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ALBANY, N. r. 



6^, ^^7 



It was not until late in life that the compiler of this work 
became aware of the importance of such an undertaking 
and addressed himself to the task ; stimulated solely with 
the aim and purpose of rescuing from oblivion the history of 
his worthy ancestors, whose useful lives and honored names, 
but for which, in a few more revolving years would inevit- 
ably have become almost unknown to their descendants. 

On entering upon the work it very soon became apparent 
that it had already been too long neglected, and often, 
when soliciting information relative to the early families, 
the reply would be, ^' We have no written account ;" and 
those who a few years ago could have furnished a full and 
accurate history have died and left no one possessed of the 
desired information. 

While as a nile the writer takes pleasure in acknowledg- 
ing the generous assistance of hundreds of those to whom 
he has applied for information (without which it would 
have been impossible to have produced such a work), still 
there have been those who, recreant to the claims of com- 
mon politeness, have failed to take any notice of his cor- 
respondence, and in a few cases, when called on, have met 
the subject with indifference and its representative with a 
marked lack of courtesy and good breeding — a characteris- 
tic foreign to the Bouton- Bough ton race ; and such are 
accounted unworthy the honor of a place in this history, 
though they may bear our name; in feelings and disposition 
they are not of us. Doubtless many whose names will be 
sought for in this collection will not be found, for the rea- 
son that those of their relatives who were applied to for the 
account totally neglected to give it, or even give the name 
and address of such persons known to them who could have 
furnished the information. 

Not the least of the difficulties the compiler of this book 
encountered, was the question of means to meet the expense 
of its publication. 'Had he been possessed of sufficient 
means to afford it, he would have deemed it a pleasure to 

have presented to every one bearing the name, a bound 
volume as a free gift ; but as that was not the case, it was 
decided to undertake the publication by subscription, and 
in order to bring the price within the means of as large a 
number as possible he decided to furnish the entire manu- 
script, ready for the printer, gratuitously — the estimated 
cost of which, in time and money, was Three thousand dol- 
lars. And then came the difficulty of finding a publisher 
who would undertake such a risk. It was hoped that, with 
this inducement, the relatives would order at least two 
hundred volumes, which, with the bare expense of paper, 
printing and binding, the cost to them would not exceed 
five dollars per volume ; and this was made the basis of an 
agreement between the publishers and the subscribers, in 
case enough should subscribe to warrant the publishers to 
undertake the execution of the work. Circulars were sent 
out to over a thousand whose address had been furnished, 
but it was about two years before enough had sent in their or- 
ders to secure the publishers against loss in issuing the book. 

The time consumed in the correspondence, traveling and 
writing and transcribing the MSS. covered a space of over 
' six years. As before stated the compiler could not afford 
to give up his business and devote his whole time to it ; the 
work was done mostly at night, with an average of about 
five hours for five nights each week, seldom leaving his 
work until after twelve o'clock at night ; and though 
exhaustive, it never became burdensome, cheered on with 
the hope that his labor of love would be by many appreci- 
ated, and that by what he has done some successor may be 
stimulated to continue the work through the ages to come. 

Before closing this address the writer would humbly 
acknowledge his indebtedness to a kind providence that, 
though advanced in years, neither health nor sight has been 
impaired by the extraordinary^ strain put upon them ; and 
special mention he feels ought to be made of those who 
have rendered laborious and valuable assistance in collect- 
ing the material for this genealogy, a list of which will be 
found on another page. Affectionately yours, 



Waiiam S. Bouton, J. P., South Norwalk, Faii-field Co. , Ct. 
Dea. John B. Bouton, South Norwalk, Faii^field Co., Ct. 
Joseph A. Webster, South Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
Eugene Bouton, Ph.D., Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
Dr. Orson M. AUaben, M,D., Margarettsville, Delaware Co., 

N. Y. 
Dr. Julius A. Freeman, M.D., Millington, Kendall Co., 111. 
Burritt B. Bouton, attorney-at-law, Roxbury, Delaware 

Co., N. Y. 
William H. Upton, attorney-at-law, Walla Walla, Wash- 
ington Ter. 
George Boughton, P. M. and J. P., Ridgebury, Fairfield 

Co., Ct. 
Chester F. Bouton (deceased), merchant, Albany, Albany 

Co., N. Y. 
Erastus Bouton, Rensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y. 
Walter Boughton, Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 
George A. Bough tin, Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa. 
Mrs. Lucena Bushnell, Nassau, N. Y., widow of the late 

Dr. Albert Bushnell, missionary Gaboon, Africa. 
Mrs. Dr. F. O. Hyatt, D.S.D., Cortland, Cortland Co., N. Y 
Mrs. Melania Smith (deceased), daughter of Jared Boughton, 

of Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

Mrs. Edna Buell, Rochester, N. Y., daughter of Jared 
Boughton, of Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

Mrs. Daniel Seymour, New Canaan, Fairfield Co., Ct. 

Mrs. William H. Wood, Lewisboro, Westchester Co , N. Y. 

Mrs. Melissa L. Nash, 84 Cedar street. New Haven, Ct. 

Mrs. Laura H. S. Dom (gi'eat granddaughter of Hezekiah 

Boughton), Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Mary E. Boughton Vail, Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 


abt. about. Conn, or Ct. Connecticut, 

b. birth or bom. Co. county or company, 

bap. baptized. No. number or north, 

dau. daughter. prob. probably, 

d. died or death. reg. regiment, 

m. married. So. south, 
res. resides or residence. 

In searching for names of persons, if not found in gene 
ral index, turn to the index of the appendix. 

*I!bB following autograph of John Bouton, the first of the 
family name in this country, was written March 25/ 1671, 
and was attached to a statement of his, on a deed. It 
shows that the name was originally Bouton, and not 
Boughton, as some have supposed. 

1890 - 


T is claimed that the Bouton-Boughton race has a 
traditional record or history, dating back to the 
Fifth Century, when ancient history tells us that 
clans or tribes of Gauls inhabited the country 
bordering on the river Rhone, and extending from Lake 
Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea, but that they were more 
particularly identified with the Visigoth clan, the head of 
the Salian tribe under King HiJderi, A. D. 481, who at his 
death left his son Cluvis, king of the tribo. 

From this period, during the reign of Clovis, wars for 
conquest were of frequent occurrence ; the Franks from the 
north making attacks upon the southern Gauls, were suc- 
cessfully resisted by Clovis, and Syragrius, a Roman 
usurper, was defeated and his people subjugated by Clovis, 
who made himself popular with his subjugated subjects 
by favoring their bishops, and by marrying Holihelde 
(Clotilde), the niece (or as some historians say) the daughter 
of the King of Burgundy, a Christian. 

Clovis promised his wife that if her God, whose aid he 
invoked during the battle of Tolbiac, should give him suc- 
cess, then he would embrace her religion, which he subse- 
quently did and was baptized into the Christian faith, and 
his example was generally followed by his people. 

The ancient Bouton Shield, or Coat of Arras, had the 
following motto on a ground work of perpendicular lines : 
**De Gules i la Fasce d'Or," which is old French, and 
translators say implies ''a force as of a Leopard when it 
attacks with its red mouth open." 

^^.. - 

vi Introduction. 

To the Dictionnaire des Qeneratix FrancaiSj the com- 
pfler is indebted for the following account which was fur- 
nished by Wm, S. Bouton, Esq., of South Norwalk, Ct. 

"Prom A. D. 1350, the military and court records abound 
with the Bouton name for two centuries. Nicholas Bouton, 
who bore the title of Count Charailly, Baron Montague de 
Naton, born, as is supposed, about 1580 and was the father 
of Harard and John (who were twins), and Noel Bouton, 
who were Huguenots and refugees during the violent per- 
secutions of the Protestants by the Boman Catholics during 
the predominance of the Guises in France, at which time 
many were slaughtered and many escaped to the fastnesses 
of the surrounding mountains where subsistence was almost 
impossible. At length the intolerence of the Roman Cath- 
olic bigots was overcome and the refugees, many, returned, 
among whom was the aforesaid Boutons. Noel distin- 
guished himself and was the Marquis de Chamilly, and was 
subsequently made Marshal of all France, and a life size 
portrait of him was placed in the gallery of French nobles 
at Versailles, France, where it is still to be seen. 

" The French historian speaking of the Boutons says that 
it is accorded to a noble ancestry that a proclivity for 
patriotism, education and religion is seen in the race all 
down the ages." 


1. JOHN BOUTON, son, as is supposed, of the Count 
Kicholas Bouton, was a Huguenot and during the existence 
of the great persecution fled to England, where the Govern- 
ment were offering to send emigrants to America, on con- 
dition they would swear allegiance to the Crown of England, 
A registry of such emigrants was keptat London, a copy of 
which has been examined by the compiler of this work, 
and as only one person by the Bouton name is found on 
that registry, embracing a period of 100 years, from 1600 to 
1700, it is supposed that said person w^as the John Bouton 
of whom this account is traced, and that all the families of 
Boutons or Boughtons in this country prior to 1700, were 
descended from said John Bouton, who embarked from 
Gravesend, England, in the barque Assurance^ July, 1636, 
and landf^ at Boston, Massachusetts, in December, 1635, 
aged 20 years; whether married or not at the time is not 

He married 1st, Joan Turney, and lived in Boston and 
Watertown, Mass., and early in the settlement of Hartford, 
Conn., moved to that place, and again in 1651, soon after 
the commencement of the settlement of Norwalk, he re- 
moved to that place, where his wife Joan soon died, and 
where he became an influential citizen, and in 1671, and 
for several years subsequent, he was a representative in 
the general court of the co ony of Connecticut, and served 
his townsmen in many official capacities in Norwalk. He 
m. 2d, at Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 1, 1656, Abigail Marvin (dau. of 
Matthew Marvin, who came from London, Eng.) She 
was born at Hartford about 1640, and died at Norwalk about 
1672. He married 3d, at Norwalk about 1673, Mrs. Mary* 
Stevenson, widow of Jonathan Stevenson, who was killed 
in a swamp fight with the Indians near Norwalk. 

He gave land to his sons John and Matthew, as appears . 
on the Norwalk town records, and at his death, which 
occurred at Danbury, Ct., 1704r-6, he left an estate at Nor- 
walk, a part of which has remained in possession of his 


'descendants until the present time, July, 1888, now over 
200 years. A copy of his Will was made from the Fairfield 
record, and is herewith furnished for publication. (See 
copy of Wills.) 

Ckildren of John Boaton, Sr., and his three wires (Ist, Joan Tnrney 
Sdy AhigTAil Harrin ; Sd^ Widow Harj Sterenson). of Hartford and 
Norwalk« Conn. 

Children of John Bonton bj 1st Wife Joan Tamej Bonton. 1 

2 i. Richard Bouton, b. prob. in Mass., about 1639 or 

1640, m. Ruth , lived and died at Nor walk, June 

27, 1665. But little has been obtained of his history 
except that at his death which occurred June 27, 1665, 
he left to his wife Ruth, all his property, to be hers 
during her lifetime and then to go to John's son 
John, evidently having no children of his own at 
that time. 

3 ii. BRmoET Bouton, b. prob. at Hartford, Ct., about 

1642, m. at Norwalk, moved to Stockbridge, Mass. 
$he ni., supposed at NorwaJk, 1660, Daniel Kellogg, 
where they lived for several years, and moved, as is 
supposed, to Stockbridge, Mass., where mention is 
maae of her by the Boutons of that place. 

(■liildren of John Bonton^ Sr.^ and Abigrail XarTiny of Norwalk. 

4 iii. John Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept. 30, 1659. Was 

a farmer ; m. at Norwalk about 16S5, Sarah^au. 
of John Grreggorie, of Norwalk, where she was bom, 
1667. They settled at Norwalk where he owned land 
jointly with his brother Matthew Bouton, which 
according to town records, he sold Jan. 25, 1693, to 
Mercy Lockwood, widow of Ephraim Lockwood. 
The town records of Danbury contains records of his 
conveyance of lands at that place, and the records 
of New Canaan state that he, together with John Jr., 
Nathaniel, Daniel and Eleazar, were among the con- 
stituents of the Society of New Canaan. 

5 iv. Matthew Bouton, b. Norwalk, Dec. 24, 1661. Nor- 

walk records say he sold his land there, and Danbury 
records mention his sale of land there. 

6 V. Rachel Bouton, b. Norwalk, Dec. 16, 1667, m. about 

1690, Matthias St. John, settled Ridgefield, Ct. 

7 vi. Abigail Bouton, b. Norwalk, April 1, 1670, m. 

Smith. Settled prob. near Norwalk, Ct. 

8 vii. Mary Bouton, b. Norwalk, May 26, 1671, m. David 

Waterbury. Settled prob. near Norwalk, Ct. 


</kUctreii of John Bonton^Sr., and Marj Steyenson Bonton, of Norwalk. 

9 viii. Joseph Bouton, b. Norwalk, about 1674, m. Mary — , 

(mentioned, see his Will). Settled prob. near Nor- 
walk, Ct. 

10 ix- Thomas Bouton, b. Norwalk, about 1676. He is men- 

tioned as constituent Soc. of Wilton. 

11 X. Elizabeth Bouton, b. Norwalk, about 1679, m. 1698, 

Edmund Waring, of Norwalk. 

12 xi. Richard Bouton, b. Norwalk, about 1680. He was 

elected clerk of the Soc. at Wilton, 1726. 

Children of Daniel and Brldgret Bonton Kelloggr* 3 

13 i. Mary Kellogg b. Norwalk, Conn , Feb., 1662. 

14 ii. Rachel Kellogg, b. Norwalk, Feb., 1663. 

15 iii. Sarah KjiLLOGG, b. Norwalk, Feb., 1665, m. Daniel 


16 iv. Elizabeth Kellogg, b. Norwalk, May,1666, d. 1690. 

17 V. Daniel Kellogg, b. May 7, 1671. 

18 vi. Samuel Kellogg, b. Norwalk, Feb., 1673, m. 

Sept. 6, 1709, Sarah Piatt. 

19 vii. Lydia Kellogg, b. April, 1676, m. John Clark. 

20 viii.BENJAMiN Kellogg, (twin) b. March, 1678. 

21 ix. Joseph Kellogg, (twin) b. March, 1678, m. Ist, 

Sarah Plum ; m. 2d, Mary Lyon. 

<9illd of Hatthias and Bachael Bonton St. John, of Norwalk, 

Fairfield Co., Conn. 6 

(The following account of Matthias St. John from the 
Whitney Genealogy^ p. 18, pub. 1878) : 

22 i. Matthew St John, son of Matthias 3d, g. son of 
Matthias Jr. andg.g. son of Matthias who emigrated from 
England and settled at Norwalk about 1650. Said Matthew 
St. John was born at Norwalk about 1686, married Oct. 
13, 1709, Anne Whitney, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
'Smith Whitney of Norwalk, where she was born about 
I6yl. He, Matthew St. John, was of the company who 
bought Ridgefield of the Indians Sep. 30, 1708. He was 
chosen lister Dec. 19, 1716, and surveyor, Dec. 20, 1722. 
April 6, 1723, he sold his whole right at Ridgefield and set- 
tled at Pympawaug now in the town of Wilton, Conn. 

They were members of the first Cong, church in Norwalk, 
1725. March 10th, 1729, ensign Matthew St. John was 
appointed a committee of the society to visit Hartford and 


lay before the Le^slature a complaint against the town of 
Norwalk. Feb. 13, 1732, the names of Matthew vSt. John 
and wife were included in a list of members of the church 
of Wilton. He was chosen as clerk of the society at 
Wilton and served as such from 1731 to 1746, when having 
bought, Mar. 5, 1745, a farm of Samuel Comstock about two 
miles north of Sharon Village for £655, old tenor. The church 
record of their removal dates June, 1745, in which he is 
called captain and soon after coming to Sharon he was 
chosen by the church to be their third deacon. 

They died at Sharon, he Aug. 3, 1755, she May 9, 1773, 
aged 82 years, and was buried in the old cemetery, head 
Sharon St. 

Children of Matthew and Anne Whitnej St. Johny of Bidgefleld and^ 

Wilton, Conn. 22 

24 i. Matthew St. John, Jun., b. Ridgefield, Conn., 

June 23, 1711, m. Wilton, Dec. 14, 1737, Mary El- 
mer, res. Suffield, Ct. 

25 ii. Marx St. John, b. Ridgefleld, Aug. 15, 1715, m. 

1st, Wilton, 1737, Hannah ; she d. Kirkland, 

N. Y., 1823 ; m. 2d, Sharon 1747, Ann Gay,and moved 
to Stockbridge, Mass., where he d. 1772. 

26 iii. Anne St. John, b. Ridgefleld, May 1, 1717, m. 

Sept., 1733, Ezra St. John (son of Ebenezer), he d. 
Wilton, Dec 10, 1740. 

27 iv. Thaddeus St. John, b. Ridgefleld, May 1720, went 

with his parents to Wilton, where he d Oct. 4, 1736. 

28 V. Luke St. John, b. Wilton, Aug. 28, 1721; a tailor; 

m. at Sharon, Ct, Elizabeth , and moved to 

Stockbridge, Mass., 1759. 

29 vi. John St. John, b. Wilton, Nov 1, 1723, m. at 

Sharon, Ct., Nov. 5, 1746, Sabra Colver; d. Sharon, 
Ct, Dec., 1784. 
80 vii. Hannah St. John, b. Wilton, Jan. 7, 1729-30, m- 
Sharon, Feb. 20, 1745-6, Ebenezer Sprague, and had 
12 children; she prob. d. Sharon. 

Children of John Bonton, Jr.5 and Sarah Gregrgor j Boaton^ of Norwalk. . 

31 i. Abigail Bouton, b. Norwalk, Conn., 1686. 

32 ii. Mary Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1688. 

33 iii. Nathaniel Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1691, m. 1st, 

Hannah , m. 2d, Mary ; he was one- 

of the constituents of the Soc. of N. Canaan. 


84 iv. Joseph Bouton, b Norwalk, 1693, supposed to have 
died in infancy as not mentioned among the children 
of John, Jr., by their grandfather, 1700. 

35 V. Eleazer Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1696, m. EUzabetb 

35* yL John Boxjton 3d, b. Norwalk, about 1701, m. Mary 

Petit; he d. and she m. 2d, Eleazer, bro. of her 1st 

husband (see her will). 
35*vii. Daniel Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1705, m. Elizabeth 

Robert, July 12, 1733. 

[A copy of the will of the above Nathaniel Bouton now 
in possession of his great-great grandson Dr. Nathaniel W. 
Bouton, M.D., of Ashland, Benton Co., Mo., makes no 
mention of his- son John and his daughter Rebecca, from 
which it is inferred that they had died before 1775, the date 
of said will.] 

Children of Joseph, son of John, St., and his wife Harj Sterensoa 

Bonton, of NorwalJc, Conn. 

36 i. Sarah Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., m. Hanford. 

37 ii. Dinah Bouton, b. Norwalk, m. Dea. John Benedict 

and settled New Canaan, 1783. 
37*iii. Jachin Bouton, b. Norwalk, is said to have m- 

twice, one an Atwater. 
37* iv. John Bouton, b. Norwalk. 

In the will of above Joseph Bouton, recorded at Fairfield, 
and bearing date Dec. 20, 1746, he bequeaths portions to 
bis daughters whom he designates as Sarah Hanford and 
Dinah Senedict,and closes by ordering the remainder of his 
estate to be equally divided among his four children, naming 
Jachin and John as his two sons. » 

(x) Elizabeth Bouton, dau. of John, Sr., and Mary 
Stevenson Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1679, m. Edmund Warren 
(also spelled Waring) from Long Island Oct. 6, 1698; he 
was probaby son of Richard Wanng of Oyster Bay, L. I., 
and b. 1673; he owned a large tract of land on Rooton Hill 
and 5 Mile river; he d. Aug. 5, 1749, age 76. 

Children of Edmond and Elizabeth Bonton Warren^ of Norwalh. 20 

88 i. Edmund Warren, Jr., b. Oyster Bay, L. I., Sept. 

16, 1700. 

89 ii. Isaac Warren, b. Oyster Bay, June 13, 1702. 

40 ill. John Warren, b. Oyster Bay, Dec. 21, 1704. 

41 iv. Solomon Warren, b. Oyster Bay, April 24, 1707. 


42 V. Mary Warren, b. Oyster Bay, Dec. 22, 1708. 

43 vi. Nathan Warren, b. Oyster Bay, Feb. 6, 1711. 

44 vii. Jacob Warren, b. Oyster Bay, Jan. 15, 1713. 

45 viii. Michael Warren, b. Oyster Bay, July 16, 1715, m. 

Elizabeth Scofield. 

46 ix. Eldlkim Warren, b. Oyster Bay, July 8, 1717, m. 

Ann Reed, Dec. 7, 1738. 

47 X. Elizabeth Warren, b. Oyster Bay, Mar.S, 1720. 

48 xi. Abigail .Warren, b Oyster Bay, April 19, 1723. 

49 xii. Hannah Warren, b. Norwalk, Sept. 7, 1725. 

Child of Michael and Elizabeth Scofield Warren of Norwalk, Gt. 45 

50 i. Henry Warren, b. Norwalk, Oct. 6, 1744. 

Children of Eliakim and Ann Beed (dan. of John Beed) Warren, Nor- 
walk, Gt. 46 

51 i. Zacheus Warren, b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 19, 1741. 

52 ii. Jesse Warren, b. Norwalk, June 14, 1744. 

63 iii. Eliakim Warren, Jr., b. Norwalk, 1747, m Jan. 

17,177l,Phebe Bouton,dau. of Esaias, b. Mar. 5, 1754. 

Children of Eliakim, Jr., and Phebe Bonton Warren^of Norwalk, Ct 58 

64 i. Esaias Warren, b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 16, 1771. 

55 ii. Hannah Warren, b. Norwalk, Aug. 30, 1775. 

56 iii. Nathan Warren, b. Norwalk, May 1, 1777, m. 

Mary Bouton, dau. Nathan and Abigail Burlock 
Bouton, b. April 21, 1789, d. Feb. 8, 1859. 

57 iv. Stephen Warren, b. Norwalk, Mar. 9, 1783. 

58 V. Hannah Warren, b. Norwalk, July 9, 1793. 

(iii) Nathan Warren (see Whitney Genealogy, p. 911), 
b. Norwalk,Oonn., May 1, 1777, was 3d child of Eliakim, Jr., 
and Phebe Bouton Warren and grandson of Eliakim, Sr., 
and Ann Reed Warren, and great-grandson of Edmund 
and Elizabeth, dau. of John Bouton, Sr., of Norwalk, Conn. 
He, Nathan Warren, m. Apnl 24, 1808, Mary Bouton,dau. of 
Nathan and Abigail Burlock Bouton, and settled at Troy, 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y., where they (Nathan and Abigail 
Burlock Bouton) lived and died. Shed. Oct. 5, 1827, and he 
May 24, 1838. 

Said Nathan Bouton, father of Mary Bouton Warren, is 
mentioned in the history of Norwalk, Conn., as a liberal 
contributor to the rebuilding of the Episcopal church there, 
after the burning by the British of the old Episcopal church 
edifice of that place in time of the war. 


The beneficient endowment/ and dedication to the worship 
of God of the Episcopal church of the Holy Cross, Troy, 
N. Y., by Mrs. Mary Warren, is said to be the outcome of a 
Saturday afternoon sewing society for little girls estab- 
lished by his mother, Mrs. rhebe Bouton Warren, early in 
the present century. Nathan Warren was a vestryman of 
St. Paul's church, Troy, and a liberal benefactor of the 
same. Whitney Genealogy says of Mrs. Mary Warren : *'She 
built and endowed in 1844 the beautiful church of the Holy 
Cross, in Troy, N. Y., as a house of prayer for all people 
without money and without price ; she also supported 
throughout her life a free school for girls, which has been 
continued by her sons and is known as the Mary Warren 
Free Institute. He died Aug. 13, 1834 ; she died Feb. 8, 
1859. " 

Chll. of Nathan and Mary Bonton Warren^ of Troj. Rens. Co., N. T. 56 

They had three daughters born in Troy and died in in- 
fancy ; eldest Mary Esther, 2d Mary Bouton, 3d Charlotte 

69 iv. Harriette Louise Warren, b. Troy, N. Y., ngi. 
(date not given) Edmund Schriver, an officer in the 
United States Army, who in the war of the rebellion 
rose to the rank of maj. -general. On the 15th of 
Jan., 1859, she was thrown out of a sleigh and in- 
stantly killed ; she left no children. 

60 V. Nathan Bouton Warren, b. Troy, N. Y., where 

he has spent the most of his life. Ilis attainments 
in musical science has given him the title of musical 
doctor. Among his writings are named Musical 
Anthems^ which have been published, also two 
operettas. His work styled the Holiday s^whicYih^s 
passed to its second edition revised and enlarged. Lady 
of Lawford and other Christmas stories, indicate 
some of the employments of his life. He has never 
married; continued to reside at Troy, N. Y., 1888. 

61 vi. Stephen Euakim Warren, b. Troy, N. Y. ; he has 

spent most of his life at Troy, having graduated at 
Trinity college, Hartford, Conn.; the care of the 
Warren estate in Troy occupying chiefly his time ; 
not married ; he was living at Troy, N. Y., 1888. 

62 vii. George Henry Warren, b. Troy, N. Y., Nov. 18, 

1823. He graduated at Union college, and member 
of bar, New York State, N. Y., 1843 ; he m. N. Y., 
April 29, 1851, Mary Caroline Phenix, dau. of J. 


Phillips Phenix and Mary Whitney Phenix, of N. Y. 
city, where she was b. at No. 18 State St., Feb. 27, 
1832. They settled at 520 Fifth Ave., N. Y. They 
were traveling in Europe with their family summer 
of 1887. 

€litL of €toorgre !!• and Mary Caroline Phenix Warren, of N. T. City. M 

68 i. Mary Ida Warren, b. Mt. Ida, Troy, N. Y. July 2, 
1852, m. Paris, France, June 2, 1878, Robert Percy 
Alden a descendant of John Alden who immigrated 
in the Mayflower^ 1^520 ; they settled in N. Y. city. 

64 ii. Harriet Louise Warren, b. 3 3d St., Troy, N. Y., 

Feb. 23, 1854, m. N. Y. city, April 17, 1879, Robert 
Goelet, descendant of Peter Groelet,from Holland,1721; 
they settled in N. Y. city. 

65 iii. George Henry Warren, Jr. , b. Ida Cottage, Troy, 

N. Y., Oct. 17, 1856, member of the bar of New York 
State ; LL.B. Columbia College. Married in N. Y. 
city. May 1885, Georgia Williams of Stonington, Ot. 
Res. N. Y., 1888. 

66 iv. Emeline WmrNEY Dore Warren, b. Ida Cottage, 

Troy, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1S57. 

67 V. WnrTNEY Phoenix Warren, b. Ida Cottage Troy, 

N. Y , Jan. 19, 1860, and d. 145 Ma<iison Ave., N. Y. 
city, March 22, 1863. and buried in the Warren Mor- 
tuaiy Chapel in Oak wood Cemetery, Troy, N. Y. 

68 vi. Edmund Warren, b. No. 145 Madison Ave., N. Y. 

city, Dec. 2, 1861. 

69 vii.WnrrNEY Warren, twin, b. 145 Madison avenue. 

N. Y., Jan. 29, 1864, m. July, 1882, Charlotte A. 
Tooker, res. Newport, R. I. 

70 viii. Anna Phoenix Warren, twin, b. 145 Madison ave. 

Jan. 29, 1864, d. Ida Cottage, Aug. 9, 1865, and 
buried Warren Mortuary Chapel. 

71 ix. EnrrH Caroline Warren, b. 145 Madison avenue, 

N. Y., April 15,1866, m. April 28, 1886, Wm. Stan- 
Miller, res. New York. 

72 X. Llyod Elliot Warren, b. Paris, France, Nov. 

10, 1868, grad. 1888, Columbia College. 

Children of Robert P. and Marj Ida Warren Alden^ of Cornwall^ Pa* 68 

73 i. John Percy Coleman Alden, b. W 17th St, N. Y., 

Jan. 6, 1881. 

74: ii. Geo. Henry Warren Alden, b. Ida Cottage, Troy, 
Sept. 28, 1882. 


Ohiidren of Robert and Harriet Lonise Warren Goelety of N. T. City. 04 

75 i. Egbert Walton Goelet, b. Madison Ave., N. Y. 

city, March 19, 1880. 
T6 ii. Beatrice Goelet, b. 591 Fifth Ave., N. Y. city, 

Dec. 11, 1885. 

4MIA of George U. Jr. and Georgia Williams Warren, of New York. 65 

T7 i. Constance Whitney Warren, b. 28 E. 64th St., 
N. Y. city, Feb. IS, 1888. 

Child of Whitney and Chariotte A. looker Warren, of Newport^ B.I. 07 

78 i. Charlotte Augusta Warren, b. Newport, R. I., 
Sept., 1885. 

Child of William S. and Edith C. Warren; Miller, of New York. 71. 

7!) i. Edith Miller, b. Newport, R. I., July 16, 1887, 

Children of Jachin Bouton, son of Joseph and Mary Bonton, of Norwalk 
(see eopy of his, Joseph's, will and his two wives), of Norwaik, Conn. 

80 i. Ebenezer Boughton, b. prob. Norwaik, Ct.. about 

1720, m. Abigail , and lived N. Canaan, 1749, 

moved to So. Salem. 

81 ii. Sarah Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, 1722, m. Joseph 

Bishop of Stamford, Ct. 

82 iii. Joseph Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, 1726, m. Aug. 

25, 1748, Susannah Kaymond ; he was an officer in 
the army, and went in the expedition against the 
French provinces. 

83 iv. Esaias Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, Nov. 28, 1730, m. 

May 30, 1753, Phebe Bixby ; he d. Norwaik May 27, 

84 V. Mary Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, 1732, m. Ezra 

Bouton, son of Eleazer, and settled in N. Canaan. 

85 vi. Debbe Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, m. Waring. 

86 vii. Patty (Martha) Bouton, b. prob. Norwajk, m. 

Capt. David Pardee. 

87 viii. Esther Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, never m., lived 

and d. with Moses. 

88 ix. Moses Bouton, b. prob. Norwaik, April 21, 1757, m. 

about 1780, Maiy Todd, settled So. Salem. 
He was a captain in Gen. Montgomery's command in his 
inarch against Quebec,and after the war was over he settled 
on a farm near South Salem and was chosen an elder in the 
Presbyterian church there, which office he held until his 
death, which occurred July 8, 1847. 


SAMUEL BOUCiHTON (prob- son of Matthew Boughton, 
grandchild of John, Sen.) familiarly called Capt. Samuel, 
as he was captain of 2d Co. of Danbury train band in 1739 ; 
he m. Abigail as shown in Danbury Probate Court records 
where his will was probated, dated Aug. 3, 1762, in which 
is mentioned Abigail his wife, and Ruth, David, Mary, 
Mercy, Elizabeth, Jane and Ebenezer as his children- Eben- 
ezev^ son of Capt. Samuel Boughton, having died without 
issue, his estate was divided among the heirs of his father, 
Capt. Samuel Boughton, and Benj. Boughton. Daniel 
Church and Capt. Daniel Benedict, were appointed admin- 
istrators thereof ; witness, Thaddeus Beneaict, clerk. 

Children of Capt. Samnel and Abigail Boughton, of Danbarj^ Ct. 80 

89. i. Ruth Boughton, b. about 1732, m. May 16, 1750, 
Caleb Hoyt, Jr., of Danbury, she d. April 29, 17.55. 

90 ii. DAvm Boughton, b. about 1734, m. about 1751 De- 

borah Knapp, of Danbury. 

91 iii. Elizabeth Boughton, b. , m. Capt. Dan'l 

Taylor, of Danbury, Ct. 

92 iv. Jane Boughton, b. , m. Eleazer Hoyt. 

93 V. Mercy Boughton b. , m. Samuel Knapp, March 

15, 1749. 

94 vi. Mary Boughton, b, , m. Benjamin Benedict, 


95 vii. Ebenezer Boughton, b. , not married, died be- 

fore 1762. 

Children of Caleb and Rnth Boughton (dam Saml. and Abigail Bonph* 

ton) Hojrt; of Danbnry, Ct. 

96 i. Sarah Hoyt, b. Dec. 20, 1751 ; married. She died 

and left one son, William Curtis. 

97 ii. Ruth Hoyt, b. July 29, 1753 ; m. Stephen Curtis, 

Dec. 4, 1787. 
These were named in their grandfather's (Samuel Bouton) 
will as Jieirs to the share of their deceased mother Ruth. 

(ii) David Bouton (son of Samuel and Abigail Boughton), 
b. about 1734, m. Deborah Knapp, of Danbury. The Dan- 
bury Probate Court records say he was appointed guardian 
of the minor son of John Boughton, and he, jointly with 
Benjamin Boughton, recognized in amount of £100 for 
the faithful discharge of said guardianship. He settled in 
Danbury, Ct., where he was again in 1762, July 30, appointed 
administrator of the estate of Ebenezer Boughton, late of 
Danbury, deceased*. He d. Danbury, Ct., June 18, 1791, 
and was buried in the old burying ground at Danbury. 


Children of Darid and Deborah Knapp Bonghton, of Danbnry, €t. 90 

98 i. Eli Boughton, b. Danbury about 1740. Died ; 

burieil at Great Plains. 

99 ii. Samuel Boughton, b 1748, m. Kiziah , settled 

in Danbury. 

100 iii. David Boughton, Jr., b. Danbury, 1752, ni. May 

8, 1777, Rachel Starr ; settled in Danbury. 

Children of Samnel (son of Dand and Doborah Ronphton) and Kesiah 

Bongrhton5 of Danbnrj^ Gt. 99 

101 i. Abuah Boughton, b. , m. Rebecca Shute, 

Dec. 18, 1788. 

102 ii. Ebenezer Boughton, b. . 

103 iii. Elias Boughton, b. Feb. 26, 1775, m. Nov. 27, 

1798, Hannah Hamilton. She b. July 29, 1776. 

Children of Darid and Rachel Starr Bonsrhton, of Danbnry, Ct. 100 

104 i. Knapp Boughton, b. Danbury, 1777, ra. Serina BulL 

105 ii. Rachel Starr Boughton, b. . 

Children of Abijah (son of Samnel and Kezlah Bongrliton) and Rebeeea 
Shnte Bongrhtony of Danbnry, Gt.^ and Qyid^ N. Y. 101 

106 i. Samuel Boughton, b. Danbury, about 1790, and 

settled in Arkansas. 

107 ii. Richard Boughton, b. Danbury, Nov. 29, 1792, and 

settled in California. 

108 iii. Hiram Boughton, b. Danbury. Died. 

109 iv. David Boughton, b. Danbury, settled N. Y. city. 

110 V. Orlando Boughton, b. Danbury, settled in Ohio. 

111 vi. Deborah Boughton, b. Danbury, m. — Hamilton. 

112 vii. Abigail Boughton, b. Danbury, m. — Hawley, 

settled in Oakland, Mich. 

113 viii. Samira Boughton, b. Danbury about 1810, m. 

Linus Williams, settled in So. Creek, Bradford 
Co., Pa. 

114 ix. Patina Boughton, b. Danbury. 

Children of Abijah and his Second wife Charlotte Robinson Bonphton^ 

of Orid^ N. Y. 101 

115 X. James Scott Boughton, b. Ovid, Jan. 31, 1829, m. 

about 1852, Adaline Sherman, dau. of Jesse Sher 
man, of Ovid. He is school commissioner and prin- 
cipal High school at Waterloo, N. Y. No children. 

116 xi. Abijah Boughton, b. Ovid, Feb. 13, 1831, m. at 

Romulus, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1856, Sarah Ann Vree- 
land, dau. of Isaac and Eliza Ball Vreeland, b, 
Dec. 24, 1834. A boat builder ; res. Ovid, 1887. 


Children of Linns and Samira Bonghton WllliamB, of South Creek, Pa» 

117 i. Catherine Williams, b. about 1832 ; married. 

118 ii. Albina Wiluams. b. South Creek, Pa., about 1840, 

m. Philander Furman about 1870. 

Children of Philander and Albina Williams Farman. 118 

119 i. James Scott Boughton Furman, b. about 1876. 

120 ii. In A Furman, b. about 1878. 

Children of Abijah and Sarah Ann Treeland Bongrhton^ of Qyid, N. T.116 

121 i. Jennie Boughton, b. Ovid, July 2, 1869, ra. at Lodi, 

Sept. 20, 1877, Ulrich Coleman, son of Ira and Sarah 
Mills Coleman. 

Children of Ulrioh and Jennie Bonflrhton Coleman. 121 

122 i. Clara Belle Coleman, b. Sept. 3, 1878. 

123 ii, Lena May Coleman, b. March 20, 1880. 

124 Mattie Boughton, dau. of Abijah, Jr., and Sarah Ann 
Vreeland Boughton, m. at Ovid, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1884, 
Adin Ci Mannmg, son of William and Amelia Manning. 
No children. 

(iii) Elias Boughton (son of Samuel and Keziah Bouton), 
b. supposed, Danbury, Feb. 26, 1775, m. Hannah Hamilton 
(b. July 29, 1776), Nov. 27, 1798. He died Danbury, Nov. 
29, 1815, aged 40 years. After his death she m. Niram 
Wildman and died Sept. 17, 1843, aged 67 years. 

Children of Elias and Hannah Hamilton Bonghton* IW 

125 i. Clarissa Boughton,. b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 13, 1800, 

m. Danbury, Nov. 11, 1817, Silas B. Wildman (b. 
Aug. 1, 1793). They settled in Danbury ; she died 
March 23, 1886. 

Children of Silas B. and Clarissa Bonghton Wildman, of Danbnrj. Ct. 


126 i. Lucy Elizabeth Wildman, b. Danbury, Oct. 23, 

1818. She married at Hartford, Ct., June 4, 1839, 
Eleazer A. Peck, son of Dr. Daniel Peck, of Stafford, 
where he was born Dec. 15, 1815. They settled in 
Hartford until 1845, when they removed to Troy, N. Y. 
He d. at Troy, March 27, 1887 ; his widow res. at 
1827 fifth street, Troy, autumn of 1888. 

The following from a Troy newspaper : 

** Eleazer A. Peck, who died at Troy, N. Y., on Sunday- 
last, was the son of Dr Daniel Peck, and a lineal descend- 
ant of William Pexjk, one of the founders of New Haven. 
He was born at West Staff ord, Ct., on D3cemb3r 15, 18L5, 


and there received a common school education. At sixteen 
years of age he became a clerk in a dry goods store in Hart- 
ford and was subsequently a clerk in a jobbing house in 
New York city. In 1837, after the great fire in New York, 
he returned to Hartford, and was engaged in the cotton 
trade, and afterwards in the flour trade. He married Lucy 
E. Wildman, of Hartford, in 1839, and removed to Troy in 
1845, where he ever after resided. In 1848 he, with Joseph 
Hillman, his partner, under the name of Peck & Hillman, 
accepted the general agency of the Connecticut Mutual Life 
Insurance company, controlling the whole business of that 
company in the state of New York excepting the city of 
New York. During the time they have been the agents of 
that company it is said they have sent to the office of the 
company in Hartford $20,000,000. Mr. Peck's life was in- 
sured for $35,000. He had three children, all of whom sur- 
vive him : Mre. Amasa R. Moore, of Lansingburgh, N. Y., 
Wm. A. Peck, a civil engineer, of Denver, Col., and Alfred 
6. Peck, of Cohoes, N. Y. His widow also survives him. 
He was next to the youngest of a lar^e family of children. 
Elisha Peck, formerly of Hartford, Daniel A. Peck, of Elling- 
ton, who survives him, and Dr. E. D. Peck, of Perrysburgh, 
Ohio, were his brothers. Mrs. Aholiob Johnson, late of 
Enfield, Mrs. H. A. Hamilton, of Somers, and Mrs. Henry 
P. Averill were among his sistera, Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. 
Averill surviving him. His character was that of a most 
sincere, simple and lovable Christian, and he carried sun- 
shine wherever he went, and will be long missed by those 
who knew him best." 

CUldrea of Eleazer A. and Lney E. Wildman Peek, of Troj) N. T. 126 

127 i. EuzABETH W Peck, b. Hartford, Ct., July 11, 1840. 

She m. at Troy, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1865, Amasa R. 
. Moore, b. Mav 20, 1837. They settled at Troy, where 
they lived 1886, and were living at Lansingburgh, 
N. Y., autumn of 1888. 

Children of Amasa B. and Elizabeth W. Peek Moore^ of Troy^ N.T. 187 

128 i. Lucy Peck Moore, b. Troy, 19, 1868 ; at the 

State Normal school, Albany. 

129 ii. Charles A. Moore, b. Troy, Dec. 1, 1870, d. May 

30, 1873. 

130 iii, Frances EkiiZABETH Moore, b. Troy, June 28, 1873. 

131 iv. Clara BouanroN Moore, b. Troy, Nov. 4, 1875. 

132 (ii) WillUlM A. Peck (son of Eleazer and Lucy Eliza- 
beth W. Peck), b. Hartford, Ct., Nov. 20, 18M, m. Nov. 
16, 1832, Mary Holme, b. Hannibal, Mo., Jan. 11, 1863. 


Settled at Denver, Col., where they were living in 1888 ; 
draughsman for Denver & Rio Grande R. R. 

Children of William A. and Mary Holme Peek, of DenTer, Col. 182 

133 i. Henry Holme Peck, b. Denver, April 23, 1884. 
ii. WiLLLAM A. Peck Jr., b. Denver, Aug. 5, 1887. 

134: (iii) Alfred G. Peck (son of Eleazer and Lucy E. W. 
Peck), axe manufacturer at Cohoes ; stvle of firm A. G, 
Peck & Co.; b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1846^ m. at Troy, Dec. 
11, 1867, Charlotte Avery, b. Feb. 21, 1847. They settled 
at Troy,where they were living in 1886, and moved to Lan- 
singburgh, N. Y., where they res. in 1888. 

Children of Alfred G. and Charlotte Arery Peck, of Troy, N« Y. 184 

135 i. Lottie Peck, b. Troy, Dec 16, 1869. 

136 ii. Frederick William Peck, b. Troy, Oct. 5, 1871. 

137 iii. Eleazer Adams Peck, b. Troy, May 14, 1874. 

138 iv. Alfred G. Peck, b. Troy. Dec. 25, 1879. 

139 V. Nellie Louise Peck, b. Troy, May 1, 1881, d. Aug, 

27, 1881. 

140 vi. Edith Peck, b. Troy, July 25, 18S5. 
vii. Peck, b. Troy, Aug. 2, 1888. 

141 (ii) Harris B. Wildman (son of Silas B. and Clarissa 
Boughton Wildman), b. Hartford, Ct., March 22, 1825, m. 
at Norwich, Ct., Jan. 31, 1853, to Elizabeth Dorchester, b. 
Sept. 16, 1833. They settled in Troy, N. Y., where they 
were living in 1888. She died at Albany, July 14, 1879. 

Ch« of Harris B. and Elizabeth Dorchester Wildman, of Troy, N. T.141 

142 i. Clara B. Wildman, b. Troy, Dec. 24, 1857, d. Mar. 

21, 1862. 

143 (iii) Mary S. Wildman (dau. Silas B. and Clarissa Bough- 
ton Wildman), b. Hartford, Ct., June 25, 1831, and m. first, 
Feb. 16, 1853, Henry Thacher, b. 1826. Hed. at Troy,Dec. 
13, 1859, She m. second, at Troy, Nov. 13, 1867, Robert 
D. Bardwell. They settled in Troy, where they were living 
in 1888. 

Children of Henrjr and Mary 9. Wildman Thacher, of Troy, N. T. 148 

144 i. Mary Wnj>M an Thacher, b. Troy, July 22, 1855, 

m. Troy, June 25, 1885, Prof. M. Oakey, and settled 
at Troy, where they still lived in 1886. 

145 ii. Henry Thacher, b. Troy, Nov. 21, 1858, d. Jan, 

26, 1860. 

146 iii. Robert D. Bardwell, Jr., only son of Robt. D, 

and Mary S. Wildman Broadwell, b. Troy, Jan. 26, 
1869, res. Troy, 1888. 


147 (ii) David H. Boughton (son of Elias and Hannah 
Hamilton Boughton), b. Danbuiy, Ct., Au^. 27, 1801. He 
m. Aug. 8, 1826, Mary Booth Starr, of Danbury, where she 
was b. Aug. 8, 1808. They went to Charleston, S. C, 
where he d* June 5, 1829, aged 28 years. His widow, 
Mary B. S. Boughton, m. second, David M. Benedict, Sept. 
24, 1832. She d. June 27, 1834. 

Child of Darid H. and Mary B. Starr Bongrhtoiiy of Danburjr^ Ct. 147 

Their only child, Mary Boughton. d. July 3, 1834, aged 
nine months. 

148 (iii) Samuel George Boughton (son of Ehas and Han- 
nah Hamilton Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 3, 1811, 
m. Yonkers, N. Y., June 1, 1832, to Minerva Curtis, b. Dan- 
bury, Ct., Oct. 11, 1811. They settled in Hartfctrd, Ct., 
and subsequently moved to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he 
d. June 6, 1883. She moved to New York city, No. 70 W. 
61st St., where she d. Jan. 21, 1886, aged 75 years. 

Ch. of Samuel George and Hinerra Cartis Bonghton^of Hartford9Gt«148 

149 i. Frances Isabella Boughton, b. Hartford, Ct., Jan. 

23, 1833. Unmarried, lives No. 117 East 35th St., 
New York city, 1888. 

150 ii. Ella Minerva Boughton, b. Hartford, Jan. 23, 

1833, m. Boston, Mass., May 25, 1860, Joshua J. 
Hogan. They settled in New York city, where they 
were Hving in 1886. 

Ck. of Joshaa J. and Ella Mlnerra Boaf^hton JLogun, of Boston. 150 

151 i. Frederick Curtis Hog AN, b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 

11, 1863, d. July 28, 1879. 

152 ii. George Boughton Hogan, b. Medford, Mass., Jan. 

4, 1865, lives with parents, 1886. 

153 iii. Addison C. Hogan, b. Boston, May 28, 1884, lives 

with parents, 1886. 

154 (iii)GEORGE C. Boghton (son.of Samuel G. and Minerva 
Curtis Boughton), b. Hartford, Ct., Jan. 14, 1838. He m. 
New York city, June 8, 1865, Blanch de Ruquie,of England, 
where she was born. They settled in New York city and 
were living there in 1886 ; business address, Maxwell & Co. 
273 Church St., New York city. 

€k. of Georgre G« and Blanch de Bnqnie Bonghton^of New York City.154 

155 i. Oeorge EIdward Boughton, b. New York city, June 

17, 1866, and was living with his parents, 1886. 

Children of Knapp and Serina Bnil Bonghton^ of Danbnrf) Ct. IM 

156 i. JuuA Bull Boughton, b. Danbury, Juno 24, 1802, 


m. at Danbury, June 29, 1818, Starr Nichols,of Dan- 
b^ry, where he was bom March 16, 1800. They set- 
tled in BrooHyn, where he d. Sept 6, 1858, and she 
d. at same place Jan. 25, 1859, and was interred in 
Wooster cemetery at Danbury. 

Ch. of Starr and Julia B. Boaghton Nichols, of Brooklyn, N. T. 166 

157 i. GusTAVius Nichols, b. Danbury, Ct., March 31, 

1819, and d. April 11, 1819. 

158 ii. Edward Arthur Nichols, b. Danbury, Sept. 5, 

1820, m. first, Sophia Blackman ; m. second, 
Catherine Young, 1849. 

159 iii. Lucius B. Nichols, b. Danbury, Feb. 17, 1822, d. 

Dec. 11, 1822. 

160 iv. Lucius B. Nichols, b. Danbury, July 17, 1829, d. 

June 28, 1864. 

161 V. Edgar Starr Nichols, b. Danbury, Aug. 21, 1832, 

d. May 29, 1884. 

162 vi. John Swift Nichols, b. Danbury, Jan. 25, 1836, 

res. Danbury, 1886. 

163 vii. David Knapp Nichols, b. Danbury, May 4, 1838. 

Children of Edward A. and Sophia Blackman Nieholg. 158 

164 i. Annabelle Nichols. 

165 ii. Edward Nichols. 

Children of Edward A. and Catherine Tonnf^ Nichols^ of Tonkers. 

166 iii. Kate Nichols, b. about 1852, m. Wm. Cooledge 


167 iv. Edward Arthur Nichols, Jr., b. about 1854. 

168 V. George. Dickinson Nichols, b. about 1856. 

169 vi. Herbert Bbecher Nichols, b. about 1858. 

170 vii. Grace Nichols, b. about 1860. 

Edward A. Nichols,office 548 Broadway, res. 16 East 35th 
St., New York city, 1886. . 

(vi.") John Swift Nichols (son of Starr and Julia. B. 
Bougnton Nichols), b. Jan. 25, 1836, married. Was living 
at Danbury, Ct., autumn of 1886, no children. 

171 (ii) Frederkjk Knapp Boughton (son of Knapp and 

Serina B. Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., 1803. He 
established himself in business in New York city, 
where he d. Dec. 28, 1841. 

172 (iii.) liUCius Horace Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Mar. 
5, 1808. He was a shoe manufacturer, in which he was 
many years engaged. He m. June 4, 1833, Emily K. Corn- 
stock, who d. July 10, 1844. He m. second, Mary C. Burr, 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 23 

Nov. 20, 1845, and she d. Nov. 14, 1874. He was living 
with his family in Danbury in the autumn of 1887, and d. 
March 1 3, 1888, at Danbury . 

du of Lneins H. and his first wife Eniiiy K* Gomstock^ of Danbory^ Ct. 

173 i. Sylvester R. Boughton, b. Danbury, June 3, 

1837, and d. Feb. 17, 1842, at Danbury. 

174 ii. Theodore D. Bouqhton, b. Danbury, April 19, 

1839, m. Harriet Chapin, res. Brooklyn, 1888. 

175 iii. Sylvester R. Boughton, b. Danbury, Jan. 3, 1840, 

m. Nellie Barnes, res. Chicago, 111. 1888. 

Ch. of Laeius H. and his second wife Marjr C* Bnrr, of DanbnryjCt. Hi 

176 iv. Mary C. Boughton, b. Danbury, Oct. 13, 1846, 

living at her fathers, 1887. 

177 V. Charlotte Boughton, b. Danbury, 1848, living 

at her fathers, 1887. 

178 vi. Caroline D. Boughton, b. Danbury, 1850, m. Oct. 

1873, Alben Gorham, res. at Redding. 

179 vii. LvcHJS BouGinoN Jr., b. 1853. 

180 viii. Fannie B. Boughton, b. 1858, d. Danbury, aged 

18 years. 

181 ix. Emily B. Boughton, b. Danbury, 1845, d. April 

27, 1877. 

182 (iv.) Henry David Boughton (son of Knapp and 
Serina Bull Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., about 1812. Went 
early in life to reside in Brooklyn, but engaged in mercan- 
tile pursuits in New York city. Married Mary A. Newland 
and settled near Utica, N. Y. Subsequently returned to 
Brooklyn, N. Y., where he d. about 1860. 

Ch. of Henry D. and Mary A. Newland Boughton of (near) Utica, N. Y.182 

183 i. Frederick K. Boughton, b. near Utica, July 13, 

1835, m. first, Amanda Eogers, of Huntington, L. I. ; 
m. second, Annie Powell. 

184 ii. Jennette Boughton, b , ra. George Kellock, 

res. 346 East 84th St., N. Y. city. 

CUldren of Frederick K. and first wife Amanda Rogers Bonghton. 188^ 

185 i. Emma Boughton, b. about 1860, m. Wm. McKee, 

res. 705 Madison St. 

186 ii. Jennie L. Boughton, b. about 1862, not married. 

Lives at 704 East 1 34th St. 

Clu of Frederick K« and Annie Powell Bonglitony of Brooklyn^ N. Y. 

187 iii. Annie M. Boughton, b. Brooklyn, April 11, 1867, 

I'es. 35 Vernon Ave. 



188 iv. Ella D. Boughton, b. Brooklyn, Nov. 25, 1870, res. 

35 Vernon Ave., with their mother. 

Ch. of George and Jennette Bongrhton Keilock^ of New York Citj. 

[Edward C. Boughton, son of Knapp, was the only one 
met by the compiler of this work who discourteously re- 
fused to fuinish a statement of his family for the com- 
pletion of his father's family record, thus rendering him- 
self unworthy of the Boughton name .and connection.] 

John Bouton, 3d son of John 2d, b. Norwalk, Ct., about 
1703, married Feb. 18, 1731, Mary Pettit. 

Oh. of John and Mary Pettit Boaton. On church record. New Canaan^Ct 


189 i. Gould Bouton, b. Jan. 24, 1733, bap. Feb. 18, 1733 

or 1734, m. Elizabeth Gilbert, Nov. 5, 1755. 

190 ii. John Bouton, bap. Oct. 26, 1735, m. Mary Webster, 

no children. 

191 iii Ann Bouion, b. Oct. 16. 1738, m. Waterbury. 

192 iv. Daniel BoutON, b. June 20, -1743, m. prob. Sarah 

, and d. New Canaan about 1821. 

193 V. Noah Bouton, b. Nov. 17,. 1745, m. Deborah Hoyt, 

N. Salem. 

194 vi. Stephen Bouton, b. Nov. 15, 1747, m. Mary 



Historical account of the descendants of Goald and Elizabeth Gilbert 


Gould Bol'ton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Jan. 24, 1733, and 
m. Nov. 5, 1755, at South Salem, N. Y., Elizabeth Gilbert, 
and settled on a farm at South Salem, where he died. 

€h. of Gould and Eliiabeth Gilbert Bouton, of South Salem^ N. T. 189 

195 i. Elizabeth Bouton, b. South Salem about 1757, m. 

Andrew Mead. 

196 ii. HuLDAH Bouton, b. South Salem, prob. 1759, m. 

Dr. Wm. Rockwell. 

197 iii. Ellen Bouton, b. South Salem, prob. 1760, m. 

Jacob Hoyt, April 26, 1786. 

198 iv. Joel Bouton b. South Salem, 1762, m. Molly 

Stebbins. He was a justice of the peace. 

199 V. Rebecca Bouton, b. South Salem, Oct. 4, 1772, m. 

June 18, 1789, David Hoyt. 

The Will of Gould Bouton is on record at White Plains, 
Westchester Co., N. Y. It bears date May 7, 1814, and 
mentions all his daughters by their married names ; accord- 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt 25 

iDgly it is plain they were all married before that date. 
His son Joel is named as his executor. 

Children of Andrew and Elizabeth Bonton Mead. 195 

SOO i. Thomas Mead, b. 1782, m. South Salem, N. Y., 
Elizabeth Gilbert, settled in South Salem ; was a 
farmer, a justice of the peace and an elder in the 
Presbyterian Church. They had no children. He 
d. May 5, 1868. 

201 ii. Ann Mead, b. South Salem, N. Y.,m. Luther Mead, 

of Greenwich, Ct., and moved to Ohio. Further his- 
tory unknown. 

202 iii. Lucy Mead, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. Jeremiah 

Howe, of Salem, a farmer. They settled in South 
Salem. She d. Feb. 16, 1869. 

Children of Jeremiah and Lnoy Mead Howe. 208 

•203 i. John M. Howe, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 21, 
1821, m. Oct. 20, 1847, Salina Hull. 

204 ii. Jane A. Howe, b. South Salem, Dec. 12, 1822, m. 

Jan. 1, 1850, Daniel Hunt. 

205 iii. Elizabeth Howe, b. South Salem, Dec. 21, 1824, 

m. Joseph Howe, Jan. 13, 1851,. 

206 iv. George Howe, b. South Salem, Oct. 7, 1826, m. 

Dec. 4, 1861, Hannah Howe, d. Aug. 31, 1868. 

507 V. Ealph Howe, b. South Salem, Dec. 7, 1830, m. 
June 10, 1856, Amelia Baker. 

208 vi. Frederick Howe, b. South Salem, Nov. 28, 1832, 
m. New York, 1875, Mary Morton, and living at 
South Salem, 1885. 

^09 vii. Haj^nah M. Howe, b. South Salem, Dec. 28, 1834, 
m. Sept. 29, 1865, Seth S. Hoyt. 

^10 (iv). Maria Mead (dau. of Andrew and Elizabeth Bouton 
Mead), b. South Salem, m. Haight of Pat- 
terson, N. Y. They settled at Patterson, further 

:211 (v). Hannah Mead (dau. of Andrew and Elizabeth 
Bouton Mead), b. South Salem, m. Benedict Law- 

Children of Benedict and Hannah Mead Lawrence. 211 

212 i. Martin Lawrence, b. ; artist; m. 

Vredenburgh, died. 

213 ii. Thomas Lawrence, b. ; merchant; m. 

Vredenburgh, died. 

514 iii. Julia Lawrence, b. , m. Eayraond, 

moved west. 

26 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

215 (vi) Benjamin S. Mead (son of Andrew and Elizabethr 

Bouton), b. South Salem March 10, 1799, m. Betsey 
Ann Cole, of Wilton, Sept. 13, 1831 ; farmer, settled' 
in South Salem, and died there June 26, 1874. 

Children of Benjamin S. and Betsey A. Cole Mead* 81i^ 

215* i. Solomon Mead, b. about 1832, unmarried. 
215* ii. Andrew Mead, b. about 1837 and d. 1883. 

216 (ii) HuLDAH Bouton (dau. of Gould and Elizabeth 

Gilbert Bouton, 196), b. about 1766 or 8, m. William; 
Rockwell, who d. during an epidemic. They had 
216* one child, Martin Rockwell, who d. at the same 
time as his father, probably by the epidemic. 

(iii) Ellen Bouton (dau. of Gould and Elizabeth Gilbert 
Bouton), b. about 1760 at South Salem, N. Y. , m. 
Jacob Hoyt, son of Jacob Hoyt ; a farmer; settled 
at South Salem, where she d. Dec. 28, 184i, aged 
84 years. 

Children of Jacob and Ellen Bonton Hoyt. 197 

217 i. Harvey Hoyt, b. South Salem, N. Y. , March 27,. 

1784 ; a farmer; m. Laura Clark, Waterbury, Ct., 
and settled at South Salem, where he d. Dec. 19, 

218 ii. Stephen Hoyt, b. South Salem, 1789 ; a farmer ;. 

and m. Sally Weed, dau. of Elizabeth Weed, and 
settled at South Salem, where he d. July 15, 1867. 

(iv) Joel Bouton (son of Gould and Elizabeth Gilbert 
Bouton), was b. South Salem, N. Y., 1762 ; a 
farmer ; m. Molly Stebbins and settled in South 
Salem, where he d. April 19, 1832, aged 70 years. 
In 1800 he registered at Nor walk as justice of the 

Children of Joel and Molly Stebbins Bonton. 198- 

219 (i) Gould Bouton (son of Joel and Molly Stebbins 

Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., May 25, 1779 ; 
farmer ; m. Sept. 11, 1798, Esther Adams, dau. of 
Nathan Adams, and settled in South Salem and 
d. at Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., March 22, 
1842. Gould moved to Greene, N. Y., about 1808. 

219* ii. Hannah Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. Joel 

Only cliiid of Joel and Hannali Bonton Lawrenee^ and g. s.of Joel and 

Molly Stebbins Bonton. 

220 i. Cyrus Lawrence, b. South Salem, Aug. 13, 1802 ;. 


lawyer ; m. first, Molly Mead ; second, Louisa M. 
Weed ; third, Mary E Howe. Settled at Bedford, 
N. Y., and d. at South Salem, March 2, 1884. 

Children of C7T118 and Lonsla M. Weed Lawrence. 220 

221 i. Dewttf C. Lawrence, b. South Salem, Dec. 14, 

1831 ; banker New York city; m. April 1856, Ada- 
line E. Hoe, dau. of Col. Richard M. Hoe, inventor 
of the Hoe printing press. New York, where she 
was born. They setttled at New York city, where 
they still lived in 1885. 

222 ii. Cyrus J. Lawrence, b. South Salem, Feb. 28, 

1832; banker; m. Emily A. Hoe about 1885, settled 
at New York city, where they continued to reside 
in 1885. 

223 ill. Mary Lawrence, b. South Salem, March 24, 1833, 

m. Thomas Gilbert (son of Josiah Gilbert), Oct. 11, 
1854. They settled at South Salem, where they 
lived in 1885. 

224 iv. Edward Lawrence. 

225 ^iii) Lois Bouton (dau. of Joel and Molly Stebbins 

Bouton), b. about 1789, at South Salem, N. Y., m. 
Feb. 12, 1809, Gideon Ferris, at South Salem, and 
moved west ; further history unknown. 

Children of Gideon and Lois Bonton Ferris* 225^ 

226 i. Ellen Ferris, b. South Salem, Dec, 1810, m. 1834, 

Harrison Davis. 

Cliild of Harrison and Ellen Ferris Daris. 


226' i. Francis Davis, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., about 1844^ 
and living at Norwalk, 1885. 

227 (ii) Cyrus Ferris (son of Gideon and Lois Bouton 

Ferris), b. South Salem, March 31, 1812, m. Julia 
Wood, May 13, 1836, of Bedford, N. Y., settled at 
Lewisboro, N. Y., and moved to Norwalk, Ct., 
where they lived in 1885. 

Children of Cyrns and Jnlia Wood Ferris. 227 

228 i. Alonzo Ferris, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1838, 

m. Mary Jacobs, about 1863, and died New York, 
Nov. 3, 1882. 

229 ii. Mary Julia Ferris, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., about 

1840, m. about 1868, Mark Harris, of Norwalk, Ct., 
where they were living in 1885. 

230 (iii) Elizabeth Ferris (dau. of Gideon and Lois Bouton 

Ferris), b. South Salem, Jan. 7, 1814, m. Abner 

28 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Mead, 1832, settled at Mt. Pleasant, N. Y., and d. 
AprU 3, 1880. 

Children of Abner and Elizabeth Ferris Mead. 8il0 

331 i. Frances Mead, b. 1835, m. Nathaniel Hopper and 
settled at Harrison, Westchester Co. , N. i ., where 
they lived in 1885. 

232 ii. Aaron Mead, b. 1840, ni. Hopper, settled 

at Harrison, Westchester Co., N. Y., where they 
lived in 1885. 

233 iii; Mary Mead, b. 1842. 

234 (iv) HuLDAH BouTON (dau. of Joel and Molly Stebbins 

Bouton), b. about 1790, m. Thomas Smith, Cross 
Eiver, about 1812, and settled at Wolf Lake, 
Noble Co., Ind., and d. about 1866. 

Children of Gould and Esther Adams Bouton. 219 

235 i. Joel Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., June 17, 

1799; farmer; m. New Canaan, Ct., March 17, 
1827, Abby Husted, and settled at South Salem, 
moved with his father to Greene, N. Y., but 
returned to South Salem, where he d. April 20, 1850. 

236 ii. LoRETTA Bouton, b. South Salem, Sept. 2, 1800, 

m. Elias Hayes, Feb. 13, 1823, and moved to 
Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y.; further history 
unknown ; d. Feb. 17, 1864. 

237 iii. Molly Bouton, b. South Salem, Dec. 13, 1801, d. 

unmarried, Oct. 4, 1821, at Greene, N. Y. 

238 iv. Elizabeth Bouton, b. South Salem, July 23, 1803, 

m. Oct. 6, 1825, Zophar Lawrence, of Westchester 
Co., N. Y.; m. second, Oct. 3, 1864, Elias Hayes ; 
lived and d. at Barker, N. Y., d. June 7, 1877. 

239 V. Rhoda Bouton, b. Nov. 2, 1804, m. Decker, 

lived 1887, Great Bend, Pa. 

240 vi. Emmet Bouton, b. South Salem, Sept. 21, 1806, m. 

Lucy Morse, d. Oct. 12, 1861, in Pennsylvania. 

241 vii. Thomas S. Bouton, b. Greene, N. Y., March 31, 

1808, m. Caroline Pearsall ; killed by lightning, 

242 viii.HAKNAH Bouton, b. Greene, Chenango Co., Nov. 

18, 1809, and d. New Canaan, Sept. 10, 1831, 
unmarried, aged about 22 years. 

243 ix. HuLD AH Bouton, b. July 26, 1811, m. Elison D. 

Marsh, d. March 4, 1846. 

244 X. Grant Bouton, b. Greene, April 24, 1813 ; unmar- 

ried, was killed July 15, 1884, at Binghamton, by 
the cars ; was living in Illinois. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 29 

245 xi. Lawrence Bouton, b. Greene, April 19, 1815, d. 

unmamed, June, 1884, in Illinois at the time. 

246 xii. Gould Bouton, Jr., b. Greene, Dec. 19, 1817, m, 

Deborah , lived at Perrysville, Ind., d. spring 

of 1885. 

247 xiii.GiDEON F. Bouton, b. Greene, N. Y., 1819, d. in 

childhood, Aug. 31, 1829. 

' (v) Rebecca Bouton (dau. Gould and Elizabeth Gilbert 
Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1772, m. 
South Salem, June 18, 1789, David Hoyt, farmer, 
of South Salem, son of Jacob Hoyt of same place, 
where they settled, and afterwards moved to Mich- 
igan, where she died 1848, aged 76 years. 

CkQdreii of Darid and Bebeeca Bouton Hojrt^ of South Salem and 

Michigan. iw 

248 i. Sophia Hoyt, b. South Salem, N. T., m. Smith 

Cole, of Wilton, where they settled as farmers and 
lived at last account of them. 

Children of Smith and Sophia Hoyt Cole. 248 

249 i. Charles Cole, m. Alice Pettingrew. They had 

one child, Minnie Cole. 

250 ii. Huldah Cole, b. , m. William Hickock. 

251 iii. Minnie Cole, unmamed. 

Children of William and Haldah Cole Hickock. 850 

252 i. EuzABETH Hickock, b. about 1848 and m. Ray- 

mond Keeler, of Ridgefield, 1864, a farmer ; they 
were living at Kid^efield, 1885. 

Children of Raymond and Elizabeth Hlokoek Keeler. 252 

253 i. William Keeler. 

254 ii. Mortimer Keeler. 

255 iii. Ellen Keeler. 

256 (ii.) Mary Hickock (dau. of William and Huldah Cole 

Hickock), born 1850, m. James A. Wakeman, 1877, 
Lewisboro, N. Y., and were living at that place in 
December, 1885. 

Children of James A« and Mary Hickock Blakeman. 

257 i. Fanny Wakeman. 

258 ii. Clara Wakeman, b. , died. 

259 (ii.) Sally Hoyt (dau. David and Rebecca Bouton Hoyt), 

b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1790, m. Josiah Gil- 
bert, fanner, and Bon of Benajah Gilbert, b. Dec. 
11, 1811, and settled in South Salem, where he died 
March 24. 1860. 


Children of Josiali ud Sallj Roji Gilbert^ of Soatt Salem^ N. T. 859 

260 i. Lucy Gilbebt, b. March 9, 1813, m. Bichard M. 
Hoe, Nov. 6, 1833 ; he was the inventor and pat- 
entee of the Hoe printing press, established in 
Broome street, N. Y. city, where they lived and 
where, Nov. 2, 1841, she died. He died in winter 

Childrea of Biehard M. aad Lucy Gilbert Hoe. 288 

281 i. Emily A. Hoe, b. New York, 1834, m. New York 
about 1855, Cyrus J. Lawrence, of New York city, 
where they were living 1885. 

262 ii. Adeline E. Hoe, b. New York city, 1836, m. about 

1856 to DeWitt C. Lawrenee, and she died October, 

263 (ii.) Benajah Gilbert (son of Josiah and Sally Hoyt 

Gilbert), b. South Salem, N. Y., June 25, 1815, m. 
Sept., 1843, Fanny Keeler, and settled in Virginia, 
and moved to Wilton, Conn., where they Uved in 

264 (iii.) John Gilbert (son of Josiah and Sally Hoyt Gil- 

bert), b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1817, farmer 
and manufacturer, ra. Virginia, Sept, 1844, Sarah 
Ball of Fairfax Court House, Va., and moved to 
Washington Territory, where they were living at 
last account. 

265 (iv.) Joseph Gilbert (son of Josiah and Sally Hoyt 

Gilbert) b. South Salem, N. Y., July 31, 1820, mer- 
chant and teacher, m. at South East, N. Y., Octo- 
ber, 1840, Martha J. Crosby ; they settled at Pat- 
terson, N. Y., and moved to Wilton, where he died 
Feb. 12, 1884. 

266 (v.) Thomas Gilbert (son of Josiah and Sally Hoyt 

Gilbert), b. South Salem, N. Y., March 27, 1828, and 
m. at South Salem, Oct. 11, 1854, Mary L. Law- 
rence, dau. of Cyrus Lawrence ; they settled as 
farmers in South Salem, where they were stiU liv- 
ing, 1885. 

Children of Thomas and Marj L. Lawrenee Gilbert 2M 

267 i. Samuel Gilbert, b. South Salem, Jan. 13, 1856, 

and d. in infancy. 

268 ii. Fanny Gilbert, b. South Salem, Feb. 5, 1857, and 

d. in infancy. 

269 iii. Edward Gilbert, b. Aug. 23, 1857, and d. in in- 



^70 iv. T. Dewitt Gii^ert, b. Dec. 14, 1860. 
571 V. Sophia M. Gilbert, b. Dec. 1, 1862. She d. Sept. 
30, 1876. 

272 vi. Emily L. Gilbert, b. South Salem, Sept. 1, 1866. 

273 vii. Mary L. Gilbert, b. South Salem, May 3u, 1869, 

and d. in infancy. 

274 viii.CYRUS Lawrence Gilbert, b. South Salem, Dec. 

12, 1870. 

275 ix. Darius W. Gilbert, b. South Salem, Feb. 6, 1874. 

276 (iii) Anson Hoyt (son. of David and Rebecca Bouton 

Hoyt, g. s. of Gould Bouton, g. g. s. of John 
Bouton, Jr.), b. South Salem, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1792, 
m. Thirza Weed, Oct. 8, 1818 ; farmer, settled at 
South Salem. He d. South Salem, Dec 19, 18S1. 

Children of Anson and Thirza Weed Hoyty g. c. of Darid and Bebeeea 

Bouton Hoyt; and g. g. c. of (jtonld Bouton. 276 

277 i. Jane E. Hoyt, b. South Salem, May 4, 1819, m. 

Harvey Howe, son of Ebenezer Howe, at South 
Salem, Sept 25, 1839 ; farmer ; settled at South 
Salem, where she was living in 1885. 

Children of Harrej and June E. Hoyt Howe* gr- e. of Anson Hojty g. g, c. 

of Dayid and Bebeeea Bouton Hoyt. 277 

278 i. Ebenezer Howe, b. South Salem, m. Jennie 
!•- 3SS Wilson. 

279 ii. Lucy Howe, b. South Salem. 

280 (ii) Rebecca Hoyt (dau. of Anson and Thirza Weed 

Hoyt), b. South Salem, Sept 11, l831, d. unmarried, 
South Salem, Aug. 13, 1850. 

281 (iii) Lydia Hoyt (sister of Rebecca above), b. South 

Salem, Sept. 21, 1824, m. about 1850, John Q. 
Adams, and d. childless. May 8, 1870. 

282 iii Polly Bouton (dau. of Stephen and Mary Andrus 

Bouton), b. South Salem, Nov. 9, 1778, m. sup- 
posed, at South Salem, about 1797, Jered Fancher, 
and settled at Pound Ridge, N. Y. 

Childrea of Jared ani Polly Bonton Fancher, grandchildren of Stephen 

and Merey Andreas Bonton. 282 

283 i. Nancy Fancher, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y. , Nov. 19, 

1798, m. July 3, 1817, Malby Webster ; settled in 
South Salem, N. Y., where she died Sept. 23, 1876, 
aged 77 years. 

Children of Malby and Nancy Faneher Wehster, (grandchildren of Jared 

and Polly Bonton Fnneher. 

284 L Joseph Webster, b. South Salem, N. Y., June 20, 

32 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 


1818; shoemaker; m. April 30, 1838, Amelia Greenly^ 
and settled in South Salem, where he died Dec. 19, 
1854, leaving no children. 

285 ii. Jacob Webster, b. South Salem, May 5, 1822; 

shoemaker; m. South Salem, Oct. 9, 1844, Amanda 
Bouton, dau. of Andress & Lois, of South Salem, 
where she was bom Oct. 19, 1818 ; they settled at 
South Salem, wh^i-e she died Jan., 1872 ; he m. sec- 
ond Nov., 1877, at South Salem, Charlotte Bouton 
Fancher, widow of John M. Fancher and dau. of 
John and Huldah G. Keeler Bouton, and settled at 
the homestead of her father, where they lived 1887. 

Child of Jacob and Amanda Bonton Webster^ grandson of Andross and 

Lois Bonton. 

286 i. Joseph A. Webster, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 

23, 1854; farmer and teacher ; his health not being^ 
good he let out his farm and went to live with his 
father, where he was Dec, 1885. 

He rendered very efficient service in collating the history 
of his ancestors and their connections, for which this branch 
owe him much gratitude, and the compiler many thanks. 

287 (iii.) Stephen Webster (son of Malby and Nancy Fan- 

cher Webster); shoe-cutter; b. South Salem, Oct. 7, 
1823, m. South Salem, Oct. 30, 1849, Harriet Bene- 
diet, dau. of Jesse and Esther Benedict, of South 
Salem, where they settled and were living Decem- 
ber, 1885. 

288 (iv.) Betsey Fancher (dau. of Jared and Polly Bouton 

Fancher), b. South Salem, N. Y., 1804, m. Nathan 
Palmer, and moved to Ohio; lived at Hastings, 
Mich., 1885. 
289. (v.) Jeremiah A. Fancher (son of Jared and Polly 
Bouton Fancher), born South Salem, Feb. 24, 1805, 
m. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1830, Betsey Web- 
ster, dau. of Jos. Webster ; settled South Salem, 
where they lived until he died, Nov. 29, 1879. 

CbUdren of Harrey and Laura Clark Hojt. 817 

290 i. Clarissa Hoyt, b. South Salem about 1817, m- 

South Salem, Samuel Fancher, moved to Meridian, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., where she died. 

291 ii. Jacob Hoyt, b. South Salem, about 1819 ; farmer; 

m. Matilda Greenley, settled South Salem, where 
hed. Jan. 21, 1872. 

292 iii. Thomas Hoyt, b. South Salem, March 31, 1822, d. 

South Salem, unmarried, Aug. 12, 1884. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 33 

293 iv. WiLUAM R. HOYT, b. South Salem about 1824 ; 

farmer; d. Ridgefield, about 1878. 

294 V. Ellen Hoyt, b. South Salem about 1826, m. Feb. 

27, 1861, Charles Fancher, a carpenter, settled at 
South Salem, where they now live, 1885. 

Children of Stephen and Sally Weed Hoyt, and gr« c. ef Jacob and Ellen 

Bonton Udyt 218 

295 i. William Hoyt, b. South Salem about l810, living 

there in 1885. 

296 ii. Lewis Hoyt, b. South Salem, Dec. 31, 1813, m. 

Mary Tyler, settled at Bedford, N. Y., removed to 
South balem and d. there, June 25, 1878. 

297 ill. Mary Ann Hoyt, b. South Salens, April 23, 1815, 

m. linus Hoyt, a shoemaker ; settled at South 
Salem. She died April 3, 1835, he d. . 

(v.) Stephen Bouton (son of John and Mary Pettit 
Bouton), b. probably at Stamford, 1747 ; farmer ; 
m. Mercy Andress, and lived in Westchester Co., 
N. Y., and d. near New Canaan, 1831. 

Children of Stephen and Mercj Andress Bonton. 194 

298 i. DociA Bouton, b. 1774, m. Alvin Stone. 

299 ii. Sally Bouton, b. South Salem, Dec. 3, 1775, m. 

South Salem, Dec. 24, 1802, Jesse Keeler, moved 
to Cato, 1833, where shed. Feb. 11, 1851. 

300 iii. Polly Bouton (see 282), b. Nov. 9, 1778, m. Jared 

Fancher. She d. aged 103 years, at South Salem. 

301 iv. Andress Bouton, b. July 30, 1781, m. LoisConklin. 

302 ▼. Anna Bouton, b. 1785, m. Timothy Jones, Ridge- 


303 vi. Samuel Bouton, b. P. R., March 21, 1787, m. Oct. 

9, 1810, Nancy Husted, New Canaan. She b. Jan. 
12, 178J,and d. 1855. He d. Stamford, August, 

304 vii. John Bouton, b. Nov. 6, 1790, m. first, Kuldah G. 

Eeeler ; m. second, Almira Clark. 

305 viii.SPERRY Bouton, b. 1792, m. Polly Holmes. 

Children of Stephen and Merey Andress Bonton, 194 

i. DociA Bouton, b. probably near New Canaan, 1774, 
and m. Alvin Stone, and moved to Westerlo, N. T. , 
where they reared a large family, which scattered 
through the Western States, and their history is 

ii. Sally (Sarah) Bouton, b. South Salem, Dec. 3, 


34 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

1775, m. South Salem, Dec. 24, 1800, Jesse Keeler, 
son of David and Amy Ingersol Keeler, of South 
Salem, where he was bom Sept. 14, 1774 ; they set- 
tled in South Salem, N. Y., and 1833 moved to 
Cato, N. Y., where she died Feb. 11, 1851, and was 
buried in Jacksonville cemetery, at Lysander, N. Y. 

Children of Jesse and'Sarah (or Sally) Boaton Keeler. 299 

306 i. Sally Maria Keeler, b. South Salem, Aug. 22, 
1802, m. David Keeler, Dec. 24, 18*Jl>, shoemaker, 
son of Benjamin and Eunice Olmstead Keeler and 
grandson of Timothy Keeler, of Eidgefield, Conn., 
where he was bom March 5, 1799 ; settled in Ridge- 
field, moved to Ogden, N. Y., and in 1848 moved to 
Battle Creek, Mich., where he died Dec. 23, 1859 ; 
she was living at Phelps, N. Y., Dec, 1874. They 
had but one child. 

Child of DATid and Sally^Maria Keeler. S12 

807 i. Benjamin Keeler, b. Greene, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1835, 
m. at Emniett, Mich., Oct. 18, 1860, Elizabeth 
Sbipman ; he died a soldier in the U. S. hospital, 
Chattanooga, Feb. 9, 1865. 

308 (ii.) Clara Keeler (dau. of Jesse and Sarah Bou<;on 

Keeler), b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1804, bap. 
there June 16, 1811 ; m. there Sept. 22, 1829, Jere 
miah Loder, a shoemaker, of Cross River, where he 
was born March 17, 1807 ; they settled at Cross 
River, and moved in 1833 to New York city, where 
he died June 6, 1834 ; she ni. second New York city, 
Abraham Frost, a farmer, of Bedford, Michigan, 
brought up in the Society of Friends ; they hved 
and died at Bedford, Mich. ; he March 7, 1868, she 
Jan. 12, 1871, and were buried at Oak Hill ceme- 
tery, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Ghiidreu of JereuiUh and Clara Keeler Loder. 814 

309 i. George Keeler Loder, b. Cross River, N. Y., 

April 30, 1831, and died at Lysander, N. Y., April 
20, 1842. 

310 iL Rhoda Ann Loder, b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 

10, 1833, m. Battle Creek, Mich., Oct. 10, 1855, 
James Edward Conklin, farmer, of Rochester, N. 
Y. They settled at Bedford, Mich., where they 
were living Jan., 1874. 

311 iii. Betsey Loder, b. South Salem, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1807, 

bap. there June 10, 1811, and died unmarried Jan. 
23, 1859, at Lysander, N. Y. 


312 iv. Polly Loder, b. South Salem, N. Y., March 5, 

1809, bap. June 10, 1811, m. at Cato, N. Y., George 
S. Gilbert. They settled at Lysander, N. Y. , where 
she died March 19, 1869. 

Children of tieorgre S. and Polly Keeler Gilbert. 812 

313 i. EosELLE Gilbert was living Battle Creek, Mich., 


314 ii. Annie Gilbert, m. Andrus and lived Ceresco, 

Mich., 1874. 

315 iii, George L. Gilbert, lived Clintonville, Ills., 1874. 

316 iv. Sarah L. Gilbert, m. Baird, lived Lysan- 

der, 1874. 

317 V. Herbert Gilbert, lived at Lysander, N. Y., Dec, 


318 (v) Laura Keeler fdau. of Jesse and Sally Bouton 

Keeler), b. South Salem, N. Y., April 17, 1811, bap. 
there June 16, 1811, m. Cato, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1841, 
Andrew Watson Baird, son of Andrew and Sarah 
Case Baird, of Charleston, N. Y., where he was 
bom April 6, 1806. They settled at Lysander, N. 
Y., 1874. 

OdldroB of Andrew W« and Laara Keeler Baird, of Ljsander, N. T. 818 

319 i. Sarah Ann Baird, b. Lysander, Nov., 1843, and 

was living there with her parents in 1874. 

320 ii. Andrew Watson Baird, Jr., b. Lysander, Jan. 

13, 1846, M. E. minister, m. at Volney, N. Y., April 
23, 1872, Eva Eliza Peckham, b. Volney, Sept. 22, 
1851 ; he graduated at Boston Theological Seminary 
1872 ; April, 1874, he was ordained and was living 

321 iii. Joseph Tapscott Baird, b Lysander, Feb. 10, 

1848, and was living there Dec. 1874, unmarried. 

322 ir. Jesse Keeler Baird, b. Lysander, N. Y., Nov. 10, 

1854, unmarried. 

828 vi. Rhoda Keeler (dau. of Jesse and Sally Bouton 
Keeler), b. South Salem, N. Y., March 26, 1814, 
and died at South Salem, April 25, 1833. 

824 (vi.) Stephen .Pancher (son of Jared and Polly Bouton 
Fancher), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1806, m. 
Catharine Jane Lockwood, at New Caanan, Oct. 2, 
1831, dau. of Elias and Luertia Whitney Lockwood, 
of New Caanan, where she was born Oct. 20, 1808 ; 
they settled in South Salem, N. Y., and May, 1838, 
moved to Cato (now Meridian), Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
where he was a farmer. He was elected sheriff of 

86 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Cayuga Co. in 1850 and died at Auburn, N. Y.» 
Nov., 1850, according to his gravestone in the 
Meridian Cemetery ; his widow was living at 
. Meridian. See Whitney Genealogy, page 422. 
326 (vii.)MATiLDA Fancher (dau. of Jared and Polly Bouton 
Fancher), b. South Salem, N. Y., 1809, unmarried 
and died 1831, aged 22 years. 

326 (viii) Samuel Fancher (son of Jared and Polly Bouton 

Fancher), b. South Salem, N. Y., , 1811, m. 

South Salem, Jan. 7, 1833, Clarissa Hoyt, dau. of 
Harvey and Ellen Hoyt, of South Salem; farmer; 
and settled in Meridian, Cayuga Co., N. Y., where 
he died 1885. 

Children of Samael and- Clarissa Hoyt Fancher, of Meridian, Cajnga 

Coantj,N.T. 826 

327 i. Laura Fancher, b. 

328 ii. Polly Fancher, b. m. Addison Evarts and 

settled at Meridian, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

Children of Addison and Pollj Fancher Ererts. 827 

329 i. Edward Evarts, b. 

330 ii- Clara Evarts, b. 

331 (ix.) Charles Fancher (son of Jared and Polly Bouton 

Fancher), b. South Salem, May 29, 1813, a carpen- 
ter, and m. Emma Thatcher, of Pound Ridge, N. 
Y., Feb. 14, 1843, settled in South Salem ; m. sec- 
ond, Feb. 27, 1861, Ellen Hoyt, of South Salem, 
where they settled and were still living, Dec., 1886. 

Children of Charles and Emma Thatcher Faneher. 8S1 

332 i. Edward Fancher, b. South Salem, Dec. 28, 1843, 

died June 5, 1860. 

333 ii. Francis Fancher, b. South Salem, Feb. 18, 1846, 

cattle raiser, m. May 17, 1884, widow Susan Mor- 
rison, of Colorado, where they were living 1885. 

334 iii. Harriet Fancher, b. South Salem, June 21, 1847; 

cattle raiser; m. Greeley, Wyoming Territory, 1873, 
Milton Herrick, of Greeley, Wy., where they set- 
tled and were living, 1885; further history unknown. 
835 iv. Ellen C. Fancher, b. South Salem, Dec. 19, 1861, 
unmarried, and lives in South Salem, Westchester 
Co., N. Y., 1885. 

336 V. Clara Fancher, b. South Salem, Dec. 3, 1866, 

unmarried, lives in South Salem, N. Y., 1885. 

337 (x.) John M. Fancher (son of Jared and Polly Bouton 

Fancher), b. South Salem, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1821 ; 


masoD ; m. South Salem, Dec. 13, 1854, Charlotte 
Bouton, dau. of John and Huldah G. Keeler 
Bouton, of South Salem, where she was born Feb. 
28, 1824 ; they settled in South Salem, where he 
died March 30, 1864. They had no children, 
(iv.) Akdress Bouton (son of Stephen and Mercy An- 
dress Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., July 30, 1781; 
farmer and shoemaker; m. South Salem, Sept. 28, 
1806, Lois Conklin, dau. of James and Sarah 
Conklin, of South Salem, where she was bom ; 
they settled in South Salem, where he died April 
27, 1859. 

Children of Andreas and Lois Conklin Bonton^ of So. Salem, N. T. 801 

338 i. Stephen Bouton, b. South Salem, April 5, 1808; 

farmer; died unmarried, August 3, 1875. 

339 iL Almira Bouton, b. May 16, 1810, Hved unmarried 

and died June 28, 1845. 

340 iii. Amanda Bouton, b. South Salem, N.Y.,Oct.l9,1818, 

m. South Salem, Oct. 9, 1844, and settled in South 
Salem, on a farm, m. Jacob Webster, of South 
Salem, son of Malby and Nancy Fancher Webster ; 
their only son, Joseph A. Webster, still owning 
said farm, Dec., 1885 ; she died there Jan, 1, 1872. 
See history of Joseph, before. 

341 (v.) Anna Bouton (dau. Stephen and Mercy Andress 

Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., 1785, m. South 
Salem, Feb. 12, 1806, Timothy Jones, of Ridgefield, 
who was a justice of the peace there Dec. 24, 1851, 
where he performed marriage ceremony for Joseph 
P. Dayton and Samantha Keeler. See Whitney 
Genealogy, page 366. 

Children of Esq. Timotlij and Anna Bouton Jones, of Ridgrefleld. 841 

342 i. Caroune Jones, b. Ridgefield, Conn., about 1808, 

died unmarried. 

343 ii. Harriet Jones, b. Ridgefield, Conn., about 1810, 

m. (date unknown) Warren Lock wood, and settled 
at Ridgefield. 

Child of Warren and Harriet Jones Locltwood. 848 

344 i. Harriet Elizabeth Lockwood. 

345 (iii.) Mary Ann Jones (dau. of Timothy and Anna 

Bouton Jones), b. Ridgefield, Conn., m. P. H. 
Miller, and settled in Redding, Conn. 


Children of P. U. and Mary Ann Jones Miller. 

346 i. Elbert Miller, b. Redding, Conn., Methodist 

minister, m. — '- — , settled in Iowa. 

347 ii. Jane Miller. 

348 iii. James Miller. 

349 (iv.) Timothy Jones, Jr. (son of Timothy and Anna 

Bouton Jones), b. , m. , Minerva Nash, of 

Bedford, N. Y., who died , he m. second 

, of Danbury, where they resided 1884, and 

was engaged as an insurance agent. 

Child of Timothj and Minerra Nash Jones^ of Danbary. 

350 i. Anna Jones. 

(vi.) Samuel Bouton (son of Stephen and Mercy 
Andress Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., March 21, 
1787, m. Oct, 9, 1810, Nancy Husted, b. Jan. 12, 
1786, and settled at Stamford, Conn., she d. Oct. 
13, 1855, he died Aug. 3, 1875. 

Children of Samuel and Nancy Hasted Bouton, of Stamford, Conn. 803 

351 i. Seymour Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Jan. 29, 

1811; shoemaker; m. Sept. 12, 1833, Rhue Ferris, 
and settled in Stamford, where he died April, 1885. 

Children of Seymour U. (Son of Samuel and Nancy Husted Bouton) and 

Rhue T. Ferris Bouton» of Stamford, Conn. 

352 i. Samuel M. Bouton; sash and door maker; b. 

Stamford, Conn., Nov. 9, 1834^, m. Isabella A. 
Buttery, residing there 1888. 
853 ii. John Andress Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Feb. 
6, 1837, d. Aug., 1861. 

354 iii. Amella. C. Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Sept. 5, 

1841, d. Oct., 1841. 

355 iv. Cornelia E. Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Nov. 15, 

1843, m. Stephen Waterbury. 

356 V. Seymour H. Bouton, Jr., b. Stamford, Conn., 

Dec. 2, 1848. 


The above Samuel M. Bouton volunteered to serve in the 
War of the Rebellion and was mustered in the 28th Conn. 
Aug., 1862, and was at the Siege of Port Hudson at the 
expiration of the year for which the regiment served. 

Children of Samuel K. and Isabella Bntterjr5 of Stamford^ Conn.^ 

28 Franklin street 862 

357 i. Jennie A. Bouton, b, Stamford, Conn., April 12» 



358 ii. Grace Darling Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn.,. 

Aug. 8, 1868, and d. with scarlet fever Jan. 12, 1871. 

359 iii. Nelue Louise Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., March 

16, 1870, and d. with scarlet fever Jan. 2, 1871. 

360 iv. Clarence Darling Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn.,. 

Feb. 1, 1872, living with parents. 

361 V. Herbert John Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., May- 

Si, 1875, living with parents. 

362 vi. Carrie Lillian Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Sept, 

19, 1877, d. Dec. 12, 1879. 

363 vii. Samuel Edward Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., 

Dec. 19, 1878. 

364 viii. Louis Clayton Bouton, b. Stamford, Conn., Nov. 

10, 1882. 
The above children were all residing with their parents 
at 23 Franklin st., Stamford, spring of 18S8. 

365 (ii.) Abby M. Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, Jan. 17, 1813, 

ra. Thomas Irving, Feb. 24, 1847, merchant, of 
Stamford, she d. March 11, J 872. 

Cklldren of Thomas and Abbj Boaton IrYingTy of Pound Ri ge. 865 

366 i. Mary Irving, b. Stamford, Conn., Dec. 28, 1848, 

unmarried and living at Stamford. 

367 ii. Samuel Irving, b. Stamford, Conn., March 22, 

1850 ; printer, New York. 

368 iii. Emma Irving, b. Stamford, Conn., Aug. 29, 1859, 

m. George E. Purdy, of Stamford, Sept. 20, 1870; 
carpenter; they settled in New Caanan, where they 
lived 1885. 

Children of George £. and Emma Irringr FardjTy g. c. Thomas and Abbj 

Bouton irringr. 

369 i. Carrie M. Purdy, b. New Canaan, Conn., Dec. 10, 


370 ii. Lillian E. Purdy, b. New Canaan, Conn., Feb. l, 


371 iii. George E. Purdy, Jr., b. New Canaan, Conn., 

May 12, 1880. 

372 iv. Ella E. Purdy, b. New Canaan, Conn , Feb. 19, 

1884, and died July 31, 1885, at New Canaan. 
(vi.) John Bouton (son of Stephen and Mercy Andress 
Bouton, grandson John and Mary Petit Bouton), b. 
South Salem, N. Y., Nov 6, 1790; farmer; m. Jan. 
6, 1813, Huldah G. Keeler, dau. Jeremiah Keeler, 
settled in South Salem, where for fifty-three years 
he was a member of the Presbyterian church and 
for thirty-nine years an elder in the same ; he was 


a man of remarkable stability of character and 
life. He remarked to the writer that he had voted 
for every president of the United States since the 
year 1811, and that he had that day voted for 
James G. Blaine as his choice, which was the last 
election he was permitted to attend. He died at 
South Salem March 5, 1885. They had seven 
children, viz.: Maiy, Ann, Chauncey, Sperry, 
Charlotte, Elizabeth and Andress. 

Children of John and Hitldah G. Keeler Bonton, of South Salem. 804 

373 i. Mary Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., March 2, 

1814, m. South Salem, Oct. 2, 1834:, Edward M. 
Lane, of Boutonville, N. Y. ; hatter and merchant; 
. settled at PeekskiU, N. Y. 

Children of Edward M. and Mary Bouton Lane. 

374 John Henry Lane, b. Boutonville, Westchester 
Co., N. Y., Sept. 11, 1835, m. Nellie Reed. 

375 ii. SuBRANiA A. Lane, b. Peekskill, N. Y., Oct. 2, 

1837; milliner; unmarried, lived New York city and 
died South Salem, Sept. 24, 1885. 

376 iii. Mary Elizabeth Lane, b. PeekskiU, N. Y., May 

1, 1840, m. Dr. F. T. Searle, physician ; was living 
at Troy, N. Y., 1885. 

377 iv. Edward M. Lane, Jr., b. Peekskill, N. Y., March 

28, 1844; painter; unmarried, lives at Middletown, 
N. Y. 

378 V. Emma D. Lane, b. PeekskiU, N. Y., 1847;maiiner; 

living at Middletown, N. Y., 1885. 

379 vi. Chauncey B. Lane, b. PeekskiU, N. Y., Jan. 6, 

1849, m, 1877, Cornelia Sherwood, of South Salem, 
dentist, and lived at South Salem, 1885 ; no children. 

380 vii. HuLDAH Lane, b. Peekskill, N. Y., about 1852, m. 

1876, Luther Coleman, settled at New York city, 
where she died childless, 1881. 

381 viii. Alice C. Lane, b. Yorktown, 1854, and died unmar- 


382 ix. Sadie B. Lane, b. Yorktown, about 1859, and died 

unmarried Sept. 1, 1884. 

383 (ii.) Ann Bouton (dau. of John and Huldah G. Keeler 

Bouton), born South Salem, N. Y., April 4, 
1816, m. South Salem, March 30, 1841, J. Augus- 
tus Hull, and settled at South Salem, where tney 
were living 1885. 


CL of J. AngnstiiB and Ann Bouton Uall^ of Soath Salem^ N« T. 888 

384 i. Andress B. Hull, b. South Salem, N. Y., March 

30, 1842, m. Lida Banks, of Newburgh, Nov. 11, 1869, 
and settled at Chicago, 111., where he was pay- 
master of the C. & N. W. R. R. 

Cliildren of Andress B. and Lida Banks Unll^ of Chicagro^ 111. 

385 i. ZiLPHA Hull, b. Chicago III., June 15, 1872. 

386 ii. Annie R. Hull, b. Chicago, III, June 17, 1875. 

died Feb., 1881. 

387 iii. Winifred Hull, b. Chicago, 111,, Nov. 9, 1880. 

388 (ii). George Everett Hull (son of J. Ai^stus and 

Ann Bouton Hull) b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 15, 
1843; farmer; m. South Salem, N. Y., May 16, 1888, 
Martha J. Benedict, and settled on his farm in 
South Salem, N. Y. 

389 (iii.) EimoN A. Hull (son of J. Augustus and Ann 

Bouton Hull), bookkeeper, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
July 4, 1845, m. South East N. Y., Sept. 12, 1876, 
Ida Gilbert, dau. of Joseph Gilbert, of South East, 
where she was born, settled at Chicago, 111., where 
she died 1881. 

Children of Emmon A. and Ida Gilbert Hall, of Chieagro, ill. 

390 i. Lucy E. Hull, b. Evanston, Cook Co., 111., July 

8, 1878. 

391 (iv.) Charlotte E. Hull (dau. of J. Augustus and 

Ann Bouton Hull), b. South Salem, N. Y., June 
23, 1847. 

392 (v.) J. Dewtpt Hull (son of J. Augustus and Ann 

Bouton Hull), b. South Salem, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1850; 
he had just completed a 4 years' course at college 
and d. May 4, 1875. 

393 (vi.) Frederick S. Hull (son of J. Augustus and Ann 

Bouton HuU^, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1854 ; 
having poor nealth he went to San Antonio, Texas, 
with the hope of benefitting his health, where he 
d. May 7, 1881. 

394 vii. Evalena Hull (dau. of J. Augustus and Ann 

Bouton Hull), b. South Salem, N. Y., June 5, 1863. 
395(iii.)CHAUNCEY Bouton (son of John and Hulda G. 
Keeler Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., Nov. 14, 
1817 ; shoemaker and farmer ; m. South Salem, 
Sept. 16, 1845, Mary M. Lawrence, dau. of Norman 
and Hannah Lawrence, of South Salem, where she 
was born. They settled at Bouton viUe, N. Y., 
where he died July 16, 1869. 


Children of Chaancey and Xary M. Lawrenee Bonton. 99& 

396 i. Edward L. Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., July 

31, 1847, clerk at Reed, Bates & Cooley, New York 
city, m. at Elizabeth, N. J., June 14, 1877, Marietta 
Woodruff, (dau. of David and Joanna Woodruff), 
members of the Third Presbyterian church of EUz- 
beth. They settled at Elizabeth, where they were 
still living Dec, 1885. 

Children of Edward L. and Marlette Woodrnff Bouton. 

397 i. Jessie E. Bot^on, b. Elizabeth, N. J., September 

10, 1879. 

398 ii Margery Bouton, b. Elizabeth, N. J., April 21, 

1882, died Elizabeth, August 6, 1882. 

399 iii. Edith C. Bouton, b. Elizabeth, N. J., Jan. 23, 1883. 

400 (ii.) Huldah G. Bouton (dau. of Chauncey and Mary 

L. Bouton), b. Boutonville, N. Y., March 14, 1849, 
m. Elizabeth, N. J , Sept. 13, 1876. Benj. M. Ogden, 
son of Benj. Ogden, of Elizabeth, where they are 
members of the Third Presbyterian church. 

401 (iii.) Gertrude L. Bouton (dau. of Chauncey and Mary 

L. Bouton), b. Boutonville, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1852, 
unmarried, lived at Elizabeth, N. J., 1885. 

402 (iv.) Adrian F. Bouton (son of Chauncey and Mary 

Lawrence Bouton), b. Boutonville, N. Y., Oct. 16, 
1854, m. Elizabeth, N. J., Nov. 29, 1881, Fanny 
Ogden, dau. of Job and Hetty Ogden ; merchant ; 
they settled at Elizabeth, N. J., where they were 
living and members of the Third Presbyterian 
church, Dec., 1885. 

Children of Adrian F and Fannj Ogrden Beaton, of Elizabeth , N. J. 

403 i. Edith C. Bouton, b. Elizabeth, N. J., Jan. 23, 1883. 

404 (iv.)SPERRY Bouton (son of John and Huldah G. 

Keeler Bouton), of South Salem, N. Y., b. Pound 
Ridge, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1819, m. Pound Ridge, 
Sept. 18, 1844, Rhoda Mead, dau. of Andrew 
and Anna Mead, and settled in South Salem ; 
farmer: they moved to North Salem, where he 
died May 21, 1856. 

Children of Sperrj and Rhoda Mead Beaton, of Pound Bldge. 4(K 

405 i. Adolphus Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., May 

14, 1847, m. North Salem, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1875, 
Elizabeth Wescott, dau. of Ananias and Maria 
Wescott, of North Salem, they moved to Van 
Woort, Ohio, where* he was engage 1 in the hard- 
ware business 1886, 


Ch« of Adolpnns and Elizabeth Westcott Boaton, of Tan Woert, 0. 4<^ 

406 i. Lena Bouton, b. Sing Sing, N. Y., June, 1876. 

407 ii. Adolphus W. Bouton, b. Sing Sing, June, 1878. 

408 iii. Ralph Bouton, b. Van Woert, Ohio, Oct., 1880. 

409 iv. John S. Bouton, b. Van Woert, Ohio, 1883. 

410 (ii.) Almira Bouton (dau. of Sperry and Rhoda Mead 

Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., July 3, 1843, m. 
WilUam Moor, Sept., 1864, son of Adam and Polly, 
of South Salem, they settled at Cross River, where 
they were living autumn of 1885. 

ChtldreB of William and Almira Bouton Moor^ of Gross Riyer^ N. Y. 410 

411 i. Annie Moore, b. South Salem, N. Y., Jan., 1865. 

412 ii. Lottie Moore, b. South Salem, N. Y., about 1876. 

413 iii. John B. Moore, b. Cross River, N. Y., Dec, 1878. 

414 (iii) John Bouton (son of Sperry and Rhoda Mead 

Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1849, m. 
Amanda Brown, dau. of Washington Brov^n, of 
Purdy Station, in 1873, settled on a farm in North 
Salem, N. Y., where they lived 1885. They had no 

415 (iv.) Reuben F. Bouton (son of Sperry and Rhoda 

Mead Bouton), b. Boutonville, N. Y., April 2, 1851, 
m. Fordham, N. Y., April 7, 1878, Elizabeth Whit- 
ten, dau. William and Mary Whitten ; telegraph 
operator ; they settled at Fordham, where they 
were living autumn of 1885. 

Children of Reabon and Elizabeth Whitten Bonton^ of Fordham, N. T. 

416 i. Arthur Garfield Bouton, b. Fordham, N. Y.» 


417 ii. Edna E. Bouton, ) twins, b. Fordham, Oct., 

418 iii. Herbert W. Bouton, ) 1882. 

419 (v.) Emily Bouton (dau. of John and Huldah Keeler 

Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., April 19, 1821, 
unmarried, was living at South Salem, N. Y., 
autumn ^f 1885. 

420 (vi.) Charlotte Bouton (dau. of John and Huldah 

Keeler Bouton) b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., Feb. 28, 
1824, m. South Salem, Dec. 13, 1854, John M. Fan- 
cher, who died March 30, 1864. (See record of 
Jared and Polly Bouton Fancher.) She m. second 
Nov., 1877, at South Salem, Jacob Webster, a 
former husband of Amanda Bouton, dau. of 
Andress and Liois Conklin Bouton, who died Jan., 
1872. (See Family Record of Andress and Loia 
Bouton.) They were living at South Salem in the 
autumn of 1885. 

44 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

421 (vii.) Elizabeth Bouton (dau. of John and Huldah 
Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., April 23, 1828, 
and died in infancy at round Ridge, Nov. 26, 1828. 

422(viii.)ANDRESs Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y,, June 13, 
1833, he died in early childhood Aug. 17, 1837. 

423 viii. Sperry Bouton, son of Stephen and Mercy Andress 

Bouton, b. 1792, m. Polly Holmes, and settled on a 
farm at Lysander, Cayuga Co., K. Y., where he 
died childless in 1857. 

The following history was compiled and contributed by 
Mrs. Julia E. Bouton Hyatt, of Cortland, N. Y. : 

The Children of Nathaniel (and Mary) (son of John and Sarah Grey- 

SorT Boaton^ of Norwalk^ Ct.), were : 84 

( Whitney Oenealogy says he was constituent member of 
Congregational church of New Canaan, 1733.) 

424 i. Hannnh Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
Nov. 24, 1721, m. Timothy Delavan, Feb. 23, 1737. 

425 ii. Abigail Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
Feb. 28, 1723, m. Josiah Weed, April 15, 1742. 

426 iii. Nathaniel Bouton, 2d, b. New Canaan, town of 
Stamford, Sept. 6, 1726, m. Lydia Penoyer, b. April 16, 
1724, m. Apnl 15, 1755. 

427 iv. Samuel Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 

April 11, 1730, m. Abigail , about 1754, settled 

Long Island. 

428 V. Jehiel Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
Feb. 17, 1732, m. New Canaan, Ct., July 4, 1754, 
Anne Finch. 

429 vi. Mary Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
Nov. 11, 1734, m. New Canaan, Samuel Scribner, died 
Nov. 1, 1828. 

430 vii. John Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
July 23, 1737. Probably died unmarried and before 
1775, as no mention of him was in his father's will of 
that date. 

431. viii. Daniel Bouton, b. New Canaan, town of Stamford, 
Oct. 24, 1740, m. Dec. 31, 1767, Mary Mead, of Green- 
wich, Ct. , dau. Peter Mead . Was a captain in the Revo- 
lution ; was wounded, from which he never recovered. 

432. ix. Rebecca Bouton, b. , 1742. Probably died 

unmarried and before 1T75 ; there was no mention of 
her in her father's will. 



1. Hannah Bouton, b. North Stamford, Ct., Nov. 24, 
1721, in. Norwalk, Ct., by the Rev. Eells, of Canaan, to 
Timothy Delevan, Feb. 23, 1737, where they resided. 

CUldren of Timothy and Hannah Boaton (dan. of Nathaniel and Mary 

Bouton). Deleran, of Canaan^ Ct. 424 

433 i. Timothy Delevan, Jr., b. Canaan, Ct., May 27, 1788. 

434 ii. Abraham Dele van, b. Canaan, Ct., Sept. 8, 1739. 

435 iii. Matthew Delevan, b. Canaan, Ct., Dec. 20, 1740. 

436 iv. John Delevan, b. Canaan, Ct., Jan. 30, 1744. 

837 V. Nathaniel Delevan, b. Canaan, Ct., Sept. 14, 1746. 

438 vi. Samuel Delevan, b. Canaan, Ct., March 23, 1762. 

439 vii. Daniel Delevan, bap. Canaan, Ct. , June 24, 1757. 

440 viii. Stephen Delevan, bap. Canaan, Ct., June 29, 

441 ix. Cornelius Delevan, bap. August 31, 1766. 

2. Abigail Bouton (dau. Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), 
b. Stamford, Ct., Feb. 28, 1723, m. April 15, 1742, Josiah 
Weed, of Stamford, where they settled. 

Children of Josiah and Abigail Boaton Weed, of Stamford, Ct* 425 

442 i. Margaret Weed, bap. March 16, 1743. 

443 ii. Eunice Weed, bap. F<^b. 5, 1744. 

444 iii. Jahes Weed, bap. June 20, 1745. 

445 iv. Abigail Weed, bap. Dec. 14, 1746. 

446 V. Josiah Weed, Jr., oap. June 11, 1748. 

447 vi. Hannah Weed, bap. May 9, 1750. 

448 vii. Hannah Weed, bap. Aug. 11, 1751. 

449 viii. Sarah Weed, bap. April 10, 1753. 

450 ix. JosD^ Weed, Jr., ban. March 3, 1754. 

451 X. Levi Weed, bap. Feb. 22, 1756. 

452 xi. Mary Weed, bap. Dec. 25, 1757. 

453 xii. Jonathan Weed, bap. March 12, 1760. 

454 xiii. Sarah Weed, bap. Jan. 17, 1762, m. Oct. 25, 1774, 
Samuel Benedict, son of Isaac. 

455 xiv. Dorcas Weed, bap. Oct. 23, 1763. 

456 XV. Daniel Weed, bap. Oct. 13, 1765, m. May 17, 1792, 
Hannah Raymond; second, Nov. 12, 1793, Martha 
Benedict, b. April 6, 1766. 

457 xvi. Abigail Weed, bap. Dec. 4, 1768. 

3. Nathaniel Bouton, 2d (son Nathaniel and Mary 
Bouton), b. Stamford, Ct., Sept. 6, 1726, m. Stamford, Ct., 
April 15, 1755, Lydia Penoyer, of Stamford, Ct. 


Children of Nathaniel and Ljrdia Penojrer Boaton, of Stamford. 426 

458 i. Nathaniel Botjton, bap. Sept. 7, 1756. 

459 ii. James Bouton, bap. Dec. 4, 1757. 

These two brothers went to the Revolutionary War and 
contracted diseases of which they died. 

460 iii. Lydia Bouton, bap. May, 1761, m. Nov. 24, 1778, 
Stephen Kellogg. 

461 iv. Mary Bouton, bap. Oct. 2, 1763, m. April 13, 1786, 
James Dauchy. 

Children of Kathaniei^ probably by his second wife^ Rachel KMitgg, of 

Norwalk. 426 

462 V. Enos Bouton, b. Conn., Feb. 27, 1770, m. Feb. 19, 
1795, Prudence Hayes. 

463 vi. Nathaniel Bouton, 3d, b. Pound Ridge, N. T., 
1778, m. March 22, 1801, Rachel Stevens ; second, Lydia 

464 vii. James Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. 

Abby Baker. 

465 viii. Eliasaph Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, N. T., ; 

m. Polly Slauson. 

466 ix. A daughter, name unknown, m. Samuel Young. 
Had six children, only one of whom ever married ; fur- 
ther history unknown. 

467 X. Eliza Bouton, b. Pound Rigde, N. Y., , m. 

, Elnathan Weed. 

468 xi. Rachel Bouton, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., , 

ni. , Simeon Luce. 

4. Samuel Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), 
b. Stamford, Ct., April 11, 1730, m. Abigail and settled on 
Long Island. 

Furnished by John J. and Jean Smart Bouton, of 392 
Ocean Ave. , Jersey City, N. J . 

An old record found in the possession of Mr. John J. 
Bouton, of J. C, has the following entries upon it, sub- 
scribed as below : 

Samuel Bouton, with my own pen and hand. 
Pound Ridge, Feb. 15, 1783. 

Children of Samael and Abigrail Boaton, of Pound Ridgre. 427 

469 i. Bennajah Bouton, born Oct. 31, 1760, m. Ruth, she 
b. Jan. 25, 1761 ; they were probably married at Pound 
Ridge, N. Y., and settled at Huntington, L. I., about 
1790 ; he died alx)ut 1838, and she 1841, probably in 
Brooklyn, where many of that branch lived. 


470 ii. Sarah Bouton, b. April 7, 1763. 

471 iii. CiiOE Bouton, b. April 1, 1766 ; never married, lived 
with her brother Samuel. 

472 iv. Samuel Bouton, Jr., b. March 2, 1768, m. Marilda, 
moved to Brooklyn and died. 

473 V. Abigail Bouton, b. July 15, 1770; it is supposed she 
died in childhood. 

474 vi. Mary Bouton, b Dec. 7, 1772. 

475 vii. Abigail Bouton, b. July 18, 1779 ; she Uved with 
her brother Samuel. 

Qiildren of BeBnaJata and Rath Mead Boaton, HantinfftoB or West 

Neck, L. I. 469 

476 i. Richard M. Bouton, b. March 26, 1788, m. Rebecca 

477 ii. Amos Bouton, b. Sept. 17, I7y0, m. , settled 

Otisville, N. Y. 

478 iii. Samuel M. Bouton, b. Jan. 13, 1793, ra. Colt, of 
Brooklyn ; he d. March 29, 1862 ; no children. 

479 iv. Sophia Bouton, b. kay 4, 1796, settled at West 
Neck ; not married, d. Feb. 14, 1862. 

480 V. Marl^ Bouton, b. July 15, 1798, m. Lewis Brush. 
She died June, 1869 ; lived West Neck, L. I. 

481 vi. James Bolton, b. March 8, 1800 ; not married, set- 
tled West Neck, L. I., d. 1857. 

482 vii. Matthew Bouton, b. June 31, 1802, died in infancy 
about 1807. 

483 viii. Bennajah Bouton, Jr., b. Sept. 24, 1804, not m., 
d. Jan. 23, 1839. 

Ch. of Blehard and Rebecca Smith Boaton, of Brookljn, L. i. 470 

484 i. John Jackson Bouton, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 8, 
1809, ni. Jean Smart, b. in Scotland ; 392 Ocean Ave., 
Jersey City. 

Cli« of John J. and Jean Smart Boaton, of Jergej City, N. J. 

485 i. Zachariah Smith Bouton, b. Feb. 23, 1854, m. 
Minnie King, res. Cole street, Jersey City, N. J. ; he d. 
Jan. 8, 1888. 

486 ii. George Thompson Bouton, surrogate's clerk, b. 
Jersey City, Nov. 24, 1856, m. Mary Van Horn. 

487 iii. Elizabeth Jeralamon Bouton, b. June 7, 1863, m. 
March 16, 1882, Robert Duncanson, res. 384 Ocean 
Ave., Jersey City. 

Children of Zaeharlah S. and Minnie King Ronton, of Cole St., Jersey 

City. 486 

488 i. John Jackson Bouton, b. . 

489 ii. Sarah Elizabeth Bouton, b. . 

48 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Gh. of George T. and Marj Tan Horn Bouton^ of Jersey Clty^ N. J. 48^ 

490 i. George Harold Bouton, b. Jersey City, May 18, 

491 ii. Richard Mead Bouton, b. Jersey City, May, 1886. 

Children of Robert and Elizabeth Jaralomon Bonton Doneanson, of 

Jersey City. 487 

492 i. Jean Bouton Duncanson, b. Jersej- City, May 17» 

493 ii. John Bouton Duncanson, b. , died by a faU 

in infancy. 

494 iii. Robert James Duncanson, b. Jersey City, N. J.,. 
Oct. 7, 1887, d. Dec. 16, 1887. 

Children of Amos and Son of Bennijah and Rath Weed Bonton^ who 

settled in OtisTille, N. T. 477 

495 i. Eliza Bouton, b. about 1820, and ra. Jackson, resw 

496 ii. Amos Augustus Bouton, b. about 1825. 

Children of Samuel the Son of Samael. Jr , and Mariida Bonton^ of 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 47» 

497 i. Henry Bouton, b. , and m. , lived 


498 ii. Augustus Bouton, b. , not ra. 

499 iii. Ebenezer Bouton, b. , lived West Neck, L. I. 

500 iv. William Bouton, b. , lived West Neck, L. I. 

501 V. John Bouton, b. , lived Philadelphia, Pa. 

502 vi. Hannah Bouton, b. , m. Hays. 

(v) Jehiel Bouton (the 4th generation from John Bou- 
ton, Sr., the emigiant from France), was the son of Na- 
thaniel and Mary Bouton, b. New Canaan, Feb. 17, 1731 
or 2. He married July 4, 1754, Anne Finch, and settled in 
New Canaan, from whence they moved to Dryden, Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y. He was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary 
War ; his father's will, dated 1775 at New Canaan, town of 
Stamford, Conn., names him among his sons in the follow- 
ing order : Nathaniel, Samuel, Jehiel and Daniel, and his 
wife Mary and his daughter Hannah, wife of Timothy 
Delevan; Abegail, widow of Josiah Weed and Mary wife 
of Samuel Scribner. 

Children of Jehiel and Anne Finch Bonton^ of New Canaan and 

Drjden^ N. T. 48g 

503 i. Jehiel Bouton, Jr., b. New Canaan, Ct., 1755, m. 
, settled in Tompkins Co. , N. T. 

504 ii. Hannah Bouton, d. New Canaan, Ct., April 10, 
1757, m. Moses Stevens, settled Tompkins Co., N. T. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 49 

505 iii. John Bouton» b. New Canaan, Ct., Aug. 19, 1759, 
m. Elizabeth (Betsey) Roberts, settled Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y.,d. Nassau, N.T. 

506 iv. Sbth Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Dec. 29, 1761, 
m. Roberts, sister of the above, they settled Har- 
ford, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

507 V. Nathan Boughton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Oct. 16, 
1763, m. . 

508 vi. Daniel Boughton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Jan. 5, 
1767, settled in Bridgeport, Ct. 

Ch. of Jehiel and Booton, of Rensselaer Go.^ N. T.^ and Dryden, 

Tompkins Go.^ N. T. 50B 

509 i. Stephen Boughton, b. probably at Nassau, N. Y., 
m. Polly Jarvis, settled Charlotte, Vt., and died there. 

510 ii. Seth Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., m. . 

511 iii. Walter Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y. 

512 iv. Jehiel Boughton, 3d, b. Nassau, N. Y. 

513 V. Hannah Boughton, b. , m. John Smith. 

514 vi. Betsey Boughton, b. , m. David Kingman. 

515 vii. Ann Boughton, b. , m. Luther Brown. 

Ch« of Stephen and Pollj Jarris Bonghton, of Charlotte^ Yt. 50^ 

516 i. Ann Boughton, b. , m. Noble, a lawyer, 

res. Chicago, 111. 

517 ii. Jarvis Boughton, b. , m. Breckenridge, 

res. Burlington, Vt. 

Ck. of Moses and Hannah Bonton Stevens^ dan. Jehtel and Anne Finch 

Bonton, of Pound Ridge^ N. Y. 604 

518 i. Polly Stevens, b. Stamford about 1780, d. Dryden, 

519 ii. Seth Stevens, b. Pound Ridge ; settled near Har- 
ford, N. Y. 

520 iii. Jehiel Stevens, b. Pound Ridge, Westchester Co., 
N. T., about 1782, m. Lucy Russefl. 

521 iv. Daniel Stevens, b. Pishkill, N. Y., about 1784, m. 
Mary Wright, settled Genoa, N. Y. 

622 V. Moses Stevens, b. Stamford, Ct., about 1786, m. 

Lois Rumner, settled Michigan. 
628 vi. Nathan Stevens, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. Oct. 

10, 1813, Agnes Somerville, lived near Utica, N. Y. 
524 vii. Ann Stevens, b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. Gabriel 

Rumner and lived in Dryden, Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; 

d. there 1866. 
625 viii. Hannah Stevens, b. Pound Ridge, 1795. 



Ch. of John (son of Jehiel and Annie Finch Bonton) and Elizabeth 
(Betsey) Roberts Bonghton, of Nassau^ 5. T. 506 

526 i. John Boughton, b. probably Eensselaer Co., N. Y., 
1786, m. Anna Sherman, Nassau, d. there 1874, she d. 

527 ii. Sally Boughton, b. probably about 1788, m. 
William Brockway, Waterford, and d. 1874 ; she died 
, 1874. 

528 iii. Samuel Boughton, b. probably about 1791, m. 
Amanda Safford, Nassau, d. Newark about 1821. 

529 iv. Ann Boughton, b. probably about 1793, m. Dr. 
Wm. Shaw, West Troy, d. about 1840. 

530 V. Jehiel Boughton, b. probably Rensselaer Co., April 
4, 1794, m. Eunice Waterbury, Trov, d. April 26, 1881. 

531 vi. EuzABETH BouTON, b. probably about 1799, m. 
Hoyt Mariner, she d. Nassau, N. Y., 1848. 

532 vii. Daniel Boughton, b. probably about 1801; never 
m., died aged about 17. 

533 viii. Phebe Boughton, b. probably about 1803, m. 
Shubal Kelly, she died Brooklyn, June 15, 1875. 

534 ix. Chauncey Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Jan. 21, 
1805, m. Ida Jane Smith, Waterford, N. Y., living 1889. 

Children of John and Anna Sherman Bonton^ of Nassau^ N. T. 5241 

535 i. JaneBouton, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 1813, m. Ariel 
Boughton, Berne, N. Y., and d. 1868. 

536 ii. George Bouton, farmer and hotel keeper, b. 
Nassau, N. Y., about 1814, m. Lydia Crosoy ; see 

637 iii. Laura Bouton, milliner, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 
1826, not m., res. Nassau, N. Y. 

538 iv. Betsey Bouton, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 1830, 
unmarried and died about 1848. 

539 V. Henry R. Bouton, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 1836, 
m. Anna Fonda, who d. 1859, m. second Elizabeth 
Kenny, had no children. 

540 vi. Anna Bouton, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 1838, died 
aged 17 years. 

Children of Ariel (son of Shnbarl, Jr. and Hannah Bonton) and Jane 
Bonton (dan. of John and Anna Sherman Bonton^ of Nassau, N. T.^ 
Boughton, of Beme, Albanj Co., N. T. ^K 

541 i. Ellen Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., about 1839, not 
m., d. about 1861. 

542 ii. Carrie Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., April 30, 1852, 
m. Ai'thur Teall 1874, she died 1884, he m. second wife 
Anna Bouton 1885. 


Children of Arthur and Oarrie Bouton Teall^ of Brookljn., 

543 i. Francis Arthur Teall, b. Brooklyn, June 15, 1875. 

544 ii. Alma Teall, b. Brooklyn, Nov. 1878 and died in 

C9iildreB of George and Lydia Crosby Bonton, probably of Rensselaer 
Co.^ N. T., res. P. 0. ({ttaker St.^ Albany Co., V . T. 586 

545 i. Adeline Bouton, b. about 1842, m. John Wilbur, 
Duanesbiirgh, N. T. 

Children of John and Adeline Ronton Wilbnr, of Dnanesburgh. 545 

546 i. George Wilbur, b. about 1864, P. 0. Quaker st., 
Schenectady, N. Y. 

547 ii. Ira Wilbur, b. about 1866, m. Elizabeth Zeh, res. 
P. O. Quaker st., Schenectady, N. Y. 

548 iii. Charles Wilbur, b. about 1868, res. with parents. 

Children of Henry R. (son of John and Anna Sherman Ronton) and 

Anna Fonda Ronton his first wife. 589 

549 i. Abram F. Bouton, b. Watervliet 1853, m., res. 
Cohoes, N. Y. 

550 ii. Anna Bouton, b. Nov. 26, 1857, m. Rhienbeck, N. 
Y., June 9, 1885, Arthur Teall, as his second wife. 

Ch. of William and Sally Bonghton (dan. of John and Betsey Roberts 

Bonghton) Broekway^ of Nassau, N. T. 527 

551 i. Oeorge Brockway, b. Nassau or Waterf ord about 
1812. He went to Panama with Walker's expedition 
and died about 1874. 

552 ii. William Brockway, Jr. , b. Nassau or Waterf ord, 
m. Eva Hayner, he died 1866. 

553 iii. Cornelia Brockway, b. about 1818, m. John G. 
Bumap, prop. Morgan house, Waterford, N. Y. 

554 iv. John Brockway, b. about 1824, at Waterford, N. 
Y., and died in childhood. 

Children of William J. and Era Hayner Broekway. 559 

555 i. Ada Brockway, b. W., , m. r- Eichards. 

556 ii- Clara Brockway. 

557 iii. George Brockway, , at Gilsey house, N. Y. 

Ck* of John G« and Cornelia Broekway Bnrnap^ of Morgan House, 

Waterford, N. T. 55il 

558 i. Anna Burnap, b. Waterford, N. Y., m. J. B. Enos, 
Waterford, and res. there 1887. 

559 ii. Ida Bttrnap, b. Waterford, N. Y., m. Edward Bul- 
lard, res. Schuylerville, N. Y. 

62 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

560 iii. Cora Burnap, b. Waterford, N. T., not m. , 

res. Waterford. 

561 iv. Eva Burnap, b. Waterford, N. Y., m. George 
Dunlap, of Troy, res. Ford street. West Troy, 1887. 

Child of Oeorge and Eva Barnap Dunlap^ of West Troy* N. T. 

562 i. George Dunlap, Jr., b. West Troy. 

8. Samuel Boughton, son of John and Elizabeth Boberts 
Bough ton, of Nassau, Bens. Co., N. Y., b Schodack, Bens. 
Co. , 1791 ; went to Nassau, where he enlisted in the war of 
1812, returned to Troy, N. Y., where he married, first* 
Amanda SaflFord, second Pamelia Hayner, b. Washington 
Co., N. Y., 1807, he d. Newark, N. J., Jan., 15, 1851. 

Children of Samael and his first wife Amanda Safford Bonghton. 62^ 

562*. i. ELfflU BouTON, b. about 1815, m. Hannah Herbert, 
settled Newark, N. J., d. about 1845, no children. 

562*. ii. Sarah Boughton, b. about 1817, m. Darius Red- 
field, of Troy, she d. Albany about 1855. 

562*. iii. EuzA Boughton, b. about 1819. 

562*. iv. Samuel Boughton, b. about 1821, m. Catharine 
Herbert, and d. at Newark, N. J. about 1846. 

Children of Barins and Sarah Bonghton Redfleld^ settled in Albany* 

562*. i. James Redfield, b. . 

562'. ii. WHiLiAM Redfield, b. . 

562«.iii. Edward Redfield, b. 

Child, of Samnely Jr., and Catherine Herbert Bonghton, of Newark, N, J« 

662** i. Adah Boughton, b. Newark, N. J., m. George 
Gage, res. Albany, N. Y. 

Child of Samael and his second wife Pamelia Haynes Bonghton, m. 

Cohoes, Jnne 2, 18889 of Troj, N. Y. 52» 

562* V. Wm. Henry Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 4, 
1842, m. at West Troy, April 30, 1874, Adaline W. 
Knower, res. Troy, 148 River st. 

Children of William H. and Adaline W. Knower Bonghton. of Troj. N. T* 

562^ i. Maud Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1875. 
662'^ ii. EDriH Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., April 30, 1885. 

Ch* of Dr. William and Ann Boughton Shaw, of West Troy, N ¥• 627 

663 i. Orcelia Shaw, b. , m. F. A. Teal, she d. July 

29, 1887. 

664 ii. WiLUAM Shaw, Jr., b. , res. Conklinville, N. Y, 

565 iii. Francis Shaw. 


CUldren of F A. and Oreella Shaw Teal. 6M 

566 i. Augusta M. Teal, m. Rev. A. H. Stock, res. Preston 
HoUow, N. Y. 

567 ii. Horace Teal. 

568 iii. Arthur Teal. 

569 iv. Edward H. Teal, b. 1854, m. Agnes Mollineux, 
res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sod of John and Elizabeth (Betsey) Roberts Ronton. 580 

V. Jehiel Bouton, b. Rensselaer Co., N. Y., about 1796, 
m. Eunice Waterbury, January 22, 1822, settled at 
Half Moon, N. Y. ; he was a carpenter by trade, but for 
27 yeai-s of his life was blind and died April 26, 1883. 

Children of Jehiel and Eanlee Waterbnry Bonghton^ of Troyi Rens- 
selaer G0.5 N. T. 580 

570 i. Daniel Boughton; carpenter; b. Nassau, N. Y., Mar. 
28, 1824:, m. Sept. 10, 1846, Mary E. Talmadge. 

571 ii. Mary Boughton, b. Nassau, N, Y., Mar. 30, 1826, 
not married, res Troy, 18S7. 

572 iii. Chauncey K. Boughton; printer; b. Nassau, N. Y., 
Dec. 14, 1839, m. West Troy, N. Y., June 17, 1869, 
Emily J. James. 

573 iv, George EdmoiId Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Aug. 
14, 1845, m. West Troy, N. Y., July 17, 1884, Mary 


Children of Daniel and .Varj E. T^ilmadare Baag^hton, of Troy^ Rens- 
selaer Co., N. T. 570 

574 i. Russell C. Boughton, printer, b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 
17, 1847, m. Jennie E. Carpenter, res. Troy, 1887. 

575 ii Charles Talmadge Boughton, book-keeper, Troy, 
Oct. 24, 1851, m. Troy, N. Y., Alma S. Johnson, res. 
Troy, 1887. 

576 iii. Elnora M. Boughton, b. Troy, Oct. 3, 1855, m. 
Troy, Aug. 10, 1881, Willis A. Huntley, res, Troy, 1887. 

Cli. of Charles T. (son of Daniel and Mary Talmadge Bong^hton^ ot 
Troy) and Almi F. Sohnson Boagrhton, of Troy 9 N. Y. 575 

577 i. Grace Elizabeth Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 
21, 1878. 

578 ii. Gertrude Boughton, b.Troy, N. Y., Sept., 1880. 

579 iii. Edna Frederic a Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Jan., 

CUldien of Channeey K. and Eiailf J James Boughton, of Brooklyn^ 

N. Y. 672 

580 i. Alfred Clark Boughton, b. West Troy, April 28, 
1870, res. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1887. 


681 ii. Frances Teal Boughton, b. West Troy, Feb. 24, 
1873, and died in infancy. 

582 iii. Lulu Edith Boughton, b. Brooklyn, Feb. 18, 1879, 
living with parents at 93 Putnam st., Brooklyn, 1887. 

Chtld of Shabael and Phebe Boaton Kelljy of Nassau, N. T. 588 

583 i. Chauncey B. Kelly, b. about 1828, and died in 


9. Dr. Chauncey Boughton, the 6th generation from 
John Bouton, Sr., from France, son of John and Elizabeth 
Eoberts Boughton, was born at Nassau, Rensselaer Co., 
N. T., Jan. 21, 1805. He studied medicine and surgery at 
the State University Western Dist. of New York, and at 
Philadelphia, and at New York city. He practiced in 
hospitals and in eye and ear infirmaries. Eventually find- 
ing his health failing, after 25 years' practice at Half Moon, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., he retired to agricultural pursuits and 
various public services. Having inherited a taste for 
military affairs from his father, he was chosen to the 
command of a military regiment of Waterford, N. Y. H<» 
was also president of the Saratoga County Bank, and 
president of the Board of Education,* and for three years a 
representative in the Legislature of the State of New York. 
He was the youngest of his parents' children and the only 
one living of them all at the date of this writing, autumn 
of 1886. He married first, Oct. 4, 1828, Ida J. Smith, dau. 
of Cornell Smith formerly of Virgennes, Vt., where she 
was born Nov. 14, 1808, they settled at Half Moon, N. Y., 
from whence they moved to Waterford, N. Y. , where she 
died Oct. 3, 1876. He married second at Saratoga Springs, 
Oct. 4, 1877, Laura L. Smith, dau. of Isaac L. Smith, of 
Saratoga Springs, where she was bom April 17, 1853, and 
they settled at his residence in Waterford, Saratoga, Co., 
N. 1 ., where they were living June, 1889. 

Children of Dr. Chaaneey and Ida J. Smith Bonghton, of Water- 

ford^ N. T. 584 

584 i. Esther Margaret Boughton, b. Half Moon, Sara- 
toga Co., N. Y., July 21, 1829. She was educated at 
Troy, N. Y. and at Poultney, Vt. She m. Dec. 4, 1845, 
Dr. Henry L. Landon, M.D., son of Jeremiah Landon, 
of Palatine Bridge, N. Y., where he was born July 28, 
1823 ; they settled at Cohoes, N. Y., where he estab- 
lished a practice, taking a high position in his profession 
and among his townsmen, who elected him president 
of the village of Cohoes, which position he filled at the 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 55 

time of his death, which occurred at Uohoes, March 11, 
1869. She m. second David Brewster, of Waterford, 
N. Y., Aufjj. 31, 1865, where they settled and where he 
also died July 27, 1883. She continued to live at Water- 
ford, N Y., June, 1887. 

€h. of Dr. Henry L. and Esther M. Booghton Landon, of Gohoes; N. T. 

585 i. Melvill Lord Landon, b. Cohoes, N. Y., Jan. 27, 
1848, and died Jan. 14, 1860. 

586 ii. Margaret Esther Boughton (dau. of Chauncey 
and Ida J. Smith Boughton), b. Half Moon, Saratoga 
Co., N. Y., March 25, 1833. She was educated at Jones- 
viDe, N. Y., m. Half Moon, Feb. 24, 1864, Asahel P. 
Hawley, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Hawley, of Half 
Moon, where he was born Jan. 1, 1836. They settled 
on the old homestead at Half Moon, where they resided 

Ghlldren of Asahel P. and Mar^rAret £• Boaghton Hawley, of Half 

M00115 N. T. 686 

587 i. Chauncey B. Hawley, b. Half Moon, N. Y ., July 
16, 1866. 

588 ii. Cornell S. Hawley, b. Half Moon, N. Y., Sept. 
21, 1868. 

589 iii. Harry L. Hawley, b. Half Moon, N. Y., April 12, 

590 (iii) Smith C. Boughton (son of Dr. Chauncey and Ida 
J. Smith Boughton), b. Half Moon, N. Y., May 8, 1839, 
m. Sarah M. Vandenburgh, he died July 31, 1881. 

Ghildren of Smith C and Sarah M. Yandenbnrgh Bon^hton, of Water- 
ford, N. Y. 690 

590 i. H. Landon Boughton, b. Half Moon, May, 1861, 
and d. Cohoes, Oct. 16, 1864. 

591 ii. Arthur Barker Bouton, b. Half Moon, June 25, 
1863, and d. Cohoes, Oct. 24, 1864. 

592 iii. Sarah Math^da Boughton, b. Waterford, Nov. 28, 
1869, res. Waterford, 1887. 

593 iv. L>A Esther Boughton, b. Waterford, Mar. 26, 1872, 
d. Jan. 15, 1873. 

594 (iv.) Seth Boughton (son of Jehiel and Anna Finch 
Boughton), b. Dryden, N. T., m. Roberts, sister of 
John's wife, and settled at Cortland, N. Y. 

Cki of Seth and Roberts Booghton; of Harford; Cortland C0.9 N. Y. 

595 i. Stephen Boughton, b. Harford, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

596 ii. Seth Boughton, Jr. 
697 iii. Walter Boughton. 


598 iv. Jehiel Boughton, 3d. 

599 V. Hannah Boughton, m. John Smith. 

600 vi. Betsey Boughton, m. David Kingman. 

601 vii. Ann Boughton, m. Luther Brown. 

Note. — The above family was furnished by relatives as 
that of Seth Boughton. Others say Jehiel was their father. 
The compiler, not knowing which is right, gives both 
versions. (See No. 509.) 

602 vi. Mary Bouton (dau. Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), b. 
Stamford, Nov. 11, 1734 ; she is the Mary Bouton who 
m. Samuel Scribner and mentioned in her father's will, 
dated 1775, as Mary Scribner. 

603 vii. John Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), 
b. Stamford, Conn., July 23, 1737, probably died 
young and unmarried, as bis father made no mention 
of him in his will, which was dated Dec. 19, 1775. 

604 viii. Daniel Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), 
b. Stamford, Conn., Oct. 24, 174:0 {&0S3,ysWhitney Gene- 
alogy, vol. i., page 236), m. Dec. 31, 1767, Mary, dau. 
Peter Mead, of Greenwich, Conn. ; she d.New Canaan, 
June, 1801. He was a soldier in the Revolution and 
wounded at Coscob by a shot from a British vessel, he 
was a deacon from 10th June, 1797, till his death at 
New Canaan, Conn., Feb 12, 1821, m. second, Widow 
Hannah Hoyt, Stamford, Conn., Oct. 17, 1802, she d. 
June, 1823. 

605 ix. Rebecca Bouton (da. . Nathaniel and Mary Bouton), 
b. Stamford, Conn., 1742, in like manner with her 
brother John it is probably thiit Rebecca died unmarried 
and before the making of her father's will (which a 
copy shows no mention of her). Will dated Dec. 19, 

606 iii. Lydia Bouton (dau. Nathaniel and Lydia Penoyer 
Bouton). b. May, 1741, and m. Nov. 24, 1778, Stephen 

ChUdren of Stephen and Lydia Bouton Kellogsr* 006 

607 i. JosiAH Kellogg, b. May 20, 1780. 

608 ii. Lydia Kellogg, b. Nov. 19, 1782. 

609 iii. Andrew Kellogg, b. Sept. 29, 1784. 

610 iv. Esek Kellogg, b. Nov. 21, 1786. 

611 V. Maria Kellogg, b. Oct. 21, 1788. 

612 vi. Nathan Kellogg, b. Dec. 26, 1790. 

613 vii. Jemima Kellogg, b. March 21, 1793. 

614 viii. Elizabeth Kellogg, b. Feb. 19, 1795. 

615 ix. Stephen Kellogg, Jr.. b. April 27, 1797. 


616 iv. Mary Bouton (dau. Nathaniel and Lydia Penoyer 


Bouton), bap. Oct. 2, 1763 and is supposed to be the 
Mary Bouton who married April 13, 1786, James 
€17 V. Enos Bouton (son of Nathaniel, and as is supposed, 
his second wife, Lydia Penoyer Bouton). He was born 
in Conn., Feb. 27, 1770, and m. Feb. 19, 1795 to Prudence 
Hayes, also of Conn. In 1799 they moved to Virgil, 
Cortland Co., N. Y. ; he d. Virgil, May iiO, 1850, at an 
advanced age. 

Ch. of Enos and Pradence Hayes Bouton, of Nonralk^ Ct. 468 

«1S i. Stephen Bouton, b. probably Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 10, 
1795, and m. first Almira Harris. Almira d. Summer- 
hill, Sept. 20, 1849. Married second Electa Spaulding. 
He died in Groton, Dec. 8, 1877. 

-620 ii. Sanford Bouton^ b. probably Norwalk, Aug. 9, 1797, 
m. first Hannah Price, b. 1796, and settled in Virgil, 
where Hannah d. 1841. He m. second Eliza Thomas, 
b. Sept. 9, 1804, and she d. May 7, 1871 ; he d. Virgil, 
N. Y., July 7, 1874. 

CMldren of Sanford and Hannah Price Bonton. 

621 i. Charles H. Bouton, b. Nov. 10, 1817, d. Feb. 4, 1839. 

622 ii. Enos Bouton, b. March 25, 1819, d. June 29, 1836. 

623 iii. OuvER Bouton, b. March 17, 1821, d. July 14, 1843. 

All these died of consumption. 

624 Eliza Jane Bouton, b. Aug. 13, 1826, d. May 27, 1841. 
^25 (iii.) Hiram Bouton, b. Virgil, July 26, 1799; he was 

an eminent lawyer ; m. first Diadema Saxton, she died 
June 10, 1328 ; second Eliza Johnson, and third Eliza 
Graham ; res. Dryden ; he d. March 21, 1879. 

627 iv. Clarissa Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1801, 
m. Enoch Branch, she d. Sept. 7, 1838. 

-628 V. Polly Bouton, b. Virgil, Sept. 6, 1803, m. Michael 
Ehle, she d. July 9, 1862. 

629 vi. John Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1805, m. 
first Sophia Andrews, she d. May 21, 1837 ; second 
Polly Raymond, she d. March 15, 1842, aged 35 ; third 
Mary Stevens, she d. April 24, 1877, aged 64 ; fourth 
Mrs. Matilda Maynard He d. Virgil, Oct. 16, 1885. 

630 vii. Hannah Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1805, 
m. David Scofield and died April 5, 1874, in Virgil. 

-631 viii. Sally Ann Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., July 12, 

1808, m. Jonathan Rice, and settled in Spencer, N. Y. ; 

she d. Virgil, Feb. 7, 1879. 
<82 ix. Nellie Betsey Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Jan. 12, 

1811, m. Virgil, Nov. 26, 1830, John P. Price, b. 

Oneonta, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1805, res. Virgil, 1887. 


633 X. George Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1812, m. 
first Charlotte Thomas, she d. Aug. 28, 1856 ; second 
Ann Hill. He was a Methodist minister. He died at 
McLean, Tompkins Co., Oct. 31, 1859. 

634 xi. Maria Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Mav 25, 1815, m. 
Madison B. Maynard, d. 1860. They had one son, 
Wellington Maynard, res. Virgil. 

635 xii. Nancy G. Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., April 6, 1817, 
m. William Powers, Groton, N. Y. 

636 They had one son, Henry P. Powers, b. June 3, 1857, 
and m. Mary A. Curtis. 

637 xiii. Lucy Jane Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., July 14, 
1819, m. Virgil, June 8, 1849, Wilbur Stevens, b. June 
8, 1818, res. Cortland, N. Y , 1887. They had three 
daughters, two died in childhood. 

638 i. Mary Amelia Stevens, b. ahout 1855, m. Dudley G. 
Corwin, and d. Aug. 26, 1887. 

Note. — Mary A. Stevens Corwin, died Aug. 26, 1886, 
leaving a daughter, Emma May Powers, who, when about 
one and a half years old, took first premium at a fair 
in Ithaca, as the most beautiful child of her age at that 
exhibition, the prize being a stove appraised at $40. 

639 i. Emma May Corwin, m. Powers. 

€h« of John P. and Nellie B. Boaton (dan. of Enos and Prudence Hajes 

Bonton) Priee^ of Yirgril? Cortland Co., N. Y. 6t2 

640 i. PfflDELiA Hannah Price, b. Feb. 22, 1833, m. Merritt 
Johnson, d. 1857, leaving one son, Edwin V. Price, who 
was adopted by his grandparents. Price. 

641 ii. Sanford B. Price, b. Oct. 26, 1835, m. Ann Eliza 

642 iii. Clarissa B. Price, b. July 22, 1839, m. Jerome B. 

643 iv. Rudolph Price, b. Feb. 21, 1843, m. Eliza Congdon,. 
res. Virgil, 18s7. 

644 V. Alice Price, b. about 1847, m. John Miller, res. in 
Virga, 1887. 

645 vi. Jennie Price, b. 1850, m. W. H. Renny, res. Bing- 
hamton, N. T. 

645^ Edwin V. Price, son of, Phidelia, adopted by grand- 

Children of Dndlej 6. and Mary A. Stevens (dan. of Wilbar and Lney 

Jane Bonton Sterens), Corwtn. 68^ 

646 i. Wilbur S. Corwin, b. July 26, 1876. 

647 ii. Jennie L. Corwin, b. Mar. 81, 1881. 

648 iii. Charles Dudley Corwin, b. July 18, 1884. 

649 iv. Merton p. Corwin, b. Dec. 15, 1886. 


Children of Stephen (son of Enos and Pmdenee Hays Bonton) and 

Almira Harris Bonton, of Tirsril^ N. T. 618 

650 i. JuuA Ann Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y.. August 14, 1816, 
m. Geneva, N. Y., J^athauiel Enapp, and settled in 
Genoa; he died 1884; she res. Q^noa, 1887. 

Children of Nathaniel and Jnlla A. Bonton Knapp, of (ih^noa^ N. T. 650 

651 i. Mary Jane Knapp, b. about 1850, m. Sanders Main. 

652 ii. Derua Knapp, b. about 1853, not m., lives with her 

653 iii. Henry Knapp, ) i.„„- „ u oK^„+ iqkk «^+ ^ 

654 iv. Henrietta K^app, \ *^'°«' ^' ^*^^^* ^^^^> ^^* "^• 

655 ii. Clark B. Bouton (son of Stephen and Almira 
Bouton), b. Dec. 11, 1817, m. Derua Mills, of Venice; 
they moved to Minnesota, where he died about 1872; 
she res. Lake City, Minn. (Their children :) 

655* Frank Bouton, res. Lake City. 

655*» EiXA F. Bouton, m. Chas. Cogswell, res. Lake City. 

656 iii. Jason Dunham Bouton, born June 22, 1819, m. 
Venice, N. T., Feb. 11, 1844, Julia Ann Purdy, bom 
Feb. 8, 1822 (dau. Joseph and Ann Smith Purdy); 
she res. 1885), Trumansburgh, N. Y. ; he died in 1889. 

Cldl4ren of Jason D. and Jnlia A. Pnrdy Ronton^ of Moravia^ N. T. 656 

657 i. Edwin P. Bouton, b. Moravia, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1852, 
m. Dec. 6, 1882, Addie A. King (dau. of Sylvester and 
Rachel King), of Trumansburgh, N. Y. 

CUldron of Edwin P. and Addie A. King Bonton, of Tmmansbnrgli. 657 

658 i. Harry M. Bouton, b. Trumansburgh, N. Y., Nov. 
12, 1883. 

669 ii. Arthur E. Bouton, b. Trumansburgh, Jan. 15, 1886. 

660 (iii.) Mortimer D. Bouton (son of Jason D. and Julia 
A. Bouton), b. June 20, 1854; musician; not m., res. 

661 (iv.) Lyman Hayes Bouton, b. Virgil, Jan. 9, 1821, 
m. Dec. 2, 1846, Minerva Byram, b. July 7, 1827, and 
settled in Virgil, N. Y., where he d. 1879. 

CUldron of Lyman H.and Minerra Byram Bonton, of Tirgil,N. T. 661 

662 i. Stephen Bouton, b. Oct. 27, 1848, m. July 22, 1874, 
Mary E. Labrake, res. Virgil, N. Y. 

Children of Stephen and Mary E. Labrake Bonton, of Yirsrlly N* T. 662 

668 i. Lyman E. Bouton, b. May 19, 1875. 
664 ii. George H. Bouton, b. June 25, 1877. 


665 iii. Earl Bouton, b. June 24, 1880. 

666 ii. Mary Elizabeth Bouton (daughter of Lyman and 
Minerva Byram Bouton), b. Virgil, March 20, 1852, d. 
Jan. 18, 1880. Extract from her obituary : 

"Died in Virgil, June 18, 1880, Mary E. Bouton, at the 
age of twenty-eight years, two months and twenty-eight 
days. Never witnin the recollection of the writer have the 
demands of death been more reluctantly assented to by the 
entire community than in this case." 

667 John Willett Bouton (son of Stephen and Almira 
Bouton), b. Virgil, N. Y., Oct.' 29, 1822, m. at Groton, 
Tompkins Co., N. Y., Oct. 28, 1849, Sarah M. Henry 
(dau. of Levi and Aureli Bowker Henry), b. Locke, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. They settled at Locke, N. Y. He 
d. Auburn, N. Y. , 1876. She removed to Fort Collins, 
Colorado, where she was living 1889. 

Children of John W. and Sarah Henry Boaton, of Loeke, 

Cajnga C0.9 N. T. 

668 i. Jay Henry Boughton, b. Moravia, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., Dec. 28, 1849, m. Fort Collins, Colorado, July 8, 
1876, Celestie Nixon, b. Baraboo, Wisconsin, July 5, 
1859. They settled at Fort Collins, Col., where they 
were living 1889. 

Children of Hon. Jay H. and Celestie Nixon Bonghton, of Fort Coiling^ 


668" i. AuREU Sarah Boughton, b. Fort CoUins, Colorado, 

June 8, 1877. 
668^ ii. Clark Levi Boughton, b. Fort Collins, May 10, 

668« iii. Jay Henry Boughton, b. Fort Collins, December 

31, 1883. 

Note. — Hon. Jay H. Boughton, being an ardent advocate 
of prohibition^ was nominated by the Prohibition party, in 
1888, for the office of attorney-general of Colorado. 

Personal note by one familiar with all the details : 

" Jay H. Boagbton was born at Moravia, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Dec. 38, 1649, 
and received his primary and classical education at the public school and 
academy there, and at Groton, Tompkins Co., N. Y. He studied law in the 
office of Wm. W. Hare, Groton, Tompkins Co., N. Y., and Bouton & Chap- 
lain, Cortland, N. Y., where he finished his legal studies, and was admitted to 
the bar June 8, 1870. at the general term of the Supreme Court at Binghamton, 
N. Y. Practiced law two years in Cortland, and then removed to Fort Col- 
lins, Larimer Co., Col., where he has resided till present writing, about Gfleea 
years, during which time he has held offices of responsibility and trust, 
embracing county attorney, county Judge six years, president of the board of 
education for ten years, and alderman and member of city council six yean. 

Jav H. Boughton. 


in M of which he may be said to haye been honorably and financially sne- 

The following article, clipped from the Fort Collins " Courier," tells of the 
estimate in which Hon. Jay H. Boughton is held by his townsmen : 

" That the people of Fort Collins, Col., appreciate Judge Boughton's zeal- 
ous efforts in behalf of the schools, was happily demonstrated at the school 
elecUon held on Monday last, when he received all the votes cast for president 
of the school board. It was a handsome compliment to a competent and most 
worthy official. There are few men, comparatively speaking, who possess all 
th«^ requirements of a first-class school officer. Judffe Boughton has repeat- 
edly demonstrated that he is one of that few, a fact that the people recognize 
ana fully appreciate. Though disinclined for personal reasons to serve an- 
other term, he gracefully yielded to the urgent and earnest solicitation of 
friends and patrons of the school and consented to the use of his name for 

MS' IL Personal Notes of Clark Boughton (son of John W. and Sarah 
Henry Boughton), b. Preble, Cortland Co., N. T., July 29, 1851. He received 
a public school and academic education at Locke, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and at 
Groton, Tompkins Co., N. T., after which he learned printing and was for 
several years foreman of the GarUand County Demoerat. His health being 
poor, in 1871 he went west and remained nearly a year at Omaha, Neb., where 
he worked at his trade and studied law, and on account of continued ill health 
was compelled in 1873 to leave Omaha, and went to Colorado. He soon after 
settled at Fort Collins, where, seeing a prospect of rapid devel pment, he 
established The Fart CoUiiu Standard^ a weekly newspaper, in which he met 
with great success. Being himself a luminous writer, he was popularly recog- 
nized among the brilliant writers of his profession. He was elected super- 
intendent of public schools, which office he held until he died. He raised the 
standing of the public schools of the county to a degree they had never 
before attained, and inaugurated the system of teachers^institutos, the first in 
the state. Afflicted with asthma and rheumatism from childhood, his im- 
paired health broke down under the pressure of his intense application and 
effort, and he died at Fort Collins, Colorado, Oct. 26, 1874, having, by almost 
superhuman effort, resisted the inevitable culmination of his diseases for years ; 
by which it was felt that one of the brightest lights of Colorado had gone out 
at his death. 

