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Full text of "The Boynton family. A genealogy of the descendants of William and John Boynton, who emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in 1638, and setted at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts"

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This is an authorized facsimile 
printed by microfilm/xerography on acid-free paper 

in 1982 by 


Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. 

London, England 






Bo^gnton 3familv. 


wiLLp AND m\ Boypii, 

Who ciin^riiitod from Yorkxhiro, En<rlHn{l, in 1G3H, un<l 
HC'ttliHl at Itowlcy, P^hmcx County, Ma«s<u'hiwott«. 



AXi» ni.H wiVk 




IiicUidin^ Ilistorifal and Biojrraphical Skctt'hou, 

Kn«rli^h Ue<.*or(ls, and first five penomtioiw 

of the family in this Country, 

We wish to rescue the pa«t from being forgotten, 
and to give hoxor to whom hoxos l« doe/* 


««l?f^Q t'NIVERfilTV 

• - iwhi^ 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2010 with funding from 
Brigham Young University 



I 'fM?" 

. « -I 





COI'YIilUlIT, 1»V7, 

BY • 


Zo the Bo^ntons. 


In preeenting tliis Boynton OeDealogv to the public, the compiler 
does so with a great deal uf diffidence, feeling her inability to make it 
what it would have been under the direction of the bruin power thnt 
began it, but fealty to the dear departed has prompteil itM completion, 
and she sends it forth, trusting to the kindness of those who (HJiiiHe itn 
pages to overlook its imperfections. 

In the arrangement of the genealogy she has striven to follow the 
plan considered best by the Historical Society in Boston. 

In many instances records have been received with different dates, 
sometimes different names, or names meaning the same but si>elled 
differently, in all such cases, after due deliberation those which seem 
most credible, have been retained, strict attention having been given 
at all times to verified records. 

When the publication was begun, in the spring of 1897, it whs 
with the intention of printing only the first five generations, with 
historical and biographical sketches, but when it was found imixwsible 
to complete it in season for the annual Boynton convention, it wa« 
deemed best to add enough to extend it to the preijent generations, 
and thereby make the book much more desirable Many of the re- 
cords were sent to Doctor Boynton in 1H83 and 1884. and from a large 
majority of families no additions have been received, while in a few 
instances the last bom has been quickly announceil, therefore due 
allowance must be made for the lapse of a decade in some lines, that 
might otherwise seem a little mixed. 

The "Arms de Boynton" is represented in true heraldic colors, and 
exactly as Sir Henry Somerville Boynton,— the present Baronet— is 
using it, save the "label" immediately beneath the helmet, which is 
omitted, as it was used simply to "distinguish the difference of the 
eldest son," 

In the search for records many Genealogies and Town Histories 
have been consulted, and wherever the name Boynton found, it has 
been copied. In all such cases due appreciation has been felt, and is 
hereby acknowledged. The conjpilei embraces this opportunity, 
to extend her thanks to each, and all. who hav5 in any mnnruT 
encouraged and aiisisted in the work of compilation. 

Caroline (Hakuiman) Boynton. 
Oroveland, Massachusetts, 1808. 










KiikIihIi IlUtory nnd (IniioaloKy, « • • . 

KiiuIIhIi WillH, . . . . 

Hir Muttlmw IJoyiUon'M lAitlvn to John Winthrop, Jr., ;• 
KxtiuftH from NVal's History of Xuw Kn^land, 
tjxtriK'ts from the Miij;nuliii ChriKti Amoricana, • 
» 'r«'MtM, AfottoH and Henildry, . - . • . 

Iti MMtiioriam, ••.... 

Olijiuary Notice, ...... 

I.iiuf* Dedicated to Dr. Hoynlon, • . • • 

t'oiiimeiulalory Notices. ..... 

Trilmt** to tlif Memory of John Farnimm Boynton, by F. M 


Tribute by Marccllus lioynton, PifMident of the American 

l^>yiiti(ii AHsociation, .... XXXIV 

l>iircrciit vvavh of ^|^elliu^; Uoynton, .... XXXV 
Kx|»lanati()Ms and AbiirtniatiotiH, • , . XXXVI 

Doyiiton (icncaloK'y— I'art 1. Comprising the Family of William. I 

l^oynlitn (»«'ne;ilu;ry_part '•*, Comprising the Family of John, • 44 

Tlie Wi-^cas^i't liranch of UuyntonM, • . . . 193 

K.iniili«'s \vhos«' line of descent we were unable to connect 

with the emigrants, . . . , . ojj 

If:iter (uMieniiions — Line of William, .... 237 

Tojin of Mrs. Mary E. llobbs. . . . . 039 

Tiie C innecticut lirancb of li^tyingtons and Bying^ons, • 262 

Addenda, ••-.... 287 

Doynions in America n(»t dex-endants of William and John. 

who emigrated in \*\'.iS, .... 303 

lihU'X to lk)yiii<)n (Jeneahjjjy, • . . . • 305 


0)t|»OHite ]ntr<M|uc 





John Farnham Boynton, M. D., • • • Front iHpic(*tt. 

Arms de Boynton, .... 

Barmston Church, ..... 

Boynton Castle, ..... 

Sir Henry Sonjorville Boynton, tlie prewnt baronet, 
Caroline (Uurriman) Boynton, 
Tululah JoHephine (Boynton) BrfWMter, 
Katharine (BrewHter) llnhlmnl, nn<l Klizalieth Brewnter 
liuhltard, tlu*Me repn-Ment the Dth. and 10th. K'-tH'^ft 

tionH in tlie line of John Farnham lUivnton, • - \\l 

Randolph Uiimilton lk)ynton, ..... 2(> 

Everett Boynton, ....... 'm 

Major Nathnn Smith lioynton, ..... m 

William Boynton, of Georgetown and Mi'lron**. MaMi.. - . W 

Anna, and Philip E, children of Ju.stin E. lioyuton, ♦ • !H 

Hon. Eleazer Boynton, • - - . - - \)2 

Rev, Nehemiah Ik)ynton, ...... yn 

William Boynton, of ltocki)ort and Georgetown, MasH., • • 1)4 

William K. Boynton, ...... jj*, 

Hon. James 8to<1dard Boynton, ..... lou 

David lioynton, of St. John.vsbury, Vt,, .... it>»j 

Worcester E, B<»ynton, M. D,, ..... y,m 

Benjamin F. I'aiker, ...... t;{4 

Cora M. (lioynton) Sliller, ...... i:m 

Helena Anne (Boynt<m) White, ..... nj 

Henry Warren B<»ynton, M. D., ..... \4n 

Major I"Mward Edward Carlisle Boynton, • • • \'tTt 

Samuel Lowell Boynton, ...... ]^\2 

Cassimer Whitman Boynton of Seawaren, N. J., • • \'t'J 

Albert Grenville Ik)ynton, ...... iso 

Fred James Boynton - - . . . • ixj 

Jonathan Boynton of Clearfield, Pa., at the age of 76. • • 191 

Jonathan Boynton of Clearfield. Pa., at the age of 86. • 199 

Edith (Boynton) Dill, with daughten Alice U. and Edith, 193 

Col. John M. (}lidden, - ...... 190 

Arthur lk>ynton (ilidden, ••*... i07 

Hon. WHHhinglon Wallace Boynton. ..... 2O6 

MarrelUiM Boynton, ••••., 212 

K<l\vin I >nnu Boynton. •••.... 217 

Mis Miiiy K. Ilol»l)8. •...., 239 

Heniy Wii^jlit lioynton. ••.... 243 

Heiijantin B<»ynton, ••'... 244 

H«iuy Mattliew Hvington, and grandson Cbarlee Henry. • 274 

KdwanI Biiggs Byington, • . . . . 275 

Mary (M<*D<»naltl) Boynton. ...... 292 

Ki'Hideme of the late John Farnham Boynton. Highland 

Place, Syracuse, N. Y., • . . . . 304 

<■'! ■^P#;'#l|fl*' 1^ 

■'•(V•^• .■?'>:■ 


Some fifty yearx a«^o, the late Kdniond Hoynton, of Bon- 
ton, sent a man to KuroiK) to collect what information ho 
could concei-nin^ the Boynton'H, and to estahlish the anccK- 
tral lino of William and .loiui Boynton, the emigrants, with 
the ho|)o of puhlishiniT tho jfencaiojry of the Hame. Hin 
health failing Im^ iM'cnme somewhat dis<ouraged in th(» matt(»r, 
and some of the nmimscript was dt>stroy(»d or Io«it. 

The following contains the (lin'ct liiu^ in Kngland, which 

has never iH'fore heen printed in this country. 1 transcril»ed 

it from tile mamiscript copy c«»llcc*i *! in Kngland, whi<h 

was loaned me hy Mrs. Sti'vens, — a sister ol the late Mr. 

Kdmond Hoyntoii ; and heliev*'ing this to he the pr<»per time 

and place to present it to the Boyntons of Ameri»a, I gladly 

<lo so, with the assurance I am carrying out the iutfiition of 

the late John Farniiam B<>ynton. ('.' II. B. 

" In a >«*i|iu's.criM|. nii°;tl ii*-i;^'lili(irli<>t)*l, ItoDiciiiiK *••• '!'«* t'>\vn of 
hri«tliii;;>oii. iii.«l iw»t fnr fmiii tin- sl.JHf of tlu' NoUli St'ii. in lln- 
ll.i>sii III pari «»r Vink^'iin'. stamls tlic ancient villa;,'^ of Moyiiton. 


which <li'rivi>H iiiipdrtiimro fioiii itn liiivin^ xiven iiuiiie to the family 
of Hoynton, nixl th«'ir priiici|ml MJ'at for Heverul ceiilurieM. The 
rlinroh wiiM huilt in tht^ fourteenth iMMitury. It iH of Htont*, with an 
«Mnb«ttl('<l tower j>ietures(|uely Imn;^ with ivy, and formerly contained 
nionunientH t<> the memory of tlie Itoyntons. Tlie last remaining one 
bore tlie follov\in;4 inscription, in old Knglish letters: Hie jacet 
Thomas Newport et lOli/.alMth uxor eins lllia et hares Johis Boyntim 
tilia et her»'dis Do. Roltt. lioynton. militis ipi Them, ohit XV die 
Novemhri A. I). M, C ('. C C. XII quorum animabuH prupitietar 
hens. Amen. 

The mnnor house was fn»m a very early i>erio<l the resitlence of the 
Moyntons. hut the pre<.en», structure was l.uilt hy the Strickhmd fam- 
ily, into \vho>e posM'ssjon Hie estate pa»eti upwards of a century ago; 
the lioyntons having pr<'vi(»usly removed, lirst to l^armston, then tu 
ihirton Aj^nes. in I In-' nei^^hhorluxMl, which places they acquired 
hy the marriage of Sir Matthew lioynton, in lOlH, with Frances, 
daughter of Sir Henry (inllith. and wln-re the present repre',eniative 
of the f:»mily. Sir rrancis lioynton, Uaronet, c«>ntiiuieM to reside. 
(Sir Henry Somerville Hoynton, the present Haronet, IH'JH, resides in 
the same place C. H M.) 

Tin* family sent forth hranihes into the neighhoriiig^villages, at an 
early periinl. luist ll«'sh'rton and Wintringham being the abo«le for 
sexeral generations of that Inanch whos<' descendants William and 
John I'aiiH* to New l]n;;land in the y«ar lti;{7 and settled at Rowley, in 
Mas.sacliusetts. Sir .Matth«'W made preperations for accompanying 
them, hut the piosjM cts of the I'miians becoming brighter in Kng- 
land. he remained at home, and was of great service to the es- 
poused by Oliver ( romwell. 

The (list mention we have of the name as a surname, is Bartholo- 
mew de Boynton, wlm was M»'iy.«-d of the manor of Hoynton in l(»OT, 
and wa-. succeeded in his estate by his son 

a Walter, who wa-i living in lOJIl. After this we meet with Bruis 
<h' Hoynton wli(»se name appears on a d<K*ument dated 11.29. 
I |e wa^ succeeded by 

J. Sir InKram de Boynton, Knt. who livetl in 1159, and whose 
Hon and heir 

4. Thomas de Boynton, had issue 

5. Robert de Boynton, win. flourished in 1205. and by his wife. 

daughter «-f Thomas Burgh, Eh<i., left a son Ingraham. 

6. Ingraham de Boynton, who was living in ViXt and 1258. He 

married Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir Walter Grindall, 
I'y whom he liad 

7. Walter de Boynton, who live*! in 127:1, and marrietl the daugh- 

torof Ingram Mounscaux, by whom ho had 

8. Ingraham de Boyntn, who was living in vyri and 130T. By his 

wife, a daughter of St. t^uintine, he had 



i flMiMfciilli«ann'>iiiini \^,mtamSim mimiM 



9. Sir Walter de Boynton, who was knighteil In !3r>fl, heinj? in 
the Kcrvico of tin* rriiice of Wali-n, in Hrittnny, He niarrit'd 
a dau^litor of William Mton, atxl left 

10. Sir ThomaA de Boynton, of Acclam. Iuh moii and heir, lonl of 
the {inciciit cU'iiuMisr ill jioynton, of Acelome and Aresnnie, in 
right of his iiHitlM'i . iiiitl of H« useby. Newton, and Swaynton 
l>y Ills wife KatliMiitu*. d.tughtor and <'o heir of Sir (titford 
Hossells, of Ni-wtoii. Kilt, lie was HUfoeedtnl by his son 

II Sir Thomas Boynton, Knt. wiio by his wife Margaret, daughter 
of S|>»-<toij. if Sawc<H'k, left a s<»n 

la Sir Henry Boynton, Knt. He joine«| Jlenry Percy. F^rl of 
Nortlitnnbei laiiil, who had taken up arms against Henry the 
Fourth, in 14'»."». They were defeated, and Sir Henry, with 
seven others, was execute<l at .Sadbury, in Yorkhliue, on the 
secoiul day of July, 14<i."). He nuirried Klizabetli, (laught«*r of 
Sir Jolin Menilield, Knt, and by her had daughters Janett 
and Kli/alieth. and two sons; TbomaH who died at the age of 
twehe yea IS. and 

13. William Boynton, who marrietl Jane, daughter of Simon 

Harding, and left 

14. Sir Thomas Boynton, Knt., who ma<le his will July 2H, 14().M, 

whieh was proved at York, on the 0th of the following Sep- 
teiiilcT. ]i\ his wife Margaret, daughtr'r of William Norntan- 
\ille, he had twt) s<ins; Henry, the eUlest, and heir, from 
whom df-(M'n«!> the present Maionet. of Hurton Ai;nes, and 

15. Sir Christopher Boynton, Knt who was seated at Sudbury, in 

Yorkshire. He married the daugliter of Sir John C'oignes, of 
Ormesbiiry, Knt. liy whom he left 

16. Sir Christopher, of Sadbnry, Knt. who also had estate."* in 

HeshMtoii and Newton, and in the pansh of Wintringham. 

His tii-sl wife was Kli/al<eth, daugliter of Wanford. by 

whom he had one son William, who died without i.sMue. lU 
his seeojid wife J:in«', dnughter of HoU'rt Sli angeway.i, of 
Kelton. lie had dauu'ht«rs Kli/.altetli and .laiu-, and two Kr)nH, 
Sir < III istopher, w hose male issiie i« extinct, and 

17. Robert Boynton, of Kast Heslerton, who died in l.V,>((, leaving 

by his wile. Agnes, sons .John, of t^ist Hesleiton* Richard, of 
Newlmi. who die<l in \'t'.V.); William, a Priest, and 

18. James Boynton, of Wintringham. who maile his will in Ki'M, 

and died the same year, leaving a widow, .Jane, and sons 
Ko;;er. William and Christopher. 

19. Roger Boynton, 1 In* eldest son, was also of Wintringham. and 

re^i.lfd III Knapton. in iliat parish. He died in I.mM My his 

w ife Jenel. daughter of Watson, he had sons Jami-s, 

Hiciiiird. Wdliiim. Kilmund, and a daughter Mice. 

20. William Boynton, the thir.l mmi of Roger, resided also at 


Knnpton. in \Vlntrin«ham. He dletl in 1815. luivlng made IiIh 
will on tli« mn'oml ilay of July in llie hjihih yenr. He left a 
willow, Mar^nn-t, who wuh Iiim necond wife. Hou*, KranciH, 
wlHMlif.1 Ht KuRploii, In Hi:W; Uanlel. of Kant UeMlerton; 
.lolm. ttiul William, ami »laii«liter Anne, an<l Margart't. 
2l. William Boynton, tin* yoiin««'Ht hom. whh vxcontor of Ww 
fiitlifi swill. an<l ifHi.luary U'K'atee. He c-ontiuued to renide 
nt Kiuipt(»M. wlMMt! hiH nom Willijini. and John were born, the 
fuiiiMT ill 1»M»:.. and the lattoi in 1(M4. These two brotherw. in 
th.-vcar in:H. joined th.- «'X|KMlition whic-h was WtUuX out 
nndi«ith«'MUH|.ir.Hor Sir Malth.w lioynton and oIIuth who 

Iia«l made «'Xl.'n«ive |.re|.nraliunH for a Mettle nl In New Knj; 

jiiiid. Sir MatI hew reniiiined behind and joim-il the fortuneH 
,,f Oliver Cn.mwell. The remidnder of the party embnrked 
i,t iiiill in Ih." imiumn of m)x, iind arrived at Huhlon. in New 
i:n-;land, the Kime year Many of the fnmilieH were wealthy, 
!,nd with the inean^ brought witli them piinhased a tract of 
liinil >iinated betwe«-n iIm* towns of Newbury nnd Ipswich, 
which they took pu^seHsi(.n of in April 1G:M>. and calle«l it 
Uuwley in honor of their niininter. Mr. E/.ekiel RoKern. who 
liii.l bun sometime preacher at the village of that name in 

EnoUsb Mills. 

Tranhlate<l from the Iwitin, 

•• Sir Thoma* dc Boynton, Knt. will dated July 28, 1408; proved 
Sept. «. Hd'^. Desire-, to be buried in the Church at Aclani, Wife 
Marjcaret. mum Henry smd Cliristopher, niention* liis cousin John 

h» noie dei Amen, in the year of oure lorde k<m1 a M. V, x 1 i j, the 
X X tie day of Junii. in theyereof oure S<n'ai«ne lord Kinge henrie 
the^ht X X X i i i j Kin^ of Kn;;l:ind and of Frauncieand of Yrelande, 
defen.lor of the faith, Hupreme hedo of the churche of Englande and 
of Yrelande. Be it known« unto to all men that ar present nnd to 
come. tJiat I James no>nt«.n, husbandman, of WyntriiiKlim of the 
«-ountie of Y«.rke. of \u>\\ mynde and guoile memorie. dothe make this 
my last will and testament in this manner folh»winj;e: 

1 conjende my sonll unto Jhu my haviore, and unto the prayer of 
i.ure blinded hulie and all Sanets. and I will that my botlie be buried 
an my executor thinks noode. and I give unto the i»ower folkn in 


filmefle for my mouHs' iielth t h. : niid I give unto Jnno my wife all my 
pBrt« and i)orc'on of IiowhIioIiIh gtTe within the H(*Il(*r: and I givi* and 
iHMiueHt unto Williaiii Ik^ynton my notw, one rottiitcc Iioiimo li(Mi)i(«' in 
(lie lordHJiipi^ of \Viu(riiiKlim. nnd doth Hiirrciidcr u|m' unto tho lordcH 
Imtidi'M after thu ciinIoiiih of tliH iiiiinrKM' tlx* Maine ('01111^0 houMe for 
the Mauitj William'N iirotfett and use: and I ^ive ami he4|uealh unto 
Chri«t«H)her lioyntoti. my sone, one cottage house iien^e in the lord- 
Hhipe of Wyntrin^iham. and one (•«)ttaKe Iiouhc lyeii^re in the l<>rdshi|>e 
of Newton, with all and every thappurtennen jiteynj^ to the same, 
lyen^e in the lord.shi|K<H aforesaide. after the eustome and eo|)it<M <if 
the manner : and I do miik** of this my Inst t«'Htaui«-rit and will, my 
lull executor ( 'liriHtu|tli«r Itoynloti. my niiMirall norif, of my pie nnd 
ptN not imy*'ti and hfippnt, the lords t«iitH and (dl deits paiile: and iIm- 
siiid Christopher hoynloti to do and dispone as h«* nhidl think** i^oude 
to iMjdoym* for my huuH's health, 

NVitneHses of the same, 

Sr, \VILId.\M HOYNTON. pr.'st. 


and Sr. THOMAS IIKKWUOU, eurate. 

Proved July 8, I'llJ. (The eldest NOM, Ho^er, is not mentioned in 
the will, as he was already provided for hy entail and i^ift.) 

hi the name of K<*d Amen, the stn-ond dale on J(ili<>, Ui\'t, I Willni 
Boynton, of Knaptun. within the eountie of Yorke, Husbandman, 
sieke of b<Mlie, but of ^jood and pfet remembran»t>, prais»'d be j;ihI 
Ahui;;htie. haith eonstiiute<I and made this my last will and testa- 
ment in mannr and forme followin;;e. 

First I ^ive unto and beipieathe my .soule unto ;{«n| almiKhtie. my 
nuiker, an<l to Jesus Chrisie my redenir, and to tho holie ^host my 
sanc'titi(.'r and comrorler, and my bodie to be buried with in the pisht* 
(diureh earth of WintritiKiiani 
Item. I ^ive unto ;\tine Hoynton my sonne KraneeH wife ||\e shill 


Itm. 1 )^ive unto haniell lioyntoii my sonne, T* nn** shillin^s. 

Itm. 1 K'^** unto Mar;;arei li^iynton my wif*-. «)n«* shei>|H* ho^^. 

Itm. 1 give unto John Uoynton, my sonne, t<' William Hoynton. 
Anne Hovnton, and M.irgery lioynton, to every one of them 
<»ne sheep ho^;;. 

Item. I K'^** unto Mark^aret Sheareman & Amu' She-iM man, to either 
of them half a stone of strinj^ hemp. 

Itm, I give unto Margaret Hoynton, my wife, the lease of my 
house and farm hold du<-rin;;e her widowhood, to bring up my 
children. And if it happen that my said wife do marrie, 
then I give my said lease of my said lioiis*' and farmehold un- 
to my said <hildreM Johti Iloynton, William Hoynton, Anne 
Hoynton, and Margery lioynton, to be dividetl e«pudlie amonge 
them. The rest of all my gtxsls, not beipieathed, my debts 


pnid nml fuiinll iliHcliar^^ed, I give unto William Boynton, 
my H(»fine wlionu* I niiike my full execuU»r of this my last 
will an<l tcHtiimcnt. 
Jaiiu's Hoyiiton, 
Williain Hnisoii, 
Ki'tiru-is Hoynitiii, aiul 
HnI.eit Hall. ProvtHl" 


To my ucric woi thy Irit'iul John Winthorpe the yong»*r E^qr: att 
l|»H\vi«l)^f pn-.scnl this 

Sir -I liiiiif iM»\v )H-coitliii^(> tu my former intendment nent ouer 
two s«ruimts, ti'iiii e\\«' sluM'iuand ii rnnie. I haue direfttnl them to 
your fiillu'i-, l»t <;ms«', I NU|t|".M'. you will he eare this, att (A>nnefli<'Utt. 
Twi-nii*' K'oat«s I haut' )ils«M« s«'nt with them, an<l a hueke: I haue 
written to yonilatlMr to rill r«ate him that they may he eomiey«l to 
ll»^v> i<li,'<-, a-' »<»<iiu' iiN \\f\ may <•« rufiiinii lit- Im- rt'moueil without 
dain^'er. hrransc I jMict'Mh' hy voiii letter that the tattle are theyr. 
Sir, you know what neeWe llie\r is that KernanlK hhouhl haue eyes 
ouer then), espetiallie when they are att hoo iar a distance from theyr 
maiKter, tlio, I hope the metin he honest, yett, I pray you theyrfore 
that you, hnuinj^e oeoasion your selfe to be ah.sent, you will be pleaii- 
ed to intreate some f friends of yours att Ipswidge, that they will both 
aduise them and examine them & direct them. I pray you lett me 
haue notice from you of what you shall coneeyue shall be expedient 
for mo to s<»nd ouer for my prouision. I would be glad to heare from 
you as often as you cann, A: how you like of the country aboute Con- 
nect ictitt, <& how our businesses gin' on theyr. I writt to you by the 
llrst shipps that went from hetice this yeare, that I intended by all 
meanes to preserue the incn-ase of n>y cattle, & now I haue, for that 
ptirpose. sent ouer these seruants: I intend ((Jod willinge) to send 
ouer by the Jiext shiji|>s that «omo, twentie goate.s more, which I haue 
alreddie bought, & would hau«' sent them now, if I cotild haue gotten 
them cary(>d as I was lu-omi^ed. but after «lisappoyjjte«l. I haue noe 
more to say. butt to giue you hartie thanks for all your l<me & kind- 
ness, which shall etter deeplie engage 

Vour trewlie louinge ami assiutHl friend 

Matt. Boynton. 
liOiuhm; f from I'jiuls Allie in Red Cross Sireete Aprill Hth lii'M. In- 
dor,s«'d by John \Vinthro|>, Jun., "Sr Matthew Boynton." 

In Sir Matthew's thiid letter written "Aprill laih, UWW." he writcK, 
•*1 have h<'iil by this sliipp '2'.\ goates. and two heruaiits." 


Sir Matthew Boynton'H Fiftli letter to John Wintlirop, pa^e ICH; 
Coll. MaMS. Hist. S(x?iety, Vol. vii, 4tli HerieH. 

To my uerie worthy frien«le John \Vinthori>e enqr att Kontun in the 
Ma.H.saehusett8 Hay in New England present thin. 

Sir, — Itt will be u j»r:»ete deale of oharn to Heiul oner more ser- 
uantH, or to make such provusioUH as yuu ^p»'ke of for carts and oxen, 
and theyrfor 1 thiiike that will he my ht'st way which you pro|K)und. 
to lett out Hiv catthi, reseruin;^ the whole increase, f«)r that I licsire to 
preserue. Sir. I will wliolie relye upon \f>u for your direction, 
since you haue ^iuen me leaue to l»e so lH)uhl with you, and what you 
wouiil chuse to doe for your selfe, if your casr were mine, is that 
whicli 1 desire you would tlirect for me, and if the lionl k>»'«* >»« 
leaue to see your c»»ntrie. I shall tlien emleauour my selfe to ackuowl- 
e<lg all your kind nesses; in the meane while I rest 
Your much enKage<l friend 

Matt. Hoynton. 

Sep. 9th. 
William S|K^fferd I hoi»e will he carefull ouer the cattle, if they be 
letten forth as you thinke itt will he conuenient. 

Indorsed l»y (lov. Wintlirop, 'Sir Math: I^tyinton. Answd." . 

Sir .Matthew Iktynton's sixth letter to John Wintlirop, Jr. 

To my uerie worthy friende John Winthropp the yonder, EHi\. att 
Ipswid^e in the Massachusetts Hay in .New F.n^land, Kiue this. 

Sir. — llauiti^e con^idertnl tin* uncertainlie of my condition, and 
the more, by reason of nutnie difUcidiies whi«'h 1 ilayly meete withall, 
my busines>es alsoe, which are mani<', heein^ yeft undis]Mised of; I 
haue thou;;ht itt nott conuenient to be ntt anie further charge with 
my stix-ke, butt ante upon thes<' cun>idt rations fullie resoliied to l(>tt 
them out to be kept for me a third parte of the increase, which 1 haue 
heard to be the usuall rate of tliecontrie, butt if I be mistaken there- 
in, 1 refer itt to your >»'lfe to make such an allowance out of the in- 
oivase of the cattle, I mean my whole, as you shall iujl^e to Im^ 
e<^uall and proiK)rtionable: and lun-ause theyr will he noe employment 
for my seruants when my st<K'ke is tlnis dis]M)SiM| of. 1 will leaue itt to 
theyr choice, whether they will returne into Kn^laml. t\he ciharxe of 
which theyr passjige I will uerie willin^lie beare, if they thinke itt 
conuenient, which not witlistandinj; I .supp«ise they will not, (if they 
understand the condition of things lieie> or els to make use of theyr 
liberties for theyr best aduanta;;e in the place where llu'y are. 

Y<iur kindness in the dis|K»in;; of my business for me shall much 

Your alTectionate and assured friende 

•Matt. Bovnton. 


London April 12tli, 1037, 

I liHiie He (nt) oyther of my HeruuntH lialfe a yeureH wugeH by Mr 
HopkinH, wliich I pray you deliuer to theiu. I huue heard nothing 
from you nor them MJiice the luMt yeare; noe that I know nothin;^ how 
my Htookf prospcrfcth: 1 haue ^inen your vncle Downing Hutisfuctiou 
for thirtie iMjuiitl, concerning which you writt to me. I gaue my 
HcruantH a ycarcs \vag(>s licforc hand when I sent tl»em ouer in May 
last. 1 haue alsne int netted Mr. Hopkins to use Iuh endeauoures for 
lIuMlisposin;; of stiH'kc for my ht'st comieniencie, soe that I may he 
free from anie chaiK'i* att all in keeping of them, and that itt may be 
alsoe in my iM<vver to deliiu>r them, n|H)n occasion of anie pixsent 
hargainlo anie t<> whom 1 shall thinkt* titt to sell them here att home. 
Indorsed hy .lojin Wiu'liiop, ,lun., "Sir Matthew Mointim." 

El tracts fvont flcars 1f3i8tor« of 
lllew lEnolanb. 

In 16!n the Stale of Religion in England wan growing worse and 
worse; for the Arch-nish(>p pei-secuted the Puritans with the utmost 
Rigour, opinossing them in all tinarters of the Land, and encouraging 
the scum of the People to turn informers against them. 

The Ecclesiastical Authority being screwed up to such a height, and 
the |K)int of it «lirected chielly against the Puritans, 'tis no wonder 
that vast nund)ers, both Ministers and People, transported themselves 
to New Knglnnd. "till the (iovernment at length to»)k umbrage at it, 
and published a Proclamation bearing date April the anth, 1037, "To 
restrain the ilisordeily traiispi.rtin;,' of his Majesty's Subjet>ts to the 
IManlaliohs in America wiihoui a Licence from his Majesty'n 
i'ommissiuners. ln'causK i»f the many idle and refractiMy humours, 
whose only or principal end was to live without the reach j.f 
Anihoiily." And the ne.\t day an (>rd«'r was nsadt- In t'ouncll "That 
the l.oid treasurer of F'!-!;;-,,,! should take spi«edy and eirtrtual 
c«»urse lor tlu> stay of S ships now in th.^ Riv.>r Tlianics prepared to go 
lor New Kn>;lan»l, and should liki'wise give Order for the putting on 
Land all the Passengei-s and provisHons therein inteniled for the 

In ilr-ese ships were Sir Matthew IJoynton. Sir William Constable, 
Sir Art lair lla/ltrig. Mr. John llamp.len, and Oliver (.'romwell, who 
with several other (ientlemen were removing to Ni-w-Kiigland. 


It is eritlent Sir Mattlinw noynton intonUed to coirie t<> AnwHca to 
live, but we linve hwii iinnhic !<» fln<l any eviilence or proof timt IumJhI 
come. In the Hrnt of a MeriPM of liiM It-tterH to John Wintlirop. Jr., 
datetJ "ffeb, 2yth. HW.">," he wrote, "l have reinovtsi my tfainitie out of 
tlie contry. mill anie now coiistaiitlie Hit London." In UilJT he wan 
already enibarke<l. hut the -.shiiis were Htayed, and all the 1'a.Hsenp'n* 
and provi«<ions ordeHMJ <»n sliore. " It in n^conhMl his son Tere^rine 
"(ioti ^'ave unto them when th»'y were stranjjers in a foreign laud." 
hut a "foreign land" could mean Holland or M(Mue other Kuropean 
land as wt'll as America. If a man of the importance (»f Sir Mat- 
thew lioynton, had settled in Anu-rica, aft*»r that attempt faihnl, «»ur 
local history would likiiy have recorded it. Sir Matthew die«| at 
lIiKh>;ate, in Middle^e\, KuKhnxl. in IK 1(1. 

From the MAdNALlA ClIUI.sTl AMKRU'ANA. hy Cotton Mather. 

We read: '"Many pru«lent men in those tin'u>M, forstH'inj? the Mtorum 
that were likely in a few yt ars to break ujH>n the Knj^lish nali(»n, did 
pro|Miso New Kn^lanil for their hiding place. And of these, «)ur Mr. 
Rtjj^ers was one, who had Iwen accompanic*! by Sir William Constabh* 
and Sir Matthew Hoynton also in his voyage hither, if some sin^jular 
providence had not hindered them. Hither did the ^;oo«l hand of (JoU 
bring him, with many of his Vork.-%hire friend.s. in the year UlIiM, shipt* 
having' been by his discntion and inlluenoe brought fro.u I^)ndon 
unto Hull. t«» take in the pji.s.scngei-N. Arriving at New Kngland. he 
was urgeil very mucli to settle with his Yorkshire folks at New 
Haven : but in consiilcralion of tli»' depcndenci* that several perNuiiw 
of quality had on him to choose a meet place for their entertainment 
in this wilderness, when they sluaihl come liither after him, he was 
adviswl rather to another pla<*e, winch he was proffered very near his 
reverened kmsnnin, Mr. Natlianiel liogers of Ipswich." 

ClilvSTS. MoTTO.s. aixl 1 1 Kb' A U Hi Y. by William Newton, and olheM. 
"The heraldie appendages of a knight ((MinHidere<l iin a mililiuy 
title) ar<> the la>lmei, ntanth*. wh<ath, and crest, and these are ad- 
mitte<l t«i ap]>erlain to knighthiHMl under all its ipuililieH and nuHli- 
tlcations. The helmet of a knight stands full-factnl, with the \ i/,or 
o|>en, which, saystJuiliim, signifies direction and ci»mmand, for that 
it is a gre.iter honour to liear the vizor open than closed: the closi'd 
vizor signifying buckling on the hehnet. as a preparation for battle: 
whereas the open vizor betokeneth a return fron> battle, with glory 
and viciorv " 


The crescent, or new inooii. han be**!! an honoralile 8>'Dibol, em- 
plojed by many of the eoHtern nations, and ftarticularly by the 
SaracenH and Turks, lience, tlie coiiqueMtH of the Chrintian leaden 
over the MohnmuuMJanN duriiiK tlie Holy want have given rise to the 
aiMUiiiptiori of creHoeiitH uh heraldic itiriit^nia in our i^hieldH of ariu«. 
ThiH form repreHentt* the now moon im n\ie uppenrH about the time of 
the autumnnl l'^iuiti()x, when seen in Syria and other regions near the 
northern tropin, tliat i», with her horns toward tiie Zenith. 

In storming Jerusalem, the Christians, at length, by their un- 
daunted valour, made themselves masters. Thi.s memorable event 
ttx>k place on Friilay. the I'tth of July, l()9y, a dav of the week, it 
appears, which in that superstitious jige was ct)nsidere<i to be of no 
Hiiuili importance: f«<r Adam was created uj)on the sixth day (Friday): 
Christ wa.s crucilietl on a Friday, and on Friday wju* achieved the third 
important event in the annals of the world, the establishment of the 
Christian standard in the "Holy City." Und()ubte<lly the goat was 
assumeil for a crest by the Hoyntons during the Crusades, as imlica- 
live of their undaunted courage. Guillim wrote "the goat is tiot so 
Iianly a-s {Ktlitick. therefore, tliat martial man wliich useth more 
policy than valour in achieving his victor^-, nmy very aptly bear for his 
coat armour this beast." "It is probable that some pecular virtue was 
implietl by theera.scd hea«l of the goat, for ancient heraMs «ay. that 
alchymists a-'serted the blood of a goat would soften the diamond.' 
Sylvanus Morgan says "The goat nuiy betoken one who is willing to 
fare hard, so he may be in high employment honorwi." 

Hn ^cmodam. 

The equinoctial storm of IHl 1 had just settled u|X)n the quiet 
town of Ea8t Bnulford, (now Groveland) Miwsachuaetts, 
when Susanna Nithols, tlie cMierjretii* wife of Kliphalct Boy- 
uton, jjravc l>irth to her fouilh, and last child. It ghiddcned 
her mature heart to learn the youn«; char«:e was a hoy. and 
as his paternal «/randinother said the '*e.\aet ima^e of his 
father." The weather prophets piujred the **line" stornj to 
a day, as the youn^jfster tirst hreathed the free air of his 
native town on the 2()th of SeptemU'r. lie was the seventh 
<reneration of his name in this country ; all of his Boynton 
ancestors had UvcmI and died within a few miles of Rowley, 
where William, the emi;rrant, settled in liV.\H, He was his 
^rrandmother's |K't, and she desired him named for her ehlest 
son John, who removed ahout that time to the *'far west," 
and settled in liethany, N. V. In those days there came an 
itinerant "minister," pointing: out to those worthy sons and 
dauirhters of hushandrv the *'oidv road to salvation." He 
was very el<M|uent, and the «rood old ;jfrandmolher said, *'if 
tJK'V would call the vonn<' l»ov for him, addin;r the minister's 
hist name to the .John already mentioned, she would ;:ive 
him a sheep."* 

•NoTK. Dr. Itoyiituii tolii a frU-iHl who ln<|uln'<l tin- «tiiirlii »f liN nil<lill<' iinnu- 
*'M> miither \vh>* :i Nltli(il». ami I ••njrlit to havi' l»e«M( »-»llril .lithii NlrlmU Itnynion, 
aixl lia<l 1 bcfti tlicn- at the iiainlii^'. ami \\u>\\ what I now kimw. th«- <'l<ii|iifiit 'lhiu>r- 
Ja*» Kariiliatn't iiamt" woul'l not hi»\r luiii iiuin', ami 1 ^houl'l havt' |nrfi r\»'i| my 
InotlK-i's, for I hflltvt'a woman -lioiild not h>«i' hor nanu- an<t hh-ntlly, whrn hIu> 
iiiarrlrs. I (liink ihi-i \\ a-* rather a nintton o)i«Tuthin, ami I haxcalwav" ffli thtfii- 
l^-h .iliout If. KafhiT kt-iit the «hr«|> for ini-, ^;tv«' nu- rrcdi fnruin- hall of thr wool, 
an>l wImii tin- ^h^'^|> w-n- «lau^:hur»'i|, rrfilil lor onr half of (hi- iniitlon, an>l anolluT 
fi«ok fill' |ila<T. «.«» w hrn I wa» twonty s t-ai >• of a>{o my fatlu't )>rt«fnl»Ml nie with 
fWfiify— 1\ <lo|l«r->, with whcli I l>oii>;iit a wat«h." 


Between \\\h father^ IioiiHe aiul the **()l(l red Hchool houHe** 
were iiiinieiiHo iMmhlern, enulle roekn and led^^en, and from 
lliese expresHicMis of Nalnre'n (ravail — or the «rlatial jM'riod — 
lie piined \iU first knowled^re of (ieolo^ry, which h<« mo 
ehMjuenlly explained to thousands, a ;reneration later. The 
first he kn<'w that rocks had names, was one evenin^r at the 
JMjys lycenni : they had en<ra;:cd lienjaniin Greenleaf, A. M. 
(author of the **XationaI Aritlnnetic)" to come (h)wn from 
the west parish and talk to them. Mr. Greeideaf took 
nnicli pleasure in descriiiin^ to their attentive minds the 
familiar stony products, and ^ave their varied names and 

Vianijr ilohn was <|uick to al»sorI) all the old mathemati- 
cian toM them, and ;rave nnich attention thereafter to the 
suhji'ct, until he hccame one of the leadin«r ^eoIo«j:ist.s in 
this I'ountry. When twenty-one years of a;:e he stalled 
westwani, to learn somethin;: of the ;rreat world In'yond his 
nativ»» state, and was not satisfied until he reached the Miss- 
issippi, a "rreat journey for that period. Soon after his re- 
tui'U he he;;an the practice of dentistry, and here I will (juote 
from a letti-r of his, written to a fiiend in 1>S><4. ''While 
vi>ilinL^ in Sahin, Massachusetts in the thirties, I called on 
Dr. Peahody, wiio I think ha<l just returned from Kn«:land. 
Hi' was the first dentist I had ever seen, and he kindly al- 
lowed me t(» examine his instruments, and witness his o|K'r- 
ati«»ns, saying he Mhouirht I would make a skillful dentist.' 
In a few days I returned to my native town, and assisted in 
the manufacture of a set of instruments. With these I 
<>perat<'d for many years, and after I had obtained extensive 
sets of instruments, would fr<M|uently return to the old ones, 
as they would apply in many cases In'tter than the new ones 
that others had made. Between 1m;J.'> and 1S.')() I o|K'rated 
in nearly all of the wesfjin and southern states," 

In 1h;W> he married Miss Susan Lowell, of Huxton, 
Maine, and removi'd west, when; he work<*d dili;rently at his 
profession, nu'anwhile studyinjr medicine. In 1H43 he 


{rraduutcd from St. Ijouih Mcnliml C'<)Ilc«re, and iiiiiiUMHutly 
l)c;;uii to ;rivo puhlic lurturcH, which profcHHioii ho foUowcd 
iimny ycar^ with «rn'ut nurn'SH, tirnt on the ^'Iliiinan brain, 
Aniitial Ma;rn<'ti.Hni, and Khctro Ma^rnotinni/* an it wan 
known at that time, lii'twccn \xi^i and 1H4H, on the 
**Klettiic Tclo«rraph and Kirctro Ma^rnctisni." Tlu' suhjctt 
annonnc'cd was *»Man a Livinjr (ialvanit* liattorv, — his luain 
a Majrnot, — Kloctricity suljjiHt to his will, ajid KU'ctrii-ity tlie 
fonn('<tin;r link hctwocn Mind and Matter." These K'ctures 
were in tiie iritiTest of Prof. Moise, and illustrated with his 
own |H'e\iou>ly invent^'d eleetrie tele;rraph, whieh was niueh 
more compact than the one Morse used. Dr. Uoynton h'c- 
tuHMl in this caus<> in all th«' piincipal citi(>s east of th(> 
Mississippi, and M(»rse sent ni<'n after him to lay the wires. 

In \x\l his tirst horn, a nohle hoy of t«*n years, was 
(h'owned in tlu' Saco Kiver. lie was lecturin;/ in New 
Orleans whi'u the sad news reached him, six weeks after tla» 
event, so slow was mail transit lifty years a^n) ! 

In DecemlH'r 1^4^, a call fn^m Washin«rton made him 
l)earer of dispatches to Commodore .lones, commander of 
the Pacific s<|ua<iron, located at Monterey, whom he foun«l in 
the hay oi San Francisco, in dune |M41». lie was in com- 
pany with Weller's connnission to run the houndary line Im'- 
tween the Tnited States and Mexico. Mrs. .lessie H<'nton 
Fremont was one of th«' company who help<Ml to 'vspice the 
hours, as th("y plea>ural»ly ^di<led over Pacific's mirrored 
hillows." He remaintnl in ( alifornia ahout two y<'ars, 
<hirin<r which time lie cleared the hull, and raised — with suh- 
niarine camels — the sunken ship Toiwjuin. In \)*>\'> and 
1S4<», he spent much time on Lake Sujx'rior, locatin;: (iov- 
<'rnment cop|)er and silver minin;: p<'iinits for Kii;:lish and 
.Vmericans, on the north and south shores. Sir William 
Loj,ran, the (^ueen'.s kni;;hte<l ;reolo;rist cross(«d the wildest 
poiiion <if the lake with him in his open top hoat. .Vfter 
his return fnuu Superior he hou^^ht an interest in the Kandall 
;in«l St livens Solar Salt Works, at Sviacuse, N. ^'., and 


Hiier KaiuliiU retired, Lyiiian Stevens and Doctor Boyntoii 
iM>ntinued the husines^i under the tinn name of L. Stevenn 

and Coujpany. 

AlK)ut lHr»l lie imrehartod four aerert of land in Syracuse, 
noHh of .lanicH Str(;et, facing,' wiiat is now called »»IIijrhland 
IMiu^o." On thirt farm lot he net out one thousand i)oar trees, 
iM'sides apph'M, plums, cherries, quinces and small fruits. 
The urchainl was hisptU, a haven when he needed rest. Ilei^ 
he raised some v«'ry line seedlinjr fniit, amon«r which his 
-Uoyntim lieauty Vcar," is particularly worthy of mention. 
It comhincs size, iM-auty, llavor, aM<l ^'oo<l kecpinjr M*^"''^"''** 
ami the tree is a strong: ^nowcr. 

Ucsmninjr his favorite profession, he took for his suhject 
•♦(icoh).iry, an<l the Natural History of Crcaticm." Of all 
who listeneil to those e(Mirses of lectures, who will ever for- 
jrcl his renilcriuj: ot the "Nautilus and th*' Ammonite T It 
was so indcntitied with his lecture on the i>eriod when they 
Himrished, I think it littin;: to reproduce it here. 

♦♦The Nautilus and the Anmionite 
Were launched in a friendly strife ; 
Kach sent to tloat in its tiny boat, 
On the wide, wild sea of life. 

For caeh could swim oi\ the Ocean*s brim, 
And when wearied, its sail could furl; 
And sink to sleep, in the ^'reat sea-deep, ' 
In its palace all of pearl I 

And theirs was a bliss m(»re fair than this, 
Which we taste in col(U*r clime ; 
For they were rile in a tropic life, 
.\ bri«rhter an«l better clime ! 

Thev swam mid isles w1h>sc summer smiles 
Were dinuniMl by no alloy ; 
Who>e LTroves wi're palm, whose air was Imhu, 
And lite — one only joy. 


They sailed all day, throujrh creek and \my\ 
And tra versed the ocean deep ; 
And at nijrht they hank on a coral hank. 
In their fair\' lK>wer8 to sleep! 

And the monsters vast, of ajres past, 
They iK'hcld in their ocoan caves ; 
They naw them ri<le in tlieir |M)wer and pri<le. 
And sink in their deep sea jrraves. 

Thus hand in hand, from strand to strand. 
They sailed in mirth and jrlee ; 
Those fair}' shells, with their crv'^tal cells. 
Twin sisters of the sea. 

Hut they came at last, to a sea lonjr past. 
And as they reu<hed its shores, 
The Almi;rhty's breath M|M)ke out in death. 
And the Ammonite lived no more ! 

80 the Nautilus now, in its shelly prow. 
As over the deep it strays ; 
Still seems to seek, in hay and cnn^k. 
Its companion of other days. 

And alike do we, on life's stormy sea, 
As we roam from shore to shore ; 
Thus, tem|)e8t tost, seek the lov(»d and h»st. 
But find them on earth no more. 

Yet the hojK) how sweet, a;rain U* meet. 
As we look to a distant strand. 
Where heart meets heart, no more to part. 
Who meet in that l)etter land.'* 

x;:iv iiiHToiiy OF tiik boyntok family. 

Of i\w inon* timii f<mr thouHund IpcturoK delivered l»y 
Prof. IU»yi)ton, lie wrote Imt one, that whm Iuh liwt, on 
**Micr(>l»eK, and tlieir relation to Diseiwe,'* whieli ho d(v 
livered U'tore the Modinil Fraternity in 1HH7. This he dic- 
tated, stMitenee l»y senteiue, wliik* in the aet of paintinir a 
room, and I eopii'd it on tlie type writer. An eminent 
pliysician in New York told him in IHS4, **If he had con- 
timu'd to write jind lecture on that sul»je(.-t, (Mieroseopie life 
iK'injr tlie (MUsc of diseases,) from the time he tirst talked 
witii him nlxmt it, he would tla-n, oeeupy a position In'fore 
the Medical world, that \'an<lcrhilt did In^fore the Railroad. ** 

It was his hraiii that di-viscd the scheme hy which the 
**L\'IhO ram AllMMuarle" was destroyed. Lieut. William 
('nshin^r hccame ac«|uainted with Doctor Hoynton's invention 
of the "Oil wi'll Torpcdii," thcretori' wIkmi l*resi(K>nt Lin- 
coln >cnt for ('u>hini: ami told him he wanted him to des- 
troy tlu' ram AllxMuarle, Cushin;: replied he "would do it,** 
hut to the l*re>ident's (|uery "how?" he answered "I will 
let you know in ten days." On leavin«r Lincoln, Cashing 
went directly to Syracuse, to consult with Doctor lioynton, 
and while there they laid the plans which he returned to 

After a few days Dr. Hoynton joined Cashing at the 
lirooklyn Navy Yard, and together they watched the con- 
struction of two armed torpech) lM>ats, on the completion of 
whii'li, the Doctor nanu'd one the Manetta, and his eldest 
daughter, doscphine, tiamed the other the Chautau(|ua. They 
experimented with them in the Hudson and Kast rivers, to 
insirt'c tin* practical working of the machinery and torpe(h)es, 
and when Cushing left the Doctor he said, "Well Doctor, 
in ten days you will hear the relx'l ram Alln'marle is de- 
stn>ye<l, or Willie Cushing is no tnore ! (lood hy." 

Piol'cssor Hoynton's hrain was ever active. Between 1844 
and \s\H) he had gianted hiiu over thiily patents, Ijcside 
many u>elul things invente*! that were not patented. The 
"Manual ot Magnetism," puhlished hy Daniel Davis dr. in 


lV)Hton, in 1H47, hoo^ukI edition, illiiMtriit<»H wvoral of Doctor 
BoyiitoirH invciitioiiM : on« on |Mi;:<^ 17<I, ♦♦Axial Krvolvin;? 
Bar;** one on |mi;x« '2'2\^ '♦Klcttrii* Mii^rnct, revolving.' on it«» 
axis ;** and ono on pa^e 27H, *»Iinpn)V(»d Ma;r»n'to-KI<Htri«' 
Machine.** One of his tirst patents was ♦♦Improvement in 
Appanitus for Solar Salt I'AaiM)ration.'* IIi> **()il Well 
Tor|)edoes. tirst Used with succ«\ss, l)y liiin>cif. l{etri;jrcra- 
tor Cars or Tanks, for convevinjr vei:etahK» or animal snl^- 
»tances durinjr transit.** At that time the idea was so al»snrd 
to the majority, la* could <:ct n<» one to invent with him in 
introducin;/ tliem I Now what w<udd we do with(»nt ihcm? 
He received more money from his ♦♦Improved (Ja>li;rht Mul- 
tiplier,*' than for all the re>t. lie always spoke very hi;:hly 
of his '♦Anti Friction Oil,** as a hihricator. Ili> Improved 
Fire Kxtiniruishcrs," have Ioul' U^en known a^ the "lial*- 
eock Fire Kxtinirui>her.** **'riu* Tusl proccw tor convert in;: 
east iron into mallcahlc steel was inventeil hy him." "Im- 
provement in Ormimentatioii of the Surtaco of Hard Ma- 
terials, such as shells, pearls, ivory, Ixme, horn, marl»le. 
huttons, and jrlass," has Ikmmi familial* t<» many who have 
used the j)earl buttons of iridocent hue. II<' «-onsi<lere(l his 
♦♦Method of extracting: Gold and other -metal hy Chloiinc. 
and th«' vacuum proc«»ss, a very useful i>ne. I lis ♦'diviner 
Indls" and *^In;renius method of takin;: deep sea soundiiiL's," 
were also of much interest. 

Ahout 1H8H he hecame interested in wall plast«M'> and 
Hydraulic Cenu'uts. His ♦» Alabaster Cement lMast(»r" wa8 
proven to Ih» superior to any in use. In conneition with 
that he invented an ♦♦Apparatus for Kvaporatin;: water from 
jrnmular materials, as sand, mineral, and veirctahic suIk 
stances." He ^'avc the electric li;.dit on the platform with his 
lectures twenty-live years helore it came into «ren<Mal use. 
His last invention, an ♦♦Klectric Motor" is lost to the world. 

At times duripjr his busy and \aried life, he ;iave atten- 
tion to the «renealo;ry of hi> name, and his <'l«h>t d.iiiLdil^r 
(Mrs. BrewsttT) recorde.l a< he colh'cted, but her -«iid(leu 

XXVI iiHToitr or tiik boynton pamilt. 

•.lojitli ill IXHO flic'ckod his iiivosti^utioiiK, which were not r^ 
iiowod until thu first of Juimary, l«HH. Ho called the tirs*t 
hovtitoii ConvcMitioii to Ih' holdon in Newhury])ort, Mass., 
on Aajrust 14, Ish;J, amd wiis very much interested in the 
c:ius<^ tU<' n'lnaiiuU'r of his life — tmvcllin«r nmny thousand 
miles, an«l «lt'\(»tii»^ thoussouls of <loUai's in colloclinjjj the 
j;enralojLri**.d r«v >rds, whieli lie intendcMl to puMish. 

lie was taken .suddenly ill on tin* IHth of ()etol>oi% lHi>0, 
vvhili* at work in his lalwnatorv, at Hiiifhiand Place, Syra- 
use. an<l alth(>UL>li his attc;ndin;j: physiean thou<rht he would 
.(•eovi'i*. his own diairn»»sis proved correct, even to the num- 
l»er of hours lu' could survive. His eaiilhly li;rht was ex- 
tinpiished aliou! foiu* <»\'l(u'k on the mornin;; of (KIoIht 
tvNeiilielli, and hi> ureal Mud — we helieve — passi'tl on to eud- 
lt".«» Worlds. 

"He hrealhes not, yet !ii^ lives in thoughts.** 


Hie Saliutlay (iIoIk* of Octoher 2.'>, IHIK), contained a 
JoUL' oliituarN , l'ro:n whii'h the folh>win«r extracts were seletv 
le»l: "Syracuse, OctoU'r 21. — At four o'clock Monday 
mornin^r, \h\ dohn Karnliam Uoynton died at Ids home on 
Hi«:hland IMace, after a very hrief illness. By this death 
the city lost on<» of the most remarkahle men that ever lived 
in it. SeptemlHM- 20, isll, at Bradford, Mass., was his 
natal day. Of old and prominent stock he took a deep 
pri<le in his family, and several years ago set to work assi- 
iluously (.ollecting data with which to complete a genealo- 
•iical history of all the lioyntons. An Association of the 
llovntons was (»rirain/.ed throu«rh his zeal and he was chosen 
the president. \h\ Boynton was a man of imposin«5 person- 
ality. Tall, well fornu'd. muscidar, he was remarkahlv well 
presiMVed, and went ahout town up to within a few days of 
his death as spry as any one fifty years of age. Although he 
vva> n.'arlv ei :!ilv VMr> old his hair which he wore lon<r. 


contained few silver threads. It was the Dottor'n know- 
ledge of geology that enahled him to denounto the •Carditf 

♦*The Doctor was apparontly in his usual hoalth Satunlay 
afternoon when ho l)0(aino suddenly ill, and throujrhout his 
illness he had no hope of rorovcry. He heliovcd that hv. had 
hurst a hlood vessel in his rhost, and that intornal h<Mii(»nh- 
age interfered witli his Itroathing and his heail action. Drs. 
E. H. Maxon and II. 0. Didania were called. The patient 
had the symptoms of slight eongestion of the hmgs. He 
had l)een a practicing physician in his early life ami insisted 
that hemorrhage was the trouhle and tl\at he coul<l not live 
hmg. He wrote a long letter to his wife, who left last week 
to visit friends in New Milford, l*a. The fimeral wa> hel<| 
at his home on Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. All 
the old resitlents of the city wtM*e in attendance. Kev. K. 
W. Mundy otlicijited. Mr. Mundy's remarks were a splentlid 
trihute to the ability of the (h'ceased. liurial was in Wooil- 
lawn Cemetery. The hearers were Iv\-Mayt)r Lyni.m 
Stevens, John K. Sweet, John W. Tniesdell, 1). F. (lolf, 
.Io.sej)h K. Masters, and M. Fdlmoro Smith." 


Fame, sought of numy, toyed with all, 
And wearied oft with constant pleas, 
Allowed ungracious weeds to fall 

From her reluctant grasp ; hut these. 
Or confiueror's plume, or poet's promise-hud, 
She touched with blight, or tinged with angry l)lood. 

And from a gras})ing, prostrate throng 

The willful idol tied in haste. 
She found, distraught, his hooks among. 
And prone upon a rocky waste. 
One listening, rapt, to earth's harmonious chiuie. 
His soul attuning to the psalm sublime. 


Faiiio was liis fate, awhile utiknowii. 

She led tliis purest devotee 
Throu;;h niountain «ro»jj:e, o*er mountain cro\vn, 
\\y lake and river, plain and sea; 
His tViviiit heart with all their •rlories wanned. 
With all liu'ir preeious lore his mind infonncd. 

An<»n, aiiiDiiir his kind he stood. 

The IMMIU' waters and the storm 
Had formed his v(»iee, the nndtitude 
Thiilled 'neath it as oni' instinct form. 
To natuir's el(X|Uence he pive a tcmjxue, 
.\n<l, s\ llahlcil, Uvv tluais.ind voices nmg. 

And tame, illusive, titlnl lame. 

Sat, charmed and smilinjr, at his feet, 
TIh' whih' her honored Uoynton's name 

Swelled throuuh her pjen, clear and 8wcct ; 
\n«l Notiv*' wreath^ her ea«xer tin^^ers wove 
Ol all the i:ems and hlossoms ot his love. 

IIi;rh priest <»f Science I her siicred loi"e 

Thy meat and drink ! still enter thou 
I'nto her tal.>'rnacled store. 

And hrin^'^ to us, 'tis lawful now, 
The treasures of earth's mighty heart, 

Tnrole to us the heavenly s<toII, 
Kling wide the jrloomy folds apart 

And till our souls I'rom nature's soul ! 
So where>oe'er thy thrilling voice is heard. 
Thy name >hall Ir^ a people's househohl word. 

Coinincn^ator^ "Hoticca. 

Tl»«' Alltaiiy, X. Y. Kveiiin^j .lounial, of Saturday, Sept. IS, anil 

Tut'>Mliiy, Sept. :5(». iy."i(l, ftuUaiiunl tlu' f()llt)v\'iiij;: 

•Oil riiui>«ilay t'vtuiii;;. Dr. lioyiitou elosetl liis coui"He inTroy, wtivn 


aoclaniation, followed by cheers, tlie waving of handkerchiefs, by the 
ladies, etc. 

"Whereas, Dr. Boynton having concluded his course of Lectures on 
Geolog)', is about to leave the city, and 8uch is our high estimate of 
his distinguiuhed abilities as a lecturer, his profound and varied 
learning an a man of ncience, and tl»e wholoHouieneHS of the intellec- 
tual and moral effect of \\\» lectures on all wlio have heard then>, that 
we should do injustice to ourselves, to allow the occasIv»n to \n\HS with- 
out an exj>r»'ssi»m of our sentiments: Therefore, reM)lved, That we 
tentler our united and conlial ihanks to Dr. lV>ynton for the H<Menti- 
He information, and the relint-d entertainment which his lectures, to- 
gether with his numerous and K|)lendid pictorial illustrations have 
atfor<le«l us. He.sol\e«l, Wlienever his en^a^em«nts will r«MnUr it ex- 
|)etlient, we invite the Doctor to re\ i^it our city. nn<l repeat his cour»*e 
of Uvturer^. Kesolveil, That in our estimation his lectures ar«' emi- 
nently worthy of the {latronage of any conuuunity." 


At the conclusion of Dr. Hoynton's lecture last evening, a meeting 

of tlK>se who had the beiulit and pleasure of atteiuling the course of 

lectures «lelivered by hint during the last two we<>ks in this city, waa 

held, aiul t!u» following r«'s<>lut ions weri' tilTered by AIfre«l II. StriH't, 

"Whereas, we have listened with in.-«truciion an«l delight to the 
Heries of popular lectures on science by Dr. Hoynton, — with instruc- 
tion, from the clear, sin)|ile, yet graphic and thorcaigh delineation of 
the subjects Astronomical. Geological, and uiwin the Aninial King- 
dom, which were discussed by him— and delight in the, and 
graceful deliverj- of the sanie — he thus evincing not only his accurate 
knowledge of his themes, but his adaptation as a popular ocientiHc 

"Resolvetl, that we, as citizens of Albany, are fully aware of the 
imiKirtance (»f such lectures to awaken more widely an appreciation 
of general scientilic knowledge in our midst — that they are calculated 
not only to uwaken but Jo meet the interest excite<l, by rendering the 
auditors full satisfaction on the subje<ts discussed in the serieH. 

Hcholved, That in view of tliesi' fads, w<> take jihahure in inviting 
Dr. lJoynt<»n to rep«at and extend, at s(»me future |K'rio<l convenient, 
to himself, his course of lectuies in cur ( ity, at the snme time pre- 
senting him our thanks for the delight lie has afforded us in the 
series just concluded. 

IRA HARRIS, Ojairman. 
LORKNZO E. CLARKK, Secretary. 

The resolutions w ere seconded by the Rev, Dr. Uague, and unanini- 


"Hi* manner of lecturing is much more attractive for being oral 
Instead of written, and much more inntructive to the popular mind 
by being divested of all the technicalities of science, and brought 
down in plain, familiar language to the comprehension of all. The 
lectures derive additional inU^rest from the splendid views with 
whlchthey are illustrated, many of which are not only beautiful as 
works of art. but very instructive in presenting peculiar landscape 
views and geological formations of the earth. I cannot doubt that 
hU lectures, which are delivered with that earnest enthusiiism pe 
cular to one whoso heart is in his subject, must be useful wherever 
they are delivered, and believing this. I cheerfully commend them to 
the patronage of my friends. 

Millard Fillmore. 

New York. Dec. 80th. 1869. 

Dr. John F. Boynton : 

Dear Sir:— At the conclusion of your course of lectures 
for the Cooper Institute on t)»e Natural History of Creati(*n. it gives 
me great pleasure to congratulate you on their entire suixiens. and to 
state th -it they were attended by crowded audiences, who testified 
their interest and approbation, not only by increasing numbers, but 
by repeated expressions of applause. Departing from my usual rule. 
I can sincerely recommend the lectures to public attention wherever 

you may repeat them. 

Faithfully yours, 

Peter Cooper. 


The undersigned having attende<i Dr. B<.ynton'8 lectures on Geology, 
havegreat pleasure (without any intimation on his part) to exprem 
their high admiration of the knowledge, ability. elo(iuence, and 
Christian sentiments displayed in explaining and di.scu.ssing his sub- 
jects, and the graphic and brilliant manner in which he illastrated 


Rev. James Spencer. Rev. E. Ryerson. D. D.. 

E<iitor Christian Guardian. Chief Supt. of E<lucation for 

Rev. W. Ormiston. Upi>er Canada. 

A. McCallum. Thos. J. Robertson. A. M., 

Master Pfov. M. School. Head Master, P. N. S. C. W. 


Sjracnse, N. Y. , Dec. 20, 1890. 

The Farmer's club met at the rooms of the Business Men's Associa- 
tion this morning. The following resolution, offered by Wallace 
Tappan, was unanimously adopted: 

Resolved, That in the death of the late Dr. John Boynton, who was 
a devoted member of this club, we have loHt a citizen whose wealth of 
Hcientitic attuiniiiontH, general knowledge and practical Inventive 
geniuH were of the higlieHt Mtandurd, duly apprcciuttd by bin many 
friendnand devotcc« of ncicnce throughont the country. We sin- 
cerely deplore hiH departure from among uh, feeling thot few men 
jMfRhesH the great knowledge he had uc(iuired covering a periinl of 
more than half a century. We remember him as an original, vigor- 
ous, intellectual man. studiously devoted to science and the welfare 
of the human race: a friend of progressive agriculture and n lecturer 
of rare al>ility. As a tribute to his memory and praiseworthy etforts 
in behalf of practical science and invention, we deem it fittingly 
projK'r and expressive of our sincere appreciation of Dr. Coynton and 
his life work that this resoluti<»n of respect be passed hy this society 
and spread on the minutes of the club and a copy be sent to his 

A tribute on the life and character of Doctor Boynton was read by 
Frank M. Terry, of Liveqniol. Mr. Tap]>an and others also spoke 
I'riefly and in the higlicht tenns of him. 

3obn Jfatnbam ISoienton* 


"Dr. John F. Boynton dead ! In the zenith of his fame and power 
he has reached his journey's end. In speaking words of prai/te and 
love above his dnnt we pay a tribute to ourselves, llow poor this 
world would be without its gravis, witl.out the nun.ory of our 
mighty dead. Our citizens should honor this brave and generous man. 
A millionaire in brains, the intellectual autocrat of his day. Fortu- 
nate is the man great enough to know the great. 

In the presence of death we should ju<lge as we would bo judge<l. 
We know that men are only fragments, that the greatest walk in 
shadow, and that faults and failures niingle with the lives of all. In 
the grave should be buried the prejudices and the passions bom of 
conflict; charity should hold the scales in which are weighed the 
dee^lf* of u>eM. 


John F. Boynton breathed the atmo«phere of inveMtlKatlon. Nolh- 
ing e(»caiMHl hln attention. Born n ^rwat man, hi* reHtIe«« npirlt led 
him into every field of Hcience, art iind letten*. He relied \i\wn evl- 
denco, on demonstration, ujwn experience. Ue endeavored to ex- 
amine only that which woh cuptt»»lo of hcinj< exainineti. He Imd a 
brain full of tha dawn, the head of a philoMopher, nnd hiti inventive 
genius lo<l him into every field of scientific Htudy. His attention won 
forever turned towanl thinj^s tiiat were to benefit his fellow men. 
Such men I love. In them we find the estimates of greatness, the 
deeds and lives that challen>;e praise and thrill the hearts of men. 

Ah citizen of our county, he became a part of its iijrowth and pro- 
gresM, His life and clmrncler have been woven nt\^\ interwoven in 
her adversity and prosperity, from a village u|>on the bunk of a canal 
to acity of a(lluen<'e ami power. In his and our liv<'s have been the 
gramlest years tliuL men have liveil. And when I think of a lltim- 
boldt, aTyndall, a Huxley, a Hpenct-r, a Darwin, a Mills, a Uoynton, 
there are no words iniense enou;;;h, with heart enough, with love 
enough, to express my admiration for those great men that have 
lived and labort^l for tli«'ir Hllow nu-n. Notliing <-an be grander than 
to HOW the seeds of noble thoughts, to earn the grateful homage of 
our race, and then in life's last sliadi>wy hour, to h»ok back over u 
well-spent life and know that the world is the Ix-tter f<u- our living. 
It is not my purpose to pronounce any exten«led eulogy u|>on the 
charac'ter and life ami servici-s <»f the man whose <leath we so pro- 
foundly re^^ret. No euK)gies. no words of no arch of victory, 
no moniimental pile to endear bim to our peojde. The story of his 
useful and honornble life ilhnuin«'H the brightest pact's in our know- 
Ie<lge, an<l the fr\iilsof his iiiceshant labors, rea«l and known of all men. 
give lustre to his name, and will perpetuate his memory. How much 
1 have enjoyed his many «lis«iissioiis with our Farmers' clul». He wjis 
always a welcome messenger anti bis words were full of scientific in 
vestigation. Not only may we assiK-iate bis name with the great 
scientists of ancient and nxxleni times, but we may more truly asso- 
ciate it with tlie great invcntois of the tdneteenth centuiy. Few 
men posst'ssed siich a womb iTul rondiination of brain. Few men 
stand a peer to John F. IJoynion. He knew that science is knowle«lge 
of the laws «»f life, of the c«)n«lit ions of bappiiu'ss, of the facts by 
which we are sunoumled, njeans by which man h>il»jugates nat\ire 
and bends the elenjental powei-s to our will, njsiking blind force the 
servant of his brain. The Doctor was a i-hemist and in the crucible 
of scit'n(M< new truths were «liscovere<l, and by |lie micri»stope and 
telescope new worlds. Kverywlu-re and in everything he found the 
inlinite; in every dinn'tion he investigattsl and e.\plore<l. He was the 
mlvmnitoof in<iuiry, the invest ig.-j tor of the unknown. He never 
stopped until he «lid know. What be knew be diseovereil by that 
dint of energy that knew no s»iel> word as fail. What he did not 


know he IiimI tlio coiirHKH lo iK'kiMminlKe. 11« iiiin)(1»Nl with hiit r«)l' 
low men, uIwh^^m r^uiiy uihI h llliu^; to Kive i\U\ iiikI NiipiMMt. niul with 
H chiiritHt>l« hnitd f(iive rtMiiiM*! nml lulvice. llin kiiouhMl^i* iiii«| 
HfiMTifiic't' iiinde him a n'luly nii«l cliHiiiciit t(ilk«-r. Him »«iitliiiHiiiHin 
•tirreil tlie henrtM <if hmmi. Hih piftuMice iiinpirtNl in nicii ii \o(\y chiir- 
meter of Htu<ly oiul iiivi'MtiKiiiioii. 

