hi MH 
an^ ■41^1 ^«il«(l »RSR »1W R^cld >{£l^W 
»HlMC^l ^l*t S, (*<l^ cl^l ^""ir-l ^iiU^V M^l« 

^(ji-ii^ 5^01 ^i^ (^^^ (M^ an^ •|^c-ni \«i 

\llri-3Hi>Hl SumM^ 3il5%i;^v{| aHd^l'cja»l ^M\ 

.•Hiy aHiqsll«(l tn^ ^« «l^ §. MH^l «lHR»3i 
aniiR Hi'li Ml^l^li MH 5/^1 SIR S. MiSJ iliil 
•Hl^ M aAs^Hl "SR iiA an^l n6R'ft ChKI 

I tla{ €li«Mi an^ ^ ^=1^ 3 C-llWri Ml^Wi ^IH 
d. MWKI "1'^ %IMI^M^ H>Mri =lltfl'{l ^-^KA ^IH 

an^ M «H-^ ^Ml/lMR ant Act ^<CH 9*\t^[ 

dKi il^5\ H"ifl ^.8cM MHHI ildil i^rti Mlct</fl 

Mlal M^ll ^^IW^ ci'll ^1^ Sidl aMS ttiog an^ 
5^ «{l23 t>^i«j ^vitdi |iH 6. ?1 uhl an^ ^^^ 

§»ft 't^i an^ cnini ^^i 'HW'ft |«i'-^ =**'^'^'^^ 
^o "11 o li'Mi M^i *wi 'Hi«{l ^iH d. ciKl 

i\m cldl'-(l iia an^ ds SMS^'fl '"51 (llil Mi->H- 

H«ii<?i c^i•>{l ant^n ^iH «i. 

>i^^^l-"lo, ct aJii iis-tf *t?Jc-ii ^IM d. cirfl 

'ttilil SRI ^>'-(l MlctJd, ChKI, ^i >mi^?l ^8jM 

«(l \\ C-tltH Ml^ivfl ^IH d. ci ov^l aiH<n "H^ 
cl^ MHi'ii ^8f>l cilia a>i*^(l ^IH d. «l>l ySlH 

^ <Hi^ Ml^ai^e^di ^[ joirO «tw f.tH d. ciKl 

«Ml/lM^ <Ji,^l iyj^>{ HlCA'fl ^WlfA ^IH 6. ^n^l 
%l^»v 'His M«lc(l, anPi n»ti iJi Ri'(xH 'H[<fr ^m 6 

oftsy-a^Mii a>iPl <^l ij>H[ ^IH d. ci Mi^ii 
a<'/licti an^ MlcAl ^i^^l VlKl nWSHltAi ^IH ^. 
ci'fl iRM^ aHi oiiog -oiiat ^IH §, an^ ci 
Hi^l iH^ ^IM §. 

)^,'Hx't-§'H*ll5l-=H'il SUHI^ =tlcn^ ciKl 
«iM^ i|»3i ^m<^ii §M^ <niHnwi ani^ d. cl«(l 
ci cl^cl Mli^ i^lM d. an^ ^tfe ^JJlcti a^itl an^ 
Jl^^i^MiiM^ <HiH=tl?fl ci ctM ^aifc) iMH d. 
an-Sflaili clMm ^tcWi ^R ^HIH ^. an^ ci 
■<Ml^l«(l £cai3li ^R»li t^^i ^kl\\. «tlH d, an*! 

^^i^ hii ^H^ S. 

l3-*«tl«ii-il€l<Hiyfi svHl'iHi an^ «(^Hl iiiHl 

an (i|^«ll't'll «H«Sll ■'H^l SllSllHi «11H d. 

^-R* (HH^H-aH-SflaHWl ^l^^l ^m^\ an^ 
atl<Hm«ft cl yi^l a(lii^l C-tlSi d, an^ anKl ^[(JMl 
aniiR aMit-ft J^li ^Hl l"«ilH 6, ctM^«ft aJt^ 
«Hi^a>il i^cll (|.?l. aii^i^ ■H^6ii ei^«i£ Urti 
IV aJicii gi^cii §oQ ani^ 6, an^ ^ ct^n ^t'^l 
<r»tH §, ^ik l[\(^ ^\M[^ «<l« i^cti 3HI aj^. 

\-<U^1<l«iR-Crotalaria juncea. 

l^ict-H. II. p. 79; N. p. 76; Watt. 
II. p. o95; ^ Pt. Ml. &M. 

R-'^<il»ll>i-«nsi (Mi+?io); am, ?r5J (flo); 
?J5T, flifr (f|o); »?2I^^, 511: <Ho). 



^mi aHl=ini K'-d, ctlMi^l SlmW <HPI an^ 'Hlil- 

ci>li«(l CHiwfl, MWc/n "IdC-fli ^imi^ii (3=(l a((jcfl 
S^ 61^1 wi^ 9i,^l ^tKA'fl ^^ll/l-Hltfll im d. 

Hltfli, «M'^ «Ml<AaH (^i a^tfiidl ^tlcAKl ^=ll/l- 

d. ci'ii ^^cti oi|i 1 aHHfl«irti ^m $. an^ mk 
i\ ?a 3 1 V «Jai c-ihi an^ ^ «(l I "^ 1^ ^at 

^ «a \ u sti<Hi i5\a Retail ^<i mwcai Qi^i 

^ItaHl 3Q^ |«l«l«ft (M^lH«fl anl^C-n ^IH d. <tH^ 

^ell Hl4i^ SHlct^ ani^C-ti ^IH §. Si j^j ^c-t<{\ 
iliil -{lai ^8j>i >i<^MM^l an^ ^o «nio "SmHl 

eiiyi'fl liHicH an^l |a>ivi«(l ^Q^pflai ot^mili ^ 

MR M^Wl n^^l ^IH §. sHHi MR M^l ctf«\- 

*l«(l sHami an^ «li^ <§H^ ci-ii "i Rsti'i «iH4ii 
^IH 6. an 5l Pi9itSimi:^i Sis R^Pi "i g4[. 

^iH d. H rt(ta«l Mimical, "nm^ ^lii^Wrti ^ 

i'^'Hl^'rt^'llH-'fl Mi-»iilSit M, ^ a^fAJjcO 
•^CAl Vl'fl an^ H° *^l° ^l^*ft 'Hi"(l ^IM d. 
ci'O *il«a QM^'ft Mi-«Mil <l((A?i =^-H M'Sil- 
(claw) ««H/(l an^ HH(<h «^(V «Uil«icfl a>iP( 
naiMi H<i^ Ml^ltffl ^IH d, ci Ht^O Mlrtwfl an^ 
clKl aH« ^3;^ %9{[ rimi '^I'^il'l ^^'4 ^£^ 
^>M13 ^IH d. 'HI«9'{1 "i Mi^ilSil Si«(l ,ti^i,{l 
aM^ «iiil ^IH d. an^ ci«ft a>i£^Hl «i Ml^M^Sii 
^.SlH«fl an^ M«Jl5l ^?fM ani^fl ^<<l Sl^ic-fl ^IH g. 


^. 'tfilSl ci^ ^^l(H t»ii<H5lC-fl, Sii <>iiog etivi^ft 

<ni3l-(!lC-l) f «n I 1 \^ ^ai C-ti«>{l an:) 3 

^5Hl a^fAill -HmKl |=ll/\ ^m. 6. ci (H«H3llcri 
^ ^^ tim^n ^^H aH<3|l ^iH 6. #m( \a «ft 
\M atMdi an^ «(l%l[ «{l(V ^iH ^. 

M-«»ii3J%lH-4lPctSR4, (a^^Jimsi^^lQi an^ 

RIH d. ^HJj'li MW^l R« ci€t «l«l >i(a<l aiRil'il 
"Sdfilli ^l(^i Mlll^i =tM^lH d, clM<v ^im'ii "(l^l 

"«naj«ft dcH/l «tiH ^. Mtfi, 3i<M, ^w 5i:ii 
Mlct i^ ^, ^l^^Mi aHl(A«5l Mill S. Sici| ^$i 
il£^, ^Sn^l'l^ Mill $. M5t^l ^« i^, ctlct, 

ni-H, ^itfii C1811 tfidl-ii ^M Si %i^:^ Mdi:^ $. 
^lei'ti 'Hl'V jii $, Jtl(^ d, Sil^ d; at^i^fertlHl 

HQii ^I'l^ mil ^." (ho ^'wwa^j). 

^-(ho [«lsi31«i-Si'{l ^(I'Jl ctW Mli^ »^H d 
<*ll^ ciHl aHj:irii oftsy ci»ii ^ii «ifcf»»lH d, ct«fl 

ani^ ^ ci @M^«(l SiPl Hii^Hl i^ d. 

l-J^ll^M'llH-C. Burhia. 

t^dl-ct-H. II. P. 66; N. P. 76; Watt. 

II. P. 595. 

i^afl); 5fiH (i|o); ^R^rn (*ie); ^^mi (go). 

3-H4'i-'H'ti §u<Hi Silt ^^ii -vHi mj/l 
«U>MiSiiqi(rii I <(l ^ iOi 'sail "S lifclqi^ Rlift 



Slrtl QJ-ll 1 ^mi 'HI(A'{1 ^=tl<n aniM ^IH 6. 
MH §^S^ 5H(rt^ 5Hl^<Hi §IH S. fl C-t<^5li<j\ 
1 ^C-Stl^fcHi, ^bl «fleil i^sHi, =1W<{\ \<^l£\- 

M^ <r»tH S ct«(l aM4i ^Ucn^^ m^fl^R MW 

^'Wi; 5H^ «ll3l-(!^CH)-^H0ir{l ^(I'Sll <^<l SHl^d. 
»Hl ^U^ti dff/j ji^i -^ ^dlC-t ffvHl«H>ii @3l 

6. Si^ Mlc-nHja m4 i-ti$a 'H'^ "yHld'ii <i';i 

ani^ 6. "^UMlani an^ MK JilW ml =tM^lH 
^." (Hid). 5irO ^ii>Mi3^[ ^t^ vim S, an^ anrii 
«l^i^i 'H'tl'H'Hmi ani^ d. 

an ja-w, Rtfcl, ilQ^lHU an^ M»»1«H clUl 
M«Hlct cl^Sf SilH ^. 

ia-tfKl delist lyHH^ii a5^^[ gi^c(i m^ii gSi 

fwiH 551 'im (Leptadenia-spartium)^ wi. 
ci sra«,^i Xcd'll ^«%llSll @M^ «4Q|l <asl ^- rtHl'-fl 
•Hijl "^H^^mKl Ml ^%liaHl ild^ilMi ani^ ^. 

ogSii ^ui\, ^w jjd^iid. 

l-^U^lMrlR-C. filipes. 

4^l-ct-H. 11. p. 66; N. p. 75.' 

Jl-^^^U rll^— M>M^C-{laHiClaHl (Ml+iio). 

3-<Hi^iri-'H">H^«{laiiiClaHl'il 6u<Hl "HiJt a^i- 
flaMUl 6u=ll %ll«l =)l^W H<^1 <3^l S, ci ^«(l 
1 ki c-ti<ni ^IH ^. ci »t>H^c-t ^qi ^Hi(Ai, eiini 

£>HIH WlHRi^J =(lci a>ii^3HHl ^UHl ^v^l ^l=ll?(l 
Si^ ^M>i^aH4^5>il i^ ^. ci aHj^ant'O 
Wl«l dPsHl aiRi ct^l; <3HMRmi a^i^ ^. 5{'{\ 

<ik c-i'^iiifA, anPi @M5i«0 ^m. 6, an^ ci>ii c: ^i 

(HRlMi «11H ^. 

l-^u¥l«triR-C. prostrata, 
tKl'ct-H. II. p. 67; Watt. II. p. 613. 
^-%J«ll«ilH-»lU HilJ^aHl (Ml+U»); ^ S^- 
S^ (f?°) 

3-Hl^rl-.2H'il §U=ll ^iMl^ MW'd %ilM <VMI- 

-IM^ M«i^lH£ll ^IHWi. ^Mi Ml<ni -<>Hi ^c-t ^ V «(l 
M eiifcl'i c-tiwfl \^ 2(1 \M "{l<vc(i(/a ^i^iKl «ii^i 

iv4l !i«i«(l ^(I'^l ^IH S, ci tll^Mi aiietcti MSI 

<v^l «IIH ^, Ml^ Si;^ JjilVl^^l i^ ^. 

an ai^laHliij m« mk R^H ®3im«0 ^Wl 
21RI rt^^ an^ii (§H«lRl i^=llMi ani^ d. aJl 

H3i-( ^o^Ch^ij^ ). 

t-^U^InnR-C. evolvuloides. 
4Ki-rt-H. II. p. 68. 

3-cii|irl-aii4l SUHmi 1 «(l R. !0<i "^-^i*^ 
ctR <^<l Mlct(/a «U>HlSil r{li<?l gl, ci (\H H'fl 

m%i <h31^mr ^^ti'O ^[\h Ml 6. an^i -mh 

an^ ciMRKl |«ltfl^l ^■•Hl'H iltfrt^'MlH^'ll 

ctwflaHmi m« Wll <35l g. aJiKl ^ilili -m^ juiiioj 
Klal SjiUsasHl-ii >ll!^i aHHl<V i^ ^cl^ ^- ''I'ii 

ORM Jl^^wi niH d. 

\-^U^1UrllH-C. hirsuta. 
t^kct-H. II. p. 68. 
R-^^fl'lR-k-ili^'Hl ( ^l+yo ). 

c-lif'il itlH ^. 'M'll ^HC^Ml $14=IW ^^l '«H^ 

ciM^Hi^ani ipiAi ttrnKi 4«i^ =^1^*^"^ ^'^ ^• 
ssiil ^nt4\ ffv'<l Mictttl an^ «ii>Mi3li <^4i^Ri 

^^l H^i^l ^IH d, d «M^m t«il<il «i«>l Mil- 



aH«l"Hl M^Kl «lHl "iiag^fl '^Rl <^fl Mlcttfil Kli- 

'5. ^o t^io "Sim m M^i^i, <i\m ^imh, H«ii«i 

cHl Mi^ ^Si <rty^\. I'HMl liiVW C-li<Hl HltnKl 
«l<«iKl ^ll'si <J>><1 ^^«{l H»il5l aHi^(l=tlfAl V 4l M 
qifA'd |=tl/l«ft WlM«fl ^IH §. ci^i <: «fl \o 

§31 d. a«fl 3^^l @H»ll3l ^Ml =tRl cl^'l «11H 
f^SRrMl'i'il 3R»i il^^lMl «11H S. 

HOI— ( ilo^fH^l^ift ). 

t-^U^HIR-C. linifolia. 
t'^dkci-H. II. p. 72; N. p. 75. 

( Ho), ^nrfsr (ffo), 5ioi2«'ft ( €o). 

43RMi S^iHl^ m«'{l «l«l a*Hi gijc(i V|^ii 

i-^u¥l<t«iR-C. retusa. 
t&!kcl-H. II. p. 75; N. p. 75; Watt. 
II. p. 613. 

^-"^^ll«iW-^H;il ( Ml+?io); ^\^ (to); f jt- 

f^STT (fto); ^Pltfoj^ (ho), 

^[^. ©. dKl ,iiil a^;^ «u-«Hi5Mi §»(l i&i?li=ii(ffl 

^IH «i. MH \ 5^ 3 a^t <Hhi 5H^ 3 CHlfc/'t«ft 

S. ci'ilMR (VRl ^^ §^ "^lltAl^^lrti «i«iil VHi 
Hl^ 'iMsj Si 5 yti-HM^ im ^. ^C-l'ft ildil m^. 

i^ 3 c-tiy<i c-tie>{i |iH ^. Hmr ^8(H Qmi««ini 

%^[ ^tlta^ft 4=11/1 aHl^«n ^IH ^. 

^^■H<Hlli"llH-M M^l^l ''i^Sll ^IH d. ct 
<l(ch^«(l s>tilHSil an^ SmR cHl "1 Sil Kls^ic-tl 
^IH S. ci^i^i 5li §li R. an^ iKlsvl 3 ^l^iqi 

n«iR«(l cirtlMR aHl«^ IwKa ani^C-fl ^IH §. 

a^( «*i?a «^4R'{1 Mi^il SllcAlWM rt(<A«l 
^8(M >JUC-{1 an^ ?A\i qiCA'd ^tflta^tltffl ^IH S, 
ci'llMR @^ 4^1^ 'Jvt(n^Sl>^ a^cHcl ^SR sv^Hl 
C-llHi ^IH ^. H[<?^'{[ ^ MiHil^il ?l?a rii^i,{l 
an^ yisil ^IH ^, ci^ ct(ca^ Mej ^8(M JU«fl 
an^ «1« Hl^Kl 4«l^ ^IH ^. di ans^rfl ul 

^iil-Mi"4il3ii «i?l si{<,[<cl mi[(H ans «i(«Hl 

=M^"^ anl^n ^<l «lM ^IH §. ^ Ml^ilSil^ 
rtfoflH MQi %j,8c^ .5U«{1 an^ ^^S m^Kl ^tfltfl 
^IH d, an Mi>HilaHl Ha^Mi ^m<S\d\ SH^ Ml^iafl 

>il^^l-aHit 5ia-y» an^ 'ttffl (^^i «lW 5}^ 
ctr«i^ «{l^l ai<aicll ani^iil. ^IH d.- .ci(ei*i H^)- 



an ^U^l^l ®M'^l3l ^HiJ'fl >ll^i i^^Ri ani^ '3. 

H3l-( llo^fn^i:^ ). 

t-<ll¥l«l'tR-C. orixensis. 
tfekd-H. 11. p. 83; N. p. 7G. 

^1 ^^l 5lt?J Ml^l »l(nl ^IM ^. ci ctfcfl'^ ^liiii 
\ tUfcld €ti<Hl an^ ^ ?fl 3 C-llW'l Ml^n4l ilH 

S, fl^ <£^^ ^^>t ani^ft ffJ>^ M ^iH 6. 

HJA an^ MH^ <Hl/l ct^l ^l^t QM^ ^Im i^qmi 

s(^t«l \[kH <Hl»mi «tlH d. 

»iMi ^>«i ^«^ \K ^(f\i ^IH d Ml^ 5Ji;i 


t-^il'ct-H. II. P. 

3-Hi4't-aMcll fiuqi \ «(l ^ 5(li gati ^?i 

Kli5l«{l ilH ^. •MH anirt^ anl^C-ti, 1 «0 ^ ^a< 
CHl"ii, an^ ^ «a 3 CHifcCt ^liwi ^IH §. iliil 
yt^n <V ^^M aH^ l^.qi %jiiii«ifti ^ ^^^ iJlJ^^l 
ant^n ^IH §. MH^l SM^'fl ^\[<f\ «(l^ an^^ 
-{lai-fl ^1? C-thl Hl'^'ft V'^'"''*l"'^ ^i*t d. ilA 
an^ <imi5<l"4^ <?i?l ai^lSctl ^Qsictiqrft |eii/l 

^ ^l<3irti S^StKl Ml C-lioft «'AIm^ aJii \«Q aHJs 

«vRi &^ «i^ ani^Jii ^iH d. H*'^^^ <ni<ls an^ 

«li,Sl &il ffJ'Hi MSiial ^il £"*Hlct(, an^ ^ 
^ilfcl^ Ml^l«ai UHSli, an^ Si M«il5l M «l 

^IHl €11411 ^<[, iMi U° '^l" "^l"^'^ =^5^ iil- 
H«0 ^IH d. ani SuHHi HH an^ ^t'l ^SIH ^ 

5^1 §li<*l I'll 4»l^lM^ iji«j ivHl-iMl "ilti 
llfcl §»l S, an^ ct «li3J i^Hl ^•»HIH d, 11^ an^ 

•iwt^. t3R. 
"l-^ll^H«ilH:-C. Medicaginea. 
t«^dl'Ct:-H. II. P. 81; Watt. U. P. 618; 
^-"^J^ll*tlH-aHi'ni<i>l'ift (^lo); ^(«l>l«ft (ilo); 

^m ( ^° ); !Fr^ ( fto ). 

!(Ia c-thl «tlM d, ci'fl «ll>Miaill (|a(l ajicfl, 
a>i«<^l a/Hl-HM^ •i'Acft §IH ^. ci %«lHl^«iJ ^rt^fl 

<^<i \M<j\i, ^'^ ^m %^i ^titfiKl |m<nmtfil 

^a>ii inrii ^=ti(Al tlhl «tl«A'{l 3(la( ^^tl/l ^IH 
d. MW anict^ ani^C-ti, ^l^ft'ii MUKl ^*11 tt^ 



C-llW'l ^l^ltfli $l*t S. ®HMH H^[ ^8;M 5H^ 

mhKI «iMl «ni<^?(l 'Os^ic-n §iH S. n SRI ^<l 
^ '^^ c-ti'41, cid«{liv >^i^i'4), SiicAiyildl, ^^[(h 

aMHl SUHl SilHl^ ^sI^mI Ml^'ft «lSl (§5l 
St^li tfftPli Jti^l €li^ ^m^ctl Hl^ (ai^5imil^ 

«l'li MIH ^'-(l Ji'Hi 1"^IH ^, Hii anTl :»Hi- 
Oil(3>i«tl i^ d- '^ (i««ll't'tl H»Jil'»H^l Qil^lMi 

•t<H5l» 133. 

'i-^ll^1*i«il>l-Melilotus parviflora. 
t^kd-H. II. p. 89; N. p. 77; Watt. 
V. p. 225. 

=*M (»io); ^w (f|°). 

(leaflets) 'It'-^Hl MH J?=l[ HlM^J ^«ft «(iii ^K 

anl aHi^nil 'IS'M'll dliHl r«l*tl<?l 3lS«n, >l«fl 
»m\ o{l«i <nii4ii %ii«l <Hiil5iiM( §3l d. 5lrll 

^m^Hi 3)liW Hl4s=^ ilHHl ani^ ^, »HH 

d ^m «i«l ®Si g, anPl Smi Mioii |.c-i §iH S, 

't<H^ t3)f. 
t-^ll^l<4'llH-M. alba. 
l-^it'd-H. II. p. 89; N. p. 77. 

l-<U^H»tlH-Medicago sativa, 

t^l'd-H. II. p. 90; N. p. 77; Watt. 
V. p. 199. 
^-i^il'iiH-'is'n (Mi»); Rc-iiMdl ^«fl, R«ii- 

Hcfl m« (?io); ^§T^r^€. f^Jlcft^^, f^ISSPRft- 

M (ho); raaiqfft^gsi (rio); ^<tAl ( i^^ ); 
d. clMi ^2(1 -vti M*?! ci«fl iHhi n<aj ti^ mh 

sirtlHlcni ^IH ^. ^C-l s^lil "^ ^^l anl^MlKl wi 
Mci^QaHHi aniiR^li H^(l aH«tH«H «?<! 'H'iWd'ii 
^IH ^. «il3l (!i<H)=liail'ft Ml m4S^ aHM(AlH«{l 

JlSn^l ^1<H ^Ui an^ ^R'll a^Rl Ml^ filHl- 
caiHl ^^anlciMi <^^IH d. "^IW l;iy ivaliaJi a>Hl 

c-iii an^ I'tm^ ctisj «iiH d. 

aif.'H'tl dli^tl a^l \^ ((is^H)dl ^i^ft Mi^ 
v\[^\ =1.0 <H^«(l (il^slHMi aJi qictqi^ «| si^ 
5^=llH 6. 3if.n (h^ ans ^'vln ^«t^l «l-«H'tl^l 



St^H ^ V'^IS'H anSHR 'tl^l ^IH ell cl \o ciH 

rt-<« «iy 9vcn 't^a, m^ §c-i<a ^^=1^ ^. 'u*^ 

7{H[^^[ d."-K. R. K. 

^^^K n«ti H^cni Sia wuajg ^ «tiHd -if^ ^a- '*<'«s 

>i3U<l sH^l^l ^ln"=llil <HRHi 'iwiwi SHI^HI 6<:li- 

^rtOSi cl-tl ^^Hl<Al «l<tl -if^ 6<1l. <^«'HIS t>n^ ^H 
aH«lK ^<^<^^ *li 4*»^"^^ ='l«"^'ti t'-nufln" HHW- 
cimi aHl«ii 6cti, ^ £^"=141 =^< ?l9/«ll<fl «Hl'lHi 

«tlilHl«ll 'utM'Hi;^, SH^ »Wl dUl <Hl'»{l^l =>UH«ll '>H4clln 

MtH ^'KVw. •n^Jf'fl '^•^i '^'^ **5e<i 'iiH^i 112: »hr- 
oi€<h:Ii ?iia w"^! «t=ii«fl '^wi -^^^ '^ll^ §H«<iPwi 

i5l4?ll^Wl ^-*il1»ti ^^'^ '^I'tl 6dl. M =l«l^ «1H 
anuK ^<^<^<^ **i «lM-iH9ll«tl2iSa 3l«(Hd ^ i'u* 

§m. oi€<h:Ii (siW 'IRl ft<\5 "Hl^tHS^ ctCHMctHi yi^i 
§Wl?fl 5ll-»Hl^l, "^HlMe, »Wl =>H^ 'H'S'.S^ =>UHI'{1 <<lil- 

siwi M4r-a ci<t« 4^ 4i 5. ^ ^WKl ^l»<ll ^?4 

%H^«iiin Ma£i rt^9 tC^ >t"iii«fl w^i'fl ^'iS'h (^is- 
«Ha)d '^<^ *^'^'^ ^ ^''^'''' "^^"^ ^ ^ ^^^ '^^\.^ 

■»!^<\. ?^ ^«Ji '^I'i'^i ^^"^^ ****' '^^ ^'^'- ^"^ ^^' 

lillil Ulill ^"^l 'H*^ '^'^^l ^-l'*' ^l**' 6"^'- ^^'"^ 
3l«<Hd l<tl«'ft9/ ^H <Hn <lH W*«tl^ SH^ %im 

vii^iSl ^131 ^w"i Miti'a $ia s'Cl ^I'^ii JJt«Si. an^ 

l-^ll^lHrllH-Lotus Garcini. 
It^il-cl-H. II. p. 91. 

R-"iJ^ll«ilH-->-^l^l <Hl-wil, Hll <Hl-5ll, [<lHl<fl 
911-511 ( Mlx^io ). 

•SU'-llM^ %i^S aH«l'-ll ^cll%t?lctl Q^^l liq §3^1 
Si-tctl §IH §. »Mr{l IdC-fli ^ll-WiiaMl @9(l -H^C-fl 
^ "HlSaHl <vMHH^ M«l^lH«{l ^W d. MH 'tltj.l'ti 
^'-ft ^=li; ^C-l ^"^ «V- "^ =^^^ telMlslrti; 
^d'^l ( 5^51 ) ^I'^i'fl ^[Rki aHl5U'{l ^IM $. 

^it <^3 iKt^ Pi V ?(1 ^ ^^l > q>Hct ^"Ji 

aH«i=ll ^2tMi 2H3l<J»l|l <V^l CHi"{l 3lill ^IH S. 

(§JI ^IH S. 

JMtani SHI ^=t^«lin >H4rll^ ?^ft ^IStH-ti ^<sM[ Mii 

■>H<\S 4'^«i 6a- "^"^i ^iHl^iil >lmHHi S{ 3i€tH.ti oftn^Kl 
!AHrt «^Hi^ ^"^=^1 to ?(l IH Kl ^W 5. 

Hl«l ^ «fl V H^ ^Hl ViXiy =^14^ §W ell ^ll"^! ^1 

». Si^i %ii'^i iiicH Rwi<nmi \o 5(1 ^M Csiy ^h^ 
tH«ti "Hi«i^ «l 5 'Ji'^i'a MU?[l ^(jSi (iiSi '^i\iiji Siffv- 

§H^«fl «ii3l"=llHi =<HlqSi ». 

^IStH ^IWl MlUwi (=t?lH ani^ ell ci«(l rl aHl^"^ 

5, an^ "f^nei eld ^««i Miji «tw Q. siw, eny, <H(a« 

aniQ ^l"^! S^eti «iliiSil^ sigoi elill"^ Hl«[4 ani^ ». 
5,5)tjli ^l"^!^ »IS<H ft^H 4^1 M^tRWHWi 'HW<:n 't«fl. 
^IStH-ti ■UK ^lil^ 3U?iiHii an^ <^IJUH? <HiHHl>li 
aniH S. 3l«<H'ti ^lili MWd 31^<H «il5l ?AC-{l4=tl^ 
•ilEP 4^1 ^niH 5. el qiJi^etl ^H^ ^l(8i 'l"^'** &. 
■Hi^ Pi?m •oiiHwi aniH eil el«fl ^^l (colic) ^\^, a. 



${lil «{lstl ^'I'd H<^n ^U"»ilSii HlS^li-a ^IH ^. 

Ml^«(l 3 I M Hls^leti ^qi I^MIH ^, Mist "H^^- 
ctian ^^^ ildilM^ MI4 aHl41 'H"»Hct ci ^cnlKl 
«n'^ 'Ml<^aH?(l 3^5; 5^5 odcrvj MH -fls^^^ ^IM 
^. 5^ ^rt sHHi MH^i 3 «(l M sen (leaflets) 
^IH d. <n^l ?St^ Mlcni^^ctl ^Jl'fl Ri^M iliii 

§R ^. MK (sst) iliil Mi^ %tis-si ^ Mm(f\ 

^ ^ 2ft 3 sii'dd >liiiaii ^m ^. M dM^Kl 
%iMi/l «fteti \ sOii «fleii ^^I'O «n^ "^ ^M^ 

cHini ^itnKl ^?5m ani^efl ^im ^. 

ciM^ q'^ci ^icd wiHl ^IM §. M^l R. 2ft 3 

c-iiW't c-ihi, ^ V 2ft ^ siiyct Milicai, ^ fi'ti- 

ct >io t>ilo "SlH'ti M^l2ft isfcTi i^l ^IH d. ^-w-H 
Mi"»Hil 5H«iqi 'Hrtiii (standard) «1s, ^ «ft 
^1 CHiy'i C-lioft ^ 1 2ft li Mlilt/fl ^IH S, 

M^ ^ini ^3i'{l §9(1 'i?li ^iH 6. i^ "^Ih Mi"^- 

ilani (Wings) ^lM«tl'tl 'HliR'ft, ciKl aH« 3 
sHstHi ^i SHS^KI KIM 'H'^ MKilani (Keel) 
Wi ^IH d, ct'ft ant^ ^. an^ ^. "S^l^l 441- 

r{l5l»-ft (Sl^lHCHl ^IH d. "c^i H"^*!^ «>{livi t: 2a 
ffi^l ^■^ ^IH d. M^iR'Sm "^dfAl Wi ^.^"H ^IH &. 

4(CH51 qiSHC^li-fl ^ >i"S«^l2ft 6ti«{l ^IH d. ^ 
<lT3l-(!^iH)-3 C-llW'i2ft 4^ ^at ai"ft, 1 C-tlfcl^ 

d. a^ ^^q ^iia CHi'-Kl SHl^n ^IH d. (r/ ^IV 

§, ci $.) «n'3W ^n-^ <nia3 =H»5 ««i'l 1=-SllHat 

Ml»C-{l ^"Hi^- Ventral and dorsal sutures 
d.) «il3i^ ctfoi'l ^8e>i il<n, an^ ^d'^mi <. 2ft (t; 

SlMil ^fll aii^i^HiW "iR d, ci2ft s^lH^l «tm 

cic-tMi >l(a4l ^wi <Hiii anPl SiKl mw (m^) 

an^ ^^l R^M ""HIH ^. 

^S-^^ini-sRHlVl'll^l'll (S«l an^ ^iCIm^ an 

Ml^ ^cft=lia|l (vHUMi 811H ^. 

(Indigofera cordifolia) ^o l^d <[ ^ism 
Jv^^l iiT^l <:-{l^l ^IM §. M"Si aHi $u^i (HMi 
«cti ^il^l ^IH^, >ll^ Sl^i 5il'^lQil-i>ll i^ 
^. an^ RiHiCfl R^iH i^ (§51 § ^2ft a^^ (^micg 
^l-5li an rtiH Mi^ §. a>ii ^i-Sli x^tji l^^i 
>Ml'=ll>l[ r=l^m ani^ ctl »il!c^l i^ §. «H jf^m 
(i^iRlKl §.scft ^cflPll ^5 andiW i^ S. 



<^_^ll^1«l,ll>t-Cjamopsis psoi'alioides. 
t^l-cl-H. 11. p. 93; N. p. 78; Watt. 
II. p. 673; |.-Pt. Ml. V.3Y. 

(qo); T^R, ^r (Ifo); Jlkllfl (H«>). 

3_^^l,l-3icti^Hl g^cii :^ «(U i\i. (3MI «ilH 

^. "Siy^R =imi^ clMi ^il^li P^^'H 40, «icii 

«ll>HiaHl an^ HH^l <JH-<iq R^IH «i\J "t^h g, 
an^ Sim WiUHl Y «(l M !0«i ^=^1 '^'^ft "^^t '^• 
aniqi y.'-tRHl ^UHl^ ^Hl5^ «Hl<5ft5l*il a^dtl 
HWl «1W mh il ^. SHl^l ^HR h\i<\. ■<Hl- 
HlHi »«'^l R^IM 5Hl^ Hi ^R SHIS^^ §• ^i-HR 

Stmi%ii »i^ (3'-t?,i«/ii'{l «ir-iw^i ^*t ^t^^'ii 
5^^R =i=tiH ^. <3'6i«ni^i ^i<[l^i 5H^ ^mi^ti^i 

HliilSll ^i^R Ji^^lH ^. '-lisil^Hl Ji^R Hill 
an^ ^i^l ^IH ^. iJ'-lR4l 6U^I, ^H'^ll an^ £1^11 
an 1^ ^HR^ 41^ aHita>HlH S. 

sj^Rra -sill an^ ^UMi^iiM^ §c*a (&i^l, Kl"^! 
an^ «»-ct 'HlfAKl ^*5l(a ilH 'S. MH anicl^ 
ani^C-li, £icliqi"ll ^R-Hltai, t-^j Mmi ^■«iil 
^IH §. "SIWHR «Hl0ia(l'li MH'fl ^1 aHrii mi^im^I 
«ai«il ^ %ita M'iCHi §IH ^, SmHH o^l^fl aH<^(l- 

mtni "Hi^ii "4iH §. 5^iH ^«ail aiHltlctl wi, 

Mci^tlaHWl aniiRHi, \^'5l^lH('-(l '{l5c?l«n ^"^M 
HR<^ SRHl^l ««lW^ ani^c-ti ilH ^. .^ll'Sll (>^ch) 
^ 2a 3 ^'A C-ti"{\ S 20 <i 1 \o 'Klvclic/n 
*iHl5i"^ ^HlS^cft <ll'5ll^ 41^ «l^ Ml "Vi^lHCHlS. 
^41 aHl>Hl ^U=«M^ H^i^ 91^l«£lctl ^I'Al 

"i-^ di an^P'Hi'Ai Heii ^f^ci ^m'{\ iwm 
^m S. ani ni«i ( ^U=iW ) an'^Hat^d "\lc-ll 

«Ml=nM^ »HlW'CHmMi ^ni CHiHi Q>. 

H-^'aj.'^lH-QM^Mi, 3tlQ„^ir^S =»i^ Hl^iHrtl. 

^_(3->l»iiai-iicii^rii duHi ff? "^HH Pili'4 
^rtlCH *tvJ (3cl^ 3iy ^IH ^ »>'Hl'i^ Ml«a >t«<fiH 
H^tl Hl^ =ir-lMlMi ani'^ ^. ^i-HR-il Su- 
qiSilMi H'^Q'tR ^fl'sll 4 ani^l ^IH ci«(l 
M^4li ct^ (3<Hl ^ §<Hl Hl'fl ct ^ld\ ivHld 
vlil HlM^lMi ani^ d, rl?(l aJi^ «{lg 
>Hlrt^ "V>{l't^ Hi^l ^IHll 4^ d. ii'HR'il ^[S^[^ 

^si<l '-nitftt H-O <H^^ SiAanl *s *flM' H«t «i«l 
^fn<l ntasKl si'^ Misa ^m cti cIm^ mi elili 

ci ailMi d, ci«ft ct rt^n ^aJlV) MH ^. ii'-iR-li 
MH^ «llS >Hl<Hl«0 ;:lcta)ii^aiiMl4 M^ &. ^i'-tR^l 
^nSll.^ ^lli ^if^di anPl n'tl ^lli^l <^HR MRi 

3H4JIH d. nKl MiJA «n5ii^ ^iijs (q|iM -xHi'-tmi 

anl^ cil n^i MdHli «IIH ^, an^ ^l«l a<«^ a>il^ 
^. ci ^611^4^1 -"Hl^l aH^l H^ --llHl^fl -hI d. 
^i'^RHl yia ^Q'Sll^ y^RHl ^&m5jl S^ d, d^ 
mi nH'V SR^ i^HWi ani^ ^. ^i'^R'tl Sl«3Jl^ 
«Ml!^l anSR ci^ (H^il ctKl SM Ml^flMl MC-tltfll 

nni >{l| *ivi^-n, d P-i?iH i^^ liji^i ^R^ "^h- 
w=ii*ii ani^ d, n^fl ^R Mini «11H S, aild4i«V 
nfe M>ai ni iS Hii, HI4 anPl n>ii «n^i ^im^i 
mn §. y4R«ii ^U'Hi ansi c-tRwi^d a^ca mn ^. 

an^ <n;:CH'ft 3lii (3M^ ctHov mcAHl 5ii<rnM'l «HiH- 

qmi ani^ $, <Hi»iqi -j -nil (vcn^ft ^hh\. ^ 

6US21^ «ty §IM Hi Hm^ ^'-tR^l Sl«^l <^l!0 H^ 

Hsi'ft «isl >ltfi4l ci^i Mi^i <Hi'^=tmi ani^ ^. 

ja^y^ii JiHR'il ^il SimfO ■SWtfil «t<l ct 416141 
tHl«lS4i Ml«ti Kl^i (Hl?i ^l^li ^^Hl aH«iqi «^^ 
^cl £«Hl=t=ll) aJii^^i rt^"^ ^l-ul §. 

^HR4l 6U'^l ^l^l^ =HRl ClffS aHlMMmi a^l^ 
^. ^JHRKI ^C^ ^n'^UKl ^lrt<l^ i=^«i>ii ^iHl^l 
i^ 'S. ci M«l ^l^l^ -^H^t^lHHWi ani^ ^. ?i--iR^l 
@5Hl >ilC-t ^l^t'il "^l^Wi f^^H ani^ cil cl«ft ct 
a>ii!^^ ^ ^i^iv 4(6 M<^ "ilWHR ct^ >l^««l 
Mi^ «tlH S. 

V9-^«tl«ii-^cllC-l <vHl4»li y-HR^l ^IH «l^l 
«11H ^. an I ^H^8tl4 ('HR<4tR)Mi «IMI, anllS^, 
vi7{ iw^ simi'ft i'^Hlcft Oil^^ an^l mihChI 
41M'{1 <v>{l4Mi yHR Hi^l Hl«t"mMi SHl^ 6 ^ 
cl <«i Hi^l %ll^l »*IH ^. 

R^cll-fl tnio^aM, <Hi^5ii^ c(u»ti, an^ Ml«i(l4l 
^l^ani hil 5iHR4l dum aH,i<ni§ Mi^i aimi^ 
Q^lCHl ffvi<Hmi ani^ d. 

an [«,>iietH?(l s(^i^ \{k-H WRl ^'fl «im ^ 
H<ai r^?lH i<l^ cil HHIH W*. 

^-(«io Rh'H'I-^ t<Ri ^l^l^ "^Hlt^Hl iMl- 
^anl >M=t^W^l^l ^<M<v =Hl4l 6 «( ?iHR4. 
qi^ct^M^ sv^fclan Hd^ ^H14 aHlMi^lti anRfj 4«(l. 
ja-tf^i ^l^l^ iMl^anl'ft 9yi\iaH ^'{R^ "'Ml^ 



t-^ll^1«l«il>t-Indigofera llnifolia. 
t'^il-cl-H. II. p. 92; N, p. 78; Watt. 
IV. p. 386. 

^W> ^i^^f> ^^ {^°)> Sf^'f; C?")- 

3-«n4«i-3A^i!!^ oioflcii gi^cii $^1^1^ fcii^l 

«5iil 5'-ir=Hct<V ^IM ^, M«3i ^i 'if'l R. 2ft ^ ^^ 
£li<d '^'l ^rtail«ft R:^dMH <v^ !f*t4 ilH d. 

«Ui 2H«iH ^il5^ '^*1'<1 '^^i '^i'^^ 5Hl^5ti 
^IH §. ct \ «ft ^ ^^ C-lhi 3H^ \ ^ ^ C-tiy^ 
^l^l^i ^IM ^. ci H<^ft<v ^^ti ildil-Hlcai, «M-4 

6<^, «H^ cl'tl 5uqi cl su'H'ti ^l^Wl "^lUl SM^id 
l^CHl rt'fl '^«i d^5 ^<a«t»9fl (ensilage) i^ ^M- 
HlHl 5HI<1 i4<:(l. SH i-ftc-l'-Kjfl ^^l"^! anmi g't^l^il tsWl 
ailH'li ^I'^l'H ini^il 6rtl. ani SM^sA ^^«V ^W><i 

Sii^'fi ^a«nafl ^r^wi =Hi^irt^5, rtrii «iiiii^i'^w 

■Ul?l Oifli, §4, iHS^i n^i'^ ^l^l^ ■>HH^WHl>ii 41H C-tlH 
•l«fl. «^i ^I'^l'ft JHlC-lli: ^it«m'n ^W t^i ai'tW^l 

AVi^iftaHi cl«i ii4=ii'ii §H<iR Mfi \(^i\ M%iiiy 

«l*l d, ci?fl Zi\H\ ^\\\ d^i aiHl^Kl =tWljn a=tl'fl 

=H^ ^^^ ^J^M 5Ht^(l=lltfli ^IH S. ®MMl«i H«aii "V 

bl'ii^ ^(SW^I M^"Sl»«i^i?ft 4\i^C-{l §IH §. H 
^ll"«HiaHl?ft MintOl SH^ "ifiHl 'HH'-ft i^l ^IM 6. 
clMR ^ 2ft l^ |'=1 <V^l ^^ §^ ^■M&! ^ct anicl^ 
=»il^«ti ^IH 6. ^CH im ^3t'ti 2>icHrt ^SR ^IH 

twica«ft Ql^lH^l, ctftfl'i^ft ^ilH?ll, a^^ ^21l«?l 
ci-il "Hist anl^Q fff'qi Sicll ans, o{l«l2ft oy:^l eihl 
isi l">Hlrtl ^IH 6. ^o ano-Ho •^iH'ft Mi'>HilSHl 
M ^IH 6. ^i'^-H Mi->Hil 5'iai'Hl Mcllil clftA'; ^iiiil- 

(i^iajisn; ^1^^^ \, ci^l siUiklM :!ic. «Mlo 1[^7{ 
rtfcfl?l aJiS ^ISt SH^ Ah a>iipc«Hlw<Hl5\i a^l^^l 
^IH 6l. <[{kh\. anS^Hl "1103 =lii=l«\cfl, an^l ^^ 

M«ti5i iy,8j>t qicA'ft ■>{la^^ioi ?i">H ^iH 6. •?n»i 

'll^l'ft, ^o nio ^1^=1^ clhn PH^IH i^ ciMl" 
<iSlH«fl ^IH 6. ct^ 1«il^ %Hft%lR't[c-lil^l aH=t- 

^il'i y^Q ii<Sl iiH ». *Hl<iy «H| ^?^*l ^IH 6. 
'5-^"H<il3l-an^l ani-wll §U^l =il^^ rlQ, ^jJlcli 

n«ft a^isi ct^ct ^35it) MH 6. ^'li "iW y<aii 

eli'li ^trn cr^^Kl %ii8l £t^ n'li ^idc-ii s^ '^iicti 

VS-^^l«ii-=ilMl^ ^^Wi HW^1 «l8l an^ 
5\SHMi ilCiHl'iil "^HUMR aii @5l S. 5i r^^llslH^ft 
^£lH (c-isi) ^'fl «'=l^ll "V^ian *IIH «!. 

6, >ii^ 5i:^ aiXi^^i^^ *^ ^• 

1-^U^1<l«ilH-I. cordifolia, 
tKl'ct-H. II. p. 93; N. p. 7S; Watt. 
IV. p. 385; |. 9i. Ml. \ou. 



^'=^JR, ^ti, ^\^'\ (»Te); VZ^\^ (if o); 555^^1 (^o). 

3-eil^lri-(Hl>MHI §U=ll 5lmi^ yi^l d^Q ani^ 

^. ^ dl^m ^IH *l^ §911 H^ $. "M*^ <V^l 

^-ii du«tl «»*'^l ^^?a ^l(Al ^-^IH S. 

^yi-3 «ft <i €la^ CHi(^, ^cttfd <v^ fftt^ an^ 

i(l4i ^i vi^ ^iH 6. Hfn»ti«(l «lui «nifls xiii^i 

«ll>HiaHl aH-SflaHlKl ^1 Hli^iC-fl §IM d, ct §H^ 
<v<[\ <H^ s^idl(/fl a>i»iqi Si5(v tHl«g'»l (^R'-n'-'t 

■HH-^iUi an^ anirl^ aHR«( ^IH &, cl «f»'^l 
Ml^mi an^ ^5^ ;y?jM aH(^n=lltni ^IH §, n ^ «f I 
«IMI-M ^ci -MH^l aniii^ ctidi \in:^ MtA^l ^IM 

§MMH tni^S ^IH §. 

c-thi, ci(ca?l s>iilHc^i an^ m«ii5i rlrii mr jicti 

^•»MlQ-«lrrt^'^lH_->t,^iQa,jHl anisic iy'^[, MR 

\bHl\ (standard) **i?fl sii^OaM^ Ml^iwd ^IM^. 
'»i^^^l-\o J^lM ^. ci>l[ ani V|^ anPl 'i'H'll 

"(lav ^if'-ii Ml^mi q^^lM d. W>-MftHl %im 
'Vih Sirt[ o{|oy oi^tA, $^1-51 y,(/(i;i «>fl,ti ailil 

5u?i«iil §M^ m^ii htii «^i?l d. 6^« §H^ mhKI 
^IuhI ^kiw ^[Him $. ci?0 aiki ^yiW <mh 

^, fiU'Hl^ Ml^P^i §5l«ll, Ml^P 3Il«il ?l«ft >H%1- 
'nS-ni, 3UH, (H« anifs ^l^l^l ^»^ aii^t g, ri 

«iiH 6. "^iW "Sifci'HR ^»-Hi<n'=i 3iu^i ( ^ii ) 

aii^l ^I'l «iVJ Mi 6. 

Qil'^Hl'O ^IRM^ «tc{l «l^ an^ »ilA aH«^ «Ml«n- 
H" a>il C-f>H'iR'tl ^i^ §M^«(1 ^^SS'Ml Jlfe^S, 

X-kU^^'ilH-l. glaudulosa. 

t^l-ci-H. II. p. 94; N. p. 78; Watt. 
IV. p. 386. 

R-^^UlR-^i^a^i (>lH-iio); ^»i^ (1?.). 

3-ei4'l-*^S^=»Hl'il 6UHl ^IMl^ mail §51 6, 
cl ^ «a 1 "I ^ ![l<t §=Hl H^ ^- ^*<i ^l^=«l^ 

* Bombay Natural History society's Jour- 
nal. Vol. VIII. No, 3. page. 444. 



^tjj^ijj^tfii, 5H^ ciHi ^^"H imi ^^hI tfi^l3ii 

^IH ^. St^-fft ?i=^aMi ^idl i^'{\ an^ «(l'5il 
et(!a, k^il ^l^l Vld "H^ M<Vi^rt §IH d. 

^iH §, an^ -siil ciMi yMiy^iaHc-it ^iH &. ci 

RIH «!, ^ cHl clMi^ Hl^i'fl mag 3Rmi 'itfllHi 
M^ ^ ^HiajjaH an^ qa^Mi ^ aJtM 3 MK a>ii^C-ti 

an^ i «a 1 ^^ ^i^i^ni §K §. dKl Sm^'H 
^$l-M^1i«iMi«(l \Mi ^5ni ^gc^ ^eii-fl 

'tlt^lKl ^J/-ii\^[ -fti^l $, ^c-irft ildil ^8jH ^IH 
^, an^ ct^ ct(«l^ ^^M H^'^'^'t i'H «*. Ji'"'^- 

sAiJll ^ 4li»{l aH»3|l=tl«ll Sirtl MiMilaHl«fl iil an^ 
|«l«l«(l Qi^lHC-tl ^IH §. >io aHQ-H» ^IH^I Mi">H- 
ilaai aHpinf^w C-i'>lniHl ^IH S, clMi ?i»-H Mi^Hil 

«Ml^M? ^l«ll Hl«\'(l i«»l(A anH Mlcttai ticll- 

R. CHiyt c-li'^ an^ \ CHl\A Ml^ltnl ilH d, ct 

SHi^Q §IH S. «ll'3l J!^<3i ^m ^. ciMi 1 ?(1 R. "{1<V 
^IH S. an 5l "{l<r»'H=-ai ^d'oiHi ^i Mi^l ^IH §. 

^-(3M»ll3[l»-H3l-Ml'l anPl «Hlir»'. 

l-S'H^ilsl-^s^aHHi MH 1l/l ciKl «lH«{l 
'U^'-MilM^ >lStlH ^, lii JyHl atRil'ti £^sl>ti 
ci k^['\ SjlH^l i^ ^. Hi^anni «>{l»/^i siii 
an^ MIS H=lWi =Hl^ §. cl («lHl5l ^{jk^l, 

r-imi ani^ S. hUH'mi •hi^j qs^anHi oftuv 

■HlM^^Ri ani^ d. W^MplMl ISW ^I'^ct ^i^- 

aHKi "(l-v Mltfd og^R %ii«l £«il cHi ^l^c^l 

S^ «4<^i 3l^'>i |il(^Hi "^llcli 6rti. ^S^aHHi 
Mlf^di ctTH (•Hlfcl^l'V'l) ^ aHH i^HlH d. 

i^ ^=(1 «y3ii3imi ^iflSii SiiMi^ (3S1 6. Si 

?aSSfn-t aH^ Sf^i^i MOtl^ tHPlHl «tlH Wi. 
Xcft^ll Sli^l <iY=li ^>HIH S, cl M^«(l a^;! ^i- 
n^-ilani (crotalaria)'ii "{IffV «H"lR>t[ ^a^m d. 

t-^U^^iniH-I. enneaphylla. 
4^ict-H. II. p. 94; N. p. 78; Watt. 
IV. p. 385. 

'-ll«\'ft V'^l^ 'Hl'l^'^ ^LM d. iiil jqfa^ct IV ilH 
d. MiSJ aa^ H«l ^l«ai ^31^, ^cic/d^ RreliMH 
■^^ **l|. ^^^ 'll-il ^^\ Mil^Wl^ 'H'l i|'«| 



(leaflets) ^IH §. ^»-H ^fldil ^ «a 'I 1 l| 
^2t SlWd ^IH S, cin^ y?in MH (£<H) anict^ 

RilSll (petiolets) M^ ani^cni ^IH ^. @HMH 

R.O lli k^ ^ictl ^»Hi Md^QMHl aniSR'ii sHcHct 
f Sliyn i^l^lCAl §IH &. ct'llM^ ^1<AI ^It^lKl 3fla^ 

H-yiSl^lH-^l(^<ii, fa^^?i<^Sl^^l[^^S an^ 
^■^IH §, an^l §U^l 9iiHM^ M«1^1H ^, ml ^H^ 

^-^ll^lH»tR-I. trifoliata. 
l^l-cl-H. ir. p. 90; N. p. 7it; Watt- 
IV. p. 386. 

5l-'^^Qtl-H-^lcflM«(l (^t+ao); 55T55 Iffl') (To); 

sfjlcSf Jlifr ( If o ). 

^ ki (sail 'H^ d. 31 mji!,^ 9,Hi @3i g ^^i 

^.'/Q M--A clHl ^il (^m :^.ini ^IH §. ^iKl ^i^ 
^icd ^IH §, Ml't ^I'-dKl "41 ^««J ^(^ mi 

«l1'5l ( V^ ) ^"ifl? ^-ti'Hl ^ ailHl^ ^IH S. Sl^l 
an^ ^ll'^l SHl^ S. 5irii giic(i>4^ tiitni "I h[U\[- 

^vi-sOsi Qitni i^iy, ijl^i 5j[ii5iictiu|, ^i^i«ft 

^o aa^ Slii^ ^IH 6. aH^li !^i^l%M^ ^8jH •■H^^l 
ff?<l "v^l "hi^U 3ii^i (tubers or nodules) 

i^ ^ictl -<?l'^ SH^ ^n(Al<^<l Mil ^IH ^. cl- 

M^ (39(1 6i^i, ?. ^m[ ?i^-*i =iidij qitfi'O \Hi{\ 

aHl^<:-{l ilH ^. -Siildl KlatSll QiPlMl^d H(4s^ 

d, ci H"^ci ^iil ff/dC-fliv (3=0 =l^5fl ^IH 6. 
"Hlrl-anict^, ^^^ \l 5**^ ^>^ 9{(s\\; ii'v>-H 

sHlil^ Jl«(l "^ 'IJin-ii MH^ MWlcil aHd&l ^i^l 
MlS 9/^1 %liiii ^ M»ll«?l Ml^icni ilH S. iliil 

alltAlvTslrti, ^ ^^^ ^,^>l ani^ft ^K $. ©M^'fl 
%lMl/l <M, «{l^ ^ rtM^ =l-«Hrt «>f, -HltflKl 
aniy^ |=ll/l ^IH $. KlaiKl «MI^ lOil ^ dM^ 

^'^^ ^u^i "^fltai^s^cti "S sitfii wi Pii^ii a^p^ 

^l«ll 'Hlf'l'O |-Hl/\ HlH d. an j^5 -HH (jc-l) <t 

^ai fiiioi an^ ^^ ^at«a iWi ^ll^l'Ji ^IH S. Ji 

ailcA'Hl^d 'Hl« §Jt, an^ ^m^HlMl ^<HIS =(l^M^l CHl^l g, 

MK^l ii-^-H ildil-Hl H^^i ^ftM aJliSii ^ SM- 



sii^i ^-siH^i, ^ ^m^i n'ti MW sicti ^Aeji 

Mi"^il5Hl h\d ^1l, «fleil ^3i;il^ SH^ e(l(/l,{l 

'^i^^[ ^IH S, ^ d^ ^^^ ^,^>i y^S ^{l^ ^i 

^n,'ai-(!^C-l)-2iifeli^ ^IH ^, ^ V «a M CHl^d 
C-li«Hl an^ CHJlQt^l \ "Hiy'l Ml^l^a ^IH d. ci^ 

atcascft ^IH d. ^ ctH^ ^\i =tl(A'fl |=tl/l aniqC-fl 
ilH ^. ^il'^l^ a<R '^R an^ «Ml/lM^ ^Icll 

^dsii Sis di^iKi ^M^Hi'fl Ml 'a=(i dHi ^i«n 

t-^M^ll^l- J an^ ^S^ani'ft oi'illSl aHKi 

6u"Hi an^ ^Hloy ^iM^iH d. S^rii aiucii (ji?ii •xhihS. 
e-^^i«ii-^^i an^ ^-5'ft slMlan, ^H<V ^=(1 

^-Cho [HH^in-^ ^U^Hi MIH 5^«ft ^'H( 

^viiH S an^l SiMi ^s^ Rm i^ ani^d, mi^ 

l-^ll¥lH«HR-I. trita. 
t^l'Ct-H. II. p. 96; N. p. 78. 

<%^i ci?i §. nni'-fl «liili c-iiy{l ^ii-«iiSii KlsM 

^lltflKl SHl^-A |«l«l ani^C-n ^IH S. <ll->HlaHl 

^ctcnl ^<\. Hidcnl an^ ®'K\ (&i^iHi«fl §ih S. 

MH anici^, anPl XiSi Mmi ^>HilKl "^il ^i^i 
^«J 5itAi ani^Sli ^IH &. ciHl 'Ha^li MH "tlog-li 
5\ Mid i^di PiUH >^li §IH ^. 5i ^i^i 141^ 

an^ ^R^ 9V^l ^iSiNni ^ ans^ S^^cQ -u^iai 
an^ ^^f^M aH(^Clm(Ai ^IH §. ^>MilMi'li wilogdi 

Si MH Hi^s^ ^ ?a \\ ^^ c-iNi an;) i «a \ 

^^ ^l^l^i ^IH §, a>i^ ^at^ MH 1 «ft ^^ 
^a* CHlui. and f ?a \^ ^'^ "^lliiui ^IH 6. 
niag'ti 5i MW SWi =l2t^ MH §^ §IH S. @MMH 
^8(H oAi^i =W«ll 3Y=li ilM &. >i<^M HRiSJ h\rii^ 
%ltfU «l^lSll«fl Mlcltfll an^l MH'-fl ij/l ^IH e. 
clM^ ^ «(l 1^ ^"H aHl^cni ^IH «(. ^ <r^(^^ 
«lHl&lrtl ^ictl ^3hI Md^ftaHHl anisji^cii ^tn g. 
^llil (!jCH)-{l=(l d^cfl ^IH §, dM^ ^iqi ^3Wl 
^IIAKI ^^-ll<n ani^C-fl ^IH ^. .?(l3l f «(l 1^ ^ai 
c-ti«>{l, an^l I- ?fl f c-tifcld =41^1^0 iiH e(. d R^l^ 

=il(Al ilH ^. ciM^ @^ Miai Hih ^"^ clHl a>is^ 

t)(l<v-| c-iiWd cniuil, ^«ii ^^icti, «(l«i, ai«a- 

Sdi, and 'iK^l'd M^ftdl Siejldl aniil^di ^IM ^. 
cl H<aii i|<^ ^IH d. 

^-(3H»il5ll=»>i3l-1«l, Mid an^l «Kl<r/. 

■<i-aii%l^lH-(H'4(^^ anPl JiK&l 

s/dl^l^ldl i">HM^ SiiM^cil^i ani^ g. iim,{l 
MlSM^ <Hl| M-5^ §IH dl nM^ Sidi Mid Hl/lPl 
<di^=(mi ani^ 0, fl«(l ct cl^d ^>5iy «!*{ d. 
a^dl Mid M«^ ^iiH'l^ffl'fl M^ aitffl^l :^5l <ddiqqid( 
hWHi 'mm. 6. «Hi<v ^it^-ii oii^iH §. 

<v m%l 9{(S\l aHdl ^dl MXHlMl ^IW llvJ Suc(i 



'iMl H[i 5iPl »-Hi<Hl'35lVll ii S. 

'l-<ll¥lM»ll>l-I. paucifolia. 

tyi-rt-H. II. p. 97; N. p. 79; Watt, 
IV. p. 386; \o Plo Mlo \i\. 

R-^^ftrlR-sAci (^lo); sAcHil (»lo); g^f^, 
%?55 ( JTo ); fiT55 ( f|o ); i|f?55: ( ?f o ). 

H'>Hn an^k^ 'tl^l'fl 'tl^l'O «tc{l §IH §. ^^ 
ci<l «U'«il»Hi 6«^l<v ( a Fern ) 'V<1 'll5i?(l 

^ll^lSll Hi4«t;Q ?.[<([ Vlrft ^IH 6. MH =wiiii ^ 
C-ll»ii; ^CH ^iwi ti ?i<Hl"{l :iiHi; a^^l ^Qjll (i^CH ) 
(lil Qt^Hl ■& %ll ^m\. HI Wl^^rtl i^Jl-fl ^IH ^• 

tfn«0 a>t?ia "S il»wi iiii ^Hi «l>si ^IH S. ct 
^(A'tl Hl« ®Jt 2H^ ^Hl£ ^^W" 5.SHl%l«lcil 

<l^l filial ^. 

^ini vinl, ^ildM'i^ft ani^itfil ^ «H?iii ffv'^l 'Mil 

^IH S. fit'l »161M^ ®<Ml =fl^l =>i^ ^ildii %lV- 

Hitfi'fl \'^\i\ ani^uii ^iH ^. ^iMta «ii>Hi5ii R^- 
4j!<\ «{k4i ■^ ^wi vi'il anPl nM^ ^i«ii=ti«\'{l 

^IH ^, ^ §rtl<l ^IH ell «11>MIM^*-(1 W/W ^^iKl 

^1 Sct^ 3Hi^ 6. ct ans^'U "iioj Ml«ai%i?lcti 
"mn-anirt^ ani^c-ti ^m §. dnl aHi ^-vwt 

ildilM^ 3 «ft M ?.^l ^IH 5. a 5l!, oftjnUl wiicl^ 
sHl^ §. an^l-Hl llfclHR «isl Mml m1 W^IM 

5Has MH Mi^ ani^ ^. cl ansfii, <n-^ ^1 <n(4^i 

%lis^i«lcli, 1 »l5!ii<?l <f/\l =ul^l(Ai ^ -^ ^a^«(l 

\ "S \\ 8=1 c-ti«ii an^ 4; «iiy'i«a \ ^ 3 c-iivA 

"^l^mi ilH S. 5i ^^H MH ( £<H ) tl ili^il 
Hl^QiV isa M^l <V^l «til ^ ^H'^i ^-^Hicft ^IH 6.MK 
(£CH) ff»'^l t^ii ^IH §. cicil «H-^ %lMl/lM^ '^^X '4l(Al 
a^liiiHltfl'fl |Hl/l ^IH §; rt«(l ^ ^itfiwtini 
^'Hi ^ ■>H^«i C-ll^ ^. clM^'O =l=H«{l 'i^ 
MlWta'ft ^Hioa (^i&U KlStflcft ^IH & an^ citl 
"{l25 4^1 ^>Hlcft ^icfl rt?ft. MH aiiOiHl^d =fli»5ji 
an^ (§Jt HWHl^ai iviajlH ^, an^ atl=l=llMl 3ltAa<i( 

^ih'^S. d \ «(l ^ ^a^ ^H. an^ ?il«ll "i ^[ 
aildiS aftat cti(A?ft (Jt^ilHC-fl ^iH &. cl MrtKl 
?i-v»-H ildil i^cti «til ^ c-tM ^IH d. clH^ 5li 
MtA ^S^S aHM ^lo 2(1 Mo ^jt ^8eH ^C^l aHl^«li 
^IH ^, ct ^ictl, ?i'Hl»{l "^ Ri|^ \Mi, 7 ^ai 
£lin(, ^ Mci^ftaHi <^Hl aniSl^'li ^IH S. a^ j^j 
Ji-H'ft ildil ^^H ^IH S. ^ i-H §«<iHi M«a 
cftaft q(/(l «iH d. ?t<tl Hm ^8jH H'^HMI 
^IH &. ct ct^ct -vH^l «KtH §. 

y^tHl^lllH-'tl M^l M ^IH d. ^ ct(tfl«l«n 
sn^siHC-ti ^ M«il5l cHl Mi=i tictl ff>^€l l"»Hlctl 

^iH d. an Mia^ dcti ^i/Hi sttaj shi «iSil ^ 

51 iV^l Ml^ltni §IH §. ^o «tlo 1W a>is^«(l 
?iSll«*{l WlHl^cll ^ "16R^ ^ic/(l \<^li['^ «{l^ 
^l5li ^>HIH ^. cl 4 -HifcH C-ti^li an^ i^o ane-Ho 
\[^.^ Hi^l i^l ilH Wi. 

^fl^d SM^-ft (^i&RKl ^-w^ Mi->Hil ^ eUfcH 
Ml^lt/fl an^^ "{Is? aii^ Mi->HilSil a^<il Hdl 
«iiil ^IM 6. an ^-VA-H mI^mM <^(&W'{1 "tlogM^ 
^l(Al '-tKAKl |«ltfl ^IH d. ^ cl^ "il^ ^8(H 
aHi^ft, ct((n«l a>i€^rfl iHlog Ml(Al«€lctl Vl^l ^?1;H 



"^^^^l-lo (iii^ya (diadelphous) ^IH §. 
ctMi (!r «l8l "tHiHSli ^ SHj, V|^ ^IH ^. ^ rtH 

oy^l -dSl ^di ^IH «!. <v aJiS H"^^^ ctSH ^i 

€411 -<3Hi ^ n^ ^^i(I\ ^^^h =H<^ft ^ih ^. 

^m[ nm'^ va^ \<^U\ ^ih d. dfcnii Mltai^tslcti 
n^ ^^^ ^8{H ^icniw«l3 nifls =ii«n41 ■>{l^ 5?^ 

£t5i(H3i ^ cHiy^i i^i^itfil ^iH ^. ct ^Mni 

IHWiiKl Ml H^Ali »iiil5Hl=lltffl an^ ^^^ ani 
cdjft^l i(dl 3Y=fl ^^M a>il^(lHlcnT ilH d. clM^ 

"T S^a H^l ^IH d. 5i s^is ^a'omi ^ «fl <f ^ 

ic^l ^biVcPi ^i anisi ^<^ iiM ^IH 6. d 
M^^fl ^ll'Jlili 1m "ftoy § cl ^ll'ai^ =(lHi Rl=ll«i 

«fl«i ^ atCAictl MMl SUSil^ Mtartl »ilSMi ^H^ 
Htaji ijiaj §IH §. wi^ cl I c-tnA >liimi an^ 

iHVl (hilum) ^IH ^. 

! ^ai Hl^ <HM^IH d. aH>l ql(i «l^'>i C-1^ 6. 

a>i^ o(l«l i:^^rtl clHlH ^l^sHi g-H^ ^IM^S^twi 
ani^ &. ajlc-Wt guMHl ilrjlrii, "MRlrn S-Hi 

j ^Picni i^i'-t-HRi anR §. n?a >\i^JKl 3i^Hl t?. 

811H §. oJlstKl wil-li SlcH^l i^^Ri aniq $, rt«(l 

sAiJl'll MK aitfll'ti MH'U «l8l *lca<\ ci»li«fl 

Mli^ ilH ell ail<lPi >ll^i>li :(y{[H ^. ajlsnl 
Ml-I <V>H>1 \oin\. m'i ailcQ^ <fr'">M>lM^ ^S=lWi 
ani^ §. ajlc-nl MH cll/lPl l[\ an^ ?lUiaJiiri[ 

QiiJiM^ ^3} c^lt^cll iii"^ uiiH<HiMi anin §. ^AchkI 
MW^ =ii/l ^y'ii wii^i «isl >ica<l ci 3i^»i i^ 
'Hitni'ii m<^ ®M^ 31^"! &ii^i m^ S. jAc-hI 

Ml-i ^R aniSffl anio^ ^m fli SHl^lta-ii MH^l 

«i«l ^fn<l ci^i @ii<?ii it[ n>ii Hl| ^1^ 

^"il^ anPl T>ti ?llli ci ^l^^ MIH ^. jjlc-wl 
MK aHiHtfWi MK'Q «l«l qicfl ci^ ^i^M hii 
ci^l M^^ 1; Mil vcii?(l YcSli CHloQ ^m ?il 
Hm^ H\ i^mni aniH ^. ajlc-lrli MH Wi^hC'I- 
aMl lil^aMi liC-lli 3i:Qot €il>l Vilrtl t^ctl. ^^^C-Hl 
MW anPl MCHi MK^ ^il4l ct'ft «Ml^4 (HS^ 
i^ ci %l(S\i Hlta^ ieiM a^dl^iqi ^l^ ci^ HtJJl 
£ll"ii -HlM^ 0. sAc-Wi MH^l ^%t ^li^Kl «ll 
%iJl6^P <iM^ aHMlH §. sRsm §u=llri t^icf(l 

ct'fl ^i-»H «^<flaHi ?i<^Mi >l(a^ (§d^ Mm (mw) 
«iy §iH cii ciM^ eiJiuqRi ani^ ^. sAswi 
MH^i ^« ^H an^i g^rQ «iSi mni^ ^h^\^ 

aHMlH ^. sAswi MUdl ^«^ <v^l ai^M i^ ciiH 
«l«l ^(a<l iH Mli»ll ^IH cil ci»ll ci^ /ijj 
<-^n ^. ^Ac-wi ^uciirO ^i>H ^H'H «i8l ®si/l, 

aM£J>4, 'H'l rMTWl ^PRI anMlH d. ^Asi-fl il^fl 

^Q'sli ^d'li €»ii=iw >{lji'{l %ii8l ■^i^imi ani^ 
^. aftsul MW Ml<^ftMi Siiufl ^iiM^ <Mifciqi«ft 
M«ll"i 'i V^irtl ^IH ?ii ^^ $. ^Ac^^ll ^il mhHI 

w/\ kmMi Siiofi i^d @fci^« an^ 5^1 @\(^ a4>im 
S. aftsui «{lov siufi^i u{i(vKl »ii^s (am n\^ 

•Hlfcl^liV't aHl=lctl«fl) Mtill >5ir^i 311^1*1 g^ H 
W^MplMl %i\.(mi ^^<H illll ■'Hlrtl i&ctl. ?Ac-Hi 
^UHl -"14^1^ Slioi MilHlKl anPl ^tl^wil lllll^ 



sAcH'ti ^uqw ^ii^^i, '-ts^i, (3i, 3UH an^ 

iid «ilH d ^ ^l^l^ -"i^ iti^ in 5Hl^ §. 
iyH'tl rllH^ft ^iiy <mi (ail =(lRl^l Ml, ^. n 

iAswi ^uHiJHi ^'fl "^HH^i <§»wi^ oyMI'IM^ 

Ml^, Ml^il'tl ^il^sHl ill, ^rt^l^ ^l^, M-Sn^ 
dHi, i^R-il Ml'3'il cttfd'-lltffl i^l^ »>'^'lMi, =4^ 

orHiriHi 35lc-tcii ^li'Hi mail ®^l &, 

an (^|:t«lKrii Hi^l>Hv.l <Hl3lmi «ilH ^. 
ofta «l"-£ @H^^ H«l^l<v ?ll(S,$i sllQl ^IH aHH 

^Hmi aniH^ ^m HR^tiS'i "Mniil ^^ly =i^d ^ih 

ci'-a ovsilSii:^ r^|^«lKl>li o[l$l ii ^, rtl ani 
H't^Mfct'tl ^Um sHcQ (vouai^Ri R?lHs(l S^lctl 
^Wl«a 5h^ ^m ajICH M^ji 6^. 

