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Copyrighted 1922 
By Addison B. Bowser 

PRiEFA'CE 1217090 

The following pages present what we believe to be the first 
attempt to write a history of the "Bausser," now, Bowser family. 
When our ancestors came to this country they spelled their name 
"Bausser," and "Bousser." In many instances there was but one 
"s" used. The change from the former spelling to "Bowser" was 
gradual and, we believe, now complete. The last on our record to 
use "Bouser" was Adam Bouser in his will recorded in Armstrong 
County, Pa. 

The reader will get clearly in his mind that we are of Teutonic 
blood. The chief source of our German ancestry was in the Ale- 
manni tribe occupying upper Switzerland and adjacent provinces. 
The French still speak of the German as Alemagne. This territory 
was subsequently called the "Palatine." An overflow reached the 
Rhine and was called the "Lower Palatine." From this land then, 
came the scores of "Pennsylvania Dutch," to the virgin forests of 
Pennsylvania. Among them was Mathias Bausser, Sr., who landed 
at Philadelphia, September 28, 1733. He and his family made the 
long voyage from Rotterdam, Holland, on the brigantine "Richard 
and Elizabeth." The same year Daniel Bousser and two brothers 
came via Baltimore, Md. The story of the settlement of this small 
family, chiefly in Pennsylvania, and their development down to 
the present, the reader will find in the following pages. We wish 
to express our grateful acknowledgment of the aid given us in 
finding the descendants of Daniel Bousser, by Jacob C. Bowser, 
of Erie, Pa., the Kittanning Daily Leader-Times for use of several 
cuts. Also the invaluably help rendered by Chas. A. Bowser, 
of California, who is himself preparing a genealogy and history of 
the Bowser people. Also to the Executive Committee for their 
sympathetic interest and manifold kindnesses during the protracted 
years this history has been in process of preparation, and also for 
the promptness with which they provided for its publication when 
it was ready. 

Sincerely your cousin. 
Ford City Pa. A. B. Bowser. 

May 1, 1922 


History has its sources, like the ancient Nile, hidden in the mys- 
terious and impenetrable reaches of the unexplored and unknown. 
The painter trails his art backward to the crude sketches left on 
the rocks by the aborigines. Back of that the unknown. The 
writer of human history begins at the boundary of Mythology. 
On this side we have tangibilities, features, forms, facts though 
scanty, countries, names and periods of time. 

In preparing a family history such as is undertaken in this 
work, the writer's first task is to know from what race his fore- 
bears sprang. What native land reared them? What valleys grew 
golden with their annual harvests? What cities educated their 
children? What rivers bore upon their bosom their rugged crafts 
of commerce? What sort of government ruled them? What ideals 
inspired them with heroic manhood, and lastly, what religious 
impulses moulded their characters and awakened the innate love of 
justice and liberty and hatred toward despotism whether of gov- 
ernment or religion? We have a deeper regard for Christian 
denominations, when we are acquainted with the tyranny and perse- 
cution against which they revolted. In peaceful America where all 
creeds and names alike are under the same kindly protection of the 
state we would little suspect how dearly the pioneers of these 
Christian bodies paid for the right to breathe and think and worship 
God according to their consciences. And there is a soul stirring 
history back of these European emigrations to the new world. We 
think with pride of our heroic ancestors who braved the perils of 
the sea. and the uncertainties of a life in a wilderness, in a strange 
land, rather than submit to oppression. We regret that space will 
not permit us to yield to the inclination to marshal a greater array 
of the terrific iniquities our brave people suffered across the seas. 

When the writer began the task of collecting data for this his- 
tory there was no one of our people so far as he could discover who 
knew from what land the Bowsers emigrated. There was a tradi- 
tion that we came from Germany; others said from Holland, yet 
others, from France. Following the clue of the first we were 
happy to discover the truth. It seemed most reasonable to begin 
with the language. A people's language would, it would seem 
obvious, be a direct index to their nationality. If, for example, an 
emigrant came to America speaking the Welsh language we would 
rightly conclude he came from Wales. That our people were not 
Hollanders was evident because they did not speak Dutch. They 
were not French for the same reason ; and if from Germany, cer- 
tainly not from the North German states. The people of Europe, 



though dwelHng in comparatively small areas, have distinctive 
languages. And their languages have been fixed in literature, 
books of history, science, poetry, and especially in the Bible. Our 
Bowser forefathers therefore left a homeland in which the same 
language was spoken which they spoke in this country, which, as 
ail know, has been called "Pennsylvania Dutch." The term "Penn- 
sylvania Dutch" is a misnomer. There is no such a language. It has 
been supposed by many as we ourselves once thought, that "Penn.syl- 
vania Dutch" was a corrupted German, the result of natural varia- 
tions due to ignorance and long separation from its pure springs. 
We now know it is not a corrupted tongue but native to a part of 
Switzerland and the Rheinish Palatinate, a principality in the South- 
ern part of Germany. From the Palatine, then, came the "Pennsyl- 
vania Dutch." Let us henceforth give them their right name "Pala- 
tine German." 

"We speak of the German language or 'Deutsche Sprache' as 
embracing, generally, the different languages spoken in all their 
stages from the earliest history to the present, the languages spoken 
by the related Teutonic tribes, as the Austrians, Swiss, Alsatians, 
Bavarians and the like. What Dr. J. A. H. Murray has pointed 
out about the origin of the principal English dialects may equally 
well be true of these Germanic idioms. Having no specimens of 
the languages of the Germans for nearly three centuries after their 
final settlement, we cannot tell to what extent they originally agreed 
with or differed from each other, although there must have been 
some dialectal differences to begin with, which were afterwards 
increased and multiplied. But, however scanty our means of illus- 
trating the earliest history of these idioms may be, there is no 
doubt that they were not all related to each other in the same 
degree. Three main groups are easily distinguishable. 

"(1) The Frisian and Saxon, whose nearest relation is English, 

"(2) Prankish, Hessian and Thuringian, and 

"(3) Alemanni and Bavarian. 

"The Frisian is generally regarded as a separate language." 
(Brittannica.) These represent the Low, Middle and High Ger- 

"The Alemanni is divided into the three main groups, Swabian, 
Alsatian and Swiss, while Bavaria is constituted by several dia- 
lects spoken in Bavaria and Austria. The members of the third 
group. Upper German, combined with the midland dialects, Hessian 
and Thuringian, and part of the Prankish dialects, are sources of 
the High German. The greatest difference prevails between the 
first (1) group and the third (3). The southern Prankish dia- 
lects are very closely akin to the adjacent Upper German idioms. 
Where German words are incorporated many have changes as the 
German Schlaf becomes Schlof ; fragen, froge, waagen, woge." 
(Brittannica.) The influence of Luther upon the German language 


has been tremendous, as his writings, especially his translation of 
the Bible, were accepted as the best pattern of High German and 
imitated. Switzerland and Lower German clung for a long time to 
their native dialects, but the different German states were gradually 
brought nearer to a common language. 

The Palatinate was inhabited by descendants of the group of 
German tribes called the Rheinfranken with an admixture of the 
Alemanni, the latter of whom had occupied the land until 496 
A. D., when Chlodwig, King of the Franks, defeated them in a 
battle fought somewhere on the Upper Rhine. Wurtemburg and 
Switzerland were practically pure Alemanni while the Palatinate 
is Prankish with a strong infusion of Alemanni blood in certain 
parts. Hence it follows that "Pennsylvania Dutch," is a dialect — an 
admixture of Prankish and Alemanni. There are subdivisions in 
these dialects, the Swabian of Wurtemburg being different from 
Switzerland, and the mixed speech of the Palatine different from 
both. The "Pennsylvania Dutch" then has as a basis certain charac- 
teristics derived from all of these dialects, modified and harmonized. 
In brief, the language of our forefathers was a mixture of the orig- 
inal Alemanni, French and German words. The Palatinate, Prank- 
ish, Wurtemburg and Switzerland Alemanni — from these stems grew 
the people who later came to Pennsylvania speaking the Palatine 
German." (Swiss and German Settlements in Pennsylvania.) 




The German people belong to the great Aryan family. At a 
period before history noticed them, they moved westward into the 
forests of present Germany and neighboring states. These heathen 
tribes eventually had to contend with the armies of Caesar. After 
bitter experiences on account of their unorganized state they began 
forming federations of states for the purpose of better defense. 
The Goths were the most important of these groups and the Ale- 
manni came next. The Alemanni held both banks of the Rhine 
where it is joined by the Moselle and the Main. In the course of 
centuries there grew up in the varying struggles of the Empire a 
confederation of provinces or states loosely joined. This confedera- 
tion embraced at various times parts of France, Austria, Bohemia 
and the Netherlands. "Under Henry I [918-936] there was 
greater unity than ever before. At the death of this wise and good 
king all the land of the German peoples was a part of his Hng- 
dom." But Germany never until our own day really became an 
empire. It is true that at last the "Holy Roman Empire" was as a 
matter of fact confined to Germany, for the day came, as in the 
time of Frederick Barbarosa, when the King of Germany was also 
King of Italy. Thus as we approach the middle centuries Germany 
was the most powerful kingdom in the world. As the centuries 
passed, the states, while nominally recognizing the king, were some- 
times in alliance with him and again, opposing him, or asserting 
their independence. It is a long story of war, revolt, conquest, the 
clash of unscrupulous rulers, with all the varying fortunes of war- 
fare through the early centuries and the Middle Ages until we 
reach the period with which we are more intimately concerned. 

In 1519 began the Reformation under Martin Luther which kept 
the country in a state of turmoil — a convulsion of animosities and 
horrors, of human atrocities unspeakable for two centuries. There 
was continual strife between the Catholics and the followers of 
Martin Luther until Reformed Calvinism interposed a third element 
of conflict. The crimes that now one ecclesiastical party then the 
other according to which at the time had superior strength inflicted, 
are too gruesome to be narrated, and had better remain buried in 
the darkness of the past. But it is a matter of history that' the 
reason many of us were born within the fair state of Pennsylvania 
instead of on the banks of the Rhine is because the incredible, 
wanton and savage quarrels among people of the same race became 



intolerable, and our forefathers discerned their only hope of tran- 
quility and safety was to leave their country entirely. This will be 
better understood when we remember that war raged for 30 years. 
Thirty years when the country rocked and groaned and panted and 
burned in the most senseless war of history next to the late World 
War. Cities were devoured in flames, farm buildings destroyed, 
horses and cattle appropriated by contending armies, and the people 
slaughtered with a fiendish glee that would have made a Comanche 
blush. Thirty thousand fled from little Bohemia alone under the 
cruel hand of Ferdinand II [1619-37]. This cruel, shortsighted 
king set for himself the task of the coercion of all his subjects to 
his (the Roman Catholic) faith. The war began in Bohemia and 
the country was placed under such a system of government that it 
lost two-thirds of its population. The Palatinate was next invaded 
and finally brought to submission ; and there also the process of 
"conversion" was carried on with such a ruthlessness that multi- 
tudes died at the hands of their inquisitors or fled, exiles from their 
homes. The fall of Madgeburg may furnish us an example of the 
relentless horrors of this dreadful war. 

Madgeburg was besieged by the Emperor's General, Tilly, and 
his horde of butchers and fell in 1631. "The most cruel butchery 
followed, a scene of horrors for which history has no language, 
when neither innocent childhood nor hopeless old age, when neither 
sex, rank, youth, nor beauty could disarm the fury of the con- 
querors. Wives were abused in the arms of their husbands, daugh- 
ters at the feet of their parents ; and the defenseless sex was 
exposed to the double sacrifice of virtue and life. In a single 
church 53 women were found beheaded. The Croats amused them- 
selves by throwing children into the flames. Pappenheim's Wal- 
loons, with stabbing infants at their mother's breasts. Some officers 
touched at the dreadful scene ventured to remind Tilly he could 
stop the carnage. He answered : The soldieir must have some 
reward for his dangers and his toils.' Fearful indeed was the 
tumult, amid clouds of smoke, heaps of dead bodies, the clash of 
swords, the crash of falling ruins, the streams of blood. The fear- 
ful heat forced the murderers to take refuge for a while in their 
camp. Scarcely had the fury of the flames abated, than they 
returned to renew the pillage amid the ruins and ashes of the town. 
Horrible and revolting to humanity was the scene that presented 
itself ; the living crawling from under the dead, children wandering 
about with heartrending cries, calling for their parents ; more than 
6000 bodies were thrown into the Elbe to clear the streets ; a much 
greater number had been consumed by the flames. The whole num- 
ber of the slain was reckoned at not less than 30,000." (Schiller.) 

In 1634 the Palatine was again overrun and laid waste, the 
inhabitants killed in such numbers only 200 peasants remained in 
the lower country. "The Thirty Years War, one of the most 


destructive in all history, fell with especial severity upon the south- 
ern part of Germany, as the Palatinate. Not only were cities, 
towns, and villages devastated in turn by the armies of friends 
and foes alike; not only did poverty, hardship, murder and rapine 
follow in the wake of these strange armies, with their multitude of 
camp followers, but the intellectual, moral and religious character 
of the German people received a shock that almost threatened them 
with annihilation." No class of people suffered more than the 
farmers from whom our people are mostly descended. During this 
long and bloody conflict their horses and cattle, sheep and goats 
were carried off by contending armies ; their barns and houses 
reduced to ashes. At the invasion of an army the people fled to 
hiding places in the marshes or among the rocks of the mountains 
or in the fastnesses of the forest. Frytog says, "in Heimsburg, in 
the course of the war, 75 per cent of the inhabitants were destroyed. 
66 per cent of the houses, 75 per cent of the horses, 85 per cent of 
the goats, 82 per cent of the cattle." These things were equally true 
of the Palatine on account of its exposed position to the ravages of 
armies. During the Middle Ages it had been one of the most 
prosperous, influential and enlightened of the German States, and 
had been favored by enlightened and wise rulers like Hohenstauf en, 
Frederick the Wise, who recognized the Reformation, and the 
tolerant Karl Ludwig who protected the Mennonites. The country 
along the Rhine and Neckar was known as the garden spot of 
Germany. Elector Frederick V who yielded to the persuasion of 
Bohemia to become their king aroused the hostility of Emperor 
Ferdinand II and thus, however well meaning and benevolent his 
purpose, provoked this long and disastrous war in which, as we 
have seen, his own state, the Palatine, suffered most. Heidelburg, 
with its great university was taken by Tilly, 1622. In 1638-9 pesti- 
lence added to the sufferings already endured. The people tried 
to satisfy their hunger with roots and grasses and leaves, even ate 
the bodies of their dead. The gallows and graveyards had to be 
guarded, the bodies of children were not safe from their mothers. 
The scenes in Jerusalem during the siege by Titus were not infre- 
quent in Germany in those terrible days. Under Karl Ludwig the 
land began to blossom once more. There was a short period of 
calm. Many who had fled to Switzerland and Holland returned 
to their devastated homes and began to rebuild. Taxes were low 
and land abundant ; immigrants came from other countries, as Eng- 
land and France. Happy days returned to the banks of the Rhine. 
The farmer went joyously to his plow and the weaver to his loom 
and the smith to his forge. Soon the land waved with yellow har- 
vests and instead of the sounds of marching armies, the lowing of 
cattle and the songs of the birds. But the red devil of war had not 
finished with our fathers' homeland. In 1674-75 war broke out 
between France and Holland and again the Palatine was brought 
to ruin. 




The border states of Germany on the south were so intimately 
associated witih Switzerland and France and related to them by 
the strong ties of blood, the policies of the kings of France, benefi- 
cent or autocratic, affected our fatherland powerfully. There were 
seasons when the vengeful, fanatical religious and political policies 
of kings like Chales IX and Louis XIV prevailed. The Palatine 
became a place of refuge for thousands of French Huguenots and 
again, when the aggressive and bitter persecution swept like a 
wave of terror across the borders, our people suffered almost as 
much as the unfortunate Protestants in France itself. It is worth 
while then, to recall one great event in this time of the history of 
France, because it reflects the opinions and policies and tyrannous 
acts of kings which had much to do with the people of the Palatine 
and the subsequent emigration of vast numbers to Pennsylvania — 
we refer to the Edict of Nantes. Henry the IV was one of the 
greatest and best of the French kings. He joined the Catholic 
Church because, he reasoned, the majority of his subjects were 
Catholics, he should identify himself with their system. But he was 
wise, liberal in his views and tolerant. Henry the III had granted 
Protestants free exercise of their worship in castles of the Calvin- 
istic lords to the number of 3500 and to one town or borough in 
each county except in Paris. They were permitted to own property, 
marry with Catholics and hold public office. These written edicts 
were often violated by different authorities. But Henry IV main- 
tained them, even extended them and brought the various parlia- 
ments to enregister them. At length, on the 15th of April, 1598, 
he signed and published the famous Edict of Nantes at Paris, his 
treaty of peace with the Protestants. This treaty, drawn up in 92 
open and 56 secret articles, proclaimed the religious position of 
Protestants in France, the conditions and guarantees of their wor- 
ship and their relation to the crown and their Catholic fellow- 
countrymen. The state provided for the salaries of Protestant 
ministers in their schools and colleges ; the children of Protestants 
were allowed the privileges of the schools and colleges the same as 
Catholics; that complete justice might be secured to them, courts 
were instituted where their cases were, — tried before Protestant 
judges. Many Catholics opposed violently the new edict but the 
king stood by his agreement. "What I have done," he said, "is 
for the good of peace. I will cut the roots of all these factions; 
I will make short work of those who foment them. You must know 



what I have done has been for a good purpose and let my past 
behavior go bail for it." The malcontents and intolerant saw they 
had a strong willed king, a judicious and clear sighted, true patriot, 
who was sincerely concerned for the public welfare among all his 
subjects alike. This timely and beneficial act of this good king 
was a great event in history and of inestimable blessing to the 
Protestants of the country. Louis XIV is known in history as a 
bold warrior and unscrupulous king. His long reign was marked 
by cruel wars, but we remember him chiefly for his antagonism to 
modern progress in religious liberty. He revoked the Edict of 
Nantes October 13, 1685, and dealt his own country and the world 
a blow more fatal than all his wars. "Intoxicated by so much suc- 
cess and so many victories, he fancied that consciences were to be 
bent like states, and he set about to bring back all his subjects to 
the Catholic faith. In revoking the Edict of Henry IV he undid 
the beneficent work of that wise ruler and turned back the civiliza- 
tion of his country many centuries. He set at nought all the rights 
consecrated by edicts and the long patience of those Protestants 
whom Mazarin called the 'faithful flock.' Some years later, these 
reformers left France and carried their skill, labor and manhood 
into other countries. Hundreds of thousands fled who refused to 
live under the despotic government that enslaved human consciences. 
All the princes felt themselves insulted. Protestant Europe, indig- 
nant, opened her doors to this choice class of French people." 
(Guizot History of France, Vol. 4.) 

The sixteenth century was marked by these religious disorders. 
In the midst of religious zeal we find wars, murders, and brutal 
intolerance. The Huguenots of France, like the Anabaptists of 
Germany and the Mennonites of Switzerland, were the pioneers in 
religious liberty and real reform. The world never produced nobler 
heroes than these brave men who suffered and died for their faith. 
The Huguenots found the Pope, the king and the chiefs of political 
positions, determined to destroy them. They were persecuted and 
calumniated. No crime was too horrible to impute to them, even 
that of sacrificing little children. Charles IX ordered the great 
massacre on St. Bartholomew's day, August 24, 1572, when 60,000 
Protestants perished. 

Eight hundred thousand of them perished in prisons and galleys 
and on scafifolds. ("Beacon Lights of History," by John Lord.) 
Louis was not content to subdue or destroy Protestantism in France 
but advanced against Holland and overran the Palatine, sending an 
army of 50,000 men, in 1688. Many of the largest and best cities 
were destroyed. The German Empire at that time had seven elec- 
tors whose privilege it was to choose the king, of whom one was the 
Elector Palatine, hence the name frequently occurring in history 
of the "Elector Palatine." In 1689 Leopold bestowed the eighth 
electoral privilege upon Earnest Augustus Brunswick Hanover; 


thus making the Catholic and Protestant electors equal in number — 
four each. In 1699, Philip of the Palatine emulated Louis XIV 
in his persecution of the Protestants throughout his new posses- 
sions. Again a tide of emigration began to flow. The Mennonites, 
Walloons and the French Huguenots who had found a refuge in 
the Palatine were now driven from the land ; many went to Holland, 
Prussia and America. To the above conditions, religious and politi- 
cal, we must add the corruption, tyranny, extravagance and heart- 
lessness of the rulers of the Palatinate; many attempted to imitate 
the splendor and display of the French Court while the country 
was bleeding to death. What would history say of Abraham Lin- 
coln if he had had Congress vote him a billion dollars a year to 
spend on balls and parties while his soldier boys were bleeding and 
dying out on the battlefields? So did the harrassed and exploited 
people of the Palatine suffer and pray and wait, but light was kin- 
dling. A little beacon began to flame on the distant hills. A new 
voice was heard, in low whispers it is true, but it was a voice of 
hope; a voice that grew stronger and more insistent — a voice that 
told of home and peace and fireside and children once more at play 
unalarmed by the image of a warrior with lance and gun. It told 
of a new land — a land of great forests and rivers and pine clad hills 
and freedom, the land of the Quaker preacher who instituted a Holy 

We have looked at the background. We have seen that Europe 
was in the throes of a three-headed religious conflict, Lutherism, 
CathoHcism and Reformed Calvinism, in days when passions were 
inflammable as powder, when refinements were superficial, where 
civilization was built on force and maintained by might, when perse- 
cution was savage and the atrocities conceived in human ingenuity 
were unspeakably horrible. In the heart of this restless, surging, 
warring mass were a few better souls who saw visions and dreamed 
dreams and prayed for the kindly spirit of the Master to come into 
the hearts of men. And when human bodies could endure no more 
they sailed away forever from a land of endless strife to a land 
of perpetual peace. 


We now reach an interesting chapter in our State History, the 
history of the tides of emig-ration that flowed into this new territory 
and the shores from whence they came, and the background of 
political, social and religious conditions already hinted at. We are 
aware that the English who came with Penn and those who followed 
settled at Philadelphia, and that other nationalities sought homes 
here where there were hopes of a peaceful home life and such com- 
forts as honest toil should naturally provide. Among them were 
our Bowser ancestors. 

William Penn, a Quaker minister, was given an extensive grant 
of land in America, now known as Pennsylvania, by Charles II of 
England in 1681. He published in England and Germany his plan 
for a self-governing state which he called his "Holy Experiment," 
a free colony for all mankind, and a liberal scheme by which the 
land could be purchased. This grant formed a tract 300 by 150 
miles in extent, afterwards enlarged by purchase. He proposed his 
new possessions should be designated by "Sylvania," woods ; but 
the king prefixed the family name, Penn, and thus the Keystone 
State, the brightest among the galaxy of sisters in our free union, 
received its title, Pennsylvania. 

The great proprietor was far ahead of his age as we learn by 
his writings on religious and political subjects. One of his treatises 
is entitled, "The Great Case of Liberty of Conscience," in which 
he nobly proclaimed what the constitution of the United States 

Speaking of the religious intolerance of England in his day, he 
said : "I abhor two principles in religion, and pity them that own 
them ; the first is obedience upon authority without conviction ; and 
the other, destroying them that differ from me for God's sake. 
Such a religion is without judgment, though not without teeth." 

Penn came to- take possession of his land in America in 1682, 
sailing from England, September 1, and landing at New Castle, 
Delaware, October 27, one-third of his one hundred comrades 
having died of smallpox on the voyage. He ascended the Delaware 
River to Upland, to which he gave the name Chester. Here he con- 
vened the Assembly and promulgated his Great Law, namely, that 
Pennsylvania was to be a Christian State, and that no one could be 
a citizen or eligible for office who was not a Christian. In the same 
year he founded Philadelphia and within two years it had a popu- 
lation of 2,500. He found already settled on the west bank of the 
Delaware, about 6,000 Swedes, Dutch and English, the Swedes had 
begun a settlement as early as 1638. He gave equal rights to these 



and to all subsequent settlers from every land. It is not strange, 
then, that emigrants, desiring to escape the religious and political 
tyranny of the mother countries, and having the lure of fertile lands 
at a moderate price, and a government that was committed to the 
hands of the people themselves, came in ever increasing numbers, 
English, Quakers, Scottish and Irish Presbyterians, Swiss Men- 
nonites and Dunkards, French Huguenots and Reformed Palatines. 
The population increased at first at the rate of 1,000 a year and later 
more rapidly. In 75 years the population exceeded 200,000. 

The emigration of the Pilgrims who came on the Mayflower and 
settled in Massachusetts represented a revolt from the political and 
religious conditions already noted. They believed their mission in 
the New World was to establish and enjoy religious freedom. They 
were set apart a peculiar people by the same Jehovah who called 
Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees. Before leaving their home- 
land they went to the church and read the scriptures that told of 
God's command to Abraham. "Now the Lord said unto Abram, 
Get thee out of thy country, and from thy Kindred and from thy 
father's house, unto the land that I will show thee ; and I will make 
thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great : 
and be thou a blessing: and I will bless them that bless thee, and 
him that curseth thee will I curse : and in thee shall all the farnilies 
of the earth be blessed. So Abram went as the Lord had spoken 
unto him." They marched to the ship singing hymns of praise 
and sailed away, committing their lives, their future, into the hands 
of Him who kept and blessed Abraham. They ventured forth to 
the new land under a tacit covenant, with one another and with 
God, that they would be obedient to His commands. In the cabin 
of the vessel they drew up a written compact in which they bound 
themselves, men, servants and all, to be obedient to its stipulations. 
This compact or constitution began with, "In the name of God, 
amen : we whose names are underwritten, have undertaken for the 
glory of God and the advancement of Christian faith, a voyage to 
plant the first colony in northern parts of Virginia and do solemnly 
and mutually in the presence of God, and of one another, covenant," 
and so forth. This shows the Christian spirit and high purpose of 
these heroes who landed on the inhospitable shores of New Eng- 
land just sixty-two years before Penn came to Pennsylvania. The 
principles of liberty were clearly visioned in their attempt to enact 
laws and constitutions for the sake of all the people and opposed to 
the iniquitous policy of the old world countries to favor the strong 
and despise the weak. In the subsequent years, their religious zeal 
and uncompromising aggression toward all "heterodox" teaching 
and divergence of opinion from the adopted standards, show their 
unequivocal devotion to the principles of religious obligation. Their 
rigorous and relentless prosecution of violators of the laws govern- 
ing the religious practice of the colony, though it not infrequently 


resembled the bigoted intolerance they themselves sought to escape 
in the mother countries ; the profound piety of the people ; the rever- 
ence in which they held the church and the Holy Word of God, 
exercised a permanent influence upon succeeding generations. The 
future republic, therefore, laid its first foundation stone in religion, 
a religion that recognized the great God of Israel as father, defender 
and hope of the nation. Let us remember that while these New 
England settlers had made a step in the direction of political liberty, 
their influence that aff^ected the character of the future national life 
was chiefly religious. Now, if we revert to the history of Pennsyl- 
vania we will find the next great influence in moulding and shaping 
America was political. It found its greatest impulse in the doctrines 
and practical experiments of the far-visioned Quaker preacher, 
William Penn. His first Assembly and the democratic administra- 
tion he proposed, coming from an EngHshman of the more priv- 
ileged class, are remarkable. It was in the same year, too, that he 
made the memorable treaty with the Indians. There is a picture 
hanging in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, by Benjamin West, 
which immortalized the event. Under the spreading branches of 
the elm tree are gathered a company of red men ; rings glisten in 
their ears; skins half conceal their stalwart bodies; women with 
their babies sit about, the braves leaning on their bows or spears 
are attentive to the gracious words of the Christian statesman who 
stands tall and picturesque in the midst of them, behind the group 
flows placidly the Delaware, the November solemn mood is on the 
land and the yellow leaves carpet the ground. The treaty made that 
day was in accord with the broad sympathies of the man who 
dreamed of a state of freemen in the full exercise of their inalien- 
able rights. 

What a contrast between William Penn's treatment of his red- 
skinned subjects and most of the history that disgraced our rela- 
tions with these primitive men of the forests ! His rules for the 
Assembly, his treaty with the Indians and his faithful eflforts to 
carry out his pledges mark him as one of the greatest champions of 
liberty the world has produced, — certainly, when we remember the 
effect of his Holy Experiment upon the future nation and the Euro- 
pean countries as well. 

While Roger Williams was preaching the doctrines of soul liberty 
in New England, Penn was making practical application of that 
doctrine in political government. No man can be religiously free 
while under the tyranny of a despotic government. 

The Holy Experiment was the dawning of a new era in the new 
world and the lighting of a beacon that has sent a gleam of hope 
to the despairing nations of the world. A century or two and the 
whole world is shaken with this doctrine of Penn. We see today 
South American countries, Switzerland, France, Portugal, China, — 


old, shambling China, repubHcs. Who would have believed it of 
China, embedded in Oriental torpidity, slumbering down the cen- 
turies in benighted exclusiveness, now struggling for a birth of 
liberty. Thus we see how the principles of our new state, of liberty 
in religion and freedom in government, have spread to the ends of 
the earth. And we recognize the hand of God evolving, patiently, 
but irresistibly, in the history of mankind, the ultimate form and 
type of government suited to enlightened civilization and which 
will eventually lie like Elijah's mantel upon the shoulders of all 
men of every race and color. 


We remember William Perm went through Germany just prior 
to his first voyage across the sea in 1682 and there preached his 
Holy Experiment, i. e., his efforts to make Pennsylvania a free 
colony. In 1683, October 6, in response to Penn's visit to Ger- 
many, the good ship Concord arrived at Philadelphia from Crefield 
and Kreigsheim, Germany, with a small colony of German and 
Dutch Mennonites. (The Mennonites, it will be remembered, is 
a name borne by certain Christian communities in Europe and 
America, disciples of Menno Simons in Switzerland. From this 
teacher sprang the Regular Baptists [for Menno was a Baptist] 
of England and thence brought to America; also the Dunkards or 
German Baptists. When Mack emigrated from Switzerland to 
America he brought with him his two Dunkard churches entire, all 
the believers of that faith in the world then. In the free and 
friendly soil of Pennsylvania, Mack's two little congregations have 
grown and become a strong and influential church in America.) 
When these Mennonites landed at Philadelphia, however hearty the 
welcome accorded them by Penn's English settlers, they resolved to 
begin a new home back in the woods, so they followed a bridle path 
for 12 miles and there settled. 

They called the place Germantown, now an integral part of the 
great city of Brotherly Love. Here then began that emigration of 
German people, chiefly for religious liberty, which was to play the 
greatest part in this great state's history. These German settlers 
wrote their kinsmen across the sea of their free community; rich 
land, new houses in a wonderful country. Others, attracted by the 
news, came. The word was somehow carried to our distressed 
people down in the Palatine on the Rhine and in Switzerland, where 
our people also lived, and there was an awakening such as we can 
scarcely find a parallel in history. The people who sat in darkness 
saw a great light. 

We can imagine one of our ancestors in the homeland as the 
twilight falls, after a hard day's toil, sitting at the doorway of his 
humble home on the Rhine, watching the swallows in their home- 
ward flight and musing on the innocent and joyous life of the 
creatures of the air. "Why should not human beings live inno- 
cently and happily? Why is life for man made perilous and bitter 
because of the intolerant and savage instincts of man to man?" Ad 
the twilight deepens into night and the moonlight bathes the land- 
scape and splashes the river with silver, he lifts his eyes to the 
distant hills and the familiar scenes are transformed in a wondrous 
vision into new scenes, a new land, a new home ; another river 



flows peacefully, sparkling in the sun, other hills rise in their 
majesty, clothed with foliage subdued by the purple haze of sum- 
mer, a new homeland, as the father of Moses sat at his door and 
gazed toward the north and saw the land of Canaan, with its 
Jordan, and valley of Eschol — the land that flowed with milk and 
honey, and liberty and rest. 

"Penn's Woods," the land of smiling rivers and pine-clad hills, 
of fertile soil and frontier villages where common industry, virtue 
and mutual struggles leveled all classes, and human sympathy, for- 
bearance and Christian love bound all in a co-operative brother- 
hood; the land where the three sisters, Hope, Faith and Love, 
walked forth unhindered ; the land where man might lie down to 
repose and pleasant dreams without the dread of the incendiary's 
torch or the army's devastating march ; the land where little children 
played together unmolested, sailing their miniature ships or chasing 
the yellow butterflies, unterrified by cruel men with axes and spears. 
And thus the vision glowed. But the fancy became a reality by- 

We see these awakened peasants gathering in groups, men clad 
in homespun, their hands hardened by incessant labor at the plow 
or in the shop; their shoulders broad, their chests deep, their eyes 
like the stars. In the center of the group one stands and reads a 
letter ; faces incline toward the reader eagerly. The news ! A letter 
from Pennsylvania! Free land! Liberty and peace! No tyrant 
kings ! How rapidly the Palatine German flowed then ! No. armies 
leaving in their wake a trail of smoke, burnt crops and buildings 
and murdered women and children Oh, for Pennsylvania! How 
animated the firesides that night as Hans and Jacob and Ludwig and 
Mathias rehearse to Mary and Matilina and Katharine and Elizabeth 
the latest tidings ! Now follow community meetings. Emigration 
is the supreme theme of discussion. But between the homeland on 
the Rhine and that new Arcadia is the sea. No matter. Plans are 
matured. Property disposed of except such necessaries as they will 
require on the voyage. Flat boats are constructed and their families 
and meagre possessions placed aboard and they drift down the 
mighty Rhine to the sea. What heroic souls ! They leave behind 
them forever the scenes of their youth, the beloved homeland torn 
and desolated by incessant warfare. 

It is difficult for us in these days of swift ocean steamers to 
realize the hardships borne by our people, who crossed the Atlantic 
more than 150 years ago in slow sailing, disreputable, disease 
infected vessels that required many weeks to make the voyage. The 
uncertain adventure of individuals who emigrated in that period of 
our history stirs our admiration. But our people came not as 
individuals only, but households; in groups of neighbors, forsaking 
all behind them no matter at what risks ; they came as families, 
parents with their children, who left their unhappy homeland for- 


ever, — fathers and mothers, sons and daug'hters, little children and 
babies, and committed themselves to the unscrupulous and mer- 
cenary shipowners who robbed them of their possessions, huddled 
them like sheep in the holds of their pestilential ships. It has been 
estimated that about one-half that sailed away died on that terrible 

Many diaries and letters describing the voyage down the Rhine 
and across the sea have been preserved. One writer (MuUer) 
describes the journey made by the Bernese Mennonites, 1711. "The}' 
were shipped on boats at Berne and at Neuchatel, July 13 ; meeting 
at Waugen, they descended the Aar to Laufenburg on the Rhine 
and thence floated down stream to Basel, which they reached on 
the 16th. Here they were placed in three ships in which they made 
the rest of the trip to Holland, whence many reached Pennsylvania. 
Our friends from Emmenthal and the Oberland foimd no sympathy 
among their fellow Swiss, as the towns of Basel and the wooded 
heights of Jura faded in the distance. Sitting on boxes, bundles, 
which were piled high in the middle of the boat, could be seen gray 
haired men and women, old and feeble; yonder stood the young 
gazing in wonder at the shores as they slipped by. At times they 
were hopeful and at others sad. From time to time some one would 
start to sing: 

Ein Herzens Weh mir uberkam 

Im scheiden uber d'Massen. 

Als ich von euch mein Abschied nam 

Und dessmals must Verlassen, 

Mein Herz war bang 

Beharrlich lang: 

Es bleibt noch unvergessen 

Ob scheid ich gleich, 

Bleibt's Herz bei euch, 

Wie solt ich euch Vergessen? 

Most of our people sailed from Rotterdam. The amount and 
value of their goods depended upon their previous circumstances. 
George I published the requirements for the voyage. The emigrant 
was instructed to present himself to a merchant of Frankfort and 
pay $15 for each passenger (children one-half) ; $5 for 70 pounds 
peas, a measure of oatmeal and the necessary beer, thence shipped 
via Holland to Virginia. In Holland one-half of the fare must be 
paid and additional provisions secured : Twenty-four pounds dried 
beef, 15 pounds cheese, Syi pounds butter. They were advised also 
to provide themselves with seeds, implements, linen, stoves, powder 
and lead and furniture. This meant a full outfit for a settler. It 
is doubtful if the majority ever had such ample provisions. 

The voyage across the water varied with the weather and the 
sailing capacity of the ship. The letters indicate some ships reached 
port after a few weeks while others required several months. The 


great Muhlenburg came over on a vessel that was 102 days making 
the voyage. Casper Wistar in 1732, the year before our first 
Bowser came, says : "In the past year one ship sailed about the 
seas 24 weeks, and of the 150 persons on board, more than 100 
miserably died of hunger; on account of the lack of food they 
caught rats and mice on board, and a mouse sold for 30 Kreutzer." 
(Dotterer, Perkiomen Region. Volume 2, page 120). Another 
vessel was 17 weeks on the voyage during which 60 persons died. 

The Schwenkf elders came on a boat of 150 tons burden with 
over 300 persons on board, and one boat was held up with its pas- 
sengers aboard from September 24 to January 14, waiting favorable 
weather and landed at Philadelphia April 5, 1748. Hunger was 
not their only peril. Fevers and smallpox were common scourges. 
The vessel on which William Penn sailed in 1682 had a number of 
smallpox victims and 36 died. We have already stated that the 
occasion of the emigration of these unfortunate people offered the 
opportunity and temptation to the unscrupulous to take advantage 
of their ignorance and helpless condition. A class of solicitors 
called Newlanders traversed the length of the country, picturing 
in glowing phrases the charms of the New land across the waters 
and offering inducements to emigrate. Their only interest in these 
unsuspecting farmers was an opportunity to plunder them. And 
this they did. The nefarious business of these shipping companies 
flourished for many years. Boats of every conceivable size and 
shape were chartered. When these unwary peasants arrived at 
Holland their goods were taken in exchange or held. "They filled 
the vessels with passengers and as much of their goods as they saw 
fit and left the passengers' chests and boxes behind. But the poor 
people depended upon their chests, etc., as in them were many 
provisions they had made for the journey, as dried apples, pears, 
plums, medicines, mustard, vinegar, brandy, better clothing and 
money; and when these chests were left behind or sent on other 
vessels they had lack of nourishment." 

Saur to Governor Denny, 1755 

All suffered alike in this, the rich with the poor; one family of 
such were sold into service for seven years to pay the cost of trans- 
portation after they had been robbed. If parents died on the voyage 
the children were sold into service to pay the cost of passage. Saur 
says : "This murdering trade makes my heart ache, especially when 
I heard that there is more profit by their death than by carrying 
them alive. The long voyage with its many sorrowful and trying 
experiences was not entirely devoid of diversions. Many of the 
young men, undaunted by the ever present misfortune or the storms 
that threatened them found recreation in wrestling, boxing, debat- 
ing ; others in singing ; many others had little inclination to any sort 
of enjoyment. If they sang it was the songs of the church that 


breathed their prayers to the great Jehovah. If their life had made 
them thoughtful and serious in their faith in Him who drew the 
baby out from among the bulrushes of the Nile was their support; 
they put their trust in God. Their religious convictions were deep 
and sincere. They were reconciled to their losses because they 
believed He made all things work together for good to them that 
love Him. John Wesley was in a great storm on one of his voyages 
to Georgia. While they were engaged in a religious service a mas- 
sive wave struck the ship with great force, splitting the mainsail 
and "covering the vessel as if a great deep had already swallowed 
us up." The English passengers were thrown into great confusion 
and a terrible screaming began. But the Palatines calmly continued 
the hymn they were singing. Wesley afterward asked one of them, 
"Was you not afraid?" "I thank God, no," he answered. He asked, 
"But were not your women and children afraid?" He replied, 
"No, our women and children are not afraid to die." 

But though the adventure meant losses and sickness and death 
to many, the intrepid voyagers bore their trials manfully and others 
followed. This flood of emigration began and continued to flow 
to the land of Penn for 60 years, until interrupted by the Revolu- 
tionary War. 

With 1710 we begin the adventures of our kinsmen when the 
Swiss Mennonites came. In 1711 the Mennonites of Switzerland 
were offered free transportation down the Rhine on condition that 
they would never return. About this time began the settlement 
of Lancaster County by Swiss Mennonites where their descendants 
are to this day. On October 23, 1710, we find a patent for 10,000 
acres of land on Pequea Creek, Conestogoe (later a part of Lan- 
caster County) made out in the name of Hans Herr and Martin 
Kundig, who acted as agents for their countrymen, some of whom 
had already arrived, others were to come. No sooner had these 
first settlers been established than they sent Martin Kundig back 
to the Palatine and Switzerland to bring over those who wished 
to share their fortunes in what was then an impenetrable forest. 
And they had an eye to business, these far sighted emigrants, for 
they settled upon land now known as the garden spot of the United 
States — Lancaster County. From 1710 the names of Herr and 
Kundig frequently appear in public records of Pennsylvania, as 
taking up choice bits of farming land and having them turned over 
to their countrymen. (Swiss and German Settlements in Pennsyl- 
vania.) Among the names of these early settlers in Lancaster we 
find the names of Hans Herr, a minister of a church established 
there, Frick, Fluckiger, Bucher and many more; these are of 
Bernese origin. By 1717 great numbers had come from the Pala- 
tine and Switzerland, probably 15,000. The names and settlements 
of these people are found scattered among the Pennsylvania 
archives and early histories. To follow them in their new homes 


is a matter of much labor and research. But in 1727 a law was 
passed by the Pennsylvania Assembly at Philadelphia requiring all 
emigrants henceforth on landing to appear before the court and 
register their names ,the countries from which they came, and the 
names of the vessels upon which they sailed, and take the oath of 
allegiance to the King of England. From this period on we have 
a record. (See Rupp's Thirty Thousand Names) also (Pennsyl- 
vania's Archives, Second Series, Vol. XVII.) From 1749 to 1754 
lists give names, dates of arrival, name of fatherland, as Wurtem- 
burg, Ebach, Alsace, etc. By 1775, the beginning of the American 
Revolution, it has been computed the German element in Pennsyl- 
vania was about 110,000 or one-third of the population, 300,000, 

The mercenary "Newlanders" who went up and down the Pala- 
tine persuading the people that America was a land of unparallel 
richness and beauty, did better than they had intended, for the 
Palatine pioneers in Pennsylvania found that the half had not been 
told. By a favoring Providence they left the English city of Phila- 
delphia and penetrated the wilderness westward until they beheld 
that Paradise of North America now known as Lancaster County. 
They were not slow to discern the natural attractions of the broad 
and fertile valley. Having left behind them fields, plowed and torn 
by war, houses, barns burned, orchards destroyed, one day halted 
their caravan on the Pequea Creek, of Lancaster County, placed 
their chests and bundles on the ground, looked out at the scene that 
was the answer to their dreams, the fact of their visions and said, 
"Here, let us build our home in this new land. Here God will 
prosper us !" Far beyond their most ardent hopes has that virgin 
soil responded for Lancaster County is the richest agricultural 
county in the United States. It was not long before these thousands 
of acres of marvellously rich soil, hitherto untouched by the hand 
of man except spots here and there planted in maize by the Indians, 
Avere made to blossom like the rose. 

Nowhere can we find a better or truer conception of our Palatine 
ancestors, their habits of industry, intelligent methods of agricul- 
ture, sterling religious principles, and also the prominent aesthetic 
sense which reveals the love of art, than in the visible character- 
istics of their surroundings. The orderly arrangement of barns and 
fences ; the mansion, commodious and bright with paint and embow- 
ered in trees ; the fields laid out in squares enclosed by fences immac- 
ulately clean; cattle grazing in luxuriant pasture; teams in plow 
and reaper whose dotted skins and high spirit indicating good care 
and kind masters ; orchards that glow in the genial springtime with 
myriads of apple blossoms — all tell the story of character — ^honesty, 
industry, piety ; clean hands and untarnished name ; love of God and 
the beautiful things He had made. They believed His Word that 
if they sought first these pure and intrinsic things of the Kingdom, 


God would grant whatsoever else were desirable. And He did! 
They fulfilled their part of the covenant and God kept His part. 

Religious Affiliations 

We have reason to be proud, therefore, of our lineage. Not only 
because our ancestors were thrifty and industrious and honest but 
because of their deeply religious nature. The Bible was the first 
text book of their schools. The commandments of God they sought 
to obey implicitly. They accepted the obligations of the church as 
prior to home and self interests. Six days they devoted to unremit- 
ting toil, but the seventh was a Holy day in which they assembled 
in their churches to worship Him in whom they put their trust. 
They clung to superstitions handed down from the remote begin- 
nings of Palatine history. "They believed in unlucky days ; they 
planted in the signs of the moon ; shingled their houses when the 
horns of the moon pointed down ; a crowing hen or howling dog 
meant somebody would die ; it was bad luck to begin a journey on 
Friday ; a horse shoe nailed on the door would guard against witches 
and pow-wowing would cure burns and nose bleeding." Many of 
these primitive vagaries are still believed and observed by their 
credulous descendants. They hungered for the Word of God. 
When men like Muhlenberg, Bauman and Mack went among them 
preaching, they gathered in throngs and were attentive and respon- 
sive hearers. 

Whitfield, in a letter written April 10, 1740, speaks of "the religi- 
ous Germans." 

The Waldenses, Martin Luther and John Calvin, had prepared 
the soil in earlier history. Thence sprang the Mennonites and 
Ana-baptists and Lutherans. The articles of faith of the former 
two were much the same, — refusal to take oaths ; rejection of a paid 
ministry and infant baptism ; simplicity of dress and religious wor- 
ship; separation of church and state and the right of individual 
belief and worship. "If any one could persuade out of the Bible 
they were willing to hear ; but neither persecution, fire or sword, 
prison or exile could bend their wills or make them recant what 
they believed was the truth." 

"One of the divisions of the Mennonite Church, was formed in 
the Berne Canton of Switzerland, transferred to the Palatine and 
thence to Pennsylvania. It was founded by Jacob Ammen and 
known as the Amish denomination. Ammen's purpose was, par- 
ticularly to preserve the simplicity of dress." There are consider- 
able Amish settlements in Pennsylvania. The men do not shave. 
Buttons are not allowed but hooks and eyes are used instead. It 
is a customary sight on the streets of Lewisburg, Pa., to see youths 
of 18 or 20 years with beards sprouting on ruddy faces, and comely 
maidens in shaker bonnets, whose bright eyes and glowing cheeks 


contrast beautifully with the simple dress that scorns the fashions 
of worldly mortals. 

The "River Brethren" is another branch, founded by Jacob 
Engel, who came from Switzerland in childhood and lived in Cones- 
toga Township. He was a Mennonite but became convinced the 
church needed a spiritual awakening. 

The Dunkards or German Baptists, were founded by Alexander 
Mack of Schwarzenau, Westphalia, in 1708, though their real origin 
dates from 1719, when about 20 families came to Pennsylvania 
and settled at Germantown, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Berks and 
Lancaster counties. Mack, himself, came to Pennsylvania in 1729. 
Their doctrines are similar to the Mennonites; like them they dis- 
believe in infant baptism, refuse to bear arms or take oath. They 
perform baptism by emersion — "tunker," dipping, hence the name 
Tunker or Dunkard. But when the nation was in need they did 
bear arms. Many were enrolled as soldiers of the Revolutionary 
and Civil wars, and in expeditions against the Indians. [See Penn- 
sylvania Archives, 1st series, Volumes 5, 6, 7, page 378. 2nd series. 
Volume 10, page 5 ; Volume 3, and Pennsylvania Mag., Volume 16, 
page 343.] 

The first Bousser to emigrate to America of whom there is a 
definite record was Mathias Bousser, Sr., with his wife and family. 
The following records were made in Philadelphia, Sept. 28, 1733 : 
"Palatines, — brigantine Richard and Elizabeth. Christopher Clymer, 
master, from Rotterdam, and last from Plymouth, — forty-four 
males above sixteen and thirty-four females; twenty-four males 
under sixteen and thirty-four females — in all 137. 

"Among the names recorded as above sixteen are Mattheus Baus- 
ser, Mathies Bausser, Jr., and Christian Bausser. That Mathias 
Bausser, Sr., was a man of intelligence and capable of writing his 
own name are indicated by his well written signature — in German. 
The first Palatines to settle in Lancaster County purchased a large 
tract of land in 1710, on Pequea Creek. Here this small colony 
erected some huts and cabins, to serve temporarily as shelters. Here 
the time and again persecuted and oppressed Swiss, separated from 
friends and much that makes life agreeable, hoped unmolested to 
begin anew. Here surrounded on all sides by several clans of 
Indians, they located in the gloomy, silent shades of a virgin 
forest, whose undisturbed solitude was yet uncheered by the mur- 
murs of the honey bee or the twitterings of the swallow, these 
never-failing attendants upon the woodman's ax. For the hum and 
warblings of those, they had not only the shout and song of the 
tawny sons of the forest, but also the nocturnal bowlings of the 
ever watchful dog, baying at the sheeny queen of night. By way 
of variety, their ears were nightly greeted by the shrill, startling 
whoop of the owl, or by the sinister croakings of some night song- 
sters in the contiguous thickets. This Swiss settlement formed the 


nucleus, or center of a rapidly increasing Swiss, French and Ger- 
man population, in the Eden of Pennsylvania." [Thirty Thousand 
names, by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp.] 

We find no record of Mathias Bausser, Sr., after his entrance 
into Pennsylvania, but that he and his family went to their coun- 
trymen at Lancaster, is more than probable by the fact that we 
find his son, Mathias, Jr., there in 1739. [See introduction to 


Mathias, Jr., lived at Lancaster until after 1739. He made a 
permanent settlement in Paradise Township, York County, about 
one mile north of Abbottstown, which is now in Adams County. 
He also owned land in Berwick Township which adjoins Paradise, 
Since 1800 when Adams County was formed out of York County, 
Berwick Township has been in Adams County. The original grant 
at Abbottstown contained 235 acres. This tract is now the Paradise 
Church property, at first called Brandt's Chapel. The Catholic 
Church which is also on land owned by Mathias Bowser, lies just 
across the line in Paradise Township, York County. Near this 
land is the old "Beaver Creek Mill," a three story stone grist mill. 
On a corner stone is the inscription, John Nawgel Mason, — built by 
Abraham Swigart, 1794. John Nawgel was probably a son of John 
Nawgel, Sr., who appointed in his will Mathias Bowser and Wm, 
Mummert as executors Jan. 15, 1770. 

In the York County records, book 2 B., page 13, is recorded the 
sale by sheriff of "Goods and Chattels, Lands and Tenements of 
Mathias Bowser, late of said County, Yeoman in his Bailiwick, he 
should be caused to make as well a debt of 64 pounds 9 shilling and 
seven pence, etc., which Francis Jacob may for the use of Nicholas 
Bittinger, etc. — one plantation and mill in Berwick Township con- 
taining about 100 acres and one plantation and mill in Paradise 
Township contaiining 200 acres — taken on the 22nd of Sept., 1775, 
at Yorktown — estate sold publicly to William Baily at Yorktown 
for 555 pounds. May 1, 1779." This shows Mathias Bowser had 
been an enterprising and wealthy citizen until about the time of 
his death ; that he had the mental acumen to locate on one of the 
fairest spots on Pennsylvania soil. The record shows his death at 
about 1775. 

The tax lists of 1769 show the original settlers of Paradise and 
Jackson townships. The names of Mathias Bowser, with 150 acres 
of land, and Samuel and Jacob Bowser, single men evidently sons of 
Mathias. In 1779-82 Samuel was in Paradise Township. In 1782 
Jacob was in Dover Township which adjoins Paradise. Jacob owned 
land in Bedford County in 1783, and there is no record of his being 
in York County after that year. 

In the muster roll of the 6th Company of York County Militia 
for 1785 among the privates is Samuel Bowser. This company was 
from Paradise Township. Samuel is again mentioned in the assess- 
ment roll of 1799 for Berwick Township, having an assessed value 
of $528, and Samuel, Jr., $52. In 1811 Samuel, Sr.'s, property was 
assessed at $2,294. In the York County muster roll, 1777, and 1778, 



Captain Peter Zollinger's Company belonged to the 7th Battalion of 
York County Militia and contained the names of Abram Bowser, 
Daniel Bowser, Noah Bowser and Jacob Bowser ; also the names of 
John Nagle, Mr. Mummert, and these are residents of Paradise 
Township. Evidently Noah and Jacob were brothers. Noah is 
recorded in the tax lists of Berwick Township, 1779, 1780 1781, 
identically with Samuel, which together with the fact that Mathias 
owned propery there prior to his death in 1775 indicates they were 
sons of Mathias. Noah owned 100 acres there in 1779 and 1780, no 
doubt being the 100 acres mentioned in the sheriff's sale after 
Mathias' death. In 1781 he had no land, and that year was the 
last record of Noah in York County. But in 1785 Noah bought 
land in Frederick County, Md., and was there in 1790, when the 
first census was taken. In 1796, he was in Bedford County, and 
moved to Armstrong County in 1802. This Noah was the father 
of "Steam John," Joseph and other children. His descendants are 
numbered in many hundreds. Many are still Hving in Armstrong 
County, Pa., but others are located in western and other states. 

John Bowser and Jacob Bowser were in the same company, the 
Fifth Battalion, from Paradise Township. Valentine Bowser was 
another son of Matthias, Jr., born about 1745. He moved to Arm- 
strong County, locating in Sugar Creek, now Washington Town- 
ship, midway between Montgomeryville and Sherrett, taking up 
400 acres of land. He died there in 1836. Mathias Bowser, Jr., 
and his wife, were members of the Reformed Church when they 
came to America, but they were members of the German Baptist 
Brethren (Dunker) Church in 1770. Brumbaugh, speaking of the 
Little Coneways Congregation near Hanover, says that in 1770 
there were 70 members in communion in this congregation among 
whom were Mathias Bowser, wife and daughter. Jacob Sweigard 
(Swigart) was one of the first members. Bowsers still cling to this 
locality, of so great interest to the history of our family. Andrew 
Bowser lives here. He is a son of Joseph E., who is a grandson 
of Daniel. These facts gleaned from court records, tax lists and 
census records, the testimony of many of the aged of our family, 
and a tradition, that "our ancestors, came from Germany and set- 
tled at Little York," corroborate the writer's early belief that 
Mathias Bowser, Sr., and Esther, his wife, with their children, were 
the first of our family to come to America. We have given con- 
siderable space to Mathias Bowser, Jr., and his family, because he 
is the connecting link between the vast and thrilling history of the 
home land beyond the sea and the great Bowser family now num- 
bering thousands and living in many parts of the United States. He 
was a young man just past his majority with his young wife by his 
side when the good ship Richard and Elizabeth brought them up the 
Delaware to Philadelphia in September, 1723, with his father, 
Mathias, and mother, Esther, and brothers, Christian and Daniel, 


and other members of that, to us, historic family. After a brief 
sojourn among friends and neighbors from the homeland now pre- 
paring a new home at Lancaster, he followed the trail of the fron- 
tiersman to the newly found Paradise of York County. And some- 
where within the limits of Paradise Township lies the dust of the 
indomitable pair, Mathias Bowser, Jr., and his wife, Ann Elizabeth, 
in graves unmarked and now unknown, who braved the horrors of a 
voyage across the Atlantic for Liberty and a home. 

The descendants of Daniel Bowser of York County affirm that 
Daniel with two brothers, John and Henry emigrated to this coun- 
try in 1733, landing at Baltimore. Daniel settled in Manheim Town- 
ship, York County, Pa. In June, 1774, he bough a tract of 263 
acres, about 10 miles south of the land owned by Mathias Bowser. 
Daniel became a wealthy land owner and reared a large family. 
The connection between Daniel and Mathias, Jr., we have been 
unable to ascertain. But it is safe to presume they were closely 
related. They came to America from the same place, in the same 
year, 1733. But we can readily understand owing to the urgency of 
the large numbers of the Palatines at that time seeking passage 
across the sea and the inadequate sailing accommodations, where a 
considerable family arrived at Rotterdam they were compelled to 
separate and one part sail on one ship, while the others came on the 
next. Mathias, Sr., brought with him several children who must 
have been children of a close relation. That Daniel moved into 
York County and settled in the same neighborhood with Mathias, 
Jr., and several of his children came to Armstrong County and set- 
tled in the same locality as the descendants of Mathias, would seem 
to prove our assumption correct. The other large branch of the 
Bowser family reared chiefly in Bedford County, whose connection 
with Mathias, Sr., is a presumption equally obvious, — viz., the fam- 
ily of John Bowser, b. about 1730; d., 1809, and Eve Maria of 
Lancaster. Their children were Eve, Magdelina, Michael, Elizabeth 
(married John Mock), and George. George was born about 1755; 
was a taxable in Lancaster County, 1776. According to the 1790 
census he was in Bedford County. In the 1800 census he was in 
St. Clair Township with a family of nine. 

George married Margaret Swartz. One of the sons of George 
Bowser, Isaac, married Sarah Berkheimer, whose mother was 
Catharine Bowser, sister of "Commissioner" John, and daughter of 
David, son of Mathias. Thus establishing a connecting link between 
the children of George and Mathias Bowser though we do not know 
certainly what relation the parents were. 



Those of our family who landed at Philadelphia proceeded to the 
earlier settlement of their kinsmen at Lancaster, as we have seen, 
but as the land became fully occupied by the ever increasing tide 
of emigrants, they found an attractive location in what is now 
Berks, Adams, York and other counties. Those who landed at 
Baltimore tarried for a while in Virginia and Maryland, but most 
of them later joined their relatives in Pennsylvania. During periods 
of freedom from Indian atrocities, the pioneer settlers, ever in quest 
of new and better land, moved westward, halted for a while at some 
fresh outbreak, then moved slowly, steadily westward again. 
Moving with this tide our fathers found a temporary resting place 
within the limits of York County and the newly formed county of 
Bedford. There are many Bowser families, descendants of these 
early settlers, living in the town of York and throughout the county. 
The westward fever carried the majority of the York County 
Bov/sers, however, into the next place of temporary sojourn, Bed- 
ford County. Because of the importance of this county in our 
family history we will pause with them here for a moment. This 
county has an interesting history on account of its association with 
the names of the famous leaders in our pioneer annals. There is 
a peculiar charm in its beautiful "coves" and fertile valleys that 
oflfered a lure to the early settler who was willing to risk his scalp 
for a choice tract of virgin soil. Bedfordtown was first known as 
Raystown. Several cabins were built here in 1850 by a trader 
named Ray. White explorers had traversed the Bedford County 
territory as early as 1732. Stephen Franks, a German trader, had a 
settlement at what is now Frankstown, and John Hart was at Hart's 
Log, or Hart's Sleeping Place. The "Six Nations" granted the 
Penns in 1754, a vast body of land now forming the counties of 
Bedford, Fulton, Perry, Huntingdon. Blair, Mifflin, Snyder, Union 
and Centre. Prior to that treaty, the Six Nations gave leave to 
Garrett Prendergrass to occupy and improve 300 acres embracing 
the present town of Bedford. This was placed on record by the 
first Prothonotary of the county, Sir Arthur St. Clair. Prender- 
grass, like Ray, did not long remain in this remote and wild region. 
The sites of Carlisle and Bedford lay on the road of General Forbes 
in his march to subdue the French and Indians at Pittsburgh in 
1758. Stockade forts were erected here and at the "Juniata Cross- 
ings" by Forbes soldiers. A few of these subsequently became 
settlers of Bedford County by establishing "Tomahawk claims." 
L-and in Bedford County in 1762-63 sold for 9 pounds per 100 acres; 
rfom 1763 to 1765, 15 pounds, 10 shillings; 1765-84, 5 pounds; 



1784 to 1814, 10 pounds. This pound was a "pound currency," 
which was about one-half the value of an English pound sterling 
($5). One of the best known Indian trails passed through Bedford 
County. Beginning at Harris' Landing (Harrisburg) it passed 
through Dauphin, Perry, Sherman's Valley in Franklin County, to 
Black Log, a distance of 72 miles. From Black Log, the Raystown 
branch, it led through Augwick Valley, Well's Valley in Fulton 
County, Ray's Cove, Woodcock Valley, Snake Spring, Raystown ; 
thence along the Juniata to Shawnee Cabin Creek, near Schells- 
burgh in Bedford County, across the Allegheny Mountains, through 
Brothers' Valley, along Stony Creek in Somerset County, across 
Laurel Hill, Ligonier Valley, Chestnut Ridge and by Loyalhanna 
Creek in Westmoreland County to Shannopin Town (Indian) on 
the Allegheny River at Pittsburgh, making a total of 246 miles. 
"Many of the first settlers of Bedford County were teamsters, and 
long lines of their Conestoga wagons trailed the principal high- 
ways. The history of the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Pike forms 
an interesting chapter of the days when the pioneers were preparing 
the way for the farms and cities of today. Many a night scene 
where the hardy teamsters rested in the taven for the night and 
danced and reveled, would have afforded the great novelist, Walter 
Scott, a capital theme. Casper Stetler's old tavern on the state road 
on top of the Allegheny Mountains had a fireplace 12 feet wide 
and a horse was used to haul logs into the room, coming in a large 
door on one side and passing through a door on the other. Before 
this huge fireplace as many as 30 or 40 men would sleep. I have 
frequently seen 10 of these line teams line up in front of these old- 
time taverns." — Hon. William Schell in Annals of Bedford County. 
After the Revolutionary War the county was rapidly settled. 
The county was organized in 1771. In 1772 there was a population 
of only 1,600 in the whole of Somerset and Bedford counties. Some 
of them had been located less than a year and not many for more 
than five years. There were but two grist mills and two sawmills in 
these counties at this date. In 1771 three townships, Bedford, 
Cumberland and Colerain, embraced all of Bedford County and 
considerable more, taking in Blair with Tusseys mountain as an 
eastern boundary. In the preparation of this history the writer 
visited the county seats of Blair, Bedford and York counties and 
examined the wills and deeds preserved in the courts. We also 
went to Reynoldsdale, Alum Bank, Everett, Duncansville, Newry, 
St. Clairsville, Osterburg, Lutzville, Hopewell, Loysburg, Blue 
Knob and other places where our ancestors once lived and some 
of their descendants are still living. We cannot describe our 
emotions as we stood in the very footprints of our fathers long since 
deceased, at such well remembered places as Hopewell, St. Clairs- 
ville, Loysburg, and Newry, and contemplated the fact that only 
a century since the sturdy fathers were clearing the forests, with 


their great ox teams and horses hauling the logs. We imagined 
we heard the echo of the axes as the fathers and their brawny sons 
felled the trees. Nor did v/e forget the scenes of the mothers with 
their spinning wheels and the girls learning the arts of those primi- 
tive homes or helping the men in the fields. The Blue Knob created 
a picture that will never fade. In its majestic solitude it appeared 
the end of creation. It is the silent, awe-inspiring Switzerland of 
Pennsylvania. The inhabitants of its meagre vales call it the 
"Swyts." It is a group of three moimtains, an austere and chal- 
lenging prospect. In its valleys and nooks, on the banks of its mur- 
muring brooks, settlers founded happy and contented homes. Hope- 
well was a point of special interest. Here our great grandfather, 
Valentine Bowser, and Elizabeth Fluke were married. We stood 
on the farm of our great-great grandfather, John Bowser, of Hope- 
well Township, three miles from Hopewell Borough on the road 
to Loysburg, and made pictures of the site of his log house and 
barn, and where he died in September, 1813. This farm contained 
1,100 acres of rolling land buttressed by the Tusseys mountains on 
the west and intersected by Yellow Creek and the Loysburg road. 
Most of these superb acres were in wheat at the time of our visit 
and rapidly yellowing for harvest. On a knoll of this farm was 
a small burying ground entirely unmarked except that a circle 100 
feet in diameter was left inviolate by the plow; around that circle 
was standing wheat. It is the resting place of John Bowser and 
his wife Mary, and Nicholas, his son, and wife, and other descend- 
ants. Nicholas died about 1862, an old, decrepit man. 

The deed to this land is recorded in Volume I, Page 479 (Bed- 
ford.) "Know that I, Joseph Haines, of Hopewell Township, made 
an improvement on a tract of land in March, 1796. Joining lands 
with Melor and Joseph Snyder, and the Sussies Mountain in Hope- 
well Township, and on April 5, 1797, for the sum of 26 pounds 
ten shillings to me in hand by John Bowser, did sell, bargain, quit, 
etc., claim and interest to said improvement and warrant and defend 
it from me and my heirs forever unto the said John Bowser ol 
Woodbury Township, of Bedford County, Pa." , 

Signed in German, April 5, 1797. jj-g 

John (X) Bowser. 
Henry P. Bowser, son of James, son of Nicholas, son of John 
Bowser, who resides near Hopewell, relates that his father told him 
his (James) great grandfather came from Germany and he believed 
his name was Mathias, thus strengthening the link in the evidence 
that Mathias Bowser, Sr., was the founder of the chief branch of 
the Bowser family in American. Mathias is said to have brought 
with him from the old country wagon parts and other farm imple- 
ments to begin with in the new world, and seems to have been 
possessed of considerable means. Mr. G. W. Bowser, son of John 



H,. son of John (Commissioner), son of David, resides at Ostet- 
burg. He writes: "I have been told by my father that David 
Bowser settled in the woods when a young man, on the farm I own, 
one and a half miles west of Osterburg, and commenced to cleaf a 
small burial place on the same farm, shows that he was 75 years 
old when he dieci in 1813 ; and that he had come from some place in 
the east toward Philadelphia. He had two sons and several daugh- 
ters." The will of David Bowser is of special interest as it enables 
us to link up a large family with the founder, Mathias, Sr. David 
mentions seven children, Catrout (a female), Elizabeth, Mary, 
Catherine (who married John Berkheimer), Valentine, John and 
Esther, and in his will he names a grandson John Mock. David 
was baptized in the Reformed Church at Lancaster, Pa., May 12, 
1739, with Anna Margaret, his sister, children of Mathias Bowser, 
Jr., and Anna Catherine. David's will is dated October 19, 1810. 
In Bedford is recorded the will of George Mock dated January 8, 
1810, in which he mentions his wife, Eva, and among his children 
one named John. We conclude that Eva was a sister of Commis- 
sioner John and married George Mock. David was in Bedford 
County in 1798 because he sold land that year in Maryland, in the 
deed of which is said : "David of Bedford County." We find Noah 
and David Bowser (sons of Mathias, Jr.) both in Maryland at the 
same time, and at another time both back in Bedford County ; both 
gave deeds in Maryland while they were living in Bedford County. 
A deed shows Noah bought land in Bedford County, in 1785, and 
was in the tax lists in York County, 1781. We conclude David and 
Noah were brothers and sons of Mathias, Jr. 

At Alum Bank, we met Mr. Isaac S. Wright, a man in his 89th 
year but of good health and remarkable memory. Mr. Wright knew 
Commissioner John (son of David) whose grandson Polk Bowser 
was living in the village. Mr. Wright frequently gave the appella- 
tion "Davie" John to the Commissioner. We inquired whether he 
did not so designate him because his father's name was "David." 
He said that was true. This gave us the first clue to Commissioner 
John's ancestry and confirmed our belief that David was the son 
of Mathias, Jr. "David Bowser, great grandfather of Dr. Alex J. 
Bowser was a descendant of one of the three brothers who emi- 
grated from Switzerland and settled in Pennsylvania, David mar- 
ried Catherine. Among his children was a son John. John, the 
son of David and Catherine, was born in East St. Clair Township 
on the farm later possessed by his son. He married Mary Helm 
and among his children was a son named David H. David H. 
Bowser, son of John and Mary Helm, was born December 21, 1810, 
in East St. Clair Township. He moved with his parents to Napier 
Township. He removed with his parents to Schellsburg in 1874 
and later returned to the old Bowser Homestead in East St. Clair 
Township and died there, 1888. He married Charlotte Potts. Their 
only child was Dr. Alexander J. Bowser, who died April 11, 1906. 


The Bowsers of Armstrong County, Pa., have the distinction of 
outnumbering the clan in any other county in the world. Indi- 
vidual families may be found throughout the nation, and smaller or 
larger settlements in several states, but in this county lying on the 
Allegheny River, they are the most numerous. This county with 
its capital, Kittanning, has a history of thrilling interest surpassed 
by few counties in the country. This is due to the fact of its prox- 
imity to Fort Duquesne, the junction of the two rivers, Allegheny 
and Monongahela, forming the Ohio at Pittsburgh, and its intersec- 
tion by the natural route of travel and commerce between Canada 
and Fort Duquesne. Here for unknown generations the Indians 
plied their canoes, pursued the game which once abounded, or led 
to battle their ever turbulent warriors ; and later became the 
rendezvous of French and Indian marauders. Kittanning was an 
Indian town and the last native stronghold in Western Pennsyl- 
vania to be destroyed. Col. John Armstrong with 307 soldiers 
besieged the place September 9, 1756, killing many of the Indians, 
including their half-breed captain, Jacobs, and burning their log 
huts, thus destroying the last refuge of the red men in Pennsylvania. 
Armstrong County was formed in March 12, 1800. The southeast- 
ern portion was settled early. The proprietary of Pennsylvania by 
purchase, 1768, added to his territory this part of the county as far 
west as the Allegheny and the Ohio rivers. Immediately (1769) a 
land office for the sale of the lately purchased land was opened. 
Thousands applied for land. There must have been a few settlers 
in Armstrong County before the Revolutionary War. 

"The inhabitants of Hannastown wrote Governor Denny, 1774, 
for troops as they were imperiled by the removal of troops to Kit- 
tanning, a place 25 miles from any settlement." 

Captain Andrew Sharp had a settlement at Shelocta as early as 
1784. Warrants for land were issued and actual settlements made 
in the various townships as follows : Bethel, Parks and Gilpin 
tract, 1792; Kittanning Township, 1773; Red Bank, 1785; Plum 
Creek, 1766; Wayne, named after General Anthony Wayne, 1794; 
Kiskiminitas, 1778; Pine and Boggs, 1785; Madison, 1795; Cowan- 
shonnock, 1774; Manor, 1789. (The Penns had 44 Manors sur- 
veyed, 1769, in different parts of the state, as reserve tracts. Each 
manor contained 4887 acres. These manors and all reserve tracts, 
were deeded by the Penns to Thomas W. Morris, November 27, 
1820, for $1.00. This township was one of the 44 manors, hence 
its name.) Mahoning, 1785; Burrell, 1778; Valley, 1785; South 
Bend, 1773; Freeport, 1786; South Buffalo, 1786. (Three-fourths 




of the country west of the river, up to Mahoning, thence west to 
the Ohio line, south to the boundary, thence north to the Mahon- 
ing, were Depreciation Lands, i. e., lands voted by the State Assem- 
bly, 1783, for the redemption of depreciation certificates. Immedi- 
ately north of these lands was a tract set aside by the State Assem- 
bly called Donation Lands, which was allotted to Pennsylvania 
soldiers for their services in the Revolutionary War. This tract 
embraced all the remaining land of the state west of the Allegheny 
River from the Depreciation Lands north.) North Buffalo, 1786; 
West Franklin. 1785; East Franklin. 1786; Sugar Creek, 1793; 
Washington, 1793; Brady Bend, 1794; Perry, 1796, and Hovey, 

The famous Purchase Line, established between the Northern 
Colonies and the Indians at the treaty of Fort Stanwix (Rome, N. 
Y.), November, 1768, was run from Cherry Tree or Canoe Place 
(the Indians' designation of the head of navigation on the Susque- 
hanna), due west to the Allegheny River at Kittanning. The Eng- 
lish Government paid 10,460 pounds for this tremendous steal. 

A few adventurous traders and settlers had penetrated the lands 
on the Allegheny River prior to and immediately following the Revo- 
lutionary War. Robt. Brown, one of the first to come to Kittanning 
in 1798, and not long after settled here with some hunters. At the 
same time Wm. Watson, John, James and Robt. Watson made a 
tour along the Cowanshannock Creek, traversed a part of Crooked 
Creek and the Allegheny River. They saw the evidences of the 
Indian corn fields at the site of Kittanning. A great aunt, Mrs. 
Catharine John, told the writer when he was a child, she remem- 
bered the slight excavations made by the Indians for their log 
cabins, on either side of present Market Street, Kittanning. The 
Indian town was made up of three parts — the first laid on the bench 
along Market Street — between McKean and Grant Avenue; two 
others on either side of Market Street, not far from the first. 
Between that and the river and stretching down the flat ground to 
the iron mill was an extensive corn field. 

The old Hague Hotel, built by Mathias Bowser (see pictures), 
still standing, is located 200 feet west of the Pennsylvania Railroad 
crossing on Market Street. The site of this old town landmark is 
precisely that of the Indian town. Mrs. Margaret Bowser, wife of 
Jonas Bowser, when a child, visited her Uncle Mathias, when he 
lived in this house and saw Indian beads his children had found in 
the yard. 

In the Summer of 1791, James Claypoole. with his wife and six 
children, settled on the site of the county seat. Kittanning, at Truby 
Run, and built a cabin on what is now lot 75. northwest corner of 
Arch and Water Streets, but on account of the danger of Indian 
attacks, left one year later, moving to Pittsburgh. Patrick 
Dougherty and Andrew Hunter were the next settlers (no date). 


Claypoole returned in about a year to the location of his former 
daring adventure and settled on land he purchased on the river 
bank, just south of Fort Run, two miles south of Kittanning, where 
he built a block house. In 1798 he purchased 400 acres from Stone 
in North Buffalo Township, where the Union Baptist Church now 
stands. He was the progenitor of the Claypooles and the first Bap- 
tist to settle in the County. He died at an advanced age on this 

Warrants for land within the limits of the present Manor Town- 
ship were made to James Claypoole in 1791. Mahoning in 1785; 
Burrell, 1778; Valley, 1785. (David Loy and Mathias erected a 
grist mill and saw mill on the Cowanshannock ; Mathias purchased 
seven acres in Kittanning Borough. 1817, and sold the same to 
David Reynolds six years later for $150.) South Bend, 1773; Free- 
port, 1786. 

The first settlers found these templed hills and broad valleys cov- 
ered with the most prolific pine and oak timber. They Httle sur- 
mised, however, as they cleared the forests and prepared the primi- 
tive soil for cultivation that beneath their feet were hidden unmeas- 
ured stores for the advantage of their children and the blessing of 
mankind. There are within the bounds of this county great ledges 
of limestone so essential in modern farming ; the hills are traversed 
by several veins of bituminous coal ; oil has been produced in the 
northern part of the county in vast quantity and many fields are still 
producing oil. Near Kaylor there are two wells that produce from 
the earth a grade of oil so nearly pure that it is used immediately 
without any further refining. Natural gas is found in most parts 
of the county. The towns and villages and many of the country 
homes are supplied with this cheap and convenient fuel. The manu- 
facture of fire brick has become a great industry, employing many 
thousands of men, since the discovery of vast beds of the purest fire 
clay. Add to lime, oil, coal, natural gas, timber and fire clay, a soil 
that responds promptly to a scientific and proper method of agricul- 
ture, growing everything produced in the north temperate zone. 

The magnitude of its varied products is seen in the number of 
railroads that intersect it. Nor should we fail to note the charm of 
natural scenery which here delights the heart of the student of 
nature. It has not the sublimity of the Alps nor does it awe the 
beholder with the stupendous cliffs of our Rockies, but it has a calm, 
reposeful, romantic beauty of its own ; a charm of scene that would 
have inspired the genius of a Cooper or an Oliver Goldsmith. The 
Allegheny River flows through the length of the county, bisecting 
it about midway between east and west. There are stretches where 
it flows miles without changing its course, then it gracefully yields 
to the phenomenal winding of the hills. At two points within this 
county this Belle (Beautiful) River, as the romantic French called 
it, does it make almost the circumference of a circle, one at Brady's 


Bend, and the other just above Mahoning. There are scenes here, 
many of them, that would enchant any artist ; the pastures where the 
cattle graze, the meadows with tree and brook; the river hills bil- 
lowed with the pink and white of the laurel blossoms, and the river 
itself lying far down in the bed wrought out by the ages, where the 
oars of the lone boatman dip and flash the gold of the afternoon 
sun and the steel rails that wind along the bank shining like threads 
of silver — The Belle River! So it is! Kittanning itself is a gem, 
lying on the bank of this beautiful river. 

As the county was rapidly being occupied by settlers it became 
apparent that Kittanning was the proper site for the county seat. 
It was laid out and lots sold in 1803 and in one year there were 
resident one lawyer, three merchants, one hatter, one tailor, one tan- 
ner, one mason, three shoemakers, one wheelwright, four joiners 
and one "rough" carpenter. The first physician settled here in 
1810; a harness maker in 1815; weaver in 1811 ; gunsmith in 1821 ; 
tinner in 1823 ; druggist in 1831 ; photographer in 1863 ; plow maker 
in 1834, and a registered undertaker in 1873. In 1830 there were 
90 houses, 10 stores and a courthouse. A ferry was used to carry 
passengers across the river until 1856, when the first bridge was 
built. The writer has given a brief chapter on a few salient facts 
of the history of the county, which, in the Providence of God, was 
to become the permanent home of the Bowser family. 

Into this newly created county came our Bowser people, when 
the surrounding county was a primeval wilderness. There were no 
roads and but few ancient Indian trails and bridle paths ; the end- 
less forests everywhere. Here and there were a few cleared acres 
where the daring squatter or pioneer had started an improvement, 
but otherwise it was the Indian hunting ground without the Indian. 
Game abounded. Bear, wild turkey and deer provided the settlers' 
boys ample diversion. It was a day before railroads were dreamed 
of. To subdue the mighty forests and transform this wilderness 
into a land of homes and highways, wheat fields and orchards, and 
communities with the village church and the red schoolhouse was 
their worthy adventure. The time of their settlement is yet so 
near to us we have but to take one step backward and we are in 
the midst of the days, unfortunately forever past, the days of the 
log house and the loom and spinning wheel, and the candle and 
scutching block. 

They had their own recreations and their life was not without its 
fun and frolic. Their common hardships brought them into a closer 
fellowship. They shared more intimately than their amhitions 
money-making children, the joys of success and the sorrows of mis- 
fortunes. In addition to the primitive utensils and tools, they 
brought with them horses and cattle and in an incredibly short period 
we find them thrifty farmers, coming to the growing county seat 
with their produce, of wheat, butter, meat, eggs and whiskey. Many 


who found no market for their wheat and rye converted them into 
the commodity of smaller compass. We have an insight into the 
market conditions of those early days in the account book recently 
discovered and loaned the writer, of Samuel Houston, beginning 
May, 1824. Samuel Houston kept store in Kittanning from the 
founding of the town for many years. His store was on the alley on 
the north side of Market Street, a half square or less from Water 
Street. It may be of interest to note some of the entries : 

One quart turpentine, 44c ; 2/3 yds. sarsnet, 25c. 

John Mosgrove ret'd a lot of sanders that was wet. 

Judge Orr, Yz lb. Imperial tea, $1.00. 

Five lbs. of nails, $6.25. Six bags, $3.00. 

One pair coarse shoes, $1.50. One straw bonnet, $3.00. 

12 Wilmington stripe, $4.50 ; 2 lbs. copperas, 25c. 
To be paid by William Templeton in whiskey at 25c per gal. 

One Leghorn bonnet, $6.25. 

5 lb. blistered steel, at 25c. 

1 lb. brimstone, IS^/^c; 2 yds. blue cloth, $5.00. 
Sold to , 1 qt. whiskey, 12>4c. 

Butter, 6c per lb. Veal, 4c per lb. 

Matthias Bowser, 1 pr. Morocco shoes, 75c. 

Rev. John Dickey, 1 empty bottle (here the storekeeper adds "to 
put oil in"). 

18 lbs. veal at 4c, 72c; 200 lbs. of flour, $4.00. 

18 segars, 16 cents. 

Among the patrons of this store of 100 years ago were many 
whose names are well remembered. Among them were Archibald 
Dickey, David Reynolds, Matthias Bowser (grandfather of M. L. 
Bowser of Kittanning), John Mosgrove, Judge Orr, J. P. Shaffer, 
Rev. John Dickey, John B. Brown. Wm. Templeton. David McKel- 
vey, Michael Truby, Richard Cravenor, David Gilespie, Robt. Brown, 
John McMullen, Samuel Bowser, Joseph Boney, Josiah Copley, Kia 
Claypoole, Peggy Sipes. We are grateful for the naive statement 
about Rev. Dickey's pure intention to fill the "empty bottle" with 
harmless oil, when it was possible to indulge in a hilarity with 
whiskey at the grocery store at 25c a gallon, and segars 18 per 16c. 

The first Bowser to settle in Armstrong County was Matthias 
Bowser, who came here from Hopewell Township, Bedford County, 
in 1798. There were thirteen brothers and sisters, he came first, 
with his brother Samuel, who went back after five months. The 
latter returned, accompanied by his widowed sister, Catharine Kline, 
in 1805, and settled on land he purchased at Walk Chalk, three miles 
west of Kittanning in East Franklin Township. In 1807 he sold his 
claim to David Flenner and John Burnheimer, and moved to North 
Buffalo Township. 

Abraham Swigart, who married Elizabeth Bowser, daughter of 
John of Hopewell, came out in 1805. Valentine Bowser, brother of 


Elizabeth Swigart, came to Armstrong County in 1815, and bought 
a small farm on Glade Run, now known as the Dougherty farm ,and 
there raised his family of eleven children. Noah Bowser, brother 
of John of Hopewell, came to Glade Run from Bedford County in 
1807, and settled on a 400-acre farm which he later sold to his son 
Joseph Bowser. Noah had another son, John, called "Steam" 
John, because he was believed to have been the first miller to apply 
steam as a motive power in grist mills. Several of his sons were 
millers, at least George and Samuel. Valentine, mentioned prior to 
Noah, the writer's great-grandfather, and his wife, Elizabeth (Fluke) 
never spoke English, but Palatine German ("Pennsylvania Dutch"). 
This indicates that John Bowser of Hopewell spoke Palatine Ger- 
man, and his children knew no other language. The deeds and wills 
of the old Bowsers in Bedford and York County, so far as we recall, 
were signed either in Palatine German or by making a mark. None 
were signed in English. David Flenner sent his son to Philip 
Mechling's store for a number of articles. The proprietor was not 
in, and the clerk did not know young Flenner. The lad had money 
for the articles he bought except tobacco. He informed the clerk in 
broken English his dad said they should borax him for the tobacco. 
The clerk took the tobacco away from the boy. When he reached 
home and there was no tobacco, Flenner demanded an explanation. 
The boy answered, 'T told the man you said they should borax you 
for the tobacco, and he took it away from me." It is said the irate 
father punished the boy for his poor English. 

Valentine Bowser, brother of Noah and Hopewell John, located on 
a farm of 400 acres in Sugar Creek Township, now Washington 
Township, 2>^ miles northeast of Montgomeryville, on land now 
belonging to Geo. Rickel, Sadler heirs, et al. He came from Bed- 
ford County in 1798 and brought a number of young apple trees 
which he planted on the site of his home, afterward given to his 
daughter Peggie (Bowser). Sites now owned by Sadler heirs. 
Three of the trees he planted grew, two are standing now and the 
third, a massive, wide-spreading tree, has split and both halves fallen, 
though still living. 

Martin John, who married Esther Bowser, sister of Hopewell 
John and Valentine, came here in 1798 and bought 400 acres beside 
Valentine. He built a log house on his land which was finally 
owned by Jonas Bowser and torn down in 1917. This Martin 
John came from the Palatine, and became the progenitor of the 
large family of John's, many of whom still reside in the vicinity of 
the old homestead. The remains of Martin and Esther lie, with 
several of their children, in a private and neglected spot on land 
now owned by William Hays in Washington Township. 

Adam Bowser, born 1778, and wife, Catharine, born 1780, came 
to Armstrong County in 1808 and took up 400 acres of land near 
Centre Hill. Jonas, his brother, came at the same date and took 
up 200 acres. 


Peter Bowser, son of Hopewell John, came in 1825. His sister, 
Catharine Kline, a widow, came at the same time. John and 
Nicholas, sons of John of Hopewell, remained at Hopewell; the 
descendants of Nicholas are still in Hopewell. The daughters of 
John all came to Armstrong County as follows : Mary, wife of 
John Bumheimer, in 1807 ; Julia Ann, wife of David Flenner, in 
1807 ; Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Swigart, 1807 ; Barbary, wife of 
Joseph Bowser (son of Jacob, brother of Hopewell John), 1808; 
Catharine KUne, 1825. 



In the year 1900 the first Bowser Reunion was held at the home 
of Jacob and Sarah Ann (Bowser) Bucher, near Kittanning, Arm- 
strong County, Pa. The Reunion has been held annually ever since, 
on the last Tuesday of August, with an attendance of 2,000 to 4,000. 
The forenoon is given over to reunions of families and the reviving 
of old friendships. For a number of years the aged family with 
whom the Reunion had its genesis occupied the seats of honor on 
the platform. They were Benjamin S. Bowser, Elizabeth Bowser, 
Sophia (Bowser) Wyant, Sarah Ann (Bowser) Bucher, Dr. M. S. 
Bowser, Joshua Crawford Bowser and James H. Bowser. At the 
time of this writing but four remain, Sophia (Bowser) Wyant, 
aged 94; Dr. M. S. Bowser, aged 84; Joshua C. Bowser, and 
James H. Bowser. Benjamin S. died, aged 92; Elizabeth, aged 82, 
and Sarah Ann (Bowser) Bucher, 86. Jacob Bucher, husband of 
Sarah Ann, is still living and hale at the age of 90. After the mid- 
day feast there has always been an appropriate program, consisting 
of music, solos, quartettes, an orchestra by the Bowser boys, songs 
from the Bowser Song Book prepared by Rev. A. B. Bowser ; an 
obituary report, business, addresses and games. At present these 
reunions are held in the Armstrong Grove, near Kittanning. An 
account of these gatherings may be gained from a report taken 
from the Kittanning Daily Leader, which was accompanied by a 
number of pictures. 

"The Great Bowser Reunion" (1906) 

The Bowser Clan enjoy another reunion. Every section of Arm- 
strong County represented and hundreds came from many other 

There are reunions and reunions held in Armstrong County every 
year, but none of them have yet equaled, either in point of attend- 
ance or the general manifestation of friendliness, the prominence 
attained by the annual gathering of the great Bowser family, and 
the assembling of that clan with hundreds of their friends at the old 
homestead, near Walk Chalk, on Tuesday, was another demonstra- 
tion of how popular these outings have become. 

The weather was ideal. The sun shone forth in all its glory, but 
the warm rays were comfortably cooled by breezes, which seemed to 
bear both a tinge of the passing summer and the approaching fall, 
that swept over the beautiful old farm, and had man himself had 
the making of the day he could not have planned better. 

The attendance was, as usual, large, and although there was no 
accurate way in which the exact size of the crowd could have been 
ascertained, it is estimated that the number present was close to 



two thousand, if that figure was not really surpassed. The throngs 
came from every direction and as early as 5 o'clock in the morning 
the procession to the grounds was under way and by noon the 
fields about the house were fairly black with people and vehicles of 
every description. Nearly every walk of life was represented in 
that immense assemblage, too. The minister, the lawyer, the doctor, 
the mechanic, the farmer, the musician, the educator, the manufac- 
turer and the politician were all there and joined with the young 
and old, rich and poor, in making the day one of genuine delight. 

Most of the morning was devoted to greeting old-time friends and 
preparing for the events that were programmed for the occasion. 
At 11 o'clock a short season of music and eloquence was opened on 
the platform which had been erected in the orchard. Everybody 
joined heartily in singing "When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder 
I'll Be There," and following this Rev. I. H. Hankins, of DuBois, 
sang a touching solo, after which the favorite hymn, "Jesus, Lover 
of My Soul," was sung by the crowd. An interesting talk on "The 
History of the Bowsers" was delivered by Rev. A. B. Bowser, of 
Crafton, in which he explained that the history of the Bowser 
family, which is now being carefully compiled, was not yet ready to 
be issued. "Honor Your Friends That Are Gone Before That They 
May Honor You," was the subject of an address filled with fine 
thoughts, beautifully expressed by Rev. I. H. Hankins, of DuBois. 

At 12 o'clock the audience dispersed for dinner. 

Prof. J. C. Tinsman, of Kittanning, made the principal address in 
the afternoon and his remarks held his hearers' closest attention and 
won their hearty applause. Rev. Hankins sang "The Laughing 
Song" so well that the audience demanded an encore, and Rev. 
Hankins, with Rev. A. B. Bowser, responded with a duet, "Box 
and Cox." 

Business matters were taken up and it was decided to continue all 
the old officers for another year. 

On account of death, however, there was a vacancy in the vice 
presidency, and Chambers Frick, of Adrain, was elected to that 
office. The officers of the reunion for the ensuing twelve months 
are therefore as follows: 

Permanent President — Benj. S. Bowser, of Washington Town- 

President — Rev. A. B. Bowser, of Crafton. 
Vice President — Chambers Frick, of Adrian. 
Secretary — J. H. Bowser, of Wickboro. 

It was unanimously decided to hold the 1907 reunion at the old 
homestead again and the probabilities are that the gathering will 
continue to be held there for several years yet anyways, as the farm 
is in the heart of the Bowser settlement. 


"God Be With You Till We Meet Again" was the concluding 
song, and Rev. Robert R. Bowser, of the Church of God, Bolivar, 
led in prayer, closing with the benediction. 

The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to social intercourse 
and indulging in various amusements. 

"Uncle Benny" Bowser was prominent everywhere. The home- 
ward journey commenced about the middle of the afternoon, and 
by 6 o'clock very few persons were left on the grounds. 

The best of order prevailed throughout the entire day and not a 
single unpleasant incident was reported. Many visitors from a 
distance were in the throngs, among whom were : R. M. Bowser, 
F. t. and Ella Bowser, of Olean, N. Y. ; M. G. Bowser, of Chi- 
cora ; Mrs. Adaline Schweeter, of New Kensington ; Mrs. Kate 
Kramer, of Irwin; Rev. R. B. Bowser, of Bolivar; William Ekis, of 
Parkersburg, W. Va. ; Levi Ekis, of Parkersburg, W. Va. ; Levi 
Ekis, of Marietta, O. ; Mrs. Fred Borling, Mrs. Lebius Russell, of 
New Kensington ; Dr. A. H. Bowser, wife and daughter, of 
Reynoldsville ; C. T. Bowser and wife, of Apollo ; the Misses Hazel 
and Mabel Bowser, of Butler ; Mrs. Grace Allbright, of Gibson City, 
111. ; C. M. Fair and wife, of Verona ; Charles Simpson, of Verona ; 
Mrs. Libbie Hazlett, of McKeesport; Mrs. Samuel Cooper, of Pitts- 
burgh ; Mrs. Fred Whaling, of Pittsburgh ; Prof. A. J. Bowser and 
wife, of Butler. 

1917 Reunion 

Tuesday, August 21, 1917, was the sixteenth annual anniversary 
of the Bowsers and it was held in the Armstrong Grove, about two 
and one-half miles from Kittanning, on the west side of the river, 
and from as early as 7 o'clock in the morning until the sun was kiss- 
ing the hilltops in the western horizon the grove was a busy hum 
of voices. 

The weather was fine, although a little threatening ; what appeared 
to be a heavy rain went around to the south, about the time 
announcement for dinner was on, but the Bowsers and their friends 
were there to spend the day with each other and showed their devo- 
tion to Bowser day by staying right there and only a stray drop 
of rain fell within the confines of our beautiful grove. In a short 
time all were happy and greetings, so characteristic of Bowser day, 
continued merrily, for everybody is Bowser for the day. Visit- 
ing, meeting friends of others years, renewing acquaintances and 
forming new ones continued until dinner hour. 

After the dinner was over and the faces were shaping up for the 
Bowser smile the program was called on. 

After some introductory remarks by the President, Rev. A. B. 
Bowser, of Ford City, the assembly sang "My Country, 'Tis of 
Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty," etc., with Mrs. Bowser at the piano. 
Everybody sang ; the large flag hanging over the platform waved in 


the breeze and the leaves rustled with joy. Rev. C. T. (Bowser) 
Jack offered prayer, then all joined in sin^ng "Blest Be the Tie 
That Binds." A solo was sung by Harold (Bowser) Spang, of 
Leechburg, and the Treasurer, B. W. Wyant, gave his annual report, 
followed by an inspiring address. 

Frank Bowser played a violin solo, "Poet and Peasant," accom- 
panied by Mrs. W. A. Barry on the piano. J. H. Bowser gave the 
Secretary's report and in his pleasing manner said some very nice 
things about the Bowser reunions for the last sixteen years. 