WonlH are iiui«Ie4|uate to ex|)n-HM the i*oh)HMnl nltility of the iiiiiii. 
Like tlie inniiuiiotli trei'M of tlie foreHt, he towered lii^h altove hirt fel- 
low men nii«l sIimmI tli«'re tlie el<H|U«*iit eliatiipioii of thoii)r|it niid in- 
%e6tiKAtion. In tiie silenrt* of Ids Htndy. in the (|iii<'tiidc of hin home, 
ill hiM laboratory JiiH tlioiiKiit>« were moulded hy the |»i'«'Kt*iire of a 
;;rand and iiohifM-jfe; hlit* who could nee and enconra^** in him tin* fer- 
lite ima)<ination of u K"'«( hraiii. She mNhnI coiiMtatitly hy liin Mid«<, 
ftfid in wordH of h»'l]> nnd eii('<i)ini;(eiiieiit iHTaiiH* hix coiiNttiiil and 
iiO(reHMary advJM'r, New thotiKhtM wi^e in Ink hiaiii. new hopi'M wiihin 
liiH heaii. Another lieuvfii hciit nhove hin lif«', lie naw in evfiytliiii^ 
the e%'erla>4tin^ pi«'tiire nf hirth and dt'ciiy. He nM'aMiir«*d lift« hy that 
••hain of relatione and ('ircnnistaiifes horn of (he inlinitt'. Kioni the 
t-radletl nany^ of childlMMxTM happy hour to manlMNNrK growth, a^c and 
decay — forever the investij^ator of iiM-n and things In th(> hilnjiM 
lory of his great brain, that world with oiu* iidiabitant sprang into 
'»eing, HiK.*e<'hlesrt attrihiiteis human and divim*. Vvw nifii kn»*w and 
• •ould mejusure the capabilities (»f this great man. lioinin th<5 child- 
hood of our country, he adde«l much towanl her advancement. He 
took the thun<lerl)oItH from the hand of Jupiter and with them ehv 
I ric thought flashes under the sea and over the land in advan<*e of 
lime. He made the lightnings our messengers and bnaight the 
whole world at our door. He adilwl much to the progress of the 
world. His restless spirit knew iu> Ixmnds. And his last hn-ath bore 
.".way int<) infinite space and glory — an electric motor just bursting 
into being. 

Dr. John F. Boynton had within the last three years patenttsl and 
.-ipplied for ten patents. Here we see that his intelUct was bright- 
►-ning with age. During these years he «levot»*<l much time to the 
stud}- <»f microbes. The exposiii-e o/ the Carditf giant was given to 
I l»e world by a Ik)ynton. Morse, the father of ekvtricity. hir^tl the 
iKx'tor to intro<luce his discovery, and our I>tH'tor Hoynton advancetl 
bis intei*ests by the use of his own invention. In fact the di^cov^>ry 
>>*«loiigs to iKu'tor IU)ynton. Thirty Inventituis and patents have been 
I lie fruits of his labor. 

VVIien we look back over the pages of our oruel war we ttnd Doctor 
Itoynton at its beginning, hvturing through the S<Mith. It was at 
I'etersburg where his proi>erty was contiscated. His batteries were 
• ised at Aquia Creek to convey messages to hea»l tpiartei-s o( the Con- 
iv^erate army. Afterward they were used at Hull Run. auA at the 
-►K'ond battle they were destroyetl. His collection was valuable, his 


|(»t*.s jjrnnt. X(ttliinK<"t>uM <leter this great man in liis advancement 
tif HfifUi-e. He wnM a ivatly lintener anil u great heliwr. Ilia bpirit 
knew noSK»un«lH aiul liin iietivjiy wuH restleHH an Old Ocean. In pop- 
ulari/irij; sci* ini- lie liiis no equal. livin;< or dead. Hit* lectureH in New 
York \\«Te llie nio«t giftid hiuM-enH evfr attended— one grand 
ovation." * * *' * 

Ki'fHiiiiij; to tiM'di'HtructinM of tlie ram Albemarl**, he naid, "All 
|.rais«' t«» the daring Ciishin;;. liis name wan heralded far ami near and 
U(M'!» down to jH.slfrily r«'et»nk*l. The great work accomplished, the 
ma>ter hand that Imili and invente*! rei-ieve*! no praise. It was not 
for him to n-t'eive the |»hiu.lit> of llie north. Sih-iit, and iH>i.sed, this 
ureal man sttM'd ill the an-iia of actii»n. Hut genius km)\vs all time; 
fur him th»' dead all hreathe and ad their countless parts again. 

No line can overolimate the gooil accomplished by this marvellous, 
many •'iih'd man. (ireat men are part of nature's .self, kindreil of 
all IHe. the gradual growth of <'ouiitle>s years. Tin-re was within hiti 
words tlie >tilitle >paik of the s«'ason's ihange. of everything that is, 
of i-vtiUhing llial Mrs heiw.-en the -.lumlH'ring seinls, that, half 
avvaktnin..C hy llie .Xpiils rain, have dreain>of heaven's blue, and feels 
tiie ijni-'ron> ki'«-< s »)| the ".un. and that strange lomh wherein the 
.••leliinil>t doth ;;l\e lu deaths cold dusl the throlt and thrill of life 
a-ain .Xinl while tlie wintry snows of age were falling on his head, 
-piiiix' Nvi.h all her weallii of hl.iom, was in his h.-art. The memory 
( f tlii> ample man is now a part ol nature's weidth. lit? was one of 
Hie iiir 'iiio-^i thinker^ ol' our age. He helived in immortality : nothing 
t real ed, de-^llo\ III. I |e did Mot fear to slalid aloMe. His hraiii took 
.ouiist'l of his lit ail. And Ml, w iih nvereiil hands. 1 place this tri-<- on liin lomli." 

A testimonial prepared by a <'hosen committee was read in the 
Hoynloii convention, at the close of which the President, Marcellus 
lloynM.ii. pH'senled the following : 

•*lt is with pleasiue that 1 add my testimony to what has already 
been said in regard to the many high and noble qualities of our de- 
c«*ased Ill-other and kiiisniaii, John Farnham Boynton. Although my 
pers«nial ac<|uaintaiice w ith him was not oo long as with many of you, 
yet there were ill it many pleasing features. Mutually attracted to- 
wards each other in the beginning, by both iK'ing interested in the 
gemalogy and history of our petiple, the bond of frieiulship grew 
r.ipidly until •.evered by death Ripened in yeai-s, and fully prepared 
fir another stale of existence, he has<l on to enjoy the reward 
;if a well spent life on earth 1 shall e\er hold in kind remembrance 
th.' s\aim and Iralernal relations formed in oui association with him. 


He was devoted to our eaiute. and honored the name he bore, and it b 
through hiH untiring etTortH that we are here aMHeinhled in re-union 
toilay. Let u* lioi>e and truHt that in t)ic golden HUinnier of another 
life, we tthnll meet hint in a Hwei-ler reunion where parting iit un- 

He watt one who couM truly Hay if aHked att to hin HtewardHhi|t, at 
the gate of the Ijeautiful city abdVf, I liave not lieen idle. Lie wan 
a num of nibble inipuIscH and of a high order of intc^lligence. Hih 
kiiitl and gt- neroiis arts won the In-art^ of our |>»H)pIe and wo mourn 
his loHrt toilay. Ihit his life and example renuiin a preeiou.s inhere- our A.ssiKJatioii, anil the rtc'ord of his faithful ntewaidship is 
a m(»nument to his ntcmury mure enduring than marble." 

The name liOYNTON aLs4» appears under the form of Uayonton— 
IUaiit<»n — Bienton— Hinton — Hointon — Uoyanton — iJoyenlon — Boying- 
ton — H«)yinton— lioviieton— Hoyonton — lk»ylon — lUiinton — Ihiying- 
ton — lUanton — Ityinglon — liyonton. 



WillUm and John Boynton, the einigranta, were the firet geneia 
tlon; their children, the second; their grandchildren, the third, and so 
on. A Bmall figure plnctnl a little above and to the right of each 
name. de«lgniit(»H the gont»ration to wh»ch he or she belongs, thus 
Oavid* on tho «»loveiith nnm» Kigiillltw he was of the fo»irth generation. 
The nncestralliiM' In |tiin'Hth«'HlH follows the name of eiich head of 
the family. ThoMnuill nutuln'r |»lne«'d at the left of the nan»e refers 
to that one as the IumhI of a family, whirh can be easily tracts! ; thus 
l.'V David on page five refers to 13 David on page eleven. Where a 
wife's name occurs in parenthesis the reader will tinderstand that was 
her maiden name; thus Ruth (Kimball) on page seventeen was the 
wife of Joseph Hardy. 

b. signifies born; bapt., bjiptizeil; chh.. church; rec, record; m., 
married; tmm., unmarried; pub. and int., publication and intention of 
marriage; dau., datighter; d., tiled; d. v., dieil young; res., residence 
O.I resides; rem. removed. 




JSoi^nton (Senealog^ 

Part 1. 

fftret 6cncratton. 

1. William' Boynton ^vji^ '►<»!» '"» tin- Fast Kidin^r <>t 
Yorksliiro, FnjrlJind, in \i)iU\. lie vnuw to Kowk'V, Mass. 
with K*'V. Fzckicl IJo^riTs, in the Aiitmnu of Un^S. Ilr was 
assi«nuMl a lot on linidford >trci't, to which hv sul»s«'- 
quontly added hir;r<'ly l>y puivhaM' in various pails of the 
eoiinty. lie ^^ave a farm to each of hi> eliii(hen in his life- 
time, autl the remainiler of iiis «'>tate to his wife Klizalxth 
»Iackson, wliom he hrou^dit witl» him. 

In the records he wa> caMed a ** [)laiiter/' aiul '* weaver/ 
lait in tile deecls lie is called a ** tailor." 

He tauL'ht the school fnuii ir».')r» Ut \i\K\, and wa> in<»l»ahly 
the tir>t |)er>on emjiloyed a> a >choolma>ter, in tlie loun. 



Children Inini in Uowlcy : 

J. I. John 2, h. Dec. 1J>, 1040; d. In IJowley, March 26, 1605. 

If. Kmzahktii 2, I). Dec. 11, 1W2; 111. .John HIinondH in Itowley, 
Nov. 1», 10(il. 'riit'y Ilve<! in Hnidford where their three 
I'hildrcii were linrii. 

I. .loiiN s, h. Apr. 2S, 1(171 ; d. July 20, 1«71. 

II. Hannah 3, I). J:in. 27, 1074. 

III. Mkhitaiu.kS, I>. Apr. 30, 1077. 

III. Zaciiauiaii ^ t». (Ut. 11, 1044; Imrii'd Au^. 4, lOW. 
H. VI. JosiHA 2, I,. Miir. 10, 1040; 111. Ilanimh Burnet, in New»»ury 

Apr. {>, !({>. 
V. Maijv i, I). July 2:<, KMH; in. John, t»ou of Ko^er KuHtiimn of 

SiilUlduy. .MiihK., Nov. ft, 1072. He wiik h. In 1040; d. 

Mar. 25, 1720. < hlldren l)oni In SuIlMlmry. 

I. Hannah :», l». .Nov. 2:^ 1073; d. Dec. M, 1073. 

II. .loHN •«. !►. Au^. 24, 1075. 

III. Za( HAUIAH *, l». Oil. 24, 1071K 

IV. i:n«;Ki{-i, l». Feh. 20, 1082-;<. 

V. Kli/aukth '■^. h. Sept. 20, 1(W5; in. <Jeor>;e Brown, 
Apr. 10, 1705. 

VI. TnnMA>'», 1). Vvh. 14, 10S8; d. Auj<. 27, 1091. 

VII. .lo.sKi H 3, h, .hint' 2.<, 101»2. 

4. VI. Cai.KH'^, Ii. Apr. 7, H;.'»0; ni. .Mary, dau, of Kdniund aind Ann 
.Moore, of Newltury, .lune 24, 1072. 
VII. Saiiah 'i, h. inc. I, ]iZ-2; d. in Itowley, Au^. H. 1054. 

Sccon^ (Scncratton. 

3. Joshua' Boynton, ( WifUom*) U. in U<»\vlcy, Mush., 
March 10, KUfi; m. l>t. Hannah lianict, in Nowhury, Apr. 
\), \(u>^. She (I. in Xrwhmv .Ian. 12, 1722. Ilr ni. 2<l, 
Wid. Mary SyKvs t»f K«^wU-y, \<»v. 2!>, 172'). Shod. July 
2H, 1727. Ilo in. a<l, in IIav< rhill, Oct. IM), 1727, .Mary, 
will, of iiis t'oiisin .lohn Iloynton. In MtTA liis father «ravt' 
him It farm in Newlniry, containinir <»ne humhcd aero, near 
Ml'. Dunnner's farm. Ilr lived there njore than titty year>. 
Ih' ua> a soMier under Maj. Aj>i»l<'t<»n in the \var> at N'ar- 
ra^an>ett, Hm.i, al><> under ('a])t. lirneUhhank when tlie 
latter was slain hy tiir Indians at Sudlairy, .\|>ril, Ili7t». 

His will was pn)ve<l Nov. 12, 17.ii>. 

Children Ijorn in Newl»ury: 

."). I. .losiiiA^*, l>. M;iy 4, 1<>7'.>: iii. M:»rv, <I;hi. nf .luliii and Mary 

(<HMri»li) Dolf. 
(;. II. .loHN -K l». .tuly 1.5. liis.'t; in. .Irmiina NVnivr-t«T. 
7. III. /.\( MAIMAM :!. Iiapl. .Iul> JO. iC'.tO; ni. >aiali U inmi. 
>. IV. NN M.i.iA.M ', It. M:iy •-♦<». Ki'.Mt; in. .)<Mnna SN'mmis. 

V. IIannah 3, Itapi, Apr. ."), l<i'.»(; : m. .It»lin, -oiMif .lulniaiitl .M«'ivy 

(IHi-klnsoiij IHr-MT. of iJi.w 1«'\ . in Ni'W Itnry Apr. 2. 1724. 

'I'ln-y 1V-. in i;<»\vlf> \\lni«- Im' »l, oT f(.n«niii|»iion, Nov. 17, 

1730. .sin' III. 2(1. riioin;.- .Jolin^wn of !:<'\\ ley. .Ian. 24. 1740. 



Clillilren l)or«» In IJowIey: 

I. .]amk-4, »). hVli. 2, 1724-ft. 

II. M<»-*K.H<. b. Sept. 1. 1720: d. Feb. 24, 1748-0. 

III. Hannah <, l>. S«'pt. 2»5, 1728; in. Junattuin \V«xxl of 
I.'owlev, .Inly 17, 1741*. 

IV. Sakaii * , U. Kcl». 14, 1730-1 ; pub. to If*niel Davln of 
Ip^witb, Manh U, UM. 

V. KiJ/AUKTii *. I». .luly 20, 17.'W; pnb. t(» iNiacSoutti- 
wifk. Jr. of Diinvri-. Oct. 7, 17.W. 

VI. .Fkmima <, <I. iin Infant in Ifowley, S<.«pt. 4, 173<1. 

4. Caleb* Boynton, ( William' ), h. A\m\ 7, 1650; 111. 
Mar}', (lau. of Kdimind and Ann Mmirc, of Newbury, June 
24, 1672. She was 1». in Xowlmry, Nov. 30, 1648. He 
nvxidrd Hrst in Xcwiuuy, then in Ipswich until 16i»5, jifter 
Nvhifli time we have no further reeord of his family in Mass. 
Ipswieii ehh. records L^ive his dcatli in 161)r>. Cireumstances 
iiulieate his son ('aK'l», went from Ipswieh ah)njj: the eoast to 
Vork, Me., and thenee to Wist-asset. 

Chihhen horn in Newhury : 

». 1. William «, l». .Inly 24. ir,7:<: ni . lie was iu the 

rniiadian Kxprdnion, (Mlutl^jctte.) 

10. II. .bniN •'. bapt. April t», 1(;7<». We have no more reeorU of hiiu 

in .Mas:*., tlK'n-tinf think he was the .h)hu IJyluj^tou 
fonntl in llranb»i(l, < omi. as early a* 1710, whose djiu. Mary 
in. Mosf<i KouW'. .hint' 22, 1720, in Hranfonl. 
(liildn-n Imrn in Ipswii-li: 

III. Anx», I». .Ian. .{0. lt;7s: m. 

IV. IlKni/.iisAii ». h. Nuv. IH, H^si ; in. 

11. V. ( ALKM <. \>. Nov. 24. lr,s.'); ni. 

VI. .\ ilan. bapt. .Inn*- Ht. l(;>s. 

VII. Makv t. b. .Ian. 21. I0'.t2-:i. 

Cbtr^ (Bcncratton* 

5. Joshua' Boynton, (Joshua^ WiUiam\) h. May 4» 
1()71>; lu. Mary, *!au. of ,I(jhn and Mary ((terrish) DoUn 
May — , 170K. She was 1». in Ncwlmry, Nov. 14, 1<»H1. 
Thoy ivs. in Nowlairy. He diod (Kt. 21», 1770, a^rod !)!. 
Slu' d. in Ncwinirv, Doc. 2<», 1777, ajr«'<l }M>. 

Chihhvn : 

I. Sarah 4, b. April 23, 1708; d. May 14, 1714. 

12. II. Jekkmiah *, b. Oct. 14, 1700; m. ls*t, Mary Colinau; in. 2(1 

Zeniah . 

III. .IKMIMA 4, b. March 2fi, 1711. K . , j^ . 

IV. Mauv*, ^' '' '' '' it>\ins r)oinu. 

Same day, Apr. 2, 1712. 

13. V. I)AVii>4, h. Dec. IS, 1712; m. Mary Sticknoy, Sept. li*,1738. 

14. VI. MoujK.s *, b. Apr. IS, 1714; III. Abl^^ail (JiMwlrldjfe (»f New- 

bury, May 13, 1742. 
l.'i. VII. .losiiLA ♦, b. Jan. 20, 1717; III. Martha Sticknoy, .\pr. 14, 
vill. Mauy 4, b. Apr. 2r>, 1710: in. In Newbury, .\pr. 25, 173t>, 
.lonathaii, son (»f Kirluiid and .\bl<;all (KUlthoriH'; I.elifhton 
of IJowley. He wa> b. in IJowley, Oct. 1!», 171.1. 
Children : 

I. Maky», b. Oct. 10, 1730. 

II. .loiiN*, b. F«'l). 20, 1741. 



III. JoxATHAX'^, b. Jan. 11, 174.3. 

IV. MijsKsS, I). Oir. 22, nW. 

V. K/KKIKL •\ h. May 14, 1748. 

VI. i;iniAi{i>5, I.. Det'. 3, 1749. 

VII. MaijtiiaS, I). Oft. 11, 1752. 

VIII. .lANK'i, h. Dei'. 0. 1754. 

IX. Sak.vii *, I), .fan. 17, 17.5S. 

l.\. Ai'i'iiiA 4, l.apt. in ll\ tk-Ul i-lmrtli, Nov. 12, 1721. 

X. .Iank^, liapt. Oct. «>, 1723; in. liiihard, »on of Edmund and 
Hannah (I)uU') <;«HKln(I<;e of Xewlmrj'. 


I. Mahtiia ^, li. 

II. KDMixn'i, l»- St'jit. 17, 1767. 

XI. IIannaiH, I). Ki'l>. 7, 17J<!: ni. Matthew Lunt of Xewburj*. 
riiey were of Neu Iturv 17S4. Jle a se^iinan, she u i*iiiuMer. 

\(i XII. Knocii *, li. Nov. 'Js, 17J7; ni. I.'acliel Foster. 

XIII. Mkiiitaiii.k*, Itapt. in Uylielil ehmvli, .Ian. 9. 1732. 

6. John' Boynton, {JoshHu\ WilUam\) h. July 1.5, 
1<I><."^; Ml. .It'iiiinia Worcester of Hnidtord, jmh. in Xewliury, 
Nov. 27, 1717. He re>. in lUtield, Newhiiiy; was a e(K)iK'r. 
I'.iiilit ot liis nini' ehii(lr«Mi died of '* throat distemiKM*.*' 
Finir were luirieil "m one jrnive in Dee. MWh. He rem. to 
|)un^tal>K» in 1711. 


I. Ii{ANei><. I>. iM'e. 2(i, 171S; d. Dei". 2(1, 17:«. 

II. >Ai{Aii S l». .Inly 7, 1720: d. Dee. 20, 1735. 

III. IIannaii ■•, It. .lune 1«'., 1722; HI. Dea. Franei.'* Woreester of 
^:i?i.l\vieh, <Ki. 2S, 1741. Me was l». in Uradfurd, .Mar. 'M\ 
1721 : res. in llollis, N. II., where tlie ehildren were iMirii. 
II.' il. Oel. lt». IMH). 


I. .\ni<;Aii,\ l». Nov. 5, 1742. | 

ti. FitAN( i".-', h. .lune 1(5, 1744; d. y. 

III. .Ikmima'', i>. .ian. 'Z'i, li4(i. 

IV. Hannah •'i, .Ian. 3, 174s, d. y. 

V. Saijaii •'>. h. .Inne is, 174'.». 

VI. IlLll.AII •'', II. (Ht. 2".i. 1750. 

VII. Maiiv'-, I). Dre. 13, 1751. 
VIM. !.vi»iA '\. I>. Apr. 2<;, 17.53. 
IN. .lollN"^. I». Dee. 31, 17.55. 

X. II VNNAII ■■'. li. .Ian. 3, 1757. 

XI. FuxNeisS. II. Oet. 27. 17.5s. 

XII. Hatii-.iikiia'^, I». .\|'r. 21, 17^W. 


IV. Jemima *, b. Feb. 15, 1724; d. Feb. 11, 1736. 

V. William *, b. Apr. 2.% 1720; d. Dec. 21, 17;«. 

VI. .J(UIN 4, h. .luly HO, 17-2K; d. Dw. 21, 17a.'i. 

VII. Maky S Ijapt. Dei'. <;, 17:iO; d. Dee. 2(). 17:i5. 

VIII. .Samikl^, b. ; d. .Fan. 4, 17:^0. 

IX. Davii* 4, bapt. .June s, 173.'); d. Dee. 2t5. 1735. 

7. Zachariah' Boynton, {'Joshua\ WilUain^) Impt. .luly 
20, U>'JO;iu. Sarah, dan. of Jolin and AMpiil (Kiinl>all) 
Wicoin, of Xewlmrv, Nov. !.'», 1715. She waM h. in I{o\v- 
ley, Au;r. 21», DISH. He ivm. to Coventry, Conn., (Winil- 
ham Co.) iK'foro 1724. He d. in Coventry, Dee. 30, 17.'i(). 

Children : 

17. I. Jonx4, I». Oft. 0, 171>^; in. . prub. Tal>ethy Dnwe-. in 

<"oventry, Ct., Nov. <», 1740. 
II. IIaxnah 4, b. Dec. .SO, 1720; 111. prob. Kphraliu Brown, jr. 
before 1745. 

18. III. JosuiA 4, b. Feb. 2»*., 1722; in. prob. Hachel <"arpcnter, Nov. 

9, 1741). 

IV. Sakah*, b. Oct. fi, 1723; d. Oct. C, 1724. 

V. Mkhitahlk*, I>. .Mar. 21, 172<>. 

VI. AliKiAIL^, b. .Inue 17, 1721>; iii. 1st. Sept. 7, 174S, .lohn 
Paibner of <'(>v»'ntry, and bad four cblldicn. Slie in. 2il., 
.?an. 27, 1757, (apt. .lames < liainberlain, and bad ^^ix cbil. 

VII. WiCMM *, h. .luly 2S, 1732; d. Nov. 7, 1742. 

8. William' Boynton, {JosJma\ WilUam\) horn May 
2G, IGUO; in. Joanna, dau. of John and Dorothy (-) Stevenj^ 
of Salisluiry. Nov. 1713, hy Kev. Caleli Cushin;r. She wan 
h. in Salishiiry, Oct. 1.5, 1(1112. He reeeived arrant of Nar- 
rajjranset lands in riirht of his father. He lived first in Wy- 
Held Parish, Newlnny; rem. to Kin«rston, N. H., «'arly in thr 
year 1730. His son Richard, of Boston, reeiivi'd Utters of 
adniini>tration on his estate, Jinie 1, 1771. 

Children iMirn in X«'whury : 

I. DoicoTiiV «, b. Dec. 1715. 

II. II ANNA!! <, l>. Sept. 2<'.. 1717; pub. to Obiidiab. ^nn of 
.ItiM'pb and Abi;xial ( Itiuwn) Fr«'iicb of Sali<il»iit n . .\tt\. I, 
1737. Sbe wari tbeii of Kln;:<ton, N. II. lb- \\n* b. in 
Sali>bnry, Sept. 2'.», 17K'.. 


Children horn In SajII;*hiiry : 

tJ». in. WiM.iAM <, h. .Inly 5, 171SK 

2(>. IV. KiniAKo*, h. May 2S, 1721. lie had three wives, and d. 
chllilU'ss in n«Hton n<»t lon«; after the Hevolutlonary war. 
< Mie of hli* sisters in. a llatehelder, tlie other u TUton, froui 
whom s|»ran«; tin* Ilatrhi'lilers and Tiltons of T^oudon, X. II. 

21. V. .losm A *, h. .Kn^r, ic, 172;^. 

22. VI. .IniiN 4, h. An;;. .'M, 1724: in. Anna Smith. 

VII. Mai:tiia 4, l». s»'|»t. 2, d. Sept. IH, 1720. 

VIII. Mr.nv^, l>. Mar. «',. 1727. 

IX. Maiitiia 4. I». , 172S. 

0. William' Boynton, (Caleb\ William\) h. in New- 
luiiy, Mass., July 24, 1(»73. Wu.s in the Canadian Exixjdi- 
tion ; in. 

10. John'' Boynton, {Ccileb\ William\) bapt. in Ncw- 
l»urv, Mass., April 11', H>7('» ; 111. 

Is not this the Hoynton wlio wrnt to Conn., and "called 
his name lUiii^^tony" as we Hnd in Hranford, Ct., Town 
Kee<U(ls, under date of Oet. 1(1, 1710, that one ♦Slon. 
HoyinLrtoii '♦entered his ear marks with a erosse on the ri<j:ht 
i'ar, and a halt penny on the fore side of the same," and in 
the liei;-. of Deeds in liranford, the ♦* Thirty-tirst Day of 
.lanuarv, Anno Domini 1720, I .lohn Hyinton, of Hran- 
foi'd, Co. nf New Haven, Colony of Ct. of \. K., weaver, 
4th Division of Land nnuU' over to me hy tlohn Swain & 
Thomas ^^'lM'd()n and Kunice the wife of Thomas Wheethui 
etc., eti*., which doth accrue to me hy ri^^ht of my wife »lane, 
Uclect iM' wid<»w of s'd ,Ino. Swain, (U'e<'ased." 




As we have no further record of this dolm in Mass., it 
si'cnis (juite c(»nclusive he was the pro^^Miitor of a lar;j:e branch 
of the family in Conn., who sv-'U their names Hyinjrton, or 


11. Caleb' Boynton, {Caleb*, WiUiam\) l>. in IpHwich, 

Nov. 24, U>H5 ; m., prolmhiy Christian . As we tintl 

in the Rc«r. of Deeds in Alfitcl, Maine, tnie Caleh lioynton 
of York^ Me., a ** weaver," Inm^rht ten aeres of huul in 
York, .July (5, 1725, and on S'i)t. !(>, 172(), he sold ten acres 
in York, and his wife Christian, signed the deed with him. 
They also sold lands at different times in 1781); and in 17(12, 
** Christian l^nnton, spinstress, of a plate called Wiscasset, 
('o. of York, Me., sold two acres of land lyinjr in York.** 
There seems- little douht this was Caleh .Ir. (from Ipswich) 
and his wife, Imt we have not Ikhmi ahle to establish the fact. 
We have a fra;Lrment statin^r "a Calch l^>ynton was in Wis- 
casset in 1750; also one \Villiam lioyntoii in 1754." In the 
History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle, Me., we tind 
Caleh and William l^nnton petitioners for the inc(»rporation 
of \Vhitehaven, March 22d, 1740. Was not this William 
the brother of Caleh Jr., h. liu^-'f. 

yourtb ©cneratton. 

12. Jeremiah* Boynton, {Jonhua\ Joshua^ William',) 
U. (K-t. 14, 17()i»; in. 1st Marv, dau. of Kphmim Column of 
Newlmry, wo Imk the pioot ol his 2(1 in. to Zeniah. He 
was somi'tinu's nillcd *' .Icrcmv," and known in Coventry, 
Ct. as .leronic. ** .leronic Uovnton, late of NewluuT, Nni^zht 
land of Cali'l* Stanley, of Coventry, on the Hth day of May, 
17)i«>." Coventry l)ee<|s »* .Icronie lV>ynton of Newhury, 
Mill Wriirht, Inr 104 pounds L. M. quit elainied to Xath'I 
Krr/er of N., yeoman, all his ri^ht to the estate of his late 
faither, .loshua Hoynton of Newhury, dee'd, lM)th real and 
persontd, .Ian. H), 1771. Kssex ('<». deeds. 

He resided in Coventry, Ct., where his ehildren were Imuti, 
hut it seems he returned \o Newhury, an<l d. there Mareh 7, 
1775. His will was dated March 2, 177.'). 

Children all hy 1st wife. 

I. ArrnrA •'•, It. .luly *>, 17;<7: in. Brown. 

A'i. II. M<»i;>^. It. Oi'i. <l. 17:{Jt: in. 

III. Hannah ^. )>. .Iurn' «;, 1741 ; in. I^iiUl. .*<ht' d. before 

177.'>, U'aviii;; iliildrm. 

IV. l.vhiA ■■*. !•. K«'li. n>. \'4'.i: III. Al>nihiiin, ('on of ThoinHK uwd 
.loaiiiia (lMk«') 'rin»il;i. of N'fwimry. I'lili. May 20, \7(>ii. 
lit' was h. ill Nfwltuiy. .!nly 14, 1743. "He tl. from siirt'o- 
oation ti'oiii ^oin;x ■■>(<' h well to clean it out, Aii)(. 31, 17H(!. 



rlilhiron Imni In N'i»wlMirv! 

I. J'AI i.«, I*. Aujf, 20, 17«7; in. Kllzul»etli, dau. of 
•luhn and Kli/iilM'th Adanio of NewlmrVf Feb. 19, 

II. I.viUA «, l». .Inly 27. 17»5'.»: ni. 

III. KixiCK «. I». .Ian. 13, 1772: u\. IhniM IMIlnImry of 
Newluiry, Fel». .5, 17ss. 

IV. hAVih'i, l». (K't. IfN, 1774 : ni. 

V. Stkimiks ••,•». .Ian. 17, 177S; ni. Knnire Thorlu of 
Newhniy, I >*•«-. H, 171m;. 

VI. .Ikukmiaii '^ I). ,17H2;>»liot wlille jrnnnlnjr 

near Kent'** Iflaml. .\u;;. 22. 175)7. 

44. V. Samukl*^, J». l>ec. 17, 1744; ni. .\i»i»liia Duty of Newbni-y, 
May 14, 17<W>. 

25. VI. Stki'IIKS 'i, h. ,Iuly 17, 1740; ni. 

26. VII. JosiiL A 5, b. .Mar. 1. 17«>1 ; ni. . 

27. VIII. Jkukmiaii J, l», Jan. 0, 17«i2-.'J ('•.feronie" in (ovontrv.; 

13. David* Boynton, {Joshua\ Joshua^ Wil1i(nn\) l». 
Dec. l/», 1712, \\\. Mary, <lau. of !k>i)jainin and Marv 
(Palmer) Sticknoy of Newlunv, Sopt. 11', 17HH. She was 
h. in Bytiold, Sopt. 2. 1711. IIo ros. in Ncwhury where lie 
<l. Fel>. ><, 17r)7. She in. 2(1, Moses, .Mm of .la<*oh Hardy, 
Dee. 3, 1700, and renuived to DunstaMe. lie d., and she 
then went to Andover and ni. a Mr. Huttertield. She d. in 
Andover at the resid»»nee of lier son Tlannas Boynton. 

Children Ikhu in Newhury : 

I. Sakau fi, b. .Mar. 21, 17."i".»; in. .M«»i>(', thoy had one 

dan. Sanih'*, who in. a Mr. I>own<* and irsldtnl hi Newbury- 

2S. II. l>AVli»\ b. Feb. 21, 174(>-1 ; in. 

2U. III. Samikl^ b. Feb. ."), 174:{; in. Ituth Mardy, lUt. 24, W^i.*^. 

HO. IV. .\Mo>^, b. Feb. 2, 174:»; in. 1>1, I'olly l.lbliy; 2«l. I.uey 

31. V. 'rin»MA-; •'^, I>. Nov. 2'.i, 1747 ;'ni. Hannah .\ine-,.Iune 1«», 1772. 
VI. Mauv. •'», l». .Mar. 27, 17.')<): in. .Nalhan Lo\«jon. I'uh. Apr. 

S, 1773. 

32. VII. Mo>K>'», l». .Nov, 1, I7.'»l; in. .Mary Os;;«mm1, l»ee. 2.'), 1777. 

33. VIII. .loNATIlAX •'*, b. .\n;r. Hi, I7.')3: in. .>hiry .Moore, l)ee. 13, I7sl. 

14. Moses' Boynton, (Jonhua\ Joxhun'', \Villiaiu\) l». 
Apr. 1^, 1714; in. Aiiipiii, dau. of .Siniurl and Hannah 


(KrayxT) (loodndj^e, ((toodrich,) May 13, 1742. She whh 
l». In NcwlHiry, Mjihh., MhivIi 1/), 1717. He rem, to 
('ovc'Ulry, Ct., jiImmU 174/^. *'Mohoh lioynton of N«wlmry, 
bought land of .lohii KoImmIh <»f Coventry, C't., Sept. tl, 
1744." (Coventry Uee.) 

I. IMikhk'*, I». .\|»r. 1ft, 1743; iii. HiuKliuiii, uud rem. to 

Hiii^haiiiton, N. V. 

II. Ki.'Nu;k8, b. Apr. 21, 1745; in. Nathaii Duty of Newbury. 


I. Ann J A II. «, b. ; m. .lereinlah Brown. 

II. Nathan ", b. ; in. three tlinex. 

III. .\NNA<>, b. d. un in. 

IV. KrNi(K»,b. »» ♦* 

V. r«n.i.v«»,b. »' " 

H4. III. OLivKU^i, b. Apt-il .'{0, 1747; in. Miiry Hrown of IIInMlale, 

N. II., Au^'. (;, 1770. 
3B. IV. liKi.A S r lUIW'"; '». -'uly 27, 1752: in. !«, Anna I'unier, 

ni. '2«l. widow (Kulb'r) rerkini*. 
V. Hannah •"*, h. ; in. Daniel Tunier, of Coventry, i't. 

15. Joshua* Boynton, {Jo»hua\ Jof^hua\ WilUam\) 
hapt. •Ian. 20, 1717: in. .Martha, <lau. of IWnjaniiii ami 
Mary (Palmer) Stiekiu-y of Kowley, .Vpril 14, 174;^. She 
wan hapt. \\\\L. !.*>, 1714. They re.", in Hollis, \. H., where 
hed. Feb. 4, 17(>;J. 

Chihlren horn in IIoIHh; 

'M\. I. .loHiii A », b. Nov. 2«, 1743; ni. Mary Parker, May 26, 1778. 
II. M AHTiiA •'*, b. .\u;f. 21>, 174ft; in. Nathaniel, 8on of Nathaniel 
and Mary (West(.n) Hall of IIoIIIm, Nov. 30, 177ft. 
Children : 

I. Natiianikl", b. .June 18, 1778. 

II. .b>.<Ki'n«, b. .Inly 27, 1779. 

III. .losiirA", l». Au^. 14, 17H1. 

IV. l)AVii)«,b. (K't. 24, 17S3, ) , 

V. .b»NATiiAX«, b. »* ^iwins. 

David Hall", Ml. I.iu'v Hcblen, and had thirteen children, 
vl/. : 

I. .I< ►NATHAN ', l». .lune 13, ISOI), re!<. In Mich. 

II. I'llll.ANUKU?, b. Oct. 21, 1810. 

III. Nan< V 7, b. Feb. 12, 1H12, d. Au^. 1813. 

IV. SYl.VKMKIt, *. b. Apr. 10, 1813. 

V. Davii»', b. Nov. 22, lsl4. 


VI. Nancv Smikky 7, b. Feb. IM, 1816. 

VII. Matii.i»a 7, b. March 20, lHl7;in. \«than Whltlii»(. 
Kel». 1», IHM, ren. Cicero. N. V. 

VIII. Wai,tki{7, b. K«»». 'iS, IHH); a. .Fan. 10, 1m77. 

IX. .IKIIUV 7, I,, (M. iM, 1K20. 

X. Natiiamki, Movnton", U. May 37, IH'i'i. 

XI. lliitAM 7, b. .Iiiiie lA, 1H24; d. Dfc. 18. 1H77. 

XII. Maktiia 7, b, Feb. 22, 1H2<J. 
xiii. Wamiinutox 7, b. Mar. is, IH.'IO. 

.S7. III. Benjamin'', \t. Ft'b. 21, 1747; in. l)et>orah Parker, Nov. B, 

IV. MakV'"^, I». .Iiine 10, 1749; in. Kliphalet, »«on of Hobert and 
Ann (.larqiics) Adams, of Newbury, May 14, 1775. Me 
WH« b. in Newbury, May M, 173«. 


I. KlXK K«, b. Auk. '^1 177fi; il. Oct 20, 1h48. 

II. Saiiaii", t». I)»'c. 10, 1777; lu. .Mokck Kent, ) 

Fe»>. IK. l7Ufi. MwlnH. 

III. Anna •', b. Dec. 10, 1777; U. Sept. 4, 177N. ) 

IV. KoiiKKT^i. b. May 20, 17H7; in. Hannah I.ittle, June 
12. IKOH. 

V. AMun'i, b.'.FuMc 11, 1751 : d. younjf. 

VI. Sakaii-V b. .luly 12. 1753; d. in Hylleld at Mr. IMchard 
DuniuierV. Au«;. 31, 177H. 

38. VII. Kma»», b. Fel>. 24. 1755: in. Ell/a»M'th, dau. of IJenM. 
. Francis H1<mmI of Temple, N. II., Mar. 31, 17H1. 
VIII. Ki.iZAMKTii •'^, b. April 4, 1757; d. at Mr. Kichard Dununer'B. 

16. Enoch* Boynton, {Joshua* y Jof<hua\ William',) h, 
Nov. 28, 1727 ; m. IWhol Fostor of ('ajw Ann, uUmt 1747, 
rcH. in GloiicOHter. Fislicnimn and huH))andnmn. He wim4 
in the battle of Louislmr^. lie d. in 1805. 

(^hildrcn lK)m in CjlouceHtor: . 

1749; m. Abij^ali . 



Ksocii5, b. 



Elijah », 

Ippwich, Sept. 19, 1771. 


Makv 5 , b. 
.Ian. 10, 1770. 


SL>ANNAn5, b. 


Sakaii*^, b. 
<Xt. 2(), 1779. 

in. Martha, dau. of .*<amuei Lord of 

in. Nathaniel Kobins of Ip.swich, 

in. John Elliott. 

ni. Moi»ei» (all of Hoficawen, N. II., 

VI. Hannah*, b. .Sept. 4, 1767; in. .Facob Lur>ey at llyHeld, 

Dec. , 17H1 ; he wan b. at (iloucester, Oct. 24, 1761. d. in 

Trenioni, Maine, Sept. 11, 1H53. .Shed, at Mt. De!*ert, .Me., 
.\l»r. 1, 1K'<9. The fandly inovwl to Mt. De^ieU, .Me., Nov. 



I. Hannah «, »». at Xewlmry, Hyrteld, Mhm.. I>ec. 8, 

17H2; III. Wllllaiiii (iUley at Mt. Dewrt, Me., , 

isO'i: (1. at <i-uul»fiTy Inlen, Me., .Mar. 24, 1852. 
Tuelve childrtMi. 

II. Si HANNAH «, l>. at Newbury, , 17K4; in. 

.lames llrowii at Mt. De.-ert, IHO.*^. Five 
rliil.lreii. She d. at Mt. Deseil, Sept. \H\H. 

III. Sawaii", !►. at N«*wl»uiy, , \'H(i; iii. li»t, 

.M«.-«M I.!hM at Mt. DrM^M-t, 1H()2; in. 2d, Kllali 
^,n\\ at Mt. Di'i'eil, 1KI5. Seven eldldren. 
Slir d. al Mt. De.MTt, May, iNlO. 

IV. Mai(v«, h. at Newl)uryiM»rt, Nov. 16, 1788; in. 
'I'lunnas Stanley at Mt. Deneit, 1810; d. ut (run- 
InM ly Ixk"*, Me., .Ian. 14, 1843. Ten clilldren. 

V. ItACiiKi. KoNTKU", l». at Newburyport, .May 31, 
17'.>1 ; III. .Icdin Carroll, at Mt. Desert, Me., Dec. 2.5, 
IsJi, d. at 'Irenu.nt, Me., .lune 11, 1881. Six 

VI. Samiki.<s b. Apr. , 1793; lu. Al)i«;all (illley, 

at Mt. Desert, 1815, d. at Tieinont, Jan. 2, 1870. 
Ki;;lit i-hlldren. 

yil. l>AAr «, I J , , , 1^ j-y. 

VIII. .lAKtn J * ' 

Isaac in. Al>l;;all D<Hl«je at Mt. Desert, 
Dee 3, 1818; died at Treinont, Apr. 21, 
l.*<7(». Ki^ht children, 
.lacob un in. l<)st at sea Auj^. 25, 1830. 

IX. Knoch UdVNToN «, b. .Fuly 3, 171»8; in. IJebecca 
Hi^^jjln^'sat .Mt. Deseit, Feb. 2, 1830; d. at Tre- 
iiKHit, Nov. 3, ls7".>. Twelve cliildren. 

X. IMiMDA «, b. Dec. ,1800; in. Daniel Hunker 

at Mt. Desert, Dec. 1823; d. at Sullivan, Jan. 1854. 
Tell children. 

17. John* Boynton, ( /Aichariah^ y Jonhua\ Willtam\) 
l>. Od. !», 171^; III. prolialily, TalR'thy Dawes, in Coventiy, 
Ct., .Nov. «5, 1740. 


I. Aaui. •'•, b. Dec. 22, 1741 : "d. In 14 days..** 

II. SauaI! '', b. Fel>. 20, 1743. 

III. Ikkna •'\, b. .fan. 14, 174(5. , 

18. Joshua* Boynton, { Zachariah\ Joshua\ William\) 
I». F('l». 2<i. 172;»: III. liacliol ('ai'|M.Miter, Nov. 1», 1741>. He 
a. Oct. D*., 17.')2. 


Children : 

I. 1*1IKBK\ b. Nov. 2:^, 17R0. 

II. Annk*, b. Mjir. 24, 1752. 

19. William' Boynton, ( William*, Joshua', \Vaiiam\) 
h. July 5, 171!>. 

20. Richard* Boynton, ( Winiam\ Joshna\ William'), 
h. May 2H. 1721. \\v had tlirco wivcn, and duul rhlldh'hH in 
BoKton m)t lon^r nitvv the Kovnhitionary War. 

21. Joshua* Boynton, ( William', Joshua', William^) 

b. Aii<r. ll>, 1723, in Kin^rston, \. H. ; ni. . Ho <l. 

in Canterbury, X. H., Oct. , 1814. 

Children : 

41. I. William », I). , m. Marv lilbnui of rannMburv 

Sept. 8, lS.m '' 

II. A dau. who iii. HieharU Hai-lieUler. 

22. John* Boynton, ( William\ Joshua' , William\) 
b. Aug. 31, 1724; m. Anna Smith. 

Children : 

42. I. David a, b ; m. Anna Hatcheldcr. 

43. II. HiciiAKi»'\ ; KunUo SaulM.rn. 

44. III. William ft, b. ; Sopt. 20, 1701 ; m. Mnry. 

46. IV. .loHN 5, , 1702; in. Lvdla Dow about 1780. 

V. MoLLV •'i, b. , m. Wliliain I)avl»*. 

VI. BkT8EY«, b. , in. I>'aac' CuininlnKH. 

VII. Anna « , b. , in. .lainoH itoble. 

jrtftb (Beneratton, 

23. Moses* Boynton, {Jeremiah^ Joihua\ J»t$hun* 
Winiayn\) l». Od. «?, \T^'^ \ \)whnU\y in Covonti-y, Ct. We 
liMVo no luoro t'onniM'tin^ rcconU of thin Mohim. 

24. Samuel* Boynton, (Jeremiah*, Joshua', t/o*Auo'), 
Willimn^) 1). Doc. 17, 1744; m. Apphia Duty of Newlmry, 
Mass., May 14, 17<)(>. 

25. Stephen* Boynton, {Jeremiah*, Jo$hua', Joihua", 
WilHam\) U, in ('(.vontry, Ct., July 17, 1741^; m. 


26. Joshua^ Boynton, {Jeremiah^ Jof<hua\ Jos/tyn*, 
WtUiam\) l>. in Covoiitiy, Ct., Muivli 1, 17»)1 ; in. 

27. Jeremiah', {Jeremiah*, JoMhua\ Joxhua* ^ WiUunn\) 
1>. in Xcwlmry, Mas.-.., Jan. <>, \1iV,\. 

28. David' Boynton, (David\ Joshua\ Jonhna'', 
WiUiam\) l». Frh. '11, 1740-41. Thoiv stvins to 1m' a littK- 
discrcpanry lK'tw<'('n tiic r»'cor<ls sv\\\ l>y David iioynton ot 
ChicoiMM* in 1«h;1, an«l thosj* ;_r|,..m,'(l \\\ Mattlu'u A. Sticknry 
wiio jravr two nmrt' chiMrrn, tln' tiist two. llr n's. in An- 
ilovor and Ni'\vlaiiy|>oi1. I)a\ id smt'd a> jtrivatr in ('apt. 
Stoplicn Kent's Co. stationed at NcwiMiry to!' tlir drtrncc ot 
tho M-a coa^t, from .Inly 14, to Dec. 11», 177'). Ciiiidirn : 

4<i. I. l»AVn»*',li. . I'lilt. to Mary (l'(»lly I rarUn. .hiii. 

•21, ls(H. u'^. DtMiy, \. II. 
47. II. .Inii\'i,l>, , I7S-2: in. ititiMit with ItHn-y < hamlU'r 

<»f Alkiii-«»ij, Oil. \\K ISO.'. Of < luMcr. -\. II. Ih'tl. Nov. 

•J.'i, 1S4S. :ie. j;*!. 
4S. III. .lo.'.KI'll •• . 1> . 

IV. l.VDIA •• . I». ; d. Ill) III. 

V. Sai.i.V', I». ; III. Mr. .M»Mton. 

VI. AnniAii.'"', •». — ; III. Iirr <'oii-1m .loliii, -on of Sannu'l 


29. Samuel' Boynton, {David\ Jonhuo'^ */os/,iui\ 

WiUhnn\) 1>. Fi'ii. T), 174^: ni. Kntli, dan. ot .lo.ncpli and 
Kutli ( Kini)>ali) ilaiily of liradford, (now (Irovrland) Oct. 
24, 17<).'i. She was l». in (fidvelaml, \\\)i. 2, 17l.». lie 
was a tail(»r l»y trade: Mttled in (iroveland on wliat i> now 
Kinjjr >treet. ni> l>n»ther Mo>es {'.Vl) ^\{\{\ 

Sanuiel MMvi'd with him in the Kevohilion. lie d. in 
(n-ovehmd, May 20, l.sod. Siu' d. Ort. 1.1, islu. 
Children :dl l». in (iroveland. 

I. An liifatil. »1. Nov. 17. \1W. 

II. Sai.i.v ". '). .Iiiiir l.'{. 17'">s : III. Tlioma- Kiii;:lii o| N«'\vl»urv. 

Mar. •->'.•. 17'.»1. nn.- chiM .Irrnni ili T . I,. >,.|»i. |s, 17'.»4. 

III. Hannah'', ••. I fl'. \1. 1771 : in. .liinH'-. •onot r»'t«M < liaiu'\. 



4JI. V. 


I. MM'IIIA '. I». 

II. |.i>i> T, I)., (I. iitiiii. :it;iil rj. 

III. Ar.NKu", l». K»'li. ls()4:tl. Nov. 1.S87. 

IV. I;kiik<< A ', l». \>ns. 

V. >AMl Kl. HoVMoN 7, h. Nov. 11, ISOU. 

VI. .In>|.\|| ii.' , It. ISl.'). 

VII. .Mauv 1{. «, I). 

VIII. Wll.l.lAM S. T, b. 1822. 

,loilN",J>. Ort. 2s. 1770; ni. hif* c<»ui*lu A)ti>;uil, dau. of 
hiivlil Htt.MiiMiMii llnulfuitl, K«'l». 21, IHOO. They were 
nt sliitroii, Wliiilliiiiii <'()., Vt. 1S()2, (li'«. fniiu (iiHtvi'laml 

ln'-«' wcr*' \\u' |Kii«Mit>' lit .luliii hiinihaiii lioyiituii, tlie 
iiii|iilri ol tli»'»t' muitl-. TlMir ch'.ldivii wvie: 
I. <)>«;nni» (ii.MiKiK ". !•. Au^. 12. l.M»2: ui. lli-ltetva. 
(Itiii. ot Natliauirl and Mary (HaK-h) NVallin^tnid 
ot Uiadtoiil. { imw iiruvt'Iaial; Apr. ].'{, 1^2.'>. .^hc 
d. IsCm. He ill isi-.'.i. jti-:. In Ilaverliill. Had 
"rwu rliildifii. vi/: 

I. Kl.lllMIMiK 11.", •>. Nov. 1. 1S2.'>. 
If. riiAiM.i- Wi>i.KV>, b. Dtr. lit, ]s:i\: 
d. A|.r. :H0. l>sti. 

III. Fi{AN( i> Ki.i.KN »*, I). All':. .SI. l«*;{4. 

IV. <iKnK<ii: n?(,«M»i»'*, h. s«'iti. ]:i. ls;{«;. 





V. IIkxkv Wiikjiit", »». Apr. «, 1k;«». 
And two \vh(i il. Ill infiinoy. 

II. OLIVK7, h. .Inly 30, ISO.'S; m, Jonatlian llarrlmiiii. 

H>u of Soloiiirii and Mai*tha llaU*, nf Dover. 
N. II. Sept. T). \^^2^. She d. Si-pt. A, IKIU, i:i^r|,t 

I. S,\i{All ii.'*, h. Aiijf. '2'2, \s2n-, d. •*anie 

II. AiMiKT I.. •<, h. .May 2M, 1S2M. 

III. IfAniKi. .1. S. ^, l». Any;. 27. ls*2M: d. 

May «}. 1H.54. 

IV. Ai.MA II. i^, h. Apr. 24, 1h:{«;. 

V. Soi.oMos II. f, h. Apr. :«>,*. 

VI. .foNAlMAN K.^, h. her. 7, 1<41; \i. 

.Inly 22, |S-I2. 

VII. oi.ivK S. ■*, l». Mar. U. ls41: d. .s«.|,i. 

1.'), 1S4(;. 
Viii.t i.AiM»A .M. '*, l». .\u;;. 27, \!<Ui; •!. 
Sept. is, |s4r,. 

III. rhAKl?*>A T, |». Srpt. 12. ls()7: ni. Henry, ^on of 

KiHK'li and Sarah i ItrocKlcltank i llairinian, April 
2«». 1>'27. Sli.' d. I»ri'. ;{0. iss.''., in W aMhin;jl«.n. 
I'tah. N«»ehildren. 

IV. .I<»IIN Kaumiam ", l». Sfpt. 20, isll : ni. I«t. Sn^an, 

dan. of Samuel and >arah ^llave«i l.ow(>||. ot 
nn\t«»n. Me.. .Ian. lUK l>;i<'.. Sh«' ua- It. An;;. 2(K 
IsWi: d. Anir. 7. |M.V.». He ni. Caroline lo-irr. 
ilan. of <HMtr;rf antl lOli/a 'PealMHly, llaninian. 
.Ian. 2<KlN^;i. She NNa^ l». in Koxlord. Ma--.. .Intu- 
27. 1>4:{. IN'd. o| ol ••Anenri-ni ol the Aorta. "■ 
Oct. 20. 1>'.«>. al hi> hoiiH' in >\ raeu-e. \. \. 
< hiliir.'n lt» llr-t wile: 

I. .InllS I.MWKI.I,", h. Apr, 0. |m;I7, 

drowned at Saeo, Me., .Mine 0, 1h47. 

II. Tl l.l I.AII.In^KnilNK *, h, in Syia«'n««'. 

N. v.. I)e«-. K, 1S4.'>: ni. I'honia^ T. 
Ilrew'-ter. of Syraeu-*'. .Inly \\K 
ixw;. sin- d. in Sa»o, M«'.. April 
A. is'^o. !«'avini; two ehildien. 
rh«»ina< r. •'. I». Mar. :il. Is»;7. who 
ni. Klon-nee i Hurt ) tlu- w idow ot I. 
Seldon >p»'neer. in Syra<'n>e. ( ut 
, !'<'«'.•, I hey have one -on. Ilnrt llovn- 

toii 1". II. IMM. in Ilin^-eU. r.eLMnni. 
The othei ehild. Kat li.irjnr '.\ 
h. Mar. 11. 1h72: ni. < harle- Ihun 
llnMtard. ol S\ra«Mi<ie. Si-pt. 22. 


III. Kandommi Hamilton 9, b. In Sacu, 

Me., Feb. 22, 1851 ; in. Ellen Ix>ui»e 
Smith of Portland, Me., Nov. 10, 
1S85. WMtohniaker and Jeweler in 

IV. John Wii,{|>«, b. in .Saeo, Me.. 

Sept. lH:.3;d. .luiy 1H54. 

V. SiMAX IlKi.KN >*, b. in SynicUMe, N. V. 

June 18, l8ftS). 

30. Amos' Boynton, {Davld\ Jo8hua\ Joahua", 

William\) l». Kcl». 2, 1745; in. ImI, Polly; m. 2(1, 

Luvy Um\\)i, \U ivin. from Hytiild, Mukh., to Mmhian, 

.Mo., ITJld. Ilodiaduty us 1st Lieut, in Cnpt. Stophen 

Smith's Co., in Col. Hoiii. Foster's Keirt. 

Ciiildreii l>y 1st wife : 

I. Sali.v", l». in. Jonatliun Longfellow, 

lior rbihlren: 

I. Sai-I.y ', b. 

II. Maimiia T, b. ni. .Marion (i. Crocker. 

III. Amoh |{. 7, h. 

IV. AMA^A U.T, I), 

V. KkwihT, b. 

VI. IJKTsKvsb. in. l8t, .lo»*iuh FIukk; w. Al 
< luiiicH >v, VoMc. 

VII. SisAs:,!*. in. iMt, JaineH C. Lyou; in. 2d, 
S. (ionid (rocker. 

II l*OLi.Y«,b. ni. Isaac Longfellow. 


I. Kill ", b. 

II. Maky'.I*. n>. tieorge Buruham. 

III. Hannah 7, b. ni. Grid ley Thaxter. 

IV. AlMUK 7, h. 

V. i'VMMiW. II. 7, b. 

VI. rvNTHA7. J,. 111. iMt, <'aleb Crocker; 2d 
ll.-iitixoti <;. (rocker. 

VII. MAitiJAicKT It. 7, b. in. l«t, Iwiac 1*. Ham; 
III. 2d. Colllii Smith. 

VIM. SaMIKL 7, h. 
IX. (JAIKs 7, h. 

111. Hkt.skv <i, I.. m. AiHiur S. All>ee. 

I. Chaui.k> 7, b. 

M. MaICV 7,1,. 

III. <.K<ti;i;K7. li. 


IV. AkthlkT, b. 

V. (l.AKK?, b. 

VI. MauyT, b. m. John Hill. 

VII. MvKA 7, b. III. John Amlrewn. 

VIII. I.kwi.h", U. 

IX. Lt tiikkT, b. 

X. ("AI.VIN 7, b. 

XI. Ko.sWKM. 7, b. 

/ IV. Hannah", b. in. Wllllum Noyen. 


I. Sai,i.y7,i,. m. Stephen Hadley. 

II. MAi{v7,b. lu. Cephurt I.oii^fellow. 

III. LVIMA 7, I). 

IV. KMii,v7,b. ni. 'nioinuH rrciner. 

V. Ki.iZA 7, I,. in. iMt, llntun Hcrry; in. 2<l, .lohn 


VI. Hannah 7, b. 

VII. Amo- 7, b, 

VIII. WllJ.IAM 7, b. 

IX. Mooi*y 7, b. 

X. Hkijkcca 7, b. 

V. LYUiA«,b. in. .Ttmcph Gmxlhue. 

I. Mauv 7, b. 

II. .Ii lia Ann 7, b. m. Benjamin Ham. 

III. Al(UiAIL7, b. 

IV. .Ioiin 7, b, 

V. Hannah 7, b. 

VI. CllAKLK.s7, b. 

(hiiilren by 2ti wife, Lucy Lorln>;: 
51. VI. STKrHKN*',b. 1787; m. Ut, Hannah .fewett; m. 3d, 

Myra IJiown; in. 3d, Hannah IJowker; ni. 4th, ]*olly 

VII. Thomas", b. d. un in. 

VIII. Llcv", b. III. Heiijainln OwK'h. 


I. OLiVK7,b. ui. Siei)l»en Hill. • 

II. HKT^KY7,b. in. Manin. 

III. STKl'HKN T. 7, b. 4 

IV. Nathan W. 7, b. 

V. Amos H. 7, b. 

81. Thomas' Boynton, {David\ Joshua\ Joshua*, 

WiUiarii\) 1». in Ncwlmry, Mass., Nov. 2J^ 1747; iii. 

Hannah, dau. of C'apt. IJcnjanjin Ames of Aiulovcr, .Iinu' 

1<», 1772. \\y oiru[)ation a <aii)('nt('r. lie was Scr^reant in 

('apt. Ames Co., Ucvolutionary war, and kept a journal of 

22 nfMTr)Rr ov tiik hoynton family. 

lilt' iiniivli lH'«rinirm«r April ID, 1775, a leaf of wliich waw 
prliitcil )»y tlu» Mass. Historical Society in 1877. He «l. in 
An«l<)vcr, Mass., Maivh 10, 1«8H. Slu* was adni. to chh. 
troiii 4th chli. in Ipswich, April 4, 177H. 
Ciiildrcn h. in Andovcr, Mass. 

I. Hannah •', l>. Mnivh U, 1773; iii. John S. rn».«liy, April !}♦, 
I7'.t:r siumI. .iinic i;<, isi7. 


.1. .loiiN", l». .hil\ I.'.. \7\Y,i. 

I!. Hannah ", l». Mmvli 7, 171>7. 

III. Sui.o.mmnT, I,. Sept. IS, 17JW. 

IV. Amos T, |». .Iuiic 2-4, ISOO. 

V. IlKN.IAMIN T. U. .Inn. IS, iSa'i. 

VI. hAvii»T. I,. .1;,!,. 10, isor,. 

VII. .Iacou', I». Ki'lt. ">. is(t."«. 

VIII. hoi.MTiiv 7, h. Mimli 10. ISIO. 

IX. Anii.i. 7, l». Sj'pt. .1. ISPJ. 

12. II. Thomas", I». .Ian. 7, 1775; ni. |{i'l»i»iTU, U«u. of fupt. 
W illi.nii Itail.'v ut .\mi..v»'r. puh. Au«. 12. 175KI. .She il. 
.M:i> IsMO: h,. .1. I'.'l). 2^», Is.'jil. IW*. In hnu'Ul. Thitf 

I. I{i:iii:c(^v ", l». 

II. .Makv ", l». 

* III. Thomas', I). 

M. ill. Amos'', Ii. Oi't. 27, 177<»; in. Clarissa, dull, of Oltndlali 
{{ii'haidsun of Dracut. He d. .Tan. 19, 1S49. ChlldiXMi: 

I. < i.AUissA l{. 7, I). May 4, 1810; d. Auj?. 7, ISftO. 

II. Hannah ,V.", I». Apr. 3, lsi2. 

III. Amos I;. :, l>. Si'pt. f». 1S14; d. Dec. .W, IHIU. 

v!' mTkvT.''}'^^«»^'»--^I"'^'1'^^'»- 
.losophd. Dec. ;m. 1S21. 
Mary .1. hVI.. IS, IS^). IJlhle recoi-d. 
IV. .Mauv«, U. Any:. 1. 177S; in. tst, Isaac ( arlton of IVlhain, 
May 2r., Isol ;luMl..lnnc 1.1, iSlC. Sli*' ni. 2«l, .Simeon Pearl 
ot Uoxlonl. pull. An;;. 21, 1S20. One child, .lohn Pearl 7, 
li. altout Isji, whom. Klvira hay of lloxford, Nov. <!, 1849. 
Mr. IN'arl m. Isi, lU'isry, dau. of Khenczer and Sarah 
(Pearl) IVahody. of Uoxford, .Ian. 2S, ISI."). 
54. V. Kan.iamin 'i. I>. .Inly 24, 17s(>; m. Ilelinda IMt-hardson. He 
wa«. a h<>ii«rwii;rht. an«l ITS. in Andover. Ih'd. Sept. 12. 
ls.")4. She d. .Inly 10. 1S72. Seven children : 

I. I>i:n.iami\ 7, li. 1S17; m. Sarah. d:.n. of .lames and 

Sal ah (llaiilwell) K'icharils. .S|u' was h. in 
reylou. K. 1. She «l. April 9. 1S1>4. He d. Nov. 
2.'). Is'.M. Iea\ln«x oneilan. <lara ", l»..luly 14, is.")!!, 

II. .Ioniii A 7, h. Nov. 0, isiS; m. Kli/a Ann I'ohinson, 


.luly 24, IRSO. Ite*. at C'lncinmitl, O., whore their 
tlrjit three ehlldren were horn. 'Hien at Klinini 
N. V. wliere tlie founh wax born. He d. in 
llornellsvUle. N. V., March 10. 1H70. She il. 
Sept. 'A, isx.'S. 

( hihlren : 

I. Nkttik Fi-okknck«, h. Oft. 12, 1S57; 

il. An;;. «, 1S5S. 

II. .I<»IK AVKHV, b. May 3, IS.IM; a, 

.luly 1», 1S<;(>. 

III. KlxiAU AM»KI{SnNH, I,. ,lll|y \\^ iKIll ; 

III. liax three ehiUlreii. 

IV. (;uA( K". I>. MareJi 25, ImM ; il. Nov. 

4, 1S«'».'). 
1 111. Mauy .IankT, b. .fuly is, 1S2(); il. ISU.'S. 

IV. MusKsi IIAIH.KV". b. May A, iSi.i; iii. .Iitlla A. 

SiKrar. IJes. in W Is^onsin. 

I. IlKMJIKTTA .1. f*, b. <M. ft, IS.Vi. 

II. llAMIl.TnN |^^<, b. Dei'. 2. IS.VI. 

III. Nkttik F. >*, li. July n, is.^s. 

IV. KuANK ", b. An-;. 14. ISAJK K'e-ldence 

IMyiiiouth, \Vtseoii«iJM. 

V. An infant. 

VI. Lot ISA 7, b. May 15. 1S2«;; «l. .Maivh .3, 1M40. 

VII. llKNUY ", b. Kel». 21, ls.i;i: res. in Ami tver, un m. 
VI. Sakaii«, b. .Ian. 30, 17s2; d. April, 1S44. un ni. 

W. VII. l)AVii»«, b. .Ian. 4, 17S4 ; ni. Ills eousln, Kli/abeih, dan. ol 
lleiijaniln .\iiiesof .\nd<.ver, Nov. 2!», IslO. She was b. .Ian. 
lf», 17H'.». lie was a painter by tnide, res. in Newbury poit 
and And.»ver. Il*'«l. in A. Maivh 2»5, ls2r.. She d. Apr. 27, 
lsr.7. in Haverhill. Five ehildreii. 

I. Hannah Km/auktm ",l>. .Inly H, Isll; ni. l.-i. 

Major Mo^e- lllai'k of Danversport ; in. 2d. 


II. t AK<»i.iNK '. b. III. riioinas powers. 

III. Mauy A.", b. Dee. 17. lsl»;; ni. .Vl«(ernon S. 

Niehols of Haverhill, .luly 4, ls42. 

IV. I.saa( A. ', b. Au«c. 2S, 1S21 ; in. Tynlhla Sawyer. 

lied. April 2«'.. Is73. Four ehildren; three of 
them d. y. 

V. Damn", l». Feb. 10, 1K2»»: in. Martha I. Nielnd^. 

.Ian. 10. ls.'>4. He was at onetime rostmastrr in 
Haverhill, later Supt. of (Jas ^^ork^ in t hieo|»e««, 

VIII. SAMfKK*:, b. Nov. S, 17s.->: d. Aujr. 2. 17s7. 

IX. rhlhl b. dead. 

X. Ki-lZAliKiii •'. .lune is, I7s0: ni. .lohn Mooit llailey. I M-e. .5. 

isn. She «l. .hme 2.*». ls.*)0. 


XI. SAMLKL6, h. .Inly 8, 1791 ; <1. .Tun. 11. 1792. 

XII. IlKi'Z.iHAii", »». Nov. 18, 1792; in. .Iume« Cliandler, Sept. 

14, 1814. She tl. Jan. 1, 1870. 

I. IlKi'/iHAii7, •). .June 24, 181«; iii. Frederick V. 

(•(»l»uni of IHiU'Ut, .Ian. :il, 1839. 

II. Jamks II<)I»xkv s ».. .July 13, 1^20: m. Almlra A. 

Kemp, .Ian. 31, 1844. Kes. Lawrence. 

III. AMAKi>". I». .'uly 14, 1S23: ui. In Lowell, Au^fU:*- 

tlne Weynioutii. March 2, 1S43. He patented a 
latlic and used h in turning: lent hiiltons for the 
(iovernnient in the war. 

IV. OsCAi! ". •». <»ct. 7, 1H24: ni. Ann llanford. Nov. 

K). 1H47. 

V. Al»Ki.A 7, h. Au;:. 1M2«; ni. Ira i <Khnin,.Iune 

22. lHr)4. 

VI. Mai. VINA'. »>. Nov. 17, 1S2S; ni. William A. 

Wii^rht, May 11, IS.II. 

VII. ANciNiiiK?. I». April 7, l>siO:m. l^nieH unnniiifjs 

Nov. s, ls.').*». 

32. Moses^ Boynton, {norid^ Jo»hua\ Jonhme, 
W7^^'tim',) i». Nov. 1, 17.51; in. Mar>' Osoroml, Dec. 25, 
1777. Hv trade ii shoeinaker; lived in Andover, Mas?*., until 
17S4, wlien he rem. to Wearc, N. II. He was (NiriMiral in 
Cant. .\nu's' (\>. at liiinker Hill, and <»nee told the compiler 
(,1 these records, wliilc relatin^r his stories of tlie Hevohition- 
:try War: *' Ml tive of my ludtliers served with me in the 
Aiiierican Kevohition," and n-calied their names, '*I)avid(2«), 
Sanuiei (2!»), Amo> (iW)), Tliomas (."^l), and Jonathan (:^3). 
Children 1). in Andover, Mass: 

I. Mai!V«. I>. April 27, 177S: m. Alnniham Fifield. 

II. Ki.i/Am.Tii ''. !•• F«'l>- 2S, 17sO: m. stt-plh-n KnuMxtn, :Ul. 
rm. 111. Mhm>''. It. I>«r. s, 17sl : m. . Kc^. ThoriUon, N. II. 

\\v^\\\ childrrn. ^l\ son^ all carpeiacrs : 
I. Ha/in". 
u. Wn.i.iAM". 

Ml. Mo>|.sT. 

IV. Sam III.". 

V. Nathamki. 7. 

VI. Nl.WinN". 

VII. I'.i.i>i.v". 

VIII. Na\«v". 


57. IV. N'atiian«, l». Muy 17, 17H3; in. Anna Wortlicii. 

( liUdren l>. in Weare, X. II. 
^H. V. Tmomam", \t. .lune 12, ITH.'i; iii. I.yillu Davln, KettU'd at 
Thornton <iori'. N. 11. < hihlivn: 
I. Sally 7, I). ls()5; ni. Andrew 1*. WimkI. 

n. Polly", b. ls()7; ni. StepluMj INhmI. 

MI. M«).^KS7, b. ]S()1»; d. \H\2. 

IV. I)AVii>',l>. Isl1:ni. 1st, llannal) l'a^>, ui. 

2d, his rousin, Mary (>. Hoyntt.n. Kivfrldlihrn. 

V. .John 7, h. Mar«.l» 24. isKJ; ni. 1st, Maria ixnowlcs, 

ni. 2d. VA\/A SniitI). 

VI. Hannah ",h. lsir>; in. KIdor Dudley IVttin- 

>;ill. Four children. 

VII. I.Yi»iA ", l». .lune . 1S17; n>. Natlianiel W4iod- 

l»ur>. Two children. 