669 vi. Prudence Hays Bouton (dau. Stephen and Almira 
Harris Bouton), b. Virgil, July 2, 1824, m. Oliver Ash- 
ton; settled Locke, N. Y. 

Children of Oliver and Prudence H. Bouton Ashton, of Locke, N. ¥• 

670 i. Jerome Ashton, b. Locke, N. Y., about 1844. 

671 ii. JuuA Ann Ashton, b. Locke, N. Y., about 1846 ; 
died . 

672 vii. Isaac Bouton (son of Stephen and Almira Harris 
Bouton), b. Virgil, N. Y., May 13, 1826, lawyer, m. 
Mary Leghorn, and moved to Iowa ; served in the war 
and returned to Locke, where he resided 1887. 

673 viii. Elizabeth Eeech Bouton, b. Virgil, May 8, 1829, 
and d. May 23, 1832. 

674 ix. Hannah Bouton, b. June 16, 1831, m. July 4, 1853, 
Wilbur B. Eaiapp, of Genoa, N. Y.; settled Cortland 
village, where they resided 1887. 

62 BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt, 

Child of Wllbnr B. and Hannah Bonton Knapp, of Cortland^ N. T. 674 

675 i. Anna May E[napp, b. July 29, 1855, res. withparents. 
She graduated at the State Normal School of Cortland, 
and is a successful teacher. 

676 X. Maria Bouton (dau. Stephen and Almira Harris 
Bouton), b. Moravia, N. T., Jan. 31, 1836, m. Calvin 
Scofield, and settled at Groton, where she died March 
10, 1859 ; he is also dead. 


iii. Hiram Bouton (son of Enos and Prudence Bouton), b. 
probably Virgil, July 26, 1799, m. first, Diadima Saxton : 
second, Eliza Johnson; third, Eliza Graham; settled 
Dryden; d. March 25, 1879. 

Children of Hiram Bonton and first, Dladlma Saxton ; second^ Ellsa 
Johnson ; third, Eliza (i^rahani, of Tompkins Go. 626 

678 i. Jane Bouton, b. probably, Dryden, N. T., ra. Mr. 
Beach; res. Ithaca 1888. 

679 ii. C. Dewitt Bouton; lawyer; b. probably Dryden, 
m. Alice Grant; res. Ithaca. 

680 iii. Irving Bouton, b. probably, Dryden. 

681 iv. Sarah Bouton, b. probably, Dryden. 

Children of Enoch and Clarissa Bonton (dan. of Enos and Pmdence 

Hays Bonton), Branch. 687 

683 i. Sanford Branch. 

684 ii. Polly B. Branch. 

685 iii. Prudence Branch. 

686 iv. Edgar Branch. 

687 V. Fanny Branch. 

Children of Michael and Pollj Bonton (dan. of Enos and Pmdence 

Hays Bonton), Ehle. 628 

689 i. HiRAH Ehle, he d. . 

690 ii. Preston Ehle. 

691 iii. Sophia Ehle. 

692 iv. Payette Ehle. 


vi. John Bouton (son of Enos and Prudence Hays Bouton), 
b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1805, m. first, Sophia Andrews; 
second, Polly l^ymond ; third, Mary Stevens ; fourth, 
Matilda Maynard ; lived in Virgil, where he died Octo- 
ber 16, 1885. 
Children of John and Sophia Andrews Bonton, of YlrgU, N. Y. 629 

694 i. Nelson Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Elizabeth Tylee, 
res. Marathon, N. Y. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 63 

695 ii. Polly Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Horace Hart, 
res. Ithaca, N. Y., 1888. 

696 iii. Stephen Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Delia Sager, 
res. Marathon, N. Y. 

697 iv. Sophia Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Adelbert 
Jennison, res. Lisle, N. Y. 


vii, Hannah Bouton (daughter of Enos and Prudence Bou- 
ton), b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1806, m. David Scofield, 
settled at Virgil, where she d. April 5, 1874. 

Children of Darld and Hannah Boaton Scofield, of Ylrgril, N. T. 680 

699 i. Mary Ann Scofield, b. Virgil, , d. Virgil. 

700 ii. Scofield, b. Virgil, . 

Children of Jonathan and Sally Ann Boaton Bice, of Yirgril, N. T. 681 

702 i. George Rice, b. Virgil, N. Y. 

703 ii. Augustus Rice, b. Virgil, N. Y. 

704 iii. Prudence Rice, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Louis Culver, 
res. Harford, N. Y., 1887. 

705 iv. Enos Rice, b. Virgil, N. Y. 

Children of George and first Charlotte ThomaSf second 4nn Hill Boaton 

of McLean^ Tomp. Co. N. T. 688 

714 i. Charles Bouton. 

715 ii. CuNTON Bouton. 

716 Adelaide Bouton. 

(xi.^i Maria Bouton (dau. Enos and Prudence Bouton), 
b. Virgil, N. Y., May 25, 1815, m. Madison B. Maynard, 
she died Virgil, N. Y., July 15, 1860. 

Children of Madison B. and Maria Boaton Maynard^ of Yirgll, N. T. 684 

718 i. John Marvin Maynard, b. Virgil, was a member of 
the N. Y. S. Vols., died of disease contracted while at 

719 ii Weix-ington Maynard, b. Virgil. 

720 iii. Eliza Maynard, b. Virgil. 

721 iv. Adelbert Maynard, b. Virgil. 

722 V. Louisa Maynard, b. Virgil. 

723 vi. George Maynard, b. Virgil. 

(xii.) Nancy G. Bouton (dau. Enos and Prudence 
Bouton) b. Virgil, April 6, 1817, m. William Powers, 
settled in Groton, N. Y., and res. there 1886. 

Children of William and Nancy G. Boaton Powers^ of Groton« 685 

725 i, Henry Powers, b. Groton, N. Y. 

64 BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 

726 ii. William Powers, b. Groton, N. Y. 

(xiii.) Lucy Jane Bouton (dau. of Enos and Prudence 
Bouton), b. Virgil, July 14, 1819, m. Wilbur Stevens, 
of Cortland, and resided there 1886, she is a member of 
the Presbyterian church. 

Children of Wilbur and Lnejr Jane Bouton SteTens, of Cortland^ Cort- 
land Co., N. T. 688 

728 i. Mary A. Stevens, b. Freetown, N. Y., m. Dudley G. 
Corwin, res. Cortland, N. Y. 

729 ii. Ellen Stevens, b. Cortland, N. Y., and died . 

780 iii. Hattie Stevens, b. Cortland, N. Y., and died . 


6. Nathaniel Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Rachael 
Kellogg Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., 1778, m. New 
Canaan, Conn., May 22, 1801, Bachael Stevens, who died, 
and he m. second her sister Lydia, 1801, they moved to 
Virgil, Cortland Co., N. Y. He was the reputed projector 
of the Erie Railway, and assisted by his elder son (Nathan 
Bouton), was the author of the first article ever published 
in relation to its construction. He was a Congregationalist 
and an ardent Abolitionist, and among the first to espouse 
the cause of temperance. He died at Virgil, N. Y., Jan. 
4, 1847, an- honor to his name and kindred. 

Cliildren of Nathaniel (third son of Nathaniel and Baehael Kellof^)^ ' 
and Bachael Sterens Bonton^ of Virgril^ N. T. 468 

735 i. Nathan Bouton, b. Virgil, July 27, 1802, m. first 
Polly Gtee, second Emma Robinson, third Emma 
Hubbard, of Homer, N. Y. 
786 ii. James Bouton, b. Virgil, about 1803, unmarried, 

died aged about 17. 
737 iii. Lewis Bouton, ] b. Virgil, Feb. 26, 1805, m. Anna 

Hubbel, settled Hinsdale, Catta- 
raugus Co., N. Y., died Glean, N. 
Y., Oct. 1885. 

b. Virgil, Feb. 26, 1805, m. Feb. 

26, 1826, Lucretia • Sherman, 

settled Homer, Mich. 

739 V. Rachael Bouton, b. Virgil, about 1807, m. James 
Blakeslee, she d. Dayton, Ohio, May 1869. 

740 vi. David Bouton, b. Virgil, Nov. 27, 1808, m. Dry den, 
1836, M. Buliette Hoglin, d. Penn, Mich., July, 1870. 

741 vii. MiLLY Bouton, b. Virgil, April 13. 1810, m. Joseph 
P. Benedict, Aug. 8, 1831, d. St. Charles, Mich., Jan. 

738 iv. Wm. Bouton, 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 65 

742 viii. Nathaniel 4TH Bouton, b. Virgil, May 28, 1813, 
m. Julia Eliza Longworth, he d. Feb. 2, 1886. 

743 ix. Joseph Bouton, b. Virgil, Mar. 23, 1817, m. Oct. 
28, 1^38 Clarissa Ackley, lives Cortland, 1886. 

744 James Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Rachael Kellogg 
Bouton), b. in Pound Ridge, Conn., m. Abby Baker; 
he was a Congregationalist; d. Virgil, in advanced age. 

Children of James and Abby Baker Boaton^ of Ylrgll^ Cortland Co.^ 

N. T. 404 

745 i. Harriet Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y.. m. Harman. 

746 ii. Mary Ann Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., m. Can tine, 

Groton, N. Y. 

747 iii. Daniel Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y. 

748 iv. Kellogg Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y. 

749 V. Phebe Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y. 


8. Eliasaph Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Rachael 
Kellogg Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. Stamford, Ct., 
Polly Slauson, and settled in Virgil 1801, and moved to 
Hins<lale, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., where he died 1836, and 
she died there Sept., 1865. 

Children of Eliasaph (son of Nathaniel and Rachael Kellogj? Bouton^ 
he d. Hinsdale, N. ¥., 1^86, she d. Hinsdale, N. T., Sept., 1805), and 
Pollj Slaoson Bouton, of Yirfcil, and also Cattaraugrus Co., N. T. 


750 i. Mary Bouton, b. New Canaan, Conn., Feb. 6, 1806, 
supposed d. ai Portville, N. Y. 

751 ii. Jared Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., June 26, 1807, m. 
Mary Frantz, June 28, 1829,* settled Charlotte, Mich., 
he d. 1866. 

752 iii. Lewis Bouton, b. Geneva, N. Y., May 23, 1809, m. 
first tjharity Kent, second Lucinda Kent, third Minerva 
Lyman, moved to Dimlap, Iowa, he died Oct. 29, 1880. 

753 iv. John Bouton, b. Geneva, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1810, m. 
Susan Hastings, settled Hinsdale, died Clean, N. Y., 
Dec. 12, 1870, no children. 

754 V. Israel Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., May 30, 1812, m. 
Mariam Ames, settled Grand Haven, Mich., and died 
1886, no children. 

756 vi.. Aaron Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1813, m. 
Maria JNichols, went to California and d. date unknown, 
left three daughters. 



756 *vii. Betsey Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1814, 
m. William Parker, Sept. 1, 1832, settled Alleghany, 
N. Y., she died Aug. 3, 1882. 

♦Note.— Only the names of the children of William and 
Betsey Bouton Parker could be obtained, which are as fol- 
lows: First Mary G. Parker, second EKasaph Parker, third 
Oeorge Parker, fourth Emily Parker, fifth James Parker. 
(Eliasaph res. Calamus, Iowa.) 

757 viii. Eliasaph Bouton, Jr., b. Virgil, N. Y., Jan. 10, 
1816, m. Ann Green, went to Kansas and died date 


758 ix. Abigail Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., June 12, 1818, 
m. David P. Godfrey, and died Olean, Cattaraugus 
Co., N. Y., 1842; left one son, E. D. Godfrey, res. 
Red Oak, Iowa. 

759 X. Anna Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., April 12, 1820, m. 
John S. Sanderson, res. Portville, Cattaraugus Co., 
N. Y., no children, there 1888. 

760 xi Sa^iuel Newell Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Sept. 
23, 1822, m. Lorinda CoUister, went to St. Louis, and 
d date unknown, left three children, not known. 

761 xii. Enoch Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1826, m. 
Mary Beattie, he died in the army about 1864:, his family 
and descendants unknown. 

762 xiii. William Boui'ON, b. Hinsdale, N. Y., July 27, 
1829 ra Olive Dryer, went to California, res. Fresno 

(x ) Eliza Bouton (dau. of Nathaniel and Rachel Kellogg 

Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. , Elnathan 


Children of Elnathan and Eliza Bonton Weed. 46 7 

762* i. Stephen Weed. History not obtained. 
762* ii. Samuel Weed. History not obtained. 

763 (xi.) Rachel Bouton (dau. of Nathaniel and Rachel 

KeDogg Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., m. , 

Simeon Luce. 

(i ) Nathan Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Rachel Stevens 
Bouton), b. Virgil, N. Y., July 27, 1802, m. fii-st, Polly 
Gee ; second, Mrs. Emma Robinson ; third, Emma 
Hubbard ; lived and died in Virgil, N. F., 1879. He 
was many years a deacon in the Congregational church. 
For twelve years he was at the head of the Virgil Lite- 
rary Institute ; he was also at one time a member of 
assembly in the New York legislature ; he was also a 
farmer and surveyor of recognized ability. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 67 

Cklldren of Nathan Bonton (son of Nathaniel and Rachel Stevens 
Bonton^ of YlrgriU N. T.)» and his three wItos^ first Poll? Gee^ 
second Emma Bobinson, third Emma Hnbhel, of Yirgril^ N. Y. 786 

764 i. Louisa Botjton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Jan. 20 1825 and 
d. Virgil, March 11, 1846. 

765 ii. James Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1826, m. 
Agnes Hotchkins, res. Troupsburg, Steuben Co., N. Y., 

766 iii. Samantha Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1828, 
m. S. V. R. Elink and res. Los Alamo, Cal. No 

767 iv. Andrew Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., April 10, 1831, 
not m., res. Healsburgh, Sonoma Co., Cal. A large 
nurseryman, 1888. 

768 V. Eli Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., April 8, 1733, m. first, 
Fanny Waldo, settled Sabbetta, Kan. ; second Nancy 

769 vi. WiLUAM Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1836. 
For many years has not been heard from by his rela- 
tives. It is believed he joined the Union army and 
died in the war. 

770 vii. Lewis Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., May 26, 1838, m. 
Emily Lament ; justice of the peace of Cortland and 
elder in the Presbyterian church, res. there 1888. 

771 viii. Charles Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1841, d. 
in infancy, Aug. 5, 1842. 

772 ix. Emma M. Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1843, 
m. Charles Drew, res. Topeka, Kansas, 1888. 

773 X. Edmund Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., June 12, 1846, m. 
Julia Sumner, res. Sabbetta, Kansas, 1888. 

Children of James and Agrnes Hotchkins Bonton, of Tronpsbnrgb, 

Stenben Co., N. T. 765 

774 i. Adelaide Louisa Bouton, b. WoodhuU, N. Y., July 
11, 1854, m. Eugene C. Brewer, res. Troupsburgh, N, Y., 

775 ii. Saeah Anna Bouton, b. WoodhuU, N. Y., Feb. 2, 

776 iii. William Bouton, b. WoodhuU, N. Y., June 30, 1859 
and d. March 4, 1877, at Troupsburgh, N. Y. 

777 iv. Fanny Bouton, b. Troupsburgh, N. Y., July 14, 

778 V. George Bouton, b- Troupsburgh, N. Y., Nov. 11, 

The family all live at Troupsburgh, N. Y., 188fc 


Child of Eagrene 0. and Adelaide Louise Ronton Brewer^ of Tronps-^ 

bnrirh^N. T. 774 

779 i. loNE Brewer, b. Troupsburgh, June 19, 1887. 

Children of Eli and first Fannj Waldo Ronton, second Nancy J. Graham 

Ronton, of Sabbetta, Namaha Co.^ Kan. 768- 

780 i. Rosa Bouton, b. , Dec. 19, 1860. 

781 ii. Henry Waldo Bouton, b. Jan. 11, 1863. 

782 iii. May Bouton, b. Sabbetta, Kansas, June 5, 1874. 

Child of Lewis and Emily Lament Ronton^ of Cortlandj N. T* 770^ 

783 i. Archibald Lewis Bouton, b. Cortland, N. T., Sept. 
1, 1872. 

Child of Charles and Emma M. Ronton Drew, of TopelLa, Kan. 772 

784 i. Charles Drew, Jr., b. Topeka, Kan. 

(iii.) Lewis Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Rachel Stevens 
Bouton), b. Virgil, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1805, m. Anna 
Hubble and moved to Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 
and again about 1885 moved to Glean, N. Y. By indus- 
try and frugality he amassed considerable property, of 
which he gave liberally to the missionary society of the 
Free Baptist church, to which his wife belonged, and 
at which he was a regular attendant. He died at Olean, 
N. Y., October, 1885, aged 80 years. 

Children of Lewis and Anna Hubble Ronton^ of Yirgil^ N. T. 

785 i. Hiram Bouton, b. Hinsdale, N. Y. , and died in early 
manhood while pursuing his studies at Hillsdale Col- 
lege, Mich. 

786 ii. Loretta Bouton, b. Hinsdale, N. Y., and died in 

(iv.) William Bouton (twin brother of Lewis, son of 
Nathaniel and Rachel Stevens and grandson Nathaniel 
and Rachel Kellogg), born Virgil, Feb 26, 1805, m. 
Lucretia Sherman and settled at Homer, Calhoun Co., 
Mich., where he still resided 1886, and is a member of 
the Presbyterian church. 

Children of William and Lncretia Slierman Ronton, of Homer. Cal- 

lionn Co. 9 Micb. 788- 

787 i. Dlajs'a Loretta Bouton, b. Homer, Mich., July 17, 
1828, m. Wm. S. Gregory, res. Homer, Mich. 

788 ii. Lucy Ann Bouton, b. Homer, Mich., Feb. 24, 1831, 
m. 1858, John Breckenridge, and res. Litchfield, Mich. 


789 iii. Henry Sherman Bouton, b. Homer, Mich., May 
19, 1836, m. Cornelia Swarts, he was a soldier in the 
Union Army, res. now Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Children oi John and Lney Ann Ronton Breekenridge^ of Litchfield^ 

Mich. 788 

790 i. James Henry BRECKENRmoE, b. Litchfield, Mich., 
June 15, 1861. 

791 ii. Philo Fuller BRECKENRioaE, b. Litchfield, Mich., 
July, 1862. 

792 iii. Ella Violete Breckenridgb, b. Litchfield, Mich., 
Feb. 17, 1865. 

Children of Henry Sherman and Cornelia Sirarts Bonton^ of Mt. 

Pleasant, Mich. 789 

793 i. Minnie Eliza Bouton, b. Homes, Mich., March 12, 

1859, m. P. F. Dodds, April 20, 1876. 

794 ii. Flora Auce Bouton, b. Homer, Mich., Dec. 11, 

1860, res. at Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

795 iii. Edna Myrtle Bouton, b. Homer, Mich., Dec. 28, 
1869, res. at Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 

Children of P* F. and Minnie Eliza Bonton Dodds^ of Mt. Pleasant^ 

Mich. 798 

796 i. Fabian Bouton Dodds, b. Mt. Pleasant, Dec. 18, 

(v.) Rachael Bouton (dau. of Nathaniel and Lydia 
Stevens Bouton), b. Vir^. She was educated and was 
for several years a teacher, and m. James Blakeslee, 
a Presbyterian clergyman of Marathon, and went 
with hiih to Jamaica, W. L, as a missionary to the 
negroes of that island. The cUmate proving unfavor- 
able to their health they returned and settled at 
Dayton, O., where she died May 19, 1869. 

Children of Dr. James and Rachel Bonton Blakeslecy of Dayton^ 0. 

797 i. James Blakeslee, b. . 

798 ii. Sabah Blakeslee, b. New Richmond, O., Jan. 18, 
1837, m. Harard D. Chase, New York City, physician, 
res. New York city. 

Children of Harard D. and Sarah Blakeslee Chase, of N. T. City. 798 

798' i. Ernest Chase, died infancy. 

798* ii. Kate Chase, died infancy. 

798* iii. Grace L. Chase, b. June 25, 1865, res. New 

York city, 1888. 
798' iii. Charles Henry Blakeslee, b. Ellenwood, Barton 

Co., Ean. 


798* iv. Addison W. Blakeslee, Maquaketa, Jackson 

Co., Iowa. 
798' V. Nathaniel Bouton Blakeslee, died in infancy. 

(vi.) David Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Lydia Stevens 
Bouton), b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1808, m. 1836, 
Buliette Hoaglin, of Dry den, and moved to Penfield, 
Calhoun Co., Mich. ; was a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church, and died July 10, 1870. 

Cb. of Darid and Buliette Hoagrlin Boaton, of Penfield, Mich. 740 

799 i. Charles Bouton, b. Penfield, Calhoun Co., Mich., 
Feb. 1837, d. Virgil, ISU. 

800 ii. William Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Dec. 17, 1838 ; 
he was educated at Hillsdale College, Mich., m. St. 
Louis, February, 1867, Mary Conklin, res. 2909 Park 
ave., St. Louis, 1888. 

801 iii. Lydia Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Aug. 17, 1841, 
m. Penfield, Aug. 15, 1866, C. C. McDermid, res. Pen- 
field, Mich. ; 1886, P. O. Battle Creek, Mich. 

802 iv. Emma Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Dec. 6, 1846, died 
in childhood, Penfield, Feb. 185C. 

803 V. Nathaniel Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., August 18, 
1848, m. Nov. 2, 1870, Mary M. Parmlee, d. Battle 
Creek, Mich., July 11, 1883. 

Children of William (son of Darid and Buliette. Hoaglin Boaton)^ and 

Mary ConlLlin Boaton, of St. Lonis^ Mo. 800 

804 i. Charles Bouton, b. St. Louis, Mo., April 25, 1863. 

805 ii. Herbert Bouton, b. St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 20, 1871. 

806 iii. George Bouton, b. St. Louis, Mo., March 1, 1873. 

807 iv. Walter Bouton, b. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 4, 1876. 

808 V. Mary Bouton, b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 27, 1880. 

Children of Nathaniel and Mary Parmlee Boaton, of Battle Creek. 808 

809 i. Alice Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Oct. 14, 1871, res. 
Penfield, 1886. 

810 ii. Edward P. Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Aug. 29, 
1877, res. Battle Creek, 1886. 

811 iii Robert Bouton, b. Penfield, Mich., Oct. 14, 1883, 
res. Battle Creek, 1886. 

(vii.) MiLLY Bouton (dau. of Nathaniel and Rachel 
Stevens Bouton), b. Pound Ridge, N. Y., April 13, 
1810, m Aug. 8, 1831, Joseph Perry Benedict, andsettled 
Columbus, Wis. ; he died Sept. 26, 1865, at Columbus, 


€1i. of Joseph P. and Milly Boaton Benedict, of Yirgrily N. T. 741 

812 i. DiANTHA Benedict, b. Virgil, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1833, m. 

James M. Wilkinson, of St. Charles, Mich. 

813 ii. Orlando Benedict, b. Oct. 19, 1837, Tompkins Co., 
N. Y., m. Sept. 2, 1861, Elvira Butterfield : he died 
February, 1864. 

814 iii. Betsey Jane Benedict, b. Feb. 9, 1845, and died 
Columbus, Wis., Dec. 15, 1869. 

815 iv. Nathaniel Benedict, b. Tompkins Co., N. Y., July 
3, 1847, and d. Sept. 4, 1849. 

ClilldreD of James M. and Dianther Benedict Wilkinson^ of Mich. 

816 i. Nelue Wilkinson, b. , Mich., living at Fergus, 


817 ii. George Wilkinson, b. , Mich., living at Fer- 
gus, Mich. , 

Child of Orlando and Eirlra Batterfleid Benedict, of Golnmbosy Wis. 

818 i. Albert Guy Benedict, b. Columbus, Wis., August 
16, 1863, died April 18, 1864. 

(viii.) Nathaniel Bouton, Jr. (4th son of Nathaniel and 
Lydia Stevens B(»uton), b. Virgil, N. Y., May 28, 1813, 
m. 1834, Julia Eliza Longworth. 

From the age of 19 he lived at Marathon, N. Y. , until 
he died, Feb. 2j 1886. He was justice ot the peace in 
the town of Marathon for more than twenty years. 
Having a superior musical talent he was for over forty 
years called to lead different church choirs of his vil- 
lage. Like the other members of his father's family, 
he was ever an earnest advocate of the various moral 
reforms of the day, and gave liberally of his time and 
money for their advancement. 

€hildreii of Natlianiel and Julia Eliza Longwortli Boaton^ of 

Maratlion« N. T. 

819 i. Julia Euza Bouton, b. Marathon, Jan. 28, 1838, 
m. May 17, 1856, Dr. Farmington O. Hyatt, res. Cort- 
land, N. Y., 1888. 

820 ii. Charles Henry Bouton, b. Marathon, Aug. 22, 
1840, m. Harriet Benjamin, res. Marathon. 

821 iii. Jane Maria Bouton, b. Marathon, July 13,1842, m. 
Robert Purvis, res. Harford, N. Y., 1888. 

822 iv. Amanda Gertrude Bouton, b. Marathon* Aug. 9, 
1844, m. Orson U. Smith, res. Marathon, no children. 

823 V. Elanor Carley Bouton, b. Marathon, July 25, 
1847, m. first Sanford L. Baum, second Donald 
McKellar, res. Killawog, N. Y. 


824 vi. Mary Ann Bouton, b. Marathon, June 29, 1851, m. 
Dr. G. H. Smith, res. Cortland, no children. 


1. Julia Eliza Bouton, (dau. of Nathaniel and Julia 
E. Longworth), b. Marathon, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1838, m. 
Mav 17, 1856, Dr. Farmington 0. Hyatt, res. Cortland, 

N. Y., 1888. 

Only Child of Dr. Farmington 0. and Julia £• Boaton Hjatt. 819 

825 i. Louisa Bouton Hyatt, b. Cortland, N. Y., Feb. 20, 
1874, and died June 20, 1874. 

826 ii. Charles Henry Bouton (son of Nathaniel and 
Julia E. Longworth Bouton), b. Marathon, N. Y., 
Aug. 22, 1840, he served three years in the war with 
the 159th Regt. N. Y. Vols.; m. Harriet Benjamin and 
settled at Marathon, where they res. 1888. 

Cliild of Charles H. and Harriet Benjamin Bonton, of Marathon, N. T. 


827 i. Mary Louise Bouton, b. Solon, N. Y., July 5, 1870, 
res. Marathon, 1888. 


(v.) Eleanor Carley Bolton, b. Marathon, N. Y., July 
25, 1847, m. Oct. 1865, Sanford L. Bauni. He died 
Nov. 15, 1871. She m. second, Donald McKellar and 
resided at Killawog, Broome Co., N. Y. She is a 

€h. of Sanford L. and Eleanor C. Bonton, dan. of Nathaniel and Jnlla 
£. Longworth Bonton Banm, of Potsdam, N. Y. 82S 

828 i. Anna Laura Baum, b. Potsdam, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1871. 

Cliildren of Donald and lYidow Eleanor C. Bonton Banm McKellar. 

829 ii. Louis John McKellar, b. Preble, N. Y., Dec. 23, 

830 iii. Mary Lillian McKellar, b. Killawog, Broome Co., 
N. Y., May 3, 1880. 

831 iv. Helen Julia McKellar, b. Killawog, Broome Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 16, 1881. 

832 V. Robert Bouton McKellar, b. Killawog, Broome 
Co., N. Y., Sept. 21, 1885. 

833 vi. Jessie McKellar, b. Killawog, Broome Co., N. Y., 
Sept. 5, 1887 ; all res. Killawog, 1888. 

(ix.) Joseph Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Lydia Stevens 
Bouton)> b. Virgil, N. Y., March 23, 1817, m. Clarissa 


Ackerly, Oct. 2S, 1838, and settled in Virgil, where for 
many years they were farmers ; they moved to Cort- 
land, Cortland Co., N. Y., where they resided spring of 


Children of Joseph and Clarissa Ackerlj Boaton^ of Yirgrii and Cort- 
land, N. T. 748 

8M i. Eliza Loretta Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Nov. 6, 
1841, m. Lyman Jones, res. Cortland, N. Y. 

835 ii. Clara bouroN, b. Virgil, Mar. 23, 1855, m. Hiram 
Jamison, res. Cortland. 

Child of Hiram and Clara Ronton Jamison, of Cortland, N. ¥. 885 

836 i. Ward Jamison, b. Cortland, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1879. 

(viii,) Joseph Bouton son of Jachin Bouton, the third 
€hild of Joseph, son of John, Sr,, and Mary Stevenson 
Bouton, of Norwalk,. Conn., was born at Norwalk about 
1725, and m. Aug. 25, 1748, Susannah Raymond ; he prob- 
ably died 1778.. 

Note. — History of Norwalk says he enlisted in the French 
war at the a^e of 19 ; his expedition was probably the one 
against Louisburg, on Cape Breton Island, which was cap- 
tured in June, 1745. 

Ch. of Joseph and Sosannah Ba^mond Bonton, of Norwalk, Ct 82 

838 1. William Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 16, 1749, 
m. Sarah Benedict, 1769. 

839 ii. Susanna Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 27, 1751, m. 
Crissy Coggswell, Pound Ridge. 

840 iii. Betiy Bouton, Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 29, 1753. 

841 iv. Joseph Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., March 3, 1755 ; 
probably the Joseph who married Joanna Harper, and 
settled at Chester, Orange Co., N. Y., about 1774. 

842 V. Rebecca Bouton, b. Xorwalk, Ct., June 3, 1757, m. 
Moses Raymond, 1778. 

^3 vi. Joshua Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 18, 1759, m. 
Nov. 17, 1784, Margaret McLean. 

Note. — Joshua was taken prisoner in the Revolutionary 
War, and his experiences on a man-of-war led him to choose 
a life on the sea, and he became captain of a vessel engaged 
in the West India trade, in which ne spent his life. 

844 vii. Seth Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., April 16, 1762, m. 
first, Sarah Resique, she died about 1820 ; m. second, 
Aug. 22, 1822, Elizabeth Beers, settled Ridgefield. 

545 viii. Ira Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 7, 1765. 

74 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

84:6 ix. Nancy Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., June 16, 1747. 

847 X. Debbe Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct. , Aug. 27, 1769. 

848 xi. Aaron Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., April 19, 1772^ 
m. , Polly Mallory. 

Descendants op William Bouton, Norwalk, Ct. 

William Bouton, son of Joseph and Susannah Raymond 
Bouton, was bom Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 16, 1749, he m. at 
Norwalk, Feb. 16, 1769, Sarah Benedict, dau. John and 
Elizabeth Benedict, of Norwalk, where she was bom June 
16, 1762- He died May 30, 1828, at Norwalk, Ct„ where 
she also died Aug. 26, 1844, aged 94 years, and were both 
buried in Pine Is&nd cemetery, at South Norwalk, Ct. 

Ch« of William and Sarah Benediet Boaton^ of Norwalk, Ct '88S 

849 i. Isaac Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept, 19, 1769, and d. in 

860 ii. Isaac Bouton, b. Norwalk, Nov. 20, 1771, m. 
Almira Seymour, Sept., 1794. 

851 iii. WiujAM Bouton, b. Norwalk, Mar. 4, 1774, m. 
March 26, 1796, Hannah Carrington. 

852 iv, Betty Bouton, b. Norwalk, Aug. 12, 1776, m. 
, Benjamin Reed. 

863 V. Esther Bouton, b. Norwalk, May 20, 1779, m. Jan. 
18, 1797, Nathaniel Benedict. 

864 vi. Sarah Bouton, b. Norwalk, June 7, 1781, m. 
Nehemiah Raymond. 

865 vii. Clara Bouton, b. Norwalk, July 6, 1783, m. Mar., 
1804, Isaac Russ, died Michigan. 

866 viii. Seth Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept. 8, 1786, m. 
Asenath Raymond, 1807 ; d, in August, 1816. 

857 ix. Joseph feouTON, b. Norwsdk, Oct. 22, 1787, m Sept. 
18, 1806, Betty Bixby ; he d. 1874. 

858 X. Susannah Bouton, b. Noi^walk, Feb. 18, 1789, m. 
June 8, 18(»8, Samuel G. Warren, and d. Sept. 11, 1852. 

869 xi. John Bouton, b. Norwalk, Feb. 18, 1792, m. May 
1813, first, Hannah Betts ; second, Betsy Chichester ; 
he d. Oct. 31. 1866. 

860 xii. Mary Bouton. b. Norwalk, Nov. 28, 1793, m. first, 
Henry Banta ; second, Christopher Gwyer ; third, 
Samuel Raymond. She died Mar. 18, 1886, in her 93d 

861 xiii. Anna Bouton, b. Norwalk, June 21, 1796, m. Mar. 
4, 1810, Horatio N. Downs ; joined church Dec. 16, 1819. 

862 xiv. Nathaniel Bouton, b. Norwalk, June 20, 1799, m. 
first, Harriet Sherman ; m. second, Mary Ann P. Bell ;. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 75 

m. third, Elizabeth Ann Cilley ; he settled at Concord, 
N. H.; d. June 6, 1878. 


Isaac Bouton, son of William and Sarah Benedict 
Bouton, b. Norwalk, Nov. 20. 1771, m. Sept. 24, 1794, 
Almira Seymour, and settled in Norwalk, where they died ; 
he July 21, 1864, she August 23, 1863. 

Ch. of Isaae and Almira Seymour Bouton of Norwalk^ Conn. 860 

863 i. Lewis Bouton, b. Norwalk, Feb. 26, 1795, d. unmar- 
ried April 21, 1876. 

864 ii. Charles Bouton, b. Norwalk, Jan. 3, 1801, m. 1822, 
PoUv Nash, of Norwalk ; they went to the city of New 
York, where they died ; they were buried at Pine 
Island Cemetery, Norwalk. 

See Whitney Oenealogy. 

Ch. of Ckarlea, son of Isaac and Almira Seymonr Bouton, and P0II7 

Nash Bouton. of New York City. . 864 

He died Jan. 19, 1850, she died Jan. 16, 1865. 

865 i. Adeline Bouton, b. Norwalk, Dec. 23, 1823, m. 
Alexander Archer ; m. by Dr. Button, New York city, 
Sept. 10, 1845 ; res. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1889, and a dea- 
con of Central Cong, church, Brooklyn. 

865» ii. Amanda Bouton, b. New York city, Jan. 29, 1825. 
She died in childhood. 

866 iii. Sylvester Bouton, born New York city, Nov. 27, 
1827, he died in childhood. 

867 iv. Amanda Malvina Bouton, b. New York city Mar. 
12, 1832, m. Dec. 11, 1850, Gan-et Brinkerhoff, res. 
Chicago, Ills. 

868 V. George H. Bouton, b. New York city, Oct. 12, 
1833, m. Mary Helm ; he went to the war, was shut up 
in Libby prison, subsequent history unknown ; she died . 

869 vi. Charles E. Bouton, b. New York city, Jan. 23, 
1836, m. at Chicago, Virginia Thomas, of New York 
city, moved to Omaha, Neb. ; res. Napa City, Cal. 

870 vii. Mary L. Bouton, b. New York city, Oct. 15, 1838, 
and died in childhood. 

870* viii. Mary E. Bouton, b. New York city, August 15, 
1840, and died in chlidhood. 

GIl of Alexander and AdeUne Bouton Archer, of Brooklyn. 866 

870* i. Mary Elizabeth Archer, b. New York city, m. 
Charles E. Jennings. 


870* ii. Alexander Hampton Archer, b. New York city, 
1852, m. Brooklyn, Sept. 15, 1886, lida Moore; their 
child, Lida May Archer, d. July, 1887 ; he d. Dec. 17, 

870** iii. Minerva Ella Archer, b. So. Norwalk, Conn., 
m. Sept. 27, 1882, by Dr. Henry M. Scudder, Alex. 
Gordon Brinkerhoff, of New York. No children. 

870*^ iv. Emilie Livingston Archer, b. So. Norwalk. 

Cb. of Garrit and Amanda Malrina Bonton Brinkerhoff, of Chieago, 

Cook Co., Ills. 867 

870' i. Charles E. Brinkerhoff, b. New York city, m. 

June 1, 1875, at Chicago, Lela J. Robinson, dau. E. D. 

Robinson, Chicago. 
870* ii. Hattie Brinkerhoff, New York city. 
870** iii. Frank Brinkerhoff, b. New York city, m. Sept. 

30, 1886, at Woodstock, Ills., Mary D. Higg:ins. 
870* iv. Willie Brinkerhoff, b. Chicago, Ills., , res. 

Chicago, Ills. 

€b. of Goorgre H. and Mary Helm (dan. Dr. John Helm, of Harlem, N. ¥•) 

Boaton, of New York Cltj. 

Name and record could not be obtained. 

He enlisted in a New York regiment, and went to the 
war, and was shut up in Libby prison • subsequent history 

Child of Charles E. and Yir^nia Thomas Boaton, of Omaha and Napa 

City, Cal. 

870^ i. Lizzie Julita Bouton, b. Omaha, Neb., Sept. 8, 1872, 
res. Napa City, Cal. She died. 

Children of Charles E. and Mary Elizabeth Archer Jennings, of Brook- 
lyn, N, T. 870 

870' i. Julia Blanch Jennings, b. Brooklyn, April 8, 1872, 

and d. in childhood. 
870* ii. Archer B. Jennings, b. Brooklyn, July 14, 1873, 

res. in 212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
870" iii. Charles Ellts Jennings, b. Brooklyn, Aug. 14, 

1875, res. 212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
870' iv. Emelie Jennings, b. Brooklyn, May, 1878, res. 212 

Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
870® V. Tracy Jennings, b. Brooklyn, June l, 1880, res. 

212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
870* vi. Lloyd Earle Jennings, b. So. Norwalk, Conn., 

May 30, 1883, res. 212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


STO* Natalie Jennings, b. So. Norwalk, Conn., Oct. 18, 
1884, res. 212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

870' viii. Margery Jennings, ) Twins. 

870* ix. Hazel Jennings, ) b. Brooklyn, Dec. 30, 1888, 
res. 212 Hancock street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

871 (iii.) Henry Bouton, (son of Isaac and Alniira Seymour 
Bouton) b. Norwalk, Sept. 19, 1803, d. unmarried April 
15. 1855. 

872 (iv.) Harriet Bouton, b. Norwalk, July 25, 1812, 
unmarried, lived on the old homestead at Roton hill, 
So. Norwalk, 1888. 

873 (v.) Julia Bouton, dau. of Isaac and Almira Bouton, 
b. Norwalk, Mar. 23, 1815, m. Norwalk, Nov. 26, 1836, 
Gould Benedict, and settled at So. Norwalk, and she 
died July 26, 1854. 

Ch. of Goiild and Julia Bouton Benedict, of So. Norwalk.^ 878 

875 i. Henry Otis Benedict, b. Norwalk, Ct., Sept. 1, 
1836, and m. Elizabeth Knapp ; he d. Oct. 23, 1859 ; no 

876 (vi.) Esther May Bouton, (dau. of Isaac and Almira 
Bouton) b. South Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 26, 1818. and m. 
1836, Thaddeus B. Guier, of Newark, N. J. 

Ch. of Thaddens B* and Esther Mary Bonton Gnler, of Newark. 

877 i. Isabella Guier, b. July 16, 1840. 

878 ii. Thaddeus Guier, b. June 9, 1843, m. June 9, 1873, 
Elizabeth B. Broderick, of New York city ; they settled 
at So. Norwalk, Ct. 

Ch. of Thaddens and EUaabeth B. Broderiek Gnler, of Newark. 

879 i. William B. Guier. 

880 ii. Thaddeus B. Guier. Jr. 

881 iii. Josie A., Guier 

882 iv. Chester D. Guier. 

Descendannts of William Bouton and Hannah 


William Bouton, third bon of Wm. and Sarah Benedict 
Bouton, was born at Norwalk, Conn., March 4, 1774 ; m. 
March 26, 1795, Hannah Carrington, and moved to Mere- 
dith Square, Del. Co., N. Y. She was born Aug. 2, 1777, 
and died at Meredith, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1845. He died August 
4, 1845. 


Children of William and Hannah Garrington Boaton, of Meredith, 

N. Y. 861 

883 i. Anson Benedict Bouton, b. Winchester, Ct, Nov. 
25, 1795 ; died without children Dec. 28, 1878 ; m. Jane 
Becker, 1843, who died 1884. 

884 ii. Hannah Bouton, b. July 17, 1797 ; m. Thompson 
Paine, 1825. 

885 iii. Ira Bouton, b. Watertown, Ct., May 4, 1799; m. 
first, Catharine Maria Stanley ; second, Emma Foote ; 
d. Aug. 30, 1864. 

886 iv. Bennett Ai Bouton, b. Watertown, Ct., Aug. 14, 
1801, m. first, Martha Ann Young ; second, Sarah 
Caroline Miller. 

887 V. Mary Esther Bouton, b. Feb. 14, 1804 ; m. Lyman 
Arnold Sept. 16, 1822 ; had seven daughters and one 
son ; died Dec. 28, 1885. 

888 vi*. William Bouton, b. Dec. 1 3, 1806, m. Mary Young 
March 10, 1831 . he d. April 30, 1879. 

889 vii. Alma Bouton, b. Meredith, Dec. 31, 1809, m. John 
^G. Graham. 

890 viii. Joseph Bouton, b. Meiedith, May 22, 1812, m. 
Dec. 13, 1832, to Caroline Persons, b. Boston. 

891 ix. Oren Canfield Bouton^ b. Meredeth, Jan. 22, 
1815 ; m. Jan. 6, 1841 to Almira Fish ; second, Sarah 
Waring, Sept. 1, 1846. 

892 X. Sarah Bouton, b. Meredith, Nov. 25, 1816, m. Jan. 
7, 1841 to Daniel Murdock ; second, to Stephen Mur- 
dock ; six daughters ; she d. Nov. 2, 1885, at Troups- 
burgh, N. Y. 

(ii.) Hannah Bouton, dau. of William and Hannah 
Bouton, b. Watertown, Ct., July 17, 1797, m. Nov. 26, 
1825, Thompson Paine and settled at Meredith, N. Y. ; 
moved to Waupun, Wis., 1851 ; Hannah B. Paine died 
Waupun, February 1861, Thompson Paine d. Waupun, 
July, 1862, 

Ch. of ThompBon and Hannah Bonton Paine. 884 

893 i. Maria Louisa Paine, b. Meredith, N. Y., Sept., 1826, 
m. Byron Tradewell, of Davenport, N. Y. ; moved to 
Waupun, where they now live. 

894 ii. Augusta Frederica Paine, b. Nov. 28, 1827, m. 
Charles S. Maxson, Nov. 11, ] 845 ; settled Waupun, 
Wis., 1846 ; moved to Cresco, Iowa, 1873. 

895 iii. George Clinton Paine, b. Meredith, N. Y., April, 
1829, d. Waupun, 1866. 


S96 iv. Mary Esther Paine, b. Meredith, N. Y., d. 1865. 
fi97 V. Francis E. Paine, b. Meredith, N. Y., d. 18fi8. 

Ch. of Charles and Aagrnsta Paine Maxson, all born at VFaupnn. 894 

598 i. Theodore W. Maxson, b. March 1, 1848, m. Delia 
Synotte, Nov., 1872, Waupun, Wis. ; has two children, 
son and daughter. 

599 ii. Charles E. Maxson, b. March 22, 1860, m. first, 
Lizzie Brown ; second, Lou Love, of Harrisburg, Ore- 
gon, where they now reside ; two sons. 

900 iii. Leila A. Maxson, b. Oct. 28, 1852, m. Frank V. 
Holston, of Milwaukee, March 30, 1871 ; reside at Bay- 
field, Wis. 

901 iv. Fred A. Maxson, b. March 1, 1855, m. Lizzie 
Burton, of Oshkosh, Wis., April, 1884. 

902 v. Ida E. Maxson, b. May 11, 1857, ra. Florenzo G. 
Hale, of Decorah, Iowa, May 12, 1874, settled at Deco- 
rah, Iowa, moved to Scotland, Da., 1886 ; three sons. 

903 vi. James C. Maxson, b. July 15, 1859, m. Lizzie Em- 
niond, of Cresco, Iowa, October, 1884 ; settled at Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

«04 vii. Dwight E. Maxson, b. Nov. 14, 1862 ; living at 
Ironwood, Mich., 1887. 

905 viii. Orrin L. Maxson, b. March 25, 1866; living at 
Bayfield, Wis., 1887. 

906 ix. Jennie E. Maxson, b. June 14, 1868; living at Bay- 
field, Wis., 1887. 

(iii.) Ira BouTon, son of William and Hannah Car- 
rington Bouton, b. Watertown, Ct., May 4, 1799, 
removed with his father to Meredith, N. Y., in 1808 ; 
from there he removed to Jefferson, Schoharie Co., 
N. Y., where he married Catharine Maria Stanley, who 
was born Jan 1, 1805, and died Nov. 29, 1844 ; m. sec- 
ond, Emma Foote, who was born 1810, and who died 
Oct. 7, 1863 ; ho died Aug. 30, 1864, at Jefiferson, N. Y. 

The following commission contains an item of his history: 


KNOW YE, That pursuant to the constitution and laws 
of our said State, we have appointed and constituted, and by 
these presents do appoint and constitute Ira Bouton, Lieu- 
tenant in the 104th regiment of infantry of our said State 
(with rank from August 11, 1828) to hold the said office in 


the manner specified in and by our said constitution and 

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused our Seal for 
Military Commissions to be hereunto affixed : 
[seal.] Witness, Nathaniel Pitcher, Esquire, Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of our said State, administering 
the government thereof, General and Commander-in-Chief 
of all the Militia, and Admiral of the Navy of the same, at 
our City of Albany, the 6th day of September, in the year 
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight. 

Nathaniel Pitcher. 
Passed the Adjutant-General's office. 

N. F. Beck, Adj. -Gen. 

Ch. of Ira and Catharine M. Stanley Bonton, of Jefferson, N. T. 885 

907 i. Hannah Maria Bouton, b. Aug. 13, 1821, m. Elijah 

908 ii. Mary Esther Bouton, b. May 20, 1823, and died 
Aug. 16, 1826, Jefferson, N. Y. 

909 iii. Sarah Adaline Bouton, b. June 11, 1828, d. Aug. 
24, 1829, at Jefferson, N. Y. 

910 iv. William Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y,, Nov. 28, 
1827, and died Aug. 30, 1829, at Jefferson, N. Y. 

911 V. Harriet Fidelia Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., July 
14, 1830, m. Geo. Bartlett and settled in Mich. 

912 vi. Lewis Carrington Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., 
Feb. 11, 1833, and died Sept. 8, 1833, at Jefferson, N. Y. 

913 vii. James Albert Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Nov. 
10, 1834, m. Elvira Bassett ; second, Josie S. Arnold, 
Three Rivers, Mich. 

914 viii. Charles Wiley Bouton, b. Jan. 20, 1839, died 
March 27, 1840, Jefferson, N. Y. 

915 ix. WiLLARD Austin Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Oct. 
19, 1841, d. Feb. 1, 1842, Jefferson, N. Y. 

916 X. Samuel Bois Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Feb. 4, 
1843, d. Nov. 10, 1843, Jefferson, N. Y. 

917 xi. Frederick Rowley Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., 
Nov. 29, 1844, d. Dec. 6, 1844. 

(i.) Hannah Maria Bouton, b- Jefferson, N. Y., Aug. 
13, 1821, m. Dec. 2, 1846, Elijah Danforth ; settled at Jef- 
ferson, N. Y., where she died May 20, 1871. 

Ch. of Elijah and Hannah M. Bouton Danforth, of Jefferson, N. ¥. 907 

918 i. Mary FmEUA Danforth, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Jan. 
18, 1848, d. Dec. 19, 1858. 


919 ii. Nahum Eluah Danforth, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Oct. 
1, 1849, m. Florence Hendrickson, March 29, 1874, who 
died Feb. 9, 1886 ; settled at Jeflferson. 

Child of Nahnm E« and Florence Hendrickson Danforth. 919 

919* Hannah Alice Danforth, b. Jefferson, N. Y., July 
5, 1875 : resides at Jefferson, 1885. 

920 iii. Ella Maria Danforth, b. October 30, 1862, m. 
Stephen Albert Curtisa and settled at Schenectady, 
N. Y., where they resided 1887. 

Ch. of Stephen A. and Ella M. Danforth Cnrtiss. 920 

921 Florence Danforth Curtiss, res. Schenectady. 
822 Adaline Curtiss, res. Schenectady. 

923 iv. Harriet Adaline Danforth, b. May 6, 1858. 

(v.) Harriet Fidelia Bouton, b. Jefferson, July 14, 
1830, ra. George Bartlett, May 21, 1849 ; settled in Flow- 
erfield, St. Joseph Co., Mich. 

Ch* of George and Harriet Fidelia Bonton Bartlett, of Flowerfleld, 

Mich. 911 

924 Emergene Bartlett, b. Gilboa, N. Y., July 17, 1850, 
m. Joseph Sager, Jan. 4, 1872. 

Child of Joseph and Emergene Bartlett Sager. 924 

924* Cora Drusilla Sager, b. Dec. 29, 1872. 

(vi.) Lewis Carrington Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y.^ 
Feb. 11, 1833, and died Sept. 8, 1833. 

(vii.) James Albert Bouton, sou of Ira and Catharine 
Bouton, b. Jefferson, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1834. At the age 
of 18 he became interested in the whale fisheries, and 
sailed from New Bedford, Oct. 1853, on the ship Levi 
Starbuck, commanded by Capt. Jernigan, of Nan- 
tucket, for a voyage of three and a half years. Land- 
ing at the Cape Verde Islands, they doubled Cape Horn, 
touched at Talcahuana, Chili, and the Sandwich Islands, 
and spent the summer cruising for whales in the Osh- 
kosh Sea. In the faU they returned to the Sandwich 
Islands, and having obtained a supply of water and 
fruits, cruised during the winter in tne Southern Ocean, 
stopping for a time at the Marquesas Islands. The sec- 
ond year was a repetition of the first, but returning the 
third time to the Oshkosh Sea and not meeting with 
satisfactory success, they made their way through 
Behring Strait to the Arctic Ocean. Here again they 
were disappointed ; but returning to the Gulf of Ana- 



dir, on the Siberian coast, they found plenty of whales, 
and soon secured a cargo of oil and whalebone. One 
whale captured here yielded 224 barrels and 19 gallons 
of oil. Homeward bound they touched at the Sand- 
wich Islands, Society Islands, and Friendly Islands, 
and arrived at New Bedford in the spring of, 1857. In 
this voyage he experienced all the vicissitudes and suf- 
fered all the hardships incident to a seafaring life, and 
proved himself so competent and hardy a sailor, that 
several fine positions were offered him. Among nar- 
row escapes from icebergs and starvation and other 
innumerable accidents, his boat was once dashed in 
pieces by a whale and he and his companions were com- 
pelled to remain on a cake of ice until so benumbed as 
to be unable to stand. He declined the choice of seve- 
ral flattering positions, and took up his residence at 
Flowerfield, St. Joseph Co., Mich., where he married 
Elvira Bassett. By her he had one child— 9IS 

924* Cora Emergene Bouton, who was born Oct. 26, 1864, 
and died at Three Rivers, Dec. 2, 1870. But new expe- 
riences awaited him. In a letter dated May 26, 1861, 
he says: *' There is considerable excitement now-a- 
days about our country's welfare, and I think it is about 
time something was done." With this spirit he enlisted, 
Aug. 24, 1861, as Sergeant in Co. G., 11th Michigan 
Infantry Volunteers. He took part in a lar^e number 
of battles and heavy skirmishes, serving chiefly along 
the valleys of the Cumberland and the Tennessee. 
Among the most important engagements were those 
at Stone River, Tullahoma, Chickamauga, Lookout 
Mountain, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, Marietta and 
Atlanta. At the battle of Stone River he narrowly 
escaped death, receiving a wound in the head. At the 
battle of Missionary Ridge he was left in command of 
his company and the next night made a charge by 
which he captured 200 prisonei-s, four guns and two 
caissons. For six months he retained the command of 
the company. He refused a commission, however, and 
at the end of three years returned to his family, having 
been in the meantime sent on recruiting service for a 
few months Taking up his residence at Three Rivers, 
he has been chosen to various public offices. He was 
marshal in 1878-79, a member of the city council in 
1884 and 1886, and in 1887 held the office of supervisor 
of Lockport township. His first wife having died, he 



married for a second wife Mrs. Josie S. Arnold, of Three 
Rivers, by whom he has one son — 918 

924* Eugene Bouton, bom Dec. 21, 1884, at Three Rivers. 

Child of Ira (son of William Bouton) and Emma Foote Bouton, his 

second wife. 845 

924* Eugene Bouton, A.M., Ph.D , was bom at Jeflferson, 
Schoharie Co., N. Y., Dec. 6, 1850. His primary and 
intermediate education was received in the public schools 
of Jeffei-son, and his preparation for college was ob- 
tained chiefly at Oazenovia Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y., 
where he secured numerous prizes for proficiency in 
his several studies. After a course at Yale College, in 
which he excelled especially in composition and oratory, 
he was graduated in 1875, being the class poet, and 
having received during the course, sevei^ honors of a 
similar character. After teaching for two years at the 
Norwich Academy, Norwich, N. i., and then for three 
years at Sherburne, N. Y., as principal of the union 
school, he was elected Professor of the English Lan- 
gua^ and Literature in the Albany Academy at Albany . 
N. Y., which position he retainea for three and a hair 
years. In the spring of 1881 he was elected Professor 
of History and English Literature in the College of 
Charleston at Charleston, S. C, but decided to remain 
at Albany. After studying poetry under Prof. H. A. 
Beers, he received the degree of M.A. from Yale Col- 
lege, in 1881. During the summer of 1881 he traveled 
in Great Britain and France, for the pupose of obtain- 
ing information concerning his favorite studies, and in 
1-882 he received the degree of Ph.D. from Syracuse 
University, on an examination in EngUsh Literature. 
On the first of January, 1884,- he was appointed by the 
State Superintendent of Public Instruction a member 
of the Institute Faculty of the State of New York, and 
served thereon two years, until he was appointed 
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, in Janu- 
ary, 1886, and shortly afterwards Principal of the State 
Normal and Training School at New Paltz, Ulster Co., 
N. Y. During the autumn of 1884, he published, in 
connection with Prof. James Johonnot, a work on ele- 
mentary physiology and hygiene, entitled '• How We 
Live ; or the Human Body, and How to take Care of 
It." D. Appleton & Co., New York. He has also pub- 
lished various papers on educational and other topics, 
June 29, 1887, ne married Elizabeth Rumrill Gladwin. 


b. Sherburne, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1865, daughter of Albert R. 
Gladwin, Esq., of Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Gh. of Prof. Eugene and Elizabeth R. Gladwin Boaton. 


y24* i. Katharine Bouton, b. Sherburne, N. Y., Jan. 26, 


(iv.) Bennett Ai Bouton, M.D., son of Wm. and 
Hannah Bouton, b.Watertown, Ct., Aug. 14, 1801; when 
he had reached the age of six years his parents moved 
to Meredith, Del. Co., N. Y., where he received his ele- 
mentiary education, which was supplemented by a 
course at the Jeflferson Academy, at Jefferson, N. i . ; 
in 1828 he graduated in medicine at the University of 
Pennsylvania, practiced two years at Ivleredith, N. Y., 
and removed in 1830 to Tunkhannock, Pa., where he 
married Feb. 3, 1839, Martha Ann Young, daughter of 
Abijah Young, of Drake ville, N. J. , who died at Penn- 
sylvania, March, 1848 ; m. second, at Tunkhannock, 
Pa., Jan. 22, 1851, Sarah Caroline MiUer, of Madison, 
N. J., and in the autumn of 1868 he moved to 205 Penn 
avenue, Scranton, where he died Feb. 22, 1876, in his 
75th year. The more immediate cause of his death 
was attributable to exposure in professional life and ser- 
vice. At a meeting of the physicians of Scranton, the 
following resolutions were adopted, showing the high 
esteem in which he was held by the physicians of his 
locality at the time of his decease. 

Resolutions : 

'^ It is rare to see an old physician in the county who, 
for half a century, has administered to the wants of its 
inhabitants, with a kindness and skill difficult to equal 
and impossible to surpass, as witnessed in the instance 
of our departed co-working friend, Dr. Bennett Ai 

** We deplore his death and deeply sympathize with 
his family. Well known and even beloved along the 
valleys of the Susquehanna, Mehoopany and Meshop- 
pen in every house and hamlet where sickness 
encroaches, for his sterling qualities as a true gentle- 
man and a most estimable physician, and who never 
heard the call of humanity in vain, as a friend that 
never could be distrusted, we feel that the profession 
he so long honored, the community that he so long 
served, seldom meets with such a loss as is now felt in 
the death of Dr. Bouton. 


^^Resolvedy That we will attend the funeral and 
accompany the remains to his former home in Tunk- 
hannock in a body. 

^^ Resolved, That all physicians in the county be 
requested to join in the funeral of the deceased." 

Horace Ladd, 
William E. Allen, 

A. W. BtlRNS, 


Ch. of Dr. Bennett A. and Martha A. Tonng Bonton. 886 

925 i. William Augustus Bouton, b. Tunkhannock, Pa., 
Nov. 23, 1839, and d. July 29, 1846. 

926 ii. George Morton Bouton, b. Tunkhannock, Pa., 
June 1843, and died at Tunkhannock, Pa., March 16, 

927 iii. Edwin Davis Bouton, b. Tunkhannock, Wyoming 
Co., Pa., Aug. 24, 1845 ; removed to Greeley, Col., 
August, 1870 ; m. Lake City, Col., Feb. 24,1881, Made- 
leine Wendling, who was bom in Alsace, France, 
March 7, 1846. Her parents emigrated to America in 
her infancy. She was educated for a teacher, and was 
for ten years assistant principal of one of the large 
ward schools of Dubuque, Iowa. They resided at Colo- 
rado Springs, Col., January, 1887. 

€h. of Edwin D. and Madeleine Wendling Bonton, of Colorado Springs, 

Colorado. 927 

928 Craig Miller Bouton, b. April 1, 1882. 

929 Ethel Bouton, b. Grand Junction, Col., Feb. 15, 1886. 

930 iv. Frederick Miller Bouton (son of Dr. Bennett 
Ai and Sarah C. Miller Bouton), b. March 14, 1854, at 
Providence, now Scranton, Pa., druggist, m. Alice 
Minerva Miller, Scranton, Sept. 5, 1876. 

(v.) Mary Esther Bouton, (daughter of William and 
Hannah Carrington Bouton), was bom at Watertown, 
Ct., Feb. 14, 1804, m. at Meredith, N. Y., Lyman 
Arnold, Sept. 16, 1822 ; seven daughters and one son ; 
she died Dec. 28, 1885. 

(vi.) William Bouton (son of William and Hannah), 
b. Watertown, Ct., Dec. 13, 1806, m. March 10, 1831, 
Mary Young ; settled at Ypsilanti, Mich. ; died April 
30, 1879. 


Ch. of William and Mary Tonngr Boaton. 888 

931 i. Mary Esther Bouton, b. Geneva, N. Y., Sept. 8, 
1833, m. June 7, 1855, George McElcheran. 

Ch. of George and Mary E. Bonton McEleheran. 981 

93 1» MiNA McElcherak. b. Ypsilauti, Mich., April 5, 1868. 
931* Hattie McElcheran, b. ipsilanti, Mich, Oct. 3, 1863. 

932 ii. Clara J. Bouton, (dau. of William and Mary Young 
Bouton), b. Geneva, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1835, m. April 2, 
1856, Simon P. Westman ; settled at Canton, HI., where 
he died July 5, 1866 ; no children ; she married Erie P. 
Campbell, Oct. 15, 1872, and lived at Pinkney, Mich.^ 
in 1887. 

933 iii. Sarah E. Bouton, (daughter of WilUam and Mary,) 
b. Geneva, N. Y., March 27, 1837, m. William Dicker- 
son, Nov. 29, 1857. 

Ch. of William and Sarah E. Boaton Dickerson. 

934 Charles Dickerson, b. May 7, 1858, 

935 Frank J. Dickerson, b. Jan. 3. 

936 George W. Bouton, (son of William and Mary Young 
Bouton), b. July 17, 1840, m. March 11, 1863, Ahce Hart. 

937 (v.) Minerva J. Bouton, dau. WiUiam and Mary Young 
Bouton, b. July 27, 1844 m. Charles F. Newton, May 
9, 1867, d. Feb. 3, 1886. 

Ch. of Charles F. and Minenra J. Boaton Newton. 

938 i. Etta Dean Newton, b. Jan. 27, 1868. 

(vii.) Alma Bouton, (dau. of William and Hannah 
Bouton,) b. Meredith, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1809, m. John G. 
Graham, and settled at Meredith, N. Y.; he died Jan. 
12, 1875, at Meredith, where his widow continued to 
live 1886. 

Ch. of John 6. and Alma Boaton Graham. 

939 i. Mary A. Graham, b. May May 6, 1843. 

940 ii. Wn^LiAM J. Graham, b. April 8, 1844, died Jan. 13, 

941 iii. Minerva E. Graham, b. June 5, 1845, m. Marshall 
L. S. Jackson, Jan. 8, 1867, and settled at Oneonta, 
N. Y. Mr. Jackson enlisted in the 144th Regiment of 
New York State Volunteers, Co. D, in August, 1862, and 
served for three years. He was a merchant at Oneonta, 


Ch. of Mlnerra E. Graham and Marshall L. S* Jaekson, 941 

942 Fbbd M. H. Jackson, b. Dec. 18, 1867. 

943 Alma Eloise Jackson, b. Sept. 6, 1874. 

944 iv. Marla Graham, b. May 20, 1848, m. Ezra Gates. 

Ch, of Ezra and Maria Graham Gates. 

945 Jesse M. Gates, b. April 1, 1873. 

946 Burton L. Gates, b Oct. 6, 1875. 

947 Laura M. Gates, b. June 16, 1877- 

948 V. William Graham, b. June 25, 1849, marrie<i Alice 
Bowen ; deputy sheriff, residence, Norwich, N. T. 

949 vl. J. MiLO Graham, b. Aug. 4, 1852, m. Jennie M. 
Munson, March 18, 1885 ; associate judge of Delaware 
Co,, N. Y., residence at Meredith, N. Y. 


(viii.) Joseph Bouton (son William and Hannah), b. 
Meredith, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1812, m. Dec. 13, 1832, Caro- 
line Persons, of Boston, Mass., where she was bom 
May 17, 1808 ; he died at Meredith, May 1, 1858 ; she 
died March 7, 1882. 

Ch. of Joseph and Caroline Persons Bonton, 

950 i. William Bouton, b. Meredith, Sept. 27, 1833 ; resided 
* at Dakota City, Nebraska, in 1887. 

951 ii. Lyman Bouton, b, Meredith, March 16, 1835 ; m. 
Dec. 1, 1871, Kate Ramsey, b. at Franklin, N. Y., Nov. 
6, 1848 ; residence Meredith, N. Y. 

Ch. of Lyman and Kate Ramsey Ronton. 

952 Charles L. Bouton, b. April 22, 1872. 

953 Willie H. Bouton, b. Feb. 5, 1877. 

954 iii. Sarah Bouton, b. Meredith, April 13, 1838 (dau. 
of Joseph and Caroline Bouton). 

(ix.) Oren Canfield Bouton, (son of William and 
Hannah Bouton, b. Meredith, N.Y.Jan. 22,1815, m. Jan. 
6, 1841, Alinira Fish, b. April 18, 1818, d. July 21, 1845, 
m. second, Sept. 1, 1846, Sarah Waring, b. Feb. 26. 
1826, and settled at Meredith, where thny lived 1886. 

Child of Oren C. and Almira Fish Ronton. 891 

955 i. Almiron Oren Bouton, b. Meredith, July 20, 18^5, 
m. Nov. 23, 1870, Ella M. Key, who died Dec. 20, 1885 ; 
m. Jan. 5, 1885, Ida M. Rockafellow ; resided at Mere- 
dith, 1887. 


Child of Almiron 0. and Ella H. Key Bonton. 95& 

956 Arthur Key Bouton, b. Meredith, Nov. 9, 1880, res. 
Meredith, 1887. 

Child of Oren C. and Sarah Warlngr Bonton. 891 

957 ii. William Bouton, b. Meredith, Jan. 19, 1850, m. 
August 16, 1871, Margaret Anna Patterson, b. Colches- 
ter, Del. Co., N. Y., Sept. 17, 1852, removed in infancy 
to Delhi, N. Y., where she was educated in Delaware 
Academy for a teacher of elocution and music. The 
latter subject she was teaching at their residence in 
Meredith, N. Y., in 1887. 

Child of William and Margraret A. Patterson Bonton, 957 

958 Harry Oren Bouton, b. Delhi, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1873. 

(X.) Sarah Bouton, b. Meredith, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1816, 
m. Daniel Murdock, Jan. 7, 1841 ; m. second, Stephen 
H. Murdock, Oct. 17, 1846: settled Brookfield, Pa., shed. 
Nov. 2, 1885, Troupsburg, N. Y. He now lives at 
Brookfield, Pa. 

Ch. of Stephen and Sarah Bonton Murdock. 892 

959 i Lavancia Murdock, b. June 9, 1847. 

960 ii. Gaylord H. Murdock, b. Nov. 14, 1849. 

961 iii. Herman Bouton Murdock, b. Jan. 10, 1854. 

962 iv. Alden D. Murdock, b. Dec. 26, 1856, m. Etta 
McLean, June 20, 1880 ; resided at Austinburg, Pa., in 

Ch. of Alden D. and Etta McLean Murdock. 968 

963 Archie H. Murdock, b. Oct. 31, 1881. 

964 Stephen H. Murdock, b. Sept. 5, 1883. 

965 Lavancia Murdock, b. Feb. 23, 1886. 

966 Alma Augusta Murdock, b. Sept. 10, 1859 ; m. E. B. 
Longwell ; res. Bradford, Steuben Co. N. Y., 1887. 

(iv.) Betty Bouton (dan. of William and Sarah 
Benedict Bouton), b. Norwalk, Conn., Aug. 12, 1776, 
m. Jan. 12, 1793, Benjamin Keed, and settled in New 
York city. He d. 182J<. She d. Oct. 19, i835. 

Children of Benjamin and Betty Bonton Reed^ of New York city. 852 

967 i. WiLLBUR Reed, b. New York city 1794, m. . 

968 ii. Stephen Reed, b. New York city 17J)5, m. . 

969 iii. Benjamin P. Reed, b. New York city July 27, 1807, 
m. first Juliet Bouton, dau. Joseph Bouton, m. second 
Eliza Weed. 


970 iv. William Reed, b. , m. Louise Felt. 

971 V. James M. Reed, b. Dec. 25, 1816, m. first Cornelia 
M. Downs, she d. 1 880, second Sophie Searles. 

Children of Wllbiir and . Beed, probably of New York city. 967 

972 i. Marla. 'Reki}. 

973 ii. Catharine Reed. 

974 iii. EuzA Reed. 

975 iv. WiLUAM Reed. 

976 V. Emily Reed. 

977 vi. Susan Reed. 

978 vii. John Reed and two others, names not known. 

Children of Stephen and . Reed. 968 

979 i. Ann Reed. 

980 ii. Eliza Reed. 

981 iii. Fanny Reed. 

982 iv. John Reed. 

(iii.) Benjamin P. Reed, b. New York city July 27, 
1807, Norwalk, Conn., July 18, 1828, m. first Juliette 
Bouton, dau. Joseph Bouton, and settled at Norwalk, 
where she d. Jan. 20, 1831, m. second Eliza A. Weed, 
she also died Dec. 18, 1850. He d. Sept. 2, 1883. 

Children of Benjamin P. and Jnllette Ronton Reed. 969 

983 i. Julia Ann Reed, b. Sept. 17, 1829, m. Jan. 1, 1847, 
Edmond I. Talmadge, she died Oct., 1876. 

Ch. of Edmond I. and Jnlla Ann Reed Talmadge^ of Norwalk, Conn. 

984 i. James Talmadge, b. Norwalk Nov., 1847. 

985 ii. Ernest W. Talmadge, b. Norwalk 1851. 

986 iii. George Talmadge, b. Danbury, Conn., about 1856. 

Children of Renjamln P. and his second wife Eliza A. Weed, h. June 5, 

1806, Reed, of New Canaan, Conn. 969 

-987 ii. WiLUAM B. Reed, b. South Norwalk, m. Catharine 
Post, of Staten Island. 

988 iii. Emeline C. Reed, b. South Norwalk Aug. 30, 1834, 
m. Ebenezer H. Bouton, b. May 6, 1828, m. Aug. 30, 
1858, res. South Norwalk. 

989 iv. Cornelia E. Reed, b. South Norwalk, m. Geo. H. 
Weeks, of Staten Island, she died 1871. 

990 V. Harriet M. Reed, b. South Norwalk, m. Nicholas 
Post, of Staten Island, she died 1875. 

991 vi. Isabelle M. Reed, b. March 4, 1847, m. Harry W. 
Bouton (son Joseph, Jr.) ; he d. Sept. 15> 1883 ; m. sec- 
ond, William S. Morris, of Danbury, Nov. 26, 1885. 


992 vii. John W. Reed, b. , m. Sept. 20, 1844, Ann 

Augusta Gage, he died April, 1874, she m. second, Albert- 
Merrill, res. South Norwalk, Conn. 

Children of William B. (son of Benjamin P. and Eliza A. Weed Beed> 

and Catharine Post Beed^ of Staten Island. 987 

993 i. Irene Beed, b. Staten Island June, 1860, m. Frank 

994 ii. AmsLiE B. Beed, b. Staten Island March 7, 1862, 
ra. Lillie Buckman near Norwalk. 

995 iii. Benjamin P. Beed, Jr., b. Staten Island 1866, res. 
with parents. 

996 iv. Catharine Beed, b. Norwalk Oct., 1868, res. with 

997 V. William Beed, b. Norwalk, Conn., March 13, 1880, 
res. with parents. 

Children of Ebenezer H. Bonton (son of Hiram and Bebeeca Bonton)- 

and Emellne C Beed Bouton^ of Norwalk. 988 

998 i. Effie C. Bouton, b. Sept. 6, 1860, m. Daniel Hoyt, 

settled Norwalk, Conn., res. 1887. 

999 ii. LuciEN B. Bouton, b. March 9, 1863, m. Jessie 

Taylor, of Norwalk, Oct. 12, 1887. 

1.000 iii. Harriet M. Post, adopted, b. April, 1876. 

Children of Nicholas and Harriet M. Beed Post^ of Staten Island^ where 

they resided 1888. 

1.001 i. WiLLL^M E. Post, b. South Norwalk Nov., 1865. 

1.002 ii. Nicholas B. Post, b. South Norwalk 1868. 

1.003 iii. Pearlie Post, b. South Norwalk 1871. 

Child of Harry W. (son of Joseph) and Isabelle M. Beed Bonton^ of 

Norwalk) Conn. 991 

1,004: i. Gracie I. Bouton, b. Norwalk Sept. 12, 1875, res. 
Danbury, Conn., 1889. 

Children of John W. an Ann A. Gage Beed^ of Norwalk, Conn., where 

they resided 1888. 992 

1.005 i. Mary 0. Beed, b. South Norwalk 1863. 

1.006 ii. Charles Oscar Beed, b. South Norwalk August, 

1.007 iii. John W. Beed, Jr., b. South Norwalk Jan. 1, 

1.008 iv. Byron Leslie Beed, b. South Norwalk Sept.,. 



(iv.) Jamrq M. Beed (son of Benjamin and Betty 
Bouton Reed, of N. Y. city), b. Dec. 25, 1816, m. 
first Cornelia M. Downs, dau. of Horatio N. and 
Anna Bouton Downs, Nov., 1844, settled at Norwalk, 

1.009 she d. Feb. 7, 1846, leaving one child, James Marion 
Beed, who d. Nov. 7, aged nine months ; m. second 
Sophie Searles, of Norwalk, she d. Oct. 25, 1874, age 
twenty eight years and four months; he d. Dec. 16, 

Children of James M. and Sophie Searles Reed. 

1.010 James M. Beed, b. Nov. 12, 1863. 

1.011 Frederick W.. Beed, b. Feb. 19, 1866. 

1.012 Benjamin S. Beed, b. Feb. 27, 1868. 

(v.) Esther Bouton (dau. of William and Sarah 
Benedict Bouton), b. Norwalk, May 20, 1779, m. Jan. 
18, 1797, Nathaniel Benedict, of Norwalk, and settled 
there ; he d. May 20, 1834, she d. May 22, 1843. 

Child of Nathaniel and Esther Ronton Renediet 858 

1.013 Seth Wn^nsTON Benedict, b. Norwalk, Nov. 16, 
1803, m. Nov. 7, 1822, Fanny Boe, dau. William 
Benedict, of Norwalk, b. Dec. 30, 1798 ; she d. Jan. 
9, 1854, m. second, Mrs. Anna E. Famsworth, of 
Norwalk, June 19, 1866, formerly of Boston, Mass. 
He learned the printing trade in his native town. In 
1822 he purchased the Norwalk Gazette and edited it 
until Jan., 1833. He removed to New York city and 
became proprietor and publisher of the New York 
Evangelist J till Sept., 1837. Soon after he became 
the publisher of The Emancipator, an anti-slavery 
organ, in which cause he was very Aiuch interestecf 
He projected and published thp New York Independ- 
ent. He retired from this Dec, 1863, and continued 
the printing and publishing business till March, 1854, 
when his office was destroyed by fire. Afterward he 
engaged in real estate busmess. He d. in New York 
city Nov. 10, 1869, and was buried in his native town. 

Children of Seth Williston and Fanny Roe Benedict 101ft 

1.014 Ann Louisa Benedict, b. Aug. 17, 1823, m. June 9, 
1842, LeGrand Lockwood, of Norwalk : he d. Feb. 
24, 1872, she d. March 20, 1882. 

1.015 Charles Williston Benedict, b. Aug. 2, 1825, m. 
Sept., 1846, Jane McAlpine, of New York city. 


1.016 James Hoyt Benedict, b. Aug. 1, 1830, m. first 
Mary E. Andrews. 

1.017 Sarah Frances Benedict, b. July 31, 1836, m. July 
12, 1860, Rev. Arthur T. Pierson. 

1.018 Emma Jane Benedict, b. Nov. 14, 1841. 

1.019 George Russell Benedict, b. Nov. 25, 1859, by 
second m. 

(vi.) Sarah Bouton (dau. of Wm. and Sarah Bene- 
dict Bouton), b. June 7, 1781, m. first Nehemiah 
Raymond, of Norwalk (son of Dea. Nathaniel Ray- 
mond), b. Jan. 5, 1776. He followed the sea and was 
lost with the ship at sea about 1808 ; m. second Seth 
Seymour, of Norwalk, 1827, he d. May 11, 1849, 
aged eighty-six; she d. at New Rochelle Feb. 4, 1871, 
was buried there in the Cotant Family Cemetery. 

Children of Nehemiah and Sarah Bonton Bajmond. 854 

1.020 Emily Raymond, b. Norwalk Aug. 9, 1799 ; two 
others died in childhood. Said Emily m. John 
Hudson, of New Rochelle, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1816, and 
settled there. He died Jan. 2, 1862, aged 74 y. 1 mo. 
She died Dec. 21, 1872. 

Children of John and Emily Bajmond Hudson. 1020 

1.021 i. Margaret F. Hudson, b. Sept. 19, 1817, m. Wm. 
S. Bouton, of Norwalk. 

1.022 ii. Sarah A. Hudson, b. June 10, 1819, m. William 
Gilmore, of New York city. 

1.023 iii. John S. Hudson, b. Jan. 20, 1821, d. Nov. 9, 1842. 

1.024 iv. Julia F. Hudson, b. Jan. 22, 1823, m. George 
Ferguson, of New Rochelle. 

1.025 V. Susan L. Hudson, b. April 8, 1825, m. Stephen S, 
Mullineux, of New Rochelle. 

1.026 vi. Alexander Banks Hudson, b. May 9, 1827, m. 
second Maria Flandreau, of New Rochelle. 

1.027 vii. Wilbur F. Hudson, b. March 17, 1829. 

1.028 viii. Mary E. Hudson, b. May 27, 1831, m. James P. 
Huntington, of New Rochelle. 

1.029 ix. Harvey H. Hudson, b. Aug. 24, 1833, m. . 

1.030 X. William S. Hudson, b. Dec. 11, 1837, d. 1838. 

1.031 xu Emily J. Hudson, b. March 3, 1840. 

1.032 (vii.) Clara Bouton (dau. William and Sarah B. 
Bouton), b. July 6, 1783, ra. March, 1804, Isaac Russ ; 
lived in Norwalk some years, then moved to Macomb 
county, Michigan, it is believed, the town unknown* 


Gh. of Isaac and Clara Bonton Ross. 

1.033 Edwin Russ, d. Norwalk, Sept. 24, 1806, aged 1 y. 
6 mo. 

1.034 Isaac E. Russ. 

1.035 William Russ. 

1.036 Martha Russ. 

1.037 John Russ. 

1.038 Susan Russ. 
1,03 J) Ann Russ. 

1.040 Harriet Russ. 

Mrs. Russ died 1818. 

(viii.) Seth Bouton (son of William and Sarah Ben- 
edict Bouton) b. Sept. 8, 1785, m. Asenath Raymond, 
1807, settled at Norwalk. He enlisted in the army for 
the war of 1812, and is believed to have died at 
Coimcil Bluffs, Iowa, in U. S. army about 1816. 

Oh. of Seth and Asenath Raymond Bonton. SM 

1.041 Samuel Raymond Bouton, b. 1808, m. 1828, Catha- 
rine S. Raymond, of Norwalk, where they lived ; he 
died Dec. 7, 1831, aged 23. 

1.042 Mary Esther Bouton, b. 1810) m. 1833, Wm. A. 
Hoyt (son of Benajah Hoyt), of Norwalk, and 
moved to Byron, 111,, about 1857 ; he d. about 1881. 


{ix.) Joseph Bouton (son of Wm. and Sarah Bene- 
dict Bouton), b. Norwalk, Oct. 27, 1787, m. Sept. 18, 
1806, Betty Bixbee, b. April 15, 1790, dau. Joseph 
Bixbee, settled at Norwalk ; she died May 4, 1874 ; 
he died May 15, 1874. 

Children of Joseph and Betty Bixbee Bonton, of Norwalk^ Conn. 857 

1.043 i. Juliette Bouton, b. April 24, 1807, m. at Norwalk 
July 18, 1828, Benjamin P. Reed, shed. Jan. 20, 1831. 

Child of Beqjamin P. and Juliette Bonton Beed^ of Norwalk, Conn. 

1.044 Julia Ann Reed, b. Norwalk about 1829, m. Edmond 

I. Talmadge. 

1.045 ii. Fanny E. Bouton, b. April 19, 1816, m. Valentine 
Merrill, Jr., lived in Norwalk, she died May 6, 1860. 

1.046 iii. Amanda Bouton, b. June 12, 1820, m. 1837, John 
Dibble, and moved to Salt Lake, Utah Ter. 

1.047 iv. Joseph Bouton, Jr., b. April 27, 1823, m. March 

II, 1846, Mary R. Barto, he d. Jau. 11, 1871. 


1,047* V. William W. Bouton, b. March 1, 1828, m. first, 
Mdry Price, settled Norwalk, Conn. ; m. second, Ger- 
trude Keeler. 

1,047^ vi. Nathaniel Bouton, b. Dec. 30, 1830, m. first 
Amelia Sanders, m. second Martha A. Brown, June 
28, 1874, res. Norwalk 1888. 

eh. of Joseph Jr. and Mary K. Barto Bouton^ of Norwalk^ Ct. 

1,047<^ i. Homer Bouton. 

1,047*^ ii. Harry W. Bouton, m. Isabella M. Beed. He d. 

Salt Lake, Utah. 
1,047^^ iii. Louise Bouton. 
1,047' iv. Frances Bouton. 
1,047* V. Tillie Bouton. 

Gh. of William W. and Mar/ Price Boaton, of Norwalk, Ct. l(H7a 

1,047'' i. Mary Louise Bouton, b. March 17, 1849, m. 

George Moore, res. Norwalk. 
1,047* ii. WiLUAM H. Bouton, b. Sept. 26, 1865, m. Aug. 18, 

1875, Harriet E. Mead, res. Norwalk, Ct. 

Ch. of Georgre and Mary Loaise Boaton Mooroi of Norwalk^ Ct 

1,047^ i. Fred Moore, b. Sept. 26, 1868. 

1,047^ ii: William Clinton Moore, b. Oct. 26, 18S5. 

Ch. of William H. and Harriet E. Mead Bonton^ of Norwalk^ Ct 

1,047* i. Joseph W. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept. 20, 1877. 
1,047" ii. Howard S. Bouton, b. Feb. 26, 1879. 
1,047* iii. Albert M. Bouton, b. Oct. 26, 1881. 

(x.) Susanna Bouton (dau. of William and Sarah 
Benedict Bouton). b. Dec. 12, 1789, m. at. Norwalk 
Samuel G. Warren June 8, 1808, she d. Sept. 11, 
1862, he d. Oct. 31, 1853, aged 68. 

Child of Samuel G. and Susanna Bouton Warren. 868 

1,047 Albert Warren (an adopted son and heir), enlisted 
in Company I, 9th Regt. N. Y. Vols., 1861, d. in New 
York city, June 5, 1861, aged thirty-two years and 
eleven months. 

(xi.) John Bouton (son of Wm. and Sarah Benedict 
Bouton), was b. Norwalk, Feb. 18, 1792. At an early 
age he manifested a taste for learning, and when 
about 14 years of age he set himself to obtain an edu- 
cation, attending school for three months during the 
winter seasons. At age of 16 he had been so suc- 
cessful that he was persuaded to teach and received a 

Born FeK IH. llvi. died Oct, 31, IMSH. 

Dea. Cong. Cluircli of South Norwalk, Ct. 

From Jan. 3, 1836, till his death. 


certificate for that purpose. He took up the political 
questions of that day and debated them with skill 
and eainestness for one of his age, and was looked up 
to as a leader, and at this time was known as a 
writer both of prose and vei'se. When eighteen he 
published a small volume of arithmetical problems, 
m rhyme, and wrote during the rest of his hfe a great 
deal, mostly on religious subjects, leaving at his 
death many manuscripts on various topics. Having 
inherited a strong religious nature he was converted 
and joined the first Congregational church in the 
town Feb. 4, 1816, under the care of Rev. Mr. Swan. 
In 1822 was elected deacon and served that church 
until Jan. 3, 1836, when a new church of the same 
faith and order was organized at what is now the 
cibr of South Norwalk, where he held the same 
office, which he conscientiously filled and honored 
until his death. He embraced the temperance cause 
in its infancy, and adherea to it earnestly in its vari- 
ous stages of growth ; was pioneer of the anti- 
slavery cause in the town, and was among the first 
in the State tu agitate that question. To every ques- 
tion of morals he applied his religous principles and 
rigidly adhered to his convictions of right. He m. 
May, 1813, Hannah Betts, b. Oct. 31, 1789, dau. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Betts. She was much 
esteemed in the church to which she belonged. She 
died after a brief illness May 7, 1832. He m. second 
Betsey Chichester, of Wilton, Ct., dau. of Dr. Abra- 
ham Chichester, March, 1833. She died April 25, 
1875, at the age of 77 years and 7 months. She was 
a devout and excellent woman. Dea. Bouton met 
his death within the walls of the church where he 
had administered the ofiice of deacon for more than 
twenty years. He was at work on its enlargement, 
and by the falling of the scaflfold he was thrown 
backwards to the floor with great force and died 
instantly, Oct. 31, 1856. 

Children of Deacon John and Hannah Betts Bonton. 859 

1.048 i. William Smith Bouton, b. April 25, 1814, m. 
Mai^ret F. Hudson. 

1.049 ii. Mary Bouton, b. July 11, 1816, d. Nov. 20, 1833. 

1.050 iii. Clarissa Bouton, b. Sept. 19, 1818, m. Nathan 

96 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

1.051 iv. John Benedict Bouton, b. May 15, 1821, m. 
Harriet A. Weed. 

1.052 V. Elizabeth Betts Bouton, b. Oct. 9, 1824, m, 
Augustus S. LyoD. 

1.053 vi. Sarah Esther Bouton, b. Dec. 23, 1327, m. first 
Geo. H. Palmer, m. second Ed. L. Hubbell. 

1.054 vii. Hannah Harriet Bouton, b. March 7, 1832, m. 
Charles M. Lawrence. 


(i) William Smith Bouton (son of John and Hannah 
Betts Bouton), b. Norwalk April 25, 1814. In early 
youth he made himself acquainted with the history 
of his country and its public affairs. At the age of 
twenty-three he united with the Congregational 
church of South Norwalk, to which he still remains 
attached. He m. at South Norwalk Dec. 4, 1837, 


Margaret F. Hudson, of New Rochelle (dau. of John 
and Emily Hudson), b. Sept. 18, 1817, they settled at 
Norwalk, Conn. He enlisted as a private in Company 
G, 28th C. v., August, 1862. In a short time he was 
promoted to orderly sergeant of the company. June 
14, 1863, was given command of the company, led it 
in the assault on Port Hudson under General Banks. 
In his native town he was several times elected to 
public oflBces. Was selectman for two years, and 
was for fourteen years consecutively trial justice of 
the town until disqualified by age. He has held 
other town offices. Was commissioner of the 
superior court of Conn., and assisting pension claim- 
ants in their claims with the pension department, 
and member of the Historical Society of Fairfield 
county. Conn. His wife took a lively interest in the 
late war and consented to her husband and two sons 
enlisting. One instance of her spirit deserves to be 
mentioned here. Word was received that her son 
John was badly wounded. Immediately she deter- 
mined to go to him and procured letters recommend- 
ing her case to officers in the army but was denied, 
as passing through the lines was prohibited. Several 
times was she refused transportation, but managed 
finally to get on board a boat for Fortress Monroe 
without a pass or permission, and without assistance 
she pressed her way to the hospital at Hampton and 

^i.'^^^i-^^c-s^ ?r7 /l/i>-2^>^^^-^ . 

Trial Jhstick of Tows of Ncirwalk, 1868 to 18M4, 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 97 

found the object of her cai*e. Twice she passed her 
boy without recognizing him, he was in such a 
wretched condition. By her timely arrival his Ufe 
was saved and her perseverance rewarded. She 
died May 21, 1884:. 

Note. — Mr. William S. Bouton has a local reputation as 
a historian and genealogist. He is the author of several 
series of published articles, entitled, Cannibal Indians of 
Norwalk; Sketches of Original White Inhabitants of the 
Town; Unpublished Traditional facts in its Histcny ; One 
Hundred Years Ago — Reminiscences of the Indian Cities 
of Naramake and Pampakeshonk ; History of Anti Slavery 
in Fairfield County ; and A Record of the Soldiers of Nor- 
walk in the Civil War ; together with numerous publica- 
tions upon various subjects of a political character. 

The compiler of the Bouton-Boughton Genealogy grate- 
fully acknowledges his indebtedness to W. S. Bouton, Esq., 
for the principal p^rt of the early accounts it contains. 

Children of William S. and Margraret F. Bonton. 

1,055 i. Emily Virginia Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept. 20, 1838, 
m. at Norwalk, Nov., 1S74, Edward D. Taylor, of 
Bethel, Conn., where they settled; res. now, 18S7, at 

1,050 ii. Julia Minor Bouton, b. Norwalk, Sept. 16, I8i0, 
m. Sept. 16, 186S, Jacob M. Sherwood, of New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y., and resides in New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Child of Jacob M. and Jnlia Minor Bouton Sherwood. 

1,056' Charlotte B. Sherwood, b. July 6, 1869. 

1.057 iii. LeRoy Hudson Bouton, b. Norwalk, July 15, 
1842. He enlisted in Co. A, 17th Conn. Vol., and 
served three years in the war of the rebellion, was 
honorably discharged, obtained a position in the Con- 
tinental Sank, New York city, m. May 14, 1868,^Ure- 
lia Styles, of New York city, and settled in New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 

€h« of Leroy H. and Urelia Styles Bouton, of New Roohelle^ N. ¥• 

1.058 Alice Emily Bouton, b. Aur. 25, 186i^ d. Feb. 7, 

1.059 Banks Hudson Bouton, b. New Rochelle, June 26, 

1.060 LujJAN E Bouton, b. Mar. 21, 1873, d. 1875. 

1,001 LeRoy W. Bouton, b. New Rochelle, Mar. 21, 1877. 



1.062 Sadie E. Bouton, b. New Rochelle, Feb. 23, 1879. 

1.063 William Stanley Bouton, b. New Rochelle, Feb. 
5, 1883. 

l,06i iv. John William Bouton, b. Norwalk, April 5, 
18-45. He enlisted in Co. H., 8th Regt. Conn. Vols., 
Sept. 30, 1861, under 17 yeai-s of age, and reenlisted 
as a veteran Dec. 24, 1863 ; he was slightly wounded 
at the attack on Fort Macon, N. C. He was severely 
wounded near Petersburgh, Va. He had taken his 
turn for picket duty and immediately volunteered in 
the place of another and was wounded. Up to the 
time of his being wounded he was in all the engage- 
ments of the regiment. He married Jan. 12, 1870, 
Harriet Dunscomb, of Dan bury, Ct. 

Child of John William and Harriet Dunscomb Bouton. 

1.065 John Dunscomb Bouton, b. Norwalk, July, 1871 ; 
they reside at Bridgeport, 1887. 

1.066 V. Josephine Frances Bouton, b. Norwalk, Conn., 
June 8, 1847, m. June 7, 1871, Charles H. Disbrow. 

Children of Charles H. and Josephine Frances Bouton Disbrow, 

1.067 Josephine Cathrine Disbrow, b. city of South 
Norwalk June 19, 1873. 

1.068 Emily Virginia Disbrow, b. city of South Norwalk, 
Conn., Oct. 27, 1874. 

1.069 William S. Bouton Disbrow, b. New Rochelle, N. 
Y., Feb. 27, 1884; they reside at New Rochelle. 

1.070 vi. Le Grand L. Bouton, b. South Norwalk Nov. 
27, 1849. He went to Chicago, 111., m. Frank Mar- 
shall, resided there, no children, he died at South 
Norwalk June 26, 1876. 


(ii.) Mary Bouton (dau. of John and Hannah Bou- 
ton), b. Norwalk July 11, 1816, died Nov. 20, 1833. 

(iii.) Clarissa Bouton (dau. of John and Hannah 
Bouton), b. Sept. 19, 1818, m. 1836, Nathan Nash, of 
Norwalk, she d. Feb. 25, 1838. 

Cbild of Nathan and Clarissa Boaton Nash* 1050 

1,072 Clarissa A. Nash, b. Norwalk Jan. 3, 1838, m. 
David Reardon, of Greenwich, Conn., June 2o, 1862, 
she died Nov. 20, 1873. 


Children of David and Giarlssa A. Nasli Beardon. 

1,073 David Austin Reardon, b. Norwalk April 27, 1866. 
I,n74 Charles Grant Reardon, b. Nov. 22, 1869. 

1.075 Clarence Nash Reardon, b. Nov. 11, 1873. 

(iv.) John Benedict Bouton (son of John and Han- 
nah Bo:.ton), b. May 15, 1821, m. May 15, 1849, Strat- 
ford, Ct., Harriet A. Weed, of New Canaan, Ct., b. 
Oct. 26, 1821. He enlisted Sept., 1861, in the war of 
the rebellion, and served three years ; returned to 
South Norwalk and settled on the old homestead, 
where his ancestors had lived for more than two hun- 
dred years, and was still residing there in the sprint 
of 1889. He has held public office in the town and 
in the city of South Norwalk ; was elected 1883, for 
two years, the first President of the Hatmakers* 
National Association. 

Cli. of John B. and Harriet A. Weed Bouton^ of So. Norwalk. 1061 

1.076 Archibald Bouton, b. Norwalk, May 15, 1850, and 
has resided in Chicago, 111., since 1868. 

1.077 Algernon Bouton, b. Jan. 10, 1852, d. Feb. 13, 1854. 

1.078 Sarah M. Bouton, b. Aug. 7, 1856, graduated at 
Mount Holyoke seminary, class 1877 ; resides at 
South Norwalk. 

(v.) Elizabeth Betts Bouton (dau. of John and 
Hannah Bouton), b. Norwalk, Oct. 9, 1824, m. Oct. 6, 
1851, Augustus S. Lyon, of Greenwich, Ct. 

Children of Angnstns S. and Elizabetb B. Lyon. 1052 

1.079 Algernon Bouton Lyon, b. July 14, 1855, m. Sept. 
14, 1885, Hannah Caroline Lyon, of Greenwich, Ut. 

1.080 Charles A. Lyon, b. Aug. 10, 1857, d. Jan. 22, 1859. 

1.081 Winfield S. Lyon, b. July 2, 1861, m. Mar. 24, 1886. 
Elizabeth A. Ponty, of Portchester, N. Y. 

(vi^ Sarah Esther Bouton (dau. John and Han- 
nah Bouton), b. Norwalk, Dec. 23, 1827, m. Geo. H. 
Palmer, of Fairfield, Ct., Sept. 20, i860: he d. Sept., 
1867 ; m. second, Aug. 2, 1874, Edward L. Hubbell, 
of New Haven, Ct. ; he d. 1878. 

(vii.) Hannah Harriet Bouton (dau. John and 
Hannah Betts Bouton), b. Mar. 7, 1832, m. Sept. 12, 
1855, Charles M. Lawrence ; res. South Norwalk. 


Child of Charles M. and Hannah Harriet Lawrence. 1054 

1.083 John Bouton Lawrence, b. Conquest, N. Y., June 
13, 1856, graduated at Dartmouth college, class of 
1882, and Yale divinity, 1885 ; m. Sept. 2, 1885, Clara 
C. Dunning, dau. of Rev. Homer N. Dunning, of the 
city of South Norwalk, Ct., and was pastor of Con- 
gregational church at Wyandotte, Kansas, but m 
1888 returned to South Norwalk, and res. there 1889. 

Children of John Bon ton and Clara C .Dunning Lawrence. ' 1083- 

1,083" i. Amy Louise Lawrence, b. Jan. 28, 1887. 
],083*» ii. Homer Dunning Lawrence, b. Norwalk, 1888. 

(xii.) Mary Bouton (dau. of William and Sarah 
Benedict Bouton), b. Norwalk, Conn., Nov. 28, 1793, 
m. first Henry Banta, of Gloucester, N. J., 1811, 
settled in N. i. city where he d. 1818, m. second, 
1819, Christopher Gwyer, of N. Y. city, hed. in 1823, 
m. third Samuel Raymond, of Norwalk, 1826, he d. 
at the South, date unknown, shed. March 18, 18S6, in 
her ninety-third year. 

Children of Henry and Mary Bouton Banta, of New York city. 860 

1.084 i. Susan Banta, b. New York city Sept. 9, 1812, m. 
William Thomas, b. Penn., res. N. Y. city where she 
d. July, 1841. 

Children of William and Snsan Banta Tbomas. 

1.085 Josephine Thomas, b. N. Y. city March 7, 1832. 

1.086 Virginia Thomas, b. N. Y. city August 17, 1834, m. 
Charles E. Bouton, son of Charles and Polly Nash 

1.088 Augusta Thomas, b. N. Y. city June 21, 1836. 

1.089 William Henry Thomas, b. N. J., died 1862. 

1.090 ii. Eliza Banta, b. N. Y. city June, 1815, m, Linus 
Scudder, of N. Y. city, settled there; he died April 2, 
1881, she d. Nov. 1, 1881. 

Cliildren of Linns and Eliza Bonton Scndder. lOOO* 

1.091 Susan M. Scudder. 

1.092 Gi^orge Henry Scudder. 

1.093 Linus Melville Scudder. 

1.094 Emma Scudder. 

1.095 William Mansfield Scudder. 

1.096 Lizzie Scudder. 

1.097 Minnie C. Scudder. 


1.098 iii. John H. Banta, b. N. Y. city Jan., 1818, m. Mrs. 
Eliza Hunt, of N. Y. citv, they settled there, he 
went to South America ana died there, date of death 

Children of John H. and Eliza Hunt Banta. 

1.099 William Henry Banta, b. N. Y. city. 

1.100 Cornelia Banta, | u ^ y citv the v are teachers in 

1.101 Leonora Banta, \^'^' ^ • city, tney are leacners m 

public schools N. Y. city. 

Children of Christopher Gwyer^ second hushand of wld. Mary Boaton 

Banta. 860 

William A. Gwyer, Mary A. Gwyer. 

1.102 William A. Gwyer, b. New York city, March 16, 
1820, m. N. Y. city, Nov. 15, 1846, Sarah Ann Hall, 
of Portland, Conn., b. Oct. 3, 1819, d. Omaha, Oct. 
5, 1882. When he was three years old his father died 
and his mother soon removed to Norwalk, to the 
home of her father, and his childhood was passed at 
intervals at both places. When ten years of a^e his 
mother placed him in a cotton mill in the town of 
Norwalk, where he remained until thirteen years of 
age and then worked on a farm. Subsequently 
obtained a situation in a printing establishment in 
New York city, where he was compelled to go 
through the hard ordeal of "printer's devil," becom- 
ing an excellent compositor. The business was not 
congenial to him, nor was the pay sufficient for his 
living, when a half brother on his father's side, hear- 
ing of his condition, came to his relief, gave him a 
home, sent him to school until a good education was 
obtained, then procured for him a situation in a dry- 
goods store, where he remained until twenty-one. A 
merchant of New York then offered him a stock of 
goods in partnership, and North Carolina was to be 
the field for operations, under his management. He 
sailed for Wilmington in 1843, and settled at Strick- 
land's Depot, on the Wilmington and Weldon rail- 
road, about forty five miles from W. This venture 
was a success and at the end of two years his partner 
sold out to him. He remained there three years 
longer, then went, 1848, to Wilmington, N. C, and 
opened business as a wholesale grocer, exporter of 
cotton and naval stores, which soon became extensive 
and profitable ; so that he retired from business in 


1856 and returned to New York. That year he trav- 
eled much in the west, and in the autumn arrived at 
Omaha, Neb., settled there, and remained there till 
late in the year 1859. At this time he visited Wil- 
mington, and was induced to go into business there 
again. He was meeting with great success when the 
civil war broke out and ne was obliged to leave there 
secretly because of his loyaltv to the Union, and his 
property was confiscated by the Confederate govern- 
ment. He then came north by the way of Washing- 
ton, gave valuable information to the government, 
received the thanks of Secretary Salmon P. Chase, 
and returned to New York again without fortune. 
With friends he then engaged in the petroleum oil 
speculation. In the spring of 1870 he resettled in 
Omaha, where he now, 1887, resides. 

In 1837 Mr. Gwyer was author of a pamphlet on 
the cotton manufactories of New England and con- 
tended that they were no better than negro slavery. 
In North Carolina, there being no postoflRce nearer 
than ten miles from the place he had chosen to settle 
in, he made immediate application to Government 
for a postoffice, which was soon granted and he was 
appointed postmaster. He held the office four years, 
and by his business and enterprise the place rapidly 
grew to a town. It was named Magnolia, of which 
he may well be called the founder. In 1858 he was 
a member of the territorial legislature of Nebraska, 
the author of numerous statutes, was appointed at a 
mass meeting of the citizens of Omaha, a committee 
to memorialize Congress on the subject of a conti- 
nental railroad to the Pacific ocean. This was so 
thoroughly done the memorial was sent to every 
member of Congress and to the governors of all the 
States. It was commended by public men and the 
press, as an able memorial, and it did much to influ- 
ence the legislation which culminated in the construc- 
tion of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific 
railroads. In 1859 he was an alderman of the city of 
Omaha, in 1873 a member of the Nebraska State 
Senate, was elected president of that body, ex officio 
lieutenant-governor, and for a time acting governor 
of the State ; became in 1875 editor of the Omaha 
Republican^ the leading republican paper in the State, 
was, 1876, member of the Constitutional Convention, 
and as chairman of the committee on engrossed bilis^ 


received the thanks of the convention. In 1880 was 
vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, mem- 
ber of the Board of Education, and has held other 
honorable positions. 

Children of William A. and Sarah A. Hall Gwyer. 11 OS 

1.103 William A. Gwyer, Jr., b. Magnolia, N. C, Sept. 
7, 1847. Graduate of law department Columbia 
College, Washington, D. C, is in the treasury 
department at Washington. 

1.104 Idolyn Gwyer, b. Wilmington, N. C, Dec. 28, 1854, 
m. July 2, 1878, Willis M. Yates, of Omaha, b. 
Maryland, they have five children and reside Omaha. 

1.105 Gwyndaline Gwyer, b. Oct. 16, 1858, Omaha. 

1.106 Sarah Etta Gwyer, b. Nov. 5, 1861, South Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

1.107 ii. Mary A. Gwyer (dau. of Christopher and Mary 
Bouton Banta Gwyer), b. N. Y. city May 9, 1823, 
m. Dec. 15, 1842, Daniel Townsend, b. N. Y. city 
Aug. 3, 1817. 

Children of Daniel and Mary A. 6(wyer Townsend. 1107 

1.108 Charles R. Townsend, b. N. Y. city Sept. 25, 1843, 
m. Frances A. Scofield, of Norwalk, Conn., Jan. 13, 
1873, no children, res. -at Norwalk. 

1.109 Mary H. Townsend, b. Norwalk Oct. 6, 1848, m. 
Samuel G. Mitchell, of Noi-walk, April 11, 1S71, he 
d. at Norwalk Jan. 28, 1885, leaving five children. 

1.110 Emma L. Townsend, b. Norwalk, May 15, 1851, m. 
Charles N. Smith, of Norwalk, Dec. 17, 1872, three 
children, res. Norwalk. 

1.111 Ella Gwter Townsend, b. Norwalk, April 14, 
1857, d. at Norwalk May 24, 1867. 


(xiii.) Anna Bouton (dau. of William and Sarah 
Benedict Bouton), b. Norwalk June 21, 1796; united 
with the • first Congregational church at Norwalk 
March 4, 1810; m. Dec. 15, 1819, Horatio N. Downs, 
he d. Aug. 7, 1830, at tlie age of thirty- two years. 
They resided at Norwalk, Conn.^ She d. August 13, 
1887. The following obituaiy appeared in one of 
the city papers : *' Mrs. Anna Downs, residing on 
West street, near the place of her birth, died on 
Saturday morning at the great age of ninety one 
years and two months. The funeral took place on 


Monday afternoon at the house of Mr. Asahel 
Dickerman. The Rev. H. N. Dunning, her former 

Eastor, delivered an excellent address founded on 
luke ii. 25-41, and gave a very interesting sketch 
of the life of deceased. He descril)ed her as being of 
Huguenot extraction and having been a faithful 
member of the Congregational church for seventy- 
seven years. Her husband was a hat manufacturer 
sixty years and more ago, on the shore where the 
steamboat dock is now located. She had been a 
widow fifty-seven years and was the last of a family 
of fourteen children." 

Chlidron of Horatio N. and Anna Bouton Downs. 861 

1.112 i. Harriet Newell Downs, b. Jan. 25, 1821, died 
Jan. 8, 1822. 

1.113 ii. Charles Algernon Dow^ns, b. May 21, 1823, m. 
Helen K. Seymour, of Lanesboro, Mass. He entered 
Dartmouth college, and graduated at New York 
university and at Union Theological seminary, New 
York. Was settled pastor of the Congregational 
church for twenty-five years at Lebanon, N. H. 
Was elected by that town to the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Legislature of New Hampshire. 
Elected two terms (four years) State superintendent 
of public schools of the State, and for twelve years 
past has followed civil engineering and is author of a 
history of the town of Lebanon, N. H. 

Having taken a great interest in collecting mineral 
specimens he is said to have the finest cabinet in the 
State of New Hampshire. He, with his sons, have 
given much attention also to ornithology as well as 
mineralogy, spending about six months of each year 
in the Adirondacks, in pursuit of their favorite 

Ch. of Charles A. and Helen K. Seymour DownSf of Lebanon^ N. H. 

1.114 i. Charles Algernon Downs, Jr., b. Mar. 31, 1853. 

1.115 ii. Anna Katrina Downs, b. Sept. 20, 1854, m. Dan- 
iel Durkee, 1880, res. Cal. 

1.116 iii. Eugene Seymour Dow^ns, b. Feb. 7, 1856, m. 
Alice May Manchester, 1880, res. Lebanon, N. H. 

1.117 iv. Allen Burritt Downs, b. July D, 1862, res. Leb- 
anon, N. H. 



Concord, N. H. 


1.118 iii. Harriet Angenora Downs (dau. of Horatio N. 
and Ann Bouton Downs), b. Jan. 18, 1826, m. Sept. 
24, 1848, Asahel Dickerman, of Jewett, N. Y., and 
settled at Norwalk. 

Children of Asahel and Harriet Angenora Downs Dickerman « 

1.119 i. Nelson Dickerman, b. Nov. 4, 1849. m. Sept. 12, 
1878, Emma, dau. of Dea. Stephen G. Ferris, of city 
of South Norwalk. 

Child of Nelson and Emma Dickerman. 

1,119* Gracie E. Dickerman, b. Sept. 27, 1879. 

1.120 ii. Harriet L. Dickerman, b. Mar. 11, 1851, d. June 
11, 1856. 

1.121 iii. Cornelia W. Dickerman, b. Feb. 20, 1852, m. 
March 11, 1882, James Porter Bennett, and settled at 
Boston, where he died Nov., 1882. 

1.122 iv. Henry B. Dickerman, b. Mar. 9, 1854, d. April 
29, 1861. 

1.123 V. Anna L. Dickerman, b. June 3, 1856, graduate of 
Tilden seminary, N. H. 

1.124 vi. Frank A. Dickerman, b. May 11, 1861. 

1.125 vii. Harriet Winona Dickerman, b. May 25, 1866, 
graduate of Vermont academy. 

1.126 iv. Cornelia Marion Downs, (dau. of Horatio N. 
and Ann Bouton Downs), b. April 15, 1826, m. Jas. 
M. Eeed, of Norwalk, Nov., 1844; she died Feb. 7, 
1846, leaving one child. 

Child of James M. and Cornelia M. Downs Reed. 

, James Marion Reed ; he died Nov. 7, 1846, aged 

nine months. 

Children of William (son of Joseph) and Sarah Benedict Bonton. 862 

Nathaniel Bouton (son of William and Sarah Benedict 
Bouton), was bom at Norwalk, Conn., June 20, 1799. On 
the authority of an Autobiography published by his son, 
John Bell Bouton, of the Journal of Commerce^ New York, 
it is learned that Nathaniel Bouton, the subject of this 
record, attended school at Noi^walk, and at the age of nine 
years was so proficient in the rudimentary branches that 
the teacher frequently sent other scholars to him to be 
assisted in their studies. As grammar and geography were 
not at that time taught in the district schools, he studied 
the rudiments of English grammar, with but little, if any. 


more assistance than that obtained from a book called 
''Murray's Abridgement." Between the ages of thirteen 
and fourteen he began to think of learning a trade. An 
advertisement appearing in his father's newspaper, Bepubli- 
can Farmer, of Bridgeport, for a boy to learn the printing 
business, he at once resolv^ to ask his father to allow him 
to go and learn that trade, to which he readily consented, 
and the lad was regularly apprenticed by his father to Stiles 
Nichols, proprietor of the Aepublican Farmer^ for seven 
years. A strong attachment mutually grew up between 
employer and employee, and soon not only his hands but 
his mental capacities were called into exercise in the work 
of conducting the paper. During the spring of 1815, spe- 
cial religious services were held in Briageport, at which, 
with many others of about his age, he attended, and became 
deeply impressed with the subject of religion ; and on the 
morning of June 20,1815, his sixteenth birthday, he resolved 
to give himself, without reserve, to the service of God ; and 
pursuing that purpose until the first sabbath in December, 
3815, he with ninety -eight others, were received into the 
First Congregational church in Bridgeport, Rev. Elijah 
Waterman, pastor. * 

During the year that followed a desire came upon him to 
preach the gospel, and consequent upon that a college edu- 
cation, and, here again the thought of four years of appren- 
ticeship to be completed, presented to his mind a difficulty, 
the only solution of whicn, that seemed practicable was, to 
purchase his unexpired time of his employer, which was 
done for $175.00 ; his father raising the amount by the sale 
of some land and the help of a friend ; thus securing a 
release and a cancellation of the indentures. 

In the month of September, 1816, he left Bridgeport and 
returned home to study and prepare to enter college, when 
an invitation came from the Rev. Mr. Bonney, pastor of the 
Congregational church at New Canaan, to attend the acad- 
emy there and which (board and tuition) was offered free. 

Again an invitation was received and accepted to attend 
a school at Wilton, taught by Mr. Hawley Olmstead, under 
whose instruction he was fitted for and entered Yale college 
in 1818, in a class of eighty-two ; and though deprived of 
advantages that others enjoyed he kept abreast with his- 
competitors in his class, never having received a reprimand, 
or reproof during his college course. 

Graduating at Yale in the summer of 1820, he visited and' 
labored in a religious revival work at Hotchkistown, two 
miles from New Haven, and on the opening of the terra at 


Andover Theological seminary he was ready to enter upon 
a theological course, during which, as in college, he never 
declined any service required of him or lost any time by 
reason of ill health. 

After delivering the valedictory he was met by a com- 
mittee from Boston, to whom he engaged to commence his 
ministerial work in a new church m Boston, agreeing to 
remain for three months. Very soon after he was met by 
Mr. Fletcher, from Concord, N. H., who presented a call 
from the Congregational church of Concord, dated Jan. 1, 
1825, to become their pastor. On a careful deliberation his 
mind was at last settled, and on Jan. 29, 1825, he penned 
his formal acceptance of the call. On or about January 25, 
1825, he was on his way by stage to attend the funeral of 
the wife of Hon. Wm. Bartlett, at Newbury port, when, in 
conversation on the subject of missions in the west, with 
Aaron Foster and Hiram Chamberlain, the thought flashed 
upon his mind of a need of a national missionary society, 
which was discussed, and was doubtless the germ from 
which sprung the organization of the American Home Mis- 
sionary Society, which came into existence in New York, 
May 12, 1826. 

The ordination of Mr. Nathaniel Bouton took place accord- 
ing to appointment, at the court house at Concord, in the 
presence of a large assemblage of ministers and delegates, 
on March 22, 1825. 

From the ordination until its fifty-third anniversary, 
Dr. N. Bouton administered his sacred trust at Concord, 
with a singular equipoise and acceptability, never neglecting 
the obligations which he owed to the church as its pastor, 
but by great energy and industry accomplished a vast 
amount of work on historical and literary topics, which 
from time to time was rewarded by positions of distinction 
and honor, the recorded acknowledgments of which will 
b^tr the memory of his useful life to many generations. 

After a short illness, which was endured with great com- 
posure and confident trust, he peacefully departed this life 
on the 6th day of June, 1878, in the seventy-ninth year of 
bis age. 

To return to his family history, he was married, first, at 
Lebanon, Conn., Sept. 11, 1825, with Harriet Sherman, 
daughter of John Sherman, of Trenton, N. Y., and great 
grand-daughter of Roger Sherman of Conn. She died at 
Concord, May 21st, 1828. 

He married second at Chester, N. H., June 8, 1829, Mary 
Ann P. Bell, eldest daughter of Gov. John Bell, of Chester, 


N. H. She lived and died at Concord, N H., Feb. 15, 1839. 
He married, third, at Deerfield, N. H., Feb. 18, 1840, 
Elizabeth Ann Cilley, eldest daughter of Horatio G. Cilley, 
of Deerfield, N. H. They continued to live at Concord, 
New Hampshire, until his death. She died Feb. 6, 1887. 

Children of Dr. Nathaniel and Harriet Sherman Bonton. 862 

1.128 (i.) Elizabeth Ripley Bouton, b. Concord, N. H., 
Aug. 15. 1826, m. at Concord Dec. 22, 1847, Rev. 
John C. Webster, of Hopkinton, Mass., and settled 
at Hopkinton where they resided until the autum of 
1865 when they removed to Wheaton, 111., where 
he died Aug. 23, 1884; she continued to live there 
spring of 1887. He received the degree of D.D. from 
his alma mater, Dartmouth college. 

Cliildren of Bey. John €. and Elizabeth R. Bouton Webster, of 

Hopkinton. Mass. 

1.129 i. Frank Sherman Webster, b. Hopkinton, Mass., 
Feb. 23, 1850, ra. at Grayland Irving Park, 111., Oct. 
20, 1885, to Grace Howland. His business was at 
214 Dearborn st., Chicago, 111., in the spring of 1887, 
his residence was at Wheaton, 111., with his mother 
1887, no children. 

1.130 ii. Rebecca Russell Webster, b. Hopkinton, Mass., 
Feb. 16, 1852, and died in Hopkinton Aug. 10, 1853. 

1.131 iii. Nathaniel Bolti'on Webster, b. Hopkinton, 
Mass., Feb. 26, 1856, unmarried, was employed in 
the foundry of N. Bouton & Co., Chicago, 111., in 
spring of 1887. 

1.132 iv. WilllAlM Russell Webster, b. Hopkinton, 
Mass., Oct. 20, 1858, and died at Wheaton, 111., Dec. 
26, 1874. 

1.133 V. JosiAH Clifford Webster, b. Hopkinton, Mass., 
Jan. 4, 1861, unmarried. He was engaged in the 
drug business at Shenandoah, Iowa. 

1.134 vi. Charles Ripley Webster, b. Hopkinton, 
Mass., May 12, 1862. Jle graduated at Dartmouth 
college in 1883, unmarried, and was practicing law, 
room 14, Montauk Block, Chicago, 111., spring of 1887. 

1.135 vii. Harriet Sherman Webster, b. Hopkinton, 
Mass. , Nov. 2, 1 863, she died in infancy at Wheaton, 
111., Jan. 1, 1866. 

1.136 viii. Euzabeth Damen Webster, b. Wheaton, 111., 
Sept. 15, 1869, and died in infancy at Concord, N. 
H., July 25, 3871. 


1,137 (ii.) Nathaniel Sherman Bouton (son of Dr. 
Nathaniel and Harriet Sherman Bouton), b. Concord, 
N. H., May 14^, 1828. At the age of fourteen years 
he left home and from that time entirely provided 
for his own support and education, attended Gilman- 
town, N. H., academy one fall term and also East 
Hampton, Mass., one fall term, after which he 
taught school four wintera and served Fairbanks & 
Co. as traveling agent for four years. In 1852 he 
originated a firm in Chicago for railroad foundry 
work. In 1856 he originated the firm of Stone, 
Boomer & Bouton, Bridge and Car Builders and Rail- 
road Building. In 1857 to 1859 was superintendent of 
public works of Chicago. 

He was appointed quartermaster in 1862 of the 88th 
Illinois, he resigned at the close of 1863 after the 
battle of Chattanooga. He was supervisor of Cook 
county for the years 1864 to 1866. He was engaged 
in general foundry and machine work from 1858 to 
1871 under firm name of N. S. Bouton & Co., when 
his health failed, and in 1876 and for several years 
he spent in traveling abroad, during which his 
brother, C. B. Bouton, assumed the management of 
the business and the style of the firm was changed 
to Bouton & Co. In 1881 he, N. S. Bouton, resumed 
his position in the firm without any change in the 
business style of the same which was still the same 
in spring of 1887. In religion he was a Presbyterian 
and an elder in the church at Chicago. 

He was chosen one of the twelve relief committee 
in the time of the great fire at Chicago, at which 
time said committee dispensed three-quarters of a 
million of dollars to the sufferers in Chicago. He 
joined a Union church { undenominational) in 
which he holds the office of elder at this writing, 
1887, residence Chicago, 111. 

He m. first, Sept. 17, 185G, Emily L. Bissell and 
settled at Chicago, 111., where she died Sept. 12, 1857 ; 
he m. second E len Gould Shumway at Essex, N. J., 
Oct. 20, 1858. 

ChildreH of Nathaniel S. and Emily L: Bissell Bouton, of Cbi- 

eaico, lU. 1187 

1,138 i. Charles Sherman Bouton, b. Sept. 2, 1857, died 
Sept. 22, 1857. 


1.139 ii. Charles S. Bouton (second son of Nathaniel S. and 
Ellen G. Bouton), b. May 6, 1860, d. Aug. 6, 1860. 

1.140 (iii.) John Bell Bouton (son of Dr. Nathaniel and 
Mary A. P. Bell Bouton, of Concord, N. H.), b. 
Concord March 15, 1830. He was educated at Dart- 
mouth college, N. H., where he graduated 1849, m. 
at Lowell, Mass., Dec. 3, 1873, Eliza Nesmith, and 
settled in N, Y. city, where he became one oif the 
editors and proprietors of the New York Journal of 
Commerce^ which he withdrew from in March, 1889, 
and went abroad. He is also author of Round the 
Blocks an American novel published by D. Appleton 
& Co., in 1864 — 5th edition, 1868 — and other works. 
His residence in 1888 was at East Orange, N. J., no 

1.141 (iv.) Harriette Sherman Bouton (dau. of Dr. 
Nathaniel Bouton), b. Concord, N. H., Jan. 26, 1832, 
m. Concord, N. H., June 21, 1855, John W. Noyes, 
and settled at Chester, N. H., where they were living 
in 1886. 

€h. of John W« and Harriette S. Bouton Noyes, of Chester, N. H. 1141 

1.142 i. Mary Bell Noyes, b. Chester, N. H., July 26, 
1858; still resides with her parents in Chester, N. H., 

1.143 ii. John Weare Noyes, b. Chester, N. H., June 17, 
1867, died Feb. 3, 1871. 

1.144 (v.^ Mary Ann Persis Bouton (dau. of Dr. Nathaniel 
and Mary A. P. Bell Bouton), b. Concord, N. H., 
Dec. 15, 1834, she m. at Chester, N. H., June 8, 1859, 
Gen. Louis Bell, and settled at Chester, she died May 
4, 1365. He was killed at the battle of Fort Fisher 
Jan. 15, 1865, commanding Third Brigade, Second 
Division, Tenth Army Corps ; Colonel of the Fourth 
New Hampshire Regt., and Brigadier-Gteneral by 

Children of Gen'l Loais and Mary Ann Persis Bouton Bell, of Chester, 


1.145 i. Marian Bell, b. Sept. 5, 1860, at Chester, N. H., 
died Sept., 1881. 

1,14G ii. Louis Bell, Jr., b. Dec. 5, 1864, at Chester, N. H., 
graduated at Dartmouth college June, 1884, is now 
studying at Johns Hopkins university, Baltimt)re. 


1.147 (vi.) Samuel Fletcher Bouton (son of Dr. Nathaniel 
and Mary A. P. Bell Bouton), b. Concord, N. H., 
June 23, 1837, educated at Pembroke, N. H., and 
united with Plymouth Congregational church, 
Chicago, m. at Concord, N. H., March 17, 1856, first 
Ann Louise Hall (dau. of Robert Hall, M.D.) of 
Concord, where she was born 1836, and settled at 

. Chicago where she died Dec, 1856. He married 
second at Chicago, 111., Jan. 1, 1860, Mary Ann Hoyt 
(dau. of William H. Hoyt), of Henry, 111., where she 
was born Nov., 1840, and settled in Chicago where 
they were living 1886. 

Child of Snmael F. and Ann L. HaU Bonton. 1147 

1.148 i. TiLTOX C. H. Bouton (son of Samuel F. and Ann 
L. Hall Bouton), b. Chicago, Nov. 2, 1856, educated 
at Dartmouth college, N. H., clergyman, m. at 
Boston, Mass., Anna Whitehouse, of Boston, and 
settled at Dunbarton, N. H. 

Children of Samnel Fletcher and Mary Anna Hoyt Bonton. 

1.148 ii. Mary Louise Bouton, b. Chicago, Oct. 13, 1860. 

1. 149 iii. William Christopher Bouton, b. Chicago, Feb- 
ruary 4, 1865, graduated at Dartmouth college, June, 
1885, M.D., still living at Chicago, where he intends 
to establish a practice. Unmarried. 

1.150 iv. Charles Sherman Bouton, b. Chicago, 111 , Jan. 
28, 1870. 

1.151 V. Eva Bell Bouton, b. Chicago, 111., June 17, 1874. 

1.152 vi. John Bell Bouton (son of Samuel Bouton), b. 
Chicago, April 12, 1880. 

1.153 vii. Ellenora Bouton, b. Chicago, 111., January 
14, 1883. 

1.154 (vii.) Christopher Bell Bouton (son of Dr. N. and 
Mary A. P. Bell Bouton), b. Concord, N: H., Jan. 31, 
1839, m. at Chicago, 111., Oct. 24, 1861, Martha A. 
Cushing, who died Nov. 13, 1864. 

Children of Christopher B. and Martha A. Cnshlng Bonton, of Chi- 
cago, IlL 1154 

1.155 i. Fletcher B. Bouton, b. Chicago, May 16, 1863 and 
d. Sept. 17, l864. 

1.156 ii. Harriet Bell Bouton, b. Chicago, III., Nov. 12, 
1864, unmarried and living with her parents. 

He married, second, at Chicago, Nov. 12, 1865, 
Harriet M. Cushing, who died at Chicago, Sept. 17, 


1868 ; no children. He married, third, at Chicago^ 
Dec. 16, 1869, Ellenore Hoyt, and settled at Chicago, 
where they resided, 1886. 

Children of Chrstopher B. and Ellenore Hojt Bonton, of Chicaffo^ IlL 

1.157 iii. Sherman Hoyt Bouton, b. Chicago, 111., Sept. 
13, 1870. 

1.158 iv. Bertha Bouton, b. Chicago, 111., Sept. 22, ^874. 

1.159 V. Mary Persis Bouton, b. Chicago, lU., June 17, 

1.160 vi. Nathaniel Bouton, b. Chicago, 111., June 1, 
1879, d. August 8, 1879. 

1.161 (viii.) Sarah Cilley Bouton (dau of Dr. N. and 
EHzabeth A. Cilley Bouton), b. Concord, N. H., Nov. 
13, 1840, m. Nov. 12, 1867, Gen. J. N. Patterson, of 
Concord, N. H. , settled at Concord, where they were 
living, 1886. 

Children of Gen. J. N. and Sarah C Bonton Patterson, of Concord, 

N.H. 1161 

[All living at home.] 

1.162 i. Louis Marston Patterson, b. Concord, N. H., 
Nov. 11, 1869. 

1.163 ii. Julia Nelson Patterson, b. Concord, N. H., 
Oct. 26, 1872. 

1.164 iii. Allan Bouton Patterson, b. Concord, N. H., 
Jan. 22, 1875. 

1.165 {ix^ Martha Cilley Bouton, b. Concord, N. H., 
Jan. 29, 1843, m. Concord, Jan. 29, 1861, Jacob G. 
Cilley and settled at Manchester, N. H., where he d. 
Sept., 1870, she moved 'Sept., 1878, to Cambridge, 
Mass., res. there 1888. 

Ch« of Jacob G. and Martha €• Bonton Cilley, of Manehester, N. H. 

1.166 i. Harry Bouton Cilley, b. Manchester, N. H., 
May 13, 1872, he is now in business in Buffalo, N. Y., 
he res. unmarried in Cambridge, Mass. 

1.167 ii. Florence Cilley, b. Concord, N. H., Sept. 8, 
1864, and died Jan. 28, 1869. 

1.168 (x.) Jane Louise Bouton (dau. df Dr. Nathaniel and 
E. A. Cilley Bouton, of Concord), b. Concord, N. H., 
Jan. 17, 1845, m. at Concord, Oct. 9, 1888, John 
Smith Fogg, of Boston, Mass., they were living at 



1.169 (xi.) William Horatio Bouton (son of Nathaniel 
Bouton, D.D.)> b. Concord, N. H., Jan. 4, 1847, and 
died there Jan. 14, 1849. 

1.170 (xii.) Joseph Bradbury Bouton, b. Concord, N. H., 
Dec. 30, 1848, and died there March 1, 1854. 

1.171 (xiii.) Annie Cilley Bouton, b. (Concord, N. H., 
April 10, 1851, and died Sept. 9, 1854. 

l,17t i. Ebenezer Bouton^, Jakin^ Joseph*, John, Sr.^ 
(son, as supposed, of Jakin and first wife), b. about 

1714, at or near Norwalk ; he m. Abigail , and 

settled New Canaan, where they were members of 
that church, and by Mr. Silliman, probably the min- 
ister of New Canaan church, were recommended to 
the church of South Salem, where they were among 
its organizers, and several of their children were after- 
ward oaptized, and where they were doubtless bom. 
Ebenezer Bouton and Abigail his wife united with 
church at South Salem, 1755. 

CUIdren of Ebenezer and Abigail Beaton^ of New Canaan and Sontii 


[For further details see No. 3748.] 

1.172 i. Abigail Bouton, b., supposed, in New Canaan, Ct., 
about Feb., 1742, m. Theophilus Ruscoe, of South 
Salem. Abigail had one daughter, Sally, who mar- 
ried Williams, lived Ridgefield, 1814. 

1.173 ii. Ebenezer Bouton, Jr., b., supposed, New Canaan, 
Ct., about March, 1744, m. 

1.174 iii. Timothy Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., June 1, 
1746, m. Ridgefield, 1767, Martha Scott, d. Ridgefield, 
Oct. 27, 1806. 

1.175 iv. Jesse Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct., 1748, 
m. Rachel Ferris, Pound Ridge, about 1771. 

1.176 V. Sarah BoutoN, b. South Salem, N. Y., May, 1752, 
m. first, Jerry Resco, of Cross River ; second, Epine- 
tus Bishop. 

1.177 vi. Joseph Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., March, 

1755, m. first, Seymour ; second, in New York 

city, wid. Lockwood. 

1.178 vii. Eluah Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 1756, m. 
Oct. 27, 1785, Sarah Northrop. 

1.179 viii. Patience Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., April, 
1757, probably died unmarried. 

(ii.) Sarah Bouton (dau. of Jakin Bouton), b,, sup- 



posed, Nor walk, about 1721, and was married at 
Stamford, July 15, 1740, to Joseph Bishop. 

Children of Joseph and Sarah Bonton Bishop» of Stamford, Ct. 

1.180 i. Nathan Bishop, b. Stamford, Ct, July 23, 1741. 

1.181 ii. Stephen Bishop, b. Stamford, Ct., Oct. 2, 1743. 

1.182 iii. Waitstill Bishop, b. Stamford, Ct., May 6, 1746. 

1.183 iv. Saeah Bishop, b. Stamford, Ct., Sept. 2, 1748. 

(iii.) Joseph Bouton (son of Jakin), b. Norwalk, 
1726, m. Susannah Raymond, dau. of Joshua Ray- 
mond, Aug. 25, 1748. [An old deed of land to John 
Belden by Joseph Bouton, was found by the compiler, 
dated Norwalk, Ct., Mar. 14, 1747-8, signed and sealed 
with his own hand.] They had six sons and five 
daughters, viz. : 

ChUdren of Joseph and Snsanna Raymond Bonton. 82 

1 184 i. William Bouton, b. January 16, 1749, m. Sarah 
' Benedict, and died May 30, 1828. She died Aug. 26, 

1.185 ii. Susannah Bouton, b. Jan. 27, 1751, m. Crissey 
Coggswell, of Pound Ridge. Their children were 

1,185'* 1. Sarah; 2. Polly; 3. William Coggswell. 
(Sarah m. Isaac Wood.) 

1.186 iii. Betty Bouton, b. Dec. 29, 1753 

1.187 iv. Joseph Bouton, b. Mar. 3, 1755. Probably the 
Joseph who married Joanna Harper, and lived in 
Chester, Orange Co., N. Y. 

1.188 V. Rebecca Bouton, b. June 3, 1757, m. Dec. 29, 
1778, Moses Raymond, of Norwalk. 

1.189 vi. Joshua Bouton, born Oct. 18, 1759, m. Nov. 
17, 1784, Margaret McLean. 

1.190 vii. Seth Bouton, b. April 16, 1762, m. first, Sarah 
Ressiquie. She died about 1820. Married, second, 
Aug. 22, 1822, Elizabeth Beers. 

1,1911 viii. Ira Bouton, b. Feb. 7, 1765. 

1.192 ix. Nancy Bouton. b. June 16, 1767. 

1.193 X. Debbe Bouton, d. August 27, 1769. 

1.194 xi. Aaron Bouton, b. April 19, 1772, m. Polly 


(vi.) Joshua Bouton (son of Joseph and Susannah 
Bouton), b. Norwalk, Oct. 18, 1759, m. Nov. 17, 
1784, Margaret McLean, and settled at Norwalk, Ct. 


Children of Joshua and Margaret HcLean Bonton. 1189 

1.195 i. Sarah Sears Bouton, b. Aug. 25, 1785. 

1.196 ii. Cornelia Bouton, b. Mar. 15, 1787. 

1.197 iii. George Bouton, b. Oct. 23, 1789. 

1.198 iv. Alexander Bouton, b. June 29, 1791. 

1.199 V. Harriet Bouton, b. Feb. 6, 1793. 

1.200 vi. Charles Bouton, b. May 25, 1795. 

EsAiAS Bouton (son of Jakin) b. (according to Whitney 
OenecUogy, page 911), Nov. 28, 1730, m. at Norwalk, Ct., 
May 30, 1763, rhebe Bixby, and settled at Belden's Neck. 
He and his wife were devoted members of St. Paul's Epis- 
copal church, of Norwalk, where he was a vestryman, and 
as reported in the historical account delivered by Rev. Mr. 
Selleck at the centennial of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 
Norwalk, in 1886, he was one of the foremost in his contribu- 
tions to its support, at one time giving $300, which in those 
days was a large sum; and often mentioned in its history, 
as an active and Uberal contributor to its needs, especially 
at the time the meeting-house was burned by King George's 
invaders, in 1779, when by the prompt and liberal action of 
a few self-sacrificing members the means were secured and 
the house rebuilt the following year. After a long and 
useful life he died at Norwalk, May 27, 1821, aged ninety- 
one years. 

Children of £saias and Phebe Bixbj Bonton^ of Norwalk, Conn. 8S 

1.202 i. Phebe Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Mar. 5, 1764, m. 
Jan. 17, 1771, Eliakim Waring, settled Troy, N. Y., 
he d. Troy, May 24, 1838, she d. Troy, Oct. 5, 1827. 

1.203 ii. Nathan Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., September 30, 
1756, m. Dec. 6, 1782, Abigail Burlock, settled Troy, 
N. Y. 

1.204 iii. Lydia Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 21, 1769. 
1,206 iv. Stephen Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., July 4, 1760, 

m. May 26, 1792, Hannah Camp, Nor walk. 
1,206 V. Samuel Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., July 14, 1762, 

m. Mar. 1, 1787, Eunice Smith, settled Norwalk. 
1,206* vi. Hannah Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., May 16, 1765, 

m. Jonathan Camp, May 19, 1792, settled Norwalk. 
1,206* vii. JosiAH Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 26, 1768. 

(iv.) Stephen Bouton (son of Esaias and Phebe 
Bixby Bouton), was born Norwalk, Ct. , July 4, 1760, 
m. May 26, 1792, Hannah, dau. of Jonathan Camp, 
of Norwalk, Ct. 


Children of Stephen and Hannah Camp Benton^ of Nonralk. 1206 

1.207 i. Hannah C. Bouton, b. March 8, 1793, m. Frede- 
rick Bradley. 

1.208 ii. Stephen Bouton, Jr., b. March 18, 1797, m. New 
Haven, May 5, 1823, Harriette Bradley, who was 
bom Dec. 30, 1801. 

1.209 iii. JosiAH Bouton, b. March 17, 1802, m. Troy, N. Y., 
March 15, 1827, Emeline Parker, res. Troy ; he died 
January 9, 1852. 

(i.) Hannah Camp Bouton (dau. of Stephen and 
Hannah Camp Bouton), b. Norwalk, Ct., March 8, 
1793, m. at Troy, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1812, Frederick 
Bradley, of Troy, where they settled and she died 
Jan. 9, 1852. 

Children of Frederick and Hannah C. Bonton Bradlej^ of Troy, Beng» 

selaer Co., N. T. 1207 

1.210 i. Cornelia Bouton Bradley, b. Troy, N. Y., March 

27, 1814, m. Oct. 9, 1837, John T. Lamport ; she d. 
Troy, Aug. 9, 1840. 

1.211 ii. Mary Caroline Bradley, b. Troy, April 18, 1818^ 
m. Gould Rockwell, Ridgefield, Ct. She d. Ridgefield, 
March, 1885. 

1.212 iii. Harriet Bradley, b. Troy, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1820, 
m. Joseph Hunneman, Troy, June, 1845. No chil- 
dren lived. Res. Boston, Mass. 

1.213 iv. William Frederick Bradley, b. Troy, N. Y.^ 
Jan. 22, 1827, not married, died Troy, N. Y., Aug. 7, 

1.214 V. Charles Walter Bradley, b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 9^ 
1830, not m., res. New York city, 1888. 

Children of John T. and Cornelia B. Bradley Lamport^ of Troy, N. Y» 


1,216 i. CoRNEUA Veazie LAMPORT, b. Troy, N. Y., died 
Troy, N. Y. 

1.216 ii. Cornelia Gertrude Lamport, b. Troy, N. Y., d. 
Troy, N. Y., Aug., 1840. 

Children of Joseph H. and Harriet Bradley Hnnnemanj of New York 

city. 12l2r 

1.217 i. WiLLLAJi B. Hunneman, b. New York city, July 7, 
1846, res St. Louis, Mo. 

1.218 ii. Frederick B. Hunneman, b. Boston, Mass., Feb, 
24, 1848, d. Boston, Mass., 1848. 


1.219 iii. Hewes Hunneman, b. Feb. 6, 1880. 

1.220 iv. Frederick N. Hunneman, b. Boston, Feb. 2, 1852, 
d. Feb. 12, 1856. 

1.221 V. George Hewes Hunneman, b. Boston, Mass., 
Oct. 20, 1854. 

1.222 vi. Joseph Bradley Hunneman, b. Boston, Mass., 
Sept. 13, 1856. 

(ii.) Stephen Bouton, Jr. (son of Stephen and 
Hannah Camp Bouton), went while a lad with his 
father to Troy, Rens. Co., N. Y., and on arriving at 
maturity, became the senior member of the firm of 
S. & J. Bouton, grain dealers and forwarders of that 
city. He was an active member of the Episcopal 
church, and by indorsing for the rector in the build- 
ing of Christ church, he was rendered bankrupt. 

He subsequently engaged in the grocerv business, 
which he conducted for a few years, and tlien moved 
to New Haven, Ct., where soon after he died (on Feb. 
10, 1855). His wife survived him and lived until 
Oct., 1870. Of their four children only two survive. 

Children of Stephen and Harriette Bradley Bonton, 1208 

1.223 i. Charles Frederick BoutON, b. Troy, N. Y., Aug. 
4, 1825, d. Aug. 8, 1825. 

1.224 ii. George B. Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., April 27, 
1828, ra. 1861, Mary Frances Nash, 

1.225 iii. Grace B. Bouton, b. July 14, 1835, m. Nov. 2, 
1853, William Cook Peck. 

1,225^^ ]v. Harriette Jerusha Bouton, b. Oct. 19, 1839, d. 
Feb. 1, 1849. 


George B. Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., April 27, 1828. At 
the age of nine years he was placed at the Episcopal board- 
ing school under the rector of the church previously alluded 
to, through whom his father had been defrauded and iniined 
and for which the said rector was deposed from the min- 

George remained three or four yeai-s at school, until the 
failure of his father, when he left and went into the hard- 
ware store of his Uncle Bradley, as clerk. At the end of 
three years of faithful service with his Uncle Bradley he 
went to New York city, where he obtained a position 
in the large establishment of E. Corning & Co., where he 
remained four fears. 




George accompanied his father when he moved to New 
Haven, and began to study medicine under Dr. Charles 
Hooker, professor of anatomy in Yale college. In Janu- 
ary, 1866, he graduated at Yale, and in March of the same 
year at New York Medical college. 

He had, even before graduating, received the appointment 
of examining physician and deputy coroner, and on gradu- 
ating immediately entered upon the duties of the office ; 
this position was held for three terms of three years each, 
except about one year which was spent as surgeon to Gen. 
Walter's troops m Nicaragua, with headquarters at St. 
George's and Eivas. 

In 1865, Dr. Bouton removed to Westport, Ct., where he 
has had his residence till the summer of 1888. 

In his profession Dr. Bouton takes a high stand, as an 
evidence of which, the fact is adduced that on one occasion 
in New York city he invalidated a will involving over two 
hundred thousand dollars, bj^ his examination of a body 
and introducing for the first time in legal annals, portions 
of the body which had been luried nine months, to illustrate 
testimony in a civil suit. For this Dr. Bouton received a fee 
of three thousand doUars. For years Dr. Bouton has been 
medical examiner for several life insurance companies, and 
is also a member of the Fairfield county and Connecticut 
medical societies. 

In 1861 he married Mary Frances, daughter of Andrew 
C. Nash, of Westport, where she was born Feb. 26, 1837, 
Dr. Bouton is both a Freemason and Odd Fellow, in many 
of whose lodges he has held prominent offices. Both he and 
his wife are Episcopalians, he having been vestryman in 
Christ church at Westport for fifteen years. Personally 
Dr. Bouton is social and is held in high esteem by a large 
circle of acquaintances and one of Westport's most valued 
citizens . 

iii. Grace Bradley Bouton (dau. of Stephen and 
Harriette Bradley Bouton), b. Troy, N. Y., July 14, 
1836, m. New Haven, Conn., Nov. 2, 1853, William 
Cook Peck, of New Haven, and settled there and 
moved to Waterbury, Conn., where she died March 
29, 1886. 

Children of WllIiAm G. and Graee B. Bonton (dan. of Stephen and 
Harriette Bradley Bonton)^ Feck^ of New Haren and Waterbnry, 
Conn. 1285 

1,226 i. Mary Amelia Peck, b. New Haven, May 19, 1854, 


m. first George A. WOson, June 6, 1871, divorced ; 
m. second Roselle W. Blakeman, res. New Haven, 

1.227 ii. William Henry Peck, b. New Haven Oct. 14, 
1866, m. Ida Elizabeth Crate, May, 1881, res. New 

1.228 iii. Harriette Jerusha Peck, b. New Haven Nov. 
6, 1859, res. Bristol, Conn. 

1.229 iv. Pauline Frances Peck, b. New Haven May 21, 
1864, m. Thomas J. Stubbs, May 21, 1881, res. Bristol, 

1.230 V. Grace Lillian Peck, b. Feb. 25, 1866, m. Nov., 
1887, Richard Nelson Squires, res. New Haven. 

1.231 vi. George Beriah B. Peck, b. New Haven Feb. 27, 
1868, adopted by Dr. George B. Bouton, res. West- 
port, Conn. 

1.232 vii. Florence Isabella Peck, b. New Haven July 
13^ 1870. 

1.233 viii. Ellen Lorena Peck, b. New Haven Dec. 10, 
1871, res. New Haven. 

Children of William Henry and Ida Elizabeth Crate Feck, of Waters 

barj, Conn. 12S7 

1,234: i. Joseph Wiluam Peck, b. Waterbury, Conn., 

April 8, 1882. 
1,236 ii. Stephen Bouton Peck, b. Waterbury, Conn., 

Sept. 26, 1883. 

1.236 iii. Edward Crate Peck, b. Waterbury, Conn., 
Sept. 20, 1885. 

1.237 iv. Grace Anna Peck, b. Waterbury, Conn., July 
28, 1887. 

Child of Georgre A. and Marj Amelia Peck Wilson, of New Hayen, 

Conn. 1226 

1.238 i. Albert Ernest We^on, b. New Haven, Conn.. 
Jan. 10, 1873. 

Child of Thomas JelTerson and Pauline F. Feck StnbbSy of Bristol^ 

Conn. 1229 

1.239 i. Harry Augustus Stubbs, b. Bristol July 7, 1883. 

(iii.) JosiAH Bouton (son of Stephen and Hannah 
Camp Bouton), b. Norwalk, Conn., March 17, 1802, 
m. Troy, N. Y., March 15, 1827, Eraeline Parker and 
settled in Troy, N. Y., where he died Jan. 9, 1852. 


Children of Jogiah and Emeline Parker Boaton, of Troj, N. Y. 1809 

1.240 i. Araminta Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., July 4, 1829, 
m. Greorge Q-. Rockwood Sept. 1, 1853, res. New 
York city. 

1.241 ii. Emeline Amelia Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., March 
6, 1831, res. New York city. 

1.242 iii. Cornelia Lamport Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., 
Aug. 3, 1838, m. James Whitney Garfield 1857, res. 
New York city. 

1.243 iv. ESALA.S Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1833, 
and died in infancy at Troy Aug. 13, 1833. 

1.244 V. Maria Augusta Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., April 
13, 1841, and died in childhood at Troy Sept. 12, 1850. 

1.245 vi. Mary Rockwell Bouton, b. Troy, N. Y., July 

26, 1847, living single at New York city 1888. 

Children of George Gardner and Araminta Bonton Rockwood, of New 

York city. 1240 

l,246y. Mary Araminta Rockwood, b. Troy, N. Y., Sept. 
^26, 1854, m. Dec. 14, 1876, J. Augustus Randel, res. 
. New York city. 

1.247 ii. George Henry Rockwood, b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 
23, 1857, single, res. New York city 1888. 

1.248 iii. JosiAH Bouton Rockwood, b. New York city 
Sept. 28, 1859, and died in infancy July 18, 1861. 

1.249 iv. Edward Fowler Rockwood, b. New York city 
May 20, 1862, and died in infancy Feb., 1864. 

Children of James W. and Cornelia L. Bouton Garfleld^ of Troy^ N. Y* 


1.250 i. Lyman Bouton Garfield, b. Troy, N. Y., Aug. 

27, 1863, res. New York city 1888. 

1.251 ii. Amelia Whiting Garfield, b. Troy, N. Y., 
March 31, 1865, died in infancy July 9, 1865. 

Children of J. An^nstus and Marj Araminta Rockwood Bandel, of 

New York city. 1246 

1.252 i. George Rockwood Randel, b. New York city 
Sept. 16, 1877. 

1.253 ii. Josephine Bouton Randel, b. New York city 
Dec. 30, 1878. 

1.254 iii. Augustus Couse Randel, b. New York city 
Oct. 8, 1881. 

1.255 iv. Mary Augusta Randel, b. New York city 
Dec. 20, 1883. 

1.256 V. Robert Howland Randel, b. New York city 
Jan. 7, 1885. 


1,257 vi. William McDonald Bandel, b. New York city 
May 13, 1886. 

1.257 vii. Bandel, b. New York city. April 2, 1888. 

Cbildren of Samnel and Eunice Smith Benton^ of Norwalk. 1206 
[Son of Esaias and Phebe Bixby Bouton, m. Mar. 1, 1787.] 

1.258 i. Phebe Bouton, b. Norwalk, March 14, 1788. 

1.259 ii. Abbe Bouton, b. Norwalk, July 24, 1790. 

1.260 iii. Hannah Bouton, b. Norwalk, Dec. 4, 1792. 

1.261 iv. EsALAS Bouton, b. Norwalk, July 18, 1796. 

Children of Jonathan and Hannah Bonton Camp, of Norwalk. 1205 
tDau. of Esaias and Phebe Bixby Bouton, m. May 19, 1792.] 

1.262 i. Sarah Camp, b. Norwalk, May 4, 1794. 

1.263 ii. Mary Camp, b. Norwalk, July 31, 1797. 

1.264 iii. William Camp, b. Norwalk, June 27, 1799. 

1.265 V. Jonathan Camp, b. Norwalk, Sept. 15, 1801. 

1.266 vi. Stephen W. Camp, b. Norwalk, Feb. 8, 1807. 

1.267 vii. Mary E. Camp, b. Norwalk, April 14, 1808. 

Capt. Moses Bouton (son of Jakin Bouton, of Norwalk, 
Ct.), who was great grandson of John and Abigail Marvin 
Bouton, of Norwalk, Ct., was bom at Norwalk, April 21, 
1857, a farmer of influence and respect among his towns- 
men. He married at South Salem, having moved there 
from Norwalk at an early age ; the exact date of his mar- 
riage not known, but must have been about 1780 to 1782. 
He married Mary Todd, of South Salem, where they settled. 
Before marriage he volunteered in the revolutionary war, 
1775, under Gen. Montgomery, and went with him in his 
expedition against Canada, and was left at St. Johns to 
guard that place, where he remained until the army returned 
from Quebec. {Whitney Genealogy,) After the war he 
returned to South Salem and united, with the Presbyterian 
church there, Aug. 10, 1822. Mary, his wife, united with 
the same church June 3, 1813, and died at South Salem 
April 6, 1825. 

He continued to live at South Salem until July 8, 1847, 
when he died in a triumphant hope of a blessed immortality 
beyond the grave. 

; Children of Capt Moses and Marj Todd Bonton^ of Sonth Salem. 88 

1.268 i. Jared Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., June 23, 1783 
(weaver and farmer), he m. Sally Keeler, of Ridge- 
field, Ct., who was b. Ridgefield, June 18, 1782 ; they 
settled in South Salem, N. Y., where she died Feb. 16, 


1816. He married, second, at Yorktown, N. Y.,. 
April 2, 1817, at her mother's house, Martha Fowler, 
dau. of Joseph and Sarah Whitney Fowler ; they set- 
tled in South Salem, where he died August 24, 1858. 
She died August 20, 1884. 

Children of Jared and Sallj Keeler Benton* of Sonth Salem. 12AS^ 

1.269 i. Linus Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 12, 
1806, and died there June 18, 1811, in infancy. 

1.270 ii. Smfth Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., March 11, 

1808, a shoemaker, m. North Salem, N. Y., Sept. 7, 
1831, Mary Hanford, dau. of Lewis and Deborah 
Hanford, of North Salem, where she was born Oct. 
2, 1806. They settled at South Salem, where he 
died without leaving any children, Oct. 13, 1833, 
and was buried in Presbyterian churchyard. 

1.271 iii. Edwin Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 20, 
1810, united with Presbyterian church. South Salem, 
Nov. 23, 1827, was a farmer, m. at South Salem, N. 
Y., March 9, 1836, Celetty Adams, dau. Nathan and 
Nancy Stebbins Adams, of South Salem, where she 
was born Feb. 17, 1810 ; they moved to Qreenburgh, 
N. Y., in 1841, where he was ordained an elder in the 
Presbyterian church, and after about two years they 
returned to within about two miles of South Salem, 
on a portion of his father's farm ; but desiring relief 
from the labor and care of the farm, it was sold in 
1883 and they removed to the village, where they 
were living in 1875 — (see Whitney Oenealogy) — ^and 
where they still were Uving in July, 1888, and where 
he has been senior elder for eighteen years. 