Miss Isabelle Bowser, a teacher in the Wilmerding schools, enter- 
tained with a beautiful solo, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. A. B. 

Several vocal selections were rendered by Corbin (Bowser) 
Wyant, Hyatt (Bowser) Hawk, Charles (Bowser) Smith, Harold 
(Bowser) Spang, Frank, Wayland and Arda Bowser, with Mrs. 
Barry at the piano. Then the Bowser Band played. 

One thing noticeable at these annual gatherings is the dropping 
out one by one of the older people. A few years agt> we could 
count about a dozen of the dear old ones, but there were only two 
of them there today — Jacob Booher, 89, and Sophia Bowser Wyant, 
in her 90th year. 

The nominating committee reported as follows: President, J. H. 
Bowser, one of the founders of the Bowser Reunion and baby of 
the family, who has served as its secretary for sixteen years ; Rev. 
A. B. Bowser — he is the historian and hopes to have the history 
of the family completed by the next anniversary ; Treasurer, Cham- 
bers (Bowser) Frick ; Secretary, Dr. J. B. (Bowser) Wyant, and 
they were duly elected. 

The following are members of the executive committee : H. J. 
Bowser, M. L. Bowser, Emanuel Bowser, Chambers Frick, B. W. 
Wyant, William Bowser, A. B. Bowser, S. F. Bucher, C. G. Bowser, 
Roy Bowser, Jacob L. Bowser, A. J. Bowser and Dr. J. B. F. 

We Are Boys Again Today 

By A. B. Bowser 

(Tune — "Maryland, My Maryland.") 

Behold ! across the grassy plain. 
With stately tread and princely train. 
From fields afar and foreign shore 
The Bowser boys come home once more. 

Where Allegheny's waters flow 
And noble elms their shadows throw, 
We gather on the verdant strand 
And clasp again a brother's hand. 


'Neath alien skies we oft may roam, 
And long for thee, our native home, 
Dispersed abroad from east to west, 
Tis here the spot we love the best. 

Although the years, on pinion light, 
Have borne us swiftly in their flight. 
We sing the old songs bright and gay. 
For we are boys again today. 


Oh ! Armstrong County, ever dear ! 
We love thee through each passing year ; 
And fondly now our friendship true 
Within thy bounds we pledge anew. 




I. Joseph D. Bowser, of Franklin Township, March 5, 1845. 
Probated April 18, 1845. Children: John, Joseph, Sarah M. Swi- 
gart, Eunice M. Morrison, Noah, Samuel, Jonas, Peter, Elizabeth. 

Witnesses : 

Wm. Noble, 
Geo. Rarach. 

Valentine Bowser 

II. Valentine Bowser, of Franklin Township, Armstrong County, 
Pennsylvania, do make and publish this my last will and testament, 
hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me heretofore 
made, as follows: 

First: I direct that all my just debts be paid as soon after my 
decease as possible. 

Second : I will and devise all my estate, real and personal, to 
my beloved wife, Elizabeth, to have use of and live on during her 
natural life without being accountable to any heir or any other 
person for such disposition as she may think fit to make of any 
personal estate. 

Third : I will and direct that any part of my said estate that may 
be left at her decease after her just debts and funeral expenses be 
paid, to be sold and equally divided among my children or their 
lawful heirs, share and share alike. 

Fourth: My second named executor shall not take any action 
on my said estate during the life of my said wife, Elizabeth. 

Fifth : I do hereby make and ordain my beloved wife, Elizabeth 
(Fluke) Bowser, and my son, Abraham Bowser, executors of this 
my last will and testament in witness whereof, I, Valentine Bowser, 
the testator, have to this my will written on one sheet of paper set 
my hand and seal this ninth day of March, 1851. Signed, sealed 
and delivered in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed 
in the presence of each other. 

Valentine (X) Bowser. 

Wm. Noble, 

Geo. Noble. 

Probated March 15, 1852. 

III. Valentine Bowser, Sugar Creek Township. In the name of 
God, Amen, I bequeath to my sons John and Samuel 



Bowser and my daughters Cristina Bowser (Smail) and Margaret 

Bowser (Sites) tract of land, etc., 1836. Joseph Bowser. 

I bequeath to (1) heirs of my son Moses Bowser the farm given 
to Moses. (2) Jonathan to have the farm he lives on. (3) James 
to have $1,000. (4) John, $1,000. (5) Catherine and Barbara the 
farm I now live on. (6) Grandson Joseph, $75.00. (7) Grandson 
Emanuel, $75.00. 
Book, p. 278. 

Probated January 28, 1792. 

IV. 13th of March 1784 "I John Bowser of Washington County 
and State of Md., being sick, and weak in body" — I do order that 
my Exect' which I shall hereafter Name After my Decease, to sell 
and dispose of all my real and personal estate on Bublick Vandue 
and to give a Good a Law full Convayns for my real estate and then 
to Aquent or to inform my friends in Germanic thereof, that if my 
well beloved Brooder Jacob Bausser and my well beloved Sister.s 
Barbara and Feronica in the Canton Bassel and County of Faspurg 
and village called Damiken or either of their heirs, and it is further 
my will that after my debts and funeral charges are paid, then I 
g'ive and bequeathe to my well beloved Bruder or to his heirs, at 
first Fifty Pounds of good and lawful money of this State, and after 
I order that he or his heirs shall go in an equal sear with my two 
Sisters Barbara and Feronica or with their heirs after such dis- 
charge is made which I shall mentions. It is further my will and I 
give and bequeath to the reformed Prispetarianer Congregation in 
Hagerstown Fifty Pounds of good and lawful money for the use of 
finishing the meeting house or towards the Ball and said sum of 
money shall be paid by my Executor three years after my decease 
and it is further etc. gives to Executor one hundred Pounds for his 
trouble, order and constitute "Doct Henry Schnebely to be my 


Wit. Lawrence Protzman, John (X) Bausskr. 

John Crumback, mark 

William Conrad. 


1 large Bible 35/ 1 large history 20/ 1 large book 10/ 11 small 
old books 22/6 2 old books 6/ some pewter, 1 old cythe 

(the largest item) 

2 stills both hold 190 gallons @ 41c a gallon 38.00 
14>4 bushels of rye @ 3/6 21.09 
also Indian corn, oats, buckwheat "very sorry" 


I old Syder mill. 

23 old still tubs Total ^3.1019 

dated April 3, 1792. 


V. Will of John Bowser of Hopewell Township, Bedford 
County, registered in Bedford, September 3, 1813. The last will 
and testament of John Bowser, of Hopewell Township, in the name 
of God, amen, I, John Bowser, in a weak state but sound in mind, 
in memory, having thought it proper to make a divide of my prop- 
erty: 1. All my lawful debts to be paid. I bequeath to my loving 
wife Mar}' three hundred dollars, one cow and bed and bedding 
and one pat one saddle. I bequeath to my son John ten pounds, 
I bequeath to my son Jacob ten pounds, I bequeath to my son 
Mathers (Mathias) ten pounds, I bequeath to my son Valentine ten 
pounds, I bequeath to my son Samuel ten pounds, I bequeath to my 
son Nicholas ten pounds, I bequeath to my son Peter ten pounds. 
I do request that my property be sold and equally divided between 
my sons before mentioned and my daughter Mary, and my daughter 
Elizabeth, and my daughter Catherine Kline and my daughter Uley 
(Julia Ann), and my daughter Barbara. I do appoint Theodoris 
Inorsberger and John Piper of Yellow Creek (Hopewell) my law- 
ful executors. Signed and sealed this 19th day of June in the year 
of our Lord 1813 in the presence of John Kay and William Williams. 

John (X) Bowser. 

VI. Will of Andrew Bowser, York County, B. U. 154. Andrew 
Bowser of Manheim Township. Mentions his Vv'ife Margaret — plan- 
tation in Manheim Township containing 254 acres of land. After 
said land is sold I bequeath $100 to my brother Adam Bowser 
(afterward in Armstrong County) and if any is left $91.81 to 
Andrew Bowser, son of Joseph Bowser; and if any remains equally 
divide between Adam Bowser's children and Joseph's children and 
Benjamin Bowser's children and Isaac Bowser's children. 


Andrev^ (X) Bowser. 


VII. Benjamin Bowser's will. Son of Daniel, B. K. S. 394. 
Died April 18, 1844: I, Benjamin Bowser, devise, that my planta- 
tion, situated in Maryland, Baltimore County, shall be sold as soon 
as convenient after my death, the widow, Catherine B., shall have 
kitchen and house furniture, also two cows, if she choose: order 
that the remainder of my estate be sold at vendue and my son Benj. 
Bowser and son Samuel, late dwelling in Shrewsbury Township, 
York County, all my heirs shall share alike: Elizabeth M., Joseph 
Kaufman, George Bowser, Daniel Bowser. Catherine M., Peter 
Ulrich (went to Ohio), Benj. Bowser and Samuel Bowser and 
appoint Benj. Bowser and George Bowser sole executors. George 
Bowser died aged 85 in Stark County, Ohio, will probated 1873. 


Daniel Bowser will dated 1878, Stark County, Ohio. Benjamin 
Bowser, Samuel Bowser, Catherine Bowser, Michael Ulrich, died at 
Wyandotte, Ohio, aged 85. Elizabeth, married Isaac Kaufman, 
died Morrow County, Ohio, aged 86. These children of Benjamin 
Bowser went before the Justice of the Peace in Stark County and 
Wyandotte, Ohio, and made an acknowledgment that they received 
their full share of Benjamin's estate. 

Benjamin (X) Bowser. 

VIL Will of Daniel Bowser, York County, B. K. L. 446^ 
April 20, 1807. Wife Elizabeth Bowser. Children : Magdalena M., 
Nicholas Miller, Elizabeth M., Conrad Keppenheffer, Benj., Esther, 
Joseph, Mary, Isaac, Jonas, Solomon and Adam. 

VIII. John Bowser St. Clair Township, Bedford County, B. K. 
L. 270. I, John Bowser, give my plantation and tract of land 
whereon I now live, containing 180 acres, to my son George, he 
paying thereout 670 pounds lawful money to my other children, 
Michael, Elizabeth m. to John Mack, Ann Elizabeth m., Henry 
Beckley, Eve m., John Arthurs 152 pounds, 10 shillings each, and 
60 pounds to the children of my daughter Madalena Swoveland 
(except John). Geo. Imler, Ex. 1808. (This property John Bow- 
ser bought from Starcher. See deed.) 

IX. Will of David Bowser, Bedford County Wills, Book 1, page 
340. St. Clair Township. Date of probate, March 22, 1813. . . . 
Give and bequeath unto wife Elizabeth one-third of my real and 
personal estate during the time she remains my widow, no sale to 
be made of estate during the time she remains my widow ; after her 
decease to be equally divided between my children, viz. : Catraut 
Bowser, Elizabeth Bowser, Mary Bowser, Catharine Bowser, Valen- 
tine Bowser, John Bowser, Easter Bowser, and my grandson John 
Mock. . , . Appoints James Clark, Sr., and William Clark, 
Esq., executors. "Set my hand and seal," 19th day of October, 1810. 


David (X) Bowser. 




Revolutionary War 

The ancestors of the Bowsers sprang from the pioneers and 
founders of democracy. 

History has recorded the influence of the far-visioned prophets of 
liberty, Oliver Cromwell, William of Orange, William Penn and 
Roger Williams ; but the cradle of democracy was rather on the con- 
tinent, among the Huguenots of France, the Mennonites of Switzer- 
land and the Anabaptists of Germany. We can readily understand 
why the Palatine natives came to Pennsylvania in such predominat- 
ing numbers. The "Holy Experiment" of the noble Penn found an 
echo in their souls. The Bowsers have always borne their full share 
in the various wars for liberty, and promptly marched to battle 
under the Stars and Stripes at the call of Washington and Lincoln 
and McKinley and Wilson. Many of them gave their lives and 
today repose in graves forever honored. 

At the opening of the Revolution, 1775, able-bodied citizens of 
Pennsylvania formed themselves into military companies and were 
known as Associators. Five battalions were organized in York 
County. No complete muster is now known to be in existence. The 
7th Battalion of York County Militia, organized under the state con- 
stitution of 1776, was commanded by David Kennedy, Colonel, with 
James Agnew, Lieutenant Colonel; John Means, Major; page 271, 
muster roll for this battalion, 1777-1778, privates: Jacob Bowser, 
Noah Bowser, Daniel Bowser, Abram Bowser. 

Page 274 — 3d Co., 5th Battalion, 1780: Daniel Bowser. John 

Page 275— 6th Co., 5th Battalion : Michael Bowser. 

York County, Penn. Arch. 6th series. Vol. 2, a list of the 3d Co., 
5th Battalion of York County Militia, October, 1780. Capt. Peter 
Zolinger. 5th class: Daniel Bowser. 7th class: Jacob Bowser. 
Returns of the 3d Co., Paradise Township, August 29, 1781-2: 
Jacob Bowser, Daniel Bowser, John Bowser. 

Muster roll of the 7th Co., 7th Battalion, October, 1785. Capt. 
John Wampler: Christian Bowser, Jonnas (Jonas) Bowser. 

Sixth Co., 1785. Capt. Andrew Former: Samuel Bowser. 

Capt. Adam Shoffer's Co., 5th Battalion. York County Militia, 
private: John Bowser. 

Muster roll, 1785, of Hanover Township, Capt. Simon Clear: 
Joseph Bowser. 

Associators and Militia, Capt. Andrew Bailey, privates : Michael 



Militia, 1782, David Jamison, Colonel : Henry Bowser. 

Archives, 6th series, York County Militia, Camp Security, Decem- 
ber 21, 1781 : "This is to certify that Jacob Bowser has served his 
full time of duty agreeable to the law in the 7th class of York County 
Militia, under the command of Capt. Pennington, and is discharged 
by me, George Gyselman, Capt. 

Associates and Militia of York County, Capt. Zahniger : Abram 
Bowser, Daniel Bowser, Noah Bowser, Jacob Bowser. 

Penna. Archives, 6th series. Vol. 2. Associates and Militia, York 
County: "This is to certify that John Bowser, associate, has served 
in my company from May 4, 1782, to June 21, 1783." Peter Ford, 

Penna. Archives 2d series, Vol. 1. 

Associators and Militia : William Bowser. 

Vol. 2, series 14, Bensalem Township, Associated Co. : Henry 

Sixth Battalion, Berks Co. Militia, 1780, Sergeant : Peter Bowser. 

Page 666, Capt. Paxton's Ranging Co., Bedford Co., 1781, 3: 
Jacob Bowser. 

1 — William Bowser, , 10th Pennsylvania. 

2— Jacob Bowser, 1777-78, 7th Battalion, York County Militia. 
3 — Michael Bowser, about 1782, 5th Battalion, York County Militia. 
4 — Noah Bowser, 1777-78, 7th Battalion, York County Militia. 
5~Abraham Bowser, 1777-78, 7th Battalion, York County Militia. 
6— Daniel Bowser, 1781, 1777-78, 7th Battalion, York County 

7 — Peter Bowser, Ranger on Frontier, Northumberland County. 

8 — Andrew Bowser, 1777, 5th Battalion, Philadelphia Militia. 
9 — Christian Bowser, 1781, 7th Battalion, Lancaster County Militia. 
10 — ^Jonas Bowser, 1785, 7th Battalion, York County Militia. 
11 — Henry Bow'ser, 1783, York County Militia, Col. David Jamison. 
12 — ^Joseph Bowser, 1785, Hanover Co., York County Militia. 
13— Samuel Bowser, 1785, 6th Co., York County Militia. 
14 — ^Joseph Bowser, 2d Lt., 1776, 3d Battalion, 7th Co., Northum- 
berland County Militia. 
15 — ^John Bowser, 1781, 3d Co., Paradise Township, York County 

Associators and Militia, York County: "This is to certify that 
John Bowser has served in my company from Mav 4, 1782, to June 
21, 1783. Peter Ford, Captain." 

Mathias Bowser, Jr., lived in Paradise Township, York County, 
and since Jacob, Samuel, Noah and Abram Bowser are recorded in 
the same township, they evidently were his sons. 


Bowsers in the' Civil War 

Addison H. Bowser, 39th Ohio Inf., 2nd lieutenant. 

Alex D. Bowser, 137th Pa., private. 

Benjamin S. Bowser, 12th Ohio Vol. Cav., corporal. 

Aaron J. Bowser, 103d Pa., private. 

Daniel Bowser, 103d Pa., private. 

Daniel L. Bowser, 55th Pa., private. 

David Bowser (cousin of Daniel L.), 55th Pa., private. 

Emanuel Bowser, 37th Pa., private. 

Hezekiah Bowser (son of Noah and Catherine), 78th Pa., private. 

James M. Bowser (son of Daniel and Hannah), 29th Ind., private. 

Joshua Crawford Bowser, 103d Pa., musician. 

Mark C. Bowser (son of Noah and Catherine), 78th Pa., private. 

Mathias P. Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 

Mathias A. Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 

Nicholas Bowser, 55th Pa., private. 

Peter O. Bowser, 78th Pa., sergeant. 

John G. Bowser (son of Jacob and Rachel), 12th Ohio Vol. Cav., 

John W. Bowser (son of Michael), 12th Ohio Inf., 2nd lieutenant. 
Henry Bowser (son of Jacob of Ohio), 2d Calif. Cav., private. 
Samuel A. Bowser, 104th Pa., 2nd lieutenant. 
George and Wm. R. Bowser, of Michigan. 
Eli, James and Christian Bowser, of Ohio. 
John G. Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 
Thomas H. Bowser, 62d Pa., corporal. 
William H. Bowser (son of Jacob of Mar>'land), 12th 111. Inf., 2nd 

William J. Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 
William Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 
Washington R. Bowser, 78th Pa., private. 
Alex M. Bowser (son of John), 139th Pa., private. 
John R. Bowser, 139th Pa., private. 
Jacob F. Bowser (son of John), 139th Pa., private. 
John F. Bowser, 159th Pa., private. 
Jeremiah Bowser, 76th Pa., private. 
John W. Bowser (son of Henry and Emily of Kosciusko Co., Ind.), 

74th Ind., private. 
Adam Bowser, 12th Md. Inf., private. 
Chas. W. Bowser (son of Adam of Maryland), 3d Reg't Potomac 

Home Brigade Inf., private. 
Samuel Bowser (son of John and Elizabeth). 4th Ohio Vol. Cav., 

Jacob Bowser (son of John and Elizabeth), 4th Ohio Vol. Cav., 



Elwood Bowser (son of John and Elizabeth). 

John W. Bowser (son of John and Elizabeth, born 1829), I87th 

Ohio Vol. Inf., private. 
John Bowser, 195th Pa. Vol. Inf., private. 
George W. Bowser, Co. F, 76th Reg't Pa. Vol. Inf., private. 

— From Chas. A. Bowser. 

Bowsers in the World War 

Wayland Stanley Bowser, 1st lieutenant France 

Frank Excell Bowser, sergeant Rahway, N. J. 

Arda J. Bowser, marine aviation Boston, Mass, 

Corbin Wayland Wyant, sailor New York City 

Roy Frick Booher France 

Ford W. Frick France 

Orville Frick Cape May, N. J. 

William Clyde Bowser France 

Lewis Bowser Arizona 

Sylvester Hyndman Smith France 

William Calvin Bowser Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Hyatt Hawk France 

Edward Gumbert France 

Hollace Gumbert Georgia 

Jay Finley Wyant Georgia 

Herman Schreckengost Georgia 

William Arthur Bowser France 

Ralph John, buried on Bowser Day. 

Edward E. Evans, captain Pike, Ark. 

Frederick Bowser France 

Charles Bowser France 

Paul Crytzer France 

Wade Bailey Bowser France 

Orman Younkins France 

Blair Toy Georgia 

Kirneal Mechling Georgia 

Clarence Bowser Georgia 

Edgar Westlake France 

Howard Westlake France 

Clement Arthur Cox France 

Harry A. Bowser France 

William A. Bowser . . . . ^ France 

Guilford C. Brown Camp Lee, Va. 

Eugene M. Brown France 

Mabel G. Hudson, nurse France 


Catharine Leone Bowser, nurse France 

Paul Lavvson Bowser France 

John Thoburn Beck France 

George H. Chappell France 

Pressie M. Hooks France 

Harry L. Kegg France 

William Thomas Bowser France 

Harry Ed. Bowser Honolulu, H. I. 

Casper Bowser Navy 

Bryan B. Bowser, corporal France 

Henr)' A. Hudson, sergeant France 

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Ti-iE President 

Florence Kling Harding 

Doctor Andrew Robert Elmer Wyant 





In June. 1920, the news was flashed around the world that Harding 
and CooHdge were the nominees of the Republican convention for the pres- 
idency and vice-presidency of the United .States. The fall election gave 
them the most overwhelming triumph in the history of the nation. Again 
the people asserted their confidence in the predominant type of an American 
president — a man born in the common ranks and elevated to greatness by his 
own efforts and the integrity of his character. His election for the supreme 
office of the country was not a chance or the accident of a political exigency. 
He stood a towering personality before the aspirants to the presidency. Like 
all famed men of history, like Lincoln and Grant, he was ready when the 
summons to duty called. Twenty years ago my father wrote me the proph- 
ecy: "Some day Warren will be president of the United States." President 
Warren G. Harding was born at Corsica, Morrow County, Ohio, November 
2, 1865, son of Dr. George Tryon and Phoebe Elizabeth (Dickerson) Harding, 
grandson of Mary Ann (Crawford) and Charles A. Harding, and great- 
grandson of Sophia (Stevens) and Joshua Crawford, thus linking him with 
our Bowser family on the maternal side. Sophia Stevens was a sister of 
Mary Stevens, who married Abram Bowser. President Harding was edu- 
cated in the public schools and the Ohio Central University at Iberia, Ohio. 
In 1871 Dr. Harding moved from Blooming Grove to Caledonia, and scon 
after started a country newspaper. Here Warren picked up a knowledge of 
typesetting and managing a newspaper, an important step in his career. In 
1882 Dr. Harding moved again, this time to Marion, an enterprising, grow- 
ing interior city now known over the world. Here the future President 
found his opportunity as reporter, manager, editor and publisher of the 
"Marion Star," now one of the most influential dailies in the state. He soon 
gained the attention of the political leaders of the state and was elected to 
the Ohio State Senate in 1900. In 1904-6 he was lieutenant governor and 
in 1914 he was elected to the Senate of the United States. At the National 
Republican Convention, 1912, he nominated President Taft for the presi- 
dency and in 1916 was chairman of the convention, and his address gave the 
keynote of the campaign. In 1891 he married Florence Kling of Marion, whose 
portrait appears wiith that of her famous husband, a woman whose intelligence 
and good judgment have been potential factors in his success. By her nat- 
ural grace and kindliness, and like her husband "possessed of a preeminent 
gift of friend-making," she has gained more than applause — the esteem of 
all classes. President Harding came into ofiice in a difficult time, in the 
after-sludge of the World war — stagnation, high prices, demoralized com- 
merce and general moral breakdown. But he has fulfilled the pledges he 
made to the people and today stands in the full confidence of the nation — an 
humble, kindly, wise. Christian president of all the people. Aside from 
the constructive policies of his administration, now beginning to bring order 
out of chaos, the one inspired master move — his summoning the civilized 
nations to a conference on disarmament and its complete success — will be 
sufficient to make his fame immortal. 

Hon. Adam Martin W'vant 



Hon. Adam Martin Wyant (2299) was born on a farm near Montgom- 
eryville, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1869, a son of Chris- 
tian Yerty and Elizabeth (John) Wyant. He was one of a family of six 
children whose parents provided for them the highest educational advan- 
tages. After finishing in the public school course, he taught one year prior 
to entering Reid Institute, Reidsburg, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, where 
he spent a year, and in the spring of 1889 entered the Western Pennsylvania 
Classical and Scientific Institute at Mount Pleasant, Pa., where he graduated 
in 1890. The three succeeding j^ears he was at Bucknell University, but relin- 
quished his work there to finish his course in the University of Chicago. He 
taught at the Mt. Pleasant Institute where he had previously been a student, 
during 1894-95, and was graduated at the University of Chicago, 1895, with 
the degree of A. B. While in the academy and college he won distinction 
throughout the country in the athletic field. He maintained a high rank in 
scholarship, taking the college entrance prize of $300, as well as the prize in 
oratory at Mount Pleasant. In 1896 he was elected principal of the public 
schools of Greensburg, Pa., and after serving two months as principal, a 
superintendency was created, and he was elected for two terms of three 
years each. 

Having decided to follow the legal profession, he registered as a law 
student with Hon. Willis D. Patton of Kittanning, and J. M. Hunter of 
Pittsburgh, and during vacations prepared for admission to the bar. He was 
admitted to the Allegheny County Bar on December 21, 1901, and to the 
Westmoreland County Bar on May 5, 1902, and immediately took up his 
practice at Greensburg. He has been admitted to the practice of law in the 
Appellate courts of Pennsylvania and also the United States Federal courts. 
In March, 1911, he formed a partnership with Hon. Edward E. Rcbbins, 
which continued until the death of Senator Robbins on January 25. 1919. 
and then formed a partnership with Paul J. Abraham, January 2, 1921, of 
which firm he is the senior member. 

Shortly after his admission to the bar he began the manufacture of 
coke and the mining of coal, and at present is extensively engaged in the 
business, acting as secretary' and treasurer for the several companies with 
which he is connected. He also has a large interest in several banking insti- 
tutions in his county and serves as a director in the Safe Deposit and Trust 
Company, of Greensburg, Pa. 

In 1920 he was a candidate for Congress in the Twenty-second District 
of Pennsylvania and vv'as elected by the largest majority ever given a Repub- 
lican for Congress from that district. In 1922 he received the nomination 
without opposition. 

On December 1, 1909. he married Katharine Nelson Doty, daughter of 
Hon. Lucien Wilson Doty, judge for several terms of the Westmoreland 
County Common Pleas Court. They have two children: Anna Moore, born 
June 23, 1912, and Adam Martin, Jr., born September 1, 1917. 

His record in Congress has confirmed the confidence of his constituents 
and justified his election to so exalted a position of responsibility in the 

Sheriff Chambers Frick 



Andrew Robert Elmer Wyant, A.B., A.M., B.D., Ph. D., M.D., son of 
Christian Y. and EHzabeth (John) Wyant, was born on his father's farm 
near Montgomeryville, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, May 20, 1867. He 
acquired the rudiments of an education at the old Ruffner school, where the 
three R's were taught nearly a century ago. Heredity and wholesome hard 
work on the farm gave him a stalwart physique and proportionate stamina. 
He entered Reid Institute, with the writer as his chum, in April, 1880. 
While a student at Reidsburg he united with the Baptist Church, and was 
there licensed to preach. For four years he taught school, then returned 
to study at Bucknell Academy, from which he graduated in 1888. He 
entered Bucknell University in the fall of 1888 and graduated with the 
highest honors in 1892, taking scholarship prizes in literature, mathematics, 
oratory, psychology and philosophy ; graduated from the Divinity School of 
the University of Chicago in 1895, with historical fellowship honors ; received 
the degrees of master of arts and doctor of philosophy for post-graduate 
work; member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; college tennis champion; 
played football for seven years against colleges from the Atlantic to the 
Pacific, and was the first captain of the University of Chicago team. He 
gave the commencement oration at Bucknell. 1917, choosing as his subject 
"Football and Preparedness." While at Bucknell and Chicago he was stu- 
dent pastor, and was pastor of the Morgan Park Baptist Church, Chicago, 
and continued for over ten years during which period he received into mem- 
bership 594 and erected a new edifice ; edited the "Baptist Record" and 
author of "The English Reformation and Puritanism." based upon the lec- 
tures of his father-in-law, Dean Hulbert. Doctor Wyant went abroad in 
1900 and witnessed the Passion Play. He has given more than 200 lectures 
on that religious drama. He belongs to the Masonic order. Doctor Wyant 
took the course in medicine at the Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, 
graduating in 1908, and is now well known and successful in his profession. 
His articles on Modern, Mental and Religious Cults have attracted wide 
attention. He is a member of the American, Illinois and Chicago Medical 
Associations, Red Cross war physician ; on Chicago hospital corps, and 
responds to calls for lectures and public addresses on religious and current 
subjects. Always a hard worker with a defi.nite plan, he is an example and 
challenge to the boy on the farm, of what can be won by industry, native 
talent and perseverance. Doctor Wyant married Louise Hulbert, daughter 
of Dean Eri B. Hulbert, of the Divinity School of the University of Chi- 
cago. They have two children, Florence and Elizabeth. 


William H. Bowser was born in Kittanning, Pa., February 16, 1857, a 
son of William Fluke and Margaret E. Bowser, grandson of Christian and 
Susana (Fluke) Bowser, great-grandson of Jacob Bowser, the oldest son of 
"Hopewell" John. Mr. Bowser was reared in Kittanning and has always 
lived there. He attended the public schools of North Buffalo Township and 
Kittanning, and Pritner's Academy. He has been a successful business man 
and conspicuous in- the social and political affairs of the town and county. 
The people expressed their confidence in him by giving him a great majority 
in his election (1919) to the office of county commissioner. He married (1) 
Clara W. Moul of Allegheny, and (2) Ida B. Bowser of North Buffalo 

Sylvanus F. Bowser 



Mr. Bowser was born August 8, 1854, eight miles north of Fort Wayne, 
Ind. His father was John H. Bowser and his mother's maiden name was 
Eliza Kariger. 

About three months of elementary instruction in the district school was 
the extent of his school experience. Later, however, self-instruction gave 
him some knowledge of primary arithmetic. 

Chopping wood, delivering ice and other rough labor served as his intro- 
duction to the business of earning a livelihood. He traveled for some time 
as salesman for a paper house. 

At the age of 31 (1885) he conceived the idea of a self-measuring pump 
for coal oil. With the aid of his brother and his nephew, x'VUen A. Bowser, 
he built the first device, and continued to build others from that time on. 
Likewise, he sold the products of the embryo shop, was its bookkeeper and 
general majiager until the business was started and was its president for 
thirty-seven years. January 1, 1922, he was elected chairman of the board 
of directors. 

The company which grew out of such a small beginning has branched 
out and expanded until today S. F. Bowser & Company, Inc., employs about 
twenty-five hundred people; has two subsidiary companies (S. F. Bowser 
Co., Ltd., Toronto, Canada, and S. F. Bowser & Co. of Texas, Dallas, Tex.) ; 
has a manufacturing plant at Milwaukee, Wis. ; has warehouses in Albany, 
N. Y. ; Dallas. Tex., and San Francisco, Calif. ; tank assembly plants at 
Albany, Dallas, San Francisco and Sydney, Australia, and ofiices and sales- 
men in all of the principal cities of the world. 

The company is valued at approximately ten million dollars, has a pay- 
roll of two and one-quarter million dollars per year and is enjoying steady 
growth and development. 

As stated, Mr. Bowser is now chairman of the board of directors, and 
Allen A. Bowser, who helped start the business, and Harry M. Bowser, his 
son, are vice-presidents. 

Mr. Bowser was married in 1877 to Sarah F. Russell and to this union six 
children were born : Harry, Eva, William Hugh, Albert, Verne and Mildred. 
Mr. Bowser is enjoying vigorous health in his sixty-eighth year and gives 
promise of many years more of active business life. 

Doctor Mortimore Copsy Hawk 



Sheriff Chambers Frick, son of Abraham and Delilah (Bowser) Frick, 
was born at Montgomeryville, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, November 
26, 1852. He is a sturdy type of the self-made man. The start of an edu- 
cation he received in the public schools. His broader, practical knowledge 
he has acquired by his own effort. He early learned the value of efficiency 
in whatever sphere he was placed. If he was set to a task with a bunch 
of men, he was soon their foreman. He has mastered several trades ; kept 
store for many years; was justice of the peace, mine foreman, bank director, 
United States Labor Board official, and sheriff of Armstrong County, Penn- 
sylvania. In 1871 he entered the employ of the Montecello Furnace Com- 
pany, three miles north of Kittanning on the Allegheny River. One year 
later he was given charge of the company's coal mines and coke yards, with 
a daily "pot" of 4,000 bushels of coal, at that time the largest iron furnace 
in that part of the state. In 1878 he went to Dixonville, Pa., and opened a 
coal mine for his uncle. Dr. M. S. Bowser. In 1881 he opened a mercantile 
business in the village of Montgomeryville, Pa., and continued for twenty-five 
years until elected sheriff in 1906. At present he is a director of the Mer- 
chant's National Bank of Kittanning, president of the Limestone company, 
and conducts a wholesale and retail flour and feed store. He married Nancy 
Flenner, November 3. 1870. They have the following chddren : Mary Deli- 
lah, Ada Jane, Rose Lee, Lottie Belle. Lillian Helen, James H., Florence, 
Chambers F.. and Rufus S. Chambers Frick is one of our executive com- 
mittee and has served as treasurer and in various capacities. He has had 
a great interest in the publishing of this history, and it is in part to his 
effort the book could be prnited promptly when it was ready. 


Professor Isaac Bowser, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Bowser, was 
born November 23, 1841, near New Freedom. York County. Pennsylvania. 
Early in life he discovered a love of music in his soul and began to study 
its science, both vocal and instrumental. At the age of 18 he was teaching 
singing schools when not at work on his father's farm. A few years later 
he began instructing brass bands, and since that beginning he has had over 
2,000 pupils under his instruction. At the age of 29 he bought a farm of 
33 acres near the homestead and has resided there ever since. He married 
Anna Flory, daughter of Jacob H. and Mary Flory, of Canton, Ohio. Those 
who were at the Bowser Reunion (1921) will never forget the genial, bright- 
eyed man "from New Freedom. York County," apparently in middle life, 
who held them with his happy address and entertained them with a song. 


Dr. Mortimore Copsy Hawk, son of John M. and Anna Elizabeth (Bow- 
ser) Hawk of Kittanning, Pa., was born January 11, 1873, at St. Petersburg, 
Clarion County, Pennsylvania, one of eighteen children, thirteen of whom 
are living. He was educated in the public schools, Kittanning Academy and 
Reid Institute, Reidsburg, Pa., and took his medical degree at the University 
of Pittsburgh, Pa., class of 1896. He married Pearl E. Strayer of Colorado. 
Doctor Hawk went to Chicago after his graduation from the university and 
located there, and has enjoyed a fine practice. Although enamored of his 
location, the lure of the scenes of his boyhood and love of his family draw 
him in repeated visits to his parents and friends in Armstrong County. 
His residence is at Blue Island, 111. 

Doctor Jay Crawford Booher 



Dr. Jay Crawford Booher, son of Jacob and Sarah Ann (Bowser) 
Booher, was born on his father's farm in Washington Township, Armstrong 
County. Pennsylvania, March 20, 1867. He is one of nine children, four 
sons and five daughters. (See picture group.) Doctor Booher began his 
education in the public schools in Armstrong County, later becoming a stu- 
dent in Reid Institute and Clarion State Normal School, Clarion, Pa., and 
preparing for his profession in the medical department of the Western Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, which he entered in 1889, and was graduated in 
1892. Immediately after his graduation he located at Falls Creek, Pa., and 
since has enjoyed an extensive practice, his talents and culture having gained 
for him an honorable position in the medical fraternity. Shortly after Doctor 
Booher located at Fails Creek there appeared a disease among the workers 
of the tanneries that baffled the older physicians. Four cases died in a 
few days, and Doctor Booher made the diagnosis as anthrax, which proved 
to be correct. Under his treatment the patients began to recover. Since then 
he has treated more than a thousand cases and only lost four. His fame as 
specialist in anthrax has spread throughout the United States. He is con- 
sulted in the largest hospitals in the country and his success in treating this 
dread disease has not been surpassed in the history of medicine. He has 
given special attention to the schools of his town and has been instrumental 
in making many improvements. He is a member of the Jefferson County 
Medical Society, American Medical Association and the Pennsylvania State 
Medical Society, the Penns\-lvania Railroad Surgeon's Association ; also con- 
sulting surgeon to the Adrian Hospital, Punxsutawney, Pa. ; Central Leather 
Company, New York; staff surgeon of the Maple Avenue Hospital, Dubois, 
Pa., and surgeon for the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. He is also an enthu- 
siastic adherent of the Masonic fraternity, being a member of Garfield 
Lodge No. 559 of Dubois, Pa. ; Jefferson Royal Arch Chapter No. 25 of 
Brookville; charter member Bethany Commandery No. 83 of Dubois; charter 
member of Williamsport Consistory, Acacia Club, and a charter member of 
Jaffa Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. of Altoona. He prizes a jewel (25 year) 
presented by the Falls Creek Lodge No. 957, I. O. O. F. In college days 
he won great fame as an all-round athlete. He won the football team imme- 
diately upon entering the university and remained with the team during his 
full course. He also was in the champion class in wrestling, boxing and 
broad-jump. For a number of years he has been engaged in raising the best 
bred pacers and trotters. His horses and trained bird dogs and gun provide 
him the diversions he most enjoys. Doctor Booher married Sara Jane Car- 
rier, daughter of J. E. Carrier, a prominent business man of Falls Creek. 
He has a daughter, Sara. 


Dallas D. Bowser, son of Mathias Bowser of Manor Township, Armstrong 
County, Pennsylvania, was born February 20, 1857. Like all his brothers and 
sisters, he received a good education and specialized in agriculture and stock- 
raising. He was recognized as the most extensive breeder of fine horses in 
the county. After suffering great financial losses through incendiary fires, 
he moved to Warren, Ohio, where he continued the same business until 
recently. He married Mary Myrtle Kettermg and has two children, Mary, 
born November 12, 1892, and Casper Findley, born August 14, 1894. Casper 
married Katharine Portevus. They have one child, Elizabeth Jean, born 
October 31, 1920. Casper and Mary attended the country schools, later the 
schools of Warren, Ohio. After their graduation from the high school, Mary 
took a course in the University of Chicago. Casper enlisted in the navy 
May, 1917, and was in active service until discharged in July, 1919. 

S. F. Booker 



Sheriff Samuel F. Booher is a native of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, 
and a descendant of Bartholomew Bucher, an emigrant from Switzerland, 
who owned considerable land in Frederick County, Maryland, and died there. 
His will is recorded in Frederick County. He had at least three sons, Bar- 
tholomew, Jr., Peter and Mathias Bucher. Bartholomew, Jr., and Mathias 
received land in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, by their father's will, October 
21, 1791. Deeds to this land are recorded in the court house at Bedford. 
This tract was surveyed in 1767 and contained 317 .acres, and was purchased 
by Bartholomew in 1777. Bartholomew, Jr., lives on his half of the above 
land near Bedford. He had the following children : Frederick, Elizabeth, 
Christina-, Catharine, Juliana. They received by his will, dated October 26, 
1822, 541 acres — Elizabeth 137 acres, the others 96 each. Frederich Bucher 
married Elizabeth Wyant. In 1830 he sold his two farms at Everett, Bed- 
ford County, Pennsylvania, and moved to Armstrong County near Mont- 
gomeryville. Frederich BuCher was the grandfather of the subject of this 
sketch. (See Dr. J. C. Booher.) Samuel F. Booher has attained a com- 
manding position in Armstrong County and in the state, a position he has 
gained by his own efforts and intelligence. He began as a farmer and 
storekeeper at Sherrett, Pa. He was elected sheriff of Armstrong County 
in 1894, and county treasurer in 1902. He was twice county chairman 
of the Armstrong County Republican organization, and two terms post- 
master at Kittanning, being reappointed the second term by President 
Taft. He has been engaged in stockraising and has bred some of the fastest 
horses in the state. He has erected and owns the most valuable apartment 
houses in Kittanning. Besides his town properties he owns a tract of more 
than 700 acres of land near the place where he was reared in Washington 
Township. He married (1) Sarah Titley, daughter of Walter Titley of 
Sherrett, Pa., and (2) Demps Beighley, daughter of Samuel J. and Hannah 
(Rowe) Beighley, of Vandergrift, Pa. 

Martin Luther Bowser 



Martin Luther Bowser, sen of Martin L. and Nancy (McGinnis) Bowser, 
and a grandson of Mathias Bowser (133). was born at Woodsfield, Monroe 
County, Ohio, June 2'6, 1859. Mathias Bowser, son of "Hopewell" John 
Bowser, was the first of John's children to move to Armstrong County, in 
1798, and purchased land now incorporated in the town of Kittanning. Mar- 
tin L. Bowser, son of Mathias, and father of Martin L., was born in 1814, 
and died in 1888. He was given a medical education but never practiced, his 
inclinations leading him to agriculture and lumbering. For several years he 
lived in Ohio, then moved to Pike County, W. Va. Martin L., the subject 
of this sketch, attended the public schools of his section and later taught 
school in Tyler and Wetzel counties, W. Va. In 1886 he went to Pittsburgh, 
where he was employed as a clerk. After two years he took up similar work 
with A. Grow in a general store at Fairview, Butler County, Pa., remaining 
two years. Another period of two years were spent in the store business at 
Duke Centre, Pa. On May 31, 1890, he married Edith Krotzer, who died 
June 24, 1897, daughter of David Krotzer of Smethport, Pa. In 1890 he 
located in Butler, Pa., where he was engaged in the grocery and bakery 
business for two and a half years ; in 1893 he returned to Pittsburgh and 
became a salesman in the large shoe house of W. M. Laird and remained for 
two years. By this time he had learned many business details necessary for 
successful merchandising, especially in the shoe business, and in 1895 he came 
to Kittanning, where he settled permanently and opened a shoe store of his 
own in the most desirable location on Market street. He was eminently 
successful and four years ago erected a large buff brick building on the 
opposite side of the street, where he is now located in the largest shoe store 
between Pittsburgh and Buffalo, doing both wholesale and retail business. 
There were two children by his first marriage : Winnif red L., m. James A. 
Gault, II, and Cecil Edith, m. John P. Roberts. On August 1, 1899, he mar- 
ried Mary M. Krotzer. They have had three children : Elizabeth C, Jeane 
Rebecca, and Martin Kenneth. 

His residence at Applewold, just across the river from Kittanning, for- 
merly the property of Hon. Calvin Rayburn, is attractive both in architecture 
and its location. Mr. Bowser and his family are active members of the 
Presbyterian church of Kittanning. 

. , 

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# ^ . ■ ■ ^y -^ 

* '■'l 

i, ^ ■ 



Sarah Ann Bowser, daughter of Abram and Mary (Stevens) Bowser, 
was born near Walk Chalk. Pa., August. 1830. and died March 2, 1916. She 
married Jacob Booher. son of Frederick and Christina (Wyant) Booher, 
born September, 1830. Shortly after their marriage, Mr. Booher bought the 
Reed farm in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. 
After a residence there of about five years he purchased the Simon Fair 
farm near Sherrett, Pa., which he still owns. On this farm, Mr. and Mrs. 
Booher reared their family of eleven children, eight of whom are living. 
By the intelligent methods applied to the land upon which they lived, and 
extensive stock raising, their farm became conspicuous in the county. They 
were industrious, hospitable to all their friends, and, like all of their children, 
members of the Baptist church. Mr. Booher is still living at the advanced 
age of ninety-two. and, except failing sight, has all his faculties perfectly 
preserved. They had the following children : Abram, Mary Catharine, Eva- 
line, Melissa Jane, Samuel Furman, Frederick F. B., Leah Amanda, Rosanah, 
Joshua Crawford. Sophia Elizabeth and Lydia Ann. 


Charles A. Bowser is the son of William W. and Nettie (Tague) 
Bowser. His father was born in Indiana in 1849, a son of Daniel Bowser, 
born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, in 1812. Charles A. was educated 
in the Kansas State Normal school and the University of Southern Califor- 
nia. He married Alice M. McMinn, a descendant of the Lancaster County, 
Pennsylvania, McMinns. Mr. Bowser has spent several years, starting in 
1902. in collecting data for a complete "Genealogy of the Bowser Family." 
He has traveled extensively and visited many states in his quest for Bowser 
records, especially of York and Somerset counties of Pennsylvania, and of 
Alaryland, Ohio and Indiana Bowsers. The writer of this work received 
valuable assistance from him and was pleased to give such information as 
he could in return. In May, 1922, Mr. and Mrs. Bowser moved from 
Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, where he will go into business. 

'Sftfc ^..!!|^ 


1 ^^^HHHS...'^?'^'^innHBi^ 

■V ^^ 






Rev. Ried Frampton Shields (147), son of Emma Margaret (Bowser) 
and Samuel Frampton Shields, was born at Allerton, Iowa, March 1, 1893. 
He attended the public schools of this city, graduating from the high school 
in 1908. He took a secretarial course in the Capital City College, Des 
Moines, graduating in 1909, and entered Tarkio College, Tarkio Missouri, in 
1910, where he graduated with the B. S. degree in 1914. He then took up 
his theological studies in the theological seminary of his church at Pitts- 
burgh, graduating in 1917, and was ordained in June of that year by the 
Des Moines Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church as a missionary 
to the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. He sailed for his station in October, 1917, 
and has been located since that time at Omdurman, the old Dervish capital, 
and has been director of the American mission schools in the Sudan. He 
is now on furlough at his home in Allerton, Iowa, where his mother lives. 


John M. Hawk, a great-grandson of Esther (Bowser) John, was born 
August 6, 1848. He married Ann Eliza, a daughter of Benjamin S. and 
Elizabeth (Yerty) Bowser, born November 18, 1848. Mr. Hawk spent his 
early life on a farm in the great pine timber belt of Indiana County, Penn- 
sylvania, five miles from Punxsutawney. His father was both farmer and 
lumberman, having a large saw mill on his place, and his boys all became 
expert woodmen. After his marriage Mr. Hawk settled in the Armstrong 
and Clarion County oil fields and worked at his trade, that of carpenter, 
changing locations as the oil booms shifted. About 1875 he bought a farm 
near Montgomeryville, Pa., where he lived for several years, later removing 
to a house he built on the west bank of the Allegheny River near Kittanning, 
where he now lives. Mr. Hawk is a well-known contractor and builder, 
erecting buildings of every size and for every purpose ; remarkably vigorous, 
quick in judgment and a speedy workman. Mr. and Mrs. Hawk have had 
sixteen children: Benjamin S., Dr. Mortimore C, Jennie Roduska, Hattie Alay, 
William E., Flossie Ora, Elizabeth Lee, John Herbert, Rachel C, Grace A., 
Mervin C, Mildred Florence, Annalee, David Boggs, Hyatt L. The worthy 
parents of this great family are esteemed members of the First Baptist 
Church of Kittanning, where he holds the office of senior deacon. 


George B. Bowser was born March 22, 1868, near Montgomeryville, Arm- 
strong County, Pennsylvania, son of J. Crawford and Kisiah Bowser. Went 
to Jefiferson County in 1878. After a course in the country school he engaged 
in mining till 1895, when he embarked in the mercantile business at Rathmel, 
Pa., which has been his vocation up to this time. He was appointed post- 
master in 1897, and served in that capacity till 1913. Mr. Bowser belongs to 
the following lodges: F. & A. M. No. 536: I. O. O. F. ; K. of P. He married 
Jennie Mcintosh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Mcintosh of Rath- 
mel, Pa., December 19, 1900. They have five children: Ralph, died August 
20, 1905; George, died March 16, 1915; Belva, senior in Reynoldsville high 
school ; Helen, freshman in Reynoldsville high school ; Alexander, now in 
the public school at Rathmel. He and his family are members of the Pres- 
byterian Church of Reynoldsville. 




George Boylestein came from Germany when a young man and learned 
the trade of cabinetmaker. He married Delilah, daughter of Adam and 
Sophia (Bowser) Wyant. They lived first at Montgomeryville, Pa., and 
later at Ford City and Kittanning, Pa. Characteristic of German thorough- 
ness, Mr. Boylestein became exceptionally proficient at his trade and held a 
responsible position in the great Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company at Ford 
City. They had the following children : Archibald, married Elizabeth Serene ; 
George L., married Kate Hanes ; Elizabeth, married J. B. Greer ; Katharyn, 
married William Gess ; Sarah, married J. C. Douglas ; Daisy, married George 
Edward Hanley ; Sophia, died young. 


Rev. G. W. W. Amick, son of George B. and Mary (Hinsling) Amick, 
and grandson of Peter and Eve (Bowser) Amick, was born at St. Clairs- 
ville, Pa., the home of the Amicks, April 16, 1861 ; attended the public 
schools, graduated at Gettysburg, 1883, as one of the honor men, and from 
the theological seminary, 1887. He was professor and taught for several 
years at Selinsgrove, Pa., and then went into the ministerial labors, beginning 
at Johnstown, Pa., where he established the Trinity Lutheran Church. He 
remained with this congregation ten years and then became a missionary 
of the Lutheran Home Mission Society in Kansas and Iowa; served as 
pastor four years in New York state, "and now," he writes, "I expect 
to spend the rest of my days in my native state of Pennsylvania." He is 
now pastor of the Brick Church (Lutheran) near Kittanning, Pa. He mar- 
ried twice: (1) Florence Philips, and (2) Virgie Walters, and has two 
children, Arthur Park and Walter. 



William Hays, son of William Hays II, was born in Donegal County, 
Ireland, and came to this country with his parents when 16 years of age, and 
immediately took a position with the American Furnace Co., at Rimerton, Pa. 
In July, 1861, he enlisted in the army with Co. E, 62d Reg., Penn. Vol., and 
served three years. He was in the battle of Gettysburg and the other battles 
fought by his regiment. On his return from the war he married Catharine 
John and bought the homestead of her grandfather, Peter John, where he 
spent the remainder of his life. He was twice elected auditor of Armstrong 
County; member of the John Foster G. A. R. Post; Activity Lodge of 
I. O. O. F., and Grange No. 593, P. of H. Mr. and Mrs. Hays had sixteen 
children, all of whom except two lived to grow to manhood and womanhood. 
They were given the example by their parents of an inflexible code of honor 
and integrity. The group picture shows William and Catharine Hays in the 
center, the scenes of the childhood of Mrs. Hays are in view. A corner 
of the old loghouse built by her grandfather Peter John nearly a hundred 
years ago can be seen. The children then living are grouped there at their 
doorway, with little apprehension of the fate which overtakes united house- 
holds. That picture is today chiefly a memorial, for only about one-half of 
the persons present there are now living. After the death of Mr. Hays in 
1908 his widow made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Crisman, at 
West Kittanning, until her death in 1918. 


Joshua Crawford Bowser, son of Abram and Mary (Stevens) Bowser, 
was born in 1846 near Walk Chalk, Pa. His boyhood was spent on his 
father's farm until his fourteenth year, when he slipped to the recruiting 
station at Kittanning and offered himself to his country. His widowed 
mother brought him home. That night the embryonic soldier crept out of 
the window and started for Kittanning. After following the company to 
the South he was accepted as a real soldier and enrolled with Co. D, 103d 
Regt., Penna. Vol., to serve three years ; musician, August 30, 1862 ; discharged 
at Pittsburgh, June 2, 1865. In subsequent years he has had an aversion to 
talk "war," but one experience he has dared to tell — that when he was cap- 
tured and sent to Andersonville Prison he weighed 180, and weighed 80 
when he got out and was two years in the invalid corps as a consequence. 
He married Kiziah, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Moore) Bowser. They 
had three children: Ulysses Selby ; George B., and Maud B. Mr. Bowser 
is now retired and lives at Columbus, Ohio. 



Dr. Addison Harvey Bowser was born near Walk Chalk, Armstrong 
County, Pennsylvania, February 18, 1862. He was a son of David S. and 
Lydia (McCollum) Bowser. Dr. Bowser acquired his education in the pub- 
lic schools and Reid Institute, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. He entered the 
medical department of the Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 
andvvas graduated February 25, 1885. He began the practice of his pro- 
fession in Venango County, Pa. After five years he located permanently at 
Reynoldsville, Pa., and built up a substantial general practice, which continued 
until his death in 1914. He was an active and devoted member of the Bap- 
tist church, serving as president of the board of trustees; member of the 
school board of his town, president of the Jefiferson County Medical Society, 
and member of the Pennsylvania and American Medical Societies, and also 
affiliated with the I. O. O. F. Doctor Bowser married Sara Hannah Booth, 
daughter of Rev. Jacob Booth, a Baptist minister. They had three children: 
Dr. Ira D., Bertha E. and Addison W. 


Dr. Ira D. Bowser, son of Dr. Addison H. annd Sara Hannah (Booth) 
Bowser, was born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, November 29, 1883. He 
was educated in the public schools and graduated from the high school of 
Reynoldsville, Pa. He early became attracted to the profession in which 
his father had won signal honor and success and accomplished this ambition 
by entering the medical department of the University of Pittsburgh, grad- 
uating there with the class of 1906. For six years he followed his profes- 
sion at Rathmel, Jefiferson County, Pa., then moved to Reynoldsville, and 
became associated with his honored father. After the death of his father 
he assumed the latter's practice and his recognized ability enabled him to 
retain his father's former patrons and to extend his practice to even broader 
limits. He is a close student and brings to his work the most approved 
and modern methods both in medicine and surgery. The doctor is identified 
with the following organizations besides being an active member and trustee 
of the Baptist church, the Jefferson County Medical Society, Pennsylvania 
State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association, the Independent 
Order of Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Patriotic Sons of America and 
the Independent Order of Red Men. Politically, he is a staunch Republican 
and is affiliated with all local social and educational interests, now serving 
as a director of the school board. In 1902 he was married to Laura E. 
Wheeler, daughter of David Wheeler, a representative farmer of Jefferson 
County. They have six children : Albrey ; Sara H., now a student at Bea- 
ver College ; Martha Jane ; Mary Katheryn ; Alma Esther and Ira David, Jr. 


William R. Bowser, son of Frederick R. and Elizabeth F. Bowser, was 
born on his father's farm in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Penn- 
sylvania, April 4, 1859. He devoted his life until recently to the farm. He 
attended the public school in his neighborhood and worked on the farm till 
he was grown up. For a short period he worked for his brother-in-law, 
Amos T. Fair, at the carpenter trade. He married Martha J. Campbelle, 
March 4, 1879. They had one daughter, Gertrude, married to Leroy Bar- 
gerstock, and three grandchildren : Ralph, Harland and Helen. Shortly after 
his marriage William R. settled on a farm at Cowansville, Pa., where he 
remained until recently, when he erected a fine residence near the village 
where he now lives. 


: i, ^ 



Rev. Arda J. Bowser was born at Rural Valley, Pa., in 1868, son of Rev. 
M. S. and Elizabeth (Booher) Bowser. He attended the public schools of 
Indiana and Butler counties and finished his education at Dennison Uni- 
versity, Granville, Ohio, and Crozer Theological Seminary, Upland, Pa. 
After his graduation from the seminary he took charge of the Baptist church, 
Reedsboro, Vt., where he was ordained. He has served with much success 
also the churches of Saltsburgh and Bellwood, Pa., Vincennes, Vt., Windsor, 
Vt., and is now pastor of the First Baptist Church of Delaware, Ohio. He 
married Nellie May Crafts of St. Marys, Ohio, who has been a valued helper 
and sympathizer in his ministry. She was educated in the city schools of 
St. Marys. They have had two children, Harry Addison, born in 1890, and 
Erma Elizabeth, born 1892, died in 1893. 



The Armstrong County Trust Company was incorporated in 1902 with 
a paid in capital of $125,000.00 which was afterwards increased to $150,000.00. 
The growth of the Armstrong County Trust Company has been marvelous 
as at the present time its total assets amount to over four and one-half 
million dollars ($4,500,000.00) and besides being the largest bank in Arm- 
strong County it is considered one of the strongest banks in the state. A 
bank is considered as strong as its board of directors and the personnel of 
this bank's board consists cf many of our leading business men, namely, 
Harry R. Gault, O. W. Gilpin, J. R. Einstein, D. B. Heiner, S. H. McCain, 
Dwight C. Morgan, Floy C. Jones, W. A. Louden and H. G. Gates. 

The Armstrong County Trust Company pays 4 per cent, interest on 
savings accounts, acts as executor, adm.inistrator, guardian, etc. 

The active executive of the Armstrong County Trust Company for the 
past seventeen years is Mr. Herbert G. Gates, who has devoted his entire 
time in making this bank a strong, safe bank where service is the motto. 



Elizabeth Fluke was the oldest child of John Fluke, who moved from 
the eastern section of the state to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and settled 
at Hopewell, where we found many of his descendants (1921). She married 
Valentine Bowser, son of John Bowser, frequently mentioned in this history as 
"Hopewell" John. In 1815 they moved to Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, 
and settled on a SO-acre farm near Walk Chalk, now known as the Dougherty 
farm. They spoke only the Palatine German language. Elizabeth was born 
in 1782 and died at the home of her daughter Margaret, wife of Jonas 
Bowser, in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, at the 
age of 97. 


Mary Stevens, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Ann Stevens, was born 
October 5, 1805. While the Stevens family were living at Beaver Falls, 
Pa., Mary, in company with another girl friend, visited the vicinity of Walk 
Chalk, a place that had become the center of a large Bowser settlement. She 
was but fifteen years of age but she met her destiny in the person of Abram 
Bowser, son of Valentine and Elizabeth (Fluke) Bowser. He returned with 
her to the Stevens home in Beaver Falls and finally won her parents' con- 
sent to marry the young lady. Abram Bowser was an industrious and 
upright man and soon became a well-to-do farmer as well as a successful 
stone mason. Mary Stevens was the sort of wife for a man of ambition 
and a Christian character. She intensified his ambition and steadied and 
inspired his religious life. The writer is glad to acknowledge with reverence 
his father was one of the children of this talented and devoted Christian 
woman and sturdy, Godfearing nobleman. She was 15 years of age when 
she was married and Abram was eighteen. He was killed in 1852 by the 
fall of a tree. She eventually married John P. Davis and thereafter lived 
at Montgomeryville, where her body now rests surrounded by many of her 



John F. Bowser, son of Rebecca (Svvigart) and Mathias Bowser, was 
born near Kittanning, Pa., September 5, 1867. He was educated in the public 
schools and Reid Institute, Reidsburg, Pa. For twenty-five years he has 
followed a mercantile business. For four years he was an employee of the 
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad Ccal Company's store at Rath- 
mel. Pa. ; for seventeen years he was manager of the L. W. Hicks Coal 
Company's store at Avonmore. Pa., and for the last five years, owner and 
manager of a general store at Summerville, Pa. For twenty-three years he 
and his wife have been active members of the Presbyterian Church; in 
Avonmore and at Summerville he has held the trusted position of a "ruling 
elder." His two children, Louisa and Daniel, are also active members of 
the church of their parents. Mr. Bowser is active in all local affairs and at 
present burgess of Summerville. 



Hiram F. Bowser was born near Kittanning, Pa., September 29, 1874. 
son of Lewis and Eva (Snowden) Bowser. He attended the public schools 
until early young manhood, when he went into business. He went to Blairs- 
ville. Pa., and established a general store, and is today one of the leading 
merchants of the place. On June 10, 1903, he was married to Pearl A. Cribbs, 
a popular young woman of Blairsville. Mr. Bowser has been much inter- 
ested in our Bowser history. His grandfather, Peter Bowser, was six weeks 
old when brought by his parents, Valentine and Elizabeth (Fluke) Bowser, 
to Armstrong County, Pa. 


James Quinter Bowser, son of Jacob and Margaret (Claar) Bowser, 
was born on the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in Union Township, 
Bedford County, Pennsylvania, September 29, 1856. Born of poor parentage he 
had to make his own way in life when quite young, and among strangers. 
When about fourteen years of age he began chopping wood for Hopewell, 
Sarah and Springfield charcoal furnaces. A few years later he began huckster- 
ing to Altoona, Pa., and continued for about five years. In 1884 he took up 
farming and followed that pursuit until 1919, when he retired. By his 
industry and skillful management he acquired the possession of four fine 
farms in the beautiful Morrison's Cove. Bedford County. Pennsylvania. His 
address is Baker Summit, Pa. He married Rebecca Walter. Their children 
are: Rosco C, Sarah O., John W. and Anna M. 


Catharine Leone Bowser, daughter of J. Miles and Elsie (Clever) Bowser, 
was born at New Kensington, Pa., October 27, 1893. She received her educa- 
tion in the public schools in Wisconsin and Armstrong County, Pa., and 
Dayton Academy, Dayton, Pa. She took training as a nurse in the West 
Penn Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pa., where she was graduated and registered 
July 10. 1917. She volunteered into the service of her country and for a 
short period was stationed at Camp Upton. She sailed for France on the 
Megantic. June 12, 1918. On her arrival at the war zone she was stationed 
at Base Hospital No. 1, thence transferred to Chamanit. She returned to her 
home land on the S. S. Agamemnon, May 15, 1919. 

Catharine Leone Bowser William Patton Bowser 

James Quinter Bowser Rev. Wellington Bowser, A.M. 



Doctor James B. Finley Wyant, was born on the Wyant homestead, in 
Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pa., on August 7, 1862, son of 
Adam and Sophia (Bowser) Wyant. He attended the public schools of his 
locality, and after he had received whatever advantages they otTercd, he 
entered Reid Institute, a Baptist academy at Reidsburg, Clarion County, Pa., 
established before the Civil war. Several circumstances are encountered here 
of great consequence in his subsequent life. First of all, he remained in this 
excellent school for a period of five years, except two or three short terms 
in which he was engaged in teaching ; and then, it was during his course in 
Reid Institute that he registered as a medical student and began a course of 
preparation for his chosen profession, which he completed at the University 
of Pittsburgh, graduating in 1889. And lastly, while engaged in teaching in 
the Institute, immediately after he had graduated there, he married the 
younger daughter of the principal. Prof. C. A. and Sarah F. Gilbert, Louise 
Gilbert, who has been a cultured and sympathetic help-meet in the home, 
church and also his profession. Prof. C. A. Gilbert, A. M., was one of the 
foremost educators in the state, and many men and women of Western 
Pennsylvania, now filling honored and useful places, owe the slender chance 
they had to acquire a good education to the paternal care and scholarship of 
this great man. .After the death of Professor and Mrs. Gilbert, the writer 
had the satisfaction of gathering funds from their former students to erect 
a beautiful monument to their memory, which now stands at their graves in 
the Baptist cemetery at Montgomeryville, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. 
For ten years. Doctor Wyant practiced medicine at Templeton, Pa., after 
which he moved to Kittanning, Pa., where he still lives highly successful and 
honored in his profession. He has served as secretary of the Armstrong 
County Medical Society continuously since 1901 ; a member of Pennsylvania 
Medical Association ; the I. O. O. F. and Royal Arch Masons, Kittanning, 
Pa. Doctor and Mrs. Wyant have had the following children : Sophia Irene, 
Sarah Alleine, Margaret C, Corbin Wayland and Mary Louise. Corbin 
Wayland Wyant, who is with his father in the picture, is now a senior in 
Bucknell University. He enlisted in the Marine service in the World war 
and made numerous voyages to France on the transports. When the war 
closed he returned to his studies at the university. 


William Patton Bowser, son of Benjamin S. and Elizabeth (Yerty) 
Bowser, was born at the old Bowser homestead near Kittanning, Pa., May 
9, 1854. Leaving the farm at quite an early age, he was engaged for some 
time in carpenter work, rig building and oil field labor in the vicinity of 
Rimerton, Parkers Landing, and other places in Armstrong and Butler 
counties. During 1874 he married Margaret Sindorf. Seven children were 
born to this union, as follows : Parma. Park, Celeste, Saida, Clema, Clarence 
and Wayne. After a few years following his marriage he moved to Catta- 
raugus County, N. Y., where he was employed in the great Bradford oil field. 
In 1890 he went to the Turkcyfoot field in West Virginia as field manager 
for John Coast of Olean, N. V., his former employer. His employer gave 
him a responsible position in 1893 in the oil field of Wood County, phio. 
where he acquired an interest in the property. Following the sale of this 
property he returned to Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and bought the old 
Bowser homestead near Walk Chalk, still in the hands of his heirs. After a 
few months he returned to the oil district near Weston, W. Va., where he was 
employed for seventeen years as superintendent of the Fink District, by the 
South Penn Oil Co. He relinquished this position in 1915 on account of ill 
health and accompanied by his wife, made a trip to Florida, and thence to 
Oklahoma to visit the family of his wife's brother, John Sindorf. While 
there he received tidings of the death of his daughter, Parma (Mrs. W. J. 
Tapp). at Portville, N. Y. After the funeral of his daughter he returned to 
his home in West Virginia. His health continuing to decline, he entered the 
Hillsview Sanitarium, Washington, Pa., where he died December 16, 1916. 
His body was taken to Montgomeryville, Pa., he having expressed a desire 
to have his remains placed there by the last resting place of many relatives 
and old friends in the cemetery connected with the Baptist church of which 
he was a member. 

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Jacob Bowser, son of John Bowser, grandson of Samuel Bowser (19) 
and great-grandson of Mathias, Jr. (2), was born January 30, 1841. Jacob 
and his three brothers, John, Samuel and Elwcod, were in the Civil war 
and all hved through its perils to return home, but not without bearing 
their share of its hardships, as indicated by Jacob's biography. He enlisted 
September 16, 1861, with Co. C, 4th Ohio Cavalry. Honorably discharged 
January 3, 1864, at Pulaski, Tenn. Re-enlisted next day (Jan. 4). Captured 
at Atlanta, Ga., and sent to the infamous Andersonville Prison, July 22, 
1864, where he endured the horrors of that notorious starvation camp for 
nine months; at the time of his release, April 28, 1865, his weight was 
80 pounds, having lost 110 pounds. He was mustered out of service, June 
30, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio. In 1867 he married Jane Ann Chilton, a 
neighbor's daughter. In 1873 he moved to Indianapolis, Ind., where he 
continued to live until the time of his death, July 30, 1914. He was an 
invalid for three years prior to his death, but with mind unimpaired. 
Mr. Bowser, during those three years of physical inaction, gave much of his 
time to reminiscences and much of historical interest and value was gleaned, 
and now cherished by his family. For children, see Jane Ann (Chilton) 


Jane Ann Chilton was born in Sunderland. England, December 19, 1850, 
daughter of Thomas Stafford and Jane Ann (Turner) Chilton. She came 
from England to Xenia, Ohio, with her parents in 1852. She met Jacob 
Bowser at the close of the Civil war, and they were married May 6, 1867, 
at Lebanon, county seat of Warren County, Ohio. They had three children: 
Carrie, who married Arthur G. Wills; Minnie, a twin of Carrie, who married 
G. W. Bunting, Sr., and J. Edward, deceased. Mrs. Bowser is in good health, 
enjoys the society and comfortable home of the family of her daughter, 
Mrs. A. G. Wills, in Indianapolis, and is active in the Eastern Star organiza- 
tion and philanthropic bodies. The writer is grateful to Mrs. Bowser and 
daughter, Mrs. Wills, for valuable information which finally enabled us to 
determine the place of Samuel Bowser (19) in our line. 

Jacob Bowser 

Jane Ann (Chilton) Bowser 

Jacob C. Bowser 

William H. Bowser 



Jacob C. Bowser was bom November 8, 1870, on a farm in York County, 
Pennsylvania, about one mile west of the town of New Freedom and joining 
the farm originally purchased by his great-grandfather, Benjamin Bowser, son 
of Daniel Bowser, who came to this country and landed at Baltimore, Md., in 
the year 1733. He spent the first fifteen years on his father's farm and 
attended country school in the winter, and after finishing public school 
attended a few terms at Shrewsbury Academy. January, 1888, he entered 
Huntingdon Normal School (now Juniata College) at Huntingdon, Pa. 
In his junior year at Huntingdon he became interested in penmanship, pen 
art and shorthand, and in the fall of 1889 he completed a course in penman- 
ship at the G. W. Michael Pen Art School at Delaware, Ohio, then considered 
the leading pen art school in the country. After completing his course at 
Delaware he went to the Zanerian Art College, Columbus, Ohio, and took an 
additional course in penmanship and art to prepare himself for teaching 
in this particular line. In January, 1890, he started teaching penmanship 
in a business college at Watertown, N. Y. At this time business colleges 
were in a very flourishing condition throughout the country, and was the 
connecting link between common or high schools in preparing young men 
and women fcr business positions. He taugh't in various business colleges 
throughout the country, not only teaching penmanship, but also branched 
out and taught shorthand and all commercial branches. He also did con- 
siderable work along the pen art line and was considered at that time one 
of the leading pen artists and instructors of penmanship in the country. 

In 1896 he entered the employ of J. H. Wasson & Sons, of Columbus, 
Ohio, as private secretary and general office man and remained with them for 
four years, or until the Salt Trust was formed which put this firm out of busi- 
ness. In November, 1900, he entered the employ of the Erie City Iron Works, 
at Erie, Pa., and has been with this firm ever since in various capacities, being 
auditor for the past ten years. 

In 1895 he was married to Miss Rose Mead, of Erie, Pa. They have 
two daughters, Kathlyn and Marcia. 

LoBEN R. Bowser 

Adam and Sophia (Bowser) 

Esther Jane (Bowser) Fair 

Amos T. Fair 



Loben R. Bowser, son of Peter and Jane Bowser, was born on his 
father's farm near Walk Chalk, Pa., April 23, 1849. He married Catharyn 
Fair, and after his marriage bought a farm in Madison Township, Clarion 
County, Pa., and lived there until his death, on September 23, 1916. They 
had four children: an infant child died in 1881; Enimett Bowser, living 
near Rimersburg, Pa., Harry Bowser, living near Emmett, and Mrs. Edward 
Conner, living on the homestead at Kissinger's Mill. Address : Rimersburg, 
Pa., R. D. No. 2. 


Sophia Bowser, daughter of Abram and Mary (Stevens) Bowser, was 
born on the "Bowser" farm, one mile west of Walk Chalk, Armstrong 
County, Pa., May 27, 1828. On Saturday, May 27, 1922, her children and 
their descendants gathered at the home of Mrs. Emma T. Wolfe, near 
Mahoning, Pa., to celebrate her 95th birthday. It was another great day 
for "Aunt Sophia." These anniversaries have brought her children to her 
side annually since 1889, and this one was the first of the thirty-three 
birthdays thus observed when all of her children were not present. Her 
oldest son, Eli, of Steubenville, Ohio, was not able to attend. Aunt Sophia, 
despite her ninety-five years, was as happy as a school girl. She sat with 
her family at the table as she had always done ; and while the after dinner 
program progressed, she was in her arm chair and heard the songs, the 
prayer, and the complimentary and loving words spoken. She is no doubt the 
oldest living Bowser, and retains all her faculties to a remarkable degree — 
memory, hearing, eyesight, and general good health and a genial happy spirit. 
She married Adam. Wyant, son of Martin and Christina (Booher) Wyant. 
They lived on the Wyant homestead in Washington Township, Armstrong 
County, Pa., and there reared their family of ten children, all living except 
the oldest two, Mary and Delilah. The living children are : Eli Fluke, 
Christina, Benjamin W., Emma T., Catharine, Dr. J. B. Finley, Margaret 
and Susanette. 


Amos T. Fair, son of Leonard and Mary Magdalena (Helm) Fair, was 
born on the Fair homestead near Montgomcryville, Pa., March 23. 1853. He 
attended the public schools until he was old enough to handle carpenter 
tools ; learned the trade with his father, and in a few years was recognized 
as one of the most competent carpenters in the country. When the great 
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company began building their works at Ford City, 
Pa., in 1887, now the largest in the world, they appointed Mr. Fair foreman 
of the carpenters, a position he has held ever since. He has held office as 
councilman or school director ever since the town became organized, and 
has served as burgess for eight years. He married, (1) Adaline Bowser, 
and had the following children : Frederick Lee, Clara Myrtle, Daisy Delcine, 
Leonard Augustus, Elizabeth Araminta, and Olive Lenore. He married 
(2) Esther J. Barbor. 

Esther J. Bowser, daughter of Rev. M. S. and Elizabeth (Booher) 
Bowser, was born February 4, 1860. She attended the schools of Rural 
Valley, Pa. In 1876 she was married to Robert O. Barbor of Cookport, Pa. 
They had the following children : Verner L., Delmong C, James R., and 
Mina Ruth. She married (2) Amos T. Fair, Ford City, Pa., November 28, 
1905. Mrs. Fair has devoted her life to religious and philanthropic work. 

Benjamin S. Bowser 

Dr. Math IAS S. Bowser 

Elizabeth F. Bowser 



Mathias Stevens Bowser, M. D., was born in a log house three miles 
west of Kittanning, Pa., May 14, 1837, a son of Abram and Mary Stevens 
Bowser. He worked on his father's farm in summer and attended public 
school in winter, until he was seventeen years of age, when he attended 
"Select" school, later finishing his education in Elder's Ridge Academy at 
Dayton, Pa., and Reid Institute, at Reidsburg, Clarion County, Pa. He was 
endowed with a rare voice and was widely known as a leader of musical 
conventions. At twenty-two he was ordained to the Baptist ministry and 
served several churches in successful pastorates. In 1877 he took up the 
study of medicine under the tutelage of Dr. George Tryon Harding, father of 
President Warren G. Harding, at Caledonia, Ohio, completing his medical 
course in the University of Cleveland. He resides at Lima, Ohio, where he 
has enjoyed a large practice. He married (1) Elizabeth Booher, of Adrian, 
Pa. There were the following children: Addison B., the author; Hettie J., 
Mary Bell, David Elmer, Rev. Arda J., Elizabeth L. and Arlington R. He 
married (2) Mrs. T. A. Rufif, of Caledonia, Ohio. Doctor Bowser has been 
closely identified with civic and educational work in his city, and is frequently 
invited to make addresses on social and religious subjects on prominent 
occasions. He is called the "Grand Old Man cf Lima.'' 


Elizabeth F. Bowser, oldest daughter of Abram and Mary (Stevens) 
Bowser, was born on the Bowser farm near Walk Chalk, Pa., December 8, 
1825. She received such education as the public schools afforded and supple- 
mented it in later years by her own efforts. She married Frederick R 
Bowser, and with her husband settled on a farm near Montgomeryville, Pa. 
Her husband died there, August 11, 1874. Subsequently the farm passed 
into the possession of her youngest son, Jacob L. Bowser (one of our Bowser 
committeemen now deceased), with whom Mrs. Bowser continued to live 
until her death, November 21 , 1908. Mrs. Bowser was well acquainted with 
the hardships and endless labor of the generation to which she belonged, 
the days of the spinning wheel and the great oak loom. She was known as 
Aunt Betsey and was loved and respected by all who knew her, a good 
mother, a diligent housewife and a conscientious Christian. 

George E. Hanley 

Daisy Jeannette (Boylestein) 



George Edward Hanley, son of John and Winnefred Hanley, was born 
at Lynn, Mass., April 19, 1881. Mr. Hanley received a liberal education 
in the schools of his city and took up a business calling in which he has 
been eminently successful. In 1917 and 1918 he was president of the Pennsyl- 
vania Shoe Travelers Association. At present he is the manager of a large 
shoe establishment in Pittsburgh. On February 15, 1915, he married Daisy 
Jeannette Boylestein, daughter of George and Delilah (Wyant) Boylestein, 
of Kittanning, Pa. Mrs. Hanley was born April 7, 1891, at Ford City, Pa. 
Mr. and Mrs. Hanley are well known in the best social ranks of Pittsburgh. 


Benjamin S. Bowser, oldest child of Abram and Mary (Stevens) Bowser, 
was born on his father's farm near Walk Chalk, Pa., December 20, 1823. 
He married (1) Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph D. Bowser, who died soon 
after their marriage. He married (2) Elizabeth Yerty and settled on land 
he bought in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, where 
he spent the remainder of his life. He was one of the foremost farmers of 
his section. During the days of the Brady's Bend Furnace, he was con- 
stable of his township and recognized as the fearless foe of evildoers, espe- 
cially the vagrant and criminal classes who frequently haunt a public 
works. There were five children of the second marriage: Eliza Ann, 
Catharine, Rachael, Christian Y., and William P. He married (3) Catharine 
Yerty. Of this union there were seven children: Mervin C, Steven, 
Abraham, Denny D., Ellen, Sophia and Rose. He was the first president 
of the Bowser Reunion — loved by everyone and known throughout the 
county as Uncle Benny. He died in 1915. 

X^ERNi'R L. Barbor, Esq. 

Delmont a. Barbor 

W . 

^fep8 " 



James Robert Barbor 


Elizabeth Bocher, a daughter of Bartholomew and Esther (Helsel) 
Booher, was born on her father's farm, Washington Township. Armstrong 
County, Pennsylvania, September 6, 1841. She is a descendant of the great 
Bucher family, found through Switzerland. France and Germany, of Palatine 
origin. One branch of this family has been traced to Klaus Bucher, a 
nobleman of Switzerland. 1535. The first of the family of Elizabeth was 
Bartholomew Bucher. who came to America through Baltimore, and settled 
in Frederick County. Maryland, where he died in 1791. Elizabeth (mother 
of the author) was one of five children. Her eldest brother, Emanuel 
Booher, was killed in the Battle of Fair Oaks, in the Civil war. Isabelle. 
married Abner Bcnner ; Henry, recently deceased, and Mary, who married 
Jacob Frick, now living at Norwalk, Calif. She married Rev. M. S. Bowser, 
son of Mary (Stevens) and Abram Bowser, and had the following children: 
Addison B., David Elmer, Esther J., Mary Belle, Arda Joshua, Elizabeth 
Lulu, and A. Reed. Two of her sons are ministers and one a teacher. 
Among her grandchildren are doctors, lawyers, chief accountants, real 
estate dealers, merchants, and four were in the World war. She married 
(2) Martin Bowser. They had one child, Jennie Templeton, who married 
George Rickle. 



Verner L. Barbor. Esq., was born at Cookport, Indiana County, Pennsyl- 
vania, March 21, 1877. He finished his public school course at Wilmerding. 
Pa., then entered Grove City College. After his graduation from college 
he took up the study of law in Pittsburgh, where in due course he was 
admitted to the bar. He married Edith Davis, daughter of William and 
Cora Belle (Hover) Davis. They have three children: Cora Belle, Delmont 
and Verner. Jr. 


Delmont A. Barbor was born at Cookport, Pa., December 14, 1878. He 
was educated in the public schools of Indiana, Pa., and Wilmerding. When 
he had completed his course in school, he took a position in the Westing- 
house Air Brake Works, of Wilmerding. His natural adaptability and steadi- 
ness were rewarded by advancement in the institution until today he has 
charge of the vast real estate interests of the company. He married Anna 
Wise. They have one child, Verner H. 

James Robert Barbor was born October 18, 1887. James attended the 
public schools and before he was out of his teens, went to work in the 
Westinghouse Air Brake Works, where, like his brother. Delmont. soon 
held a highly responsible position. He married Jennie Parker. They have 
three children: Robert, William and Isabelle. 

Mina Ruth Barbor was born September 17. 1891. She attended the 
public schools of Wilmerding and Ford City, Pa. She married Harry R. 
Mygrant. About 1914 they moved to Los Angeles, Calif., and in 1920 
Mr. Mygrant accepting a position there, they took up their residence in San 
Francisco, where they now live. They have had six children : Elizabeth Jane, 
Clifl'ord, Richard, Robert, Miriam Ruth and Glee. 

Rev. Arda Joshua Bowser 

Nellie (Crafts) Bowser 

Elizabeth (Booiier) Bowser Harrv Addison Bowser 



Harry Addison Bowser, son of Rev. Arda J. Bowser, was born at 
St. Marys, Ohio, 1890. He was educated in the public schools of St. Marys, 
Cleveland, and the Dennison University, Granville, Ohio. He married Rose 
Nitchman, of Schenectady, N. Y. They have two children. Harry was in 
the World war and saw most of its worst features and endured all of its 
perils. He went to France, May 28, 1918, and returned to America, 
May 10, 1919. He was with Battery E, 309th Field Artillery, 78th Division, 
1st Army Corps, and was in the following battles: Toul Sector, St. Mihiel, 
Preny Raid, Meuse-Argonne, and Grand Pre. He is living at Schenectady, 
New York. 

FuRMAN T. Bowser 

Ella (Lvle) Bowser 

Archibald W. Bowsei 

In Memoriam 

John F. Bowser 

Born September 6, 1887 

Died February 5, 1889 



Furman T. Bowser, son of Archibald and Rosannah Bowser, was born 
at Montgomeryville, Pa., August 18, 1861. He secured the first grades in 
the public school and then, while still in his teens, went to work. In his 
early years he learned the value of application to the task in hand, and by 
his industry and upright life has won success in business and a good name. 
He is an esteemed and active member of the Baptist Church of Galeton, Pa., 
where he lives, and belongs to the Masonic lodge, F. and A. M. No. 252. 
He married Ella Lyle, daughter of William and Mary Lyle of Barclay, Pa., 
and much of his success has to be attributed to the intelligent and faithful 
helpfulness of his wife. Besides her activities in her church, she is devoted 
to the interests of the Order of the Eastern Star. They have had three 
children: Archibald William, Daisy and John Fluke Bowser, the portrait in 
memoriam of the latter appears in this work. 


Archibald W. Bowser, son of Furman T. and Ella (Lyle) Bowser, was 
born at Olean, N. Y., November 16, 1885. He received his education in 
the schools of Olean, and prepared himself for a business career, and now 
holds a responsible position with the Union Tank Car Co., of New York City. 
His address is, room 1402, 21 East 40th St., New York. He married Emma 
Goodrich, of New York City. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. of 
Galeton, Pa. 

Family of Mary Jane (Hays) and Joseph Leigh 

Nina E. Barber 

Lettie O. Barber Mary O. Barber 

Sarah Kathern Barber 




Lettie O. Barber was born November 10, 1889, at Dubois, Pa. She 
married Oliver C. Tice, born May 12, 1886, at Cogley, Pa. Mr. Tice attended 
a business college in Dubois, Pa., and the Clarion State Normal School. He 
was an official in the National Bank, New Bethlehem, Pa. Later he moved 
to Yukon, W. Va., where he is employed as bookkeeper for the Pocahontas 
Coal Company. They have the following children : Mary Elaine, Martha 
Jane and Frances Leigh. 


Mary O. Barber was born in Dubois, Pa., May 23, 1891. She attended 
the public schools and the high school of Dubois. In 1915 she moved to 
West Virginia where she met her future husband, Marion W. Gilliam. 
They were married on June 14, 1918. Mr. Gilliam was chief clerk of the 
local board of Williamson, W. Va., during the World war. He is at present 
chief electrical and mechanical engineer with the West Virginia Engineering 
Company at Williamson, W. Va. They have one child, David Marshall 
Gilliam, born December 6, 1919. 


Nina E. Barber was born at Dubois, Pa., August 22, 1893. She married 
Dr. Frederick W. Bilger, who was born at Curwensville, Pa. He was 
educated in the public schools of his native place, and attended a medical 
school in Philadelphia, and later, a medical college of Louisville, Ky., graduat- 
ing from the latter institution. He settled in Maybeury, W. Va., where he 
now lives and has established a large practice. 


Sarah Kathern Barber was born at Dubois, Pa., May 20, 1898. She 
married Seaton Tinsley Preston, born at Bristol, Va., 1892. Mr. Preston 
received a high school education and graduated from the Virginia Poly- 
technic Institute in electrical engineering. He served as captain in the United 
States Army in France during the World war. After the war he took up 
the work for which he had prepared himself, accepting a position as electrical 
engineer with the West Virginia Engineering Company. In 1920 he was 
made assistant district manager of the Kentucky and West Virginia Power 
Company, at Pikeville, Ky., where he now resides. They have one child : 
Seaton Tinsley Preston, Jr. 



Frank Excell Bowser, son of Addison B. and Ella Z. Bowser, was born 
at Watsontown, Pa., October 31. 1892. He graduated from the Ingram, Pa., 
public schools, -1908, and the Crafton (Pittsburgh) high school, 1912. Entered 
the University of Pittsburgh Science School in 1913. Two years later he 
entered the junior class at Bethany College, W. Va., and graduated from that 
institution in 1915, receiving the degree of bachelor of science. He attained 
a h'gh standard in scholastic and athletic circles. For two years he was 
halfback on the Bethany football team. After graduation he enlisted in the 
medical corps of the U. S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. After three weeks 
he was transferred to the U. S. Army General Hospital No. 3, Rahway. N. J., 
where he was made a sergeant. From Rahway he was transferred to the 
Central Officers' Training School for Infantry Officers at Camp Lee, Va. 
After his discharge from the army following the armistice, he entered the 
University of Pittsburgh Medical School, where he is a senior. He will 
receive his degree in June, 1923. He was president of the Sophomore class 
in the medical school; member of Phi Beta Pi (medical) and Beta Theta Pi 
(collegiate) fraternities; member of the Cap and Gown Club; Glee and 
Banjo clubs of the University; leader of the College orchestra, Bethany, two 
years ; president Bethany College Literary Societj^ and vice-president Bethany 
Chemical Club. 


Lieut. Wayland Stanley Bowser, son of Addison B. and Ella Z. (Stebbins) 
Bowser, was born at Danville. Pa., March 29, 1894. He attended the pub- 
lic schools, graduating with his brother Frank in the Crafton high school. 
1912. He enlisted in the Officers' Training Corps August 27, 1917, and was 
stationed at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., receiving his commission of first lieutenant 
in the infantry November 26, 1917; assigned December 15, 1917, to Co. D, 
325th Infantry, 82nd Div., at Camn Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. ; transferred Decem- 
ber 23, 1917, to the 5th Div., Regular Army, at Camp Logan. Houston. 
Texas : assigned to Co. B, 5th Military Police ; left Houston for France April 
20. 1918, and sailed April 30 on the S. Niagara ; arrived at Bordeaux. France. 
May 11, 1918. He was in service in the Vosges mountains, St. Mihiel offen- 
sive. Meuse. Argonne, Luxembourg and Germany. He was transferred to 
the 42nd Division, March 15, 1919, and assigned to the 42nd Military Police 
Co., and left Germany April 6, 1919; arrived at New York on the Leviathan 
April 18, 1919; discharged at Camp Dix. N. J., Mav 1, 1919. He was wounded 
in the battle at Romagne, France. After his discharge from the army he 
entered the University of Pittsburgh and is now (1922) a member of the 
senior class. 


Arda Crawford Bowser, son of Addison B. and Ella Z. (Stebbins) 
Bowser, was born at Danville, Pa., Tanuary 9, 1899. He attended the public 
schools at Millville, N. J.. Crafton, Pittsburgh, and graduated from the Ford 
City high school June, 1917. After spending one term at Bethany College, 
West Virginia, he enlisted in the United States Navy Flving Corps and was 
sent to the training camp at Boston, Mass. When the World war came to 
an end he was released from service (finally discharged in 1921) and entered 
the freshman class at Bucknell University, where he is now a Junior. On 
his entrance at college he was placed on the Varsity football team and at 
once was given the position of fullback. In his sophomore year he was 
recognized by the majority of critics as the greatest fullback in the country. 
In the 1921 season he was captain of his team. He was chosen as the best 
fullback in the state and was also the choice of many writers for all-Eastern 
honors and was mentioned by Walter Camp as an all-American. He married 
Elsie Laura Reitler of Ford Citv, Pa., August 26. 1921. 




Rev. Wellington Bowser, A. M., was born on a farm near Echo, Arm- 
strong County, Pa., September 13, 1852, son of Loben and Martha Jane 
(Oliver) Bowser. He worked on the farm and attended the public school 
of his district until fifteen years of age, when he entered an academy. 
After he had finished courses in the academy and colloge, he taught school 
for several years and then went to India as a missionary, where he remained 
for seven years. On account of breaking health, he returned to America 
and held pastorates in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Com- 
pelled to relinquish the arduous labors of the ministry, he located at Pasa- 
dena, Calif., where he is now living. He has been keenly interested in our 
preparation of the Bowser history and has furnished valuable assistance. 
He married Fannie Waid. They have the following children : Vincent Earl, 
born at Rurki, India, under the shadows of the Himalaya Mountains; Ethel 
Maude, born at Karachi, a seaport on the Arabian Sea, and Genevieve Irene, 
born at Spartansburg, Pa. (See 1108, 1109, 1110.) 

Isabelle Bowser, only daughter of Addison B. and Ella Z. (Stebbins) 
Bowser, was born at Danville, Montour County, Pa., February 14, 1896. 
She received her education in the public schools of Danville, Pa., Millville, 
N. J., and Ingram, Pa., graduating from the Crafton (Pittsburgh) high 
school. After her graduation she taught the Sherrett, Pa., school one 
term; then took charge of the music department in the Wilmerding, Pa., 
schools, where she remained three terms, until her marriage to Dr. Ellis C. 
Winters, June 24, 1920. During the time she was teaching school she was 
studying voice under Doctor Savage, of Pittsburgh, who is recognized as 
one of the most widely known voice teachers in the state. 


Dr. Ellis C. Winters, son of Elmer E. and Emma (Machamer) Winters, 
was born at Watsontown, Northumberland County, Pa., January 17, 1889. 
He attended the public schools and graduated from the Dewart High School ; 
a student at the Muncy Normal School, Bucknell University and the Medico- 
Chirurgical of Philadelphia, Pa., where he graduated in 1914. He was 
resident physician in the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, for one 
year. In 1915 he located at Ford City, Pa., where he immediately established 
a large practice. He served eighteen months in the United States Army, 
thirteen months of which were spent overseas. After his discharge from the 
army, he resumed his practice in Ford City. He married Isabelle Bowser, 
daughter of Addison B. and Ella Zelima (Stebbins) Bowser, at Ford City, 
June 24, 192'0. They have one child, James Elmer, born August 26, 1921. 
Doctor Winters is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars; American 
Legion; Armstrong County Medical Society; the Pennsylvania State Medical 
Societv and a fellow of the American Medical Association. 

Addison Bartholomew Bowser 

Ella Zelima (Stebbins) Bowser 



The author of this book was born near Montgomeryville. Armstrong 
County, Pennsylvania, May 22, 1858. He was educated in the public schools 
of Rural Valley, Pa., Reid Institute, Bucknell University (graduating with 
the class of 1888 with the B. A. degree) and Crozer Theological Seminary. 
He also holds the A. M. degree from his alma mater. He was pastor of 
the Third Baptist Church of Philadelphia, Pa., where he was ordained in 
1890; the Baptist Church of Danville, Pa.; the First Baptist Church 
of Millville, N. J.; the First Baptist Church of Crafton (Pittsburgh, eleven 
years) and now of the First Baptist Church of Ford City, Pa. He was pres- 
ident for eighteen years of the Bowser Reunion. He is a son of Rev. M. S. 
and Elizabeth (Booher) Bowser. During his pastorate in Philadelphia he 
married Ella Zelima Stebbins of Watsontown, Pa., daughter of Achilles R. 
and Emily (Baker) Stebbins, born December 10, 1869. She was educated in 
the public schools of Watsontown and Bucknell University. Mrs. Bowser is 
a descendant en her mother's side of Samuel Gorton, proprietary governor 
of Rhode Island. A genealogy of the family of that illustrious friend and 
mentor of Roger Williams has been made, embracing more than 13,000 names. 
Her father's people were also English emigrants who settled in Tioga County, 
Pennsylvania. They have had four children : Frank Excell, Wayland Stanley, 
Isabellc and Arda Crawford, and one grandchild, James Elmer Winters. 

Representative of a New Generation 
James Elmer Winters, born August 26, 1921, son of Doctor Ellis C. 
and Isabelle (Bowser) Winters, and first grandson of the author. 


In the Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd series, Vol. 17, are the names 
of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the Province and 
State of Pennsylvania. "Palatines: September 28, 1733, Brigan- 
tine, Richard and Elizabeth, Christopher Clymer, Master, from Rot- 
terdam, last from Plymouth." 

Passengers, 44 males above 16. 

Passengers, 34 females above 16. 

Passengers, 24 males under 16. 

Passengers, 35 females under 16. 

Mathias Bausser, aged 63 ; Mathias Bausser, Jr., aged 22 ; Chris- 
tian Bausser, aged 18 ; also Daniel Bausser, under 16, took the oath 
September 28, 1733 ; i. e. on the day of their arrival. Along with 
the three given above there are the names of Esther Bausser, aged 
49 ; Anna Elizabeth Bewser, aged 20 ; Jacob Bewser, aged 9>4 ; 
Magdalena Bewser, 7>4 ; Anna Maria Bewser, 4 ; Anna Catherina 
Bewser, 1^; Anna Elizabeth Bewser, 7; Anna Maria Bewser, 17 

The clerk of the court evidently made errors both in spelling the 
names and in the ages. Esther was the wife of Mathias, Sr., and 
Anna Elizabeth of Mathias, Jr. Anna Catherine, aged lyi years, 
and Anna Maria, aged 17 weeks, were doubtless children of Mathias, 
Jr., and Anna Elizabeth. 