VIII. IkOYAL^, )). .Ian M. islti; ui. .loanna Kn«)\vh>s. 

'• lie took ill*' fever wliru with (ien. Hanks in 
the Swamp, wa« -ent lioine, and died tin* n«xt 
day. • 
|.\. riiANiJi.KK II.", h. .Inly i:{, lS2l : ni. Ni, Marv I., 
(in-enwood: ni. 2«i. Mrs. Mary A. U*)\nt<>n. 
Several eliildrm. 
X. II AiMMLT 7, h. ( h'[. , ls24 ; ni. <;eor;je 11. <irant. 
( Mio dau;;ln«'r. 
VI. John", l». K«l». 24, 17s7: re-. In Lowell, uinn. 
.V». VII. l>AVn>«'. b. .Inly 17, 17>'.»: ni. l.yiHa Kavor. I.lved on 
Harnanl liill. N. II. Me il. April 20, isivj. Shed. An;;. 
5, 1j<07. < hildren : 

I. John I'.'.b. May 2s, lsU»: ni. I.ovilla <ieor;:e. 

Kouri«'«Mi I'hiMren. 

II. I>ANIKL ~, l>. 'bill. II. 1s|s: ni. Hannah .b>hu><)it. 

No children. 

III. FiCANCKs^, I,. S'pt. M, 1H1;»; tn. Zckirl \V. Moore. 

IV. Hkt>i.y ', l>. .Ian. 4, 1H22: n». Thonia- I :i\oi. 

V. Saijau K.7, b. Au^. 4, 1S2."): ni. I*ai;;e M. Iliriiard. 

VI. F.LIZA .1.7. b. .June 21>, ls;{2; ni. Klijah I*, rurrin;:- 

VH. Mai:\ 1:llkn7, b. March r.», IsjU; ni. Albert II. 
»>«». VIII. Nathanikl'"', I>. hec. 14. 17'.M ; ni. MarHia Lurll-. I,i\ed 
In Ksi-t NVeare. NVa> a carpenter and birnier. "He wa* 
prcent at llie last nieeiin^ of the .Mason« before they di»- 
bamled. May I'.L Isb"). < hildren : 

I. Ami;ki»I..7, b. IsjO: in. Sarah .1. «;iilterson. 

II. Ki.viitA 7. I,. In2:<: d. ls;r.L 
IV. (iL<»ic<.L 11.7. I». |s;i!. 


V. IlKLKS Mak?, b. 111. charleB DavU. Tw«. 

IX. SAML'Ki.«,h. Keh. 19, 17J»4; uuiii. A eaqienter. rtoine 
rei'onlt* j^ive a tenth dilhl, Wllllum. 

33. Jonathan* Boynton, {Duvid\ Joshua', Joshua', 
\VIV'i(nn\) l». \\\\:. Hi, I7.'»:j; in. .Mnrv, tin- \vj<l<»\v of .fnlin 
MiMHv, I )«•«•. i;j, 17M!. ♦» Wlini tln'v JMili'ifd tlic 1{«'Vj>- 
liifioimrv nrm.v, M<«»n' wii^ hrnm .Mnjnr, iumI |l<ivii(nM vvmc 
Kil'(! .Mjijor. ,M(M»i4' told noviiloii il In- iliod, hr, (Bovntoii) 
11111*1 <*oiiic liomc and iiiarrv liis widow. Mooi'c did die, and 
Hoviiton cnnic lionu' and inanii'd liic wi<l<»w," and when their 
>on related this to .lohii Karnhaui liovnton, many years hiter, 
he athh'd " that is how tlu' Mooic eanie in my name.*' 

lie servi'd tln(»u;:ij the lievohition, and died in IHIJJ. Slie 
d. in 1M.')1. In hei- yoimi/ i\i\\s she was caned ♦* the 
handsomest ;rirl in town." (hihhen: 

I. Mauv •>, i». 

II. I.t < V", II. 

•il. III. Jons .Mooi{K«, h. 17'.t:i;m. ( harlotte, dan. of Davhi 

r<.\vfr»*«tf Mollis. I.ivctl awhile in GroveUiud, then in 
Ijnlll-, ihcii iii.tviHl to llarriaril and Poiiifret, Vt. lie 
Kervt'd in iln- w;ii nf lsl2. Had u '* double-jointed knee.*' 
lie d. (Ut. •_>•->, 1H71. sh,. d. Apr. 8, Uh\, Ki^ht children : 

I. Wii.i.iAM( .7, b. '^was In twenty battle^*, did not 

^et a stniifh." 

II. l>i sTiN 7. I). •• sii^riniv wounded twiee." IJe**. in 


III. AisTiN^.b. ••killed in Imttle of J,ee« Mill- in 

IV. .Mauv ' .\\. m. .lohn .*^tron>f. 

V. I.I cv ' , b. ni. Levi ( lapii. 

34. Oliver' Boynton, {Mosen*, Joshua\ Joshua\ 
\VilUum\)\). Ai)ril ao, 1747; m. Mary Hrown, of North- 
ampton, Aii;r. <5, 1770. She was l». in Hinsdale, \. H., 
Oel. l>, 1742. He removed from Coventry, Ct., to Schoharie, 
N. Y. He <l. Oct. ;i, isoi or ISOC. she d. VqU. ly, I8i;i. 
He was in the service of hi> C'oimtry at White Plains, 1814. 

Chihlren : 


«a. I. LKHHKr!«6,h. Mar. 24. 1771: m. Kll/jil)cth ItohertMon of 

Coventry, rt., hiui one daughter, I'hlhi. lie d. IHOO. l\W 

widow III. a Mr. llalKM^'k. 
•W. II. l»Aih6, I,. Fell. 11», 177H. 

III. MAurfl, »». iM'f. -i't, 1774; .1, VvU. IM, Ih14. 
♦M. IV, 'rifAi»i»KrH«», l», .liiu ;{, 1777: III. Smuli l{olMTt>*oii «»f Houtli 

< ovi'Ulry, rt., Mar. 10, 1H(I2. Ih'd. A|»r. ai, 1M44. 'IVii 

chlliln'ii : 

I. <#Koi(Uk7, I.. May 2M, IhO.J; d. May 'i, |MU;|. 

II. I.i <li>7, l». the. II, lM(»4, 

III. MaihimT, I,, April :((l, |H07: d. .Ian. I*'!. \>*'2'i. 

IV. Kl.»;< TA 7, li. .MaM'h 0, IHJKI; d. y. 

V. Al .STIX7, I,. .liiiM. 2, IMII : d. AiiK'. HO, 1H11». 

VI. Wai.tkkT, I). Si'pt. 1J>, |si;{: d. Apr. 1«, lM:i7. 

VII. .Sai.oMkT, I,. May «t, \n\r,. 

VIII. NmICMAX". I». All;:. 11, 1<1M. 

IX. Ar>TiNT, h. .luiy 7, 1S21 ; in. ]*i, Nancy Hunt: in. 

2d, Ainilda I.. < lark. 

X. .Makv Anx 7. U .Ian. 7. 1S24. 

«5. V. Bknjamin's b, .Ian. 1(», 17sl : III. Anna Stoto. Kl^lit chil- 

I. 1'IIKUk7, h. Fell. 21, isl.V 

II. SAMI Kl. 7, ],. (Kt. 2«i, ISKI. 

III. Sai.i.y 7, h. .Ian. 7. isls. 

IV. I.KVI7, h. IM. in. 1M2(I. 

V. MaTM.WA 7, li. Srpl. :<, lS2a. 

VI. .lolIN 7. 1,. Si'pt. 27. 1>24. 

VII. IIvkam 7. li. An;:. 7. isjn. 

VIII. Asx < .7, l». Oft. 2:^ !>:«). 

66. VI. .JoH\«, l>. March 4, 17s:{: m. I.oi- (;nlld of, <t.. 
Jan. 11, ls()7. He re.-, in « ov«'iitry. < l. lie wai* an In- 
ventor of many IniprovfinentM on raiding Wool Kn;;lnei*. 
and <»th«'r portions of the inaihlnery u^-d in iiiaKln;; eloth- 
In;; early In this eentury. lie d. Dec. 12, Isrj. Thre*' 
children : 

I. ,U»iiX W. 7, l». ,Ian. 22, isll ; in. 1st, Knnlce, dati. 

<.f A<hlMl Stanley of Coventry. May 2. lx;{2; in. 

2d, < aroline, dan. of (;eor,.;e l'«*ynolds (d Kast 

Jlai1f(»rd, March 22, 1S(;.">. lied. .Inly 20. 1h7h. 

( hildien l»y l>t \vlf<': 

I. Makv ". I). April ."1, is.'W; in. <i«'or;fe 

\V. .Iohn-tt»n, Ainll, 1», ls.')4. 

II. .h»iiN i:.", I». May 24, ls;{4; d. Dec 

12. 1S.V2. 

III. .Iamk> II. '', h. .IniM* ]\K ls:«i: in. 

Harriet V. Walions, Mvz. 10, l,s.'i^. 


IV. KuwAiti>S.», »). July '22, Ifti^; "«. 

ClarlHKu .1. KlUuru, Apr. 24, IMJI. 

V. Kl.lZA x, b. Feb. 2M, 1K4(); m. ImuW K. 

(•|ii(i'l»Iot, Oct. 4. lH5y: d. Nov. 17. 

VI. AUTlll U s, l». Sept. 5, 1H4'J. 

VII. Ai.itK«*, h. N»>v. 7, 1S45. 

vili. Uhack S. «•. h. May 3, lf<48; iii. raWI. 

W. I'aliiKT, .IuiK> 10'lS(5'.». 
IX. Kl NHK S. ", h, March ;{, iH.'iO. 
II., I,KAM»Kit W.T, 1». Au;j. l«.>, \s\.\: id. Mary, ilau. 
of Harvey Fuller. One mm! WoU-ott F.^, »•• 
111. Al.MAXZMK W. < . I». Sept. 21, 1H1,5: m, Harriet, ilau. 
of Marvin i'urxU. tl. Sept. T,. 1k9G. Two children. 

I. I/AMot i: A.**, h. l>ee. 12, 1.S47; in. 

.h-annette WlUon, rei*. ( allfornla. 

II. I. II, I.IAN ^ b. Fel). 5, IHM. 

Vil. OUVKii«, \t^.|„,. ,,_s„^,.i,, ,7H5. 
117. VIII, hNt»^«. » "^ 

Oliver d. at < uvi-ntry in 1S02. 

Knos. in. I.auia s«>ttle of Schoharie, N. V. He d. of 

rhob'ia, .Inly .SO. is.ri. Nine children. 

I. Ma lev", b. .Ian. 22, 1S12. 

II. lUA *. b. .Ian. 2S, 1H14. 

III. Km/.aT, 1,. .hine 10, 1816. 

IV. ( atiiaimnk', b. Feb. 13, 1819. 

V. Isaac", l». Oct. 2(;, 1S21. 

VI. .buiN", b. An;?. 10, 1h2:J. 

VII. Si >an', •». Mar. Ml, lf<2r). 

VIII. Amanija 7, l». Feb. 22, 1H27. 

IX. rAi.visT, b. May 20. 1S25». 

«W. IX. Sami Kl. '■•, b. Sept. ITsr, ; in. Hhoda Duell, of Scho- 

harie. N. N. lied, of ( holcni, .luly 2, 1832. Five chil- 
dren : 

I. M vuv ", b. Nov. 4, isja. 

II. Ol.lVKU", »». Sipl. IS, 1S2.^. 

III. Will. I am " , )>. .liiMc 2."). \S'M)\ d. Auj?. 2A, ISIJ). 

IV. KiTii", b. .Inly .{. Is2s. 

v. Sami 111. K.", !►. Sept. 7. 1X32. 

35. Bela' Boynton, iMose.s\ Joshun*, Joshua\ 
\Vmuwi\)\K\\\ ('(»vcntiy, C't., .Inly 27, 17.52; m. 1st, 
.Vnna TtinwM •, m. 2(1, widow Hiith (Fuller) Perkins. 

lU^la U(»ynl()n d. July 5, 1M4(). 

Childivn liy 1st wife I». in Coventry, Ct. 



♦JO. 1. 

JL'«»Tl'f*»», b. 1773: 111. lth«Kl!i IW'unet of Maii-tlcl«l. <'l.. 

in 17SM», aiul iiiov«hI to Si-||ii|iarl<>, N. V., ret. to Mmi'^ticUt 
In 1H14, anil in ]K2't iiiovihI to lloiiivr, N. V., \vher«> he il. 
in IMm. rhlUlnMi: 

I. .Jr.*Ti s IlKNNKT s I*. lH<K):iii. Naiifv Storri» 

».f Maii^llria, rt., In 1824: a In forilaiHlvlllf, N. 
v.. In l>i'»<l. lie wa-* for many vi-ai!* iM'ui'un of 
tli«' li;n.ti-t rimrih in .Moi.rawvllU*. N. V. Ilaf 
a son nanirtl Sttnri* ". in hi'l ' o., N. ^ .. anU 
ilan. f.uiliia f. who m. Uirln II. >all-l»ury of 
CoiilanU < o.. N. \ . 

II. Aim Ti icNhic T. I,. In liornc, N. V., in iHMi; in, 

< ali;.la l.orinj; of IVtci>hain. Ma^«., St-pi. 17. 
]f'-i-2. II*' wai lii'cnsnl to pivaoli liy tin* MiLran 
chnirii ill Is J."), and onlaiiu'd -oon after, ll»' wav 
lii;xlily ^-trt'iiK'tl l»y all who kiirw him. Il«' 
(lro|t|WMl <1<-hI at hi."* ^Jite while "ihovellin>; ^now, 
.Ian. Ml \sss. Thrre ehildien. 

Ai»na".I». in Sthoharie. N. V.. .Inly. ]m)h: m. 
riiiliinila I'er-'ono. .Ian. 1, iKt!!. lie wa^ Deacon 
in tin' lla|»tist ehniih in Medraw villr. Ila^ a 
h*n\ .Morion ". Adiia d. in lh70. 

Omvkt '. I». in >ehoiiarie. N. V., in 1^11 : m. Ahhy 
nri;^htmaii of < oiilandville. II*' d. In that town 
in ls:J7. 1 1 is only son is in Mich. 

V. Natiiaxiki.", I». in .Man-ti«'ltl. < t., in ISU: m. 
Louisa Hall of M.. and d. there in l<s8l. He wuh 
a I)eaeon in the Baptist church in .Mansfield. 
OiH' son die<l. 

VI. Kdwi.n', I), in < olumhia, ( t., in iHls; ni. Cynthia 
(jiavesi of ('ortlandville, N. V., living in <'«H»k 
Co., 111. Two sons : 

I. Kuwix^. 

II. Wii.iiinf*. 





LoviCY«, h. 
Moses 1kh.k«, h. 

III. .Mary ( liapman. children: 
Lovicv TlHNKn", U. Au^. 2t», IHtMi; in. I>avid 
Hikoih of Kast Wimlsor, rt., Oct. 2\\ 1K;1J. and 
went directly t«» Oxford, N. Y. One «ion, 
Geor;;e r. f*, was a member of < o. K.. lOth N. 
V. ( avalry ; d. Auj;. 1S(;»>. 
II. Maky Hill". 







71. IV. Aktkmah«, h. 

72. V. OuiiiN ♦',!>. 

Clilldieu by 2d wife: 

VI. Saij.v«,I). III. Aiitt Wood worth. 

VII. IMiKHK", l». d. y. 

VIII. Maimaii <>, h. d. mini, 
ix. I'annv «, 1>. d. uiiiii. 


86. Sergt. Joshua* Boynton, {Jonhua\ Joshua', 
JoHhua\ \ViUium\ li. Nov. 2«, 1743; m. Mary Parker, May 
'-i*;, 177^i. TIu\v ivs. in Ilollis, X. II. *♦ He wa** a Serj.'t. 
II ('apt. IvcuIk'h Davis Co., (Kt. «>, 1775, at Cainhndgo, 
lUniUiT Hill, I'iiiht inontlis; and ^v\'*^. in tlie Exi)editi()n at 
TirondiTojra, 1777." Ciiildn'u: 

I. MAlcv'i. h. May 14. 17s4. 

7:{. II. .losiMA'i, l». .Mar. V.», ITSfi. 

74. III. .lu^'Aii »■', l». I>«'f. 2.1, 17>'7. 

7.'.. IV. SaMI Kl.«, h. .\U;,'. H. 17S'.». 

37. Benjamin' Boynton, {'hxhuu\ Joshua\ Jof*hua\ 
\\'iUi(nu\ l». Fil». 21, 1717; in. DeJKirah Parker, Nov. 5, 
177M. He res. in Ilollis nntil 17H1>, when he rem. to 
Temple, N. H. '* n«' was in (apt. Davis Co. of Minute 
Men who marrhed troin Ilollis fur Lexin^on and Cambridge, 
Apr. l:», 177.'»." Children: 

I. .'^AicAll'^ I'. May 2'.», 1770, 

II. Dkuukaii", 1>. .Inly 2.% 1781. 

III. IM.N.iAMiN", l>. iMv. 21, 17Sa;d. y. 
7(i. IV. IlKN.IAMIN <■', 1». Auj;. 4, 178t». 

V. Maihiia «■', (*' I'auy ") •». Oct. 12, 1788; m. Joseph Evans of 
•Marh.w, April 4. Is02. 

38. Capt. Elias' Boynton, {JoHhua\ Joshua^ Joshua', 
\ViUiaui\) h. Fell. 24, 17.').'); m. Klizal)eth, dau. of Gen. 
Fnmeis Ulood of Temple, N. H., Mar. 31, 1781. She was 
l>. .fan. .'), 17(12. Sho w.m^ fatally hurned hy her elothes 
takin;/ tiic, Oit. 13, is.'ili. "He was a Kevoluti«Miary 
Mildii-r, fmiLdil in the hatlle of Hunker Hill, and at the takin*; 


<)f Hur^royiio.** Descriptive Holl of Cjq)t. Davirt Co., jjivos 
hirt ** n}lQ 20, complexion dark, liei<rlit 5 ft. 10 iiicliOH." Ho 
if* reiueinl)oro(l as an dliricnt ('apt. of Militia, and a man of 
«n*eat historical application. .Many anccd(>tos of his eccentric- 
ities and Hevolutionarv adventures are handed down. He 
was passionately fond of readin;r; had a stron«r memorv ; 
was hos[iitahle, clieerfid, even miilhful disposition, an<l 
iMHsossed of sound xMise. IIi>t. of rem[ile, N. II. 
Children horn in T«'mple: 

77. I. Ki-IAS*', l». May 15, 17s2; m. Ilaiiitah, «lau. of Oliver ami 
Manila (AltlM'llj NVliiiiii;; of IVinplo, Mar. is, ls(M. She 
tl. in K»M». Isl7 : lu' III. 2(1, Mary Kt'r;;u>oii of IVterlM»ro, 
.luly H;, lsl7. Sh»' (1, ls.'>2; he tl. Nov. ls«'»r>. One clillil. 
Oliver NVIiiiin;;, l». A|Mil 22, .H(J7; in. Olive llaikei, Mar. 
1, ls:{l. He d. 1S77. 
II. Emzahktii •', . li. .hiiie 22, 17S4; iii. Israel llaiker of 
Audover, Vl., rem, to ( in'io, N. V., in 1S2H. Me U. In 
1S41. She «i. is.V.i. She tan;^ht her tlan;;hter» to «pln, 
weave an<l knit, and her -kill in weavin;^ proved of ^reat 
heneflt to her after they moved to riecro, which was then ' 
larj;ely an nnhroken forest. < hildren : 

I. Lkonauo", I). May 4, ls(M; d 1H2H. 

II. MauvAnx', I>. April 14, IsOS; m. Itenjandn 

Kastu«Ml, .Fan. <;, Is.W. I'liree children. She d. 

III. I.rcvs. 7,b. March 2, 1S20; in. ijuartusi Wellf, 

•Vu;;. 18, 1842. One sou, Clarence **. 

IV. Hknjamin F. ", h. I)ec. 2;{, ; in. 1st. Ituili A. 

dove of Cicero, Dec. 24, 184«); in. 2d, Mary .1. 
ralmerof Iowa, An;;. 2.'), ISCO. 
78. III. Francis 6, h. Marcli 1, 17S(}; in. Al»i;;ail Dole of Orrln^jtou, 
Me. l{e>. in Han;;or and Sehec. Me. lie was drowned lu 
tlie Tenohscoi river, at Dover, Me., Ajiril 22, 1S2.J; as he 
was rafting; timber for a new hon>e, «»ne «»f the pike |Mde(* 
broke, and the current earrieil th»? raft over the dam. 
llavin;; on hi« overeoai lie eonld not ^wim very well ; the 
liranch he seized ;;ave way, and he went (h)wn wlili the 
current, (hildren: 

I. .Ia>onII.T, I». Oct. 4, Isl.'S; m. 1st, I.ydia E. 
Houston, Apr. T.», 1S42; m. 2*1, Hannah Morse, 
wid»)W uf William <amphell, .\pr. 2t>, Is^c. she 
wa> a ''tailovess and made hi* tlr>t u«'ddiii;r 
>ult." Six children. 
70. IV. Eaui. «, h. Apr. 20, 17>S; m. Sally Kl>ke, of 'I'eniple, N. H.. 


N«.v. \H()s. Kfiii. to .\e« Ii»t«Hlfli, X. II. Clilldien h. in 
Ni'W I|if4\victi, all hut llrMt. 

I. Maiiv (.7, l». IHIO; III. \V.,I. KUher;a. 3lay 

•Jl, ]HV'2. 

)i. sahaii'.I). III. A.(i. Tlmyer. 

• . III. William ?, U. iiiiin. 

IV. Ihauki.i.kT, I). 1S21 : in. \. M. Smith ;d.Jau. 

10, 1s!>2. 

V. KitA\(i>:. U. \S'24; III. IfluHla Huttens; d. 

S«'|it. 2. isss, Uiivlnjr fhlldnMi. 

VI. ('iiAi:i,K> 11.7, l>. III. IrtMie <Iai»|». 

VII. Kmii.vT. I). III. s. A. i:ar*«cll. 
Vlll.(ii:<iuiiK il. 7. 

\ii<l two t»tliei> d. ill Infanry. 
V. INh.i.v'!. I). Apr. 24, 17»1: in. .la>on llas^al of Merrlinac, 
\. II. IN .«. Sclit'i*, Me. Some autlioritleis ;flve her l». Fel», 
2S, I7JKI. 

HO. VI. AiJKi.*'. It. ImI». 22. 17'.>7: iii. SynMia. dan. of .huias ]m\\. 
reiu-e. May 17, lsl7. lie was a flfer. I.Vm. to IVterhoit.. 
N. II. where he livi'd niilll .Iniie '.». ]s:U\. In Mjnvlj, ls.5<;. 
he rem. «<• New l.i>lMiii, Wis., where he «1. in Kelnnarv, 
lNS7. lie wa- a l;irnier :md ear|K'n?er. "Ik' had a eon- 
lein|»t lor (ii*lioiie»l, sharp trieks, and si-nriu-d money 
unless lie ;rave it« e<niiva!eiit. lie took :i livelv iiiierest 
in rdnealion. and i:;>ve eaeh of his ehildien an aeademie 
eonise. lie wa« thuri.M;rhly temiH-rate, anddesirt-d a ;:Ia>.-. 
of water wlu-re he eonld «re it to the last." Me jnined 
the Initari.-in ehnreh ipiite voiin;:, and was an aetive 
iiiicre-lrd. |«r«>niinfnt nicmln'r. lie w.-is a ^reat n-ader* 
deii;rlittd in rcaillii;: tlie IliliJe and eonveisin;; Upon its 
luplo ill tlif Ii;;lii oj nM*on, He was Jovial, ln»spital»le, 
and jreiHinu-."— , New Lisbon. WiM-oij>in < lui^iian 


I. IIaimmktT, I.. .Ian. 0, IslJi; d. in I'eterhoro. \. Jl. 

II. Mauv Ann 7, h. .hiiy 22. 1n22: d. .Ian. l."), 18r>.'). 

III. Ani;i. s. 7. h. Dee. 2.% Is24 : m. Sarah H. Tyler of 

l.yndehoro; d. 1S77. 

IV. S A M r 1 . 1 . 7 . I . . Ke I . . 24 . 1 M2S : m . Ma r^^ ret 'io wu- 

eiid. 1S74. 

V. <;;(.r. 7. I,. May A. ISHO; d. in early manhood. 

VI. i:i.iA-7. I,. \ov. .10, ls.'{2: num. 

VII. Svi;i.na7. I,. May 2.S, Is.U: m. H. ( randale 

of Lake (Jem;;!'. N. \ . 
VMI. i;i»MiM.7, I,. May IS, is.JO: d. at MarUtw. X. H., 
(K\. 1, IS.'iG. 


tX. KkkI'KKICK K. 7, r>. Miircli 11>. iH.'tl); III. Anna K. 

Tetiiple of Point Hliitt; Wix. 
X. Ki.NATiiAN?, I>. .Inly 2H. 1842; in. Annie K. 
(Min'Mhall) 4 arri^iiii. Itc-. Atliiiitii, <>ii. 
VII. AMo»«, »». .Ian .% ITO.'i; «l. in IVniple, N. II., lH-i4. 
Vlii.IlKrziiiAil ♦^ I). Feb. 22. 17i»7: in. Alwl Kanar of 'IVinple, 
X. II , Deo. IHIS; he tl. .Ian. 2. 1S40. She il. Sept. .V 1S77. 
("hllilren : 

I. (Aitoi.iNKT, h. Kel). 1. Is20; ui. N«»ali P. I^avl^. 

II. MauyT, h. Koh.:i. 1S22: in. (Hvlllc 11. WhiiliiK; 

il. April 20. 1S.^(;. 

III. SiMns T, II. Sept. 24, 1S24: in. I.yilla K. SpauUllnjf. 

.In lie «, 1S4J). 
VI. Klizauktii «. h. Sept. IT), |S2r>: ni. WilllaiM 
lJl<Hl;:i'tte: li. .luly o, 1S;V.>. 

V. liAVii» A.', I». May 20, 1S2«: in. Anna .McDoimlil: 

d. May 11, 1H.>1. 

VI. Gkokgk W. ", h. April 11, IH.'Vi; in. Martha A. 


IX. OLIVKR6, »). May 8, 17ftH; in. Mary Ilowaitl, .Fan. 2a, 1H'2(». 


I. Wii.i.iAM Ki.iAs', h. in. Mary A. (irov«»r. 

II. Jamks F. ', b. in. Harriet H. Tapley. 
Ill MauyI.",!). in. Clifton (. Stark. 

IV. Ei.i/.AnKTii ", b. in. .lame- I*. Carroll; il. 

X. Spaii.I)IN<i", b. Sei»t. l.'S, ISOl ; in. I.jivinia .1. Wilder of 

New Ipswich, Nov. 20, 1H2:^. Kes. in Na-hna, \. II. lie 
d. July 1, IhOO. (hlkli-en: 

I. Hannah II.', b. Aujj. 5, lH2.S;in. 1st, Nathan C. 

Lear, June 29, 1848; in. 2d, Charles Fro«*t of 
Oran;^, Mass. 

II. Wii.MAM S.T, h. April 14, is.m; in. AsiMiath L. 

Webb, July 30, 1H.'>7. Three sons, Willlnin F., 
Kdwin S., and Walter K. 

III. Jamk> lln.DKKTii ", I). Ajnil 8, \H'A'2; in. 1st, Kliza 

F. i'ruinniet, An;;, ft, lN.'>.i: tu<» dan;;ht«'r>. Clara 

F. ^ and Ktlie I., f* : in. 2d. lie il. Feb. ft, 

ISftO. A larpenter and tin worker. 

IV. I.AViNiA.r. T, I,. s«'pt. 10, 1S.M: in. 1m, Ifobnt 

I'jiine, Jan. <», \s'ui: he d. Srpt. 24. is.*)!;; she ni. 
2d, .loseph Poleiiho, April (I, 1S.">7 : slu- d. Frb. 
27, 18<;9. 

V. Sl SAN A. T, b. May 12, Is'lft; in. Noah I'. Shlplry. 

Mar. n. IH.V.J; she d. An;;. :n, 1881. 

VI. MahyI:.", b. Marih :{(). Is44 : in. Miihiiel 

llarri;;an, hee. 2, ls.*)«i. 

VII. TiiKitKsA I.". I». Autf. 2, I8.*)| : d. .liin. I.'<, ISf.ft. 


XI. Hannah «, h. June 12, 1804; in. FraueU Crajflu of Temple. 

N. II, Apr. 10. 1H2J). 

XII. A diUd (1. y. 

xni. Ai.MiUA. h. Doc. 5, 1H07; in. Au^f*tU!» <'raj[jiu, Jun. 14, KiO. 
XIV. A I'lilld «l. V. 

39. Enoch* Boynton, {Enoch*, Joshua\ JoAhua\ 
WiUiam\) l». .Inn. 17, 174H, ni. Al»i;rail Tarrin;: of 
MnHclu'stcr, MmicIi, 1771. Lived In N(5\vlMiry; lMm;rl»t hi»^ 
pljicc in lU'licM in 1771». lie was in ('apt. Tluuims Mi;rliiUV 
Co., Col. Xathl. Wade's He<rt. at West Point for 8 months, 
or until Oet. 10. when tli<'V were diseliarjied. FjkmIi lioyn- 
ton, jjiivate in Co. of Capl. Jaeol> (lorrisli, (n Xewlaiiy Co.) 
marched SO miU\s, and was «rune (5 ilays. (Al>stracts from 
Mass. Hevohitionary Muster Kolls.) lie d. in 178«. 


I. AMKiAiL'i, It. \<iv. !<!, 1771; in. Hali)h Whitehead of Xew- 
hury. rul>. May 11», IHIO. 
s4. II. Knocii", I). lUv. A, 1772; in. Alice, dau. of Henry and 

Sarah ( ) Adams of Newlmry, Apr. 2S, 1799. She was 

l». in Nowhnry, May 22, 1708. He wai* an Inholder in 
Neulmiy, near Dniniiior Academy in the ejirly part of 
this centnry. She d. Dec. 11, 181 {. He d. Jan. 27, 18.59. 
Children : 

I. AuKiAii. I.. T, h. Ang. 19, 1800; d. Oct. 1831. 

II. Sauaii D. s h. Feb. 14, 1802; d. Nov. ISOI, unni. 

III. Ksncii r. :, I). May 1, 1S04; d. 1820. 

IV. AiHUNt; ". I>. May 27, 1800; m. Hoxena S. . 

lie h:i(l ids itanw chan;<ce<l to .lohn < '. Hastings; 
d. at(;reat I'alls, N. II., in Sept. 1S82. One 
• «l:iu;j:hter, Klleii A. Ilastlnj;s«. 

V. IsAUKi.i.A T, h. .lune 11, ls(«>; d. .Ian. 11, 1810. 
8ft. III. Ki.UAll «, i>. .Iniie 4, 1774; III. 

IV. HacmkiJ', h. .Mine 4, 1770: m. .loseph, son of Henry and 

Saraii ( ) Adams (d Newltniy, Dec. 14, 1807. < liildren 

1). In Newlmry : 

I. .loKJ.T, h. Oit. .ii, ISOS. 

II. (Mn:i»7, It. .Inly 12, 18l(». 

III. Skim ", It. Ma> .'>, isl'.i. 

Mt. V. Mr.iiM >Ai.i.ii ", It. \o\. 17, 1777; in. .Vinella IkhI^c oI 
Newlmiy. .\n;;. 17, isim. ||(> wim « inaiiiier, iiiid "dltsl at 
>*e.i Irum ii woniid lii lii« hand In .\os'. lsl9.*' Ills wid. m. 
2d. .lM>lma .Miice, Miireli 22, ls24. < hildienoi :dellln^alell : 



I. Mktiii'salkii 7, h. May 4, 1H07. lie had hln imiiif 
changed t«» Alfreil, .Ian 20, 1820; in. AMvjall 
MtMHly of West Newbury. IMjIi. March 24. 1h;{2. 
Ilei. in llarrisvllle, Ohio, and West Newliury: 
d. In W. \., Au^'. «, IW57. Children all »M.rn hi 
llarrlsvllle, Ohio. 

I. .\I.KKKI»». 

II. KnKN Mo<»i»v**, of ** M^lanln>( Saw** 
' and •• nieyele Hallway fame,** wa^ 

li. In IMO; he ni. .\niia llartlett. <lau. 
of Stephen M. and Hannah (.lolwi' 
sonj Oale of Newliuryport, May I. 
1^72: <hlldren: 
' I. ( ATIIKKINK ('. », l». .\<»V. 

2, \H1X 

II. Alick <J.^\ h. .\u>;. 2K. 

III. AiiKJAii. .M.», h, Dee. 2«.», 


IV. Ktiiki. II. », h. Oct. 13, 


V. Anna U.M, h. Mays, 1880; 

d. May 10, 1880. 

III. Charles «. 


II. Maky Axn 7 , b. Au^. 2, 1809. 

III. CllAKLK:*", I). May 0, 1812; ni. Matilda, dau. o( 

Samuel and Mehltable Hurbank of (iroveland, 
July, 20, 184<J. lie was killed In Haltle, .lune 
30, 18G2. ( hildivn b. In (iroveland. 

I. < AKOLIXK P.**, b. An^'. 0, 1847. 

II. Sauaii I>.'<, I>. April 18, 184!»; nt. 

Newell Martin of Aniesbury, Oct. 
15, IS74. 

III. Matilda A. «*, b. ,lune 10, 1851; ni. 

< harles A. Noyes of West .Newbury, 
J Au^. 31, 1871. 

\^ IV. ( UAKLHrs I'. H, b. .Ian. 20, l8.'\3; in. 

.\d(ile .1., dau. of Kev. Kbene/er and 
Ilelteeea I'easlee of Newton, .\. II. 
lie Is n ^HK'er in (iroveland : 


I. Maiiion I.. i«, b. May 2I». 

; * , . l"^'"- 

II. ( IIAKI.L"* |{.", b. hee. 17. 



HI. GKOItOKlI.*, b. April 15. 
lHHO;d. July 10, IHHI. 

IV. Al<jl'»ti:» H. >S h. Vch. 15, 


V. WlLLAltD II. 8, b. \HM; III. 

Anule A. lN>llinf» of GrovelumL 
Feb. 18, 1882. lie. d. July 1.5, 1892. 

I. AIM>IK !».», b. Oct. 7. 


VI. Anmk y\.», li. Oct. 24, I8r)l>; in. 

i'l'ortor K., »»oii of |»r<K'lor 1), uiid 
Mfbltiibli* N. (Hoiinhimn) OwiiinelU 
of 0<'or^M<>wn, Oct. 28, lM7i». 
IV. .\UltAIIAM I). 7, h. Murcb 12, 1814; iii, llatiiiali M.. 
(lait. of 'riioiiia^ aiid llaiiiiab (Dow; Uurlnink of 
Unidlonl, July 1, 1841. lie d. Oct. 1, 180.5. 
Children born in Illinois: 

I. I.AiKA K. «, I). Oct. 18, 1843; d. July, 

27, 1844. 

II. CiiAUi.KsS, b. Dec. 3, 1845; d. Oct. 

12, 1840. 

III. Ella >!.», b. Aug. 24, 1847; d. Oct. 

1, 1848. 

IV. Jor^Ki'M II. «. b. Dec. 27, 1849. 

V. John ^ b. Dec. 29, 1851; d. Aug. '28. 
» 1S77. 

VI. ( AUKIK M. 8, b. Feb. 8, 1854. 

VII. (ii;oi{<jK T. «, b. Aug. 13, IS.'iO; d. Jan. 

24, 180;^. 
Vlll.CllAUi.oTTK A. f*, b. Nov. 30, 1859. 

IX. Maijiktta «, b. March 13, 1802. 

X. An NIK A », b. Feb. 10, 1804. 

V. Knocii ", b. June 12, 1810; in. Charlotte G., dau. 
of (u'oigean«l Uctsey Kiinballof Hradfonl, Nov. 
25, 1847. He tl. in (Jroveland, July 15. 1877. 
4'hildi-on lM>rn in (Jroveland: 

I. MvKoN WiN>i.ow«, b. Oct. 1.5, 1848: 

a. July 28, 1S49. 

II. riiAiM.Ks \:.», l>. March 10, 18<M). 

(iradnatcd from Syracuse Me<lical 
< ollf^r,.. .luiu* 18SS; III. (apltola 
ScarU'"' in Syracuse, N. Y., June 4. 
lss«(. (hildrt-n: 

I. i:(H.AM>^,l».Se|.t.2, 185»0. 


II. lANOALI., |^^,„^ 

h. Apr. 1ft, 1H1»2; both 
(1. Miiiiie year. 
III. IIahwikt K.i*, h. Apr. 2(), 18<>2. 
AMMlxUiiit In lll>cli SchiK)l In (jrovt'- 
VI. Mary «, b. Feb. 2«, 17S0; III. IMchard, h<.ii of IMchaitl and 
MehlUible (Jan,uoi*) Smith of .Newlmry, Nov. 5, IKIO. lit* 
waR b. In \., All;?. 12, 17S0. < lilldren: 

I. MauvT, h. Mar. 11, iMll. 

II. Sauaii .1. ", l». Oct. 17, 1H12. 

III. KllK\K/KI(7, U. .Iiiiy 20, 1N14. 

IV. .Ions .M. 7, I,. .luMi- 4, IMH;. 

V. I>AVII»7, |», K«'li. 10, IMIM. 

VI. I.'OKKKT A. 7, b. <Ut. i;{, 1H20. 

VII. Ann; All. 7, u. Auii. 1, 1H24; d. Oct. 28, 1825. 
viii.IIakuikt', u. Feb. ft, 1820. 

40. Elijah* Boynton, (Enoch\ Jo8hua\ Joshua*^ 

William\) b. ; in. Maillia, dau. <»f Sunmel I^oiil, of 

Ipswich, Sept. 19, 1771. (West (jloucestor church rccordH. ) 

Children : 

87. I. J0IIN«, ; in. Polly Warf, Dec. 1, 180S. 

88. II. Joshua 6, bapt. \\v^. 2, 1795; in. Beckle Tucker. 

80. III. Elijah «, bapt. I)ei'. 3, 1707; in. Susan Low of 01oucot»ter, 
res. In GUmcester. Their son, Solomon', b. .Ian. 23. 
182G; in. Caroline A., dau. of Warwick Hubbard, of Saco, 
Me., Sept. 30, 1850; re^. in Heading;, I'a. Their children : 


SLi»AN L. >*. 


William L. «. 


(iiAitLK!! y\.^ . 


,Iamks I>. «. 


.1.11. «. 


Sakah L. «. 


Edwin y\.^. 

41. Major William* Boynton, {Joshua*, WilUom', 

Joahxta^j \Villiam\) h. ; in. Mary (iilison of Canter- 

Iniry, X. H., settled in Loudon, N. II., rem. to Bolton, P. 
Q, 179.5. In 17!»7 he crossed the Lake and located in 
StaiLstea<l. He ina<le a shanty in the dense forest on the 


Umkii of tho river, jiiul lovereil it with hemlock Inm^rhs. 
While livi)i«r in this nhanty their yoiin«rest son, JeHse P. 
liovnton, WMs horn, ^^'hell lie was nlMnit a week oid, n 
heavv showi'r of niin caused the river to over-How its hanks, 
and Hoatrd th»' lu'd, Mrs. lloyntou, hal>y and all into four 
teet of water. This happened in the iii^dit, and it wais with 
some diliiiulty that Mr. lloynton sueeeeih'd in reseuinj; them 
in a canije. — (History of Stanstead.) They were called 
useful and respected memlM-rs of that community. He Imilt 
a «rri>t ami saw mill as early as 1805. lie d. Sept. 8, 1830; 
she d. Dec. .'), IN.'M. Cliildren: 

I. DKiioitAU'', l>. ; ni. (JardiKT Gtx'tMi, lu Coucoitl, X. 

II.. May 20, IT'.H). He was b. Feb. 25, 17G7. Settktl iu 
I5«.liun, I', q. lie was drowned In 1808, while attenjpiluK 
l<»i'io-« Lake (haniplain In u storm; his wld. aften-vaitis 
III. K/i-a Uall. Cliildren by 1st lu. were: 

I. Sahaii". 


m. Xatiiaxikl". 

IV. Wii.i.iam?. 

V. MakvT. 

( hildren l>\ 2d, ni: 

VI. K/.ijaT. 

VII. I)K1«()I{AIM. 

W. II. Komi NO'!, b in Loudon, N. H., May 10, 1779; m. lietsey 
Weston. Was ("aiitain of the Millthi mauv yeare. He d. 
May :}0, 1S47. Children: 

I. KiMiUAiM ", b. Feb. 24, 1809. 

II. .iKiasiiA?, b. Oct. 3, 1811. 
in. Lvi»ia7, b. May 9, 1814. 

IV. Xatiiax T , b. March 24, 1818. 

V. I.KWis :, b. Auj;. 28, 1S22. 

91. III. Jamk.s«». 

92. IV. William". 
\y.\. V. Juiix". 

U4. VI. (Jakoxkk*!, b. In Loudon, X. n., June 4, 1792; m. Nancy 
(^iiituby, May 20, 1814. She was b. Feb. 10, 1795. lliey 
settled on the family homestead. "Were worthy and ex- 
/•iiil»lary members of the We^leyan church." He d. Jan. 
5. ls7.'i. Children: 

I. ( Airoi.iNK.:, b. Mar. .W, 1817; lu. Benj. A. Wood. 

II. .Mai:v Axx7, b. June 4, 1819: m. Samuel C. Bums. 

III. Jl i.ia M.T, 1>. June (5, 1821; m. Truman A. 



05. VII 

IV. .IKMMK 7, I., Au;;. , iHii; m. Ollvo .\. CurtU. 

V. \ViLi»Ki{ I*. 7, I). Fol.. 18, lH20;in. AhlKull MouUon. 

VI. I.VMAN II. T, h, Feb. 5, ls2t»; iii. lI(>rttM»«ie » ook. 

. .lEbSK l\ «, l». in Siaimtt'jttl, (anailM, .hily 27, \7W\ iii. Su^*^^n 
Davis hVI>. 7, ls;{(). she \va^ h. .hiiu' 25, ISCXl. ( lilhlivii : 

I. riloMAs 7, U. Maicli i'), \s:n ; d. .Inly IH, iKfti. 

II. ( oi{i>Ki.iA 7, »». Si'i)t. «, ls;J2; d. Nov. 2:{, 1H4H. 

III. Stki'IIKN I>. 7, I,. |),r, 25, iKiO. 

42. David' Boynton, {John\ \ViUiam\ Joshua*, 

WilUam\) 1>. ; 111. Ills lousin, Anim HatchoKUM-, an<l 

lived in Mi'iv<lith ami .Now Hampton, N. II. 

Childivn : 

1X>. I. KiiKXKZKu«, ; III. Sally l)Hvl>«. (hlldreii: 

I. David 7, |j. ; m. Mary Sawyer. 

II. <iiai{U)Ttk7, h. ; III. DavKl <*ottoii. 

III. William 7, Ii. ; m. Sally WotKlnian and .\iiiHnda 


IV. Sally 7, h. ; m. rhailcH rhafe. 

V. PaHKKU rLUMMEH7, b. ; III. Siisau WehlHT. 

VI. Hlkls7, b. ; m. Joanna Chase and Mary 

VII. LiTiiKu', h. ; m. Sanih Mead. 

97. II. William «, I). ; m. Nancy Davln, (twin with 

Ehene/er'ii wife.) 

98. III. John 6, b. 

99. IV. DAvn»«, b. 
100. V. MAlCKW.«,b. 

VI. Dolly «, b. 

VII. Nancy 6, I). 

VIII. BET&KV6, b. 

IX. Sally 6, b. 

; rei». In Mere<llth, N. II. 

; m. So|)hia Ann . 

; in. lieslre F . 

; in. KiXK'h Johnson. 

; ni. Benjamin <'ulnlnln};^«. 

; 111. John Cuminlng!<. 

43. Richard* Boynton, {John\ WilUam\ Joshua*, 
\Villiam\) h. ; m. Eunice Sanl>oni. 

Children : 

Six children. 

101. I. BKNJAMIN«,b. 

102. II. JonNS.o,b. 

103. III. .IosiAii«,h. 

IV. I'OLLY«, b. 

V. Dkuouaii «, b. 





44. John* Boynton, {John\ William', Joshua^ 
\VilUam\) h. in Mcmlitli, \. IL, May 4, 175(5; m. Lydin 
Dow, ulMmt 17H(». She wan h. in (lilnianton, X. H., in 
17<;2. lie was Captain of a Military Co. Tlicy Hcttlod on 
No. H, 12tli Uanjrt*, in 1 «()'), attiMward wild out and roinovod 
to Windsor, P. (i., where he d. in 1841. She d. Dee. 10, 

104. I. Hkx.iamin«, I>. ApH! 2, ITfK); m. Mary (Polly) Burt. He 
d. Feb. 7, iSnO. Cliihlien: 

I. Ai.MiKA 7, b. Sept. 14, 1812. 

II. .John s li. Mar. 11, 1814. 

III. IlKMtY7, I). .June 3, 1810 or 1817. 

IV. NoAii 7, b. 

V. <ii:uitOK', b. ; d. Id Cat. 1882. 

VI. .MAI{V7,b. 

VII. Lv!ua7, b. Apr. , 1822. 

VIII. (Jaui)NKu7, b. June 8, 1830; d. |n Texae, May 1, 


IX. llKMAN 7, b. ; d. a^ed 34 years. 

X. .Iasux 7 , b. ; d. ajijed 8 years. 

11. Tai)IA«, b. Auj;. IR. 1791; n>. Mosen Blount. Had thirteen 
elilldreii, aiuon}? them twine. 
lOfi. III. .loiiN«, b. Maivh 1, 1703; in. iMabellc Nelson of Dertiy, Vt. 
Settled In Hoi land, Vt. Children: 

I. Nki-sos7, 

II. I'im.KNA?. 

Ill Moui(Im7, ) .Merehant In Boston. 

IV. Soi-iii(onia7, ] Twins. 

V. (Jahwnku?. 

VI. (Jkouok'. 

VII. Wiij,iam7. 

IV. N'axcv*', J». Oct. 11, 1794; in. 1ft, Asa Blount, had two 
children, Orpheus 7, and \aney 7 ; in. 2d, Henian LIudsey, 
had Cliirisya ' ^ ;'!»«! 0?!iiO!i'.'. '. 
urn. V. AniJAHA.M •;,!►. Mareh 17, 1796; in. Amanda Pope. He d. 

Sei>t. 12, ls.'».'^. Six ehlldren. 
107. VI. I)AVii»<s b. Oet. «», 1799; m. Betsey Vinton of Bromptou, 
< aiiiiila. (hiUlren: 
I. Kmii.v 7, b. Maivh 31, 1823; d. May 21, 1841. 
n. Ki.viuA 7, b. Feb. 11, 182«: m. Charles A. Welch; 

(1. hee. 24, 1S77. One s«»n, Bufus Lincoln *<. 
HI. KiKi s7, b. Sept. ft, 182M; m. horothy IJulter. He 
il. Auj;. 19, is.Vi. One dauj;hter. 


IV. l>AVii>7, b. Mar. 5, 1830; in. Julia lfant(»ck. Flv<. 


M AHV 7 / ^^''n« **• •'"»» IH, 183J. 

Martha III. Henry C. lieokey. Four thlldren. 
Mary ni. (Jmve« JJrown. Three clilhlren. 

VII. IIiitAM T, U. Feb. «, 1h;m ; d. \„v. 0, 18;W 

VIII. HktskvAnn7,»,. April 17, 1837: ni. Seward X. 

Proctor. Seven cliildren. 
m. VII. XoAHM>.i„ Wheeloek, Vt., Feb. 28, l.s02; n.. I.uelnda 
y inton in Windsor, < anada, 1820. -At Jersevvllle, Illinois 
.January 30th, Xoaii H<,vnt.,n-, fonneri; of Mo.^r.H., 
, ^MHconsin died in the 82d year of hi. a^e.* A j.atriareh 
In Israel, in the fnllness of his years and in the 
of his trust, has passed to that land the glories <,f uhleh 
lie saw with the eye of an unfalt«Min;r faith. '' lie wa- a 
inanof many virtues and ever e-teen.ed as « tu'\^UU„. 
friend an<l devoid ( hiistian wherever he wa- known, lie 
was, moreover, a siauneh and sturdv lover of his eountrx 
'roooidandintlrmfors.Mvlee himself he furnLhrd from 
his household three son- and a son-in-law in the late war 
as volunteers iu the armies of the Some o„e of 
Ills family i(,uk a part in nearly all the -reat eampai-ns of 
the war. Some <uie of his eJiil.lnn upln-ld the union 
ean<e in aetual battle at |{..|ivar llei-hts, Wineln-ler. 
* e<lar Mountain, AntbMam, rhaneellorville, Meveily Ford 

(iHtysbiir-, and I V ivtreat aeros- U.e I'otomae- at' 

Shlloh ,be Hle^M. „f ( orlMtb, the .-b.;;e of Vlek^buiy, the 
Krd niver expedition and Its l.atileal Fort dc l.'u-^ ; at 
TujK'lo; in the mareh from ( hatlanoo-a to .Mlania and li^ 
battles of Dallas, KVM.ea, and I'ea.-h Tn-i. ,■,,..■!,• h, ,|„. 
famous -mareh to the sea" and ihenee throu.r|, ,|„. 
rarollnasamltlie battles at Savannah and Ib-nlonulb.- 
.11 the battb.s of Xa-hville and Franklin; in the pur-uit ..f 
Sterling I'riee throu-h Missouri with its battle- and skir- 
niishes. andatthellnalstonnin- <.f tlie forts at Mobile 

l»es,des other en-a-en.ents ami skinnl>he< to<, n.mM.rou.' 
to mention. 

The deeeasedleave- him surviving live son- and threr 
dau-htei-. Andrew 1'. iJoynton. watehmaker and jruHrr 
of <hioa;;o:<oi. samuel H. IJ<,ynton, watehmakrr and 
.|eweer,of Milwaukee; K V. Iloynton. walrhmaker ami 
jvweler, of Stewart. Iowa; (apt. U m. X iJovnion. uaL-l.. 
»nakoran<l jeweler, of Manehester. Iowa, and pre^id.-nt o| 
the I nited Stales .leweler-sciuild, and John K. Itovnion 
watehmaker and Jewrler. of .bM-evville ||| " m' 
Wau^rhteisareMrs. Fanulia liod.-n, of .Manel.eM.r, la '• 


Mre. Abner Dun»uim, of the same pUce, and Mrs. Edwin 
E. Br>Tint, of Madi«>u, WlAConsln. All of hU children 
met at Manchester and laid their beloved father In hi.' 
gP^ve.— From Madison, WU. Daily Democrat, Feb. 6, lfW4. 


I. AM»UKW Takkkim. b. Nov. 30, 1826; m. Anna 

B. Williams. 



IV. i'AMKi.iA KwiiWKi.L", m. lliomag Dodiiou. 

V. sami Kl. IW.oikjktt". 

VI. !.<u i>A Stkvkns", m. Gen. E. E. Bryant. 

VII. William Nklsos". 

VIII. Sin'iiKosiA Klviua ", ui. Abucr Dunham. 

IX. .Ions Ei»!>ox '. 

iitt VIII. Williams \ twins b. . William ni. Harriet Cuitl.', 
ix" Maky 6,(lV»lly) I ajul njuved from Holland, Vt., to Caiuula. 
( hildren: 

I. Emily rruTis 7, b. Oct. 3, 1822. 

II. lACtXA " , I). Aujj. 26, 1S23 ; d. Aug. 22, 1825. 

III. William <;.", b. Dec. 3, IS24. 

IV. .bHix W.T, I,. Nov. 2^», I8i«i. 

V. Ali'iiki > s. :, b. KeJ». 22, isis. 

VI. BoitKKT H. :. b. Auff. -24, 18>«J. 

VII. ALVA F. T, l». Aujr. 30, is:^i. 

VIII. Al«»x/.o F. ", b. Nov. 21». 1S33. 

IX. < llAWLKs M.", b. April i-o, 18.36. 

Maiy III. .luseph rhoma<, and she had twlni*. 
X. Hannah «, b. <M. 7, iso;^; m. Hiram Moon of Holland, Vr. 
rhiblri'M : 

I. ELI>liA". 

II. Llcina 7 . 

III. JiiuTn'. 

IV. Hiuam". 

V. Mkli>sa". 

no. XI. tticiiAUU«,l..(Ht.l«,lsO.'S;m. roily DavU. Children: 

I. Jkkisiia'. 

II. LrcY '. 

III. Moulds'. 

IV. liKOKGE?. 

V. William 7. 

VI. Maky". 

VII. Naomi'. 

XII. Sakau «, b. .luly 10, 1806; in. Johnson Lunt of HolUnd, Vt. 


I. Elias". 

II. < lIAKLEs'. 





Oakdnkb 7 . 


MO8ES 7 . 


AAKOK 7 . 


Hakkikt a. 7. 








Asa 7. 

45. William* Boynton {John\ William*^ Joshua^ ^ 
W%lliam\) I), in N()ttin«j^lmin, N. H., Sept. 20, 17(51 ; ni. 
Mary . He tl. .July 2(5. 1814. 

Children all Imt William l)oni at New Hi*jnpton,. 

111. I. William «, h. at (illinanton, N. II., Mar. 13, 17H«; m. 

Mary, dau. of .Juseph Iluckinf), Dee. 8, 1812. 

112. II. JosErii«,b. Ai»rll li>, 1789; iij. Nauey, dau. of 'IIkmiihc 


III. Mary 0, h. Mar 2i, 1701 ; m. Jo-ieph Dow, Dec. K, 1811. 

IV. \ANCV6, h. April 10, 170a. 

V. .Joan .Stkvens«, b. Jan. H, 17JM{; m. .Tames l*roct«>r. 


I. ClIAULES IJOVNTON 7, I). Xov. 20, 181 ». 

II. Lalua K.7. b. .Ian. 18, 1823. 

III. .Skwaku X. ', b. .Sept. 23, 1829. 

IV. Thomas W. 7, b. March 24, lH.34; d. AuK- 31, l««0. 

V. Jemima J. 7 , b. May 13, 1842 ; d. Oct. 9, lH«4. 
lis. VI. Ebenezer6, b. Dee. 20, 1798. 

114. VII. Charles GliddenS, b. Auj<. 9, 1801. 
VIII. Sarah Jane 6, b. Dee. 25, 1803. 

Part. 2. 

fivQt (Bencration. 

1. John' Boynton, the omiorrant, younger brother of 
William, was lM>rn at Knapton, Wintringham, in the East 
Uiding of Yorkshiiv, KiiglaiuU in 1614. Ho came to 
America with his hrothcr, and settloil at Rowley, Miuss., in 
\i\:]H. He wa.s ai ♦• tailor" l>y tniilo, hut tilled the ** acre 
and a half of land" that was assigned him in 1G40 next his 
hnjther William's. He m. Kllen (** Eleanor," ** Helen ") 
Pell of lioston. He d. Feh. IH, U)70. 

Children horn in Rowley : 

2. I. .TosKPii 2, h. 1644 : m. Ut, Sarah Swan ; m. 2d. Elizabeth 

H. II. John 2, I). Sept. 17, 1047; m. Ut, Hannah Keyes; m. ad, 

Mary, wid. of Simon Wninwright. 
4. III. (Ai.KH 2, b. about 1649; in. Hannah Harriraan. 

IV. M Kucv - , l». Dec. 5, IGol ; in. Ist, Jo)»lah Clark, Dec. 14, 1670. 

in. 2d, Hovey. She d. Dec. 22, 1730. 

V. Hannah 2, b. March 20, 1054; in. Nathaniel Warner, Nov. 

21>, 1073. She d. In Feb. 1694. Children: 

I. Natiianiki. 8, b. Mar. 28, 1676; d. Dec. 8, 1697. 

II. DaniklS, b. .Ian. 11, 1678; killed by a horse, Au^. 

2, lOHO. 

III. .FoiinS, b. Oct. 12, 1679; d. Nov. 19, 1679. 

IV. Hannah i, b. Feb. 13, 1681 ; d. y. 


V. Hannahs, b. Aug. 28, 1084; m. Ephralra Fellows, 
May 19, 1703. 
VI. 8AKAH2, »). April llMfWW. l»robably thU wag the Sarah 
who III. lIoiK?well Davis iu 1682, and d. Dec. 14, 1704. 
5. VII. 8AMLKL.', b. alM.m IfiW; m. Hannah Switcher, Feb. 17. 

Scconb (Scnctation. 

2. Capt Joseph' Boynton, {John\) bin 1G44; m. UU 
Surah, <lau. (»f Kichunl and Ann Swan of Rowley, May 13, 
lij(li>. She wa- 1». •" ^^<'^^l^'y "» 1<>40; and d. in Groton, 
Feb. 27, 1717.1M. He ni. M, Elizal)eth Wood, (puh. 
March 5, 1720,) lie wa?* Captain of the Militaiy Company, 
Town Clerk, and Kei)n'>entative to (leneral Court many 
year.-*. II<' was a Pindrr tor tiie North-<»ast-tield 1()7()-71. 
He with hin wife Sarah, (his f<on lienoni, and \\\n wife Ann,) 
was dis. from Kowhy ehureli to Groton, Ma^ri., Dec. 4, 
1715. He returned to Rowley and d. Dec. 16, 1730. 

Children all horn in Rowley: 

»i. 1. .losKiMl '^^ 1». March 23, l(>(lO-70; in. Uridji^et Harris, .Fain. 30, 
II. Saijah '^, b. .hill. 11. 1JJ71-2; in. Den. Samuel, ^on of Johu 
and Mercy (rai-nii) Tciiiiev of Unulford, Dec. 18, 1690. 
lie wa^' b. ill Kowlev , Nov. 10. 1G(»7. (He in. Ut, Ahlj^ail 
Mailey.) ( liildrcii born in Unidford: 

I. MKItCY*, b. Oct. 23, KJiil. 

II. .loiiN<, b. Dec. S, 1({JI2. 

III. SrsANNAii<,b Fell. 5, 10t»4-ft. 

IV. SAiJAiM. I». March 21>, lOlMJ. 

V. Sami KL <. I>. I)ec. 17, 10J»7. 

VI. .FosKi'iM, l», Mar. 10. U;iKS-». 

VII. Anna <, b. Sei»t. 24, 1700. 
viii,Daxii:i.4, Feb. 14, 1701-2. 

IX. .b>NATIIAN *, l». Dec. s, 1703. 

X. Doumiiv*, b. Feb. 12, 1705. 

XI. I'Mii-il'<, h. Dec. 10, 1700. 



ANN 8, t). Aug. 14, 1673. Probably d. July 4, 1737. 
RiciiAKi>3, b. Nov. n, 1075; in. Sanih l)re(»>»cr, Dec. *24. 

John 3. b. April 1>, lf;7H: m. Hethlnh Platts Apr. 17, 1707. 
Bknom-t, b. F«'b. 2.% KWl ; m. Ann Mi^Iilll, Apr. 4, 170«J. 
VII. Jonathan 3, b. Au;f. H>, UIH4; ni. Margaret Ilarrinian, June 
6, 1711. 
11. viii.liiLKiAH^, b. Nov. ll», 1(JS7; m. Prlgcllla Jewett, Feb. 3, 
IX. Daniel 3, b. Sept. 20, loso ; d. Oct. 8, 1000. 










8. Sergrt. John* Boynton, {John\) b. Sept. 17, 1047; 

m. Ist, Hannah, dau. of Solomon ami Francon (Grant) 
KeycH, Mar. 8, 1(;75. Slio «l. in Hradford, Apr. 11, 1717. 
Ho m. 2(1, Mary, \vi(l. of Sini(>n Wainwrijrlit in HnKlfonl, 
Feb. li>, 1718-1!>. Ho was a husbandman and weaver. He 
d. Dec. 22, 171t>, and his widow m. .Joshua Boynton of 
Newbury, Oct. 30, 1727. .lolm removed to Bradford from 
Rowley, 107i>, and was a founder of the Bradford church in 
1(582; he was chosen an FJder, Mar. 2H, 1718. 

John Boyntcm, with John Tenney and Phillip Atwood, 
were chosen by the town, Nov. 23, 1700, to purchase the 
land of the heirs of the Chief Sa;ramnre Ma-chonnome^ 
This they did for the sum of ♦> p<Mmds, 10 shiHin;r> : the dee<l 
dated .Ian. 13, 1701. Sanuiel Kn«:lish puttinjr down the 
si»ni of a ser})ent for his mark ; .Joseph Kn«:lish a bow and 
arrow, and .John rmjM'c the new moon. 

Chihlren ))orn in Rowley : 

12. I. IcnAnoi*:^, b. Apr. 10, 1070-7; ni. Kll/Jibetli Maselthje of 
]tra<lf(.ra. Feb. IH, 170(}. 

II. Jank'*, I>. Aw;;. 0, 1(;7S; adni. to Hradford church, June 23, 


rhildren born in Hnuiford: 

III. Hannah -S b. Kc'l). 17. H5S2-3: ni. .Fo^'ph Jlarno."* of l\nn\- 

fonl, Dec. H, 1712. Slu' wan the Hrst person bapt. In 
town, Dei'. 11, 1«>S2. rliiUbfii: 

I. JosKCH 4, b. .lune 11, 1713. 

II. Sauah ♦, I). June 22, 1714. 

18. IV. Za( HAiJiAH J. b Feb. 10, l(;sH.<>;m. MiiryBoyuton of Brad- 
ford, Fe»). 11», 171K-10. 


4. Sergt. Caleb' Boynton, (John\) h. alwut 1649; m. 
Hannah, dau. of Leonard and Marj^aret Harrinmn of 
llowI(\y, May. 21, 1(374. She wiw h. in Kowley, May 22, 
Hn^.*). Ho wa.s a hlaeksinitli, ren. in Rowley where he d. 
Sept. 13, 1708. She d. Feb. li», 1725-6, »» He wiw a 
worthy man." — (Ciiuirh records.) ** To Calel> liointon one 
free hold as lon<r as sencr.sahle to the town in the trade of a 
Smith, and to his children if seiTersable to the town in the 
Hjime trade." 

Cinldren all l)orn in K(»wlev: 

I. Hannah •■«, h. Sopt. fi, 1075; not mentioned iu her fnther> 

will In \:oi\. 

II. Maiujaukt'I, I). Sept. 2.i, 1G77; n». .lolin, ?ou of Josepli iind 

Kll/jil)etli (West) Chaplin of Kowley, Apr. 9, 1701. He 
wji!* Ii. In Kowley, Oct. 20, 1(574, and d. there, .fan. 24. 
1707. Slie d. t»u(ldeuly Apr. 22, 1735. Children: 

I Hannah 4, b. Feb. 20, 1701-2; m. Israel Ha/en of 
I{owley, May 27, 1724. 

n. Klizauktu 4, b. Apr. 9. 1705. 

in. .Innx4, bapt. .June 12, 1701»: d. Dec, 31, 1712. 

i\ . Mkhitaiu.k^, bapt. Dec. 4, 1709. 

V. .John 4, bapt. .Ian. 11, 1712-3; d.y. 

VI. MAnoAHKT*, b. ; IU. Thoina- Wood, Jr.. 

.lune 2, 1730. 

VII. .b)i!N*, bajtt. May 12, 1717; in. Heii/.lbah .Jewett. 

.Fan. 27, 174«>-7. He lu. 2d, .Sarah .Stickney. 

VIII. MosKs*, bai»t. Jan. 21, 1721-2; in. Hannah Strinj^er 

of Topstield, June 9, 1747. A deacon In the 

III. KlTiiS, b. Jan. 2, 1081-2; III. Judah, sou of John and Mary 

(Poor) (.Maike of Kowley, Feb. 1, 1714-6. He wa? b. In 
l?owley, Fef». 7, 1082. ( hildren: 

I. An Infant, d. Oct. ft, 1710. 

II. Kl Til «, bapt. Jan. 12, i;i7-v^. 

III. .liiJKMiAii <, bapt. Feb. 4, 1721-2. 

IV. Child not named, d. Sept. 20, 1724. 
Jki{KMIaii ■■», b. .laii. M, 10S5; d. In Kowley, June 1, 1709. 
KniNKZKK'J, I). May 17, 1(kS8; in. .Sarah Grout. 
Infant, d. Mar. 25, 1097. 






5. Samuel' Boynton, {John\) h. alnnit 1660; m. 
Hannah Switcher, Feb. 17, 1686. She d. in Kowley, Mar. 


13,1717-8. He VuH tt wheel wri<rht. In 1717 he hoM hit* 
hoiiieHtetul in Itowley and rem. to (in)ton. 
(*hil(lrcn all Inmi in Kowley : 

I. Sami KI.3, b. Nov. 2JJ, HW7; a. Mur. 8, 1687-^. 

II. Sami KK», h. Fob. 24, IfWH-O; tl. May IB, V»\). 

III. Ki.LKN*, b. Mur. 15, lOHJMK); lu. Diinlel IMerce in <}ruton, 

I)ei-. 9, 1719. ("hlldren: 

I. .John*, b. (kt.4, 17iO. 

II. I.haac*. b. Dec. 9, 1722. 

III. Daniki. <, b. Feb. 4, 17-M. 

IV. Hannah «, b. Mar. 4. 1727. 

V. .Sami KI.4, b. .lune 1ft, 1729; in. Luoy Wrtllln>{fonl. 
' iHn-. 4, 17«W. 

VI. Kl.IZAHKTII <, b. Nov. 9, 1732. 

16. IV. Danikl*, b May 2«;, 1092; in. .Feinlinuh Brown, Mar. 1, 

V. .Sami KI.3, h. .Sept. 19, 1094; froze to death in Howley, Dw. 
31, 1711. 

17. VI. Ki.kazku:», b. Nov. l.*), 1090; in. 

18. VII. Isaac », b. Apr. 11, 1099; ni. Kllza»)eth . 

1ft. viii..Stkimikn», »). .luly 14, 1701. 

IX. AhuaiiamS ) , 

X. Mo>K.s». [twins, b. Nov. 16, 1<03. 

Abnih:iin d. Dec. 1, 17(M). 
Moses d. Dec. 7, 1700. 

XI. Hannah 3, b. Dec. 5, 1707; in. Nathan Whipple, May 7. 


*iO. XII. AiticAHAM s, bapt. Oct. .'{0. 1709; in. K><ther I^ikiu. 
XIII. .Sa UAH :», bapt. .July 11, 1713. 

c:blrt ©cncration. 

6. Dea. Joseph' Boynton, (Joseph', John\) h. Mar. 
23 lOOy-TO; m. Briil^'ot, daii. of Nathaniel and Elizal)cth 
(liazon) llarrirtof KonvU'V, .Ian. 30, V\\)U^. She wiw h. 
\\\ Uowlcy, Nov. 2(;, H572; an<l d. Oct. 14, 1757. lie wuh 
«U'afon of tlio First ilunvli in H(»Nvloy, from 1723 to his 
death, Nov. 2'), 17").'). By occupation a whcelwri^rhl. 

Iranian Hoynton, sou of *'('ol.*' John, wrote to a nephew 
inl«4«: '' I have heard n»y fatlier say his <rrand-futher, 
(Dea. .Iose|.li,) after he was M'Venly years of ajre, liewed a 
iMMUn for a meeting' iioii>e, without ehalk or line, MM-onipK'te, 
his friends w..uld i»ave liis name and a,L^' put on the In'mn, 
that it nu<j:ht he read l)y the people." 

C'hihlren horn in Kowley : 

I. Sahau * , »). I>t'f. JJ, HJl»;i: a. Dee. 2:J, 1093. 

21. II. \aTIIAniki.<,I». I>er. 11, lOIM; m. 1st, Hannah rerlmiii. 

1720; III. 2d, Kli/^il»elh SlaiUl of BtUerloa, Sei»t. 13, 173.5. 
III. UiMiniKT*, l>. (Ut. .1. Uilt7: »l. Nov. f), l(il»7. 

22. IV. .InsKiMi <, l>. Nov. 20. 101>S: tl. Ill Uowley, Dec. 2.'), 1738. 

2.3. V. Ukn.iamin*, I.. D«r. 22. 1700; in. 1st, Martlia IJowe -.;f 
(;lnuiM'ster, N<»v. 2l», 1723; in. 2(1, l?el>ccea Go«HlrU'h, Det-. 
12. 17.'>n. 
VI. IlKiiMiiT^. I». .Ian. ilt. 1702-3; ni. .lonatlian, -.'u «.f ( apt. 
.I.tiiatlianaml Hannah Ilailey of I^iiinister, Mar. 2S, 17.34. 
II,. \va< h. at IN.wl.-v. KrI.. I, H;i»4. Shed. .Vpr. l.\ 174«;. 

I. IMtOHilT"', »t. .Ian. 2l». \t'M\. 

II. .luNAIII AN ^, '». Mill'. 21, 1737. 



III. SiiuhaklA, )) .lune B, 174(); iii. Ilaimah Whitiuore 
of Wohurn. lie wus a Kevolutionary i!H»liller. 
I'es*. In Sterling;, Max?*. He wum xIx feet and 
Heven Inelu'H tall : Wfl^hed 310 pounds, and wai* 
t*;ild to l»e poMHen^eil of reinarkal)le el length. 

'24. VII. AHIKI,<, »». May lA. ITOrt: ni. Aldj^all . 