Children of Edwin and Celetty Adams Bonton^ of Sonth Salem. 1271 

1.272 i. Smith Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., April 9, 1837, 
and died at South Salem, N. Y., Aug., 1849, and buried 
in new cemetery. 

1.273 ii. Mary Cornelia Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
June 13, 1838 ; she united with the Presbyterian 
church. South Salem, 1864 ; she was living unmarried 
with her parents at South Salem, in 1888. 

1.274 iii. Samuel Hawley Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Aug. 13, 1847, and died at South Salem, Feb. 2, 1864, 
andburied in the new cemetery at South Salem. 

1.275 iv. Linus Bouton (son of Jared and Sally Keeler Bou- 
ton), b. South Salem, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1813, farmer, m. 
South Salem, Laura Pardee, b. South Salem, Feb. 11, 

1809, dau. of Isaac and Mary Hull Pardee and great 


grand-daughter of Jachin Bouton, Sr. Said Laura 
Pardee's sister Fanny m. Erastus S. Bouton, son of 
Daniel Bouton, of Ridgefield. They settled at South 
Salem, where he died Nov. 29, 1863. She, Laura, his 
widow, then went to live with his daughter, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Bouton Mead, wife of Linus Mead, of 
New Haven, Conn. 

€liildreii of Linns and Lanra Pardee Bonton, of South Salem. 1275 

1.276 i. Sarah Elizabeth Bouton, b. South Salem. N. Y., 
Sept. 10, 1838, and m. there Jan. 11, 1859, Linus 
Mead, a foundryman, b. South Salem, Sept. 20, 1836. 

1.277 ii. Mary Esther Bouton, b. South Salem, Oct. 10, 
1841, and died there Sept. 23, 1862. 

1.278 iii. Laura VmGDOA Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
August 21, 1844, m. Bedford, N. Y., October 19, 1864, 
Richard Nelson Bennett, b. June 7, 1837, at Branch- 
port, N. Y. He enlisted in Co. B , 7th Eegt. U. S. 
sharpshooters (Col. Berdan's), Aug., 1861 ; was dis- 
abled by sunstroke and discharged N,ov., 1862. 

Child of Liniu and Sarah Elizabeth (Bouton) Mead. 1276^ 

1.279 i. Frederick Llewellyn Mead, b. South Salem, 
N. Y., May 22, 1863, m. Alice Russell, Orange, Conn., 
Oct. 6, 1886, res. New Haven. 

Chfld of Richard N. and Lanra Virginia Head Bennett^ of Branchport^ 

Tates Co.^ N. T« 1878 

1.280 i. Linus Harrison Bennett, b. Nov. 23, 1876 ; they 
moved to Pulteney, on Lake Keuka, Steuben Co., 
N. Y., where they lived 1888. 

Children of Jared and Martha Fowler^ second wife of Jared Bonton* 


1.281 i. Sarah Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., March 6, 
1819, m. at South Salem March 9, 1842, Samuel 
Stebbins Hawley, son of Gould and Betsey Stebbins 
Hawley of South Salem, where he was bom Sept. 
26, 1815. He graduated at Theological seminary at 
Princeton, N. J., was licensed to preach by Presbytery 
at Bedford, but health failing moved on to a farm 
near Langley, Va., where he died without children 
March 7, 1846. She returned to South Salem where 
she married, second, Joseph Benedict, a farmer, and 
settled there where they continued to live 1886. 

1.282 ii. John Fowler Bouton (son of Jared and Martha 
Fowler Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., April 25, 


1823, a farmer, united with Presbyterian church 
South Salem Sept. 3, 1842, m. South Salem Oct. 2, 
1850, Sarah Ann Beynolds, dau. of Silas and Anna 
Haight Reynolds, of Somers, N. Y., where she was 
born Feb. 6, 1832. They settled South Salem where 
she died June 2, 1862, and buried in the Presbyterian 
church yard. He married second at Bedford, N. Y., 
Sept. 26, 1866, Clarissa Trowbridge Keeler, of Bed- 
ford, where she was born May 24, 1837, great grand- 
daughter of Capt. Trowbridge, of Bedford, N. Y., 
res. at South Salem 1887. 

Children of John F. and Sarah Ann Reynolds Bonton^ of South Salem, 

N. T. 1288 

1,283 i. Arthur Whitney Bouton, b. South Salem, N. 
Y., June 22, 1853, m. South Salem, Oct. 26, 187«, 
Mary Ann Ophelia Lyon, b. New York city April 16, 
1856, moved to South Salem 1858, dau. Elias Q. and 
Mary A. Wood Lyon ; settled New York city, where 
he, in connection with his brother, established a 
trucking and shipping business with their office at 
130 Maiden Lane ; they resided at 14 Abingdon square 

Children of Arthur Whitney and Marr Ann Ophelia Lyon Bonton. 

1,283*^ i. Mary Anna Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 

19, 1880. 
1,283* ii. Ethel Bouton, b. New York city May 22, 1888. 

1^284 ii. Anna Louisa Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., April 
17, 1»55, she died in childhood, August 31, 1858, and 
was buried in the Presbyterian church yard at 
South Salem. 

1.285 iii. Clara Minerva Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Jan. 28, 1859, unmarried, resides with parents 1888. 

1.286 iv. George Lincoln Bouton (son of John F. and 
Sarah Ann Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., July 14, 
1861, united with the Presbyterian church at South 
Salem, 1877 ; engaged in trucking and forwarding 
business with his brother Arthur, at 130 Maiden 
Lane, New York city, m. Northport, L. I., Nov. 5, 
1884, Lillie Cornelia Rogers, b. Northport, L. I., Feb. 
2, 1860, and educated for a teacher (dau. of Lemuel 
B. and Lydia E. Rogers), a lineal descendant of Rev. 
John Rogers, who was burned at the stake by the 
Roman Catholics, in Queen Mary's reign. They were 
living at 14 Abingdon square. New York city, 1888. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 125 

Children of John F. and Clarissa Trowbridge Keeler Bonton, of South 

Salem. 1282 

1.287 V. Ida JuiiA Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., June 
18, 1866. 

1.288 vi. Walter Jared Bouton, b. South Salem, April 
10, 1868, d. Oct. 1, 1868. 

1.289 vii. Henry Trowbridge Bouton, b. South Salem, 
Sept. 4, 1869, and d. May 16, 1885. 

1.290 viii. Frederick Fowler Bouton, b. South Salem, N. 
T., Jan. 13, 1873. 

1.291 ii. Isaac Bouton, a weaver and farmer (son of Cant. 
Moses and Mary Todd Bouton), b. South Salem, N. i ., 
Sept. 15, 1787, m. at South Salem, N. Y., November, 
one week before Thanksgiving day, 1830, Lois Keeler 
Benedict, widow of Benjamin Benedict, a farmer of 
Ridgefield. They settled in South Salem, where he 
died Feb. 15, 1860, and where she still lived in 1886. 

Children of Isaae and Lois Keeler Benedict Bonton, of South Salem. 


1.292 i. Moses Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., Sept. 26, 
1831, unmarried, d. South Salem, N. Y., June 17, 
1856, from an injury received from the overturning 
of a cart somp four weeks previous. 

1.293 ii. Sarah Minerva Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
May 11, 1834, d. in infancy, Feb. 2, 1837. 

1.294 iii. Aaron Keeler Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Dec. 20, 1835, a farmer, m. Sept. 20, 1871, Sarah Lou- 
isa Tyler, b. Bedford, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1850 (dau of 
Aaron and Martha Sutton Tyler). He was living at 
South Salem, N. Y., 1888. 

Children of Aaron K. and^arah L. Tjler Bonton. 1294 

1.295 i. Aaron Starr Bouton, b. South Salem, June 25, 
1875, and died in infancy Dec. 24, 1876. 

1.296 ii. Sarah Minerva Bouton, b. South Salem Dec. 
1, 1877. 

1.297 iii. Louisa Bouton, b. South Salem April 26, 1880, 
died May 3, 1880. 

1.298 iv. Mary Louisa Bouton, b. South Salem April 27, 


1.299 V. Aaron Roy Bouton, b. South Salem Jan. 2, 1885. 

1.300 iv. Isaac Seeley Bouton, Jr. (son of Isaac and Lois 
E. Bouton), b. South Salem Dec. 25, 1836, and died 
Feb. 17, 1837. 


1.301 V. Sarah Minerva Bouton, b. at South Salem, N. 
Y., June 23, 1838, m. South Salem Jan. 22, 1863, 
Cyrus Waterbury, shoemaker and farmer, son of 
Merlin Waterbury, of Pound Ridge, where he was 
born ; they settled at Pound Ridge, N. Y. , where she 
died without children; she was buried at South Salem. 

1.302 vi. Ruth Ann Bouton (dau. of Isaac Bouton), b. 
South Salem, N. Y., May 18, 1842, living with her 
mother at South Salem, unmarried June, 1886. 

1.303 iii. Hannah Bouton (dau. of Moses and Mary Todd 
Bouton), b. South Salem, Nov. 17, 1784, m. April 28, 
1805, Jacob Hull, b. August 14, 1782, settled in 
South Salem, and united with the Presbyterian 
church of South Salem Aug. 25, 1831, and died at 
that place, she June 30, 1855, and he March 11, 1857. 

Children of Jacob and Hannah Bonton HoU, of Sooth Salem^ N. T« 


i. Eliza Hull. 
ii. Marietta Hull. 
iii. Isaac E. Hull. 
iv. Jacob A. Hull. 
V. Webster B. Hutjl.. 

1,804 i. Eliza Hull (dau. of Jacob and Hannah Bouton 
Hull), b. South Salem, N. T., Sept. 14, 1805, m. South 
Salem, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1828 (by the Rev. Mr. Saun- 
ders), Edwin Studwell, only child of Joseph and Sally 
Mead Studwell, of Greenwich, Conn., where he was 
born Nov. 5, 1803. She died May 29, 1876. 

Children of Edwin and Eliza Hnli Stndweli. 1804 

1.305 i. TjEANDer Mead Studwell, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Mar. 6, 1831, m. Mary Caroline Bulkley (dau. of Wil- 
liam and Mary Bartram Bulkley, of Harrison, N. Y. 

Children of Leander and Marf C. Bnlkley Stndweli^ of Brookl jn^ 

N. ¥. 1806 

1.306 i. Frederick Bulkley Studwell, b. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., May 4, 1864. 

1.307 ii. Albert Leander Studwell, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Feb. 21, 1867, and d. Plainfield, N. J., May 1, 1875. 

1.308 ii. DwiGHT Studwell (son of Edwin and Eliza Hull 
StudweU), b. South Salem, N. Y., April 10, 1832, m. 
B^annah Maria Crocker (dau. of Capt. Charles K. and 
Julia A. Crocker, of Fairfield, Ct.). Hannah M. 
StudweU, d. Nov. 12, 1875. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 127 

Children of Dwight and Hannah Maria Stndwell. 1808 

1.309 i. Charles Crocker Studwell, b. March 25, 1860. 

1.310 ii. DwiGHT Studwell, Jr., b. Jan. 25, 1862. 

1.311 iii. Herbert Studwell, b. April 1,. 1867. 

1.312 iv. Florence Studwell, b. June 28, 1871. 

1.313 iii. Smith Bouton Studwell (son of Edwin and 
EUza Hull Studwell), b. at South Salem, N. Y., Feb. 
27, 1835. 

1.314 iv. Edwin Augustus Studwell (son of Edwin and 
Ehza Hull Studwell), b. South Salem, N. T., July 
22, 1837, m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1862, Mary 
Brown Merritt (dau. of John J. and Hannah Brown 
Merritt), she died Oct. 5, 1873, and he m. second, 
Dec. 19, 1876, Emeliza Hewlett, dau. of Joseph B. 
and Eliza S. Kelso Close. 

Children of Edwin A. and Marj M. Studwell, of Broolcljn, N. T. 1814 

1.315 i. Mabel Merritt Studwell, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
May 22, 1868. 

1.316 ii. Emmary Lucia Studwell, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
June 14, 1871, and died at Tarrytown, N. Y., Nov. 

10, 1885. 

1.317 ii. Marietta Hull (dau. of Jacob and Hannah 
Bouton Hull), b. August 26, 1807, m. Oct. 7, 1829, 
George W. Lawrence, b. Juljr 16, 1800, of South 
Salem and settled there. He died May 12, 1859. 

Cliildren of C^eorg^e !¥• and Marietta Hall Lawrence^ of Sontli Salem. 


1,313 i. George W. Lawrence, Jr., b. Aug. 20, 1831, not 
married, res. South Salem near Cross River 1887. 

1.319 ii. Cynthia Lawrence, b. Dec. 14, 1836, unmarried, 
she died Sept. 3, 1856. 

1.320 iii. Edson Lawrence, b. May 23, 1840, res. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

1.321 iv. Samuel Hull Lawrence, b. Nov. 12, 1844, m. 
Anna Lecount, Oct. 18, 1876 ; she was the daughter 
of Walter L. and Frances S. Russell Lecount, of New 
Rochelle where she was born June 5, 1856. 

Child of Samnel H* and Anna Leooont Lawrenee, of South Salem. 


1.322 i. Ethel Lawrence, b. South Salem, N, Y., March 

8, 1880. 

128 BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 


1.323 iii. Isaac E. Hull (son of Jacob and Hannah Bouton 
Hull), b. South Salem, N. Y., May 22, 1812, m. Han- 
ibal, N. Y., August 11, 1840, Ehza Rice, of Hannibal^ 
N. Y., they settled at Hannibal, hving there 1886. 

Children of Isaae £. and Eliza Blee Hnll^ of Hannibal, N. T. 

1.324 i. Erwin Colton Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., Nor. 
L 1844, m. July 23, 1873, Rosanna Stewart, dau. of 
James M. and Lodisa Stewai-t, of South West 
Oswego, N. Y. 

1.325 ii. Nathan W. Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., July 22, 
1850, and died Oct. 2, 1850. 

Children of Enr In C. and Rosanna Stewart Hull, of Hannibal, N. T» 


1.326 i. Carrie Eliza Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., July 23, 

1.327 ii. Erwin Stewart Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., April 

11, 1877. 

1.328 iii. Elbert Isaac Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., Dec. 
29, 1883. 

1.329 iv. Robert Bouton Hull, b. Hannibal, N. Y., Sept. 

12, 1885. 

i V. Jacob Augustus Hull (s^ his record in family 
of John Bouton) whose daughter Ann he married, 
of South Salem. 


1.330 V. Webster Bouton Hull (son of Jacob and 
Hannah Bouton Hull) b. South Salem, May 7, 1822. 
He was a farmer, and an elder in the Presbyterian 
church. Married, South Salem, Nov. 1, 1853, Hancy 
Keeler Benedict, and settled in South Salem ; he was 
ordained elder in the church at South Salem, 1868 ; 
were living there July, 1888. 

Cliildren of Webster B. and Haney K. Benedict Hull. 1880 
(From Whitney OenecUogy.) 

1.331 i. Hannah Louisa Hull, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Aug. 18, 1856, music teacher and organist of Presby- 
terian church in South Salem. Unmarried, hving at 
South Salem, 1886. 

1.332 ii. WnjJAM Clayton Hull, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Dec. 30, 1863 ; unmarried, hving there with parents, 


1,332* iv. Seth Bouton (son of Moses and Mary Todd Bou- 
ton), b. South Salem, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1790, m. Throops- 
viUe, Cayuga Co., N. Y., June 7, 1842, Mary Eliza- 
beth Clark, daughter of Stephen Peppard and Susan 
Bradner Clark, of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, where 
she was bom Sept. 10, 1813. They settled in Lysan- 
der, Onondaga. Co., N. Y., about 1830. He was a 
member of the Presbyterian church in Lysander, 
when he died, Aug. 25, 1866 ; she died Feb. 14, 1879. 

Child of Seth and Marj Eilcabefh Clark Bouton, of Ljsander. 1882a 

1.333 i. Reuben Clark Bouton, b. Lysander, N. Y., May 
10, 1844, m. Lysander, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1865, Eleanor 
A. Wallace, daughter of Fnrrand G. and Sarah Jane 
Wallace, of Owego, N. Y., where she was born July 
25, 1846. They settled at Lysander, where they were 
living June, 1886. 

Children of Benben Clark and Eleanor A. Wallace Bouton^ of Ljsan- 

der, N. T. 1888 

1.334 i. Mary Elizabeth Bouton, b. Lysander, N. Y., June 
23, 1866. 

1.335 ii. Reuben Franklin Bouton, b. Lysander, N. Y., 
Oct 6, 1869. 

1.336 iii. Grace Eleanor Bouton, b. Lysander, N. Y., 
Oct. 19, 1873. 

1.337 iv. Stella S. Bouton, b. Lysander, N. Y., June 18, 

Jakin (or Jachin) Bouton (son of Joseph and Mary Bou- 
ton, grandson of John Bouton, 1st), b. Norwalk, about 
1700. He is said to have married twice and had a large 
famfly of children. A part of them retained the primitive 
method of spelling their name — Bouton — while the others 
adopted the Boughton orthography. The Norwalk Records 
have the following, which is copied from the will of Esaias 
Bouton : *' For the consideration of the filial duty I have 
and do bear my honored father, Jachin Bouton, of Norwalk, 
Conn., I do freely give and grant to him the northerly half 
part of the dwelling house he now dwells in on Flax Hill. 
Dated Oct. 31, 1765. 

Note. — ^This is a repeated entry. The original entry of 
these names will be found at numbers on right-hand margin. 

The following have been assigned by the compiler as the 



Children of Jakln Bonton and kis two wires, of Nonralk^ Gt 87a 

1.338 i. Ebbnezer Boughton, b. probably, Norwalk, [1171 

Ct., about 1720, married Abigail and lived at 

New Canaan and South Salem. 

1.339 ii. Sarah Boughton, b. Norwalk, Ct., about [81 
1722, m. Stamford, Ct., Joseph Bishop. 

1.340 iii. Joseph Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1726, m. [82. 
Aug. 25, 1748, Susannah Raymond, settled Norwalk. 

1.341 iv. EsAiAS Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 28, [88 
1730, m. Phebe Bixby. He d. Norwalk, May 27, 1821. 

1.342 V. Mary Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1732, m. her [84 
cousin, Ezra Bouton, son of Eleazer. 

1.343 vi. Debbb [Deborah] Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., [85 
m. Mr. Waring. 

1.344 vii. Patty Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., m. Capt. [86 
David Pardee. 

1.345 viii. Esther Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct. ; never m. [87 
lived and died with her brother Moses. 

1.346 ix. Mose8 Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., April 21, [88 
1767, m. about 1780, Mary Todd, settled South Salem, 
where he died April 6, 1825. 

Children of Ezra (son of Eleazer Bouton), and Marf Bonton (dan, of 

Jaehin) Bonton, probablj of South 8alem. 84 

1.338 i. Seth Bouton, b. probably Norwalk, about 1750, 
m. first, Sarah Ressequie ; second, widow Lizzie 

1.339 ii.. Enoch Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1752, m. first, Debo- 
rah Smith ; second, Patience Newman. 

1.340 iii. Ezra Bouton, b. Norwalk, m. 

1.341 iv. Elizabeth Bouton, b. Norwalk. 

1.342 V. Jakin Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1767, m. first, Elsa 
Benedict : second, Anna Jarvis ; third, Bhoda 

Seth Bouton, first son of Ezra and Mary Bouton, b. 
Norwalk, Ct., 1760, and grandson of Eleazer and Elizabeth 
Seymour Bouton, of Norwalk, his mother, Mary, being a 
daughter of Jaehin Bouton, of Norwalk, who was a son of 
Joseph and Mary Bouton, who was ,a son of John Bouton, 
Sr., who emigrated to America in 1635 ; said Seth Bouton, 
m. firat, Ridgefield, Ct., Aiig. 15, 1771, Sarah Ressequie; 
second, wid. Lizzie Gregory Patrick. 

Children of Seth and Sarah Resaequie Bouton. 18M 

1.343 i. Phebe Bouton, b. probably Wilton, Dec. 4, 1771, 
m. Mar. 23, 1790, Benjamin Jones. 


1.344 ii. Sarah Bouton, b. Wilton, July 14, 1778. 

1.345 iii. Sbth Bouton, Jr., b. Wilton, Feb. 20, 1780, m. 
Phebe Sherwood. 

(iii.) Sbth Bouton, Jr., b. probably at Wilton, 
Conn., Feb. 20, 1780, farmer and weaver, m. Ridge- 
field, Conn , Phebe Sherwood, b. Oct. 3, 1778, and 
settled in Wilton. 

Children of Seth, Jr., and Phebe Shenr ood Bouton, of Wilton^ Gt. 1845 

1.346 i. Hiram S. Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct., June 2, 1802, 
m. Oct. 4, 1824, Rebecca Smith, dau. of Ebenezer 
Smith, and settled at Korwalk as a carpenter. 

Children of Hiram S* and Bebecea Smith Bouton, of Nonr alk, Ct« 

1,847 i. William Bouton, b. Ridgefield March 19, 1826, m. 
Elizabeth E. Dowd, lived Bridgeport, 1887. 

1.348 ii. Seth S. Bouton, 3d, b. Ridgefield Feb. 25, 1827, m. 
Laura Price Cole ; she died New Haven. Ct. 

1.349 iii. Ebenezer Bouton, a carpenter, b. Ridgefield 
August 26, 1828, m. Emeline Keed, res. South Nor- 
waQ: 1887. 

1,349- iv. Sarah Ann Bouton, b. Sept. 2, 1830, and died at 
Ridgefield Dec. 24, 1833. 

1.350 V. Lucy Ann Bouton, b. Ridgefield May 30, 1834, 
she d. Oct. 21, 1838, at Ridgefield. 

1,350» vi. Sylvester S. Bouton, b. Nov. i, 1835, and he 
died Sept. 3, 1839. 

1.351 vii. Sylvester S. Bouton, engineer in Hoy t factory. 
South Norwalk, Conn., b. Ridgefield Nov. 17, 
1839, m. first Dorliski C. Whitman at Jersey City 
1861. m. second Ella C. Hemingway June 26, 1872. 

1.352 viii. Lucy Ann Bouton 2d, b. Ridgefield June 24, 
1842, m. Abraham Van Winkle, res. Ridgefield. 

1.353 ii. William Bouton (son of Seth and Phebe Sher- 
wood Bouton), b. probably Wilton, May 5, 1804, m. 
about 1828 Polly E.Hoyt, b. Dec., 1809. 

tldldren of William and Polij Emilj Hoyt Bouton, of Ridgefield 

where thej II red. 

1.354 i. John Bouton, upholsterer. Main St., Norwalk, b. 
Kidgefield, about 1830, m. Ridgefield, 1852, Caroline 
Mead, dau. of Seth and Sally Mead, and settled in 

Cliiidren of John and Caroline Mead Bonton^ of Nonralk, Ct. 

1.355 i. Edward F. Bouton, b. Norwalk August 13, 1853, 
a printer, not married. 

132 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

1.356 ii. Richard M. Bouton, b. NorwaJk August 19, 1855, 
m. Cassie Smith, Nov., 1875. 

1.357 iii. Caroline Alberttne Bouton, b. Norwalk Dec. 
21, 1658, died in infancy July 18, 1860. 

1.358 iv. WiKFiELD Scott Bouton, b. Norwalk, Oct. 18, 
1862, not married, resides in Norwalk 1887. 

1.359 V. Emma L. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Jan. 16, 1865, not 
married, lived with parents at Norwalk, 1887. 

1.360 ii. William Bouton, Jr. (son of William and Polly 
E. Hoyt Bouton), b. probably at Ridgefield, about 
1832, m. about 1852 at Ridgefield, Rebecca Fitch, 
and he died about 1872. 

Child of William and Rebecca Fitch Bouton, probablj of BIdgrefield. 


1.361 i. Ida Bouton, b. Norwalk, m. Albert Adams, of 

Children of Albert and Ida Bouton Adams, of Norwalk, Ct 

1.362 i. Grace Adams, b. Norwalk 1878. 

1.363 ii. Spencer Adams, b, Norwalk 1880. 

1.364 iii. Mary Bouton (dau. of William and Polly E. 
Hoyt Bouton), b. probably at Ridgefield about 1834, 
m. Amos Sherwood, a farmer, of Ridgefield, where 
they resided 1888, they had no children at that time. 

1. 365 iv. Sarah Bouton (dau. William and Polly E. Hoyt 
Bouton), b. probably at Ridgefield about 1836, and 
m. Jeremiah 0. Mead (son of Edson and Samantha 
Mead), he was a shoe manufacturer of Binghamton 
where they resided, 1888. 

1.366 iii. Seth L. Bouton (son of Seth and Phebe Sher- 
wood Bouton), b. Wilton, Ct., Sept. 11, 1806, never 

1.367 iv. Sarah Ann Bouton (dau. of Seth and Phebe 
Sherwood Bouton), b. Wilton Oct. 29, 1808, and 
died aged nine years. 

1.368 V. James R. Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct., Oct. 24, 1811, 
died not married about 1835. 

1.369 vi. Charles H. Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct., April 27, 
1814, m. first, Deborah A. Betts, b. Nov. 22, 180l». 
She died Nov. 14, 1837. Married, second, Janet Betts, 
sister of Deborah, July 11, 1847, they settled at Wil- 
ton, Ct., where she, Janet Betts Bouton, died Feb. 23, 


Children of Charles H. and Deborah A. BetU Bonton, of Wilton, Ct. 

1.370 i. Christopher C. Bouton, b. Wilton about 1836, m. 
about 1862, Mary E., dau. of William Glover, res. 

1.371 ii. Lydia A. Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct., Sept. 25, 1847, 
not married, res. Norwalk 1887. 

1.372 iii. RuFUS J. Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct , May 28, 1850, 
died in childhood. 

Children of Christopher C. and Marj £• Glorer Boaton, of Wilton, Ct. 


1,873 i. Frank K Bouton, b. Wilton Oct. 12, 1864, was 
a clerk in Norwalk, Ct., where he lived 1887, not 

1,374 ii. Carlyle R. Bouton, b. Wilton June 30, 1868, 
not married, res. with parents at Wilton 1887. 

Children of William (son of Hiram and Rebecca Smith Boaton)» and 
Elizabeth E. Dowd Bouton, of New Hayen, Ct 1848 

1,874* i. Anna Frederica Bouton. 

1,374** ii. Ida R. Bouton, b. New Haven, m. Darwin E. 

Hill, res. 617 Sixth ave., New York city. 
1,374* iii. Edwin Augustus Bouton, b. New Haven Sept., 

1853, m. New York city, 1871, Edith M. Brower, res. 

South Norwalk 1888. 

Children of Edwin A. and Edith M. Brower Booton, of Sonth Norwalk. 

1,374* i. Edwin A. Bouton, Jr., b. Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 4, 

1873, res. with parents. 
1,374*^ ii. Harry C. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., May, 1877, 

res. with parents. 
1,374' iii. Edith M. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 25, 1880, 

res. with parents. 
1,374* iv. Alice Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., June, 1882, res. 

with parents. 
1,374* V. Else Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 1, 1885, res. 

with parents. 
1,374* vi. Edna Vinita Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., March, 

1888, res. with parents. 

Children of Seth S. and Lanra Price Ronton, of Stamford and New 

Hayen, Conn. 11148 

1,374^ i. Charles Bouton, b. Stamford March 4, 1853, 

died New Haven August 4, 1855. 
1,374* ii. Ella Frances Bouton, b. New Haven, Ct., March 

15, 1857, m. Oct. 18, 1875, El wood H. Smith, res. 

New Haven 1888. 


Children of Elwood H. and Ella F. Bonton Smith, of Oyster Pointy New 

Haven 9 Ct. 

1,874* i. Daisy E. Smith, b. New Haven Feb. 20, 1877, res. 

New Haven, Ct. 
1,374" ii. LuLA A. Smith, b. New Haven April 16, 1879, 

res. New Haven, Ct. 
1,374" iii. Elmer E. Smith, b. New Haven Jan. 1, 1883, res. 

New Haven, Ct. 
1,374" iv. Maynard L. Smith, b. New Haven Jan. 15, 1885, 

res. New Haven, Ct. 
1,374' V. Charles E. Smith, b. New Haven August 11, 

1886, died New Haven Feb. 11, 1887. 

Children of Ebenezer and Emellne Reed Bonton, of Norwalk, Ct 1849 

1,374*1. Cornelia G. Bouton, died in childhood. 

1,347' ii. Effie Bouton. 

1,374' LuciEN R. Bouton, b. Mar. 9,1863, m. Oct. 12, 

1887, Jessie M. Taylor, res. South Norwalk. 

Child of Lncien and Jessie M. Taylor Bouton^ of South Norwalk, Ct. 

1,374* i. Mabel Taylor Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., 
.uly 2, 1888. 

Children of Sylrester S. and his first wife Dorllslci C. Wliitman Ronton, 

of Norwalk, Ct. 

1,374' i. Addie I. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 1, 1863. 
1,374^ ii. Maud Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., no date obtained, 

died childhood. 
1,374'' iii. Harry W. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., May 16, 


By second wife, m. Jane 26, 1872, Ella C. Bemingway. 

iv. Thomas G. Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., 
m .„^ J Feb. 15, 1874, died August 9, 1884. 
iwms^^ U()BERT B. Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., 

^Feb. 15, 1874, d. Oct. 27, 1884. 
1,374' vi. Grace E. Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 

18, 1875. 
1,374^ vii. Alice M. Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., Sept. 
18, 1876, aud died Jan. 29, 1878. 

(i.) Enoch Bouton (son of Ezra and Mary Bouton), b. South 
Salem, N. Y., 1752, m. Deborah Smith, who wash. New 
Canaan, Ct., 1762 ; they settled at South Salem, where she 
died 1800. Married, second. Patience Newman. He d. 1812. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 135 

Ckildren of Enoch and Deborah Smith Bonton, of South Salem^ N. Y. 


1.375 i. Deborah Smith Bouton, b. South Salem, N Y., 
1788, m. Jacob W. Chapman and died. Never had 

1.376 ii. Harriet Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y. 

1.377 iii. Abigail Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., ra. Jesse 
Montross, res. Tarry town, N. Y. 

1.378 iv. Polly Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 1797, m. 
Ebenezer Banks, res. Banksville, Ct., she d. Mar., 

1.379 V. Robert Porter Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
1800, m. Aug. 9, 1821 ; Betsey Scofield Warren, b. 
New Canaan, he d. Dec. 14, 1883. 

1.380 vi. Joseph Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., 1803, m. 
Sarah B. Nickerson ; d. New Canaan ; he died Jan- 
uary, 1873. 

1.381 vii. Louise Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. 

Crane, settled in the west. 

Children of Robert Porter and Betsey Scofield Warren Boaton, of New 

Canaan, Ct, he d. Dee. 14, 1888. 1879 

1.382 i. Polly Smith Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Aug. 
7, 1822, m. Oct., 1850, John H. Bonneli, b. June, 
1824; P. 0. Mianus, Ct. 

1.383 ii. Lewis Warren Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
May 25, 1827, went to California 1860, last heard 
from was 1865, in California. 

1.384 Noahdiah Bowler Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
July 7, 1834, m. Corinne Isabella Taylor, b. Mar. 12, 
1844, m. Jan. 1, 1866, res. New Canaan. 

1.385 iv. Sarah Bell Bouton, b. New Canaan, March 14, 
1836, not married, res. New Providence, N. J. 

1.386 V. William Alonzo Bouton, b. New Canaan, Nov. 
7, 1838, d. in childhood. New Caanan, Sept. 30, 1842. 

1.387 vi. Nathan Warren Bouton, b. New Canaan, Nov. 
9, 1841, d. New Canaan, Nov. 9, 1847. 

1.388 vii. Anna Angelina Bouton, b. New Canaan, July 
17, 1846, m. Wm. Greene, Oct. 3, 1869, he d. Oct. 
13, 1877; she res. at 298 Bedford ave. 

Children of John H. and Pollj 8. Boston Bonneli^ of Mlanna^ Ct 1882 

1.389 i. John H. Bonnell, Jr., P. O. Mianus, b. Jan. 25, 
1852, m. Jan., 1886, Anna McCord, Greenwich, Ct. 

1.390 ii. William Bonnell, b. Greenwich, Nov. 9, 1856, 
unmarried, res. Greenwich, Ct. 


1.391 iii. Ella J. Bonnell, b. Greenwich, Ct., Nov. 26, 1859, 
died in childhood, Oct. 8, 1865. 

Children of Noahdiah B. and Gorinne U Tajlor Boaton, of New 

Canaan, Ct. 1884 

1.392 i. Mary Ella Bouton, b. New Canaan, May 30, 
1867, unmarried, res. 120 2d Ave., New York. 

1.393 ii. Anna Bell Bouton, b. New Canaan, June 17, 
1871, and died at New Canaan, Oct. 17, 1885. 

1.394 iii. Edwin B^lerton Bouton, b. New Canaan, Aug. 
28, 1873, res. New Canaan. 

1.395 iv. Bessie Warren Bouton, b. New Canaan, Sept. 
10, 1876, res. New Canaan. 

1.396 V. Florence Amelia Boltton, b. New Canaan, Sept. 
18, 1878, res. New Canaan. 

1.397 vi. Zbtta Pearl Bouton, b. New Canaan, April 28, 

Children of William and Anna Ani^lina Bouton (jlreenj of Bedford 

ATe.y Brooklyn, N. Y. 1888 

1.398 i. Clarence Edgar Green, b. Brooklyn, N. T., July 
17, 1870, and d. New Canaan, Nov. 1, 1873. 

1.399 ii. Ediph Green, b. Brooklyn, N. T., July 1, 1872, 
and died Brooklyn, Nov. 23, 1873. 

1.400 iii. WiLUAM Green, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 16, 1874, 
and d. Brooklyn, Feb. 18, 1875. 

1.401 iv. Edna Green, b. Brooklyn, N. T., Dec. 24, 1876, 
and d. Brooklyn, Oct. 8, 1877. 

Children of Jesse and Abigail Bonton Montross^ of Tarrytown^ N. T« 


1.402 i. Deborah Montross, b. Tarrytown, 1822, m. Wil- 
liam Gates. 

1.403 ii. James Montross, b. Tarrytown, 1824. 

1.404 iii. Elijah Montross, b. Tarrytown, about 1827, he 
d. Jan. 6, 1873. 

Children of Joseph (son of Enoch and Deborah Sniith|Bouton) and Sarah 

£. Nickerson Bonton, of New Canaan, Ct* 1880 

[They had eight children but only the following are traced:] 

1.405 i. Emma Bouton, b. New Canaan, m. Balph Wash- 

1.406 ii. Newton E. Bouton, b. 1840, m. 1876, Sarah E. 
Van Voorhis ; he d. 1878, she res. 1048 Lafayette ave., 
Brooklyn, 1888. No children. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamily. 137 

1.407 iii. Ann Augusta Bouton, b. abt. 1843, m. Edward 

Hoagland. Both are dead. She died . He 

died . 

Child of Balph and Emma Boaton .Washburn, N. Canaan. 1405 

1.408 George Washburn, b. abt. 1853, res. Westport. 

(iv ) Polly Bouton (dau. Enoch and Deborah 
Smith Bouton), b. South Salem, N. Y., 1797, m. 
Ebenezer Banks. 

Children of Ebenezer and Polly Bonton Banks. 1878 

1.409 i. Ann Eliza Banks, b. North Castle, N. Y., 1819, 
m. William Bird, who died in Brooklyn. 

1.410 ii. Jonathan M. Banks, b. North Castle, N. Y., 1824, 
m. Prances Briggs, res. Banksville. 

1.411 iii. Benjamin Banks, b. North Castle, N. Y., 1831, m. 
first, Emma Smith ; second, Maiy Pitch ; res. Banks- 
ville. Mary Pitch d. Jan., 1889. 

Children of William and Ann E. Banks Bird^ of Chappaqoa, N. Y, 

1.412 i. Mary Bird, b. Mt. Pleasant, Westchester Co., N. 
Y., July 16, 1838, m. Samuel Martin, Brooklyn; shed. 

1.413 ii. WiLLLAM Bird, b. Mt. Pleasant, N. Y., Jan. 9, 
1841, m. first, Emma Nourse ; second, Emma Hyatt ; 
res. Chappaqua. 

1.414 iii. Deborah Bird, b. North Castle, N. Y., May 31, 
1844, m. James Bogan ; she d. Pleasantville. 

1.415 iv. Wilson Bird, b. North Castle, N. Y., Dec. 19, 
1849. He died, Tarrytown, Sept. 8, 1852. 

1.416 V. Annie Bird, b. Tarrytown, Aug. 10, 1852, unmar- 
ried, d. April 17th, 1871. 

1.417 Emma K. Bird, b. Mt. Pleasant, Dec. 9, 1857 ; she died 
Tarrytown, Feb. 13, 1859. 

1.418 vii. JOHN Bird, b. Greenwich, Ct., Nov. 1, 1859, m. 
Ada McCrum ; res. Chappaqua. 

Children of Jonathan and Frances BrigrtTS Banics, of BantLSTiliej Ct. 


1.419 i. Charles A. Banks, b. Banksville, Ct., 1850, m. 
Emma Elsback, res. 1188 Gates ave., Brooklyn. 

Child of Charles and Emma Elsback Banks, of Brookljn, N. T. 

i. Ida Melissa Banks, b. Banksville, Ct., Nov. 26, 
1875 and d. July 30, 1877. 

1.420 ii. Sarah Alfretta Banks, b. Banksville, Ct., 1854 ; 
she d. Middle Patent. 

138 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

1.421 iii. Keziah E. Banks, b. Middle Patent, 1859, m. J. 
All)ert Barrett, res. Greenwich, 1888. 

1.422 iv. William S. Banks, b. Banksville, Ct., 1864, m. 
Margaretta Jackson, res. White Plains. 

1.423 V. Benjamin J. Banks, b. Middle Patent, 1869, not 
married, res. White Plains. 

Children of BeDJamin and Emma Smith Banks^ of GhlGagOy 111. 1411 

1.424 i. Emma S. Banks, b. Sept. 1, 1860, m. Madison Brower, 

res. Chicago, 111. 

1.425 ii. Ruth Banks, b. Jan. 19, 1864, m. Antonio J. 
Dubocq, son of Antonio J. and Adelaide F. Dubocq, 
of Barbadoes, W. I.; res. 1188 Gates ave., Brooklyn. 

Child of Antonio J. and Ruth Banhs Dubocqy of Brooklyn. 

i. Benjamin Leo Dubocq, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct., 


Children of William J, and his first wife, Emma Nourse Bird; of Chap- 

paqna^ N. T. 1418 

1.426 i Frank Bird, b. Pleasantville, N. Y., May 28, 1873. 

1.427 ii. Edward Bird, b. Pleasantville, N. Y. 
1,42^ iii. Blanch Bird, b. Pleasantville, N. Y. 

1.429 iv. Olive Bird, b. Pleasantville, N. Y. 

1.430 V. Daisy Bird, b. Pleasantville, N. Y. 

1.431 vi. LuciLLA Bird, b. Pleasantville. N. Y. 

Children of John and Ada McCrnm Bird, of Chappaqna^ N. 1.1418 

1.432 i. Clarence Bird, b. Chappaqua, N. Y., July 13, 

1.433 ii. John C. Bird, b. Naugatuck, Conn., Nov. 4^ 1883. 

1.434 iii. Frederick Bird, b. , Feb. 7, 188-. 

Children of Eira, Jr. (son of Ezra and Mary Bonton Booton) and 

Bouton, of South Salem. 1840 

1.435 i. Lewis Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., July 31, 
1793, m. Dec. 10, 1822, Abigail Hull, b. July 8, 1792. 
She d. 1862, he d. June 14, 1873. 

1.436 ii. Enoch Bouton, b. South Salem, Dec. 4, 1804, m. 
Ursula Read, Dec. 6, 1830 ; he died June 9, 1388. 

Note. — The following obituary notice appeared in a local 
paper of June 9, 1888 : 

'* Enoch Bouton, an old and life-lon§ resident of South 
Salem, died on Saturday night, the 9th inst., at the age of 
eighty-three years. Mr. Bouton was one of those genial, 
open-hearted men whom it is always a pleasure to know. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 139 

Kind and obliging, ever ready to lend a helping hand when 
occasion reguired, attending strictly to his own business, 
without unduly interesting himself in the affairs of others, 
a stranger to dishonesty, and loyal as a citizen, although 
never prominent as a public man, nevertheless, he was m 
his day and generation among the foremost of the common 
people. He possessed in an eminent degree the qualities 
and the virtues, which go to make the true man, ana which 
are evermore recognized and acknowledged, whether they 
appear in the character of the humblest individual, or the 
most distinguished citizen. 

The respect and esteem in which he was held were shown 
in the large attendance at his funeral, which took place at 
the South Salem Presbyterian Church on Tuesday after- 

1.437 iii. Sarah Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. 


1.438 iv. Mary Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. Anson 

1.439 V. Elsa Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. Enos 
St. John. 

Children of Lewis and Abigrall Hull Bonton, of Soutli Salem, N. T. 1485 

1,439» i. Mary Bouton, b. May 13, 1825, married Stephen 
McCall ; no children, res. South Salem, 1887. 

1,439 • ii. Erastus E. Bouton, b. April 17, 1827, m. Jose- 
phine Snyder, no children ; he died Buffalo, N. Y., 

1,439 iii. Abner Bouton, b. Dec. 27, 1829, d. Aug. 9, 1835. 

Child of Enoch and Ursula Bead Bonton, South Salem, N. ¥. 1486 

1,439^ Clarxnda Bouton, b. South Salem, N. Y., m. Cvrus 
Lawrence, Aug. 5^4, 1852, and settled in South Salem, 
where they were living, 1888. 

Children of Cjms and Clarinda Bouton Lawrence^of South Salem* 

1,439= i. Wilbur C. Lawrence, b. South Salem, June 11, 

1853 ; res. Van Wert, Ohio. 
1,439' ii. Cornelia Frances Lawrence, b. South Salem, 

Aug. 8, 1855, res. South Salem, 1887. 
1,439' iii. Martha Lawrence, b. South Salem, May 23, 

185S, m. James R. Tucker, res. West Hartford, Ct., 

1,439 • iv. George Law^rence, b. South Salem, July 6, 1868, 

res. South Salem, 1888. 


Jakin Bouton (son of Ezra, son of Eleazer^), and Mary 
Bouton (dau. of Jakin* first Bouton), was b. Norwalk, Ct., 
Aug. 26, 1767, m. first, E'sa Benedict, dau. Stephen Benedict, 
agm 17 years; she died at New Canaan, June 4, 1788. He m. 
second, Anna Jarvis, b. 1772, she died New Canaan, Ct., 
Nov., 1798. He m. third, Rhoda Richards, b. 1775, settled 
at New Canaan, Ct., he died 1843, she died Mar. 6, 1850. 

Children of Jakln and Anna Jaryls Bonton, New Canaan^ Ct. 184S 

1.440 i. Waters Bouton, b. May 20, 1794, m. Esther Ray- 
mond, and d. New Canaan, Nov. 10, 1860. 

1.441 ii. Samuel Bouton, b. Oct. 1, 1796, m. Catharine 
Bandy ; he d. New Canaan, Jan. 10, 1877. 

Children of Jakin and Rhoda Richards Boatouy New Canaan^ Ct. 1842 

1.442 iii. Anna Bouton, b. July 7, 1800, m. Nehemiah 

1.443 iv. Ruth Bouton, b. Sept. 28, 1801, m. Feb. 20, 1820, 
Timothy E. Raymond. 

1.444 V. Harvey Bouton, b. Feb. 13, 1803, m. Oct. 18, 
1826, Emily Hanford. 

1.445 vi. Hannah Bouton, b. July 24, 1805, m. Jesse Sel- 

1.446 vii. Delia Bouton, b. Dec. 12, 1806, m. Nov. 12, 1826, 
Ro^al Benedict. 

1.447 viii. John W. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., June 
13, 1811, m. Norwalk, Nov. 25, 1829, Betsey Smith. 

1.448 ix. Harriet Bouton, b. Jime 26, 1813, m. John 
Brown, and settled in Ohio. 

1.449 X. Betsey E. Bouton, b. April 2, 1815, m. Walter 

1,460 xi. Henry Bouton, b. April 28, 1817, m. Catharine 
Sidell, d. New York ; no children. 

(i.) Waters Bouton (son of Jakin and Anna 
Jarvis Bouton), b. May 20, 1794, m. Esther Raymond, 
b. New Canaan, 1795, settled New Canaan, where he 
died Nov. 10, 1860 ; she was living New Canaan, 1888. 

Children of Waters and Esther Raymond Ronton^ of New Canaan, Ct. 


1.451 i. Ann Euza Bouton, b. New Canaan, m. Feb. 25, 
1846, Orrin A. Doty ; she d. March, 1866 ; he lives. 
New Canaan, with widow Esther Bouton. 

1.452 ii. LucBETiA Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., where she 
still lives with her mother, unmarried, Jan., 1889 


(ii.) Samuel Bouton (son of Jakin and Anna Jarvis 
Bouton), was born Oct. 1, 1796 ; m. Catharine Bundy 
and d. Jan. 10, 1877. 

Child of Samuel and Catherine Bnndjr Boaton. 

1,468 i. Elizabeth Bouton, b. , m. Finch, he 

d. and she married, second, ; live Trum- 
bull, Ct., 1886. 

(iii.) Anna Bouton (dau. of Jakin and Ehoda 
Richards Bouton) b. July 7, 1800, m. Nehemiah Ste- 
vens, settled in New Canaan, where they both died ; 
she d. 1845. 

CUldren of Nehemiah and Anna Boaton Steyens, of New Canaany Ct. 

1.454 RuFUS Stevens, b. New Canaan, Ct., where he 
resided, 1877. 

1.455 Harvey Stevens, b. New Canaan, Ct., res. South 
Norwalk, Ct., 1887. 

(iv.) Ruth Bouton (daughter of Jakin and Rhoda 
Richards Bouton), b. New Canaan, Sept. 28, 1801, m. 
Feb. 20, 1820, Timothv E. Raymond, and settled in 

New Canaan, where ne d. . His widow was 

still living there, 1889. 

Children of Tlmothj E. and Rath Boaton Rajmondy of New Canaan. 

1.456 i. Amelia Raymond, b. , Nov. 21, 1821, m. 

Nov. 14, 1847, Geo. Lockwood, settled New Canaan, 
where he d. ; she res. there, 1887. 

1,467 ii. Samuel Raymond, b. New Canaan, Ct., March 
6, 1823, m. Rosamond Schoolcraft. 

1.458 iii. Sarah Raymond, b. April 13, 1826, died in child 
hood, Sept. 5, 1829. 

1.459 iv. Nelson Raymond, b. Dec. 11, 1828, at , m. 

Stamford, Ct., Nov. 25, 1856, G. D. Scofield and set- 
tled in Stamford, where they lived, 1886. 

1.460 V. WiLUAM Raymond, b. New Canaan, Feb. 26, 1832, 
m. Stamford, Ct., May 2, 1860, Margaret Pritchard, 
res. New Canaan, 1887. 

1.461 vi. Isaac Thomas Raymond, b. New Canaan, Jan. 
19, 1836, res. New Canaan, Ct., 1887, m. Harriet 

(v.) Harvey Bouton (son of Jakin and Rhoda 
Richards Bouton), b. New Canaan, Ct., m. Oct. 18, 
1826, Emily Hanford. They moved to Paine ville, 
0., and died ; he died Marion, 0., 1881. 


Cblldren of Harrejr and Emily Uanford Bonton, of New Canaan, Ct 


1.462 i. Mary Bouton, b. New Canaan, lived but four 
months, buried New Canaan cemetery. 

1.463 ii. Mary Bouton, b. New Canaan, May 23, 1830, and 
d. New Canaan, June 12, 1846. 

1.464 iii. LouiZA M. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Sept. 2, 1835, 
m. New Canaan, April 4, 1869, Amos H. Kling, 
banker, and moved to Marion, 0., where they lived, 

Children of Amos U. and Loniza M. Bonton Klinr, of Marion, Ohio. 


1.465 i. Florence Mabbet Kling, b. Marion. 0., Aug. 16, 

1860, m. Henry DeWolf, from whom sne procured a 

Child of Uenrjr and Florence M. Kling DeWolf, of Marion, Ohio. 

1.466 i. Marshall Eugene Dewolf, b. Prospect, 0., Sept. 
22, 1880, res. Marion, 0. 

1.467 ii. CuFFORD Bouton Kling, b. Marion, 0., Oct. 13, 

1861, m. Susan B. Wallace, res. Marion, O. 

Child of Clifford B. and Snsan B. WaUaoe Kling. 

1.468 i. Hazel Kling, b. Marion, Ohio, June 12, 1886, res. 
Marion, 0. 

1.469 iii. Vetallis Hanford Kling, b. Marion, 0., Nov. 7, 
1866, res. Marion, O. 

(vi.) Hannah Bouton i^dau. of Jakin and Rhoda), 
b. New Canaan, July 24, 1805, m. New Canaan, Ct., 
Nov. 25, 1824, Jesse Selleck, of Pound Ridge, N. Y., 
where he was born June 17, 1804 ; they settled Nor- 
walk, Ct , where he died , she d. July, 1883. 

Children of Jesse and Hannah Bonton Selleck, of Norwalk, Ct 1445 

1.470 i. Andrew Selleck, bookstore keeper, b. New 
Canaan, Ct., April 22, 1825 ; m. Fairfield, Ct., April 
22, 1850 ; first, Mary Harrington, of Wilton, Ct. ; 
second, Susan T. Harrington, sister of fonner ; they 
settled at Norwalk, where Mary died Feb. 6, 1860. 
He was elected justice of the peace of Norwalk 
about 1869, and has been re-elected from time to time, 
and has served as trial justice in Norwalk for about 
twenty years, an oflSce which he still occupied at date 
of this writing, 1888. 


Children of Andrew and Mary Harrlngrton Selleek^ of Norw alk, Gt 

1.471 i. William Selleck, b. Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 17, 1850, 
d. Sept. 25, 1874. 

1.472 ii. LiLius M. Selleck, b. Norwalk, Ct. Living at 
Norwalk, 1887. 

1,478 iii. Eugene Selleck, b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 13, 1855, 
d. Norwalk, Sept. 30, 1858. 

1.474 iv. Fanny Selleck, b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 29, 1858, 
d. Norwalk, Aug. 28, 1860. 

1.475 ii. C. Fred. Selleck (son of Jesse and Hannah Bouton 
Selleck) b. Norwalk, Sept. 1, 1844, m. Norwalk, Aug. 
14, 1861, Ann Eliza Flinn, and settled at Norwalk, 
where he d. Aug. 26, 1874. 

(vii.) Delia Bouton (dau. Jakin and Bhoda Richards 
Bouton), b. Dec. 12, 1806, m. New Canaan, Nov. 12, 
1826, Royal Benedict, b. Jan. 20, 1807; res. Paines- 
viUe, 0. 

Children of Bojal and Delia Bonton Benedict 1446 

[Page 40 Benedict Genealogy.] 

1.475 Francis Marion Benedict, b. Sept. S, 1827. 

1.476 Henry Clay Benedict, b. June 25, 1837. 

1.477 Wilbur Fisk Benedict, b. Jan. 18, 1840. 

1.478 Harriet A. Benedict, b. Nov. 16, 1843. 

(viii.) John W. Bouton (son of Jakin and Rhoda 
Bouton), b. New Canaan, June 15, 1810, m. Norwalk, 
Ct., Nov. 25, 1829, Betsey Smith, settled in Cran- 
berry Plains, near Norwalk, where they resided 1887. 

(ix.) Harriet Bouton (dau. of Jakin and Rhoda 
Bouton), b. New Canaan, June 26, 1813, m. John 
Brown, settled in Ohio and died. 

(x.) Betsey E. Bouton (dau. of Jakin and Rhoda 
Bouton), b. New Canaan, April 2, 1815, m. Walter 

(xi.) Henry Bouton (son of Jakin and Rhoda Bou- 
ton) b. New Canaan, April 23, 1817, m. Catharine 
Sidell, settled in New York city ; he died. 

Children of John W. and Betsey Smith Ronton, of Norwalk. Ct 1447 

1.479 i. EuPHALET H. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., March 2, 
1832, m. Pound Ridge, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1853, Emily 
Dykeman, and settlea in Norwalk, Ct., where she 
died June 24, 1885. 

144 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Children of Eliphalet and Emily Djrkeman Bonton, of Danbury^ Gt. 

1.480 i. Annette Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Aug. 24, 1864. 

1.481 ii. Eliza Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 21, 1857, m. 
William A. Scofield, Oct. 24, 1882 ; res. Norwalk, 

1.482 iii. Willis L. Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., July 29, 
1865, m. Julia Sheridau, Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 28, 1886. 

1.483 ii. Olive F. Bouton (dau. of John W. and Betsey 
Bouton), b Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 18, 1834, m. Ray- 
mond Johnson, of Pound Bidge, Nov. 1, 1853, and 
settled at West Norwalk, Ct., where they resided 
Jan., 1889. 

Children of Raymond and OliTe F. Bonton Johnson, West Norwalk, Gt 

1.484 i. Charles Johnson, b. West Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 6, 


1.485 ii. Julia. F. Johnson, b. West Norwalk, Ct., Sept. 
11, 1864, m. George M. Smith, June 11, 1884, res. 
West Norwalk. 

Child of George M. and Jnlla F. Johnson Smith. 

1.486 i. Albert R. Smith, b. West Norwalk, Ct., March 4, 

1.487 iii. John Wesley Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 19, 
1836, m. Danbury, Ct., April, 1858, Frances Purdy, 
of Danbury, Ct.j where they settled and still resided, 
Jan., 1887. He was a carpenter and builder in Dan- 
bury, where he took many large conti^acts. 

Children of John W. and Frances Pnrdj Bontoit of Danbury. 

1.488 i. Emma Dora Bolt^on, b. Danbury, Oct. 11, 1859, 
m. Wm. H. Bradley, b. 1854, m. Danbury, Oct. 19, 
1879 ; resides Danbury, Ct., 1887. 

Children of William H. and Emma D. Bonton Bradley, of Danbnrj. 

1.489 i. Myrtie Bradley, b. Danbury, Ct., 1880. 

1.490 ii. Albert Bradley, b. Danbury, Ct., 1881. 

1.491 iii. Sadie F. Bradley, b. Danbury, Ct., 1884. 

1.492 ii. Edgar H. Bouton (son of John Wesley and Pran- 
ces Purdy Bouton), b. Danbury, Ct., Jan. 10, 1870. 

1.493 iii. Minnie L. Bouton, b. Danbury, Ct., July 10, 1874. 

1.494 iv. Ernest Bouton, b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 8, 1879. 

1.495 V. Orvill Bouton, b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 17, 1882. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Faboly. 145 

1.496 iv. Charles S. Bouton (son of John W. and Betsey 
Smith Bouton) b. Norwalk, Ct., April 6, 1838, m. 
Pound Ridge, Aug. 1860, Harriet Noyes, and settled 
at Norwalk. 

Child of Charles S. and Harriet Nojes Boatoiiy of Norwalk^ Conn. 

1.497 i. George Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1862. 

1.498 V. Legrand Bouton (sou of John W. and Betsey 
Smith Bouton), b. Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 19, 1841, m. 
Pound Ridge, 1844, Annie Dykeman and settled at 
Newark, N. J. ; res- Newark, N. J., 1887. 

Children of Legrand and Annie Dykeman Bouton, of Newark, N. J. 

1.499 i. Julia Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1866. 

1.500 ii. Nellie Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1877. 

1.501 iii. Frederick Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1883. 

1.502 vi. PoiXY E. Bouton (dau. of John W. and Betsey 
Smith Bouton), b. Norwalk, Ct., April 20, 1844, m. 
Norwalk, Ct., Theodore Hendrix, Aug. 13, 1862, set- 
tled at Weston, Ct., where they were living, 1887. 

Children of Theodore and Pollj Bonton Hendrix^ of Weeton. 

1.503 i. Leonora Hendrix, b. Weston, Ct.,*Sept. 21, 1863. 

1.504 ii. Georgianna Hendrix, b. Weston, Ct., July, 1870. 

1.505 iii. Lena Hendrix, b. Feb., 1872. 

1.506 vii. Frederick Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 25, 
1»47, m. Noiwalk, 1867, Sophia Wyckoff and settled 
at Norwalk. 

Children of Frederick (son of John W. and Betsey Smith Doaton) and 

Sophia Wjrekoff Bonton, of Norwalk. 

1.507 i. Dayton H. Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1868. 

1.508 ii. Charles Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1871. 

1.509 iii. John Bouton, b. Norwalk, 1875. 

1.510 viii. Annie Bouton (dau. John W. and Betsey Smith 
Bouton), b. Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 6, 1851, m. South 
Norwalk, Ct., Feb. 7, 1868, George F. Hull, settled 
Mousatonic, Mass. No children. 

1.511 ix. Delia Bouton (dau. of John W. and Betsey 
Bouton), b. Norwalk, Nov. 5, 1854, m. New York 
city, 1877, Alpheus Guion and settled in New York 
city, where he d. Aug. 16, 1882. She married, second, 
in New York city, Harry Zephyr, res. New York city. 



Children of John and ]>ebbe Warren (dan. of Debbe Bontonf who was a 

daughter of Jaehin Bonton, Ist) Raymond. 1511a 

1.512 i. Sarah Raymond, b. June 3, 1778. 

1.513 ii. Edmund Raymond, b. Sept. 11, 1780. 

1.514 iii. Deborah Raymond, b. Aug. 17, 1782. 
1,516 iv. John Raymond, b. Feb. 5, 1785. 

1.516 V. Elizabeth Ray3iond, b. June 1, 1787. 

1.517 vi. Alfred Bouton, ) twins, b. May 26, 1794, both 

1.518 vii. Harvey Bouton, ) died and were buried in one 

1.519 viii. Esther Raymond, b. March 5, 1795, m. Waters 
Bouton fson of Jaehin and Anna Jarvis), who died 
New Canaan. 

1.520 ix. Alfred Raymond, b. June 23, 1797. 

1.521 X. LucRETLi Raymond, b. August 23, 1800. 

The following interesting account was furnished by Mr, 
Samuel Bouton, grandson of the subject of the narrative, 
who has the original manuscript m his possession at 
Winston, Daviess county, Mo.: 

My grandfather Daniel, son of Nathaniel Bouton, was 
born 1740 and died 1819. He was elected a deacon of the 
Congregational church at New Canaan, Conn., June 10, 
1797, wnich office he held until his death. 

He took an active part in the war of the Revolution and 
was the captain of a body of citizen soldiers called minute 
men, similar to our home guard during the war of the 
rebellion. They were called minute men from the fact that 
they were expected to shoulder their muskets and march 
at once, at the firing of a musket as an alarm that the 
British were approaching. They were composed of men 
not subject to military duty to the government, but form- 
ing themselves into a mihtary organization for the protec- 
tion of the community against the raids of the tories then 
rendezvousing on Long Island. 

In the month of May, 1781, a party of British troops- 
came over from Long Island and landed at a place called 
Campo Point (now Coscobb) and marched into tne country 
plundering inhabitants and burning the towns of Nor walk, 
Fairfield and Danbuiy. 

Capt. Daniel Bouton called out his men to oppose the 
advance of the British troops who had landed at a place 
some distance from the place where the town of Norwalk 
now stands, called Campo Point, and was so near that a 
shot fired from the British vessel over the heads of their 
troops fell like rain upon the force under Captain Daniel 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 147 

Bouton. A grape shot (a ball weighing a quarter of a 
pound) struck Capt. Bouton on his shoulder and penetrated 
about six inches. The wound made him a cripple for life, 
for which he drew a pension from the government as long 
as he Uved. The said ball was for many years in the 
possession of the old captain's son Aaron, who some years 
ago gave it to Andrus P. Bouton, who at that time lived at 
Oxford, N. Y. 

Captain Daniel Bouton sent a memorial to the Connecti- 
cut legislature, of which the following was copied : 

Upon the memorial of Capt. Daniel ^outon,»of Stamford, 
showing to this assembly that on the 30th day of May, last, 
a party of the enemy from Long Island landed at Campo 
and marched into the country plundering the inhabitants 
of their goods and cattle, and that on the intelligence 
thereof he immediately mustered his company and marched 
to Campo to oppose and repel the enemy. When in an 
engagement with the enemy he received a wound in the 
left shoulder by a large grape shot from the enemy, and 
that by said wound he lay several weeks dangerously ill, 
which was attended with considerable expense in nurses, 
doctors, ete. That he has lost the use of his arm by said 
wound and been rendered unable to labor for the support 
of himself and family, praying for relief, etc. Whereupon, 

Resolved, By this assembly, that the said Capt. Daniel 
Bouton receive out of the treasury of this State the sum 
of sixty-five pounds lawful money, in consideration of his 
lost time and expenses already occasioned by said wound, 
and that the committee of pay table draw on the treasury 
for payment of the same out of the two shilling and six 
penny tax record passed on the above. The above was 
granted. Jehiel Strong. 

Jan. 7, 1782. 

£ S. D. 

Doctor's bill 4 ,, 15 „ 

For rum 4 „ 11 „ 

" wine • „ 9 „ 

*' nursing 6 „ 16 , , 

16 „ 11 „ 
" Lost time 48 „ 9 „ 

65 „ „ 

(viii.) Daniel Bouton (son of Nathaniel and Mary 
Bouton), b. Stamford, Conn., Oct. 24, 1740, m. 
Dec. 31, 1767, Mary Mead, dau. Peter Mead, of 


Greenwich, Conn. Whitney Genealogy says he was 
a soldier in the Revolution and was wounded at Cos- 
cob by a shot from a British vessel. He was chosen 
deacon of the Congregational church at New Canaan 
June 10, 1797, in which office he continued until his 
death, which took place at New Canaan Feb. 12, 
1821. His father, Nathaniel Bouton, settled at New 
Canaan where he was a constituent member of the 
Congregational church of that place. 

Children of Dea. Daniel and Mary Mead Bonton, of Stamford, Ct. 481 

1,522 i. Hannah Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Dec. 18, 1768, 

d. unmarried Oct. 21, 17S0, 
1,623 ii. Polly Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Dec. 3, 1770, d. 

New Canaan, Ct., March 25, 1785. 

1.524 iii. Dorcas Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., June 20, 1773, 
m. June 20, 1792, Benjamin St. John; he died June 
4, 1855, aged eighty-eight years, she died Dec. 4, 1862. 

1.525 iv. Daniel Bouton, Jr., M. D., b. March 10, 1779, 
m. Hannah Mills, Dec, 1799; he died 1S12. 

1.526 V Jared Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Feb. 11, 1781, 
m. Polly Webb, b. June 3, 1782, moved to Tompkins 
county, N. Y.; she d. Nov. 28, 1856; he d. Katonah, 
N. Y., 1858. 

1.527 vi. Aaron Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Aug. 10, 1783, 
m. Oct. 7, 1807, Anna Keeler; she d. June 30, 1801, 
he d. New Canaan 1843. 

1.528 vii. Peter Mead Bouton, M. D., b. Stamford, Ct., 

Sept. 15, 17S7. m . Petit, moved to Walton, 

Delaware county, N. Y. 

Children of Benjamin and Dorcas Bonton (dan. of Daniel and Marjr 

Mead Bouton) St. Joliii, of Stamford, Ct 1524 

1.529 i Benjamin M. St. John, b. Stamford Nov. 7, 1794. 

1.530 ii. Abraham Weed St. John, bap. Stamford March 
22, 1799, m. Deboiah Waterbury Oct, 24, 1820. 

1.531 iii. Hannah Boutqn St. John, bap. Stamford Feb. 

1, 1811, m. . Toquet. they had a son Benjamin; 

she d. April 12, 1852. 

1.532 iv. Mary Naomi St. John, bap. Stamford Sept. 4, 
1803, res. Westport, Ct.; she d. August 10, 1872. 

1.533 V. Catharine Smith St. John, bap. Stamford June 
10, 180(5, m.. . Phelps, of New Haven, Conn. 

1.534 vi. Matthias W. St. John, bap. Stamford Jan. 29, 

1.535 vii. William Augustus St. John, bap. Stamford 
March 11, 1811. 


Child of Dr. Daniel and Hannnh Mills Bonton, of Stamford, Ct. 1525 

1.536 i. Catharine Smith Bouton, bap. Aug. 21, 1805, d. 
in infancy. 

(v.) Jarbd Bouton (son of Dea. Daniel and Mary- 
Mead Bouton), b. New Canaan, Ct., Feb. 11, 1781, 
m. Polly Webb, b. June 8, 1782, and moved to 
Tompkins county, N. Y., subsequently returned to 
Westchester county; he died Katonah, N. Y., 1858, 
she died Nov. 28, 1856. 

Children of Jared and Polly Webb Bouton, of New Canaan, Ct. 152e 

1.537 i. Nathaniel Augustus Bouton, b. New Canaan 
Aug. 4, 1803, m. Elizabeth A. St. John April 14, 
1829, and settled in Stamford, where he d. Nov. 29, 

1.538 ii. Daniel Webb Bouton, b. New York Feb. 26, 
1805, m. New Canaan Aug. 27. 1827, Almina St. John, 
and settled firet at Darien, Ct., and moved to New 
Canaan, and subsequently to Sandusky, where he d. 
Oct. 6, 1860. 

1.539 iii. Alexander Malichi Bouton, b. New Canaan, 
Ct., March 13, 1807, m. Dec, 1834, Mary St. John, 
of Bingham ton, N. Y., where she was b. Jan. 29, 
1815, settled New Canaan; she d. New Canaan 1857, 
he died Stamford 1S82. 

1.540 iv. Ralph Leonard Bouton, b. Tompkins county, 
N. Y., Jan. 31, 1810; physician; m. Feb. 9, 1843, 
Annie Jane Gibson and settled in Canaan, Miss., 
where he resided 1S88. 


(i.) Nathaniel A. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
Aug. 4, 1803. was a grandson of Dea. Daniel and 
Mary Mead Bouton, who were among the first 
settlers of New Canaan ; in the town of Stamford, 
Ct., hem. April 14, 18*29, Elizabeth Ann St. John, 
and settled at Spririgdale, town of Stamford, where 
he d. Nov. 29, 1874, and his widow still lived there 
(on the farm left her by her husband at his doath) 
Jan. 1, 18S8. 

Children of Nalhanlel A. and Elizabeth A. St. John Bouton, of Spring* 

dale, Conn. 1587 

1,541 i. James Bouton, b. Darien, Ct., Jan. 21, 1830, d. 
April 6, 1834. 


1.542 ii. John E. Bouton, b. Darien, Ct., June 6, 1835, 
joined Company A 28th Regt. C. V., and d. Baton 
Rouge, La., Sept. 29, 1863. 

1.543 iii. James L. Bouton, farmer, b. Darien, Ct., Feb. 
24, 1844, occupied the farm left by his father at 
Springdale, Ct., 1888. 

Note. — Elizabeth Ann St. John, wife of Nathaniel 
Bouton, was dau. of Burchard and Mary St. John, and 
granddaughter of Benoni and Elizabeth St. John, of 
Wilton, Ct. 

(ii.) Daniel Webb Bouton, b. New York, Feb. 26, 
1805, m. New Canaan, Ct., August 27, 1827, Almina 
St. John, b. New Canaan May, 1803, settled San- 
dusky, Ohio, where he d. Oct. 6, 1850; his widow 
moved to Toledo, Ohio, where she res. 1887. 

Children of Daniel Webb and Almina St« John Bonton, of Darien 

and New Canaan, Conn. 158S 

1.544 i. Augustus Bouton, b. Darien, Ct., July 23, 1828, 
d. unmarried Albany, N. Y., April 4, 1856. 

1.545 ii. Elizabeth A. Bouton, b. Darien, Ct., Oct. 29, 
1832, m. Oct. 28, 1868, at Sandusky, Ohio, Herman 
S. Halsted, settled at Toledo where she d. April 23, 

1.546 iii. Ebuly Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Nov. 13, 
1834, d. Nov. 14, 1835, 

1.547 iv. Emily S. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., Feb. 15, 
1837 ; educated for a teacher and graduated at six- 
teen in the Sandusky High school, and took the 
highest position awarded to any lady as teacher in 
high school at Toledo, 0., and Chicago, 111., but 
resigned them to engage on journalistic work on the 
Toledo Bladey which position she had held for many 
years and still held in 1887. She also wrote works 
on health and beauty for women which were pub- 
lished, and one on etiquette which was nearly ready 
for publication at the time of this writing, beside 
pamphlets, all of which won for her an enviable 
reputation as a writer of books as well as for the 
newspaper press. Her residence was at Toledo, Ohio, 
1887, where her mother made her home with her. 

To the Editor: 

The following of a well-known lady writer app^atvd in 
the Toledo Sunday Journal of Jan. 23, 1887. Should you 


find it of sufficient interest to reprint, may I request that 
you send me a marked copy of issue containing same 

Yours truly, 

C. C. Packard, Editor, 
Toledo, Ohio. Sunday Journal. 

Up one, two, three, four flights of stairs, or^ up a dismal 
elevator designed for freight, and that insistent on its 
avocation that you mentally apologize for intruding, and 
then desist from any apology for fear you will tip off into 
unknown space ; either way brings you to the top of the 
new Blade building and lands you nearly at the room 
labeled ^^ Household Editor." Entering, you meet the 
olnect of this sketch, Miss Emily S. Bouton, editor of the 
** Household," the *' Saturday Salad" and the "Home 
Talk" columns of the Daily Blade: author of ** Social 
Etique|;t6," "Health and Beauty," and other works more or 
less directly relating to women. She is not only an adept 
in this class of writing, which has been chiefly instrumental 
in establishing her fame, but is also an expert in all classes 
of newspaper work; she can not only write a heavy 
editorial but can put it in type properly, and read and 
correct the proof. You meet as you enter, a lady who 
greets you with a pleasant smile, and in a particularly 
charming voice — ^a voice pitched in just that key that one 
unconsciously feels is as perfect in the sick room as in 
the ordinary work of life — bids you welcome. Miss 
Bouton is — well, perhaps thirty, you know a man can't 
safely guess on a woman's age, and I may not be right, 
but never mind, if you looked into those kindly eyes you 
would not be interested in the age question, but the rather 
be charmed with the lady. Miss B. drifted from school 
teaching into journalism some years ago, and now main- 
tains, with the efforts of her pen, a pleasant home presided 
over by her aged mother, who, a very mother in Israel, is 
an inspiration to her gifted daughter. 

With wavy brown hair, of medium height and weight, 
of gracetvl figure and easy manner. Miss Bouton shows by 
her kindly face, high, broad forehead and intellectual 
countenace, the woman of culture, thought and power. 
She has a reputation extending over the entire country, 
and her writings are quoted and read from Maine to 

1,548 V. Mart A. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., May 2, 
1839, m. Sandusky, Ohio, May 20, 1856, W. V. 


Latham and settled and resided at Sandusky 1887. 

1,549 vi. JuuA C. BouTON, b. New Canaan, Ct., May 14, 
1841, m. Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1878, ApoUos Corn- 
stock, and settled at Toledo where they res, 1887. 

1,560 vii. Charles E. Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., May 
23, 1843, m. Sandusky, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1871, Evan 
Vinton, and settled at Sandusky, O., where they res. 

(iii.) Alexander Malichi Bouton, b. prob. New 
Canaan, Mar. 13, 1807, ra. Dec, 1834, Mary St. John 
(sister of Elizabeth Ann, wife of his brother, Nathan- 
iel Bouton), b. Binghamton, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1815, 
settled New Canaan where she d. about Mar. 27, 
1857, after which he went to Stamford where he d. 
about 1882; both buried at New Canaan. 

Children of Alexander M. and Mary St John Bouton, of New Canaan, 

Conn. 1589 

1.551 i. Vasco Bouton, b. Stamford, Sept., 1835; he went 
west early in life, ra. and when last heard from by 
his relatives in Miss., he had one son and a dau. 

1,551* Emma, who married a Mr. Petite and lived Empire 
City, Oregon. 

1.552 ii. Kanville Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Feb. 17, 
1838, received a good education and settled at Sharon, 
Conn,, a merchant and unmarried was residing there 
Jan. 1, 1888. 

(iv.) Ralph Leonard Bouton, son of Jared and 
Polly Webb Bouton, b. Tompkins Co., N. Y., Jan. 
31, 1810; educated as a physician and went to Jack- 
son Co., Ark., where he m. Feb. 9, 1843, Annie Jane 
Gibson, and settled in Canaan. Miss, as a practicing 
physician, where he was still living in 1887. 

Children of Dr. Ralph L. and Annie J. Gibson Bouton, of Jackson, 

Arlc.9 and Tippah Co., Miss. 1540 

1.553 i. Elizabeth Jane Bouton, b. Jackson Co., Ark., 
May 22, 1845, m. Maj. G. W. Garrett, settled Poca- 
hontas, Tenn. 

1.554 ii. Nathaniel Webb Bouton, b. Tippah Co , Miss., 
Apr. 9, 1847, ra. Ann Eliza Cox, settled Ashland, 

1.555 iii. William Paisley Bouton, b. Tippah Co., Miss., 
Nov. 26, 1848, m. MQdred T. Vaughan, settled 
Canaan, Miss. 


1.556 iv. Leonard Gibson Bouton, b. Tippah Co., Miss., 
Dec. 7, 1851, m. Alice Weeks at Water Valley, Oct., 
1881, res. Canaan, Hiss. 

1.557 V. James A. Bouton, b. Tippah Co., Miss., May 20, 
1855, d. Aug. 18, 1856. 

Children of Maj. G. W. Garrett and his wife Elizabeth J. Bouton 

Garrett. 1558 

1.558 i. Minnie Garrett, b. Tippah Co., Miss., Mar. 28, 

1.559 ii. Ottie Garrett, b. Benton Co., Miss., Oct. 25, 

1.560 iii. Hallie Garrett, b. Pocahontas, Tenn., Apr. 9^ 

1.561 iv. Georgia Garrett, b. Pocahontas, Tenn., July 
4, 1875. 

1.562 V. LoYD Garrett, b. Pocahontas, Tenn., Nov. 5, 

Summary op the Life of Maj. G. W. Garrett of 

Pocahontas, Tenn. 

Maj. G. W. Garrett was born in Union District, S. C, 
Mar. 5, 1840; he joined the Baptist church in Miss, at the 
age of sixteen and in May, 1861, volunteered in the Con- 
federate service. He went out as a drummer; though only 
twenty-one years of age he was soon elected major and his 
superior officer being absent most of the time for the follow- 
ing two and a half years the command of his regiment fell 
upon him . For his gallantry and success in several engage- 
ments he was appointed by rrest. Davis colonel of the 23d 
Miss, (his colonel having resigned); he was wounded three 
times and captured at Ft. Donaldson, Feb. 16, 1862, but was 
soon exchanged. He was again captured at Nashville, Tenn., 
Dec. 16, 18o4, and sent to Johnson's Island, where hp 
(almost starved) remained until July, 1865, when he was 
liberated, being reduced to almost a skeleton. He married 
Jan. 9, 1866, at Canaan, Miss., Elizabeth J. Bouton 
(dau. of Dr. Ralph L. and Annie J. Gibson Bouton of 
Jackson, Ark.), and settled in Tippah Co., Miss., and 
moved to Benton Co., and subsequently to Pocahontas, 
Tenn., where they resided in 1887 with their family. 

(ii.) Nathaniel Webb Bouton, b. Tippah Co., 
Miss., Apr. 9, 1847; he was educated at the Univer- 
sity of Louisiana at New Orleans, and graduated 
with the degree of M.D., Mar. 16, 1868; married 

154 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

at Ashland, Miss., Dec. 16, 1869, Annie E. Cox, and 
settled at Ashland where they resided Jan. 1, 1888. 

Children of Dr. Nathaniel W. and Annie E. Cox Bontont of Ashlandf 


1,563 i. Walter Leonard Bouton, b. Ashland, Oct. 16, 

1870, d. Mar. 16, 1871. 
1,664 ii. Emma Frances Bouton, b. Ashland, Dec. 13, 1871. 

1.565 iii. Charles Allen Bouton, b. Ashland, Oct. 9, 

1.566 iv. Annie Lila Bouton, b. Ashland, Feb. 4, 1876. 

1.567 V. Martha Ella Bouton, b. Ashland, Mar. 9, 1.878. 

1.568 vi. Ralph Leonard Bouton, b. Ashland, Oct. 22, 

1.569 vli. Elizabeth Cox Bouton, b. Ashland, Sept. 23, 

(iii.) William Paisley Bouton, son of Ralph L. 
and A. J. Gibson Bouton, b. Tippah Co., Miss., Nov. 
26, 1848, received his education and graduated in 
medicine at university at Louisville, Ky., Mar. 1, 
1870, m. Ashland, Dec., 1§84, Mildred Thomas 
Vaughan, and settled at Canaan, Miss., where they 
resided Jan. 1, 1888. 

Children of William P. and Mildred T. Yanghan Bonton^ of Canaan^ 

Ml88. 1656 

1.570 i. Ethel Vaughan Bouton, b. Canaan, Benton Co., 
Miss., Mar. 21, 1886. 

1.571 ii. George Ralph Bouton, b. Canaan, Benton Co., 
Miss., Sept. 27, 1887. 

(iv.) Leonard Gibson Bouton, b. Tippah, Miss., 
Dec. 7, 1851, received a primary educational course 
. at Canaan, Miss., and an academic course at Wood- 
land academy and a college course at Bethel college 
and Cumberland university. In 1877 graduated from 
Bethel college with the degree of A. B. and the 
following year filled the chair of mathematics in 
Bethel college, and in 1879 and 1880 attended medi- 
cal school at the University of Louisville, and in 
1880 and 1881 at Vanderbilt university where he 
graduated M. D. The following year received a 
second time the degree of M. D. from Nashville 
university and entered upon the practice of medicine 
at once at Canaan, Miss. Marned Oct., 1881, Alice 
B. Weeks, of Water Valley, Kentucky, and settled 
at Canaan, Benton county. Miss. 


Child of Dr. Leonard G. and Alice B. Weeks Bonton^ of Canaan^Mlss. 
1,572 i. Earle W. Bouton, b. Canaan, Miss., Feb. 18, 1886. 

Children of Aaron (son of Dea. Daniel and Mary Mead Bouton) and 
Anna Keeler Bouton^ of New Canaan^ Ct. 1527 

1,578 i. Polly Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 1810, m. 
Dec. 24, 1838, Miner Lounsbury, and d. Port Chester, 
Oct. 30, 1850; he d. Oct. 15, 1846. They had 
but one child and that d. in infancy. 

1.574 ii. Samuel Bouton, b. New Canaan Sept. 3, 1817, 
m. Pound Ridge, N. Y., 1842, Rebecca A Keeler; living 
188S at Winston, Daviess county, Mo., where he 
moved in 1875; a farmer and an elder of the Presby- 
terian church of that place. 

Children of Samuel and Bebeoca A. Keeler Bontony of Winston^ Mo. 


1.575 i. WiLUAM Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 1843, m. 
Sarah Jane Stevens, of New Canaan, and settled in 
Cameron, Clinton county, Mo. , where they res. 1888. 

1.576 ii. Charles Henry Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
1845, m. Jan. 22, 1878, Ellen Maria Hines, no 

1,677 iii. Ruth Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 1847, and d. 
New Canaan Oct. 10, 1860. 

Children of William and Sarah Jane Steyens Bontoot of Osborn^ 

Clinton county^ Mo. 

1.578 i. Fanny R. Bouton, b. Osborn, Mo., 1874. 

1.579 ii. Grace Bouton, b. Osborn, Mo., 1885. 

1,579' Richards. Bouton who lived and died at Westport, 
Conn., was not known to the writer. Whitney^ s 
Genealogy mentions him only as having married 
Sally Keeler, dau. of Philip and Hannah (Hull) 
Keeler, of Ridgefleld, Conn., who was b. Ridgefleld, 
Conn., about 1799; he b. about 1800, said to have 
lived in early life at Cherry Valley; he died at West- 
port about 1875, she, 1S77. 

Children of Biehard 8. and Sally Keeler Bouton, of Westport, Conn* 

1,579'' i. Sylvester Bouton (sailor), was knocked over- 
board and drowned in New York harbor. 

1,579^' ii. Hannah Maria Bouton, unknown, said to have 
lived in Greenpoint at one time. 

1,579'' James Bouton, a soldier in the war, 1861, and d. ir 
the sei-vice, at Washington, D. C. 


1,579* Napoleon Boughton, b. Westport, Ct., Sept. 16, 1832^ 
ra. New Haven, Ct., Sept. 16, 1867, Delia Atwood, and 
settled in New Haven, Conn., on his return from 
sea (as related by himself). At the age of sixteen 
he left home and went to sea in a whaling ship and 
continued going whaling for four voyages; coming 
from the South Pacific he arrived at port of New 
' York at the commencement of the rebellion ; he then 
entered the naval service in the steamer State of 
Georgia, Commander Armstrong. In Oct., 1862, he 
was commissioned acting ensign of Neptune in the 
West Indies squadron and served through to the end 
of the war. On returning home went to New 
Haven where he married Delia Atwood and settled 
there in the trucking business which became remu- 
nerative and in which he was still engaged in 1889, 
residing in his own handsome dwelling No. 235 Lom- 
bard St., New Haven, Conn. 

Note. — Although Napoleon's parents retained the primi- 
tive mode of spelling their name he adopted the gh in his. 

1,680 Daniel Bouton of whom this account is compiled, 
in the absence of positive evidence of his identity, 
contemporary history and connections has led the 
writer to believe that said Daniel Bouton was the son 
of John and Mary Pettit, and born South Salem 
June 20, 1743, was brought up as a farmer and went 
early in life to a place a few miles west of Pound 
Ridge where he took up land and settled, which in 
time came to be called Bouton ville. He married 
Sarah and lived and died at Boutonville, Westchester 
county, N. Y., in the year 1S20 or thereabout. His 
descendants say he was a zealous patriot in the war 
of the Revolution and was familiarly known for 
many years as Dea. Daniel Bouton, who had an old 
chest in his house which was brought from the old 
country by the emigrant John Bouton. 

The order of the surrogate of Westchester county, 
N. Y., dated June 2, 1821, for the sale of the real 
estate of Daniel Bouton, deceased, by his son Enoch 
Bouton, administrator, being in the hands of the 
writer, so far describes said Daniel Bouton that he, 
the writer, feels justified in assuming that the said 
Daniel Bouton and Daniel the son of John as above 
are identical. 

BouTOK-BouGHTON Familt. 157 

The Children and Descendants of Daniel and Sarah Bonton^ of Bonton- 

Yille, N. T. 15S0 

1.581 i. Enoch Bouton, b. prob. South Salem or Bouton- 
ville about l77o, m. Elizabeth Stebbins, South Salem. 

1.582 ii. Claba Bouton, b. prob. South Salem or Bouton- 
ville about 1772, m. Jabez Mix Gilbert, Ridgefield. 



Dea. Daniel and Sarah Bouton lived at Boutonville, 
Westchester county, N. Y., where he died. 

(i.) Enoch Bouton (son of Dea. Daniel and Sarah 
Bouton, of Boutonville, Westchester county, N. Y.), 
was born about 1770, exact date not known; an old 
will of his father was examined by the w^riter in 
which said Enoch was appointed and acted in the 
settlement of his father's estate who died, it appears, 

-Children of Enoch and Elizabeth Stebbins Bouton, of BoutonTille, 

llV'eiitchester county^ N« Y. 1581 

1.582' i. Eunice Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., about 1796, 
m. Lewis Ambler, Katonah. 

1.583 ii. Elizabeth Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., Apr. 9, 
1801, m. Feb. 20, J 820, Warren Hoyt, b. July 7, 1800, 
Pound Ridge; she d. Apr. 22, 187o, he d. July, 1879. 

1.584 iii. Daniel Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., m. Lydia 
Aim Newman; he went to Cal. 1849; d. about 1880. 

1.585 iv. Lewis Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., m. first, 
Jane Hunt, second, Elizabeth Woodruff, third, 
Louisa Hanna, settled Newark, N. J.; died South 

1.586 V. Sally Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., m. Rev. 
Jarvis Stebbins, Methodist minister, settled Stepney, 
Ct.; she d. 1855. 

1.587 vi. Clara Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., m. David 
Newman, settled Bedford, N. Y.; he d. Nov., 1888, 
she d. 1874. 

1.588 vii. Gilbert Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., m., about 
1840, Hannah Conklin, settled Katonah, N. Y. 

1.589 viii. John Bouton, b. Boutonville, N. Y., Aug. 27, 
1818, m. June 29, 1842, Abigail McDuffe, res. 207 
Hall bt., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children of Lewis and Eunice Bouton Ambler^ of Katonah. 

1.590 i. Samuel Ambler. 


Children of Dayid N. and Maria Sliotwell, of Decorali, la. 1600 

1,607' i. Wilbur F. Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., Jan. 12, 1856, 

and d. Decorah, la., 1876. 
1,607^ iL Eugene W. Hoyt, b. Decorah, la. , Aug. 24, 1857, 

m. Alice J. Hoyt, Dec. 6, 1880; no children. 
1,607" fiii. Walter Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., May 23, 1859, 
Twins J ^' Fanny E. Jones, Feb. 4, 1886. 
1 AHTv I iv. Warren Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., May 23, 1859, 
^'^^' t m. Ellen M. Wells, June 6, 1889. 
1,607*^' V. Effie M. Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., May 20, 1860, 

m. Harmon J. Klerame. 
1,607* vi. Ernest A. Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., July 22, 1862, 

m. Emma C. Martin. 
l,607y vii. Frederick Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., Aug. 8, 1864. 
1,607=« ) viii. Agnes Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., January 7, 
Twins V 1868. 
1,607* ) ix. Alice Hoyt, b. Decorah, la., January 7, 1868. 

Children of Henry A« and Kate Lessej Hoyt, of 58d st., below Baoe 

St., W. Pliiladelphia, Pa. 1601 

1,607^** i. Charles Hoyt. 
1,607»>^» ii. Frank Hoyt. 
l,607*c iii. Ralph Hoyt. 

Children of Ellas G. and Martha Lessey Hoyt, of Rid^eileld, Ct 1A02 

1,607'*' i. R. L. Hoyt, b. Oct. 27, 1856. 

1,607 '^ ii. Clara A. Hoyt, b. Oct. 28, 1858, and d. Dec. 7, 

1,607' iii. Eva E. Hoyt, b. July 25, 1860, and d. Sept. 30, 

1,607«^ iv. Chauncey E. Hoyt, b. June 1, 1862, and d. 

March 6, 1870. 
1,607^'8 V. Carrie F. Hoyt, b. March 1, 1864. 
l,607<fc' vi. Addie C. Hoyt, b. April 3, 1868, and d. March 1, 

1,607^'» vii. Gracie Hoyt. 

Children of Lewis S. and May Palmer Hoyt, of Boston^ Mass. 1008 

1,607 "M. Armenia Hoyt. 
1,607 ' ii. Alice Hoyt. 
1,607' iii. Melville Hoyt. 

Children of Warren Theodore and Leonora Loder, ofj Hanoyer, 

York county. Pa. 1604 

1,607^"^ i. Debbie Hoyt. 
1,607' ii. Annie Hoyt. 
1,607'"'" iii. Nellie Hoyt. 


Children of Albin P. and Jennie £. Hoyt Campbell) of Hillsdale, 

Mich. . 1A)6 

1,607°° i. Lottie Campbell, b. Ridgefield, Ct., March 17, 

1866; d. August 7, 1866. 
1,607"° ii. Lizzie Campbell, b. Hillsdale, Mich., Feb. 13, 

1870; d, Ridgefield July 21, 1871. 
1607"" iii. Bessie Campbell, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Jan. 18, 

1,607**** iv. Hakry Campbell, b. Ridgefield, Ct., May 28, 

1,607pp v. Kate Campbell, b. Hillsdale, Mich., March 4, 

1,607*»*» vii. Fred Campbell, b. Hillsdale, Mich., May 5, 1880. 

Children of Walter E. (son of Darld N. and Maria Shotwell Hoyt, of 

Decorah, la.) and Fannie C. Jones Hoyt. 1607a 

1.608 i. Archie W. Hoyt. b. Nov. 24, 1886. 
1,608» ii. Arthur R. Hoyt. b. Sept. 18, 1888. 

dilldren of Harmon J. and Effle M. Hoyt (dan. of Dayid N. and Maria 

Shotwell Hoyt) Klemme^ of Decorah^ la. 1607w 

1,608*» i. Jessie Klemme, b. Sept. 7, 1881. 
1,608« ii. Ray Hoyt Elemme, b. Jan. 6, 1884. 

Child of Ernest A. (son of Dayid N. and Maria Shotwell Hoyt) and 

Emma C. Martin Hoyt. 1607^ 

1,608** i. Florence Hoyt. 

Children of Daniel and Lydia Ann Newman Bonton^ of San 

FraneiscO) Cal. 1584 

1,608* i. Francis G. Bouton, b. Bedford, N. Y., 1830, m. 
Harriet Pierson^ res. San Francisco, Cal. 

1.609 ii. Jane Bouton, b. Bedford, N. Y., 1838, not 
married, d. Oakland, Cal., 1858. 

1.610 iii. Cornelia Ann Bouton, b. Bedford, N. Y., m. 
Isaac L. Bostwick, 1862, res. San Francisco, Cal. ; he 
d. 1870. 

Child of Lewis and first wife Jane Hnnt Bonton. 1585 

1.611 i. Halsey Bouton, b. Newark 1828, m. in Chili, S. 
A., and d. San Francisco, Cal., 1874. 

Children of Lewis and second wife Elizabeth WoodrnfT Bouton. 


1.612 ii. Thomas Bouton, b. Newark 1834. 

1.613 iii. Mary Ann Bouton, b. 1838, m. Benjamin Hanna, 
res. Ridgefield 1887. 



Children of Lewis and tliird wife Louisa Uanna Boaton. 1586 

1,614: iv. John Bouton, b. 1841; he died in youth, 1858. 
1,615 V. Margaret Bouton, b. 1845, m. and settled out 

Gliiidren of Darid and Clara Boaton Newman, of Bedford^ N. T. 

1,615* i. Lewis B. Newman, b. about 1828, died unmarried 

aged 21 years. 
1,615'* ii. Armenia Newman, m. first Alvin Greene, he died 

1882, second Seth Hoyt, a miller at Bedford, West- 
chester county, N. Y. 
1,615"' iii. William Newman, m. name unknown, resides 

Bedford, N. Y. 
1,615'* iv. Louise Newman, m. Charles Abbott, farmer, at 

Boutonville, no children. 
1,616' V. Josephine Newman, m. Daniel Maxon, shoe 

manufacturer (firm Fisher & Co.\ New York city. 
1,615 vi. DAvm B. Newman, m. Matilda Piatt and settled 

Jersey City, N. J. 
1,615^ vii. Emma Newman, m. first Wilbur Todd, of Golden's 

Bridge, Westchester county, N. Y.; second Seth 

Hoyt, a miller at Bedford, N. Y. 

€liildren of Aiyin and Armenia Newman Greene, of Katonali, N. T. 

1,615*^ i. Evelyn Greene, res. Katonah, N. Y. 

1,615 ' ii. Oliver Wendall Greene, res. Katonah, N. Y. 

Cliild of William and Newman, of Bedford Station, N. Y. 

1,615' i. Lewis Newman, res. Bedford Station, N. Y. 

Children of Daniel and Josephine Newman Maxson, of N. Y. city. 

1,615J i. Edith Maxson, res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1,615'' ii. Harold MLijkson, res. Brooklyn, N.Y. 
1,615' iii. Ethel G. Maxson, res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children of Darid B. and Matilda Piatt Newman, liTing Jersey City, N. J. 

1,615"^ i. Clarence Newman, res. Jersey City, N. J. 
1,615" ii. Olive Louise Newman, res. Jersey City, N. J. 

Children of Wilbnr and Emma Newman Todd^ of Golden's Bridge. 

1,615" i. Sarah Todd, res. Golden's Bridge, N. Y. 
1,615P ii. Clara Todd, res. Gulden's Bridge, N. Y. 
1,615*» iii. Alice Todd, res. Golden's Bridge, N. Y. 
1,615' iv. Joseph Todd, res. Golden's Bridge, N. Y. 
1,615» V. Armenia Todd, res. Golden's Bridge, N. Y. 

Child of Gilbert and Hannah Conklin Bonton, of Katonah. 1688 

Three children, John^ Sarah and Georgianna, all 
died in childhood. 


1.616 i. Anna M. Bouton, b. about 1842, m. Julius Gold- 
smith, res. Lexington ave., Brooklyn. 

Children of Julias and Anna M. Bonton Goldsmith^ res. 

Lexingrton aye., Brooklyn. 1616 

1,616» i. Maud GtoLDSMrrn, b. Brooklyn 1879. 
1,616'' ii. Juijus Goldsmith, b. Brooklyn 1880. 
1,616<^ iii. Beatrice GtoLDSMrrn, b. Brooklyn 1882. 

Children of John and Abigail McDoffee Bontony of Brooklyn^ N. T. 

1.617 i. Edwin Bouton, b. Bedford May 6, 1843, m. 
Elizabeth Cassidy Dec. 23, 1874, res. West Hoboken, 
N. J., 1887. 

1.618 ii. Charles Fisher Bouton, b. New York city Feb. 
24, 1845, m. Margaret Cassidy Dec. 23, 1869, res. 
West Hoboken, N. J., 1887 (at First National Bank). 

1.619 iii. Irving Hall Bouton, b. New York city June 13, 
1856, m. Ida May Jenkins April 20, 1887. 

1.620 iv. LiLLiE Margaret Bouton, b. Nov. 2, 1862, died 
in infancy New York city Aug. 12, 1863. 

1.621 V. George Mead Bouton, b. Dec. 5, 1864, not m.; 
lives 207 Hall st. , with parents, 1887. 

1.622 Gracie Evangeline Bouton, b. Nov. 15, 1869, not 
m.; lives 207 Hall St., with parents, 1887. 

ChUdren of Edwin and Elizabeth Cassidy Bonton, of Hoboken, N. J. 


1.623 i. John Edwin Bouton, b. West Hoboken, N. J., 
Aug., 1878. 

1.624 ii. Charles Alonzo Bouton, b. . 

Child of Charles F. and Margaret Cassidy Bonton, of Hoboken, N. J 


1.625 i. WiLUAM CoNKLiN BouTON, b. New York city, Oct. 
11, 1870. 

Children of Frands G. (son of Daniel and Lydia Ann Newman Bonton) 
and Harriet Pierson Bonton^ of San Franeisco, Cal. 1608 

1.626 i. Wilson Bouton, b. San Francisco, 1858. 

1.627 ii. Frederick Bouton, b. San Francisco, 1863. 

Children of Isaao and Cornelia A. Bonton Bostwick^ of San 

Franciseo, Cal. 1610 

1.628 i. Frank B. Bostwick, b. Oakland, Cal., April 22, 
1863, m. in Georgia, Maggie L. Blackstone, res. Cal. 

1629 ii. Isaac David Bostwick, b. N. Hartwick, Dutchess 
CO., N. Y., Nov. 6, 1870, res. San Francisco, Cal. 

164 BouTOK-BouGHTON Fajolt. 

(ii.) Cla£a Bouton (dao. of Daniel and Sarab 
Bouton), b. probably Boutonville, 1772, m. Jabez Mix 
Oflberty of Eidgefield, where they lived and died. 

CUldrea of J. Mix aiii Clan BMtoB GUbert Ifttf 

Names of J. Mix and Clara Bouton Gflbert's children 
conld not be obtained; the wives of Rev. W. F. Gilbert of 
Pleasant Valley, Ct.« and of Rev. R. H. Loomis of the 
same conference were grand children of J. Mix and Clara 
Bonton Gilbert. 

Joseph Boughtox, son, as it is supposed, of Joseph and 
Snsannah Raymond Bouton, of Norwalk, Ct., and probably 
the same who the Danbury records say sold his land there 
and went into New York State soon after the revolutionary 
war. His descendants say he married Joanna Harper and 
settled in Chester, Orange co., N. T., where he died 1832. 

€UldreB of Jasepk aad Jpamna Harper Baai^lttMi^ of 

Chester, Onu«e eouMtyy N. T. 1 1S7 

1.630 i. Daniel BouGHTON, blacksmith, b. Chester, N. Y., 
about 1775, m. Phebe Coleman 1797, and settled 
Tioga, CO., N. Y. 

1.631 ii. Joseph Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y., 17S0, m. 
Sarah Belcher, of Chester, N. Y. ; she d. 1868, bed. 

1.632 iii. Betsey Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y., m. Jonathan 
MiUer, of Elmira, N. Y. 

1.633 iv. Thomas Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y.; history 
not known. 

1.634 V. WnxiAM Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y.; history 
not known. 

1.635 vi. John Boughton, carpenter, b. Chester, N. Y., 
m. Harriet Bysduyck of New York city. 

1.636 vii. Amtra Boughton. b. Chester, N. Y., m. Henry 
Barr; they lived at Jordan, N. Y. ; further unknown. 

1.637 viii. Sally Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y.; further 
history unknown. 

CklidreB of Dftniel aad Phebe GolemaB Boaykton^ of Tioffa eo.^ N. T. 


1.638 i. Eliza Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y., 1798, m. 
Jedediah Messenger, Macomb county, Mich. 

1.639 ii. Richard Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y., 1800, m. 
Esther Burton, 1832, d. Michigan 1884. 

1.640 iii. Susan Boughton, b. Chester, N. Y., 1803, m. 
Benjamin Welsh, 1827, d. Wayne county, Mich. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 165 

1.641 iv. Samuel Boughton, b. Tioga co., N. T., m. Sarah 
Ann Q-ould, 1850 ; she d. Macomb co., Mich. 

1.642 V. James Boughton, b. Tioga co., N. Y., 1808, not 
m. ; d. 1825, aged 17 years. 

1.643 vi. Darius Boughton, b. Tioga co., N. Y., 1810, m. 
Catharine Conger, 1835; she d. 1886, at Hopewell, 
Ontario county, N. Y. 

1.644 vii. Morris Bouighiton, b. Tioga co., N. Y., 1812, m. 
Lucretia Culver, 1843, settled Rochester, N. Y. 

1.645 viii. Ruth Boughton, b. Tiogaco., N. Y., m. William 
Hayes, 1836, settled Dallas, Mich. ; she died Nov. 13, 

Children of Joseph and Sarah Belcher Bongrhton, of Bradford^ Pa. 


1.646 i. James Garrison Boughton, b. Chester, Orange co., 
N. Y., Nov. 18, 1801, m. first Betsey Simons, res. 
Springfield, Pa. ; second Amanda S. Grigger; he died 
Springfield 1868. 

1.647 ii. Joanna Boughton, b. Chester, Orange co., N. Y., 
March 16, 1803, m. Peter Briggs; both died Michigan. 

1.648 iii. Phebe Boughton, b. Bradford co., Pa., Nov. 18, 
1805, m. Everdon Puller; both died Springfield, Pa. 

1.649 iv. DoRiNDA Boughton, b. Bradford co.. Pa., Aug. 
8, 1808, m. Hiram Harkness, res. Springfield, Pa. 

1.650 V. Daniel Boughton, b. Bradford co., Pa., Jan. 12, 
1810, m. June 1, 1833, Maria Bailey, res. Gilletts, 
Pa., 1889. 

1,661 vi. Mary Boughton, b. Bradford co.. Pa., July 12, 
1813, and died Lawrenceville, Pa., aged twenty-one 

1.652 vii. Betsey Boughton, b. Bradford co.. Pa., Nov. 13, 
1816, m. John Odell, res. Darien, Wis., she d. . 

1.653 viii. Eunice Boughton, b. April 15, 1819, m. Samuel 
Bailey, res. Castle Rock, Wis., 1889. 

1.654 ix. Mlercy Boughton, b. April 26, 1823, m. James 
Hall, res. Charleston, Tioga co., Pa., 1889. 

1.655 X. Sally Boughton, b. Feb. 19, 1825, not married. 

1.656 xi. Amira Boughton, b. April 22, 1827, m. David 

Bentley, be died , she died with cancer August 

16, 1888. 

Child of Eyerdon and Phebe Bonffhton Fuller, of Sprlngr- 

fleld, Pa. 164g 

1,656* i. Addison Puller, b. Springfield, Pa., where he 
resided 1889. 

166 BouTOK-BouGHTON Fajoly. 

GhfldreB of Hina and lloriBda BonghtOB HarkBMB, ht iL 0«t 88, 

1866. of SoBth Creek. Pa. 1640 

,656t> i. Silas Harkness, b. Springfield, Pa., Sept. 26, 1827, 

and died South Creek, Fa., Jan. 24, 1844. 
,656« ii. Nancy Harkness, b. South Creek, Bradford co.,' 

Pa , Dec. 2, 1829, m. Georj2:e Lewis Jan. 16, 1849. 
,656<> iii. Phebe Bareness, b. South Creek, Bradford, co., 

Pa., April 11, 1832, m. Charles Lewis Jan. 1, 1849. 
,656« iv. Stacy Harkness, b. South Creek, Bradford co., 

Pa., Feb. 17, 1834. 
,656^ V. RoziLLA Bareness, b. South Creek, Bradford co., 

Pa., Feb. 11, 1837, m. Addison Tanner May 2, 1857; 

she died Southport, N. Y., June 14, 1886. 
,656f vi. Eunice C. Harkness, b. South Creek, Bradford 

CO., Pa., Feb. 12, 1840, m. Alvin L. Berry Nov. 11, 

1868, res. Berry town, Pa. 
,656^ vii. Mortimer Bareness, b. South Creek, Bradford 

CO., Pa., May 1, 1843, m. Phebe Dean Mar. 27, 1872. 
,656> viii. Ezra E. Bareness, b. South Creek, Bradford 

CO., Pa., Jan. 21, 1847, m. Matilda Rolfe Oct. 29, 1871, 

res. Athens, Pa. 
,656) ix. Frances E. Bareness, b. South Creek, Bradford 

CO., Pa., July 30, 1855, died in infancy June 13, 1856. 

Children of AItIh L. and Enaice C. Harkmess Beny, of 

BerrytowB, Pa. 1666ff 

,656*^ i. Grace E. Berry, b. Springfield, Pa., Dec. 9, 1869. 
,666' ii. Mattie L. Berry, b. Springfield, Pa., Dec. 6, 18Y3. 

Children of Mortimer and Phehe Dean Harkness, of South Creek, Pa. 


,656™ i. Minnie Bareness, b. South Creek, Pa., Jan. 23, 

,656" ii. Ralph Bareness, b. South Creek, Pa., Sept. 14, 

,656^ iii. Claude D. Bareness, b. South Ci-eek, Pa., Sept. 

21, 1877. 
,656Piv. Arthur Bareness, b. South Ci-eek, Pa., May 

30, 1880. 
,656^ V. Platt Bareness, b. South Creek, Pa., Jan. 28, 

,656' vi. Emma Bareness, b. South Creek, Pa., July SO, 


Children of Ezra E. and H« Matilda Bolfe Harkness^ of Southport, 

Chemnng coantj, N. Y. 1666i 

1,666* i. Laura M. Bareness, b. Southport, N. Y. 


1,656' ii. H. Roy Harkness, b. Springfield, Pa., Nov. 19, 


CUld of John and Betsey Bongrhton (dan. of Joseph, Jr., and Sarah 

Belcher Bongrhton) Odell^ of Darien, Wis. 1652 

1,656" i. Eugene Odell, b. Darien, Walworth co., Wis., 
res. there 1889. 

Children of Jonathan and Betsej Bongrhton (dan. of Joseph and 
Johanna Harper Bongrhton) Miller, of Elmira, N. Y. 1682 

1,656^^ i. James Miller, b. Ellmira, N. Y. 
1,656^ ii. Adam Miller, b. Elmira, N. Y. 
1,656* iii. Polly Ann Miller. 

Children of John and Harriet Bjsdnjek Bongrhton^ of New I'ork city. 


1,6563^ i. Nelson Boughton, b. New York city. 
1,656» ii. Elizabeth Boughton, b. New York city. 

Children of James Garrison and Betsej Simons Bongrhtony 

of Springrfleld^ Pa. 1646 

1.657 i. Ephraim Frederick Boughton, b. Springfield, 
Pa., June 8, 1827, m. Mary J. Betterman, res. 
Emporia, Kan.; he died Nov., 1884:. 

1.658 ii. Nathaniel Boughton, b. Springfield, Pa., June, 
1829, m. -Sarah Kelley, she res. with her son at 
Suspension Bridge, N. Y., he lived Springfield, Pa., 

1.659 iii. Matilda Boughton, b. Columbia, m. Gteorge 
Beals, res. Canton, Pa. 

1.660 iv. Joseph Boughton, b. Columbia Feb. 29, 1831, 
m. Matilda Hall, res. Sprin^eld, Pa. 

1.661 V. James Boughton, d. Columbia Sept., 1833, m. 
first Nov. 6, 1862, Violetta King, she died August 2, 
1863; second widow Susan Patterson, April 17, 1868, 
res. South Creek, Pa. 

1.662 vi. Charles Boughton, b. date unknown, and died 
aged about six years. 

1,662» vii. William H. Boughton, enlisted in Company F, 
77th Pa., and went to the war; b. South Creek, ra., 
April 5, 1836, m. Mary J. Griggee, settled South 
Creek, Pa. 

1,662*^ viii. Hiram Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., March 
14, 1842, m. Sept. 12, 1869, Rosa McKay, res. 
Canton, Pa. 

1,662*^ ix. Rhoda Ann Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., 
m. Abel Fuller, res. South Creek, Pa. 


Children of Ephraim Frederick and Marj J. Betterman Bonghtony 

of Emporia^ Kan. 1657 

1,662^ i. James Boughton. 

1,662^ ii. WiLUAM BOUGHTON. 

1,662^ iii. Edward Boughton. 
1,662? iv. Ephraim Boughton. 
1,662^ V. Lydia Ann Boughton. 
1,662' vi. Mary Boughton. 

Children of Nathaniel and Sarah Kelly Boogrhton, of Springrfleld^ Pa. 

He went to the war 1868. 1668 

1,662J i. Charles H. Boughton, b. Springfield, Pa., Jan. 
30, 1854, m. June 13, 1879, Ellen Lewis, res. Suspen- 
sion Bridge, N. Y. 

1,662*^ ii. Nellie Boughton, b. Springfield, Pa , July 26, 
1857, and died Dec. 29, 1878. 

Children of Joseph and Matilda Hall Bongrhton^ of Berrytown^ Pa. 


1,662^ i. Betsey Boughton, b. April 6, 1857, m. March 26, 
1882, Allen De Ved, res. Big Pond, Pa. 

1,662"^ ii. Minerva Boughton, b. March 6, 1859, m. Peter 
Jenkins, res. Big Pond, Pa. 

Children of Allen and Betsey Boughton De Tedy of Bigr Pond^ Pa. 


1,662 * i. Warren De Ved, b. Jan. 5, 1883, Big Pond, Pa. 
1,662 * ii. Carrie De Ved, b. Feb. 25, 1886, Big Pond, Pa. 
1,662* iii. Burr De Ved, b. Oct. 11, 1887, Big Pond, Pa. 

Children of Peter and Mlnerra Bonghton Jenkins, of Big Pond^ Pa. 


1,662'"* i. Wilbur Jenkins, b. June 21, 1880. 
1,662'"* ii. Benjamin Jenkins, b. March 29, 1883. 

Children of James and first wife Tioletta Kinsr Boughton, and seeond 
wife widow Susan Patterson Boughton^ of Perrysyiiie, Pa. 1661 

1,662" i. Sidney Boughton, b. Feb. 20, 1869. 
1,662'' ii. Rantsom T. Boughton, b. Dec. 28, 1870. 
1,662p iii. Sherman T. Boughton, b. Nov. 20, 1872. 
1,662^ iv. Eleanor Boughton, b. Sept. 6, 1874. 
1,662^ V. Hetty Boughton, b. May. 17, 1881. 
l,r)()2' vi. Frank Boughton, b. June 17, 1883. 

Children of William H. and Mary J« 9iggee Bongrhton, 

of PerrysTille, Pa. 1662a 

1,()62' i. Martha Maria Boughton, b. Aug. 20, 1869. 
1,602^ ii. Ervine Franklin Boughton, b. June 26, 1873. 


1,663^ iii. Harrt Millard Boughton, b. July 5, 1875. 
1,662^ iv. Amanda Boughton, b. March 12, 1878. 

Children of George and Matilda Bongrhton Beals, of Canton^ 

Bradford county, Pa. 1659 « 

1,663 i. Mart Jane Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Mar. 3, 1850, 

never married; she died May 3, 1871. 
1,663* ii. George T. Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Dec. 6, 1852, 

never married; he died Oct. 14, 1881. 
1,663'' iii. Alice A. Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Jan. 14, 1855, 

and died July 17, 1858. 
1,663'^ iv. Delbert A. Beals, b Canton, Pa., Sept. 8, 1856, 

m. Sept. 11, 1878, Emma Mitstifer, WiUiamsport, Pa. 
1,663'^ V. Emery Beals, b. Canton, Pa., July 15, 1858, m. 

Mar. 18, 1879, Mary Lidka, WiUiamsport, Pa. 
1,663« vi. Alvin Beals, b. Canton, Pa., April 28, I860. 

not married. 
1,663^^ vii. Hiram Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Jan. 16, 1862, m. 

Laura Brion. 
1,663? viii. Hannah Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Nov. 20, 1863, 

m. Feb. 8, 1885, Delos Griffin. 
1,663"* ix. Jessie Beals, b. Canton, Pa., Feb. 22, 1866, m. 

William Ninninger. 

Children of Abel and Bhoda Ann Bongrbton Fuller, of Sontb 

Creek, Bradford conntjs Pa. 1662« 

l,663i i. Emery Reed Fuller, b. Jan. 20, 1861, South 

Creek, Bradford co., Pa. 
1,663' ii. Samuel G. Fuller, b. August 16, 1862, South 

Creek, Bradford co. , Pa. 
1,663' iii. Cornelius L. Fuller, b. Jan. 28, 1S64, South 

Creek, Bradford co.. Pa. 
1,663> iv. Lizzie I. Fuller, b. March 7, 1866, South Creek, 

Bradford co.. Pa. 
1,663'" V. ViOLETT Fuller, b. Jan. 29, 1868, South Creek, 

Bradford co. , Pa. 
1,663" vi. Guy A. Fuller, b. Jan. 26, 1870, South Creek, 

Bradford co., Pa. 
1,663" vii. jAm A. Fuller, b. May 12, 1872, South Creek, 

Bradford co., Pa. 
1,668p viii. John R. Fuller, b. Feb. 28, 1874, South Creek, 

Bradford co., Pa. 
1,6631 ix. Lydla. a. Fuller, b. Feb. 8, 1876, South Creek, 

Bradford co.. Pa. 
1,663' X. Elvira Fuller, b. Mar. 29, 1881, and died Sept. 

17, 1882, South Creek, Bradford co., Pa. 


1,663» xi. Myrtie Fuller, b. March 28, 1883, South Creek,. 
Bradford co., Pa. 

Children of Hiram and Rosa MeKaj Bongrhton, of Canton, 

Bradford oonntj, Pa. 1662b 

1,663^ i. John Boughton, b. July 1, 1860. 

1,663° ii. Sarah Boughton, b. Feb. 6, 1862, and died Sept. 

6, 1863. 
1,663^ iii. Minnie M. Boughton, b. April 1, 1864, and died 

June 24, 1888. 
1,663^ iv. Mary Boughton, b. Sept. 29, 1866, m. Oct. 24, 

1 887, James Ryan, res. Canton, Pa. 
1,663^ V. Silas D. Boughton, b. May 6, 1868, res. Canton, 

l,663y vi. Amira Boughton, b. July 2, 1869, res. Canton, Pa. 
1,663"^ vii. Nancy Boughton, b. May 20, 1871, m. March 14^ 

1887, Phineas Deny, res. Canton, Pa. 
1,664 viii. Thomas Boughton, b. Feb. 6, 1873, res. 

Canton, Pa. 
1,664* ix. Myrtie Boughton, b. Sept. 26, 1874, res. 

Canton, Pa. 
1,664*> X. Andrew Boughton, b. May 15, 1879, res. Canton^ 

1,664« xi. Hardee Belle Boughton, b. July 10, 1881, res. 

Canton, Pa. 

Children of Belbert (son of George and Matilda Bongrhton Beals) and 

Emma Mitstifer Beals. 1668c 

1,664<» i. Ernest Beals, b. Sept. 13, 1880. 
1,664« ii. Hattie Beam, b. June 21, 1882. 
1,664** iii. Jennie Beals, b. June 13, 1884. 

Children of Emery (son of Georgre and Matilda Bongrhton Beals) and 

Mary Lidka Beals, of Williamsport, Pa. UM^ 

1,6648: i. Flora Beals, b. Dec. 6, 1882. 
1,664^ ii.. Emery Beai^, b. Dec. 30, 1883. 
1,664* iii. Howard Beals, b. March, 1886. 

Children of fllram (son of Georgre and Matilda Bongrhton Beals) and 

Lanra Brion Beals. 166S- 

1,664J i. Olla Beals, b. June 28, 1882. 
1,664^ ii. Edith Beals, b. Oct., 1883. 
1,664' iii. Mabel Beals, b. Sept., 1885. 
l,664">iv. Ammon Beals, b. June 16, 1887. 


diildren of WilliAm and Jessie Beals (dan. of George and Matilda 

Bongrbton Beals) Ninningrer. 1668 1^ 

1,664" i. Eldah Ninninger, b. July 17, 1885. 
1,664° ii. Charles Ninninger, b. tfuly 16, 1887. 

Children of Delos and Hannah Beals (dan. of Geor^ and Matilda 

Bonghton Beals) Griffin^ of Leroy. 166df 

1,664P i. Albert Griffin, b. Jan. 8, 1886. 
1,664^ ii. Jessie Griffin, b. April 16, 1887. 

Ghildrai of Daniel (son of Joseph^ Jr.^ and Sarah Belcher Bonghton> 
and Maria Bailey Bonghton, of Colnmbia^ Pa. 1660 

1,664' i. Ethltnda Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., Feb. 19, 

1834, m. March 1, 1853, Caleb Coe, res. Langdon, 
Lycoming county, Pa. 

1,664» ii. Adelaide Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., July 13, 

1835, and died Columbia Dec. 5, 1835. 

1.665 iii. Lyman C. Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., Feb. 22, 

1837, m. Cornelia Adams, res. Gilletts, Pa., 1888. 

1.666 iv. Lewis Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., Nov. 28, 

1838, m. Catharine A. Messier, res. 339 South 
Broadway, Elmira, N. Y., 1888. 

1.667 V. Almina Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., April 23, 
1840, m. Andrew Longwell; and died Wells, Pa., 
Dec. 24, 1879. 

1.668 vi. Miles Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., April 23, 
1842, m. Jane E. Baker, res. Hastings, Mich., 1888. 

1.669 vii. Horace Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., March 
27, 1844, m. Eliza P. Dense, res. Southport, N. Y., 

1.670 viii. Alma E. Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., June 
9, 1846, m. Alonzo Brown, res. Gilletts, Bradford 
county, Pa. 

1.671 ix. Alice M. Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., April 
20, 1848, m. Dalson Longwell, res. Gilletts, Bradford 
county. Pa. 

1.672 X. Marion A. Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., Sept. 
5, 1851, m. Archer Ayres, Hastings, Barry county, 

1.673 xi. D. Albert Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., June 
9, 1856, m. Nov. 12, 1874, Sarah Beardsley, res. 
Gilletts, Pa., 1888. 

diildren of Caleb and EthUnda Boairbton Coe^ of Langrdoiiy 

Ljeomiiiflr coniitj. Pa. 1664r 

1,673« i. Sarah Meussa Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., July 
27, 1856, and died at South Creek Feb. 17, 1862. 


1,673»» ii. Lyman Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., July 21, 1858, 

and died Dec. 28, 1866. 
1,673<' iii. Scott Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., May 13, 1861, 

m. Sarah Merrill, and settled at Amot, Fa. 
1,673d iv, Lyman E. Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., Feb. 6, 1863; 

he, too, died in childhood, Dec. 6, 1864. 
1,673* ( V. JuDSON Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., July 29, 1865. 
Twins \ vi. Judd Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., July 29, 
l,673f ( 1865, 
1,678« vii. Eddie Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., June 12, 1869, 

he died South Creek Sept. 8, 1870. 
1,673*' viii. Benjamin Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., July 8, 1872, 
1,673' ix. Montgomery Coe, b. South Creek, Pa., Mar. 31, 

1,673' X. Eddie Coe, b. Ralston, Pa., Mar. 7, 1876, and 

died at Ralston Nov. 14, 1882, aged about six years. 

Child of Scott and Sarah Merrill Coe, of Amot, Tioga 

county^ Pa. l678c 

1,673'' i. Caleb Coe, b. Arnot, Pa. 

Children of Lyman (son of Daniel and Maria Bailey Bonghton) and 
Cornelia Adams Bonghton, of Gilletts and South Creekj Pa. 1665 

1,674 i. Nina A. Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., Jan. 20, 

1872, res. South Creek, 1888. 
1,676 ii. Grace H. Boughton, b. South Creek, August 22, 

1878, res. South Creek, 1888. 

1.676 iii. Arthur L Boughton, b. South Creek, Feb. 1, 
1881, res. South Creek, 1888. 

1.677 iv. Ernest A. Boughton, b. South Creek, June 20, 
1885, res. South Creek, 1888. 

1.678 V. Ethel Boughton, b. South Creek, Feb. 6, 1888, 
res. South Creek, 1888. 

Children of Miles (son of Daniel H. and Maria Bailey Bonghton) and 
Jane £. Baker Bonghton, of Columbia, Pa« 

and Hastings, Mich. 1668 

1.679 i. Minnie M. Boughton. b. South Creek, Pa., Sept. 2, 

1.680 ii. Alice L. Boughton, b. Wells, Pa., Nov. 11, 1869. 

1.681 iii. Willis E. Boughton, b. Columbia, Pa., August 
8, 1872. 

1.682 iv. Lillian M. Boughton, b. Springfield, Pa., June 
6, 1874. 

1,68$ V. Maude E. Boughton, b. South Creek, Pa., Aug. 
14, 1876. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 178 

Child of Horace B. (son of Daniel and Maria Bailey Bonghton), and 
Eliza P. Dense Bonghton, of Sonthport, N. T. 1669 

1.684 i. Amira Boughton, b. Southport, N. Y., November 
24, 1879. 

Child of D. Albert (son of Daniel and Maria Bailey Bonghton) and 
Sarah Beardsley Bonghton^ of Gilletti Pa. 1678 

1.685 i. Olive M. Boughton, b. Gillett, Pa., AprU 20, 1880. 

Adopted child of Lewis (son of Daniel and Maria Bailey Bonghton) and 
widow Catharine A* Messier Bonghtonj of Elmira^ N. T. 

1.686 i. Minnie E. Boughton, b. about 1866 ; a teacher ; 
res. with parents, 339 South Broadway, Elmira, N. Y. 

Children of Andrew and Almira Bonghton Longwell^ of Wells^ 

Bradford Co., Pa., res* SnnderlandTilley Pa., 1889. 1667 

1.687 i. Eveline Longwell, b. South Creek, Bradford Co., 
Pa., Nov. 20, 1860 and d. Aug. 11, 1863. 

1,687" ii. George Longwell, b. South Creek, June 4, 1862. 
1,687*» iii. Lester Longwell, b. South Creek, June 2, 1864, 

d. Columbia, Pa., May 7, 1884. 
1,687<^ iv. Eugene Longwiell, b. South Creek, May 21, 1866. 
1,687** V. Sarah J. Longwell, b. Snedikers, Bradford co.. 

Pa., Jan., 1868. 
1,687* vi. Kate Longwiell, b. Snedikers, Bradford co., Pa., 

May 2, 1877. 

Glilldren of Alonxo and Alma E. Boogliton Brown, of 

GiUetts, Bradford connty, Pa, 1670 

1,687*^ i. Ida Eliza Brown, b. Ealston, Lycoming county. 

Pa., Mar. 20, 1872. 
1,687« ii. Lena R. Brown, b. Wells, Bradford co.. Pa., 

Oct. 27, 1877. 
1,687" iii. Etha E. Brown, b. Ralston, Lycoming co.. Pa., 

Dec. 1, 1880. 
1,687' iv. Leroy a. Brown, b. Ralstoft, Lycoming co.. Pa., 

Oct. 13, 1884. 

Children of Dalson and Alice M* Bongrbton Longwell^ of 

eilletts, Bradford county. Pa. 1671 

1,687J i. Harriet Longwiill, b. South Creek, Pa., August 
20, 1865, m. Isaac Craig, res. Gilletts, Pa., 1889. 

1,687'' ii. Angeline Longwell, b. South Creek, Pa., Sept. 
26, 1869. 

1,687' iii. Annie Longwell, b. South Creek, Pa., Mar. 24, 
1878, she died Feb. 13, 1881. 


Child of Isaac and Harriet Longrwell Craig, of GiUetts^ 

Bradford eonnty. Pa. 16871 

1,687'° i. Dalson Craig, b. Gilletts, Pa., Mar. 12, 1889. 

Children of Areher and Marian A. Bongrhton Ayres^ of 

Hastings, Barry connty^ Mich. 1678 

1,687" i. Maria M. Ayres, b. Wells, Pa., June 20, 1869. 
1,687** ii. Sarah H. Ayres, b. Wells, Pa., Sept. 23, 1871. 
l,687pili. George W. Ayres, b. Wells, Pa., May 20, 1876, 

and d. June 4, 1876. 
1,687*J iv. IvA A. Ayres, b. Wells, Pa., Sept. 28, 1877, and 

d. Sept. 10, 1879. 
1,687' V. Charles E. Ayres, b. Hastings, Mich., June 19, 

1880, died Jan. 18, 1881, in Michigan. 
1,687* vi. Lewis B. Ayres, b. Hastings^ Mich., Jan. 7, 1884. 
1,687* vii. Frank A. Ayres, b. Hastings, Mich., Jan. 6, 



viii. William Ayres, b. Hastings, Mich., April 11, 

' . ] 1888, and d. April 11, 1888. 
I^js 1 ix- Willis Ayres, b. Hastings, Mich., April 11, 
1»^^"'' [1888, and d. April 27, 1888. 

1,687^ X. Harry A. Ayres, b. Hastings, Mich., March 16, 
1889, d. April 4, 1889. 

Cliildren of Oharies H« and Ellen Lewis Bonghton^ of Suspension 
Bridge, N. T. ; she d. Suspension Bridgre, Sept 24| 1887. 1686 

1.688 i. Otto R. Boughton, b. Elmira, N. Y., March 23, 

1.689 ii. Lena M. Boughton, b. Elmira, Dec. 20, 1881. 

1.690 iii. Leo E. Boughton, b. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 22, 

Children of Jedediah and Eliza (dan. of Daniel and Phebe Coleman 
Bonghton) m. 1828, Messengeri of Macomb Co.^ Mich. 1688 

1.696 i. IvAH Messenger, d. in the Union army of the 
United States. 

1.697 ii. OgHjVie Messenger, d. . 

1.698 iii. Jane Messenger. 

1.699 iv. Phebe Messenger. 

1.700 V. Adaline Messenger, d. . 

1.701 vi. Violetta Messenger. 

This family moved to Barry county, Michigan, where the 
parents died. 

Note. — ii. Richard (son of Daniel and Phebe Coleman 
Boughton), b. Chester, N. Y. , 1800, led a company of rifle- 
men in the Toledo war of 1835. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 175 

'Children of Rlehard and Esther Bnrton Bonghton^ , Mleh. 1689. 

1.702 i. George W. Boughton, d. Sacramento, Cal. 

1.703 ii. Esther Ann Boughton, d. in childhood. 

1.704 iii. Phebe Boughton, m. Mr. Tyler; d. and left a son, 
1,704* George Tyler. 

'Children of Bei^amln and Susan Boughton (dan. Daniel and Phebe 
Coleman Boughton) Welchy of Michigan Center^ 

Jackson, Mich. 1640 

1.705 i. Matilda Welch. 

1.706 ii. Harriet Welch. 

1.707 iii. Phebe Welch. 

1.708 iv. William H. Welch. 

1.709 V. Louisa Welch. 

1.710 vi. Ermina Welch. 

The parents died at Michigan Centre, Jackson co., Mich., 
where the family were living at last account. 

Children of Samuel (son of Daniel and Phebe Coleman Boughton) and 
Sarah Ann Gould Boughton (now deceased), Macomb Co., Mich. 1641 

1.711 i. Sarah Ann Boughton. 

1.712 ii. JosiAH Boughton. 

1.713 iii. Daniel Boughton, d. in the Union army. 

1.714 iv. Porter Boughton. 

Children of Darius (son of Daniel and Phebe Coleman Boughton) and 
Catharine Conger Boughton, of Hopewell, Ontario co., N. T. 1648 

1.715 i. John C. Boughton, b. Novi, Oakland co., Mich., 
1836, m. Ellen Brooks. 

1.716 ii. Eugene Boughton, teacher, b. 1837; was steward 
of St. Charles hotel, New Orleans ; was with General 
Banks' expedition np the Red River, m. Annie 
Crabbon, and settled on a farm in Hill Co., Texas, 
last heard from by letter, 1876, then going to Missouri. 

1.717 iii. James Augustus Boughton, b. 1841, m. Mary 
Wallace, of Water ford, Brant co., Canada, Ont., 
settled Travers City. 

1.718 iv. Darius F. Boughton, b. 1843, graduated Michi- 
gan University, m. Oct. 6, 1875, Helen C. McDill, 
res. Chicago. 


(i.) John C. Boughton, b. Novi, Oakland co.> 
Mich., 1836, served in 2d Re^., Michigan Vols., was 
promoted to Lieut. -Colonel, returned and m. at 
Travers City, Mich., 1866, Ellen Brooks, res. West 
Bay City, Mich. 

176 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Cliildreii of John ۥ and lUry Ellen Brooks Bonghton^ of Trarer^ 

Cit79 Mich.; and West Bay City. 1716 

1.719 i. Darius B. Boughton, b. Travers City, Mich., 
Mar. 14, 1867. 

1.720 ii. Bessie Boughton, b. Travers City, Mich., July 
18, 1869, d. Bay City, Mich., 1883. 

1.721 iii. Helen Augusta Boughton, b. Travers City, 
Mich., Oct. 2, 1871. 

Children of James Aognstns and Mary Walker Bonghton, of 

Canada and Trarers City^ Mich.^ 1887. 1717 

1.722 i. Ralph Boughton, b. 1878, Novi, Mich. 

1.723 ii. RoLLAND Boughton, b. 1879, Novi, Mich. 

1.724 iii. Carl Boughton, b. 1881, Novi, Mich., res. 
Travers City, Mich., 1887. 

(iv.) Darius F. Boughton (son of Darius and 

Catharine Conger Boughton), b. 1843, res. 321 

West Madison St., Chicago, HI., graduated at Michi 
gan University as a phvbician, 1870, went to Wiscon- 
sin State Hospital for insane, 1&72, was promoted to 
superintendent 1876, and served in that capacity until 
his resignation, 1881 ; m. 1875, Helen C. McDill, dau. 
of Hon. F. H. McDill, of town of same name. Port- 
age county, Wis. 

Children of Dr. Darios F. and Helen C. McDill Bonghton, of Chicago, 

111.; res. 821 West Madison street, 1887. 1718 

1.725 i. Grace Helen Boughton, b. Madison, Wis., 1876. 

1.726 ii. Edith Boughton, b. Madison, Wis., May 6, 1878. 

1.727 iii. Thomas Harris Boughton, b. McDill, Portage 
county. Wis., 1881. 

(vii.) Morris Boughton (son of Daniel and Phebe 
Coleman Boughton, b. Tioga countv, N. Y., 1812, m. 
Lucretia Culver, of Rochester, N. Y. 

Children of Morris and Lncretia Cnlrer Bonffhton^ of Rileyi Clinton 

Co.9 Mich. 1644 

1.728 i. George Edwin Boughton, b. Sept. 29, 1844, res. 
Biley, Clinton county, Mich. 

1.729 ii. Ceua Ellen Bouton, b. Feb. 14, 1846, m. F. W. 
Dunlop, res. Manistee, Mich. 

1.730 iii. Frances M. Boughton, b. Feb. 17, 1849, m. J. 
Brown, res. Muskegan, Mich. 

1.731 iv. Cortland H. Boughton, b. April 14, 1850, m. 
Ingersoll, res. Clinton, Mich. 


1.732 V. Almira J. BouGHTON, b. March 21, 1851, m. Chas. 
Garlock, res. Clinton, Mich. 

1.733 vi. Paul Edward Boughton, b. Aug. 13, 1862, res. 
Biley, Mich. 

1.734 vii. Harriet M. Boughton, b. Oct. 20, 1856, res. 
Alma, Gratiot co., Mich. 

1,734* viii. Fred Morris Boughton, b. July 15, 1863 ; tele- 
graph operator ; res. Winfield, Ean. 

Clilldren of WiUiam and Rnth Bongrhton (dan. of Daniel and Phebe 
Coleman Bongrhton) HaySy of Dallas, Clinton C0.9 Mich. 1646 

1.735 i. Phebe Hays, m. Conklin. 

1.736 ii. Marion Hays. 

1.737 iii. Morris Hays. 



178 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

1,737 JONATHAN BOUGHTON, b. about 1710, supposed 
Fairfield Co., Conn., m. Abigail Nichols about 1760, 
and settled Simsbuiy, Conn. 

Authentic history of this family was not found 
among the records where many others were obtained, 
but a granddaughter by the name of Mary Bough- 
ton, dau. of Azer and Elizabeth Nickerson Boughton, 
is responsible for the following tradition : 

Said Jonathan Boughton was the captain of a 
merchant vessel and sailed to an Italian port, during 
the prevalence of an epidemic; he was importuned by 
a frantic mother to take her infant away from the 

Elague smitten city, whereupon he took the child to 
is own home in Cape Cod, where she was reared to 
womanhood and he then married her, and they 
settled atSimsbury, Conn. He died about 1785; date 
and place of her death not found. 

Children of Jonathan and AbigaU Nichols Bonghton, 

of Simsbnry^ €t. 178& 

1.739 i. William Boughton, b, Simsbury, Ct., 1751, m. 
Dolly Holcomb. 

1.740 ii. Ezra Boughton, b. Simsbuiy, Ct., 1756, enlisted 
in the war, taken prisoner by the British and starved 
to death. 

1.741 iii. Amy Boughton, b. about 1758, m. first . 

Partridge; second . Delevan, and said to have 

settled in Boston, Mass. 

1.742 iv. Eleanor Boughton, b. Stamfoid, 1759, m. 
William Hayes, of Nassau, N. Y. 

1.743 V. Azer Boughton, b. Simsbury, 1761, m. Boston^ 
1782, Elizabeth Nickerson. 

1.744 vi. Lydia Boughton, b. Simsbury, 1762, m. Joseph 
Young, settled Nassau. 

1.745 vii. Simeon Boughton, b. Simsbury, 1764, m. Polly 
Curtis, settled Hillsdale, N. Y. 

1.746 viii. Elijah Boughton, b. Simsbury, 1766, m. Polly 
Hull, settled Nassau, N. Y. 

1.747 ix. Stephen Boughton, b. Simsbury, 1768, m. Polly 
Enapp, they had no children. 

J, 748 X. Jeremiah (Jerol) Boughton, b. Simsbury, June 
3, 1775. m. June 14, 1800, Polly Leavenworth. 


(i.) William Boughton (son of Jonathan and 
Abigail), b. Simsbury, Ct., about 1751, m. Dolly 
Holcomb, settled Simsbury, Ct., where he died 1888. 

Children of William and Dolly Holcomb Boogiiton; of 

Stephentowni N. T. 17)C9 

1,749 i. WnjJAM BouGHTON, Jr., b. Stephentown, N. Y., 
m. Almaca Boughton, dau. of Simeon Boughton. 

1,760 ii. Polly Boughton, b. Stephentown, m. Abijah 

1,751 iii. Seymour Boughton, b. Stephentown. 

1,762 iv. James Boughton, b. Stephentown, m. Elizabeth 

1,753 V. Amos Boughton, b. Stephentown. 

1,764 vi. Lucy Boughton, b. Stephentown, m. Silas Green- 

Children of William and Eleanor Booghton Hajresy of Naasan, 

Bens. Co., N. Y. 1742 

1,754* i. William Hayes, b. probably, Nassau, N. Y., 1783, 
m. Rebecca Kittle, d. East Nassau, 1869. 

1,754^ ii. Henry Hayes, b. Nassau, 1792, m. Eunice Bailey, 
d. East Nassau. 

1,754« iii. Harvey B. Hayes, b. Nassau, 1797, m. Polly 
Ames ; further unknown. 

1,754^ iv. Nancy Hayes, b. Nassau, 1779, m. Abner Bull, d. 
Stephentown, N. Y. 

1,754* V. Betsey Hayes, b. Nassau, 1777, m. Uriah Dau- 
chy, d. Rochester, N. Y. 

1,754*^ vi. Clara Hayes, b. Nassau, 1786, m. Maynard 
Brown, d. Watertown, N. Y., since 1876. 

1,754'? vii. Polly Hayes, b. Nassau, 1781, m. P. Miller, d. 
Wilmington, Essex Co., N. Y., 1870. 

1,754'' viii. Abigail Hayes, b. Nassau, 1787, m. Peter 
Prime, Upper Jay, N. Y., d. 1875. 

1,754» ix. Ellenor Hayes, b. Nassau, 1795, m. Elisha Green- 
field ; supposed died at Watertown, N. Y. 


(v.) AzER Boughton (fourth child, son of Jona- 
than and Abigail Nichols Boughton, of Simsbury, 
Conn.), was bom at Simsbury, 1761, m. Elizabeth 
Nickerson. In youth he enlisted in the army of the 
Revolution as a musician, where he served six and a 
half years and returned and settled in Washington 
county, N. Y., where he died at Cambridge, N. Y., 
1848, aged 87 years. 


Children of Azer and Elizabeth Nlckerson Boughton, 

of Nassan, N. T. 1748 

1.755 i. Hannah Boughton, b. Nassau, 1785, m. Obadiah 
Culver. No chUdren. Died at Cambridge, 1848. 

1.756 ii. Amy Boughton, b. Nassau, Feb. 1, 1790, ra. Moses 
Culver, Cambridge, d. June 16, 1873. 

1.757 iii. Rhoda Boughton, b. Nassau, 179-, m. Timothy 
Eddy, Fort Edward, N. Y. He died. Fort Edward, 
1855 ; she died about 1860. 

1.758 iv. Mary (Polly) Boughton, b. Nassau, 1796, m. 
Orin Eddjr, d. Elizabeth, N. J., about 1883. 

1.759 V. Seth N. Boughton, b. Nassau, 1798, m. first, 
Margaret Jane Fort ; second, Mary Jane Smith ; he 
died March. 1877, at Milledgeville, Ga. 

1.760 vi. Betsey Boughton, b. Nassau, Dec. 25, 1800, m. 
Wm. J. Skelly, of Syracuse ; she died Nov. 5, 1876. 

1.761 yii Diantha M. Boughton, b. Stephentown, Feb. 
28, 1808, m. Arlington, Vt., Jan. 20, 1830, Chauncey 
Ryder; Uving Elizabeth, N. J., 1886. 

1.762 viii. Smith Azer Boughton, b. Stephentown, 1810, 
m. Mary E. Bailey, 1840 ; he died November, 1888 ; 
she living at Alps, N. Y., 1889. 

Children of Moses and Amy Bonghton Gnlyer, of €am- 

bridsre5 N. T. 1764 

1.763 i. Andrew Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., June 10, 
1811, m. Oct. 12, 1837, Sarah Ketcham; died July 17, 

1.764 ii. Maria Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., Feb. 26, 
1813, m. June 26, 1834, James Donahue, she d. Mar. 
25, 1880, left no children. 

1.765 iii. Nathan Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., April 16, 
1815, m. May, 1843, Amanda Skelly, Syracuse, N. Y. 

1.766 iv. Rhoda Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., April 14, 
1817, ra. June, 1837, David Doig, d. Washington, la., 

1.767 V. Eliza Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., Oct. 28, 
1819, m. Sept. 8, 1847, John Rusk, New York city, 
d. May 17, 1850. 

1.768 vi. Oscar Culver, b^ Cambridge, N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1821, m. Aug. 25, 1846, Eliza Draper; d. Cambridge, 
Sept. 11, 1860. 

1.769 vii. Azer Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., Jan. 19, 
1824, m. Aug. 31, 1852, Mary Mott, Lyons, N . Y. 

1.770 viii. Mary Ann Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., Jan. 


29, 1826, m. Nov., 1850, Alex Hornbeck, lives 
Sharon, W. T. 

1.771 ix. Harriet Jane Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., 
Feb. 14, 1831, m. Feb. 26, 1860, Ebenezer Smith, no 

1.772 X. Seth B. Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., Oct. 10, 
1833, unmarried. 

Children of Andrew and Sarah Keteham Onlyer, of Pitts- 
town, N. T. 17aS 

1.773 i. Sarah Case Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y., 1838, 
res. Pittstown, N. Y. 

1.774 ii. Moses Culver, b. Cambridge, N. Y. 

1.775 iii. Lucy Edwards Culver, b. , m. , res. 

Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

Children of Nathan (son of Moses and Amy Bongrhton CnlYor)5 and 

Amanda Shelly Cnlyer^ of Syracuse, N. T. 1766 

1.776 i. Amy E. Culver, b. Spofford, N. Y., March 26, 
1843, d. March 4, 1847. 

1.777 ii. Helen Elizabeth Culver, b. Scott, N. Y., March 
27, 1851, d. March 3, 1853. 

1.778 iii. Eva A. Culver, b. Scott, N. Y., Oct, 21, 1853. 

1.779 iv. Oscar Wiluam Culver, b. Scott, N. Y., Sept. 
23, 1863. 

Children of Dayid and Rhoda Cnlyer Dolg, of Washing^ton, la. 1766 

1.780 i. Moses Doig. 

1.781 ii. Sarah Doio. 

1.782 iii. Eliza Doio. 

1.783 iv. Hetta Doig. 

1.784 V. Ella Doig. 

1.785 vi. Marion Doig. 

1.786 vii. Emma Doig. 

Child of John and Eliza Cnlrer Rusk, of Pittstown, N. t. 1767 

1.787 i. Amy Rusk, b. , living at Cambridge, N. Y. 

Children of Oscar and Eliza Draper Cnlyer. Mexico, N. T. 1768 

1.788 i. Alice Culver. 

1.789 ii. Olena Philip Culver, d. Bennington, Mich., Oct., 

Children of Azer and Mary Mott Cnlrer, of Marquette, Mich. 1769 

1.790 i. Ensign Culver, b. Marquette, Mich., July 14, 1858. 

1.791 ii. Fannie C. Gifford Culver, b. Marquette, Mich., 
March 25, 1856, Lyons, N. Y. 


1.792 iii. John P. Culver, b. Marquette, Mich., Sept. 26, 

Children of ilexander and Mary Ann Cnlyer Hombeek, 

Sharon, N. T. 1770 

1.793 i. AzER HoRNBECK, b. Sharon, N. Y. 

1.794 ii. Irene Hornbeck, b. Sharon, N. Y. 

1.795 iii. Oscar Hornbeck, b. Sharon, N. Y. 

1.796 iv. Minna Hornbeck, b. Sharon, N. Y. 

(iii.) Rhoda Boughton (dau. of Azer and Elizabeth 

Nickerson), b. ; m. . Timothy Eddy, and 

settled at Fort Edward, N. Y., where she died about 
1853. He died Fort Edward, 1855. 

Children of Timothy and Rhoda Booghton Eddy, of Fort 

Edward, N. T. 1757 

1.797 i. Elizabeth Boughton Eddy, b. Fort Edward, N.Y., 
m. Fort Edward, 1850, James Dickey Norton, and 
settled at . She died 

Children of James D. and Elizabeth Eddy Norton^ of Fort 

Edward, N. T. 1797 

1.798 i. WAsmNGTON Eddy Norton, b. Feb. 22, 1862, and 
died Aprils, 1852. 

1.799 ii. James Eddy Norton, b. Fort Edward, N. Y., 
1856. With a mind quick and perceptive, and an 
energy of disposition, ne graduated with honor at 

Cornell University in , 18 — , and became the 

proprietor of the Oenesee Valley Post (a prohibition 
paper), published at Belmont, N. Y. 

He now, May, 1886, is connected with the N. Y. 
Commercial Aavertiser, as telegraphic editor. He m . 

at Belmont, N. Y., Cripe McNett, dau. of Col. 

A. J. McNett, of Belmont ; they settled at 437 West 
57th street. New York city, where they were living in 
May, 1886. 

1.800 iii. S. Mary Norton, b. at 1858. With a nat- 
ural taste for the beautiful, she gave her time to the 
cultivation of her talent, and in 1885 entered the 
Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts as a student, 
where in 1886 she was pursuing the study of her 
chosen occupation. Unmarried. Address (care of 
J. E. Norton), 437 West 57th street. New York city. 

1,S01^ ii. Timothy Eddy, Jr. (son of Timothy and Rhoda 

Boughton Eddy), born. at , m. , Maiy E. 

Underwood, , 1869 ; settled at Belmont, N. Y. 


Children of TlmothT^ Jr.y and Mary E. Underwood Eddj^ of 

Belmonty N. T. 

1.802 i. Pauline Elizabeth Eddy, b. Belmont, N. Y., 1874, 
living with parents at . 

1.803 ii. BouGHTON Underwood Eddy, b. , 1877, 

living with parents at . 

(vii.) Dlajntha Maria Boughton (dau. of Azer and 
Elizabeth Nickerson Boughton), b. Stephentown, N. 
T., Feb. 28, 1808, m. Arlinc:ton, Vt., Jan. 20, 1829, 
Chauncey Ryder, of Rensselaerville, Albany county, 
N. Y.; lived Albany, N. Y., where he died March 12, 
1850. She was living with her son, ex-mayor S. B. 
Ryder, of Elizabeth, N. J., 1887. 

Children of Chauncey and Dlantha M« Booghton Ryder, of 

Arlln«rton, Yt 1761 

1.804 i. Seth Boughton Ryder, b. Arlington, Vt., Oct. 
17, 1830, m. Albany, N. Y., April 13, 1854, Maria 
Griffin and settled at Elizabeth, N. J. 

His War Record. 

After raising two companies, not having military experi- 
ence, he refused to take command. On Sept. 29, 1861, he 
was mustered into the U. S. service as second lieutenant of 
Co. D, Fifth N. Y. Volunteer Cavalry, and promoted to 
first lieutenant June 11, 1862, chosen captain of same Jan. 
30, 1863, brevet major May 4, 1866. 

His rc^ment was up the Shenandoah Valley, under Q^n. 
Banks, until Gen. Pope took command, then under him and 
with the Army of the Potomac. Until the end of the war, 
under G^ns. Kilpatrick and Sheridan . 

He was captured by a band of confederates, who were 
lying in wait to pick up horses and revolvera, July 23, 
1863, near Orleans, Va., while returning from delivering 
despatches from Gfen. Eilpatrick to the officers commanding 
the forces at Snickers Gap, Va. One man with him was 
also captured. They were released with some forty others, 
who had been picked up by ones and twos, after keeping 
them three days in the Blue Ridge mountains. 

He was next captured Oct. 10, 1863, while trying to pre- 
vent Stewart's cavalry (the advance of Gen. Lee's army) 
from crossing the river near Madison Court House, was 
taken to Ldbby Prison and remained there until May 7, 
1864 ; was then sent to Danville, Va., thence to Macon, 
Gki., thence to Charleston, S. C. The confederates then 


put their prisoners under the fire of the union guns on 
Marvin's Island, after which they were taken to Camp Sor- 
ghum, two miles back of Columbia, S. C. (Saluda Mills), 
thence to insane asylum yard in Columbia, to Charlotte, 
Baleigh, Goldsborough, N. C, and to the union lines, ten 
miles from Wilmington, where they were exchanged, 
March 1, 1865. Mr. Kyder was mustered out of the service 
Majr 16, 1865, and returned to Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 1, fol- 
lowing. He was elected sheriff of Union county, Novem- 
ber, 1872, for a term of three years, chosen freeholder from 
1876 to 1876, again elected sheriff in 1878 and served till 
1881 ; he was elected mayor 1882. 

In 1885 he was awarded a medal by the American Insti- 
tute for fire proof composition for waUs and ceilings, which 
he was engaged in manufacturing at his factory in Eliza- 
beth, N. J., where he also resided at the date of this record, 

Chnd of Seth B. and Maria eriffln Ryder, of Elliabeth, N. J. 1804 

1,806 i. Chauncey A. Ryder, b.. July 27, 1855. 

1.806 ii. John Absalom Ryder (son of Chauncey and 
Diantha Bough ton Ryder), b. Arlington, Vt., Aug. 
20, 1833, m. Philadelphia, Pa., December 1, 1856, 
Emma Leach^ and died Philadelphia, Pa., 1873. 
They settled m Philadelphia where his widow still 
resiaes, 2628 N. Broad st. ; he was a wholesale dry 

foods merchant, was partner of the firm of Spar- 
awk. Slack & Axe. 

Children of John A. and Emma Leach Ryder, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 1806 

1.807 i. Margaret Diantha Ryder, b. Nov. 15, 1858, 
died Dec. 9, 1868. 

1.808 ii. Mary Emma Ryder, b. Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 
5, 1862, m. Mar. 11, 1885, William Charles McPheiBon. 

1.809 iii. Amy Ryder, b. Philadelphia May 6, 186*2, not 
m., lives with her mother. 

1.810 iv. Elizabeth Ryder, b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 25, 
1864, m. Aug. 25, 1884, George W. Williams. 

1.811 V. John Absalom Ryder, Jr., b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
Feb. 5, 1867, d. May 16, 1873. 

Child of George W. and Elizabeth Ryder Wiliiamsi of 

Philadelphia, Pa. 1810 

1.812 i. Emzabeth Ryder Willlams, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
Dec. 14, 1885. 



(v.) Seth N. Boughton (son of Azer and Elizabeth 
Nickerson Boughton, of Nassau, N. Y.), b. Nassau, N. 
Y. , 1801 . He studied law at Granville, N. Y. , and was 
admitted to the bar in Albany, and in 1824 settled at 
Milledgeville, Georgia, where he edited the State 
paper, and during the Southern rebellion affiliated 
with Gov. Brown of secession notoriety, though 
professing himself anti-secession. He married about 
1831, Margaret J. Fort, who soon after died; he then 
m. Mary Jane Smith at Albany, Ga., where he lived 
for a time; he d. at Milledgeville, Ga., March, 1877. 

Child of Seth N. and Mary Jane Smith Bongrhton^ of Albanj^ Ga* 1 75^ 

1,818 i. William P. Boughton, b. Milledgeville, Ga., 1844, 
d. July 21, 1861, aged seventeen years. 



Smith Azer Boughton (son of Azer and Elizabeth Nick- 
erson Boughton, who was the son of Jonathan and .Abigail 
Nichols Boughton). Azer was of Simsbury, Connecticut. 