<H'«H"H<1-oi«^ ^ SHI ei'^'il^'fl <v-'HQ0l S, «Mi 
>^lii n'Al^l'ft SlMHl'^n ffvHl'l'li a^l^m ^l^qi 
«n'4 "*^ldl fectRm«\l ailH 'S. <?{i'tl Mt^ll <Hl/l5Ml 
5A(«.^l -^ (q^lH i^^ <^a»{lH ^MSlH'il M^<r»i^ 
^IH 6 ciaai tniH^'li JlcH^ iWl -H^ Mej ajl^Hi 
£W»3J i^ S. SH^I aa^cHl »il^ ^'Isni ^ii tlcHaj 

>^ldi «li^lHi ciM-V ?i'-Hy ^Hl Mi^i aas ^l^Urt 
d^t ^lliC-i «, ojk-wi Slrtt^ mR^ 'I141IH §. 

"SlctiSi i^«l ^^a.^, ctl MIM MH il'a«i."* 

cl ^n^?iw rt'Hi/ cl'fl t<ld^ ^HtHrrt dH^Pd 5. 

HliWll'^Wl iiil tl^^lS'li ■HU^fl'fl 'Hli[ 5«l«fl ^IHliT 
nt<l 5 ri^l tH'-lW :!fliWl &li=tl5ll«A ^iSl UW ^ 
cl^4il ^'"hk hii @5lCHi SHitHl, 5Hi<HC-(l, <M 'S •HlM'^'ti 

•uitonrti ^5i'-fl ^H\i viii ijii cii^Siwi ofl<:<i<ic-ii sAni^i- 

M^Sft MHn^ s{M(J Mil ntH 5 ^H^ ci?(l cHl Mlt?n^. 
=1^ e/cti aHiiW »l=ll«fl cl'fl aHl-rioil^i'-fl 'MU^fl ffit^'fl 

<H^ 5 sHn ci4 Hfiiiii>i t«ii ^iflti ^%ii(^ «tfc( i/l'ti'^i 
UiHiy <!<^. 5. 2H^ t«ii >i|i?i MiSi M^ w. ann 

MltS(n?(l rl JHi ct-i ^»l (^I4«tl) «IW &. Si?fl SCHi 
^fU-Wl Bli=ll5Hl 'l^SiKl iiilM? §5l€il §W 5 BlMi^i ri 
Hlij'n'tl WCH«(l i3">Hil wctl -t^. SH^ rt'fl SHl^lMl^l'fl 
'Hi^ Mioj 5«l«A ?il=llr{l ct'-d. %Jiff/ 'tis 'Htei ri'fl 
SHlTjiiHlnl MH?fl'{l &a>li anwctl 'ilXl'tl ilHni «^W 
1W S. rt'-fl 6c-l?(l ?iimy ^iSHi-ft ^■Kl't>li Mi^l aftc-w 
Sum @ilc-ii ^w ni rt ff/Mln Mit:^ si'u'fl Wi*t w. 
JMC-tl d^^ ei^fj n^'fl wei^d Ml^lHlil 211H MiyKl 
^l«'ft dm-fl ff^Hln -^'llMl ^iHliJi ^d"^! 4di rt 

'"id^i'fl Hifl ?tr-ii(r s/sT >Hd"^i din 'liwi «iy =wi 

6di. <J>8fl d ^d''<l'li ^UJ-lwi SHMiy iwi (4di. *Hn 
MRlHlil aim SH^ H^fJ iiil'ft ^lofllioa w'Kl'l^l'-ai 

■Hiii =1^3 'i^Kl 5c-i«fl dMiH >ti^ ?iwit! <r<'y ■<nis 

SH^ "K*!^ ""iitCHl «iy ^m ^dl. an^ an t/51i5) 5ii ni 
»^14 ^H (qii^il) Mil nlH ancQ URcfl ^M'^lHl 
aHKcfl ^dl. snr-d ^d Ml^niil siWfl ani^Hm'fl 
H^d n^'ii iiii'fl -TK'Hl'i warii Miijfl^d ?ii=»iy rcdi 

aniiWHl Hli ani ;i=i^!Hwni ci cl'nd'il SiiPtCt^'^i^ 
(i&K-l Ri'H'tl iC>i<W^ Mr. W. T. Morison. C. 
S. I. 0. S.) itHC-y. S\. -HlClyrt :mI§<>1 Qil^UlHft? 
an^ "Hl^ieiWl aUH'fl ^H aHSMl 'H^g <{[<{ <iiA 
iiiiani a^n Si riilMX Ot^ldl ^ilHl. ^"Hl^l, a^^ 

■<Hi^ ^iCl dmni ^^ ^iMiSiwi iiiiSii d^ts/^iwft 

•tWfl ffc'Hl't Si %j^tai ^a»4 anqld, ^C^fl ^^d«l 

^■>Hd ^■»Hi«*ti 6ai. (^Rui«^ %2^-5i5^-:!i^d!!-&-an4 
ivs-ritH^. <rvs. dl. ^V-a-t^). (§M? VMli?l 5l lyyufl 
wHld ^"JHn ^I'^-Hl Mt^ "I ^^»fl 3HSH an %"«td 
wMldHl ^lidi-fl 5l5i 3{iei,ii ^«i'^i 5ii'4i §5n »Wi (&di. 
aH< c*l« MtA :t1»> HH^ ■HHjfl'fl n' 6«l aHl<l i^rfl ^ 

wcH«d an ^(|ict ovHlnxi^fl >iiil rif^ ^widi clMi (Ich5;i 

ft?iH ilH Ol^l^l ^'^l. an^t 5i o/siR^ aHi=i(/l, <HlHta 
ann x>ftCHii anifg oflmi yiJii ni^Wl ni^Wl SliliaHl 
^Idl'fl 5l5i (§:i(l 3Wi ^ctl. aai'^ ^rl 5l ^(^rt ff.-'Kl'i 
aHl%t\ S*l t»<4^ ^yi oiU ^M^wi aHl'=fl ^rfl. i;?(>i<lW 
S* n^^i d»li«fl Hl%l an^ <»fl«t illi^liaJlHl C-llOi %nwi«t 



t-^U^lHrlW-I. hirsuta. 
i«kct-H. II. p. 98; N. p. 79. 

ct =iRW H^[ ^=(mi a^l^ ^. aH'lt 5HMI ^U'-il- 
n^ iiii'fl '5i<^ •im'fl avMlnMi ^i^\ ut^li iiM 

*l^ ^i»i^l ^q^MH^ 4^5ii SHl"^ Mltsi "^i^l HlX 
ann Hl^lHUl 311H 5'i^ SM'i S§i-(l 5l«4l •ilH'fl 

"»nis ot^rt Hlitfil sHism 611 5H^ «<*i ■Hii'fld na 
^tl fid JV^'U '^iRdl ^dl ci MiMi'Al tY'^'X dM^ 

Si ovHinSM^ "Hiii "Hii^l'fl SchmAi sin niHl ■'Hili 
6l^H dMW 'i^'lsti 5. SH^ wMln^i tt^u ^131 i^^iy 5ii 

^Mlilu^ 9MI<1 ^iSHSll 5, ^?(l (iUH t«l( ^3 n't MiHl'ft 

tHiUiiH ««ii MiS: ^li^ iiji'U Cn'Slin •ti^ Siioi- 
■nicfl wMl't 9ii«^ •t^'n mi^l'fi 5st?0 ?ii'Hiy -t nt*i 
rt^ Mii. x«t>i ri T/'Hlnni tH=iii=i i\<^m[ *Hi^4ii ^ni. 

ri-tl yt?<lH -^iMl Hl^ ci i/Ml'lMi -"ll^iHl m^, ^Hl^ 

mi i(l«'ti SuHiSii ^s^cH ^ri c^i (§?iai ^cti H 

r^3j^ «Hi«t ^Mct ^IMnwi aHl»m 6ctl. 5i (^*5i4'{l 
wHK Ml^ 5i HH'fl 5H«? "ni^ «t? 2HH aHCHrll &li=ll- 
*Hl^ %llMci »t^ia 3l4ti-{l ^rfl. aHH ts^Mftll |Sl«l 

'^\H\f. «t«ll 6^1, an^ ^n MfimiH 2Hl»l«l 5ia Qh%i 
H *Hl^C-ft 5H<1 &«l 9tlS^ nsflMi aHi<l ^ctt ci »CH«ft 
Hiii %1«^§ 5li«<l ?iiHiy s/cQ ffcHl'l^l <H=HW -"Hl^ 

»<t«i«ii ?iiH4i an^ sJl^'ti QiiniSii^a »t*ii i^cli. t,*ii^ 

S'til MlUilHi ntil HMi (4cli. 

^ft-ii wiimSii <\{[, ^isaii, cttawfl Mi<a an^ t>(ijj 
5i<l wsiiSiivi^ Mlctl'fl 5i5l (§5[l SHIH 5. ci'ti >ltfi 

$, rin ct^Siwi Mu^l'n 5c-t Miii iiil ^licQ nsfl. ^AcHni 

&lS«4l*ll «H4«IR Hui «l»ill MtA ci^i tnW SHk^tHM I 

^^dMn^fl ^cttfR ^^ Mlctofl, @MWl SiR^ii §»(l 
i<ii>ll=il'/0, a^^ =i">Hci Rdl^iictl ^ai-fl §IH d. MH 
^^M, 5Hict^ 5Hmi, Sis Ji-^H ildilM^ M «(l \\ 

Mil ci'ti <sviH\oiH SiicuSli ly <»iH 5. rt 5^^4i ^tfl 

5 n^[ ri (§ii 5 c«li tnlnl §11^ <r,t(;t,ii wlicti;^ s/iil .^(4 
'HlMcti cl aHkd.tHlut'fl ct>tlH wMl'l H^ CHiJ" ^ilclWl 
fectrt <iHii &. SHl'-ti mltni'fl aH«^ T<«tl^ ci^SiKi 
WC-l-ti -HUsfl «t^cti «HIH 5 ^ cHi '^^i M^ &. ^A cl?a 

Sii^twi Hui Q=i%i ■mi4l»ii uii<Hi ^§ ^i ^'A ci^ 

^§ Muj cl^ii -^trmi Miiiil mill Qci^i ^^ ^iMtsi 'nn 
di^iw >ii?^g n?n. 

>^lXl ct^SiHi Mll^lKl <H[^ ^&A VflHl MU^ll, SH^ 
ciKl HlslKl ff/Hl'l^ tH=-ll=l=tl, ^fl^rlt SlictlSHl 5i«l 
§M«tP(l 5 rt dM^'tt (&bnScl«a <r/l3llcti (4H ^I'^Kl ^W 
ctfl5 ci'd (§M^l3lctl fe >tl^ Sji^iv 4^3 tH^l «t?l 5, 
»'^\Ptm ^4l«l'ft tfUici Hl^lHWl ^oik-a 5H«Wl 5=i(a 
aUc-t^l »U<Hl?Hl5l Ml^iHUl «H^ iilMlWllIt? ilWft 
clHlH 91^1^ tHl«t S^ll =H«l Rww Ji>'-lc(l ^l"»{l 6'^. 

*H^ %i4'Ji ^iii^i (M) ^ ft9iis«ii 4cti. 

aniHl aH%il5^rtioi Sx^il^ift jftani Wli^tlSll^ll ^{^i 
4?'t«l SHI ^^l^stWHWl ^rlliflaHl 5il^l 5. 5 w'Stl 
^«Wl SuHlSll 4lVi 5 .r/MlnxiJa ^l^ Sldl «ll<l 

^•iiKl <Hil 4^ii>ii iHi«a ti'^H 5. ^^jft n^ niitfii 

H^i^'tl 4iilSMWl :?ftC-l<ll WUHiSii -iHignJ j/=tisfl civ 

^is-ii ■Hueilsil ?iwiy <nii wi. SH^ ci^ "uftuiivi -i^ 
$ ^i4»ii 4iaMi^'ti ^Hct^i -141^1 »<yHs?J, 

^H^Ai SiimSii Mi^ ■Ul&^i (no io«r)ni5ii«ti'Hi'ft 

^-ll i;^ ^1^ 5 SllSl clH ir/ilCH ■^Hlcll'a ^Cl ■WHli^ 
(coppice) mcMl'l tH^ltH^ SMW ell ci n^^i^sfl rl^ ^4 

4^1 ^ur? r-tHHif^i 1W 5. ci«fl ani ^1^'ti'i'ii ini 

^(S{< Hl{l ct^S §H«lR>ti ?iHl iiA'H'tl Wli'll'Hl n'Hl'l 

SM^jfl g^ :il(> inH iiVl ay "Wii l<=iwi sHin ell 4y 
^?4ct <?>i •t'fl. \i^ o([n\. ^rti'fl ci^a fWci 3ii«i 
*H^ <hI»4 ^I'^W $ii5i aini^ani 4ll^W ci 4lVl c-kTi/iwI 
'H^'ii'tifi sHiM<i ^ySi n(^. 

ifl«Wl Wli-HW m5 5H4 't4l>ll 'i>Hl aiuiciiHi SHln 

w riiMi^ y^^ H'l^MCciRiQ'ii Si SiiHi antrt yi^ 
'*lii 41H tHMH 5,ci S'Hwi Sini 4w«A %i§»«' w(?iiy 

SHlH w. Hll: Sini anl ^=l^«<K>ti ^H "tn ciH HHl^l 
ann <H=UIH 4^Hl ^ySl. 5>i5 41'rl |4l5l ^l^Wl ^«l 

ci^§ ann 3i^'4 >Hicii ct»ii ^tHi^Sii^ "ini^it >ii'^ 41H 
aniH Sicii (n^m ^i^i :ii:^i shi41 «iiii h^%i«^ i-ft^ «ty 
^i4cii 'I'll. 

aftswi ^li=ll ^i-Wl ■Hllill %ll>i 4Hlri^ yn =^^^1 
"hI aH=^lA a*'? sii^^.Miit/ ifA^ >l4 ^ifirt'll'l y^\ 
cin y'y^ sIMKI ^»1«13 ^M^ otMcl^ mI^iM 14^1. 



(sen) ^^n /li^ilM^, sHs SI sH^ (^lyHi «R^Ri 

C-lhi ?,Rl i^'-li §IH a>. :^'^H HR«l i^Hl^ ^HOO 

MuKl »i-"-H ild^ ^i[ ^m\. ct?(l «§oy ^i\ ^ 

an^ Xl^ Ml^ H'S\[ ih sHl^ili ^IH S. <t ^Irtl 
|vsl<A Ht^fl C-ti»Hl an^ atcaidl aHc?{'Ct ^ft^l «»1'^<KI 

§<Kl MR'-ii"(l, an^ c-ihi ^casrti ^itni '^ ^i 
'■{w{\ i'rsm'-^ <Hm^ ^iH S. ctnU ^ ^ "flsv 

an^ ^tn Ml><fl»ii H^^ 'Hl«lHl ^l^M^ ail"H.jmM( 
ani^ d. 'H'll $U=ll ^IMI^ ^sR'ft ^W^ aJlilHloil 

t-^U'HlH'iR-I. argentea ( Var) casrulea. 
tyi'ct-H. II. p. 99; N. p. 795 Watt. 
IV. p. 383. 

^rai%ci* (?io). 

a-HiSJ'l-^Ul aH«lHl iiiHl Sli=ll alW^ ^lill 

Ml'Al ^'Hi, an^ <l(»l H'^jl ilA 55^5 ^ (HP^ffX 
o\ t^l'VHlt'il (^IH §. a>il'-tl 'SliHl anSHiiilaH 

S. a C-ti'-^l, k\Si M«^ldl an^i §a{l SAdcfl ^IH ^, 

MH c-tini; ^chHI ic-t^ft Mi^ cni'^l; an^ «n»lmi 

3UK[ MU'd SH^HI «Ml<n r«niH aHl>Hl ^ti'-tl- 
M"< ^Mi <vm '-IfAScll Hl<Ai HltA'd i'-tl-Tld =»H^ft^ 

aHl<l r^lHl^l ^flill Mli/l «nH d. 

aHbwl ^<l, =»i^ «U">MiaHl ^d(/(l«fl ^SldMH «y<l 

an^ ^itfii ^tfaicti 'm«\'fl l^ti/l-j ^idi* =»i^'i^ 

^IH d. an a>{%ct^ rf>H«ft l^i^rti '{li«\l ^nH §. 
■Hl'i-'Hicl^ ani^iHl ^IH d. rt \«(l R.y^ 3 

^IH W*. nM^ vs «fl \\ 'tl^l'ii MH (?C-l-leaflets) 

3, V "^ \ siiii ^IH §, an^ «Mi MW ^■'^H 

ildil^ d:i «nl<rH <xmH mh i^cti -*^i^ ^m d. 
si^ilMhi MW ^ «(l I ^=H «ii"ii an^ 3 Ml M 

StlfcH ^r^l^li ^IH §. and ^il^ MH I llI=H«ft 
\^ ^^ Sli«a an^i -^ ?a f "^ ^IfclHR \ tjai Ml^l'Ji 

^iH S. Si '^Hi \[< n^m ili^il <^r<\ «iiii «trti 

cHi^ iitAi ^3Ki «ivJ »nH S. ^ ci %(im'-iicai ^m d. 
Mii m^m >H^ ^nn d. m« @u an^ ^qi? 

aH<^n ivHI «ii^i ilH d. 

^iM S, ci \ «a ^1 tl^i c-ii'.41, MK^l >i>*H iUil«a 

Ji/l, an^ «^<v Minf^il ^IH d. rtM^ <5»{1 d^ii 
an^ ^o «(l Yo :^ctl«^^ni ^^«li Hd^flaMi -^11 
^8jM ih yi^ii <V HW MW aumi ^IM S. J^ChHI 
iUil ^^-H ^iH '2*. d ^Crt Sy.S*<l MtiH 'dafl =l«il 



<rnH &. ildil ^o «^lo ■^l'^, ^H^ ^T^«^ an «n^i j S^rli <nlfl ^IHM «fl^ aMd O^'Ji 3H«lHl Ol'Jl 

CHl^'i Mlil^Al ^IH ^. ci Klsft 4«ldl, aH« ^«l<fl, 
ffl^i, a^CAirti SH^ f C-tlfcH C-thi ^IH 6. j 

1-(§H»ii5i-'^'ti 'i'A^i ii^i mn^ 5H^ "{I'M 

5^«j R'-IR>41 'li^lH ^. aJiHi MK^ =ll/l^ n-^l 

q\^lH d. 'km'^ "iH «ifc) 31HI ^IH ctl MiM^ 
(Hl| |55lfc) «tH d. aai^ sv ri(^ M^i |»J aHl^ 

«vw ctH^ ct^n =ti(n »ii<l «nH ^, ^i^tl jh-sI 
^»nwi iiMMi HH^iH ^. ^i-siii <4l«>' w'^mRhi 
esitA'ft =i"^n 3i<l«H ^i^i "^ftwd »n<'{l %ti«l «l<a<l 
n-ii ^lic-tl i^ ">Mlctl ^ni. 5Hct[ «{l(v m^ji %^ih 

ISi^ki i\im 3i(/(l^i i^ 5H«iii ^31 aniH^iiMi 

ani^ 6. aH'ti MW'ft <?iy\ HltA^ iltAl i^^l Ml^ 

ani ^H^«iH^i »iHi, »ili«, s^iMl^i, ^imwrt, 

»ilS, n^Hl^l an^ jll^eii cl«ll ani^Qani^ silM'fl 

2i iiQnwu, i=-a an^ C^^'Ii^i^rUihS. 

NH S^cti =1^1^ ^lil«li an^ a>l'0 ^it^ll '1^0 

>s^n\ 6»l.* 

1-^ll^M«ilH-I. tinctoria. 
tyi'rt-H. II. p. 99; N. p. 79; watt 
IV. p. 387; ^. k Ml. \o(i. 

^fa, S55I (;To); ^"ic?, 5fl?5, 3c5f (f|o); fJjc?!^, ^^WI, 

3-<Hi4«i-'l'^n a>i«icii o^/lrii §iic(i vi^ ilil 
"i ^i^Hi wU'-ilHl ''ll ^iHir^ ^i^ii ^/l ani^c-ti 
^Hi^i ani^ 6. ci ^ ?(l V "^ ^ivj-^u ^ ild 
^Hl @=Hl ^^ ft. an^i aiicl^!^ Mlciwft, C-ti'Hl, 
M«^ic(l, m^fl «U">HiaMl KlS^l 6. rt^ aH^ii \siy-ii 
Hl^i^l ^«tl«fl tt^lSl^ «l3l g. <ll-<HlaHl "SlW'-lW 
^liHUl KlSi^l QtPlHi Jsiil J/41 »i^ ^iM ^IH 

•S. MH c-iNi ^\[(f\Hi 1 sifni^ifirti -<5Hi; ^<h 
^dwslni HltAi wi; an^ ^il'^li (i^c-i) sAt^tt, 
cHi<Hl, ^Hl 1 ^.-m <v^i ans^ wdl ^m ft. 

5i^ SifHl^ ^41 aHl<l vml RlHl^ <il»il "41^ ft. 
aJlrtt SHl'uil ftU'-lW '^1<AI ^^^ aitAicll qmKl 
m^n aHl^i\ |=ll/l ^IM ft. Mi^i Sirii 1R(A <HR- 
H^ ^l F-l^l^ i^ dM"4l<laHl i^i<\. Hf[i<H HltAHl 
3flai {<:{[{[ sii^m ani^ ft. Sl^i aHl">Hl ftUHl- 
Mi«(l aH(3j3R<:fl Sl6i =ll%i Kliol ft. 

an^ ayMln^ti (34i 'nlc-ii ^ih ft. 

avlil, ^ll^HlsHl ^ciu(\«il ia^«fl aniHi^l 5y<fl, an^ 
■iR«\ ^U'^ianl «vt4l ^l^l«(l ^cttf(l «?<l ^nil ^IH 

* ani ^^^mn (^l^oi?.^) Ml 'iSwi Sum ShS tV^ll^H 

^^^UKhI <jH 5. rtl'Hi^ ^iijiwin -Hl^l^Ml cl R?lH 
SM^ ^l^l «11H &. »tiJ 'H'tl Wli^inW 3l«tl^l 'in iliHl 
^t^'ll'l cl^i;«fl S'l^lK-l a^l^l aHlMHlxi aHlH V. MIS! 
^Kl tti?a '7»in' \hM. ^^^m<< §cM« IIM 5, Sh5 2i5 

c/ssl 5-Mi Siini^ii ^C^ >t"i'=im1 H^l mwi 4iMl ^<ni 
i^-^iti -^Hi'-i y«i^«R^ =iui< h\i \i S. =>Hi *^^«iw>ii 
»iiwi wii=(Ri»(l HVftni^ai MdHiMi sMi^ «i. ■mji 





MH (?.Sl-leaflets) HlH S. ^^i \ ^ \'^ MH 
«tH%tl^i sAii^ ani^Sti, an^ ans MK ^i'^H 
ili/l^ fil ilH §. MH^l SM^KI «Ml«a ^4!!^ 

C-O'rll -<5l'{l ^>MIH §. ?i-^H ildil ^Icll SHl^Hl 
Hl't "^l^^-ll^ V «ft M fiat C-tini ilH S. M«3i ^-^H 

^« Kls^n ^. a^l <^iy <:(l^ ^IHWi. MK^l r-ili JiHl- 
^iicil ^IH S. MK ^SIH ^ ^iX l!l«Ai SIVT "IH §. 
(§MHl't H'Sli ^J^M ^IH S. 

MiilijiMWi ^h</\ 'fliM ^iH §. n MH'-a isa 

^IH d, A n'llM^ ^J?^ illtAl ^imKl Viiii 5HI^«{1 

'H'^M«il^^W-'{t^"H MR tidiqioll «{l<Jll ^»l^l 
ct'tl MR Ml^l«ai £ictmi«fl Jli tidlKl aHi^n «v^l 

yUl<*-M''rt^^lH-'{l MlMil^il M ^JM ^. ci»li 
%U«a n^R'ft Ml^iyft ^-^-H •HlMil aH«l--tl M- 

^idl /\^nSil^l(/t\ li*\ ^. ^«ft =»i?R'{l 5^ -HM- 

m'A'ft 5Hl<r\'-tH^ ^IH S. di a>ij:irO ^ ^lil- 
Mi'^ilSil'ft aH?.^ ^1-aH^ ii"i«^l iiWdi ^IH 
6. Si MlMilSiiHl «i^i^ M»«J SltAl 9i,^l ^I'nKl 

a>i^ «r dl d^Sii Sis oftrn «l«l svtilH^ll ^IH 

(Acil, HlS^tflctl a>i^ ^rA ^^H T^">M<=ll5ll ^IH 6. 
^ff3l-( ^C-l )-\ ?ft \1 tJat C-ti»{l, 1 «ft ? 

^-{'Jicft, 'J^q iy^&^i <Hi>A aHi^tl^iif/n, iiitfii HuaKl 

3lt/(l^l ^>l «11H ^. *4lffV»ti'-fl Sii avtrt^ ^41 
'{[h'K d, n a>riH^iHiip(l §. iiufl'li Ml«i- 

i« aH3R ^31 Mli^Jf anl'-lH n<l> HM^IH S. 
"aiafl ^m d, ^ ct?(l ^a( C-H^l S. 3l(/(l 

€i3u^qi?a «'^£ ^.m sitfii «iih d. >li(&, ^m, 

^1»IHI ^W, ?i<H.ji, Si «q ^151^ »ldli d." 
(HO ^JHl^lS?). 

"3H41h( \(tflHRi ^^-ft aH%l^ r{[%i SVHl^l 
?i(Sl ^^?ll d. Jiwfl'li Sissii Mi^^i «ll^^ aH«im 
ti «l«l MH ^«a<l^ aniMHRi ani^ ^l cl iica- 
mi'll iHl«t^ Hdli' 6. ci'ii Mlf.ii^l ^« MiM^ 
=ilMi=ll«(l M«U«n HHl^ ani^i &, 3H/(\;il :^Ji aiiM- 
i^m anlH cil 5ii«vl ®rl^ $. atisi cWl dl^i^ 

^i^n -iit/flSii^ii :i%i ^^. «i«i m^i^I 'iiini 'na^ati- 

M/l «*tH d." (h. ■«ll. V. 3ll. ). 

"vSllSi OK/ft M«^ @3l $. ^iMm (|9V4 .A<^l an^ 



<H^iT^itfii 5H^ nKl f&^i ^iit-ft ^H'li i^cii MWt^ 

an^ C-li'Hl ^IH «i >ll^ »H^ ^^ s^ ^• 

cictiH § ^ anl aiufl (I. tinctoria) S. M"^ sHl 
"SlVj 5;U4 't'-fl. MiJi ajil 1[I. ca^rulea)>li'-(l Sl^ ^. 

^cilc-1 ciid «l^5i (Watt. IV. p. 387 to 469) 
V^«r ^Hl mhI <:^ Mi ani^eli §, ^ H^l =tiaiHl 

* ^rt(H«^ ^=l*nKHi 3l«tl (Indigofera tinctoria)- 
rt^^?fl •^(cioi^ H-HWi ani^iil 5. 

siutlni 5uHi SHI ^H^mn^i Siiiiioii c/^a ^< 
•tiieii aHi(i»u>ii'(l ^H^i R?iH, SH^ Rn^wwni i<H- 

>iWl'fl H^i ll?l 5. 'HlJl SHI *=l^UW'll ^ACHli ?il5l 
Si "»H^H«/flIl ?i^l aHSl=ll ff/ai^HVft 4§ 5. SH^ 
si>4l sH«l=ll o/H^^lVft (Indigofera cserulea)^ 
aiVfl s§ w. SHH rtMi«(l »l«a^l ^'31 il^ 5. »Hl %=l- 
^*tw <i^^«A 3i«ft'ii SU'ti Hiil rtHi«a V^i ii^ fiifT- 

s/HWl 1^ ^«l^l SHlM^lwi SHl^ 5 rt iTwl^SU Mijl 
THil^lVft (I. tinctoria)'ll 5li=ll <<<il«lrtl 't'd, W'^ 
3^41 sH^'-li WH^HWft (I. ca3rulea)'ti Sum tdl'ft 
rt'li'A 3l«flni V'l Sl^ 5. ^ (H«iwi H«l(il aiyfl-il 

^I'wfti ^'Hicft 3iun Si M^aitfft (I. tinctoria) 
§. »ti2: »Hi «Hi«H<i 5Hi *H^«ii'i'ii ?ti5l»ti :!itoMit5 
4Wi SlH >iK-lH M'Ja ^ 5. 'l^ft (I- tinctoria)'ii 
Sii«twi«A \'h oi^yovi •fli'ncii •I'fl. sh^ 3441 sh^ihi 
c/sii-ftsioll (I. Cfernlea)ni 5li<*l'Hmi«(l ^luftni V^l 

■<H^H<tl'tl Sum (I, tinctoria) ani ^H^iUW^ii ^^l 
{s<<l1l '-l»fl ff/^lSi §3i v5. vVjl rtfj Sis <w5iiSi 

^-<U^l«l«iR-I. anabaptista. 
t^krt-H. II. p. 102. 

3-H4«i-''5{fl 'I'nl'ii ^uHi ^imiy Hijii si{cim 

^HtflKl SHiy^ |«l«l »ll^€ §IH S. aH'tl ^ li<HlMi 

Hi ^lloiWK ailHrll S^tHl^ <Hl3mi ilrl>i%8ft aiuft^ 
Wl l^ HU HHV^ sHs/HW^l Sl">HC-t cUHHl aHl*^ 63. 
rlni Sli'tllSHi ti(^i %ii?l (§3«ii 4fli, Mtjl rt'li "HW^li 
JilySi 'Hqi 4^ answ ^31 SHlH^ll rif^ i4rtl. rt'li Si- 
CHli SR^wi 31 SWl?! "=*ilo/oft j/t^i^ 5. Vi 5H§ SHi- 
cli Si t>fl«' sw^i^Jft ttWHiKl ?ii%i>i (H3i9i>i Srt^cii 

^siwd sioft'ii HiHd^n (n?iH cnwi rtf^ §iHi«(l Mi^ 

SHIH «H^«i ^l*i, Si Oi-l-Hl ^H 5. Sh^ ^iCHli ^yCH- 
H\< 6»ftHl -^Sii oiuftni 'HW^ ni«l^l S«l\ <H'1WI aiT 
«1H 5, rlHl mail «llSl anC^'fl Wti (Indigofera 
tinctoria) ^ oitfft an^ aj^t (I. cserulea) ^ ir^Jiift 
3l«fl 4^^ 4§ 5. Vijj rt «ilSli 4^3 ■Miai Si^ ?i«}|j 
5 §, r^l^'tW^li 4WU? <l?^ ^ aiVftfli >iW (I. 
tinctoria) an^i tR^Si jsySi '^<^w 5i«fl»ii Sum 
>»> wiC^' §^ ^, clni liw <*imCISI 'csySi, rti cl»ii«ft 
m-^i ^ySi '^^i \'oi (H^rti 'I'd. Mi»i anC^" 'HI «/H- 
^HVft (I. ca3rulea)'li 5u=ll»ii«(i "HW CHW^ IIM- 
^Si {jyan, rtl ci>ti«A Ji*! HWcll V^i 'isJ' <lS 5. ani 
^H«li§\^«fl'SiH ff/i^i^t S 5, ■«t^ 3l<^ (I. tinctoria)- 
^ aH(^''fl »/Mln cl>ii R?lH Vai 'AM'M^ H{1 «ll«»4 
ff/eildl 'I'd. \i^ <r/5iC-{l3l<tl (I. cserulea)^ R?ih 
Hl^4 SHl^ 5. MlX sit^ni m^cl^^l an^Hcl'^l 4Wl *liS 

M^s<i«(l ^t/ nnwHid w^^ '^''Si'a -I'd, m^'sj ^ii^i- 

^W iMWl 311^1 an^ ^llilWlH rtUl nC-ftsHlHW ff/^icH 
aH^ciKl aHl«i<Hl'rri'{l R{Ih §<««li c/sii-ft^iuft (I. cserulea) 
•4i?n i§5i 5, nHi«fl ailHWlKl anm? aHH f^mitai'fl 
^l^-^WMl "11^ ^'ii BlitlHl *fl'3ii Mli/l «W S, 
cHl< Sini on«V $l3li 4^ ?lni ^ySi, an^ ^;ii aH-«t- 
ci'^i i\ ^\^ yi^ «'>{l't>ii aH«iHi ^ii^wwl n«a- 

SHlUrt <r/5UHMi f4""4l ^'(Hl^l ic4 5 <Hl«^ (Tfe^w q?^ 

Mi^Jt ^\^^\ 4^ 4^^i ^ySi. 

!>l«IlHi«fl 'fl4»lcll V»l ^^l V^l ^>lWn(i«*l«rt oi'll- 

Hi«A 3i"^d =i'=i^^ '^'^ 't^-' 'i**a ^' ■*i'^ 'H '%»w?p 

V^l aH%l€l oi«tl«tl V^l w'^l ^4l§ -I'd Si>i ^ist 4§. 




aHd?l ^h ?i"^H ildilM^ M «(l vs MH (€C^-leat^ets) 
ani^ili ^IH «!. (v9 MH 9iPH9v) MQl Mt^S^'l ^ 

»lcj 2H«1HI svt-ilHi'ii MH'il MlS^i <S\^ ^tis^ 

ailR MW iWi <v^l "i-^li ilH d. an rtMlH MH 
(£t-l) 3 CHlW'lMl \ Sai C-thi an^ =1^ c-tlfcl'l'-d 

^■"■H ildM <v^i "til \ cHi .v<=(l Mia«fl an^ 
^«A i!A ilH ^. n'llM^ H^H'{[ Ml «l(i Miy 
MW \M\. ^^Hi Mct^ftaMkl aniSRHl 1R. ^ ^° 

an^ ^ «(l .i «>{l«vHifAT ^iH ^. "{l<v Ml(ai«^cti 

^i^X VHi, =HMdi, an^ "^RM^ -^^JRltfli ^IM d. 

2(41 Sum Simw ^''^'^'^ ^'^'^ *"*l> '^'^ 
>l£H^[ il^Hl«[l "vHl'tMR '<H<^1 (§31 §. 

VS-^^lHi-an SiQhIHU, Sa.y>, Rl^, M«t<4 
an^ ■^Ust^Mi «IIH 0. 

l-^ll'^l*l«il>l-l*soralea corylifolia 
tSkct-IT. II. p. 103; N. p. 80; Watt. 
VI. part. I. p. .553; ^. Pi. Ml. vsv.. 

w^5j, ^R=* ((fo); ^f=^, fgvnrajfr (ho). 
3-h4'*~''^''"^^'*' ^'■^'^^ =^i^i»i §^(l a>ti^ 

d. <i ^ >-(l V Slid ^aii 811H d. ft'ft ^ll'^MiaHl 

^ffvuijt <H'iHi ^Hl ^ (3=0 a(^.ca l[^. d. ^'li 
MH H«aii ai^irti an^ i^a^cKWicai ^IM d, ^ 

^Rl <M«ail ^'Hi an^ ^-itSll (k.^) >Hi "fls/- 
^1(41 iilH 6. 

^IH d. nMi?(l «liii c))lt3ji \[i{»([ Kls^eii ^IH 
S. 'i'n ^4 i^*^ ^H'l ^'tl <§M^'{1 WICH Mwyft 
an^ »l(iy«ict ^^I'^tl'/fl ^IH S. 

'T'lil «IIH 6. n s(lsi «{l5ll il^lKl an^ @»(l 6Wl- 
mt/(l ^IH S. ci^lM^ ^?eM »U<3ii ^IH S. ^IM«1 
«imiaHl<3M^ ^l«ll ^2ll aiijni 'lica'fl (&R ^IH 
^. M aH««ft Ml^ «"^S 3ii(Hl«tltffl ^IM d. 

"HH-anin^ anmi ilH S. cl «isi ^IH d. 
fl^l aniiR m4i^ ?i=lR'ti MK sAl ^IH 6. 
Ml't'fl ^IMI^O §M^ i^atc-fl mM ^IH 6. clHl 
<§M<'{1 %tMl/l C-Oc-ll ansi'-li t|^l eflcHl -<il'{l an^ 
KlaiKl H^i^ nH'V aH«tiHi ff»'^l ijlji -^31<{1 
^IH S. an 'Ji-^ «Ml/lM^ Sllil V'^l^ =*HI^«{1 ^IH 

S. MH'fl =wmi/\m^ i^ wid>3ii ani^c-ti i[^. d cl 

(SM^Kl %lMl/lM^ viil «H%lcti, aiOlirti an^ HlSi'd- 
M^ 'Hi^R '(liCArti ^■'HIH §. MH 1 «(l 4 ^a| 
C-lhl anPl f ^ai«a ^ ■% ^1 ^a( Ml^icfli ^IH ^. 
n'ft lR f-im-Hlt/fl (|IH §. ■Ml't'il anaKl ^-w-H 
4^1 a>i^ clKI ^i\i ^(f\\hm anVt'MRt^ii 
H% ^tl ^IH ^. MK-ft ^dil ^ «(l ll 1^ 
^ai c-li«{l §11 S. cUlM^ §9fl 6i5ll, \sii\3ii Vi^ 
silil V'-Sl^ 'Hl^'^'fl §IH S. MK^ aii(a=tl«(l a>i[ji- 
c/UaHl§M^ =(liWHl«i cic-l eiisl^ sv^lH d. 
MUHl ildil'll «li»li ct((hM Ml^ltfli an^ WiSl 

«isikcii, ^iii H^ic-ii 5^ §mmh §ih d. 

5jCH-Mt'^l«lMi«(l H''^ '=IR<^ i^'ll^ «<^ Hls- 

^c-a' §iH ^. ^'ii ^H^'ii ^I'l^^ ■'ii^ Mi^ Hiaji 

^^M i^l ani^C-li §IH §. ^«11 \ «fl 3 tJai 

c-iiofl §iH ^. ct'tw Qf*(l 't^i, ^i'^ \^m an^ 

aicAicti aidiJli a>ii^c-ti §IH d. Sj^CHKI Klai anmi 
^^■H )i^^H^W ■oi<3iRi«(l 1, ^ > 'H'^cl 3 
ih ani^C-li §IH ^. d ^ ^ai eiNi §IM d. flrft 
ildil H^PsV ^8cM §IH S. 

•»jt>-H«Hllt'^lH-'li M^l M §IH S, cl clftfl^l 
^ilH^li ^ >l«ll'?l '4di §IH d. ^'iW Mtii ^iwfl 

'{litfi^ii §iH d. nKl Mi^il^i M ^iH d. ^ 




MiSl Mi^HilSiiKl HlSl ;h%H ^\i ii^«(l ^IH ^. 
SiHl iiil ■^a ^ H^«a' Mi^M ans^ H" '^'^ 

an^ ^?;M PisSiiHloll ^IH ^. ^iR-lil ^l«U VlKl 
•HiiH^lC-ft, ^ Hii Hl^ iV^l ^il «l»5l«{l ^IH ^• 

^iH d, ct Mf^ § 5j<i^ iitai viKl «ivJ inn d. 
«id«ji fii'=tiH'ft nKl ^niiaKl ^Ml/1 (lit ^'f^ 

an^ H MlMatiKl Ml <iM^ a^l^C-O <^<l ^>HIH 

I "i \ stiyn ^<i«ft ^iH 'S. 

0{1<V-5|<^ ^l(Al i?ii ct«fl^ ^IM S. 
^_§\(*iiotl3>iai-MH an^ «>{l(v. 

MH^l ^« "^H^ an^ Slo^ @M^ M"^ =(IM-SIH S. 

=ii<n nKl yi'ifl s^ ^iM'-ii'ii ani^ d, ci jHMi 

ci?(l H^l «^U lU'li ailii Hi\ ffvW aiiiiil ^s:ic(l 

VI Mil ^. <ni»t=^ Hi^fl 3i^M S, n«(l ^ 2ii-4^m 

My^ Oh^T aH5« a^iiirO <viii£H ^li!/l @1 ctl 

ailMil Ht^ft M«5A a)ii^ g, ai^i t41«Y^ nsi^i 
iiir-U fi ^41 anC^'il =^laMi >ii?^ s>jh<3 ^tq ^i 

"=ni"l=(l ii'il, ^^i, MliMl cd^Hl, (iJiaifciqital, 
jafl (iMwt'H'lR, 1«IH H^R'tR, cl»tl 1l^, s{i^, 

«nin=(l "^1=11 aHMiH §. yii<H=(l^ cisi cna^i^i'i 

§M^ S131UW ^." (q. «U. M. 311.) 

""iR=(Hi "{1<V [MtI, ll^(&, ctW, ^(»1, ^H-li, 
PlllH, (hH, ani^^i, ^li»l, aii «q ^[sA »ldll d. 
H'^cA i^ §." (ho ^. ^.) 

la-^^lrti-'^^il ^^IRM^ 5li4ii^( an^ ^QhI 

an^ =f<«l£^ Mll^ft <H^lW R^3 ^IH a»l^ ^rtiet 

an (^|^«tH4i H«^i->4^i Qii^lmi »tm $. 

H^l^ 'll^ll Hlif^lCHi ir/i^JlH §, an^ ^^S ^I'SM^ 
■«Jil^ =IH^IH §, Ml^ aa^ %i^^ctMi l^irllRl'Tl 

^H^'Xi 'U>'^[ri »i^<4M ^llsi^ Oil's €125 an^ ^I^V 
Hl^ mQ-I <M5lHWStl4l ^'525 «>S "Sl-iM^ «HR=MI'ft 
^I'lfl^l SM^RI <3M^ C-l"»Hl MHl^i R^IH i^ni (&rtl. 
?i|'-t^ (H»lHHC-llCH (Hit) Miy ^^cti C-t>H'll^ ani 
Sl'*H$ll ^'ll i^ctl"^, ^QVlWli ^i<1l ^U ^<^■^l.2i> 
rllM'tl ans; viR^l ^l^m^ '-{^ ^[h^2\[ ^cH. Miai 
<HPHMR an ?li^i;^ J,Ml<?i an^ ^llStM^ %l^.f. IK'II 
41H 6rtl. ctMl aaniPl^iW M^i^cj 'tO, 63. ctaHi^i Hi^ 

H5i-( iio^Cn^i^il ). 

\-^U"^«l'llH-Tepbrosia tenuis 

l^i^ct-H. II. p. lll;N. p. 80; Watt 
VI. part IV. p. 15. 

(§J(\ ani^ §. ct ^ «(l 1 ^4 §ati ^^ §. aH«iqi 
hi^Qhr fl 5. «fl ^^ >ild ^^RHi WWaii'ft >tl5cS 
'•'Hl'tMR M«l^l?l5tl ^IH ^. aHMi Hf^ft ^imiani 
HlS^i^fl §IH §. MH sihi ^ %iiwl ^tH ^. S^C-l 

3H^ aiM^ ilH 6. 



<tAii «|IH ^, an^ ciMWl «<<^l c^QJl ^«l ivm 
■Hin-aHicl^ ani^cni ^IH §, ct «l£i ^IH ^. 

^i^itfli ^iM ^. ci <n^ Si ^^iv «iiii ^ ^^^ 

'ft5i'ft-H-< R^H ^i^a'l cHi'tKl V'Si^ =Hi''^"^'ft ^t*t 
an^MRt^Is ^IH wi. ^'fl iliil y"ifl ^ajM =»t^ 

^W)l(A«fl (H^lHC-fl ^m ^. Ml'l'fl m« @5t 5H^ :^qiJ 

ih'^Mi^^i ^iH ^. ci ^ii ^-isa-si ^^iHi, an^ 
1 «ft ll- c-nWH c-iitHi ^iH ^. ci'fl ildil <rn<a-n 
vilMl5lca c.ji'ill ^W ^<l Minod anPl ;^ «(l 3 
CHiyn C-liod ^IH '5. cUlM^ (3=(l m^ ^it/fl iwi'A 

c-lNi an^ l»l(A<^l«\i ^IH ^. ct ctfdH sviiiMfiti 
an^ HUl^l ct-tl HW Sil ^\'i^ sH^llMlVll i-lSl 
^■>HWl ilH Wi. SHI M'-ll M<«1 '<4<^Q<Hr< <r'i^il WlHl- 
C-icli ^IM ^. 

nio "514 «cti CHl'^l '^IH §. ?i"»-H Mi"^-A "(l25 
Mi"«{ilaHl iWi ChMI sH^ Ml^ivfl ^IM d, ci ^^^ 
SHS^ "l%ic(l •wtia^qitfll ^IH d. ctKl H^[l'{\ <^109 
^?(H ^-ilcAl ^tm-fl V'^l'A ^IH ^. ct cl((A«l "^tfll- 
%t&lcll J^lHl a>i;i y^H iU«{l=ll(ffl ^IH d. an 
^■u-H MMM ant^ u^ MiM--Mi>HilSll ci'il^ft 
«[iil, Mllltn M^^il -<»l'fl ^ n(«lM ■»(l«U«'4il 

<31'{1 ^U«{1hi<41 aHl^«fl ^;h ^. Si u^ Nmil- 
^I'fl ^i\ ^dl^d dliJ^lKl ■Mi>Hil ^l-fl aH«lctl 
'^Hi ^<1 aHiq(:-{l ^IH g. aJi<ti ©MHl ^-Sl 

^IH d, ci^ df(h'^ Mi^ ^J(^H iii«fl ilH ^. 

'^Kl ant^ iji-ani^ ^Vl«^i ani^isii ^m 6. 

;!i^y^-1° ^IH '5. ct*ti \ "^i ^ «r HI 
da si{l\m\. ^IH ^. ct3 MUl^ Hii'-tAdl, ^ 

H«?l«fl, :!4"i«^l«fl <^\[ <M(il^ Klitflcfl ^ ct 1\^ 

^niai-( k«t )-^ «ft 1 ^21 sii"{l an^ 1 c-iifcH 

Ml^l<4l ^IM ^. ct aiM/l aM^ ^^ di «isil- 
«ic(l ^IH d. ct Mltnm&tctl (K^l iaiKl ^R S. fi^ 
^^^ iygfH ant^Q ^IH d. ^Q'^IM^ aMcHcl «nifli 

«Hl«/-y C-tl^H cHiyni ^iH d. ct Qt^lHC-ti 
an^ ctM^ aJiJt <ni«g ffV^l "^ia^ ^IH d. ct'ft 

■H-yQ}^m-^^S«l an^ w"^^M. 

%ll«l anMlH ^. aMHl ani-uil dU^l Ml^flMl @Sl«(l 
clKl "il!c Mi<l ctlH-HWl^ m\l'=ii'-{ ^. >ll?i ^"^Hd 
^IM cil HIUIH^ aJi^l ^l^^l 'niH'Hl^i ani^ 0. 
ciH 'S^'il ^U-Hl^ ^tlcH iv^l 'l^M i^ »ll«l elM 
Mi^ i^=imi a>tl4 $. 

V9-*«ll»li-"<^'1l'{l "llogaH, m«»{l ct(<h5li>ti, 
^(^Ml iiuKl ^dlfil ivHlH^ti an^ WlHltnl 03'ft 
flHicH an^ -^il^^mi ani ^^M^HHI ^l^Hl ^<»l 

an js-w, ildni'HU, l%ifcl, M»»t<HaHPi"Slii^Mi «ilHd. 
a»iHl dl-SHl «H«il <IH *Hlwt *l^M"»HHl du- 

ttiani i^di di^^Ki «iR ^ >ii^ S^;) ant^ (^ivns^)- 

aHdi MH^ ani^ ctlicti cl ct'O I^O at^cfl 
Hffvoicl ci^iPl «fl^ ^'i ^ii H^O. iy«(l «^M^l 
cHi MRHl ciliqW«(l y««Jl 4)l"Si;aMltflWl Irl^to. 




5Hl^ S. "S^"^ '^'ll MH *llf.i f^lH S. 

l-JUl^l^rim-T. Candida 
tKici-H. II. p. 111. 

R-^J«ll«il>l-^l<^l ^^M-vHl ( Ml X ?io ). 

<i^[ H^ S. 3H^ a^i'-fl H'^Q Mi<i«il «ii->Hi3'u 

Kli^?! d. «U>Hl5il(§->{^ (3»{l (fei^l SH^ H^ 

%i=ii(al |«i«i 5Hi^«{l ^iH §. MH sni'-Mc-n Ml 

cftairil tHlog ^i-HlfAl \'S[(S\m Qi^lHC-ii ^IH S. 
M'^ anl^ Wi. SH^ <l1^l f^lHl«?i MlJ/1 <MH §. 
ani'l^l ay^ (T»l^ ^IH d. ci <V>{lrlMi Hl4 §4 

■HlH-aHict^ SHl^Sll ^IH &. d J^'^'-H ildil 

4: aH«4qi \R. ^IH d. aH^ ^Hi MH ^i'^H ildil^ 
'31 '^s.^tms^ anl^^ ilH &. SHI S-ll^ MH *4l«i 
MH i^ni "Jti*^ ^IH 6. ^^A-Hi MK 1 2(1 l|;"l 
^ ^ai ethi an^ i «(1 ^ tl^t MlilfAi ^IH ^. 

«H^ %i=lltfll |«l^^ <H^IH«-{1 ^IH d. 

^ai'^Sliyll and HhiM^ aftSiiiQa^ ^^caI |«lta 
aniM ^IH §. n't! MiSl M^l ct((AH ^-SlHC-ti ^ 

■»i^"HlQ-<l«-(l5(1lH-'ft Mi">HilSil M ^IH d, ci 

1 Jl \ ^=1 c-iioft ^ ^m=ii^cii ^mi ^mi i.^i'ii 

tlH ^. 5HH dKl ^»H Mi>HilM^ Hltfl'ft |=ll/\ 

'-tcriC-fl, <r,':^l ^IM/I «l^«{l, an^ ci^llM^ =^1^ a^lM 
^fl*^l-(!l^-l)-3 2ft V ^a^ CHi«Kl, 2iH<a, <^.'^l 

HiiHcft, an^ mii \m^^ ^^^'< ^^^^^ ^ih fe. 
d^i <: 2a <i^\ ^M ^i <Hlff*' ^iH d. 

«*(l«jV-2tMdi, aHi^Kl 5^14 (reniform) sycti 

hM, bh\ aH«tm MnMl^dl i>HM^ Hiajl «il"il 
SilMi §. 6^« ®M^ %tli^ ^l«l Ml^fl>ii "HltH^ 
m15>1 §. d>l M^ %il«l ctr-t §M^ M»4l M^-tlH d. 

^-^^inS-'^^-il I'R^i ^^"HC-li^ an^ H'-i^-il 
^%i Ml^ (H^l^ »5\«^^l•(l ffVillSii^i an^ ciR'^ftaHl 

?licai ^'=t «11H d, Ml^ ^^ ^iVll ^^H^ill i^ ^. 

MK %liiii ^IH ^, ctM^ ani^ |w>l(a "^IH ^. 
^llwi lo 2ft ^;^ M{l(v ^IH ^ ct "i(^lR2ft R:M^ 
^>HIH d. aH;il (sMMPl cll<H <3H^ i^^XMi a>ii^ §. 

l-^ll^il'iW-T. purpurea. 
t^l-rt-H.II. p. 112; N. p. 80; Watt. 
VI. part. IV. p. 14; ^ R. Ml. Mvso. 
V"^J^ilrii>i-%i^M^i, ^uisn (Mi+iio);?fRi^r, 

3_5ii^irl-%lRM>HHl ^UMl \ 2(1 ^ 5^1i dati 
q?i S, d»ti H<<n «l>Hl^l Kli^ S. ^ =^i^ 

(3=ft aniicii wicttfii'ft »ii\s M%i^idl ^iH 6. ^Mi 

anW-d'O Ml ^v\U\ ^«iW 'll^.niMW anl^ ^. 
•jC-t Md^aaHWl aniSR'ii, ^« ^iSll^tl "i »n'4.Jl 
-<3Hi 2iiHl%»i aHl>H^ aHl<l km^ «l\^l Ml^i ^. 

Sim 6u=iiM^ liW^R ^i«ii hkaKI \^m r^^H 

^IH d. an^ m^^a d Ml^ft «llil ^IH S. cHHl- 
«cti(/fl 'Vsll^H 5JlMi 'ni\ ^l« Ml4i=(l k^t <3Ml d. 



^Vl-'^l<ai «^M->HHl W ^i ^IH 'S. 
ciM?«(l ci ML'ii^ "^^ "MH «*. cl'-(l «U"«iiaHl 

^tcii 3 ?(l ^ 'rjsi c^iu^i ^m d. i^-u-h /idfi qm^ 
Hiiii n<^ ct ^iiiiaidi ^ ^n['ni ct<!^ ?lui 

SM^'O «Ml/l M^l C-dCHl :^5l'{l «l'tfcll C-n^l 5H^ 

Mliiltfli (ilH ^. ci^i'fl K^l (3^1 21(tf{l ^ M»voict 
^IH ^. an^ ct yi^=ll5 id^a^Sl ^3irO ^[H g. -41^:^ 
Slt'JlHl«(l ct Hio]i adiijili c-tlSl g. ci^l ^Hl£ sicazt^l 

MUKl >i>J-H iliil-il 5HiHi "\ ^<!cM (3MMK (ilH ^. 

C-li'Hl ^IH §. 

^ilHC-li H ^ts^l^l ct-Hl "HiSl Wil '<^ii V"ilcll ^IH 
«. cHlMR ^qmi HlfA'fl -^=11/1 (ilH ^. 

■^i'^Hl^H'rt^SlH-'ft Mm^iAl M '^IM tJ. ci 

>ii%l^l-=lo ^IH 6. ciHi ir ffiH-ilHC-tl ^ 1 
%l1'^«^-\ ^Hl <3(Hl M^ltnM^^t«U<.l^lHl«l'{l 

^i(ni c-i(wti Hitfi-fl ■'(l^ §iH d, 

R't'd ^iH ^. ciM^ q^ct mtn'fl r-ti/l =ii^«0 

1o tHl<V ilH ^. 

RH6^, ^[kh cl«tl wH^ an^ ^l«tH, 

«l?i aH2ii4f=l5tl^^l ^l-' <3^^ ^"^IIH ^. ctl=t v{7i 

«<"<i'«tl'tl H^A-d ^%'l «l5^"«il^ an^ H^'fl %tl«l 
H'-m '4iUlM '3. an^ 5i<{l 'j^Vl'fl a>ii^!^|cti 
(3M< ^v.H'^Hi m^{^ Wl^Mi qi/1 Ml^^lHlH d. 

*i^M">Hni ^<n^ sjt^ «t5^ «isl ■<«Rsl<'^Wl^ 

<3M^ "H'HIM 'S. %t<M""iKl 'i^A'fl «>IC-1^ m{\ clMl 

M^Ki Qiyi ^(A<l ^1^1 v'-til ^iiwQ ">HH^ir-ii«fl 
ild>ii Hi *4«i an^ "^iiO^ ?^f. ji^n 'j^=^ «tH 

\\ ailMilM ^. aH'll aMl'«Hl '^U^ll^ ^!sl<l ct^l 
Sl^l "^W^ 51l^-Hl, §^<« 5H^ RnRsi^ 'J^^li-Ht, 
clH(V ctC:(l an^ ii^JHl i\\\.m aHMlH d. aM^l 
Sl^l il>l4Mi "^^IRHI 3i^>fl@M5: M'-llH Wf. CHlil 
'■M3li<Hl»-(l ?i'>iii 5H^ ■«i^<vj *i^ ^IH cil ciM^ 
Mi^ Si^il si^i aHMlH &. ctl'-t=licai^ M^^l^l £tiq=tl 
^'M^Wl SUHl^ Mll^ftMl <§il(4\ ctKl '^l!^ aMMIH 

M^ Mlt^JlHi Hl<A yi^ll h^i ^iMl ^. «<M^l'li 
MK-il '^JiQ sHlM'Hl*-fl <^=«'{l ■^dl aHi«f\ niH d. 

(HUIH^ StlMicji^fl ^ ^jitv) 3>IH $. ^^M'^Hl an^ 

i^iimi^l'ii mhHI ctiq»ti iii«i i^ §. ^^M'wii'ti 

MK^ ^Sl<i ci'ft i^<Kl JMiWiH^ 9i,!(a ^JJdl ^^■ 

inm sllil (n'RlKi ^l«l £3Jctl 6^%t §H^ M=llM ^- 
SHI ^H^simi ^(i[ il'flaHl cir-l-Hi «^M"^l, SO-il- 
Ml^, C-a^HilKl «w(l an^ yi^ Ml^/lMi -=11^ ^^ 
31<H i^^ aH«l'-tl jJlHl^ MIH v^. aJi^i ^^^-wtl^t 

"«5lM''^l %iM(=l'-l^l §ni<4l< Vf. aH«i (SM5; 
sM'ti -^Vir^ 2^(4 silHi «lH aniH^mi a>il^ d. 
<i^M"«Mi'ii o{l^ •Hlctlc^H^«(l ci4i ii-^ ••H^oyqi (q5i^ 



SHl^ '3. •?RM"^l^l ^[\ ^"^ t^^^-^ \4 =HR^R 
Hi §." (h. ^11. ^. Sli), 

»i»l=tl ^li'^'-a* §M<«(1 -{Iscrl^ (VQliH ^. an^ 

ciat>li»-(l a>ii| ^^cj ci?(l. x.isi ^ ^ '■-{^Him 
\[S\l Sicii MW cilil amcl ^<S\^ d. aHl«ft %t"<M^l 

t-^U^1«irilH-T. villosa. 
iVl-ct-H. II. p. 113; N. p. 80. 

«fi3liM^ 91^1 ^VS\[ > dMMl^SHl ^aiKl CHio{l i«ica 
«flc-tl VHi ^ yiiii ^IH ^. aHJti eiiqi^ lii^^li 

ctl M"^ W\\.^i %l"<M"«il i^cti qf^l^ C-liy{l shA <r»lil 
Hl'A*-(l <H^Ih€ ilH §. MH Wiin^ ani^C-li giH 

^i%ii ^IH '3. n'fl ©M^'d %lMl/l m45s^ C^^, 
aHH rQairflM' ^l<4l 3»l^ aHl^«{l ^IH '3. 'MKxi 
-l>il ci'fl «ivtct UMl^l @'=0 ai^.cft ^IH S -^^fl 

MK ciucti mvi lii 't'-A. ^-w-h iliilM^'ii mh 
(S5t) 1 2(1 f ^=1^ sthi an^ ; «a ^i cHitk 

\ilmi an^ d^ ^^q y^s^l -^ik iiH §. 

MH^l R:=1IS %t:iM-wiHi MW ffJ^^l Stl^ §. 
SMMH (^IH ^. ci ^?-ti anstni Klaii rjtfinl ^IH &. 

! '-C^fl ^8r>i ^IH ^, a ^«l (§MiHl M^ Kl^d 4^ 

I =il'^Kl ^-Hl/l ^QSiioQsi ^i*t ^, ^^i ,^[Si -ij^i 
I dfJAM ffil.SWSti an^ M»ll3l d'll (Slhl od^ll '3^1 

: jio "iio ^mi M?ii'-fl ciHi^ c^M iicn -l«(l. 

J^VH aH«lld^ %fi'(l '^^l^rfl i^i^^it/fl ^i^Mil l{lSl 

ani^MiKl J^iKl §iH '3. ciKl "ii['i'{{ ^Mi/l 

^■>HM«fl ni^l-fl J/M'-d a>ii-.tflfjcl ilH i^. an^i 

^^\<\ l^'Hi'ii <niog'{l «l MR^l^l aHl^»ll<{l 
^H'O an^ «iiil ^iH «!. 'HaiiSfl «H Mi^MilSii ^ii- 

H'di ^IH tt. ci m^s:^ ?il(Al ^si'fl §IH ^, 

Hl'SH^K-fl, «{1^ Pi <v:ii ai></l ^i^ 'S. P) dPi 

^ft'3l-(^y)-\ m \\ M cHJofl anPi A aai 
^nii'4\ i^iH «;. ct ^\{[ anPi c{l=(l d^tcfl ^|i^ g_ 





fidiM^ M n-1.1 ■<='i'ti »i">HHc-o "tmKi ^=ti-n ^QSii- 

(3H^WMi SH^ MH ^iwfl'li Hl'l'fl m\ -<3l 'H'll- 

Hl^^ani ^li'Al ill s^^ ^Ri^ftaMl ^'R'fl ct^lij^ii 
§^ ^. 

l-^ll^lM'iR-T, pauciflora. 
^&!l-rt-H. II. p. 114. 

^ s[l!,l '^«i^' Wi Md^QsHidl 'HlSR'ii tii;^ ^"^l 
aHl<l n^i (^lHl5l "{I "Hl"^ §. 

>lvi-\ Hi \\ !?i "^Ni, an^ ^m\m ^'i^'d 

^JAKI "ii&R'ft WlSi ^[ ^ilKl ^ aHf.^'fl %t1s 

oy^l Si'Hl^^cil M«3J Ml'rSCA'-fl 'T^A'iH 'V^l Hill 
^ 31<A=H"Ji CHlJl d. HJA s^loHl M^fl ci^l ^=IIS 
5i)<HM^^ i'dllldl 5'itfil >iHl "Veil 4»-(l. 

an^ ^IM d ^l H*^^ ^V\ ^IH d. "Mi^J 'n'i'm 

^i^A^ M«<l<il«(l ^rit/Q J?<1 ajli^n «ll>HlSil ^Q|l 
'flyAl k[r\\}^ ivHHMR 5HIH<:-(1 (llH ^.'^l^i 
anPiMfHct^la 3 «0 y $ail ^R=ii'41 (|IH d. n 
\ *-(l \{ li k\i. CHi^d illH d, ^^l J3l <3M^'{\ 
'^1«3 <^%H 5>ic{l y)lMl?icil, an^ 'flSl Ml'Al^t^lctl 
«fi€\l^lHd. cHlH^ %l"^f. HI'AKI |Hl<ft aniM^lM^. 

■^H-ani'l^ ani^ili ^IH ^. ^ ^4 (leaflot>^) 

d.) MH ^iM iliil ^Wi 1 «(l \^ i}^ c-lhi 
^IH §. ^i-^H ildilMR ^ ?(l V 'tl^Hi MK-^l 
ffvtil an^ ^b MK §1 Ha^a^Kat anl^^ JllH $. 
S^l^ MH irviil'ti rtMlH MH i"<cti >^ti il'A^. 

Ml^ MH %lii-li8{ni an^ M»llf?l "^l^l^Ai aH^ <M'i'=ll 
a>i« 'J\%ic(l Mi=-l'-tl(Ai 'H^. §. MK^O §M5'{1 %l\l- 
/l^l -<3l ^\l C-fl^Hl a "{IsiKl^l il(Al«?iil «{l?ll i^lH 
$. Ml'l^li'ft 'iSli ctHl ( ^^M">HI'{1 ) 'f^'i'O 'i^il 
itMli^l aH?HMRS«U an^ SXl ai^cft MUMi aHl^C-(l 

§iH d. MuKl Sm^'O ^Mi^M^ ^^^ ki<^ i'rsm 

^IH §, MiSJ a 'H'^Hcl o/rti "^H^d inn <^. an^ 

■HK I ^^t'-ft \ i^Jai C^hi an^ :(.-5_ CHlW'i'-fl J 
tTat Mlil^Ai ^IH ^. MH^ ^iitfidi ci ^i^i =flst^i 
C-tlil «i. ^ aHi«(l ^'AHi MH^ »i'Acfl cdWl -Hl^t 
•HU^ d. MK^l ^'-IIS ^^lii^l a^Pl si'Aa^'^l CHlSi v5. 

aHi^ft'-ticAi ^m\ \ sii'dHeiNi §9ii Shmh ^ih '5. 
a C «(l "0. cHiy^t simi (tin ^. 'jstKl iUil i «a 

1^ C-tlfcHC-tiod cl^Hi «il03 m^i^ <r^«a^l aim- 
^cd an^ fcilcAl 2y)l'A*-(l <H^R«{1 ^IH d. V(Sl 

JvtilH'jti ^ M.m'h rUl Miai ?.i<1l aH^jJlaHl^Al '^i[ 
aH^ ^mi ^['AKI Hl<rt anl^C-fl ^IH ■^. SM "^iM 
■^<»"HlQ-«l'-Cl^ilH-'!i» 'Hlo \Vi «ni itl^S^ I 

nni =MV-d >ii<n }i-^>-\ MiM^ <Hl3i) Mi-'M/l'^i'-d 

^"Hl^lt^l, a>is^ ^t^ii :^3l'fl, «(l^ an^l <^e-.R*-ft 
91^1 ^-^HC-O ^lltflKl ^Hl/l'-fl 9t<lMC-fl »^iM 'S. 
ct^l aniiR dU'ti Mmi M"^l ^^l ^l^l^l ^IH 



^. vi[ MmiC^ n(tAM "^(ai%i«idi «{lc-ti ??i'{\ ^^"^i 

'-XWi ^siKl ^:<!(H -JUSfl ^IM d, SM^ an iUC-ft 
SH^fHl ,^'^d T/c(l 8i?ic-{l ^IH §. n y^'V 5i*tl«Kl 

^I'/ii J.Ji'fl iii«fl ^iH g. 

R. c-llHl'l i4l^ta[l ^iH d. d^ ^^^ ^i^^^^ anl^n 

1-^ll^jllM«il>l-Scsbania a^gyptiaca. 
lV,l'ri-H. II. p. 114; N. p. SOjAVatt. 
VI. part. IT p. 54P,. 

5T3TcT, (ho); ^'Jct, ^ra^l, nl^m (f?o); ^F'ci^r, 

mn ^, ciMi Mlrt'ill ^i<^ ^41 «)^^l 'l^M ^ SI 
^1=0 :^5':(l Hi^jl «U->HlSil Klic^lC-d ilH §. Ml'l 
3 ?n H i;l'-l -Hhi, =»licl^ 5nmi ^ ^a*^ ^IH 

S. aKl ^-^-H ildilM^ c-in^lita Xmisr k^si efleii 
Mi^-leaHets) sni^tcni ^ih -S. ^ch M:t"Sn^>ii'-ft 

giH S. n ? 2(1 I ^=H c-ti'^i, c-n^i, 50ii "ft^i 
wi Ǥ3y -rniail "^ Ricft MUHielrti >i?^ iMini 

^IH ®. «il;»l (^CH) oy^l an^iailHSfl, ^ «ft <!r ^21 

RIH S. f/HfcWi MH'ft ^lil« •tllHHl'tl ^l!^"4^ 
Hi^l \f.[^\\. bk S. oy^tfct'li MK ^R >HIH §. <VH- 
Gui iWi i»l^i, MH, |«l =H^ ^ll»l «18l ^Idl <t^l 

i-Ro (HH=H«i-'«H(rl'ii aii=(i WSi '^4 «tlH 
^■"IIH §, ^ ct ^l^ Mi^i ct <nisllMi 'Hl'HqiMi 3Hl^ S. 

o-.'Hfrt'ii ctiwi >i(A (iii«t»ii ^i^ 41«Q i-<i'li 
iiH n <v5i w =iir-iR "Sd^lis H>Hct "l^^^i^d 4l«^ 

@cl<l ^H S. ani "ll'^ct ^i'nW'll ^it(«^£. ^Tsi^ 

i^ C'i^^ h\ki d. ct (A new scorpion 
poison Antidote Baroda 1880) Ml ijRiii 

ii^m s. 



l-kU^^riiH-S. acnleata. 
l^l-n-H. II, p. 114; N. p. SO; Wntt. 
VI. part. II. p. 542. 

S, clK) iiil 5H^ «ll»HiaMlM^ '^IftHl ^icfl ^ s[li(i 
VI *-(l ^l «flyi MH (e4 =H»l'Hl M^-leaflets) 

Mltfli wi, =i"4ci «ioi^ "i ^icfl vsii^iflc-icti, Mci- 

iii\, ■^H^ff/qi an^ ^1^ @H^ Ml<<(l>li <=ll/l^ 2ii-4. 
itmi anl^ Q>. %kW q^Hri fclS-SHi «>{l<i/ HQji 

>=(l o-r-Sll wh'i q^^lf.^ Mll^fl «ll1l H"^ct (H^l'cf 

^^d ^iH n^ <^^i»M, ^li'ft iimSn, an^ ^^twi : 

MlS'li Mirt^ ^nn^Ri, a>i:^ b^.^'i ^^ctlKl '>il035i 

Sii^ir^ ysMi 3<iiHi (sJHi 6vl^^l>^i a>ii^ ^. 

^<K 2H<:(1 (T/SitSi §51 'S, "i v s-Z^ll R*l'4 ^SiSM 

<Mi WS^ m-H'-ll^i ani^ S. ^ 'cliMl Hist "rlHR 
i^y 31HI H'-^ ci "vHlrt y{l^ «l^l >iist HiH^i^ 

'{l!s<?i «;. ^ ft^ Hl'> "i^UfAl ct^!^ ci '^(^(1 Hl-HHlHi 
SHl^ S. JH'tl ^«l ^liil an^l iiiJlMlini ^%tl S^rti 

''i'iV'A'Hi ^P.ii Ml'^fl'ft axit^ Hmi Sli'Hl ^-''i'l ^i^l 

^iJ^/ii'-fl M««| ^ini <['-(\, »HH s^qiH Ml. 

1-^U^'lMrllH-S. aeiilo.-it ( \'ar-Can- 
Babina ). 

t^l-ct-H. II. p. 115; Watr. VT. part 
II. p. 542. 

'^'Hl^i 5Hl^ ^. S~Hi MU-HJ (V(H?n?fl H^. g. sJirii 

^^I'^m Rlcil (flH '3; a)i^ cidlM^ QIR-Hl i'l'ft VSl^l 
lilH S. Si<i MK ani-nc-fl ""^l *li"{l all'ip «'4l- 
"H< ani^iHl ^IH 6. 'j'-t ^gj't =H'^ ■'ft'Ai ^l«t S. 

'4hi s^idiaHiqi'Ji ^ Jji^ ^iM '3. 5Ji^i i'l '^i^ii > 

5H^ 'Hl« ctm >'Hl?. <3K (Ir '3. I 

iiil ^H^ ^iMlSll-Hi^i^ <:{1j{1, ^(c(), •►< 
^-{I'itl •^'I'Q a>t^ M'R(l'H?(l 5HPl"il ^*^<fl «1^ ftj«t I 

h>\ '3. tsic-t (aSiirii PiMi'/l HRtlt^ 1^l 'Hl»t 




MH (sen 5H?^^l M^-leaflets) ani^cni ^ih ^> 

^\ "S ^■^rl iH?(l %lil "^ aHilJ '"h HHi\ ^IH 

m^( iiUl i>Hi ^ Hi^li «{l«( §IH d. ci i 2ft 
l.^ €l»t C-tNi ^ \ ?ft R.1 C-H'cH Ml^lCAi (ilM 
d. MH'fl I\i\!X H^ l>/\ 'i[>\ d. 5i i\iii[ x{[^ 
MH'fl "^R R't'H ^IH •^. MH^ ^;;^ ^'^H ^H^fl 
^IH «». MK^ ^l«iqi2ft d H(3ii ^lliisii e<l^ «i. 