M VIII. Kl'ilUAlM^, t». July UJ, 1707; in. Sarah Sii'wurl of Howley, 

.May 2, M'A'i. 
:^^. IX. Za<'(;iiki f«4, l». Apr. ;*, I710; m. Anne . 

X. Kl»NAiH, l» Si'pt. 20, 1712; in. Sainiu'l llrown of IpMwU'h, 

Apr. •.♦. 17;M. 

XI. Elizaukth *, •». .\<»v. 2, 1714; d. In Rowley, uinii., .lune 11, 


7. Sergt. Richard' Boynton, (Joseph^ John\) l». Nov. 
11, ir»7.') ; n>. S.irali, 'laii. of IJciit. .lolm and .Maillin 
(TlioiUi) I)n'sscr(»f Kowh'V, Dor. 24, 1701. Slu' wash, in 
itowU'N, Apr. t, HhS, and <l. Apr. M\, 17.'»1>. lie d. in 
Wt'st l*aii-h KoNvhy, (now (it'<»r«:ot(»wn,) Dec. 2.'), 1732. 

ChiliUvn lH)rn in Uowlcv : 

27. I. l)A\n»*, I). Oil. s, 1702; in. Love llutehlnM. rul». tnt. 23, 

2S. II. Nathan *, l». Sept. 27, 1704; m. Hannah Tculd i»f Ifowley, 

Au;r. 10, 173S. 
2t». in. 1;kuai{I»*, It. S«'pt. 2»i; 170<l-. m. .lerusha Hnlelilii!* of Hrad-, Sept. 2, 1730. 

IV. Sauaii *, h. May .5, 170S; in. .lonatlian, <*on of .lereiniah and 

Ann ( Kill)nrM) < li:iplin of Itowlry. S«'|»t. 2, 1730. He 
\va- It. in liowley, K«'l». 10, I7(Mh7, aial tiled their. Mar. 
10, 17S4. 

V. Maiith \ *, It. Apr. 2. 1710: in. .los»«ph, son of .lo^c|ih and 

Alti^rail r»;iiley «tf Newliury. Mar. \h, 1733. He vvai* l». 

in Newltuiy, .Ian. 13, 1711. 
W. VI. Xatmamki. <. I». An;;, is, 1712; in. Mary Stew.irt of 

Kowh'v, Mar. M, I73<h7. 
31. VII. .I'MIN •, Itapt. .Ian. s, I71.'»-10: ni, l.ydia .lewetl of IJ^iwley, 

Mav 0, 174.'). 

8. John' Boynton, {*fo,^ej)h\ John\) K A|»r. \K H578; 
m. IWlhiali, dau. of Sunnud and .Man (Law) IMalts tif 
Uowloy, Apr. 17» 1707. She w;is Imh-ii in Uowloy, Mar, l.*), 
l()H8-l». Ho was a wouvcr. Ilo (VumI in Kowlcy, (Kt. M, 


1718. She m. 2d, John Northend of Rowley, Dec. 1, 1720. 
Children l>oni in Rowley : 

I. DouoTHY *» b. May 13, 1708 ; ra. Samuel, son of Samuel and 

Mary (BurjJee) Dre«!ier of Ipswich, Apr. 26, 1732. He 
wrtw b. In Rowley, May 23, 1707. She d. in Rowley, Aug. 
22, 1761. He m. 2d, Prl&cilla Jewett, May 25, li62. 

I. Sakaii *, b. July 14, 1736; d. Aug. 30, 1747. 

II. HKNJAMix*,b. Aug. 13, 1737; d. at LouUburg, 

July 18, 1759. 

III. Makk *, b. Aug. 28, 1739; d. Oct. 26, 1769. 

IV. llKTiiiAii », b. Mar. 19, 1741-2; d. Sept. 28, 1747. 

V. Samlki. », b. ; d. Oct. 14, 1744. 

VI. SakaiiS, b. Jan. 7, 1747-8; m. Jo^luh Plckard of 

l{()wley, Dec. 8, 1766. 

VII. BktmiaS, I). May 20, 1750; pub. to James Wharf 

of Ipswich, May 7, 1779. 

II. Maky *, b. Dec. 20, nOi*; m. Lieut. .Samuel, son of E/ekiel 

and Dorothy (Sewall) Xorthend of Rowley, Dec. 3, 1730. 
He wan iK.rii In Rowley, Jau 12, 170<i-7. She died in Hy- 
rteld, June 1, 1751. ( hiUlren : 

I. MusK> S b. Jan. 21, 1731-2; d. Aug. 15, 1736. 

II. JoiixA, b Apr 13, 17:«; d. Aug. 22, 1736. 

III. DouoriiY *, I). Aug. 21, 1736; m. Wm. Dummer 

of Newbury, .June 2, 1761. 

IV. Maky •'», l>. July 2(5, 1740; m. Dea. Joseph Hale of 

Ncwl)Uiy, .Nov. 19, 17(55. 

V. MKiurAivLK*^, b. Sept. 2H, 1743; d. Nov. 28, 1761. 

VI. Ki.i/Aiii.rii •^, l>. Dec. 19, 1746; m. Jacob Jewell, 

Nov. 19, 1771. 

VII. K/.KKiKi.ft, bapl. JuncH, 1749; d. young. 

in. Hktiiia*, b. Feb. f,, 1711-12; m. Jacob, s«m of Jomilhan and 
Mary (NVlcoui) Jewell of Rowley, Feb. 2, 1741-2. He 
was b«>rn Jau. 2H, 1707-8. She died Sept. 14, 1780. He 
m. 1st, Kliwibeth Northend. Children: 

I. Jacoh •'i, b. Jan. 2, 174(>-7. 

II. JosKi'ii », b. Feb. 19, 174H-9. 

III. Samiki. •'^, b. June 10, 1752. 

IV. John*, b. May 26, 1714; d. Oct. 19, 1714. 

V. HannaiM,''' Felt. 29, 17I.')-1»1; iM. Jonathan, son of John and 

Ann (Ncls(.u) .^mlth of Rowley, May 17, 1744. He was 
b. In Rowley, Oct. 22, 1712. Children: 

I. Rktiiia •'», b. May (5, 1746; m. Daniel Johnson of 

R<»wley, Sept. 8, 1768. 

II. .b)iix 5, b. June 20, 17.')0. 

VI. John *, 1». Dec. 22, 171S; d. Apr. 18, 1719. 


9. Benoni' Boynton, (Joseph*, John\) h. Fch. 25, 
1681 ; m. Ann, tlaii. of Stophon and Sanih (Phillii)rt) Mi<fhill 
of itowley, Apr. 4, 170<). She wiw h. in Rowley, Mur. 8, 
1685-0, and d. May 31, 1764. They were dismissed from 
Rowley church to (iroton, Dec. 4, 1715. He rem. to 
Lunenhurj^h alM)ut 1726, and to Winchendon iw early an 
1754. He wits a soldier in (apt. LoveweU's Company, 1725. 
He was an active Imsiness man, judpn«r from the HistoricH 
of Groton, Lunenhur^h, ** Ipswich C'amula," etc. In MM) 
he wa.s **of a new Township lately jrrantcd hy the (ieneral 
Court to the Canada soldiers lyin;; in the Co. of Worcester, 
Prov. Ma.s.s. Bay." See Deed 21, 220, Alfred, Maine. 
•* lienoni lioynton of Rowley was to build a vessel or sloop 
for .John Smith of lioston, and was to have two hundred 
jK)unds j^ood and lawful money of said Province, Anno Dom. 
May 1, 1713." He d. Dec. 30, 1758. 

Children l>orn in Rowley: 

• 4 

I. Sarah * , b. Mar. 9, 1707 ; d. Apr.l 6, 1707. 

II. Sarau ^, b. June 17, 1708: in. Samuel Davis*, Feb. 27, 17'i7. 
32. 111. Stkimikn*, b. Apr. 9, 1710; ni. iPt, Sarah .I<»hnsnn, Nov. 14, 

1737, (i*he wa« b. Apr. 7, 1710.) Slie d. .Mar. 1ft, 17ftl-2, 
** a Sabbath day about suncet." lie m. 2d, Kll/abcth 
I.ovejt»y. She d. Apr. 18, 1772, ajjed 51. lie ui. 3d, 
Sarali Stllen. 

IV. Annk«, b. Ni.v. 22, 1718. 

The following elilldren born \\\ (ilrotoii: 

V. DOKCAt*4, 1). Doo. 21, 1715. 

VI. Jank 4, b. Au>r. 3, 1717 ; n». Wlllbun Nutting, .Fun. 18, 1737-H. 

VII. Mary *, b. Nov, 7, 171K; d. Apr. 13, 1722. 

viii. Elizabeth *, b. .July 10. 1720; ni. Eluathan Hluod, Nov. 20, 

IX. Mehitahle*, b. Nov. 1, 1721. 

X. Mary 4, b. Feb. 20, 1722-23. 

38. XI. Benoni *, b. .lune 11, 1726, in Lunenburgh ; ni. 1st, Elizabeth 

. Slie d. Sei>t. 20, 175(5. He ni. 2d, .Mary liultrUk 

of Ix'ondnfter, Fel>. 2, 1758. 
XII. JosEi'H 4, b. .May 28, 1727, at LunenburKh; d. .luly, 1727. 

10. Jonathan' Boynton, (Joseph*, John\) h. Au^:. ii), 
1684 ; m. Marpiret, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (Palmer) 

54 HisTonv OF THE boynton family. 

Harriiimn, June (>. 1711. She was b. in Rowley, Aug. ly, 
I ()«(). He res. in the ^^'e«t Parish of Kowley, (now 
(ieop'otown,) and assisted in founding the church there, 
Oct. 4, 1732. lie d. Mardi 10, 1740; his widow m. 2d, 
Daniel (lage of Bradford, May 12, 1742. 
Children horn in Kowley: 

I. MAiMiAUKT <, l». Apr. 5, 1712. She was atlin. to the church 

111 (JcM»r;xet«t\vii froiii Uyfield, l>ec. 24, 1732. 

II. Sak.mi *, l». I>c'c. 10, 1713; 111. .Fof»ei(h llutchlns of Hrudford, 

N<»v. 11, 173(). She was adin. to the church in George- 
town, Dec. 24, 1732, and dls. to the church in Tewkf*- y, Nov. 2(5, 1738. 

III. Ki.i/Aiu-m *, l>. May 21, 1715; in. .foseph, son of liichard 

and Joanna Uailcy of Ki-adfonl, .Fan. 1, 173(5. 
34. IV. .loNAiiiAN*, l>. Mar. 1(», 17U>-17; in. Kli/abeth U'o<xl of 

Uradt»»rd, .luiio .% 1730. 
3.%. V. ni:N.iAMiN <, \ . ,^. J ,„ nyrtcld church, Apr. 12, 1719. 

VI. Kl.l,KAN«)U< J ' • 111 

VII. Mauv ^, l». An;;. 21, 1721; in. .lainci* Stewart of Kowley, 

Jan. 17, 1741-2. 
3(J. vui. John *^ •». May 22, 172^1; ni. Martha Atwood, Mur. 30, 1742. 
IX. Annk<. 1>. Oct 29, 172G. 

11. Hilkiah' Boynton, {'/o,seph\ Mm\) I>. Nov. 19, 

ir».s7 ; ni. IViseilla, dau, of ('ai)t. .loseph and Uuth (W(mkI) 
Jewett of Ivowley, Fell. 2, 17()8-i>. She was h. in Kowley, 
hant. Fell. I, H*»1K)-1. He rem. from Kowley to Luncn- 
Iniro-h, iirohalily with his hrother IWnoni, alKUit 172(); and 
afterward to Winchendon and Kindge. He was the tirst 
Seleelmim of Lunenliurgh. Was a joyner liy trade. 

Children liorn in Kowley: 

I. Jask<, I». Nov. 1!», 1701): d Nov. 25, 1722. 

II. .I«»ANNA<, l>. Auj;. 17, 1712; in. Col. John, mu of .fonathun 

and AhipiU (I'lx) (irout, Nov. 23, .1727. Settled In 
I,uncnl»ur«;h, Mass., where their children were born. 
KcniMvcd to IJindjje, N. II.. and later to JattVey, N. II., 
\\lu'iv lu' il. June, 1771. lie was l». at Sudlmry, Mati;)., 
(M. 14, 1704. Children: 
I. IIILKIAII •'»,( Major) h. .Inly 23, 172M; in. .Sultinit 

llawkcs ill 1 hertleld, 1750. She wa» l>. Feb. 10, 



II. Joanna a, b. Jan. 8, 172U-30; in. Timothy riirkor. 

III. John •'», h. June 13, 1731 ; ni. I'hehe SjMirtonl. 

, IV. KI.I.IAH », h. f)ot. 20, 1732; ni. Molly Wllljinl, July 

17, 1757. Tliolr >j;rej»t-^niiK'-Kon, lion. Johhih 
<Jrout, " was elerted (iov. of Vt. in ISIMI, l)y \\w 
Iar;;est niiijoiity ever known." 

V. JoKL"*, h. M;iivh <;, 1734-fi: Ml. Saralj Hudson, Ort. 

i», 1750. He was an ollleer in the Anierinin 
Anny, ami in tiie liattle of IU'nnlii;<:toii, wat* 
also a nieniliiT of tlie Convention tliat frainttl 
tlie < oM^tiiution of Massaclmsctts. 

VI. Jonathan '^, I Hon.) h. July 23, 1737; ni. Sarah 

ra;ce. Was enijaj^etl in the Fieneli war; <1. 
S'pt. H, 1H()7. 

VII. Sauaii "•, »». Nov. 2S, 173H; ni. Kplinilni Starkwell 

(or St.Kkwrll) Nov 21, 17/»7; il. Oet. 21. Isl7. 
VIII.l*ATiKNt K'i, l». Au«j. 23, 1740; n». William Jude- 
vlne, Juin' '2(t, 17nl>. 

IX. PKTKH'i, h. (Kt. 1>, 1744; went »* Wei»t ** and was 

never lieard fnun. 

X. AHKiAiL'i, h. .M.ircii 23, 1745; ni. Col. Natlian 

Hale of |{evoluti(»iiary fame, lie wai* son of 
Moses, »(. in Ilampstead, N. II., Sept. 23, 1743; 
rem. with his fatlier to i{ln<i;;e, N. II., in 170!>. 
He d. in I trt-iht, L. I., 2.3, 17>S0. A 
;jrand-son. Hon. Matthew Hale, is now living 
in Albany. N. V. She d. Sej.t. 14, 1S3S. 

XI. JosiAH'i, 1). Nov. IS, 174S; tl. unm. Kst. Invent. 

Jan. 1770. 

XII. Solomons, b. June 27, 1751 ; m. Ruth I'utnam. 
XIII Jehosaphat'^, b. Au<;. 2, 1753; ni. Anna Parker in 

17HS; d. Sept. G. IHOfi. 

III. HILKIAH*, ) twins, b. Ai>r. 11, 1714. Illlklahd. Apr. 2H, 

IV. PRISCILI.A*, i 1714. 

V. Josephs b. Dec. 4, 1717; d. Feb. 8. 1717-18. 

VI. Sauah 4, b. Jan. 1, 1718-10; m. Aaron WckkIs, Apr. 1. 1731). 

VII. Kith 4, b. ; d. July 1721. 

VIII.Hn.KIAH 4, lt«l,. )..... t \..., (\ i'')\ 

IX. MKHITAni.K4,r'''"^'*"'«'^--^"«'''' *"^•^• 

Illlklahd. Aui?. 24, 1725. 
Mehltabled. Sept. 15, 1725. 

12. Ichabod' Boynton, {Mui\ John:) h. Api-. Hi, 
167»>; HI. KlizalH'th, <Ijui. of KoU'il and KlizalM'th (Jrwrtt) 
Hiizoltine of Bradford, FcIj. 1H, 170«). She was l>oni in 


Bnidford, Oct. 28, 1683; d, Apr. 1758. Ho wa» adm. to 
tlio dih. in Hnulford in 1(»1>8.*^ Ho wiw a Hchool teacher in 
171» aiul 1714. Soo Brmlford Town roconK Doc. 22, 1713. 
** Hnulford iiIIowk to IcIiuInxI Boynton for ho ninny wcoIch an 
he luul or hIiuII teach r^chool from Int of Sept. 1713, to the 
hist of March next followinjr to have ten 8hillin<^ i>er week.** 
He wa8 a Selectman in 1711. Will wa** proved May 8, 

diildren lH>rn in Bradford: 

I. Sauaii 4, b. Nov. 24, 1700; d. May 24, 1712. 

II. AitKiAii. <, l». Si'pt. 0, 17()8; 111. Kbenezer, son of Wm. and 

Doiotliy (Hivwi'i) MI(l<lk«tMnof Hnulfortl, Hept. 13, 1739. 
Ilo \vii*« t»(»rii lit llttv(;i;UiU, N<»v. 17,, 17^0. Hhe was adm. 
tiM'liiiivh ill ltriuir(ii<l< Full. 2A. 17'i7. 
Ill I.YiMA4,b. Au>;. 22, 1711; in. Samuel, sou uf John and 
lltiimiili (Ayer) Slicphei-d of Haverhill, Apr. 8, 1734. lie 
wnK iiorii ill llavci-hill, Se]it. 14, 1711. .Shed. In II., May 
20, 174]). Chil'lmi: 

I. l'iiKin;5, h. Ian. 14, 1737-8; m. Kt)ene%er KaKm of 

riali*tow, N. II., (K't. 13, 1701. 

II. Sami i:i.\ I). Dec. 10, 1739; d. June '2,3, 1741. 

III. Hannah \ l>. June 11, 1742; m. William Kimball 

of IMaistow, N. II., Dec. 31, 1701. 
37. IV. John*, b. Au^^ 30, 1713; m. Mary Hancock of Haverhill, 
Oet. 10. 1739. 
V. I'ACiiKi. *, b. Ai>r. 27, 1710: m. Ens. .Samuel, son of Samuel 
and Fraiu'cs (Wlooin) .lohufion of Kouiey, Jan. 29, 1739- 
40. He was Impt. In Itowley, June 11, 1699. .She was 
adm. to the elih. in Uradford, Mar. 3, 1734, and dis. to 
IJowley ehh. 1740. He d. in Itytleld Parish, Kowley, 
Dee. 27, 1773. Slie d. Feb. 3, 1799. 
Children l)ai>t. in second church Howley : 

I. Hannah '^, b. Dee. 5, 1740; d. unm. Mar. 13, 1799. 

II. WicoM 5, b. June 24, 1742. 

III. Haciiki.-^, 1). Mar. 11, 1743-4; in. Ellphalet Hale of 

Uradford, Jan. 29, 1707. 
IV Samiki, '^, I). Apr. 22, 174^; m. Susannah Searle in 
Newbury, Oct. 20, 1774. Hem. to Winthrop, 

V. 1)AVI0\ l>apt. .Mar. 10, 1750-61. 

VI. MosKsA, b. Feb. 3, 17ftl-.'»2. 
38. VI. Ani.ukw 4, b. Jan. 10, 1719. 

VII. Ki.i/.AHKTii •, b. June 20, 1721 ; d. Sept. 12, 1746. Adm. to 
ehureli in Bradford, Dec. 20, 1741. 


13. Zachariah' Boynton, (./oAn', ./o/m',) h, Feb. Ifi, 
1689 ; m. Mar}' Ik»ynton of Hnidfonl, K(0>. 19, 171*4-19. 
The great eartlHiuake of 1727 wan tlio (KTaxion of their 
ixmversion, and they united with the Bradford chh., .Ian. 7, 
1728. Thoy ros. in Hnidford until their removal to No. 4 in 

Children lK)m in Bradford. 

39. I. .Ions 4, b. Deo. 26, 1719; m. Itutli .Tewett of Ilowley, 174B. 

II. James 4, b. Oct. 2, 1721 ; d. Au>f. 2.3, 1721^. 

III. Jank4, b. Oct. 18, 172:{; in. Willluin, Hon of .f(»H(>|»h and 

Abl){ull Hrown of Howley, .Iuik; 17, 1747. lift wan b. hi 
Howlcy, Nov. 3, 1720. 

IV. .Mahy «, i). Vi'h. 2-1, 172.^; m. Momi'm Hiiiltb of llolli^ N. II., 

Juii. 29, 17r»(i. Ho WHH b. MHO. Cliildreii: 

I. M.xKYft, b. .July 2, 17f.7. 

II. Kl.l/.AKKTII •^. b. A])! 1ft, 17^9. 

III. MoMF.'^'^, b. .Mine 22, 1701. 

V. Jkukmiaii ♦, b. .July 19, 172S: d. Oct. «, 1747. 

40. VI. TiioMAH4,b. A 11^'. 9, 17HI: III. Abigail Klliott of II oil I k, 

Feb. 24, 17<W. 

14. Jeremiah' Boynton, {C(ihb\ John\) h. Jan. m, 
16«5; d. in Kowley .June 1, 1709. 

15. Ebenezer' Boynton, (Caleb*, John\) h. May 17, 
1G88; m. 1st, Sarah, dau. of C'alch (Jnait. They resided in 
Bytield Parish, Kowley, until 172(>, when they rem. to 
Weston, Mass., where she died Feh. 1727-2H. He m. 2d, 
Abigail Chadwick in Weston, .June 7, 172H. They were 
ttdm. to chh. in Weston, Fell. 20, 172()-27 ; dis. to Waltham 
ehh., Nov. 30, 173.'); ree'd at Waltham Feb. 4, 17a<;. They 
were dis. to ehh. in Hopkiiiton, Oct. HI, 1737, and dis. to 
ehh. in Waltham, ,bm. 8, 1744, and to Meiidon, .Vpr. 13, 
174G. He was a blaeksmith. lb' d. in .Miltord, Sv\t\. Hi, 

Children Ikihi in Howh»y : 

41. I. .iKHKMiAii 4, h. Dt^.. 27, 1711: in. Patience .^underMon in 
Waltham, Au^. 1, 17:U». 


II. Hannah * , b. Aug. 4, 1713. 

III. Jkhlsma <, h. July 6, 1715. 

42. IV. A Koii (.loMhuai?,) Impt. In Hyfleld chh., July 17, 1720. 

V. Mkkcy < , 1». JuiK' 1ft, 1722. It wu« prolmbly thin Mercy who 

III. 'niomiiK < h<)|.ln, Apr. 14, 1747. 
48. VI. <'AI.KI»<, b. May Ik, 1724: iii. Ift, Hiichel , previous U> 

17.^0; III. 2.1, Lydla Uuliard; m. Hd, wid. AMkhII Klclmrd- 

Vil. HaI{AII<, b. June 20, 1720. 

|)i<l In- not liiivt* iiiHitlior noil JiU'(»b, who 

wiiM ''(if Waltlmiii," whfu he in. Mary? . 

iilxMit 17ftft, ami iiiid chlldrun. 

I. Nathan, li. Oct. 10, 1757. 

II. MoLLV, b. .Jan. 20, 17G2. 

III. Jacom, b. May 11, 1764.— (C H. B.) 

16. Daniel' Boynton, {*'S(i77iuel\ John\) b. May 26, 
ir»!»2; HI. JiMHiina Uiown, Mar. 1, 1721. 
ChiUlivn as ivioitU'il in (iroton : 

I. Jank<, l>. May 13, 1722. rhit* was prolmbly the Jane who 

111. Samuel Foster, Nov. 24, 1748. 
44. II. M(»sKs4, b. Ai»r. 13, 1724. Did not he m. Merlbah 1 

and buy and :»ell lands In Stratham, N. II. See Exeter 

N. II. i)eeds.— ,1. V. W. 
M. III. Aauos*, b. Feb. 4, 1720. 
40. IV. SAMiKi. *, b. Mar. 21. 1720; m. 

17. Eleazer' Boynton, { Samuer , John\) b. Nov, 15, 
l(;iM>. IIt« was ot (irotoH, 1722. Didhe have a daughter 
PholH?, who in. Bonjamin Clapp, ami d. at luisthainpton, 
Nov. aO, 1S47, ajri'tl 1>7 years, and 7 days. We copy from 
obituary in Northampton Cdurier: »* She was m. H2 years 
sinee, to Mr. nenjamin Clapp, and was the mother of l.i 
ehildivn, 1.*^ of wlmm livi'd to borome heads of famiUes." 

18. Isaac' Boynton. {:Samu€J\ John\) b. Apr. 11, UUiii. 

In the »Mieneal«\iries and KMates of ('haHe>town,'' mention 

is made of an Isaae wlio m. Kli/alK-tli , and had a 

.Ian. Kll/.abitii, b. April 11', l»apt. 2a, 1721. In l)oreiie>ter 


records wo have the ** death of Imiac, non of Irtaae aiul 

Elizalxith, 18 davH, Dec. 19, 1732. The hintory of the 

Second Chiireh, or Old North, hy ClmndU'r l{ol>l>inH, 1H.')2, 

under adininMionM and haptisniM, ^ive tlie followln*; chiKhen 

which Hceni to ))eIon;r to thin Inaac, altliou^jrli we have no 

other pnM)f : 

47. I. Samcki.*, b. Ai»r. 7, 175W. 
4H. II. I»AAC<, l». .Fufu' fl, 172ft. 
41). III. .lACoit4, li. Nov. no, 1720. 

19. Stephen" Boynton, {Samuel\ John\) h. in Row- 
ley, July 14, 1701. On Muster Roll of Cai)t. .losiah 
Willard'sCo., June 8 to Nov. 10, 172.5. No other knowl- 
edire of him. 

20. Abraham' Boynton. {Samuel\ Min\) Impt. Oct. 
30, 1709; in. Ksther, dau. of Josiah Lakin. Resided in 
(iroton, Mass. He died at the Siejre of I.ouishur^, 1749 or 

Children lH)ni in (? roton : 

.W. I. .losiAii *, b. .Fune 4, 1743; in. Lucy Kayinoiul, In WetJtfortl, 
Apr. 25, 17C1). 

51. II. Isaac 4, b. Au>^. 11, 1745; in. l!«t, lluunah Shnttuck; in. 'i<l, 

Siiruh Shattuck. 

52. III. John*, b. .July 23, 174«; m. 

53. IV. Ahkaiiam *, b. Nov. 20, 17.V); in. Mary Harti*hum, Nov. 21, 

1780, In llullis N. II. 

jfourtb Sencratton. 

21. Nathaniel* Boynton, (Joseph', Joseph', John\) b. 
in Kowley, Dee. 11, 1004; m. Ist, Hunmih, dau. of Joseph 
und Dorothy Perham in 1720. She died Sept. 16, 1733. 
He m. 2d, ElizaU'th Shodd of Hilleriea, Sept. 13, 1735. 
He was u housewri«:ht and fanner. He live<l a few yejir-. in 
Littleton, then removed to Ciiehnsford, West Preeinet, now 
Westtord, where iie served as Town Clerk many years. He 
was (lis. from ehinvh in Westtord, to ehureh in Pep|H}i*ell, 
whejv he d. In'tween 17')2 ami \lh\). His wid. m. Thimias 
Heald of Westtord, An*;. 15, I75i». 

Children hy tirst wife : 

I. Sauah, », Mar. 12, 1721 ; lu. Abiel Richardson, July 9, 1741. 

II. ELiZAiiKxn s, h. .Tune 13, 1722. 

.VI. III. NatmamklI. h. .luiie 3, 1724; m. Rebecca Barrett of 
Concord, Nov. 23, 1751. 

IV. llANXAH-\ b. .Ian. 14, 1726: m. Willlana Warren of Little- 

ton, May 15, 174(J. 

I. Wii.i.iAM'i, Impt. Apr. 19, 1747. 

II. Jonas 6, lta|»t. Feb. 5, 1749. 

III. Jn.-Ken •■', baj)t. July 1, 1750. 

IV. IIannam «, liapt. June 10, 1753. 

V. Sakam «, l.a|»t. Dec. 21, 175.5. 

Hannah d. May 12, 17(U). 

V. HailMiKT •'», li. Oil. 31, 1727. 

VI. KmiikuS, b. Nov. IK. I72t»: ni. Kphraim < tiaml^erUin, Jan. 

J». 1752. 
65. VII. .I<»>Kni ■'>, b. ,»uni' 3, 1731 ; ni. Sarah 'i'arl>en of Groton, Apr. 
10, 17<i2. 
VIII. Doitoinv S b. Sept. 15, 1733; d. Feb. 3, 1757. 



Children by tecond wife, Ellxabeth Hhedd: 
IX. Nathan *, b. Sept. 18, 1736; d. y. 

Z. Mary », b. Dei-. 18, 1737; iii. Jot»hua Parker, Mar. 19, 1764. 
66. XI. Abuaii^, b. Mur. 24, 1740; m. .Sarah ChumbcrluiD, Mar. 23, 

1769, und rem. t<» rei>|)erell. 

57. XII. Xathax*, b. June 10, 1742; in. Lucy , rem. to New 

Il^wlch. N. H. See Deed, year 1778. " Nathuu Hoynton 
of Temple, und Lucy my now married Wife." 

58. XIII. Amos 5, |>. Sept. 2f), 1744; m. Mary Parker, Jan. 0, 1770. 

IJei.i. lo IMyujoutb, Vt. 

59. XIV. Isaiah '^, I). July 211, 1740. One record ^Ave hli* name 

JoHiah inf«tea(l of Ixiiiah. 

22. Joseph' Boynton, {Joseph', Joseph^ John\) b. in 
Rowley, Nov. 20, 1G1>M. We have no record of his niumu«;c. 
He was a ** Tailor" in (iloure^ter, 1725-1733 ; d. in Rowley, 
Dec. 25, 1738. 

23. Benjamin* Boynton, {Joseph\ Jwtph\ John\) h. 
I)ci'. 22, 1700; m. 1st, Martha, dau. of Stephen and Martha 
(L«)w) Howe, of Gloucester, Nov. 29, 1723; m. 5id, Kel)ecca 
Goodrich, Dec. 12, 1756. Resided in Gloucester, (^Idtown 
Parish, (**()ld 4th parish.") He wa.s a tailor. 

Children lM)m in (Jloucester: 

60. I. Bknjamix *, b. Feb. 9, 1726; m. Abigail Millett of Gloucex- 

ter, in 1744. 
II. Martha a, b. Oct. 26, 1726. 

61. III. JosEi'ii *, b. 1728; m. Ixt, Mary Carllle, Mar. 14, 1761; 

m. 2d, Mary Stoi'kbridge. 

62. IV. .Ions 5, h. 1730. 

63. V. Stkimikn •'^, b. 17.32. 

VI. HRiixiKT*, b. 17.36; m. Samuel, iM>uof Samuel and Kliza)>eth 
(Bailey) Scott of Kowley. March 13, 1761-62. lie wuh 
bai>t. in llowley, Aug. 14, 1726. She d. Oct. 1775. 
C blhlren : 

I. l>OLI.V«. 

II. Bknjamix*. 

III. Jons 6. 

IV. Nathaniel*. 



04. VII. William ft, b. Mur. 8, 1737; m. Uuth Grover of Sandy Bay, 
Gloucester, Felj. 1, 1789. 
viii.MAKYft, b. Au;^. 2y, 1739; lu. Sanmel, son of Hamuel and 
Abigail Kee/er of Kowley, Mar. 7, 1766. He was b. Jan* 
8, 1746-6. 

Children born in IJowley. 

I. I*<)LLY«, b. Nov. 16, 1783. 

II. Samlkl«, b. Mur. 29, 1787. 

24. Abiel* Boynton, {Joseph\ Joseph*, Jokn\) h. in 

Rowley, May 1.5, 1705; in. Al)i«rJiil . He d. Dee. 

18, 17l»H. 

C'liildren Immii in Town.send, MuHr^. 

6,'i. I. .loxAn ft, l». March 14, 1735. 

II. I.YiHAft, l». Nov. 13, 1737. l»robubly thi» Lydia in. Hamuel 

Sanderson, of Townseud, July 22, 1761. 

III. K'ACiiKi.ft, b. Mar. 26, 1739; ni. i^enjamin Hall of Townaend, 

Oct. (J, 17().'{. 

IV. KlNicK^ b. Mar. 14, 1741. 

V. Ki.iZAMKTii •*', l». Apr. 24, 17411; lu. David Baldwin of 

lV|>|»crcll, Dec. 19, 1769 

25. Ephraim* Boynton, {Joseph^ Joseph*, John\) !>. 
July 10, 1707; ni. S:iiah, dau. of John and Eiizal)eth 
Stewart of Uowley, May. 2, 1732. She was I), in Kowley, 
Aiiir. 2.5, 1712. In 17.')2 his father left him laiuls in Cox- 
hall, York County, Maine, and in 17.57 he sold his fann in 
Rowley, and rem. to Ciioekset. *'Choekset was the Indian 
name jriven to what was for many years the seeond parish of 
Lancaster. It was incorporated as a town in 1781, and ealU 
ed Sterling:." 

Children lM>rn in Rowley: 

I. Klizamktii 5 b. Au;,'. 26, 1733; ni. .rames »on of Elliot and 
.Mary I'ayson of Kowley, Dec. 7, 1756. He was b. In 
Howley, June 20, 1731. She d. \\\^. 19, 1784. Children 
born in Uowley : 

I. KowAuoe, b. Oct. 21, 17.^. 

II. DAVi!»«i, b. May 6, 1759. 

III. Ki.iZAiJKTl|6, b. Apr. 13, 1761. 


IV. Marv«, b. Aug. 3. 1763. 

V. .lAMKHfl, h. Aug. 24, 1705. 

VI. Kli.iot«, b. Au«. 18, 1767; d. y. 

VII. Sauaii », b. Det'. 4, 1768. 

VIII. Jane « , b. Mar. 11, 1771. 

IX. Ki.i,i<)T«, b. Aug. 31, 1773. 

X. Mkmitaiilkw, b. Aug. 0, 1776; d. y.' 

XI. MKIIITAIU.Kfl, 1). Aug. 16, 1777. 

66. II. Ephkaim \ l». Mar. 0, i:34-;W; in. A»)lgall Kinery of New- 

bury, Kfb. 1!», 17.'>6. 

67. ill. JOHN'S, l>. Stpt. S, 17H6; Ml. \^x^ Eli/iil)eth Jewett; in. -id, 

EIi/^i»>eth IW'atnau of I^moaster, Dec. 10, 176'2; in. 3«1, 
widow I'bebe (.Fewett) Graves. 

68. IV. Jo^Ki'ii ^. b. .Fune 24, 17.1s ; in. Int. with Zervlah Wilder of 

Sterling, Sopt. .SO, 176.5. 
V. Sauaii 5, b. .June 26, 1740; d. Aug. 20, 1775. 

69. VI. Amos 5. b. Apr. 26, 1742; in. Sarah, dau. of Jonathan Snow. 

70. VII. Jeukdiaii s, b. .Jan. 20, 1744. The records of LanouKter 

give marriage intent of .ledediah Koynttni and Kli/jil>elh 
llult, Se]»t. -iJl, 1771. She was undoubtedly the '• Becky " 
Holt, lie;iman gave in 1H48, us the wife of hlx uncle 
viii.Ei>na5, b. Apr. 26, 1746; in. Mr. Farmr; d. In Fletcher, Vt., 
Aug. 1, 1822. 

71. IX. Joii'^, b. Jan. 6, 1748; in. Mary Jo«lyn, in. Int. Mar. 13, 1773. 
X. Mauy "i, l». .St'pt. 29, 1745); never in., re« with her brother, 

''Col. .John," in lier old age. 

72. XI. Pall "i, b. Oct. 21, 1751; in. Ut, Abigail Fairbanks; in. 2d, 

.Sarah .Sweetser. 

73. xii.Abiel'^, b. Dec. '2:i, 1753; in. Lois Hayinond of llolden, 

Mar 30, 1779. 

26. Zaccheus* Boynton, {Joiieph\ Joseph* y John\) h. 
Apr. 3, 1710; 111. .Viiua . 

Children Imu'ii in Lamastor, Mass: 

I. Anna 5, b. Apr. 18, 1740. 

II. JankS, b. Mar. 22, 1742. 

27. David* Boynton, {l{ichard\ Joseph*^ John\) l». 
Oct. M, 1702; 111. Love lliiteliins, jmli. Oct. 23, 172.'). 
Settled in livtii'ld Parish, removed to Bradford in 1730. lie 
was adm. to K. Bradford ehh. Dee. 11, 1727. lie d. .Miiy 


12, 1734; and his wid. m. 2d, Burtholouiew PearHon of 
Xcwimry, May 25, 1737. 

Children honi in Hytiold, Uowloy : 

I. OMVKUft, h. Aug. 16, 1720; d. y. 

II. Jank •'i, b. Dec. 20, 1728; d. June 2, 1736. 
74. III. Olivkk*, b. in JJmdfoi-d, Aug. 31, 1731. 

28. Lieut. Nathan* Boynton, {Richard' ^ Joseph*, 
Johr,\) b. Sept. 27, 1704; m. Hannah, dau. of JamoM and 
Mary (II(>i)kins(>n) Todd of Rowley, Au«r. 10, 1738. She 
was horn in Uowloy, Maivli 23, 1714. Thoy wore adin. to 
West Parish <'hh. Mar. 21, 1741-42. He wiw Lieut. 1744 
and 17<I3. He lM)u«:ht 1.50 aere.s of land in Mon^on, N. H. 
1747. Kes. in Kowley, West Parish, (now Geor<retown) 
where he d. Apr. 2r), 17()i;. His wid. d. in Uowley, West 
Parish, Apr. KJ, IHOl. 

Children horn in Kowley, ((ieorjretown :) 

7.i. I. .lAMKsS, h. Aug 5, 1739; m. Mary WcmkI of Boxfurd, June 
14, \lVu^. 

II. Mauy», Apr. IS, 1744, u Uiiloress. Her will waa proved 

Apr. 21, 1818. 

III. HiciiAUi»\ b. Oct. 8, 1746; d. May 19, 17G6. 

76. IV. MoHKs'', b. Nov. 27, 1752; in. Lucy Howe of Ipswich; pub. 
Aug. 3, 1780. 

29. Richard' Boynton, (Iiichard\ Joseph*, John\) h. 
Sept. 2(>, 170<); in. .lerusha, dau. of John and Elizal)cth 
Hutehins of Bradford, Sept. 2, 1730. She wa.s h. in Bnid- 
tord, Sept. 1, 1710. She was dis. from 2d ehureh in Brad- 
ford, to ehiuvh in (ieor<retown, Jan. 7, 1732-;^3. Ho was 
ot Ht)wley 1733-34, and of Lunenl)ur«r 173.')-3(). He d. in 
1754, leavinjr a minor son Kiehard. See Prohato reeord.s. 
He was then of Tewkshury, widow Jenisha administnitri.x. 

Children horn in K(>wley, hapt. in (teor;L'etown : 

1. Klizauktii ^ b. Apr. 18, 1731 ; in. Nathaniel, Hon of Daniel 
and Kllwibeth 'iVniiey of l{<»wley, Oct. 1, 1747. He wa» 
born in Itowlcy, .Ian. 29, 1724. < lUldren l>orn in Kowley : 


I. SAMUKL6, h. Nov. 16, 174M. 

II. Mary«, b. .June 10, 17ftO. 

III. Elizahktii «, b. Feb. 7, 1752; d. Feb. 10, 1762. 

IV. Loi8«, b. Feb. 17, n.'Wi; 111. .loKeph IMke of New. 

bury, pub. Sei>t. 28, 1771. 

V. Thomas «, b..Iuly 25, 17.W; ni. Klliubeth .lewett 

of Newbury, Apr. .'JO, 17H4. 

VI. I>OLLv6, b. .July 2.5, 1767. 

II. RlCiiAKl>\ b. May 22, 17:«; d. Au^'. 7, 1733. 

77. III. KiCHAHiiS, l>. aliout l".'!'); prob, in. Ke»»eiTa Abb«at. 

IV. Sarah 3, bapt. .July 80, 17;iH; d. Au^'. 4, 1738. 

V. Sarah f>, b. Au^. 10, 17.T.>. 

30. Nathanier Boynton {Richard\ JoHeph\ .John\) 
1). Au«r. IH, 1712; lu. Mary, <laii. of KIk'Mozcm* ami KlizaU'th 
Stewart of How ley, Mar. «, M'MW.M, Slio was l>. (M. 2(1, 
1715. They were adiii. to tlio rhiirdi in (icMUTrt'towii, Sept. 
.5, 173*). She spiik^tcr 17:i7 ; he yeoman 17a7-17,')4. He 
was shipwrecked witli fifty others, near Annis Sjuam, Cape 
Ann, and lost. May 13, 17(12. 

Children lK)rn in Kowley : 

I. Mary 5, bapt. Feb. 19, 1737-38; d. Mur. 13, 1737-38. 

II. ElxiCK\ b. Mar. 10, 1738..39; in. Klli»balet Tenney of 

Kowley, Mar. 16, 17.')7. 

III. David '•, l». Apr. 10, 1741 ; d. Oct. 22, 1746. 

IV. Thomas ft, bai»t. Au^r. 21, 1743; d. Oct. 24, 1746. 

78. V. DaviiiS, baiu..Jan. 19. ;74.V4«; in. Susanna Woodman of 

IJnidford, .Jan. 7, 1773. 
VI. Mary ^ b. Feb. 8, 1747-48. 

79. VI!. Natifaniki.'^, b. .July 27, 1760. 

80. vni. Thomas "i, b. Sept. 2, K.VJ; in. Kli/jibeth Koozer of Kowley, 

Deo. 10, 1770. 

81. IX. HicilAi{i>.'V, b. May 17, 1766; in. .Suxaniiah WlJllaniii. 
X. Lois\ b. Oct. 10, 17.')7. 

82. XI. Asa i, b. Mar. 4, 1700; in. Mary Kdmundf*, Apr. 10, 1781. 
XH. Stki'HKN^ b. .lune 28, 1702; (p«MthuinoiM) d. Feb. 13, 


31. John* Boynton, {ltlchard\ »1meph\ John\) 

lm})t. Jan. S, 171')-1(); m. Lydia, <huL of Samiu'l and Lydin 
(Wullinjrford) Jewott of KowU^y, .Maiy 0, 174:>. Of West 


DutiHtnlilc, now Ilollin, 1745. IlouHcwri^ht, 17(50. Uv 
wiiM adiii. t4» t'lili, in (iiun-^ctown (then Wont Parinh Uowh?y) 
.liin. lit, 1742-i:), and (IIh. tocliii. in DuiiKtaliUs Fol). IH, 

Ciiihlrcn l>om in IIoiiiH, N. II. : 

I. MAiUiAKKTA, ti. Dec. ((, 174A. 

II. .Ikmima*, I). Nov. 10, 1747. 
S3. Ill SAMiKi.ft, l». Mar. 'JO, 17ftO. 

IV. l.viMAft, h. Sept, 12, 17rtl. 
H4. V. .IoiinR, b. Oct. IS, \7M. 

85. VI. Isaac ^ U. Apr. 3, 1755 : in. Mary Brookg, An^. 24, 1780. 

86. VII. Hai.o*'*, h. St'pt. 2(1, 17.5(); one record culled this child Betsey. 
VIII.Sakaii •'*, 1>. Dec. 20, 17.^7; rii. .Simon IMerce, Jr. of HoIUk, 

May 28, 17S2. 

87. IX. .loKi.'V I). Mar. 22, 1759; in. KUzalwth WhIUs, (Betty 

Wallace) of Mollis, Nov. 13, 1787. 

32. Stephen* Boynton, {henoni*, Joseph* ^ John\) l>. 
.Vpr. 7, 1710; in. 1st, S.irah .folmrton, Nov. 14, 1737. Slu* 
(I. Mar. }!), 1751-r)2. " A Sabhath Day ulxmt Sunset." 
Ho ni. 2(1, KlizalK'th Lovojoy, she d. Apr. 18, 1772; and he 
in. 3rd, Sarah Stiles. Lived in Lunenlmro^ from 1730 to 
IHOO. His will was made Dee. 24, 17i»«, proved May 22, 
IMOO. Was a eonstaMe 17.')7. 

Children Inu-n in Liinenlmr«r: ' 

I. Sauah "i, U. Oct. 1.1, 173S; d. Nov. 21, 1749. 

II. .lo.sKiMi », h. .Ian. .'^0, 1741 ; d. Nov. 12, 1749. 

H8. III. Stki'IIKN'^, 1». Fell. 5, 1744; in. jiroh. TuMtha Foster. 

IV. SisANNA •'\, h. Sept. 1, 1740; d. .fune 3, 1704. 

V. Kli/.ahktii a, l». .Mar. 20, 1749; d. .lune 3, 17fi6. ^ 

VI. Saiiaii •"*, l». Kel). 19, 1751-2: d. .July 14, 17.V2. 
89. VII. .lo^Ki'ifft, l>. .\pr. 30, 17.')5. 

tM). viii.Sami Ki. •'*, l». .Vnjc- -S, 1757. 

91. i.\. Wii.i.iA.M •'>, h. .Mar. 29. 1701 ; in. p:unice Atherton of I^ncai^ 
ter. May 12, 1791. 
X. SrsANNA A, I). Mar 13. 17<i5: d .Fnne 3, 1700. 

38. Benoni* Boynton, {BeuonP, Joseph', John\) l». 

.hme 1, 172(1, at Limeiilanir: m,, Kli/alK»th V 

Shed. Sept. 2(5, 17.')(»: m. 2d, .Mary Hnttriek of Leominster, 


Yoh, 2« 1758. A IkMKUii Boynton, prolmbly thin oius 
iNMt^'ht imul in WiiicliciKloii in 1771, und in 17H2, B^'iioiii 
of Stoddiird, N. II., lHMi)jlit liind in St<Mtdurd. \U\ Imd a 
dim. Kli/alK'tii, who ni. TlioniMK NiclioJH (»f \Viil|>olc, N. 11., 
an<l tli<*y hud ii diiu. \vli(» ni. li KoHtcr. 

('hil(hofi l)y tlic tiM wilV, lM)ni in Lun<'nlmr;;: 

I. Kl.l/AllKTIlft, l». Nov. 'il, MFt'i. 

n. Maicy\ ».. Ih'v. 2(>, 17M. 

34. Jonathan* Boynton, {Jonathan\ Jo»eph\ »!ohn\) 
l>. in Kowlcy, Mass., Manh 1«), 17l(>-17; ni. KlizaU'th, dau. 
of David and Kli/ailK'th Wood of Bradford, .luno ."i, M'MK 
She wars l>. in Bradford, Stpt. i», 171.'). Dis. to WvA 
Uowlcy chli. May 20, 1743; dis. to chh. in Luncnluir;:, .lunc 
11, n.'iH. Kos. in Kowlcy until 17')7, wIumi irni. to Luncn* 
laii'lT. Ilushandinan. 

Childron Inn-n in Kowlcy: 

I. Ki.iZAUKxn •^, I). March 1, 1740-41 ^ la. 

II. Mauihaii'', b. (Ht. 8, 1742; d. in Uowley, Mim-h 20, 181H: 

»2. in. •loxATHAN'i, 1). Fet). 11, 1744-45:111. 1st, Kli7Jil»oth Dlval; in. 
2.1, Molly Hodskhi!*. 
IV. ElkanoicS, 1). Kel». 4, 174(V-47; in. 
<,)3. V. .lo.sKPii 5, b. \\\)*. ir>, 1749; in. .\nnle <'uinniin)(fl. 

VI. Ann'^, I). Nov. 8, 17.'il : m. 
SU. VII. >>oi.<).MoN 5, b. May 14. 1754; in. Abi^jaU Warron. 

viii.Sahaii*, b. Oct. 1», 175«;; ba|>t. in Hrinif<»nl chh. Dec. 5, 
175»i: in 
S*5. IX. Davii)"^, b. in Lunenbnr;;, Fei». 25, 175{»: in. Sanili rarHt«lf. 
rem. to Ilartlaiid, Vt. 
X. Makv'', b. Oct. 1», 17<»1 in Lunenbmxli. 

35. Benjamin* Boynton, {Jonathan^, Joseph\ John\) 
Impt. in Rowliy, Mass., (Bylicld I'arisii,) April 12, 1711», 
(twin with Kloanor;) m. V 

36. John* Boynton, {'lomithaii^ , Joseph\ John\) l». in 
Uowloy, Ma>s., .Nlay 22, 172.'i; in. Mailha. dau. of .\nthony 


Atwood of Rowley, March 30. 1742. He wiw a ♦» joiner" 
In IpKwich in 17/)0, and in Uowley in 1752. Ho wiw admit- 
ted to tlih. in Uowley, (West Parish,) July 17, 1743. Tlicy 
lM)th died in Rowley in 17»8. Was this the John who settled 
in Alna, Me. ? 

Children Imihi in Went Parish, now Georgetown : 
{M{. I. ()ijvKii», I). .July 9, 174.3; in. Suruh Fletcher of Saco, or 
HUl(lef«)rd, Maine, settled In Aluu, Me. 
II. KiJZAUKTii -^ l». .Ian. 2G, 1744-45; ni. Holllg Huchlns. 
97. in. .I(MIN\ I). Mauh 21, 174(5-47; m. Heir/.n)ah Fletcher of 
Siic(», or Hiddeford, Maine. 

37. John* Boynton. {Idiahod\ John\ John\) h. in 
Bnidford, Mass., Au«r. 30, 1713; ni. Mary, dau. of 
William IlamcKk of Haverhill, Oct. 10, 173i). He was 
called *' John the Blacksmith." Hes. (m Water street in 
Haverhill imtil .March 2S, 1700, when he sohl out and rem. 
to Ihixton, Maine, (then Narrapmset No. 1.) It is said he 
d. in the army in 1777, in a harn used as a barrack hy the 
soldiers. Klisha Andrews wjitched hy him the night he died. 

Children lK)rn in Haverhill : 

SauamS b. Nov. 12, 1740. 

Hannah "i, l». .hmc is, 1742; ni. l8t, .Samuel Iluzeltlue, Feb. 

IS, 17(IS; hed. 177(5; sheuK 2d, (apt. John I^ne, Sept. 

21, 1777. 
William •\ 1». iHc. 5, 1744; in. Mary McLuca*, Oct. 2, 176C. 
I)ANiKL\ It. March 2.5, 1747; in. Hannah Babb, July 11, 

IfH). V. J»M!N\ b. Juno 20, 1749; in. Ut, Hannah Elwell of 

IVppercllbon»u;jh, July IS, 1771 ; in. 2d, Hannah Ma»on, 

March 2.% ISOO. 

VI. Isaac ^ b. Oct. 3, 1752; d. .-^pt. 26, 175:1. 

VII. IsAA( •■*, b. Jan. 14, 17.5(5; diowneil; probably unua. 

VIII. Makv'^, ("MoUie") b. June 5, 175S; never in. 







38. Andrev/* Boynton, (M((hod\ Jo/tu*, John\) h. 
Jan. 10, 17111; m. — V Of Ihadlord 1741, when he sold to 
John (irccii of Bradford, nil his iiileiest in the estate of his 
irrandfathcr .lohn Boynton, then in pos.scssion of his father. 


IchalKxl. See Deed. In Hf)!) an Andrew Boynton, tlicn of 
Londonderry, X. II., Inni-lit - I^,t \o. Ki-htcon in tho 
Third Kiin<rc in Slip town,** and in 1770 ho iKuiirht *» Lot \o 
Twenty.four in the Fifth I{an-o in PctcrlM)r()u-h Slip/ No 
wife nientione<l. 

39. Dea. John* Boynton,( ;^ac/^ana/i% John\ John\) 
l>om m Hrudford, Mjiss., iVc. 2(5, 171<>; ni. Kuth Jewett, of 
Rowley, in 1745. Ho was adni. to ehureh in Hradford, Feb 
2G, 1744, and res. in 15. until 17.52, when he rem. t«. Hollis, 
X. H., where he d. Oet. 2!», 17«7. She d. Ai»ril 2i;, 1812. 

Children lK)m in Hradford : 

I. Haxxaii 5, f,. .f;,„. 30^ 174G-I7. 

II. JacohS, I). .July 27, 17-»(>; d. y. 

III. MOL1.V 5, b. May 24, 1751 ; n*,. John Kendall, of Anihem, 

April 22, 177;i. <"h. h. In HoIUh. 

101. IV. Jkuk.miaiiS, h. April 29, 17M. 

102. V. JoiinA, b. Auj,'. 11, 1754; m. 

VI. JacohM). Dec. 12, 176(1; kllle^lM Battle of Bunker'* Hill, 

.June 17, 1775. 

VII. RiTiiS, b. Sept. 10, 1758. 

VIII. MeiiitahlkS, h. .Fan. 21, 1701. 

103. IX. MosKS 5, b. Sept. 25, 17(^J ; ni. Hannah Lund. 

X. KkbkccaS, b. Nov. 20. 1705; m. Benjamin Jewett, of 
Ciilnmnton, Feb. 15, 1791. 

40. Thomas* Boynton, {ZachaHah\ John\ John\) h. 
in Bnidford, Mass., Au-. U, 1781; ni. Al.i-ail Elliott of 
Hollis, X. II., Feh. 24, 17(i3. He d. in Ilaneoek, Apr. 18 
1814. * * 

Children : 

IW. I. WiLUAM5,b, 1704; m. 1st, Apr. ;K), 1801, Eleanor 

Margerj-; ni. 2d, Tryplena Reynolds. 

105. II. .JKUKMIAH5, b, 1705; m.'Kli/^lKJth Williams al>out 


100. III. Thomas a, b. Dec. 3, 1700; m. > 

107. IV. Amos 5, b, ; in. Jane Hell. 

V. AiiiGAiL 5, I). ; ,„. Oliver Whitoonih, of Hancock, had 

one son, David BoyntonC, b. about IW).'',. He was In 

business In Worcester, Mass., in 1K.S4. 


108. VI. Mo9K8ft, h. ; m. rriMlla Elllnwood. 

KM). VII. Pavii>s. b. ; lu.; d. In Ho<itun about 1820. 

110. viil. .loiiN Kli.iott'*, bjipt. at Anh»)y, Ma8i»., Jan. 19, 1777, mn»t 
bt'luii^ to Mi family I ttiiuk, although his name wag not 
Hont \vltl» otlier riH'onii*; lie \vaj< '* ^oii of Thomas," and 
probably ^iven bii^ m<»tIierV maiden name. 

41. Jeremiah* Boynton, {Ebenezer\ Caleb\ John\) U, 
ill Uowlov, Mass., Dcr. 27, 1711 ; in. Paiticiuc SaiiderHon in 
Wnltliaiu, Auir. 1, K^^ll. Thov wore adin. to church in 
Walthaiii, May 1, 17.'i7, went to Miiford as early a.«* 1781^ 
ilis. to rhuivh in Mcndon, .Fan. M, 1744, and received into 
Cotiir'i. ilnnvh of Miltord, Ka.storly prt'cinct, from WaUhain, 
.Iniu' .'J, 1744. 

Children Imuu in Waltliam: 

111. I. Ki»NVAUi>'», l». May 11, 1737: m. 

<'l)il<iii'n l>orn in Milford: 

II. Maky*, b. \h\'. 2, 173.S; m. 

III. Sakaii'', l>. March 14, 1740; m. 

112. IV. Kmkxkzkk'*, h., li», 1742: ^\. 
li:i. V. Damp ^ l». Feb. 24, 1744: l)apt. Mar. 31, 1744. 
114. VI. .Ikkkmiaii •■^, bapt. March 8, 1747. \ 

42. Joshua* Boynton {Ebenezer*^ Caleb', John\) K 
ill ivowloy, l»apt. duly, 17, 1720; m. ? 

43. Caleb* Boynton, {Khenezer\ Caleb\ John\) K \n 

Kowloy, .May l«, 1724; m. Ut, Kaclicl ?; shod; m. 

2d, Lydia, dau. of UiMijjiiniii and dudith (Hill) Hullard, (1». 
in Ilollis, dune 10, 1728,) eer. Maivh .i, 17()1 ; she d. s(M>n 
alter tlie liiiili of her twins, and he in. 3d, wid. Ahiirail 
liiehanlsoii, of Medway, May 24, 17()S. Xo. th. |>y last 
wife. Kaehel was ree'd in full eommunion in Mr. Frost's 
ehli. in .Milford, June 24, 1753. He heeanie one of the 
ori^rinal rniversalist n»(Mnl)ers under Eld. Adams Strceter in 
17S.'». He d. April 2.S, 171»7. 

Children l)V l>t wife horn in .Milford: 


115. I. 8AMUKL *, hapt. July 14, 17.M ; m. 

116. II. ('ALE»5, Impt. Fet». t>, 17M; in. lt«t. Phebe ?; m. W, 

Elfuuor l*Hrk>». 

III. Haciikl A, Itiipt. Jan. 29, 1758; iii. 

IV. Hannah^, l>a]»t. Jan. 15, 17»K); ni. WllUain Younj?, 1780. 

Mrs. Kaehel il. " xdine little time )>efure the bapt. of 

< hildrtMi by 2d, wife: 

V. Elizabktii •'^, l»apt. May 22, 17«'».'J; lu. 

VI. Lyiha "i, l)apt. An;;. 20, 17W; ni. 

'"■ v!Ii. MAKV^ •" '' 1 '«""• "»'«• ••*'i«- '' "««• 

44. Moses* Boynton, {DanieV^ SamueV^ John\) b. in 
Groton, Mass, Ai)ril 1)^, 1724; m. Is not he the Moses who 

m. Merihjih , an<l sold laiuls in Stnithain» \. II. 

l)etween 1753, and 17(10? See Deeils. He was a ** Taylor, 
Leather Breeehes maker, Tnider and Inn holder.** 

45. Aaron* Boynton, {DanieV^ SamneVy John\) h. in 
Groton, Mjlss., Fe)). 4, 1720 ; ni. Wc have no otlier records 
of this Aaron. 

46. Samuer Boynton, {DanieVy Samuel* ^ Jo/in\) h. 
in Gn>ton, Mass., .Maivh 21, 172J>; m. We have n(»t the 
jK)sitive |mM»f that this Samuel is the father t»f Captains 
Joseph, and Samuel of Stnttham, N. II., of Kevolution- 
ary fanu», hut the evitlenee is so strong we will eontimie the 
line. The faet of Moses and Samuel Ihmu^ to;:rether, huyinjr 
and sellin«r lands in Stnitham, would indiiate their near 
relationship. For proof, sec Kxeter, N. II. I)ee<ls, 

15«, 310: ** Joseph Boynton of Durham, Co. of Stratford, 
State of X. H., ^rentleman, for Fifty Dollars paid hy 
William Ballanl a parcel of land situate in Stratham, (N», of 
Koekin^rham, it iKMnjr the same that my Father /Satnuet 
Boynton purchased of Moses Boynton. 


March 17th, \m\. 

Children : 

72 nisToitr or the botnton pa milt. 

IIS: li. Jr,f;;r.', }'*'-- "••"'•■•"•"»• 

.losepli m. twice. 

Siiinuel in. l«t, Dolly Fltlcld; in. 2d, Mary ryeering". 

47. Samuel* Boynton, {Isaac\ Samuel* , John\) Impt. 
pn>hal>ly in Doivhcster, Apr. 7, 1723; m. 

48- Isaac* Boynton, {Ixaac\ Samuel* , John\) Iwipt, 
prohalily in Doivlu'stor, tJuiic G, 172.5. 

49. Jacob* Boynton, {Isaac", Samuel*^ John\) Impt. 
pr(»l)al>ly in Doivhostor, Nov. 30, I72i>. 

50. Josiah* Boynton, {Abraham^ Samuel*, John\) h. 
in (lr(»t()n, Mass., .tunc 4, 1743; m. Lucy Rapnond, April 
2.'), 17(;i». He diod .lunc 2H, 181G, in Groton. 

Childivn l)()nj in Wosttord, Mass: 

12(>. I. .loslAM V l». Fe»». 1», 1770; in. Lydia Perkins, Sept. 8, 1796. 

121. n. Samiki."*, I». 1772; m. Sumh Snow lIutchlutM>u of 


122. 111. M)V.\. n, li. 1774. 

51. Isaac* Boynton, (Abraham*, Samuel*, John\) h. 
in (Iroton, Mass., Aii«r. 11, 174,5; m. 1st, Hannah, dau. of 
Nathaniel Sliattiuk, June 13, 17(>1>. She was h. Sept. 23, 
1747. Slied. (Kt. 7, 1701); he m. 2d, Saruh, dm. of 
KnsiL'n Davis Shattuelv, May 14, 1771. She was b. Sept. 
22, 17,')2. Ues. in Pepi>erell, Mass. He d. Msireh 18, 

Children : 

\i:\. I. Hawaii ^, l>. Om. .3, 1709; m., d. May 2, isoi, 

II. Isaacs, h. Au«. h, 1772; •». SUkjI I^wrence, Au^. 13, IHOI. 

III. Saha!: !^, ii. April 2;i. 1774; in. K'euU'n Flajj^. J. leaving 

one t*on. 


IV. Dolly ft, b. Oct. 1. 1776; m. Sewell Hutterfleld, lived In 
Hollls, had fifteen children. She d. April, IH49. 
144. V. Davids, b. May 21, 1778; ra. Polly Wheeler, Dec. 30, 1803. 
Some records j^ve date of death July 17, 1815. 

Vi&. VI. Abraham 5, b. April 20, 1780; in. ? 

12<L VII Jonathan 5, b. March 2, 1782; m. Betsey I^awrence. Died 
In Wlgconpln aged 91. 
VIII. EsthkkS, b. April 10, 1784; d. In 178«. 
127. IX. John », b. April 8, 1786; ni. Hem. to Vt. 

52. John* Boynton, (Abraham^ Samuel* ^ John\) b. in 
Gi-oton, Ma88., July 24, 1748 ; m. ? 

53. Abraham* Boynton, {Abraham\ SamueV, John\) 
m. Mary (or Polly) Hartshorn of Hollis, X. H., Nov. 21, 
17H0, settled in Hollis. Wjts taxed in Westford in 1774. 

Children : 

128. I. John », b. ; ra. Kali»ed a family: resided lu Fltchburj?. 

120. II. JosKiMi 5, b. in Ilollis, Mar. 26. 1789; studied medicine In 

N. H. and N. Y. 

'J'here were probably other children. 

fftftb feneration. 

54. Ensign Nathaniel* Boynton, (yathanieV, Jo«tph% 
Joseph^ John\) h, 1724; in. HoIhhtu, dim, uf lUjnjainin 
ami Kolu'tTU (.lonos) Hanvtt of Coiu'onl, Nov, 23, 17.51. 
Sl»e \va« h. in romoni, Feh. 1!>, 1731. He was one of 
Melvin's l^jin^crs. House \vri«rht. Resided in Westfonl, 
Msiss. Was Town Tresisurer, Clerk and Selectman, nianv 
years. Was chosen a nM'inl>er of the tirst C'oniniittee of 
C'orres|M)ndence in Wcstford in 1773, and served on various 
other iinpoitant roiniiiittccs diirin<; the Hevolution. A true 
patriot. He lived on his father's homestead, and like him 
was a house eairpenter. Hr <1. in n\)H. His widow m. 
Timothy Prestott of Westford, July 10, 1800. She <lied 
Mar. 30, ISO.'). 

Children horn in Westford: 

I. Kkiuxca «, '». >li«r. a, 1753; in. Ut, Keiijamin Fletcher, .Ir.. 
1774; in. 2(1, .louasi \Vri;;ht, 1783. 
130. II. AhkiJ', I». Au;r. {», 1750; Ml. iMt, Polly AI)bot, 1772. 
riilUlien : 

I. Auki. ■,!». 17s3; «x>*:«»l"i»ted at Ilairvard rolle>je. 

ls(>4; ni. Siiiah Lelaml; no children. A lawyer 
ill Hath, M»'.. d. |S17. 

II. iVu.i.v ", h. 17s5. 

III. Hi:t>ky ', b. 17S7. 

IV. liKN.IAMIN A. ", h. 17!iO; d. 171H). 

V. Ukn.iamin a. T, h. 17JM. 

VI. Isaac N. 7, »>. 17«J3. 
vn. Sam.v7, h. i7t>4. 

111. LviuaO, It. Oct. 7, 1757; ni. .l«»natliHn I^twrence of Afhhy. 


IV. Kl.lRAiiKTii «, b. Mhv ^\, 17<M); in. AMJhIi IUhhI, 1780. 
!3!. V. Natiianiki.", <». •!»»». H, 17«i;<: in. Anuu Hurrett, of rouotml 
In 17W; rvin. to Mnfon. (hlhlren: 

I. Nancy T, h. Muy i. 171U; in. I>eji. .lonas H«rn»tt. 

of At»hl»y. 

II. KkukccaT,!). .Ian. 17W; in. Wllltuin Ward, of 

NewjM>rt, N. II. 

III. Natiianikl t ^ ^ ^ 

IV 1'<>LI-Y7, > ' * ' 

I'oUy d. when 17 years of ai^e. 
Nathaniel in. Lucy or Kll/44 l^wrene*?, of 
tiroton. l*e.<». In Shirley. rhiUlivn: 

I. Natiivmki. .\.«<, III. H Hlehanldon. 
Ke;*. in New York; of Itloharditon 
and Itoyiiton, Kunuuv fame, lie 
wa»» President of the Ainerlnin 
Hoynton AfsiK-iution In IHIKI. 

II JcHiX<lUTISf*. 

III. Kmza a. »*, I ni. a S|HMiner. 

>■ twins. 

IV. MakvA.'* j in. a Nnttlu)(. 

V. Mahtiia**. 

VI. William B. «. 

VII. .St SAX * ; d. unni. 

V. John', b. Aujf. 1, 17t»7; in. (hWie Hmwu, N«»v. 

20,1820. (hiUlren: 

I. AxiutKW .!.<», h. Oet. 10, Ks2«l. 

II. Jo>Ki'H F. «, b. Feb. 4, 18:11. 

III. AnuoTT n. >*, b. Oct. "A 1h;12, d. 1hi;h: 


IV. .John .M.^ b. May 5, IKU. 

V. .foNAs II. f , b. Fel). 4, 1m;<0; d. unin. 

VI. ( iiLMK n.«, b. Feb. 4, ]H'Ah. 

VI. Elisiia^, h. Sept, 10, 1H<I0; in. Ly<lia Katon; re>*. 

In Ma»<>n. 

VII. I.YDIa", b. ; in. .M)bott Hrown, <if .Mason. 
VI. Mauy«, b. March 20, 170.'»: in. IJev. K»)ene/er illll, of 

Mason In 17IU. 
132. VII. .Iki{KMV«, b. Dec. 2, 1707. 
i:«. VIII. LlTHKK«, b. Apr. 7, 1770: in. .Vbijrull I'arker, In 17J»S, rem. 

to Washliiirton, N. II. She was h. Nov. l.'i, 1772. lie d. 

.luly 24, lS4ii. Slied. .May 1:1, 1K40. Children: 

I. l.ori«.A T, j III A VhU. 

Uwliis, U. Dec 21), 171IH. 

II. IIakiciktt" j m. a i;ale. 

III. .luiiN 7, b. .Inly 2.-^ 1f<00: d. Mar. 2, IH24. 

IV. Sni'iiiA ", b. May IH, ls()2: m. a Tilson. 


V. Almeria R. 7, b. Dec. 16, 1803; m. a Lock. She 

d. May 2, 1848. 

VI. Benjamin F. 7, b. Feb. 20, 1806; d. June 4, 1871. 

VII. Geokoe W. 7, b. March 13, 1809. 

VIII. llANNiiiALL7, b. July 18, 1810. 

IX. Jesse V. ^ , b. Jan. 25, 1814 ; d. Feb. 23, 1826. 

IX. SAI.LY «, b. Oct. 10, 1773 ; d. Oct. 10, 1773. 

X. John «, b. Feb. 3, 1770; d. July 9, 1706. 

55. Joseph* Boynton, {NathanieW Joseph^ Joseph*, 
John\) b. 1731 ; m. Sanih Tar])cll of Groton, April 10, 
1762. ScttltMl in Wcntford, and in 1767 rem. to Pepiierell, 

Fiwt two children lH)m in Wehtford, the othen* in Pepper- 

134. I. .Joseph •, b. 1764. 

136. II. SAMLELT.«,b. 176fl;ni. Thirza Spalding, May 12, 1795. 
Kein. t« lJr<M)klIne, X. H. Children : 
I. JosEi'ii", b. 1796. 

U. TlIIKZA7,b. 

III. Tau»ki.i.7^ b. 
III. Sauaii «, b. Nov. 23, 17G8; m. a llai^kell. 
186. IV. (Ai.viN*, b. May 21, 1770; m. Kein. U> Groton. Wai a 
bljukKmlth. ile led the choir forty-six yeara. 

I. Hkthkv s U. 17WJ; Ml. J«'i»tha K. Hurtwell. 

II. Juiis 7, b. ; III. KU/Jibirlh Adama. 

III. ('Ai.viN7,b. ;d. 1M37. 

IV. Si:MXEu",b. 

V. WiM.iAM 7, b. ; d. when eleven year* of age. 

Three oiher»», diiughterg. 