Smith Azer Boughton was born in Stephentown, Rensse- 
laer Co., N. Y., . 1810. When six months old his 

parents moved to Rensselaerville, Albany Co., N. Y., where 
he was brought up as a farmer until the age of fifteen years. 
He was then sent to the academy at Cambridge, Washing- 
ton Co., N. Y., and after two years went to the university 
at Middlebury, Vt., where, in 1831, he graduated with the 
degree of M. D. The following spring ne formed a copart- 
nership with Dr. John R. Steel, or Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
He visited New York city during the cholera epidemic to 
witness the treatment of that alarming disease, after which 
he settled at Glens Falls, N. Y., for about two years and 
then removed to Delhi, Delaware Co. , N. Y. 

In the fall of 1837 the rebellion broke out in Canada. 
Intelligence was received that the Canadians were severely 
oppressed by the home government and the elective fran- 
cnise denied to the people. The sympathies of the people 
of the northern interior of the State were excited, and, true 
to the Boughton proclivity, he joined a band of men of the 
State and went to the assistance of the oppressed Canadi- 
ans. Some reinforcements joined the allies from the United 
States, aggregating about 1,500 men, but the Canadians 
being poorly officered and undisciplined, it was apparent on 

186 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

the first engagement that all depended upon the efficiency 
of the United States volunteers, who were finally compelled 
to retire to Navy Island. There Gen. Scott captured the 
whole force and sent them home, where Dr. Boughton 
arrived, in poor health and without money. 

Following his return came the intelligence of the severe 
illness of his mother and soon after news of her death. In 
1839 he removed from Delhi to Alps, Rensselaer Co., N. T., 
where he practiced his profession and in 1 840 married Mary 
E. BsLiley of that place. 

As an introduction to the eventful life which followed, it 
may be remarked that in 1614 the Dutch West India Com- 
pany made tempting offers to settlers from Amsterdam and 
other cities of Holland to settle on lands chartered to them, 
with feudal privileges, in the exercise of which, in time, 
the settlers on those lands became nothing more than feudal 
serfs, the landlords holding all judicial and legislative 

A rich jeweler of Dorp, a city in Holland, by the name 
of Killian Van Rensselaer and Jeremias, his son, purchased 
of the company six miles square, including Schodack, Poes- 
tenkill, Greenbush, and the grounds upon which the city 
of Troy and village of Lansingburgh have since been built. 
This was on the east side of the Hudson river, and also on 
the west side, six miles, exclusive of the city of Albany. 
That was all they possessed lawfully; but by becomiujg 
members of the colonial legislature, and by paying quit 
rents to the government their doubtful titles were recog- 
nized as goc^ ; and instead of six miles each side of the 
Hudson, they extended their claim to forty-eight miles in 
length and twenty-four in breadth, which extended four 
miles into Berkshire county, Mass. ; but of this they were 
not allowed to collect the rents, for whenever they attempted 
it the inhabitants drove them out. 

At the close of the revolutionary war the returned soldiers, 
who had been paid off in continental money, which was 
nearly worthless, were offered by Stephen Van Rensselaer 
the privilege to settle on his manor, with a contract to take 
a farm and have the use of it seven years without rent, 
with the understanding that at the end of said seven years 
they should have leases in perpetuity by paying a nominal 
winter- wheat rent, with no other restriction or incumbrance. 

But how great was their surprise to find in the leases 
many clauses of exactions ana obhgations, limiting the 
privilege of using and disposing of their improvements. 
Kemonstrances were useless, the poverty of the tenants 


rendering them unable to cope with the power of their 
wealthy landlords, and the exactions were yielded to as a 
necessity. On the death of Stephen Van Eensselaer, in 
1839, his heirs, who had been to Germany, returned ; and, 
supposing themselves possessed of an income equal to a 
German principality, demanded aU the arrearages paid up, 
including the extortion in the leases. At this the tenants, 
struck with consternation, assembled to consider their 
grievances and appointed a committee to wait upon their 
landlord, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Jr., who claimed as his 
the western portion of the manor. He, however, haughtily 
told them they need expect no indulgences from him, as he 
should exact all the conditions of the leases. It was at this 
period that Dr. Boughton returned from Delhi to live in 
Alps, Rensselaer county, N. Y., and found that about 
10,000 inhabitants of these leased lands, grieved with the 
intolerance of their landlords, were holding meetings to 
consider what measures to adopt for redress of their griev- 
ances. Dr. Boughton advised that the legislature be peti- 
tioned for protection against the unconstitutional exactions 
•of the landlords, under the leases. Large associations were 
formed, embracing some eight counties. 

In the autumn of 1843 he, Dr. Boughton, was chosen as 
■an agent to attend the legislature and present a petition 
from the two counties of Albany and Rensselaer and 
-exercise all his influence to have laws enacted for the relief 
of these oppressed citizens, but it seemed that the whole 
Aristocracy of the State had been enlisted on the side of 
the wealthy landlords, and the lobby was thronged with 
their lawyers employed to prevent any action, if possible, by 
the legislature in the interest of the petitioners. Eminent 
counsel were employed to furnish . legal opinions for the 
j^uidance of the committee to whom the petition had been 
referred. Able opinions in favor of the cause of the 
tenants were furnished by Gov. Briggs, of Massachusetts, 
Hon. Daniel Webster (who remarked that if he had time 
he could tear the manors into shoe strings), and Ambrose L. 
Jordan, of New York city. It was deipanded of the 
landlords they should show their title, but the presentation 
proved that discrepancies of dates existed which rendered 
their claims unfounded in law or equity. Their next move 
was to get the matter transferred to the judiciary com- 
mittee which was composed of a selection of members, 
among whom were three of the landlords' lawyers who 
l)rought in a report favoring the claim of the landlords 
under the terms of the leases. Before further action 

188 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

could be taken the legislature adjourned, and the jubilant 
landlords issued a notice to the tenants to immediatelr 
come in and settle all claims or they would be ejected. It 
was then that the tenantry resolved upon similar measures 
adopted by the people of Boston when the tea was thrown 
overboard. Large forces of men completely disguised as 
Indians, were organized to prevent the forcible execution of 
the threats of the landlords; this course was only to be 
pursued until legal action could be had. This measure 
became popular with the people of these counties, embrac- 
ing a population of about 160,000 inhabitants. At the 
next session of the legislature efforts were renewed to 

Krocure an amicable adjustment of the controversy which 
ad grown to such dimensions it was feared by the govern- 
ment that a formidable insurrection would be the result. 
At this juncture the landlords instituted a secret detective^ 
system to obtain some information upon which a charge 
could be made against Dr. Boughton as a leader of the 
opposition to the enforcement or the arbitrary exactions 
of the landlords. In the month of December, 1844, Dr. 
Boughton was invited to attend a meeting for completing 
the organization of the town of Claverack, Columbia Co., 
N. Y. The meeting was lar^e, and after an address by 
Dr. Boughton and the organization by a committee, the 
meeting adjourned and the assemblage dispersed. A few 
disguised persons were leaving the room when unfortu* 
nately a pistol was discharged, taking effect in the breast 
of a lad standing at the foot of the stairs, killing him 
instantly. It was supposed at the time the shooting was 
accidental, but it was afterward believed that it was done 
by a disguised traitor and intended for Dr. Boughton who 
lingered after the departure of the assemblage to transact 
some further business. At this time the sheriff and 
district attorney arrived with a posse and demanded the 
surrender of Dr. Boughton on a charge of having destroyed 
official papers which he had taken from the sheriff. This 
not being true the demand was refused, whereupon a melee 
ensued, in which the doctor fought his wav to a building 
where he, with drawn pistol, resisted the whole force, who- 
were warned that as they had no warrant for his arrest 
they were acting contrary to law. The sheriff and district 
attornejr both promised it he would submit to arrest they 
would simply take him before a magistrate where he could 
be bailed, and that he should in no event be confined. 
Arriving at Hudson he was placed under guard and a 
deputation sent to Albany to invoke the protection of Gov. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 189 

Wright against the interposition of the doctor's friends 
who were in large numbers in the city and demanding his 
release. The people demanded that the pledge of the 
sheriff and district attorney, with regard to his release, be 
redeemed and offered bail to any amount that should be 
required, but without avail, and early in the morning 500 
troops arrived, sent by Gk)v. Wright from Albany, with 
six pieces of artillery loaded with grape with which all 
the approaches to the jail were guarded, and all communi- 
cation denied to the doctor, and he was placed in close 
confinement without the privilege of counsel. At length 
friends prevailed and obtamed counsel, and a writ of habeas 
corpus was procured from a Supreme Court commissioner, 
but through the influence of the aristocracy its service was 
arrested by Gov. Wright, who removed the judge and 
appointed a tool of his own. 

On a motion of his counsel, Ambrose L. Jordan, the 
cause was adjourned until the March term, pending which 
counsel Jordan was notified, that as the doctor was unlaw- 
fully imprisoned, if he would consent, a force of three or 
four thousand men were ready to march to his rescue, and 
would release him in spite of the State troops ; but consid- 
ering that bloodshed must result from such a course, he 
declined the offer, and the trial came on. Three weeks 
were consumed in the trial of the case, the juij being ^1 
but one for acquittal, and he a miller for the Livingstons. 
The iury was discharged, court adjourned, and the doctor 
was left in irons in an unhealthy cell. This aroused the 
indignation of the people, and a large deputation waited 
on the governor and demanded his release on bail, which, 
if deni^, would be followed by a resort to force. He was 
then removed to the common jail, where the accommoda- 
tions were better. A complete arrangement was made for 
his escape, secretly, but he, regarding such a' course as a 
tacit acknowledgment of guilt, declined to avail himself 
of it, determined to proceed according to law. So pro- 
nounced had public opinion become, the governor ordered 
bail to be received, and he was released until the next term 
of the court, some four months. During this period an 
attempt by the sheriff to sell some cattle in Delaware 
county, to satisfy a iud^ment for rent, caused a conflict 
between the deputy shenffs and the disguised men, result- 
ing in two deputies being shot. This caused a great sensa- 
tion and a general insurrection was feared. The governor 
claimed that Dr. Boughton, being the leader of this revolt, 
should be made an example of at this juncture. As the 


trial was coming on such eminent coimsel as William H. 
Seward, Joshua Spencer and many others offered their ser- 
vices without fee, Hon. Wm. H. Seward, on his way to 
court had his leg fractured by the upsetting of the stage, 
and thus the doctor was deprived or his services. There 
being no judge in that vicinity willing to try the case, 
Judge Edmonds of New York city was procured. The 
indictment was for highway robbery and stopping the 
sheriff and his posse by an armed force and taking certain 
official papers from him and burning them in his presence. 
The testimony of the prosecution was contradictory, and 
the counsel for the defense had no doubt of success, not 
knowing that large sums of money had been employed and 
the decision decided upon before the trial. The charge of 
the judge was partial and severe, and the jury returned a 
verdict of guilty. The sentence iniposed was State prison 
for life at hard labor. This was in October, 1845. 

The sheriff told Dr. Boughton's wife that he would not 
be removed to the State prison for several days, as the 
excitement was intense and fears were entertained that he 
would be forcibly taken from the sheriff ; but that same 
night he was hurried on board a steamboat, guarded by 
sixty soldiei's, and taken to his destination. There a large 
assembly awaited his arrival and again offered to set him at 
liberty in spite of the soldiers sent to guard him from 
escape ; but unwilling to cause bloodshed he yielded to the 
demands of the officers of the law. 

The power conferred by the State constitution upon the 
governor, to remove judges in case they did not obey his 
bidding, the people now saw required to be limited, as the 

i governor had so manifestly identified himself with the land- 
ord aristocracy, and exercised that power against the rights 
of a large proportion of the people of the State. 

On arriving iat the State prison Dr. Boughton was put in 
charge of the hospital of the prison, which aJttowed him many 
advantages not enjoyed by other prisoners, and an address 
was prepared by him and sent to the people, advising them to 
consolidate as a political party, irrespective of other party 
affiliations, and vote for a change of the constitution and 
for a candidate for governor who should prove faithful to 
their cause. This was done, and as a result 47,000 votes 
were cast by the friends of the oppressed tenants, and 
John Young, Esq., was elected the governor of the State 
of New Yori:, witn the assurance that the sixteen prisonei*s 
imder the sentences of the judges controlled by the late 


fovemor, in the interest of the feudal landlords, were to 
e released. 

Within one month of Gov. Young taking his seat he 
sent special messages to the prisons, and the said prisoners 
were triumphantly conveyed through the country to their 
homes amid great rejoicings and ovations on the way. 

This was in February,' 1847. Arriving at his home the 
doctor settled down to his practice to retrieve his exhausted 
fortune and enjoy his well earned tranquility, realizing 
most fully the old raaxium, "that the man who attempts 
to revolutionize and overthrow the evils of a government, 
must not expect to reap any personal advantages, but find 
all his reward in the consciousness that his efforts and 
sacrifices have resulted to the advantage of others." And 
in this case some 10,000 of these oppressed tenantry had 
by the enactments of law been released from the entailed 
exactions in their leases, and they were allowed to purchase 
and hold their estates in fee simple. 

After the lapse of forty years of return to civil life, the 
respected Dr. A. S. Boughton, and the companion of his 
youth and the faithful sharer of his trying vicissitudes and 
sufferings, still live, Januarv, 1887, at Alps, Rensselaer Co. , 
N. Y., where his home has been since 1839. 

Child of Smith Azer and Mary E. Bailey Bongrhton, 4»f Alps, 

Benggelaer conntj, N. Y. 1762 

1,814 i. Artemus B. Boughton, b. Alps, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 16, 1843, m. Fort Plain, N. T., Jan. 5, 

1862, Lorilla J. Reno, b. Lodi, Otsego Co., N. Y., 
May 18, 1841, dau. of Peter and Susan Reno, of Lodi, 
N. 1.; they settled in Schenectady, N. Y., where he 
engaged in the manufacturing of ladies' novelties, 
and were living in Schenectady, 1887. 

Children of Artenms B. and Lorilla J. Beno Bonghtony 

of 8cheneetad7, N. T. 

1,816 i. Willis B. Boughton, b. Alps, N. Y., Jan. 19, 

1863, d. July 2, 1865. 

1.816 ii. WiLUS F. Boughton, b. Alps, N. Y., March 8, 


1.817 iii. Abigail E. Boughton, b. Alps, N. Y., August 17, 

1.818 iv. George W. Boughton, b. Alps, N. Y., Oct. 27, 

1.819 V. Mamie E. Boughton, b. April, 9, 1873. 

1.820 vi. Charles D. Boughton, d. Schnectady, N. Y., 
June 19, 1883. 

192 BouTON-BoucfflTON Family. 

Children of Joseph mnd Ljdlm (dan. of Jonathan and Abigail Nlehols 
Bougrhton) Bough ton Tonng, of Nassau^ N. T. 1744 

1.821 Polly Young, b. , m. Robert Weir, of Cam- 
bridge, N. Y. 

1.822 Sally Young, b. , m. Nathan Monroe, of Fort 

Edward, N. Y. No children. 

Children of Robert and Pollj Yonng Wler, of ICambrldgre^ N. T. 

1.823 i. Edwin Week, b. , d. 

1.824 ii. WiSLEY Wier, b. , d. . 

1.825 iii. JuDSON Weer, b. , lived in Cambridge, 1880. 

1.826 iv. Fletcher Weer, b. , lived Cambridge, 1880. 

(vi.) Simeon Boughton (son of Jonathan and Abi- 
gail Bough ton), b. Simsburv, Conn., 1764, m. Polly 
Curtis and settled in Hillsdale, Col. Co., N. Y. 

Children of Simeon and Polly CnrtlB Bongrhton, of HllU- 

dale, N. Y. 1746 

1.826 i. Curtis S. Boughton, b. Hillsdale, Col. Co., N. Y., 
Sept. 6, 1793, m. Maiy Bagley, b. Sept. 23, 1796, of 
Hillsdale, N. Y., where they settled, and afterward 
moved to New York city. 

Children of Curtis and Mary (PoUj) Bagley Bonghton^ of 

Hillsdale, N. Y. 

1.827 i. Eliza A. Boughton, b. Hillsdale, N. Y., June 80, 
1821, m, first, April 19, 18*6, William Messenger; 
second, John T. Pratt ; died. 

1.828 ii. Mary C. Boughton, b. New York city, Nov. 12, 
1823 ; unmarried, d. New York city, 1889. 

1.829 iii. Stephen E. Boughton, b. New York city, Jan. 
25, 1826, m. New York city, May 30, 1849, Mary 
Foot ; res. Elizabeth, N. J., 1888. • 

1.830 iv. JuLLA. A. Boughton, b. New York city, Feb. 4, 
1830, died in infancy at Hillsdale, N. Y., March 24, 

1.831 V. Fanny C. Boughton, b. New York city, Oct. 5, 
1837, m. Elizabeth, N. J., May 22, 1862, Oliver R. 
Ogden, res. Elizabeth, N. J., 1888. No children 

Child of William and Ellsa A. Bongrhton Messenger, of New York elty. 

1.832 i. WiLUAM H. Messenger, b. New York city, June 
27, 1841, m. Louise . 

Child of WllUam H. and Lonise Mewenflrer, III. 

1.833 i. Louise B. Messenger, b. . 



BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 193 

Child of John T. and Eliza A. Booffhton (widow of William Mesgenger) 

Pratts of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1.834 ii. Frances K. Pratt, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 6, 
1847, m. Stanley G. Mason. 

Child of Stanley G. and Frances K. Pratt Mason, of Elizabeth, N. J. 

1.835 i. Florence Stanley Mason, b. Elizabeth, N. J., 
September 30, 1875, lives with her mother at Eliza- 
beth, N. J. 

Children of Stephen E. and Mary Foot Bongrhton^ of New Tori 

city and Elizabeth, N. J. 1829 

1.836 i. James Curtis Boughton, b. New York city, May 
1, 1850, d. unmarried, Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 4, 1879. 

1.837 ii. Edward P. Boughton, b. New York city, Sep- 
tember 19, 1852, d. Elizabeth, N. J., unmarried. May 
26, 1876. 

1.838 iii. Mary Florence Boughton, b. New York city, 
July 16, 1858, d. Elizabeth, N. J., Feb. 10, 1860. 

1.839 iv. Charles H. Boughton, b. Elizabeth, N. J., June 
25, 1860. '' Electrician." Married, Elizabeth, N. J., 
March 28, 1882, Pauline L. Smith. 

(ii.) Almaca Boughton (dau. of Simeon and Polly 

Curtis Boughton, of Hillsdale, N. Y.), b. , m. 

William Boughton, Jr. (son of William and Dolly 
Holcomb), of Stephentown, N. Y. 

Children of William and Almaea Bongrhton Bonghton, 

of Stephentown, N. T. 1749 

1.840 i. Edward Boughton, b. , m. Alvira Turner; 

died Jan. 5, 1885. 

1.841 ii. Arminte Boughton, b. , m. Peter Kipp, 

New Lebanon; lives Stephentown. 

1.842 iii. Carrie Boughton, b. , m. Joel Wells, 

lives Hoag's Comers. 

Children of Elijah and Polly Hall Bonghton, of Nassan, 

Bensselaer eonnty^ N. T. 1746 

1,842* i. Simeon Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842** ii. Sally Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842« iii. Permeua Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842* iv. Squire Boughton, b. prooably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842 V. Susan Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842' vi. Ellen Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
l,842«f vii. Clarissa Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 
1,842'* viii. Lucinda Boughton, b. probably Nassau, N. Y. 



(ix.) Jeremiah (Jerol) Boughton (son of Jona- 
than and Abigail Boughton), b. Simsbury, Ct., June 
3, 1775, m. Polly l>aven worth, b. New Milford, Ct., 
Mar. 16, 1781, settled Nassau, Rensselaer county, N. 
Y., where he died Nov. .24, 1865. 

Children of Jeremiah and Polly Leayenworth Bongrhtonyof Nassau, N. T. 


1.843 i. Harriet Augusta Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., 
Aug. 8, 1801, ni. Isaac Woodward. 

1.844 ii. Hiram Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Mar. 17, 
1803, m. Lydia Leavenworth ; died Clifton Park, N. 
Y., Aug. 29, 1875. 

1.845 iii. Lucena Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Feb. 21, 

1806, m. Elias Richmond, East New Labanon. 4 

1.846 iv. Laura Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Jan. ly, / 
1808, m. William Sanford; she d. Mar. 7, 1842. 

1.847 V. CoRifELius Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Dec. 10, 
1810, m. first Mary Sanford, second Catharine L. 
Wyant, settled Blossburgh, Pa. ; he died March, 1884. 

1.848 vi. Mary M. Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Jan. 31, 
1812, m. Major L. Woodward, no children; she died 
Sept. 8, 1880. 

1.849 vii. Stephen Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Mar. 22, ^ 

1814, m. Ann Greenman, Stephentown, N. Y. 

1.850 viii. Lester Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., July 9, 

1815, unmarried, he d. near Syracuse, N. Y., was 
killed on Erie canal by an accident Oct. 29, 1840. 

1.851 ix. Gracie Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Sept. 12, 
1818, m. Feb. 11, 1840, Henry Hasson, Nassau, he d. 
June 6, 1876, she d. Sept. 23, 1886. 

1.852 X. Enos Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., Mar. 21, 1819, 
m. first Anna Greenman, second Ruth Gole (one son, 

1,852' Herbert Boughton); he d. Oct. 28, 1861. 

1.853 xi. Jared Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., April 17, 
1822, m. Matilda Huntington, live at ReedsDurgh, 
Sauk county. Wis. 

1.854 xii. Sarah Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y., August 29, 
1826, m. Cyrus Tooley, living Nekoma, Henry county, 
ni., 1886. 


(i.) Harriet Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Polly Leavenworth Boughton), b. Nassau, Rensselaer 
Co., N. Y., Aug. 8, 1801, m. Isaac Woodward, and 
settled at Nassau, N. Y. 








Children of Isaac and Harriet Bonghton Woodward^ of 

Nassau, N. T. 1848 

1.855 i. Curtis L. Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Oct. 29, 

1.856 ii. James Woodward, b. Nassau, N. T., Feb., 1826. 

1.867 iii. Mary Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., April, 1880. 

1.868 iv. Lewis N. Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Oct., 

1.869 V. Levi Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Oct., 1838. 

1.860 vi. Stephen E. Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Oct., 

1.861 vii. Nelson Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Feb., 1840. 

1.862 viii. Hiram B. Woodward, b. Nassau, N. Y., Feb., 

(ii.) Hiram BouGHTON(son of Jeremiah and Polly 
Leavenworth Boughton), b. Nassau. N. Y., Mar. 17, 
1803, m. Lydia Leavenworth, ana settled at New 
Lebanon; he d. Aug. 29, 1875. 

Chlldren'of Hiram and Lydla Leayenworth Bongrhton^ of 

Clifton Parky N. T. 1844 

1.863 i. George Boughton, b. Nassau, N. Y. 

1.864 ii. John Boughton. 

1,866 iii. Sarah Boughton, b. , m. . 

(iii.) Lucena Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Polly Leavenworth Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., 
Feb. 21, 1806, m. Windsor Co., Vt., Elias Richmond, 
and settled at New Lebanon, and res. there 1886. 

Children of Ellas and Lneena Bonghton (dan. of Jeremiah and P0U7 
Leavenworth Bongrhton) Riehmondy of New Lebanon, N. T. 1845 

1.866 i. Jeremiah B. Richmond, b. Lebanon Valley. 

1.867 ii. Simeon H. Richmond, b. New Lebanon, Columbia 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 5, 1833, m. Oct. 13, 1858, Adaline 
Crego Hicks, b. Canaan, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1840. 

1.868 iii. Lester Richmond, b. ; was shot and killed 

accidentally near Syracuse, N. Y. 

1.869 iv. Cornelius Richmond. 

1.870 V. Ophelia A. Richmond. 

1.871 vi. Mary L, Richmond. 

1.872 vii. Ann Eliza Richmond. 
1,878 viii. Francis Richmond. 

(iv.) Laura Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Polly Leavenworth Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., 
Jan. 19, 1808, m. William Sanford; she d. Sept. 8, 



Children of William and Lanra Bonghton Sanford, Nassau, N. T. 184II. 

1.874 i. AuRELiA Sanford. 

1.875 ii. Harriet Sanford. 

1.876 iii. LucENA Sanford. 

1.877 iv. Orlando Sanford. 

1.878 V. Ephraim Sanford. 

(v.) Cornelius Boughton (son of Jeremiah and 
Polly Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1810, m. 
first, Mary Sanford, second, Catharine Wyant, and 
settled in Bloomsburgh, Pa., where he died, 1884. 

Clilldren of Comelins and Mary and Catharine Bonghton, of 

Bloomsburgh, Pa. 1847 

1.879 i. Henry Boughton. 

1.880 ii. Jeremdlh Boughton. 

1.881 iii. EuPHRASLflL Boughton. 


(vii.) Stephen Boughton (son of Jeremiah and 
Pollv Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., March 22, 1814, 
m. Ann Greenman and settled at Stephentown, N. Y. 

(ix.) Gracie Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and Polly 
Leavenworth Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., Sept. 12, 
1818, m. Nassau, Feb. 11, 1840, Henry Hasson, settled 
Garfield, N. Y. He died June 6, 1876 ; she died Sept. 
28, 1886, at Garfield, N. Y. 

Children of Henry and Gracie Bonghton Hasson^ of 

Garfield, N. T. 1861 

1.882 i. WiLLLAM H. Hasson, b. Garfield, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., Oct. 27, 1841, m. Lodi, Wis., Nov. 21, 1863, 
Dorcas A. Ells, and settled at Newton, Kansas, where 
they lived 1886. 

1.883 ii. James E. Hasson, b. Garfield, N. Y., July 2, 1846, 
m. Stephentown, Oct. 2, 1877, Celestia M. Harris, 
and settled Garfield, N. Y;, where they lived 1886. 

1.884 iii. Jared B. Hasson, b. Nassau, Jan. 26, 1847, m. 
Hancock, N. Y., August 16, 1868, Sarah M. Gardner, 
settled at Garfield, where they lived 1886. 

1.885 iv. Eugene Hasson, b. Stephentown, Nov. 5, 1849, 
m. Stephentown, March, 1882, Jennie Cross, settled 
at Garfield and hved there 1886. No children. 

1.886 V. Augusta J. Hasson, b. Stephentown, Jan. 21, 
1856, m. Stephentown, March, 1878, Eugene L. Green- 
man ; settled at East Schodack, N. Y., and lived 
there 1886. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 197 


(i.) William H. Hasson, b. Garfield, N. T., Oct. 
27, 1841, m. Lodi, Wis., Nov. 21, 1863, Dorcas A. 
Ells, and settled Lodi, Wis. , and moved to Newton, 
E[an., where they lived 1886. 

Children of William H. mnd Doreas A. Ells Hasson, of 

Lodl,Wl8. 188t 

1.887 i. Walter Hasson, b. Lodi, Wis., about 1864, res. 
Newton, Kan., 1887. 

1.888 ii. Henry Hasson, b. Lodi, Wis., about 1866, res. 
Newton, Kan. 

1.889 iii. Arthur Hasson, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Mar. 4, 
1870, res. Newton, Kan. 

1.890 iv. Addie Hasson, b. Stephentown, N. T., April 20, 
1872, res. Newton, Kan. 

1.891 V. Bertie Hasson, b. Lebanon, N. T., Nov. 8, 1874, 
res. Newton, Kan. 

1.892 vi. Hattie Hasson, b. Lebanon, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1876, 
res. Newton, Kan. 

1.893 vii. Ella Hasson, b. Lebanon, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1878, 
res. Newton, Kan. 

1.894 viii. Josephine Hasson, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Oct. 
26, 1882, res. Newton, Kan. 

(ii.) James E. Hasson, b. Nassau, N. Y., July 2, 
1845, m. Stephentown, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1877, Celestia 
M. Harris, settled at Garfield, N. Y., and lived there 

Child of James E« and Celestia M. Harris Hasson, of Stephen- 
town, N. T. 1888 

1,896 i. Laura M. Hasson, b. Stephentown, N. Y., June 
8, 1831. 

(iii.) Jared B. Hasson, b. Nassau, N. Y., July 26, 
1847, m. Hancock, Mass., Aug. 16, 1868, Sarah M. 
Gardner ; settled at Garfield, and moved to Stephen- 
town, where they lived 1886. 

Children of Jared B. and Sarah M. Gardner Hasson, of 

Garfield, N. T. 1884 

1.896 i. Frank Hasson, b. Stephentown, N. Y., Aug. 8, 
1870, res. Garfield, N. Y. 

1.897 ii. Alvin Hasson, b. Stephentown, Dec. 20, 1871, 
res. Garfield. 

1.898 iii. Lucius Hasson, b. Hancock, Mass., Jan. 17, 
1874, res. Hancock, Mass. 


1.899 iv. Gracie a. Hasson, b. Stephentown, Jan. 21, 
1877, res. Stephentown. 

1.900 V. BouGHTON J. Hasson, b. Stephentown, Mar. 14, 
1881, res. Stephentown. 

1.901 vi. Horace G. Hasson, b. Stephentown, Feb. 6, 
1883, res. Stephentown. \ 

1.902 vii. Clarence O. Hasson, b. Stephentown, Feb. 21, 
1886, res. Stephentown. 

Child of Enif ene L. and Angrnsta J. Hasson Greenman, of 

Stephentown^ N. T. 1886 

1.903 i. Cora Greenman, b. Stephentown, N. Y., June 16, 


(x.) Enos Boughton (son of Jeremiah and Polly 
Bough ton), b. Nassau, N. T., Mar. 21, 1819, m. first 
Ann Greenman, second Ruth Gole ; he died Oct . 28, 

Child of Enos and Bnth Gole Bonghton. 1858 

1.904 i. Herbert Boughton. 

(xi.) Jared Boughton (son of Jeremiah and Polly 
Boughton), b. Nassau, N. T., April 17, 1822, m. 
Matflda Huntington, and settled at Beedsburgh, 
Sauk Co., Wis., where they lived; he m. secondin 
Massachusetts, Oct. 20, 1860, Susan Pease, res. 
Reedsburgh, Wis., where he died June 17, 1886. 

Children of Jared and Matilda Hnntingrton Boogliton, of 

Beedgbnrirli, Wis. 1868 

1.905 i. Augusta Boughton, b. New York, 1856, m. 
Ironton, May 13, 1881, James Bishop, lived Ironton, 
Sauk county, Wis., 1887. 

1.906 ii. Nettie Boughton, b. Ironton, Wis., Feb. 18, 1868, 
m. June 30, 1876, Edward Sparks, res. La Valley, 

1.907 iii. Lester Boughton, b. Ii'onton, Wis., Mar. 18, 
1860, m. April 8, 1882, IdaSaflford, lives Reedsburgh, 
Wis., 1887. 

(xii.) Sarah Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Polly Boughton), b. Nassau, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1826, 
m. Cyrus Tooley, and settled at Nekoma, 111., where 
they were living, 1886. 


Children of Cyms and Sarah Bonghton Tooley, of Nekomai 

Henrj eonntj, 111. 1854 

1.908 i. Wells Tooley. 

1.909 ii. Lucy Tooley. 

(v.) Noah Bouton, the sixth child of John and 
Mary Pettit Bouton, of South Salem, N. Y., was b. 
South Salem, Nov. 17, 1743. Like so many others 
of his name he was an ardent friend of his country, 
and entered the army for its defense and was pro- 
moted to captain. He m. North Salem, Deborah 
Hoyt, and subsequently settled in South East, N. T., 
where he died 1812. 

Children of Captain Noah and Deborah Hojrt Bonton, of 

Sonth East^ N. T. 198 

1.910 i. Noah Bouton, Jr., b. South East about 1778, m. 
Maria Baldwin, and died South East, N. Y. 

1.911 ii. Jared Bouton, b. Salem, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1780, m. 
Mar. 17, 1799, Abigail Marvin; d. Mar. 1821. 

1.912 iii. Bhoda Bouton, b. Salem, N. Y., about 1783, m. 
Crosby, lived Phelps, N. Y. 

1.913 iv. Prue Bouton, b. Salem, N. Y., 1785, m. 

Sears, lived Neversink, N. Y. 

(i.) No AH BouGHTON, Jr., b. South East, N. Y., 1778, 
m. Maria Baldwin, arid settled South East, where 
he died. 

Children of Noah, Jr., and Maria Baldwin Bongrhton, of 

Sonth East, N. Y. 1910 

1.914 i. Sarah Boughton, b. South East, N. Y., went to 
St. Louis. 

1.915 ii. Edgar Boughton, b. South East, N. Y. 

1.916 iii. Cecelia Boughton, b. South East, N. Y. 

1.917 iv. Jane A. Boughton, b. South East, N. Y. 

1.918 V. Augustus Boughton, b. South East, N. Y., went 
south and not heard from afterwards. 


(ii.) Jared Bouton (son of Noah and Deborah 
Hoyt Bouton), b. Salem, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1780, m. 
Mar. 17, 1799, Al)ip:ail Marvin, and settled at South 
East, where he died Mar., 1821. Their children 
were: i. Odle, ii. Egbert, iii. Hart, iv. John P., 
V. William, vi. Daniel, vii. Jared, viii. Charles, ix. 
Enoch, X. Mary, xi. Rachel. 


1.919 i. Odle Boughton, b. South East, N. Y., Feb. 29, 
1800, m. South East, Feb., 1825, Nancy Hubbs, and 
were living at Sti-atford, Conn., 1886. Their 
children were : i. Abigail Boughton, ii. Phebe F. 
Boughton, iii. Laura E. Boughton, iv. Martha N. 
Boughton, V. Maria Boughton, vi. William H. 

Children of Odle and Nancy HnbbB Bonghton^ of Sonth 

East, N. T. 1919 

1.920 i. Abigail J. Boughton, b. South East, Nov. 19, 
1825, ra. Bridgeport, Ct., July 25, 1847, James 
Preston, and settled at Bridgeport, where he lived 
1886; she died March 30, 1865. 

Children of James and Abigrail Bongrhton Preston, of Brldge- 

porty Ct 1920 

1.921 i, Sherwood 0. Preston, b, Bridgeport, Ct., Dec. 
30, 1848, m. Robert S. Stowe, April 11, 1874. 

1.922 ii. William H. Preston, b. Bridgeport, Ct., Feb. 
12, 1852, m. New Haven, July 2, 1882, Ida Kate 

1.923 iii. Charles H. Preston, b. Bridgeport, Ct., June 
22, 1856, unmarried, lived New Haven, Ct., 1887. 

1.924 iv. Mary E. Preston, b. Bridgeport, Ct., March 15, 
1858, m. John E. I^ancaster, July 8, 1887, lives 
Newtown, Ct. 

1.925 V. LiLLiE J. Preston, b. Bridgeport, Ct., Nov. 30, 
1854, unmamed, res. Stratford, Ct. 

1.926 ii. Phebe F. Boughton, b. South East, Feb. 1, 1828. 
m. Eye, N. Y., May 23, 1853, George Roberts, and 
settled at Stratford, Ct., where they lived 1886. 

Children of George and Phebe F. Boughton Boberts^ of Bridge- 
port, Ct 1926 

1.927 i Margaret Roberts, b. Bridgeport, Ct., March 15, 

1854, and d. Bridgeport, July 15, 1864. 

1.928 ii. Mary F. Roberts, b. Bridgeport, Ct., June 17, 

1855, m. June 11, 1874, Noyes E. Edwards, res. New 
Haven, 1887. 

1.929 iii. Annie A. Roberts, b. Bridgeport, Ct., Dec. 6, 

1856, m. August 1, 1883, Elmer E. Ressner, res. New 
Haven, 1887. 

1.930 iv. Hattie E. Roberts, b. Bridgeport, Ct., Sept. 12, 
1858, not married, res. New Haven, 1887. 


1,981 iii. Laura E. Bouqhton, b. Bedding, Ct., May 12, 
1830, m. . 

1.932 iv. Martha N. Boughton, b. Weston, Ct., Jan. 23, 
1832, m. Sing Sing, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1853, Wilson H. 
French, settled at Stratford, Ct., where they lived 

Children of Wilson H« and Martha N. Boniphton French, of Strat- 
ford, Ct 1982 

1.933 i. Annds S. French, b. Fairfield, Ct., Oct. 12, 1854, d. 
East Bridgeport, Oct. 2, 1856. 

1.934 ii. Wni^ON E. French, b. Stratford, Ct., April 18, 
1857, d. Stratford, July 26, 1869. 

1.935 iii. Elizabeth J. French, b. Stratford, Ct., Dec. 8, 
1861, m. June 11, 1886, Frank E. Sammis, res. Strat- 
ford, 1887. 

1.936 iv. Robert B. French, b. Stratford, Ct., Nov. 27, 
187C, not married ; res. Stratford, 1887. 

1.937 V. Maria Boughton (dau. of Odleand Nancy Hubbs 
Boughton), b. Weston, Ct., June 25, 1834, d. Weston, 
Sept. 10, 1834. 

1.938 vi. William H. Boughton (son of Odle and Nancy 
Hubbs Boughton), b. Wilton, Ct., Sept. 10, 1836, m. 
Bridgeport, Ct., Aug. 8, 1865, Julia Hurd, and settled 
New Blaven, Ct., where they lived 1886. 

Children of William H. and Jnlla Hnrd Boughton, of New 

Haren, Ct 1919 

1.939 i. Edfth M. Boughton, b. Bridgeport, Feb. 7, 1869, 
res. New Haven, 1887. 

1.940 ii. Nelson M. Boughton, b. New Haven, Ct., March, 
1873, d. New Haven, April, 1873. 

1.941 iii. Charles I. Boughton, b. New Btaven, Feb. 11, 
1878, res. New Haven, 1887. 

1.942 iv. Maude E. Boughton, b. New Haven, Dec. 17, 
1882, res. New Haven, 1887. 

1.943 ii. Egbert Boughton (son of Jaredand Abigail Mar- 
vin Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., July 17, 1801, m. 
May 25, 1824, Mary Marvin ; they settled at Haver- 
straw, N. Y., where she died Feb. 27, 1842. He died 
ra. second, , and d. April 6, 1868. 

Children of Egbert and Marj Marvin Bonghton, of Harer^ 

straw, N. T. 1948 

1.944 i. Jared Marvin Boughton, b. South East, N. Y., 
Aug. 25, 1826, m. March 27, 1845, Sarah M. Bamum. 

202 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

1.945 ii. Hart Boughton, b. South East, N. Y., March 26, 
1827, m. Virginia City, Nev., Sept. 22, 1874, Sadie F. 
Furman, and settled in San Francisco, Cal. 

1.946 iii. EuRA Boughton, b. South East, Feb. 5, 1829, m. 
Montclair, N. J., Oct. 29, 1849, Henry Hargreaves. 

1,047 iv. Eliza Jane Boughton, b. South East, m. James 
Barnes ; she died November, 1852. 

1.948 V. Rachel E. Boughton, b. South East, 1837, m. 
Eli Ackerman, Low Foint. 

(i.) Jared Marvin Boughton (son of Egbert and 
Polly Marvin Bouton, of South East) b. August 25, 
1825, m. South East, March 27, 1845, Sarah M. Bar- 
num, of Danbury, where she was b. July 12, 1829. 
They settled at PeekskiU, N. Y., and suoseauently 
lived in Georgetown, Danbury and Norwalk, Ct.y 
where he d. June 20, 1875 ; after his death she moved 
to Danbury, and was living there at No. 21 Mont- 
gomery street, June, 1888. 

Children of J. Manrln and Sarah M. Bamnm Bouton* 1944 

1.949 i. Edgar H. Bouton, b. Croton Falls, N. Y., Oct. 
22, 1847, m. Charlotte S. Hempsted, dau. of Alfred 
Hempsted, of New London, where she was born Oct. 
19, 1847. They settled at Norwalk, and subsequently 
moved to Brooklyn, N. T., where they resided June, 
1886. No children. 

1.950 ii. Elyra A. Bouton (dau. of J. Marvin and Sarah 
Barnum Bouton, of Brewster's Station), b. South 
East, N. T., April 11, 1849, m. Milford, Ct., Nov. 14, 
1866, Shirland H. Hitchcock, son of Harris and Mary- 
Peck Hitchcock, of Milford, and settled in Cincinnati, 
Ohio, where they were living at 480 Beach street, 
Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1887. 

Children of Shirland H. and Elyra A, Bonton Hltchoock, of Clneln- 

nati, Ohio, 1950 

1.951 i. Bertha Maria Hitchcock, b. Milford, Ct., Jan. 19^ 

1.952 ii. Annie Bouton Hitchcock, b. Milford, Ct., Aug. 
10, 1869, m. Cincinnati, Oct. 27, 1885, William T. 
Perkins, and settled at Cincinnati, Ohio ; res. there 

1,954 iii. Edgar Marvin HncHCOCK, b. Milford, Ct., Oct- 
5, 1871 ; res. Cincinnati, 0., 1887. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt, 203 

1.955 iii. Augustus Myron Bouton, b.Danbury, Ct. (in the 
house where Gen. Wooster died), June 19, 1854. His 
taste was for a life on the ocean, where he has made 
several voyages to the East Indies. He returned in 
the spring of 1887, and was living in New York city 
in summer of 1887. 

1.956 iv. Frank Griswold Bouton, b. Georgetown, Ct., 
Jime 6, 1857, m. at Norwalk, Ct., August 25, 1880, 
Julia A. Raymond, daughter of Bosweu and Harriet 
Raymond, of Westport, Ct., where she was born 
July 2, 1861. They settled at Norwalk, Ct., and 
moved to Danbury, and were living there at No. 21 
Montgomery street, June, 1887. 

Cliildren of Frank G. and Jnlia A. Raymond Ronton^ of Dan- 

bnrj, Ct 

1.957 i. Clarence Marvin Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., 
July 2, 1882. 

1.958 ii. Marvin Raymond Bouton, b. Danbury, Ct., Nov. 
15, 1886. 

1,969 V. Henry Lovejoy Bouton, b. Georgetown, Ct., 
March 1, 1859, m. Bidgefield, Ct., 1883, Annie Laura 
Stuart, dau. of Henry Stuart, of Bidgefield, where 
she was bom, 1861 ; they settled in Bidgefield and 
were still living there in August, 1887. 

ChOd of Henry L. (son of Marrln and Sarah Ronton), and Annie L. 

Stnart Ronton, of Ridgefleld« 

1,960 i. MiNNiB Bouton, b. Bidgefield, Ct., Dec. 19, 1885. 

(ii.) Hart Bouton (son of Egbert and Manr Marvin 
Bouton), b. South East, Putnam Co., N. i., March 
26, 1827. He received a common school education, 
and in early manhood sought and obtained a situation 
in the large clothing store of Brooks Brothers & Co., 
then on Catharine street, subseouently removed to 
Broadway, New York city. On hearing of the 
^eat gold discoveries in California, he at once became 
mterested, and leaving home ties, friends and fine 
business prospects, he embarked on board the Pacific, 
one of the first vessels leaving New York for the gold 
regions, in the summer of 1849. On the way around 
Cape Horn, they stopped at Bio de Janeiro, where, on 
complaint of the passengers, an investigation was had 
and, by advice of the United States Mmister at that 
port, another commander was put in charge of the 
Pacific, which safely entered the Golden Gate, Cali- 

204 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

fornia, August 5, 1849. On landing he at once went 
to the mines on Feather river, the result of which 
not proving altogether satisfactory, he returned to 
San Francisco, and embarked in the stationery busi- 
ness on Clay street. In March, 1860, he removed to 
Sacramento, where he established the Pioneer Laun- 
dry, where for about ten years he continued in that 
and some other business interests. Not satisfied with 
such a business life he resolved to again try the 
mines, and did so ; encountering great deprivations 
and hardships. He then went to Virginia City, Nev., 
and was very successful in the laundry business. 

Returning to Oakland, Cal., in 1875, he remained 
there until 1880, when he returned to San Francisco, 
where he assumed the superintendence of the La 
Grange laundry, one of tne largest on the Pacific 
coast, a position for which his long experience emi- 
nently qualified him. 

He married at Virginia City, Nev., Sept. 22, 1874, 
Sadie F. Furman, who was born at Haverstraw, 
Rockland Co., N. Y., Dec. 4, 1852, and they reside 
210J Thirteenth street, San Francisco, Cal., 1887. 

Children of Hart and 8adle F. Fnrman Bonton, of San Fran- 

elsco, Cal. 1946 

1.961 i. Wnj^iAM E. Bouton, b. Oakland, Cal., August 8, 

1.962 ii. Charles M. Bouton, b. Oakland, Cal., March 11, 

1.963 iii. M. Louise Bouton, b. Oakland, Cal., June 20, 

(ili.) Elira Boughton (dau. of Egbert and Mary 
Marvin Boughton), b. New Milford, Conn., Feb. 5, 
1829, m. Montclair, N. J., Oct. 29, 1849, Henry Har 

f reaves, and settled at Wappinger's Falls, where he 

Children of Henrj and EUra Boughton Hargreares^ of Wappinger's 

Falls^N.T. 1947 

1.964 i. Hart Boughton Habgreaves, b. Wappinger's 
Falls, N. T., July 29, 1860, m. Ida Wade. 

1.965 ii. Mary Isabell Hargreaves, b. Wappinger's 
Falls, Oct. 24, 1852, m. Luther Cosgrove, d. Dec. 11, 

1.966 iii. Henry Hargreaves, Jr., b. Wappinger's Falls, 
Nov. 6, 1854. 

Mrs. Hknkv Hargrbaviu. 


1.967 iv. Frank Leslie Hargreaves, b. Wappinger's Falls, 
Sept. 22, 1858, m. Wappinger's Falls, Sept. 26, 1877, 
Anna Secor. 

1.968 V. Charles Egbert Hargreaves, b. Wappinger's 
Falls, July 5, 1868. 

1.969 vi. Marvin Hargreaves, b. Wappinger's Falls, Feb. 
28, 1860. 

1.970 vii. Charles Louis Leroy Hargreaves, b. Wappin- 
ger's Falls, Sept. 10, 1 863. 

1.971 viii. Bertha Eura Hargreaves, b. Wappinger's 
Falls, Sept. 21, 1866, not m-., res. Wappinger's Falls. 

1.972 ix. Frederick Welm Hargreaves, b. iNewark, N. 
J- Nov. 13, 1867. 

1.973 X. Cora Lilus Hargreaves, b. Newark, N. J., Jan. 
2, 1870. 

Children of Hart and Ida Wade Hargrreares^ of Stapleton, Staten 

Island, N. T. 1964 

1.974 i. Henry Hargreaves, b. Stapleton, Staten Island, 
Jan. 30, 1873. 

1.975 ii. Frederick Hargreaves, b. Stapleton, April 25, 

l,97<i iii. Ida May Hargreaves, b. Stapleton, Dec. 20, 1882. 

1.977 iv. Blanch Isabel Hargreaves, b. Stapleton, July 
15, 1885. 

Cliildren of Frank Leslie and Anna Seeor HarirreaTes, of Wappinger'g 

FalU^ N. T. 1967 

1.978 i. Frederiok Marvin Hargreaves, b. May 10, 1878. 

1.979 ii. Frank Hargreaves, b. Aug. 24, 1880. 

(iv.) Eliza Jane Boughton (dau. Egbert and Mary 
Marvin Boughton) b. South East, N. T., m. James 
Barnes and d. Nov., 1852. 

(v.) Rachel F. Boughton, b. South East, 1837, m. 
Eli Ackerman, res. Low Point, 1888. 

Children of Eli and Baehel £. Bonghton Aokerman^ of Harer- 

Btniw, N. T. 1948 

1.980 i. Sarah Ackerbian, b. Haverstraw, N. Y., about 
1864, m. 

1.981 ii. Willlam Edgar Ackerman, b. Haverstraw, about 
1864, m. 

1.982 iii. AucE Ackerman, b. Haverstraw, about 1866, m. 

1.983 iv. Mary Jane Ackerman, b. Haverstraw, about 
1871, and d. at Haverstraw in infancy. 

206 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Ghlidren of Egrbert and his seeond wife BonghtoiL 1948 

1.984 vi. Mary Elizabeth Boughton, b. about 1844, m. 
Luther Cosgrove. 

Cliildreii of Luther and Marj £• Bonghton Gosgrrore, of 

Harerstrawy N. Y. 

1.985 i. Myron Cosgrove, b. , died in childhood. 

1.986 ii. EDriH Cosgrove, b. , died in childhood. 

1.987 vii. George Boughton, b. about 1842, m. . 

1.988 iii. Hart Boughton (son of Jared and Abigail 
Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., June, 1804, m. 
Connecticut, about 1827, Nancy Maria Miller, b. 
1803, and settled at Litchfield, Conn., and moved to 
Minnesota. He was killed at Milwaukee hy a rail- 
road accident in 1874 ; his widow was hving at 
Ortonville, Minn., in 1886. 

Child of Hart and Manoy Maria MiUer Bonghton, of 

Litchfield, Conn. 1988 

1.989 i. Charles Odle Boughton, b. Litchfield, Ct., Dec. 
17, 1829, m. Mill Creek, Pa., March 19, 1854, Sarah 
Keeler, b. Mill Creek, Pa., Feb. 11, 1835; they settled 
at Prescott, Wis. , were living Prescott, 1886. Their 
children were: i. Alice, ii. Martha, iii. Louis, iv. 
Cornelia, v. Minnie, vi. Frank Boughton. 

Children of Charles Odle and Sarah Keeler Boaifhtooj of Prescott, Wis. 


1.990 i. Alice Boughton, b. Prescott, Wis., April 7, 1855, 
m. May 21, 1874, Gteorge R. Hope, and settled at St. 
Paul, Minn. ; res. 85 East 4th street, St. Paul, 1886, 
they had no children. 

1.991 ii. Martha Boughton, b. Prescott, Wis., Nov. 28, 
1857, m. Feb. 22, 1875, William Henry Harrison 
Clements, and settled Prescott, where they were 
living 1886. 

Children of William Henrj Harrison and Martha Bonghton Clements. 


1.992 i. Blanche Clements, b. Prescott, Wis., Sept. 20, 

1.993 ii. Charles Boughton Clements, b. Prescott, Wis., 
Oct. 12, 1877. 

1.994 iii. Harry Clements, b. Prescott, Wis., March 19, 


1.995 iii. Louis Boughton (son of Charles O. and Sarah 
Keeler Boughton), b. Prescott, Wis., March 5, 1860, 
was still unmarried and res Prescott, 1887. 

1.996 iv. Cornelia Boughton, b. Prescott, Wis.*, Jan. 29, 
1863, died Jan. 23, 1883. 

1.997 V. MiNA Boughton (dau. of Charles 0. and Sarah 
Keeler Boughton), b. April 15, 1867, m. Sept. 21, 
1885, Frank A. Scott, settled at No. 85 East 4th 
street, St. Paul, Minn. 

Child of Frank A. and Mina Bonghton Scott, of St Paul, Minn. 

1.998 i. John Gordon Scott, b. St. Paul, Minn., July 5, 


1.999 vi. Frank Boughton (son of Charles 0. and Sarah 
Keeler Boughton), b. Jan. 19, 1870. 

1.998 ii. Clark Boughton (son of Hart and Maria Miller 
Boughton) b. Litchfield, Ct., April 13, 1831, m. 1856, 
Anna Hanson, and settled at Chfton, Pierce Co., Wis. 
He was engaged in milling in Minnesota, and moved 
to Spokane Falls, Washington Territory, where, with 
his son Joseph, he built a flouring mill, in which thev 
were engaged in manufacturing flour, 1887. Joseph 
was also proprietor of the Keystone House, at Spo- 
kane Falls, 1887, where he then resided. 

Children of Clark and Anna Hanson Boniphton^ of Clifton, Wis. 1998 

1.999 i. WiLUAM Boughton, b. Clifton, Wis., June 14, 
1867, m. St. Paul, Minn., May, 1882, Mary Crooks, b. 
St. Paul, May, 1863. They settled at Minneapolis, 
Minn., 419 Third street, east, where they res. 1887. 

Child of WiiUam and Marj Crookg Bonghton^ of Minneapolis, Minn« 

2.000 i. Clark W. Boughton, b. Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 

22, 1884. 

2.001 ii. Jennie Boughton (dau. of Clark and Anna Han- 
son Boughton), b. Clifton, Wis., res. Spokane, W. T., 

2.002 iii. Amos Boughton, b. May 18, 1859, m. , set- 
tled Eau Clair, Wis.; he moved to Spokane Falls, 
where he res. 1887. 

2.003 iv. Joseph Boughton, b. Oct. 23, 1861. At an early 
age went to California, where he remained some time, 
then returned, and with his father established a flour 
milling business at Spokane Falls, Washington Ter- 
ritory, where he also established the Keystone House. 

208 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.004 V. Makion Boughton (dau. of Clark and Anna Han- 
son Boughton), b. 1865, m. Mr. Esterbrook, 1887, res. 
Castleton, Dak. 

2.005 iii. Cornelia Boughton (dau. Hart and Nancy Maria 
Miller Boughton), b. Litchfield, Ct., 1833, m. Dr. 
Nelson Holcomb, who went to Denver, Col., and died. 
She m. second, Fergus Merriman, in 1869, and settled 
at La Moure, Dakota, where they resided summer of 

Children of Dr« Nelson and Cornelia Bonghton Holcomb. tM& 

2.006 i. Ella F. Holcomb, b. , m. Case C. Van 

Inwegen, res. Hastings, Minn. 

2.007 ii. Orlin C. Holcomb, b. 1855, m. , settled at 

La Moure, La Moure county. Dak. 

Children of Fergns and Cornelia (widow of Dr« Nelson Holcomb) 

Merriman. 200& 

2,007* iii. Nettie Merriman, b. , m. . 

2,007** iv. Nancy J. Boughton (dau. of Hart and Nancy 
Maria Miller Boughton) b. Etherfield, Ohio, 1885, d. 
Elyria, O., 1844. 

2.008 fv. Marvin H. Boughton (son of Hart and Nancy 

M. Miller Boughton), b. May 1, 1841 ; never 
Twins J married and died 1869. 

2.009 1 vi. William Boughton (son of Hart and Nancy M. 
Miller Boughton), b. Elyria, Ohio, May 1, 1841, 
m. Sarah Bottomly. 

Children of William and Sarah Bottomlj Bonichton^ of Shingle 

Creek. 200^ 

2.010 i. Minnie Boughton, b. , m. Woodruff » 

and settled . 

2.011 ii. Lou Ella Boughton, b. 

2,012 iii. Amelia Boughton, b. , m. Nov. 17, 1887, 

A. R. Alleman, settled Jacksonville, Ma. 
2,018 iv. Stephen G. Boughton, b. . 

2.014 vii. Henry Boughton (son of Hart and Nancy M. 
Miller Boughton), b. Elyria, Ohio, August 25, 1843, 
m. Aug. 14, 1871, Eliza Earns worth, b. Nov. 10, 
1849, settled Ellendale, Minn., and moved to Orton- 
ville, Minn., 1887. 

Children of Henr j and Eliza Famsworth Bonghton. 2014 

2.015 i. Etta Boughton, b. Minnesota, Aug. 19, 1871. 

2.016 ii. Ella Boughton, b. Minnesota, Oct. 15, 1878. 


3.017 iii. Arthur Boughton, b. Minnesota, April 24, 1883. 

3.018 viii. Nettie Boughton (dau. of Hart and Nancy M. 
Miller Boughton), b. Elyria, O., 1845, m. Henry Van 
Inwegen, of Ortonville, Minn. ; he died , she lived 


Children of Henrjr and Nettie Bonghton Tan Inwei^n. 

2.019 i. Pearl Van Inwegen, b. . 

2.020 ii. LouELLA Van Inwegen, b. . 

2.021 iv. John P. Boughton (son of Jared and Abigail), 
b. South East, Dec. 24, 1806, m. North Salem, N: Y., 
Mary Dickens, and settled at Haviland Hollow, 
where he died Aug. 9, 1884, his widow continued 
living at Haviland Hollow, 1887. 

Children of John P. and Marj Dickens Bonghton, of 

Patterson^ N. T, 2021 

2.022 i. Ann Maria Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., June 6, 

1836, m. first, Aug. 24, 1853, Charles Gray, of 
Patterson, N. Y., he died Patterson, Aug., 1864; 
m. second May 27, 1856, Gteorge Ballard, of Fordham, 
N. Y. ; res. Patterson, 1887. 

Children of Georir<) and Ann M. Boaton Ballard, of 

Fordham^ N. T. 2022 

2.023 i. Fanny Ballard, b. Patterson, N. Y., Jan. 6, 
1858, m. John L. Stevens, of Fordham, N. Y. 

2.024 ii. Frederick Ballard, b. Patterson, N. Y., Nov., 
1863, not married, lived Harlem, 1887. 

2.025 ii. WiLUAM Hart Bouton (son of John P. and 
Mary D. Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., July 8, 

1837. m. Sept. 2, 1857, Sarah Crofut, settled at 
Danoury, Ct., where he died Sept. 29, 1878; she res. 
Danbury, 1887. 

Children of William H. and Sarah Crofht Bonton, of 

Danbnry, Conn. 2025 

2.026 i. Berdella Bouton, b. Pawling, N. Y., 1861, m. 
Stanley Richardson, of Danbury, Ct., where they 
were living, 1886. 

ChUdren of Stanlej and Berdella Bonton Blohardson, of 

DanbnrjT, Conn* 2026 

2.027 i. Eddie Richardson, b. Danbury, Ct., 1880. 

2.028 ii. LiLLiE Richardson, b. Danbury, Ct., 1883. 

2.029 iii. Wilbur Rici^ardson, b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 11, 




2.030 ii. William H. Boxtton, Jr. (son of Wm. H. and 
Sarah Crof ut Bough ton), b. Hopewell, N. Y. , about 
1863, not m., res. Danbury, Ct. 

2.031 iii. Sadie Bouton, b. Hopewell, N. Y , about 1865, 
m. Edgar Fisher, res. Danbury; shed. May, 1888. 

2.032 iv. Mary Bouton, b. Hopewell, N. Y., April 13, 
1867, not m., lived with parents 1887. 

2.033 V. John P. Bouton, b. Middle River, N. Y., Jan. 17, 

1871, res. Danbury. 

2.034 vi. GrERTUBE BouTON, b. Middle River, N. Y., Oct. 
19, 1873, res. Danbury, Ct. 

2.035 vii. Hartena Bouton, b. Middle River, N. Y., Nov. 
1, 1877, d. Feb. 19, 1882. 

2.036 iii. Mary Jane Bouton (dau. of John P. and Mary 
Dickinson Bough ton), b. North Salem, N. Y., July 
23, 1829, m. Feb. 17, 1856, at Danbury, Ct., Frederick 
S. Olmstead; res. Danbury, 1887. 

Children of Frederick S. and Mary J. Bongrhton Olmstead, of Dan- 

bnrj. )Sa86 

2.037 i. Fernando C. Olmstead, b. Patterson, N. Y., Mar. 
9, 185^, m. Nov. 27, 1883, Ida Irena Lane and settled 
at Danbury, where they res. 1886. 

Child of Fernando C. and Ida I. Lane Olmstead, of Danbarj^ Ct. 2087 

2,037* i. Paulina Olmstead, b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 11, 


2.038 ii. Minnie B. Olmstead (daughter of F. S. and Mary 
J. Boughton Olmstead), b. New Fairfield, Ct., July 
13, 1864, m. August 25, 1885, James D. Holmes, of 
Janesville, Wis., and lived there 1866. No cliildren. 

2.039 iii. Wallace Gt. Olmstead, b. New Fairfield, May 
27, 1868, unmaiTied, hved Fordham, N. Y., 1886. 

2.040 iv. Bertha Olmstead, b. Danbury, Ct., March 27, 

1872, d. April 12, 1872. 



V. Frederick S. Olmstead, Jr., b. Danbury, Ct., 

Feb. 19, 1875, living Danbury, 1886. 
vi. Frank A. Olmstead, b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 

19, 1876, d. August 31, 1875. 

2,043 iv. Henry C. Bouton (son of John P. and Mary 
Dickens Boughton), b. Patterson, N. Y., Sept. 15, 
1842, m. 1868, Hattie Fletcher, settled at Holyoke, 
Mass., and lived there 1886. 


Children of Henrj G. and Hattle Fleteher Bonton. 2048 

2.044 i. Eugene Bouton, b. Holyoke, Mass. 

2.045 ii. Louis Bouton, b. Holyoke, Mass. 

2.046 V. Judith E. Boughton (dau. of John F. and Mary 

Dickens Boughton) b. Patterson, N. Y., May 14, 1846, 
m. 1864, David Baldwin, of Patterson, where they 
lived antumn of 1886. 

Child of DaTid and Jndlth E. Bonsrhton Baldwin. 

2.047 i. Annie Baldwin, b. Patterson, N. Y., Sept., 1877. 

2.048 vi. Charles Platt Boughton, b. Patterson, N. Y., 
Nov. 28, 1854, m. May 9, 1882, Alice Ives, of Patter- 
son, and settled in Haviland Hollow, where they 
were living 1886. 

Child of Charles Platt and Alice Ires Boughton^ of Patter- 
son, N. T. 2048 

2.049 i. Paul Marvin Boughton, b. Patterson, N. Y., Dec. 
23, 1884. 


2.050 V. William Boughton (son of Jared and Abigail 
Marvin Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., May 1, 
1808, and in. first, Jane Gage of South East, and 
moved to Danbury, Ct., where she died, and he mar- 
ried, second, her sister Janet, and third, Sarah Gan- 
ung ; m. about 1846 ; he died June, 1879 ; his widow 
res. Montgomery street, Danbury, 1888. 

Children of William and Jane Gagre Bonghton, of Danbnrj, Ct 2050 

2.051 i. William A. Boughton, b. July 10, 1842, m. Adelia 
Cauley. Died Danbury, March 16, 1886. 

Child of William A. and Adelia Canley Bon^hton. 2051 

2.052 i. Edward Francis Boughton, b. 1869, lives at Dan- 
bury, Ct. 

2.053 ii. jENNfE Boughton, b. South East, Dec. 18, 1849, 
unmarried, resides with her mother, who lived at 
Danbury, Ct., 1888. 

2.054 vi. Daniel Boughtun (son of Jared and Abigail 
Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., April 20, 1810, d. 
Lyons, Wayne county, N. Y. 

2.055 vii. Jared Boughton, Jr. (son of Jared and Abigail 
Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., Mar. 7, 1812, m. 
Elyna, 0., Maria Darrow, went to the war 1861 or 


1862, was wounded; was ia the Dayton, 0., Soldiers' 
Home, 1S86. 

Children of Jared, Jr., and Maria Darrow Bonghton, 

Elyrla, 0. 2055 

2,066 i. Harriet C. Boughton, b. Elyria, 0., Jan. 24, 

1841, m. June 2, 1863, John Deighton, b. July 12, 

Cliildren of John and Harriet C* Bonghton Beiffrhton. 8056 

2.057 i. Lucy H. Deighton, b. Oct. 27, 1866. 

2.058 ii. Richard H. Deighton, b. June 2, 1869. 

2.059 iii. Euzabeth A. Deighton, b. Sept. 6, 1870. 

2.060 iv. Edith Deighton, b; Sept. 7, 1880. 

2.061 ii. Charles H. Boughton, b. March 22, 1846, and d. 
Aug. 12, 1848. 

2.062 iii. Charles E. Boughton (son of Jared, Jr., and 
Maria Boughton), b. Feb. 6, 1854, m. Sept. 10, 1882, 
Julia E. Barber, b. June 1, 1860. 

Child of Charles E. and Jnlla E. Barber Bonghton, of North 

Amherst^ Lorain county^ Ohio. 2062 

2.063 i. GoLDiE M. Boughton, b. Feb. 28, 1885. 

2.064 viii. Charles Boughton (son of Jared and Abigail 
Marvin Boughton), b. South East, N. Y., March 22, 
1814, m. Electa Andrews, and settled Elyria, Ohio, 
where she d. June 9, 1842 ; he m. second Jerusha 
Andrews, and settled at Washington, D. C, where 
they Uved 1886. 

Children of Charles and Electa Andrews Bonghton^ of Eljria, 0. 2064 

2.065 i. Charles W. Boughton, b. Elyria, 0., Dec. 16, 
1838, m. Eaton, O., June 13, 1861, Jemima Richard- 
son, and settled at Eaton. Enlisted in the army; 
wounded at the battle of Antietam, and died Sept. 
23, 1862. 

2.066 ii. Martha P. Boughton, b. Grafton, 0., March 13, 
1840, m. WiUiam Richards, of Grafton, O., Sept. 16, 
1861, and settled at Grafton, where they still lived 

2.067 iii. John B. Boughton, b. Haysville, 0., May 29, 

1842, and died in infancy. 

Children of Charles and Jernslia Andrews Bonghton^ 

of Homer, Ohio. 2064 

2.068 iv. SoPHEMLA. Boughton, b. Homer, O., Aug. 7, 1844, 
and died Carlisle, O., July 9, 1848. 


2.069 V. Wilfred E. Boughton, b. Lagrange, 0., Nov. 
26, 1853, m. Nov. 12, 1884:, Effie Rodier, settled at 
Washington, D. C, where they were living 1886. 

2.070 vii. Lena M. Boughton, b. Grafton, 0., Aug. 13, 
1860, m. Frederick Benjamin at Washington, D. C, 
Nov. 17, 1886, and settled at Washington, where 
they lived 1886. 

Children of William and Martha P. Boughton (dan. of Charles and 
Electa Andrews Bonghton) Richardson, of Grafton^ 0. . 

2.071 i. Nettie I. Richardson, b. Grafton, 0., August 9, 
1862, m. Washington, D. C, Feb. 11, 1879, Neal 
Young, and settled at Warren, 0., res. there 1886. 

Child of Neal and Nettle I. Richardson (dan. of Martha P. Bonghton 

Richardson) Yoang, of Warren^ 0. 

2.072 i. Perry BouaHTON Young, b. Warren, 0., Dec. 10, 

2.073 ii. Washington W. Richardson (son of William and 
Martha P. Boughton Richardson), b. Grafton, Ohio, 
July 18, 1868, d. August 7, 1869. 

2.073 ix. Enoch Boughton (son of Jared and Abigailj, b. 
Brewster, Putnam Co., N. Y., March 27, 1816, m. 
Jan. 28, 1837, at South East, N. Y., Mary Ann 
White, b. Sept. 2, 1818, at New Milford, and settled 
at Norwalk, Ct., where they were living, 1887, and 
where he died January 6, 1887, and was buried in 
Pine Island cemetery ; his widow still lived in the 
beautiful home left her by her husband, autumn, 1887. 

Children of Enoch and Marj White Bonghton^ of Wilton, Ct 2078 

2.074 i. Edgar Boughton, b. Newtown, Ct., June 1, 1842, 
was never married, invalid, lived with parents at 
Norwalk, Ct., 1887. 

2.075 ii. Susan Boughton, b. Wilton, Ct., Jan. 26, 1844, 
d. Feb. 16, 1844. 

2.076 iii. George Boughton, b. Redding, Ct., Jan. 22, 
1847, m. Lettie Keeler, of Ridgefleld, July 3, 1874 ; 
was living in Danbury, 1887. 

2.077 X. Mary Boughton (dau. Jared and Abigail), b. South 
East, N. Y., March 21, 18 IS, m. South East, Nehe- 
miah Vredenburgh, Sept. 23, 1840, settled in Harlem, 
and were living at 2211 Second ave., N. Y. city, 1886 ; 
moved March, 1887, to Stratford, Ct., where she res. 

214 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Children of Nehemiah and Marj Bonghton Tredenbnrgb, of 

Harlem, N. T. 2077 

2.078 i. Mary J. Vredenburgh, b. Sing Sing, N. Y., Au- 
gust 7, J 841 ; lived unmarried at Stratford with her 
mother, spring of 1889. 

2.079 ii. Odle B. Vredenburgh, b. Sing Sing, N. Y., Dec. 
15, 1842, m. Sept. 24, 1864, Marietta Preston, of 
Bridgeport, Ct., where they settled and he died, Sept. 
26, 1878. 

2.080 iii. Edgar K. Vredenburgh, b. Sine Sing, N. Y., 
June 15, 1845, d. there in childhood, Oct. 12, 1848. 

2.081 iv. JuuA A. Vredenburgh (dau. of Nehemiah and 
Maiy Bough ton Vredenburgh), b. Sing Sing, N. Y., 
May 17, 1849, m. Sing Sing, Dec. 1, 1868, Thomas 
Pardee, and settled at Harlem where he died; she m. 
second William M. Richards, and lived at Harlem 
till her death March 30, 1886. 

Child of Thomas and Julia A. Tredenbnrgh Pardee, of Harlom, N. T. 

2.082 i. Nellie M. Pardee, b. Wilton, Ct., Aug. 12, 1870, 
died Stratford, Ct., Mar. 10, 1888. 

Children of William H. and widow Julia A. Pardee RlchardSj 

of Sing Sing, N. T. 

2,082 ii. William E. Eichards, b. Sing Sing, N. Y., July 
29, 1874; he Uved with his grandmother at Stratford, 
his father's whereabouts unknown. 

2,08? iii. Jennie B. Richards, b. Albany, N. Y., Mar. 30, 
1877, and died Jan. 27, 1880. 

2.084 iv. Kittie M. Richards, b. New York city. Mar. 11, 
1886, and died July 21, 1886. 

2.085 xi. Rachael Boughton (dau. of Jared and Abigail 
Boughton), b. South Salem. July 17, 1819, m Elyria, 
0., Martin Keith, 184U, settled Carhsle, 0., where she 
died April 2S, 1856. 

Children of Martin and Rachael Boughton Keith. 

2.086 i. Myron M. Keith, b. Elyria, O., 1840, res. Travers 
City, Mich. 

2.087 ii. Calvin V. Kkith, b. Elyria, 0., res. Fainnont, 
Fillmore county, Neb. 

2.088 iii. Mary Keith, b. Elyria, 0. 

2.089 iv. Alice KKrrH, b. Elyria, O., m. , died about 


2.090 V. Lydia Keith, b. Elyria, O., m. Sutcliff, of 

Elyria, Lorain county, O. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 215 

2.091 iii. Rhoda Bouton (dau, of Capt. Noah and Deborah 
Hoyt Bouton), b., probably, Salem about 1783, m. 
Crosby, and settled Phelps, N. Y. 

Children of and Rhoda Bonton Crosby^ of Phelps, N. T. 

2.092 i. DiEBBE Crosby, b. about 1801, m. James Sears, 
Mill Plain, Ct. 

2.093 ii. Sarah Crosby, b. about 1803, m. Lewis Sears, 
Mill Plain, Ct. 

2.094 iii. Marina (Jrosby, b. about 1805 m. Hopkins, 

Mill Plain, Ct. 

2.095 iv. Abigail Crosby, b. about 1807, never married. 

2.096 V. Julia Crosby, b. about 1809, never married. 

2.097 vi. EujAH Crosby, went to Phelps, N. Y. 

Children of James and Debbe Crosby Sears, of MiU Plain, Ct 2092 

2.098 i. Maria Sears, b., supposed, in Connecticut, m. 
Prank Northrup. 

2.099 ii. Lydia Sears, b., supposed, in Connecticut. 

2.100 iii. Belden Sears, b., supposed, in Connecticut, m. 
Jane Northrup, Newark, N. J. 

2.101 iv. Prue Bouton (dau. of Capt. Noah and Deborah 

Hoyt Bouton), b. about 1785, m. Sears, settled 

at Neversink. 

2.102 Francis Boughton (son of Joseph, who died 1833), 
b., probably, inDanbury, March 16, 1766, m. Dec. 8, 
1784, Esther Stowe, and settled in Durham, N. Y., 
where he died May 5, 1833. 

Children of Francis and Esther Stowe Bonghtony of Durham^ N. T. 

2.103 i. Francis Boughton, Jr., b., supposed, Danbury, 
July 29, 1785, died young, 1798. 

2.104 ii. James BouGH'roN, b. Danbury, Oct. 28, 1786, un- 
married, res. Ohio, d. Durham, about 1829. 

2.105 iii. Eliard (Lyard) Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 7, 
1787, m. Thalia Merwin, d. about 187-^. 

2.106 iv. Clark Boughton, b. Danbuiy, Nov. 5, 1789, m. 
Julia Hyde, b. Michigan, he d. about 1865. 

2.107 V. Mary Maria (Polly) Boughton, b. Danbury, 
Jan. 3, 1792, m. Joseph Whitman ; she d. 1839 ; he 
d. Poughkeepsie, 1870. 

Note. — Joseph B. Whitman came from England in early 
life ; was a boot and shoe maker ; was not a church member. 
His wife was a Presbyterian . 


2.108 vi. Lewis Boughton, b. Danbury, July 23, 1794, m. 
Cairo, N. Y., Eleanor Winne, res, Durham, d. Dec. 
30, 1818; she d. April 10, 1883. 

2.109 vii. Rebecca Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 5, 1795, 
m. Ansel Hoyt, d. 1832. 

2.110 viii. Anna Boughton, b. Danbury, July 26, 1797, m. 
Ira Hubbard, d. 1882. 

2.111 ix. Francis Boughton, Jr., b. Danbury, March 1, 

2.112 X. Theodocia Boughton, b. W. Durham, July 24, 
1801, m. W. Durham, July 19, 1824, John St. John; 
d. Delhi, N. Y., 1852. 

2.113 xi. Elizabeth Boughton, b. W. Durham, June 1, 
1803, m. 1852, Chauncey St. John, Prattsville ; he d. 
1853 ; she d. 1868. 


(iii.) EuARD (Lyard) Boughton, b., probably, in 
Danbury, Ct., Dec. 7, 1787, m., place and date un- 
known, Ruthalia Merwin, and went west. 

Children of Eliard and Rnthalia Merwin Bonghton. 2105 

2.114 i. Francis Boughton. 

2.115 ii. Joseph Boughton. 

2.116 iii. Ruthalia Boughton. 

2.117 iv. Delia Boughton. 

And two other children, names unknown. 

(iv.) Clark Boughton, b., probably, Danbury, Ct., 
Nov., 1789, m. Julia Hyde, and they, too, went west. 

Children of Clark and Jniia Hjde Boughton. 2106 

2.118 i. Mary Ann Boughton. 

2.119 ii. MarHiLa Boughton. 

2.120 iii. Sally Boughton. 
And probably more. 

(v.) Mary Maria (Polly) Boughton, b. West Dur- 
ham, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1792, m. West Durham, Joseph 
Whitman, and settled at Oak Hill, N. T., whence 
they moved to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where she died 
June 7, 1839 ; he d. 1870. 

Children of Joseph and Mary M. (Pollj) BoaghtOn Whitman. 8107 

2.121 i. Francis B. Whffman, shoemaker, b. West Dur- 
ham, N. Y., b. July, 1818, m. first Dolly Twedell, 
1842 ; second, Louisa Winters, 1864; he d. 1884. 


2.122 ii. Mary A. Whitman, b. East Durham, N. Y., 1820, 
m. Oscar Lewis, he d. 1856. 

2.123 iii. Lucy Whitman, b. Preston Hollow, N. T., 1822, 
m. Theodore B. Witsil, painter and grainer, 1841 ; 
both died in Philadelphia ; she died in 1862 ; he died 
in 1863. 

2.124 iv. Elizabeth B. Whitman, b. Preston Hollow, Nov. 
14, 1823, m. Poughkeepsie, 1845, Enos C. Andrus, 
of Poughkeepsie ; res. Poughkeepsie, 1889. 

2.125 V. Olivia Whitman, b. Livingston ville, N. Y., 1825, 
m. Cornelius C. Cornish, at Hunter, 1844; res. Shasta, 

2.126 vi. Joseph Whitman, Jr., harness maker, b. Preston 
Hollow, N. Y., 1827, m. Windham, 1849, Harriet 
Malory, of Hobart, N. Y. ; res. Hobart, 1887. 

2.127 vii. JuwA F. WnrrMAN, b. Oak HiU, N. Y., 1829, m. 
Almon OUver, a carpenter, d. Chestertown, 1882 ; he 
d. 1862. 

2.128 viii. Joanna WnrrMAN, b. Oak Hill, 1832, m. Wil- 
liam Lavery, Poughkepsie, 1855, d. Olmstead ville, 
N. Y., 1877. 

Children of Francis B. (son of Joseph and Mar j M. Bonghton Whitman), 
and Dollj Twedell Whitman, of Hunter, N. T. 2181 

2.129 i. Alfred Whifman, b. Hunter, N. Y., 1843. 

2.130 ii. LoRANT Whitman, b. Hunter, N. Y., 1846. 

2.131 iii. William Whitman, b. Walton, N. Y,, 1848. 

2.132 iv. Joseph Whitman, b. Walton, N. Y., 1851. 

2.133 v. Charles Whitman, b. Hancock, 1853. 

Children of Franeis B« and Lonlsa Winters Whitman, of 

Prattstille, N. T. 2181 

2.134 vi. Francis Whitman, Jr., b. Prattsville, 1865. 

2.135 vii. Lizzie Whitman, b. Prattsville, 1857. 

2.136 viii. Adaune Whitman, b. Prattsville, 1864. 

2.137 ix. Rosa Whitman, b. Prattsville, 1866. 

2.138 X. Jennie Whitman, b. Prattsville, 1867. 

Children of Oscar and Harj Ann Whitman (dan. of Joseph and Mary 
M. Bonghton Whitman) Lewis, of Poughkeepsie^ N. T. 2122 

Note. — Oscar Lewis was a chair painter and gilder; 
member of the Presbyterian church at New York city. 
Mrs. Lewis and daughter Mary, members of the Congrega- 
tional church at Poughkeepsie. He died in New York city, 

2.139 i. Edward M. Lewis, b. Palenville, 1843, m. May 
24, 1868, Lizzie Holioway. 

218 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

2.140 ii. Plum A A. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie, Oct. 30, 1846, 
m. 1868, Charles H. Strong. 

2.141 iii. Mary E. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie, 1849, res. 
Poughkeepsie, 1887. 

2.142 iv. Mandeville F. Lewis, b. New York city, 1851, 
res. Poughkeepsie, 1887. 


Oscar Lewis m. Mary Ann Whitman (dau. of Joseph 
Whitman and granddaughter of Francis, Sr. , and Mary E. 
Stowe) Boughton. 

Children of Oscar and Mar j Ann Whitman (dan. of Joseph and Mar j M. 

Whitman) Lewis. 8122 

(i.) Edward M. Lewis, b. Palenville, N. Y., M^ 
17, 1843, m. May 24, 1868, Lizzie Holloway. He 
enlisted in the 7th New York Eifles and was dis- 
charged Sept. 21, 1864; lived twenty years in San 
Francisco; is a harness maker and carriage trimmer, 
and a member of the Congregational church in 

Children of Edward M. and LIzxie HoUowaj Lewis, of 

Ponghkeepsle) N. T. 2189 

2,142^* i. Warren E. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie, 1869. 
2,142'^ ii. Ida M. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie, 1877, d. 1884, 
aged seven years. 

(ii.) Plum A A. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie, Oct. 30, 
1846, m. April 27, 1868, Charles H. Strong, foreman 
of the Hudson River R. R. shops at Albany; is not a 
church member, but a very good man. His wife, 
Pluma, is a member of the Presbyterian church at 
Gieenbush, where they reside. 

Children of Charles H. and Pinma A. Lewis Strong, of 

Poughkeepsie, N. T. 2140 

2,142*^ i. Minnie R. Strong, b. 18G9, died 1869, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 
2,142^^ ii. Carrie B. Strong, b. 1870, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
2,142*= iii. Edna May Strong, b. 1875, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

2,142*^ (iii.) Mary E. Lewis, b. Poughkeepsie. Jan. 6, 1849, 

(iv.) Mandeville F. Lewis, b. , 1852, d. In 


BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 219 

Children of Theodore B. and Lnej Whitman (dan. of Joseph and Marj 
Boaghton Whitman) Wltsil, of Hnnter, N. Y. 2128 

2.143 i. LoRENA WiTSiL, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1840. 

2.144 ii. Leonidas Witsil, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1842. 

2.145 iii. Lucy Witsil, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1845. 

2.146 iv. John K. Witsil, b. Windham, N. Y., 1846. 

2.147 V. Harriet Witsil, b. New York city, 1847. 

2.148 vi. Theodore Witsil, b. Windham, 1848. 

2.149 vii. Mary Maria Witsil, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1848. 

Children of Enos G. and Elizabeth Bonghton Whitman (dan. of Joseph 
and Marj M. Bonghton Whitman) Andrns, of Ponghkeepsle. 2124 

[Members of Congregational church at Poughkeepsie.] 

2.150 1. RoDERic KmsEY Andrus, b. Poughkeepsie, Oct. 6, 
1847, m. 1871, Cincinnati, 0., Catharine E. Weber. 

2.151 ii. Newell Parker Andrus, b. Poughkeepsie, June 
16, 1850, m. Paterson, N. J., Dec. 27, 1881, Avica 
Denton ; res. Paterson, 1886. 

2.152 iii. Helen Josephine Andrus, b. Poughkeepsie, S^pt. 
11, 1853, graduated at Vassar as teacher of music ; 
organist of Congregational church at Poughkeepsie, 

2.153 iv. Francis Boughton Andrus, b. Poughkeepsie, 
June 5, 1855 ; lived at Paterson, N. J., 1886. 

Children of Roderick and Catharine E. Weber Andrns, of Pater- 
son, N. J. 2150 

2.154 i. Edith Stanley Andrus, b. Brooklyn, N. T., April 
1, 1872. 

2.155 ii. Elizabeth Helen Andrus, b. Paterson, N. J., 
Sept. 24, 1873. 

Child of Newell P. and Atiea Denton Andrus, of Pater- 
son, N. J. 2151 

2.156 i. Newell Denton Andrus, b. Paterson, N. J., May 
3, 1883. 

Children of Cornelius C. and E. Oliria Whitman (dan. of Joseph and 
Mary Boughton Whitman) Cornisli, of Hunter, N. T. 

and Eureka, CaL 2125 

He worked in the mines in Eureka, Cal. ; was a joiner by 

2.157 i. Mansfield Cornish, b. 1847. 

2.158 ii. Pluma A. Cornish, b. 1849. 

2.159 iii. Charles Cornish, b. 1851. 

2.160 iv. Francisco Cornish, b. 1854. 

2.161 V. Robert Cornish, b. 1863. 

220 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

GhUdren of Joseph Whitman, Jr. (son of Joseph and Mary Bonghton 
Whitman) and Harriet Malory Whitman, of Hobart, N. T. 2126 

2.162 i. Esther H. Whitman, b. 1849. 

2.163 ii. Emma Whitman, b. 1852. 

2.164 iii. Mary E. Whitman, b. 1857. 

2.165 iv. Edward L. Whitman, b. 1862. 

2.166 V. Harriet Whitman, b. 1865. 

Children of Almon Olirer and Jnlia F. Whitman* (dan. of Joseph and 
Marj Bonghton Whitman) Olirer, of Oak Hill, 

Warren Co., N. Y. 2127 

2.167 i. Emily Oliver, b. 1853. 

2.168 ii. Francis Oliver, b. 1855. 

2.169 iii. Clara 0. Oliver, b. 1857. 

2.170 iv. William C. Oliver, b. 1856. 

2.171 V. Eugene Oliver, b. 1859. 

2.172 vi. Annie Oliver, b. 1862. 

Children of William and Joanna Whitman Layerj^ of 

PonghlEeepsie, N. T. 2128 

2.173 i. Frederick La very, b. 1855. 

2.174 ii. Julia 0. Lavery, b. 1857. 

2.175 iii. William Lavery, b. 1868. 

Children of Lewis and Eleanor Winne Houghton, of 

Dnrham, N. Y. 2108 

[He died Durham, N. Y., 1839, she died Cairo, N. T., 
April 7, 1883.] 

2.176 i. James Bouqhton, b. West Durham, Oct. 31, 1819, 
m. Durham, May 29, 1844, Charlotte Mudge, settled 
Cornwallsville, N. Y. 

2.177 ii. Maria Boughton, b. West Durham, May 24, 1821, 
m. Cairo, N. Y.. 1846, Cornelius Van Dusen, b. June 
28, 181^; she died July 30, 1868. 

2.178 iii. John Eiley Boughton, b. West Durham, Sept. 
12, 1823, m. Durham, 1847, Adelia Hull; he died May 
27, 1862. 

2.179 iv. Elsie Ann Boughton, b. West Durham, Sept. 5, 
1825, m. 1846, William Bloomer, moved to Pennsyl- 
vania; she died 1853. 

2.180 V. Hamilton Boughton. b. West Durham, April 7, 

1827, never m., went to Cairo, died Sept. 1, 1884. 

2.181 vi. Jonah M. Boughton, b. West Durham, Aug. 9, 

1828, died in infancy 1830. 

2.182 vii. Manlius Boughton, b. West Durham, July 8, 
1830, never m., went to Calif omia, died Dec. 11, 1885. 


2.183 viii. ZBLOTtis F. Boughton, b. West Durham, Jan. 
1, 1832, m. Sarah Maria Bristol, lived No. 4 Mount 
street, Troy, 1886. 

2.184 ix. Saloma Boughton, b. West Durham, died in 

2.185 X. Albina Boughton, b. West Durham, September 1, 
1835, m. 1856, James Gale, res. Sagamon City, Mich. ; 
she d. . 

Note. — The above children were all Presbyterians. 
Children of Ansil and Bebeeca Bouffhton Hoyt^ of Hunter, N. T. 2109 

2.186 i. Mary Esther Hoyt, b. , m. . Bishop. 

2.187 ii. William Hoyt, b. , m. OUvia D. Cornish. 

2.188 iii. Sanford Hoyt. 

2.189 iv. Boughton Hoyt. 

2.190 V. Oromal Hoyt. 

Children of Ira and Ann Boughton (dan. of Franeis and Esther Stowe 

Bonghton), Hnbhard. 9110 

2.191 i. Abner Hubbard. 

2.192 ii. Mary Hubbard. 
2,198 iii. Lewis Hubbard. 

2.194 iv. Ann Hubbard. 

2.195 V. Dana Hubbard. 

Children of James and Charlotte Madge Boughton. 2176 

2.196 i. William H. Boughton, b. Mar. 26, 1845, m. Ger- 
trude Cole, Saugerties. 

2.197 ii. EiCHARD L. Boughton, b. Feb. 16, 1847, died 
unmarried Oct. 29, 1869. 

2.198 iii. Cornelius Van Deusen Boughton, b. June 1, 
1849, m. Aug. 3, 1876, Carrie Mutchmore. 

2.199 iv. Ella Ann Boughton, b. Dec. 23, 1854, m. Feb., 
1879, Matthias France. 

2.200 V. James M. Boughton, b. Mar. 1, 1857, not married. 

Child of WlUiun and Gertrude Cole Bonghton, of 

CornellsTllle, N. T. 9199 

2.201 i. Joseph Henry Boughton, b. Cornellsville, April 
26, 1875. 

Children of Comellns Y. D. and Carrie Mntehmore Bonghton, 

of Bahway, N. J. 9198 

2.202 i. Mamie Ella Boughton, b. Rah way, N. J., May 
28, 1876. 

2,208 ii. Elsie M. Boughton, b. Rahway, N. J., June 1, 


222 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Matthias and Ella Anna Bonghton France, of 

GornellsTllle, N. T. 9199 

2.204 i. Leroy France, b. Cornells ville, Feb. 1, 1884. 

Children of Cornelias and Mariah Bonghton Tan Densen^ 

of Cairo, Green conntj, N. T. 9177 

2.205 i. Elisha B. Van Deusen, b. Michigan, Jan. 13, 
1855, m. first Olivia Foster, second Mary E£Be 
Daniels, res. 68 Sackett street, Brooklyn, N. x ., 1888. 

2.206 ii. James Leander Van Deusen, b. Michigan, Nov. 
17, 1856, did not m. ; died Binghamton, N. i . 

2.207 iii. Elsie Blackman Van Deusen, b. Michigan, May 
2, 1858, res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2.208 iv. Henry More Van Deusen, b. Michigan, Dec. 2, 
1859, res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2.209 V. Olney Van Deusen, b. Michigan, Oct. 3, 1863, 
res. Brooklyn. 

Cliildren of John Rilej and Adelia Hall Bonghton, m. 1847 

at Dnrham, N. T. 9178 

2.210 i. Howard L. Boughton, b. Durham, m. Annette 
Palmer, no children, res. Catskill, N. Y. 

2.211 ii. George Boughton, b. Durham, not married. 

2.212 iii. Nellie Boughton, b. Durham. 

2.213 iv. LiLLiE Boughton, b. Durham. 

2.214 V. May Boughton, b. Durham. 

2.215 vi. Frank Boughton, b. Durham. 

Child of William and Elsie Ann Bonghton Bloomer, m. 1846 at 

Cairo, N. Y. ; she died 1858. 9179 

2.216 i. John L. Bloomer, b. about 1848, moved to Pennsyl- 
vania, res. Morristown, N. J., 1888. 

Children of Zelotns F. and Sarah Maria Bristol Boughton, of Trojf 

N. Y. ; she died Troy^ July 8, 1887. 9188 

2.217 i. Nellie Asenfth Boughton, b. Cotton, St. Law- 
rence county, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1859, and died August 
11, 1862. 

2.218 ii. DAvm Louis Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., July 1, 
1863, d. Troy, Nov. 9, 1867. 

2.219 iii. LiBBiE Maria Boughton, b. Troy, July 23, 1865, 
school teacher ; lives at home and keeps house for her 
father in Troy. 

Children of James and Albina Bonghton Gale5 of Saginaw^ Mieh. 2186 

2.220 i. Albina Gale, b. , not married, lived Luding- 

ton, Mich. ; went to New Mexico. 

2.221 ii. Nellie Gale. 


The following accounts of Joseph and Francis were 
principal^' furnished by Mrs. Lucina J. Bushnel, of Nas- 
sau, N. 1 . : 

Family Record of Joseph (possibly Grandson op 
Jachin), and Jennet Guffin Boughton and 

their Descendants. 

2,222 Joseph Boughton, Jr., b., probably, Danbury, Ct., 
March 19, 1768, ra. Dec. 25, 1786, Jennet Guffin, who 
was probably b. Scotland, March 3, 1764. 

Disposing uf their farm in Danbury, Ct., some- 
where about 1794, they moved to Staatsburgh, or 
Hyde Park, N. Y., where they resided a short time ; 
thence to Schodack, Eensselaer county, N. Y., in 
1795 or 1796 ; where he purchased land on the Van 
Rensselaer manor, lying along what was afterward, 
if not then, the Boston and Albany turnpike, eight 
miles from Albany. Jennet Guffin Boughton died 
Jan. 15, 1830, Schodack, and was buried in Nassau 
(which was at first called Union Village), Rensselaer 
county, N. Y. Joseph Boughton m. second, April 
28, 1830, Sarah Bates, of Carlisle, Schoharie county, 
N. Y. He died April 7, 1840, in Schodack, and was 
buried in Nassau. Sarah Bates Boughton died Aug. 
24, 1840, in Schodack, and was also buried in Nassau. 
Joseph Boughton was one of the founders of the 
Presbyterian church in Nassau. At its first meeting 
he was elected and installed ruling elder in the 
church, which office he held till near the time of his 
death; always earnest, active, and conscientious in 
his religious life, church records show that he was 
always m his place in all meetings of the church 
and session. He was genial, kind and sociable in his 
family and neighborhood. His family was a family 
of singers, particularly of sacred songs. 

Joseph Boughton had one brother, Francis 
Boughton, who was settled at one time in New 
Durham, Green county, N. Y. ; his wife's name was 
Esther Stowe. They had ten children: i. James, 
ii. Edward or Lyie, iii. Clark, iv. Polly, v. Lewis, 
vi. Rebecca, vii. Ann, viii. Francis, Jr., ix. Theodocia, 
X. Eliza. These children, some, if not all, settled in 
Schoharie and Albany counties, N. Y. In 1833 
Joseph Boughton visited his brother in Green county, 
and on his way back stopped to visit a sister at Hyde 
Park, N. Y., whom he had not seen for twenty years. 

224 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

She waa living with a son-in-law by the name of 
Smith, who had a daughter who played the organ in 
the Episcopal church at that time. 

Children of Joseph and Jennet Gnffin Boaghton. 

2.223 i. James Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 19, 1787, 
m. CarUsle, N. Y., Marfth 10, 1811, Charlotte Locke, 
and settled on a farm in Carlisle. 

2.224 ii. Francis Boughton, b. Danbury, July 13, 1790, 
m. Schodack, N. Y., Amy Hall, and settled on a 
farm in Worcester, Otsego county, N. Y. 

2.225 iii. Andrew Boughton, b. Danbury, April 12, 1792. 
m. Schodack, March 12, 1816, Lucena Rogers ana 
settled on a farm in Schodack. 

2.226 iv. Joseph Boughton, b. Danbury, August 16, 1794, 
m. Hyde Park, Feb. 28, 1816, first, Mary Burnett ; 
second, Catharine Stever, Rock City, Saratoga 
county, N. Y. 

2.227 V. Mary Boughton, b. Staatsburgh, N. Y., Dec. 3, 
1796, m. Schodack, Nov. 18, 1819, Joseph Phillips, 
settled on farm East Nassau, N. Y. 

2.228 vi. Euzabeth Boughton, b. Schodack, N. Y., Oct. 
11, 1799, m. first, John Ferguson, March 18, 1819 ; 
second, Daniel Burgess, Jan. 31, 1825, settled Galway, 
Saratoga county, N. Y. 

2.229 vii. Sarah Boughton, b. August 80, 1801, m. Scho- 
dack, Archibald Garrison, and settled in Parish, Os- 
wego county, N. Y. 

2.230 viii. Janet Boughton, b. Schodack, May 31, 1804, m. 
Dec. 7, 1824, John Becker, and settled near Cobles- 
kill, Schoharie county, N. Y. 


(i.) James Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 19, 1787, 
m. March 10, 1811, Charlotte Locke, b. Dec. 8, 1789, 

Erobably of Carlisle, Schoharie county, N. Y., where 
e had been a teacher a number of years. He pur- 
chased and settled on a farm lying m the towns of 
CarUsle and Cobleskill, Schohaiie county, N. Y. 
Charlotte Locke Boughton died there in 1847 or 1848. 
After several years James Boughton married for his 
second wife, April 3, 1863, Mrs. Maria Dow, of Car- 
Usle village, where they lived till his death, Nov. 17, 
1879, aged 72 years and 26 days ; he was buriea 
there. Maria Dow Boughton Uved there in 1887. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Faiolt. 225 

CUldrea of James and Charlotte Locke Bonghton, of Cai> 

llsle^ N. T. 8888 

2.231 i. Joseph Clark Boughton, b. Carlisle, Schoharie 
Co., N. T., May 1, 1812, m. May 1, 1836, Harriet 

• Agnes Wilkie. They had one child but all are dead. 

2.232 ii. Harriet Angelica Boughton, b. Carlisle, Scho. 
.county, Oct. 3, 1816, m. Schoharie county, July 2, 

1884, William Bradt, b. Feb. 2, 1812, and settled on 
her father's farm. She died at Cobleskill, Nov. 8, 
1870. He d. Nov. 13, 1875. 

ChUdren of William and Harriet Angelica Boaghton Bradt. 

2,232* i. Joseph Clark Bradt, b. Cobleskill, N. Y., Dec. 6, 
1840, m. Grand Rapids, Mich., March 21,1867, Frances 
L. Kenvon, and settled at Schoharie Court House, 
where they res. 1887. 

Children of Joseph Clark and Francos L. Kenyon Bradt 

2.233 i. May Bradt. 

2.234 ii. Fay M. Bradt. 

2.235 iii. Raymond Bradt. 

2.236 iv. Edna Bradt. 
2,236* V. Lucy Bradt. 

2.237 ii. Evelina Bradt, dau. of William and Harriet A. 
Bradt, b. CobleskUl, Sept. 5, 1844, m. Cobleskill, 
Dec. 28, 1864, Alexander McMillen. They settled at 
Cobleskill. Their post-office was Grovenor's Corners, 
N. Y., in 1888. 

Child of Alexander and Erellna Bradt MoMlUen. 

2.238 i. William McMillen, b. Cobleskill, N. T., October 
14, 1865. 

2.239 iii. Gurdon E. Bradt, b. Cobleskill, N. Y., Apiil 3, 
1851, m. Dec. 25, 1862, Oneonta, N. Y., Emma D. 
Burns, and settled for a time on the old homestead 
in Cobleskill, where she died, leaving one child, Floyd, 
he took his child and went to Michigan, and subse- 
quently Kansas, where the child died and he married 
a second time (name and address not known). 

2.240 iv. Helen A. Bradt, b. Cobleskill, N. Y., June 25, 
1855, m. Grand Rapids, Mich., May 14, 1881, A. N. 
Goodell, of Saranac, Ionia Co., Mich., where they 
lived, 1888. They had no children, 

2.241 iii. Jane Eliza Boughton, b. Carlisle, N. T., Dec. 


226 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3, 1813, m. Dec. Y, 1840, Rev. John PegR, who was 
born in Coventry, England, in the year 1800. 
Coming to the United States in his young man- 
hood, he joined the New York M. E. Conference in 
1832. In 1833 he was made one of the original 
members of the Troy Conference of the I^ethodist 
church. She died Jan. 24, 1853; he died in 1879. 

Children of the Bey* John and Jane Eliza Bonghton Pegg^ of 

Carlisle, N.T. 2247 

2.242 i. Samuel Worthington Pegg, b. Pittston, N. Y., 
Mar. 15, 1843, unmarried, d. Carlisle, N. Y., 1862. 

2.243 ii. Cornelius Marshall Pegg, b. Bennington, Vt., 
Aug. 28, 1844, m. Brunswick, Rensselaer county, N. 
Y., Martha Wetherwax, of Brunswick, where she 
was bom Nov. 22, 1838. 

The following sketch was contributed by Rev. C. M. 
Pegg by request of the compiler of this work : 

My mother, Jane E. Pegg, was much after the manner 
of her venerable father, James Boughton, in so far as the 
matter of her religious life was concerned. She was 
devotedly pious, and sought dilligently to bring up her 
four children, Samuel, James, Charlotte and myself in the 
fear of the Lord. In the absence of father from home 
mother conducted the devotions of the family and would 
pray for each of the children by name. She died at the 
early age of forty-four years, worn out in the self-sacrificing 
service of her children. James was followed in his des- 
perate sickness by a brother and sister. When these had 
all rallied, their guardian angel and tender nurse laid down 
in exhausting sickness to die. The most terrible affliction 
of my life was the loss of my saintly mother. The years 
which have elapsed since might have been marked by' very 
different experiences than those which have obtained 
had she been spared to bless us with her presence and 

After her burial I went to visit a relative in a Mohawk 
valley town. JSot being very well after the severe ordeal 
through which our home had passed, some one suggested 
in view of a revival of religion going forward in the place, 
the best medicine for me would be to go to the meeting and 
get religion. I went and made a profession of faith in 
Christ. Thereafter for a time I lived in Hartford, Conn. . 
and in Middleburgh, N. Y. When in the latter place I was 
greatly impressed with the idea of preaching the gospel. I 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 227 

used to wander off by myself and on the *' Cliff " overhang- 
ing the beautiful valley below exercise myself in this 
direction. At this time my father had as his wife 
Catherine Hill Pegg, a sister of Nicholas Hill, who was one 
of the greatest lawyers who conducted cases in the Court 
of Appeals at Albany. She was a splendid specimen of 
Christian womanhood and helpful to me in the religious 
life. At the age of fifteen years I was admitted as a 
student oE the Troy Conference academy in Poultney, Vt. 
Then I attended the Jonesville academy, N. Y. From 
thence I entered the Methodist Biblical Institute which was 
located in Concord, N. H. At the age of seventeen, on a 
cold March afternoon in a country section, I found my way 
into the neighborhood of a school house, several miles from 
the city, where at night I preached as best I could from 
"My grace is sufficient for thee." There it was I had 
Daniel burning in the fiery furnace and I might have had 
him scorching yet, perhaps, if a brother minister had not 
told me Daniel was not in the furnace. Having spent 
several years in attendance on school and in preaching 1 
concluded to abandon the work and go to sea. My father 
learning thereof came for me and induced me to attend the 
Troy Conference which was to hold its session in Platts- 
burgh, N. Y. I went, and being received on trial was 
stationed at what is now called rawling avenue church, 
in Troy, where I remained from 1865 to l866. Being some- 
what dissatisfied with the situation at the end of the first 
vear, despite the many kindnesses I had experienced at the 
hands of my numerous friends, I determined to try the 
venture for the sea again. T packed my books and boarded 
the steamboat '' Connecticut " for New York. Once there I 
sought out Pastor Headstrom of the Bethel ship. He 
discouraged me in my search for a situation. Nevertheless 
I sought from place to place, yet without success. 

I was reappointed to Pawling avenue, where I spent 
another year. From thence, in 1867, I was sent to Third 
street M. E. church. My next move was to Hartford, in 
Washington county, where 1 stayed from 1868 to 1869. 
Here the Lord graciously and powerfully visited the people 
and more than one hundred persons made a profession of 
the religion of Christ. 

After two years in the above place, in which great mate- 
rial and spiritual prosperity visited the church, I was trans- 
ferred to the Wilmington Conference, and sent in 1870 to 
Leipsic, Del. My following appointment, from 1871 to 
1873, was in Fairmount, Md. Here, during three years, the 

228 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

work of the Lord went forward with encouraging success. 
One of the finest churches on the eastern shore, during this 
time, was dedicated to the worship of God. 

From this southern charge I was sent in 1874 to Lewes, 
Del. This old town commanded a beautiful view of the 
Delaware bay and the Atlantic ocean. During my last of 
three years in this village, a wonderful revival of religion 
broke out, and scores of persons were added to the church. 
For two years thereafter, from 1877 to 1871^ my home was 
in the city of Wilmington, where I served as pastor of 
Scott M. E. church. Here we were blessed with a fair mea- 
sure of prosperity, despite the obstiaictions which were 
thrown in our way. 

Having completed my term of service there, I joined the 
New York East Conference, and was placed in 1880 at Ken- 
sington, Conn., where we received some displays of the 
Divine goodness, in the strengthening, in some measure, of 
the church. Having been stationea at Georgetown and 
Zion's Hill, in 1881, I remained in this field for three years, 
when the itinerant wheel brought me, in 1884, to South 
Norwalk, in the same State. Here a revival, remarkable 
for its extent and thoroughness, broke out, which greatly 
changed the whole character of the church, and deeply 
impressed many people with respect to the interests of the 
better life. Having served my term of three years, in April, 
1887, I moved to New York as the pastor of the old and 
famous Allen street M. E. church. 

This grand old church, by reason of the complete change 
in the character of the poymlation in the neighborhood, and 
the thunderation of tlie elevated railroad, has ceased to be 
what it was a score of years ago, and can only, enjoy a per- 
manently prosperous future by speedily changing its loca- 
tion for a more quiet section of this great city, so full of 
unrest and sin. 

Children of Cornelins M. and Martha Wetherwax Pegg. 224S 

2.244 i. Jennie M. Pegg, b. Postenkill, N. Y., August 25, 
1867, res. with parents ; unmarried. 

2.245 ii. Charles S. Pegg, b. Hartford, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1S69. 

2.246 iii. James Walter Pegg, b. Fairmount, Md. Febru- 
ary 20, 1872. 

2.247 iv. Edith Pegg, b. Lewes, Sussex county, Del., April 
29, 1875. 

2.248 iii. James Clark Pegg (son of Rev. John and Jane 


Eliza Boughton Pegg), b. Chatham, N. Y., Oct. 14,. 
1845, m. Malta, 111., Nov. 9, 1871, Anna Somers, and 
settled on a farm in Creston, 111., where they res. 1887. 

Children of James G. and Anna Somers Fegg, of Creston, Ogle Co., 111. 

2.249 i. Charlotte Pegg, b. Malta, De Kalb Co., 111., De- 
cember 3, 1872. 

2.250 ii. John Joseph Pegg, b. Malta, March, 1875. 

2.251 iv. Charlotte Boughton Pegg (dau. of Rev. John 
and Jane Eliza Boughton Pegg), b. Canajohaiie, Mont- 
gomery Co., N. Y., Oct. 3, 1847, m. Castleton, Rens- 
selaer county, N. Y., Frank P. Harder, of Castleton, 
where they settled and still resided in 1888, in one of 
the most inviting homes along the banks of the upper 
Hudson. His wife is one of the most active and 
helpful members of the Methodist Episcopal church 
in that place. Mr. Harder has been elected by the 
people treasurer of Rensselaer county for three succes- 
sive terms of three years each, and these repeated 
marks of their confidence in his ability and integrity 
is warranted by the shrewd business tact he has dis- 
played in conducting the details of the office. 

(ii.) Francis Boughton (son of Joseph and Jennet 
Guffin Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct.,July 13, 1790, m. 
Schodack, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1814, Amy Hall, who was 
born July 5, 1793. They settled on a farm in Wor- 
cester, Otsego Co., N. Y. In 1850 thev returned to 
Schodack, purchased and settled on the old homestead, 
where he died April 12, 1857. Amy Hall Boughton 
died April 27, 1860. They were buried in Nassau, 
N. Y. Both were members of the Baptist church. 

Children of Francis and Amy Hall Boughton, of Worcester, N. Y. 2224 

2.252 i. John Clark Boughton, a carpenter, b. Dutchess 
county, N. Y., August 8, 1815, m. Jefferson, 
Schoharie county, N. i ., Sept. 25, 1834, Maria Jane 
Starkin, of Jefferson, b. Long Island, March 3, 1818 ; 
they settled Worcester, N. Y., where they lived many 
years, then moved to Binghamton; he died Bingham - 
ton Nov. 26, 1885, she d. Brooklyn, June 12, 1888. 

Children of John C. and Maria J. Starkin Bonghton, of Worcester, N. T. 

2.253 i. Phebe Ann Boughton, b. Worcester, N. Y., m. 
Sept., 1860, Benjaipin Labaron, settled Maine Village, 

N. Y. 

230 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.254 ii. Benjamin Warren Boughton, b. Worcester, N. 
Y., May 8, 1840, m. Mary Wheaton, East Maine, N. 
Y.; res. there 1887. 

2.255 iii. Alvin W. Boughton, b. Worcester, NY., Aug. 
21, 1841, died Worcester, May 30, 1858. 

2.256 iv. Ephraim H. Boughton, b. Worcester, Dec. 21, 
1843, died in childhood, 1846. 

2.257 V. Alexander E. Boughton, a farmer, b. Worcester, 
May 1, 1845, m. 1865, Jane Snow ; post-office Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., 1887. 

2.258 vi. Marquis D. Boughton, engineer, b. Worcester, 
N. Y., April 1, 1849, m. March, 1881, Sarah Warner, 
res. 202 Front street, Brooklyn. 

2.259 ni. Thomas J. Boughton, b. East Maine, Broome 
county, N. Y., August 31, 1851, died Binghamton, 

2.260 viii. William Wesley Boughton, b. East Maine, 
Jan. 22, 1855, m. Mary Ridenburgh ; post-office 
Binghamton, 1887. 

2.261 ix. Andrew Boughton, b. East Maine, Nov. 18, 
1857, m. Maggie Kelly, New York city, 1876. 

2.262 X. Francis E. Boughton, b. Binghamton, Aug. 17, 
1861, m. Fannie Tuttle, 1881. 


Children of BeDJamln and Phebe Ann Bongbton Labaron, of 

Maine YHIage, N. Y. 225S 

2.263 i. Allan Labaron, b. Maine Village, m. , and 

settled in Pennsylvania. 

2.264 ii. Melissa Labaron, b. Maine Village, married, 
first John Lynes, second James Simpson, settled 
Paterson, N. J. 

Ghiidren of John and Melissa Labaron Lynes. 

2,265" i. Sarah Lynes. 
2,265** ii. Phebe Lynes. 

Children of James and Widow Melissa Labaron Lynes Simpson. 

2,265« iii. Allan Simpson. 
2,265^ iv. Agnes Simpson. 
2,265* V. Hattie Jane Simpson. 

2.266 iii. Charles Labaron, died Conklin, Broome county, 
N. Y., about 1866. 

2.267 iv. Sarah Labaron, m. 1868, John Waterhouse, 
settled Conklin, N. Y. 


Child of John and Sarah Labaron Waterhonse. 

2.268 i. Charles Waterhouse, b. Conklin, Broome Co., 

N. Y. 

2.269 V. Edward Labaron (a butcher), married and settled 
Paterson, N. J. 

Children of Benjamin W. and Mary Wheaton Bonghton^ of East 

Maine, N. Y. 28M 

2.270 i. Sarah Boughton, b. East Maine, N. Y., 1863. 

2.271 ii. Elmer Boughton, b. East Maine, N. Y., 1865, not 

iii. Boughton, b. East Maine, N. Y., 1875 ; res. 

with parents. 

Children of Alexander E, and Jane Snow Boughton, Bing- 

hamton, N. T. 2957 

2.272 i. Minnie Boughton, b. Binghamton, N. Y., 1866, m. 
Miner, settled at Binghamton. 

Child of and Minnie Boughton Miner^ Binghamton. 

2.273 i. Mabel Miner, b. about November, 1886. 

2.274 ii. Jessie Boughton (dau. Alex. E. and JaneBoujgh- 
ton), b. Binghamton, N. Y., about 1868, unmarried, 
res. Binghamton. 

2.275 iii. Ellen Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1870. 

2.276 iv. Charles Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1872. 

2.277 V. Grace Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1874. 

2.278 vi. Eliza Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1876. 

2.279 vii. Emma Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1880. 

2.280 viii. Wiluam Boughton, b. Binghamton, about 1883. 

Children of Marquis D. and Sarah Warner Boughton, of Brook- 
lyn, N. T. 286S 

2.281 i. Minnie Jane Boughton, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 
25, 1884. 

2.282 ii. Frederick Boughton, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 
4, 1887, d.Oct. 27, 1888. 

Children of William W. and Marj Ridenburgh Boughton, of Bing- 
hamton, N. T. 2960 

2.283 i. Ward D. Boughton, b. Binghamton, N. Y., about 

2.284 William Boughton, b. about 1884. 

2.285 John Bruce Boughton, b. about August 15, 1886. 

282 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Cbildren of Andrew and Maggie Kelly Bonsrhton, of Binflrluun- 

toD, N. y. 2261 

2.286 i. William Boughton, b. Binghamton, N. Y., 186Y. 

2.287 ii. Frank Boughton, b. Binghamton, N. Y., 1880. 

Child of Francis £. and Fannie Tnttle Bonghton, of Bing- 
hamton, N. T. 2262 

2.288 i. Lewis Boughton, b. Binghamton, N. Y., April 8, 


2.289 ii. Joseph Coe Boughton (son of Francis and Amy 
Hall Boughton), b. Worcester, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1818, 
m. Summit, N. Y., Sarah A. Van Patten, d. June 20, 
1816, settled in Maryland, Otsego county, N. Y. A 
carpenter. He died Sept. 6, 1858, in Maryland, N. Y. 
Sarah A. Van Patten JBoughton died April 22, 1874. 

Children of Joseph Coe and Sarah A. Tan Patten Bonghton. 

2.290 i. Ingraham P. Boughton, b. Summit, N. Y., June 
15, 1841, m. Nassau, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1872, Mary E. 
Waterbury, who was bom Feb. 13, 1849 ; settled in 
North Chatham, N. Y., occupation carriage-maker 
and blacksmith in general. In 1864 enlisted in the 
Third N. Y. Cavalry, discharged at the close of the 

Children of Ingraham P. and Mary E. Waterbnr j Bonghton. 

2.291 i. Jennie S. Boughton, b. March 11, 1876. 

2.292 ii. Carrie L. Boughton, b. July 17, 1877. 

2.293 iii. Arthur C. Boughton, b. April 22, 1880. 

2.294 ii. Amy E. Boughton (dau. Joseph C. and Sarah A. 
Van Patten Boughton), b. June 14, 1844, Worcester, 
N. Y., m. Feb. 5, 1867, Asa Johnson, Morris, Otsego 
Co., N. Y. Have several children. 

2.295 iii. Sarah L. Boughton, h. Nov. 17, 1846, Milford, 
N. Y., m. May 6, 1867. Have two children. 

2.296 iv. Mary F. Boughton, b. March 2, 1849, Milford, 
N. Y., m. June 16, 1867, Cornelius Cole, Milford, N. 
Y. Have one child. 

2.297 V. A. JuDSON Boughton, b. Nov. 9, 1851, Milford, N. 
Y., enlisted November, 1875, in the regular army, 
sent to New Mexico, served five years, was discharged, 
married and settled in Georgetown, New Mexico. 

2.298 vi. William Orville Boughton, b. Dec. 14, 1854, 
Maryland, N. Y., m. Dec, 1881, Rachel Gibson, New 
Berlin, N. Y., moved to and are settled in Tower 
City, Dakota. 


2,299 iii. James Newel Boughton (son of Francis and 
Amy Hall Boughton), b. June 4, 1820, m. Jan. 1, 
1843, Louisa B. Hawley. [See note below.] 

Children of James Newel and Lonisa B. Hawley Bonflrbton. 

2,800 i. Selden E. Boughton, b. Sept. 20, 1843, enlisted in 
Co. E., 134th N.Y. S. Vols., August, 1862. Was in the 
battles of Chancdllorsville, Gettysburg and Lookout 
Mountain. Was with Sherman's army when he left 
Chattanooga, was wounded in the foot near Keirsaw 
Mountain, Qeor^ ; his foot was taken off and he 
lay in hospital, first at Chattanooga, then in Nash- 
ville, Tenn., and afterward in Albany, N. Y., where 
he died of lung fever Feb. 16, 1865, and was buried 
in Nassau, N. T. 

2.301 ii. Henry N. Boughton, b. August 16, 1846, d. Nov. 
19, 1866. 

2.302 iii. Andrew M. Boughton, b. Aug. 23, 1849, d. Dec. 

9, 1866. 

2.303 iv. Ellen V. Boughton, b. Sept. 7, 1851. 

2.304 V. Eunice S. Boughton, b. Sept. 24, 1853. 

2.305 vi. Albert Bushnell Boughton, b. Dec. 13, 1856. 
He was named for the missionary who labored in 
Africa for so many years. 

Note. — ^James N. Boughton, enlisted in the war August, 
1864, in the 91st N. Y. S. V. Co. B. ; was in several bat- 
tles. Was near Appomattox when Lee surrendered, and 
was discharged from the army in June, 1865 ; is still hving, 
it is thought, at Johnstown, N. Y., but have not been able 
to get anything from him ; believed to be a mason by trade, 
but he taught a good deal when a younger man. 

2.308 iv. Andrew Boughton (son of Francis and Amy Hall 
Boughton,) b. in Worcester, N. Y., July 25, 1824, 
studied, with the ministry in view, but died Novem- 
ber 8, 1848.» 

2.309 V. Sarah Janet Boughton (daughter of Francis and 
Amy Hall Boughton), b. Sept. 30, 1826, in Worces- 
ter, N. Y., removed with her parents to Schodack, 
Bens. Co., JN. Y., in 1850. Was a veiy successful 
teacher for several years. In the spring of 1871 she 
went with Mr. and Mrs. Bushnell, on their return to 
Gaboon, West Africa, as a missionarv teacher. There 
for two years she labored faithfully and well, ever 
happy in her work. When her health failed, and she 
was told there was no hope of her recovery there— 

234 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

possibly there might be in America, she consented to 
return, saying, ^* if I knew I would not recover, I 
would rather stay here and die ; perhaps my death 
might be the means of good to some of these poor 
natives." She returned to Nassau, N. Y., where she 
had a brother living ; and though told by physicians 
that she. could not recover her health, she still con- 
tinued to hope to return to her chosen work, until 
a short time before her death, which occurred May 
17, 1874, eleven months after her arrival in her 
native land. Her death was caused by a cancer. She 
is buried in Nassau, Reus. Co., N. Y. 

2.310 vi. Francis E. Boughton (son of Francis and Amy 
Hall Boughton), b. in Worcester, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1829, 
moved with his father to Schodack, m. Oct. 27, 1852, 
Magdalina Eutsellar, b. Jan. 29, 1827. He was a 
blacksmith and carriage builder. After a time he 
removed to Nassau, N, Y., and continued his business 
there till 1879, when he purchased a section of land 
near Tower City, Dakota, where, in 1880, he went to 

Children of Frauds £. and Hagrdallna Entsellar Bonghton. 

2.311 i. Wiuj^lRd Boughton, b. Schodack, N. Y., June 8, 
1856, m. Dec. 10, 1879, Emma Weeks, of Valatia, 
N . Y. , and settled near his parents. 

2.312 ii. Emery L. Boughton, b. Schodack, Feb. 15, 1858, m. 
Dec. 22, 1881, Maria De Freest, of Schodack, and set- 
tled with or near his parents, where all are living at 
this time, 1885. 

Child of Willard and Emma Weeks Bonghton. 

2.313 i. Leroy W. Boughton, b. Sept. 23, 1880. 

Children of Emery L. and Maria DeF. Boughton. 

2.314 i. Laura May Boughton, b. July 25, 1883. 

2.315 ii. Claude Boughton, b. June 23, 1885. 

2.316 (iii) Andrew Boughton (son of Joseph and Jennet 
Guffin Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., April 12, 1792. 
His parents removed to Schodack, Reus. Co., N. Y., 
when he was about four years old. Married in Scho- 
dack, March 12, 1816, Lucina Rogers, of Schodack, 
daughter of Reuben and Lucina Merchant Rogers, 
of the above named place, where she was born Dec. 



16, 1Y92. He purchased land in Schodack, adjoining 
the old homestead of his father, and settled on it. 
On the death of his father, Joseph Bough ton, he 
acijuired the old homestead and purchased other lands 
* adjoining. He studied music in his youth, and for 
years worked on his farm, and winter evenings taught 
singing in school houses of the surrounding neigh- 
borhoods ; was chorister in the Presbyterian church, 
Nassau, many years. United with tne church Aj)iil 
19, 1838, elected and ordained elder June, 1844, which 
office he held till his death. Though blind (caused by 
paralysis of the optic nerve) for fifteen years, he was 
seldom absent from church till the last years of his 
life. February 8, 1875, in his 83d year, he retired to 
rest, as usual, and in a few minutes, apparently with- 
out a motion, was at rest in one. of those mansions 
which our Saviour has prepared for thosp who love 
him. Lucina Rogers Boughton died Mai-ch 31, 1864. 
She had been a suffering invalid many years, and her 

{atience and cheerfulness were a wonder to all who 
new her. She was converted under the labors of 
Asahel Nettleton, and united with the Presbyterian 
church, Nassau, N. Y., June 25, 1820. In the lan- 
guage of her pastor, in her obituary, '' she was one 
that looked well to the ways of her household, and 
sought to meet the claims which her Saviour had 
upon her, as well as those of her own family and 
friends." Conscientious, active, decided, yet quiet 
and unostentatious, her influence was very great, not 
only in her family, but over those with whom she 

Children of Andrew and Laelna Rogers Boughton. 

2,317 i. James H. Boughton (son of Andrew and Lucina 
Rogers Boughton) born in Schodack, Reus. Co., N. 
Y., Aug. 17, 1817 ; made a profession of religion and 
united with the Presbyterian church of which Dr. 
Beeman was pastor, in Troy, N. Y. , about 1839. Stud- 
ied at Brunswick seminary, near Troy. In 1840 he 
went to Oberlin college, Ohio, having in view the 
ministry. Studied two years, and for some reason 
left and taught several years. Married in Schodack, 
N. Y., October 4, 1849, Julia A. Hollev, born April 17, 
1826. Engaged in farming in Schodack. Removed 
about 1860 to Utica, Macomb Co., Mich., where they 
still reside, 1886. 

236 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of James H. and Jnlia A. Holley Bongbton. 

2.318 i. Andrew Irving Boughton, b. Schodack, August- 
13, 1860, d. August 29, 1867. 

2.319 ii. Sarah Alice Boughton, b. Schodack, Oct. 31^ 
1852. A teacher. 

2.320 iii. Lxjcina Maria Boughton, b. Schodack, Sept. 2, 
1854, d. Detroit, October 27, 1877. Buried in Utica^ 

2.321 iv. Abby Payne Boughton, b. Schodack, August 
15, 1856. 

2.322 V. James Edwin Boughton, b. June 2, I860, 

All still at home. 

2.323 ii. George W. Boughton (son of Andrew and Lucina 
Eogers Boughton), b. Schodack, Jan. 3, 1819 ; united 
with the Presbyterian church, Nassau, N. Y., April 
29, 1838 ; m. Parish, Oswego Co., N. Y., Jan. 18r 

1843, Eliza B. Howard, b. Winfield, N. Y., July 24, 
1822. Settled on a farm in Schodack for a few years, 
then removed to Oswego, N. Y., and engaged in mer- 
cantile and lumber business. Again became a farmer, 
in Parish, N. Y., but after several years moved to 
Detroit, Mich., and while living there purchased land 
in No vesta, Tuscolo county, Mich., where he now 
resides, 1886. 

Children of George W« and Eliza B. Howard Boughton. 

2.324 i. Mary L. Boughton, b. Schodack, N. Y , May 29^ 

1844, m. Parish, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1863, James W. 
Smith, a farmer, afterward studied and graduated in 
medicine, and was practicing in Morris ville, N. Y., 
where he died July, 1884. They had three children^ 
but one now living. 

Child of James W. and Marj L. Bonghton Smith. 

2.325 i. Floyd B. Smith, b. Morris ville, Jan. 27, 1874. 

2.326 ii. Emily Estelle Boughton, b. Schodack, N. Y. 
March 22, 1846. Has taught several years. Now 
living in Novesta, Mich., with her father. 

2.327 iii. Frances E. Boughton, b. Schodack, January 3, 
1849, m. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 24, 1873, Thomas W. 
Wright, a government surveyor (now professor in 
Union college, Schenectady, N. Y.). 

Children of Thomas W. and Frances £. Booghton Wright. 

2.328 i. William H. Wright, b. Detroit, Feb. 10, 1875. 

2.329 ii. Frank T. Wright, b. Detroit, Feb. 9, 1878. 


Fmnces E. Boughton Wright d. February 18, 1868, 
Detroit, Mich. 

5,880 iv. George Andrew Boughton (son of Geo. W.and 
Eliza B. Howard Boughton), b. March 29, 1851, in 
Oswego, N. Y., m. Jan. 15, 1875, in Mount Clemens, 
Mich., Eliza H. Cook. Are now settled on a farm in 
No vesta, Tuscolo Co., Mich. 

ChlidreD of Georgre Andrew and Ellsa H. Cook Boughton. 

■2,331 i. Walter Franklin Boughton, b. May 29, 1880, in 
London, Ontario, Canada. 

5.332 ii. AucE Rose Boughton, b. Aug. 18, 1884, No vesta, 

2.333 V. Henry H. Boughton (son of George and Eliza H. 
Boughton), b. April 14, 1859, in Parish, died in Parish, 
N. Y., Aug. 30, 1863. 

Eliza B. Howard Boughton d. November 30, 1882, 
at the home of her daughter in Momsville, N. Y. 

5.334 iii. Reubex Rogers Boughton (son of Andrew and 
Lucina Rogers Boughton),b. in Schodack, N. Y., Sept. 
3, 1822. United with Presbyterian church, Nassau, 
N. Y., April 29, 1838 ; m. Oberlin, Ohio, April 7, 1851, 
Maria B. Hudson, daughter of Dr. William Hudson, 
who was killed by "Morgan's raiders" when they 
passed through Ohio, during the war of the rebellion. 
She died in Schodack, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1851 ; buried 
at Nassau, N. Y. Second marriage at Clifton Park, 
Saratoga county, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1854, Harriet M. Tra- 
ver, daughter of Hiram and Emeline Birch Traver, 
who was born in Schodack, Nov. 3, 1835 ; united with 
Presbyterian church, Nassau, Feb. 23, 1857. Pur- 
chased and settled on the homestead farm, where 
they still remain, 1889. 

Children of Ren ben and Harriet Trarer Bonghton, 

•2,335 i. Charles Albert Boughton, b. May 10, 1857, d. 

Sept. 6, 1859. 
-2,336 ii. Emma F. Boughton, b. Schodack, March 9, 1861, 

united with Presbyterian church, Nassau, April 19, 

3,337 iii. Lucina M. Boughton, b. June 30, 1867 ; united 

with church April 18, 1882 ; unmarried and both live 

with parents at Nassau. 

238 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,338 iv. LuciNA Jennet Boughton (daughter of Andrew 
and Lucina Rogers Boughton, b. in Schodack, N. Y., 
April 8, 1830, m. Sept. 12, 1853, Rev. Albert Bush- 
nell, the devoted African missionarv, as his second 
wife. He was born in Rome, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1818. 
They embarked for Gaboon, West Coast Africa, Dec. 
9, 1853, having been detained a while by a severe 
hemorrhage he had from the lungs. They arrived 
there Jan. 29, 1854. Much of her work, besides try- 
ing to make a happy home for her husband, was m 
connection with boarding schools^ for both boys and 
girls ; part of the time at Nengenenge, a new station 
some distance up the G-aboon river. In 1857, they 
returned to their native land for a short rest, Mrs. 
Bushnell being very much prostrated with repeated 
attacks of fever. 

In June, 1858, they again sailed from New York for 
Africa, to continue the work so dear to their hearts. 
Once more, late in 1861, they were compelled to leave, 
physicians saying that Mrs. Bushnell would never 
again return. But health was restored, and they 
returned and labored on till 1869 or 1870, when they 
again came to this country. It was failing health, 
alone, that compelled them to make these frequent 
visits. But during the time spent here, he was 
actively engaged in publishing portions of the Bible 
in the language of the people, in attending mission- 
ary meetings and conventions, visiting colleges and 
theological seminaries, etc., always laboring beyond 
his strength. The Gaboon mission being transferred 
from the " American Board " to the *' Presbyterian," 
Mr. Bushnell was also transferred ; and in the spring 
of 1871 they returned to their work, where he labored 
on, preaching, teaching, translating, visiting the peo- 
ple from town to town ; till, exceedingly wearied and 
worn, in 1878 he revisited this country with his wife, 
for the last time. During this stay he was almost 
constantly under the personal care of his devoted 
wife, who exercised quietly and unceasingly a watch- 
ful care over him. Feeling that his failing health 
would necessitate his soon laying down his work, his 
appeals were most pressing upon the young men to 
enter upon and carry forward the woric which hith- 
erto had very much depended upon his energies. Fail- 
ing to obtain the offer of others to assume the work, 
he at once resolved to go himself, and give the last of 


his life, as he had given the best of it, for the neg- 
lected people of Africa. Dr. Bushnell, in company 
with his wife and Miss Janet B. Cameron, of Auburn, 
N. Y., afterward Mrs. Arthur W. Marling, who had 
consecrated her life to the mission work in Africa, 
set sail from New York Oct. 10, 1879, on board 
steamship Berlin, for Liverpool, Eng. There, after 
resting a few days, he reshipped on board steamship 
Ethiopia, for Madeira, where he had been advised by 
physicians to tarry a while. After three weeks he 
took the steamship A.mbria for Gaboon, seeming 
stronger than when he left America. But in a few 
days his physical condition suddenly became alarm- 
ing, and from an attack of pneumonia, complicated 
with valvular disease of the heart, he passed to his 
rest, on board the steamer, just after it anchored in 
the harbor of Sierra Leone, Africa, Dec. 2, 1879. 
His remains were respectfully prepared, and the fol- 
lowing day conveyed to a cemeterjr about two miles 
from the landing, where they were interred until 
they could be transferred to their final resting place, 
where his hfe-work had been given. Mrs. Bushnell 
proceeded on her lonely journey, arriving at Gaboon 
Dec. 27, 1879. The above extract is condensed from 
a little memorial of his life, prepared by friends in 
this country. Mrs. Bushnell returned to America, 
arriving in New York Oct. 20, 1883, since which time 
until the present, March, 1889, she has made her 
home at Schodack; post-office, Nassau, Rensselaer 
Co., N. Y. 

(iv.) Joseph Boughton, Jr. (son of Joseph and 
Jennet Guffin Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., Aug. 19, 
1794, m. probably in Hyde Park, N. Y., Feb. 28, 
1816, Mary Burnett, b. Aug. 20, 1785; settled on a 
farm in Milton, Saratoga county, N. Y., where she 
died Sept. 13, 1821. He afterward married Catherine 
Stever, of Rock City, Saratoga county, N. Y. After 
a number of years, moved to Schodack, N. Y., where 
she died April 21, 1846. 

Children of Joseph, Jr., and Mary Burnett Booghton. 9226 

2,339 i. Sarah M. Boughton (dau. of Joseph and Mary 
Burnett Boughton), b. Milton, Saratoga county, N. 
Y., April 17, 1819, united with Presbyterian church, 
Nassau, Jan., 1835, m. Schodack, Oct. 28, 1851, 

240 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

William Jaques, of Nassau, N. Y., b. Dec. 4, 1804, 
Stattsburgh, N. Y.; he died Nassau, Oct. 26, 1871; 
Mrs. Jaques lived in Nassau, 1886. 

2.340 ii. John F. Bouqhton (son of Joseph and Mary 
Burnett Boughton), b. Milton, Saratoga county, N. 
Y., July 6, 1821, united with Presbyterian church, 
Nassau, Jan., 1835, m. Canaan, Columbia county, 
N. Y., May 31, 1842, Sally Ette Jenkins (dau. of 
Beuben Jenkins, of Canaan), b. Jan. 10, 1821 ; John 
F. Boughton died Oct. 3, 1871, Oberlin, Ohio, and 
was buried there. Sally Ette Jenkins Boughton m. 
second Mr. Slosson, of Kalamo, Mich., and resided 
there 1888. 

Joseph Boughton, Jr., m. third, Sept. 9, 1848, 
Rock City, Saratoga coimty, N. Y., Sarah Ann 
Ashman, b. May 5, 1809: he died Bock City, date 
unknown. They had one child. 

Child of Joseph) Jr.^ and Sarah Ann Aghman Bouffhton. 22M 

2.341 i. James Ashman Boughton, b. Rock City, Oct. 6, 
1849, m. Nassau, June 6, 1877, Sarah E. Mickle, b, 
March 20, 1856. They lived, 1886, in North Adams, 
Mass.; his mother, Sarah Ann Ashman Boughton, 
lived with them. They had two children. 

Children of James Ashman and Sarah E. Mickle Bonghton. 

2.342 i. Maud Lizzie Boughton, b. Aug. 25, 1878. 

2.343 ii. Carrie Sarah Boughton, b. Nov. 18, 1879. 

(v.) Mary Boughton (dau. of Joseph and Jennet 
Guffin Boughton), b. Stattsburgh or Schodack, N. 
Y., Dec. 3, 1796, m. Schodack, Nov. 18, 1819, Joseph 
Phillips, b. Jan. 27, 1797. They settled on a farm in 
East Nassau, and Uved there till April, 1839, when 
they moved with their nine children to Carlton, 
Orleans county, N. Y. After living a short time in 
Wayne county, again settled on a farm. Were 
members of the Presbyterian church. Joseph 
Phillips died May 1, 1871, and Mary Boughton Philhps 
died June 27, 1876, in Carlton, N. Y. 

Children of Joseph and Mary Bonghton PhiUips. 2227 

2.344 i. John C. Phillips (son of Joseph and Mary Bough- 
ton Phillips), b. East Nassau, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1822, m. 
Carlton, Oct. 12, 1852, Berentha E. GUman, settled 
in West Shelby, Orleans Co., N. Y. A farmer and 
fruit grower. 


Children of John G. and Berentha E. Gilman Phillips. 

2.345 i. Elmer A. PmLLiPS, h. West Shelby, N. Y., Jan. 
30, 1854, m. Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1876, Anna 
M. Cooper, settled in Darien, Genesee Co., N. Y. A 

2.346 li. Mary D. Phillips, b. West Shelby, August 2, 
1855, m. Dec. 31, 1876, Eev. H. J. Rhodes, of the 
Christian church. Preaching in 1886 in Manchester, 
N. H. 

2.347 iii. Wilbur A. Phillips, b. West Shelby, April 10, 
1859, m. July 28, 1883, Martha Vandelinda, of Grand 
Bapids, Michigan, where they now live. A cabinet 

2.348 iv. Olin G. Phhjjps, b. West Shelby, Dec. 12, 1863. 

2.349 V. Myrtie E. Phhjjps, b. West Shelby, January 16, 

2.350 ii. Mary J. Phillips (dau. of Joseph and Mary Bough- 
ton Phillips), b. Nassau, Sept. 4, 1824, m. Carlton, 
N. Y., Dec. 30, 1841, John W. Bragg, of Carlton, 
N. Y. , where they lived for several years on a farm ; 
then moved to Albion, N. Y., where she died Feb. 
14, 1879. 

Children of John W. and Mary J. Phillips Bragg. 

2.351 i. Theda V. Bragg, b. Jan. 4, 1846, m. Albion, Feb., 
1839, Lewis Jordan, a farmer and commission mer- 
chant. They have one son. 

Child of Lewis and Theda Y. Bragg Jordan. 

2.352 i. Warren Jordan, b. June, 1877. 

2,853 ii. Cblestia V. Bragg, b. Feb. 14, 1848, m. Nov., 
1865, Daniel Thurston, a farmer living in Albion. 
They have one son. 

2.354 iii. Joseph Albert Phillips (son of Joseph and 
Mary Boughton Phillips), b. Nassau, N. Y., Nov. 18, 
1825, m. May 18, 1853, Maria Babcock, of Barre, 
Orleans Co. , N. Y. ; a farmer, now resides, 1886, in 
Murray, Orleans Co., N. Y., post office, Holley. They 
have one son. 

Child of Joseph A. and Maria Babeoek Phillips. 

2.355 i. Frank E. Phillips, b. Albion, June 23, 1858, m. 
Holley, N. Y., June 25, 1882, Hattie Marsh. They 
have one child. 


242 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Frank E. and Hattie Marsh Phillips. 

2.856 i. Florence Phillips, b. May 21, 1883. 

2.857 iv. Phebe Esther Phillips (dau. of Joseph and 
Mary Boughton Phillips), b. Nassau, July 23, 1827, 
m. Carlton, N. Y., June 26, 1844, Alonzo Porter, a 
farmer. Have always lived in Orleans countyj N. Y. 

Children of Alonzo and Phebe Phillips Porter. 

2.858 i. Josephine Porter, b. Murray, N. Y., July 15, 
1845, m. February 23, 1876, Ezra D. Skinner, of 
Albion, N. Y. Commission merchant. They have one 

Child of Ezra D« and Josephine Porter Skinner. 

2,359 i. Mary Ethel Skinner, b. , 1877. 

2.860 ii. Genevieva Porter, b. Gaines, N. Y., July 25, 
1848, m. Murray, Feb. 23, 1876, William N. Dean, 
Carlton, N. Y., a farmer. They have two children. 

Children of William N. and Generieya Porter Dean. 

2.861 i. Harry P. Dean, b. Feb. 23, 1877. 
2,362 ii. George A. Dean, b. Sept. 8, 1878. 

2.863 V. LuciNA M. Phillips (dau. of Joseph and Mary 
Boughton Phillips), b. Nassau, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1829, 
m. Carlton, N. i ., in 1845 or 1846, Nathaniel Squires, 
a farmer in Shelby, Orleans Co., N. Y. After a time 
they moved to Carlton. 

Children of Nathaniel and Lneina M. Phillips Sqnires. 

2,368 i. Anna M. Squires, b. Shelby, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1847. 
Educated for a teacher in brockport, N. Y., and 
taught several years. Married Carlton, October 10, 
1877, Irving W. Crandall, of Oneida, N. Y. Lived 
in Cleveland, 0., until 1882, when they settled on a 
farm in Carlton. They have two children living. 

Children of Irring W. and Anna M. Sqnires CrandalL 

2.864 i. Warren J. Crandall, b. July 8, 1879. 

2.865 ii. WiLUAM A. Crandall, b. May 13, 1884. 

2.866 ii. Hattie E. Squires, b. Carlton, Nov. 4, 1862. Also 
a graduate of State Normal school, Brockport, and is 
a teacher. Lucina M. Phillips Squires has lived a 
quiet, decided Christian life ; is, with her daughters 
and son-in-law, members of Methodist church. 


2.367 f vi. Daniel Phillips, b. Nassau, N.Y., Sept. 29, 1831, 
Twins \ Children of Joseph and Marv Boughton Phillips. 

2.368 [vii. Harriet Phillips, b. Nassau, Sept. 29, 1831. 

Daniel Phillips, unmarried, a dentist by profession. 
Resided in Springfield, 0., several years. Very active 
in Congregational church and Sunday school. About 
1872 went to Santiago, Chili, South America, where 
he still lives, 1886. Harriet Phillips, m. Carlton, 
Feb. 6, 1877, Mortimer Grear, a farmer. 

2.369 viii. James H. Phillips (son of Joseph and Mary 
Boughton Phillips), b. Nassau, March 23, 1834. Died 
in Carlton, Sept. 7, 1873. 

2.370 ix. George W. Phillips (son of Joseph and Mary 
Boughton Phillips), b. Nassau, N. Y., July 2, 1836, m. 
] 869, in Michigan, Frances Potter. They moved and 
settled in Capioma, Nemaha Co. , Kan. 

Children of Georgre W. and Frances Potter Phillips. 

2.371 i. Daniel Phillips, b. August, 1871. 
2,872 ii. William Phillips, b. December, 1872. 
2,372* iii. Freddie Phillips, b. April, 1877. 

2.373 vi. Elizabeth Boughton (dau. of Joseph and 
Jennet Guffin Boughton), b. Schodack, N. Y., Oct. 
11, 1799, m. March 18, 1819, John Ferguson, who 
died July 16, 1821 ; m. second, Jan. 31, 1825, Daniel 
Burgess, b. Jan. 21, 1794. They settled in Galway, 
Saratoga county, N. Y., on a farm, where he died 
April 19, 1837. Married, third, Reuben Jenkins. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth Boughton Bnrgoss* 

2.374 i. Eu Burgess (son of Daniel and Elizabeth Boughton 
Burgess), b. Galway, N. Y., July 29, 1826, m. 
Saratoga, 1852, Marietta Childs, and moved to 
Chicago ; were living on a farm near Chicago, 1886. 

Children of Eli and Marietta Childs Bnrgress. 

2.375 i. Edward Buroess, b. Saratoga, real estate agent 
in Chicago, 1886. 

2.376 ii. William Burgess, b. Saratoga, farmer near 

2.377 iii. Arthur Burgess, b. Chicago, 111., a farmer. 

2.378 iv. John Burgess, b. Chicago, a teacher. 

2.379 ii. Pamelia J. Burgess, b. Galway, July 27, 1828, 
m. 1846, James M. Jenkins, of Canaan, N. Y., 
moved to Red Creek, Wayne county, N. Y. He 

244 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

became a Methodist miuister; died June, 1879, at 
Red Creek; she died Dec., 1884, where they had lived. 

Children of James M. and Pamelia J. Bnniress Jenkins. 

2.380 i. Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins, b. Canaan, Columbia 

county, N. Y., 1847, m. Douglass, of Red 

Creek, N. Y., where they lived, 1886. 

2.381 ii. Burgess Jenkins, b. Ked Creek, 1848, a carpenter, 
and lived at Red Creek, 1886. 

2,381'* iii. James Morris Jenkins, b. Red Creek, 1849, a 
physician, and lived Auburn, N. Y., 1886. 

2.382 iii. Daniel W. Burgess, b. March 31, 1830, m. first, 
Butler, Wayne county, N. Y., 1851, Alzina Saxton; 
she died 1852. His second marriage was in 1853 to 
Phebe Langworthy, of the same place. She died in 
June, 1864. His third marriage was in 1865 to Frank 
L. Turner, of Palmyra, N. Y. 

Child of Daniel W. and Alzina Saxton Bnnir^ss. 

2.383 i. Alzina Bltjgess b. 1852, m. and died J 884. 

Cliildren of Daniel W. and Frank L. Turner Bnr^esg. 

2.384 ii. Wesi^y Burgess, b. Red Creek, N. Y., 1868, is a 

2.385 iii. Agnes Burgess, b. Red Creek, 1870. 

2.386 iv. Millie Burgess, b. Red Creek, 1874. 

2.387 V. R. GuRLEY Burgess, b. Red Creek, 1878. 

Daniel Burgess and family live, 1886, in Red Creek, 
N. Y. 

2.388 Catharine Lucina Becker (dau. of John and 
Jennet Boughton Becker), b. Parish, N. Y., April 4, 
1836, m. 1855, LeRoy Jenkins, of Red Creek, N. Y., 
b. Canaan, Columbia county, N. Y., 1832. They are 
living on a farm in Red Creek, 1886. 

Children of LeRoy and Catharine Lndna Becker Jenkins. 

2.389 i. Frank Jenkins, b. Red Creek, 1857, m. Jan., 1885, 
Ida Cooper, of Red Creek. Is a merchant in Nor- 
walk, Ohio. They have one son. 

Child of Frank and Ida Cooper Jenkins, of Norwalk, 0. 

2.390 i. Claude Jenkins, b. April 18, 1886. 

2.391 ii. Addie Jenkins, b. Red Creek, 1860, m. 1883, 
William Kerr, a farmer at Red Creek. 


Child of William and Addle Jenkins Kerr. 

2.392 i. Ottie Kerr, b. 1884. 

2.393 iii. William Jenkins, b. 1863, Parish, N. Y., now' 
living in Nebraska. 

2.394 iv. Carrie Jenkins, b. Eed Creek, 1866, and died at 
the same place, 1867. 

2.395 V. Chester E. Jenkins, b. 1869, Red Creek, still at 
home there with his parents, 1886. 

Third marriage of Elizabeth Boughton Burgess in 
1840, to Reuben Jenkins, of Canaan, Columbia 
county, N. Y., b. Aug. 25, 1787. They moved to 
Red Creek, Wayne county, N. Y., where he died 
Jan. 25, 1858, she died Nov. 6, 1859. 287S 

(vii) Sarah Boughton (dau. of Joseph and Jennet 
Guffin Boughton), b. Schodack, N. i., Aug. 30, 
1801, m. Sept. 7, 1820, Archibald Garrison, of 
Schodack, b. July 16, 1798, a farmer. After living 
in Schodack a number of years, moved to Parish, 
Oswego county, N. Y., and later still, to Fort 
Atkinson, Wis., and Nov. 17, 1885, feeling they were 
too old and feeble to live longer alone, they moved to 
Mondamin, Iowa, to live with their youngest son. 

Gliildren of Areliibald aad Sarali Boughton (j^arrison. 2229 

2.396 i. John C. Garrison, b. June 1, 1821, m. Aug. 8, 
1848, died Feb. 14, 1880, was an engineer. 

2.397 ii. Joseph B. Garrison, b. Nov. 10, 1822, m. Jan. 2, 
1850, Matilda Oxner, is a farmer, and now, 1886, 
living in Mexico, Oswego county, N. Y. 

2.398 iii. Elijah Garrison, b. Sept. 7, 1826, was a 
mechanic; died in California, time unknown. 

2,899 iv. James Garrison, b. May 5, 1828, a farmer. 

2.400 V. Sarah E. Garrison, b. Jan. 16, 1834, m. Parish, 
N. Y., Sept. 5, 1853, John N. Marvin, a farmer; both 
are dead. They had one son who is now living in 
Denver, Col. 

2.401 vi. Mary J. Garrison, b, Aug. 9, 1836, m. March 22, 
1854, Parish, N. Y., Hezekiah Bingham, a farmer; 
she died in a few years. Know nothing of her 

2.402 vii. Aaron 0. Garrison, b. Sept. 30, 1837, died Nov. 
11, 1859. 

246 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,4:03 viii. Archibald W. Garrison, b. June 25, 1841, m. 
Nov. 16, 1864, Eleanor Prichard ; a farmer, living in 
1886 at Mondamin, Iowa. 

(viii.) Jennet Boughton (dau. of Joseph and Jen- 
net Guffln Boughton), b. Schodack, N. Y., May 31, 
1804, m. Dec. 7, 1824, John Becker, b. May 26, 1797. 
They hved near Cobleskill, Schoharie Co. , 1?. Y. , about 
three years, then moved to Mexico, Oswego county, 
N. Y., where h^ built a grist mill and carried on 
business for a time; then moved td Parish in the 
same county, where he built another mill, also a saw 
mill, at the same time being an extensive farmer. 
About 1850 he went into mercantile business in 
Colosse, Oswego county, N. Y., and continued in it 
until his death, which occurred June 19, 1862. Soon 
after he moved to Oswego county he assisted in 
building a church in PrattsviUe, and was an office 
bearer most of the time till his death. She also died 
in Parish, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1862. 

Children of John and Jennet Boughton Becker. 2280 

2,404 i. William E. Becker, b. Cobleskill, Schoharie 
county, N. Y., 1825, died Dec. 18, 1832. 

2,4:05 ii. John F. Becker, b. Jan. 14, 1827, m. 1855, Mary 0. 
Miller (dau. of Dea. Gates Miller), settled in Mexico, 
N. Y., carried on mercantile business till his death, 
April 14, 1885. 

Children of John F. and Marj 0. Miller Becker. 

2.406 i. Fannie Becker, b. 1856. 

2.407 ii. Edith Becker, b. 1864. 

2.408 iii. Arthur Becker, b. 1868. 

All are living at home in Mexico, Oswego county, 
N. Y., with their widowed mother. Parents and 
children all members of the Presbyterian church in 
that place. 

2.409 iii. Mary J. Becker, b. May 20, 1828, m. Parish, N. 
Y., 1850, Merwin Avery. Always lived in Parish or 
near there, a farmer. 

Children of Merwin and Mary J. Becker Arerjr. 

2.410 i. Emma Avery, b. 1853, m. Edmund Potter, they 
now live in Mexico, N. Y., have one child. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 247 

Child of Ednmnd and Emma Aierj Potter. 

2.411 i. Cora Potter, b. 1881. 

3.412 ii. Hattie Avery, b. 1855, not m. in 1885. 

2,418 iii. John Avery, b. 1858, m. Hattie Jones. Have 
one son. 

Child of John and Hattie Jones Arerj, 

2,418* i. Earl Avery. 

2.414 iv. David D. Becker, b. Parish, N. T., July 12, 
1830, m. Westfield, N. Y., May 29, 1856, Caroline 
M. Wright. Worked on the farm in his younger 
years, but being verjr anxious to study asked his 
father one morning if it made any difference to him 
whether he remained at home or went to Mexico 
academy to school. After a moment's thought the 
reply was: "It don't make much difference where 
you are if you only behave yourself." In one hour's 
time he was on his 'way with a small bundle under 
his arm. In due time studied medicine, graduated 
and practiced severalyears in Orwell, Oswego county, 
N. Y., afterward in Parish, same county. Was very 
successful, but for some reason, after a number of 
years, gave up practicing, moved to Mexico, N. Y., 
and engaged in mercantile business with his brother 
John. Now, 1886, is carrying on business alone. 

Children of Darld D. and Caroline IL Wright Becker. 

2.415 i. Cora Becker, b. Nov. 24, 1859 ; a bright, beauti- 
ful girl, but the Lord had need of her, and took her 
home, Oct. 29, 1877. 

2.416 ii. Kittie V. Becker, b. June 3, 1862. Quite an art- 
ist and still at home. 

2.417 iii. Albert E. Becker, b. 1868, d. 1875. 