■A^S^i SMMK '^IH d, ci-il "SR and «Ml/l@M"< 

c-ti'>ii 3H^ ci'ii Jiicai^^i^i ^s? «hi^s dsjani ^"»Micti 

C-tltl't'ft (IIH d. ct<3M^ Mltni "I'd ^ \'^^[l 

<^'\^n \M\ widi^fi^iiuil ^iH ^. 01 Mm-Mi"«Hil5ii 
qii^t, (iiil-Mi'<til^i'{l 01 o^iog Sis ani g^fi 

< *-fl ^1 etifclH c-tiofl ^ t c-ii^J'i Mr^itril i^K $. 

**iilHC-(l ^IH ^. "mil ct ^'(£9/ mctMl «vjCl Mil 

sa.\ «;. an ^ Mi^ila^i sv^ii'd^ ciisq ci^/i$(i ^m 

V>. ciMl i-an^ ^1-^%1<1 <iiKC-li '^IH ^. an 
MHi ^^l 'Hill ^IH ^. 

(ilH ^. aH-li cia^Sll Jtlil ■^1<AI ^'Kl ^ M^PflR 
c*i,^i«&idi ^(ni ■<5Ki ^;h W*. aHl t^i >%l^lHi?ft 

'tH =Ml«l sviilHC-li ^ aas t|i ^IH ^. 5JlilH<Hl 
4: cia MtJJ <3H^ "Vcti *t?.dl ^"^Mlrtl ^IH ^. :!i"s«- 

^U^lVl ^IH '^. ci C-dc-tl -<3lr{l, rifsiii (3H5i 
ff.'cti =tlVl tt(?i«{l, Pi ^H^ ^ijl ■>(l(Al ^3y ^ju^i 

^lbl-(!!,<H) ni% s>i^ H'^rt <V^l HlSa ^K 
». cl y «(l 's tJat C-ti»{l, 3H^ \ 1 l| C-tlWd 
M^l«fl ^IM ^. ^ 9v;:l aiM/l '^IH S. cl ^^^ 
cflj^ijl aHf^nHltfil, <K1^ a»i^ a^viidl ^IH §. ^ 

ct^ aniW^Jti^Mi yi^=ti'-ft n'iiM ^!^H ihi kmi 

vsidQli £-«HlH ^. «ll'»Ri t^ 2(1 R.M <Kl9V ^IH 
d. ^ i\b ^[^^'{[^^ ^ll'si'fl «Ml/\M^ ^<l 

^i^t mM ^iH §. v^ft ^Qimi "SdCHi o{\(v d 

<Ji3l \ Sllfcl'i M^ltni §IH §. fi at»licti, <v^l Hlail- 
^sldi <:-{l<Hi Pi 9j^^i ^3wi ^iH e. yftiv aiica^iaft 
^lieii ^ §it <Ht«ni(Ai (viaim ^. Pi anPii ^^ 

OXl 'I §''* ^l^ ^- ^ MlW'A^ft 2591^ <^^l •WV 

^d i^ «*. 

*imiaHl €lHW«il (matches) 'ft iiil "t'llH'HRi 
ilH <clP[l ^15: ctHl ovi^lH ^. 

a-i^HKi-fcli-^Kl «l«l V Hi^j:?! c-ti^ WSi'ii 

jJliHi «tlH ^. 

'im. «!. anPl anwi a^i^qmi bin i^fatcfv ^IH 
Wi, Hid aniPl CHl^ ^iii i^ ^. 

1-^ll^'l<l«ilH-S. grandifiora. 
f^dl'd-II. II. p. 115; N. p. 80; Watt. 
VI. part. II. p. 544; ^ Pi. Ml. M\\. 



spjrjrm ( Mo ); 3fJI?cT, l^^F ( 15° ); afl^f^, 
5fJT?JT ( Ho ). 

3-«ti^lri-aH3l«flaHHi ^^U \o ?fl :(o >j 30 

^5i (35ft vi[q g. d^ Mi^p 'iQ, ^ttnm^a ci ^ 

H'li 3HI ^'H^^lH^ti >^l(ii 55UI «tcli 'i'-fl. ciMi 

^1 ^italM^ ani^c-ti ^iH ^. smKI ^■>*-h %i«il ^ 

ildilM^ ^o ?(1 30 ^is Mk41 'llii.l-fl <Stil ^IM 
SHl^ ^. 5H^ ^Ul^U^Mi ^Q'^ll HtSO clHR »tW 

«tH S. stdi ^c-t m^i^ ( viCi (§31^1 ) $i3^- 

<4tAdl 'iUr?iC-{l ^IM 6. ciM"< «iUl ^1S Hl«l'(l 
4>5ica ^IH Wi. n R. 8(1 3 tTat <^M\ an^ cUlM^ 

^ 2ft I ^2^ c-ti"{l ^iH d. iliil'ii ^^m[ -hw 

^ Ji'^MM'-tl ^IM $. ■M«l d rl-<rt ">H^ MH ^. 
Sldii'ft ^"1 cliih5\C-ti ^IH «!. ct \ 2ft Y "i^^ 

(3il ■Ji">^ si'-Hi «it) ^^c-ti ^iH d. fi \ t!a< c-ihi, 

Ml^lCf'll ilM 6. SM ^C-t S'ctiMl M«^ an^H^ ^laiMl 

<^6i^Hl «^i'?3 'I'-'i'l nWl 'ivd j^H ». s^ic^rft «H 

I (|lil sy'-ft =ta<C-{| '"Jl MlMilaJil MlW'iHl 'MlogaM^ft 
(MilH«fl ^IM Wi, 3H^ n'{l ana .i-aH^ ^l-'S«^l 
a>^l^C^i §IH ^. cl an •Hi"«HilaHi Jydeii c-ihi an^ 

ci^S^l ^ilHSll a>i^ ^^S 'cli, SiM ^IH S. ci^^Hl 
^Itni ^^Hl an^ M^RSIH an^ ^<^«' "'-(l«li ^IH d. 

cMl, =i'^sdl an^ M«ll^ -Hil/l aHt^flHWi ?iM- 

'Hivft ^m ^. 

!(lil ^^l^ll \H']\ an^ C-(llft "(*IH §. ci'il WKclH< 

§»{l i^a^ifl MiC-fl ^IH &. a>is<^l wic-i ^\t a^^ 

"mcl'41 ^IH ^. ^ii^l ctW ^5iy "tH ^ cHl^ 

n^i ^W ""ii"»Hi ^ an^ ^H^l "ilo3aH«ft ^^ictHl 

«=H4S^ 3» 2ft Yo "{1<V ^IH ^. 

an^ ^i[ ^»Hi '^IM d. ci ^ ^at CHJ^i an^ ^ 

C-t^iSlica ^l^i^li •^'llil ^l«l d, an^ ci ">MUl^ 
M«ll<ri 5^ ^'^H Ssm dMSi ^IH ». <KIh clucti 

d^i2ft «-^s sen 4l5<n w*. 

V'iil3.l^lH-rat^?i»aiSl^ ^if^S, rMrt6'<, 'Hlctt&R, 
i!li&^, ^ifei, itl41, an^ ^ll«ia. 

'5-§'H*iiai-aH5l2ftaHI^ .^'A Ml^P^ii H^l^ ^f^- 
=11 an^ Hl^t ?lir«t»UM^ atiM-iHWi a^l^ V5. 
aM^l'-ftaHHl MH MlAwHI ivilia>l ^tv^^m g, Sj^, 

i(i'-tlH Wi. aH3l2ft5Hi'il vsiCH^t Qil^ai ^Hdl a^^ 

aJiiail (^Hl %l>*-rt rtiq^i anMlM 6. Hl«li an^ 

I 'UMl £^?.»ii "il^lf^^at^ rt^"^ aH3l«ftaHHi lH'i^ 

aHl'4 $. d fnllH -^H^IH ell m^a^rtt, a^Pl «ll^ 
^l(^S M-HIH tf. aH3lS!lla>ti<ii i^i^t a^^ 'jC-1 »»il- 
^^, ^It^Mfct an^ (id^tl'i^ aii 6. aH3i«ila>iHi jjCH 
^lS<iaJil ^MlH W, ci^ay ?t H^(!.qitfiiH «li< ?<l«l 
M-H^m^tlMi aniH «. a>i3i«itaHirii MiMitil ii;.i: 
'flS^I $, ct Mi |>HC[1 (^IH cil SiiMi >iSlH W. 
I aHaiiilaHUi 3<li i^li^ a^^ 'tW^ft'll ^6il ^<i{<i'=i\ 
[m'i «Ml3ll <H^l^>i( «<mi H'^^^. &. aH5l2fta>ti»{l 



4tis4 ^l^i Pi 6ai «IIH d. cl ovSl^ «il «1M ^. 
.i<Hl«ft •^^'V ?i<nii dicfi §. sHrfl ii^n «Q;)l [iii{% 

^j\, i\, Mil, ^«fli&, ^j,m, Rm 5i «^ ^r^ di^i 
§." (HO if ^.) 

iHl«l>tl Ml ^. Ml«i an^ ^c-t^l ^H^%i !i^^H, ^l«ll.j 

Hi^li \[>\\i ^m. &." (^i. <i. dl) 

clMiV ^^cll«{l (nio^^l HlHHRi SHK 6. cilM'31 
H^{1 oySliS^ ^ril ofl Mil rt Mlctl'fl >ic?l qiM 

Si (is^K'il sf^tJJ Mf^M QlRMi *IIH ^. 

@£H ^IH (*iiyfe(l ^C-t aHK 6. Mt^ ^H^ aH^Rct 
^Pwi Km §MR«ll ^Pi^>i aH^ ansRcH 'll^ 
M1^ i^HlH §. a>i3i«(laHl^ 3i[^ wMl^ clMi MH 
an^ I^C-i ^IH ^ cMlX cl m4 ^« S>MIH '3. ^ 
<V«tfl«(l H^'tli anl^ «lljl H^« Si>--iAl\ S. an 'a^ 
M^sJil^ <n^ filH ^. 1»lS an <jyKl «ll>HlaMlM^ 
yi^n «lct'l[ M^Sil HRHl^ svlHlMi ani^ §. aa-ll 
j^C-tM^ <HM^laMi ii«t^cl i^ctl Mej svlHlMi anl^ ^. 
aH3l«(la>iHi ans oy jJUM^ ^ly^R SllSl an^ ^\i 
Sm ^ snct'ti ^C-l a>il^ $. 3H^ tl<?fl=lR oi irn^-l 
VWi ^«ll if»l^£i <r>r^Si mlm^ Ml3i ilH § <*ll^^l<li 

^c-tHl(ni^illrll»Hi>l«n5ll (S.coccinea) 5^ ^. 

\-<U^lM«ilH-Taverniera nummularia. 
t^krt-H. II. p. 140; N. p. 81; Watt. 
VI. part. III. p. 414. 

a-H^'l-v^H'H'il ^[sm R 8(1 3 k\i (sail 
an^ «ii>lWl H'^ ^U'^iaMlcllcai ^IH §. ^U">MiaHl 

^lii^i 'HH anl^ §. ci 'cH4i=(l^ RMt^ff ^IH &. 

^•Hl ^l-iHl ©§l5l MH H'lHi ^i"^^i <vm ^"^ilH 
^. an^l ani'^ll Wit^HlM^ 9i5ll "^ ?ll(Al HI'AKI |=ll/l 

an^ Sltfa ^IH d. ci ^'t^lc-tsd a^iiii <^g <f^^ 
^[^. 6. aHMiifl i'-lfatct iV ^'^ \ii.[S^{[ rftscfi 6. 

§i <3ct^^ ^IH ^. clKl «lSt <n(&R8fl (H^l an^ 
aH^;;8fl ^^S ^'iHl §IH ^. <1M^ §(Ml =(Ul Mlc-tl 
^K S. WlC-iM-^Kl (H^ "^ict^ Ictl^ ^cti M 
anS^'fl Wl5t (iM "^ft^l VlKl, ^^ilHltAl, 'I'vuicl 
an^ ?.^<H^ SMIH §. ^tf\^l aHliiilM i<l iSlcti 
ciMlli 5lV an^ cHatMl at^l ^lil "^CAI ^^Hl, 

■*(lvlWSictl ^31^, ^%ll<Hlca ^ aftqd ^IM d. ct§H^ 
§^ 't^l £"^IH ^. •HtaKl Hl^l (§M an^ ^<HIS 
«n«l^'Hi >l^ctl ff^An^l %HIS^ M«acil, Hill wi^ 
ai^^l^l filial S. 

M"^ ^IH ^ <?<l^ fi '^'t%flsi8il ia{«(l anPiafl ff?=fl 
"lil an^ ^l^ ^IH S. M<31 M^S^ ^(A^ ^m- 

5i«a ^ntnlsil M't^ilc-i ^<l ^rnil ^tt^a ^u-ons^i 

•^l!(5l«(l ^iH d. 5? aioiscfl, «{lc-ll«6lcll ■•{Itfll ^^iKl 
^IH d. a'tlM^ §9(1 4^1 an^ ^?cM PtsSilKl 
'ni'ii §IH d. 

Ml«i-aHicl^ ani^Sli ^IH §. fi m4i^l'l 'K^J 
Mmi ^MilKl ^1 aniHCHi §IH ^. Miaj "l(|Hl 
aH»^ "4"^ aHK^ ^IH §• «Hl^ r^M<4 aH8tl<J^ 
^t^i Mmi ?i>H^l'{l Ml MH aHl^ai ^IM S cHl^ 

tniogrti Si MK HSic-il MH i^ni H>3ii ^ii ^m 

§, cl a5^5 o{iTn«fl a^c^i %iMl'cl^ ^di ^di ani^Sil 
^IH S ^, nKl Ra^cti Sii ff?i'-ti CHlMi 8lW ^^C-fi 
^IH §. MnKl ildil ^^-H ^IM §. MH <r*lii, 
iliil Ml^ ^iiikcti ^ Wicai cl^?5 Ml^ltfli ^IM 
d. ci ^ ^a<«(l ^ ^ai 4li«Mi «Hd Hl^S^ ^i* 



nifT ^i^icni ^iM &. Mi't'O Sm^KI 'ni'g'ft 1r 

CHi^d SHI ^iHl'ft •«'{^CH <v41 MK-t ^>HIH d. 
M^ «)S HlcA'd ^Hl/l ^IH §. 31 ««tlM^ anj 

H^H\ §M^ ^^i ^w S. cmM^ «liil HitfiWl ^Hi<a 

aniM ^IH d. ftdl Jim ^^m ^IH g. 3HI 

^<Hl ^iH ^. ^2(1 Mi-^iil^ilrfl iql^ ^^t^j «ilH 

Sictl ^C-tKl ?iVH >4i»iilKl MtfHIi ctPl aHl'=tR<9i5t 
ivS ^^ d, an^ ^1^ Sirll <H^«{1 5^ ^^IMC-fl \[->H- 
il^lKl Mtfcta ^^l a^lVl '{[^i dCArtl <^ d. 

^b\. ^<^H aH«l<Hl iiSH^Hl -<5lr{l an^ $0^ §IM 
d. ^'{l %?l«a i-^l/l ^VH Miviil npJlH %tliil 

Ha{€ H^^ 'i\^ !^^^ a^i^JI ^iH §. ^ qa^Hi 

^ tl2* c-ti«>{l vi"^ H^hii a^c■{l»>' Mi^itfil ^iM d. 
ti»{i nu'ti Mwdi ■q-'Mmi ^m ^ ^<i §(^ ^^i 

MM Mi^M «ni?9nl ^ Mi>H Mi^ilSii t^i^- 

i<l i>/l ^IH S. ^ \ C-tltH C-ti»{l Vi'^i mbii ^IH 

=Htfiicti, c-fl«i an;) H»iic?i '-iiiH^isii ^m d. 

M^l^l'll^ ^fttfll VHl a>iiiqi 9i^^i ^m $. anPl 
M^Pl^iv Ml«ll ;^3l'{l ^IM $. aM4 ij-J^^ i>{\<rn ^ 

Mi^iilKl m4»v Ml^ ^IH d. ci ii»-*t Mi'^Mil 
ilicli t^,i^i r^j^c-n ^lil <r><(l «nM Mi>Hil5il?(l 

^^^^-1 ^IH d, d'll 3l9l!«lH^l (Hit 
^l^l5ll, a^M^i vi^ aH«M-n Mlct^ll §IH ^. 'ifilSl 
Wt«?lctl ;i3l'fl =lisa h5ic-{1 ^iH g. ri(iijiJ<^>H 

an^ ^ C-tlW't?n 1^ etlfcH ^l^l(/ft ^l«t d. ^ 

liC-li "{1<V <i cl^ll «Ni (|M^«(l <VI3JIW ani^ 
^. n^i ^i«ft M§?ll ^ih ^*A ^[H[>H[ i^rti 

«isli ^iM d. and ^*i?(i gc^^;^l «iEii jiisiKl 

«ll'Hl a>iist^:ii Ml^l^il ^IH d. ?l <v^l His- 
H(fMl ^ ct^ 5^^ ^?^H Wi(^n ^IH d. ^dJlKl 
^Ml-flM^ tni^S <Hm <V=» Sidl ^IM §. 

^IH ^. ^ 4; •Hiy'l C-tita aH^ ^«(l «|<V ^livj 

1-§"H»ll5i-aHi ^^Mc-idi nyi^i 4qi«t ^Id^n 

_^ • ^^ ^. ii. §« ^i§ot D. C. ^ anivti^ i^i^i-^i 
«HS jjat^ monadelphous c-iin &. «H^ Grab cat. 
Bombay plant, p. 49 No. 195 Hi "Hedysarnm. 
D. C. Diadelphia decandra," 5i»t c-i>h^ 5. 

^ =UR>ii <: 9<m < £i> i?| Sim ^=<mi 'Hi^tii 5. 

a^ll dM^tfl wijiw 5 5 Sisiii ^«ii>ii 5lMj ;^-s%,^ 

VHitf ir^'4i«ft ^Hwi anwa nf^ ^w. 



|il(AHi s^rti ijai HQji oi:(l'J{ ^CSl "^Idl ^cil. 
Si'ti MH =ll<n au?in^i 3H^ »^Ul @M^ Ml/\« ' 
lili^ Hi^l «ll"Si SlJlll &. ^Hmch^I ani'Sll §l^=ll 

3l^<n ^l"il SH'ti 'Hl'V M<3J ■"ilcll (&rtl. aHrii t>{lov' 

Mil §IH ^l sH'li "{l^ ^yi qi^^l sa^i ^iil 
§. aHcii ^Sji §uqi^ ^"iH ihm 'VH'h ^l^^H ^l^l 

Si fitH anPi Mitiin^ii M<5i «ilH d.* 
^-(«lo [«iH=U«i-«nwi^»lki ^Am^^ (Gly- 

cyrrhiza glabra) snlia^Mi (iti^fl^ i§ S. 

SHI ^AhH ^^l >^RnS^Hi «lcll 5^ A^tCHHl 'ifA^l 

>{la%ieicti ^Hu ^I'ti^ sfl^ an^ M^i 31 rim 

t-<ll^«l»llH-Alhagi maurorum. 
^yi-ct-H. II. p. 145; N. p. 81; Watt. 
I. p. 104; ^o Plo Mio (i. 

t SH ^^M«'ti Hpaui snC^'ii "•hi^ia HW'ft iicn^i 
^Kl ^M<i JHif <Hi^sn I «A ^ anwi %Hl ^i\ 5. n 

^<Hl^ 4lllwi 6l«i 2ii oi^ict >liX an "^^AHCH-ti •♦iyi'fl QliHl ^iKl iir-d'd ^(\\\M.[ d^iCHi ?li^ (§>l 5. ^ 
^ni^^Hl «tl5l ini^ C-llKl 'i'll'fl Qijlni <Hl5l 5. Mill 

aaiMl Sli^l aui^i, otJi^i an^ o{l<nt ^I'^l^ 'Ifil'fl d'Q 

(To); Sf^RTT, q^W, SRW (t|o); qi^, ^m^^, anq- 

3 i[ld <3:m q?i S. 5mi sAi^Q ^A^fl «i«Kl Hi^n 

«U"»Hl5Hl 'Us^C-fl ^IH 'S. a>iPll aHl-ull 6u^i ^^sy 
>(lail%l4lctl <:-{l<i(l ^51^1 £>MIH ^. d-HlM^ §<Hl (^i?tl 
»i^ ^I^M 'Hl^i ^ItAKl ^=11^ ^IH ^. MH :>Ai^i 

d\?(<3i aHl^Q'-ilfAl, Siil •v^l Silrii ^Ucn»ii tjt^Q 
(!t<H) A'^ ^IH ^, aH;i >t(&lXl3l«il>li ^41 anl^ 

^c/l-ffvcii^i'ii 'Sum-ii MMii^Mi a^ >i(A m4 

<VH[ SHl^Sll ^. ^ifA^M^Kl Wist <M^R«(l ""Hi. 

^^iKl iiH ^. n'ft ^i« ii^ti i^>isi <^4l, =H^ 

%1l£ M«i ci^l»V an^ Hi^l (t^l ^IH ^. 

clKl iiil 5H^ «ll">Hl5il ^cllWSlcll ^'iHl 'Him «{1^ 
SH^ SlUA ^IH ^. ci ^I'i^lc-l?^ iZii^ a>iioi(Al ff?<l 
«til ^IH &. ^tH^Kl «l€t ®H^M1 Wl^^cfl, anPl 

mtffl ^ivujct aH:^ §aiil ^IM cli M \ «ll>Hl- 
M^«(l ^m S^il 5Hl^ d. ^IHtfl «U>Hl'»ll^l ?}\. 

nifAl \ «fl \^ Cai CHi<Hl SidiaJil anlcl^ ani^Sll 
^IH S. SH ^IMI an^ iiilanlM^ ^l4l!^ ^1<AI 

>Hl^ «t<A^ Mtfl<:{l, 5H^ %=tl£ JRi i^MSi <^^l 

•Hiri-.^imiaJiW'ti iiiiSHHi{«ti Mi^«(l m4- 

(l^l ^IH d. MH^ ^^^ oy^i MlWtfl 'iMcj an^ 
H^S^ ^,8cH anl^qic^i ^IH d. "Hl'i'fl «MI/IM^ 

MH ^, «ft f ^ \ a^l €th( aH;i 3 CHlW'i^a ^ 

^ ^ ^=H Mi^itfii iiH ^. ^Kl il^il yi^n i^a 




d. 5idi ei^cti 1 2(1 3 !0d sell's cnhi ^^^Hi 

^IH §. 5lMi C-iK, Mld'jfl, «a^, (ISI C-flcHl ^JlHl 

HI Hf9^ MWMl^ »il^<:-{l ^IH §. an^ ^ii MK 

§HMH Qi<-«ll^rrt't(, Mlcl'ili ^ ^iltniy^cll diWlcai 
^IH ^. ci cl^cl -^H^ <^>A d. ^Sl ^,8cM ■Mci^Q'Hi'tl 

anmi ^iH d. ^a'li (stCH) x «a \^ 0=h €ii«{l 

♦liHWiiKl 4iilMi«0 3n«^i ^«i '{li^i §, ^Ki 
an^ w<M @M^ <~t^tfft rt^l =iiM^ d. ^in^Jsi^i 

Miell Hl<n a^l ^^RiRdl ?il^M^ ^M i^^l^li 
aHl«l d. 

uiE. aspera (H. II. p. 152). 3i »iiHfc/4i'{l 
>^l/l «Mrt d ^^ ^l^^l aHMHl ^l$tl, Sj^l^lCHl, 
((^o) a>i;^ M^l^Mi 014 i^ d. ani WMfrt ^Hl 

an^ <H'ii«\Mi cl a>\w^i mi<^m( aH3i< Mi^p iil 

«lil «IIM d an^ ci aHS^«(| ^i^M ^l=fl illQll 
(pith) ^<1 ^C-tJA, ^ «V- ^l** ^- 'H'il ilKMi- 

Mi'-ft Hieiqi^'ii ^i"4i ^^dl, 5i«ti<H nSl^-ii ^tli 
^<Hi ^^i iirt^ ^, an^ ciKl Hi^fi anPl ^m>H[ 
•nHiel §. ciMoy ■^dcnis \mi\ \^ ^mim sici^ 
H^i d. "i'lieii ct^St aH?l(v tlfiiPl rtismi m^^hiKI 

iwi«ft n^i ^i«ti^ iy M««i "ii^ ovi^icii 'i«(l. 

'i«i^. 113. 
lL-^ll^«l«iR-Pscudarthria viscida. 
l^ict-H. II. p. 154; N. p. 83. 

3-Hi^iri_a(Msi^l ^CHHi ^[sm 5ll"Hl^ QSl &. 
?i 1 «(l 3 !{ld datl ^^ d, ^ "SnAl^ HIW > 

s$u<HiH^ M^jti iiH d, aH«iqi siy ^"^l < ^^ 

ctl rlrfl M ivHl'tH^ mM an^ ci'tl $41 aniHl 
<sm ^•"ilcll an^tHl ^Hl % aniil «»»'>{l'tH^ Ml,C-li 

«y^l Mlcioil Pi H^M ^IH $. ciM^ §^ (^i^l anPl 

4iii«€icti hm. <im ^i^'il l^i<^ 'Hi^c-fl ^iH 

an^l ani-o^l §U^l Hl44^ an^l =(lsi^l ^K 
6 "^ ct SMii 1 anioitfli^ €ll5i cil ai|<a u\n $. 

-ilogs ^IH $, ci %tH'jfl 9>cSllaH Qjidl ri«(l ■vt^j 

ci ^ICH^i^jKl Ml5iJt 'i^l ^^i Mmi ^>Hil §m &. 
rtKl ^v-M iliil \ «a \^ ^ ^ tfa< c-tiofl, ^1^1 
5/41 Hlcttffl, 't^H an^ @9{l Kli ctni i&i^Wiall 

ildilM^'ii «Hl99'ii 5l MH «lM%llMl aa.i (^il^l, 
an^ =ia^^ MW ci iliil^ di ^^i ani^^ ^m 

d. "iisa^i R. MH 1 «(i '^i; tfai eihi Pi I «n 

\ «Ia^ ^l^l^i, an^ qai^ MK \^ «ft ^ > 

^iy=ii^ 3 «U Y €!»( cHi?^ ^iH d. «Hi«9'ii ^ MH 

H^!t^ Ml^l'^iy^^cti C-{'>13li(n, piUH "^ aH«MH 
^IR^ltfli, an^ =ta^fi MH >i*^aU|trt«j 5li«i 
ctftfi^ «is^«id. '-t^Hi 3ll«liy?ic1l ■>Jl'^(laHl»id 
Minify, a>i^ H«fl <3M^ <VRl (k^'i €li«a an^ 
«is4*13 ^IH d. an ?ti^ MH ( SH-leaflets ) 
H^i Mlrt«A( ^IH d. ^ S^S^ ^8(M ilA^il an^ 




iAf^ft an^p <v=ii <ni^j( Swin ( stipellfc ) 

^IM ^. MHHI QM^'d ^Ml^ \a*CHl «(l«l i^Jl'ft 
an^ 'fl^'fl feli^a S^yi «fl«fl ^IH S. Si <M^ 

sj$t_>^^-H m^iji i^^i^d %itfii5ii ^Ri?a Mi^ 

iiH d. ^chKI il^il eti'Hl aH;i a^ ctfta'^ §mmh 
^=ii DAi^i c-iM aH^(lm«ii H'^'^M^i §iH §. :!i° 

<in 4in i>f\ vM{\ ^R d. ^ ^ «a \ ^at 

aHK d=(d^l «n»Hi »l»tltAi^l SHlll «41m aniil- 

iin ^lai ^art'fl SM^'fl rtUftSil »H^ MiH«lM^ m^- 

H3l-( ^3^Ch^I%Q ). 

l-<ll^lM«il>l-Uraria picta. 

t^l-ct-H. II. p. 155-, N. p. 83; Watt. 
VI. part IV. p. 212; ^. Pi. Ml. Vo. 

R '^5iilHi>i-Mi<?ii «^^^i (^lo); ^i^"«j (y°); 

^[^^^, ^R^Nr (no); ^t^'t, qts^T, t^v^ (fto); 

3-!t4«i-'^iH«i'ii Suni 5ilHl^ R^iHS^ «^- 

5H^ llVl^R rtKl 'dSlKl «ll-^l3\l ff^-HUM^ ^-Hltf 

cini ^ii "S^Hi «i«ic-ii sfi^twi "Hi^ §. ^^ m4^=(l 

S. d MUM^ r=H^ <n>'Hl^"»ilH ^. rtM^Ml =3Hl dU=ll 
rt^rt 3lica>Hlvf aniH d. ^ll>HiaHl^ $1 f^lHlCA'ft 

^M>i\ <^<l cnioft ^8eM ^eliKl elR (st^) aH»(=ii 

^'Wi an^ ^fl'l (s^CH) ?lltfll««lctl ^^CU ^IH d. 

si'ii Sii^mi "SiMca wi^iw <Hiia a>i^(i=ii<ni 

^yi-^li=lHl MMliSJ^li 'ija Hi^n-^R <V^l hti*\ 

a^W^l <3(Hl aQ^l Mletl §IH d. n ans^^ft «1s 

![lil ^Itfll ^>l^ anl^ ^4 *^"^ ^^** ^- ^'^l '**^-^^ 
SIM i^ svlrti ci stiisi^ ^>HIH 6. 'i^lKl «Hl« 
^s'lPlct aMPl ^ms Hill, (1^1, =(l^M^l, =(lSl«el^l 
ci«fl«ll SHM majl ^qis(M(%lct atMcilf^i <Hl5l g, 

MtA ciMi^fl V "S M C-tJofl Mlrttffl «l»<iaMl Klsol 
d. ci cl^^l'fl Mt (3=fl a>i«lcii aniil ^^ $. ci 
^cttffl^fl ^^i^rX ^^a «i^il ^IM S. s'lA <^l 
^'iKl anPl ^M^ §(Hl 2(1^1 MlcHl §IH d. ci M'i- 
^CH«ft da{«n a>iiil«(l s?i[ Jxtil «llH d. cl HatMl 
«llil Mli«l ^IH d. «ll>Hl5il ^3l «{1<:-{1 ^ c^M^ 
§C*(l ^i^i an^l ^?fM HltflKl \^\{[ aHl^«fl ilM S. 
<U^l^l a^lll SIM S^ svlcti ci Vii\m ^\i MWl 
3ll<Hl«ft <H^IM«{1 \-»im ^. 



^IH ^. iiil'il Kl^tC-ll (HR'ti Ml'l HMcl %ll€i 
^IH ^. M«l <3M^'ll «l»l anUHl ^ll'^l §M^'ii MH 

^i\ '^^^. d. ^jiM mhKi ?i^>-H iidii ^rt^n <v'=(\ 

^il ^ PiM^ §<»n ^j'%li SH^ iy?(M qm-ft 3Hl^ 

svlil ani^ ^, SH^ <H">Hrt ^Rl ^^Idl Su-HlMl 
sviilKl 5H13R anS Ml'l ^1 M"^ ^Hl^^ ^IH §. 

sitilHki mhKI ili^il ^i4*^ ^?;^ ^'h ^- "^ 

%l6lrtl ?ll«ll Wl r=M^ ^'-11 Mil ^IH 6. MH ^SIH 
d cHl^ <3"H^'ft «Ml^ iltfll%l^ctl ^31^0 «»fc) «nH 6. 
cl'ft <nA «Ml/lM^ SHi'lt^ ^^"Hcti ci -"i^^d C-ll3l 
§. '{\2iHl iWMl/lM^ 'nti'm ^ItAl HltflHl |Hl/\ 

6. MrtKl =ll%l §Jt »i^ ^=tl£ >Hil%l^nl n^l 5H^ 

SmMii-mi'I'O ^■^'-h ildilHi «i^>ii "1'^ <niog 

^IH d. nM^ gfKl 'i^l §IH d. ^ilHini Ml'lKl 
^^H ildil'il *im M^l 5HWIIV aMlSl^'li ^.fecM 

JjCH-^lMlS^l^ S^ i^ll-ft 2*^0 fili"{l 4il 

aH^ 4 2fl \ tl^l >^lil«ll ^IH 6. ci'ft ««ilM^ 
§9{l 61^1 SH^ '=ll«a'{\ ^^l<n aHl^«{l ^IH d. ciM^ 

iliM Mi^ ^^M >(lcni««irti Qi^i wi ^iitail 
4Hi/l<iicai H''"*t'*<^i ^i*^ ^- ^ "^^"^ "^^ •*^'* 

«Hl^«fl ^IH d. ^41 <3«=(iHl M«^ Si ildil (Oflrtdl) 

«tH ^. (an V^'W. **\^l C-llHS &.) 

^IH d. cl-O IRHR Hl4i^ C-lAl, ^iCAl ^ ^iHl 

»\ ^Si ^ "{IW '■Ml'fl'ti ^«i ci'-fl c-thi ^IH d. 
%tl^ 'n^l^'fl >^l/l Mi"«Hil ''{Is;! ati^ Mi^HilaHl 
5^ Hai«{l ^ilHC-n ^lilv^a «i«l«{l MlMil^ =1'AM 

n Ji«iH c-ileti, MtA ^^i c-{l5ii "i iiuii, an^ »i^ 

«^£ t^l'd «lfc) <MH §. ci ^SIH 6 rHl^ MlW 
^^"i S^ai«{l Mil <r»tH ^. clMl 3 «fl \ ^it^tl 

ci «l 'Kl'V'flqiSt fei^p mi^ ^^c^ §iH d, an^ 

ff?H <v»l ci MlScfl ff^H ^ clM AM cHl «iHl 
«Jl3s "{l»»t §M^ aH<iJ;^ ai(irtl »*tH d. ciMl ^H 
«Q''l «li^ Slt^il =l3l^ ^IM'-tl'tl SR'fl aH5 §n^«^ 
=Mil<l ^IH, aniiqi aJii yfliRJ 3icn<(laHl ®M^l- 
<§M^ 5llAc-ll ^IH, ci<l ^MIH §. n ivH ^H 
MlScfl ^M S clM dH^o nio >imi ■M^l «ll'il^ 
Mi=i «^l^«(l £<Ml=lcti »>1H §. ^^ ^t'tl «iHl5»ll 
Wl^^cl ijCHl'd ^^ S. ^lliJKl S'Hd'll %liMlM^ ^- 

ani^ ^. (^fl^Hl ^mi^l'll Slli'-H^ an^ cinl MSi 

?llHi an^ ^IMS. 

^i{i\ %[^i.i cl^"& "HM^IH §. oJUl, %l««i<<ft an^ 

Sll^PliR <3M^ SH'li H^^l '■'^l** '^^ ^"^^^^ 
«l«l aniM-HRl ani^ 6. ^1^ ^tA anj^ =tlMV 
<^l«(l m4 5i^H C-tl5l d, aJlK ■idC^l^l^l >trt ^. 

5ni ^tA^l >4it^nMi H^^ 5^ ■V'liq^'ii iwM^ 

=ilM4m>ti a^l^ 0. ftlHlta an^l ^ct^Wl S^-S Sm^ 



Mil ^IH (Sli| ^I'ni ivrj §IH) ^l an-Hi '^f^ 

MIH d. atisi an^ w'lS^ §M^ aH^ti "iW'fl <ni^i 

hHim% wn i<l^ (HiJt^l^ §, ci«(l ^3} a>il^ ^. 

" <3H\% (H^lkl aMtqj. y^f^ft =l5l^Mi ri^l 

r-tW «l^l S. HloHi^ ^'H'll 3^ Ml«l anfrl @M- 

^(31, <i^% t[^, Rsi'4, IC-t/l, Q-MIS, ciw, ^W, 
?i'-H4i =tlrt^in a>l *IH^ Hill & ^ Rd^ «[^ 
CHl^ d." (^. |5Hl«125). 

Mi'^lRl <3M^ ^<i< WllMl §51 §. an (^l^iimi 
Ht^M^l (HlsllHi «IIH S. 

"Hejf §M^2(l anMiii^l «tHti Stl^l §. 3l^ tKlfltjj 
%tR:^n 'IIH RtHMiSjf ^ cl, an^ a»i5l2^Mi 
^U^Ih Ml« 'tlH Rjidl (picta) d ci H\m\ 
d. "SHl a^^i MHMR ■>{ltfll 1 (H^WSlcll Rltfll fat^ 
<^=ll Mdl ^IH 'S. 5i^ »t^|^ rim ^HOliwi S 

n anKl aiH^ anPl ^ilsii siijiri ff^cii ^vim g^ ^ 

t-^U^4l«iR-Alysicarpus vaginalis 
( Var. ) nummularifolius. 

lyi'rt-H. II. p. 158; N.p. 84; Watt. 
I. p. 204. 

. . ; j_ 

* ^rttH«? ^'l^'lWHi Vli^li^'ll Wlitl (h^W §3Wl 
■Hll^P'tl ?ili \l^, ^IIJIWW «r/'»l€l»li §M<l=ii(ai ^%Wl 

Pl^^l Mi^ si«ii ■«ii4Hi, ■"taiitai »ti>i Mi^ ^hjiihw 

«''»l«l'fl <iM\. (H&R cIhs*- sH'€^, MWRl 4»«tl Mi- 
U«l (SMH »H^ Mll^^U ctMl t^sj ^^^ iiJ ^-W 5li- 

R-"%J?ll«il>l-^i*i «>l^^i, sAt^ilt ^>l^^i, 3iu^ 
«>l^«li ( ^l+^o); *?i^5t qiR2r (qo). 

3-Hi4«i-'IU^^>i^=tHl Sum ^«ft A ^l| 
^d C-lhl «tlH d. ci ay>{lrt\^ Wia<Ai'tl ^1 H^^IH 
S. anni "Sl^HU «llil W^iaJil 'llitfll ans ct^i^Jv' 
M«1^1H«{1 §IH S. M'iJ yt^fl=lU ctHl 'cll^ft ^ll">MiaHl 
•flicfd Siict^^ ^CHiH §. MH <v5ii c-lini M*^ Hl4s^ 

3\i2i4i ^iH §. ^c-t i^lii iiCHi»{l, ^ini wi ^ 

<fn5sil wwi^cil ^iH S. ^il3i (^«i) yNiqiafl, 

fr\[ «iil, ®M^«fl a^Pl Hm^ i\^M mM ^IH S. 

^«a-^cttffl«ft ^ri^^ <iY3 avi4, <v>fl'iHi li 

ilil =*H^ ^llMiaiil-iiil S'H(atcl(V ^IH S, 
nvfl C-ti(Kl .«MlaHl rfljcfic-n ^IH S, ^ 'J\(im 

qiai'fl aniya i=ii<fl vi^ <nifli (3»fl s^aic-n aniM 
^IH S. ^ll^Mia^ll ri^H an^l ciM^ Hl^i^ S^ft 
'ili anPl ^i« ^IH d. 

Mlrl-aHl'd^ ani^C-li ^IH S, cl \| 2(1 M 1 ^5 

c-tivJ'i c-thi ^iH &. <v «* c-tifcH sticii §iH S ct 

V 2(1 H 4llt)'l Mimical ^IH §, ■MiJl M C-ll?A2ft 
an^^'ti MH ei'lQtil alitfl ^iH d. ci Mltt^i "S 
a^^Pani ^Unl 'il^l'fl "iRil'li MH ^Hl ^""ilH 
S. MH-tl SM^-tl «Ml<a C-n^ aH:^ '{[^•^ ^\Z 

"Hitflnl aniyfl I'-ti/lciicril ^m S. MKnl ildil 1 2(1 

y 41l5:St «th1 ^ \W. iV<l •Hlcl«ll ^IH d. MW 
»v:il «li[, ""H^^d a>iPl tni&R 'flstAcfl H^l-HlCAi 
^IH d. ci <^h>[ ^8jM >MP4=lltfli anPl ^^^ oil- 

taiW€lcti, oiji, <v^i a>i£^5i^c(l -hI^ an^ ani^ft- 

aMltAl ^IH S. 

^H'»^l«i-^l«Al VWi, Hl^'ti^lct^i *f'=li(glu 
maceous) Mlrttni, eti«ni, tm^i ^ijikcti, an- 
HflanitAi, an^ <§c*a 't?tlHl(Ai ilH 6. 

^$l-:^'^H 'mR^l i^'il^l ^^il ^iMiaJil^ ^l 
an^ MK'tl «lHl «Hlo32(l ^ 2(1 3 llJa^ CHi«>{l ^^H 
Hltfl'd |=ll<n^l(Al '(lic?l«(l ^IH d. ct^lH^ \ 2(1 <^^^ 

^eli ani^eii ^m S. 1i\j=iR ci (-^^i) s^ic-ii «H^i 

MW MW anl^CHi ^IH S 1, ci ani ^M^i (^yHl 

S^cti i'/X |lH S. 

^t^HOil^llH-M M^l^l "l^^l ^IH S. ^'li 
MR M^l §MMH ^=li ^l«ll ^Wi, Hl«'ii "llcl^i 



9t^lH^^l, 'ifc-lSl H'^n**' MWcnl, ^tiiHtfldl, >i«ll<h 

t\i «[^l Sis t>{l«iM^ <3^{ vii^h ^IH S. ^[t^l 

^IH d! «ni»l^ ^^^ ^^M 2H^(l ^IH d, 5>l4i £\s 
eH\(V-">{l«\l%l5lctl Wi ^«iiiV <l?(H, C-fl«i, 

5llM-S<^l>li »ll^ &. aMHl §l^Hl 3iu^i (?iii) Vi7\ 
d, Sli^JV rif^ M>31 ciMi iH H^ §. aJUl MH 
Ml«l iii «tlH 0. aH»ii ofldv liltfl'O ^-"Mcl 31<1«M 
C-lin«tl rtl^ SM^ MIH d. 

§^l ^IH '^, ftM 5MI 'Mrt'fl (Alysicarpus) 
Mn^lMitl ^IH d. an^ <i 3lliR(»5ii;^i ^v-H a<i^i d, 

\-<U^lM'll>t-A. V. (Var) stocksii ? 
tKl'ct-H. II. p. 158. 

3-qi{iri-Wil ^>\V-tHl ^l-S'-tl \ ^ 'tl ^i 
5H^ ^i'^MHR'^ i^'ll^ «'^n £IRI«J'<1 Mld«il ^IH 

^. MH c-i'>i5ii(n, Mwtfii, 'n-^ ^miA^m "^wi^'-ti^i. 
\^[ %{ li^ €ihi »i^ |: <fl \ tl^i Mi^itni 
^iH d. (Immh Hi^-ii lid^i 5y=ii c^i<>{l aHt^flHmi 

«iHl«fl ill vfy ^»l(A«ft ^^lH«ll ^IH d. ^Ih 
( !^c-i ) 3 «a ^ «i^lHl(/(l, Y «(l M C-liy'i C-ti"{l, 
f enWd Ml^l«[l, "il^ ^8jH 5H<^nHltf(l, ^ ^^M- 

Sidi 3Hmi SuHiM^ m4s^ w^iii'Hitn'fl sii«^l 

^^i^Mi Ml^Hl «l«l Sillily §ol §. @\t?\i3i 

H3l-( ^3^(>l^l^ ). 

\-i!U^H«ilH-A. bupleurifolius. 
i-^dl'd-H. II. p. 158; N. p. 84. 
5l-"^J^ll'llH-"»Mi«>\^^l ( Ml+>19 ). 

c-ihl «IIH 6. ci'O ^if^l^Hl H^M »t^ Mlrt«rt 
^IH t5. d m%i "S jJU'-ti^ »tl^^ ^<.C1 (§2(1 at-jcft 
§IH §. ciM^ Hl'A-fl V-tl/l o3<V a>il^«{l i^lH ^. 
MK a^id^ a>il^C-li, \ ?(l 3 tl2* -Hhi, an^ f 
?ft \\ C-llfcH ^l^mi ^IH §. ci '-n-Pl «Ml^aH 
«n%ii, ^t^lSdi, ^^^ C-lM anHflndl ^IH §. ®M- 

Mi^i(/(i, «ain, attfiicfl, ^^^ ^iiH wi^fiHiaa ^ 



t-<ll^H«ilH-A. longifolius. 
tyi-cl-n. II. p. 159; N. p. 84. 

Mi anR ^. ci I «(l 3 "^ 4 ^1a (3211 ^^ d. 

2H^ «ll>Hl^l SHi 'Hiofi^ft Hl4i^ »»i^-Jl ^'I'H 
WlHlSlcfl ^IH ^. 

^Ul-'*id "^^I'H^l <Hii^, H^l -rflojl Xiil'^l- 
^[% ^ii Rltfll Vli iliil <^<l =tl^ an^ ^^l 

C-n^, «{lCHl ^'iKl, an^ 'ft=i'{l 5[lil <Kl«tl 51'1'fl 

>i(adl an^l %=u€ M'^i, j[l>i, ^ <v^i (i^i 411^1 

anlH d. ^ ^cllM^ ( ^M Sis (3=0 flMMlCHl > 

Mi<l ^M\ aniM ^IH S, Jy'iW HqiH <n«*l 
^CH Ml^ Ml^ §<Mi »ll^C^i ^IH d. «tfftM^ Soft 

>i*"H»ill4llH-|. £l=t sil^i, «4i%ni ^w^i <i^% 
^'i-fl, an^ iiil MNilSii sOsi «t?3-si ^'I'ft ^IH 6. 

■^i^^^l-an-il <!AM\ PlHH ilMli^l \o, (ijiayq 

Y «a M CHiy^ ChWI ^\ &at i^i^iaa, §M^«{|| 
C-fl^, ctlM«3i «^iv -^'-ilil an^l i^iaiC-flciitfO ^^ f^ 

ilUl^ ^m '11->>HI §IH ^l Ml^Hl aHS^«a «MV 

qui di4<ii ^14 ^l^fl^i^p^ m««a itStM •"iiw 
inn S. ani <3M^^ <^<'"3iiH S 1, «>l^=twi ^i^=ii 

^iuiani^ a^Rl (X^'i R^^t M«S a>tl^ d. ani 
^^IR'IHI §U=ll;i 3lJ<H ( Lucerne ) Kl >11 <tl^- 
clR i^^imi ani^ ril ci aiis tlliWl =Hl^l rtfl> 

<S(l^H»4l (enslage) "Klin ^i^iPl m^j tti^fi 
§H«il3[l «lW Mi dH §. ^t^l^qui ^U^l^ ilCl- 
cti«ll aH3l^ ^clioi •vHl't 'HiJl ^l^S ani^ d. ani 

iai^Ml Hl^ 9i(l\i @^ d. an^ "Slfcl >iW ovsiiaJi 

an aHl>Hi (^e^^tH^ii H^i^ «ilH ^. 

anl %l5l^«llPll SU^I %^i:<Hl'{l '•Icl'fl H't- 
^^MfclMi «l«ft C-li5ll, «tll anP^ <i^l «Jl»t ^. ci«n 

5iPi (§§ii anPi >^i'ii %5i^qi, ct«ii hii R^H 

5^ -otlH ^ 11^ anPl ilUl^^^"^l i^ d. 

i-^U^HnW-A. rugosus. 
t^l-ci-H. II. p. 159; N. p. 84. 



ctlMl sMliJ^ r-*l^ ^l** ^- ■*^H cl(<a«l .(4f,MlJ- 

(fi'ti, >i«<i5i ^<oi ^^^m\, 1 «(l 3 ^2t imi, 

^IH ^, nn^ 3(l5iioQa^ Ml^ Mt?l ^^ll ani^CHJ 
<M'4^l <^oi-l Wi ^IH ^. H'li ^^^i Ml^ H'Mcl 
an^ ^il»l (!iC-t) 1^0 «tlo ^r^Mi Hl4i^ (jijlHC-ti 

^IH Si «[ln (!^c^)-3 ?fl M «iHi=tiw(l ^ih d. ci 

6. ci C-fl^fl, aicflicfl, an^ \\>sl <^[ ^si'ft ^IH 

d. ci'ii ^i^i'fl ^i^i«niW c-t'^iw i^ni «v^i (n^t 

^IH S, an^ «i4lM^ aHiil s-<2t«fl MiC-{l ^IH S. 
XHrti SU^I SiRW ^l^JiKl ^l«l l^il VS=llHl 
®3l §. ci ^R'il aii:^! ci:ht <3M«4l»mi ani^ g. 

H31 (^O^Ch^I^). 

t-^ll^lMrlR-A. styracifolius. 
t^krt-H. II. p. 159. 

\i (Ai-m m*{ d. ct <n|^i •^Hl'iM^ M«i^iHCHi 
|iH S. an^i %iiHR»3j ^-nw <Sil5Hl%l5l^«tl •v^l 
^IH S. cllM»Jl sH-fl ^ll'«'tlSllM^ mtflKl (h^^ 

ant^ftaHltAi an^ ci^ft "iRM^^ C-thl, ^1% 5A"«Jl- 
m'JlHl ani-vM^l "HiM'^i ^<1 <.R ^IH S. l^ 

JH^^Hl i^ S. 5i^[ MH C-ll^l%l>l^Hl ^'il 
\^ ci?fl 'iUi.l'ti ^IH S. 

a>l4l Sum «45^i, SJU^I aniR ^R >HIH S. 
an McH^'Hlwft im oj^ift'tMl 5lRil5t R^H (§3l g. 

X-kii^^'lVH-A. heyneanus. 
t^l-ct-IJ. IL .;p.; 159, ji) ;j. . 

an^ «lil «11H S. ^m[ ^ll>Hl5il ^l3>liv cOi<^ 

Ml^ltfli, ^ ^^^ SlitnitiHcti ^IH S. Ml'i Mlcttfli, 
^^^|l 'i«Wl«li, ^ «(1 y 1 ^ tiat 6li"ii an^ 

f «a \0 ^ t'aA ^r^itfii (iiH S. 5iKl ii^ 

Vrsm ^IH S. 

anHl Sn'-il aimi^' 'm«'fl «isl -uld^ an^l 
^^\^i 3RHI siiiMi (3^1 S. ct ?iui >hih d. anrO 

H»lC-lHi«(l ^%tl Kliol S. ci ilJm (n-ilH^Hl illHl 
aHl<l <l"^ Sim ^m S, 

V^U^l^Wil-A. racemosus ( Belgan- 

iVkd-II. II. p. 160; N. p. 84. 


3-H>§«i-^^ ^V^^^l-Hl Sli<Hl SilMl^ ciH<V 
H[\ Ml« "H^i H'^ <f^^[^ si[^m ani^ S. ci 
^ «(l 1 "S 1^ kl«l '^Hi'^l *tlH S. ^-Hl 4ti«{l 
an^ Sllil ^If^liani ^IH S. ci »»'>fl'l\^ «4l45^ 
M«i^lH«fl ^l*i S. MK C-t'^5\i(n; v,c-t avi<g^i ^OHJ; 
a>i^ ^fl^l 'il^l'fl ilH S, 

«l4, an^ =fl^d ^ MVwtcl ^IH S. m« ^i'lfHct 
an^ ^=ll£ ant^ilMcil C-tlSl S. 

iiil »>lJi <ll>Hia>ll-.slil wA<t^ ^[^. &. 
NtJJ H\^ii\ 'ija^ M«ll<?i«0 5l a<R -^ Villi 3f\^ 
^clt^l '^<l Mtct«ft ^ll^MlSHl 'fli^ic-fl ^iH S. ci 
^^ «{l«{l ^ attflScfl ^IM S. ci'tlM^ H"»Hci mjjiov 

^^•H ^m 1 oi^^i^iKaKl |Hi/l aHi^«fl ^m S. 

■Mlri-anh^ anReii ^m S. ci c-i<n3li(fi 1 
clftfl^ iv^l «li^i, >i«*i3\ >^i^icni, iliil Ml?! <v^i 
g^Mi^Pwi ^ ^^^ ^ji ^w S. ^ 7 «a f "i 

H^ri \ '6^ C-thi, an^ |r «fl ^ tiat Ml^iwii 
^l«i S. MW-ft ildil <Ml4<V 3 «0 V eiia'i CHi«>{l 
^IH S. MnKi «'i'^ ^MIcH'O 'I^IMR a>i^ MUHl 
^RM^ ^JltflWltaKl ^R ^IH S. Nl'lMi 'tSljj «t«U 
SIM aHHMRS<U <^i t'^lH S. 

(3"U"Hi'i-«Hi«'ii \M^i <^^i, »i«ii^ an^fltiwi, 



"S Mi^ ^Hl <V^l S^ 0^ 5>iirt^ nii aHl^«tl 
8lui ffvt^lHC-li an^ (§M^ ^di ^IH §, an ^'A[ 

^IH d. <^Mi H-=H^ %fl-'S%l^ a>il^«ti ^IH d. 

MlJ/l 31HI M^-A %llm ^l'»Hl Mil «^H^. .«n.'3i^i 
^31 91^1, WICHM^ 94^(1 <^=a <h 5H^ ^If'U %8cH 
•HlfA-il aniafl I'^l/l ^IH §. 

«Hl«V-«{l«il«ilctl ^(Al ^31;^, «{l^, at«njtd, 
mR'ii SiejWl =HlJil^^ ^ ^ l\ ^'t '^'tt^ ^1*1 ^• 

Si'ti ^ita ^f^Hi, ^m=i.s, ^w(mti an^ fe^i- 
M<a| «tiH S. 

t-^U^lH'lR-Desmodium gangeticum 
tai-ct-H. II. p. 168} N. p. 85; watt. 
HI. p. 82. ^. 9\. Ml. 3dr. 

^. M ^UMianl C-lio{l M^^icfll <H>Hci "V^flciM^ 
«liil d^ic-n ^IH S. MH sihi; |C-l ^g(M (lil ^^l 
■^ ^ia^l "tl ^i^l*^ ^^Hi; ^H'l «fl''l ( ^"H) a^Mdl, 
Mlcttfll anPt Sis '^log (3^1 ilMlSMimc^l ^IM §. 

MlJ/1 «1H d. : 

^Ul-5i^ ^C-tlHtfl ovMl'tMl «<l4 g| 5^:^^ 
^IH §. ctMl^fl 8lUl C-lhl SH^IdC-lli sAi^l ^^l 
^=tl Xlil^il 'fliCflCHl ^IH S. >i(A ^aql?(l M-i- 

^Ic-i > aniJifAl <v^ «vt^ ^[^. S. ci'fl Sh^HI mi<h, 

Mlcl«fl anPl Qijl ^31^, an^ aHct^HH<H <V\l «lil, 
^«Wl'4l, Mvoicl, an^ Wl^^rtl ^'iHl ^IM ^. 
mni mh^ "Hl^, ^l(/U«$lctl ^31^ ^ Msvoici ^IH 

^ «*|^ii (J.^1 eiiSl d. 

iiil anH <U">Hia>li-^cttfn«(l fl M't^dcH J?<1 
«iii ^iM 0. sii[ <ih\ ^i i^i'ii «{l%n ^ a(<a- 

icft ^IH &. ^iHtfl ^U^HlSiiM^ §9(1 6i?il an:) ^ 

Ml^ 5litfiik)«lct| an^ M«il<?l «ii^[«lct[ Hulcii 
iK^fl ^1 ^^oy 4ikr[[ "il^ aH^(l«wi ^IH &. 
MUHl SM^HI WMldl m4s^ «fl^, <5{letl ^JlKl, 
an^ KIM ?tlil«{lstl Vl'ft aH^ RllH qitflKl 
|HIA1^1«(1 ^IH ^. MK ^ «(l 3 1 ^ ^ai C-lh[ 
an^ l| «fl ^ 1 3 ^at Ml^ltfll ^IH d. MW 
Mlct<al ^IH S, ctlMi^i ^ ^=l«i' '^'^ ^'li'ft 'l^l 
^M'^d "^^Hl":!! ^=a at(.cn MUKl Klalcfl «Ml,ilSl 
R?lH |«l(aqi(4l ^IH ^. MH^ aniWacHl^Ml ^qi«fl 

a^^ ^Itfll «ti<ni Hl(S\'{\ |«ltfl ^IH ^. 

MK'fl ildil-il «iiHi ^IfwilSiiM^ c-tl<4l an^p. 
'-ll(Ai, d'Hl 'l^Rl«li, ct(tfiJl Ml^l<ai«lrt[ ^ §MMK 
ani^C-li ^IH 6. cl iiH^a ^IH S. an^ MH^ rtftfl^l 

a'fl ildil'il »i«ii«ai«ft ifcli 'Oai ^ «ii4l @m- 

QMMH anl^C-tl ^IH d. 



<M"l Ml^ Miy aHj,(v Ji^MH^'ll -"ii^imisn Kls;- 

6. ci'll n^J jictl C-thl an^ iJli^l ^IH ^ an^ 
qic?il an^ tliaii \ %^i cii(/i,{l |«»i(aHl5li ^IH S. 

m ^ Sii ^^ §iH g, ci^^ii \(itfii«licii «nc-ii 

'fli5i«{l ciiicic?l«n €cHl^€trtl >(lail ^^si-fl ^^^ 

•Hm-fl |=tldl an^ 3 «ft M ^ ^ ilMl aH«icll «lHi 
an^ 4125 «ni«9 R^«^ «'i<5lH«{l ^IH tf. ^(I'Jl 1 

aniil^ ^tladl «Nl^ H(A0l ^IH d, «hW^ 5ii 

Rf^i?.^ ct»ll ^l«l an^ «H^H, 

^iMi'fl 5ii cii^a d. aJirii iiai;ii ii^l 3ic?ii 3H^ 

'i^'fl «ial Htejl S6141 %-ll?a '^Irj an^ €ll^- 
RiR Hi d. an^ «l il^l CHJKH'l *Ml§ll an^ 

JHiJ^^i-H^lCHi <v^i sjiaj i^ 6. 5i^i ^ta^i hill 

"^K-i-HtgJ, (5M^i, RIJ^, ^IH^IH an^ ^l^ll a^rti 

^Itfl '11">H\ "^l^l. an^l ?i<^l «HR aH^^6l^»iH d. 
cl ans^ i!^ @'=(^%i an^ «[c(l^i "{1(7^ ><)CHIS 

ci ?1 S^ISKI aH« ^uRl'H»5«ilK iHl«t 5^lHtl i\ 6. 
%tlC-l'-t^l^ <lct«^ rtH« i^CH »lQi ^inRxl 
<3M^ aHMlH ^. 

<1. 5R). 

ft, R^lHi ft, Rh^(V^^, %l(^Mlcl, qi«i, Ji>l6, 
^l«t, ^rtlM, '^il*!, Rh, <§C-l<n, §^^«, a)i(n«R, 
i(H Si ^^ ^isi^l m.[i ft." ( HO ^3Hl«i2?). 

V9-Jt«4l'li-^^'1lKl <Hl«3aH, <Hcl^Hi ^t^„i>4^^ 
^lilanlrft qu an^ Ml'^fl'il ^l^ani Mi^, ,tfl an^l 

yiC-l^i^'il ftl4Hl @^ ft. 

an (4|^«ll'i'il Heil •^^l <Hl3lRi Hm. ft. 

«l€tttt^-ii MH^l aniSR iluirll ilrlH litfl^i 

^i<=ii«a \i^ eiisi ft. aH;i <ii($i\i5[ip §M^«a 

JJffi'^ldl, H.\[^ an^ (^€1 'il?!! M»3i -OicJlc-ii ft. 

^IH ft. "SmS ftu^twi il^ltSJMi MH «hl an^ 
^l^l(Ai, aniii 34*1^11 5iej ttijj $i(/ii ^1*1 gj 5} 
(3M^«(l an-li ftucti iifjHl<HU an^ ^ov^lrt ct^^ 

'hU'A'hi i^=iiH ft. ani tticnqiji'ti ftuqiMl ^i^ 

^1^ ■Hl'i 'ife ani^cti aH»^ a»ii^ ft, >ii^ S^I) 

5ii"«4l«{l'Hi«il^l i^ ft. 

a>lrt( MW (HlC-li'fl anl^Q iv=li ^^^ «(j4l wi- 

* Desmodium triquetrum-PivirtiMUilsMwi MW 



I-^U^AM'IIH-D. triquetrum. 
m^-U. II. p. 163; N. p. 84. 

^ (ho). 

§M^ Hl4!i^ ?ti«l %<^ HR 5HI^C-{1 ilH ^. <tM^ 
ct rt^rt -n^ 5V\^ ^IMl^l Mi^KHl^l «{l^ «*'/ crnn 

ani'ni, c-(l%ii 7{ z{(j\k<Ai ^\.^. §. n'fl Sm^KI «Mi<n 

ctsn efl^ anl^ '{154'0 %lMl^M^ (h?iH «M6R Kl- 

cHiofl an^ ciKl <n«-^ <Hi«g mwHI 1i^ <^=ii ^n 

anl^QaHl^Ai ^H^ n'tW MW Ml^ §»{l 4^1 Ml^fl 

(>^C-t) 1 «(l 3 "^ \^\ C yi'mHiail §IH ^. aH;i( 
cii?ll<iy "^iliicfli ^IH §. <(l3l^ ^^^ £lio{l anl^fl 

ani Ri^i'iMisilaHKi ?imjm an^ ®M«ll»l Kl- 
at'll 'tn^ \v9M J?=tl ^. 

aJUl Su^l 5ilHW ^'l^'ft ^(l2( aill«(l &i^lH«fl 

anl MitilaMHl ^UHlKl ^ll^MiaMl liJJ Hl^=ll(/fl 
aH^ aM^i -m^i 25(H'l( ^^^liKl II^S ^i'S. «ti«{l 
aHl^n«wi ^l={l^ «{l^ '^^ (^Hl^rth^aill aM^ 

t-<U^1«l«im-D. diffusum. 
4^l'ct-H. II. p. 169; N. p. 85; Watt. 
III. p. 82. 

m'd^% (^Ml'ilMUil'Hl (Ml+?io); flfq'^ ( ^ )• 

3-«l4'i-'^'tl ^l-S'tl Sii^i^ Htjil (§3[l ani^ 
§, <i \ «(l 3 i{l<i c-tini =1^ S. nKl ^ii"<Hi2ti h^- 

i^ d[Qri^?{l "vHl^tM^ Ml,«ft Vi7[ ^rii ^^i dail 
ai^rtl ^IH ^. an^iqi ciK\ clHlH ^U^MiaMl ivHl- 
'tM^ hM ^IH d. ciKl ii^ anPl ^ll-<HiaHlM^ @<Hl 

iidl 'V'ft ^Hl^ ani^C-fl ^iH g. MK ti^ ^QJ 

^«l-aH^ Wl51lH«l •vHl'lMi M'/e^cl di 3^'^^ 
^IH d. i yrl«\l?(l an^iii ^^ 0^4 ^IH $. WlC-l 

^1(3 ^ nKl =ii« §M an^ k%[t >{la«^cii ^i^i 
aH^flm«\i hill «?=ii ttitaKl |=ii<n=ii«il §iH d. 

•HK-anirt^ aHK<Hi ^IH «i. clKl ^M {\d^ 
\ «(l ^ ^ai CHi«{l, <J @c*ft Kli, an^ "HWKl V<51- 

ans qat^i, anM ^(jj ^{K^ii ^>m1i ani^ell ^IH 

§. 5m[ ciJisii MK'ft <Aiil |r ^*A ^ i^Ji c-tl»tt 

^IH d. an^ ni«3'ti »l MH'Q ildil M^P %<(^ 
Im. d. =iai^ MH \ «(l 3 ^at 61153* an^ =l^«ft 
^ 1 ^1 €fat Ml^l«i ^IH S, an^ <ni<J9'll 3\ mh 

sflll anPl <H-^ %lMl/lM^ =lia\'0 3(lat ^^IcH ani- 

anSV^^cft -wiiaiHltni ^m ^. lat^ "Hn t*i'^ 




<Hl^ @Jt an^ V-ilS (1.^1 §IH ^• 

an*^ <tMMK ^IH S, ci dftfl?! Mimical «lW iH'fl 

dH^H Mi^i ^'{i<^ ell Mi^ Wiiii ^IH ^. 

t*ltni iidl ^Hi 'HlcA'fl I'-ll/l, ^ 'H^ 5t«3i ^'^l 

^ll 5H^ cirti sidi^iiM^ <Hi<ni ?licfii ^iitfi'fl |wi«a 

<ni5i-(!ic-i) ^ ?a f i;i»i 5ii«{i -^ «ra{ ^i^i«a, 

iil anm «lu=il M<3J §^&. 

aJi (6|^«inrii MnHM, ^H, H^H a^:^ S^««l 

•io 1v9s ( Desmodiura ganf^eticum) ^ 
cl^ ansi MH a>il^ S, "H^J a>iKl ^UMl^ ^^J 
Hi«i VW ^tni ^l<Hl«(l ^^^clMl ani^ (^Misff S^ 

1-<ll¥lH«1l>l-D. latifolium. 
t^l'rt-H.lI. p. 168; N. p. 85; Watt. 
111. p. 82. 

t-^ll^1«lriiH-D. laxiflorum ? 
l^l-ct-H. II. p. 164; N. p. So. 

Mmi ^•<H-Sl aHK d, ^■«iil>li^ ^a^^ MH «Hl- 

wi^ aH'4'Hat (3H^«fl -mwi ^^=ti ^H\ «is4i*irti 
aH<^(laHl«\l ^IH ^. 'Ml'i ^5lHl MtsQ M<^ H^h^ 

\i(H ^IH ^. <ll3l ( i^Sl ) \ «fl \^ ^ai C-liofl, 

aiMil ^IH 6. ci^^ ^;^^ «^H =liia anl^fl ^IH 6. 

't^H iiai ^=11 -HltflKl |Hl/l ^IH S. ^H'^l Mm 

«iHi Mi^ ^A ni?9 %(^«y %ii,siMC-{l ^iH S. 
ct^l £"^5 %(i?ll 1.^ «(l ^ C-tl\A CHi^ll an^ 4 ^'^'* 

aH»il ^ucll m« *lcni 43^11 ®3l $. d«fl ct 

an^ «3I6»^(1 QM^ =iH^lH d. 

aH'tl 6uHlM^ f=l^'4 "^M^^d |m»1«A ^im«ft aH:^ | 




ri«H^ V3C* 

1-^ll'Hl«l'll>l-D. triflorum. 
im-U. II. p. 17 3; N. p. 85; Watt. 
III.' p. 84. 

5l-\J?ll«il^-5A<3illMUilSli (Mlo); sfli^lMis- 

ani^Sti, :<I3J nOl 9\(f[l, an ^i^ MH (£CH) m45^ 

S\«dl >Hia<=il(Ai ^IH ^. ci'O §M^K\ ^tMlcA C-ft^, 
^ 'fla^'G WMl^M^ «8e^ ^l«\l Hi^nKl anl^ \^\i\ 

li>^>ii«(l m4s^ 3 ii[[ HH(l<v Mia«il ildil\^ 
^i^Ai wi ^SfM =ii«n ^=a si^ aniM ^ih §. 

SHHi gu<Hi ^Rdi at^aniisiqicffl SlCl aH^ sRhI 

**i«a iA^fi ^i^-ii:i c-n?i 5i;i j^i^i »i»im :»fti^^i 

t-<ll^M«iW-D. reniforme. 
t^l'cl-H. II. p. 173; N. p. 85. 

cni'-^i an^) rtdeii'^' "^ a'-d =i-«t^ «^<v R^iM Mt- 

aHV=si ani^CHi ilH ^. ^R'^l ( ^^H ) \ ^ f ^*l 
filial an^ ^ ^at ^i^iafl, atMdl an^l C-O^ ^IH 
§. M ans IR a>i>Hi an^ "Hlsi) >HRiaMr-llwft 

^iHlHi ans^ ^^?(^ =HMi 'Hl'V ^IH ^. 

=imi^ Hi^iKl «i«l anKi §i^qi ^oi^^i ^c(i^( 

a>il^ S, ^ IWl aAUl cl^"S ^iHsv ^i^mi itl^ 

l-^U^lHrllH-D. gangeticum (Var). 

t^kct-H. II. p. 168. 
R-^^ftrll-H-SliiillMkilaJii (Ml+?io). 

3-Hi4ri-5i^i ^UHl \ «Ia^«a \lh <sm «im 

(i<Hl -l^l'-llcAi, H«tlol ^lis^istdi CHi<Hl ^1^ «?Hi ^IH 
anl^ §1 3 2(1 V ^=4 ai*Hl ani^C-U ^IH $. S^ChKI 
aiM/1, 1 ^a f tlat etiy{l an^ ;^ tJat ^1^1^(1 ^IH ^. 

n>ii 3 ^ Ml li^Au 5 «i'=ti ^iH ^. ^H't^ 

^R^ aJll^n 'HlJ/l ani^n ^IH d. ^fl'^lKl ^HI^AM^ 
%t8(*l ^\% =«"^rt '^ItA'ft |HI^ ^IH d. 



l-<ll^«l'll>l-Abrus precatorius. 

tVkct-H. II. p. 175; N. p. 86; Watt. 
I. p. 10; ^o Pio ><io s\\, 

gsf, ^^wVt (Jio); ^q^r, ^1r, ^Rflrat, u'^rr (r5o)3^r, 

3-«l4'*-=Hi^ufl'Hl ^411 5ll>im H%\. §3(1 SHl^ d, 
ciM rl <Ml^ >il%t M"«i H<^ 9y%Sl ^^l>li 

3Hl^ ^. 5t»ii ^dCfO ^cQ jiri^l t((^f| ^ii-u^iS^i 

■^ •VKl'lM^ Mlc-fl ^m ^. aH»l=ll jJU^i cjSl^^i 
SMl^^l »i5l^l ^IH cil ciM^ 2t^«{l §IH d. MH 
5Hh«(l -^li ^IH §. ^CH (Hl?^=ll SHl^Hl" ttl4s^ 
5Hl^ §. n ^l(Ai "i ?iC-llo{l WlHlUdi ^ ll^i 

<fn«aii iwi ^iH ^. ^Qili (^c^) y<^n hw mi^ 
nMi«a "(loy wMi^ «n6i^ ^"^icti ^ih ^j, (j^i^ ci 

H>^fi ^« CHl^l ^. 

^IH §. ?l>ll«n liC-tlS s^idl^l '{li(?ic-ll ^IH d. 

*?'--(l <^il ^IH ^. rl ili^floy ?lff/oicl ^IH $. cHl 
Hl%l §J1 an^) :t=ll£ Hlil^ilrti ^iH ^. 

ilail «ilrt ^ 2ft M ^^ c-tNi an^ \ ?ft 1^ fjai 

■Hirt<4l an^ ^icai '^m'^ c^io{l Ivjiqqit/Q ^m 6. 