In this list of family names we include as children of Mathias, Sr., 
several whose ages evidently were wrongly transcribed. 

ch. — children 1 

m.— married abbreviations. 
b. — ^born ( 

d.— died J 


1. MATHIAS BAUSSER, SR., b. 1670; m. Esther, b. 1684. 
Children : 

2. Mathias Bausser, Jr., b. 1711 ; m. Anna Elizabeth, b. 1713. 

3. Christian Bausser, b. 1715. 

4. Daniel Bausser, b. 1722. 

5. Jacob Bausser, b. 1724. 

6. Magdalena Bausser, b. 1726. 

7. Anna Elizabeth Bausser. 

8. Anna Maria, b. 1729. 

2. MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
Children : 

9. Anna Catherine Bausser, b. 1731. 

10. Anna Maria Bausser, b. 1733. 

11. Anna Margaret Bausser, baptized in Lancaster May 12, 1739. 



12. David Bausser, b. 1738; m. Elizabeth; d. 1813. 

13. John Bausser, b. 1740; d. 1813; m. Mary. 

14. Jacob Bausser, b. 1745; d. 1834; m. Elsie Kal. 

15. Noah Bausser, b. 1748; m. Eunice Ditto. 

16. Valentine Bausser, b. 1750; d. in Armstrong Co., 1836. 

17. Abraham Bausser, b. 1758; d. about 1853-5. 

18. Esther Bausser, b. 1758; m. Martin John. 

19. Samuel Bausser, b. about 1755. 

12. DAVID (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). David Bowser 
was in Maryland in 1785. In 1798 he sold land in Frederick County, Md., 
and was living in Bedford County the same year. Mr. G. W. Bowser of 
Osterburg, Bedford County, relates that David Bowser, his great-grand- 
father, settled on the farm upon which he lives, V/z miles west of Oster- 
burg, and cleared the land ; and a small burial place on the same land 
shows that he was 75 years old when he died; 1813: that he had come 
from some place in the east towards Philadelphia. "He had three sons. 
John Bowser, my grandfather, was born about 1784." David Bowser was 
therefore a year old and his sister Anna Margaret no doubt an infant 
when they were baptized in the Reformed Church of Lancaster, Pa., May 
12, 1739. David married Catherine. In his will he mentions seven chil- 
dren : Catrout, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Valentine, John and Esther ; 
also a grandson, John Mock. Bedford County History says David also 
had a son David who went west. 
Children : 

20. Catrout Bowser, a female, was buried in the ancient burial place on 

the David Bowser farm; never married. 

21. Elizabeth Bowser. 

22. Mary Bowser. 

23. Catharine Bowser, m. John Berkheimer. 

24. Valentine Bowser, m. Mary ; lived in St. Clair Township in 1821. 

In the census reports of 1820 St. Clair Twp., Bedford County, he 
and his wife are recorded as aged between 26 and 45 ; no children ; 
farmer. Valentine probably died in 1830 or shortly before. The 
census of 1830 does not give Valentine, but Mary, no doubt his 
widow, aged 40 to 50 years. In her family are 6 males and 3 
Children : 

a24. Valentine Bowser, b. 1819; d. 1891; m. Catherine , 

b. 1824; ch.: Mary, b. 1848; Joseph, b. 1851; m. Eve, b. 
1854; Henry, b. 1857; Jacob, b. 1860; Valentine, b. 1862; 
m. William. 

b24. Samuel Bowser, b. 1824; d. Dec. 20, 1896; m. Ann , 

b. 1824; ch.: Alexander, b. 1850; Michael, b. 1851; Eliz- 
abeth, b. 1853; Matthias, b. 1854; m. Lucinda; Susan, 
b. 1856; Rachel, b. 1860; Samuel, b. 1864. 

25. John Bowser, m. Mary Helm, Daughter of John Helm of Bedford 


26. (Mother of John Mock). The will of Peter Mock of St. 

Clair Township, dated 1815, mentions his grandson John Mock, 
who was a son of his son Jacob Mock. Therefore it is probable 
that a daughter of David married Jacob Mock. 

27. Esther Bowser, m. Mock. 

28. David Bowser. 

SR. (1). Catharine Bowser, m. John Berkheimer. Catharine is an impor- 
tant personage in our history, as she becomes the connecting link between 


two branches of Bowsers in the marriage of her daughter Sarah to Isaac 
Bowser, a descendant of John and Eve. 

Children : 

29. William Berkheimer, m. Hannah Mock. 

30. Peter Berkheimer, m. Margaret Bowser, daughter of George, Sr., 

and Margaret (Swartz). 

31. Moses Berkheimer, m. Elizabeth Furney. 
22. John Berkheimer, m. Sarah Shatzer. 

Zi. Sarah Berkheimer, b. in 1804; m. Isaac Bowser, b. in 1798. 

34. Joseph Berkheimer. Never married. 

35. Jacob Berkheimer, b. March 6, 1806; d. July 9, 1874; m. Catharine 

Bowser ; b. June 17, 1808 ; d. Oct. 19, 1866. 


Children : 
2>6. Joseph Berkheimer, m. Mary Earnest ; ch. : William, m. Florence 
Kneisly; Dr. George; Bessie, m. M. A. Davis; Hannah Mary, m. 
Ellis Holsinger. 
Z7. Amos Berkheimer, m. Hannah Honestine ; ch. : Sarah, m. Edward 
Mason ; Emma, m. O. S. Acher ; Hannah, m. Harvey Brown ; Dollie, 
m. Elmer Claycomb. 

38. Sarah Berkheimer, m. Joseph Riddle; ch. : G. W. Riddle, m. Emma 

Oster; Shannon Riddle, m. Florence Potter; Hannah Mary Rid- 
dle, m. Frank Oster. 

39. Dorothy Berkhkeimer, m. William Oster; ch. : Sarah, m. David Shaf- 

fer; Amanda, m. Dr. Conrad. 

Children : 

40. John Berkheimer. 

41. George Berkheimer, m. Jane Christ; ch. : Jacob Berkheimer, m. 

Flora Fitler. 

42. Samuel Berkheimer, m. Griffiths. 

43. Jacob Berkheimer. 


Children : 

44. Hannah Mary Berkheimer, m. Huston. 

45. Matilda Berkheimer, m. James Grindle. 

46. Oliver Berkheimer, moved to Ohio. 

47. Alonza Berkheimer, m. Mollie Barley. 

48. Andrew Berkheimer. 

49. Aaron Berkheimer. 

50. Emma Berkheimer. 

51. Agnes Berkheimer. 

52. Elmyra Berkheimer. 


Children : 

53. John Berkheimer, m. Jane Christ. 

54. Alexander Berkheimer, m. Elmira Claycomb. 

55. Frank Berkheimer, m. Moses. 

56. Mandilla Berkheimer, m. John Brown. 

57. Mary Berkheimer, m. John Smith. 

58. Sarah Berkheimer, m. Thomas Way. 


33. SARAH and ISAAC BOWSER (son of George). 
Children : 

59. Joseph Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1824 ; d. 1905. 

60. George W. Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1825; d. June 25, 1898; m. Frances 

Matilda Gillett, b. Feb. 18, 1839; d. Dec. 10, 1911. See (17) under 
"John and Eve." 

61. Catharine Bowser, b. Mar. 3, 1827; d. 1910. Single. 

62. Hannah Bowser, b. May 17, 1828; d. June 24, 1891; m. George Bol- 

linger, b. 1838 ; d. 1910 in Sioux City, la. ; ch. : Elizabeth, m. Joseph 
Bates, Detroit, Mich. 

63. John Bowser, b. Oct. 25, 1829 ; m. Mary Echert, d. at Claysburg, Pa., 

Sept. 1, 1907; ch. : Mary, Laura, Amanda. 

64. William Bowser, b. Jan. 7, 1831 ; d. 1907 ; m. Elizabeth Trees ; ch. : 

William, Bemice, Martha, Emma, Ida, Ada. 

65. Eve Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1832; d. 1906. Single. 

66. Isaac Newton Bowser, b. Dec. 25, 1833; d. Feb. 21, 1901 ; m. Annie M. 

Smith. Dr. Isaac Bowser was a well known dentist and lived at 
Woodbury, Bedford County, Pa. Later lived at Martinsburg, Blair 
County, Pa. Ch. : Seward, Howard, Sarah, Haller. 

67. Henry Bowser, b. June 10, 1835 ; died aged about 14 yrs. 

68. Margaret Bowser, b. Jan. 18, 1836; m. John W. Cunningham, b. Oct. 

9, 1820 ; d. Dec. 3, 1886. Margaret d. Nov. 2, 1878. Ch. : Charles, 
John, Bruce, Belle, Bess. 

69. David Porter Bowser, b. June 30, 1838; d. Apr. 3, 1882; m. Elizabeth 

Lyons, b. July 20, 1835 ; d. Jan. 14, 1912. (See John and Eve) (22). 

70. Sarah Jane Bowser, b. Oct. 10, 1840. 

71. Solomon Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1842; died in Civil War. 

a70. Frederick Bowser, b. Dec. 8, 1844. 

60. GEORGE and FRANCES MATILDA (Gillett) BOWSER. See John 
and Eve (17) for children. 
a71. Matilda Bowser. 
12. Gilbert Bowser. 

IZ. Charles T. Bowser (eldest son), b. Sept. 25, 1858; d. May 12, 1906; 
m. Mary Snyder, b. Apr. 28, 1863. 

74. Samuel H. Bowser, b. July 16, 1860, m. Crecie Belle Nesbit, b. Sept. 

3, 1862. 

75. Thomas L. Bowser, b. Nov. 6, 1863; d. Aug. 5, 1901. Grocer with 

his brother Charles. 

76. Sadie E. Bowser, b. July 28, 1870; m. Jesse J. Sankey. Live in Sun- 

bury, Pa. 

Children : 
11. Catharine V. Bowser, b. Jan. 2, 1874; m. (1) Elmer E. Casiber, (2) 
John S. Schreyer; address, Crafton, Pa. 

78. Alpha L. Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1876; m. Gertrude E. Cox, Crafton, Pa.; 

ch.: James Robert, b. Apr. 4, 1906; Alpha Lyons, b. Aug. 21, 1910; 
Margaret Elizabeth, b Jan. 25, 1917. 

Children : 

79. Margaret Berkheimer, b. 1877; d. 1893; m. Michael Stambaugh, b. 

1824; d. 1899. 

80. Catharine Berkheimer, b. 1829, d. 1910; m. John H. Bowser, b. 1814, 

son of "Davie" John. 

81. Mary Berkheimer, b. Aug. 9, 1831; d. July 21, 1919; m. Jacob Iches. 

82. Sarah Berkheimer, d. single, aged IZ. 


83. John Berkheimer, d. aged 70; m. Catharine Claycomb. 

84. George Berkheimer, d. aged 71 ; m. Rebecca Acker, d. aged 59. . 

85. Annie Berkheimer, b. 1845; d. Dec. 6, 1867; m. David C. Ling., 

86. Matilda Berkheimer, b. Oct. 10, 1847 ; lives at St. Qairsville, Bedford 

Co., Pa. ; single. 

87. Alexander Berkheimer, b. 1861 ; d. Sept. 20, 1862. 

88. Elizabeth Berkheimer, d. 1841. 

Children : 

89. Quitman Bowser, b. 1851; m. (1) Emma Rock; (2) King. 
SK). John F. Bowser, b. 1853 ; m. Mary Dougherty. 

91. Mary Bowser, b. 1855; m. Michael D. Smeltzer. 

92. Alexander Bowser, b. 1857; d. 3 yrs. of age. 

93. Jacob Bowser, b. 1859; m. (1) Sarah Oster ; (2) Amanda Schroyer. 

94. Leander H. Bowser, b. 1861 ; m. Minnie Crisman. 

95. William Bowser, b. 1863; m. (1) Sadie Claycomb, (2) Maud Wolf. 

96. George W. Bowser, b. 1866, living on his great-grandfather David 

Bowser's farm near St. Clairsville, Bedford Co., Pa. A slate 
stone picked from the hillside marks David Bowser's grave in 
the old cemetery on his farm with the year of his death, 1813, aged 
75 years. 

97. Alice Bowser, b. 1867; m. Jacob Dively. 

98. Charles C. Bowser, b. 1871; m. Bessie Imes. 

25. JOHN (4), (DAVID (3), MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
Children : 

99. Jacob H. Bowser, b. Nov. 6, 1808; d. May 22, 1887; m. Margaret 
Hillegas, b. 1814. 

100. David H. Bowser, b. Dec. 21, 1810; m. Charlotte Potts, dau. of Rev. 

Jephthah and Mary Potts. 

101. John H. Bowser, b. Aug. 14, 1814; d. 1889; m. Catharine Berkheimer. 

See children under Catherine and John H. (80), 

102. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1816 ; m. Charles W. Colvin, of Bedford Co., Pa. 

103. George W. Bowser, b. 1820; d. 1885; m. Rebecca L. Burns, b. 1832; 

d. 1870. They lived in Napier Township, Bedford Co., Pa. 

104. Alice Colvin, m. John Gerlinger. See 121. 

Children : 

105. John Bowser, b. 1839 ; m. Jane Chilcott ; ch. : Nora, Alice, Annie, Lulu, 

Blanche, Ray 

106. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1837 ; m. A. J. Kegg. 

107. Amanda Bowser, b. 1842; m. George Marshall; ch.: Mamie, Ward. 

108. Matilda Bowser, b. 1857; m. Jacob Blackburn; also known as Hes- 

ter M. ; ch. : Ada, Carrie, Clifford. 
al08. Emma M. Bowser, b. 1848; m. Thomas Alstatt; address, Windber, 
Somerset Co., Pa.; ch. : Millie, Keiffe. 

109. George Polk Bowser, b. 1845 ; m. Mary J. Clark. 

109. GEORGE POLK and MARY J. BOWSER. Address, Alum Bank, 
Bedford Co., Pa. 
Children : 

110. Jacob Bowser; m. Carrie Blackburn; ch. : Harold, Walter, Ruth, 


111. Elmer Bowser; m. Carrie Hoover; ch.; Rayford, Dorothy, Gladdys, 


112. Myrtle Bowser; m. John Heinze; ch. : Charles. 


113. Sewell Bowser; m. Ada Barefoot; ch. : Kenneth, Warren, Russel, 

Carl, Aline. 

114. Carrie Bowser; m. Harry Schrock; ch. : Vera. 

116. Harry Bowser; m. Mattie Ellison; ch. : Ruth, Viola, Stanley, Evelyn, 


117. Emerson Bowser. 

118. Jerl Bowser. 

119. Helen Bowser. 


120. Dr. Alexander J. Bowser, b. Nov. 27, 1862; d. Apr. 11, 1906; m. (1) 

Louie O. Mock; (2) Mary P. Amick.* ch. by second marriage, 
Georgia A.; David P., d 1897; Alex J. Jr., d. 1906. 
♦Daughter of George B. and Mary P. Amick of St. Clairsville. 

Children : 

121. Alice Colvin, m. John Ger linger. 

122. George Colvin, m. Belle Williams. 

123. Charles Colvin, m. Wishers. 

124. John Colvin, m. Kerr. 

125. William Colvin. 

126. Frank E. Colvin, Esq. ; m. Effie Wilhelm. 

127. Blanche Colvin, m. Roy Stauflet. 

Children : 

128. James S. Bowser, b. 1860; m. Kerr. 

129. Harry Bowser, b. 1864; m. Harvey. 

130. Ralph Bowser, b. 1867. 

13. JOHN (3), MATHIAg, JR. (2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). John Bowser, 
a soldier of the Revolutionary War, bought land on Yellow Creek, Hope- 
well Twp., Bedford County, Apr. 5, 1797. Deed Book Vol. I, page 479: 
"Know that I, Jos. Haines of Hopewell Twp., made an improvement on a 
tract of land in March, 1796, joining lands with Melor and Jos. Snyder and 
Tusseys Mountain in Hopewell Twp. and on Apr. 5, 1797, for the sum of 
26 lbs. ten shillings, to me in hand paid by John Bowser, did sell improve- 
ment and to warrant and defend it from me and my heirs forever unto 
said John Bowser of Woodbury Twp., County of Bedford." Signed in 
German.* Here, on these fertile acres, John Bowser and Mary, his wife, 
lived until his death in 1813. (See his will). His great-grandson, Henry 
P. Bowser, lives in Hopewell Twp. about three miles east of the old John 
Bowser homestead. 
♦The signature is that of Joseph Haines, the grantor, not of John Bowser 

and Mary. 
Children : 

131. John Bowser, b. before 1770. 

132. Jacob Bowser, b. 1770. 

133. Mathias Bowser, b. Dec. 16, 1773; d. at Kittanning, Pa., Jan. 4, 1830; 

m. Christianna Loy. 

134. Valentine Bowser, b. 1777; d. 1852; m. Elizabeth Fluke of Hopewell, 

b. 1782; d. 1879, near Montgomeryville, Pa. 

135. Samuel Bowser, b. 1778; m. Catharine Snyder. 

136. Nicholas Bowser, b. 1781 or 1782; d. 1862 at Hopewell; m. Eliza- 

beth . 


137. Peter Bowser, b. 1786; d. 1879; m. Sarah Russell, b. 1787. 

138. Mary Bowser, m. John Burnhamer. 

139. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Abram Swigart. 

140. Catherine Bowser, m. Peter Kline. 

141. Julia Ann Bowser, m. David Flenner. 

142. Barbara Bowser, m. Joseph Bowser, b. 1791 ; d. 1873. 

MATHIAS, SR. (1). Mathias Bowser was the first of John Bowser's 
family to settle in Armstrong County. He came to Kittanning five years 
before the town was organized and bought a tract of land now lying within 
the city limits. Later he moved to Kentucky. He returned to Kittanning 
some years afterward, where he died in 1830. He built the first brick house 
in Kittanning. The old Hague Hotel building on Market Street, still stand- 
ing and in good condition, attesting the honest workmanship of its builder, 
was erected by Mathias Bowser in 1826. It was built very early in the 
history of the town and on the very site of the ancient Indian town destroyed 
by Colonel John Armstrong in 1756. Mrs. Margaret Bowser, wife of Jonas 
Bowser, a niece of Mathias Bowser, frequently, when a child, visited the 
house of her uncle in Kittanning, which was the above-mentioned hotel, 
and saw Indian beads which the children of Mathias had found when the 
yard of their house was spaded. Mathias Bowser was married to Christi- 
anna Loy, daughter of Martin Loy, a wealthy land owner and merchant 
of Loysburg, Bedford County, Pa. Loysburg lies 4 miles west of the John 
Bowser homstead in Hopewell Twp. On the well-preserved tombstones 
marking the resting place of Mathias and his wife Christianna in the old 
burying ground in the heart of the town we noted the following: 

(1) Mathias Bowser, b. Dec. 16, 1773; d. Jan. 4, 1830. 

"Far from afflictions, toil and care 
Thy happy soul is fled ; 
The breathless clay shall slumber here, 
Among the silent dead." 

(2) Christianna L., wife of Mathias Bowser, b. May, 1787, d. April 13, 

1855, aged 67 years and 11 months. 

(3) Catharine Bowser, b. Feb. 17, 1811; d. Dec. 16, 1830. Daughter of 

Mathias and Christianna Bowser. 

(4) George Augustus, b. Sept. 30, 1832; d. April 5, 1833. Son of 

Dr. G. A. Meeker and Mary (Bowser), daughter of Mathias and 
Christianna Bowser. (Mary Meeker died in Tennessee.) 

Children : 

143. Catherine Bowser, b. Feb. 17, 1811 ; d. Dec. 16, 1830. 

144. Rebecca Bowser. 

145. Nancy E. Bowser, m. Steven B. Young. 

146. Martin L. Bowser, b. 1814 in Armstrong County, Pa. ; d. Jan. 23, 1888, 

in W. Va. ; m. Nancy McGinnis, d. 1892. 

147. William A. Bowser, b. 1816, a physician, lived at Callensburg, Pa. 

He had a son Heber (d.) and 3 daughters ; d. in 1865. 

148. Mary Bowser, m. George A. Meeker; d. in Tennessee. 

149. Emanuel Bowser, b. 1824, a physician and surgeon in Civil War; d. 

at Houston, Tex.; single. 

150. Albert I. Bowser, b. 1826; d. young. 

151 Margaret Bowser, m. Elisha D. Barrett; lived in Muskingum, Ohio; 
d. 1849. 


146. MARTIN LOY (5), MATHIAS (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), 
MATHIAS (1). Martin Loy Bowser and Nancy McGinnis lived in Ken- 
tucky; d. 1892. 

Children : 

152. Flora T. Bowser, b. Mar. 10, 1846; m. Aaron Klipstein; d. Apr. 20, 

1912 ; ch. : Augustus, Loy, Catharine. 

153. Christianna Bowser, b. Nov. 28, 1842; m, Samuel Fluharty; arc liv- 

ing in W. Va. ; ch. : Minnie, Nancy, Delia, Virgil (d.). 

154. Martin Luther Bowser, b. June 26, 1859; m. (1) Edith Krotzer; 

(2) Mary M. Krotzer ; ch. : Winnefred L. Bowser, b. Dec. 30, 
1894; m. James A. Gault, Jr., II, (ch.) James A. Gault, III, b. 
May 9, 1918; Cecil Edith Bowser, b. July 18, 1897; m. John P. 
Roberts of Ford City, Pa.; (ch.) John Martin Roberts, b. Apr. 
13, 1922; Elizabeth Claire Bowser, b. Sept. 14, 1900; Jeanc 
Rebecca Bowser, b. July 11, 1902; Martin Kenneth Bowser, b. Feb, 
1, 1905. 

155. William W. Bowser, b. July 4, 1849 ; d. in California ; never married. 

156. Cleora C. Bowser, b. Mar. 7, 1851; living at Sardis, Ohio; m. Lively 

Fluharty ; ch. : Oscar, Huber. 

157. Virgil M, Bowser, b. June 7, 1852; lives at Ravenwood, W. Va. ; m. 

Nancy Fluharty ; child : Nancy. 

158. Homer Loy Bowser, b. Jan. 6, 1854; d. May 9, 1919; m. Marietta 

Jenkins ; ch. : Ora, d. ; Ella living in Akron, Ohio ; Orin, living in 
Huntingdon, W. Va. ; William living in Paden City, W. Va. 
al58. Belle I. Bowser, m. J. W. Morgan. 

160. Adda Liletta Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1857; m. John Watkins; living in 

W. Va. ; ch. : Jessie, Earnest, Stephen, Gaeta, Dassie, John. 

161. Heber O. Bowser, b. April 26, 1862; m. Pipher; ch. : Philip, 

b. 1902; Michael, b. 1908. 

162. Gaeta Bowser, b. Nov. 28, 1863 ; d. July 30, 1918, at Little Rock, Ark. ; 

m. Ella Champion. He was a business man of large interests and 
owner of the Bowser Company Furniture Store. 

163. Minnie M. Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 1865 ; m. James Feist ; lives in W. Va. 

IAS (2), MATHIAS (1). Dr. William Alexander Bowser was born Feb. 
22, 1822; d. Nov. 29, 1865. He lived in Callensburg, Pa.; m. (1) Anna 
MacDowell, d. May 21, 1848. 

Children : 

147. Emma Margaret Bowser, b. Apr. 23, 1846; m. Samuel Frampton 
Shields, b. Jan. 27, 1840 ; d. Aug. 17, 1919. They lived near Cal- 
lensburg, Clarion County, Pa., until 1875, when they moved to 
Allerton, Iowa, where Mrs. Shields still lives. 
Children : 

(147) Frank Bowser Shields, b. May 15, 1867; m. Stella Brown; address: 
Denver, Colo.; ch. : Gussie Margaret Shields, b. Apr. 23, 1893; 
Cecil Helen Shields, b. Mar. 1, 1895, m. Findley George; Howard 
Samuel Shields, b. Mar. 8, 1897 ; served in inf. in World's war ; 
Kathleen Margaret Shields, b. June 6, 1899. 

(147) Edward Arthur Shields, b. Feb. 13, 1869; d. July 4, 1870. 

(147) Anna Adella Shields, b. Jan. 4, 1871; m. Joshua Davis; address: 
Reeder, Colo. ; ch. : Caroline Margaret Davis, b. June 4, 1898. 

(147) Sallie Ellen Shields, b. Aug. 11, 1872; single. 

(147) Mary Core Shields, b. Feb. 17, 1874; m. James E. Moore, d. 1908; 
ch.: Howard Shields Moore, b. Mar. 16, 1901; Harold Boise 
Shields, b. Dec. 17, 1904. 


(147) Ida Nan Shields, b. May 9, 1875; m. Judge James P. Hewitt; 
address: Des Moines, Iowa; ch. : Ruth Georgia Hewitt, b. May 
27, 1903 ; Elizabeth Nan Hewitt, b. Jan. 26, 1905 ; James Randolph 
Hewitt, b. Nov. 27, 1906; Edwin Shields Hewitt, b. Apr. 16, 1908. 

(147) Heber Rex Shields, b. Dec. 21, 1876; m. Susan McNab; d. May 8, 
1921; address: Vega, Tex.; ch. : Vernon Frampton Shields, b. 
Sept. 27, 1897; served in the Marine Corps in the World's war; 
Elbert Kent Shields, b. Nov. 10, 1899; Edith Claire Shields, b. 
Sept. 24, 1901 ; Rachel Ethel Shields, b. 1903 ; Emma Margaret 
Shields, b. June 6, 1905; Susan Rexine Shields, b. Feb. 6, 1914. 

(147) John Craig Shields, Jr., b. Oct. 6, 1878; veteran of the Spanish- 
American War, Co. H, 51st Iowa Reg.; m. Othelia W. White; 
address: Fort Yates, N. D. ; ch. : John Frampton Shields, b. 
July 7, 1921. 

(147) Minnie Emma Shields, b. Aug. 2, 1880. 

(147) Harlan Samuel Shields, b. April 19, 1882. 

(147) Edith Zella Shields, b. Feb. 22, 1885; m. Dr. Fred S. Wells; 
address : Des Moines, Iowa ; ch. : Frederick L. Wells, Jr., b. Apr. 
27, 1920. 

(147) Benjamin Prentiss Shields, b. Dec. 2, 1888; m. Mary Karlinski; 
address : Mobridge, S. D. ; ch. : John Craig Shields, b. June 9, 1918. 

(147) Rev. Ried Frampton Shields, b. Mar. 1, 1893; see Biographies. 

B147. CHRISTIANNA LOY BOWSER, b. May 17, 1848; m. JAMES 
MONTGOMERY CLUGH, b. Sept. 11, 1843; d. Nov. 5, 1920; address: 
Bloomington, Neb. 
Children : 

(147) Anna Belle Clugh, b. July 14, 1869; d. Apr., 1872. 
(147) William Bowser Clugh, b. Jan. 28, 1871; m. May Kerrivan ; ch. : 
William, Jr., b. June 25, 1901; Francis, b. Oct., 1904; Ramona 
Belle, b. May 30, 1902. 
(147) Kate Emma Clugh, b. June 30, 1873; m. Walter Lloyd Hayden, 
b. Mar. 25, 1867 ; ch. : Josephine Maxine, b. Apr. 12, 1901 ; Cath- 
arine Eleanor, b. Oct. 14, 1902. 
(147) Francis Loy Clugh, b. Sept. 2, 1875; m. Mar. 16, 1901. 
(147) Nancy Eleanor Clugh, b. Feb. 17, 1877; m. Clarence E. Harman, 
b. 1877; ch.: Frederick Clugh, b. Nov. 21, 1902; Virginia Clare, 
b. July 20, 1907. 
(147) Mary Eva Clugh. 
(147) Thomas Clugh. 

(147) Heber Clugh, b. Jan. 23, 1883; m. Rose Farmer; ch.: Dorothy, b. 
Feb., 1908; Heber, Jr., b. May, 1911. 

ELEANOR BRANDON, d. Nov. 1905. 
Children : 

(147) Alice Bowser, b. July, 1864; m. David A. Moore; address: New- 
castle, Pa.; ch. : Eleanor Moore, b. 1900. 
(147) Mary Bowser, b. Apr., 1852; m. William English. 
(147) Heber B. Bowser, b. 1853; d. 1895; attorney. 
(147) Nancy Ellen Bowser, b. May, 1858; d. Sept., 1886; m. David A. 
Moore ; ch. : Phillip A., b. 1883. 

134. VALENTINE (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS (1). 
Valentine Bowser, the fourth son of John Bowser (Hopewell), b. 1777, d. 
March, 1852, m. Elizabeth Fluke, oldest child of John Fluke of Hopewell, 
about 1800. He was reared on the farm of his father, John Bowser, Hope- 
well Twp., about 4 miles west of Hopewell on the Loysburg road. He 


came to Armstrong County, Pa., with his wife and seven children, in 1815. 
His son Peter was bom Oct. 20, 1815, a few weeks after their arrival. They 
crossed the Allegheny River 2^2 miles north of Kittanning, and traveled up 
the ravine now known as Furnace Run, and took up land one mile north 
of Walk Chalk, now owned by Dougherty heirs, and there raised a family 
of eleven children. Valentine and his wife adhered to the use of their 
native speech, the Palatine German. Elizabeth (Fluke) was bom in 1782 
and died in the home of her daughter Margaret Bowser (Jonas) Wash- 
ington Twp., Armstrong County, Pa., 1879, aged 97. 

Children : 

164. Abram Bowser, b. 1802; d. 1852; m. Mary Ann Stevens, b. 1805, a 

relative of Alexander Stevens, vice president of the Southern 

165. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1804; m. Henry McAninch. 

al65. Jacob Bowser, b. Aug. 5, 1805; d. May 21, 1883; m. Mary Moore, 
b. July 14, 1806; d. May 21, 1883. 

166. Delilah Bowser, b. Nov. 15, 1808; d. April 17, 1887; m. Peter Toy, 

b. Feb. 8, 1805 ; d. Oct. 6, 1898. 

167. Mary Bowser, b. 1810. 

168. Catharine Bowser, b. Oct. 13. 1809; d. 1906; m. Noah Bowser, b. 

Dec. 1, 1806; d. Oct. 31, 1878. 

169. Peter Bowser, b. Oct. 20, 1815; d. Jan. 29, 1879; m. Jane Bowser, 

b. Dec. 21, 1821 ; d. Jan. 22, 1900. 

170. Margaret Bowser, b. July 30, 1818; m. Jonas Bowser, b. July 13, 1811 ; 

d. June 11, 1891. 

171. Mathias Bowser, b. Aug. 6, 1820; d. April 22, 1889; m. Rebecca 

Swigart, b. July 25, 1823; d. Oct. 27, 1901. 
al71. William Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1813; d. Feb. 3, 1898; m. Mary Ann 
Bowser, b. June 7, 1820; d. Apr. 8, 1906. 

172. Valentine Bowser, b. Sept. 28, 1822 ; d. April 28, 1875 ; m. Elizabeth 

Stephenson, b. April 2, 1828; d. July 18, 1900. 

164. ABRAM (5) ; VALENTINE (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (1). Abram Bowser was a stone mason by trade. He was also 
a prosperous farmer. He was killed by the fall of a tree, 1852. His farm 
was located four miles west of Kittanning and is now owned by the heirs 
of his grandson William P. Bowser. The children of Abram Bowser inaug- 
urated the Bowser Reunion in Armstrong County in 1899 (see Reunions). 
He was buried in the Pine Hill cemetery on the hill on the west side of 
Kittanning — the first burial place in the county west of the Allegheny river. 
His grave was not marked and the spot is now unknown. He married 
Mary Stevens, a relative of Alexander Stevens, vice-president of the 
Southern Confederacy. She was a daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Ann 
Stevens, who lived at Beaver Falls, Pa., and conducted a hotel. After the 
death of her husband she married John P. Davis and moved with her hus- 
band to MontgomeryArille, Armstrong County, Pa., where she died Aug. 8, 
1874. She had a liberal education and devoted her talents to beneficent 
works. She and her husband Abram, as also her second husband, were 
staunch supporters of the Baptist Church. She was buried in the cemetery 
of the Montgomeryville Baptist Church. Mary Stevens had two brothers, 
Vachel and Moses, and one sister, Sophia. Vachel Stevens lived in the 
South. He owned a large sugar plantation and a great number of slaves. 
Moses Stevens moved to Ohio. For Sophia see page 151. 

CThildren : 

173. Benjamin Stevens Bowser, b. Dec. 20, 1823; d. Dec, 1915; m. (1) 

Elizabeth Bowser; (2) Elizabeth Yerty, d. 1855; (3) Catharine 
Yerty, b. Mar. 13, 1835 ; d. 1914. 


174. Elizabeth F. Bowser, b. Dec. 8, 1825 ; d. Nov. 27, 1908 ; m. Frederick 

R. Bowser, b. May 12, 1821; d. Aug. 11, 1874. 

175. Sophia Bowser, b. May 29, 1828 ; m. Adam Wyant, b. July 4, 1813 ; 

d. May 28, 1882. 

176. Sarah Ann Bowser, b. Oct. 17, 1830; d. March 2, 1916; Jacob Booher. 

b. Sept. 20, 1830. 

177. Delilah Bowser, b. Nov. 27, 1833, d. Mar. 15, 1873; m. (1), Abram 
— Frick, b. Jan. 24, 1830; d. Oct. 7, 1862; (2) John D. Wolf. 

178. Eli Bowser, b. Jan. 29, 1835. 

179. Mathias Stevens Bowser, M.D., b. May 14, 1837; m. Elizabeth Booher, 

b. Sept. 6, 1841. 

180. Rosana Bowser, b. April 4, 1840; d. Aug. 18, 1880; m. Archibald 

Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1836; d. Nov. 12, 1889. 

181. Jane Bowser, b. April 15, 1842; d. July, 1892; m. Adam Grantz, b. 

March 25, 1837 ; d. April 22, 1905. 

182. Joshua Crawford Bowser, m. Kiziah Bowser, b. Dec, 1841. 

183. Nancy Bowser, d. in infancy. 

184. Susan Bowser, d. in infancy. 

185. James Hindman Bowser, b. June 7, 1852; m. (1) Amanda J. Bow- 

ser, b. May 5, 1855 ; (2) Alberta Olevia Anylock, b. 1855. 

173. BENJAMIN S. (6), ABRAM (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), 
MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS (1). Benjamin S. Bowser devoted his life 
to the soil. He was well known throughout the county (Armstrong, Pa.). 
His beautiful country home was a popular resort to his hosts of friends. 
He lived to the unusual age of 92 and was familiarly known as "Uncle 
Benny." He was president of our Bowser Reunion from its organization 
until his death. He was buried near his home and church at Montgomery- 
ville. See biographies. 

173 (2), Children by his second wife, Elizabeth Yerty: 

186. Catharine Bowser, b. Feb. 17, 1846; d. June 20, 1892; m. Ezekiel 

Ekis, b. March 21, 1839; d. Oct. 4, 1900. 

187. Ann Eliza Bowser, b. Nov. 18, 1848; m. John M. Hawk, b. Aug 

6, 1848. 

188. Rachel Bowser, b. 1850; m. (2) Lee Stoops, (1) Gideon McGreggor 

189. Christian Yerty Bowser, b. Jan., 1853; m. (1) Sadie J. Helm, b. Nov., 

1853; d. March 7, 1910; (2) Delilah Salsbury. 

190. William P. Bowser, b. May 9, 1854; d. Dec, 16, 1916; m. Margaret 

Sindorf, b. July 25, 1857. 
173 (3). Children by his third marriage, Catharine Yerty: 

191. Mervin C. Bowser, b. 1858; m. Pearl B. Kern. They live on the 

old Benjamin S. Bowser farm, Adrian, Pa. 

192. Ellen Bowser, b. 1860. 

193. Abram Bowser, b. 1862 ; m. Nancy Jack, b. May 20, 1872. 

194. Sophia Bowser, b. Mar. 9, 1864; m. (1) Daniel Giles; (2) Grant 


195. Rosa Bowser; d. in infancy. 

196. Stephen Bowser, b. 1866; m. Sally Wible. 

197. Denny D. Bowser, b. June 6, 1868; d. Aug. 10, 1920; m. Olive J, 

Jack, b. May 19, 1869. 

Children : 

198. Henry A. Ekis, b. Sept, 23, 1866 ; d. Nov. 3, 1905. 

199. Benjamin S. Ekis, b. Feb. 17, 1869; d. April, 1898; m. Jennie Foye, 

200. Levi B. Ekis, b. June 17, 1870; m. Bertha Bowser. 

201. William R. Ekis, b. Dec. 11, 1872; m. Laura S. Keene. 

202. Blair C. Ekis, b. May 31, 1875; d. May 1, 1907; m. Ella King. 


203. Minnie Ekis, b. Mar. 11, 1877; m. Frederick C. Wehling, b. Feb. 20, 

1871 ; present address : 3029 Owen Ave., Brentwood Boro., Pitts- 
burgh ; ch.: Clarence Wehling, b. Oct. 29, 1897; Viola Wehling, 
b. Dec. 25, 1899 ; Beulah Wehling, b. Feb. 23, 1900 ; Leslie Wehling, 
b. Jan. 12, 1902 ; Grace Wehling, b. Sept. 21, 1905 Ida Mae Weh- 
ling, b. Oct. 24, 1912 ; Frederick Wehling, Jr., b. June 12, 1916. 

204. Mary L. Ekis, b. Mar. 21, 1879; m. Harry Heighley. 

205. John C. Ekis, b. Jan, 10, 1881. 

206. Katharyn Ekis, b. June 12, 1883. 

207. Wilda E. Ekis, b. Apr. 24, 1885 ; d. Oct., 1899. 

208. Tillie B. Ekis, b. June 2, 1899; m. Lee Householder. 

209. Charles Ekis, b. June 3, 1892; d. 1892. 

Children : 

210. Benjamin S. Hawk, b. Feb. 9, 1871; m. Lina Craig. 

211. Dr. Mortimore C. Hawk, b. Jan. 11, 1893; m. Pearl E. Strayer of 


212. Jennie Roduska Hawk, b. Oct. 7, 1874 ; m. J. W. Gumbert. 

213. Hattie May Hawk, b. March 28, 1876 ; m. J. Hays McDonald. 

214. William E. Hawk, b. Aug. 31, 1877; m. Edith Baum. 

215. Flossie Ora Hawk, b. Dec. 26, 1878 ; m. H. A. Waugaman. 

216. Elizabeth Lee Hawk, b. May 21, 1880; m. Homer Ruff. 

217. John Herbert Hawk, b. Nov. 12, 1881 ; m. Dollie Steinbeck. 

218. Rachel C. Hawk, b. May 17, 1883; m. Chates Simson. 

219. Grace A. Hawk, b. Jan. 23, 1885 ; m. Guy Albright. 

220. Mervin C. Hawk, b. July 6, 1886; m. Mabel Matin. 

221. Mildred Florence Hawk, b. Sept. 17, 1888 ; m. Clifford Rechards. 

222. Anna Lee Hawk, b. Sept. 17, 1892; d. Feb. 24, 1921 ; m. David Boggs. 

223. Hyatt L. Hawk, in World war, b. April 8, 1896; m. Jennifer E. 

Shaul, b. Sept. 26, 1898; ch. : Edward Stanley, b. Dec. 23, 1920. 
Ann Eliza (Bowser) Hawk and husband, John M., live in West Kit- 
tanning. He is a prominent contractor and builder. See biog- 

tian Y. Bowser is an extensive farmer of Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., 
Pa.; address: Cowansville. 

Children : 

224. Ralph D. Bowser, school teacher, b. March, 1883; d. Feb., 1905. 

225. Vima E. Bowser, b. July, 1884 ; m. Curtis Toy. 

226. Mabel Sidney Bowser, b. Jan., 1886 ; d. Feb., 1914 ; m. Blair Gumbert. 

227. Anna Arminta Bowser, b. Oct., 1887 ; m. R. M. Collier, b. March, 1888. 

228. B. S. Watson Bowser, b. Oct., 1889; m. Essie R. Tarr. 

229. Polly Irene Bowser, b. July, 1894 ; m. H. L. Benton. 

230. Spurgeon Bowser, b. June, 1898. 

Bowser during his entire life held a responsible position with the Standard 
Oil Company. At the time of his death he was living in Parkersburg, W. Va. 

231. Parma Bowser, b. May 14, 1876; d. June 5, 1916; m. William J. Tapp. 

232. Park Bowser, b. Nov. 2, 1877 ; m. Alta Barker. 

233. Celesta Bowser, b. Dec. 9, 1879 ; m. John D. McCutchan. 

234. Sadie Bowser, b. Feb. 14, 1882 ; m. Ami V. Barker. 

235. Clema Bowser, b. Oct. 17, 1883 ; m. Clyde B. Ross. 

236. Clarence Bowser, b. May 6, 1889; m. Bertha Linder. 

237. Wayne Bowser, b. May 6, 1892; m. Bessie Means. 


193. SOPHIA BOWSER mT (1) DANIEL GILES, b. Feb. 3, 1871; d. Sept. 
6, 1895. 

Children : 

238. Homer Giles, b. Feb. 4, 1891 ; m. Minnie Ludwig, b. Jan. 9, 1892 ; 

ch. : Charles, Phyllis and Grace. 

239. Goldie Giles, b. June 2, 1892. 

240. Mervin Giles, b. Dec. 3, 1893; d. Oct. 26, 1901. 

241. Sheridan Giles, b. Feb. 16, 1895 ; m. Rose Tarr, b. July 26, 1897. 

(2) m. Grant Coggan, b. Feb. 13, 1866. Ch. : 

242. Herbert Coggan, b. May 22, 1902. 

243. Joseph B. Coggan, b. Jan. 14, 1904. 

244. Kenneth Coggan, b. Dec. 21, 1907. 

194. ABRAM and NANCY (JACK) BOWSER. Carpenter. Address: West 
Kittanning, Pa. 

Child : 

245. Ward Bowser, student. 

Children : 

246. Clinton Bowser. 

247. Clyde Bowser. 

248. Raymond Bowser. 

249. Margaret Bowser. 

250. Ruth Bowser. 

251. Naomi Bowser. 

Children : 

252. Lenora B. Bowser, b. Mar. 11, 1893; m. W. A. Chaplain, b. Oct. 22, 


253. Bernetta C. Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1897; m. Elmer Gaiser, b. Sept. 15, 

1895; ch. : Harold Geiser, Virginia Gaiser, Lois Gaiser. 

(3), MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS (1). 
Children : 

254. Chambers T. Bowser, b. Oct. 17, 1846; d. Sept. 17, 1915; m. (1) 

Margaret Cook, b. Nov. 30, 1844; d. Oct. 24, 1895; (2) Margaret 
McCausland, b. May 31. 1853. 

255. Adaline Bowser, b. June 24, 1854; d. Mar. 13, 1904; m. Amos T. Fair. 

256. David J. Bowser, b. Sept. 24, 1856; m. Kathryn Vensel, b. July 3, 

1863 ; d. July 26, 1909. 

257. William R. Bowser, b. Apr. 4, 1859 ; m. Martha Campbell, b. May 4, 

1861. See biographies. 

258. Ann Elizabeth Bowser, b. April 23, 1864; m. Lee Guthrie, b. April 

10, 1859. 

259. Frederick Bowser, b. Jan. 18, 1862 ; m. Eva Schaffer. 

260. Jacob L. Bowser, b. Dec. 23, 1866 ; d. Aug. 14, 1919 ; m. Nellie Fred- 

erick, d. Sept. 22, 1916; ch.: Frederick, Alene. 

261. Mary R. Bowser, b. April 15, 1849 ; d. March 15, 1854. 

262. Margaret Jane Bowser, b. Jan. 15, 1852; d. March 4, 1854. 

Children : 
ZdZ. Francis S. Bowser, b. Aug. 2, 1876. 

264. Amos S. Bowser, b. April 10, 1870; m. (1) Matilda D. Kunkle, b. 
Jan. 19, 1873; d. March 4, 1908; m. (2) Jennie R. Groves, b. Sept. 
12. 1874. 


265. Elizabeth C. Bowser, b. Mar. 22, 1876. 

266. Jessie W. Bowser, b. July 5, 1874. 

267. Bertha Bowser, b. July 1, 1879. 

a267. Matilda J. Bowser, b. April 20, 1872. 
b267. Minnie C. Bowser, b. April 3, 1882. 

255. ADALINE BOWSER, m. AMOS T. FAIR, b. March 23, 1853. 
Children : 

a25S. Frederick Lee Fair, b. July 8, 1874; d. Sept. 17, 1893. 

b255. Clara Myrtle Fair, b. March 6, 1877; d. March 5, 1881. 

c255. Daisy Delcine Fair, b. Oct. 20, 1881 ; m. Frank Croyle. 

d2SS. Leonard Augustus Fair. b. Oct. 28, 1884; m. Anna Rhodes. 

e255. Elizabeth Ariminta Fair, b. Sept. 15, 1887; d. April 14, 1893. 

£255. Olive Lenore Fair, b. July 25, 1892; d. Nov. 11, 1918; m. Ray Snyder. 

Children : 

268. Frederick H. Bowser, b. Dec. 13, 1882; m. Eleanor Friskorn, b. Jan. 

23, 1888; ch. : Glen, b. Dec. 14, 1911 ; John Nenry, b. March 2, 1913; 
Clair, b. March 14, 1918. 

269. Pearl Bowser, b. July 16, 1887; m. Ulysses Lasher, b. Aug. 15, 1883; 

d. March 30, 1914; ch. : Edna, b. Aug. 12, 1905; Kenneth, b. Oct. 
9, 1907 ; Robert, b. June 20, 1912 ; Donald, b. July 8, 1914. 

270. Viola Bowser. 

271. Sarah Bowser, b. Jan. 24, 1892; m. Nelson McClay, b. Sept. 6, 1894; 

ch.: June McClay, b. April 16, 1916. 
Z12. Calvin Bowser, b. Sept. 26, 1895 ; in Prov. Motor Amb. Co. No. 618 
Reg., World war. 

273. Mary Bowser, b. Feb. 20, 1900. 

274. Oliva Bowser, b. May 10, 1903; m. Andrew Edwards, b. Oct. 18, 

1901 ; child : 

275. Doris Edwards, b. July 23, 1920. 


276. Gertie Bowser, b. Aug. 15, 1880; m. Leroy Bargerstock, b. Feb. 7, 

1877; ch.: Ralph, b. Dec. 9, 1905; Harland G., b. Jan. 26, 1912; 
Helen C. 


277. Elizabeth Guthrie, b. May 20, 1892. 

278. Ira D. Guthrie, b. Oct. 15, 1897; m. Grace Bierline, b. May 27, 1896; 

ch. : John Darwood Guthrie, b. May 31, 1920. 

279. Adelynne L. Guthrie, b. Aug. 3, 1899. 

264. AMOS S. and MATILDA D. (KUNKLE) BOWSER. Amos S. Bowser 
is a farmer of Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

a264. Florence E. Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1891 ; m. Jay Yerty, b. April 7, 1890. 

b264. Edward T. Bowser, b. Aug. 29, 1893. 

c264. Lewis S. Bowser, b. July 17, 1899; m. Violet Rice. 

d264. Clarence E. Bowser, b. Jan. 2, 1902; d. July 26, 1909. 
Amos S. and (2) Jennie R. (Groves). 
Children : 

a264. Chambers A. Bowser, b. Oct. 12, 1911. 


175. SOPHIA WYANT (6), ABRAM (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), 
MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS (1). Sophia (Bowser) Wyant is the third 
child of Abram and Mary Ann Stevens Bowser. She was reared in Franklin 
Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. ; m. Adam Wyant, March 25, 1847, a prominent 
farmer. Mrs. Wyant is still living at the remarkable age of 94 and retains 
the full use of her mental faculties. She has been able to attend all the 
Bowser reunions since the first one in 1899. For more than twenty years 
her children and descendants have gathered at her home on May 29th in 
the celebration of her birth. 

Children : 

280. Mary Wyant, b. March 2, 1848 ; m. Albert H. Rea ; ch. : Albert W., 

b. Nov. 6, 1876; m. Elizabeth Bandi, b. Feb. 21, 1878; (ch. : Ira S., 
Merl W.; Floyd, Enza E., Alton O.) ; Tillie Belle, b. 1875; d. 1884. 

281. Delilah S. Wyant, b. Sept. 23, 1849 ; m. George Boylstein, b. July 28, 

1845 ; d. April 10, 1910. 

282. Eli Fluke Wyant, b. Aug. 9, 1851 ; m. Parmelia Sindorf, b. Dec. 27, 


283. Christina Wyant, b. March 13, 1853; m. Thomas Jack, b. May 11, 

1844; d. March 24, 1915. 

284. Benjamin Wyland Wyant, b. Sept. 4, 1855; m. Cynthia A. Dickey, 

daughter of Samuel H. and Diana (Wolfe) Dickey, b. June 26, 

285. Emma T. Wyant, b. Fd). 4, 1858; m. Frank L. Wolfe, b. Jan. 1 

1858; d. Sept. 6, 1915. 

286. Catharine Wyant, b. April 13, 1860; m. Isaac F. Kramer, b. Jan. 17, 

1865; ch.: Margaret, b. Jan. 12, 1896; d. July 30, 1896; Frederick, 
b. Sept. 12, 1898 ; d. May 1, 1920. 

287. Dr. Jay B. F. Wyant, b. Aug. 7, 1862; m. Mary Louise Gilbert, b. 

May 11. 1864. See biographies. 

288. Margaret Wyant, b. Sept. 2, 1868; m. (1) Labana Wolfe; (2) Thomas 


289. Susanette Wyant, b. June 3, 1869 ; m. William Manross, b. 1865, 

Children : 

290. Archibald Boylstein, b. 1869; d. Jan. 12, 1910; m. Elizabeth Serene; 

ch. : May. 

291. George L. Boylstein, b. 1871 ; m. Kate Haines ; ch. : Jessie, Elsie. 

James, Jean, Frederick, Daniel, Hainer. 

292. Elizabeth Boylstein, b. 1875 ; m. James Boyd Greer ; ch. : Mary Louise, 

293. Alma Kathryn Boylstein, b. 1879; m. John William Gess ; ch.: 

John W., Jr. 

294. Sarah Boylstein, b. 1887 ; m. John Clayton Douglass. 

295. Daisie Jeannette Boylstein, b. 1891 ; m. George Edward Hanley. 

296. Sophia Boylstein. 

Children : 

297. Alma Wyant, b. May 11, 1874; m. William Anderson. 

298. James Ray Wyant, b. Dec. 25, 1875. 

299. Stella Mindon Wyant, b. Feb. 2, 1877. 

300. Reno Curtis Wyant, b. 1879; d. young. 

301. Ray Finley Wyant, b. Nov. 11, 1880; m. James. 

302. Sophia Isabelle Wyant, b. Oct. 8, 1884; m. Howard Butcher. 

303. May Wyant, b. 1886 ; m. Roy Krebs. 


Children : 

304. Laura M. Jack, b. May 9, 1876; d. May 24, 1900; m. Harve Mech- 

ling, b. 1876 ; ch. : Hazel, Neal. 

305. Margaret Jack, b. Nov. 27, 1876 ; m. Herbert Summers ; ch. : Edwin, 

Homer, Ira, Howard, Thomas. 

306. Robert Jack, m. Alice Stringer, b. Apr. 11, 1880; ch. : Daisey, Lillian, 

Mary, Louise, Martha, Jean. 

307. Rose Jack, b. Jan. 10, 1880; m. Frank Burdett; ch. : Thelma, Saidie 


308. Milton Jack, b. Aug. 5, 1881; m. Dorothy Wolfe, b. May 11, 1892; 

ch. : Charles, Helen, Ruth. 

309. Labana Jack, b. Dec. 29, 1890; m. Marie Bish, b. Jan. 22, 1891; ch. : 

Wallace, Uda, Neil. 

Children : 

310. Finne Lula Wyant, b. Aug. 25, 1878 ; d. Aug. 30, 1879. 

311. Mary Josephene Wyant, b. May 22, 1880; m. Horace E. Nichols. 

312. Ch. : Kenneth W. Nichols, b. Feb. 12, 1907. 

313. John Finley Wyant, b. July 7, 1883. 

314. Samuel B. R. Wyant, b. May 3, 1886. 

315. Anna Sophia Wyant, b. Jan. 16, 1890; m. Joseph Leard. 

316. Ch.: Finley Arthur, b. Nov. 14, 1915. 

317. Ruth L., b. Jan. 26, 1912. 

318. Benjamin F. Wyant, b. June 26, 1892; m. Lottie May Wolfe. 

319. Ch.: Harding Ashley, b. Nov. 16, 1915. 

320. Muriel Josephine, b. Oct. 6, 1917. 

321. Gaynell Isabell, b. Feb. 23, 1920. 

285. EMMA and FRANK L. WOLFE. 
Children : 

322. Daniel W. Wolfe, b. Aug. 29, 1877; m. Pearl Lias, b. April 11, 1882; 

ch. : Vernon, Pauline, Theone, Sidney, Marian. 

323. A. Weldon Wolfe, b. Dec. 22. 1880; d. Apr. 16, 1911. 

324. Orca May Wolfe, b. Apr. 22, 1884; m. (1) George McAuley; (2) 

Victor S. Say, b. Feb. 18, 1887. 

325. Clifton Wolfe, b. July 27, 1895; m. Margaret Gilbert, b. Mar. 14, 

1895; ch.: Iris, Edward, Claris, Allen. 

326. Milburn Wolfe, b. Dec. 25, 1901. 

287. DR. J. B. F. and LOUISE (GILBERT) WYANT. 
Children : 

327. Sophia Irene Wyant, b. Oct. 12. 1886; d. Oct. 8, 1904. 

328. Sarah Alleine Wyant, twin of Irene; m. Doctor Edward E. Evens, 

a prominent physician of McKeesport, Pa. 

329. Ch. : Finley Edward. 

330. Anna Louise. 

331. Margaret C. Wyant, b. Mar. 13, 1890; m. William C. Kline, in bank- 

ing business New York City. 

332. Ch.: Robert Wyant Kline, b. Sept. 15, 1916. 

333. Corbin Wayland Wyant, b. Mar. 23, 1896; student Bucknell Univ. 

334. Mary Louise Wyant, b. July 20, 1902. 

Children : 

335. Hazel Wolfe, m. Kenneth Costello ; ch. : Mildred, Margaret, Sophia. 

336. Kramer Wolfe, b. Oct. 16, 1898; m. Charlotte Raub, b. Sept. 11, 1902. 


Children : 

337. George Manross, b. Sept. 18, 1890; d. Aug. 12, 1908. 

338. Luetta Manross, b. July 21, 1894; m. H. B. Phillips, b. Apr. 19, 1888; 

ch. : Evelyn, Dudley. 

339. Benjamin T. Manross, b. Nov. 18, 1900; m. Marie Wolfe, b. 1900; 

ch.: Betty L, 

340. William Manross, b. Sept. 7, 1908. 

341. Finley Manross, b. Dec. 27, 1902. 

342. Eli Manross, d. 

343. Ira Manross, b. Aug. 17, 1892; m. Marie Cochoran. 

344. Ch. : William D. 

176. SARAH ANN BOWSER (6) ; ABRAM (5) ; VALENTINE (4) ; 
JOHN (3); MATHIAS (2); MATHIAS (1). Sarah Ann Bowser m. 
Jacob Booher and lived near Sherrett, Armstrong Co., Pa. They resided on 
their farm until 1915 when they made their home with their daughter, 
Mrs. Wilson Fair, W. Kittanning, Pa. 
Children : 

345. Abram Booher, b. Sept. 26, 1849; d. Aug. 3, 1911 ; m. Hannah Wyant, 

b. Dec. 5, 1848. 

346. Mary Catharine Booher, d. June 26, 1922 ; m. William Wyant. 

347. Evaline Booher ; m. John Frick. 

348. Malissa Jane Booher ; m. Francis M. Painter. 

349. Samuel Furman Booher, m. (1) Sarah Titley; (2) Demps Beighley. 

350. Frederick B. Booher; m. Rebecca Crawford. 

351. Leah Amanda Booher. 

352. Rosanah Booher. 

353. Joshua Crawford Booher, M. D. ; m. (1) Blanche Taylor (2), Jane 


354. Sophia Elizabeth Booher; m. Thomas N. Hazlett. 

355. Lydia Ann Booher; m. Gideon W. Fair. 

345. ABRAM and HANNAH (WYANT) BOOHER. Abram Booher was a 
resident of Armstrong County, Pa., engaged in stock raising and farming. 
Children : 

356. Jacob Booher; m. (1) Annie McGlaughlin ; ch. : Sarah Pearl; (2) 

Elizabeth Elder; ch. : Hazel, William, Ellsworth, Erma, Mildred. 

357. John Booher ; m. Rose Leonard. 

358. Edward Booher; m. (1) Jennie June; ch. : Josephene, June, Catharine 

Gladdys (2) Catharine Harker ; ch. : Gertrude, Florence, Lillian. 

359. Sadie Booher ; m. Finley Shrader ; ch. : Herman, Helm. 

360. Harry Booher, U. S. Army, Philippines. 

361. Samuel Booher; m. Vernie Rickle; ch. : Harold, Delmar, Doris M. 

362. Frederick Booher ; m. Annie Shrader. 

347. EVE (BOOHER) and JOHN FRICK. John W. Frick is a foreman 
carpenter and bridge builder with the Pennsylvania Railroad — Allegheny 
Division — a position he has held for nearly 40 years. For several years 
after his marriage he resided in Armstrong County, Pa., but later moved 
to Verona, near Pittsburgh, where he has since lived. He and Mrs. Frick 
were given a memorable Golden Wedding in 1920. The author had the 
honor of "performing the ceremony." 
Children : 

363. Charles M. Frick; m. Carrie Starr. 

364. Daisy D. Frick; m. James B. Shaw. 

365. Katharine M. Frick; m. Edward J. Null. 


366. Homer J. Frick; m. Laura Carrier. 

367. Gertrude M. Frick; m. Charles P. Donahue. 

368. Ford F. Frick. In World War. 

369. Orville H. Frick; m. Julia Kent. In World War. 

370. Norman E. Frick; m. Belle Candrcn. 

371. Josephine E. Frick; m. Harry A. Depp. 
2>n. John W. Frick, Jr. 

373. Carrie L. Frick; d. Jan. 16, 1879. 

363. CHARLES M. and CARRIE FRICK ; address : Verona, Pa. 
Children : 

374. Walter M. Frick; b. July 26, 1905. 

375. Richard L. Frick, b. April 10, 1913. 

364. DAISY D. and JAMES B. SHAW ; address : Verona, Pa. 
Children : 

lid. Stanley A. Shaw, b. Sept. 9, 1906. 
Zn. Alexander Shaw, b. Aug. 14, 1908. 

378. James B. Shaw, Jr., b. Apr. 26, 1913. 

Child : 

379. David C. Null, b. Aug. 19, 1897. 

366. HOMER J. and LAURA FRICK; address: Verona, Pa. 
Children : 

380. John J. Frick, b. Oct. 8, 1913. 

381. Jack Frick b. June 28, 1915. 

382. William P. Frick, b. June 30, 1919. 

367. GERTRUDE M. and CHAS. P. DONAHUE; address: Wilkinsburg, Pa, 
Children : 

383. Evelyn Donahue, b. July 26, 1912. 

384. Clyde Donahue, b. Nov. 9, 1915. 

368. FORD F. FRICK served in the A. E. F. in France as sergeant-major 
from May 20, 1918, to May 28, 1919. Headquarters, 80th Division. 

369. ORVILLE H. FRICK served in the Machine Gun Platoon, Second 
Cavalry, Philippines, Nov. 18, 1910, to Nov. 18, 1913. Also in the U. S. 
Naval Reserves, July 3, 1918, to Dec. 10, 1919. 

Children : 

385. Norman E. Frick, Jr., b. Feb. 22, 1913. 

386. Wesley Frick, b. Dec. 21, 1920. 

Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Children : 

387. Edward F. Painter b. June 7, 1878; m. Adalaide Neckerman; ch. : 

Jay Crawford, b. Aug. 31, 1912; Norman Harding, b. Oct. 16, 1920. 

388. Sarah Ann Painter, b. Aug. 9, 1881. 

389. Jay Crawford Painter; m. Irma McDonald, b. Dec. 1892. 

390. Frank M. Painter, Jr., b. Sept. 23, 1886; d. June 8, 1908. 
a390. Mable Alverda Painter, b. Aug. 21, 1890; d. Jan. 24, 1895. 


349. SAMUEL FURMAN BOOHER. (See Biographies.) 

Resides at Cowansville R. D." Armstrong County, Fa. 

Children : 

391. Mona Viola Booher, d. Dec. 25, 1918; m. C. F. Fair. 

392. Flora Belle Booher ; m. W. F. Porterfield, d. Oct. 29, 1918. 

393. Jay C. Booher; m. Beatrice T. Smith. 
Children : 

394. Brayden Sherwood Booher, b. Feb. 23, 1916. 

395. Frederick Smith Booher, b. June 25, 1917. 

396. Mona Viola Booher, b. Feb. 21, 1919. 

353. DR. JOSHUA CRAWFORD BOOHER. Doctor Booher is a grad- 
uate of Reid Institute and the medical department of the University of 
Pittsburgh. He is located at Falls Creek, Pa., where he has established 
a large practice. He made discoveries in the treatment of anthrax which 
gave him a reputation throughout the country. He married (1) Blanche 
Taylor; (2) Jane Carrier. 


397. Sarah. 

354. SOPHIA ELIZABETH BOOHER, b. July 4, 1868 ; m. THOMAS N. 
HAZLETT, b. Apr. 13, 1879. Address: McKeesport, Pa. 

Child : 

398. Edwin N. Hazlett, b. Jan. 8, 1905. 

355. LYDIA ANN BOOHER, m. G. WILSON FAIR. Mr. Fair is a railroad 
carpenter. Residence at Apple Wold, Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

399. Jacob Clifford Fair. 

400. Simon A. Fair. 

401. Frederick Booher Fair. 

IAS (2); MATHIAS (1). Delilah Bowser, b. Nov. 27, 1833; d. ; 

m. (1) Abram Frick. Lived at Adrian, Pa.; (2) John D. Wolfe. 
Children : 

402. Chambers Frick, b. Nov. 26, 1852; m. Nancy Flenner, daughter of 

David Flenner b. Nov. 23, 1850. (See Biographies.) 

403. Catharine Frick, b. Apr. 21, 1854; m. Wyland Lasher, b. Mar. 4, 1850. 

Address : Adrian, Pa. 

404. John Wesley Frick, b. 1860; d. 1862. 

405. Luther Frick, d. Dec. 1881. 

406. Michael Frick, d. Dec. 1902; m. Leana Wolfe. 

-^ 407. Charlotte J. Frick, b. Feb. 3, 1862 ; m. David Booher, b. Aug. 18, 1858. 
Address: Kittanning, Pa. 

408. (2) Dr. William Wolfe, b. 1865; m. Louise Miller. Address: 

Omaha, Neb. . „ , 

409. John Wolfe, b. July 8, 1866; d. Sept. 18, 1912; m. Lottie Booher, 

b. Feb. 28, 1867. Address : Adrian, Pa. 

410. Jeannette Wolfe, b. 1869; d. Dec. 11, 1894; m. Samuel Schrechengost. 

411. Abram Wolfe, b. Mar. 4, 1871 ; m. Gertie Henan, b. Sept. 5, 1875. 

402. CHAMBERS and NANCY (FLENNER) FRICK. Ex-sheriff Cham- 
bers Frick was born and reared near Adrian, Armstrong County, Pa. For 
years a merchant at Adrian and at present at the same place m mercantile 


business with his son, Chambers Frick, Jr. He served one term as sheriff 
of Armstrong County, Pa. Nancy (Flenner) Frick is a grand-daughter of 
Julia Ann Bowser, daughter of "Hopewell" John Bowser. 

Children : 

412. Mary Delilah Frick, b. Sept. 27, 1871 ; m. George Lasher, b. Sept. 

29, 1867. Address: Adrian, Pa. 

413. Ada Jane Frick, b. Nov. 24, 1873; m. Edward Montgomery; ch. : 

Florence, b. Aug. 29, 1902 ; m. Chas. W. Morgan — ch. : Jane. 
Frank, b. Aug. 27 1905 ; Ralph, b. Apr. 10, 1907 ; Roy, b. March 24, 
1908; Anna, b. May 7, 1911; Paul, b. July 18, 1913; Irene Pearl, b. 
Apr, 29, 1917. 

414. Rose Lee Frick, b. Apr. 18, 1876; m. Tony Martin. New Kensing- 

ton, Pa. 

415. Lottie Belle Frick, b. Oct. 31, 1878; m. Sherman Bowser, son of 

Robinson Bowser. Address : West Kittanning, Pa. 

416. Lillian Helen Frick, b. Mar. 7, 1881 ; m. (1) Joseph Toy; (2) David 


417. James M. Frick, b. Aug. 24, 1883; m. Lettie Montgomery. Address: 

Adrian, Pa. 
■^418. Florence Frick, b. Dec. 27, 1885; m. Charles Thompson. Address: 
West Kittanning, Pa. 

419. Chambers F. Frick, b. Feb. 28, 1892; m. Mary Serene, b. Oct. 1, 1896. 

Address : Adrian, Pa. 

420. Rufus S. Kank Frick, b. Apr. 13, 1894; m. Erman Tennent, b. 

May 24, 1893. 

Adrian, Pa. 

Children : 

421. Cora J. Lasher, b. Nov. 10, 1872; m. Doctor Ernest Holtzhauser. 

422. Arda J. Lasher, b. July 4, 1875; m. Minnie Croyle. 

423. James H. Lasher, b. Jan. 21, 1880; m. Mary Robinson. 

425. Maud D. Lasher, b. Oct. 24, 1882; m. Ambrose Bowser. 

426. William L. Lasher, b. Mar. 14, 1884; m. Annie Renn. 

427. John H. Lasher, b. June 29, 1886 ; m. Margaret Humes. 

428. Dr. Lem A. Lasher, b. Aug. 5, 1889; m. Julia Blosam. 

429. Lowen B. Lasher, b. Nov. 9, 1890; m. Mary Engleman. 

406. MICHAEL and LEANA FRICK. Michael Frick was killed by the 
explosion of a boiler. 

Children : 

430. Dora Frick m. Walter Holmes. 

431. Amanda Frick m. Ernest Fair. 

432. Charles Frick. 

407. CHARLOTTE and DAVID BOOHER. David Booher, son of Barthol- 
mew and Margaret (Bowser) Booher of Adrian, Pa. Carpenter. Address: 
West Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

433. Nellie Booher, b. Aug. 29, 1880; d. June 18, 1889. 

434. Herbert Booher, b. June 9, 1882 ; m. Violet Crissman, b. Aug. 4, 1882. 

Contractor and builder of Kittanning, Pa. Ch. : Cecil R., b. 
Aug. 9, 1907; Herbert, b. Nov. 25, 1910, d. Jan. 5, 1911 ;Alberta, b. 
Sept. 8, 1912; Fonda Pearl, b. Aug. 24, 1915; d. Oct. 22, 1916. 

435. Bertie Booher, b. June 28, 1884 ; d. Mar. 9, 1886. 

436. Chambers Booher, b. Aug. 16, 1886; d. June 28, 1887. 



437. Elmer Booher, b. Nov. 6, 1888; m. Flow Mast, b. Sept. 14, 1891. 

Ch.: Charlotte L., b. Feb. 2, 1916; Betty W., b. July 28, 1918; 
Sarah M., b. Apr. 1, 19920. In banking business, Kittanning, Pa. 

438. Margaret Booher, b. Feb. 17, 1891; m. Reed Stoops, teacher. Ch. : 

Glenn, b. June 13, 1912; Reed, b. May 31, 1918; Harold, b. 
June 6, 1920. 

439. Roy Booher, b. July 6, 1893. In World war. 

440. Blanche Booher, b. July 4, 1898. 

441. Richard Booher, b. July 26, 1900; m. Lucy Harmon, b. Mar. 7, 1899; 

ch.: Roy F., b. Mar. IS, 1920; Muriel Jane, b. Aug. 8, 1921. 

442. John Hartzell Booher, b. Mar. 22, 1903. 

Doctor William is also known as William W. Bowser. 

Children : 

443. Dell Wolfe. 

444. Frederick Wolfe. 

445. Robert Wolfe. 

409. JOHN and LOTTIE (BOOHER) WOLFE. Address: Adrian, Pa. 
Children : 

446. Elsie Wolfe, b. May 8, 1893 ; m. Ira McAuley, b. Oct. 13, 1889 ; ch. : 

Lottie, b. Aug. 12, 1913. Address: Adrian, Pa. 

447. Bert Wolfe, b. June 27, 1895; medical student; m. Ruth Fitzgerald. 

448. Emanuel Wolfe, b. July 12, 1901. Teacher. Adrian, Pa. 

449. Larry Wolfe, b. Oct. 8, 1905. Teacher. Adrian, Pa. 

Children : 

450. Sannis Schreckengost. 

451. Edith Schreckengost. 

452. Forest Schreckengost. 

453. Viola Schreckengost. 

454. Herbert Schreckengost. 

411. ABRAM and GERTIE (HENNAN) WOLFE. Abram Wolfe is an 
iron worker. Residence, W. Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

455. Ethel Wolfe. 

456. Naoma Wolfe. 

457. Irene Wolfe. 

(See Biographies.) 
Children : 

458. Addison Bartholomew Bowser, b. May 22, 1858; m. Ella Zelima 

Stebbins, b. Dec. 10, 1869. (See Biographies.) 

459. Esther Jane Bowser, b. Feb. 4, 1860; m. (1) Robert O. Barbor, b. 

Mar. 4, 1855 ; (2) Amos T. Fair. Address : Ford City, Pa. 

460. Mary Belle Bowser, b. Feb. 24, 1862; m. Solomon Bowser, b. Jan. 

9, 1859, d. Apr. 26, 1920. 

461. David Elmer Bowser, b. Sept. 23, 1866; d. Oct." 20, 1882. 

462. Arda Joshua Bowser, b. July 21, 1868 ; m. Nellie Craft, b. 1870. 

463. Elizabeth Lula Bowser, b. Dec. 14, 1870; m. John Rebolt, b. Sept. 

28, 1865. 

464. Arlington Reed Bowser, b. June 11, 1875; m. (1) Margaret McCol- 

lums, b. Feb. 22, 1881 ; d. Oct. 20, 1917; m. (2) Mrs. Alice Dougherty. 



Children : 

465. Frank Excell Bowser, b. Oct. 31, 1892. Medical student University 

of Pittsburgh. In Med. Corps and later in training at Camp Lee. 
World War. 

466. Wayland Stanley Bowser. Student University of Pittsburgh. Served 

as 1st Lt. in France from until . In Battle of 

St. Mihiel. 

467. Isabelle Bowser, b. Feb. 14, 1896; m. Dr. E. C. Winters, b. Jan. 17, 

1889. (See Biographies.) Ch. : James E. Winters, b. Aug. 26, 1921. 

468. Arda Crawford Bowser, b. Jan. 9, 1899. Student at Bucknell; m. 

Elsie Laura Reitler, b. Oct. 27, 1902. 

Children : 

469. Verner L. Barbor, b. Mar. 21, 1877; m. Edith Davis. Attorney, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Children : 

a469. Corabelle Barbor. 
b469. Delmont Barbor. 
c469. Verner L. Barbor, Jr. 

470. Debnont A. Barbor, b. Dec. 14, 1878; m. Anna Wise. Real estate, 

Wilmerding, Pa. 
Children : 

471. Verner H. Barbor. 

472. James Robert Barbor, b. Oct. 18, 1887; m. Jennie Parker; ch. : 

Robert, William, Isabelle. 

473. Mina Ruth Barbor, b. Sept. 17, 1891; m. Harry R. Mygrant; ch. : 

Robert, Meriam, Ruth, Elizabeth Jane, Clifford R. d. in San Diego, 
Cal., Nov. 21, 1913. 

460. MARY BELLE and SOLOMON BOWSER. Adrian, Pa. 
Children : 

475. Margaret E. Bowser, b. May 22, 1882 ; d. Oct. 3, 1882. 

476. Lydia M. Bowser, b. Oct. 30, 1883; m. Andrew Bowser, b. May 14, 

1875. Address: Adrian, Pa. Ch. : Wilbert R., b. Apr. 21, 1901; 
Stanley S., b. June 12, 1903; Herman A., b. Sept. 9, 1905; Ken- 
neth A., b. Dec. 13, 1910; Paul R., b. Sept. 3, 1913. 

477. Gracia E. Bowser, b. May 1, 1886; d. May 3, 1887. 

478. Sally R. Bowser, b. May 5, 1889; m. Robert Lemmon, b. July 6, 1870; 

address: Adrian, Pa.; ch. : Russell J., b. July 27, 1908; Sarah E., b. 
Sept. 3, 1911 ; Earl W., b. Jan. 16, 1914; James R., b. Sept. 26, 1920. 

479. Clarence S. Bowser, b. Nov. 2, 1897. Address : Adrian, Pa. 

480. Mathias E. Bowser, b. Jan. 26, 1901. Address: Adrian, Pa. 

481. Ella M. Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1902. At home. 

Bowser was educated at Dennison College and Crozier Theological Semi- 
nary. Pastor of the Baptist Church at Delaware, Ohio. 
Children : 

482. Harry Addison Bowser, b. 1890; m. Rose Nitchman. Served in the 

late World War, in France, from May 28, 1918, to May 10, 1919, 
with Battery E, 153d Brigade, 78th Div. 1st Army Corps. Battles : 
Toul Sector, St. Mihiel, Preny Raid, Meuse Argonne and 
Grand Pre. Ch. : Jack. 

483. Erma Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1892 ; d. 1893. 


463. ELIZABETH LULU and JOHN REBOLT. Address : Templeton, Pa. 
Children : 

484. Charles Rebolt, b. June 17, 1890; d. Nov. 16, 1910. 

485. Frank Rebolt, b. Jan. 19, 1894; m. Florence M. Gray, b. Feb. 21, 1892; 

ch. : Elizabeth Marghreta, b. Aug. 1, 1919. Address : Templeton, Pa. 

486. Genevieve Rebolt, b. June 24, 1908. At home. 

rett. Pa. 

Children : 

487. Catharine Elizabeth Bowser, b. Jan. 7, 1911. 

488. A. Gerald Bowser, b. July 24, 1912. 

180. ROSANNAH and ARCHIBALD BOWSER. Archibald Bowser was 
an iron worker for a number of years in Kittanning, Pa. Later he moved 
with his family to Dubois ; he subsequently removed to Olean, N. Y., 
where he died, Nov. 12, 1889. 

Children : 

489. Rhinaldo M. Bowser, b. Jan. 14, 1858; m. Alice Lindsey, b. Apr. 9, 

1862. Merchant. Olean, N. Y. 

Children : 
490. Archibald Milton Bowser, b. Aug. 17, 1884. 

492. Beatrice Heine Bowser, b. Nov. 18, 1896. 

492. Adoniram Judson Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1859; m. (1) Delia M. Frye, 
b. Sept. 7, 1866, d. 1884; (2) Mary H. Miller, b. May 18, 1859, d. 
1899; (3) Jeannette G. Byrne, b. Oct. 19, 1871. Prof. Adoniram J. 
Bowser, music teacher and band leader, resides at Butler, Pa. 

Children : 

493. Rosanah Mabel Bowser, b. Sept. 18, 1887. 

494. Hazel Adelaide Bowser, b. May 27, 1889. 

495. Adrian Rupert Bowser, b. Aug. 10, 1894; d. 1895. 

496. Furman T. Bowser, b. Aug. 18, 1861 ; m. Ella Lyle, b. Feb. 13, 1863 
Resides at Galeton, Pa. 

Children : 

497. Daisy Bowser, b. Aug. 27, 1884; d. same year. 

498. Archibald William Bowser, b. Nov. 16, 1885; m. Emma Goodrich, 

b. 1881. Address : New York City. 

499. John Fluke Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 1887 ; d. Feb. 5, 1889. 

500. Mary Margaret Bowser, b. June 2, 1863 ; d. June, 1909 ; m. Charles 

Richardson ; ch. : Charles Barnes, b. Aug. 10. 1886, d. Jan. 2, 1887. 

501. Jacob Fluke Bowser, b. Aug. 31, 1865; m. Ida Coonrod, b. 1871. 

Resides in Rochester, N, Y. 

502. Benjamin Stevens Bowser, b. Dec. 23, 1867; d. Jan. 5, 1870. 

503. Rosanah Francis Bowser, b. Oct. 31, 1869; d. Sept. 28, 1891. 

504. Ermeda Belle Bowser, b. Nov. 12, 1871; m. Silas Hughes; ch.: 

Dorthea Irene, b. June 21, 1894, m. Bylgardes; Ester, b. Mar. 19, 
1897, m. Arthur E. Doyle. 

505. Lillie Myrtle Bowser, b. Apr. 27, 1874; d. Dec. 7, 1911; m. Chester 


(a) Ch. : Richard Isaac, b. June, 1897. 

(b) Avanail Lillian, b. Oct. 7, 1904. 

506. Lottie Arvilla Bowser, b. Jan. 27, 1878 ; d. Feb. 26, 1880. 

507. Joshua Crawford Bowser, b. Aug. 6, 1880; d. Aug. 28, 1880. 


181. JANE (BOWSER) and ADAM GRANTZ. Adam Grantz, blacksmith. 
Residence, Adrian, Pa. Died in Westmoreland Co., Apr. 22, 1905. 
Children : 

a507. Alice Grantz, b. Mar. 26, 1860; m. Henry Spang, b. Aug. 17, 1844, 
d. July 15, 1919. Residence, Leechburg, Pa. Iron worker. 

508. Benjamin Grantz. 

509. Mary Elizabeth Grantz, b. Sept. 17, 1865; m. John C. Marks, b. 

Oct. 16, 1864. Railroad engineer. Residence: New Kensington, Pa. 

510. Rosa Agnes Grantz, b. Dec. 15, 1867; m. Peter H. Kline, b. Nov. 9, 

1857. Photographer, Leechburg, Pa. 

511. George Grantz, m. Elizabeth Stahl. 

Children : 

512. Smith McKee Spang, b. July 12, 1877; m. Mary Belle Eschelman, 

b. Mar. 10, 1886; d. Nov. 21, 1918. 
Children : 

a512. Grant McKee Spang, b. Jan. 16, 1907. 
b512. George Henry Spang, b. Jan. 16, 1907. 
c512. Beatrice A. R. Spang, b. Dec. 3, 1908. 
d512. Mabel Prudence Spang, b. Nov. 12, 1910. 

513. William Ernest Spang, b. May 25, 1899 ; m. Celia McCauley. 
Child : 

a513. Doyle Henry Spang, b. June 15, 1898. 

514. Jesse Bibson Spang, b. Dec. 31, 1884; m. Mattie P. Lascoe. 
Children : 

a514. Kenneth Earl Spang, b. Apr. 1, 1906. 
b514. Dorothy May Spang, b. 1908. 
c514. Harold Henry Spang, b. July 31, 1909. 
d514. Arthur Spang, b. May, 1914; d. May, 1916. 

515. Alfred Spang, b. Sept. 17, 1887; d. Apr. 21, 1890. 

516. Harold Henry Spang, b. July 22, 1895. Salesman. 

Children : 

517. Edith Josephine Marks, b. Jan. 9, 1884; m. William Hardie Ikler, b. 

July 3, 1872. 

Ch.: 517. Helen Elizabeth Ikler, b. Jan. 30, 1909. 

518. Muriel Agnes Marks, b. Oct. 21, 1889; m. Henry William Heyer, b. 

May 4, 1884. 

Ch.: 518a. Henry William Heyer, Jr., b. May 13, 1909. 
518b. Mary Elizabeth Heyer, b. Jan. 24, 1916. 

519. John E. Marks, b. Nov. 24, 1899 ; m. Mary Cohen, b. Oct. 2, 1900. 

520. Helen Elizabeth Marks, b. May 17, 1906. 

Children : 

521. Ethel Irene Kline, b. July 31, 1891; m. A. O. Kinter. 
Child : 

522. Marion Agnes Kline, b. Apr. 27, 1916. 
523. Marion Rebecca Kline, b. Jan. 9, 1899. 
523. Harold Eugene Kline, b. Feb. 13, 1905. 

182. JOSHUA CRAWFORD BOWSER, b. 1846; m. Kiziah Bowser, b. 
Dec. 1, 1842. Joshua Crawford Bowser enlisted in the beginning of the 
Civil war at the age of 13, and served to the end as a drummer. He 


re-enlisted at the close of the war and was stationed first at Sacketts 
Harbor, N. Y., later at Columbus, Ohio, where he is at present retired. 
Children : 

524. Ulysses Selby Bowser, m. (1) Annie Lordel ; ch. : George, Paul, 

Louisa, Jay. (2) May Callen ; ch. : Agnes, Elizabeth, Annie, Mary 
and Jacob. 

525. George Bowser, b. Mar. 22, 1868; m. Jennie Mcintosh, b. Apr. 24, 

Children : 
a525. Ralph B., b. Nov. 5, 1902; d. Aug. 20, 1904. 
bS25. Belva J., b. Jan. 22, 1905. 
cS25. Helen K., b. Jan. 17, 1908. 
d525. Alexander G., b. Nov. 17, 1910. 
e525. George, b. Mar. 10, 1915; d. Mar. 16, 1915. 

526. Maud B. Bowser, b. May 18, 1870; m. William H. Bowser, son of 

Mathias and Rebecca; b. Apr. 17, 1865; d. Mar. 19, 1920. 
Children : 

527. Nula K. Bowser. 

528. Ruth R. Bowser, b. Jan. 8, 1893; m. Perry Hampton, b. July 14, 

1891 ; ch. : Helen H., Ardel. 

529. William A. Bowser. Enlisted in World War Dec. 21, 1917. Hon- 

orably discharged Aug. 12, 1919. Served with No. 405 Third 
Army Corps. Battles in the Meuse and Argonne Sectors. 

530. Margaret Bowser. Student. 

531. Harry M. Bowser. Student. 

185. JAMES HINDMAN and AMANDA J. BOWSER. James Hindman 
Bowser was born at the Bowser homestead near Walk Chalk, Armstrong 
County, Pa., and has resided in the county ever since; at present in West 
Kittanning. He is president of the Bowser Reunion, which meets annually 
near Kittanning. 
Children : 

532. Jessie May Bowser, b. 1873; m. Captain C. A. Smith, 

533. Tillie Vereta Bowser, b. 1877 ; m. Philip T. Bowser. 

534. David S. Bowser, b. 1880; d. July 29, 1922. 

535. James Herby Bowser, b. 1882 ; m. Louise. 

536. Cozy Belle Bowser, b. 1885 ; m. John G. Helm. 

537. Mary Ivine Bowser, b. 1890; m. (1) Frank C. Wylie; m. (2) 

Frank C. Ross. 

164. SOPHIA (2) ; BENJAMIN STEVENS (1). Sophia Stevens, sister of 
Mary Stevens Bowser (see 164), married Joshua Crawford of Baltimore, 
Md. Benjamin and Sarah Ann Stevens had four children, two sons 
and two daughters. Vachel was a successful Southern planter and a slave- 
holder. Moses went from Ohio to Missouri where we lose all trace of him. 
Mary, grandmother of the writer, spent all her married life in Armstrong 
County, Pa. She was the mother of 12 children, three of whom died in 
infancy. Many of her descendants have made honorable careers. But to 
Sophia Stevens and Joshua Crawford, Providence granted the great dis- 
tinction of giving a great-grandson to the Presidency of the Nation. 
Children : 

a (164) Mary Ann Crawford, b. 1826, d. 1896; m. Charles A. Harding, b. 
1820, d. 1876. 

b(164) Benjamin Crawford, m. Sarah Miller. 

c(164) John Crawford, m. Elizabeth Bixby. 

d(164) Matilda Crawford, b. 1840; m. Rev. Warren G. Bancroft. 

e(164) Catharine Crawford, m. Seth Arborgast. 
f(164) Elmira Crawford, m. Rev. Joseph Matlock. 


g(164) Travis Harding, m. Jennie Close. 
h(164) Louise Crawford, m. Shed Johns. 
i( 164) Frances L. Crawford, m. Dr. Smith. 

Children : 
j(164) George Tyron Harding, M. D., b. 1844; m. Phoebe Elizabeth 

Dickerson, b. 1843, d. 1910. 
k(164) Phobe Harding, m. Thomas Mitchell. 
1(164) Sophia Harding, m. Simon A. Numbers. 
m(164) Callie Harding, m. Daniel Marshman. 
n(164) Frances L. Harding, b. 1852, m. Rev. Andrew Wyant. 
o(164) Ella H. Harding, m. Albert Wheeler Dickerson. 

ING. Doctor George Tryon Harding was married and lived in the village 
of Blooming Grove, Morrow County, Ohio, adjacent to the farm where he 
was born. It was here his illustrious son, Warren G. was born. In 
1871 Doctor Harding moved to Caledonia, a neighboring town. Here he 
remamed eleven years. When he had fully gained his stride as a physician 
and man of various enterprises, he located permanently in Marion, a grow- 
ing, enterprising town, now a city known around the world. 

Children : 
p(164) Warren Gamaliel Harding, President of the United States, b. 

Nov. 2, 1865, m. Florence Kling. 
q(164) Charity Harding, b. 1867, m. E. E. Remsberg. 
r(164) Mary Harding, b. 1868. 
s(164) Abigail Harding, b. 1872. 
t(164) Dr. George Tryon Harding, Jr. 
u(164) Caroline Harding. For years a missionary in India. 

ml64. CALLIE (HARDING) and DANIEL MARSHMAN. The children 
of Callie and Daniel Marshman were born at Blooming Grove. Later they 
moved to Galion. They now reside in Marion. 

Children : 

v(164) John T. Marshman; professor at the Wesleyan University, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. 
w(164) Charles Marshman. 

x(164) Benjamin Marshman. 

y(164) Frank Marshman. 

z(164) Warren Marshman. 

nl64. FRANCES L. (HARDING) and ANDREW WYANT; address: Saw, 
telle, Calif. Mr. Wyant was a native of Armstrong County, Pa. He was a 
veteran of the Civil War. In the early days of the oil development in 
western Pennsylvania he was a successful producer at Parker's Landing, 
Pa. He later moved to Ohio, thence to Sawtelle, Calif., where his widow 
and their son Harding reside. Mr. Wyant died while on a trip to his native 
state about 1914. 

Children : 
n(164) Maud E. Wyant, b. 1872; d. 1905; m. Walter Ludington. b. 1871; 

d. 1906. 
n(164) Pearl C. Wyant, b. 1874; d. 1900; m. Vincent L. Frank, b. 1869; 

child: Marine Frank, b. 1898; d. Jan. 1900. 
n(164) Charles Harding Wyant, b. 1876; m. Carolyn Osborne, b. 1879. 


JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR. (1); farmer; died in Washington Twp., Ann- 
strong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

538. Rachel Bowser, b. Oct. 25, 1829 ; d. March 5, 1912 ; m. Samuel Har- 

rison Bowser, son of Peter and Elizabeth ; resided at Walk Chalk, 
Armstrong Co., Pa.; died there. 

539. William Bowser, b. March 3, 1831; m. Delilah Frick; farmer; 

resides at Kittanning, Pa. 

540. Eliza Bowser, b. March 1, 1833; m. George Helm. 

541. Hannah Bowser, b. Feb. 14, 1835; m. William Henry. 

542. Archibald R. Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1836; m. Rosanah Bowser, b. April 

4, 1840; d. Aug. 18, 1880. See (180) for children. 

543. Valentine Bowser, b. Oct. 1, 1838; m. *Anna John. He died about 


544. Mary Ann Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1840; d. March 12, 1853. 

545. Kiziah Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1842; m. Joshua Crawford Bowser, 

(See 182.) 

546. John Bowser, b. April 1, 1844; m. Jane Flenner; d. May 30, 1870. 

547. Jacob Bowser, b. April 26, 1847; d. May 27, 1865. 

548. Susan Bower, b. July 11, 1849; m. W. L. Bowser (son of Jacob F.), 

b. June 15, 1856. 

Children : 

(543) John A. Bowser, m. Mamie ; address: Dubois, Pa.; ch. : 

Wesley M., Robert Kenneth, Nellie G., Etta V., Marie. 
a543 Jacob W. Bowser. 
b543 Frederick Bowser. 
c543 Jeremiah Bowser, 
d543 Richard Bowser. 
e543 Charles W. Bowser, b. May 3, 1881 ; m. Elsie Treser ; address : 

Turtle Creek, Pa. ; child : Belva L., b. June 26, 1919. 
£543 Susan Bowser, m. Lewis Strawmeyers ; address : Clarion, Pa. 
g543 Ella Nora Bowser, m. James D. Owens ; address : Braddock, Pa. 
h543 Blanche Bowser, m. James Purdy; ch. : Helen, Isetta, Lee, Gene- 
vieve ; address : Susquehanna, Pa. 
1543 Elizabeth Bowser, m. John Anderson ; address : Dubois, Pa. 
jS43 Katharine Bowser, m. Charles Anderson; address: Dubois, Pa, 
k543 Adam Bowser, d. in infancy. 
1543 Lonie Bowser, d. in infancy. 

Children : 

549. Anna J. Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1857; m. Elijah Crisman; ch. : Lillie, 

Alice, Viola, Pearl, Ernest. 

550. Mary L. Bowser, b. Sept. 8, 1859; m. G. F. Mixer. 

551. Elizabeth Bowser, b. May 26, 1861 ; m. John M. Dickey. 

552. Rachel M. Bowser, b. Sept. 23, 1863; d. August, 1864. 

553. Roland S. Bowser, b. July 15, 1865; m. Tillie Wolfe. 

554. Laura A. Bowser, b. Aug. 25, 1867; m. Howard Claypoole. 

555. Delilah L. Bowser, b. Nov. 7, 1869; m. Lobean Gibson. 

556. William Arda Bowser, b. Feb. 11, 1871. 

557. Bertha L. Bowser, b. Oct. 18, 1873; m. Levi Ekis. 

558. Daisie J. Bowser, b. April 2, 1876; m. Wilson Bouch. 

559. Uriah F. Bowser, b. Oct. 14, 1878; m. Bertha McMillon. 

560. Carrie Pearl Bowser, b. May 11, 1881. 


550. MARY L. and G. F. MIXER. 
Children : 

561. Frederick F. Mixer, b. Sept. 13, 1898; m. Getha Carder. 

562. Delilah F. Mixer, b. May 14, 1900. 

563. Nellie Pearl Mixer, b. Jan. 18, 1903. 

Children : Hattie, Grace, Ethel. 


Children: Bessie, Ada, Effie, Erma, Raymond, Warren, William, Ernest. 

554. LAURA A. and HOWARD M. CLAYPOOLE; address: Adrian, Pa. 
Children : 

564. Mona Claypoole, b. March 12, 1892 ; d. Feb. 18, 1893. 

565. Vera M. Claypoole, b. July 26, 1893 ; d. June 3, 1919. 

566. Homer H. Claypoole, b. Jan. 8, 1895. 

567. Aida F. Oaypoole, b. June 9, 1896. 

568. Lloyd M. Claypoole, b. June 25, 1898. 

569. Hazelle M. Claypoole, b. May 20, 1900. 

570. Mary Belle Claypoole, b. Sept. 10, 1906. 

571. Clinton Y. Claypoole, b. Jan. 7, 1909. 

572. Alice D. R. Claypoole, b. Aug. 28, 1911. 

Child : 

573. Joy Gibson, b. Nov. 24, 1893. 

557. BERTHA L. and LEVI EKIS. 
Children : 

574. Gertrude Ekis, b. Jan., 1896. 

575. Ward Ekis, b. June, 1898. 


576. Pearle Bouch, b. Nov. 4, 1902. 

Children : 

577. Grant Bowser, b. Feb. 10, 1904. 

578. Lena Bowser, b. July 25, 1905. 

579. Joy Bowser, b. April 21, 1907. 

580. Margaret Bowser, b. Nov. 15, 1909. 

581. Glen Bowser, b. Oct. 12, 1911. 

582. Grace Bowser, b. Oct. 8, 1913. 

583. Lenora Bowser, b. Jan. 20, 1915. 

584. Zelia Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1916. 

585. Charlotte Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1918. 

540. ELIZA and GEORGE HELM. Live on a farm near Cowansville, Pa. 
Children : 

586. Mary Helm, m. Alexander Shea. 

587. Conrad Helm. 

588. Jacob Helm, m. Anna Fair. 

589. Nancy Helm, m. Thomas Ross. 

590. Catharine Helm, m. William Dickey. 


591. Wilson Helm. 

592. Ada Helm, m. Bonny. 

593. Harvey Helm, m. King. 

594. Curtis Helm, m. King. 


Children : Valentine, Jacob, John, Jane, Hannah. 
Children: John A., Fred V., Catharine, Elizabeth, Adam, Jacob W., Susan, 
Jerry M., Ella, Richard, Blanche, Gertrude, Charles W. 