2.418 V. Jahes a. Becker (son of John and Jennet Bough- 
ton Becker), b. Parish, Sept. 26, 1832, m. Parish, 
1862, Mary Foster. She died 1868. He m. second, 
Sophia Barter. They had one child, which died at 
the age of elevenyears, in 1885. A merchant, resid- 
ing in Utica, N. Y\,1886. 

2.419 vi. Hattie E. Becker, b. Nov. 19, 1834, d. Parish, 
N. Y., Aug. 11, 1854, a very triumphant death. 

2.420 vii. Catharine L. Becker, b. April 4, 1836, m. Leroy 
Jenkins, of Red Creek, Wayne Co., N. Y., b. Canaan, 
Columbia Co. ; now living on a farm in Red Creek, 

248 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of LeBoy and Catharine L. Becker Jenltlns. 2S89 

2.421 i. Frank Jenkins, living at Norwalk, 0. 

2.422 ii. ADDik Jenkins, married, living on a farm near Bed 

2.423 iii. William Jenkins. 

2.424 iv. Chester Jenkins. 

The two last at home. 

2,426 viii. William Becker, b. April 8, 1840, m. Miss 
Osterhout, 1864. A merchant in Davis, 111. In 1885 
moved to David City, Nebraska, and engaged in farm- 
ing. They have four children, but their names and 
ages have not been obtained. 

2.426 ix. Joseph Albert Becker, b. Dec. 15, 1843, m. in 
1864 Emma Soule ; has sometimes been on a farm, 
sometimes in a store. 

Children of Joseph Albert and* Emma Sonle Beeker. 

2.427 i. TiniiTE Becker, b. 1867. 

2.428 ii. Grace Becker, b. 1869. 

Both at home in Mexico, Oswego Co. , N. Y. 


The following account of Nathan Boughton's family is 
furnished by Horace Boughton, of Rochester, a grandson 
of Nathan iBoughton. An account of Nathan is found, 
also, at No. 2847. Accounts of this branch were furnished 
by different authors, who did not fully harmonize. The 
compiler, not being able to decide which was correct, has 
embraced both, in cases where differences occur. 

Child of Nathan Bonghton (son of Eleazer) and Borothy Bonsrhton^ of 

West Stookbridge. 2628 

Nathan and Rhoda both died at Grafton, 0., about 1820. 
Dorothy died August 20, 1769. 

2,429 i. Mary (or Polly) Boughton, b. about 1768, m. Ezra 
Wilmart, settled at Victor, N. T. 


Children of Nathan and his second wife, Bhoda Curtis. 2528 

They removed to Ohio. 

2.430 ii. Horatio Boughton, b. 1773, supposed to have 
died unmarried at Rochester, 1795, aged twenty- 
two years. 

2.431 iii. Nathan Boughton, Jr. ; history unknown. 
2,431» iv. ACHSAH Boughton, b. , m. Deodatus Whit- 
wood ; their children went to Michigan. 

2,431^ V. Gans Boughton, b. , married, had two chil- 
dren and settled at St. Joseph, Mich. 

2,431^^ vi. Electa Boughton, b. , m. Turner, had 

five children and settled in Grafton, 0. 

2,431** vii. Rhoda Boughton, b. , m. Baldwin, had 

no children. 

2,431* viii. Dolly Boughton, b. , m. Rawson, had 

no children. 

2,431^ ix. Guy Boughton. 

2,431» X. Flavius J. Boughton, b. 1794 ; probably not 
married, d. Victor, October 21, 1815, aged twenty-one 

2,431*» xii. Harvey Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Mass., 
Feb. 4, 1782, m. Elizabeth Boynton, of West Stock- 
bridge, Mass., and in 1817 moved bv wagon to Brigh- 
ton, Monroe Co., N. T., arriving June 5, and settled 
on a IOC-acre farm. He died Sept. 1, 1829. 

Children of Harrey and Elizabeth Boynton Boughton^ of Brighton} 

Monroe Co., N. T. 

Ehzabeth Boynton Boughton died May 9, 1855, aged 69 

2,431' i, Charlotte Augusta Boughton, b. April 18, 1808, 
m. Charles Mulford, b. Oct. 15, 1809 ; she d. Aug. 17, 

2,431J ii. Horace C. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Mass., 
October 15, 1809, never married, hved on homestead, 

2,431^ iii. John H. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Nov. 
6, 1811, d. in childhood, Mar. 28, 1821. 

2,431' iv. George G. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Oct. 
24, 1813, m. Nov. 26, 1857, Julia Goodwin ; she died 
March 6, 1881, at Eochester ; no children. 

2,431™ V. Minerva P. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Au- 
gust 14, 1815, d. Brighton, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1847. 

2,431" vi. Rhoda A. Boughton, b. Brighton, N. Y., Feb. 
22, 1819 ; lives on homestead, 1889. 

250 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,431*» vii. Clarissa H. Boughton, b. Brighton, July 26, 
1821, m. Not. 26, 1839, John Warraxit, res. 82 So. 
ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Child of John and Clarissa H. Boughton Warrant 

2,431P i. Cora Warrant, b. 1848 and d. Jan. 14, 1886, aged 
thirty-eight years. 

2,431^ viii. Josephine D. Boughton, b. Brighton, N. T., 

Oct. 29, 1823, d. June 18, 1845. 
2,431' ix. Elizabeth Boughton, b. Brighton, Mar. 5, 1826 ; 

res. on homestead. 
2,431« X. Egbert Harvey Boughton, b. Brighton, June 6, 

1828, m. Sept. 15, 1875, Elizabeth E. Meitzler ; he d. 

May 23, 1888. They reside comer Mt. Hope and 

Elm wood ave. 

Children of Egbert H. and Elizabeth E. Meitsler Bonghton, 

of Rochester, N. Y. 

2,431* i. Josephine Elizabeth Boughton, b. Rochester, 
N. Y., May 18, 1876, res. with parents 1889. 

2,431" ii. Charles Harvey Boughton, b. Rochester, Mar. 
25, 1878, res. with parents 1889. 

2,431^ iii. Julia Augusta Boughton, b. Rochester, April 
12, 1881, res. with parents 1889. 

Through the kindness of Mr. Anson Titus, of Amesbury, 
Mass., there was much of the following account of the 
families of Matthew and Nathan Boughton, the sons of 
Eleazer Bouton, of Norwalk, Conn., furnished from town 
records of West Stockbridge, Mass. 

Copied prom Records. 

Nathan Boughton and Rhoda Curtis was joined in lawful 
wedlock Jan. 3, 1771, by Rev. Stephen West. 

Note. — The following record was found at Norwalk, Ct.: 
'^ We, Eleazer Bouton, of Norwalk and Hezekiah, Seymour 
and Levi, of Genesee, N. Y., and Matthew and Nathan of 
Stockbridge, Mass., do remit, release, and forever quit 
claim to Daniel Weed, all our right, title and interest, in 
any and all the land formerly the property of our father, 
Eleazer Bouton, acknowledged by each in their respective 
towns, viz : Eleazer, Jr., Fairfield, Matthew and Nathan in 
Berkshire, Hezekiah, Seymour and Levi at Bloomfield, N. T. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Famtly. 281 

Children of Nathan and Bhoda Curtis Bonghton of Stock- 

bridge^ Mass. 9688 

2.432 i. Horatio Boughton, b. Stockbridge, Mass., May 
24, 1773. 

2.433 ii. Rhoda Boughton, b. Stockbridge, June 17, 1775. 

2.434 iii. Gans Boughton, b. Stockbridge, May 2, 1777. 

2.435 Levi Boughton (son of Eleazer and Elizabeth Sey- 
mour Boughton), of West Stockbridge was married 
to Polly Ketcham, Oct. 14, 1785, by Rev. Stephen 

Note. — The old records of Stockbridge mention Hezekiah 
Bouton (so spelled) as school commissioner in 1782, and 
Seymour Bouton in 1784, the above being but once men- 
tioned, while the names of Matthew and Nathan quite 
often are found, and at later dates. 

» • 

2.436 Mary Boughton, a daughter of (2637) Enos Bough- 
ton, has an old family Bible in her possession from 
which the following records were copied : She says 
that her grandfather, Matthew Boughton, and his 
brother Nathan came from Fairfield county, Ct. 
(town not known), to Stockbridge, Mass., soon after 
the Revolutionaiy war. Matthew was the only one 
of them who remained th^re. Nathan and another 
brother, David, left there and went to the interior of 
New York state, and Nathan subsequently to Bath, 
O. (See under head of Eleazer.) 

The following was copied from Matthew Boughton's fam- 
ily Bible : 

2.438 i. Matthew Boughton (son of Eleazer and Elizabeth 
Seymour Boughton), b. Mar. 17, 1735, 0. S., m. Jan. 
5, 1757, Rachel B. who was born May 16, 1735 ; they 
died— he Jan. 7, 1803 : she died May 12, 1824. 

Children of Matthew and Rachel B« Boughton^ of Danbnry, Conn. 

2.439 i. David Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Nov. 15, 1757, 
m. first (name not known); second, Dinah Hanford, 
b. Oct. 19, 1764 ; settled West Stockbridge. He died 
Dec. 11, 1834; she died March 14, 1839. 

2.440 ii. Abram Boughton, b. Danbury, Nov. 23, 1760, m. 

first, Abigail . She died Victor, March 19, 1813, 

aged forty-nine years. Married second, Ruth Bement, 
who was a widow Brace. He died March 2, 1827. 

252 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.441 iii. Betsey Boughton, b. Danbury, Oct. 14, 1762, m, 
James Spencer. She d. March 24, 1848. 

2.442 iv. AzER Boughton, b. Danbury, Oct. 31, 1764, m.^ 
Katharine Rees. He died Dec. 16, 1805. 

2.443 V. Matthew S. Boughton, b. Danbury, Feb. 1, 1767, 
and died in youth at West Stockbridge, 1781. 

2.444 vi. Enos Boughton, b. Danbury, March 2, 177^, m. 
Sefe Brown, Feb. 22, 1798, and died West Stockbridge,. 
Jan. 3, 1864. 

2.445 vii. Rachel Boughton, b. Danbury, August 23, 1773, 
m. Webster, and died March 6, 1837. 

2.446 viii. Sally Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 16, 1780, 
and died in infancy, probably in West Stockbridge. 


David Boughton (son of Matthew and Rachel B. Bough- 
ton), lived in early Ufe in Danbury, Ct. In early manhood 
espoused the cause of his country, enUsted in the army and 
served seven years through the Revolutionary war. Mar- 
ried, first (name unknown). She died early and he married 
second, Dinah Hanford. He died December 11, 1834, she 
died 1839. 

Children of Darid Bongrhton and his first wife, probably of Dan- 

bnry, Ct 8489^ 

2.447 i. WicKES Boughton, b., probably, Danbury, Ct. ; 
history unknown. 

2.448 ii. Sally Boughton. Similar to last named. 

Children of Darid and Dinah Hanford Bonghton, 8489^ 

2.449 iii. Matthew Seymour Boughton, b. West Stock- 
bridge, Feb. 8, 1788 ; lived unmarried and died July 
24, 1872. 

2.450 iv. Betsey Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Feb. 7, 
1790, m. Stephen Sperry ; she died in 1872. 

2.451 V. Stephen Hanford Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, 
Oct. 16, 1792, m. Anna Rawson, of Victor, N. Y. ; 
he d. Oct. 28, 1873. 

2.452 vi. Davh) Boughton, Jr., b. West Stockbridge, 
April 14, 1795, m. Clarissa Langworthy, settled at 
LeRoy, N. Y.:he d. Feb., 1863. 

2.453 vii. George Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, July 8, 
1797, m. Polly Lee, they had one child; he d. 1865. 

2.454 viii. Dinah Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, May 
12, 1799, m. Lyman Boughton, son of Jared 
Boughton; she d. June 11, 1^34 (see No. 2694). 


5.455 xi. Martha (Patty) Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, 
Mar. 29, 1801, nx. Haskaline Collins ; she d. Aug. 16, 

2.456 X. Albert G. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, May 
6, 1803, never married ; he d. Nov. 22, 1873. 

2,467 xi. Ruth Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Dec. 31, 
1807, never married ; he died in Victor, Oct. 3, 1882. 

2.458 xii. Helen S. Boughton, b. Aug. 18, 1810, unmar- 
ried, was living in Victor, 1889. 

Children of Stephen and Anna Rawson Boqgrhton, of Yictor^ Ontario 

County, N. Y. 2648 

2.459 i. Adaline Boughton, b. probably, Victor, N. Y., 
Sept., 1824; unmarried. 

2,459* Harriet Boughton, b. probably Victor, N. Y., m. 
Harvey Chase. 

Child of Haryey and Harriet Boughton Chase. 2459a 

3,459*» i. Ida Chase, b. 1853, married James Wolcott ; they 
had three children : Carrie Wolcott, George Wolcott, 
Charles Wolcott. 

Children of Darid Jr. and Clarissa Langn'rorthy Bonghton^ of 

LeBoy. N. Y. 2524 

2,459^ 1. Anne S. Boughton, b. LeRoy, N. Y., June 29, 
1825, m. Brookfield, Wis., Sept. 18, 1845, ElbridgeG. 
Webb; he died Nov. 3, 1854 ; m. second, Orson Peck, 
of Lompoc, Cal. ; he d. Nov. 3, 1854, 

2,459* ii. Julia W. Boughton, b. LeRoy, June 29, 1826, 
unmarried, d. Brookfield, Wis., Nov. 12, 1844. 

2,459^ iii. Regina Boughton, b. Le Roy, Aug. 18, 1834, m. 
Merton, Wis., Dec. 25, 1853, James M. Hodges, set- 
tled Manitowoc, Wis. 

2,459'? iv. Orrin Boughton, b. LeRoy, July 28, 1887, m. 
Manitowoc, Nov., 1869, Fannie Malette ; res. Mani- 
towoc, 1889. 

2,459^ V. Clarissa L. Boughton, b. LeRoy, July 19, 1840, 
m. Dec, 25, 1856, Peter Johnston, from Scotland. 

Children of Elbridge G. and Anne S. Bonghton Webb, of Wankesha^ 

Wisconsin* 2469<i 

2,459' i. John C. Webb, b. Genesee, Wis., June 20, 1846, 
m . June 2, 1874, Mattie M. Wilson. He is a Baptist 
minister, located at Bloomington, Wis., 1889. 

2,459J ii. Julia B. Webb, b. Milwaukee, May 30, 1848, m. 
Victor, N. T. , Oct. 22, 1867, John Dunkleburg, set- 
tled Dansville, N. Y., where she died Sept. 4, 1868. 

254 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,459'^ iii. Erastus D. H. Webb, b. Waukesha, Wis., April 
13, 1853 ; unmarried ; principal of school at Lompoc, 
Cal., 1889. 

Orson and widow Anne S. Boughton W ebb Peck, 
were married at Lompoc, Cal., Dec. 13, 1887. No 

Children of James A. and Begina Boughton Hodges, of Milwaukee and 

Manitowoe^ Wis. 9459r 

2,459' i. Helen S. Hodges, b. Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 29, 
1854, m. William A. Walker, Sept. 7, 1876. 

2,459"^ ii. Jennie S. Hodges, b. Merton, Wis., April 5, 
1857, m. at Manitowoc, Wis., Sept. 7, 1876, Charles 
A. Esterbrook. 

2,459" iii. Arthur L. Hodges, b. Manitowoc, Wis., May 
27, 1862. 

2,459° iv. Dora Hodges, b. Manitowoc, Feb., 1864, and d. 
there Feb., 1869. 

2,459P V. James A. Hodges, b. Manitowoc, Oct, 1868, un- 

2,459*» vi. Henry Hodges, b. Manitowoc ; died aged four 

Child of Orrin and Fannie Malette Boughton^ of Manitowoe^ 

Wisconsin. 2469? 

2,459' i. Clara Boughton, b. Manitowoc, Wis., about 
1870, unmarried, res. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Cliildren of Peter and Clarissa L. Boughton Johnston^ of Manitowoe, 

Wisconsin. 2469h 

2,459* i. WiLUAM Johnston, b. Manitowoc, June 17, 1858. 
2,459* ii. Albert D, Johnston, b. Manitowoc, July 3, 1860, 

m. , res. New London, Wis., 1889. 

2,459« iii. Alice Johnston, b. Manitowoc, Sept. 5, 1863, not 

2,459^ iv. Alexander Johnston, b. Manitowoc, Oct. 16, 

1865, unmarried ; res. Milwaukee, 1889. 
2,459^ V, Peter Johnston, Jr., b. Manitowoc, Dec. 11, 

1867, unmarried. 
2,459* vi. Robert Johnston, b. Manitowoc, June 6, 1870, 

2,459^ vii. Clarissa L. Johnston, b. Manitowoc, Dec. 19, 

1872, unmarried. 


Clilldreii of Haskaline and Martha (Patty) Bonghton Collins. 2465 

2,469'»» i. Delos J. Collins, b. May, 1832, not married ; d. 
at the age of 23 years. 

2,459*''' ii. Guy Collins, b. May 4, 1834, In. Sarah Humphry 
(dau. Rufus Humphry), Victor ; he was killed by 
the cars, 1888. 

2,459««^ iii. Seymour B, Collins, b. , m. Ellen Frost, 

who died and left son Lewis Collins, who res. in Chi- 
cago, 111. 

2,459<»** iv. Albert Collins, b. , m. Josephine Pugsley, 

res. Bushnell's Basin, 1889. 

Children of Albert and Josephine Pugsley Collins, of Bnshnell's 

Basin, N. T. 2459<i 

2,459'^* i. Delos Collins, b. Bushnell's Basin, N. T. 
2,459^^^ ii. Belle Collins, b. Bushnell's Basin, N. Y. 
iii. (Name not known.) 

Children of George (son of Barld and Binah Hanford Bonghton) and 

Polly Lee Bonghton. 246S 

She came from Austerlitz ; she died 1832, leaving one 

2,469ff» i. Celestia Boughton, b. , m. H. S. Fitch, 

Jan., 1853 ; res. Alford, N. Y. 

Abram Boughton, b. Nov. 23, 1760, m. May 9, 
1784, Abigail, who was b. Aug. 4, 1763, and d. 1813. 
Married second, Ruth Bement jBrace. He d. March 2, 
1827. They resided in West Stockbridge, Mass. , and 
moved to Victor, N. Y., beginning of this century, 
where they died. 

Children of Abram and Abigail Bonghton of West Stockbridge and of 

Yietor, N. Y. 2440 

2.460 i. Polly Boughton, b. May 26, 1785, m. Asa Root ; 
shed. Feb. 24, 1870. 

2.461 ii. Deforest Boughton, b. Feb. 24, 1787, m. first, 
Lila Scudder ; she d. July 16, 1843 ; m. second, 
Mary A. Boughton, Sept. 15, 1851 ; settled at Victor. 
He died May 22, 186(> ; she died 1883. 

2.462 iii. Phebe Boughton, b. Oct. 16, 1790, m. Silas 
Thayer, settled in Victor, where she died. 

2.463 iv. Alice Boughton, b. Jan. 13, 1794 ; never mar- 
ried, and died Lake Geneva, Wis., Jan. 21, 1870. 

2.464 V. Harry Boughton, b. May 28, 1797 ; m. first, 1848, 
Amanda Brace ; she d. Jan. 10, 1841 ; m. second, 

256 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Mary A Wert ; settled at Victor, N. Y., where he 

d. 1877 ; she d. July 9, 1882, aged 62 years. 
2,464*^ vi. Silas Boughton, b. June 6, 1799, m. Mary A. 

Bement, Sept. 24, 1825 ; he died November 5, 1843, 

in Indiana. 
2,464*» vii. Abigail Boughton, b. May lii, 1804, m. Leander 

Gillett, settled Lake Gteneva, Wis., where she died 

Jan. 17, 1870. 

Children of Asa and Polly Bonghton Boot, of Tictor, N. T. 

2,464<^ i. Enos Root, b. probably, in Victor, N. T., was liv- 
ing in Grass Lake, Mich., 1889. 

2,464* ii. Saloma Root, b. Victor, was hving in Dlinois, 

2,464** iii. James Root, b. Victor, died, at what date is not 

2,464^ iv. Erastus Root, was living in Canandaigua, N. Y., 

2,464? V. Mary Root, died, date unknown. 

2,464*» vi. Isaac Root, died, date unknown. 

Child of Beforest and Lila Scndder Bonghton. 2461 

Lila Boughton died July 16, 1843. 

2,464' i. Abigail E. Boughton, b. 1819, unmarried ; d. Sept. 
14, 1844, aged 25 years. 

Note.— Abigail E. Boughton's betrothed had the follow- 
ing lines put on her tombstone : 

May thy sleep be sweet by thy mother's side, 

With thy name engraved above ; 
Bat my bark is on a lonely tide, 

For I miss thy Star of Love.— W. E. W. 

Deforest Boughton married, second, at Victor, Sep- 
tember 15, 1851, Mary A. Bement Boughton, widow 
of Silas Boughton, his brother. 2461 

Children of Silas and Phebe Bongrhton Tkayer, of Ylctor^ Ontario 

County, N. T. 2462 

2,464' i. Angeline Thayer, b. August 17, 1817, m. and has 
a large family at Fillmore, Allegany Co., N. T. 

3,464'^ ii. Abram Thayer, b. July 29, 1819, m. , lives 

in Victor, N. Y. 

2,464:' iii. Achsah Thayer, b. July 10, 1821, m. Mr. Upton. 

2,464"* iv. Phebe Thayer, d. in childhood aged 11 years. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 257 

Children of Harrj and flnt wife Amanda Braee and second wife Marj 

A. Wert BoDgrhton^ of Victor, N. T» 2464 

3.465 i. Henby C. Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., June 25, 
1844, m. Anna Piel, settled Andrews, Huntington 
Co., Ind, 1887. 

3.466 ii. Friend D. Boughton, b. Victor, April 20, 1846 ; 
not married. 

3.467 iii. Abbee M. Boughton, b. Victor, Sept. 14, 1848, 
m. James Bell ; res. Victor. 

3.468 iv. Frank E. Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 12, 1851, 
m. Victor, Nov. 27, 1872, Ida Bement, res. Toledo, 0. 
He d. Sept. 19, 1883. 

3.469 V. Abram J. Boughton, b. Victor, May 11, 1858. m. 
Lou Cole ; settled Andrews, Ind. 

3.470 vi. Mary A. Boughton, b. Victor, July 10, 1860, m. 
Jan. 6, 1883, Walter King ; settled Batavia, N. T. 

Cklldren of Silas and Mary A. Bement Bonfrhton, of Tictor. 2464a 

They moved to Indiana. 

8,470* i. Wallace Boughton, d. in Victor. 

3,470** ii. Harriet Boughton, d. at Union City, Michigan. 

Children of Leander and Abigraii Boaghton Giilett, Lake Generay 

Wlseonsln. 2464 b 

3,470« i. Mary QHiLBTT, b. probably about 1826 ; was living 

near Lake Gteneva, Wis., 1889. 
3,470*» ii. Martha Qillett, b. probably about 1828 ; was 

living near Lake Gteneva, wis., 1889. 

Ckildren of Henrj C. and Anna Piel Boogrhton^ of Andrews, Hnntlngton 

Conntjj Ind. 2466 

3.471 i. Bertha Boughton, b. Sept. 7, 1880. 
3,473 ii. Esther B. Boughton, b. June 7, 1886. 

Chiidren of Frank E. and Ida Bement Bonghton^ of Toledo, 

Ohio. 2468 

3.473 i. Lena Boughton, b. Sept. 17, 1873. 

3.474 ii. Henry W. Boughton, b. Dec. 6, 1875. 
3,476 iii. George W. Boughton, b. Dec. 80, 1878. 

Children of Acer and Katharine Bees Bongrhton, of West Stock- 

brldgre, Mass. 2244 

2.476 i. AzER Boughton, Jr., b. probably, West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. ; never married. 

3.477 ii. Laura Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, m. Calvin 


268 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.478 iii. Rachel Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, m. Sam- 
uel Arnold. 

2.479 iv. Katharine Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, m. 
Alvah Barnes. 

Ckildren of Samuel and Baehel Bougrhton Arnold, of West Stockbridge, 

Massachnsetts. 2478 

2.480 i. George Arnold, b. West Stockbridge. 

2.481 ii. John Arnold, b. West Stockbridge. 

2.482 iii. Charles Arnold, b. West Stockbridge. 

2.483 iv. Josiah Arnold, b. West Stockbridge. 

2.484 V. Edward Arnold, b. West Stockbridge. 

2.485 vi. Asenath Arnold, b. West Stockbridge, m. Na- 
than Shaw, Jersey Heights. 


Enos Boughton, son of Matthew, was the only one of 
Matthew's children who remained at Stockbridge. He was 
a farmer and bom probably at Danbury, Conn. , March 2, 
1770, m. West Stockbridge, Feb. 22, 1798, Sefe Brown. 
They settled and Uved and died at West Stockbridge, Mass. 
He died in 1852, she in 1858. 

Children of Enos and Sefe Brown Bongrbtony of West Stockbridge, 

Massaehnsetts. 2444 

Sefe Brown was born June 22, 1772, m. Feb. 22, 1798, d. 
July 15, 1859. 

2.486 i. Sefe Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Jan. 8, 
1799, m. Jan. 8, 1823, Henry Jackson. He died 1868, 
she d. May 25, 1871. 

2.487 ii. Caroline Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, June 
20, 1800, m. James Lee. She d. May 15, 1843, he d. 

2.488 iii. Mary Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Feb. 7, 

1803, m. May 31, 1838, CMnton Webster. He d. 1877, 
she d. Sept., 1885. No children. 

2.489 iv. Enos Boughton, Jr., b. West Stockbridge, Nov. 3, 

1804, m. Feb. 17, 1836, Clarissa M. Hitchcock, of 
Canaan, N, Y. ; d. July 27, 1872. 

2.490 V. Matthew Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Jan. 
27, 1807, d. in infancy, Apiil 2, 1807. 

2.491 vi. Morgan L. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Oct. 
9, 180S, m. Feb. 18, 1836, E. Maria Rees, West 
Stockbridge. He died Nov. 1872, she d. Oct. 2, 1879. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamlt. 259 

2.492 vii. JuuA Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, May 27, 
1811, m. June 12, 1836, Marshall Curtis. Died Jan. 
12, 1840. 

Children of Nathan, Jr., and Marj Boughton. 2481 

2.493 i. Seluck Clinton Boughton, b. June 30, 1796. 

2.494 ii. Julia Ann Boughton, b. Feb. 14, 1799. 

2.495 iii. Jefferson Elbridge Boughton, b. Sept. 22, 1802. 

2.496 iv. Nathan Boughton, Jr., b. Feb. 5, 1809. 

Children of Harrej and Betsey Boynton Bonghton, West Stockbridge, 

Massachusetts. 2481 h 

2.497 i. Charlotte Augusta Bouton, b. April 18, 1808. 

2.498 ii. Horatio Curtis Bouton, b. Oct. 15, 1809. 

2.499 iii. John Henry Bouton, b. Nov. 6, 1811. 

2.500 iv. George Grandison Bouton, b. Oct. 13, 1813. 

2.501 V. Minerva Phebe Bouton, b. Aug. 14, 1816. 

Children of Henry and 8efe Bonghton (dan. of Enos and Sefe Bonghton) 

Jackson, of PennsylTania. 

2.502 i. Louisa Jackson. 

2.503 ii. Francis Jackson. 

Children of James and Caroline Bongrhton (dan. of Enos and Sefe 

Bong^hton) Lee. 2487 

2.504 i. Julia Lee, m. R. H. Ives, Leedsville, Dutchess 
Co., N. Y. 

2.505 ii. James Lee. 

2.506 iii. Abram Lee. 

Children of Enos J. and Clarissa M. Hitchcock Bong^hton, of West Stock- 

brid^e^ Mass. 2489 

2.507 i. George R. Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Mass., 
May 18, 1840, m. Jan. 4, 1866, Rosetta C. McCarty ; 
settled at Sodus, Wayne Co., N. Y.; no children. 

2.508 ii. WiLUAM H. Boughton, b. West Stockbridee, Oct. 
12, 1846, died Sodus, Feb. 24, 1870; unmarried. 

Children of Morgan L. and Elizabeth Maria Bees Bonghton, of West 

Stockbridge, Mass. 2491 

She was bom February 7, 1818, and died Oct. 20, 1879. 

2,609 1. Frances M. Boughton, b. Jan. 4, 1837, and died in 
infancy, Oct., 1837. 

2.510 ii. Enos Boughton, b. March 19, 1839 ; imbecile ; still 
living at West Stockbridge, 1888. 

2.511 iii. Sefe Gertrude Boughton, b. Dec. 26, 1841 ; not 


2.512 iv. Mary Elizabeth Boughton, b. August 21, 1845, 
m. January 1, 1867, Gteorge N. Barret ; she died 
Sept. 3, 1875. 

2.513 V. Cora Pauline Boughton, b. Oct. 1, 1858, m. Jan. 
20, 1878, Thomas W. Orr, res. W. Stockbridge ; he 
d. Jan. 12, 1879. She was living at West Stockbridge, 

Children of Georgre N. and Mar j E. Boughton Barret, of West Stock- 
bridge, Massaehnsetts. 2)51 

2,614 i. Sepe Gertrude Barret, b. West Stockbridge, 
June, 1868. 

2.515 ii. Sarah Pauline Barret, b. West Stockbridge, 
Feb. 3, 1873. 

Child of Thomas W. and Cora P. Boughton Orr, of West Stockbridge^ 

Massaehnsetts. 2518 

2.516 i. Cora M. Orr, b. West Stockbridge, Feb. 9, 1879 ; 
res. with her mother at West Stockbridge, 1889. 

Children of Marshall and Julia Boughton Curtis, of Oakland, 

California. 9492 

2,617 i. WiNFiELD Curtis, res. California. 

2.518 ii. Murray Curtis, res. California. 


(iv.) Eleazar Bouton (son of John Jr. and Sarah 
Greggorie Bouton), b. Norwalk, Ct., about 1695, m. 
Norwalk, about 1721, Elizabeth Seymour (dau. of 
Thomas and Hannah Marvin Seymour), settled in 
Norwalk and moved to New Canaan, town of Stam- 
ford, Ct. Married, second, Mary Petit Bouton, widow 
of John Bouton, 3d, 

Children of Eleazar and Elisabeth Seymour Bouton, of Norwalk and 

Stamford, Ct 

2.519 i. Ezra Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 18, 1723, m. 
June 28, 1749, Mary, daughter of Jachin Bouton, of 
Norwalk, Ct. 

2.620 ii. Hezeklah Boughton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 2, 1725, 
m. Oct. 12, 1749, Abigail Penoyer ; settled West 
Stockbridge, Mass., where she died and was buried 

2.621 iii. Eleazar Bouton, Jr., b. town of Stamford, Ct., 
Jan. 22, 1728, m. Nov. 10, 1763, Dinah Benedict. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 261 

2,622 iv. Elizabeth BouTON, b. Stamford, Ct., Feb. 8, 1Y30. 
Further history unknown. 

2.523 V. Sarah Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Dec. 19, 1Y88. 
Further history unknown. 

2.524 vi. Matthew Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., March 
19, 1735, m. Rachel. A family Bible containing his 
record was found in possession of Mary Boughton, 
daughter of Enos Boughton of West Stockbridge, in 

2,625 vii. Ruth Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., July 16, 1Y37, 
m. September, 1763, Stephen Rusco. 

2.526 viii. Hannah Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., Oct. 2, 1739, 
m. 1764 Nathaniel Gray. 

2.527 ix. Seymour Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., June 28, 
1742, m. Jan. 16, 1765, Esther Levake, settled Victor, 

2.528 X. Nathan Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., March 4, 1745, 
m. first, Dorothy, who d. August 20, 1769 : second, 
Rhoda Curtis, West Stockbridge ; moved west. 

2.529 xi. Simeon Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., April 11, 
1748. Further histonr not known. 

2.530 xii. Levi Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., Oct. 15, 1750, 
m. first, Hannah Waterbury ; second, Polly Ketcham, 
Stockbridge, Oct. 14, 1785 ; moved to Victor, N. T. 

Children of Ezra and Mar? Bouton Bouton* of Nonr alk« Ct. 

2.531 i. Seth Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1750, ra. first, Sarah 
Ressiquie, of Ridgefield ; second, widow Lizzie Pat- 
rick, of Wilton, Ct. 

2.532 ii. Elizabeth Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., 1751. His- 
tory unknown. 

2.533 iii. Ezra Bouton, Jr., b. Norwalk, Ct., 1753. History 


(ii.) Hezekiah Boughton (son of Eleazar and Eliza- 
beth Seymour Boughton), b. Norwalk, Nov. 2, 1725. 
A farmer and married at town of Stamford, Ct., Oct. 
12, 1749, Abigail, daughter of Samuel and Thebphila 
Selleck Penoyer, b. Stamford, Ct., Sept. 2, 1730. 
They settled at West Stockbridge, Mass., and in 1790 
moved to Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. Having, in 
company with others of his relatives, been and exam- 
ined the locality, they returned and removed their 
families thither, then a wild, unsettled tract, reached 

262 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

by the way of CatskiU, down the Chenango river, 
then down the Susquehanna to Tioga Point, in Penn- 
sylvania, thence up the Cheraung river to Newtown, 
now Elmira, thence to the head of Seneca lake 
and down its west shore to Geneva or Canaudaigua ; 
from thence with a team procured in that region, 
they proceeded to cut a road through to their future 
home, to which their families were removed. Wil- 
liam Walker, agent for Phelps & Co., with Enos 
Boughton, son or Hezekiah, erected a store-house at 
Canandaigua, which was the commencement of that 
town, in 1788. The same autumn Enos Boughton 
obtained a contract from Walker, for what became 
the town of Victor, his father, Hezekiah, Sr., pur- 
chasing about one-quarter of it. There he lived and 
improved the land, and his sons and kindred settled 
about him. An elevated part of the tract was called 
Boughton hill, which name it still bears at this writ- 
ing, 1889, from which a piece of land was set off and 
donated by him for a cemetery, where he was buried. 
He died 1798, aged 73 years ; she died at West Stock- 
bridge, 1789. 

To the published Recollections of Melania Boughton 
Smith (daughter of Jared and OUve Stone Boughton), by 
her son, E. Delafield Smith, 1870, the compiler acknowledges 
much assistance in the history of Hezekiah Boughton and 
his descendants. Also, to Mi-s. Laura H. S. Dom, for much 
aid in procuring authentic dates, and place of death of the 
Hezekiah branch. 

Gkildren of Hezekiah and Abigail Penoyer Boughton, of West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. 2520 

2.534 i. Hezekiah Boughton, Jr., b. Stamford, Ct., Dec. 
29, 1752, m. Huldah Willson ; he died Feb.,. 1793. 

2.535 ii. Enos Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., May 20, 1755, 
m. Clarissa Jones. He died Oct. 5, 1827 ; she died 
April 19, 1851. 

2.536 iii. Abigail Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., July 31, 
1757, m. Nicholas Smith, moved to Victor, 1790. 

2.537 iv. Sally Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., Oct. 17, 1760, 
m. Joshua Ketchum ; she died March 7, 1790. 

2.538 V. Selleck Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., Feb. 5, 1763; 
he died unmarried, 1787 ; buried Stockbridge. 

2.539 vi. Jaked Boughton, b. Salem, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1766, 
m. 1787, Columbia Co., Olive Stone, b. Jan. 2, 1770. 


Moved to Victor, 1790 ; colonel in the war of 1812 ; 
he died Feb. 10, 1852. 
2,640 vii. Seymour Boughton, b. Salem, July 6, 1Y69, m. 
Clarissa Dewey ; killed by Indians at the burning of 
Buffalo. His remains were interred at Avon, N. Y. 

2.541 viii. Theodosia Boughton, b. Salem, Jan. 10, 1775. 
She was endowed with admirable form and features 
and grace. She m. about 1794, at Victor, N. Y., 
Daniel Sawyer, a man of great enterprise, who Uved 
for a time in Stockbridge, Mass., and joined the 
Boughton colony, which settled the town of Victor, 
Ontario Co. , and in which he took an active part. 
They went with her brothers Enos and Jared, and 
their families, in 1799, to North Carolina, and engaged 
largely in the manufacture of lumber for the north- 
em markets, where they delivered it from their own 
vessels. He died there in 1819, after which his fam- 
ily removed to Washington, Daviess Co., Indiana; 
from there she went to Vincennes, Ind., where she 
died 1862. 


(i.) Hezeeiah Boughton, Jr., b. Stamford, Ct., 
Dec. 29, 1752 (son of Hezekiah and Abigail). He 
lived in early life in West Stockbridge, Mass., where 
he m. Huld^.h Willson, and settled at West Stock- 
bridge. In June, 1789, he, with Jacob Lobdell, went 
to Ontario Co., N. Y., taking with them a quantity 
of cattle for the new settlement. He afterward 
returned to Stockbridge with his brother Jared, trav- 
eling on horseback. In January, 1793, he started 
with his family for Victor, but died on the way, Feb., 
1793, a few miles east of Canandaigua, N. "?. His 
I'emains were taken to Victor for burial. (See page 
44, EecoUections by Melania Smith.) His wiaow, 
Huldah Willson Boughton, married, second, Dr. 
Reuben Hart, by whom she had one child, Caroline 
Hart. Dr. Hart was bom 1767, was a member of 
assembly and for many years surrogate. 

Children of Hezekiah^ Jr., and Hnldah Willson Bonghton, of West 

Stockbridgre, Mass. 25M 

2.542 i. Althea Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, Mass., 
m. Roger Sprague and settled at Avon, Mich. 

2,643 ii. Harry Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, m. Eliza- 
beth Gordon ; he d. Mount Morris, N. Y. 

264 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,644 iii. William Bougepton, a Baptist minister, b. West 
Stockbridge, m. first Philena Sherman ; second, Mrs. 
S. Monteith ; settled in western New York, where he 

2,546 iv. CLAUDiusViCTORBouGHTON.b. West Stockbridge, 
August 15, 1784, m. first, Elizabeth Boardman ; sec* 
ond Clarissa Beecher Hotchkiss ; he d. Nov. 10, 1881. 

2.646 V. HuLDAH BouGHTON, b. West Stockbridge, m. 
Birdseye Brooks, and settled East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

2.647 vi. Sarah Boughton, b. West Stockbridjge, m. Henrv 
O. Scoville, and settled at Lockport, NT Y. ; she d. 
April 9, 1854, aged 66. 

2.548 vii. Charlotte Boughton, b. West Stockbridge, 
never married, died 1867, probably at Victor, N. x. 

2.549 viii. George Uezekiah Boughton, b. West Stock- 
bridge, July 31, 1792, m, Dec. 19, 1827, Eliza Bates, 
of Hopewell, N. Y. ; he died April 28, 1866. 

Note. — In February, 1793, Hezekiah Boughton, Jr., died 
while on the journey from West Stockbndge to Victor, 
near Canandaigua, and his remains were taken to Victor for 
burial. Widow Huldah WiDson Boughton, married second. 
Dr. Reuben Hart ; they both died ; she died July 2, 1830 ; 
they were buried at Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Child of Dr« Renben and widow Hnldah Bongrkton Hart, CanandaUma^ 

N. T., where he died. 26S4 

2,549* ix. Caroline Habt, b. Victory, N. Y., m. Charles 
Underhill ; she died and he married second, Portia 

Children of Charles Underhill and hU first wlfe^ Caroline Hart 

2,549^ i. Angeline UNDEBmLL, m. Hart ; he died and 

she moved to San Francisco, Cal. 

2,549*= ii. Clarina A. Underhill, died aged six years. 

2,549"* iii. Emily Underhill, m. and moved to San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

Note. — The children of Charles Underhill and his second 
wife, Portia Brooks Underhill, went to North Elmira, N. 
T. Names of his children by last wife unknown. 

Children of Roger and Althea Boughton Sprague of Aron, Mleh. 

2.550 i. Walter Sprague, m. Melania Ingersoll. 

2.551 ii. Frederick Sprague, m. Huldah A. Brooks, his 

2.552 iii. Roger Sprague, Jr. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 265 

2.553 iv. George Washington Spbague. 

2.554 V. AsAHEL Sprague. 

2.555 vi. Thomas Sprague. 

2.556 vii. Althea Sprague, m. Leroy, res. Detroit, 

Mich. I 

Children of Harrj (son of Hexekiah,^4g|f .) and Elizabeth Gordon 

Boogrhton. 25M 

2.557 i. Sarah Ann Boughton, m. Watson Montross ; d. 
, Mich. 

2.558 ii. Hezeeiah Boughton ; settled in Wisconsin. 

2.559 iii. Huldah Boughton, m. George Curtis ; settled in 

2.560 iv. HENRr Boughton ; settled in Wisconsin. 

Children of William (son of Hezeklah and Hnldah Wlllson Bonghton) 
and Phllena Sherman Boogrhton, of western N. T. 8644 

2.561 i. Marana Boughton, m. Mr. Deming ; no children. 

2.562 ii. Althea Boughton. 

2.563 iii. George W. Boughton. 

2.564 iv. John WhjijSOn Boughton. 

2.565 V. Sherman Boughton. 

2.566 vi. SoPHRONiA Boughton. 

(iv.) Clamus Victor Boughton (son of Hezekiah 
and Huldah WiUspn Boughton), b. West Stockbridge, 
Mass., August 15, 1784, m. Victor, N. Y., May 17, 
1802, first, Elizabeth (or Betsey) Boardman, b. Dec. 
80, 1782, and settled in Pittsford, N. Y., where she 
died Nov. 7, 1815 ; m. second, March 24, 1817, Cla- 
rissa Beecher Hotchkiss, b. Feb. 2, 1784, and settled 
in Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Note. — It is said the town of Victor was named for Clau- 
dius Victor Boughton, and that subsequently the state of 
New York presented him with a sword, for valuable ser- 
vices render^ in the war on the Niagara frontier, 1818. He 
died at Phelps, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1881. 

Glilldren of CUndlas T. and ElixabetJi Boardman Bonghton of Pitts- 
ford and Canandaigna, N. T. 2546 

2.567 i. SERAPmNB Boughton, b. Pittsford, N. Y., July 17, 
1804, m. Sept. 21, 1830, Harvey Miles ; shed. Angelica, 

X^ . JL • 

2,668 ii. Delia Ann Boughton, b. Pittsford, N. Y., Feb. 
22, 1807, m. Oct. 21, 1823, Cromwell L. Lloyd ; set- 
tied WeUsviUe, N. Y. 

266 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,669 iii. Reuben Hart Boughton, b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Jan. 5, 1809, m. 1829, Maria Barton, b. April 9, 1811, 
at Lewiston, N. Y.; he d. Titus ville, Pa., Jan. 26, 

Children of Glaadins Yictor and Clarissa B. Hotehklss Bongrhton, of 

Canandaigrna, N. T. 2545 

2,570 iv. Claudius Victor Boughton, Jr., b. Canandai- 
gua, N. Y., May 14, 1818, and died in infancy, July 
3, 1819. 

2,671 V. Esther M. Boughton, b. Canandaigua, Sept. 2, 
1820, m. James Emerson, Captain U. S. Vols., res. 
CadyviUe, N. Y., 1888. 

2.572 vi. Clarissa Elizabeth Boughton, b. Canandaigua, 
August 5, 1822, m. May 24, 1841, Grant Hoizington ; 
she d. March 4, 1844. 

Child of Harrej iand Seraphine Bonghton Miles, of Plttsford, N. T. 

2,572«» i. Charles R. Miles, b. about 1833 ; res. Flushing, 
L. I., 1889. 

Children of Cromtrell L. and Delia Ann Bonghton Lloyd. 

2,672»' i. Elizabeth C. Lloyd, b. May 29, 1825, m. April 

16, 1864, Charles Thomas, Angelica. 
2,572^^ ii. Claudius Jackson Lloyd, b. Feb, 20, 1829, m. 

Marion P. Boughton, res. Adrian, Mich. 

2.573 iii. Cromwell John Lloyd, b. Jan. 23, 1834, m. Helen 

Daniels ; lived Toledo, 0. ; he d. Jan. 1879. 

Child of Charles and Elizabeth Chloe Llojd Thomas^of Angfelica. 2572b 

2.574 i. George Vail Thomas, b. Jan. 25, 1865. 

Child of Clandins Jackson and Marion P. Bonghton (dan. of Renben 
Hart Bonghton) Lloyd^ of Adrian and Jackson^ Mich. 2572e 

2.575 i. Kate V. Lloyd, b. Jackson. Mich., March, 1855. 

Children of George and widow Marion P. Bonghton Lloyd Williams, of 

Bnifalo, N. T. 2572c 

2.576 ii. Marion Boughton Williams, b. Buffalo, 1865. 

2.577 iii. Claudius Williams, b. Buffalo. 

Children of Cromwell J. and Helen A. Daniels Lloyd, of Lookport, N.T« 

and Toledo, 0. 2578 

2.578 i. Walter Lloyd, m. Feb. 1883, Clara Warts. 

2.579 ii. Helen Lloyd. 


Child of Harrey and Seraphlne (dan.of Glandins Y. and Betsey Boardman 
Bonghton) Bonghton Miles, of Angrelica^ N. T. 2567 

2.580 i. Charles Reuben Miles, b. Angelica, July 18, 
1832 ; res. Flushing, 1889. 

(iii.) Reuben Hart Boughton (son of Claudius Vic- 
tor and Betsey Boardman Boughton), b. Canandaigua, 
N. Y., Jan. 5, 1809, m. July 19, 1829, Maria Bai-ton, 
settled in Youngstown, moved to Titusville, where 
he died Jan. 26, 1885. 

Children of Benben Hart and Maria Barton Boughton, of Youngstown, 

N. Y. and TltusTUle, Pa. 2569 

2.581 i. Agnes Elizabeth Boughton, b. Youngstown, N. 
Y., Oct. 13, 1830, m. Lewiston, Jiine 7, 1862, Andrew 
Newton Gilman, St. Paul. 

2.582 ii. Louise Marion Boughton, b. Lewiston, N. Y., 
Sept. 2, 1832 ; died at Youngstown. Feb. 6, 1833. 

2.583 iii. Marion Porter Boughton, d. Youngstown, 
April 22, 1834, m. first, Claudius Jackson Lloyd ; m. 
second, Greorge Williams, of Buffalo. She d. March 
29, 1856. [See Claudius Jackson Lloyd.] 

2.584 iv. Kate Colvin Boughton, b. Oct. 23, 1836, m. 
Dec. 21, 1863, Edward B. Smith ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 
No children. 

2.585 Reuben Hart Boughton, Jr., b. Lewiston, Dec. 3, 
1838, m. first, 1864, Mary 0. Eaton ; d. Fort Monroe. 
Married second, 1876, Titusville, Pa., Hattie A. Ames. 

2.586 vi. Henry R. Boughton, b. Lewiston, Jan. 8, 1841 ; 
d. July 12, 1344. 

2.587 vii. Marla. Boughton, b. Lewiston, Jan. 18, 1844 ; d. 
Sept., 1844, at Lewiston. 

2.588 viii. Claudius Victor Boughton, b. Lewiston, May 
13, 1845, m. Peterboro, Ont., Sept. 11, 1867, Mary 
Jane Claxton ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

2.589 ix. Frank Ways Boughton, b. Lewiston, Nov. 3, 
1850 ; res. Titusville, Pa., 1888. 

Children of Andrew Newton and Agnes E. Boughton (dau. of Beuben 
Hart Boughton) Gilman^ of Lewiston, N« ¥., late of St Paul, Minn. 

2.590 i. Reuben Boughton Oilman, b. Lewiston, March 
22, 1853 ; died in infancy. 

2.591 ii. Claudius Victor Oilman, b. Lewiston, March 
28, 1857, m. 1882, Julia L. Chenowith ; settled St. 
Paul, Minn. They had one son. 

2.592 iii. Mary Oltve Oilman, b. Lewiston, April 11, 1860, 
m. John J. Parker, 1885, res. St. Paul, Minn., 1888. 

268 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of GlaadliM T. and Julia L. Gtienowitli Gilman, of St Paul, 

2,592* i. Bryant G. Gilman, b. St. Paul, Minn., Jan., 1885 ; 
d. Aug. 1, 1887. 

Cliild of Benben Hart) Jr., and Ills first wlfe^ Marj 0. Eaton Bonghtonr 

of Bradford, Pa. 2685 

2.593 i. Marion Osgood Boughton, b. Bradford, Pa., Sep- 
tember 9, 1867. 

Cliild of Benben Hart, Jr., and his second wife^ Hattie A. Ames BoDgh* 

ton, of Bradford, Pa. 2586 

2,698» ii. Helen M. Boughton, b. Bradford, Pa., April 27,. 

Children of Clandins Tietor (son of Benben Hart and MAria Barton 
Bonghton) and Mar j Jane Claxton Bonghton, of Bnifalo. 2588 

2.594 i. WnjJAM Hart Boughton, b. BuJBfalo, N. Y., Nov. 
18, 186y , lives with parents. 

2.595 ii. Guy Claxton Boughton, b. Buffalo, July 5, 1877; 
lives with parents. 

Children of Capt. James W. and Esther M. Bonghton (dan. Clandins- 
Tietor and Clarissa B. Hotehkiss Bonghton) Emerson^ of Ellls- 

bnrgh, N. Y. 2571 

2.596 i. Claudius Emerson, b. Nov. 16, 1844, unmarried ; 
died in hospital at Washington, D. C, 1863. 

2,697 ii. Clara E. Emerson, b. Jan. 18, 1848, m. June 14, 
1870, Cyrus G. Hull, Cadyville, N. T. 

2.598 iii. Ira W. Emerson, b. Jan. 20, 1850, m. Wilton, 
N. Y., Emma Timmerraan ; he d. Leadville, Col., 

2.599 iv. Caroline Emerson, b. July 27, 1852, m. July 10, 
1872, Gteo. Hinman, 

2.600 V. Kate Beecher Emerson, b. Nov. 29, 1854, m. 
April 21, 1884, Melancthon S. Palmer, Plattsburgh, 
Clinton Co., N. Y. 

Children of Cyms G. and Clara E. Emerson Hull, of CadjTille, Clinton 

eonnty, N. Y. S597 

2.601 i. Clara Esther Hull. 

2.602 ii. Kate Evelyn Hull. 

2.603 iii. Jacob Shaw Hull. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 269 

Children of George and Caroline Emerson (grranddaaghter of Clandlns 
Tletor and Clarissa B. Hotchkiss Bonghton) Hlnman, of 

Pierrepont Manor. 2590 

2.604 i. Kate Ellen Hinman. 

2.605 ii. Minnie Agnes Hin^ian. 

Child of Ira W. (grandson of Claudius Ylctor and Clarissa B. Hotchkiss 

Bonghton) and Emma Tlmmerman Emerson, 

of Wilton^ N. T« 2598 

2.606 i. Mabel Houghton Emerson. 

Children of Birdseye and Unldah (dan. of Hezeklah and Huldah WlUson 

Bonghton) Brooks, of East Bloomfleld, N. T. 2546 

2.607 i, Charlotte Portly Brooks, m. Charles Underhill. 

2.608 ii. Amanda Brooks, d. unmarried. 

2.609 iii. Huldah Ann Brooks, m. Frederick Sprague. 

2.610 iv. Charlotte Brooks. 

2.611 V. Eliza Brooks. 

2.612 vi. BiRDSEYE Brooks, Jr. 

2.613 vii. Henry Brooks. 

2.614 viii, Edward Brooks. 

2.615 ix. William Brooks. 

Children of Frederick (son of Roger and Althea Boa«rhton Spragrne) 

and Huldah Ann Brooks Sprague (cousins). 2600 

2.616 i. Charlotte Sprague, m. Horsman. 

2.617 ii. Portia Sprague. 

Children of Henry 0. and Sally Bonghton (dah. of Uexeklah Bonghton 

Jr.) ScoTlUe, of Lockport, N. T. 2M7 

2.618 i. Chloe Scoville, b. Lockport, N. Y. ; died ; never 

2.619 ii. George Scoville, b. Lockport, N. Y. ; died, un- 

(viii.) Lieut. Geo. Hezeklah Boughton (son of Hez- 
eklah and Huldah Willson Boughton), b. West Stock- 
bridge, Mass., April 28, 1792. Parmer. He was the 
eighth and youngest of his father's children, his father 
dying when he was a small child, while on the jour- 
nej[ from West Stockbridge to Victor, N. Y. H# 
enlisted in the war of 1812 and was made a lieuten- 
ant, by which title he became known. His commis- 
sion bears date Aug. 11, 1812. He made extensive 
tours in the west and down the valley of the Missis- 
sippi to St. Louis, on horseback, before that country 
was settled, and finally settled in Lockport, N. Y., 

270 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

where he was one of the prominent merchants of his 
day. He married Dec. 19, 1827, Eliza Bates, of Hope- 
well, N. Y., Rev. B. H. Hickox officiating. He was 
the first postmaster of Lockport, having been ap- 

Eointed by President Monroe, in 1822, and reappointed 
y President John Q. Adams. In 1829 he was elected 
state senator and served four years. His intimacy 
with Governor Seward was such that he appointed 
Mr. Boughton canal appraiser ; the Senate elected him 
canal commissioner, and in 1855 harbor commis- 
sioner at New York city. He was the founder of 
Grace Episcopal church, Lockport, and for twentv 
years a vestryman in it. His obituary closes with 
the following : '^ The sun of his life goes down behind 
no cloud ; full of years and full of honors, he is gath- 
ered to his fathers, leaving to his children that richest 
of all legacies, a good name." 

€liildren of Lieut. Georgre Hezekiah and Eliza Bates Bonghton^ of Lock- 
port, N. T. 2540 

2.620 i. Emma Hickock Boughton, b. Hopewell, N. Y., 
Sept. 22, 1828 ; died in infancy, Oct. 26, 1832. 

2.621 ii. Caroline Hart Boughton, b. Lockport, N. Y., 
March 1, 1831, m. Jan. 7, 1852, Christopher L. Skeels, 
at Grace church. New York city ; she died June 8, 
1886, at Paris, France. 

2.622 iii. Emma Eliza Boughton, b. Lockport, 1832, not 
married, lives in New York city with her brothers, 

2.623 iv. Henry Boughton, b. Lockport, Dec. 19, 1834, m. 
June 25, 1886, Annie Hiproth ; res. New York city, 

2.624 V. George Willson Boughton, b. Lockport, 1837, 
never married, d. Nov. 5, 1876, buried in Glenwood 

2.625 vi. William DeLancey Boughton, b. Lockport, 
1839, m. Washington, D. C, June 2, 1885, Marion 
A. Butterfleld, of England ; they lived in New York 
city, 1889. 

Child of Christopher L. and Caroline H. Boagrhton Skeels, 

of New York city. 2621 

Married at Lockport, Jan. 7, 1852 ; he died Oct. 6, 1879; 
buried at Lockport, N, Y. She died June, 1886, at Paris, 


2.626 i. Laura Hart Skeels, b. Lockport, Niagara Co., 
N. Y., Dec. 12, 1852 ; went with ner mother to Eu- 
rope, 1886 ; after the death of her mother res. in 
Lockport, N. Y. and Chicago ; m. Chicago, 111., Aug. 
1, 1888, Francis Carr Dom, b. Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, 
March 20, 1847 ; they were living at 435 Washington 
boulevard, Chicago, 1888. 

Note. — Christopher L. Skeels was son of Christopher H. 
and Phebe Eddy Skeels, of Clarendon, Vt. The Eddy family 
descended from Rev. William and Mary Foster Eddy, vicar 
of Church of St. Dunstan, of Cranbrook, England, 1589. 
He died Nov. 23, 1616, (See Eddy Genealogy, and History 
of Watertown, 1855.) 

CUld of Henry and Annie Hiproth Boughton^ of 177 West 98d street. 

New York city. 2628 

2.627 i. DeLancey Boughton, b. New York city, Nov. 28, 
1887, res. 1889, 177 West 93d street., N. y. city. 

End of the descendants of Hezekiah Boughton, Jr. 


(Son of* Hezelcicbli, Sr.), and. X>e8oendant8. 2585 

(ii.) Enos Boughton (son of Hezekiah and Abigail Pen- 
oyer Boughton) b. Stamford, Conn., May 26, 1755. At just 
what date he went to Stockbridge the writer is not informed. 
By the aid of the published EecoUections of Melania Bough- 
ton Smith, by her son, E. Delafield Smith, New York, 1870, 
many interesting incidents of early history have been 
obtained, among which is the following : "In the year 
1788, Phelps & Company, of New England, purchased 
large tracts of land in western New York, of the Indians, 
notwithstanding such purchases had been prohibited, except 
by consent of the legislature. They appointed William 
Walker their agent, by whom Enos Boughton was subse- 

auently employed as clerk. Enos Boughton and his brother 
[ezekiah, Jr., having heard of the fertility of the Genesee 
country, went, in the year 1788, through trackless forests, 
to explore that region. They accomplished their object 
and returned ; and again, m the spiing of 1789, he and his 
brother Jared visited the place which subsequently became 

272 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Victor, the residence of so many of the Boughtons and 
their connections. During the fall of 1788, he, Enos, 
secured a contract from Walker for what became the town 
of Victor, and before the following spring had sold more 
than two-thirds of his purchase. 

^^ In process of time some trouble was experienced in 
obtaining satisfactory titles for these lands, and he, Enos 
Boughton, became heavily involved, by which not only 
himself but his brothers, who endeavored to assist him, 
became large losers, and in order to retrieve their losses, he 
and his brother Jared, and brother-in-law Daniel Sawyer, 
went to North Carolina in the summer of 1799. Their 
project was to make lumber of the juniper or white cedar, 
which grew in the swamps of that region. The climate 
not proving congenial and tne enterprise unsatisfactory, he, 
Enos, soon returned with his family to Victor. He married, 
place and date not known, but probably West Stockbridge, 
Mass., Clarissa Jones, and moved (after his return from 
North Carolina to Victor), thence to Niagara FaUs, and then 
to Lockport, N. Y., where he died three years later, Oct. 5, 
1827, aged 73 years. She died April 19, 1821, aged 58 years. 

** Enos Boughton was a man of great force of character ; 
was active, enterprising, and always sanguine of success in 
his schemes, when others would have yielded to discourage- 
ment. His figure was fine and erect, his eyes dark and 
expressive. In manner he was courtly but always dignified, 
and rather reserved. He spent his later years in retire- 
ment, at his first home at Boughton Hill, interesting him- 
self in reading, a little farming, gardening and fruit rais- 
ing, of which he was very fond. A widowed daughter and 
her child were his chief companions, his wife having died 
many years before.^' 

Note. — An article appeared in a Rochester newspaper on 
the 4:th of January, 1889, as foUows : *' Yellow with Age. — 
One of the first transfers of real estate made in Monroe 
county, N. Y., was recorded in the county clerk's office 
yesterday. The paper was worn and yellow with age, but 
the writmg was well preserved. The deed was given on 
August 9, 1795, by Enos Boughton, of Bloomfield, Ontario 
county, N. Y., to his kinsman, Horatio Boughton, yeoman. 
The land described in the deed consisted of 241^ acres on 
the south side of Genesee river, at the entrance of Bed 
creek, and the consideration was £500. Enos Boughton, 
the grantor, was the f oundei* of a large family, many de- 
scendants of which reside in that locality. A portion of the 


land embraced in this deed, is in the tract selected by the 
park commissioners for the proposed South Park. When 
this deed was made, the site of Rochester was an unbroken 
wilderness, and the purchaser little dreamed that in less 
than 100 years his descendants would sell the land to a great 
city for a park." 

Children of Enos and Clarissa Jones Boaghton, of Yictor, 

and Lockport, N. T. 2585 

2,628 i. Selecta Boughton, b. Old Stockbridge, Mass., 
m. Abraham Beach, settled in Pennsylvania, moved 
to Charleston, 0., thirty miles south of Cleveland. 

^,629 ii. Harriet Boughton, b. Old Stockbridge, Mass., 
m. Charles G. Fairman, settled Lockport, N. Y. 

2.630 iii. Clarissa Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., May 22, 
1791, said to be the first white child born in Victor, 
m. Warren Sadler, settled at Lockport; he died Dec. 
19, 1852. 

2.631 iv. Sophia Boughton, b. Victor, Sept. 5, 1793, m. 
Jan., 1810, Erastus G. A.dams; she d. Nov. 27, 1829. 

2.632 V. Sophronia Boughton, b. Victor, 1795, m. Otis 
Wilmarth (son of Ezra and Mary Boughton Wil- 
marth), settled Victor; he died Feb. 20, 1856. 

2.633 vi. Mary Ann Boughton, b. Victor, 1804, she died 
Nov. 27, 1812, aged eight years. 


Children of Abraham and Selecta Boagrhton Beach, 

of Fennsyltania and Charleston, 0. 2628 

2.634 i. Minerva Beach, b. East Bloonafield, N. Y., m. 
Abraham Oakley, settled ia Ohio. 

2.635 ii, Lavinia Beach, b. East Bloomfield, m. first . 

Brace, second . Curtis, a lawyer (soa of John B. 

Curtis), moved to Evansville, Ind. 

2.636 iii. Jane Beach, b. , not married. 

2.637 iv. Myron Beach, b. •, m. , lived on the 

homestead at Charleston, 0. 

2.638 V. Lyman Beach, b. . moved to Vineland, 


5.639 vi. Nathaniel Beach, b. , d. Lockport, aged 

sixteen years. ^ 

2.640 vii. John Beach, b. , was a school teacher. 

Child of Abraham and Mlnerra Beach Oakley^ of Ohio. 

3.641 1. John Beach Oakley. 


274 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Charles G. and Harriet Bougrhton (dan. of Enos and 
Clarissa Jones Bonghton) Fairman, of LoelLport^ N. Y. 2629 

2.642 i. Eliza M. Fairman, m. William Benedict, she died 
Lockport, N. Y. 

2.643 ii. Franklin Fayette Fairman, m. , he d. . 

2.644 iii. Mary Ann Fairman, m. John Copeland, of St. 
Catharine, Canada. 

2.645 iv. James Fairman, m. Angeline Peck, d. Brooklyn. 

2.646 V. Seymour Fairman, unmarried, killed by a railroad 
accident at Port Jervis. 

2.647 vi. Harriet Fairman, m, John Copeland, of St. 
Catharine, Canada; she d. . 

2.648 vii. Charles G. Fairman, Jr., m. Susan Kingsley, 
d. . 


Children of William and Eliza M. Fairman Benedict^ 

of Locltport, N. T. 2642 

2.649 i. Harriet Benedict, b. Lewiston, N. Y., Oct. 4, 
1826, m. Sept., 1849, Judge Freeman J. Fithian 
(son of Benjamin Fithian, of New Jersey); he was 
judge of Superior Court New York city; no children. 

2.650 ii. James C. Benedict, b. Lewiston, N. Y., res. Des- 
Moines, Iowa, was editor DesMoines State Register. 

Cliildren of Jotin and Mary Ann Fairman (Urst wife) (dan. of Charles 
and Harriet Boni^hton Fairman^ of Locltport, N. Y.) 

^ Copeland, of St Catharine, Canada. 2644 

2.651 i. William Copeland. 

2.652 ii. Mary Copeland. 

Children of John and Harriet Fairman (second wife) Copeland^ 

of St. Catliarine, Canada. 2647 

2.653 iii. Seymour Copeland, b. St. Catharine, Canada. 

2.654 iv. Agnes Copeland. 

2.655 V. Susan Copeland. 

2.656 vi. Hattie Copeland. 

2.657 vii. John Copeland. 

2.658 viii. Charles Copeland. 

ChUdren of Warren and Clarissa Bonghton (dan. of Enos and Clarissa 
Jones Bonghton) Sadler^ of Lockport, N. Y., m. Oct. 7, 1811. 2680 

2.659 1. Clarissa Sadler, b. Lockport, July 19, 1816, m. 
May 1, 1839, George Anthony; she d. 1874. They 
had but one child and it died in infancy. 


2.660 ii. Warren Sadler, Jr., b. Lockport, Sept. 13, 1817, 
m. first Henrietta Huat, second Jan. 21, 1841, 
Margaret Cor win, res. Lockport, 1887. 

2.661 iii. Florina Sadler, b. July 15, 1819, unmarried, 
res. Lockport, N. Y., 1887. 

2.662 iv. RosETTA Sadler, b. Lockport, July 26, 1821, m. 
RoUin G. Parks; she died Nov. 2, 1851. 

2.663 V. Sophronla. Sadler, b. Lockport, Aug. 26, 1823, 
m. Oct. 24, 1851, Lawrence W. Bristol ; she d. March 
12, 1872. 

Child of Warren, Jr., and Henrietta Hunt Sadiers 

off Lockport^ N. Y. 2660 

2.664 i. Warren Hunt Sadler, b. Sept. 30, 1841, m. 
Letitia H. EUicott, res. No. 8 North Charles street, 

Cliildren of Warren H. and Letitia U. Ellicott Sadler, 

of Baltimore^ Md. 2664 

2,664" i. Fairman A. Sadler, b. Nov. 1, 1864, res. No. 8 

North Charles street, Baltimore. 
2,664'' ii. Warren E. Sadler, b. Feb. 16, 1870, res. No. 8 

North Charles street, Baltimore. 
2,664^ iii. Letitla Florina Sadler, b. June 27, 1872, res. 

No. 8 North Charles street, Baltimore. 

Child of Warren; Jr.; and Margraret Corwin (second wife) 

Sadler, of LoclLport; N. T. 2660 

2.665 ii. LiLLiE S. Sadler, b. 1872. 

Cliildren of Roilin Q. and Bosetta Sadler Parks. 2662 

2.666 i. Theron Parks. 

2.667 ii. Kate Parks, died in childhood. 

Cliildren of Lawrence W. and Sophronia Sadler (granddaughter of 
Enos and Clarissa Bonghton) Bristol^ of Lockport. 2668 

2.668 i. WILLLA.M Bristol, died young. 

2.669 ii. Anna Maria Bristol, m. Thomas W. Hooker, 
of Lockport. 

2.670 iii. Florina Bristol, m. Charles A. Stark, res. 
Saginaw City, Mich. 

Cliild of Thomas W. and Anna M. Bristol Hooker, of 

LoclLport^ N. Y. 2669 

2.671 i. Lawrence Bristol Hooker, b. Lockport, March 
23, 1877. 

276 BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 

Child of Erastns Greene and Sophia Bonghton (dan. of Enos and 
Clarissa Jones Bonghton) Adams^ of Yictor, N, Y. 2631 

2.672 i. Ann Eliza Adams, b. Victor, N. Y., Aug. 16, 
1811, m. Feb. 5, 1835, as his second wife, Charles 
Frederick Dickinson, of Victor; he d. June 14, 1869. 

Children of Charles F. and Ann Eliza Adams Dickinson, 

of Rush, Monroe connty, N. Y. 2672 

2.673 i. Julia Elizabeth Dickinson, b. Rush, N. Y., 
May 22, 1840, m. Sept. 18, 1861, William R. Dryer, 
b. Feb. 3, 1841. 

2.674 ii. Ellen Augusta Dickinson, b. Victor, N. Y., May 
1, 1848, m. Nov., 1878, Henry P. Underbill, resided 
Baltimore, Md., 1887. 

Children of William B. and Jnlia Elizabeth Dickinson 

Dryer, of Yictor, N. Y, 2678 

2,674* i. Caroline E. Dryer, b. Mar. 18, 1863, m. Dec. 24, 

1885, Elmer Charles Sherman. 
2,674^ ii. William Charles Dryer, b. Mar. 6, 1866. 

Children of Otis Wilmarth (son of Ezra and Mary Bongrhton Wilmarth) 
and Sophronia Bongrhton (dan. of Enos and Clarissa Jones 

Bonghton), of Yictor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 2682 

2.675 i. Clarissa Boughton Wilmarth, b. Bough ton Hill, 
N. Y., June 13, 1822 ; d. Nov. 27, 1828 ; buiied at 
Boughton Hill. 

2.676 ii. Paulo WNA Lavinia Wilmarth, b. Boughton 
Hill, Aug. 11, 1823, m. Aug. 29, 1847, Spencer I. 
Cleaveland ; settled at Victor, N. Y. 

2,676* iii. Elizabeth Sophronia Wilmarth, b. Boughton 

Hill, March 22, 1825 ; d. Oct. 24, 1845. 
2,676^ iv. Sarah Rogers Wilmarth, b. Boughton Hill, 

Jan. 6, 1827 ; d. Jan. 6, 1847. 
2,676« V. Edward Giddings Wilmarth, b. Boughton Hill, 

Nov. 3, 1828 ; d. March 7, 1833 ; buried on Boughton 

2,676** vi. Mary Clementina Wilmarth, b. Boughton Hill, 

Dec. 7, 1831; d. March 9, 1838; buried Boughton Hill. 
2,676* vii. Montgomery Chester Wilmarth, b. Boughton 

Hill, Dec. 9, 1833 ; d. June 29, 1834. 

Children of Spencer I. and Panlowna L. Wilmarth Cleareland, of 

Bonghton Hill, N. Y. 

2,676^1. Sarah Theodocia Cleaveland, b. May 9, 1849 ; d. 
Sept. 5, 1849. 


2,676f ii. Orella Sophronia Cleaveland, b. Dec. 1, 1851 ; 

m. May 27, 1S78, Eugene M. Brown ; she d. Dec. 12,. 

2,676*» iii. Frederick Wilmarth Cleaveland, b. April 28,. 

1858 ; d. Sept. 25, 1858. 
2,676^ iv. Henry Augustus Cleaveland, b. Dec. 16, 1859 ; 

d. Dec. 18, 1859. 
2,676' V. Llewellyn Spencer Cleaveland, b. Lagrange 

county, Ind., Dec. 4, 1862 ; m. May 1, 1888, Laura 

M. Stout. 

Children of Nidiolas and Abigail Bonghton (dan. of Hezekiahy Jr., and 
Abigrall Penojer Bongrhton) Smith, of Yictor, N. Y. 2536 

2.677 i. AvA Smith, b. Victor. He went to North Carolina 
with his uncles, 1799 ; m. there twice, one a French 
lady ; was drowned in North CaroHna. 

2.678 ii. JDavid Smith, b. Victor ; d. unmarried. 

2.679 iii. Anna Smith, b. Victor ; m. Josiah Morehouse ; 
moved west. 

2. 680 iv. Ira SraTH, b. Victor ; m. Mahala Red way . 

2.681 V.Sally Smith, b. Victor ; m. Erastus Ingersoll; 
settled in Michigan and died. 

2.682 vi. Erastus Smith, b. Victor ; died unmarried. 

2.683 vii. Betsey Smith, b. Victor ; m. David Wooster, a 
Baptist minister. 

2.684 viii. Philenus Smith, b. Victor j res. Pennsylvania. 

2.685 ix. Hezekiah Smith, b. Victor ; m. Maria Lee ; 
moved to Michigan. 

Child of Ara and Smithy of North Carolina. 2677 

2.686 i. Lurania Smith, m. Rufus Humphrey. 

Children of Bnftis and Lnranla Smith Humphrey. 2680 

2,686» i. Mary Humphrey, m. Rev. Mr. Nelson. 
2,686»^ ii. Angeline Humphrey, d. unmarried. 
2,686^ iii. Oliver Humphrey, died by an accident in youth. 
Other children's names not known. 

Children of firastns and Sally Smith Ingersoll, of Michigan. 2681 

2,686** i. Erastus Ingersoll ; history not known. 

2,686« ii. Meijlnia Boughton Ingersoll, married Walter 

2,686^ in. Angelina Ingersoll. 
2,686f iv, Eliel Ingersoll. 
2,686** V. Orville Ingersoll. 
2,686* vi. Anna Ingersoll. 

278 BouTON-BouGiB^>fir Family. 

Children of Joshua and Sally Bonghton (dan. of Hezekiah and Abigrail 
Penoyer Bonghton) Ketchnm^ of Stockbridgre. 2587 

2.687 i. Jared Ketchum, b. Stockbridge, Mass. 

2.688 ii. Lewis Ketchum, b. Stockbridge. 

2.689 iii. Sally Ketchum, b. Stockbridge, was an invalid. 

2.690 iv. LucRETiA Ketchum, b. Stockbridge. 


Son of Hezekiah and Abigail Penoyer Bonghton. 

[From Recollections by his daughter Mrs. Melania Bonghton Smith.] 

(vi.) Jared Boughton, b. Salem, Westchester 
county, N.' Y., Feb. 19, 1766, m. Columbia county, N. 
Y., 1787, Olive Stone (dau. of Charles and Tryphena 
CoUins Stone), b. Old Stockbridge, Berkshire county, 
Mass., Jan. 2, 1770. 

Hezekiah Boughton and his family were residents of 
Old Stockbridge, Mass., and Jared Boughton, his son, with 
his wife continued to make their home there for some time 
after their marriage. 

In the spring of 1788, having heard of the fertile country 
of the Genesee, he and his brother Hezekiah started on an 
exploring expedition in search of a new home. They went 
first to Chenango, where Charles Stone, father-in-law of 
Jared, had previously bought a large tract of land. 

Not liking the country they were about to return, but 
being informed of the council held with the Indians by 
Phelps & Gorham at Geneva, with a view to the extinc- 
tion of the Indian title to their large purchase of territory 
in western New York, they found company and went 
thither, arriving a few days before the close of the ti'eaty. 
They were well pleased with the country, but being unable 
to purchase until the land was surveyed they returned to 

The treaty was held in July, 1788. In the fall of the same 
year William Walker, agent and surveyor for Phelps & 
Gorham, Enos Boughton (brother of Jared), clerk and 
assistant of Walker, with others came on to Canandaigua, 
where they erected a store-house and other buildings for the 
accommodation of the party. These were the fii'st build- 
ings erected in that town. In the course of the fall Enos 
obtained from Walker a contract for township 11, range 4, 
of the Phelps & Gorham tract, now the township of Victor, 
Ontario county. 






In May, 1789, Jared Boughton, his brother Enos, Horatio 
Jones, a surveyor, and brother-in-law of Enos, with hired 
hands came to the new purchase. The township, six 
miles square, was surveyed into lots and prepared for sale. 
The fatner, Hezekiah Boughton, reserved somewhat more 
than one-fourth, including what was afterward called 
Boughton Hill. The remainder was mostly sold before 
spring. Jared Boughton had brought with him a supply 
of seeds and some farming implements. He raised summer 
crops for immediate use, built a log house and sowed 
several acres of wheat for the next year. This was the 
first improvement made by white men m that town. There 
had been an Indian village on the Hill and the Indians had 
burned oflf the timber and kept the ground clear, apparently 
for their own planting. Thus there was a large ti-act nearly 
ready for the plough. On this the wild grass grew 
luxuriantly, furnishing abundant pasturage for the cattle 
and sheep which were brought on in June by Hezekiah 
Boughton and a cousin, Jacob Lobdell. 

In October most of thp party returned to Stockbridge. 
The homecoming of the brothers was saddened by the 
death of their mother, Abigail Penoyer Boughton, which 
had occurred in the summer. 

The intention of Jared Boughton was to avail himself of 
the winter, to take his family and effects in sleighs to their 
new home. They waited in vain for sleighing until Feb- 
ruary, when, a few inches of snow having fallen, they 
started on the long journey. Seymour Boughton, younger 
brother of Jared, accompanied them as assistant and 
companion. There were two children, a son Selleck, not 
quite two years old, and a daughter Melania, only four 
months old. The way was through an almost uninhabited 
wilderness, if we except Indians and wild beasts. There 
were no roads except such as were cut through the woods ; 
the streams were without bridges. The Cayuga lake was 
crossed on the ice, which was so softened by the lateness of 
the season that with the horses at full speed the sleigh 
tracks filled with water behind them. When no other 
shelter was reached they camped under the trees when 
night overtook them. Of one of these instances Mr. 
Boughton wrote — having passed the previous night at the 
house of an Indian interpreter and his squaw wife — '' We 
had traveled thirteen miles. Col. Reed's family and mine, 
fourteen in number, camped that night under a hemlock 
tree, built a camp of hemlock boughs, had a warm brisk 
fire, made chocolate ; and although my wife had a young 

280 BouTON-BouGHTON Family, 

child, we had a comfortable time."- They arrived at their 
cabin in Victor, March 7, 1790. 

Olive Boughton, the wife of Jared, was the first white 
woman who came to that town, and for three months she 
was the only one. Her second son, Frederic, was the first 
white child born there. He was born June 1st, 1791. 

In October, 1790, seven or eight months after the arrival 
of Jared Boughton in Victor, his father came, with the 
youngest son, Seymour, and the unmarried daughter, Theo- 
dosia. The married daughters came not far from the same 
time, and the family were all together in the new western 
home. The father gave farms to his married children, and 
built a house for himself and the two unmarried ones. He 
gave land on Boughton Hill for a cemetery, and a public 
square. On this square a school house was built, where for 
many years most of the Boughton ideas were taught to 
shoot. He laid out a broad highway, extending from Bough- 
ton Hill to the south line of his possessions, which was also 
the line betwen Victor and East Bloomfield. All these 
were donated to the town. In the division of property 
among the children, Enos and Jared Boughton settled on 
Boughton Hill. The latter built his house under the 
shadow of a great oak, which had escaped the fires, and 
beneath which were several Indian graves. Here the fam- 
ily passed a number of happy years. Hezekiah Boughton, 
the father, died in 1798. Soon after, Enos became involved 
in financial trouble. To relieve him, his brother Jared, and 
Daniel Sawyer, who had married the sister Theodosia, sold 
their possessions, paid the debts, and hoping to retrieve 
their fortunes, removed with their families— Enos and his 
family going with them — to North Carolina. Jared and his 
family were detained at Old Point Comfort, Virginia, by 
sickness. One of his children, a daughter aged eighteen 
months, and a niece of Mrs. Boughton aged eighteen years, 
died there. They had left Victor in June, and arrived at 
the place of their destination in September. 

Their plan was to manufacture lumber from the white 
cedar which abounded in the swamps there. They hired 
slaves from their masters and set to work. The lumber 
was sent in vessels to northern cities, where it sold readily. 
After a year or two Enos and his family returned to Victor. 
The others worked on. Soon they were able to purchase 
vessels. The elder sons were placed in a school in Edenton, 
N. C. The two eldest daughters were sent to a boarding 
school in Providence, R. I., where they remained two years. 

At the end of ten years their object was so far accom- 


Elished that Jared Boughton decided to return home. The 
awyer family remained in Carolina, never coming north 
again. Mr. Boughton came back to Victor in 1809 and 
repurchased a part of his original farm. He also built a 
brick hotel in East Bloomfield, which was one of a series 
two or three miles apart on what was then called the State 
road, leading west from Albany to Buffalo, passing through 
Canandaigua and East Bloomfield. These taverns, as they 
were then called, were large with ample barns intended 
for the accommodation not only of the inhabitants, but 
chiefly as resting places for the many men and teams 
bringing goods from the east to supply the western market. 
Here he placed his second son ; the eldest he settled on a 
farm adjoining his own, but he afterward left farming for 
the study of law. 

In this, the home of his early choice, he spent the most 
of his after life, beloved and respected by all who knew 
him. He died February 10, 1852, at the home of his 
youngest son Enos, in East Bloomfield. His wife had died 
there Jan. 17, 1849. They are both buried in the old burial 

•ound on Boughton Hill where his father and many of his 

indred also lie. 

Children of Jared and Olite Stone Bonghton^ of Stoekbridge, Mass.^ 

and Yietor, N. Y. 25S9 

2.691 i. Selleck Boughton, a lawyer of ability and prom- 
inence, b. Stockbridge, Mass., March 20, 1788, m. 
Clarissa Brace ; she d. June 29, 1857, aged sixty-eight 
years ; he died Rochester, July 11, 1870. 

2.692 li. Melania Boughton, b. Stockbridge, Mass., October 
11, 1789, was taken by her parents when an infant 
to Victor, N. Y., and thence in 1800 to North Caro- 
lina. In 1807 she and her sister Olive were sent to 
Providence, R. I., to a boarding school where they 
remained two years and returned to Victor, visiting 
relatives at Stockbridge by the way. She m. at 
Victor, Feb. 3, 1814, Dr. Archelaus Green Smith, b. 
Otego, Otsego county, N. Y., June 10, 1792, first 
settling at Pittsford, N. Y. ; they moved to Victor in 
autumn of 1818, where he engaged in merchandising. 
In spring of 1823 they removed to Rochester, which 
at that time was very sickly, the streets being in a 
horrible condition and bilious fever prevalent. In 
the following autumn Dr. Smith went to New York 
to attend lectures, and his wife with her two little 
boys, Sandf ord and Augustus, went to her father's in 

282 BoDTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Victor. In the spring they returned to Rochester, 
and in 1886 moved to New York city, where the sons 
attended college. In November, 184:6, Dr. Smith was 
thrown from a horse and injured so that he was 
never after in good health. He died while on a visit 
to friends in western New York at the house of his 
brother-in-law, Enos Bough ton, June 19, 1850. 
(See Recollections, by Melania Boughton Smith, 

Sublished 1870, from which valuable aid has been 
erived for this work.) She died at the house of 
her son, at Shrewsbury, N. J., July 7, 1888. 

2.693 iii. Frederick Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., June 1, 
1791, m. by Rev. A. C. Collins, at East Bloomfield, 
Elizabeth C. Collins ; she died Pittsford, May 23, 1846; 
he died Feb. 14, 1860, Pittsford. 

2.694 iv. Lyman Boughton, b. Victor, Sept. 6, 1793, m. 
first, Dinah Boughton ; second, Juliana Turrell ; set- 
tled in Michigan ; he died May 2, 1841. 

2.695 V. Olive Boughton, b. Victor, December 16, 1795, m. 
James Williams. He died 1837; she died August 
25, 1839. 

2.696 vi. Minerva Boughton, b. Victor, Feb. 15, 1797 ; 
died in infancy in Virginia, 1799. 

2.697 vii. Minerva Caroline Boughton, b. North Carolina, 
July 14, 1800, m. Charles F. Dickinson ; she died 
Eush, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1829. 

2.698 viii. Charles Stone Boughton, b. North Carolina, 
March 1, 1803, m. May 25, 1830, Caroline Lettice 
Markham ; settled Rush ; he d. Rush, Jan. 16, 1841. 

2.699 ix. Eliza Collins Boughton, b. North Carolina, 
August 15, 1805, ra. Bennett Lewis ; settled in Ohio. 

2,Y00 X. Jared Hezekiah Boughton, b. North Carolina, 
Nov. 15, 1807, m. Sarah Maria Martin ; res. Saginaw, 

2.701 xi. Edna Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1812, 
m. Mortimer Buel, 1832 ; he d. in his 77th year, at 
Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1885. 

2.702 xii. Enos Boughton, b. Victor, Sept. 10, 1815, m. 
Hannah Maria Stone ; res. Pittsford, N. Y., 1889. 

Children of Selleck and Clarissa Brace Bonghton, 

of Rochester, N. Y. 2691 

2.703 i. Eltsha Brace Boughton, b. about 1813, never 
married; died Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1856, aged 
forty-three years. 

2.704 ii. Olive Boughton ; died in youth. 


2.705 iii. Edward Smith Boughton, b. March 22, 1816, m. 
April ^, 1842, Lucretia ; d. 1876. 

2.706 iv. RoMEYN Boughton, m. Sylvia Hamilton ; died ; 
no children. 

2.707 V. Minerva Caroline Boughton, b. Sept. 10, 1829, 
m. Rochester, Oct. 17, 1854, Daniel A. Woodbury, b. 
April 12, 1827 ; settled at Rochester, 1848 ; res. Roch- 
ester, 1889. 

2.708 vi. Ruth Boughton, died in youth. 

2.709 vii. Clarissa Boughton, died in youth. 

2.710 viii. Jared Boughton, died in Rochester, N. Y., 1857. 

2.711 ix. Mary Boughton, died in Rochester. 

Children of Edward S. and Lncretia Bonghton, of Boch- 

ester, N. \. 2705 

2.712 i. Selleck Boughton, b. Rochester, August 13, 1843 
d. unmarried Dec. 10, 1883. 

2.713 ii. Gertrude Boughton, b. Rochester, Dec. 25, 1847 
res. Rochester, 1889. 

2.714 iii. Romeyn Boughton, b Rochester, Aug. 7, 1849 
res. Rochester, 1889. 

Children of D. A. and Miner ta C. Bong^hton Woodbury ^ of 

Bochester. 2707 

2.715 i. Willis E. Woodbury, b. Rochester, N. Y., June 
23, 1857, m. Nov. 10, 1884, Mamie Christian. 

2.716 ii. Edward J. Woodbury, b. Rochester, July 21, 
1859, m. Louise M. Kramer, Nov. 14, 1881 ; res. Koch- 
ester, N. Y. 

2,716* iii. Clara Frances Woodbury, b. Rochester, Jan. 
17, 1862 ; d. Rochester, Sept. 15, 1863. 

Child of WlUlg E. and Mamie Christian Woodbury, of 

Bochester, N. T. 2715 

2,716'' i. Minerva Caroline Woodbury, b. Rochester, N. 
Y., Dec. 4, 1885. 

Chiidren of Edward J. and Lonlse M. Kramer Woodbury, of 

Roehester, N. T. 8716 

2,716^ i. Warren K. Woodbury, b. Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 

17, 1885, d. Feb. 22, 1885. 
2,716<* ii. Edna Louise Woodbury, b. Rochester, May 13, 


Children of Dr. Arehelans G. and Melania Bonghton (dan. of Jared and 

Olite Bongrhton) Smith, of Victor, N. Y. 2692 

2.717 i. Minerva SMrrn, b. Pittsford, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1815, 
d. Dec. 2, 1817. 

284 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.718 ii. Sanford Stevens SmttHj b. Pittsford, N. Y., Sept. 
iJ, 1817, m. March 15, 1848, Frances S. Van Dyke. 
He was an educated man and an orator. His gradu- 
ating address on ^' Physical Science "was highly com- 
phmented by competent judges. He died June 14, 

2.719 iii. Augustus F. Smith, b. Victor, N. Y., Oct. 3, 
1819, m. May 22, 18-14,. Lucy A. Elliot ; settled in 
New York ; moved about 1850 to Fort Washington, 
as a country residence in summer^ but resided in iJew 
York city generally. 

The following obituary was clipped from a Rochester, 
N. Y., newspaper, July, 1876: 

"Death of Augustus F. Smith. — We are called upon 
to announce the death of Augustus F. Smith, of New York. 
He died on the 6th instant, after a long and painful illness. 
Mr. Smith was once a resident of this city, and was weU 
known to many of our citizens. He was a son of Dr. Arch- 
elaus G. Smith, formerly of Rochester, and the only sur- 
viving brother of Hon. E. Delafleld Smith. He was born 
in Victor, N. Y., October 3d, 1819. His father became a 
resident of Rochester in 1823, and practiced in this city till 
1836, when he removed to New York with his family. Mr. 
Smith was one of the ^*old school boys" of Rochester, 
graduated at New York university, was admitted to the 
Bar in New York and practiced his prof essioii there until he 
was seized with the sickness which resulted iu his death. 
He achieved distinction and a fortune as a member of the 
firm of Martin & Smith, whose business equalled, if it did 
not exceed, that of any legal firm in the metropolis. He 
was the active member of the firm, his "partner, Mr. Martin, 
seldom — if ever — ^appearing in court. Unquestionably, Mr. 
Smith was one of the fii-st lawyers of New York. He 
never aspired to poUtical preferment — his entire life was 
devoted to the profession wnich he adorned. He was a man 
of sterling integrity, unblemished character, of noble bear- 
ing, and he commanded the highest respect and admiration 
of Doth bench and bar. He hved in modest elegance, the 
head of a family refined and devoted. He will be mourned 
by all who knew him, and the legal profession will be 
deprived of a member whose ripe learning, elegant culture 
and unsurpassed ability it can illy spare." 

2.720 iv. Adelpha Smith (dau. of Dr. Archelaus G. and 
Melania Boughton Smith), born Victor, N. Y., Feb» 
2, 1824, m. June 15, 1844, first, Charles Durfee and 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 285 

settled in New York ; moved to Brooklyn. Married, 
second, Stephen K. Fowler, and moved to Boxford, 
Mass. ; died in Vernon, N. T., August 13, 1885. 
2,721 V. Edward Delafield Smith (son of Dr. Archelaus 
G. and Melania Bough ton Smith), b. Eochester, N. Y., 
May 8, 1826, m. Sumter, S. C, first, Charlotte Eli- 
phal Morgan, d. March 31, 1873 ; second, Margaret 
Morgan ; both daughters of Eev. Dr. Gilbert Morgan, 
of Sumter, S. C. He graduated from the univer- 
sity of New York, 1846 ; studied law in the offices of 
Chancellor Kent, Judge Blatchf ord and Judge Henry 
E. Davies, and was admitted to the bar in 1848. He 
practiced in New York for several years, during 
which, in addition to arduous professional work, he 
published four volumes of selected legal decisions, 
which are known as the E. D. Smith Reports. In 
1861 he was appointed by President Lincoln, U. S. 
district attorney for the southern district of New 
York, an ofiice which he held for four years, during 
which he achieved many triumphs, the most cele- 
brated being the conviction and execution of Nathan- 
iel Gordon, a slave trader. This was the first con- 
viction under a law which had been in existence, but 
a dead letter for forty-one years. At the close of his 
term he resumed the practice of his profession, until 
appointed counsel to the corporation of New York. 
In consequence of failing health he retired to his 
country home in Shrewsbury, N. J., where he died 
April 12, 1878. 

Children of Angnstas F. and Lncy A. Elliot Smithy 

of New York city. 2719 

2.722 i. Florence S^hth, b. New York city, Mar. 11, 1845, 
d. July 19, 1871. Though dying at the early age of 
twenty-five years, she was a woman of remarkable 
character and attainments. She was an artist of 
promise, a fine linguist and a graceful writer. A 
volume of her poems entitled '*Piero's Painting" 
was printed for private circulation after her death. 
She led a life of active benevolence, and in her home 
life was lovely and beloved. 

2.723 ii. Eluot SMrrn (son of Augustus F. and Lucy 
Elliot Smith), b. New York city, July 10, 1847, 

Graduated Columbia Law school, New York, 1871, m. 
ulia C. Pratt (dau. of James H. and Maria E. 
Boughton Pratt), who died March 26, 1878. Her 

286 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

infant son was buried with her. Elliot Smith m, 
second Emmeline Ferlini, Jan. 21, 1886. 

2.724 iii. Sandford Sidney Smith (son of Augustus F. and 
Lucy Elliot Smith), b. New York city, April 15, 1849, 
graduated Harvard college 1870, and Columbia Law 
school 1872, m. first, June 3, 1873, E^atharine V. 
Toffey, of Cambridge, Mass.; she died May 19, 1884 ; 
second, July 1, 1886, Edith Cornell, of New York. 
S. Sidney and his brother Elliot Smith practiced law 
in New York city, 1889. 

Child of S. Sidney and Katliarine Y. Smith. 2784 

2,724'^ i. Julia Peatt SMrra, b. Feb. 15, 1880. 

Child of S. Sidney and Edith Cornell Smith. 

2,724*^ ii. Philip Sidney Smtth, b. July 5, 1888. 

2.725 iv. Howard Augustus Smith (son of Augustus F. 
and Lucy Elliot Smith), b. New York city, Jan. 31, 
1852, graduated Columbia Law school 1876, practiced 
law in New York ; removed to Rochester in 1883 ; m. 
Nov. 11, 1885, Cornelia C. Ely, of Rochester. 

Children of Howard Angrnstos and Cornelia C« Elj Smith. 3785 

2,725* Augustus Howard Smith, b. Sept. 24, 1886. 
2,725** Lawrence Douglas Smtih, b. Aug. 25, 1888. 

2,725« V. Lucy May Smith (dau. of Augustus F. and Lucy 
Elliot Smith), b. July 17, 1853, Fort Washington, N. 
T., m. Sept., 1877, John C. Cole, a lawyer of New 
York; died Jan. 24, 1882. 

Child of John C and Lncj Maj Smith Cole. 2725c 

2.726 i. Lucy May Cole, b. Dec. 31, 1881. 

2.727 vi. Caroline Cornelia Smith (dau. of Augustus F. 
and Lucy Elliot Smith), b. Fort Washington, N. Y., 
Feb. 6, 1855, d. Oct. 19, 1856. 

2.728 vii. Leonore Smith (dau. of Augustus F. and Lucy 
Elliot Smith), b. Fort Washington, N. Y., June 16, 
1858, m. John Candler Cobb, of Boston, Mass., Dec. 
9, 1879. 

Children of John Candler and Leonore Smith Cobb. 2728 

2,728^^ i. John Candler Cobb, Jr., b. Dec. 18, 1880. 
2 728»' ii. Emma May Cobb, b. Nov. 12, 1882. 
2*728'^ iii. Augustus Smith Cobb, b. Aug. 1, 1885. 
2,728"* iv. Stanley Cobb, b. Dec. 10, 1887. 


2.729 viii. Emma Martin Smith (dau. of Augustus F. and 
Lucy Elliot Smith), b. Fort Washington, N. Y., Sept. 
8, 1859, m. Henry Ives Cobb, April 17, 1882, resides 

ChUdren of Henry Ires and Emma M. Smith Cobb. 3729 

2,729'* i. Henry Ives Cobb, Jr., b. March 24, 1883. 
2,729'' ii. Cleveland Cobb, b. May 26, 1884. 
2,729° iii. Leonore Cobb, b. Nov. 15, 1885. 
2,729^ iv. Candler Cobb, b. April 18, 1887. 
2,729'' V. Elliot Cobb, b. Nov. 23, 1888. 

Children of Charles and Adelpha Smith Darfee, of New York. 2720 

2.730 i. Charles Augustus Durfee, b. New York, May 
4, 1845. Attended Williams college ; married ; wife 
died, leaving infant daughter. Now living in New 

2.731 ii. LeRoy Durfee, b. May 31, 1846, d. in childhood. 

2.732 iii. Adelpha Maria Durfee, b. March 17, 1847, d. 
June, 1848. 

2.733 iv. Melania Boughton Durfee, m. Rome, Italy, 
April 26, 1882, Francesco Mariotti, secretary of the 
household of King Humbert, of Italy. Res. Rome. 

Children of Francesco and Melania Bonghton Durfee Mariotti. 278S 

2,733» i. Leonora Emma May Marghereta, b. August 15, 

2,733* ii. Marghereta Erminie Francesca Lilian, b. Nov. 

18, 1884. 

2,733« iii. Erminie and Piero Francesco Giovanni (twins), 

b. March 8, 1887. 
2,733** iv. Piero Francesco Giovanni, died July 8, 1888. 
2,733* V. LioNELLO Max Vincent, b. May 19, 1888. 

2.734 V. Alice Durfee, b. New York, March 6, 1850, d. 
March 12, 1850. 

2,736 vi. CoRAUE Augusta Durfee, b. New York, May 
18, 1851, d. 1854. 

2.736 vii. Adelpha Smtth Durfee, b. Brooklyn, June 28, 
1853, d. 1856. 

2.737 viii. Stella Durfee, b. Brooklyn, April 17, 1865, 
d. March, 1856. 

2.738 ix. Eva Sandford Durfee, m. 1883, Rome, Italy, 
Leopoldo Mariotti, a brother of Francesco Mariotti ; 
res. Rome. Is an artist. 

288 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Leopoldo and Era Sandford Dnrfee Mariotti. 

2,738» i. GuiDO ViNCENZO PiEBO GiovANNi, b. March 12, 
1884. Died in infancy. 

Glilldren of £. Delafleld and Charlotte E. Morgan Smith. 2721 

2.739 i. Harold Morgan Smith, b. New York, August 15, 
1852 ; graduated at Princeton college and New York 
law university. 

2.740 ii. Sandford Stevens Smtth, b. New York city, 
July 13,' 1854, d. Dec. 30, 1856. 

2.741 iii. Herbert Boughton Smith, b. New York city, 
Nov. 28, 1857 ; graduated university of New York ; 
m. June 5, 1889, Marietta Servis, of Shrewsbury, N. 
J., where they reside 1889. 

2.742 iv. Camilla Smith, b. New York city, Feb. 3, 1860, 
d. April 29, 1862. 

2.743 V. Edward Delafield Smtth, Jr., b. New York 
city, Feb. 1, 1862, m. April 10, 1889, Carrie May 
Sneden, of Red Bank, N. J. 

2.744 vi. Corinna Smith, b. New York, Dec. 19, 1863. 

2.745 vii. Charlotte Eliphal Smith, b. New York, Mar. 
22, 1S68. 

Children of Frederick (son of Jared and Olire Stone Bongrhton) and 
Elizabeth C. Collins Bongrhton, of Pittsford, N. T. 2698 

2.746 i. Seymour Boughton, b. East Bloomfield, N. Y., 
Sept. 7, 1814, m. Manchester, Conn., April 29, 1847, 
Ellen M. Van Bergan, settled in Pittsford, N. Y., 


2.747 ii. Maria Edqeworth Boughton, b. East Bloom- 
field, June 17, 1816, m. Sept. 15, 1840, James H. 
Pratt, b. Nov. 18, 1816; shed. Brooklyn, N. Y., 3846. 

2.748 iii. Gertrude Amelia Boughton, b. East Bloomfield, 
May 22, 1818, she d. East Bloomfield, 1834. 

2.749 iv. Love Lee Boughton, b. East Bloomfield, June 
29, 1820, d. June 8, 1821. 

2.750 V. Daniel Coluns Boughton, b. East Bloomfield, 
June 27, 1822, d. East Bloomfield, Aug. 15, 1822. 

2.751 vi. Caroline Sprague Boughton, b. East Bloom- 
field, Oct. 26, 1823, unmarried, d. Pittsford, N. Y., 
Jan. 4, 1845, with consumption, aged twenty-two 

2.752 vii. Frederick Augustus Boughton, b. April 8, 
1826, went to California ; unmarried April 9, 1853 ; 
d. at Auburn, Placer county, Cal., some years later. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 289 

2.753 viii. Cornelia Augusta Boughton, b. Dec. 6, 1830, 
lived with her brother Seymour at Pittsford, N. Y. 

Children of Seymour (son of Frederick and Elizabeth G. Collins 
Boughton) and Ellen M. Van Bergan Boughton, 

of Pittsford, N. Y. 274« 

2.754 i. Christine Adelpha Boughton, b. Feb. 21, 1848, 
m. Dec. 12, 1881, Edward J. Dunning, res. Newton 
Centre, Mass. ; no children. 

2,765 ii. Maria E. Pratt Boughton, b. Jan. 17, 1850, m. 

May 25, 1871, Shelby G. Crump, a merchant, res, 

Pittsford, N. Y. 
2,755» iii. Claudius Victor Boughton, b. Dec. 28, 1852, d. 

Dec., 1859. 

2.756 iv. Frederick •Boughton, b. Sept. 12, 1859. 

Children of Shelby G. and Maria £. Boughton (dau* of Seymour and 
Ellen Tan Bergan Boughton) Crump, of Pittsford, N. T. 2755 

2,756* i. Jessie Agnes Crump, b. June 8, 1872, res. 

Pittsford, N. Y. 
2,756^ ii. Ellen Melania Crump, b. Oct. 3, 1874, d. Dec. 

9, 1881. 

2,756° iii. Christine Boughton Crump, b. Oct. 3, 1876, 

2,756^ iv. Etjjot Smith Crump, b. June 28, 1880, Pittsford. 
2,756' V. Claude Darwin Crump, b. Oct. 13, 1882, Pittsford. 
2,756^ vi. Felix Stanley Crump, b. Aug. 23, 1884, Pittsford. 
2,766«fvii. Lucy Corneua Crump, d. June 16, 1888, 


Children of James H. and Maria E. Boughton (dau* of Frederick and 
Elizabeth C. Collins Boughton) Pratt, of Greenbush, N. Y., 

he liyed In Albany 1889. 2747 

2.757 i. Frank C. Pratt, b. Rochester, N. Y., April 15, 
1842, d. Rochester, Aug. 22, 1843. 

2.758 ii. Frederick Pratt, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 5, 
1844, d. Pittsford, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1845. 

2.759 iii. James Henry Pratt, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb., 
1846, d. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 27, 1847. 

2.760 iv. JuuA Cleveland Pratt, b. Brooklyn, Feb. 17, 
1848, m. June 10, 1874, Elliot Smith; she d. Mar. 26, 
1878; no children. 

Child of Lyman (son of Jared and Olire Stone Boughton) and Dinah 
Boughton (dan. of Darid and Dinah Hanford Boughton) 

* Boughton^ of Micfiigan. S694 

2.761 i. Elvira Richards Boughton, m. 1852, Algernon 
Swinton, Victor, N. Y. ; she died 1858. 


290 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Lyman and (second wife) Juliana Tnrrell Boogliton, 

of Miohigran. 

2.762 ii. Charles Lyman Boughton, res. Michigan. 

Gliildren of James and Olire Bonghton (dan. of Jared and Ollre Stone ' 

Bongrhton) Williams^ settled Logransport. Ind. 2696 

2.763 i. Julia Williams, m. Alpheus Channell, lived Ohio ; 
she died there 1855. 

2.764 ii. Celia Williams, m. first, ; second, ; 

2,764** has one daughter, Isabell Thompson, a widow; they 

res. Calhoun, Mo., 1889. 

2.765 iii. Eliza Williams, never m., resides Newark, O. 
2; 766 iv. Emily Williams, m. 1846, Mortimer Seymour, 

res. Newark, O. ; he d. 1849. 

2.767 V. Augusta Williams, m. 1857, Job Wilson, res. 
New Albany, O. 

2.768 vi. Charles R. Williams, d. unmaried, aged fifteen 

2.769 vii. Simon Bouvar Williams, d. in youth. 

2.770 viii. Minerva Williams, d. in youth. 

2.771 ix. Ethan Stone Williams, d. at Panama, aged 
nineteen years. 

2.772 X. Eunice .Williams, m. 1853, Thomas L. Channell, 
settled Rocky Mountains; d. California 1862. 

Children of Alphens and Jnlia Williams Channell, of Ohio. 276S 

2,772'' i. ROLLIN W. Ce[annell, b. about 1837, d. in child- ; 

2,772^ ii. Edward S. Channell, b. 1838, d in childhood. 
2,772° iii. Virginia Channell, b. 1839, m. 1865, Wm. Con- 

dit ; she d. 1875. 
2,772^* iv. Emily Clarina Channell, b. 1841, m. 1865, 

Jeremiah Siler ; she d. 1867 ; left no children. 
2,772« V. Elizabeth S. Channell, b. 1844, m. 1867, Charles 

M. Prichard ; res. Lawrenceburgh, Ind. 
2,772^ vi. Olive W. Channell, b. 1846, m. 1867, Will W. 

Prichard ; res. Tronton, O. 
2,772? vii. Rebecca Channell, b. 1848; unmarried; res. 

Newark, O. 
2,772'' viii. Eunice Channell, b. 1853, m. 1876, Geo. H. 

Taylor ; res. Newark, O. No children. 

Children of Job and Angrnsta Williams Wilson^ of New 

Albanj, Ohio. 2767 

2,772' i. Frank Wilson, m. and d. in Mo.; left two little 


3.772J ( ii. John Wilson, d. in infancy. 

Twins. I 

2,772'^ ( iii. PuRTiMER Wilson, m. ; has one daughter ; res. 

New Albany, O. 
2,772' iv. Amanda M. Wilson, m. Homer Smith ; resides 

2,772"» V. James H. Wilson, d. Montana. 
2,772" ( vi. Carrie Wilson ; unmarried. 
Twins. < 
2,771« I vii. Kate Wilson, m. Lorenzo Alspaugh ; resides 

New Albany. 
2,772p viii. Eliza Wilson, d. early. 

Children of Thomas L. and Eunice Williams Channell, of 

California. 2772 

2,772^ i. Martin Channell, d. . 

2,772' ii. Olive Channell, d. . 

2,772* iii. Edwin H. Channel; res. Arizona. 
2,772* ir. William H. Channell ; res. El Paso, Texas. 
2,772" V. Maggie B. Channell ; res. Newark, 0. 
2,772^ vi. Thomas Elmer Channell ; res. Newark, O. 

Children of William and Virgrinia Channell Condit. 2772e 

2,772*^ i. Clyde Ernest CoNDrr ; unmarried ; res. Tronton, 

O., 1889. 
2,772* Maude CoNDrr ; died soon after leaving school. 
2,772^^ Benson Clare Condit ; unmarried ; res. Grinnell, 


Children of Charles M. and Elizabeth S. Channell Prichard, of Law- 

rencebnrgh, Ind. 2772« 

2,772* i. Mabel Prichard. 
2,772"* ii. Grace Prichard. 
2,772'»*» iii. Channing Prichard. 

Children of Will W. and Oliye W. Channell Priehard, of 

Tronton^ 0. 9772^ 

2,772«« i. GuvE Prichard ; died early. 
2,772**^ ii. Florence Prichard ; died early. 
2,772" iii. Ruth M. Prichard. 
2,772ff iv. Will A. Prichard. 
2,772««f V. Bobert Stanley Prichard. 
2,772''»» vi. EDriH A. Prichard. 
2,772^' vii. Julia E. Prichard. 
2,772ji viii. Eunice T. Prichard. 

292 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Charles F. and Hlnerra C. (dan, of Jared and Oliye Stone 

Bonghton) Bonghton Dickinson, of Bnsh, N. Y. . 2697 

Minerva 0. Boughton died and Charles F. married, sec- 
ond, Ann Eliza Adams, who survived him and lived at 
Victor, 1888. 

2.773 i. Charles BouaHTON Dickinson, b. Bush, N. T., 
Nov. 3, 1829, m. Dec. 3, 1865, Fermine M. Willson ; 
res, Eipon, Wis. 

ChUdren of Charles B. (son of Charles F. and Minerra C. Bongrhton 
Dieklnson) and Fermine M. WlUson Dickinson, 

of Blpon, Wis. 2778 

2.774 i. Charles W. Dickinson, b. Green Jjake, Wiscon- 
sin, Sept. 18, 1856. 

2.775 ii. Grace E. Dickinson, b. Green Lake, Dec. 20, 1859, 
d. Eipon, Wis., Aug. 21, 1864. 

2.776 iii. Ellen F. Dickinson, b. Green Lake, May 1, 
1862, m. Sept. 2, 1885, Arthur G. MarshaU. No 

2.777 iv. Grace B. Dickinson, b. Green Lake, Feb. 16, 

2.778 V. JuuA M. Dickinson, b. Eipon, Wis., Oct. 20, 1870. 

2.779 vi. Daniel L. Dickinson, b. Eipon, March 15, 1873. 

Children of Charles S. (son of Jared and OUto Stone Bonghton) and 
Caroline Lettlce Markham Boughton^ of Bnsh, 

Monroe C0.9 N. Y. 2098 

2.780 i. Homer Boughton, b. Eush, N. T., Nov. 2, 1831 ; 
went early in life to Michigan ; m. Ann Arbor, Ada- 
line B. Henderson, who died 1864, without issue ; m. 
second, Anna M. Pratt, of Sterling, Mass., March 6, 
1866 ; settled Topeka, Kansas, where he is engaged 
in loaning on real estate, 1889. 

ChQdren of Homer and Anna M. Pratt Bonghton* of Topeka, Kan. 

2,780» i. Caroline Boughton, b. January 9, 1867 ; resides at 

Topeka, 1889. 
2,780*» ii. Elizabeth (Bessie) Boughton, b. May 31, 1868 ; 

resides at Topeka. 
2,780« iii. Gertrude Boughton, b. Nov. 2, 1870 ; resides at 

2,780'' iv. Charles Wheelock Boughton, b. Oct. 20, 1873 ; 

resides Topeka. 
2,780« V. Katharine Boughton, b. Sept. 20, 1877 ; resides 

at Topeka. 


2,781 ii. Horace Boughton, b. Rush, N. T., March 23, 
1833, received an academic education and went to 
Rochester, N. Y., to study law. On April 17, 1861, 
when the news of the firing on Fort Sumter was 
received, he began the organization of a company for 
the war, and in three days it was completed, and was 
mustered into service on Sunday, April 21, 1861, 
and he was elected lieutenant. The company became 
a part of the 13th New York Volunteei's, and went 
immediately to Washington. They participated in all 
the early operations of the Army of the Potomac. 
He was promoted to a captaincy and in October, 1862, 
was transferred to the 14:3d JNew York Volunteers, 
with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Early in 1863 
he was made its colonel, and afterward brevetted 
brigadier general. He served till after the close of 
the war, when he was mustered out, having partici- 
pated in twenty-five actual battles. He has resided 
at Washington, D. C, since the war. His address is 
No. 514 Second St., N. W., Washington, D. C. He 
married, date not known. Celesta A. Lamb, of Bos- 
ton, Massachusetts. 

2JB2 iii. William Lyman Boughton, b. Bush, N. Y., Au- 

ni^ gust 28, 1834, d. in infancy. 

2.783 IV. Gertrude Boughton, b. Bush, N. Y., Sept. 20, 
1837, m. Sept. 10, 1861, George D. Cutler, of Kush, 
N. Y.; moved in 1877 to Albion, Michigan, where she 
died Jan. 11, 1878 ; in 1884 the family moved to 
Wacousta, CUnton county, Michigan, where they 
reside 1889. 

CUldren of Qeorye D. and Gertrude Boughton Cntler,of Bmhf N. Y. 

2.784 i. Horace B. Oxjtlbb, b. Rush^ N. Y., Dec. 15, 1863 ; 
res. Wacousta, Clinton Co., Mich. 

2.785 ii. Minerva Cutler, b. Rush, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1867 ; 
res. Wacousta, Michigan. 

ChUdren of Bennett and Eliza C* Bonffhton (dan. of Jared and 

OUre Stone Bonghton) Lewis. 2699 

2.786 i. Ezra B. Lewis, m. Belle Dunlap, 1872, res. San 
Jose, Cal. 

2.787 ii. Harriett Lewis, never m., went a missionary to 
Canton, China. 

2.788 iii. Cornelia Lewis, m. Be v. Mr. Hopkins, and died 
soon after her marriage. 

294 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2,789 iv. Charles Bennett Lewis, m. first, 1864, Anna 
McKeehan; she d. 1869j m. second, Susan M. Waddell. 

2.791 V. J ABED Lewis, died in chUdhood aged one year. 

2.792 vi. Addison Stores Lewis, m. Nov., 1874, Margaretta 
G. McLean, res. Clifton, O. 

2.793 vii. Eliza Lewis, died young, with smallpox. 

CUldren of Ezra B. and Belle Danlap Lewis, of San Jose, CaL 

2,793* i. Frank Lewis, b. 1873. 
2,793*» ii. WiLUAM D. Lewis, b. 1875. 
2,793*" iii. Lawrence Lewis, b. 1886. 

Child of Charles Bennett and (first wife) Annie MeKeehan Lewis. 

2,793<'2i^ Albert B. Lewis, b. June, 1867. 

Children of Charles Bennett and (second wife) Susan M. Waddell Lewis* 

2,793* ii. Harry Lewis, b. 1873. 
2,793* iii. Fannie Lewis, b. 1875. 
2,793^ iv. Edna Lewis, b. 1877. 
2,793« V. Della Lewis, b. 1879. 
2,793'' vi. Bessie Lewis, b. 1880. 
2,793» vii. George Lewis, b. 1883. 

Child of Addison Storrs and Margraretta U. MeLean LewlSy 

of Plttsbnrgrh, Pa« 

2,793J i. Nellie B. Lewis, b. Oct. 17, 1880. 

Odldren of Jared H. (son of Jared and Ollre Stone Bonghton) and 

Sarah M. Martin Bon^hton. 270O 

2.794 i. Jared Martin Boughton, m. Delia Peck. 

2.795 ii. William Lyman Boughton, d. young, June 11, 
1851, buried at Victor, N. Y. 

Children of J. Martin and Bella Peck Bonghton* 27M 

2.796 i. Ellen Maria Boughton. 

2.797 ii. Nellie Boughton, d. aged about six years. 

2.798 iii. Weluam Martin Boughton, d. aged about five 

2.799 IV. Frederick Jared Boughton. 

2.800 V. Sarah Maioa Boughton. 

Children of Mortimer and Edna Bonghton (dan. of Jared and OUye Stone 

Bonghton) BneU, of Canandaigrna, N. Y. 2701 

2.801 i. POMEROY BiRDSEYE BuELL, b. East Bloomfield, N. 
T., April 19, 1834, d. Dec, 1834, aged eight months. 

2.802 ii. Katharine Maria Buell, b. East Bloomfield, 


May 20, 1838, m. Collins Hart, and settled at Canan- 
daigua, N. T. 

2.803 iii. Augusta Williams Buell, b. East Bloorafield; 
July 26, 1841, m. Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1866, 
*Martin Warren Cooke, and settled in Rochester^ 
where they resided 1889. 

* Note. — M. W. Cooke is president of New York 
State Bar Association at Rochester, and author of 
the book **The Human History in Hamlet." 

2.804 iv. Arthur Stone Buell, b. East Bloomfield, Sept, 
19, 1843, studied law and gave great promise, but 
was killed by an accidental discharge of a gun Sept. 
3, 1862. 

2.805 V. Albert Mortimer Buell, b. April 17, 1846, went 
to the war, belonged to the 50th Regiment New York 
State Engineers; died of disease contracted in the 
army, Nov. 19, 1864. 

2.806 vi, Jesse Buell, b. Rochester, May 6, 1851, graduated 
M. D. University Rochester 1874, and Homoeopathic 
Medical College, 1887 ; practicing physician at Roches- 
ter, 1889. 

2.807 vii. Walter Buell, b. Rochester, Nov. 24, 1854, 
graduated 1874, University of Rochester. 

Note. — Educated a lawyer, practiced two years, 
and turned his talent to writing : is an editor and his- 
torian ; wrote the '' Life of Joshua R. Giddings. 

Children of Collins and Katharine M. Buell Hart^ of 

Canandalgna^ N. T. 2808 

2.808 i. Caroline Maria Hart, b. Rochester, N. Y., Mar. 
24, 1863. 

2.809 ii. Edna Augusta Hart, b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Dec. 22, 1864. 

2.810 iii. Olive Eliza Hart, b. Canandaigua, Aug. 26, 1867. 
2,810» iv. Miriam Louise Hart, b. Canandaigua, March 

27, 1871. 

Children of Martin W. and Augrnsta W. Bnell Cooke^ 

of Roeliester^ N. T. 2808 

2.811 i. Arthur Delafield Cooke, b. Rochester, N. Y., 
Sept. 6, 1867, d. July 23, 1869. 

2.812 ii. Katharine Cooke, b. Rochester, Oct. 23, 1869. 
2,812*^ iii. Charlotte Elizabeth Cooke, b. Rochester, N. 

Y., June 25, 1871. 

296 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Enos (son of Jared and Ollre Stone Boaghton) and Hannah 

Maria Stone Bonghton, of Pittsford, N. Y. 2702 

2.813 i. E. Gilbert Boughton, b. Pittsford, N. Y., not m., 
res. Pittsford, 1889. 

2.814 ii. Edna Buell Boughton, b. Pittsford, died in 

5.815 iii. Mary Boughton, b. Pittsford, died in childhood. 


(vii.) Sey^iour Boughton (son of Hezekiah and 
Abigail Penoyer Boughton), b. Salem, N. T., July 
6, 1769, m. Clarissa Dewey, of Massachusetts, and 
settled in Canandaigua, N. Y. ; he enlisted in the 
army in the war of 1812, was promoted to the 
colonelcy of a regiment, went to Buffalo, N. Y., 
and when Buffalo was burned by the Indians he 
undertook to escape on hoi^seback through a swamp 
when he was overtaken by the Indians, tomahawked, 
killed and scalped, as is supposed. His body and his 
horse were afterward found where he had been 
killed. He was buried in Avon, Livingston county, 
N. Y., where also his little son Sawyer lies by his side. 
The widow with her two daughters went to Sheffield, 
Mass. , to her friends. 

Children of Seymour and Clarissa Dewey Bonghton, of 

Canandaigrna, N. Y. 2540 

2.816 i. Daniel Sawyer Boughton, b. about 1806, died in 
infancy, buried at Avon, N. Y. 

2.817 ii. Louisa Boughton, m. Lewis Johnson, and died 
soon after. 

2.818 iii. Emily Bqughton, went after the death of her 
father to Sheffield, Mass., with her mother; m. 
Henry Beals. 

2.819 iv. Penelope Boughton, went after the death of her 
father to Sheffield, Mass., with her mother ; m. Fred- 
erick Martin. 

Cliildren of Daniel and Theodocia Bongrhton (dan. of Hezekiah and 
Abigail Penoyer Bongrhton) Sawyer, of Victor, N. Y., and 

North Carolina. 2541 

2.820 i. Franklin Fayette Sawyer, b. 1796, m. 1820, 
Mary B. Means, settled Petersburg, Ind. ; moved to 
Washington, Ind., where he died. 



2.821 ii. Frances Delia Sawyer, m. North Carolina, Mr. 
Sikes, hed. 1820; she m. second, John Mclntyre, and 
had two children, Mary and William Mclntyre. 

2.822 iii. Ehoda Caroline Sawyer, m. North Carolina, 
Benjamin Sikes; she d. North Carolina, 1830, leaving 
one son. 

2.823 iv. LoviNiA Theodocla. Sawyer, m. Enoch K. 
Moxson; she d. 1827, left one son who went to Iowa. 

2.824 V. Thesta Maria Sawyer, m. William Orear, settled 
Illinois; their dau. died 1831. 

2.825 vi. Seymour Boughton Sawyer, a minister, m. Jane 
Brothers, Montgomery, Ala. , he died of consumption 
1844 ; wife and children all died. 

2.826 vii. James Thompson Sawyer, died young, 1821. 

2.827 viii. John S. Sawyer, studied medicine and gradu- 
ated, m. twice, res. Vincennes, Ind.; had five chil- 
dren, names not obtained. 

Child of Benjamin and Bhoda Caroline Sawjer Sikes, of Columbia^ 

Tjrrell Co., N. C 

2.828 i. Benjamin Franklin Sikes ; lived, 1865, at Colum- 
bia, N. C. 

Children of Franklin Fayette (son of Daniel and Theodooia Bonghton 
Sawjer) and Mary B. Means Sawyer, of Wasldngrton, N. C. 2820 

2.829 i. Caroline M. Sawyer, m. Drennon ; d. Ar- 
kansas, February, 1855. 

2.830 ii. Daniel Sawyer ; resides California. 

2.831 iii. Susan Pea Sawyer, m. Dr. G. W. Barrett ; 
moved to Lockhart, Caldwell Co., Texas. 

Note. — Dr. Barrett's residence could not be obtained, as 
letters addressed as above were returned by the postmaster 

2.832 iv. Ellen J. Sawyer ; moved to Lockhart, Texas. 

2.833 V. Delia Octavia Sawyer, 

2.834 vi. Samuel Means Sawyer. 

2.835 vii. Frances Delia Sawyer. 

Children of John and Franees Delia Sawyer Molntyre* 

2.836 i. Mary McIntyre, m. Mr. Davisson, consul of U. fl- 
at Bordeaux. 

2.837 ii. William McIntyre ; was an officer in the Union 

298 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Seymour and Esther Lerake Bonton, of Victor » N. T. 2527 

2.844 i. Esther Bouton, b. New Canaan, Ct., 1765. 

2.845 ii. Charles Seymour Bouton, b. New Canaan, 1767. 

2.846 iii. Hannah Bouton, b. New Canaan, 1768. 

Note. — ^As accounts of the families of Nathan Boiighton 
have been furnished from Victor, N. Y. and West Stock- 
bridge, Mass., varying somewhat, the author has submitted 
both to his readers. (See No. 2429.) 

Child of Nathan (son of Eleazar and Elizabeth Bonton) and (first- 
wife) Borothy Bonghton, of West Stockbrldge^ Mass.f formerly 

from Stamford^ Conn.; she d. 1769. 

3.847 i. Mary Boughton, probably b. Danbury, Ct., about 
1769, m. Ezra Wilmarth ; settled Victor, Ontario- 
Co., N. Y, 

Children of Nathan and (second wife) Bhoda Cnrtls Bonghton^ nu 
1771, of West Stoekbridgre, Mass., and mored to Victor, N. Y., 

and then to Ohio. 

2,847* ii. Horatio Boughton, b. probably, West Stock- 
bridge, about 1773. Supposed to oe the Horatio* 
Boughton to whom the Monroe countj records say 
Enos Boughton sold a piece of land in 1795. (See 
note on Enos Boughton, No. 2585.) 

2,847*» iii. Harvey Boughton, b. Feb. 4, 1782, probably at 
West Stockbridge, Mass., m. Elizabeth Boynton ; set- 
tled in Rochester, N. Y. ; he d. Sept. 1, 1829 ; she d^ 
May 9, 1855. 

2,847^ iv. Bhoda Boughton, b. probably, West Stockbridge^ 
m. Baldwin ; settled in Victor, N. Y. 

2,847*" V. Gans Boughton, b. probably, West Stockbridge ;. 
' settled St. Joseph Co., Mich. 

Children of Esra and Mary (Polly) Bonghton Wilmarth^ of 

Victor, N. Y. 284r 

2,847« i. Otis WmMARTH, b. Rensselaer county, N. Y., Dec. 

8, 1792, m. Sophronia Boughton (dau. of Enoa 

Boughton), she d. April 2, 1857 ; he d. Feb. 20, 1856. 
2,847^ ii. Belinda Wilmarth, b. Rensselaer county, April, 

1794, m. Samuel GiUis. 
2,847» iii. Dorothy Wilmarth, b. Rensselaer county April 

20, 1796, m. John W. Hughes, settled in Ohio; she 

d. March 24, 1844. 
2,847*^ iv. Ezra Wilmarth, Jr., b. Rensselaer county, 1798^ 

m, Betsey Hunt, he d. 1820, aged twenty-two years. 


2,847* V. Lyman Wilmarth, b. June 2, 1801, m. Lemira 
Dickinson, settled in Pennsylvania; he died July 22, 

2,847J vi. Cyrus Wilmarth, b. April 18, 1804, m. first Mary 
Ball ; she d. April 11, 1831; m. second, Diana Richard- 
son; he d. July 31, 1839. 

2,847'' vii. Mary (Polly) Wilmarth, b. July 22, 1806, m. 
Thomas Bart;holomew; she died April 30, 1873. 

2,847' viii. Lavina Wilmarth, b. Jan. 14, 1809, m. Asa 
Ball ; she d. Aug. 18, 1878. 

2,847" ix. Nathan Wilmarth, died in youth. 

For account of Otis • and &)phronia Boughton 
Wilmarth's children, see No. 2632. 

ddldren of Samuel and Belinda Wilmarth Gillis. 2847<' 

2,847" i. Jambs Gilus. 

2,847^ ii. Ezra Gillis, b. Oct. 8, 1816, m. Emily Gaxlick, 

res. Morenci, Mich., 1889. 
2,847p iii. Darwin Gilus, b. Oct. 31, 1818, m. Jane Harris, 

res. Chicago, 111. 
2,847« iv. Nathan B. Gillis, b. March 14, 1821, m. Eliza 

Tooker; he d. Nov. 9, 1880. 
2,847* V. Leslie Gilus, b. April, 1824, m. Lucy Perkins; 

he died 1871. 
2,847" vi. E. Delevan Gillis, b. Feb. 3, 1828, m. Lucinda 

, res. Morenci, Mich. 

Note. — The. above James Gillis is a commander in the 
United States navy. He commanded the United States 
ship-of-war Wateree, lying at Arica, S. A., at the time of 
the great earthquake there in 1868, when his vessel was 
carried by a tidal wave far inland. 

Children of Lxman and Lemira Dlekinson Wilmarth, 

of PennsjlTania. 2847^ 

2,847* i. L. Clakson Wilmarth, b. Mar. 1, 1826. 

2,84T* ii. Ann Eliza Wilmarth, b. Jan. 11, 1827, never 

2,847" iii. Helen Marla Wilmarth, b. Jan. 1, 1829, m. 

Charles Gallagher. 
2,847^ iv. Abaune Wilmarth. 
2,847^ V. Frederick Wilmarth. 
2,847* vi. JuLLA Wilmarth. 
2,847y vii. Ida Wilmarth. 

Children o! Charles and Helen Maria Wilmarth Gallairher. 2847o 

2,847' i. Theresa Gallagher. 

ii. Daughter, name unknown, died in infancy. 

300 BouTON-BouGHTON Faiolt. 

Child of Ezra, Jr., and Betsey Hant Wilmarth. 2847h 

2,84:7*2 i. E. Clermont Wilmarth, b. July 5, 1819 ; he died 
Oct. 14, 1839. 

Child of Cyras and (first wife) MarjlBall WUmarth. 9847J 

2,847* i. Spencer Wilmarth, b. about 1830. 

Children of Cjms and (second wife) Diana Richardson Wilmarth. 2S47i 

2,847" ii. Dorothy Wilmarth, b. February or March, 1833. 
2,847*'*' iii. Llewellyn Wilmarth, b. about 1835. 
2,847« iv. Ezra Wilmarth, b. Feb. 2, 1837 ; d. 1880. 
2,847^ V. Mary Wilmarth, b. March 5, 1839, m. Samuel 
Daniels, res. St. Joseph Co., Mich. 

Cliildren of Thomas S. and Marj (or Pollj) Wilmarth 

Bartholomew. 28471^ 

2,847*« i. Dorothy D. Bartholomew, b. Jan. 1, 1845 ; she 

d. in infancy. 
2,847^*^ ii. Mary E. Bartholomew, b. June 9, 1848; d. July 

14, 1865. 

Child of Asa and Lai ina Wilmarth Ball. 2847i 

. 2,847^^ i. Cyrus W. Ball, b. Sept. 18, 1841, m. Estalina 
Van Dusen ; res. Abilene, Kansas, 1889. 

Child of Cyras W. and Estaline Tan Dnsen, of Abilene^ Kan. 

2,847"* i. Charles B. Ball, b. Dec. 4, 1864. 

(xii.) Levi Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., Oct. 15, 
1750 ; m. first, Hannah Waterbury ; hved West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. ; m. second, Polly Bitcham. 

Note. — A record was found at West Stockbridge, that 
Levi Boughton married Polly Bitcham, Oct. 14, 1785. 

Children of Lerl and liis two wires Hannah Waterbnrj Boughton and 
Polly Bitcham Booghton^ of West Stockbrldge^ Mass.^ 

and Victor, N. \. 2680 

2.848 i. Betsey Boughton, b. probably, Danbury, Ct., or 
West Stockbridge, Mass., 1774. 

2.849 ii. Hannah Boughton, b. probably, West Stockbridge, 

1775, m. Jacob Lobdell ; lived in V ictor, N. T. ; he d. 
Nov. 12, 1847 ; she d. April 8, 1846. 

2.850 iii. Polly Boughton, b. probably, West Stockbridge, 

1776, m. John Brace ; hved in Victor, N. Y. 

2.851 iv. Nancy Boughton, b. probably. West Stockbridge, 

BouTON-BouoHTON Familt. 301 

2.852 V. Nathaniel Boughton, b. probably, West Stock- 
bridge, Aug. 12, 1779, m. Triphena Hart ; settled 
at Victor, N. Y. ; she d. Victor, Sept. 6, 1848 ; he d. 
Victor, March 3, 1849. 

2.853 vi. John B. Boughton ; history not obtained ; said 
to have settled in Ohio. 

2.854 vii. Thomas Morris Boughton, m. Mary Jane Pool : 
lived at Rochester, N. Y. 

2.855 viii. Horace Boughton ; settled Victor, N. Y. 
2,866 ix. Elsie Boughton, m. Philenus Smith ; lived in 

Victor, N. Y. 

Children of Jacob and Hannah Bongrhton Lobdell, of Yietor, 

Ontario eonnty, N. Y. 2849 

2,856* i. George A. Lobdell, b. Victor, N. Y., m. Almira 

Preston ; died Illinois. 
2,856** ii. Anna P. Lobdell, b. Victor, Aug. 5, 1798, m. 

May 19, 1831, Abraham Humphrey ; she d. South 

Norwalk, Conn., Aug. 12, 1872. 
2,856« iii. Chester Lobdell, b. Victor, lived and died there, 

aged forty years. 
2,856'* iv. Caroline Lobdell, b. Victor, m. as second wife 

Bufus Humphrey; she d. Victor; had no children. 
2,856* V. Levi B. Lobdell, b. Victor, m. FrancesM. Jenks; 

he d. Victor. 
2,856^ vi. Lyhan J. Lobdell, b. Victor, m. Joanna Farr; 

he d. Victor. 
2,856« vii. W. Wallace Lobdell, b. Victor, m. first Elvira 

Lobdell, second Eunice Lobdell, now res. Los Angles, 

2,866' viii. Sophronia Lobdell, b. Victor, m. Maro Cleave- 

land; shed. Angola, Ind. 
2,856» ix. Nancy Lobdell, b. Victor, d. unmarried at 

Victor, aged thirty-five years. 
2,856Jx. Hannah Lobdell, b. Victor, d. unmarried at 

Victor, aged twenty-six years. 
2,856* xi. Ruth Lobdell, b. Victor, d. unmarried at Victor, 

aged twenty-three years. 

Children of Cleorge A. and Almira Preston LoMell, 

of Ylctor, N. T. 2856« 

2,856* i. Maria L. Lobdell, b. Victor, N. T,, m. first 
William Huniman, second . French, res. Gran- 
ville, 111., 1889, 

2,856™ ii. Emelinb Lobdell, b. Victor, not m., d. Victor. 

2,856" iii. Hannah A. Lobdell, m. David P. Jenkins; she 
d. Oberlin, 0. 

302 BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 

2,856° iv. DeWitt Clinton Lobdell, b. Victor, d. Victor in 

2,856p v. Charles W. Lobdell, b. Victor, m. first Eliza J. 

Gere, second Etta Shaw, now res. Chicago, HI. 

Children of Abrabam and Anna P. Lobdell Humphrey, 

of Yietor^ N. T. 2856i> 

2,856^ i. Ellen M. Humphrey, b. Victor, N. Y., March 2, 

1836, m. Jan. 18, 1860, Seymour C. Palmer, res. 

South Norwalk, Ct. 
2,856' ii. Mary C. Humphrey, b. Victor, March 36, 1838, d. 

Victor, Nov. 11, 1840. 
2,856- iii. Jacob L. Humphrey, b. Victor, July 27, 1839, d. 

Victor, Nov. 14, 1840. 

Child of LoTl B. and Frances M. Jenks Lobdell, of Yietor^ N. Y. 28Me 

2,856* i. Carrie M. Lobdell, b. Victor, N. Y., m. Victor, 
Francis Sale; have no children. 

Children of Ljman J. and Joanna- Farr Lobdell, of Yietor^ N, Y. 2856^^ 

2,856« i. Frances M. Lobdell, b. Victor, N. Y., m. Victor, 

Bolivar Ellis, res. Victor, 1889. 
2,856^ ii. Burton H. Lobdell, b. Victor, m. Amelia 

Ketchum, res. Victor, 1889. 
2,856^^ iii. Byron J. Lobdell, b. Victor, m. Mary Gteorge, 

res. Los Angles, Cal. 
2, 856* iv. Oliver Lobdell, b. Victor, m. Lillian , res. 


Child of BoUTar and Frances M. Lobdell EUis^ of Yietorj N. Y. 2S56u 

2,856y i. Isabel Ellis, b. Victor, N. Y. 

Children of Maro and Sophronia Lobdell Cleayeland, 

of California. 2856h 

2,856* i. N. Louise Cleaveland ; res. California. 

2,856** ii. Adelphia A. Cleaveland ; m, ; res. Flint, 

2,856''^ iii. Mary Cleaveland ; m, ; res. Angola, Ind. 

Children of Nathaniel (son of Ley! and Hannah Waterbnr j Bonghton) 
and Trtphena Hart Bonghton^ of Yiotor, N. Y. 2852 

2,856«« i. AuRELLA. BouGHTON, b. Victor, N. Y., Nov. 13, 

1805; m. Ezra Bickford; lived Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; 

d. Feb. 24, 1832. 
2,856** ii. Irena Boughton, b. Victor, July 13, 1807, m. 

Caleb Boughton (son of Eleazar) ; lived Victor. 
2,856«« iii. Jemima Boughton, b. Victor, Jan. 29, 1809 ; d. 

in infancy, Victor. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 303 

2,856^^ iv. Levi Boughton, b. Aug. 13, 1811, m. Rachel 

Gillis, lived and died at Victor, Au^. 13, 1886. 
2,856«f V. Jemima Boughton, b. Victor, Oct. 23, 1814, m. 

Ornri Nelson, b. Rupert, Vt., Nov. 27, 1814; she d. 

Victor, May 20, 1884. 
2,856''^ vi. John Boughton, b. Victor, Oct. 13, 1816, m. 

Charlotte PuUen; d. East Bloomfield, Nov. 10, 1866. 
3,856'* vii. Nathaniel H. Boughton, b. Victor, July 15, 

1819, never m. ; d. East Bloomfield, June 25, 1846. 
3,856'J viii. Joseph C. Boughton, b. Victor, April 2, 1821, 

m. Mary Scudder; d. Victor, Feb. 13, 1^48. 
2,856*^^ ix. Augustus F. Boughton, b. Victor, Feb. 25, 

1824, m. Esther Horton, living East Bloomfield, 1888. 
2,856" X. Washington I. Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 8, 

1826, never m.,.d. East Bloomfield, Nov. 2, 1847. 
2,856™" xi. Ralph L. Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 4, 1829, 

m. Julia Dixon, living in Victor, 1888. 

2,856'""^- Eleazar Bouton, Jr. (son of Eleazar and Dinah 
Benedict Bouton), b. probably, New Canaan, Ct., m. 
Jan. 22, 1786, Deborah Benedict, settled New Canaan, 
Ct., and moved to Victor. 

Children of Eleazar and Deborah Benedict Boaton, of New Canaany Gt« 

2,856"" i. Asahel Boughton, b. New Canaan, Ct., about 
1788, m. Harriet Hart, they d. Victor; shed. Aug. 
12, 1849. 

2.857 ii. Eleazar Boughton, Jr,, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
never m., went west; d. at house of his brother 
Myron, at Suffield, 111., aged seventy-eight years. ;: 

2.858 iii. Dinah Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. Col. John 
Lusk; their place of residence not obtained. 

2.859 iv. Deborah Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. Marvin 

Scudder, who was a soldier in the war of 1812, they 
d. Michigan; she d. 1842. 

2.860 V. Linus Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. Maria Gillis, 
and settled at Marshall, Mich. 

2.861 vi. George Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. April 16, 
1817, Betsey Parks ; she died Victor, N. T., Oct. 3, 
1888; hed. Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1827. 

2.862 vii. Caleb Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. Irene 
Boughton, settled Victor, where he d. July 20, 1860; 
she d. June 16, 1885. 

2,862* viii. Theodocia Boughton, b. New Canaan, m. John 
Powell, settled in Michigan. 

304 BouTON-BouGHTON Fault. 

2,862«* ix. Mybon B. Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., Sept, 15 
1812, m. . settled at Suffield, HI, 


Note. — See descendants of Eleazar Bouton, Jr.'s, chil- 
dren in the Appendix of this book. 

CUldren of George and Betsey Parks Boughton^ of Yletor5 N. T. 9861 

2,862'' i. Seneca Boughton, b. Victor, N. T., March 24, 

1818, unmarried, res. Victor, 1889. 
2,862« ii. Cephas Boughton, b. Victor, April 2, 1821, m. 

March 24, 1847, Mary Hart, b. Victor, Oct. 28, 1824 ; 

she d. April 21, 1876. 
2,862* iii. Caroline Boughton, b. Victor, April 22, 1824, 

m. Sept. 1, 1847, William Gallup, b. June 16, 1817 ; 

merchant, res. Victor, 1889. 
2,862* iv. Maey Redding Boughton, b. Rochester, N. Y., 

June 4, 1826, m. Aug. 1, 1848, Benj. Frank Freeman, 

Victor ; she d. July 18, 1850. 

Children of Cephas and Marj Hnnt Booghton, of Yictor, N. T. 2862c 

2,862^ i. Albert Boughton, b. Victor, May 30, 1848 ; d. 

Dec. 4, 1848, Victor. 
2,862» ii. Edna C. Boughton, b. Victor, April 21, 1850 ; d. 

April 29, 1862, aged 12 years. 
2,862** iii. George Seneca Boughton, b. Victor, Sept. 6, 

1851, d. May 1, 1862. 
2,862' iv. Ella Amelia Boughton, b. Victor, May 31, 1853 ; 

unmarried ; res. Jamestown, Dak., 1889. 
2,862j v. Mary Elizabeth Boughton, b. Victor, Dec. 28, 

1854, m. Dec. 3, 1879, James G. Vail ; res. Victor, 

2,862*^ vi. Caroline Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 15, 1866 ; 

unmarried ; res. at Wm, Gallup's, Victor, 1889. 
2,862» vii. Jesse Boughton, b. Nunda, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1858 ; 

died Dec. 24, 1861, Webster, N. Y. 
2,862™ viii. Laura Jane Boughton, b. Nunda, Feb. 26, 

1861, m. Rev. Frank C. Thompson, Attica, N. Y. 
2,862" ix. Elbert Seneca Boughton, b. Victor, Aug. 25, 

1863 ; unmarried ; Oberlin college, 1889. 

Child of BoT. Frank C. and Lanra Jane Bonghton Thompson, 

of Attica, N. Y. 986 

2,862'' i. Florence Euzabeth Thompson, b. Attica, N. Y., 
July 16, 1888 ; res. Attica. 



Child of William and Caroline Bonghton (dan. of George and Betsej 

Parks Bongrhton) Gailnp, of Tictor^ N. T. 2862^ 

2,862Pi. William Boughton Gallup, b. Victor, Nov. 18, 
1860, m. November 18, 1886, Jennie E. Webster, b. 
May 10, 1864. 

Children of William B. and Jennie E. Webster Gallup, 

of Yietor, N. T. 2862p 

2,862*> i. WILLLA.M Roy Gallup, b. Victor, March 11, 1888. 
2,862' ii. Minnie Morse Gallup, (adopted dau. of William 

and Caroline Gallup), b. May 12, 1865, m. Orin S. 

Bacon, Jr., Feb. 14, 1884. 

Children of Orin S. and Minnie H. Gallnp Baeon, of Tictory N. Y. 2862' 

2,862» i. Orin S. Bacon, 3d, b. March 10, 1885. 
2,862* ii. William S. Bacon, b. August 23, 1886 ; d. Oct. 1, 

Child of Benjamin F. and Harj B. Boogrhton Freeman, 

of Tictor, N. Y. 28e2e 

2,863 i. Mary Frances Freeman, b. Victor, m. H.J. John- 
son ; res., 1889, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Children of Caleb (son of Eleazar and Deborah Benedict Bonjirhton) and 
Irena Bongrhton Boogrhton, of Tictor^ N. Y. 2862 and 2856<u 

2,863* i. Walter Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., June 16, 

1826, m. at Victor, Sept. 28, 1847, Caroline Hart ; 

lived Victor, 1888. 
2,863*» ii. William Boughton, b. Victor, Maa'. 6, 1828, m. 

Ellen A. Ketcham; d. Victor, Sept. 26, 1870. 
2,863« iii. Jane Amelia Boughton, b. Victor, Oct. 26, 1829, 

m. Melancthon Lewis; d. Victor, Jan. 20, 1857. 
2,868* iv. James Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 5, 1838, m. 

Frances Pardee ; living Battle Creek, Mich., 1888. 

Children of Walter and Caroline Hart Booghton, of Yietor^ N. Y. 2868a 

2,863* i. Emma Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1848, 

d. Victor, Sept. 13, 1854, aged six years. 
2,863^ ii. Herman Boughton, b. Victor, Feb. 27, 1852, m. 

Dec. 6, 1876, Leila Rawson, lived at Victor, 1888. 
2,86S« iii. Amelia Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 23, 1857, m. 

June 16, 1880, Albert C. Aldridge, lived at Victor, 

2,863^ iv. Alma Boughton, b. Victor, July 10, 1859, m. 

Sept. 28, 1887, John R. Woolsey, res. Victor, 1889. 
2,863' V. Myron Boughton, b. Victor, June 27, 1866, not 

m., res. Victor, 1889. 


306 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Herman and Leila Bawson Bongrhton, of Yictor, N. T. 286Sf 

2,863J i. Bertha Augusta Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., 
Feb. 23, 1887. 

Child of Albert C. and Amelia Bonghton Aldrldge, of Y Ictor, N. T. 2868ff 

2,863'^ i. Carolinb Julia Aldrtoge, b. Victor, N. Y., Oct. 

16, 1886. 
Children of Leyl (son of Nathaniel and Triphena Hart Boughton) and 

Baehael GllHs Boughton, of Tlctor, N. T.' 2856fr 

2,863' i. Esther Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., May 10, 1834, 

d. Victor, April 1, 1842, aged seven years. 
2,863™ ii. Edward Boughton, b. Victor, Dec. 22, 1835, d. 

Victor, April 30, 1837. 
2,863" iii. Edward Boughton, b. Victor, Aug. 28, 1837, m. 

Nov. 27, 1861, Harriet S. Varnum, res. Victor, 1888. 
2,863° iv. Herman Boughton, b. Victor, Aug. 10, 1840, d. 

in infancy Dec. 21, 1840. 
2,863p v. N. Hart Boughton, b. Victor, July 10, 1850, res. 

Victor, 1888. 

Children of Edward and Harriet S* Yamum Boughton, 

of Yietor, N. T. 2868b 

2,863'' i. John Hoyt Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., Aug. 31, 

1862, m. March 11, 1885, Grace L. Phillips, res. 

Victor, 1888. 
2,868' ii. Charles F. Boughton, b. Victor, Dec. 26, 1864, 

res. Victor, 1888. 
2,863" iii. Cora Esther Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 6, 1871, 

res. Victor, 1888. 
2,863» iv. Linus Carver Boughton, b. Victor, Jan. 10, 

1875, res. Victor, 1888. 
2,863" V. Homer L. Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 20, 1876, 

res. Victor, 1888. 

Children of John Uojt and Grace L. Phillips Boughton, of 

Yietor, Ontario countj, N. Y. 9S684 

2,863^ i. George Henry Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., Feb. 

27, 1»86. 
2,863 « ii. Ernest Edward Boughton, b. Victor, August 

11, 1887. 

Children of William (son of Caleb and Irene Bouffhton) and Ellen 

A. Keteham Boughton, of Yietor. 28li8b 

2,863* i. Carrie Boughton, b. Victor, N. Y., m. Frank 

Bumpus ; res. Victor, 1888. 
2,863y ii. Ida Boughton, b. Victor, August 27, 1859, m. 

Dec. 17, 1880, Charles Green, b. Minde^, N. Y., Jan. 

16, 1856 ; settled Victor. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 307 

3,863* iii. Minnie Boughton, b. July 29, 1855 ; unmarried ; 

i-es. Victor, 1888. 
2,863" iv. Seymour Boughton, b. Victor, Oct. 6, 1865 ; not 

3,863»'»' V. Irving Boughton, b. Victor, Nov. 7, 1867 ; not 


Child of Frank and Carrie Boaghton Bampus, of Victor, N. T. 2868 x 
2,863''« i. Olin Williams Bumpus, b. Victor, Feb. 13, 1878. 

Children of Charles and Ida Boagrhton Green, of Victor, N. T. 2868/ 

2,863»^ i. WiLUAM Green, b. Victor, Nov. 20, 1881. 
3,863" ii. LiLUAN Green, b. Victor, Oct. 2, 1885. 

Children of Omrl and Jemima Bonghton (dan. of Nathaniel;and 

Trlphena Boaghton) Nelson^ of Victor, N. T. 2866gf 

3,863" i. Irene Nelson, b. Victor, April 18, 1840, m. Dec. 
27, 18t)5, James W. Moore ; res. Victor, 1888. 

3,863" ii. Harriet Nelson, b. Victor, Jan. 9, 1842 ; not 
married ; res. Victor, 1888. 

3,863" iii. JuuA Nelson, b. Victor, Sept. 12, 1843, m. Peter 
B. Pvatt, Dec. 21, 1865 ; res. Covington, N. T., 1888. 

3,863'^ iv. Ruth Nelson, b. Victor, March 29, 1846, d. in 
infancy, July 9, 1846. 

2,863?^ V. Anna Nelson, b. Victor, May 13, 1848; unmar- 
ried; res. Victor, 1888. 

2,863»»'» vi. Wilbur Nelson, b. Victor, Jan. 15, 1850, m. 
• Elizabeth A. Humphrey, May 1, 1879 ; res. Victor, 

Child of James If. and Irene Nelson Moore» of Victor, N. T. 286Se« 

3,863'' i. Albert N. Moore, b. Victor, June 29, 1872, d. 
April 1, 1885. 

Children of Peter B. and Julia Nelson Pjatt^ of Cot- 

Ington, N. Y. 2868o« 

2,863 J i. CHARLES W. Pyatt, b. Oct. 19, 1866. 
2,863'*'' ii. Lizzie A. Pyatt, b. Sept. 14, 1868. 
2,863' iii. Lulu O. Pyatt, b. June 30, 1870. 
3,863"™ iv. Myrtie L. Pyatt, b. August, 1874. 

Children of WUbnr and Elizabeth A. Hnmphrej Nelson, 

of Victor, N. Y. 2S6Shb 

3,863»" i. Gertrude E. Nelson, b. Victor, Nov. 18, 1882. 
2,863"° ii. Nelson, b. Victor, Sept. 21, 1888. 

308 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Angrustas F. and Esther Uorton Bongrhton, of East 

Bloomfleld, N. T. 2856i(fc 

2,863pp i. DwiGHT Boughton, b. August 18, 1849, m. Jose- 
phine Hunt, Feb. 20, 1872; res. Victor, 1888. 

2,863q<» ii. Hiram Boughton, b. March 4, 1854; died Sept, 
25, 1856. 

2,863" iii. Harriet Elizabeth Boughton, b. Nov. 15, 1857, 
m. March 8, 1876, Edgar Norton ; res. Spring water, 
N. Y., 1888. 

2,863"^ iv. Frederick Boughton, b. April 28, 1868 ; res. East 
Bloomfleld, N. Y., 1888. 

Children of Dwigrht and Josephine Hnnt Bongrhton, of 

Victor, N. Y. 2868PP 

2,863«» i. Frank D. Boughton, b. Jan. 29, 1873. 
2,863'* ii. Grace I. Boughton, b. August 2, 1875. 


2,863°° Samuel Boughton^ is the earliest known member of 
this family,* and even his place of residence i& 
unknown, except that it was in Connecticut. He 
must have been born between 1730 and 1740. Tradi- 
tion says he married at the age of twenty-four, and 
died two years later. His wife's name was Eunice, 
almost certainly Eunice Nichols, of Reading, Conn.y 
and she was bom March 5, 1739. She married, sec- 
ond, John or Daniel Osburn, to whom she bore twelve 
childrefi. With that husband she removed to Otis- 
ville, Orange county, N. Y. She married, third, 


*NoTE. — It has been supposed that he was that Samuel 

Boughton, born April 11, 1730, whose ancestors were : 

Nathaniel, 3 John,f John ;* but there are grave objections to 

this theory. 

Child of Samnel and Eunice Nichols Bongrhton. 