MH^l ^-^-H ild/lM^ 'll6Hi MH ( SSt aH«l=ll 
M<4-leaflets)'ft\^ 2ft -^o ^il a>il^«{l ^m g. 

^ ^il^i^ i\h MH 3 2ft M c^lfc)^ cnii^ 

an^ \\ 2ft ^ CHltH ^l^l'Ji ^IH 6. ^ c-ltAlslica 

^ ^-^nn ctrca?l<v^i ^li^ 7[ »i?<icri^i^icQ ^m^. 

^Hi ^^qi !3ji ^iMt«i ^^H ;iiiiil a^(^nqitfii 
^IM d. MH'ft QM^'ft %lMl=a H^h^ efl^ an^ 

M«tl^2ft -^i^^ii 5>l5 QcHl 't^i 3l?l<:-a ^IM ^. 

MuHl Hi« @u a>i;i r-iii ^m^h ^ i^AmH 

^=ll Hill ^IH §. MH MW^i ^ cl^rt >H^ «1H 
ct=li ^IH S. 

^'H■^l•i-■Hl'i•^l ?i-»-H ildil'ii fis \[^ K 
ajli^i <3MMH Kli^^lC-ti ^IH §. ci C-thl H"«ict ^Ml 

iJC^-M^>l«^»^i2ft li/x ^<»m Huisi i^'ti^ ^n/ft- 

M^ l^llKl ^^^ 'fliSlC-ft ^IH d. 

^^i*ic-ii 7{ ^^i(i[ cHi ^^H sicti \^\^[ ^iH 

d. ciM^ ^^'i Hm[ •HUaHl I'-ll^ a>iiM ^IH d. 

cl ?i*ti<Hl ^ <r»i<ail wiHi^dl Qicni ^^irft a>i;{ 

^o «nio "^l-H i^rti y<^ C-li"{l ^IH ^. cl»ii ?Jl2ft 
SM^'ft ann^ll «H(&R'{1 Mmil Ml^l(41 K 'ni'9'fl 

•Ht^l T?4 «lW ^^C-ti §IM d. ci^ Hm<h Ri^H \u 
^^\-\ ^IH ^. ci^l 3l<SlUlH \-MlC-t an^ 

yi^i tKMi(?it; rifsisi Isq :^ qisHtfldl; anPi 

J?lTn-(5^CH) 1 2ft <j^ ^ai 4ii<Hl an^ 3 2ft y 
■^ Vy «ltfc)'t Mimical ^IH §. ct 9i,:^l Vl'{\ ^ ciM^ 
%lV- 'Hltfl'ft ^^ ^=ll/l ^IH d. ^Oi'l ^Vil\ ^IH 
•5. n ^JtiM § cHl^ ci'ti "i-^ Mi kl=n^ =*il-Si 

C-li«Hl =t>Mct ^Hl ^d'aiKl >l^M^ ^^€li ^IH d. cl 

0(l<V-i^iil ^IH d. ci C-n^i, atcnicti, ^lct( ^ 
il^l aiiiC-tiqitAi, "i il<Ai aHS^cii ?ii(Ai iltfli ^IH 0. 
cl iHdlieil ^<Hii ^ clKl Ml Sli(A ^IH d. 

'tlct(^^ aM^i ^a 

^, ctlMiSJ ^ivft aii^l^'li >i<A gH>li Sil'^ M 
•'Sl« S^ sft Sl-lHmi ani^ d. ai^ «ft •HW'lC-l'ii 
MUHi ails wA\m?. !s\ an^ ^H @M^ anMlH §. 
aii^l^'li H.tfl^ clc-tHl @Sl(^ ft ci41 JllwR c-tjj 



I'^MIHIM^ StiM^^llMi aHK ^. 't'^lA'ii MK <^l<n 
Sii^lfi'li oftiv =ll/l^ ^IHl |"»ilHlM^ d^l ^^M SV 

=tmi 3Hi^ ^. sti^i^'ii «Kl<vM^^ 5AJ!2i!/lct ^19 

^I'fl ^^a HSU H<qi %\r^ih MlSlMl d^ =IIMX §. 

aii^l^'ll yimi^ 5^, =H^ drll R?iq <3M- 

"sHI'HHmI ?il(4l aii^lfl =IMRIH ^, ?l^»V S^i 
MdHl aiiyill'ti H(n d«ll MH MtSJ ilM'ii S. =H<^ll^ 
H[\\Hl M^<Hi cl^ ^4 i^=ll <fri\ ^, c[7{ ani il(^^ 
^Hi ii25M[ ®Sl(AHl«(l dKl ^G& 811H S. 

3 m^, ^4 3iHi \^ <HR, e(l'<HiKi »{1<V, QiPl 
^ ^Hl«ll'ti «Hl»»' »H ^i^ ani Sli 9ii3i 5i «iH[^ 
^^<l^ 5i5 5\}s [inn (HiaKl ^^Hl, fcig^i'ii ^^iKl, 
dm *iliMl^'il ^^Hl (HW'll M an^ ciKl mCH- 

9i>l \ ll^ 3H^ Hl| dCH V ?l^ »l «H^ 5l(A<l 
ci^ ^d%l^ dst fit<& i^. 

* "ili'Hl^" Si ai'Hl'fl mtdKl 5H4 H«t 5. MiPl 
( solanum nigrun ) s^ &. §s<<^€ gxtKl HK^SHl 
^ ^d^il S. ^i^ii no 3i«r4. -nil bihMi^ M. 

i^iaj-Sirii 3^1^ ^Ipii, ^fld«l, ^M^?. 5H^ ^iMiaj. 

s^i^U^di l^n '^ii'HH'^ H^Adi S aH^ ci^l h(-i 
M»^l ffv'^Htldl ^Rl i^^l «11H d, ^ d n'UM^'ft 
Ml ®H^%t»ii <HM^IH ^. 'RHI^ «(l^ §H^« «iW 
SHI^I ^IH cHl"^ 2t^l(ldi Hjn an^R Mid ^HdRl 
^l"»H=lRi 5Hl^ §. cldi 'ica (iM9V Mld^ Ml^P^i 
=ll<a Mlm^ft diaj^Sii, (3dqi R5l^ M^ §. ai^l- 
^di Mid 2tmi?(l yi£ §'4l ^ an^ cliC-ll Ml^ 

d mhi and 2tm>tni<n %ii«l ^i<imi ^i^hmimI ani^ 

§, d ^tldii^ 5Hi«l M^livdl oHl[H^ «lMd iRdR 
§. S^^d'i-iJl, ^Wi^i dHov S^yiStrfl aHJ^ a^^lA Hl^ft 
®M«lR(l ^. ^«4«J^5l^ -Hid <^Hi(H^ Ml^ H<^(l<V 
%tl^ «^dl=li ^. ,^"^d, Hld^Sd, PwC^SRi d^l 
hib H^.[ ^[\l \[>i\\. h\ ^. sHdi «^<v^ Ml<^a>l( 
qi/1 ^l^tl'fl dlCH <3M^ SilMi=tl?fl ^^«(l ct ovJlian 
qi^l ®>l ^. ?i"tR cl«t Ml«lldl =ll(A ""i^l Midi 
^IH, •^Ul'ft a4J^, dH<V >tl«il'{\ 21lHilHi«fl ^luft 
\M<\ S'^idl ^IH, <Ml^ CH^lUHlMi anl^ ^. ?liwft 
5-li^lA^l Mli SMMHdl, d'n'Alfc), dH^SM«Jil an^ 
4lH^l=ldl timl ^i\\. MH^l i^ ^- ^'^l "^^^ 
>Hldl =1>H^ %il^l ^iPdi '^HRli «^HI'{1 <V^^ §. 
Ml^li'ft dK-tM^ a^i^lfl^l <?j)l, i&l^ddKl ^1>H, ^ 
:i%l=ica Si :ti^d ^tfl^^ SllMi^ d«a cHi =ll<A §3l g. 

at^l^ HHl^ >HHIH dl d?a (SChA ^IH &. 
ati^lA^ aHR @M^ =4-51^ ^^wM aH« ^tiicUHl 
aHK § cHl^ ^dl ^ISl'ft 5H«^ ell"ClMi M^l ^ 

^liitl m:1 cHlX =1MR ?llll aHl<l ^d ^R^ Hl^ 
di^ ^. "VdK^^ «Hl^ '-li^lAdl ^liHlt^l aHR 

nmrni =Hi^ § cHi^ H <v3ii5i 5ii ^i^i S'^ §. 

aHl<l ^?l 5Hl"t^ ^R'ft ^=^^Sf*ll ^l^'l ^^d ^^ 

=iiji ^iH d H[\i «=a ^y^, ^ ^R^ ^^i^t*^ «*IH 

d=tl <§MIH aniM'-ll^ S*^"^ MSWKl «ll9Vdl h\<[. 

^i:4l:-?iMQl«%l I «(l ^ =41^-1." (ilo <lo ^°). 
" 21^lA^ t«il mMMi ChH Ml^CH d. a^i^l- 

^di H^iHi ®5i<a s^r-idR anPl =(lsi«Hitfii d. 

il>l6Mi ddi 'ifuiHidl SM^l'l *11H 6." 
/ HO ^11 o Ho 3ll ). 

" aii^lfldi oftMi (hH S. ^ d H^ >HlHl«ft 

(§c-t^ mn S, ^i*^ 2<t^ifldi «Kldi "^ict^i ®di^ 

a;\l «lU S^ t^Hi ^Kl ^Hil i<l ^m 'iM 
%4l«(l Hlfjlt^ 5t^ ^- =^"^1^^ ^"H i-RlUHl«ft 
•S«l H^ d." (h» ^^Hll^?). 



^mfi ^ 5'ihc-fl'ii MH 'Hi/1 ^>t m §-4^ 

an^ 6li<iSll 2{i^ll^Kl >tlcAl H^iSi'l rt^"^ M^^ ^ 
Mi^l «1s iX*^ ^H sllil 811H ^ ci>i(V ^■^S 

hmi oft aH«iqi 2ti^l^ 5Hl^ §, Pi n^ ili<4l 
3-?ll(ai jjCHcjian aii^i^Kl ^€iPl ?iiaii ofl viH^i 

m. ^ dS-i ?iltfll Wi M^l <Sl=(l>li 3Hl^ §. 
Mt^ <Hlil ilcAl SHi-^l'HlfAl ^Irtl Slt^JlHltnT ^i^[S\ 

ani %H^81W'll ?l^^ anPl ^'^l^ ^i^l ^ictui 
Hm =H9l^lU, "JliC-ll, 5li-wi«fl 3>iPl ^'(I'V ^d«{li 

=(lsH »ii<n'{l 'M'Hi^idKl i^ S. ^Hi ^mml 

mCHl ^iC-Hi ^qPl M^l-H^tlHl ani^ ^. cl ^ic-imi 
«=<l4!!^ 5*15 ^icd »{7{ 5Hi ^'is 5iii a^i^ifi ^R- 

<) ^ ^(3 qirKI Im S. ^i^ Hioi'^iKl a>i(c(i s,i(/^i 

>lldi'{l a^i^lfl ^I'HlPl C-fl^ ^HlPl aniviHtHl ^a 
*iW, Pi a«fi n ^iKlPt i^ ^ 1:- 

^Va ^H=(l, SiR fjrH ,^^iX «l»l !" 

" a^n Jv'Sl ^R^, ^sm 5i«^ "^lc^; 

PlH aJlR"^ ^HIMOH?, ^H\ ^Rh SlISl," 

l-^U^'-i •iR-Teramiuis labialis. 
t'^ii-d-H. II. p. 1S4; N. p. 92. 

't'>t^ 1^3 =ii'/ii ^wi^i '=tK-{lHirjiHi ^um «iSl 
^[^. d. s~Hi ^cHiPii j-^ict i'r^vm qi?{iMR?ti 

5iPl 5t(iJ n"^ •HH'tl 'i">Mil 5Hl^ d. cl anicl^ 

^Hl ^HiiQ «fl^ ^\i «{lc-ti ^^iKl, an^ '-t>Hn cHi- 

^^ 'cti^flffV aHlt!^ ^'-il/l ^IH 6. '{124'fl ^tMl/lM^ 

y^H an^P'Hl'Ai ^W §. ^i'^H I^RtSJ S^'il^ «<4l 
V<^l(Al ^IK-flHl^CHlMiKl «</(l iWl 9V^l «li**fl 

■V^l ^Hl Pi C-tio{l ^IH d. ctPll «lHR«3J aniiR 

•5ii ^t"SKi itfflsHiKi ^(h ffi^^i ^iH d. «n;>iH^ 

41>H=(lMi aHl^«{l d, l>rs ci'il ^C-ll aHl %n^«iK»ti 

^^cllSilrfl ('llogSl, ^lilsMlKl qUMi, Nl^P^l *ll^- 

'Hl ill anPl ^rt^ldi M ®M^ ^'il ^CHl §31 ^.* 

Cho (H«i54«H-»H'll "^Hl ^R anPl 4llii5>liPl 

'■M| m"^ §. ci aHi?l ^^=(1 ^ 53<V=ll ^qi Hlii 

m^Kl a4s^ M<g wHi^ qic-flm ^c-im di^qi gam 

^IH ell ^R ctMlH inrt'll m%l ^iaPl M<«i rl 
Hl«{lMl^c-llPl mn ""HlHl^ i^ d, »ili ^l^Pl 

'•flil^?, =^li^?, $iWl^, 'eSWl an^ iiiCHl ^a)q*(l 3>{«^ 



H5l-( ^i^Ri^l^. ) 

l-^ll¥l«trilH-T. labialis (Var) mollis. 
t^id-H. II. p. 184; N. p. 92. 

iv^iisH '^[\ m^ Mt^j ^^i^i ani^ ^. Sirii ^(jti 

"HUM^ 2tM ilH cil ^ ?(l 1° (li €ti"il SllH &. 

ShS oflrnHl "S :>i[i^i 5H«t'-ll ttmHl dlMl 2i«- 

^<«l ^^l ^HHl ^■'M^l 5Hi^ §. ^C-1 dAi^(1 «(/(1. 
M^ lOsi SMl^t^l'fl ^'Hi ^IH d; an^ ^(I'l {\^) 

m^, Mirtvfl, SI "His'-icadl ani^ft^n^l ani^ S. 

•HmKl |«l'Jl ^IH S. 

^I'JJ ^IH S. ct ^rt<41«n MHlOst «^^ <fn^ Id- 
etii SiiilsMi^ii'Ji ^IH d. ci V ?fl <; ^2t eii<a, 

5H^ 'i.fA'li »l81l«AiM^*ft 1d«{li «imi5il r{ls<fi«(l 
^IH S. M^J wHl^ ^iil ^IH § <*ll^ ri ^ct«aT 

VcSl'Jiqi'41 »i^ §Qil =(l^l<Hl«(l M»ic-tni«il ^IH &. 
^U^^l^il -^1^ ^cHAI ^41 ^IH S, ci ctRrfl Ml 

Kl^ll -i'Acll 'HltA'fl I'Hl/l ani^C-fl ^m §. 

"Hlrl-'il ^-^ii anict^ anl^Sll ^IH §, ctKl 

?i>^H <aiii 1 «fl \o =^ ^^ sti'^ ^iH s, 

^■^iiMHi -H^ic-ii -hhKI ^^h ildil '{l2i A 
ilJai c^i•>{l >Hi%i il,ft ( stalk ) ^im d, sh^^ 

Sl^l Ml^l^ ^IH S. cl ^'-'^ ^l ffvRi «|s| Pi 

M"^ clM^ 5^1, ^^^H :rfli4l 'Htift ^IH W. (^lo^'ii 
^IH d, M<3i ^Kl 'fl^i^-fl ^R «V^i dMC-a 1l\ km 

Mi^ifal ^iM §. ^ ^iy NK'Q <3M^Kl «ml/1 

MH Min'ili an^l d'fl '>t-Pl «MI/Ih^ ^I'Al ^lOlKl 

t'ti^ §iH S. ■MK^l %<ncti ci^i'-O efleti ^^iPli 
Mlct<?il 5iw ^ic?i ^, ^ sllil--il-<Hi =aii^il aiy 
"tH 6. MH'd --(ty ^^cAldi MH'^1 <Hi^:^ ^{(/icfl 

5HPt R:'-tis =(lii^^ai srn^i^i c^l3l v$. s^si ml«- 

fiat ^H, SRl^/'-U -mncnT anPl 3VSl(AHl'/U ilH Ml. 
H'llM^ Y ?a <: li ^i^H '^4^1 ani^CHL ^IH S. 

^c-tKl ildil ij/i ^iH $. aM^ ^icai 'HitaKl ^=ii/l 

ciKi Mi=i M^l ctfca^'-ft svlilM^i Pi HHVh 
ct'il MR Sicll -^a^-Hl |>Mini ^IH §. ci^lM^ '^Ml 
"HltAKl ^Qa* |qi<n aHl^«{l ^IH S. ^<' ano-Ho 1m- 
Hl Mi^HilS^l M ^IH g. a Jio uiio liq j^cti 

VI'{1 §IH S. 

>i'^JH^l-\o ilH S. ciMKi H :!ii«^Hl ct3- 
SiiPl ^8ii<?i tti^s^ "HRlsiliH ^ictl 'l^fl. Jil- 
%l^l M[">HilaMl'{l anS^ dSlHCHl ^IH §. 

a>iPl H«ll5l ^^M ?i'«ic»l«f\ ilH S. 

Pi MliQP^ ^ilH ^ <*<l^ ilfAl Qi^l 1 ilcai JaiKl 
«tW<ivlH S. ciH^ ^l<AK-thl qicaKl I'cSltA ^IhS. 
^llil ■HWtffl, a^M/l \ «0 \-|; 1 ^ ^2^ nd'Hi 
anPl \ CHiy-H Ml^lvR ^IH S. ct wii:;{'{l <Hl<^ 
%iiiv ttiiciOlcfl ^IH d. ciPl Si (V<i aH£^ 

^oicfl ^j(ii a>ii^n im S. ^Q'oRi ^ «ft \M «Kl<v 

ilH S. ^ll'^lPl a0^c(i?(| ^^ ans^ s^i ufloycii 
>H4 <M?l ff»Ul £>Hiy ani^ S. ^QsiPil a>iiSR 
^IMl'H ^ct -Oli ^ilHi vtcfl^i 3^[wi^ itnlaHRi 

oUsy-iKAl 1 (HRl il'Jll iMl ^R S, a 

c-i'-^^icn anPl n-Pl m:^«(1 oy^i atnii ^im S. ct 



1-i"H'il3l-V'-5l'Al^K-{lHl ^CHlKl <V4 Mli^Hi 

s^ctrti ^R ctMi 'M'^ ^Ui R^IH S^ "^IH ^. 
iy>l«ll <HlKlHl^4tl'{l ^^ an^l HlilHl'Al «^l>l «{lc-t- 
^"^fl »^l^l ( ^!!<H<^(l-enslage ) i<l nI-^R ^, ci 

d. d?a ^ui -^M >iini «iiH S ^M |j«>^i ^RMi 

6,'H H?i d. 3HI Hl«(lHl^^l^l ^i\l ^Ui =H^ ^R^ 
^l^ SHI ^--l^siHHi '=ti^l «l^l aii^lH d. ^R 

an^ SH^I t>{l(v Sliii i^ cl^ <lcl%i^ =11^1^ 
<^l^a^ S^'HIMI aMl^ <il an Mi^ Sii «Rl atRlKl 
•Vili Ji^ Mil ctM &. 

H3l-( ila^(H^lRfl ). 

1-^U^H«ilH-Glycine Javanica. 
t^l'ci-H. II. p. 183. 

[k^i cni'-ni ^im S. ^ii'^i^ii ^ctql'-d ?:il^>^^ 

ff?<l m^ 'flb«ll anlil anWl aJlllM^ <ld(ni- 
^•{l ^IH d. clM^ (§»n 6i*}l an^ Qi^ll <1MW1- 
^wil Wl II^AKI V'^l^ ^tt't =^l^^-fl ^IH ^, 
an^ ^"^ -^^ MK'll ^"^il anict^ ani^Stl ^IM g. 
HHl ^-"-H iliil ^ «(l V €a^ Slio{l, (39{l ^^i 
an^ "Klinml rl«tl 9i^:^i clM^^aMl -HitflKl \<M{\^ 

«ni<5jaH anPl ^i qa^iii ^>t 3 x^i^ :^(^^[ ^^^^ 

d. aHMl ^atstl MUKl il^il Klat f ^^t «ii«Kl 

>Mt« il^ ( Stalk ) ^iH d. oiiagni ^ Mn "i\ «0 

3 tfM C-lini an^l \ «ft ^ ^ai Mlil«ai, an^ Hai^ 
■HH 5 «(l V ^ai dioi ^IH d. an ^i^ MH an^- 
HaA ^HlHi «iiii«icti, ^^q ani^dSR an^ dftfl^ 

■t^d 'c^i <^\[ ChNi 'HltA'fl "Ifl V'"''^ ^l*^ ^• 
M(^ •{l=i'n %lMl<naM cil |aW «<<^(l'V sQai o\^c-fl 
^IH d. Ml»l Mlrttfli, "V^l aflqi an^ ri^M ^ih 

H^H^R«^ S^'iRl «vil ^Rl <^<1 Mlcltnl, V «(l 
^ tJai yi'Hl, "i^M, anPl Qi|(l ^m/l^ft iftat Qi^i- 

9/^1 ^"i. S^, Sis M^-A ans ^cll%l&lcl( ^^H l^[ 

"SlHH^ l^-tl^ R^'-l ^IH ^. «il3i ( !^CH ) "i|Hl \ 

^<1 s^laniHl ^iH'ii anisR^O v «fl h ^Isv- 

ft CH^l <n4 ■»HIH S. H<A ^(l H'ilH ^. an (^o 
•HI S^«i \(iiH <HlilMl «11H &. 

t-^U^H«ilH-Mucuna pruriens. 

t-^dl-ct-H. II. p. 187; N. p. 87; Watt. 
V. p. 286; ^o Ro vio u 

\-'iH\['iXX-^\% %[^[ (mio); 4=iai, iR( 
( ?io ); ^^. f^^. f^ (To); ^1^13, qRf^ 
(f|o) ^rfq^, anw!5n, ^, ^Rrt (^jo). 

«i=llMi ani^ 6. cl HW, ^ii, aHJR jji^cti^ji 

m'AKl ^«l«l ^IH ^. ^^[ <vqi <HlHlca 1 aiitfll^all^i 
^CHl^i ^IH ^ <l'-ll ^'^l 50^1 MWl ^M^i ani^ 
§. MKHI KlaHl «Ml/lMR ^iqi aitflJrtl Qjn=*l- 

an^ ank^ a)il^C-l( ^m d. ^,{1 @M,^ lMMl<n^i 

<u>HiaHi ci^M anPi ^ «fl "i ^i sti'/fl ;i |wica=lltf(l 
^IH 6. fiN^ ^i \\^ aJij scVftKl ^"^ Heji 



<in<3«Ji ^»i^i 5H(d %i?. \m \\M <nvki ^IH 

ilil Mi">MilaHl oy^l €ti4l ^IH §. :!i5«^l \o 

^if5i-( i^et ) ^ «fl 3 Wat ^[% 'hA ^l ^is- 

rtMWl^5Hl ^3Hi «ucl qitflHl ^H»ica=lH/fl, M «ft 

1-§M*il3l-iia<l =H«i=tl i^tatKl ^il^li^ ^^ccft 
«Q'5ll Mijj i| d. an^ J^cti u{l(vl^ $m aH«iqi 

HM^K S. 5ir(i nca^ii @iic?ii ^imi yiSl -sitt^i 

(3M^ Mi^ SHl\H[^ i^^lH d. aH'ti ^^l cliqKl 

=Ml^ ^, a^H Miai S^HIH d. a^^ <Hl»»' mM ^ 

5^ %ii[ H d, aH»l »llric{l>li anl^ &. anKl 
«(l3ixi:^,{l |aica i(»t9 Jii^m g. ^^ »il^ oi^HCHl 

an^ Ul'^ it^<& ®^^ ^'ti "ft'V'O <Hi^ aniM^lRi 

"^CH^i«(l ^I^HKI <Di5l^ aH^iA "vmH ^ ciM- 
I'W i'^m ^\k a*i«iqi ^i^O^'ll "SlfclMtai <H131M^ 

aJimi n^m <^'tl=l(i:-'l aHicM?i>il(i5ii^; ^ 

^>l«iy \(n, aMRtfli an^ 3l&ll«cH ail ^n'fl «1 

3 Hl'l'^Hriil-S'Hati^ aHiSsiQli ^^[ mH 

?i^ Mlil JiKl ^ii^Stfl «nM( ia.a i^<l. MtA iia^Hi 

H<trrii([ >Jim^ ^(5^ sty nKl ^m^ 5^ ciMi 

AaAiKl Sa^ 'li^Hl t<l. an^l d<tl 4(iKl »\l«ll 

«n'-(l og«ti«n a>iiM^i 5^^^ oyviMI «t'V-ti JjCm 'nm 

•■nmn »iR ^. «lui R=t« ^m ci'ti 'Hi^d^'*'* 

't'ncaiJJd f^§ ^ fl B «ti*t d. rt^ an^ »n 
'H'm^ n^(act <M^ d, an^i «^^Mi aniJitfi ^ (^^ 

a»l^ <i<v t'^lH ^ an^ :^^(ri =i?i d. ^^'IcfH^ 
^ an^afl S"^ic(l «,c(l ri ci'ti ^^l-i^ft |"< «11H ^. 
"a-fti-i^H^l MiSJ cKliv :(lci §M'^l3fl §. iM- 
iWdlHl ^iil i^dlR^ ani ^i^ >l=H S^^tlKl ">H^« 
^CHlM«l i^Hmi aHK §. MS Mil 3i5i^ ^^c(fci 
Mivj «ctiv »ilH d. sv't ^^ »tl«4i^l^ 'Hliil'fl 
a>l<HH 9V^^ ^ clH >tMil<^ct «lfcr iiaJiC-t ^'-tl^l^ 
ani 5^1^ <tr\lri^ d. rt?(l i>l5i^l I'^tl^l anPl itA- 
ct^ =i5l^ Hi. ^. «il«i!il«iCiii?ll s^^iiv %iqi^ 
SMS cHii •^wis'fl ^i^U'ii «i=Q disa «iih d. 

"WRd «Wl (§[atrt ^. sqaii §TlM HlsJ^lPd i £cti $. 
ci'ti H^A^l im«t ■<{l=ll«ft anfsct 9p[\ =llctoHlfM 

£<nm d. 25<4=iirt='Hir^Mi ani s<hi SM'lPfl S, ^ "flsj 

MPH J-Hl «l8l cl iHl«l>ti Mi §. "H^mct ciH<v 
«l^^^l <Klsvl ^IVJ M<81 <M131 ^i^m ^iGn^'t «lfcJ 
JlMl §IH cHl^ li^aii=iic?ii S'-ti«t anMR d. 

MWl:-aHlc>iy>tl(i5i«^, l^W^iJ^ an^ ^I't^- 

^(dii oii«a 1 ?ii^i"— (41. ^i. ^n.). 




Hl<\h ^ i^i an^ rtHi^ <&>l« ^ «(l \^ -Hiei 

KiMl ciPli MIS s^^i an^ ciHi'-(l 6>t«ii «n^i '-i^tR 
fiieii -"iiqi^d ^iV-ic^i itiK «iiH d." (q. ^11. n. oil.) S^ ciPl ^US^Kl ^mt^n MlW ^1"^ aHsSg ^t^ 
"^IHl^ Hlrl Jttdl ^IH ell ct «{H «11H, "iH"^Ul i^> 
sIhcI »11M. aM«(l ^H^R, iHl^i, RinPtSR, ?i"iii 
3^ %l^^ >lill §." (\ ^3Hlil25). 

"ii^ti'li MK^l §M'^l3l rll^^ SH^ «ilH S." 
5H fi,|^»lH«il HiJll"<H<l <Hl3lmi «ilH S. 

^iM d ci<l |w»i(n ^^(ct'ft ^il'oiM^ ^r-ii2(l 5i;i 

iPli^ a>l^ =tlrl<l an?. 5i ^wioi «i^^ eti3iqi2fl 

=ita «iiH d »{i^ 5^;^ i^^i i^rti ^^i. s^cii o{\<v- 

MR^ iq^l (testa) ^^v^uicl ^iqi^^ C-flVl an^ 

a^Kl ^il'^lM^'O i«»l«A «l^^ C^l^l=ll«fl 5ica @^ 
ctl ctM'< ilK-fl'ii MW^l ^%t, aHJR dc-t^ ^l{\7{ aH«l'-ll 
g.H 5iiM^--ll?(l rirn t^(i\r\\[ anian «IIH d. 

l-<ll¥l«t1lH-Erythrina indica. 
t^l'rt-ll. II. p. 188; N. p. 87; Watt. 
III. p. 269; 5. a Ml. Y^sM. 

^m (to); %?, qti^r, qf?ru, ( f?o)-, qr?r^»i^, 

»11H d. 5^^ «ti (Tvil ^iH g. Hi v{7{ T^f\ ^u- 
">^l5<lPll i^i[ C-0'cll«5ictl <M^Hl'-ii^il ^IH -S, ^ cidW 

si'Jii wi ^i^i'^il Mi^Q-Hivii bin ^iH ^, an^ 

■^Ml^H^lKl Ml ^"35 ti^ Mmi ^>Mil ani^ d. ci 

RiMi<?i •^^l onn §. <«i^ an cAii "^Htfi |i <^:i 
is^M «MiM '5. Mi^ "-i^ci ^3^i an^i MV-ii'-ni 

^^Hl ^Idi an^ Sii'il^l 'V'hI ={isi an^-o-H ^Ml 
aMl^ §, ci^i 35lS(A»j Mll^fl (HWd l^ ^, "^ =M^l- 

\m yi^fl <^cni M^fl^ii "»(lHi ani^ $. ««<i> an 

iJUHl ^11911 Mt^fl RlfaA^ «lfcl <^ d, an^ ait sjli 
>Hl"»i^l an^ ^^CAlKl "^1 Mi^ £5.11 ^id ^"^l^ 

ani^ §. ^'li ^c-iMi ^ HH -^T^i Mill '-H^n^y 

<li{[ ^IH S cljj MK Mci^Qani aniR (vgaHi 
S^ ^l^ S. ani^oy cii^ M«ai a>ilMi^ M^ej '^ 
^Qiltfl?(l an ^« ^m T/cQ y^ldi «51til ( wW ) 
m l^Him ilil C-lfeJaH cil ct aniMiSj^ Mi^J atlM"^l 
^l^ ill>t «tfcl «l"^ ^. 'S^Kl ^ll'^l ( \^ ) 4ti"{l 
»i^ "\^>Hl <V=(l •»ti={laHiaHl<Hl(/il ^IH §, H 
2tlMl^ Ml"^ ^. 

^<A-'^i&R^ <n5l Vi7{ vii\m ^il Eiicai ^>l;i 
^IH 0. ci*ti^ ^dCHli uvtil vi^ jA^JII s^UiaJji 
•^IS^Stl ^IH d. "SlHai ijiitaJli @M^ sAejl "iiil 
^<l Ji^'ll ( tubers ) ^H[»^^ '=l^|l=tR 6v\=tl>li 
a>il^ ^. ^^caHl a»lC-t <V^l ff>lil aH^ ^l=fl ^IH 
§. -Hcn^l SHlll ilM S^ svicti ci >^lii (^^1=11(3 
£"»ilH d. <Hl« cllSi) Sil«ll!i«\l^ »icacfl anPl ^MIS 
^Wat^l ^ §it eiPl ^. 

ilHli^Hi <iA^ «11H ^. H ll'cJ 1lV)=tR »iH«l«'fl 
t^l^lMi 'i aHl=(l «1 an^ <M;4 ^IH S. llH«l 
«ll">Hl5^l QMR41 iidl «{lc-ll :^3Hl ^IM d, an^ 
anfcl "^SmcA «11>MIM^ (H^l'-tltfl'ft ^cll<n a^^l %\}f\ 

^iH d. m an^ ii^QM^'d H»ic-i efl^ c-fleti^- 

5lctl (M^Hl ^'I'fl ^IH d. <tM^ !(lsi tiitfii :i3Hl 
(§9tl Mil mV^I ^IH d. aM^Kl tflCH «{k-{l, =flil- 
%l«^c(l, ^mw SH^ i[lil %=«f.qi«n ^IH d. 

■»*l'l-'ll ^""H-Sl anw^ aHl^«ll ^m d. ci'fl 

^iil ^ct(/fl«(l k&ii.\^ !^=a <Mil «tm d, cl «fl^ 

^ a^viscfl ^IH §, ^ ci Umi (v^i R^q aviil 

H.M\ ^IH ^. ?i V ?fl ^ ^ai ^H ^IM d. 

^■>MiiHHi "ilag-li 5l MW 'tl*^ Hatetl MH «cti 

'll^l'ti ^IH ^, a>t;i ^ 5^^ «isiWcti wil^PtU 



d SlicaiWeljj M^i Si SI <v^l «iii*lSJ =H"lft- 
6W ilH S, 3>1^ ildil Ml^ ^'ft "Sl^ «tsii«icn 

iO-M ( glaad ) ^i ^^M §'4-<3'HHl'l ^Hl^^ 
In S. 3hPi qa^c-ti ^Vi MuKl iliilni ^li^i 

^^ sihl an^ ddc-ti «v ^i^icai ^ih S. 

3Al4 Shhh ^IH S. 
sjSl-'n sc-i^Q sHiil Kls^ S. M «cal ^2(1 

I U C-t[o{l 8H^ M'i^lC'l v=ft > ci*(l (V^l ^il 
^ih" S. ct aHH=t=H yHl ed^n, aifAidl an^ wi«- 

^Wi ci^ft, Mt^l ci'il ^ii <i\\r[[ tAtii/i^i sHi'Hl 

«»v3iiM<2(l =t>Hcl \-R. "^ ni^ 5t"^ fltai -^'A^i 

^IH S. JiC-lHl ildil ^ctl^Slcll <?J3l ^ai'O, Sim ^ 

H M«ll5l«a y^?^M MatfHiHlPlcl 8tH«ll ^IH S. d'tl- 
Vl^l an^ aHS^?0 y'^s ^[h $, ct wMl^ ^C-l §m1 

^l«(l >^lA 4i-«Hil »f<HMC-t =^<l ^^i(/(l aH;i -^^ai 
^ini yiHl ^iH S. rt ^ ?(l ;l^ ^a^ C-lhl an^ 
\ a^ Ml^l«l1 ^IM S. ci^ ^^^ (V^l «vi^ Pi 

^IH §. cl A «a \ StuA CHi"{l ct«ll ^ CHlW't 
viCHl Ml^ltfil ^IH «;. ci^l VI il«ai%l4tcll ^ictl ^ 

Hi^i aitfiini ^m §. 

r{l5l«4l n\(,[H^i ^l*t S. fUl cigM^'tl M^lif^lH 
sflc-tl«5tctl •tftcAl VWl ilH S. 

30 ' 

M^ (H^l ^1<AI Wl SH 1^41 -^i^JA aMl^C-fl ^IH 
S. <khi ^idl, sn«1 ^ dim ^ii=lfAc{l ^IH s. 

\\if\d ysmi Mil S 'Mi^ hm ^^I'll »i^ "^H 
§. a 5\ '41'V'fl =iaiMi ^SsiiHsft ^iH d. «?«n 

«aoi "1'^ SI ani^asw ^iH S. rtMi s «(l <: <m1<v 

^IH S. ^i\3l dM^'ft il«il V91C-1 il^ 'tl'>Hcli a»i« 
«^S, attaidl, Mlclt/il V51C-1 IMIH S. <^'{1 ^l< 

S^ S^ «mIiv ani^fiii ^iH S. 

C-fi%li ^ iltflicti ^IH S. ciPll aniiR ^IWHi 'Kl<V 
^^l ^IH S. ^ ^ «(l f ^at CHhi an^ 3 CHlW- 
'iMl ^ tla^ ^l^l^i ^IH S. rt S|«ii ^IH S.^ ^ 

««idl CHiS^l il<?tl a^Uell^lH S. "HlMi 20SI^I<AI 
^3Hi £«t ^IH S. 

■H-^iOJ^lH-'V'^'il^li, Ml^ d«il ^l«l an^ 

l-^'H^l^l-M't^^t^ M<J\ \Vi9ihR'H ^IM <SM^ 
Mlf^QMi H^^ «4>^l ^l^l ^iMi S, «1^'{1 a>icl^ 

«i<H §M^ «(l ei'iiil^ ct Hlii ^sm ^l^ttHl «'i- 

M^ sJlC-fl clH^ <^ aniovijl SHK n anki^ aHi>M- 

Mi«(l Mit^n =t^d (?i*< ^i ^i'H'^ li^MR c-tsiuHmi 

ani^ S. nKl »l5t^l Sl^l (MTtRiRdl ctl^ <3M^ 
aHMlH S. a^Kl WK-t Wl ilMMl ani^ S. aH^i 
MH^l ^%l S'UM §M^ §-4Hl3Q S. Si^i MH Hl/1 
<H«, M^J/lKl 'lis an^l «H1^ 3Uii«H-si (3M^ "i^lH 
S. iH |'>Ht1l an^R q^ctl ^IH dl aHrii -41^^11 
\Vii /IH iUMi -i-^lH S. anHi •HH ii:^^^^ 
=11CAKI >ll«tM^ ctMiV ^R^ iHlii HM^Mi 25HW 
Mil |IH cil ciM^ 'HlH^tlMi a>il^ S. aM^il MW 
^R ■"HIH S. Mi^ ?lu( ""ilH ctl cl^ <M^ 3RM 
C-ti5i S. «llil^ «<H^*li etiq^l ^0. MM^MHiMH^ 
HUl clKl «lM<Hl ^IMniMl ani^ S. 'IPR^St'll 
^C-tl M't^^Kl ?5lllM^ at^JKlH S. M't^lKl iiUlMJ 
iiil ilHl^ «{l^ ^ 'A[H an^ 'HiilSiirfl qii 
ct<l"l -HtllH S. 3l^ c-lisi m4 ^eii *ilH S. ct«(l 
ct Mll^flMi nV-il'ti d'^^i cl<"ll 'HM^IH S. aJicti CHIWI- 



Mi«(i cl4t'^l^'t[ »{l=«HH, mul ^ii«Hl -H^i^ "i^mmi 

SMl^ d. ^'li ^ii ^St ^H^ il=^ ^l^'ll "<'l'*' ^'^^' 
cl Mlctl'O >l5l M«i <Hlil MW (i^Q anl^ d. 

i-fno R«i5i«i-S{'ii y?.^ ^icii k^Hi \?^m 

J?Mi l^^lM^^ 5Hll2i)^i an (Indian coral- 
tree) "[^i^^iWri "H^^i^^id ^^-^"-^ ^^"-^^^ ^• 

■m^Hl^ jf^Hl iiilKl ^ctlC-l 5/>{l'l ^t':!!^ m\i 
ft <^y(l »viH ^ an^ aHi8|ctit;t\ (tro[\5\. c[ «i§ 

t.-'^ll^lH'lR-E. suberosa. 

t^irt-H. II. p. 189; N. p. 87. Watt. 
III. p. 270; ^. Pi. Ml. WM. 

V^^Q'lR-'VJl^ill ■^{[^\l, !V3l<l?ll ■'Ml-wi^l, 
"Ti'^^Ml (^lo+yo); i\^!^^, i^xj, W^T (l^°) 

3_eii|irt-(Tv3i:(lMi Mi'^^i'ii aiu sidr-iifni §R 

M«i •Hly <v3ll5il rt Yo 2(1 Mo iOi ^=^1 *1"** 
&. 2i;\ •«HI'«{^1 > M'i^'-ll'fl ''II ^"^ n^J Mmi 
^■«til aniH $, <^ f<lMl5l -iM^ "tH §. ^CH Rlcll 

" Jtii vlQic-i siJlorni SAc-tii RtiiJlfSii s^'-fl ^wi^io-ji 

5 J: -"q^ql^l^ ( Botany ) 5* 3)\\(hi 5 ^i"^* (^^41 5" 
Mi^ Mn^tld t^ *>*ll^ 'H^'^ ^^l *^il ^^^ wwai 
yd^ ^wi ?jwmi ^Hi ajiiiiwi ifitwi »t«'fl wwa 

H%»XM U?l. 

ilunijl, ^^llHl S'tl SH^ SH'JCHi ^illKl SHljGt, clMWl 
^'»l *H< rtSllKl SHiS^'O ^^Uni, 5i ■'H'^'n^ ^i anniil'fl^t 
^«^ni sh''! »'t't(4« 4l^»l(\'fl =t?!l &. an^ ^ ^ Q«- 
^< (a^'^) <HiiM 5, ^ $iy ^C^M (Ruskin) 
^Hl SHI.'H.I SHHillW^lfirt M^Wni^ian Qc-t(H^^<rC ^=11 

5^Mi iju «^iaji %i?^ I'^iiH d, an^ i^'41 'Hiwi- 

■^I'cT *Hl^ d. ^(I^ll ( !^S1 ) (§-^l<?ll "\«rti Ml^ d. 
^«l-««aii f^ii ^ i|'4l ^IH '31, <^ iV^fl'l'Hi 

i^cti c1Mi'-(l ^nmc-icil =^5ii^l ^%i Kls^i §, <^ 
Sllil'-lR'Hi «4J «IW (r^Hl '•IH 0. <i *»t>Ml M«^ 
■'Ml'^H^l'll ?ii=.^ ^^l ?li«llSR S'niH 6. 5HI ?i?R 
an^ WlC-t^l ^=<l? yi^l (3,^1 ^IH ^. 'itfl^l SHlll 
SIM 5^ ^cti rlKl anS^^ ■H^*^ CHiS| ^(w!^ aH^ 

2fl 1 1 \^ ^i wi4 aim d. ci@M^ •"ii'^'iil, 4 
u^si T^cQ %^l^ (HJ^i SiicAi "S Mltfll ^siKl »nil 
Wl4l ^IH d. ct'tlM^ <3il §<Ml =iUl MiC-tl ^IM 
^. ^i\'{i a»l*t M"^ Ml=(l ^ Sl»3it€R ^IH ^. 
^ll'ni*HlH^'{l WlC-t MsvuiJl ^^IHH^ ^IH d. "^IHCA 
«ll>Ml»Hl ^i^l ?lltAt VlKl ^IH 6, ct(3M^ 5^1^ 
s'li^ft'HlCAl iiil ^IH d. ^ll^Hl^l 3Hlll ilM ii\ 

^««Ji| ^ aAtasd (^JH d, ^ ^«(l <n6Rd '^l^i 

Mm WRl \ni ill «*. ■?11">MIM^'{1 ang^rft wlSl 
C-flc-ii ^3l'{l @i^Hl%* dSll i^iHl ^ <J5l ^niSHlwft 

■Hl«i-5Hin^ SHl^C-li ^IH $. riKl ^""-H ildil 

3 2(1 s ^^ c^Hl, %5^^M'l?(l M-i^si '^^l -Mil 
^ ^wi«nMit41 iiH d. ci mni Pi^m ■r.iil ^m 
'S. ^•"i-smi'ii "iiog'ii "\ mk y«^ Ail\\i -h- 

a^C-ii MH«(1 \ "^ ^ ^at id aHl^Sli ilH d, 
aM^ "W^ MH ^■"•H iliil^ ^<^ ani^^ ilH ^. 
5l ^1^ MH'fl ■'Hl^* ^iil '^ti^n i!/l ilH ^, »1^ 
^>>-H ildil <ni'»3'li 'J^ MW^ <3M^ '-M4R '{IstAdl 
ilH §. 51 ?li^ MH ^ «a O df ?(l \o ^a^ 
Stl^Ml a>i^ (M'i^l cldSli<v Mlil«ai ilH 6. MHHI 
Sm^KI %tMiii ?l^i «nc-ii ^'iKl ^ Kl^'ft (H^ 

9R\ '■M1[''W \HlS\'={M\ ilH 0. §M^'{1 «Ml/lMR - 
Miaj H^^icl illil V'-Sl^ ilH ^. 1m«A MH (H^l 1 
^ ?ii(Ai i^i-W ^■'MV-fl -^m^n^n <^'^ 'Mlag <H^l- 
Hsii iiH ^. MW'iiKl ciyi KIM ^Mi-fl^i =1^1^ 

%MS £>Hlc(l ilH d. ^Ul'fl ct^ii MH ^iWl ^Hiy- 



'^^ ^£^ ^MIH S. MK^l SHliR t^liHl MHV-lKi 

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d, "^ :t«lAM'i«(l M'i^CH ^<1 <Mil «IIM §. n 

Ml?i Hl45^ ^^l y'«ii 'Ml^ ^W =Hl^CHi ^IH 

H'^n %\}/\ M««l ^IH S. ^C-t »Hi M^-A Sli »M'l- 

•i^ C-lhi an^ ^^ii "S M't^'HHi ^<H (^<Hi ^lisi ^IH 

^IH S. l^ i'^l'^Hi n\. 1 H^i ^S^ ^IH ^, H^l 

dHi ^'M ^icu d^fl. ^c-t^n iiiii Ricn iiM 6. ^ 

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d. ciKl ans^'fl <^i«s9 ■^«Ai^«i«ii eflcHi ^oi-fl @(Kl 

tiat Ml^i<^ ^IH §. ^^ ^^^ [km[m ^R d. 
tHli/lHl V Mi">HilaHl aH?(l iiO ^^ g. ^ ■vfloii^- 

^di ^i«ii ^^iKl ^IM ^. n>ii 'HiogHl ^ Ni>H 

Mi'^ilani ^ ^ai chK ^iH g, an^ cl^^c^ ^l^^j 

M^l^l^lH Hl<ni%lSl<1l 91^1 ^IH 6, an^ H^15«<V 
MtiJ <M^ ^IM ^. 

J?n.*3l-( s^C-t ) Hli^lKl ^ 5ia(l ^IH ^ cMR ^^ 
rUlM^ 9i^ |m/l ^IH d, Mi^ ^^ SYH r\ *^l<fl 
^ MlSsa Sicft «IH d, ?1M AM d'ilM^^A ^Hl/l 

^31 (JJ^^l««icil il^l ilH ^. ci <H-^ ^1 «iiil- 
8icn qaiMi Slioi an^ Mi^i(/(\ ^m §, }[i([ ^Pli 
aniSR ( 3ll«A ) ^liflani ^^l ^>MIH $. ci<ii 1^<^i- 
\\ =lis^ "HM jAt^a aHQ|l «n=iRi a*ii^ $. ( ^ 

nvd aHl&ili tj^ai^, ?t(v qji/l ani^fi^M 4=1 »lW 

Hit R. «(l V W ^<v aMl^*ti s?i^lMi ani^ d. 
^fl'ai dS't MlSHl M^^ ^i ^.UM^«a (3*0 =(1^1H 
S, an^ ciHl-ii o{l5y "SdC-ilS k^^[ ^Ml afl^mc-fl 
■^RM^ «iui «M6R \-HMi \t^ ^. M^^ ci tKl"?/ 
M'4'i > "H^l i^l\[ <*4i*-fl KlicQ *»tH S. 9.UH a*i€- 
^*-(l «fl^ ^ (H^l H->HHC-t <^=li ^cticai a^cairti 
a>l^cl^=ll«ll ^IH S. an^ ciMidi S^i 'Kl'Vcia-ai 
ailCl-^^l ^1=41 M<^ =fl=l(i 3U*ll ^IM §, an^ ^ilai^ 
-H-^ S^ M^J ai^qiiv JllQil <^^l M«l«l ^^$ll ^IH 

(ani ^ilai'fi aHS^'H ^atrii oi| ^cti «tim, g. ) 

iRi iiH 6 cHi^ ""{l^ai^elcii €<Hi ^ ^icft m/I-hiuiI 

^IH S. Mi»i MliQ MH § cHl^ Q^^l «fl€tl Wl 

■>Hl'>H^Hi H5A an^ JliKl WlC-t^ =tl/i cl^l ^M ^l^Pi 
i^^lHi anl^ $. ci«fl «tii^ ■'H^ <n1H ^. <Vil^Hl 
>Hl'«i^l'ti MK Miy MH^-HHi MUKi ^1 "Hl/l "^ll/l^ 
ct<l^ (3M?ll'lHi ^^IH ^. anrti 'HI,! Ji^Hi^ 
<Hl«lHl ^l»nM^ 'hN'^RI ani^ §. ansiX^ a^^ 
i\ §M^ aJictl MHdl ^« nH-Hi anMlH d. a>l^( 
\H an^ il=(i «1'^l ^3Hl ilHHi =tH^lH §. ai^'fl 
«[liil ^l^ <^'4 "^IH ^. an^ 'Hli| Ml^ an^ i^C-ii 
SilH S. cidi ctsmMl MlaHH, W'Kl'ii ail'lii a^^) 

■i^<Kls »»tcwi ^Hs^i <n'tiH<Hi>i[ anR d, aJuj 



l-<ll^1*l«iW-Butea frondosa. 

t^^dkct-H. II. p. 194; N. p. 88 J Watt. 
I. p. 548; ^. (d. ■Ml. XiK. 

q^^, ^[% 3g^?Tr« (flo); T^^r, f%g^ (^°); 
Bastard teak ( ^o ). 

«Rl-H^ci Siia\^ §. ^ "1^.11 4'l^Mi lo «(i 
IM 1 "SisAu %ii<l <i(/fl'-ii(41 sy^liMi ^o ?ft 

^M 5ili '3% A[^. d. iiffV^lct anlR ^'A ^«l^ilMi 
ci R^lH d-^ q^ &. M^Mi^lCH -^Hl^H^l »»l^ 

anipl SH^'-tl Hi^fl^U ^'i Mi^ ^IH ^. «ii^ 
tlC-Hl «RSI<1 Ti'^lSt ■^icli'tl iJU ilMHUl Rh^I 
5lMli^ 1l<4^ ^IH aHmn. <^'^'i "i\V^\ =MI^ il'^fl 
(coppice) «fl^ ^IH ell ct>tWl 'v |i 'Os^l ^ 

ct ^Ml 5H^ ^idi sJ^'fl Mi«^ ^[^. ^. aJi'fl ^d 

«Hl^ nHl^ «ti 'V^l Jiilil 8ilH '5 <<4l^ ci «ti 
"i<4Hl ^^ ^IH d. ^f.Rcfl ^rl -^H-^li^ ms <§2Hl 

ivT 6^!irt »! ^[*\ dl ct=li ojl^d »*4 "HOJ H^iH 
:^y »tlH ^. "»Ml>H^l'ii sHiMi C-lit>{\ an^ iMil 
^imisHl «lli\ ^IH § M««i •ll^.l'fl Hl^lKl aniil 
anqt/fl H<^(1 <U">Hl»Hl cini Kli'^C-fl ^IH ^. iRca 
«U->HiaHl §M^ M^M^MlOi fcPH^ n^ ^K, ctiSl 
an^ H^^ISKI Mlfl aH%t^2ft (^air-lMl Ml^ «{lc-tl« 
"S ^itfimtlcll 9i^^l >1->HM<HI ^M qitfl^ an^ct^ 
aniM^ ^IH ^. ^MlM^mi 1-^ldl 't"^ -^^ Mmi 

^•>nii anf^ g. ci fem^i -^h^ "1m ^ a>i^ 

Jtl5l<3i ^tMl ci Ml»l SHl^ d, q^ff5tt3>l[ •^[■^- 

^l^ HR^Qani ^Ictl ^3Hi Mri^'n^ii 'V'^l anlM^di 
i^l aniH «/. Mi i<4l ^ilKl a^iai <^'-(l HIS^ 
^l*t ^. ^CH §m1 § <«l^ mjjiiv ^?.^ an^ aHJvt- 
Hn <^<Hi £^IM ^ M^l aHMl ^i'lKl ^Icfl 'I'-O. 

aJUi ^51^ >^ii s^ ^. ■"ii'^^mi wm^ "i^^i^i 
<M^i'-t ^iH 6 ^i^ ci m^ ^?.^ \^^[^. d. "ii'd 
"usAr Hi^l '2iT<i "hi anii^ q-i '.id ^iti" <^ci 

«vtcimi ani^ §. •>Hl">M^l'{l ^it'l <Ji^l M>HMC-{1 
'-ll«l«fl 9l^lH«fl, C-liofl, aiM<n an^i Ml^l^fl ^IH 
^. ci Slmi^i'fl «|Hlci Ml> 6 ^ ciMi «H<i^l 

^•n-'Si'i ^Stl^^A »iRi (34 dd^ d, ci^i«(l 
"idC-tli 3-4il anPi 5fl<Jli i^idiaJil KiiolCHl ^IM d. 
d 31^ ci<l ■Hc«l<=ll(^l 'vMl'lMi Mtaj Mc«t^ i^lil 
^IdlPll ^^ctl i^ 6. 'jyi'fl »ICH @M^«(l QJ^l, 
qatHi ^Idl, an^ dS aHt:^ «'^? ^nKl ^IH d. 
y*lSl >J5aM^«(l ildHl My^ ^idl iiy" <nlH ^. ^ 
H»/«>lct =(l^d an^ ^^micol ^IH ^. ciKl Ml« 
^5i(^cl anPl ^HU il»tH Hill anl^ Mltt«a«(l i-S- 
Hiwiicll c^^l CHl^l 6. 

iiil »hH ^U'wiiaJll-^til annK^li \ ^ \ 
■5 ^I'd-HR R.«ft 3 ^i «l4 an^ (H^l ^31^ ^IH 
d. «til ^imiS^l M«4l Hm 9V ^siHl ^IH d. ciH^ 
^i«Haiil, «til ^ Ml=4i WlC-t (|m d. si'dlM^ 
§011 an^ anUl =^Ul Mlc-tl ^IH ^. ans^cfl tfisi 
^icfl ^IH d. ^l>i«a ^llMiani @H^ ciitftrft |cti/l 
^K ^. WlStKl Hl« ii<Hl««lcfl an^ ^^Hl? H<^1 
1^1 ^IH §. 

«l«t»li«(l ^IctlKl ?lol aH«<«tl dMi <V>H»t iV 

?i?^ ff?^i «iiH d. an ii«t^ ^idi an^ Miwtfl«fl 

Sl^ll^^idl ^n^l «iW «tH S. an ^^:i ^i^i (^d- 
ii^l §IH ^, c^Ml Si^i Ht^i dli^Hi iSil *ty 
«tH S. 3^ isji Ml^lS 1 ^Hl <^=ll atH"i d. 

•>4l«i-aHid^ anl^ d, ci M^^ldl an^l ^ii^ 5l»^ 
^^i ^IH ^. <i^l ^^ll <^ *ft IV. ^ai CHi"li 
^IH d. Mld-fl ii'-'H ildil ^4\d>ld«fl H">M^ Md- 
^c-1 <v^ <Mil an^ 3 «n d fla^ c^io{l ^iH d; 

<i mni R^lH a>lil ^IH S. ^"^HilMHi Ml'i'fl 
■>Ml« ildil Ht?{l l^ ^IH d. M"^ ^laisti MHKI 

a ildil Hlai c-tiofl ^(/ll §iH d. ^>Himi'ii 

<Ml«>9'ii ol MH =iai«i MH Hdi dl^ldl an^ 
qis«ldi aniiil^ Y «ft ^ ^ai yi<ni ^IH d. 



rt^i Q-^ H^ 'HisJ'KHl^^it nKl Sm^KI «Mi<a- 

MH 'i^H SH^ «H-^ %iMl^aH H">H'i«{l ^IM d. 

H\f <^^. ^, anPl HW iv^l SHSii «11H ^ <Ml^ 

HlatKl^l 5[lll S>HIH &. ®M^'{1 ^tMl/l ^IcAicft 
an^ "V^l ">M^«A ilH S, 3H^ HIM QJjO |=ll- 

iV^l ^^llHcl an^ ^l£ n^i hi^\^k'^l 3H^ 
Sr^l ^Hl«ll ^1<A^ an^cl^ SHK^ §IH S. Si 

woUm^ anici^ 5H^ <v^i §^ §^ vm^i ^^•^'{\ 

\t m3i(<V Ml^ Ml^ H%[ )ki ani^C-li ^IH d. 
^CH'ft il^il 4 «« \ ^at 4li«^ an:) I- IfeTat «til 

^iH d. ^ ^chKI ^iMl -{1=1 «i^i«ft si^«a iiH 
S. ^ H""^ HR»^ h\'i[([ «a\l?ft ifcTs i\h\ -<3l'{l, 

«\^lW^ Si '5l^^ 3l!f ^ll^itffl tHl«fl > ^iMl sv'^l 

M^HHifl <Hmri '^^"^^ ^'^t ^> ^ \ ^^ '^^'^^ 

vi^ ^"n "Hl^ sHi "il-jg cid4ll<v Mlil«?ll an^ 
<H\2i> <nio3 «iill ^IH d. cHi ^>HM^ ctHi M^Hl 

^?(*i ^ii ^im ^IH ^. ail mi-'hM Sm^'A 
«Ml^^l ??l ^c-tKl "{125 Mi>HilSll «rtl ^^l 

Myf\ Si ^-o-H i^i-vMil ?irO aH(Act ^Plct ^S^ iM- 

i^H 6. "Ht'Oi ansul^ "tl-jgKl '"h Mi'«H^5li <Ha|<s{l 
5^ Mi»iila5ll «l«l ^/\ M^ «l> Sl<l <)n an^m 

§; Si >H^-ui^ aHHciat^n Klafl d^cH M^Sjirft 
Mi-ull <^<l S'HIH §. Si (>i-;i MlMilSli c(is. 
^alC-O ^ ^^^ «isil ^IH S. an^ Si;i clftfi?! m^J 

Ma^MiKl »i •Hi->HilSllrft SM^'fl iR Sli «{l95 
«lSl ^Hd^l *H MiKl Ml ^iltf ct^l aniiU an^- 
aii^SR ^Hd a)i»icii ^i^ ^^i iji:{^i |ih §. an 
anHaijisi^ ^Hi anJlcti ^iM a>i£^ ij-anPl ^1- 
1^\l HKl m1<v =l[iH5lC-ti an^ .isiHSli ilH S. 
Si «H Mi^HilSil Mt^l \bH MMilSim ^cti9/ 
aHliR-il M^i n^ "^^l Ml^l^ll ^IM §. Si Misi 

MlMvilSiHi (^std a^c-WHi Hlwt'l^l^ ilH i^ ^. 

>il5H'^l-"l° ^IH §, dMi Sli ^1 an^l ^j 
^IH ^. ci ?i-u-H Mi->HM Ml^ ani^g §IH ^; 
an^ '1^'il cicjSil Sis 'Hx^ «l«l ^il^<^l ^IH 
$. cl qaiC-fl Hl'^HilSilMi ani^Sli ^IH ^. ^l "^^^i 

Ml<ai«tirti ^m wi, <Kl«i, a^tnscti, anPl -Mi-vnil 

h€ ^IH d. MRWll^ an^ ^"V Hl^S^ ^^l 

milWPl '>iM df&liliR M/lKl =1=^ aHlM ^IH 
d, ^ ct ct'llMl <V^l 6li«{l ^IH S. imUlH <^ll 
^l^l??ll anPl a^M^l ^IH §. anl^ cidlM^ ?iSil»{l 



M«il5l ^J^M («n« 5?3 (ilH §. 

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rXlX^ 'fli'-^' '<'-^'^' '^S *^^2i) 3vt(/n5iiMi M«fl 

<Ml^ ct Mi l\i «iW «tM §. ^9^ =H?-^^ ^iqw- 
^ct( ■»{l(Ai ^IH §. «>{\Kl ^l%t dJt an^ ^^cllS 

'H-aii9,i"^m-34i6l, ^i(^i, i(MH, ^ii, m\h 

il^l %iit6^|l anPl 3JUi @\i^ aHMlH ^. ^l| M14^ 

an il-ilKl ^aiSl^ aniM^lMi ani^ ^, WlcflMi?!! 
iStMi ^l«i\ Mia ^IH ^l •«il>H^l'fl <:1125 WlCH^ll 
^« M'llH S. «V>HM @M^ ■«il-«HRI'{l Wl€i Mli^flMi 

«Mi aiisi, (Hlii ^ 3liii<Mii ^iqi*-(l n^<^ sniii 
ani^m Mil ^. Ml-vH^lHl Qi^M -H^ii iH[9{u{[ 
HM^IH d. ■'Ml^H^I'll MH^l §il5ll Mi?S @M^ i^St 
'c^^l^i ^^9/ JHI, 6^^ sh7[ M.i'il ^5W 
aHMlM &. MW'ti =l^l((>mi ^^IW 4 ^d^l ^IH 

«HiHqiMi anR ^. Slrti mhPi ^^|(^J^^i @5((f[] ^ 
Ml«?|lMi niH^KAHl M>1 S^ltfil ^l->HHl«fl cticl'fl 
3RMI SimSX !HiH 6, "ilH^n MW^ Ml<^n»ii =il<n 

Hlii cisiHi >lta^ ■>JHRwHi SH^ ^Rdi <HlU 1 
%licli aiisiH^ ^i^xiim^i s>i[^ «i. -ni-^^wi ^CH 
aM»llcl ^^ii^ MlQ|lMi JRH i<l ^^M^ «ni^Hl«(l 
Hl«U<^ «HH §IH dl d^rt S^ 6. ^^ii^l dil^ll 
HiiUVH 4 anlHcil ^IH cti ■^'^\. M«^ anHlH d. 
an^ ct^l (SM'lPl «316tifl §M^ Mt«J «IIH d. 
■>Hl"»M^Hi »{1<V^ (MnHlMil i^ ^. H^ Ml<^ 
aH3R «i%iMi H^ JIS^ anl^ qM'll i">HM^ 
yi^iaJil SliMl 6. an ^<v oyy.l ^^ S, ^^ 
H^ 5ilMi=tl^ atiHil CH15( J^IH 6, ^ H'^ci "i^-iti 
§1 yi, rHtfHlH.n^ «HICA1 ctKl Qi%H =4l^HHi 
Rl^J^i i'^dlcl=(, 'iV.lcl^t an^l S^^Hcti-Hicol ^1^ 
aHMlH §. ''^dMi i/l^M M4«ii ^IH dl <iM^ (MtI- 
MlMil^l §M^Pl i^'-ilMi aMl^ 0. •^l">H^l'il ii«^ 
^Pl»il ?i?.R, b'h^h^ aH«iqi >Hl>HRl^l ?i£ 1; ?Ig^ 
S^ 'S. clKl %^ %tJ<(ii^n, anirt^ll^ an^ «ic(l- 
Mim Midi 6lll\ (3M^ aHMlH 6. an yt^ <ni«lS 
SH^ 41095 niHlHl ^laHl^ "HiJj «llil d»»"{l ^l«l 
anlMl «lilH §. ^Kl Ml^l M«fl to "^ q>Hn 
00 H%mi ^Hl-O aHHlH §. an 3^?.^ Hijjl SlUl 
^9>"lHi iiniKl oysiiaJi cii\|:Q ^iJ,m ^. ^i:(l^rii 
I^Hl^tlM^ aJi ^j,i\^\ ^H i^HlMi ani^ d. 

"\-MC-ll«iff»''i-wi<v«il aJii Oil'l, «H^ *!l 
(Ml^l, 6^1 'i'^ <H131 anPl -wtf^^l^l sjj y <Mi3l 
ct^ «Hl^i Hl/\ ^(^ i^3. 

^-MiHl«l5«-i-MldMlMll, d^lTt^, ^^l^l'fl an- 
ff»'>^l, i'^sll, -HlHil'^l anPl olltfl aJiil ^{[l^^[ qi/l 

■HC-ll<l«i<;-i Miai <V'^ 41^ «iqi^ Mi^ «i«ir{l 
«l«l aHMlH &. n£lRli<;-i'fl ^il ^l^lTl^ ^IHl^ft 
ct SM^ \H aHlMHlHl oy^^ 4«(l. M«lUli«V'i ^CH 
an^ J^«Si>ii<a'll ^«i ®M^ a^cMd iM^^l^n §. 
■"Hl^^lKl ^I'^Mi ^IdlV^l <M131 ^^^l ^ a>iPl «>{l£J 
*ll3H SHI %tl«l ct'tt im4k 'H'tlHHlMi ani^ d. 

Ml^l:-M€ll«l 'Kl'V «H <H161, ^i?. «l HICH, M«lt«- 
iC-i S^ Hl«t" ( ilo <lo >Ao ) 

"■vHivi^l (vi^ifJt^ JifsK i^^i^, c(l;Si;i qfetRdl^ 
an^ §tHS^ 6. d-i ofl (h^H ^"^ i^^ MM'iil 

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'ft :Mlc^'{l >t?%ri j^fH^iw MiM^wi 5ih«^ ^wd ^Mil 

»RH i^ H^s/m siiiH^ t>iivtrtl 6fll, d«(l U«lWl 



( Ho ^llo ^o silo ) 

"■>Hl"^^l'li ^CH 3RM §. 5>l ^*t gsi'iU ci'll 
Ml'^jl^ft 'tlH cil niCAi ^15^1^ iMl«i C-lPJi ^IH 
ril Ml ^. ^C-t qictSl $, !s\, PtTt, ^wF-iSR, 1?*- 
JW, ct^^l, f.H&, Hlct^in, ^^ Mill §, ^(Icicnan^ 

6. yi^ll "»MHIM cil ^S^IH i^ S, 9v^l ^I'A'ft «1'4 
^=ll«a if'l^ dl5l d, Hl/I^ 5llM^Hl«(l a«, ^Id, 

4l3l^ »t^ ^, ^"^d, ?i<:-M, iiM6, 5M^'i, Ki^ ^ 
%IH^ »ldll §. MlrtMlMil'il ^<iV^^ il'4l ^^M- 
i^ sAi^n =ll<n -Hiet "I =il">MHl W.^ mk ^^-i[ 
(i't V ^Hl?(l oi(H 'i ^^ctl ^IH fi =^^^ 31<H ^^ 
$. »l(H ^'Hl H^ =Ml^ xil'^l'd IH %ll«i sijjj 
MlHl«(l H<r»l ^\^ »im §. ■»Ml">M^l'tl ^t^ii ^M^i 

^[h n«<i qi^ ^dil S." (ho |o). 

^«l KlS^i g ?i;) SHI :tHR:«tK'll §illl •wtMRl- 
J^lHli ^H^tHl Hli i^ ^. s5i Hi's ^l5\l, i"il SH^ 

ill^l Ml^ (H^HUi (St^ui (3l?i^iM^ ^l>HHKi) 
'n-ll^ d. ^iM WlCHMi'-d ^ «li& aHHHl ^%ll 
Hls^ § n Q^;;l^^ctl <lctl 5H^ <V<1 4^^ ^IH d, 
an ^%il3ii;tl MQl §M^ ilMli^W §MilR i^HlHi 

sHi^ d. ■«Hm^i^ cHis^ dii§ §13 ri?(l n«fl ci 

"itnct'ij'll JslHMi (n^Hi^ H'H^IM §. ( ■«^l">M^l'ti 

<Mltf\Hl ani ^H^MHMi ^Sjct Sly syqi e-llMl aHl^ 
S. sHlHi "l^clcliii^ anifi'li «tl"5l HlJil S§ d. ) 
ciH 5irii C-lliiHi ^^4li^l "SlSloU, MlHil RSl^'tl 

4i«iiaMi nni^ ^. ^ni^ tii^i ^iiciHi ^tMi 5>ini<a. 
^Hii 'H'tir-iRi ^MiM'^i^ etis4 «ii^«fl"^ Hwil-fl 

<v5ll5H HIM^ ^. "^HlM^Hi Slli^iHl ^1">H <3mi HM- 
^IH d. ">Ml"*M^Hi MK«{1 Hrt^lHil »1^ i^l (sil^Hl) 
'^'tlHHlMi 'Hl^ §. MH^l iliil^ "^dSlli illll 
^IrtiJl i^ ^. §'i?,l<'l ^l'>H^Hi MH Ml"i ^ cHl^ 
(M« ^IIH SH^ '-Mi"U 5Hlfs ^'tlH^l cl MlH d. 
"^I'^^Hl g.'ll 'H'itK mDmrI ^IM^I MSl^ Siam 
Hl«<41 il^lliy «i3Ucil 'l^fl, »H^ ?i»*i ^H»s5m151 
^^l ani^t S. -"il^H^Hl "MfiHl'li ^l^ Mi^fl 91^ 
^iWl *l'-ll^ Jlivfl %Ml«(l [^\['i ^i ^. 

■>Ml">H^l'l[ ^Sl -^'Kl iRMl HM^IH §, ciPll ■»(l9li 
-<5l «ilH d ci R^^i^ iicffl §H^ ii'Ui ^'IHUl 
ilM^i HH^IH ^. 

'Hli «l§5^ ^wmllH^i Ml^H^l [v\H<^ 65Aicl 
5Hl'^ ^ ci (sy^iyan Hi^tiHl StlHi d. 

(ficHl'lMi ""il-^H^Hi 3JU Higji (§3l ^. 

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<-(ho Rn'H'l-'^l'^^l'li ^Si MH^ MHH 

SlPl"Hl?(l ci^l SHi tHMni "Wii^Hi SHHliV «IIH ^ 

d. R'^S 5i ^^^rl rtm^l 3^81 <Mi^i y^irO 
^R 't §IH ! an^l «IIH ^, Kristin's SH'ii J^C-l y^lrfl 
=Mi'4 -^'-li ^icti ^ Hlii »ilM ^. an^ >j^ii, "l^ii 

a^ov -^^ £h xi,^ fi^i @H^?fl ^sc,^i ^^i. 

■^l^-<y €1154 MRt M'ilH S. d M^lrli «(m- 

^Hi HM^IH ^. •"Hm^l'fl C^li-A «4l$Hilrii gi5:^i;i 

iv^lfcr ^cfl H-uiH -"IfHW HR«^ S^l^ S ct^ 
ii i^ S. 