Children : 

595. Archibald Bowser, m. Kelly. 

596. Kiziah Bowser, m. Mechling. 

548. SUSAN and W. L. BOWSER ; address : Robinson, Pa. 

Children : 

a597. Mary Bowser b. Sept. 1, 1877; m. Mack Shaffer; ch. : Arthur Shaf- 
fer, b. Jan. 30, 1900; Burwell Shaffer. 

598. Sadie M. Bowser, b. Oct. 9, 1882; m. John Dias. 

599. H. J. Bowser, b. July 29, 1884 ; m. Laura Duncan, b. July 6, 1885 ; 

ch. : Dorothy Bowser, b. Aug. 28, 1911; Bernice Bowser, b. Aug. 
29, 1914; Phillis Bowser, b. July 12, 1918. 

600. Burwell Bowser, b. April 12, 1888; d. Aug. 21, 1901. 

601. Archibald Bowser, b. Aug. 29, 1890; m. Bessie Pierce; ch. : William, 

Louise, Orpha, Helen, Susan. 

166. DELILAH (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), 
farmer. Walk Chalk, Armstrong Co., Pa. 

Children : 

602. Michael Toy, b. Nov. IS, 1808. 

603. Catharine Toy, b. March 21, 1827. 

604. Margaret Toy, b. Aug. 11, 1828. 

605. James Toy, b. March 11, 1829; m. Rebecca Findley. 

606. Abram Toy, b. Oct. 20, 1831 ; m. Margaret Bowser ; ch. : Peter, Eliz- 

abeth, Harvey. 

607. Peter Toy, b. May 5, 1834; m. Ellen Dout; ch. : Charles, Edward, 

Dolly, Thomas. Albert, William. 

608. Elizabeth Toy, b. Nov. 23, 1834; m. James Bur ford, b. April 27, 1832; 

d. August 21, 1920. 

609. Esther Toy, b. April 5, 1837; m. David Lemon; ch.: James, Ross, 


610. Valentine Toy, b. April 18, 1839; m. (1) Julia A. Cornman, (2) 

Christine Achison. ; ch. : John, Lemuel, Benjamin. 

611. Mary Toy, b. April 15, 1841; m. Lemuel Porterfield; ch. : Annie, 

Katie, Myrtle, Alice, Bert, Edith, Cara. 

612. Ellen Toy, b. Feb. 8, 1843 ; m. Adam Steinmetz ; child : Mary. 

613. Delilah Toy, b. Dec. 23, 1844; m. Hamilton D. Bowser, b. 1843; d. 


614. Benjamin Lee Toy, b. May 10, 1847; m. Rachel Hollobaugh ; address: 

Walk Chalk, Pa.; ch. : Rosie, Hamilton, Belle, Hannah, Mollie, 
Bert, Curtis. 

615. Ross Toy, b. Sept 5, 1849; m. (1) Katharine Steinmetz, b. Sept. 26, 

1865, (2) Margaret King; address: Ford City, Pa. 


Children : 
605. Alonza Toy, m. Shumaker. 

(605) William Toy, m. Sadie McGreggor. 

(60S) James Toy, m. Annie Fonner, ch. : Mary J., m. J. S. Clay- 
poole; ch. : Findley Sloan; Homer H., m. Wilda Rowland; 
ch. : Rowland Sloan, Margaret J. 
(605) Frank Toy. 
(60S) Harry Toy, m. Kittie Wells. 
(60S) Samuel Toy. 
(60S) Mary Toy, m. Clem Adams. 
(60S) Daisy Toy. 
(60S) Clara Toy. 

608. ELIZABETH TOY and JAMES BURFORD. James Burford was a 
miller and for many years operated the grist mill at Walk Chalk on the site 
of the mill first built in that part of the country by Samuel Bowser, son 
of "Hopewell" John. 
Children : 

616. John F. Burford, b. Nov. 8, 1856; m. Annie Heckman. 

617. Parks P. Burford, b. Nov. 4, 1858; m. Edith Wible. In hardware 

business in Kittanning, Pa. Ch. : Arthur Fennimore, b. 1886 ; Eliz- 
abeth Irene, b. 1891. 

618. Ida A. Burford, m. William Rumbaugh ; ch. : Joseph J., Delia, Ralph, 

619. Dora E. Burford, m. John Buzzard ; ch. : Claire, Charles. 

620. James T. Burford, m. Flora Swigard ; ch. : Roy, Day, Hallie, Harry. 

621. Charles C. Burford, m. Eva Crawford ; ch. : Annie, Margaret. 

Children : 

622. Mary D. Toy, b. Feb. 2, 1871 ; m. Frank M. Fries. 

623. Anna E. Toy, b. Dec. 3, 1873 ; m. William K. Brown. 

624. Margaret E. Toy, b. Jan. 10, 1875; m. George Emminger. 

625. Elmer J. Toy, b. March 4, 1877; m. Minnie Beck. 

626. Dora E. Toy, b. Feb. 26, 1879; m. James Gould. 

627. Catharine W. Toy, b. Oct. 30, 1881 ; m. George Striker. 

628. Alice L. Toy, b. Aug. 13, 1884; m. William Quinn. 

629. Florence V. Toy, b. Sept. 7, 1889. 

630. Charles W. Toy, b. Aug. 14, 1893 ; d. Jan. 15, 1894. 

631. Raymond H. Toy, b. April 17, 1895 ; m. Helen Russell. 

lAS (2), MATHIAS (1). Catharine and Noah Bowser resided at Clin- 
ton, Armstrong Co. She survived all of the other children of Valentine 
and Elizabeth (Fluke) Bowser. She died in 1906 at the remarkable age 
of 97. 
Children : 

632. Alexander B. Bowser, b. June 10, 1828; d. May 10, 1914; m. Susan 

Malone, b. Nov. 21, 1832; d. March 10, 1904. 

633. Hezekiah Bowser, b. Oct. 13, 1829. 

634. Valentine Bowser, b. Nov. 11, 1831; d. Jan. 1, 1895; m. Mary A. 


635. Lucy Ann Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1833; d. Oct. 28, 1894; m. Samuel C 

Babb, b. Feb. 24, 1834. 

636. Simon Peter Bowser, b. June 4, 1835; m. (1) Susan McNabb; (2) 

Vina Shriner, d. 1909. 

637. Isabelle C. Bowser, b. Oct. 10, 1837; d. Aug. 24, 1842. 


638. Elizabeth Bowser, b. June 26, 1839; m. William Mahaffey, b. May 9, 

1830; d. Dec. 9 1903. 

639. Mark C. Bowser, b. Aug. 9, 1842; d. March 18, 1862; death caused 

by wounds received in Civil War. 
640- Henry C. Bowser, b. Dec. 9, 1845 ; d. 1916. 

641. Mary Jane Bowser, b. March 4, 1847; d. Dec. 15, 1893; m. Edward 


642. Millie Rachel Bowser, b. Dec. 15, 1849; m. George McCausland. 

643. Sarah Rebecca Bowser, b. July 22, 1851; d. 1854. 

644. Katharine Bowser, b. Oct. 14, 1854; d. Jan. 19, 1902; m. James M. 

Hudson, b. March 15, 1852. 

645. Steven Girard Bowser, b. May 22, 1857 ; m. Minnie McNabb. 

632. ALEXANDER and SUSAN BOWSER. Alexander Bowser was a sol- 
dier in the Civil War, serving with the 154th Pa. Reg. Vol. Died at Bur- 
gettstown, Pa., March 10, 1914. (See Bates History for army record.) 

Children : 

646. Anna C. Bowser, b. 1868; d. 1908. 

647. Carson A. Bowser, b. April 1, 1866; m. Nora Jackson, b. 1878. 

648. Margaret A. Bowser, b. 1868; m. B. D. Malone. 

649. Millicent M. Bowser, b. 1870; m. Wm. Bristol. 

650. Mary Bowser, b. 1872; m. F. B. Vance. 

651. Blanche Bowser, b. 1874; m. U. H. Creighton. 

652. Carrie L. Bowser, b. 1876; m. Robert Phillips. 


Children : 

653. William A. Bowser, b. Aug. 8, 1856. 

654. Thomas N. Bowser, b. April 24, 1859; d. Dec. 10, 1917; m. Annie 

Jane Slagle. She resides in Kittanning. Ch. : Mary, Thomas M., 
Flur B., Nellie. 

655. Margaret Bowser, b. April 13, 1863; m. Samuel Latham. 

656. Ebert Bowser, b. Jan. 3, 1865 ; m. MoUie Poorman, b. May 8, 1866. 

657. Ada M. Bowser, b. Nov. 15, 1866; m. John E. Cams. 

658. Quigly S. Bowser, b. March 5, 1878; address: Ellwood City, Pa. 

659. Harry J. Bowser, b. March 5, 1869 ; m. Ida Baker. 

Children: Beulah, Frank, Rachel. 


Children : 

660. James F. Babb, b. May 18, 1858; m. Malinda Jane Swigart; address: 
Ford City, Pa.; ch. : Arthur, b. April 15, 1891. 

661. Catharine C. Babb, b. Oct. 5, 1860; m. Scott Wilson. 

662. Mary E. Babb, b. June 22, 1862 ; d. July 21, 1895. 

663. Sarah Isabelle Babb, b. Sept. 20, 1866. 

664. Ella Fulton Babb, b. Aug. 23, 1869; d. Oct. 16, 1896. 

665. Samuel Lindsay Babb. b. Oct. 18, 1872; d, Aug. 14, 1879. 


Children : 

666. Ross Bowser, resides in West Kittanning, Pa. 

667. Kiziah Bowser, m. John Thubron. 

668. Mark Bowser. 


638. ELIZABETH and WILLIAM MAHAFFEY; address: Tarentum, Pa. 
Children : 

669. Maude Mahaffey, b. Feb. 5, 1871; m. Harry C. Brown, b. May 28, 

1871 ; d. March, 1902 ; address : Tarentum, Pa. 

670. Miner Mahaffey, b. July 23, 1872; d. March 12, 1873. 

671. Luella E. Mahaffey, b. Dec. 21, 1873; d. June 8, 1880. 

672. Harry A. Mahaffey, b. Dec. 17, 1879; m. Pearl Tucker, b. Apr. 27, 

1879; ch: Thelman, b. Jan. 25, 1903. 

Children : 

673. Guilford C. Brown, b. Nov. 27, 1896. 

674. Eugene M. Brown, b. Feb. 22, 1899. 

675. Graham L. Brown, b. Jan. 16, 1902. 

Guilford served in the World war s. d. f. Co., Camp Lee, August 

30, 1918 to Dec. 15, 1918. 
Eugene M. served with the Fifth Marine Machine Gun Company in 

France and Germany, June 8, 1918, to August 18, 1919. 

644. CATHARINE and CAPT. JAMES M. HUDSON. Captain Hudson 
retired; residence, Maple Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 
Children : 

676. Charles F. Hudson, b. May 15, 1877; m. Emma Speece. 

677. Thomas N. Hudson, b. Oct. 11, 1878; m. Elizabeth Simpson, d. 1909. 

678. Herbert P. Hudson, b. Nov. 18, 1880; m. Margaret Anderson. 

679. Mabel G. Hudson, b. Dec. 11, 1883; Red Cross nurse overseas in 

Unit L, Allegheny Gen. Hospital Corps, 1918-19. 

680. James Grover C. Hudson, b. Nov. 23, 1887; m. Maude Linnon. 

681. Sgt. Henry A. Hudson, b. March 24, 1891 ; m. Edith McGIaughlin. 

He served in the World war Co. A, 305th Engineer Corps ; rank 
as sergeant. 

(2), MATHIAS (1). Peter Bowser owned a large farm near Walk 
Chalk, one mile from his father Valentine (4) Bowser's farm. His son 
Harry resides on the homestead. Died Jan. 29, 1879. 
Children : 

682. Alfred Bowser, d. in infancy (1842). 

683. Adeline Bowser, b. March 15, 1844; m. John Cravenor, b. 1838; d. 

November, 1902. 

684. Lewis Bowser, b. Nov. 23, 1846; d. June, 1922; m. (1) Eva Snowden, 

b. Jan. 23, 1852; d. Sept. 11, 1889; m. (2) oily Noble, d. 1916. 

685. Loben R. Bowser, b. April 26, 1849 ; m. Catharine Fair, d. 

686. Andrew Bowser, b. 1854; m. Mary E. Kribbal, b. 1855. 

687. Malinda Bowser, b. 1855 ; m. Ormond Berry, b. July 8, 1845. 

688. James M. Bowser, b. 1857; m. Evaline Stewart, b. 1858. 

689. Amelia Bowser, b. July 7, 1859; m. John Collier, b. April 7, 1852. 

690. Ross Toy Bowser, b. May 11, 1861; m. Cora Peat, b. May 28, 1876. 

691. Harry Bowser, b. June 27, 1863 ; m. Minnie Rupert, b. Oct. 10, 1871. 

692. Melancthon Bowser, b. March 6, 1868; m. Nettie Swartzlander, b. 

June 28, 1874. 

Children : 
639. Addison Peter Cravenor, b. July 8, 1865 ; m. Nancy T. Dickey. 

694. Elizabeth Jane Cravenor, b. Oct. 25, 1866; m. William Richardson. 

695. Amelia Ann Cravenor, b. August 11, 1868; m. Harry De Vore. 


696. Laura Etta Cravenor, b. June 25, 1871 ; m. Joseph Green. 

697. William Anthony Cravenor, b. May 30, 1874; d. April 7, 1875. 

698. Mary Jemima Cravenor, b. Oct. 2, 1876; m. John E. Schoop. b. 

March 21, 1872. 
a698. Charles J. Jessup Cravenor, b. Dec. 29, 1879; d. May 26, 1881. 

McCrann, Pa. 
Children : 

b698. Ruth Shoop, b. 1896; d. Oct. 21, 1896. 
c698. Elizabeth A. Shoop. b. Oct. 28, 1897 ; m. Wilbert J. Funk, b. April 17, 

1897; child: Wilbert James, b. March 9, 1922. 
d698. Pearl A. Shoop, b. Aug. 24, 1899 ; m. Ira C. Crytzer, b. Oct. 14, 1896 ; 

child : Eleanor Pearl Crytzer, b. Dec. 17, 1918. 
e698. Edith A. Shoop, b. Oct. 10, 1901; m. John E. Scott, b. Feb. 2, 1900; 

child: Dorise A. Scott, b. Aug. 27, 1920. 
£698. Elinor M. Shoop, b. Oct. 2, 1903. 

g698. Earnest L. Shoop, b. Sept. 20, 1905 ; d. Feb. 22, 1922. 
h698. William Addison Shoop, b. Dec. 19, 1910. 
i698. Sara A. Shoop, b. Feb. 17, 1912 ; d. March 28, 1913. 

685. LOBEN R. and CATHARINE BOWSER; farmer in Clarion Co., Pa. 
Children : 

a685. James Emmitt Bowser, b. June 9, 1879; m. Beulah Shaugenkaupt. 

b685. Harry Herbert Bowser. 

c685. Carrie Emelia Bowser, m. Edward Conner. 

d685. Eva Jane Bowser, died when aged 8 months. 

Children : 

699. Ervin C. Bowser, b. June 17, 1874; m. Lydia Troutner. 

700. Hiram F. Bowser, b. Sept. 22,, 1875 ; m. Pearl Cribbs, Blairsville, Pa. 

701. Oren T. Bowser, b. Dec. 5, 1876; d. June 11, 1905. 

702. Jerry F. Bowser, b. May 16, 1878; m. Margaret Christy, Blairs- 

ville, Pa. 

703. Florlola J. Bowser, b. Oct. 8, 1879 ; m. David Shearer, Blairsville, Pa. 

704. Nicholas Clark Bowser, b. Dec. 10, 1880; m. Emma Powell; ch. : 

Carl, Rebecca, Teressa, Paul, Edgar. 

705. Olga B. Bowser, b. May 15, 1882; m. John Swigart; residence: 

Worthington, Pa. 

706. Jesse M. Bowser, b. March 28, 1883. 

707. Wilbert C. Bowser, b. Jan. 15, 1885; m. Marie Ellenberger. 

708. Bessie Bowser, b. July 8, 1886; m. Charles Rosborough, Blairj 

ville. Pa. 

709. Roy P. Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1887; m. Nellie Powell; ch. : Louise, b. 

1910; Jeanette, b. 1912; Rosanah, b. 1904; Richard, b. 1917. Resi- 
dence; 232 High St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

710. Edward M. Bowser, b. 1877. 

711. Mert R. Bowser, b. 1879. 

712. Charles Bowser, b. 1881. 

713. Clyde Bowser, b. 1883. 

714. George Bowser, b. 1887. 

715. Maude Bowser, b. 1889. 

716. Dean Bowser, b. 1892. 

717. Harry Bowser, b. 1895; d. 1895. 

718. Iva Bowser, b. 1898. 


Children : 

Lewis D., Elizabeth J., John P., George I., Alma V., Ada A., Mintie L., 
Lottie G., Harry H., Prior B., Aroya. 

689. AMELIA and JOHN COLLIER. Live near Petrolia, Pa. 
Children : 

719. Annie Jane Collier, b. May 14, 1882 ; m. William Parker ; ch. : Rich- 

ard, Edward. 

720. John Herbert Collier, b. Jan. 7, 1884 ; m. Alta Jamison ; ch. : Eugene, 


721. Amelia Belle Collier, b. Nov. 15, 1885; m. Bert Ellenberger. 

722. Harry Emmitt Collier, b. Oct. 14, 1887; m. Ella Irman ; ch. : Lester, 

John, Thelma, Lillian. 

723. Clyde Olden Collier, b. March 10, 1889 ; m. Ethel Foster ; ch. : Ger- 

trude, Bertha. 

724. James Milton Collier, b. Nov. 1, 1890; m. Celia Waltman; child: 


725. Laura Agnes Collier, b. Dec. 9, 1892; m. Roy McElravy. 

726. Ross Nelson Collier, b. Feb. 1, 1895; m. May Irman. 

727. Floyd La Vere Collier, b. Jan. 22, 1897. 

728. Etta Florence Collier, b. April 8, 1899. 

729. Dorothy Eaton Collier, b. April 10, 1903. 

691. HARRY and MINNIE BOWSER. Live on the homestead. Walk 
Chalk, Pa. 

Children : 

730. Arthur Bowser, b. May 7, 1892; d. 1912. 

731. Laura Bowser, b. June 2, 1894; m. H. A. Wible, b. Jan. 2, 1894; 

ch. : Arthur Floyd. 

732. Homer Ross Bowser, b. Nov. 18, 1896. 

733. Freda Bowser, b. May 5, 190O; m. W. B. Clark, b. Nov. 11, 1900; 

child : Richard. 

734. Claude Bowser, b. Feb. 23. 1902. 

735. Mabel Bowser, b. June 16, 1905. 

736. Vera Bowser, b. Jan. 2, 1910; d. 1918. 

692. MELANCTHON and NETTIE BOWSER: address: Butler, Pa. 
Children : 

737. Raymond J. Bowser, b. Jan. 27, 1896; m. Gertrude Foster; ch. : Elsie, 


738. Clifford Bowser, b. Aug. 20, 1897; d. March 20, 1898. 

739. Pauline Bowser, b. May 10. 1901 ; m. W. F. Davis. 

740. Gertrude Bowser, b. Dec. 19, 1904. 

741. Hulda Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1906. 

742. Melvin Bowser, b. March 1, 1914. 

743. Robert Dean Bowser, b. July 31, 1918. 

170. MARGARET (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2). 
Jonas lived in Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. ; occupied until their 
death May 5, 1898, and June 28, 1891, a log house built in 1808 by Martin 
John, husband of Esther Bowser. The property is now in possession of 
their heirs. See picture of log house. 
Children : 

744. Eliza Ann Bowser, b. May 16, 1836, m. (1) Alexander Bowser, killed 

in Civil War; (2) John Southworth. 


745. William Harvey Bowser, b. April 5, 1838; d. Nov. 25, 1840. 

746. Alonza H. Bowser, b. July 25, 1841. Veteran of the Civil War. 

Capt. E. S. Jones, Co. B, 1st Reg., Penna. Mounted Volunteers; 
d. Nov. 9, 1920; m. Mary Ellen Yerty, b. May 12, 1835; d. Aug. 2, 

747. Manuel Bowser, b. Dec. 25, 1843; d. 1844. 

748. Rebecca Jane Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1845 ; m. William King. 

749. James Franklin Bowser, b. March 25, 1848; m. Jane Jack, b. 1843; 

d. 1920; address: Kittanning, Pa. 

750. Ephriam B. Bowser, b. 1851 ; m. Catharine Gray ; address : Kittan- 

ning, Pa. 

751. Martin Bowser, b. Oct. 14, 1855; m. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 

1841 ; address : Adrian, Pa. 

752. Solomon R. Bowser, b. Jan. 9, 1859; d. April 26, 1920; m. Mary 

Belle Bowser, b. Feb. 24, 1862. 

Children : 

753. John R. Bowser, b. August 15, 1859 ; m. Lydia Ann Booher. 

754. Mary Bowser, b. May 15, 1862; m. Benson Wolfe, 

744. m (2) JOHN SOUTHWORTH ; lived at Worthington, Pa. 
Children : 

755. Sarah Southworth, b. Dec. 20, 1864 ; d. March 15, 1887. 

756. Rebecca Southworth, b. April 14, 1862; m. William Simmers. 

757. Otis Southworth, b. July 23, 1878 ; m. Elizabeth Birk. 

758. Phoebe Southworth, b. May 7, 1875 ; m. Isaac Simmers. 

759. Jennie Southworth, b. Nov. 30, 1879; m. Los Demly. 


(753). MoUie M. Bowser, b. June 5, 1888; m. Frank Kunkle; b. May 5, 

1884 ; ch. : Bernice Alberta, b. May 12, 1908 ; Hattie Jane, b. Jan. 

18, 1910; Josephene Frances, b. Sept. 12, 1912; John William, 

b. April 10, 1914; Florence Irene, b. Sept. 5, 1915; Lydia Ann, 

b. July 13, 1918. 
(753). Hettie Jane Bowser, b. July 20, 1890; d. August 25, 1911. 
(753). Catherine Ann Bowser, b. April 10, 1893; d. Feb. 8, 1896. 
(753). David Alexander Bowser, b. Oct. 18, 1897; d. Jan. 25, 1919; m. 

Emma Miller. 
(753). Clara Rebecca Bowser, b. June 4, 1902; d. Oct. 30, 1902. 

Children : 

760. Harvey S. Bowser, b. Dec. 18, 1860; m. (1) Lily M. Barnetto, b. 

July 4, 1870; d. April 23, 1902; address: Kittanning, Pa. 
761. Ralston H., b. Aug. 2, 1896; (m.) Mary M. Belles, b. Jan. 31, 1877. 

762. Christian Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1862 ; m. Martha E. Crothers ; address : 

Vandergrift, Pa. 

763. Jonas Bowser, b. Dec. 10, 1864; d. July 25, 1865. 

764. Margaret Bowser, b. April 5, 1865; d. Oct. 28, 1913; m. William 

Hoon; ch. : Hannah, William, Ellen, Alice, Viola, Evedell, Alonza, 
Isabelle, Deemer, Raymond. 

765. Catharine Bowser, b. Jan. 2, 1868; d. Feb. 23, 1872. 

766. E. Shenandoah Bowser, b. March 12, 1870; m. Esther Jane Edwards, 

b. Aug. 7, 1875; ch.: Chas. Kelley, b. Nov. 30, 1895; m. Hazel 


a766. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Oct. 28, 1897; Murry W., b. July 8, 1903. 

767. Minnie Bowser, b. Feb. 22, 1872; m. Chambers S. Bowser, b. 1867 

(See 1749.) 

768. Ralston Bowser, b. March 21, 1874; d. April 17, 1874. 

769. Etta Bowser, b. April 2, 1876 ; m. Frank K. Bowser, b. March 16, 1876 ; 

ch. : Dwanie, Elizabeth, Bepulah, Leroy. 

770. Rosey Bowser, b. April 3, 1878; d. Jan. 31, 1891. 

771. Cena M. Bowser, b. July 24, 1880; m. R. C. Kerr, b. Feb. 11, 1881. 

771. CENA M. and R. C. KERR. 
Children : 

772. Beulah A. Kerr, b. Feb. 20, 1907. 
m. Theodore C. Kerr, b. Jan. 5, 1909. 

774. Charles W. Kerr, b. May 2, 1911. 

775. Ethel E. Kerr, b. Oct. 24, 1912. 

lid. Russell Alonza Kerr, b. August 5, 1914. 
m. Ida Helen Kerr, b. Sept. 14, 1915. 

778. Clyde E. Kerr, b. April 19, 1917. 

779. Stanley J. Kerr, b. August 6, 1918. 

780. Paul Kerr, b. Nov. 8, 1920. 
1781. Pauline Kerr, b. Nov. 8, 1921. 

Children : 

782. Harriet Anna King, b. Nov. 15, 1864. 

783. Hannah King, b. Jan. 16, 1866 ; m. Alexander McCullough ; farmer 

and merchant in Kittanning, Pa. 
Children : 
a783. William McCullough, b. May 16. 1890. 
b783. James McCullough, b. August 19, 1892. 
c783. Alexander McCullough, Jr., b. Jan. 21, 1897. 
d783. Mary McCullough, b. June 15, 1899. 
e783. Margaret McCullough, b. May 10, 1903. 

784. Lyman King, b. Jan. 28, 1870. 

Children : 

785. Laura L. Bowser, b. March 9, 1868; m. W. Burleigh Edwards, b. 

Oct. 26, 1865 ; address : Kittanning, Pa. 

786. Margaret Ann Bowser, b. July 9, 1870; d. 1905; m. John C. Salsbury, 

b. April 25, 1869; ch. : Laura Fay, b. April 20, 1893. 

787. Emma R. Bowser, b. Oct. 18, 1872; m. Samuel Densmore, b. March 

25, 1875; address: Kittanning, Pa. 

788. Elizabeth, twin of Sophia Catharine. 

789. Sophia Catharine Bowser. 

790. Elsie M. Bowser, b. Oct. 12, 1878 ; m. Z. H. Shuster, b. Jan. 22, 1873. 

791. Chambers E. Bowser, b. 1880; d. 1882. 

792. Florence Bell Bowser, b. April 2, 1883 ; m. W. E. Miller, b. July 29, 


793. Jonas O. Bowser, b. July 19, 1885; m. Hilda P. Swiger, b. Sept. 29, 


Children : 

794. Elmer T. Edwards, b. Sept. 1, 1887; d. Dec. 19, 1918. 

795. Robert B. Edwards, b. Sept. 12, 1889; d. Dec. 9, 1914. 

796. Nancy Jane Edwards, b. August 7, 1891, 


797. Adam F. Edwards, b. Nov. 15, 1895. 

798. Elsie Edwards, b. Feb. 25, 1898; d. Dec. 26, 1898. 

799. Charles Edwards, b. Jan. 3, 1900. 

790. ELSIE M. and Z. H. SHUSTER. 
Children : 

800. Julia Catharine Shuster, b. Oct. 19, 1898; d. Oct. 28, 1898. 

801. Mathias H. Shuster, b. Dec. 18, 1899. 

802. Howard F. Shuster, b. March 18, 1901. 

803. Zella B. Shuster, b. Nov. 23, 1906. 

804. Edgar B. Shuster, b. April 2Z, 1909. 

Children : 

805. Zellers C. Miller, b. Sept. 20, 1904. 

806. Dorothy M. Miller, b. Nov. 10, 1908. 

Children : 

807. Revena G. Bowser, b. Oct. 5, 1909. 

808. Oran J. Bowser, b. July 15, 1911. 

809. Elmer S. Bowser, b. March 30, 1918. 

Child : 

810. Jennie Templeton Bowser, b. Sept. 29, 1882; m. George Rickel, b. 

Oct. 30, 1873. 

Ch. : See under No. 460. 


811. Flora Rickel, b. Nov. 27, 1905. 

812. Martin Rickel, b. Nov. 4, 1909. 

813. Catharine Elizabeth Rickel, b. Dec. 21, 1911; d. 

814. Lulu Rickel, b. Oct. 19, 1916. 

171. WILLIAM (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), 
MATHIAS (1). William Bowser, farmer. Walk Chalk, Armstrong Co., 
Pa. ; two years old when his father moved from Bedford County to Arm- 
strong; m. Mary Ann Bowser, a daughter of "Steam" John Bowser; d. at 
the age of 84, Feb. 3, 1898. 
Children : 

815. Wilson Bowser, b. Jan. 4, 1841; d. Jan. 10, 1918; m. Sarah Milligan, 

b. Jan., 1840; d. April 11, 1916; farmer; lived near Cowansville, Pa. 
Children : 
a815. Andrew Lee Bowser, b. Aug. 16, 1870. 
b815. William Park Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1873. 
c815. Ida Bowser, b. Sept. 24, 1875; m. C. A. McClay. 
d815. Edward W. Bowser, b. Jan. 16, 1878; m. Jennie Helm; b. June 
21, 1882 ; ch. : Florence, b. July 19, 1902 ; Hazel, b. March 25, 1905 ; 
Ray, b. Feb. 21, 1912. 

816. Robert Bowser, b. Oct. 24, 1842 ; d. May 3, 1906 ; m. Martha H. Craig. 

817. Francis S. Bowser, b. Nov. 18, 1844; m. Anna Davidson of Cowans- 

ville, Pa.; moved to Iowa; d. May 25, 1916; ch. : Mona, Myrtle, 
Robert, Herbert, Albert, Dr. William, Orlando L. 


818. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Aug. 30, 1846; d. Aug. 26, 1908; m. William 

Wiley ; ch. : Edward, Eva, Laura, John, Cora, Maud, Blanche, Boyd. 

819. Curtis Bowser, b. Nov. 19, 1848, m. Rose Noble; farmer, Walk 

Chalk, Pa.; ch.: Alice, Earl, Violet. 

820. Jane Bowser, b. Sept. 30, 1850; m. John Wolford, Ambridge, Pa.; 

ch.: William, Mollie, Delia, Nellie, Lulu. 

821. J. Albert Bowser, b. Jan. 21, 1853; m. Ellen Weamer, merchant, Rural 

Valley, Pa. 

822. Mary Bowser, b. April 27, 1855; d. March 16, 1910; m. M. S. Kerr; 

lived at Worthington, Pa. ; ch. : Ora, James, Robert, Ray. 

823. Emma Bowser, b. Dec. 10, 1857 ; d. Nov. 27, 1913 ; m. H. McGeary. 

824. Calvin Bowser, b. Oct. 4, 1861; m. Nancy A. Hays, b. Jan. 11, 1876; 

live on the homestead, Walk Chalk, Pa. 
Children : 

825. William D. Bowser, b. Nov. 14, 1898. 

826. Albert F. Bowser, b. Jan. 2, 1902. 

827. John Kenneth Bowser, b. Aug. 12, 1906. 

828. Mary C. Bowser, b. Oct. 7, 1914. 

171. MATHIAS (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), 
MATHIAS (1). Mathias Bowser was an iron worker; died near Kit- 
tanning April 22, 1889. 
Children : 

829. Emanuel Bowser, b. April 24, 1847; d. Nov., 1860. 

830. George Bowser, b. June 4, 1849 ; d. Jan. 27, 1901 ; m. Julia Flenner ; 

ch. : Ella, Rose, Dolly, Wood, Anna, Berby, Charles. 

831. Sarah Bowser, b. Feb. 4, 1851; m. Archibald Wyant; address: New 

Kensington, Pa. ; ch. : Ida, Christopher, Rebecca, Harry S., William, 
Robert, John. 

832. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Feb. 8, 1853; m. James Thompson; ch. : Sarah, 

Carrie, Harry. 

833. Catharine M. Bowser, b. Oct. 23, 1855 ; m. Joseph Brown ; ch. : Car- 

rie, Lottie, John. 

834. Robert Bowser, b. March 7, 1858 ; m. Elizabeth Carr ; ch. : Myrtle, 

Margaret, John, Rebecca, Susan, Catharine, Pearle. 

835. Jane Bowser, b. June 24, 1860; m. Edward Hughes; address: Rath- 

mel, Pa.; ch. : Laura, George, James, Irene, John, Edwin. 

836. Margaret Bowser, b. Dec. 26, 1862 ; d. Nov., 1863. 

837. William Harvey Bowser, b. April 17, 1885; d. March 19, 1900; m. 

Maud Bowser. (See 526.) 

838. John Franklin Bowser, b. Sept. 5, 1867; m. (1) Louisa Callaway; d. 

Dec, 1897; ch. : Louisa M., Daniel R. ; m. (2) Myrtle Haven (nee 
Cochran), b. July 24, 1874; merchant, Summerville, Pa. 

174. VALENTINE (5), VALENTINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2). 
Children : 

839. Harvey Bowser, b. July 2, 1846; d. April 3, 1901; m. (1) Hannah 

Claypool, b. 1847 ; d. Feb. 20, 1873 ; (2) Mary A. Toy. 

840. Elizabeth Bowser, b. July 11, 1848; d. Oct. 15, 1863. 

841. Mary Ann Bowser, b. July 11, 1848; (twin of Elizabeth) ; d. Feb. 13, 

1885; m. Felix Bowser, farmer and stock raiser. Walk Chalk, Pa. 

842. Valentine Bowser, b. Mar. 20, 1852; d. Mar. 11, 1910; m. (1) Martha 

Bouch; (2) Jennie Claypool. 

843. Jacob Bowser, b. May 4, 1854; d. Nov. 6, 1863. 

844. Samuel Bowser, b. Mar. 13, 1857; d. Nov. 7, 1863. 

a844. Lurenna Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1859; m. Frederick Bowser (son of 
"Big" Fred). 


845. Miller Bowser, b. Aug. 4, 1863 ; m. Adeline Schrecengost, b. Dec. 4, 


846. Sarah Malissa Bowser, b. Dec. 11, 1869; m. James K. Lafferty. 

Children : 

847. Nelson Bowser, b. July 6, 1867; m. Mary E. Miller, b. Aug. 19, 1880; 

address : Ford City, Pa. ; ch. : Annabel Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1907 ; d. 
Feb. 24, 1920; Elizabeth Bowser, b. July 4, 1909; Millard Bowser, b. 
June 6, 1911. 

848. Minerva Bowser, b. 1878; m. Wilson Gillam. 

839. HARVEY and (2) MARY A. TOY. 

Children : 

849. Cora Bowser, m. William Shaffer. 

850. Luie Bowser m. William Lytle. 

851. Luther Bowser, m. Lydia Bouch. 

852. Valentine Bowser, single (1920). 

853. Wilbert Bowser, m. Goldie Hooks. 

854. Jessie Bowser, m. Edward Bouch. 

855. Elizabeth Bowser, m. George Montgomery ; ch. : Henry R., Emily C., 

Lillie G., Elnora E. 

Children : 

856. Ella Bowser, m. Hamilton Toy. 

857. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Wilbert Lewis. 

858. Ambrey Bowser, m. Maud Lasher. 

859. Emmit Bowser, m. Maud Brown. 

860. Harry Bowser, m. Elizabeth Brown. 

861. Charlotte Bowser, m. Frederick Beckwith. 

862. Newton Bowser. 

Children : 

863. Anna Bowser m. Charles Claypoole. 

864. Daniel Bowser, m. Delia Miller. 

865. Frank Bowser, m. Maud Bruner. 

866. Valentine Bowser, m. Cora Roudabush. 



867. Raymond Bowser, m. Bowser. 

845. MILLER and ADALINE BOWSER; farmer; near Adrian, Pa. 
Children : 

868. Edwin J. Bowser, b. Apr, 4, 1888; m. Sarah L. John, b. Sept. 29, 

1893; ch.: Freda, Rebecca, Richard. 

869. Albert S. Bowser, b. Jan. 31, 1896. 

870. Frank L. Bowser, b. Sept. 2(i, 1898; m. Minnie Hooks, b. Apr. 5, 

1900; ch.: Isabel, Mildred, Berton. 

871. Cliflford J. Bowser, b. Sept. 8, 1902. 

872. Chambers Bowser, b. Dec. 3, 1884; d. Sept. 15, 1899. 

873. Jennie Bowser, b. Nov. 14, 1891 ; d. Nov. 20, 1891. 


Children : 

874. Laura Bowser, m. Jacob Bowser, son of David. 

875. Florence Bowser, m. Herbert Grafton. 

876. Sarah Bowser, m. Plummer Kepple. 

877. Merl Bowser, m. Viola Bowser. 
878.Helen Bowser m. Edward McKelvey. 

133. SAMUEL (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS (1). Samuel 
Bowser, son of "Hopewell" John, b. 1777, came to Armtsrong County in 
1805 and bought land at the "Falls" of Glade Run, now known as Walk 
Chalk, at the junction of the two branches of that stream. He cleared the 
land and erected a grist mill which ground the grain of that section until 
recent days. A portion of his land is still in the hands of some of his heirs. 
He married Anna Catharine, a daughter of John "Snider," an early settler 
in Bedford County, Pa. He was the progenitor of a large family whose 
children have borne the characteristics of his industry and religious zeal. 
He died Aug. 7, 1861. Anna Katharine Snider, b. 1871, d. Feb. 7, 1873. 
Children : 

879. Peter ("Sheriff") Bowser, b. Apr. 4, 1806; d. 1864; m. Betsey White, 

b. 1809 ; d. 1905. 

880. Isaac Bowser, m. Catharine, dau. of "Steam" John Bowser. (al811). 

881. Susanna Bowser, b. Oct. 16, 1819; d. May 10, 1904; m. Solomon Abe 

Bowser, son of Nicholas, son of "Hopewell" John, b. 1820; d. May 
16, 1896. 

882. Samuel Bowser, m. Margaret McGraw. 

883. Lucinda Bowser, m. Daniel Slagel. 

884. David S. Bowser, b. June 10, 1822 ; m. Lydia McCuUum, b. Sept. 22, 


885. Jacob Bowser. 

886. Catharine Bowser, m. John Slagel. 

879. PETER and BETSEY BOWSER; lived in Ohio. 
Children : 

887. Samuel Harrison Bowser, b. 1832; d. in 1908; m. Rachel Bowser 

(538) ; resided at Walk Chalk, Pa. 

888. Sarah Bowser, b. Aug. 25, 1834; d. May 5, 1911; m. S. S. English. 

889. David J. Bowser, b. 1841; m. (1) Jane Dickson; child: William H. ; 

m. (2) Caroline Rosenberg; child: Laura; m. (3) Susan Houser ; 
ch. : Harvey, Grant, Elizabeth; m. (4) Hattie Houser; m. (5) Hat- 
tie S. Welling. 

890. Benjamin F. Bowser, b. 1845; m. Margaret I. Cornman, 8. 1844; 

address : Dayton, Ohio. 

891. John E. Bowser, b. 1872; m. Florence Walls, b. 1874; ch. : Mar- 

garet, Raymond, Milford. 

892. W. S. Bowser, m. Margaret Sherman; child: Ida. 

893. Thompson P. Bowser, Feb. 12, 1850; m. Jennie E. Sloan, b. Dec. 9, 
1856; address: Wickboro, Kittanning, Pa. 

a893. Charles F., b. May 12, 1880 ; m. Jennie Bestine, b. Mar. 4, 1880 ; ch. : 

Mable, Margaret, Charles F., Jr. 
b893. Orlo F., b. Aug. 23, 1881 ; m. Catharine McSherson, b. Apr. 8, 1882 ; 

d. Aug., 1918. 
c893. Alma R., b. Dec. 18, 1883; d. Mar. 15, 1902. 
d893. Jennie P., b. Jan. 22, 1889 ; d. Mar. 26, 1902. 

children in this family. All died in infancy except the above six. 


880. ISAAC and CATHARINE BOWSER; lived at Walk Chalk; moved to 
Pike Co., Ohio; died there. 
Children : 

895. Addison Bowser, b. 1837; vet. of the Civil War; 2d Lt. 39th Ohio 

Vol. Inf.; 1865. 

896. Amos Bowser, b. 1839. 

897. Samantha J. Bowser, b. 1845. 

898. Samuel Bowser. 

882. SAMUEL S. BOWSER, b. Jan. 21, 1817; d. June 28, 1900; m. Margaret 
McGraw, b. Apr. 28, 1816; d. Apr. 7, 1890; they came to Pittsburgh in 1853 
Children : 

899. Nancy Bowser, b. Dec. 19, 1842 ; m. Robert Jones ; ch. : Mary Jane, 

Fannie, Margaret, Nellie, William C, Rebecca, Robert, Bertha, 
Lonella, Nancy. 

900. John Bowser. 

900. Margaret Ann Bowser, b. May 24, 1846 ; d. May 20, 1880 ; m. Joseph 

Maitland; no children. 
900. Rebecca J. Bowser, b. Mar. 24, 1849 ; m. Peter Hyer. 
900. Sarah Bowser, b. Apr. 19, 1852. 
900. Emma Bowser, b. Aug. Zl , 1854; d. in 1896; m. Charles Gardner. 

884. DAVID S. and LYDIA BOWSER. David S. Bowser, farmer, lived on 
the Abram Bowser homestead near Walk Chalk; eventually he sold this 
property and moved into the village where he died. His widow is still 
living. David, his wife Lydia, and all of their children, were members of 
the Baptist Church of Walk Chalk. 
Children : 

912. Matilda A. Bowser, b. Sept. 24, 1851 ; d. Apr. 6, 1878; m. Rev. Cham- 

bers T. Jack, Baptist minister ; Rev. Jack is located at Linesville, 
Pa. ; ch. : Almeda, m. Zigler ; address : Linesville, Pa. ; Lulu m. 
Daniel Lacy ; ch. : Jack, Jeanette. 

913. Robert M. Bowser, b. July 7, 1853 ; d. July 5, 1854. 

914. Amanda J. Bowser, b. May 14, 1855; d. 1918; m. James Hindman 

Bowser, b. June 7, 1852. (For children see 185.) 

915. Anna M. Bowser, b. Sept. 14, 1857; m. Lebbius Russell, b. Apr. 14, 

1856; address: New Kensington, Pa. 
Children : 

916. John B. Russell, b. July 1, 1879; m. Laura Pierce. 

917. Claude M. Russell, b. Dec. 28, 1880. 

918. Glendora Russell, b. Oct. 29, 1882; m. George L. Hays. 

919. Charles O. Russell, b. Feb. 5, 1885. 

920. Edna J. Russell, b. July 23, 1893 ; m. Owa McKinney. 
a920. Wilda M. Russell, b. Jan. 18, 1898; m. Harry Varner. 
b920. Willard J. Russell, b. Jan. 18, 1898; d. July 1, 1898. 

921. Samuel S. Bowser, b. Nov. 8, 1859; m. Ida J. Booth, b. Oct. 12, 1865; 

in automobile business. Ford City, Pa. 
Children : 

922. Herbert Jacob Bowser, b. Sept. 22, 1884; m. Lulu Campbell, b. 

Jan. 18, 1885 ; in business with his father, Samuel S. ; ch. : Sharon 
Kenneth, b. Alay 7, 1907; Dorothy May, b. Dec. 25, 1909; Herbert, 

b. Oct. 20, 1911 ; Mildred, died in infancv; Ida, d. ; Walter, 

b. May 20, 1914; George, b. Jan. 18, 1917. 

923. Harry Bowser, b. Feb. 22, 1890; d. Mar., 1900. 

924. Samuel Dwight Bowser, b. July 4, 1902 ; d. Nov. 22, 1918. 

925. Dr. Addison H. Bowser, b. Feb. 18, 1862; d. 1914; m. Sarah H. 
Booth, b. 1862; address: Reynoldsville, Pa. 


Children : 

926. Doctor Ira D. Bowser, Reynoldsville, Pa.; b. Nov. 29, 1883; m. 

Laura C. Wheeler. 
a926. Bertha E. Bowser, m. Deible. 

927. Addison W. Bowser, b. July 7, 1897; m. Tillie Hughes. 

928. Ollie E. Bowser, b. Jan. 9, 1865, d. May 24, 1922 ; m. Chambers M. 

Fair, b. May 22, 1863 ; live in the homestead at Walk Chalk, Pa. 
Children : 
a928. Edith M. Fair, b. Jan. 2, 1888 ; m. Robert A. Ober. 
b928. Stella B. Fair, b. July 29, 1889; m. Arch. L. Austin. 
c928. Merl L. Fair, b. May 5, 1891, d. Aug. 23, 1892. 
d928. Earl C. Fair, b. June 1, 1893; m. Mary Montgomery. 
e928. Norman P. Fair, b. Oct. 8, 1896; m. Magy Stoner. 
£928. Olive B. Fair, b. Apr. 11, 1899; d. May 4, 1921 ; m. Carl Crozer. 
g928. Vemie K. Fair, b. Apr. 12, 1901 ; m. William Walters. 
h928. Neubert W. Fair, b. Mar. 7, 1905. 
i928. Ralph S. Fair, b. July 12, 1909. 

929. Sarah B. Bowser, b. June 29, 1867; m. Arthur Cooper. 
Children : 

930. Charles Cooper. 

931. David Cooper. 

932. Arnold Cooper. 

933. Ella D. Bowser, b. June 8, 1869; m. (1) John M. Russell; (2) 
Thomas H. Johnson ; address : Ford City, Pa. 
934. Carl Russel, b. Oct. 1893; m. Susan Bouch; in business, Ford 
City, Pa. ; ch. : Eldora, Margaret, William. 

935, Almeda M. Bowser, b. May 7, 1872 ; m. David Cochran. 

936. Lydia K. Bowser, b. Oct. 27, 1874; m. R. L. Wylie. 
Children : 

937. Wanda Lee Wylie. 

938. Charlotte Wylie. 

939. Stella M. Bowser, b. June 9, 1877 ; m. Abram S. Harman ; d. May 12, 
1921; address: Brownsville, Pa. 
Children : 

940. Norma Harman. 

941. Harlow Harman. 

881. SUSANNA and SOLOMON ABE BOWSER, son of Nicholas (136). 
Of this union were bom twelve children, seven of whom died in infancy. 
Those living are : 

942. Lucinda Bowser, b. 1840; m. Michael McCoy; ch. ; Matilda, m. 

Emery Snyder; Mary, m. William Downey; James, m. Jennie 
Forsythe; Ella, m. Richard Bray; Elizabeth, m. George Reibold. 

943. James C. Bowser, m. Jennie Keys ; ch. : Ernest, m. Anna Klingle- 

smith; William; Ida, m. William Smith; Flora, m. Edward 
Kramer; Pearl. 

944. Margaret Bowser, b. 1849 ; m. John Roberts. 

945. Mary C. Bowser, b. 1847; m. William McClain ; ch.: John; Ida, m. 

R. C. Scott; address: Fairview, Pa.; ch. : Chambers, Kenneth, 

946. Samuel Henry Bowser, b. Jan. 29. 1856; m. Malissa Jane (1906), b. 

July 8, 1859; d. Oct. 25, 1901 ; (daughter of "Sadler" John Bowser) ; 
address: Vandergreft, Pa. 


Children : 
a.946. Jessie, b. Jan. 30, 1878, d. Feb. 4, 1913 ; m. Sherman Edward 

Kennedy ; ch. : Mendal Edward, b. May 7, 1902 ; Grace Eliza- 
beth, b. Sept. 10, 1903; m. Edward Silk; Helen Rachel, b. 

June 22, 1906. 
b946. Samuel H., Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1881. 
c946. Pearl Clifford, b. Feb. 19, 1884; m. Oliver R. Long; ch.: 

Aceneth ; Rachel Ellen, b. June 3, 1919. 
d946. Gladys Susana, b. June 3, 1888; m. John Weitzel; ch. : Charles 

Raymond, b. Apr. 27, 1911; Isabelle Marian, b. July 9, 1913; 

Bernice Catharine, b. Apr. 25, 1915; Herbert Francis, b. 

Aug. 3, 1917. 
e946. Harry David, b. Apr. 13, 1890; m. Margaret Albaugh; ch.: 

Harry Leon, b. May 18, 1911; William Francis, b. Oct. 4, 

1912; Samuel Lawson, b. Mar. 28, 1916; Robert Leroy, b. 

May 24, 1919. 
f946. Estella Mary, b. Oct. 17, 1891 ; m. Charles W. Wangler ; ch. : 

Hildreth Harry, b. Jan. 26, 1915; Helen Florence, b. Aug. 10, 

g946. Hazel Sarah, b. Aug. 22, 1894. 
h946. Paul Lawson, b. June 15, 1897; enlisted in World War service, 

Aug. 23, 1917, Co. H, 111th Reg., 28th Div.; participated in 

the battles of the Chauteau Thierry, Argonne and St. Mihiel; 

was discharged May 13, 1919. 
i946. Ruth Augusta, b. Dec. 19, 1899; m. John Fennell; address: 

Butler, Pa. 

Children : 

952. Lemuel Slagle, m. Catharine Hyle ; ch. : Fluke, Flur. 

953. Chamlbers Slagle ; died young. 

954. Miles Slagle. 

955. John Slagle, m. Emma Holder. 

956. Mary Alice Slagle, b. Aug. 7, 1855 ; m. Mathew McCollum, b. Aug. 7, 

1854; address: Ford City, Pa. 
Children : 
a956. Charles McCollum, b. Oct. 28, 1894; m. (1) Mildred Gulp; (2) 

m. Kunkle; ch. : Harry, Edward, Ralph, Charles. 
b956. Lilly McCollum, b. Jan. 22, 1877 ; m. Samuel Rupert ; ch. : Earl, 

Garland, Frederick, George, Ernest, Gladys, Floyd, Frank, 

Alice, Mary, Ruth. 
c956. Daisey McCollum, b. Apr. 23, 1879; m. (1) John Walker; (2) 

Abe Stivason ; ch. : Annie, George, Virginia, Clarence, 

d956. Minnie McCollum, b. Mar. 9, 1881 ; m. Charles Heilman ; ch. : 

Bert, Ruth. 
e956. Carrie McCollum, b. Jan. 26, 1883; m. William Fair; ch. : 

William, George, Susan, Roy, Harry Hayle, Annie. 
f9S6. Arthur McCollum, b. Mar. 4, 1885; m. Mary Thierry; ch.: 

Lucy, Freda, Dorothy, Rovena, Mildred. 
g956. Ocie McCollum, b. Apr. 9, 1887; m. Jacob Moore; ch. : Ken- 
neth, James. 
h956. Grace McCollum, b. June 16, 1889; m. (1) Edward Burdette; 

(2) Archy Stivason; ch. : Dorothy, Clarence, Kathleen, 

Ruth, Fay. 
i9S6. Roy McCollum, b. June 7, 1892; m. Florence Stivason; ch.: 

Gertrude, Ruth, Frances, Roberta, Laverne. 


j956. Lulu McCollum, b. June 6, 1895; m. (1) Perry Woodward; (2) 
Edward Stivason ; ch. : Laura, Thelma, Perry, Margaret, 
k956. Walter McCollum, b. Sept. 8, 1896. 

957. Samuel Slagle, m. Jennie Leinweaver ; ch. : Guss, Turrie. 

958. Ann Slagle, m. Thomas Bowser; ch. : Lulu, May, Thomas, Richard, 


959. Emma Slagle, m. Cull Peters ; ch. : Zetta, William, Cora, Clara, Nellie. 

960. Catharine Slagle, m. Shed Starr. 
Children : 

96L Harvey Slagle. 

962. David Slagle. 

963. Ella Slagle, m. David French. 

136. NICHOLAS (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS, SR (1). 
Nicholas, John and Jacob Bowser were the only members of John Bowser's 
family (of Hopewell) who remained in Bedford County. Nicholas' farm 
was located about one mile southeast of the John Bowser homestead. As 
his farm laid on the slope of a mountain near Hopewell he could look from 
his doorstep to the door of the home of his childhood. The picture shows 
the site of the farm. His grandson, Henry P. Bowser, of Hopewell, remem- 
bers Nicholas in the early days of the Civil War, an old decrepit man. He 
died about 1862. He married Elizabeth Kline. He was a member of the 
Dunkard Church. 
Children : 

964. Jacob Bowser; moved to Venango County, Pa. 

965. Magdalena Bowser; moved to Worthington, Pa.; one of her daugh- 

ters married George Bellus. (See No. 975.) 

966. Peter Bowser, b. between 1810 and 1820; died in Armstrong Co., Pa. 

967. Solomon Abe Bowser, b. 1820; m. Susan Bowser; daughter of 

Samuel Bowser (133) ; for children see Susannah (881). 

968. John Bowser, b. 1805; m. Ruth Weaver, b. 1810; ch. : Henry, John, 

Jacob, Lily, Caroline, Martha, Rachel, James, Nicholas, b. 1842, 
Ashbury, Tillie, b. 1847. 

969. Nicholas Bowser ; in Mexican war ; died in New Orleans with Yellow 


970. Henry Bowser, b. 1810; d. Feb. 20, 1878; m. Mary Steele. 

971. Samuel Bowser; lived in Hopewell Twp., Bedford Co., Pa. 

972. William Bowser. 

973. Mary Bowser, m. John Grace ; ch. : John W. ; Daniel ; Piper ; Sarah, 

m. George Cartright ; Hannah, m. John Croyle ; Rebecca, m. 

Woodlock; Elizabeth, m. Heffher. 

974. Hannah Bowser, m. Daniel Ritz; ch. : Henry, James. 

975. Magdelena H. Bowser, m. William Brannen. 

976. James Bowser, b. 1824; d. 1880; m. Elizabeth Kelley. 

970. HENRY (5) ; NICHOLAS (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (1). Henry and Mary Steele Bowser. His will in Book 5, 
page 351, Bedford, Pa. Henry Bowser of Liberty Township, Bedford 
County; wife, Mary. 
Children : 

977. James S. Bowser, b. 1840; d. 1917; m. Fannie S. Moore. 

978. Emanuel Bowser; m. Margaret Divelbiss. 
Children : 

a978. Elsie Bowser. 
b978. May Bowser. 
c978. Preston Bowser. 
d978. Roy Bowser. 


e978. Mary Bowser ; m. A. C. Householder ; address : Johnstown, Pa ; 

ch. : George, Bessie, Preston. 
f978. George H. and Alice Sutchall; address: Hopewell, Pa.; ch. ; 

Edith, John, Helen. 
g978. Fannie Bowser; m. M. H. Cook, 401 Main St., Niles, Ohio; 

ch. : Chester. 
h978. Alzie Bowser; m Bou Ramie; Philadelphia, Pa. 
i978. James W. Bowser; m. Anna Plant; Youngstown, Ohio; ch. : 

j978. Alida Bowser; m. Steven Dudley, 26 Hunter Ave., Niles, Ohio; 

ch. : Margaret. 
k978. Robert Bowser. 

979. Charles Bowser; m. Sarah Mardis. 
Children : 

a979. Clifton Bowser, m. Viola Troutman; Riddlesburg, Pa. 
5979. Zella Bowser, m. Joseph Cleve ; Liberty Twp., Bedford Co. 
c979. Dorothy Bowser, m. Alvin Carbary; Liberty Twp., Bedford Co. 
d979. Eliza Bowser. 

980. Maria Bowser, m. John Hawkins, Riddlesburg, Pa. 
Children : 

a980. Mary Hawkins, m. Oliver Phillips. 

b980. Rosa Hawkins, m. Irvine Bredenstine. 

c980. Elizabeth Hawkins, m. Elmer Menster. 

d980. Jennie Hawkins. 

e980. Myrtle Hawkins. 

f980. Hawkins, m. Alice Guthridge. 

g980. Hawkins, m. Mary Shannon. 

h980. Hawkins, m. Lena Switzer. 

981. Catharine Bowser, m. John Long. 
Child : 

a981. Mary Long, m. John Fields. 

982. Mary Ann Bowser, m. David Brunbaugh. 

983. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Jacob Weyandt. 

984. Harrison Bowser, m. Ida Brumbaugh. 

Children : 

985. Mary Jane Bowser, b. 1860; m. D. N. Hanley, 

986. Annie M. Bowser, b. 1865 ; d. 1918 ; m. J. H. Black. 

987. Alice M. Bowser, b. 1867 ; d. 1901 ; m. W. A. Butts. 

988. Rev. H. Graybill Bowser, b. 1872; m. (1) Esther Williams, (2) 

Viola M. Swisher; minister of the Church of God; residence near 
Franklin, Pa. 

989. Clay M. Bowser, b. 1873; m. Estella Burtnett. 

990. James S. Bowser, Jr., b. 1875 ; m. Elizabeth Jones. 

991. Hattie T. Bowser, b. 1880; d. 1919; m. Fred Oast. 

Children : 

992. Ruth May Bowser, b. 1891 ; m. J. J. Cashman. 

993. M. Ester Bowser, b. 1896; trained nurse. 


994. Edna Bowser, b. 1900; teacher. 

995. Irma Bowser, b. 1902. 

996. Frank Bowser, b. 1904. 

997. Ida Bowser, b. 1907. 

998. Victory Elnora Bowser, b. 1907. 


Children : 

999. Nicholas Bowser ; went West ; was a veteran of the Civil War ; died 

in the West about 1910 ; m. Alice ; one son : William. 

1000. Catharine Bowser, d. 1916; m. Valentine Fink. 
Child : 

1001. Cinderella, m. Wood Spellman. 

1002. Rev. John Bowser, minister of the Dunkard Church ; d. Feb., 1907 ; 

m. Elizabeth Thistle; (2) Catharine Stair; no children. 

1003. Henry P. Bowser, b. 1852; m. Catharine Smith. 

1004. William Bowser ; never married ; died in New York State 1882. 

1005. Rebecca Bowser, now living on the John Bowser homestead at 

Hopewell; m. Henry Cogan. 

1006. Simon Bowser, m. Sara Rush; lived in the West; present residence, 

2846 Blake St., Denver, Colo ; child : Lena Bowser, m. Jones. 

1007. Jeanette Bowser, b. about 1860; m. William E. Baker ; ch. : Elizabeth, 

Mary, John. 

1008. Rufus Bowser; living in Florida. 

1009. Edmund Bowser; living in Altoona, Pa.; m. Elizabeth Smith. 

1010. Ch. : Chester Byron Bowser, b. May 20, 1884 ; d. Aug. 14, 1884. 

1011. Gussie Bowser, b. Aug. 8, 1885; d. 1908; m. Charles Roop; child: 

Melvin E. 

1012. Harry P. Bowser ; m. T. E. Mertz, b. Aug. 27, 1887. 

1013. Cora E. Bower, b. July 12, 1890 ; m. A. L. Lytle ; child : Edmund B. 

1014. Savilla Bowser, b. 1862; m. Oliver Parrin, farmer of Hopewell 

Twp. ; address : Jerome, Yavapai Co., Arizona. 

1015. Tobias Bowser 

1003. HENRY P. and CATHARINE BOWSER. Henry P. Bowser is an 
extensive land owner and successful farmer. He resides one and a half 
miles northwest of Hopewell, and two miles from the John Bowser home- 
stead on "Yellow Creek," so frequently mentioned in this history. His 
father told him that his (Henry's) great-grandfather came "from Germany"; 
that he brought parts of a wagon and farming implements with him from 
the old country, and that he was wealthy. Some of his ancestors were in 
the Revolutionary War. His great-grandfather, whom he believes was 
Mathias, made frequent trips to Philadelphia for supplies. 
Children : 

1017. Mary Elizabeth, m. John Fluke ; living near Hopewell ; ch. : Florence, 

m. Roy Easier ; Margaret. 

1018. Ella Bowser, m. Ambrose Steel ; ch. : Edith, Margaret, Robert. 

1019. Scott Bowser, m. Florence Eichelberger. 

1020. Russell Bowser, m. Ora Cypher. 

1021. James Franklin Bowser. 

1022. Anna Bowser. 

1023. George Bowser. 

1014. SAVILLA BOWSER and OLIVER PARRIN ; ch. : Clarence, m. Mary 

Likens ; Frank, m. Delia Reed ; Tobias ; Valentine. 

Children : 

1024. Gertie Cogan. 

1025. Charles Cogan. 

1026. James Blaine Cogan. 

1027. Chester Cogan, m. Ham. 

1028. Stella Cogan. 

1029. Elizabeth Cogan. 
1031. Ethel Cogan. 

1030. Elsie Cogan. 


137. PETER (4); JOHN (3); MATHIAS (2); MATHIAS (1). Peter 
Bowser, the youngest son of John Bowser, of Hopewell, Pa., came to 
Armstrong County, Pa., early in the history of the country and bought 
land on Pine Creek, two miles east of the Allegheny River. Here he 
reared a large family and lived to see the country of his adoption emerge 
from a wilderness into a land of fertile farms, schools and churches. 

Children : 

1032. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1811. 

1033. Mary Bowser, b. 1813 ; m. Abram Swigart. 

1034. Martha Bowser, b. 1815; d. Oct. 12, 1877; m. Jacob Bowser (son of 

Joseph Bowser, son of Noah Bowser), b. 1806; d. June 9, 1868. 

1035. John Bowser, b. 1816. 

1036. Mathias Bowser, b. 1819; d. 1909; m. Sarah H. Baum, b. 1825. 

1037. Jane Bowser, b. Dec. 21, 1821; d. Jan. 22, 1901; m. Peter Bowser 

(169), b. Oct. 20, 1815; d. Jan. 29, 1879. 

1038. Sally Bowser, b. 1825. 

1039. Margaret Bowser, b. 1826. 

1040. Loben Bowser, b. July 16, 1828; d. Jan. 11, 1912; m. Martha Jane 

Oliver, b. Oct. 14, 1829 ; d. June 29, 1879. 

1041. Jeremiah Bowser, b. 1832. 

1034. MARTHA (5) ; PETER (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (1). Martha and Jacob Bowser. 
Children : 

1042. Mathias Q. Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1836; d. Oct. 15, 1898; m. Mar- 

garet Stockdill, b. 1847 ; lived at Echo, Pa. 

1043. Jemima Bowser, b. Dec. 28, 1837; d. Sept. 5, 1918; m. James 

McCullough ; ch. : Martha, Mary. 

1044. Jeremiah Bowser, b. Oct. 31, 1839; m. Catharine Snyder. 
Children : 

1045. Harvey Bowser. 

1046. Nettie Bowser. 

1047. William Bowser. 

1048. Joannah Bowser, b. July 27, 1842; m. Samuel Buzzard. 
Children : 

1049. Mary Buzzard. 

1050. Ida Buzzard. 

1051. Bertha Buzzard. 

1052. Robert Buzzard. 

1053. Caroline Bowser, b. June 9, 1844; d. Apr., 1919; m. Henry Weaver; 

ch. : Jennie, Miranda, Savina, Mary, Annie, Ella, Maisey, Thomas, 
David Wellington. 

1054. Jane Bowser, b. June 10, 1846; m. William Jones. 
Children : 

1055. Mary Jones, m. Daniel Schreckengost ; ch. : Mary, Pearl, Bcrton, 


1056. David Jones. 

1057. John Jones. 

1058. Thomas Jones, m. Ida Schreckengost; ch. : Claude, Preston, 

1059. Eleanor Bowser, b. July 27, 1847; d. Oct. 21, 1919; m, Uriah M. 

Cleaver ; ch. : Fanty, Nettie, Emma, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, 
Mary, Belle, Bessie. 

1060. Anderson Bowser, b. Nov. 15, 1849; single; resides at Manor- 

ville, Pa. 


1061. Franklin P. Bowser, b. Oct. 7, 1852; d. Jan. 24, 1920; m. Catharine 
Swigart, daughter of Mary Bowser (1033), daughter of Peter 
Children : 

1062. Jennie Bowser, m. Downsey. 

1063. Thomas Bowser, m. Schaffer. 

1064. Thomas Bowser, b. Oct. 10, 1854; d. Mar., 1913; m. Catharine 
Boyle; d. June, 1912. 
Children : 
1065. William A. Bowser, b. Jan. 4, 1880; m. Bessie Geiger, b. Aug. 
11, 1884. 
Children : 

1066. Merle L. Bowser, b. Aug. 20, 1903. 

1067. Ethel C. Bowser, b. Feb. 13, 1906. 

1068. Prof. John A. Bowser, b. Apr. 17, 1882; m. Joan Moore, b. 
Mar. 16, 1884. 
Children : 

1069. Janet Bowser, b. Nov. 28, 1910. 

1070. Dorothy Bowser, b. Apr. 18, 1920. 

1071. Elmer Curtis Bowser, b. Aug. 26, 1885 ; m. Wilda Mclntire. 
Children : 

1072. Laird Bowser. 

1073. Sallie Bowser. 

1074. Mildred Bowser. 

1075. James Y. Bowser, m. Emma Harmon. 

1076. Emory P. Bowser, b. Aug. 23, 1890; m. Helen Dailey. 

1077. Ch. : Martha Jane Bowser, b. July 29, 1915. 

1078. Jeremiah Leroy Bowser, m. Kitty Mechling; d. 1918. 

1036. MATHIAS (5) ; PETER (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
Mathias Bowser settled on the homestead established by his father on Pine 
Creek. He was a veteran of the Civil War. During his term of service in 
the army his wife and children carried on his extensive farm ; he was a 
man of intelligence and great enterprise. He died at his home in 1909 at 
the advanced age of 90 years. 
Children : 

1079. Wilson L. Bowser, b. 1845; d. 1917; m. Caroline Hollobaugh ; ch.: 

Henry, Mary, Wilber, Arnold, Phoebe, Anna, Cora, Maude, Essie, 
Benjamin, Ellen, Lee, Sandy. 

1080. Ross Mechling Bowser, b. 1847; m. (1) Amanda Anthony; ch. : 

Jessie, Harry, Frank, Floda, Forest; (2) Christina Zimmerman. 

1081. Harvey Peter Bowser, b. 1849; Wickboro, Kittanning, Pa. 

1082. Hettie W. Bowser, b. 1853; m. Henry Troutner. 
Children : 

1083. Sarah Troutner, m. Jerry Swigart. 

1084. Emma Troutner, m. Charles Crawshaw. 

1085. Rebecca P. Troutner, m. Charles Walker. 

1086. Lydda Troutner, m. Irvin Bowser, son of Lewis Bowser (684). 

1087. Philip Templeton Bowser, b. 1855; m. (1) Mary Shannon; ch.: 

Mabel, John; (2) Tillie Bowser, daughter of J. H. Bowser (185) ; 
child: Charles. 

1088. Sally J. Bowser; single; b. 1857. 

1089. Madison M. Bowser, b. 1860; d. 1912; m. Hattie Jones; ch. : Leroy, 

Flossie, Fern. 


1090. George McGelland Bowser, b. 1862; stockraiser and miner in the 

West ; present address unknown. 

1091. James Neale Bowser, b. 1866; m. (1) Louise Bank; (2) Minerva 


1092. Rebecca P. Bowser, b. 1867; m. A. S. Schreckengost ; photog- 

rapher; Kittanning, Pa. 

1040. LOBEN (5) ; PETER (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS 
(1). Loben Bowser purchased land on Pine Creek, in Armstrong County, 
Pa., about six miles east of his father's residence, and there reared a family 
of fifteen children, all of whom have honored his name and maintained the 
best ideals of our Bowser family. He was born July 16, 1828, and died at 
his home near Echo, Pa., Jan. 11, 1912. He married Martha Jane Oliver, 
born Oct. 14, 1829, died June 29, 1829. He devoted his life to farming, the 
traditional occupation of nearly all of our people, and was eminently 
Children : 

1093. Florence Young Bowser, b. May 26, 1851 ; died in infancy. 

1094. Rev. Wellington Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1852; m. Fannie Waid, b. 

Sept. 6, 1857. 

1095. Sarah Emeline Bowser, b. Jan. 27, 1854. 

1096. Alexander Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1855 ; d. Feb. 1, 1891, in Cincinnati, 

Ohio ; carriage painter. 

1097. Wesley Smith Bowser, b. Jan. 5, 1857; d. Mar. 1, 1911. 

1098. Clement Elgin Bowser, b. July 5, 1858; m. Barbara Boyle; reside 

at Echo, Pa. 

1099. Margaret Elmira Bowser, b. Dec. 24, 1859; m. George W. Beck, 

b. May 15, 1859; reside at Echo, Pa. 

1100. James Miles Bowser, b. Feb. 21, 1863; m. Elsie Clever; reside at 

Evans City, Pa. 

1101. Mary Malissa Bowser, b. July 5, 1861 ; m. Robert S. Andrews. 

1102. McClelland Ellsworth Bowser, b. May 6, 1864; m. Mary Farster. 

1103. Nancy Laura Bowser, b. Aug. 26, 1866; died young. 

1104. Alice Jane Bowser, b. Nov. 3, 1867; teacher. 

1105. Estella Olive Bowser, b. July 31, 1871; m. W. Van Voorliss ; live 

at Seattle, Wash. ; ch. : Helen Irene. 

1106. Clara lona Bowser, b. Nov. 11, 1872; died young. 

1107. Bertha Marinda Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 1874; m. Robert R. Barker, b. 

Nov. 9, 1871 ; live near Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

1108. Vincent Earl Bowser, b. at Rurki, India, under the shadows of the 

Himalaya Mountains, Sept. 29, 1881; m. Mary Thompson, of 
Pasadena, Calif.; he studied law in the University of Southern 
California and is now practicing his profession at El Monte, 
Calif. ; he has four children. 


Bertha Jane, Margaret Ann, Harvey Miles, Mary Terressa, Wilbert 
Lewis, Minnie Pearl, Venice Irene. 

Children : 
al088. Oliver Oben. 
bl099. Lillian D. 


cl099. John Thoburn. 
dl099. Guy Raymond. 

John Thoburn Beck was in service in the World War for 16 

months, 12 of which were spent overseas. He belonged to 

601st Co. Eng. as first class private. 

1109. Ethel Maude Bowser was born in Karachi, a seaport on the Arabian 

Sea, Dec. 3, 1885 ; m. Thomas K. Hoagland, Hermos Beach, 
Calif. ; they have a son. 

1110. Genevieve Irene Bowser, was born at Spartansburg, Pa., June 23, 

1887; m. Edgar A. Lord, Los Angeles, Calif.; they have one son. 

1098. CLEMENT E. and BARBARA (BOYLE) BOWSER. Clement Elgin 
Bowser is a farmer, located near the Loben Bowser homestead at Echo, Pa. 
Children : 

1111. Nannie N. Bowser, b. June 19, 1877; m. T. Talmadge Skinner, b. 

Jan. 15, 1877. 
Child : 
1112. T. Talmadge Skinner, b. Mar. 21, 1902. 
1113. May E. Bowser, b. Sept. 4, 1879; m. Harry E. Olinger. 
Children : 

1114. Leland Olinger, b. Nov., 1898. 

1115. Leroy Olinger, b. 1900. 

1116. Maud Olinger, b. 1901. 

1117. Freda Olinger, b. 1904. 

1118. Floyd Olinger, b. 1907; d. Mar. 1921. 

1119. Sadie Bowser, b. June 2, 1883; m. Harvey McCullough. 
Children : 

1120. Mulvene McCullough, b. July 16, 1913. 

1121. Robert McCullough, b. Sept. 1915. 

1122. Bert Bowser, b. Dec. 3, 1885; m. Cora Kirkwood. 
Children : 

1123. Chester Bowser. 

1124. Kenneth Bowser. 

1125. Mildred Bowser. 

1126. Robert Bowser. 

1127. Freda Bowser. 

1128. Edith Bowser, b. Nov. 26, 1890; m. William Emmons. 
Children : 

1129. Relton Emmons. 

1130. Donald Emmons, 

1131. James Emmons. 

1132. Richard Emmons. 

Bowser taught school when a young man. For the last 30 years he has 
been in street car work, now a conductor on the Pittsburgh, Harmony and 
Butler Line; address: Evans City, Pa. 
Children : 

1133. Nelson Bowser, b. 1891; d. 1891. 

1134. Catharine Leone Bowser, b. 1893; graduate nurse; volunteered in 

the war service; stationed at Camp Upton; thence sailed for 
France on the Megantic, June 12, 1918; was stationed at Base 
Hospital No. 1 ; later at Chamanet ; returned on the Agamennon 
May 15, 1919. 

1135. Francis Bowser, b. 1896; graduate of Duff's Business College, 

Pittsburgh; now employed in Butler, Pa. 


1102. McClelland Ellsworth and mary bowser. 

Children: Blanche, m. Frederick Greybiggle; Miles, m. Coonart ; 

Minnie, m. Walter Herman; Charles, m. Campbell; Olive, m. 

Nelson Shirey; Frank, Roy, Pearl, Harry, Raymond. 

Children : 

1136. Wellington Andrews. 

1137. Lucile Andrews. 

1138. Gladys Andrews. 

1139. Catharine Andrews. 

1107. BERTHA MARINDA and ROBERT R. BARKER; address: Kittan- 
ning, R. D. 
Children : 

1140. Grace Elma Barker, b. Sept. 22, 1902. 

1141. Relton Barker, b. Mar. 12, 1905; d. Oct. 2, 1918. 

1142. Nelda Lucile Barker, b. May 23, 1902. 

1143. Feme Marie Barker, b. May 14, 1916. 

138. MARY (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
Mary Bowser married John Burnheimer — no doubt a descendant of the 
Berkheimers of Bedford County, Pa. They lived near Kittanning; later 
moved to Ohio. 

1144. William Burnheimer; lived near Kittanning. 

1145. Mathias Burnheimer; moved to Jackson Co., Ohio; died there in 


1146. John Burnheimer. 

1147. Samuel Burnheimer; John and Samuel moved to Canton, Ohio; 

died there. 

1148. Mary Burnheimer, b. Mar. IS, 1803; d. Oct. 20, 1880; m. Samuel D. 

Bowser ; b. Apr. 4, 1802 ; d. Aug. 18, 1885. 

1149. Elizabeth Burnheimer; m. Jacob Flenner. 

Samuel D. Bowser lived near Walk Chalk, Pa. They were members of the 
Dunkard Church. 
Children : 

1150. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1823; d. 1896; m. John Wible. 

1151. Rebecca Bowser, b. Oct. 23, 1826; d. May 22, 1903; m. John Bar- 

ker, b. Sept. 28, 1822; d. Jan. 4, 1902. 

1152. Robinson Bowser, b. Sept. 14, 1832; d. May 6, 1907; m. Catharine 

Yingst, b. Jan. 1, 1839. 

1153. Sarah A. Bowser, b. Oct. 20, 1834; d. Aug. 28, 1914; m. Robert 

Wible, b. Dec. 26, 1831 ; d. Dec. 25, 1905. 

1154. Nancy Bowser, b. 1836; d. 1907; m. William J. Geary, d. 1884. 

1155. Julia A. Bowser, b. May 5, 1839; d. 1902; m. James Wible, b. Aug., 

1829; d. Oct., 1907. 

1156. Hamilton D. Bowser, b. 1843; d. 1913; m. Delilah Toy, b. 1844. 

1157. Alexander J. Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1846; d. Mar. 2, 1915; m. Emily 

Bowser, b. July 20, 1854. 

1151. REBECCA (BOWSER) and JOHN BARKER. Lived near Kittanning. 
There were eight children of this union. 

1158. C W. Barker, b. Mar. 27, 1859; d. Oct. 20, 1916; m. Melvina Tyler. 

1159. G. G. Barker, b. Dec. 2, 1850; m. Mary Etta Williams, b. Sept. 9, 

1856; address: Britton, Okla. ; child: F. M. Barker, b. Dec. 28, 


1160. Anna Barker, b. Dec. 12, 1852; d. July 5, 1877; m. J. H. R. Spilman. 

1161. Mary J. Barker, b. Apr. 8, 1855; m. Percy Tyler, b. Jan. 8, 1853; 

resides at Ute, Iowa. 

1162. Sarah C. Barker, b. July 20, 1857; d. Feb. 11, 1895 ; m. Daniel Farrar. 

1163. P. C. L. Barker, b. Oct. 23, 1859; m. Elizabeth Morse; address: 

Vermillion, S. D. 

1164. Ida M. Barker, b. Dec. 30, 1863; d. Feb. 10, 1864. 

1165. Sherman Barker, b. Jan. 20, 1866; d. Oct. 27, 1883. 

Children : 

1166. Sherman Bowser, b. April 18, 1878; m. Charlotte Frick, b. Oct. 31, 

1878; address: West Kittanning, Pa.; ch. : Elizabeth, Chambers, 
Myrtle, Grace, Harry, Helen, Rufus, Gladine, Arthur. 

1167. Whitsel Bowser, b. Mar. 6, 1882; m. Maud Cramer; ch.: Rhinaldo, 

Clarence, Francis, Kenneth. 

1153. SARAH A. (BOWSER) and ROBERT WIBLE. Samuel D. and Mary 
(Bumheimer) Bowser had the rare good providence of having three daugh- 
ters marry three sons of a neighbor. One daughter, Sarah A., married 
Robert Wible and lived near Worthington, Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

1168. William Wilson Wible, b. Nov. 20, 1859; m. Belle Toy, b. Apr. 6, 1872. 
Children : 

1169. Alvin Wible, b. 1895. 

1170. Hobert Wible, b. 1897. 

1171. Miles Wible, b. 1901. 

1172. Charlotte Wible, b. July 21, 1861. 

1173. George G. Wible, b. May 13, 1863; m. Manda Summerville, b. 1864. 
Children : 

1174. A. Wible, b. 1890. 

1175. Howard Wible, b. 1892. 

1176. Richard Wible, b. 1894. 

1177. Mary Wible, b. 1896. 

1178. Robert Wible, b. 1900. 

1179. Dorothy Wible, b. 1906. 

1180. Robert Lee Wible, b. Mar. 25, 1865; m. Lydia Bowser, b. 1874. 
Children : 

1181. Wanda Wible, b. 1904. 

1182. Charlotte Wible, b. 1909. 

1183. James Elmer Wible, b. Mar. 19, 1867; d. Jan. 8, 1912; m. Lucy 

Smith, b. 1869; d. 1907. 
Child : 

1184. Harry Wible, b. 1898. 

1185. Harriet Wible, b. May 23, 1869. 

1186. Tillie Wible, b. July 9, 1871. 

1187. James Mark Wible, b. Mar. 29, 1874; d. Sept. 15, 1904. 

1188. Charles Wayne Wible, b. Nov. 23, 1876; m. Lucille Rock 
Children : 

1189. Charles Wayne Wible, Jr., b. 1915. 

1190. Charlotte Wible, b. 1918. 

Children : 

1191. John A. Geary, b. Mar. 14, 1863; m. Margaret Smith. 

1192. May E. Geary, b. 1866; m. Merl Benton. 

1193. Mahala Geary, b. 1867; m. W. H. Lewis. 


1194. Sarah A. Geary, b. 1870; d. 1912; m. O. N. Myer. 

1195. William Geary, b. 1872. 

1196. Hannah Geary, b. 1874; m. Harry Bowser. 

1197. Samuel Geary, b. 1877; m. Rachel Thompson. 

1198. Martha Geary, b. 1880; m. Albert Toy. 

Children : 

1199. Nannie Wible, b. Oct. 23, 1859. 

1200. Mary Wible, b. April 27, 1861 ; m. Marion Zillefrow, b. 1863. 
Children : 

1201. Grace Zillefrow, b. 1887. 

1202. Julia Zillefrow, b. 1890. 

1203. Hallam Zillefrow, b. 1893. 

1204. Olive Zillefrow, b. 1896 ; d. 1899. 

1205. Leota Zillefrow, b. 1898. 

1206. Kenneth Zillefrow, b. 1900; d. 1912. 

1207. Parker Wible, b. Jan. 10, 1863; m. Belle MoCullough. 
Children : 

1208. Paul Wible, b. 1885. 

1209. James Wible, b. 1887. 

1210. Frances Wible, b. 1902. 

1211. Julia Wible, b. 1905; d. 1919. 

1213. Isaac Wible, b. Jan. 15, 1865 ; m. Margaret Richardson. 
Children : 

1214. Helen Wible, b. 1892. 

1215. Marion Wible, b. 1900. 

1216. Edith Wible, b. Mar. 9, 1867; m. Parks P Burford. See (617) for 


1217. Effie Wible, b. June 2, 1869; m. J. P. Stewart, b. 1867. 
Children : 

1218. Olive Wible, b. Sept. 1, 1871 ; m. W. M. Seligman, b. 1873. 
Children : 

1219. William Seligman, b. 1902. 

1220. Donald Seligman, b. 1904; d. 1907. 

1221. Julian Seligman, b. 1906. 

1222. Grace Wible, b. Feb. 22, 1874; m. Earnest Bartels. 
Children : 

1223. Earnest Bartels, Jr., b. 1913. 

1224. Carl Bartels, b. 1915. 

1225. Henry Wible, b. Mar. 17, 1876; m. Jennie Foster, b. 1879. 
Children : 

1226. Donald Wible, b. 1909. 

1227. Edith Wible, b. 1918. 

1228. Florence Wible, b. July 9, 1878; m. E. E. Crawford, b. 1874. 
Children : 

1229. Charlotte Crawford, b. 1912. 

1230. Edna Crawford, b. 1916. 

1231. Elizabeth Crawford, b. 1918; d. 1918. , 
1232. Alice Wible, b. Oct. 10, 1880; m. Bert Foster. 
Children : 

1233. Glen Foster, b. 1903. 

1234. Rodney Foster, b. 1906. 
1235. Edna Wible, b. June 1, 1883. 


Children : 
1236. Nannie Bowser, b. Sept. 24, 1873; m. Everett McGeary, b. Aug. 

28, 1867. 
Children : 

1237. Melba McGeary, b. 1899. 

1238. Charles McGeary, b. 1901. 

1239. Florence McGeary, b. 1903. 

1240. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Oct. 1, 1875. 

1241. Guy Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1878. 

1242. Jay Bowser, b. Mar. 12, 1881 ; d. Aug. 16, 1898. 

1243. Hamilton Bowser, b. May 28, 1887; m. Sadie Shepherd. 
Children : 

1244. Mildred Bowser, b. May 21, 1917. 

1245. Grace Bowser, b. Aug. 24, 1919. 

1246. Daisy Bowser, b. July 19, 1884 ; d. July 19, 1909 ; m. Frank Borland. 

1247. Iva Bowser, b. March 31, 1890; m. William Smith. 

1248. Virginia Smith. 

1249. Roy Bowser, b. Feb. 21, 1892. 

1250. Ruth Bowser, b. Jan. 27, 1894; m. Edward L. Anderson; address: 

Stenen, Sask., Canada. 
Child : 
1251. Marie Anderson, b. 1920. 

1252. Warren Bowser, b. Feb. 7, 1896. 

Alexander J. Bowser reared his family near New Kensington, Pa., where 
most of his descendants are now living. 

139. ELIZABETH (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS, JR. (2), MATHIAS, SR., 
(1). Elizabeth, the second daughter of John Bowser (13) of Hopewell 
Twp., Bedford Co., Pa., as mentioned in his will, married Abraham Swi- 
gart, of York Co., Pa. The will of Abraham Swigart, a resident of Buf- 
falo Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa., dated March 15, 1830, was probated in 
Kittanning, Pa., May 23, 1832. 
Children : 

1253. Jacob Swigart, m. Mary Gouldinger. 

1254. John Swigart, b. 1802 ; d. 1878 ; m. Sarah A. Bowser, b. 1800, d. 1876. 

1255. Elizabeth Swigart, m. 

1256. Abraham Swigart. 

1257. Daniel Swigart. 

1258. Mary Swigart, m. Cornman. 

1254. JOHN and SARAH A. SWIGART. John Swigart came from Bed- 
ford County, Pa., to Armstrong County about 1812. He was united by mar- 
riage to Sarah A. Bowser, daughter of Joseph D. Bowser, son of Noah and 
Eunice (Ditto) Bowser. He was a stone mason and brick layer, and helped 
to build the "Eagle" hotel and a number of the earliest brick buildings 
in Kittanning. He and his wife were members of the Dunkard Church, 
Children : 

1259. Jacob Swigart, b. 1824; d. in infancy. 

1260. Abraham Swigart, b. 1825; d. 1907; m. Margaret Burnheimer, b. 

1827; d. 1902. 

1261. Rebecca Swigart, b. 1828; d. 1904; m. Mathias Bowser. (See 133 

for children.) 

1262. Elizabeth Swigart, b. 1830; d. 1860; m. Henry Bowser, son of 



Swigart was a veteran of the Civil War. He enlisted Oct. 1, 1861, Co. A, 
2d Regiment Cavalry; discharged Dec. 16, 1863; re-enlisted Dec. 17, 1863, 
Co. M, Penn. Mounted Corps ; discharged July 13, 1865 ; he married Mary 
Children : 

al260. Sarah E. Swigart ; single ; b. 1849. 

bl260. Mary A. Swigart, b. 1852; d. 1900; m. Oliver P. Stover, b. 1850; 
d. 1910. 

cl260. John Swigart, b. 1854: d. 1873; single. 

dl260. Clarence Swigart ; b. 1857 ; m. Malinda Hopper ; b. 1861. 

el260. Joseph F. Swigart, b. 1861 ; m. Margaret Delph. 

1263. Joseph F. Swigart, b. 1832; d. 1912; m. Sarah A. White, b. 1834; 

d. 1900. 

1264. Jonas Swigart; moved to California; address unknown. 

1265. John Swigart, b. 1836; d. in California. 

1266. Rev. Daniel W. Swigart, b. 1838; m. Margaret Starr, b. Dec. 12, 

1837; d. Sept. 26, 1868. 
al266. Sarah Swigart, b. 1840; m. Robert Adams. 

1267. Nancy Swigart, b. 1842; d. 1915; m. Adam Edwards. 

1263. JOSEPH F. SWIGART and SARAH A. SWIGART. After his mar- 
riage settled at Mosgrove, Pa., and engaged in farming. He was a mem- 
ber of the Baptist Church. 
Children : 

1268. Malinda J. Swigart, b. 1857; m. James F. Babb, b. May 18, 1858, 

a son of Samuel and Lucy Ann (Bowser) Babb. Present address, 
Ford City, Pa. 
Child : 
al268. Arthur E. Babb, b. Sept. 15, 1891. 

1269. Lycurgus Swigart, b. 1858 ; killed on the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1898. 

1270. James W. Swigart, b. 1860; m. Elizabeth Schaub. 
Children : 

1271. Edna Swigart. 

1272. Morna Swigart. 

1273. Murial Swigart. 

1274. David M. Swigart, b. Aug. 15, 1861 ; m. Martha Serene, b. 1863. 

Child : 
1275. Lotta Swigart, b. Mar. 23, 1900. 

1276. John B. Swigart b. Sept. 22, 1863 ; m. Mollie Rebecca McNeil of 
East Brady, Pa. In 1881 he went into the employ of the Allegheny 
R. R. (now the Penna. R. R.) and has continued in the railroad 
service. For twenty years Mr. Swigart has been a conductor on a 
passenger train between Oil City and Pittsburgh, Pa.; address: 
Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

1277. Sarah Bertha Swigart, m. Harry D. Utley. 

1278. H. B. Swigart, m. Mabel Leech; reside at Ford City, Pa. 

1279. Mollie R. Swigart. 

1280. Anna R. Swigart, b. 1865; m. George Sheasley. 
Children : 

1281. Ralph Sheasley. 

1282. Pauline Sheasley. 

1283. Ardell Sheasley. 

1284. Harold Sheasley. 


1285. Wililiam Swigart, m. Maud Ellen Campbell, daughter of Samuel 
Lansing and Elizabeth (Lowe) Campbell, of Mosgrove, Pa. Mr. 
Swigart is a carpenter and lives at Ford City, Pa. He and his 
entire family are members of the Ford City Baptist Church. 
Children : 

1286. Fonda E. Swigart, b. July 23, 1890; m. Claire W. Ankeny, b. 

July 20, 1887 ; address : Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Children : 

1287. Jeannette Ankeny, b. Sept. 23, 1913. 

1288. Ruth Ankeny, b. Dec. 12, 1914. 

1289. Miriam Ankeny, b. March, 1918. 

1290. Betty Ankeny, b. Feb., 1920. 

1291. Larry B. Swigart, b. Oct. 16, 1896; d. Nov. 21, 1912. 

1292. Mildred LaVerne Swigart, b. July 9, 1898; m. Frank Mast, son 

of Frank Mast, Sr., Rimerton, Pa. ; address : Ford City, Pa. 

1293. Maud Lucille, b. Dec. 15, 1899; m. August C. Schubert, b. May 

18, 1897. 

1294. Alexander Lowry Swigart, b. 1870. 

1295. Sarah Alberta Swigart, b. 1875; m. Norman J. Templeton, 

1297. Ruth Templeton. 

Daniel W. Swigart was a veteran of the Civil War. At the close of the 
war he completed a course of study and entered the ministry. He was an 
able preacher and an esteemed and active pastor in the Baptist denomina- 
tion until shortly before his death, which occurred at Beaver Falls, Pa., 
Oct. 8, 1921. By his first marriage with Margaret Starr, b. Feb. 4, 1885, 
d. Mar. 30, 1897, there were the following children : 

1298. Ella J. Swigart, b. Mar. 7, 1861 ; m. Willis O. Woods, d. June 13, 


1299. Emma M. Swigart, b. Nov. 10, 1863 ; m. Henry W. Heasley, b. July 

17, 1862; d. May 22, 1918. 

1300. John J. Swigart, b. Nov. 5, 1864. 

1301. Frank H. Swigart, b. Apr. 12, 1866; m. Cora Slagle. 

1302. Margaret I. Swigart, b. Sept. 25, 1868; m. (1) Harry McNeil, d. 

June, 1912; (2) John Elwood. 

(2) (Second marriage) Emily Stoughton, daughter of Rev. Samuel 

Stoughton. She was born June 30, 1836 ; d. Mar. 8, 1908. 

1303. Eva M. Swigart, d. March, 1904. 

1304. Samuel S. Swigart, m. Bertha Cooke. 
Children : 

Gladys, b. July 1, 1912; Warren, b. August, 1918. 

1305. Elvira Swigart, d. 1919; m. Roland Phillips. 

al305. Elenor Winifred, b. June 8, 1907. 

1306. Emerson O. Swigart, d. 1903. 

(3) Mary J. Thomas. 

1298. ELLA J. and WILLIS O. WOODS. 
Children : 
Pearle E., b. Feb. 24, 1882; Walter W., b. June 14, 1884; Mabel K., b. 
April 2, 1886; Warren J., b. May 29, 1888; d. April 10, 1911 ; Clara M., 
b. Aug. 13, 1890; Fred E., b. April 3, 1893. 


1299. EMMA M. and HENRY W. HEASLEY. 
Children : 

1307. Luella M. Heasley, b. Sept. 3, 1887; m. John S. McMaster, b. 1876; 

d. Feb. 9, 1916. 

1308. Herbert W. Heasley, b. Apr. 30, 1889 ; m. Golda Allott. 
Children : 

1309. William Heasley, b. Dec. 13, 1913. 

1310. Robert Hays Heasley, b. Nov., 1919. 

1311. Paul Warren Heasley, b. Oct. 19, 1921. 

1312. Edna E. Heasley. b. May 31, 1891; m. George H. Chappell, b. 

Oct. 4, 1886 ; address : Ford City, Pa. 

1313. Wilda M. Heasley, b. May 16, 1893 ; m. Bennett R. Cooke. 

1314. James J. Heasley, b. Aug. 19, 1897; m. Virginia Manson. 
Children : 

al314. Eldora Louise, b. April, 1918. 

1315. Edna, b. July, 1920. 
1316. Helen M. Heasley, b. Dec. 10, 1899 ; m. Harry Walsh. 
Child : 

1317. Betty Jane, b. May, 1919. 

1318. Harry E. Heasley, b. Aug. 6, 1901. 

1319. Roland P. Heasley, b. June, 1905. 

Children : 

1320. Janet Adams, m. Gilbert Wolfe. 

1321. Sarah Adams, m. Abe Zillefrow. 

1322. Thomas Adams, m. Sarah Schrechengost. 
1333. John Adams, m. Susana Miller. 

1324. George Adams, m. Molly Mohney. 

1325. Robert Adams, m. Rose Smith. 

1326. Norman Adams, m. Sara Williams. 

1327. Abraham Adams. 

1328. Alena Adams, m. John Leech. 

Children : 

1329. W. Burleigh Edwards b. 1865; m. Laura L. Bowser. (See 785 for 


1330. Mary A. Edwards, b. 1867 ; m. Jacob Schrechengost. 

1331. Albert Edwards, b. 1869; m. Jennie Lasher. 

1332. John Edwards, b. 1871 ; m. Margaret Geary. 

1333. Finley Edwards, b. 1873; m. Cora Bruner. 

1334. Esther Edwards, b. 1875; m. E. Shanandoah Bowser (766). 

1335. Wilson Edwards, b. 1877; m. Alice Glassel. 

1336. Rebecca Edwards, b. 1880; m. William King. 

1337. Emmett Edwards, b. 1882; m. Jennie Fipps. 

1338. Abraham Edwards, b. 1884; d. 1888. 

1339. Joseph Edwards, b. 1888; d. 1907. 

140. CATHARINE (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS (2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
Catharine Bowser daughter of John and Mary Bowser of Hopewell, Bed- 
ford County Pa. ; married Peter Kline in Hopewell ; her husband died there ; 
she came to Armstrong County in 1805 with her brother Samuel ; she later 
removed to Jackson County Ohio. 
Children : 

1340. Peter Kline m. Schrechengost; moved to Jackson County, Ohio. 

1341. Mary Kline, m. Daniel Swigart; after her third marriage she moved 

to Kentucky and died there. 