2863^^ i. Samuel Boughton was boiTi in Connecticut, and 
so high an authority as Dr. J. W. Meeker, fixes Sept. 
16, 1759, as the date of his birth. In childhood ne 
was taken by his mother to Otisville, N. Y. He 
married at Shawangunk, Ulster county, N. Y., in or 
before the year 1792, Lucy Tracy,* called **of Canaan, 
Conn.," though, perhaps, then residing in New York 
*Note. — Mercy Tracy, a sister of Lucy, mamed a Farn- 
ham, of Scipio, N. Y., and was mother of the late Hon. 


Henry Farnhaai, a well known patron of Yale college. 
Another sister, Abigail Tracy, married Simeon Parks, by 
whom she had a daughter, Betsey, who married George 
Bough ton, and had at least three children. 

Children of Georgre and Betsey Parks Bon^hton. 2861 

SjSea^^'^ i. Seneca Boughton, b. March 24, 1818 ; living in 
Victor, N. Y., unmarried, 1889. 

2,863** ii. Cephas Boughton, of Victor, N. Y. He had 
several children, including a daughter, Libbie Bough- 
ton, b. about 1857, m. in 1879. See 2862^ 

2,863yy iii. Caroline Boughton, b. about 1835; m. William 
Gallup, long a leading merchant at Victor, N. Y. 
They had a son William Gallup, born about 1862.* 

* Note.— See 2862'. 

Lucy, daughter of Benjamin Tracy, by his wife Olive 
[Killain ?], and her parents are said to have removed from 
Norwalk, Conn., about 1783, and after residing a while at 
Shawangunk, removed to Scipio, Cayuga county, N. Y. 
She out-lived her husband and, after living some time with 
her daughter Olive, married in her old age Elijah Williams, 
a Presbyterian deacx)n of Victor, N. Y. Samuel Boughton 
settled Victor, about the year 1797, and died there on the 
estate of his son-in-law James Upton about 1810-20. He 
had four children. 

Children of Samael and Lncj Tracj Bonffhton. 2868 ▼▼ 

2,863^* i. Olive^ Boughton, b. 1793, m. James Upton, Esq, 
2,863** ii. Elizabeth^* Boughton, b. 1798, married Ansel 

2.864 iii. Eunice'* Boughton, lived in Victor, unmarried. 

2.865 iv. Addison^ Boughton. 

(i.) Olive® Boughton (dau. of Samuel and Lucy Tracy 
Boughton), was born in or near the village of Shawangunk, 
N. Y., in 1793, but was taken by her parents to Victor, 
Ontario county, N. Y. , in her fourth year. There she mar- 
ried April 21, 1808, James Upton, Esq., one of the leading 
citizens of western New York. He was born in Charle- 
mont, Mass., Feb. 2, 1779, and settled in Victor, 1797, where 
he became a large landed proprietor and built the ** Upton 
Homestead" which still stanas.* He died in 1857, having 
lost his wife April 24,1842.t 

*For a further account of this Upton familv, see Vinton's 
^*The Upton Memorial," Upton's ^^Genealogical Collec- 
tions," and Munsell's ''American Ancestry." 

+This date was erroneously printed '* 1824 " in the *' N. E. 


H. and G. Register " for April, 1886; and thereby the careful 
author of the '* Handbook of Hartwell Genealogy " was led 
to suppose James Upton had a second wife. 

Children of James and Olire Bougrbton Upton. 286Ss* 

2.866 i. AcHSAH' Upton, b. March 21, 1809, ra. Dr. Hiram 
Thompson, and d. leaving one child, Marriette 

2,866* Emeline' Thompson, who d. unmarried, 1864. 

2.867 ii. Samuel Boughton Upton, b. July 23, 1810, died 
unmarried April 6, 1832. 

2.868 iii. JosL^^ W. Upton, b. September 19, 1812, mar- 
ried Sophia Roe. 

2.869 iv. James Upton, Jr., b. April 19, l8J5, m. Elvira 
E. Hawkins. 

2.870 V. William W. Upton, b. July 11, 1817, m. Maria 
Amanda Hollister. 

2.871 vi. Unice Upton, b. Dec. 25, 1818, d. unmarried. 

2.872 vii. Edward Upton, b. March 30, 1820, m. Achsah 
Thayer, who survived him and remarried ; he died 
April 19, 1863, leaving twin daughters. 

Children of Edward and Aobsah Tbayer Upton. 

2.873 i. Arabella Upton, living unmarried with her uncle 
William W. Upton, in Washington, D. C. 

2.874 ii. Isabella Upton, m. . Hitchcock, of Oramel, 

N. Y., and d. July, 1876, leaving one dau., b. June^ 

2.875 viii. Olfve Upton, b. Sept. or Oct. 19, 1828, d. Aug. 
6, 1843, unmarried. 

2.876 ix. Caroline Hart Upton, b. May 13, 1826, m. 
Floyd D. Torrance; d. s. p. Feb. 9, 1853. 

2.877 X. Mary Emeline Upton, b. April 19, 1829, m. 
William C. Moore. 

2.878 xi. Marla Upton, b. Aug. 21, 1831, d. June 29, 1832, 

2.879 xii. Charles E. Upton, b. July 4, 1833, m. Louise 

2.880 xiii. Elvira Emeline Upton, b. May 24, 1838, m. 
her brother-in-law Floyd D. Torrance ; had one son. 

Child of Floyd and (second wife) Elytra Emeline Upton Torrance* 

2.881 i. Charles Torrance. 

(ii.) Elizabeth" Boughton (dau. of Samuel and Lucy 
Tracy Boughton) was bom in 1798, probably at Victor, 
N. X ., m. 1816, Ansel Perkins, who was bom in 1796, and 
died in 1865; she died in 1864. Besides an adopted son 


named Lewis P. Eldridge, who died in Rochester, N. T., 
before 1880, and seven children who died in infancy, they 
had issue as follows : 

Children of Ansel and Elizabeth^ Boagrhton Perkins. 

2.882 i. Elvira' Perkins, b. 1823 ; m. April, 1842, Lyman, 
son of Azariah Bickford. He was long a leading 
citizen of Macedon, N. T., and a principal proprietor 
of the Macedon Agricultural Works. 

2.883 ii. James Upton Perkins, b. 1827. He m. first, 

Sarah , dau. of the wife of his uncle Addison 

Boughton. She d. 1860; he m. second, in 1865, widow 
Maria Hawkins, of Macedon. She d. 1869. 

2.884 iii. Lucy Amelia Perkins, b. 1832 : m. Samuel L. 

2.885 iv. Helen Mary Perkins, b. 1839 ; m. George B. 

2.886 V. Sarah Maria Perkins, b. 1841 ; m. 1866, Oliver 
Thompson Wilder. 

(iv.) Addison* Boughton (son of Samuel and Lucy Tracy 
Boughton), was born in Victor, N. Y., about 1810. He 
was apprenticed to learn the trade of cabinet maker, by his 
kinsman, James Upton, Esq., and Mr. Nehemiah Osburn, at 
Rochester, N. Y. He afterward opened a shop in Penn 
Yan, N. Y., whei-e he died in middle Ufe. He was married 
but seems to have left no issue. 

(iii.) JosiAH W. Upton (son of James and Olive Boughton 
Upton), was born Sept. 19, 1812, in Victor, N. Y., where 
he still resides. By his wife, Sophia Roe he had three chil- 

Children of Jogiah W. and Sophia Roe Upton. 2968 

2.887 i. Maria Thirza Upton, m. Thomas Hancock, and 
had issue. 

2.888 ii. William Upton, unmarried. 

2.889 iii. Caroline Upton, m. John McCarthy and has issue. 

2,889» iv. James Upton, Jr. (son of James and Olive Bough- 
ton Upton), was bom in Victor, N. Y., April 19, 1816. 
He resided in Victor, N. Y., and Victor, Mich., and 
was a man of fine character and great ability. By 
his wife Elvira Emeline Hawkins, he had one son. 

Child of Jamesy Jr. and Elytra E. Hawkins Upton, of Ytetor^ HIeh. 2869 

2.890 i. Clarence Hawkins Upton, of Rochester, N. Y. 

2,890» ii. William W.Upton (son of James and Olive Bough- 
ton Upton), was born in Victor, N. Y., July 11, IblT. Our 
space will not permit an adequate biography of Judge Upton, 


nor could a complete account of his active life be written 
without a discussion of burning political questions which 
would be out of place in these pages. The son of a wealthy 
farmer in a newly settled part of the state, he received 
somewhat more than a common school education, and early 
acquired that love of learning and faculty for hard study 
which has always been one of his most marked character- 
istics. Yet his love was for learning, not for show, and in 
later life, when he was familiar with the most advanced 
branches of mathematics, and could read Latin and French 
as readily as English, he declined the degree of LL.D., 
tendered him by one of our leading colleges, on the ground 
that " he thought such distinctions should be conferred 
sparingly, and only upon those who have received a thor- 
ough classical education." 

Mr. Upton went to Victor, Mich., in the winter of 1837-8, 
but returned to his native town the following September, 
where he remained about a year and was married. He 
then, in 1840, returned to Victor, Mich., and was admitted 
to the bar. He rapidly gained a leading position at the bar 
of his adopted state, and was frequently elected to office by 
his fellow citizens. He was a supervisor of Victor, 1840-5 ; 
surveyor of Clinton county, 1841-5 ; treasurer of same, 
1845-7 ; and a member of the legislature which made Lan- 
sing the capital. He removed to DeWitt in 1845, and to 
Lansing in 1847, in which place he built the first house that 
was not of logs. He was appointed district attorney for 
Ingham county, in 1848, and was elected to the same office 
for two terms of two years each, in 1849 and in 1851. Re- 
signing this office, he left Michigan with his family, April 
1, 1852, for California, by the overland route. There he 
settled, first at Weaverville, but in 1852 removed to Sacra- 
mento. He was a member of the legislature in 1856, and 
in the fall of 1861, when there were three political parties 
in California, he was elected prosecuting attorney of Sacra- 
mento county, which office he held till 1864. In the presi- 
dential contest of 1860 he was a Douglas democrat, but on 
the breaking out of the war he became a firm supporter of 
President Lincoln, and has ever since been a republican. 
In 1864 he was urged to become a candidate for congress, 
but the ill health of his family compelled him to remove 
from a climate which had proved fatal to his wife and three 
of his children. He accordingly removed to Portland, Ore- 
gon, in the spring of 1865. He was almost immediately 
elected to the legislatui*e of Oregon. In 1867 he was ap- 
pointed a justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon, and in 

I * 


1868 was elected to that position for a term of six years. 
He became chief justice in 1872. So satisfactorily did he 
fill these oflBces and so high was his reputation as a lawyer, 
that more than eighty of his nisi prius decisions were 
printed and bound with the decisions of the Supreme Court. 

At the expiration of his term of office, financial reverses 
compelled him to decline a renomination and to resume the 
practice of his profession. In the presidential controversy 
of 1876, the vote of Oregon being in doubt, the republicans 
practically rested their case before the electoral commission 
tipon a decision rendered by Judge Upton at nisi prius upon 
the question of the power of the governor of Oregon to 
exercise judicial functions. A majority of the state Su- 
preme Court had differed with Judge Upton, but the elec- 
torsd commission by a unanimous vote sustained his view, 
thus giving the state and the presidency to the republicans. 
In 1877 Judge Upton, unexp^KJtedly to himself, was ap- 
pointed second comptroller of the treasury of the United 
States, an office, according to Alexander Hamilton, **next 
to the secretary of the treasury." As this was practically 
a judicial office and a court of last resort (the comptroller's 
decisions being reversible by act of congress only), Judge 
Upton accepted the appointment with pleasure, removed 
with his family to Washington city and entered upon the 
discharge of his duties October 1, 1877. He filled the office 
with great credit to himself through three administrations, 
passing upon about 160,000 accounts and claims, involving 
about $600,000,000. Soon after the inauguration of 
President Cleveland, Judge Upton tendered his resignation, 
and on its acceptance, June 1, 1885, resumed the practice 
of his profession in Washington. Early in 1885 his " Digest 
of Decisions of the Second Comptroller of the Treasury, 

1869 to 1884," was published by the United States govern- 

Judge Upton married, first, Victor, N. T. , Feb. 8, 1840, 
Maria Amanda Hollister, eldest daughter of Hon. Joseph 
and Amanda (Adams) Hollister.* She was bom at Danby, 
N. Y., August 13, 1318, and died at Sacramento in Decem- 
ber, 1858. He married, second, East Avon, N. Y., March 
29, I860, Marietta, daughter of Amasa and Alida Ann 
(Ketcham) Bryan. 

*NoTE. — For her ancestry, see Dr. Case's ** Hollister 
Family," and Upton's " Genealogical Collections." 


Children of William W. and Maria A. Holllster Upton. 2870 

i. A son,^ b. and d. at Victor, Mich., March, 1843. 
2,891 ii. James Boxjghton^ Upton, b. Victor, Mich., March 
19, 1844. He Uved. in Michigan and California with 
his father. He graduated at the High school in Sac- 
ramento, and was admitted to the bar there. He 
removed to Portland, Oregon, soon after his father 
did, and went from there to Oregon City. In 186& 
he returned to Portland, and was for four years in 
the real estate business in connection with his pro- 
fession, devoting much time and money to the pro- 
motion of emigration from the eastern states and 
Europe to Oregon. In 1873 he removed to Washing- 
ton county, but returned a^ain to Oregon City. In 
1876 he retired from practice and took up his resi- 
dence at Oretown, Oregon, which has since been his 
home, except about two years, when large business 
interests required his presence in Colfax, W . T. He 
married, Nov. 9, 1869, Anne Amanda Shaw, of Ore- 
gon City, by whom he has five children. 

Children of James Bongrhton and Anne Amanda Shaw Upton. 2891 

2.892 i. Charles Samuel Upton,® b. Portland, August 9,. 

2.893 ii. William Wesley Upton, b. East Portland, May 
31, 1872. 

2.894 iii. Anna Maud Upton, b. Washington county, Ore- 
gon, Feb. 3, 1874. 

2.895 IV. Jay Hollister Upton, b. Colfax, W. T., April 
28, 1879. 

2.896 V. Mary Etta Upton, b. Oretown, Oregon, Jan. 7,. 

2.897 vi. George Edward Upton, b. Oretown, Oregon,. 
May 13, 1888. 

2.898 iii. Charles Backus Upton, b. DeWitt, Mich., Dec. 
18, 1845. He went to California with his parents ia 
1852, graduated at the Sacramento High school in 
1865, removed to Portland, Oregon, where he was 
admitted to the bar, and was successively deputy 
sheriff, deputy prosecuting attorney and deputy U. 
S. attorney. He practiced his profession with 
marked success, both in Portland and at Walla Walla^ 


W. T., to which place he removed about 1878. He 
has traveled and read much, is a man of liberal ideas, 
a large land owner, and unmarried. 

3.899 iv. Marietta Upton, b. Lansing, Mich., March 4, 
1848. She lived with her father in Michigan, Cali- 
fornia, Oregon and Washington, and died in the lat- 
ter city, Oct. 1, 1880, unmarried. In this young lady, 
whose life was devoted to the happiness of those 
around her, all the strongest and noblest qualities of 
her family seem to have united and reached their 
highest development. With all the intellectual power 
of her father, she inherited from her mother all 
those gentler graces of mind and heart which are the 
crowning ornament of her sex. With mental train- 
ing which enabled her to fit one brother for Tale col- 
lege and another for West Point, and social accom- 
phshments which made her a favorite in the best 
society in the land and charmed all who knew her, 
she found her favorite occupation in relieving the 
sufferings of the poor and the afflicted. Short as 
was her life, who can measure the good she accom- 
phshed, or the effects of her life and example upon 
those who were brought within their influence ? 

3.900 V. Charlotte Upton, b. Lansing, Mich., March 18, 
1850 ; d. there the same year. 

2.901 vi. WnjJAM Henry® Upton, b. at Weaverville, Oal., 
June 19, 1854. Having pursued his preliminary stud- 
ies in Portland, Oregon, he received a classical edu- 
cation at Yale college, where he graduate in 1877. 
He then entered the office of Hon. R. W. Thompson, 
secretary of the navy, where he remained nearly 
three years. Entering the law school of Columbian 
university, he graduated LL.B. in 1879, and LL.M. 
in 1880. In the latter year, having previously been 
admitted to the bar, he resigned his position, formed 
a professional partnership with his brother Charles 
B., and removed to Walla Walla, W. T., where he 
has since been in active practice. 

He married at Washington, D. C, June 23, 1881, 
Oeorj^a Louise, youngest daughter of the late Samuel 
Wilham Bradley, of Clean, N. Y., by his wife 
Aditha (Barr) Bradley, and has two children. 

Children of William Henrys and Geoi^ia Lonise Bradley Upton. 2901 

2.902 i. William Hollister^ Upton, b. Sept. 21, 1882. 
2,908 ii. George Bradley Upton, b. June 20, 1885, 


2.904 vii. George Whitman^ Upton, b. Sacramento, Cal., 
June 1, 1857. He was known as George Washington 
Whitman Upton till 1876, and lived with his father 
in California and Oregon. In 1876 he was appointed 
by President Grant a cadet at large to West Point. 
He remained at the academy nearly four years, but 
on the death of his sister in 1880, resigned and went 
to Uve with his father in Washington city. There, 
having declined a lieutenancy in the army, he received 
an appointment in the war department, which he 
held until, having graduated at Columbian university, 
he was admitted to the bar. In 1884 he married 
Harriet, only daughter of Hon. E. B. Taylor, M. C, 
and, having formed a professional partnership with 
his father-in-law, settled in Warren, Ohio, where he 
now resides. 

viii. Daughter, b. and d. in Sacramento, December, 

Children of William W. and Marietta Brjan Upton. 2870 

2.905 ix. ALroA Bryan Upton, b. Sacramento, May 21, 
1861 ; d. there July 12, 1862. 

2.906 X. Victor Bryan Upton, b. Sacramento, Oct. 12, 
1864 ; d. there Feb. 27, 1865. 

2.907 xi. Ralph Richard Upton, b. Portland, Oregon, 
June 12, 1869 ; resides with his parents at Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

(x.) Mary Emeline^ Upton (dau. of Samuel and Olive 
Boughton Upton), was born at Victor, N. T., April 19, 
1829. She married William C. Moore. After living some 
years at Peoria, 111., they returned to Victor, where sne died 
Oct. 1, 1879, having been thrown from a carriage a day or 
two before while on one of her numerous errands of mercy. 
She was a woman of unusual beauty of person and mind. 
She devoted the advantages of high social position, great 
mental ability and thorough culture to the work of pro- 
moting the happiness and good of those about her, especially 
the poor, the weak and the erring ; and left a memory 
which will long be one of the rarest of Victor's treasures. 

Children of William C« and Mary E. Upton Moore, of 

Victor, N. Y. 2878 

2.908 i. Mary Elizabeth^ Moore, b. April 1, 1851, died 
August 3, 1852. 

2.909 ii. Caroline Moore, b. Aug. 3, 1852, d. June 20, 1858. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 317 

2.910 iii. Ephraim William Moore, b. April 30, 1855, m. 

Lilly Willard (dau. of Hon. . Willard, M.C., of 

Michigan), and has issue. He was for some time a 
merchant in Victor, but now lives in Michigan. He 
is a man of fine ability and sterhng integrity. 

2.911 iv. Charles Upton Moore, b. April 1, 1857, m. 
Julia A. Lewis, of Victor, by whom he had one 
daughter. He was teller of the City Bank of 
Rochester, N. Y., and died about 1884. 

2.912 V. Harriet Moore, b. Jan. 30, 1859, d. Sept. 12, 

2.913 vi. George Henry Claxton Moore, b. Jan. 1, 1861. 

(xii.) Charles E. Upton (son of Samuel and Olive Bough- 
ton Upton) was born in Victor, N. Y., July 4, 1833. He set- 
tled in Rochester, N. Y., where he died March 20, 1886. He 
was a man of the purest character and of unusual ability. 
Thoroughly unselnsh, and finding his highest pleasure in 
assisting others, especially young men, in the battle of life, 
he was beloved by his fellow citizens as men rarely are. 
His widow and daughters reside in New York city. Mar- 
ried Louise Racket, Oct. 12, 1859. 

Children of Charles £. and Louise Backet Upton, of 

Rochester, N. Y. 2879 

2.914 i. Anne^ Upton, b. June 25, 1860. 

2.915 ii. George Racket Upton, b. March 26, 1863, d. 
April 6, 1866. 

2.916 iii. Louise Upton, K.„„ k Tor. i^ ^qa^t 

2.917 iv. Alice Upton, } *^^^^' ^- ^^' !'• 1®^^- 

2,917» Charles E. Upton adopted his nephew Charles Tor- 
rance mentioned in No. 2881. 

(iii.j Lucy Amelia^ Perkins (dau. of Ansel and EUzabeth 
Boughton Perkins), was born in 1832. She married first, 
Samuel Lester Gillis (son of Samuel Gillis, of Victor, N. Y.). 
He died Aug., 1870, and she m. second, Sept., 1878, Horace 
L. Doubleday, of Macedon, N. Y., which was her place of 

Children of Samuel Lester and Lney Amelia? Perkins Gillis. 2884 

2.918 i. CoRA^ Gnjjs, b. 1852. She was a charming girl, 
(much resembling, except in point of years, her 
mother's cousin Mary E. Upton, who married Wm. 
C. Moore), and was by far the most beautiful of all 
her kindred. She was of medium height, with a 
figure of exquisite proportions and gracef, brown 


curls and plump, rosy lips, nose slightly acquiline^ 
complexion as delicate as a rose leaf, forehead a model 
for an artist, and a glorious dark hazel eye fringed by 
long, dark lashes. Her mind and disposition wei*e 
as lovely as her person. But, alas ! ever 

*' The King of Terrors loyes a ihining mark," 

and sweet Cora Gillis, the picture of health and 
beauty but a few weeks before, died at her home in 
Macedon, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1879, of quick consumption. 

'* Death. er« thou shalt slay another 
Good and fair and wise as she, 
Time shall hurl a dart at thee ! " 

A few hours before her death she married Georee 
Bough ton, son of Rev. Harvey Boughton. He 
shortly remarried, and in 1880 still lived in Macedon. 

2.919 ii. Orlow Gillis, b. 1854, m. about 1876. In 1880 
he lived in Macedon and had two children. 

2.920 iii. Frank Gillis, b. 1863. 

3.921 iv. Mary Gillis, b. 1870. 

(iv.) Helen Mary' Perkins (dau .of Ansel and Eliza- 
beth Boughton Perkins) was born in 1839, and resided 
in Macedon, N. Y. She married three husbands — first, 
in 1855), she m. Q^or^e B. Arnold (son of Horatio 
Arnold); he died April, 1864. She m, second, in 
1867, Henry Huffman; he died Sept., 1870. She m. 
third, in June, 1879, George Kirkpatrick. In 1880 
she was a principal owner of the Macedon Agricul- 
tural Works. She had two children. 

Child of George B. and Helen IK. Perkins Arnold of Maeedon. 2885 

3.923 i. MoLLifiS Arnold, b. 1863. The writer of these 
lines remembers her as a child twelve years of age 
of great beauty and sweetness. She was educated 
at Fort Plain. 

Child of Uenry and (widow) Helen M. Perking Arnold flolbnan, 

of Maeedon^ N. T. 98 85 

2.924 ii. Georgiana Huffman, b. 1869. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 319 


2.925 Jeremiah Boxjghton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., about 1Y54, 
m. Patty Massa Perse, and settled in Ridgefield and 
Dttoved to Naugatuck, Ct., about 1806, where he died 
about 1850. 

ChUdren of Jeremiah and Patty Perse Bongrlitoii; of Nangatack^ Ct 

3.926 i. Clarissa Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Sept. 6, 
1799, m. Herschel Stevens. 

2.927 ii. Silas Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Oct. 17, 1801, 
and moved to Naugatuck, Ct., m. Julia Ann 
Hotckkiss; he died 1855, she died 1879. 

2.928 iii. Huldah Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., June 30, 
1803, m. Moses Butts, no children ; both died at 

2.929 iv. John Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Feb. 28, 
1805, m. first. Sarah Broas; m. second, Margaret 
Weeks, Oct., 1870, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

2,980 V. Maria Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., June 3, 
1807, m. Pearl Hubbell, no children ; both died early 
in life. 

2.931 vi. Marilda Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Feb. 29, 
1809, m. Jason Skeels; they both died, she 1886. 
Had two children, Frances, aged fifty -five; William, 
aged fi f ty-six. 

2.932 vii. Fannie Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., 1810, died 
unmarried at Naugatuck. 

2.933 viii. Adelia Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Feb. 12, 

1811, m. Wm. Smith; he died ; res. Naugatuck, 


2.934 ix. Eliza Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Sept. 6, 
1813, m. Horace Radford, of Seymour, Ct.; she died 
; no children. 

2.935 X. Lucy Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., June 3, 1815, 
m. Lewis S. P. Spencer, Dec. 28, 1835 ; she died 
kar. 19, 1858. 

2.936 xi. Mary Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Mar. 8, 
1817, m. Wesley French, of Seymour, Ct. ; she d. . 

2.937 xii. William Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., May 
10, 1819, m. Julia Ann Johnson, res. West Haven. 

320 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.938 xiii. Harris Houghton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., April 12, 
1821, m. Thalia Morris; he died 1848, Waterbury, 
Ct. ; no children. 


(i.) Clarissa Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Patty Boughton), b. Sept. 6, 1799, m. Herschel 
Stevens, they lived in Seymour, where he still res. 
1888; she died . 

Children of Herschel and Clarissa Bongrhton Sterens. 2920 

2.939 i. Robert Stevens, b. Seymour, Ct., Jan. 26, 1823, 
m. first, Mary E. Merwin, by whom he had one 
daughter and one son; she d. Dec, 1851; m. second, 
Adelia A. Young ; they resided at No. 12 Congress 
Ave., New Haven, 1887. 

Children of Robert and (first wife) Marj E. Merwin Steyens. 2989 

2.940 i. Julia Mary Stevens, b. April 6, 1847, m. first, 

Erastus R. Childs, m. second, . Hall, druggist, 

New Haven. 

2.941 ii. Robert Merwin Stevens, b. Dec. 11, 1849, m. 
Emma Jennie Hickox. 

Child of Erastus B. and Jnlia Mary Steyens Childs. , 2940 

2.942 i. Robert Stevens Childs, b. Sept. 15, 1867. 

Children of Robert Merwin and Emma Jennie Hickox Sterens. 2941 

2.943 i. Grace LomsE Stevens, b. New Haven, Feb. 11, 

2.944 ii. Ruby Jennie Stevens, b. New Haven, Oct. 23, 

2.945 iii. Carleton Hickox Stevens, b. New Haven, 
April 30, 1884. 

Children of Robert and (second wife) Adelia A. Tonngr Steyens* 2989 

2.946 iii. Charles Creighton Stevens, b. Dec. 7, 1857, 
res. No. 109 Davenport ave., New Haven, Conn. 

2.947 iv. RoBERTHA Young Stevens, b. July 4, 1859, m. 
Frank L. Forsyth, M.D. 

2.948 V. Clara Leontine Stevens, b. Jan. 3, 1861, res. 
No. 109 Davenport ave.. New Haven. 

2.949 vi. Louise Donjette Stevens, b. Jan. 15, 1863, res. 
No. 109 Davenport ave. , New Haven- 

2.950 vii. Adella. Amanda Stevens, b. Aug. 2, 1864, res. 
No. 109 Davenport ave.. New Haven. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 321 

2.961 viii. Harriet Eleanor Rbdell Stevens, b. Mar. 11, 

2.962 ix. John Irwin Inskip Stevens, b. Dec. 12, 1873. 

2,958 ii. Am AS A Stevens (son of Herschel and Clarissa 
Bough ton Stevens), b. Naugatuck, Ct., Mar. 16, 
1824, and died in infancy 

2.954 iii. Julia Ann Stevens (dau. of Herschel and Clarissa 
Boughton Stevens), b. Jan. 6, 1827, m. John DeForest, 
res. New Haven. 

Children of John and Jnlia A. Steyens DeForest, of Aubnm street^ 

New Uayen, Ct 

2.955 i. Celestla DeForest, b. May 15, 1848, m. George 
Stevens, b. Jan. 25, 1845; she died Feb., 1883. 

2.956 ii. LiLLiA DeForest, b. 1852, m. Leverett Hine, b. 
Aug. 15, 1850, res. Asylum street, New Haven. 

Children of Georg^e and Celestla DeForest Stevens, res. No. 85 Green 

street, New Uayen, Ct. 2955 

2.957 i. Mattie Stevens, b. Feb. 7, 1869, died Oct. 11, 1871. 

2.958 ii. Jennie Stevens, b. Mar. 9, 1870, living with her 
father at New Haven. 

2.959 iii. Julia Stevens, b. Feb. 16, 1872, living with her 
father at New Haven. 

2.960 iv. Emma Stevens, b. Aug. 7, 1873, hving with her 
father at New Haven. 

2.961 V. George D. Stevens, b. Jan. 25, 1879, living with 
his father at New Haven. 

2.962 vi. Celestla Stevens, b. Jan. 20, 1882, died Jan. 25^ 

Children of Leyerett and Lillia DeForest Hlne, of New Haven. 2956- 

2.963 i. Bertha May Hine, b. New Haven, Ct., May 12,' 

2.964 ii. Flossie Belle Hine, b. New Haven, Nov. 19, 1881. 

Cbildren of Wesley and Mary Boagrhton French, of WestrlUe^ Ct 2986 

2.965 i. Lucy French, b. Westville, Ct., about 1840, m. 
Augustus Brown, of Seymour. 

Children of AngrnstnB and Lncy French Brown. 

2.966 i. William Brown, b. about 1870. 

2.967 ii. Frederick Brown, b. 1871. 


322 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

2.968 ii. Emily French, b. Westville, about 1842, m. 
Ethan Miller, of Westville, res. New Haven. 

Child of Ethan and Emily French MlUer. 

2,968" i. Oarrib Miller, b. about 1874, lives with parents. 

2,968'^ iii. Ella French, b. , m. Charles Eeynolds, res. 

Seymour, Ct. 

(u.) Silas Boughton (son of Jeremiah Bough ton), 
b. Ridgefleld, Ct., Oct. 17, 1801, m. at Naugatuck, 
Ct., 1823, Juha Ann Hotchkiss, and settled there, 
where he died 1855; she died 1879. 

Children of Silas and Jnlia Ann Hotchkiss Bonyhton. 2927 

2.969 i. Charles M. Boughton, b. May 8, 1824, m. Kate 
Nichols, of Philadelphia, Pa. , res. No. 300 Elm sti-eet, 
New Haven; no children. 

2.970 ii Stiles H. Boughton, b. Jan. 30, 1826, m. Eliza 
Sturges, res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

2.971 iii. Harriet B. Boughton, b. Mar. 28, 1828, m. 
McPherson Christy, b. Philadelphia; died about 1876. 

2.972 iv. Helen M. Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., July 24, 
1887, m. John W. Patchen, of Ansonia, Ct. 


(i.) Stiles H. Boughton, b. Naugatuck, Ct., Jan. 
30, 1826, m. Eliza Sturges, settled in Philadelphia, 
Pa., where they resided 1887. 

Children of Stiles H. and Eliza Stnrges Booghton. 2970 

2,978 i. C. Frank Boughton, a machinist of the firm of 
Van Allen & Boughton, New York city, b. Bustle- 
ton, Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 14, 1850, m. June 24, 
1880, M. A. Kush, of London, Eng., and settled in 
Brooklyn, No. 215 Lee ave., where they lived 1889 ; 
no children at this date. 

2,974 ii. John Wesley Boughton, b. Philadelphia, July 
14, 1857, m. Brooklyn, Aug. 22, 1880, Lizzie Weber ; 
they settled in Brooklyn where they lived 1887 ; no 

Children of MoPherson and Harriet B. Boughton (dan. of Silas and 

Julia Ann Hotchkiss Boughton) Christy. 8971 

3,974 i. Edmund P. Christy, b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 1, 
1843, m. first. Westville, Ct., Oct., 1865, Hattie 

BouTON-BouGHTON Fabcilt. 323 

Lewis, b. April 27, 1844; m. second Nov. 26, 1876, 
Nellie Quinn, b. July 17, 1853, of Springfield, Mass., 
they no w live at No. 24 Prince street, New Haven, Ct. 

Children of Edmund P. and Battle Lewis Christy, of Westyllie, Ct 

2.975 i. George Christy b. Westville, Ct., July 28, 1867, 
living with his father. 

3.976 ii. Viola Christy, b. Westville, Ct., June, 1870, she 
died May, 1871. 

2.977 fiii. William McAuster Christy, b. 1866, m. 

Glendora Day, res. No. 125 Stratford ave., Bridge- 
Twins ^ port, Ct. 

2.978 IV. Charles McPherson Christy, b. 1866, m. 
[ Lois Allen, res. Springfield, Mass. 

Child of William MeAllster and Glendora Day Christy, of 

Bridgeport, Ct 8977 

2.979 i. Lottie H. Christy, b. July, 1885. 

Children of Charles MeP. and Lois Allen Christy^ of Springfield, Mass. 

2.980 i. Flora Christy, b. Philadelphia, Pa. 

2.981 ii. Albert Christy, b. Philaaelphia. 

(iv.> Helen M. Boxjghton (dau. of Silas and Julia 
Ann Hotchkiss Boughton), b. Naugatuck, Ct., July 
24, 1837, m. John W. Patchen, of Ansonia, Ct., who 

was born ; they settled at New Haven, where 

they resided at No. BOO Elm street, autumn of 1889. 

Child of John W. and Helen M. Bonghton Patehen^ of 

NewBaren^Ct. 2972 

2.982 i. Alice J. Patchen, b. Westville, Ct., Sept. 14, 
1864. Naturally she was endowed with graceful and 
winning manners, and with advancing years she 
rapidly acquired not only the embellishments tliat 
made her tne hght of her home, but the center of 
attraction to a large circle of young associates. 
Possessed of usual good health, no apprehensions of 
sickness clouded the bright prospect of her friends 
for her future until, approaching the close of her 
eighteenth vear, she was attacked with great severity 
with an illness that rapidly developed into spinal 
meningetis followed by delirium, and ere her agonized 
friends could comprehend the danger, the destroyer 

324 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt, 

had snatched the precious jewel, leaving only the 
beautiful casket to mock the anxious eyes that so 
reluctantly recognized the terrible fact before them. 

(iv.) John Boughton (son of Jeremiah and Patty 
Perse Boughton), b. Eidgefield, Ct., Feb. 28, 1805, 
moved to Naugatuck, Ct., 1806 ; went, when a boy, to 
Poughkeepsie, N. T., to learn the house carpenter 
trade, where be m. first, Sarah Broas, who died 
Poughkeepsie; he m. second, Margaret Weeks, and 
was living with her at No. 56 Mansion street, Pough- 
keepsie, 1889. 

Children of John and Sarah Broas Bongrhton, of 

Ponghkeepsle, N. T. 292^ 

2.983 i. Catharine E. Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, N. 
T., Feb. 23, 1831, died 1831. 

2.984 ii. Ad ALINE Marilda Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie^ 
Feb. 21, 1832, died 1836. 

2.985 iii. Sarah Maria Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, Sept. 
2, 1834, died Sept. 6, 1834. 

2.986 iv. Mary Frances Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, Feb. 
9, 1836, died May, 1836. 

2.987 V. William Smith Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie^ 
April 15, 1837, m. Julia M. Terwilliger. 

2.988 vi. John Boughton, Jr., b. Poughkeepsie, Aug. 12^ 
1839, died Aug. 23, 1839. 

2.989 vii. Caroline Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, Sept. 26^ 
1841, died Jan., 1843. 

2.990 viii. John Henry Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, July 
11, 1842, m. Catharine Connors, of Poughkeepsie; he 
died Jan. 31, 1878; no children. 

2.991 ix. Martha C. Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, July20y 

1845, died July 29, 1846. 

2.992 X. LuTHERA feouGHTON, b. Poughkeepsie, April 17, 

1846, died 1852. 

WILLLA.M S. Boughton (son of John Boughton, of 
Naugatuck, Ct., and Poughkeepsie, N. Y.), wash. 
Poughkeepsie, April 15, 1837, m. Bangall, N. Y.^ 
Aug. 15, 1858, Julia M. Terwilliger, b. NewPaltz, N. 
Y., July 2*, 1839, and settl^ at Poughkeepsie ; 
moved to New York city, 1882, where he followed 
his trade (house carpenter), and was living at 2216 
2d avenue, New York city, October, 1889. 


Children of William S. and Jnlla M. TerwlUlgrer Bongrhton, 

of New York elij. 8987 

2.994 i. Charles William Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, 
N. T., June 7, 1859, m. June 16, 1880, Mary P. 
Smith, b. Oct. 21, 1867, settled at New York city, 
where they were living October, 1889. 

Children of Charles W. and Mary F. Smith Bongrhton. 

3.995 i. Carrie Eva Boughton, b. New York city, Oct. 29, 

3.996 ii. John Henry Boughton, b. New York city, Aug. 
9, 1883. 

3.997 iii. Lewis W. Boughton, b. New York city, June 
19, 1885. All living with parents at New York city, 

3.998 ii. Carrie Eva Boughton, died July 31, 1866. 

3.999 iii. Annie C. Boughton, died Oct. 13, 1867. 

3.000 iv. Luthera Julia Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y., Oct. 27, 1860, m. Poughkeepsie, June 14, 1879, 
James H. Craft, b. about 1858, they settled at 
Matteawan, where they lived June, 1886. 

Children of James H. and Lathera J. Boaghton Craft 8000 

3.001 i. William Thomas Craft, b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
Dec., 1880. 

3.002 ii. Bertha May Craft, b. Poughkeepsie, about 
Nov., 1884. 

3.003 V. Nettie M. Boughton (dau. of William and Julia 
Boughton), b. Highlands, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1868, living 
with parents New York city, 1889. 

3.004 vi. Jennie S. Boughton (dau. of William and Julia 
Boughton), b. Poughkeepsie, July 12, 1870, living 
with parents at New York city, 1889. 

3.005 vii. Bertha Cook Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, July 
28, 1873, living at home and attending school, June, 

3.006 viii. Ida May Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, Sept. 20, 
1876, living with parents and attending school, June, 

8.007 ix. Evelina Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, Feb. 1, 
1879, was living with parents at No. 2216 Second 
ave., 1889. 

8.008 X. Viola Whitehouse Boughton, b. Poughkeepsie, 
June 21, 1881. 

326 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

(vi.) Mabilda Boughton (dau. of Jeremiah and 
Patty Boughton), b. Naugatuck, Ct., Feb. 29, 1809, 
m. Jason Skeels, Kaugatuck, where they settled; she 
d. July 17, 1885. 

CfalMren of JMon and MariltU Bonghton Skeels, of 

Naugatnek, Ct 2981 

3.009 i. Frances Skeels, b. Naugatuck, about 1831 ; not 
married, lived Naugatuck, 1886. 

3.010 ii. WnxiAM Skeels, b. Naugatuck, about 1835 ; not 
married, lived Naugatuck, 1886. 

Children of William and Adella Boughton Smith of 

Naugatuck; Ct 298S 

8.011 i. Edward Smith, b. Naugatuck, Ct.; he enhsted in 
the war and was taken prisoner, and starved to 
death in Anderson ville prison, but his remains were 
brpught to Naugatuck for burial. 

8.012 ii. Louise C. Smith, b. Naugatuck, April, 1836, m. 
Edwin S. Bradley, a farmer, of East Haven, where 
she resided in 1S88 ; he died Sept., 1887. 

3.013 iii. Philander Smith, b. Naugatuck, m. Jennie , 

who died, leaving one child; he m. second, Jennie 
May, of Naugatuck, by whom he had three children, 
res. Naugatuck. 

Children of Lewis S. P. and Lucy Boughton Speneer. 29S5 

3.014 i. John Robinson Spencer, b. Westville. Ct., Oct. 
23, 1836, d. May 15, 1874. 

3.015 ii. Frances Euza Spencer, b. Westville, Mar. 19, 
1838, m. Mar. 31, 1884, John M. Blake, res. No. 1 
York square. New Haven, Ct. 

3.016 iii. Lewis Ferdinand Spencer, b. Westville, June 
28, 1840, d. Jan. 16, 1863. 

3.017 iv. Mary Jane Spencer, b. Westville, June 23, 1848, 
d. Oct. 16, 1849. 

3.018 V. George Henry Spencer, b. Westville, Nov. 11, 
1854, not married, res. Westville. 

Children of William and Julia Ann Johnson Boughton^ 

of West Hayen^ Ct 2987 

3.019 i. JosEPfflNE Boughton, b. West Haven, Ct., about 
1847, m. Frank Hinman, of West Haven. 

3.020 ii. EuLALiA Boughton, b. West Haven, about 1857, 
unmarried, lives with parents. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. Ii27 


By Mrs. Habribt E. Setmoub, of New Canaan, Ct. 

3.021 Daniel Bouton, of whom tradition says his father 
was killed in the revolutionary war, after which he, 
Daniel, went to live with his uncle, Seth Bouton, at 
Ridgefield, Fairfield county, Ct. Daniel was born 
in North Stamford, Ct., he married April 2, 1791, 
Betsey Beers, and settled in Ridgefield. 

Children of Daniel and Betsey Beers Bonton, of Bidgefleld^ Ct. 

3.022 i. Matthew Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Dec. 13, 
1791, m. Dec. 15, 1814, Lucretia Baldwin. 

8.023 ii. James Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Feb. 1, 1793, 
m. Pamelia Montgomery; he died June 6, 1833. 

3,024: iii. Sally Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Sept. 7, 1794, m. 
Dec. 16, 1813, Daniel Lee Edmunds; sne died Cochec- 
ton, N. Y., about 1881. 

3.025 iv. Coleman Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Oct. 7, 1796, m. 
Fanny Woodbridge; hed. Jan., 1846, Irvington, N. J. 

3.026 V. Nathan Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Mar. 31, 1799, m. 
, died at Natchez in the south. 

3.027 vi. Erastus SMrrn Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Mar. 2, 
1801, m. Tammy Pardee; d. Danbury. 

3.028 vii. LocKwooD Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Jan. 3, 1803, 
not married, died Harpersfield, N. Y. , Mar. 6, 1 832. 

3.029 viii. Daniel Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Jan. 5, 1806, 
never married, died Ridgefield, about 1875. 

3.030 ix. Burr Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Feb. 5, 1807, m. 
April 25, 1832, Flora Treadwell, b. April 1, 1810; 
settled at BmnchviUe, Ct. 

3.031 X. George Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Feb. 13, 1809, died 
Ridgefield, 1813. 

3.032 xi. (Betsey) or Polly Ann Bouton, b. Ridgefield, 
Mar. 8, 1811, d. Ridgefield, 1873, not married. 

3.033 xii. Deua Ann Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Feb. 2, 1819, 
m. Nov. 19, 1838, Thomas L. Sanford, res. Nor walk, 

3.034 xiii. George Bouton, record unknown. 

328 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 


(i.) Matthew Boxjghton (son of Daniel and Betsey 
Beers Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Dec., 1791, a mill- 
wright, m. at Newtown, Ct., Dec. 15, 1814, Lucretia 
Baldwin, and settled in New Jersey, from whence he 
was about to return to Connecticut, and it was 
supposed he started to do so, but was never after- 
ward heard from. It was conjectured that he was 
murdered on the way. His wife then went to 
her father's at Newtown, Ct., where their son, 

8.035 Andrew Boughton, was bom Feb. 27, 1817. They 
subsequently settled at Mansfield, O., where he, 
Andrew, m. Oct. 16, 1839, Mary Cozer, b. Mar. 17, 
1814; they settled at Mansfield, where she died Oct. 
26, 1861; he died Aug. 10, 1872. 

Children of Andrew and Marj Goseer Boairhton, of Mansfield, 0. 80115 

3.036 i. Lucretia M. Boughton, b. Mansfield, O., Sept. 
16, 1840, m. Mansfield, A. B. Casebeer. 

3.037 ii, Elizabeth Boughton, b. Mansfield, Mar. 16, 1842, 
died in infancy, Sept. 9, 1843. 

3.038 iii. William Boughton, b. Mansfield, Dec. 20, 1844, 
m. Caledonia, O., Emma C. Clark. 

3.039 iv. Eliza Jane Boughton, b. Mansfield, Dec. 31, 
1846, she died in infancy. 

3.040 V. Charles A. Boughton, b. Mansfield, Jan. 5, 1850, 
m. Walcott, Dak., Myra Booth. 

3.041 vi. Mary A. Boughton, b. Mansfield, Dec. 29, 1852, 
she died in infancy, Jan. 19, 1863. 

3.042 vii. George Boughton, b. Mansfield, May 27, 1854, 
d. Caledonia, 0., Aur. 29, 1875. 

8.043 viii. Thomas A. Boughton, b. Mansfield, April 6, 
1856, res. Scofield Gunison, Col. 

3.044 ix. Catharine Boughton, b. Mansfield, Dec. 3, 1860, 
m. Dec. 7, 1880, Tobias Knipp, res. Crestline, 0. 

CMIdren of Aiyin B. and Lucretia M. Boufrhton Casebeer, 

of Hillsdale, Ind. SOSe 

3.045 i. Mary A. Casebeer, b. Mansfield, O., Nov. 16, 
1862, d. Hillsdale, Ind., August 30, 1879. 

3.046 ii. Elizabeth M. Casebeer, b. Mansfield, Sept. 2, 
1864. m. 1883, S. K. Garlinghouse, Hillsdale, Ind. 

3.047 iii. Henrietta Casebeer, b. Mansfield, Dec. 27^ 
1870, died Mansfield, July 15, 1872. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 329 

3.048 iv. John A. Casebeer, b. Hillsdale, Ind., Nov. 23, 

Children of William and Emma G. Clark Bongrhtony 

of Mansfleldj 0. 8088 

3.049 i. LoRm G. Bouqhton, b. Caledonia, 0., Jan. 26, 

3.050 ii. Olue M. Boughton, b. Caledonia, September 26, 

3.051 iii. MiLFORD J. Boughton, b. Caledonia, May 30, 

•Children of Charles A. (son of Andrew and Mary Cozer Bonghtoa) and 

Myra Booth Bonghton, of Mansfleld, 0. 8040 

3.052 i. EuzABETH M. Boughton, b. Mansfield, 0., Dec. 
23, 1882. 

3.053 ii. Henry K. Boughton, b. Mansfield, August 14, 


(ii.) James Bouton (son of Daniel and Betsey- 
Beers Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Feb. 1, 1793, m. 
Pamelia Montgomery (dau. of Robert Montgomery), 
b. Wilton, Ct., Feb. 10, 1799, settled in Ridgefield; 
where she died Nov. 23, 1829; he died June 6, 1833. 

Children of James and Pamelia Montgomery Bouton, 

of Ridrefleld, Ct. 8028 

3.054 i. Lydia Ann Bouton, b. Wilton, Ct., July 1, 1819, 
she died Nov. 15, 1848. 

3.055 ii. Charles Bouton, b. Wilton, October 18, 1820, m. 
first, Sarah Cox, m, second, Rebecca M. Dimon, of 
Nor walk; he died Aug. 7, 1885. 

3.056 iii. Harriet E. Bouton, born Ridgefield, July 2, 
1822, m. Daniel Seymour, lived New Canaan, 1889, 

3.057 iv. Hiram M. Bouton, b. Aoiil 9, 1823, m. Sarah B. 
Knapp, Oct. 4, 1846, res. Ridgefield. 

3.058 V. James Smith Bouton, bom Ridgefield, April 
19, 1825, m. May 5, 1851, Emeline Lewis, res. Grand 
Union Junction, Wis. 

3.059 vi. William Gould Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Sept. 10, 
1827, m. Mar. 28, 1853, L. J. Lewis, res. Andover, Ct. 


(ii.) Charles Bouton (son of James and Pamelia 
Montgomery Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct. ; went, at 


830 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

an early age, to New York city, where he m. first, 
Sarah Cox; second, Rebecca Dimon, of Nor walk, Ct. ; 
they settled New York city, where he became the 
principal partner in the large wagon material business 
of Bouton & Smith , in the Bowery. He died in New 
York, August 7, 1885. His widow, Rebecca, was 
living 139 East 60th St., New York city, 1887. 

Children of Charles and Sarah Cox Bonton; of New York eitj. 8055 

3.060 i. Chablbs F. Bouton, b. New York city, Dec. 14, 
1856, m. Oct. 18, 1880, Emma H. Waldron and set- 
tled in New York city, where they res. No. 5 81st St., 


Child of Charles F. and Emma H. Waldron Bouton, of New 

York city. 

3.061 i. Mnj>RED A. Bouton, b. New York city, Sept. 21, 

3.062 ii. Aline Bouton (dan. of Charles and Sarah Cox 
Bouton), b. New York city, June 2, 1857, m. Joseph 
J. Smith, Feb. 25, 1879, and settled in New York city ;. 
res. south-east corner Madison Ave. and 63d St., 1887. 

Children of Joeepb J. and Aline Bouton Smitb, of New Canaan, Ct. 

3.063 i. Charles Bouton Smfth, b. New York city, Aug. 
26, 1881. 

3.064 ii. Spencer Coburn Smith, b. New York city, June 
2, 1883. 

(iii.) Harriet E. Bouton (dau. of James and Pame- 
lia Montgomery Bouton), b. Ridgefleld, Ct., July 2, 
1822, m. Nov. 29, 1843, Daniel S. Seymour, of Eidge- 
field, Ct., and moved to New Canaan, where they 
resided in the fall of 1^89. 

Children of Daniel S. and Harriet E. Bonton Seymour^ of New 

Canaan, Ct. 8056 

3.065 i. Mary Elizabeth Seymour, b. Peekskill, N. Y. 
Oct. 18, 1846, res. New Canaan. 

8.066 ii. Martha Ann Seymour, b. New Canaan, May 23, 


3.067 iii. Margelia Bouton Seymour, b. New Canaan, May 
28, 1851. 

8.068 iv. Robert Montgomery Seymour, b. New Canaan^ 
Jan. 9, 1868, m. Dec. 30, 1886, Annie M. Johnson^ 
res. Norwalk. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 331 

Child of Robert M. and Annie M. Johnson Sejmour. 8068 

3.069 i. Robert Seymour, b. Norwalk, Ct., July 24, 1887. 

Children of Hiram ][• (gon of James and Pamelia Mont^omerj Ronton) 

and Sarah R. Knapp Ronton, of Ridgrefleld. 8057 

3.070 i. Hiram S. Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., d. July 8, 1847. 

3.071 ii. Carrie E. Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Dec. 25, 1850, m. 
July 16, 1866, Ludlow Traver ; res. 9th ave., New 
York city. 

3.072 iii. Ebenezer Bouton, b. Ridgefield, June 19, 1852, 
m. Sarah J. Deforest, 1879 ; res. Ridgefield, Ct. 

3.073 iv. Lydia A. Bouton, b. Ridgefield, May 3, 1854, m. 
Sidney B. Ruggles, Dec., 1874 ; res. Plantsville, Ct., 

3.074 V. Henrietta Bouton, b. Ridgefield, August 15, 
1856, m. Nov. 1874, John Whitlock ; res. Ridgefield, 

Children of Ebenezer (son of Hiram M, and Sarah R. Knapp Ronton) 
and Sarah J. Deforest Ronton, of Rid|r«fleld, Ct. 8072 

3.075 i. Gracie May Bouton, b. Aug. 1, 1880. 

3.076 ii. Lizzie Maud Bouton, b. Ridgefield, April 20, 1882. 

3.077 iii. Carrie Louisa Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Dec. 9, 1884. 

Children of Sidnej R. and Ljdia A. Ronton (dan. of Hiram and Sarah 

Ronton) Rngnrles, of Plantsrille, Ct 8078 

3.078 i. HiRAH B. Ruggles, b. Plantsville, Ct., April 17, 
1876, d. September, 1876. 

3.079 ii. Leroy B. Rugk^les, b. Plantsville, Jan. 25, 1878. 

3.080 iii. Lillian R. Ruggles, b. Plantsville, Mar. 11, 1884. 

Child of John and Henrietta Ronton (dan. of Hiram and Sarah Ron- 
ton) Whltloek, of Rid^fleld, Ct 8074 

3.081 i. Bessie F. Whitlock, b. Ridgefield, July 19, 1876. 

(v.) James Smfth Bouton (son of James and Pame- 
lia Montgomery Bouton), b. April 19, 1825, ra. Eme- 
line Lewis, of New Canaan, M:ay 5, 1851, and settled 
in Grand Union Junction, near Racine, Wis., where 
they lived, 1887. 

Children of James S. and Emellne Lewis Ronton, of Grand Union 

Jnnetlott, Wis. 805S 

3.082 i. George Bouton, b. . 

3.083 ii. Rena Bouton, b. , m. Arthur Grossing. 

332 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

(vi.) William GtouLD Bouton (son of James and 
Pamelia Montgomery Bouton), b. Sept. 10, 1827, m. 
Lucy Jane Lewis, Mar. 28, 1853 ; they moved to Nor- 
walk, Ohio, where they lived many years, and 
returned to Andover, Ct. ; res. Andover, 1887. 

Children of William G. and Lney Jane Lewis Bouton. 8059 

3.084 i. WiLUAM L. Bouton, b. Sept. 22, 1864. 

3.085 ii. Emma J. Bouton, b. April 24, 1857 ; d. Oct. 2, 
. 1868. 

3.086 iii. Frank J. Bouton, b. Mar. 14, 1861, m. Minnie D. 
Libenon, April 22, 1886 ; res. Brewster, N. T., 1889. 

3.087 iv. IsABELLE L. Bouton, b. Sept. 3, 1862. 

3.088 V. Frederick E. Bouton, b. Dec. 17, 1864. 

3.089 vi. Charles A. Bouton, b. Jan. 18, 1867, d. August 

28, 1867. 

3.090 vii. Edward G. Bouton, b. Dec. 3, 1870. 

Child of Frank J. and Minnie D. Libenon Bonton. 

3,090» i. Grace Arlene Bouton, b. Hopewell, N. Y., 1887. 

(iii.) Sally Bouton (dau. of Daniel and Betsey 
Beers Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Sept. 7, 1794; 
m. at Ridgefield Dec. 16, 1813, Daniel Lee Edmunds. 
She d. Ridgefield. 

Children of Daniel Lee and Sallj Bonton Edmnnds, of Rldgrefleld. 8024 

3.091 i. Burr Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m. Harriet Adams. 

3.092 ii. Julia Ann Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m. George 
Nichols ; she d. 1865. 

3.093 iii. Jesse Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m., first, Sally A. 
Dickens ; second, . 

3.094 iv. Sarah Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, died, . 

3.095 V. Frederick Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m, . 

3.096 vi. Bradley Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m., first, Har- 
riet Dickens : second, Smith. 

3.097 vii. Harriet Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m. . 

3.098 viii. Henrietta Edmunds, b. Ridgefield, m. Thomas 

(iv.) Coleman Bouton (son of Daniel and Betsey- 
Beers Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Oct. 7, 1796, m. 
Fanny Woodbridge, and moved to Newark, N. J., 
whei'e he was the principal of a public school while 
he lived ; he died at Irvington, N. J. 


Clilld of Coleman and Fannj Woodbridge Bonton^ of Newark, N.J« 802& 

3.099 i. Bennington Bouton, b. Newark, N. J., m. . 

He enlisted in the army, and was killed at the battle 
of Fair Oaks. 

Cbild of Benninirton and Plnmb Bonton. 

3.100 i. Delia Bouton. 

(vi.) Erastus Smith Bouton (son of Daniel and 
Betsey Beers Bouton), b. Kidgefield, Ct., Mar. 2, 1801, 
m. Nov. 26, 1823, Tamany Pardee, of South Salem, 
N. Y., b. Jan. 5, 1800 ; moved to Danbury, where he 
lived many years, and where he died, leaving his 
children there, where they were married and were 
living 1887. 

Children of Eragtus 8. and Tamanj Pardee Bonton, of Danbnry, Ct 8087 

3.101 i. Julia Ann Bouton, b. Nov. 8, 1829, m. Dec. 6, 
1854, Oscar Dauchy, member of 17th Ct.,.and he was 
killed at battle of Fair Oaks. Wid. res.. Danbury 1887. 

3.102 ii. Marcus Edward Bouton, b. Mar. 27, 1830, m. 
first, Polly Ann Bassett, Sept. 4, 1859 ; she d. July 
19, 1800 ; m. second, Mary E. Gallagher, May 31,. 
1866 ; she died Feb. 17, 1871. 

3.103 iii. Minot Bouton, b. July 9, 1832, m. Mary Benja- 
min, settled Danbury, res. there 1887. 

3.104 iv. Flora Maria Bouton, b. Nov. 11, 1835, m. James 
Welch, Jan. 25, 1859, res. at Danbury, Ct., 1887. 

3.105 V. Sarah Frances Bouton, b. April 21, 1841, m. 
Edward L. Hazleton, Aug. 5, 1867, res. Mahopac^ 

Cblld of Oscar and Julia Ann Bouton Daucbjr, of Betbel, Ct. 

3.106 i. Frederick 0. Dauchy, b. Mar. 3, 1857, m. April , 
29, 1885, Emma Osborn Foot, b. Aug. 13, 1864 ; no 
children ; res. Danbury 1887. 

Cblldren of Marens £• and Marj E. Gallanrber Bouton, of Dan- 
bury, Ct 810? 

3.107 i. Grace Bouton, b. July 16, 1867, d. July 24, 1867. 

3.108 ii. Arthur Smith Bouton, b. Aug. 29, 1868, res. 3ft 
New St., Danbury, 1888. 

Children of Mlnot and Mary Benjamin Bouton» of Danburj, CU 81M 

3.109 i. Theodore H. Bouton, b. Danbury, July 13, 1859, 
m. Georgene R. Raymond, June 3, 1884, res. New 
Milford, Ct., 1887. 

334 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

3.110 ii. Edward Smith Bouton, b. Danbury. 1862, m. 
Bertha E. Welby, September, 1886, res. Thomaston, 
Ct., 1887. 

3.111 iii. Anna Bouton, b. Danbury, J 865, d. New Canaan, 
Ct., 1868. 

3.112 iv. Mary Alice Bouton, b. New Canaan, May 19, 
1868, res. 36 New St., Danbury, 1888. 

Children of Theodore H. and Geor^ene R. Rajmond Rongrhton, of New 

Milford, Ct 8109 

3.113 i. Mary Ellen Bouqhton, b. New Milford, Ct., Oct. 
22, 1884. 

3,113* ii. Alice Boughton. 

Child of Edward S. and Rertha E. Welby Rongrhton, of Thomas- 
ton, Ct. 8110 

3.114 i. Clara EnrrH Bouqhton, b. Thomaston, Ct., June 

19, 1887. 

Child of James and Flora Maria Ronton Welch (Hatters)^ of Dan- 

bnrj, Ct. 8104 

3,116 i. Ida Frances Welch, b. Danbury, Ct., Nov. 6, 1859. 

Children of Rnrr and Flora Treadwell Ronton, of Rranchrille, Ct 8080 

3.116 i. FlOra Amanda Bouton, b. Branchville, July 22, 
1836, m. Sept. 12, 1860, Philo W. Bates, Norwalk. 

3.117 ii. Annie Bouton, b. Branchville, Feb. 5, 1843, m. 
first, May 17, 1866, John J. Olmstead ; he was killed 
about 1878 ; m. second, Wm. Henry Allen, Oct. 13, 
1881 ; res. N. T. city 1887. 

Child of Philo W. and Flora A. Ronton Rategy Prop, of Marble WorkSf 

of Norwalk. 

3.118 i. Nellie Bates, b. Norwalk, about 1865, notm.; 
lived with parents at Norwalk 1887. 

Child of John J. and Annie Ronton Olmstead, of Mt. Temon, 0. 8117 

3.119 i. Eva Olmstead, b. about 1867. 

Children of Thomas L. and Delia Ann Ronton Sanford, of Nor- 
walk, Ct 80M 

3.120 i. George H. Sanford, b. Ridgefield, July lo, 1839, 
m. about 1868, Kitty Mnigan, settled Norwalk, no 

3.121 ii. WnjJAM Edqar Sanford, b. Nov. 2, 1841, m. 
Nov. 16, 1865, Elizabeth Northrop ; he d. Nov. 16, 
1869 ; she d. Nov. 19, 1869 ; their child— 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 8S6 

«,121» Annie C. Sanfobd, b. June 3, 1867, lived South Nor- 
walk 1887. 

3, 122 iii. Francis T. Sanford, b. Eedding, June 26, 1843, 
m. first, Angie E. Wood, settled Norwalk ; she d. 
March 16, 1880 ; m. second, Elizabeth Parkinton ; res. 
New Canaan 1887. 

Child of Francis T. and Angle £. Wood Sanford. 

8,128 i. Robert E. Sanford, b. June 3, 1873. 

8,124 iv. Emiia Jane Sanford, b. Redding, Oct. 7, 1847, m. 
George T. Church, settled Norwalk ; he d. Jan. 12, 
1875 ; she res. Norwalk 1887. 

Child of Goorge T. and Emma J. Sanford Chnrch. 

8,126 i. WiLLA Belle Church, b. 1870, d. 1873. 

8.126 V. Della M. Sanford, b. Redding, Ct., May 18, 1853, 
not married, res. Norwalk. 

8.127 vi. Betsey Madora Sanford, b. Bethel, May 25, 1855, 
d. Aug. 30, 1855. 

8.128 vii. Charles B. Sanford, b. Tarrytown, Aug. 6, 
1860, m. Nellie F. Fitch, res. Norwalk 1887. 

Children of Charles B. and Nellie F. Flteh Sanford. 

8.129 i. W INFIELD Edmonds Sanford, b. Aug. 7, 1884. 

8.130 ii. George Clayton Sanford, b. Norwalk, Aug. 5, 


[Collected by E. H. Boughton, March, 1887.] 

8.131 i. Daniel Boughton, b. 1752, captain in the Revolu- 
tionary war, ra. Elizabeth B. Starr, b. Sept. 29, 1763 ; 
they lived at Danbury and Redding ; he died 1801. 

Children of Daniel and Elixaheth B. Starr Bonghton^ of Dan- 

hnry, Ct 8181 

8.132 i, Eliud Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., June 22, 1780. 

8.133 ii. Anna Boughton, b. Danbury, Oct. 7, 1784. 

8.134 iii. Orrin Boughton, b. Danbury, Jan. 11, 1787, m, 
1812, Sally Gray, dau. of John and Esther Gray, of 
Danbury, Ct. 

Children of Orrin and Esther Gray Bongrhtony prohablj of Dan- 

bnry, Ct 8184 

8,136 i. John Boughton, b. about 1813. 

8,136 ii. Daniel Boughton, b. about 1816, m. M , dau, 

Gould Scott. 

336 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.137 iii. Eu Boughton, b. about 1819. 

3.138 iv. WiLUAM Boughton, b. about 1822. 

3.139 iv. Russell Boughton, b. prob. Danbury, Oct. 31, 
1790, m. Redding, Ct., May 16, 1814, Mary Hinsdale, 
of Redding, where they lived and she died, Nov. 21, 
1844, after which he lived with his uncle, Thomas 

Children of Russell and Mary Hinsdale Bongrbton* of Beddlngr, Ct 8189 

3.140 i. Henry Hinsdale Boughton,* b. ApriJ 4, 1815, m. 
Dec. 31, 1844, Laura S. Willey. 

3.141 ii. George Boughton, b. Dec. 21, 1816, m. Jan, 20, 
1863, Salina Brascoe, res. Avoca, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

3.142 iii. Mary Amanda Boughton, b. Mar. 8, 1820, m. 
Feb. 7, 1843, J. V. D. Terry, res. Syracuse, N. T. 

3.143 iv. Norman Boughton, b. September 3, 1823, died in 
infancy, June 6, 1824. 

3.144 V. JuuA Boughton, b. Jan. 7, 1826, m. Shap, 

res. Howard, Steuben Co. 

3.145 vi. Elizabeth Boughton, b. Mar. 24, 1828; she died 
unmarried, 1886. 

3.146 vii. Gilbert Boughton, b. July 24, 1831, died Nov. 
7, 1865 ; m. September 1, 1862, Evangela Nealy ; no 

3.147 viii. Edward Boughton, b. April 12, 1834, m. Jan. 
20, 1859, Maggie Fox ; no children; he d. 1868. 

*NoTE. — Henry H. Boughton changed his method of 
spelling his name to Bouton, after which his brothers and 
sisters did the same. 


3.148 V. Eli Starr Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 7, 
1793, m. Feb. 7, 1816, Molly Meeker, of Redding ; she 
b. 1794, d. Feb. 4, 1860. 

CUldren of EU S. and Mollj Meeker Boughton, of Beddlngr, Ct 8148 

3.149 i. Mary Boughton, b. Redding, Feb. 5, 1817, m. 
John H. Losee ; no children ; res. Wilton 1887. 

3.150 ii. Benjamin Starr Boughton, farmer, b. Redding, 
Dec. 28, 1818, m. first, Jan. 21, 1850, at Redding, 
Sarah Maria Sanford, Asm. of Enoch A. and Eliza 
Barlow Sanford ; she d. Aug. 28, 1868 ; m. second, 
Sarah Merwin Rowell, of Easton, Ct., Dec. 9, 1869, 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 337 

and settled on the homestead, where they were liv- 
ing 1887 (2i miles north-east of Georgetown, Ct.). He 
was elected to the assembly in 1858 and again in 1868. 

Children of Benjamin 8. and first wife, Sarah M. Sanford Bongb- 

ton, of BeddingTy Ct al50 

3.151 i. Mary Elizabeth Boughton, b. July 31, 1863, m. 
Redding, Oct. 24, 1877, Edgar T. Field, farmer, and 
settled in Redding, where they res. 1887. 

Children of Edgar T. and Marj E. Boaghton Field, of Bedding^ Ct 8151 

3,151" i. Mattie Boughton Field, b. Redding, Dec. 13, 1878. 

3.152 ii. Benjamin E. Field, b. Redding, Jan. 20, 1887. 

.3,153 ii. Martha Ann Boughton, b. May 20, 1856, not mar- 
ried, lives Danbury, Ct., 1887. 

3.154 iii. Starr Benjamin Boughton, b. Redding, Dec. 20, 
1858, d. Dec. 3, 1863. 

Cliildren of Benjamin 8. and gecond wifos Sarah Merwin Bowell 

Boughton. 8150 

3,154" iv. Grace May Boughton, b. Nov. 28, 1870, res. with 

3.155 V. Edith Lydia Boughton, b. Sept. 28, 1872, res. 
with parents. 

3.156 vi. Clarissa Boughton, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth 
B. Stan* Boughton, b. prob. at Danbury, Oct. 11, 1797, 

and m. about 1820, Mr. Webb, and settled in 

Wilton, Ct. 

Children of and Clarissa Bonghton Webb, of Wilton. 8156 

3.157 i. George Webb, b. , m. Abigail Miller ; she died. 

Children of George and Abigail Miller Webb^ Wilton, Ct. 8157 

3.158 i. Susie Webb, m. Bradley Sanford. 

3.159 ii. George Webb, Jr. 

3.160 iii. Edward Webb. 

3.161 iv. Charles Webb. 

3.162 ii. Henry Webb, b. ; he made a whaling voyage, 

married and settled in Bridgeport, and is a silver 

Child of Henrj and Webb^ of Bridgeport, Ct 8162 

3.163 i. Frederick Webb, b. prob. Bridgeport, m. first, 
Hester Estabrook ; second, Emily . 

Children of Frederick and Hester Estabrook Webb, of Bridge- 
port, Ct. 8168 

3.164 i. JuuA Webb. 

8.165 ii. Helen Webb, m. Elisha Tumey. 

8.166 iii. Charles Webb. 


338 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Glilldren of Frederick and bis seeond wlfe> Emily Webb, of 

Bridgeport, Ct. 316S 

3.167 iv. Stella Webb, b. about 1867. 

3.168 V. David Webb, b. about 1869. 

3.169 vi. Theresa Webb, b. about 1870. 

3.170 vii. Edward Webb, b. about 1872. 

3.171 viii. Arthur Webb, b. about 1876. 

Children of Sanford Bon^hton. 

As furnished by his grandson, Augustus Boughton, of 
/ Cincinnati, O. Was probably a grandson of the first 

Matthew, emigrated from Connecticut and settled near 

Rochester about 1800. 

3.173 i. Jonathan W. Boughton, b. 1785, m. New York, 
1830, Anna Westfall, and died in Ind., April 1, 1852. 

3.174 ii. George Boughton; further history of him not 
obtained ; lived at the east. 

3.175 iii. Seymour Boughton ; further history unknown. 

3.176 iv. Sylvester Boughton ; further history unknown. 

3.177 V. Martha Boughton : further history unknown. 


Jonathan W. Boughton, b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 12, 
1785, by trade a cooper. He was raised near Rochester, 
N. Y., and enlisted in the war of 1812. At the close of the- 
war he received a land warrant and settled in Montgomery 
county, O. He married Troy, O., Sept. 14, 1827, Anna 
Westfall, and continued to live in Montgomery county, O., 
until her death, Sept. 14, 1847, aftar which he went to Lo- 
gansport, Ind., where he died April 1, 1852. 

Children of Jonathan W. and Anna Westfall Bonghton^ near Dayton,. 

Ohio. 8178 

3.178 i. Augustus Boughton, b. near Dayton, Montgom- 
ery county, 0., Dec. 14, 1828, m. Hamilton, 0.,1857,. 
Sarah J. Brooks, res. Cincinnati, 0., 1888. 

3.179 ii. DeWitt C. Boughton, b. near Dayton, Jan. 12, 

1834, m. Brazil, Ind., 1862, Maria Brann ; resides 
Brazil, Ind. 

3.180 iii. Louisa M. Boughton, b. near Dayton, May 5, 

1835, m. 1860, Valentine Ford, Montezuma, Park Co.^ 
Ind., and d. there 1864. 


3.181 iv. Sylvester S. Boughton, b. near Dayton, June 
10, 1837, m. Elizabeth Holmes, Sidney, O. 

3.182 V. Martha E. Boughton, b. near Dayton, July 31, 
1839, died there in infancy, Oct. 12, 1840. 

3.183 vi. Jonathan B. Boughton, b. near Dayton, July 
30, 1842 ; never married ; died May 7, 1872, at Brazil, 

3.184 vii. Wn^LLAM R. Boughton, b. near Dayton, Oct. 9, 
1845, m. March 22, 1870, Docia C. Homer, b. May 12, 
1864 ; res. Brazil, Ind. 

Child of William and Doda C. Homer Boa^litoii, of Brazii, Oliio. 

3,184'^ i. Charles E. Boughton, b. Chili, Miami county, 
Ind., Sept. 22, 1871. 

Cliildren of Angnstus and Sarah J. Broolis Bongliton, of Cincinnati, 

Oliio. 81 78 

3.185 i. Jonathan L. Boughton, b. 1860. 

3.186 ii. William H. Boughton. 

3.187 iii. Clinton Boughton. 

3.188 iv. Martha E. Boughton. 

Cliildren of DeWitt C. and Maria Brann Boughton, of Brazil, Ohio. 

3.189 i. Mattie (Martha) M. Boughton, b. Brazil, Clay 
county, Ind., Jan. 1, 1865, m. May, 1886, John Keller ; 
res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

3.190 ii. VViLLLAM C. Boughton, b. Brazil, Feb. 14, 1867. 

3.191 iii. Alice V, Boughton, b. Brazil, Feb. 20, 1869, m. 
April 19, 1887, Harry Piatt ; res. Springfield, 0. 

3.192 iv. Jonathan B. Boughton, b. Brazil, May 7, 1871. 

3.193 V. Charles P. Boughton, b. Brazil, March 7, 1873. 


About the year 1793, James Bouton and Roger Bouton 
emigrated, it is supposed, from Fairfield county, Ct., to 
Delaware county, jJ. Y., where they settled, then a new, 
unimproved region, with only marked trees by which the 
settlers could find their way through the dense forest, the 
nearest place where they could obtain their milling and 
store supplies being about forty miles distant. 

340 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

About the same period, David BoutoD, supposed to be 
their brother (the children of Samuel Bouton, son of 
Nathaniel and Mary Bouton, of New Canaan, in the town 
of Stamford, Ct.)i aJso emigrated to Delaware county, N. 
Y., having just married, at Redding, Ct., Esther Belden. 
Subsequently Mercy, their sister, also came to reside in 
Delaware county, and settled at Delhi, having married, 
Feb. 6, 1775, Jonathan AUaben, of Blue Point, L. I. An 
early record says that Samuel Bouton married and settl^ 
on Liong Island. (See descendants of Nathaniel Bouton, 

CUldren of Samuel and Ablgrail Beaton^ of New Canaan and Long 


i. James, ii. Roger, iii. DAvm, iv. Mercy, v. Bexajah, 
vi. Sarah, vii. Cloe, viii. Samuel Bouton, Jr., rx. Mary, 
X. Abigail. 

A town record in Danbury or Ridgefield, Ct., states that 
April 24, 1794, Sarah was made administratrix of the estate 
of her late husband, Avery Bouton, of Ridgefield, insolvent, 
which owed James Bouton £13 8s. 5d., Rogers Bouton £43 
105. and David Bouton £17 12^. 

Children of Samnel and Abigail Beaton, of New Canaan and Lon; 

Island. 427 

3.199 i. James Bouton (supposed son of Samuel), b. New 
Canaan, 1763, a farmer ; he m. Redding, Ct., Mar. 9, 
1793, Sarah Sanford, b. Feb. 18, 1778; they moved the 
same year of their marriage to Delaware Co., N. Y., 
town of Roxbury. A Methodist Episcopal church 
was formed at that place, with which they were 
identified as long as they lived. In their early expe- 
rience they endured hardships and privations, but 
lived to see the fruit of their toil ripen into a compe- 
tence in their old age. She died June 24, 1839 ; he 
died June 7, 1843, and they were both interred in the 
family burying ground on the farm where they first 
settled in that county. 

8.200 ii. Roger Bouton (supposed son of Samuel), prob. b. 
New Canaan, about 1757, a farmer, m. at Blue Point, 
L. I., Sally Allaben, and settled in Roxbury, Dela- 

' ware coun^, N. Y. 

3.201 iii. DAvro Bouton (supposed son of Samuel), prob. b. 
New Canaan, about 1748 ; the account says he mar- 


ried, Redding, about 1782, Esther Belden, and settled 
in Middletown, Delaware county, N. Y., where he 
died 1830, aged 82 years. 

3.202 iv. Mercy Bouton, prob. b. New Canaan, Ct., before 
her parents removed to Long Island , about the year 
1759. She m., the record says, first, February 6, 1775, 
Jonathan Allaben, both of Cortland Manor, L. I. ; he 
died, and she m. second, Joel Carley, of Hillsdale, 
Columbia- county, N. Y. They settled at Delhi. Dela- 
ware county, N. Y., 1803, and moved to Roxbury, 
in 1813, where she d. about 1828. 


Children of James and Sarah Sanford Bonton, farmers, of Rox- 

bnry, N. Y. 8199 

3.203 i. David Sanford Bouton, minister of the M. E. 
church, b. Redding, Ct.. Aug. 2, 1794, m. Angelina 
Hill, 1818 ; d. Dec. 21, 1829. 

3.204 ii. Betsey Bouton, b. Roxbury, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1796, 
m. Feb. 28, 1832, Amzi Doolittle, of Windham, N. Y. 
She d. Dec. 15, 1884. 

3.205 iii. Gould C. Bouton, b. Roxbury, June 28, 1799 ; 
died there in infancy. 

3.206 iv. Orrin G. Bouton, farmer, b. Roxbury, March 31, 
1804, m. Jan. 19, 1831, Esther Kelly, and he d. July 
5, 1832. 

3.207 V. LucRETiA Bouton, b. Roxbury, June 24, 1806, and 
d. there in childhood. 

3.208 vi. Zalmon L. Bouton, farmer, b. Roxbury, June 14, 
1808, m. first, Susan C. Barlow, June 1, 1839 ; shed. 
1844 ; m. second, Julia A. Barlow ; he d. Cortland, 
May 13, 1888 ; his family res, Cortland 1888. 

3.209 vii. James Avery Bouton, b. Roxbury, Feb. 19, 1811; 
died same place in infiaucy. 

3.210 viii. James Daniel Bouton, minister M. E. church, 
b. Roxbury, Nov. 19, 1812, m. first, Sarah Johnson ; 
second, Harriet Niblo ; third, Sarah Wing. He hved 
and labored in Connecticut until he d. in Goshen, Ct., 
Nov. 27, 1867. 

3.211 ix. Sarah Annie Bouton, b. Roxbury, Mar. 18, 1815, 
m. Rev. W. C. Smith, New York M. E. Conference, 
Dec. 30, 1846, res. 430 West 35th St., New York city. 

3.212 X. Esther Alice Bouton, b. Roxbury, Sept. 13, 1820, 
m. Rev. W. C. Smith, D.D., New York Conference, 
Nov. 15, 1845, in New York state ; she d. Nov. 15, 


Cbildren of Roger and Sallj Allaben Bonton, farmers, of Roxbury^ 

Delaware Co., N. T. S200 

3.213 i. Lewis Bouton, b. , m. Betsey Snyder ; set- 
tled Allegany county, N. Y., and died there about 

3.214 ii. James Bouton, ra. Deborah Scudder ; had one 
child and died soon after. 

3.215 iii. JoHK Bouton, m. Betsey Bush of Prattsville ; 
died about 1844. 

3.216 iv. Squire Bouton, b. , m. Betsey Montgomery 

of Eoxbury, N. Y., and died there about 1847. 

3.217 V. Esther Bouton, b. ; never married ; died 


Children of Darid and Esther Belden Ronton, farmers, of Middletown, 

Delaware Co., N. T. 8801 

3.218 i. Avery Bouton, b. , m. Betsey Ellis, d. 

Prattsville, N. Y., aged 76. 

3.219 David Bouton, Jr., b. , m. Katy Williams; 

he d. aged over 80. 

3.220 iii. Samuel G. Bouton, b. March 18, 1770, m. Hester 
Robinson, Roxbury, Delaware Co., N. Y.; he died 
Sept. 26, 1836. 

3.221 iv. Stephen Bouton, b. , m. Lucy Northrup, 

d. Roxbuiy, N. Y. 

3.222 V. Belden Bouton, b. , never married; died 

at county house. 

3.223 Esther Bouton, b. Salem, N. Y., 1771, m. first, 
William Pinch ; second, Daniel Slater ; she d. Hyde 
Park, Dec. 12, 1855. 

Children of Jonathan and Mercy Bonton (supposed dan. of Sainnel, of 
Ncur Canaan and Long Island) Allaben, of Cortland 

Manor, L. I. 8202 

Jonathan Allaben lived at Blue Point, L. I., and was 
drowned about 1787, and Mercy Bouton :s supposed to have 
lived somewhere on Long Island. They were probably 
married at Cortland Manor sometime in 1775. Their oldest 
child was born in 1776 and their youngest in 1787. 

3.224 i. Sally Allaben, b. prob. 1776, m. first, William 
Holmes ; settled Colchester, Delaware Co., N. Y.; m. 
second, Dugald Harrower. She died about 1852. 


3.225 ii. Polly Atj.arein, b. probably, 1778, m. Elijah 
Wells, of Catskill, Greene county, N. Y.; she died 
about 1820. 

3.226 iii. James AUiABEN, b. August 25, 1780, m. June 3, 
1806, Salina Stratton ; settled Roxbury, N. Y.; be d. 
August 4, 1822. 

3.227 iv. John Allaben, b. September 15, 1785, m. Fezon 
Mclntyre ; settled at Roxbury ; he d. Aug. 3, 1845. 

3.228 V. Esther Allaben, b. April 7, 1787, m. Oct. 16, 
1808, Walter Stratton ; settled in Roxbury. 

Children of Joel (second bnsband of) and Mrs. Mercj Bonton Allaben 
Garlejy of Deihi^ Delaware G0.5 N. T. ; she d. 

Angnsty 1829, aged 69. 8202 

3.229 vi. Prudence Carley, b. August 3, 1800, m. Smith 
Fuller ; settled Warwarsing, Ulster county, N. Y. ; 
she d. June 20, 1883. 

8.230 vii. Brookins Miller Carley, b. August 22, 1805, m. 
Oct. 7, 1824, Lydia Ann Ellis ; settled Middletown, 
N. T.; he died Oct. 9, 1859. 

Cbildren of William and Sallj Allaben Holmes (ber first bnsband), of 

Golcbester, N. Y. 8224 

3.231 i. Mercy Holmes, b. Delaware county, N. Y., m. 
Truman Teed : settled Seneca county, N. Y. 

3,282 ii. John A. Holmes, b. Delaware county, 1804, m. 
Rachel B. Lindsley ; settled Colchester. 

3.233 iii. Polly Holmes, b. Delawai'e county, ra. Timothy 
Fuller ; settled Colchester. 

3.234 iv. Esther Holmes, b. Delaware county, m. Randall 
Fuller; settled Colchester. 

Cbildren of Dn^ald and widow Sallj Allaben Harrower (ber second 

bnsband). 8224 

3.235 V. Drucilla Harrower, b. , m. Richard Fuller. 

3.236 vi. Sally Harrower, b. , m. David Howard. 

3.237 vii. Ransford Harrower, b. , m. Jane Boyce. 

3.238 viii. Finbtta Harrower, b. , m. Joseph Miller. 

Cbildren of Elijab and Pollj Allaben Wells, of Catskill, N. Y. 8S25 

3.239 i. Alanson Wells, probably b. Catskill, N. Y.; never 
married ; res. Catskill. 

3.240 ii. Almern Wells, probably b. Catskill ; d. Cairo. 

3.241 iii. Rev. Ransford Wells, probably b. Catskill ; d. 


344 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.242 iv. Laura Wells, probably b. Catskill; never m.; 
res. Troy, N. Y. 

3.243 V. Elijah Wells, Jr., probably b. Catskill ; res. 

3.244 vi. Lewis Wells, probably b. Catskill. 

3.245 vii. George Wells. 

Cliildren of James and Sallna Stratton AUaben^ of Catskill, N. T. (he 

died at Roxbarj, 1823). S286 

3.246 i. Jonathan Allaben, b. prob. Catskill, N. Y., Aug. 
24, 1807, d. in infancy, April 3, 1808. 

3.247 ii. Lewis Allaben, b. prob. Catskill, N. Y., Dec. 19, 
1808, died in infancy, Dec. 21, 1S08. 

3.248 iii. Maria Allaben, b. prob. Catskill, Mar. 22, 1810, 
m. Abraham Race, d. Margaretville, N. Y., June 1, 

3.249 iv. John Allaben, b. prob. Catskill, Jan. 1, 1813, 
d. in infancy, Feb. 17, 1813. 

3.250 V. and vi. Lorenzo and Lorinzo, b. prob. Catskill, 
June 17, 1814, and died same day. 

3,250* Eli S. Allaben. 

3.251 vii. Almern W. Allaben, b. probably Dec. 12, 1818, 
m. first, Abigail Gray ; second, Olivia I. Lasher ; he 
d. Dutchess county, N. Y., March 26, 1854. 

3.252 viii. Ezra W. Allaben, b. prob. Catskill, April 1, 
1821, never married, d. Dutchess county, Dec. 11, 1863. 

Children of John and Fezon Mclutjre Allaben, of Boxbnrj^ N. T. S287 

3.253 i. Orpha Allaben, b. Delhi, N.Y., and died in infancy. 

3.254 ii. Orson M. Allaben, M. D.; represented a senate 
and also an assembly district in the New York le^s- 
lature; b. Delhi, August 5, 1808, m. Thankful Dim- 
mick, res. Margaretville, N. Y., ISSS. 

3.255 iii. Wilson S. Allaben, M. D., b. Eoxbury, N. Y., 
Feb. 16, 1810, ni. Nancy M. Topping, res. rolo, HI., 
d. Oct. 22, 1864. 

3.256 iv. Nelson Allaben, b. Roxbury, and died in infancy. 

3.257 V. Jonathan (J. Allaben, M. D.; represented an 
assembly district in the New York legislature ; b. 
Roxbury, Dec. 26, 1813, m. Angeline Decker, res. 
Polo, 111., 1888. 

3.258 vi. William N. Allaben; Baptist minister ; b. Rox- 
bury, June 20, 1816, married fii'st, Diadaniia Maben ; 
second, Martha Todd ; third, Josephine Palmer ; 
settled Margaretville; res. 1888. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 84 & 

3.259 vii. Abigail D. Allaben, b. Roxbury, March 2, 1819, 
m. Buell Maben ; member of the legislature of New 
York in 1846 ; settled HaJcott, Greene county, N. Y. 
She died December, 1884 ; he d. February, 188(i. 

3.260 (viii. and ix. Ely and Harriet Allaben, b. Rox- 

3.261 ( bury, and died in infancy. 

3.262 X. James R. Allaben, lawyer, represented a district 
in Brooklyn in the New York state assembly, 1869 ; 
b. Roxbury, Oct. 20, 1823, m. Ellen P. Smith, res. 
Brooklyn 1888. 

3.263 xi. Sarah A. Allaben, b. Roxbury, Oct. 19, 1825, m. 
William R. Sanford, Middletown, Delaware county, 
N. Y. 

Children of Walter and Esther Allaben Stratton, of Boxbnry^ Dela- 
ware county^ N. T. 3228 

3.264 i. Malinda U. Stratton, b. Roxbury, N. Y., April 
15, 1810, m. Cyrenius Pelham, Malone, la. ; she died 
Sept. 20, 1875. 

3.265 ii. Alanson W. Stratton, b. Roxbury, Nov. 28, 1811, 
m. Angelin W. Short : res. Roxbury 1888. 

3.266 iii. Lucinda E. Stratton, b. Roxbury, Feb. 9, 1814, 
M. Reuben Bassett ; she d. Roxbury, Feb. 7, 1864. 

3.267 iv. David W. Stratton, b. Roxbury, April 14, 1816, 
m. first, Jane Short ; second, Maria 1). Turner ; res. 
Napanock, N. Y., 1888. 

3.268 V. Polly Stratton, b. Roxbury, Oct. 25, 1818, m. 
Richard Osterhout ; she d. Lackawack, September 24, 

3.269 vi. Electa Stratton, b. Roxbury, May 22, 1822, m. 
first, Samuel MuUineux ; second, Dyer Todd ; res. 
Hardenburgh, Ulster county, N. Y. 

3.270 vii. Adaline Stratton, b. Roxbury, Feb. 22, 1824, m. 
Benjamin Scudder ; she d. Hobart, N. Y., March 29,. 

3.271 viii. Jason W. Stratton, b. Roxbury, Nov. 20, 1831, 
m. Emma Minkler; res. Bergen, Genesee county, 
N. Y., 1888. 

Children of Smith and Prudence Carlej Fuller, of Boxbnry, Delaware 

count jT, N. Y. 8399 

3.272 i. Joel C. Puller, b. Roxbury, N. Y., July 1, 1820, 
m. Antoinette T. Grossman ; d. Jan. 8, 1881, Grahams- 
viUe, N. Y. 

346 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.273 ii. John K. Fuller, b. Roxbury, April 7, 1822, m, 
Samh A. Devine ; d. Dec. 25, 1850, Lackavvack, N. Y. 

8.274 iii. Samuel C. Fuller, b. Roxbuiy, Sept. 20, 1824, 
m. Mary F. Wood ; res. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888. 

3.275 iv. Brookins M. Fltjler, b. Roxbuiy, Sept. 6, 1827 ; 
died in infancy, June 10, 1830. 

3.276 V. Aaron Fuller, b. Roxbury, Sept. 27, 1830, d. in 
infancy, Sept. 29, 1830. 

3.277 vi. Walter S. Fuller, b. Roxbury, AprQ 12, 1832, 
m. Susan Rosecrans ; res. Sundown, N. Y., 1888. 

3.278 vii. Brookins R. Fuller, born Lackawack, Ulster 
county, N. Y., September 21, 1834, m. Dorothy I. 
Furman ; res. Wawai^sing, N. Y., 1888. 

3.279 viii. William A. Fuller, born Lackawack, June 20, 
1837, m. Mary Ann Osterhout ; res. Bridgeville, Sul- 
livan county, N. Y. 

3.280 ix. Smith M. Fuller, b. Lackawack, Feb. 6, 1840, m. 
Melissa Wolf ; res. unknown. 

Children of Brookins and Ljdia Ann Ellis Carlej, of Roxbnrjy 

Delaware conntj, N. ¥• 8280 

3.281 i. Mercy C. Carley, b. Roxbuiy, N. Y., June 25, 1825, 
m. Roswell Houghtaliiig ; d. October, 1876, Marga- 
retsville, N. Y. 

3.282 ii. Eluah E. Carley, b. Roxbury, Feb. 14, 1828; 
never married ; died July, 1846, Cluvesville, N. Y. 

3.283 iii. Prudence F. Carley, b. Roxbury, April 27, 1830, 
m. first, Nelson Bushnell ; second, Louis Bertraud ; 
res. MargaretviUe, 1888. 

3.284 iv. John A. Carley, b. Roxbury, May 17, 1833, m. 
first, Jane Furman ; second, ; res. Nebraska. 

3.285 V. Wilson S. Carley, b. Roxbury, Jan. 5, 1836, m. 
Clarinda Furman ; res. Pine Hill, N. Y., 1888. 

3.286 vi. Fezonette U. Carley, b. Roxbuiy, July 19, 1838, 
m. Ransom Francisco ; d. June 1877, Andes, N. Y. 

Children of Be?. David S. and Angreline Hill Bonton, of Boxbary, Bel. 

conntj, N. T. 3)03 

3.287 i. James H. Bouton, b. Roxbury, N. Y., Nov. 16, 
1820, m. Feb. 8, 1872, Mary J. McFarland ; res. Rox- 

3.288 ii. Amanda M. Bouton, b. Roxbury, May 19, 1S23, 
m. Martin Mead ; res. Newark Valley, Tioga county, 
N. Y., 18S7. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 347 

5,289 iii. H. Janette Bouton, b. Roxbury, AprU 26, 1825, 

m. Dec. 27, 1855, Charles Ames, Eoxbury; res. 

Kingsbridge, N. Y. No children. 
.3,290 iv. Sarah A. Bouton, b. Roxbury, April 16, 1827, 

m. June 30, 1861, John F. Hannah ; res. Moberly, 

Randolph county. Mo. 

5.291 V. Orrin Rice Bouton, b. Roxbury, Feb. 25, 1829, 
m. 1857, Rebecca Van Loan Peek, Catskill; she d. 
March 13, 1885. 


Children of James H. and Mary J. MeFariand Bouton, of 

Roxbnrjr, N. T. 8287 

3.292 i. Mary A. Bouton, b. Stamford, N. T., Jan. 9, 1878. 
^,293 ii. James McFarland Bouton, born Poughkeepsie, 

N. Y., Sept. 10, 1875. 

8.294 iii. R. Frank Bouton, b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
June 8, 1879. 

Children of Charles and H. Janette Bouton Ames, of Kingsbrldg^e^ N, Y. 

3.295 i. Angeline B. Ames, b. New Lots, N. Y., Oct. 17, 
1856, . 

^,296 ii. Charles Barrett Ames, b. New Lots, Sept. 15, 
1860, m. Nov. 4, 1885, Theresa Reeves, of Orange, 
N. J.; res. McClellan, N. J. 

3.297 iii. James Marshall Ames, b. Leipzig, Herkimer Co., 
N. Y., Feb. 18, 1865, m. Hannah A. Lome, New 
York city, Nov. 7, 1887; res. Kingsbridge, N. Y. 

3.298 iv. Ann Marl^ Ames, b. Leipzig, June 18, 1868. 

Children of John F. and Sarah A. Bonton Hannah^ of 

Moberly, Mo. SS1N) 

5.299 i. Minnie M. Hannah, b. Moberly, Mo., Dec. 25, 1861, 
m. E. R. Hickerson, June 27, 1887. 

3.300 ii. Alma B. Hannah, b. Moberly, Dec. 22, 1863, ra. 
E. V. Hawks, Moberly, Oct. 19, 18S4. 

3.301 iii. Wilbur F. Hannah, b. Moberly. June 5, 1866. 

5.302 iv. Frank S. Hannah, b. Moberly, April 10, 1870. 

(v.) Orrin R. Bouton (son of David S. and Angeline 
Hill Bouton), was born Roxburv, Delaware Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 25, 1829, m. Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., Aug. 
17, 1857, Rebecca Van Loan Peek, of Catskill, N. Y., 
and settled at Chapel Hill, Lafayette Co., Mo., where 

348 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

he was appointed president of Chapel Hill college in 
1858. He served as such until 1860, when he was 
called to the presidency of Macon college, Mo., and 
remained there until about 1863, and then appointed 
principal of the academy at Roxbury, Delaware 
Co., N. Y. He filled that position until 1870, retiring 
therefrom to enter the ministry of the Methodist 
Episcopal church, and serving as such at Bovina, 
Delaware county, from 1871 to 1872, at Windham, 
Greene county, from 1873 to 1875, Stamford and 
Franklin, Delaware county until 1882, thence to 
Coeymans Hollow, Albany county, until 1883, and in 
1884 was assigned the superintendency of the Five 
Points Mission, New York. He was still engaged 
therein the spring of 1888. March 13, 1885, his wife, 
Rebecca died, in the midst of life and usefulness, at 
the Mission, 63 Park St., New York city. 

Children of Bey* Orrin B. and Bebecca Tan Loan Peek Bonton. 

3.303 i. James F. Bouton, b. Chapel Hill, Mo., Sept. 15^ 
1858, m. Pine Hill, Ulster Co., N. Y., Oct. 20, 1887, 
Louise George, and settled at 156 Ryerson St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., where they were living, summer of 1888. 

3.304 ii. Sanford Peek Bouton, b. Roxbury, N. Y., April; 
25, 1862 ; res. 63 Park St., New York city. 

3.305 iii. Frank Russ Bouton, b. Roxbury, October 23^ 
1864, educated at the Wesleyan university. Middle- 
town, Conn., where he graduated 1886, and was at 
this writing taking his theological course in TJniott 
theological seminary, New York city. 

3.306 iv. Sadie J. Bouton, b. Roxbury, August, 1866. 


GhUdren of Amzl and Betsey Bonton Doolittle of Windham, N. It. 

3.307 i. Ann Abiah DooLrrrLE, b. about 1330, m. Ransom* 
Wells, Ashland, N. Y. 

3.308 ii. Betsey Maria Doolittle, b. about 1832, m. Ros- 
well Osborn, Ashland. 

ChUdren of Ransom and Ann Abiah Doolittle Wells^ of Ashland, 

Greene county, N. T. S807 

3.309 fi. Emma Wells, b. Ashland, about 1861, m. Ar- 
Twins J lington Fayer. 


ii. William Smith Wells, b. Ashland, about 1861^ 
m. Betsey Morse, Ashland. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 349 

Children of Boswell and Betsey Maria Doollttle Osborn, of Ashland, 

(ilreene county, N. Y. 8808 

3.311 Ji. Sanford Osborn, b. Ashland, about 1861, m. 
^!!!^~ Emma Christian. 

5.312 ii. Hattib Osborn, b. Ashland, about 1863; res. Ash- 

(vi.) Zalmon Lacey Bouton, b. Roxbury, Dela- 
ware county, N. Y., June 14, 1808; a farmer; m. 
Jan. 1, 1839, first, Susan C. Barlow, b. Stamford, Del- 
aware county, K. Y., May 2U, 1815 ; she d. Dec. 17, 
1840 ; m. second, Oct. 29, 1843, Julia A. Barlow of 
Stamford, b. April 20, 1816 ; settled in Roxbury, and 
subsequently moved to Cortland, Cortland Co., N. Y., 
where they res. 1888. He died there March 13, 1888, 
aged nearly eighty years. 

Children of Zalmon L. and Jnlia A. Barlow Bonton, of Roxbnry, 

N. Y. 8208 

.3,313 [i, Willi VM Sanford Bouton, b. Roxbury, Delaware 
county, N. Y., July 25, 1844, m. Oct. 16, 1871, Calista 
Wilson, b. Nov. 28, 1846, Hobart, N. Y. ; they resided 

fJSL ^ Roxbury, N. Y. A stock dealer, settled at Tecumseh, 
Johnson county. Neb., 1888. 

8,314] ii. Carrie S. Bouton, b. Roxbury, Nov. 22, 1846, m. 

Roxbury, Oct. 23, 1873, Elijah H. Kelly, b. July 25, 

IJ 1844, Middletown, N. Y. A butcher, settled Cort- 

^^ "land, N. Y.; res. there 1888. 

.3,315*iii. Orris P. Bouton, b. Roxbury, Sept. 29, 1848, m. 
at Jetferson, Schoharie county, N. Y., June 23, 1871, 
Eldean Merchant ; a grocer ; settled at Cortland, 
N. Y.; res. Hyndsville, Schoharie county, 1888. 

3,316] iv, Daniel w. Bouton, b. Roxbury, Feb. 12, 1855, 
m. Preble, Cortland county, Lucy M. Reynolds, b. 
March 19, 1858. A butcher, partner with E. Kelly ; 
post-office Cortland, 1888. 

Child of William S. and Calista Wilson Bonton, of Boxbnry^ N. Y. 8818 

3,317 i. Walter Charles Boutqn, b. Roxbury, N. Y., 
August 12, 1873. 

Children of ElJJah H. and Carrie S« Bonton Kelly> of Boxbnrj and 

Cortland. 8814 

«,318' i. Flora J. Kelly, b. Roxbury, N. Y., April 9, 1875. 
3,319 ii. E. Bouton Kelly, b. Windham, Greene county, 
N. Y., Oct. 29, 1877. 

350 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.320 iii. Nettie M. Kelly, b. Windham, Nov. 16, 1884. 

3.321 iv. Edna L. Kelly, b. Cortland, April 10, 1887. 

Children of Orris P. and Eldean Mercliant Bouton^ of Roxbnrj^ 

N. Y. 88l€r 

3.322 i. Otis Zalmon BouTON, b. Roxbury, N. Y"., August 
16, 1872. 

3.323 ii. LenaO. Bouton, b. Ek)xbury, Feb. 2, 1878, died 
Hyndsville, Schoharie county, Jan. 25, 1885. 

3.324 iii. George BouTON, b. Hyndsville, , 1881, died 

Jan. 28, 1886. 

3.325 iv. Laverne Bouton, b. HyndsviUe, May 1, 1887. 

(viii.) James Daniel Bouton, a minister of the M. 
E. church, born Roxbury, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1812 ; h& 
studied and prepared himself for the ministry and 
became a very useful member of the New York East 
Conference of the M. E. church, in which he was 
admitted and ordained 1839, and labored for about 
forty years ; died at Goshen, Ct., Nov. 27, 1867. 

Child of Bey. James D. and liis first wife^ Sara^ Johnson Bonton, of 

New York. 9210 

3.326 i. Sarah Sanford Bouton, b. about 1842, m. 1865, 
Rev. Samuel J. McCutcheon, of the New England 
Conference ; a most worthy and useful couple in the 
churches where they lived and labored. She died 
about 1878 at Lakeville, Ct., where they res. 

Children of James D. and his seeond wife, Harriet Knibioe Bonton, of 

Goshen, Ct. 8210 

3.327 ii. Mary Ablah Bouton, b. about 1850, d. about 1884. 

3.328 iii. Hattie L. Bouton, b. about 1852, m. first, 1878^ 
Rev. S. C. Carey, of New England Conference ; sec- 
ond. Rev. C. S. Taylor. She died about 1882. 

3.329 iv. Wilbur Knibloe Bouton, b. about 1854, gradu- 
ated M. D. at the Boston medical university, went to 
Melbourne, Australia ; supposed married and res. 1888. 

Children of James D. and his third wife, Sarah F. Wing Bonton^ of 

near Goshen, Ct. 82 L(^ 

3.330 V. Frank J. Bouton, b. 1857, m. 1880, Margaret 
Smith ; res. New Haven, Ct., 1888. 

3.331 vi. Lois Euzabeth Bouton, b. Goshen, Ct., 1864, m. 
1887, South Norwalk, Ct., Wilson S. Hawker^ 
accountant ; settled and res. South Norwalk 1888. 


Child of Bey. C. S. and Hattie L. Bonton Taylor. 882^ 

3,331'^ i. William Bouton Taylor, b. 1885. 

(x.) Esther Alice Bouton (dau. James and Sarah 
Sanford Bouton), b. Roxbury, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1820, 
m. Rev. W. C. Smith ; she d. Nov. 15, 1845. 

(ix.) Sarah Annie Bouton, b. Roxbury, March 18, 
1815, m. Dec.. 30, 1846, Rev. W. C. Smith (son of 
Samuel and Betty Smith, of Schoharie county, N. Y.), 
b. August 30, 1818, educated at high school, and 
licensed to preach in 1840 ; admitted to the New York 
Conference 1843 ; elected to deacon's orders and 
ordained by Rev. Bishop Edmond S. Janes 1845 ; 
elected to elder's orders and ordained by Rev. Bishop 
Thomas A. Morris, having passed the four years' 
study prescribed by the M. E. church and engaged 
in regular pastoral service. In 1877 the upper Iowa 
university at Fayette conferred the degree of D.D. 
His published works are : *' Miscellaneous Anecdotes 
and Sketch Book ;" '* Sacred Memories ;" " Pillars in 
• the Temple, or Lives of Deceased Laymen," in 12mo. 

ChUdren of Rev. William C. and liis second wife^ Sarali A. Bonton 

Smith, of Roxbnrj, N. T. 8211 

3.332 i. Sarah Abiah Smith, b. Livingatonville, N. Y., 
Sept. 1, 1848 ; d. Catskill 1850. 

3.333 ii. William Hamlin Smith, b. Catskill, N. Y., Nov. 
8, 1850 ; d. Catskill 1852. 

3.334 iii. William Vandeusen Smith, b. May 3, 1853 ; d. ' 
Kingston, N. Y., November, 1860. 

3.335 iv. Willie Etta Bouton Smith, b. Cold Spring, Put- 
nam county, N. Y., June 25, 1861 ; res. 430 W. 35th 
street, New York city. 

Children of Arerj (son of Darid and Estlier Belden Bonton) and Betsej 
Ellis Bonton^ of Boxbnry^ N. ¥•, inored to PrattsviUe, N. T. 8219 

3.336 i. Alanson Bouton, b. probably Roxbury, N. Y. 

3.337 ii. Sarah Bouton, b. probably Roxbur)\ 

3.338 iii. Jane Bouton, b. probably Roxbury. 

3.339 iv. Laura Bouton, b. probablv Roxbury. 

3.340 V. Harvey Bouton, b. probably Roxbury. 

3.341 vi. Deborah Bouton, b. probably Roxbury. 

-352 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of David, Jr. (son of Dayld and Esther Belden Beaton) and 

Katy Williams Beaton. 8219 

3,312 i. John Bouton. 

3.343 ii. Avery Bouton, 2d. 

3.344 iii. David Bouton, 3d. 

3.345 iv. Daniel Bouton. 

3.346 V. Polly Bouton. 

3.347 vi. Louise Bouton. 

4?hildren of Samuel G. (son of Dayid and Esther Belden Beaton) and 

Hester Robinson Beaton^ of Roxbnrjry N. Y. 8220 

3.348 i. Betsey Bouton, b. about 1795, m. Henry Shout, of 
Roxbury, N. Y. 

5.349 ii. Samuel Bouton, Jr., b. , m. Sally Preston, 


5.350 iii. Nathaniel Bouton, b. , m. Betsey Corbin, 


.3,351 iv. Jeremiah G. Bouton, b. , m. first, Olive 

Meeker ; second, Betsey Keater, Roxbury. 

3.352 V. Fannie Bouton, b. , m. Isaac Todd, Middle- 
town, N. Y. 

3.353 vi. Harriet Bouton, b. , m. Moses Freeley. 

3.354 vii. David Bouton, 4th, b. about 1813, m. * 

Caniff, Clovesville, N. Y. 

3.355 viii. Waitstill Bouton, b. Nov. 2, 1808, m. Samuel 
Scudder, New York city. 

3.356 ix. Henry Bouton, b. , m. Deborah Meeker, 

Prattsville, N. Y. ; died about 1850. 

3.357 X. Rhua Bouton, b. , m. David Gray; she died 


.3,358 xi. William Bouton, b. July 7, 1815, m. Ann Scud- 
der ; d. Newburgh, N. Y., 1879. 

3,359 xii. John T. Bouton, b. Feb. 19, 1817, m. October, 
1838, Betsey M. Fuller ; she d. Roxbury ; he d. June 
11, 1886. 

Children of Stephen (son of Dayid and Esther Belden Benton; andLnojr 

Northmp Bonton, of Red KiU, N. Y. S281 

.3,360 i. Anson Bouton, b. March 30, 1811, m. Craft ; 

d. Grand Gorge, N. Y., 1886. 
3,361 ii. Harry Bouton, b. November, 1813, ra. Thankful 

Moseman ; living 1888. 
.3,362 iii. Ruth Bouton, b. June 21, 1815, m. William 

Craft ; d. Feb. 1, 1862. 
-3,363 iv. Joseph Bouton, b. March 29, 1817 ; d. 1887 


8,364 V. David Bouton, b. Nov. 14, 1819, m. Canniflf ; 

d. August 26, 1887. 
8,366 vi. Esther Bouton, b. August, 1821, m. Dela- 

mater, 1860. 

3.366 vii. Abner Bouton, b. 1823 ; d. about 1876, Halcott, 
Greene county, N. Y. 

3.367 viii. Mercy Bouton, b. April, 1825. 
3,868 ix. Daniel Bouton, b. March 16, 1827. 

8.369 X. Clarissa Bouton, b. April, 1829. 

8.370 xi. Warren Bouton, b. Jan. 6, 1831, m. first, ; 

second, Mary Alton Kelly ; res. Middletown, Dela- 
ware county, 1888. 

3.371 xii. Betsey Bouton, b. March 3, 1833. 

8.372 xiii. Hiram Bouton, b. March 23, 1835. 

ChUdren of William and Esther Bonton (daa. of Daiid and Esther Bel- 
den Bonton) Finch and Esther and Daniel Slater $ she died 
at HjTde Park, Not. ISy 1855, a^ed 84 years. 

3.373 i. Henry Finch, b. ; left home in youth, went 

to sea and was never after heard from. 

8.374 ii. Avery Pinch, b. , m. Bachel Frear ; he was 

drowned in river at Hyde Park 1838. Rachel ra. 
second, Joseph Dayton. 

3,376 iii. Rebecca Finch, b. , m. Hiram Harford ; she 

d. Brooklyn, about 1886. 

8,376 iv. Sarah Finch, b. Roxbuiy, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1807, 
m. first, Obed Gridley, of New York city, no chil- 
dren ; second. Rev. I. L. Green, b. Lancaster, Pa., 
1806, and d. Hyde Park, 1884 ; she d. Hyde Park, 
Oct. 14, 1884. 

3,376*v. Martha Finch, b. Roxbury, Oct. 18, 1800, m. 
William Banker, b. Dec. 16, 1799, and d. January, 
1866 ; she d. Hyde Park, N. Y., August 7, 1864. 

3,376*' vi. W. Belden Finch, b. , m. Margaret Wacker- 

hagen, of Columbia county, N. Y.; res. Kingston^ 
N. Y. 

3,376« vii. James Finch, b. Hyde Park, N. Y., March 7, ISll,. 
m. Mary Lansing, settled at Hyde Park, where he 
res. 1888 ; she d. Hyde Park, Aug., 1888. 

Children of Daniel and Widow Esther Bonton Finch Slater, her second 

hnsband, of Ulster Co», N. T. 

3,376' viii. Jane Slater, b. , m. Calvin Bartholomew ; 

both dead. 
3,376* ix. Catharine Slater, b. , m. M. De Lamater ; 

both died Kingston, 1886. 


354 BouTON-BouGHTOK Fahilt. 

Children of Aierj and Rachel Frear Finch, of Hyde Park, 9. T. 

8,376^ i. William Belden Finch, died Grahamsville, N. Y., 
about 1856 ; his widow married Joseph Dayton ; res. 

8,376^ ii. Mary Finch, b. ; d. Salt Point, N. Y., about 


Children of William and Martha Finch Banker, of Hyde Ftakj N. T. 

3,376'' i. WiLUAM Banker, b. ; died in youth. 

3,376^ ii. Sarah Banker, b. ; not marned ; res. Hyde 

Park 18S8. 

8,376J iii. Laura Banker, b. Dec. 14, 1829, m. Chicago, Dl., 
Horatio Whitten ; d. Hyde Park, Sept. 26, 1869. 

8,376*^ iv. Josephine Banker, b. , m. H. DwightLaflin ; 

no children ; res. Saugerties, 1888. 

8,876' V. Fannie Banker, b. ; not married ; res. Sau- 
gerties, N. Y., 1888. 

3,376" vi. Louisa Banker, b. ; not married ; res. Hyde 

Park, N. Y. 

Cliildren of James and Mary Lansing Finch, of Hyde Park^ N. T. 

3,876" i. JuiJA Finch, b. Hyde Park, N. Y., April 9, 1837, 

m. Charles Greene ; res. Hyde Park. 
3,376" ii. Alfred Finch, b. Hyde Park, June 8, 1840 ; died 

in youth. 
8,376p iii. William Finch, b. Hyde PaA, Jan. 16, 1843, m. 

Susan Marshall ; res. Hyde Park 1888. 
3,376^ iv. John E. Finch, b. Hyde Park, Dec. 14, 1844, m. 

Adelia Wigg ; res. Greenpoint, L. I., 1888. 
3,376' V. Nettie L. Finch, b. Hyde Park, Oct. 17, 1847, m. 

J. Wesley Edwards, res. Arlington, N. J., 1888. 

Children of Calvin and Jane Slater Bartholomew. 

3,376* i. Sarah Bartholomew, married Ferris, of Mass. 

3,376» ii. Nettie Bartholomew, died Prattsville, Greene 
county, N. Y. 

Child of Dr. William B. and Margraret Wackerhanrcn Finch, of 

Kingston, N. T. 

8,376« i. Harry Finch, b. Kingston, about 1842. 

Children of Charles and Julia Finch (dan. of James and Harjr Langingr 

Finch) Greene, of Hyde Park, N. Y. 

3,376^ i. Mary Greene, b. Hyde Park, N. Y.; m. Cecil E. 

Parker ; res. Hyde Park 1888. 
3,376'*' ii Lloyd Greene, b. Hyde Park ; not married ; res. 

with parents. 

BouTON-BouoHTON Fahilt. 355 

8,876* ill. Anna Q-rebkb, b. Hyde Park ; not married ; res. 
with parents. 

ddldren of Henr j and Betsey Beaton (daiL of Samael O. and Heater 
Beblnson Beaton) Shovt, of Boxbary, N. T. 8848 

3,377 i. Emmanuel Shout, b. about 1821, died about 1842. 
3,878 ii. Samuel B. Shout, m. Phebe Jane Hill, Roxbury, 
N. Y. ■ 

3.379 iii. Simeon Shout, Roxbury. 

3.380 iv. John Shout, died New Mexico. 

3.381 V. Angeline Shout, b. Roxbury, about 1814, m, 
Alanson Stratton (son of Walter and Esther Allaben 
Stratton), Roxbury. 

8.382 vi. Salina Shout, m. first, Richard Caswell ; second, 
James Allen ; she died. 

3.383 vii. Jane Shout, m. Martin Caswell, Arena, Dela- 
ware county, N. Y. 

Children of Samnel, Jr. (son of Samaei G. and Hester Boblnson Beaton) 
and SalljT Preston Benton, of Boxbnry, N. T. 8M9 

3.384 i. Dewtft C. Bouton, b. about 1843 ; m. Scott. 

8,386 ii. John T. Bouton, 2d, b. about 1847, died Roxbury. 

3.386 iii. Margaret Jane Bouton, died. 

3.387 iv. Rhua Bouton, m. Webster ; died. 

Children of Nathaoiei B. (son of Samnel G. and Heater Bobinaon Bon- 
ton) and Betsey Corbin Benton^ of Dean's Corners, N. T. 88M 

3.388 i. Samuel A. Bouton, m. Hobby, Brushland, 

Delaware county, N. Y. 

3,389^ ii. Corbin T. Bouton, m. Mary B. Mandiville ; died. 

3.390 iii. Jane Bouton, m. first, Cornelius Mandiville ; sec- 
ond, David Dudley, Roxbury, N. Y. 

3.391 iv. Fannie Bouton, m. Preston, Rondout, N. Y. 

3.392 V. Rhoda Bouton, m. John Dudley, Roxbury, N. Y. 

8.393 vi. Angeline Bouton, m. Lewis A. Fuller, Hobart, 
N. Y. 

Children of Jeremiah G. (son of 8amnel G* and Hester Bobinson Bea- 
ton) and his first wife. OiiTe Meeker, and his seeond wife, Betsey 
Keater Beaton, of Boxbnry, N. Y. 8851 

3,394: i. Gould M. Bouton, b. about 1824, m. Betsey 
Snyder, Roxbury, N. Y. 

3.395 ii. Eliza Bouton, b. about 1827, m. first, Mead ; 

second, Schultz, Hyndsville, Schoharie county, 

N. Y. 

3.396 iii. George Bouton, b. about 1834, m. Hilton, 


366 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Glilldreii of Isaac and Fannie Bonton (dan. of Samnel G. and Hester 

Robinson Bonton) Todd^ of Hiddletown, N. T. 8852 


8,396» i. John Todd, died. 

3.397 ii. Hiram Todd, Arkville, Delaware county, N. Y. 

3.398 iii. Burr Todd, died. 

3.399 iv. Melissa Todd, m. Vermilya, Grifl&n's Cor- 
ners, N. Y. 

3.400 V. Waita Todd, m. Ford. 

3.401 vi. ScuDDER Todd. 

3.402 vii. Orrin Todd, died. 

Children of Moses and Harriet Bonton (dan. of Samnel G. and Hester 

Robinson Bonton) Freelej. 8858 

3.403 i. John Freeley. 

3.404 ii. WnjjAM H. Freeley. 

3.405 iii. Freeland Freeley. 

Children of Samnel and Waita Bonton (dan. of Samnel G«* and Hester 
Robinson Bonton) Sendder^ of Brooklyn, N. Y« 8855 

3.406 i. Caroline Scudder, b. Roxbury, N. Y., May 2, 1832, 
m. Benjamin W. Otis, of the firm of Ege & Otis, 
W. W. market, New York city ; res. 367 Grand ave- 
nue, Brooklyn. 

3.407 ii. Ursula Scudder, b. Eoxbury, Jan. 4, 1834, m. 
Ira Beebe ; res. Danbury, Ct. 

3.408 iii. Abjiam S. Scudder, b. Roxbury, Sept. 20, 1837, 
m. Elizabeth MaGuire ; res. Fishkill Landing ; shed. 
Fishkill, August 9, 1879. 

Children of Benjamin W. and Caroline Scndder Otis^ of 867 Grand 

ayenne, Brooklyn. 8406 

3,469 i. Theodore Eaton Otis, b. New York, Dec. 7, 1853, 
m. June 2, 1880, Edith Brany ; res. 439 Waverly 
avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888. 

3.410 ii. JuLLA Adelaide Otis, b. Brooklyn, July 31, 1856 ; 
res. with parents. 

3.411 iii. Frank B. Otis, b. Brooklyn, Oct. 29, 1863 ; res. 
with parents. 

3.412 iv. George S. Otis, b. Brooklyn, August 29, 1867 ; 
res. with parents. 

3.413 V. Annie Adele Otis, b. Brooklyn, Jan. 22, 1870 ; 
res. with parents. 

3.414 vi. Edith May Otis, b. Brooklyn, May 7, 1872 ; res. 
with parents, 1888. 


Child of Theodore £. and Edith Brany Otis, of 489 Wayerly ayenne, 

Brooklyn, N. T. 3409 

3.415 i. Jennie Adelaide Otis, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1882. 

Children of Ira and Ursula Seodder Beebe^ residingr 46 Balmforth are- 

nne, Banbury^ Ct., 1888. 

3.416 1. Carrie M. Beebe, b. Ashland, Greene county, N. 
Y., July 8, 1853, m. Brewster, N. Y., March 19, 1872, 
D. Oscar Mead ; res. Brewster, N. Y. 

3.417 ii. Abram 0. Beebe, b. Prattsville, Greene county, 
Jan. 2, 1^55 ; d. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1874. 

3.418 iii. Clarrie W. Beebe, b. Guilderland, Albany 
county, June 19, 1858, m. Nov. 5, 1880, Rev. Thomas 
R. Sweetman ; res. Mongaup Valley, Sullivan county, 
N. Y. 

3.419 iv. Ira Augustus Beebe, b. Brewster, Jan. 13, 1861, 
m. Newburgh, June, 1882, Mary L. Robinson; res. 
Danbury, Ct., 1888. 

3,419» V. Emma A. Beebe, b. Brewster, July 17, 1866, m. 

Julyl6, 1885, George W. Washburn ; no children ; 

res. Danbury 1888. 
3,419^ vi. Theodore E. Beebe, b. Brewster, August 7, 1868 ; 

res. Danbury 1888. 
3,419° vii. Prank 0. Beebe, b. Brewster, Feb. 22, 1879 ; res. 

Danbury 1888. 

Children of D. Oscar and Carrie M« Beebe Mead, of Brewster, Putnam 

eonnty^ N. Y« 

3,419** i. R. Oscar Mead, b. Matteawan, N. Y., Oct. 31, 

3,419* ii. Mary LoxnsE Mead, b. Matteawan, May 6, 1875. 

Child of Bey. Thomas B. and Clara W. Beebe Sweetman, of Mongranp 

Yallej, SnlliTan eonnty^ N. T« 

3,419^ i. Ernest B. Sweetman, b. Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, 
N. Y., April 22, 1882. 

Children of Ira Angrustns and Mary L. Robinson Beebe^ of Danbnry, Ct 

3,419' i. Jessie A. Beebb, b. Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, N. Y., 

April 8, 1883. 
3,419'^ ii. Lulu I. Beebe, b. Danbury, Ct., Jan. 2, 1885. 

Children of Abram S. and Elizabeth MaGnlre Sendder, of Fishkill, N. T. 

3,419' i. Ira B. Scudder, b. Dec. 9, 1859 ; not married ; res. 

Lampassas, Texas. 
3,41dJ ii. Nettie U. Scudder, b. Oct. 12, 1860 ; not married ; 

i-es. at home. 

S58 BotrroN-BouoHTON Family. 

8,419^ iii. 0ns E. Scudder, b. Oct. 20, 1862 ; not married; 
res. at home. 

Children of Henrj (bod of Samuel O. and Hester Boblnson Benton) and 
Deborali Meeker Bonton, of Prattorllle, N. T. Sttft 

3.420 i. Hiram M. Bouton, b. about 1836 ; Prattsville, 
Greene county, N. Y. 

3.421 ii. Edwin Bouton, died. 

8.422 iii. Charles W. Bouton, Prattsville. 

3,428 iv. EvAUNE Bouton, m. Layman, Prattsville. 

8,424 V. Pauline Bouton, m. Marsh, Prattsville. 

Children of WllUant (son of Samnel O. and Hester Robinson Ronton) 
and Ann Sendder Ronton^ of Newbnrnrhy N. Y» 8858 

3,426 i. Madison Bouton, b. about 1846 ; went to Indian 
territory ; supposed shot by Indians 1885. 

3.426 ii. Peace Bouton, b. about 1848 ; Equinunk, Wayne 
county. Pa. 

Children of John T. (son of Samnel 6. and Hester Robinson Ronton) 
and Retsej M. Fuller Ronton, of Roxbary, N. T, 8869 

8.427 r. Samantha P. Bouton, b. Eoxbury, N. Y., Nov. 22, 
1839 ; m. Henry P. Scudder, 865 Sixth avenue. New 

8.428 ii. Esther S. Bouton, b. Roxbuiy, Feb. 15, 1845 ; 
m. John T. Haddow, Bainbridge, Chenango coxmty, 

. N.Y. 

3.429 iii. BuRRrrr B. Bouton, b. Eoxbury, Dec. 4, 1847 ; 
m. Elizabeth K. Frisbee, Eoxbury. 

Children of Samnel R. (son of Henrj and Retsey Ronton Shont) and 

Phebe Jane Hill Shont^ of Roxbnrjr, N. T. 8878 

3.430 i. Eva Shout, Eoxbury, N. Y. 

3.431 ii. Emmanuel Shout, Eoxbury. 

Children of Alanson W. and AngeUne Shont (dan. of Henrj and Retsej 

Ronton Shont) Stratton^ of Roxbnrj, N. T. 8881 

3.432 i. Mary Stratton, died. 

3.433 ii. Nettie Stratton, Eoxbury, N. Y. 

3.434 iii. Ida Stratton, Eoxbury. 

Child of Martin and Jane Shont (dan. of Henrj and Retsej Ronton 
Shont) Caswell, of Arena, Delaware eonntj, N. T. 8888 

3.435 i. John Caswell, Arena, N. Y. 

Child of Richard and Salina Shont (dan. of Henrj and Retsej Ronton 

Shont) Caswell. 8888 

3.436 i. Amasa J. Caswell, Scranton, Pa, 


CliUcI of James and widow Salina Shout (dan. of Henrj and Betaej 
Bouton Shoot) Caswell Allen^ of Scranton, Pa. 8882 

8.437 ii. Charles W. Allen, Scranton, Pa. 

Children of Dewitt C. (son of Samuel G. Bouton and grrandson of Dayid 

and Esther Belden Bouton) and Seott Bouton, of North Kort- 

wright 8884 

3.438 i. Eddie Bouton, b. about 1875, North Kortwright. 

3.439 ii. Frank P. Bouton, b. about 1878. 

Child of CorMn T. (son of Nathaniel and Betsey Corbin Bouton) and 
Mary B. Mandeyille Bouton^ of Boxbory^ N. T. 8889 

3.442 i. Le Grand Bouton, Roxbury, N. Y. 

Children of Cornelius and Jane Bouton (dan. of Nathaniel and Betsey 
Corbiii Bouton) MandeTille, of Boxbury, N. T. 8890 

3.443 i. Eugene Mandeville. 

3.444 ii. Marietta Mandeville, Phoenicia, N. T. 

Children of Dayid and widow Jane Boughton Mandeyille Dudley* 8890 

3.445 iii. John H. Dudley, Roxbury, N. Y. 
8,44B iv. Betsey Dudley, died. 

3.447 V. Gertrude Dudley, died. 

Child of John and Bhoda Bouton (dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey Corbin 

Bouton) Dudley. 8892 

8.448 i. Fannie Dudley, Roxbury, N. Y. 

Children of Lewis A. and Angrellne Bouton (dau, of Nathaniel and Bet- 
sey Corbin Bouton) Fuller^ of Hobart, N. T. 8898 

3.449 i. Saloma Fuller, Hobart, N. Y. 

8.450 ii. Ella Fuller, Hobart. 

3.451 iii. Cyrus T. Fuller, died. 

Children of (jtould M. (son of Jeremiah G* and Olive Meeker Bouton) 
and Betsey Snyder Bouton, of Boxbury, N. T. 8894 

3.452 i. Mary Bouton, Roxbury, N. Y. 

3.453 ii. Edward Bouton, Roxbury. 

Child of Geonre (son of Jeremiah and Ollye Meeker Bouton) and 

Hilton Bouton, of HyndsviUe, Schoharie Co., N. T. 8895 

8.454 i. Clark Bouton. 

Children of Daniel and Eliza Bouton (dau. of Jeremiah and Oliye 
Meeker Bouton) Mead, of HyndsyiUe, Schoharie Co., N. ¥• 8896 

3.455 i. Gould Mead. 
8,45H ii. Daniel Mead.' 

360 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of Henry P. and Samantha P. Beaton (dao. of JohnT. and Betsej 
M. Fuller Bonton) Scudder, of 865 Sixth ayenae^ New York. 8487 

3,457 i. Robert B. Scuddee. 

Children of John T. and Esther 8. Bonton (dan. of John T. and Betsey 
M, Fuller Bonton) Uaddow, of Bainbridgre^ N. T. 8428 

3,45S i. Bertie B. Haddow, b. Bainbridge, Jan. 1, 1872. 

3.459 ii. Lillian E. Haddow, b. Bainbridge. 

3.460 iii. Edith May Haddow, b. Bainbridge. 

3.461 iv. Blanche Haddow, b. Bainbridge. 

Children of Bnrritt B. and Elizabeth K. Frisbee Bonton, of Box- 

bnrj. 8429 

3.462 i. Arthur Bouton, b. Roxbury, N. Y., July 1, 1872. 

3.463 ii. Anna Bouton, b. Roxbury, March 24, 1879. 
3^464 iii. John Frisbee Bouton, b. Roxbury, June 4, 1881. 



In the absence of authentic history regarding Matthew 
Bouton (son of the emigrant, John Bouton), of whom the 
Norwalk town records show that he sold land in Norwalk, 
the gift of his father, and went toDanbury with his brother 
John, where they bought land, in the record of which their 
names are spelled with the ' * gh " — which spelling seems to 
have become popular in Danbury thereafter. Although, no 
doubt owing to the burning of the early town records, there 
has no definite and particular family record of the first Mat- 
thew Bouton been discovered, it is beUeved and assumed 
from the records of the probate court (some of which were 
preserved) that John Boughton, whose will was dated 
second year of the reign of George III, king of England, 
September 6, 1756, was a son of said Matthew, Sr. He 
bequeathed to his wife Rebecca certain movables and the 
use of lands, and the residue to his children, Rebecca, John 
and James, having provided a portion for Hannah, Ehza- 
beth and Seth Whitney, children of his wife Rebecca by 
her first husband, appointing his beloved wife and loving 
brother, Benjamin boughton, nxecutors. The following 
April, 1757, said Benjamin and Rebecca accepted the trust 
as executors of the will of said John Boughton, and, Janu- 
ary, 1758, Rebecca, daughter of said John Boughton, 
deceased, chose for her guardian her uncle Benjamin, and 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 361 

Daniel Boughton (probably a brother of said John and Ben- 
jamin) was appointed jointly with Benjamin as guardian 
of deceased John's minor son John. 

The first mention found on the records of Danbury, of 
this period, of Matthew Boughton is April 17, 1767, when 
he was appointed administrator on the estate of Elizabeth 
Boughton. It is supposed that he was a grandson of the 
first Matthew Bouton and a son of David, and in later life 
moved, with his wife Martha, to central New York, leav- 
ing his son Thomas Boughton, a farmer, of Ridgebury, 
near Danbury, who, as subsequent records show, married 
Rebecca Coley, and lived and died at Ridgebury, Ct.; he d. 
April 4, 1846 ; she Jan. 16, 1853. 

A deed of land by Matthew Bouton to John Belden, of 
Norwalk, dated April 3, 1724, is in possession of D. H. Van 
Hoosen, Esq., of Wilton, Ct., and is a remarkably well 
preserved relic one hundred and sixty-three years old. 

Children of Matthew Bouton (son of John and Abigrall Bonton^ the emi- 
grrant), of Norwalk and Danbury, Ct, as aboTe 5 

3.465 i. John Boughton, of Danbury, m. widow Rebecca 
Whitney ; settled in Fairfield county, Ct. 

3.466 ii. Benjamin Boughton, Danbury, m. Lydia ; 

settled in Danbury. 

3.467 iii. DAvro Boughton, Danbury ; who he nfttrried is 
not found on the records. 

3.468 iv. Samuel Boughton, Danbury, m. Abigail ; 

settled in Danbury. 

Children of John and widow Bebeeca Whitney Bongrhton, of Dan- 
bury, Ct 8465 

8.469 i. Rebecca Boughton, b. Danbury, about 1746, m. 
Abial Phillips, 1766 ; settled in Danbury. 

3.470 ii. John Boughton, Jb.. b. probably Danbury, Ct. 
Abial Phillips was appointed, 1777, administrator of 
his estate. 

3.471 iii. James Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct. ; m. Elizabeth 

, who was appointed administratrix of his estate 

and ordered by the general assembly to sell it. 

Children of Abial and Bebeeea Boughton PhllUpsy of Danbury^ Ct 

3,471* i. Seymour PmLLiPS, b. Danbun^, Ct., June 29, 1767. 
3,471^' ii. Levi Phillips, b. Danbury, Dec. 29, 1777. 

Children of Benjamin and Lydla Boughton, of Banbnrj, Ct 8466 

8.472 i. Daniel Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., 1738 ; married. 

362 BouTON-BouGHTON Famxly. 

3,478 ii. Miles Boughton, b. Danbury, 1740, m. Dec. 8, 
1762, Mary Benedict, b. June, 1744 ; he died 1788 ; 
she m. second, Eli Mygatt. 

8.474 iii. Eli Boughton, b. Danburj, 1742, m. Sarah Tay- 
lor ; settled Danbury and died there. 

8.475 iv. Mercy Boughton, b. Danbury, 1745, m. Jan. 14, 
1767, Jonas Benedict (son of Daniel), b. Sept. 21, 
1742 ; settled in Danbury ; he d. Oct. 31, 1820 ; she d. 
Oct. 27, 1814. 

8.476 V. Benjamin Boughton, Jr., b. Danbury ; in 1783 was 
appointed administrator of his brother Miles' estate. 

Cliildreny as is supposed, of Dayid Bongrhton, who Ilyed at Dan- 
bury. 8467 

8.477 i. Nathan Boughton, b. probably Danbury ; further 
history not found. 

3.478 ii. Matthew Boughton, b. Danbury, m. prob. Mar- 
tha (see Ridgefield record of wills) ; moved to 

Durham, Greene county, N. Y., about 1780 ; he died 
Durham 1820. 

3.479 iii. David Boughton, Jr., born Danbury ; went to 
Stockbridge, thence to Victor, N. Y., as naiTated by 
the author of *' Recollections," by Mrs. Melania 
Smith, granddaughter of Hezekiah iBoughton. 

Children of Miles and Marj Benedict Bonghton^ of Danbnry, Ct 3478 

3.480 i. Dorcas Boughton, b. Danbury, Dec. 17, 1762. 

3.481 ii. Betty Boughton, b. Danbury, March 30, 1764, m. 
March 15, 1787, Philo Mygatt, Danbury. 

8,1:82 iii. Lois Boughton, b Danbury, April 6, 1766, m. 
Dec. 11, 1783, Agar Hoyt ; she died August 28, 1808 ; 
he d. Norwalk, Nov. 30, 1836. 

8.483 iv. Polly Boughton, b. Danbury, June 25, 1774. 

Children of Eli and Sarah Taylor Bonton, of Danbnrj, €t 8474 

3.484 i. Ezra Boughton, b. Danbury, Sept. 27, 1783, m. 
Nov. 6, 1805, Sarah Wildman, b. April, 1789 ; moved 
to Poughkeepsie and Troy, M. Y.; he died March 6, 

3.485 ii. Eli Taylor Boughton, b. Danbury, May 29, 1786 ; 
m. first. May 25, 1807, Julia Mygatt ; she d. August 
22, 1813 ; m. second, Jerusha Church ; settled in 
Canfield, Ohio ; he d. Feb. 16, 1861. 

3.486 iii. Sally Boughton, b. about 1788, m. Mr. Sher- 
man ; lived and probably died New Milford, Ct. 


Children of and Sally BoDghtOB Sherman. d486 

3,486* i. Fanny Sherman, m. Mr. Marsh and moved west ; 

history unknown. 
8,486»» ii. Harriet Sherman, m. Mr. Judd ; lived and died 

Waterbury, Ct. 

3.487 iv. Rebecca Boughton, b. about 1790 ; unmarried ; 
died young. 

Children of Ezra and Sarah Wildman Bonghton, of Danbory and 

Troy. 84S4 

3.488 i. Mary Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Sept. 12, 1806 ; 
m. September, 1825, GteorgeFry, of Danbury. 

8.489 ii. Rebecca Boughton, b. Danbury, June 8, 1808 ; 
m. Danbury, 1830, Milo Bamum. 

3.490 iii. Hannah Wnj)MAN Boughton, b. Danbury, Aug. 
4, 1810, m. Danbury, June, 1834, Rev. Willis Lord ; 
he d. Gilford, Ct., Oct. 28, 1888 ; she d. Colorado 
Springs, 1882. 

3.491 iv. Ezra Wildman Bciughton, b. Troy, N. Y., May 
20, 1814; m. first, 1843, Esther Ann Dana; second, 
Jane Lyman. 

3.492 V. Elizabeth Benedict Boughton, b. Danbury, Mar. 
80, 1816; m. Myron Kingsbury Moor. 

8.493 vi. Thomas Lockwood Boughton, b. Danbury, Feb. 
22, 1818, m. and died long ago ; had one son, who 
was killed at war. 

8.494 vii. Em Henry Boughton, b. Danbury, Feb. 9, 1820, 
m. Dec. 16, 1846, Olive Whitaker; he died Troy, 
N. T., 1888. 

8.495 viii. Edward Morris Boughton, b. Danbury, Aug. 

29, 1822 ; m. Jan. 24, 1849, Martha A. Wolf. 


(i.) Mary Boughton (dau. of Ezra and Sarah Wild- 
man Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., Sept. 12, 1806 ; m. 
Danbury, Sept. 28, 1825, George Fry, b. Sept. 11, 
1802. Thev settled at Troy, N. Y. ; a merchant. He 
d. Hartford, Vt., Sept. 24, 1882 ; she d. same place, 
Sept. 29, 1884. 

Children of Georgre and Mary Bonghton Fry, of Troy, N. T. 8488 

8.496 i. Sarah Elizabeth Fry, b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 29, 
1827, m. Nov. 1, 1868, Thomas Lord ; she d. Sept. 

30, 1864. 

364 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.497 ii. George Henry Fry, b. August 2, 1829 ; m. New- 
ark, N. J., July 7, 1858, Mary McDougal Van Wag- 

8.498 iii. Charles Hanford Fry, b. Troy, April 22, 1831, 
m. Troy, May 23, 1864, Catharine Van Schaick ; no 
children ; he d. May 3, 1855. 

3.499 iv. Mary Amella. Fry, b. Troy, Sept. 10, 1833, m. 
March, 1856, Thomas Lord, Troy ; she d. Chicago, 
June 29, 1858. 

8.500 V. Martha Lord Fry, b. Troy, July 18, 1835, m. 
Lansingburgh, May, 1865, Edward Weston Morris, 
b. Dec. 5, 1829, Hartford, Vt. ; no children. 

3.501 vi. Emma Baker Fry, b. Troy, May 20, 1838. 

8.502 vii. JuLLi Maria Fry, b. Troy, July 22, 1840; m. 
Troy, May 8, 1861, Lewis C. Lillie,b. Woodstock, 
Vt., March 22, 1836 ; she d. Aug. 10, 1874. 

3.503 viii. Willis Boughton Fry, b. Troy, June 30, 1852 ; 
m. November, 1876, Ann Van Wagenen, of Newark, 

Child of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Fry (daa. of Geor^re and Mary 

Bongrhton Fry) Lord, of Chicago, 111. 8496 

3.504 i. Charles Henry Lord, b. Sept. 4, 1854 ; d. Feb. 
10, 1855. 

Children of George Henry (son of George and Mary Bonghton Fry) and 
Mary McDougal Tan Wagenen Fry, of Dnhnqne^ la. 8497 

3.505 i. Arthur Boughton Fry, b. Jan. 2, 1861. 

3.506 ii. Henry McDougal Fry, b. Sept. 30, 1862. 

3,607 iii. Susie Van Wagenen Fry, b. Dec. 13, 1866 ; died. 

Child of Thomas and Mary Amelia Fry (dan. of George and Mary 
Bonghton Fry) Lord, of Chicago, 111.^ she died June 29, 1858. 

3.508 i. Charles Henry Lord, b. Feb. 2, 1857 ; d. Chicago, 
March 14, 1861. 

Child of Edward W. and Martha L* Fry (dan. of George and Mary Fry) 

Morris, of Hartford 9 Tt 8600 

8.509 i. Grace Morris (adopted), April, 1873. 

Children of Lewis C. and Jalla Maria Fry (dan. of George and Mary 
Bonghton Fry) LllUe^ of Troy, N, T., Newark, and Elizabeth, 

N. J. 8502 

3.510 i. Mary Amella. Lillie, b. Troy, N. T., April 2, 1862. 

8.511 ii. Lewis Lillie, b. Troy, Oct. 13, 1863. 

3.512 iii. George Lilue, b. Troy, March 9, 1865 ; d. July 
17, 1874. 


8,613 iv. Julia Lillde, b. Troy, July 27, 1866 ; d. August, 

Children of Willis B. (son of George and Mary Bonghton Fry) and 
Ann Tan Wagenen Fry, of Portland, Oregon. 8608 

8,514 i. Elsbb Fry, b. Portland, Oregon, Feb. 26, 1880 ; res. 

there 1887. 
3,616 ii. Philip Van Wagenen Fry, b. Portland, Sept. 5, 

1883 ; res. there 1887. 

Children of Milo and Bebeoca Bonghton Bamnm, of Troy, N. Y. 8489 

3.516 i. Henry Martin Barnum, b. Nov. 29, 1830, d. . 

8.517 ii. Mary Cornelia Barnum, b. Phelps, N. Y., Jan. 
23, 1833, m. May 14, 1860, William A. Frazer, he d. 
New York city, July, 1879. 

3.518 iii. Ezra Boughton Barnum, b. Feb, 27, 1836, m. 
Washington, D. C, Oct., 1871, Phebe Cox. 

8.519 iv. Emily Augusta Barnum, b. Dec. 6, 1837, d. . 

8.520 V. Harrison Lord Barnum, b. July 9, 1840, d. . 

8.521 vi. Arthur Andrew Barnum, b. Aug. 26, 1843, d. — . 
8,622 vii. Theodore Frelinghuysen Barnum, b. Oct. 12, 

1844, m. Mary A. Pierpont. 

8.523 viii. Sarah Gertrude Barnum, b. Jan. 28, 1847, m. 
Isaac G. Thompson, he d. Aug. 30, 1879. 

8.524 ix. Frederick Whitney Barnum, b. July 8, 1849, 
m. Dec., 1876, Myra Doane, of West Troy. 

Children of William A. and Mary C. Bamnm (dan. of Miio and Bebecea 
Bonghton Barnnm) Frazer^ of New York eitj. 8517 

8.525 i. Emily Gertrude Frazer, b. New York city, 
Sept. 4, 1862, m. Oct. 6, 1886, J. Ruthven Crane, res. 

3.526 ii. William Nelson Frazer, b. New York city. 
Mar. 25, 1864. 

3.627 iii. Rebecca Boughton Frazer, b. New York city, 
Mar., 1869, res. Brooklyn. 

Children of Ezra Bonghton (son of Milo and Rebecca Bonghton 
Bamnm) and Phebe Cox Bamnm, of Washingfton^ D. C. 8518 

3.628 i. Annie H. Barnum, b. July 19, 1872. 

3.529 ii. Rebecca Barnum, b. Oct., 1879. 

Children of Theodore F. (son of Milo and Rebecca Bonghton Bamnm) 
and Marj A. Pierpont Bamnm, of Troy^ N. Y. 8528 

3.530 i. Louise Barnum, b. Dec. 19, 1872, d. July 1, 1873. 
8,581 ii. Theodore Pierpont Barnum, b. Mar. 26, 1874. 

366 BouTOir-BouGHTON Family. 

8,582 iii. MiLLiCBNT OowBB Baenum, b. Oct. 26, 187T, d. 
July, 1883. 

8.538 iv. John Pibrpont Barnum, b. July, 1884. 

dilldren of Isaac G. and Sarah 9. Barnim (daa. «f Mlio and Rebeoea 
Bovghton Barnum; Thompaoaty of West Troj, N. T. S68S 

8,534 i. Harold Grant Thompson, b. May 29, 1876, West 

Trqv, N. Y. 
8,635 ii. Donald Barnum Thompson, b. Dec. 6, 18T6, West 

3,536 iii. Mabel Thompson, b. Aug. 29, 1878, West Troy. 

Children of Frederiek W. (son of Milo and Bebeooa Booirhtott BanHun) 

and Mjra Doane Bamnniy of Troy, N. T. 8684 

3,687 i. Wallace DoANB Barnum, b. April 30, 1878, Troy, 

N. Y. 
3,588 ii. Florence Barnum, b. Aug. 29, 1880, Troy, N. Y. 

(iii.) Hannah Wildman Boughton (dau. of Ezra 
and Sarah Wildman Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., 
Aug. 4, 1810^ m. Danbury, June, 1834, Rev. Willis 
Lord; she died at Colorado Spa, Au^. 6, 1882; he 
retumcKi to Guilford, Ct., where he died Oct. 28, 1888. 

Children of KeT« Willis and Hannah W. Boughton (dan. of Ezra and 
Sarah Wildman Boayhton) Lord of Danbnrj, Ct 8490 

3.539 i. John B. Lord, b. , m. Chicago, HI., Rachel 

Holbrook; res. Denver, Col., 1888. 

3,640 ii. Mary Lord, b. , d. Fairfield, Ct., aged about 

sixteen years. 

3.541 iii. Sophie Taylor Lord, b. Cincinnati, 0., May 12, 
1862, m. Rev. Samuel Murphy, pastor of Presbyter- 
ian church at Chatfield, Minn. 

3.542 iv. James Lord, b. , drowned in Gulf of Mexico; 

the vessel on which he was, was wrecked. 

3,542» V. Sarah Lord, m. Rev. T. Carter Kirk wood, D.D., 
(nephew of Robert Carter, of Carter Bros., pub- 
lishers, New York), res. Colorado Springs, Col. 

Children of Ber. Samael and Sophia T. Lord Marphy, of Chatfield, 


3.643 i. Bentia Lord Murphy, b. Wooster, 0., Nov 27, 

3.644 ii. Lulu Marquand Murphy, b. Chatfield, Minn., 
Feb. 6, 1875. 

3.645 iii. Kate Trask Murphy, b. Chatfield, Dec. 9, 1876, 
died April 10, 1877. 


8.546 Eda Lobd Murpht, b. Blue Earth City, Minn., 
March 20, 1881. 

8.547 V. Spencer Trask Murphy, b. Blue Earth City, 
April 17, 1883. 

(iv.) Ezra Wildman Boughton (son of Ezra and ^ 
Sarah Wildman Boughton), merchant, b. at Troy, 
N. Y., May 20, 1814, m. first, Troy, Nov. 1, 1848, 
Esther Ann Dana, b. Aug. 28, 1822, and settled at 
Troy, where she died May 9, 1851 ; m. second, 
Bennington, Yt., June 21, 1858, Catharine Jane 
Lyman, b. Mar. 1, 1829; settled at Troy, where for 
many years he was the head of the large mercantile 
house of E. W. Boughton & Co. 

Chlldreii of Em W. and Esther Am Dmm BovghtMi^ 

of Tror, N. T. un 

3.548 i. Harriet Dyer Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Oct. 16, 
1845, m. Justus M. Silliman, professor of Lafayette 
collie; b. New Canaan, Ct., they res. Easton, Pa. 

3.549 ii. Sarah Wnj)MAN Boughton, b. Troy, Mar. 80, 


Children of Eira W. uid his second wife, Catharine Jane I^rman Bongrh- 

ton, of Troy, N. T. 8484 

8.550 iii. Edward Hooker Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., 
June 30, 1855, m, Helen Eliza Hagan. 

8.551 iv. Esther Ann Dana Boughton, b. Troy, April 17, 
1857, and died Feb. 8, 1872. 

3.552 V. Thomas Blatchford Boughton, b. Troy, Sept. 
4, 1859, a Presbyterian minister, settled at Parker, 
Dakota, not married. 

3,558 vi. George Lyman Boughton, b. Troy, Dec. 1, 
1862, m. Oct. 14, 1886, Lena E. Van Valkenburgh, b. 
Dec. 5, 1863; res. Troy. 

8.554 vii. Ezra Palmer Boughton, b. Troy, May 9, 1866, 
not married, clerk in his father's store. 

Cliildren of Jostos Mitchell, and Harriet Dyer Booghton (dan. of Ezra 
W* and Esther A. Dana Boughton) SllUman, of Easton, Pa. 8648 

3.555 i. Esther Boughton Silliman, b. Easton, Pa., Nov., 
1881, and died the same month. 

3.556 ii. Thomas Boughton Shj^iman, b. Nov. 8, 1883. 

3.557 iii. Justus Mitchell Siluman, Jr., b. Sept. 8, 1885. 

(iii.) Edward Hooker Boughton (third son of 
Ezra W. and Catharine J. Lyman Boughton), merch- 

368 BouTON-BouGHTON Family, 

ant, b. Troy, N. T., June 30, 1865, m. Feb. 13, 1886, 
Helen Eliza Hagan, of Troy, where she was bom 
June 28, 1866, res. Troy, 1887. 

Children of Edward H. and Helen Eliza Hagran Booghton, 

of Troj, N. ¥• 8550 

3,658 i. Edward Hooker Boughton, jR.,b. Troy, N. T., 

Jan. 31, 1884. 
8,669 ii. Caroline Hagan Boughton, b. Troy, July 15, 

3,569» iii. Catharine Lyman Boughton, b. Troy, July 27, 

3,669»» iv. Van Tuyle Boughton, b. Sept. 9, 1888. 

Child of (itoorge L. and Lena £• Tan Yalkenbargh Bongrhton^ 

of Troy, N. Y. 

3,659° i. Marshall Garrison Boughton, b. Troy, Jan. 22, 
1888, and died April 19, 1888. 

(v.) Elizabeth Benedict Boughton (child of 
Ezra and Sarah Wildman Boughton), b. Danbury, 
Ct., March 30, 1816, m. Danbury, April 17, 1889, 
' Myron Kingsbury Moore and settled in the west. 
She died Blue Earth City, Minn., Jan. 1, 1883. He 
died July 29, 1863. 

Children of Myron Kinggbory, and Elizabeth B. Booffhton 

Moore. 8492 

3.660 i. Sarah Elleu Moore, b. May 21, 1844, and died 
May 30, 1846. 

3.661 ii. Mary Ameija Moore, b. April 16, 1847, m. Jacob 
C. de Bruyn Eops, missionary to Gaboon, Africa. • 

3.662 iii. Willis Lord Moore, b. April 11, 1849, m. Nettie 
M. Vila, 1885. They settled at Hutchinson, Reno 
Co., Kansas, where tney resided 1887. 

Children of Jaeob G. and Mary Amelia Moore (dan. Myron K, and 
Elisabeth Bongrhton Moore) de Broyn Koimi, of Bed 

Lake Falls, Minn. 8561 

3,662» i. Anna de Bruyn Kops, b. Nov. 12, 1872. 
3,562b Gertrude E. de Bruyn Kops, b. July 14, 1874. 
8,562^' Grace de Bruyn Kops, b. November, 1882, d. Feb. 
26, 1883. 

(vi.) Thomas Lock wood Boughton (son of Ezra 
and Sarah Wildman Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., 
Feb. 22, 1818, m. Ottawa, 111., about 1846 ; his wife's 


BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 369 

name unknown ; he died of cholera and left a son 
and a daughter, both of whom have since died. 

(vii.) Eu Henry Boughton (son of Ezra and Sarah 
Wildman Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 9, 1820, 
m. Troy, Dec. 16, 1845, Olive Whitaker, who was 
born Cheshire, Mass., Dec. 8, 1823. They wpre living 
at Ithaca, N. T., 1887. After his death his widow 
lived with her daughter, Leonora Thurston. 