■"il'^^Hi *^C-l ansila, "S^l^i £->HlHMi 5HcHcl ys^ 

^iH ^. ^ aKl %ii5l Hofl M\ y£Wi hHrhl 
^i^ =ti€«ti 'i im vi'^ d'fl HlSi ifuiv-a ^i"^ 

aHl^«(l §IM $, 5H«C-l'fl ^^^ ^lani SH'li ^SWl 
?i=-W»l Hltn>lPlS^ Hl^ft'fl <v3ll5i ^l->Mcfl, an^aHrti 
I^C-l 5H>li 5i4|Sl (earrings) ct^> M^^cfl, ci?(l 
h{<V{\^ an^li ^C-f{l ^S-<cll H">Mli^lC-fl §, M"?} aJi^i 
^aim n ilHl^ «fl?i l"s^ 5§^ MIS wiiq^'S:- 

<r/^^\'\i t(iiiii 9iR>ii H (H?iH ffrt^wi aniq 5. Si 
ftlHW ^lijiimn, 5lU, SHi5fl»Hl(^, %i^i%i^^%i an^ m"^i- 
d^i 5i oirni'd ii^^i stn ?iuii%i^ ct«aiH'ii 5«Hi 

=tlH SH^ QllSaUH'fl =l=i-5i Mirt^ ff«''Hl'l>ii Sh«1 MM^Ik/ 
(§3l &. ^ cl'A Si ff/iiirj niH •Wil'Wi^HW "H^a ^• 

(4i«i cMi'-fl ■"iMRi iiMl ir/Hl'i ^Hi^itJ i^c-i-fl «'^lMi 

*HIH &. «H c^Slwi iHa<l '»Hl'»H%«ll4fli ^nlu '11^ 



Sii 5JQI im n[ o^^ ^ ^iH. Hm-<'(1 sR ^cw^ 
"iT^ 3Tfq^ 3<ii fra ^ tr^ ^ 5"»i ^f'' II 

qac^^ g^rscqji 5i|i?r'?'ir i^^igfcr ii" 
^ri-^mXi ^-SlKl atR^ l^iid 1^«i ^''s^ 

^eiKl <Mkdl 5^ ct^i it^is s^=»i ciHU «i<li. 

"»Mi-«i<i'ii 'jc-i ^« «iiH d, M'Si ?i.^-t'ii i'cT 
»tic-i ^idi 'i^O, ^1^, <3M^'ii sHii'n^^fl <mM1^ 

WH'i i^^l Stl^lsil "^IfcT ^ii^fl ov'i^ ffJt^r ci^ ^^'ll 
1=11 ml iR "^iMi^ S^ ^ ^:- 

3?^ (t f5i^!f II f^^ *ri^1 ^r q«5 3n?i'?0 i cr^r 
%^4i sfttr i%JT^ II ^r% i^m ^ ^^ i%i^r 

§^f I fS^r JT S^ JT ^^ f^^ ii" «R ^M^ ^. 
§M^ >Hl>M^l'ti «IMI-*1 'H'^'l^i ii=tlfcl »IH ^ 

Mrt^flsHi «y=ii aHiii^'ti ^^i yi4s^'t "V-^^ni 
d^liv 'JlilS Mi>Mil ^SWl SHiaitfWl ^PWi, <Hl2i) 

ani^ d (Hl^ an •jC-m an^i (Jtl'W "l^ ^. 
an^ cirll 5l«c(|?(l vist^i (^(Hl^llMi ani HnKl 

an^ <Hl3-^Hi*-(l :{]r'i ^St>li ff«lH §. an^l <*ti ani 

ci-Hl a>iHH^Ri §. an^ ^^ti ^CH >|iaI ^Wl^ 
ct'tl aH=lH^l ^M'^i I^HIH §, Ml^ ct aHlMi^ ciMllOaH. 

\-^['Ai[ ^. ciKl jbc-d ^Sl (s^iMl My^ ans 

=l5l ^, d?fl aniMl Mi-«iil Kl^ft dwft »nM §. 
an^ aJis (Hii^ani^ 'ili^ <§^l-5^ ^IH clH an 

Mi->HilaMl l>HiH §. anl Mi-'Mil an-JtR ^^i ^sfHl 

•Hlff*! Hdi^O "Hi^m R<HiSii^ (jisa ^^"aj i^ ^41 

i^cfl, ci 6^ a»l ilM ?JJ!^^ •'{lord, ^3 ilH i^'Hl 
aMlI^ an ^4t rt^^ aHiqqi^ Slsia<lHHl^ &. a>ii 

^. an^ a>ii<l^ ct ^siMiKl <niog'0 5^ \bH 
Xliviil^lMlMl 3l>l ct aJii -Mi^M^MR ®ct^ d. 
dm 'j^chHI ^.^'{[ ansiqi %fl?a '{lai'O 5^ Mi>H- 

ci (tKi 'flai'il Hl«l3i:^i <^cQ ^uc-{l«ft NlWCftHl 
niog 'Hlc-tiH -S. ands) dKl a>i?^ -JiiMcnl isj-an^ 
^l^^^ldi ^8tl(Ai ct oy^'il <i^^ d^^ ddl«(l 

dtnT SH^^C-O «i, dKl aHj:^ d^ d[(A?l an^id a>i«t=<l 
an dwft'fl aH£^ £l>Met i?Hl Hrd i^ d, <«l^ aJi 



r[uM (390 sd^Kl sHWtfi ^ Sii v|| 3h;^ li, 

aMS^ iV'-ll "^^cil 3Ml^ d. anliC-tl >ll^ ffx- ct 'iwft 

»1PI a5<i <t^i( ^il%tV4l ^f^-n st^l^l ^IH ^. H16 ! 
=116 ! liii ^fw ! ffni^ aH'»i<1'{l ^i^l »il^ ^S 

Ml«i H-=»t'^ ^ll^t^l ^Mi-HlwU MNil^i 'JilW 

Mil ci<i«fl 3iy, Mei "il^/m ij,«3 ^yHKl ciM MU- 
3lll«*M^ «2l'-llW \ii S. anl ^S^d-fl SH^iH RcH^- 

iV-tl Mi-^-Mi->Mil, cUlM^ )i''-H'i\}-i MHl cl<\> 
M^l^Rsv, a>l^ Sh^ ci^ ^lo-H ^l| i^l'Hl *il^ k'^- 
Ml^l 'iH, an «Hyj ctMR §. 

S^l! «Mi »ili«{l ani'Wl ^MWrtl »11H cHi 

M^R^'iC €lW iMH d. ^ ci*-(l ■M<^M^ ^^I'ii RhI(& 

^[^. ^. 5HI Rni^i a^ijj^Mi^t an^ h^ci ^^mi 
H^i^ »iiH ^. i^ci wtct'ti ^^iiKl 'n'lWd vi7{ 

M<3J clHl «isl ^(^HiSl^l'li t^i =-MH6lRi ilM- 

HMi Hl^i'ii H^rt^i =iR=ii <v=ii $T 

T Beauties of Nature, an^ Nature series on 
British wild flowers relation to insects, by 
Sir John Lubbock, Bart, M. P. & C. & C. m 
an 5i :ii^rt5l; rtHi/ Flowers their origin. Shapes, 
Perfumes & colours-by J. E. Taylor F. G. 
S. F. L. S. i SMa li^cts. ^m yo/^icflHi ^hsIhi^ 


■»Ml"*H^l an sHRci aHRci ^.H'Hi Mi ^. Mi^ 

>i»»'«^ci nni sMdtl M^-A d'li (3M^«fl 3i>l cttjeti 

%l^iR »11H cilM"3J (^Ml't^i rt<ft <Vi ^^ ^IH rtl 

§. Ml^ "flPl W^ 'I ani^ ^^ ^n <a'i^ "{I 
^icft t>{l ^iCHi ^iwi Jlct^ aH«l^l cllil ri 

Kls^l &. S\r[[ \[\7{ ^ «(l 3 MH aMl^ anitl 
ct '^JiSKl ^.'^liaH mH<Hl an^C-ll (34i ^iWi 5l(^ 

c-thi «<iH d. an^ ci o/Hlrt^i m^i S^i "in 

S. 5q,ti ^iM ff»i?^5»{\ »r3liaH m^ ^n H^lMl 

^i.i{ fl^ "kl^fl'd S^SU ^idl 't^fl, ir^'Jl^l^ti ^ 

■>Ml>M^Hi Ml-i iWi ^IH &, (Hl^ H^S^l ^l^ 

">Micii ^20. "i^il ci ciwtn ci Meji iiwi €ii5l d, 

Miil ci MlSctl Vi[3i, $ cHl^ 3ll«ll »1^ r=l?lH i<l 

an^i MK F-tllH "^W^ Qi^lMi S,H 'H?i S, 
a»lH <n^^Wl ^<^l^ illll i^ §.t 

iv'Hl't ^i=iw isft?*, rtMir/ ci^i 6(i^iiw %\^m §icik 

5. MlJl Si 3iU nm'ii H"^rl ^l"^l an^ >l^<>?ii^ aHt4<l 

(§M^p(i »<y "hS 5. ■Hfi sH^ti ni^i (^^rti^ ani JJiySi. 

^'ni^'Hl'fl dHlH 9i'^l ■"tmVi'ii MW (§"4^ <S'4l<^ 
J5=icfl ^(il 6c(l. cWIj/ ^ci ?liiir-lW, Stl?, sHijflaHlUtl 
»{< aMlQ(<4lloii ouhKI CH^l Mlil cl ^IW'fl ^H>ti 
Ucll ""IM^wi MK Miy ftoft drfl. aHlQ<#tll4li silM'-fl 
ili=lli^ s/rti »IUI HlVlKl tHlT^Si \H(l'^l^ ?l^ ■wtMRl'fl 

ifi=-< Djiil w. ^ini MHM^ oii^=m oi»\\(M an^ M^'=lH^li•1i 
^[■^Wl §'41^ ft^W «i^l 4ctl. 

10,000 ;4i(tfi<ii iivl <-ii5icHi ^cti. nSli^ 5«i ^^ii^iX 
^Mii ^tm^wi c-iiiii n •ui'wi iCl aniMqwi anwi 
i4cii. an aiH^i uiiH'ii^ \^ ""nm^i'fl »i«fHi«ft <^i 
ii-A ^fis.^'fl w^u="h 5^1 SM^isi «=iwi anr-Mi 6^1. 



^-^ll^lHrnH-Canavalia ensiformis. 

tKl'rt »1«1HI (3C-si->M-H. II. p. 195; N. 
p. 88. Watt. II. p. 97; ^ ft. Ml. U^. 

^=4^1 CHWdi (4cti; ann ri'-d ctSli ^Sfiif iW SM^ 
•if^ Wcti ^Wl^i a»/^W ='-lCHl'=lcli ^di. SHI ^"H^'lH'ti 
i> siiH'fl R{l»t>ti MR^l S^i 6 cl siw-tl 3i^(H «li5l 
^HM^wi vw^ ^ii<l cl'fl ^ilSii oiM 3iiiwi 9mi 
01^ i&>?l^i ^i^ui« ^=^Hi €11^ 6. *H^ rt«(l yr< H^ 

MUi ci^l >iwii 5i«/?W =^«in 5. 

SHI ^H^MWMi ■"im^i'ii '|l^i sjii Mi'i'fl yw mm 

n'-d. ■HiJ "^M^Hl olii^ "Hi=-t «t^ ^(%cl (Reserved) 
?l"Wl ^n %i^il^ ff/»ic-t ■'Hlcti'tl fi«*>i ^Mi!^ wMl-i 
«H^l<H^ 4lM=ti (coppice) ^aSl, SH^ SH<1 ^ri 4l">-«4l 

nt^ cl'fl «H§ ^^i i'l* JnysH, 5h5 ctni m^i^ ^1%- 

<adl fl^l !^.^ ^rt SH»« MHJl%l'-A ;Ji*lW «iW 'if^ 

cl'fl %i9ti«i ^i">H<i J^ySi. %-fi ^Hrt ""HM^id x^u siMi 

•tfi Mi^ M^Cni S^cti 't'-fl 44 <«lil, (3*fl SH^ '•(&'■([ <=c^ 
&, ^ clni MW ^m ^MH iWi '^^lAl »HIH &. 

»Hi ^'^^MW'ti Slidi^i <v3i«i*ti iSH^^iiwtl qisuft'fl 
towiHi ■"tm^i'ti yiiii sii'^i ^rti. "414 cl'ii m aniii 

anWi 4li »H^ cl a^iy <r«'Hl?fl ci>ti?fl 9tp5l<r^ ri<l 
^imi^il 'flif^ffl 6^. clV\«fl SH ctMW aJUSwi litl 

6rli. cl i^tia 9WI 'HtA "li"si ni%i4i«A ^ui^ yn*/ 

^m SHlirtnl 4^ «i'-llMi »Hl'-(l 6':fl. <<ll^MtA Si sjfji. 

>ii«a (X* -I'-a i^i •{i!r«a ci d^^ii ^<i irfi^n, jh^ 
=«ii%i'(l na ^cfi. 

^hKI ^d SlM'-tl^fl (coppice) Mijii aji^Rl^fl vc^ 
\l •fli^ 5, MiJ SiC-lii ajUl^l^il^ (rK'>l€l"<Hldi d^^Sfl 
5h'-(IV ^cl IlitlHi SHl^ 5 SH Ch^- 

Mr. Bagneris ^idwi Elements of Sylv'i- 
culture (London 1882) >ii c-lin 5 §:- 

"The way in which the stools are cut, 
exercises, bejond all contradiction, more 
influence than anything else on the pro- 
duction of shoots and the well-being ef the 
coppice. We must take into consideration the 
kind of inplements to use, as well as the 
shape to give to the surface of section and 
the height at which the stool should be cat. 

(^lo) M^u^iilMi'ft ^CH (ijo); jfr^(t, mgfn, ^fut, 

3f\^ (to); ^S^^^, ^g^H<^ (f^o); 3?rfn5U^, 

^^n^j:^, f^irtr ( %o ). 

»IK §, cl H^[ ethi «IIH &. cl Mi "I qu 

In every case, care must be taken not to 
split the stool or disunite the bark from the 
wood, so as to prevent water from permeating 
through between the two." 

s'^c-ti w. *H^ cl ft^iMid^rt i^i^i siMimi »Hi^ &. 

rt«(l d ^l^ld «1144 ft?iH <H'Usi -I'd- ^'i** '^'^'^ 
<H^l<H^ 'H'ltll wHl-i^a -I- «fl I 5 t^ ^i'fl S'tia'HUl 
Sp-fl 4idi ff^HllM^ ^ cl«tl «li^l »IR ^§ W cl^ sjli'tl 
^3^ (stool) 4^ w. Si "144 ^ Gl^Ml^i^lrt iMlUiSft 
§W Hi cl»<i«n Hi5fl ?M^ -t'-fl i;4 -{1451 5. Mi^ "l- 
«Hl^«n aw dH iiVl §W dl d"Hi«a '{l4«lrn 'l'=(l 

a!li 4Ml -Utn d'fl 5{i!,Hi<ft «l^ ^i 1'^lW'l »Hl*l» 
^MHWi anwcft ^W dl d=ti cdlin 4rt'4Wi tlai VHl^ 
ell ^\bV. ^'^tl"! ^l"»l'=(l ^ySi 5:- 

l-?)li 4lH'-lWl SiM^ %i«i cfl^l^ ilMl«ll ^tlH^Hl. 

^-4^'Hd MW* ^(k- 5>ll cl'fl idli'll 5li4 Wk 
4\Wl^ (H«4l Hiil m?n ^IW an^ ^«WW. ^Ml cl'ii 
SMWl %lMlfl •^■Qrt ann ^I'-fl «tW Q, ^ djl^l ^i- 
4>li =l^%ll«d, ^l^fl ^H^l^ Wlj? ^d CHl-ll^l (Id^«ll«fl cl 
dW ^i'-tl Mfi 6. 

3-iiU 4Ml Mta dll 5li4^l 5l^l »H14R tH-iW^l 
^tSi 5 <?i>n1 dM? Mid I^VlSd "HUsft dHl df^ dd^di 
'Hk4<Hl«i d«n (MM. aHlltt. d^l aHlirt iSfl^ll ^l>l "S 
il»iff/ »>ql =ti^CHl«il 4^^l ff-lySl. 

V-w'Hld'ft ^-Ul^^fl l4<:-(lS*n «H44 \\y([ iJli ilM'i 
d sili'd "td *Hn SHl'ijltHli^'il o/Ml'l'fl 3=uiy •fl'iiy 
<l^l^ MtoQ otiiHdl'tl R^^rtM? aHlUW ^l^ &, cllMi^ 
%IWI'«» Cld iili'tl 41; "UHl^ i »fl t "5 l^- ^i 
^iiSft 3«(l "144 ^l'^ cJli 4lMHl>li anin dl Hi^"45ll 
i4?4d ^§cft •l*fl. 

■>i-tkb 'H'Hd SH4«(l dl %l<Hl«l "«Hiy 4^ ?l"»l<l JJiy'H 
5, «lin1 <5l44 'fl^W -ll^, dM clM^-fl »l«l Mm *fl^l«t 
^ itidi CHl4ii«(l t4<1 MJ dt^. 5h^ »lC-t Sfl^m anVHl 

«iiM^«fl SMil Ml ell wia an^ fliiii t^i Qft.ii<i 

r/<tl«ll d^ iAd ^l-fl «tW 5. 

(3M< V^il^ ullid «<it4 (coppice) 4<«li«il 54«li4 
5ll"JldT SljiHiia d-^l ^. Vi\i[ »Hd V«H"ft 'fli"l &, 
^H^ 5iC-tl4Mi yt^n ^9(MUl 4Ml »di Mfl 'I'H'^ H 
«IW ^i. M«a 54«tl4>li 9lli<iw ^ dl45l a. Hli dHR 
«ld<li cdlild (§M< ^mi^ 4lMni«h cl'fl 5li4>ii«fl ^tl^TC 



^Si^Kl ^m Hh n[ \\ m ^o ^i. ^^\ ^^ 

«;. ci'tl ^C-tl iv^l ff»l^l Pi ^ivoi«:l ^IH 6. ^H^ 
?iC-il«Hl ^'Hi aH«l=tl =rvi«^il WlHlttcll ^W ^. 

«*lii ^IH S. ^Mi«(l "^iCHii ^idlSii Hliuft V «ft 
aami^ft <H«ll «llil sAi^Jl ^%il ^^'Hl !iUl2Hl 'flS- 

«i'«ii5^i 5Hi3i«fl ^^l "Mil «tiH ^. ^i»i(a <ii"^i- 

2il :tSidM'i«(l Retail ^<l MldtfO ^IH ^. iiil 

^IH ^. clH^ (lil h'm ^^irii ^^^ tfidi^ji an^ 
^\i ^m'ii anib^ |<Hl<n aHl^«{l §IH ^. 

■m«i-»iici^ ani^cni ^iH d. ci Hi«li!A 1 ?i=ti- 

^Kl \1 ^>3l ■UWl ^"^M^l ^IH S. MK-il SM^KI 
^MltTl kn «{lcHl ^siKl ^ KlSl-fl RH^l aicaicfl, 
<S{1^ an^ ![li^ ^IH ^. MH-fl <n-^ «Ml/lM^ 
Rmi ^tlfAKl aniyfl ^qi/l ^IH §. Hmi ^"^il- 

^ ^t^mifcT ^ «(l M -ft ^IH §. =1^^ MH 3 
«(l vs i;Ja< Sli<a ^ a ^ ^ Ml^lcg ^IH §. aH 
li^ MH^ ^^^ '1161'ft <aP 'H'ifl ^W ^. "ll«3'l( 
5l •HlH'ft "il^ RW aH«tl<t.aHS^'{l1l^ HrtI Hikl- 
^Kl <V^l Ml^ltfd ^IH ^. an^ an <n-^ Ml-i^l 
aniSU «IHI'H ^n C-t<H5llca ^IH ^, M»^ Ha*^ 
MK Ha^»li ^1^1^ an^ "H-^ SI «is4H3 ^IH ^. 
MK'fl -Aiil iM^'ft <ni*4 Kli^ltfil §IH d. ciH^ «"|£ 
^tlcaKl ^fta^ 4=ll/l aniM ^IH 6. 'MH^ Stitfl- 
i^, «{l!.5l SHM ^nl. Ml^ Wnii •>HW ^H^i :!ji"Ji 5 § 

yijft ^^%i u •fli^i 5, rtHi SHI ^i^MWHi u<ii sliii 

M^'il. §H. Hi. ■^^. «l'<a- »H^4^l. aHi<HC-{l. VlMull. olRi. 

<tl«t. @H^i.+ UlH'5l. J,U?ll. Riiwi. aniji^i. hiA\. ania. 
iWl'Hil. H^'^Hl. n^lii. ^iji"^! ;t <H>l\»l«i. 

«ll?fl ^Kl "Hl^ §51 an^ atKcii?a %m£ aflii^l, 
^Rl^^dl i^^l, an^ ii[M\ \i^ Midi Hlil«- 

5i«n'^iH s. n 4 «a \ Ki > ^^n ^ ^i ^ 

V ^at CHi«{l an^l * «ft ^"tlat «*til ilH d. <i^ 

dl ct'ii ^ <Hpmi ^ict ^o ?(1 vo ^i i^i 

aHl=lC-ti ^IH S. an^ H'll ctdSil (HRMR «^£ HlfAKl 
^ftai 4=ll/l ^IH d. «ilia^l ct^l f ^R «ft^l ^ 

^fsibhi ^iH d. an^l ^M^ '^Mcl muiKl anltil ^iHi<n 

M«l ^IH ^. ^i'^M^Riil iMl^ ^t^^l i^i ^"^Hcl 

Sis 'Hi«3 c-flc-ii ^ ^25 ^Hiog 91^1 Tn<a^i ^ ^rti- 

%i^cil ^IH «i. ^ ciH^ «"|s widQil'U 'HHi ^IH 
§. Si «t/ft ctlfa'^ H^i^ <v^l <liiniw(l ^R 

d, an^ ct-ii «^dc-n ^i^mi i^sli aniHc-ti llm d 
M^cHi ^ii«(l Rh a^im 'vn^i l[^. S. |c-t -hhh 

?iC-ll<41, M^^ <fn<a^ WlHl&lrti, an^ S^MIH S 

cHi^ ct (h^'h ffnujii "i ani^t^iKl wi «itr «tH 
d. cl \ «(l Ix ^^ "^"^^'-^i an^l \ ^n lir €)ai 
oHW'ii ^iH $, ^c-iKl ildil Ht^n i?A, <:M ^ 

aiCAicfl ^IH d. ^ <tM^ ^^V «^6 ^ICAHI 'Mi. 
^ ^cll ^siKl QJ^J/l ^IH d, an ildil Siicaiy^ica 
C-flCHl ^3lKl •IK&lKl 2i?(lM^ aHl^«a ^W §. H 
tXi 3i»-(l ans «>{l2i)?a oy:^! g^ an^l anin^ ani^C-d 

^iH §. 5i i\i 2i«aM^ ^ «a 3 1 ^-"Hn ^ li 

^^iKl iUft aniHcfl ^IH aHM s/isjm d. M«^ 
ct>li«(l Mil 'ti^l Mi^l H'iHl ^0^ l^l \«4 ^**" 

Vm. ani^ S. an^ ^nisa^l i^a an^^o/ ^h^I 

<vcn ^IH aHH eilil d. "iM % 9i^^i<[ §H^ 
5s^«0 £^i Ji«(lM^ ^<V i^^l ^i^ R*!^^*^ ^^^««i 
svlHlHi aniH d. 

^«»H<Hi^^iH-4 «a f ^at cniS^l ^IH S. H 
(lil «fl€ll Vl^l «fl^l ^ ^'AS^l ^IH d. ^M^ 
§9(1 «lil 61^1 ^ «1s ^I^AKI anl^ |HlA aHl^«{l 
^IH d. ddi M^l H ^IH d, ^ 'flai^O <fililHC-ll 

«- 35l5wi Afki'O. ^l5l+ alliil ?i4«tlHi aHlnC-ft &, 
rt cjli^wl 5iiiMi«i1 'HI ^H^MWMi ^<l «^^ d^rt ^l^O 
Heft n'-fl; ann HW S, rtl Ml»«l«fl "n^ltH «itf «l*l S. 

anr-fl T<trt'tl UiJil nl^l^tl %1^M<1 «/»l«l "oiWl^ii ^ftM- 
HHIHI anw 5, ci ytjll SH^l^ifl &. Mljl ani »/»ll*l 

■>HWil1 a»l4 wl^lw ailMfl tT^'^'^'cSl 6^ ell 'H'^'^lHi 
aHIHO, elHi C-t<HliiJ'fl aHlHHl»ii aHW^. 



*i^ (3M^ <vdl ndi 5> anit-a (;|ii) «i>\*(i ^i*^ S. 

Sis Wl*-(l 'niiW'ii 3i"»>-H MlMil ( ^Vil ) H^p 

tfiKl «Hiqg Kl^fl 'i^li-fl ^iH d, n ct(ta^ ?li(ni«- 
slni eflcHi ^51^1 «iiil 21M/1 ^ii«fl'-ii'41 ^ih 6. 

an^ ^ii/l ^IH ^. ct^liKl «l 'Ht^t^'O Mi'^i ((h3«) 
Mi-^ilSil ct(cflH Qivil ^ii«{lHl«n ^ rt»-(l 9v:ii dM^ 

sHS^iHl "{Isi) '^ "HiMilsHl ■V ^lil (!ASI) ^"^ ^IH 

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MlSl MR^Sii c-fl^, atoiicft, (V^l (rnil 3H^ fH<Hirt 

>i"l^^l-"lo ^IH §. ci-Hl dgs^l «fl«t, 2ttflJi<1l 
an^ ^icai ^'Hl §IH ^. ci SijiHljvt ^i«l rftai^i 
<HRMi s^^iiy aHi ?i3-M> «l«lc-t: ^IH ^. 2i cljjaHi 

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^W d. cHl 3l<»iUlHM^ %l^£ ^icaKl |=tl/l ^IH 
d. =H^ aM'ti M-S andSlI cii Mlctuii ^IH S 1, 
ct'fl aH« a>ii[^«{\av "Im d cl Mi<n6R«(l ^l^fl 

an^ KlSi <v^i <r»ti\ »i«l«fl iiH $. ct'ti "iinm "^dfAl 

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«»<l^ 'H^i ^'l-il ssifcT «1H S. ct M ?(l (i ^ai C-ti«{l 
an^ 1 «(l I7 feI=H MI^KAI ^IH 6. ct il«lM 
aiH^ ^IH d. Miaj <v>i <VH ctcft aHS^^I "{l'*' 
OtRWi an^ Mlicti «nH d cIh cIh <n''i (§M%fl^ 
ollcnitlH^ aniHcft «nH ^. ^fl'l <H'^ fill V^l 
His^ttficd an^ ^i/l wiH/l^loU ^IH §. clKl «- 
\l/\ C-(l%ft ^ a<«nscfl ^IM d. <ilM»^ ct'tiMR 
%1>J ttl^l'd ani^a |m/\ ^IM 6, ci il,iil <1^!( 

il=ft ^ 2tM/\ ^IH § ^i"^ ci'd ^i<v ^RM^ 
HW §c*fl riSti ^"^IH «. an^ rt Ml!/l^ ^MlW- 
M^ ani^ S rHlX »H»i ^RM^ Mi^t ^ <41«5M^ "i 

ci dW ^il^ «vtH 'S <Hl^ ci^ Cdl^wi ctMi'li 

0(l(V-'Hl5iltfflaHl ay'-tl ^IH d. ci JRl ^IH 
§ rHl^ 5*15,0/ <[l3mi?(l c(>Hn ?il(Ai, iWi "i 
^^l ^ictl -<5Ki Kii^l S, shA ^ilH 6 cHl^ ci^l 
'??i H^iii ^i > Sl<Al«Sifil <i^l «tW «tH 6. 

ci'<i %lMl/l atcaJscft ^ «il^ "^IH 6. «nW S|»«J 

an^ anj^ «"^j ^iH d. ci "i mi'-d ^^<v «i1- 
aiiitli ^iH S. ?l»ii ^>~*j §»n cM ^IH d. 

■H-^i%l"^m-^(l, iitfe, ^l«l« and ^iPii. 

Rsi^ an^l ciiqirti ^iMM^ a^lM^lH &. and! MK 
Mtaj "V^l »RM i^ a*lHl ^l«tM^ n'^lH Q. ciHi 
^Mil aii an^ ?i'^im >1411H ft. ^l^di «icli 
(HliiHl ©^ict Mil ^IH ell aHr^dl R^l^ 5ll"^l 
ct^Hl^il'ii MH Hl/l^ ^liiM^ "li^ ft. ct^=ll^il'i( 
Hl-i^l ^« ^^«1 cist «l«l >1<A^^ >M« @M^ 5ilM- 
ilH ft. ct^^ll^ilKl ^n^l^ Mi^ rti-Hl^il i^ ft. 
ci il=ft ^IH ft fHl^ ci^ tll«il(A'{l Ml «lli HIH 
ft. MO! Mft ft cHl^ ciMWl «>{l9V^ *lJt H\S ^ ft. 
andi ^Si ^<V^ «lli 'H'tl^t^lMi aHl^lcj -i^; clV 
^l^il^ ^lli Mlf^ii MdlM ft. M^ii "HHl^ -MWlMi 
ani^ cil i<^25Hct, <'iJ4»>'>{l, an^ ^l i^ ft. 
cl^'^l^^A'il ^Sil m«ll M'Votct ^l=tl^ «{l^ S«tlil 
Hl"il ci^ eilSiiKl 911^ 'MiHHl'll ilMMi =tlM^ ft. 
andl ^CHl ^l^dl >HlUl»ti R^l'^ ani^ cil ci^ a^l 
!l^l »11H ft. ci HC-tl «i^Hl <t'i ■'HIH ft, ct^^^l- 
\M ^«ll (3ic(l XcilM^ S^a ci^i Qicft aniil^ ft. 
^-*«4l'l4-^lV^€^'tl a>tl«Ml« il€lHl«ll <trM\' 
dMl, HlilanlKl HUHl, iil<Al ^ W^^l "^infAdi "t«li- 
^Ri, Mcl^ aH;i milSlHl ^-il QM^ an^i a^ni- 

^H^di ^cn^i rj«i §M^ d S^icft ^nmi ani^ 

ft. <n^-Sl :|»IRM^ ^dl ^etl t^dl WHlHl UC^h 
"VsllSi Qil ft. 



1 ctCHHRil ii=llH §. ^^^d^i M<3t ^H^ 4^1 
»hRi sH^ "^^^iRi^od g d^ll aH«t M<^ an*/ 

X-^li^^riiH-G. obtusifolio. 
t^ikn-H. H. p. 196; Wait. II. p. 98. 
R-'^^ft'iW-'H.J^il'i ct^'-lRil, SHi'-Hl® M^S^tilMl, 

S. MH ci-il ^^[ ■^'^ -^^ 9i^i MiJl n^ii ^^=li 

5H^ kl<AiaHKi wicniaHlMl «vl=ll^i 3Hl^ ^. 

ci'li H<A an^ MH^l SMHI^I QM^ 5^«{l ctJJHl^- 
Hrll -V^l «Hl*li ani §. aH'Hl ^C-ll jf^Hl jA'tl^ 
ani^H^ (Ipoiiia?a biloba)'{l «l«l S'Rl^d 

an (iii^W'ii »ii^ ^(^«ai mHhh ^\?m niH $. 

l-^U^miH-Pueraria tuberosa. 
t^krt-H.II. p. 197; N. p. 88; Watt. 
VI. part. I. p. 363; ?. Pt. ML S^. 

?iCr, ^fr, ^KR, ^?=^irc5 (j?o), ^'r^r?, ^f?;?, 
■^w*?, #?i^^?, mar?!*? (flo), fq?r^^?,^q- 

<i=Hl JililM^l ai-il «vtH i$. ci'ti MH '^IM^l'fl "hI 

an^ (a'Si^ii "\^cti Miwi 'tqi anf^ 0. Rmioi 

Slicnui ^CH <v'Hi %1^<V ^^^ qi^=ll«\i Md^Qani-Hl 

anliR'li 'tli^Ki ih 5Hl^ 6. =»i^ XW*^ *ll^ 

Mil'rli Hl4i!<l n^i «ll''l (ic«) MtiQ^ >Hfl <rnH §. 

^tA-'ll Mil "^-11*^1 ^H'l 5/Hl'lMi <3il «\'Jc-ii 

M^ »Hilf- hi 1 aiill «tHl ki^l =HRtA <H^ §, 
^ <H</a ^^t <^1<^ is »l^ §. an^ ai^cQ :fl^ s^j^i 
aHR^ ^Hcil T«tH §, ^ rt4lM^ iS "^ ^iCJi u^y^i 

aH8inL C-in^liq §IH ^. n «H(&R«(l QJ^l Vl^l, 
>H24«Mil an^ anf.^^fl «^S an^l ^«<H'^l ^IH §. 
ci'fl <Hl« ^t^oy ffVilMl^^ *tta<:(l (3^ 2H^ ^"Hl? 

^IH aH«i=ll anmi is SiH^l a^il :^f«-?li ^[% ?tl 
m^l S(!»l<Sl ^«^ «f^ ^. M^i ci^ (rr-^HHl iM\ MWQ 
ct ct^rt <^3lil «1H ^. "V^Ml si^^l is <n<iUl 

ycf-fd^ft ct lifcRR ^isicd <ni«3 <^4l <ni-A mn 

§. ct «{l%fl, atoiicfl anPi ?i^l C-flill ^^iKl ^IH 

§. "SiHcfi ^iiMiani (§H^ ^yin ^mi "Hm'ft v-i'<^ 

^IM d. ^iil^ ctucti ctHi«ft '=4(^11 1,^1 ■<^ Hlioi d. 

"Hlrl-anict^ ani^sti §IH §. cl'ft ^•v>-h ildfl 

^ctya«(l ^'i^ncH c^<l <fnil aH;^ ^ m 1° 8=H 

§. ci mm ctii--i5i«fl ^ R^r^ «til suM ^m 

d. ^ ^1 ciH^ 5ti3J MK shi^ChI ^IH ^. ci>li 
0^ t^ogrti >^H %tiH^i^[ ^iH S. ^ ans MH 
<H='Sil'Hai ^IH$. aS^ ^^i •4i^r{\ -o^i^ ^^^ ^i^fl 
JSA ^IH ^. cii^^i^j H^tC-ti Ml'tKl ildil Klai ^ 
?(l 3 ^ai c-liffl M 1 «tfa (stalk) aniM §IH 
S. "iio^'ii 51 MW ^ «(l fe ^a^ c-thi ^ M «(l 
^ ^ai Ml^l<ai ^IH S. =l=H^ MH ^ «ft \o ^at 

c-tioj an^ M «(l <: a^t M^i^i ^iH ^. "tiogdi 

'^i'^ MUKl 1;R P-tMH aH»tId ^Is c-li'Hl <Hl£? Jf/l 

^iH ^. a>i;i c^a^c^i mhHI <n-^ "Si^ %i^^ ^ih d. 



^^ii^-i ^>=n *nii ^iH ^. 5t mnm 

q>Hci "{Isi? M>Ji 3 «(l M Sis 'ti^i'd c-idi»u 'Oi- 
H-m \ 4i 3 r^ '{\i<hzM In ^. n ^ «a f ^at 

C-lhi ^IH §. ^'4^(1 ildil MlcttAl, i^il ^m 
$. ism >io <^lo >14 KlSi 3\ ;ygjM s[lsi ani^l- 

^IH d. ci^ M«livi ctdl 3 5H^ ^ SlM Mi=l Sictl 

^Q^il^Qat |Hl<n aHlH«(l ^IH 6. ct 3HJ^«(l i(isi, 
T»i«ail 1 sHl^MlKl "<'l^l ^IH S. ci ^ «ft 3 
C-ll5:J'l 6li«Jll ^IH S. 

^v-H aHH'Hl «ll^ -^^l/i 'HiMil (lil SHl^MlKi 
k^l'{\ \ M^ iWi 'H'Hl^ Mimical ^IH 6. ci «^t 

■Hi«'j\q^«{l ^ ^^^ fs^PifHiPin §iH d. ci^ ctM 

'll^l'ft ^Uc-fl 3H^ s^il^^lctl "^(Al ^51^1 atiiiil ^IH 
^. 5^ MIM Mi^H-A^iil aH«iU «HI«9'{1 "^ Mi^HilaHl 

6. ci^ cl(ai^ «l£ ^i,i«{l ^IH ^. iU«{l \l^ 
ciHl liR'\[ ^6\. <^t&R KiitActl ^IH S. an ^>»-H 
MNil i<cti %tiii\ an^ H^C-fl ^lil aH«i'4l ijHi 

h»a€ ^ Mi'»Hil5ii ani^tHi'O '<?['{[ sAii-j^ ^t^^ 

^ ^lil i^'-U »t'M ^IH ^. ci^ "V^l an^Scti ci 
<rt^ Mil 'f»lH ^. ciKl SH%\ ij-an^ ^11*1^1 

'isiH^ii ^i*t ^. 

i^ (3MWI ^Pmi o{lin t '^%i^l iRrti ct^-it^ ^^ 
ilH d. an^ (!: f^^l'^ (SiilHCHi ^IH §. cig ^iqi attn- 

^1^1-1 ^IH ^, ct^li Kiai^l 3l9lUlH anulct, 

ci'tlM^ atcnJsrtl HKaHi ^Hl^ ani^C-fl ^IH d. 'tfcHil 
^l«il an^ 'HliHtAcU ^IH §. 'if&ism?i"n ^U'A aH^ 

ci^iiM^ ni^s ^iKaKl Ml^i\ aniM ^m §. 

CHltPi Ml^iafl ^IH d. ci'tlM^ i'-taAKl aHul<a. ^IrhKI 
«il'lM^ ^IH § ci'Hl ^rtl«Sini ^[ a^tnicll iftaii- 
oQai moiKl |Hi<a aniM ^IH S. ^^i ^ «(l ^ 

CHl'-Hl an^ 1 (HlWH ^l^l<Ai ^IH S. ciKl «Ml/l 

^iH S. ci^ ciucii ciMi?ft ■>fttai wi ?st -Os^i 

§. <^'{l ^tW ^^fl §?^ anPl :^'-ll£ VI ff?=il H^^l 

an^ ^iPdi. 

l-^SM^llSl-^^ftaHl^ft 3lU aH«ll<^ Rsi^iS 
yi^l ^if^dit Mill an^ ^i^^Ri =llM<'HlMi ani^ d. 
an ^IMl^Hl hhii ff/dill ctl^ Ml-Hl^ft IHI «MIH 
S. an ij;i qi<a;\ ^i^iHi ^i«tM^ <ni^ d. an^i 

k^ <ni$i1^ =ll(AKl ^l^M^ ?i> d. anrii 1,5 44i^ 
vi7[ %ilH^ (f/aiC-lMi ■^iCl "^iW «IH d, ct'-(i 
a^ilPl rfi^l ail d, ^ MK^ftKl (jm «liaic(l ci«fl, 
a>lH i^-HlM §. %t« Mii^ ^^cfl ^IH cil cl^l 
<H^4l ^SRHl ^<Hl^aHi 5i is -oiH^i^ d. ^1aMi;i 
MiSl g.^ <^^R=tl 'll^ £HMi Rsi^^ 2it4 aniM &. 
ma^f^d Ml^ an^i isPi ^ij;;. ^^ an^l jfeffl 
%lisl §il(4l Mian d. anPli ctisvl is >HWl«fl 
M^im «l\t §ct^ §. an is Ma{--llMi ^i^l «tl^ 
§. cl?(l ci Hljjl'-d^ «>{l2ii Mia^S ^l^Kl «l«l aniM- 
HlMl ani^ ^. dli^iPi Hi/1 Mil §IH aH«ll(:V^ ci 
sitfldi o/rli ^IH cil ci^ PlSl^kKl ^ <vct 

an^ y(3'ii c-iidHl sias^ii 'tiHl «i5^ an^ s,H 

%ll«l MIH d. il>l6 aiiJi;^ ^i«ll<nKl n'^rtRWlwil^ 
ctiM fel^JsHl %lisl =i<laHiafl, «i5;{ an^ ajc-ti- 
'H'li ^C-tKl 5i«{l Mli^flMl <^ll\7{ MIH d, Rsi^- 
kKl itl^l ciiSll 1 ^Hl aHMlH 6. a^Hi MK 
Mli^ft^li <i5l«al "^^Un H ^dcil (|IH cil ci MH^ 
MdM^ ^HU»2i i^ ^. 9t^MS ^R'li Rsi^SS 



an^ ii^M^ 2HMIH S. 

|>!l«tt*Hl ellSl >Hlcll ^cll. anrti ^c-ll an^ MK 
6l«0 2H^ ^l-si «M| -^MIH •^. W^Mf'iHl |SlfA'{l 

({.cti. «m^ ^sii ct^iH iMiy m[ <n'i\ n^i is 
il(^ d'll iSil i<l hil^^ "\'n\\?. -"M^^l^HlHi 

«iiii Sicii ^411 iiui;i «i^ -vH^^iq §. ci«(i ^ui 

<V<H^l &lld Si ^^ (HPl C-lfcl cl^ gH^li 'li^Hl 
^HS^Kl atl^l^flMl HlMl ctHi 8ll| »IH 'll-'Hi <v 

SH^ 'tPlIm, an S^Sf =(1<V 3H^l SH^I cil^il C-ty 
ci^ 3^ |(mMI <H1^ Mlt^fl^li -ii^ iHlU i^^l. 

<^1<M M*^ ^"SJctui [^S M^l ct«fl 1^ «tR §. 
^^•i Ml'fl Ml ci i'-niv S^dl^ =(l(Vri«(l. <lH- 

MiH d. Rsi^k^ijCi '^lauf^d 'ti^ «{l'=ti Maa 

a @M^ i^ MI3. 5^ "iti ^IH^lScl'l §. Rtif^- 
Slfs^ij^ ^i^^ ^i^ "^"^i*^ ^- '"^'^ '^^^^ ''^'^' 

Mli ciM^ ■<HH?l^=tl«fl «l^^Mi il^lct ani^ §. cl 

l^^ cim^^i^ ^, an^ ^ ^i:^ Hi'^^ sMcft ^iH 

disii. ^^^yji'cts^^t X «a ^ dicHi. -W^Mii 1 nisii." 

"4511 ani :tH^8tmi ^Qhi anPl Sluioii oysiC-t^i 
Ht^ii @il S. <tMi MI3J 'HURl an^ stl^^^ i^^'fl 
MW ^fla^ 35lilHi SHrii ^CHl "i'i fertR MlMC-tl 

5i Mf^^l [^»11C-IM, ^l(l=ill an^ 'ct^^JS Mf^iH 

<:-Cho [ei=i=H«i-5tl5lQi Hl%l^l SiMi K^-li MK 

S'^ §. a>i'li MK "»ll"^^l «v'<Hi «tlH ^ Ml^ a^:) 

"Sic-tis sirsi "uilMitH^ s^ ^. an-ii is -vMK^i 
[h^I<1^ cl 51^.41 Ml ^^, ^M^m iSiat 5i;i 

«^|cl K^ft (iMR«(l aHM<i«l ^^m iveilH d. 

l-^U'^M«il1-Phaseolus trilobus. 

tSil-rt-H. II. p. 201; N. p. 89; watt. 
VI. part. I. p. 194; ^. k Ml. M^. 

R-'^J^ft'lR-^l^U^fl (Mio); aH-Sni§V(l (^Jo)} 
V^HZ, 3T%^, 5tJi5^U3 (J?o); gnjft (flo); 

3-et%cl-^3lWfl'll ^<Hl ailMl>i HiSU ffitqiMi 
ani^ ^. ci 1 «(l ^ (li '^ti'^l. ^"^il Mlcttfll, anPl 
(V^fl-iM^ M5!l^lM<ai ^IM ^. aJiKi iiil ^cltfR (^<<l Mlct^ft 

^\^ §, an^i MK ^«i ^««i wni a^i^eii ^m ^, 

Miai an ^i$i MK ^>«1 'i'^ ^mwi an^tlcV ^^ 

■>Mi=ftaHi^i«a; '^iH ^. 'jCH ■^«ii wi, an^ «il'3i (!^c^) 

Vl!^(41 «?'-n M<^ MlcH^U §IM ^. "SlfcTHl^ =t^%tl£ 
«iai «tHl«a Ski Sum aHl%l^ I ^ f |«i ^^i- 



^ flMR Hl^Ki '^«)l an^ yi^fl Mlclt^l «ll3ll ani^ ^. 

•Hiyi, <?i^i i>»iti, ^^"i^'i ^i '^ky ^i-^'* ^i<i'- 

^iqiui an^ i^i^l ilH S. ci-il 'HL^ (3Ji MiJi R:=tlS 

CHdl (3C*{1 61^1 an^ %lV 'tltA'ft |<Hl.^=lltfil ^IH §. 

"I «(l \\ "S 3 ^^ 4li"{\ ^IH d. rtM^ §«*(i ^fts 
'M'l ^8e^ ^l^l ^ll^'H t^'t'm Kl^Cl 't'icft aHl«fl 
V-^ltfl ^IH «*. SMI ^"o-H ildil^ M8il5l ^^l MK^l 

iliil ^^(^H ^IH ^ SH^ ^=HC-ll MH'fl ^8jM iliil 

HiSl i ?ft i ^^t cnWl •<Hi%tilA(stalk)aMiM^iH 

•*>i«t'-il "Siy^lR ci^i aMi9V R^R ^IH 6, aH^ 
ctl tH4i^ ^i^l RoiPU ^M'^i ^■^ictl ^IM d. 

ctni =iat4li (H(jti3i "110341 "l k<i[m i^cli C-li5\l, 

51 ^i^ mkHI SmrKI «Ml/l c-fl^, aAcascfl, c-ilc-ii 

EjltAl eiRl 'HltflKl ani^ -^={1/1 ilH W\ »H ^% 
MK { ^^'i\ R tJ2< CHhi an^ 3 c-llfc)4?A ^ ^a{ 

=tl%t §34 SH^ r-ilS =^Ui^l ^ "VRl =(l^M^l ^IH d. 
(§MMH -HlcltAi (ic4l MRS^li C-ftcQaJiiciicai, 1 20 

il^il ^<l «til SH^ MK«(l c-tMl, aniy^ iwm 

Wi "Hct^Qanhl aniiR'ii ^J^M ^«^l aHi "Hafl 
aHi Ml5fl MW ani^C-li ^iH Wi. M il^il Ht^ft 

■^m s^di cHhi ^ <:-{l4ii wi ^k §. 

H'-MUM an^l Jio tHio "^m s^cti C-tioft ^IH d. an Mia* 
Mi-»Hil5ll>ti*-(l 5j>>-H Mi>Hil (Standard) wi^^^l 

«{l2^ a{l< M[->HilSil i^rti Ml^l«il ^IH ^. ^ 
Mi-«H MPH-ilani Mltfll ^JlKl ^IH d, an^ "l ^lil 

Mi'^ilSii c-Oc-ii^tc-icti "^tfii ^'iKl '•ii'l =t9»<:-ft ^ 

dgaMl aHi t>{l«vi ^t^l a((AM?(l ^ilMCHl ^ ^l<nt 

§. 'ifilil ^m \^'{\, <>Y\[ <Hii=i3lC-{l, «ft«l«5lcti 

^ir3l-(!cC-t)-il2(l ^IH ^ cHlX «{lc-tl ^Jl'fl ^ 
?i 1 ?fl ^ ^ai C-ii"{l an^l 1 C-tlfc)4 <r4il ^IH 
ilH ^. ctKl ^Ml/lH^ Ht4i^ iiau an^ ^Wl 

^H 0\ ff>rlct,tl qitflrft ^al(/l ^IH d. JjrO ^1'3ll 

§ cHi^ ^iji \ imi^mi ^»i4i 8iW T^m d. ft 
I iHiy4 sihi ^ I; <Hit)4 Miiitni ^m &. n^i 

^$ll%Hi ff^cti ^H'^d ^^HIH ^. 'HlHl 55li t;<i«jj 
c-t<43li(A ![lll ^i<?ii 2<ii5li (hilum) ^IH d. 

H->ii%lllH-aH4l ^"^i %«l^R"«J <lcl VI iVHl 6. 

'?-§H^iai-aM4l ^CHl ctHW 1*1441' ^R MIH S. 
ci?(l ct ansiMi H\<ii «tlH d. aM4l anlMl du^tl^ 
Mlt^ftMi 3i^H i<l ci'{l ^[\ 4lH=il<Al^ SH^ a>isi 
3<4tlfc) ^[i ^IH ct=ll S^€l^ a>ip:i d. aH4l M14^ 
<:ll/l^ HHl tlMil »U^<4ii a^^ atUiaill (3M^ ^i- 



&. ^■»iMl»^»wi s^tfii^RMi iii'^ilani eli"Si ^^m^ 

^lil ^RIS cl^"^ <3Mill3mi 4l d. ^3ll»ifl'li Ml- 
|'«Hc(l §IH ell 3mRiM- '•il^l cl^l 3lNil»ll 

^l^, ^y(^«j|l ^13|, ctlH, £16, (^^IH, anlct^lR, 

'im vi7{ sijacjiafl (vHH^i M^lR^'ll ^4tl H<^1 
liC-ds ivSli^l ciicicimi "41^ ani^ d. 

Si^ >131RA i^rtl 6?l. SlHi "fliv H«3ll jA^jl 

l-<ll^1«l«ilH-P. aconitifolius. 

l^l'd-H. II. p. 202; N. p. 89; Watt. 
VI. part. I. p. 182; ^. Pi. Ml. U°. 

^-'^^lI'lR-'HS (Hl+?io); i?2(»To); jqt5(f|o); 
^W, Tfs^ (51°); "^i^-s (i!=-'^). 

a-Hi^'i-Mi'il Sum ^mi^ ^IHHRi "Hl^ 
S, clM THct^l^ ^il "I HllilKl aHmMW MWlKl 
51^ N(ij (§Dft SHl^. S. aHMi'Hi^'ft iliilM^ Vll- 
MflKl Ml ^»9] ^«J MUdl ^M4l 5Hl^CHl ^IhS, 
Miai H^U'lfl'li Ml-iKl Ml 5HHi MK 1<aj Ml^l^l 

R^iRqicAi 'tfe «ini 3 «(1 M %iii.5i f^i'Jti^ii'Hicai 

8lil£l( ^IH d. an^i anl'^Ml SU'-ITO H^i^ cnhi 

ot^i%i«^rti qi(A'{l v=5i<n ^iH ^. ^c-1 y?(H "^tai 

^3Ki eiioft %lcf[lM^ 3Hl^C-li ilH Q. ^fl'l (s^c-i) 
I ^ \| ^=H ^ H">Mci <v^l eii<^ »i^ I c-tfcT'l 
»»iil ^iH S. ct'iw eii«^i HitaKl V'51^ ^i*^ 

'l^fl, ^Ml ^ «(l \o <Kl<V ilH S. 

=ilMi'-imi a^l^ §. S^cli MUKI «lMil Ml.A^l'd 
«vsll5i qiM^ §. MJlKl rttfllHi ^WMll «i5li ^m 
ci'tlM^ a^'li MHWl SlMil ^RH i<l "11^ §. aHrii 
SU'Hl «lul aH^ ^l^^ -"H^i^lH-HlMi ^Ml^ 6. ^H^ 

Miei ^i si d, ct Mil ^ aHi£<{l >11 -ulRli rt<l"i 
<3MHl3mi aHi^ S. mr{\ sic/^ -^ a,ii-«^i 544 fq^m 
"•HWrni ani^ cil MAMi spi 811H ^. \t^j ^j^ 
aMi^Riji vis^\^ (§M^ MRi 'l^llH S. dlH^ii 
an^ aiHi^l^iij MIM S. ^iKl ^H^HJ "^ict^l a^Pl 
^tSHl ^51 ^UHHl (Jijsl^ ani ^H^«lKHi 'HlU 

^A i=-a»>ii |il ii S. cl (3{A a>i^ «>{l(rn ct>tm 

ani^ S. i^'tf^i H*3ii 9l^"t h'il 'Sl^.S'ft Sltfl 
an^ cl-tl tlld'tl ^W5ll i^ -^IH S, anPl Hl^fl- 
HR ^I'^i^l elld wil»>'RHl tllA ^l?i ^tn-^l H'll 
^IdC-tl S^HlMl ani^ 0. "ilil^rft £101 ansicii ?i^i 
aHl"»il £l««il 5ia<l aH«l<Hl MfilH/fl^ MlSi'ft «i?l 
<»m hii 5H3R <^(ASl^ a>ilM=«l>ii »Hl^ S. Mi^i 
g,ij>3ji ^R^ ct aniM^imi aniHcd ^2(1, "ShJ >h^[ 
I'H SMi^ 8i\J ffxlH S, 3HH HH^lRi ani^ d. 
H(i(lHR 'ii'il Sl<^l <M19V^I %ll8l ^(A<1 SliiiPl 

aniM-nmi ani^ -S. m an^i^i ^I'^-s^ii ^id<Hi q^l, 
nil, MiM^ an^ Ji^cHi i^ctmi ani^ S, <i Siui 

MHIH ctl ^if^iS ^ii^iH ^, -mo^ pi^H MlMRi 
ani^l cil =tl*iictl ^HIH §. >li^ <Hl^cl^ a>il r^- 
^[•i^i Pl^H i"<=imi aHlH3 ^% Mi«i i^'eJ^il 

ci^ •»-^idi fectR»ii Hi^n^ iR=tmi am^ §, ci^d 

ci'll SUHl^l Ml4il ^l^Hl »^Rl rt<l^ §«-,ilol 
Hi^l SMMPH Hkl Ml S. 

*'R4n(MTl, cim, "i<Acf< an %IH^ >ldll d. 
^l$i i^ S. ^lQ>, ^^, ^(Idcfl »i;) ^fitil S, ^Srii 

■mmi '^ihi S. SH rd^uHi'^ £=iml hi^(1hr 

anl^ §." (ho ^3WW25). 

H5l-( llo^(>l^lR:(l. ) 

t-^ll'^M«1l>l-P' trinerviua. 

l^l^ci-H. II. p. 203; N. p. 89; Watt. 
YI. part. I. p. 194. 

^-"^^ll'lR-=»Hini<S VI ( ^lo+?io ). »?2#, 
g?5ft, 3^1^, (To); ^Twn (ifo); g?^Tiq-ni (^o). 



i-«(l4'*-aH'Hl =tSll VI '^^l «11H d. ct 

§M^ iHni M^^ ^iMi'-iiMi ani^ ^. 2H41 ^6ti 
ani rn^MH^ii h^i (P. Mungo)'j Mi=ln^ 

X-kli^^riVH-F. pauciflorus? 
t'^dl-rt-H. II. p. 202; N. p. 89. 

ffV'<fl <f^il, §C*fl sAt^fl (J,t^l^l«il; ^•"liRi'li MH 
'-tlfni ^IH d. §MMH 'ilSHi, 'H'^Hi^l ^iil^ 

aH'll ^CHl ^U "^ilH §. MISH MHKI dM^'ft 
«^log aiiilji ?isi c-t^liil cilcAHl ^l^nM^ <nN'Hl»<i 
SHl^ ^. 8^;^ «^^ ^:A M^ Ml'^fi^li y^^ qicAl- 

54H M<ai S^'-ilH d. M<3J SHI ^PIM^ 1<1 ^cl 
HM^IH d, ci '^iW^l (veil^^ rim, an^ 5lrti >i(/i:^ 
■?!i!Hli C4l"il ^^ 311^ 6, 

l-^U^MrllH-P. radiatus. 
l^krt-H. II. p. 203. Watt. VI. part. 
I. p. 191; ^ R, Ml. U\. 

( ff °); f^^, Art? (?To ). 

3-«n4't-*H'tl SHI>MI ^li^lM^ Hl^i^ iO*'^ 
^^l clMMl^l^l ^'iKl '4<Kl V'^ltfl ^IM S. a^'il 

=ll'■^'^lHi ani^ ^. riiMt^ ci'ii 5Hi"ii§ du<ii Mi^i 

H<^n "VsllSH MlrtlHl >\5l §^(l aHlHdl *vi'Hl>li SHI^ 
d. a^iS;i qi^ct^ a»ll RrH^itUMi t^l i^di Pt^'< 

31<^IH d. RlHlCAlMi aHifl»HL £lli tn'tWHi^ti ^Hl^ 
§, ci iife^ "Mlfyi SHI d. aniSKl tl(A M»3i 
i^lf^dS 3H4JIH d. R^H -"HlHlMi ani^ cil 'iWi'Al 

ctl<HHi wHl^ Mi*li Mi^ft aHn>'t oHlM d cHl^ »li£i^ 

h4-( ila^fn^i^ ). 

1-<U^1«4«ilH-Clitoria ternatea. 

l^kct-H. II. p. 208; N. p. 89; Watt. 
II. p. 375; ^. Pi. Ml. 33t. 

R-"^^[l'lR-3RH[l, "SlH^l, (^l+Jio); JTt»«iff, 
^rsTesr (JTo); *fi%^, %\s\^k, ^mr^ (f|o), f^wj- 

3-ei4'i-'R'ifl'ti ^<^-ii =ii»ii^ ^«ii ^<^m( 
wii^ ^. ciH "Sdc-fls (vSiian ^ «ni^ m^ \<si ^m 

^, an^i ^511 ^ct«lTS ctRKl ^[\^!s »iUl aH<H(Al 
JiU'-li "S Ml«^ 4l<iC(llHSll ^IM &. 5i<li ^C-ll R^H 
'4i'>ll ^icll 'i^, V«ai aHMl'^-fl ctR 9Y<1 MlcltfO 
<ll>HiaHl yt^n Kli^C-fl ^IH §. MH %i*ii<1, a»iPl 
^CH y^lfotd <V^l >^lAi aHl«>tlKl ^3mI ^IH §, 
an^ <[l'n ( ^c-1 ) aiM^, 'H-^ ^i 5h£R t^^R Hl's- 

(aM n anml s?:^ »»i4 ^i** ^- ^"^^'^ '<^i^ '^•^'^ 

jA"^1 ai«lictl ^yiHltfil, ^«(M^ ^ tJiaii ^JirQ ^iH 
^. ^-{1 ©H^'ft "|ia^ Miciail <?i,^i vi'fl iw d. 
Hmr §<Hl 4UI Mlc-tl ^iH d. HJA-i CHlS^ %<(vsft 
^l"! aM^ iJ(J5 ^IH d. =11^§>1 an^ "VRl S16S 
C-liS\ ^. ^<Hif. Hlil««lcll (^^l ^IH d. M<:^ Hja 
RfJ^^lcli a(lH=ll 4llHi d*!!. 



2t'ilSc(l ^IH d. ctM^ <3<Kl (Jii^l an^ ^l«ll aitflirtl 

3a<Al ff/^l «ti<Ml ilH S. 'Hl't'O ^i-^H ildilM^ M Ml 

il^ ^^^ ^IH d. 3*1 'llfeWl Ml^lKl eOdil H<^fl 
^^M ^IH d, an^ cl ildil MIW ansi ^gj^l aH^fl 
<v^ ^H-^MMin ( stipel ) ^i^g ^IH «!. 

?i-v>-H ildM S^i^'O <^io9 «c-i3i S^a 'fii ^IH ^. 

ildil ciM<V Ml'lM^ ^IfAl IIOIKI |«''^ ^l*^ ^• 
^•>J-H HiAm anRc-ti cili^Hl MW -^«ft "1^ ^ 

<AVs. aHjii^l >^l/l8icfl §IH d, an^ ^^djj aHj 
MH n^m ^il'li ^iHtfli MUMl >^l^ ^IH ^. 

Si Mn 'H'^ &l ^hm<ii ^ =iatHi Mi^itni ^ih 

d. ci^ ^^^ SHi^ 5l%ic{l \HR an^ -"iia^Mi an^^l 
ci'fl MWHll iy,8^M aH^{l ^IH ^. MK'ft dM^Hl 

MHMi^ft ^icani MK^ Mtfldl tl« anPl Hlil^l^icil 
Hl« ^icft ct«a, M^ ci ^3l aHcM'Ct ^S^ §IH S. 

fi'il MiSl sirtl SlKl ^il ?">Hlcll ^IH d. <lM^ 
§9{l rl^ll ^IH S. 

^M Mi-«Hil (standard) «Kl«i) ai« i^cll H<^ft 
>^l<n an^ a^Matm ^Um vm<^[ JUH'ii iH .vll 

aHISRKl an^ H°'-^l°'^l'^^ ^^P '^'li'^ ^IH ^- "Hl"^- 
Mi">HilaHI ( wings ) «^ ci^tl aHRC-ti (HPml ^Ij,. 

§. 3l 31 MiM-Aa^Kl -flat^tl gjl C-li"{l aHi^(lm«ll 
-1161^1 Mi>M-sl3ii?a hM M ^^ (keel) 

Mi"<HMi">HilaHl anPl ^lil iyi\ Mi">HilaHl'ft a>U3 

>i^!H^l-\o ^IH §. n^i \ ^^ ^ b ell rtcjaill 

(Jt^l ^3Hi ^IH &. 

Sli^l, atM^l, «{lCHl an^ ^\i ^kaHI tHl/1'41 <»i- 
uv^l ciii^^Acft, "^dtai^Slctl <KlcHl ^siKl ^IH ^. 

0(l«IV-imi«4lcll 9ijl ^3Hi ilH d. ci «{lyi, 
atCAidi, an^ eflc-tl^Cirtl ■»(l(Al ^Jl-ft "MHSHMi 
^IM ^. ci afHdi, c-it'iSlltn, an^ cH\ aHjj li:^^^ 
Qioll a^Usll ^IH d. ^ 1 ^ai C^i«il^ -^ ^ai Ml^l«ll, 
^ i|<3i ^l*i ^. ciPi ciUcti ciMR^ \M\ %i^SllWMl 
^i M^ d. dHl aHs:i;il -"(Ivil^^cil £«l (3Jl=ll%l- 
HlSll, ii-Hl ^Hl«=ll<?ll, an^ nCH-HlcJll ^IH an^l 

i'>H an^ 'Kiwi yi«tM^ SJiM^lH §. Wlcfl'il «^- 
«Mi 31^1^(1^ Hs<A Ml^flMi m«n ci^ 9l^M i^ V5icfl- 
M^ ^^l «iM i^'HWi ani^ ^. ^iV^i -^i «M 
a>t^ *>{l<rn 5^ "V'liq^l'il i-<H"H^ aJlMiHRi ani^ 



MH^ Hl/l ciKl ^Mil ij««i ^i'^ii (3H^ <niHHlMi 
anl^ ^. dl5^i;i Mi a^il 3Hl<^ji ^IH 3H^ aJlil 
i'^'V ^IH til JRI^Cl'ti <Hlv ^^a^ cl»ti 5li(/i 
'liWl ci ^tlctl'll Hl<H«jMi 6li^i^ aHMlH §. ct^l 
•SiRii 'ii^i'ti dii^i Mi^ I «(1 \ m^v an^ >^1- 
di^ ^ «fl 3 <Hl<v 3HMIH ^. 5i^i "{1<V "{l»vi 
q^lt^i «l?l Mtaj c*lll 5H^ ^iWH CHir-ll^ i^M^lH 
^. 3Rt^(l'{l ^fl'ilmi IV «Ri Mf^C-ti «>{l(V ^IH 
rl<V JHl ct^^ <HM'<IH S. il^li ^ «iCHi a>i3R 
25^lrl'-ll'i\i "{IffV SHI n^^ HM^lcti 'i'-fl. ^Rt^cii 
^C-l »t6l^H, I'll an^ (JidHH^ 214WRI ani^l 

«<llt 'll'^Hl »ll^ M<«i ilH anR ^. 

ell<ll^l aH(cl«R, S'lMlS, 2HM^^R, %HW, SM, 
i^, "Sl-i, ^% ^'t an «H ^Pi:^ mil d, jitfi?(l 

Al^ ^." ( HO ^sHWSii ). 

VS-^^Hi-^^ctlSiiHl tHlagSi, HlilSiirfl HU>il, 
Ml'^ft'tl h([»i[ six ^l»ll^ ai=(laMl««t «HW»li an^ 
8lR idl'-AlaHHl »»l'JliaHRl JR^P^l ^C-il ^i^Jl 

^-Ch^H Rh^'I-'I^'^'H ^CH^l anUR sUH'tl 

aH«lHl m\imi @M^^ aiJ^ejil 5i riiH ,{\i9ig 

3R^[lni "SiStli ^iHRi ^1(A[ ^CH MI3J «11H &, 
an^ldC-fliHR anisv ?lc-tlMR ani^tMlKl anl) ^l(ai«- 
€icti j^C-l Mi«l svlHRi a>ilH 6. »R^flKl "\Hii ^^iKl 
MQJ ani ff<n «(d\ i^HlH S. 

1-^ll^1*l«ilH-C. biflora. 
t^i-ct-H. II. p. 208; N. p. 90. 

3-<Hl3J«i-aHl SRl^ft'tl ^liHl ^CHlrfl ^V5 -t^ 
\mn[ <3(Hl H^4 ei. cl ^ «fl 3 SjU (sa^l «ll*t 
^, M^l HH[<hm sllil '{latl .iiActl ^IH S. anKl 
-siil an^ «U->Hl5ii ^ct(f(l ffp^l 3^il, 5lif;i, 5[lii 
C-fleil ^ilKl an^ ®»a ^i^lHiCfll ^IH d. clM^Kl 
SM:! ^i^lM^ ^Wl HM'ft |tf^^ '**''^^"^ ^l** ^• 
slii^iHi «ll>Hl infaAclffV '{lS<?l ^, a>i^ -si^'ll 
^il5ilMR Hl'-nKl ^Qat ^Hl/1 aHl^<Hl ^IH $. 

•HH-anict^ ani^C-ti ^IH §. ci SRi^flKl M^ 
%l*iW ^R 0. clKl ^■v>-H iliilM^ V MK "I 
n\<\S{ an^ \ dl ani^^ ^IH S. wiil'li MK 
f ?(l \ ^at Mi^itfll anPl 3 ^ai eihi ^IH Wi. 

tJ^t MIDI'S ^IM ^- =^l '^Hi MW iliil Ml5 
3ll«llfcl?lcli vi7{ dii ct^ij «i5ii«lcti iHi«*fl an- 

t^flHicai ^iH d. ^-^H ildil ^ «ft 3 ^at . cniofl 

an^ rtM^'li -iltHi MUKl ildil Hi^ft ii/l ^W 

?l«ai -i^l aHl^«{l ^IH 0. 

^(H-M'aiiilMi?^! Sis iVl WW^I Hl4«i^ 5l 

an^ oflifn^l 'il^l «IR ^, 5H«lHl Klajii M^«i 
<vdg ^»^ fi«l(cl*l aHl<l «IS3 'l^a SHM «ll5l 6, 
■^M"! M^1l<^Mi yi^S^ «lt'l 'Hi'V Mlicfl ei^HlMi 
ani^ ^. 

^\t HWd i''5ica a>t:^ §cHl ri^l aHl^«G ^IH d. 

^at'll 5RH[l't[ i^ <^<l'V ^IH 6. »»l»tl ?i-w-H 
Mi'^iil ani^MlKl an^ '^IJA'O >(lsi ^'iHl ^IH S. 

cnioft an^ ^ «a 3 cHiri'i Mi^i«fl ^ind, n ans^Kl 

"iR cl^Si HiiH«?l«{l ^IH ^. H i^dil Ml^ «iiil- 
«icfl an^ ^^^ «V^l ^ii^ 't'Ol ani^ftSl^ «i<l«n ^IH 
d. ^ •vft(Al«5lrtl ^Rl -^^iKl, atfflicfl, an^l ^i"^? 
Hl«l'{l iai«lHl«ll ilH 6. ct a^M^ a^Pl ^iKl •ii;^ 

j/HR^nH ^iH S. Si ^\iii:\i anisR v^oic ?iitfil 

oft**' ^IH d. 

S. ciMR aO'ilb aHR«Mliai «YHi vsid«^i ^IH 6. 
ci a<Mdi a^:) i«l*(l'ii "{I -^Hi an^ t\ <HnA 
oHlWdl ^IH ^. S\^ *li **RM? Ml<Al««l^l 



%1^^M =4i^^l ^IH d, ^ SM^ '^M MW <H=^IH^ 

SlMSl ^IH SicQ 5^11 HRciitai ^IH -S. 

\S-*^l«ii-Sl«il Suqi SiRm 4^RMi H<^1 
W^HiS.ll'^il^i'fl ^'i^lofl HlH'll ct«ilHi iv««il- 


H3l-( ^S^Ri^i:^. ) 

1-^u¥lH«iR-Dolichos biflorus. 

l^ict-H. II. p. 210; K p. 90; 
III. p. 175; I. R. Ml. \^\. 

R-"^^a«il>l-43Rl§S<A?(l, |3Rl(3 H[Hm (Mlo); 
=l»lil<3-i«l^ (ijo); ^Rf^sfr {^o); ^^^an (r^o); 

3-eii4«i-*^^l ^«ii H"^i sAiJii "^ rti^m il«t 

'Hl^l^'d ^1 ^«i ^i3J ^<Ai; dMMl'l Qiai^Rni, 
(39(1 'l^ll'-lltai, aHi^flsHioii; l^i '^<s\\ wi V^- 
■^l<^>ti«(l \«n 3 Kls^leil; 5io'-Mlo"5lHcil sictlH^ii 
eihl, aRiiJl 2H^ |W>'"^^ 9t^lH£ll §l*t ^. «(l'5l 
(1^9) l«a lO ^ ^=H C-li«{l, i ^3| Ml^l«ll, 
2iH<n, SHJ^ 'HiS'H'Acfl, ^;i^ eii^ qji/l 3H*iPHltf(l 

CHRl ?lltfll ni^lHl 5Hl^ ^»l«l ^W §. 

Su^l ^Sll ff?Hl 1 =l">Hci SH^^l ^=m an^l cl'ft 
«ll"»HlSil aHiHl ^C-tlKl Mis^i MilRlcft ^IH d. 

ani^ '3. ^ >llil ^QhI »i^ Ml&li ^ai^Hi Pl^Hi^ 
PtMd%iii6Hi i«l'-(l«ii ^['M^. ^^% (hh €1^ S 

t^, 31^^ S. ^i ci»ii SK^ Mill S. li^, Mnai<l, 
=iic?i->HM, ctr-i, ^[h. ^w, <3H<%i, (3r<^i='i, wi'fl'ii 

^131, ^iHl ^Pl, •^i^, H?tlHlcl, ^t'il ^l^l, 6^%l, 
lii, ^l«l, ?ij5l^l, ^iC-M Si %iH ^Pl^ R'X i^A^a 
•U^HSl^ ^, ^ Si «H ^R^ i>tcft S^ d. PlTt 
ct«ll h^"^ 'iHiX §. «^ Rh^ il«l ^. 

jcn'-d Ridi, ^i«\i ^ sm^i ^'iKl «iiH ^. ^^ 

«!A^ clMiV MlOP^i MStl^Al ciCH^i '-IHl^ ^i^lS^l 
at.Sl<l "^ilH §." i(A?(l4i <Hl(vPl Mei iVl^ft 5^ ^. 
3llMil5Hl «ll1lMi Sii ^^s/ § \ 3^S 'Ml^l«i' 
itflSilni «115!^ hii^^ '^fc) M^^^l 31HI. cHl M«i 
rt^ Sii H^eil'^a'i^ b^^i^ 'Hl'^l, fHl "il^l 

«HK-Hi "I: — ''f3«frar 5ira |H 5T|f »Tr^ i >n| w^ 
fiT 2i$t ciil an^r II arrg ang 5*1 "^^ "^ra f^ssft =^3 

airai." MdStn 3!(A^ »H >53iJii aHRltfi mii{ 3HI<1. 