1342. Barbara Kline, m. Jacob Mechling; moved to Illinois; no children. 

1343. Catharine Kline, m. Daniel Fish; lived at McKeesport, Pa. 

141. JULIA ANN (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., 
(1). Julia Ann Bowser came to Armstrong County, Pa., between 1815 and 
1820 ; she was united by marriiage to David Flenner ; they lived and died 
in Washington Township, near Montgomeryville, where most of her 
descendants still reside. 
Children : 

1344. David Flenner, m. Polly Cousins. 

1345. Jacob Flenner, m. Sarah Kimmel. 

1346. Elijah Flenner, m. Esther John. 

1347. Catharine Flenner, m. Rev. James Toy. 

1348. Sarah Flenner, m. William Cousins. 

1349. Mary Flenner, m. John Henry. 

1350. Christine Flenner, b. 1822; d. 1884; m. Martin John, b. 1812; d. 1894. 

1351. Nancy Flenner, m. Peter John. 

1352. Julian Ann, m. Alexander Henry. 

1344. DAVID and POLLY Y (COUSINS) FLENNER. David Flenner set- 
tled on a farm in Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa., near his parents.' 
Children : 

1353. Nancy Flenner, b. Nov. 23, 1850; m. ex-Sheriff Chambers Frick. 

See Chambers Frick for children (402). 

1354. Sarah Jane Flenner, m. (1) Henry Whitehead, (2) John Bowser, 

(3) John McElravy. 

1355. Catharine Flenner, m. Thomas Rutter. 

1356. Julia Flenner, m. George Bowser, son of Mathias Bowser (171). 

1357. Mary Flenner, m. Camelius Henry. 

1358. Harriet Flenner, d. young. 

1359. David Flenner, d. ; never married. 

1360. Owen Flenner, m. (1) Hannah Smith, (2) Anna Bear. 

1361. George Flenner, m. (1) Maggie Sharp, (2) Ella Hetrick. 

1362. Thomas Flenner, m. Mollie Schrechengost. 

1363. Isaac Flenner, m. Alice Lucas. 

1364. John Flenner, m. Catharine Mechling. 

1365. Domer Flenner, ni. Clara Bryson. 

Children : 

1366. Elizabeth Flenner, m. Bowser. 

1367. Julia Flenner, m. Oliver. 

1368. Catharine Flenner, m. Oliver. 

1369. David Flenner. 

1370. Alexander Flenner. 

1371. Rev. Jacob Flenner, minister of the Dunkard Church. 

Children : 

1372. Henry Flenner, m. Catharine John. 

1373. Jacob Flenner, m. Toy. 

1374. John Flenner ; never married ; killed in coal mines. 

1347. CATHARINE (FLENNER) and REV. JAMES TOY. Catharine and 
her husband lived in Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa., not far from 
Montgomeryville, where he served as pastor of the Church of God. He 
was a fine type of the sturdy frontier preacher of three generations ago. 


Children : 

1375. David Toy, m. Eliza Bonner. 

1376. Jacob Toy; never married. 

1377. James Toy, m. Eliza Kennings. 

1378. Peter Toy, d. in infancy. 

1379. Margaret Toy, m. Rev. Nncholas Lasher, a conspicuous and worthy 

son of this large family in Armstrong County. Mr. Lasher during 
the week days devoted his energies to the forge or the farm ; and 
on Sundays gave his services to the "Shoemaker Church," as it 
is known locally at his home near Montgomeryville, Pa. 

1380. Julia Toy, m. John John. 

1381. Catharine Toy, b. Oct. 14, 1844; m. Samuel Rickle, a farmer near 

Rimerton, Pa. ; b. Jan. 3, 1835 ; d. June 8, 1912. 
Children : 
1382. Jacob J. Rickle, b. Oct. 1, 1871 ; carpenter. 
1383.George Rickle, b. Oct. 30, 1873; m. Jennie T. Bowser. 

1384. James H. Rickle, b. Dec. 4, 1869; teacher, Adrian, Pa. 

1385. Catharine B. Rickle, b. July 30, 1875 ; at home. 

1383. GEORGE and JENNIE T. (BOWSER) RICKLE. Mr. Rickle is in 
the employ of J. A. Gault Co., v/holesale and retail merchants, Kittanning, 
Pa. (For children see 810.) 

Children : 

1386. Simon Cousins, m. Martha Woodrow. 

1387. David Cousins, m. Hannah Hagenbottom. 

1388. Elmer Cousins, m. Sarah Bowser. 

1389. Julia Cousins, m. Snow. 

1390. Margaret Cousins, m. Edwards. 

1391. Isaac Cousins. 

Children : 

1392. Elizabeth John, m. Emanuel French. 

1393. Barbara Ellen John, b. 1862 ; m. John Hooks, b. 1859. 

1394. Nancy John, m. John Croyle. 

1395. Esther John, m. Emaheizer. 

1396. Sarah John ; never married. 

1397. William John, m. Cousins. 

1398. Christina John, m. John Oliver. 

Children : 

1399. Mary Jane John, m. Absalom Bowser (son of Levi). 

1400. Ida John, m. Anthony Bowser (son of John, son of Joseph D.). 

1401. Elizabeth John, m. David Wyant. 

1402. Nancy John, m. Lee Christman, d. 

1403. John Adams John, m. Martha White. 

1404. Peter John, m. Catharine John. 

1405. Frederick John, m. Harriet Bowser (daughter of John, son of 

Valentine) . 

1406. David Isaac John, m. Julia Ann Bowser, b. June 3, 1860; (daughter 

of Alexander, son of John, son of Joseph D.) 
Children : 

1407. Harvey John, b. Dec. 27, 1879; d. Feb., 1900. 

1408. Manuel John, b. April 26, 1881. 


1409. Alexander John, b. June 16, 1884; m. Anna B. Flenner, b. Aug. 23, 


1410. Sharon John, b. June 26 1886; d. April, 1887. 

1411. Allamay John, b. Feb. 28, 1889. 

1412. Bertha John, b. Aug. 13, 1892 ; d. Sept., 1904. 

1413. Elizabeth John, b. Sept. 13, 1895. 

1414. George D. John, b. Dec. 18, 1897; d. July 28, 1914. 

1415. Nancy F. John, m. French. 

Children : 

1416. Stanley John, b. Aug. 12, 1905. 

1417. Genevieve John, b. Oct. 16, 1907. 

1418. David M. John, b. Sept. 3, 1909. 

1419. Helen E. John, b. Oct. 24, 1911. 

1420. Mabel D. (H.) John, b. Oct. 18, 1916; d. Dec. 8, 1916. 

1421. M. L. John, b. Sept. 18, 1919. 

1415. NANCY F. (JOHN) and FRENCH. 
Children : 

1422. Andrew French, b. Nov. 10, 1902. 

1423. David F. French, b. Dec. 22, 1904. 

1424. Annice A. French, b. Mar. 13. 1906. 

1425. Freda S. French, b. Feb. 28, 1908. 

1426. Vernon French, b. Feb. 22, 1910. 

1427. Cecil French, b. Mar. 12, 1912. 

1428. Harry S. French, b. Dec. 18, 1914. 

Children : 

1429. William Henry, m. Harriet Rutter. 

1430. David Henry, d. young. 

1431. Jane Henry, m. William Darling. 

1432. Julia Henry, m. William Cornman. 

1433. Mary Ann Henry, m. William Toy. 

1434. Catharine Henry, m. Ross Lemon. 

1393. BARBARA ELLEN (JOHN) and JOHN HOOKS. John Hooks is 
a son of William Hooks, an early settler in Washington Twp., Armstrong 
Co., Pa. He was an active personality in the development of the county, 
serving for many years as assessor. His son John has followed his father's 
footsteps. For thirty years he has served his neighbors in som€ official 
Children : 

1435. Nerlis M. Hooks, b. 1884; m, Elijah John, b. 1867. 

1436. Amos M. Hooks, b. 1885; m. Grace John, b. 1895. 

1437. Chambers M. Hooks, b. 1887; m. Mabel Lasher. 

1438. Plummer M. Hooks, b. 1889; m. Pearl Cousins, b. 1884. 

1439. Pressie M. Hooks, b. 1891 ; m. Lettie Crisman, b. 1901. 

1440. Goldie M. Hooks, b. 1893 ; m. Wilbur Bowser, b. 1891. 

1441. Adaline M. Hooks, b. 1895 ; m. Frederick Croyle, b. 1888. 

1442. William M. Hooks, b. 1898. 

1443. Christopher M. Hooks, b. 1898. 

1444. Homer M. Hooks, b. 1900. 

1445. Violet M. Hooks, b. 1902. 

1446. Bertha M. Hooks, b. 1904. 

Pressie M. Hooks served two years in the World war with the 42nd, 
Rainbow Division. 


142. BARBARA (4), JOHN (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., 
(1). Barbara, the youngest daughter of John Bowser of Hopewell, Bed- 
ford Co., Pa., came to Armstrong County, Pa., in 1815. She married 
Joseph Bowser (1503), a son of Jacob Bowser (14). They settled on a 
farm two miles west of Kittanning. 

Children : 

1448. Catharine Bowser, single; d. Dec. 14, 1888. 

1449. Elizabeth Bowser. 

1450. Moses Bowser, b. 1819; d. June 24, 1865; m. (1) Mary Roudabush; 

d. 1858; m. (2) Eve Roudabush. 

1451. James Bowser, m. Mary Ann Bowser, daughter of Jacob, son of 

Jacob Bowser (14). 

1452. Johnathan Bowser, b. Jan. 14, 1824; d. Aug. 30, 1883; m. Esther John. 
al452. Barbara Bowser. 

Child : 

al452. John Maxwell Bowser, m. Tillie Booher; he died in 1919. 
Children : 
bl452. Aramina Bowser, m. John A. Bowser. 
cl452. James K. Bowser, m. Bessie Swigart. 

dl4S2. Alvin H. Bowser, m. Lottie Claypoole; resides in Ford City. 
bl452. Aramina and John A. Bowser ; ch. : Sadie, m. Emmett Jordan, d. ; 
Ida Clara; Bert, m. Nannie Richardson; Stanley K. (single); 
William R. ; Harry ; Harlon J. ; Mary ; Kenneth ; June A. 

Children : 

1453. Edward Bowser, b. Mar. 15, 1849; d. June 10, 1918; m. Lydia 

Bowser, daughter of Jacob Bowser, son of Rock Davy. 

Children : 

1454. Ida Bowser. 

1455. Orman Bowser. 
al455. Elmer C. Bowser. 

1456. Howard Bowser. 

1457. Clarence Bowser, 
1456. Clark Bowser. 

1459. Jacob M. Bowser, b. Mar. 16, 1851 ; m. Priscilla Bowser, daughter 

of David R. Bowser; (2) m. Sadie Morrow. 

1460. Jesse Bowser, m. Bertha Geiser ; ch. : Orville, Ocie, Relton, Veda, 


1461. Susan Bowser, single. 

1462. Viola Bowser, m. Merl Bowser, b. June 23, 1860. 

1463. Joseph Bowser, b. Aug., 1852; m. Dorcas Phails. 

Children : 

1464. Kiziah Bowser, m. Thel Williard ; ch. : Clark, Alton 

1465. Margaret Bowser, m. Alfred Shearer. 

1466. Debeah Bowser, m. Harvey Noble; ch. : Percey, Homer, Mildred, 


1467. Elizabeth Bowser, m. James McKelvey, 

1468. Joseph Blair Bowser, single. 

1469. Laura Bowser, single. 
al469. Barbara, m. Frank Beer. 

bl469. Belle Bowser, b. June 23, 1860 ; m. Orman Younkins. 


1470. MARY ANN BOWSER, b. Aug. 12, 1854; m. HIRAM H. BOUCH, b. 
Children : 

1471. Joseph Bouch, d. ; m. Mollie Morrow ; ch. : Frank, Lois, Mathew, 


1472. Albert Bouch, m. Mary Moore. 

1473. Florence Bouch, m. Jean Furgeson. 

1474. Elizabeth Bouch, m. Charles Smith. 

1475. William Bouch, m. Mollie Davis. 

1476. Edward Bouch, m. Jessie Bowser, daughter of Harvey Bowser, son 

of Valentine. 

1477. Anna Bouch, m. John Smith. 

1478. Walter Bouch, single. 

1479. Sarah Bowser, b. March 13, 1856 ; m. Robert Reed, b. Dec. 3, 1847 ; 

d. Nov. 3, 1917; ch. : Anna, William, John, Clifford. 

1480. Manuel R. Bowser, b. Jan. 16, 1858; m. Belle Bowser, b. May 30, 

1858, daughter of Jacob, son of Rock Gravy; address: R. D., 
Kittanning, Pa. 
Children : 
al480. Milford A. Bowser, b. May 8, 1891 ; m. Stella Morrison, daugh- 
ter of Albert Morrison, b. Sept. 10, 1895; ch. : Virginia E., b. 
July 7, 1914; Ralston W., b. Oct. 30, 1916. 
bl480. Ethel Bowser, b. May 22, 1894. 

cl480. Carmen W. Bowser, b. June 8, 1897; m. Nancy Elder, b. Oct. 11, 

Children : 

1481. William H. Bowser, b. Jan. 31, 1862; m. Laura A. Hooks, b. Aug. 15, 


1482. Amos A. Bowser, b. 1859; d. Oct., 1917. 

1481. AMOS A. and LAURA A. BOWSER. 
Children : 

1483. Wilber O. Bowser, b. Sept. 2, 1894; m. Gertrude Miller, b. 1901; 

child: Rosella, b. 1921. 

1484. Ruth A. Bowser, b. Sept. 15, 1896. 

1485. Rhoda E. Bowser, b. Aug. 17, 1900; d. Jan. 5, 1919. 

1486. Sharon Q. Bowser, b. Nov. 8, 1902. 

1487. Lois M. Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1904. 

1488. Galen R. Bowser, b. Oct. 9, 1906. 

1489. Amos E. Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1912. 

Children : 

1490. Catharine Bowser, m. Albert Claypoole. 
Children : 

1491. Boggs Claypoole, m. Sadie Bowser, daughter of Wm. J., son of 
Jacob, son of Rock Davy. 

1492. Barbara Claypoole, m. Samuel Snyder. 

1493. Grover Claypoole, single. 

1494. Alfred Claypoole, m. Margaret Yount. 

1495. Wilda Claypoole, m. Edward McQuinny. 

1496. Raymond Claypoole, m. in Davenport, Iowa. 

1497. Margaret Bowser, single. 

1498. Melvina Bowser, single. 


Children : 

1499. Enos Bowser, m. (1) Mary M. Myers, d. Oct. 23, 1888; (2) Phoebe 

Booher, d. Nov. 25, 1903; ch. : William Bartholomew Bowser, b. 
Oct. 20, 1903. 

14. JACOB (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). Jacob Bowser, 
son of Mathias Bowser, Jr., was born in York County, Pa. 1745, and came 
to Armstrong County in 1808 or 1810. He served in the Revoluntionary 
War. He married Elsie Kal, established his home near Centre Hill, three 
miles west of Kittanning, where many of his descendants are living. 
Children : 

1500. Christian Bowser, d. at Centre Hill, buried in a private plot on 

Joseph Bowser farm. 

1501. John Bowser, known on account of his stalwart physique as "Big 

John," b. 1781 ; d. 1857. He married Margaret Razor, daughter 
of Rev. David Razor, a Dunkard minister. 

1502. Catharine Bowser, never married; distinguished from the many 

Catharines by the nickname "Long Katie." 

1503. Joseph Bowser, b. Dec, 1791; m. Barbara Bowser. (See 142 for 

children.) (2) m Mary Maxwell. 

1504. David Bowser, called "Rock Davie," b. 1788; d. Sept. 27, 1860; m. 

Mary Razor, sister of Margaret, b. 1797 ; d. Aug. 27, 1870. 

1505. Jacob Bowser, also bearing the insignia of this family as "Big 

Jake"; b. 1811; m. (1) Isabelle Claypoole and (2) Mary (Bucher) 

1501. JOHN and MARGARET (RAZOR) BOWSER. John and Margaret 
Bowser lived near the homestead at Centre Hill. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

1506. Mary Bowser, m. Levi Bowser. (See 348, under Daniel, for 


1507. Margaret Bowser, m. George Jack. 

1508. Elsie Bowser, m. David Wyant. 

1510. Catharine Bowser, m. Thomas Cousins. 

1511. Jacob Bowser, m. (1) Isabelle Claypoole, (2) Mary Bucher. 

1512. Frederick Bowser, m. Elizabeth Claypoole. 

1507. MARGARET (BOWSER) and GEORGE JACK. Lived near Slate- 
lick, Armstrong County, Pa. 
Children : 

1513. Catharine Jack, b. 1840; d. Dec. 22, 1921; single. 

1514. Margaret Jack, m. Stofel Burns ; settled near Atwood, Indiana 

County, Pa. ; ch. : Anthony, Clark, George, Sarah. 

1515. Caroline Jack, m. W. Reynolds Bowser. 

1516. George Wilson Jack, m. Mary Ellen Bonner, daughter of Chas. 


1517. John Alexander Jack, single. 

1518. Thomas Jack, b. May 11, 1844; d. Mar. 24, 1915; m. Christina 

Wyant, b. Mar. 13, 1853. (See 283 for children.) 

1519. Jacob Jack, m. Betsey Jane Galusha ; ch. : William, Harry. 

Bowser, the husband of Caroline Jack, was a well known educator. He 
was a prominent personality in the Armstrong County public schools. In 
later years he held public offices under the Government. He was one of 
the original committee on our Bowser History. He was called by death, 


however, suddenly, at Kittanning, Pa., before his valuable services on the 
History became available. The writer will always cherish the frequent 
conversations on the proposed history and the interest RejTiolds had in the 
great family to which he belonged. He was an intelligent student of his- 
tory and frequently conversed with me on the Huguenots and Palatines, 
and the suffering our parents endured in the homeland. He was a veteran 
of the Civil War. 
Children : 

1520. Milton Nerr Bowser, b. 1871; d. 1910; m. Margaret Lawson, of 

Lawsonham, Pa. 

1521. Joseph Bowser, b. 1873; killed by a train at Bokerton, Ohio, in 1907. 

1522. Nellie Blanche Bowser, born June 11, 1880; m. Harry S. Marsh. 
Children : 

al522. Jack C. Marsh. 

bl522. Philip Reynolds Marsh. 

1523. Anna Bowser, b. Feb. 17, 1878; d. Jan. 27, 1903; m. Abraham Cook, 

b. June 7, 1876; residence: Kittanning. 
Children : 

1524. Nell Irene Cook, b. Feb. 21, 1901. 

1525. Elizabeth Frances Cook, b. March 18, 1902. 

1526. Anna J. Cook, b. Jan. 7, 1903; d. Sept. 14, 1903. 

Children: Anthony, Clark, George, Sarah. 

Children : 

1529. Olive J. Jack, b. May 19, 1869; m. Denny D. Bowser, b. June 6, 

1868; d. Aug. 10, 1920. (See 197 for children.) 

1530. Nancy Jack, b. May 20, 1872; m. Abram Bowser. (See 194 for 


1531. May Jack, m. Harry Foreman ; ch. : Wilbert, Louise. 

1532. Belle Jack, m. George Ruth. 

1508. ELSIE (BOWSER) b. Apr. 16, 1824; d. Jan. 29, 1892; and JOHN 
JACK, b. Mar. 20, 1810; d. June 13, 1883. 

Children : 

1533. Jane Jack, b. 1843; d. 1920; m. James Franklin Bowser, b. Mar. 25, 

1848. (See 749 for chidren.) 

1534. Letitia Jack, m. Robert Bonner, d. at Centre Hill, Pa., 1920. 

1535. Rev. Chambers T. Jack, Baptist minister; veteran of the Civil War; 

Educated at Reid Institute, Reidsburg, Clarion Co., Pa. After 
his graduation he became pastor of the Baptist Church at Lines- 
ville. Pa., where he is now living. He was also the pastor of a 
Baptist church in Michigan for a number of years. He married 
Matlida A. Bowser. (See 912 for children.) 

1536. Johnston Jack, m. Bella Claypoole, daughter of Joseph Claypoole; 

address : Bradford, Pa. ; ch. : Edwin Jack, college student. 

1537. Otis Jack. 

1538. John Jack. 

1539. Margaret Jack. 

1540. Mary Jack. 

1509. MAGDALENA (BOWSER) and DAVID WYANT; lived at Cado- 
gan, where she died. 

Children : 

1542. Samuel Wyant, m. Bowser, 

1543. John Wyant, m. John, daughter of Martin John. 


1544. Oliver Wyant, tn. John. 

1545. James Wyant, m. Nancy Jane Claypoole. 

Children : 

1546. John Cousins, single. 

1547. Alexander Cousins, single. 

1548. Levi Cousins, m. Mary Bowser, daughter of Absolom Bowser. 

1549. Absolom Cousins, m. Mary . 

1550. Joseph Cousins, single. 

Children : 

1551. George Bowser, m. Eliza Claypoole. 

1552. Jacob (Rich) Bowser; lived near Slatelick; died there 1920; m. 

Clarissa Claypoole. 
al552. Mary Ann, m. James Bowser. (See 1451 for children.) 
bl552. Margaret Bowser, m. William Bowser, son of Jacob, son of "Rock" 


Children : 

1553. Emanuel B. Bowser, m. Mary Byers. 

1554. Frederick Bowser, m. Margaret McNab. 

1555. Adaline Bowser, m. William Greesly. 

1556. Emily Bowser, m. Jacob Bowser, son of Samuel Bowser. 

1551. GEORGE and ELIZA (CLAYPOOLE) BOWSER. George Bowser 
lived on a farm near Montgomeryville, Pa., until his death. 

Children : 

1557. Henry Bowser, m. Sarah Hooks. 

1558. Wilson Bowser, m. Dora Bonner. 

1559. Richard Bowser ; single. 

1560. Cover Bowser; single. 

1561. Anna Bowser, d. ; m. Harvey Claypoole. 
al561. Melissa Bowser, m. Haines Zillefro. 

1562. Laura Bowser, m. Crisman. 

1563. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Raymond Bouch. 

1564. Maud Bowser. 

1565. Orrie Bowser. 

1566. Malinda Bowser. 

1567. Emma Bowser, deceased. 

Children : 

1568. Laura Bowser, m. Alexander Claypoole. 

1569. William H. Bowser, m. Candace Grafton. 

1570. Allison C. Bowser, m. Elizabeth Snyder. 

1571. Blanche Bowser, m. Guy Miller. 

Children : 

1572. Alfred Bowser, m. Wilda Wood; ch. : Carl, b. Jan. 3, 1903; Wood, 

b. Feb. 12, 1910. 

1573. Sarah Bowser, b. Feb. 9, 1880; m. Boggs Claypoole, b. Nov. 8, 1875. 
al573. Melvina Bowser, b. Aug. 12, 1874; d. May 6, 1898; m. Loyal Clay- 

bl573. Flora Bowser, b. Jan. 9, 1883; single. 


Children : 

1574. Carroll W. S. Bowser, b. Jan. 3, 1903. 

1575. Wood J. R. Bowser, b. Feb. 20, 1910. 

Children : 

1576. William S. Claypoole, b. Dec. 10, 1901. 

1577. Hazel A. Claypoole, b. Mar. 8, 1904. 

1578. Irene Claypoole, b. June 27, 1909. 

1579. Margaret Claypoole, b. Aug. 4, 1912. 

1580. Flora Claypoole, b. Oct. 15, 1915. 

Children : 

1581. Oliver Bowser, m. Pearl McDonald. 

1582. Emma Bowser, m. Ross Booher, son of John Booher. 

1583. Calvin Bowser, m. Lena Stitt. 

1584. Clem W. Bowser, m. Pearl Hetrick. 

1585. Celia Bowser, m. Charles Lytle. 

1586. Lenora Bowser, m. Charles Hetrick. 

1587. Cora Bowser. 

Children : 

1587. Leslie M. Bowser, m. Elizabeth Ober. 

1588. Sarah Bowser, m. Alfred Shoop. 

1589. Maud Bowser, m. Frank Shankel. 

Children : 

1590. Ocie Greesly. 

1591. William Greesly. 

1592. Ada Greesly. 

1593. May Greesly. 

1594. Emma Greesly. 

Children : 

1595. Nancy Bowser, m. Everett McGeary. 

1596. Daisy Bowser, d. 

1597. Iva Bowser, m. William Smith. 

1598. Guy Bowser, single. 

1599. Hamilton Bowser, m. Sarah Shepherd. 

1600. Elizabeth Bowser. 

1601. Roy Bowser. 

1602. Warren Bowser. 

1603. Ruth Bowser. 

1512. FREDERICK (5), JOHN (4), JACOB (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Frederick Bowser settled near the homestead at 
Centre Hill, Pa. He had five sisters and one brother, "Big Jacob." 
(Children : 

1604. David C. Bowser, m. Mary McCollum. 

1605. Frederick Bowser, m. Louise Bowser. 

1606. Margaret A. Bowser, m. Abraham Toy. 

1607. Elsie Y. Bowser, m. Michael Younkins. 


1608. Isabella Bowser, m. Isaac Bouch. 

1609. Magdalina Bowser, d. 19Z1 ; m. David Bouch ; residence near Mont- 

gomeryville, Pa. 

1610. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Obediah Claypoole. 

Children : 

1611. Hays Bowser. 

1612. Minerva Bowser, m. Jacob Whitmer. 

1613. Frederick Bowser; single. 

1614. M Bowser; single. 

1615. Margaret Bowser ; single. 

1616. William C. Bowser, m. Dessie Fiscus. 

1617. Pearl Bowser. 

Children: Lloyd, Thomas, Anna, Evelyn, George. 


Children : Ray, Francis, William, Margaret, John, Leslie, Geraldine. 

Children: Omer, Harry, Leona, Frank, Leslie. 

Children : 

1618. Laura J. Bowser, m. Jacob Bowser, son of David C. Bowser. 

1619. Florence Bowser, m. Herbert Grafton. 

1620. Marlin J. Bowser, m. Viola Bowser, daughter of Jacob Bowser. 

1621. Sarah Bowser, m. Plummer Kepple. 

1622. Helen Bowser, m. Edward McKelvey. 

Children : 

1623. Harvey Toy, m. Emma Montgomery. 

1624. Peter Toy, m. Susan Montgomery. 

1625. Elizabeth Toy; single. 

Children : 

1626. Nelson Younkins. 

1627. Elmer Younkins, m. Molly Benton. 

1628. Mary Belle Younkins, m. Gabriel Yockey. 

1629. Frank Younkins, m. Rosa Cravenor. 

1592. ISABELLA (BOWSER) and ISAAC BOUCH. Mr. Bouch was 
a soldier in the Civil War; died shortly after the war from the effects of 
wounds and exposure. 

Children : 

1630. Frederick Bouch, m. Harriet Claypoole. 

1631. Eliza Jane Bouch, m. Adam Shearer. 

1632. Adaline Bouch, m. Oliver V. Claypoole. 


1593. MAGDALINA (BOWSER) b. 1850; d. Mar. 22, 1921; and DAVID 

Children : 

1633. Park D. Bouch. 

1634. Qarence Bouch. 

1635. Ella Bouch, m. David McNutt. 

1636. Elizabeth B. Bouch; single. 

1637. Rosa Bouch, m. Lasher. 

1638. Wilson Bouch. 

1639. Harry H. Bouch. 
al639. Charles B. Bouch. 

Children : 

1640. Loyal Clapoole, m. (1) Melvina Claypoole; (2) Florence Kimmel. 

1641. Alvin Bowser, m. Orpha Bowser, daughter of David C. Bowser. 

1504. DAVID (4) ; JACOB (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS (1). "Rock" 
Davy Bowser came to Armstrong County, Pa., in 1800, and took up a 
section of land near Centre Hill, Pa. ; he married Mary Razor. 
Children : 

1642. Jacob Bowser, b. Mar. 2, 1818; m. Margaret Claypoole, b. 1816. 

1643. Frederick R. Bowser, b. May 12, 1821; d. Aug. 11, 1874; m. Eliza- 

beth R. Bowser (174) b. Dec. 8, 1825; d. Nov. 27, 1908. (See 174 
for children.) 

1644. Magdalene Bowser, m. William Walker. 

1645. William Bowser, m. Elizabeth Roudabush. 

1646. David R. Bowser, b. June 1, 1827; d. June 2, 1910; m. (1) Susan 

Yerty, b. 1830; d. 1872; (2) Elizabeth Kelso, b. Mar. 24, 1845; 
d. Aug. 22, 1883. 

1647. Mary A. Bowser, single. 

1648 Margaret Bowser, b. June 18, 1832; d. Apr. 24, 1890; m. Bartho- 
lomew Booher, b. May 1, 1819; d. Jan. 4, 1905. 

1649. Elsie Bowser, b. 1837; m. John Booher. 

1650. Lydia Bowser, b. 1840; m. Henry McCollum who was killed in the 

Civil war ; (2) m. Rev. Levi Wells ; ch. : Mary Ann McCollum, 
William McCollum. 

Children : 

1650. William Bowser, b. Mar. 30, 1843; d. Aug. 15, 1918; m. Mary J. 

Claypoole; (2) Margaret Bowser. 

1651. Francis Bowser, b. Apr. 24, 1847; m. Sarah Shearer, b. Dec. 25, 1858. 

1652. Lydia Bowser, b. Sept. 26, 1855 ; m. Edward Bowser. 

1653. Belle Bowser, b. May 30, 1858; m. Manuel R. Bowser. 

GARET BOWSER. See (bl552) for children. 

1651. FRANCIS and SARAH (SHEARER) BOWSER. Francis Bowser 
lives in the Centre Hill Bowser settlement. Perhaps there are more of 
our kinship in this district than can be found in a like area in the world. 
He and most of the large family he represents have been staunch supporters 
of the Dunkard Church, which stands near his house in the center of 
the village. 

Children : 

1654. Adam S. Bowser, b. Aug. 25, 1878 ; m. Eliza Chappell ; ch. : George, 

Ralph, Mabel, Gertrude. 


1655. Cora Bell Bowser, b. Sept. 7, 1883. 

1656. Luella Bowser, b. Sept. 18, 1885; m. Blaney Somerville; ch. : 

John, Hazel, Genevieve and Beatrice (twins), Margaret, Thelma. 

1657. Effie Ann Bowser, b. May 19, 1888; m. Arthur Roudabush; ch.: 

Isabelle, Paul, Edna, Francis, Stanley. 

1658. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Aug. 31, 1890. 

1659. Minerva J. Bowser, b. Apr. 24, 1894; m. Harry Toy; ch. : Clare, 


1660. Wilda May Bowser, b. Aug. 29, 1900; d. May 17, 1915 

Children : 

1661. Ida B. Bowser, b. May 4, 1875. 

1662. Orman J. Bowser, b. Oct. 8, 1876; m. Delia M. Bouch, b. May 

24, 1881 ; ch. : Lena B., Delbert, Stanley. 

1663. Lewis K. Bowser, b. July 7, 1878 ; m. Ollie Walker, b. 1877 ; ch. : 

Clair, Ralph, Omer, Blaney, Harvey, Edna. 

1664. Elmer Bowser, b. Nov. 12, 1881. 

1665. Edward C. Bowser, b. Mar. 2, 1886; m. Margaret Younkins, b. 

July, 1893 ; ch. : Hazel, Allene, Rudell, Vera. 

1666. Howard R. Bowser, b. Mar. 3, 1890. 

1667. Clarence Bowser, b. Apr. 8, 1893; m. Margaret Bouch, b. Mar. 24, 

1891 ; ch. : Esther. 

1668. Clark Bowser, b. June 24, 1896. 

1644. MAGDALINE (5) ; DAVID (4) ; JACOB (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (1). Magdaline Bowser married William Walker. 
Children : 
1644. Catharine Walker, m. Henry Cornman; ch. : Julia A, Chambers, 

William, Margaret, Samuel, Mabel, Laura. 
1644. Mary Ann Walker, m. Samuel Nunamaker ; ch. : Nancy J., Mar- 
garet, Elizabeth, Ella, Martha, Henry, Samuel, John. 
1644. Lydia Walker, m. Samuel Younkins; ch. : Harrison, Jacob, Austin, 

William, Charles, Rose. 
1644. Nancy J. Walker, m. Henry Livengood ; ch. : Harvey, John, Thomas, 

Effie, Ruth. 
1644. William Walker, m. Mary Livengood ; ch. : James M., Irvin, George, 

1644. Hamilton Walker, m. Christina Livengood ; ch. : Miles, John, Joseph, 

Etta, Oliver, Harvey. 
1644. Sarah Walker, m. William A. Fish; ch. : Ella, m. Wm. H. 

Klingensmith ; Kelley; Jane, m. Frank Camp; Catharine, m. 

Charles Nicely; John, m. Lulu Shafifer ; Charles, m. Bertha Beck. 

Children : 

al644. Miles Walker, m. Ollie Gillam ; ch. : Bertha, m. Harvey Sipes ; 
Nora, m. Norman Bowser; Roy, m. Elizabeth Bowser, daughter 
of Valentine Bowser. 
bl644. John Walker, m. Elizabeth Bowser. 
cl644. Christopher Walker, m. Etta Bowser, sister of Elizabeth. 
dl644. Harvey Walker. 

el644. Joseph Walker, m. Ona Bowser, also a sister of Elizabeth. 
fl644. Etta Walker, m. William Roudabush. 
gl644. Ollie Walker, m. Lewis Bowser (son of Edward Bowser). 


Children : 

hl644. James M. Walker, b. Apr. 29, 1875; m. Lydia B. Gillam, b. Aug. 
25, 1876 ; ch. : Earnest M. Walker, b. Apr. 22, 1901 ; m. Marion 
Beer; ch.: Marshall, b. Oct. 3, 1921. Raymond Walker, b. Mar. 
23, 1905 ; Ethel R. Walker, b. Jan. 13, 1908 ; Dorothy P. Walker, 
b. Aug. 11, 1911. 

1646. DAVID (5) ; DAVID (4) ; JACOB (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS 
(1). David R. Bowser, a prosperous farmer, lived near Walk Chalk, Pa.; 
he married (1) Susan Yerty. 
Children : 

1669. Christian Bowser, b. Jan. 16, 1853; killed by an explosion in 1880; 

m. Ellen Miller. 

1670. Catharine Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1855; m. Wilson Bowser. 

1671. Priscilla Bowser, b. Mar. 19, 1857; m. Jacob M. Bowser. See 

(1459) for children. 

1672. Lydia Bowser, b. Jan. 5, 1859 ; m. Daniel Wilcox. 

1673. Ross Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1861 ; m. Clara Anthony. 

1674. Austin Bowser, b. July 26, 1863. 

1675. Ida Bowser, b. Aug. 6, 1865. 

1676. William Bowser, b. Feb. 8, 1869; d. March 3, 1902. 

1677. Jacob Bowser, b. March 5, 1869; m. Laura Bowser. 

1678. Rose Bowser, b. March 4, 1871 ; m. Frank Braun. 

Children : 

1679. Frank K. Bowser, b. Mar. 16, 1876; m. Etta Bowser, b. Apr. 2, 

1876. (See 769 for children.) 

1680. Charles L. Bowser, b. Jan. 23, 1878. 

1681. Orphie Bowser, b. Aug. 20, 1879; m. Alvin Claypoole, d. Mar. 

10, 1920. 

1682. Flora A. Bowser, b. June 1, 1882. 

1648. MARGARET (5) ; DAVID (4) ; JACOB (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (1). Margaret Bowser married Bartholomew Booher, a 
farmer of Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pa.; grandfather of 
the author on his mother's side. This was Mr. Booher's second marriage. 
Children : 

1683. Elsie Booher, b. July 26, 1856 ; m. James L. Dailey, b. May 5, 1852. 

1684. David Booher, b. Aug. 18, 1858; m. Charlotte Frick. See (407) 

for children. 

1685. Catharine Booher, b. Dec. 26, 1860; m. William McCollum, b. 

April 24, 1854. 

1686. Lydia Booher, b. Nov. 4, 1862; m. John Bowser. See (753) 

for children. 

1687. Margaret Booher, b. Aug. 18, 1865; m. Isaac McCuUough, b. 

June 9, 1858. 

1688. Phoebe Booher, b. Apr. 16, 1864; d. Nov. 25, 1903; m. Enos 

Bowser. See (1499) for children. 

1689. Charlotte Booher, b. Feb. 28, 1867 ; m. John Wolfe. See (409) 

for children. 

1683. ELSIE (BOOHER) and JAMES L. DAILEY. Mr. Dailey is a 
carpenter. He gave most of his life to the employ of the Penna. R. R., 
where he was recognized as an efficient and faithful employe ; at present 
he and Mrs. Dailey reside at Kelly Station, Armstrong, County, Pa. 


Children : 

1690. Mary Dailey, b. March 21, 1877; m. Samuel Lasher, b. May 13, 1876. 

1691. Charles Dailey, b. Sept. 15, 1878; m. Clara Helm, b. 1876; d. 

April 28, 1921; their children are: Carl, Olive, Elsie, Theodore 
and Maxine; address: Kittanning, Pa. 

1692. Bert Dailey, b. May 31, 1882; b. Eliza Crisman; address: Kittan- 

ning, Pa. 

1693. Harry Dailey, b. Oct. 20, 1888; single. 

1694. William Dailey, b. July 15, 1884; m. Lena Rereigh. 

1695. James L. Dailey, b. Mar. 7, 1892; m. Vernice Weaver, b. Dec. 

28, 1892. 

Collum is a native of Armstrong County, Pa. ; a plasterer and decorator by 
trade; present address. New Kensington, Pa. 
Children : 

al685. Bartholomew R. McCollum, b. Dec. 15, 1879; m. Ella McCullough; 

d. Oct. 17, 1918; ch.: Clara Leona, b. Aug. 16, 1901; m. John 

McNamara; Margaret Catharine, b. Mar. 16, 1904, m. Clarence 


bl685. Margaret Jane McCollum, b. Feb. 22, 1881; d. Oct. 20, 1917; m. 

A. Reed Bowser. See (464) for children. 
cl685. William Andrew McCollum, b. Feb. 14, 1883 ; m. Carrie M. Ceder- 

borg; ch. : James Andrew, b. Nov. 11, 1915. 
dl685. James Henry McCollum, b. Aug. 15, 1884; d. Aug. 30, 1889. 
el685. Zetta Mae McCollum, b. Aug. 6, 1886; m. Frank J. Kline; ch. : 
Margaret Catharine, b. Mar. 28, 1907; William Earle, b. Oct. 10, 
1909; Charles, b. Sept. 15, 1913; Luella Jane, b. Feb. 22, 1917; 
Phoebe Janet, b. May 22, 1920. 
fl685. Phoebe McCollum, b. Nov. 23, 1887; m. Charles C. Starr; d. 

Apr. 17, 1913; ch. : Charles Andrew, b. May 21, 1908. 
gl685. David Lee McCollum, b. Aug. 2, 1889 ; m. Margaret Reynolds. 
hl685. Delia Catharine McCollum, b. July 10, 1891 ; m. Frank McConnell. 
ch. : Vernon Franklin, b. Jan. 31, 1910; Bartholomew R., b. 
July 30, 1911. 
il685. Frank C. McCollum, b. Oct. 2, 1893; m. Carrie Geiser; ch.: 
Frank C, b. Feb. 13, 1915; Paul F., b. March 14, 1916; Mildred 
Ruth, b. Dec. 16, 1918. 
J1685. Lydia Ann McCollum, b. Jan. 26, 1897; m. Harry E. Bowser; ch.: 
Kathleen Elizabeth, b. April 8, 1920 ; Alverta Mae, b. Oct. 16, 1921. 
kl685. Ella Alverta McCollum, b. May 27, 1898; d. Sept. 29, 1899. 
11685. John J. McCollum, b. March 20, 1900; m. Lucy Hodgson; ch. : 
Betty Jane, b. April 25, 1921. 
ml685. Elizabeth B. McCollum, b. April 18, 1904. 

lough recently retired from the Pennsylvania Railroad service. After his 
marriage he bought property at Rimerton Station, Armstrong County, Pa., 
where he and his family reside. 
Children : 

1696. Lottie May McCullough, b. May 26, 1888; m. Mathew Fair, b. 

April 6, 1861 ; ch. : Josephine Fair, b. Feb. 22, 1910. 

1697. Charles McCullough, b. Oct. 21, 1892 ; m. Agnes Minich, b. July 

25, 1899; ch.: Margaret. 

1698. Bartholomew McCullough, b. Sept. 21, 1892; m. Nora Belle Arm- 

strong, b. Feb. 8, 1896; ch.: Lena Pearl, Mandella. 


15. NOAH (3); MATHIAS (2); MATHIAS (1). Noah Bowser was a 
soldier of the Revolutionary War, 1777-78, 7th York Co. Militia. This 
battalion of York Co. Militia was organized under the state constitution 
of 1776. Com. Col. David Kennedy. (See chapter on York County.) 
"Noah Bowser came to Armstrong County, Pa., in 1807, and bought 100 
acres of land west of Glade Run (near Walk Chalk). His son, Joseph D. 
Bowser, bought this farm from him." (Benjamin S. Bowser, notes.) He 
was the fourth son of Mathias Bowser, Jr., who landed in Philadelphia, 
Sept. 28, 1733, with his father, Mathias Bowser, Sr. Noah was born 
between 1748 and 1750. He married Eunice Ditto. She was a Catholic, 
but it was agreed between them that their children should have the utmost 
freedom in the choice of a religious denomination. The children all adhered 
to the Protestant faith. Noah Bowser died in Armstrong County, Pa. 
After his death his widow moved with some of her children to Mount 
Heathy, Ohio, where she died. 
Children : 

1699. Joseph D. Bowser, b. 1775; d. 1845; m. Rebecca Dull. 

1700. Noah Bowser, b. about 1783; m. Catharine Bowser. 

1701. Elizabeth Bowser. 

1702. George Bowser, b. about 1785 ; m. Mary 

1703. John ("Steam") Bowser, b. Feb. 26, 1784; d. Feb. 22, 1834; m. 

Elizabeth Baker, b. 1789. 

1699. JOSEPH D. and REBECCA (DULL) BOWSER. Joseph D. Bowser 
moved from Bedford County, Pa., early in the last century and settled in 
Armstrong County, Pa. 
Children : 

1704. John Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1796; m. Shumaker. 

1705. Joseph Bowser, born May 19, 1798; d. Oct. 21, 1874; m. Nancy 

Cole, b. Feb. 9, 1800; d. 1869. 

1706. Sarah A. Bowser, b. May 25, 1800; m. John Swigart. See (1254). 

1707. Samuel Bowser, b. April 4, 1802; d. Aug. 18, 1885; m. Mary Burn- 

heimer, b. March 15, 1803; d. Oct. 20, 1880. See (1448) for 

1709. Eunice Bowser, b. July 29, 1804; m. John Morrison. 

1710. Noah Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1806; d. Oct. 31, 1878; m. Catherine Bow- 

ser, b. Oct. 13, 1809; d. 1906. See (168) for children. 

1711. Jacob Bowser, b. April 6, 1809; d. June 9, 1868; m. Martha Bow- 

ser, b. Oct. 12, 1815; d. Oct. 12, 1877. See (1034) for children. 

1712. Jonas Bowser, b. July 13, 1811; d. May 5, 1898; m. Margaret Bow- 

ser, b. July 30, 1818; d. June 28, 1891. See (170) for children. 

1713. Peter Bowser, born Oct. 11, 1813; d. July 13, 1899; m. Hannah 

Eaton, b. , 1829 ; d. Sept. 20, 1907. 

1714. Elizabeth Bowser, b. June 20, 1816; m. Benjamin S. Bowser, b. Dec. 

20, 1823; d. 1915. (173). 

1715. Joshua Bowser, b. July 29, 1818. 

1704. JOHN (5) ; JOSEPH D. (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATH- 
IAS (1). John Bowser was a school teacher and a well known musician. 
Children : 

1716. Jacob F. Bowser, b. 1827; m. Sarah Hepler; lived in E. Franklin 

Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 

1717. Alexander Bowser, d. 1919; m. Mary Jane Hepler, b. June 2, 1836; 

was with his parents in Sugar Creek Twp., Armtsrong Co., Pa. 

1718. George R. Bowser, b. 1838 in Pennsylvania. 

1719. Anthony C. Bowser, b. 1834 in Pennsylvania ; retired ; 1903 Walnut 

St., Murphysboro, 111. 


1716. JACOB F. and SARAH (Hepler) BOWSER. Jacob F. Bowser was 
a soldier in the Civil war, Co. B, 139th Reg. Pennsylvania Vol., and died 
in a hospital April IS, 1863, while in the service. Buried in National 

^ Cemetery, Arlington, Va. 
Children : 

1720. William L. Bowser, b. June IS, 18S6; m. Susan Bowser, b. July 11, 

1849. Present address Robinson, Pa. For children see (548). 

1721. J. H. Bowser, b. March 8, 18S4; m. Emma Mobly, b. Oct. 31, 1863; 

ch. : Eva, b. Dec. S, 1883 ; Arthur, b. Sept. 9, 1893. 
1722 Anthony Bowser, b. June S, 1858 ; d. July 7, 1895 ; m. Nancy John, 
b. 1858; d. Sept. 25, 1911; ch. : Charles, b. Oct. 5, 1881; Edward, 
b. July 20, 1883 ; Harry, b. July 10, 1885 ; Oscar and Lewis, twins ; 
William and Wilbert, twins, b. June 5, 1891 ; Alice, b. Aug. 31. 
1723. Rev. Robert B. Bowser, b. 1861 ; m. Katharine Leisure, b. 1864. 
Ch.: John A., b. 1881; Dora Bell, b. 1884; Sarah M., b. 1887. 
Rev. Robert B. Bowser is a prominent minister of the Church of 
God denomination, located at Indiana, Pa. 

1717. ALEXANDER (6) ; JOHN (5) ; JOSEPH (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATH- 
IAS (2) ; MATHIAS (1). Alexander Bowser was the father of nineteen 
children, five of whom are living. 

Children : 
1724. Ephriam Bowser, b. Dec. 19, 1853; m. Mary Ann Helsel. 

1725. Loviet Clarissa Bowser, b. Mar. 23, 1858; m. James Smith. 

1726. Julia Ann Bowser, b. June 3, 1860; m. David Isaac John. See 

(1406) for children. 

1727. Ebin G. Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1867. 

1728. Ellis S. Bowser, b. Nov. 16, 1868; m. Minnie Cunningham. 

1705. JOSEPH (5) ; JOSEPH D. (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; 
MATHIAS (!)• Joseph Bowser bought a farm two miles west of Kittan- 
ning and resided there the remainder of his life. 
Children : 

1729. Joshua Cole Bowser, b. Jan. 24, 1821 ; d. May 20, 1875 ; m. Mar- 

garet Dick, b. Aug. 2, 1825; d. March 13, 1905. 

1730. David Failes Bowser, b. 1827; d. 1898; m. Huldah Reyburn, b. 1829; 

d. 1855. 

1731. James Ditto Bowser, b. 1829; d. 1880; m. Mary Rayburn, b. 1832; 

d. 1910. 

1732. Isabelle Bowser, b. 1831 ; d. 1883. 

1733. Peter Osborne Bowser, b. 1853; d. 1896; m. Eliza Dick, b. 1836; 

d. 1919. 

1734. John Gilpin Bowser, b. 1836; d. 1917; m. Eliza Bradford, b. 1846; 

d. 1897. 

1735. William Johnson Bowser, b. 1836 ; d. 1914. 

1736. Chambers Orr Bowser, b. 1838; d. 1864. 

1737. Caroline Bowser, b. 1840; m. William Cunningham, b. 1820; d. 1900. 

1738. Washington Reynolds Bowser, b. 1843; d. 1918; m. Caroline Jack. 

b. 1856. See (1515) for children. 

Children : 

1739. William G. Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 1854; d. 1860. 

1740. Mary Ann Bowser, b. March 24, 1858; m. James A. Painter, b. 

Sept. 1, 1853. 

1741. John Dick Bowser, b. July 3, 1861 ; m. Cora V. Kennedy. 


Children : 

1742. William W. Painter, b. March 23, 1887 ; d. Oct. 30, 1889. 

1743. Vernice A. Painter, b. May 25, 1889; m. Frederick Swank, b. 

April 12, 1890; ch.: Samuel J., b. March 1, 1915; Gladys, b. 
June 9, 1919. 

1744. Stanley C. Painter, b. Dec. 21, 1891; m. Florence Swank, b. Dec. 

12, 1895; ch.: Donald, b. Aug. 30, 1919. 

1745. Margaret W. Painter, b. March 23, 1894; m. Hayes Manthe, b. 

July 2, 1896; ch. : Mary, b. Jan. 5, 1919; Vernice, b. Sept. 2, 
1918 ; Hayes, b. June 30, 1920. 

1746. Jessie D. Painter, b. March 28, 1896 ; m. John McGuire, b. May 8, 

1892 ; ch. : Roy, b. Dec. 5, 1919. 

1741. JOHN DICK and CORA V. (KENNEDY) BOWSER. Ch.: Florence, 
Stella, Harry, Charles, Margaret, Albert. 

Children : 

al731. Lorenzo Dow Bowser, adopted son, m. Elizabeth J. White. 
Children : 
bl731. James David Bowser, b. Feb. 21, 1886; m. Ethel Hockman; ch. : 
Elma Margaret, b. Oct. 8, 1914; Velma Elizabeth, b. Oct. 8, 1914. 
cl731. Lorenza W. Bowser, b. 1889, m. Sarah R. Stock; ch. : Clara 

Amette, b. Dec. 16, 1914; Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1916. 
dl731. Elizabeth Rachel Bowser, b. 1887; d. Jan. 26, 1916. 

1733. PETER OSBORNE and ELIZA (DICK) BOWSER. Peter Osborne 
Bowser enlisted in the army, October, 1861. He was sergeant of Co. G, 
78th P. V. Inf. ; honorably discharged, November, 1862. 
Children : 

1747. Isabella Bowser, b. 1858; m. Henry A. Painter. 

1748. Lillian Bowser, b. 1864; m. William J. Bowser. 

1749. Chambers Sirwell Bowser, b. 1867; m. Minnie Bowser. 

1750. Margaretta Bowser, b. 1874; trained nurse. 

1751. Sara Dick Bowser, b. 1876; m. Joseph F. Huey. 

Chambers S. Bowser resides at Wickboro, Kittanning. 
Children : 

1752. Earnest Edwin Bowser, b. 1891. 

1753. Herman Osborne Bowser, b. 1893; m. Martha J. Helrick; ch. : 

Harry Arnold, b. 1917. 

1754. Freda Rose Bowser, b. 1894; m. Frederick W. Wolfe; ch. : Edwin 

Lee, b. 1917. 

1755. Margaretta Bowser, b. 1896; m. Philip Calhoun; ch. : William 


1756. Leon Alonza Bowser, b. 1898; m. Nora Manthe. 

1757. Jean Dick Bowser, b. 1902. 

1758. Marion Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1904. 

1709. EUNICE (5) ; JOSEPH (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Eunice Bowser was born in Bedford County, Pa., 
July 29, 1804. She came to Armstrong County with her parents and was 
married to John Morrison. 
Children : 

1759. Joseph Morrison, b. July 26, 1826 ; d. March 26, 1891 ; m. Lucy 

Zeller, b. Feb. 8, 1828. 


1760. Agnes Morrison m. Neal McQafferty; ch. : Cynthia; Adalaide (d). 

1761. Catharine Morrison, d. 1895; m. Edward Rial; ch. : Clara, Edward, 

James, Emma, Catharine. 

1762. Rebecca Morrison, d. 1910; m. James Kennedy; ch. : Catharine, 

Ida, Elizabeth, Seward, Samuel. 

1763. Hiram Morrison, b. 1844; d. Nov. 21, 1909; m. Susan Uber; ch.: 

Catharine, William, John Harry. 

1764. Thomas Morrison, d. 1900; m. Katharine McCoy; ch. : Clara, 

Gussie, Eunice, Madge, Thomas, Pearl, Emma, Josephine, Francis, 

Children : 

1765. Erben Henry Morrison, b. Dec. 1, 1847; address: care of "Texas 

Co.," Tulsa, Okla. ; m. Mary Alford; ch. : Frank, Hattie. 

1766. Alice A. Morrison, b. May 21, 1850; m. John A. McCutcheon; 

address : 312 Central Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

1767. Silas Munroe Morrison, b. Aug. 20, 1852 ; m. Lida Shafifer ; address : 

R. D. No. 1, Nevada, Mo.; ch. : Mary, John. 

1768. Flora Josephine Morrison, b. Nov. 15, 1854; m. William C. Man- 

ning ; address : 201 Kirkpatrick St., Syracuse, N. Y. ; ch. : Charles 
D., John A., Richard B. 

1769. Eunice Catharine Morrison, b. April 7, 1857; m. (1) James Alford; 

(2) Eugene Freeman ; address : 225 South St. Clair St., Paines- 
ville, Ohio ; ch. : Alice Alford, Silace Alford, Fannie Alford, 
Goldie Alford, James Alford. 

1770. Clara Emma Morrison, b. June 5, 1860; d. Nov. 21, 1863. 

1771. Charles Munson Morrison, b. Feb. 2, 1863; d. June 13, 1864. 

1772. Hannah Jeannette Morrison, b. June 9, 1865 ; d. Feb. 27, 1921 ; m. 

John Linton ; address : 938 Fruit Ave., Farrell, Pa. ; ch. : Wesley 
Linton, Joseph Linton, Beulah Linton, Guy Linton, Ira Linton; 
m. (2) Lawrence L. Newton. 

1773. William Dawson Morrison, b. Feb. 23, 1868; m. Pearl Myers; 

address : R. D. No. 6, New Castle, Pa. ; ch. : James, Evelyn. 

1774. James Eaton Morrison, b. Feb. 3, 1871; m. Alice Rea; address: 

1416 South Boston Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 

Children : 

1775. David Bowser McCutcheon. 

1776. Jane D. McCutcheon; m. Bruce G. Eddy, Oil City, Pa. 

1713. PETER (5) ; JOSEPH (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Peter Bowser, while a young man, went to Franklin, 
Pa., where he engaged in the tailoring business. He became one of the prom- 
inent and successful business men of the town. Later he purchased a large 
farm on the eastern bank of the Allegheny River and combined his town 
business with his agricultural interests. His death occurred at Franklin, 
July 13, 1899. His will, in which all his property, real, personal and mixed, 
was given to his wife, Hannah (Eaton) Bowser, absolutely during her 
natural life to be disposed of by her as she might see proper, etc., is 
recorded in Will Docket 9, page 380. 
Children : 

1777. Lycurgus Bowser, b. Dec. 16, 1848; resides with his daughter, Mrs. 

Harry L. Warner, Greenfield, Ind. ; m. Margaret Tighe, b. 1846, 

1778. Hannah Bowser, b. 1846; m. Harry L. Warner. 

1779. Frederick Park Bowser, b. Aug. 24, 1850; d. Mar. 23, 1910; m 

Sarah M. Mayes, b. Dec. 10, 1850. 

1780. Marshall Eaton Bowser, b. July, 1852 ; d. Mar. 22, 1907. 


Address : Franklin, Pa. 

Children : 

1781. Harry P. Bowser, b. May 7, 1875; m. Florence Wood, b. Dec. 

25, 1875. 

1782. Frank Mayes Bowser, b. May 5, 1877; on the staff of the Franklin 

Daily Herald ; residence, 838 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. ; m. Jane L. 
Tracey; ch. : Betty Jane, b. June 4, 1918. 

1783. Mary Bowser, b. May 26, 1880; m. Dr. Lewis S. Rickards, b. 1870. 

The dwelling of Dr. Rickards stands exactly on the site of the 
famous French fort at the mouth of French Creek, now 1322 
FrankHn Ave, Franklin, Pa. ; Mrs. Sarah M. Bowser lives with 
her daughter, Mrs. Rickards. 


Children : 

1784. Allen Wood Bowser, b. Oct. 9, 1897. 

1785. Sarah M. Bowser, b. Nov. 22, 1899. 

1786. William A. Bowser, b. Oct. 13, 1908. 

1787. Frederick Park Bowser, b. Oct. 25, 1912. 

1788. Robert Lewis Bowser, b. Aug. 2, 1915. 

1789. Harriet Bowser, b. May 12, 1917. 

1700. NOAH, JR. (4) ; NOAH, SR. (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, 
SR. (1). Noah Bowser, Jr., lived in St. Qair Township, Bedford County, 
Pa., with a family of eleven, census reports 1820; not mentioned in 1830; 
probably moved to Ohio. 

1702. GEORGE (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. 
(1). Moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, near Mount Heathy. 

Children : 

1790. Denny Bowser. 

1791. Eli Bowser, b. 1818. 

1792. Elizabeth Bowser. 

1793. Anderson Bowser, b. 1822 inBedford Co., Pa. ; d. at Plumville, Pa., 

May 8, 1876; m. Mary Templeton, b. 1829; d. 1913, daughter of 
Col. Templeton of Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

1794. Mary Bowser, b. 1843. 

1795. Martha L. Bowser, b. 1848; m. William Davis. 

1796. Thomas Bowser, single, b. 1853; d. 1891. 

1797. Dr. William E. Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1861 ; m. La Vinnia Pounds ; 

died at Plumville, Pa., 1916. 

1798. Nancy Bowser, b. 1862; d. 1910. 

1799. Clarilla Bowser, b. 1856; d. 1879. 


Children : 

1800. Althea M. Davis, b. Oct. 28, 1870; d. 1909; m. J. W. Stevenson, 

she was a graduate of Bucknell University, 1888; ch. : Marie. 

1801. Charles S. Davis, b. Mar. 29, 1873; m. Bernie Meals. 

1802. Marie Davis, b. Mar. 17, 1875; m. Doctor King; ch. : Martha, 

Helen, Louise; address: Syracuse, N. Y. 

1803. Elizabeth Davis, b. June 20, 1877 ; m. J. N. Harth. 


1703. JOHN (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
John Bowser moved from Bedford County to Glade Run, Armstrong County, 
Pa. He was a miller and built a mill on his property. He was said to have 
been the first miller in the country to apply the use of the steam engine 
to a flour mill; on that account he was known as "Steam" John. 
Children : 

1804. George Bowser, b. 1809; m. Elisabeth Cooper, b. 1825. 

1805. Noah Bowser, b. 1816; d. 1894; m. Eunice Boney, b. 1822; d. 1912. 

1806. Mary Ann Bowser, b. June 4, 1820; m. William Bowser. (See 171 

for children.) 

1807. Margaret Bowser, b. 1822 ; single. 

1808. Sarah A. Bowser, b. 1825 ; single. 

1809. Samuel A. Bowser, b. 1835; m. Gumbert (widow); no children. 

1810. Barbara Bowser, b. Mar. 14, 1818 ; d. July 17, 1882. 

1811. Elizabeth K. Bowser, b. Mar. 14, 1818; d. July 17, 1882; m. James R. 

Boney, b. Apr. 30, 1817; d. Apr. 13, 1897. 
al811. Catharine Bowser, m. Isaac Bowser. See (880) for children. 

1804. GEORGE (5) ; JOHN (4) ; NOAH (3) ; MATHIAS (2) ; MATHIAS 
(1). George Bowser, like his father, was a miller. For many years he 
operated the Patterson mill, nine miles east of Kittanning. He later took 
charge of his father's mill on Glade Run and continued there until his death. 
Children : 

1812. Baxter Bowser, a musician, m. Margaret Coleman, b. 1858 in 

Strausburg, Va. ; she lives in Tennessee. 

1813. Jennie Bowser, b. 1860 ; m. Haines. 
al813. John P. Bowser, d. in infancy. 
bl813. Melissa Bowser, d. in infancy. 

1805. NOAH (5), JOHN (4), NOAH (3), MATHIAS, JR. (2), 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Noah Bowser moved to Muscatine, Iowa. 
Children : 

1814. Harriet Bowser, b. 1846; m. Edward Thornton. 

1815. Matilda A. Bowser, b. 1848; d. 1911; m. James Middagh, b. 1851; 

d. 1916. 

1816. Ella Jane Bowser, b. 1849 ; m. John Reynolds. 

1817. James Albert Bowser, b. 1851; m. Emma Warman, b. 1854; d. 1919. 

1818. Sarah Bowser, b. 1852. 

1819. Rachel Bowser, b. 1853; d. 1858. 

1820. John B. Bowser, b. 1854; d. 1918; m. Minnie Spitznzagel, b. 1859. 

1821. Samuel Wilson Bowser, b. 1857; m. Sarah H. Warman, b. 1861; 

d. 1895. 

1822. Ann Eliza Bowser, b. 1858; m. (1) D. M. Foster; (2) George Daut. 

1823. Margaret Bowser, b. 1860; m. William Kampman. 

1824. Emma Bowser, b. 1861 ; d. 1864. 

1825. Joseph Bowser, b. 1863; m. Clara Foster, b. 1872. 

1826. Nora Bowser, b. 1866; m. Lewis Thomas. 

Children : 

1827. Roy Thornton. 

1828. Nora Thornton, m. Leonard Harper ; ch. : Ruth B., Edith B. 

1829. James Thornton, m. Telsa H. Allen, d. 1919; ch.: Mildred Eileen. 

Children: ^, ,. 

1830. Hattie E. Middagh, b. 1882; m. Claude E. Smith; ch. : Kathleen, 

b. 1908; Karl, b. 1912. 


1831. Ella E. Middagh, b. 1804; m. Frederick Krauz. 

1832. George E. Middagh, b. 1885; m. Anna Bailey; ch. : Lucile, b. 1919; 

Margaret M., b. 1920. 

1833. William N. Middagh, b. 1886; m. Lydia Livesay; ch. : Glen E., b. 

1909; Ruby M., b. 1911; Zora, b. 1913; Serena M., b. 1915. 

1834. Serena I. Middagh, b. 1889; m. Floyd Hewes ; child: Martha 

Louise, b. 1918. 

Children : 

1835. Delia Reynolds, b. 1870 ; m. John W. Lawrence ; ch. : Zola, b. 1892 ; 

m. Wayne Menear; Percy, Ethel, Hazel, Elmer, Wilson Zona. 
(Zola and Wayne Meanear: child, Virgil, b. 1918.) 

1836. Matilda L. Reynolds, b. 1873 ; d. 1912 ; m. Pickens. 

1837. Josie Reynolds, b. 1875; m. (1) Butts; (2) Peterman; ch. : Eunice 

Butts, b. 1893. 

1838. John Reynolds, b. 1877; m. Agnes ; child: Bessie, b. 1906. 

Children : 

1839. Archie E. Bowser, b. 1878 ; m. Minnie L. Keller, b. 1882. Archie E. 

Bowser is a hardware merchant, located in Muscatine, Iowa. 
Ch. : Carroll C, b. 1905 ; Lois M., b. 1909. 

1840. Orson A. Bowser, b. 1896 ; m. Lula France ; child : Delbert, b. 1912. 

Children : 

1841. Mae Bowser, b. 1881; m. H. R. Vibber ; child: John R., b. 1915. 

1842. Noah L. Bowser, b. 1883 ; m. Sadie Feldman. 

1843. Pearl Bowser, b. 1885; m. Edward H. Feldman; ch. : Harry E., 

b. 1908; Arthur B., b. 1909; Walter W., b. 1913. 

1844. Raphall B. Bowser, b. 1893. 

1845. Delia I. Bowser, b. 1894 ; m. Albert T. Workman ; child : Delia L., 

b. 1920. 

1846. Mattie L. Bowser, b. 1903. 

Children : 

1847. Grace Bowser, b. 1880; d. 1881. 

1848. Williard B. Bowser, b. 1883 ; m. Hazel M. Nures, b. 1892 ; ch. : 

Niona R., b. 1916; Imogene, b. 1920. 

1849. Harley M. Bowser, b. 1885; m. Maude A. Cramer, b. 1888; ch. : 

Cleo L., b. 1913; Leol M., b. 1914; Harold C, b. 1917. 

1850. Almira Fay Bowser, b. 1888; m. William H. Thompson; child: 

Archie M., b. 1910. 

1851. Wilson Dale Bowser, b. 1890; m. Grace Nelson, b. 1890; ch. : Donald 

N., b. 1915 ; Howard, b. 1919. 

1852. Erda E. Bowser, b. 1892; m. Frederick L. Simons, b. 1888; child: 

Dariel A., b. 1912. 

1853. Heber E. Bowser, b. 1894; m. Josie Rickets, b. 1896; ch. : Violet L., 

b. 1915 ; Kenneth, b. 1917. 

1822. ANNA E. (BOWSER) and D. M. FOSTER. 
Children : 

1854. Georgia E. Foster, b. 1881 ; m. Olney A. Keller, b. 1882 ; ch. : 

Loren O., b. 1905 ; Elma R., b. 1907 ; Albert D., b. 1909 ; Kenneth 
A., b. 1910; Eunice B., b. 1912; Herman W., b. 1913. 


1855. Archie I. Foster, b. 1883 ; m. Arizona Watson ; child : Robert, b. 1920. 

1856. Guy Foster, b. 1889. 

1857. Nora Foster, b. 1895 ; m. John Houseman ; child : John H., b. 1920. 

Children : 

1858. Norvie B. Kampman, m. Nettie Ronian; child: Norvie. 

1859. Barrel Kampman. 

Child : 

1860. Marvel Bowser, b. 1896 ; m. Frederick Satterethwaite ; child : Norma 

B., b. 1919. 

1861. Eunice I. Bowser, b. 1898; m. Lloyd C. Shields; child: George, 

b. 1919. 

1862. Edith Naomi Bowser, b. 1907. 

1863. Marjorie R. Bowser, b. 1911. 

1811. ELIZABETH (5), JOHN (4), NOAH (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Elizabeth and James R. Boney lived in North Buf- 
falo Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

1864. George H. Boney, b. Sept. 11, 1838; d. Nov. 4, 1913; m. Medora 

Frederick, b. Sept. 10, 1851. 

1865. Melissa Boney, b. Jan. 13, 1840; d. Dec. 31, 1863. 

1866. Adaline Boney, b. Jan. 13, 1840; d. Dec. 31, 1863. 

1866. Adaline Boney, b. July 10, 1841; d. Feb. 15, 1916; m. James D. 

Logan, b. Oct. 1, 1838; d. May 2, 1914. 

1867. David M. Boney, b. Jan. 18, 1843; d. Feb. 23, 1904; m. Ada Camp- 

bell, b. May 5, 1855; ch.: Ethel, b. Sept. 1, 1874; d. Oct. 17, 1893; 
Frank, m. Bertha B. Shaflfer ; Thad., b. Mar. 29, 1881 ; d. Apr. 6, 

1868. Margaret Boney, b. Aug. 2, 1845; d. Feb. 12, 1916; m. Rodney 

Malone, b. 1843; d. 1909; no children. 

1869. Sara Elizabeth Boney, b. Oct. 23, 1848; d. July 15, 1903; m. Marian 

Dinsmore, b. May 12, 1837; d. Dec. 28, 1899. 

1870. John A. Boney, b. Jan. 23, 1854 ; d. Aug. 24, 1909 ; m. Ella House 

holder, Sept. 12, 1865; ch. : Earl; Zella, m. W. C. McGreggar.: 
Hazel; Irene, m. Heman Sedwick; Alice. 

1871. Robert W. Boney, b. Sept. 23, 1856 ; m. Mary J. Larden, b. Apr. Id 
1860; d. Apr. 19, 1914; ch. : Leona, Clair, Mabel, Lulie, Mertie, Robert 

cabinet maker; lived at Rural Valley, Pa. 
Children : 

al864. Etta M. Boney, m. J. R. Myers. 

bl864. George M. Boney; dead. 

cl864. June F. Boney; single. 

dl864. Charles D. Boney, m. Lulu Duncan. 

el864. James A. Boney, m. Elizabeth Mills. 

Children : 
al866. Harry White Logan, d. Sept. 26, 1887. 
bl866. Emerson Logan. 
cl866. Carrie Logan, d. May 16, 1892. 


dl866. Martha E. Logan, d. Dec. 28, 1909. 

el866. Myrtle R. O. Logan, d. Sept. 26, 1910; m. Edward E. Shaffer. 

fl866. Ollfree Boney Logan; address: Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

al869. James R. Dinsmore, m. Anna Evans. 
bl869. Nellie M. Dinsmore, m. L. C. Myers. 
cl869. Mary E. Dinsmore, m. G. E. Schwemm. 
dl869. Anna E. Dinsmore, m. Harry Gibson. 
el869. Floronna C. Dinsmore, m. H, B. Palmer. 
fl869. Marian A. Dinsmore. 
gl869. Frederick E. Dinsmore. 

16. VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Valen- 
tine Bowser came from Bedford County to Sugar Creek Twp. (now Wash- 
ington Twp.), Armstrong Co., Pa., eight miles north of Kittanning, Pa., 
in 1798, where he settled on a large tract of land. He was born in 1750 
and died in 1836. He brought a number of young apple trees with him 
which he planted on his farm, three of which are still living. He was 
buried in a cemetery which he gave to the community from his land. Many 
of the early settlers repose in this long-neglected and desolate spot. At 
his death his land was parceled out to his children. He has many descend- 
ants, a number of whom have attained prominence in various professions. 

Children : 

1871. Margaret Bowser, m. Andrew Sites; no children. 

1872. Christina Bowser, m. Samuel Small ; no children. 

1873. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Thompson. 

1874. Henry Bowser, b. 1794; m. Mary Fish, b. 1807. 

1875. Daniel Bowser, m. Annie Anders. 

1876. John Bowser, b. 1785 ; m. Mary Edwards. 

1877. Samuel Bowser, d. about 1865 ; single. 

1878. Barbara Bowser, m. John Wyant. 

1879. Mathias Bowser, m. Musselman. 

1873. ELIZABETH (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MA- 

Children : 

1880. Mary Thompson. 

1881. John Thompson, m. Mary Wyant. 

1882. Christina Thompson, m. George King; child: Mary, m. William 

Nevell ; address : Rimerton, Pa. 

1883. Joshua Thompson, m. Catharine Wyant. 

1874. HENRY (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, 
SR., (1). 

Children : 

1884. Absolom Bowser, b. 1827; d. May 5, 1904; m. Mary Hershey. 

1885. Thomas Bowser, b. 1848; d. 1919; m. Margaret Davison. 

1886. William Bowser, b. 1835 ; m. Jemima Phillips. 

1887. John F. Bowser, b. Dec. 12, 1825; d. May 6, 1877; m. Jane Sad- 

ler, b. May 24, 1846. 

1888. Elsie A. Bowser, b. 1836. 

1889. Deborah Bowser, b. 1840. 

1890. Mary Bowser, b. 1833; d. 1905; m. Mards. 

1891. Aaron Bowser, b. 1842. 


1892. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1845. 

1893. Jane Bowser, m. Tanner. 

Henry Bowser was killed at Rimerton, Pa., while engaged in construction 
work on the new Allegheny Valley Railroad. 

1884. ABSALOM and MARY (HERSHEY) BOWSER. For many years 
Absalom was well known in the livery business at Irwin, Pa. 
Children : 

1894. John A. Bowser, b. 1855 at Jacksonville, Westmoreland Co., Pa.; 

d. 1906 at Wilmerdivg, Pa.; m. Jennie Geddings; no children. 

1895. DeWitt C. Bowser, b. 1863; d. 1917 at Elwood, Ind. ; m. Frances 


1896. Sarah A. Bowser, b. 1862; m. David C. Hackensmith; address: 

Chambersburg, Pa.; ch. : DeWitt, Mervin M., Mary M., Emily, 
Catharine, Amy, Jeane. 

1897. Rebecca M. Bowser, b. 1864; d. 1916. 

1898. James M. Bowser, b. May 1, 1869; single; in restaurant business, 

Irwin, Pa. 

1899. Harry Bowser, b. 1862; d. in infancy. 

1900. Edward H. Bowser, b. 1882; m. Marie ; ch.: Howard, 

Thomas, Sarah, Edna. 

1886. WILLIAM and JEMIMA (PHILLIPS) BOWSER. William Bowser 
was a soldier in the Civil war. He was wounded in the battle at Bull 
Run; subsequently murdered in the South. 

1887. JOHN F. and JANE (SADDLER) BOWSER. John F. was distin- 
guished among the numerous John Bowsers as "Saddler" John. 

Children : 

1901. Sarah E. Bowser, b. Nov. 6, 1847 ; single ; lives at Bruin, Pa. 

1902. Lucy A. Bowser, b. Nov. 21, 1850; d. Feb. 27, 1854. 

1903. Firman Duff Bowser, b. Oct. 22, 1852; d. May 1, 1900; m. Susan 


1904. John Milton Bowser, b. Nov. 21, 1854; m. Margaret Turk. 

1905. E. DeWitt Lawson Bowser, b. May 5, 1857; m. Rachel Phillips. 

1906. Melissa Jane Bowser, b. July 8, 1859; d. Oct. 25, 1901; m. 

Samuel H. Bowser, b. Jan. 29, 1856. (See 946 for children.) 

1907. Anna B. Bowser, b. May 25, 1861 ; m. Elmer Cousins. 


Children : 

1908. Clara Bowser, b. Apr. 27, 1879 ; d. Feb. 27, 1912 ; m. Thomas For- 


1909. Homer Bowser, b. Oct. 12, 1880; d. August, 1918; m. Elizabeth 


1910. Bessie Bowser, m. Jason Gray. 

1911. Edna Bowser, m. Frederick Lasher. 

1912. John Bowser. 

1913. Elda Bowser. 


Child : 

1914. Louisa Bowser, b. Jan. 29, 1885; m. McCormick. 


Address: Vandergrift, Pa. 
Children : 

1915. Aida Bowser, b. Apr. 2(i, 1879; m. George Weitzel; child: Helen. 

1916. Claud Bowser, b. June 3, 1880; m. Florence Bryan. 

Children : 

1917. Edwar Cousins, m. Edith Ihenlot. 

1918. Goldie Cousins, m. Ellis Artman. 

1919. Lawrie Cousins, m. Minnie Flasher. 

1890. MARY (BOWSER) and MARKS. 

Children : 

1920. Rhuhanna Marks, d. 1920; m. Turney. 

1921. Jane Marks. 

1922. Agnes Marks, m. Bell. 

1923. George Marks. 

1924. Samuel Marks. 

1891. AARON BOWSER. A soldier in the Cicil war, Co. D, Inf., Pa. Vol. 
A prisoner in Andersonville prison ; captured at Plymouth, N. C, Apr. 20, 
1864; d. at Charleston, S. C, Oct. 10, 1864. 

SR. (1). Daniel Bowser lived in Manor Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Census reports, 1850, his wife Ann was 55 years of age. 
Children : 

1925. Mathias Bowser, b. Dec. 8, 1814; d. Sept. 18, 1881; m. Margaret 


1926. Valentine Bowser, b. October, 1817; d. August, 1889; m. Mariah 

Bowser, b. February, 1818; d. 1891. 

1927. Christina Bowser, m. Abraham Slagle. 

1928. Anna Bowser, m. (1) James Brice; (2) Alex Ritchey. 

1929. Catharine Bowser, m. James Nolder. 

1930. Philip Bowser, m. Margaret Slagle. 

1931. Jacob A. Bowser, b. 1827; m. Mary Ann Murphy, b. 1832. 

1932. Mary Bowser by a (2) marriage; m. Robert Hooks. 

1933. Julia Bowser, m. John Allen. 

(2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). Mathias and Margaret (Williams) Bowser lived 
in Manor Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa., five miles southeast of Kittanning. He 
engaged in farming and became a large landholder. All the children of 
his large family received a liberal education. He died Sept. 18, 1881 and 
his wife in April, 1887. 
Children : 

1934. Senthelia Bowser, b. May 12, 1839; d. August, 1898; m. Amos 

Wilson, b. 1836; d. March, 1907. 

1935. Clarissa Bowser, b. 1840; m. Isaac Wilson. 

1936. Sylvester F. Bowser, b. 1842; m. Mary Curll Young. 

1937. Marlin Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1843 ; m. Arreta Hawkins, b. May 28, 1854. 

1938. Malinda Bowser, b. 1845 ; m. John J. H. Truby, Leechburg, Pa. 

1939. Josephus S. Bowser, b. 1848; m. (1) Susan F. Bredin; (2) Mary 

L. Hynson. 

1940. Lyman Bowser, b. 1850; m. Laura Fennel. 


1941. Albert L. Bowser, b. 1852; m. Mary B. Smiley; no children. 

1942. Dallas D. Bowser, b. Feb. 20, 1857; m. Mary M. Kettering, b. 

Oct. 31, 1861. 

1943. Harrena Bowser, b. 1856; m. William Sim; d. at Blairsville, Pa. 

(3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). 

Children : 

1944. Nordena Wilson ; m. James B. Mates. 

1945. Affa Wilson; single. 

1946. Elmer Wilson. 

1947. Lourene Wilson; b. Mar. 28, 1872; m. P. W. Leedam, b. July 18, 

1869 ; wholesale merchant Oil City, Pa. ; ch. : Jeanette, b. Nov. 18, 
1898; Helen Elnor, b. Oct. 24, 1900. 

1948. Margaret Wilson, m. John B. Grier, Esq., Butler, Pa. 

1935. CLARISSA (6), MATHIAS (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), 
MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Clarissa and Isaac Wilson 
lived in Manor Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 

Children : 

1949. Alvin E. Wilson, b. Jan. 2, 1859. 

1950. Ott N. Wilson, m. Lu. Brumbaugh; prominent shoe dealer and 

stockman, Kittanning, Pa. 

1951. Edwin Wilson, m. Ida Bayha; ch. : Mildred, Jerlina, b. 1902. 

1952. Olive Wilson, d. aged 18 years. 

1953. Charles R. Wilson, b. Apr. 8, 1868; m. Edith Seifert, b. Mar. 1, 

1879; merchant, Erie, Pa.; ch. : Thomas N., b. Sept. 21, 1903; 
Robert C, b. Oct. 6, 1905 ; Margaret R., b. Aug. 23, 1907 ; John A., 
b. June 17, 1910; Helen G., b. Nov. 8, 1918. 
1854. William F. Wilson; m. (1) Jessie Firth; ch. : Edward William, 
Virginia ; m. (2) Ethel Barnes ; child : Lloyd. 

1955. Harry M. Wilson, m. Frances Lea King ; ch. : Frances Gage, Harry 

N., Jr. 

1956. Clara Kate Wilson, b. Sept. 29, 1873 ; m. Hugh F. Iseman ; farmer ; 

address: Ford City, Pa., R. D. 
Children : 

1957. Hugh Wilson Iseman, b. June 1, 1909. 

1958. Robert Earle Iseman, b. Jan. 17, 1911. 

1959. Lois Irene Iseman, b. June 14, 1913. 

(3), MATHIAS, SR., (2), MATHIAS, JR., (1). At the completion of 
his college course, Sylvester F. Bowser studied law and was admitted to the 
bar at Butler, Pa., where he has earned for himself distinguished honor. 
He has been engaged on many of the most important cases in western 

Children : 

1960. Mary Edna Isabelle Bowser. 

1961. George Franklin Bowser. 

1937. MARLIN (6), MATHIAS (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), 
MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Professor Marlin Bowser 
is a resident of Manor Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. ; address : Ford City, Pa., 
R. D. He purchased a farm near the homestead of his father Mathias and 
has lived there all his life. Besides carrying on extensive agricultural pur- 
suits he taught in the public schools of his district for nearly thirty years 
and for two terms was superintendent of the county public schools. His 


versatile talents have contributed noted poems and essays on the bird life 
of his locality. 

Children : 

1962. Ella Dale Bowser, b. Mar. 30, 1878; m. Claude E. Hyfringer; ch. : 

Katharyn, Marlin Claude, John Earl, Paul Luther. 

1963. Wilber Roy Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1880; m. Rhetta Heilman ; merchant. 

Ford City, Pa. ; ch. : Clayton Heilman, Rhetta Grace, Florence Gail. 

1964. Walter Hawkins Bowser, b. Sept. 18, 1881; m. Edna Artman; jew- 

eler, Ford City, Pa. ; ch. : Margaret Josephine, Richard Artman. 

1965. Ximena Moss Bowser, b. Aug. 18, 1884; m. Mont Clare Emrich; 

ch. : Paul Clare. 

1966. Paul Forbes Bowser, b. May 26, 1886; m. Cora Livingstone; won 

fame as the world's champion middleweight wrestler ; in business 
at Newark, Ohio. 

1938. MALINDA (6), MATHIAS (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), 
MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Residence: Leechburg, Pa. 
Malinda (Bowser) and John J. Truby; address: Leechburg, Pa. 

Children : 

1967. John Truby. 

1968. Mathias Truby. 

1969. Paul Truby. 

1970. Margaret Truby, m. Frank I. Gosser, Esq. ; practicing law in 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

1971. Harrena Truby. 

1939. JOSEPHUS S. BOWSER, b. 1848; m. (1) Susan T. Bredin, b. 1853; 
d. 1861 ; (2) Mary L. Hynson. Received a liberal education ; well known 
shoe merchant at Kittanning; later general store at Franklin, Pa.; now 
retired; lives at Warren, Ohio. 

Child: Howard P. Bowser, b. 1883. 

1942. DALLAS D. BOWSER, b. Feb. 20, 1857; m. MARY M. KETTER- 
ING, b. Oct. 13, 1861. 

Children : 

1972. Mary Bowser, b. Nov. 12, 1892. 

1973. Casper Bowser, b. Aug. 14, 1894; m. Katharine Portevus, b. Oct. 

12, 1899; child: Elizabeth Jean, b. Oct. 31, 1920. 

JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Valentine Bowser lived at Sherrett, Pa., 
where he raised a large family. Two of his sons reside on the homestead. 

Children : 

1974. Emily Bowser, m. Robert Ridley. 

1975. Jonathan Bowser, b. 1839; d. about 1900; m. Lucinda Booher, the 

only child of John Booher and Jane Bowser, daughter of John 
Bowser, son of Valentine (16) ; ch. : Maria, b. 1868; Mary; Eliz- 
abeth ; Leonard ; Oliver ; Nancy, b. 1877 ; m. L. Henderson ; m. (2) 
Mary Edwards ; ch. : Joseph, Stanley, Harry, Anthony, Christina. 

1976. Philip Bowser, m. Margaret Regis ; ch. : Benson, James, Henry, 

John Jefferson, Oliver, Nelson, Elizabeth, Lulu, Ellen, Maria, 
Jane, Adaline. 

1977. James C. Bowser, b. 1847; m. Phoebe Bowser, a daughter of Valen- 

tine ("Tine"), son of Valentine (16). 

1978. David Bowser, d. Mar. 29, 1914; m. Jemima Wyant. 


1979. Jackson Bowser, b. Mar. 18, 1855; m. Mahala Bowser, daughter of 

Reuben Bowser (2084) ; ch. : Jacob, Elizabeth ; address : Sher- 
rett, Pa. 

1980. Jacob Bowser, b. Apr. 23, 1859; m. (1) Mary A. Swigart; address, 

Sherrett, Pa.; ch. : Larenz, James, Earl, Nora; m. (2) Harriett 
Hilliard, b. 1885; ch. : Andrew J., William, Donald, Kenneth, 

1981. Sarah Bowser, b. Apr. 3, 1844; m. James Booher, son of Henry 

Booher and Susan (Bowser) Booher; ch. : Margaret, Jackson, 

1982. Robert Bowser, d. in infancy; b. 1849. 

1983. John Bowser, d. in infancy. 

1984. Elizabeth Bowser, d. in infancy. 

1985. Loben Bower, d. in infancy; b. 1841. 


Children : 
Thomas, Annie, Marie, Sara Belle, Martha, Matilda, Mary, Margaret, 
Harriet, Susan, Valentine, b. April 15, 1862; m. Evaline Early, b. June 
20, 1867 ; ch. : Lulu, Eva Belle, William, Albert, John, Phoebe, Nellie, 
James, Walter, Lillian 

1977. JAMES C. and PHOEBE BOWSER. James C. Bowser has been a 
successful farmer; address: Adrian, Pa. 

Children : 

1986. Elizabeth Bowser, m. (1) Joseph Crisman, (2) Jacob Forney; 

address: Adrian, Pa. 

1987. Peter Bowser. 

1988. Maria Jane Bowser. 

1989. Catharine Bowser. 

1990. David Quigley Bowser, m. Ollie Cousins : address : Kittanning, Pa. 

1991. Harriet Ann Bowser, m. Frederick John; address: Kittanning, Pa. 

1992. Robert M. Bowser; m. Lydia Chandler; address: Manorville, Pa. 

1993. Valentine Bowser. 

1994. Jacob C. Bowser, b. Aug. 13, 1882; m. Verdie I. Aaron, b. Aug. 14, 

1883 ; address : McGrann, Pa. ; merchant. 

Children : 
al994. James Lewis Bowser, student; b. Apr. 5, 1903. 
bl994. Charles Roy Bowser, b. Feb. 12, 1905. 
cl994. Verdie Irene Bowser, b. Aug. 27, 1912. 

1995. James Lewis Bowser, m. Esther Bechtel; address: Adrian, Pa. 

1996. Thomas L. Bowser, m. Minnie Stover ; address : Adrian, Pa. 

1997. John Bowser, m. Blanche Crisman; address: Adrian, Pa. 

1978. DAVID and JEMIMA (WYANT) BOWSER. Residence: Kittanning, 
Pa. Jamima Wyant was a daughter of Henry Wyant, who died in Ander- 
sonville prison during the Civil war. 

Children : 

1998. Samuel B. Bowser, b. May 9, 1871. 

1999. Valentine Bowser, b. March 19, 1873. 

2000. Andrew W. Bowser, b. May 14, 1875; m. Lydia Bowser. (See 476 

for children.) 

2001. Henry W. Bowser, b. Oct. 14, 1877. 

2002. Adam Bowser, b. Apr. 27, 1880. 

2003. Mary Magdalena Bowser, b. Oct. 10, 1882. 
2003. Peter J. Bowser, b. Apr. 29, 1885. 


2004. Catharine Bowser, b. March 17, 1888. 

2005. H. Reed Bowser, b. Jan. 17, 1891. 

2006. Jemima M. Bowser, b. May 4, 1894. 

JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). 
Children : 

2007. George Slagle, m. Ruble F. Benner. 

2008. Daniel Slagle, m. Jane Lasher. 

2009. Jacob A. Slagle, Templeton, Pa.; b. Dec. 15, 1844; m. (1) Mary 

Gamble, b. Aug. 2, 1847; d. May 30, 1908; m. (2) Mary Grafton. 

2010. Melissa Slagle, m. Robert Gamble, Breckenridge, Pa. 

2011. Jennie Slagle, m. R. M. Walker. 

2012. John Slagle, m. Annie Kimmel, Mosgrove, Pa. 

2013. Manuel Slagle, m. Stewart, Lawsonham, Pa. 

2014. Smith Slagle, m. Maud Dias, Templeton, Pa. 

2015. Mary Slagle, m. Samuel Gamble. 

2016. Malinda Slagle, m. Samuel Gamble. (Samuel Gamble married his 

first wife's sister.) 

2017. Alice Slagle, m. Michael C. Carl. 

2018. Washington Slagle, m. Sarah Hopper. 

2019. Rose Slagle, m. (1) Frederick Walker, (2) John Johnson. 

2009. JACOB A. and MARY (GAMBLE) SLAGLE. Rev. Jacob A. Slagle 
is an honored minister of the Church of God denomination ; he resides on 
a farm near Adrian, Pa., and ministers to a church in Kittanning, Pa. 
Children : 

2020. Francis H. Slagle, b. Aug. 4, 1866; d. June 18, 1918; ch. : WUliam, 

Eva, Ethel, Frederick. 

2021. William H. Slagle, b. Dec. 22, 1869; m. Elizabeth Casper; ch.: 

Francis, Arthur. 

2022. Samuel E. Slagle, b. March 14, 1872; m. Carrie Rowe ; ch.: Mary, 

Andrew, Daisey, Nettie, Liah, Sarah E., Retta, Ida. Cecil. 

2023. Sarah M. Slagle, b. March 30, 1874 ; m. John A. Hill. : ch. : Jessie, 

Randall, William, Edna, Russell, Dale, Samuel. 

2024. Mary Elizabeth Slagle, b. April 19, 1877; m. (1) Orion Flick; ch.: 

Washington A., Harry Myron; m. (2) S. H. Hartman ; ch. : 
Edward, Walter, Russell, William, Dorothy. 

2025. Abraham L. Slagle. b. March 17, 1880; m. Maud Garvin; ch. : 

Harry, Merl, Nellie. 

2026. Quintine E. Slagle, b. April 23, 1883; m. Sarah E. Bighly ; ch. : 

Dorothy, Clyde, Arnold. 

2027. George A. Slagle, b. March 22, 1889; m. Ethel J. Feh ; ch. : lola, 

George, Ardell. 

Children : 

2028. Elizabeth Gambel, m. William McCoy. 

2029. Frank Gamble, m. Julia Delp. 

2030. Randle Gamble, m. Anna Clark. 

Children : 

2031. Lee Carl, m. Annie Dyes ; ch. : Luther, Minnie, Harry, Florence, 


2032. Harry Carl, m. Margaret Swigart. 

2033. Rose Carl, m. Howard Heckman ; child : Earl. 

2034. Nelson Carl, m. Lottie Reese. 


2035. Anna Carl, m. Arthur Geiger. 

2036. Cora Carl, m. Earl Lark. 

2037. William Carl. 

2038. Robert Carl. 

2039. Florence Carl. 
2040.Charles Carl. 

1928. ANNA (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
Children : 

2041. Charles Brice, m. Ella Schumaker. 

2042. Allen Brice, m. Ella Thompson; m. (2) Alexandre Ritchey, 

2043. James Ritchey, m. Agnes Mechlin. 


Children : 

2044. Jacob Nolder, m. Hannah Moses. 

2045. Robert Nolder, m. Schall. 

2046. David Nolder, m. Marian Anderson. 

2047. Catharine Nolder, m. Jacob Nelson. 

2048. Julia Nolder, m. James Norman. 

2049. Susan Nolder, m. Ellis Schall. 


Children : 

2050. Anna Bowser. 

2051. Rebecca Bowser, m. William Ramer. 

2052. Margaret Bowser, m. William McCoy. 

2053. John Bowser, m. Louisa Sample. 

2054. Marlin Bowser, m. Ella Yates. 

2055. Chambers Bowser, m. Priscilla Lasher. 

1931. JACOB A. (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., 
(2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). Jacob A. Bowser settled on a farm adjacent 
to the farm of his brother Mathias (1925) in Manor Township. 
Children : 

2056. Lafayette Bowser, b. 1857; d. 1915; m. Belle Reedy; ch. : Lydia, 


2057. Mathias A. Bowser, b. 1859; m. Maggie Rogers; m. (2) Lulu Smith. 

2058. Nathaniel Bowser, b. 1850. 

2059. Mary Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1864; deceased. 

2060. Lillian Bowser. 

2061. Harriette Jane Bowser. 

2062. Ella Bowser. 

BOWSER. Mathias A. Bowser was brought up by a family related to his 
parents. He moved to North Fairfield, R. D. No. 1, Huron Co., Ohio, 
where he now resides. 
Children : 

2063. Lela Bowser, b. 1885. 

2064. Perry J. Bowser, b. 1887. 


2065. Charlotte A. Bowser, b. 1906 ; d. 1918. 

2066. Mary Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1911. 

1932. MARY (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Mary Bowser, m. Robert Hooks, son of William 
Hooks ; they lived in Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 

Children : 

2067. Elizabeth Hooks, m. Aaron Gray. 

2068. Jasper Hooks, m. Truett. 

2069. Chambers Hooks. 

2070. Madison Hooks, m. Phoebe Elder. 

2071. Peter Hooks, m. Walker. 

2072. Annie Hooks. 

1933. JULIA (5), DANIEL (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). 

Children : 

2073. William Allen, m. Sarah McGreggor. 

2074. James Allen, m. Anna Fonner. 

2075. Lou Allen, m. Schumaker. 

2076. Frank Allen. 

2077. Harvey Allen, m. Lydia Simmers. 

2078. Harry Allen, m. Kittie Wells. 

2079. Samuel Allen ; single. 

2080. Mary Allen, m. Clem Adams. 

2081. Daisy Allen, m. Adams. 

2082. Clara Allen, m. George Anthony. 

1876. JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, 
SR., (1). John and Mary (Edwards) Bowser lived in Washington Twp., 
Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

2083. Johnathan Bowser, b. 1814; d. 1859; m. Matilda Edwards, b. 1824. 

2084. Reuben Bowser, b. 1815; m. Sally Edwards, b. 1820. 

2085. Valentine ("Tine") Bowser, b. 1809; m. Elizabeth Flenner, b. 1816. 

2086. John Bowser, b. 1825 ; m. Nancy Slagle, b. 1830. 

2087. Hettie Bowser, m. Henry Booher, b. 1810; d. 1893. 

2088. Abraham Bowser. 

2089. Catharine Bowser, m. Leonard Stand. 

2090. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Stacy King. 