V. Hannah », I). Aujc. 31, 1773; m. a Wyiiian. 

VI. Lyi>IA«, b. July 18, 1776. 
187. vn. Wii.UAM F.«, ii. June 1, 1780. 

56. Abijah* Boynton, {Nathaniel*, Joseph*, Joseph^ 
John\) 1). in Wosttord, Mar. 2.J, 1740; m. Sarah Chamlier- 
lain of Wostford, Mur. 23, 17<)1>. Siic in reputed to have 
Ihumi a niece of .I(»lin Chamberlain who killed ♦♦Old Pau^rnn," 
a noted Indian Chief, in 172.'). .VlMJah »*cttled in PcpiKTell, 
on the farm now owned bv his grandson, Alfred Hoynton. 


He was also a cabinet niukcr. He d. Dec. 26, 1821. Sarah, 
his ynie, d. Oct. 2, 1«1«. *• Abijah lioynton of Pepi)orell, 
was 2d Lieut, in ('apt. John Nuttinjr's Co., in Col. Wni. 
Pret*cott*8 Re<rt. which inarched fn)in Pepj)orell. Enlisted 
Apr. li>, and marched «0 miles; jrone 15 days.** Mush. 
Revolutionary Muster U<»ll. 
Children : 

I. SauaiiO, h. Mtinh 8, 1770; m. James Parker, lie y/ah b. 

Apr. 10, 17«U. F.lvetl lu Hrmikllue, X. IL Children : 

I. Ei.i 7, h. Apr. 27, 1793; in. Ix)ulMi Duu^laAg; d. 

.Iuly«, 1H41. 

II. Jamks',!). Feb. 4, 1796; m. Deverd I'orey, of 

I(r<H>kliiie, .Fun. 26, 1826. She wuh a f^rand- 
dau^hter of Mr«. Duvid Wright of PepiKjreU, 
who captured the i«py on .Jewett's l)ridKe, over 
the Nashua river, Apr. 19, 1775. Sarah d. Dec. 
13, 1H4K. 

III. Sarah', h. Apr. 8, 1797; in. Iwiac Sawtelle. He 

WHS a prominent man in Brookline. 

IV. Elizabkth 7, b. Apr. 6, 1799; ra. John Sawtelle, 

Dec. 24, 1818. She was livlnj? in Hooliester, 
N. V. in 1883. 

V. Abel H. 7, b. Mar. 12, 1801 ; in. Martha W. Evans, 

of CharleMtown in 1H27. 

II. AHIOAiL«,b. (hi. 3, 1771; m. Jenne Shattuck, Feb. 27, 

179H. Ilif« fatlxT Samuel wan the flrnt white ciilld born 
In IVpiMTi'li. ('liiJdn'n : 

I. Kliza 7, b, Nov. 2A, I7lm; in. Jormlhan Carlton, 

of Canaan, N. II.. Apr. 2:i, 1826. She d. .Mar. 
26, 18.^2. 

II. Ahkl It. 7, b. Sept. 8, 1800; m. Chariott Merrltt, 

of KennebunkiK*rt, Me., Aug. 17, 1834. She d. 
May 30, 1856. 

III. JhiJiHK', b. July 24, 1802; in. Iftt, Hannah Child, of 

Illllnborou^h, N. II., Sept 1, 1h:{2; m. 2d, Imu- 
belle llent, of Su<ibury, Man?., in 185M. 

IV. Abigail 7, b. July 21, 1h04; d. unm., .\u^. 11, 1833. 

V. Sarah 7, b. Mar. 6, 1807; m. Int. Mel/jin Comery, 

June 6, 1K44; she m. 2<l, I'lilneat* Welcli, Oct. 2, 

VI. LviMA 7, I,. Oft. 6, I8r)9; d. Sept. 2, 1859; unm. 

VII. Tiiii{/<»7, !). (Kt. 28, 1812; III. JoHi'pli MiCullom. 

name rhan^e<i to Jonepli (liandU'r. 

III. Betj'EV*, I). Au>5. 11, 1773; m. Asa Ames. Slie d. Nov. 2, 

1S53. (hildren: 



I. A«aJ.7, h. Dec. 14, IHOi: m. Mary lianeroft, 

Apr. e. '«2«. 

II. UktmkyT, h. Apr. 10, 1805; iii. MIlo Wright. Apr. 

«, 1826. I.lvliiK l» 18S3. 
188. IV. AlilJAll«, »». Mh> 3, 177ft: m. Kunlce Sliepley, Feb. 2», 
IHOO. rhlMivn: 

I. AitKi. ^ , h. l>ec. 2, IHOO: d. Apr. 20, 1844. 

II. Sii»NKY 7, l». Apr. 7, 1803: d. Sept. 1ft, 1829. 

III. Nancv', l>. Nov. 8, iKOft; III. iMiiac Hoyn'm; d. 

J no. 8, 1874. 

IV. Aiti.i Ml 7, l». K«'t». 1ft, 180M; d. Feb. 7, l8lft. 

V. William 7, t». .laii. l.'i, 1810: in. K>«tlier K. IliiM- 

nolt; <!. Nov. 21, l8r>4. No chlldriMi. 

VI. Hannah 7, »).. June 22, 1812; d. Auk. 24, 1820. 

VII. I.iCY r. 7, I), .«^ept. 12, 1814; in. Wiiriain T. I^wl». 

VIII. .loKi. S. 7, b. .Ian. 14, 1817 ; d. Dec. 2;j, 1840. 

IX. Hannah 7, b. Mar 2, 1821 ; in. .Siinuel G. i*«tter- 


V. Ahki.«. I». 1777; d. 17l>8, uinn. 
13«,». VI. Ki.i«, l>. M)>y 24. 17S0: in. Mary MiDoimld, of BnKikUue, 
* ' \. H., IHh'. 17, ISO'.K She d. Apr. 14, 1882, having 
altaliu'd \hv rfniarkal.le a^*' of 101 year^, and t«even 
iiionlhj*. She K'»i'<''*'«l >«""■ K^'"*'"'"^""'* •'" ^^'' ^'^'''tt'nnlal 
birthday; the iMlh j^eneiatlon was represented by 
phoH»<;iai»h. They resided In i'epi»erell. Children: 

I. "mauv a. ", 1). Feb. 27, 1811 : d. Dee. 22, 1854; in. 

I'honia!* Tarleton, May 4, ISHI. 

II. Mautha7, b. Apr. 2(5, 1813; in. Kev. Daniel Good- 

win, of Brookllne, N. H., Anj;, 24, 1840, *' after 
years t»f sueeessful teaehlnj; In pul)lle scht>ol.««." 
She d. Apr. 14, 1875. 

III. riiAUi.K-", b. .luiie 7, 1815 ;tl. while In Dartin<»uth 

(••.ll«';,'e, Mareh 20, 1837. 

IV. Alh{KI»7, b. .Ian. 1, 1818; in. f.uey A. <'olburn, 

N«»v. 4, 1H03. She had l)een ''a Hiieeessful 
teaeher tor several years previous to her 
niarrla;;e."' We are Indebted to her for iniieh 
p'liealojiy eoiu'eniln;^' that braiieli of the family 
l<» wbieh her husband belonjjs. They reside on 
Ihe old homestead. No ehlldien. 
V. Sai.'AII 7, b. Mar. 2, 1K20; in. Alfred I.. I.iiwrenee, 
Dee. 22, 1H.')3. She had tau;;ht school In West- 
furd, Lancaster and I'epperell Academies. 
VI Km KVKKKH 7, b. .Inly 12, 1822; (name chan^wl 
by dntppinj; " Kli " In the year 187(».; Fitted 
tor ct>Mev,e at repperell Academy, tiraduated 
from "'Dartmouth." A. II. at the ajj:e of 23, 


; 'r-. 


^t^miimmmmaaiii^^mA \fmmtmuma\ \ taMf^um 

Ke^y^ ^4*-*^ • ^^^^*^^ • 


xuhseiiuently reeelvlnjj the de>free of A. M. 
from Ills* AlinH Mater. He »)ej;an teuchlii)? In 
Mo»»ile, Ala., where he reiiialnetl t»even»l yeani 
la Harion Anitlemy ami a '♦ llljjh School for 
H.»ys.*' While here, In 1x47, he was* unUtnl In 
niarrlap' to Mlsn Sanih ( levelantl Tune of New 
Y«»rk<'lty, a lineal «le.<*eeiulant of the orl>jlnal 
Mosfrt (Ifvelanil of \V<iliuri», Mass., (U»^l'-) I" 
lsM>, while rnreptorof lVp|KMeU Aeaileniy, he 
aoeept«'«l a |M>sltlt»n in the pul»Iie sehooN of 
l.ynn. Mass , where he tau^'lit with niarketi 
sueeess for nearly ten years. In IHJI the mili- 
tary ardor whieh he had inlieriteil from a solilicr 
aneesiry, burst Into flame, anil he joine<l the 
first |{e;riment, MasM. Volunteer Cavalry, ami 
went *' to the front." After two luirrow esea|K'H 
from death, hy a fall from his horse and the 
malarial fever, at Hilton Hea«l, S. r., in ISlwl, he 
reeeivetl orders from \Vashln^'H»n to join the 
r. .S. signal ('«>rp!». Havin;; servnl thrt>e yearn 
lie was hon«»nii»ly disi'har^MHl at llosion, in Srpl. 
1M»4. Alter the el<»'*e of the war he iveelvinl u 
' hlplonm from the State, sl^r,j,.,l hy the (;overnor 
und Adjutant (;eneral. "As a testimonial of 
the people's >frjjtitud<' for your |«itriotism." He 
has been a resident of Swt'.mpseott,— orlj^inally 
a iMirt of Lynn,— slnee ls:>0; has served hotii 
t»»wn and state in various otliees, and has been a 
Justice of the IVaee since IhTl. He l>eion>(s to 
the '' IJnind Army (»f the IJeimbiic," and is still 
a menjber of the New Kn^'land Historic (ienea- 
lo^lcal SiK'lety. thildivn: 

I. Maky K. », b. Sept. », IS4S. 

II. .It I.IA V.», b. Feb. 2(1, iSaO. 

III. Wil.i.iAM i'.t", b. Nov. 2.5, 18.52. 

IV. ('IIAHI.KS K.«<, b. .lune 10, iS.'iR. 

V. Sakaii L. f*, b. Au^r 5, \S'u ; d. Oet. 

14, 1S77. 

VI. Mai{TIIA<.», b. Auk- 11. iM.'iO; d. 

Au^. 1, imi. 

VII. Annik K.t», b. Sei»t. 18. 1S«;1. 

57. Nathan* Boynton, {^'of/ianieI\ Josep/i', Joseph*, 
Mtn\) U. ,]\u\v \i), 1742; in. Lucv .Smith. licinovtMl (o 
Now Ipswirh, X. H., atixl later to Plyiuouth uiul (.'avon<liHli, 


Vt. A Xtitimn lioynton, |m»lml»Iy i\\U one, a ♦♦Joiner,** 
IniVM land in IpHwiih, N. II., in 1705. In 1700 and 1777 he 
koIIm land in Ninv IpHwich, and wifo Lucy 8ijmH the deed. 
Ill 177H, Nathan and wife Luey sell landn in Temple, N. 
n. Se(^ l>e«'ds. lie was renmrkahle in Ids younger dayn 
for stren^'th and a«:ility, and had when he died what few 
possess, a set of perfectly sound teeth. After the death of 
his wife he removed to lioston, where ho resided with his son 
Nathaniel, until he was run over hv a horse and carria«'e 
while on his way to church, and died fi*om the effects of the 
whock, Oct. 7, \X2l\, Some of his descendants thoujrht his 
nana* was l>aiali, inst(>ad of Nathan, hut as all a^tved as to 
the place, ami manner ni nis death : we trust the alM)ve, 
copied from the Ke«ristry of Deaths in Boston, will !» 
sutlieicnt : cause in record Ik-Mu;: ** accidental." — (C. II. H. ) 

140. I. Nathan «, l>. , 1772; in. Lvdla, duu. of Aaron Parker, 

tlion of Cavemligli, foniierly of Chelmsford, Ma»**, .Some 
records sent declare her the dau. of Dr. I^iaiah Parker — 
Aaron*- brjJther — I have thus far l)een uuahle to detennine 
which wan her imreiit, hoth men re.<*ideii in ("avendishi 
He d. at Provldenie, Ohio. Aujt. 4, 1838. She d. July 12, 
18.i7, at I'orl Huron, Mlrh. 

(iilhhen of Nathan and I.ydht : 
I. Pakkku', h. Apr. 28, UW); ni. Trsula (Mark 
(illlotl, .Ian. 20, l8-2:i, at lllneshurjf, Vt. She 
was l». In i{ri.-*tol, Ct., May 30, 1798. He was 
living in 18H8 In Ohio. Children : 

I. (iUANViLLK C.t*, b. July 3, 1824, in 

Canton, N. V.; d. May 14, 1875. 

II. |{o.\ANNA P. »*, b. May 16, 1820, in 

Potrtlam, N. V.;m. a Mr. Har)>er. 
One dau<;liter, Alice. 

III. .Mkkcia M-f*, b. May 6, 1828, in 

<"anton; ni. a Mr. I^tne. 

IV. Damki. p. X, b. Mar. 18. 1831, in 

Canton; d. Oct. 8, 1831. 

V. CiiAULKs H.8, b. Dec. 9, 183.3, in 

Canton; d. Feb. 20, isOO. 

VI. J KN NIK A.", f.. .May .31, 18.37, in .May- 

field, Ohio; ni. a Mr. Hurlbut. One 
daughter, Corlnne V. 







II. Gkaxvii.le F. ", b. Mar. 15, 1811, Id AUmny, N. 

v.; m. Frani'^!*, ila»u. of t'apt. Ia'wIs Henilt. 

She was* I). In Montreal, Canada, Sept. 11, 181*2 

lie d. In lN>rt Huron, MlcJ>., June ft, l84t». 


Lolls H.", h. DtH'. », 18:W, in Des- 
mond, MU'h.. (now port Huron) ; ni. 
Sanih K. Kendall. Sept. 1ft, ISft:!.— 
11 children. K.x, b. S«.'pt. 14, inaft; in. 
(apt. Je!*se U. Ilurllmt, Apr. 28. 
1855; d. Nov. 22, 1872. 3 ihildren. 
.Nathan S. «, l». .lune 23, IH.'JT, in 
Tort Huron, Mieh. Here he atteml- 
e«l the primitive district sehm»N 
until his fifteenth year. In 1x52 he 
went tn Wj»uk«*o;;tii, |||., aiid passeil 
throujxh the hi«jh sehocd of that city 
In ls5r>-57 he was enj;a;j«'d in the 
mercantile business in Tort Huron. 
The panic of 1857 w«>und up that 
venture. He then went to Ohio. «tn 
the Western lU'serve, where he re- 
mained a ((hoii time with relatives, 
then went to < incinnati, from there 
t<» New Orleans, then to St. Louis. 
Mo., and si»ent most of tlu* wititer of 
1857-58 in III. On .June 20. iH.Mi, he 
married Annie Kieldi, In < incinnati. 
in which city he settled. In 
ls<)2, after the war bioke out, he re- 
turned to his native home In .Mich., 
and soon after enlisted as a private 
in Company ('. Ki^hth .Miehi;:aii 
Cavalry. Mefore leavln;; the State 
he was pri>moted to First Lieutennnt 
of <'ompany L; in \K*ui was pii». 
nioted to Captain of his com|iany. 
and in the winter of I8«;l-»»5 wa* 
commissioned .Major of his n';;:iment. 
niakin<^ an hoii(iral)le record as a 
juddier. He served under (Jeneral 
llui'nside in the Ka-t Teiiiies-ee 
<:impai;;n. rendering; elliejenl -er\ice. 
At .\thens, in that State, he took 
possession of a printin;; ollice and 
printed one etiltion. which wa- tall- 


ed "The Athens Union Poet." 
Lieut. Boynton wa« frequently 
detailed on staff duty, and filled a 
number of important positions on 
brigade and division staff. He wag 
always a favorite with both officers 
and men. Although a strict disciplin- 
arian, he guiued the res|>ect of thoise 
under him, and held the coutldeuce 
of his sui)erior officers. After a 
ser>'ice of three years he was mus- 
tered out by reason of the termination 
of the war, and engaged in business in 
Marine city, where he held offices of 
trust until 1868 when he was elected 
to the SUte Legislature. In 1869 he 
removed to Port Huron, and engaged 
in the newspui)er business, editor 
and publisher of the '' Port Huron 
Press" until 1871. In 1874 he was 
elected mayor of Port Huron, and 
re-elected in 1876. He was ai>^o 
President of the Hoard of Education 
two years, and a member of the 
Board four years. He invented the 
Boynton Fire Escape and Hook and 
l,:idder Truclv, and the Boynton 
system of wire rope trussing for 
fire ladders. In 1879 he was given 
the general management of the 
Michigan buslnei*)* of Sheldon & <o, 
of New Y<»rk, a large book publish- 
ing house. In IS83 his liealth falling 
he was forced to retire from that 
l»uslness, and since then has given 
all his time, energy, and ability to 
building up the Order of the 
Knights of the Maccabees, filling 
foutlnuoUKly both the ofllce of Great 
Kecord Keei>er, and the office of 
Supreme Becord Kee|)er of the 
Suj.reme Tent. " He is a man of 
strong convictions, plain and out- 
!»poken, tnie to a friend as the neetlle 
to the compass, and knows no such 
w<»nl as fall." 
Six ihlldren blessetl the union of Maj. 


^ and Mn>. Nathan Smith Royutun^ 


Charlks L.», b. Mitr. 30. i860. 
(JRANvn.LF. I.. », b. June 3, 

1862; d. May '20, lA(a. 
Annie L.*, b. July 12, lH6ft. 
Okokok II. », b. May 17, 1H67. 
Fkankik», b. May is, 1M70. 
Ei>mi S. », b. Mar. 17, 1H74. 
, IV. Granvillk L. h, b. , IM40; nt. 

Mary L. Styon, .Ian. 14, 1M62. 6 
children. IJes. Marine ( ity, MUh. 
ni. Salmon 7, b. ; m. ; children : 

Edoak S. «, b. ; re8. In < hk-ajfo. 

Mbs. Wm. W. 1*a<je, of Boston. 
Salmon died In Canton, N. V. 

IV. Nathan .S.', b. . A very cultivate<i man, 

died in 1838. 

V. Adalink', b. ; d. previous to 183H. 

VI. Sarah', b. ; d. prevlou.-* to Ik^W. 
v». Lucy ', ; m. a Mr. <'i-ane. 

141. n. NatiiaNIKL«, ; ">. Ke». In U4)Hton, Mans. WaH a 

manufacturer of Sewing Silk, lie d. In 1H40. Children: 

I. Elizabeth A.?, b. ; m. a .Mr. Hall. 

II. Lucy C. ", b. ; ni. a Mr. Fox. 
in. Nathan 7, b. ; d. in 1H17. 

IV. Mary J. ", b. ; d. y. 

V. Mary J. 7, b. ; m. .lohn llatchnian, red. In 


VI. Samiki. 11.7, b. July 14, 1824. Ut'n. In Andover. 

A lIouHc Uullder;d. Mar, 17, lH8ft. 

VII. .Nathan 7, b. ; d. 1822. 

VIII. Ei>WAUi> A. 7, b. . Hy trade a Dlamtmd 

Hi. III. Charles'!, b. ; m. children: 

I. William", b. 

II. Franklin 7, b. 

III. Tiieoi>ore N. 7, b. ; ni. Ellzal>eth Daniel:* 

about 1878; removed to I>ongniont, Colorado. 
Their children : 

I. I^>iisE'', b. ; m. a Mr. 'ribl>et>'. 

II. Marv E. •*, b. 

III. Chahles W.h. Mana);er l.«Ml)»;er 

rul>li!<htng Co., I^Migniont, <'ol. 
IV. Lt*CY«,b. ; m. l^t, Samuel Footer In .March, 17^7: 

by him »he luic^2 children : 


I. Sami'ki.T, b. May 23, 1788. Went V) MIm. and 

l»u»»llKhetl a \m\yer culled the "Southern 
riantfr":hed. In 1831. 

II. Hkthky 7, »». ApHl, 1790; in. a Mr. Taylor: «he d. 

in 1H45. 
Lucy in. 2(1, I.evl. Stevens, S^-pt. 3, 17»4; by him she had 
the fonowln<r children. She d. Feb 17, 1842; Mr. Stevem* 
d. Feb. 21, 1S4-2, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

III. Solomon 7, »). Sept. 6. 171»5; ni. Betsey lllckok. 

Mar. 8. 1M25; d. .June 7, 1861. He wan a 
Pre»»l»yteriun niinUtor. 

IV. 1.1 (Y 7. i». April T). 17y7; ni. Dr. Nehendah Cutler, 

of repi>erell, Mafis., .June 4, 1817; she d. Auj;. 
22. 1H21. 

V. IloKAC k7, b. l)w. 14, 1800; d. In Jtochexter, Nov. 

20, 18:W). 

VI. (ALMS 7. b. Au^. 3, 1803: d. y. 

VII. FuAN( i:>7, b. Oft. 3, IHO.'i; ni. Benjamin Pettenjclll 

in INK'he^er, Dee. 2, 182l>;d. In 111., June 17, 1838. 7, b. .fan 30, lSOn;d. y. 

IX. Mauy 7, b. Sept. 28, 1810: m. li»t, Silas l»etten>;ill, 

.Ian. 3, 1833. After his death In III., J«he m. Itev. 
S. < base, reM. in Detroit. 

X. Ci.FMMjA A.7, !►. .Iiine 0. 1S14; m. Mr. .1. Seaman. 

Oct. H), 1H31 : »1. In l*n»vldenee, K. 1., while on a 
visit at her dau;;hter"s, .Inly 10, 18<59. She be- 
oanie (pi't*' noted as a physlelan In Cleveland, D. 

XI. I1AUUIKT7. b. March 10, 1810; m. Luther F. Ly- 

inaii. .Ian. '22, 1844, res. Cleveland, O. 5 children. 

143. V. .loNAil«, b. Feb. 3. 17h;{, at Cavendish, Vt, lie, and nn^t 

of his broib.'r-, moved to Allmuy, N. Y. early in this 

century, in 1H>S be m. I'bebe ItUM^ell <»f All)any. He 

wan an Architect. < biblren : 

I. .MAic«iAUKT7. b. ,1809;d. y. 

II. .loNAii CtiAiM.K>7, b. 1811: m. Mary A. Kinney, 

Au;r. Is37. On account of falllnjj; health he set 
out for .Mataii/:»s. but was lost at sea in Sept. 
1K43. He left 3 children: 

I. Wii.i.iAM H.x, b. , 1838: was 

lo.-t at sea with bis father. 

II. .IaMI> W.**, b. , 1X40. 

III. .Imnam CiiAici.K.*'*, b. , 1H42; m. 

Ill isc.'j. 3 sons. 

III. .b».-KiM 7, l». , |S13; d. y. 

IV. I'iii;iw;7. I». . 181.'): m. .Joseph Bush ab«mt 

1X4."); he il. about l^^l. 1 ebild : 
W II. LI AM K. T >•. 


V. (*yj»tiiia', b. ,lM17;d. y. 

VI. .Maky7, t). , IH19: II). Suiiiuel Pratt, luul 

Kevcral children. 

VII. .Iamk." T. 7, »». , 1821 : inovtHi from AUmuy to 

l{<K'lu'f«tor, theu to South Hyron, where he in. 
'T'linlly T. Cook. He wa?* a dealer lu Ki^'u, etc; 
d. .Sept. 7, 1SH9. Milldreu: 

I. riKANGE**, b. ; d. y. 

II. Mauy KMZAHKrii", h. :ii).: d. 

al>out IH7U. 

III. .Iamks f^y h. : d. y. 

IV. .Ikan Ki.kcta8, b. , 185H. 

V. .M I.IA 1*IIKUK«, b. , iHfJl. 

VI. M AHsiiALi. ><, b. ;d. a^ed atxmt U. 

VII. IIaicuv*^, ; d. a);iHl about 11. 
144, VI. Calvin S.«,b. , 1823; in. Kllzabeth UaMH, lu .Mbauy. 


I. Emily K ' . 


III. OsCAKl). 7. 

IV. (ALViN SAMIKL7, b. Feb. 3, 18R1; m. MUh Cora 

Vouu^, Feb. 2.'1, 1880. She was b. lu Ar^yle, 
N. Y., Feb. 25, 1857. Children: 

I. Anxii: L. «, b. Mar. 14, 1881, In 

< 'hlca^o. 

II. FUANC18 OHCAKtt, b. Aug. an, 1HM3. 

58. Amos* Boynton, {Nalhaniel\ Josepfi^y Joseph* ^ 
John*)]}, ,1744; m. Mury Parker, .Ian. 1>, 1770. 

Tlioy were from Westfonl, Mass., rem. to Plymouth, Vt, 
He and his hmther Nathan resided in Ueadin^X and Caven- 
dish, Vt. 

Children : 

145. I. l.«*AiAii«,b Oct. 20, 1770:111. 1st, Hebecea Ta^e, of IMyiii- 
oiitb, Vt., In 17W. She d. May 12. 1M1«; and he in. 2<1, 
Hannah I'arker. He d. .lune 12. 1851. 
( hlldren by llrnt wlf«': 

I. roi.i-V ', b. Mar. 12, 175>7; in. AlpheuM Karle, of 

liraltleboio, Vt., Apr. ♦{, 1815; il. I>ec, 14, 1HH5. 

II. AUMiAll.T, I,, Feb. 17, 17J»'.>: d. Sept. 2^^, IWK). 

III. I>AIAII 7, l». .Inly 20. ISOl ; d. .Ian. :{0, IH.U); unin. 

A very worthy yonn«; man, and proinl>iin^ 
I ni\erf*ali.«t niinlfiter. 


IV. Samuel P.7, b. Mar. *J, 1804; d. unm. July «, 

V. AM08 7,b. Nov. n, 1807; in. CoroelU Bat««, of 

I.mllow, Vt., Feb. W, 1K31 ; d. May 511, 1888. 

I. \A)l» A.«, b. April 10, isaft; d. Aug. 

28, 1843. 

II. Hehkcca 1\«, b. Aug. 6, 1839; ni. 

(illinan Bond In 1862. 

III. l»AUKKuA.«,b. Oct. 17, 1841; rea. In 

PriK'tonivUle, V't. 

VI. Pakkkii 7 , b. July 20, IHIO ; d. Mar. 30, 1813. 

VII. Susanna H. * , b. .July 3, 1H13; m. Joseph Weston, 

Oct. 21, 1H34; d. Nov. 7, 1886. 

VIII. Al>l>l!*«»N 7, b. Mar. 0, 1810; d May B, 1816. 

Child by »eeo!ul wife: 

IX. KuKVi>irE7, h. Apr. 21, 1819; ni. Cryus Johnson, 

June 3, 1840. Llvui): In 1897. 
^ II. Mauy 6, III. a WllllaiuH, and rem. to llllnoU. 

146. 111. Jo.HKi'Hfi, n». y moved to N. Y. 

IV. Abi(JAIL«, m. a Pollurd; res. In Plymouth, Vt. 
147 V. AM().s«, m. Mlrev Perry, a descendant of Com. Perry. He 
d. In I.udlow, Vt., about 1860, aged 90 or 96 years. 

I. Ziba 7, h. In Ludlow or Cavendlnh, May 23, 1801 : 

lu.y^ois,— V. She was b. May 18, 1806. He 

was President of the ProtesUint Methodist Con- 
ference over thirty years In Vermont, and aft«r 
IS.W In Wisconsin. He d. In Kingston, WU., 
July 11, 1869. Children: 

I. Nai'oi.eon H.^, b. In Goshen. Vt., 

Feb. 4, 1825; d. Sept. 11, 1879. 

II. John W. ZiUA"^, b. In Walllngford, 

Vt., Nov. 10. 1837. 

III. A daughter *<, b. ; d. Nov. 7, 1857. 

IV. Cornelia L. «, b 18:^0. 

V. Cas.sie L.«, b. 1845. 
VI. TiVi>iA8, III. a Weston. 

59. Isaiah' Boynton, {yaUianitl\ Joseph*, Joseph'. 
John\) 1». , 174G. Wo Imvo no further record of 


60. Benjamin' Boynton, {Benjamin*, Joneph*, Jot*eph\ 


John\) b. in Gloucentcr, Mass., Feb. 9, 172."^; m. Abipiil, 
dau. of Nathaniel ami Doixius (Davis) Millott, of Gloucester, 
in 1744. She was b. in (i., Feb. 2«, 1724. He was a 
tailor, andtisherinan in (tlmuester, 1700 — l"r>G, 

Children : 



JOSF.PH « . 
















61. Joseph' Boynton, (Benjamin* ^ Joseph* ^ Joseph* ^ 
John\) h. in Gloucester, Mass., in 1728; m. Ist, Mary 
Garble, Mar. 14, 1751 ; m. 2d, Mary Stockbrid*^. 

Children : 

152. I. Samuel «. 

153. II. Isaac <i. 

III. Molly*. 

IV. Hannah*. 

62. John* Boynton, (Benjamin^ Joseph* ^ Joseph* ^ 
John\) b. in Gloucester in 1730. 

63. Stephen' Boynton, {Benjamin\ Joseph*^ Joseph' ^ 
John\) b. in CJloucester in 17.H2. 

64. William' Boynton, {Benjamin\ Joseph*, Joi<eph\ 
John\) b. in (ilouccstor, March ^<, 1737; ni. Kuth, dau. of 
Nohcniiah and .\l)i«rail Grovcr, of Sandy Hay, l{<Mk|M)rt, 
Feb. 1, 175!». Thoy tcm. in (ilourcKter. He was drowm'd 
Manh 21, 1772, l>y a nrhooncr Im-Iii^' wn'ckcd on lyon^ 


lieach, Lynn. U\h widow removed, to Rowley with her 
diildron. She d. Nov. 11, 1814, ajred H6 yeans. 

Children horn in OhHicester: 

I. IMtii". K-pt. 17<H); III. Hennott lluskliiH, of Cleinentu* 
May, Md., in 17Sn. 
1W. II. NVii.i.iAM", Impt. May 80, \7(\'2: in. IJuth Low, .July 16, 
lx(K). Shv \v;iM h. in Hoston, Fell. 7, 1773. lie d. In 
lloMiiMi. An;;. 2:<. 1HH), of yellow fever, ''which he oanjfht 
^vliile Htainllii;: in the «loor-way of hU 8tore at noon, from 
anlnteetitlship that wasnnloaiHn^ hldej* at Lon^ Wliarf." 
He was liurieil the inidni;;ht following. She d. 
Mar. 10, lS-li>. Chililren horn in IJoston: 

I. Wii.i.iAMT,h. .Inly 17, ISOI ; ni. Sarah llntler, 

ahoiit 1K2S. lied. Au;r. 80, 1H50. (hlldien: 

I. Kl.I.^:^^l) ,lS20;ni., had two 

«»r more children. 

II. Sauaii K.x, ; III. Newton Ifeetl. 

III. Wii.i.iAM K. «, : m. Annie ItolIU 

of I{(».>*ton; had llerhert If.'». und 
twu others. 

IV. irKhKccA D.N ; ,„. Kdward 


V. Fannv li.«, : in. William PeaK*. 

VI. Kdwauo'*. 

VII. Infant hoy, d. y. 

II. JamKj* 7, h. .Inly 10, 18a'i: d. Mar. 10, 1810. 
Ml. .loiiN 7, h. .Inly .'^0, IHO.t; d. Auj;. 12, lSO.5. 

IV. .hiiiN?, h. Nov. 7, 1S07; in. Mary A. T. Hatch, in 

lS.'n. Hed. Apr. 2S. IH.'M 

rhildien horn in Boston: 

I. .InilN'* ) , . . 

II. .iamk> ( . " r *^^"'*' '*• **^'^' **' ^^'^^ 

.lames d. Sept. 2C, 18,3:<. 
.lohn d. Dec. 12, 1S7S. 

III. Wli.i.iAM K. J*, h. Mar. 29, 1837. A 

lawyer In Huston. 

IV. Mauv a. ", h. .Jnne 29, 1839. 

V. IlKNUv C. H, },. .i,i„e '23^ 1S46. 

V. .Tamk>7, h. April 1. IHIO: d. April 13, 1810. 

VI. I{rTii7, h. K,.h. 27. 1S12: m. .Samuel L. Jenkins. 

<^>ne s<in, .Samuel Iloynton >*, h. ls;jM: she d. 183M. 

VII. .Iamks7, h. Xnv. 18, 1K14: d. Oct. 2«>, 1S20. 

III. N'KiiKMiAH (;hovki{H, l.apt. .lune I. I7r>4. Lost In the 
privateer Teni I K'st, in 1780. 


IW. IV. Edmund 6, bapt. Oct. 13, 17(IS; in. Mary lluni, of Ipswich, 
Nov. 11, 1701. lie wan a marliuT, aiul wan drowiunl In 
\HWi. ("hlUiicn: 

I. .Maky s I). Au^. 'i7, \7W\\ nt. Aaron lloltKon, of 

Itowley. (hiUlr^n; 

I. Maky J.»*, b. 1S12; ni. Joseph T. IIhh- 

kinx In 1S40. 1 dan^htcr. 

II. Ci.aui^sa »*, l». lSl-4; ni. Samuel ('. 

Wllklnx, of Hcvcrly. 

III. Krrii l\H, I,. isiiJ; ni. ( harhn llor- 

toll, in lS4-t. n chil<lr«'M res. In 

IV. Nancy M.>*, h. ISll); ni. N. M. Stml- 

loy ; 1 (lau;;ht«'i' res. North Scltuatc. 

II. Hknjamin II. s |>. Sept. 17, 171>5; ni. l^t, > 

ni. 2(1, Louir'a I)<'aii, of Fitclthur^;. lie was a 
cariH'iiter l»y traib', hut t«»«»k a very active part 
In teiMjK'raiue work in Its early days. Me ^ave 
much time t<» temp<>raiKe lecturing;, (listriliutiii); 
temperance literature, and personal ell'oits In 
reformation of drunkards. lie n-s. in 'I'roy, N. 
v., ami d. there Kel>. 14, 1h4h. 
< hlldren l)y Isl wife: 

I. IIattik'*, ; m. .lames Murphy, 

has one daughter res. In Albany, 
N. V. 

II. KM/AnKTii *^,h. ; m. 

III. Hknjamin II. f, : d. when a 

youn<; man. 
( hlldren by 2d wife: 

IV. Khancis II. >*, b. in Troy, .\. V., .Mar. 

14. lH,T.i. (iraduate<l at Andierst. 
INOI. and Anth>ver IHW ()rdalne<l 
Oct. 20, ls<U. Pastor in Kehoboth; 
m. Kmily A. dau. of l>ea. Simon 
riark, of Andierst, .Mass., May 24, 
1S('.(». Was past«irof <'on^re«;atlonal 
ihunh in K'ye, N. II. in 1>KI, and 
Ludlow, Vt., IS'.H. 

111. Kdmi'ND', l>. .Ian. 4, 170S: m KH/;ibeth, dau. o| 
I'Icluird and I>orothy < rejisey, 0<t. 2s, 1h24. 
.*^he was b. in llovvley. .\u;x. I^, l"i»7. res. in 
IJowley an>l (jeor^jetow n : be d. in the latter 
town, .Mar. 27, ls47: she m. 2d, (ire«-nl«Mf. son 
of .losiah and l.ucv lla/en, of <;., April 5. ]S4>. 
He had several son- l»y ir.s tlrst wife. ( hildreit 
of Kdmund and Kli/abeth: 


I. Dolly A.8. b. Oct. i7, 1825; m. 

Auj^istug H. Atwood, June 5, 184«. 

II. Mahy K. «, b. Dec. 8, 1827; in. a l»ar- 

RouK, re8. In IJeverly. 

III. Hannah .1.8, b. (K*t. 2, 1829; ni. 

.John W. Gale, Sept. 1, 18M. 

IV. Sahaii-M.s, b. Au^. 12, 18.31; m. 

Herbert A. Dale, of Georgetown, 
Fe!). 4, 1863. 

V. Danikl n.»<, b. .July 7, 18;«; i„. 

An;;eUiie M., dau. of Levi W. and 
Dorotliy D. Howe, Dw. 31, 1857. 

VI. IlAUKiKT M.>*, b. Sept. 7, 183ft: ni. 

.losiah W. Fuller, ,Iune 10, IHW. 
Two sons, Fred X. 9, and Kdniund 
|{.». Sbe d. In Haverhill. .Mar. 2«, 

IV. f'l.AUl8SA 7, b. April 23, 1800; d. In Xewl)ury, Oct. 

ft, 1810. 

V. William ", b. Dec. 1», 1802; m. Mary S. Breed, of 

I.ynn, Oct. 25, 1820. He d. Mar. 4, 1875; she d. 
Oct. 4, 1881. Children: 

I. Sr.^^ANl'. 8, b. ; unni. res. In 


II. William T. s, b. In 1838-0; d. In the 

war, .fuly 14, 18(;2. 

III. Ki»WAiM> !*.>*, b. about 1H41. He d. 

Feb 21, 18H2, left one son, UllUani 
I'.'', b. 1872; res. in Lynn. 

IV. Ki.i/auktii M h, i,. .!„„. 1H44; d. Miiy 

15, 1M47. 

V. KLKAZKit, ) ,„.|„^ Impl.. bin. 1ft, 1700. 
IftO. VI. KlJKNK/KU, i^^""^' i:i.'i./er d, y. 

Kbene/«'r in. .Iniie 'l'«.dd o| Ib.wley, pub. Oct. 10, 170«{: she 
was b. In Howley. .Iiilv 10, 1773. He was ealUtl ".M.ijor, 
Ks.|ulre, Gent. .' td liinKi'cper.** Kbene/er Hoynton of 
Kowlcy, was clfcl. i to be Major In a K'e;;lnient of Cavalrv 
in \\\v Srnmd Itrljtailr and Scrontl Division of the Militia 
ot the Conintotiwealtb n| Massachusetts. April 27, lsl2. 
The roniinissioii was >i;riicd Ity i alcb Stron;;, <;overnor 
and < ohihiainlrr In < hicf. and Alden Bradford. .>ecvclarv 
of the < onHnonw«'altli. Il(> d. in l.'owley. Mav 
l.'i. is.Js. sh.'.l. April :»0, 1S.^)3. Cbil.hcij boni in l.'ow- 
ley : 

«. -'^M ". b.nct H, 17!»7; in. .b.ltn liichard- of l.'ow- 
b'v, N.iv. 27. I^2.': ^hc .1. in llaNcrbill. .lunc Jit. 
I>7r.. rliilihcn: 








I. DANiKi.<<,b. ; in. a 0(Kxlhue of 

II. John ^, b. ; m. h dau. of WUIlaiiii 


III. William H.^, l>. 1^20; m. AinumlH 

\el?«on, of (jeorj^otown : burltnl 
wveral children, ono 1*011 liviiijK, 
Freii ({.'•, 1). In lJ<M, wlu» wjim 
Muyt»r«»f llavtThUl in IHHU. 

II. Kbkn7, b. .Ian. 2(», 1S(M); ni. Kli/Jil»(«tli Dur^ln of 
Kuwley, IHIU. ( hlldren : 

I. MAIMiAHKT", h. Nov. 2K, 1M1»; d. 

Dec. H), IHUL 

II. (;koic<;k W.H, I,, \,,v. 27, 1S20. lie 

wan a i*taf»le k<'c|HT in (Jeorj^i'town 
many year»*; d«'|tiity Hhcrin' in iMfM). 
and later (hlrf < 'on!<tal)le of the 
< oiiinionwealth of MasnachiiricttH. 
lie ni. .\hl.y N. Stmker. ot Uath. 
N. II., .lune 2H, IH-M. Two son-, 
(ieor«;e N.'*, I». in isir., «'idl(*t<Hl 
In < «>. K. .')(Uh Mass. Vols., Au>!:. 
1(», lS«;2;d. «»f "Southern Malaria," 
at itaton Koii^e, July 7, iHht, and 
Kendall '•, b. Jan. If.. iJ^.'iU; tl. Mar. 
2, lM»;r>. lied. Mar. 2J, ls77, and 
Ills widow III. 'rhe<Hlore(i. Klliott. 

III. Mauv T. ", b. Nov. :\, IH22; in. Mom-i* 

W. ImkI^m, Oct. 27, \xM. i:e»». In 
Albany, .N. \. .she d. An;;, 4. 
1H'.>7. Nochildr»'n. 
iv. Ehknk/.kk 15.'*. I». Jul> 2, IM27. I'lib. 
to .Mar;rarel >coH, of K'owh'y. Apr 
I'L 1 S.V.J 

V. Ki.i/ AUKTii J.'*, b. .Nov. 17, lh21»; 111. 

Kdward Parker, .Ma\ H. IH.M. 

VI. John II.'*. U. April 2h, lM.Vi: unin. 

III. Infant d. N(tv. 2«;. Iso-i. 

IV. .Mauv ", U. IMi.'i: d. ihh;. 

\ . 1»amKL', b. May .'{0. 1>0.'»: m. I-|, KraiM-e»« ? 

III. 2d, Kanny Noiu>i'. o( Ipswich. riit>. Apr. 
-m, Ix.'ii. rtdldren: 

I. < MAni.K-*", b. \h2U. 

M. fl \NNAI1 N, ", b, JHlO- 

VI. llFMf> '. \t. Nov. 17. lMi7: Ml. KIi/jiImiIi < baiiilfiT- 
lain. April 21. Kl'.K He iiiventfd a iitachiiie for 


" turning boot-lej(*,** and a ''Itallroad Alarui 
Si>fnal." lies*, lu Kowley, Magg. Children: 

I. Hkxky p. 8, b. May 27, 1840. 

II. Samuel A. ^, b. Feb. 6, 1842. 
ill. Maky L. », b. Feb. 17, 18.W. 

VII. William?, »». Feb. 1, 1^10; in. Igt. Martha P., 
dau. of Sobmion and Martha (Seott) Dodjje of 
Kowloy, Feb. 12, 1K46. She d. Feb. 17, 18S0, 
a>red40: lie \u. 2d. Auu P., dau. of WlUlHni 
and Kll/Ji (Tarr) Ibiynton of Hoeki)ort. .lune 1, 
IkM. He wio» a Cabinet maker, and In>»uranee 
:i>;ent for many year^^, in (ieor^etown, but re- 
tired from buf»lnt^.H, and in Oct. lH7i>, remove*! 
to Melrose, where he d. .Ian. 0, 1897. Ill;* wife 
d. In Denver Col., Doe. 4, 1X84. 
i'hlblren b«>rn In (ieor^etown : 

I. Klla F. f', b. Sei)t. 26, 18.16; unm. res. 

in .Melro.^e. 

II. .Ii>TiN K.«, b. .Ian. 30, 1860; ni. 

Alice M. Collin!*, In XorwiMni, X. 
Y., .Ian. 30. 1800. Two children 
born in Madrid. N. Y. : 

Anna", I). Nov. 9, 1803. 
Piliin- K.i», b. l>ec. 1, 1805. 
VIII. ClfAHi.F>7, b. Sept. s, 1M13; m. l>*t, Syliil 1*., dau. 
uf Mo>'e»'and Al'l^iiH Hunt, Au^. 31, iKiO: >«he 
d. .Ian. 21, Ix^ft: he ni. 2d, Mr»«. JaneT. Ililllard 
(dau. of ( harle^ and Mehitable mil,) .luly 31, 
is.'t.l. He was a horse-trader and large fruit 
dealer, iesidc«l in (ieor;retown many years, re- 
uiov««l to (iloucester ab(»ut 1872, and to New- 
bury, Oldtown about l8^0. He d. .Ian. 22, IMM*., 
< hildren by Isi wife b«)rn in (;eor«retown : 

I. Oi.iVK ANN", b. Nov. 21, 1838; d. in 

(;h»ucester, An*;. 22, 1876; unm. 

II. CiiAKi.Ks A.'', b. <)ct.7. 1S42; until. 

III. h.vv W. '*. b. .Ian. 8. Is40: tl. y. 

IV. AlcTlli K W.'', b. ,Iaii. 2. 18.51; m. 

Kmilie SfiiKMt. Oct. 31, 1n'<3: res. 
in New York < ity : several chil- 
l,\. K/KKIKI. S. T. h. .luly 1.S15: il,.luly 17. 18.5^; unm. 
X. .btiiN T. I,. May l."». iNiS; ni. 1st, Hannah d. W hil- 
rid;;e '»f I.nwell: pub. «.ct. It", 1S44. She tl. 
S«'pt. 2.*), 1>.*»2. Hem. 2«l, Mary A. lUulanI:; 
pub. May 10, !>.':{. Ho w:i- a tiadt-r : nd »lioe 


REV. X. Bovxrox. 


lUHUufaoturer. He d. Jan. 23, 188H. Children 
burn in Kowiey : 

I. John E.»<, b. Auj?. 24, 1S4R; d. Oct. 

16, 184«. 

II. JtuiN K. «, b. Au>?. 14, 1840; m. Aiiee 

K. Ilrown, of IiMwlvh, Doc. iK 1><74. 

III. Fkank W.t*, b. Scjit. 21, iH.Vi: in. 

\\\\\i\ II. Fuller t»f Haverhill, Sept. 
IS, 1S77. 

IV. KiiKNM». Feb. II, IKM; d. May 21, 


V. Hannah J.^*, b. Au^'. ao, is.^ft; d. 

Sept. 10, lHr.ll. 

VI. NVilJ.iAMf*, b. Dec. 10, isno; in. Mary 

A. SyuKHulu, t>f Topstleld, Dei'. 2«J, 

VII. ILAHA ^ b. Aprils, lS.'i9; d. May 2«, 

157. VII. Eleazeu«, b. Sept. 9, 1770; n». Ellziibcth, dau. at David and 
Molly Pareioun, in 1701 or 02. She wasi born In 1771. He 
was a "mariner, trader** etc., of (Jloucestor, 1708-1800. 
Two or three chi'dren dunl yonnj;. 
I. Ki.ka/.f.k", b. Feb. 27, 1707; in. Sally, dau. of 
Henry and Hannah lUatcbford, \h\\ Kt, 1821. 
Shed April 27, ISIUI; he d. in HtK'kpon, Auj<. 
13,1871. Cblhlren: 

I. Klizauktii L. », b. 1822; d. 

II. Hon. Ki.KAZAU'*, b. Sept. 20, 1824; 

uj. Mary K. < hadbourne (b. 1828) 
in 1S52. He wan u rcprenenlative 
in Mass. L«';;l."'lature from Mrdford, 
in ls<;.'), and in tbf Sinate fn»m l>«t 
Mid<lb'.-ex 1HS5 and 1HS<}; hat* l)een 
in active Imsincss mostly in Cotton 
Duck, f(»r about llfty years. Their 
children : 

I. Maky !).'••, b. IS.W; m. 

Lewis A. I)<k1^c. 

II. Kl»WAi{|» r. s», b. 18.W; 

m. Anna M. Ibadley. 

III. (I'KV.) Nkiiimiah'', b. 

1S')7. l\\< tlrsi pastur- 
at4' was In MttUton, 
Mass.: stH'oinl, llav<>r- 
bill, Mass.. from wliUh 
place he was lalU-d to 
the Inion Con*;'!. 


chuix'h, Boston, and 
now Is settled over the 
First church In Detroit, 
Mich. He in. Mary 
WUcox, In 1K82. 
IV. Kl.I/.AItKTIl", h. IS<H. 
V III. Davii» !».«», »). ; ni. Loul!»a M. 

Hhitchford. I{e!». in l{«K'kp<>rt. 

I. IlATTIK L. », h. Sept. 5, 
IV. .Sally «*, d. In Infancy. 
II. Ki.iZAKKTll 7, h. : d. wlien 10 yean* of age. 

Ill William 7,b. Oct. 9, 1801 : ni. Kll/ii Tarr. in Kock- 
jKirt, .Jan. 9, 1825. She was h. May 17. 1808. 
IiesldeU in INn-kport and (je(»rgelown. He held 
<»l!ices of trust In |{o<kp<»rt ; was nicrdianl and 
sidpnuuer, and universally esteenuMi. In all 
Inislness relatlt»ns he cnjoy«'d an "envlalde 
reputation." He d. In (J., Mar. 14. ls7M: she d. 
in Melrose, at the home of her dau<;ltter, Ann 
I*. Itoynlon, .hin. 24, 1884. < hildn>n l)orn in 
K«K'kport : 

I. Makv K.". h. Oct. 4, 182(J; m. Kev. 

( llflon Fletcher, of North IVwks- 
hury, Sept. 10, 185(5. Two sons. 
Kdward ('. '■», h. 18.57, and Charles 9. 
I). 1S59. She d. in Melrose, Dec. 
29, 1889. 

II. Ann r. !<, h. .lune Ifi, 18^0; ni. Win., 

.s«)n of Maj»»r Khenezer Hoynton, of 
<Jeor«;etown, In IJockport, .lune 1, 
l8.-)4. ( hlldren: Klla F. >S h. 185(5, 
and .lustln K. •*, h. 18(>0, (previous- 
ly named.) She d. In Denver, 
Colorado, where she had gone for 
her health, Dec. 4, I8s4. 

III. William i;.", h. Feb. 27, 18.36. He 

was for many years of the firm of 
llelknap and Hoynton. No. 1 Itlack- 
stoiu' street, i{o>ton, hut when Mr. 
Ilelknap retired he took his nephew, 
•lusiin K. Koynton, into the tlrin 
with liiin, and later inovtMl thelr 
store to No. JM) South Market street. 
Tlu'ir speciality is Fine Creamery 
Butter. Hem. Harriet C. !^im|>- 

m,^ ir'- yi ikiysi-:jt0^ : ixA 





rev. In liofiton. June 34, 18(W: one 
thlia, Alice ('.5\ b. Aujr. 14. ISW; 
n»arrio<l < ornoliuf* \\alker. In 
HnM^kllne, Nov. 8, ISlKi. 
IV. Nkukmiah ', b. Deo. 2, 1S04: in. Mairy .1.. tliiu. 
of lion. .)<M>1 MilhTof Tlioiunston, Me., In Mav, 
1828. He went to St. (Je<»i>'e, Me., In 182.S, ami 
en;ravro«l largely In the tWli business un«ler 
the linn name «»f *' N. Ilovntttn tS: Co.** .\fter 
resnUnj: in St. (Jeorpe nine yeai^, duilnp whieh 
time 1m' was town treasurer, n'i»rest'i»t:itlve and 
Tosi Ma>ter, he reniovrd to 'rhoma>H»n, Me., 
where he wag In active business eleven years. 
Was inesidcnt of tin- l.iiK«tlii lllblc S«»elety, and 
'I'rea-nri'r of the 'rhcolct^jival S«Miiitiary ; re- 
n»ove<l to ( helsca, Mass., in 184.'), and did 
busiiifs- in Iloston under tlnii name "N. no\ n- 
ton «!t ( o., r<»mnjission M<'rihants and .Munufai^ 
tnrers of < otton l)uck." ]'M ( omimrcialSt. lie 
J has t»een selei'tnian «»f < hel>ea, ( hainiian lb»ard 

of Aldermen, President of Winnesimmet 
I5enev<»lent Smiety : a Trustee of Newton 'I'Ik-o- 
lo^iial Sendnary : State Senator two year^; one 
of the State Valuation < ominlttee: Trt-asurer of 
Am. Haptist Mi^sitmary I'nloniand in ls('»2 one 
«»f (Jov. Andrew's council for l)l>trict No. 1. 
^* History of 'I'homaston, lliukhind, and .^outh 
, Thouia^ton. Maine, Isr.,') '* rhildren: 

I. Ki.I/.AUKTii ^, b. .lune lU, IS'iO: ni. 
A. K. Ilervey, in ls."i(>. 
IV. Davii» r. ", b. May :n. lso<>; m. Itetsey Tarr of 
li«H'k|»ort. May 1'), ls;<7. He was a trader in 
i;»»ckiM»rt, where he d. net. '.\, 1n77. < hildren: 
I. Kii/AUKTU ', b. Ihe. 10, Is.JM; d. 
An;:, l.'j, 1877. 

65. Jonah' Boynton, {Ahiel\ J<fseph\ Joi<eph\ John\) 
\nm\ in TowiiKond, Mass., Mar. 14, 17:i.'). 

66. Lieut. Ephraim* •oynton, ( Ephraim*, Josf-ph', 
Joseph', 'hhu\) Imhii in l^»\vl(•y, Mar. 1», 17;^t-.'>; ni. 
Al»i"ail, <laii. «»f David and Alii^raii (('lia>4') Kinnv. «d 
Nowliiirv, K<'i». r.», 17.')«l. Slir was 1». .Iiitir 2, IT.'.T, in 


VV<,(MlHtock, (t. Wah in Winihcnaon in 1762 ; moved from 
Storlinjr, MuK.., to FitzwiHia.n, N. II., J>cforc 1778, and re- 
movrd from tlin-o to Sullivun or Move WXA. - He 
wan SM-n.nt In ('.ipt. SMiniu'l Saw.vvr'H Co. of Minute Mi-n. 
in Col. .Iolii» Whitconil.'H Ut'^^., r» dayn in him-vius" and at 
unothrr tinu' »» Kphraini lioynton, private in ('ai)t. .lonathan 

Sil.U.v's(o.,in(ol. I^"»<^'1>»"0''«1^^'^^- ^»'*»»" ^^"-- ^' !'* 
N\)V 21 1781, 200 miles from himie. Marchod Aujr. 1.^, 
arrived 'in eamp Aujr. 22.'' Hclon-cd to Winchondon. 
- AUstrad from Mass. Muster Roll." He died in 1H2G, m 
Sullivan. She d. in 18*^7. 

Children : 
ISH. I. hAVii) Kmoky «. b. In Wooil^t<H-k, Ct., Sept. 24, 1767;^ m. 
IW'lhiah Moirl)* of Stur»)rid>fe; ^he wum b. Au«:. IH, 170i : 
tl. .Inly 14, 1H45 lie d. (kt. 23, 1830. Llvetl la Sullivan, 

N. II. (hlUlreu: 
:. rni.«»K K.7, »>. Oet. 7, 175K); m. Samuel Wlnehe^ 
let', of Sullivan: hadtwo or more M»m>«, Kmn-h 
W. H, Samuel A. ". She d. l>ee. 11, 1X^0. 
II. h.xvil.T.b. .lulyJO, 17512; m. l.ueretla Warren. 
.\\i}r. 28, 1820; llveil In Sullivan until 18.^7, then 
iiu»ve*l to Ka.H Al>«tead, and d. there Feb. 8, 
isr>8. rhlhlren: 

I. Nancy ,f. ^ b. Oet. 2, 1821 : m All)ert 

Crosby, of Hlllerlca, Ma:»f». One 
tion Warren A.*'. 

II. llAuaiKT N.^ b. Oet. 24. 182:^: d. 

.Ian. ID, 1838. 

III. KMoitv W,«, b. .Ian. 10, 1H20; ni., Iia»» 

two Kont*, Kujjene W.<', and (ie<»r^e 
II. )•. re**, in Illinois. 

IV. Ammiki's <'. ", b. Murch 11, •.828; in. 

Mad two HoiiK. re>». In New York, 
and d. there < >et. 2.5, 1882. 

V. AuiiV <•.'*, b. Mar. 25, 1830; ni. George 

(hrlstopher; no children. 

VI. LicicKTiA A.«, b. .June 1, 1832; m. 

Thoina!* N. IIoojH'r, rer*. In Daven- 
port, Iowa. 7 children: 

VII. <'I-KMKNTINK«, »». Atlg. «, 18:«: d. 

\U'V. 2H, 183(J. 

vnl.KLlZAn^.r^^ b. Oft. o, lh30: in. A. 
.M. I'hompNin, re»». in Manon <liy, 


Iowa. Two or more children. 
IX. Ciiaku>tte8, b. July 26, 1K39; m. 
(ieor^e l*urker, reH. In Wutertown, 
Mhm., ofio non, (ioor^e H. ", 

III. AM'IIKI'a <'. 7, h. Nov. 1.1, 171M; m. Irft four chil- 

dren, ren. Ni»w York ;d. Srpt JIO, 1M27. 

IV. Maky 7, b. Feb. 17, 17U7 ; d. Dec. ft, lK2ft. 

V. Emza 7 , b. Auk. 2, 17011 ; d. Fob. -14, IS.'ift. 

VI. Tiiikza 7, b. Au>j. 3, 1H02; d. .Inly 30, ISHl. 

VII. ClementinkT, b. Nov. 27, 1804; il. .Fuly 10, 1830. 

VIII. Bktiiiah M. 7, b. Feb. 23, 1807; m. .lorry Felt, one 

son, Ku<^ene K. **. She d. Fob. 21, 1879. 

IX. Bktsky 7, b. Apr. 14, 1801>; d. Apr. G, 1831. 

II. Irena^, b. In Wincliondon, Doi*. 9, 1705. 
159. III. Jonathan 6, b. Au^. 1, 1760. 

67. Col. John* Boynton, {Ephraim\ Jo/tej)/t\ Jweph\ 
Jb/m',) 1». in Kowloy, Sopt. M, \l'^\^\ puh. to Kli/.alM^tli 
Jinvott, of LaiuastiT, .lunc 1701 ; iii. 2il, KlizalM»th IU'unmii» 
of Sluvwslmrv, IKh*. 1(>, 17r»2; in. .'id, 1*Iu»Ih» .l«>\v(>tt, \vi«l. 
of IVtor (iravos, who !»r(m«:ht witli hor <'i^lit thildn'n. Ilo 
wo wai^ H ** tall, sparo man, with a |M)W('rlul voiic," and was 
i-alU'd the ** Colonel who lou^ht unto the Uevolution." 
Ili.s descendants are in possession of three eoinniis^ions that 
were 'TJinted him ; the tirst to ** .John lioynlon, (Jentleman, 
art Lieuti'naint in the Seventh Heo'imcnt of foot, JcMuted at 
Woreester, ^Ia^s., hi;rned l»y Thomas nnt<hinson, Kn^dish 
(fovemorof the ('ol<»ny, <hited 177:J." 

His residence at that time wan W'inehendon, to whieii 
plae<' he removed in 17r»l>. 

The seeoml <-onnnission *' empowers .lohn IVivnton to act 
us Captain in the Seventh Keirin»ent ot Militia and ('<»ntains 
the si«nmtures of the Connnittee of Safety of Mas.saehusetts 
Bay, dated 177»;. 

The third eommission as »*C()lonel of the same |{e;:iment, 
<hited )7><1, si^rnrd l»y .lohn llaneoek, (iovernor." 

\\v dieil in Weatlarstield, \'t., in lx2.'», a^red M? y<'ars, 
leaving' I'leven ehihlren, ^ixty-four «rrand-rhildren, and one 


'undrcd and twenty «jfivut-jrnin(l-children. 

Children : 

HM). I. Jkwktt'S h. Sept. 4,1703; m. Pamelia Stearus, b. uf>oui 
17(>s. lie wiif* one of the coDstitiient ineiiif>erfi of the 
Jlapilst church in North Hprluj^tleld, Vt. Wa» cho(»en 
clerk, Sept. 2, 1H15, and held tJie otllce until Sept, lKi7. 
lie \va8 a inuKun hy tntde, aUo made plou^h-t>hai-ef. He 
d. Dec. 4, iSia. 
Their children: 
I. I.KVi T, I,. Mar. 10, 17S7: m. Mary lirUwold, .Ian. 

2<;. 1H12: d. May 10, lh35. Ken. iu Weather*^ 

Held, Vt. < hildreu: 

I. (;KoKr;K«, h. ; d. In Infancy. 

II. .Maicv >:.»*, h.. Ian. .30, 1814; m. Fox 

Sherwln, of \Veatlier>*Held, Vt.. 
April 10, 1H3S. 4 children. 

III. I'AMELIA S. >*, l>. .June 26, 1810; ni. 

Kr\ In Clark, Oct. 24, ls;j(J: re». of 
Springfield, III. 4 children. 

IV. Kmily«, h. Oct. 2, 1818; m. Nathan 

F. I5()l)inson, Sept. 30, 1839. 5 

V. Mahtha E.>^, h. July 17, 1820; di. 

Andrew P. Tobey, Jan. 28, 1840. 
5 children. 

VI. CiiAHi.Ks S. 8, b. June 3, 1822; in. 

Tauliiie Deniary, Au^. 1850; res. 
Pleasant Plains, III. 6 children. 

VII. I.KNTII A «, 1). Apr. 10, 1824 ; d. y. 

VIII. Lemiia h, h. July 1, 182.'.; m. EvauH 

T. Hardin, .Ian. 29, 18.')2. 8 chll- 

l.\. l.KVi O.^ h. Apr. 12, 1827; ni. Donna 

M. AVashhurn, N»)v. 27, 1855; res. 

in 111. 1 child. 
X. Nki.x^n O.I*, h. .Vay 12, 1832; m. 

Harriet M. Cutler, .Ian. 1807; she 

d. May 28, 1807. 
II <'YSTIIIA 7, h. ; ni. Darius Streeter, of Sprinif- 

lleld, Vt., Feb. 1, 1810. 

III. LvihaT, b. : ,„. i{pv. Haxter Hurrows, Mar. 

17, 1828. She d. May 12. 1871. 

IV. JkwkttT, b. in We:ithers(ield, Vi., June 9, 1x02: 

HI. Caroline Pai^'e, Oct. 31, IhJO. He was 
chosen deacnn of the Haptist church. \«.rth 
Sprin;;lleld, Vt.. in 1h2.*, :iiid went to Inion. 


\VU., In IMA. He wum thrown from hlHCHrriit^e 
and kflkKl Ht Union ItfK'k, Wi^., July '20, 1H((5. 
UU widow ni. IU'\. Baxter HurrowM, Sept, 22, 
18H1. uiid went ttiU'k to th(> old home and farm 
lu North Springfield. Vt 

Amam»a L. >*, h. \n^. 20, 1827; d. 

<M. ir>. 1S27. 
Fi{\Nti> W-f*, h. Sept. h, 1S2S. m. Harriet 

l{(Ml;;er!*, 1S.M. 
(;k.o|{«;k H. »». h. Fel>. «. IKW : d. Au>(. 22, 

Jkwktt W.w, I. Oct. Ml lK'J(;:d. Mar. I (J, 

<'Ai{oi.iXK A. >*. h. S^'pt. 13, iKiS: III. ( he>«ier 

N, .laiiH'!*; moved to Au;;ij-ta, Kanxan, in 

iXvH. wli'uli town wa- lal<l out l»y her 

huihund and namiMl after her. 
IoNKK.'*.h Fel». 14, IMli: m. I'hllli» A. 

HaxtkkH. "*,l»ei'..lO. lsi.5: m Olive Warren. 
Hat riK I.. »*, U. (Ht. 1.5, is.'il : m. William 


Itil. II. Kl'ilUAlM*, h. Nov. 21), 1704; m. Isl, |{ei>ey .Ionr>, who d. 

Dei-. 20, 1S04; m 2d. ; she d. Mar. 2.'), ISlO; m. lUU 

Mrs. Susanna Smiih, Keh. 2<>. 1S12; m. 4th, .\iina < leave- 
land, .Ian. l>, 1H2'.». Move<l from \ t. to .lay. N. V. in iStMI. 
lied. Apr. '2'}'. ls42. rhildreii : 

I. Ki'ilXAiM '. I>. het. 22. 17S4: d. Sept. ;U), 17so. 

II. litA ". It. Mar. 20. 17H(; : III, Int, Mehitalde .Martin, 

Feb. 14. isil : slu'd. Fe».. 12, lsl2: he in. 2d, 
S»i>aiiMa vriiui«iton) ^^ hitney, Feh. IM4. She 
d. in 1S42; he d. I>ee. \s:A. 
( hildren : 

I. Kl'IIUAlM t*, h. (Ut. 11, IHII ; d. Nov. 

12, 1811. 

II. JosinA M. >*, I). All)?. 1, 1H14; d. .Sept. 

•2.1, lHl.5. 

III. IKA M. »*, l». Au^'. 1, 1810; Ml. Klvira S. 

Manln, Apr. 10, 1K42; no ehlldren. 

IV. .Mkmit \ni.K '!',>*, It, An;;, 22, IMIH. 

V. < Yici s .1. ^ h. .luly 1, 1S20; d. Oct. 26, 


VI. Uamki. a.'*, h. .May 21, 1H22; d, Dec. 

24, 1H42. 
\ II. < IiAi:i.oTTK I„ »*. h, .Fune IR, 1H24; d. 
Am;;. 1, 1825. 


VIII. James H. 8, b. Apr. 32, 1836; d. Dec. 

14, 1848. 

IX. Klixaueth^, b. Dec. 17, 1830. 

X. David II. s, b. Deo. 11, 1832. 

III. Betsey 7 , b. Feb. 10, 1788. 

IV. IiiENA 7, b. Nov. 28, 1789. 

V. Lucy', b. Sept. 21, 1791. 

VI. KriiKAiM?, b. Apr. 14, 1793; m. Alice Thurston, 

Feb. 6, 1818. lie d. iu Wis. Children: 

I. Sauaii s, b. Nov. 24, 1818. 

II. OiiKi>H, b. Oct. 7, 1822; d. In a hos- 

pital In New Orleans, Apr. 8, 1864, 
uf wouiuli^ received in an attack on 
a Spunifh fort. 

III. (AUtkLiNKK, b. Sept. 12, 1824. 

IV. Lkstina 8, b. Aug. 31, 1827. 

V. Hoaudmax J. 8, b. Mar. 20, 1833; 

gnuluateii from Kalamazoo College; 
became a minister, and died Aug. 12, 

VI. Myra a. a. « , b. Feb. 18, 1835. 

VII. Eunice 7, b. Apr. 1. 1795. 

VIII. John 7, b. Apr. 11, 1797; m. Rachel Felt, at 
Andover, Vt., Mar. 5, 1820. Wife d. Mar. 5, 
1843. He d. Mar. 13, 1881. Their children : 

I. Kdwaki) 1{. 8, b. Jan. 21, 1821; m. 

Jane D.. White, Mar. 16, 1848. 

II. UKTsKY8,b. Nov. 7, 1822; m. David 

K. Day, of Peru, N. Y., Nov. 23, 

III. Wksson M,8, b. Oct. 17, 1824; m. 

Merlbah Hull?, Mar. 1851. 

IV. Johns. 8, b. Mar. 12, 1826; in. Ist, 

Kllwibeth lialdwlu, Mar. 13, 1855; 
she d. Aug. 1, 18G6; m. 2d, Martha 
H. Newell, May 17, 1867. 7 chil- 

V. KniHAiM F.8, b. Mar. 20, 1829; d. 

Apr. 10, 1866. 

VI. Haciikl L. 8, b. July 16, 1831 r ni. 

J(»bn Stlekney, Mar. 1852; she d. 
June 15, IS57. 

VII. Ai.oN/.o K.8, b. Apr. 26, 1834; d. 

Nov. n, 1S81. 

VIII. Mahy E. 8, h. Oct. 24, 1836; d. In 


IX Wai.wokTII W. 8, h. July 18, 1840. 


Corp. Co. D. 44 N. Y. V. Killed 
at Uurel Hill, Va., May 8, 18C4. 

IX. Natiianiei. 7, b. Apr. 0, 1700; m. Charlotte How- 

mau, (b. 1801.) He dltKl 1806. Their children : 

I. Natiianikl ('. f . 


III. HoyalS. «. 

IV. Uyuon H.8,b. Mar. 1. 1833. 

V. Hauon E.«,b. 1836. 

VI. Mautiia A.«. 


VIII. William W.s. 

X. «ally7, b. Dti- 21, 1801. 

XI. PIIKHE7, b. Si'pt. 21, 1803; d. Jan. 37, 1811. 
XII.Hkman J. 7, b. Dec. 12, 1806; d. Dw. 20, 1807. 

lea. III. Beaman«, b. Sept. 11, 17C7; ni. Kuth .»^bennun. Settled 
with hlB brotlur* In Weatbersfleld, Vt. Was chosen 
deacon of Haptii^t chureb, North Sprlnj!:!leld, Vt., Mar. 
29, 1804. Licensed u> preach Jan. 2, 1808, and ordained 
Feb. 8, 1809. He wag also a Thoinsonlan I)(K-t<tr, and 
shoe-maker. He d. June 24, 1840; bis wife d. Mar. 14, 
1862. Ills third child, David', was a Baptist minister In 
Weathersfield, Vt. He bad one sou, Kussel J.**, at one 
time res. at '' I'i^eon Cove," Gloucester. 

163. IV. John c, b. Mi^. 31, 1700; m. Mary ('* Polly '*) Chamberlain. 
He was one of the c«»nstituent uiembers of the liaptist 
church, of Sprin^lleld, Vt. ''Made w»>jons and anytbinK 
else be wanted on his fann." He d. Sept. 30, isf>0. 

I. Li'("IM>a', b. July 28, 1706; m. James 1*. Ilalch, 

May 3, 1820. 

II. Polly 7, b. Au^. 1707; m. William Halch, Mar. 6, 

1818; d. Jan. 0, 18.^7. 