Children of £11 H. and Ollye Whitaker Bongrhton, of Troy. 8494 

8.563 i. Leonora Boughton, b. Troy, N. T., May 22, 1848, 
m. Robert H. Thurston, 1880. 

3.564 ii. Olive G. Boughton, b. Summit, N. J., Sept. 15, 
1867; at Vassar college, 1887. 

Children of Prof. Robert H. and Leonora Bonghton Thurston, 

of DansTllle, N. T. 

3,665 i. Oltve Gladding Thurston, b. Hoboken, N. J., 

May 25, 1881. 
3,566 ii. Leonora Thurston, b. Hoboken, N. J., July 9, 


(viii.) Edward Morris Boughton (son of Ezra and 
Sarah Wildman Boughton), b. Danbury, Ct., August 
29, 1822, m. Troy, Jan. 24, 1849, Martha A. Wolfe, b. 
Sept. 8, 1826 ; settled in Troy and moved to Chicago ; 
res. there 1886. 

Children off Edward M. and Martha A. Wolfe Bonyhton, off Troj. 8495 

3,667 i. WiLUS Lord Boughton, b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 24, 
1851, m. at Chicago, 111., Anna Magin ; res. Chicago. 
Had a daughter. 

Child off Willis Lord and Anna Magrln Bonghton. 

3,567" i. Florence M. Boughton, b. about 1879; res. Chi- 

3.568 ii. Charles Wolfe Boughton, b. Troy, Dec. 17, 
1858 ; not married ; res. Indianapolis, Ind., 1888. 

Children off Jonas and Merey Bonghton (dan. of Benjamin and Ljdla 

Bonghton) Benedlet, of Danbnry, Ct. 8476 

3.569 1. Elizabeth Benedict, b. Jan. 18, 1771 ; m. Nov. 10, 
1790, Samuel Darline. 

8.570 ii. Jonas Benedict, Jr. , b. March 18, 1773 ; d. May 
31, 1776. 

8.571 iii. Platt Benedict, b. Danburv, Ct., March 18, 1775, 
m. Sarah DeFoi-est, b. 1777 ; he died Norwalk, 0., 
October, 1886. 


370 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.572 iv. Sarah Benedicjt, b. Nov. 23, 1870 ; m. March 12, 
1800, Amos Benedict. 

3.573 V. Daniel Benedict, b. Jan. 3, 1783 ; m. first, Polly 
DeForest ; second, Betsey Rockwell ; Betsey died 
November, 1838 ; m. third, Feb. 17, 1839, Polly, sis- 
ter of Betsey Rockwell ; he was deacon of the Con- 
gi'egational church at Ridgebury ; he d. Danbury, 
Dec. 8, 1866. 

3,573" vi. Mary Benedict, b. Oct. 25, 1785, m. Nathan Bar- 
ton ; she d. May 23, 1824. 

8,573^ vii. Eli Benedict, b. Jan. 9, 1789, m. Phebe Ketchum ; 
lived New York city. 

Child of Daniel and Folly DeForest Benedict, off Danbury, Ct. 35 7S 

3,573^ i. Sally DeForest Benedict, b. Danbury, Oct. 27, 
1806, m. at Danbury, Oct. 28, 1823, John T. Rock- 
well (brother of her father's last two wives), and she 
was living at Danbury 1887 ; he died Danbury, Sept. 
17, 1881. (See Benedict Oenealogy, page 373.) 

3,574 i. Elder George Benedict (son of Stephen Bronson 
Benedict, who was a son of Lemuel benedict, who 
was a brother of the above Jonas Benedict) was born 
Danbury, Ct., April 16, 1795 ; he early in life was 
converted and baptized into the Baptist church in 
Danbury and soon imbibed an earnest desire to 
engage in the work of the ministry, and it was soon 
evident that the Lord had endowed him with a 
special gift for the work. After serving for a time 
in his native town he settled in New York city as 
pastor of the Union Baptist church, afterward the 
Stanton street Baptist church. He m. March 30, 
1816, Nancy Ford, of New Jersey ; they had five 
children ; the eldest three died. Susan and Andrew 
lived, married and had families. The Benedict 
Genealogy , pag© 395, contains an interesting bio- 
graphical sketch of him. He was greatly endeared 
to the compiler of this work, as his pastor, who 
baptized and married him, as noted elsewhere. He 
was remarkable for his earnest piety, gentleness of 
manner and loyalty to the claims of God as revealed 
' in the Bible. He died at the meridian of his work, 
greatly beloved, Oct. 28, 1848, and was buried in 
Greenwood cemetery. 


Children of Eli Tajrlor and Jalia My^att Bonghton^ of 

Danbnry, Ct 84S5 

8,574* i. George Boughton, b. Danbury, April 6, 1808, ra. 

Sola R. Cook; he died at Burton, 0. No children. 
8,574^ ii. Julia Boughton, b. Danbury, Nov. 18, 1809, m. 

James Peffer ; she died August 13, 1884. 
8,574° iii. Lucy M. Boughton, b. Danbury, Sept. 2, 1811, 

m. Caleb Bidwell, who soon died, as did also her two 

children. She returned to reside with her parents. 

Children of Eli Taylor and widow Jernsha Wright Church 

Bonghton. 84S5 

8,674'^ iv. Horace Boughton, b. Feb. 14, 1815; never mar- 
ried; res. Grand Gulf, Claiborne county. Miss., and 
died 1843. 

3,574« V. Charlotte Boughton, b. Jan. 27, 1817, m. Can- 
field, 0., Jan. 18, 1838, Gen. Ralph P. Buckland,* he 
bomLeydon, Mass., Jan. 20, 1812; res. Fremont, 0., 



*Note. — General R. P. Buckland, during the war of the 
rebellion, left his home in Ohio as colonel of the 72d Ohio 
Vol. Inf., with whom he became very popular, and was 
advanced to brigadier-general. With nis wife were guests 
at the inauguration reception of President Hayes. 

8,574^ vi. Charles Ensign Boughton, b. June 29, 1819, m. 

March 22, 1843, Silvia S. Tanner; res. near Canfield, O. 
8,574ff vii. Jerusha A. Boughton, b. May 16, 1823, m. 

Thomas Stilwell, b. Jan. 6, 1814, Burton; she died 

May, 1889. 

Children of iames and Jnlla Boo^hton Feffer, of Boston, Mass. 

8,574'' i. Julia M. Peffer, b. Oct. 21, 1830, m. E. J. Esteps, 

lawyer; res. Cleveland, O. 
8,574^ ii. Emily Peffer, b. August 12, 1833, ni. David 

Meriman; separated; she res. Burton, 0. 
3,574^ iii. Ellen Peffer, d. , m. James Herendeen; 

res. Burton, 0. 

Children of E. J. and Jnlia M. Peifer Esteps^ of Cleyeland, 0* 

3,574'^ i. George B. Esteps; m. Kate Nash; res. Burton, 
Geauga county, 0. 

■"- liwlTOK-BotlGlm.Jt FiMWT. 

3'hJ ' Hi 1;^'V' """""""..l'- August S. 1S60. 

'ii'l",'* "'■'"■"""••M'- March 15, ^^65,m.c.J.He^- 
H,:l7^' ll lUllin IlKllKNJJKK.I. 

"' •» »' "•Ipli I', "d Chiriolte ll.vkto. KMlut, 

«f Fr»MMt, 0. JJJ4, 

"'"' lllI'l'iT, ',''v',',',"';'"i' "•■'■''■"''T. Iw™ f^mont, 0., 

" -.I'lm ,."■;'' '.'.''".v;^^"' ''■ freraout. ^■0T. 15, 

m.i'i'l II ' " """• "^>' -"• '***i "^ f"^ 

,i .., 1 m I M..M i» Mil AVKI.1. Hi-,-k-usD, b. Fremont, Sept. 
' IM,., ,111,1,1. l),v l.\ lS4ii, at Fremont. 

,\ .,■ I \> 1 ill.iiiM,: Ni,.ii„i., H,.,.K,.AKD, b. Fi-emont, Sept. 
■' IN-i, ,111,1 ,1 M;,v ifi. )>,i4. 

» > I ',!,; MinuN Hi,-Ki..»xD, b. Fremont, April 
■1' y '\ "1 .lull," 1,1, lS;s, VMm Bauman; res. Fie- 
,,iM,,( N,i,.liiKlivh. 

'II MiHX .UiiiMu l!i,>Ki..\Kn. b. Fremont. Dec. 19, 
i-Jl •i".l.t iVl '.w^ l.M.,1. at lYemont. 
'II Ml ,N.vv Kkw Ui .■KL.^xn. b. Fremont, Nov. 25, 
I"" u'.t ,t„.,u\,v ''.^, at Fremont 
' tit ,;i.^'hS,i. n, , Ki.A\i\. l..,wy,>r. h. Fremont. August 
'. I- It, lioiii.'ti'ii.s); i^ts }^vni,-nil.. 
""1 vhstt,.* VH^t^„ hkA vMj, s. rMwr BMcUM^arBMr 

'^ ll.'n.k «,M-,,i.i\^\, h Mw,-h Sti. lS«4,d.0a.S, 

.' '"' * '""'^ •,).^i!il,x s:'iiM' iinlisrjmr. ai hat^ of 

..\\.i!.. K\ .,.,1 n,c .-(jTr' .if o«rhT«in. 

^ '_ ■""' ^'^ ^.'.'.■>.■:^,\ n:,,^ a y.inm: man of£7«t 

iV,, .',"' ' '^ " ■'''■ - "'•'■■ a"n,v. jinfl in Jess lian 

TV 'M., ■«.. 1, ,,., ....: t,.,,„^.i„ h,,„^,,,. h„;^ 2jj 

V\^^" ' ■^'': ■■■ ^ "".'N. Hi i^inf,,',,!. i.~i., aad was 
v.v \>. ,v, ^.^^ttivx . .v.vabr. infflntrr. 


musicians with muffled drums, and the infantry with 
reversed arms made a most imposing array, while a large 
attendance of citizens and friends evinced the great respect 
that was felt for him. 

3,674 ii. George Nichols Boughton, b. June 30, 1848, a 
manufacturer, not married, res. Canfield, O. 

Children of Thomas and Jerasha A. Bonghton Stilwell, 

of Fremont, 0. 8674f 

3,574" i. Charles B. Stilwell, b. Oct. 6, 1845, m. Jan., 
1886, Clara Hoover, res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children of Charles B. and Clara HooTer Stilwelli of Phlla- 

delphla. Pa. 8574&« 

3,574»>b i. HuBER Stilwell, b. Philadelphia, Jan. 27, 1887. 
3,574«c ii, Harold Stilwell, b. Philadelphia, Dec. 7, 1888. 

3,574**^ ii. Charlotte E. Stilwell, b. Oct. 23, 1848, m. 
June 14, 1870, John T. Lauman, res. Newtown, Mass. 

Children of John T. and Charlotte E. Stilwell Lanman, of 

Newtowny Mass* 8574dd 

3,574" i. Catharine Cook Lauman, b. March 23, 1871, died 

Dec, 1872. 
3,674'^^ ii. Elizabeth Trumbull Lauman, b. July 7, 1872. 
3,574«^^ iii. Charles Stilwell Lauman, b. July 9, 1874. 
3,574*'»» iv. Fafth Robinson Lauman, b. Nov. 21, 18S1. 
3,574'' V. Annie Boughton Lauman, b. July, 1883. 

3,574JJ iii. Mary Stilwell, b. July 12, 1851, m. May 26, 

1875, William T. Jordan, res. Denver, Col., no 

3,574'*'' iv. Annie M. Stilwell, b. Aug. 13, 1855, not m., 

res. Fremont, 0. 
3,574" V. Thomas Stilwell, b. Jan. 6, 1860, m. Sept. 27, 

1882, Fanny B. Miller; she d. .\pril, 1887 ; he res. 

Chicago, Dl. 

Children of Chnrlm M. and Anni6 K. Bnekland Dillon, 

of Fremonty Ohio. 8o74« 

3,574"™ i. George B. Dillon, b. Fremont, 0., Feb. II, 1869, 

died at Fremont. 
3,574"" ii. Mary B, Dillon, b. Fremont, Oct. 1, 1870. 
3,674"° iii. Ralph P. Dillon, b. Fremont, Dec. 14, 1872. 
3,574pp iv. Kent H. Dillon, b. Fremont, March 2A, 1875. 

374 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3,574:<'<' fv. Edward Boughton, Dillon, b. Fremont, Aug- 

Twins J 10, 1877, died Fremont: 

3,574:" I vi. Edwin Boughton Dillon, b. Fi'emont, Aug. 

[ 10, 1877, died Fremont. 
3,574" vii. Charlotte E. Dillon, b. Fremont, Sept. 20, 

3,574'* viii. Charles B. Dillon, b. Fremont, July, 23, 1881. 


Matthew Boughton (son as supposed of David, of 
Danbury, and grandson of Matthew first, who was 
son of the emigrant John Bouton), b. probably about 

1735, m. Martha (see record of his will on 

Danbury town record). For many years lived among 
his kindred at Danbury, moved about 1780, with his 
son, Matthew Boughton, Jr., to Durham, Greene 
county, N. Y., where he died, 1820, at an advanced 

Children of Matthew and Martha Bougrhton, of Danbury, Ct.^ 

and Durham, N. Y. 3478 

3.575 i. Matthew Boughton, Jr., b. Danbury, Ct., April 

25, 1758, m. Martha , moved from Danbury 

to Harpersfield, Delaware county, N. Y., about 1790, 
and about i794, to Durham, N. Y., where he died 
1848, aged ninety years. 

3.576 ii. Thomas Boughton, b. Danbury, February 6, 1764, 
m. Rebecca Coley; settled at Ridgebury, and died 
there April 4, 1846. 

3.577 iii. Asa Boughton, b. Danbury, July 28, 1766, m. 
Polly Richtmyer, Sept. 14, 1780, settled Durham. 

3.578 iv. Joanna Boughton, b. Danbury, 1768, no further 
account, probably died young. 

3.579 V. Ruth Boughton, b. Danbury, 1771, m. Danbury, 
1793, Thomas Gouge, settled Bridgeport, Ct. 

3.580 vi. Catharine Boughton, b. Danbury, 1772, m. Jan. 
8, 1797, Abijah Sears, settled Eaton, Madison county, 

3.581 vii. Rachel Boughton, b. Danbury, 1773, m. David 
Mead, settled Norwalk, where he died 1842; she went 
to Racine, Wis. 

3.582 viii^ Abigail Boughton, b. Danbury, 1777, m. 


Children of Matthew, Jr., and Martha Boagrhton, of Durham, 

Greene county » N« T. 8575 

3.583 i. Orris Boughton, b. probably, Dan bury, Ct., 
1782, m. Sibyl Newell; removed to NaperviUe, 111., 
and died there. 

3.584 ii. Eliza Boughton, b. probably, Danbury, m. Isaac 
Humphrey; had ten sons; no further account. 

3.585 iii. Joanna Boughton, b. probably, Danbury; never 
married; died about 184:2. 

3.586 iv. Catharine Boughton, b. Harpersfield, Del. Co., 
N. Y., ra. Alanson Cowles, M. D.; settled in Durham. 

3.587 V. Matthew C. Boughton, b. Durham. 

Children of Orris and Sibyl Newell Bongrhton, of Durham, 

Greene eonnty, N. Y. 8588 

3.588 i. Ezra Boughton, b. Durham, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1804, 
m. September, 1825, Phebe Chase; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

3.589 ii. Alonzo Boughton, b. Durham, died in infancy. 

3.590 iii. Emeline Boughton, b. Durham, August 13, 1807, 
m. first, 1825, Horace Smith; second, a Mr. Harris. 

3.591 iv. Matthew C. Boughton, b. Pembroke, N. Y., 
Nov. 27, 1810, m. Julia E. Mallory; res. Watseka, HI. 

3.592 V. Warren W. Boughton, b. Pembroke, February, 
1816, m. Ohio, 1839, Mary Scott; he d. Des Moines, 
1850; res. Council Bluffs. 

3.593 vi. Seth Boughton, b. Pembroke, July, 1818, m. 
1841, at Pembroke, Hannah Coburn; res. Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1887. 

8.594 vii. Horatio Boughton, died in infancy, aged three 

3.595 viii. Orris H. Boughton, b. Pembroke, Feb. 9, 1825, 
m. first, 1847, Carrie Porter; second, Caroline E. 
Passmore; res. Salem, HI., 1887. 

3.596 ix. Sibyl A. Boughton, b. 1827, m. NaperviUe, Feb- 
ruary, 1846, Cornelius Davis; she d. April 24, 1883. 

(iv.) Matthew C. Boughton, b. Pembroke, N. Y., 
Nov. 27, 1810, went early in life to California; re- 
turned and m. in Connecticut, Sept. 17, 1837, Julia 
E. Mallory, and moved to Pembroke, thence to Du 
Page, HI., and subsequently to Watseka, Iroquois 
county, where he lived 1887. 

Children of Matthew C. and Julia E. Mallory Boughton, 

of IllinoU. 3591 

3.597 i. Rollin C. Boughton, b. Pembroke, N. Y., March 
22, 1837, m. Alice Done, 1876. No children.. 

376 BouTON-BouGHTON Faioly. 

3.598 ii. Orris M. Houghton, b. August 4, 1842, m. first, 
Harriet Kelsey; she died June 10, 1867; m. second, 
1868, Mary Harrison; he d. California, Jan. 6, 1886. 

3.599 iii. Levant Boughton, b. Nov. 22, 1845, m. Nettie 
Patterson, 1866, res. Watseka. 

8.600 iv. Seth D. Boughton, b. July 19, 1853, m. Eva Lord, 
April 20, 1882; res. Watseka, Bl. 

Children of Orrf 8 M. (son of Matthew C* and Jnlia E* Mallory Bongrhton) 
and Mary Harrison Bonghton^ of Belmonti Iroqnois 

connty. 111. 86M 

3.601 i. Viola G. Boughton, b. Jan. 21, 1869. 

3.602 ii. Jessie I. Boughton, b. March 31, 1870. 

3.603 iii. Homer H. Boughton, b. Sept. 4, 1871. 

3.604 iv. Bertie Boughton, b. Nov. 12, 1875. 

3.605 V. Pearl S. Boughton, b. Oct. 10, 1880. 

Note. — ^The above family of Orris M. Boughton left Illi- 
nois for California Dec. 24, 1885. They reached Pulare, 
California, where he died January 6, 1886. His family 
were still there at the time of this writing, 1886. 

Children of Leiant (son of Matthew ۥ and JnHa E. Mallory Bonghton) 
and Nettie Patterson Bongrhton^ of Watseka^ 111. 8599 

3.606 i. Curtis Boughton, b. Dec. 25, 1866. 

8.607 ii. Elizabeth M. Boughton, b. Jan. 2, 1871. 

3.608 iii. Robert R. Boughton, b. July 20, 1875. 

3.609 iv. John W. Boughton, b. Dec. 24, 1876. 

Children of Seth D. (son of Matthew C. and Jnlia E. Mallory Bonghton) 
and Era Lord Bongrhtony of Prairie Green, 111. 8600 

3.610 i. Ray Boughton, b. Oct. 14, 1883. 

3.611 ii. Roy Boughton, b. Dec. 18, 1885. 

(ii.) Thomas Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., Feb. 6, 
1764, farmer ; m. Nov. 25, 1787, Rebecca Coley, dau. 
Daniel Coley, of Ridgefield, where she was b. June 
17, 1768 ; tney settled at Ridgebury, town of Ridge- 
field, Ct., where they died ; he Apnl 4, 1846, and we 
Jan. 15, 1853, and were buried m Ridgebury ceme- 

Children of Tiiomas and Rebeeea Coley Bonghton, of 

Ridgebnry, Ct S676 

3.612 i. Ezra Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Ct., June 16, 1788, 
kiUed Feb. 2, 1799. 

3.613 ii. Major Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Dec. 26, 1790, 
m. Ridgebury, 1816, Polly Burchard. 


3.614 iii. Sarah Boughton, b. Ridgebuiy, Nov. 8, 1794, 
m. Dec. 6, 1821, Gamaliel N. ^^nedict. 

8.615 iv. Eunice Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Nov. 11, 1799, 
m. June 6, 1830, Francis Fairchild. 

3.616 V. Rachel Boughton, b. Ridgebury, March 4, 1802, 
m. 1829, Edwin Rockwell, son of Zera and Lydia 

3,616* vi. Daniel Coley Boughton, b. Ridgebury, April 18, 
1805, m. July 20, 1831, Delia Knapp. 


Children of Thomas and Rebeoea Coley Boagrhton^ of Ridgrebnry, Ct 

(i.) Ezra Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Ct., June 15, 
1788 ; when be was but eleven years old he was run 
away with and killed by a horse, Feb. 2, 1799. 

(ii.) Major Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Dec. 26, 
1790 ; he served in the war of 1812, and was a repre- 
sentative in the legislature ; m. Ridgebury, Oct. 10, 
1816, Polly Burchard, b. April 16, 1793, and settled 
on a farm adjoining his fattier, where he died June 
17, 1859 ; she survived him until August 23, 1875 ; 
they were buried in the cemetery at Ridgebury. 

Children of Mi^or and Polly Bnrehard Boughton^ of 

Rldgrebnry, Ct 8618 

8.617 i, Henry Austin Boughton, bom Ridgebury, Ct., 
March 11, 1820. He lived with his parents, unmarried, 
and in latter life was for several years an invalid. 
He died where he was born, in Ridgebury, June 22, 

8.618 ii. Ann Maria Boughton, b. Ridgeburv, February 
14, 1822; educated for a teacher, in which profession 
she engaged; member of the Kidgeburv Congrega- 
tional church; m. April 14, 1869, Alfred Bennett of 
Ridgefield, b. March 6, 1813. They settled at Ridge- 
bury, where he died April 17, 1880, and where she 
was still residing in the summer of 1888. No chil- 
dren. She married, second, John Ord, in 18899 and 
remained at Ridgebury on the old homestead, 

3.619 iii. Sarah Euzabeth Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Nov. 
22, 1828, and died in infancy. 

3.620 iv. Catharine Jan£ Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Jan. 
9, 1832, m. Sept. 17, 1856, Willis H. Bennett, who 

378 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

was born May 17, 1832, and died Brooklyn, Dec. 17, 
1883. She was living at Mill Plain, Fairfield county, 
Ct., 1889. 

Children of Willis H. and Catharine J. Bonghton Bennett^ of 

Brookfleld, Ct 8680 

3.621 1. Ada Elizabeth Bennett, b. Ridgebury, Ct., Feb. 
3, 1858, and died in childhood, Jan. 29, 1864. 

3.622 ii. Francis Boughton Bennett, b. Bushville, Pa., 
Oct. 5, 1860; d. Jan. 5, 1864. 

3.623 iii. Edwin Coley Bennett, b. Ridgebury, Ct., Sept. 
10, 1862; d. January, 1864. They were buried in one 
grave at Ridgebury cemetery. 

(iii.) Sarah Boughton (dau. of Thomas and Re- 
becca Coley Boughton), b. Ridgebury, Ct., Nov. 8, 
1794, m. Ridgebury, Dec. 6, 1821, Gamaliel Northrop 
Benedict, b. June 13, 1793. They settled in Ridge- 
bury, where he died Nov. 13, 1856; she died Oct. 16, 
1872, at Danbury ; they were buried in Ridgebury 

Children of (i^amallel N« and Sarah Bongrhton Benedict, 

of Bidirebnrj, Ct. 3641 

3.624 i. Julia Augusta Benedict, b. Ridgefield, Ct., March 
9, 1822, m. Ridgebury, May 3, 1842, Almon Hickok 
of Danbury, where she died Jan, 12, 1861. 

Children of Almon and Julia A. Benedict Hickok, of 

Danbury, Ct. 8624 

8.625 i. Northrop Benedict Hickok, b. probably about 
1847; died in infancy. 

3.626 ii. Mary Gertrude Hickok, b. February, 1849, m. 
Oct. 19, 1870, Irwin G. Hamlin, of Danbury, Ct.; 
she d. February, 1879. 

Child of Irwin G. and Mary Gertrude Hickok Hamlin. 

3.627 i. Almon Hamlin. 

3.628 ii. Mary Coley Benedict (dau. of Gamaliel and 
Sarah Boughton Benedict), b. Ridgebury, Nov. 22, 
1826, m. Danbury, June 6, 1858, Daniel Minot Bene- 
dict, b. August 25. 1815 : settled in Brookfield, where 
they lived ; post-office at Danbury ; he d. about June, 

8.629 iii. Thomas Clark Benedict (son of Gamaliel N. and 
Sarah Boughton Benedict), b. Ridgebury, April 24, 


1830, m. Danbury, Oct. 21, 1851, Frances Caroline 
Morris, b. Nov. 6, 1833 ; settled in West street, Dan- 
bury, where they were living January, 1889. 

Children of Thomas C. and Frances G. Morris Benedict, 

Danbury, Gt 8629 

3.630 i. William W. Benedict, b. Danbury, Ct., July 27, 
1856 ; d. Danbury, July 13, 1862. 

3.631 ii. George Northrop Benedict, b. Danbury, August 
11, 1858 ; d. August 2, 1860. 

3.632 iii. Charles Boughton Benedict, b. Danbury. Dec. 
1, 1861 ; m. Philadelphia, Nov. 8, 1883, Mary Stuart, 
and settled at Waterbury, Ct. , where they were liv- 
ing June, 1886. 

3.633 iv. Mary M. Benedict, b. Danbury, March 8, 1866 ; 
unmarried ; living at home with pai'ents June, 1886. 

3.634 V. Francis Thomas Benedict, b. Danbury, March 
18, 1871 ; living with his parents there June, 1886. 

3.635 i. George Boughton (grandson of Thomas and 
Rebecca Coley Boughton, 3576), merchant, bom 
Ridgebury, Ct., Nov. 29, 1824; he was brought up 
and received his education in the common school at 
Ridgebury, and in early manhood entered as clerk in 
the store at Ridgebury, where he soon rose to a posi- 
tion in which he purchased the store and was 
appointed the postmaster of the parish, in which 
capacity, as merchant and postmaster, he has con- 
tinued to the present, a period of thirty years. He 
m. Ridgebury, Dec. 31, 1854, Polly Maria Rockwell 
(see 3573''), dau. of John T. and Sally Benedict Rock- 
well, of Ridgebury, where she was born June 8, 
1833. They built a new house near the Congrega- 
tional church which suflficed for both a store and 
dwelling. He was converted and baptized into the 
Congregational church, Jan. 2, 1842, as was also his 
wife, May 2, 1852, where they served the church in 
leading the music, he the choir and she playing the 
organ. He was elected an oflScer of the society 
there and has served the society as such ever since. 
He was also elected justice of the peace and select- 
man for many terms, and representative in the state 
legislature, in which he served two terms — 1868 and 
1872. His public spirit was manifested especially in 
improving and enlarging the old burying grounds 
{which had been neglected), beautifying it witn many 
rare trees, and laying it out with aveiuies and walks 

380 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

and erecting^ a handsome iron fence adjoining the 
highway. For many years the care of the church 
and the meeting house devolved upon him prin- 
cipally. He was living in the same house which he 
built in 1854, in the autumn of 1889. He became 
well known as a statistician and contributed much 
information for this work, and his knowledge was 
often invoked from genealogical writers, both locally 
and abroad. 

Children of George and P. Maria Rockwell BonglitoBy 

Ridgebiiry, Ct. 

3.636 i. Mary Ameua Boughton, b. Ridgebury, Ct., Dec. 
31, 1858. Brought up at home she was baptized into 
the Congr^ational church, and m. June 15, 1882, 
Alvin P. VSTestcott of Purdy's, Westchester county, 
N. Y., where he was bom Oct. 24, 1852. They settled 
at Brewster, where he built and lived and carried on 
his business as a carpenter and builder, residing there 
January, 188<^. In the spring of 1889 removed to 
Garfield avenue, Danbury, where they res. autumn 
of 1889. 

Children of Alvin P. and Mary A. Boughton Westeott, of 

Brewster, N. T. 8686^ 

3.637 i. George M. Westcott, b. Brewster, N. Y., Feb- 
ruary 1, 1884- 

3.638 ii. Lester B. Westcott, b. Brewster, June 30, 1886. 

3.639 ii. William Emmon Boughton, b. Ridgeburv, Ct., 
Nov. 1, 1863. He early displayed a natural talent for 
music, which by cultivation became quite an acquisi- 
tion. He m. Brewster, N. Y., May 4, 1884, Ida A. 
Stone and settled in Bethel, Ct., where he followed 
his vocation as house carpenter. She died at Bethel, 
August 4, 1886, after which he resided at Brewster, 
and at Danbury 1889. 

Child of WilUam £. and Ida A. Stone Boughton, of Bethel, Ct 86S9 

3.640 i. Louisa May Boughton, b. Bethel, June 1, 1885 ; 
d. August 8, 1885. 

3.641 iii. Carrie Adelia Boughton (dau. of (Jeorge and 
P. Maria Rockwell Boughton), b. Ridgebury, Ct., 
August 9, 1874. ReceivSi her primary education at 
the common school at Ridgebury and subsequently 
attended the Danbury grammar school to finish har 
education; res. Danbury, 1888. 


(iv.) Eunice Boughton (daughter of Thomas and 
Rebecca Boughton), b. Ridgebury, Nov. 11, 1799, m. 
Ridgebury, June 6, 1830, Francis Fairchild, b. Jan. 3, 
1804 ; settled at Mill Plain, Ct., and moved to Dan- 
bury, Vv'here she d. Feb. 2, 1870, and was buried in 
Wooster cemetery ; he d. April 11, 1875. 

Children of Francis and Eaniee Boughton Falrciiild, of 

Mill Plain, Ct. 8615 

3.642 i. Julia Augusta Fairchild, b. Mill Plain, June 14, 
1831, m. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 6, 1853, Charles Benja- 
min, and settled at Danbury, where he d. June 5, 
1877, aged 63 yeai-s, 11 months and 6 days ; his 
widow was living at Danbury, January, 1888. 

Children of Charles and Julia A. Fairchild Bei^amin, of 

Danbnry^ Ct 

3.643 i. Francis Fairchild Benjamin, b. Danbury, Sept. 
25, 1864 ; he grew to be a favorite among his com- 
panions and died just as he was entering manhood, 
Danbury, July 15, 1871. 

3.644 ii. Jennie A. Benjamin, b. Danbury, March 20, 1857 ; 
unmarried ; living with her mother Jan., 1888. 

3.645 iii. Florence Benjamin, b. Danbury, July 18, 1859 ; 
m. June 18, 1888, Frederick Patrick, of Norwalk. 

3.646 iv. William Benedict Benjamin, b. Danbury, Aug. 
23, 1861 ; m. April 13, 1887, Lydia Starr, daughter of 
Josiah and Catharine McNichols Starr, of Danbury, 
b. Jan. 30, 1867 ; res. Danbur}% January, 1888 ; she 
died March 17, 1888. 

Child of William B. and Lydia Starr Be^Jamiii, of Danbury^ Ct 

8,646« i. Marie Benjamin, b. Danbury, March 11, 1888. 

8.647 V. Frederick Benjamin, b. Danbury, Feb. 5, 1864; 
unmarried ; living with his mother Jan., 1888. 

8.648 vi. Thomas Boughton Benjamin, b. Danbury, Dec: 
1, 1868 ; unmarried, and living with his mother at 
Danbury January, 1888. 

8.649 ii. Sarah Maria Fairchild (dau. of Francis and 
Eunice Boughton Fairchild), b. Mill Plain, July 
25, 1834, m. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 17, 1855, Alonzo 
Mead, b. Oct. 12, 1833, at South East, N. Y. ; they 
lived in Danbury, Jan., 1888. 

382 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Alonzo and Sarah M. Fairchild Mead, of Danbnrj, Gt 

3.650 i. Catie Maria Mbad, b. Danburjr, Ct., Aug. 5, 
1856, m. Robert E. Corbett, Forestville, Chautauqua 
county, N. Y. 

3.651 ii. Carrie Belle Mead, b. Ridgebury,' Ct., Nov. 22, 
1859, m. Danbury, Oct. 9, 1879, Irving Norris, settled 
at Cleveland, O. 

Children of Irring and Carrie Belle Mead Norris. 

3.652 i. John Herbert Norris, b. Nov. 4, 1880. 

3.653 ii. Fanny May Norris, b. Cleveland, Feb. 25, 1882. 

3.654 iii. Kittie Belle Norris, b. Cleveland, O., Jan. 17, 


3.655 iii. Alonzo Silas Mead (son of Alonzo and Sarah 
M. Fairchild Mead), b. TitusviUe, Pa., Aug. 19, 1870, 
living with parents at Danbury, Ct., Jan., 1888. 

3.656 iii. Margaret Fairchild (dau. of Francis and 
Eunice Boughton Fairchild), b. Danbury, Ct., July 
30, 1836, unmarried, was living at Danbury, Jan., 

3.657 iv. Northrop Benedict Fairchild (son of Francis 
and Eunice Fairchild), b. Danbury, Ct., Oct. 6, 1838; 
d. Danbury, June 25, 1883. 

(v.) Rachel Boughton (dau. of Thomas and Rebecca 
Boughton), b. Ridgebury, Ct., Mar. 4, 1802, m. 
Ridgebury, Sept. 14, 1829, Edwin Rockwell (son of 
Zera and Lydiia Weed Rockwell), of Ridgebury, 
where he was born June 3, 1806; they settled at 
Albion, N. Y., where she died Aug., 1837, and he 
continued to live until June 11, 1875 ; he died and 
was buried at Albion, Mich., June 11, 1875. 

Children of Edwin and Rachel Boaghton Rookweli, of 

Albion, N. T. 3610 

3.659 i. Sarah MATHiDA Rockwell, b. Albion, N. Y., Jan. 
1, 1834, m. Yates, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1851, Edwin Joel 
Barber, b. Feb. 21, 1830. 

Children of Edwin J, and Sarah Matilda RoelLwell Barber5 

of Yates, N. T. 8659 

3.660 i. James Edwin Barber, b. Chicago, ID., Dec. 14, 
1852 ; he was injured by the cars, and died from the 
injury Nov. 25, 1877. 

3.661 ii. Minerva Saxe Barber, b. Yates, N. Y., Dec. 16 
1864 ; died Onarga, 111., Feb. 12, 1885. 


8.662 iii. Mary Frances Barber, b. Yates, Oct. 7, 1856 ; 
m. Todd Pinney ; res. Onarga, 1888. 

3.663 iv. Jennie Maria Barber, b. Yates, May 7, 1859 ; m. 
Feb. 13, 1884, Daniel Gleason ; settled at Gilman, 
Iroquois county. 111. 

3.664 V. Charles Kip Barber, b. Onarga, June 2, 1867; 
m. March 11, 1885, Jennie Jeans, of Onarga ; res. 
Onarga 1888. 

3,666 ii. Charles Edwin Rockwell (son of Edwin and 
Rachel Boughton Rockwell), born Barre, Orleans 
county, N. i., August 13, 1837 ; m. Lyndon, N. Y., 
Jan. 27, 1861, Ella Mary Van Bracklin, b. Lyndon, 
August 15, 1839 J settled at East Tbelf ord, Mich., and 
moved to Otisville, Genesee county, Mich., where 
they res. 1887. 

OUldren of Charles Edwin and Ella M. Tan Braeklin Rockwell, 

of OtisTille, Mich. 

3.666 i. Frances Mary Rockwell, b. East Thelford, Mich., 
April 6, 1868. 

3.667 ii. George Evens Rockwell, b. East Thelford, Jan. 
13, 1871. 

(vi.) Daniel Coley Boughton (son of Thomas and 
Rebecca Coley Boughton), b. Ridgebury, Ct., April 
18, 1805; m. New York city, July 20, 1831, Delia 
Knapp ; settled in New York city, where for eleven 
years he was a dry goods merchant ; he died Ridge- 
bury, November, 1842 ; she survived him and died at 
Jackson, Mich., Jan. 18, 1886. 

Children of Daniel C. and Delia Knapp Boughton, of 

New York clty^ N. T. 8616a 

8.669 i. Thomas Coi^y Boughton, b. New York city, Oct. 
31, 1834; m. Franklin, Mich., March 4, 1856, Lovinia 
Van Every, b. Nov. 8, 1836 ; settled at Grand Eapids 
and movea to Jackson, Mich. ; lived there 1887. 

Children of Thomas C. and Lorinia Yan Eyery Bong^hton^ of 

Jaekson, Mich. 

3.670 i. Amy Adelia Boughton, b. Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Dec. 25, 1856. 

3.671 ii. Whj^iam W, Boughton, b. Grand Rapids, July 
29, 1858 ; went to San Francisco, Cal., where he was 
in the employ of the Oregon Improvement Co., 1887. 

3.672 iii. Mary Edna Boughton, b. Pontiac, Mich., July 
8, 1862 ; res. Jackson, Mich., 1887. 

384 BouTON-BouGHTON Familf. 

8.673 ii. Daniel Knapp Boughton (son of Daniel C. and 
Delia Knapp Boughton), b. New York city, April 15, 
1838, m. Sept. 17, 1863, Georgianna Sherman, bom 
March 25, 1842, and settled in Brooklyn, where she d. 
May 2, 1869; m. second, Brooklyn, May 19, 1872, 
Lida Thompson; were living in Chicago 1888. 

Child of Daniel K. and Georgrianna Siierman Bongrhton. 

3.674 i, Frank Sherman Boughton, b. Brooklyn, K Y., 
Dec. 16, 1864; accountant with Niagara Fire Insur- 
ance Co., Chicago, 111.; res. with parents. 

3.675 iii. John Henry Boughton (son of Daniel C. and 
Delia Enapp Boughton), b. New York city, Nov. 19, 
1840, m. Brooklyn, N. Y., May, 1866, Louisa G. 
Graves, b. New York city, June, 1845; settled in 
Brooklyn, where he d. June 29, 1871 ; she m. second, 
Irving E. Howe, and settled in Minnesota. 

Children of John H. and Louisa G. Grares Bonton^ of Brookljn^ V. T. 

3.676 i. Nelue B. Bouton, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., April 1, 

Asa Boughton, b. Danbury, Ct., July 28, 1766, m. 
Polly Richtmyer, Sept. 14, 1780; settled Durham, 
Greene county, N. i., where he died Sept. 20, 1843. 
She died Conesville, March 4, 1841. 

Children of Asa and Polly Richtmyer Bonsrhton, of 

Durham, Greene county, N. T. 8577 

8.677 i. Matthew R. Boughton, b. Durham, Nov. 2, 1801, 
m. Sept. 25, 1825, Sophronia Lathrop. 

3.678 ii. Peter Boughton, Presbyterian minister, b. Dur- 
ham, Sept. 11, 1803, m. Sept. 2, 1828, Lamira Trow- 
bridge. He died Titusville, August 14, 1872 ; she d. 
same place, July 9, 1885. 

8.679 iii. Eliza A. Boughton, b. Durham, March 9, 1805 ; 
m. McElwee. 

8.680 iv. Charles W. Boughton, b. Conesville, Nov. 18, 
1809 ; m. April, 1844, Sarah Howell. 

Note. — Charles William Boughton (son of Asa Bough- 
ton) early in life left his home and enlisted in the army, 
engaged at the time in subduing the Indian encroachments 
on our western frontiers ; but the life did not meet his 
tastes, so by the assistance of friends his discharge from the 
army was procured. He then went to New York city, 
where he embarked in mercantile pursuits, which, by lus 


shrewd judgment, he made quite successful. Operating in 
large undertaking heat one time (1835) controlled the New- 
York market in Uie article of honey, and eventually work- 
ing into financial Unes he became one of the active men in 
^ all street and one bt the organizers of the open board of 
brokers. Having secured a competence he retired to Scho- 
harie, N. Y., where he purchased a home and resided, 
becoming a leader in the councils of his political party 
(democratic), by whom he was often urged to accept official 
position, which he always declined. He died, widely known 
and respected, at the meridian of Ufe, at Schoharie, Oct. 
22, 1862. 

3.681 V. Anna M. Boughton, b. Durham, July 6, 1811, m. 
March 11, 1832, Charles H. Crane; he died January 
12, 1856; she died January 31, 1861. 

Child of Peter and Lamira Trowbridge Bonghtoii. 867S 

3.682 i. Mary Trowbridge Boughton, b. Catskill, N. Y., 
June 2, 1830, m Samuel Minor; res. Los Angeles, 
Cal., 1888. 

Children of Charles W. and Sarah Howell Bonghton^ of 

New York city. 8680 

3.683 i. Charles William Boughton, Jr., b. New York 
city, Jan. 28, 1845 ; m. June, 1867, E. Louise Deitz ; 
res. Gloversville, N. Y. 

3.684 ii. Ida Boughton, b. New York city, Dec. 21, 1854; 
m. October, 1878, Frank Grimstead ; res. Metuchen, 

3.685 iii. Arthur Howell Boughton, b. Schoharie, N. Y., 
August 6, 1858 ; m. November, 1885, Margaret Jack- 
son ; res. 44 West 14th street, New York. 

Child of Charles Wm. and E. Loaise Deitz Bongrhton^ of 

eioTersTiUe, N. Y. 8688 

8.686 i. Louise Deitz Boughton, b. Schoharie, N. Y., 
June, 1869. 

Child of Frank and Ida Boughton Grimstead of 

Metnehen, N.. J. 8884 

3.687 i. Edna Grimstead, b. Metuchen, N. J., Sept. 17, 


Children of Arthur H. and Margaret Jackson Bonghton, of New York 

eity. 8685 

3.688 i. Arthur Howell Boughton, Jr., b. New York city, 
July 8, .1886. 


386 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3,688» ii. Carroll Jackson Boughton, b. September, 1888 ; 
d. Metuchen, N. J., July 7, 1«S9. 

Children of Charles H. and Ann Maria Boag^hton Crane, of 

Uensonville, Greene coantgr, N. Y. 3681 

3.689 i. Erwin B. Crane, b. Gainesville, Wyoming county, 
N. y.. July 27, 1833; ra. Sept. 24, 1884, Carrie E. 

3.690 ii. Mary E. Crane, b. Castile, Wyoming county, N. 
Y., June 2, 1836 ; m. Feb. 9, 1857, John A. Mathews ; 
he died 1884 ; res. Jewett, Greene county, N. Y. 

3.691 iii. Sarah H. Crane, b. Monroe, Mich., April 13, 
1839 ; m. May 22, 1860, John Lamphere ; she died. 

3.692 iv. Emily A. Crane, b. Monroe, Jan. 9, 1841 ; m. 

Bogardus ; res. Conesville, N. Y. 

3.693 V. Charles H. Crane, Jr., b. Hudson, Mich., Aug. 7, 
1846 ; res. Deposit, Broome county, N. Y. 

3.694 vi. Matthew A. Crane, b. Conesville, N. Y., March 

5, 1849 ; m. June 15, 1866, Retta D. Kingsbury ; res. 
Hales Eddy, N. Y. 

Child of Erwin B. and Carrie E. Rappleyea Crane, of 

HensonviUe, Greene county, N. Y. 8689 

3.695 i. Ann M. Crane, b. HensonviUe, N. Y., May 6, 1886. 

Children of Thomas and Bnth Boughton (dau. of Matthew and Martha 
Boughton, of Danhury, Ct.,) Gouge, of Bridgeport, Ct. 8579 

3.696 i. Julia G. Gouge, b. Bridgeport, Ct.; m. New York 
city, June 19, 1821, Roe Lockwood. Probably left 
no heirs by his wife Julia Gouge Lockwood. 

3.697 ii. Catharine Gouge, b. Bridgeport, Ct.; m. 

Schermerhorn, and probably settled in New York 
city ; the records at Bridgeport show that Thomas 
Gouge bequeathed his property to his grandchildren 
Schermerhorn, the children of his beloved daughter 
Catharine. It is supposed, by the records not men- 
tioning Julia G., wife of Roe Lockwood, or any child 
of hers, that she must have died without issue and 
before her father died. 

Children of and Catharine (jU)uge Schermerhorn. 8697 

3.698 i. George Schermerhorn. 

3.699 ii. Catharine Schermerhorn. 

Children of Abijah and Catharine Boughton (dau. of Matthew and 
Martha Boughton) Sears, of Eaton, N. T., and Danby, Tompkins 
county, N. T. K9% 

3.700 i. James Sears, b. Eaton, N. Y., about 1798; m. 


Matilda Cartwright and settled Danby, N. Y. ; he d. 
June, 1885, leaving four sons. 

3.701 ii. Charles Sears, b. Eaton about 1800 ; m. Clarissa 
Taber and settled Newark Valley ; he died Allen's 
Siding, Mich.; he left two children. 

3.702 iii. Mary Ann Sears, b. Eaton, April 16, 1805 ; m. 
Newark Valley, N. Y., Oliver Kewey and died there 

3.703 iv. Hart Boughton Sears, b. Eaton, August 15, 
1807, tailor ; m. July 2, 1829, Cynthia M. Williams ; 
died Newark Valley, May 11, 1885. 

3.704 V. Erastus Sears, b. Eaton, and died there, aged 18 

dtildren of James and Matilda Cartrigrht Sears, of Danby, N. Y. 8700 

3.705 i. Erastus Sears. 

3.706 ii. DAvm Sears. 

3.707 iii. William Sears. 

3.708 iv. Egbert Sears. 

3.709 V. John Sears. 

Children of Dayid and Raeliel Boughton (dan. of Mattliew and Martha 
Bonghton) Mead, of Wilton, Ridgrebarjr, and Soath Norwalk. 3581 

3.710 i. George Mead, b. Ridgebury, Ct., August 4, 1803 ; 
m. Ridgebury, Oct. 3, 1827, Clarissa B. Hunt. 

3.711 ii. Leqrand Mead, b. Ridgebury, May 31, 1805 ; m. 
Dec. 16, 1841, Maria Nanny, of Amity, b. Sept. 3, 

Child of Legrrand and Maria Nanny Mead, of Edenyille, N. T. 3711 

3.712 i. Charles B. Mead, b. Edenville, Jan. 7, 1843 ; m. 
Nov. 16, 1864, Mary Houstoun ; res. Edenville, 1888. 

3.713 iii. Matthew Mead, b. Ridgebury, Ct., about 1806 ; 
m. MaiyM. Smith, b. Wilton, Ct.; moved to Racine, 
Wis.; died March, 1882. 

Children of Georgre and Clarissa B. Hnnt Mead, of Ridgrefleld, Ct 8710 

3.714 i. Julia Boughton Mead, b. Ridgefield, Ct., March 
28, 1831 ; m. Ridgefield, Oct. 31, 1863, John St. John 
(son of Jared and Abigail), of Stamford, Ct. 

3.715 ii. Alfred H. Mead, b. Ridgefield, Nov. 8, 1832 ; m. 
Lewisboro, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1860, Martha A. Lynes 
(daughter of Benjamin Lynes) ; res. Jewell, Kan. 

3.716 iii. Sarah Jane Mead, b. Ridgefield, Feb. 14, 1839 ; 
not married ; died Ridgefield, March 1, 1861. 

888 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.717 iv. Ruth Ann Mead, b. Ridgefield, March 28, 1844 ; 
m. Ridgefield, March 20, 1871, Frank Garland Weed, 
b. Darien, Ct., June 30, 1849; res. Woodlawn, N. Y. 

Cliildreii of Matthew and Mary M. Smith Mead, of Wilton, ;Ct, and 
Baeine, Wis.; res. No. 104 Thirty-sixth street, Chicago, 111. 871S 

3.718 i. Sidney B. Mead, b. ; res. board of tradei 

Chicago, III. 

3.719 ii. Henrietta Mead. 

3.720 iii. George S. Mead, teacher in an Episcopal college 
in California. 

3.721 iv. Mary Mead. 

Children of John and Jnlia Bongrhton Mead St John, ot 

Stamford, Gt. 8714 

3.722 i. William W. St. John, b. March 6, 1857, and died 
Sept. 12, 1857. 

3.723 ii. Frederick St. John, b. August 13, 1869, and died 
Dec. 2, 1872 ; both were buried at Ridgefield, Ct. 

Child of Alfred H. and Martha A. Lynes Mead, of Lewisboro, N. T. 8715 

3.724 i. Ina C. Mead, b. Ridgefield, Ct., July 1, 1862. 

Children of Franlc G. and Bath Ann Mead Weed, of 

Woodlawn, N. T. 8717 

3.725 i. Frederick Gay Weed, b. New York city, Oct. 21, 

3.726 ii. Lottie Grace Weed, b. New York city, April 
15, 1876. 


The following account of Ebenezer Bough ton, Jr., and 
his descendants, was furnished by Mrs. Lydia Boughton 
Wood, dau. of Stephen and Ann Eliza Sherwood Boughton 
of Lewisboro, Westchester county , N. Y. 

Children of Ebenezer5 Sr., and Abigrail Boaghton, of New Canaan, 

and Sonth Salem. 1171 

3.727 i. Abigail Boughton, b. about 1742, m. Theophilus 
Rusco, of Ridgefield ; settled Poundridge, N. Y. 
He d. 1812. 

3.728 ii. Ebenezer Boughton, Jr., b. about 1744, m. Mar- 
tha Gilbert, of Ridgefield, Ct.; settled in South 
Salem, N. Y. 


3.729 iii. Tmothy Boughton, b. . about 1746, m. 1767, 
Martha Scott, of Bidgefield; settled Poundridge and 

3.730 iv. Jesse Boughton, b. about 1748, m. 1771 , Rachel 
. Ferris, of Poundridge, and settled there. 

3.731 V. Sarah Boughton, b. about 1752: m. first, Jerry 
Buscoe, of Cross River. 

3,782 vi. Joseph Boughton, b. about 1755; m. first, a Sey- 
mour; m. second, a widow Lockwood, in New York 
city; settled in the country, probably in Orange 
county, N. Y. 

3.733 vii Elijah Boughton, b. about 1756, m. Oct. 27, 
1785, Mary Northrop; said to have settled in Saratoga 
Co., N. Y. 

3.734 viii. Patiencb Boughton, b. about 1757. Probably 
died young and unmarried. 

Children of Theophllos and Abigail Boughton (dan« of Ebenezer and 
Abigail Bonghton) Bnsco, of Poundridge, Westchester 

county, N. Y. • 8727 

3.735 i. Sarah Rusco, b. Poundridge, N. Y., m. first, Solo- 
mon Williams; he d.; m. second, Epenetus Bishop; 
they were childless. 

3.736 ii. Theophilus Rusco, Jr., b. Poundridge, April 28, 
1769, m. Jan. 1, 1793, Sarah Dean. 

3.737 iii. Lois Rusco, b. Poundridge, m. Andrew Bishop, 
brother of Epenetus Bishop. 

3.738 iv. Hezekiah Rusco, b. Poundridge, July, 1785; he d. 
March 23, 1868. 

3.739 V. Gamaliel Rusco, b. 1779. He was killed in the 
war of 1812. 

Child of Theophilus, Jr., and' Sarah Dean Bnseo. 8786 

3,739» i. Ezra Rusco, b. Oct. 17, 1793; he died April 11, 
1809, aged 15 years and 5 months. 

Children of Hezekiah and Bnseo. 

3,739*' i. Mary E. Rusco. 

3,739« ii. Silas B. Rusco. 

3,739* iii. Abigail Rusco. 

3,739* iv. Cyrus F. Rusco. 

3,739f V. Jeremiah B. Rusco. 

3,739» vi. Harrison D. Rusco, b. August 4, 1823, d. Aug. 

9, 1832. 

3,739»> vii. Nancy M. Rusco, b. , m. 1842, d. August 

18, 1863, 

380 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Ebenezer, Jr., and Martha Gilbert Boaghton, of 

South Salem, N. Y. 8728 

3.740 i. Ebenezer Boughton, Jr., b. South Salem, 1766, 
m. Eebecca Shute, b. 17(>5, and settled at Ridgefield, 
Ct.; she died Jan. 1, 1834, he died Feb. 12, 1836. 

3.741 ii. Sarah Boughton, b. South Salem, m. Mr. Jump, 
lived in Poundridge. 

3.742 iii. Nehemiah Boughton, b. South Salem, 1776, m. 
Rhoda Stanson; settled Poundridge; d. Newark, N. J. 

3,742a iv. Tamson Boughton, b. South Salem, m. Mr. 
Jump, brother of Sarah's husband; moved away. 

Children of Ebenezer and Rebecca Shute Bonghton. 8740 

3.743 i. Seymour Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Nov. 5, 1787, m. 
fii-st, Dec. 14, 1814, Eliza Allen; m. second, Dec. 29, 
1818, Mary Hadley. 

3.744 ii. Charles Bouton, b. Ridgefield, m. . 

3.745 iii. Daniel Bouton, b. Ridgefield, m. Mary Waring; 
settled N^w York city; d. July 17, 1879. 

3.746 iv. James Boxh'ON, b. Ridgefield, m. Matilda Gale; 
settled Armonk, N. Y. ; had no children. 

3.747 V. William Bouton, b. Westchester county, N. Y., 
Jan. 1, 1802, m. widow A. E. Morris, New York city; 
d. July 10, 1871. 

3.748 vi. Ebenezer Bouton, b. March 15, 1799, m. April 
27, Sarah Maria Wilmot: she died, Cornwall, N. Y., 
Sept. 30, 1868; he died Feb. 12, 1836. 

3.749 vii. Mary Bouton, b. , m. William Strang, 

Tanytown, N. Y. 

3.750 viii. Delilah Bouton, b , m. Jerry Vansycklin; 

she died May 17, 1861. 

3.751 ix. Sally Ann Bouton, b. , m. Roe; set- 
tled Rocliester, N. Y. 

3.752 X. Elizabeth Bouton, m. first, Charles Riddle; m. 
second, William Foley; lived New York city. 

Child of Seymoar and Eliza Allen Bon ton, of Rye, West- 
chester county, N. Y. 3743 

3.753 i. Robert Allen Bolti-on, b. Rye, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1817, m. Johanna Rhodes, and settled in New York 
city, where he died. 

Child of Robert Allen and Johanna Rhodes Ronton. 

3.754 i. Charles Allen Bouton, b. New York about 1846, 
m. Sarah Terry; settled New York city. 


Children of Seymour and (his second wife)AMary Hadley Bonton, 

of Rye, N. \. 8748 

3.755 ii. Edwix Bouton, b. Rye, N. Y., May 18, 1820; a 
merchant tailor, and in early life a large contractor 
of city works; m. May 26, l^i4, Leah Beam; settled 
New York city, where they resided, 218 E. 126th St., 


Children of Edvrin and Leah Beam Bonton, of New York city. 8755 

3.756 i. GiLMAN C. Bouton, b. New York city. May 20, 
181:5; d. Sept. 2+, 1861. 

3.757 ii. Mary May Bouton, b. New York city about 1848; 
died July 3, 1849. 

3.758 iii. Edwin Bouton, Jr., b. New York city and died 
in infancy, Oct. 25, 1872. 

3.759 iii. Theodore Bouton (son of Seymour and Mary 
Hadley Bouton), b. Rye, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1822, m. New 
York city, Jennie W. Wilson; he died Feb. 14, 1872; 
no children. 

3.760 iv. Eliza Bouton, b. Milton, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1823, ra. 
Rye, April 15, 1844, Edmund V. Davis, Troy, N. Y., 
where they resided, 1887. 

Children of Edmnnd Tan York and Eliza Bonton (dan. of Seymonr 
and Mary Hadley Bonton) Davis, of Harrison, and Rye, N. Y. S7W 

3.761 i. Emma Cecelia Davis, b. Harrison, N. Y., Feb. 23, 
1845; d. Jan. 2S, lsr)3. 

3.762 ii. William Howard Davis, b. Harrison, April 21, 
1848, m. xVfary E. Goldor of New Jersey. 

3.763 iii. Edmund B. Davis, b. New York city, May 21, 
l.S5(), d. in infancy. 

3.764 iv. Laura E. Davis, b. New York city, May 16, 
1854, d. infancy. 

3.765 V. Laura Elmira Davis, b. Ryeneck, N. Y., March 
17, is5r), m. Nelson E. Crannell of Troy. 

3.766 vi. Mary Belle Davis, b. New York city, March 12, 
1S5I), u). Joseph A. Leggett of Troy. 

3.767 vii. Frank Seymour Davis, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 
27, 1S62, d. Lincoln, Neb., 1881. 

3,76.s viii. Carrie Louisa Davis, b. Brooklyn, Sept. 9, 

isr»:i m. John D. Stannard of Troy. 
3,761) ix. Charles Edwin Davis, b. Bergen, N. J., August 

7, 1S67, d. April 19, 1869. 

3,770 v. William Bouton (son of Seymour and Mary Had- 
ley Bouton), an engineer; born Rye, N. Y., Nov. 19, 

392 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

1825 ; m. Nov. 19, 1850, Angeline Van Tassel, of Mt. 
Pleasant; she died Feb. 14, 1872; m. second, Ruth 
Meldrum; res. Rye, 1888; no children. 

3.771 vi. Charles Bouton, jeweler, b. Rye, June 6, 1828; 
m. New York city, July 9, 1851, Mariette McNear; 
settled at Chappaqua, N. T., where they resided in 

Note. — The first watch and jewelry store at New Rochelle 
waa established by him 1851. 

Children of Charles and Mariette McNear Bonton, of 

Chappaqua, N. T. 8771 

3.772 i. Charles Seymour Bouton, engineer, b. Nov. 1, 

1852, m. first, Cecelia Earl; she died May 10, 1875; m. 
second, Emma Pearsall; res. Chappaqua. 

Children of Charles Seymour and Emma Pearsall Bouton, m. Feb. US, 

1877, of Chappaqua. 8772 

8.773 i. Daisy Bouton, b. March 9, 1878; died March 31, 

3.774 ii. Clara Bouton, b. Chappaqua, N. Y., April 23, 
1879, d. March 27, 1881. 

8.775 iii. Charles Bouton, b. Chappaqua, June 12, 1881, 
d. Nov. 22, 1883. 

8.776 iv. Emma B. Bouton, b. Chappaqua, Feb. 10, 1885; 
Uving with parents, Chappaqua, 1888. 

8.777 ii. Leah Belle Bouton, b. New Rochelle, Oct. 10, 
1856, m. S. LaSelle Kittle; settled E. 127th St. New 
York city. 

Child of S. LaSeUe and Leah BeUe Boaton Kittle, of N. T. dtjr. 

8.778 i. George Edwin Kjttle, b. New York city, Feb. 
17, 1876; resides with parents N. Y. city. 

8.779 vii. Mary Bouton (dau. of Seymour and Mary Had- 
ley Bouton), bom Rye, N. Y., June 17, 1830; died in 

3.780 viii. Seymour Bouton, Jr. (son of Seymour and 
Mary Hadley Bouton), bom Rye, April 16, 1832, 
an engineer on the U. S. steamer Iroquois; unmar- 
ried; went to the East Indies, and died at Hong Kong, 
April 12, 1874. 

8.781 ix. Sarah Rebecca Bouton, b. Rye, April 19, 1835; 
died in childhood, 1841. 


8.782 X. Almira Bouton, b. Oct. 22, 1838, m. August 13, 
1860, Oscar N. Bird and settled at Rye, Westchester 
county, where she still lived 1886; he died April 14, 

Children of Oscar N. and Almira Bouton Bird, of Bjre, Westchester 

eoantjT, N. T. 

3.783 i. WiLUAM Bouton Bird, b. Rye, N. T., August 19, 

3.784 ii. Henry Bird, b. Rye, Westchester Co., N. T., Oct. 
12, 1869. 

Children of Daniel andtMary Waring Bonton^ of 

Greenwich, Ct« 8746 

3.785 i. James W. Bouton, b. Greenwich, Ct., about 1831, 
married and settled in New York city, where he 
established himself in a large book publishing busi- 
ness at 706 Broadway; he was still doing business 
there spring of 1888. He had one son. 

Child of James W. and Bonton.' 8785 

«,786 i. Warren L. Bouton, b. New York city, August 10, 

3,787 ii. Elizabeth Bouton (daughter of Daniel and Mary 
Waring Bouton), b. Greenwich, Ct., 1833, m. Oscar 
J. Ferguson, New York city, and settled at 133d 
street, New York city. 

(v.) WiLUAM Bouton (son of Ebenezer and Rebecca 
Shute Bouton) b. Jan. 1, 1802, m. widow Ann E. 
Morris, New York city, and died July 10, 1871. 

Child of William and Ann E. Bouton, of New York eitj. 8747 

3.789 i. William Bouton, b. Jan. 1, 1847, m. . 

(vi.) Ebenezer Bouton, Jr. (son of Ebenezer and 
Bebecca Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct., March 5, 1799, 
m. Sarah Maria Wilmot, of Cornwall, where they 
settled and where he died Feb. 12, 1836 ; she died 
Sept. 30, 1869. 

Child of Et>enezer and Sarah M. Wilmot Bonton, of 

Cornwall, N* T. 8748 

3.790 i. George H. Boughton, b. Cornwall, N. Y., June 
19, 1829, m. Marearet F. Browne, and were living 
at No. 260 Tompkins ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan., 
1887; no children. 

394 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Child of William and Mary Boatoa 8tnuig, of TarrytowH, N. T. S749 

3,791 i. Malvina Strang. 

Children of Nehemiah and Bhoda Stanson Bonghton, of 

Ponndridge, N. T. 3742 

3,71^2 i. Maranda Boughton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., m. 

Robert Norton. 
3,71^3 ii. Jerusha Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. John 


3.794 iii. Ruth Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. first, Edwin 
L. Myers; m. second, Samuel Tunis; one child, Nelson 

3,794=^ Tunis; res. Newark, N. J. 

3.795 iv. Cynthia Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. Harris 
Monroe, Vista, N. Y. 

3.796 V. Prudence Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. James 
Reed, Norwalk, Ct. 

3.797 vi. Clarissa Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. Charles 

3.798 vii. Stephen Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. Ann 
Eliza Sherwood, Poundridge, N. Y. 

3.799 viii. Martha Boughton, b. Poundridge, died , 

never married. 

3.800 ix. Rachel Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. David 
Weed, Horse Neck. 

3.801 X. Elizabeth Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. Richard 
Nash, Huntington, L. I. 

3.802 xi. Rhoda Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. WiUiam 
Brown, Burlington, Iowa. 

3.803 xii. Mary Boughton, b. Poundridge, never married; 
died . 

3.804 xiii. Betsey Jane Boughton, b. Poundridge, m. 
Michael Trumney ; she died in Missouri. 

Children of Stephen and Ann Eliza Sherwood Boa^hton, of 

Poundridge, N. Y. 8798 

3.805 i. Lydl\ Ann Boughton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., Au^. 
3, 1822, m. Wm. H. Wood, l^^A^ res. Lewisboro, N. 
Y., isss. 

3,800 ii. Cynthia E. Boughton, b. Poundridge, Aug. 18, 
1824, m. Wm. Lewis Weed, Sept. 4, 1845, res. Stam- 
ford, Ct., 1S.S8. 

3,807 iii. Sally Ann Boughton, b. Poundridge, June 30, 
ls20, and died in infancy at Poundridge. 

3,8<)S iv. EzKA B. Boughton, b. Poundridge, Feb. 19, 1831, 
m. Louisa Waters ; he was killed at battle of Cold 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 395 

3.809 V. Isaac C. Boughton, b. Poundridge, Dec. 21, 
1S34, m. Elizabeth Borland, res. Norwalk, Ct., 1888. 

Children of William H. and Lydia Ann Bonghton Wood, of 

Lewisboro, N. Y. 8805 

3.810 i. Stephen B. Wood, b. Poundridge, Feb. 15, 1846, 
n). 1865, Mary Estlier Austin ; res. Lewisboro, 1888. 

3.811 ii. Sarah A. Wood, b. Poundridge, Oct. 27, 1848, m. 
Joseph H. Stevens ; res. New Canaan. 

3.812 iii. Martha Jane Wood, b. Poundridge, May 20, 
ISoC), m. Charles Hains ; res. Noroton Depot 1888. 

3.813 iv. Herbert Stanley Wood, b. March 23, 1864, m. 
Clarabelle Coggswill ; res. Lewisboro. 

Children of William Lewis and Cyntliia Eliza Bougrhton Weed, of 

Stamford^ Ct. 3806 

3.814 i. Mary Elizabeth Weed, b. Stamford, Ct., Sept. 
20, 1846, m. Ransom Jones ; res. Stamford 1888. 

3.815 ii. Rhoda Jane Weed, b. Stamford, March 11, 1848, 
m. Lewis Fillow ; res. Norwalk. 

3.816 iii. Lydia Ann Weed, b. Stamford, June 24, 1850, 
m. Oliver Buxton ; res. New Canaan. 

3.817 iv. Washington Irving Weed, b. Stamford, August 
22, 1852, m. Sarah Jones ; res. Poundridge, N. Y. 

3.818 V. Emma Gertrude Weed, b. Stamford, Feb. 7, 1858. 

3.819 vi. Ida Frances Weed, b. Stamford, April 1, 1860; 
died of consumption, Feb. 23, 1884. 

Children of Isaac C. and Elizabeth Borland Bonghton, of 

Norwalk, Ct. 8809 

3.820 i. Jennie Boughton, b. 1855 ; m. Israel Austin. 

3.821 ii. Nehemiah Boughton, b. 1857, never married; 
killed by cars running into his carriage. 

3.822 iii. Ida Boughton, b. 18 — ; m. Albert Newman. 

Children of Israel and Jennie Bon^rhton (dan. of Isaac C. and Elizabeth 

Borland Bonghton) Anstin. 3820 

3.823 i. Edward Austin. 

3.824 ii. Charles Austin. 

3.825 iii. Ida Austin. 

Child of Albert and Ida Boughton Newman. 3822 

3.826 i. Edw^ard Newman. 

Children of Stephen B. son of William H. and Lydia Bonghton Wood) 
and Mnrjr Estlior Anstin Wood, of Lewisboro, N. T, 8810 

3.827 i. William Franklin Wood, b. Poundridge, N. Y., 
August 2, 1866 ; not married. 

396 BdtJTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.828 ii. Daisy May Wood, b. Poundridge, April 11, 1874. 

8.829 iii. Mary Eliza Wood, b. Poundridge, June 7, 1878. 

3.830 iv. Stephen S. Wood, b. Poundridge, April 12, 1881. 

Children of Joseph O. and Sarah A. Wood Sterens, of 

Bridgeport, Gt 8811 

3.831 i. LiBBiE Jane Stevens, b. Bridgeport, Ct., June 16, 

3.832 ii. Martha May Stevens, b. Bridgeport, Ct., Oct. 
13, 1875. 

Children of Charles and Martha Jane Wood Uains, of Noroton, Ct 8812 

3.833 i. Florence Lilian Hains, b. Noroton, Ct., August 
12 1877 

3.834 ii. EvaB. Hains, b. Noroton, Nov. 13, 1879. 

3.835 iii. Maud Viola Hains, b. Noroton, June 15, 1883. 

3.836 iv. Bessie May Hains, b. Noroton, July 15, 1887. 

Child of Herbert S. and Clarabelle Cogrtpswill Wood, of 

Levfisboro, N. T. 8818 

3.837 i. Ernest Stanley Wood, b. Lewisboro, N. T., 
July 11, 1887. 

Child of Ransom and Marj Elizabeth Weed Jones, of 

Stamford, Ct. 8SU 

3,83b i. George Lewis Jones, b. Stamford, Ct., June 3, 

Child of Lewis and Bhoda Jane Weed Fillowj of Norwalk, Ct 8815 

3.839 i. Emma Gertrude Fillow, b. Norwalk, Ct., March 

20, 1882, and died 18S2. 

Children of Washington Irring and Sarah Jones Weed, of 

Poundridgre^ N. T. 8817 

3.840 i. Maud Cynthia Weed, b. Poundridge, N. Y., 
July 13, 1879, and died Feb. 25, 1887. 

3.841 ii. Robert Lewis Weed, b. Poundridge, April 26, 


Children of Ezra B. (son of Stephen and Ann Eliza Sherwood 

Bonghton) and Louisa Waters Bonghton. 

3,841* i. Orin L. Boughton, b. about 1858, not married; res. 

3,841*» ii. Charles H. Boughton, b. about 1860, m. Miss 

Palmer, res. Stamford, Ct. 
3,841^ iii. Harrison C. Boughton, b. about 1862, m. 

Georgiana Heathington ; res. Norwalk, Ct. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Pamilt. 397 

3^841** iv. Stephen Houghton, b. about 1864, m. , res. 


(iii.) Timothy Bouton (son of Ebenezer and Abi- 
gail Bouton, of New Canaan, Ct., and grandson 
of Jakin, the son of Joseph, Sr., and Mary Bouton, 
of Norwalk, Ct.), was born at New Canaan, where, 
the Congregational church records say, he was 
baptized June 1, 1746. He married at Ridgefield, 
Ct., 1767, Martha Scott (dau. of Capt. James Scott, 
of Ridgefield),. and settled in Poundridge, N: Y., 
where they lived until he enlisted iti the army of the 
revolution, when his wife went to live with her par- 
ents at Ridgefield until his return from the war. 

Being a zealous whig he heartily espoused the 
cause of his oppressed country, left his dependent 
family with hifi lather-in-law, and offered his services 
and his life, if need be, to his country and the 
commonwealth of the American colonies. 

Children of Timothy and Martha Scott Boaton, of Ponndridge and 

Bidgrefleld. 1174 

8.842 i. Martha (Patty) Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., 
Dec. 28, 1767, m. Jeremiah Keeler and died in Onon- 
daga, N. T., one year after marriage. No children. 

3.843 ii. John Boughton, b. Poundridge, May 2, 1770, m. 
Southbuiy, Ct., 1793, Currence Downs ; he d. March 
25, 1824. 

3.844 iii. Sally Boughton, b. Poundridge, May 2, 1773, 
m. Ridgefield, Sept. 26, 1795, first, Jesse Bouton; m. 
second, Enoch Hawley. 

3.845 iv. Thaddeus Boughton, b. probably Ridgefield, Ct., 
May 2, 1777, m. Oct. 27, 1800, Lucy Rockwell. 

3.846 V. James Benedict Bouton (from record), b. Ridge- 
field, August 22, 1779, m. Ridgefield, Jan. 1, 1800, 
Sarah DeForest. 

3.847 vi. Benjamin Boughton, b. Ridgefield, March 9, 1784, 
m. at Titicus, Ct., Charity Dann. 

3.848 vii. Timothy Boughton, Jr., b. Ridgefield, Dec. 4, 
1786, m. Jerusha Hazzard; settled Luzerne county, 
Pa. ; he d. about 1835-40. 

398 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 



(i.) John Boughton, ^' son of Timothy and Martha Scott 
Boughton," was born at Poundridge, Westchester county, 
N. Y., May 2, 1770. Owing to losses sust^ained by his father, 
who was a soldier of the revolution, on his return from the 
war, found himself unable to bring up all his children at 
home, and accordingly put out his two oldest child i^en, John 
and Sally, with a Mr. John Edmonds, of Southbury, Ct., 
to work until of age. When out of his time he continued 
to live in Southbury and work for his former employer 
until he married at Southbury, February 1, 1793, Currence 
Downs, of Southbury, where she was born Nov. 1, 1773. 
They continued to live at Southbury as farmers for a few 
years, when, learning of the great advantage of the soil in 
the western part of the state of New York, he decided to 
settle in the town of Scipio, Cayuga county, N. Y., where 
he moved his family with a yoke of oxen and a wagon. 
He started from Connecticut on the first day of February, 
1791, and made the journey of over 300 miles through a 
new and sparsely settled country in twenty-one days. Ar- 
riving at Scipio they settled on a farm he had purchased, 
lying in the midst of a dense and heavily wooded forest, with 
but about an acre of cleared land to commence the produc- 
tion of a sustenance for his little family. Leaving, as they 
had, the comforts and advantages of a cultivated country, 
they felt keenly the want of church and school accommo- 
dations. Both having been members of the Presbyterian 
church at Southbury, they forgot not their early vows, 
and soon began, in connection with some of their neigh- 
bors, to arrange for church and school facilities. 

For a time the neighbors convened at their house for pub- 
lic worship, until the interest resulted in building a scnool- 
house, which served for both purposes. 

Finding it needful to have a religious society organized, 
the people were called together for that purpose, and for- 
mulated the views of the oody, which proved to be that of 
a regular Baptist churchy of which they ever remained 
members while they lived, and in which all their children 
were brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, 
and were nearly all baptized into its fellowship. 


After a period of about thirteen years of toil and privation, 
Currence, the mother of all his children and the devoted 
sharer of his love and labor, died May 3, 1810, and was 
interred in the burying ground of the Baptist church at 
Scipio, N. Y., where there still stands a marble tablet with 
this inscription : '^Currence, wife of John Bough ton, who 
died in the faith of Christ May 3, 1810, aged 37 y. 3 m. 4d. 

He married second, Abigail Stilson, a widow, of Scipio, 
N. Y., Januaiy, 1811, by whom he had no children. 

After twenty-seven years of active hfe as a farmer on the 
same farm upon which he settled on arriving in Cayuga 
county, he died, much respected, March 25, 1824, and was 
buried by the grave of his departed wife, and a marble 
tablet, inscribed : '* John Bough ton, Avho died in the faith 
of Christ March 25, 1824," still marks the place of his 

Children of John and Cnrrence Downes Bonghton. 8848 

3.849 i. William Boughton, b. Southbury, Ct.; m. first, 
Anna Wakeley ; second, Melinda Enos. 

3.850 ii. John Boughton, b. Southbury; m. Sarah Bene- 

3.851 iii. James Scott Boughton, b. Scipio, Cayuga county, 
N. Y.; m. Abigail Hoyt. 

3.852 iv. ABiGAtt. Boughton, b. Scipio ; m. Squire Al ward. 

3.853 v. DAvro Boughton, b. Scipio ; m. first, Mary C. 
Beach ; second, Annie C. Crofut. 

8.854 vi. Ebenezer Boughton, b. Scipio ; m. Mary A. 

3.855 vii. Alanson Boughton, b. Scipio ; m. first, Char- 
lotte Keeler ; second, Hannah Squires. 


(i.) William Boughton, b. Southbury, Ct., Jan. 23, 1794, 
being but three years old when his parents moved from 
Connecticut to Scipio, N. Y., where he remained with his 
parents until sixteen years old, when he was apprenticed 
to Edward Allen, near Auburn, N. T., to learn cloth- 
making. The following year he went to Q^noa Hollow to 
learn cloth- dressing with Enoch Buck, but his father, not 
liking the treatment he received from his employed, took 
him away and sent him on a visit to Connecticut among 


his relatives. He made the journey on foot, and called 
on his way at the house of his uncle, Thaddeus Boughton, 
in Clinton, Dutchess county, N. Y. 

On arriving in Connecticut he went to his grandfather 
Timothy's old residence and visited the relatives in the 
vicinity, going to the bouse of Mrs. Sally Boughton 
Williams, daughter of Mrs. Abigail Boughton Rusco, the 
sister of his grandfather, Timothy Boughton, who was at 
that time an aged widow, living with her only daughter, 
Mrs. SaUy Williams, in the town of Ridgefield. While in 
Connecticut he worked in the woolen factory in Eidgefield 
township, north of the town, until January, 1815, when he 
returned to Scipio, and went to work in the woolen mill at 
Skaneateles, N. T. 

He was married at Scipio, Feb. 5, 1817, to Miss Anna 
Wakeley, daughter of Elder Abner and Ruth A. Wakeley, 
of the same place ; she was born in Connecticut, Oct 5, 
1794. They settled at Ulysses (now Enfield), N. Y., and 
afterward moved toNunda, Allegany county, N. T., where 
she died, Dec. 14, 1831. 

He married, second, Melinda Enos, and in 1836 moved to 
Pipestone, Berrien county, Mich., where as farmer he lived 
until his death, Oct. 11, 1864. 

The following ghort extract was penned from a record by 
his own hand in the year 1851, viz. : 

^'I was converted at the a^e of seventeen, and united 
with the Baptist church at Scipio, and ever after remained 
a member of that denomination. I never found anything 
so consoling as the religion of Jesus. I always sought to 
live in peace with all men, and never was engaged in an 
assault or even a lawsuit with any one. " 

GhUdren of William and Anna Wakeley Bonghton. 8849 

8,856 i. Samuel Newell Boughton (son of William and 
Anna Boughton), born Ulvsses (now Enfield), Nov. 
17, 1817. He passed his childhood with his parents at 
Nunda Valley, N. T., and was impressed with the 
idea of becoming a minister of the gospel. In 1831 
he united with the Baptist church at Nunda, N. Y., 
and in 1836 was licensed by them to preach, and 
soon after he went to Hamilton college to prepare 
for the ministry; but being embarrassed for want of 
means he left the college and engaged in teaching 
school at Victory, Cayuga Co., N. Y. An affection 
of his eyes proved a serious hindrance to pursu- 
ing his studies and he never returned to finish his 



collegiate course, a thing he often after spoke of with 
much regi-et. 

He engaged to preach as a supply to the Gouv- 
erneur Baptist church, and was prevailed upon 
to accept the pastorate of that church and was 
ordained there March 11, 1840. 

He mairied at SterUng, Cayuga Co. , N. Y. , Oct. 3, 
1839, Eliza W. Bent. dau. of Stephen and Elmira 

After serving several pastorates in New York state 
and at South Norwalk, Ct. , his health became impaii^ed, 
and he was induced to try a western climate, and in 
1852 they moved to Delavan, Wis., where, after 
preaching for a year and a half he purchased a farm 
near Baraboo, Wis. , where, on Oct. 6, 1854, he died in 
the triumph of faith. Almost his last words were, ^'In 
the mercy and grace of God, I, a sinner, full of un- 
worthiness, put all my trust. " 

He was buried at Baraboo, and his widow remained 
upon the homestead until 1870, when she moved and 
settled at Seward, Nebraska. Here she resided, a 
devoted member of the Baptist church of Seward, 
until her death, which occurred July 9, 1887. 

Children of Elder Samuel NeweU and Eliza Bent Bonghton. 8866 

3,857 f i. Clement Abner Boughton, b. Prattsville, Greene 
county, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1842, twin brother of 
Clarence Edwin Boughton. He enlisted in the 
war of the great rebellion, and was shot at the 
battle of Atlanta, Ga. He died a few days after, 
in 1863, aged twenty-one years. 
ii. Clarence Edwin Boughton, twin brother of 
Clement Abner Boughton, b. Prattsville, Nov. 
17, 1842, m. Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wis., Dec. 19, 
1865, Janette Washburn, b. Baraboo, Wis., Feb. 
14, 1848 (dau. of Andrew F. and Elizabeth L. 
Washburn of Baraboo). They settled at Delton. 
Sauk Co., Wis. Some years after they moved 
to Fairfield, Sauk Co. , and afterward to Baraboo. 
He became a member of the Baptist church and 
was employed in the municipal department of 
that place, where they lived 1885. 

Children of Clarence E. and Janette Washbnrn Bonghton. 8868 

8,869 i. Clement Edwin Boughton, b. Delton, Sauk Co., 
Wis., July 11, 1867 ; d. same place, Sept. 19, 1SG7. 

Twins. - 

402 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.860 ii. Clement Abner Boughton, b. Deltou, March 5, 
1869 ; was living with parents 1885. 

8.861 iii. Dora Nettie Boughton, b. Delton, Jan. 9, 1871 ; 
d. same place, May 11, 1871. 

3.862 iv. Archie Boughton, b. Fairfield, Sauk Co., ^'is., 
Sept. 19, 1879 ; was living with parents, Baraboo, 
Wis., 1885. 

3.863 iii, Augustus Stephen Boughton, b. Chester, Mid- 
dlesex county, Ct., Dec. 21, 1846, m. Linden, Wis., 
Dec. 25, 1867, Sarah E. Bond, b. Willimantic, Wind- 
hamcounty, Ct., Jan. 26, 1847. They settled on a 
one-half section of land, purchased from government 
after his return from the war, near Bondville, Red 
Willow countj, Neb. He was previously a Baptist, 
but there being no Baptist church at Bondville, he 
united, with his wife and daughter, with the M. E. 
church at that place. 

Children of Aagnstas S* and Sarah £• Bond Bongrhton. 886S 

3.864 i. Lettie Emeline Boughton, b. Delton, Sauk county, 
Wis., Sept. 30, 1868 ; living with parents at Bondville, 
Neb., 1885. 

3.865 ii. Egbert Newell Boughton, b. Beaver Crossing, 
Seward county. Neb., June 18, 1878. 

3.866 iii. Eugene Clinton Boughton, b. Bondville, Red 
Willow county, Neb., June 2, 1881. 

3.867 iv. Anna Wakeley Boughton (dau. of Elder Samuel 
Newell and Elizabeth Bent Boughton), b. near Bar- 
aboo, Sauk Co., Wis., March 30, 1855; moved with 
her mother to Seward, Neb., in 1876, where she mar- 
ried, Jan. 1, 1879, Frank G. Simmons (son of Henry 
A. and Emma M. Simmons). They settled in Sew- 
ard, Seward Co., Neb., where he published a news- 
paper, and resided in 1888. 

Children of Frank G. and Anna TV. Bonghton Simmons. 3867 

3.868 i. Ruby M. Simmons, b. Seward, Neb., 1881. 

3.869 ii. IvA E. Simmons, b. Seward, Neb., 1883. 

8.870 iii. Arthur Simmons, b. Seward, Neb., 1885. 

3.871 ii. Adoniram Judson Boughton (son of William and 
Anna Wakeley Boughton), b. Scipio, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., March 28, 1819; abotanic physician. He lived 
with his parents and worked on the farm with his 
father; was converted at the age of sixteen and united 


with the Baptist church at Silver Lake, Genesee Co., 
N. Y., in 1836; went with his parents from Nunda, 
N. Y., to Pipestone, Berrien Co., Mich., where, in 
1837, finding farm work too laborious, he bought his 
time of his father at the age of eighteen; but the 
climate not proving congenial to his constitution, he 
turned his attention to the medical profession and 
studied with Dr. Samuel Thompson, Jr., son of Dr. 
Samuel Thompson, founder of the Thompsonian 
system of practice. He married, at Jackson, Kosci- 
usco Co., lod., Sept. 12, 1846, Susanna Crum (dau. 
of Zachariah and Christena Crum, of Miami, near 
Dayton, Ohio). He settled in Jackson, and moved 
from there in 1S50 to Edwardsburgh, Cass Co., Mich., 
and thence to Wakelee, Cass Co., in 1879. He and 
his wife were members of the German Baptist church 
(Dunkards), and were living at Wakelee, where he 
practiced medicine, 1SS8. 

Children of Dr. Adoniniin J. and Sasanna Gram Booghton, 8871 

3.872 i. Samantha Boughton, b. Jackson, Kosciusco Co., 
Ind., Feb. 21), 1848; lived at home with her parents 
until m. Edwardsburgh, Mich., Jan. 11, 1868, William 
Harmon, a farmer, of Porter, Cass Co., Mich., b. April, 
181:5 ^son of Henry and Aurilla Harmon); they settled 
at Porter township, and in 1880 moved and settled at 
Wakelee, Cass Co., Mich., where they were living, 

Children of William and 8amantlia Bong^hton Harmon. 

3.873 i. Schuyler Judson Harmon, b. Wakelee, Cass Co., 
Mich., Dec. 4, 1871. 

3.874 ii. Henry Sherman Harman, b. Wakelee, Dec. 20, 

3.875 iii. Truman Elias Harman, b. Wakelee, Dec. 1, 
1877, d. May 1, 1879. 

3.876 iv. Floyd Glenn Harman, b. Wakelee, Juno 17, 
1880, d. July 14, 1880. 

3.877 ii. Elizabeth Boughton, b. Edwardsburgh, Mich.^ 
April 15, 1850, in. Nicholas J. Probst, Proctor, Cass 
Co., Mich., March 15, 1868; she died June 29, 1869, in 
Bureau Co., Ill; no children. 

3.878 iii. Mary Jane Boughton, b. Brownsville, Cass Co., 
Mich., August 22, 1854, ni. Union, Cass Co., Mich., 
Dec. 10, 1871, Elias Eby, b. August 29, 1849 (son of 

404 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Peter and Margaret Miller Eby); they moved in 1874 
to Sunshine, Bowlder Co., Col., on account of his 
poor health, and were living there 1885. 

Children of Elias and Mary Jane Bonghton Ebj. 

3.879 i. William C. Eby, b. Sunshine, Boulder Co., CoL, 
May 8, 1875. 

3.880 ii. Alfred M. Eby, b. Sunshine, June 23, 1870. 

3.881 iii. Effa A. Eby, b. Sunshine, Sept. 1, 1878. 

3.882 iv. William Adoniram Boughton, b. Lagrange, 
Cass Co.; Mich., Sept. 24, 1856. With delicate health 
and poor hearing from scarlet fever in infancy, he 

. was unable to engage in manual labor, and remains 
at home unmarried, 1885. 

3.883 V. Phebe Maria Boughton, b. Lagrange, August 11, 
1858; went in 1880 to live in Bayfield county, Wis. 
(Pratt P. 0.); m. Archibald Haggerty. 

-3,884 iii. Jaaies Boughton (son of William and Anna 
Wakeley Boughton, of Scipio, N. Y.), born Enfield 
(formerly Ulysses), N. Y., Sept. 20, 1820; went with 
his parents when they moved to Michigan ; two years 
later went to Ohio and stayed one year at Sandusky, 
and from there to Port Huron, Michigan, where, 
in the winter of 1843, he m. Samantha Ingersoll, 
b. in Pennsylvania, but brought up in Port Huron. 
He was an industrious mechanic and respected 
among all his acquaintances; he died at Mishawaka, 
St. Joseph county, Ind., July 15, 1877. 

Children of James and Samantha Ingersoll Boughton. 8884 

3.885 i. Anna Maria Boughton, b. Port Huron, Mich., 
Dec. 11, 1843; d. Sept. 25, 1844. 

3.886 ii. Abner Wakeley Boughton, b. Port Huron, Sept. 
2, 1845; d. at Edwardsburgh, Mich., August, 1851. 

3.887 iii. Chester James Boughton, b. Edwardsburgh, 
Dec. 1, 1848; d. same place, August, 1851. 

3.888 iv. Sarah Ella Boughton, b. Edwardsburgh, Aug. 
18, 1852; m. 1872, David Cheesbro; had one child; m. 
second, in Michigan, Aug. 18, 1881, John W. Mowry, 
b. Shenandoah, Va., May 23, 1849; they Uved Bu- 
chanan, Berrien county, Mich., 1885. 

Child of DaTid and Sarah Ella Boughton Cheeshro. 8888 

8.889 i. James Herbert Cheesbro, b. July 31, 1873. 


Child of John W. and Sarah Ella Bonghton Mowry. 8888 

3.890 ii. James Emmett Mowry, b. Ensley, Mich., Feb. 14, 

3.891 V. Emmett Eben Boughton (son of James and Sa- 
mantha Boughton), b. Edwardsburgh, Dec. 1, 1856; 
m. Goshen, Ind., Sept. 21, 1875, Mary Frances Qrice, 
b. Canton, O., Jan. 8, 1856. 

Children of Emmett E. and Mary Frances Grice Boughton. 

3.892 i. James Franklin Boughton, b. Edwardsburgh, 
Mich., July 2, 1876. 

3.893 ii. Edward Adoniram W. Boughton, b. Edwards- 
burgh, Jan. 6, 1878. 

3.894 iii. Ella Saloma Boughton, b. Ensley, Newaygo 
county, Mich., Feb. 21, 1882. 

3.895 iv. Herbert Chester Boughton, b. Ensley, Jan. 19, 


3.896 vi. Ida Boughton (daughter of James and Samantha 
Boughton), b. Edwardsburgh, April 8, 1861, m. Aug. 
24, 1878, Ira Seeley, Wakelee, Cass county, Michigan. 
When last heard from had gone west; had no children. 

3.897 vii. Jennie Estelle Boughton, b. Edwardsburgh, 
Oct. 9, 1863: was afflicted with fits in childhood; 
invalid; never married. 

3.898 iv. Mary C. Boughton (daughter of William and 
Anna Wakeley Boughton), b. Ovid, Seneca county, 
N. Y., June 19, 1822, m. first, Sept. 26, 1S40, James 
Dopp, who ignobly deserted her, forgetting his 
solemn vows; she m. second, at Edwardsburgh, 
Thomas Kirkwood, and moved to southern Iowa, 
where she died, June 23, 1855, leaving a son, William 
Kirkwood, whose father died in the army, and all 
account of William Kirkwood is lost. 

3.899 V. Sarah Wakeley Boughton, b. Ovid, Seneca Co., 
N. Y., Jan. 13, 1825, m. Pipestone, Berrien Co., Mich., 
July 4, 1846, Jacob Byers, b. Sparta, Livingston Co., 
N. Y., Jan. 24, 1823. She was baptized into the 
Scipio, N. Y., Baptist church. May, 1842 ; he was 
baptized June 7, 1^64. They settled in Decatur, Van 
Buren county, Mich., where they lived 1888. 

Children of Jacob and Sarah W. Bonghton Byers, of Hamilton, Mich. 

3.900 i. Louisa S. Byers, b. Keeler, Van Buren county, 
Mich., May 19, 1847; d. June 1, 1865, and was buried 
at Hamilton, Mich. 

406 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

3.901 ii. Martin William Byers, b. Hamilton, Van Buren 
county, Mich., Sept. 27, 1848; d. Hamilton, March 
22, 1870. 

8.902 iii. Henry Arthur Byers, b.. Hamilton, April 21, 
1851, m. Lawton, Van Bureii county, Mich., Nov. 
26, 1873, Clara N. Goble, b. June 9, 1852; by profes- 
sion they were Methodists; he was by trade a jeweler, 
and settled at Decatur, Van Buren county; living 
there 18S5. 

Children of Henry A. and Clara N. Goble Byers. 890S 

8.903 i. Bertie W. Byers, b. Dowagiac, Cass county, 
Mich., Oct. 4, 1875. 

8.904 ii. Wilbur Byers, b. Dowagiac, Oct. 8, 1878. 

3.905 iii. Harley Byers, b. Dowagiac, May 14, 1882. 

3.906 iv. Amazi Jacob Byers, b. Hamilton, Mich., Dec. 19, 
1852; d. Sept. 10, 1854. 

3.907 v. Mary Cordelia Byers, b. Hamilton, April 12, 
1856, m. Hamilton, Jan. 10, 1875, E. Heniy Smith, 
b. April 25, 1845; he was a mechanic and member of 
the baptist church; they lived at Bates, Van Buren 
county, Mich., 1885. 

Children of E. Henry and Cordelia Byers Smith, of Decatur, Mieh. 

8.908 i. Mary E. Smith, b. Decatur, Van Buren county, 
Mich., Oct. 6, 1876. 

3.909 ii. Ida E. Smith, b. Battle Creek, Calhoun county, 
Mich., Sept. 16, 1879. 

3.910 iii. Orpha A. Smith, b. Battle Creek, Nov. 19, 1881. 

3.911 iv. Harvey B. Smith, b. Keelersville, Van Buren 
county, Mich., March 26, 1884. 

8.912 vi. Ruby Ann Byers, b. Hamilton, Van Buren county, 
Mich., June 3, 1858, m. Battle Creek, Dec. 26, 1880, 
Sidney' Cass Montel, b. Dec. 7, 1851: a Methodist; by 
vocation a farmer. They settled at Keelersville and 
lived there 1885. 

Chiid of Sidney C. and Ruby Ann Byers Montel. 

3.913 i. Charles L. Montel, b. Jackson, Jackson county, 

Mich., Jan. 14, 1882. 

3.914 vii. Charles Wakeley Byers, b. Hamilton, August 
14, 1860. 

8.915 viii. Frank Jacob Byers, b. Hamilton, August 25, 



3.916 vi. Ruth Ann Boughton (dau. of William and Anna 
Wakeley Boughton), b. Nunda, N. Y., August 30, 
1827, ra. Sept. 12, 1847, Joseph F. Yaw, b. April 24, 
1821, Pipestone, Mich. He enlisted in the army, 6th 
Michigan volunteers, August 9, 1861; was at the cap- 
ture of New Orleans under General B. F. Butler, and 
was killed at the battle of Port Hudson, May 27, 1863. 
She moved to Wayne, Cass county, Mich., where she 
d. Feb. 28, 1872, and was buried at Hamilton, Mich. 

Children of Joseph F. and Bath Ann Boughton Taw. 8916 

3.917 i. Wn^LiAM Boughton Yaw, b. June 2, 1848, d. Sept. 
17, 1848. 

3.918 ii. William Boughton Yaw, b. Pipestone, Hodges 
township, Berrien county, Mich., Sept. 14, 1849; en- 
listed in the regular United States army, served in 
Colorado and Arizona, and returned to civil life in 
Cass county, Mich., 1870; m. Wayne, Cass county, 
Mich., Jan. 27, 1873, Maryette M. Hun^erford; settled 
at Keelersville, Van Buren county, Mich.; moved to 
Silver Creek, Cass county, Mich., and then to Dow- 
agiac, same county, where they lived 1885. 

Children of William Bongliton and Maryette M. Hangerford Taw. 

3.919 i. Clarence W. Yaw, b. Keelersville, Van Buren 
county, Mich., August 23, 1875. 

8.920 ( ii. Milton Yaw, b. Silver Creek, Mich., May 28, 
Twins ^ 1881. 

3.921 ( iii. Mn^FORD Yaw, b. May 28, 18S1. 

3.922 iii. George Wilson Yaw, b. Hodges, Berrien county, 
Mich., Sept. 17, 1851, m. Dowagiac, Cass county, 
Mich., Oct. 14, 1873, Lucy J. Mott; settled in Deca- 
tur, Van Buren county, Mich.; both members M. E. 
church. No children. Moved and res. Glenwood, 
Mich., 1887. 

3.923 iv. Amos Fay Yaw, b. Pipestone, Mich., June 10, 
1853, m. Ireton, Sioux county, Iowa, October, 1884, 
Alice Percy; settled at Ireton, where they resided 
January, 1885. While on a visit to his brother George 
he died Feb. 9, 1885, at Dowagiac, Mich. No chil- 
dren; widow lived at Ireton, 1885. 

3.924 V. Joseph Ward Yaw, b. Pipestone, June 21, 1855, 
d. Edwardsburgh, Cass county, Mich , March 6, 1873. 

8,926 vi. Annie Eliza Yaw, b. Pipestone, Nov. 20, 1857, 
m. Nov. 20, 1875, Francis M. Hooton; settled in New 
Carlisle, St. Joe county, Ind., where they res. 1887. 

408 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

Children of Francis X. and Annie E. Taw Hoeton. 

3.926 i. Ruby Hooton, b. August 15, 1876. 

3.927 ii. DwiGHT Hooton, b. July 10, 1878. 

3.928 iii. Wiixiam Hooton, b. Jan. 1, 1880. 

3.929 iv. Arthur Hooton, b. Jan. 4, 1885. 

3,929" vii. Charles Edward Yaw, b. Pipestone, Mich., 
May 5, I860; lived at New Buffalo, Cass Co., Dakota, 


3.930 vii. Cordeua B. Boughton, b. Nunda, N. Y., Nov. 
18, 1831. When four weeks old her mother, Anna 
Wakeley Boughton, died, and her mother's sister, Mrs. 
Nancy Bowers, took her and adopted her as her own. 
They moved to Clinton, Wis., where Cordelia died, 
Nov. 8, 1857, of consumption, a triumphant death in 
the hope of a glorious immortaUty, and was buried 
at CUnton, Rock Co., Wis. 


(ii.) John Boughton, Jr. (son of John and Currence 
Downes Boughton), b. Southbury, Ct., June 18, 1796; was 
taken by his parents when an infant to Scipio, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., where he lived until he married, Jan. 27, 1820, Susan 
Benedict (dau. of Andrew and Sally Brown Benedict, for- 
merly from Connecticut). She was born at Lisle, N. Y., 
Feb. 2, 1800; they settled at Grove, Allegany Co., N. Y., 
where they lived until about 1835, when they moved to 
Fitch ville, Ohio, and about 1840 moved to Huron, Ohio, 
where he died Dec. 12, 1864. She lived with her chil- 
dren, alternately; at Bowling Green, 0., with her son, Solon 
L. Boughton, and at North Fairfield, O., with her daughter, 
Mrs. Maryette Stotts, where she died of apoplexy, June 26, 
1888, aged eighty years. She was greatly loved and re- 
spected for her maternal affection and consistent Christian 

Children of John Jr. and Sosan Benedict Boogliton. S860 

3,931 i. Orlando Seymour Boughton, b. Grove, Allegany 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 1820, m. Pipestone, Mich., mrch 
26, 1850, and settled there. His wife d. Jan. 1, 1868. 
He married, second, Pipestone, 1870, Maiy Ann Cas- 



sidy, and his health being impaired they moved, in 
1880, to Gilroy, Santa Clara county, Cal., where his 
health improved and his prospects for long life were 
good. He was, however, accidentally thrown from a 
wagon, and received injuries from which he died at 
that place a few days thereafter, on August 20, 1881. 

8.932 ii. Theodore Boughton, b. Allegany county, N. Y., 
Feb. 1, 1822, m. Pipestone, May 1, 18^8, Hester Ann 
Claughton; settled in Ripley, O.; moved 1849 to Fair- 
field, 0.; bought farm in Ripley township and moved 
on to it in 1853; sold out and bought near North Fair- 
field, O., in 1864, where they still res. in November, 

Children of Theodore and Hester A. Clanghton Bongrhton. 8982 

3.933 i. Emma J. Boughton, b. North Fairfield, O., Dec. 18, 
1849, m. May 11, 1870, Byron H. CheiTy, a farmer; 
they are membera of the Second Advent church; set- 
tled at East Norwalk, O., where they res. 1885. 

Children of Byron H. and £mma J. Bonghton Cherry. 8988 

3.934 i. LuELLA Cherry, b. North Fairfield, 0., March 19, 

3.935 ii. Alice L. Cherry, b. North Fairfield, April 17, 

8.936 iii. Annie Florence Cherry, b. North Fairfield, 
August 7, 1881. 

3.937 fii. Edwin H. Boughton, b. Ripley, Huron Co., O., 

May 6, 1858; unmarried; went in autumn of 1881 
to Buffalo, Dallas county. Mo., as clerk in a dry 
goods store and resided there in 1885. 

Twins. -| 

3.938 1 iii. Edward W. Boughton, twin brother of Edwin, 
has lived home in deUcate health; he was una- 
ble to work at farming, and has turned his atten- 
tion to drawing and art, in which he became 
skilful; was living with his parents at North 
Fairfield, Ohio, 1885. 

3.939 iii. Celecia L. Boughton (dau. of John and Susan 
Benedict Boughton), b. Grove, Allegany Co., N. Y., 
August 24, 1823, moved with her parents in 1836 to 
Pitchville, Huron Co., 0. She united with the Bap- 
tist church at Fitch ville, 1838, m. there Nov. 3, 1840, 
David White, an attorney-at-law (son of Jeremiah 
and Rhoda Wicks White, of Rensselaerville, N. Y.), 


where he was born July 4, 1818; he moved to Ulysses, 
Tompkins Co., N. Y., with his parents, in 1835. He 
united with the Baptist church at North Fairfield, O., 
in 1835; settled in North Fairfield and lived there 
until Oct., 1869; then moved to Cold water, Mich., 
and resided at 39 Pearl street, 1885. 

A local paper had the following obituary on the death of 
this gifted Christian woman : 

Sudden Death. — Our community was surprised and 
shocked last Saturday, September 7, to learn that Mrs. David 
White, a very estimable and highly respected lady, and wife 
of one of our well known citizens, had died very suddenly. 
She had great fondness for plants and flowers and enjoyed 
cultivating and caring for them. Death unheralded found 
her busy among these things she loved, and with gentle 
hand led her into the land of unfading flowers and unchang- 
ing beauty. Unexpected as her departure was it was the 
fitting close of a quiet, unostentatious, beautiful Christian 
life. Miss Celecia Boughton was bom in Grove, Allegany 
county, N. Y., August 24, 1823. In May, 1836, she removed 
with her parents to Fitch ville, O., where she resided until 
her marriage, November 3, 1840, to David White of Fair- 
field, 0. Here they Hved until October, 1869. During their 
residence in Fairfield they were called to mourn the Toss of 
two daughters, leaving them childless. Since 1869 their 
home, except for a brief period after their arrival in our 
city, has been in the house where she died, and where she 
welcomed, with cordial hospitality, her many friends and 
acquaintances. In 1838 she united with the Baptist church 
at Fairfield, O., and on her removal to this city immediately 
connected herself with the First Baptist church of Coldwa- 
ter. In the church of which she was a devoted and consist- 
ent member, and in the community where she has lived so 
many years, only words of praise and commendation are 
spoken of her.. From a kind heart she uttered words of • 
sympathy and performed deeds of mercy. In all the rela- 
tions of life she was true and faithful— a good woman. It* 
may be said of her 

*' The bleBBinf^s of ber quiet life 

Fell on us like tbe dew, 
And good tbougbta, where her footsteps pressed. 

Like fairy blossoms grew. 

*' Sweet promptings unto kindest deeds 

Were in her very look. 
We read ber face, as one who reads 

A true and holy book." 


Appropriate funeral services were held at her late resi- 
denc5e Monday afternoon. Rev. J. P. Phillips officiating and 
Rev. W. T. Lowry assisting ; and then, tenderly and reve- 
rently, gentle hands laid her away to rest in beautiful Oak 
Grove, *' until daybreak and the shadows flee away." The 
following relatives and friends of Mrs. White were present 
at the funeral: Mr. and Mrs. Solon Boughton of Bowling 
Green, O.; Elon Boughton of Norvvalk, 0.; Theodore 
Boughton of North Fairfield, 0. ; Norman Belding and wife 
of Wauseon, 0.; A. D. Stotts and wife of Fairfield, 0. 

Children of Datid and Celeeia L. Boughton White. 

3.940 i. EoTHiLDA L. White, b. North Fairfield, O., March 
2, 184:3, m. North Fairfield, Feb. 14, 1861, Samuel 
Irwin; settled in same place, where she united with 
Baptist church 1859. Died of consumption, Jan. 28, 

Child of Samuel and Bothilda White Irwin. 

5,940» i. Son, who died Feb. 9, 1866, aged 4 months. 

3.941 ii. Rhoda M. WnriE, b. North Fairfield, 0., Sept. 9, 
1844, d. sa ne place, Nov. 3. 1863, and buried there 
by side of her sister and grandfather. 

3.942 iv. Oscar Boughton (son of John, Jr., and Susan 
Benedict Boughton), b. Allegany county, N. Y., Feb. 
2, 1826; Hved at Fitchville, O., where he died, Feb. 
21, 1843, aged 17 years. 

3.943 V. Solon L. Boughton (son of John, Jr., and Susan 
Benedict Boughton), b. Grove, Allegany county, N. 
Y., Aug. 31, 1827; he was educated a merchant at 
Cleveland, 0., where for several years he served as 
clerk; he ni. Palmyra, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1852, Eliza 
Newland, of Palmyra (dan. of Adolphus and Lucinda 
Newland), b. June 27, 1827. United with the Erie 
St. Baptist church, Cleveland, 1850; went to Nor- 
walk, 0., about 1852 and embarked in business; 
moved in February, 1855, to Bowling Green, Wood 
county, 0., and established a general store at that 
place early in its histoiy. He was an active promoter 
of the Bowling Green railroad, was chosen one of its 
directoi'S, and in 1871, upon its organization, was 
elected its first president, and annually re-elected to 
said office for ten years in succession. The county 
seat of Wood county was located at Bowling Green 
as a result of this railroad enterprise. He united 
with the Presbyterian church at Bowling Green 


about 1860 and was elected a ruling elder of the same 
that year. He was a representative from the church 
to the general assembly at Brooklyn in 1866, at Phil- 
adelphia in 1870, and at Saratoga in 1879 and 1883. 
At this writing, November, 188 J», he is the president 
of the Crystal City Glass Co., of Bowling Green, 
where for over thirty years he has been a leading 

Children of Solon L. and Eliza Newland Bongliton, of Bowlinur 

^reeHf Ohio. 8948 

3,944 i. Prank Henry Boughton, b. Bowling Green, 
Wood Co., Ohio, June 15, 1856; educated at Oberlin, 
0., and at Rochester, N. Y. ; m. Bowling Green, 
Oct. 9, 1878, Julia A. Smith, who was born at Little 
Falls, N. Y., March 29, 1858 (she was daughter of 
James and Fally Smith); they settled in Bowling 
Green, where he established himself in the cloth- 
ing business, and also at Pioneer, 0. In May, 1884, 
he sold out the business in Bowling Green, and in 
company with his Pioneer partner, Mr. James R. Reid, 
removed their stock to Chattanooga, Tenn., where 
the business was conducted under the firm name of 
Boughton & Reid, Mr. Reid in charge; while he de- 
voted his attention to the wholesale glass business, 
under the firm name of Hoyt, Boughton & Co. His 
family moved to Chattanooga in autumn of 1884, 
and resided there November, 1887. In August, 1889, 
he returned to Bowling Green and joined with Mr. 
Froney, as Froney & Boughton, and have one of the 
largest and finest stores in Northern Ohio. 

Children of Frank M. and J alia A. Smith Boughton. 8944 

3,946 i. Walter WnrrE Boughton, b. Bowling Green, 
Wood Co., 0., July, 1879; living with parents at Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn., November, 1887. 

3.946 ii. Solon Boughton, b. Bowling Green, Sept. 1, 1885 
(while on a visit there). 

3.947 ii. Walter W. Boughton (son of Solon L. and Eliza 
Newlahd Boughton), b. Bowling Green, 0., July 2, 
1867, d. there Feb. 28, 1870. 

3.948 vi. CoRYDON Boughton (son of John Jr. and Sarah 
Benedict Boughton), b. Grove, Allegany Co., N. T., 
June 15, 1829, m. Cortland, Columbia Co., Wis., 
May 8, 1855, Sarah C. Butterfield, who was born 

BouTON-BouGHTON Famly. 413 

Nunda, Livingston Co., N. Y., April 14, 1836. He 
united with the Baptist church. North Fairfield, 0., 
March, 1848; moved toWestford, Dodge Co., Wis., 
and to Belmond, Wright Co., Iowa, where they 
united with the Congregational church and he was 
elected one of its deacons. On July 18, 1861, he en- 
listed in Co. D, 8th regiment Wisconsin Infantry, 
and on Feb. 5, 1805, promoted to first lieutenant and 
was mustered out Sept. 14, 1865. His regiment was 
known as the Live Eagle regniient, as it carried alive 
eagle (Old Abe) perched upon the color staff through 
the war ; and he lived to meet with his comrades at 
their reunions for many years after the war ended, 
and was at the Milwaukee reunion in 1880. She was 
for many years a great sufferer from an ovarian 
tumor, which was successfully removed by the sur- 
geons at the State Medical university at Iowa City, 
on Dec. 14, 1883. The operation was regarded as a 
very skilfully executed one, as the tumor weighed not 
less than thirty pounds; since which the patient has 
nearly recovered her usual health, which is regarded 
a most remarkable providence. They resided at Bel- 
mond, Wright county, Iowa, 1887. 

Children of Gorydon and Sarnh €. Bntterfleld Bongrhton. 

3.949 i. Oscar J. Boughton, b. Cortland, Columbia Co., 
Wis., Dec. 13, 185*>; a farmer; not married; res. 
Goodell, Hancock county, Iowa. 

3.950 ii. Daniel Ashley Boughton, b. Westford, Dodge 
county. Wis., Sept. 9, 1858, m. Gardner, Hancock 
county, Iowa, Sept. 11, 1884. Emma Rukie, of Gard- 
ner; settled Goodell, Hancock Co., Iowa, where they 
lived 1888. 

Children of Daniel A. and Emma Bnkie Bonghton. 

3,950« i. Frank Lesue Boughton, b. 1886. 
3,950t> ii. Clair Boughton, b. April, 1888. 

3,961 iii. Elmer Ellsworth Boughton, b. Westford, Wis., 
May 8, 1862; a carpenter; not married; res. Goodell. 

8,952 iv. Clara Lucy Boughton, b. Amsterdam, Hancock 
county, Iowa, July 23, 1866; she was educated for a 
teacher, in which occupation she was engaged 1885; 
m. Belmond, March 15, 1886, Edwin G. Reed. 


Child of Edwin G. and Clara L. Bonghton Reed, of Belmond, Wrii^lit 

county, Iowa. 

3,952* i. Myrtle May Reed, b. Belmond, Iowa, March, 1887. 

3,963 V. Grace Greenwood Boughton, b. Amsterdam, 
Sept. 7, 1871; lived at home and attended school in 
town 1885. 

8.954 vi. Maryette Boughton, b. Amsterdam, Nov. 10, 
1871; died in infancy, same place, Oct. 8, 1872. 

8.955 vii. Evalena Boughton, b. Amsterdam, July 12, 
1876; died, same place, Sept. 2, 1876. 

3.956 viii. Schuyler J. Boughton, b. Amsterdam, Dec. 11, 
1879; d. Jan. 18, 1882. 

3.957 vii. Maryette Boughton (dau. of John and Susan 
Benedict Boughton), b. June 12, 1831; her parents 
moved to Fitchville, O., about 1839; m. Oct. 23, 1850, 

. Abraham D. Stotts (son of John Stotts), of Ripley, 
Huron county, 0.; settled at Ripley, where, 1888, 
they owned and lived on a large farm; by industry 
and ability they have surrounded themselves with 
elegance and respect. 

Children of Abraham D. and Maryette Bonghton Stotts. S957 

3.960 i. Flora A. Stotts, b. Ripley, Huron county, O., 
April 15, 1855, m. North Fairfield, Huron county, 0., 
Oct. 16, 1873, John W. Hopkins, of North Fairfield; 
they settled on a farm in Ripley township, where they 
lived 1887. 

Child of John W. and Flora A. Stotts Hopkins. 

3.961 i. Frederick Hopkins, b. Jan. 26, 1880. 

3.962 ii. Adell E. Stotts (dau. of Abraham and Maryette 
Boughton Stotts), b. Ripley, 0., April 11, 1860, m. 
Ripley, Jan. 2, 1879, Thomas A. Hilton, of Coldwa- 
ter, Mich., where they settled and res. December, 


Children of Thomas A. and Adell E. Stotts Hilton. 

8.963 i. Flora Hilton, b. Coldwater, Mich., Dec. 10, 1879. 

3.964 ii. Alfred White Hilton, b. Coldwater, Dec. 6, 1886. 

3.965 iii. Clarence E. Stotts, b. Ripley, Nov. 3, 1863, was 
educated at the Agricultural college in 1884; m. Sep- 
tember 19, 1889, Mabel Loveland; res. North Fair- 
field, 0., 1889. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 415 

3.966 'iv. Elmer A. Stotts, b. Ripley, June 1, 1867; was 

attending school at Milan, O., December, 1885; m. 
June 7, 1888, Mildred Kayler, and settled Ripley 1888. 

3.967 viii. Lucius Boughton (son of John and Susan Bene- 
dict Boughton), b. Grove, Allegany county, N. Y., 
Aug. 11, 1833, m. first, Norwalk, 0., Feb. 15, 1854, 
Frances C. Lobdell, who d. Feb. 21, 1855; m. second, 
Savannah, Ashland county, 0., Nov. 1, 1858, Marga- 
ret Gressinger; moved to Bowling Green, O., 1864, 
where they lived November, 1887. 

Child of Lncias and Frances C. Lobdell Boughton) of Norwalk, 0. 

3.968 i. Frances Boughton, b. Norwalk, 0., Feb. 21, 1855; 
d. April 14, 1856. 

Children of Lueias and Margaret Gressinger Bonghton. 

3.969 ii. Ella Boughton, b. Savannah, Nov. 23, 1859; d. 
April 5, 1860. 

3.970 iii. Ambrose E. Boughton, b. Savannah, June 4, 1861; 
was living, unmarried, at Bowling Green, November, 

3.971 iv. Susan A. Boughton (dau. of Lucius and Margaret 
Gressinger Boughton), b. Savannah, March 17, 1864, 
m. Bowling Green, 0., March, 1885, William Sim- 
mons; res. on a farm near Bowling Green, Novem- 
ber, 1885. 

3.972 V. Bertha G. Boughton, b. Bowling Green, Oct. 7, 
1873; living with parents at Bowling Green, Novem- 
ber, 1885. 

3.973 ix. Elon G. Boughton (son of John and Susan Bene- 
dict Boughton), b. Grove, Allegany county, N. Y., 
June 30, 1839, m. Buggies, O., March 22, 1865, Me- 
linda Davis; settled at Norwalk, O , where he was 
abstractor of searches for Huron county, and where 
he lived, in poor health, November, 1885. 

Children of Elon G. and Melinda DaTls Bonghton, of Norwalk, 0* 

8.974 i. William H. Boughton, b. near Bowling Green, 
Wood county, 0., May 24, 1867; graduated with first 
honors, in a class of fourteen, from the Norwalk 
academy, June, 1884. 

3.975 ii. Frederick G. Boughton, b. near Bowling Green, 
June 29, 1868; had completed his third year in the 
Norwalk high school, June, 1884. 



3.976 iii. LenaM. Boughton, b. Norwalk, 0., May 2, 1876. 

3.977 iv. Laura M. Boughton, b. Norwalk, May 1, 1878. 

8.978 X. Sanford Hunt Boughton (son of John and Susan 
Benedict Boughton), b. Fitch ville, 0., Dec. 2, 1842, m. 
Bowling Green. Wood Co., 0., June 1, '67, Elizabeth 
Lundy (daughter of Henry and Margaret Lundy), of 
Bowling Green. He enlisted in the cavalry service of 
the rebellion, and returned to his vocation as a farmer 
and died on farm near Bowling Green, 0., March 15, 
1869; his widow and child continued to live at Bowl- 
ing Green, November, 1886. 

Child of Sanford H. and Elizabeth Lnndy Boughton. 

8.979 i. Maggie (Margaret) Boughton, b. Bowling Green, 
0,, May 10, 1869; was living with her mother, un- 
married, at Bowling Green, November, 1887. 

(iii.) James Scott Boughton (son of John and Cur- 
rence Downs Boughton), b. Scipio, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., Dec. 17, 1798. He was religiously brought up 
by his pious parent at Scipio and was converted and 
baptized into the Baptist church at Scipio about the 
year 1818. He m. Scipio, Dec. 24, 1820, Abigail Hoyt, 
b. March 13, 1802. They settled at Carlisle, Wyo- 
ming county, N. Y,, where she d. Jan. 8, 1858. He 
moved to Perry, Wyoming county, where he was one 
of the constituent members of the Baptist church of 
that place, and subsequently one of its deacons until 
his death, which occurred at Perry, Nov. 21, 1865. 

Cliildreii of James and AbigAii Hoyt Bongrhton, of Carlisle, N. T. 8851 

3.980 i. Myron Boughton, b. Scipio, Cayuga county, N. T., 
June 19, 1824, m. Oshkosh, Wis., Jan. 1, 1851, Maria 
Partridge, b. Johnstown, Hanibal county, O., Dec. 
9, 1825. He enlisted Aug. 8, J 862, in Coi^fi^2l8t Wis- 
consin volunteers, under Col. B. J. Sweet,^ Mflaa-^.^ ^ 
Sessions captain. He was killed at the engagement ^ '^ 
at PerryviUe, Ky. After his death the widow con- 
tinued to live on the farm at Waupaca, Wis. , left her 

by her husband, where she Uved 1887. 

ChUdren of M jron and Maria Partridsre Bonghton. 

8.981 i. Herbert Boughton, b. Nov. 7, 1852; d. an infant, 
Feb. 28, 1853. 

8.982 ii. Ellen M. Boughton, b. Feb. 9, 1854, m. Decatur, 
HI., Dec. 26, 1877, John W. Patterson, of Kentucky; 
they lived at Appleton, Wis., 1887. 


Children of John W. and Ellen M. Bongrhton Patterson. 

3.983 i. Bessie May Patterson, b. Waupaca, Waupaca 
county, Wis., Sept. 4, 1879. 

3.984 ii. Myron F. Patterson, b. Appleton, Waupaca Co., 
Wis., May 7, 1881. 

3.985 iii. Clara E. Patterson, b, Appleton, Aug. 12, 1888: 

3.986 iii. Clara M. Boughton (dau. of Myron and Maria 
Partridge Boughton), b. Waupaca, March 24, 1856, 
m. Waupaca, Aug. 21, 1884, Cyrenius Rogers, of 
Dayton, Waupaca county. Wis. 

3.987 iv. James W. Boughton (son of Myron and Maria 
Partridge Boughton), b. Waupaca, Feb. 2, 1858, m. 
Vineland, Winnebago county. Wis., Sept. 18, 1884, 
Ada S. Crittenden; settled at Waupaca, where they 
lived 1888. 

^ 3,988 V. Abigail E. Boughton (dau. of Myron Boughton, 
of Waupaca), b. Dec. 14, 1862. 

3.989 ii. Jane H. Boughton (dau. of James Scott Bough- 
ton), b. Ledyard, N. Y., April 22, 1826, ra. Perry, N. 
Y., March 26, 1848, Almon M. Pierce, b. Hebron, 
Washington county, N. Y., April 10, 1823. They 
settled at Augusta, Kalamazoo county, Mich. ; lived 
there 1889. 

Children of Aimon M. and Jane H« Bongrhton Pierce. 

3.990 i. Francelia Pierce, b. Castile, Wyoming county, 
N. Y., May 13, 1850, m. Ross, Kalamazoo county, 
Mich., Sept. 24, 1882, Cornelius J. Young, farmer. 
They were both members of the M. E, church; post- 
office address : Augusta, Kalamazoo county, Mich., 

3.991 ii. Hknry A. Pierce, b. Litchfield, Hillsdale county, 
Mich., Dec. 8, 1853, m. Dec. 1, 1877, Clara J. Day; 
settled at Ross, Kalamazoo county, Mich.; post-office 
address : Augusta, Mich., 1885. 

Children of Henry A. and Clara J. Day Pierce* 

3.992 i. Bertha J. Piercb, b. Ross, Kalamazoo county, 
Mich., Aug. 22, 1878. 

3.993 ii. Howard E. Pirrck, b. Ross, Aug. 24, 1880; post- 
office address : Augusta, Mich., 1885. 

3.994 iii. Charles Pierce, b. Litchfield, Hillsdale county, 
Mich., Dec. 22, 1S50; d. in infancy. 



3.995 iv. Edwin H. Pierce, b. Litchfield, July 1, 1861, m. 
Bedford, Calhoun county, Mich., Oct. 3, 1882, Ora 
Etta Burnham. 

€hlld of Edwin H. and Ora Etta Bnmham Pieree^ of Boss, Mich. 

3.996 i. Ada May Pierce, b. Ross, Kalamazoo county, 
Mich., Jan. 30, 1884. 

3.997 iii. Harriet A. Boughton (dau. of James S. and 
Abigail Hoyt Boughton), b. Castile, Wyoming county, 
N. Y., May 9, 1829, m. Castile, Feb. 13, 1853, Ira J. 
Halsted, b. Groveland, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1830; by 
practice a school teacher, real estate agent, etc. ; set- 
tled in 1856 in Momence, Kankakee Co., 111.; moved 
Jan., 1859, to Decatur, III,, and in 1883 to Gaines- 
ville, AUachua Co., Pla., where they still lived, 1885. 

Child of Ira J. and Harriet A. Bongrliton Halsted. 8997 

-3,998 i. Mary L. Halsted, b. Castile, N. Y., February 7, 
1854, m. Decatur, Macon Co., 111., May 9, 1875, Dr. 
Leslie T. Pease, b. Sangamon Co., 111., August 5, 
1852 ; a practicing physician of Cisco, Piatt Co., 111., 
where they lived 1885. 

Cliildren of Dr. Leslie T. and Mary L. Halsted Pease. 

3,999 i. Tenny H. Pease, b. Blue Mound, Macon Co., 111., 
June 17, 1876. 

4.000 ii. Arthur B. Pease, b. Cisco, Piatt Co., 111., April 
11, 1878. 

4.001 iii. Clarence E. Pease, b. Cisco, April 9, 1880. 

4.002 iv. Rollins B. Pease, b. Cisco, August 22, 1882. 

4.003 V. Hattie Pease, b. Cisco, June 15, 1884. 

4,003^ iv. Henry BouaHTON (son of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, N. Y., April 30, 1831 ; 
baptized into the Baptist church at Perry; went to 
- Kankakee, 111., where he died August 16, 1859, un- 

4.004 V. John M. Boughton (son of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y., July 
8, 1834; a farmer; united by baptism with the Baptist 
church at Perry, m. at Perry, April 5, 1857, Minerva 
A. Lapham; settled at Perry, where they lived 1887. 

Children of Jolin M. and Minerta A. Lapliam Bong hton. 

4.005 i. William A. Boughton, b. Delavan, Wis., Nov. 8, 
1860; was living at Manistee, Mich., 1885. 


4.006 ii. Elsie M. Boughton, b. Lagrange, Wyoming Co., 
N. T., Sept. 6, 1864; an elocutionist, living with 
parents at rerry, N. T. ; unmarried, 1885. 

4.007 iii. Fannie L. Boughton, b. Perry, Nov. 7, 1870; liv- 
ing with parents and attending school at Perry, 1886. 

4.008 iv. Nellie Boughton, b. Perry, June 23, 1872; died 
August 7, 1872. 

4.009 vi. Arthur Boughton (son of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, Oct. 28, 1836; was a 
member of the Baptist church at Perry; enlisted and 
went to the war and died in the hospital at Roanoke 
Island, July 5, 1863. 

4.010 vii. Mary Boughton (dau. of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, Jan. 28, 1839; was a 
member of the Baptist church at Perry; d. at that 
place, Nov. 1, 1861, unmarried. 

4.011 viii. Hannah Boughton (dau. of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, July 17, 1841; imited with 
Baptist church at Perry; res. there 1885. 

4.012 ix. Martha Boughton (dau. of James S. and Abigail 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Perry, Sept. 27, 1847; while 
young she was converted and united with thePresbv- 
terian church; m. Perry, Jan. 9, 1869, Watts Hough. 

Children of Watts and Martha Bouflrhton Houflrh. 

4.013 i. Daniel Arthur Hough, b. Oct. 28, 1871; d. June 
6, 1883. 

4.014 ii. William Lewis Hough, b. August 24, 1873. 

4.015 iii. Charles Boughton Hough, b. Jan. 23, 1875. 

4.016 iv. AucE Jennie Hough, b. Nov. 29, 1877. 

4.017 V. Mary Abbie Hough, b. July 23, 1880. 

4.018 vi. William Daniel Hough, b. Feb. 14, 1883. 

(iv.) Abigail Boughton (dau. of John and Cur- 
rence Downes Boughton), b. Scipio, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., March 8, 1801; baptized into the Baptist 
church at Scipio, N. Y., on the same day that her 
brother James and brother David and his wife were, 
in 1818; m. Ledyard, Cayuga county, N. Y., Jan. 31, 
1825, Squire Alward, from Somerset county, N. J., 
where he was born May 18, 1800. They settled at 
Scipioville, N. Y., where she d. July 25, 1840. In 
1847 he moved to Nunda, Livingston county, N. Y., 
where he d. Oct. 30, 1873. A tablet in the Evergreen 
cemetery at Scipioville bears the fc»llowing inscrip- 

420 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

tion : * ^Abigail, wife of Squire Alwaixl, died July 25, 
1840, aged 39 years, 4 months, 17 days." 

Children of Squire and Abigrail Bougrhton Alward. 8852 

4.019 i. Cyrus M. Alward, b. Scipioville, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., Nov. 27, 1825; was educated for a teacher, 
engaging in this occupation in early life; went to 
Niles, Mich., where hem. April 17, 1851, Mary S. Gil- 
bert, of London, England. They settled at Niles, 
where he established himself as an attorney-at-law, 
having been admitted to the bar 1862; united with 
the Methodist Episcopal church ; moved to Wai-saw, 
Ind., where for a number of years he has practiced 
as an attorney, and where he resided in 1885. 

Children of Cyrns M* and Mary S. Gilbert Alward. 

4.020 i. Cyrus Frederick Alward, b. Niles, Mich., Feb. 2, 
1853; by vocation a book-keeper, employed in the 
store room of the Pullman Palace Car Co., of Pull- 
man, 111.; m. Niles, April 24, 1877, Henrietta Arm- 
strong Wing (dau. of Charles B. Wing), of Greenfield 
Centre, N. Y. ; settled at Pullman City, where they 
lived 1885. 

Child of Cyrns F. (son of Cyras M. Alward) and Henrietta A. Wingr 


4.021 i. Madeline Theodosia Alward, b. May 9, 1884. 

4.022 ii. Prank Edgar Alward, b. South Bend, Ind., No- 
vember 29, 1854, m. Niles, Dec. 27, 1876, Ella Frances 
Hatfield. They settled at Niles, where they united 
with the Presbyterian church; he was for fourteen 
years previously book-keeper in a large mercantile 
house of Niles, where he lived 1887. 

Children of Frank E. and Ella F. Hatfield Alward. 

4.023 i. Bessie Mary Alward, b. Niles, Mich., June 29, 

4.024 ii. Florence Ella Alward, b. Niles, June 2, 1880. 

4.025 iii. Ida May Alward, b. Niles, July 20, 1882. 

4.026 iii. G. Florus Alward, b. Niles, March 18, 1850. 

4.027 iv. Dennis E. Alward, b. Niles, Jan. 26, 1859. He 
was educated at Niles, and graduated from Niles 
high school in 1876 ; devoted one year to a classical 
course in the literary department of Michigan uni- 
versity at Ann Arbor. In 1879, at the age of twenty 


years, he established at Battle Creek, Michigan, The 
Moon, a daily newspaper, on a starting capital of 
$15, which he made a success. From a three col- 
umn paper, 7 x 10 inches, it has increased to many 
times that size, and was still in existence in 1885. He 
was editor and publisher of the Clare Press, and 
principal of the Clare public schools in 1885. He 
married at Battle Creek, Mich., Nov. 11, 1879, Etta 
Stross, of Clarence, Calhoun Co., Mich., where she 
was born Oct. 25, 1862. They settled at Clare, Clare 
Co., Mich., where they still resided 1SS5. 

Child of Dennis E. and Etta Stross Alward. 

4.028 i. Florus D. Alward, b. Battle Creek, Mich., Jan. 
31, 1883. 

4.029 V. Ralph H. Alward, b. Buchanan, Mich., Jan. 28, 
1860. He was employed in the office of The Daily 
Moon, Battle Creek, Mich. 

4.030 vi. LiLLiE May Alward, b. Niles, Sept. 21, 1863, d. 
South Bend, Ind., March 10, 1884, and buried at 
Niles, Mich. 

4.031 vii. Charles Irving Alward, b. Niles, December 24, 
1865, d. 1868. 

4.032 ii. Charlotte A. Alward (dau. of Squire and Abi- 
gail Bough ton Alward), b. Scipioville, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., June 21, 1827. A school teacher for many 
years at Milwaukee, Wis. While on a visit to her 
brother, George H. Alward, at South Bend, she died 
at his house Jan. 30, 1874, unmarried. 

4.033 iii. Harriet M. Alward (dau. of Squire and Abigail 
Boughton Alward), b. Scipioville, N. Y., April 19, 
1830; moved with her father to Nunda, Livingston 
Co., N. Y., in 1S46, m. Mishawauka, Ind.. Sept. 15, 
1875, Samuel Bishop, a lawyer (son of Wm. ana Eliza 
N. Bishop), of New York, where he was born Febru- 
ary 17, 1826. They settled in Whitewater, Wiscon- 
sin, where they purchased a beautiful homestead in 
town, and resided there in 1S85. 

Children of Samael and Harriet M. Alward Bishop. 

4.034 i. William H. Bishop, b. Milwaukee, Wis., August 
23, 1856; living unmarried at Chicago and in the 
employ of Michigan Central Railroad Company, in 
local freight department, associated with his uncle, 
All)ert Alward. 

422 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4,036 ii. Ida Bishop, b. Milwaukee, Dec. 18, 1857, d. in 
infancy Jan. 30, 1858. 

4.036 iii. Ada L. Bishop, b. Milwaukee, July 7, 1859; 
educated at state normal school at Whitewater, Wis., 
and taught school until her health failed, when she 
went home to her parents, and resided there 1887. 

4.037 iv. George W. Bishop, b. Ocommowoc, Wis., June 
20, 1862; after completing his education at normal 
school, Whitewater, Wis., he went to Lake Mills, 
Wis. , where he was employed as foreman of Lake 
Mills Leader^ in which place he lived 1885. 

4.038 V. Hattie I. Bishop, b. Fort Atkinson, Wis., Nov. 
29, 1866; d. there August 30, 1868. 

4.039 vi. Carrie A. Bishop, b. Fort Atkinson, Jan. 19, 
1869; living with parents and attending school 1885. 

4.040 iv. George Henry Alward (son of Squire and Abi- 
gail Boughton Alward), b Scipioville, Cay uga county, 
N. Y., Feb. 24, 1834, m. Niles, Mich., Sept. 23, 1857, 
Martha Lucinda Hodgkinson (daughter of Jam^ S. 
Hodgkinson), of England, where she was bom; set- 
tled at South Bend, Ind., where he was appointed 
clerk of St. Joseph county circuit court, two of his 
sons acting as assistants; res. South Bend 1885. He 
died at that place, Nov. 11, 1885, at 7i a. m. 

Some extracts from an obituary in the South Bend Daily 
Tribune, Nov. 11, 1885 : 

Death of Judge Alward. — The death of the clerk of the 
circuit court. Judge George Henrv Alward, was not unex- 
pected, for he had been in failing health for many months, 
out when the news of his death spread through the city this 
morning it created a shock, for few men in the community 
were better known or more highly respected than Judge 

Judge Alward was eminently a self-made man. Shortly 
after reaching his majority he went to South Bend, where 
he clerked for several years for Mr. A. G. Gushing, during 
which he studied and fitted himself for the law and com- 
menced practice 1867. Dunbar & Alward was one of the 
best known firms in northern Indiana. 

Judge Alward was for several years deputy county audi- 
tor under Auditor W. J. HoUoway; held the office of city 
clerk, judge of the municipal court, and in 1883 was elected 
clerk of the circuit court; and all these responsible positions 
he filled with the utmost satisfaction to the people and the 
republican party which elected him. His funeral was 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 425 

attended from the 1st M. E. church of South Bend, of 
which he was a member, and was in charg;e of the Masonic 
fraternity, of which he had held the oflSce of eminent com- 
mander of South Bend Commandery Knights Templars. 

Judge Al ward's married life was one of unusual happi- 
ness. His wife was a lady of rare womanly qualities and 
superior intellectual attainments, and her influences all 
tended to making home happy. Few men were so fortu- 
nate in their family relations. 

Children of George H. aud Martha L. Hodgkinson Alward, 

4.041 i. George Henry Alward, Jr., b. South Bend, Ind., 
July 14, 1885, and m. there June 26, 1879, Mary E. 
Rockhill (daughter of William S. Rockhill), of South 
Bend. Members of the M. E. church and lived at 
South Bend 1885. 

Child of George H. Jr., and Mary E. Bockhlll Alward. 

4.042 i. Robert G. Alward, b. South Bend, Aug. 25, 1880. 

4.043 ii. James S. Alward (son of G. H. and Martha L. 
Alward), b. South Bend, Sept. 18, 1863; Methodist; 
assistant clerk of St. Joseph circuit court, living at 
South Bend 1885. 

4.044 iii. Henry Boughton Alward, b. South Bend, Feb. 
15, 1875; living with parents at South Bend 1885. 

4.045 iv. Albert Fussel Alward, b. South Bend, July 
31, 1876. 

4.046 V. Albert Nathaniel Alward (son of Squire and 
Abigail Boughton Alward), b. Scipioville, N. Y., June 
28, 1836, m. Nellie Campbell, who died South Bend. 
He went to Chicago, 111. , and secured a position in 
the freight department of the Michigan Central rail- 
road, which he has held for many years, and was 
residing at Chicago 1885. 

(v.) DAvm Boughton (son of John and Currence 
Downes Boughton), b. Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
March 21, 1803. He was converted and baptized into 
the Baptist church at Scipio, in 1818. He lived with 
his parents on their farm at Scipio, until m. Scipio, 
Jan. 8, 1824, Mary C. Beach (daughter of Asa and 
EUzabeth Beach), of Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., where 
she was bom May 23, 1803. They settled at Ledyard, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., and moved about 1835 to Flem- 
ing, Cayuga Co., where she died Nov. 16, 1835. He 

424 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

mari'ied second, Victory, Cayuga Co., Annie C. Cro- 
fut (daughter of John and Betsey Crof ut), of Bristol, 
Ontario Co., N. Y., where she was born June 13, 
1813. They moved to town of Barker, Broome Co., 
N. Y., in the year 1837, and the same year was chosen 
deacon of the Baptist church at Triangle, Broome 
Co., where he continned as such while he lived, He 
was elected justice of the peace in 1854: and served 
until 1878 as such, when, on account of extreme age, 
he vras succeeded by his youngest son, Delos R. 
Bough ton, who also succeeded him on the farm 
which, about fifty years previouslj^ he bought, and 
where nearly all his life had been spent. They were 
living with their son on said farm in 1885 in comfort, 
except from the infirmities of age. 

Children of Dayid and Mary C. Beach Bouj^hton. 88oS 

4.047 i. Anna Maria BouGHTON, b. Ledyard, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 11, 1^24; d. at same place, March S, 1832. 

4.048 ii. Mary C. Boughton, b. Barker, Broome county, N. 
Y., Dec. 9, 1826; d. at same place, April 2, 1847.*^ 

4.049 iii. John Beach Boughton, b. Barker, Oct. 3, 1830; 
lived w^ith his parents until about twenty, when he 
went to Pipestone, Mich., until he reached his major- 
ity; he then returned to his father's, to take posses- 
sion of his legacy from his mother; he m. at Greene, 
N. Y., Dec. 31, 1851, Louise Ellerson, b. April 16, 
1832; settled at Greene; moved to Barker, where, 
Nov. 16, 1880, he died. 

Children of John Beach and Louisa Ellerson Boughton. 

4.050 i. Mary E. Boughton, b. Barkei-, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1852, 
d. Porterville, Cattaraugus county, N. Y., Feb. 1, 

4.051 ii. Frank E. Boughton, b. Barker, Aug. 29, 1858. 

Children of David and Anna C. Groftit Boughton. 88&S 

4.052 iv. Martha J. Boughton, b. Fleming, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., April tJ, 1837, m. Barker, N. Y., June 16, 1858, 
Eugene rotter (son of Lyman and Miriam Potter), of 
Greene, Chenango county, N. Y., where he was b. 
Jan. 30, 1830; settled at Barker, Clienango Forks 
post-office, Broome county, where they res. 1887. 

Children of Eugene and Martha J. Bonj^hton Potter. 

4.053 i. Emmet C. Potter, b. Barker, Broome Co.,N. Y., 
August 8, 1859. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 426 

4.054 ii. Deforest E. Potter, b. Barker, July 24, 1863; d. 
April 4, 1870. 

4.055 iii. Arthur E. Potter, b. Barker, July 24, 1864. 

4.056 iv. Myrtie a. Potter, b. Barker, Feb. 8, 1874, and 
was living with parents on farm in Barker 1887. 

4.057 V. Alma M. Boughton (dau. of David and Anna 
C. Crofut Boughton), b. Barker, Broome Co., N. Y., 
May 10, 1839, m. Hannibal, Oswego Co., N. Y., May 
12, "^1868, William H. Snyder; settled Nanticoke, 
Broome Co., N. Y.; moved in 1879 to Detroit, Minn.; 
she died July 9, 1880, leaving her little children to the 
care of their father at Detroit. 

Children of William H. and Alma M. Bongrbton Snyder. 

4.058 i. Arbie L. Snyder, born Nanticoke, November 25 
1870; moved with parents to Detroit; died August 

4.059 ii. William D. Snyder, b. Nanticoke, Dec. 25, 1872 
he also moved with his parents to Detroit. 

4.060 iii. Hattie A. Snyder, b. Nanticoke, July 24, 1875 
moved to Detroit with parents. 

4.061 iv. Clayton D. Snyder, b. Nanticoke, Oct. 17, 1877 
moved with pai-ents to Detroit. 

4.062 vi. George M. Boughton (son of David and Anna 
C. Crofut Boughton), was born Barker, Sept. :i7, 1841; 
brought up on the farm where he was born; m. Tri- 
angle, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1864, Stelle E. Taft (daughter 
of Henry and Betsey Taft), of Triangle, where she 
was born April 27, 1845; they lived for a time on a 
farm and then moved to the village of Greene, Che- 
nango county, N. Y., in 1884, whei'e they bought a 
house and still resided in 1888. 

Children of George M. and Stelle E. Taft Boughton. 

4.063 i. Leroy Erwin Boughton, b. Barker, Dec. 8, 1864; 
he resided with his parents at Greene, 1888. 

4.064 ii. LiDA Mary Boughton, b. Triangle, Dec. 14, 1872, 
d. Dec. 29, 1875, at Greene, aged three years. 

4.065 iii. Bert Elmer Boughton, b. Greene, May 25, 1877; 
was living with his parents at Greene, 1888. 

4.066 vii. Ann E. Boughton (dau. David and Anna C. Cro- 
fut Boughton), b. Barker, Jan. 17, 1841^; converted 
and baptized into the Baptist church at Triangle, 
1862; lived at home with her parents; she was 

426 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

afflicted with a severe illness caused by an abscess^ 
from which she never fully recovered her health; she 
was unmarried, making ner home with her parents 
at her brother Delos' farm in Barker 1886. 
4,C67 viii. Marshall C. Boughton (son of Davidand Anna 
C. Boughton), b. Barker, Dec. 6, 1847, m. first, 
Greene, Oct. 22, 1872, Ellen J. Keesler (dau. of Peter 
and Percey Keesler), of Damascus, Wayne Co., Pa., 
where she was b. July 16, 1849; settled Greene, N. Y., 
moved thence to Barker, and about 1880 to Damas- 
cus, where they were living 1885; she died there Oct. 
3 of that year. He m. second, August 31, 1887, Mary 
J. Blain. 

Children of Marshall €. and £llen J. Keesler Bougrhton. 

4.068 i. Mary L. Boughton, b. Greene, N. T., Dec. 2, 1873; 
living with parents 1885. 

4.069 ii. Tracy C. Boughton, b.- Barker, N. T., March 25, 
1875; died Sept. 4, 1875. 

4.070 iii. Mardie A. Boughton, b. Barker, Feb. 4, 1878; 
living with parents 1885. 

4,'07l iv. Anna M. Boughton, b. Damascus, Pa., Sept. 25, 

1881; living with parents 1885. 
4,072 ( V. Gertie A. Boughton, b. Damascus, April 6, 
Twins < 1884. Both living with prents 1885. 
4,078 ( vi. Myrtie A. Boughton, o. April 6, 1884. 

4.074 ix. Willie H. Boughton, b. Barker, Sept. 6, 1851; d. 
May 29, 1870. 

4.075 X. Delos R. Boughton (son of David and Anna C. 
Crofut Boughton), b. Barker, August 2, 1856; wa& 
converted and baptized into the Triangle Baptist 
church ^ in early life ; on attaining his majority, 
his father being aged, he purchased his farm and 
improved it ; he m. Damascus, Pa., Feb. 22, 1882, 
Ella J. Maffett (dau. of Jonathan and Emily J. Maf- 
fet), of Long Branch, Sullivan county, N. i., where^ 
she was b. July 18, 1861 ; they settled on the home- 
stead in Barker; in 1882 he was elected justice of the 

g3ace, vice his father, retired ; they were living in 
arker, with their post-oflSce address Triangle, N. T., 

Children of Delos B. and Ella J« Maffett Boughton, of Barker, N. T, 

4,075'^ i. Jahes Dewitt Boughton, b. Barker, Broome Co., 
N. T., August 23, 1885; d. same place, Jun«15, 1886. 
4,075*^ ii. Willie Boughton, b. Barker, May 1, 1887. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 42T 

(vi.) Ebenezbr Downes Boughton (sun of John 
and Currence D. Boughton), b. Scipio, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., March 20, 1805; he was brought up by his 
parents on the farm where he was born; m. Ledyard, 
N. Y., Nov. 11, 1824, Mary Ann Hoyt. They were 
baptized into the Baptist church at Scipio, 1825; 
moved from Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1834 to Fostoria, 
Seneca Co., Ohio, on land bought of the government, 
in a dense forest, where, by persevering industry, he 
made a good home for his family. In 1852 he cast 
in his lot with the United Brethren of Fostoria, Sen- 
eca Co., 0., where he lived, a worthy member, until 
taken to the church tri umphant. She died at Fostoria, 
May 17, 1868, in the sixty-firat year of her age, 
and was buried in the cemetery at Fostoria. She was 
a great sufferer from rheumatism in her last illness, 
but she bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude. 
She was a faithful wife and mother, and her many 
virtues will not be forgotten by her remaining kin- 
dred while memory remains. He died at his home 
in Fostoria, 0., November 8, 1875, greatly loved and 
lamented by his family and friends, and was interred 
in the Fostoria cemetery. 

Children of Ebenezer Downes and Mary Ann Hoyt Bonghton. 8864 

4.076 i. Emma Boughton, b. Ledyard, N. Y., April 2, 1827, 
d. there May 20, 1831. 

4.077 ii. Hannah Harriet Boughton, b. Ledyard, April 
19, 1829, m. Fostoria, O., March 14, 1847, Theodore 
Hunt* (son of Obadiah and Hannah Odell Hunt), of 
Bloom, Seneca Co., 0., b. May 20, 1826; a minister 
of the Methodist Episcopal church. They settled at 
Hickory Corners, Barry Co., Mich. In 1848 they 
moved to Iowa, in 1858 to Ohio, and in 1859 settled 
in Fostoria, Seneca Co., 0. In 1869 they moved to 
Williams Co., Ohio, and in 1877 to DeKalb Co., Ind. 
He was settled pastor of the church at Hamilton, 1885. 

*Note. — Theodore Hunt entered the service of his coun- 
try in the suppression of the rebellion August 14, 1861. He 
was appointed corporal in Co. B, 55th Ohio Vol. Infantry, 
was in the Army of the Potomac, and in the battles of Mon- 
terey, Franklin, second Bull Run, and others. Was three 
times wounded but not very seriously; experienced a severe 
sunstroke, which incapacitated him for service, and he waa 
honorably discharged at Providence, R. I., Jan. 8, 1863, and 
returned to his home in Fostoria, 0. He was a stone mason 

428 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

by trade. His wife, while he was absent on the battlefield, 
was active in efforts to support the flag of her country and 
in the education of her children to be loyal to their God and 
their native land. 

Children of Theodore and Hannah H. Bonghton Hunt 


4.078 i. Ellen Hunt, b. Washing^ton, Hancock Co., Ohio, 
March 3, 1848, d. in childhood in Barry Co., Mich., 
Feb. 28, 1851. 

4.079 ii. HoYT Boughton Hunt, born Hickory Corners, 
Barry Co., Mich., Dec. 20, 1852. During a revival in 
the Sunday-school of which he was a scholar, at the 
age of fourteen years, he was converted, and was 
soon impressed with a duty to become a minister of 
the gospel, which was very objectionable to him; but 
after long resistance the impression became so strong 
that he determined to unite with the church, and 
yield to what seemed to be a duty. This was about 
1869. On the removal of his parents to Bryan, Wil- 
liams Co., 0., he took his certificate of removal, and 
united with the M. E. church at that place, and was, 
Nov. 27, 1871, licensed to exhort, which was by him- 
self unsolicited; whereupon he commenced prepara- 
tion for the Christian ministry. He attended Bryan, 
0., normal school, Wesleyan university and Drew 
theological seminary, where he finished his classical 
and theological course, and graduated May 16, 1879. 
He was ordained deacon by Bishop Peck, at Jersey 
City, N. J., April 1, 1877. After belonging to the 
Minnesota conference, in October, 1879, and the 
Northern Indiana conference April, 1881, and also, 
Sept. 15, 1881, he was transferred to the Michigan 
conference. During every year of his ministry he 
speaks of the great satisfaction he lias enjoyed in 
seeing souls converted under his ministry. He mar- 
ried, Granger, Madison Co., 0., May 27, 1874, Ida M. 
Rockwood (dau. of Lewis and Lamira C. Low Rock- 
wood), of Williamston, Igam Co., Mich., b. Dec. 3, 
1856. They were settled at Parkville, Mich., 1884, 
removed to Vicksburg, Mich., in 1885, and were living 
there in health and happiness, laborifig in the work 
to which he had been called of God. They had no 
children at that date. 

4.080 iii. Emma Ettie Hunt, b. Hickory Corners, Barry 
county, Mich., July 21, 1854; educated for a teacher, 
in which calling she was successful; m. Bryan, O. 


July 4, 1S76, John Hinkle (son of Stephen and Olivia 
Hinkle), Hicksville, O., where he was b. Jan. 5, 1849; 
farmers and members of the M. E. church near 
Edgerton post-office, Williams county, 0., where 
they lived 1885. 

Children of John and Emma Ettie Hunt Hinkle. 

4.081 i. OuvE Hinkle, b. Edgerton, Williams county, 0., 
June 13, 1877. 

4.082 ii. Stkeper Theodore Hinkle, b. Franklin, Steuben 
county, Ind., Feb. 7, 1878. 

4.083 iii. Laura Hattie Hinkle, b. Franklin, August 20, 

4.084 iv. Orin Barker Hinkle, b. Franklin, April 19, 1885^ 

4.085 iv. Mary Ann Hunt, b. Millersburgh, Iowa, April 2» 
1858, m. Oct. 27, 1878, Edward Hinkle (brother of 
John, above); they settled on a farm near Edgerton, 
where, Dec. 1, 1878, she died, a beloved member of 
the M. E. church. 

Child of Edward and Mary Ann Hnnt Hinkle. 4081^ 

4.086 i. Mary Charlotte Hinkle, b. Nov. 27, 1878; died 
March 1, 1879. 

4.087 V. Theodore Hunt, Jr., b. Fostoria, Seneca county, 
0., Oct. 9, 1804, m. near Butler, Ind., Jan. 1, 1883, 
Belle Taylor (dau. of Jasper and Margaret Taylor); 
she was D. Strykers, 0., July 14, 1854; settled at 
Hamilton, Ind., where they lived March, 1886; they 
then had no children. 

4.088 vi. Harriet Ettea Hunt, b. Fostoria, Sent. 15, 1867; 
a member of the M. E. church; unmarried February, 
1886; post office address : Hamilton, Ind. 

4.089 vii. Ebenezer Boughton Hunt, b. Centre township, 
Williams county, 0., Nov. 30, 1870. 

4.090 viii Jennie Eti'ie Hunt (dau. of Theodore and Han- 
nah H. Boughton Hunt), b. Centre township, Sept. 
14, 1873; livmgat Hamilton, Ind., 1886. 

End of Theodore and H. H. Boughton Hunt descendants. 

4.091 iii. Edgar Boughton (son of El)enezer and Mary Ann 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Ledyard, Cayuga county, N. Y., 
April 13, 1832; died May 4, 1832. 