2091. Jane Bowser, m. John Booher. 

2092. Susan Bowser, m. (1) Christian Spiker; (2) Henry Booher; ch.: 

Caroline, Sophia, Christina; John, m. Mary Bowser, daughter of 
Lucinda (1975). 

2093. Mary Bowser, m. John Booher. (Two brothers married four sisters.) 

2094. Maria Bowser, m. Valentine Bowser. (See 1926 for children.) 

(2), MATHIAS, SR. (1). Johnathan and Matilda (Edwards) Bowser 
lived in Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 
Children : 

2095. Daniel Bowser, b. Aug. 9, 1840; veteran of the Civil war, Co. D, 

103rd Penna. Volunteers; d. about 1916; m. Mary Ann Davis, a 
daughter of John P. and Elizabeth Davis. 

2096. Albert Bowser, b. 1843; m. Rose Montgomery. 

2097. Adam Bowser, b. 1847. 


2098. Christina Bowser, m. (1) Alexandre Shrader, (2) Gus Hornberger. 

2099. Mary Bowser, m. William Taylor. 

2100. Sarah Bowser, b. 1845; m. James King, veteran of Civil war. 

2095. DANIEL and MARY A. (DAVIS) BOWSER. Daniel Bowser was an 
oil producer; residence: Parker's Landing, Pa., where he died about 1916. 

Children : 

2101. Ola Bowser, m. Frank Claypoole, Vandergrift, Pa. 

2102. Curtis Bowser. 

2103. Delia Bowser, m. George B. Downing. 

2104. Emma J. Bowser, m. Percy A. Perrine, 6728 Kelly St., Pitts- 

burgh, Pa. 

2104. Charles Bowser. 

2105. William D. Bowser, Clymer, Pa. 

2106. Mathew F. Bowser, Gary, Ind. 

2107. Frederick S. Bowser, m. Nora Feicht ; ch. : Donald, b. Nov. 20, 

1905 ; Phillip, b. Dec. 24, 1906 ; Ronald, b. May 20, 1908 ; Edwin, 
b. Apr. 6, 1910; Malcom, b. Feb. 2, 1911; Paul, b. June 6, 1910; 
Mary Margaret, b. Dec. 6, 1915; Ernest, b. Oct. 5, 1918; Frederick, 
Jr., b. Dec. 9, 1919. 


Children : 

2108. Finley Shrader, m. (1) Sarah Booher. (See 359 for children). 

(2) Mrs. Morrow. 

2109. Jacob Shrader. 

2110. Manuel Shrader, m. Mary Inglet. 

2111. Elizabeth Shrader; single. 

2112. Matilda Shrader; m. Isaac Fair. 
a2112. Lydia Shrader; m. George Rickle. 
b2112. Anna Shrader, m. Frederick Booher. 

Children: Adam, John. 

Children : 

2113. David Bowser; d. in infancy. 

2114. Julia Ann Bowser; d. in infancy. 

Mary, Elizabeth, Joshua, Ellen, m. (1) Frederick John; m. (2) 
March Hooks.; child: (1) H. Valentine Yale, m. Emma John; 
Phoebe, m. Lewis Bowser: ch. : Isabelle, Ida, Mildred, Lewis; (2) 
Austin Hooks. 

2116. Christina Bowser, m. Hugh Edwards. 

2117. Phoebe Bowser, m. James Bowser, son of Valentine (1926). (See 

1977 for children.) 

2118. Jackson Bowser; d. in infancy. 

2119. Catherine Bowser, m. Peter John; no children. 

2120. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Frederick Harper. 

2121. Robert Bowser, m. Elizabeth John. 

2122. Valentine M. Bowser, b. April 11, 1859; d. March 4, 1922; m. Caro- 

line Stitt. 


(3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Valentine Bowser, b. 
Apr. 4, 1859, m. Caroline Stitt, b. August 22, 1859. He was a member of the 
Brethren Church; buried at Centre Hill. Pa. 
Children : 

2123. Orlo L. Bowser, b. May 19, 1870; m. Phoebe Hooks, b. June 9, 

1886; ch.: Isabelle, b. June 2, 1905; Oda, b. August 10, 1907; 
Mildred, b. Dec. 4, 1909; Orlo M., b. Feb. 23, 1912; Glenn A., 
b. Jan. 13, 1914; Eunice, b. Dec. 9, 1916; d. Feb. 6, 1917; Helen, 
b. May 6, 1919. 

2124. Nina L. Bowser, b. Jan., 1882; d. Jan., 1903; m. Henry Bowser; 

child : Lewis, b. Aug. 22, 1900. 

2125. Smith G. Bowser, b. Mar. 29, 1886 ; m. Fannie McIIsic. 

2126. Owen Bowser, b. Sept. 15, 1888; d. Mar. 7, 1917. 

2127. Florence Bowser, b. Nov. 16, 1894. 

2128. Norman Bowser, b. June 16, 1896 ; m. Nora Walker ; child : Bernice 


2129. Jemima Bowser, b. Mar. 4, 1898. 

2130. Alice M. Bowser, b. July 14, 1900; m. Hovie Yates; child: Eliza- 

beth Yates, b. May 30, 1919. 

2131. James Bowser, b. Apr. 4, 1905 ; d. May, 1905. 

2132. Myrtle Bowser, b. Aug. 12, 1907. 

a2132. Elizabeth Bowser, b. March, 1893; m. Roy Walker, b. Sept. 1, 1893; 
ch. : Clare, Melda, Flossie, Myrtle, Phoebe. 

2086. JOHN (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). John Bowser was born 1825. He married Nancy 
Slagle, b. 1830, and was nicknamed "Slagle" John. 
Children : 

2133. Matilda Jane Bowser, b. Apr. 23, 1858; m. Bartholomew Booher, 

son of Henry Booher, Sherrett, Pa. 

2134. Harriet Bowser, m. William Bowser. 

2135. James Bowser, m. Ida Wolfe. 

2136. Benjamin Bowser, b. 1866; m. Priscilla J. Walker; child: Minnie, m. 

Paul Stewart. 

2137. William Bowser, m. (1) Jane Hamilton; (2) Alice Givens. 

2138. Catherine Bowser, m. Joseph Grafton ; ch. : John, Nancy Jane. 

Children : 

2139. Catherine E. Booher, m. William Early; ch. : Albert, William, Mar- 

garet, Andrew, Ida, Chambers, Oscar. 

2140. Lottie J. Booher, m. Chambers Spiker ; ch. : Sarah, Florence, Ray- 


2141. Minnie Booher, m. Charles Spiker; ch. : Bartholomew, William, 


2142. Hannah Booher, m. William Hamilton ; ch, : Kenneth, Edward, 

Evaline, Annie. 

2143. William Booher. 

Children : 

2144. Winfield Bowser, m. Bessie Bowser, daughter of Johnathan and 

Lucinda ; ch. : Lucile, Alberta. 

2145. Mary Bowser. 

2146. Alice Bowser, m. Guy Wolfe; ch. : Argie, Robert, Calvin, Vera. 

2147. Elmer Bowser, m. Alice McAll; ch. : Vera, Robert, Bessie, Lloyd. 



2148. Gilmer Bowser, m. Hazel Johns. 

2149. Myrtle Bowser, m. Garnet Moore. 

2084. REUBEN (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Reuben and Sally (Edwards) Bowser lived in 
Sugar Creek Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. 

Children : 

2150. Charles Bowser, b. 1836. 

2151. Mary A. Bowser, b. 1838; born in Ohio. 

2152. William Bowser, b. 1842. 

2153. Harvey Bowser, b. 1846. 

2154. Matilda J. Bowser, b. 1849. 

2155. Mahala Bowser. 

2087. HETTIE (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Hettie (Bowser) and Henry Booher lived at Sher- 
rett, Pa. Henry accompanied his father, Frederick Bucher, from Bedford 
Co. to Armstrong Co., Pa., in the spring of 1831 at the age of 21 ; his 
father purchased a farm in Washington Township, then left Henry to look 
after the property until he should return from Bedford County. Henry 
improved the time during his father's absence by marrying Hettie Bowser, 
and was comfortably established in the log cabin when his father returned 
in the fall. 

Children : 

2156. Elizabeth Booher, m. John Edwards ; ch. : Isaiah, George, Amanda, 


2157. Catharine Booher, m. John Adams. 

2158. Oliver Booher, b. 1841 ; m. Caroline Blanchard ; Oliver lived at 

Petrolia, Pa. ; prosperous farmer ; killed by a runaway team, 
1883 ; ch. : Manual, Jay, Harry, Maud, Anna, Evaline. 

2159. William Booher, m. Maria Pet, Center Hill, Pa. 

2160. George Booher ; single. 

2161. Bartholomew Booher, m. Matilda Jane Bowser, daughter of Nancy 

(Slagle) and John Bowser. (See 2133 for children.) Sherrett, Pa. 

2162. Mary Ann Booher, m. Daniel Greek ; ch. : Wesley, Harvey, Malinda. 

(2), MATHIAS, SR., (1). Elizabeth (Bowser) and Stacy King lived in 
Sugar Creek Twp., Armstrong Co., Pa. They were buried in the old ceme- 
tery on Valentine Bowser's farm. 

Child : 

2162. James King. 

2091. JANE (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Jane Bowser married John Booher, a brother of 
Henry Booher. 


2163. Lucinda Booher, m. Johnathan Bowser. (See 1975 for children.) 

2092. SUSAN (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Susan (Bowser) Spiker married (1) Christian 
Spiker; (see 2091 for children); m. (2) Henry Booher. 


2093. MARY (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Mary (Bowser) married John Booher. 
Children : 

2164. James Booher, m. Sarah Bowser, daughter of Valentine (1926). 

2165. Frank Booher, m. Emma Wilson ; Freeport, Pa. ; ch. : Harry, John. 

2166. Joseph Booher, m. Ann Wilson, Freeport, Pa.; child: Frank. 

2167. Christina Booher, m. William Regis. 

2168. Matilda Booher, m. John Maxwell Bowser. (See 1452 for children.) 

2094. MARIA (5), JOHN (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), 
MATHIAS, SR., (1). Maria (Bowser) and Valentine Bowser lived at 
Sherrett. (See 1926 for children.) 

SR., (1). Barbara Bowser was the youngest child of Valentine, son of 
Mathias Bowser, Jr. (1878). She married John Wyant and came to 
Armstrong Co., Pa., with her parents in 1798. 
Children : 

2169. Mary Wyant, m. John Thompson. 

2170. John ("Banks") Wyant, m. when advanced in years; residence: 

Tionesta, Pa. 

2171. Catharine Wyant, m. Joshua Thompson. 

1879. MATHIAS (4), VALENTINE (3), MATHIAS, JR., (2), MATH- 
IAS, SR., (1). Mathias Bowser died 1865; m. Christiana Musselman in 
Bedford Co., Pa. ; moved to Armstrong Co., Pa. His wife died in 1873. 
Children : 

2172. Jacob Bowser, b. 1819; d. 1896; m. Margaret Qaar, b. 1823; d. 1910. 

2173. Mary Bowser, b. 1870. 

2174. Barbara Bowser, b. 1833. 

2175. Henry Bowser, b. 1838. 

2172. JACOB (5) ; MATHIAS (4) ; VALENTINE (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. 
(2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Jacob and Margaret (Claar) Bowser. 
Children : 

2176. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1846; m. Thomas Claar, b. 1840; d. 1896; 

ch. : Delilah, Mary, Ella, Agnes, Essington, Berdine, Margaret. 

2177. Margaret Bowser, b. 1848; m. Alexandre Walter; no children. 

2178. Jacob Bowser, b. 1853; d. 1917; m. Anna Kell, b. 1854; ch. : Charles, 

Edward, Rose, Albert, George, Lawrence, Harvey, Elmer and 
Delia (twins), William, Anna. 

2179. J. Quinter Bowser, b. 1856; m. Rebecca Walter, b. 1853. 

2180. Isaac Bowser, b. 1859; m. Julia Walter; no children. 

2181. Absalom Bowser, b. 1863; m. Minnie Sell; ch. : Ruth, Luke, Bertha, 


2182. Aaron Bowser, b. 1870; m. Linnie Brooks; ch. : Essington, Jennie, 


2183. Matilda Bowser, b. 1870 (twin of Aaron); m. Miles Claar; ch. : 

Ada, Mazie, Mary, Walter, Merle. 

Residence, Baker Summit, Bedford Co., Pa. He writes: "My great- 
grandfather and his family all lived in Armstrong County. He came back 
to Bedford County and married a Walter (sec)ond marriage), then 
returned to Armstrong County. My grandfather, Mathias, came to Bedford 
County and married Christiana Musselman, and lived at New Enterprise. 
See biographies. 


Children : 

2184. Rosco C. Bowser, b. 1887 ; m. Mary Reighard, b. 1893. 

2185. Sarah O. Bowser, b. 1889; m. Wilson Reffner, b. 1884. 

2186. John W. Bowser, b. 1890 ; m. Lena Kagarise, b. 1890. 

2187. Ana M. Bowser, b. 1895; m. Harrison Settlemeyer. 

18. ESTHER (3); MATHIAS, JR. (2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Esther, in 
her native language called Matilena Bowser, youngest child of Mathias 
and Anna Elizabeth, of whom we have any certain record, was born, no 
doubt, in Paradise Twp., York County, Pa., 1758. She was married to 
Rev. Martin John, a Dunkard minister, and came to Washington Twp., 
Armstrong County, Pa., and settled on what is now known as the Jonas 
Bowser farm. He erected a log house on his property, the first building 
in that section of the county, in 1808. This house, subsequently, had a 
second story added to it, and thus stood and sheltered four generations 
until 1918 when it was allowed to fall into ruin (see picture). Martin 
John died in a small log house on the farm of Henry Helsel, his son-in-law, 
near Sherrett, Pa., in 1847. Esther had previously died. They spoke only 
the "Palatine German." Their bodies repose in the small burial plot on 
William Hay's farm, not more than 10 rods from the writer's land which 
was once a part of Martin's tract — a wooded hill top — where Henry Helsel 
and his wife Elizabeth and a number of other early settlers were buried. 
These neglected graves are easily descernable by depressions in the ground, 
or the slanting field stones which still remain. Under the primeval oaks 
sleep those hardy god-fearing pioneers ; their fields remain ; the roads they 
made through the forests, and the churches they established, but the 
treasure of a human life is less enduring, as this forgotten burial place 
is a melancholy witness. With the children of Esther Bowser and Martin 
John we attain the end of the family of Mathias Bowser, Sr., the progenitor 
of the largest branch of the Bowser clan, that to which the writer belongs. 
There are hundreds of this branch of the Bowser family who are not 
recorded in this history for the reason that it is physically impossible to 
visit units so widely scattered in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, 
Iowa, and other states, and because of the failure to elicit a response to 
any kind of request for data, names, and dates. 
Children : 

2188. John John, m. Elizabeth Crisman. 

2189. Martin John, b. 1797 ; d. 1856 ; m. Mary Crisman, b. 1799 ; d. 1871. 

2190. Peter John m. Catharine Helsel. 

2191. Catharine John m. John Crisman. 

2192. Elizabeth John, d. 1858; m. Henry Helsel, d. 1866. 

2193. Esther John m. Simon Steelsmith. 

2194. Christina John m. Peter Helsel. 

2188. JOHN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. 
(1). John John settled two miles east of his father's farm in Washington 
Township and erected a large brick house which remained until 1915, when 
it was torn down. 
Children : 

2195. Frederick John m. Eva Wolfe. 

2196. Adam John d. Jan. 20, 1892 ; m. Esther Crisman, d. Nov. 1893. 

2197. Martin John m. Christina Flenner. 

2198. John John, Jr. m. Ann Toy. 

2199. Peter John m. (1) Nancy A. Flenner; (2) Catharine Bowser 

(daughter of "Tine"). 

2200. Samuel John m. Sarah Lasher. 

2201. Isaac John m. Catharine Lasher. 

2202. Henry John m. (1) Sarah A. Hooks; (2) Caroline Hooks. 


2203. Phillip John m. Mary Lasher. 

2204. Esther John m. (1) Elijah Flenner; (2) Johnathan Bowser. 

Children : 

2205. Adam John m. Ella Lytle. 

2206. Jerry John never married. 

2207. Christiana John m. Abraham Crisman. 

2208. William John m. Elizabeth Geary. 

2209. Ann John m. Valentine Bowser, son of Jacob Bowser (son of 


Children : 

2210. Jeremiah C. John, b. May 1, 1851 ; m. Elizabeth Fennell. 

2211. Harvey J. John, b. June 10, 1853; miller; Adrian, Pa.; m. Pauline 

Children : 

a2211. Edward John, m. Iva Belle. 
b2211. Earl John, m. Alda Fonner. 
c2211. Esther John. 

2212. Philip John, b. 1855. 

2213. Martin John, b. April, 1858. 

2214. John W. John, b. August, 1860. 

2215. Catharine Ellen John, b. Oct. 30, 1862; m. Joseph Stivason. 

2216. Adam E. John, b. May 1, 1865. 

2217. Mary E. John, b. Aug. 26, 1867. 

2218. Walter John, b. February, 1870. 

2219. Flora A. John, b. Aug. 16, 1875; m. John Smith. 

2197. MARTIN and CHRISTIANA (FLENNER) JOHN. Farmer, Wash- 
ington Township, Armstrong County, Pa. Instead of a repetition of the 
occupation and residence of Martin and Esther John's family it may be said 
that most of their descendants are farmers and settled within the bounds 
of the township mentioned above, where they have sustained the traditions 
of their ancestry for industry and religious integrity. 

Children : 

2220. Elizabeth John, m. Emmanuel French ; address : Dial, Pa. ; merchant, 

2221. Sarah John. 

2222. Catharine John. 

2223. Jane John, m. John Croyle. 

2224. Margaret John, m. Oliver Wyant. 

2225. Esther Ann John, m. Laban Armahizer. 

2226. Christiana John, m. John Wyant. 

2227. William John, m. Emily Cousins. 

2228. Ellen John, m. John Hooks. See (1393) for children. 

2198. JOHN and ANN (TOY) JOHN. 
Children : 

2229. William John, unmarried. 

2230. James John, m. Adaline Hooks. 

Children : 

2231. Mary Jane John, m. Absolom Bowser, son of Levi Bowser. 

2232. John A. John, m. Martha White. 

2233. Julia Ann John, m. Abram Crisman. 


2234. David Isaac John, m. Julia Bowser. See (1406) for children; 

address: Adrian, Pa. 

2235. Peter John, m. Catharine John. 

2236. Nancy John, m. Anthony Bowser. 

2237. Ida John, m. Levi Crisman. 

2238. Frederich John, m. Harriet Bowser, daughter of James. 


Children : 

2239. Rebecca John, m. Peter Crisman. 

2240. Isaac John, m. Catharine Harriger. 

2241. Obediah John, m. Mary Hooks. 

2242. Margaret John, m. Peter Fennell of Adrian, Pa. 

2243. Samuel John, m. Catharine Hooks. 

2244. Isaiah John, died single. 

2245. Susan John, m. Samuel Crisman ; ch. : Casper, Eugene, 

Silvi, Samuel. 

2246. Ralston John, died single. 

2247. Guy John, m. Eva Winecoop. 


Children : 

2248. Margaret John. 

2249. Abraham John. 

2250. Martha John, m. John A. John. 


Children : 

2251. Caroline John. m. Adam Croyle. 

2252. Manuel John, m. Julia Cousins. 

2253. Emily John, m. Hugh Hooks. 

2254. Ann John, m. Roland Crisman. 

2255. Hugh John, m. Laura Flenner. 

2256. Abner John, m. Cornman. 

2257. Harvey John, m. Nancy Flenner. 

2258. Louise John. 

2259. Rose John, m. Lemon. 

2260. Phoebe John, m. Ephriam Reighard. 

2261. Wilson John, m. Ella John. 


Children : 

2261. Lee John, m. Rose Adams. 

2262. William John, m. Mont John. 

2263. Guy John. 

Children : 

2263. Henry Flenner; address: Adrian, Pa. 

2264. John Flenner. 

2265. Elizabeth Flenner. 

2266. Jacob Flenner. 

(2) ESTHER and JOHNATHAN BOWSER ; lived near Adrian, Pa. See 
(1452) for children. 


2189. MARTIN, JR. (5) ; MARTIN, SR. (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, 
JR. (2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Martin John settled on a portion of his 
father's tract of land two miles north of Montgomeryville, Pa., where he 
followed the pursuit of a farmer. He was born 1797; died 1856; married 
Mary Crisman, b. 1799; d. 1871. His will was dated March 8, 1856; 
probated, Sept. 30, 1856. 

Children : 

2267. Jacob John, died in infancy. 

2268. Christiana John, died at the age of 18. 

2269. Esther John, m. David Hawk. 

2270. Ann John, b. 1830, m. (1) Jacob Crisman; (2) Thomas Craig. 

2271. Michael John, b. 1833; m. Nancy McCollum. 

2272. Elizabeth John, b. Oct. 6, 1834; m. Christian Y. Wyant, b. Oct. 19, 

1834; d. 1910. 

2273. Catharine John, b. Oct. 6, 1836 ; m. John Donnell. 

2274. Rev. Christian John, b. Apr. 6, 1842 ; m. Jane Michel. 

2269. ESTHER (5) ; MARTIN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Esther John married David Hawk. They lived near 
Punxsutawney, Clearfield County, Pa. He was a lumberman and farmer. 

Children : 

2275. John Hawk, b. Aug. 6, 1848; m. Ann Eliza Bowser, b, Nov. 

18, 1848. See (187) for children. 

2276. Jacob Hawk, b. 1843 ; m. Amana Nicaemas. 

2277. William Hawk, b. 1845 ; m. Nancy Lowmaser. 

2278. Aaron Hawk, b. 1850; m. Fanny K. Stall. 

2279. Elizabeth Hawk, b. 1852; m. Chambers King. 

2280. Phoebe Hawk, b. 1854; m. Isaiah Davis. 

2281. Ann Hawk, b. 1856; m. Clark Tiger. 

2282. Manuel Hawk, b. 1856 ; m. Fanny Blue. 

2283. Catharine Hawk, b. 1858; m. Thomas Wolfe. 

2284. David Hawk, b. 1860; m. Susan Spencer. 

2285. Simon Hawk, b. 1860; m. Linda McGregor. 

2286. Adam Hawk, b. 1864; m. Anna Lydick. 

2287. Delia Hawk, b. 1871. 

2270. ANN (5) ; MARTIN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Ann John m. (1) Jacob Crisman, farmer, Adrian, 
Pa. ; m. (2) Thomas Craig, farmer of Madison Township, Armstrong 
County, Pa. 

Children : 

(1) 2288. Martin Crisman, d. 1919; lived near Widnoon, Pa. 
2289. Harvey Crisman, m. Belle Davis; live near Widnoon. 

Children : 

(2) 2290. Emily Craig. 

2291. Catharine Craig. 

2292. Wesley Craig. 

2271. MICHAEL (5) ; MARTIN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Michael John was a stone mason and farmer. Lived 
near his father's farm in Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pa. 
Later he retired to West Kittanning where he died. 

Children : 

2293. Minnie John, m. Sherman Craig. 

2294. Harriet John, single. ..... 


2272. ELIZABETH (5) ; MARTIN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. 
(2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Elizabeth John m. Christian Y. Wyant, son 
of Adam and Sarah (Yerty) Wyant, Armstrong County, Pa, Christian 
Wyant was an extensive farmer. Lived near Montgomeryville, Armstrong 
County, Pa. He died Mar. 24, 1910. Mrs. Elizabeth Wyant is living with her 
daughter, Dr. Florence Belle Matta, 217 Front St., Brownsville, Pa. She 
and Eliza Gray living near Duncanville, Armstrong County, Pa., are the 
only living granddaughters of Esther Bowser. 
Children : 

2295. Mary Ann Wyant, b. Mar. 20, 1860; m. Curtis Philips, b. Dec. 

30, 1855. 

2296. Rose Elvira Wyant, b. Apr. 1, 1862; m. Cassius F. Kramer, b. 

Apr. 10, 1861 ; d. July 18, 1917. 

2297. Dr. Andrew R. E. Wyant, b. May 20, 1867; m. Louise Hulbert 

b. Dec. 16, 1870; ch. : Florence Ethelyn, b. June 14, 1899; Elizabeth 
Louise, b. July 2, 1906; Eri Hulbert, b. Dec. 18, 1907, d. Jan. 3, 
1908. (See biographies.) 

2298. Sarah Margaret Wyant, b. Sept., 1864; d. 1865. 

2299. Hon. Adam Martin Wyant, b. Sept. 15, 1869; m. Catharine Doty, 

b. June 14, 1875: (See biographies.) Ch. : Anna Moore, b. 
June 23, 1912; Adam Martin, b. Sept. 1, 1917. 

2300. Dr. William Whitfield Wyant, b. May 20, 1873 : m. Rachel Sanders. 

2301. Dr. Florence Belle Wyant, b. July 15. 1876; m. John Matta, b. 1873. 

2191. CATHARINE (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, 
SR. (1). Catharine (John) and John Crisman; ch. : Elizabeth, m. 
Harvey Gray. 

2295. MARY ANN (WYANT) and CURTIS PHILIPS. Mr. Philips is a 
member of the well-known Philips family, producers of natural gas, supply- 
ing Butler, and other Pennsylvania cities. They live in Butler, Pa. 
Children : 

2302. HoIIice B. Philips, b. April 19, 1888; m. Luetta Manross. b. July 

21, 1894; ch.: Evelyn, Dudley. 

2303. Grace Philips, b. Sept. 10. 1889; m. W. G. Mcintosh; ch. : Mary 

Jane, b. June 27, 1915. 

2296. ROSE E. (WYANT) and CASSIUS F. KRAMER. Mr. Kramer held 
a responsible position in the Kramer Wagon factory, Oil City, Pa., until the 
time of his death, about 1917. Mrs. Rose Kramer is living in Oil City. 
Children : 

2304. Charles Wyant Kramer, b. Jan. 8. 1887; m. Elizabeth Kern; ch. : 

Virginia Rose. 

2305. Dr. Homer Finley Kramer, b. June 9, 1888; m. Salome Reiss. 

2306. Clarence A. Kramer, b. Feb. 26, 1891. 

2307. Hazel Candose Kramer, b. Sept. 25, 1892; d. April 17, 1895. 

2308. Ruth Elizabeth Kramer, b. Dec. 6, 1895 ; m. Mathias Saxman Hart- 

man ; ch. : Betty Jane, b. Dec. 9, 1919. 

2309. William Edwin Kramer, b. Feb. 11, 1898. 

2310. Isabelle Louise Kramer, b. Nov. 12, 1899 ; m. Robert Eldridge Deyoe. 

Wyant was educated in the public schools, Reid Institute and the Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh. After his graduation he located in Sharon, Pa., 
where he has established a large practice. He married Rachel Sanders 
of Sharon. 
Children : 

2311. Christian W. Wyant, b. June 1, 1910. 

2312. Martha Wyant. b. March 25, 1915. 


her marriage she practiced her profession with her brother, Dr. William W. 
Wyant, of Sharon. After her marriage she and her husband, John Matta, 
moved to Brownsville, Pa., where she is now engaged in active practice. 

2313. Elizabeth Wyant Matta. 

2273. CATHARINE (6) ; MARTIN, JR. (5) ; MARTIN, SR. (4) : 
ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). Catharine 
John, born Oct. 6, 1836, married John Donnell. John Donnell was a suc- 
cessful merchant at Watersonville, Pa., in the days when the Red Bank 
iron furnace was in operation on the opposite bank of the Allegheny. Mrs. 
Donnell died there about 1900. 
Children : 

2314. William Donnell. 

2315. Edward Donnell. 

2190. PETER (5) ; MARTIN (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Peter John married Catharine Helsel, a sister of 
Henry Helsel, who had married Peter's sister Elizabeth. Their farms 
joined. The old cemetery already referred to on William Hays* farm, 
as the burial place of Esther and Martin John, is on the tract of land 
owned by Peter John, and evidently a part of the original purchase by 
his father, Martin. Catharine told the writer that slight excavations, 
marks of the old Indian town at Kittanning, were still discernable in her 
girlhood days ; she also described the Indians with their canoes transporting 
goods from Pittsburgh up the Allegheny River to their towns on its head 
waters, their golden ear-rings flashing in the sun as their bodies swayed 
with the manipulation of the "pole." 
Child : 

2316. Martin John, m. Mary Whitaker ; they lived on a farm not far from 

Plumville, Indiana County, Pa. 
Children : 

2317. Tobias John, m. Mary McGarvey. 

2318. John W. John, m. Ann McGarvey. 

2319. Daniel John, gave his life to his country in the Civil war. 

2320. Elizabeth John, m. Thomas McGlaughlin. 

2321. Catharine John, b. Mar. 5, 1843; d. Apr. 29, 1916; m. William 

Hays, b. Oct. 7, 1838 ; d. Feb. 8, 1908. 

2321. CATHARINE (JOHN) and WILLIAM HAYS. See biographies. 
Children : 
2322. Mary Jane Hays was born at the Peter John and Catharine (Helsel) 
John homestead, then owned by her father, William Hays, near 
Montgomeryville, Pa., Sept. 25, 1866; she attended the public 
school of the district until she completed the course; she married 
Joseph Leigh Barber, of Dubois, born March 11, 1859; she and 
her husband established their home in Dubois, where they con- 
tinued to live until the death of Mr. Barber, Aug. 18, 1899. He 
was a well known and highly esteemed citizen and a trusted 
employe of the great Dubois Lumber Mill. 

Children : 

2323. Lettie O. Barber. 

2324. Mary O. Barber. 

2325. Nina E. Barber. 

2326. Sarah Kathern Barber. 


2327. Letitia L. Hays, b. May 7, 1868 ; m. W. Curtis Marshall ; address : 

Dayton, Pa. 

2328. Catharine A. Hays, b. April 21, 1869; m. Austin Stauffer; address: 

Kittanning, R. D. 
Children : 

2329. Austin Cyrus Stauffer, b. Jan. 25, 1888. 

2330. Anna Zella Stauffer, b. Sept. 20, 1889. 

2331. Earl Raymond Stauffer, b. Jan. 8, 1891. 

2332. Dent Fair Stauffer b. Oct. 2, 1892. 

2333. Martha E. Hays, b. April 11, 1870; d. Feb. 19, 1894. 

2334. Susanna Hays, b. June 2, 1871 ; d. March 11, 1876. 

2335. Rosa B. Hays, b. June 23, 1872 ; d. March 29, 1883. 

2336. Margaret E. Hays, b. July IS, 1873 ; d. Jan. 22, 1897. 

2337. William M. Havs, b. Nov. 5, 1874; m. Anna Zella Smith, b. 

May 22, 1879 ; address : Adrian. Pa. 
Children : 

2338. John William Hays, b. Oct. 4, 1900. 

2339. Nina Isabelle Hays, b. July 22, 1903. 

2340. Carl Thornton Hays, b. March 15. 1908. 

2341. Rebecca Catharine Hays, b. Nov. 29, 1914. 

a2341. Nancy A. Hays, b. Jan. 11, 1876; m. Calvin Bowser; address: 

Kittanning, Pa., R. D. (See 824 for children.) 
b2341. Thomas H. Hays, b. March S, 1877; m. Katharine Fair; address: 

Rochester, Pa. 

2342. Robert S. Hays, b. July 21, 1878; d. Feb. 6, 1907. 

2343. Emily P. Hays, b. Nov. 6, 1881 ; m. James McAuley ; ch. : John Roy, 

b. Dec. 20, 1901; d. Feb. 21, 1922; Martha Ruth, b. Jan. 21. 1915; 
address : Adrian, Pa. 

2344. Mintie Hays, b. May 26, 1881 ; d. Nov. 29, 1883. 

2345. Ruth E. Hays, b. July 4, 1882 ; m. Lewis N. Crisman ; ch. : Estella 

Grace, b. Mar. 5, 1906; d. Oct. 25, 1906; William Raymond, b. 

Oct. 7, 1907; Robert Roj-, b. March 4, 1911; Ruby Catharine, b. 

July 7, 1914; Dent Hays, b. June 6, 1919; Virginia Rebecca, b. 
March 5. 1922. 

2192. ELIZABETH (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, 
SR. (1). Elizabeth John married Henry Helsel, a native of Bedford 
Coun^, Pa. They settled near her father in Washington Township, now 
knovirn as the Roudabush farm. Elizabeth died there in 1858, and Henry 
They had but one child, Esther. 
They had but one child : 

2346. ESTHER (5) ; ELIZABETH (4) ; ESTHER (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. 
(2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Esther Helsel, born Feb. 12, 1819, died 
June 5, 1851 ; married Bartholomew Booher, born May 1, 1818, died Jan. 4, 
1905; a farmer, Washington Township, Armstrong County, Pa. Bartho- 
lomew Booher was a descendant of Bartholomew Bucher who came "from 
the Palatine, probably Switzerland, and landed at Baltimore early in the 
eighteenth century, and purchased land in Frederick County, Md. He 
became a large land owner, as he owned large tracts of land in Bedford 
County, Pa. In his will in Frederick County, Md.. he mentions one of his 
sons, Bartholomew, in disposing of his Pennsylvania estates. Bartholomew 
Bucher, Jr., was the father of Frederick Bucher who was the father of 
Bartholomew Booher, husband of Esther Helsel. 

Children : 
2347. Emanuel Booher, b. April 3, 1840; killed in the Battle of Fair Oaks, 
Civil war ; m. Mary Fair. 


Children : 

2348. Clemence Booher, single, lives at Saratoga, Tex., b. 1858. 

2349. Clara Booher, b. Mar. 9, 1861 ; m. Austin Leard, b. Aug. 27, 1854 ; 

ch.: Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1880; Edith, b. Oct. 4, 1882, d. Jan. 
13, 1921; Roy, b. Aug. 30, 1885; Verna, b. May 31, 1888: 
Frank S., b. Sept. 4, 1890; Ida M., b. Nov. 29, 1892; John T., 
b. April 20, 1895, d. June 9, 1911. 

2350. Elizabeth Booher, b. Sept. 6, 1841; m. (1) M. S. Bowser; for 

children see (179) ; m. (2) Martin Bowser, see (751). 

2350. Harry Bowser, m. Anna Ellenberger ; ch. : Raymond. 

2351. Isabelle Booher, b. Feb. 3, 1844; d. Feb. 8, 1914; m. Abner Bonner. 

b. Oct. 9, 1838; d. May 9, 1915; Abner Bonner was a storekeeper 
at Adrian, Pa. 

2352. Henry Booher, b. July 27, 1846; died about 1917 in Arizona; he 

married Mary Ann Southworth ; they had one daughter, Marda ; 
Henry Booher spent the most of his life in the West as a pros- 
pector and miner. 

2353. Mary Booher, b. Jan. 1, 1849; m. Jacob Frick, b. Anril 6, 1843; 

ch.: Mamie, b. 1873; Roy, b. 1874; Millie, b. 1877; Raymond, 
b. 1880. 

Children : 

2354. Ida Bonner, b. Dec. 2, 1865; d. Dec. 13, 1919; m. Harvey M. 

Montgomery, b. June 1, 1862. 

2355. Robert H. Bonner, b. Feb. 11, 1867. 

2356. Margaret Bonner, b. Mar. 7, 1868 ; d. Sept. 23, 1869. 

2357. Bartholomew C. Bonner, b. July 2, 1869. 

2358. Sarah Bonner, b. Jan. 14, 1871 ; m. Lee D. Quigley ; ch. : Alberta, 

Gladys, Grace. 

2359. John F. Bonner, b. Nov. 4, 1872. 

2360. James Bonner, b. Nov. 11, 1874; m. Lina Hooks; ch. : Charles. 

Nellie, Chester, Hugh, Eva, James. 

2361. Dora Bonner, b. Feb. 10, 1876; m. Wilson L. Bowser, son of 

George Bowser; ch. : Roy, Mabel, Clarence, Mildred, George. 
Frederick. Page 179. 

2362. Cora Bonner, b. Mar. 2, 1878. 

2363. Harry L. Bonner, b. Dec. 1, 1879. 

2364. Samuel A. Bonner, b. Nov. 7, 1883. 

2365. Ross W. Bonner, b. Oct. 30, 1885. 

2366. Catharine Bonner, b. Mar. 23, 1887; m. Urie B. Crisman ; ch. : 

Russell, Hazel. 

2354. IDA (BONNER) and HARVEY M. MONTGOMERY; address: 
Dial, Pa. 
Children : 

2367. Robert B. Montgomery, b. Jan. 8, 1880; m. Fanny Craig, b. Sept. 

30, 1889. 

2368. George Finley Montgomery, b. Feb. 12, 1885; m. Elizabeth Bowser, 

daughter of Harvey Bowser, 

2369. Merle Daniel Montgomery, b. Nov. 16, 1888; d. June 3, 1918; 

m. Delia Morgan. 

2370. Lulu Mabel Montgomery, b. Feb. 22, 1890. 

2371. Eva Myrtle, b. April 30, 1892. 

2372. Thomas Andrew Montgomery, b. Oct. 13, 1894; m. Mary Zillefrow. 

2373. Margaret May Montgomery, b. Oct. 29, 1896 ; d. Jan. 8, 1897. 

2374. Joseph Harvey Montgomery, b. Dec. 6, 1898; m. Myra Lasher. 

2375. William McOelland Montgomery, b. May 17, 1900; m. Nora Tarr. 


2376. Frances Isabelle Montgomery, b. April 4, 1906. 

2377. Dorothy Bemice Montgomery, b. Jan. 19, 1908; d. Nov. 29. 1917. 

2378. Alvin Ross Montgomery, b. June 20, 1910. 


2193. ESTHER (JOHN) and SIMON STEELSMITH. Immediately after 
their marriage Esther and her husband went with her sister Christina 
and her husband who also had just been married, to the State of Indiana 
where they settled. 

132. JACOB C (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). 
Jacob C. Bowser, second son of John Bowser, of Hopewell, Bedford 
Comity, Pa., was born in York County, Pa., about 1767. He was living in 
Hopewell Township in 1800 with a family of four. In 1810 he had a 
family of eight. We have the followhig esteemed letter from Peter F. 
Bowser, of Surver, Oregon. "Surver, Oregon, July 26, 1921. Dear 
Cousin : I write this in answer to your letter in regard to my grandfather. 
His name was Jacob Bowser. Christian Bowser was my father. My 
grandfather, Jacob Bowser, died at my father's house in Armstrong County, 
Pa., when I was a young man. I do not know what year. (Peter F. 
was born Sept. 10, 1836. His grandfather therefore died about 1853). My 
father. Christian Bowser, died at my sister, Christina Beatty's house in 
Clearfield County, Pa., (McGees Mills), Sept. 18, 1869. My mother died 
at my house in Armstrong County, Sept. 2, 1877. Your Cousin, Peter F. 
Children of Jacob C. Bowser: 

2389. Jacob Bowser, d. 1855. 

2390. Christian Bowser, b. Sept. 27, 1798; d. Sept. 18, 1869; m. Susanna 

Fluke, b. Oct. 21, 1805; d. Sept. 2, 1877. 

2391. John Bowser, b. 1800; m. Margaret , d. 1805; lived in 

Bedford County, 1855; in Woodbury Township, 1850; ch. : Reuben, 
b. 1828; Mary A., b. 1831; Jacob, b. 1832; Margaret, b. 1839; 
Nancy, b. 1842; William, b. 1844. 

2392. Peter Bowser, m. Lucy ; lived in Jefferson County, Pa. 

2393. Sarah Bowser, m. William McElnay; lived in Blair County, Pa., 

in 1855. 

2394. Mary Bowser, m. Jacob Shock ; lived in Blair County, Pa.. 1855 ; 

died intestate. 

2390. CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB C (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Christian Bowser came to Armstrong County, Pa., 
from Hopewell, Pa., in 1840. In 1851 he moved to Jefferson County, Pa., 
and lived at McGees Mills. He married Susanah Fluke, daughter of 
Henry and Christina (Snyder) Fluke. They were married Oct. 21, 1825. 
Christian was buried in the Brooks cemetery near Bowersville, Jefferson 
County, about six miles from Punxsutawney, Pa. 
C:iiildren : 

2395. Henry Fluke Bowser, b. Jan. 6, 1827; d. May 20, 1892; m. (1) 

Rebecca Swigart; (2) Catharine Marshall, b. April 7, 1834; d. 
Dec. 15, 1914. 

2396. William F. Bowser, b. Aug. 21, 1828; d. July 31, 1893; m. Mar- 

garet C. Campbell, b. Dec. 28, 1828; d. July 1, 1908. 

2397. John F. Bowser, b. 1830; d. 1851; single. 

2398. David F. Bowser, b. Sept. 10, 1833; d. March 25, 1895; m. Mary 


2399. Peter F. Bowser, b. Sept. 10, 1836; m. Elizabeth Brooks, b. Jan. 

21, 1836; d. Oct. 1, 1900; address: McGees Mills, Pa. 


2400. Christina F. Bowser, b. 1839; m, Robert Beatty; no children. 

2401. Jacob F. Bowser, b. Nov. 6, 1843; d. May 22, 1911; m, Martha 

Rhodes, b. April 14, 1844 ;. d. Dec. 3, 1916. 

2402. Elizabeth F. Bowser, b. 1849; m. (1) T. Rolland; no children; 

m. (2) Milton Miller; ch. ; Florence, m. John Vite. 

2395. HENRY F. (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB C. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; 
MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). Henry F. Bowser was born 
at Waterside, Bedford Co., Pa., and moved to a farm near Smicksburg, 
Indiana Co., Pa., in 1840. After his death in 1872, his large farm was 
divided between his two sons, Wilson M. and Arnold H. Bowser, who are 
living there; address: Smicksburg, Pa., R. D. 

Children (by his second wife) : 

2403. Wilson M. Bowser, b. Aug. 21, 1865; m. Lydia Welsh, b. June 9, 

1866; no children. 

2404. Ida Clara Bowser, b. Oct. 18, 1867 ; d. April 2, 1891 ; m. George Sink, 

2405. Clara Gertie Bowser. 
2406, Arnold H. Bowser, b. Oct. 1, 1871; m. (1) Idella Rarrigh, b. July 

13, 1872; d. Mar. 4, 1914; m. (2) Elizabeth B. Kirkpatrick, b. 

Mar. 25, 1885. 
Children (first wife) : 

2407. Herbert W. Bowser, b. Aug. 4, 1897; m. Ruth Doutt, b. April 

4, 1898. 

2408. Marshall R. Bowser, b. Aug. 25, 1899 ; d. Mar. 20, 1901. 
Children (second wife) : 

2409. Joseph Dale Bowser, b. July 30, 1907. 

2410. Adah Catharine Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1909. 

2411. Mary E. Bowser, b. Sept. 12, 1913. 

2412. Dorothy Jean Bowser, b. Sept. 16, 1920. 

2396. WILLIAM F. (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB C. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; 
MATHIAS, JR. (2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). William Fluke Bowser was 
born at Waterside, Bedford Co., Pa. ; m. Margaret C. Campbell ; moved to 
Armstrong Co., Pa. He died at Kittanning, July 31, 1893. 

Children : 

2413. Margaret Ann Bowser, b. Feb. 28. 1852; m. David H. Williams; d. 

1920; residence: Apollo; ch. : May, Blaine, Belva. 

2414. George W. Bowser, b. Sept. 26, 1853; m. (1) Mary Karns. 

2415. George W. Bowser, Jr., b. Feb. 22, 1876; m. Ella E. Lytle; m. (2) 

Letta R. Zimmer, b. 1865; d. 1901. 
Children : 

2416. Frederick Bowser. 

2417. Pearl Bowser, m. Omeron. 

2418. Buffington Bowser, m. Bean. 

2419. Alice Bowser, m. Shay. 

2420. Oscar L. Bowser, d. 1893. 
m. (3) Gustavason. 

2421. Robert C. Bowser, b. 1855. 

2422. William H. Bowser, b. Feb. 16, 1857; m. (1) Clara Moul; m. (2) 

Lydia Bowser, widow of Mark C. Bowser. 

2423. Mary Bowser, b. 1859. (See biographies.) 

2424. Robert L. Bowser, b. Feb. 25, 1861 ; ra. Anna F. Krider, b. Oct. 2. 

1856. Robert is a skilled iron worker ; address : Kittanning. 

2425. John K. Bowser, b. Jan. 1, 1863; m. Trix Painter. 


2426. Emma Bowser, b. Jan. 16, 1865; m. James McNerney; ch.: James, 

Thomas; m. (2) James McKenna; address: 3424 Pemi Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

2427. Elizabeth B. Bowser, b. Apr. 13, 1867; d. Nov. 9, 1912; m. (1) 

John Donovan ; ch. : Erma, Margaret, William ; m. (2) 


2428. Qara May Bowser, b. May 8, 1869 ; m. William Goff ; ch. : Thomas, 

William, Delia. 
2429 James M. Bowser, b. Oct. 8, 1873 ; m. Lilly Rupert ; ch. : Hazel, Ruth, 

2398. DAVID (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATH- 
IAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). David F. and Mary (Myers) Bowser 
lived at Bowersville, Jefferson Co., Pa. 

Children: Martha, Robert Isaac, Jacob, Miller, George, Elizabeth. 

2399 PETER F. (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB (4) ; JOHN (3) ; 
MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS. SR. (1). Peter F. and Eliza (Brooks) 
Bowser lived at Bowersville, Pa., where Mrs. Bowser died Oct. 1, 1900. 
About 1910 Peter F. went to Surver, Oregon, and made his home with 
his daughter, Mrs. Miles Davis. He was living there in 1921, at the age 
of 85. 

Children : 

2430. William A. Bowser, b. Nov. 29, 1860; d. Apr. 4, 1864. 

2431. Henry C. Bowser, b. Aug. 26, 1862; d. Sept. 12, 1894. 

2432. Margaret A. Bowser, b. Aug. 22, 1864; ni. John L. Condron. 

2433. Chloe M. Bowser, b. Nov. 2, 1866 ; m. Miles Davis, b. Sept. 13, 1859. 

Surver, Oregon. 

2434. George T. Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1869. 

2435. Peter A. Bowser, b. July 11, 1871, 

2436. Mary E. Bowser, b. Aug. 15, 1875; d. Apr. 5, 1879 

2401. JACOB F. (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JACOB (4) ; JOHN (3) ; 
MATHIAS, JR. (2); MATHIAS, SR., (1). Jacob F. and Martha 
(Rhodes) Bowser lived on a farm at Bowersville, Pa. He died there in 
1911 and she in 1916. 

Children : 

2437. William E. Bowser, b. Jan. 26, 1871; m. Pearl Graffins, b. Jan. 26, 


2438. John E. Bowser, b. July 10, 1872; m. Emma R. McCormich, b. Oct. 

19, 1868. 

2439. Sarah A. Bowser, b. Oct. 30, 1873; m. Charles K. Brown, b. Sept. 

19, 1877. 

2440. Laura E. Bowser, b. Nov. 30, 1875; m. John H. Depp, b. Dec. 14, 


2441. James M. Bowser, b. Nov. 26, 1877; m. Maude Bender, b. Dec. ^, 


2442. Jane Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1879; single. 

2443. Lucy Bowser, b. Mar. 17, 1881 ; m. Richard Lloyd, b. Feb. 11, 1878; 

child : Martha, b. Mar. 25, 1905 

2444. Rhoda May Bowser, b. May 7, 1884; d. April 29, 1894. 


Children : 

2445. Jacob W. Bowser, b. Oct. 29, 1902. 

2446. William L. Bowser, b. June 25, 1905. 


Children : 

2449. Lloyd Brown, b. July 26, 1898. 

2450. James W. Brown, b. Nov. 13, 1899. 

2451. Leroy Brown, b. Dec. 12, 1904. 

2452. William Carl Brown, b. May 22, 1908. 

2453. Martha Jane Brown, b. June 20, 1914. 

2454. Glenn H. Brown, b. Mar. 31, 1917. 

Children : 

2455. Dee J. Bowser, b. June 10, 1901. 

2456. Raymond L. Bowser, b. July 19, 1904. 

2457. Harold J. Bowser, b. Sept. 8, 1905. 

2458. Ruth May Bowser, b. May 5, 1907. 

2459. Clara Belle Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1909. 

2460. Paul E. Bowser, b. Apr. 13, 1911. 

2461. Lulu L. Bowser, b. Aug. 6, 1913. 

2462. Glenn Bowser, b. Nov. 30, 1915. 

2463. Ralph Bowser, b. Aug. 29, 1919. 

2433. CHLOE M. (BOWSER) and MILES DAVIS. Mr. and Mrs. Davis 
moved from Jefferson Co.. Pa., to Surver, Oregon, where they are living 
on a farm. , 

Children : 

2464. Qair Davis, b. Aug. 25. 1887; m Mildred M. Claypool, b. July 24, 


2465. John William Davis, b. Apr. 29, 1896 ; m. Ella Pettit. b. Oct 7, 1899. 

2466. Harriet Elizabeth Davis, b. Aug. 5, 1899 ; m. Blair Douglas, b. July 

28, 1894. 

Children : 

2467. Thelma Elizabeth Davis, b. Jan. 6, 1914. 

2468. Robt. Miles Davis, b. Aug. 11, 1915. 

CHiildren : 

2469. Harriet Irene Davis, b. July 18, 1918. 

2470. Margaret Lorraine Davis, b. Mar. 5, 1919. 



2471. Margaret Harriet Douglas, b. Mar. 11, 1919. 

Children : 

2472. Thera G. Condron, b. Nov. 4, 1894. 

2473. Theda B. Condron, b. Nov. 4, 1894; m. Ren L. Womer. 

2474. Leo. J. Condron, b. Nov. 2, 1896. 

2475. John P. Condron, b. Aug. 15, 1898. 

2476. Comfort Condron, b. Dec. 13, 1901. 

2477. William Condron, b. Dec. 10, 1903. 

2472. THERA G. CONDRON, m. REN L. WOMER, b. May 3. 1889. 

Children : 

2478. Nola R. Womer, b. July 14, 1915. 

2479. Nila R. Womer, b. June 19. 1921. 


2402. ELIZABETH F. (6) ; CHRISTIAN (5) ; JOHN (2) ; JACOB (4) ; 
MATHIAS, JR. (2); MATHIAS, SR. (1). Elizabeth Bowser m. (1) 
T. Rolland; (2) Milton Miller. 

2480. Florence Miller, m. John Vite. They live at McGees Mills, Fa. 

964. JACOB (5) ; NICHOLAS (4) ; JOHN (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; 
MATHIAS, SR. (1). Jacob Bowser moved from Bedford County to 
Venango County, Pa. He married Sarah Ann Moore. He was killed on 
the Pennsylvania Railroad March 11, 1896; his widow died Oct. 13, 1906. 
Children : 

2481. Catharine Margaret Bowser, b. Dec. 21, 1850; m. Henry Kuhls. 

2482. James Washmgton Bowser, b. Feb. 21, 1852; m. Jane Agnes Murphy, 

b. Nov. 12, 1863. 

2483. William Thomas Bowser, b. May 4, 1853; d. April 13, 1909; m. 

Margaret Mary Murphy, b. Dec. 25, 1860; no children. 

2484. John Nicholas Bowser, b. May 11, 1854; m. Sylves; child: 

Gertrude, b. October, 1898; d. March, 1915; m. John Masts. 

2485. Mary Jane Bowser, b. Apr. 25, 1857; m. (1) George Fitter; ch.: 

James Martin, b. Apr. 1, 1882; Agnes Myrtle, b. June 3, 1883; m. 
Frederick Gegogene ; m. (2) John Smith. 

2486. Joseph B. Bowser, b. Nov. 17, 1858. 

2487. Margaret Ann Bowser, b. Aug. 14, 1860; d. Oct. 13, 1900; m. John 

Henry Murphy ; ch. : Mary, Harry, Bessie. 

2488. Manuel Harrison Bowser, b. Jan. 4, 1862 ; address : Oil City, Pa. 

2489. Martha Elizabeth Bowser, b. Jan. 6, 1865; d. May 28, 1886; m. 

Charles Lynch ; ch. : Mary, Carrie, Martha, Elizabeth. 

2490. George Jacob Bowser, b. Dec. 10, 1866; d. July 19, 1877. 

2491. Charles Kennedy Bowser, b. Apr. 27, 1870. 

2492. James Washington and Jane Agnes (Murphy) Bowser. James 

lives at 117 Charlton Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

Children : 

2493. John Henry Bowser, b. Sept. 6, 1883, at Oil City; m. Catharine 

Meehan; ch. : James Patrick, b. Nov. 8, 1907; d. Sept., 1909; 
John Michael, b. Dec. 27, 1909; d. June, 1911; Mary Cecelia, b. 
July 19, 1912; Catharine Mercedes, b. Mar. 4, 1915; Henry 
Girard, Mary Jane, b. Nov. 8, 1920. 

2494. James Patrick Bowser, b. Nov. 8, 1885. 

2495. Ella Josephine Bowser, b. Aug. 22, 1887. 

2496. Charles Bowser, b. Aug. 19, 1889; d. Jan. 27, 1890. 

2497. Mary Dolores Bowser, b. Feb. 2, 1891 ; m. Thomas Piatt ; ch. : 

James H„ b. Sept. 6, 1910; d. May 2, 1911; Mary Imogene, b. 
Mar. 16, 1912, d. May 5, 1917; Ruth Jeannette, b. Mar. 3, 1919. 

2498. Margaret Agnes Bowser, b. Apr. 19, 1893; m. William Cowan; 

child: Margaret Jane, b. July 16, 1920. William Cowan served 
six months on the Mexican border in 1916 with the 69th Reg., 
N. Y. National Guards. Remained with the National Guards 
and served over seas with the 69th Reg. Rainbow Division 23 
months. He was gassed and wounded. 

2499. Laurence Bowser, b. May 6, 1895, Oil City, Pa. Laurence enlisted 

in Co. D, 16th Reg. Inf., Pa. National Guards, June 24, 1916; 
served on the Mexicon border until Jan. 17, 1917. 

2500. Irene Cecelia Bowser, b. Feb. 17, 1898. 

2501. Sarah Ann Bowser, b. Aug. 30, 1902. 

2502. Jacob Clayton Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1905. 


19. SAMUEL (3) ; MATHIAS, JR. (2) ; MATHIAS, SR. (1). Let us now 
go back to York County, Pa., where lived Samuel Bowser, Sr., no doubt a 
son of Mathias, Jr., of the preceding paragraphs. A tax list taken in 1769 
of the settlers of Paradise and Jackson townships has, under the heading 
"Single men," the name "Bauser, Samuel Bauser, Jacob." In other tax 
lists of York County we find Samuel Bowser in Berwick Township in 1779, 
1780, 1781 and 1782. Berwick Township adjoins Paradise Township. The 
latter originally included its present area and that of Jackson Township. 
In the muster roll of the Sixth Company (this company was from Paradise 
Township) of York County militia for 1785, among the privates is the 
name of Samuel Bowser. The next record we have of Samuel is the 
assessment roll of 1799 for Berwick Township. The name of Samuel 
Bowser is given with an assessed valuation of $528, and that of Samuel 
Bowser, Jr., with an assessed valuation of $52. In 1811 Samuel Bowser 
Sr.'s property was assessed at $2,294. At York, Pa., is this record in the 
Orphans' Court : "March, 1775, came into Court, John Bowser and Samuel 
Bowser, administrators of goods, etc., of Mathias Bowser, deceased." John 
was "Hopewell" John, and Samuel was certainly his brother. Samuel Bow- 
ser was Samuel, Sr., in the following records, and the father of Samuel, Jr., 
who went to Warren County, Ohio. (The writer gratefully acknowledges 
the assistance of Chas. A. Bowser in tracing the line of Samuel Bowser. — 
A. B. B.). We estimate that Samuel Bowser, Sr., was born about 1748. 
There is no way of knowing positively, but from the data we have on hand 
it is probable that Samuel Bowser, Jr., was born in Pennsylvania about 
1776. We have no record of either father or son in Pennsylvania after 
1811. We conclude that Samuel, Sr., died in Adams County, Pa. The first 
Ohio record of Samuel Bowser, Jr., is that he and Henry Stibbs were wit- 
nesses to a deed dated Oct. 29, 1814, by which a Jacob Bowser buys ten 
acres of land "on the bank of the little Miami" river in Warren County, 
Ohio, for $80. One point is clear that three old-time Bowser families from 
Pennsylvania settled within a few miles of each other in the vicinity of 
Dayton and Lebanon, Ohio. Henry Bowser of York and Somerset Coun- 
ties, Pennsylvania, lived near Springboro, Warren County, about half way 
between Dayton and Lebanon. The Daniel, Sr., family lived near Dayton 
while the Samuel, Jr., family lived a few miles from Lebanon. 
Children of Samuel Bowser, Sr. : 

2503. Samuel Bowser, Jr. 

2504. Margaret Bowser, b. 1780 in Pa.; d. 1865 in Ohio. 

2505. Michael Bowser, b. in 17 — . In 1816 in Warren Co., Ohio, bought 

100 acres of land "on the little Miami river." 

2506. Mary Bowser, b. 1784 in Pa; was living in Ohio in 1851. 

2507. Hannah Bowser, b. 1789 in Pa.; d. 1881 in Warren Co., Ohio. 

2508. Jacob Bowser, b. 17—; bought land in Warren Co., Ohio, in 1814, 

1818 and 1831 ; d. in Turtle Creek Twp. in 1849. 

2509. Sarah Bowser, b. 1791 in Pa.; was living in Ohio in 1851. 

2510. Nancy Bowser, b. 1798 in Pa. ; d. 1881 in Warren Co., Ohio. 

2511. John Bowser, b. 1796 in Pa.; in 1831 bought 115 acres of land in 

Symmes Purchase "between the two Miami rivers" ; lived in 
Turtle Creek Twp. with five of his sisters who were known as 
"the Bowser old maids." They never married. 

2512. Elizabeth Bowser, b. about 1800 (?). Called "Betsy." She mar- 

ried a man named Grosscoast ; nothing further heard of her. 
Nancy was the last of this Bowser family, she and her sister 
Hannah dying in March, 1881. The day after Hannah died Nancy 
died of grief. As each one of this family died, the property passed 
on to the survivors as the following will shows. It is dated 
March 6, 1851 : Will of Margaret Bowser (daughter of Samuel, 
Sr., of Pa.) "Margaret Bowser to brothers and sisters — John, 


Mary, Hannah, Sarah and Nancy Bowser— Real Estate in 165 acres 
in Warren County, in Turtle Creek Township, on which we now 
reside; also about 115 acres in Union Township, Warren County, 
being the same bequeathed to us by our brother, Jacob Bowser, 
deceased, and so on as long as the last one shall survive." 
Probate Oct. 24, 1865. Margaret Bowser (Seal). 

2503. Samuel Bowser, Jr., and family are recorded in the census of 1820 for 
Union Twp., Warren Co. Samuel died there in 1829. From the fact that 
Samuel's son Michael was a half-brother of Samuel's other children, it 
appears that he married twice. Samuel's second wife was Catharine, and 
she (his widow) is recorded by the census of 1830 as head of a family in 
Turtle Creek Twp. She was born about 1780 and was the mother of 
Michael Bowser, b. 1820 to 1825. The "Bowser maids" raised him. Michael 
conducted a hotel in Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio, about 1861-65. He was 
sheriff of Greene Co. for 18 years. He had a son Frank. Samuel 
Bowser, Jr.'s, other children are as follows : 

2513. Margaret Bowser (eldest child) born about 1800, married Willard 

Smith and lived near Springfield, Ohio ; the names of their 
children are John, Nelson, Benjamin, James, Willard, Ann, 
Augusta, Eliza and Catharine. 

2514. John Bowser, born in Pennsylvania in 1803, married Elizabeth 

Chain. In 1830 they were living in Union Twp., Warren Co., 
Ohio. For many years a farmer near Millgrove; died in May, 
1878 in this county. The following is a brief record of their 
children : 

2515. Isabelle Bowser, b. about 1827; m. (1) Henry Williams, a sur- 

veyor; m. (2) Charles Nixon. 

2516. John Bowser, Jr., b. in 1829; in Civil war was in Co. I, 187th 

Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf. ; d. about 1910 in Ohio ; m. Mary Sparks ; 
ch. : Hal, Lauren and Hiram. 

2517. Jennie Bowser, b. 1831 ; m. James Shawhan and lived in Anderson, 

Ind. ; ch. : Millie, Theodosia, Howland and John. 

2518. Alfred Bowser, b. about 1835; d. in Ohio in 1859; m. Linda Case 

and had a son Alfred. 

2519. Arminda Bowser, b. about 1837; m. James D. Wallace, an 

attorney of Warren Co., Ohio ; they had a daughter Laura who 
was a musician. 

2520. Samuel Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1839; never married; in the Civil 

war was a corporal in Co. C, 4th Ohio Vol. Cavalry ; last known 
address was Springfield, O. ; d. about 1909. 

2521. Jacob Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1841 ; in the Civil war he enlisted Sept. 

16, 1861, in Co. C, 4th Ohio Vol. Cav.; discharged Jan. 3, 1864, 
at Pulaski, Tenn., but re-enlisted the next day; mustered out 
June 30, 1865, at Camp Chase, Columbus, O. Jacob and his 
brother Samuel were in the same battles. Jacob was captain 
under Gen. Macpherson near Atlanta, Ga. He was captured 
July 22, 1864, near Atlanta and sent to Andersonville prison, 
where he spent nine months. In 1867 Jacob married Jane Ann 
Chilton, who was born in Sunderland, England, in 1850. They 
came in 1873 from Warren Co., Ohio, to Indianapolis, Ind. 
He died there July 30, 1914. Their children were Carrie, 
Minnie and Jacob C. Carrie Bowser married A. G. Willis, and 
Minnie Bowser married Geo. W. Bunting, Jr. The sisters 
live in Indianapolis. 

2522. Clarissa Bowser, b. ; died young. 


2523. Elwood Bowser, b. about 1844; in the Civil war; d. about 1902; 

in 1868 married Luanna Wass ; their children were Mamie, Ruth, 

Edgar and Elwood. 

2524. Samuel Bowser, second son of Samuel, Jr., b. about 1810 in Pa. ; 

he was a blacksmith ; he married Drusilla Chance ; they lived at 

Morrow and Millgrove, Warren Co., Ohio ; their children were : 

2525. Cornelius Bowser, b. about 1840 ; m. Jane Ann Thompson ; they 

died about 1910; their children were John, Ella M. and Frank. 

2526. Emma Bowser, b. about 1845 ; m. Sim Williams ; their children 

were Alfred, Myrtle, Dora, Fred, Bert and Clem. 

2527. Scott Bowser, b. Dec, 1847; never married; address (1922) is 

Oregonia, Warren Co., Ohio. 

2528. John Woodbury Bowser, b. May 17, 1850; was a carpenter; m. 

Alice Cunningham ; Inez, Fred C, Cliflford H. and Leslie M. 
Bowser are the names of their children. John W. Bowser is 
(1922) living with his daughter Inez at 232 Charles St., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

2529. Georgiana Bowser, b. about 1856; never married. 

2530. Adaline Bowser. 

2531. Levi S. Bowser ; died when a small boy. 

2532. Elijah Bowser was the youngest child; his address is (1922) Mor- 

row, Warren Co., Ohio ; they have a son, DeWitt, and a daughter. 

2533. Jacob Bowser, b. about 1812 in Pa. ; was a shoemaker and was liv- 

ing near Loveland, O., about 1850 ; later had a small shoe factory 

in Cincinnati; died there; m. (1) Salisbury; their children 

were Amanda, Hattie and Oscar; m. (2) Htilda Williams; one of 
their children was Albert Bowser, a painter living near Cincinnati. 

2534. Martha Bowser ; never married ; d. in Warren Co., Ohio. 

2535. Mary Bowser ; m. John Seely ; they had a daughter, Amanda Seely. 

2536. Nancy Bowser, b. about 1818; m. Amos Paxton of Iowa; their 

children were Thomas, Samuel, William, Arninda, Eliza, Frank 
and Mary ; these children lived near Montour, Tama Co., Iowa ; 
the mother died in or before 1881. 



Daniel Bouser, with his two brothers John and Henry, came to America in 
1733 and landed at Baltimore, Md. We assume he was a close relative of 
Mathias, Jr., for the following reasons: (1) They both sailed from the 
same port in the year 1733 ; (2) they settled near each dther, finally in York 
County, Pa. Mathias came to America via Philadelphia and joined his 
countrymen at Lancaster, Pa., 1733. Shortly after 1739 he moved to Para- 
dise Twp., York Co., where he permanently settled. He died there in 1775. 
It is to be remembered at that time, 1733, the port of sailing, Rotterdam, 
Holland, was crowded with hundreds and thousands of eager Palatine emi- 
grants. When one ship had filled its quota families were necessarily sep- 
arated and a part was compelled to take another ship. On this conjecture 
we record Daniel and his descendants with the family of Mathias, ancestor 
of the Bowsers thus far numbered in this history. His will was probated 

in York, Pa., Feb. 3, 1803. "I, Daniel Bouser, bequeath to my eldest 

daughter, Magdalena (m. Nicholas Miller), 5 lbs.; daughter Elizabeth (m. 

Conrad Coppenheffer) ; Elizabeth, my wife; son Benj. Christian; 

the balance to be divided between Magdalena, Esther, Joseph, Mary, Isaac, 
Jones (Jonas), Andrew, Solomon and Adam." He also gave to Isaac a 
tract of land in Baltimore Co., Md., adjoining lands of John Zimmerman 
and Baker. Adam and Jonas settled in Armstrong County. 
Children : 

2. Solomon Bowser; lived in Carroll, Co., Md. 

3. Joseph Bowser; m. Barbara ; had sons Andrew, Joseph, Leo, 

Solomon, b. Dec. 11, 1817, in Md. ; lived at Buda, 111. ; and a daugh- 
ter Charlotte; will probated 1826. 

4. Benjamin Bowser, b. 1760; d. Apr. 18, 1844; m. Catharine Grome, 

b. 1768; d. May 22. 1840. 

5. Isaac Bowser, b. 1758 ; m. Violet Legget in Baltimore Co., Md., 1796. 

6. Andrew Bowser. 

7. Christian Bowser; b. 1757; single; York Co., 1779-80-82. 

8. Jonas Bowser, m. Mrs. Mary Staufifer, Center Hill, Pa.; d. 1848; will 

dated July 1, 1846; prob. Mar. 7, 1848; d. near Kittanning. 

9. Magdalena Bowser, m. Nicholas Miller. Magdalena Miller was a 

widow in Manheim Twp., 1815. 

10. Esther Bowser; d. single, 1882. 

11. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Conrad Koppenheflfer. 

all. Adam Bowser, b. 1776; d. near Kittanning 1851 ; m. Catharine Wack- 
ing, b. 1780. 

4. BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). Benjamin Bowser was a tailor. The 
shears he used are still in the possession of one of his heirs ; lived in Shrews- 
bury Twp.. York Co., Pa. 
Children : 
bll. Elizabeth Bowser, d. aged 86; m. Isaac Kaufman. 

12. George Bowser, d. aged 85. 

13. Daniel Bowser; went to Stark Co., Ohio; will probated 1881. 

14. Catharine Bowser, d. aged 85; m. Peter Ulrich. 

15. Benjamin Bowser, b. Nov. 14, 1799; d. June 18, 1885; m. Elizabeth 

Blaze, b. Jan. 1, 1805 ; d. Aug. 26, 1892. 

16. Samuel Bowser, b. Sept. 14. 1804; d. 1891; m. Mary Hershey, b. 

July 18, 1806; d. May 17, 1889. 

15. BENJAMIN (3); BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

17. Samuel Bowser. 

18. Benjamin F. Bowser, b. Aug. 3, 1829; m. Elizabeth Keller, b. 1838. 



19. Sarah Bowser, m. Henry Peterman. 

20. Joseph E. Bowser, b. Oct. 17, 1832; d. June 21, 1919; m. Lydia Miller. 

21. Isaac Bowser, b. Nov. 23, 1841; m. (1) Amanda Fair; (2) Anna 


22. Eli Bowser, b. July 23, 1845 ; d. Mar. 29, 1873 ; m. Livina Peterman, 

b. July 19, 1847; d. May 23, 1885. 

(1). Professor Isaac Bowser is a music teacher and bandmaster. 
It is said his brass band was the first that ever played on the White House 
grounds at Washington. Lives at Five Forks, New Freedom, Pa. In 1921 
he visited the Bowser Reunion at Kittanning, Pa., and made the principal 

11. ELIZABETH (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

23. Joseph Kaufman. 

24. Benjamin Kaufman. 

25. Isaac Kaufman. 

26. Samuel Kaufman. 

Children : 

27. Henry Kaufman. 

28. John Kaufman. 

29. Levy Kaufman. 

30. Leah Kaufman. 

31. William Kaufman. 

12. GEORGE (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). George Bowser died in 
Stark Co., Ohio; will dated 1873. 

Children : 

22. Catharine Bowser, m. Reichart. 

2Z. Elizabeth Bowser, m. David Stoner. 

34. Samuel Bowser, m. Mandila Fuhrman. 

35. Margaret Bowser, m. Jacob Stermer. 

36. Benjamin Bowser, b. Aug. 24, 1824; d. Aug. 27, 1894; m. Barbara 

Miller, b. Dec. 26, 1822 ; d. Jan. 25, 1895. 
Z7. Levi Bowser. Levi was dead (1879) as an administrator was 

38. Susan Bowser, m. Ebert. 

32. CATHARINE (4) ; GEORGE (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

39. Elizabeth Reichart. 

40. Rena Reichart. 

Children : 

42. Catharine Stoner. 

43. Rebecca Stoner. 

35. MARGARET (BOWSER) (4) ; GEORGE (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; 
DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

44. Lydia Stermer, m. Edward Forman. 

45. Catharine Stermer. 

46. Samuel Stermer. 

47. Levi Stermer. 


Child : 

48. Leander Forman. 

Children : 

49. Elsie Stermer. 

50. Horatio Stermer. 

Children : 

51. Mamie Stermer. 

52. Emma Stermer. 

53. Lilly Stermer. 

36. BENJAMIN (4); GEORGE (3); BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

54. Amanda Bowser, b. Sept., 1852; m. Samuel Garbrich; no children; 

(2) John Warner. 

55. Isreal M. Bowser, m. Emma E. Hoover. 

56. Isaiah Bowser, b. Mar. 15, 1857; m. Alice Sellers; b. Nov. 10, 1857; 

address : McFarland, Calif. 

57. George Bowser, b. Nov. 16, 1859; m. (1) Alice Gardner; (2) Cath- 

arine Falkenstein ; address : Astoria, 111. 

58. Samuel Bowser, b. June 17, 1861 ; m. Clara A. Brehm, b. Dec. 8, 1866. 

59. Jacob Bowser, b. June 23, 1863 ; m. Celia S. Thompson, b. 1871 ; 

address : Nampa, Idaho. 

60. Anna Bowser, b. May 29, 1865 ; d. Jan. 17, 1913 ; m. Samuel Jacobs, 

b. Nov. 20, 1868. 

61. Sarah Bowser, b. Sept. 13, 1854. 

55. REV. ISREAL M. and EMMA E. (HOOVER) BOWSER. Minister of 
the Dunkard Church ; living at R. D. No. 3, York, Pa. 

Children : 

62. C. Herbert Bowser, b. Apr. 25, 1887 ; m. Edith L. Marsh ; address : 

York, Pa. ; ch. : Milner H. Bowser, b. Feb. 25, 1912 ; Emerson M. 
Bowser, b. June 26, 1914; d. Dec. 23, 1914; Robert K, b. Oct. 12^ 
1916; Ralph J., b. Mar. 2, 1921. 

63. Carrie M. Bowser, b. Mar. 12, 1893 ; m. Austin M. Martin, York, Pa. ; 

ch.: Milton, b. Mar. 23, 1914; Austin, b. May 24, 1915; Helen, b. 
June 23, 1917; d. Nov. 13, 1918; Marie, b. Aug. 1, 1919. 

64. Lulu C. Bowser, b. Aug. 8, 1896; m. Clarence Haubert; address: 

Baltimore; ch. : Robert, b. June 11, 1906. 

65. Blanche G. Bowser, b. Oct. 26, 1906. 

66. E. Ward Bowser, b. Oct. 12, 1890; d. Jan., 1892. 

Children : 

67. Qara Bowser, b. Jan. 30, 1881 ; m. Maben Stoops ; ch. : Earl, Dec. 31, 

1904; Esther, b. Oct. 9, 1906; Beulah, b. Apr. 2, 1911; Elford, b. 
Aug. 20, 1912; Ernest, b. Feb. 17, 1919; d. May 17, 1919. 

68. John E. Bowser, b. Mar. 14, 1882 ; m. Ethel Baker ; ch. : Thelma, b. 

Mar. 7, 1910; Clayton, b. Mar. 4, 1914. 

69. Anna Bowser, b. Oct. 19, 1885; m. Luther Hylton; ch. : Harold, b. 

Mar. 6, 1911; Wilbur, b. Nov. 2, 1913; A. Melvin, b. Feb. 9, 1921. 

70. Jacob B. Bowser, b. June 19, 1887; m. Flossie Michler; child: Donnis 

T. Bowser, b. Sept., 1919. 


71. W. Titus Bowser, b. Aug. 22, 1889; ch. : Lois, b. Aug. 28, 1917; 

Frances, b. Apr. 26, 1919. 
12. Elizabeth M. Bowser, b. Aug. 26. 1892 ; m. N. Edward Baker ; ch. : 

Dorris, b. July 29, 1915; Elden, b. Jan. 14, 1917; Otho, b. Mar. 26, 


57. GEORGE BOWSER, b. Nov. 16, 1859; m. (1) ALICE GARDNER; (2) 
CATHARINE FALKENSTEIN ; address: Astoria, 111. 

Children : 

12>. G. Beulah Bowser, b. Aug. 14, 1892 ; d. Feb. 20, 1906. 

74. Ralph G. Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1894 ; m. Anna Engle. 

75. Miller W. Bowser, b. Feb. 9, 1896; d. Sept. 11, 1896. 

76. Eugene L. Bowser, b. Dec. 8, 1904. 

n. Ruth Charity Bowser, b. Apr. 15, 1907. 

58. SAMUEL BOWSER, b. June 17, 1861; m. CLARA M. BREHM, b. Dec. 
8, 1866. 

Children : 

78. Irene Bowser, b. July 19, 1889; m. R. A. Nafus; ch. : Velma C, b. 

Dec. 5, 1911; Irene M., b. Sept., 1913; Verum, ~b. March, 1915; 
Francis, b. January, 1919; Evelyn, b. January, 1921. 

79. Percival Bowser, b. Mar. 29, 1892 ; d. Nov. 13, 1909. 

80. Chloe J. Bowser, b. June 9, 1896; m. Guy Hoffstatter; ch.: Helen, 

b. 1918; Theodore, b. March, 1919. 

81. Luella Ruth, b. June 10, 1920. 

59. JACOB J. BOWSER, b. June 23, 1863 ; m. CELIA S. THOMPSON, b. 
1871 ; address : Tampa, Idaho. 

Children : 

82. Joel O. Bowser, b. 1890; m. Ada Misler; ch. : D. Delbert, b. 1911; 

Verla, b. 1913. 

83. Lillie E. Bowser, b. 1891. 

60. ANNA BOWSER, b. May 29, 1865; d. Jan. 17, 1913; m. SAMUEL 
JACOBS, b. Nov. 20, 1868. 

Children : 

84. Dora Jacobs, b. Jan. 29, 1891; m. Leander Miller; address: New 

Freedom, Pa. ; ch. : Richard M., b. Feb. 7, 1908 ; Edith C, b. July 
15, 1910; d. May 21, 1911; Anna M., b. Feb. 22, 1912; Ruth E., b. 
Apr. 22, 1913; Oscar A., b. Mar. 23, 1914; d. Apr. 13, 1914; Ralph 
J., b. Feb. 15, 1915; Lucy J., b. Apr. 8, 1918; Daniel J., b. Apr. 11, 

85. Charine Jacobs, b. Jan. 21, 1897; m. Arthur Hess; address: York, 

Pa. ; child : Eva, b. Apr. 3, 1917. 

86. Samuel Jacobs, b. Nov. 8, 1905 ; address : New Salem, Pa. 

13. DANIEL (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

87. George Bowser. 

88. Samuel Bowser. 

89. Daniel Bowser. 

90. Elizabeth Bowser. 

91. Catharine Bowser. 

92. Tina Bowser. 

93. Lydia Bowser. 

94. Susan Bowser. 

95. Anna Bowser. 

96. Jacob Bowser. 


14. CATHARINE (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). Catharine Bowser 
married Michael Ulrich. 
Children : 

97. Michael Uhlrich. 

98. Benjamin Ulrich. 

99. Samuel Ulrich. 

100. Sarah Ulrich, m. Thomas. 

101. Catharine Ulrich, m. James Smalley. 

102. Joema Ulrich, m. Columbus Cowden. 

103. Amanda Ulrich, m. Peter Wittmer. 

Child : 

104. LAVINAH ULRICH, m. La Follette. 
Children : 

105. Sarah La Follette. 

106. Emma La Follette. 

107. Margaret La Follette. 

108. Nancy La Follette. 

109. Ralph La Follette. 

110. William La Follette. 

Children : 

111. Benjamin S. Ulrich. 

112. : m. Boblet. 

113. ; m. Bowers. 

114. Reuben Ulrich. 

17. SAMUEL (4) ; BENJAMIN (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Samuel Bowser died Feb. 14, 1872. 
Children (first wife) : 

115. Emma Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1856; m. John J. Hershner. 

116. Franklin Bowser; died when three years old. 
Children (second wife) : 

117. T. Orrie Bowser, b. Dec. 2, 1863. 

118. Samuel Oscar Bowser, b. March, 1866. 

119. Anna M. Bowser, b. Feb. 23, 1868; m. Clayton Eby, Lancaster, Pa. 

120. Corrie A. Bowser, b. June, 1870; m. Maud Abbot. 

Children : 

121. William Blaze Hershner, b. Mar. 30, 1874. 

122. Franklin Bowser Hershner, b. Mar. 5, 1877. 

123. Howard Freeman Hershner, b. Apr. 12, 1879. 

124. James Oscar Hershner, b. Sept. 16, 1881. 

125. Lula Elva Hershner, b. Dec. 17, 1887. 

126. Beulah May Hershner, b. May 6, 1892. 

127. Anna Isabel Hershner, b. Jan. 11, 1898; d. Nov. 25, 1902. 

Children : 

128. Pearl Bowser. 

129. Helen Bowser. 

130. Edna Bowser. 

131. Clarence E. Bowser. 


Children : 

132. Hazel Bowser, m. Ernest D. Breneman. 

133. Nelson Bowser, m. Alma Downs. 

Children : 

134. Lilly Bowser. 

135. Anna Bowser. 

136. Howard Bowser. 

137. Ivy Bowser. 

138. Pearl Bowser. 

139. Dorothy Bowser. 

121. WILLIAM BLAZE HERSHNER, m. MARY PRAULL, b. Aug. 4, 1876. 
Children : 

140. John David Hershner, b. July 23, 1896. 

141. Earl Carlyle Hershner, b. Apr. 21, 1898. 

142. Florence Irene Hershner, b. Apr. 12 1900. 

143. Leslie Praull Hershner, b. Apr. 16, 1903. 

144. William Blaze Hershner, b. Aug. 24, 1904. 

145. Ruth Estelle Hershner, b. Nov. 24, 1906. 

146. Glen Endfield Hershner, b. Oct. 12, 1908. 

Children : 

147. Furman Carl Hershner, b. Mar. 5. 1895. 

148. Lula Mae Hershner, b. Mar. 30, 1897 ; m. P. F. Rabenstine. 

149. Margaret Elizabeth Hershner, b. Sept. 29, 1899 ; m. Stewart G. Grove 

150. Ann Miller Hershner, b. Nov. 4, 1901 ; m. Morgan E. Arnold. 

151. Gemmill Franklin Hershner, b. June 9, 1904. 

152. Hazel Lillian Hershner, b. June 28, 1906. 


Children : 

153. Harry Calvin Hershner, b. Mar. 23, 1905. 

154. Erma Feme Hershner, b. Nov. 10, 1906. 

155. Charles Howard Hershner, b. Feb. 23, 1909. 


Children : 

156. Bessie Viola Hershner, b. Feb. 16, 1901. 

157. Eveline Mae Hershner, b. Oct. 20, 1902. 

158. Wilbur Francis Hershner, b. June 12, 1905. 

159. Luther Eugene Hershner, b. Mar. 6, 1907. 

160. Raymond C. Hershner, b. June 25, 1909. 

161. Mary Jane Hershner, b. Nov. 1, 1912. 

162. Florence Elizabeth Hershner, b. Oct. 29, 1914. 

163. Dorothy Louise Hershner, b. Nov. 2, 1916. 

164. Jessie Cornelia Hershner, b. Feb. 8, 1919. 


165. Everett Hershner Bailey, b. June 13, 1913. 


Children : 

167. Samuel Hershner Grove, b. Feb. 23, 1912. 

168. Clair Archibel Grove, b. May 25, 1915. 

169. John Richard Grove, b. May 18, 1917. 

170. Wilma Emaline Grove, b. Aug. 17, 1920. 

Child : 

171. John D. Hershner. 

Child : 

172. Eugene Franklin Rabenstine, b. Feb. 10, 1919. 


173. Nevin Hershner Grove, b. Nov. 27, 1919. 

19. SARAH (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL 
(1). Sarah Bowser was born May 9, 1831; died September, 1899; married 
Henry Peterman. 
Children : 

174. Saranda Peterman, b. Apr. 7, 1853; d. July 9, 1907; m. Adam Trone. 

175. Lizzie Peterman, b. May 25, 1854 ; d. Sept. 23, 1919. 

176. Jesse Peterman, b. Aug. 20, 1859. 

177. Henry Peterman, b. Jan. 12, 1857; d. Feb. 5, 1862. 

178. Benjamin Peterman, b. Oct. 10, 1864; d. Dec. 15, 1864. 

179. Jemima Peterman, b. Mar. 18, 1868 ; m. Charles E. Reeling. 

Children : 

180. Ida Trone, b. July 28, 1875 ; m. Howard Albright. 

181. Sarah Trone, b. Sept. 15, 1876; m. Martin Snyder. 

182. Harvey Trone, b. Sept. 24, 1877; m. Mabel Gladfetter. 

183. Cora Trone, b. Apr. 17, 1879; m. George Nace. 

184. Chester Trone, b. June 22, 1880; m. Hilda Peterson; gave his life 

for his country; served in the World war in France; was missing 
on July 17, 1918 ; died four days later. 

185. Paul Trone, b. May 27, 1882. 

186. Charles Trone, b. Feb. 6, 1884; d. March, 1886. 

187. Emma Trone, b. Jan. 8, 1888; m. Samuel Markle. 

188. Sadie Trone, b. Sept. 1, 1892 ; d. Mar. 9, 1893. 

189. Millard Trone, b. July 31, 1894 ; served in the World war. 

Children : 

190. Jemima Smith, b. Mar. 23, 1887 ; m. Jerry Walker. 

191. Sallie Smith, b. Sept. 5, 1888; m. Charles Boyer. 

192. Sadie U. Smith, b. Jan. 15, 1893. 

193. Albert L. Smith, b. Mar. 8, 1894; d. 1894. 

Children : 

194. Howard Peterman, m. Bowman. 

195. Verna Peterman, m. Jacob F. Kceny. 


Children : 

196. Queenie V. Reehling, b. Nov. 10, 1889; m. William E. Nevin. 

197. Alva Reehling, b. Jan. 31, 1891 ; m. J. Fred Artman. 

198. Frances Reehling, b. Mar. 18, 1893 ; m. Harvey N. Kidd. 

199. Ola Reehling, b. Jan. 15, 1898; m. Allen G. Trout. 

22. ELI (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

200. James P. Bowser, b. Jan. 1. 1872; m. Phoebe Bubb. 

201. Lilly Bowser, m. Reuben Hampshire. 

Children : 

202. Beulah Mae Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1894; m. Clinton Dubbs. 

203. Mabel Geneva Bowser, b. Mar. 10, 1896; d. Aug. 26, 1898. 

204. S. Marie Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1900. 

205. A. Merle Bowser, b. Oct. 9, 1902. 

206. Stewart Roy Bowser, b. Apr. 15, 1905. 

207. Lillie Naomi Bowser, b. Dec. 18, 1907. 

208. Russel James Bowser, b. May 25, 1910. 

209. Lola Pearle Bowser, b. Nov. 26, 1913. 

Children : 

210. Harold Dubbs. 

211. Ada Dubbs. 

212. Marie Dubbs. 

213. Lloyd Dubbs. 

Child : 

214. Claudie Hampshire. 

16. SAMUEL (3); BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). 
Children : 

215. Christian Bowser. 

216. Samuel H. Bowser, b. Aug. 18, 1836 ; d. May 10, 1866. 

217. Benjamin H. Bowser, b. October, 1846; m. Laura Stamford, b. 1849. 

218. Elizabeth Bowser ; died single. 

219. Catharine Bowser, b. 1835 ; m. Andrew Myers. 

220. Margaret Bowser, m. Stough. 

221. Lydia Bowser, b. Mar. 28, 1840; d. Dec. 12, 1866. 

222. Mary Bowser, m. Chas. King. 

223. Julian Bowser, m. Louis Kraber. 

a223. Rebecca S. Bowser, b. Oct. 4, 1834; d. May 12, 1852. 

216. SAMUEL, JR. (4) ; SAMUEL, SR. (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL 

Children : 

224. Robert E. Bowser. 

225. Samuel Bowser ; died young. 

217. BENJAMIN H. (4) ; SAMUEL (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). 
Benjamin H. Bowser still lives on the old homestead purchased by his 
grandfather Benjamin. Part of the original tract is now the town of New 
Freedom, York County, Pa. The Benjamin (2) Bowser farm passed to his 


son, Samuel, and from Samuel (3) to his son, Benjamin H. Bowser (4). 
It is now farmed by Howard Bowser (5), son of Benjamin H. This farm 
has the old "Bowser" cemetery. For some reason Benjamin (2) and his 
wife were not buried here, but about three miles distant. [From notes of 
Jacob C. Bowser (252)]. 

Children : 
226. Clara Bowser, b. Apr. 24, 1871 ; m. Rolland Baughman. 
221. Howard Bowser, b. May 21, 1877; m. Maud M. Bailey. 

219. CATHARINE (4); SAMUEL (3); BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

228. Sally Myers. 

229. Leah Myers. 

230. Mary Myers. 

231. Andrew Myers. 

232. Samuel Myers. 


Children : 

233. Leander King. 

234. Lilly King. 

235. Mabel King, m. James Adam Downs. 

236. Harry Gleen King. 

237. Minnie King. 

238. Samuel King. 

239. Wayne King. 

240. Arthur King. 

241. Ada King. 

242. Wilmer O. King. 

223. JULIA (4); SAMUEL (3); BENJAMIN (2); DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

243. Wilbert Kraber. 

244. Captain W. C. Kraber ; residence : 508 W. Salem Road, York, Pa. 

245. Edith Kraber. 

246. Russel Kraber. 

247. Luther Kraber. 

18. BENJAMIN F. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; 

Children : 

248. Franklin Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1864; d. Sept. 13, 1870. 

249. Spencer Bowser, b. May 11, 1867; d. Sept. 9, 1870. 

250. Jemima Bowser, b. Oct. 7, 1868 ; m. John P. Keeny, b. 1867. 

251. Jacob C. Bowser, b. Nov. 9, 1870; m. Rose Mead, b. 1869. See 


252. Elizabeth Bowser, b. May 26, 1873 ; d. Feb. Zl , 1876. 


Children : 

253. Bertha Keeny, b. Jan. 22, 1892 ; m. Paul B. Moyer. 
254. Jacob Keeny, b. May 15, 1894; m. Verna Peterman. 


251. JACOB (5) ; BENJAMIN (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BENJAMIN, 
Children : 

255. Ethelynn Elizabeth Bowser, b. Oct. 24, 1895. 

256. Marcia Mead Bowser, b. July 19, 1902; attending Skidmore School 

cf Arts, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

253. BERTHA (6) ; JEMIMA (5) ; BENJAMIN (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. 
(3); BENJAMIN, SR. (2); DANIEL (1). BERTHA (KEENY) and 

Child : 

257. Paul Moyer, Jr., b. September, 1920. 

254. JACOB F. (6) ; JEMIMA (5) ; BENJAMIN (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. 
(3); BENJAMIN, SR. (2); DANIEL (1). JACOB F. and VERNA 

Child : 

258. Helen Elizabeth Keeny, b. Nov. 25, 1919. 

Children : 

259. Howard Samuel Baughman. 

260. Florence Baughman, m. Gammel. 

261. Alma Baughman. 

Child : 

262. Florine Bowser, b. Sept. 22, 1901. 

Child : 

263. Dorothy Jane King. 

Children : 

264. Charles Thomas Downs, m. Iva Rebecca Diehl. 

265. Harry Milton Downs. 

266. Laura Grace Downs, m. Chester Ruby. 

267. James Arthur Downs. 

268. Ada May Downs, m. John Hoover. 

269. William Edward Downs. 

270. Mary Susannah Downs. 

271. Clarence Elroy Downs. 

272. Howard Elmer Downs. 

273. Carrie Viola Downs. 

274. Sarah Elizabeth Downs. 

275. Chester Franklin Downs. 

276. Ethel Marie Downs. 

277. Margaret Pauline Downs. 

Children : 

278. Kenneth Downs. 

279. James Thomas Downs. 

280. Charles Arthur Downs. 

281. Dorothy Irene Downs. 


Child : 

282. Mabel Frances Hoover. 


(2) ; DANIEL (1). Joseph E. Bowser, b. Oct. 17, 1832; d. June 21, 1919; 
m. Lydia Miller, b. Jan. 28, 1841 ; d. Apr. 18, 1917. 

Children : 

283. Amanda Bowser, b. Feb. 26, 1862; d. Feb. 28, 1862. 

284. Harriet Bowser, b. Dec. 27, 1862 ; d. Dec. 27, 1862. 

285. Andrew Bowser, b. Feb. 8, 1864; m. Elizabeth Hollinger, b. 1863. 

286. Moses M. Bowser, b. Aug. 18, 1866; m. Phoebe Ann Albert, b. 1873. 

287. Daniel Bowser, b. Oct. 28, 1868; m. Mary Emma Farence, b. 1871. 

288. Anna Elizabeth Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1871 ; m. William A. Walter, 

b. 1866. 

289. Catharine Bowser, b. Oct. 6, 1873 ; m. Wilson Lan Burgard, b. 1865. 

290. Lillie May Bowser, b. May 4, 1876 ; m. Robert C. Kaufman, b. 1873. 

291. John Joseph Bowser, b. Sept. 29, 1878; m. Ida Wiley, b. 1877. 

292. Lydia Ann Bowser, b. May 21, 1881; m. William C. Hoffman, b. 

Dec. 16, 1871. 