III. John II. T, b. Au>;. 14, 1700; d. May 13, 1824. 

IV. ELiZAItF.TIl 7, b. May 18, 1801. 

V. An>un ( '. T , b. July 24, 1H06. 

VI. Kli ' , b. Sept. 3, 18(W ; «1. Sept. 10, 1841. 

VII. Nkl>on T, b. Pee. 7, ISIO; d. Dec. 20, 1831. 
viii.Hmhna H.", b. Sej.'t. 28, lsi3. 

IX. (;Koi«iK K. 7, b. Feb. 13, ISIO; m.Cir.itla Dyer, Mar 
0, IKIS, ,1. Feb. 20, ISM). 

.\ William H. 7, ».. June 1, isiH. 

KU V. " Kl.DKK " Davii»«, b. Dec 20, 1771 ; n«. He was llcens<Ml 

to *'exereise bis ;;ifts '* us a preacher, as early as 1S04, 
Imt not ordained until N»»v. 13, IsOO. He was the first 
minister who itreacbeil a sermon In the town of Haiti- 
more, Vt. He al-o lietame the third pa>tMr of the Ha|»- 


tint churt'li \u Kst»ex, Vt., and removed from there to 
prt'ucli In JoJiiiMon, Vt., where he nj.ent the chief |iurt of 
hU rfMiainlii^ uuy», iind wa>i finally Imrlde. " lie li* re- 
nuMnlx-red hh an exemplary Chrlctiun hiKtrucllve preach- 
er, and »*Ui.'c<'M.-rnl panior." He wuh uImo a nniKou by 
tr.ide. He h-ft several ehlldren. 

VI. KLlZAltKTii«, li. Feb. 24, 1774; ni. Dea. Silas Itlgelow, ax 

early as IHII ; d. Apr. S, Ih.W. 

VII. .*<AU.\ii'», It. Fel». 1({, 177(5; ni. riionnis Slnu^hton, Jan. 1, 

17J1.'.; d. .Inly 2S, ls;i(l. rhildren: 

I. <imnMJK« , l>. net. 12, i7l»A: d. Feh. 7, 17IHI. 

II. TiiMMAsT, I). .Ian. 10, 17J»7;d. Dee. 'JS, 17l»7. 

III. 1.1 kt • , It. Deo. 17'.tlt: ni. VMm Ta^e, Felt. IH, iKiH; 

d. An?;. Ln, 1S74. 

IV. (Jiv ", It. .Ian. 11, 1.^01. 

V. (iKoi{(;K ' , It. Mar. 1, lsO;i. 

VI. N'ANfv : , l>. April -iit, ISO.5: d. Apr. 12, IJS.VI; unm. 

VII. .ItiiiN ' , It. .Ian. IH, INOS; d. .Ian 22, 18.54, uuni. 

VIII. riinM.\>: , I.. Aj.r. 14, ISIO; d. Mar. 31, lKi5. uiiu*. 

IX. Ci.KMtKNT, h. .Ian. r.», isia. 

.\. .^K'kMurH:, It. Mar •.>•). IMH; d. Apr Hi, ISW, 

XI. IIaI!\ i:vT, It. .Inly 14, IS1'.»; d. An;;. 1, XKiTt. 

VIII. Hannah", I.. .Inne U;, 177X; in. David Shennan. ."she 

*' wove eoxj-rlels and lilankets. '* 

U)?>. IX. < vi:i >", li. .Inne 14. 17nO: ni. Hannah (intves, Dec. 7, 1H04. 
.She was a dim^'hter of his father's last wife, and as (yruf* 
Inherited the f.trin, and caretl for his parents in their de- 
elinin;; days, the old folks t-ach liad an own ehihi to njake 
Iheni eonifortahle. He res. in Weaiherstield, \t.; wa;* „ 
chair-inakor and fanner. He was a eapt. of Militia, call(*il 
'•< apt. ( y.*" .shed. .Ian. (1; he, .Ian. 7, ls44. Children: 

I. (akmi.inkT, I,. An^. 21, 1S07; in. Henrv Duncan, 

.Ian. 27, IKU. 

II. ( ViJl s Li (.IKS T, I). Feb. 1:1, ISIO; kmtwn as Lucien 

<'.. formerly practicetl law in ^^■orcester(■o. Mass., 
hnt f<ir many years has made his home in Spnn>j- 
tlelil. ill., initvin;; there fmin Mass. in 184.S. To 
him we are indehtetl for a great deal of valuable 
inftirination concerninjf the family of "(Ol. 
.lohn. *' 

III. Li TiiKU c;. s b. Mar. 2, 1812; ni. 1st, Olive M. Du- 

nint, .Inne 1, 1834; she was b. Dec. 31, 1811, and 
d. Feb. 19, 1878. He m. 2nd, Mr-. Phelw Man- 
shij., May 1880. Children: 


I. Ki»Mlxi> L. »*,!>. Nov. 10. 1830; d. 

Oct. 27, 1H.W. 

II. l>ruAXT J. K, h. Dec. 8, 1841 ; m. Uu- 

don* L. Fltld, S<'|»t. 12, 1h72. He 
wjiH rfpn-sfnUitlve from N. SprliiiJ- 
llfld, Vt.. in IKIM. 

III. rvKi s ( .", 1». Autf. 1(), 184.1; iii.(;ra- 

tia M., dau. of Hon. William M. 
IMiijjry, ,lan. 8, 18«>7. Uv was juin- 
i'i|»al of I.fland tV: (Jray Srniluary, 
Tow ii*!' lid, N'l., Hfvrral \»s»r>*; latrr 
l'<>liio\nl to l.t'liaiiui), iN. II., thrit to 
ralllonila. 'V\w\ )u\\v I rlilhlnMi. 

IV. Fanny M ^, l». .luiu' M(», isU: m. KrajiU K. MohoU. 

V. Xancy IJ. ", h. .Iiiiu' 24. 1SI(5; m Stt«'U PifnilHH. 

VI. IIOSKA S. T, (SlMNKK 11. ,) l>. 1)»'C. 3, 181'.), m. 


VII. JoilX I.. ", b. Mar. 3, 1821. 

VIII. David .l.T, h Mar. 4, 1823. 

IX. Frank '/.. " , l». 

X. IJoLI.IN 7, b. 

X. Nancy", h. .lune 12, 1782; m. a Kul>in!»on. 
166. XI, TAri. «, b. .?uly 22. 1785»; m. Ilaniiab T. Howe, of Xowbury- 
port, Mass. 'i'lu-y llvt'd In Wlmlsor, \t., until 1824, when 
tlu'y moved to Canton, N. Y. He was ealled a woM»lerful 
meehaiiie and inventor ; oiu> of the earliest pipe organs in ' 
ihlrt country was said to have been made by him. He wuk 
very fond of mu^ie, and often played to otliers. His only 
reniainiii;; s(»n thus wrote of him in 1SS3. '' Yes, odd and 
independent he may have l>een, l>ut no lietter man, or ln-tter 
father t«» his ihiMren ever existi'd thad he. He was all 
r/i(i/7f«7(r, and manliness, and despised any tiling mean. 
Words eannot extol him as he deserved. W herever known 
he w.i- honor«'d." The annals <if t'jinton. \. \ ., i^ive UU 
life. The annals of Miisonry revere hl«* memory. He 
died .Inly 21, l^r,l. <hiUheii: Two »lie<l before they left 

I. Fia.DKUK K H.T, I,. lsi7;m. l>t, in Florida; wife 
died in alt«»ut one year, ieavin;; a d:iu;;hter, 
Harriet : he m. 2d, .lane .(ones. He sei\ed live 
years uniler tJen. Woiih, in the re;;ul;ir army, 
throii;r|| till' Florida and Imliaii e;Miip;ii;;ns, aUo 
in the Me\ie;in w;ir; and wa« Adjutant of the 
10<i!li. N. ^. lntantr> during: the '-late nu- 
|deas:intne>s." He \\a'i eaplnreil alter an 
heroie defenee of Fainnoiint llri<l;:e, W fst 
\a., Iteiii^ <tV«T-po\\ rinl li\ lai;:fi\ ^iipeiiMi- 


numbers ; paroled, and afterwards resigned on 
account of the trouble caused by an Injury re- 
ceived In Florida, and which was partially the 
cause of his death, which occurred In 1874, In 
Wisconsin. Children: 

I. nAKUIET8,b. 

II. tiiARLEsII.s, b. 1848. Enlisted In 

the First N. Y. Cavalry, In 1862, at 
the age of fourteen^ and served 
until mustered out In June, 1866. 
He m. and had three duughters; 
wife d. In 1883. At that time he 
was night editor of the " Pioneer 
I'lt'ss," St. I'uul, Minn. The three 
commlHrtions of his grcul-grand- 
fiither. Col. John Uoynton, are now 
In his possession, and highly prized 
by him. 

III. William WoKTii«*, b. 1850; Printer 

in I.aCntsse, Wis. 

IV. FuKDKUiCK 11. ^b. 1857; Printer in 
v Mllwaukc<\ 

II. FhancksCathahink", b. 1822; d. at Au Sable 

Forks, N. Y.. in 1852. 

III. 7, b. 1824, in Ogdeusburg, N. Y. He 

took an active part in p(»litics, published a 
Campaign pai>er during the Clay— Polk Cam- 
paign, being a strong advocate of the fonner. 
He also published for several years in Canton 
and Potsdam, N. Y., a literary pai)er called the 
*' Northern Cabinet." He went to California 
during its tlrst ''gold days," where he remained 
soveral years, then drifttHl Eastward to lUiuuis, 
where he d. in 1S55 or 1850. 
IV. liE<»K(iE", l». 1827. He was for some tbne In the 
ofllce «»f the Cniteil States Kolllng St«»ck Coni- 
IKiny, in New York, and later passenger Con- 
ductor on the West Shore and Hudson Kiver 1!. 
H. A worthy son of noble ancestors; m. but 
no chlblren. 

68 Joseph^ Boynton, {Ephraim\ Joneph^ JoHeph\ 
Mm\) \k in Ucwlcy, .Itme 24, 173«. Probacy thin >x'as 
the .li.soph v\h<» writt to Wiiuhendon in ITC:*; and n». 
Zorviuh WiUUM-, of StiM-lin-, Fel.. 13, nOiJ. She wa.s b. 


Nov. 6, 174(5, and d. in l«ai». lie d. in 1H20, IIo scned 
the town on vuriouH comniitteen, wuh Hcloctinun Hcvenil yeiirw, 
and ♦♦ wan a noldior in at'tivc service.** Lieut. .Joseph Boyn- 
ton wa.s one of three chosen to rejMirt on l)uildin;>: a hridjre 
in 17iU. (History of Winchendon.) 
ChiMren lK)ni in Wineliendon : 

167. I. .I<»SKIMI«, h. .Ian. IH, 1767. 

168. II. IMMKL«, f). S«'i.t. 17, 1772; m. I>olly, dan. of Paul Hoyn- 

toii, Mar. 1, 170.5; d. .June 10, 1H45. Children: 
I. Mahv", b. .Fuly 2.3, 1796. 

161». III. .lo^Kl•^•^ h, 1775»; III. Ilaiiiiah Slater, of Vt., In 1H02, and 
«MnI;jrat«Ml to L«'\vl>* Co., N, V. He wax In the war of 
IN12. n.> d. Mar. 29, ]s.')2; nhe d Sept. 4, IHMK 
< hildivn: 

I. .Io>i:i'ii T, \k .lune 1H(W; in. Kll/al»et!» Hunt in 1827 

riilldrt'ii: Conlelia'*. Hannah I..**, Harriet 
K. ^Kli/ahelli^. 

II. I.YIMA ", l». (Ul. 2.5, Is0,5; III. 'ri)oiua<4 Arin.«*tronjt, 

in is:tt ; slie d. in ISCtl. 2 eliildren. 

III. ltKT>KY ", h. Nov. 2,lS(l7; in. .lereiiiiali Hart, In 

ls;{2: t\. Mar. 19, 1S75. Two soih and four 
dauj;ht«'rs; <»ne son \va<* kilhtl In the last hattle 
of tlx' "ItelK'llion,"' the other dit'd so4»n after 
returniii;; Imine. 

IV. AMiKUT'.h. S«'|»t, 2, IKIO; m. Susan H. Sa>fe, 

S«|.t, 2<;, ls:i:^ No iJilldri'n. Hi' du'd Mar. 2:{. 
lss.5, re-*, in CniKMiha;;*'!!, N. ^'. 

V. Kowi.AM*'. h. K»'t». 12, isi:i; lu. I.oviiia V(>oiii»ns, 

in lv<42. He d. in Nrl»ra<ka, Oet. 16, ls7.5. 
<"irildren : Kli .1. ", .Joseph **, and .lulina **. 

VI. .Ikam.ttk". h. Sfpt. 21, 1S17; in Hiram HadeiH'k. 

('hildr«>n: I'wo l»oys and f<»ur;;irls. 

170. IV. .loNATIlAN*', III- Kuniri* Siuinions, in .Madison To.^ 

N. Y. Uv was killt'd hy th«* fallini: «»| a tn'«', in TariK, 
Oneida ( o„ N. V., in isd^i. ono rliild. 

I. .loNATliAN ", h. .luly l.">. I>0.{ : III. I.uvan I.<Miiiii<i, 
In is.'it. Pirviinis to his iii.irria;r«' hr taught 
s4-hool. H«' settled on a fanii in Siiiuna, 
< h«'iian;;o (o., N ^' wImtc Ik* iciiiainiMl until 
hi" death, which iMturnd .luly 7, 1x70. She d. 
Sept. 1, ISS.J. 

rhildren: Saiah »*, .luliu> .M. " , l.uvanus |.. »•, 
Kiiiily^, .loiialhan W . W.f*, .Mary .\. >», 


171. V. SYLVANUsfl, m. MaiihH Adams, of Aghburnhiuu, Magg. 

and settled In Grafton, Verraont. 

I. almika', d. uuni. 

II. Kliza7, d. y. 

III. Kliza?, in. Ist, Ilenian Seaver. 

2d, Elijah Ili>fley. 

IV. .Maiiy", "». lf»t, Jonathan Real, 

2d, Hur>ey Sheldon. 

V. llAUitlKT?, Jonah Howe. 

VI. SVI.VANL'S'. d. y. 

VII. Mahtiia?, ni. .Fason It. Iturton. Children: 

Orlando J. », Martha .\.»*, Isiiac >V. 8,Charle«><, 
(•.\ru.x U.», Clara E.". 

VIII. Svi,VAM!*s HI. Juliette AVilUanis; Children: 

Mary E.", ni. Sidney D. Way. Sarah E. »<, 
.S'Ulen \V.»*, John I.^ Orriu W.«*, Emma J.". 

IX. Cyi{|>* ', d. urini. 

X. SawaiiS.?, ni. 1 fit, Jonah Howe. TwovhiU 

dtvn. m. 2d, Kuel Smith. 

XI. AMn> 15.:, 111. |jh<Mla A. Hronwjn. On^ 

dau;;ht4'r, Uotn' E. •*, 
XII AiiiKur A.7, m. Harriet I.yoni*. Children; 

Harriet A.", ( harle^ A.**, Frank II. h, Martha 
A.'*, jlerhert C. ". 

172. VI. HiitAM'i, I.lve«I In Oswep., N. V. 

VII. ZkkLIAH«. (Zervlah.) 


One of these dau;:hters married a Mr. Adanid of Ma.«8. 

69. Amos* Boynton, ( h)t/,raim\ Jof<ej)/t\ Joseph\ 
Ji)hn\) 1». in Uowlry, .\i>ril 2(1, 1742: in. Sanili, dau. nl 
tloiialhan Sntiw, ns cMi'ly M> 17(5(1, ti»i- on Aw 24lh dav of 
Marrli in tliat yv\\\\ Aw A\i\w^\ dord witli Amos, lK)th of 
Slin*\vsl>nrv, llr \va> a " Taylor." His naino Hrst }i|)|>oar8 
in llu" cliurrli aiul town records of Fitz William, \. H., in 
1774, lui( sitter the Hcvoliition he moved t(> Windsor, Vt. 
He was Serjrt. in hoth (apt. \\hitcoml»'s and (apt. C'lavV 
Cos. In Fell., 1777. Fit/ \Villi:im returned H men for thre** 
yiNirs, or the war: Amos lioynton was one, lor which \w was 
allowed "lit pounils liomily." \\v was at IJimker Hill. In 
•■oimectio!! with \\\> "^civicr muler (ieiu'nd Anmld, C'apt. 


Ward'H Co., the foll<>w'in«r, copied fnnn ** Norton's History of 
Fitzwilliani** nmy I>e of interest: ** In I775(ienerul ArnoUi 
wjis <lis|mtc'lie(l from the viiinity of lioston for tlu^ KeiuieUH* 
Itiver, and across what is now the State of Maine, with the 
hojK* of takiiijr (iuelM»e hy surprise. Arnold's trot»ps suffer- 
ed terrihly from liun«:er and fati^rue, and many tlie«l fnun 
starvation an<l exposure. Mr. Potter, enihiretl I') days 
hard marehin^' with no food hut a part of a partrid;^^' an<l a 
quarter <>f a red s<|uirr«'I I Amos lioynton — a«r»» 'X\ — was in 
this ex|KMlition, hut of his experieme \\v have no reeord." 
He was ;rone sc'ven (hiys *'on the ahirm at tlie hattle of 
Coneord," and '♦ on towanls Koyalston, State of \'t., witli 
horse>, four days, travell(>d '.\'r miles." iiapti>m of ehiidren 
H'conh'd in Kit/william, N. II., th<' hiilhs we jrleaii from 
Southi'rn reeonls. lie wa.-» 10 or \'> years of a;re wlu-n he 


I. KoNA*'. f)ji|»t ill f^m-a-ttT. July 1, 1770. 
173 II. .Mo>K> *',»». In 1770: hapt Sept. 11, 1774. iii. Tahilha < ha|>- 
iiiaii, in Halilwin <'<>., (iu.; An^ wa^ horn in North Caro- 
lina, lie moved rroui Vcnnont to llanrock Co., (icor*;ia. 
then to HaUlwJD Co. ahout !*ix mile-* we.-l of Milleil;;evllle, 
where their ehiidren wore horn. \l\^ l»roth»•r^*, Sto<lilaiil, 
Klijali and Anios went to <M-or;;lii with him, and setlUnl 
theie. lie died in ls.'>2, in Talltoi ( o. 
( hildren all horn in l>;ildwin Co. 

1. .Inn\«.', h. IsOl ; m. Ileheeea Stinson. Wam 
kilUnl hy his horH-s in |sir». Ihelr ehiltlreii 
were : 

I. Con Miii .«« .v. >, h Sept. 1, 1S27: in. 

Mi--ouri V. i.ennard; ei^jhl ehitdreii. 

II. TllnM >«• .1.'*, h. m. Nane,\ I.. 

Helms: lett six ehiidren: «i. In 
ill. Sakvm r. "*, l>. m. William M*' 

r>rid«':had three dau^'hter-: d. in 
IV. Ann K. ". I». m. .Iame« < 04.K : 

had twehe ehiidren. 
• v. >h»>i> <iAlXK!» **, l». an endnen^ 

lihy-iclati. re-, in I'-xa-*: lour 


VI. JoHNC.«,b. m. a 3Il8» Sutton; 

had one son ; d. about 1860. 

VII. Kkbkcca M.», b. m. E. U. 

Luwes; had four children who ren. 
In Clay Springg, Fla. 

II. Sarah S. 7, b. 1305; ra.L. P. Breedlowe; 

two children: Elizabeth T. «, ni. a 3Ir. Wlm- 
berly, and Mo.^es B. ^, whod. in the war in 18W. 

III. MosEj*7, bMar. 5, 1808; m. Miss I^ry, Dec. 9, 

1830, and moved to Texau ; he owned live or »ix 
thousand acres? of land. Children : 

I. Fkaxcis M.i^, m. Ke»»eoca 


II. Andkew .1.8, ; ni. Mary 

lUnford, re». in Henderson, Texas, 
ill. Amos C.**, ; m. Martha Fort. 

IV. Antoinette**, ; m. a Mr. Green- 


V. Matilda «*. 

VI. Mki.>>sa«. 

VII. Kktinsa**, ; m. a Mr. Koi,uc- 


IV. 7, h 1811 ;m. a Mr. Chapman, had one 

chlUl;d. in 1S:U). 

V. Nancy :, h. isi.i; m, Ira Ilall; d. in 1838. 

VI. Ketinsa 7, b. isu ; m. Dr. George Turner, had one 

child: d. in 18:>4. 
vii. Klizaiietii 7, h. 181.5; m. William Breedlowe, d. in 

VIII.TeMI'KI(AN(E7, I , - ,^,^ 

IX. AM<»:, ' , twIuH, b. 1816. 

IVniiM-nuue m. < harlej* Mciall; 1 child: d. in 

Aiuos d when a yiMin^ man, unin. 

X, Sn«»\vM.7,I. I8|s:m.a Mls»» <ox, no children; 

d. ill In'>7 

.\i. W ii.i.iAM W. 7, h. ;,„. ; hag three or 

l«»iir chlhlren. 
174. III. Stiaut", l)apt. Sept. 11, 1774. 

17r». IV. Sr<)i>i»AKDB, Ijiju. Aj.r. 9, 1775; m. ; had children 

.laiiu'M 7, Stuart 7, Caroline 7, (who m. a Mr. Uethen*,) 
and others. 

v SAliAiiw, hapt. Au«j. 21, 1777;d. .Jan. 11, 1778. 
VI. Sahaii", hapt. .luly li, 177J>. 

17«'» VII. Ki.i.iAii Snow •!, t . , ,, . u. ,-o. 
VIII. Fanny'!. ', twins; I., (ut, 2<j, 1784: 

Klijah S. m. 1st, i:ii/al»elh .Motlet. Fel». 24, 1814; fhe d. Aug. li. 



1839, and he m. 2d, uuother Eli/al»eth Moflett. lie wag a car- 
penter, and cabinet maker; moved from Vermont to Geor^^la 
when a young man, makin^^ the journey on hori^e-lmck ; he d. in 
Nov. 1(^9. Children: 

I. Van>ky ", h. Ai>r. 10, 1815; m. Ell/»heth Lanrton. 

II. PoKTKu", t). Deo. 9, ISIG; m. Klizaheth MoMullen. 

III. .Amm.xT,!, Sept. 22, IHIS. 

IV. WiN.vroN T, |>, Oft. 1H,1H'2<); m. Martlia Kayland. 

V. .Sakaii 7, l». Oet. 24, 1822; m. .lanien AIexaii<Ier. 

VI. I:f.tin-kv .\. ", »». .\ii)(. 12, 1824; m. Alexander 


VII. Mahiun T , l». July 9, 182U; d. y. 

VIII. .Mo^Ki 1. 7, h. Aug. s. 1828; m. .Mary Wright; 

re.i. in Soutli llo!<i|ue, Texat*. 

IX. Ki.iZAltKrii K' , h. Feb. 24, I8,'il;()wen Hrannan. 

X. .Ia.MK> SToi)i»Am»", I). May 7, 18.'W. .lameM 
Htoddard, lawyer and ex-judge, (irilliti. (ia., xon of Kiijali S. and Kli/st- 
l)eth (Moflet) Boynton, was horn in Henry County. Ilif fallu'r waH of 
English de!»cent, traeing ills 11 tie.ige bark to tiie Itoynton Kiiigiited by 
William the Conqueror, was boijj in V<*iinont. eanie to (;e<»rgla when A 
y«»ung man. and settled in Henry County. Ilis mother wsif» of a» South 
<'arolina fandly of Freneli extraetlon; liis parents, though not rieli, were 
in nunlenitely goini eircunistanees. ludge lloynton grew up on ilu' farm, 
and iiTeiveti only sueli etlueatlon as eould be obtained at tlie " old Field" 
}*ch«K)l8 of tlie day, a few montlts eaeli year after laylng-by time. Tlje 
hot Idood of his youtli wa.s set on lire by reading of tlie lieroie deedi* of 
our eliivalrous fiti/ens-s(»ldlery during tlie Mi'xiean war, and lie was in- 
spired by un anil>ition to secure an appointment to N\ est I'oint and enter 
the army. Aeeordingly, in 1S4U, he entered ujt<»n a prejtaratory course 
of study, but in N«»veinber <d that year ids fatlier «lie«i leaving him a 
patrimony of only 1(X> acres of lan«i and one m-gro. Still Intent on Ids 
cherished object, he chose for his guarilian a gentleman aible and willing 
to assist him. Ibit in Is.'M his friiiid and guartlian died, by wbicli all 
hojn' was destrou'd. Still Itcnt on a ndlitary career, with the t-onscnt of 
his newly-cho<en guardian, be solil his land with the view of attending 
t!ie Georgia Militar\ Institute at .Marietta. On applicatl«ui and in<|uiry 
there lie found the money be had barely enough to support him two 
years, while lie could not graduate in le>s than ibiee \ear>. This was a 
crushing blow to his ambition, and he ul>andoned bis object. His thirst 
for knowledge ami higber and nobler aspliations of liis nature ni'vcr 
deserted him. (ioing to Cave .spring?", near jfoine, he ent<'red Hearne'H 
.Scliotd and remained there until his exclie(|uer was exbau*t«'d, when he 
was com|Hdled to lay aside his books and seek employment. Uelurning 
to McDonougb. he ai'i«-pted a proposition made by Ttd. I.. I', hoyal, 
tiien one t\\' ibe most distlnguisbed lawyers in that circuit, anti read law 
under him. Ills audtltlcn and iudu<«try, and the wide scope and strong 
grasp of bis mind were such that in the unparalleb'd <i|iori lime of soen 


weeks he mastered the priiu'iiKiU of law and at the Oetol>er tenu of 
court (1852. .Iu(lj;e .lame;* II. Stark presldln^r) he wat» a<hnittcil to the 
liar. Nov. l.'^th followlii;j lie o|>ened an ottli'e In Montit'ello, .Ta!»|>er 
County, <ieor}:la, only nineteen years old, a ^tninj^er amon<; strangers, 
and lin|>erfeftly itluoateii. Vet he sureetknl. In IS.VS he went to .laek- 
s«in, Mutts « otnily, (ieor;ria, and entered intc) |Mitnerslu|» with Col. 
tiaincs IJ. Kyitiis and ros«' nipidly in his proH'ssiun an»l in ;;o<h1 opinion of 
the IK tiple. In \sw he was eleiteil oi-dinary over a stron;; anti {Htpular 
nieinlicr of the douiinai»t jKirty, adniinisterln;; the ollii-f with unusual 
aeceptMhility. Although opposed to stvession, and l»y \iitue of hi;* 
olllie i'\t>n»pt from military s«m vicf, in re>|M»nse to his pairioiir impulse 
ln' enli"iteil as a private in the Thirtieth <;eor;;ia re;;iment ami servinl as* 
sueh Seven months. < hi the re-org:iniAition of the re;;inient iu is»j2 he 
was elerled major, and in |)eeemlter f«illowinj; was made lieutenant- 
t'.oloiiel. Ilis re;;inient served at Savannah. Charleston, \Vilmin;rton, 
l'oi'o|ali;;o, and .laeksoiiville. and then in May, IS(k{. he was ordi-nMl to 
•lackson, Miss., and went ihrou;;h the ar*lU'>us i-ampai;;n in tluit State, 
hurin;; this eampai;^n < 'ol. Iloynton won a hi;;h reputation for courage 
and al>ility. and in general orders is>uetl l>y (_Jen. Walker, was speeially 
nienlionetl for gallaniry. Hi> r«-giment was alwa\s where the hattle 
raged the hottest and tiereest. anti there C«d. Iloyntou would lie found, 
eoolly and eourag(Mm<ily leading and eneouniging his nu'U In the hat- 
lie of ( hlekanianga h»* lost fort \ -live jK'r eent of his eonuuand in an hour 
and a half. Col. Manghuin having been iKMinanetUly tlisaldt'^l l»y wounds 
and retired, he was eonuuis'-ioned as eoloiud of tin* regiment, and shartnl 
the fortunes of the western army, jiartieipating in the battles of Chieka- 
mauga, Missionaiy IMdg**. the eontinuous fights thenee to Atlanta, and 
the battle aiound that eity. Never did the Thirtieth ( ieorgia go into aelion 
so long as lu' eonnnaniled it exrept under his intrepid leadership. While 
fort\ yanls in front of his eominand, leading it In a eharge at the battle 
near heeatur, Ca., July •_•«', lst;|, he was sirieUen tlown and detained fr«»iu 
hl> conunand uiilll .lanuary T'^«t.'), when he a mere skeleton and Ju<'t otV 
erutehes. joined It. Iiul ANas unalde ttt eonilmu' In .u'the seixiee. lie 
sulVered s>Mhtu-ly from hi* wound many \ ears after the war In IS<>.'{ 
Col. Iloyntoji i«'mo\ed his family to (irillin where, after the war, he re- 
>Mmed Ilis law praeliee. In lSi;(i he was eleet«'d eounly Judge and held 
the ttlllet' until the e<Miri was aliolished. I'roiii 1m!!» to Ks72 he was mayor 
of (;riMln. and then, for the next eight years he was ilevoted to his pr«». 
fes^ion. i|niekly gaining a large and valualde elientage. In Issd he was 
elei'ted to repii'seiil the rw»Mity--i\lh senatoiial dlstriet in the general 
as«emldy,and was unanimously ehoseii president of the senate. 'This is 
bellevt'd to lie til. ► only instam-i" where a member s,.r\iiig his first term 
ha> had so di^tinguisbed an hon(»r eonferreil on him: and during a 
se««ion of five months no appeal from a deei»ioii of his was su-tained. 
In |SS*J he was again eleeted to the senate, and again, unopposed, elei'ted 
president. On the death of (hiv. Sievfiis be was <.\voin ill a« goNeino'' 
b\ < hlef .ln>il(e .lame* .la»'k»om. Mareli .'>ili, lss:i. and serveil until tin* 


election of Gov. MeDaniel. In November^ 1886, he wa^ H)i|KMntecl by 
Gov. McDanlel juil^je of Uie Flint fireult to lUl a vacancy, and was* 
aften^'anl elected to till the uuexplrtnl and "nccctiUn^ full tcrni, in eacli 
InJ»tance without o|>|K»sition. In ISiH) lu' wa;* aj;ain elci'tttl for four 
years, this* time over Hon. .1. S. 1*o|k*. April 8. ls«i3, he rcsi^niil tlie 
judjjeship and han since I>een art ively cn;ca;;e<i in the jijoncral praitice of 
his profession, and ac divisioti council of the t'entral niilnKul 
of (Jeorjjia. einlinu-in;; nine ronnties. <)ftol)er, 18M, he wan 
elei'ted to represent his eonnly in the lower house of the (Jeneral Assen»l>- 
Iv. Durinjj two sessions <»f that iMHly lie was reco;jni/ed as t>ne «>f the 
le;iders in all iujportant le;:isl;nloii. .Iud;;e Uoynton was married \U\\ 
2nd. 185"2. to Miss Fannie I.oyall. Uy whom h«' had two sons, .lesse li. •♦, autl 
Luther .1. **. The estimable la»l\ . by her che«*rful and cheering devotion 
durin»' his early stni^r^les for reto^uiiion and distim-ti«»n, provinl to be 
a uever-failinj; innntive and support to him. U\ her death In 1S77, 
Jud^e llovutou sustained an irreparable loss. Hut sympathl/in;; wifely 
fuinpani»»nship was a neet'ssity, ;ind on April 30, Iss.i. wbib- (;t»v«'rn<>r, 
lie married Miss .'<n.s;in T. Harris, dan<:hter of .lamvs \\ . Harris of 
Walton <'4»unty, (ieor^ia. Shr i* a lady of atti-.irtivo manners and many 
accomplislnnents. and .lud;:e Itoyntou was indeed fortunate in thU 
marriage, reali/inj; that ideal happiness whieh comes only with c«»n^en- 
ial companionship. Jud^e lto\nton Is an examplarv and intluentia| 
member of the Mlss|»»nary Uapti^l church. From whatever standpoint 
viewd. a true ami n«»ble manlwMnl Is develo|M>d In the chanicter t»f 
•IL'Dt-iK HOVN roN The sixt«'en \ear «dd boy, ambitious of mllitjtry 
jrlorv and lame, though thwart»'<l then, ten years later pioved on njanv 
a bloody ballletleld, by his Intrepid cooIuch, ami coura;;e seldom 
etiuakMl, that it was no transitory boyish Impulst', Imt the ;^rander 
inspiration, that be;;ot and fired the ambition. The idneteen-year-(dd, 
friendless and moneyless attorney has proved by his after success at the 
bar, Im the halls of Ic^rlj^li'tl'''!, on the l>eiich, and in the ^nbt«rnalorlal 
chair, that a >tron^ and tine xclf-rellant manhood was the deep and 
broad lotmdallon on which .1 AMI > SlohhAlih ll<>VNn>N bullded. 

Un Au'Mist lU, Iss'), he attended the "American Uoynton Associa- 
tion," held in Worct'^ter. Ma-s., and was unanlmonsl\ clmsen President 
of the Ass(K'lation. 

XI. Fl{ANCK> " , b. .Nov. is. lK{r>:m. Andrew . I. MorriH. 

XII. John 1^", b. May 24, IMl: m. .Mh^ Kll/^iibelh 


XIII. (JKonr.K W. 7, b. .Nov. 14, 1S42; d. num. 

XIV. Nancv .1. • , b. Oct. 2, 1S4*); d. num. 

XV. Ki.i.iAii S. T, b. May H, 1S4S; m. Sarah (^Collins) 

Hurr. lied. Feb. {», ls.s,«i. 
VIII. Fanny", m. .lack Uevel; tlu'y "lived In 
.his|K*r ( o., <«a. a short thne, then went lo the 
Ohio river, made one cn»p which a ^real rlHc In 
the river washed awav. Mr. Ilevel built a raft of 


l<»j(n and went down U) New Orleans; (no Hteiiin 
NontM tficn.) He then wild hU ru ft and worked 
IiIh wuy throiijfh tlie Nwunipw to Texun, t!u?n u 
wild iiii''«'ltl<'(l country ; tlilM wim In \xTi. He 
uio» «Mi^ii;;«M| In 111! tin* Vrxn* wari* from 1H22 
until mIic piin«'d her lriil«*iH.MHl«'nfe; >»erved hm 
< aptaln. At one tlnu' he owned forty thou»«and 
acre;* of land." 

70. Jedediah' Boynton, ( Kphra\m\ Joseph^ Joseph*, 
John\) h. .Ian. 20, 1744; in. intent with Kli/:il>oth 
(♦♦ l^H-ky ") Holt, in I.annisti»r, Sept. 21;, 1771. 

Cliildrcn : 

I. I.ifY", l». or hjipt. in f.anniMt«r, May 30, 177.3. 

71. Job* Boynton, (Ephraim\ Joseph', Ja^eph\John\) 
l», .Ian. »;, 174S; m. Mary Joslvn, Mar. 18, 1773; she woh 
I». .lunc 24, 17.').'); res. in Fit/ William, N. II., as early as 
1774; was hi^^hway surveyor there in 1771); removed to 
Weatherslield Vt. ; sold his farm in W. to his brother *KV)1.** 
.lolm, when he nMiioved to, and luiilt the tirst house in, Bur- 
Iiii«:ton, \'t., al»out 17S.'). 

We <|Uoti' from an *'.\ilieU' on Lake Champlain, l»y 
Thomas II. ('aniield. »Slol) Uoynton eame from Mass. as 
earlvasl7M0; walked tiie la>t 100 miles on snow shoes 
throuirh the woods, and luiiU tiie tliird house in Burrmirton. 
lie, with liis sons .ledediah, Kiijali, dohn and Peter, huilt 
several vessels upon Lake Champlain U'tween 17iM)and 181.'). 
AmoUL' them the "IhuTmL^ton Packet," ''Tnion," "rnetta,** 
»»Pn'si(U'nt," and "Fair TraiU'r ;\ the last two had just U'en 
laun<he<l at Kssex, l»y KuLdeston, and saiK'd to IhuTmL^on, 
when they were sei/ed l»y Ma« Donou^rh, while the Captains 
were at the Custom lloux* «r<' the vessels re.iri>tered, and 
taken to ''(Quaker Smith's liay," in Shelhurne, where with 
the "FaLdr," whieh had U-i^n purchased hy the (Jov't., they 
Wi-re retiltiMl into sloops of war. The ''PresichMif was 
Mat l)()nouLdr> llaL' ship the next year. 


Children : 

177 I. JKl>Ki>iAlf <), b. Jan, 7, 1774; bapt. In Flt/wllllarn, Ffb. 13, 
177n;in. iNt, riniin<la ('oiiiNt'>c'k: in. i*l, Mr«t. PihIIcv. 
Jlo inovMl to HlncMlMirKb, Vt. fniin ithcltmriK* In 1H()7. 
Il«' waH a man of ^n^at cntcrprUf, a kind nci)(lil»<»r, a 
liheral citizen, and generally dt-voted to the j;rowth, 
pros|H»rlty, and honor of the town, lie jijave the laiuls 
occupied as a graveyard, the Academy, and the HaptUl 
Church ; he d. lu 1S48. ( hlldren : 

I. MAKiA",h. Sept -itt, 171M.); m. I'dney IVnlman ; 

had two tluughters. 

II. Llcv7, b. .l:m. 20, 1801; m. William Hradshaw; 

five children. 

III. Olv7,l)(Mn Oct. 10, ]&)2; m. I^iuru llurlhurt; 

one gon who d. when three yearH of age; hln 
father <rMd flri*t. 

IV. I'av", h. \h'v. l.i, 1804; m. Anna lirooks; no 


V.', h. Nov. 11, 18()6; m. Dr. .I(k'1 Stone; 

several children. 

VI. AiiiAK^, h. ,lune 2*2, IKOO; m. Sarah Darwin; 

thrt*e children. 

VII. ("Ei.iNDA ", b. Aug. 7, ISll ; m. William \'iele; 

three or mor»* rhildren. 

VIII. Hknkv '. b. Aug s. 1814: m. Sarah lloyt; he wa>» 

an Inventor; no childn'n. 

IX. Ei»WAi:i»7, b. .Ian . 9, 1M17; d. umn. about IH.'i?. 

X. OVKTTA'.b. lHlM;d. umn. 

XI. Mauv <hAiaNi)A ", b. Aug. 8. 1M22; m. (jeorge 

I.ymau ; one daughter. 
Childn'n l>y 2d wife : 

XII. Aldick', b. .Inly 21, Ih2<5. 

XIII. (iKnH«;K Dhoi.v 7, b. Sept. 2t», 1S28; d. in early 


17b. II. .I<»H*', b. Apr. 2, 177«1; bapt. Apr. 14, 177(1, In Kit/wllliam; 
m, liachel K'ich. Nov. 22, 1K)1. She wash. Nov. 22. 17S«. 
He lived in Shell»urne a frw year;*, th.m moved to Wills- 
borough Toint. where he «l. Nov. 2(5, 1H.')7; she d. .Inly 5, 
18(12. Children: 

I. (;K<M{(iK ", b. Aug. 27, lso();d. Oct. 21, l8(Kl. 

II. Taii. 7, h. ,Ian. 17, 1808; m. HosanKuid I*. .Viken 

3 ehiMrrn: res. in WilUboiough. N. \. 

III. IJtrii',l>. Apr. 10, 1810; ni. Abraham Tucker- 

man. Dec. 4. 1S28. 7 rhildren. 

IV. .Ii i.iA K'.T, I,. .Inly 20, 1><I2: m. Nelson lllinn. ♦» 



V. AiKiN K.7, b. Apr. 11, 1815: in. AmandA 8towe«. 

No children. 

VI. Halimi 11.7, b. June 29, 1817; ni.I>ouigaEdinond>i. 

'A diiUlren. He invented a machine for making; 
Vii. Kli.iaii S. 7, b. Feb. 1, 1819; ni. Caroline E. Naj»h, 
Dec. 26, 1848. 2 children. 

VIII. <iK<>i{uK S. 7, I,, .lun. 7, 1821 : ni. Eliza I{u>«tK>l; d. 

Sept. 2.'^ 1877. X(» children. 

IX. li{AM.7,b. Apr. 7. lK-2.'^: m. ZenetUi Nanh. 3 


X. IJMKACK fS. 7, I,. Muy 8, 1M2«; in, EIniira iJerby. 

'.t children. 
179 III. EuJAil'i. b. K«b. 10, 1779; in. lut, Celinda Wylie; «i. 2<1, 
Polly Ila/<Mi, of (irand Ifile. lie wafi a fiailor; d. Nov. 
1M40. (lillilrcn: 
I. IliKU', never ni. 

II Maky 7, ni. Klisha Martin. 

III. 1'«)|{NELIa7, III. a Mr. ToniliiiHon; two 


IV. (i.akinha", ni. Itobert Henry : one d:iughter. 

V. Fanny 7, in. lut, a Mr, Cook; 2d, Dr. New- 

c(Miih; .'Id, a Mr. Ilohnet*; two eouH. 

VI. Ki»MiM>7, d. unm. 

VII. Y 7, in. a .Mr. Hitchcock. 

Mil. l'n>A.MnM»7, m. .lohii Chapman; re«. iu 

Whitehall, N. V. 
<'hil(lr<u by 2d wife: 

IX. Kl.i.ollA .M. 7 . 

X. Fl{A\<Ks7. 

XI. Kmma7. 

1K<I. IV. Amama .».". b. May 37, 17HI; m. lut, Sarah Aiken; m. 2d, 
Nancv lull-:*!. Au>;. lH«t7. ChlldnMi: Koni* by \nt wife; 
dau^htei'M bv 2d wife. 

waa drowmnl. 
m. Harry Tlsdale. 
m. rhilander Bennet. 
unm. rcM. in Cleveland O. 18H4. 
181. V. I'kticu.Iohi.ynO. b. .July ft, 17h:1; m. Jynthia Peane (ieer, 
Sept. 1811; >.hc wan b. Sept. 11, 1703; rPM. in HineMbur^. 
She d. An^'. 14, 183(5; he d. Au;?. 20, 1807. Children : 

I. NoHLK LoVKLV 7, b. Jan. 0, 1820; m. twice. 

II. Kii»ki,ia7, li. Aug. 20, 1821; m. John F. Miles. 

4 ebililren. 

III. SiiiNKY S(»\VA1{IIKX7, b. Nov. 3, 1824; m. a Mit»f« 





< A HOT 7. 




El uktta7, 




IV. Edgar 7, b. Apr. 14, 1836. 

V. Cecelia Ctntiiia 7, b. Au^. 3. 1828; in. Kl>ene7«r 

E. Lewb. 4 children, twiu dauj;hter», Kat**'* 
and Frank 8 ; and two aom*, ElK*n«*y.»*r E.", and 
Willie 0.«. 

VI. Jank Letisa7, b. Jan. 8, 1831. 

VI. Elizabeth », ("IUt»iey'*> b. Dec. 1, \7t<!>; »*he wat* the flrnt 
child l>orn in Iturlin^on; nt. Abraham .Mkeii. She d. 
Sept. .3, 18«>4. Children: 

I. f'AlJLOf* H.7. b. Auk- n. 18U9. 

II. (AUOIJNK M. 7, »». Nov. ly, IMII. 

III. SaUAJI ", b, CAt. H. 1M13. 

IV. iCo.HAMOM>7. b. An^. n, iHlft. 

V. (KCKI.IA ", b. Nov 5», 1H17. 

VI. KlJZAltKlll", b. N(»V. 11. 1S1{». 

VII. MiNKKVA?. b. Feb. H, 1S22. 

VIII. ('I.AKI.M».\ ', b. Sept. 20, IS24. 

IX. Lr( V Maktima ', b. Mar. 2X, 18-28. 

18i. Vli. ('All. .Foils <i, b. Nov. 14, 17h7; ni. Ib'beira Sinltli, in 1814, 
re>*. in l*lattsl)nr^h, \t. lie coninieticed Kuilin); on the 
I<;ike a.» early as ls*H); wan the («\vner and bnilder of many 
vessel." lie was a mait of pn'|His«*ossln^ ap|M>arance, 
hialwart frame, sound jud^^nieiit, reserved and dixidlled, 
bnl kind and social, lie retained his faculties 'till struck 
with paralysis when t>M years of aiji*." children : 

I. I>K>VnT t. 7 I). in. Ilannan M. Moimtk. 

II. STKi'iiK.N 1>. 7. III. .\nn I'latt. 

III. Makion ('. 7, III. William I'. Mo(»ers. 

IV. William 7. 

V. IIklln7. III. J<»hn .Moou'. 

VI. Sauaii7. in. Klias WoiMlrutV. 

VIII. Maky'', (Tolly) b.. June 24. I'Di); m. a Mr. Lyon. She d. 
ImVA. ihildriMi: 

I. .MAicrisT. 

II. licA ' , III .Mmini Abel, 
ill. Ma ICY '. d. y. 

IV. rilKI{K»A 7, d. y. 

V. .\ni{AiiAM A. 7. III. Mary Chase. 

VI. Kli/.aiiki II 7, III. Alvah s. Holt, 

l»J«. IX. I'Ai I. .InNL-«. b. Nov. 27. I7'.».J: d. iinm. in liec. 

IH|M, He wti» a sailor. One of mir «'«trrespondeiils said 

ol this lar;re family of .bib's, witb whom ^be was well 
aei|Uainted. ••only one n>ed •tr«Mi;j drink or tobacco." 

72. *' Major " Paul' Boynton, ( Ay>///'r////<\ .A>.v^y>//', 

'/o.sfjt/t\ John\) l>. Oct. 21, 17.'>I. Ill the fccofds (it 


Lanciwtcr we Hnd that *»Paul Ikiyiiton and Anna Man, lx>th 
of Lancaster, entered their Intentionn of nuirriaj^e on Dee. 
22d, 1775; also that Paul Hoynton of Winthendon and 
Ahij^'ail Fairhank of Lannister, entered their Intentions of 
niarria«re Sept. 10, 1777". She wan h. Dec. 31, 1751); he ni. 
next Sarah Sweetner. 4 children hy each wife. livn, in 

I. Doi.i.v", h. .fail. 20, 1778; in. her oouj»ln, Daniel Hoyntou, 

lijul two d:iu^ht«rs. Slie d. Feb. 16, 1855. 

II. AhigailB, b. Nov. 1, 1779; in. Eliphalet Parki*. One P«n 


184. III. Hknjamix6, |).y. .Vii^r. . 

IV. Sally «, b. .\u;,', :n, 1787; d. uuin. 

185. V. l'ALi.«,»). Ai»r. 1.J, 171>2; in. Nancy, dau. of Aaron and 

Anna (I'eikinHj Whei'Icr, Sept. 1814. She wat* b. June 9, 
17i»:t. lied, in 18(;«>. Shed. In l8J>4,a^ed KX) years and 
eleven months. They lived first at Newton Falln, moved 
to North |{«Minin;;ton, Vt., then to Kltclilmr^ In 181«; 
rem. to Lan>inj;bnr<;h, .\. V., In July 1818; to Scha«?hti- 
eoke In IHIA: to North Hennintjton in 18:J2, and to 
llenninj^ton in lS-15, where he remained until his death, 
whiih oernrre<l Apr. (J, XHi'A). Children : 

I. Ifru s7, Ik July 2, 1815; »l. Feb. 2, 18:«. 

II. Nam V r. T, b. May 27, 1HI7; ni. Aiiiory Felton. 

^'liil<li«'n: U'illlam A.«, b. ls:j6,'Charieft Il.w.b 
1M(». Herbert r.f, b. 184«5. Kmma L.>*, b. 1H.V2, 
Olive ( .8, b. lsr»(). 

III. I.VDi \ 7, I,. \ov. 3. 1M!»: m. Dwi^'ht Corkin-*. Jan. 

11». 1840. rhildren: l.u;rene A.", b. 1K42, 
( harle< I).*', b 1S4.'>, d. in infancv. Kvi S. >^. b. 

IV. JoiixT, b. Dee. 11, 1821; m. Caroline Kinsley. 

Children: Frank «», Carried. 

V. CiiAULE.s G. 7, b, Mar 20, 1824; m. 1st, Catharine 

IJilson, Nov. 24, 184({. She d. in 1804; m. 2d, 
Kmma F. House, Jan. 17, 18G6. Children: 
(Jeoi^e I..K, h. 18n>, Alice M.«, h. 1852, Bertha 
K. ^ b. 18<!5>, Paul A. ^ b. 1872. The widow m. 
2<1, IW\. J<thn Seott, n'.«». lu Ohio. 

VI. Kvai.inkT, b. Mar. 17, 182(>- m. ("harle.* J. Tuttle, 

res. in llooslrk Falls, N. V. Children: 
Ihrbert ^, b. lS4r.. is a Prof, in Cornell Universi- 
ty, llhaea. N. V. .V^nesK.K, h. 1849. Freder- 
ick '<,b. 1852, was in 181K), Vice Consul at 


Ch«>mltz, Saxony ; Clarence D. », b. 18M, d. 1856, 
AUw», h. 1861. 

VII. Louisa 7. b. Sep. 20, 1829; m. Charles II. WUkey, 

Apr. 8, 18.V2. rhlUlron: Charles M. ". b. IH.'V.'J. 
.Miii^Kal Director in Brooklyn, X. Y. ; Frank K. ». 

VIII. EmilvT. b. Oct. 13, 18,32. 

IX. Mauy K. ", b. .Ian. 11, 18.34; m. Ira MomIiit; one 

HMi, Charle*" P. », b. 18.')6. 

X. Wii.i.i AM .1. ", I). Nov. (J, 1M37; m. Mary a Ilor- 

t<Mi, M;iy 1(5, 1801; ChlUireu: Harry K.««, b. 
lS«Ui. H.iy n.>». I». 1865. 

VI. Polly «, b. Jan. 11, ITD.'S; m. David Haldwlft. Children : 

I. Kmklink". 

II. Sahaii". 

III. Klla". 

186. Vil. John**, b. in WiiulK-ndon, Jnne 6, 17%; ni. LfMil^a Houtelle, 
of KitchtMir^j, Apr. 11,1824; they removed tlr^t to I.ubec, 
Me. ; afterward lo New York City, where he waH In the 
coniinlHriiou bu^iner^ri about thirty yeari^. lie d. at Uro^tk- 
lyu, X. Y., May 4, 1h;2. < hildren : 

I. LoknzaB.7, ni. lU-njaniln S. Walcott; one 

ton. Artlmr S. »*, b. 1SG4. 

II. John II. t, b. .June 0, 1830: m. The«Mlo^la V. ( lark. 

He wa!» a Lumber Merchant In N«*w York, 
Pucceedinj; hit* father in the conmiiiii^lon 
bu!»inesi*. She d. in New York, Sept. 1885. 
He d. Apr. 2, 1894. Chlldr»-n: Th«'o<lore V. H, 
Fred ('. ^, Charb'!' K. »*, I>abplla D.*^, CheMtei 
<■.»*, Klinor v.**. 

III. Sakaii Lchi-^a". 

IV. Kkv. (;eok(JK Mii.LsT, b. in 1837; in. Julia H. 

Holmes*. "He graduated at Yale Collej;e, claf«.^ 
of 1858, and at the I'niou Theob»<»ical Seminary 
In N<'w York in 1803; was ordaiiuMl pastor of 
thf l*re!»hyterian, church at I'iverdale N. Y.; 
was installed pastor of the Third church In 
C.ullford, Junr 24, 1SG«J; dls. Dec. 1, 1872 to 
lu'come pastor of the Iblh'vllle Avenue eon^re- 
j^ational ("hurch in Newark, N. J. and later 
at Jamaica IM.tins, Mass. Is now (1S<.>7) Secre- 
tray of the <'on;;re;jatit»iial Sunday-Sehool and 
I'ublishin^j Society in Boston. Children: 
Louis 11. <*, Henry W.**, IVrley H.'*, (Jeorge 


73. Abiel* Boynton, {Ephraim\ Joseph* ^ Joneph^t 

t/u/(n',> 1). in Stcrliii;:, ManH., Dec. 23, 17.W; m. I»ui»*tt 

(I-oin) dau. of William and Ikjtsey Raymond, of Ilolden, 

Mar. 30, 1779. She \va.s I). Jan. 2, 17G2. He sened in 

the l{<n'(>liiti(Mi. Ho died Dec. 17, 1«10, and his widow 

iuame<l Kphraini lJ(»ynt(M», Nov. 27, 1811. Dis. to Cum- 
i»ri(li,^», Vt., Dec. 20, 1H1«. 

Children : 

lJ<r. I. Lkvi«. b. Au;,'. 20, 1782: m. Children: Saudolaua'. 
Au;jU!sta7. lie d. at Furl 'riconderoga. 

II. ('VNTIIIA6, b. Sept. 0, 1784; m. let, I'eter Wetherbee; he d. 

in 1827. She in. 2d, Dexter Wood. Children: 

I. Kidki.ia7, b. Mar. 30, 18{>8. 

II. Mauv ' . h. July IG, 1811. 

III. IxAIJKM.a'. I). .Mar. 2U, 181.5. 

IV. F:i'|i|£.\im 7, b. ijre. 4, 1820; d. 1875. 

V. I'KTKH (). 7, b. iJec. 12. \^L\. 

III. AsA'i, b. .July 31. 17s«>: m. Dolly, dau. of Ahlel and Dolly 

( Fairbanks/ lloit, May 30, 18(«». She d. Dec. 15, 1841. 
.•••rtsl .V> ; be d. .Mar. 23, 1843. Cliildren : 

I. John. 1. 7. 

II. Matilda 7, nt Mr. Uurd^riA. 

III. S||,A>". 

IV. Ua^.moM). 

188 AiilKi. ". b. Au^'. <;, I7>8; in. .lenuett C. I'hoinas, of I^ondonderry, 
N. II.. in Fletelier, \t. Mar. 7, lsl7. He moved to X. V. about 
1.H30. and to I<iwa in 1840; tiien deer were t»o uuiuerouii that he 
'S'omited fleveniy-llve in one drove, and xnakcH were ?»o thick 
they killed them in the houm-, and once in bed. < hildn-n : 

I. lUlI.V r 7, b. Au;;.2U, 181U; d. Sept. 15. 18iy. 

II. Maio S. 7 I d. An;;. 29, 1S22. 

[ twins; l> .Ian. 2lt, 1820. 

III. SauaiiM.t) 111, I.. F. i:oj(«'rn; rei*. 

LyoiiH, Iowa. ( lilldreii : llaskel .V.**, Sinih 

A. **. Heiijaniin L. '", .Mary .s. s^ liiio<reue M.'*, 
Jessie .M. «, Kuiy ( .?. 

IV. I.n V S.7. b. Dec. 17. 1n21: m. J. K. IJoyd. 

(Iiililien: William !.»*. Clarem'e J. f, Net- 
lie I.. «*, ' laia <■. 

V. IIiNKV A. 7, I,. D»'c. 2.1, 1S23: d. Au^'. Is, 1827. 

VI. Jam. .M.7, b. Apr. 13. I82.">; ni. Lyman .Mltehell. 

rliildren: Kthel F. « Kion A. *. 

VII. Wii.i.iA.M T. 7, b. lv<-.3l. Ivjii; III. ; d. .Mar. 

!:. iMui. ihildren: Fdwaiil .V.t*. llnmbold 

r. ^ . 


VIII. r)lWM»» H. T , h. H^fpt. 7, 1«28 ; 111. ; il.Apr. 2«, 

m\n. nilhlren; Kva M.», Ablel K.», I^^e 

IX. Sasv\ I.. 7 . b. May 20. 1H30 ; d. Jan. 10, 1833. 

X. AMof* A. 7, b..Ian. 8, 1K32; m. ; had 10 rhll- 


XI. Xaxcy C. 7, b. May 21, 1834 ; m. Samuel JaineUoii 

Chlldi-en: Florence »*, Nellie'*, May », Knink*, 
II«'ury ^, Maud ^. 

XII. Ki.LKX K. 7 , b. July 12, 1838; in. William Bennett; 

d. June 11, 1HK3. 

V. Hannah «, b. Nov. 12, 1790; in. Ist, Capt. Chase; ui. 2d 

Samuel ('bunli. 

VI. Cl.AKi.HjsA <» , I). Jan. 7, 1793; m. Edward Weatberbee. 

Cldldren : 

I. Ll NANA 7, »,. Feb. 18, 1812. 

II. CnuisTOPiiKK^. b. Feb. 27, 1816. 

III. AHiKL7, h. Aug. 31, 1819. 

IV. Alzina 7, I). Mar. 19. IHifi; m. Mr. Porter. 
\ . 7 . I». July 4, IK.'W. 

VII. Sani>iu>na ^, b. June 8, 1795; m. lebabod Chase. 


I. .Mfkkks.l 7 , I,. Apr. G, 1820. 

II. Okkin B.7, b. Dec. 14. 182«. 

III. LtCY A. 7, b. Dec. 7. 1828. 

.VIII. Lucy«, b. July 16, 1797; in. Ira Arin9tron|;. 

I. Kkibkn 7 , b. Dec. 18, 1820. 

II. JlNllti J. 7, b. Oct. 30, 1823. 

III. Sauaii 7, b. Jan. 19, 1H20, 

IV. ()sCAK7. b. Sept. 25, 1S29. 

V. .Miiuam a. 7 , b. June 22, 1840. 

189, IX. William 6, b. Aug. 30, 1799; m. Annie Elliott. 


I. TiiANKKUi. E.7, in. a Mr. White. 

II. Ia>li«aA.7, in. Dr. llawley. 

III. Lovij?a1I.7, m. Horace Chapman. 

X. JosKPll K«, b. Nov. 24. 1801 ; drowned July 26, 1804. 

XI. Lot ISA 6, b. Dec. 23, 1805; in. Ephriain Page. 


I. Lamiha7, b. Dec. 4, 1822. 

II. L(»vis7, b. Nov. 29. 1824. 

III. llAltlUKT?. b. July 9, 1827. 

IV. Ki»na7, b. Nov. 30, 1829. 

V. I.KVI7, b, .luly 28, 1833. 

VI. <iKUTKll>K7 ,b. Dec. 28. 1842. 



73X John* Boynton, (Zaccheus\ Joseph*, Jo8eph\ 
fhhn\) h, m Ljuuaster, MiiS8., Juno HO, 1748. His 
fjithor, ZjutIicus (Xo. 2(j,) in. Hrst Anna Ross, July 12, 
17HJ) ; tliroc ilauirhter8 wore horn, two as given on pa^re 63 ; 
Anna', h. Apr. 18, 1740; in. Jacob linnet, Dec. 11, 1768; 
Jaiio*, h. Msir. 22, 1742: Josiah Os«roo(l, Dec. 9, 1760, and 
Sarah\ h. Feb. li>, 174->. The first wife Annah, d. May 5, 
1746, and Zacchcu.s n». 2d. Hannah Peabody, Dec. t>, 1746, 
and by Jut had John as jriven above, and Kphraim, b. 1751. 

These last items were <rleaned late from ♦^Lancaster 
Town and Church records." 

73 K'. Ephraim* Boynton, {Zacvhens\ Joseph\ Joseph*, 
Jo/tn\) l>. in Lancaster, Mass., July 24, 1751. 

74. Oliver* Boynton, {Dav{d\ Richard', Joseph*, 
John\) b. in Bradford, Aug. 31, 1731. Later church 
records give his death Oct. 1!>, 1736 "ye only child of yo 
widow love Hoynton"— -She buried her two older children in 
.blue of the same vear. 

75 James' Boynton, {Xathan\ Pkhard', Joseph*, 
./oA»',) b. in IvN.wley, Aug. 5, 173;>; ni. Mary, dau. of 
David and Mary Wood, of Hoxtonl, June 14, 1763. Tliey 
owntul the covenant of the 2d church in Hoxfonl, Oct. 30, 
1763. Husbandman res. in Hoxford. He was killed at the 
Haltle of Hunker's Hill, June 17, 1775. 

Children born in Hoxfonl : 

'• III i.i»Mi «, l». Au;r. 28, 17Q; m. Aiiiof*. son of Amos uiul 
Al>l;:ail (Poarl) S|Kinunl, Vvh. 22, 1792. (lilldieii : 
I^iijic7. Al»l;;!iil 7. 
UK), II. I>.\vii» Wooi»«, I). Au>f. 2S, ir.W. 
IN. II AN\.\ii«. hapt. July 10, 176S. 
IV. Mni.i.Y 0, l.apt. Sopt. 22. 1771. 
1S>1. v I>AMKK«, or |>AVii», h. Nov. 17, 1773. 


76. Moses' Boynton, (Nathati\ Jiichard*^ Joiteph\ 
John\) h. Nov. 27, 1752; m. Luvv, dau. of Ahmhuiu and 
Lucy (Appleton) Howe, of Linehrook Parish, Ipswich, 
(pub.) Aug. 3, 178G. Slic was h. in Lincl)rook Parish, 
Dec. 21), 17<)0. He settled on the hoiuesteud in (leorire- 
town, on wliat is now known as **Little's Hill.** He d. 
Jan. Hi, 1«2:^; she <1. Feb. 4, 1H4«. 

Children lM)rn in (ieorgetown ; 

I. Hannah «, »►. Nov. 8, 17H>; d. Feb. 17, 178U. 

II. Hannah «, I). Ort. 15. 171H); m. .John I{«*a, of I'hurlt'tu 

towu, July 30, isll. 

III. .loiiN « , h. Oct. 28, 17!i-»; d. Mar. 31, lv*<24. 

IV. la lY ♦!, I». -\u;r <s 17l>4; iii. .l«k<oph WUson, of < harU'o- 

town. Nov. t», islCi. rhildrni: 

I. .louN U. «,l)..luly 17, 1817; in. .Mary .\. Ilur- 

rk«'s, Se|>l. ft. 1811; n«<». In ("harU^Htown. 
I hiliiivn: 

I. Mai£V .1.'*, I». Oct. 13. ls|.^; ni. Mar- 

cellus Day; sovi-ral rhildivn. 

II. .lo>Kni .M. f*, l», Ft'l» 7, lN*»5; in. M. 

Idii Lyiirh; two ihildrt'ii. 

III. < iiAici.Ks \\ *. U. \\\)r i), 18((2; uniii. 

II. < liAI{LK>', l». F«'l>. 14, IHIU; iir Saiali Sani|Moii, 

Nov. 12, 184«J; «1. May l'.», 1800. (liil.lrt'n : 
Kll«u«, Charhs F. % Kdwaid F. «. 

III. Mauy A.7, h. D.o. 13. 1820: d. Nov. 22, 1880; 

res. on th«« honu'strad in (Jr«»r;;«town ; ninn. 

IV. Isaac", b. .Srpt. 27. 1823; rtv. on \\\v )ioni«>st«>ad ; 

(■«iniraiMor and hnildcr; d. niiin. July, i:i, 1870. 

V. ('Aljul.iNi; K. 7, I.. July 3.*.. »82:>; d. Jan. II, 1820. 

VI. lacY II '. b. I ho. 10, 18J8; d. May 12. 18,12. 

VII. Jami:s F.«, b. .s»pi. 10, ls32;in. I.I//U' FbtiluM-. 

Oft. 28, I8.*»s : ha."* dan. I.nry. win* in. a Mr. 

V. Elizahktii II. «. b. S«'|»t. 18, 17'.»»; ni. llliain, son of 

Enoch and Sarah > Hio«.'Ul»'l»ank) llaninian. of (Jrorp»- 
tt>wn, May 8, 1828; sin* d. Jan. 2r», 1820; Inr husband in. 
2d. Saraii. dan. t»f Sannnd and IJtbi'cra { IJ«tl»inson,« 
SpolVord. \\w. 1(», 1823; by her In- had two thlblren. 
Sarah K.. who ni. <)Hv«i lllaokinton, of IJowby, and 
Hiram N.. who in. Sarah .\. Ilaidy. in I8.*>s. Mr. liar- 
rinian di«M{ sinhU'idy Ma\ 7, ls7«'., and his «on. 11. N. 
di.-d -ndd«'nly (K-t. 31. ls«.»7 

VI.'', b. S«|.t. 7. 1"^02: il. .Inn*' h'., 1S2.'». 


77. Richard* Boynton, {Richard\ Richard*, Joseph*, 
John\) 1). alnrnt 173G; \vai< u **niinor child" in 1754. It 
wjw prc)l)al)ly this Uichard who in. Rcljccra Al)1)ott, of 
Hillorica, iiluuit 17G1. She was b. July 13, 1741. He 
moved to Millord. N. II., where his son .John was l)om ; rt^ 
moved later to Kind<:e, N. H., Hoikin«rham and Weathers- 
Held, Vt. A Riehard Hoynton, supiMised to Ikj this one was 
a soldier in the Uevohiti(»n, credited from Amherst. He 
die<l in 1H14. 

Cliildren : 

WL 1. .Ions«.»). Mar. 14, 1702; in. I'liobc, dau. of .lonaihan 
Martin. Kfl>. 7. 17H7. He neitled in HiKklnnhain, Vi. 
norm iiftiT tin* I.'rvdiutloiiary war. She d. Sept, 27, 1H4(); 
he «1. Any;. 4, Ik:)2. WJien S7 vearH of a^ce he went from 
Uorklnjrhani to Kuxton h> MiiK^S l<^ vIhIi hin Hon, Their 
ehildren : 

I. I'iikmk', I». \\\)r, 3, 1788; ni. .lof'eph i>anu)n 

l>ee. 2;i. 1S07; d. Sept, 16, ls4S. Oiildren: 
.\nna'<, Orpah iJ, «, Jehlalx, Mary B. », Mary 
.I.**, iiithard^, MandanaH. 

II. .loiiN :, l». Mar, 4, 171MJ: ni. Laura .Mason, .June 

17, lyjJ; hed, l>ee, IH, 1879. Two children, 
lioth dead. 

III. JAMh>7,l». Dec. 2."i, 17D1; ni. Eli/Ji \\. Bacon, 

I eh. 6, 1831 : d. .July 12, 1850. No children. 

IV. Wii.i.iamT, h. <H-t. i«i. 171»;i, in Billeriia; in. 

Kriii.ia <iui.M-, Mar, 2S, 1821 ; «I. .May 11, \Hi\s. 
<liildnMi: U iljiiini W,", b. Oct. 24. Is^l, 
Kriiida 1., »*, h, July 24. 1>2;J. l.ueiuM C^.h, 
.June 11. 182-**, .lainei* .\.«, h. July l.<, IKil, 
.Mary K. 8, b. June 22, 1834, Ann E. 8, b. 8ept. 
ly, 1H4:{. 

V. Jkklsma 7, b, 17U."); d. 17{Xi. 

VI. I.OA.MI ", l». d. 171>7. 

VII. 11 ASSAM 7, b. Feb. IG, 1798; d. Apr. 23, 18()9. 
viii. OKI-All ' , b. .Mar. 22, 18(K); in. Noah Parker, Apr. 

1821 ;d. May 12, 1870. Children, John B. ", 
Jaine- .M.", Mary B.**, Ann .M.h. 
i.x. M akyT, b, Feb. i. 1802; in. Na|Milean B, Boundy. 
.Nov. Is.'J.I; 1 child. Koyal B, f*. 

X. ,Maiii.I>.vT, b. May 4, l8(M;d. .May 10, 181H. 

XI.;i.i,T , b. Apr, I.'). 1808; in. .Martha M, Walker. 

•Mar. lii, 1837. lie uat* a miller In Weymouth, 
d. June f 1882; had six children, lmrle<l all but 


James Rociu8«. She d. Mar. 17, IK89. She 

attended the early reunions of the Hoynton 

family, and by her reniarkn at the tlrnt meeting 

in Newburyinm, Auj?. 14. 1883, Hhe won all 

heart!*, and the f«obri(|uet of *' Aunt Martha,'* 

the *'|)atron Saint '* of th«' Hoynton Family. 

II RKBECCA«,b. 17«3; m. -Neluniiah lt«»undy, in ITHA; 

re*. In .Salem, Mass. lie was a Master Mariner, and lost at 

Ilea with the brij; Minerva in S«'i>t. 1H(M; she il. Apr. 27, 

1833. Children: 

I. (jKMi«iK7, ],. .Sept. D, 17s<;; d. .Mar. \HIii. 

II. Ki.iZAnKTHs b Au>r. 17, 178M; m. Warwick 

Palfrey, <.f .Salem, .Ian. 20. |S(K>. Children: 
i:el>eeea H. >* , ( harles W. h. 

III. < liAUl.Ks T, b. Oct. I.'), 171>4; m, Hannah Ko^ert*; 

.Master .Mariner, Siilnn. 

IV. AiiMiAii,?, b. June 2<», l7'.iH; m. John Chapman, 

of Salem, Oet. 1, iHir,. ( blldren : .lohn ().»<, 
iN'beeea If. »* .b.lin ( . »- . 
1113. III. Hkiiaki>«, b. Oct 3, 17«m; m. I5.tsey Wyman. TlM'y 
moved to L'lHlman, N. V.; he d. July, I'' II. Children: 

III. Lovisa llane<»ek in 18IK. 
III. NVilliain \> Inslow. Seven 

m. Miss Kinne\. .Seven 

m. .Mn*. Allen. 
m. .Serepta Haker. One ehild, 

III. a Mr. W(mn1. 

IV. Hannah", b. .lune 7, 1707: Ml. Nathan Martin, (hlldren: 

Soloman?, I{ebec«*a A. ', .lerusha ', .Mary". 