«l4-( ilo^^H^i^ ). 

1-J?ll¥lM«il>l-D. falcatus. 
i8W-H. II. p. 211. 

R-"^^ll«il^-5H^'^l§=ll«ll^ (^^ll+^io)- 

3-H4'i-Si'ii ^Isti =4mi>l §^1 ^, ci'tiMR ?ii«u 
> Q^^i Hi«a«{l 3Hi^ 4wi<a ^iH ^. Mi-i ^i«li(a sJ'qi 

=12^^ MK ^^'ii Hl4 ^l^l^i ^IH d. SMMK 

stai^fct'ti, §<Kl 't^li^itfii, ^ Kl^ii litfidi im d. 
^CH 3Hi^sti iiH ^. :!ionioimi sicti in, an^ 

c-ii«Hi, 3 ^ Y c-ti\A ^lii^n, V «fl ^ o{i!v^i(rfl ;^ 

Sicil ^511 ^i^ ■'HIH S. H^a^ <Hl/l cl^l ^Itfll'tl 
^IsvlHR ^M i^ ^. Si (6Hl4tH an^ MfiiiM (4|- 

\-<ll^*t«iW-Rhynchosia minima. 

tyi-d-H. II. p. 223; N. p. 91; Watt. 
VI. part. I. p. 503. 

R-'^^ll'llH-sAiJiia iM^^c^, jA^isa «itffl»ti^c-t 
(Mlo); riiiJiiKliMtfl^C-l (3io) »|R^T?R%^^ (qo). 



fe((^n o/oliSi ^ tni^ »ll« M<41 ^'^mi 5Hl^ d. 

^■»Mil 5Hirt^ ani^C-ll ^(H 6. Hl'iKl iJ-^'-H iliil 
3 «fl V C-tlfePi CHi<4l, (3C«ft 61^1 aH^ HitaKl ^ni- 

S^M 3 ^^H H[r{ ( ss( -^ Ht^-leaflets ) ani^fiii 

«ld ilM S. 5i 5ti^ HH !(l5l \ kli C-flCHl ^3Hi, 

•flam WMldlM^ 3 §<Hl "l^l -{litfll MH^ii »l3i<:-{l 
Hct3(l=»H('il aHliUdl, ■>^l«ll ^^Ki; an^i ^Qjl (5^61) 

5i^ H«l H^ '-^l"^ ^IH ^, n«fl ?i ^it^i^ft 
<41«i ^R M13J •«ilH ^. 

^^niKl <ni«gaH, jifi an^ s^ani ilJiKl ^nicn 

«V>fl'lMi aJirtl ^C-ll «itim WldtflHl »il^i §3l 6. 

^RlaHl^St ( Rhynchosia) 'il 'H't^Mfrt'il <Mct*ii 

anm ^U^l ^l«ft dl^l-il «11M d, ^l^ aJiPl dftig^i- 

t-^ll%(lM«ilH-R. minima (Var)laxiflora. 
t"^dl'd-ri. II. p. 223. 

C-lhl «tlH §. ail ^c-tl m4s^ «Ml^Ml« <SlHl*ti 
anl^ d. cllM»?l ^IMI^ ^'=41^ <3^l«»l 'lf>'> Ml d. 

•^ «mR(3J ^ct'41 ffJ'<l <Mil, "Klsil > <V^l ff>i^il 

MK ^<ai ^iH w!. ^"^ jAq/i «(/flM^ Y «n \o 

^15 t^ni^il WlHl^cli >(l(Ai ^8(M ^€il, ^ <n'>l 
o{l!f/qitf(l 3A<^ ^letica «f"ft ^d^l (ita) aMl^ d. 

'-l">Hcl dat«fl aHisiuil (n>3 «*t| «11H d. ct Y «fl "< 
flat "^ H'^Hcl lo ^ai cni^ ^IH S. a^^l aH^i«^l 
H>Hd slUl av^l C-lhl an^ <^l^S ^«l ^=»l \idiaHt 
KlSfnc-tl ^IH d. ■^tfl'ft WlC-t @H^«(l (H<1 an^ 
aH£^«(l «^9V ^ctl^ieldl ^IH &. ii«l^l anili 
ilM i<l svldi ciHl «l4lMi«(l Mi^l ^« q^ctl ?>HIH 
§, ^ sllil qRMl ^iril «iy" ^H $. cl M^ aflsi^u 

=ll«Slc(l ^aif^ct a>l^ R:<HIS Hi^l (t^l ^IH d. 

«lMiaMl ^dc/fl iv<l <Mil «11H 6. 4iil m4s^ 
iliq «1\J ai^liSfl ^IH d, Pi cldlM^'ft @(Hl d^l 
^^9V«l<V t^Mlcfl ^IH S. ct^l ^51 «G«ll ^ <|l^l 
a>i«im 3-«i(^il wlHltlcil ^IH ^. ^ll">Hiaill dH^ ^H^ 
^■>Hlc(l (§c*a 't^l ^IH S, ^ cidlM^ =tica'ft aHi«f\ 

^ «« 3 ^at CHiod, :{ ^M^ §90 cl^l a^Pl ^H 
'{Is ^IM ^. an j^v-H iliii;i ^8|i9i 3 ><i,t;ii 
^■«iil ani^sll ^IH §. HmI ^a^C-li MHKI ^g^M 
ildil Klai ^ da^ €4i»{l -"ll^ ilil (stalk) ^IH 



d, anil 'nio^'ii oi MK'fl Ri^n ildil Klai mi« 
ilA ^icd ci?(i, c(2^^ 1^1^ oi^7{ ^i «ii4»i<i, 

^=^ siioj, t «a ^^ ^21 ^ =i-«ia cl'-d k[^ ^.Hi\ 
iwi "v^i ^H\.\ Mimical w-fl ^iH d. 31 ^(^ 

liH'n ■HH 2HHHI ci^ n^W ^Hl^Q ^'Hl<n Mi^i 
't^l •flS«ll MH^i 3l5iC-{l ^iH ^. MKHI ^iCA'Cl 

\^ HlS^l d. c(i« ^(/^irii ■m,t,{l cii^yPl ^Oldl, 
3H^ k'MZ «y^l >H(il%t?lcll ^ c^^l C-ll3i g. Mia- 
tfl«fl 2i)<H <tr\[ -<H\^i. «11H d. 

•3. 5i §M"HK oyst<l«(l ""1^ inn d. 

^^ d^ Sii M«^ Sis m4s=0 V ^ 1° ^?cM 

^^H 'HltA'd ^^l/l ^IH ^. ^C-lHl iliil Hi^fltv 

SlHifl Mi^ ^IH §. i^Sft ^51 Hlati =l5l*ti ^MIH 
S. ^ChHI ildil'll «tiMi H^'*' ^2c^ U^'HMt ^IH 
d. <v <^^^ ""i^ ^H §, :^o «iio "SlH 5iig 

^ M«ti<?i ci'ti Mw dcti laai ^""Hicti ^m d, 
5/Mi^i SiJf v,*tK\ Klaic-fl "ilfls^i sicii %u«ft sii'J^i 

WlHlSlctl ^IH $. rl§M^ ^tltaKl '^Hl/l ^IH d. 

il^i Ml«ni ^^iKl an^ Mm5i HisnM iiM ^. 

^IH ^. ri (iii^^yfl aH«iK '^i ^i '^ 'l'^'^^ 

§M^ ff^fli Hij/1 =l5l«(l an^l i?i8fH ^i^H^lwU ^IH §. 
^fT^l ( !iC-l )-5l=(l ^IH ^ *l^ iftCHRil'fi SH^l 

3<Xfl =*l^l^ "^ aaoft^Hl «v^l ilH ^. ct atMiO, 

w\ t^lffv ^IH ^, MiSi "SltT lltT -Hi^ 5ii ^{loycitail 
«ilJi Miaj aH*i| ^ctRi ani^ $. Si^ «n.5i o\ 

«Ml<n, n Mil d, cMlX <v^l 2*^ ani^ §. aJiH 
5l uil'vKl =taiMi iv^l >Miat ^IH ^. 

«Hl<v-2Hi (JtivPi c-ii^ ^ 1 etiy'i«(l iWi >ii- 
^l<a '^IH d. cl aiM^, 21(^553 an^ m4<v c-O^ 
^IH §. anrfl @M^ SsiaW (h^ a^Pl (Ij/l ^M^J «MHi 
^IH &. <v«(l ct m4 ys^ t"^lH ^. anctl aJii 
tniog <V^l aHJ< StHlcfl ^IH ^, ^ cMi <M^l Ss\<h[ 
atuell ( hilum ) ^IM d, Kliv ij^i ^IH «». 

^iJ^^f^Q ®MR Hi<fl »n«3pcfl sm d. m4s:n clHm 

SHcii \ca^l ®H«il'l y^HSkl %ll?l <iM«lPl <i^\ 

^i H?i "v^i H<1 «i«l =ii/l^ ^Jii^^fl <iM^ 

aHMlM ^. MS^, il>li^ ^H^ ancHlrt'H SM^ M«i cl 
HM^IH d. Sirti MH^ =*l<n clKl iiH'C[ MlJi cist»ll 
Si-Sl^l ci ctst aacAl C-tlT'tfe ^aJldl »»''»H>ll an^ 

^^HiiSii (§H^ *iiMi«iiii ani^ ^, ci«(l H <vetCl 
idc-tii still Si^ ^tJx gsitfft h:^i si^i g^H «ti^ 

5>1^ H^Kl «l«l aHcMlrt'-t 5H^ «Jt6«^fl@M^ MIH 
^. Si^i >itaPli si^l (VMM =H^ 3Uji«M4i ^ilHRi 

«IS^ %ll«l H>li& §M^ 5HHIM ^. Si^ti il^ti odv 
^li^iSil -VHIH d, ci JltfflaHl «?«(( iiR«l CHlSl d. 



Hn ^^id iiH ^=ii k^ "i^ ^. "Hi^ ''l'^ Hl«i- 
H^i, 5H^ smmI ?nei nOJ MW mi «IIH d ml 

WMl^H^ ^.) R. aurea. H. II. p. 224 i^l^ 

l-<U^<l«ilH-R. viscosa. 
t^l^-H. II. p. 225. 

§3l g. H «4l4s^ ffvHl't'H^ "HSl^lH ^. "H^i ajl^qi 

sj^QsHi'd ^^ :i<^ i<aj Mmi ^Mii ani^ §. sh^ 

liSR <M^il 5H»tHl '»(l(4\ tflHl«\cli Mci^QsHl '^^l 

^<n-»H'ii n<mi \^W^\.'^ *ii!^i is > will 
«ic(l 'i^ft. M^g 'icfui sni^i^l 1^=11 "til y «(1 ^ 

■^5 \[i[ -{li^l^ll ^IH S. ?l <V>{l4>ti ^ «a Y 5?i 
^il 3l?lc^l ^R §. rlH »v->H>{l i^ni ctMi«ft ^Icil 
4Ul««lrtl ^« Kls5l d, ^ clW "tHl «1H ^. 
H^lKl WlSl ^H^ ^^Kl ^l%l %1^<V ^^(HcI an^ 

^ms Hi^i (t^i ^iH S. H'd <iia5 aHnv.^uH ^i(smi 
^i^ ^IH cii ^iKUMi^ft H'^i'^ "^iHP 't^'*^ 't'^ ^• 

«ii\ mn S. clM^ c-ii'^d V'^itfi iiH ^. iRtfi 

«f>Hi5ll Qm^ V'^l^ a^S^liAct aH^ ^t^fl 3(l=H 

^iH d. <iiil^ clurti HMi^d ^tamsldi ^i^i u^ii"^ 

H^ d. sJ> sllilHRMi Hi ^\f «tH ^.. 

'Ul'i-'tl ^""Mil anirt^ ani^c-tl ^IM ^. cl'tW 
C-tio{l ^ICfil ^'cSlca anPl ^j^H :i^'li PtI'Hl ^IH 
S. ^"^-IlHi^ =124^ MH M «(l <: Sat C-tioj an^l 
Y 2(1 ^ ^ai Ml^l^i ^IM d. <n-^ "ilag'ti MH V 
«(l ^ tTat CHi'-Hi an^ R. «(l V 9at Ml^KAl ^IH 

^. Si 5(1^ Min-ii ^^"^i ani^ftsR iiH §. mhKI 

t^'^ «Ml<h m4i=0 C-dc-tl^^ctl Vl'ft ^IH §. 
an^ ci ^SlHl Myfl 'M'i'm ci=n»»' ^^ d. MH^fl 
^•«-H ildil 3 «(l Y ^at £ii«{l ^iH d. 'Miog'ii 
'^ MH'fl >Hl« ildil 7 lin an^ 'Ha^C^i MH-fl 

f «(l 1 \;lai H'U KlaiKl «tnl ^icn c-ti'^ ^ih d. 

MHKI ?i"«-H iliil Ml^ 'lli&Ki SMMH aHl^«li 
^IH ^. 

2^$l-M^^iiJ4^i?a ^sli'tt ic-i^n '{l5«i d. cl 1 
^^ ^TrttfO ^IH d. ^c-iKi iliil \ c-iiyd eii^Hl 

^ t^'d Kl=i ^<(H H'^MM^l ^IH d. 

■^•^"H^HlilllH-^ tiat C-ti^ll an^ M M^l^l «M^?)l 
^IH ^. cmM^ ^8(M ^«(<H|5<l an^ HiUl'ft i=tl<ft 

^IH S. 

^io «nio ■^IH'ii M^l iWi C-lio^l ^IH d. clrQ J^v-H 
Mi">Hil '>{l2i' Hrti Ml^l«U ^IH §. 

>i1JH^i-i o <xh[ x^i^'^a ^simi ^ih S. 

J^lT5l-( !^C-t y^ o{l<V=tl(Al \ 2ft \i«Iat c-ii«{l 
an^ ^ 2ft 3 C-tlW-l Milled §IH ^. clHW V-^*'^ 
aniM ^IH d. H nA ^l ^iiil^ldl ilM §. 

»il«/-9i.^l«^rtl C-flc-ll ^3Hi «fl«i 7{ attflict 
^IH S. 

t-^M^ll^l-aHl^l dM^Rl Mtaj -ttn^ ^o^ M- 
Mli^ S. ^^Kl tflSt^l il^l %iH(i<^(l, ^W^IH, 
Ma an^ ^-icl <§M^ aHHlH d. a^l^l Qil^ll 'Alii 
43R'tl ^<Hl^ ^lll ^« a>iPl ouhPI d^lMt^J «l*i ^IH 
aHSi'Hl ^(1(41 'ftiwft €\i^ Mi^ ^m <Ml^ Wl^tMi 
'li^ MlHd. MH ^Ui aM^ (H^l^">H=l^l^&. 

VS-^^Hi-'-n^il i'wi klHH(l lil Ml^, 
^I'liejl an^ (JiQhi ffr'OlCHKl ^Qa^ mMI 'S^l Hil 

an Q.S^H'il mailM^l 91l3ll>li 811M d. 
^-Cho CH.HSI'i-aHl s^^ftaHWi MH a^^ ^C-1 



l-^ll^l^rllM-R. sericea. 
l^l-rt-H. II. p. 225. 

siiHWi viik d. ci \ «ft \M Xld C-thl «tlH d, 

<Sl MW 55UHi "^ M«i^l^l ani^^l Mc?l ell clM^ 
ai(ft J»IH ^. aHMl >HlM^l 'H'l'Hl K^ft»il (fitl^- 

d, c!.!! en-^ «Ml^ M>HM€l ^<l y<Hlt/ft ^IH d. 

rl cf«icl SHHl =lC-ll H<ail yj^ ^MIH S. «(l'l (!iS() 
Clmwft <lM^ Ml!A «nH $. an^i aniMl ^C-llM^ 

^yi-MH^'^'fl d <&w«ii slii ^3 »n| ^m S. 

Ci-HIMI "SdC-tlS! \[l[5\l r{li5lC-ll ^IH d. cl OvMlrtMl 

H>Hd R. «fl 3 (li 1 ci^fl Mm «lUl ^H[\ (3il 
(X\\ MlcttAl Hctl ^IH S. clHl dMRKl WlSl "JijO 

|Ml<fl wil^C-fl ilM §. ct'ilM^ aHiaitfft \^c((li cl 
^^«V aflji<?fl etl^l d. -jiil^l a>il^l SIM S^ svldi 
ctKl <H=-Siiciat «^? 9UWI sj^^l aik 1>HIH 6, 
fl«(l «H(^l^ rtMl l^lSl «flstl ^n^l Wi^ ct«(l «n(^l^ 
^l^l »-tk ^=imi a>ll^ d. §M€tl iii^ Si^lHl 
<Hm ctKl WlC-m 2tl^i«(l "({Itfll^^lcil ^ictl Mtn«?ll 


W S^i «t(yli SH^ cid?li<v «M(4Hi ^i^it?ii ^IH 
d. cl^l WilSl^ ■«Hl">H^Hl ^""lil '^^l ^IH d. 
H'-lSlI MW^ ^«ll«i 3li(Alfcl4^ci %l "% mAfr 

MH ^ «(l M ^at €ti«Mi an^ et^m'i cidsiiiv 

^l^l«ni ^IH S. M<3i =ia<ti MH V «(l ^ "A^ 
eil<3 a>i;i M «(l <: ^a( Mi^ioi ^IH S. 5l ^i^ 
MhKI dM^Hl %lMl/l^l ^51 f-n^ll ^ Klai'fl^l ^^<V 

rtftfl'^ R^H *>lil «l«lefl, a^^ ctKl (3M^«fl "ilo^ 
««i»l S^ Kli ^IH d. "ll«3'ti »\ MkKI ■^1*1 
^fliil H^P 'il'Q ^IH d an^ Ha<C-tl MH^l sildil 
Klai a^s CHi«Kl %iv(l ^l*i §, iv«(l SM MW Ml^'li 
"l MK S^cti d^ ^■^ilH ^. MkKI 'i^ll ildI\H 

•ilaiKl ^iMl/lM^ «M(^R KliWldl an^ SmrKIM^ 
«^»V axis^i o^^icft ^IM 6. MH^ 5li(am?(l ^itAHl 
MH^l Hl«^ tfacft «»« ani^ S, an^ ^HIS ft^l ^ 

MHKI iliilHl «ti*li 'tli^Ki §MMH "I ^IH S. 

-fli^lC-a ^IH &. ci Hl4i^ @9{l ^iH &, rt'tW 
So «ft yo ^'^i ani^CHl ^IH S. ct ^ 2fl f t|ai 
^m, an^ i: ^at Ml^lCAl ^IH S. ic-i^ft-fl «(/fl 
\o ?n \^ ^ai C-liofl, an:) ^cl«ft«ft '•I'l^C-l -^^l 
<r^il ^IH d. ci M>HH«(1 'lltA'ft t'll'^'-ft aHl=-wl- 
r«rt ^IH d. ^SlKl <fliil Hi^n ^?cM an^ M>4M«n 
Hl«l'fl ^^ldl«ft <H^IH«{1 ^IH d. 

^<»H«Hl$l"^lH-'li M^l M ^IH d, d Klalia 
«^ilHC-ii ^ @M^ aJii «H199 5l««} anPl «{l2i5 <Hl5^ 
"l ailM drti Mia< sictl ^>Hlrtl ^IH d. cl^i ^^ 
dell R^m iMlHCHl V^dl "I'^lcll an^ "I ^«^l 

^iH S. ani ani^i >io <nio In m'^'hi{\ =iitfi«fl 

9t^lH«ll ^ctW anitMl ^<a^ WlHl^ctl -<3l^l ^IH 
d. ci ^ ^at Sli5\l ^IH d. 

>^t>"Hl(^«ir(t^>m-<n Mi'^MilaMl M ^IH ^. ci- 

^.i'^a-Sl ^JlKi ^IH d, ^ ci MltftaKl «nio3 a^'A- 
Scft >fvHM«n ^IH d, an^i 5\ ^lil Mi^ilSii m^- 



tfl^l <M|3l (39^1, 'Iw^-HC-fl s^tnScll mfA-il ^Hldl^ 

'd^ c-iit>{\ ^ R. 2(1 3 etiW-i >li^ii4l ^IH d. ci 
ct Jl«lM ^il «{lCHl ^Jl'ft ^ ^SIH d <?{l^ <Vi- 

m«i'{l i«Hi<n an^ »'{l»n c-thi ^iwii -h^h •^itaKl 

«i wftivHl «H=-2i ^HjiHI aH£^<{l 1i;^M^ Qil an^ 

^il^lKl Hl^l >io tHlo llH aH<*{R ^Hl ^^6ll ^■>HIH 
d, sHi^<^ '{{I M<^ n^i ii^ll^l MiiJ ^5lW 31- 

Oftv-^ fiai C-thi. aH^ cl?(l «^<v Sllwi 

Wi an^ «(l«i ^IH ^. ctrfl ^iMlcfl Qi^l an^ 
i(lil «0CHI k^lKl M/l^a fatf^ct «l54«n ^IH S. ?l?. 
^b ^l ?0"^l ^l5ll Hh^[ ^IH §. 
>^-@H»il5(l'H5l-\«l an^ MH. 

V^ej'lm- 1 QM^'ii H'n^ R.03 ^<vtH ^. 
l-^'H^llsi-J 5i^ ^ui 3<i^ ^i^i %ij<^(^n^ 

^9-*5ll'li-«H^il ;|»R'ft Ml§>i[, ilRtill ii«l 
an^ iftsil R?)H>ti SHI K^ftaHHl ^CHl SilMl^ H«jl 

^-(ho r«l«l!H»i-aH'tl "Sim MtJJ ^iQaHUl ^- 
CHl^ M(Actl ^IM ^, aH^ aiirti HHM^ »t"»n>t« 

a>il ^H^Mfct'll §MH151 aHi(V ^tfl liWaH efu^^l 

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( Jlo ); 5f)9^, ^ftS ( 1I0 ); ^gqr ( Ho ). 

3-H(|l'l-^fl«'i'ti >5U ani ^H^Hdl ^\il 4JI- 
^>li il>^Hi 3lUMi»>' <35l d. ci;^ Sl^taj ani^a "Vifld 
a^i^ 5llil <H^«l£ an »Vi3}lM d. aJirii jjij viQ, 
^.H[\Hi HHlX \M «(1 ^M Scld'ft ans^ daii .^ciiMl 
ani^ 0. cl^ «li an^ Ml!/l ^l^ii ^Hitnaiil anH 
9}<il ^JlKl ^IH d. an^i cii^irQ «U'>MiaHl H^jji 
KlS^^lC-fl ^IH &. lm«l «imia»ll yi4s^ rftaft 
^Sdl ^IH ^, ^ rtM^ H>Hci <^[ :^3Hl qmHl 
|<Hl/l ^IH d. MH anicl^ ani^c-li an^ «^W 
^IH ^, ciKl ?i»-H ildilH^ j «(l M > vs MH 
( £CH ) \\ m \\ tfai C-lhi a>il^€ii ^IH S. a»l 
Ml'l'll ^^'Hi ^l 1 aH<3|laMlCAi ^IH d. ct C-{1«|, 
a^tnicli, dfta'^ «ii^i«lcti, M«il5l cl->Mci ans;^ 0^. 
weft -^iiat^ltfli, SM^-ft WMl/lSi ^^l «{l£ll VWi, 

Mlrtt/fl, <?i;iU3l'{l, at\^ McTl *?<!, i^^l atoiicO R. 
^a 3 tJa^ eiifHl an^l \ «a I ^at Ml^loQ ^IH S. 

V^i^.l"^lH-ra^"<?i'«lSl^ ^l(^i, ^l«l«. 
^_§\l»il3l-^(l«H'tl c-lii4Hi Sui M<iil (atV 

?i^i5i^ i'-<t«i>ii 'li^H'Hml ani^ d. ^Mei cic-m 
H«i«iiMi ^n%t>ni ^u( 'n\m. §. ^ll^tMni mk 

=tlcfl (i^l C-iM 3Ui'>tii a>iPl ^1«IM^ iViW ani^ 
§. ^(m^wl MK ^W «H^ ""MIH §. ^riWH'li 
MH'ft S^Mil Hlii ctc-l>ti Qilt'Il cl flc-t ailtfll etW 
a^lMildl UlHi ^ £13iu^l>li ani^ d. •?fl«M^ 

H^lX •wl^Kl •w^i'tl Sii^t^ni 6WiaHl an^ V>\[iX 
eli'^Hi v-^iKl =ltfil H^l««l "H»l^ i^HWi SIM Wil^ d. 

^-(ho («lH=H«i-^(l%l»l'li ^U ani ^n^^HMl 
y>lRcfl "^ il^'l^Ml iWHi a>ll<(l ^I'i ailcii ^(^ 
*l<^l2(l ciM<V <HM^»li >l<Adi <a«M'ti «li^i an^ 
^lilani M^s<i«a aniHcti ^wi«a ^^l fil\'^ §M- 



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t«>ikcl-n. II. p. 235; N. p. 93; Watt, 
III. p. 6. 

H^hii 'ilh<f\[^i "S m(^ hit <S5l §. ^ 10 «(l 
^M ^i ^i ^(l (aati 811H S. SiHi, «ll«i, at«l- 

»il^ d. MKMy i\i m (leaflet) I «fl ^ 1 
^MMl "l(4Hl ^U'^lSil'il '3il Ml^ (lil fA^i\ 

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^m, ^m ^gr55 (flo); ^"Jsra (ato). 

3-«t4't-<KlHl'ii mi H^i 'i^i «ilH S. Mi3i 3Hl 

^IH §. anrti n^Hl tflCH <»i^l VlHl, >Hinat^, 
an^ ci\^ @(Hl =(l^l Mi<Hl ^IH $. llMCA *1>HI- 
M^'fl W(l<H "V^l «{l^ ^ ctH^ ^l«li tffdOji ^IH 
&. MH %iJiW (M «fl V9 SH aHJ4«tl Mi4) ^W S. 

5l«rti ani^ d; an^ Mi^%iiin an^i'^i mi« 
m(6^ ^n^ii (^si) MiVi «iH ^, H alien MW«ai 

■mn-anh^ ani^sil ^m d. cicfl iliilM^ a-M 

1 v9 MW (ten aH»tm Mi^) ^IH d. il Mrt MiiJ M^- 
i^ d^ di anPtnlHct ^ci t^jHl anictV ani^Hl 

^uQ 9y<l «til, «ftl(l, 1 cHlH^ ^^iv "JiJil HltflKl 
V^l(A ^IH S. 5l MM 3 «(1 M «Jai «li<^i aH^ 
^ «a ^O 3 ^at Mimical §IH S. ^'ft ili^ 
|r «(l ^ flai C-ti"{l ^IH «!. Ml'l^l anliR ^WRt?! 
<l^ ^H^'ii MK ^^l ^IM §. ^ ilciil Ml^ 

C-ti(^ ^ SI ^,8cH aHt^(l=ll<fl, M<3i U^S^l ^^'tl 
<aji an^ HMd aH«^ "i^icft •»HR^l«Ai ^IH S. 

mhKI Sm^HI «Mi<A sfl^, «lRi c-{lc^l ^3i'{l, ^ 

ai<Ai<:(l ^iH S, ^ 'flalra (1^1 Pi nM^ ci>Ha 

^^iv ^[ qitfiKl t'ii^i |y>i(a ^ihS. VKMiHl 

'i^l 'Haiiifl ri«iii?(l rfliuft i^iH^ li^ ct^Jj svdl, 
n-^ ^iHl/lan RrM^ t'^icfl, ^R MW »^ni MlH'ii 
^RHi ct^it "^i!^ "^^t '^l^'ft JA'llM aHR §Tt^l- 
TtR ^IMlVl «IH S. 

If^l-H''"^ HRiSl i^-il^ «(/fiaHl «U'«ilit{cl- 
«imtailicil(4\ ymia^l^ Si an^ M^lliSiMi^ft 
aHl^«{l ^IH S. ^ iHl"i.$l'{\ ^t^ '^<l «til, anPl 
ci'ilH^ <?iiil ■HKA'fl y^i^ «ni<lJt iwiita aniM 
^IH S. an %itflla>llM^ <v^l S^ S^ anict^ 1 
aHplHpicl ^ct ^,8fM ^^l a>il^CHi ^IH S. ^C-tKl 

.Aiil 1 «fl ^ 'HiW't c-tio{l, ^ c-tiyn «iil, «^«v 
ttiuiKl V'^i^'^'ii"^ ^iH S. :!io «nio liHrii \i^i 

MiSl ffnilHCHi ^IH S, tl'll <§H^'tl «i Jl'ctl o{l«l«fl 
=lHl^ >ilil ^IH S. :!io (nio ll-H 1^ «fl ^ C-tlWri 

^"Sl ^IH S. <l ^eiKl %tisl 5iCH MlJ/l 31HI ^m 
Hl4i<l ilHM ^i S. Jio aH9-H<5 "SlH-fl •Hi'«HilaJil 

M ^K S. H m^s^ sii «Hl^«fl ^<a ^IH S. 

MltfUl VMfi, ^l^ an^ 'tyi'liwfl, an^l dfci*! 
51141 MLrtofl >sU«0^l«il ilH S; ^ -^i-oi Mi-wiflaHl 
^■w-H Mi^Hil iWi *tiiil ^ ci^ rtf^'l Mi^J Mlct<nl 
^Uc-U ^IH S. an^ ^eiHl Si aHt^rfi J^ ^lil-MN- 
-ilSli ci>Hci ^aiHl aai o{!i<^ %iiSl ffn4lH«{l ^IH S. 

«i«l«0 ^IH S, cl H^i^ cl[«l*l ^Xo/ •H^\^m 
=(\^IH«{1 ^IH S. 

^"1%^-% ^IH S. clfeiil <l=fl Klitfirft ^H 
^■«IHI«(1 ilH S. 

<ni5>l-(^«) il=^ |IH S, <«l^ Ml«ll«?lctl «{l€(l 



&. c^^l anisic aJis SfHii 9l5s^i[ «y^l ^IH d. 
ci'd =l=i5iWl ani o{l<v ani^^i ^IH ^. Si "HIV 
f?i^i ^il'l^l "H^t^ll mi'l §M^ aHK^l ilH S. 

an^ ^lI'^lKl «Ml/lM^ 5i M Mi^ dil »iia< ^IH 
^. «ll'l^l oHW ^ v:Iai fVlki ^IH 6, ^ HKl 
«Hl/lM^ m4i^ Oicil«?lrtl <^l<li HltnHl V'^ltfl 

=(Ui, «ni^i 'l^lKl iM(/flHl5ll, an^ iRM^ W'41HC-{1 

^V-«(l^, ^HSl^aHl Vl^', 3 •HlW'l C-lit^ an^ 

aH«fl an^ ®M^ SI ani^fl ?1^<V <HiiHtflc(l Pi 
ciHi Mia^ ^IH S. an >HR'fl ^i\ ^\,(^[ atU^tl 
(hilum) ^IhS. "{lifi^Kl dM^iKl ^icl^ il^ 'ti'^'icli 
a>ia^ ■^aii%t6lctl C-{1*11 "^ ^i<Si[ -^i[^ ai«iSsj 
^V ^i5l S, 

M-^ii3l^lH-'-Al>Cl, ^ll«<9, «IU ^^ S5tt. 
n^ a^iHiJ^li "oRil^JJll" i^ Qi. SH ^M H''AlH\ 

^n anPl Sirii Ji8i»^i^i ni'nci'fl c^f^nsj ^sajci 

tl'-t^l <^<l S. oflHlKl WlC-t V{7{ i^ii :(3Hi jiH^i 
ani^l ii\s 6. <HlHKi ^«l aH«lHl iiA^ eilk^ 

■HK m/l^ 5U?i'>iii an^ ?tlr»taHl SM^ C-tJUiHOli 
ani^ S. oflm^l ^« Mil «hH S^^l^ =tM^lH d, 
aHH i^^lH S. o{lHHi MH h\'i\. ^iM <t^^ 5R»ti 
ani^ S. WIhUI 351^^ €lli| -Slcflrii aHi«t^'^,tWlMi 
an^ %lim^"aj H^'ti H^l«4l rt^"i 4R ani^ §, 
"•^ftHUi CHliilPli «i^ >{l9ll HIM S, Si eti^ 

S. an^i ^3h( >iii^« iijj i^ji^i suveii ^lfc)«(l 
M^ S. «{l'^l il^l S ail?a S^ct %il^ ani^ d. 
^Id, -^i^^ im, \r\Hl, M, Jt>l6, Ipt, S!j, 

fMTi, ^wRsi^ 31 «^ ^i3i;i Mdili S. •>{Ihhi 
^'I'-a ^m iicai »<iH S, q?i d, ^^mri s^ jctj<i;n 

^Pll RMli M^4^ «llH S, Mia^i S." (qo ^3Hl«4«5). 

^ ^m^l rtiji) wic-1 anPl etii^C^ <liml diK^l 

n cic-t 3(1(01 «itl atlHilcil £^£m( a*l*iilM? StiMi- 
^rI aniq S. «KlHHi MH^ c(,/i;^ 3luQ^ ^^ 

tlui'fl MliM^ Q114 Miji ^iH ^i JiHR ma d. 

"H^il I'l^Hi §^ S. 

a5l ^6° '11 £(^<3J m(*IM 9lPRi «ilH S. 

^-(h^H [HH^Hrl-^^lHUl -<5l«(l ani ^ci^«il4- 
(MRWr)-!! ^'>ii:a ^lll m4i^ ^IrtlHl "VMi^l 

"i'Pl 6l«i'fl "llsgaii 1^^ :^(^^[l ^li^i^ §, ^{^jjjl 

^i<{l«l('ll ^m'A (6rtl. anPl MlWtn«(l riS^i aim 
^^l hSI^ m^n ^l^m sllHl^A «i*{CHl S. 5i 5li"ii 
''ilctlKl MaKl aJil'A'^Hliiii Ml^ %Ul3[l ^[h\^ d. 

^«fl JHkisJl-fl 'fl^ll'ft ^ ^l"il <n%t «M^ S. 
(Ii9i) 511% am^^^r I %ifr qjsi ^^c ?ira" ii 

H3l-( €l3^[>l^i:rfl ). 

l-^U^lH'llH-Pongamia glabra. 

48l'ct-H. II p. 240; N. p. 93; Watt 
VI part. I. p. 322; ^ k Ml. v3o. 

^-■^^ftrllH-iW, 4m>Jl, ii^JiJ ( Mlo + ?io ); 
^i^, qr^^rsr, ( ^. ); ^, ^t^w, ^ ( fto ); ?;- 
t^r, ;to«ii?s ( ^o ). 

SHI ^H^«iKMi (svlqmi ani^ d. fl^ tii 1 *(l ^ 

k\i. "i llWHl^ •i^l'tl <1(A I sUlM^ S^leii 3jun{ 
«1^ *IIH d. *<i anPl <ll>Mia>il Qi^l "i Qt^>{l ^JHl 

Ml c-i'niH«{l ^iH S. *i->Mi2ii 2ii1^ m^ 4l4(/n 

M«VH«{1 ^IH S. "ilMtfl <ll>Hl5li .{lafl ^JA %-ft 
^IH S. clM^ Itnl iR ^ni •M^'V a^'-AScti ^l^l 
«{l«l wi ^« MW ani^l ^^Sll ^IH d, Pi 5»l'fl 

^i<Mmi «tHi^i 4^^i anPi Simi^ «»l«rti •»^i y- 

«l«Hl Pi ani^MlKl ajly^cli «1s ^'HI 'ilAHl 
j.eli'O (»»t^ ^icflKln' ajei^n ^iH"i 'tfe! M) 
JC-i^ftwil HnlK^Mi od^lovMH «1'^«{1 ^IM d, »iPl 



RiHi^ii 5^«cii »m\ "ian ^hi anuRKl m^j <v^i 

aiMdl ^iT^ll ( K«t ) '11 ^^■"Hl y^H ^!A ^i^l 

«vS SHmZ wHl^ I^^IS «15J 3i?li ^iH § <?{l^ 
Hl^i CHi^l ^c-l jJI^Hl^ft -"H^l ^RlW Hlsti §IH §, 
«11H ^. ani M^l«i^ ^S^cd 1>HIH M»3J 5}i n{<^[ 

^<Hl£ dl^i SH^ (§Jt C-ll5l g. 

%\\ ^l^ai "i (H^Ml Wi alMi, aHPl ^ll>HlaHl 

■Hli«t MW -v^l ansfci an^ It^^l eflCHl wi .^IH 

d. -Hwn ^•^'•H iliil ^n^il -^^l <Mil ^ «ft ^ 
1 lo tlai cnlofl, Hmi R^^ «vtii MJlc-0, sfl^, 

a^tasdl an^ «{letl ^aiHl ^IH S. 3^ ^>^H .fldil- 
M^ MH ( tc-i > Mi^-leaflets ) 'ft R «(1 3 
silila>ll ani^C-fl ^IH d, an^ cl^ SI \ Ml't «l«fl 
>il| ^IH &. ■Hl'i'ft «H'^ %Hl/l efl^ ^IH S. 
^M Ml't R. «fl V > ^ «;ai CHhi an^l \^ 
«a M i;J=H ^l^Mi ^W S, anPl qaj^ MH ^ «fl 
S d=H 'Hl<a ^ ^ «(l H aat> iv^l Pl?!'^ ^l^icg 
§IH d. Mrt^l aniii^ ^icaiy^cti > C-(<^sii(/i 
§IH d. Ctrl! 1\^[ <3|1 aHi^cil«li ilH d. -fldil 
'il^l'fl §IH d. 

^SMMin-MHKl ?i»-H ^AdilKl <n-^ «hi93 anai 
ic-t3(l y «a s slat c-ti«>{l M^lit^Mi'-a Kls^i^o 

§IH S. ci aHftS 1 \ «ft =1^1^ 5}5(v Mi,i4i 
■^*i^[H[ ani^C-fl ^IH S. ci crtf'M^lrfl %i(rtl svicQ 
•HW<41, (HlCHl ^JlKl, a^qscfl ^ ctH^ «^S aH«l=tl 
^ijl ^si'ft iy^gfH 1=11^ ^IH S. an^i aisatj/lcl 

}if/\ ^IH a»l^l ^S^ ^■'HIH S. i<H ^ ^at €lh( 
an^ §21 c(l»{l qt«'-ll(ai §IH S. ^C-lKl ildil I 
aH«i=ll Siw 9i%\^m ^H^'fl Ml a5ii;?ft ^'^i\ 

m^ MWwft ilH S. ci C-QCHI ^JlHl ^ aM^ ^l 
1 ciM^^ani ciica'd |qi«a ani^i-fl ^IH S. ^Kl 
'ftai <M<1 |»l(A<Hl':Q ^8iM Jit^MMt ^IH 6 M«3l ci 
g^cl -^H^ f^H §. 

iSlMni=il ■•■■HU-fl 1 i^l^ <v^l ^IH S. ci I 

«(l I chiWh cnisii, ;{ 1 <Hiy'i8(l "i^ c-iiiA o«u. 

«^l ^IM S. ?iM^ ^8cM I'^lcTl §IH S. ani ^tlcll 
^«tl ?iC-tlo{l 1 aHl^>il<{l jji'cTtldi «H^ «tt'lS- 

^t^^lQ^lrrt^llH-fl M[-«Hil3ll M ^IH &, ciHl 

ci^ ctftA'l anS^Hl <nieg «{l?ll a{ii?ii ^ih d. H^l 
^^^ R. \id ^ «H6i^'{l «niag «^<V IHI-A ^IH 
d. ci^ ct(«i«l ci(4i ^}/\ iisiii :{ ii^jft §H^ v^i 

aH<^(l ^iH S. 2i Mmil etnot^i I; tJai c-ii<Kl an^ 

ciHl 5^ QiR ff»j£l Mil «> S. <nl«9'fl 51 Ml'"^- 
MNilaJll @9fl, «iiil, cttcil?! 4U«aHlcffl, 5ien«>{l 
"i (lii ffntgii vi'ft, 3 «a 3^ eiiyn c-i[»{l :) 

ilSii Sis «Hl«i«ft ct^ct <r^a Mil <l"^ a5i<i ^m 
S. ci Eiitffl, ans^ (tii^ <Jt^i ^WKI |=ii<fl=iiall 
an^ <ihk <tr\i eii'^l .jU«fl'=tltffl ^IH &. ail m(51 

Mmil^ii^i ^>HW "vRi dil a>\M iv^ €ii5l d. 

( >lic(l ^MMiiv Ml> d. ) 

>4^%i^l-aJliiia.tjf\ (monadelphous) ^lil 
MNilSilMl ^IH d. ci'tl da ^m, «fl«l, attfi- 



M«ll, «{lCHl ^'l^l, Oii^ |=ll<fl=lloll; 'ifsiil ^itffl, 
«Hlo3*-(l "V^l qi>/l ^IH d. ci^ ^^ an^flti^ ^IH 

^IH d. M««l n«ft <V^l ^% viTi <n\i ^iH §, ^ 

€lrti ^i^i ^iH ^. 'Kl»ic etty ^ aicaisi ^IH &. 
«lcti ^i«ii i.^ Mi ^ kw^m «^ Hhi ^>MiH 

d. Jv^'ft ^W <3J1 =H^ ^=ll£ H«{l«ll, =fl-<M^l an^ 
di MlVjai^ft "V^l ii=ll CHlSl $. 

€llC-l ««J ani^ §. anPl |>Hl^l aJliSi jjih g. 
i^J/cli MH Hl^^ ciKl ^Hil ^l^^ (HUml SH^M 

Mil ^iH cii Hm^ «niHm>ii ani^ d. hi*fr[i ^1^:^ 
clcH etsail Hi«(l 3<<HiW 'i^c-ti *iNi §M^ H am- 
«j«tmi ani^ d. ciM ci ciicawi ^i«tM^ Mm ^hN- 

=tlHi ani^ d. i^'V'tl MH^l ?« Sl« §M^ =11M- 
ilH d. i^'V'tl MK ^l^'ll •"ilHmi ani^ d. 

Mi S. i^»v^ "{1<V Mll^flMi Ml(l^ •«{« an^^ m\ 

an^ atmilril iilmi a^iM^cim ji^>i( ani^ d. 
5:^<V^ elisi ^l^ an^ (&€t^ »tlH d. clrtl ^^iii 

^i^ 3i5i ni^ §. an^ n«ft SHH Hi^ d >, iv 

<V'fl ^H'si Ml^ SrJHlct anr-d ^lirfl ^t^. i"<<V'ti 
C-tliii'{l Rl">H R^m JtlMHl ^M^IH 6. i^'T.' an^ 
r^Hlcil MK, Ml^ an^ ^({I'ft %ll«l 31'Actl "Sl<5>l( 
aHMlH d. i-<»i<'li ^oAl Slt/QSii M^i 'l^ni 
ll^ ®M^ «l^ aH«^ j,^ §. yr\l 6^« Sm^ 
i^JV'ii ^Mcni MK 'Hldl^ aiiMiHlMl ani^ S. 

S^oyKl ^d'ai'fl WlC-l^l <Ji^l ^iilani Mi^ @M^ 
<3M^l^Q §. i^'V'ti ^'aKI WKH^l ^« '11^^ Vi7{ 

wis^Hl ans^ ^M eir-tHi mi^ tUM^nwI ani^ §. 

i^o/'li MH iJ5i«i[ ^R^ aniM-Hl'-O clMl g.^ =l?i 
S, SHH S^HIH d. i^oyti MH •vMl'l ^^R':!! 
Ml^ Mlcl^ rt^> qM^lH §. a>i»ii cll«n MH^ 
■>Hlct^ avMH^ £'Hl?(l "vMlnMiKl ^2cM SSHlrt ^ 
>llCH^l 'lUl i^ §, ci^l rtl* «11H §, aJlM -Sli 
^l^l Ml^ ^. (&l«i anPl M^lKl £16M^ i^<V4i MH 
ni^Hl>tl ani^ d, M«^ ci «llilHR ^iWi ilH dl-^HU 

" :ti^^^ '»{l»VMi«(l ani^X \ ^R cifil Kli^l d. 

'H'il'Hdr-l H(*'-l«RclSi ^ frtictltin^ct. 

fa^'ti 'iWl, i^ej^ >l«l, ^»'ll»l, an^ 'ilili'll 
^f^ (wwildi "{19/) £^5 Mia^ MR dl«ll eiW ^ 

Hl^H^l an^ ci clC-1^ fliilMi ^iWl >iii ^ rtHl^ 
mn ci \(«=l«RrtC-l. 

R (ciiniti^ci-s^ivdl MM vd ^si, j^, >{im^ 

itAJR, <vAhH, M^lfAHi MH, MK-tcfl an^ c-d^nll 
3l "itli «M9il5l etW ?l^l S^-i i^ H J(^i«fl 
SlRia] sn an^ 1^ 3ll4 Ml^P (i\f ^cl«^ «ft 

cil M«4l li«li ^1^=1^ i=tl«lMl ci Ml d. anPl ,qs. 
Im §M^ aHMlH d. aHM^^tl^ an^i ds^ \mr{[ j^i- 
«tMi M"^ ci anl^ 6. ci^l ^M §M<ll9l Hm 
CHilUHl^l d. m«(l aJCHlW H^H «i^l§MR ci^ clsi 
ailM^lH d. ci^li MH'ft ^l/l« S^fttJJ ®M^ €t»ll- 
i^il^l anl^ S. ■>Ml«i', Raifaiji, dg^eti ^»i <v 
^SS "Idcll |'>dct<3l @M^ iW ^^ @M«ll3(l d. 



^=ll«(l SMlMl^fUd »t^ ^. sW'li <^^ (Hi^Q iiil 

^/l »«1H ^." (X ^11. H. Sli. ) 

6^%l Mill ^. i^sy^ tlctm i^ttl^O >ii «l!i «11H 

«^. sict^ 'I'votft sX §, it»«''ti Jisi-i "ftsy u^ 

anivH^tl anivm^fl l^ VlI S. aH'ti ^<Jli iM^i 

(ho ^3Wi«i2i) ^!^25). 

" iiS^i cist ei^ll.S'tl^fl "^H^ aHl(€ ^Pl >l^ S 
M<?1 ri«ft <m2T 'tlH^l ^Pl »11H ^." (MQct (H^l- 
^mcHlC-t ^!;25). 

an^ 5a<^i sil §»l S. »H fie^mi H«3ii -hw 
^1^1^^ si"! hW'ii 3i\l\. y(^i (33i 5. Miji ani ^i^m- 

One of the commonest and hand- 
somest trees in the Konkan. (Nairne.) 

h4-( ^^^(h^IJ^ )-(§'HH3l ;^ «Jl- 

\- *,U^'l«l«iR-Csesalpinia Bonducella. 

t^dl'ct-H. II. p. 254;. N. . 95; Watt. 
11. p. 3. t r-i. Ml. y3 3. 

V"^J^ll«iW-ilS=^ ( Mlo + ?io ) BVm\^f W- 
=^r, ^iT^ ( IT'S ); ^^^, ^it^^. ( fto ); lirosJJ, 
**ft+l, acTT^itsT, 'jm^^^T. ( Ho ). 

3-«n4'i-ili^'tl ^^"tl ^^^'^ '**'^ ^^"^^ '^^'^^ 

^^ cil n 30 ?ft Mo k^i. §=i ^UM^ =H<fl »»tH S. 
aH'll ^Sll 5lRl^ S4<Sil 'tni §5l $, =H^ «9'^l 

yi'ft |qi/l an^l Ml'Jii^ittcti vKi ^^"^ ^iJs^ "Ht^fl 

an^ %^ltfll M^sfl^l^l ^•"■'1 iiil »ll=l ^- ■**W 
%i^Sa, Ci,<Hi\ aH«iln. "l=tR iMlMC-ti (bi-pinnate) 
^ «4<3ii CHi'>ii ^IH d, an^ JSl anUHl M«4 (leaflets)- 

^iH S. i<^ Mltni anPl «[l;>i ( \^ ) mu«{1 ^<l 

tMi §^ 5\M ^ih"^^- ^*ii^ '^'i^'^i^ ^^<'^'**' 
'{\s<?ic-tr ^iH d. \v\i c-tisi %!>«, «i4t Mintfa, 
^w viKl, an^l qi« 3h:^ ^=iis w=ii ^i*t ^• 

<^l«9 ^<1 «lil »11H d. ^M^ yi4s=(l S<Hl sAeil 

iidi ^m §. .siil <^H ^H HlSHi QiWMl "lil 

rtRct (§5i S aH< cl <r<'C-l^ 'tH'tRl S. ^ 5 ani ^^^«tl- 

•i«fl, ciiMiii Simqital w5iwi andi ^(li ^fti ta <iS 

S. and aHHi --l'lS> % ail«l =IH i;l«t a^l^ 5. 'liJ »Hl 
sii^iKl ^H <Hd ^>l <Ha|l<t and l-^l'^l «=tlHi ani^ 

^i ^ Sii sHwi *«i*nw>ii «i§ (iH«li'a s)ii tiT m"^ 



^li^i ^^l »lfil avtH §. ,?U>Hl3li >(ltai%l£lrtl 
"SflCHl VlHl S^ 6Wl an^ =lisi ilAlHltffl Vi7{ 

sc-i > M>4 ( leaflets ) HI ijM iliilKl v «(l <: 

§ 2(1 \ "i 1^ (^a^ C-ti53, ^ X ^ f "i 1 ^=H 

^^^ ^M^ ^^icft ^^H sA^P an^fl ^IH d. ciKl 
dM^'fl %lMl<fl «{l^, at«isdl, ?i;ii C-flc-tl -<3l'{l, ^ 
'flSl.{l ^Ija aM^ ^2jH nitflKl ani^ |Hlillltf(l 

■<^'{\ <>Y\[ \^[i\^['S\[ iliil ^R d. MK'fl ^>>-H 
ildilM^ aHl^«{l £^i ffnil-dSl ciMv £<hKI 
i\it JnilKlsi MI31 Hisi «h5i iidl ani^-Hi ^IH d. 
MK'O <Hl« sH^ %=IIS s(l'"iil -n^^li imX ilH §. 

Mrl sytft irnil <H5l 1 ClM^^5Hl ■<»Hl ^m^ 

|wi<niitfn ^ clM^ iidi ani^c-ti ^ih $, ci Hltfii- 

an^ >l«<l«Ai rtR^ H(ill ^Qat ^IH §. j^i-tKl ild^sl 

>(lcAi%i«lcti «{lc-ti ^JiKl, H" "^1° ^i** '^<i'^'fl ^ti*^!) 

^mi \ Qiill*t«lctl HltflKl |Hldl«fl «{^IH«{1, anPl 
Hni9l clM*/ ctPa'^ ^H^ ^1^ ^IH $. ^ :^>^ 
ycl(4\ i^<l Mlrttffl ^IH S, ^ clKl '{lal a>|jii 
«H'^ dl «ls4»*d. ^^^ ^"ti*^ aHt^fl=ll(fi ^C-l'fl 

-i?['{[ i^iii ani^C-fl ^IH 6. H'li ^[24 M^l ^CH'fl 

^d an* M^ '^KL '^^R Klsoigi anPl «h[sh<?i^ ^IH d. 

=tl<Al ^IH d. an Mlat MMilaHRirfl \ ^\i([ 
Ml^ltffl an^ qisa Mi">Hil'tl a*iSMl <HPmi ^ini 

^H«if (versatile) aHJilici^MWHli^ anHnaiMi d^- 

^ni €c^l :i3iKl ^ Mii/l^ yiiH ^ <*ii^ <Hii 
^»i'ft «<y »«IH d. cl ^ 8ft 3 ^ai c^i«Hl ^ (i 
«ft If ^ai Mllltffl ^IH S. ^Kl «MI<a a<aiica 
^ a'llM^ ^ «ft 3 SllW'l eihl c(l8j(3j aH(jp=ll(Al 

sAt^ft nt^ 'vHi iiii liH d. «il3i^ ^^3 ^m<ff- 
^fl^i^ a(th?l ^ «ft 3 cHiti't sti«{l ^ 1 siitH i^il 

aH« 'Kl'V 1 «ft ^i C-llW^ 6tio{l (M^i ;(3i»{l 

«h1<v— ^ «ft f ^at €ihl ^ y^i^ ^d- I 

«l3 Pi ^ a»l5 si ov^i «i5^ liH d. «>{l<jy^i 
^'l .91^1, «fl4ll a>i«i'Hl Qt^HlH"^ |lH d. ci yi?]( 
«{l«i, a^tflSrti ^ iJi3J |lH S. ci^ 5ii Si is[(t\\. 
«4lrli a^iifill ^ ci aii^c-tlKlnaai iifl^ft ^tffl |lH 
S. <K1<V^ miiWi cl^i«ft !(lsi ^KAl 1 ^«ll««lctl 
^'l^l Sl«(laHl 'fli^l S, ^Kl Hl*t (sy anPl i^cjij 
Si^l |lH S. 

■H-^e.l^lH-ra<^?i«ii5l^ ^l(^S, n, »»^^ "l^ 
if>lH-yi^, «US, Hlct an^ RH6^. 

-?-(3"H«iiai-Jl5ai^ ^ca Ml<<(l>ii M^l^ iM ^ 
^k'W i^HM^ ailM,S<Hl»ii a>ii^ S. iljat^l j^yirft 
V51CH rtWMl IM^IH d, M«i ct^l y«3l <K1<V <^i^\. 



5H«^5l^i 'l^ SHM i^'-m ^. Miej ctl'-t aH^ aH=l( 

^y ^zt^aKl %ii8l ""^iMi <n^ic-t aH«iHi hk^'{[ ^lu 

«iy ^IH cil ?1M^ >Hl=ll 5HMIH S. Sli^tni MK^l 
^SHl ctl^l^i Vi7{ j[h @m^ 3MMIH ^. ili^^'ii 

MH in(41«ii iisi «iSi qi^ dHl slMil M^saKl 

3H«iHl !sii=fl5Hl S^ §. ciMl <^ SltfllaHl ■V^ MlV 
41^^ SMMlH S. M MlHl M ?fl 3o t(§ Qll^rQ 

«>{l25 ^n (JiisQ clH[«ft <v sitfUani 'flsoi n^ «h- 

<Hl3l »1<1 C-tW^ ^'ft yi^ Ml «ni<li (M>/1 S<1 

<1^ ^-Hl 'I etR cim <lct ^■"H la^tHl '-HliC-U^i 

«(l 3 H<3t (HR, 3hPI dli^ianl Ml^ §»{^ Mlli^l 
3 1 3| H(3t QiR ani-vHi t^am ^^^\.\ aniM- 

^l^ 6. Mi'll 2|jsi g-H^ rt;^l siaQsMl ^i vi7{ 
'i ^IH an^ %l^S sJUl \ (3C-t<A «ic(l ^IH ciM^ 

aniKl ^Vl aniMHl^fl M^^'-ll^l ^li^ £^«vt »>'C-1<1 

&. iis=flaHin[ <Hl Sm^KI »nil c-d^ aic-i an^ «tJi- 


cil Sici cl Jil^-il Ml et^lUHWi ani^ d. ^li| 
Oi^lW anio^ ^IH an^ aniatSA anmcft ^IH, aHHl 

Miaj iii=aaHi^ ^}/\ ^Hi«ft ii^sli sitfQ^ii cii<a 

'SlS^ft MHl HW«l>ii anat^ Ml>^fl»li ^rh i^ 
M^UIH d. Sil5!={laHHi "(liv^ ^l/\ ct^l 'lU 
an^ ^IM @H^ SlM i^=tmi ani^ §. %ll'^R«i 
^n Mi'il I'^l'^l an^l ctl^^i iis^sHl^ ai^i "iV 
?lia HMi'-fl KliCAdl Sii £l«(l2ii ^l"Sl -"HIH d, 
an^ cl ctdill SHS ^Uli 1 'iltl aiiJllM ^. "HlW 
an^ feRd^laHHl £^£»ii iliafl'll ^IV aHC-i^d 
an^ 5/dmUfl iMlSl MHMi "niHl aHl\m>li ani^ d. 
sii^OaHKi <4l»»"ft MlSll i^^lRi ani^ ^ H 
3li«lMc(l an^ ^<H'il <Mi^l >tlC-tl '^^H'Hl'ti ^IM^ 
0. Sli=ftaHHi "ilKl .i «(1 \o (li 'Hi«4l Mitni 
M^I<1 aHl V-t^stmi ^9tR ^lll mMi ^[^^(^ 
^ HiSlincft H^^ anlM ai^.l^ ^. ilS^Oanwl 
"{1<V^ Sli^lani iiaiKl "^ M^xt^Hl l^Kl "vslian 
^HdMi =tlM^ S, ciH<v cl "Sui <:t^"S Mej ^HctMl 
HM^IH d. 

R^ «Ui ^l^'H'ft ili«K^M( fectl^«(l ^Hiei 
aniM^ll d ct 55^11^5^ "Hiatal CHlHi d. 

"\(cis!^r»t(i5i:«|-iiia<rti >(l'iv, ct«ll hWi H^ 

«H (Jti^i c-iy ci^ H^ iiita \4 i^i ^'li Jl*^ 

(H"*H«H^Mi an^^ ^^(l £cii JscQriifc)r{l oiXr^ 
i^ «■% ci41 'i'-ft cllM<^ iisai fq^-Hwcl^Ml H^W 
SM^IpQ «I. "^dC-fli =i>hH ^t^m aH«^ «tc{l H«ft 
cil ^cn4l \4'-ft 'H*!^ *tl*l ^- =lH^l"*<A'ft ^i^ 
^fSl sUai^ 5^4 ""^IH ^ cl«il Sl^iini MH §M^ 
ci^ wi/l ^tH^iqca cl«ll iMtSJ-il ^l^ §M^ "iitmiMl 
ani^ S. ci^l MK-ll ?%iMl anhl^tflS^ an^ (MtI- 
MlMll 'Hl/1 ■*(l<Hl«fl |(h^I -iUl »IIH ^. atR cllC-li 
Siiat^l ^%l "^qi^ft tti^i^l (£c(^ anici^l R'4H- 
w=t^ anrt d. <l^< ^ll'^R"^ ^ct ^^3 i^lH ^ 
ctr-l^l ^IH ff/i^lcil ^IH cil iijat^ <4l ■>Hl=il«(l ci 
fai'^ S'^IH d. Slltn'ft %ll«l iiiat^ "fl «^=ll?ft 

Q>r^d<laHmi t^i^i^i "^iM «iict «im d. 

=IICH, iis^mi MKdl ^« R. «0 M ^ICHl." (il. <1. jA.) 

"hh^i li\ <il|, !3i i£H, ct»tl ^rti^r=i5R:ii 

'll^l i^KR d. an^ cl^ «t€t iS^ ti^R«lR, 35UI 
<:l«ll ^(^RlHJtR^ MdU'iR, a^^t (mti^^ $. ili- 



S!j, ^H, ^IH Si ^i \l^{^ mil d." (Ho |5Hl»i2ii.) 
3H^ "liy^tR HUiaMl Ml^m Sdl«U»nHi ffntflRlMi, 

Mt^l <i5<Hr' §S\ g. Ji \{Qj cjcrd liy "Slfc) <HlilSil'{\ 

»ti^ ^'ii ^cHi^i c^^l^l cti^Sii and ^ct^i't'l 

H<f»"J<c{l ^^ «i>, an^ an^ «<l'l ciw 
'"Midi an^ o{lM iU»iilaHl ell^l^ ri aMl«^ 
MWHl HUianmi ili2{'il ^Sll HhUi 5il%i3 atlM- 

1-^ll^lMniH-Poinciana elata. 

4<>dl-ct-H. II. p. 260; K p. 96; Watt. 
VI. 2)art I. p. 309; ^. Pi. Ml. Yysd. 

R-^^llllH-^^^lXl, ^mii ( Mlo ); ^Ei^iXl, 
( yo ); B^BV ( 1° ); I^t'^t, fe^^m: ( ?to). 

«IIH d. ciMi clli^lKl 'll^l'O eft^ ^ ai«lild1ltffl 
^i^Q ^ll^lJHl '^IM d. Ml-I %i*}W, afltaji, «niH- 
(A^ll MHHI Ml «tfflM^ ani^Sli ^m d, ^Sl h(f\[ 

d. (t §HiMl M^^ Ml^Ai »lW «1H §. ci?0 ailJA 
H>Hci aH'ii miW 5\ ^3Hi ^?il^l ^""il-H S^i^l 

^^^ eil^l ^. «il»i ( \c-t ) («iMi«l Mi"i d. 
^yi-Qii '^ic-ii ^iH d. ^Mi'-ft "idc-tis Mii'^ii 

HlS^CHl ^IH «i. cl mjjl >livotct ^IH d. yi^nil^ 
^ «»-ct M«U^ i^lil ^Idl^l ^%^l i^ 6. rt <^6l- 

^«fl QiRi ^ 5HS^*-(l ^{ItAi^ilrti ?ii(ni Wi ^IH 
«!. ?i Sm;^^! q^^ >in^ \r\w^<M 'khS ^ 

^«(H^ ^IM S. ^ <VC-lCl«(l §ct<l MH '5. =^1* 
aH'^jWcfl an^ ^=tl£ aftjmtlcii ^[ an^ MIW- 
«l«il ""ii^i c-iisl d. 

«fl^ ^ ^fSihi ilH S. cl'llMR H'^ct ?il'i\l^ilctl 
<H;t>{l'-li^l wiMi an^ ^l«ll iMJA ^IH §. ci'il vjilSt 
Ml=(l, 'HdSl^fl ^ «til ^IH S. ct a>is^«ft «{lc^l ^ 
Rrtl^i^dl -<Jl^ Jli^lSR ^IM §. ci^l ^qiS (J.^>ll 
cj.'^l ^ ci«aHl CHl5l ^. ^u">Hl R^M «n^ ^ =HfA- 
Sli^ltfil ^IH ^. cirllM^ M<3J Qi^l "^ ^I'-Al i^i'W 
iMSQ ^IM §. 'Sl^l^l ^ll'^MlSli fiflsil "S ^rtl%ltlcll 
yiKl ^IH &. ci «Mii^|l ^IH ^ ^ aH£^?ft a C-fl- 
C-ll«^ctl Mltfll ^nHl ^IH d. 
■4i«i-^ «fl t tl^t c-ihi, anict^ ani^eii ^m 

$. ci (loiJt ^IM ^. HKl ^»-H >ndi\ @M^ Mmi 

■^wi ^=11 RfHi^lirO V «(l ^ "^ <^ ffJiil aniM 

^IH ^. Si ^\i svlilMfil 5^!; ^^(JiiJi ( anuH 
MH) 1^ «fl ^ > ^1 ^ai c^|5\l ^IH §. an^ 
ci>ii Ko m ^M ^2e>l MKI ff?=li MH ani^cni^iH 
§. ci 3 c-iiiA c-ihi ^ \ siifcl'i Mi^iffii §iM ^. 
citi ^^'-li ^ji anPi ildil Mm ^Kl "iR Rhh 
^iH $. ciHl (sH^Ki %tMi/l^i ^31 «fl5li ^ Kl^iKi- 

^l ^'hl ^t«i §. >mtfl MKM^ ^l<ai aitflictl ^i^M 
nita'fl {'{[{[ ani^C-ft ^IH §. MH^ 2iltfl<Hl«U ci 
M«ll =(liiSli CHlil S. anPl ci-Hi?(l (v^i cfi^ ^ 
(3J< -HIW -{li^ ^. Si;i( :^c(i£ -widl^ticil =(isi^i 

5fCH-M^"iHii*ii«(l c-fleii iH'W lR«\ Hie/I'd i=ll- 
^iHiall ijt^M HR«ai i^'ll^ ««ll Kli^lC-fl ^IH d. 
ci'llM^ s^^l^Hl'O Ml l^{ ani^C-ti ^IH d. Ij.ei'fl 

ildil c-ftsii ^3iK\ \ ?« <ii da< etio{l an^ mhKI 

^•0-H .Adil i^cti «til ^IH d. n'llH^ M<aj ^llfAKl 
\^[{\ ^IM ^. |C-lPil oHl« :{. ^at^i ^IM ^. 

^<»M«Hl^>lH-'l( M^l M ^IH S. ^ f ^ \ 
^ai C-lhi ^IH S. wl M[al M^l Jt«tH «Ml«93l?0 
'^^IHC-ti §IH d, M<^ \^ <3Hi ^ <Hi\ ^ £131<H'1 
ctfcAMi ^Hl =m^lvr»»tH d. ail M^l ^^^ «(5ii«lrli 
aH<^fltR ilH '5. ci tM6R«(l «(lc-ll ^5Hi, Hltfl'ii 

^qi<aqicAi, anPi aH€^«a !(lsi ^i(Ai ani^i M^«ft 

an^cl^ «l?lc-ti glH ^. ci mNM iil ^IH d. 




»»^«{l ^IH &. M^l'lllH \^R:M?fr "S^flsHl Wl 
^IH §. M^PIR<V M<3J ct=lliv ^il^ft ^IH S. 

¥l^yji-l ^IH S. <l^l 31<h!^IH an* MlC-t- 
<Hlt?ll «{lCHl ^i^l^l ^IH S. rtM^ '={['J\'{\ \^l{[ §IH 

<v^l (3=n ^IH §, ci^ ^^^ C-flcHl ^31^ ^H 

6 <Ml^ C-flc-ll^l&lctl Mltfll ^siKl «^S 'Hl'A'fl l-Hl/l- 
cll(41 ^IH S, M<^1 Mil § <*tl^ 9i;il^«l<1l ^Ictl ??l'W 

«([(V_CH«i3ll(n, «{l%li, 9i,^l Rlrtl ^'Hi an^l 
<M'^ Ml>t <V^l £<nWCH( ^IH S. ct^ SHi §1 5g|l 
an'^ft ^IH §. ^'IW <n-^ «Hl«3aij tj^i ;^5h| 
C-i«i»ll«l ^l^l ^i^l ^^Hi ^il«li ^IH ^. "{lav 3 

etiyH cnhi ^ ^ c-tiy't Mi^itai ^im $. ^'{[ 

®H^^ Mi m4 Si"^ §m S ^ ct aH£^«0 HlfAW' 

t-(3M*il3l-l(lH%l^l'ii ^m 'hM'11 i^ §M^ 
\l<i^M[ H^^ allMl d. ct»l9V cl'li HJA^. 'll'y^'U 
^ir-ll«ll «1RM^ ySfl=ll^1^H=tl2ft =tM§rt^ f»lHS. 
^IHW^KI MUii^ =ll<n MWlHl @S<1 §M^ ailM- 
i<Hl*-(l ^IH^l «IIH §. ^H^^Hi MUiiKl 6lMil 

3U?inii <Sm"< <niHHi*ti ani^ §, Hm<v M^iA-fl 

5|U <3M^ ^H^^ni MH Hl/l ^1^1 ^l^l <^iEi d. 
cl«ft »liS @M^ ^{[ ani^ d. ^cfHl an^ ^s^^ @M^ 
M<^ ^M^'.ni MH^ 6.HMi 1l<n ct^ll eiM S^HlHl 

ani^ §. %flUS^M^ ^M^I^HI MH =ll<A^ «IS^ 
«l«l MIH 6. qiSi jjCHli^l ^IH <tl aarit MiH 
^l<n^ MIH ^. an^i MH flSl^^ dicn $. <V>HH 
®MR ^H«^lti MH -uii cl«ll V^l^ S^l'il a^l<l^ 
?i^ §, ci«fl 3J->HM ^ai'eT MH 6. ^iwi <Hli[ 
@MR Mi^ ^?4«^ni MH «tl^ ^«il(l ?ll1l «13lll 
d. ^R^ ^-ntHl Klivft ^m ^l <n^iWl ^«1l^ 
«lt^l ^H%l^Hi MH^l @Slc?ll ^l^^ Ml«i §. ^l^^ 
}ii H\ =tP?ll ilM 1 C-ia^i Mil ^IM <tl ciM^ 
^M%lRl an^ aHlctCA'ti MH cl«tl ^I'^il'ft Ml/l 
Mll^flMl" l^*^ 3RM S^l ^R'il n 9tl5lM^ ^^ d. 

M^M^ ^m[^ ^mn '^1 ^. ii=(l <il'i m^s<i 
<n<4 •«HiH §. an^ etis^ ^Miii, €ltii«</fl vi7{ 
Wl^ i^qiKl R^lsAi ^?ll Hnwi il>l ani^ d. 

^H^i^i.^ eii5| "^(ni^^cj, ^c-i^ anPl ^iisj mn 
^. an-i eiis| «ic-i5lig ;ii-u-^ ^m cii ovet^ ^iig 

<% ctlM"^ anrti iHliiiPl SS-Hlct s/CHCI C-ll^i Mi d. 

il€l»tl Vi7[ sil^i^i ill §31 g.* 

an (is^^slUnl sf^iJJ MfiiM (HPRl* «ilH d. 

^I't ani c-i-wm^ iX^ §. ^ fcipim "li^w^ 
( Indian Forester ) aiiMlKlanmi »il^ «i1^'Hl^ 

^«4%i^ni Mm iifimquMi H^^si'{l s^i ct^^ 
nfeiS, §, ci«(l aarii jji^ c(i^^ quiSlmi anH 

^^ctiani <1«ll ^HianiKl Ml^ H"«il ^lll qi^ d. 
aH^li aii o{l«v nM«V il^li cilHql?(l M<3J »1W 6. 

t.-^U^«l'llH-Parkinsonia aeuleata. 
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R-^^ClrllH-^mmtfl (Mlo); M^M<ni=l«l (ilo); 

^ro^ (f|o). 