285. ANDREW (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BENJA- 

Children : 

293. Anna May Bowser, b. Sept. 9, 1889 ; d. Feb. 6, 1892. 

294. Charles Edward Bowser, b. Dec. 11, 1890; m. Rachel Miller. 

295. Bertha Rebecca Bowser, b. Aug. 28, 1892 ; m. Ralph B. Lehman. 

296. Martha Alberta Bowser, b. Jan. 17, 1894; d. Oct. 28, 1901. 

297. John Curtis Bowser, b. June 7, 1895 ; m. Delia Elizabeth Smith. 

298. Lillie Idel Bowser, b. Sept. 5, 1898; d. Oct. 19, 1901. 

299. Harry Joseph Bowser, b. Nov. 30, 1899. 

300. Grace Elizabeth Bowser, b. Dec. 3, 1903. 

301. Wilbur Andrew Bowser, b. Feb. 18, 1905 ; d. Apr. 6, 1909. 

294. CHARLES E. (6) ; ANDREW (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, 
JR. (3); BENJAMIN, SR. (2); DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

302. Joseph Andrew Bowser, b. May 2, 1913. 

303. Miriam Miller Bowser, b. Apr. 11, 1915. 

304. Charles Donald Bowser, b. Oct. 29, 1916. 

305. Margaret Adele Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1918. 

MIN, JR. (3); BENJAMIN, SR. (2); DANIEL (1). 

Child : 

306. Mildred Elizabeth Lehman. 

JR. (3) ; BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

307. Kenneth Andrew Bowser, b. Jan. 9, 1919. 

308. Ray Martin Bowser, b. June 28, 1920. 


286. MOSES M. (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BEN- 
JAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

309. Eugene Albert Bowser, b. Apr. 7, 1897. 

310. Margaret Lydia Bowser, b. Nov. 10, 1898. 

311. Mary Ann Bowser, b. Nov. 11, 1900. 

312. Herbert Nelson Bowser, b. Sept. 27, 1907. 

287. REV. DANIEL, minister of the Brethren Church, York, Pa. (S) ; 
DANIEL (1), 

Children : 

313. Ada Jane Bowser, b. Mar. 2, 1889; m. Wilbur Lehman. 

314. Joseph Howard Bowser, b. Dec. 26, 1893 ; m. Esther Utz. 

315. Anna Ruth Bowser, b. Aug. 4, 1895. 

316. Oscar Sylvester Bowser, b. May 19, 1900. 

317. Lydia Irene Bowser, b. Apr. 2, 1903; d. June 21, 1906. 

318. Daniel Robert Bowser, b. July 8, 1904. 

319. William Arthur Bowser, b. Mar. 28, 1906. 

320. Raymond Edward Bowser, b. Dec. 8, 1908; d. Jan. 3, 1909. 

321. Chester Leroy Bowser, b. Oct. 26, 1912; d. Apr. 28, 1917. 

313. ADA JANE (6) ; DANIEL (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. 
(3) ; BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

322. James Paul Lehman, b. Sept. 8, 1912. 

323. Mary Martha Lehman, b. Sept. 8, 1912 (twins). 

324. Esther Mae Lehman, b. Dec. 24, 1913. 

325. Lester Rae Lehman, b. Dec. 24, 1913 ; d. same day. 

326. Thelme Ellen Moulu Bowser, b. Dec. 15, 1916. 

288. ANNA ELIZABETH (5) ; JOSEPH (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; 
BENJAMIN, SR. (2) ; DANIEL (1). 

Children : 

327. Grace Matura Walter, b. Feb. 11, 1889; m. William D. Rineer. 

328. Esther Marie Walter, b. July 7, 1897. 

329. Joseph George Walter, b. Aug. 10, 1899. 


Children : 

330. Donald Elmer Rineer, b. Feb. 27, 1913. 

331. Elaine Marie Rineer, b. Aug. 20, 1916. 

289. CATHARINE (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BEN- 
JAMIN, SR. (2); DANIEL (1). Catharine (Bowser) and Wilson L. 

Children : 

332. Amelia Mae Burgard, b. Aug. 27, 1893; m. Charles M. Jones. 

333. Charles Raymond Burgard, b. June 14, 1895; m. Mamie R. Cully. 

334. Grace Irene Burgard, b. Apr. 8, 1898. 

335. Mary Isabelle Burgard, b. Apr. 6, 1901 ; m. Carvin H. Reever. 

336. Beulah Pauline Burgard, b. Sept. 26, 1903. 

337. David William Burgard, b. July 22, 1906. 

338. Eleanor Marie Burgard, b. Sept. 27, 1917. 


Children : 

339. Dorothy I. Burgard, b. Dec. 18, 1916. 

340. Pershing W. Burgard, b. Nov. 10, 1918. 

341. Charles C. Burgard, b. Nov. 11, 1919. 

Child : 

342. Dorothy Mae Reaver, b. May 7, 1920. 

290. LILLIE MAY (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BEN- 


343. Bessie Metura Kaufman, b. Aug. 24, 1845; m. Norman E. Nell, b. 

June 30, 1892. 

Children : 

344. Charlotte Mae Nell, b. Apr. 17, 1915. 

345. Gerard Robert Nell, b. July 12, 1917. 

291. JOHN JOSEPH (5) ; JOSEPH E. (4) ; BENJAMIN, JR. (3) ; BEN- 
(WILEY) BOWSER. Minister of the Brethren Church, York, Pa. 
Children : 

346. Wiley Michael Bowser, b. Mar. 11, 1901; d. Nov. 27, 1901. 

347. Edward Joseph Bowser, b. Oct. 19, 1902; dental student, University 

of Pennsylvania. 

13. DANIEL (3) ; BENJAMIN (2) ; DANIEL (1). Daniel Bowser moved 
from York County, Pa., to Stark County, Ohio ; m. Anna Eby. His 
will was dated 1878 and probated 1881. His estate amounted to $3,387.92. 
This was divided among his heirs as follows : Lydia Bollinger, Samuel B. 
Culler, Jacob O. Culler, John Culler, Daniel Bowser, Elizabeth Bromont, 
Christian Hesland, Mary Brubaker, Elizabeth Bowser, Lovania Surbey, 
George Bowser (probably a son of Daniel). 

6. ANDREW BOWSER (2); DANIEL (1). Andrew Bowser lived in 
Manheim Township, York County, Pa. He is mentioned in the census of 
1810; also in the census of 1850. In the latter census his age is given as 

eighty. He was born, therefore, in 1770. He married Margaret 

who was born in Germany in 1790. Will dated June 30, 1854, at West 
Manheim Township, York County. 

all. ADAM (2) ; DANIEL (1). Adam Bowser, b. 1776, moved from York 
County to Armstrong County, Pa. Died there in 1852. Married Catharine 
Wacking, b. 1780. Will recorded Vol. 2, page 16, Kittanning, Pa. 

Children : 

348. Levi Bowser, b. 1803 ; d. 1865 ; m. Mary Bowser, a daughter of John 

and Margaret (Razor) Bowser. 

349. Sarah Bowser, m. Robert Long; ch. : Mealy. 

350. Rebecca Bowser, m. Downsey ; ch. : Jerry, Frantz. 

351. Priscilla Bowser, m. James Russell; ch. : Lebbius, m. Margaret 

Bowser ; Narcissa, m. John Shep. 


348. LEVI (3) ; ADAM (2) ; DANIEL (1). Levi Bowser settled at Walk 
Chalk, Armstrong County, Pa., on a farm of 106 acres. Married Mary 
Bowser, daughter of John and Mary (Razor) Bowser. 

Children : 

352. Flora Bowser; d. young. 

353. Van Buren Bowser, b. Nov. 13, 1840 ; d. Nov. 26, 1901 ; m. Sarah C. 

Chambers, b. Mar. 17, 1839; daughter of James Chambers of 
Jefferson County, Pa. 

354. Caroline Bowser ; d. in infancy. 

355. Felix Bowser, b. July 9, 1846; m. (1) Mary Ann Bowser, b. July 11, 

1848; d. Feb. 14, 1885; (2) Elizabeth Watterson, b. 1859. 

356. Hannah Bowser, m. John McCullough. 

357. Absalom Bowser, b. 1844; m. Jane John. See (1399) for children. 

358. Harrison A. Bowser, b. 1849; m. Mary E. McNab, b. 1852. 

a358. Wilson Bowser, m. (1) Catharine Bowser; (2) Mary R. Crisman. 

353. VAN BUREN and SARAH C. (CHAMBERS) BOWSER. Residence: 
Center Hill, Pa. 
Children : 

359. Charles W. Bowser, b. Dec. 25, 1864. 

360. James A. Bowser, b. Feb. 24, 1866. 

361. Albert E. Bowser, b. Nov. 22, 1872. 

362. Mary M. Bowser, b. May 9, 1875. 

363. Van Buren Bowser, b. July 22, 1881. 

355. FELIX and MARY ANN BOWSER. Farmer, Residence near Worth- 
ington. Pa. 
Children : 

364. Clymer Bowser, b. Oct. 11, 1866; d. Sept. 30, 1867. 

365. Elizabeth C. Bowser, b. Aug. 28, 1868; m. Wilbert Lewis. 

366. Mary E. Bowser, b. Juiy 11, 1870; m. Robert H. Toy. 

367. Emmit Bowser, b. June 14, 1872 ; m. Maud Brown, b. Feb. 20, 1877. 

368. Olive M. Bowser, b. July 18, 1B74; d. Sept. 11, 1885. 

369. Melon Bowser, b. Dec. 16, 1876. 

370. Lottie E. Bowser, b. Dec. 5, 1878 ; d. Feb. 18, 1920. 

371. Ambrose Bowser, b. Nov. 7, 1880; m. Maud Lasher. 

372. Harry R. Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1883 ; m. Elizabeth Brown. 

373. Effie Bowser, b. Dec. 27, 1890; m. S. M. Sarvey. 

374. Myrtle Bowser, b. Apr. 25, 1892; m. Raymond Bowser. 

375. Ivy P. Bowser, b. Aug. 29, 1893; m. Herbert Bish. 

376. Rayburn Bowser, b. Aug. 15, 1895 ; m. Florence Claypoole. 

367. EMMIT and MAUD (BROWN) BOWSER. Residence near Worth- 
ington, Pa. 
Children : 

377. Grace E. Bowser, b. Mar. 6, 1896; m. Ruben Miliron. 

378. Bertha L. Bowser, b. Oct. 20, 1899 ; m. Vance Long. 

379. Mary O. Bowser, b. Oct. 18, 1901 ; m. Wade Taylor. 

380. Rufus C. Bowser, b. Aug. 15, 1903. 

381. Dennis R. Bowser, b. Sept. 5, 1905. 

382. King O. Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1907. 

383. Luther D. Bowser, b. May 2, 1910. 

384. Howard C. Bowser, b. Feb. 5, 1912. 

385. Anna M. Bowser, b. Apr. 16, 1914. 

386. Arnold R. Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1917. 

387. Virginia C. Bowser, b. July 10, 1919. 



388. Mary McCulIough, m. William Wolf. 

389. Eva McCulIough, m. Charles Dowling. 

390. Ellen McCulIough, m. Bert McCollum. 

391. Wilda McCulIough, m. Peters. 

392. Harvey McCulIough, m. Lulu Bowser. 

393. Charles McCulIough, m. Ann Reitler. 

394. Bert McCulIough, m. May Boylstein. 

395. George McCulIough. 

396. Jennie McCulIough, m. Wilkins. 

358. HARRISON A. and MARY E. (McNAB) BOWSER. Since the 
founding of the Pittsburgh plate glass industry at Ford City, Pa., Harrison 
A. Bowser has resided there. 

Children : 

397. Mark C. Bowser, b. 1871; d. Nov. 22, 1903, at Ford City; m. Ida 

Claypoole ; ch. : Wade, m. Finn ; Ray, m. Fay Euings ; Gilman, d. 
Nov. 22, 1903. 

398. Loben Bowser, b. 1872; m. Nellie Claypoole; ch. : Ruth, m. Mark 

C. Barker. 

399. Harrison A. Bowser, b. Apr. 21, 1875. 

400. Carrie Bowser, b. 1877 ; m. William Anthony ; ch. : Roy, m. Gladys 

Toy; Mary, m. Ray Downsey ; Margaret; Hazel; Flora; Floyd. 

401. Irwin Bowser, b. 1879; m. Christina Sowers; ch. : Thelma, m. 

Willis Walker; Bertha; Daniel; Nellie. 

402. Mary E. Bowser, b. 1885; m. Harry P. Faith; ch. : Harry I.; m. 

Marie Klingensmith. 

403. Margaret Bowser, b. 1888; m. Sylvester Murtland ; ch. : Fonda. 

404. Lucy C Bowser, b. 1890 ; m. Alexander Meade ; ch. : Helen, Goldie, 


405. Flora Bowser, b. 1891. 

406. Dora Bowser, b. 1892; m. R. M. Frantz. 

Children : 

407. John A. Bowser, b. May 5, 1870; m. Arimina Bowser, b. 1875, 

daughter of John M. Bowser ; ch. : Sarah L., Ida C, Bert, Goldie, 
Stanley K., William R., Harry C, Harlon J., Mary M., Kenneth E., 
June A. 

408. Peter Bowser, m. Pearl Brison. 

409. Agnes Bowser, b. 1869; m. Ezekiel Lasher. 

410. Abram Bowser, m. Hattie McKelvey. 

411. Clura Bowser, m. Bessie Slonaker. 
a411. Hannah Bowser, m. Harry Wyant. 

b4n. Mary Bowser, m. (1) Lee Cousins; (2) Harmon J. Claypoole. 

a358. WILSON BOWSER, m. (1) CATHARINE BOWSER, daughter of 
David Bowser ; ch. : Permelia ; m. (2) MARY R. CRISMAN ; ch. : Lee, 
James, Jane, Violet, Hulda, Mamie, Sarah, Wilbert, Dwight. Residence: 
36 Johnson Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

408. PETER and PEARL (BRISON) BOWSER; ch. : Edward, Absalom, 
Oersilla, Blanche, Ida, Permilda, Gertrude. 


310. ABRAM and HATTIE (McKELVEY) BOWSER; ch. : Leroy, Gladdys, 
Bertha, Merle, lona, Eugene. 

411. CLURA and BESSIE (SLONAKER) BOWSER; ch. : Alexander, 
Violet, Mary, Olise, Virginia, Charlotte. 


There is abundant evidence that one of the three brothers who landed at 
Baltimore, Md., in 1733, was Henry Bowser. The will of Henry Bouser, 
which was probated on the 27th of August, 1806, in Washington County, 
Md., mentions the following children : Frederick Bouser ; John Bouser ; 
Barbara Bouser, wife of William Binkley; Anna Rickabach ; Elizabeth, wife 
of Boyer; Mary, wife of Peter Boyer; Magdalena, wife of George Young. 
Signed in German, Heimich Bousser. A deed to 140 acres in Washington 
County, Md., July 15, 1796, for which he paid 603 pounds, 10 shillings. 
In the census report of 1790 he was the head of a family of ten. 
Children : 

412. Frederick Bouser. 

413. Barbara Bouser, m. William Binkley. 

414. John Bouser, b. about 1750, in Washington County, Md. ; d. in 1811. 

415. Anna Bouser, m. Rickabach. 

416. Elizabeth Bouser, m. John Boyer. 

417. Mary Bouser, m. in 1799 to Peter Boyer, in Maryland. 

418. Magdalena Bouser, m. George Young, in Maryland, 1802. 

415. FREDERICK BOUSER; was living in Washington County, Md., in 1820. 
Children : 

419. Jacob C. Bouser, b. 1809 in Maryland ; m. Delilah , b. 1816, in 

Virginia; in 1839 Jacob C. Bouser and James Story established 
a foundry and machine shop in Fort Wayne, Ind. ; the enterprise 
was conducted quite successfully until 1876 when McLachlan and 
Olds became proprietors. 

420. Henry Bouser, b. 1810, in Maryland; m. Emily Hammond; lived 

in Richland and Hancock County, Ohio; d. May 14, 1866, near 
Warsaw, Ind. 

421. Lafayette M. Bowser, b. 1838, in Ohio; wife, Nancy J. 

422. Sarah M. Bowser, b. 1840, in Ohio. 

423. Jefferson C. Bowser, b. 1842, in Indiana. 

424. Frances M. Bowser, b. 1846, in Indiana ; m. James W. Pearse. 

425. Madison M. Bowser, b. 1849, in Indiana. 

Children : 

426. William Henry Bowser, b. Oct. 30, 1832 ; d. Dec. 12, 1907, in Mary- 

land; m. Catharine M. Kinsey; ch. : Malinda A., b. Dec. 16, 1858; 
Francis E., b. Feb. 1, 1861 ; Ethel L. ; Althea L. ; Orville A., b. 
1868; Harry, b. 1872; Lucy J., b. Aug. 15, 1875; Maud, b. Jan. 
18, 1878. 

427. Anna E. Bowser, m. Jacob Thompson; ch. : William, Henry, 

Malinda, Minerva, Eli, Ludie, Emily. 

428. Frederick Bowser, d. Dec. 21, 1914, in Indiana; m. (1) Sarah 

Manwill; (2) Anna R. Bowen ; ch. : John A., Julia A., Henry H., 
William E., Alice, Frank H., Ethel, Hulda. 

429. Ellen J. Bowser, m. William Burket ; ch. : Alonza, Emma, Lilly, 



430. Malinda Bowser, d. single, aged 18. 

431. John W. Bowser ; in Civil war, Co. A, 74th Reg. Ind. Inf. ; d. 

June 8, 1864. 

Children : 

432. Jacob Bowser. 

433. John Bowser. 

434. Henry Bowser, b. between 1780 and 1785 ; settled in Allen County, 

Ind.; m. (1) Sprinkle; (2) Catharine Williams. 

435. William Bowser. 

436. Peter Bowser. 

437. George Bowser. 

438. Noah Bowser. 

439. Catharine Bowser. 

440. Mary Bowser. 

441. Elizabeth Bowser. 

442. Nancy Bowser. 

443. Michael Bowser, b. Apr. 22, 1799, at Lancaster, Pa. 

434. HENRY and (SPRINKLE) BOWSER. Henry Bowser, Sr., went 
from Pennsylvania to Ohio about 1823. He went from Ohio to Allen 
County, Ind., about 1833. Died about 1873, in Allen County, Ind. 
Children : 

444. John H. Bowser, b. Apr. 15, 1812, in Pennsylvania ; d. Mar. 10, 1879, 

in Indiana ; m. Eliza Keiger, b. Sept. 18, 1818 ; d. Sept. 9, 1875. 

445. Jesse Bowser. 

446. Sarah Bowser, m. John Waters. 

447. Eliza Bowser, m. Haynes. 

448. George W. Bowser, b. 1817, in Pennsylvania; d. in 1888; in Indiana; 

m. Margaret Keiger, sister of Eliza. 

449. Henry J. Bowser, b. 1820, in Pennsylvania ; m. Mary Keiger ; three 

brothers marrying three sisters. 

450. Samuel Bowser, b. about 1823, in Pennsylvania ; d. about 1891 ; m. 

(1) Jane Waters; (2) Margaret Good. 

451. William Bowser, b. 1824, in Ohio; d. about 1905; m. Rebecca Paflf. 

Children : 

452. Eliza Jane Bowser, b. Sept. 18, 1837 ; d. 1878 ; m. John Culverson ; 

ch. : Nettie. 

453. Alexander Bowser, b. June Id, 1842 ; m. Laurinda Devilbiss ; ch. : 

Allen A. 

454. Mary R. Bowser, b. Mar. 10, 1847 ; m. Hiram Hutchinson ; was 

living in California in 1920; ch. : Charles W., Alonzo, William. 

455. Augustus Bowser, b. Apr. 10, 1849 ; d. Oct. 28, 1919, in Fort Wayne, 

Ind.; m. Fyanna Wireman ; ch. : Laura, Estelle, Hazel, Delmore; 
Delmore was in the Spanish-American war. 

456. Orra Jefferson Bowser, b. Feb. 16, 1852; m. Julia A. Jones; ch. : 

Cecil J. 

457. Sylvanus F. Bowser, b. Aug. 8, 1854, in Allen County, Ind. ; m. 

Sarah Frances Russell, b. Oct. 4, 1856 ; see biographies. 

458. Lafayette E. Bowser, b. Feb. 11, 1857; m. Charity Bechtol ; ch. : 

Ada, m. George E. Tibbits. Lafayette E. Bowser is consulting 
engineer of S. F. Bowser & Company, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

459. Jessie E. Bowser, b. Jan. 13, 1859. 

460. Asbury Ellsworth Bowser, b. Dec. 28, 1861 ; d. Aug. 4, 1901 ; m. 

Rachel Evans. 


Children : 

461. Harry M. Bowser, b. Aug. 13, 1878; graduate of Purdue University, 

Indiana. 1905; m. Bertha M. Mitchell, b. Sept. 21, 1821; ch.: 
Wilda K., b. Aug. 1, 1908; Sylvanus F., b. July 14, 1910; Emily L, 
b. Nov. 21, 1913 ; Philip M., b. Jan. 14, 1919. 

462. Eva C. Bowser, b. Jan. 17, 1881 ; m. Leland F. Johnson ; ch. : 

Leland F., Jr., b. July 24, 1910; Robert B., b. Sept. 23, 1915. 

463. William Hugh Bowser, b. Mar. 19, 1884. 

464. Albert S. Bowser, b. July 26, 1886; m. Ida Pearl Kickley; ch. : 

Bon Silene, b. Mar. 12, 1910; Albert S., Jr., b. Jan. 21, 1913. 

465. Ethelwyn V. Bowser, b. Sept. 27, 1890 ; m. Daniel G. Milligan ; ch. : 

Daniel G., Jr., b. Aug. 18, 1919. 

466. Mildred L. Bowser, b. Sept. 30, 1895; m. Edward O'Rourke Jr.; 

ch. : Edward, III, b. July 6, 1919. 

Children : 

467. Normanda Bowser, m. William Keeper. 

468. Louisa Bowser, m. Austin Pettit. 

469. Elnora Bowser, m. Chalmer Morrison. 

470. Lucinda Bowser, b. 1843. 

471. Nelson Bowser, b. 1845. 

472. George W. Bowser, b Mar. 29, 1847; m. (1) Mary E. Lake; (2) 

Margaret Van Auken ; ch. : Earnest M., Raymond E., Nelson J., 
Grace, William, Maynard E. 

473. Sylvester S. Bowser, b. 1849 ; m. Elizabeth Morris ; ch. : Charles W., 

Cora E., Nettie A., Vertie L., Edna V., Eva A. 

474. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1850; m. Neil Ryan 

475. William Bowser, b. 1852. 

476. Charlotte Bowser, b. 1854; m. Addison Morrison. 

477. Jesse Bowser. 

478. Lucy Anna Bowser, b. 1859. 

479. Lydia Bowser. 

Children : 

480. Lucinda Bowser, b. 1836; m. Solomon Duly. 

481. Isaiah Bowser, b. 1837; m. (1) Elizabeth Herrod; (2) Samantha 

Bittner ; ch. : Nelson J., m. Lucy White ; Wesley ; Etta ; Clark E. 

482. Adelia Bowser, b. 1840; m. Simon P. Stroup. 

483. Elmira Bowser, b. 1842 ; m. James Hollopeter, 

484. Alonzo Bowser, b. 1844. 

485. Henry Bowser, b. 1846. 

486. Wesley Bowser, b. 1848; m. Sarah Jackson. 

487. Frank Bowser. 

488. Theodore Bowser, m. Celia A. Gloyd ; ch. : Raymond, Ivan C, 

Homer G. 

489. Francillia L. Bowser, m. David L. Myers. 

490. Mary Bowser, m. James F. Hollopeter (1881). 

Children : 

491. Mary Ann Bowser, m. Nathan Wyatt. 

492. Sophia Elizabeth Bowser, m. Depew. 

493. Sarah Jane Bowser, m. R. H. Brockaw. 


494. Emily Bowser, m. Lewis Brockaw. 

495. Samuel O. Bowser, m. (1) Rebecca Hiette ; (2) Kansas Matheson. 

496. Ella R. Bowser, b. April, 1861; m. Daniel Stoner. 


497. Daisy Margaret Bowser. 

498. Carrie Bowser. 

Children : 

499. Sarah A. Bowser, b. 1845. 

500. Jacob H. Bowser, b. 1847. 

501. Lucy A. Bowser, b. 1849. 

502. John Bowser, b. 1856. 

503. William Bowser, b. 1857. 

504. Andrew Bowser, b. 1859. 

505. Isaac Bowser; address: Oakville, Calif. 

506. Hattie Bowser. 

507. Rebecca Bowser. 

Children : 

508. Lewis Bowser, b. Mar. 20, 1838; d. Feb., 1912; m. Elizabeth Noel; 

ch. : Arthur J., Edward C, Emerson L., Emily, Elizabeth, 
Bertrand F. 

509. Maria Bowser, m. Goodwin ; address : Lafayette, Ind. 

510. Lucy Bowser, m. (1) Benjamin Nickerson; (2) Charles Blair. 

511. Martha Bowser. 

512. Levi Bowser, b. 1840; m. Maria Nickerson; lived near Fort Wayne, 

Ind. ; served in the Civil war and in the Indian campaigns in 
Wyoming under Col. Haggard of Logansport, Ind. ; ch. : Edwin B. 

513. Emma Bowser. 

443. MICHAEL BOWSER. He was the youngest child. Went to Ohio and 
from Ohio to Missouri in 1856. His wife died in 1860 and he in 1864. 
He was a shoemaker. 

Children : 

514. Benjamin Smith Bowser, b. in Ohio, Feb. 4, 1836; m. Mary E. — ; 

in Missouri ; lived in Compton, Calif., where his widow still resides. 

515. John William Bowser, b. in Ohio, 1838; m. Hattie Cromer. 

516. Catharine Bowser, m. Lewis McLean. 

517. Mary Emeline Bowser, b. 1837 ; m. John Rineley. 

518. Lewis William Bowser, b. in Ohio, Aug. 19, 1843; single; died in 


519. Simon Philip Bowser, b. in Ohio, 1846; d. 1875; m. Mary Smith. 

520. Mary Jane Bowser, m. James Stewart. 

Children : 

521. John William Bowser. 

522. Mary Alice Bowser, m. Brechenridge ; live at Compton, Calif. 

523. Emma Susan Bowser, m. D. J. Moody. 

524. Lewis Martin Bowser. 


Children : 

525. Hattie Bowser; lives at Morrison, 111. 

526. Mary Bowser; lives at Morrison, 111. 

527. John William Bowser, Jr.; lived at Los Angeles, Calif., 1903. 

528. Harry Ed. Bowser; in Honolulu, Hawaii; Battery E, 11th Field 

Artillery; in the United States army for over 14 years. 

Children : 

529. Andrew McLean. 

530. Michael McLean. 

531. Benjamin McLean. 

532. Lewis McLean. 

533. James McLean. 

534. Mary Jane McLean. 

535. Julia McLean, m. Butcher. 

Children : 

536. Daniel Rineley; lived at Fruitland, Iowa, 1903. 

537. Mary Alice Rineley, m. Knight. 

538. Simon Rineley. 

539. John Wilson Rineley. 

Children : 

540. Emma Stewart. 

541. James Stewart. 

542. Rachel Stewart. 

543. William W. Stewart. 



*At my request Chas. A. Bowser has written this chapter on John Bowser, 
his ancestor, the oldest of the three brothers who landed at Baltimore. 
See biography of Charles A. — (Author.) 

In 1733, as the compiler of this volume has told you, a few Baussers 
(Bowsers) arrived in Philadelphia. There is evidence that in the same year 
three brothers named Bauser or Bausser arrived at Baltimore from Switzer- 
land. The name was changed to the English form, "Bowser," although the 
old form of the name was retained by some of the descendants until over 
a century later. In most of the public records the clerks and recorders wrote 
the name "Bowser" although wills, deeds, etc., were signed Bauser or 
JBausser in German script. The latest example of this was a will signed by 
Adam Bowser of Armstrong County, Pa., in 1850. In Europe, at the 
present, it is spelled Bauser. 

Before and during the War of the Revolution there were many Bowsers 
in Pennsylvania and some in Maryland. There are few records about some 
of these Bowsers and their relationship is very uncertain. Now, after a 
great deal of study, I venture to say that the three Bauser brothers who 
landed at Baltimore were John, Daniel and Henry. This chapter is on 
John Bowser, the second of that trio. 


Children : 

2. John Bauser, Jr. 

3. Peter Bauser. 

4. Henry Bauser. 

5. Barbara Bauser. 

6. Daniel Bauser. 
a7. Elizabeth Bauser. 
b8. Anna Bauser. 

George, Lydia, Rebecca, Sarah, Samuel, and others are among the 
descendants of John, Daniel and Henry Bowser mentioned above. 

These, no doubt, were related to Mathias, Sr., Mathias, Jr., Daniel, 
Christian and Jacob who landed at Philadelphia in 1733. Records show that 
Daniel's children lived in York County, Pa. In the same vicinity lived the 
children of John, one of the brothers. The third brother, Henry Bowser, 
probably lived in York or Lancaster counties, Pa., although the first record 
we have of him is the census of 1790. showing that he lived in Washington 
County, Md., and was head of a family of ten persons. This census record 
does not include Henry's son, John, who probably was in Lancaster County. 
This John was the great-grandfather of S. F. Bowser, the great manufac- 
turer of Fort Wayne, Ind. But more of Henry Bowser's descendants later. 

Let us now take up the family of John Bowser who landed at Baltimore. 
Four consecutive generations of Johns followed him so we will have to 
watch closely so as not to get the Johns mixed. Almost nothing is known 
of this first John, but we may say he was the eldest of the three brothers, 
and estimate the year of his birth as about 1710. Leaving Switzerland they 
came down the Rhine River in a plank boat with sails, no doubt transferring 
to a larger vessel at Rotterdam, Holland. The tradition is that they were 
forty-eight weeks on water, partly by reason of the wind blowing the ship 
back, and when they landed they were so weak, some fell down and some 
could hardly walk. 

John was married and on this long ocean voyage to them a son was born. 
They called him Johannes (German for John). This son was my great- 
great-grandfather and was the ancestor of the Bowsers of Somerset County, 
Pa., and Garrett County, Md. 

The son John grew up, probably somewhere between Baltimore and York, 
married, and had a farm in York County, Pa., in Shrewsbury Township. 

Shrewsbury Township lies on the Maryland line and was at one time part 
of Lancaster County. On account of its large area it was divided in 1767 
and Hopewell formed. 

The following old record, published by the Pennsylvania German Society, 
is of great interest: 


of the 


Called Blimyers 


Hopewell Township, York County, Pa. 


BAUSER, PETER. Parents, John and Christina Bauser. Born 
August 12, 1770; baptized August 16, 1772. Witnesses, the parents. 

BAUSER, BARBARA. Parents, John and Christina Bauser. Born 
July, 1772; baptized August 16, 1772. Witnesses, the parents. 
This John Bauser is the same one who was born on the ocean. 
Another record of him is as follows : 


1783' — Shrewsbury Township. List of names from assessment roll 
and census report made in 1783, by a special order of the county com- 
missioners, in order to lay a special tax to defray the expenses of the 
Revolutionary war. 

BAUSER, JOHN, 50 acres ; tax, 30 pounds ; 7 persons in the family. 
The seven persons no doubt were : John and his wife, Christina and their 
children, Henry, John, Jr., Peter, Barbara, and probably Elizabeth. 

1790, Census of Shrewsbury Township, York County, Pa. : 

BAUSIR, JOHN, 2 males of 16 years and upward ; 2 females (one 

of these was probably a daughter Anna). 

At this time John was about 57 years of age and it seems that Henry, 
John, Jr., and two of the daughters had left home or married. This Henry 
Bauser was my great-grandfather and was born December 25, 1765, in Penn- 
sylvania. He, as well as John Jr., probably were born in York County. 
They may have left York County before their parents 

However, as the reader can see by referring to John Bauser, Sr., 
bought land in Somerset County, Pa., in 1795. Also a little further on, that 
my great-grandfather, Henry, and his brothers and sisters were also in 
Somerset County. 

We will leave this family in Somerset County now, and turn back to 
York County to see what we can do with John Bauser, Sr.'s, brothers and 
their descendants. Considering the size of the pioneer families it is reasonable 
to believe that John (one of the three brothers) had other children than 
the son John who was born on the ocean. And so we will take up Daniel 
Bauser of Paradise Township, York County, named, no doubt, after the 
Daniel who landed at Baltimore. The elder Daniel lived in an adjoining 
township, Manheim, near the Maryland line. The younger Daniel was born ■ 
about 1740. He is recorded in the tax lists of Paradise Township for the 
years 1779, 1789, and 1781. In 1783 Daniel had 100 acres in Cumberland 
Township and there were seven persons in the family. 

The next record of this Daniel is the census of 1800 for "Hopewell and 
Woodberry townships," Bedford County, Pa. By it we see that Daniel and 
his wife were then "of 45 and upwards" and with them were two sons of 
16 and under 26 years of age. These were George and Henry, whom we 
find later near Dayton, Ohio. In the same census record is Philip Bowser, 
another son of Daniel. Philip and wife are written "of 16 and under 26" 
and have a daughter under 10 years. Soon after 1800 these families went 
to Ohio. 
6. The children of Daniel Bowser, Sr., were : 

7. Daniel Bowser, Jr., b. about 1770 to 1773 ; d. near Dayton, Ohio. 

8. Barbara Bowser, b. in 1774; d. in her 91st year near Dayton, Ohio. 

9. Philip Bowser, b. about 1775 ; d. in 1838 in Elkhart County, Indiana. 

10. George Bowser, b. about 1780; d. about 1862 near Daj^on, Ohio. 

11. Henry Bowser, b. about 1785; d. in 1852 near Dayton, Ohio. 

12. There may have been another son, William Bowser. A William 

Bowser, born about 1785, entered land in Madison Township, 
Montgomery County, Ohio (Dayton is the county seat), prior to 
1812 in the vicinity of where Philip and the other Bowsers located. 

The First Bowser in Ohio 

8. Barbara Bowser, the daughter of Daniel, Sr., no doubt was the first 
Bowser in the State of Ohio. She was married to David Bowman before 
Daniel, Sr., and family left Bedford County, Pa. The following very inter- 
esting article is taken from a "History of Montgomery County, Ohio." Under 
the heading "Jefferson Township" we find : 

"As early as 1798 could be seen one of Jefferson Township's pioneers in 
the person of David Bowman, whose name will long be remembered in con- 


nection with the early religious history of this section of Ohio, drifting, 
as it were, with his good wife and rudely constructed raft down the Ohio, 
on his way to the country about the Little Miami River, whither he was 
going, to build a mill for parties who had preceded him." 

The mill was erected, and. Bowman, impressed with the country, remained, 
and, after living in the locality and milling several years, removed to the 
neighborhood of Miamisburg, and there lived several years, thence to Jefferson 
Township, buying J4 section of land. He was a minister of the Gospel, 
belonging to the denomination called German Baptists. He was instrumental 
in establishing several churches west of the Great Miami. 

He was born near Hagerstown, Md., March 30, 1775, and at the age of 
eighteen went to Frankstown, Pa., and learned the trade of cabinet making. 
(Frankstown was then in Bedford County.) He was united in marriage 
with Barbara Bouser and there were born to them six children : 

13. Esther Bowman. 

14. John Bowman. 

15. Polly Bowman. 

16. Katie Bowman. 

17. David Bowman. 

18. Betsey Bowman. 

4. The writer regrets that there is not space enough to tell about all the 
descendants of these families. Before leaving Ohio, we will briefly go over 
the records of Henry Bowser and Frances, his wife, and their descendants. 
Henry was a son of John and Christina Bauser of York and Somerset 
Counties, Pa. The writer (his great-grandson), besides obtaining informa- 
tion from relatives and other sources, has visited these counties as well as 
Warren Countj', Ohio, and collected much valuable material from the 
courthouse records. 

In Somerset County, Pa., Henry Bowser first lived in Brothers Valley 
Township. A tax list of this township for 1796 includes the names of Henry 
Bouser and John Bouser. Henry Bowser married Frances Coleman, who 
lived near Berlin, in Brothers Valley Township. 

Deeds dated 1798 show that Henry Bowser was in this township in 1798 
and bought and sold land. The next deed shows that he was in Addison 
Township and bought a tract of land there called Eminent, in the year 1802. 
On the same date he bought a smaller tract of land in Addison Township. 
Two deeds dated April 1, 1815, record that Henry Bowser and wife sold 
these tracts of land for ^,200 and $800, respectively. At this time Henry 
Bowser was the father of nine children — Philip, John, George, Elizabeth, 
Christina, Susannah, Henry, Daniel and Sarah. These were born in Somerset 
County, Pa., with the possible exception of the first three, who may have 
been born in Allegany County, Md., as the parents lived close to the Mason 
and Dixon line which at that time was not settled. It is said that George 
Bowser was born in Allegany County. 

Now, no doubt, Henry and family started on their trip down rivers and 
through forests to their Ohio home. Perhaps, like some others, they floated 
down the Ohio River on a raft to Cincinnati, then went by wagon toward 
Dayton. They located 36 miles northeast of Cincinnati and a few miles 
south of Dayton, and near Springboro, Warren County. Springboro was 
laid out in 1815. A Warren County deed, dated June 17, 1815, tells us that 
Henry Bowser paid Benjamin Kell $3,480 for 174 acres of land between the 
Miami rivers. 

The family lived about a mile from the Little Miami River, and in dry 
seasons Henry watered his cattle there. He had a large orchard and dried 
much fruit. He took meat and other produce to Cincinnati to sell. It took 
one day to go and one to return. 

A deed dated December 14, 1822, records that "Henry Bowser and his wife, 
Fanny, in consideration of the sum of 75 cents, grant to Henry Frey 


Christian Null, Christian Blinn and John Philip Frey, a parcel of land for 
the use of the Society of the United Brethren in Christ in Warren County 
as a site for a meeting house." This agrees with the story my father told 
me many years ago, which is as follows : 

"He (Henry Bowser) buih a church on his place and preached until he 
went to Indiana. During protracted meetings people would come to Henry's 
house to sleep, usually lying on the floor on account of their number. The 
people were United Brethren. Wherever he went the house was crowded and 
a good meeting held." 


19. Philip Bowser, b. ; d. in Ohio before 1832. 

20. John Bowser, b. ; d. in Ohio before 1833. 

21. George Bowser, b. in 1800 ; came from Pennsylvania to Ohio with his 

parents in 1815 ; married Elizabeth Manning ; they lived in Preble 
County, Ohio, from about 1830 to about 1831 ; he died in Centralia, 
Boone County, Mo., in 1884. 

22. Elizabeth Bowser, b. in 1801 or before; m. John Ungery; d. in 

Indianapolis about 1870. 

23. Christma Bowser, b. in 1802; m. Lewis Crepps ; about 1895 was 

living in Muscatine County, Iowa. 

24. Susannah Bowser, b. Dec. 1, 1804; m. about 1826 in Ohio to James 

Mullen ; he was born in 1789 and died in 1854 ; she died near Indian- 
apolis, Oct. 15, 1870; they were parents of Daniel, Jacob, John, 
Henry, Lemuel, Elmira, Joel, James, Nancy, Harrison, Larned, 
Morgan and Susan Mullen. 

25. Henry Bowser, Jr., b. in March, 1810; when five years old he went 

with his parents from Pennsylvania to Ohio, and in 1831, migrated 
to Indiana and settled near Indianapolis, where he resided until his 
death, Oct. 18, 1883; in May, 1833, m. Mary Moore. 

26. Daniel Bowser, b. March 31, 1812, in Somerset County, Pa.; in 1831 

came with his father and Henry, Jr., and sister Sarah to Marion 
County, Indiana ; his sisters, Rebecca and Barbara, and their mother, 
either came at this time or soon after. 

Children : 

27. John Duel Bowser, b. July 19, 1824 ; m. Nancy Miner ; d. Jan. 4, 1900, 

in Callaway County, Mo. 

28. Hannah Bowser, b. in 1828; m. a Mr. Bowman and lived in Cedar 

Rapids, Iowa. 

29. Henry Bowser, b. June 6, 1831; m, Miriam ; d. in El Reno, 

Okla., in 1900. 

30. Theophilus Bowser, b. in Preble County, Ohio, July 17, 1836; m. 

Mary A. Scott; lived in Pike County, Mo. 

31. Mary Ann Bowser, b. Sept. 1, 1833, near Eaton, Ohio, in 1850; the 

family started to the then Great West and settled in Illinois; m. 
William Young, b. in 1823 in Scotland; they were married in 1853 
and came to the vicinity of Farmer City, where she resided until 
her death, Oct. 23, 1911. 

32. Samuel Thomas Bowser, b. March 31, 1839, in Ohio; has resided m 

Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota; last was in Hillsboro, 
Ore.; m. Mary J. Ede in 1868; was a veterinary surgeon. 

Children : 

33. Catharine E. Bowser, b. in 1835 and d. in 1858. 

34. John W. Bowser, b. in 1837 and d. in 1858. 


35. Edward Thomas Bowser, b. April 27, 1841 ; m. Martha J. Kitley ; 

they were living near Indianapolis in 1920 

36. Fanny Ann Bowser, b. March 27, 1843; m. John E. Myles; d. in 

Marion County, Ind., Mar. 19, 1888. 
2)7. Sarah E. Bowser, b. May 11, 1845; m. William Rowney; d. in Marion 
County, Ind., Apr. 18, 1875. 

38. William Henry Bowser, b. Oct. 13, 1847; m. Florence L. Shimer; d. 

near Indianapolis, Jan. 25, 1895. 

39. Mary Jane Bowser, b. Sept. 11, 1850; m. Edgar Head. 

26. DANIEL and HANNAH (MULLEN) BOWSER. In 1835 Daniel 
married Hannah Mullen, born in Warren County, Ohio, Dec. 16, 1816. 
In February, 1834, Daniel's father gave him 160 acres of land which was 
then about five miles southeast of Indianapolis. Here he lived until his 
death. May 21, 1876. Hannah, who was the writer's grandmother, died 
April 19, 1874, at the old home on the Shelbyville Pike. Here were born 
all their children: 

40. Levi C. Bowser, b. Jan. 14, 1838 ; m. Caroline Dawson ; the names of 

their children are : Charles, Harry, Thomas, Laura and Nellie ; was 
in the grocery business about 25 years ; has lived in Indianapolis 
about sixty years. Went with Jack Hoffman to Denver, Colo., in 
1859, and was gone about six or eight months. They walked a great 
part of the way. One time there were buffalo around them as far 
as they could see. They had 14 yoke of oxen to start with but at 
the end of the journey only two were left. They had left a sort of 
cart on the hind wheels of one of their wagons. 

41. Nancy Ann Bowser, b. Apr. 2, 1842; m. Robert D. Graham, a farmer; 

no children; he died in 1908; in 1920 Aunt Nan, as we called her, 
was living in Indianapolis. 

42. Henry Davis Bowser, b. Dec. 14, 1844; d. Nov. 12, 1876, in Indiana. 

43. Sarah Ellen Bowser, d. in infancy. 

44. William Washington Bowser, b. July 4, 1849; he worked his father's 

farm until 1872, when he went to Kansas, Here he married Nettie 
« Tague in 1874, then with her rode in a covered wagon back to his 

old home near Indianapolis ; in 1882 they went to Illinois and in 
1886 went from there to Southern California, where he engaged in 
growing oranges; he died May 11, 1914, as the result of a tree 
which he was cutting down, falling on him. This occurred in 
Arkansas. Since then Mrs. Nettie (Tague) Bowser, my mother, 
has resided in Los Angeles, Calif. There were four children: 
Charles Arthur (the writer), b. July 13, 1881, on the old farm which 
Henry, Sr., gave to Daniel in 1834; Emory E., b. in 1883, and d. in 
1892; William Harrison, b. in California, Oct. 4, 1888; and Leslie 
Earl, b. in California, Dec. 31, 1890. 

45. Mary P. Bowser, b. Oct. 6, 1851 ; m. Virgil Tevis, a Methodist 

minister; d. Oct. 27, 1895; ch. : Charles and Ruth. 

46. James Marion Bowser, b. Feb. 28, 1840; in the 29th Ind. Inf. in the 

Civil war; d. single, Jan. 19, 1871, in Indiana. 

47. Hannah Melissa Bowser, b. Mar. 29, 1856; a graduate of DePauw 

University; m. C. H. Horine, of Chicago. 

48. Sarah Bowser, b. Aug. 24, 1814, in Pennsylvania; in 1833 m. John 

Moore of Marion County, Ind; they lived near Indianapolis until 
his death in 1889; Sarah d. Dec. 9, 1899, in that city; the names 
of their children are: Thomas, William, Margaret, Hannah, Rich- 
ison, Isabelle, John, Sarah, Calvin, Catharine, Mary and Joseph. 

49. Rebecca Bowser, b. Jan. 1816, in Ohio; in 1837 m. Gottlieb Beck; 

he was born in 1811 in Wittenburg, Germany; he died in 1897 and 
she died Mar. 15, 1894 ; their children : Henry, Elma, Maria, Sarah, 


Julius, George W., James M. and John Benjamin ; they lived in 
Johnson County, Ind. 

50. Barbara Bowser, b. in 1820 in Ohio ; in Marion County, Ind., Dec. 21, 

1835, m. Gottlieb Beck, but died in January, 1836; he later married 
her sister Rebecca. 


We must now leave these families and turn back to their ancestor, John 
Bauser, Sr., who came from York County to Somerset County, Pa. A Somer- 
set County deed, dated June 6, 1795, says: 

"A Warrant dated 22nd December, 1784, did grant unto John Barkley 
200 acres of land which by warrant dated 24th June, 1793, John Barkley then 
granted to Ludwick Barkley. 

Ludwick Barkley, of Brothers Valley Township, for 200 pounds paid by 
John Bauser, granted to John Bauser said tract of land, surveyed or to be 

A Somerset County deed, dated May 7, 1817, in which John Bowser, Jr., 
buys 300 acres of John Bowser, Sr., mentions Henry, Peter, Anna, Elizabeth 
and Barbara Bowser, as brothers and sisters of John Bouser, Jr. John 
Bouser, Jr. agrees to pay $20.00 yearly to each brother and sister until $1,300.00 
is paid. Payments to begin one year after their father's decease. John 
Bouser, Sr., died in Brothers Valley Township, Somerset County, Pa., in 
January, 1822. His widow, Christina Bouser, died in the same place, 1827, 
at an advanced age. 
Children : 

2. JOHN BOUSER, JR. (known also as John Bauser, III), b. in 1774, or 
earlier; married Magdalena Bittner, Nov. 8, 1796, in Brothers Valley Town- 
ship. He lived in that township until 1820 or later. He died in 1841 in 
Somerset County, Pa. John, Jr. and his wife were the parents of several 
daughters and a son, John. This John was born in 1799, and died in 1860. 
He married Susan Hensel, born in 1801, and they lived in Greenville Town- 
ship, Somerset County. 

John and Susan (Hensel) Bowser's children are as follows: 

51. William Bouser, b. 1833; m. Elizabeth Fluck. 

aSl. John J. Bouser, b. Sept. 20, 1836; blacksmith for 50 years, first in 
Somerset County, then in West Moreland County, Pa. ; living with 
his daughter, Mrs. Dora M. Rose, in Braddock, Pa. (1922) ; m. 
Mary M. Lenhart ; ch. : Madison L., Charles A., of Johnstown, Pa., 
Elsie K., Cyrus L., and Dora M. 

52. Elizabeth Bowser, m. John Shultz. 

53. Mary Bowser, b. in 1840; m. Conrad Stoy. 

54. Levi Bowser, b. 1842; m. Amanda Fluck; d. about 1871. 

55. Lewis Bowser, m. Fluck. 

56. Sarah Bowser, d. aged 22. 

57. Eliza Bowser (youngest child), m. John Blank. 

4. HENRY BAUSER, b. Dec. 25, 1865; brother of John Bauser, Jr. 

3. PETER BAUSER, b. Aug. 12, 1770, in Hopewell Township, York County, 
Pa.; m. Elizabeth Blickensdarfer, b. in 1777; he died June 10, 1847, in 
Somerset County, Pa. 

a7. ELIZABETH BAUSER, m. Gidinger; living in Pennsylvania 

in 1882. 

5. BARBARA BOUSER, b. in July, 1772, in Hopewell Township, York 
County, Pa. ; m. Bittner ; living in Somerset County in 1822. 


b8. ANNA BOUSER; probably died about 1820. 

Children : 
SB. John P. Bowser, b. Mar. IS, 1807; d. Sept. 17, 1883; m. Barbara 

59. Christina Bowser, b. June 7, 1801 ; d. Feb. 7, 1883 ; m. Jacob Lenhart, 

b. 1793; d. 18SS; ch.: Barbara, Catharine, Peter J., Elizabeth, 
Jacob E., Kiziah, Susanna, Sarah, Livinia and Dianah. 

60. Jacob Bowser, b. 1802; m. Elizabeth Sweitzer; lived in Allegany 

County, Md., near Selbysport. 

61. Peter Bowser, m. Mary Sweitzer ; killed by a falling tree about 1841. 

62. Daniel Bowser, b. Dec. 14, 1814; d. Aug. 19, 1886; m. Harriet Schrack; 

they lived in the old log house which his father Peter built soon 
after 1800; this house is still standing in excellent preservation and 
is located in Addison Township, Somerset County, Pa., on old 
Peter Bowsers farm which adjoins the Maryland line. Daniel S. 
Bowser, a grandson of Peter, now lives in this old homestead. 

63. Joel Bowser, b. Jan. 21, 1819; single; died in Somerset County, Pa., 

Oct. 30, 1900. 

64. Susan Bowser, b. about 1821; d. October, 1884; m. John C. Diehl ; 

lived in the Cove, Garret County, Md. 

65. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Bauman; lived in Maryland. 

66. Catharine Bowser, b. about 1810; m. Henry Diehl. 

67. Gabriel Bowser, b. 1812 in Pennsylvania ; d. about 1883 ; m. Hettie 

Bittinger, farmer in Garrett County, formerly Alleghany County, Md. 
Children : 

a67. Mathias Bowser, d. single about 1891 ; kept store in Grantsville, Md. 
b67. Perry Bowser, b. 1855 ; m. Emma Bittinger ; lives near Bittinger, 
Md. ; ch. : Edward F., Ida J., Lloyd, Anna, Cora and Winnie. 

c67. James Bowser, b. 1852 ; m. Sophia ; lived in Garrett County, 

Md. ; ch. : Minnie, Delia, Oma and Drussie. 

58. JOHN P. and BARBARA (BEEGHLEY) BOWSER. Lived in Summit 
Township, Somerset County, Pa. 

Children : 

68. Mary Bowser, b. June 30, 1831. 

69. Peter J. Bowser, b. May 2, 1833; d. Dec. 1, 1904; m. Elizabeth Spiker; 

they lived in Summit Township, Somerset County; their children 
were: Barbara, Solomon and John. 

70. Jacob Bowser, b. Jan. 8, 1837; d. June 16, 1910, at Myersdale, Pa.; 

m. Caroline Hersh ; ch. : Lydia, Lucinda, Catharine, Emanuel, 
John J., Anna, Milton, William, Carrie, Elizabeth and Mollie. 

71. Elizabeth Bowser, b. Mar. 19, 1835. 

12. Susan Bowser, b. Aug. 21, 1840; m. Moses Bauman. 

72,. Samuel J. Bowser, b. July 22, 1843 ; d. Jan. 16, 1905 ; m. Sarah Wegley. 


Children : 

74. Peter Bowser, b. about 1830; d. about 1917; he and his wife Jane 

lived near Accident, Md. ; ch. : Mary, Dolphus, Clara, Samuel, Ella, 

75. Harriet Bowser ; died young. 

76. Catharine Bowser, m. Andrew Colflash ; ch. : William, George, John, 

Emanuel, Jackson, Orville, Kate, Mary, Malinda, Lydia and Ella. 
n. Joseph Bowser, b. about 1840; d. 1918; m. Ellen Logue. 


78. Thomas J. Bowser, b. June 12, 1842; d. July 21, 1914; m. Catharine 

Heimbaugh ; ch. : Robert J., Charles and Albert. 

79. Daniel Bowser, m. Catharine Hileman ; ch. : Harvey, John, Peter, 

Mary, Meshek, Archibald, Truman and Frank W. 

80. Susan Bowser, m. William J. Young. 

81. Hiram Bowser, m. Barbara Brown ; lived near Accident, Md. ; ch. : 

Cornelius C, Emory, Effie, Ella, Sarah. 

a81. Cornelius Bowser, b. ; m. Lucinda Livengood ; ch. : Alvina, b. 

1877; Joseph E., b. 1879; George; William H.; Ernest; Samuel 
and Jennie. 

82. Ammia Bowser, b. 1850; m. Susan Bane; ch. : Stella, John C, Drusilla, 

Laura, Samuel, May, Charles, Pearl and Bertie. 

83. Mary E. Bowser, m. Andrew Pysell; live near Deer Park, Md. 

84. Jacob E. Bowser, b. 1854 in Maryland, Md. ; m. Susan Brown ; live at 

Selbysport, Md. ; ch. : Wallace, Dora, Annie, William Frederick, 
Margaret, Sarah, Earl, Clara and Henry Oscar. 

85. Annie Bowser, b. July 22, 1861 ; lives in Oakland, Md. ; ch. : William D. 

Children : 

86. John W. Bowser, b. 1832 in Maryland ; m. Rebecca Speicher. 

87. Jacob Bowser, b. 1827 in Maryland; m. Catharine Boyer. 

88. Peter Bowser, m. Minerva Turney. 

89. Elizabeth Bowser, m. John C. Diehl. 

90. Lydia Bowser, b. 1837 in Maryland; m. William Ross. 

91. Susan Bowser, m. John Beachey. 

92. William Bowser, b. about 1842; d. 1882; m. Diana Lenhart. 

93. Sarah Bowser, m. Harrison Turney. 

Children : 

94. Mary Elizabeth Bowser, b. July 19, 1853: m. Thomas P. Green. 

95. Joseph S. Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1854 ; m. Mary Upholt. 

96. Salina Bowser, b. Feb. 18, 1856; m. George Oester. 

97. Daniel S. Bowser, b. Sept. 28, 1857; m. Agnes R. Sellers. 

98. Franklin J. Bowser, b. Oct. 29, 1859; m. Lucinda Fike. 

99. Harriet Bowser, b. July 8, 1863; m. William Sellers. 
100. Susan Bowser, b. June 20, 1869; m. John Sellers. 


It is probable John Bowser of Lancaster, Pa., was a brother or a close rela- 
tive of Mathias Bowser, Sr. He moved from Lancaster to Cumberland 
County, thence to Bedford County, Pa. Cumberland County was organ- 
ized February 27, 1750. Bedford County was formed out of the western 
part of Cumberland March 9, 1771. Colerain Township was created by 
the Court of Cumberland County in 1767. Bedford, Colerain and Cumber- 
land Townships in 1772 included the whole of the present Bedford County. 
It is probable John and Eve Bowser moved from Lancaster to this part 
of Cumberland County in 1768. The first record of any Bowser in Bedford 
County, after the creation of the county in 1771, is the name of John 
Bowser, Bedford Township, 1772, a taxable with 100 acres of land, 2 horses 
and 1 cow. In 1774 he had 150 acres. (Pennsylvania Arch., 3d Series, 
Vol. 25, page 456.) In a deed by "Miller" John Bowser (a grandson of 
John Bowser) of Colerain Township, to Adam Fink, the deed says : "70^ 
acres thereof being a part of a tract surveyed in pursuance of a warrant 
dated January 13, 1774, and for which Thomas and John Penn esquires, 
then proprietors, of Pennsylvania, granted their patent to John Bowser, 
October 12, 1774." Six children are mentioned in the will of John Bowser, 
Recorded in Book I, page 270, Bedford, Pa., as follows: George; Michael; 
Elizabeth, married to John Mauk, and Elizabeth, married to Henry Beckley ; 
Eve married to John Arthurs, and children of his deceased daughter Mode- 
lena (Magdalena) Swoveland ; also, "I give my Great Bible to my grand- 
son John Bowser." (Miller John.) This will was probated May 20, 1809. 
George was the oldest son of John Bowser and Eve. A Swiss custom 
gives to the oldest son the right to name his oldest son after the child's 
grandfather. ("Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler.") Therefore George 
Bowser named his oldest son John, later known as "Miller" John. 


Children : 

2. George Bowser, d. at the age of 84; m. Margaret Swartz, d. aged 85. 

3. Michael Bowser. 

4. Eve Bowser, m. John Arthurs. 

5. Elizabeth Bowser, m. John Mauk. 

6. Magdalena Bowser, m. Swoveland. 

2. GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). By the will of John Bowser his son George 
came into possession of the homestead in St. Clair Twp., Bedford Co., on 
condition of the payment of 670 "pounds lawful money" to the other heirs. 
This property was later owned by George's son "Miller" John, and deeded 
by the latter to Fink, as noted above. 

Children: ^ , • /ti \ 

7. Isaac Bowser, m. Sarah Berkheimer, daughter of Catharine (Bowser) 

and John Berkheimer. (See under Mathias Bowser.) 

8. Jacob Bowser, m. Catharine Imler. 

9. John Bowser, m. Margaret Zimmerman. 

10 George Bowser, Jr., b. 1791 ; d. 1846 ; m. Elizabeth Zimmerman, b. 
1798; d. 1861. 

11. Mary Bowser; was killed by a fall. „ ,. . 

12. Catharine Bowser, b. 1808 ; d. Oct. 19, 1866 ; m. Jacob Berkheimer, b. 

1806; d. July 9, 1874. (See 35 under Mathias.) 
13 Eve Bowser, d. Mar. 17, 1875, aged 79 yrs. 2 mos. and 15 days; m. 

Peter Amick, d. Sept. 29, 1877, aged 84 yrs. 3 mos. and 12 days. 
14. Margaret Bowser, m. Peter Berkheimer. (See 30 under Mathias.) 


7. ISAAC BOWSER (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). The father of Isaac 
Bowser, George, had a line team on the turnpike between Pittsburgh and 
Philadelphia. He owned a flour mill and "distillery" on Babbs Creek near 
St. Clairsville, Bedford Co., Pa. Isaac run the mill. Isaac and Sarah (Berk- 
heimer) Bowser had the following children: 

15. Joseph Bowser, d. about 1905. 

16. Catharine W. Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1825; d. June 25, 1898; m. Frances 

17. George W. Bowser, b. Nov. 1, 1825; d. June 25, 1898; m. Frances 

Matilda Gillett, b. Feb. 18, 1839; d. Dec. 10, 1911. 

18. Hannah Bowser, d. June 24, 1891 ; m. George Bollinger. 

19. Henry Bowser. 

20. Eve Bowser, d. 1906. 

21. John Bowser, m. Mary Echert. 

22. David P. Bowser, b. June 30, 1838; d. Apr. 3, 1882; m. Elizabeth 

Lyons, b. July 20, 1835; d. Jan. 14, 1912. (See under Mathias, 69.) 

23. Margaret Bowser, m. John W. Cunningham. 

24. Dr. Isaac Bowser, m. Annie M. Smith. 

25. Sarah Bowser, b. 1840. 

26. Solomon Bowser. 

27. William Bowser, d. about 1907; m. Elizabeth Tree. 

17. GEORGE (4) ; ISAAC (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). George Bow- 
ser shortly after his marriage moved from St. Clairsville, Bedford Co., to 
Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa., where he remained the rest of his life. 
He was a conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The writer is under 
great obligation to "Uncle" George for valuable information he gave us 
in College days long before we dreamed we would some time be writing 
the story of the Bowser family. The scraps of paper upon which we wrote 
down his interesting memories of his people in Bedford County we still have 
as precious mementos of many happy hours in his hospitable home. We 
were with him in the few last peaceful hours ere his manly, gracious spirit 
went to meet his Lord. He and all his family were members of the Baptist 
church : 

Children : 

28. Charles T. Bowser, b. Sept. 25, 1858; d. May 12, 1906; m. Mary Sny- 

der, b. Apr. 28, 1863. 

29. Samuel H. Bowser, b. July 16, 1860; m. Crecie Belle Nesbit, b. Sept. 

3, 1862. 

30. Thomas L. Bowser, b. Nov. 6, 1863 ; d. Aug. 5, 1901 ; single. 

31. Sarah E. Bowser, b. July 28, 1870; m. Jesse J. Sankey, b. Dec. 18, 


28. CHARLES T. and MARY (SNYDER) BOWSER. Charles T. Bowser 
was a successful business man, conducting a large produce and grocery 
store. He was a trustee in the Baptist Church. 

Children : 

32. May Irene Bowser, b. July 21, 1890; m. Claude C. Renn, b. Sept. 5, 

1888; ch.: Claude R., b. Jan. 10, 1915; Robert K., b. Oct. 10, 1920. 

33. Edna Viola Bowser, b. Dec. 18, 1891. 

34. George Frank Bowser, b. Feb. 7, 1893 ; m. Margaret Green, b. Jan. 

31, 1897; d. May, 1920. 

35. G. Edward Bowser, b. Jan. 26, 1895 ; m. Genevive Price, b. 1900. 

36. Charles Luther Bowser, b. July 8, 1897. 

37. Helen Louisa Bowser, b. Aug. 22, 1900. 

38. William Howard Bowser, b. Dec. 12, 1901 ; d. Feb. 26, 1920. 


H. Bowser has charge of the Pennsylvania Railroad station at the impor- 
tant junction town of Sunbury, Pa. Like his brother Charles, he serves 
as an officer in the Baptist Church : 
Children : 

39. Rosella Bowser, b. Dec. 17, 1882; d. Aug. 8, 1903. 

40. George Alvin Leo Bowser, b. July 20, 1890; d. Dec. 11, 1915. 

41. Charles Bailey Bowser, b. Sept. 8, 1892. 

42. Myrtle Belle Bowser, b. Mar. 12, 1895 ; m. Charles Grove Royer, b. 

Jan. 27, 1897; child: Charles Huston, b. May 15, 1921. 

31. SARAH E. and JESSE J. SANKEY. Mr. Sankey is a merchant. Sun- 
bury, Pa. 
Children : 

43. Samuel Francis Sankey, b. Mar. 25, 1907. 

44. Irma Belle Sankey, b. Sept. 13, 1910. 

45. Marjorie Irene Sankey, b. Nov. 25, 1912. 

22. DAVID (4) ; ISAAC (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). David Bowser's 
widow with her two children moved to Crafton, Pa., about 1900. She died 
there. Both of his children live at Crafton. 
Children : 

46. Alpha L. Bowser; mail carrier. 

47. Catharine Bowser. 

24. ISAAC (4) ; ISAAC (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). Dr. Isaac Bow- 
ser was a dentist at Woodbury, Pa. 
Children : 

48. Seward Bowser; in business in Philadelphia, Pa. 

49. Howard Bowser. 

50. Haller Bowser. 

51. Carrie Bowser, m. Frantz; live in Lancaster, Pa. 

8. JACOB (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). Jacob Bowser lived in the Blue 
Knob section, Blair Co., Pa., where he died about 1872. The Blue Knob 
is also known as the Schwitz because of its likeness to the former home- 
land of at least some of our Bowser family in Switzerland. Some of Jacob 
and Catharine (Imler) Bowser's descendants are still living in the Blue 
Knob region. The religious character of Jacob is disclosed in giving his 
sons Bible names. 
Children : 

52. Conrad Bowser, b. about 1868; lived in Juniata Twp. (Blue Knob), 

Blair Co., Pa. 

53. Isaac Bowser, b. 1828; lived in Johnstown, Pa. 

54. Aaron Bowser. 

55. Moses Bowser, b. 1831 ; m. Mary Ritchie, b. 1834 ; d. 1897. 

56. John Bowser, veteran of the Civil war; m. Sarah Bloom, d. about 

1866; lived in Altoona, Pa.; b. 1838. 

57. Susannah Bowser, b. 1824. 

58. Daniel L. Bowser, b. 1833 ; d. at Altoona, Pa., Nov. 8, 1902 ; m. Mary 


59. David Bowser, b. 1842 ; m. Elizabeth Feathers. 

61. Joseph Bowser. 

62. Gideon Bowser. 

a62. Jacob Bowser, b. 1797. 
b62. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1835. 
c62. Catharine Bowser, b. 1797. 


55. MOSES (4) ; JACOB (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). 

63. Laana Bowser, m. J. Q. Adams, Roaring Springs, Pa. 

64. Rebecca E. Bowser, b. 1858; m. John Conrad, Union Twp., Bedford 

Co., Pa. 

65. Emanuel Bowser, d. young. 

66. Ida Bowser, b. 1869; m. George Berkheimer, Greenfield Twp., Bed- 

ford Co. 

67. Harry Edmund Bowser, b. 1871 ; m. Celestia Ernest. 

68. Elizabeth Bowser, b. 1860; m. George Conrad. 

69. Catharine Bowser, b. 1861 ; m. David Martin. 

70. John Calvin Bowser, b. 1865 ; m. Delia Diehl. 
a70. Mary Bowser, b- 1867; m. William George. 

59. DAVID (4) ; JACOB (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). 
Children : 

71. William Bowser, m. Julia Dishong. 

72. John Bowser, m. Eve Imler. 

73. David Sylvester Bowser, m. Jane Eller. 

74. Jeremiah Bowser, m. Addie Lydicks. 

75. Maud Bowser, m. Charles Boyles. 

76. Aaron Bowser, m. Lucy Berkheimer. 

77. Marietta Bowser. 

78. Dolph Bowser. 

79. Anna Bowser, m. C. A. Diehl ; ch. : Mary, Samuel, Crawford, David, 

Vernon, Goldie, Francis, Annie, Marie, Guy, Harry, Violet. 

58. DANIEL (4); JACOB (3); GEORGE (2); JOHN (1). Daniel L. 
Bowser was a veteran of the Civil war. He died soon after the war closed, 
in Altoona, Pa. He married (1) Mary Corl. 

Children : 

80. George B. Bowser; lives at 2116 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

81. Franklin Austin Bowser, b. Feb. 18, 1856; living near Newry, Pa. 

82. David Bowser. 

83. William Bowser. 

84. Angeline Bowser. 

85. Emma Bowser. 

86. Rebecca Bowser. 

Children of the second marriage : 

87. Myrtle Bowser, m. Solomon Sleek. 

88. Carrie Bowser, m. Aungst. 

89. Alberta Bowser, m. John Schniddle. 

90. Millie Bowser ; lives in Philadelphia. 

91. Jacob Bowser, deceased. 

92. Ida May Bowser, d. at Queen, Pa., July 8, 1904. 


93. Delia Grace Bowser, m. Eicher. 

94. Sarah Bertha, m. Aungst. 

95. Rhoda Jane Bowser, m. Bowmaster. 

96. Emma May Bowser, m. Harvey Berkheimer; live at Gaysport, Pa. 

97. Lemon Augustus Bowser. 

98. Ralph Earl Bowser. 

99. Harry Franklin Bowser. 
100. Merle Emory Bowser. 


10. GEORGE (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). George Bowser, known as 
Blackhawk George, was married to Elizabeth Zimmers (or Zimmerman). 
Children : 

101. Philip Bowser. 

102. Anthony Bowser, m. Mary Grove. 

103. George Bowser, m. Fickes. 

104. Frederick Bowser, m. Fickes. George and Frederick were 

twins and married sisters. 

105. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Mauk, 

106. Mary Bowser, m. Daniel Bush, Roaring Springs, Bedford Co., Pa, 

107. Job Bowser. 

108. Susanna Bowser. 

13. EVE (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). Eve Bowser, the granddaughter 
of John and Eve, and daughter of George and Margaret Swartz, married 
Peter Amick. "In 1815 Peter A. Amick came from Adams County, Pa., 
where he was born in 1793, and settled on the land where the borough of 
St. Clairsville, Bedford Co., now stands. Mr. and Mrs. Amick moved into 
a house which was without windows and doors. At first they hung up 
quilts which served in the place of doors. Shortly after settling here 
Mr. Amick began keeping tavern, and as his means permitted he added to 
his house and otherwise improved it. He was commissioned the first post- 
master of the town and the office has been in the hands of the family ever 
since. He kept hotel and worked at his trade (coopering) until 1877, when 
he died in the 87th year of his age." (Hist. Bedford and Somerset Coun- 
ties.) The writer had the pleasure of a visit to this picturesque village 
and making pictures of Peter Amick's quaint old hotel and store. The 
long two-story building, which elongated as business demanded, is well 
preserved and is precisely the same as in the days when Mr. Amick enter- 
tained his guests and prospered there. None of his family, however, are 
living there. Jacob Bowser is conducting a store in the place. Benjamin S. 
Bowser told the writer that John Amick, son of Peter Amick, with his 
sister "Beckie" came out to Armstrong County in 1838 or 1839. He also 
stated that Joseph Bowser, son of Noah, was an uncle of John Amick. 
Reynolds Bowser also claimed relationship with Eve (Bowser) Amick, 
mother of John Amick. But we have not been able to discover even the 
possibility of such relationship. 
Children : 

109. Margaret Amick, b. 1823; d. July 9, 1880; m. (1) Beam; (2) 

Aaron Grove. 

110. George B. Amick, d. 1893; m. Mary Hinsling, b. 1825; d. 1908. 

111. John H. B. Amick; m. Maria Imes. 

112. Sarah Amick, d. 1867; m. Josiah Hite, Roaring Springs, Pa. 

113. Jacob F. Amick, b. 1826; d. 1858; m. Mary Furney. 

114. Matilda Amick; died young. 

115. William B. Amick; killed in Civil war; m. Catharine Wortz. 

Children : 

116. John H. B. Amick; m. Sue Wile; dead; was a physician in Phila- 

delphia, Pa. 

117. Arthur H. Amick, m. Lillian C. Smith; in real estate business, Cum- 

berland Md. 

118. Edwin P. Amick. 

119. Upton M. Amick, m. Edith McCullough ; address: Philadelphia, Pa.; 

ch.: Earl M. 

120. Ira Park Amick; druggist, Philadelphia, Pa. 


121. Rev. G. W. W. Amick, b. Apr. 16, 1861; see biographies; m. (1) 

Florence Philips; child: Arthur Park, b. Aug. 21, 1889; fti. Virgie 
Walters; child: Walter; m. (2) Lydia Arner; ch. : Margaret 
Thelma, b. Nov. 29, 1897; Howard W., b. Oct. 5, 1900, student 
physician, New Springfield, Ohio. 

122. Georgia B. Amick, m. Charles Blackwelder. 

123. Mary P. Bowser Amick, m. Dr. Alexander J. Bowser ; ch. : Georgia. 

124. Frank E. Amick, m. Laura Shaffer; merchant, Altoona, Pa. 

125. George B. Amick, m. Mary Park Hammond ; ch. : John H. B., Arthur. 

126. Stanley Amick. 

Children : 

127. Vera Ray Amick. 

128. Marian Amick, m. George B. Clifton ; ch. : Vera May, Anna C, Jane, 


129. Medora Amick. 

130. Arthur H. Amick, Jr., m. Dorothy Street. 


9. JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). John Bowser, known as "Miller 
John," son of George and Margaret Swartz Bowser of Bedford Co., Pa., 
was born in 1790. "Miller John" married Margaret Zimmer, daughter of 
Frederick and Margaret Zimmer, of Bedford Co., Pa. She was born in 1789. 
Margaret Zimmer says in her will : "I, Margaret Zimmer of Bedford Twp., 
Bedford Co., Pa., bequeathe to Johnathan Bowser, son of John Bowser, 
intermarried to my daughter Margaret, $59.00, to be paid two years after 
my decease . . . my husband, Frederick Zimmer, deceased." Probated 

1860. "Miller John" married (2) Shaffer. John Bowser was a 

miller in Friends Cove and died there in 1860. Friends Cove is in Cole- 
rain Twp. and lies between "Evits" and Tusseys Mountain. His will was 
probated Dec. 22, 1860. 
Children : 

131. Catharine Bowser, m. Michael Holderbaum, Jr., who lived near 

Bedford, Pa. He was a member of the State Assembly, 1842. He 
died Sept. 9, 1880. 

132. Johnathan Bowser, b. in Bedford Co., 1821 ; m. Elizabeth Earnest, 

b. 1823; m. (2) a Mrs. Diehl. 

133. Elizabeth Bowser, m. Jacob Biddle. 

134. Jacob H. Bowser, b. 1825; m. (1) Catharine Bittiger; (2) Margaret 


135. Eve Bowser, m. William Beegle. 

136. Susannah Bowser, m. Miller. Mrs. Isaac Replogle, Enter- 

prise, Pa., is their daughter. 

137. Margaret Bowser, m. Charles Helsel. 

Children : 

138. John Holderbaum, m. (1) Yant; m. (2) Diehl; 

address : Bedford, Pa. 

139. Margaret Holderbaum ; never married ; lived near Bedford. 

140. Elizabeth Holderbaum, m. David Ober ; lived near Bedford. 

141. Mary Holderbaum, m. George Weimer. 

142. Susannah Holderbaum. 

143. David Holderbaum, m. S. Rebecca Crisman ; address : Bedford, Pa. 

144. Sarah Holderbaum, m. Charles Beegle; lived near Bedford. 


132. JOHNATHAN (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). Johnathan 
Bowser was a member of the Reformed Church ; farmer in Colerain Twp., 
Freind's Cove. His real estate was valued at $40,000.00. 

Children : 

145. Margaret Bowser, b. 1846; m. Joseph Trostle of Greensburg, Pa. 

146. Jacob Bowser, b. 1849, in Friend's Cove near Ott Town; d. 1908; 

m. Amanda Milburn. 

147. David Bowser, b. 1851, in Bedford Co., Pa. He was in Colerain 

Twp. early in 1870, as also his parents and his brothers Jacob, 
Isaac, and Aaron, and his sister Emma. In 1919 he was living 
in Salem, Mass. He married Margaret Little. Ch. : William, 
John, David. 

148. Isaac Bowser, b. in Bedford Co., Pa., 1853. 

149. Aaron Bowser, b. in Bedford Co., 1859; m. Elizabeth Ridenour, b. 

Sept. 16, 1886; ch. : Verna, Moore, Walter, Minnie. 

150. Emma Bowser, b. 1860; m. Emory Dicken; in 1919 were living in 

Johnstown, Pa. ; child : Harper. 

151. Mary Bowser, m. J. Newton Drenning; in 1919 were living in 

Cumberland Valley, Bedford Co., Pa., R. F. D. ; ch. : Lulu, 

Children : 

152. Andrew Biddle, m. Mary Beegle, Bedford, Pa. 

153. Charles Biddle, m. (1) Eva Koontz; (2) Wertz, Bedford, Pa. 

154. Francis Biddle, m. Jane Stucky. 

155. Dr. Johnathan Biddle; m. Buchannan. 

156. Margaret Biddle, m. Shaflfer, Toledo, O. 

157. William Biddle, m. Wertz; lived in Ohio. 

134. JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). JACOB H. 

Children : 

158. Catharine Elizabeth Bowser, b. May 15, 1849; m. Nathan Kegg, son 

of John and Christina (Diehl) Kegg. 

159. Margaret Bowser, m. Solomon Reighard. 

160. Mary Jane Bowser, m. John S. Whetstone. 

161. Carrie E. Bowser, b. 1856; m. (1) Harolerode ; (2) David Frank 


162. Johnathan Bowser, m. Hilderbaugh. 

163. John F. Bowser, m. Sarah E. Berkheimer. 

164. Ella Bowser, m. Alexander Gates. 

158. CATHARINE E. (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; 
JOHN (1). Catharine Elizabeth (Bowser) and Nathan Kegg were married 
on the 6th of January, 1868; now living at Johnstown, Pa. 
Children : 

165. Jennie Kegg, b. July 6, 1871 ; m. Robert Ferrell. 

166. John Earl Kegg b. Oct. 28, 1870; m. Bessie Gross, d. July 20, 1916. 

167. William Kegg, b. Aug. 26, 1873; d. Dec. 29, 1898. 

168. Ella Kegg, b. May 20. 1875; m. Charles Kuckuck. 

169. Samuel Frank Kegg, b. Nov. 9, 1879. 

170. Edgar Nathan Kegg, b. Aug. 6, 1881 ; d. Nov. IS, 1885. 

171. Mabel Irene Kegg, b. July 7, 1886; m. Frederick Mintmier. 

172. Harry Leroy Kegg, b. Jan. 16, 1891 ; served in the World war ; 

wounded in the Argonne campaign. 


159. MARGARET (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; 
JOHN (1). Margaret Bowser and Solomon Reighard. 

Children : 

173. Myra Mae Reighard, b. Mar. 6, 1876; m. Martin A. Diehl. 

174. Charles E. Reighard, b. Aug. 29, 1878; m. Nancy Wher. 

175. Amanda Irene Reighard, b. Mar. 5, 1881 ; m. Martin Beegle. 

176. Warren G. Reighard, b. July 1, 1883; m. Catharine Sharp. 

177. Franklin Aaron Reighard, b. July 2, 1865 ; m. Ada Diehl. 

178. Grace Ada Reighard, b. Feb. 14, 1890; m. Samuel V. Shoemaker, 

d. 1914. 

173. MYRA MAE (REIGHARD) and MARTIN A. DIEHL; residence: 
Bedford, Pa., R. D. 4. 

Children : 

179. Margaret May Diehl ; b. May 2, 1903. 

180. Paul Andrew Diehl, b. Apr. 7, 1908. 

Child : 

181. Sharron Reighard, b. Aug. 14, 1906. 

Children : 

182. Glen Beegle, b. June 8, 1905. 

183. Mildred Irene Beegle, b. June 21, 1907. 

Children : 

184. Teresa K. Reighard, b. Feb. 29, 1908. 

185. James W. Reighard, b. 1909. 

186. Edward K. Reighard, b. 1911. 

187. Margaret Mary Reighard, b. 1915. 

160. MARY JANE (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; 
JOHN (1). Mary Jane (Bowser) and John S. Whetstone live in Friend's 
Cove, Lutzville, Pa. Mr. Whetstone is a prominent farmer and stockman. 

Children : 

188. Harry Whetstone, b. 1873; m. Minnie Fox; address: 618 Cherry 

Street, Findley, Ohio; ch. : Leola, Mildred, Edith. 

189. Anna Whetstone, b. 1874 ; m. D. C. Ott ; address : Everett, Pa. ; ch. : 

Margaret, Grace, Clyde. 

190. Frank Whetstone, b. 1876 ; m. Harriet England ; address : Everett, 

Pa.; ch.: Verna, Stella, Paul, Miles. 

191. Blanche Whetstone, b. 1878; m. C. M. Ott; address: Everett, Pa.; 

child: Alvin. 

192. Prof. George Whetstone, b. 1880; address: Waynesboro, Pa.; m. 

Nellie Vink ; ch. : John, George. 

193. Margaret Whetstone, b. 1882; m. Howard Hershberger; address: 

Loysburg, Pa. ; ch. : Ross, George, Emmert, Raymond, Kenneth. 

194. Merrill Whetstone, b. 1886 ; m. Winifred Whipp ; address : Altoona, 

Pa. ; ch. : Donald, dead ; Grace. 

195. Ross Whetstone, b. 1888; m. Fern Byal ; address: Lutzville, Pa.; 

ch. : Paul, Viola. 


161. CARRIE E. (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN 
(1). Carrie E. Bowser m. (1) Harclerode. 

Children : 

196. Frank Harclerode. 

197. Edith Harclerode. 

m. (2) David Frank Mortimore; address: Frederick St., Toledo, Ohio. 
Children : 

198. Ralph Mortimore, b. 1888. 

199. Albert Mortimore, b. 1891. 

200. Harold Mortimore, b. 1896. 

163. JOHN F. (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). 
John F. Bowser moved to Tyrone, Pa., where he engaged in business. He 
died there Apr. 2, 1917. He married Sarah E. Berkheimer, living at Tyrone. 

Children : 

201. Stella M. Bowser, m. Oscar Diehl; address: North Richard St., 

Bedford, Pa. 

202. Mary O. Bowser, m. Earl Dickson; address: Tyrone, Pa. 

203. Albert Bowser. 

204. Harry F. Bowser. 

205. Ruth E. Bowser. 

164. ELLA (5) ; JACOB H. (4) ; JOHN (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). 
Ella (Bowser) and Alexander Gates live at Roaring Springs, Pa. 

Children : Mintie, m. Ross Croyle, Roaring Springs, Pa. ; Harry, Charles, 
Viola, Margaret. 

135. EVE (4); j;OHN (3); GEORGE (2); JOHN (1);. Eve Bowser, 
daughter of "Miller John," m. William Beegle. 

Children : 

206. George Beegle m. Rebecca Diehl ; address : Lutzville Pa. 

207. John Beegle m. Amanda Berkheimer; address: Bedford, Pa. 

208. Frank Beegle, m. Sarah Lashley; address: Everett, Pa. 

209. Jackson Beegle; single. 

210. Mack Beegle; single. 

211. Douglas Beegle; m. Wertz. 

212. Henrietta Beegle; m. John Ingard. 

213. Ida Beegle. 

214. Lloyd Beegle; m. Grove; address: Everett, Pa. 

146. JACOB (4) ; JOHNATHAN (3) ; JOHN (2) ; JOHN (1). Jacob 
and Amanda (Milburn) Bowser. 

Children : 

215. Frank Bowser, b. June 18, 1873; m. Mary M. Deshong. 

216. Harry Bowser, b. Aug. 31, 1875; m. Emma Johnson; address: Johns- 

town, Pa; child: Lanna. 

217. Annie E. Bowser, b. Jan. 11, 1878; m. Nicholas Manther; child: Hazel. 

218. John Clarke Bowser, b. Mar. 28, 1880; m. Bertha M. Achlin, New- 

ton, Mass. 

219. Minnie Bowser, b. June 25, 1882 ; d. Dec. 25, 1884. 

220. Ross Bowser, b. July 31, 1885; address: 143 Horner St., Johns- 

town, Pa. 

221. Jacob Bowser, b. Feb. 23, 1887; d. Mar. 10, 1912. 

222. Robert Bowser, b. Sept. 21, 1892. 


215. FRANK (5) ; JACOB (4) ; JOHNATHAN (3) ; JOHN, JR. (2) ; 
JOHN, SR. (1). Frank Bowser is a decorator and paper hanger; in 
business at South Richard St., Bedford, Pa. 

Children : 

223. George E. Bowser, b. June 18, 1895. 

224. Ralph N. Bowser, b. Sept. 28, 1878. 

225. Sara A. Bowser, b. April 8, 1901. 

226. Joseph R. Bowser, b. Mar. 13, 1903. 

227. Samuel C. Bowser, b. Nov. 20, 1907. 

56. JOHN (4) ; JACOB (3) ; GEORGE (2) ; JOHN (1). John and Sophia 
(Bloom) Bowser lived in Altoona, Pa. 

Children : 

228. John Bowser ; moved to Iowa. 

229. Annie Bowser ; dead. 

230. Samuel S. Bowser, b. Mar. 17, 1859; m. Mary S. O'Rear; address: 

566 Fourth St., Beaver, Pa. 

231. Margaret Bowser. 

232. Mary Bowser ; dead. 


Children : 

233. John Henry Bowser b. Apr. 12, 1888; a miner; in Birmingham, Ala.; 

m. Ida West ; ch. : Bessie Lee ; James Henry. 

234. James S. Bowser, b. Sept. 3, 1889; carpenter; in Warren, Ohio; m. 

Lillian Coker ; child : James, Jr. 

235. William Thomas Bowser, b. Mar. 27, 1893 ; soldier of the World war. 

236. Bryan B. Bowser, b. Oct. 26, 1895; a soldier of the World war; 

served as corporal in France. 

237. Samuel Ira Bowser, b. Jan. 27, 1901; steelworker, Cleveland, Ohio. 

238. Anna May Bowser, b. Sept. 27, 1886; m. Tune, Birmingham, 


239. Margaret Sophia Bowser, b. Aug. 7, 1891 ; m. W. F. Tucker, Mus- 

kogee, Okla. 

240. Lola L. Bowser, b. Nov. 9, 1897; m. West; residence: Bir- 

mingham, Ala. ^ 


♦JAMES BOWSER, Mill Creek, Huntingdon County, Pa. James Bowser is 
a son of John Bowser and Elizabeth Ments, who lived in Bedford County. 
James married (1) Smith; (2) Shingler. His family gather each year 
at his home in their Bowser "Reunion." He was born 1843. 

Children : 

\. W. D. Bowser, b. 1863. 

2. A. J. Bowser, b. 1870. 

3. J. T. Bowser, b. 1872. 

4. Nancy B. Bowser, b. 1873. 

5. Rosetta M. Bowser, b. 1875. 

6. Mary Bowser, b. 1877. 

7. Speer Bowser, b. 1879 ; m. Mary Gregor ; ch. : triplets, Martin Wood- 

row, David Wilson, Luther Franklin. 

8. Emma B. Bowser, b. 1884. 

9. C. W. Bowser, b. 1885 ; d. 1886. 

10. Mina D. Bowser, b. 1884. 

11. J. M. Bowser, b. 1887. 

12. H. L. Bowser, b. 1890. 

SAMUEL BOWSER. Samuel Bowser lived in Union Township, Bedford 
County, Pa., in 1850. He was born in 1825 ; married Hannah . 

Children : 

1. George W. Bowser, b. 1847; m. Martha Brooks. 

2. John Bernard Bowser, b. May 12, 1849; d. April 6, 1904; ch. : Dessa 

Viola, b. 1870, m. Chris Mattas ; Ida May, b. 1872, d. 1874; Aden 
Albert, b. 1874, d. 1877; George Dean, b. 1875; Anna Beretta, b. 
1878, m. Otis Pincin; Charles Augustus, b. 1879, m. Edith Gray; 
Mary Mosouri, b. 1882, d. 1887; Grace Baird, b. 1884, m. Earl 
Robson; Edith M., b. 1887, m. George Baronner; Earl Lynn, b. 
1892, m. Alta Ritchey. Children of Charles Augustus and Edith 
Gray; Charles Dale, b. 1916; Winnefred Helene, b. 1912; Mercer 
Gray, b. 1905 ; Roller King, b. 1907. 

3. Albert W. Bowser. 

4. Samuel P. Bowser. 

♦James Bowser, of Mill Creek family, and Samuel Bowser, Union Town- 
ship, Bedford Co., Pa., connection uncertain. Inserted here for the advantage 
of some future historian. — [A. B. B.] 