V. Jkkisiia's b. .luly 17G9: d. 17^8. 

VI. .Sauaii «, b. Au;;. 28, 1770; m. David Kenny, .Ian. 1«, 1793. 

< hildren : 

I. I>avii»', Nov. 2, I7'.>U; m. I.uey IMehmond, Feb. 

4, 1M24. 

II. ilrwAMT, |». Nov. 4, lh(»2; m. KlI/jdM-ih IMaek- 

burn, .May 20, ls3s. 

III. Sakaii ", b, Oel. 4, ISO'): ni, (ieorjje riark, Feb. 

22, 1^27: d. in \h*a). 

VII. Oni'Aii«, b, .May 10, 1772; iii. .lotham Hopkins, of .Mllford, 
N. II. (hiidnii: 

I. .Iotiiam', III. Hathena llurr. 

II. .lKKr>IIAT. 

III. Fann^ 7, III, iN'uben \Vrl;jht. 

William 7, 


Kl.l/AI'.KIII " 



.loNATIIAN 7, 




\ . 

SiMKMN ' , 

David «. 




Sauaii " , 


IV. John 7 . 

V. Holland 7. 

VI. Lutiikk', m. Lttcy Scaver. 

VII. Ulivk7. 

VIII. Betskv «, h. 1774; m. Aaron Fuller, of Wilton, X. H. 

Shed. lulHl9, Children: 

I. Amos F. 7. 

II. Abhott'. 

III. AClISAll'. 


V. Bktsky'. 

m. IX. l>AViu«, h Mur. 7, 1776, In HockluKhara, Vt.; m. Lydla 
NoiirMe, .luiM! 1, 1K04. lie d. In 1813. Children : 

I. .IKUKMIAII?, h. Hept. 2», 1H05; ni. Deboi-ah C. 

Iliilh-y, Sept. 2«, 1881. Went to Newbury, 

II. Ki.viuAs b. Oct. 4, 1806; ra. Daniel B. Uke, 

Sfpt. 1, 1829. 7 children. 

III. <lai{I.v*a7, b. June28, 1808; in. Freeman I^ke, 

.June ls.%. 7 children. 

IV. I>AVii» K. 7, b. Fc'l). iH, 1810; in. Lydla Holieit**, 

•Mar. 26, 183H. ( hlldren: Mary B. »*, b. Mar. 13, 
1H4(>; ICdwlijH, b. Dec. 11, 1H42; Wilbur Fx, 
b, .liiiu' M, lK4(;;nura I. >*, b. Apr. 21, 1847; 
Lydla ", l». S«'pt. 13, IH.W; TlHHuaH .L", b. Dec. 
X. Kt'HANNAil", l». Ori, 2ft, 1778; III. .I«»»«hua KaUm, May 26, 
1H03. niildrt'ii: 

I. ,loMM a7, b, Mar. a;!, IHO.*): in. Ilairlet Khmey, 

Mur, 22, 182W. 

II. I{i.ih;((a7. b. Oct. 26, 18(MI; ni. (Jeor^'e Free- 

iiiiiti. .hill. 7, 1H2'<. 

III. AhiOAiL", b. Nov. 7, 180U; ui. Luther Mllli*. May 

1830; d. May 1841. 

78. David* Boynton, {Nathaniel*, Richard*, Joseph*, 
John\) »mpt. Apr. r.», 174r)-4(); m. Iwt, SuKiinnah Woml- 
nnm, of Rowl(\v, .Jim. 7, 1773; »L '^i^U pn^vioun to 17J>4, 
l.ydiii, widow of Willium Sihloy. Keiiioved from Now 
Uowloy, ((uHHj^'i'toNMi) MasH., to .Meredith, N. H., alioiit 
171)0. 1I«^ d. in 1M22 ; shv d. Oct. IJ>, 1H2<;. 

(Iiildrcn : 

I. .Si;sANXAii«, l». Mar. 20, 1774; ni. William .Mosejs, In Oct. 


171^7; reM. in OilmanUin, N, II. She was a woman of 
^ much ^superiority, and excellent judj^ernent. lie d. Feh, 

il, 1S2-5; *ihe d. Apr. 17, 185«, ChU.lren: 

I. < iiAKi.K.o ? . b. Feb. 22, 17W^ ; lu. Phelie Wynian, of 

l!oni»«. N. II. lie d. May 13, lh66. Their 
children: Charles* 1I.»*, b. Mar. 3, IKil, 
Liz/.IK W.», b. July 4, 18;t4. 

II. Natiiamkl", b. May 24, 1801 ; ui. Olive Mo»*e8. 

III. Si >AN ■ b. .lune 11», 1803 ; d. Oct. 180,'). 

IV. Aaicon 7, 1,. .Inly 4, 1805; in. Dorothy Holiinii, of 

IMtt-tield, N. H. Several children. 

V. l)AVii» i;. T, b. Sept. 29, 1801»; ni. Jeannelte A. 

rjuijplM'll. Five children. 

n^. "HirM":-;';'"' -"•'"'^- 

lihani W. in. Luvina .\. lonner, iiad thr«e chil- 

.lohn M. m. Int. Olive Fos?*; nhc d. in 1806; h« 
in. 2<i, a MiHi« Soinerby. lie d. in 1877. 
viii. William?, b. May 7, Ihl4; in. Susan A. Kanlet, of 
l^icouia, N. II., Feb. 22, 1844: he d. Feb. 24, 
l8l>7. No chlhlrcn. HeMldence, liroolilyn, N. 
II. Bkt»KY«, b. Mar. 24, 1776; in. Int, Kn<»cli Sanb<»rn; ni. 2d, 
a Mr. Hpra^fJie. Moved WeHt. 
IW. III. Natiianikl'*, b. Mar. 20, 177H: in. Hannah F. Mortte, Oct. 
3, 1800. Slie wan b. I>ec. 31, I781», at INiichain, Vt., ami 
d. Auk. 14, IM7. at AI»Min>, III. Il«'4|. at Albany, Nov. 
'J2, 1847. rhildivn: 

I. llLNoMA 7, h, Nov, 3, IH07, in Meredith, N. 11.; 

d. in KoMton. .MacH, July 2, 1831, nnin. He waM 
a teadier ; aUo studied for (he nilnlHtry, probal>- 
ly with It'ev. lIoMoa Kallon. Had hiM name 
cliaii^ed to lieiionia iiuci\lii|;hani. 

II. LvMAN 1). 7, b. Sept. 2, 1801»; ni. Iwt, Koccenia 

Web.ftcr, May 1, 18;{3. She waM b. in l)un- 
villc, Vt., Au^. 11, 1808; d. at lonconl, N. II., 
.July 6. 1848. He ni. 2d. Khtlicr (i. .MejirH, Nov. 
1, 1811). He d. at < oncord. May 2, 1878. <;idl- 
dien: Frances M ", b. Feb. 10, lh3.'»; in. ChaH. 
l.Johii».on; Sarah l{», b. Nov. 12, 1830, in. 
•lolin .lat kinaii ; Sur*an It. '*, b, Nov. lU, 1838, 
III. Scth II. Dole, lour cliildren; Lyiiiun W.^*, 
b. April 4, iMl.d. Scj.t. 12. iH70;rharleM M.«, 
l>. Mar. 5, 1843, in. Kll/abclh Fcr^uMoij ; Fine- 
line I'. *•, b. .Ian 8, l»4r). III. William .1. Hnul- 
buiy; Mary .).'', b. May 10, 1848, in. Kdward 
lluuuell-, j»he was adopted when an Infant by 


Charles MilU; Mary E. 8, b. Aa|?. 14, 1850, ni. 
I^wU B. Hult. 

III. A!*aT, b. Aug. 7, 1811. at Meredith; d. lu Aug. 


IV. Samiki. W.7, b. Feb. 17, 1813, at Gllinanton; d. 

Mar. 17, 1882, at Albany, 111. 

V. M(MH>Y M. 7, I,, in a. May 21, 181.'». 

VI. DaviI):, b. .Sept. 7, 1817, at Green.«boro, Vt. ; in. 

llarrU'l C. ChanibiTlaln. lie d. at St. Johna- 
bury, Vt., May 2;{, 1H77. rblldren lK>m at St. 
Jnliii^hury : Wlllimn S "^ h, ,\pr, 2, \H5:i. ni. 
idii JlaiK'ioft, .V'|»i. 8, iMMl. ihltf fblldnii: 
II«MjiyC.H, b. Apr. 7, ImO."); Ilrirn M.-, b. 
Jnly 4, 1M.*)7, d. Oit. "JU, l.s<;;{, 

VII. Sl-anT, b. .Iidy 11, 181'J, lu (Jreen>*lM>ro, Vt. 

d. in Albany, III., Fe»). 28, 1K47. 
vifl. <iiAici.K.<s7. b. Si-pt. •), lS2:i, lu Gn'eiiHboru. Vt. 
i.\. MaiciaT, b. Nov, 14, l>s2.'), In Danville, Vt.; re»». 

ill Albany, III., uiini. 

IV. roi.i.Y«, b. Apr. 10. 17S2; in. Tboina'* Adam.-*, re^ In IW.*- 

t<»n, one Hon, « liarle.-* ^ . 

V. .losATilAN's I). Apr. .5, 17.S4: d. unin., at Concord, N. II. 
lUO. VI. Kt;ANci.> W.e. b Mar. 1, 17^5; m. l.>.t, Mary <;ilnian; she 

d. Nov. 1S41. ni. 2d, the widtiw ('lon«jh. (hildren: 
I MSAN B 7, III. Bradstreet Wi^j^ln. One 


II. Ciiaki.ottkT, in. William F. Xoye.s. 

III. Makv", m. Harrison Me!!.>^•r. Two 

daii;rbrtT!* and one son, rt'S. in .Matt«HMi, III. 

IV. (iKoiMiK'. 

V. LKWI8 U'.". b. Mar. 7, 1825; m. Knnice E. 

Snialley, .lau. 13, 1H48; their children: Ella 
A ", b. .Ian. 2(i, 1H2'.>, Herbert L.", b. Oct. 10, 
iWil ; d. June 30, 1872. 

VII. l>AVii)e, b. Mar. 25, 1780; d. unm. at C'ampton, N. II. 

VIII. Nancy*', b Nov. .'{, 171>1, in Mcn'ditli, \ II ; m. \a- 

tbaniel .). h'anlrt, of (iilmanton, N. 11., Oct. A, 181((. 
lied. An;;. 5, 1H21, at (J.; she d. In Brooklyn, N V., 
Nov. 1>, IHSO. Sln' was a woman i|nite rcmarkalde. both 
in mind and physbpu* ; sbe rrtalncd her memory, exeel- 
Iriit jud;;<'in<Mit iiiitl yonlbliiliic^-' until tlie la^t. taking a 
lively lnteie-*t in tbe lUireiit events of the d;iy. Cliildren: 
I. (iKcuMiK \V 7, b. May 31, iSlS; d. Jan. 22, 1H44; 

n. Si >AN A. 7, l». Apr. 1, 1X21; m. William Moses, 
Feb. 22, 1S44, at Lanmla, N. II. KVs. Brook- 
lyn, N. V Med. Fcl». 2'.», iSlKi; no ehlldren: 



<«he Inlierlted her mother's excellent quHlitleH. 
IX. Sarah *, b. Oct. 20, 1794; m. lienjainin Hall, lived in 
Chester, X . If. < hlUlren : 

I. Hkiikcca 7, Ml. a Mr. CnmR. 

II. Lyi>ia7, III. Abniin Hri^hiuu. 
ill. Mai:y", III. Abner I><Kl)fe. 


V. *rHA»{I.K>'. 

79. Nathanier Boynton, {Nathaniel*, Richard*, 
Joseph', John\) lM)ni .Inly 27, 1750. 

80. Thomas' Boynton, {Xathaniel\ Richard*, Joseph*, 
John\) Inirn Sept. 2, 17.')2; in. KlizalK»th Kroy^r, of Kow- 
ley, in Lincl)nM)k Parisli, Ipswich, Dec. 10, 177H. Soon 
after nijirnajie thev inovotl to Plymouth, N. II., whero thoir 
first six chiKlren wore iMirn ; then moved to Warren, where 
he died Sept. 24, 1H23. She died Dee. 25, IH^H. It in 
8uid he ser^•ed in the Revolution at Hunker's Hill, where he 
was detailed as teamster to earry powder from the maj^a- 
zine to the hattle «rrouMd. lie also represented his Distriet 
in the Lejxislature, and held several oiKct^s of trust. 

Children : 

I. Bktsky « b. Sept. 2, 1777; tl. y. 

II. Ki.iy.AHKTii «, b. Oi't S, 177H; III .laiiios KuMtiimn, Aujc. 28, 

K'JH. He wunb. .Marrh 12. 1774. Slio d. .luiie 20, 1811. 

I. .Ikssk", b. .Inly 2S, 17l>t»; in. .Sally Wyiimii, Au>(, 

12, 1821. Two Inraiit moiii* d. In ISOI, and 

II. i;o>ii.l.A ', b. Sept. 14, 1H(U; in. MIrbarl Uur- 

bank, .Ian. tl, 1S2M. She d. June 1, 1S72. 

III. I.oiisa", b. .lune 21), ISOfi; in. Charlei* W. 

.Siraipbt, Oct. 2, lH;n. She «1. Sept. 13, 1872. 
Children: I^roy S. « ; Wilbur F. «* ; Hannah 
•S. f*, in. Abi-ani W. Lan^'in^; .Martin V. H.'*; 
Charl*'."* \V. 8 ; Kll/abeth », and Mary », twin»; 
Martlia A. 8. 

IV. Nan< V '. I». June 13, l^OS; in. (iilinan WhiU- Jr., 

July 4, ls3;{;d. Dec. 10, 1H>3. 


1»7. III. Stei*ukv«, b Dec. 2, 1780; m. Betsey Paluier, April 2, 
1800. Hesldenoe Oxfoi-d, N. H. He d. March 5, 1804. 
She d. Feb. 10, 184ft. Children: 

I. Natiiamki. 7f b. July S, 1804; d. Jauuury 2.*^, 


II. Uki.inwaT, b. .I«u. 19, 1806: in Levi Dunit'. She 

d. .Inn. 13, 18(8. (hildren: MttrthuH, 

III. IlKTMY • . b. Muy 7, 1808; in. .lohn WhUcher, Ihr. 

W, \H'1\). dilUhvu: Susan*, Klu<>ni«*, 
ninaldo**, I.<^und(>r «♦, .leroine *•. 

IV. .lo^KI'll l\T,\ ^^.^ ,, ^ ,5 ^yio 

V. Si SAN ' , ) ' • ' 

.losfph ni. Mary Burnhani. Children: (it'orge**. 

Charles'*. .Fossie ^. 
Susan n». .Vbsaloin <'lllVord. 

VI. Nancy ", b. .hnu» 2, 1812; in. .Mr. llouxht(M). 

VII. I'lioMAsT, b. An^. 7, 1811. 

Viii. Stki'iiin 7. b. March 10, 1817: in. Ilannnh 

IX. Sai.i.y ', b. April 24, 181U; ni. Slniwni Clltl'ord. 

X. I>AN V. T, b. .May i.'i, 1821 : in. Mary A. Tuttle. 

XI. Mauia 7, b. <ut. 10, 1S24; in. Olive .Smith. 
XM. MauvT, b. Marih 1ft, IS27. 
xiii.OmawT, b. Auj;. 4, 182J>; in. Mary A. (iay. 

XIV. Kkank .1. L. 7, b. .\prll 20. 18:12; in. .lane (inwve- 
ntr. il«>d. In 1800. 
llk>. IV. TllnMAs'i, b. .Ian. 8, 17s;{: ni. I^ivlna Merrill, Nov. 14, 
lS().*». Was a sra captain anil car|HMJtcr. IJesldenc* 
Salem, .Mass. (hiUlrcn: Klvlra " , who in. a Mr. liall; 
t)ne other jjirl, and u boy. 
V. Sam.y«, b. Dec 20, 1784; in. .1. S Titus, In Dec. 1805. He 
was b in Jlath, N. 11. in Nov. 1780. They moved Into 
their log house on their farm of .300 acres, In Lyinun, 
N. 11. lie d. June i:i, 1808; she d. Sept. 27, 1871. 
I. AsiikkT, b. .Fan. 16, 1807; ni. Hetsey N. Kll»- 
witrth, of l!owley, Sept. 13, 1820. res. In Salem 
and Lynn, Mass., then removeil to Lisbon, 
Dallon and Wliitetleld, N. II., and lastly, to 
Nccdham, Mass., where he d. N«»v. 21, 1887; 
she d. .Inne 30, LsJKl. He was a cari»enter. 
( bihhvn: .lobn W.f, b. Feb. II, ls:iO, Coun- 
M'lb>r al in Huston; ivs. In Nccdham. In 
18SH he was elected President of the .\nn>rlcan 
Utiynlon .\ssoclatlon, an«l re-elected In 180ft; 
nnin. ( harles A. J*, b. .Inly 11, I8:il. lie 


served three ye^rs In the wiir of the HebellUm. 
SHn»h E. », b. Feb. 25, 1S3:U lU June :iO, lS;i4. 
Daniel W. «^ b. Feb. 18, \H^^, lie nervetl three 
years in the war of the Hi'beUlon. Surah K. •*, 
b. S«pt. IM. \K\:\ d. Fel». 2, IS.M. (Jeor^je (". «, 
b. A|>r. 1ft, 1k;11»;«I. Soj.l. 2, IK«U». V.Wm .I.", 
h. May 12, IS 11 ; ni. T. .1. CurtlM, hee. 12, 1S7I. 
Mary ll.»<, b. Mar. IM, islii; t\. May 14, lS4;i. 
Ilariaiul P. >*, b. Apr. 3, lS4:i; .1. Apr. 10, lH4ft. 
Kslher A. M.<^,b. \hv. ;J(>, ISKi; il. June 25. 

II. KlizaT, b x„v. 12. ISOH: »l. Mar 12, isi.*). 

III. I.Ai i:a7, b. Sept. 11, IMIO; ni. 1st, Thnothy .1. 

F.llsworth, In -Vu^. is.TJ. CbiWlren: Imutw 
A.«*,l>. May U>. \SX\\ .lubn S. •!'.«, b. (M. 
ls;{|; Mr. K. «l. ill ls;{«;, aii<l all«*r a few vear» 
she ni. ItenJiinilM N. Kllsworih, a Inoilu'r of 
Ih'r first husbaixi: onr son by this marriage, 
'llionias F., t apt. of eoluretl Mass. |{«';;t. In 

IV. tlKitKMV ' , b. Auir. 12, 1SV2; ni. 1st, Mary Hunt, 

In l>ee. ls:<7. rbildreii; l.ydia .1. »* , \ii>;iisilne 
('. « ; his wlfed. In Nov. IM2, an»l be ni. 2(1^ 
Cynthia Wanl ; tbeir eblldren : Wooistrr H.'*, 
llattie'*^, Mary •% Matties, Isaac W.'<, Aniyf*. 
Katie H, Willie"*. 

V. JasonT,!). Sijit. 2.'>, 1H14; m. Mary Wblteher, 

June 1, 1H41. (bildreji: rharl.s II. «, Ilol- 
inun'^, llennuu'^, (ieor;:e T. NV.'*, I'rod'*. 
Bertha M.><. 

VI. Sali.v K. 7. b. .June 30, IHir, ; m. Uw. Knos I>. 

H«»pkins, .Ian. .V 1S47. Sbr d. .Mar. 21. 1M)1. 
Children: Sarah F. f*. !►. Fel». 12. lHlS;.Mary 
K. ", b. Mar. 7, isr)0: Anson s.** . b. Apr. i:», 
IS'il: <;eor<;»' \V.^. I). (Kt. is, ls.">2; < harlen 
T. f*. b. .Ian. 2S. IS.m. 

VII. John H.", b. An;;. \\K isiS; m. /ilpah Smith, hi 

ls41. ('bil<lr»'n: Irene ". Mareellns'*. KInora*'. 
Hobin .1. '*, Ira'*, Mary*. 

VIII. XaTIIAMKL U. T, I,. .luiie 1.%, lS20; d. Sept. IHJ.'I. 

IX. lit uv V ~, !•• Sept. 2.'), 1^22; in. Moiaee M. Sever- 

ame, .Inly 1, ls.*»l. ( bildren ; Kinily »* , b. 
.Ma\ 10, IsVJ: lloiaee II. ^ b. lM«b. II, is.VI; 
I.uni* 11.^, b. Feb. 2S, \S\{\[ (iro.ire F."*, b. 

Au^', i;i, is:>i>. 

.\. Willi AM M,7. b. Anu'. 2tl, IS21-. in. hollle 
t ' Fieiieli, .laii. 21. I>.*i7. 'blldien; Floienee 



A.«»,b. Dec. 3, 1859. 
XI. Calvin S. 7, b. Feb. 26, 1826; ni. Mary Page. 

Children : Ival T. 8 . He d. Nov. 1857. 
xii. Charles B.7, b. Jan., 1830; d. June, 1830. 
VI. Abigail 8, b. Dec. 30, 1787; m. Beojaraln Bailey, Feb. 17, 
1807; went from Lisbon, N. H. to Ohio. Children: 
Deloplm?, Drusllla', .lame*', Adallne?, Ezra', 
Klvlru7. Avllla?, Benjnraln F. 7 . Christopher 0.7, 
Al»i<;:iil K. 7 , and another who d. y. 
199. VII. Suinuel Harrinianfi. b Nov. i."^, 1790; n». Mehitable Clark, 
Nov. 17, 1H14: ri's. Warren, N. 11. lied. Sept. 11, 1827; 
she d. Sept. 27, 1H.30. Chihlren : 

I. KLiti:ii><;E G.7, b. Sept. 24, 181.5, d. y. 

II. Iam i>A 7. I). Feb. 14, 1S18; d. .Sept. 14, 1840. 

III. David M. 7, h. Dec. 2, 1819; A fanner and 

lilatksiinith in NVarren, X. 11. 

IV. Saicaii M.7, h. May 29, 1821; in. Asa Blxby, 

Der. 15, 1.H42. i hildieu : JeHsle A. «, 
Lmiusi.!.'*, David P:.!*, .Marlon F. »*, Sarah A.»«. 

V. Woic< K>iKi£ K. 7, I). Mar. 2(i, 1824; ni. lut, hy 

K'ev. Mr. Hill, MUm .\da .\. I^ne, of NaMhiia, 

N. II., Nov. 29, lMr.7; nhed. July 2.1. 1894; in. 

2d. hy Key Mr. ludd, of llmnlker, N. II.. 

,Mr»«. hnrlnda K* lli»vve, of Warren, S. II , 

Mar. II, |N!i7. \o .'hlldren. 
*Mll4 early ednnttlon wa^ aequirid at the common xchooU, and at 
Xewhury, V't. Seminary. Ih- nceived a diploma from the Medical 
CnlverHlty of New V«nk. and al.S(( an<ither diploma from the MasMa- 
chuKettK Medlc.iM'olle^e, and <'oiiMnein'nl the practice of me<llclne at 
KmmI ll«>pklnton, N. II., in iMol lie Ih the Inventor of the I'yro-Klec- 
tile Medicated l<iin^ Flannel, for whicli he wio* awarded a diploma; and 

• »r a iMU[ii Karometi'r of loKnovvI'd^iil nn ill, and a diploma on thiriy- 
one kIndM (»r medicine. He \n alxo the author of >ieveral .Medical 
Workt«, of which, IiIm 'rrealiM' nn ilie llumnn Dye,* 'Family IMivMclan* 
(which for a l«»ok of It** -l/e. Ihm ii'-vei- heeii eNrrlied f»y any American 
anllior,) Mlie Medieai |n«irn<ior, ill)* I'livate Midical Lectnrea' tind 
'l'li,\Mioio)(i('al and .\nalonii< ill < liai I ' me the hiohI Important. 'Thexe 
WiM'ki* were all well received l)y llie pilliil*'.' He ha^ iii»o written and 
compiled several workx whieh are Mtill in manu-'cript, entitled, *.\)<rl- 
1 uimral Ohservaiiotis." 'On th«' Mort.iiity of New Kn;;land,* 'I'liali* on 
all domeslie aninialf*, t<» see what tliey would t»r reject,' Kxi)eri- 
iiient)4 of one thousand d:iy<< on diet,* and two p4H'm>, 'the Old Home 
derailed,* and 'The O'dinary 1,'nles of Health.' Dr. Hoynton )i:i4 had 
••xi'elhnt Minre-s in Iil« praetue- In- ha.» also l>een a siieees^ful leetnrer 

• •M Anatonv. l'iiv-ioln;,''\ , |'athol...:y aixl the In-tilnte^ of Medicine; 
'••iiiethin;; ••! a traveler, a ;rn'at ol»server of men and thin;x<. and an in- 
'lid.»ti;;.iMe seh< "Km- y f.imily should -eeiiie a ropy o| 


^^ ^'^^'c^X^^^ 



his ^Family I^yBleian.' He {* worthy of publii* coutldeuce lu every 
reitpect,'* He hui« been one of the vice prertidentfl uf tlie AmerioMn 
lioyntou Associatiun. several y«*ar». Hv now (IK^W) renideii iu Lowell, 

A lurj^e part of the above was copied from Hon Mr. Utile's History 
of Dr. IJoyuton'H native Town. 

VIII. MAi{V«,b. Dei* 21, 1792; m. h»T deoeaited HUlerV hui»- 
baud, tiaiuefl Eastman. Their children : 

I. SvLVK.-iTKK ", b. Au^.H, ISU; III. Louisa NVblti'her 

Mai. I, 1H41; he d. Jan. ll>. IHW). rhll.lren: 
(ieor^i* E. **, Kiith .1. "*, III. a Mr. VeaMry, and 
Ullliam W.-. 

II. KLI/..\i(l.Tll '. It. .S<>pt. 2, IHIO; in. <iid(>on Sli«-tdon 

Oft. !'.», |.**J.'>; -bed. March 2.'). Ih.|7. 

III. .Mu>K-'. U. Dec. IM. IHIH; <\. K«b, 20, 1h4(>. 

IV. riiii.KNA'. b Apr. 24, IMJO; in. Wlllluni l». 

U liiU', Apr. Xi, IHJO. 

V. .Iami .■« ', b. Miir, 12. iHi'J; d. .Inly .1, HTO. 

VI. A won T, \,. Hitd d. ill l'<2'*. 

VII. KiMl S. 7, I.. AiiK'- i:<. t^2M; III, AdiiiiiD. NVhlie, 

.Inn. I, I'vlH. 

VIII. HaUAII .1.7, b, Oct. S. IM.'U; Hi. Ib'V. .MiMtillU'r 

Cutler, in 1H.*>2; one cblld d. in infancy ; xhe d. 
^ An^'. 27, 1M.')<;. 

aOO. IX. JosKPil«, b. Jun«' 15. 171>r); in. Sally Kni^jbt, in IS17. 
Moved from N. II. to Michij;an, in 1K,34. ''lie was an 
excellent 8in<;er and clasi^ leader for many years at the 
churcb In Warren, \. 11..** Hi** death «»cciiried In Jan. 
1K.'>0, while on a visit to hir« »*i.mer, .Mr?*, Haiiy, in Ojiio. 
(bildren : 

I. ()ici,AM»o A.7,b. .Mar, 2(5, iHlH, 

II. .lo^Ki'ii 11.7, h, Ma\ I.'), IH|',); a mercliant In 

Sterlinjr, 111. One daii;;liter. 
ill. Iamma K. 7. I), June JH, 1^24; in. a .Mr. Toll, re»». 
Ii'eiio, Nebraska, .Sbe onee wrote, •' I have no 
doubt but we are of tbe original family, for 
after we moved to the NV«'.-.t 1 was counting up 
my cousins whom I could rtiiii'iiiber, and 
counted tbree buiidred. and on my tellin;; my 
fatlier, be count«d six liundied relatives." 

X. Timothy «, b. in Ana. 17i»7: d. y. 

XI. Natiiamki. «i. U. in .May. Ih(K»: d. y. 

81. Richard' Boynton, {yutlnniieV. liirlund". Jifseph\ 

John\) l»on» May !.')♦ 17')r>, in K«»\vUy .M:i>>. ; iii. Susuiiimli 


Willianw, who was born on Governor's Inland, July 11, 
1754. Ho removed to Meredith, X. H., about 1795, and 
was the leadin*; merchant there. He d. Aug. 15, 1802: 
she d. Aug. 2, 1835. 

Children : 

201. 1. Natiiamkl8, I). Oct. 11, 1776, In Chelsea, Mass.; in. 
Ilannsih Huiitphries, Dec. 27, 1818. He d. in Dauvert*, 
Feb. 2.*^, 1857. They res. In Lynn. Children: 

I. Hknjamin F.7, b. .Jan. 18, 1819; ni. Sarah I>. 

Tli(»ni|H()n, Aug. 1.3. 1840. Their children: 
JJenjauiln 1*. «, b. Jan. 18, 1841 ; Ann M.», b. 
Nov. 2», 1846; Hannah K.8, and Harriet E. «<, 
twins, b. Mar. 7, 1840; Anna M.8 , b. .July 14, 
\H'>:\; Wiliiain K, b. .June 12. 1S5.5; Franlv K.8, 
!). Apr. 1.1, 185!»; Elmer E.>*, b. March 23, 

II. Ann!.. 7,b .lune 26, 1821 ; m. Aujifustu!* Bryant. 

Apr. 24, 183U. 

III. Daviim, b. Vvb. 2f). IHiH. 

IV. Wii.i.iAM l'.',b. Dec. 12, 182l». 

V. CAi{ni,iM;7, ; d. June 1, IH.W. 

VI. CAijni.iNK A. 7, b. ()<t. 30, IH.^O; HI. William H. 

\MIU'y, (tf Charl«'^t()wn. Dec. 23, 1868. 
II. SALLY •, b. .ImifO, 1778; m. .Nathan Davl>«, of Meredith, 
N. II., Au^. n, 17'.t»J. He was b. Nov. 22, 1772. She d. 
.hint* 7. IH('>:{. Clilldren: 

I. .Sai.i.y', b. .lune 24, 1797; in. John Holx'itM; 

moved went. 

II. 1{ICIIAUI> H. 7, I). Jan. 3, 1800; unm. 

III. SfjiANT, h. .Ian. 17. 1802; m. Mannassa Fair- 


IV. John W.7, b. June 26, 1SJ4. at Meredith, X. H. 

m. Elizabeth L. Lee. of Heverly, Mass,, Mar. 
29. 1S3(>. Hfd. Nov. 8, 1H»J1. at Wa.«hiujn«n. 
Cal. Thrirelilldren: Sarah E. », b. June 10. 
1S37, John K. T. I). June 18, 1839, Ellen F. « 
b. Aug. 6, 1H41. I-irkin L. »*, h. July 9, 1848. 

V. Wii.i.iAM 7. b. Apr. 1.5, ISOC; in. Children: 

SusanS, Kranklin**, Kosina .1. **. 

VI. EiiK\K/.Ku7. b. May 3. 180.S. 

VII. I>AVii> M. 7, It. .luni' IS, ISIO; m. l.ydla Emery. 

Jan. jg, 1S32. ( liildrt-n; IViscilla J."*, b. 
tut. IS. 1832. Andi.w J.f, b. April 16, ls.37: 
Sarah A.". I». Hit. S, 1842, Susan M.**, b. 
Mar. 23. ISH'.. <«.nlelia A. «, I». Mar. 20 1^48. 


VIII. Nathan H. 7, b. Aug. i), 1812; m. and lives In 

Grl>f^'8ville, 111. 

IX. Lkmi Ki. F. 7. I). Nov. 2*2, 1821, unin. 

202. III. RiciiAKD«, \k July 20, 1780; in. Betsey Davlf*. Res. 

Newton ri>|K»r FhIIs, Ma^ig. He d. Feb. 2.'S, 1841. 
Children : 

I. Slsan", m. Joshua Gardner. 

II. Ciiaklottk", in. Otlf» Sawyer; one dau., 

SuAan A. f<, who m. a .Mr. Stanwood; i)erhap« 
other children. 

III. John T . 

IV. niciiAKi>7. in. Cynthia Sthn|>>>on. 
v. Wii.i.iamT, in. Kliza Mowry. 

VI. Mahia", in. Kbeiu'zer Porter. 

VII. Makv', in. Muhael Molnto(*h. 

203. IV. STKi'iltLNf, h. Jan. 13, 1782; in. d. Apr. 9, 18ft2. 

I. MAKYE.7,b. in. Mr. Hall, of Tortsinouth, 


204. V. JosKi'ii 6, b. .June 8, 1784; in. Kes. Maiden, Mass., d. 

Oct. 24, 1845. <'hlldren: 

I. John L. 7. 

II. JOMKfllT. 

)ii. MAitv J. 7 , in. a Mr. We<«d. 

205. VI. JoiiN«, b. May B. 1780; m. Sally (Durj^an) 1'jik<*; »he wai 

born Jan, 30, 178j», and d. Dee. 20, 1851. lie wa« a far- 
mer In .Mi-n-dlth, N. II., al>«o Town Clerk f<»r many year* 
In Hnc»<*HMl(iij. He wax a >(o<h1 man, and highly re«iM?ct*;d 
by all. Ih'd. Apr. 21, lH-15. ( bil<lr«ii: 

1. Si>an7, b. June 0, 181»; d. .May fi, 1841. 

II. ElJZA 7, b. Mar. 3, 1821 ; d. 25, 1841. 

III. Sally G.", b. .Sept. 8, 18*23; in. (ieorge B. 

Flisher, Sept. C, 1849. 'Hnir Children: I^auru 
F.8, MaryJ.**, William H.", Nellie V. « 
(hark'f II.**, (;«'or>;e C. >*. 

IV. Jons W. 7, b. May 4, 1828; ^tupposeil to have 

b«M'n lost at s«>a. 

206. VII. David«, b. July 13, 1788; in. Jane .Smith, of Antrim, 

N. II. ^'hi]<lr«'n bf)ru In Lowrll : 

I. I>AVii»H.7, b, Aii;^. 2«, 1H35; m. 1st, KImmU 

Merrell, of Milford, N. H. She lived but hIx 
months; m. 2il. Mary Tllton, of Kppinjr, N. II., 
Mar. 31, ls(33. INs. in Mrrrimac. No children. 

II. SfsAN J. 7, b. Srpl. 12, 1H37; m. Kdward <;. 

Ilaiublett. of Milfonl, N. II., Jan. 14, I8«k'i. 
One child, Fniuk H.'<,h. Feb. 18, lsU3; d. 
Sept. 1, 1878. 


III. FuANK l».T, b. June 18, 1840; in. Ellen Thl»- 
i»on, of Draoiit, Ma««., Dec. 1864. No children. 
VIII. Si'«AN«, h. Mar 4, 1792; m. '^mU" BurriU, Dec. 17, 1875. 
No ohiidrt'ti. 

IX. Maicy W.6, I, Sept. 4. 17W; m. Joseph Burilll; d. May 14, 


207. X. I.KMi KL II. «, b. AuiT. 3, 1790; iii. Sarah A. Wash, iu May, 
1835. II.' served In the war of 1812; d. May 24, 1845. 
Kes. St. Louis, Mo. (bildivii; 

I. Sl\sax M.7^ b. .Iul> 16, 1838; m. William II. 

M.)ore, Ian. 21, lK.-).i. Their children : Nora 
K. «, Anne \.x, Lottie H. »<, Mary B. », Miltou 
II. «, Susan H. K. Koy D. f<, (Jeor^e K. «. 

II. ViiJdiMA K. 7, b. .July 14, 1H41; ni. William W. 

lleaiM's, Feb. 2;{, IhGC. ( bildren: William 
K «, Sallie A. It. A «. 
ill. .Mautin L. 7, b. Sow 23, 184,3. lit- is a river 
en;,'lneer in St. Louis Co., .Missouri. 
XI. Bi:tskv«. b. her. 2<J, ISOO; ni. Benjamin Parker. .Apr. 27, 
1823. Shed. Au^r. 12, bs7i. n,il,l,vn: 

I. Ki.iZA .1.7, b. IVb. 1.% 1H27; m. Henry F. 


II. .MAiiY A. 7 , b. .July 2, 1829; m. .James F. Porter. 

III. Hknjamin F. 7, b. May 7, 1831, iu Charlestown, 
Mahi*. ; was edueated in the IbMton schools, and in Peinbn»ke Icademy, 
N. II. On leavlnj? school he entered the trio-eiy business in Boston, 
and later was associate.! v.iili Mr. (utter in tlie Door, Sash and Blind 
biisiness in the above named city, where by his industry and honest 
dealings he built up a lar^e and lucrative business, under rhe tirm name 
of Cutter and Parker, in which he continued to the time of his death, 
which occjined Kelt. 22, IMt.'.. In 18«).*) be married .Mary F. Hoar. lie 
lelt t'wodau^ht.Ms, .Mrs. Marion F.**, wile of William \. Perrin, of 
Itochester, N. Y., and Laura >*, now .Mrs. tieorjfe P. Furber, of ,\uburn- 
dal4' Mas-. His wile and orily son were killed in ibeOld i'olony IL B. 
ac«'l<lent al (/nincy, Mass., in Au>;usi. \H\Hi. He was Moldier In our late 
war, «<tin«; to the Front Sept. ID, Js(i2, lor nine nionlbs, as Captain of 
Co. B. Filth i:e«:t. .Mass. Vol., which company be recruit^-d in Somer- 
ville. and wbich illd ellective service in tbe vicinity of \ewb«!rn, N. C. 
He served in the ( harlestown ( ity <'ouncil one;^ was a charter 
member ol (ban ty Lod>;e. F. and A. .M. Capt. Parker was a man of 
line Intellectual aldlity, ami even, j^enial temperament. He was an In- 
terested nuinber of the .\merican Boynton .\ssociation, and one of the 
Viee-Preslcb'uis 111" Jhat society, whose animal meetin^js he always at- 
teiub'tl. lies, at W«'llesb'y Hills, .Mass. the last ei;;hteen vears of his 

IV. Si SAN F. 7, b. Oct. 27, 18;«. 








rtrAwi - 



V. Joan A. 7, b. Dec. 23, 1837; in. WlllUm II. 

Furher. June 4, 18fi7. 

VI. Laika a. 7, b. May 21, 1843. 

VII. Kllkx (J. 7, b. Juoe 28, 1847. 

82. Asa* Boynton, (.V</M«ntW% Richard}^ JoAeph\ 
John\) Iwrn Mar. 4, 17(50; in. Mairy, chiu. of Joseph ami 
Mary (Frye) Edmunds, of Lyini, Miuhs., April 10, 1781. 
She wa^ lK)ni in Lynn, Aujr. 1>. 17<)2. They ren. lii*Ht in 
Lynn, then moved to N. 1!. '* The estate of Akh Boynton 
was severed from Piermont, N. 11., and annexed to Went- 
worth in 17H7." In 1773 lie sijrned a petition in Ilaverliill, 
N. H. ♦» In 1H()(» ho went to Ohio and settled on the Old 
French Grant, and located the town of Haverhill, Ohio." 
The country was so new he did not move his family until 
1810; then they went in wa<rons and a family earriajre, and 
were six weeks inakin<j: the journey. He died Foh. 21, 

Children : 

I. Maky «. b. Dec. 17, 17H2; d. May 4, 1707. 

II. Asa « , b. Aug. 4, 1784 ; d. Aug. 30, 1802. 

III. Lucy «, b. Jan. 26, 1787 ; d. Nov. 20, 1707. 

IV. Lydia C.<^, b. Jan. 24, 1789; in. Jauu*s H. I'reMcott, Nov. 

12, 1816; d. Feb. %\. iHifi. Had one dau. Mary J. 7, who 
III. a Mr, I^ocke, and one t<on. 
*)8. V. .losKIMI K.«', b, Keb 21, 1701; in. Ilelf«ey Wheeler, Jan. IS, 

1813. lied. Auj:. IT, 1817, leaving one i*un, Henjainln 
L.7, b. at Fn'nob (Jrant. Mar. 4, 1814; lie ni. Mary 
Karnbam, Feb. U, IS.^0. Their eblldren : Lucy J.", b. 
1837; Joseph K.'*. b. 1830; Harriet A.'', I». 1842; Kli/Ji 
V. «,b 1841; Mary >*, b. is4r,; Soplironia A »*, b 18.'S0; 
Davhl L. »*, b. 18:)3. Henjainln L.. d. June 3, I8(W. and IiIh 
widow ni. David Dudley. 

209. VI. CiiAiii.Ks <". «, b. Dec. 20, 1702: in. IMkhIh II. , dau. o| 
(apt. Kdwanl ('. Sumner, «>f IVaehatn. Vi., Mar. 13, 

1814. He d. in Aug. IK37. rhildren Itorn In \Vhf'riert»- 
burg, Ohi<». 


I. SiMNKuT, h. ,luno 2(5, IKM; in. Ellaiheth K. 

KIhihUmii, Sept. I'i, IKM. 

Mo «l. lit (lnM»nnii*tU». Mo., Juim« '2\\ 1HII4. \V> <|Uoie fniin lhi» *' Miliui 
Sliiiiiliii'tr* (»f .luly M. IHlU. ".ludp' Hoyiitoii wai« whiit wiin tennwl li 
!*»»lf-inm|p iimii; fi iHiiM of iiKirt' (hiiii onllnury liilrlll^eiuv, with ^rcHt 
|tiiM|i, (MHM'^y, mid II v«iy iioilvo luiiui. In iH.'tO .Iiul^jo Hoyiitnn nioveil 
to Missouri. \\\\\\ii for ii tlim», in a rml«' lo;; oalilii, intir the pn'sent (»lte 
of (ir«HMU'iistl('. Ill tMnir-r of tiiu«' lie piiii'liaseil land south of the 
town, when' at the tlnu- of his* desilh he owned one of the pr»'ttle!«t 
hoiiM's 111 the eoiinty ; he has vS(H) acres of tine jtroduetlve land, all the 
result of IiIh dill;:('iu'e and ^ooil iiiaiia;ii'nuM»l. Mr Uoynton has alwavf? 
hren .-III aetiv** and eap.ddr Im-inrss man. an<l tlie prosperity of the 
."Hiiinunily is laiffidy due to his e<Hop»'ratioii. He was appointed .hid;;e 
.d llh' County Court in Is74. He «'ast his ilrsi vote for .John C. Iir»'eken- 
lidi;!'. ami has l»»»en an arlivf and fanu'si wmkir in tin* l)ein party all 
his life. Ih' was a IJoyal Anii Ma>on. During his .lud^jeship Mr. 
I'lox ntoM displayed ifinaikaldr Hnaneial ahility. k«'en Jnd;;iin'rit and 
>hiewdnps< in tin* adininistiation of ih»' eounty ail'aiis, and won tlw 
fonlld«Mii'«' of the cnlirf rtiiuniiinity Ity hi.s honesty and advoeaev of 
what he thon;;lit was Jusi and riirht, anti for the w«dfaie of the 

i hildren : 

|{hoda'*,l» May Ki, lh.'>«»; m. .Mid;;e M. T. Andrews, Sepi, 1, \hh7, 
CuuA M.**. h. Oet 24, ls.')7, at (irec'iirastle, Mo. niarrl«tl Dee. IH, 18H4 
at Milan, Mo. to AIIm-iI I'alten Miller, formerly of Winchester. Va. 
Their present home is in Tientftn. Mo,, where Mr. .Miller ir< successfully 
en;ja;:iHl In the meicantile piirsuitn. Mrs. Miller is ii meniher of the 
I'iesl)\terian church and takes <|uite au Interest In secret sm'ietie.s, at 
pieseiit liein;; "Most Kxc<dlenl Chief* of the "l.'athhone Sisters," and 
.secretary in the "'Order Ka>lern St;ir." ih-r Children Henry Haker", I). 
Apr. 1(5, 1SS8; d. May 10, IShH. Carroll n«»ynton!', h. May (5, I^DO. 
Acacia II. «, h. Apr. -if^. 1s.-!J: .1. .June (5, IsxA. .Jane K. »♦, h. .Mar. 4, 
isci : in. NV. F. Crawford. .Jan. 20, 1SS7, Charles K. L. ", h. .Vov. 2(J, 
lsr,:J. Mary K. «. h. (H-t. 1. IS(;.'), (iayhnd »*, I.. Fel». 27, 1H(;7; d. .Mar. 16, 
lS(i7, Harry S. ", I.. .V|ir. 23, 1H74; d. .June 2, l^'.xi. 

II. I.AI UA '. l.'cM. in California. 

VII. OMiiiA'', l», .hine i;i, I7U.'(; in. Ileiijamin L«H-ke, I»ee. 'J2, 
|M|4. Ilr moved to Ohio In iHpj, (hildren: 

I. Ain;i,iNK s I,. Mar, ;«), |hI7: d. 0«t, 4, |h2I. 

II. Wil.l.iAM H.7, b. Apr. 7. lH2(>;tl. Dec. 30, 1824. 

III. Maijv ', l>. May 2, Ixi.J; d. duly 27, 1824. 

IV. SI SAN T, I,, uct. 12, 1N27: d. .July 17, lS29. 

V. I.KANPKlc". U. Oct. 12. ls2*.i; d. in lK."i2. 

VI. Dki.MuM 7. |». Apr. 4. 1.S32. 

VII. Ci.AKA ", h. Mar. 24. Is34. 

VIII. Ki.i.knT. |>. .lulv 24. I8:i<.>:d. in 1841. 

1^^^^ /d. /?tU£o^ 


VIII. Llx'Y«, b. Nov. 22, 1797; ni. Cieorj^e Wlllluiiiu, Nov. 30. 
'18lH;d. Nov. 3, 1KH3, lu La K;i>Ht.-. Ind. Chlhlreii: 
June A.'. CaroHnf", (W'orge?, Mary'. 
210. IX. WiM.iAM L. «, h. S«pt. U. 1S(H); m. iHt, Nuucy Feurt. .Ian. 
1, 1H22: hlie wa*' »>. Sopt. 14, iHOl, and d. y*'\>. 9. Ih.V'J; in. 
2d, Sn«an I'litrlianl; t^Uf wa>* l». l)rc. 2.'*, lH2'i, and d. Aii>c. 
16, 1H.'>7; III. 3d, Kutli A. IIii«h«II. mIic wan h. Sept. 17. 
1HI9. II<' d. .Inly 12. IhTO. Uv^. on tli<' Vrvuvh (;ranl, in 
r)hio. (iiildnii: 

I. I'KTUt F. T, I,, (ut. 17, IS22: in. Kll/a .1. <adol. 

(hlldien: Asa f*, Orln**. CanirW. 

II. Makv", I». Nov. 4. lS24:ni. Dr. F. H. .MnKucy, of 

< inrinnati : lias thrcf hods and oik* dau^liK'r. 

III. CvMinvT. h .S'pt. 22. 1S2»5; in. 1st, Saimu'l 

Skrlion. (hiiilr^'n; lien«'«<, NVllliam li. »* , 
Frank M.*<: she in. 2d. Alva .la«|U««s. had 
O.M'ar^, .Minnh*''. K'oha", and oiu* other 

IV. Asa t. I.. July 12, ls2«.»; d. Apr. IM, 1S4!». 

V. IlKNKV F. T. h. Oct. 1, iM.n : III. Mary Stewart. 

No family, rei* in Ala. 

VI. William 7, b. Sept. 22, IKM. UeM. St. Auj;u»«- 

tlne, Fla. 

VII. <iKoi{OK 7 , b. (let. 20, 1h;17 ; d. Dec. 22. 1H37. 

VIII. .Iami;> S.7, b. .lune 11. 1H4(». 

IX. Anmk K. 7, b. Mar. .'J, is.jJL 

X. Mattik F. ' , b. Dec. 9, 1H«2: d. Nov. 22. 1HC9. 

X. MakvC. It. .luly 9. 1802; in. Thoinai* If. l{o;rerH. .lun, 1. 

1H22. I'<'s, Im Fayrlte. Iial.. one >*on. 4;<'or«;e". 

XI. .IankA.»'. b May 17, ImO.'.: ni. 1st. Tlioniii- U hittier. 

I»ee, 19, 1x21 : bad oiu' son Tlioina-". 1>. in 1n22. who in. 
1st. <'harlotte Kyersoii. of riiiladeiphia. in ls47; in. 2fl. 
Mrs. Kate Ow>k. «»f New Orleans, in iHjd: m. ,'i<|, Mn*. 
Mary Od»'l). by wImmi he had one dau>:ht« r K.ite". Mr«. 
Whittier 111. 2d, .lohn Dn Teil ; he wa-i b. at the French 
(;iant. Ohio, FeJ>. 13. 1S03, and d. In Oc». 1H(^|; nhe d. 
Nov. 21, IWn. Their childr.ii : 

I. ', b. in lh3l : III. Williuni K. Kochet*- 

ter, Apr. 5, IH.'U: he d. May 2:^ 1h;2. ( hll- 
dren: Ada '' . b. .Inn.' 2.'i, \<>(\: F.i//ief*, b. .Inly 
22, ls.->s; Mary ^, b. Apr. 4, 1h;2. <1. Apr. 19. 
lb»»7 : «»n«* otlnr d. y. 

II. I.iz/ii: ". b. in ls;{3; in. Sainiiel 1*. Haird. 

III. ri.Ai ims C. '. b. Mar. 14. ls{."»; in. Anna I5en- 

hain. Feb. 4. Isr,.-,; hed. Feb. 23, 1ks2. ( hil- 
dren: Frank H. ^ b. O.t. 9. lsr.9: llarryH. 
b. .lulv \i\. 1>71: MarV, l». Od. 20. IK72: 


Herthii « , h. \ov. 5, 1877. 

211. XU. At>AO. I>. July 21, 1^<07; III. Julia liertrand. Dec. 25, IhiS, 

He d. about ISvKO. ChUareu: 

I. John IJ. ', h. Sept. 20, 1829; ni. Kllza II. CopeiH 

havcn, Miir. 2«5, 1K57. He d. Apr. 7, 18{»« 
"Words rimiiot nu'usure the worth and value to 
the world of surh a ohanuter a« hln.*' 
Moved from {}\\U> to 111. lu iKV.t. Children: 
Asa ^, d. when 15 yeiirj* of a^e; Frank .\ * 
in isr.l : Khner K.x, h. in I8(l{; l.ncy L.«, b. 
in ISf,-); L(.nMi K.H, b. in 1«r>8; John K.*. b. 
in 18«;9; Delniont !..'', b. in 1871: Ida H.«», b. 
in 187.1. 

II. Josiiii 7. III. Julia Itanhvell. Children: 

Walter'*, (Jilberf*, Frank >*, I'earlH. 

III. FKi.inri:T, , ; m. W illlum C. Hard, of Cineinnati. 

N<» thiltlreii. 

IV. 1.1 (vK.*, ; in. John Huttertleld. children: 

< harles >*, John **. 

V. Lalka". ; 111. Evan Wauderworth. Chil- 

dren: Klberf*. (iraee**, IMuk*^, George^. 

212. XIII. John L.«. b. July 17, 1811; m. Felieite Bertraud, Feb, 

23, 1836; she was luirn July 28, Ibll, and died Feb. 7, 
18.V2; hedie.1 Au«;. 1.'), I8n8. Kes. Freneh linmt, Ohio, 
Children: ' 

I. CllAUl.^>c. T, h, (lot. 13, lKi7;in. .Vllee Marshall, 

Dec 21, ls(]7 ; she d. in 1882. Children : Fan- 
nie F. K, b. Jan. 17, 1870; Mary E. «, b. Apr. 
21, 1872; I.uey H. «<, b. Feb. 14, 1874; Charles 
S.^^. b. Oct. 18, 1876: Arthur C. 8, b. Aug 18, 

II. Thomas 11. 7 , b. Nov. 20, 1839; d. Jan. 8, 1841. 

III. IlK.NHV llKUTUANi)7, b. Mar. 14, 1842. ''Being 
left an orphan at the a;re of ten years, be founti a deli^rhtful, cultured 
home with his Aunt Mrs. Cynthia I.ocke, and cou«in Delinont Lo<ke, a 
man of mre rellnement. At the early a;;e of nineteen he answered his 
« otmtry's first cjill to suppn-ss the late Rebellion, enlisting: on April 22, 
iHtU, .'ipiin Sept. 1, isr.l for three years, and the thinl time on Jan. 1, 
18<;3, as a Veteran Volunti'cr. lie served with honcir all through the 
war, never bein;; captured or woun<l«'d, althouj^h three horses were shot 
from under him I He tilled many places of ;;rcatest danger carrying 
dispatches through the mountains iiiid valb'ys of N'irginia and W . \'\r- 
;;iiiia, which at that time were lllled with Mo-liy'- llu>hw hackers. 
<Hti'n at ni^ht wImm so daik he couM not see a foot from him he pas-«'d 
between tlK- rnioii and Confederate pickfts drawn up within a few 
>ards of each otiiei-. Oiu- time when scouting they were ambushed, the 


cowanlly officer \u i-oinuuiuil Hurreiulered the ^^uanl, when II. H. Hoyn- 
ton, rather than aurrendtT, leajM-d his li4M(*e over u preclplee. lie wub 
followeil by other l»rave t»|»irll8, tlien luakhi^ u detour, they rejfidned the 
mountain n)ad and eoinin«;; upon the 'l{el»els' ^urI)rif)(Ml and eaptured 
ihrni, thu8 n-leaslii;; their comrades. Alter tlie ever ini'inoralde (Inmd 
llevlew at Washington he was niustercd »»ul uf service at Wlu-elin^, W. 
Va. I'elurnin;; iionie he entrnnl e<dle;j:e. Alter ^rniduatin^ he wat» 
united in uiarria^r to Miss Marv r<K»k Hard, eldest datJ^litrr of \N illiani 
and Tryplirna Hard, l)ee. "Jl, IsO". Sin- wat* a very lu-autllul woman 
and a iiolde ( liristian, having; an unusually l>ri;:ht Intrllnt. She watt 
always alliitioiiiiif and ;,'«'iitU'. an<l w»dl helov« d by all her I'riends, 
whifli Wen* l»';;ion. To this union seven childrctj wne ^iveii; all 
(lyin;; in inlaney except < oren Ltlfo}'", l». April HI, 1x71, and KUle 
.May»',l». April 11, 1x77. ' i;{. Ihs.'t, '|hcy wltii 
llicir fath<r th«-n made ilicir home uith their <ir:ind-parcnts (Mr and 
Mr?*. Hard.; 11. I'.. lio> ni<.n di« d .Inly 17, Ih^x. 'Ihc t-hildn-n ri-ceived 
thfir education, and both ^ra<luatcd in the public schools ot rortsmoulh, 
it. Alter jjraduatin;; <'(>r«'n L. atten«lcd the Ohio State I nivcr-ily, ex- 
p«>ctin«^ to become an electrical en^it»cer, Imt ;;enin^ emery in U\a eyet» 
he was c<»mpelled to <;ive up his chosen work. On April 2. bSDO, he 
married Jessie (>. A n;;lc. has one dau;;liler, Mary '•». Klsie is a teacher 
In the Portsmouth Schools." 

IV. .hniN I.. T, b. Nov. 17. 1S4«); m. .Mary K. Sheehan, 
Feb. «, IStJS. K'cs. Haverhill, <>. Mrs. W. d. In 
iSS'.i. < hildren: Tilla ^ b. In IS^IS; Adda M.'*, 
b. in 1S71 ; Martha W ^ . b. in ls7ft ; Asa " , b. in 
IXSO; Laura K. ^, b. in lssr». 

83. Sanrner Boynton, {'hhn\ lUvhard^, J()i<e2>h\ 
Jnhn\) !x)rn in Holli.«^, N. II., Mar. 20, 17.')0; no lurther 
r('c<jrd of him. 

84. John* Boynton, (Jo/tn\ Iiicfiard\ Jo«ej)h\ 
John\) iK.rn in Ilollis, N. H., Oct. 1«, IT'nJ. It is naid he 
died in the Kevoliitioiiarv war. 

85. Isaac' Boynton, (*/o/tji\ l{khnrd\ Jo)ie])h\ Mm*,) 
horn in (Indon, .Mas-., Apr. .'J, IT').'*. Ilr ua.s a n-vohition- 
iirv M)Idicr, <'nli>liM;: in 1777, for Ihror yi-ars. IIIh ^jrand- 
dan«.dit<*r, .Mis. Frary, ha.s in her poKsi'Mhion one ol the <an- 
iKMi halU !)<> hroiiirlit hoin<> from Ihinkcr Hill. Ho m. Int, 


Mary HnK)k8, An*;. 24, 17«0, then Ixith of Hollw, X. 11. 
IIi8 wife Hiul infant died in aljout u year after maiTiji«re, and 
lie ni. 2<l, wi<l()w I^ilia ((iilson) Mosher, with two children, 
William and Hrnry Mosher. Hy her he had seven children. 
She died in Harnet, \'t., Keh. 2S, ISU, while her hushand 
was visitin;^ his hnither .loel in N. V. lie remained in N. 
V. after her death, and married a Miss Ilill, hy whom he 
had six children. He tlied in N'ictor, N. V., ahont \^'2\. 

Children : 
ji;{. I. I>AAr ''. It. in <ir<>toii, .M:iss., May 10, ITso: iii. |*iudeuce 
\N jill:u'<', Miir. 17. ISIS. She \\n< h. at 'I'lictfurd, Vt., 
An;:. ^"i I'^'i i>'»l ''• >" Itia.llonl, \f., .Ian. 13, ls7»J. He 
(1. May is, Is.'is, ul lUiscawru, X. H. Their clilMivn: 

I. <ii;Mi;«ii: \\ . 7, li. In .Monroe, N. II., "otne eulleU 

I.vnian," Kel>. iMK ISIU; n>. l.on'n«*n S. Nt'\v»'!l, 
Apr. 14, IS 17. Children.: Anielle l,.»l».. 
Jan. :n, !84'.>; I.l/zle N.?*, l», Oel. *JS, IS.V*. «l. 
In l.^r,(»; N».llie A.«, h. Dff. 7. 1SI51. He was a 
j«'\v«'ler in Manchester, N. II., d. Feb. 17, 1874. 

II. SoiiiiA 15 a rii>iiKiiA 7, l». Feb. 'iH, ls21, in 

MonnM-; in. Nathaniel K(U<>n Fiary. ."^ept. 2.J. 
1K72. .Mr. I'rary died In Uradlord, Vt., Oel. 
17, \xw. 

III. I.YIMA V. :, h. Feh. 2'J, ]S24: d. Apr. 2S, 1n42. 

IV. .IoNA> r.7. h. Ort. 14, iSJd. at (jrot«»n, N. II.; lu. 

Mary A. Andt-rson, Sept. 11, is.VJ. They ha«l 
ojir dan., I.onnie ]..^, h. .'>tpt. l.*», 1S.'>3; ui. 
lUury S. WaltMinan, Feh. 2."». 1S74; d. May S. 
Issl : tlu-iidan. Alii-e F., livrd with her Aunt. 
>h>. Frary ;aH<r h«r nioilicr's drath,) until -he 
was •• calleil home." Felt. 4, lsit2. .J«)na8 T. 
»Hnl Mar. i), iSsi. at iJradfurd. 

V. .Sauah K.7, I). Oit. '.>. 1S2S, at Lyme, N. H.; in. 

Solon ii. Smith, »»f llosfawen, N. II.. July l.'i. 

18.'>2. Their rhildn-n: I^iertts O**, h. Oet. 

24, ls:.:i. d. Jan. J.J, ls'.»4; Willard F. «, h. Apr. 

23. Is.V). d. Srpi. is, IS.V*. She «1. Mar. 10. 

isOri. Me il. at \'triion. La., Oct. 2.', IS.'iS. 
214. II. JniiN'',h. : m. Mr-. Ilarliara Owtii-, of New Vi>rk. 

Kfs. ntany years in N«'W \ ork < iiy. 
21."». m. JaMI>". h. In IIopkiiii««n. July Is. 17'.t2: m. |{«ts«-\ >tearnh, 
<cpt. 1 L 1>*I7. Slu'wa- l». in r.radlord. \'t., .\u;x. II, 
IsOl. Ill' d. at sprin;,' N allry, W i^. Mar. 22. Is.*,!. Wtvy 
lived nia'iy vi-arf^oii what \va- calh-d the "Indian |»i--«m- 
yatioii." lln- di-piU<<I land el.iiuK'l liy Maine. N. II. and 


Vt. I^iier ill life they remove«l to Milwaukee, Wl*. 
♦ hlldreii: 

I. 1 AKoi.iXK ('. T, h. In Hradfonl, Vt., Auj;. 17, 

ISIM; III. Kvaii Davis*, riioir children : Mary 
Sarah >* , Albert '^ , Kdward ** , < arrle " , Frank ** . 

II. < iiA>TjN \ II. T, I,. May JH, 1S2(), at the liulian 

Ko-ieivallon; m. Nicholafi rheli*". ChlKlrcii: 
KlU'ii'', John f . 

III. t)zuo A. " , 1>. Au^. 30, lH-22; in. .hine Shopartl. 

< hiUirtMj: Ada h, Willie'^. 

IV. .Iamk>", h. .luue 14, ls20; in. Thche IVirce. 

rhildreii; Forest >•, KIlis ", Jay »* . 

V. Mkm>sa N.T, h. .M;,r. ;{(), 1HJ<5, iu Compton, 

Canada; III. Williant Hond. Children: .Samuel ^^ 
Harriet ^, Kll:i>'. 

VI. Ai.oN/n I.. T, l». July 2, IsiS, in Coiupton, Can.; 

III. Mary Spanlilin^, who was h. In Nashua, N. 
11.. June:!, ISI'i. riHir ehiidren all horn In 
Milwaulvee, \Vi<. Carrie S. h, Ii. June U, \H'A)\ 
llehii M.\ h. May 5, iHil ; Marx II ^ h. May 

II, ls04; Frank A.^, h. May 21, IH'.T; (iottrude 
L.^. h. June 2, 1S71. 

VII. John 7, l». Aii^. 22, IKK), in llarusion, Can. Inin. 
VIII.r'ilAl{M> ', l>. July 11, 1m:{2, in Harnston, Can; d. 

Oet. 18.'{;{. 

IX. Soi'iiiroMA ", l». Sept. 2'5, IKU, in >r«iidon. N. Y.; 

III. Alfred Smith, (hildren: Frank «*, <lara'* . 

X. Ama>.v W.", h. Nyv. H, Is.jr,, in Meiidon; m. Flora 

Whltlernioiv. <hil«lren: llerlwrt '*, llattiei^. 

XI. Ei.i/AiiKin ().", h. Auj;. II, IKls. in Mend«tii: in. 

haniel U imkI ; on«> eliiltl, Kmma''. 
XIl.«ItMA <). T. l». July 14, l^4(); in. Warren l>ev\ey. 

(hildren: Klla ^, Kinma >*, Edith s, Uarieu«. 
XIII. AXXA 7, h. Nov. l.'J, 1H42; m. Daniel Wood; d. in 

Oet. \xi'»3. One dan;;hter, Ida''. 

IV. Lyi»IA«, h. ; III. J(din Ahhott, of JIali«y, I', (^. 

V. VasHTI«, h. in IsOO: m. Ama^a WiIIm. of llardwiek, Vt.; 

one ehild, llrnry ^ . She d. Nov. AO, |s7h. 

VI. Alil(iAii.«, l». ; III. Thomas Ahhott, of Derhy, Vt. 

VII. SYliiL*, h. ; «|. wIu'Ii 7 years of aj;e. 

Children hy M wife. Mi- Hill. 

VIII. E>liiKK «■', h. : m. a Mr. <;ili<ti. children: Franeilla^, 

John". Josei»l|7, IJIIiaii', Thehe T . ,|. .\ii^. .'{(), 1hh4. 
Ke-. in W1-. 

IX. IvMii.v''. : III. a Mr. Wirh:ird''on. 

X . .1 A N f: <i . 


210. XI. IlKNitvU. ; not living,' ill 1885. 

•J17. XII. JoNATliAXB, l{t'n. In I^ke Mill*, WU. 

•iI8. xili. .VcilsAll", d. iKjf ore 1885. 

80. Balo* Boynton, {Min\ ItkhtmV, Jo»fph\ John\) 
'I'his slioiiM hjivi' \)vv\\ lit^fsey iiistcnd of Balo, Imt the 
r!i!m;;r was ikjI known until a latrr date. 

Ili'tsi'v*, tl»o Ml fliild, was Imhii in Ilollis, X. H., St^pt. 
•jr>, \ll>{\. Slic m. ,Ia(t)l» Tvirr, who was a soldier in the 
IJcvolutionaiv war. TIu'V luovod to (iioton, N. H., alxmt 
17.S)i ; liad onlv OIK' rliild, Hi'tscy", who inarrit'd Bonjamin 
TfniH'v, ot Tcniph', N. II., and liad oin' son, Ki'v. Loonanl 
'l\'iin('V, who wa> living in 1HM4. 

87. Joel' Boynton, ('/oZi^i', /?/c/iar(Z% Joseph*^ John\) 
horn in Mollis, N. II., Mar. 22, 17;')^. Ho was in Capt. 
Ki'uhon Dow's Co., Col. William Prcscott's Ho<rt. at the 
hattli'of liunkor Hill, and Capt. William Kood's Co., Ctd. 
Nt'hcmiah Baldwin's \{v)i\. raised in X. II. in Sept. 177(), to 
ri'infono the ContiiuMital Army. He m. Kli/.aU'th Wallis 
(Betty Wallaee,) of Ilollis, N(»v. la, 17H7 ; moved to An- 
dover, Vt.. ahout 1S(»7, and to X. V., In^fore IHII. She d. 
in l.sil. He was livinir in l.s;j'). 

Children : 

I. Sai.i,y6, I). Au«r. 1«». 17H(;. 

II. Uktskv «, l». May 17, 1700; ni. .lanieg SievenH. 

III. .Iank'J, I». May JJ, 1702; n«. a Mr. Tik*'. 

IV. MAiiALAti, I). July :il, 1794; m. lleujaniln Craglu. 

21J». V. Kr.KNK/.KK L, ". •»• Auj;. 31, 17l)G; m. Kllzabeth Faucher,of 
Conn., In l^<l(;. IW moved to Woodjstot'k Co., Vt., 
tin I to Crown I'oint, N. v.. thrnce to Troy, N. Y., and 
in 1s:J(», to Fulton Co., lllin<>ls, where lied. Dec. 6, 1884. 
( hildren: 

I. rxiiKimii.i. '. 

II. lli;i.r.NA Axnk". I». in Catsklll, New York, 
April 20, 1824, and was niarrird t«» Dr. Russell Jesse White, of Troy, 
New Y<trk, Oet. 1."), ISHli. St'\eral years later they removed to Itufl'alo, 
in the same state, where slu* e<»niinned to reside until the time of ht-r 
decease whleh oecuned January 11, lb'J4. The hand ol the Anj;«'l 


whom we crall Deuth t<Nik from tho happy liome circle the devotoU hii»- 
haud and faither, Ft'bruary 9, 1H«(). Mrs. Wlille h'avun two dau^htorn, 
Mrs. Vhjoeiit ('. I'rlir of ( hioa;;<s l^illo{^, aiul Mrn. William .laiiieM 
Suydor, of N»'\v York city, with sw^-ft and lastliijr iiu'inurlett of tlio loxs 
of a loving mother, lit lu>r hnmc mm ol'^ewhortv m)u< alwavM malnlaliM^i) 
a cheerful hopcfiiliu'ss, a cwcciipms ol dltiponlilim, which \\cn> raM< ol 
Hunshlnc to those who wiMV !*o liuiiinalc an ti» he aH«<(K'i:i1ed with her. 
She p«»sye8sed a zealous and uii«-«'lil«li ch:iriu'ter, round*'<i to<» an li was, 
wltli the rare ^nur*' which t rowij woniaidio<Ki. Slic liad j^atliered altout 
her during; a lon^ and useful life, many fond friends, hy whom she will 
ever he tentlerly remeuih«'n'd. Tlie numtter is Icjjion who would rise to 
call her name blessed; " sh«' stretiheth out her hand to the poor, yea 
(*he reacheih forth her liamls to the needy." To the tteauty of lier 
inner life the years added constantly to its unfolding; her sweet 
aflection, her courtesy, her unwearied devotion, w<»n all hearts. .She 
was of a <|uiet nature, yet <rif ted with sensilde practical wisilom; was 
an earnest worker, a sympathetic friend and comforter, in word, deed, 
and thought, she was as jtuie in lu'art as she was ;;entle in spirit. She 
was true and loyal to her own reliLrious convictions, and full of Cliri**- 
tlan fortitude. She had strewn .tlon;; her pathway jjarlantls of the 
precious tlowers of ticlf-sacritlci'. purity ami love. I'rosperlty and 
happiness hless«Hl her surn>undin;:s. The essential elements «>f such a 
character are indestructil)le, and pass to the fuller furnishing of the 
world's best life; they make up the heaveidy possession, I lie part thai 
never can he taken away, f«»r the memorial of Virtue is iuuuortal, it 
wearcth a crown and is forever triumphant. What a pr«»phecy of her 
eternal life was her earthly life s») iK'autilully liveill 

III. fiiAKi.F.s O. 7 , |». In 1S21 ; m. Mary .\. Ilonney, 

.luly 2<5. 1K43. Kes. in Orep.n. Their chil- 
dren: K. I.. ^; Helen »; denide'^; Charlea 
F. '^: Ida>*. 