* an ^llilWW <v5l«l>li'{l <^l4i ^il'fl <Hrn tMl«i»H, 

ff^^ieiHi MuiMii?Q«ti ^l^, an^ ^Mi sjh^ iiS <vs«in>ivi 



3-etl(lct-RlM'ni'Htfl'tl iJU \o m \M sOi 

<3^\ ^[^ ^. rim ii^l ^ih ^. ^i m sh^ 

<^l^ Ml« (^IH S. anKl ^Q'^ll «<mi C-lhl ei-VHcl 

^«i Hli^ieii ^iH «!. ^(aHI V5ic-t Mwt/U an^ 

@M^^ 91^1 ^'iHl ilH ^. nM^ <i(Hl ^\[ an^ 
«fej i|i^l an^ ?lltfll ^^id ^IH S. 5i(AKl qi%t 

aH<^ftm<ai ^m iUl ani^eil ^IM §. cl ^ ('ilogaH 
»i^ Sli, cta^^ii 5iH ?tQj 5(1^1 iiii -41^ -41^ 

(^«ft ^ c!,i»i'ti iiii ^<l »*til siiH § ^ n 

(§M^ >[lit ^l«ll Wi ^?;H 'Mi%[ ^IH d. iiil an^ 
«l"^lStl.^ c^lIs| «^s an^ (^iil^ §IH §. "ii^rn 

ct(«i?i <v^i *nii nM ^ mhim ^M ^iH 6. 

^ n^ ^^^ ^^^M a>it^ ^iH g. 5i iliilxi, oiict. 
wiHl M'ft ^qi ^^^M MHKI Si tj^i^ anl^C-fl ^IH 

So MK ^IM ^. d 1 «ft ;i etlW^t C-imi ^IH 

^i(niy?l!i Mi^ioj ^iH d. n^ ^^^ <H^?i ^?cM 

ri^i ^Hg ^""Micfl ^2(1. Ml'lKl Hm anl^ ^'-tlS n-^i 
ani^Wctl an^ Jiqi^iRrti §IH §. 

§. ^ ■^CAl^l^rtl <:-flCHl ^iiHl an^ { ftat?ft ?l 

qwiKl ^=ii<ri ani^C-O ^IH 6, an %i(/tl-4^ Y «fl ^ 
"i ^o «ft 3 ^^11 aiil §rti^ »^^i ^1 §^ ani^i^i 

'^Sl ^ ^at?fl <i ^a| d^l^irii ^iH d. fiKl iliil 

Nict«il, c-flsii^^cii ^(Icni j^oiKl ^iH d. ^ fi ^ 

'^il^J'aHS «(lai ^'iHl ^^H Ml«{l *?=*! «tW ^^ 
§. SH^ (3M^ (t'tl MR d-Sl <ct<il ^IH d. a^i Wi^l 
ni^ rt(ori^«(l >-HK-flM^ «iHl«(l <h1sii ^IM d, aJj^i 

Si Mi=i MiM^5ii;i ci(ca*l !^^H c-ftsii RJiHl 4U«{1 
^iH ^. ^ ci ii^c-ilM^ ^■^s HKaKi ^wm ^IH 

d. Si MJai Mi">Mil5iiMi«ft sHb \[^{[ ^l'-(l "*^l^ 
ani^C-li ^IH d. Mi-nil MlctfAl an^ci'tlM^ S^atcHl 

^Irtl i^H[, an^ M^TOV >(lyfl ^IH d. 

^. ci dfca'^ «{lCHl ^isiKl Pi (3M^ ^ic(i ^IH §. ciM^ 

an^ «fl^ ^IH S. M ct^ dl yjfM ^M ^IH ^. 

^froi-(!ic-i)-«n'3i 3 «a ^ ^ai c-ti^Hi an^ ^ «a 

^\ C-il\A Ml^H^ §IH d. ci iiafl ^iH d «Ml^ 

«{lc-ii ^JiKl ^ Mil d <*<i^ <^\ ^siKl itiTwiH 

§. ci tH'^ ^1 «iiil»ic{i anl^flsR ^IH d. ciKl 

«Mi/i «{i^ ^ ^MR <§<»n H^ti ^iH ^. ci»ti 3 «a ^ 

"{\oy ^iH d. an t>{i»v'q5.5i ^ >Hia<qiyn ^IH d. 



sjlsi «{lstl Wi ^ Mf^ § cHl^ iicni^^lctl <Ji,^l 
an^ It Ml^ltfli ^IH ^. <l ^"^i it^J ^IH ^. 

l-^'H'iisi-^m'-niq'A^i IfAKl «lC-t ^i'W %tl«l 
H^iilH ^^RsRHl ^l^fn @M^ SllMi ^. aacti «i^rO 

2ii §. RiM'niqfA'ii ii^ii ^Hliv «iis^i <n<4 "^MiH 

§. an^ ^(I'Jl MI'S § cHl^ €^1^ ^15/1 ^Him "{\ 

?i^ 'H'liqqHi sm*ii ani^l «i"i ctfe Mi^ iR<a 

'H'ilT-ll'il ilH»li aHl<l ^i^ aHM s,^ §, ^m(/il- 
qtfl «i^aHl an^ (ns^i <n<| ""ilH d. W'l-MfiHl 

jsi«i'ft q^nci n^ qi<^ iidl ,^^il still ail^ll, 
Qi^l q^l^ ^l^l^ >Hr<l=lctl 6ctl. anPl ^m«Hiq^'ti 
aJlll 'fl'i Mil ^lanCH ^si MH an^ Mlcl«li C-llS^i 
■M>3i ^l^ an^ »l^ii ""HlW <vcli 6cti. aHrii t>{lav/ 
n 'VHXi €il(41aHl ^lll <H'W ■'Hlcli t&rll. ^RmW 
iidr-lioi, "VC-t^ (3»Kli ^QaiPQat -JltflHluj an^ 

qui an^ Mct^iHl qu i^Hi ^i^ Miaji «li^i qi^ 

&. ^m<niq(nd ^^^i '^'^k "^ "^^^^ ^I'l^'l '^^^ 
n 3i<ln ^1*^1^ <n(n<n^ rt^> iiM 'hi^ S. sH'ti 
c-iij(imi?(l 6'Hii ^ist^i i^qiHi ani^ d. n «H(Adl 
q>Hci ci»ti?(l ci-iniid anqioy «ifc) H«ii cti^'^i Kli^i 
6. M«i n tMii^i i[\ "i'tiqqi'ti iiH^ii ani^ ^, 

a»i 3)U ^ «(l I" ^i ^i '^^i q^Hl M5JQ 

^i^^iqi^i ani^ cti fiKl '^logKl Hi^ft aniil ^imiSii 
Hliofl ci^fl «nc4 Mv'fl qu 'hKI ^^ d. ^t-t^ 
^^tt'i'ti i-j-Mid'li'O qu Hi^ft "viliaii Rw^iqcaKl 
ani^l ^ct ndiqqmi ani^ d. 

V9-^SiKi-?liKl S[«(l an^ "(125 "^R^i •vHI'IMI 

RW^nqfui oju (§3icti 6vlqi>ti aniq §. 

an 3{U an^si aH^l^il^ qrt'fl d Mm 6^ 
fi^R;«ll'tMi H<^ft <VillaH «IIH §. 

KIM "SlW RR'il QtSci ^iHOtlHWl ^1^^ ^, cl 

l-^u¥lH«lR-cassia Fistula. 
t^kct-H. II. p. 261; N. p. 96; Watt. 
II. p. 217; ^. R. Ml. \oY. 

R-^J^llrlW-»R^l5ll (^lo+?io); ^|i^, JIT- 

(f|o); ^i^ng, ';r^5, ^^tt^t^, ^^i^^, arr^i^q (4). 

S-culH-'RHltAKi 351.S ^o «fl 3 ^1d gati 
«tlH ^. =HmI Hl^ft ^U^MlSii Hlicfic-fl ^IH d. MH 
y^M U ll ^d C-thl ^IH ^, ci filHl5l vi^ 
«1H §, anl^ ^1 q^us Md"^ ci ^C-lKi %lisl Miwi 
aMiqqi Mil S. 5»lMi Ml<Ai ^^iHl Ui^fl CHi<'{l Pi 
^c-icft mi\\, $i^ aH«iqi ^"Jl a>ii^ g. ani q'«l<t 

■>n^-»H^ an jjuPti £>Jiiq 3»1i s>iqi c-iiHit «iy~^^ 

d. «a»l ( i^st ) ^\m an^ Hi<n C-tioft ^IH ^. 
^Q'Jl f^lHl^l Mfi ^. 

an^ ?Ai^l ^%liaill ^qi Hi^l J^idlani Kli^lc-ti ^IH 

* SH'li c>)U ^i^iKl "^wat ff/Hl't «*ii oftni 5)1^1 gswi 
•t'-fl <<li ^Ri §51 S. SHn Sis-^i^ gom -HtA rt^ Mn?n 
S 5iy "ntcl-il <^25 aii!,^ Mcfl 't'fl. ■Hit ani ^H*«lWHi 
^IHHUl-fl ^^4 s^'jflSft ■JiCH'il uir^ <Hl«i^'Hni ajli 

(7/>icH"^wi ci^^«A qmqiHi aninc-ii 6. ci meii %irti 

(§ilC-li 5. =H^ ci '<i"iMPi<tl IMWlKl ^I'Wci 91<1<H S5U- 

(/nani ?ii5i ^Hn ^i"^i^ oig-r/ ®M«ii^Q ly M^c-ii 6cti. 
■Hii "wti^ai niciH ov'Mi'iHi Si'ii sJiSi^i qm'^i «ni 
^asH. Ih^ 5lni oav ciiom Ricii^ oftm^ jy vt^at 
CHl^ia nSfl. ann il5l |4i5i 5i^i iji^i (Hgj*- SM^il'tl 

UiJ m"^ S. q«ll q^^ig'fl ci^ClHi «ui< o{It4 flji^i jiM« 
<wl<i 5 <«l^ HRat a^Ml'lMl Si'li sfiJi ?i4wi «t«fl. 
ci^fl Hi^ ci m^ii dM^l^ft 6. Sicii Sis 5l 3(ii (§tj:Q 
3Wl Hlft ci^l <ft'^l Hl>A ci»ii«ft "HlctlKl 5itfi oflw Mil 

ci'ti «iHK MHi §3[l «n^ 6. Sl'ii Wlw hivlH m^chiw 
(v"«{l'tMi«fl Y e«t Sii qi^ ^vii ^m an^ ciM^ q^^i« 
!tm cii HiA stT i^iiMi^ ^§3 'i«fl. »iw 'H'ti ni^wi 



&. mn^ «i5[| m4 hm ^'^ ^i«i ^ih s. wkh- 

WlSl ^ictl ^^I'fl <f»lil ^ ^«<m(1 ^IH S. a>ict^Wl41 

§. wietKl "^i^ «v^i <3J^ »i^ %=ll« <^\. ^Ml»- 

tfl^ <V^l S,$^l tll^l S. 

^ai'fl, <:-{l%fl 2H«l=ll >Hi<^a{il, aH£^«(l ^idl, =(lil^- 

i\^m?. widmi ( tubercles ) §IH §. shR ll>t«l 
«ll'>HiaMl i5(l<ai ^siK) «{l^, ai^aidl, ^^S cii(A,{\ 

Hl't'ft ^"^H ildil «liMl <^il hM, ?i^i c-fleii 

Si 5i'v»-H ildilM^ 3 «ft <J iSUlSli riii^ni x^ict 
(£€t"i Mi^-leaflets )'Q aniM ^iH d.^an^ iii.^- 

6. 6viil»iHi •Hl'i «IM«R| »i«lctl (V^l ViM\ 

anRcnl ^iH 6. SiKi il^il MH'ti ii^n^^i ^iO, 

6, ^ aA «im Slqi iiaii ^tH ^\ HK H «m«ft 

aHl^QHl«li ^IH 6. 5^ MH 3 2(1 S M €lhi A 
\\ «(l ^ 1 ^^ ^=H Ml^ltAl ^R ^. MW'ft <n'^ 
«MiAM^ «4l4i^l ^l(Al ^ Ol'^l «tl clMHl^sHl VWl 
qicA'O '^qi^ ^IH ^. MHHI dM^'ft «Ml/l C-{l€tl 

«\ai, an^ 'HitA'fl ^Qat -^Hi/lqitni ^m 6. mh H<^i 

=(lqd ^IH ^. cl?(l ct ^^"^SflsM a^icQ ^um g, 
cl-fl Hl%l (Sit 5H^ r-llS sVRl =(l^M^l ^ ft^l C-tl^l S. 

ct mMi aHi "^ ^ C-tlW'l iMil 5H^ '3^1 ct^!^ ^^(l 
Mlcttf(l«tc(l §IH §. ct yi^Q 'l^M ^IH S, ct«(l 
'fl=fl ^V-ft an^ «lUl M<3i Mq'l <Hl3Hi?(l 3HIM rlM 
ilCHcfl ^ ^Sicft ^IH d. <1 Mrt <^A«fl "^ cl«ft M«^ 

•S^ §^ M«^ ^41 cl^k "^^l Ml^ MW ih ani^'Hi 

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a^iatS/lcl, an^l ^^i ^^^v M^^qi« ^IH d. anKl 
qi« il«lM MfSc-ll -^i^fA <v<l Mlfl M«3J MlVSca?(l 

«(l =1^ CHlfcH C-thi ^ ^^l at'-Aictl qi<n'{l ^Hl<n«(l 
Ot^lHiHi ^IH 6. ct cl^cl >H<1 *»1H ^. ^^^ )i^\' 
M^ «Hl«3'ii "I J^cti <v\{ CHi?3 ilH d. 

<V^l Mlcttffl ^IH ^, cl li «(l ^ €lat ChMI ^IH 
^. cl Misj rt^M an^l (^(4^1 'ft=(l ^Sc{l ^IH 6. 
cUlM^ «^£qi<AKl \m^ ^IH S. cl >io «Hlo ^m«a 
<VRl -{Isi «lmmtffl, a>i^ «iHl«(l QH^ "V^l «t/l 

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1=11/12(1 Qt^iHc-ti, ^ «(l 3 c-tuJ'i urn, an^ 1 «(l 

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^IH d. ctKl a>ij:^<{l eHl«9 §9{l «flc-ll ^i^lKl »i^l 
^■>Hlc{l ^IH ^. 5;C-l (3MiHl \^ an MJat \^i 

^«>Ml*«4'Tl^^m-'{l Mi>HilSli M ^IH d. cl Ji» 
<Hlo lltj'ii M^l i^cli C-liofl ^IH d. cl vy«Hl "i 
k?.\ Ml«\l ^'iKl ^ Mi^n^v Micltffl ^m d. ^^ ctlaiM 
^8cM C-flc-tl ^^Jlcfl iii(i(l ( claw ) ^IH 6. Mi^Mil 
I Slai«(l M C-tlvJ't Mliltffl an^ f ^a 1 ^ai C-ti«Hl 
^IH ^. H(5i M[">H-fl5ii aMj, «>{lin8(l 't^/1 iw 6. 
cl^ti ^^=t| ^lioilklC-icli ^IM $. Hi^ilH^ ctli^t 
M^HIHI <3c4l'i^l ^IH clfl §«»ft't^l ^>HIH S. ^ 
ctMiKl ^-^H 't^W «V- =H^Scll c(l(A'{l SHl^-A 
^qi/1 ^IH d. ail Mlai Mi">Mil'Ml aniSR^ti Ml^S^ 
SlJ: «^Wl M*»J i^Hi 'il^l'fl >§l/l ^IH *^. 




>i^^'^i-i^ ^iH S. nMi 3 mm H^i\ silni 

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i^Stl 3 «(i ^Jsl il«t § ^ ^ slui "HliHtAcli ^IH 
^, aHM^ni M^Pi^lH M«J1 iil ^IM d, <tlM«^ 
ct H!^ ^IH ^*l «tl^ S. Si V l«^l2ft ^si =i«il 
3"S«^l ^IH §, ct ^Hi §IH d, SH^ii ■H^l»l"Sm 
H<311 -ilt^Hl ^IH ^, ct 11^ r^«ifclH 3Hl=Wl "V^Jlctl 
'l«fl. ^ £^ H^^^Wl ctcjSii ^{l(Al, «a«l ^ 2ttfl- 
ictl ^m §. ct,HWl H^Pl^l'^ Mltni, MQJ MlW^l «Ycti 
i^^l 9iiil%t«tctl 81W <r»lH d. ^tl'O Sthi 3 ii"5%i^l'{l 

^41 =iis^ic(l c-{«Mifci I tl^iKl ^ «*i^ isi n<^ 

eti'-Kl ^iH §. 

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^JtlMl Ma^ ct^ (&C-ll<l ilH ctl ciMHi *Hl»V ^'4- 

^iKl ^1 ctHi =ii3l ^. «Q;>i 31101, <n-^ §1 |yi 

wii^njicfl, ^ «a ^i ![id fiihi, ^ f «a \ a^ 

^5S> "llog afltffl M/l ^^ Kli ^>MIC(1 ^IH d. 
^ft'^l «fl%(l Pi a^caicfl ^IH 6. ciMi HiJli "{W ^IH 
d. ^(InKl ans^ Mlct'Jll M-SSl 5Hl^C-tl ^IH d, cl- 
M^ =^!ityi iltni ^'l^l SH^iHl i^C-tKl WlC-fHUl 

'loi'd ^-ii«^ M^ncft <Hi«Hi^i <f/\\. mii 3i«i ^iH 

atcASctf, ff/^l 54Mdi, ans g^ oj|l wii^Qsicli, a^li 

(l<Hl 'i^'Hicnl, R.^ Hi 3 cHi^'i eihi, R. ?« R.^ 
SH-Jd ^i^icai, ^ H«ai[ i|m ^IH 0. ci ctUcti ct»li«fl 
'^<h[ Sl(/flaHl rflijc?! &. 

ani §MR SllMiHlMi a>il<l d, SIRMIOII'Q tflC-l SH^ 
MH^l ?lM MISJ ^l"t^l @M^ h\^mi »ll^ ^. 

»tl^ Jlfotf^ft ^^U{ <Ml ^[i\i5{[7{ -H^ aMivft 

^itam 5R^i ^t^ni sh^ "{Isn RiiavtSii @m^ 

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an^ 3U^lc(l qi/l -H^saKl aiiSH^ ^^l ^H hViWl 

«^^(ik (§M^ Ml^t^S^Hl Jl"«>Hlcl ai6^«l <i^Hl 
aniSH "01^ HRS^lHl £=tRi •'Hl'Hl cl^liv siiiM^ 

Hl«Al an^ anl^cri'li MK Ml«^lM^ H^ titVi\ 
Siaill S. SRMKani ^[mm\ ^ictl ^%l 35^ & ct 

i>l^i*l i^ &. ct -"Hl^H^m ?i«^ Mcacll ^IM 
d. cl Mi |'>Hc(l ^IH ell jldMl ^SIH §. 'IRMl- 

<ni^€li'^i "^ictHi wiM^i an^ ^nwi »ii<Hsii^ 
=i^>^ ct^l siM^I 6l 'S. JiRHicaiHl a>icH>ii?(i ^«i 
Hls^i d, ct ^i^ tHdr-t^iHi i[^^i ani^ S. jr- 

^ItfllKl wist «l<V^'il »1<H «l«l Wl ilHMi H'H- 
^IH d. SRMltflHl ^C-l^l U'S\k "Hl-HniMi ani^ 
d, ci aniclRiirii M^iv^i a>iHlH §, a>i^ ?1^<V 
aH»l aiRM R^3 ^l«t anPl itH5i)Hct ^IH cil clqi- 
ani^ M>^ aH?ft i^m^i itm g. «H«Hi V^i^fl^llll 
JRMltfll'tl MH >{li( ^ »l^at( %ii8l aticQ (rnn §, 

ci?ft Hani it^ «i "S, Md «ix =»Hi^ ^. <n;|>0cti @m^ 

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«*laHi;i ailrti ^si^^i ii^iij 1 4[« Qii^ g^S^,{l %ii5i 

Rl^ aHlM=tl«ft «Hl^ Md %ilK ani^ §. 3RMl»tHl 
CHlSii'ft Rl>H H^l ^^m ilHli "HH^IH $. atl^lil 
^n-Hl'tl iWMi M<3J JRMlcAlKl WlC-l anifl «l"i §. 

'nailfAWi 1^(1 ctMl^^ <HHl^ C-fliVctSl^ h\H[ ml 
^mWHi 3l«l^l ciPl Ml^l aniM 0, aH>i i^qiH ^. 

"aHR^HHlfsiHW-il^Mltni^l JR, Si, ^^1, cM- 
■»^M^ an^ >lin an o^^ ^t/(l ^ ^kHI C-l'd ct 
Mll^ft 3R. ctlStlMl (§Sl(Acti a>m HiCHl «ni?A ^^ 

(Mi^ <Scti^ ^i. 

aH2?i4, l^aiH^lH risil »i\f\til7i mi \ni ^IH 
ctMR anMlH ^. 3R>ll<ni^l ^a^ ^^^ ^[\i 7\ ^eiSi 
d. ^ ct?(l enitflSl^ PimMi^ SHMIH d. ani^ft 
8ll4 y^ Md>li ^»tlH 6 ^ clKl ^«l 4 "Vt^lH 
ctdSll >tl^ ^HWl ^«Ki ^<l ct fi[(f[tsl7{ MHIH ^. 
3R>tl«ll^l 3R 'A<^'{[ a>is:;trii €lii^rti j^rHl^^ 
cill d, ciKl ^ati aH«^2(l H^ct @M^«(l «t3 S^HltiJ 
^l^ «IIH ^, ^ cl8fl i<l^ ^ 8iai Mi (HTt^l 



3>i5i)i4 3H^ '4H"il4Hi (3MM15Q §. 
M.'^ni ^W-il^i Cl*ll3(l ^IH cil Qcl^ $. 

clK4i. siaKl y «(l d ^i4ti." ( -sio <lo ?flo ). 

'tUl iMl^ ^." (ho «llo Mo ^lo). 

"3i^»ii«ni^ JifA sM «i«l Ml^i^ "*H^, 1u, £is^, 

5H^ ^(Ai ^CH'-d ancHct ^a S">HIH §. sH«(l 5}jj 
OIkI ^c-t ^H'4 i^Hl in^i Ml(Ai, ct»i9>< cl'iiM^- 

^ Hi%t Mi^i ^iH 'S. Mi^ "i^iki ^si ( n"!^. \<:<r ) 

^'i m^l ^fA ^ dlMi^l ciMi >{^<1 Hl« 4fe ^lHl*(l 

n>ii %ii ^chKI fitdi"^ MicAiSii ^sa :i^«{l ^IH 

H'l^Mtcl'ii *^?llMi 55Hlct etpQ ci ct^d -"HHiy «nH d. 

4lHl Ml'i ^(AI i^Hi §IH cil ^ cl^ct i^l €iHi ^\J^, 
aH^ ct^ aniHtlrft uftlHi^i aH^l^ o{l25 ^cl Hl\^Hi 
ilH Hi HIM^ ^Hl ^Sd^H, ^(6 ctl ci ^fUUni Ml<ai 


l-J%u¥l*l«iR-C. Oecidentalis. 

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R-"^^ll«iW-Sl^5"\ (Mlo); il^S^l (?io); ^rat«T 

^r^3fjra55j (qo); m\^, 5r§?r (flo); ^.her^ (ho). 

3-Hi4«i-il^AWi i5UHi aliMm HiSji Q-'Q »ll^ 
•5, ci 3 *(l ^ iOi ^ '^■"hH wimqiaft ff/ill^i 
an'-ft M«3i Slui ^^i H^. ^. aJjcfl ^u'^iaJii €(("{1 
H^l^lcd <VRl d<a ^/\ H^ KlJtOltfl ^IHd. Ml'i 
JRMloiHi •MHKi Ml ^yflM^ anSQiJl ani^ili ^IH 
d, M<^ ci M ^l6Hi ^IM §. ^C-t Ml'Al wl 
(3ic{l MH>ll-5tl "S <M>i^ <vHl aHliR^i ^llH«^Hi SHl^ 
^, aJi^i ^ilili (i^C-t) 4tio{l ^ (H^lHC-fl ^IH ^ ci 
<nHl«?l Mfi ^. 

5i^i aHf>Hi 35UHmi?(l SU ani^iWcfl <Hl« 

Hli'^icfi ^iH d. an^ an ojuhIm^ m4s=^ 6^«i 

■H\IU Wilff. 25HlCt 3A^5fl s>iHl>ii aHlH d. 

^(A-»lri WiCHlH,^ ani'l'/ft^l ^Wdi iUl -^i 
avt4, SlUl »*lil ^ "^diliaHS >A«ll ^«l •VHI ^dl- 
5ilHl'Ji,«M6U^ Q^^l imi ^'l^ ^ aMJ^?a Mi<Al^'4ctl 
> ^i\. ^KAl <3l!i ^l*^ ^' ^'^ SHctV^Sl'H m4i^ 
">{l'-ai Jl'lHl ^IH ^. HJA ij<4|, Hl« @«, c(l'4i, 
an^ Si(caHir{l cii«;^ HCAcfi, ^ ^l? iiHl C-H^l g. 

JsUi ^=(1 «nil, «{l^, a{(Aic{l, «{lc-tl :iJl'{i ^ 

clM^ rn<ail -A^UaMi '^iH §. <u'^i'»ii ^ctcnM 
aniJuHl ff?<i ff«iil, c-fl^l, 2i«i5c(l c-ftc-ii ^JiHl ^ 

ciM^ ^UiilwiHl =H^ <3^ 61^1 ^ "^IM^a «»l">Hl5ill- 
M^ H'^ci ^■^J HICA'A aniy^ ^Hl/l ^IH ^. 

"Uiri-^Hict^ ani^c-ii anPi %iij4n ^m d. aM,{i 

^»-H -fldilM^ «<iHi QM^'ft "tlag 9i,^l il«ll ^'iHl 
aHi aioiicfl ^y^f^^H (j?land) ^IH ^. ^">»^ 
ildil «t-sMi »»iil, QM^Ki <nio9 KliHical, dl ^sa 

^jl aH«?{lHlt«l, ij^l «{1<:-{1 I^ "iujii vjlHliicfl M 
«fl «: tl^l C-tit^l ^IH d. H'ilM^ 3 «fl M 'tl4'li 
MH (SC^ aH«iHl Mi4-leafiets)'{i «Siil5ii aniM 
^IH ^. ci ^-v-H ^iidil'li »li*-(l 'i\^i ^\\ Irt^lTlR 
■>-^l<n «ic(l aH*lia. an iliildi gs ^^Hl Ml^Kl 4lH[ 

6al ^il ^i«(l >^i<n ^iHd. ^ilni'ii MHKi ildil 

HI^Q ^/l ^IH d. ^ilMki MH 1 «fl VS V^ tiai 

c-ii<Hi ^ ^ «ft ^ ^^ Mi^itni ^iH d. MH ctHn^ 
"^^i^itni c-inslitA an^ ^^hI ci^k %iiiil nni an^fl- 
anifAi ^IH d, MHKi "i'^ «Mi/l «{l^ ^ 2i(nsc(i, 

<3MR'{1 %tMl/l^l -<'l h\l <-{lCHl Pi KiM^l JiTil 
^IH ^. MH^i '{ISi'fl ^Ml/lM^ ^yi *M'^d ^^icfl 
^IH d, ciMl H^t^fl -i^lPll ^51 Hl^S^ '•t^ail 
WlHl^^l ^IH 0. anPt ll^ica MHMRHl^a'fl iHl/l 



ilH ^. Mi^ ct rt^ct •^<"l <rtH ct41 ^IH d. 
^. r-llS ^il^^lcil Hill, ^ MIVS'A*-(1 i^HL%i4lcil 

§. ^cH^n iliil c-dsii ^3ir{\ ;^ ^ti^ ^"^s qitA'O 

|«^l/l anl^C-ft ^IM ^. ^Si "^I'-Al ^'Hi ^ ci^l 
^•Sji U^.\ ilH d. 

ani <Hlwi'-(l ^£[ an^ ^usiKl >ii^ iiH §. ct 

ctftA^l «i!i<A«lc(l, ^Siicn lil^icnl ^ ct^ ct(tA«l ^?(>l 

clM^ '■nm'^ <ni«3 §»fl 4^1 ^"Ufe! 1"^ic{l §l*t S. 
■4i"^ilStl 1^0 "ilo "^1441 M^l i^cti £liy{l, ^l^Ltfil 
an^ ct'-d anicl^ aHl^4{l ^IH §. 

^. ^ £?l ^"^^^l^i^d ^ ^i"^^^! ^l"^^^4(c-til 
<^ic-ti sihi q'^c-ii ^iH§; an^ ^ ^'-(l isi ^IH^; 

^; an \ iil%l^l (3-M<'ll M^Pl^lH «ti"it ^ §atl 
|lH d, ^ ci »{«licfl?(l «i [«)A «tfc) @Hlc-il ^IH ^; 
ait ftmiH'ti V ii"^^^WWl \ H14 ?Al4 'I ii 

^ aiM^l ^IH S; aJt ^i"^j^^ m^i^d ^T^^i^Kl Ml«ca 
ani "{IrxiHl Miy Ml^ anl^'Sli ^IH ^. <^Hy 

=ta^^ 1«^ \[^<\[ ^ s^cti ^>nct sy^i >^ii ^iH 

aJU Ml^ a>ii^sii ^iH §. an RictiHrii y aJieft 
^ii Mi^ (§<Hl C-{'^5ll«l M^R'^lH'HlCAi H^=4l^l <V 
^Sl^i naSll'-iat ^TS^^Kl 'Hi^^i anmi ilH § ct 

\ ;^1«-< ^ll^^Kl 'Hiwca^ vi7{ 3 ciHl ani^ioi'ti 

atM<i: M^l3rslH^l<^li ^IH ^, ct aH">i4 ^^"^^ 'iH*'^ 

^iH s, ^ ddc-a^/ > am %t^^ cHi»{\ ^iH §, a 

^ri'5l-( ^^ )-<»y^l His^-l^ca ^IH §. ci <Hl^, 
a^tAScU ^ ci>Hct ciH^ ^ItAl "Hl'A'^l aHiyf\ |HI^ 
^IH ^. ciPl ^:{^ ^gjH ^loyujci ani^n ^IH ^. 
^it'l HatHi =rn^il R^lHl ^ ^t^M^ C-{lstl (^iKl ^IH 

§. ciHl Ir «H'^ <ni<!3 iv^i at-fl aniM ^ih ^. 
4 ciM^ naSiiqa^ @c*ft 'i^i ^m §. ^R'^mi \o ?fl 

^^iKl a>ia Mlcl^li ^<^^l ^IH ^. •^R'lHi "SdCHl 
yfliv d ci ^Q'oi Sldiuy oyi^iiJ ani^ ^. ^M 1 

\mi iWH ^'^tlHSli ^IH d, M"^ clHHi 'H\<V MI!A 
"IH ^ <j41^ m^S^ Ml^li <H^lfc) <§M%ll SMl^CHi 

«Hl«V-| lllat cHl^^i ^IH §. ct C-a^li, atfASdi, 
aiMii (H^Hl ^ ?i^l «^l Wi ^IH ^. ci^ ani 
^1 ^8C>1 'H'^ft ^IH §^ ^Hl <n-^ "tl«3 Ha.2lict2i 
C-i'JiiiiOl sHUi %-{l ^IH ^. 'nW Hi^i ij«i ^IH 

^l« an^ %HIS §M ^IH d. 

M-3i<%l1lH-«RS, ls\U, r=t%^, «=t^M, ^^£«t 
an^ ^l[^Js. 

i">HM^ SliMi^mi ant^ 'S, il^:^l;i ^^ =^2^ 
yi?l H%n SlS^M-< C-tni-i'-tl-Hi ani^ &. il^- 
Jlri H!A WMi%l @H^ ^^ %ll«l Ml=ll aHMlH 

^. si^s^i'tl Min anl^ |"^Hi §(1 ^iH ?ii ani^M- 
"ii![l ani^H'ti i^^nr-tw ^snmi »ii^ &. 

il^iil'li Mrt ^l^^ ct'fl 5lMil iR'ii ^H»y >ll«^- 

^ni airaSii an^ si^siili @m^ ^m<him( »ti^ 
d. ii^i^ni MuKl tlMil clsi>ii @>ti'41 ci cic-i:\i 
Mliai an^ Rti^ ^i«l >i5iH "i^r-d 3u?i'-Mii Qm'. 



MH^ Rl&.^ SH^ Sli^i^ «l«l =ll<ri ci>ii 5if.5 

iiys^Kl ^51^1 ?i4tk ^HV>A clHV S«M25Hrl^ ?jlH£l 

aHMlH 'S. il^Al'd WK-l^l <3Sl'^l ^iHKl =Ml«l 
^CA'-fi^ ^li^s'll il>it& <3M^ M^-tlH §. il^s^Hl 
"{loy wi^t^ii ct|/\;i jLj^ a)i;i -u^y (§\i^ »ilMi^-il>ii 

«Hl'Jn ct^ m/\ ci M[<i[ Hl^i^JHl dli^i^ ^iil'Hl 

iiyj^Hl MK, >itA SH^ "{I'V SHi^l^ ^l^llH ^. 
il^S^Hi 'HlsV cil^'U 3RHI ^Hiy^ hrM 5H^ MR^^l 
fillT-tl 5HMIH §. 5i;ii RHl^l 0U^l ^aiS 31<3JIH 

H\} <r»tH ^. an^ ^4(A ds^ omffct (311^ -^jj aMlMHmi 

%tl8l H%il <^mi (3M^ 2ii\i^cii?(l qi(?ii it/| ff^iH S, >iai 

il#l Ret «l!^ CHl^ §, U %tiXi i^ §, HW'l 
i^ d, ThtI mil S." (ho ^5Hl«)2i?). 

Ml'^Q'^l ^il^ani ^7{ ^Hi-m^^ ^>toy 14-Jct^ SH^ 

Hiiii §5[l 5>ti^ §. Si anf^il f^l^^lH^i 'i|ii 

«^-iiHi ^[^. ^. 

cld"^ @^ ^. ^ <i 5^C-fll!'^R cil HM?. <ry>{l<t*li 
oVciJl^H §3fl 3vi«{ g. -41^ ^;^i ^fci^i ?i^i §-4 

■>MlV-ll "SK-fl <v<Kl Stl'^l aHi>H«il J'^iqiM^ ani'wi 
<^i?l ^. M<5i Si Ric(iH «>{l^ jy @i|,:^lH «lrtl 

*H3R 4l|{l rt^"?; smiii SHlca ^i^ d, 5i^l ^q;c-t 

ilsO n^l^l SM^PI iliO rtHR i<l^ MR<46^, 

»>l>i?Ris ^n }i>H^Ui JlsiiCH il5i=Hrii -u^- 

Wi. nH ci^ »1S 'll^.l^ "^(HlrllJ^lrl b'd »ld<H=l 

si'HlMi Mt»l anl^^l ^, ^^ ani ^q^ilnKl 5iR^ 
aH3R 4l<lqn/(l ff/^4 'Mi^ ^\\is ani^ d. Sici( 

S'ati ciV-m -v^^ ^:^ fcti^ii ^i^i s^ic-l anl^ ^ ^ 

sm duqmi 3 «(1 Y ^(^^ ^c-i a>iicqi My^ r. 

hQ,^ ^fl'sll MIJA <41 clMl^ «l=<l ani^ d. ci 

^R<n£^ ^^t^^tmi IVC-I ^fil-^r^rdrfl rn>{(lil, 

M^ ^1^1^(1 ^C-l «^Rl (3lH^ ctl. — \V9 anW^d I&03 
^ ^1<V oyHH %tiHRi?l ^ct ^il ctMl il^ftHi 

^i^4ti <^<[\. n ^[^[^^.'{[ vi[-y>\\^\, -^\^ifM[ %ni 

i?.cli M«^ \i\ "{l^ =l^^l£ ^R, «lcti %t'<-d<M^ aniM^ 
Sirll gl^qi t |i^d2ll ciHl^ ^SWl Sil^Hl 6cll, 
^'-(1 cii^ Mll^ft ^anlM'-iiKl <f/\\ ff^Ml « MS^ 
C^A^ Sis •Ml<<ft "il^l^fl aHlM=lRi a>il^^ 6^. ci»fl 
T»l-^a>il^rn ani"^^ ^UlMi aniS -UHJ^Q aniMHl* 
•Mini 6cli. Si r^PtMH il^i^Hl §U=(l ^ «(l 3 aM^ 
^d^HlS V iOi '^'^l =*^Hl i^ctl an^ clMi 'iV'tR 
MmHi l^[ aHlH-Hl C-lPHi 6cti, ^ M'»iaHl^'{l aHl>M^ 
^^ ^(l^il <H^iy"^Mi 'Hl<V Ml!/! <lt^l SrtRqi 
C-ilM5f aMR «lHt a>ii=(l (idl. '^ \»i\'^[^^i <3ctl^ 
C-{im (^c(i. ^iHRiJi^ci ^ilcll'fl >ic?i QslcHl ii^i^Wl 
du=imi or !il$l aHK'S cHl i^cti »iW HH^i 
s^lCH a>iloHl 6cil. Si^ii gUHlSii^l Sjs anRlSil 
an^ 'Klirvi MlW^l SiM 5i ci^^tlj ^1*1 ^l Sicti t>{l9y 

Sl^i^Kl »ll5t <Hl<r«' b\i\ (Negro-coffee) rt<l- 

qni ^'HRi anmln ct^"s (3M«iRmi ani^ d. cl 

Sl^i^lsy^l ^S ^125^1 §U=ll^ ^ct«R tll^ct^ SV 
=ti>ii a>iitl ni ct S\i.^[ «i?ii (3V^pQ «tfcf Mi 1 ci 
^S ani ^<H^«1H^ ci^iv ani ^"H^itH-il 6llll^ «l^l 
MSl^l^l ^^cil hi\ aniM. an^ M^^«l«ft ^I'i^ ilVflHl 
(T^sltSi aMl «lll M^ Mtt\r\[:([ l^n 41>P ('(i^ll Jlifl) 

si^M^ii 35ti=ii oyei€i?(i ^HdRi ^ ci 3i>l M 
%ll^R^ »y>{l'l>li QiHRi ^. >il^ -Sii^d^J M^cl? 



Hl^ct^ i^ d'li M'-ll^lHl ^d%l^ §MHPl i^'-tl^ 
an^ sH^li «{l(iy^l hl^ rl<11 ^MR «n^ S^=ll;i 

aHM>^ ^^3^1 =lHlXl 5^ ^^IHR^^mi cl^l "l"l^ 

Gs«H^Mi '• Ne<^ro-coffee " ^l ^ ^^l ^qi^t 
( Kew Report ) i^f^Hld^ ^lH[\ WMl^H^li ^, 

rt «^Jt ^«i(^ci(2ini oHiMi^ and R?xrt ,iisi^i^ 

l-^U^lMrlR-C. Sophora. 

4«l-rl-H. II. p. 262; N. p. 97; Watt 
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Ji-'^^lI'lR-il^sO (MIo); 5l^s:a (540); ^^"ifr 
(ho); ^gK(, ^a^ (f|o); ^gfi(g (^o). 

iiysil i^cli aJlDJl 3H^ Hi^n Ml^ Ml?l «ll<l Sj^ 

^[^i ^h ^.%H ^m ^i n'S ?.M ^^ih '3. 

\««i ci %iyfl aH«tni MHKI ?i»-H ildil (§M5. ^[M\ 
•HWii MK (s<H 5HU=tl Mi4 leaftels) Kl ^ilanl 
H^jl Mm Ml^ §IH d. an^ ^ H «(l ao ^ l^ ^IM 
d. Si ffnilMi'il MH il^iJHl MH <^d«tl (Hi«ii ^ 

^i^itfil §w( 'i^fl M>3i ^m lii. misi an^ ^^^ 

^IH §. il^'li 3JU<Hi>liS(l M<^ il^i^l <v4l <V 

M'\[i[ anifs 5ii^in 5iM ^'4Ri aniq ^. 

il#.^ JiUg Sl^ai.l h'<d[ HHl^ ^S^ ^"^HIH ^. 
■^Hl HHl ^i/l an^l Miy Ml^ ant^C-fl ^U^HiaHiMl 
^f.^ C-fl'ctl i^rii -lli^Hi 3(l?-i ani^C-li Ml-i ^ M 

ajis^ qc/fl Mltai 'j^liKl 'Hi'ti «Mi4 ^^^Kl i->Hic(l 

■^IH §. il^jMi '^4^1 Sl^i^Hi ^<Hl kid <H>hH 
^l^i/ >^ld[ ^IH &, ^ :^5l M^i iV^l ^Ri ^IH S. 

Sl^iO'd "{Is? <^H1 ct^l6 ^4?!^ hl^i.i7{ 
M<Acfl ^IH ^. a>i^ il^ju s^Mi (3?l ^ cHl il^sd 
Mi^ §51 §. a)tiq?ilM2^R^i ^^i ( MU'4s^ )'il 

tlili ii^s^i «ni ii^iO^ ^m^ M^S i^ §. Sirii 
y{l<v an^ Min^i si^^isHl mk hhm H'Hii sis^ 

an^ ^H^M^ CHSll-lHl^i ani^ «i. andl ?ii3i an^l 
§M?ll3l "iHl il^Sl ^Hl §. Sirii 3hPI il^i^Hl 

Mll^a Sl^ 'li^ MKMl Mil »l<=i 'li^ --HIH 

rtW anitflMliJ ani^ §, an^ RllH i^Q^ >^ld( 
an^ 'ikl'ii MH SM^^a*/ SliiAl '^^ il^A^ ^*l 
"I <M£i 'll^l MlCHi o/iJllH &. il^i^Kl ^UHl 

CtH CH3H^ SJiHctl ^^ Q>, a>i^ «l^l s^lCH ani^Ml 
i^ S. %ll^ ^l/l aHH Ml'^ft'HltAT <^^\m h[%i^ 
'-■i%h^ H[\m^ \l^ =HlMl i< §. M(3i ci M^Sl 
•hH an^ (^lMl«llHi ^ii[[ ^ICH anlM ^, ctd^l 
ct'ii "din ^"^ml an^ (3-t?,ial aHlMcfl 4^-(l. 
it^sTl ctH<v il^sjl Si tJir-Ti c^t^ctiStij^ m^cl^ 

•l-^U^1«i«il^-C. purpurea. 
tm-E. II. p. 263. 

(qo); ^F55i ^rCr. (il°). 



4Wi 'tK&Hi »1IH S. 5H^ clKl ^iil, ■^ll'^lSil, 
MH, Ji41 5H^ ^it'l -Hi^ 4l(iHi 5H^ fH^l4 S^ 

5Ml^ d. Mi^l iltfll it^i{(l (V^i^iv "^ly <nR anPl 

l-J«ll¥l<lriR-C. Tora 

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^mz\ (to); =gf^r, =g^g^, T^r^R, qj?r^ (fto) 
S3?nJ, as^n^, =^^^1, ^|^jt (^o); H'-i^^ (i'^SJ^), 

<^cii ql^l <rnH ^. 4 MR'-tl ilH S, cHl^ an»ii 

Sl^!(l '^^l SHi^J^mcfl <Hl%t '{lie?! $. 

aH»fi ^Mi^Ml Hl'Q ?(1<Hl (§M^ «l3ii> §. <l:yicnii 

('Jf'Srft^O ^i'^'*' H^^iwi ^l^^iKl ^liiHi and (ii^al 
M^A^d) '^i ^li'i <&a- ^'ti Hw 5!H, ^^, rtw SH^ 

a!li3 "d'^'ll y:^(^'=U MCicl «rr«i8RW ij^rS^jSi StM-ll?^ 
c\ «<li3 SIM >i(iUHl iii'«llR{15i t<li m^«j i43 !H^ rtii 

5HI-HCII 6rtl sJi^ Sini V^in ^l«trtl Hw ^ SHMl^lid 
oilH, rtnis *1H siiSt MlHlKl mX^sp ?MWrtl 6rtl. 

5?:^ ^4 ^iH d. hiaKI ^-ti^ Sii =H^ ^Hi?, HIU«- 

aliased C-flMl ^ !il5!W«lctl "Hlc-tl ^JlKl ^IH §. 
5H^ HH^ (3C^ 'Wb 5H^ tii^l ^IH S. ^U'^HWHl 
"SWA (HPIM^ %l^S 'HI'-AHI \'M'n ani^C-fl ^R g. 

■m«i-5Hirt^ 5Hl^CHi ^IH §. VUKI ^>*-H ild^ 
R. «(1 R.I ^=U <hHI ^IH '5, ci xiiHl fA^ h'A 

•3, ci'd (iM^-ft '-Hiog Kli §iM ^. 5H^ '»1 ildil- 

'S. ci aH^i>l Hl^i^il (3M^ ^rti >^l/\«l'fl ^IM 

^. ^iAi. \M KIM ^il R?i?(i -iie^iKl ^ 

(smrki s«n ^ii ^w ^§1^ ^iH ^. =iu!^ 

•^Si4\ ^^rQ c|i5l ^^i.H ild^r{i rflsKl 5>ij^ -S^- 
^SHl :^oi^ 35Xn \ ?(l f C-tlW4 C-ti^ ^^if^H 
(o-land) 5HiM ^IH ^. (Si^^lhi MK I «fl R. 
^^ C-lNi 3H^ f '^^'■(i \^ ^=H Ml^l«li ^IH §. 
ci'd ildil ^^2f^ ilH S. ci iliil Ml^ «iwl- 
81cli SH^ ^^^[ cl^!^ ^ll^l<Ai ^IH ^. MH^ ^^^ 

^Ml^^l :i31 <-(l?il ^ '{iSi-ii^il i^l^l (C-{l?)l) §IH 
d. MHKI ^H^Hi «Ml/l C-O^ ^ '{l^lKiM^ «"^S 

^Hl^ ^M'^i S'^l'^d t^lH ^. MH "Ti^ii ^IH S. ci 
2il(A^l^ H>3li =ds<3ii CHPl ^, 3H^ ^=tl£ M^l =(i5- 
>«ji, ^ Ml«'A'-(l <v^l 3i(A2{ii ^ =(i^M^i C-llJl §. 
■MK^l ?i-^H iliil'tl «l>S»li '^'•^ «ni«9 a>l»i 

ildil i^cli %l^ay 'il^lKi ^ Mlcl(4l ^IH ^. aH^I-Hl 



^3Hi im '5. ct'ii >4i=i "H^i Si J; «41in?(l 'ii^i'ii 
't^ll ^ «1f. "HitnKl v-^itfi aHiq«{l ilM ^. «1'^ 
Mi^ioj ^i*i 'S, ^ 4[>-i[ ^^li M^ 3 snyH c-ii(^ 

<^/5l ^Hl^ cni'-Hi qicatl ^R ^IH ^. MiSl \^l 
^lil'd Ml «lui ans^ 'H^liai ^IH S. 

^^"m^t'-rt'^^iH-'fl Mi^^il^u M §iH §, n 

^l«[l 5H^ (3M^ "Vcti Ml^l^ffl ^IH ^. MIM^fl 
«H'i»ii' Mlcl«[l an^ ^^l^qi«il §IH ^. Mi">HilM^ 
§^ 'l^l ^IH S. Mi">Hil %*^<V ans^ c^'Jicft ^IH 

M<«i ^I'-fl >^l^ Mi->Hil (kl-il) "iH Ml^ HI^Q 
Ml^l<Al ^ "^aiMi •^iatqicffl ^IH §. MiMil |; ^a^^fl 
ct I ^ai C-ti'41 an^ R.^ C-tifcH?(l 3 CHlWd Ml^icffl 
^IH ^, n ^io «Hlo %n-i[ M^l?(l anict^ ani^C-fl 

Mltfll ilH 6; <^ 5t>^ :yi«^l aHH>4 §IH ^ ^ 
H^i sAiSli ^ ^8e>t ^IH S, ctM^ M^t'lll'^ ^4 
(^Crtan aHi^sii ^ictl H«(l; an^ is vjt^ H'^^l^Hl 
M^RllH ^4 ^^^^^ aHiqsil ^IH d, ct <3<*il 
^IH 0, rtM^ "i 'Hl'^aH aHftS; @cHi s^lA, an^ 1^^ 
^ («A ^"^Wl ^IH S; an V9 Ji"^^^lHi2(l M<^ 3 
■^■il^i ^ Y '116141 ^IH ^. 

an^ iil^^l^ (3=(1 ilM ^. ciPll 3l9ikH Sii'J^t, 
«M-^ '-nioa 'fli'tlSll, anPl ctM^ ^\i ^ItAHl |=il<n 
llH S. 'IRhSI iy,8cM, «(l^, ^ ?i>H ^ll'JllWSijj 

J?ir3l-(!(C-l)-'>l-^ ni<53Si?(l ff/:^! ?«ilH«{l M*^ 
«til ^IM §, ^ Ji«fH C-flc-tl ^si'ft Mi^ MISO^ 
^il=ll Mii d cMl^ Qi^l ^^irfl «ty <MH d, ct 

d. ^a^i-O M I Hi x\ ^a^nl §iH ^. ^Roi 

ildl Ml?i »>'^l «iiil ^IH S, ^ ^RH <V^l Sli'4l 

cflj^ioi aH(^fl'-{l'41 ^IH ^. ^0.31 aJ\Sf «Hlog ov^l 
'lii'-t'-/ic{l ^K «i. ^Q'ai'O Mlvs'il'O «niog V ^ 

^1«1L 'Hl«l'{l V'^l^ ^IH §. «ll3l«{l ans^ ^o ?U 
3 41(^41 '-nliv §IH &. 

0{l(JV-at(n5cli ^ e{l«i ^m $. ct 5\ts ^l 

n tniagSi illtAl'cl^lcti an^ clM^ <H=-aiiHa^ 5{5 S^Q 

^Ctl^iSiCtl ^3lr{l C^iT ^[il §_ 0{|ff^ t(^[ s,||^ ^m 

§. (41<5y M8fH «{lCHi, M'i\ "<l'ili, aHH S<^i C-flcHl- 

JIS^M^ =ilMilH ^, y-ililaHHi ip-li M14^ SilHl^ 
3l<l'>i illll ^IIS i^ -VHIH §. a>j;i rtH'l^l cHi 
MH «HIKI^ ct^ ^lyg i^ §. flHiv aH?ii(^ ^i^ 
S^ §. cl -"MlMl^T ^i «l!j aniq $, ^qiilsHHi 
MH an^ '^W >r5[^^[ MC^l(A^ c^:^ ck^T gi5^-4^ 
CHJllilH §. cl^i MH qiilPl ct^ft tlMil ^l^ii'-H^i 
<§H^ ?iJ!lH §. ^^-llilaHHi MH^l i=tiat si^jjf/^ii 
^[^m =tM^lH ^. ci^ov ^ctlilaMHi MH =11,^ 
•"H^ffV^tiM^ oiHlH ^. ^--llilaHHi ^C-i %tli^ «ill 
il^fe'HltAl^ a^MlH ^. Wl^ ^ -u^i Silll ^cuilsHHl 

%it«i Hiii sis^M^ =iiMi d, ^ ^M ^?ii(/a <^=a 

JlillM^ SiiMilH $. ^^llilani^i «4]^ i-<<v4i (mV 
m^ ^Idl £IS^M^ C-iaiUcii^i 5Hl?l S. ^qiilsHl'li 

■"ilH S. ^^lila^Hl <4V »'^mPiHI |5l(A 'H"«ici 
tlijli 3i:(l«i $li-Si -uilctl mi ^'-llilaHHi ^iV 
il^s^Hl '^I'd mXi il\l^ "^Sli^ qiM^ ^isiH g. 

"^^tlilaHHi "Hl^ ^=H >n^ff/, 1l^,, SISR, >H«, 

<l^i §, Mi §, 5i^i mIs^i^' «iii Mi^ ?i ii^iiisi 

(MTt M«3l Hi. §." (^o ^o Wo). 



wil^aj) S=ll tl£^ Hl^ H>^ «^y §. f,l?.^ Ml^ 
't^ft. ci^ sHU'liSJl «ISI ^C-l>l yi?l >l'A<l ?U^ 

@4=ll«fl ^Iffvt ^ifcT 5>ii^ cHi^ ^milsMHi MH^l 

{a. <[. 5A.) 

»l( 24lMl^ anil "H^li S^l d. ^ aHl"»Hl Q.t^^ll'tHi 
3Jl>A ^Jicfi ^IH, cil rlMlKl aJii ani |Hl'ila>il "H^i S. 

h4-( ilO^(>l^i:i(l ). 

t-^ll^HHlH-C. auriculata. 

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3^^, (iTo); a^^?:, a^sr, ar?!^ ( fto ) sri^^, =^- 
w ( ^o ). The Tanner's Cassia (Eng). 

3-Hl4'l-aHl=l(aHi aJUqi 3 «(l 1o (li ga{l 

MH aHi"iC-{l Ml «</iW^ SHl^CHi, an^ ^St il^id 
<^=il Ml<ai, cisil sixi^[ ( ^c-t ) aiH/l, Mintfil an^ 

MMl («IHI<?1 2i£^ ni5 d. 

"i c\dl H»4't'i ifcl «»'^^ "Veilfj 't^O. ell Mm ^• 

^yi-^ flai«a ^ i\i., -}i H>H^ dil (vHld 
(ilH ctl H^^l M<«1 P-i?l4 -Hhi 3H^ lii ^IH &. 
cl ^4^*1^ (&l«l'{l "il?3 ^=li Mii §IH ^. ^'ti 
^'4l>iyiHi«(l liHl^i sAi^l SiidlSil KlS^lC-ll 

^'I'fl Mi^ ^IH d. ci «iil ^ ^t^V'-Hct ^IH ^. and- 

M^-A Sllil-Hl^Mi iWl^^dl «lfc) <rnH d. 5l^ CHli4 
Rctl%l«ictl "^tni -<5l^, tjioi ;i ^<v«i^ct ^IH d. 
Hl^ §M an^ RrHlS ii=ll^S^c1l (iXl Sll^ §. 

iiii <v<l "Mil «iiH ^. nKl »iei «n6R«(l 9^;ii 

^'1*0, ■^-i'^atil an^ ^HIH^ SfJil =fl^l Ml^ll 
^IH 6; SHS^^ft ci ijlil «{lc-ii ^3iK\ ^iH g. -iiHOl 
^IMl^ilM^Kl telSt Q^^ ^^MC-d aH«lcti c-ftc-fl ^IH 
d, ^ ci'ilM^ ^l</ll \ k\bi rtM^^ani qicAKl 
|<^l/l ani^C-fl ^W 6; >siil 3H^ ^imiani^ fillip 

§, -n^ ^ilH ^ cHl^ Qi^l RWl ^'l^ »tW <r»tH d. 
WlC-tKl qi« ■>H«3^'tl R%1 <J>>=Q an^ ^=U£ 44^1 

>4l«i-aHict^ ani^Sti ^IH d. ct Y «fl S ?fat 

SM^'O «Ml<n^l :^5l ^tfll««i^l 1(1^1 «{l^l ^ 'fl- 
ai'd^l ^i-v lO"^l ^IH ^. MHKI ?i-»>-H iliilMR 
<i «ft 1R. ^ilaal 'tli^wi MH ( £«l ansint Mi^i- 
leaflets )'{l aniM ^iH S. (?i\il»liii £^i Mw 
<v?i ^i^iuj, "H^SlicA, ^^^ siicaiyslcj 1 ans^ 

f «(l \ ^at €li<a 'I I ^=^ Ml^l'^i ^IH 6. 
MW^l ?i"»-H ildil <§H^'{1 <Miq>J Kli^ioi'l ^IH §, 
an^ clHlM^ •Hli&l'ti MKKI sviilKl <Ha-al anis 
@9a IW^anl :^3lHl Ri|^^ J^W^C^M (gland) §IH 
^. MW^ 5imHl2(l ^ =^S«li <Hl5l d, 7\ nHi«ft 
(33i an^ c(l»{l ctiy rflic?! g. n^l ^MIS i4Hl«- 
«l^l =(lii^l ^ 0.^1 CHlSl d. MK ^ilH S cHl^ 
Qi^l ^Irtl ^'Hi nW T»tH ^. 

<3HMl«i-Ml't'0 ^»-H ildil'il »t4Ml Wl 1 
cticai S\ dMMH ^IH d. MinKl Ml Smmh §m^ 



^>^ ildil i^cti Mil, an^ ^I'-ni Qi^l^lfl-il 

^iH ^. SH s^s ildM m;^ ^t^ it^ ^'^MM^i 

aniil^ rtUHl "HH'il «lHl M">Ml J?^l ilH d, ^ 
cUlM^ "il^i ctmi MK'd (§9{l n>ll y/'<\ 4*11 

^m &. Mtil H° "^1° "^I'^'ti ^^I'ft "^1 <t aMi 
c(l-*H\ M«3i 9/^1 i^^ilti ^stHl =im^ Mtncfl ^IH 

%u«(l >^idi 3 an^ ci?(l cii^ni y l^^m 

■H^PlllH si'>t5li(a ^ H»tl5l "l=lil a>i^|l=tlCAl ^IH 
5ll«llWJlctl atMil (|lH $. 

<{l€ll ^aiKl ^ Ml!/1^ ^ilH Wi rtl^ i^i^l ^Idl ;i5l'{l 

^a( Mlil'4l |lH §. cl M ■4l?l <V^l «iii\ 

^iH d, ^ ct'iiM^ ^mi ^n^aKl sHiy^ ^hi^ ^ih 

\o t>{lcnr' ^IM §. 5^ j^j tHl9v"{l qs-Sl Sllil ov- 

«ft«V-il2li ^IH S rHl^ (lil (Klc-tl ^3Hi :{ 
Mil ^ cHl^ «(l%li, aiCTiSdi, Qi^^i «{lsii ij3ni stvT 

"iH §, ci ^ cHiyrt sti^ni »i;t <! «a i^ cHiW-t 

\n<^i ^i (^§ ^IH §, ^ ciKl 5H« »{liV fH^m 

^l<Htfl §M^ s>iMm S. ^:^^ ^%tlK^ iRcli "oi^ ^ 
^'Hl^l Sllll^ MdMi Hl^ 8tlH, 2H«t^l ajlil 1 Sc-t/l 
«11M, cil aMr-(^4i H^AKI «l«t ail<l ci^l ^^di o^ 
^iJl ^ii[ Sdi^ irnn S, riUi at^ltSlR* ^ci ct^ct 

^m"^! «v«jim S. sHiMtfui »j(aKl »ich li^^i, <n£- 
^"^Hl, ^^i, (3it<n an^ :>llll an ^H ^l^lM^ HI- 

«l1'3l <^5^i, 3ii^^[ ( tiii ) SH^ ^5ii -uilH §. 
a^iintani MH, ^CH an^ ^ll'ill^l ^1l vt^^l ( Mieii ) 

^ cidi jju^is^i Kl^ Mleii ^iH 6 d iiu^i 
S-^itniKl =i-«Hci anPl ^Kltrn ^I'^i ii<?i |iic^ -u^m 
S. (3d Hi4s=fl aniqtfi -"Hiai 'I'-ft. %ticfl > 
511-sRi yi4 ^^ i^qi?fi <*iV[i if\ 3i>\i ^m 
cil <^^ ^i lli^i wn'tfA'ti iitfiKi wiJi^ ^<n ci^l 
«li| Mil ^(A<1 H^i a>i»jt etii %iict Rq« -uiq. 

^l^ S, ^l^^ anii^^i a^^Ml ^IM cil, "H^l^ ^a^d 
-{IS'-Al ^IM, cil aHiqtfl'ti MW^l Sil^ll ^i^;^ MqiH 

S. ani^tcani mk Miii ^ili =ti/i a^i siiSji i<l 

^l^^ S^Rt^l an^ aniij^l §M^ >HH^l^ S. a^K. 

{Q'ii Mn^ ^<ni |->MiqiMR oiH[^ }s\^mi wii^ 

S. aHi>H |->H=(l »il<l iw cil ani^itfl'fl aieni 



MH, ^l£J">MR, 5H^ sHi"i«{l4i "4K ^l^l =tl^ 
a^l ^>im aH«i'-ll ^li C^p(l ^IM, a^si^ »i;^^ ^ 
c-i^-tsil Mil ^IH, cil ciM^ ^M i^^-llHi ^Hl^ ^. 

•Hi^ ci^L Ml^l "Hi«l ^IdH^ 'WHlH §. a'llHt/l'ii 
ctl^n MK (3-ii.i Mll^dHi (HIV^I ciKi q^lcnlaHi 
■HHl ^ITvlM^ ^iS^L^i SHl^ S. aHl'Htfl'ii Ml't^ 
'^liO ^ 'Hl^lKl ^l<r»l §M^ "{'■-im ^. ^^RsR'll 
?Hl3-<iM^ aniqcA'li MH^ ^iHl %ll5l <Hldl ^^l S^M 

^IH, SH^ ci MRIS Mlcj 'I ilM, cil ci^ anW- 
ffHi "414 Hlii ^l«l -Hldl ciKl SS-HH^ ^l^ "i^l 
(i^^^i R-V q>Hct g.l?l2(l H^ S, d«ft CHlcn 
^^cU o{tl 8ifcJ ^1^ i'hi:j15 T^Wl Stl^l ^. ^R4i 
Md^i aPHlci Mil ^IH cil 5>iW(A 5H^ 'niH'll 
MK MlSi anPl aH»v»ll ^[^ <Hldl cHi '^I'v^l'ii 
tlldHl Mlilani S^ ^IM % Sli^l •^H^l^ «i. 

^i^-i '^-s*;! 'HH «iti 31^ ^iH cil ani'H^'ii mh^ 

■Hli'l cii^i :;:%{ Sl(il Mll^fl ?A[k 9[(f[<[ hl'i ^ii 

^I'-ii (3^ ^ic-fi a>ti riaii qcfi rt Mit^a ^i ^! 

^li^^'i =H3l 3{illW si^ §IH, 5H»l=ll M'cSU SlPfl 
ilM, "S 'Hl'rn "ilW il<(3l?(l cii^i -^ u^:^;^i ajC-titl 
3lHt ^IH, cil aHr-l'Jl<ii MKHI "«HUiatlM'< M»ll^ 
i^ clMR ^^ <lHl ci Smr «fl^ ^--lld ^iM-< 
V-Wl •ii'Wl mim «^=i ^li Js^HlHi anl^ ^. 
ijijl 5li 1 ?i'^^ -i'<H Mi <i ^IH cil ctMR aHl<H- 

i\<i[ cii<rn Mi-i ^i^-Q §MR Mi^i 'niH'Hmi aniq 

6, ci^A ?i<M| 't^H 4lW Mlil t«.CH!/l «tlH S. <HRS1 
an^ itl^'i'il 3iii Sh^ aHl<Htfi4i M14 ^Idl cl^l 
$lM i^^-tlHl SHl^ §, an^ aHiHC^-li MH-Hl ^^l-fl 
%ll?l ^lljSll M1M,S">MR ^ta^-fl ^iCm M=llH t^. 
^li Hli^i ilH cil anicl'/ni MH ^l^.Ri ^l">M<Hl«fl 
s^lHll »11H d. anr-lfA-ii MH^l (§Sl<?ll aH^lHl 51^1 
KllKl iv^l'H HIM^ %tilH ^. ani'-iOi-ii MH an^ 
^flSll •eS'^MplHl limHl ^">Hci MiSjl si^n elili 

■^icti (&ni. anr-toi'ti ^c-tKl ?iPifl ^'liis^ anPl 

^l^Ml^l ^ifei RHr-l 'Hm^ <^^<{[ ilM, ctl cl aHd- 

iir-ii^ =feil^i ^^^ i^. ^liflani ii?l(SiMi an^ 

R?l'{ M^ll<n *lcil ^IH, ell ci andir-iqiPl aHl-Hcnni 
•^5t^l Sl^l MHIH d. aHiqtA-li MH ^Hlfc) aJiJ ancWl 

^%tH'ti ^ii <3a^ ^. anr-i'A'tl y-iei ^fl a*ii 

^ll'A^l R%t -([""{l ">mHI^ anioHi ^i-^ Si il'A'H'^n 
^I'^Hl, cIhWI aHi «rncl^l "»{iHl^l £1^ «M'tl'HqRi 

ani^ d, aHi'-trA'd WK-l a^ic-fl n^ 3^il(S a^^ 
W^ib ^ "5 ct PrrliMdl ^^ijotil (o;ik-bark)- 
rft (villJH MiM^ ^ISIH §. aniHcaKl wr^ »-t»iR 
^Ifil a^m^i W-ii-ii iRHl ■>MW J!<1 -HIM^ d. 
aHlH'A'li MH, 'jC-i ctm hi^ s>ii'5[[ \njj JDm ji^^i 

"HM'^iH wi. a>ir-i'^rt[ •j^'^;ii ij^r^jf, t^nir-tiHi anr-l 

d, ci il?R an^ il>l^^ (§M"< qM^lH 'S. anm'il'd 

wi'ii'ti si'jiMl ^i Mii^i ^iH cil ^Ricni s^ir-imi 

ani^l §. a>ii :t'-i^?i;ctiii n\S\[ o^[z{ls\ ( aH3'>{l ) 
«llll 211M S, n'-ft ajif^rti ti^ji till anici'/iKl 

iwii f.ictisi s^ ^, cm ■^{lyfl ^ "^ <ni'-i(a ff?'-(l 

%ll^ «i:(l 4?(i aiM^il anrfl vji^t iii[^ ^icii>(l S^ 
^■^^IH^ i?. i\ ^. anr-tca-^ «lCH>ti?(l MtY'^a 

In \^i «{lj!^ §, ^ ^i<l 'n'tiH-^'ii smMi 

aHl""-(l ^l"%. aHlHVUi "HliV ai^i<ii t>{l<f»"{l Hl!(i 
a^i'^M-ll S^SHl <Jt^!4l41 SlHHl HMRIH ^. aHictcaHl 
"{lir/^ Mlt^flMi <Hl<A ciKl SlM«(l ^l-SJi'-Mii a>i^ 
aHi"^ni |:"^l=llM^ ^JiCHl^li ani^ ^, anr-i^l'ft 
■?11">H12HIM^'-(1 Wist Mlil SIW ciKl «ifl qcAcl^J 
ctfl"5 H^\ kllii <3M'"^PRi Si §, ^ an «i(nct«l 
«V^l «(l^ ^IH cil M<Si cdsH ctlM^A ^(i\ '5, an^ 

anr-icn^ 'i.fA «ii&u ^i^i tii^* i^««5 sR<m ^i^ qiM^ 

^. anicitfl'li H[A<i C-lliii'il "SlC-iyi "IHR^Rl 
ani^ ^. anlHcnKl *liflHi^l Cl=twufl ( matches ) 
"i'iir-ll'd iiil «n'tl'=(l ^lilH aHH i^qiq ^. 

H^^lSHl Mli^fl^-d ^RHJ <vc(l ^i^l'fl t^iogSii 
ciM»V nicni ^ yi-SlWl (4l5ll ( ^illM )^l «^a<l<H 
i^=ll clM^ aHl=lCfl'li aJUqi (§5lU^mi a»ii^ d. 

"ani^ica "^lii^ =iiii[ i^ 6, Mie^i |.H»ii <ni)0 

ani'^HM^ t^iEj ell €>Mc(l Mil "IH S, >{ldHl ^R, 

(mti, Si>(, cii=i, ^i«i, wPiiR, far^Rsu, st6, 

ClR«, Kl^l^ ^^ ^Rl^ Mdll d. ^<i[ ^C-t <l^- 

^^i ^n m<i *i^vii i^ $, ii>i,g,;i ^iQ $, 
ci'd ^tifl «0i3i ^[^'^ di^i §. an^i tHl(v M^>1 
^^M^>1^ mCi d, cini ms\ fciicjrti ^^ ^in;) 

Mill §." (^o |3HlSi2i). ) 

l5-*«tl«ii->il^<H(/a ciH<V ll'^ft J^iR oi-Hl-i^li 
aHl=l^ t<(^fl ®3l §.* 

Si (io^i f.(^ia| Mf«tM an^l >l^H ilicttf «IIH &. 

=»i\.(f.(>\m[, ^ItoilHlH SH^ uUJMi HtJlWi 3ll>il'fl 

^MHi sHwta ytjQ §5i 5. 




H3V( ^3^r>i^iJ^ ). 

\-^\i^Hrl{H-G. obovata. 
tyi'ct-H. ir. p. 264; N. p. 98; V/att. 
II. p. 220. ^. Pt. Ml. (Sfo. 

( ^° ); '^^ ^K^^, nCran^ (iro); srir ^^isi (if o); 
?^rf?5f (Ho). 

»lC-t aniVl ft^tl^ S. ?lHC-(l^l?ll5l Sini gwiq cii^ 
«<r-(l V-d ^iWli ^iir/^K '-ISllH &. Sr^l^l siliti, '-HHl 

fttHU S. 5ii>ii^ Trill"^ H?%H« Mi^l §lM 5 c<ll^ Qt'^l 

5Hn ^iii^i <HHi St-ti -HK "^w &. 'H Rwm «m' 5ni 

M''<lMil^ <=W^M(<i 5 rtlMi^ rt Sis, .tjjtft ^<i snoi^ 

SM^in^ ff/I^W 5. ^rt<H'«^ '^•Hl M^ »H^ ■H2«l^=ll«ll 
?iCHi>li ««li HH»l%l »H^ ^l^^ y^fT*" Mlct»ti i4l«l M^i 
Sil4 CHPWl %l'9tH H| 5, «*li rtni SJCHlJ/ rt^l MVH^"^ 
T^titfi sHWl S'llil 5. 

oil^ S'HMHl'HlHi i^i i"<Wl'(l (4^4 JrtaSi rt<l HH 
't^, SH^ tin mRijii>1 rtSii t\a{\-^ SHlMwlSlKi ^M5i 
rtHl «ll^ C-lsT <l!tcll •I'fl. Hiil »Hl 1m(^ 4^=11^ yi^fl 
■•ii^ft dH^ & ^, »Hini si^ltH $ll5l "'^C-^-ft 4Hmi W'^cl 
H^'lct 4^, %llll '>HI^I4 "tit!, tt'cir^ dS'tl $il3lH 5. 
HlJ clSiwi ( ^l^^ni ^(^?ll ^S ) ■Hdl^ll^ct '^l^ll 4H- 
(5<cl(i/ Jrt^llHi SHl^ ?s. »nn %ll>tl«-*t ^131 ^Hl 5 Jilii, 
dC-til, "UH^, "^A^ii, rtW, •h'^ICH sh^ 54l«i'fl ^ij =l5i'^ 
^ rtJHWi %ilU«(Jl ^rt "4l« 5ltJHrt ^=tlHi *Hl^ 5,cil 
rl'li t1'=t«i^ %IIX SHlltfl 5 w- fettjfl aH4^^ «Hl 3H31W 
5, <l ^A ^iCirtHW tl^^ clSlwi HR SHWfaff/ S'll^i-ft 
5, »H^ rl^l SM^in Mi^ 5l 611^1 *isiUifirt 4(1 rt tf^- 

*HW«l'ti iiUHl 3 '-fl M «l4 ylfl 41'H^mi •! »HlH 
cil tM« M<il <i Ml!A «l«l 5, 'H^ cl ■HISA aWl H^ 
rtMl -t^l^i Hi?ft illil «4l*i 5. an^ ctnl 'cJU-l>ii«(l V»l^l 

^<Hi»ii ani^ $, rt i'-tfataov (3211 ^^ d, Mtej 

^ ^ "S 3 ![ld C-lhl ^IH §. "ilW^ll^ ci^l Su^i 
^l«l^l(/fl oyiiiSi ani^^il ^IH cil clMiKl «UMl 
'-f^ci -if '^ M (Id ^M ^IH ^. MH SMlH^a'ft 

Ml ^(41m^ sHi^ai ^iH §. ^c-t (lii^i^ni Ml«ii 

="1^ ^lln (!^4l) aiM^, Ml^iaQ anH ^isO ^K ^. 