Adams, Alena 1328 

Abraham 1327 

Clem 2080 

George 1324 

Jeanette 1320 

John 1323,2157 

Norman 1326 

Rose 2261 

Robert 1266,1325 

Sarah 1321 

Thomas 1302 

Alford, James 1769 

Neary 1765 

Allen, Clara 2080 

Daisie 2081 

Frank 2076 

Harry 2078 

Harvey 2077 

James 2074 

Lou 2075 

Mary 2080 

Samuel 2079 

Tessa H 1829 

William 2073 

Allot, Golda 1308 

Anders, Annie 1875 

Anderson, Edward L 1250 

Maria 2046 

Marie 1251 

Andrews, Catharine 1139 

Gladys 1138 

Lucille 1137 

Robert S 1101 

Wellington 1136 

Ankeny, Betty 1290 

Claire, W 1286 

Jeanette 1287 

Mariam 1289 

Ruth 1288 

Anthony, Amanda 1080 

Clara 1673 

George 2082 

Arborgast, Seth el64 

Armahizer, Laban 2225 

Armstrong, Nora B 1698 

Arron, Verdie 1 1994 

Artman, Edna 1964 

Ellis 1918 

Babb, Arthur E .~ al268 

Catherine C 661 

Ella Fulton 664 

Babb, James F 660, 1268 

Mary E 662 

Samuel C 635 

Samuel Lindsay 665 

Sarah Isabel 663 

Bailey, Anna 1832 

Baker, Anna 1160 

C. W 1158 

Elizabeth 1703 

G. G 1159 

Ida M 1164 

John 1151 

Mary J 1161 

P. C. L 1163 

Sarah C 1162 

Sherman 1165 

William E 10O7 

Bancroft, Rev. Warren G dl64 

Barbor, Cora Belle a469 

Delmont b469 

Delmont A c470 

James Robert 472 

Joseph Leigh 2322 

Mina Ruth 473 

Robert 459 

Verner L 469,472 

Barker, Feme M 1143 

Grace Elma 1140 

Nelda Lucille 1142 

Relton 1141 

Robert R 1107 

Bartels, Earnest 1222 

Bayha, Ida 1951 

Bear, Anna 1360 

Beatty, Robert 2400 

Beck, George W 1099 

Minnie 625 

Beer, Frank al469 

Belle, Iva a2211 

Bender, Maud 2441 

Benner, Ruby F 2007 

Benton, Mollie 1627 

Berkheimer, Alexander 54-87 

Alonza 47 

Amos yj 

Andrew 48 

Annie 85 

Catherine 80 

Dorothy 39 

Elizabeth 88 

Frank 55 

George 41, 84 




Berkheimer, Hannamary 44 

Jacob 35, 43 

John 32,40,53,83 

Joseph 34, 36 

Mandilla 56 

Margaret 79 

Mary 81 

Matilda 45-86 

May 57 

Moses 31 

Oliver 46 

Peter 30 

Samuel 42 

Sarah 33,38,58,82 

William 29 

Berry, Ormond 687 

Bighly, Sarah E 2026 

Bixby. Elizabeth cl64 

Black, J. H 986 

Blue, Fannie 2282 

Blanchard, Caroline 2158 

Boney, Adeline 1866 

Charles D dl864 

David M 1867 

EttaM al864 

George H 1864 

George M bl864 

James A el864 

James R 1811 

John A 1870 

June F cl864 

Margaret 1868 

Melissa 1865 

Robert W 1871 

Sarah Elizabeth 1869 

Unice 1805 

Bonner, Abner 2351 

Bartholomew C 2357 

Catherine 2366 

Cora 2362 

Dora 2361 

Elizabeth 1375 

Harry L 2363 

Ida 2354 

James 2360 

John F 2359 

Margaret 2356 

Mary Ellen 1516 

Ross W 2365 

Robert H 2355 

Samuel H 2364 

Sarah 2358 

Booher, Abram 345 

Bartholomew . .435, 1648, 2133, 2161 

Blanche 440 

Braden Sherwood 394 

Catherine 1685,2157 

Catherine E 2139 

Booher, Chambers 436 

Charlotte 1689 

Christina 2167 

Clara 2349 

Clemence 2348 

David 407, 1684 

Edward 358 

Elizabeth 2156, 2350 

Elmer 437 

Elsie 1683 

Emanuel 2347 

Eveline 347 

Flora Belle 392 

Frank 2165 

Fred b2112 

Frederick 362 

Frederick B 350 

Frederick Smith 395 

Hannah 2142 

Harry 360 

Henry 2087,2352 

Herbert 434 

Isabelle 2351 

Jacob 176,356 

James 1981,2164 

Jay C 393 

John Hartzell 442 

Joshua Crawford 353 

John 357 

Lea Amanda 351 

Lottie J 2140 

Lucinda 1975, 2163 

Lydia 1686 

Lydia Ann 355 

Margaret 438,1687 

Mary 2353 

Mary Ann 2162 

Mary Catherine 346 

Matilda 2168 

Melissa Jane 348 

Mona Viola 391,396 

Nellie 433 

Oliver 2158 

Phoebe 1688 

Richard 441 

Rosanna 352 

Ross 1582 

Roy 439 

Sadie 359 

Samuel 361 

Samuel Furman 349 

Sarah 397,2108 

Sophia Elizabeth 354 

Tillie al452 

William 2143,2159 

Booth, Sarah H 925 

Bouch, Adaline 1632 

Albert 1472 



Bouch, Anna 1477 

Clarence 1634 

David 1609 

Delia M 1662 

Edward 1476 

Eliza Tane 1631 

Elizabeth 1474, 1636 

Ella 1635 

Florence 1473 

Frederick 1630 

Harry H 1639 

Isaac 1608 

Joseph 1471 

Margaret 1667 

Park D 1633 

Pearl 576 

Raymond 1563 

Rosa 1637 

Sarah 1479 

Walter 1478 

William 1475 

Wilson 558,1638 

Bowser, Aaron 1891 

Abraham 17,2088 

Abram 164, 194 

Absalom 1884 

Ada 553 

Ada M 657 

Adaline . . .255, 683, 1555, 2405, 2530 

Adam 543, 2002, 2097 

Adam S 1654 

Adda Catherine 2410 

AddaLiletta 160 

Addison 895,927 

Addison Bartholomew 458 

Addison H 925 

Adoniram Judson 492 

Adrian Rupert 495 

A. Gerald 488 

Aida 1915 

Albert 2096 

Albert F 826 

Albert I ISO 

Albert L 1941 

Alexander 92, 744, 1096, 1717 

Alexander B 632 

Alexander G 525 

Alexander J 1157 

Alexander J. (Dr.) 120 

Alfred 682, 1572, 2393, 2518 

Alice 97,104,2146,2419 

Alice Jane 1104 

Alice M 2130 

Alida j978 

Allen Wood 1784 

Almeda M 935 

Almira Fay 1850 

Bowser, Alonza H 746 

Alpha 78 

Alvin H el452 

Alzie h978 

Amanda 107 

Amanda J 914 

Amelia 689 

Amos 896 

Amos A 1481 

Amos E 1489 

Amos S 264 

Andrew 686 

Andrew Lee 815 

Andrew W 2000 

Anderson 1793, 1060 

Ann 258, 1928 

Ann Eliza 1822 

Ann Elizabeth 187 

Anna 1523,1561,2050 

Anna B 1907 

Anna C 646 

Anna Catherine 9 

Anna Arminta 227 

Anna Elizabeth 7 

Anna M 2187 

Anna Margaret 11, 915 

Anna Maria 10 

Anna Marie 8 

Annie M 986 

Anthony 1400, 1722 

Anthony C 1719 

Aramina cl452 

Archibald 181,542,595 

Archibald Milton 490 

Archibald W 498 

Archie E 1839 

Arda Crawford 468 

Arda Joshua 462 

Arlington Reed 464 

Arminda 2394,2519 

Arnold 932 

Arnold H 2406 

Arthur 730 

Arthur B 1843 

Austin 1674 

Barbara 142, 

1452, al469, 1503, 1810, 1878, 2174 

Baxter 1812 

Beatrice Heine 491 

Bell bl469,1480 

BelvaJ. 525 

Benjamin 2136 

Benjamin F 890 

Benjamin S 173, 502 

Bernetta C 253 

Bert 1122 

Bertha 267,559 

Bertha L 557 



Bowser, Bertha Marinda 1107 

Bessie 553, 708, 1910, 2144 

Blanche 543,651 

Buffington 2418 

Burwell 500 

Calvin 272,824,1583 

Carmen W cl480 

Caroline 1053, 1737 

Carrie 114 

Carrie Amelia 685 

Carrie L 652 

Carrie Pearl 569 

Carroll W. S 1574 

Carson A 647 

Casper 1972 

Catherine 23, 61, 

140, 143, 168, 186, 543, 765, 
886, 981, 1448, 1490, 1502, 
1510, 1929, al811, 1989, 2004, 
2089, 2119, 2138, 2199, 1670, 1700 

Catherine Elizabeth 487 

Catherine Leone 1 134 

Catherine M 833, 2480 

Catrout 20 

Celesta 233 

Celia 1585 

Cena M 771 

Chambers 2055 

Chambers E 791 

Chambers Orr 1736 

Chambers Sirwell 1749 

Chambers T 254 

Charles .... 543, 712, 979, 2150, 2496 

Charles C 98 

Charles F a893 

Charles K 2490 

Charles L 1680 

Charles Roy bl994 

Charlotte A 2065 

Chester 1123 

Chester Byron 1010 

Chloe M 2433 

Christiana 153, 1892, 

Christian .... 3, 762, 1500, 1669, 2390 

Christian F 2400 

Christian Yerty 189 

Clara 1908 

Clara Bell 2459 

Clara G 2405 

Clara Zona 1106 

Clara M b255, 2428 

Clarence 236, 1457, 1667 

Clarence S 536 

Clark 1458, 1668 

Clarilla 1799 

Clarissa 1935, 2397, 2522 

Claud 734,1916 

Bowser, Clay M 989 

Clema 235 

Clem W 1584 

Clement Elgin 1098 

Cleora C 156 

Clifford 738 

Clifton a979 

Clinton 246 

Clyde 274,713 

Cora 849,1587 

Cora B 1655 

Cora E 1013 

Cornelius 2400, 2525 

Cover 1560 

Cozy Bell 536 

Curtis 819,2102 

Daisie 497,1246,1596 

Daisie D c255 

Daisie J 558 

Dallas D 1942 

Daniel 6, 1875,2095 

David 12, 28, 

256, 931, 1504, 1978, 2113 

David C 1604,1588 

David E 461 

David F 1730, 2398 

David H 100 

David J 889 

David R 1646 

David S 534,884 

Dean 716 

Debeah 1466 

Deborah 1889 

Dee J 2445 

Delilah 166, 177 

Delilah L 555 

Delia 2103 

Delia 1 1845 

Denny 1790 

Denny D 197 

Doris 275 

Dorothy c979, 1070 

Dorothy Jean 2412 

Earnest Edwin 1752 

Ebert 656 

EbinG 1727 

Edith Naomi 1862 

Edmund 1009 

Edna 994,1911 

Edward 710,1453 

Edward C 1665 

Edward H 1900 

Edward W 815 

E. De Witt 1905 

Effie 553 

Effie Ann 1657 

Elda 1913 

Eleanor 1059 



Bowser, Eli 178,1791 

Elijah 2407,2532 

Eliza Ann 744 

Eliza 540 

Elizabeth.. 21, 102, 106, 139, 165, 
174, 551, 543, 638, 788, 818, 
832, 840, 855, 983, 1032, 1150, 
1240, 1449, 1467, 1563, 1600, 
1610, 1658, bl644, 1701, 1714, 
1792, 1873, 1892, 2176, 2387, 
1909, 1984, 1986, 2368, 2090, 2512 

Elizabeth Ariminta e255 

Elizabeth B 2427 

Elizabeth C 265 

Elizabeth F 2402 

Elizabeth K 1811 

Elizabeth Lulu 463 

Elizabeth Rachel dl731 

Ella 543,856,1018,2062 

Ella D 933,1962 

Ella J 1816,2495 

Ella M 481 

Ellen 192 

Ellis S 1728 

Elmer 2147,111,1664 

Elmer C 1071,al455 

Elmer Ellsworth b766 

Elmer S 809 

Elsie a978, 1508, 1649 

Elsie A 790,1888 

Elsie L 468 

Elsie Y 1607 

Elwood 2398,2523 

Emanuel 149,829,978 

Emanuel B 1553 

Emerson 114 

Emily 1157,1556,1974 

Emma al08, 823, 900 

1567, 1582, 1824, 2401, 2426, 2526 

Emma J 2104 

Emma R 787 

Enos 1499 

Ephriam 750 

Erda E 1852 

Erma 553 

Erma Elizabeth 483 

Ermeda Bell 504 

Ernest 553 

Ervin C 699 

E. Shenandoah a766 

Estella Mary 946 

Estella Oliver 1105 

Esther 18, 27 

Ethel bl480 

Ethel C 1067 

Ethel Maud 1109 

Etta 769, C1644, 1679 

Eunice 1709 

Bowser, Eunice 1 1861 

Eva Jane 685 

Fannie g978 

Firman Duflf 1903 

Flora bl573 

Flora A 1682 

Flora T 152 

Florence 1619, 2127 

Florence Bell 792 

Florence Young 1093 

Florlola 703 

Francis 1651,1135 

Francis S 263,817 

Frank 996 

Frank Excell 465 

Frank K 769,1679 

Franklin P 1061 

Fred 543 

Freda 733,1127 

Freda Rose 1754 

Frederick a255,259, 

268, 1512, 1554, 1605, 1613, 2416 

Frederick P 1779, 1787 

Fredrick R 1643 

Frederick S 2107 

Furman T 496 

Galen R 1488 

Gaeta 162 

Genevieve 1 110 

George 60, 103, 525, 

714, 830, 1023, 1551, 1702, 1804 

George Franklin 1961 

George H f978 

George J 2489 

George McClelland 1090 

George P 109 

George R 1718 

George T 2434 

George W 96, 2414, 2415 

Georgiana 2404, 2529 

Gertie 276 

Gertrude 543,740 

Gilmer 2148 

Gladys Susanna 946 

Glen 581,2462 

Gracie E 477 

Grant 577 

Gussie 1011 

Guy 1241,1598 

Hamilton 1243, 1599 

Hamilton D 613,1156 

Hannah 62,974, 

2382, 2509, 541, 1778 

Harley M 1849 

Harold J 2457 

Harrena 1943 

Harriet 1405,1789,1814 

Harriet Ann 1991 



Bowser, Harrietta Jane 2061 

Harrison 984 

Harry 116, 130, 

691, 717, 923, 1899, 2350 

Harry Addison 482 

Harry E J1685 

Harry H 685 

Harry M ,531 

Harry P 1012,1781 

Harvey 839,1045 

Harvey David 946 

Harvey Peter 1081 

Harvey S 760 

Hattie Jane 459 

Hattie T. . ; 991 

Hazel Sarah 946 

Hazel Adelaide 494 

Hebert E 1853 

Hebert 161 

Helen ....119,878,1622 

Helen K 525 

Henry 970,1262, 

1557, 1874, 2124, 2175 

Henry C 640,2431 

Henry F 2395 

Henry P 1003 

Henry W 2001 

Herbert Jacob 922 

Herbert W 2407 

Herman Osborne 1753 

Hettie 2087 

Hettie W 1082 

Hezekiah 633 

H. Grayhill 988 

Hiram F 700 

Homer 732,1909 

Homer L 158 

Howard 1456 

Howard R 1666 

H. Reed 2005 

Hulda 741 

Ida 815,997,1454,1675 

Ida B 1661 

Ida Clara 2404 

Ira 718,926 

Irene C 2500 

Irina 995 

Irvin 1086 

Isaac 66, 880, al81 1,2180 

Isabella 1608,1747 

Isabelle 467, 1732, 2390, 2515 

Isabelle C 537 

Iva 1247,1597 

Jackson I979 

Bowser, Jacob. .5, 14, 93, 110, 132, 
543, 547, 843, 885, 964, 1505, 
1511, 1552, 1618, 1642, 1677, 
1711, 1980, 2172, 2178, 2383, 
2389, 2396, 2408, 2508, 2521, 2533 

Jacob C 1994, 2502 

Jacob A 1931 

Jacob F 501,1716,2401 

Jacob H 99 

Jacob L 260 

Jacob M 1671 

Jacob N 1459 

Jacob W 2445 

J. Albert 821 

James 128, 976, 1451, 2131, 2135 

James C 943,1977 

James D 1731,bl731 

James E 685,2438 

James F 749,1021 

James H 185, 535 

James K cl452, dl452 

James L al994 

James M 688, 1898, 2429, 2441 

James N 1091 

James P 2484 

James S 977,990 

James W i978, 2481 

James Y 1075 

Jane 169, 181, 820, 

835, 1037, 1054, 1893, 2091, 2442 

Jay 1242 

Jean Dick 1757 

Jeanett 1007,1069 

Jemima 1043, 2129 

Jemima M 2006 

Jennie 2392 

Jennie T 810 

Jeremiah 1041,1044 

Jerl 118 

Jerry 543 

Jerry F 702 

Jessee 854,1460,1476 

JesseeM 532,706 

Jessee W 266 

J. H 1721 

Joannah 1048 

John, Rev 1002 

John A., Rev 1068, 1894 

John 13, 

25, 63, 105, 131, al65, 543, 
546, 753, 900, 968, 1035, 
1345, 1501, 1686, 1703, 1704, 
1876, 1912, 1983, 2053, 2086, 
2386, 2389, 2391, 2511, 2514, 2516 

John Dick 1741 

John E 891 

John F 90, 1887, 499, 838, 2397 

John G 1734 



Bowser, John H 101,2491 

John K 827,2425 

John M al452, 1904, 2168 

John N 2483 

John W 2186,2403 

Johnathan 1452, 1975. 2083, 2204 

Jonas 170,763,1712 

Jonas A 793 

Joseph 59,142, 

1463, 1503, 1521, 1705, 1825, 2485 

Joseph Blaire 1468 

Joseph D 1699, 2409 

Josephus S 1939 

Joshua 1715 

Joshua Cole 1729 

Joshua Crawford 182, 507 

Joy 579 

J. Quinter 2179 

Julia 1933 

Julia A... 141, 1155, 1406, 1726,2114 

Katherine 644 

Kenneth 1124 

Kiziah 545, 596, 667,1464 

Lafayette 2056 

Laird 1072 

I^ura . . . .731, 1469, 1562, 1568, 1677 

Laura A 554 

Laura E 2440 

Laura L 785 

Lawrence 2499 

Leander 94 

Lena 578 

Lenora B 252, 583, 1586 

Leon Alonza 1756 

Leonard Augustus d255 

Leslie M 1587 

Levi S 2531,2406 

Lewis 684 

Lewis K 1663 

Lillian 1748 

Lillie Myrtle 505 

Loban 1040,1985 

Loban R 685 

Lois M 1487 

Lorenzo W cl731 

Lorenzo D al731 

Lottie Arvilla 506 

Louise 1605,1914 

Loviet Clarissa 1725 

Lucy 2443 

Lucy A 635,1902 

Lucinda 883,942 

Luella 1656 

Luie 850 

LuluL 2461 

Lurenna a844 

Luther 851 

Lycurgus 1777 

Bowser,Lydia. 1180,1453,1672,1652,2422 

Lydia K 936 

Lydia M 476 

Lyman 1940 

Mabel 735 

Mabel Sidney 226 

Madison M 1089 

Mae 1841 

Magdalina . . .6, 965, 1509, 1609, 1644 

Magdalin H 975 

Malinda 687, 1566, 1938 

Manuel 747 

Manuel H 2487 

Manuel R 1480 

Margaret 151,170, 

249, 530, 580, 655, 764, 944, 
1039, 1465, 1497, 1507, al552, 
1615, 1650, 1807, 1823, 1871, 
2052, 2177, 2379, 2388, 2504,2513 
Margaret A. 648, 786, 900, 1606, 
1740, 1806, 2151, 2413, 2432,2486 

Margaret E 475, 1099, 2059 

Margaret Jane 261 

Margaretta 1750, 1755 

Maria 980 

Marion Elizabeth 1758 

Marjory R 1863 

Mariah 1926 

Mariah J 1988 

Mark 639,668 

Marlin 1937, 2054 

Marlin J 1620 

Marshal Eaton 1780 

Marshall R 2408 

Martha 1034, 2409, 2534 

Martha E 2488 

Martha Jane 1077 

Martha L 1795 

Martin 751 

Martin L 146,154 

Marvel 1860 

Mary 22, 91, 138, 

148, 167, 273, 650, 754, 597, 
822, 973, e978, 1033, 1506, 
1548, 1783, 1794, 1890, 1932, 
1973, 2093, 2099, 2154, 2173, 
2381, 2394, 2410, 2423, 2506,2535 

Mary Ann 544, 

841, 982, 1451, a 1552 

Mary B 460 

Mary C 828,945 

Mary D 2497 

MaryE 1017, 


Mary 1 537 

Mary J 985,641,2115,2484 

Mary L 550 

Mary M 500,1101,2003 



Bowser, Mary R 262 

MathewF 2106 

Mathias 1042,1,2, 

133, 171, 1036, 1879, 1925 

Mathias A 2057 

Mathias E 480 

Mathias S 179 

Matilda 108, a267, 1815, 2183 

Matilda A 912 

Matilda Jane 2135,2154,2161 

Mattie L 1846 

Maud 1564,1589,715 

Maude B 526 

May b978 

May E 1113 

M. Esther 993 

Melancihon 692 

Melissa al561 

Melissa Jane 1906 

Melvin 742 

Melvina 1498, al573 

Merl 711,877,1462 

Merl L 1066 

Mervin C 191 

Michael 2505,2380 

Mildred 1074,1125,1244 

Milford A al480 

Miller 845 

Millicent M 649 

Milton Nerr 1520 

Millie Rachael 642 

Minerva 846,1612,1614 

Minerva J 1659 

Minnie 163, b267, 767 

Moses 1450 

Myrtle 112,2132,2149 

McClelland E 1102 

McNala 1979,2155 

Nancy 183, 899, 1154, 1236, 

1595, 1798, 2411, 2385, 2510,2536 

Nancy E 1452 

Nancy Laura 1103 

Nannie N 1111 

Naomi 251 

Nathaniel 2058 

Nellie Blanch 1522 

Nelson 847,1133 

Nettie 1046 

Nicholas 136, 969 

Nicholas Clark 704 

NinaL 2124 

Noah 15,168,1700,1710, 1805 

Noah L 1842 

Nora 1826 

Norman 2128 

Norman Owen 2126 

Nula K 527 

Ola 2101 

Bowser, Olga B 705 

Oliva 274 

Olive Lenora f25S 

Oliver 1581 

Ollie E 928 

Ona el644 

Oran J 808 

Oren T 701 

OrloL 2123 

Orman 1455 

Orman J 1662 

Orphie 1681 

Orrie 1565 

Orson A 1840 

Oscar L 2420 

Park 232 

Parma 231 

Paul E 2460 

Paul Forbes 1966 

Paul L 946 

Pauline 739 

Pearl 269, 1617, 1843,2417 

Pearl C 946 

Peter 137, 169, 

879, 966, 1037, 1713, 1987, 2392 

Peter A 2435 

Peter F 2399 

Peter J 2003, 2064 

Peter Osborne 1733 

Peter Templeton 1087 

Phillip 1930, 1976 

Phoebe 1977 

Phoebe E 894 

Polly Irene 229 

Preston C 978 

Priscilla 1459,1671 

Quigley S 658 

Quitman 89 

Rachael 188, 538, 887, 1819 

Rachael M 552 

Ralph 129, 2463 

Ralph D 224 

Ralph B 525 

Ralston H. B 761 

Raphael B 1844 

Raymond 248, 553, HI 

Raymond L 2456 

Rebecca . .144 1005, 1152, 2051, 1092 

Rebecca Jane 748, 900 

Rebecca M 1897 

Reuben 2084 

Revenna G 806 

Rhinaldo M 489 

Rhoda E 1485 

RhodaM 2444 

Richard 543,155? 

Robert 816. 

834, k978, 1126, 1982, 2121 



Bowser, Robert B., Rev 1723 

Robert C 2421 

Robert Dean 743 

Robert L 1788,2424 

Robert M 913,1992 

Robinson 1152 

Roland S 553 

Rosanah 180 

Rosanah Frances 503 

Rosanah Mable 493 

Rose 195, 1678 

Rosie m 

Ross 666, 1673 

Ross Mechling 1080 

Ross Toy 690 

Roy d978, 1249, 1601 

Roy P 709 

Rufus 1008 

Russel 1020 

Ruth 250,1250,1608 

Ruth A 1484, 946 

Ruth May 992,2458 

Ruth R 528 

Sadie 234, 1119, 1491, 1593 

Sadie E 1901 

Sadie M 598 

Sally 1038, 1073 

Sally J 1088 

Sally R 478 

Samantha J 897 

Samuel 19, 

135, 844, 882, 898. 971, 1877, 
1707, 2399, 2395, 2378, 2439, 2501 

Samuel, Jr 2503, 2521, 2524 

Samuel A 1809 

Samuel B 1998 

Samuel Dwight 924 

Samuel H 887,946,1906 

Sarah 271, 831, 888, 

1388, 1479, 1573, 1621, 1818, 
1588, 2100, 2384, 2164, 2393,2509 

Sarah A 176, 

900, 1153, 1706, 1254 

Sarah B 929 

Sarah Dick 1751 

Sarah M 846, 1785, 1808, 1896 

Sarah 2185 

Sarah Rebecca 643 

Savilla 1014 

Scott 1019, 2402, 2427 

Senthelia 1934 

Sewell 113 

Sharon 1486 

Sherman 1 166 

Simon 1006 

Simon Peter 636 

Smith G 2125 

Solomon 460,752 

Bowser, Solomon Abe 967 

Solomon R 752 

Sophia 175,193 

Sophia Catherine 789 

Spurgeon 230 

Stella M 939 

Steven 645 

Stephen 196 

Susan 184, 


Susanna 881 

Sylvester F 1936 

Fannie Waid 1094 

Thomas N 654 

Thompson P 893 

Thomas 1064, 1885 

Tillie 185 

Tillie Verata 533 

Tobias 1015 

Ulysses Selby 524 

Urich F 559 

Valentine 1926, 1999, 

16, 24, 134, 172, 2085, 

2209, 634, 842, 852, 1993 

Valentine M 2122 

Vera 736 

Victor Elnera 998 

Vima E 2233 

Vincent Earl 1108 

Viola 877,1462,1620,270 

Virgil M 157,al71 

Warren 553, 1252, 1676, 1602 

Ward 245 

Watson, (B. S.) 228 

Wayland Stanley 466 

Wayne 237 

Wellington, Rev 1094 

Wesley Smith 1097 

Whitsel 1167 

Wilbert 853 

Wilbert C 707 

Wilber 1440 

Wilber 1483 

Wilda 1572 

Wilda May 1660 

Willird B 1848 

William 64,95,257, 

539, 553,1004,1047, 
William A 147,539, 


William C 1616 

William D 825 

William E 1797, 2437 

William F 2396 

William G 1739 

William H 745, 




Bowser, William J 1735, 1748 

William L 2446, 548, 1720 

William 817 

William P 190,815,972 

William T 2482 

William W 155 

Winfield 2144 

Wilson 815,1558,1670 

Wilson Dale 1851 

Wilson L 1079,2361 

Wilson M 2403 

Wood, J. R 1595 

W. Reynolds 1515 

W. S 892 

Ximina 1965 

Zelia 584 

Zella b979 

Boyle, Catherine 1064 

Boylestein, Archibald 290 

Alma Kathryn 293 

Daisie Jeanette 295 

Elizabeth 292 

George L 291 

Sarah 204 

Sophia 296 

Branner, William 975 

Braum, Frank 1678 

Brice, Allen 2042 

Charles 2041 

James 1928 

Brooks, Elizabeth 2399 

Linnie 2182 

Brown, Charles K 2439 

Eugene M 674 

Gififord C 673 

Graham L 675 

Harry 2448 

Harry C 669 

Ivar L 2447 

William K , ^ . . 623 

Brumbaugh, David Vi. h-. -782 

Ida 984 

Bruner, Cora 1333 

Bryan, Florence 1916 

Bryson, Catherine 1365 

Burford, Charles C 621 

Dora E 619 

Ida A 618 

Tames 608 

James T 620 

John F 616 

Parks, P 617 

Burnheimer, Elizabeth 1 149 

John 1146 

Mary 1148,1707 

Mathias 1145 

Samuel 1147 

William 1144 

Burns, Stofel 1415 

Butts, W. A 987 

Buzzard, Bertha 1051 

Ida 1050 

John 619 

Mary 1049 

Robert 1052 

Samuel 1048 

Calhound, Philip 1755 

Cambell, Ada 1867 

Maude Ellen 1285 

Margaret 2396 

Carbary, Alvin c979 

Carl, Anna 2035 

Cora 2036 

Florence 2039 

Harry 2032 

Lee 2031 

Michael C 2017 

Nelson 2034 

Robert 2038 

Rose 2033 

William 2037 

Case, Linda 2393, 2518 

Cashman, J. J 992 

Casper, Elizabeth 2021 

Cederborg, Carrie cl685 

Chain, Elizabeth 2389, 2514 

Chance, Druscilla 2399, 2524 

Chandler, Lydia 1992 

Chappell, Elizabeth 1654 

G H 1312 

Chilton," Jaiie Anna.' .... '. . .2396,' 2521 

Claar, Margaret 2172 

Miles 2183 

Thomas 2176 

Clark, Anna 2030 

Claypoole, Aida F 567 

Albert 1490 

Alexander 1568 

Alfred 1494 

Alice D. R 572 

Barbara 1492 

Boggs 1491 

Clarissa 1552 

Clinton W 571 

Elizabeth 1512 

Frank 2101 

Grover 1493 

Hannah 839 

Harriet 1630 

Harvey 1561 

HazelleM 569 

Homer H 566,505 

Howard M 554 

Isabelle 1505 

Lloyd M 568 



Claypoole, Lottie dl452 

Loyol 1640 

Margaret 1642 

Mary Belle 570 

Mary J 1650 

Melvina 1640 

Mona 564 

Nancy J 1545 

Obediah 1610 

Oliver V 1632 

Pauline 2211 

Raymond 1496 

Vera M 565 

Wilda 1495 

Cleve, Joseph c979 

Clever, Elsie 1100 

Close, Jennie gl64 

Cochran, David 935 

Cogan, Charles 1025 

Chester 1027 

Elizabeth 1029 

Elsie 1031 

Ethel 1030 

Gertie 1024 

Henry 1005 

Herbert 242 

James Blain 1026 

Joseph B 243 

Kenneth 244 

Stella 1028 

Cole, Nancy 1705 

Collier, Amelia B 721 

Annie Jane 719 

Clyde Olden 723 

Dorothy Eaton 729 

Etta Florence 728 

Floyd L 727 

Harry Emmitt 722 

James Milton 724 

John 689 

John Herbert 720 

Laura Agnes 725 

Ross Nelson 726 

Colvin, Alice 121 

Blanche 127 

Charles 123 

Frank E., Esq 126 

George 122 

John 124 

William 125 

Condron, Comfort 2476 

John L 2432 

John P 2475 

Leo J 2474 

Theda B 2473 

TheraG 2472 

William 2477 

Cook, Abrahm 1523 

Cook, Anna J 1526 

Bertha 1304 

Elizabeth F 1525 

Nell Irene 1524 

Cooke, Bennett R 1313 

Cooper, Elizabeth 1804 

Cornman, Henry 1644 

Margaret 1 890 

Cousins, Absalom 1549 

Alexander 1547 

David 1387 

Edgar 1917 

Elmer 1388, 1907 

Emily 2227 

Goldie 1918 

Isaac 1391 

John 1546 

Joseph 1550 

Julia 1389 

Lawrie 1919 

Levi 1548 

Margaret 1390 

Ollie 1990 

Polly 1344 

Pearl 1438 

Thomas 1510 

William 1348 

Cowan. William 1398 

Craig, Catherine 2291 

Emily 2290 

Fannie 2367 

Martha H 816 

Sherman 2293 

Thomas 2270 

Wesley 2292 

Cramer, Maude 1167 

Maude A 1849 

Cravenor, Addison P 693 

Amelia Ann 695 

Elizabeth Jane 694 

John S 683 

Laura Etta 696 

Mary Jemima 698 

Rosa 1629 

William A 697 

Crawford, Benjamin bl64 

Catharine el64 

Charlotte 1229 

Edna 1230 

Elizabeth 1231 

Elmira fl64 

Eva 621 

E. E 1228 

Frances L il64 

John cl64 

Louise hl64 

Mary Ann al64 

Matilda dl64 



Crawford, Travis gl64 

Crawshaw, Charles 1084 

Crisman, Abraham 2207, 2233 

Elizabeth 1692,2188,2191 

Esther 2196 

Harvey 2289 

Jacob 2270 

John 2191 

Joseph 1986 

Lee 1402 

Lettie 1439 

Levi 2237 

Louis N 2345 

Martin 2288 

Mary 2189 

Peter 2239 

Roland 2254 

Samuel 2245 

Urie B 2366 

Croyle, Adam 2251 

Frederick 1441 

John 1394, 2223 

Cunningham, Alice 2403 

Minnie 1728 

William 1737 

Cypher, Ora 1020 

Dailey, Bert 1692 

Charles 1691 

Harry 1693 

Helen 1076 

James 1683 

James L 1695 

Mary 1690 

Rebecca 1699 

William 1694 

Darling, William 1431 

Daut, George 1822 

Davidson, Anna 817 

Margaret 1885 

Davis. Althea M 1800 

Bell 2289 

Charles S 1801 

Clair 2464 

Elizabeth 1803 

Harriet E 2466 

Harriet 1 2469 

Isaah 2280 

John W 2465 

Lenora M 2470 

Marie 1802 

Mary Ann 2095 

Miles 2433 

MolHe 1475 

Robert M 2468 

Thelma 2467 

William 1795 

Delp, Julia 2030 

Margaret el260 

Depp, Glenn H 2454 

James W 2450 

John H 2440 

Leroy 2451 

Lloyd 2449 

Martha J 2453 

William C 2452 

Deyoe, Robert E 2310 

Dias, Maud 2074 

Dick, Eliza 1733 

Margaret 1729 

Dickerson, Phoebe O jl64 

Albert W ol64 

Dickey, Ethel 551 

Grace 551 

Hattie 551 

John 551 

Dinsmore, Anna E dl869 

Ella E el869 

Floronna C fl869 

Frederick F hl869 

James R al869 

Marian A gl869 

Marion 1869 

Mary E cl869 

Nellie M bl869 

Divelbiss, Margaret 978 

Donahue, Charles P 367 

Clyde 384 

Evelyn 383 

Donnel, Edward 2315 

John 2273 

William 2314 

Donovan, John 2427 

Doty, Catherine 2299 

Douglas, Blair 2466 

Margaret H 2471 

Doutt, Ruth 2407 

Downing. George B 2103 

Duncan, Lulu dl864 

Early, William 2139 

Eaton, Hannah 1713 

Eddy, Brace D 1776 

Edwards, Abraham 1338 

Adam 1267 

Adam F 797 

Albert 1331 

Charles 799 

Elmer T 794 

Elsie 798 

Emmett 1337 

Esther 1334 

Finley 1333 

John 1332,2156 

Joseph 1339 



Edwards, Hugh 2116 

Mary 1876, 1977 

Matilda 2083 

Mary A 1330 

Nancy Jane 796 

Rebecca 1336 

Robert B 795 

Sallie 2084 

Wilson 1335 

W. Burleigh 785,1329 

Ekis, Benjamin S 199 

Blair C 202 

Charles 209 

Gertrude 574 

Henry A 198 

John C 206 

Kathryn 205 

Lem B 200 

Levi 557 

Minnie 203 

Mollie 204 

Tilly 208 

Ward 575 

Wilda 207 

William 201 

Elder, Nancy cl480 

Phoebe 2070 

Ellenberger, Anna 2350 

Ellwood, John 1302 

Emick, Montclaire 1965 

Emminger, George 624 

Emmonds, Donald 1030 

James 1031 

Relton 1029 

Richard 1032 

William 1028 

Evans, Anna al869 

Anna Louise 330 

Fmley Edward 329 

Fair, Catherine 685 

Chambers M 928 

Edith M 928 

Frederick B 401 

G. Wilson 355 

Isaac 2112 

Jacob Clifford 399 

Mary 2347 

Matthew 1696 

Merl L 928 

Neubert W 928 

Norman P 928 

Olive B 928 

Ralph S 928 

Simon A 400 

Stella B 928 

Vernie K 928 

Farrar. Daniel 1162 

Farster, Mary 1102 

Feb, Ethel J 2027 

Feicht, Nora 2107 

Feldman, Edward H 1843 

Sadie 1841 

Fennel Elizabeth 2210 

Peter 2242 

Fink, Cinderella 1001 

Valentine 1000 

Fipps, Jennie 1337 

Firth, Jessee 1954 

Fiscus, Dessie 1616 

Fish, Daniel 1343 

Mary 1874 

William A 1644 

Fitter, George 2485 

Flasher, Minnie 1919 

Flenner, Alexander 1370 

Anna B 1409 

Catherine 1347, 1355, 1368 

Christina 2197 

Christine 1350 

Domer 1365 

David 141, 1344, 1359, 1369 

Elijah 1346,2204 

Elizabeth 1366, 2085, 2265 

George 1361 

Harriette 1358 

Henry 22(iZ,\Zl2 

Isaac 1363 

Jacob 2266,1345,1373 

Rev. Jacob 1371 

Jane 546 

John 1364, 1374, 2264 

Julia 1356, 1367 

Julia Ann 1352 

Laura 2255 

Mary 1349, 1357 

Nancy 1351,2257,1353 

Nancy A 2199 

Owan 1360 

Sarah 1348 

Sara Jane 1354 

Thomas 1362 

Flick, Orion 2024 

Fluke, John 1017 

Susana 2390 

Fohney, Joseph 1986 

Fonner, Alda b2211 

Anna 2074 

Foreman, Harry 1531 

Forrester, Thomas 1908 

Foster, Bert 1232 

Clara 1825 

D. M 1882 

Glenn 1233 

Jennie 1225 

Rodney 1234 



France. Lulu 1840 

Frank, Vincent L nl64 

Frederick, Medora 1864 

Freeman, Eugene 1769 

French, Andrew 1422 

Annis 1424 

Cecil 1427 

David 963 

David F 1423 

Emanuel 1392, 2220 

Freda S 1425 

Harry S 1428 

Vernon 1426 

Frick, Abram 177 

Ada Jane 413 

Amanda 431 

Carrie L Z7Z 

Catharine 403 

Chambers 402 

Chambers F 419 

Charles 432 

Charles M 363 

Charlotte 407,1166 

Daisie D 364 

Dora 430 

Florence 418 

Ford F 368 

Gertrude M 367 

Homer J 366,380 

Jack 381 

Jacob 2353 

James M 417 

John W 347,372,404 

Josephine E 371 

Katherine M 365 

Lillian Helen 416 

Lottie Bell 415 

Luther 405 

Mary Delilah 412 

Michael 406 

Norman E 370,385 

Orville H 369 

Richard L 375 

Rose Lee 414 

Rufus S 420 

Walter M 374 

Wesley 386 

William P 382 

Furgeson, Jean 1473 

Galusha, Betsy J 1519 

Mary B 1505 

Gamble, Elizabeth 2028 

Frank 2029 

Mary 2009 

Randall 2030 

Robert 2010 

Samuel 2015 

Garvin, Maude 2025 

Geary, Elizabeth 2208 

John A 1191 

William J 1154 

Geddings, Jennie 1894 

Geiger. Arthur 2035 

Bessie 1065 

Geiser, Bertha 1460 

Carrie 11685 

Hannah 1196 

Mahala 1193 

Margaret 1332 

Martha 1198 

May E 1192 

Samuel 1197 

Sarah A 1194 

William 1195 

Gibbons, Alice 2137 

Gibson, Harry dl869 

Joy 573 

Lobean 555 

Giles, Goldie 239 

Homer 238 

Mervin 240 

Sheridan 241 

Gillam, LydiaB hl644 

Ollie al644 

Glassel, Alice 1335 

Goflf, William 2428 

Gosser, Frank 1 1970 

Goud, James 626 

Grace, John 973 

Graffins, Pearl 2437 

Grafton, Candace 1569 

Joseph 2138 

Mary 2009 

Grantz, Adam 181 

Alice 507 

Benjamin 508 

George 511 

Mary Elizabeth 509 

Rose Agnes 510 

Gray, Aaron 2067 

Harvey 2191 

Jason 1910 

Greek, Daniel 2162 

Greesly, Acie 1590 

Ada 1592 

Emma 1594 

May 1593 

William 1555,1591 

Grier, John B 1948 

Guthrie, Adelynne S 279 

Elizabeth 277 

Ira D 278 

Hackensmith, David C 1898 

Hagenbottom, Hannah 1387 

Hamilton, Jane 2137 

William 2142 



Hanley, D. N 985 

Harding, Abigail sl64 

Callie ml64 

Caroline ul64 

Charity ql64 

Charles A al64 

Ella H ol64 

Frances L nl64 

Dr. George Tryon, Sr jl64 

Dr. George Tryon, Jr tl64 

Mary rl64 

Phoebe kl64 

Sophia 1164 

Warren G., President pl64 

Harman, Abram S 939 

Emma 1075 

Harlow 941 

Norma 940 

Harper, Frederick 2120 

Leonard 1828 

Har ringer, Catherine 2240 

Harth, J.N 1803 

Hartman, Mathias S 2308 

Hawk, Aaron 2278 

Adam 2286 

Ann 2281 

Annalee 222 

Benjamin S 210 

Catherine 2283 

David 2269,2284 

Delia 2287 

Elizabeth 2278 

Elizabeth Lee 216 

Flossy Ora 215 

Grace A 219 

Hattie May 213 

Hyatt L 223 

Jacob 2276 

Jennie R 212 

John Herbert 217 

Manuel 2282 

Mervin C 220 

Mildred F 221 

Mortimer C, Dr 211 

Rachael C 218 

Simon 2285 

William 2277 

William E 214 

Hawkins, Arreta 1937 

Elizabeth c980 

Jennie d980 

Mary a980 

Myrtle e980 

Rosa b980 

Hays, Carl T 2339 

Catherine A 2328 

Emily P 2343 

John W 2337 

Hays, Letitia L 2327 

Margaret 2335 

Martha E 2332 

Mary Jane 2322 

Minty 2344 

Nancy A 2340,824 

Nina 1 2338 

Rebecca A a2339 

Robert S 2342 

Rose B 2334 

Ruth E 2345 

Susanna 2333 

Thomas H 2341 

William 2321 

William M 2336 

Hazelett, Edwin N 398 

Peter H 510 

Thomas N 354 

Heasley, Edna 1315 

Edna E 1312 

EldoraL bl314 

Ellen M 1316 

Harry E 1318 

Henry W 1299 

Herbert W 1308 

James J al314 

Luella M 1307 

Paul Warren 1311 

Robert Hayes 1310 

Roland P 1319 

Wilda M 1313 

William 1309 

Heckman, Anna 616 

Howard 2033 

Heilman, Rhetta 1963 

Helm, Ada 592 

Catherine 590 

Clara 1691 

Conrad 587 

Curtis 594 

George 540 

Harvey 593 

Jacob 588 

Mary 586 

Nancy 589 

Wilson 591 

Helrick, Martha J 1753 

Helsel, Catherine 2190 

Henry 2192 

Mary Ann 1724 

Peter 2194 

Henry, Alexander 1352 

Catherine 1434 

Cornelius 1157 

David 1430 

Hannah 541 

Jacob 541 

Jane 541.1431 



Henry, John 541,1349 

Julia 1432 

Mary Ann 1433 

Valentine 541 

William 541,1429 

Hepler. Mary Jane 1717 

Sarah 1716 

Hetrick, Charles 1586 

Ella 1361 

Pearle 1584 

Hershey, Mary 1884 

Hewes, Floyd 1834 

Heyer, Henry W 518 

Mary Elizabeth 518 

Hill, John A 2023 

Hilliard, Harriet 1980 

Hoagland, Thomas K 1109 

Hockman, Ethel bl731 

Hodgson, Lucy 11685 

Holder, Catherine 2047 

David 2046 

Jacob 2044 

James 1929 

Julia 2048 

Robert 2045 

Suslan 2049 

Hollobaugh, Caroline 1079 

Hooks, Adaline 2230 

Adaline M 1441 

Amos M 1436 

Annie 2072 

Bertha M 1446 

Caroline 2202 

Catherine 2243 

Chambers 2069 

Chambers M 1437 

Christopher M 1443 

Elizabeth 2067 

Goldie M 1440 

Homer M 1444 

Hugh 2253 

Jasper 2068 

John 1393 

Laura A 1481 

Lina 2360 

Maddison 2070 

Mary 2241 

Merlis 1435 

Mont 2262 

Peter 2071 

Plumber M 1438 

Pressy 1439 

Robert 1932 

Sarah 1557 

Sarah A 2202 

Violet M 1445 

William M 1442 

Hopper, Melinda dl260 

Hopper, Sadie 2018 

Hornberger, Gus 2098 

Householder, Ella 1870 

Hudson, Charles F 676 

Henry A., Sgt 681 

Herbert P 678 

James Grover C 680 

James M., Capt 644 

Mable G 679 

Thomas N 677 

Huey, Joseph F 1751 

Hughes, Tillie 927 

Hurlburt, Louise 2297 

Hyf ringer, Calud E 1962 

Ihenlot, Edith 1917 

Ikler, Helen E 517 

William H 517 

Inglet, Mary 2110 

Iseman, Hugh F 1956 

Hugh Wilson 1957 

Louis Irene 1959 

Robert Earl 1958 

Jack, Bell 1532 

Caroline 1515 

Catherine 1513 

Chambers T., Rev 1535 

Emma 1540 

George 1507 

George W 1516 

Jacob 1519 

Jane 749,1533 

John 1508,1538 

John A 1517 

Johnston 1536 

Laura M 304 

Letitia 1534 

Lobana 309 

Margaret 305,1514,1537 

Mary 1541 

May 1531 

Milton 308 

Nancy 1530 

Olive J 1529 

Otis 1537 

Robert 306 

Rose 307 

Thomas 1518 

Jones, Elizabeth 990 

David 1056 

John 1057 

Mary 1055 

Thomas 1058 

William 1054 

John, Abner 2256 

Abraham 2249 

Adam 2196,2205 



John, Adam E 2216 

Alexander 1409 

Allamay 1411 

Ann 2209,2254,2270 

Anna 543 

Barbara 1393 

Bertha 1412 

Caroline 2251 

Catherine 2273,2222, 


Catherine Ellen 2215 

Christian, Rev 2274 

Christina 2207, 2226, 2268 

Christine 1398,2194 

Daniel 2319 

David Isaac 1406 

David M 1418 

Earl b2211 

Edward a2211 

Elijah 1435 

Elizabeth 1392, 1401, 

1413, 2121, 2272, 2192, 2220, 2320 

Ellen 2228 

Emily 2253 

Esther 1346,1395. 

1452, 2269, 2193, 2204, c2211 

Esther Ann 2225 

Flora A 2219 

Frederick 1405, 

2115, 1991, 2195, 2238 

George D 1414 

Genevieve 1417 

Grace 1436 

Guy 2247,2262 

Harriet 2294 

Hazel 2148 

Harvey 1407, 2257 

Helen E 1419 

Henry 2202 

Hugh 2255 

Ida 1400, 2237 

Isaac 2201,2240 

Isaiah 2244 

James 2230 

Jacob 2267 

Jane 2223 

Jeremiah C 2210 

Jerry 2206 

John 1380,2188,2198 

John A 1403,2230 

John W 2214, 2318 

Julia Ann 2233 

Lee 2261 

Louise 2258 

Mable D 1420 

Manuel 1408, 2252 

Margaret 2224, 2242, 2248 

Martin 1350,1297,2213,2316 

John, Martha 2250 

Mary E 2217 

Mary Jane 2231,1399 

M. L 1421 

Michael 2271 

Minnie 2293 

Nancy 1394, 1402, 1722, 2236 

Nancy F 1415 

Obediah 2241 

Peter 1351, 

1404, 2119, 2196, 2199, 2235 

Philip 2203,2212 

Phoebe 2260 

Ralston 2246 

Rebecca 2239 

Rose 2259 

Sarah 1396, 2221 

Sharon 1410 

Samuel 2200,2243 

Stanley 1416 

Susan 2245 

Tobias 2317 

Walter 2318 

William . . 1397, 2208, 2227, 2229, 2262 

Wilson 2261 

Johns, Shed hl64 

Johnston, John 2019 

Thomas H 933 

Kagarise, Lena 2186 

Kampman, William 1823 

Karns, Mary 2414 

Kell, Anna 2178 

Keller, Minnie L 1839 

Kelly, Elizabeth 976 

Kelso, Elizabeth 1646 

Kennedy, Cora V 1741 

James 1762 

Kennings, Eliza 1377 

Kepple, Plummer 1621 

Kern, Elizabeth 2304 

Kerr, Beulah 772 

Charles W 774 

Clyde E 778 

Ethel E 775 

Ida Helen W 

Paul 780 

Pauline 781 

M. S 882 

Russel A n(> 

Stanley J 779 

Theodore C 773 

Kettering, Mary N 1942 

Kimmel, Annie 2012 

Florence 1640 

Sarah 1345 

King, Chambers 2279 

Doctor 1802 



King, George 1882 

Hannah 783 

Harriet Anna 782 

James 2100,2162 

Lyman 784 

Margaret 615 

Stacy 2090 

William 748,1336 

Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth 2406 

Kirkwood, Cora 1122 

Kline, Barbara 1342 

Catharine 1343 

Ethel Irene 521 

Frank J el685 

Harold Eugene 523 

Marion Agnes 522 

Marion R 523 

Mary 1341 

Peter 1340 

Robert Wyant 332 

Kling, Florence pl64 

Kramer, Charles W 2304 

Cassius F 2296 

Clarence A 2306 

Hazel Candace 2307 

Homer F., Dr 2305 

Isabel Louise 2310 

Ruth Elizabeth 2308 

William E 2309 

Kranz, Frederick 1831 

Kribbal, Mary E 686 

Krider, Anna F 2424 

Kuhls, Henry 2481 

Laird, Austin 2349 

Finley A 316 

Rose L 317 

Larden, Mary J 1871 

Lark, Earl 2033 

Lasher, Arda J 422 

Catherine 1723 

Cora J 421 

Frederick 1911 

James H 423 

Jane 2008 

Jennie 1331 

John H 426 

Lem A., Dr 427 

Lowden 428 

Mable 1437 

Mary 2203 

Maude D 424 

Myra 2374 

Nicholas, Rev 1379 

Prisilla 2055,2201 

Samuel 1690 

Sarah 2200 

William L 425 

Lawrence, John W 1835 

Lawson, Margaret 1520 

Leech, John 1328 

Mable 1278 

Leedan, P. W 1947 

Lemon, Ross 1434 

Linton, John 1772 

Livengood, Christina 1644 

Henry 1644 

Mary 1644 

Livesay, Lydia 1833 

Livingston, Cora 1966 

Lloyd, Richard 2443 

Logan, Carrie cl866 

Emerson bl866 

Harry W al866 

James D 1866 

Martha E dl866 

Myrtle R. A el866 

Oldf rey B f 1866 

Long, John 981 

Mary .....a981 

Lord, Edgar A 1110 

Lowmaser, Nancy 2277 

Lucas, Alice 1363 

Ludington, Walter nl64 

Lydick, Anna 2286 

Lynch, Charles 2489 

Lytle, A. L 1013 

Charles 1585 

Ella 2205,2415 

Mahaffey, Harry A 672 

Luella E 671 

Maude 669 

Miner 670 

William 638 

Malone, Rodney 1868 

Susan 632 

Manning, William C 1768 

Manross, Benjamin 339 

Eli 342 

Finley 341 

George Z3t7 

Ira 343 

Luetta 338 

William 340,344 

Manson, Virginia 1314 

Manthe, Hayes 1745 

Nora 1756 

Marks, Agnes 1922 

Edith Josephine 517 

George 1923 

Helen Elizabeth 520 

Jane 1921 

John C 509 

John E 519 

Muriel Agnes 518 



Marks, Rhuhanna 1920 

Samuel 1924 

Marsh, Harry S 1522 

Jack C al527 

Philip R. bl522 

Marshall, Catherine 2395 

Mast, Frank 1292 

Mates, James B 1944 

Marshman, Benjamin xl64 

Charles wl64 

Daniel ml64 

Frank yl64 

John T vl64 

Warren . , zl64 

Matlock, Rev. Joseph f 164 

Matta, Elizabeth 2313 

John 2301 

Maxwell, Mary 1503 

Mayes, Sarah 1779 

Meals, Bernie 1801 

Mechlin, Agnes 2043 

Mechling, Catherine 1364 

Kitty 1078 

Meehan, Catherine 2493 

Mertz, T. E 1012 

Michel, Jane 2274 

Middah, Ella E 1831 

George E 1832 

Hattie E 1830 

James 1815 

Serena 1834 

William N 1833 

Miller, Dorothy M 806 

Ellen 1669 

Florence 2480 

Gertrude 1483 

Guy 1571 

Milton 2402 

Sarah bl64 

Susanna 1323 

W. E 792 

Zellers 80S 

Milligan, Sarah 815 

Mills, Elizabeth el864 

Minich, Agnes 1697 

Mitchell, Thomas kl64 

Mixer, Delilah F 562 

Frederick F 561 

G. F 550 

Nellie Pearl 563 

Mobley, Emma 1721 

Mohney, Molly 1324 

Montgomery, Alvin R 2378 

Dorothy B 2377 

Emma 1623 

Eva Myrtle 2371 

Frances 1 2376 

George Finlay 2368 

Montgomery, Harvey M 2354 

Joseph H 2374 

Lulu Mable 2370 

Margaret M 2373 

Merle D 2369 

Montgomery, Robert 2367 

Rose 2096 

Susan 1624 

Thomas A 2372 

William 2375 

Moore, Fanny S 977 

Garnet 2149 

Jean 1068 

Mary 1472 

Morgan, Delia 2369 

Morrison, Agnes 1760 

Alice A 1766 

Catherine 1761 

Charles Munson 1771 

Clara Emma 1770 

Erben Henry 1765 

Eunice Catherine 1769 

Flora Josephine 1768 

Hannah Jeanette 1772 

Hiram 1763 

James Eaton 1774 

John 1709 

Joseph 1759 

Rebecca 1762 

Silas Muroe 1767 

Stella al480 

William Dawson 1773 

Morrow, Mollie 1471 

Sadie 1459 

Morse, Elizabeth 1163 

Moses, Hannah 2044 

Moul, Clara 2422 

Murphy, Mary Ann 1931 

Henry 2487 

Jane 2483 

Margar,et 2493 

Myers, A. J. R 1864 

L. C bl869 

Mary 1499, 2388 

Pearl 1773 

McAntosh, W. G 2303 

McAntyre, Wilda 1071 

McCall, Alice 2147 

McCauley, James 2343 

McClafferty, Neal 1760 

McCollum, Arthur f956 

Bartholomew R al68S 

Carrie e9S6 

Charles a956 

Daisie c956 

David Lee gl68S 

Delia C hl68S 

Elizabeth ml68S 



McColIum, Ella Alberta kl685 

Frank C il68S 

Grace h9S6 

Henry 1650 

James H dl68S 

John J el685 

Lillie b956 

Lulu j956 

Lydia 884 

Lydia Ann j 1685 

Margaret J bl685 

Matthew 956 

Minnie d956 

Mary 1604 

Nancy 2271 

Ocie g956 

Phoebe fl685 

Roy 1956 

Walter k956 

William 1685 

William A cl685 

Zetta Mae el685 

McConnel, Frank hl685 

McCormick, Ella R 2438 

McCoy, Katherine 1764 

William 2028,2052 

McCullough, Alexander 783 

Bartholomew 1698 

Bell 1207 

Charles 1697 

Ella al685 

Harvey 1119 

McCullough, Isaac 1687 

James 783,1043 

Lottie May 1696 

Margiareit 783 

Mary 783 

Mulvene 1120 

Robert 1121 

William 783 

McCutcheon, David B 1775 

JaneD 1776 

John A 1766 

McDonald, Pearl 1581 

McElnay, William 2392 

McElravy, John 1354 

McGarvey, Ann 2318 

Mary 2317 

McGeary, Charles 1238 

Everett 1236,1595 

Florence 1239 

Melba 1237 

McGlaughlin, John 2320 

McGraw, Margaret 882 

McGreggor, Linda 2285 

Sarah 2073 

McGuire, John 1746 

Mcllsie, Fannie 2125 

McKelvey, James 1467 

McMaster, John S 1307 

McMillon, Bertha 559 

McNabb, Mary A 634 

Susan 636 

McNeil, Harry 1302 

Mollie R 1276 

McNerney, James 2426 

McQuinny, Edward 1495 

McNutt, David 1635 

Nelson, Grace 1851 

Jacob 2047 

Newton, Lawrence L 1772 

Nichols, Kenneth W 312 

Nicaemas, Amana 2276 

Nixon, Charles 2390,2515 

Noble, Harvey 1466 

Rose 819 

Norman, James 2048 

Null, David C 379 

Numbers, Simon A 1164 

Nunamaker, Samuel 1644 

Nures, Hazel M 1848 

Oast, Fred 991 

Ober, Elizabeth 1587 

Olinger, Floyd 118 

Freda 1117 

Harry E 1113 

Leland 1114 

Leroy lllS 

Maude 1116 

Oliver, John 1398 

Martha Jane 1040 

Osborne, Carolyn nl64 

Painter, Edward F 387 

Frank M 348,390 

Henry A 1747 

James A 1740 

Jessie D 1746 

Jay Crawford 389, 387 

Mable A a390 

Margaret 1745 

Norman H 387 

Sarah Ann 388 

Stanley C 1744 

Trix 2425 

Vernice A 1743 

William W 1742 

Palmer, H. D el869 

Parrin, Oliver 1014 

Paxton, Amos 2411, 2536 

Perrin, Percy A 2104 

Pet, Maria 2159 

Pettit, Ella 2465 

Phails, Dorcas 1463 



Philips, Curtis 2295 

Eleanor W al305 

Gemima 1886 

Grace 2303 

Hollie B 2302 

Rachael 1905 

Roland 1305 

Piatt, Thomas 2497 

Porterfield, Lemuel 611 

Portevus, Catharine 1972 

Pounds, Lavinna 1797 

Quigley, David 1990 

Lee D 2358 

Quinn, William 628 

Ramer, William 2051 

Razor, Margaret 1501 

Mary 1504 

Rea, Alice 1774 

Rebolt, Charles 484 

Elizabeth M 485 

Frank 485 

Genevieve 486 

John 463 

Reed, Robert 1479 

Reese, Lottie 2034 

Regis, Margaret 1976 

William 2167 

Reighard, Ephraim 2260 

Reiss, Salome 2305 

Rereigh, Lena 1694 

Idella 2406 

Reyburn, Hulda 1730 

Mary 1731 

Reynolds, Delia 1835 

John 1860, 1838 

Josie 1837 

Margaret gl685 

Matilda L 1836 

Rhodes, Martha 2401 

Rial, Edward 1761 

Richards, Lewis S., D.D.S 1783 

Richardson, Margaret 1213 

Rickel, Catherine B 1385 

Catherine E 813 

Flora 811 

George 810, 1383, a2112 

Jacob J 1382 

James H 1384 

Lulu 814 

Martin 812 

Samuel 1381 

Rickets, Josie 1853 

Ridley, Robert 1974 

Ritchey, Alexander 1928 

James 2043 

Rock, Lucille 1188 

Roland, Wilda 605 

Roland, T 2402 

Roofner, Wilson 2185 

Roop, Charles 1011 

Roudabush, Arthur 1657 

Elizabeth 1654 

Eve 1450 

Mary 1450 

William fl644 

Rowe, Carrie 2022 

Rumbaugh, William 618 

Rupert, Lilly 2429 

Minnie 691 

Rush, Sarah 1006 

Russel, Carl 934 

Charles 919 

Claude M 917 

Edna J 920 

Glendora 918 

Helen 631 

John B 916 

John M 933 

Lebbius 915 

Wilda M a920 

Williard J a920 

Ruth, George 1532 

Rutter, Thomas 1355 

Harriet 1429 

Saddler, Jane 1887 

Sample, Louisa 2053 

San4ers, Rachael 2300 

Schall, Ellis 2049 

Schreckengost, Daniel 1055 

Edith 451 

Forest 452 

Herbert 454 

Ida 1058 

Jacob 1330 

Mollie 1362 

Samuel 410 

Sannis 450 

Sarah 1322 

Viola 453 

Schubert, August C 1293 

Schumaker, Ella 2041 

Schwemm, G. E cl869 

Seely, John 2535 

Seifert, Edith 1953 

Seitz, Andrew 1871 

Seligman, W. M 1218 

Sell, Minnie 2181 

Serene, Martha 1274 

Settlemeyer, Harrison 2187 

Shaffer, Edward 1866 

Lida 1765 

Shankle, Frank 1589 

Shannon, Mary 1087 



Sharp, Maggie 1361 

Shaw, Alexander Zll 

James B 364,378 

Stanley A 376 

Shawham, James 2392, 2517 

Shearer, Adam 1631 

Alfred 1465 

Sarah 1651 

Sheasley, Ardell 1283 

George 1280 

Harold 1284 

Pauline 1282 

Ralph 1281 

Shepherd, Sadie 1243 

Sarah 1599 

Sherman, Margaret 892 

Shock, Jacob 2394 

Shoop, Alfred 1588 

Shrader, Alexander 2098 

Anna S b2112 

Elizabeth 2111 

Finley 2108 

Jacob 2109 

Lydia a2112 

Manuel 2110 

Matilda 2112 

Shuster, Edgar B 804 

Howard F 802 

Julia K 800 

Mathias H 801 

Zella B 803 

Sim, William 1943 

Simmers, Lydia 2077 

Simonds, Frederick L 1852 

Sink, George 2404 

Skinner, T. Talmadge 1111,1112 

Slagle, Abraham 1927 

Abraham L 2025 

Alice 2017 

Annie Jane 654 

Ann 958 

Catharine 960 

Chambers 953 

Cora 1301 

Daniel 883,2008 

David 962 

Ella 963 

Emma 959 

Frances H 2020 

George 2007 

George A 2027 

Harvey 961 

Jacob A 2009 

Jennie 2011 

John 886, 955,2012 

Lemuel 952,957 

Manuel 2013 

Margaret 1930 

Slagle, Mary 2015 

Mary A 956 

Mary E 2024 

Melinda 2016 

Mehssa 2010 

Miles 954 

Nancy 2086 

Quintine E 2026 

Samuel E 2022 

Sarah M 2023 

Washington 2018 

William H 2021 

Sloan, Jennie E 893 

Small, Samuel 1873 

Smiley, Mary B 1941 

Smith, Anna 1360 

Charles 1474 

Claude E 1830 

Elizabeth 1009 

James 1725 

John 2219 

Lucy 1183 

Rose 1325 

Virginia 1248 

William 1247, 1597 

Williard 2388,2513 

Snowden, Evaline 684 

Snyder, Catherine 1044 

Elizabeth 1570 

Somerville, Blaney 1656 

Southworth, Jennie 759 

John 744 

Otis 757 

Phoebe 758 

Rebecca 756 

Sarah 755 

Spang, Alfred 515 

Arthur d514 

Beatrice R d512 

Dorothy May b514 

Doyle Henry a513 

George H c512 

Grant McKay b512 

Harold H c514, 516 

Henry 507 

Jessie Gibson 514 

Kenneth E a514 

Mable P e512 

Smith McKey a512 

William E 513 

Sparks, Mary 2391, 2516 

Spellman, Wood 1001 

Spenser, Susan 2284 

Spiker, Chambers 2140 

Charles 2141 

Spilman, J. H. R 1160 

Spitznagel, Minnie 1820 

Stair, Catherine 1002 



Stall, Fannie K 2278 

Stand, Leonard 2089 

Stanley, Susan 1903 

Starr, Charles C f 1685 

Margaret W 1266 

Stauffer, Anna Z 2330 

Austin Cyrus 2329 

Earl Raymond 2331 

Steel, Ambrose 1018 

Mary 970 

Steelsmith, Simon 2193 

Steinmetz, Adam 612 

Katherine 615 

Stevenson, J. W 1800 

Stewart, J. P 1217 

Striker, George 627 

Stitt, Caroline 2122 

Lena 1583 

Stock, Sarah R cl731 

Stockdale, Margaret 1042 

Stoughton, Emily 1266 

Stover, Oliver bl260 

Summerville, Manda 1173 

Swank, Florence 1744 

Frederick 1743 

Swartzlander, Nettie 692 

Swisher, Viola M 988 

Swigart, Abraham 139, 

1256, 1260, 1033 

Alexander Lowry 1294 

Anna R 1280 

Bessie cl452 

Clarence dl260 

David M 1274 

Daniel 1257 

Daniel W., Rev 1265 

Edna 1271 

Elizabeth 1255,1262 

Ella J 1298 

Elvira 1305 

Emma 1296, 1299 

Eva M 1303 

Flora 620 

Fonda E 1286 

Frank H 1301 

H. B 1278 

Jacob 1253,1259 

James W 1270 

Jerrie 1083 

John 1254, cl260, 1265 

John B 1276 

John J 1300 

Jonas 1264 

Joseph F el260, 1263 

Larry B 1291 

Lotta 1275 

Lycurgus 1269 

Malinda J 1268 

Swigart, Margaret 2032 

Margaret 1 1302 

Mary 1258, bl260, 1980 

Maude Lucille 1293 

Mildred La Verne 1292 

Mollie R 1279 

Morna 1272 

Murial 1273 

Nancy 1267 

Rebecca 1261, 2395 

Sarah 1266 

Sarah A 1295 

Sarah B 1277 

Sarah E al260 

Samuel S 1304 

Tarr, Nora 2375 

Taylor, William 2099 

Templeton, Mary 1793 

Norma J 1296 

Ruth 1297 

Thomas, Mary J 1306 

Lewis 1826 

Thompson, Christina 1882 

Ella 2042 

Jane Ann 2400, 2525 

John 1881,2169 

Joshua 1883,2171 

Mary 1108,1880 

William H 1850 

Thistle, Elizabeth 1002 

Thornton, Edward 1814 

James 1829 

Nora 1828 

Roy 1827 

Tiger, Clark 2281 

Toy, Abraham 606, 1606 

Alice L 628 

Alonza 605 

Ann 2198 

Anna E 623 

Bell 1168 

Benjamin Lee 614 

Catherine 603,1381 

Catherine W 627 

Charles W -. 630 

Clara 605 

David 1375 

Daisie 605 

Delilah 613,1156 

Dora E 626 

Elizabeth 608,1625 

Ellen 612 

Elmer J 625 

Esther 609 

Florence V 629 

Frank 605 

Hamilton 856 



Toy. Harry 605,1659 

Harvey 1623 

Jacob 1376 

James 605,1377 

James, Rev 1347 

Julia 1380 

Margaret 604, 1379 

Margaret E 624 

Mary 611,605 

Mary A 839 

Mary D 622 

Mary J 605 

Michael 602 

Peter 1378, 166, 1624, 607 

Raymond H 631 

Rebecca 605 

Ross 615 

Samuel 605 

Valentine 610 

Walter H 1864 

Wilber R 1963 

William 605,1433 

Tracy, Jane L 1782 

Truby, Harrena 1971 

John 1967 

John J. H 1938 

Margaret 1970 

Mathias 1968 

Paul 1969 

Troutner, Emma 1084 

Henry 1082 

Lydda 1086 

Rebecca P 1085 

Sarah 1083 

Turk, Margaret 1904 

Tyler, Melvina 1158 

Percy 1161 

Uber, Susan 1763 

Utley, Harry D 1277 

Vibber, H. R 1841 

Vita, John 2480 

Voorliss, W. Van 1105 

Walker, Catherine 1644 

Charles 1085 

Christopher cl644 

Etta f 1644 

Frederick 2019 

Hamilton 1644 

John bl644 

John el644 

Joseph el644 

Lvdia 1644 

Miles al644 

Nancy J 1644 

Nora 2128 

Walker, Ollie gl644, 1663 

Priscilla 2136 

R. M 2011 

Roy a2132 

Sarah 1644 

William 1644 

Wallace, James D 2519 

Walls, Florence 891 

Walsh, Harry 1316 

Walter, Alexander 2177 

Julia 2180 

Rebecca 2179 

Warman, Emma 1817 

Sarah H 1821 

Warner, Harry L 1778 

Wass, Luanna 2398,2523 

Weamer, Ellen 821 

Weaver, Bernice 1695 

Henry 1053 

Weitzel, George 1915 

Wells, Kitty 2078 

Welsh, Lydia 2403 

Weyandt, Jacob 983 

Wheeler, Laura C 926 

Whitaker, Mary 2316 

White, Betsie 879 

Elizabeth J al731 

Martha 1403,2232 

Sarah E 1263 

Whitehead, Henry 1345 

Whitmer, Jacob 1612 

Wible, Alvin 1169 

Charles Wayne 1188,1189 

Charlotte 1172,1182,1190 

Donald 1226 

Dorothy 1179 

Effie 1217 

Edith 617,1216,1227 

Florence 1228 

Frances 1210 

George G 1 173 

Grace 1222 

Harriette 1185 

Harry 1184 

Helen 1214 

Henry 1225 

Howard 1175 

Hobart 1170 

Isaac 1213 

James 1155 

James Elmer 1183 

James Mark 1187 

John USD 

Julia 1211 

Marion 1215 

Mary 1177,1200 

Miles 1171 

Nannie 1199 



Wible, Olive 1218 

Parker 1207 

Paul 1208 

Richard 1176 

Robert 1153,1178 

Robert Lee 1180 

Tillie 1186 

Wanda 1181 

William 1209 

Wilson 1168 

Wilcox, Daniel 1672 

Wiley, Charlotte 938 

R. L 936 

Wanda Lee 937 

William 818 

Williams, David H..., 2413 

Esther 988 

Henry 2390,2515 

Hulda 2408,2533 

Maryetta 1059 

Sim 2401,2526 

Williard, Theil 1467 

Wilson, Affa 1945 

Aleru E 1949 

Amos 1934 

Ann 2166 

Charles 1953 

Clara Kate 1956 

Edwin 1951 

Elmer 1946 

Emma 2165 

Harry M 1955 

Isaac 1935 

Lourene 1947 

Margaret 1948 

Nordina 1944 

Olive 1952 

Ott N 1950 

William F 1954 

Winters, Ellis Calvin, Dr 467 

James Elmer 467 

Wolfe, Abram 411 

A. Weldon 323 

Bert 446 

Clifton 325 

Daniel W 322 

Delt 443 

Elsie 447 

Emanuel 448 

Eva 2195 

Ethel 455 

Frederick 444 

Frederick W 1754 

Gilbert 1320 

Guy 2146 

Irene 457 

Jeannette 410 

John 409 

Wolfe, Larry 449 

Lottie 409 

Milburn 326 

Naomi 456 

Orca May 324 

Robert 445 

Tillie 553 

Thomas 2283 

William, Dr 408 

Wolford, John 820 

Womer, Nila R 2479 

NolaR 2478 

Ren L 2472 

Wood, Florence 1781 

Woods, Willis 1298 

Woodrow, Martha 1386 

Workman, Albert T 1845 

Wyant, Alma 297 

Adam Martin (Hon.) 2299 

Andrew R. E. (Dr.) 2297 

Anna Sophia 315 

Benjamin F 318 

Benjamin W 284 

Catherine 286, 1883 

Christian 283 

Christian W 2311 

Christian Y 2272 

Corbinr Wayland 333 

David 1401,1509 

Delilah S 281 

Eli Fluke 282 

Ella Barbara 2170 

Emma 285 

Finne Lulu 310 

Florence Belle (Dr.) 2301 

Gaynell Isabell 321 

Harding Ashley 319 

Hazel Castello 335 

James 1545 

James Ray 298 

Jay B. F. (Dr.) 287 

Jemima 1978 

John 1543, 1878,2226 

John Banks 2170 

John Finley 313 

Kramer 336 

Margaret 288 

Margaret C 331 

Martha 2312 

Mary 280, 1881,2169 

Mary Ann 2295 

Mary Josephine 311 

Mary Louise 334 

May 303 

Muriel Josephine 320 

Oliver 1544,2224 

Ray Finley 301 

Reno Curtis 300 



Wyant, Rose Elvira 2296 

Samuel 1542 

Samuel B. R 314 

Sarah Alliene 328 

Sarah Margaret 2298 

Sophia Irene 327 

Sophia Isabelle 302 

Stella Mindon 299 

Susanette 289 

William Whitfield 2300 

Wynecoop, Eva 2247 

Yale, John 2115 

Yates, Ella 2054 

Hovie 2130 

Yerty, Mary Ellen 746 

Susan 1646 

Yingst, Catharine 1152 

Yockey, Gabriel 1628 

Young, Mary Curll 1936 

Younkins, Elmer 1627 

Frank 1629 

Margaret 1665 

Mary Belle 1628 

Michael 1607 

Nelson 1626 

Samuel 1644 

Yount, Margaret 1494 

Zillefrow, Abe 1321 

Grace 1201 

Haines A 1561 

Hallen 1203 

Julia 1202 

Kenneth 1206 

Leota 1205 

Mary 2372 

Olive 1204 

Zimmerman, Christine 1080 

Zwimer, Leeta R 2415 


Abbot, Maud 120 

Albert, Phoebe A 286 

Anthony, William 400 

Artman, Frederick J 197 

Baker, Edward 72 

Ethel 68 

Bailey, Everett H 165 

Maud M 227 

S. R 125 

Bish, Herbert 375 

Blaze, Elizabeth 15 

Baughman, Alma 261 

Florence 260 

Howard S 259 

Rolland 226 

Barker, Mark C 398 

Bowser, Adam all 

A. Merle 205 

Ada Jane 313 

Abram 410 

Adelia 482 

Anna 69,95, 135,415 

Anna Elizabeth 288, 427 

Anna M 119,293,385 

Anna Ruth 315 

Amanda 54, 283 

Absalom 357 

Albert E 361 

Albert S 464 

Agnes 409 

Alonzo 484 

Alexandre 453 

Ambrose 371 

Andrew 6,285,504 

Bowser, Arnold R 386 

Asbury E 460 

Augustus 455 

Barbara 413 

Benjamin 4, 15, 36 

Benjamin H 217 

Benjamin F 18 

Benjamin S 514 

Bert 394 

Bertha L 378 

Beulah M 202 


Caroline 354 

Catharine 14, 32, 

91, 219, 289, 439, 516 

Charlotte 476 

Christian 7, 25 

Clymer 364 

Carrie 400,498 

Carrie M 63 

Carrie A 120 

C Herbert 62 

Clara 67,226 

Clarence E. E 131 

Clura 411 

Chloe J 80 

Charles E 294 

Charles D 303 

Charles W 359 

Charles 393 

Chester L 321 

Daisy M 497 

Daniel 13, 89, 287 

Daniel R 318 



Bowser, Dennis R 381 

Dora 406 

Dorothy 139 

Edna 130 

Edward J 247 

Effie Z7i 

Elenore 469 

Ella R 496 

Ellen J 429 

Elizabeth 11, bll, 

ZZ, 90, 218, 416, 441, 474 

Elizabeth C 365 

Elizabeth M 72 

Eliza 447 

Eliza J 452 

Elmira 483 

Emily 495 

Emma 513, 115 

Emma J 523 

Emmitt 367 

E. Ward 66 

Eli 22 

Eugene A 309 

Eugene L 76 

Ethelyn V 465 

Eva C 462 

Frank 487 

Franklin 116,248 

Frances M 424 

Francillia L 489 

Frederick 412,428 

Felix 355 

Flora 352,405 

Florine 262 

G. Beulah 7Z 

George 12, 57,87,395,437 

George W 448,472 

Grace E 300,377 

Hannah 356,412 

Harry Ed 528 

Harry M 461 

Harry J 299 

Harry R 372 

Harrison A 399 

Harriet 284 

Hattie 506,525 

Harrison 358 

Hazel 132 

Helen 129 

Henry 420, 434, 485 

Henry J 449 

Howard 136,227 

Howard C 384 

Herbert N 312 

Irene 78 

Irwin 401 

Isaac 5, 21, 505 

Isaiah 56,481 

Bowser, Israel M 55 

Ivy 137 

Ivy P 375 

James A 360 

• James P 200 

Jacob 59, 96,432 

Jacob B 70 

Jacob C 251,419 

Jacob H 500 

Jennie 396 

Jefferson, C 423 

Jemima 250 

John 414, 433, 502 

Jesse 445,477 

Jesse H 459 

John E 68 

John A 407 

John H 444 

John J 291 

John W 431, 515, 521, 527 

Joel D 82 

John C 297 

Jonas 8 

Joseph 3 

Joseph E 20 

Joseph H 302 

Joseph H 314 

Julian 223 

Kenneth A 307 

King 382 

Lafayette 421 

Lafayette E 458 

Lewis 508 

Lewis W 518 

Lewis M 524 

Levi Z7, 348, 512 

' Lottie E 370 

Lola P 209 

Lousa 468 

Loben 398 

Lilly 134, 201 

Lillie M 290 

Lillie 1 298 

Lillie E 83 

Lydia 93,221, 479 

Lydia A 292 

Lydia 1 317 

Lucy 570 

Lucy A 478, 501 

Lucy C 404 

Lulu 64 

Luella R 81 

Luther D 383 

Lucinda 470, 480 

Nancy 442 

Nelson 133, 471 

Noah 438 

Normanda 467 



Bowser, Mabel G 

Madison 425 

Malinda 430 

Magdalena 9, 418 

Mary. . . .222, 413, 417, 440, 490, 526 

Mary A 311,481,522 

Mary E 366,402,517 

Mary J 520 

Mary 379 

Mary R 454 

Martha 511 

Margaret 35,220,403 

Margaret A 305 

Margaret L 310 

Martha A 296 

Maria 509 

Mark C 397 

Mellon 369 

Michael 443 

Mildred L 446 

Miller W 75 

Miriam M 303 

Moses M 286 

Myrtle 374 

Olive M 368 

Orra J 456 

Oscar S 316 

Pearl 128, 138 

Percival 79 

Peter 408, 436 

Priscilla 351 

Samuel. . .16, 17, 34, 58, 88, 224, 450 

Samuel H 216 

Samuel 118,495 

Sarah M 422 

Sarah J 493 

Sarah A 499 

Sarah 19, 61, 349, 446 

S. Maria 204 

Simon P 519 

Sophia E 482 

Solomon 2 

Stewart R 206 

Spencer 249 

Susan 38, 94 

Sylvanus F 457 

Sylvester S 473 

Ralph G 74 

Ray M 308 

Rayburn ^Jo 

Raymond E 320 

Rebecca 350, 507 

Rebecca S a223 

Robert E -24 

Russell J 206 

Ruphus C 380 

Ruth C 77 

Tina 92 

Bowser, T. Orrie 117 

Theodore 488 

Wesley 486 

Wilber A 301 

Wiley M 346 

William 435, 451, 475, 503 

William A 319 

William H 426 

W. Titus 71 

William U 463 

Vanburen 353, 363 

Virginia C 387 

Boylstein, May 394 

Brison, Pearl 408 

Brown, Elizabeth 372 

Maud 367 

Bubb, Phoebe 200 

Burgard, Amelia M ^. .. 332 

Beulah P 336 

David W 337 

Charles C 341 

Charles R Z2,:i 

Elenore M 338 

Dorothy 1 339 

Grace 1 334 

Mary 1 335 

Pershing W 340 

Wilson L 289 

Claypoole, Florence 376 

Ida 397 

Harmon J 413 . 

Nellie 398 

Chambers, Sarah C 353 

Cousins, Lee 413 

Cowden, Columbus 102 

Crisman, Mary R 358 

Cully, Mamie R 333 

Dowling, Charles 389 

Downs, Adam A 268 

Alma 133 

Carrie V 273 

Clarence E 271 

Chester F 275 

Charles A 280 

Charles T 264 

Diehl Iva R 264 

Dorothy Irene 281 

Ethel M 276 

Harry M 265 

Howard E 272 

James A 267 

James T 279 

Laura S 266 

Kenneth 278 

Margaret P 277 

Mary S 270 



Downs, Sarah E 274 

William E 269 

Dubbs, Ada 211 

Clinton 202 

Harold 210 

Lloyd 213 

Marie 212 

Eby, Anna 13 

Clayton 119 

Engle, Anna 74 

Faith, Harry P 402 

Fair, Amanda 21 

Farence, Mary E 287 

Fleckenstein, Catharine 57 

Flory, Anna 21 

Frantz, R. M 406 

Fuhrman, Mandilla 34 

Garbrick, Samuel 54 

Gardner, Alice 57 

Gemmill, Ivy 122 

Grome, Catharine 4 

Grove, Archibald H 126 

Clair A 168 

John R 169 

Nevin H 173 

Samuel H 167 

Stewart G 149 

Wilma E 170 

Hampshire, Claudie 214 

Reuben 201 

Haubert, Clarence 64 

Hershey, Mary 16 

Hess, Arthur 85 

Hershner, Anna M 150 

Bessie V 156 

Charles H 155 

Dorothy L 163 

Earl C 141 

Evaline M 157 

Erma F 154 

Florence E 162 

Florence 1 142 

Furman C 147 

Gemmill F 151 

Glenn E 146 

Hazel L 152 

Harry C 153 

Jessie C 164 

John J 115 

John D 140 

Leslie P 143 

Luther E 159 

Lulu M 148 

Margaret E 149 

Hershner, Mary J 161 

Raymond C 160 

Ruth E 145 

Wilber F 158 

William B 144 

Hoffman, William C 292 

Hoffstatter, Guy 80 

HoUinger, E 285 

Hoover, Emma 55 

John 268 

Mary E 282 

Jacobs. Charine 85 

Dora 87 

Samuel 60,86 

John, Jane 357 

Jones, Charles M 382 

Kaufman, Bessie M 343 

Isaac bll 

Robert C 290 

Keeny, Jacob F 195 

Bertha 253 

Helen E 258 

Jacob 254 

John P 250 

Keesey, Florence 140 

Keller, Elizabeth 18 

Kidd, Harvey N 198 

King, Charles 222 

Leander 233 

Dorothy J 263 

Ada 241 

Arthur 240 

Lilly 234 

Harry 236 

Minnie 237 

Mabel 235 

Samuel 238 

Wayne 239 

Wilmer 242 

Koppenheffer, Conrad 11 

Kraber, Edith 245 

Louis 223 

Luther 247 

Russell 246 

Capt. W. L 244 

Wilbert 243 

La Follette, Emma 106 

Margaret 107 

Nancy 108 

Ralph 109 

Sarah 105 

William 110 

Lasher, Ezekiel 409 

Maud 370 

Lehman, James P 322 



Lehman, Mary M 323 

Mildred M 306 

Ralph B 295 

Wilber 313 

Lewis, Wilbert 365 

Liggett, Violet 5 

Long, Mealy 349 

Robert 349 

Vance 378 

Marsh, Edith L 62 

Martin, Austin M 63 

Mead, Alexander 404 

McCollum, Bert 390 

Harvey 392 

McCullough, Ellen 390 

Eva 389 

Mary 388 

John 356 

McNab, Mary E 358 

McKelvey, Hattie 410 

Miller, Barbara 36 

Lydia 20 

Nicholas 9 

Leander 84 

Leanna 176 

Rachel 294 

Miliron, Reuben 377 

Michler, Flossie 70 

Misler, Ada 82 

Moyer, Paul B 253 

Verna 254 

Myers, Andrew 219, 231 

Leah 229 

Mary 230 

Sally 228 

Samuel 232 

Murtland, Sylvester 403 

Nafus, R. A 78 

Neal, Charlotte M 344 

Gerard R 345 

Norman 343 

Nevin, William E 196 

Peterman, Benjamin 178 

Elizabeth 175 

Henry 19,177 

Jessie 176 

Levina 22 

Jemima 179 

Howard 194 

Lerna 195 

Saranda 174 

Praul, Mary 121 

Rabenstein, Eugene F 172 

P. F 148 

Reehling, Alva 197 

Charles E 179 

Frances 198 

Ola 199 

Queenie V 196 

Reever, Carvin H 335 

Isabelle May 342 

Reiner, Elaine M 331 

Donald E 330 

William D 327 

Reitler, Anna 393 

Remsburg, E. E ql64 

Ruby, Chester 266 

Russell, James 351 

Sarvey, S. M 373 

Sellers, Alice 56 

Smalley, James 101 

Smith, Albert L 193 

Delia E 297 

Doctor il64 

Jemima 190 

Jeremiah 175 

Sadie U 192 

Sally 191 

Slonaker, Bessie 411 

Sowers, Christina 401 

Stamford, Laura 217 

Stauffer, Mary 8 

Sterner, Jacob 35 

Stoner, David 33 

Stoops, Maben 67 

Taylor, Wade 379 

Thompson, Celia S 59 

Toy, Robert 366 

Trone, Adam 174 

Cora 183 

Charles 186 

Chester 184 

Emma 187 

Harvey 182 

Ida 180 

Millard 189 

Paul 185 

Sadie 188 

Sarah 181 

Trout, Allen G 199 

Ulrich, Amanda 93 

Benjamin 88 

Benjamin S Ill 

Catharine 91 

Joema 92 ,1 

Peter 14 f' 

Reuben 112 

Samuel 89 

Sarah 90 



Wacking, Catharine all 

Walter, Esther M 328 

Grace M 327 

Joseph G 329 

William A 288 

Warner, John 54 

Willey, Ida 291 

Williams, Anna E 236 

Witmer, Peter 103 

Wolfe, William 388 

Wyant, Andrew, Rev nl64 

Maud E nl64 

Pearl C nl64 

Charles Harding nl64 

Wyant, Harry 412 


Binckley, William 413 

Bitner, Samantha 481 

Becktel, Charity 458 

Blair, Charles 510 

Bowen, Anna R 428 

Beyer, John 416 

Peter 417 

Bowser, Anna 415 

Anna E 427 

Alexander 453 

Augustus 455 

Barbara 413 

Catharine 439 

Elizabeth 416, 441 

Ellen J 429 

Eliza 447 

Eliza J 452 

Frederick 412, 428 

Frances M 422 

George 437 

George W 448 

Henry 420,434 

Henry J 449 

John 414, 433 

Jesse 445 

Jefiferson 423 

Jacob C 419 

Jacob 432 

John H 444 

John W 431 

Lafayette M 421 

Madison M 425 

Malinda 430 

Magdalena 418 

Mary R 454 

Michael 443 

Nancy 442 

Noah 438 

Ora J 456 

Peter 436 

Sarah M 422,446 

Samuel 450 

William H 426 

William 435, 451 

Brockaw, Lewis 494 

Brockaw, R. H 493 

Burket, William 429 

Cromer, Hattie 515 

Culverson, John 452 

Devilbliss, Laurinda 453 

Duly, Solomon 480 

Evans, Rachel 460 

Gloyd, Celia 488 

Good, Margaret 450 

Heitte, Rebecca 495 

Herrod, Elizabeth 481 

Hollopeter, F 490 

James 483 

Hutchison, Hiram 454 

Jackson, Sarah 486 

Johnson, Lena F 462 

Jones, Julia A 456 

Keeper, William 467 

Keiger, Eliza 444 

Margaret 448 

Mary 449 

Kickley, Ida P 446 

Kinsey, Catharine M 426 

Lake, Mary E 472 

Manvill, Sarah 428 

Matheson, Kansas 495 

McLean, Lewis 516 

Milligan, Daniel G 465 

Mitchell, Bertha M 461 

Moody, D. J 523 

Morrison, Addison 476 

Chalmer 469 

Morris, Elizabeth 473 

Myers, David 489 

Nickerson, Benjamin 510 



Nickerson, Martha 512 

Noel, Elizabeth 508 

O'Rourke, Jr., Edward 466 

Pearse, James 421 

Pettit, Austin 468 

Rinely, John 517 

Russell, Sarah 457 

Ryan, Neal 474 

Stoner, Daniel 496 

Stroup, Simon P 482 

Thompson, Jacob 427 

Van Auken, Margaret 472 

Waters, Jane 450 

John 146 

Wyatt, Nathan 491 

Wyreman, Fyanna 455 

Smith, Mary 519 

Stewart, James 520 Young, George 418 


Bane, Susan 82 

Bauman, Moses 72 

Beck, Gottlieb 49 

Beeghley, Barbara 58 

Beechey, John 91 

Bittinger, Emma b67 

Hettie 67 

Bittner, Magdalina 2 

Blank, John 57 

Blickensdarfer, Elizabeth 3 

Boyer, Catharine 87 

Bowman, Betsey 18 

David 8, 17 

Esther 13 

John 14 

Katie 16 

Polly 15 

Bowser, Anna b8 

Annie 85 

Ammina 82 

Barbara 5, 8, 50 

Caroline 70 

Catharine 66, Id 

Catharine E ZZ 

Cornelius a81 

Christina 23, 59 

Daniel 6, 7, 26, 62, 79 

Daniel S 97 

Edward T 35 

Eliza 57 

Elizabeth a7, 22, 52. 65, 71, 89 

Fanny A 36 

Franklin J 98 

Gabriel 67 

George 10, 21 

Hannah 28 

Hannah M 47 

Harriet 75, 99 

Henry 4,11,25,29 

Henry D 42 

Bowser, Hiram 81 

Jacob 60, 87 

Jacob E 84 

James c67 

James M 46 

John 1,2,20 

John Duel 27 

John J a51 

John P 58 

JohnW 34,86 

Joel 63 

Joseph n 

Joseph S 95 

Lewis 55 

Levi 54 

Levi C 40 

Lydia 90 

Mary 53, 68 

Mary Ann 31 

Mary J 39 

Mary E 83, 94 

Mary P 45 

Mathias a67 

Peter 3,61,74,88 

Peter J 69 

Perry b67 

Rebecca 49 

Salina 96 

Samuel J Th 

Samuel Thomas 32 

Susan 64, 12, 80, 91, 100 

Susannah 24 

Sarah 48,56,93 

Sarah E 43, 37 

Theophilus 30 

Thomas J 78 

William 12, 51, 92 

William H 38 

Brown, Barbara 81 

Susan 84 



Crepps, Lewis 23 

Dawson, Caroline 40 

Diehl, Henry 66 

John C 64, 89 

Ede, Mary J 32 

Fike, Lucinda 98 

Fluke, Elizabeth 51 

Golflash, Andrew 76 

Graham, Robert D 41 

Green, Thomas P. . , 84 

Head, Edgar 39 

Heimbaugh, Catharine 78 

Hileman, Catharine 79 

Horine, C. H 47 

Kitley, Martha J 35 

Lenhart, Diana 92 

Jacob 59 

Livengood, Lucinda a81 

Logue, Ellen 11 

Manning, Elizabeth 21 

Miner, Nancy 27 

Moore, John 48 

Mary 25 

Mullen, James 24 

Myles, John E 36 

Oester, George 96 

Pysell, Andrew 83 

Rose, Dora M a51 

Ross, William 90 

Rowney, William 37 

Scott, Mary A 30 

Sellers, Agnes R ^1 

John 100 

William 99 

Shimer, Florence L 38 

Shultz, John 52 

Shrack, Harriet 62 

Speicher, Rebecca 86 

Spiker, Elizabeth 69 

Stoy, Conrad SZ 

Sweitzer, Elizabeth 60 

Mary 61 

Tague, Nettie 44 

Tevis, Virgil, Rev 45 

Turney, Harrison 93 

Minerva 88 

Ungery, John 22 

Upholt, Mary 95 

Wegley, Sarah IZ 

Young, William 31 

William J 30 


Adams, J. Q 63 

Achlin, Bertha M 218 

Amich, Peter 13 

Arthur H 130, 117 

George B 110, 122 

John H Ill 

Ira Park 120 

Rev. G. W. W 121 

Edwin P 118 

JohnH. B 116 

Jacob F 113 

Frank E 124 

Mary P 123 

Marian 128 

Matilda 114 

Margaret 109 

Mindora 129 

Sarah 112 

Stanley 126 

William B 115 

Vera Ray 127 

Arner, Lydia 121 

Arthurs, John 4 

Beegle, Charles 144, 153 

Douglas 211 

Frank 208 

Ida 213 

Beegle, Lloyd 214 

Henrietta 212 

Glenn 182 

Mary 152 

Mildred 183 

Mack 210 

John 207 

Jackson 209 

George 206 

Martin 175 

Biddle, Andrew 152 

Charles 153 

Francis 154 

Dr. Johnathan 155 

Margaret 156 

William 157 

Jacob 133 

Berkheimer, Harvey 96 

George 66 

Jacob 12 

Lucy 76 

Peter 14 

Sarah 7 

Sarah E 168 

Bittinger, Catharine 134 

Blockwelder, Charles 122 

Bloom, Sarah 56 



Bollinger, George 18 

Boyles, Charles 75 

Bowser, Aaron 26, 149 

Alpha L 46 

Albert 203 

Alberta 89 

Anna 63, 79, 229 

Angelina 84 

Anthony 102 

Annie E 217 

Anna M 238 

Bryan, B 236 

Calvin 70 

Carrie E 161 

Carrie 51,88 

Catharine 12, 16, 47, 60, 69, 131 

Catharine E 158 

Charles B 41 

Charles L 36 

Charles T 28 

Conrad 52 

Daniel L 58 

David 22, 59, 82, 147 

David S 1Z 

Delia G 83 

Dolph 78 

Edna V Z7, 

Edward 35 

Ella 164 

Elizabeth .' .' .' .' .' ." ." .' .' .' ." .'s,' 68', 'lOS, 132 

Emma 85, 150 

Emanuel 65 

Eve 4, 13,20, 135 

Franklin A 81 

Frank 215 

Frederick 104 

George 2, 10, 103 

George B 80 

George E 223 

George F 34 

George W 17 

George H. L 40 

Gideon 62 

Hannah 18 

Haller 50 

Harry 216 

Harry E 67 

Harry F 99, 204 

Helen L Zl 

Henry 19 

Howard 49 

Ida 66 

Ida M 92 

Isaac 7, 24, 53, 148 

Jacob 8, 146, 221 

Jacob H 134 

James S 234 

Jeremiah 74 

Bowser, Job 107 

John 1, 9, 21, 56, 72, 228 

John C 218 

John F 163 

John H 233 

Joseph 15, 61, 91 

Joseph R 226 

Lemon A 97 

Lola L 240 

Mary 11, 106, 151, 232 

Mary J 160 

Mary 202 

Margaret S 239 

Margaret.. 14, 23, 137, 145, 159, 231 

Magdalena 6 

May Irene 32 

Maud 75 

Mfrle E 100 

Marietta 11 

Minnie 219 

Millie 90 

Myrtle 87 

Myrtle B 42 

Michael 3 

Philip 101 

Ralph E 98 

Ralph N 224 

Rebecca 86 

Rebecca E 64 

Rhoda J 95 

Robert 221 

Rosella 39 

Ross 220 

Ruth E 205 

Samuel C 227 

Samuel 1 237 

Samuel H 26 

Samuel S 230 

Sarah 25 

Sarah A 225 

Sarah E 31 

Sarah B 94 

Seward 48 

Stella M 201 

Solomon 26 

Susannah 57, 108, 136 

Thomas L 30 

William 27, 71, 83 

William H 38 

William T 235 

Bush, Daniel 106 

Byal, Fern 195 

Clifton, George B 128 

Coker. Lillian 234 

Conrad, John 64 

George 68 

Core, Mary 58 



Crisman, Rebecca 143 

Cunningham, John W 23 

Diehl, C. A 79 

Ada 177 

Delia 70 

Margaret May 179 

Oscar 201 

Martin A 173 

Paul Andrew 180 

Rebecca 206 

Dicken, Emory ISO 

Dickson, Earl 202 

Dishong, Julia 71 

Mary 215 

Drenning, J. Newton 151 

Earnest, Celestia 67 

Echert, Mary 21 

Eller, Jane Th 

England, Harriet 190 

Feathers, Elizabeth 59 

Ferrell, Robert 165 

Fox, Minnie 180 

Furney, Mary 113 

Gates, Alexander 164 

George, William a70 

Gillett, Frances M 17 

Green, Margaret 34 

Grove, Mary 102 

Gross, Bessie 166 

Harclerode, Frank 196 

Edith 197 

Harmond, Mary P 125 

Helsel, Charles 137 

Hershberger, Howard 193 

Hinsling, Mary 110 

Hite, Josiah 112 

Holderbaum, Elizabeth 140 

David 143 

John 138 

Mary 141 

Margaret 139 

Michael 131 

Sarah 144 

Susanah 142 

Imes, Maria Ill 

Imler, Catharine 8 

Eve 72 

Johnson, Emma 216 

Kegg, Nathan 158 

Edger, Nathan 170 

Kegg, Ella 168 

John E 166 

Jennie 165 

Mabel 1 171 

Harry L 172 

Samuel F 169 

William 167 

Koontz, Eva 153 

Kuckuck, Charles 168 

Little, Margaret 147 

Lydicks, Addie 74 

Lyons, Elizabeth 147 

Mauk, John 5 

Manther, Nicholas 217 

McCullough, Edith 119 

Martin, David 69 

Milburn, Amanda 146 

Mintmier, Fred 171 

Mortimore, Albert 199 

David F 161 

Harold 200 

Ralph 178 

Nesbit, Crecie B 29 

Ober, David 140 

Ott, D. C 189 

CM 191 

O'Rear, Mary S 230 

Phillips, Florence 121 

Price, Genevieve 35 

Reighard, Amanda 1 175 

Edward K 186 

Charles E 174 

Myra M 173 

Franklin A 177 

Grace A 178 

James W 185 

Margaret M 187 

Solomon 159 

Sharon 181 

Teresa K 184 

Renn, Claude C 32 

Ritchie, Mary 55 

Roger, Charles G 42 

Sankey, Irma B 44 

Majorie 1 45 

J.J 31 

Samuel F 43 

Shaffer, Laura 124 

Margaret 134 

Schniddle, John 89 

Sharp, Catharine 176 


Shoemaker, Samuel V 178 Weimer, George 141 

Smith, Annie M 24 Whetstone, Anna 189 

Lillian 117 Blanche 191 

Snyder, Mary 28 Frank 190 

Sleek, Solomon 87 Prof. George 192 

Street, Dorothy 130 Harvey 188 

Stucky, Jane 154 John S 160 

Swartz, Margaret 2 Margaret 193 

Merrill 194 

Tucker, W. F 239 Ross 195 

Tree, Elizabeth 27 Wher, Nancy 174 

Trostle, Joseph 145 Whip, Winifred 194 

Wile, Sue 116 

Vink, Nellie 192 Wortz, Catharine 115 

Walters, Virgie 121 Zimmerman, Elizabeth 10 

West, Ida 233 Margaret 9