4.092 iv. Ann Eliza Boughton, b. Ledyard, Aug. 22, 1833, 
m. Fostoria, Jan. 19, 1854, Daniel H. Young (son of 
David and Hannah Young), of Loudon, Seneca Co., 

430 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

O., where he was b. August 16, 1832. He joined the 
164th regiment of N. G. of Ohio, and was mustered 
out 1864 ; settled at Loudon, from whence they 
moved, about 1870, to Bryan, Williams county, O., 
where they joined the M. E. church, and Uved there 

Children of Daniel H. and A. E. Bonghton Tonng. 4092 

4.093 i. D. Albert Thomas Young, b. Fostoria, Seneca 
county, 0., Dec. 26, 1854, m. at Metz, Ind., Dec. 25. 
1879, Josephine A. Larue, b. Aug. 19, 1855 ; settled 
as a practicing physician at Hamilton, 0., where 
he died at the age of about twenty-nine, of typhoid 
fever, much respected and lamented by a large circle 
of friends and the members of the M. E. church at 
Hamilton, of which he was an active member. 

Child of D. Albert T. and Josephine A. Lame Tonngr* 

4.094 i. Lydia Eliza Young, b. Feb. 24, 1881. 

4,095" ii. Jerusha Jane Young, b. Loudon, Seneca county, 
^'^'^'^ n Feb. 27, 1858, m. Jan. 23, 1886, Levi Weaver ; a 

member of the Evangelical church. 
- 4,096] iii. William Sanford Young, b. Fostoria, Seneca 

county, 0., m. near Bryan, 0., May 18, 1884, Belle 

Hughes; settled on a farm with post-office address at 

Bryan, Williams county, 0., 1885. 

4.097 iv. Lincoln A. Young, b. Fostoria, Nov. 25, 1863. 

4.098 V. Emma Auce Young, b. Loudon, O., Jan. 7, 1868; 
post-office address at Bryan, Williams county, 0., 

4.099 vi. Ann Eliza Young, b. Centre, Williams county, 
0., July 27, 1874. 

4.100 vii. Elma Danetta Young, b. Centre, June 5, 1879. 

4.101 V. Mary Jane Boughton (dau. of Ebenezer D. and 
Mary Ann Hoyt Boughton), b. Washington, Hancock 
county, Ohio, July 2, 1838 ; united with the U. B. 
church in 1852, and ever after lived a devoted Christ- 
ian, with her parents, until the death of her father ; 
she was unmarried, and died Feb. 4, 1877. 

4.102 vi. Antha Boughton (dau. Ebenezer D. and Mary 
Hoyt Boughton), b. Washington, fiancock Co., 0., 
Oct. 24, 1844, m. Fostoria, WilHams Co., O.^ Oct. 6, 
1870, Robert Raney. They settled in Fostoria, 1872, 
and moved to Marmont, Marshall Co., Ind.. where 
they were living. He was an itinerant minister of 
the Evangelistic church. 


Children of Elder Robert and Antha Boughton Baney. 

4.103 i. Mary Ann Raney, b. Washington, Hancock Co., 
O., Jan. 13, 1872. 

4.104 ii. Emma Jennie Raney, b. Centre, Hancock Co., 0., 
May 4, 1876. 

4,105| iii. Schuyler Dill Raney, b. Ontre, Feb., 1881. 

(vii.) Alanson Boughton (son of John and Cur- 
rence Downes Bou^liton); Baptist minister; b. Scipio, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., May 23, 1807; baptized into Bap- 
tist church at Scipio; m. Onondaga, N. Y., April 15, 
1829, Charlotte Kf^eler (dau. of Jeremiah Keeler, 
whose first w'fe was Martha Boughton Keeler, dau. 
of Timothy Boughton, Alanson's grandfather). They 
settled at Janes ville, Onondaga Co., N. Y.. where he 
taught school for several yeai-s, and where his first 
wife, Charlotte, died, Sept. 12, 1835. He m. second, 
Janesville, iS. Y., March 29, 1836, Hannah Squire, b. 
New Baltimore, N. Y., March 10, 1817. They moved 
to Volney, Oswego Co., N. Y., where he preached to 
the Baptist church at Nonesuch, and at Sempronius, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y.; also at Milan and Locke. In 
1857, he was elected commissioner of common schools 
of Cayuga Co., in which position he was much appre- 
ciated. At Milan and Locke he preached consider- 
ably for the Baptist church of that place, with great 
acceptance and built a house at Moravia, where he 
resided at the time of his death, March 21, 1878. His 
widow, Hannah Squires Boughton, was living in the 
house in which he died, at Moravia, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., Jan. 1, 1886. In the following spring she 
moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where she lived 1886. 

Children of Alanson and Charlotte Keeler Bonghton, of 

JanesTille, N. Y. 8855 

4,106 i. Nelson Boughton, b. Nunda, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1830. 
In 1849, shortly after the breaking out of the excite- 
ment for gold mining in California, he went there 
via the Isthmus of Panama, where he took a sailing 
vessel for Sacramento. The vessel being becalmed 
on the Pacific, the passengei's and crew suffered 
extremely for want of water and food. During 
some four years of absence he suffered great hard- 
ships in Cfalifornia and on the journeys there and 
returning, which he did by Cape Horn. He returned 
to Sempronius, Cayuga county, N. Y., where he 

432 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

married Oct. 2, 1854, Mary Fisher, of that place, 
bom at Spofford, Onondaga county, N. Y., July 29, 
1838. Subsequently they moved to Nunda, Free- 
born county, Minn., which at the time was a new 
and unimproved region of country, where he bought 
a farm and settled. One of their neighbors, a 
German named Sigler, who was in the habit of 
getting intoxicated and ill treating his wife, became 
exasperated on one of those occasions because he. 
Nelson, ottered protection to her against his brutality; 
the infuriated assassin rushed upon him with a knife, 
which he had concealed for that purpose, stabbing 
him three times in the back and penetrating his 
heart, from which he fell and died instantly. This 
occurred Sept. 6, 1859. The desperado was imme- 
diately arrested, tried, convicted and hanged. 

The bereaved widow with her two small children 
remained on the farm where she was joined by her 
father and brother, who aided her in its management 
until her second marriage at Nunda, Freeborn county, 
Minn., March 19, 1863, to Silas J. White ; settled at 
Nunda, moved in 1866 to Eyota, Minn., and 1868 
moved to Union, Worth county, la., where they 
resided 1885 ; post-office address, Plymouth, Cerro 
Gordo county, la. 

Children of Nelson and Mary Fisher Booghton, of Nnnda, 

Freeborn county, Minn. 

4,107 i. Angeuna Boughton, b. Skaneateles, N. Y., Nov. 7, 
1855; moved with her parents in infancy to Nunda 
township, Freeborn Co., Minn.; m. Dec. 11, 1875, 
James Allen, Jr., Mitchell, Iowa, from whence they 
removed to Julian, Clark Co., Dakota, where they 
resided autumn of 18S5. 

Children of James, Jr., and Angelina Bonghton Allen. 

4,10& i. Harley Hall Allen, b. Union, Worth county, 
Iowa, August 19, 1877; d. at Union, Oct. 14, 1879. 

4.109 ii. William Nelson Allen, b. Union, April .5, 1879; 
went with parents to Julian, Dak., where they lived 


4.110 ii. Daniel Hall Boughton, b. Nunda, Freeborn Co., 
Minn., Aug. 27, 1858. He entered the United States 
militaiy academy at West Point, September, 1877, 
and graduated ninth in a class of 53. June, 1881, and 


was appointed second lieutenant in the third regi- 
ment pf cavalry then serving in Wyoming territory. 
In May, 1882, the regiment was transferred to Ari- 
* zona, where it served in hostile campaigns against 

the Apaches, and again transferred, in the spring of 
1885, to serve in Texas. He was promoted Jan. 27, 
1885, to first lieutenant in third cavalry, and in Sep- 
tember, 1885, entered the infantry and cavalry school 
at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and graduated June 30,, 
1887, fii-st in his class. He married at Fort Leaven- 
worth, June 30, 1887, Henrietta Eittenhouse Wilson 
(dau. of General Thomas Wilson, of the United States 
army, and Henrietta Eittenhouse Wilson), of Wash- 
ington, D. C, where she was b. Nov. 29, 1862; she 
graduated at Brownell Hall, Omaha. At time of 
marriage their residence was at Fort Leavenworth. 

Child of Lieut Daniel H. and Henrietta R. Wilson Bonghton, of Jeffer- 
son Baraclis, Mo. 

4,110' i. George Wilson Boughton, b. Fort Brown, Texas, 
Sept. 11, 1888. 

Children of Silas J. and Mary Fisher Bonghton White. 

4.111 iii. George P. White, b. Nunda, Freeborn county, 
Minn., March 20, 1865; went in 1885 to Texas, and 
was there with his half-brother, Lieut. D. H. Bough- 
ton, in the summer of 1887 ; he is now a cadet at 
West Point, 1889. 

4.112 iv. HerbertArthur White, b. Union, Worth Co., 
Iowa, July 31, 1S70, and was residing with parents 

4.113 V. Sarah Edna White, b. Union, Nov. 29, 1876: re- 
siding with parents 1887. 

4.114 ii. Caroline E. Boughton (dau. of Alanson and 
Charlotte Keeler Boughton), b. Jamesville, Onondaga 
Co., N. Y., March 18, 1833, m. Sempronius, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 3, 1852 — her father, who was a Bap- 
tist minister, officiating — Corydon L. Clark, a farmer, 
b. Scott, Cortland Co., N. Y., June 3, 182S. He 
served four and-a-quarter years in Co. H, 15th Wis- 
consin Vol. Infantry, in the war of the rebellion. They 
settled at Scott, and subsequently moved to Milton, 
Rock Co., Wis., where they were living July, 1886. 

Children of Corydon L. and Caroline E. Boagriiton Clark, of 

Milton, Wis. 

4.115 i. (^^HAKLorrE E. Clark, b. Scott, Cortland Co , N. Y., 


434 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

March 23, 1854, m. Sept. 29, 1872, Monson Samuel 
Edwards; settled at Hyde Park, Cook Co., HI., and 
subsequently moved to Magnolia, 111., where they 
still resided July, 1886. 

Children of Monson S. and Charlotte E. Clark Edwards^ of Masrnolia. 

4.116 i. Frederick C. Edwards, b. Hyde Park, 111., June 
14, 1875. 

4.117 ii. Howard A. Edwards, b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 22, 

4.118 iii. Carrie J. Edwards, b. Janesville, Wis., July 13, 

4.119 iv. MmNiE A. Edwards, b. Johnstown, Wis., Aug. 
21, 1882. 

4.120 ii. Belle F. C. Clark (dau. Cory don L. and Caro- 
line E. Bough ton Clark), b. Lima, Rock Co., Wis., 
April 20, 1860, m. Feb. 23, 1880, Wilbur C. Garrigus; 
settled in Chicago, whence they removed to Bloom- 
ington. 111., and resided there July, 1886. 

Child of Wilbnr C. and Belle F. C. Clark Garrigus, of Bloomington. 

4.121 i. Roy C. Garrigus, b. Chicago, lU., Jan. 27, 1881. 

4.122 iii. Nelson C.Clark (son of Cory don L. and Caro- 
line E. Boughton Clark), b. Lima, Wis., March 5, 
1862, m. June 25, 1883, Rose E. Heritage; settled at 
Magnolia, Wis., where they lived 1886. 

Children of Nelson C. and Rose E. Heritage Clark, of Magnolia. 

4.123 i. Ella E. Clark, b. Magnolia, Wis., March 15, 1884; 
d. there Sept. 10, 1884. 

4.124 ii. Gertrude Clark, b. Magnolia, May 19, 1885. 

4.125 iv. Mary E. Clark (dau. of Corydon L. and Caroline 
E. Boughton Clark) b. Milton, Wis., Jan. 24, 1870; 
d. Feb. 18, 1871. 

4.126 iii. Emmet A. Boughton (son of Alanson and Char- 
lotte Keeler Boughton), b. Jamesville, N. Y., July 
14, 1835; d. there Sept. 8, 1835. 

Children of Alanson and Hannah Squires Boughton, of Tolnej, N. T. 

4.127 iv. Mary A. Boughton, b. Volney, N. Y., June 13, 
1837. ni. Lawrence city, Kansas, Oct. 3, 1858, Paul 
Brooks, insurance agent, of Lawrence, where th<*y 
have since lived; no children. In 18S8 he was cashier 
in bank. 


4.128 V. Joseph S. BouGHTON, b. Hastings, Oswego county, 
N. Y., March 2, 1839; having attained a good educa- 
tion quite early in life he engaged in school teaching 
at King's Ferry, N. Y ; went to Lawrence, Kansas, 
where he m. May 21, 1866, Libbie J. Gill (daughter of 
Andrew Gill), b. Cambeen, England, April 3, 1844, 
and when about two years old was brought by her 
parents to America, who settled in Waukesha, Wis. 
After his marriage at Lawrence his vocation was 
printing and publishing. He edits and publishes the 
newspaper, Once a Weeky a home and family paper 
which had a respectable, growing circulation at the 
date of this writing. They still resided at Lawrence 
Jan. 1, 1888. 

Children of Joseph S. and Llhhie J. Gill Bonghton, of Lawrence. 

4.129 i. George Boughton, b. Lawrence, Kansas, March 
25, 1867; d. there July 8, 1873. 

4.130 ii. Arthur C. Boughton, b. Lawrence, Feb, 20, 1870. 
4,181 iii. PaulG. Boughton, b. Lawrence, Feb. 6, 1873. 

4.132 iv. Gertrude Boughton, b. Lawrence, March 22, 

4.133 V. SmNEY Boughton, b. Lawrence, May 29, 1878. 

4.134 vi. George N. Boughton, b. Hastings, Oswego Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 30, 1841. He enlisted in the 78th regi- 
ment N. Y. Vols., 1861, and served until 1865. He 
learned civil engineering and at close of the war, in 
which he was twice wounded, and once taken pris- 
oner, he was assigned to a position in the employ- 
ment of the Iron Mountain Railroad Company, after 
which he settled at Dexter, Mo., as an attoi*ney-at- 
law. He married at Poplar Bluff, Mo., Jan. 10, i876, 
Callie Greer, b. Livingston Co., Ky., Sept. 30, 1852. 
They have no children born to them, but have an 
adopted daughter. They were not connected with 
any particular church or denomination, but wei-e in 
doctrinal views Baptist. They were living at Dexter, 
Mo., Jan. 1, 1885. 

Adopted Child of George N. and Callie Greer Bonghton. 

4.135 i. Maud May Boughton, b. about June, 1881. 

4.136 vii. Ellkx A. Boughtox, b. Hastings, Oswego Co., 
N. Y., July 8, 1844, m. Sompronius, N. Y., Dec. 29, 
1851*, Alvin Weeks. They settled in Brooklyn, la., 
for a time and then returned to Moravia, Cayuga Co., 

436 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Is. Y., where she carried on the millinery business. 
In 1881 they purchased a farm m the town of Venice, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., one-half mile east of the centre 
of the town, w^here they lived until 1885, when they 
removed to Moravia, where they were living Jan. 1, 
1885. In spring of 1886 moved to Kansas. 

Children of Alrin and Ellen Bonghton Weeks, of Morafia, N. T. 

4.137 i. George N. Weeks, b. Sempronius, N. Y., July 1, 
1862, d. in infancy, Sept. 23, 1862 at Sempronius. 

4.138 ii. Frederick B. Weeks, b. Scott, N. Y., Sept. 15, 

4.139 iii. Ray Weeks, b. Olena, Huson county, Ohio, died 
Brooklyn, Iowa, Jan. 1, 1869. 

4.140 iv. Mary Maria Weeks, b. Brooklyn, Iowa, Jan. 20, 
1869, died at Moravia, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1870. 

4.141 V. Ernest Weeks, b. Moravia, N. Y., Oct. 20, 
1871, died at Moravia, Sept., 1872. 

4.142 vi. Ernest P. Weeks, b. Moravia, April 12, 1873. 

4.143 vii Arlene Weeks, b. Moravia, Aug. 30, 1882. 

4.144 viii. Alice Gertrude Boughton, b. Sempronius, N. 

Y., Dec. 5, 1853; lived with her parents at Moravia 
until 1869, then went to Lawrence, Kansas, to attend 
the Kansas state university, residing with her sister, 
Mrs. Paul R. Brooks; graduated from the univeraity in 
1875 with the degree of bachelor of arts; m. Law- 
rence, April 5, 1877, I. S. Blackwelder, of Chicago, 
111., western manager of the Niagara Fire Insurance 
Co. of New York city. He was the son of Peter and 
Nellie Schem Blackwelder, whose ancestors came to 
this country from Germany prior to the revolution- 
ary war, their name in Germany being Schwarzwal- 
der. His father settled in Montgomery county. 111., 
where he was b. March 8, 1840; they resided 3588 
Indiana avenue, Cliicago, 1885. 

Children of I. 8. and Alice 6. Bonfpliton Blacltwelder. 

4.145 i. Paul Blackwelder, b. Hillsboro, 111., April 7, 

4.146 ii. Eliot Blackwelder. 



(il.) Sally Boughton (dau. of Timothy and Mar- 
tha Scott Boughtoii), h. Poundi'idge. Westchester 
Co., N. Y., May 2, 1773. When a small child, her 
father, leaving his wife and three small children, 
clieerfuUy answered the call of his country, and took 
up arms against the encroachments of the king of 
England and in defence of his inalienable rights. 
His father-in-law, meantime, took his little family 
into his own home and care. On his return from the 
war his pecuniary circumstances were such as to 
require him to find homes for some of his children, 
where they could earn their support. Sally, together 
with her brother John, who was just three years 
older than she, were put out with a Mr. John 
Edwards of Southbury, Ct., to live until of age. 
Here she remained until eighteen years old, and 
according to the terms of her parents' agreement, she 
returned to Ridgefield, where, at her parents' home, 
she married, Sept. 26, 1795, her cousin, Jesse Bou- 
ton, Jr. (son of Jesse and Rachel Ferris Bouton), of 
Poundridge, where he was born September 27, 1776, 
both their fathers being sons of Ebenezer Boughton 
of South Salem, N. Y. They settled first in Ridge- 
field, and subsequently removed to Poundridge, where 
he died Feb. 22, 1822. Soon after his death she spent 
some time in the family of her brother, Thaddeus 
Boughton, in Washington, Dutchess county, N. Y., 
where with her youngest son, Enoch Bouton, she 
remained a few months and then returned to Ridge- 
field, Ct., where, Oct. 19, 1828, she married, second, 
Enoch Holly, of Ridgefield, where they lived until 
June, 1837, when he died . She then went to live with 
her daughter, Eliza Gilbert, three miles east of Ridge- 
field village. She was a member of the M. E. church, a 
devoted Christian, a kind and sympathizing neighbor, 
and a most affectionate mother. She died July 2, 
1858, at Ridgefield, where she was buried. 

Children of Jesse and Sally Bonghton Koaton, of Ridgefield, Ct. 3844 

4,U7 i. Permelia Bouton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Feb. 16, 1798. 
She was married at Ridgefield, January 13, 1819, to 

438 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Benjamin Wheeler (son of Simeon Wheeler) of Wil- 
ton, Ct., where he was born June 17, 1801. They 
settled at Wilton, where she died Feb. 13, 1876 ; he 
died Jan. 12, 1880. 

Children of Benjamin and Permella Bonton Wheeler. 4147 

4.148 i. Betsey Ann Wheeler, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Dec. 
10, 1821, m. Wilton, Ct., April 7, 1841, Rev. Alonzo 
Bradley Pulling (son of Abel Pulling), of Ridgefield, 
where he was born November 28, 1818. Being a 
Methodist minister he lived where he preached, the 
places enumerating fourteen, from 1845 to 1878, 
when his health failed and he died Jan. 12, 1878; she 
was living at Monroe, 1885; spring of 1888, her 
health failing, she went to Norwalk, to visit her 
brothers, where she d. May 14, 1888, and was buried 
at Monroe, Faii-field county, Ct., beside her husband. 

Children of Alonzo B. and Betsej Ann Wheeler Palling. 4148 

4.149 i. John S. Pulling, b. Haddam, Ct., May 28, 
1847, m. New Milford, Ct., July 3, 1867, Lottie J. 
Hoyt, who died at New Milford, Sept. 24, 1872. He 
married second, Oct. 22, 1873, Julia E. Jones, and 
settled at New Haven, where she died Aug. 2, 1880, 
after which he went to reside with his mother at 
East Village, Monroe townbhip, Ct., where he died 
Dec. 30, 1884. 

4.150 ii. Carrie E. Pulling, b. Southington, Ct., June 3, 
1859, married at Monroe, Ct., Jan. 1, 1878, Warren 
W. Bliss, of Monroe, where he was bom: they settled 
at Monroe, where she died April 10, 1887; he resided 
at Monroe, 1887. 

Children of Warren W. and Carrie E. Polling Bliss. 4150 

4.151 i. Florence May Bliss, b. Monroe, Ct., Nov. 1, 
1880, and was living with her parents, 1887. 

4.152 ii. Edith Maud Bliss, b. Monroe, Jan. 3, 1882, lived 
at Monroe, 1887. 

4.153 ii. Charles Henry Wheeler (son of Benjamin and 
Pernielia Bouton Wheeler), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Aug. 
26, 1829. He was educated for a teacher, and estab- 
lished a boarding school at Norwalk, Ct., which after 
several years he abandoned and assumed a position 
in a large straw hat factory at Norwalk; he was 
elected one of the supervisors of Norwalk, and was 
chosen president of the board, in which capacity he 



was serving in 1889. He married at Lewisboro, 
N. Y., April 13, 1853, Ann Eliza Canfield (dau. of 
Daniel and Sally Canfield), of Lewisboro, where she 
was bom July 12, 1833; they were living at Norwalk 
in 1889. 

Children of Charles H. and Ann E. Canfield Wheeler. 

4.154 i. Evelyn Wheeler, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 31, 1855, 
m. Norwalk, Sept. 15, 1880, Seaman Wilhs Haines 
(son of Charles and Esther Searing Haines), of Scipio, 
Cayuga county, N. Y., where he was b. Jan. 12, 1854; 
settled at Poplar Ridge, Cayuga county, where he 
carried on the stove and tinware business, and lived 

Children of Seaman and Evelyn Wheeler Haines. 

4.155 i. Arthur Wheeler Haines, born Poplar Ridge, 
Cayuga county, N. Y., April 21, 1882. 

4.156 ii. Emily Lippincott Haines, b. Poplar Ridge, Sept. 

22, 1883. 

4.157 iii. Carrie Evelyn Haines, b. Poplar Ridge, Oct. 24, 

4.158 ii. Arthur Canfield Wheeler (son of Charles and 
Ann E. Canfield Wheeler), b. Norwalk, Ct., August 
26, 1856; occupation, superintendent for Beatty Bros., 
manufacturers of straw hats, Norwalk; rn. there, June 

23, 1880, Susie Cozzens (dau. of Thomas and Sarah 
Cozzens), of Derein, where she was b. July 27, 1857; 
settled at Norwalk, where they lived 1889. 

Child of Arthnr C. and Snsie Cozzens Wheeler. 

4.159 i. Ernest Wheeler, b. Norwalk, Ct., Sept., 1885. 

4.160 iii. Carrie Viola Wheeler (dau. of Charles and Ann 
E. Canfield Wheelei), b. Norwalk, Ct.. Oct. 28, 1858, 
m. there June S, 1881, Charles W. Littell (son of 
William H. and Emily Littell), of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
where he was born; thoy lived at Norwalk Sept. 1, 

4.161 iii. John Bouton Wheeler (son of Benjamin and 
Permelia Bouton Wheeler), b. Wilton, Ct., Jan. 25, 
1S37 ; occupation, locksmith and machinist; mar- 
ried at Southington, Ct., March 22, 1860, Charlotte P. 
Dykeman (dau. of Aaron B. and Sarah Ann Mead 
Dykeman), of Wilton, where she was b. Sept. 25, 

440 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

1838; went to the war and was wounded, and after 
more than twenty years received a pension of nearly 
$2,000 from the government. Both members of the 
M. E. church at South Norwalk, and lived in their 
own home at that place Sept. 1, 1889. 

Children of John B. and Charlotte F. Djkeman Wheeler. 

4.162 i. Alonzo a. Wheeler, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 22^ 
1861; d. April 21, 1864. 

4.163 ii. John Herbert Wheeler, b. Norwalk, Nov. 3,1867; 
lives with his parents; clerk in a store at South Nor- 
walk, and a member of the M. E. church there Sept. 
1, 1889. 

4.164 ii. Thomas Burr Bouton (son of Jesse and Sally 
Bough ton Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., Ct., 
Feb. 11, 1880, m. Sept. 22, 1S23, widow Cynthia Lock- 
wood Thatcher (dau. of Daniel and Sarah Lockwood); 
they settled in Poundridge, N. Y., w^here, and in the 
vicinity of which, he spent his life and died at 
Norwalk, Ct., April 29, 1S83, at the advanced age of 
eighty-three years, two months and eighteen days. 
He was a most earnest and devoted inember of the 
M. E. church and was nmch respected for his piety. 

Children of Thomas Bnrr and Cynthia Lockwood Bonton. 

4.165 i. Charles Lockwood Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. 
Y., March 17, 1823, married South Salem, October 
15, 1846, Lydia Ann Scofield (daughter of Albert 
and Clarissa Scofield, of Poundridge); she was born 
Monticello, N. Y., January 11, 1831 ; they settled 
in Poundridge ; they moved to South Norwalk, 
N. Y., 1868. where they still resided September 1, 

Children of Charles L. and Lydia Ann Scofield Bonton. 

4.166 i. Emeline Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., Sept. 10, 
1847, united with the M. E. church at Poundridge, 
and was married at that place Feb. 26, 1864, to David 
R. Pinney (son of David R. and Louisa Piiuiey), of 
Milford, Pa., where he was born Feb. 26, 1841; they 
settled in Poundridge, where he carried on shoe 
manufacturing. They removed to Stamford, Ct., 
where he assumed the superintendence of the large 
factory of Lounsbury & Soule, in which capacity he 
was situated Sept. 1, 1889, with residence adjoining 
the factory. 


Children of Dafid R. and Emeline Bonton Pinnej. 

4.167 i. Mary Esther Pinney, b. Poundridge, N. Y., Oct. 
26, 1865; was living with parents, Sept. 1, 1888. 

4.168 ii. Frank R. Pinney, b. JJew Canaan, Ct., Dec. 24, 
1869; was living with parents and assisting his father 
in the factory. 

4.169 iii. Alice L. Pinney, b. Vista, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1872, 
and was living at home with her parents Sept. 1, 1888; 
a member of Baptist church at Stamford, Ct. 

4.170 ii. Martha Euzabeth Bouton (dau. of Charles and 
Lydia Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1853, 
m. Poundridge, Feb. 17, 1878, Charles W. Finch (son 
of James and Mary A. Finch) of Poundridge, where 
he was born May 26, 1853. They lived at 47 Lafay- 
ette street, Newark, N. J., Jan. 1, 1885; had no 
children. She was a member of Baptist church at 

4.171 iii. Kate Bouton (dau. of Charles and Lydia Ann 
Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1858; living 
at home, 1889. 

4.172 iv. Clara B. Bouton, b. Poundridge, Nov. 23, 1867; 
resided at South Norwalk with parents, July, 1889. 

4.173 iii. Mary Elizabeth Bouton (dau. of Thomas and 
Cynthia Lockwood Bouton), born Poundridge, Nov. 
17, 1827, m. Lewisboro, N. Y., Oct. 24, 1851, Hiram 
Bouton (son of David and Rebecca Raymond Bouton), 
of Poundridge, where he was born Sept. 9, 1827. 
They settled in Lowisboro, N. Y., where they were 
living 1889. 

Children of Hiram and Marj E. Bonton Bouton, of Lewisboro. 

4.174 i. William Henry Bouton, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., 
Oct. 1, 1852. He followed the sea for many years 
and encountered many perils. Finally returned to 
New York city, joined the fire department and is sta- 
tioned at 7 North Moore street 1888. He never mar- 

4.175 ii.MARY Eliza Bouton (dau. of Hiram and Mary 
Bouton), b. Lewisboro, June 8, 18.55, m. Nov., 1879, 
Samuel Resco (son of Chauncey and Eliza J. Resco), 
of Lewisboro, where lie was born April 13, 1853 ; set- 
tled Norwalk, Ct.; res. Main St., 1889. 

Children of Samuel and Mary Eliza Bonton Resco, of NorwallK, Ct 

4.176 i. William H. Resco, b. Norwalk, Ct., Sept. 5, 1879. 

4.177 ii. Edna Resco, b. Norwalk, Jan. 26, 1881. 

442 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4.178 iii. Bessie Resco, b. Norwalk, Feb. 28, 1885. 

4.179 iv. Lawrence Resco, b. Norwalk, Nov. 24, 1886. 

4.180 V. Mary Annie Resco, b. Norwalk, February, 1889. 

4,180'* ii. Sally Ann Bouton (dau. of Thomas and Cyn- 
thia Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., May 7, 1826, m. 
same place May 16, 1845, CJiarles Dann, of Ridge- 
field, Ct., where he was b. March 30, 1822; settled at 
South Salem, N. Y., where she d. March 24, 1872; he 
was living there 1885. 

Children of Charles and Sallj Ann Bonton Dann. 

4.181 i. Mary Louisa Dann, b. South Salem, N. Y., Feb. 
21, 1846, m. Poundridge, N. Y., April 7, 1867, Smith 
Remington (son of Anson and Mary Ann Bouton 
Remington), of Poundridge, where he was b. April 7, 
1841; settled at Norwalk, Ct.; moved to Ridgefield, 
where they lived 1888. 

Child of Smith and Mary Lonisa Dann Remington. 

4.182 i. Irene Remington, b. Ridgefield, June 28, 1885. 

4.183 ii. Emma Cornelia Dann (dau. of Charles and Sally 
Ann Bouton Dann), b. Poundridge, N. Y., May 21, 
1848, m. Portchester, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1869, Albert 
Benjamin (son of Joel Benjamin), of Ridgefield, where 
he was b. July 11, 1844; settled in Ridgefield; living 
there 1889. 

Children of Albert and Emma Cornelia Dann Benjamin. 

4.184 i. Annie Elizabeth Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, March 
3, 1870, m. William Johnson, res. Ridgefield. 

4.185 ii. Albert Smith Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, 1872. 

4.186 iii. Frederick Lewellen Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, 
April 7, 1874. 

4.187 iv. Charles Wilbur Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, Oct. 
18, 1876. 

4.188 V. George Elmer Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, July 16, 

4,188'^ vi. Mary Emma Benjamin, b. Ridgefield, June 18, 

4.189 iii. Harriet Cynthia Dann (dau. Charles and Sally- 
Ann B. Dann, b. Poundridge, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1850, 
m. John M. Shaw, Jr. (son of John Shaw), b. Dec. 
9, 1.'^'46; they settled at Elmwood, Hartford county, 
Ct.. where they lived 1887. She died about October, 


Children of John M., Jr., and Harriet Cynthia Dann Shaw. 

4.190 i. Nellie Louisa Shaw, b. Elmwood, Cfc., May 8, 

4.191 ii. Howard Edward Shaw, b. Elmwood, Jan. 3, 

4.192 iv. Charles Odle Dann (son of Charles and Sally 
Ann Bouton Dann), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Jan. 1, 
1852, in. Orange county, N. Y., 1880, Jennie Camp- 
bell, b. 18(J3 ; they lived 319 Orchard street, New 
Haven, Ct., 1885. 

4.193 V. Kate Maria Dann, b. Poundrid^e, Sept. 28, 1854, 
m New York city, Martin Van Buren Avery (son of 
William Avery), of Pound ridge, where he was born 
Nov. 3,1835; they settled at Port Chester, Westchester 
county, N. Y., where they lived 1889. 

4.194 vi. Edwin Wilbur Dann, b. Poundridge, April 14, 
1856, m. 1887, Jennie Williams; lived in New Haven 

4.195 vii. Estelle Vandalla. Dann, b. Poundridge, July 
21, 1859. 

4.196 viii. Ann Elizabeth Dann, b. South Salem, N. Y., 
Sept. 18, 1860. 

4.197 ix. Frederick Lincoln Dann, b. South Salem, Sept. 
13, 1862. 

4. 198 X. Minnie Aletta Dann, b. South Salem, March 3, 
1864, m. N. Benedict. 

4.199 xi. Addison Eldredge Dann, b. South Salem, Aug. 
9, 1865; d. Sept. 28, 1865. 

4.200 xii. George Elmer Dann, b. South Salem; d. Nov. 17, 

4.201 iv. Hester Catharine Bouton (dau. of Thomas and 
Lucinda Bouton), b. Poundridge, 1831, m. Bondout, 
N. Y., Oct. 27, J 853, William Benjamin Shaw, h. 
Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Oct. 17, 1832. They 
settled atSimsbury, Ct., where she died Oct. 12, 1872. 
He moved to New Haven, Ct. 

GhHdren of William Benjamin and Hester Catharine Bonton Shaw. 

4.202 i. John Thomas Shaw, b. Poundridge, Jan. 29, 1855, 
m.Simsbury, Hartford Co., Ct., Nov. 25, 1875, Emma 
Jane Brown (dau. Lafayette G. and Caroline W. 
Brown) of Collins ville, Hartford Co., Ct., where she 
was born. They settled at Simsbury, where they 
lived 1888. 

444 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of John T. and Emma J. Brown Shaw, of Sfmsbnrjy Ct. 

4.203 i. Arthur Remington Shaw, b. Simsbury, Dec. 21, 

4.204 ii. Ernest Welcome Shaw, b. Simsbury, December 
3, 1882. 

4.205 iii. GuY Lafayette Shaw, b. Simsbury, Feb. 23, 

iv. A daughter, name not learned. 

4.206 ii. Helen Cynthla. Shaw, b Poundridge, March 
10, 1856, m. Westfield, Mass., April 12, 1877, Mark 
Lee Parsons (son of Martin Luther and Georgianna 
Parsons). Settled Unionville, Hartford county, Ct. 
Lived there 1889. 

Children of Mark L. .and Helen Cjnthia Shaw Parsons. 

4.207 i. LiLLiE May Parsons, b. Unionville, Sept. 16, 1878. 

4.208 ii. Lee Gardner Parsons, b. Unionville, Sept. 28, 

4.209 iii. Albert Luther Parsons, b. Unionville, July 27, 

4.210 iii. Sarah G. Shaw (dau. of William Benjamin and 
Hester Catharine Shaw), b. Poundridge, June 20, 
1857, m. Hartford, Ct., Feb. 28, 1884, Dehnar A. Par- 
sons, of Unionville, where they settled and lived 1S88. 

Child of Delmar A. and Sarah Gertrude Shaw Parsons. 

4.211 i. Wilhelmina Grau Parsons, b. Unionville, Feb. 

8, 1885. 

4.212 iv. Catharine Sophia Shaw, b. Poundridge, August 
10, 1858, m. Hartford, Ct., Oct. 12, 1881, Allen A. 
Clark, minister of the M. E. church at Farmington, 
Ct., 1885. No children. 

4.213 V. Charles Bouton Shaw, b. Poundridge, Sept. 27, 
1859, m. Unionville, Ct., Nov. 10, 1880, Annie McGrier 
(dau. of Robert McCrrier), of Wisconsin; they settled 
at Simsbury, Ct., whei-e they lived 1888. 

Children of Charles B. and Annie McGrier Shaw, of Simsbnrj. 

4.214 i. William Benjamin Shaw, b. Simsbury, Ct., Aug. 
23, 1881. 

4.215 ii. Robert George Shaw, b. Simsbury, Dec. 4, 1883. 

4.216 vi. Hester Ann Shaw (dau. of William B. and Hes- 
ter C. Shaw), b. Poundridge, Sept. 24, 1860, m. Sims- 

BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 445 

bury, March 12, 1881, Charles J. Graves (son of George 
and Ehza Graves), b. Willimantic, Ct. ; they settled 
at Simsbury, where they lived 1889. 

Cbildren of Charles and Hester Ann Shaw Graves. 

4.217 i. Bertha Louisa Graves, b. Simsbury, Ct., Sept. 8, 
1883; res. Simsbury, 1889. 

4,217'^ ii. Hester Georgianna Graves, b. Simsbury, 1885; 
res. Simsbury, 1889. 

4.218 vii. George Frederick Shaw (son of William B. and 
Hester C. Shaw), b. Poundridge, N. Y., July 12, 
1802; unmarried; res. Simsbury 1885. 

4.219 V. Sophia Jane Bouton (dau. of Thomas and Lucinda 
Bouton), b. Poundridge, April 26, 1837, m. Sept. 30, 
1857, Henry Richards, b. Nov. 17, 1826 : settled at 
Stanwich, Ct., where she d. June 8, 1858. 

4,219^ vi. Caroline Minerva Bouton (daughter of Thomas 
and Lucinda Bouton), b. Poundridge, April 25, 1840, 
m. Stanwich, Sept. 29, 1858, Henry Richards, hus- 
band of her deceased sister ; settled at Stanwich ; 
moved to Great Hill 1889. 

Children of Henrj and Caroline M. Bonton Richards 

4.220 i. Hannah Pamelia Richards, b. North Castle, N. Y., 
July 3, 1859, m. Nov. 25, 1879, Capt. Edward Palmer 
(son of Joseph Palmer), b. Feb. 22, 1852; settled at 
Stamford, Ct. ; resided there 1889. 

Children of Capt Edward and Hannah Pamelia Richards Palmer. 

4.221 i. Florence Palmer, b. Stamford, Ct., April 10, 1880. 

4.222 ii. Richard Palmer, b. Stamford, May 5, 1883. 

4.223 ii. Joseph F. Richards (son of Henry and Caroline 
M. Bouton Richards), b. hjtanwich, Ct., Jan. 11, 1861, 
m. March 28, 1888, Mary R. Close; res. Stamford, 

• 4,224 iii, Elbkrt Richards, b. Stanwich, Dec. 6, 1862, m. 
Oct. 2, 1888, Fanny Warren; res. Stamford. 

4,225 vi. Martha Louisa Bouton (dau. of Thomas and 
Lucinda Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., June 12, 
1840, m. Poundridge, Sept. 27, IS56, Seth Bouton 
Remington (son of Anson and Mary Ann Bouton 
Remington) of Poundridge, where he was born Mar. 
22, 1838. They settled in New Canaan, Ct. On Au- 

446 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

gust 28, 1862, he went to Bridgeport, and enlisted in 
Co. F[., 17th Regt. Conn. Vol. Infantry, Col. Nobie, 
commanding. During an engagement at Dun's Lake, 
Florida, he received a gunshot wound in his right 
arm, for which he receives a pension. He also fought 
at the battle of Gettysburg under Gen. Howard, 
July 1, 2 and 3, 1863. He was taken prisoner and 
sent to Richmond, Va. , and to Belle Island. August 
25, 1863, he was exchanged via City Point, and thence 
by steamer via New York to Indianapolis, Ind. , where, 
August 26, 1863, he was forwarded to Governor's 
Island, and thence to Folly Island, S. C, where he 
again joined his regiment, and on Sept. 27, 1863, 
was commissioned corporal. February 5, 1865, he 
was sent to Andersonville prison, enduring the noto- 
rious privations and cruelties of that rebel iniquity, 
until April 22, 1865, when he was paroled and sent 
to Hartford, where he was mustered out of the U. S. 
service June 8, 1865. On returning home he moved 
his family to South Norwalk, Ct., and was employed 
there as foreman in the hat factory of Messrs. Adams 
Brothers. He built there a residence for his family, 
in 1866, in which they were still hving 1889. They 
are both members of the M. E. church at South 

Cbiidren of Seth B« and Martha Lonlse Boaton Remington. 4225 

4.226 i. Dora Elizabeth Remington, b. Poundridge. N. Y., 
Jan. 19, 1858, m. South Norwalk. Ct., Dec. 18, 1878, 
Henry Gardiner Bouton (son of Isaac and Elizabeth 
Arnold Bouton), of Vista, Westchester county, N. Y., 
where he was b. Dec. 18, 1853; they settled on a farm 
two miles north of the village of Norwalk, where they 
lived 1889. 

Children of Henrj Gardiner and Dora E. Reminj^ton Boaton. 

4.227 i. Harry Remington Bouton, b. Norwalk, Ct., Dec. 

12, 1880. 

4.228 ii. Emma Aretta Bouton, b. Norwalk, Jan. 19, 1881. 

4.229 iii. Albert Gardiner Bouton, b. Norwalk, April 5, 

4,229^ iv. Arthur Isaac Bouton, b. Dec. 20, 1887. 

4.230 ii. Aretta Remington, b. New Canaan, Ct., Dec. 5, 
1862, m. Tro)^ N. Y., August 10, 1847, Charles N. 
Ruggles, of Bridgeport; settled at Bridgeport, where 
they res. 1889. 


Child of Charles N. and Aretta Reiniiit^toii Baggies, of Bridgeport 

4,230* i. Lawrence R. Ruggles, b. Bndgeport, Jan. 14, 


4.231 iii. Annie Smith Remington, b. South Nor walk, Ct., 
Jan. 22, 1866, educated and graduated there June 22, 
1884; m. South Norwalk, Dec. 16, 1885, Albert J. Hoyt 
(son of WilHara Henry and Mary Bull Hoyt), of New 
Haven, Ct. ; settled and living, autumn of 1887, 48 
East Pearl street. New Haven; moved to Norwalk, 
Ct. ; res. there 1889. 

Child of Albert J. and Annie S. Bemington Hojt, of Norwalk. 4281 

4.232 i. Mildred Hoyt, b. New Haven, Ct., Feb. 25, 1883. 

4.233 iv. Howard Grant Remington, b. South Norwalk, 
Ct., Feb. 22, 1869; was residing therewith his parents 


4.234 iii. Sally Ann Bouton (dau. of Jesse and Sally Bou- 
ton, of Ridgefield), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Sept. 10, 1803. 
When about fourteen years old, she went to live and 
learn the tailor trade with her uncle, Thaddeus Bou- 
ton, of Washington, Dutchess county, N. Y., where 
she m. June 19, 1<:>3, Joseph Dodds, of Chnton, born 
May 30, 1803. They settled in Clinton, about two 
miles north-west of Stone Meeting House, where he 
died summer of 1S35. She married, second, Clinton 
Hollow, N. Y., August I, 1836, George Wallace, of* 
Clinton, N. Y., b. Sept. 20, 1800. They settled near 
Clinton Hollow, Dutchess Co., N. Y., where she died 
May 27, 1S50; she was buried in the Friends' burying 
ground at Stone Mtjeting House, Clinton, where a 
marble tablet, inscribed with her name, was standing 
July, 1885. 

Some special notice is deemed due her memoiy by 
the writer, who. in childhood, shared her care as of 
a most devoted sister, and in later life witnessed her 
extraordinarily unselfish and exemplary Christian 
life. Ever enjoying a very warm place in the affec- 
tions of her friends and neighbors, she departed this 
life at its meridian, greatly loved and lamented. 
After her death her husband found a comfortable 
home with his childnMi until he died, at Gilbertsville, 
N. Y., April, \>M. 

448 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Joseph and 8ally Ann Bonton Dodds, of 

Clinton, K. T. 4284^ 

4.235 i. Edward Dodds, b. Clinton, N. Y., d. in infancy, 
date not known. 

4.236 ii. Mary Willis Dodds, b. Clinton, August 13, 1825. 
She united early in life with the M E. church at 
Clinton. She learned the tailoring trade and worked 
with her mother. She married, Clinton, Sept. 27, 
1849, Hiram Wing Briggs, of Clinton, where he was 
bom July 16, 1826. They settled in Butternuts, Ot- 
sego Co., N. Y.; they moved 1863, to a dairy farm, 
which they bought, two miles west of Rockwell's 
Mills, where they carried on a large daiiy business, 
as her skill in butter making became very favorably 
known in the New York market. They were both 
active members of the M. E. church at Rockwell's 
Mills until 1879, when she became afflicted with a 
cancer in the breast, from which she died, after suf- 
fering for about two years, which she endured with 
Christian resignation. Her death took place at the 
farm Dec. 14, 1881, and she was buried at the Rock- 
well's Mills cemeteiy. No children. Mr. Briggs 
moved to Mt. Upton, N. Y., spring of 1885, and sub- 
sequently to Otego, N. Y., where he resided spring of 

4.237 iii. George WAsmNGTON Dodds, b. Clinton, Sept. 
12, 1827; died June 20, 1830. 

4.238 iv. Eliza Boughton Dodds, b. Clinton, March 23, 
1829, m. first, Shultzville, N. Y., May 14, 1846, Gteorge 
W. Tripp ; settled in Butternuts, Otsego county, N. 
Y.; about 1852 moved to Racine, Wis.; during their 
residence there he d. at Milwaukee, and she returned, 
with her children, to Gilbertsville, N. Y. She m. 
second, near Butternuts, July 4, 1867, Nelson Green, 
a farmer, owning a farm about one mile north of 
Gilbertsville, where, April, 1875, he died. She m. 
third, Gilbertsville, May 29, 1877, William Delos Bab- 
cock, of that town, where they lived until she died, 
Feb. 9, 1882. At Racine, she united with the Baptist 
church, but on returning to Gilbertsville joined the 
M. E. church and then the Episcopal church, with 
which she stood connected when she died. 

Children of George W. and Eliza B. Dodds Tripp. 

4.239 i. Joseph Dodds Tripp Briggs, b. Butternuts, Otsego 
county, N. Y., March 16, 1849; his aunt Mary having 


no children, while Joseph was yet a small boy she 
adopted him as her child, and he was brought up by 
his uncle and aunt on the farm near Rockwell's Mills, 
and he took the name of Brigejs; m. Mary D. Crosby, 
b. Hartwick, Otsego county, Feb. 24, 1851; settled on 
a hired farm in Morris, same county; after a year or 
more they moved on to the farm of his adopted 
parents, to unite with them in its cultivation. In 
December, 1 882, becoming dissatisfied with farming 
in New York state, he determined to see what 
attractions for him were in the west; he went to 
New Mexico, where soon after he was attacked with 
a fever and died Feb. 4, 1883, leaving his widow a life 
insurance for $2,000. She returned to the farm of 
his parents, living there until the spring of 1884, 
when she went to live at Oneonta, N. Y. ; returned 
to live with her father-in-law at Mount Upton, N. Y., 
spring of 1885. She and her husband were both mem- 
bers of the M. E. church at Eockwell's Mills, while 
he was living. She built a house and lived at Otego, 
spring of 1868. 

Child of Joseph D. and Marj D. Crosbj Brig^gs. 

4.240 i. Annie Euzabeth Briggs, b. Morris, N. Y., Feb. 15, 
1874 ; lived with her mother, near Mount Upton, N. 
Y. ; she died suddenly, near Rockwell's Mills, Che- 
nango county, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1887, and was buried 
in Evergreen cemetery there. 

Note. — Soon after the death of her daughter a despond- 
ency came upon Mrs. Briggs, and she was sent to the insti- 
tution at Miadletown, N. x. 

4.241 ii. Edward Everett Tripp, b. Butternuts, N. Y., 
about 1861; he grew up with a delicate constitution; 
lived in Otsego and Chenango counties, N. Y., until 
m. at Maple Grove, Otsego county, Feb. 16, 1875, 
Mary McKniff (dau. of Micnael and Mary McKniff), 
of New York city, where she was b. Feb. 1, 1853; 
they then settled at Unity, Clark county. Wis., and 
moved to Abbottsford, same county, about 1884, 
where his health was much improved, being em- 
ployed by L. Eoter & Co., lumber firm, of Abbotts- 
ford. In the autumn of 1884 he was seized with 
typhoid pneumonia, of which he died Nov. 2, 1884. 


450 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Edward £. and Marj McKniff Tripp. 

4.242 i. Edward Everett Tripp, Jr., b. Colby, Clark Co., 
Wis., Feb. 8, 1877. 

4.243 ii. ZiNNiE Adell Tripp, b. Unity, Sept. 24, 1878. 

4.244 iii. Franklin Derick Tripp, b. Abbottsford, July 16, 


The subsequent history of the above family not known. 

4.245 iii. Hiram Briggs Tripp (son of G. W. and Eliza B. 
Dodds Tripp), lived at Unity, Wis., 1885; not heard 
from since. 

4.246 iv. Thomas Smith Tripp (son of G. W. and Eliza B. 
Dodds Tripp), b. town of Coventry, Chenango Co., N. 
Y., Sept. 14, 1853; a molderby trade; m. at West Law- 

. rence, Otsego county, N. Y., Ida De Etta Georgia 
(dau. of Moses and Electa Hill Georgia), of Lawrence, 
b. Nov. 29, 1858; settled in West Oneonta, N. Y., 
where they were living until they moved, 1888, to 
Walton, Delaware Co., N. Y., where they res. 1889. 

Child of Thomas Hmith and Ida D. £. Georgia Tripp. 

4.247 i. Minnie Gertrude Tripp, b. West Oneonta, Sept. 

28, 1878. 

End of Eliza Bough ton Tripp's descendants. 

Children of 6(eorge and Salij Ann Bonghton Dodds Wallace. 

4.248 V. George W. Wallace, b. Clinton, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y., June 12, 1837; after his mother's death (1850) 
he went to Butternuts, Otsego Co., N. Y., to live; m. 
at Butternuts (now Gilbertsville), Dec. 24, 1865, Jose- 
phine HoUis, of Butternuts, where she was b. Oct. 25, 
1841. They both united with the M. E. church at Gil- 
bertsville at about eighteen years old. In the year 
1862 he enhsted in the 121st Kegt N. Y. S. Vols, for 
three years or the war, and was in the 6th army corps 
until close of war. He was at the battle of Gettysburg 
and the capture of General Lee; was never wounded 
or taken prisoner, but was sick with typhoid fever in 
hospital. By occupation house painter, which he 
engaged in on returning from the war; he was mus- 
tered out July 8, 1865. They sold their place in Gil- 
bertsville and moved to Otego, N. Y., in April, 1888, 
where they were living in 1889. No children. 

4.249 vi. Jacob Henry Wallace (son of George W. and 
Sally Ann Wallace), b. Clinton, Jan. 10, 1840; by 
occupation a farmer; Sept. 5, 1862, he enlisted in the 


152d Regt. N. Y, State Vols.; went into camp at 
Mohawk, N, Y., and mustered into U. S. service Oct. 
15, 1862, and from thence to Virginia; he took part 
in the engagement at RoUenston's Tavern, Va., Nov., 
1863, and subsequently, in February, at Western 
Fords, and May 6, 1864, at the battle of the Wilder- 
ness, where he was wounded and disabled for service. 
He was discharged from the service Jan. 2, 1865, and 
sent home. The effect of his wounds deprived him 
from engaging in ordinary employment, for which 
he was granted a pension from the government, 
which has been increased and regularly paid until 
the present writing. After he returned from the 
army he went to Gilbertsville to live, where he m. 
Jan. 14, 1869, Almeda H. Hopkins (dau. of Almond 
and Cornelia Hopkins), a milliner of that village, who 
was b. Jan. 18, 1848, and died Sept. 22, 1876. 

Child of Jacob M. and Almeda Hopkins Wallace. 

4,250 i. Frederick Eugene Wallace, b. Gilbertsville, N. 
T., Oct. 3, 1872, and died April 17, 1876. 

He married, second, at Gilbertsville, March 31, 
1880, Frances L. Brown Tinker, widow of Squire 
Tinker (with two sons). She was born June 13, 1847. 
They settled at Otego, Otsego county, N. Y., where 
they bought a farm and were living 1889. She died 
October 28, 1889. 

4,261 iv. Eliza Bouton (dau. of Jesse and Sally Boughton 
Bouton), b. at Ridgefleld, Ct., Dec. 29,1805, m. Ridge- 
field, Dec. 15, 1844, Jeremiah Gilbert, a farmer of 
Ridgefield, three miles east of the village, where her 
mother made her home while she lived. He d. Oct. 
30, 1860. After his death she continued to live on 
the farm with her only son, who, failing to provide 
suitably for her in her infirmity and decrepitude of 
years, she went to live with Mr. W. R. Buttery, a 
neighbor, who most kindly offered her a comfortable 
home with them, where, about one mile north of 
Branch ville, Ct., she died June 19, 1884, and was 
buried in the Ridgefield cemetery. 

Child of Jeremiah and Eliza Bouton Gilbert. 

4.252 i. George W. Gilbert, b. Ridgefield, Ot., July 1, 
1850; unmarried. 

4.253 V. Jesse Scott Bouton, b. Ridgefield, April 15, 1808; 
he learned his trade as a house carpenter at Clinton, 

452 BouTON-BocGHTON Familt. 

N. Y., where he also earned on a wagon maker's 
shop; m. DansviUe, Ulster county, N. T., 1829, 
Catharine Bardenbui^h, of that place, b. Nov. 26, 
1810. They settled at CUnton Hollow, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y.; moved from thereto Rondout, thence to Rock 
City and to Fisbkill and Rhinebeck, N. Y., where he 
d. May 29, 1860. In the fall of 1861 his family moved 
to New York city, and thence, a month later, to Jer- 
sey City, N. J., where she made her home with her 
son. Denton Botton, until she died July 20, 1885, 
and was buried in Jersey City. 

ChildreB of Jesse S. and Catharine Hardenhnii^h Beaton. 

4.254 i. Isaac Hakdenburgh Bouton, b. Clinton Hollow, 
N. Y., Dec. 5, 1830. His vocation was that of boat 
hand on the harbor and J^st river, where, in Dec. 23, 
1853, he was washed overboard and drowned. 

4.255 ii. Thomas Burr Bouton, 2d, b. CUnton, Sept. 6, 1832, 
m. Sept. 13, 1864, Janet Livermore, and settled Lewis 
Centre, Delaware county, O., where he buys produce 
and ships to New York market. Further details of 
his record could not be obtained. He w*as Uving at 
said place September, 1885; moved to Sunbury, Dela- 
ware county, O., where they were living 1887. A 
letter was received from him in October, 1889, telling 
of his removed to Jerry City, Wood county, O. No 

4.256 iii. Peter Hardenburgh Bouton, b. Clinton, Sept. 3, 
1834; he was a boatman about New York; was taken 
ill and sent to hospital on Staten Island, where he 
died Nov. 10, 1861. 

4.257 iv. Francis Donnell Bouton, b. Clinton, July 10, 
1837, m. Fall Kiver, Mass., March, 1862, Josephine 
Connor, of Fall River. They settled in Jersey City, 
where he d. Sept. 28, 1867, after which she moved to 
West Bergen, N. J., where she lived spring of 1889. 

Children of Franeis D. and Josephine Connor Ronton. 

4.258 i. John Dennis Bouton, b. Jersey City, Dec. 21, 1862; 
he lived at home with his mother, at 171 Westside 
avenue, Jersey Citjr; unmarried 1889. He met with 
a serious accident m Colgate & Co.'s factory, where 
he was employed ; his hand, l)eing caught in a 
machine, was terribly torn and mutilated, for which 
the generous firm made him a Uberal consideration, 
and by whom he was still employed, summer of 1889. 



4.259 ii. Eva Frances Bouton, b. Sept. 28, 1865, m. Oct. 27, 
1884, George Oram (son of John and Adell Oram), of 
New York c ity , where he was b. Oct. 26, 1859. They 
lived at 171 Westside avenue, Jersey City, 1889. 

Child of Geon^e and Era Frances Bouton Oram. 

4.260 i. JosiE Floeence Oram, b. Jersey City, N. J., June 
8, 1886. 

4.261 V. Jesse Scott Bouton, Jr. (son of Jesse S. and 
Catharine Bouton), b. Clinton, N. Y., March 26, 1839, 
machinist, m. Astoria, L. I., July 24, 1864, Emma 

Rich, of Trenton, N. J., born ; they lived at 

South Norwalk, Ct., and Jersey City, from whence 
they moved to Brooklyn ; they res. 173 Meserole Ave., 
Greenpoint, 1889. 

Children of Jesse S. and Emma Bloh Bouton, of Mott Haren^ N. T. AMI 

4.262 i. Carrie Frances Bouton, b. April, 1865, and died 
May, 1865, aged 17 days. 

4.263 *ii. Jesse Samuel Bouqhton, printer, b. Mott Haven, 

June 10, 1866, m. Ida B. Howe, of MabbettsviUe, 
Dutchess county, N. Y. ; she d. at Greenpoint, L. I., 
Dec. 20, 1888, aged 20 years, 7 months, 7 aays; buried 
at Washington Hollow, Dutchess county, IN. Y. 

4.264 iii. Francis Peter Bouton, b. Mott Haven, and died, 
aged 8 months, in 1869. 

4.265 *iv. William Arthur Bouqhton, b. Mott Haven, Oct. 

5, 1869. 

*NoTE. — The two sons of Jesse S. Bout/on, above, adopted 
the method of spelling with the oh. 

4.266 vi. Denton Bouton (son of Jesse S. and Catharine 
Hardenburgh Bouton), b. Clinton Hollow, Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., August 1^, 1841; by trade ship carpenter; 
m. at Jersey City, June 11, 1874, Cathanne Connors, 
of Fall River, Klass. ; he was foreman of repairs for 
West Shore railroad at Weehawken 1888. 

Cldldren of Denton and Catharine Connors Bouton^ of Jersej Citj. 4866 

4.267 i. Adele Bouton, b. Jersey City, April 22, 1875, and 
d. April 29, 1880. 

4.268 ii. George Denton Bouton, b. Jersey City, May 25, 

4.269 iii. Frank Wallace Bouton, b. Jersey City, June 
22, 1880. 

4.270 iv. Edith May Bouton, b. Jersey City, June 3, 1836. 

454 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4.271 vii. LoxnsA Ann Bouton (dau. of Jesse S. and Catha« 
rine Hardenburgh Bouton), b. Clinton, N. Y., April 2, 
1844; died at Clinton, Sept. 22, 1846, aged 2 years, 4 
months and 20 days. 

4.272 viii. Sarah Jane Bouton (dau. of Jesse S. and Cath- 
arine Bouton), b. Clinton, Nov. 9, 1846; she united 
in eariy life with the M. E. church, of which she 
remained a most devoted member until she died at 
Jersey City, Feb. 20, 1875. 

4.273 vi. Clarissa Hyatt BouaHTON (dau. of Jesse and 
Sally Boughton Bouton), b. Ridgefield, Ct , August 
26, 1811; lived at home until about fourteen, when 
she went to Washington, Dutchess county, N. T., 
and lived with her uncle, Thaddeus Boughton, and 
worked with him at tailoring; m. at Ridgefield, Feb. 
26, 1829, William Northrup (son of Lewis Northrup), 
of North Salem, N. Y., where he was born Feb. 13, 
1805; a farmer; they settled at Ridgefield, moved to 
Silver Mines, Norwalk township, where he died 
August 23, 1872. She continued to live upon the 
farm for a number of years till her advanced age 
made it necessary for her to have the care of her 
children, who delighted to make her happy in their 
homes, where she divided her time among them. 
She was a most devoted Christian, a member of the 
M. E. church, to which she had stood connected many 
years; and though severely afflicted with rheumatism, 
the consolations of religion and the tender care of her 
affectionate daughter, Mrs. Warren, she appeared 
cheerful and contented, spring of 1889, at the house 
of her son-in-law, William B. Warren, Norwalk, Ct. 

Children of TVilliam and Clarissa U. Booghton Northrap. 427S 

4.274 i. Sarah Ann Northrup, b. Ridgefield, Ct., Oct. 28, 
1831; she was reared under the influence of a Chris- 

. tian home and united with the M. E. church, of 
which she remained a consistent, earnest communi- 
cant. She married, Silver Mines, June 18, 1854, 
William Beekman Warren (son of Sands and Phebe 
Warren), of Stamford, where he was born March 3, 
1829; he was also a member of the M. E. church. 
They bought a nice residence in central Norwalk, Ct., 
where they were living, surrounded by their children 
and grandchildren, in the summer of 1889. 


Children of William B. and Sarah Ann Northmp Warren. 

4.275 i. Sarah Emma Warren, b. Norwalk, Ct., April 20, 
1855; she was an active member of the M. E. church 
at Norwalk, and with a finely cultivated soprano 
voice she had been leader of the soprano of the choir 
of her church. She was living at home, unmarried, 

4.276 ii. Mary Elizabeth Warren, b. Norwalk, June 7, 
1857, m. Norwalk, Dec. 24, 1879, Heman R. Stevens 
(son of John and Deborah Stevens), of Ridgefleld, 
Ct., where he was born Nov. 13, 1857; they settled 
in central Norwalk, where he built, in 1^87, a fine 
residence and resided 1889. 

Children of Heman B. and Mary £• Warren Sterens. 4276 

4.277 i. Heman Warren Stevens, b. Ridgefield, Ct., July 
6, 1882. 

4.278 ii. Emma Gertrude Stevens, b. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 
14, 1884. 

4.279 iii. William Lewis Warren, hatter, b. Norwalk, 
Jan. 23, 1860, ra. Norwalk, June 6, 1883, Georgiana 
Shumway (dau. of Charles and Celestia Shumway), 
of New York city, where she was born April 17, 1863; 
both members of the Norwalk M. E. church, and 
lived at Norwalk 1889, having built for themselves a 
handsome residence there in Arch street in 1888. 

Children of William L. and Georgiana Shamwaj Warren. 4279 

4.280 i. Mabel Shumway Warren, b. Norwalk, March 4, 

4,280" ii. Elsie NoRTHRUP Warren, b. Norwalk, July 31, 


4.281 iii. Charles Lincoln Warren, b. Norwalk, Feb. 17, 
1864 ; occupation hatter; m. Norwalk, Nov. 3, 1886, 
Addie Kellogg, 21 Main street, Norwalk; residence at 
Norwalk, where he built a fine residence in Maple 
street, and was living there 1889. 

Child of Charles L. and Addie Kellogrg Warren, of Norwalk, Ct 4281 

4.282 i. Lester Kellogg Warren, b, Norwalk, Ct., May 
21, 1888. 

4.283 ii. Captain Lewis Northrup (son of William and 
Clarissa Northrup), b. Ridgefield, Ct., Feb. 1, 1834; 
machinist; m. Qeoi'getown, Ct., Feb. 10, 1858, Abby 
Jane Smith (dau. of Orris and Ruth Smith), of 

456 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Georgetown, where she was bom Jan. 29, 1839. 
They settled near Georj^town. He enhsted at Wes- 
ton, Ct., in Company E, 23d ^egt. Ct. Vols.; was 
mustered in as sergeant and pix>moted to captain and 
honorably discharged August 31, 1863. On returning 
from the war he procured the position of foreman of 
the large wire works of that place. She died near 
Georgetown, June 12, 1869. He married, second, at 
South Salem, N. Y., May 31, 1871, Lucy Olmstead 
(dau. of Nathan and Martha Olmstead), of South 
Salem, whei e she was bom Feb. 19, 1838. They set- 
tled near Georgetown, where they lived 1889. 

Children of Capt. Lewis and Ahkj Jane Smith Northmp. 

4.284 i. Mary Ella NoRrmiup, b. Greorgetown, Ct., April 
25, 1800; living, unmarried, at home 1889. 

Children of Lewis and Loej Olmstead Northmp. 

4.285 ii. Maude Estelle Northrup, b. near Georgetown, 
Ct., August 27, 1874, w^here she was Uving with her 
parents, 1889. 

4.286 iii. Herbert Clayton Northrup, b. near Greorge- 
town, March 26, 1877; was living with parents 1889. 

4.287 iii. Mary Louise Northrup, b. Kidgefield, Ct., May 
1, 1837, m. New York city, June 5, 1855, Edwara 
Potter, settled at New Canaan, Ct., and moved to 
Norwalk, where he deserted her. She went to Silver 
Mines to live, where she married, second, 1884, Alli- 
son Frie, and settled at Silver Mines, Fairfield Co., 
Ct., where they lived 1889. 

Child of Edward and Mary Loalse Northmp Potter, of South 

Norwalk, Ct 4287 

4.289 i. Lewis Edward Potter, b. New Canaan, Ct., 
May 17, 1857, m. Norwalk, Ct., Nov. 25, 1880, EmUy 
A. Northrup (dau. of Edwin and Sarah Northrup), of 
Blackstown, Mass. They settled in South Norwalk, 
where they were living 1889. 

Child of Lewis Edward and Emil j A. Northmp Potter. 

4.290 i. Lulu Potter, b. South Norwalk, Ct., June 18, 

4.291 iv. Permelia W. Northrup (dau. of William and 
Clarissa H. Bouton North rap), b. Eidgefield, Ct., July 
24, 1839, m. New Canaan, Ct., June 11, 1861, John 


W. Buttery (son of Silas and Elizabeth Slawson But- 
tery) of New Canaan, where he was bom May 16, 
1842. Farmer and lumber merchant. Settled at 
New Canaan, Ct., and moved to Silver Mines, town 
of Norwalk, where he owned a farm and saw mill, 
by which he manufactured ship timber for the ship 
builders of New York and Brooklyn. They were 
living in Silver Mines, 1889. 

Children of John W. and Permelia W. Northmp Battery. 4891 

4.292 i. Minnie Buttery, b. New Canaan, Ct., Oct. 18, 
1863; lived at home, unmarried, 1889. 

4.293 ii. Frederick Buttery, b. New Canaan, June 18, 
1872; was living at home, attending school, 1889. 

4.294 V. Clarissa Jane Northrup (daughter of William 
and Clarissa H. Northrup), b. Ridgefleld, April 26, 
1841, and died at Ridgefleld, Feb. 19, 1843. 

4.295 vi. Jane Elizabeth Northrup, b. Ridgefleld, August 
13, 1849, and died Sept. 21, 1861. 

4.296 vii. Emma Frances Northrup, b. Wilton, Ct., Feb. 
26, 1862, m. Georgetown, Ct., July 6, 1870, John 
Benedict Jelliflf. They settled at Branch ville, Ct., 
where she died Oct. 29, 1883. 

Children of John B. and Emma Frances Northmp Jelliff. 4296 

4,29Y i. Irving Lewis Jelliff, b. Branch ville, Ct., August 

26, 1872. 

4.298 ii. Carrie Frances Jelliff, b. Branch ville, August 4, 

4.299 iii. Herman Gilbert Jelliff, b. Branch ville, Sept. 
24, 1877. 

After the death of his wife he moved to Danbury 
where he married and took his youngest child; the 
other two were sent to board with Mrs. Hill, Redding, 
Ct., where they res. 1889. 

4.300 vii. Enoch Bouton (son of Jesse and Sally Boughton 
Bouton), b. April 16, 1816; his father dying when he 
was a child his mother took him with her to live for 
a time with her brother, Thaddeus Boughton, at 
Washington, Dutchess county, N. Y. * On their 
return to Eidgefield he went an apprentice to the 
tanning business at Titicus, near Bidgefield village; 
married at Ridgefleld, Oct. 20, 1840, Phebe Brown, b. 
about 1820 ; ihey bought a homestead in Whipstick 
neighborhood, two or three miles south of Ridgefleld 

458 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

village, where they lived until June 80, 1886, when 
he died, after a long period of suffering with diffi- 
culty of breathing. She then went to live with her 
daughter, Mrs. Eliza Ann Allen, in Norwalk, where 
she died spring of 1888. 

Child of Enoch and Phehe Brown Boaton. 4S00 

4,301 i. Eliza Ann Bouton, b. Eidgefield, Ct., Dec. 9, 1843; 
she was brought up at home with her parents until 
old enough to learn a trade; she went to Norwalk 
and learned the millinery trade, where she lived until 
m. Sept. 26, 1868, James E. Allen (son of Loyal W. 
and Mary M. Williams Allen), of Pittsfield, Mass., 
and subsequently of North Salem, where he was born 
Sept. 26, 1837 ; a mason and builder in Norwalk, 
where they lived 1889. No children. 

Thadoeus Boughton (son of Timothy and Martha Scott* 
Boughton) was born at Poundridge, Westchester county, 
N. Y., May 2, 1777; his father served in the Revolutionary 
war, and while he was absent in the service of his country 
his wife, with her three small children, went to Ridgefield 
to share the protection and care of her father. Captain James 
Scott. Thaddeus served his apprenticeship with Nathaniel 
Close, of Ridgefield. When out of his time he went to New- 
York city where he remained for a time and worked at his 
trade. On his return to Connecticut he went to live with a 
relative, Thomas Boughton, in Ridgebury parish, town of 
Ridgefield. Here he lived and worked at tailoring for a 
considerable time; becoming acquainted with the family of 
a neighboring farmer he married, at Ridgebury, Oct. 27, 
1801, Lucy Rockwell (daughter of Abraham and Esther 
Riggs Rockwell), of Ridgebury, where she was born May 6, 
1783. They settled at Little Rest in the town of Washing- 
ton, Dutchess county, N. Y. ; moved to Four Corners, and 
in 1805 moved to Clinton, about a half mile south of the 
Stone Meeting House, and in 1816 bought a farm of fifty-six 

*NoTE. — Martha Scott was daughter of Captain James 
and Martha Benedict Scott, of Ridgefield, Ct., and sister of 
Sarah Scott, who married Uriah Marvin, of Ridgefield, and 
also sister of Huldah Scott, who married John Waterhouse, 
of Ridgefield. Huldah (daughter of Uriah and Sarah Scott 
Marvin) married Thaddeus Benedict, who lived and died at 
Victory, Cayuga county, N. Y. (See Benedict OenecUogtfy 
page 106.) 


acres on what was called the mountain, in the north-west 
comer of the town of Washington, where thejr lived and 
can*ied on tailoring in connection with the cultivation and 
improvement of his farm. He united with the society of 
Friends about the year 1807, and remained a member of the 
Creek monthly meeting until 1834, when, having sold his 
farm in Washington and bought one in Victory, N.Y., 
he removed his family and household effects in April of 
that year, going by sloop to Albany and by line boat on the 
canal from thence to Port Byron, at which place they were 
met by team* and wagon and conveyed eleven miles to the 
new farm in Victory. 

The years that followed this new settlement were filled 
with the most energetic efforts to not only secure a comfort- 
able home for his family, but to promote the growth of the 
religion h ^ professed, being what is commonly designated 
a Quaker. He found himself and family isolated from any 
of his particular sect, and so established the worahip of God 
in his own house according to the practice of his connection, 
the effect of which was in time a society was organized at 
Victor, and meetings were regularly held there under the 
auspices of the Scipio quarterly meeting. 

Retracing the History. 

In the summer of 1814, Lucy, the wife of Thaddeus 
Boughton, was prostrated with a sickness that distracted 
her mind and for a time incapacitated her for the care of 
her family, from which she slowly recovered and enjoyed 
usual health until the winter of 1843-4, when a mental de- 
rangement seized her, from which she never after recovered 
through the remaining eight years of her life. After her 
illness it was thought best by her family that she should 
live with her daughter Eliza Wanzer, where she had the 
most devoted attention and affectionate care possible until 
May 5, 1852, when she died at Ledyaid, Cayuga county, 
N. Y., and was buried in Fiiends' burying ground at that 
place, and not only her children and relatives but all who 
oecame acquainted with her in life, ever gladly unite in 
bearing testimony to her unselfish devotedness to the 
welfare of others and to her uniformly meek and quiet 

After her death he continued to live with his son-in-law, 
Ebenezer L. Wanzer, who with great kindness sought to 
make his declining years peaceful and happy. With but a 
short illness he expired at the house of nis son-in«law at 

460 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Ledyard, N. T., on the 16th of June, 1861, aged 84 years, 43 
days, and was buried by the remains of his wife in the 
Friends' burying ground at Ledyard, where a simple tablet 
marks his resting place. 

Children of Tbaddeiu and Lucy Rockwell Bonghton. 884l» 

Minerva Boughton, Euna Rockwell Boughton, Eliza 
BouGHTON, William Leason Boughton, Edward Hicks 
Boughton, and James Boughton. 

4.302 i. Minerva Boughton, b. Nov. 11, 1802, and died 
Jan. 19, 1805. 

4.303 ii. RuNA Rockwell Boughton, b. Clinton, Dutchess 
county, N. Y., Mar. 3, 1806. In boyhood served an 
apprenticeship with his father at tailoring which, as 
he advanced in years, did not meet his taste. He 
obtained a situation as clerk in the general store of 
Hubby Adee at Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county, 
N. Y., where he became acquainted with his 
daughter, Dorinda, the widow of Cornell Palmer, 
living .at her father's with her two small children. 
She was born at Pleasant Valley, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1803, 
and they married Sept., 1826, and settled in New 
York city, whore he established himself as a mer- 
chant tailor, in which he continued until 1832. 
During, the great cholera epidemic he left the city 
and resided for a time in Dutchess county. On the 
abatement of the epidemic he returned to the city 
and his business until 1837, when he sold out his 
business in New York and removed to Victory, N. Y., 
where he built a shop and established the tailoring 
business at Victory Centre. In 1839 returned to New 
York city and formed a co-partnership with Mn 
Nathaniel A. Knapp at 33 Maiden lane and 19 
Courtland street ; they were very successful ; dissolving 
in 1854, they divided about $100,000 between them. 
After the dissolution he established himself in the 
manufacturing and jobbing clothing business in 
Murray street and at 256 Broadway, associating 
with him his two brothers, William and James, and 
continued until the panic of '57, when the heavy 
failures of his debtors swept him into an assignment 
from which he never again recovered his business 

In July, 1866, his wife went to the country for 
a few days of recuperation leaving him alone in his 


Eart of the house, and on Sunday, the 20th of July, 
e was out the most of the day and was seen by the 
people living in the other part of the house to return 
at evening. At near midnight he was heard moan- 
ing, and on going to him he was unable to converse; 
a physician and his daughter, who resided near by, 
were at once summoned, but he died without being 
able to tell any of the experiences of his last day in 
life. He was buried in his own lot in Greenwood, 
where his remains repose by the side of his departed 
dear ones. His death was supposed to have been the 
result of a sunstroke, as the day previous to his 
death was an extremely hot one. His widow having 
inherited from a relative a legacy of over $70,000, 
purchased a handsome residence at 541 Franklin 
avenue, where she died May 22, 1883, and was buried 
by the side of her husband's remains at Greenwood. 

Children of Bnna B. and ]>orinda A. Boogbton. 480S 

4.304 i. Gertrude Minerva Boughton, b. New York citv, 
April 8, 1827. Her infantile life was remarkably 
beautiful, she possessed an understanding of religious 
subjects far beyond her years, and seemed to impress 
those about her with the idea that she was better 

• suited to a home in heaven than on earth. She died 
in New York city, Sept. 13, 1836. 

4.305 ii. Daniel Webster Boughton, b. New York city, 
Aug. 4, 1835. He was a remarkably beautiful child, 
winning the admiration of those who saw him and 
heard his conversation at only about the age of one 
year. He died Dec. 23, 1836, at New York city, and 
was buried at Greenwood. 

4.306 iii. Lucy Adelaide Boughton, b. New York city, 
March 12, 1833. At the age of but three or four years 
she was seized with measles which left her deaf, and 
as a consequence she soon lost her knowledge of 
language and became mute. Her parents feeling 
greatly afficted in her loss of hearing determined to 
as far as possible compensate for her loss by educa- 
tion; she was sent to the New York Deaf and Dumb 
Institution (as it was called), to be educated, where, 
under the tuition of David E. Bartlett, she completed 
her course and graduated with the approbation of 
the faculty in July, 1850, after which she went home 
to reside with her parents in New York city. 

She married at East 35th street, New York city. 

462 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Oct. 2, I860, William Henry Myers (son of Bernard 
and Abigail Myers), of Brooklyn, N. Y., where he 
was born Oct. 26, 1834. He, too, having lost his 
hearing in childhood, was educated at the Deaf and 
Dumb Institute, New York city. They settled in 
Brooklyn where he carried on a bakery and confec- 
tionery business, from which he retired in 1883, and 
was living with his wife at her residence 541 Franklin 
avenue, JBrooklyn; after selling her house, 641 
Franklin avenue, she purchased 549 Halsey street, 
Brooklyn, where they res., 1889. 

4.307 iv. Gertrude Augusta Boughton, b. Victory, Ca- 
yuga county, N. Y., March 8, 1838. She was bom 
mute and at the age of eight years was sent to the 
New York Institute for Deaf-Mutes, where she ac- 
quired a good education, graduated and returned to 
live with her parents, where she continued until the 
summer of 1876 she went to visit friends in Cayuga 
county when she lecame acquainted with Mr. Samuel 
Allen Taber, of Scipio, Cayuga county, son of William 
Taber, of Scipio, where he was bom Jan. 27, 1829, 
and they were married at 975 Fulton street, Brooklyn, 
Jan. 4, 1877, and settled on his farm at Scipio, where 
they still resided in the autumn of 1885, never having 
had any children. In spring of 1886 they bought a 
handsome residence in Auburn, N. Y., where they 
wereUving at No. 9 Hamilton avenue in 1889. 

4.308 V. Eliza Kunaanna Boughton, b. New York city, 
July 26, 1842. In infancy she manifested unusual 
intelligence and at her death she seemed to have 
anticipated the approaching 'glory, and she happily 
passed the mortal bourne April 11, 1850, aged nearly 
eight years. 

4.309 iii. Eliza Boughton, b. CUnton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
Oct. 14, 1811. By reason of the poor health of her 
mother during her childhood she very early learned 
to be helpful in household cares, and displayed an 
aptitude unusual in one so young. At the age of 
about fifteen years she was sent to the Friends' board- 
ing school at Nine Partners, where religious instruction 
as well as school education was enjoyed, and on her 
return to her home she devoted herself and all her 
energies to the interests of the family; moving with 
them to Victory in 1834, she continued to have the 
principal charge of the family until May 20, 1842, 


when she married Ebenezer L. Wanzer, of Ledyard, 
Cayuga county, N. Y., son of Husted and Lucy 
Leach Wanzer, of Quaker Hill, N. T., where he was 
born Dec. 20, 1795. He was a widower with seven 
children, all living at home, among whom she went 
and enjoyed the greatest respect and esteem as long 
as she hved. He was a successful farmer while his 
health lasted, but for several years prior to his death 
his health was not sufBcient for the arduous duties to 
which he had .been accustomed, and he sold his large 
farm and bought a smaller one adjoining the one he 
sold, and by will left the use of his real and personal 
estate to his widow during her life. 

Together they made several toui's of visitation to 
the quarterly meetings belonging to the section where 
they lived, and, as public Friends, were highly 
esteemed in the society. After a somewhat pro- 
tracted illness he died June 19, 1874:, at his home in 
Ledyard and was buried in Friends' burying ground 

After his death she continued to live upon the 
farm, and, as health and opportunity permitted, 
engaged in doing good to the needy until, in the 
effort, her own health and strength gave way, and 
she died, in a bright hope of a joyful meeting with 
parents and loved ones in heaven, on Sept. 7, 1883, 
aged nearly seventy-two years, and was buried in 
Friends' burying ground at Ledyard, where a plain 
stone marks the place. She never had any children. 
4,810 iv. William Leason Boughton, b. Clinton, N. Y., 
August 27, 1814. At the age of fourteen he was sent 
to Friends' boarding school at Nine Partnei-s, after 
which he lived with his parents and learned the 
tailor's trade with his father, but in the latter part of 
his minority devoted his time to farming, and in 
April, 1S31, on the removal of his parents from 
Washington, Dutchess county, to Victory, Cayuga 
county, N. Y., he being nearly twenty years old, 
• drove his father's team, with a load of goods, from 
Washington to Victory, a distance of about four 
hundred miles. To his energy and ability the suc- 
cess of the few years followmg this removal was 
largely due. Uncleared lands lying useless were to 
be brought under cultivation, the sturdy forest trees 
to be converted into lumber, and a new dwelling to 
be erected — ^all of which was accomplished before the 

464 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

end of three years, and largely the result of his per- 
sonal efforts. 

November 14, 1838, he married Diana Ann Morton 
(daughter of Rev. Otis and Nancy Gibhs Morton), 
from Hubbardtown, Vt., where she was born Jan. 
17, 1823. They settled at Victory and farmed his 
father's land and taught school during the winter at 
Conquest and at near Clyde in Wayne county, N. Y. 

In 1845 they moved to New York city, where he 
worked as cutter in clothing stores, and in 1848 
moved his family to Milwaukee, Wis., where he went 
to take charge of a clothing store for (his brother) 
Boughton & Knapp. The climate of Milwaukee not 
seeming to agree with her, she made a visit to her 
cousin, Mrs. Davis, on Cal well's Prairie, where soon 
after she died June 27, 1 850, and was buried in the 
cemetery two miles west of Waterford, Wis., where 
a marble tablet bears the following inscription: 

Sacred to the Memory 



Wife of William Bouohton, 
Who Died 

June 27. 1850. 


After her death he returned to New York city to 
engage in his former occupation, and on July 4, 1851, 
he married second, widow Maria Ann Rockwell, and 
settled in New York city, and subsequently moved 
to Brooklyn, where they continued to live untU 
spring of 1857, when owing to the depression of 
business in New York city they moved to Ashkum, 
Iroquois county, 111. The climate proved unhealthy 
and after some weeks of malaria fever she died Dec. 
11, 1857, and was buried a quarter of a mile west of 
Ashkum depot at a place selected for a burying 

The following spring, March, 1858, he returned to 
New York city, where on the 15th of August, 1860, 
he married third, Mary Eliza Goodell (dau. of Joseph 
and Melinda Goodell), formerly of Waterford, N. Y., 
where she was born Oct. 7, 1832. They settled on a 
farm near New Brunswick, N. J., moving the follow- 
ing year to Newark, and subsequently sold the 
Newark property and bought at Bncksburgh, N. J., 


where they lived and carried on the clothing business 
for several years; moved to Mt. Kisco, N. Y., and 
again returned to New York city and worked at cutting 
clothing at Elfelt & Levy's, his family residing at 
Asbury Park and Bricksburgh (now Lakewood), 
where they were living in autumn of 1886. He 
being at the time on a visit at his daughter's, Helen 
A. Rice, at Waterford, Racine county, Wisconsin. 
He moved subsequently to Trenton, N. J., where they 
were living, 1889. 

Children of William and Diana Ann Morton Bonghton. 4810 

4,811 i. Charles Augustus Boughton (son of William 
and Diana Ann Boughton), born Victory, Cayuga 
county, N. Y., July 18, 1841, moved to Illinois with 
his parents, where he lived until the call of the 
government for volunteers for the army to put down 
the southern rebellion, when he went to Camp Douglas 
near Chicago, HI., and enlisted in the 42d Regiment 
Illinois Vols., Col. Roberts' 20th Army Corps. He 
served in Tennessee under Gen. Rosecrans, and was 
assigned to the duty of carrying the mail from the 
base to the front, often through perilous routes 
infested by the enemy. Was seized with camp fever 
and sent to hospital at St. Louis, where after suffi- 
cient recovery to leave was discharged and sent home 
unfit for the service, with constitution so much 
impaired as never to have fully recovered. 

On his return to Chicago he*^ married Nov. 8, 1864, 
Sarah Aurora Field (dau. of Seargent and Sarah 
Field), formerly of Peacham, Vt., where she was 
bom Jan. 7, 1842; settled in Chicago, and in 1870 
moved to Williamsburgh, Kansas, where he pur- 
chased a farm, but owing to the grasshopper plague, 
which continued until his means were nearly ex- 
hausted, he returned to Chicago, Dl., and embarked 
in the restaurant business, which prospered for a 
time and then again he found himself witnout means 
and moved his family to Cayuga county, N. Y., 
where at Levana, on the Cayujgalake, they resided, 
1889. He embarked a second time in the restaurant 
business at Auburn, N. Y., in 1889, in company with 
his brother, William E. Boughton. 

Children of Charles A. and Sarah A. Field Bonghton. 4811 

4,312 i. Annie Luella Boughton, b. Waterford, Wis., 
Aug. 6, 1865, at home unmairied, 1889. 

466 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

4,313 ii. Charles Herbert Boughton, b. Chicago, HI., 

May 11, 1861*. 
4,311 iii. Helen Eliza Boughton, b. Williamsburgh, 

Kan., Feb. 29, 1872, at school at Shiwoods, 1889. 
4,315 iv. Edna Aurora Boughton, b. Williamsburgh, 

Kan., Dec. 3, 1874, and d. March 22, 1875. 
4,3L6 V. Clifford Leroy Boughton, b. Chicago, DL, 

Dec. 22, 1879. 

4.317 ii. Helen Amelia Boughton (dau. of William and 
Diana A. Boughton), bom Clyde, Wayne county, N. 
Y., Aug. 20, 1844. After the death of her mother 
she lived for a time in Brooklyn, wherein May, 1863, 
she was baptized into the First Baptist church, and 
1865 went to i-eside with the relatives of her mother 
at Waterford, Wis., wherein 1866, April 11, she 
married John T. Rice (son of Ira and A. Caldwell 
Rice), of Waterford, Wis., where he was bom May 
24, 1839. He was brought up on his father's farm 
near Waterford, and at the call of his country he 
enlisted in the 15th Regiment Wisconsin Volun- 
teers, was commissioned, and went with his regi- 
ment and participated in the battles of Island iTo. 
10, Stone River, Murphreesboro, Pittsburgh Landing, 
Chicahominy and Atlanta. After the war he pur- 
chased a large tract of land in Kansas and returned 
to Waterford, Wis., where he engaged in farming. 
He was elected in the fall of 1884 to the state legisla- 
ture of Wisconsin, having previously held several 
important offices in Racine county, Wis. He built a 
good dwelling on his farm near Waterford, Wis., 
where he resided in the autumn of 1889. 

Children of John T. and Helen A. Bougrhton Bice. 4817 

4.318 i. Nettie Mabel Rice, b. Waterford, Wis., March 3, 
1867; living at Waterford with parents spring of 1889. 

4.319 ii. EnrrH Estelle Rice, b. Waterford, Sept. 19, 1868. 

4.320 iii. Coka Heijen Rice, b. Waterford, April 2, 1872. 

4.321 iv. Evelyn Belle Rice, b. Waterford, Nov. 6, 1876. 

Children of William L. and Mary £. Goodell Bon^liton. 4811 

4.322 iii. William Ellsworth Boughton, b. New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., June 26, 1861; went to Chicago, 111., fall 
of 1878, where he remained for about one year. On 
returning he obtained a clerkship in a gi'ocery at 
Asbury Park, N. J., where he has had employ meat 
most of the time for several years until the pi'esent 


summer of 1889. In the spring of 1889 he was inter- 
ested with his brother, Charles A. Boughton, in the 
restaurant business at Auburn, N. Y. 

4.323 iv. Clarence Edward Boughton, b. EUzabeth, N. J., 
Feb. 25, 1863; he was reared at home until summer 
of. 1878, when he went to learn the printer's trade, 
at which he worked until the spring of 1884 ; he went 
to Union Springs, Cayuga county, N. Y., and estab- 
lished a notion store, which after several months he 
sold out and took a course at a commercial college, 
and has filled an accountant's position at Trenton, N. 
J., since until present 1889. 

4.324 V. Mary Melinda Boughton, b. Elizabeth, August 
13, 1864; a milliner, and doing business as such at 
Lakewood, N. J., Sept. 1, 1885, and in 1889 was liv- 
ing with parents at Trenton, N. J. 

4.325 V. Edward Hicks Boughton (son of Thaddeus and 
Lucy Rockwell Boaghton), b. Washington, Dutchess 
county, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1819; very early in life he 
manifested a great desire for literary attainments, 
which increased with years, and before he had 
attained the age of sixteen years he had qualified 
himself for a teacher and entered upon that employ- 
ment; but, finding it did not meet his taste as a voca- 
tion, he effected an arrangement with the celebrated 
Dr. Samuel Thompson, of Geddes, N. Y., the 
founder of the Thompsonian system of medicine, 
to learn his system, and practiced for a time at his 
infirmary. He subsequently practiced that system in 
Cayuga and the adjoining counties, but not being 
pleased with the life and duties of a practicing physi- 
cian, he turned his attention to the art of photogra- 
phy, which he continued to follow as a business until 
the death of his brother-in-law, Ebenezer L. Wanzer, 
in June, 1874; he took up his abode with his sister, 
Mrs. Wanzer, and turned his attention to farming 
until her death, in September, 1883, since which, 
until the present, May 1, 1889, he has lived at Poplar 
Ridge, Cayuga county, N. Y. 

4,826 vi. James Boughton (son of Thaddeus and Lucy 
Rockwell Boughton), b. Washington, N. Y., Jan. 22, 
1822; went with the family to "Victory, N. Y., where 
he remained, working on the farm with his father. 
In the winter of 1837-8 there was a revival meeting 
held in the Methodist church in the neighborhood of 

468 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

his home in which he became interest'ed, awakened 
and converted, but owing to the unwillingness of his 
father did not unite at that time with the Methodist 
church. On the following April, in company with 
a neighboring boy, they set out on foot to go to the 
city of New York, to find some business more con- 
genial than a farmer life in Cayuga cormtv. The 
tender admonitions of a loving mother, on the sepa- 
ration for a home in the great, wicked city of New 
York, ever proved a helpful restraint against tiie 
many evil devices afterward encountered in a life- 
time in that great centre of immorality. After nearly 
a year spent in the city and at Dutchess county he 
returned to Victory for a short time, and then went 
to Marengo, Wayne county, N. Y., to learn the house 
carpenter trade with Robert Palmer, of that j^ce. 
In the autumn of 1839 he again went to New i ork 
city, in the employ of Dea. Hetfield, of Scotch Plains, 
N. J., with a drove of sheep, via Milford, Pa. Arriv- 
ing at New York, obtained employment in grocery 
store of R. H. Atwell, 881 Broadway, and subse- 
quently with Benjamin Wooster, of 187 Houston 
street. New York, where for several years he was 
employed, during which time the duty oi uniting with 
the church was felt, and application was made, 
through the pastor. Elder George Benedict, to unite 
with tne Norfolk Street Baptist church, then standing 
on the comer of Norfolk and Broome streets. On 
Sept. 4, 1842, he was baptized at the head of Water 
street in the East river, and the same day received 
into full fellowship of that church. 

It was here that an acquaintance was formed that 
eventuated in the marriage of Eliza Jane Terhune 
(daughter of Richard and Elizabeth TalUck Terhune), 
of New York city, where she was born May 11, 1825. 
They were married by Elder George Benedict, in the 
Norfolk Street Baptist church, at 8 p. m.. May 2, 1844, 
and departs the following day for their nome on 
the farm of his father at Victory, N. Y., where they 
remained until the following April, when they 
returned to New York city, workmg at the house 
carpentering business until spring of 1849, when he 
embarked m the retail grocery business at corner 
Broome and Lewis streets, remaining but one year in 
that business, when he secured a clerkship in a whole- 
sale provision store in West street, comer Murray 


where for several years he was employed as sales- 
man. In spring of 1853 he established himself in the 
wholesale provision and commission business, which 
he sold out to join his brother Ruua in the manufac- 
turing clothing business, and during the business 
revulsion of 1857 left that business and moved his 
family on to a farm at Ashkum, Iroquois county, 111., 
where, after one year, on account of the climate, they 
were obliged to leave, and returned to Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

In April, 1861, through Mr. William D. Mangum, 
a prominent officer in the New York Produce Ex- 
change Co., he obtained the appointment of superin- 
tendent of that institution, which he held with great 
satisfaction tohi^employersand to himself for the next 
twelve years, when , on a reorganization of the insti- 
tution, he resij^ed his position, against the advice of 
the leading officers and many of his best friends. 

Following the resignation of superintendent of New 
York Produce Exchange he purchased a third interest 
in the building firm of Hagerman & Alexander, and 
among the several houses they built the following 
year was the one for himself, in which he now 
resides, at 223 Keap street. The firm of Hagerman, 
Alexander & Bough ton dissolved in spring of 1876, 
and he organized a grocery business on Fourth street, 
Brooklyn, which, rfter four years, he closed out at 
auction, to take a clerkship in a paper commission 
house in New York city, which he continued until 
summer of 1885, and in April, 1889, was appointed 
messenger of the Fifth Avenue Bank, Brooklyn. 

In the year 1883 his mind was unusually impressed 
with the subject of the history of his early ancestors, 
and, with a desire to become better acquainted with 
it, opened a correspondence with sucn relatives as 
were known to him, which soon decided him in the 
undertaking which, after six yeai's of constant appli- 
cation to the object, has resulted in completing a 
genealogy of the Boutons and Boughtons of this 
country which it is hoped will be appreciated to a 
degree at least approximating the and expense 
he has contributed gratuitously for this object, for 
the love and respect he bears his race and kindr^. 

A few items of religious data may here be in 
place, viz. : Converted at fifteen ; united by baptism 
in Norfolk street Baptist church Sept. 4, 1842; was 

470 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

by removal transferred by letter to the Sixteenth 
Baptist church New York; and thence to the First 
Baptist church Williamsburgh (now Brooklyn), Dec. 
5, 1856; elected church clerk 1867; elected deacon 
April 28, 1808; elected treasurer of the Long Island 
Baptist association June 8, 1869; excluded from First 
Baptist church for objecting to the introduction by 
the pastor, Dr. Read, of comic and frivolous amuse- 
ments in the place of prayer in the ** house of God," 
July 20, 1875; after Dr. Read's resignation and 
departure he was restored by a unanimous vote in 
1879, which restoration was promoted largely by 
the influence of the present pastor, Daniel C. Eddy, 
D.D., wliose most cordial and kindly fellowship has 
continued unbroken until the present date, 1889. 

Ghil dren of James and Eliza Jane Terhune Bonghton. 4326 

4,327 ii. Emma Eliza Boughton, b. New York city, June 

28, 1846, was with her parents at Ashkum, 111., on 
the farm in 1857-8, returned to Brooklyn autumn of 
1858, pursued her studies in Grammar school No. 16, 
Wilson street, Brooklyn. She received lessons in 
music at home by Prof. Fox and others. She was con- 
verted and baptized into the Fii*st Baptist church by 
Dr. John B. Brackett, May 1, 1863. She married at 
home, 47 Wilson street, Brooklyn, Jan. 17, 1866, 
Isaac Leroy Allen (son of Darius and Juliet Beards- 
ley x\llen), of Brooklyn, where he was born Dec. 

29, 1842. Occupation a rope maker; they settled in 
Brooklyn, and in 1879 moved to Rockville Centre 
Long Island, and again in 1 883, removed to Brooklyn, 
455 (A) 5th street; purchased in Feb., 1888. the 
house 765 Carroll street, Brooklyn, where they were 
living in 1889. 

• She, on moving to Rockville Centre, transferred 
her membership to the Baptist church of that place, 
and on removing to Brooklyn transferred her 
membership to the 6th avenue Baptist church of 

He in company with his brother, Theodore B. 
Allen, built a large rope factory on 3d avenue, 
Brooklyn, where in 1889 their factory produced 14 
tons of rope per day. The 5th Avenue Bank, of 
Brooklyn, of which he was a director and stock 
holder, was organized spring of 1889. 


Children of Isaac L. and Emma £. Bongrhtoii Allen, of Brooklyn. 4327 

4.328 i. Mortimer Leroy Allen, b. Brooklyn, L. I., Kings 
Co., N. Y., April 8, 1867. At an early a^e his pa- 
rents wishing to give him the best advantage for a 
good education sent him to Providence, E. I., to a se- 
lect school, also to Hempstead, L. I., and subsequently 
to No, It), Wilson street Grammar school, where 
in June, 1885, he graduated, and has not at this 
writing settled upon his future vocation ; he was 
residing with his parents at 765 Carroll street, 
Brooklyn, summer or 1889. 

4.329 ii. Theodore Boughton Allen, b. Brookyn, Oct. 12, 
1871, lived with parents at Rockville Centre, L. I., and 
moved with them to Brooklyn, spring of 1883, where 
he finished his education and graduated at Brooklyn 
Grammar school, June, 18S8; living with his parents 
at 765 (JarroU street, Brooklyn. 1889, and employed 
in the office of his father's factory. 

4.330 iii. Ernest Leverne Allen, b. Rockville Centre, Sept. 
1, 18S0, was living with parents at 765 Carroll street, 
Brooklyn, attendmg school, 1889. 

4.331 iv. Herbert Leslie Allen, b. Rockville Centre, Oct. 
20, 1882, he was living with his parents at 765 
Carroll street, Brooklyn, 1889, at school. 

4.332 ii. Louise Adelaide Boughton (dau. James and E. 
J. Terhune Boughton), b. New York city, Sept. 30, 
1851. With delicate health in childhood she was 
unable to graduate at Wilson stieet Grammar school 
where she obtained her education. She was con- 
verted and baptized into the First Baptist church of 
Williamsburgh, March, 1870. She married at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., June 10, 1875, to Benjamin Franklin 
Wethorby (son of John and Sarah Baldwin Wetherby). 
of Victory, N. Y., where he was born Sept. 8, 1845; 
by occupation a salesman, and for many years 
traveled for a Boston shoe manufacturer; his family 
residing at Brooklyn, where they lived 223 Keap 

street, 1889. • 


Child of Benjamin F. and Louise A. Bongrhton Wetherby, 

of Brooklyn, N. T. 

4.333 i. Louise Adelaide Wetherby (called familiarly 
Lulu), b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. Oct. 10, 1876; she was 
living with her parents at 223 Keap street, summer 
of 1889. 

472 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4. 334 iii. Ella Rockwell Boughton (dau. of James and 
E. J. Terhune Boughton), b. New York city, Dec. 11, 
1864:, removed from New York city with her pai'ente 
in 1856; obtained her education mostly at Wilson 
street Grammar school. No. 16; she was converted and 
baptized into the First Baptist church, Williamsburgh, 
April 4, 1870, after which she remained with her 
parents until married at her parents' residence, 223 
Keap street, April 19, 1883, to Walter Slote (son of 
John J. and Mary E. Mead Slote), of New York 
city, where he was born Dec. 15, 1853; they settled at 
Brewster, Putnam county, N. Y., where they were 
living summer of 1889. 

Children of Walter and Ella R. Boughton Slote, of Brewster, 

Putnam oounty, N. T. 

4,334* i. Emma LomsE Slote, b. 223 Keap street, Brooklyn, 
July 2, 1884, lived at Brewster summer of 1889. 

4.335 ii. Ethel Boughton Slote, b. Brewster, N. Y., 
Jan. 23, 1889. 


(iv.) Jesse Bouton (son of Ebenezer and Abigail Bouton), 
o? South Salem, N. Y., was bom probably at New Canaan, 
Ct., Oct. 23, 1748; m. Ridgefleld, about 1771, Rachel Ferris, 
b. there Oct. 23, 1751, of parents from England. She was 
a young woman highly respected and lived to have a large 
family of children, but later in life was afflicted with that 
terrible disease of the nerves then known as ^'magroms" 
(inherited, as has been said, from the English ancestry, and 
has appeared in the descendants of the Ferris family here 
and there to the present day). She died after a Ungering 
illness at Poundridge, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1800. He m. second, 
a widow, Sarah Lockwood, with whom, his biographer says, 
he lived in great happiness to the end of his days. A man 
of acknowledged Christian integrity and one of the largest 
owners of real estate in Poundridge. His assessed valua- 
tion on the records is £970 sterling. He died at Poundridge 
about 1823, exact date not found. The old family Bible, 
with records, owned by Eliza A. Allen, Nor walk, Ct., 1888. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 473 

Cliildren of Jesse and Rachel Ferris Beaton, of Ponndridge* 1176 

4,385- i. Lewis Bouton, b. Poundridge, Westchester Co., 

N. Y., Jan. 7, 1773, d. about 1820. 
4335** ii. James Bouton, b. Poundridge, Sept.. 1774. It is 

said died in the south, place and date unknown. 
4,335"* iii. Jesse Bouton, Jr., b. Poundridge, Sept. 27, 1776, 

m. Sept. 26, 1795, Sally Boughton (dau. of Timothy 

Boughton), of Eidgefield. 
4,335« iv. Jarei) Bouton, b. Poundridge, January, 1778, m. 

Polly Boughton. 
4,335^ V. Eachel Bouton, b. Poundridge, Feb. 22, 1780, m. 

Aug. 16, 1800, Isaac Brown, Poundridge; hed. Pound- 
ridge, June 1838; she d. New Preston, Ct., 1850. 
4,335« vi. Enoch Bouton, b. Poundridge, July, 1782^ m. 

Fanny Griffin, b. Dec. 25, 1785; he d. roundndge; 

she d. Dec. 23, 1865. 
4,335^ vii. Betsey Bouix)n, b. Poundridge, February, 1785, 

m. Eichard Miller, and settled Bedford, N. Y. 
4,835* viii. Seth Bouton, b. Poundridge, Aug., 1787, m. 

Ehuama Waterbury, settled and died Poundridge. 
4,835'' ix. David Bouton, b. Poundridge, Aug. 17, 1790, m. 

first, Betsey Waterbury; settled and died Poundridge. 
4,835* X. Polly Bouton, b. Poundridge, Jan. 25, 1792, m. 

Sharman Ferris; settled and died Poundridge. 
4,335* xi. Wilson Bouton, b. Poundridge, about 1795, m. 

Matilda Brown ; settled and died Poundridge. 

Child of Capt James Bouton, of Poundridge, N. T. 4k9K^ 

4,335* i. William Warren Bouton, b. Poundridge, m. 
Elizabeth Price. 

Child of William W. and Elizabeth Priee Ronton. 

4,335* i. WiLUAM Henry Bouton, b. Sept. 26, 1854, m. 
Aug. 18, 1875, Harriet Elizabeth Mead (dau. Nelson 
ana Catharine Mead). 

Children of William H. and Harriet E, Mead Bouton, of South 

Norwalki Ct 

4,335" i. Joseph Wilijam Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Ct., 

Sept. 21, 1877. 
4,335* ii. Howard Sheffield Bouton, b. South Norwalk, 

Feb. 16, 1879. 
4,335" iii. Albert Mead Bouton, b. South Norwalk, Oct. 

26, 1880. 

474 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Jared (son of Jesse and Baehel) and Polly Bougrhton 

Bonton. 4885^ 

4. 337 i. Phebe Bouton. 

4. 338 ii. Mary Ann Bouton. 

4.339 iii. William BouTON. 

4.340 iv. Edward Bouton. 

4.341 V. Amanda Bouton. 

4.342 vi. Emeline Bouton. 

This account furnished by S. M. Brown, 2125 Lexington 
avenue, New York. 

Children of Isaac (he born June 5,1780) and Baehel Bouton (dan. 
of Jesse and Baehel Ferris Bouton), Brown, of Pound- 
ridge, N. Y., where he died June 5, 1838. 488&d 

4.343 i. George VV. Brown, b. Poundridge, N. Y , Jan. 9, 
1802, m. at Mount Pleasant, Westchester county, N. 
Y., Sept. 18, 182 J, Charlotte Galloway, North Castle, 
Westchester county; he died December, 1850; she 
died June 30, 1877. 

4.344 ii. Harry O. Brown, b. Poundridge, March 7, 1803; 
m. Pike, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1827, Olive Everest; settled 
Portage; he died there April 28, 1885. 

4.345 iii. Rachel Brown, b. Poundridge, Sept. 6, 1804, m. 
Daniel Merritt; lived Greenwich, Ct., where she died 

4.346 iv. Sally Brown, b. Poundridge, April 28, 1806, m. 
Stephen Raymond; went to Michigan; 1868, returned 
to So. Norwalk: he d. there 1877. She living 1889. 

4.347 v. Barbary Brown, b. Poundridge, July 27, 1807, 
m. Curtis Leveridge; lived North Milford; she died 
Bridgeport, March, 1888. 

4.348 vi. Betsey A. Brown, b. Poundridge, Nov. 27, 1809, 
m. Lewis Sherwood; res. Ridgefield, where they died. 

4.349 vii. William Brown, b. Poundridge, July 22, 1813; 
never married; died in infancy 1815. 

4.350 viii. Isaac Brown, b. Poundridge, Nov. 11, 1815; m. 
Sarah A. Bishop; he died New Preston, Ct., Nov. 15, 
1868; she res. there 1888. 

4.351 ix. Hannah Brown, b. Poundridge, Nov. 6, 1818, m. 
Jan. 15, 1838, Daniel Dean, born Dec. 15, 1817; set- 
tled Ridgefield; they died Danbury; she died April 
24, 1888; he, date not known. 

4.352 X. Amanda Brown, b. Poundridge, Oct. 22, 1822, m. 
Daniel Bouton Hoyt; he living Birmingham, Ct.: 
she died there August 28, 1858. 


Children of Oeorspe W* and Charlotte Galloway Brown* of Monnt 

Pleasant, N. T. 

4,352^ i. TowNSEND Brown, b. Kensico, N. T., June 3, 1823; 

lived various places and never married; died, date 

4,352* ii. Sally Ann Brown, b. Kensico, April 12, 1825, m. 

Richard Taylor; he died; she res. Nyack, N. Y., 1888. 
4,352* iii. Phebe Jane Brown, b. Kensico, June 11, 1827; 

accidentally drowned at Kensico, 1831. 
4,352* iv. Ruth Ann Brown, b. Kensico, Sept. 1, 1829, m. 

May 6, 1858, first, George Barnes; second, Alfred 

Slagle; he died in army; she at Tarrytown, N. Y., 

4,352« v. WiLUAM Henry Brown, b. Kensico, August 25, 

1832; fell through ice and was drowned at Union- 

ville 1841. 
4,352' vi. Samuel Mellows Brown, real estate, 145 Broad- 
way, New York city, b. Kensico, Oct. 15, 1834, m. 

Greenboro, Westchester county, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1856, 

Amanda Jane Tompkins, and res. 2125 Lexington 

avenue. New York city. 
4,352* vii. Amanda Jane Brown, b. Unionville, N. Y., Feb. 

24, 1837; unmarried; died 1854. 
4,352** viii. Emma L. Brown, b. Sing Sing, N. Y., Dec. 8, 

1840, m. Joseph Slagle; settled Tarrytown, N. Y. 
4,352' ix. Marietta L. Brown, b. Sing Sing, Dec. 12, 1844, 

m. first, John Mead; second, Richard Henry Lane; 

lived 60 Park avenue. New York city, 1888. 

Child of Samael M. and Amanda J. Tompkins Brown^ of New York city. 

4,352^ i. Oscar Tompkins Brown, b. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., 
April 30, 1857, m. Sarah Frances Tompkins; res. 2125 
Lexington avenue. New York city, 1888; no children. 

Children of Henry 0. and Ollre Eyerest Brown, of PortageTllle, N« T. 

4,352* i. HuRLBURT E. Brown, cashier of bank at Mount 
Morris for about thirty years past, born Portageville, 
N. Y., July 2, 1831, m. Belfast, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1885, 
Helen M. Thomas, born Ellicottville, N. Y., May «, 
1833; settled Mount Morris and res. there 188?». 


Twins - 

ii. Horace Brown, b. Portageville, May 26, 1835, 
m. Nov. 19, 1860, Harriet E. Wood; settled at 
Portageville and res. there 1889. 

iii. Henry Brown, b. Portageville, May 26, 1835; 
1^ never married; resided at Portageville 1889. 

476 BoDTOK-BouGHTON Fajolt. 

4,352- iv. Emma S. Browk, b. Portageville, Oct. 11, 1842, m. 

Sept. 21, 1864, Richmond I. Place; settled at Cedar 

Bapids, Iowa; res. there 1SS9. 
4,352^ V. Mart E. Browk, b. PortagevOle, August 25, 1848, 

m. June 25, 1874, John H. Harmon; settled at Cedar 

Bapids; res. there 1889. 

Chilirea •f Hvlb «rt E. aad Helea M. TkrauM Br»wB, b. EllievttTflley 

K. T^ May C, 18», •f M««Mt Morris, N. T. UUk 

4,352? L Fra5K Stoxet Brown, b. Belfast, N. Y., Sept. 25, 

1860; died in infancy Jane 13, 1862. 
4,352^ ii Daisy Madeline Brown, b. Dansville, Oct. 29, 

1871; at St. Agnes school, Albany, N. Y. 

GUIifeB •f Isaae, Jr^ ui4 Sumb A. BUikwp Br»WB, •f WasUagtoB, Ct. 

4,352* i. Mart A. Brown, b. Washington, Ct., Nov. 30, 

1810; died in infancy Jcdy, 1843. 
4,352^ ii Frank S. Brown) b. Washington, March 18, 1844, 

m. New Preston, Ct., Hannah Cramsey; res. New 

Preston 1 888. 
4,352^ iii Auguota E. Brown, b. Washington, April 6, 

1846, m. Gilbert W. Coming; res. New Preston 1888. 
4,352" iv. Henry W. Brown, b. Washington, April 21, 

1849; not married; res. New Preston 1838. 

CUMrea •f Fnuik S. ui4 HaauA Cnsse j Browm^ •f New PrestOB^ Ct. 

4,352' i. LoTTDB Brown, b. New York city, 1874; living 
withparents at New Preston, Ct., 1888. 

4,352^ ii. Katie B. Brown, b. New Preston, 1882; living 
with parents at New Preston 1888. 

CfclM •f Gilbert W. ui4 AagiuUE. BrowB CorMlng, of New Prestes, Ct 

4,352* i. Alberta Corning, b. New Preston, Ct., 1867; res. 
New Preston 1888. 

Chlldrea ef Eiehard M. and Sarak Ann Brown Taylor^ of 

UnioiiTnie, N. T. 4Ut^ 

4,352y i. Irving M. Taylor, b. Union ville, N. Y., m. Sarah 

Harris: res. Irvington, N. Y. 
4,352^ ii. Mary Taylor, b. Union ville, not married; res. 

Elmsford, N. Y., 1888. 
4,352'»iii. Elizabeth Taylor, b. Union ville. 
4,352* iv. George W. Taylor, b. Union ville, Dec. 25, 1850, 

m. Ackei-man; res. Union ville. 

4,352* V. Millard F. Taylor, b. Union ville. 
4,352*" vi. Amanda Taylor, b. Union ville. 
4,352'=« vii. Martha Taylor, b. Unionville. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 477 

4,852" viii. HERBERTS. Taylor, b. Unionville, m. Cynthia 

D. Twigg; res. New York city. 
4,352" ix. Grace Taylor, b. Unionville, m. William H. 

Clark, and res. New York city 1888. 

Child of Irring M. and Sarah Harris Taylor^ of Irriiiflrtoii, N. Y. 48587 

4,852*^ i. Eva Taylor. 

Children of Alftred and Bath Ann Brown Slagle. 4868<i 

4,852** i. Gborqe Wilbur Slaole, b. Chappaqua, N. Y., 

April 8, 1859, m. Harriet A. LeFurgy ; res. 28 East 

180th street. New York city. 
4,852'' ii. Reull H. Slagle, b. Tarry town, N. Y., Oct. 17, 

1861, m. Fanny A. Tomalin ; res. 204 West 126th 

street. New York city. 
4,852" iii. Everett B. Slagle, b. Tarrytowii, April 21, 

1864; went south 1881; not since heard from. 

Children of Joseph and Emma L. Brown 81agle» of Tarrytown, 

N.Y. 4862h 

4,352" i. Frederick A. Slagle, b. Tarrytown, N. Y., m. 

Alice Ostrander; res. Tarrytown. 
4,852"* ii. Elmer E. Slagle, b. Tarrytown, m. Alida 

Howell; res. Tarrytown. 
4,852" iii. Walter Slagle. 
4,852"° iv. Samuel B. Slagle; res. Tarrytown. 
4,852'' V. Harry L. Slagle; res. Tarrytown. 
4,852« vi. Joseph Slagle, Jr.; res. Tarrytown. 
4,852" vii. Mary Sadie Slagle; res. Tarrytown. 

Children of John and Marietta L. Brown Mead, of 60 Parh arenney 

New Yorh eitj. 48(8 > 

4,352* i. Frank Mead, b. New York city, Nov. 14, 1862; 
never married; res. Chicago, 111., 1888. 

Children of (her seeond husband) Blehard H. and widow Marietta L. 
Brown Mead Lane (son of Malthy 9. Lane)^ New Yorh. 4868 i 

4, 352* i. Florence May Lane, b. New York city, March 28, 
1880; res. 60 Park avenue, New York city. 

4,852"ii. Constance Byrnina Lane, b. New York city, 
August 8, 1888, and died 60 Park avenue, Feb. 10, 


4,352^ iii. Richard Henry Lane, b. New York city, 1886; 
died in infancy at 60 Park avenue. 

478 BouTON-BouGHTON Faiqlt. 

Children of Horace and Harriet E. Ward Brown, of Portage, H. T. 4958: 

4,352^^ i. Arthur W. Brown, b. Portage, N. Y., about 1860. 
4,352" ii. Mary Brown, b. Portage. 
4,352^ hi. George Brown, b. Portage. 

Children of (first husband) Biehmond I. and Emma S. Brown Plaee^ of 

Cedar Baplds, Iowa. 4M8n 

4, 352" i. Walter E. Place, b. Cedar Rapids, Iowa; res. 

Cedar Rapids. 
4,352'*«»* ii. Emma S. Place, b. Cedar Rapids; not married; 

res. Cedar Rapids. 

Child of (second husband) Seelj and widow Emma S. Brown Plaee 

MeCreadj, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 4t69n 

4,352*** i. Edith R. McCready; not married. 

Children of John H. and Marj £• Brown Hannon, of Cedar Baplds* 

Iowa. 48li2o 

4,352*" i. Percival R. Hannon, b. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
4,352^* ii. Vincent E. Hannon, b. Cedar Rapids. 
4,352«" iii. Bernice E. Hannon, b. Cedar Rapids; not mar- 
4,352" iv. RiTTER C. Hannon, b. Cedar Rapids. 
4,352«« V. Lkster Hannon, b. Cedar Rapids. 

Children of Daniel and Hannah Brown Dean, of Danbnry, Ct 4851 

4,352hhh i. Horace E. Dean, b. Ridgefield, Ct., July 6, 1840, 

and died Danbury, Oct. 15, 1886. 
4,352*" ii. Mary Prances Dean, b. Ridgefield, Jan. 3, 1855. 

Children of Daniel Bonton and Amanda Brown Hojt, of Bid^e- 

fleld, Ct 4868 

4,352^" i. Nancy Jane Hoyt, b. Ridgefield, Ct., May 14, 

1845, m. T\ illiam B Coulter, Birmingham, Ct. 
4,352"* ii. Friend Warren Hoyt, b. Derby, Ct., August 21, 

1847, m. Mary E. Jones, Shelton, Ct. 
4,352"* iii. Mary Emma Hoyt, b. Derby, June 11, 1849, m. 

George L. Barnard, Birmingham, Ct. 
4,352""" iv. Chares Lewis Hoyt, b. Derby, July 14, 1851, 

m. Sarah Garlich, Birmingham, Ct. 
4,352"" V. George Henry Hoyt, b. Derby, Nov. 26, 1853, 

and died Derby, April 3, 1856. 
4,352""« vi. Amanda Hoyt, b. Derby, July 9, 1855, and died 

Derby, March 25, 1857. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 479 

Children of Enoch (son of Jesse and Rachel Bonton) and Fanny 

Griffin Bonton. 4885« 

4.354 i. Deborah Bouton, b. Poundridge, K. Y., died in 

4.355 ii. Enoch Bouton, b. Cross River, April 16, 1808, m. 
first, Polly Stevens; she died May 12, 1832; m. sec- 
ond, Augusta Brown; lived Rochester, N. Y., 1888. 

4.356 iii. Alexander Bouton, b. Bedford, March 16, 1811, 
m. Mary Mead; lived Rochester; died Stamford, Oct, 
9, 1875. 

4.357 iv. Jeremiah Bouton, b. Bedford, June 5, 1813; d. 
unmarried, Feb. 2, 1829. 

4.358 V. Harriet Bouton, b. Bedford, Nov. 26, 1815, m. 

Feb. 23, 1840, Alanson Ganung; he d. ; she 

lived Daubury, 1888. 

4.359 vi. William H. Bouton, b. Bedford, May 19, 1817, 
died unmarried, March 4, 1829. 

4.360 vi. Harvey Bouton, b. Poundridge, May 17, 1821; d. 
unmarried, Feb. 28, 1829. 

4.361 viii. Andrew Bouton, b. Poundridge, June 17. 1824, 
died unmarried Feb. 16, 1829. 

4.362 ix. Rhoda H. Bouton, b. Poundridge, Sept. 5, 1827, 
m. Benjamin S. White and d. about 1883. 

4.363 X. Lucy Bouton, b. Poundridge, March 21, 1829, m. 
George Allen and d. about 1870. 

Children of Enoch and Angnsta Brown Bonton (married Rochester, N. 
T., lS8o; she died Jnly 25, ISSO)* of Boehester. 4856 

4.364 i. MiNA Bouton, b. Seneca Falls, Oct. 23, 1838, m. 
James S. Garlock, and settled at Rochester, N. Y., 
where they were living ; his office in Power block, 

4.365 ii. Charles E. Bouton, b. Seneca Falls, N. Y., 1843, 
d. Rochester, N. Y., July 31, 1849. 

Children of James 8. and Mina A. Bonton (i}arloek« of Rochester, N. T. 

4,865»' i. Ella A. Garlock, b. Rochester, N. Y., August 
18, 1861, m. June 3, 1885, Wm. H. Beach, and settled 
at Rochester, N. Y., where they were living 1888. 

4.366 ii. Charles Boughton Garlock, b. Rochester, April 
3, 1865, and d. Sept. 17, 1866. 

Child of William Henrj and Ella Angnsta Garlock Boach, of Roches- 
ter, N. 1. 

4,866" i. MiNA Garlock Beach, b. Rochester, March 10 

480 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

(iii.) Alexander Bouton, b. Poundridge, West- 
chester Co., N. Y., March 16, 1811, m. Mary (or Polly) 
Mead and settled at Rochester, N. Y. ; he d. at Ststm- 
ford, Ct., Oct. 9, 1875. 

Children of Alexander (son of Enoch and Fanhj Grillln Bouton) and 

Marj Mead Boaton. 4866 

4,867 i. Jeremiah Bouton, bom probably. South Salem, 
about 1834, m. Ellen Barber, and lived there an inva- 
lid 1887. 

4.368 ii. Fanny Bouton, b. about 1837, married and died. 
No children. 

4.369 iii. George Bouton, engineer, b. Seneca Falls, N. Y., 
July 4, 1839, m. Croton, N. Y., May, 1863, Elizabeth 
Hughes; res. 139 Stockton street, Brooklyn, N. Y., 

4.370 iv. Jonah Bouton, temperance lecturer; b, about 
1844; m., no children; res. Newark, N. J. 

4.371 V. Foster Bouton, engineer in hat factory, b. South 
East, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1847, m. Jan. 6, 1868, Rosalie 
Shepherd ; res. Danbury, 1889. 

4,872 vi. Julia Bouton, b. about 1860, m. Charles Parte- 
low; res. Yonkers, N. Y. 

Childrenof Jeremiah (son of Alexander and MarjMead Boaton) and 

Ellen Barber Bouton^ of Stamford, Ct. 4S57 

4.373 i. La VERNE Bouton, b. Stamford, Ct., about 1864, m. 
lillie Weed; res. Stamford. ' 

4.374 ii. Edward Bouton, b. Stamford, about 1876; lives 
with parents. 

Children of George (son of Alexander and Mary Mead Boaton) and 
Elizabeth Hnghes Boaton, of Brooklyn. 4S^ 

4.375 i. Wellington Bouton, engineer, b. Sept. 15, 1868; 
m. April 5, 1885, Emma Friemer, b. March 9, 1861. 

Child of T?ellln^n and Emma Friemer Boaton. 

4,375» i. Mabel Bouton, b. Brooklyn, Oct. 12, 188'6. 

4.376 ii. Alice Ella Bouton, b. March 18, 1868, m. Na- 
thaniel Van Buren; had one child. 

Child of Nathaniel and Alice E. Boaton Tan Baren. 

4.377 i. Percival Van Buren, b. July 30, 1884. 

4.378 iii. Lizzie Bouton, b. March 25, 1873; living with 


Children of Foster (son of Alexander and Marj Mead Bon ton) and 

Rosalie Shepherd Bouton, of Danbnry. 4871 

4,879 i. Nellie BouTON, b. Danbury, Ct., Dec. 11, 1869, m. 
May, 1885, Arthur Beers, and settled in New Fair- 
field; res. there 1887. 

4,380 ii. Carrie Bouton, b. Danbury, April 2, 1871; res. 
with parents. 

Children of Charles and Jnlia Ronton (dan. of Alexander and Marj 
Mead Ronton) Fartelow, of Tonkers, N. T. 4872 

4,881 i. IraPartelow, b. 1876. 

4.382 ii. George Van Balcom Partelow. 

4.383 iii. Mary Partelow. 

Child of Arthur and Nellie Ronton (dan. of Foster and Rosalie Shep- 
herd Ronton) Beers, of New Fairfield, €t. 4879 

4.384 i. Howard Beers, b. Danbury, Ct., April 24, 1886. 

(v.) Harriet Bouton (dau. of Enoch and Fanny Grif- 
fin Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1815, m. 
Feb. 23, 1840, Alanson Ganung, and settled at Fair 
Grounds, near Danbury; where he died Sept. 28, 

Child of Alanson and Harriet Ronton Oannni^. 4868 

4.386 i. Cynthia Ganung, b. Yorktown, April 12, 1844, m. 
first, Floyd Brush; m. second, William Harris, July 
20, 1878; settled at Danbury, Ct., where they were 
living 1888. 

(ix.) Rhoda H. Bouton fdau. of Enoch and Fanny 
Griffin Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1827, 
m. Sept. 8, 1845, Benjamin S. White, of Danbuiy, 
born Sept. 11, 1826; settled Mill Plain, where she died. 

Children of Benjamin S. and Rlioda Bonton White, of Mill 

Plain, Ct 4862 

4.387 i. George H. White, b. Sept. 18, 1848, and died in 

4,888 ii. Charles J. White, b. June 12, 1851; accidentally 
shot himself March 28, 1672. 

4.389 iii. Jane White, b. April, 1854; died March 28, 1855. 

4.390 iv. Wallace A. WnriE, b. March 14, 1856, m. Dec. 
2, 1877, Ida Northrup; live in Danbury 1887. 

4,891 V. Edward A. White, b. August 6, 1858, m. Jan. 14, 
1877, Laura Huniieston; live at Danbury 1887. 


482 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4,392 vi. WardWhite, b. Jan. 9, 1864, m. Feb. 26, 1886, 

Lizzie Fountan; res. Danbuiy 1887. 
4,398 vii. Lewis B. White, b. June 12, 1867; m. April 3, 

1887, Annie Taylor; res. Danbury 1887. 
4,394 viii. Mary E. White, b. Nov. 28, 1871. 

Children of Richard and Betsey Bouton (dan. of Jesse and Raehel Ferris 
Boaton) Miller, of Bedford, Westehester conntj, N. Y. 4S35f 

4 395 i. Sally Miller, b. Bedford, N. Y., March, 1804, m. 

' Jacob Birdsall ; lived and died Mt. Kieco, date not 


4 396 ii. James Miller, b. Bedford, Sept. 5, 1805, m. first, 

' Belinda Conklin; she died March 14, 1839; m. second, 

Eleanors. Hubbard, of Bedford, N. Y.; res. 133 West 

130th street, New York city, 1888. 

4 397 iii. Jesse Miller, b. Bedford, date not known ; m. 

' Violetta Smith, of Bedford, where they died, date 

not known. 
4 398 iv. Betsey Miller, b. Bedford, date not known; m. 
' Jacob Lair, of North Castle, where they lived and 

died, date unknown. 
4 399 V. Mary Ann Miller, b. Bedford, date not known ; 
' m. William Crissy: settled in Ohio; further history 
unknown. ^ 

4 400 vi. William Miller, b. Bedford, date not known; 
' m. not known; lived and died Bedford, N. Y.; fur- 
ther history unknown. 
4 401 vii. RuFUs Miller, b. Bedford, date not known ; m. 
' not known ; Uved and died New Milf ord, Ct. ; further 
history unknown. 
4 402 viii. Susan Miller, b. Bedford, date not known ; m. 
' Aaron Benedict; lived and died White Plains, N. Y.; 
further, history unknown. 
4 403 ix. David Miller, b. Bedford, date not known : m. 
' Emeline Miller; he was killed in mill at Katonah; 
she died Scranton, Pa. ; further history unknown. 
4 404 X. Am AND Miller, b. Bedford, date not known; m. 
' Joseph Reynolds; lived and died Chestnut Ridge, N. 
Y. ; further history unknown. 

jq^QTE. Owing to the records of Richard and Betsey Bou- 
ton Miller having been destroyed by fire, dates could not be 

given. ' 

Children of Seth (son of Jesse and Rachel Ferris Booton) and Rhnama 

Waterbnrj Bonton, of Ponndridi^e^ N. Y. 4S85« 

4 404* i John Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., April 26, 
' 1807, m. Lydia Ferris; he died Poundridge 1845. 


4,406 ii. Mary Ann: Bouton, b. Poundridge, March 12, 
1810, m. Anson Remington; he died May 14, 1866; 
she lived Poundridge 1887. She died High Eidge, 
Sept. 27, 1887. 

4.406 iii. Daniel Bouton, b. Poundridge, Feb. 28, 1812^ m. 
Sarah Stevens; settled Poundridge, where they hved 

4.407 iv. Clarissa Bouton, b. Poundridge, March 20, 1816, 
m. Enos Reynolds; settled Lewisboro, N. Y., where 
they lived 1887; he died . 

4.408 V. Eliza Bouton, b. Poundridge, March 20, 1817, m. 
William Thatcher; settled Poundridge, where she 
died 1852. 

4.409 vi. Betsey Bouton, b. Poundridge, Feb. 9, 1822, m. 
John Gould Ferris; settled at Poundridge; she died 
there 1848. 

(i.) John Bouton (son of Seth and Rhuama Water- 
bury Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., April 26, 1807, 
m. Poundridge, Lydia Ferris, and settled at Pound- 
ridge, where he died 1851; she continued to live in 
Salem in 1886, and she died at High Ridge, Sept. 23, 

Children of John and LydIa Ferris Bonton, of Ponndrldgre. 4404a 

4.410 i. Mary Esther Bouton, b. Poundridge, about 1831, 
m. Frederick Saville, of Poundridge ; settled High 
Eidge, where they were living Jan. 1, 1S88. 

Children of Frederick and Marj Bonton SaTllle, of Fonndridgre. 4410 

4.411 i. J. Hknry Saville, b. Poundridge, about 1862 ; 
boards 2 West Washington place, 1887. 

4.412 ii. Eveline Saville, b. Poundridge, about 1864. 

4.413 ii. Francis Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., about 1838, 
not married; he went to the war and not heard from 
since, supposed to have been killed . 

4.414 iii. Isaac H. Bouton (son of John and Lydia Ferris 
Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1842, m. 
Poundridge, Feb. 12, 1865, Frances A. Buckbee (dau. 
of Levi and Mary Buckbee) of Poundridge, b. Whit- 
lockville, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1842; P. O. address, box 
812, Stamford, Ct. 

Children of Isaac H. and Frances A. Buckbee Bonton, of 

Noroton, Ct. 4414 

4.415 i. George William Boughton (he adopted the ** gh " 

in his name), b. South Salem, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1866; 
milkman, res. at Stamford, Ct. 

484 BouTON-BoDGHTON Familt. 

4.416 ii. Addie Zetta Bouton, b. Darien, Ct., July 2, 
1869, with parents. 

4.417 iii. Phebe Jane Bouton, b. Noroton, Ct., July 22, 
1871, with parents. 

4.418 iv. May Bouton, b. Noroton, Jan. 17, 1873, with pa- 

4.419 V. Frederick Alonzo Bouton, b. Noroton, Oct. 20, 
1874, with parents. 

4.420 vi. Irene Frances Bouton, b. Noroton, Feb. 19, 
1879, with parents. 

4.421 iv. Alonzo G. Bouton (son of John and Lydia Fer- 
ris. Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., March 16, 1849, 
dental surgeon; m Baltimore, Md., Jan. 25, 1870, 
Ella B. Littog and settled in the city of Savannah, 
Ga., where he resided, 1888. 

Child of Alonzo 0. and Ella B. Littofr Boaton, of Sayannah, Ga. 4421 

4.422 i. Alonzo Gould Bouton, Jr., b. Savannah, July 1, 
1879, and died Feb. 13, 1880. 

(ii.) Mary Ann Bouton (daughter Seth and Rhuanaa 
Waterbury Bouton) b. Poundridge, N. Y,, March 12, 
1810, m. at Poundridge, Oct. 7, 1828, Anson Reming- 
ton of Ridgefield, Ct,, b. May 8. 1786; they settled 
at Poundridge, where he died May 14, 1865, and was 
buried in the cemetery one mile south of the village 
of Poundridge. She was still living in the town of 
Poundridge, Jan. 1, 1887. 

Children of Anson and Mary Ann Bonton Remington. 4405 

4.423 i. Stephen H. Remington, b. Poundridge, N. T., 
Dec. 29, 1829, m. Poundridge, April, 1848, Ann Maria 
Ferris, and settled at High Ridge, where they were 
living November, 18^8. 

Child of Stephen U . and Ann Maria Ferris Reminirton. 

4.424 i. Carrie A. Remington, b. High Ridge, Feb. 3, 
1866. She was living with parents, unmarried, 


4.425 ii. Mary Jane Remington (dau. of Anson and Mary- 
Ann Bouton Remington), b. Poundridge, May 23, 
1832, m. Jesse Ferris, b. Poundridge, 1826; they set- 
tled in Poundridge, where they still lived November, 



Children of Jesse and Mary J. Remington Ferris. 4425 

4.426 i. Martha Jane Ferris, b. Poundridge, November, 
1853. She was still living at home with parents, 
unmarried, November, 1888. 

4.427 ii. WiLUAM Edgar Ferris, b. Poundridge, Dec. 20, 
1862. He was still living at home with parents, 
married, 1887. 

4.428 iii. Seth Ferris, b. Poundridge, Jan. 24, 1864, and 
living with parents 1885. 

4.429 iv. LuELLA Ferris, b. Poundridge, about 1871; died 
about 1875. 

4.430 iii. Savannah Remington (dau. of Anson and Mary 
A. Bouton Remington), b. Poundridge, Oct. 21, 1834, 
m. March, 1857, GerhardusBaraclaugh; they settled 
at South Nor walk, whore they were living Novem- 
ber, 1887. 

Children of Gerhardns and Sayannah Bemlngrton Baraclangh. 4480 

4.431 i. Harvey Baraclaugh, b. South Norwalk, Jan. 6, 
1859; he went to Meridian, N. Y., where he was, 
unmarried, 1885. 

4.432 ii. Lenora Baraclaugh, b. Poundridge, Dec. 24, 
1862, m. Norwalk, April 28, 1885, Calvin Smith, b. 
about 1860; they settled at South Norwalk, Ct., 
where they were living November, 1885. 

4.433 iii. Charles Baraclaugh, b. Meridian, N. Y., June, 
1867; lives at South Norwalk with parents Novem- 
ber, 1885; married. 

4.434 iv. Stephen Baraclaugh, b. Meridian, May, 1869; 
he lived with parents at South Norwalk November, 

(iv.) Seth Bouton Remington (son of Anson and 
Mary Ann Bouton Remington), b. Poundridge, March 
22, 1838, m. Poundridge, Sept. 27, 1856, Martha Lou- 
isa Bouton (dau. of Thomas and Lucinda Lockwood 
Bouton), of Poundridge, where she was born. 

(For further account of his life and family, see 
4,225 on page 445, descendants of Thomas Bouton.) 

4.435 V. Wright Remington, b. Poundridge, March 14, 
1855, and died at Poundridge, December, 1864, aged 
nine years. 

(vi.) Smith Remington, bom Poundridge, April 7, 
1841, m. Poundridge, Mary Louisa Dann, South Sa- 

486 BouTON BouGHTON Family. 

lem, N. Y., where she was born Feb. 21, 1846; they 
settled in Norwalk and moved subsequently to Ridge- 
field, where they still lived 1885. 

Child of Smith and Mary Lonisa Dann Remington. 4181 

(See 4,182.) (i.) Irene Remington, b. Ridgefield, Ct., June 

28, 1885. 

4,435* vii. Sylvester Remington, b. Poundridge, N. Y., 
Oct. 3, 1844, m. March, 1864, Fanny Prince, and set- 
tled at West Norwalk, where they still lived Novem- 
ber, 1885. 

Child of SjlTester and Fanny Frinee ReminiptOB. 4485 

4.436 i. Mary Frances Remington, b. Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 
7, 1866, and died Jan. 16, 1883. 

4.437 viii. Lydia Ann Remington (dau. of Anson and 
Mary Ann Bouton Remington), b. Poundridge, N. 
Y., May 4, 1845, m. Poundridge, Jan. 24, 1862, 
William Jones, b. about 1838, of Poundridge; they 
settled at High Ridge, Westchester county, N. Y., 
and res. there 1888. 

Child of Wiliiam and Lydia Ann Remini^ton Jones, of Higrh 

Ridire, N. Y. 4487 

4.438 i. Preston Zalmon Jones, b. High Ridge, N. Y., 
March 6, 1874. 

(iii.) Daniel Bouton (son of Seth and Rhuama Water- 
bury Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1813, a 
farmer; m. Poundridge, March 4, 1835, Sarah Ste- 
vens, and settled about two miles east of Poundridge 
village, where they were living 1888. He died Aug. 
27, 1889. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah Steyens Ronton, of Poundridge, N. Y. 4406 

4.440 i. Orlando Bouton, b. Poundridge, Jan. 2, 1836, m. 
Georgene Walton; he died about 1866. 

Child of Orlando and Georgene Walton Bonton, of New Canaan, Ct 

4.441 i. Emma Bouton, b. about 1865; was living at New 
Canaan 1888. 

4.442 ii, Samuel Bouton, b. Poundridge, July 9, 1837, m. 
Clarissa Brown; res. Poundiidge. 


Children of Samnel and Clarissa Brown Bonton, of Found- 
ridge, N. Y. 4442 

4.443 i. Cora Bouton, b. Poundridge, m. Benjamin Peck, 
and res. Lewisboro, N. Y. 

4.444 ii. Samuel Bouton, b. Poundridge. 

4.445 iii. Howard Bouton, bom Poundridge; lives with 

4.446 iii. Sophia Jane Bouton, b. Poundridge, March 30, 
1839, m. Thomas DriscoU; she died New Jersey. 

Child of Thomas and Sophia J. Bonton Driseoll. 

4.447 i. Ellsworth Driscoll, b. ; res. 446 Lexington 

avenue, New York city. 

4.448 iv. Caroline Augusta Bouton (dau. of Daniel and 
Sarah Bouton), b. Poundridge, April 16, 1844, m. 
Aaron Bishop; res. Lewisboro, 1888. 

Children of Aaron and Caroline A. Bonton Bishop, of Lewisboro, N. T. 

4.449 i. Charles Bishop, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., July 13, 

4.450 ii. Sarah Rowena Bishop, b. Lewisboro, Feb. 8, 
1877; res. with parents at Lewisboro. 

4,461 V. Sarah Ann Bouton, b.' Poundridge, April 8, 1848, 
died about 1857. 

4.452 vi. Mary Amanda Bouton (dau. of Daniel and Sarah 
Bouton), b. Poundridge, September 15, 1850, m. Levi 
Bishop; res. Lewisboro. 

4.453 vii. William Marston Bouton, b. Poundridge, June 
29, 1856, m. Jan. 28, 1875, Lucy Barratt; res. Pound- 

4.454 viii. Elmer Bouton, b. Poundridge, Sept. 30, 1860, 
m. March 4, 1886, Ann Amelia Marshall; res. Pound- 

Children of Leri and Marj A. Bonton Bishop, of Lewis- 
boro, N. T. 4458 

4.466 i. Gertrude May Bishop, b. Sept. 26, 1874. 

4,456 ii. Mabel Florence Bishop, b. Lewisboro, Decem- 
ber 5, 1880. 

Children of Wiliam Marston and Lncj Barratt Bonton, of 

Poundridge, N. T. 4458 

4.467 i. Harry Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., May 4, 1877. 
4,458 ii. William Bouton, b. Poundridge, Aug. 11, 1879. 

End of Daniel Bouton 's descendants. 

488 BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 

(iv. ) Clarissa Bouton (dau of Seth and Ehuama 
Waterbuiy Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., March 
20, 1815, m. March 25, 1835, Enos Reynolds, and set- 
tled in Lewisboro, where he died. Sne resided there 


Children of Enos and ClarissA Bouton Reynolds, of 

Lewisboro, N. T. 4407 

4.459 i. Squire Reynolds, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., Jan. 19, 
1836, d. Lewisboro, April 24, 1869. 

4.460 ii. Angelet Reynolds, b. Lewisboro, Aug. 22, 1837, 
not married; res. Lewisboro, 18§8. 

4.461 iii. Rhuama Reynolds, b. Lewisboro, Aug. 25, 1840, 
m. Edgar Benger, and settled at Lewisboro; res. there 

4.462 iv, Sally Ann Reynolds, b. Aug. 15, 1842, m. Greo. 
Whitney; res. Lewisboro, 1888. 

4.463 V. Lewis S. Reynolds, b. New Canaan, Ct., July 29, 
1844 and died 1883. 

4.464 vi. Timothy Reynolds, b. Lewisboro, Mar. 23, 1847, 
m. Sept. 5, 1872, Effie J. Barratt. 

Children of Edgar and Rhnama Reynolds Benger, of Lewis- 
boro, N. T. 4401 

4.465 i. Fostina Aurilla Benger, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., 
1864, and died 1867. 

4.466 ii Frederick Benger, b. Lewisboro, 1867; res. Lew- 
isboro, 1888. 

4.467 iii. Charles E, Benger, b. Lewisboro, 1872, and died 
in infancy about 1874. 

Clilldren of George and Sally Ann Reynolds Wliitney, of Lewis- 
boro, N. Y. 4462 

4.468 i. Effie Whitney, b. Lewisboro, 1868; res. with 
parents, 1888. 

4.469 li. Arthur G. Whitney, b. Lewisboro, Sept. 5, 1872; 
res. with parents, 1888. 

Child of Timothy and Effie J. Barratt Reynolds^ of Lewis- 
boro, N. T. 4464 

4.470 i. Anna Clarissa Reynolds, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., 
June 5, 1874; res. with parents. 

(v.) Eliza Bouton (d^u. Seth and Rhuama Water- 
bury Bouton), b. Poundridge, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1817, 
m. William Thatcher and settled in Poundridge, 
where she died, 1852. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 489 

Children of William and Eliza Bonton Thateher. 4408 

4.471 i. Jane Ann Thatcher, b. about 1843; living unmar- 
ried, Ridgefield, 1888. 

4.472 ii. Betsey Thatcher, b. about 1845; living unmar- 
ried Norwalk, 1888. 

4.473 iii. Maria Thatcher, b. about 1847; died in infancy. 

(vi.) Betsey Bouton (dau. Seth and Rhuana Water- 
buiT Bouton), b. Feb. 9, 1822, m. John Gould Ferris; 
settled Poundridge. 

Children of John G. and Betsey Bonton Ferris. 

4.474 i. Amanda Ferris, b. about 1839, d. in childhood, 

4.475 ii. Caroline Ferris, b. about 1841; res. Poundridge, 


4.476 iii. Cyrus Ferris, b. about 1843; d. about 1850. 

4.477 iv. Clarissa Ferris, b. about 1845; d. 1850. 

44 78 Children of Sharman and Folly Bonton (dan. of Jesse and 

Rachel Ferris Bonton) Ferris of Ponndridgre. 4858f 

(See 4,404.) i. Lydia Ferris, b. Poundridge 1811, m. John 
Bouton (son of Seth and Rhuama Waterbury Bouton), 
and settled Poundridge; she died 1887. 

4.480 ii. Alfred Ferris, b. Poundridge about 1813 and d. 

4.481 iii. Jane Ferris, b. Poundridge about 1815, married 
James Elmore; she d. about 1871. 

4.482 iv. Ruth Ferris, b. Poundridge about 1817, m. John 
Timpson; she died. 

(See 4,409.) v. John Gould Ferris, b. Poundridge about 
1820, m. Betsey Bouton (dau. of Seth and Rhuama 
Bouton), and both died about 1850. 

(See 4,425.) vi. Jesse Ferris, b. Poundridge about 1822, m. 
Mary Jane Remington (dau. of Anson and Mary Ann 
Remington), and res. Poundridge, 1888. 

(See 4,423.) vii. Ann M. Ferris, b. Poundridge about 1824, 
m. Stephen Remington; settled High Ridge and res. 
there 1888. 

Children of Dayid (son of Jesse and Rachel Ferris Bonton) and first 

wife, Betsey Waterbnrj Bonton. 4886i> 

4.483 i. Julia Bouton, b. about 1814; went west. 

4.484 ii. Harriet Bouton, b. about 1816, m. unknown. 

4.485 iii. Ferris Bouton, b. about 1818, m. Fanny Slauson; 
settled South Salem; both dead. 

490 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

Children of Darid and (second wife) Bebeeea Rajmond. 

(See 4,173.) iv. Hiram Bouton, b. Poundridge, N. Y., Sept. 
9, 1827, m. Oct. 24, 1851, Mary E. Bouton; res. Lew- 
isboro, N. Y., 1888. 

4.486 V. Isaac Bouton, b. , m. Jan. 1, 1850, Elizabeth 

Arnold; res. Lewisboro 1888. 

4.487 vi. Wilson Bouton. 

Children of Hiram and Mary Elizabeth Bouton (dan. of Thomas and 
Cjnthia Lockwood Bonton) Bonton, of Lewisboro. 

(See 4,174.) i. Wiluam Henry Bouton, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., 

Oct. 1, 1852 ; member of the New York city fire 

department 1888. 
(See 4,175.) ii. Mary Eliza Bouton (dau. of Hiram and 

Mary E. Bouton), b. Lewisboro, Jan. 8, 1855, m. 1879, 

Samuel Resco. 

Children of Samuel and Mary Eliza Bouton Besoo, of Norwalk, Ct 

(See 4,176.) (i.) William H. Resco, b. Norwalk, Ct., Sept. 

5, 1879. 
(See 4,177.) (ii.) Edna Resco, b. Norwalk, Jan. 26, 1881. 
(See 4,178.) (iii.) Marion Resco, b. Norwalk, February 28, 

(See 4,179.) (iv.) Lawrence Resco, b. Norwalk, November 

24, 1886. 
(See 4,180.) (v.) Mary Annie Resco, b. Norwalk, February, 


Note. — Where references are made to back numbers in 
left hand column the families are Bouton descendants on 
both sides, all being descendants from Jesse and Rachel 
Ferris Bouton, and previously entered in connection with 
the other branch. 

Children of Isaae 'son of Darid and hig second wife Bebeeea Rajmond 
Bouton) and Elizabeth Arnold Bouton, of Lewisboro, N. Y. 4486 

4.488 i. IJmmaJane Bouton, b. Lewisboro, N. Y., Feb. 2, 
1851, m. Charles Fancher; she died March 2, 1874. 

Child of Charles and Emma Jane Bouton Fancher. 

4.489 i. Clarence Fancher, b. South Norwalk 1870. 

(See 4,226.) ii. Henry Gardner Bouton, b. Lewisboro, Dec. 
18, 1853; m. Dora E. Remington. 

4.490 iii. Charles E. Bouton, b. Lewisboro, Feb. 8, 1863. 

4.491 iv. William I. Bouton, b. Lewisboro, Dec. 28, 1871. 

BouTON-BouGHTON Familt. 491 

Children of Wilson (son of Jesse and Bacliel Ferris Bouton) and 
Matilda Brown Bonton^ of Foundrid^e and Bidi^efleld. 4885) 

4,491'* i. Wilson Boughton, Jr., b. Poundridge, Oct. 28, 
1824, m. Sept. 12, 1844, Julia A. Pickett, b. July 15, 
1828, of Bedding, Ct. ; he died Sanford Station, Feb- 
ruary 8, 1884. 

4,491** ii RoswELL Bouton, b. Poundridge, Oct. 18, 1825, m. 
New York city, Jan. 28, 1857, Irene Flewwellen, b. 
March 3, 1832; res. No. 11 Starr avenue, Danbury. 

4,491' iii. Jarvis Bouton, b. Poundridge: m. Ann Roe. 

Children of Janris and Ann Roe Ronton. 

4,491*** i. Wilson Bouton. 
4,49 1*** ii. At^oe Bouton. 

Children of Wilson, Jr., and Jnlia A. Pickett Bonghton, of Stam- 
ford, Ct 4491a 

4,491* i. Francis Clark Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Ct., May 

17, 1846, m. May 27, 1865, Angeline Lockwood, res. 

Danbury, Ct., 1888. 
4,491' ii. Charles H. Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Feb. 1, 1850; 

he d. May 26, 1866. 
4,491' iii. Benjamin H. Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Dec. 31, 

1852; he d. June 18, 1857. 
4,491« iv. Leander J. Boughton, b. Ridgefield, Nov. 25, 

1855; res. Sanford Station. 
4,491^ V. Floyd B. Boughton, b. Redding, Ct., Nov. 26, 

1858, m. Sept. 28, 1877, Sarah F. Webb; res. George- 
town, Ct., 1888. 
4,491' vi. Schuyler W. Boughton, b. Redding, Oct. 4, 

1862; he d. Oct. 29, 1862. 
4,491^ vii. Carrie L. Boughton, b. Redding, Nov. 22, 1863, 

m. Aug. 10, 1884, Frank B. Taylor; she died. 
4,491' viii. Ella A. Boughton, b. Redding, March 30, 1866, 

m. Alfred Piatt; settled and res. Rcddiqg, 1888. 
4,491* ix. Leroy W. Boughton, b. Redding, Feb. 26, 1S63; 

res. Sanford Station, 1888. 
4,491" X. Theada J. Boughton, b. Redding, Dec. 6, 1870; 

res. Sanford Station, 1888. 
4,491' xi. Gordon A. Boughton, b. Redding, May 26, 1872, 

he d. Dec. 6, 1874. 

Children of Franeis C. and Angrellne Lockwood Bonjirhton, of li^reen- 

wich, Ridgefield and Danbnry. 4491 

4,491 i. William W. Boughton, b. Greenwich, Ct., May 30, 
1866, cigar maker; res. with parents, Danbury, Ot. 

492 BouTON-BouGHTON Family. 

4,491* ii. Eugene W. Boughton, b. Stamford, Ct., Nov. 4, 
1867, tip printer; res. with parents, Danbury. 

4,491« iii. Julia E. Boughton, b. Sanford Station, Aug. 4, 
1869: res. with parents, Danbury. 

4,491' iv. Chales H. Boughton, b. Sanford Station, May 
11, 1872; died Sanford Station Dec. 31, 1874. 

4,491* V. George L. Boughton, b. Sanford Station, Sept. 
26, 1876; res. with parents. 

4,491* vi. Jennie L. Boughton, b. Sanford Station, August 
16, 1878; res. with parents. 

4,491* vii. Frederick L. Boughton, b. July 4, 1883, Dan- 
bury, Ot. ; res. with parents. 

Children of Floyd B. and Sarah F. Webb Bongrhton. of 

Wilton, Ct 4491ii 

4,49r i. Plorena H. Boughton, b. Wilton, Ct., March 9, 

4,491^ ii. Francis F. Boughton, b. Greorgetown, Ct., Jan. 

30, 1883. 
4,491* iii. Harry H. Boughton, b. Georgetown, Aug. 16, 


Child of Frank B. and