4%l (tannin matter) JHlSi sini siiSi &, ^ 4iect(4 
(woody bark) ^i HHl"^i «ti<t w. cl?(l aiCH'fl i/l-Hd 
uM^-Hi Siitii Jiy aH<l &. ■Hii »HlH"l'ii sJli-Hl >?> rt'i'l 

»ic-t ^iJ: moii §m<IpCI 6 cin (r<^3ic-t Mwwl (l<i ■n>ii5l 

(cutting by coppice system) 4MWHi JiloSi: — 

i4^ Ul'^lJ to >in5cH SHllrt, M 3ll(§>ii 2ii SHwaii 

^S^dl <^'^H S, < rlHWi rt>tl>t 3ili=li »H4 R*?"Wl 

SHWi n^, cliMiii H *HMi o/Jicnni ■Hi^i'-d Mi'-i Ri^m 

9tR (compartments) rflnm oHy^i, ann cl»iWl S*^* 
'HPl 5ii MtA Sii :ui^JsH g^ HH iMr-ft, cl^ 3 «(l M 

^h"^ ^s^ Mi»i oi"'4 ^m^i JJtySi. ani^ M^?i <ih 

^ ^IPl 4Ml*t?il (4^1 clnl MlSl 3 5(1 M HH 4MhAi 
Hl^l *HlM?l. ^2(1 S^hV SHlHWlKl ^«l*l ajUHlSiWl 
ut'-il-H ?^r4ct ^^-^ ^I4ft ff<'?l. 

^Hl^4ll5l an^Ui «H^ «{IHI^ •HWHl SHlH"l «lldrtl 

X n Q'^y aiioixiftnl \«t 4(1 MtA 9tis^ciirfl siim^'a 

\W R'lm'A'ft M?H 4(1, ^W«l ^I4'<l <l^ 4"^ &. »Hl^ 
ol «W'tl 5(WSl »<IH », Sii-Hi^tii-Hi «HlH«l nf^ 'tdl- 
Hl«n n ^(%rl ( (IsJ^ ) ^^ &, rt«n ^tl 1.0^ «<W &. 
'Jin SiiHWlHi =wilH<n ^iW ell rW iJlCH yfl ^41^ 
«t*l Hl'^ cl^l Mljl tH'-tlH «(W 5.* 

»tw<an1 »K-i Mii^titl (Irt «H 5 5, 'Hi^iwinl MiiA 
^iMlSll «li=td 4lM) cIh il'Ul ^6lil«A «H«l=tl ^lS«ft 

^i^"j 5 ^Tj &. rtsa M »ic-i ^ioiM^«a i»a mj s. 

^2<=ll ^yi^ ?44W4(l 5 Rtw <ntil •JlMlSil ^W ell 
4C-114 51 45114 MltS(l>li MC-ll«a M^a el'ft 'MH ^& MlJ S. 
5H4 'lliil^ ^h d'^VCni X^ ^ %<: ^i\ {SICH cl^« 4^ 

^i^ &. »Jtr-ft ^cl MiiiJft 'csic-1 ^41'^lH '^Hi^ ?li5i ilwwi 

HXHil \fii w, anUHl a««t?««^ ^'-lldl ani^ S. Ml^ 
'c<1^4^ aH\M. '-tH« 5il5l ^Wl^ 5HS ^^ ^ycd tJl'd 
?1>J{1 «Hi!A'{l a«t^««^ ^HIM &. el^l <»ilH m^4<l 
^Ml^Hl Siicfl >t(oi :^ !(1 ^l^ll §IH 5. (?ClC-l <ro !fl 
loo ) aHl^tfl'd ?i!A ^'Jtd 4^ ^m4(l WlCHHl (Hl-^ 
^Iftl^'Hi 5i aHK ^rtC-l^l ^ «t5lill^>ii t inni ^Ml^^l 

a aMl'^l twawi (iM^^l WIJJW 5. a>tlMI3ll HlWi ft»tl?l Ml*i 

iiwii »/'»iCH>HirtiHi imtwi Miisfl <»(? B. 



■• \(Ji-^ «n s tf=H 1 =i^ci u \t %i- ^H< 

SlKl qt*t »H^ ^ni?. @U ^IH ^. 

"iiiJ^ii^ 35i>A ^rtvR'-ft ?l ^iiiMK n><l "^nil, 'den- 
ied, i^ii^t^irti ^i<ni ^'iHl ^if^iSii '{tsc^c-fi ^iH 

i H\ \Y 'tli&Hi MH ( sst sH^^l Mi^-leaflets ) 
SMl^'Hl ^IH d. ^"^H iiiil ^b[ ^l«U i;3l'{l, ^ 

«? H^"^ 300 ?ft 1 000 HIJl 510(1 Hl"^ ^i5 &. 5iy"iiH 
>tlJ,Hl »HS oll"^l (S 15(1^1) ■« Mill 91'^ 6. cttl »/4W 

&, ^ cl^l 9im "41^ ^l"^! SHl^ &. Mljl il^'Hl'tU MR 
siijl'-A aMindl telC-t^l <Hin Sii^i ani^ &, 5h i ani 

^lU ^Hl «lii «»W &. aMlW'fl SslC-l ^oiy«n R«Wrt 

•M'cfl s^Hi<i &. an"'! <«i cl'ii V3i«fl ^imi V^iw & 

ilA^V -K^T Ml^ ^irt^lS 4lMi V9|l*l 5, ^ "IHl^^a 

trtu 5 a. 

Wrti Mibi »ic-(>(i Si(n«n i 9 rt. 

iUilM^ ani^c-fl V ?ft u, MuHi ^i[ ctfca'^ifl 

§M^ ct^Sj a'^S ^il an^i^l Hiil •J.^jdlJ^rO 

^il ^i?fl v^ii'l ^iH d. ^ilMHi MH'n ildil 

^'^ ^^H ^ >«<laHl J'l'O ^IH d, ^ 5i iliil 
Ml?l MH'O 55^!, -^i^ <v^i |iq ^m g. 5i ^^|. 
'{Hi MK^l aniit^ ani'^'A > ^--tlilaHHi MH^ 

MH'tl SM^'fl «Mldl 4{l^ ^ KlSi^lM^ MltAl 
Hl'A'tl a^iyfl 2ctl<il ^IH 'S. "^IM'A MHM^ Ml^- 
i^ '-M'^ ^MldlsH ^HkT ^IH tf. an MK ^tii, 
^R^ ^?!;>t ani^fl'-lltni, ^ ^ai«fl \ "i ^ 9a< 

sihi an^l 3 5iiyrt>a ct f €la< vdc-ti Mi^i'Ai 
^iH '3. n^ 5ii(aqi»-fi si^iiOdi mi^i ^^--q m^ 
^^^^r^ §UHi^ an^ =(lsi%t'4m 'M[ ^« 'di^t 

§. MH^l >--tlS ={li^t, (J^^l, §Jt a>i;) <VRI 2(1^- 
M^l C-ll5l 0. 

aH%S ^^^H <3MMH i^R §, ay ct(cfl':i Ml^l'Ji, 

aniHta-ti \c-i oi§ y?^ ^Hi4 ^=ii -"flyii Mw 5, ^ ci 

Hlct S§HI*1 W S: — "«aRlH?<5J3 ^ctrj-ll ?UHHli CHSl 
d^ij ^HRctl i4c1l, cm\ s>(iHyi'li ^?lilCHcl ^-l r^fel oig 

:«%(« «tMi an^ ^4 ^»ji 5, d>(i -^^ni Cvi i^ «t!^i &i ? 

ci'-il (W^fJl =^?il5l MlCtwl 3M3lHcll«n iii ^Ml^^l .tf^, M 
Rl>lct^ *{IH *Mi"^Ml "4, ct>i ctHlRl V»IHR »i5l^R5l, >lii 

rrm"^ anmfO^ ani -Hmh «tlM <l^l, c<H^ ^ ^iH.{ 
at^Pl Mil, SH^ "mMl «'-ll «l^(l "4, a^i^VlR^ <:-{l?i »<i"^i 
>|iJl 'UMiH *eli &, Mi^ cl aniM ^Ml ih, aniM i^Ml 

aHiH«wi oflwil Mil iw-i ?t^ej(5<»§ «<« ^§«i' d, 

an^ atH««tl^l aHin'a'tl X'<t i"^ 5." ^«^§ ^^i^(*('& 
( ^t-tld ) aHl5> Ml^ aMW^li WlwMR ^^l*t 5, ci ^m- 
»liclH «<'h «=ll ann t>ft«iaHl^ c41l CHWS &. 



M^ SH^Ml^S^i 3 (39(1 -i^l aniM ^IH ^. 
5h MH'tl «iiMi rlKl aiHi ^i^ (t/\[ «H(iR '{li<Arfl 

2{$t-M1>l»ilMiS(l MUKl ^■v>-H iliil ^<l ansi'^l 
'41'^ U'''^ HR>^ i^'il^ «^ -fli^KtO §tH ^. 
iy^^M i(lil ^<ni Wi lo «fl \M ^i i?ll 2Hl^4ti 
li^MHH ^IH ^. ^«t'fl ili-iT «flc-tl ^si'fl, %l'^€ 

ildi eflyi ^^Hi, ^ yifc''! 'Hi"ii, ^di ^^Hi ans^ 
^ v-li Mintfii, aMS «Hl<r'i«(l 'ii^Hi *^iii, cifcn'^ 

^Hl^ \lrt«ll, aJii "{l»»i«(l 'll^l'tl "i-^lil, d'll 

M^'i'^lM 5l«ll«^<1l (H^l ^IM ^. S^i "S^^ ct«ft 

ct3^l «{leiiy?lctl MlcAl ^IH ^. 

•HIS H^C-fl ^K ^. ci^l aiQtl^iH ^'^squA^fl »il- 

^^ctl C-flcHl ^>l<{l ^IM 6, ^ Mli'l^ ^SIH S 

Nld'Jll, >-AMdl ^ aH^*<SliR ^"^1 a>ij^cO eHl<y«il 
'-tisl ^IH d. ci^ 1\^ ^?(M aH»«il ^IH ^, cl 

ct-.$liqai llm §, an^ ^ g^s, t^V-R (3M^ ^llai'fl 
SlH^Hl %lMlilH^ ^H'^ ni«9 ^^M sUi^ ani^C-tl 

^:h S. oyiil ^il'ji ^'i[ % lidni ^iloui ^^^-hi 

\^ StlsA awl ^ \ etl?A Mimical ^IH ^. <t 
Hi^ii iiiSJ ^IH S. ct ctl,sqi«il ctrfl sHii (^\i \fltfil 

tr?.[ Hlii Ml»3il'tl »^<v M ^IH (Hi, rm<tr qiil 
3H^ ^i^ct^lMl Ml'^'tl ill^aHl ill, ^^dlKl <Hl<f^^ 

<35i 6. Si (4o rii s^i^i msOm "Hi^mi an^ f^^, 
HinuiMi siiH ^ 

<:-(eio (Hqairl-aHrtl Sum ^h\l \H?.[*\ 

^il'jui ^<1 >li^i"tl ^ Hissa «iiH § ?i«il *»l^ 

^T6l»Hl«l«A i^ ^. M«Sl ani -iHldl ^7flaHl<^(n 

l-^U^H'll^-C. montana. 
t»^l^ct. H. 11. p. 264. N. p. 98. 
R-'^^l1'll>l-'Hfil(Mlc), JiUanlcita, -i-^kl aHR<A 

3-en(irl-'>(l'4l'ti jJU^i I0 »<1\M (li (3taii 
tllH d. ctMi H*<fl yi'^HiaHl <^^i<?lC-(l ^IH ^. MH 
■iHlW'fl m'^ ^"^H iliilM^ 'IK.l'li a>il4€ii ^m 



?i-<l«?lctl il'Al ^3|^ ^ aH?.^s(l ■>{lcHi^^ctl ^A['S\[ 
d. <ll« 6^^ an^l :tt(l£ ii-Hl^C-ldl Jj^l CHlsl d. 

^<l Mil an^ ^^s<l Qi^Hl ^anT ^ih ^. d'li- 
■4^41 wist ^siMi ny^ %i^cHiw«a (3Mil Mi e. 

Mi'ii'fl sflSiiidaA ^Hidl an^ (IfHl 6rai ani^c-il ^IH§. 
6, ^ V »a^ tl2{ c-ti<4l, Hn[^i ^^H ant^n^it/n, «(^i- 

( gland ) ^iH §, MH aHSllci^SC-t'O kii C Hi \i. 

^K*i ^IH d, aH^ JtctlM^ M>SJ ^v-H iliil^l 
Ml <H^l i^lrii c(i<fi^ |,^((f, ^m ^^ ^,^^^ ^^1 

cl«n5i«a SlM^ ct^iSt StI^ItI^ <v^l ;K^ldl8ic{l ^IH 

«MW'l c-n^l aioiscfl ii^i eilc-ti ^31^1, 5H^ ril5i41 
»/^l sOii e(lc-li k.H'H ^ nM^ ^icAiycqcii qicnKl 

^Ml<n ctS-l iicni V^l^l, a^Pl ,(1$IH1 Q^^i^cqcfl 
in41 «iy «tH d. MK c-i«H5llfa 1 q%H^ ^u{[2{ 

^^ ^hM, m[^ =M^<v ^i^KAincii, ctRa':i ^ki 

^R ildil Ml^ <v^i R^m :«i^ 5,cti Slioiiyilcil 
1 (Hl^W «>^^l aH« 5l%ic(l iii(aiqi,/i( ^^^ ^_ 

y^H ^^ @MMI.t ^IH d, ^ ct^n vi^ ^*i g. 

«"ft M^ ^l4i^l Mn^i ?iVH ^^^ ^^, ^^ 

Hijii ^ii ^iM 6. >io ano^Ho "smHl MKil^ii oFM 

=iHI^ ani^C-fl ^iH ^, 'ifitil ^il, Mlciwfl, iVRi 

^lT3l-( !^«t )-3 «(l ^ ^a{ CHioft an^ Y ?a M 
CHlfcH Ml^K^l ^IM ^. dM^ lt«l^ <Jiiiiqi'A'{l |Hl/l 
^IH S M(«i ^ Ml'J»!A«(l -"(^ «vtH d. rt ^41M 

^iPdi an^ Cm^?.. 

1-(3"H»ll5l->(l'il'i 'it'l Mli^flMi ti^^ 4ltJa 

d. *il!A'ii MUKl ^Mil 3U0i''-MiiaHi @M^ J^i^lRi 
ani^ d. Ml'^'ti MK aniH'il'ii MH^fl ^li^i ^»Hl 
SlMMi ^M^IM §. Mt^'li ^ii MH >XH[H wld'ti 

ff/oiiSi <H>i^iH &. ■jfl'ii'd wic-i^i diiSii 3i(ncti ^u 

cl^l Mm m\l Wi^llH d. 

4aRHi §3l S. 5^ feo 'll i(^% m(^H <Jil3Ri 

^-Ro (qiq^lrlXHT'fl'ti MH, ^'H, an^l ^O'Sll 
aHlH«A^ MtnnI ^l^l^ .«{l^ an^i jjUhR liCHlS 

t-J«U^1Urim-C. absus. 

t^l-cl-H. II. p. 265. N. p. 97. Watt 
11. p. 210. ^. Pt. Ml. RfeM. 

5l-'^<ll'llH-2t^i (^1°) =(l>l-5 [?i«] =^^> 
^R, =^3 (l|o) ^g«2jr (^«>). 

ani^ &. n 1 «(1 ^ 5[U ^i6»l (3(atl ^^ d, ^11 



^■Jiv ycal §H^ MH 5Hl^C-li ^IH §. Mi^i MHtl 

!(Sct «nsi si{i[ ^iH $. 'jc-i ![lsi^^ni •^«ai, 

•mri-MU'fl ?i-»-H ^iii ^^i^n sAi^n sh^ v^ 

3Hl^«(l im ^, sv^ilni'ii MKKI ildil Hi^ftv ^^^>t 
^IH d, MH ^4"i^l«l 5H^ c^'tl "SR hm ^IH ^. 

Ml^l^ai ilH ^. MH^ (iH^Hl ^Mld1 C-flcHl :i3l<n 

Oiji > =f"ici aH^5^(l?U ^IH §, <t ^'HlilHUi MH 

NHKI ^-"-H iliildl HiMl ^ ^8j^ aRt^i §H- 
■Hlri [ stipulets ] iiH &. 

iliil ^Hil aHHHl ci?(l <tr?X C-li<41 ^IH d. clM^ 
^IH ^. IH'^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ "^ '^l^'^ l^ldl^ Qi^lHC-fl 

«lctl ^cAl ^il-fl M ^IH S ^ ^ Hi^Q ^l^iKl ^IH S. 

an^ 1 C^l aH«t=ll (HiaHoy ct^ «§<V ^l^l^U 

•S, ^ ctMi^ft '-nV «n(&w ani^ ^. 

»(l«V-aHcHcl ^(libdi, C-O^i, iltfll, ^ »4Md( 

^IH §, *Hl^l Sis §li (V^l =t^l^ aHl^(l81cil ^IH S. 
'nV'ft «Ml<n SH^ iy^8;M(^'.|aHl i^Hl >HUl=Hl HlH 

m4 hm ^iH ^, ci^ <Hl3ict[ ci-Hl«ft ■^(ni«- 

^ctl ^31^1 SCH 'OiCfi d. d^l R:HIS ii^l ^IH ^. 

M-^»5j.'^lH-^ll«lfl an^ §M?iMS. 

'■lif.i an^ QllU <3M^ "iHlH S, ci?(l d ct^rt ^^ly 

aMHl "ni^i ^liKl "Sli^ aHi-^Hl |->H=IR[ aHi-<H^i 
<Ji^lH d, d H^irl Qi^^ S^ciiH §, 51 <Ji^i^ 
<H^ aHi->H dM^ «(l4i ann^ Mlil ctC-tdi Ml«t ^51H 
•S, aH«l^l ''llil^ (3KI S^ aniMH^ ^SIH ^, 
ct'-ft aHi>H %ll^ »lfcl «tH S. »i^»ei?ll ilMl«^ \ «(l 

?Im S^llH ^. aH<ii «>{l<iv Ml(^flHi '-llil mVi\ ^IM- 
ilH §. aH?^*^* "Si^^l*^ nS6<V»{l an^ =iil ®H^ 
at>i.S4l ^HlKl <?iyi ^i, Hl| anPl ^<l «lSi viH- 
^WHlMi anR §. ai>ti^l Mli an^ <Hli i<l^ ^1- 

%l^^ ^I'l^ Hid S, R^H -^HHIH til 'IRHI n»ti 
'HiQ.(hSR Ji\ S, a^^ '|l«n «Kl il(fl <V^l m1"4 
'ti^ 3A^ M^cfl aHi->HMi aHiiV<:ll«a ?ll«Cl 2til 

'^l/l aHi"^Mi ani^ d, ^di-fli 'H>Hct cl'ti M^oy^, 
«tl(/(l 'ftai ^cicti ^[•"{l ^idcfl «H>Hn |li<Hmi ani^ 

ctm «Ul!^ <nii di^ aHi«vHl«fl |<^<^»i4(a^i 
•H^M ( ^M ) »vc-tCl ^^ «tH 6. «Hl^ l*^*^- 



a>i;^ =(lMi ^ ^i^ ^\.i\'A WIM^\. ^\y\A ani'R 

V9-^54l«ii-a^'^i'll Sum <^^^l |ou^i ^il 
WHtHl §5l §. dlM<aj SildH^t "VSICHKI C-ll-4^ sJ^, 
%l"<>ll'<fi m^Kl ct'iO. ciH<V iiWl ^ilMi ciy«3il 

(vMld tHct^l M^€ i\ ^. an V^o <ii msil'^H^l 

H3i-( il3^i>i^i^ ). 

t-^U^1u«iW-C. pumila. 
tekd-H. II p, 206; N. p. 98. 
R-'^^ll«il^-at>lil^ ( ^l+^io ); ?i^55 ( flfo ). 

'vMl'iM^ 1c-llH«{l ^IH ^. a^M[ aHR^flKl Ml 

il^il"4^ ^i^MMH ( SSt aH'il'Hl Mi^-leaflets ) HI 
ani*!^ ^0 ^il a>ii^(Hl ^IH $, ^ ctftaM«(l §M^ 

=iaiMi ai^s; §^ ii^«flqi(/(l ^j^M «iqi j?c(| ^y, 
|f^"H glimd 'i\^. S. 3iM ildilM^ mcAHl etioft 
|«1<A ilH ^. 3hPI ?1;1 di ;y^^ sfll^a aH<^ ^iH d. 
^il»lHi MW 1 ?a ^ ilat C-lhi an^l f ^ \ 

^t^i a>il^(l<Hltfli ^IH ^. Min^li SoCuJil ^M^ 

Mi^i « §9tl -t^l an^ cflgj^l anil^ftctl'Ai QMMl'l 
ani^eti ^IH $. 

a>i»>(a -{liM |lH §. d MHUI M*?fl ^ia ^IH 
^. ^HM^l SMMW ^q[ M'^l H.^{ sAt^ji ^ isi 
^. :>io ano-Ho ■^iHKI Mi'^Mil M Jio tnio lm«(l (v^i 

ydi anPl >ii4 R:«i(ci«l ani^c-ii ^m d. r^T^«^ \ 
^^{ §iH §. dfstsi iia, «^<v qfiHtndi, ^ 

\\'\ \\ CHUjd Ml^l^il, atM/\, <n'^ §i R^^- 

<=ii(4l ^w ^. ct ^siH ^ <*ii^ m4i^ jicau'i'ft 

§. ci <:-{l«i, a^CAicti, Jmi^4lctl OJ^l :i3l'ii, Sii dl 
ff/^l aH(?|l»iCti ^ aMi (/no^ <^\i ^HiaiHmi ^IH 6. 

i>HM^ ailMi<Hmi ani^ d. ai^lilHHi MH^ <ll<il 
dKl ^Mil ^{i^jyXiX a>i^ atisiSil QM^ nMlMi 
ani^ d. ai^ilHHl dum <Ji« an^ 'k\l\^\. Pl^lH 
S<1 -^MIH d. a^^HlHHi ^Hl^v^ «tl(il ^^l i^M ^h'M 
an^ ^^RiRdl ^I^^IM^ i^'HRi anR d. ai^il- 
Midi MH^ 6.HMi >Hl<il ?l^ "V^l 'WM 5<l iNilMi 
^l^ ani-vH'tl €'»Ml'tW a>iR "t'lH^lMi a>il4 d. 



cilM^*4 "H^'MlS'i Mli^fl (H'lW ^^3 ^IH ct<l '^=(1 

t-^ll^H'llH-Tamarindus Indica. 

t^kct-H. II. p. 273; N. p. 99; Watt. 
YI. part. III. p. 404; |. k Ml. 3^M. 

ct.^ qi^'t i^-Hl »V|^ ^^cft riHl. H a>il ^ct^?imi 

MISJ Hfl ill *H^ 'IRii^iHl Mia><i "SdC-fls 
iV^ilaH ci yi^li <3«Ai ^ fecll^=llfn[ »11M d. 

^IH d. Mi^i MlctwU 4 sAi^fl ^ll-uil5ii ni an^'^'-H 

^itrO, anfrt^f.^ S"»iic(l ^IH §. MH iii'ql vi[- 
H'A'fl Ml «t/(lM^ ani^cni §IH $. 't'-li MH SH^ 

Mi4 ^f^^ ^"^iH d. |H h'ni, Hl'/ii ^ ;:icii aaqi 

Tm^ Wi it) SHMM'^ V-fl '■H'tr-liidi anfrl ^^n- 

sil'-ti etiHi ^. shKI ^iT^li ant^-ti iirt^i ( ^c-t ) 

ci^Sii 'vni xiii^'li "^"^ ^■^'•HmH Kli'"?isti ^iH 
rn?l'4 tli«Hl 'l?ls« ^IH d, ci H^l Msyyicl ^IM 

§. H.^'O wistM^Hl ^lrt<l il«ll«&lctl VlHl ^IM 
§. ci'-d a>i£V^ist :^irll ^aiHl ^IH ^. ''Sm H<^- 

^. qi« ■«ii/l an^ r-iii -Him^ni ^i ai^l S. 
«14 an^t «l^ ^IH d. ci^ rttch'l ci^l H.^ni '!AH 

kiii^n <v>{l^Hi 3i%-ii^i ^.i^ii "Sti^i (§HRiv 

^■^Idl ^IH '5. ^l^ aJirti HMl ^■"iK rtpA^ Hi^U 
aHMH'-H ^^l SfcT^i^l ^IH §. «tiM^'ft WlC-lHrt 

riM^ (3il =0^1 Mlc-ll ^IH '3. ciK\ ans^ aa •ac^'ft 
•rJlC-l t^ctl^^I^ctl ^i^l'd, ^«(H^, =(l=ld an^ ^«l- 
^l(^ll ^IH ^, »l-S^ <^li4 ^I'Al "i Mltai^^cii 
?il(ni ^31^ ^4 M»»roicl ^IH ^, ctKl^l^-ai ^icil 
^ il«ai «l^ ( heart wood ) ilH §. ^iMiaHl 
m^fl C^iw{l siaiiC-fl ^IH ^. lim<J\ ^imia^l 4^M, 
'flad 't^lcft, ^[^ Iradl, cilM«^ n Ht^Q H»v«lct 
^IH ^. "SlH'A «U>Mi5hih^ ^[ 'h ^\^ Wi Sl<^l- 
m teid<3ii ^IH ^. aH[rt^lH«l aH«l'-ll H'-Qn ^U- 
Mia>ll «{lc-tl ^'iKl, C-fl^, attnsca ^ rtM^ ^\f. 

'd^M. «ii«ii an^ '-ti^nKl aniy^l V-ti^ ^i*^ ^• 
3 ?ft M 1 ^ ^at c-ihi an^ \^ «n i| 1 ^ 

^ai Ml^mi ^IH d. MH'O >i-v*-H ildil fi{l^, 
atcAicft an^l Mmi Q1U?(1 *«^Mi ^tij/l =t«Ac(l ^IH 
§. ?i^ ^^^ ^ai^MK ^id 4?(l, M«l 9i^^l ^^iHl 
^gf'H anl^fl ^IH W!. Si ^v-H il^ilH^ R.o «(l Vo 
'll^l'li MH ( S^H > H<4-leaflets )'{l "V^l S^ 
d^ \o «(l ^o ffvlil5ii SMiM ilH ^. ^i dli&Ki 
MH^ M<3i ^,;^^ iliil ^IM §, a>iPi ci i[il^ Ml^ 

mkKI Sis ^i^ «Hl5ii s^icti ffv^i i!!^ anPl Mt^ital 

^IH ^. aJi MK f a'-l'-a C-t=>l<H5l \ d=H WH\, 
^31 «n?li ^ tl^l C-fl5il, ^ rQSi^^ii tl%l Kill 

^iH 0. M '-^-^ %iMi^<:-{l^ ^iH ^. rt'ii ^^-Hi 

o^ji aH?l'-tl ^Z'< Si^icd -wiiat^lfli (^IH S. MH 
<v^l J^ii ^IH ^, ciMi §M^Hl «Ml/lM^ -H^l 
^M^ £-^ldl ^iMl M«3l 'flai'O «Ml/lM^ «flCHl ^^l-fl 
'l^l I'^IH ^. Mind aiica<Hi«(l ci'ft =tl« ">Hdl«- 
€lc(l §U an^ aAir-ll?(l ^Hl? =(lsi««lctl -"Ml^l ^ 

^$t-«ll"»itaHi^ SI i^i^M ^U"^ S^dl^d «tAT 
d'-a MWafl Klit^iC-fl ilH ^. ?i d^M ^IH ^, ^«a 



?i i^Hi m?.m 'm ^'/i R^«a §ih ^. ?i «{i^ 

ji"^H '^R'^ i\<\.'(\ ^^Mi MW'41, c-ri^, "^cam- 

81H^ §m d. il^il^ M'ill'A ^lil4l HU^ ^i'-M- 
M't ani^^ ^IH d, «?Mi ^C-tHl iVft •iSlV-fl^lH 

5. ^ M^ ^vii«t\cti \m ini ^iH d, ctKl 

^RH^ y"^? "il^S 'HlfAHl l^l/l ani^C-ft filH M*. 
Ml^l'^l sidlKl Ml'rSCA ri?(l <nHi^fl 't^l §1*1 ^. 

c-tiyri c-iini, SH^ \ «fl U "^ ^ ^HiW'i Mi^itni 

^ ciHi ^Irtl ^siHl /l^Sii 3HI^«{1 §l*i d, ^2(1 
ci Hl^n ^£R ^-"ilH d. ^ ^«J fitiofl Mi"»MilaHl- 
Mi'd ^ 'Ml'igaH ^ \ =iatMi §IH §. '-HlogKl u^ 
Hi>HilaHl Ml^lt/fl ^IH §, ^ HaiMlKl \ ci?(l <V^l 

6. Mi"»iil H° "^1° "Si'^'ti ^^i'-^ ^-ti*^, ''li^ital, 

«t/il .vHl '=(i?ii'V ^Si aHH!4 ^'^ ^I'^^i §IH $. 

<Hlin %ii«l ^iiHsii Pi n«a @h^ "c^^i §im ^. cl 

H^<-ft Mi">Hil <AVi aH« <nio3 Hlsi =t5lc-ti ^i^i d; 

fl'il cig ■»<l<ni«5lctl Wi Pi C-fl^l §IH §. cl 
■H^Hcl Ml«ifA«(l Mltai^H^ctl 9i5l "S ^Ictl ny <MH 
d. M^W^IH ^ctl««lctl iJKl anHnat^ft ctgM^ 
H^lHSli (versatile) ^IH d, 

^^iHi[-1 §IH ^. clPli WuiH <Sfl?ll, '-{l^l, 

^fif'H "11^5 ^WilVlHltal Pi ^"<^ ^<!fM C-dwi >i>H- 

^\i'A "i ilrt^l-(!^CH)-a>ii'>lC-0'{l ^it'l ^ ild^l 
^ctl^ilrtl QiJl ^JHl 811M d. cl aUM^ Hla^l x^i^ 
'<ii.y.\. ^Jlctl (|lH d. cl 3 «(l ^ ^at cnitHl Pi 
f «(l \1 t)a^ Ml^ltfll §m d. ci ailj 'Jiio^ (T.'^i 

Hl>sH«icti, anPl S\r\[ (^,^1 -m^i ^^(v ^HWdi 

^IH $. ci iUil NW «v^l =tiS'-t«\ctl Pi «isil 
^IH §. Pi ^^^ 3lt(/iiy?lrti Pi iy^H 3Ht^(lc{i(ni 
^IH ^. ilct^lSM^Kl WlC-l Ml=(l Pi '-Hii'^fl ^IH 
§, ci ild^i ctfM M13/1 31HI Myfl ct-fl ^i^'il 
■oiog^ -^^i sitaM^^ rnjCl Mil ^H d. Pi ci^ 
smdi ci 3i>l ^Mi«fl 'Mdi'l ^i^ft MH d. 5i qh- 

^'{i tfic-tPi ii^ rii»{i ^cti cl siii^m rtS'i ysa 

^""ilH &. iM<['{[ ans^Pll 3l(A a^i '{[z{ anPl 
anis ^'Pi «^logaH SiH 5t««J ^<H[ -i^ll^^l "im- 
nJil "^ Mi-SlHSll §IH d. ^m RHISR, ^ctl««lctl 
■<'iPli §IH d. ciKl m« "»Hog^ ^=(1 a^Pl rA[i 
^hmm\. "hOa Pi (t^i §iH d. an ^icnKl ajis^ 

Mlcl«il ad^-ti Pi C-d^ yic-t §IH d, '^'(l a>i« 
>H[<ff a>ii^c-ti §IH v§. a>ii(HC-{l'il ^h ilrl^l aH«iHl 
!iC-t>li 3 «(l \o ^!( tKliv §IH d. 

oftv-H^ii «{l«i PI a^oiicti ilH 0, cl^i t^'Pl 
Ml^i J^HlHCHi §l<t d. cl ^ €la* "S cl«(l <tr?x «lhi 

anPl ^§<v Sim ^i^m §ih §. anPi liikiqR ci 
c-i<niy Mi^itniWMi «^">hI anisl aji^^ ^m d. ^ 

ani $;i 5/^1 %liiii5iwi §IH 'S, ciKl "^UM^ ani 

ii5ii Pi <;i^i a^ii^ii §iH ^. "divPli -;3i ii<ai« > 

^ctl«ilcil OJ^^l §IH d. oflPl <n-Pl Ml^ qaatiqai 
y^i<l (Hldl tr aniiRpl MOlcti iil<ni §l<i ^. 
^ iiltniHl a>i£^ ofliv R^R tl^l ^3hI §IH d. 
Kl-V H^ii iJ«3J §IH ^, clPl Qiioicti angled 
Mltni««l^ > ^^£ SC-t 1 SltfflaJll '{ls<?l §. 

"H-SiiSj.'^lH-^RS, MRS, fMrt^,^, SmUmS 



an^ «i^ »iiH §. ^M*/ 'Hh^-fl'ii ^«ati chis^ 

etfc) «lilH §. aHh«fl'l[ JdU'ti nyi^l =Ml^ il^l 
^IH d, ^IKI ^a«M <V<1 CHlsil «H'il<l «ilH ^. 

3Hl^ d. a>ihc-{l'ii Ml'i anlH^Wi MK %ll«i <Hldl H^l 

5. aHh'ctl'ii ^K «lHl5Jt3l «l8l niil ct^ 3l^M 
h([ ^[^nm ^l^n a*!^ SJillfc) si'lsil ^iHl §"4^ 
allH-Jniti ani^ §. a>ihc-{l'li HH^ Ml^tl^i ^l^ 
Ml '^[^^ ciKl Mlil« aHM'll ^l«t @M^ ^MH 

6. aninc-fl'ti IiM^I ■HH^ '^AC-ili Jll"^! «lli S^ 
^, ^H ct iflMi Mm Hl-w^ ^. 5Hm«{l'ii MKKl 

«(l'ti MH^l \^ ^[i\ %illl >l(a<l %i3^^i^flMi aHMlH 
d. anhc-fl'ti MH a^l^Hl d^ft ^">Hn <M«i 3iu^i 
(^di) anPl t>{ljn ^i^i -oilH d. ^li'ilaHl =«l^ 
^I^MHI M>Si ani'^C-il^ll 2\\.\\. >MIH S. anhsfl'ti 
|£l^l ^« 6^« §M^ "«Hl=»l^ aHMlH ^. ^C-t^ «l^ 
^1 Ml(j|l»li "il(l^ ci'tl Ml^« ani-vH'il yiMM^ 
^SIH 0. anhc-ft'li Sj(aH M«3J ^i»t<S(l i^ ^. 
an^ ci^l Kl*/^ jaftil, i^il 1 iWil S^ d. 

anN'sO'ii <Hl a)i«icii jaftii ^ i^si'fl §m^'{1 

isist «Hl«41 nKl Rl>M MH «l«l (Mti(^SiR %\\ 
aMMlH §. a>ii'-n«{l«l[ '^'V Hl^^i H^^ =tl(Al 
an^ "HMdl iMM^ SiiM^'^l^i aMl^ 6. n>i<v 
^di "{Iff/rfi a>iS^dl Siwftani^l Hm aii«i an^l 
^«*tii §M^ iWlMi anl^ §. aH|!n<:-fl<li »{l^i«(l 
ctSl Klst^l «ll ^. ci clc-t ^<Hl wiltflHHl clMiV 
ll^Pt^l hViKi iR^i HM^IH S aHH S^ §. ani- 

siPamKl 'Hi^s ^iVl i^ ^M6HP anPi jji^i §m^ 

anMlH d. MllC-0 ani'-MC-fl^l ^m ^^l^liKl i<M25H- 
ctMi, fMTlfnSl^^li an^ Hfl^l ann^ €l|^l 41^11 
aii«ll ^H <il c\ SctRHl Ml^ ■<H't^l=tlH d. 
(MTfft <ICH<il §M^ ani'-nC-O'tl ^mi Mlt^ft aHlM^l«(l 

H «*iH «tiH ^. Mi>A aHi«n«{l^i ita ^i<^, im, 

*lli, an^ aH«ti«?imi HM^m 0. Ml«A anhc-fl'tl 
sitfl^l ^l^Oirt "I'tl'fl (MtiRjI^mI a>iPl S'^l- 
«iml dKS rt^ MlHlH §. aHh«{l^l H<S[ aMi«. 
i-tl iRMi, ^H 03^1 aH«il<\ HBJl €ll«ni q-<H- 

rt^i ^iH clM H H^i^ «i^i 'lej^mi ani^ 

an^ 'nV-l'fl 'lU ctM<V 5^ ff/'lW^Hl i^-S ^ i'^H 
§M^ 2ii%i4cimi anl^ d. il=fl ^M'*' MI!A anhc-fl 
IdStli ^lll ^^l rt^l >MIH d. rtt'l 51=^ anm 
^{I'O aidHll ncllH^l^li ani^ ^, H MWi 3H3ilH $. 

^i-il eli^i HXi^ii an^ i^i^i ni^i^ii «ik «• 

qm[ anitH^Cl =IIM\ ^. a>ii«M«{l'il ^^'{l WlHl 
Jli^HWi aHi^ g. Sicft <a=i Hi^l H>Hcl ^^^l«(l 

<ma9 ^icii 'i% rHi anhsfl'ti 'j^'fl wihi 'ft'i 

«llll H^a ^^^(12(1 "^^1 »l nil aHRl^ 6l d. anh- 
c-ft'ii Misl CHisii^i «i^ (heart-wood) il^ll 
^IH ^. M«i nKl ania^tniffl^'ii «\£ stli-Sl (al- 
burnum) Pi 5ysi<l?(l «5"Hlrt Sii^ §. Hia H^l^ 
3ll(A=tlMi «Hi ^I'M ctlM «vlWctl ^IH ci<l "VHiaH 
aH['H«{l'li C-llS^l^ «i^rtei M«? iV-tmi anl^ '5. 
anitMC-fl^ eilil Hl4 9il^ 'H'l rt <^^<^ "^^ ^^ 
^ |Wl«a cl H^ ilM'tl SM^l^mi fi?lH aHlHii 

«iMl«a n|s^i £1? 'H'tr-i=twi ani^ ^. anhc-fl'ti 

^CH;^ «lli an^ a^iH(l '■H'lWnmi ani^ S, rtH rt 
iilHi M(Jl HM^IH d. 

^^l feclR'il §5lCHi ^iH rtl V90 2(1 ^o (Id Slhl 
anH n^tl Ui^l ilRKl C-t3l<H»l \M 2fl ^M 2?d^l 

^iH ^. ^<i «iiHi H*in^i^ ^^^ '**^ ^- ^ '^'^^ 

^Ml 1 ctKl a)i6^^ na^^ Stli4 ■>H'llW »»'W H ^ti 

H^l an^ 5l^"i Huai^i ^^ S. 

€\l1l ?l^ ^JA^ an^l^ 5iH^ SiH ^IMl^^ 

tnsel -"iiH &. rt^ ^iSHi'-a rt»ii ^i«ni =(lM« 

ani^ d. an^ ct^ M«U^ §M^ Ml<^n«l«l H^ ^S^ 

aHl=l S. 

<n'tWd:-\-aH5-'HilMHi, aH(isiJR«t, 

\-aH(>C-t5lMK5~«llll5 anhc-d^l iR CHtTMlt^Q*!! 
5li<A^i Mwa n SMi«a 3ll<4\ SlW ^IKl aH« M^, 

«ii?, chh(31, 5tcH=(l an^ i^^ 'ti'^HHi. 



wii-fl ^l'^ il>l(&Mi ^?ll«H'{l «MfAcRl <H5l^ @H^ «l^ 

-^^ ^l^i ani^ ci^iv ■•Hl^l. MlSC-t aHh€»{i?fl 

ani^ d SiH s^Cl >Hl^T aniMcil ^IH cil <r^ aHi«i«0 

MUej^'ll MiSi anhC-fl >Ml=ll?ft Sict aH^ni-cT »»tH ^, 

wHR ani^l 3vtH g. "^dC-fli H-«icl ci?ft S^:^?!, ««(^fl, 
SH <l3l^ ®Mil anl^ g. oy illi^i^iKl isjil^fct ^IH 

^H<fr ^S^'lWl ^^ anhc-d MKl'-d ^i«{li H'wict 
aniaiia §Mil ^W-{1'{\ ^Ocfl :;:^ g, 

an'^iy^^lHl ^IH cil >{li atq^W^. (V^t^ ^^'^^ 'tl'i 
l^ani^ cMl^ ctiv, StnliJl, %ii, anavMl Rsl^^l 
3«M «lM ailMi^l, dlH ««<^(l^ Hl^ ^^£ta ^ 9>'^^M 
S=ll5il ciixi^<\, •h:(1, ^S, ^H?, Ssiwfl^ MlHi, 
^f.h'i ^ anlM:^, aHiaisaPl »li^ aHRia^l km 
(§MIH 5^=11, SM^ ^{i Sc-t^a^ft £=ll aHlM-fl. 

^ilHl-anf^ilSlMKi'n 1^*5 ^»>"H; a^P-Slim-^ 
M rtlCHl." ( il. '-n. sfl. ). 

*• <Hlic-ll»i §i^ ^l*^^' anhC-fl'tl MH^l ^« =ilM- 
.S=ll«(l cl <lict «tlH S." (h. <ll. M. ail, ) 

"ani'HC'fl'li MH'll W>li €1*1, Kii^, aH![lQJ 
ni^ 3l^M i^ aHi>>-H QM^ 5liMim?(l ani-u-H ^^ 
§," ( Ho ^3Hl«t2i). ) 

VS-^^Wi-ani ^=lR:«<KMi aHW-flHi ^i «H^il 
^JR^i 6ilaHl, >ll^i, il«Al an^ ^Ich^^^ |oi. 
R'll Mi'^lRW §5l g. ^iMi^ iti%lla>il ctCHl'H'ft 
aHlog'-nio^ cl H^i §Slst( (SiqiMl a>ii^ d. Hl^- 
Ji^ni M^H'tMi, ^IQJWlH'll tV*i[i[ «^PRi, an^ MIV 

daii an^ R^clRqiqi «tiH d. an f^o r\[ H«il"»H^l 

otiSlmi 6ist ^qiMi ani^ g. 

<Hioi §IH g, ciHoy aHi'.H<:-{l^ aju =^il4 an^ ^4 
^ivotct ^IH d. ct'-d ci q^^l? 3H^ ^l!^H ct^l^^i 
JJMlil^n <VC-ia ^/l "S Mil <f/i n^. ^l^ anl :ic(:^«li- 
4>li ctM9V ilf|a*lliHU'll tHlM (Hl^li^li Mei wm( 

«Hi og^i ^Cl^i, ^h[^i, ogHi Hi^i, «g<ti eternal, 

o^'li >HilH^l anifi ogcti R^l^l ^IH d cHI clrft 

Mi^ «Hl<r»i jiili i^ctl ani'^c-fl'ii ^iili (q^M i?*iqR[ 
ani=l 'S. anhc-flrii ^^i >^iii fci^ciRqitnl whi 

ailH d (Hi ^Hliti jaill cirfl aHla^wtlog 'tl(J,'ii ^il 
dKlH g aHiicti ciii?(l H^ifc) (nrlH d, ct>-(l "id^Oi 
ov^liS^ ani'^C-O'li ?$Hl i^vil ■^»*' svlqmi ani^ g. 
ani (3M^«(l s(H«lia»l "Siy "^iW Hil a>ih«{l'li -^^^ 
^l^nKl §MMl a>ilM<Hl g. ani'-HC-ll'li ^^l §a<i an^l 
^^Idi «IIH g. Mei cldi MH U»«li 'lltJ.Wi ^IM d. 
a>i^ cHi ^CH M<41 "Hisi an^ "^Hldi ^l<Hl^ «{l^ '•Hl'l 

'iR'ti sfH?! ct^ '{l^i ioi[^^ %\m aniMl d:— 
"3Tf?T ^cf»T |flr^=5r% I qi^^r^T os^tr^ n 

«R-^l<rn >^Ul M'l^l ^IH, M<^ cHl MIWHH 
aH«tK *l^^l^il^ 'I'^l'tl ( 'i'l'tl ) ^IM cil Mfit^iR 
%ll| a>iiq ri(^. Si'-fl hR* aH(v ifctH i^ §1: — 

" ^^^ ?ra 555 5rcl% I ira^H ^5 TR II 

^i 'TJcS msi jfr^r strt i ^| §^raf:5r^R" R 

«R-VA^I Hm^\. 'iKi^l *tlH §, M«l ci'ti NIW- 
HH aumclMH ■i-^ldi ^IH S, cil ct'li 5lC^ M*Si 
HlSi an^ >ildi »ilH d. fiH<v ^ «IHR(^ ^l»<l 
Ml^ M"^ ci-il Mm^Hl^l ^lldl M<im«ai ^IH cil l\i 
Ssiki m(^«iim «li ani^ S. 

anml i^ g-'Hl^ iR «l>l'-a<Hi ci \k% ani ^^25 

iRctl i^^ i^ g 1: — 

" Ml CiS^^ 'IIH snm^ 3^'5^ aH"i, 

H^ H^ "^i ill (^cH (^<« M^ ^>; 

»ll^l ( aMh«fi^ aJU ) SR'ft JlM 5i> ct^ »tq a<K^, 

^li^l ( anhc-O^ \<H anSi'^l ilcl^i ) 5ll>lPU»l ^l«V 

ci CiS^^l €[h\[ ( o{lff/ aH«l'-tl iWll ) ?i HMl 

"S^l cllrt g, 
i(H «lWtA i^ ^lli^l ^^<frsi{ R^ fq^ (q-u-Hlct S." 



n^^Hi ^imilsHi m'ii ^m. ^(^ ^ ^, ^Hi<i.s=ii(41 

^1 Hlt^l^ Sisl M >l^»3i Ml>l <il ci^l anlcMl 

MR^HS^Kl Wi^n^Hl H^ ^ictl^ ?i<v:il'l 2{C-ll^ §. 

eSltAKl =l">Hct anW-U'tl i^Sl 5H«IHl <Kl<»V 'Hl!?^ 
> ci^l slid i^^ 3i^n «ll"il ""HIH S. 

fel @M^«fl HlSCfl^ C-tl3l g. 

t-^U'^*l«il*l-Bauhinia tomentosa. 
t>^<il-ct-H. IT. p. 275; Watt. I. p. 423; 
^ Pi. Ml. <^^. 

^-tJ«ll'im-=^Ml (Mlo); Ml(?ll anwk^i (?io); 

q'Nsr^^ {^o)^, %^^, ^^^? (f|o); q|ci%^?r (?fo) 
3 H4«i-=Hi ^^I'li ^i-i 1° «(l IM ^i ^i 

(32i[ «11H §. aHr{l1i-H(a^ll>HlSil §HR ctMWlflSHl 
i^Hi m^lKl \^[i\ §IH ^. ci^ft ci rtVMl^laHl 
RSl'ft ^"^ilH §. MW >VA 9lcai, ^«ll5l ^di, 3li. 
(AlWSlcti ^ ■H«=lll §»(l 'i^lHltAi ^IH §. =hPI ^iRl- 
ani^l §1 Ml'i'li -wiJ^ilHi^ft aiHVl ^^Ki Mlcfll ''■^Idi 
^?ll 5Hl^ ^. 5H^ C-tioft atH<fl ^t^liKl ^Qalm 

aHiii^Hl ^il'Sli (^ch) 3Hi^ §. ^ni hnm \^ iin 

§ cHl^ an 3JU<Hi^l '^">Ml<^ sHcHcl ^S^i C-ll3l §. Si 
■«l^'»H^ sHi ui[im[ citcicti 5J>^ ajii §. Sini 
^CHdl VI SH^ St^l'li fieRrSuHl ^Rii iR*ll5M 
=11^ HilsH q>HH3l i^<H[ ^. 5H^ ci'fl (§MHl <Kl25 
Hi^n ^£^ H^asHl ^ "HlMC-fl S. ("i^l'lR ^CHyi 
?ll<Jia S cW, MlH M61 anlcl sAh Mdl;")-H5l^. 

■^iyi-^vHlHMl iihi 'lansii ^IH §. ciHi«(l \i. 
m^h «t4l, 5H^ ^«l «v'=ll Mlcl«ll H»3i \[i.[SHl 
KlS^CHl ^IH d. clM^Kl tflC-1 •ni'Hstil, (V^l «til, 
iWl 1 ^i^^i^slcll ^31'ft ^IH $. anriVcSlCH »lv- 
^d ^W^lt41 3H^ ci §5lil |iH Hi ^m ®5lil 
«l1d. Hl« ^^ifecl, ^Hl£ ct^l ^ MlWtfl^fl <V^l 

^WHl 'Hl'ig «?^ «t4 «11H &. «ti ctHiV «ti\ "H^ 
MlJrt <U'>Hl'»ll'ft «l«l Oiill 'i?l'{\, =l<ASc(l, ^ ciMR 
§<Hl =fl^l Mlc-tl ilH d. rtM^ 50il ^KAl "^ <Jl^l 

^inHi aid"«ii ^iH ^. =H^ ^HS^Kl a>i«i efl^Hi viHl 
Pi H«ft ant^ ^ti\i%ielcii Rkai R'lHl ^IH ^. 
n H<i(l H'Voisl ^^il-HK/ft ^IH d. ^d '^'11^4 

i{l(ai«^ni kmi ini ^ ^4 '^'^1^ ^'^^ ^• 
wic-i'fl m« <vRi §M an^ ^^u Mlii^^ai <t^i ^ 

Mitfta«ft -v^l £l6i SH^ ^\\\\ SllSl §. "iwq 
«ll>Hl5ll «ac-ll VlKl >. Hh^ rlM^l^sHl HWHl 

|cii<A an^ §9{l 6(^1 ^iH d. 

Hin-aHlcl^ SHl^C-ti ^IH S. M ildil %l<^ 

<v<\ MWt4\ an^l f «a \ ^a< c-ii«>{l ^iH d. Hnl 

>l»ll(Ai dH^^ 'tlsofl MWMI ^s *-ft «: 'l^l §^ 
3l5iC-a ^IH d, a MHKI MlWcaKl %lMl<aSl :tM« 
^•>Hicft §IH d. mhKI Qm^KI ^Ml/l «{l^ ^ 
KlS^Kl %tV= HmKl ^Hl<a^l(/ft ^IH d. MIH \ «ft 

^ ^a^ ethi ^ Hi45!^ ndsiliv >liiitfii vm^i 

Slui [q?iH ^l^KAl §IH S. Ml'l ^-^n SH^KI 

^Hi^Si Mloii^^rti c-nc-ii anPl 'ft^'ttSl jflsi «0«ii 

aH«l^l sf^Hlfc) Vl'li ^IH §. "llMfA HUM^ clM^Hl- 
^anl VlKl 3(la^ |Hl<a ilH ^. MH ani^ftHl 
MK iWi 9V^l Mlcl'ili §IH d. MUKl Hl%l Hl4l 
C-n<n.Sl anSlK i<n*^ ^ii anPl :tHlS >Hdl««^dl 

(t^i^inS. MwO ildilHi «i<sMi <n'^ «nio3 '^U 

(3HMK ilH §. 

k^-'W ildilM^ ^.^'i =ll«\'{l 4^l<a ilH 8. H'^H- 

HH cHhi ^ ^iH d. H° "11° ■^''i I ^"^ ^-ti"^' 
nmiisii \\ «ft R. ^^^ cHi«{l ^iH d. 

JiOL3l-($«t)-2iM<a, «H$i ^1 «v^l aH«^8ic{l ^IH 
§. a V «ft M ^aA c4% an^l i ^Ja^'-U \ C-llW't 

M^iH §. #1 ?(lii ^<Ai««lai c-Qsii ^3i,{| ;i 
Ml^ani RJKi =ii«i'{l |Hi/l ^iH S, n«ft cictiM^ 

aHi>l«ft \^Hcli cl ^>HHC-1 ^<l ^Hl(/tl C-llSl §. 
i=ll<a «l^ 661^ ^'IM^^n 5ii^ 8iW «1H d. 

JsMn =v<l ^IH d. «il3ll ^SIH S cHl^ H m- 

4id^ n^^ «i=t«3iM^?(i =(i^iH §. ^ H>ti?(i m<v 



an^ <:-{l<Hl«?lctl Q^^l Wi ^IH d. cl^l oHl« 1 
€Jat "S H«(l iWi =lHlX ^IH d. ciPl Sii d'i ^;5c»t 
MW^IH §. «{\ HiSji 5J»aj ^IH d. M aHS^«(l 

=iHl'ti MH 5H^ VSlC-t^l (3il5li <M^4Hl ^<ni^ ?ll^l 
^R^ ^(l<4\ Klit^ ^IH ctl clM? Wl^Kl %tl«l MIH 6. 

=iki, WUi, mi anPl 6tiia(:^ dM^ MiiJ h\'^m\ 
ani^ ^. 2{MKi 'ifA'ft 'c5l41^l il^l %tJ<(S,<^fl ^ aJlil 

•H^iJl i^ §. aM'ii Sf^SlKl ysa an^ ctlSS ivft 

andi ^i^iKl wisi^i ii^i <3M*li5Q d, an^ \{ijj j^. 
t(lH S. aiMlHl »lC-ll^l §il«?ll ^l| -ms^ ^IH ctl 
ll'ltAl i^^l 11^ an^ 4i \iiMi ailsi aH^ ^l-S 

^-*^l«ii-aHl r-l^sHdMi atMl aHijcti xfton 
ani^i^l'ti 3{U (jQmi f/^lC-lMi atRl4Hl(ai ^^Kl Ml^ 

SH^ Sii^ai^jl ffv^sisiMi HietS'fl ^^^ ill ^iW 1i^ 

ffJt^ml ani^ S. aJi (^0^1 ciiHoH Jt[ct«fl ^?)h 
^m «tlH d. 

C-(ko [HH^iW-aHl ani^^ml Ml«l[ ^Sl »ll^ 
d, Hl^ 'H^ 2t^l i^ctl (i^. •>(lrti»4ri i^Hl^ M«4l 

MH^ «li i^ &, ci aHcMrt ^l(i<^i «11H S. 

l-<U%ll«l»tlH-B. racemosa. 

to^l'<l-H. II. p. 276; N. p. 99; Watt. 
I. p. 422; ^ Pi. Ml. ^^. 

(iio); 3?R3r, ^r^Jl, (Ho); ajgr^, f^i^isf ( f|o ); 

^*ra^, g'^'^'f. Wd*i-^H, ^^l^s^ (go) 

3-H4'l-5Hl^!^l'li 3iU lo «fl ^o ^i <in[ «11H 
d. a>lHl aniil aHH<Hl "I Hlsd ^icft "idC-fli Hl^Kl 

(^'^^ m )'ti MH^fl ^'^ «n"^ 9{(S\[ ^i[ml ^ 

an^ ^lln ( StCH )yi«{l Pi ijiaj »11H d. 

^cti^tlcti ^m\. ^JiKl ^ =(lHd ^«Kitfil iiH d. 

^i« ^3i(^<i an^ ^qis (j,^i ^ Miteta«(l w^i c-tiSl d. 

iiil ^H^i j?a"»Hi^i-.5[^ Hi45^ isa an:) 

^Hl aH«t=ll C-tio{l Vi7[ aHlilaH=t4 ^IH d. ilil 
n^iV ^IMlSJll <H^Ml'-t^«P ^IH d. clKl WKH ^«l- 
Hl«fl ^ H^ Mff/cm ^IH §. "Sm^A ^ll"«HlaHl 
C-{l51l i^si'fl ^ clMR H-H^ ^8iH ^ItAl ««cfiHl |HI-A 

Hl«l-aHicl^ aHi^<H( ^IH S. cl ^^ m.[ qa^. 
m[«(1 «iilHC-li ^ MUl^^l ^di ^IH §. "Hl't'fl CH^ilfc) 

\^ > 3 €lai «tl<Hi anPl ll «a ^ 1 3^ ^at 

«Ml<flaJi «^^i ^iH §. «i'^ «Ml<n Hl4S^ «{l^ 
M"^ HIM «\l^a>l "ilWHl^ ^2(M=ll«A'ft \'\i{{ 
^IH 6. ildil Slica, <V^l at^nscfl, (HttHl mtflKl 
l-Hl^mt/fl ^ «(l f "^ ^at CHi«Hl ^ cl ^IMI cl»l(V 
MHKI 'SR'tl «iHlMl>l 9*^1 «til «i«l«{l ^H d. 

ildil^ »t«ll5l MldKl llWi vs «ft (^ §^ -i^l 
^M'^d ^Micfl $H ^. MUKl m« «{lsil aiHKl ^C-l 
«?4l, M>^ MW^ SlltaHl«(l cl afls^i C-H^l $. an^ 

3^1 ^ sici anni^J "iH cl^i ""idmelcli ^ih d, 

M<^ «llil^R M^ cl Mlil««lcll €ll5l d. 

Mi'Ml «iMl «nio3>-(l Kli^ii-n §m S. <^ ^ «ft ^ '&H 

etioft ^IH S. ct^lM^ <V^l d^ S^ ani M^-A ans 
Sll^^ i^ll aHl^C-li ^IH 6. «w(l^l ^'l «{l6ll ^IH $. 
^ ndlM^ "ilfcl^W HKAHI ^=tl<a ^IH d. iC-lKl AiA 
i ^ai eiiofl, <i»?l «til, 'tl^'fl |M»l«l=llwfl, an^ 
%l(mHl«ft ^IH d. ^ cHl «iHW ^l<^ |«l"l!i 
Jiioi ani^^ ^IH d. J^«Kl jyft^li etc(t5ftaH( ^aii^i 



^^^ ^^M 5HH(l ^IH ^. ^^ n(5l3^ ^ 2(1 \\ 
^ «fl 1^ > ^o '^'^ §IH d. ^[t^l J|«?i ^IH §. 

aitascti, ?l^i 9ijii 1 ^cti«4icti iitfii wi ^iM S, 
n^i Sis ^li iv^i «isli«icii ^2(M ?aii 3H^{l^ioii, 

SM M^ d. aHl^SlKl «l<H»li2(l ^«l Hli^ S ci ^l^, 

WlSl 3H^ iWl |«l C1811 «Q»ll VHl ilHMi -HM^l- 
H S. SHl^UHl 3JUMi«fl ?iSR 'fls<!l S, ci <HIH- 
«flaHl ^ifeKi <v5liaH ct^^tH d. ani^nl MK^i 
ctMl^ 'ti^ ci'U ctHl^ Ml'^l'fl <41il qimiMl ani^ 
6. 5Hl^l;i etli^ jij»«i ^IH §, ci ^iHRtSJ ^i an^ 
^'>tl^ ell'^l'ti M^Mi H^iSJ cl^> il>l <Hl^ §. 
ani^iil'ti MW clMlM "tcWi li\[ >HIH S. 'Wl'V^l'li 
«l.S ^ ^IH cHi ani^iil'ti aJuHl R»*'Hl S«lH^ €«,ll 

Mli^ ilM cil rt'il llJlfAl ^HlMi ani^ §. ci«(l 
^Idl^l "Hli "l^ «tH d. 

" ^^ S I ^al*'!! kCil aJirii -HW^ aH^ill^ 

i> S" ( '^T^ ) 

ct'ti mn^i hih iitfii M^ %ii«l HlHi?(l Haji^wT 3iU 

SH^ «l^ aH«^ «ilH d, ci 3<i:ii %ll!^ Sll^ 6, an^ 
^IH cHl^ Mtaj ct ^IH^l i^ d. cll'H'O %ll«l ^•w^ 

§M^ ^1(&1 ^H^Hl %ll| ani 5=11 M^nl %tl«l a<R 

"ani^^i ^M, $R, eli^l^i n^iu, >l€ an^ Jt^6^ 

ciMi ^ctSl^ §. Il^i an^ ^l«nMi anl^SHi mU^i 
=ll/l SiiMiHlHl ani^ S. (h. «ll. M. Sii. ) 

"H^i ^TSii mn §, ci ^t'-til cj^l 'I 'lU^ ^, 

dlifl ^, R^IH ■'H^IH cil ani^^l «11H, qi^ i^, "^U, 

?i6<Ji«, sUmICH, £16, cl^«, Sch/I, 3l«AHl \[\ 

31S13U, anfcl^l^ an RSlX =Hq ^I'l^ Mill d." 
(qo ^3Kl«155.) 

■t^di »HlHi §51 0. 5i M«i'-n, ?i»»^lcl«(l ^e^H ^^ 
«IIH ^. 

^-(ho (HH'Hri-ail'fl «Q3i ct^ci ^sitT «1H 
d cHl^ cl^ 6Sll=ll«(l ctMl "iW^l 35«3j3im aH^l<v 
«ilH &. ci ^H\m ^^ 3i«^lc(lMi «?<v^l ii 6. 
aniil'll ^*ni^ 6ll"il aarfl ^il^l^ H\\[\{[ i^ S. ci 
■>HIH ^. 

t-<a^lH«ilH-Adenanthera pavonia. 

t«^di-ci-H. II. p. 287; N. p. 101; Watt. 
I. p. 107. 

^-"^^flrlW-^lctrtiei, ^cikc-O, ( ^i+sjo ); 
»iK<*iii^, ^i«5 (f o); ^^t!pft, r^R^ ( ft o). 

H?l S. ^Mi 'tii'fl 'iit'fl Miaj MWtffl ^ «lMi 

H^n «ll'^ia>li cfliSlC-n ^IH d, «li an^) «lil 



^ (g^Qlil ( bipinnate ) ^IH §. MK'd ?i""-H 
iliil c-a'AilKl %ltffl i^cti «iil, C-fl^T ^ 2i(flica ^IH 
S. rlH^ 'ilA'ii MK ( S«t 1 M<4-leaflets) nl ?i">^H 
ildM V «a \o ^il ^^ ^^ 5Mi^<:-a ^IH d. 

aH(i^9V 'if^ Mt^ %\b svlilMi'd ild^ M«3i 'VH^ 
wlJ «Hlo3 ^Itfll HlCA'd 3Hia^ 4^l^^ aHl^«ft ^IH ^. 

5i t^i ildilH^ IR. «(l i<r sc-i vmm Mi^ ^iH d, 
^ c-i<H5li«i, f «ft If ^2* mi, \ 3=H Hlmi, 

©M^'fl ciMV HlSlHl «Hldl5l ^8jM tlicai^litrtl 

M^l«tl, atM<il, <h[>A, ''{liV i^iStl QiRHi ®MM, 
«fl«l, attaicft, 'io ?(l \:i tnV'-llc/fl ^R 6. <lMi 
"{1<V <VRl &^ ©^ ^IH 6. ^'i\ ^fl'l 3JUM^ itl^ cidi 

hA M.J ^iiy^ ^iwtahl m1 ^liii =i«fl «tH 6. 

'nl'V ^Idl ^3Hi, «(l«l, atcAicli, =iatMi «H-^ "ilo^ 

t-dH^liai-aH^ \^ ciH9V anHl Jl^rfl Hit(H 

Ml^Hl "Hldl cl^l €lM %l(tl=tl an^ ^l^l^ll ®H^ 
i^mnl 5Hl^ 6. Sirii ^$1 an^ siaii ^(ii (^Qjj) ^3Hi 

^(k=iKi ^i^tSli, ^ -^ ?li*na>lmi ^"^(1 anw 

aH'W «i«l<:fl ^IH ^M^ eiJlUHRl ani^ $. ^iv-ct 

iii «11H 6. ^i 'Hli^ H^[ iS«ai an^ <v^l (Hl<l 
^IH Q. Slrti «>{lay ^i^ <l3l^ rlKAHlMi HM^IH §. 

V9-*«iii4-<ni5i an^ HiilSiiHl -hum! ^wi 

'ilCH'tl aJli "idUfls <v3ll5l ^^irticft »l3i §3i<ti 

^HlMi ani^ 'S. a>l f^oHl ?Ai«i MHilH (Hl'mi an^ 
TtRtI^ ( pterocarpus santalinus ) d. 

^ll^'l<l«ilH-Prosopis spicigera. 
t<>il'Ci-H. II. p. 288; N. p. 101; AVatt. 
VI. part. I. 340; ^. R. Ml. V^^. 

!i-i<ll'lR-^»>'ll fMlo); ill, «Hl (Jio); 
5tlft ( To ); IjrqR, grait, ^ ( flo ); ^^ (iffo); 
%IM^, ill ( i=^^ ). 

tHinMi ?i^1c-llW«fl aHl<l «l> 5}^ jvil «tiH §. SiMi 

'tit^'fl ^ MW^ <n|m 'iM d'Acd^i^fl «ii>HiSii 

aniM ^IH S. 1lM«\ «ll>HlSll yt^ft 'i?}{ ^m g. 
a MK^ Qil^ M^P Klsfl ^Sa ^^C-n ^IH S. ^ 
aHStSii (<lfM3l Rh) Weeping Willow (Salix 
Babylonica)^! il5li <^<i |->hih §. 'SHi aJlli 
§H^ iidl «IIH 6. MK ^ilH^^iKl ^1 ^Jiirt ?A<3l( 
^IH d. Si>ti ?ll(ai««^ctl ^(Al ^3h| j,4^i,0 scH- 
^QS^l Rim5l aHl<l(3'6l9ll Qcl^cti «Hl4i<l ^ilfSll 

mijA ^^. 6. 
^(A-Ml»viirii MlcHi^i^tfi <v>{l4»ii yi^jl (341 

SrtV-ti ^IH d. fUl "so «ft ^^ ^li <V>{l'i>l| 
@rt^=ll'tl €l">HC-tlaHl ^NlHC-ll d. anril ^*{lstl>i«l- 
Him slUlS 'Hlivt s^idlSii rftj,c?i §. ^ iti^ a,iiji. 
an^fAl aV>{l'iHi «l^ Ml <5ct^ 6. ^jtfi^ C^l^(^ 
iJiJJ an^l ^Wi ??ii »11H d. »lC-t <v^l Jvlil, H- 
"/utjt anPl ^^init/ll ^IH 6. cl^l ^01 §M^«n Oi^^l 

•rSlSt Qi^^l Wl ^ ft ■'Hi'n^il ^IM d. ci'llM^ 
S^il a*i:^ ant^l =0^1 MlcHl ^IH d. ^«ft rl ^ii S4- 
HStWl ^1 @2iil <vdl Jv^ctmi ani^ d. a>ictVrJlCH 



ni2i) iisil^ ^tAcfl qiy 4li5i §, 5i;ii ^-^i? ni^u 

Wist ^HlWl "^ <^l Vl'H ^l*t '5, ^H^ fi'tlH^ 
•t^dl W'-tlHl 't C-luA Sli'-ni aH^ Si<iiti(V MlilfAl 
iidl ani'^C-tl ^IH ^. Si iidlSMli^l i.^[ Q^^l 1 4i^l 

M^ §ct^cti l-«ilM ^. 5Hr{l city ^RM "Hl^^ 
M<nc(l ^ R:=ll£ (1^1 a*i;i y^!V oicna^^l Sll^l S. 

ildilM^ \ «(l V iSlil §iH d. n^l '-ntiHi iMtfi 

^l"^iaHl4l 'Sil ■Hl?l ^1^ SH^ «til «U"^l5<lM'. 

<V<1 '{l^i =l=-5llHat ?i"»^H ildilM^ sUeii ^^iHl 
attfisdl ^^^ Mic-(1 ^<l ;i%l^r*-M (gland) ^IH §. 
'n^ili^ft MH 4i=ti ^l^ illui 5Hl(s SOi MKM^ 
^^m H^HR svl'-iRl SHI^ ^. ^ilHl^ S^SMH 
\^ «(l ^^ 1^21 iHi$a SH^ \ Ml^l^ ^l*t ^. 5H^ 
an £^i MHM^ fell4i<l <r ^ 1R. ^<^M MH-tSl 
> M<4 (leaflets) %tw ^Rl sHi^sti §iH ^. an s^s 
^.^H MK \ ?Jat £ti«a SH^ \ «(l \| ^i'M M|tt^ 

^iH d. <i'0 ^nA %iMi/l chI^I an^l n|Hi ^i 

^V^ i\h\. C-Oc-tl ^3ir{l ^m ^. aHlrllWVl M14 ^^(ni- 

«?lcti edsti ^'Hi ^iM S. ^ cl'iw iy^^H ?ltcni 

aHi tHl«3 Ml?l ^<^M ani^Q ^IH $, MH^ S^iCA- 

Hcndl »v^l c{l>>{l qiy r{\ss5\ $. an^ a^l ^l? 
=(lii^ll, a^l SH^l ^Hdl^lSlcil =(l^M^l SIR §. 

5(!H-M^"^i'^»ti^ »i^ ^ii"^i3li^ SI ^st-fl sc4- 

^Rani a>iK S. n '-t">Hct aHS<V <v3iiaH«(l ;i 2ft V 
Ml^ MW '{li^«{l ^IH S. 2M i\h SS{3(1 3 2(1 M 
^^ Stioft ^ ct>li loo Pi aHl«^ iA^li S^4^l ani^CHi 

iii ilH d. 

Ml^Ml ^HlC4l <v=li «ty ^^C-ti ^IH S. rt'ti ?i>HM^ 

Hiilliv >J5M, yi4^^ '^''* ^'"^' ^"^^'^^ ^^** ^• 

>i<>"Hl%«l'-nR$lH-'fl MtMilani M ^IH S. cl @9(l 
^ ani^H'cR ilH 6. ci ^o nio 1l4 «cti CHlofl ^IM S. 

>ilw^i-\° ^iH S. d Mmil^ii (^icni stini 

i^ ^Isi :^3Ki ilH S. ci4lM^ M^l^llR Rl^H Sl^l 
s^^[ aHl^Stl |lH S. ci^l ^n r^HiX Ml<fll ^l*i d. 

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