IV. KKANri."" 11. ". 

V. Ai.ukkt', iu. ChildiTu: Albert 

.1.'*: (ieor^e ll.**: .Fane K. ^ ; Martha M.**; 
( ora \\.». 

VI. K<;hkkt " , b. in Troy, N. v., July 2i>, !«:«; m 

liarbara A. Ihiu^ham. .July U5, IK.V). One son 
Vincent <'. «. b. Sept. M), 1H.5«). 

VII. KlxiAic". iJes. in ()n';{on. 

VIII. IIaici:iktT._ l,^ •,„,,,,. ,,. v. 

IX. llKMMKTTK', » ' 

VI. IIakuikt*>. I). Nov. 'l\. 17'.).s; IU. .Joseph Wilson. 

VII. I'ol-l.Y », h. .July 2.">. IHOI ; m. Mr. (;ri>well. 

220. VIII. <'liAiti.K> U.«, b. Au^. 2. \S(\r»: m. Mary S. Sprapu', Oct. 
27. ixfil. Ite-. in ("rown Point, N. V, lie d. Kel). 2H, 
IHS.*. No chill iren. 
IX. I.oi:i\A «, b. .Ian. 28. IStW. 


88. Stephen* Boynton, {Stephen* ^ BenonPf Joseph* ^ 
John\) h. Feb. 5, 1744. His inarriajre intent with Tul>ithji 
Foster wiis dated Dec. 14, 1769. Ho must have died U'tore 
1771>, for .she iiiarried for her si'eond IiusIkuuI Levi liixl>y. 
May 2, 1771^; they were liviiij; to«rether as man and wif<» in 
\Vineliend(»n, Mass., in 1S(M), luit she \\\. for her third hus- 
band Henjamiu F<ldy. Children of St««i»hen and Taliitha 
(Foster) lioynton, as recorde*! in Wineliendon. 

I. Sai.i.v «. I». .June i:{, 1772. 

II. I.K Y«. h, .Ian. 7, 1774. 

III. SiKKY'i. I». Nov. '11, 177«;. 

89. Joseph* Boynton, {Stephen^ Benoni', 'hn<epk\ 
Jo/tH\) h, Apr. ;U), 17.'):). 

90. Samuel* Boynton, (Stephen*, BenonP, Joi*eph\ 
John\ h. .\u«r. 2M, 17.')7. 

91. William* Boynton^ {Stephen*, BenonP, Joseph* ^ 

John\) i». Mar. 21», 1701 ; in. Kuniec, dau. of Amos and 

Ijvdia ((iouM) Atl»ei1on, of Laneaster. Mass., May 12, 

17!n. Slu' was 1). dan. 10, 1771. He d. Sept. 27, 1S1.">, 

and his widow m. 2d, Ad«)niram Pateh, Deo. H, 1822. She 

d. May 2}», \s'M). Childmi of William jind Kuniee. 

I. I.M»IA«, l». Oct. '11, 1701 ; III. u Mr. <'o«;-»\vell, hud !M*venil 
vliiMren. .*^h«' il. Auj;. .^), lS.'i7. 
i'2\. II. .stki'iikn «, l». Mar. 1, 17'.»»); in, Sarah 1*. I*at<b, of I.euiiiius- 
{rr; Int. of ni. Oet. 12, \X'12. ChilflnMi: 

I. FuANCK,*. A. I*.'. I». ill IsiJ 

II. Ma IMA A.:, ».. Mar. 2i>, 1S2.'>. 

Ill William .S.". Ii. in isis; m. Sophronia M. Whlt- 

toiult. Mar. 27, 1S4S; l)oth of Lunfnhur^. 
iv. Sawaii K. ", h. .luly 24, ls;w. 
V. II \uiJii;r A '. h. Apr. 12. 1>41. 
222. III. William'!, h Apr. 29. I7'.m;;.1. Nov. 14, 1SI4. 
22,'l. IV. OtI" •■•, h. May H, 17'.»s. ri Luiiniltur;;. Ma.«.s.. in. Sarah 
Wilson. (I>. in W«'-tfonl. May Is. 17«.H>,) A«i;r- 2'.». Ih22: 
scttU'il in Frainin;;hain. >hc d. .Iuih* 'l^i. ls.*»l»; \iv il. .laii. 


is, 188i. lie was n book hinder. ChiUlreii: 

I. Wil.l.lAM ( . 7, b. .Iiliu' 24, 1S2I; a. lUr. 4, iH'Jft. 

II. Sakaii K. 7, I). Fell. 2«;, 1827: »l. June 1. 1HJ4. 

III. WiM.iAM II.7. b. May '.», 1S2'.»; m. Mat;;uret .\. 

rliurcb, of ();:«bMi«ibiuj;. N. V.. An;:. 7, 1H«MJ. 
Tbt'lrtbiMren: WilUaui H.^ J» in lH(l7;a. y; 
linice K.«, l». iscs, il. y: Kictianl \V.% l>. in 
1h7(>, iivm\. Mradvillr, Pa rin'oJM^jj.ul Sriiuol 
in .liin«' lM<.i5; in \ii^. "aine y<iti- in. Ml«ri 
llaniel H. Ujirton. In S,.|,t IM».*», lliry were 
hMiIimI t'>ii«'ilier «tv«T tlie iiillaiian rliureli in 
KiMliiiiialt' iHo^lon.) Mr**. |(. iM'ln;: ai<*o an 
onlainetl minister; Mab«'l <'.<*, b. In 1872: 
Williani ll.-*. b. in ls:;i: .lanw- O. - . b. in 
]x:o. .1. in lN»<o. 

IV. 4>TI> II.'. '». May 1>, ls;{2: d. Oei. M). 1872. 

V. roi uTi.AM* " , b. Soy. I'.i. IHJI: III. Mary K. 

(lb»ynton) Kro!*!, .Inne 28, |8«;»i. Tlnlr eliil- 
tlren : Frederiek K.^. i>. Dee. 20, Im".,", tl. Aujt. 
21. ISfW; Zaidee S^. h. D.v. 10. l87-'i. d. Au«r. 
12. 1^7«>. Mr-. II. dird .Ian. 20. \>'.ts. 

VI. TiMoTin .s. 7, l>. OrL 2. l.*»l'): >va- .> in'-nilwr of 

Co. C. 44tli K«';,M. Ma-*-, \n\-i. hii-d at New- 
burn. N. <■.. .Inne HI, Iniwr 
2^, V. I*AVII» A.*, b. .\|»r. 28, IJHHJ, at Lunenlmrj^, .MaMj*.; m. 
Mary Whitman Wbilin;;, Fei», .'>. 18:{2: mIu* was l>urn Mar. 
12, IH12. at A.-^bliy, Mas^. lied. D.e. 18. 187»J; she il. 
Feb. 5, 1889. Their eliildnn : 

I. Mauy K. 7, b. IKe. 1, KV2; d. Ibv. '.i, I8a3. 

II. Maky K.7, b. Mar. 10, lS:t(J; n». lit, CliarleH II. 

Fn»^»t, .Ian. 24, IS.MJ: liad Wililani A. J*, b. I>ee. 
2>i, I8.*»s; Artlnir W. '*, b. Oet. 10. I8rc». Mr. 
Frost died Dee. 22, I8«;|, She ni. 2.1, ronrt- 
land Hoynton. .luDf 28. 18«HJ. 'I'lh'ir eliildren: 
Fnnlrriek K. "*, ami Ziiidee S. (date-* previously 

III. .Sauaii L. 7, b. .IniH' i:i. lH.18; ni. Alrxamler I). 

Ilawke-. .Ian. 28, 1^72. Il«' .1. .Ian. 22, ls«8. 
Ke;^. Dorehester. Ma-s. 

IV. Davii* H. 7, l». Nov. •<. HIO; III. Alma A. Cross. 

Apr. ;iO, I8i;:.. Cirildnn: Aliee s , |,. \|,r. 2>. 
18»J<;, d. y.: rin-f. W. A.", b. D«m . :il, l8r,5i: 
|.uui-«- A. ". b. Mar. 21, 1871. Mrs. It. d. Mar. 
2«'». 1>^74, and l.«»Mi-«* wa^ ad'>|(i«'d b\ hrr :iunt. 
Mr-. Sarah I.. Ilawk.-', Mr, Itoyntun d. .Inly 

\. Kl»w IN S. :. b. 0.t. :M», Is42, d. .Ian. 'itl. 18|.'». 


VI. KMZAIiKTil I'. T, I.. Oi-t. 04, 1K4A, (1. rt«|»t Jt», 1H8<I. 

VII. riiAui.KH K. S. 7, l». AUK. 10, 1H4H; ni. M. Ih'llii 

Miiicr, .1)111. 1K74. iiiw oliiUl, K<lllli K.*, I>. 

(M. H, 1H74. 
Viii. <iKoiuiK <). 7. h. Mur. 2, 1851, d. July 211, 1M94. 
IX. Wai.tkk II. 7, I), .luly 21, IHM; iii. Lliinle 

ramuf. One child, Hoyid F. », l». M:ir 21», 

VI. Ei;nick«. !.. May .iO, 1802. d. Dec. 18, 1S7«, uiuii. 

92. Jonathan* Boynton, {Jonathan*, Jonathan', 
./fwey;/**, .A)A/t',) horn in Kowlov, Mass., Fol>. U, 174.'>; 
III. Isl, KliztilK'tli Divul; in. 2(1, .Molly IIiMlskins. IIo was 
prolmlily tho It«n'olutionarv stddior tVoni Kiloliluirju', 1»» I't'in- 
I'oico Continental .Vnny, .Innc .'►, 17S(); A;fo .1."», .')t't. liiiuhos 
-^talnrt'. i'onipl(»xion lijirlit, n'si«KMn.'C Fiti*l»l»ur;r. 

CliiMron : 

I. Ki.l/AiiKTii *>, III. William Ualdwiii. had ohililivii. 

.loscpli ". William ', Kli/ji ", .ItTiisha 7. siu* dle<l when 
50 years ol' a;;*' 

225. II. Mana>>Kii". III. Sally Hulteilh-ld; thlhhvu: I.u- 

cinda 7, Kivi'iiiau ". aud ihive others, uuine«» unknown. 

22<l. III. .Ios»'ph«. III. Mary (Jniy. l)le<l when 77 yearn of 

a;!;e. riilrteen ehlldrni : Dexter', EUwiheth 7, Mary 7, 
.Matilda?, Dolly or Dorothea 7, Sumner 7, ('yrenus7, 
SiisMii 7, .Sarah 7, .loseph', .lonuthan', Liioinda7, and 
one other. 
iV. Si:!*A\XAii ", 111. Kphiaim S. Martin. Four children. 

naiiicH not known- She died when .')0 years of u;je. 
V. I.I'CINIJA ". h. .liiii. 2, 17-S; ni. U«Mijamin Tilden, who wai* 
h. Dec. 14. I7H5. They res, near Fitchhur;;. The 
reconls of this laijre family <»f .lonathan (1»2) were pven 
hy her .Ian. 4. 1S<57. to her nephew, llmry Warren ll;»yn- 
ton, ol Toledo, Iowa, '.vho sai«l her mlml ihm ''jieenuNl 
clear ami positive." Their children ; 

I. .lo>K.l'il 7, It. altoul ISIO; d. lS4.'i; num. 

II. Hkn.iamin 7. It. ISII : m. Syrena Ksterltiook; had 

tw«t ehildren. Kmma ". and .lulia >*. lie d. in 

III. riii{i>rMi'iini{ 7, It, ISI4; III. 1st, Tinny; 

HI. jd, nichardson: t\%o rhildren, nam«v 


IV. I.I riMt\ ', died when ei^ht years of «;;e. 


V. HiiloiiiH?, t>. iHtH: III, Slliiit May. Iiail two ('till* 

ili'i'U, niiiiH'M iiiikiiowii. sIh* «I. ill IHIA. 

VI. litKSK? . t>. iNlli; III. NVUoii Siiix<'iit, oiii* chlltl. 

ii. y. •Hlic <!' in lH-1.1 
Vli. ()|.IVKI(7, III. f.ucy K. lluiMilcy. out* I'liild. 

Siie dlctl wliHii llilrty year.s of »;;♦•. 
yill. <>K<Mt4iK U. 7, III. Kliiiira Nrwcdiiili, IdmI 

two i'liihln-ii. 
227. VI. <vwi>«, l». Apr. 2-2. ITHii; III. I>.i'. 27, iMlli. at Klttlilmi^i. 
Mai*i»., MIsH .loiuslia, .<*«'roiul dau^liltT of haiiiel Flint, of 
Fltfhhur;;. Slu- was h, Ort. HO, 17'.i7. Il«» st'iwtl a.<* m 
rioidirr in tilt' war of 1S12, and war< on duty at ()^d(>ii><- 
hurjr, .\. V,. her. 27, 1HI2, uiulor I,I«mU. (Jroi^r,. |{. Wtdls. 
II«* wan a faiMUM". In 1S.'<2 tlu'y loinovrd from Mas-ia- 
rhusetts to K^ii'x fonnty. N. N . Ilo died .lul> 2<t, ISI2, 
111 ltoui|iU't, N. V. In 1S7M, Mrs. It. rriMovcd to Toloili , 
Iowa, to livi' with luM- sons, K. S. and II. W. Iloxnton. 
.s|h' d. S«'i»l. 22. 1S77. ( hlldrrn: 

i. I.VIHA I..', •>. I >«'«'. 2S, 1K2(», in-ar KItrlilmr;;, 
Mass.: III. Howard II. Dwy.M-, .Inno H;. 1h|u. 
No children, They went to raliftMiiia altoiit 
\HV.t. SIh' d. at vallfjo, t al., .lune 2i;, ISCO. 

II. l..\ri{KrT.\ M.~. l». All;;. 22, 1S22; in. Amlivw .1. 

Ilaiiiilton, at lloui|iirt, \. N ., .Iiint* ^^, IsKt; d. 
An;;. .">, IS.*»2. No thlldri'ii. 

III. Samiki. Fi.int7, l». Oft. 9, 1H24, at Flirhlnir>{, 

Mass.; in. Miss Mary .\. 'roinllnson, at K«i»s»'- 
ville, N. Y.,.Iuly IH, Ks.">0. .sh,> was h. Au)?. 
24, 1H2S. Up was Iron Idoonicr wliili* u youii)( 
■nan, afterward a drii;;;;ist. IN* was a soldW'r 
in in. It. ititli !.'«*;;!. Iowa \'o|. Inf. dnrin;; tin* 
war of llu' relM-llion. thildrrn: l.\dia I,,'*. 
I». .\|»r. 2.'), IH.'»2: Klinrnci' M.**. h. Auff. \, 
Ihr,.-,; d. An;:. IH, iHS.t; ( |i:irU's A.", li. 
.IniH ao, 1K'.!>: d. S«|.t. 1.%. IMJO; .Mary M. f*, U^ 
Mar. 19. isi^l; ni. I'aris L. liay/h'tt, .Sfpt. 23, 

IV. C'VIM .s M. 7. I>. .IniH' .*•. |S2«;; d. .Inly 2.1. lH,Vi; 

iinin. I If was :i nail inak«'r. 

V. Maioiiai.i. A.", I>. S.jit 2S. 1S2S: d. .Inn.' iiJ. 


VI. riiAi{i.K> .M.7, l». An;r- *.♦. \KU)\ III. .MisH l.iKvida 

A.Ontliank. Apr. 21, |M.'»7. llr was a tiuil 
maker, maeliini-i and sie«'| maker, lied. .\pr. 
14. Is.V.I. Onecliild. Mary*, l». al lloy, N. 
v.. Mar. f>. Is.V.i. 

VII. f.«U NxA ll.«, l». Nov. i"*. lN.'t2; d. at ltom|iiet, \. 


Y., Nov. 22, 1842. 

VIII. Ki»wiN A.7, b. Au>;. 1, 1835; iii. MUm Mar>- I.. 

IIoiifywHI, .lull 11, 1873, Ht <levelaud, <). 

<>lir i-lilUI, Charlt'i* F.", U. «U ("levflrtlHl, O., 

hVli. 10, ls7a: III. Uliiiirli I.. ('«H«linui, fVh. in. 

IX. IIknky U'akkkn 7, h. M»r. is, 1837, in Hoii(|iiet, 
Kssex, Co., N* V., whore lio wan n'aicti to yoim^ inaiilKNNl, Hi>d euuiat- 
«l in the i)ul)Ui' Ki'hooU ami acaiiiMiiv. Wheti ijuiie v<nin;j ho leanifii 
the trade of nail inakliit; in hi^^ native village, aiiii on tlie iii(iiir*try lieiii); 
ulmndoiuMi tline lie worl^cil at tlic trade in I'mvidenee. \l. I., Soiitli 
Itrld^ewater, Man**., and la>tly in M<»nireal, (aiiada. i'liij* industry of 
niannfactiirin;; nailt* now ^'i-mTally iaii;;ui<Iiin^, prolialdy from over- 
pHMluc'tion, Ik* altandoiied llie tntde iMTiiianentiy ; taii;;iit >i-ii<H»l in hi>* 
MHlije viila^je and vieinity for two year*, and tlien went West, in Aii^r^ 
IsCd, for lu'tter o|.j^)vtuiiiiie<. tM Itrooklyn. Iowa. Near this jdaee he 
tauuhl stdiiMil tlie tlrst winter and on -MdWiiations liejran the study of 
innlirine. Mix xtiidies were soon itt )>e interrupted, as he rould not 
loiijirer resist his ronntr\ *s tall<. and enlisted as a private in the Jsth 
|{e;;linent, Iowa N'ol. Int. in .\ii;:iist Im'.J. Shoitly after enlistment lie 
was appoinli-d ||o>pital Stewaid of his re;;iiiient. which |Misitioii he 
lill»il until liis ie;;iMo>ni was miistcr«*<l out of service at the clo*e of the 
war after three yearn arduous serviee, hiirin;; hih army service he felt 
imliiied with the principle of human treeilom. The father of thi« 
sulijeit (Cxrus M.I was an American soldier of the war of 
1812, lK.'tweeii the Init'tl St.»t<'s and Kn;ilaml. After his dischar*;** 
from the army he returnetl to his native place in NewYork. 
and resumed the stuily of iiie<lieine and finally ^niduatetl 
from the Alhany Meiiical (■olle;^'e, Dec. 24, 1S«>6. Me ojuMied his first 
olHce for the practice of his profc-siou in the Sprie^ of 18<i7, at I^ 
Poiie City. Illack Hawk Co.. Iowa, where his older brother. (Flint S.) 
was cn;;a;;cd in the druj; trade, and remaiiifd there until the summer of 

ls7(» — w hen he n>o\rd to Tolcilo. Tama <ou!Jty, Iowa, where he still 
lesides, and was actively eii;;;i;red in Mcilical prai'tice until iK-ii, when. 
w«'arylii;; of tryin;; to for;:ct lioot- and -aildle, si> In' could sleep more 
rioundly ni^jhts. he retiie<l from active practice. The Doctor during his 
active practice was a memher of the Iowa State .Meilical S«>ciety, and 
I're-ident of the Tama TountN Smiety. Wa.« I'nited .States 
Kxaminin;j Suijreon for INnsiom* from 1872 to lf7«' — from IsslMo ls«M, 
and is a« this w litin^r. dan. '.i\, Is'.is. a nwinlier of the I'en-ion Kxiimin- 
In^ Itoaid for hi* < oiinty. In the work of an exaiiiiner lie tiikes a di*- 
linetive pleasure in heiii); iitde to help deserving; Veteian* to •ecure Itieir 
just dues, lie aUo has f^erved Tama ( oiiiity a* County I'liV '>lcian, and 
as a meiiil er of tlie Hoard of ( 'omini«-ioners of Insanity. The Doctor. 
|Mditi<-a11\ lias always Ih'j'U . I til •r<tiij:li Kcpuhliran. Iiut hardly eiioui^h 
of a politician. Ili' wa-^ man led <M\. 14, l*»<i'.i. at I.a I'orle t ity. Iowa, 
to Mls« Ida Flwill, wlio Wii- liorn in (diio, couiin;; with her parvnts to 

TTil.r i T i 'n a TLiitfir 






imimtt6iiaibKiim*iiMiimi A\mimimiu \r\iMt(\tmitmmu iM 



^. M^ /y^f^tp^*^ 



Waterloo, la.« while Hhe wmk a ohlM. Mr». Royiit<»n U the ihiu^hter of 
'Hinothy and Sanih (Heeil) Elwell, ami W an esthnahle lady. The 
DtR'tor and Mrs. H<tynton havi* an atlopttnl daughter, Klorrnt'e Aila, who 
WHA )H>rn in ToUhIo, la, July JUK 1S7H, aitd hax hvvn with thi>iii a1nto«t 
from infancy. 

X. Ki.KANoit K.", I). .S«*|»t. \ 1H41: ni. C Waller 
<'ol(>niau, (»r 'IVitiplcton, Maxs., Sept. 'Jft, 
1H7K. \W,i. ill Haldwiiisvllle. Mat^o. 
22S VII. .I«»NATliAN.'i. HI. Sally Martin; r«*?«. liraltlelxiiu, Vl. 


I. Sm.i.vT. ni. Luke ItoMrison. Tlu'lr I'hll- 

dreii : Aujrustus >* , llemy " . and llvr uIImth. 
II. .In>K.i'ii * ni. Arathiisa K. Martin, at Lewln, 

N. V. IIimI. Mar. 27, 1MM>. rhlhlren : Mar- 
tin r. »*, l». In IS27, d. In 1S4(>; Arvilla A.**, 
!►. in ls;<(>: d. in IS40: .Ins. |.h L. >*, h. in XMli; 
d. in isi.i; Mary K. **, l>. in IH.'{7; L»'litia S. >*, 
I), in l.s.'i;>; AlU'rt A.**, and Alvira A.N twin*;, 
I., in is^.l. 

III. Hktskv", ni .loHi'ph I.i'land. IN>s. ( li«>Mt«T, 

Vt. rhildii'n; Onrar ^, rharlos ►♦, Manelia «. 

IV. Maktin". ni. Ilarri«'t llai-hrhU'r. Hes. 

Spriii;itl»»ld, Vt. Oim* son killi'tl in IN'l>«'llion^ 
sevi'ral «>^ll«'r^* dhtl, <hm' llvln;::. 

V. Mai:v", ni. David liarkcr, one f^on, l.fwlR 

VI. Lewis', m. Mary . 

93. Joseph^ Boynton, {Jonuthan^* JonatharC Jof<ej)h* 
*John\) )H)m ill Itowlcy,, Aii^'. KJ, 17411; m. Anni«5 
I'uiiiininjrs. Moved to Liin('iilmr«r, Mass., and later re- 
liu>ved to Westiuoroland, N. II., at wh'uh place he died in 
\>*>\?t. His widow died in Coventry, Vt. 

Children : 

I. Sakah«, I). .lune IH, 1774; n>.. Jonas Wheeler, .Inly 14, 17lH. 

22«. II. losK.i'n<>, h. Apr. 7, 1770; \\\. Arathusa UIimkI; ni<>ve<l 

from Westmoreland to Coventry, Vt. late In life, hut all 

(he ehildren were Immh in Westmoreland. Me il. in IKl.'l. 

I. Wii.i.AKO", h. .luly 2:1, IHOI ; he went to Twl^rK" 

<'o., t;eor;;ia. in 1S2«», and entered the «lry 

;;o«kIs store of Ira Peek: in. l{ol)a llryan, in 

.Ian. IS2'.>. She was h. In .lellerson, To. (la., 

Dee. ai, iMl.l. lie was elected to the (Ja. 

Senate In lH4u: d in Lumpkin, <ia., Sept. 2M, 


1H6«. < hildreii: li«'ujuiiiiu J.**, b. Dei*. 21, 
lK2y; Mary A.", h. May 8, IH*^; Floretta S. ". 
I). Sfpt, 2«, 1841; .lenHinou L. h, h. Apr. 4, 
1H44 ; i lureiu'e .1. « , l>. July 10, 1847. 

II. lloij.is7. lie went tu (ill. alMiut 18:{5, and 

in. « larl-su M. Kawson. of < luftHliury Vt.; il. 
in 1H47, leuvinj; chlUln-n William W"; 
< harlc:* K. « ; lloITm \.x ; (icorj^e 11.**. 

III. .ln>Kni .1.7, I,. Xuv.7, isir.; went to I.unipkln. 

(•a., when a youn;; man; m. Miss IVnel<>{»e 
Uiyan, Nov. S, lK4i, at .Fttlersonville, (;a.. 
wiu'ie lln'ir only eliiltl, Siilney Ilollis'*, was li. 
.lune If), IS4»I: Uv m. Mary T. Skfley, .Inly H». 
lsr.r» IN's. MacHMi. (;a. (^See Amrriean Hoyn- 
ton hireitory. pa^jr 1^7.) .lose|ili .1. •!. in 
.Ifll'crsttnvlllt', .Inne 2f<. ls.*)l. 
n. SoriiituNi A 7, : m. Col. Ira Ainiln«.toii. of 

St. .lohiisltury, Vt. 

V. I»i-;t>kv7. h, ill IMM); m. William .\rmin;;t».n: ii. 

.Mar. 7, \x7'.K 

VI. II.\|{IMKt7. in. aIh'I WlieeUnk. Kes. 

Mosioii, Mass. 

VII. Kmki,ink7. Ill .1. ha^r^ett. one son. .Fo>ei»li. 

pcrhap^i others. 

VIII. .VuKTinsA7, m. uMr. FUk. 

IX. KiM('Kl).7, lu. William M. Dickennau 

res. Manehester, X. 11.; d. ahont 1883. Betsey 

may hav«' been the eldest «hlld. ai< few dates of 

liirths were sent. 

XH). III. S.\MlKl.8, l>. .fan. 7. 1778; m. Clarison (;i»'asou. Nov. 27. 

IKO.*). Ites. Wi'^moreland, N. II. until iwx;, then moved 

to r<»\entry, Vt. He was a seleetman and trejisurer 

many years hrtween 1810 and 18^14. He d. in 18i57. 

( hildren : 

I. <i.Aici.s.sA 7, |». In lsoi>; m. a Mr, Mussi-y, had 

one «lau.> KIma «, i>erhaps other children. 

II. Ika7, |(. in ISII ; III. Children: Charles 

.s. «. ( lara .I.x, Eunice **. 

III. Samiki. 7. .Movetl to l.unjpkin, (Ja. lu early 

life, thence to Tvxas where he raiscil a lar^e 
family; d. in is.*)?. 

IV. ()/.lAs7 l|«d. In .Mar. 181)1, at New|M»rt, 

Vt., one dan., KImInu ". 

V. Ki,mina7, III. H Mr. iJould. had one son 

<)/las H.8. a physician In Coventry, Vt. 

VI. (ii{K»:Ni,KAK7 ; served at* Tost Mat^ter. 

Town Clerk, anti Treasurer many years: d. 


iiniii. MlN>ut 1k74. 
VII. (KMiitA?, ; in. a Mr. I.utton, rei*. ill KuiiKHM. 

IV. ErNUK«, l». OH. 12, 1771); III. Aaron r. DiiiileU, Nov. 13, 

XU. V. l)AVii»«, l». May 2«, 1785; m. l<»t, Mnrtha ? she «|. 

.1:111. 12, 1S24; luol one duu^hler. 

I. Doi.i.ik', who ni. a Mr. Kelloj;^. 

Ilf in. 2d, r nhe il. Apr. 22. iSttS. lie d. 

Oct. 13, IMiJ, in Stowo, Vt. riuMr ihlhlren: 

II. Sakaii ', l>. about I82*.»; ii>. a Mr. Hall; reinov«'d 

to 111. St'veral rliildtvii. 

III. .In>Ki'ii .1.'. Ii. in Siowt', Vt., .Innet», lH;W;ni. V. 

Maria Kull.r. II*. d. in ls'»7. Tholr i-hlldren : 
Alio- U.'* . h. IsV): d. 187.5; Ada l» f* . h. I8m»; 
.los«'|»h .s." , b. .May 22. lsr»:|, a idiyirian in 
Brooklyn, N. V., In IMW; KlKit- M.**, b. in 

IV. Samiki, r7, ),, alioul 1837; wa^^ killtMl In tlu' 

< ivil War in ISOl or 18<»2; nnni. 

94. Solomon* Boynton, {Jftnathan,* Jf)nnthan\ Jont^ph" ^ 
John\) iMirii ill Rowley, Mass., May 14, 17.') I; in. .VI»i«XHil 
Wnrrcn, a nioco of (iciuTul .losoph Wanvn ; slu* was l>orii 
ill l?.')!), hikI died Dec. 14, IHl^. He serveil alMuit st'veii 
yian* in the Kevolution ; died in (iranville, N. V., Dec. 24, 

ChiKlreii : 

2.32. I. Solomon Ii«, h. Oct. 18, 1778, In Lunenburij, Mann.; m. 
iKt, PhelM? I'idter. had two children who d. y. Mrs. B. 
also dieil, and he in. 2d. Tolly, dau. of Aino« Day, Sepl. 
22, IHOO. lie f»erve<l in the war of 18I2. They llve<l a 
few yeari* in Vt.. then moved to N. V. ; he d. at liiaiii- 
plaln, Feb. .% 1842; nhe d. Mar. 27, 1842. ("hiMreii : 
1. OsCAH?. b. May 14, IKIO, d. Feb. 2, 18.M, in Ar- 

jjyle, N. v., num. 
n. MoKTiMKu7, b. Oct. 17, 1812, in Sheldon, Vl.; 
in. Knieliiie heiiison; >ihe d. .Ian, M, 187<t; he 
d. .Ian. I!». lHs3, in llartlord, Mich. Their 
children: Aim M.><, b. .Ian. 10, I831>; Ann 
K.% b. Mar. IS, IH4I; Mary K.«', b. .Ian. 2. 
1844; Kmily <". ", b .Ian. 24, |MI7; l>tb.'r L. »*. 
b. Oct 24, 1849. 
in.", I». Dec. 2.'>, 1S14, in liranvilb', N. V.. 


in. ltK»ey Huiidtt^U Kd). IS, 1H40; i*lie d. In 
WuterliKj, N. v.. Nov. W, IKHl ; he d. at the 
Hoidlen* lltHiie lu MHrion, Ind., Dei'. 2H, 1W«8; 
llvrd prt-vlously, after the de-.ith «»f hU wife, 
at tlie National Soldier's Home, Dayton. <» 
( William II II."*.!). Dee. V), 1K40: 
.silio* W.''. I.. .Ian. IH. 1H4H; Martha A.'*, d. in 
Di'c. Ih74: another mhi h. in 1>*(J2. 

IV. Iaiha ' . I». Jan, 7, 1H17 : ni. Allen Delon;:, t hil- 

d?«-n: SiJax'', Henry «, Ui'^K.n" . Klla", 
K-^ther". nIm- d. at Hartford. Mich.. iHv.. 4. 

V. Wauhkn?. h. Mar, 12. IHIJK in I'eni, N, V.: lit. 

Kinily Deni'*on, of \N e-*l <li;i/y. N. V., .lime f>, 
IHIO, He wan ii. M. Sei;;t. in sth 111. < avalry, 
( o. M. during; liie Lite unpU'-.i-^aiitncsM. He d. 
in HtH-krord. 111. .Iun<> 13. ISDI. Soiiietinicri 
ealUnl tlie "Soldier IN»et." Chililren: 

< harle- H.". d. in Is.'m; W . Irvinjr'' ; Kdwin 
W.** : Martha A. *; Caroline K. >». Sanili K.", 
llie last tw«» were Iwlnn 

VI. ( \i:t >■ , l>. I'el.. 27. 1S21 ; ui. Kinina, dan. of K. 

Hall. IN-i Hartf.ird, Mleh. Mvln;j in lsi)«. 
rhildren: < larenee \\.* . Mary K.''. Carrie 
A.«, Fnmk 11.". 

VII. HktskvT, I>. Mar. 15, 182.1; in. 1st, Jerome 

Sannders; m. 2d, Jaeoh Craley. She d. at 
l.iiurel Hill. Del., Dee. 21, 1896. No children. 
Vlil. K;*T1IKI{", h Mar. 15, 1825. d. Mar 7, 18oG. 
I.\. <ai{»h.inkT, It. May 10. 1827; m. Sumner Sweet; 
ri's. Milford. Ma^s., one son, Irvinj; H.^. 
If. .\.'*A«, l». Sept. 14. 178(), in i:iud;;e, N. H.; d. Nov. .30. 

111. Ani«;AlL«. I). Feb. lU, 17vS5, in \Val|>(»le, Mass. ; d. in Peru, 
N. v., Apr. 4, I8i:{. 
233. IV. Davii»«,I>. Jan. 18, 1786, in Keene, N. H.; m. Sallie 
Ketiham, in Peru, N. V. He tl. in rhazy, N. Y. about 
1840. Children: 

I. KitANKi.iN^, m. Julina \V. Hayes, in Dec. 

1847. J^he wa^ h. in Ferri.shur;;, Vt., Oct, 24, 
1825, and d. Feh. 7, 18»8. ("hildreu: 
Lyman II. »•, .Sarah K.", Mary *•, d. y., Eliza- 
i»eth>*, d. y., nenjamin?*, d. y., Minine><, d. y., 
Hattie"*, .Nellie 8, Frank I).'*, priiuijKil of the 
hliaca, N. Y. hi;;h sclnnd in 1898; Charles 
P.", and IJ//le^. 

II. Jkkomk' . 










: III, ii Mr. Vuu);1in. 
: III. a Mr. I>ou^lii!*«. 
: III. H .Mr. Smith. 

•2:U. V. Ei.i.iaii Waui{k\«, »>. Nov. I»5, 17H7. In K»'«mi»», N'. II. 
.S'rv»*<i in lli«' war of 1812. I{<'m. to Canada uhh\ uft*»r 
witli hi" wiff and nixtfr, who in. Al>rahain Cafly. (hlU 
ilr«'n : 

I. Ki»wiN H. 7. 

It. i)i{i(i\ I.. < . : il. in < 'hirap> about IHGK. 

III.- AaiconT. 

IV. Ai.oNMoN 7, . |{i-, in Auror.i. Tan. < hll- 

tirf'u: Wllllaiii W.", K.lwanl .1. % havlrl 
M. " , <i«'orp' A. **. .Ioi»«*|>h II.'*. two youn^rr 
Ihiv-*. and Melvina", Kin»*iii:«* •V.'*, K«lllh 

V. .IaMK:*7. 

VI. (iK<>ii(;K Ii. ' , : wont to \Vashin;jton, 1>. ('., 

to look after th«> lain) rlaiin of hi!< fath«M-. an«l 
wa« n«'vt'r hean! from afirrwanl. 

VII. Lot ISA : , ; III. Isaac Willi.-*. 

VIII. IIai{IMKt7, ; m. Tliomas (ihant : «l. in IsiUi. 
VI, Nancy", h. .Ian. 1«J, 17S1>; HI. Alnaham t'ai'ly. TIu'v rt*- 

iiioveil to Tanatla, with her hrotln'r Klijali W,, mikmi aftt*r 
thf war of lsr.». SIhmI. alM»ut IHr4. (hildivn: 

I. Hkn.iamin \V. 7. 

II. Kakavkttk7. 

III. IIakicikt', III. William <aal. 

**** Tm. nKA-i'AM'iN':, |t^vins h. .lulv 14. 17l»a, in Westminster, 
Vt. Henjainiu .1. Nov. 10. isll. at riattslmi^jh, N. Y. 
.Io««'i»h in. llannali W lieeler, of <;ianville, .\. V, She 
was h. .Ian. 1. They moved to Huron, Wayne <'o. N. V. 
1I»' d. at the a;;e of tlfty-tlve \rais and ten months. 
< hildren: 

I. .lo> " . III. Mrs. ( harlotti' I,, rart-idj^e; n^s. 

Hi;; Kapids, Mieh.. om* son. Merville'*. 

II. HiNJAMiN .h»iiN>«»N 7. |>. .I;,ii, I. l^jl: III. Sarah 

K.. dan. of .lud;r«' llyd«'. of Wojcott. N. V. 
Ih- d. in Sept. Is7*.), at HlooiniiiH;toii. III. (hil- 
dren: Harriet K.". in. A. W. <;ridl«y; Harlen 
H.'*. HiMiiaiMin .1. ^ . .leroiiu' i:."*. S.iiahO. ". 

in. hadore A. hiekerson, 
Kmiiy'*, .l«»se|>li "" . KltMincf > . 
N. V. 

in. a Mr. KelTn iit ; >Ih' d. in 


.lri»«»N • . 


IMiii.o |;.7, 

( liildr«-n : 



Ann; Ml. ". 

Kei.. iss;{, 


VI. Minkkva", 111. Jay Seelye. Children: 

Ir\vlii8, Fre<l«, Burt 8. 

VII. Maicv'. 

VIII. Hannah 7. 

IX. rvNTiiiA?, III. Luther Wilson, lived in 

N'ortli U«»!ie, X. Y. 
2.%. IX. Aakon IIai.i. «'. I). Aug. 17, 171K>, in Readinj^, Mass.; m. 
AMpiil Kritli. Iffs. in Cha/y, N. V. (Iiildreu: 

I. (iKOlCliK W. ' . 

II. KMki. K.7. 

III. IIai.1.7. 

IV. IfnWANA?. 

X. Kmhku Wakukn'I, b. Deo. 27, 17W, in Durham Canada; 

III. Ileyiinltls llrown, of Ciranvllle, X. Y. .She d. in 1867. 

XI. IJow ANA Kkiiii •', l». May 10, 1H(>4. in Durham, Canada; 

III. .loliij Aldrrman, of (iranville, X. Y., rem. to Ea>t 
Poultney, Vi. Slie d. al>ont 1S82. 

95. Capt. David Boynton, (Jonathan^* Jonathan''^ 
Joseph*^ John\) boni in I^imonluirjr* Mass., Feb. 2.'),>; 
111. SjifmIi Carlisle; shv was horn in 17<»><, and died in is.'iO. 
Thr family mnovcd to IIaill:ind, Vt. N'tween 1^00 uiul 
ISOS. IIo diod in 1K41 ; was «|uite a inilitarv man in his 
day, a Captain. 

Childivn : 

2:i7. I. TlinMAs", h. Sept 24. 1780; in. Sopjija I'ahot, of llart- 
laiid, Vt. in 1817, re^. Wliulsior. Vt. lie wa;* l»v trade u 
ealtlnet maV;er, and later an ornamental |Kiiiiter ; wa* a ;;reat 
siu(U'nt, and an inventor of many useful artieles. One of 
the llrst ouukiii;; stov«"* hi Xew Kn^land, l>uie his name. 
'I'hf stove was made in IMiiladelphia and taken up the 
(Vmn. liver to Vt. He was an KMsi;;n, and Lieutenant in 
the.nst iJe^'t. nf r. S. Infantry, in isli-l.i. Mrs. H. d. 
in 1840: hetl in 1840. Children : 

I. Thomas Caiiot", l». in 181S: ni. MaHlia W. 

llarwo«Hl. Ifes. Luekpurt, X. Y. < hihiren: 
Kdwani II. '<. I». ISC-i: Arthur .I.**, I), in ls<»4, 
d : l-i//le II >* . 1). ill isoCt: Kranees X.>, l». in 
ls(>i; Miu;ra,-,.t I". ?*, I,, ill is:2. 

II. IhimAitH SMITH ". h. ill 182(1; d. in l8.">7. 

III. Al.l I{KI> Saiun", t, , , t ,o,, 

IV. Ki.wAKi.rAni.isi.KT, , twin-, horn in 1824. 

AMiv.l .1. ill 182.'^. 

Kdw.-inl <. III. Mary .1. Ilulil»aid, who wa** \t. 





111 182(>. lie .1. May 18. 1H1>3. rhlMivn: 

\A//\v W.8, !,. Im is:.4; Fraiul- r. h, h. hi 

1S."m, «I. in \XW: K!ur»Min* r.?*, h. in 18<K); 

Kdwanl <'. J^. I». ill 1S(14: IIcUmi T. " . I>. in 

K«l\vard ('urlli*U* ll«»ym«»ii.— From the Uio;;ra|iliii-al IN';rl>*tor of \\\v 
West l*oiiit (Jraihial*'!*** \v«' exirart tin- loilnwiii;; ; lltun iti Voniiotit 
Fel»ruary 1st, iSil. Aitpuintrtl ("adfi at tin' T. S. Military Aradniiy 
•liily iMt. 1S41. Pn»m(»tr<l Sri-oinl I.iruU'nanl iM l. S. Anillriy .liiiy, 
ISM, Assi^iK'tl to Col. |)uiuMn'> UaMrry ot I.i;rlit Anillii y. ati«l •••rvetl 
at Monton'V ami at the -ei/ure and «H-iii|>atioii ut Saltiilo, >re\lio, IsiG. 
Kii;;a;;«'»l at tl»«' «i<-i;e of \'ri;i • 'ni/. Icinir of irno (iunlo. aii«l in the 
««'i/ure ami «K'«'ui»alioji of I'ueMo. Mrxlro. is 17. Fii-'t l.ieutriiam \^\ 
Artillery. Isl7. In the skirmish at AMia/iu|nr. ami al«o at oUa I.aka. 
MiNJio. ISfT. Kn«:a'.re»l in the liattir of r»»ntieia» ami rhninlm^ro. 
M<*\leo. in Auiin-it, ls47. S«'\crely \\oninle<l in aetion al < hnrnltn^t-o. 
••< aptain I'y l>re\»'t for ;;allaut ami *'in«'rilorion'i ^rr\ i« c. in the l»aHles 
».f • Tonireras ami ( hnrnlm^t'o, Mr\i«o.** A«»i;:n«tl l^ iln- Military 
Aeaib'inv. at We-il |N»inl. a< Artiii;; \s«i«ta'it < Jnart«t ina-trr. l>|s. 
\>-i«tant I'lofr^i^or of « hrnii^lry. Mimialo:;y ami <ieolii;j\ An;:n-t. 
l"*!'^. to S«iitrnil»er. ls.*»."». In tin* Floritia ho-tiliti<"i a;^aiti»i the Seinl- 
iiol»' |mlian«i. ls."(.'.-.*»(;. i;«-i;;m'i| is.",*;. A|i|Miint«Ml l*i.ifr««iir of « Inm- 
i-liv. Stale Normal Srlio»»|. All>:iny. \.V.. Is.'»(; i|»'el.) |>e;;reeot A.M.»r!eil \t\ llrown rniv«r«ity at I'roxiiU-m »•. IJ. I.. Is.Vi. |*iof»-»»(.r 
of < hrini-try. Mineralo.:y ami* ieol.i^jy. Is.'.c, t.. |>(;i,at tlie liiixer-ity 
of tin* State of Mi--i''-i|t|»i. I li-ini'^nl ami i'\|m1I»>(| troni the lni\«-i "*ii \ 
>rplenil»er, lSf',|. -'for want of .attat hinent to tin* ;;o\rjinm'nt of tin- 
( onfi<lerate Stat«-" in felxHionj. Appoint d raptain lltli l. >. Iii- 
lantr\ >»'ptenilM r. l**r,| . an<l « "olonel r,t h IJr'.;ini' nl Nrrniont \oluiit«'rr«. 
l*>f.l. A>-iune<l toilie Military Aea leniy a- <^nailei ni i«ler 1m!I to l>«i.*>. 
an<l a> Ailjutant Im'.I to 1^71. ••Ilrevet Major lor -erviet- durin;; the 
lehellioii.** 'rian-ferre.l to the llnl [' . S. Artillery het-nnher. I>70. 
Author of thf Mi-toiy of Ue-t Point ami the Oii;rin ami I'r4»;;n •- of 
ilnl. S. Military Aeatleiny. l^fWt: aUo. ol Military ami .Naval Irrin^. 
NVrli'ter"' l)ielionary. ls»;i. Honorary iiienil»er of thi- Hi-torieal Soti«iy 
of P«nn«yl\ania. ami of the .Vineriian \*ati«ni\ lor tin- Aiham-eineiil 
ot Seieiiee. Author of vaiion>».pulilieation- on elicnii''t r\ ami ehnnieal 
analv>is >ime l>.*ri. i;e»i;rii«tl h«Hfnil>er Nt 1^7-'. ?*upei inteii-leni 
Newhur^lh Water Wwrks .Inly .".. Is7:{, lo M inh U. l^'^l. State liu^tee 
Wa-hiniTloirs l|eatlM"">'<»''^ ^'^ New l>nr;:h Max II. l>7l. to present. 
Srereiary Newhni^h lloanl of Iratl*' May s. 1>M. lo pre«Mit. l'r«^. 
iileiit lli'torieal Soi-i«'iy of Ne\\liui;:h ami tin- irn:hliml« UttnluM JJ. 
!«»>;{. to Fet»ruar\ 12. l^^'^. On Anu;u-t II. l^^.t. In- \\a- made the 111'*! 
rn-ideni of the ••Anieriean Uo\nton A»«oriaiion". Ke-id»'iu'»\ New- 
».ur-h. N. v.. 1>'J<». 

II. I.I .11 K t:*'. h. in 17^*^: ni. I»r. Pntu:ini Ilarron. of ( hart* *- 
town. N. II.. .Mav JO. 1>P.»: In- \va- ?.. in I7'.»2, tl. in l^rJ: 


Hhe a. in Ohio in 1864. Children : 
I. Fkanceh C. 7, b. July 17, 1842; ra. Dr. W. K. H. 
Clark, of A^hluud, Oliio; she d. In 18C2; two 
children d. y. 
n. Hklkx L. 7, b. .Ian. 5, 1828; ni. l»t, Kdnmnd 
Bostwiok, of Iljivenua Ohio, Mar. 6, 1844 ; he 
wan b. Mar. 30, l«lO;d. Sept. 9, 1861 Their 
i-hlblren: Marion", d. in 1861, a>;ed fifteen; 
Florence «, d. in IHDO. She ni. 2d. Dr. John 
F. Bird, of rhlladelplda, in Nov. 1875. 
III. Sakaii L. '^ b. in ISOy; ni. IJela Xettleton, of Newport, 
N. II. Chililreri: 

I. (j;KnK«;K7, d. y. 

II. BKL\7. 

III. El>\VAI{u7. 

96. Oliver* Boynton, {John\ Jonathan*, Joseph*, 
John\) \my\\ in Now l{()\vley, (Georgetown,) Mas^., July 
1), 1743; III. Sarah, dan. of Samuel ami Mary (Can*) 
FIetehcr,<)f Saco, or IJiddefoni, Me. Settled in Alna, Mo. 
He d. in 1«1.'); «lie «lied in lH2(j. 

Children horn in Ahia. 

23S. I. AsA«, b. Aujf. 6, 1774; m. Kes. Lil)€rty, Me. Chil- 

dren : 

I. M«»>K.s7,b. in 171)8; in. Kj«ther Menh; she d« 

Mar. 11, 1881; bed. Jan. 2, 1S7». Their ihll- 
dren : Simeon M.**, in. I.ouoina Newell; 
Keuel W.«', ni. Mary Pmtt; Moses «<, ni. 
Anna F. Sidolinj^er; JaniejJ E. **, ni. Adaline 
Ib'mior; Mjuy**, \\\. Thomas llill ; Esther >*, m. 
James C. Cook; Mrs. James KeenS, and Mrt'. 
i Joseph Nolde*. 

II. A>A ■ , Hes. Jefterson, Me. 

III. Alkxam»ku W. 7. 

IV. IlAirn.KY7. 

V. BitAi»Htiti>7. m. J.ueindu . IJes. 

Manrhester, Me. Chiblreu : Ell)ri(ljje M.**, 
b. in 1S41 ; m. Ennna .V. I'armer; Freeinau^f 
m. Vanilclia Lewis: Sarali^*, in. IVter I.en- 
IVst;<jini«' n. K, m. a Mr. llewin$>; Newell 
M.^*, Sewell W. ". 

VI. .Miiin Aiti.i: 7, m; Warren l.amsttti, ot 

'iJlli. II. SAMni.'i, b. aln.iu I77'l; n». 


240. HI. Olivek«, I». hImjuI 1777; m. hud one »on Oliver, 

|)erhapf> ot!»erf». went weft. 

241. IV. Jamks«, I). In April. 1779; m. Mary Turner. She d. In 

1K%; he d. May 3, 1S72. Chtldreu: Hve dau>jhter« 
naineH not known, and 
I. .Iamk.>*7. 
II Holms'. 

III. .Iai'IIKT ', b. June 7, 1H2«1; in. ('larU!*a Fish, >i 
Srotch lastie, had nine children, one dau. in. 
0-;ro<Ml rolling. 

97. John* Boynton, {'!ohn\ Jonathan^ ^Jweph*^John\) 
Wivw in New Koulcy, ((iiror«rt't<>wii) Mas?*., Mar. 21, 174H- 
47 ; in. no|)zil)ah, dan. of Sannicl and Mary (Carr) Flotcli- 
er, of Saro or Hiddclord, Mo. Settled in Alna, Mo. IIo 
d. June, 1H31. 

Children : 


242. II. .lniiN6, b. Oct. 22, 1784; in. Sarah, dau. of Thomas Hutch- 
inj^ft, of Bristol. Me., ren. Alna. He d. Sept. fi, 1837; 
she wa? I». Mar. 19, 17JK). and d. in .Mar. IHM. Children: 

I. Hasnaii?, h. Dei'. 20. 1810; in. Samuel Little, 

Nov. 21, 1833. (hlldren: Henriettas, h. In 
18^14. d, in 1847; Alhlon'*, h. in 183<;; Hart- 
well'*, h. In lsS7; liiirrlet'*, h. In \s\\\\\ I.oIhH, 
h. In 1841; (Vila ^ l». In ls|3; Henrietta A.<«, 
h. In ]84(t; MelU^a>*, l». in 1S49; Amanda'^, h. 
In 1851. il. in I8r>:>; X. .Iohn^ and /. Frank >», 
twln^ h. .lune 10, ls.j4. 

II. Thomas'?, b. Nov. 1, 1H12. In Alna; in. Mary \. 

dau. of .SanuM'l and Sarah (Noy«''<) Little. May 
11, 1840; Khe was b. Feb. Ih, 1813. (hildren: 
i:ebecca N.'*. b. in lH4l; ( yru- K.»*, b. In 
1M43. H«- j'crved in < o. I, 3l-t Main*' Vol., 
until the el()s<' of the war: O^iar W.^, It. in 
I84r>, he f^erveil in To. F., 21-t .Maine Vol. ; Kll 
I.. ^ b. in 1847; Matlhla K.**, b. in 1849; 
Kdson A. >*, b. in 1S5.3. 

III. JoiinT, h. .Inly IC. Isl4: in. Knlh. dau. of 

Jomph Weeki. of ,letV.r-on. Oct. ;{|, ls44. She 
was b. Jan. U), ISltJ. (hlldrcM: .1. Farley ", 
* b. Dre. 23, 1845. in (n-oi^'lanMa N. Falilleld, 

in 18S3; (i»'orp' F.**, b. May 21, l>47. in, i lara 
F. Neal, In ls:9; \V. % l». (M. in, |s:.o. 


III. Mury E. Hariium; Ella (;.»*, h. Mar. 2, 
1M.V2, in. Cliarlc!* F. Marsh, in Apr. 1870. 

IV. (YursT, I,. alMMit IKIO, d. in 1843. 

V. AMn>7, h. M:«r. i(), isii); in. Koplimla. dan. of 

<'a|»t. .I«»lin Itonkcr. of 't'lioinaston, Me. Slit* 
wan l» Mar. 10. IK-iO, ^\. Nov. 10, \sm: lie il. 
Mar. 21». Isf.l. lU-. Aliia, M«'., (lilUlren: 
( yiu««, l». S«'i»t. 21. d. Si'pt. UK 1844: Aiijflo 
E. »*, l». Nov. S, 1845; III. John II. Krown, one 
son. Kn-il K.'». I». \ivv Is, ls75; John'*, l>. 
An;r. ^', IS4N. in. M.ii y Thoinson: Sarah O. »*, h. 
Apr. 2".». is.'.l : ni. AUnd S. Harrison: Amos'*. 
I>. Jmu- 2'.t. ls."):j. 

VI. ^ Sakaii ' . I>. al»onl ISJO; m. ( .ipt. Uarnard liookor, 

* h«' lollowctl the sea and died in a loici;;!! land, 
OIK' :idopt('d dan. Ella. 

VII. Sktii ', l>. S»pi. 17. |s2;i: in. Eli/ali«'lh. dan. of 

havid Warr. No ihildicn. 

VIII. IlKN.IAMIN ", l». July 23. Is-j,'): d. Oft. *.». 1S2S 

IX. Jii.iaA.'. •». Sept. 21, 1.S27: in. rapt. Uak«?r 

Uoolvor. No childiTM. 

X. l.oi> T . It. Mar 20, lN;{0:ni. .lost-ph Uookfr; she 

is drad. 

XI. riiAKi.i:> W . ". I» (ifl. 2.'», |S4.*); Ill, Mary rorth- 

«'ll. of Caindrn, Wv. Ifr-i. <iardinrr. Mr. One 
adoptrd dan. l-loninr; hi' d. Jan. S, Iss'.i. 
111. Na\('V<', in. rapt. John llnU'ldiiU''. (hrother of 

•lohn's will* ^ He dird at >«>a, had niiii' children : 

213, IV. Jn>i.i>il*i, in. a Mi<s (iliddcn. 
V. IMmnA". 

214. VI. Mn>i>ti, III. Mrs. Elth.ira i:.'«d, foiin.rly .Mi.s.-* 


08. William Boynton, {'/o/in\ hh((hod\ Mni\ John\) 
liorn in llav<rhill, M;i>s., Dn*. '). 1744; in. Man MoLum.s, 
(M. 'i, 17«l(i. His latluT imiuvi'VimI land to liiin in 
NmrapniM't No. 1, ( ntixtmi, .Mo.) in ITTiT, on wliivh lu» 
M'Ulrd. Hi> hoiiM' wji.s >tan(linir in l.sTa. 

ChiMrrn : 

24.'i. I. \V II, 1.1 AM", h. I Me. IS. I7<;«», at Saio;in. Ihtsey (EliAiheth) 

WhitiH'y, oi Siandish. M«'. I'nl». Nov. 10, 17'.»2. She 

was h. .Mar. 4, I7r.3. and d. .Mar. 21. Isl4. at llrowiifhld, 

Mr. Ifrd, Nov. 7, 1M30. < hiidivn: 

I. IIansaiiT. I., Mar, 10, 17i»3: in. Nt. a ,Mr. 


llaniion; III. 2d, •loiiali .l(>Iin»tou; shi' U. Dec. 
UK \s:is. at SUiudlsh. 

II. 'i'lioM \> '. )». Jan. 5, 17i>.'>; tl. .Ian. 0. 1S13; at 

Hiram. Me. 

III. Wii.i.iAM i'.'y b. Mar. 11, 17i>7;in. Iitt, •lane. <l:m. 

ot (apt. Andrew <'l«'iid«'nin, (<fl«*iidinin) 
of M Davld'i*. New Hruii-wltk, May 17. ISJO; 
Mhcd. Oet. 2:{, 1K^40; lie III. M, S«i>t. Id. isr><). 
Ilaiwiali, widow of 'I'lioiiias (lanildc, of 
M.-iiuhcster, N. II.. and daii. of Knoeli (;o«mU 
will of l.ondondenv, N. II. riiildren: 
U illiaiii .1. ", l». at St. havitl's. Mar. h, ISJI. d. 
.\|>r. II. "aim* year: rliarlotte A.**. I». .luiie 
, 24. 1>24. at How. N. M.: Mary .1.", h. May 10. 
1>21»: III. I'rtrr Kindiall, of Manrln'st«M. N. II., 
<M. 2U, l.s:>I ; Melis-a'^. I». .Ian. 10, ls.{2; iii. 
.larolt \\ . Sanliorn. <»f Kiipiii^c. N. II.. .\|»r. HI. 
l.s.*)7; Henry I', f*, »». Dee. I. ls3:{; in. 1st, at 
(aiiiden, N. Y.. Ix>ni^* M. Seyiiionr, .lune IT), 
|s.%s. >he d. IMt. 20. Is7<5: in. 2«l, Kinina L. 
llainniond, of Hatavia. \. V., .Ian. 2:<. 1KK4; 
Andrew A. >*. I». .Ian. i:^ IKIO; KoWerl - and 
Stephen >*, twins, h. .Inly U, \H\\. 

IV. lMll\K\>7. »,. Mar. 2'.», MW: in. a Miss Snillli, of 

St. David's Their ehlldn'n: .laeolis, ,\m^ 
K. ^, perhaps «»ther s«»ns, and threo daughter;*. 

V. Sai.I.vT, I». Mar. ir>, Isoi ; in. K'ev. /.aeharlali 

(iihson, <»f lliowntleld. Dee. 2.*^, ls:{2. lie wa!« 
h. Sept. M, 17>1, sln> «l. Dee. i\, is.t'.i: one 
dan;;hter. Kli/a .\nn'^, iii. Henry Sii»kney. 

VI. Maky ", h. .Ian. :i, lso;{; »!. in lH2t»; nnin. 

VII. Ja( on". I). Dee. 14. Isoi: in. 1st, olive riioiii: 

III. 2tl. .Mti^ail Hrooks; m. ;Jd, Mary M. Stan- 
ley, lied. Oet. U, INSI. ihihiren: U illiaiii 
II. ". Daniel H.^. tJardner H. f*. S«d«lon ti.»*, 
Olive. I ", Isaae", Mary A.'*. 

VIII. Ki.i/AnK.rii HviM'v 7. I». •Ian. 20, 1S07: in. Ilu^li 

retttn;:ell, of Londonderry, \. II. Their 
ehildren: rharh'ss, Davhl"*. 

II. Hannah'*, l». Keh. ir», 17<;«>; n». Daniel, son of Dea. Daniel 

and Ahijrail Dennet) I.eaviti. of Hiixton, Au^'. 2.*l. 

171»2: lived in Hn.wntleld. Me. He wa- »»:ij»t. May 2l. 

24<t. III. |)AMKi.«, h. Mar. 12. 1771; in. Mary .M«Min. of Huxton. 

Dee. 7, 17'.»2. 
247. IV. |>AA«'.», l». .Inne ,'». I77.T, III. Sarah, din. of Hnniphrey and 

Kli/iiheth (.McLneas; Merrill, of Ilnxton. Oet. 2. 1x00. 



Kiw wa^ I., ill H. .lull. 10, 1770. ( lill«lr»«ri: 
I. Ki-iZA 7, h. in iHOI ; III. a Mr. Kiiifry. Mhe <1. Ht 

IMllM«MI, Ml'., Nov. M, }HHU. 
V. Mamy", h. .Iiily 6. I77ft. 
*24^ VI. Mo.m;H«, I.. V,'U. «, 1777-7H; .||. Jfutli Kld.Mi, Mar. 24, 1803. 
Slio wan h. ill Iluxton. Nov. 23, 17x0, uml il. In Mo'i- 
iiHMitli, M.'., Feb. ;}, 1H49: lie d. in M., June 12, 1858. 
< iiildtcii: 

I. .loiix K.**. I), ill IJiixton, D»-f. «. 1803; in. Mary 

A. Cook, of St. AINaiis, M«... .hily 7, 1k51»; lie 
il. Fel). Ki, ls7.'S. Nofliildn-u: 

II. Ki.lZA 7, h. In !{. Ai)r. 21, lsO.5; in. Ilt-ndritk W. 

.Mulklns F«'l». 20. Is32, Sli»' d. in i;«Klie;«ter, 
N. 11., Au^'. 10, 18x7. Their iliildren: Mercy 
It. ", I.. Nov 2S. ls;{2; III. |{hv. .Foiin li. Fo^^;, 
Nov. 11, iK7'.»: d. Apr. 22, 18S1>; Mary F. »*, l». 
May 7, Ih.'M, ui. Int, (Jeorice H. I>e,iil»i»rii. Jan. 

II, 1H<;;); in. 2d. Aideii Itusseii; i:utl. K.'*. 
!►. Nov. 2S. XSlic,: in. Kussel G. Sciilmer, Dee. 
:i\, 180:{; .losepii l:.«. I.. Jnly 14. l!^i; 

III. Delia Dohson, of Arliiij^ton. 111.; 
Priscilla II.'*, 1». Dee, 1x42, uiiin. 

III. N.VMiAMKi, T. h. in B. .luiie 27, 1X07; in. Mary 

(I'nily) .V, .ludkins, .luiie II, Ix.JO. .She waa 
h. ill .Moninoutli, An;;. 12, I80H. ile d. .Mar. 
22, 1X70, in Hrid;;e\vater, .Me. Cliildren: 
AM;,Mil N. K. »*, l». N<»v. 11. lx,n; in. Klisha 
V. Tride, Oet. 12, lx;i2. He.-. Newhnryp<.rt. 
Ma-"*,, she d. Dee, 2. lXi)7; (;eor;^e \V. »«, h. In 
l-i.JX; d. y; (Jeor^r,. \.8, i,, i„ 1^42 ; Kelieeea 
K >*, h. in 1x44, and rive otliers wlio d. y. 
l\. Wii.i.iAM il.:. I), in Moiniinuili, Me,, Apr. 7, 
l>(Ht;in, Manila, dan. uf David and Al»i>;ail 
(llaskall; riuiner, of Wales, Maine, June 10, 
ls;{;{; she was h. Fel). 20. IXO.'., and d. Feh. 17, 
lxM»;lied. Jnly 2.'», 1X77. Children: Daniel 
v.". I>. Jan. Hi. Is.lX; ni. L..viiia J. MeFarland, 
Jan. 1!», lxr»4, no eliildien: .Mary !..!<, h. Apr. 
r», 1X42; in. (ieor^e K. IJoweil, .Nov. 14, IXOU, 
d. Felt. 10, 1X(>.'.. 

V. IJnii Ki.i.knT, 1). in M., .Vpr. 7, 1811; in. 
Daniel Sampson, in Feh.. 1X30. He was h. in 
( iiina. Me., Apr. 3, l.MM]; she d. Dec. 2, 1897. 
Children: (ieoijre II. x, b Dec. 9, 1837; ner- 
ved in Co. K. :u\, .Maine Vol. d. at Alex.indria, 
Va.. Sept. 17, lx«;i ; tiustavns II, >i, b, \u>r. p.i, 
lx3'.i: served in Co. K. 3d. .Maine, V«>1., d. at 


<i«'or»ft*town, l». C'., S««pi. H. iMdl; Cyrun <J.*, 
I». July 14, iHt'i: kllWMl in the tmltii' of hull 
Itun, .hily J1, lH«n, l»<'lon^c<l to <d. K M, 
Miiliu' Vol. 'rhnM> rttroii);, n\th' uwn ull i\vm\ 
ttiM'e iiionth'< after louviii); h«Miu>! AlvtMui 
X.t*, h. .Iiine v.), 1H41 ; m. Kdwjinl I.Hihy, 
June 19, ls71; Altlen S »*, I). S.'pt. U. 1H47: 
in. 1st. Sara It. l^atluMH, .lunv "iH, 1M78; in. 
2d, N«'IIh' G. Lanroy; Fniiiklln H.^, h. May 
a.'), IM.')! ; ni. Kllu Varncy. Mar. IH, IhMJ; lit* 
^r.xl. fritiii llaluinnatin ('o||«>;{«' of 
IMiilaih'li.lila, Mar. 14, ISH'J; Aih-n W.h. b. 
.luiH' .'{(), IH.VI : ni. <J»'rtru«le M. Coliurn, St'pl. 
!>, ]HS2; he ^rad. from llahnrnianii Mt'd. Col.: 
one other who d. y. 
VI. Mm^ksT, h, in M., Oct. l.J, lHi;i: ni. <«'lln<la A. 
HIake. of Wliithnu). "•' «'• M*"*. •*, l^<«<>. 
No ehiUlren. 

riUisT. ":■;';•« 1. .«.«. 

•lames M. ni. Drusilla Sherlmrne. lie d. .Mar. 
20, 1^S!)7: she d. Nov. IH, 1H!».*). <hlUlren: 
Charles S. >* , h. in 1H4«;; ni. 1st, INixle A. 
WevMiouth, Oet. 22, 1x71, she d. Au)?. 21, 1H71>, 
and he m. 2d, .Sarah K. Kaixl, Dec. IH, K^Ml ; 
Vesta J. **, h. Jan. 15, lSd4 : ni. William Hand, 
Oft. 26, 1873. 

.lane ('. ni. Alfred Forsalth. lie was l». lu 
<'4»ueonl, N. II., S<i»t. 22, iMOo; d. in Winthrop. 
Me.. May 20, 1802. Tlwir ehildnn: .lanieii 
M.**, h. Ajir. 17, iH.n, last heard from Jnne 21, 
18(U, Cavalry ^oin;; to Shenandoah; supposed 
to have l>een killetl in liattle; .Susan K. '*, h. 
.fan. 28. l8;iJ>: m. A. A. .Manwell, May }», 18«7; 
MaryK.»*,l>. S'pt. 22, 1810; m. William L. 
Itiehmond, .Ian. 18, 18(12; Thomas K.>*, It. .Ian. 
28, 1844, died in hot^pital at Union Kcmi;;^.^ 
July '23, ]S():\, memlier ( o. K. 14th. Me. l{e;;t.: 
Kvaline \i.>*, h. Oet. 2s, 18^4;-); m. Tliomas 
healy. Apr. 13, I8r^{; < harles K.«, h. Nov. 2ft, 
1847; ( elia A.'*, I». June 28, 18.*.0, d. (»<t. 27, 
1870; Fred A. **, h. .luiie 17. 18.*»4; m. Hannah 
A. Wel.ster, Dee. 27. 1887. 

IX. Mauv I).', I«. in M., Feh. V.K 182(1. d. Oet. H», 

1881. in, Me. 

X. Aiui;.\ii. N. K. ", h. Au>;. 0. ls23, d. Sej»t. 1, 

ls2.'», in Monmontli, M«'. 


249. VII. Saml'KK«, b. July 27, 17S0; m. l*hel>e lUuke; pub. Mar. 
10, 18()4; moved to Hrownrteld, Me. lie U. In the war of 
1S12. dilldriMi: Two );irli< aud one 1 oy died. 
I. KoYAL H. 7, b. al>out 180<>; ni. Mary J. Howard, 
res. Medwuy. M*'. Chlldreu: Francis W.!*, 
HI. Susan Hartlett; Martha J. «. ni. John Kay; 
Hoxaua T. ", ni. Manfred Cushing; Lydia 
ll.**, ni. Walter K. Drake; Sada F. »*. in. Henry 
A. Sfverani'e; Uilltani K ^, ni. Amanda 
Daniels; Sophrano'*. 
VIII. JanK«, b. An;;. 'A, 17S.5. 

99. Danier BoyntoQ, {'fohji\ Ichabod'^Jojieph\Jo/in\) 
Ikhii in IIuvtMhill, Mas^., .Mar. 'i.'), 1747. Ho went to 
Narm^i^ansct No. 1, (Huxton) as oarly as 17(57; in. Hannah 
Uahh, .luly 11, \1*X\, No tuillior iXHuuil of him in Buxton. 
Ho and ))is tathor (tlohn) wciv in ('apt. .laU'/. Lane's Co. 
(\)1 Thomas Nixon's Mass. (Ith Ke^. in (len. Alexander 
Mcl)ou«rah's eorps, (hirin^r the Hevohitionary war. 

100. John* Boynton, { '/oh ji*, IchaUKp^ Joseph*, John\) 
horn in Haverhill, Mass., ,lune 20, 1741»; in. 1st, Hannah 
KIwell, of Pepperellhoroiijrh, .Inly IS, 1771 ; in. 2d, Hannah 
Mason, .Mar. 2.'), IHOI. He resided on his fatlier's lioine- 
stead, and foIlowiMl the same trade, l>laeksinithin^. Chil- 
dren all horn in ihixt<»n. 

2M. I. .lAMKs'i, b. Oit. 4. 1771; m. Su)*anna (irant, of ^Saco, Me., 
Fel». S, ls()-l. She wa»» Immii Id l|»s\vKh, Mat*?*. 'I'hey 
><eitliMl in Saeo. rhildren: 

I. IIanxam*. wan Itnrneilio death. 

II. Natiiamkl?. 
HI. .In>i;ni7. 

IV. KiwnT. 

V. William'. 

VI. Hannah 7. 
vii. .John*. 

VIII. .Iami:s7. 

IX. IllN.IAMIN 7. 

X. Sami Ki. I.OWK.I.I. ", b. Feb. 17, lHi<{. He attend- 

ed (be town Hehoidx until he wax Ortt>en yearr* 
uf a;:e, then oin« wlijinr ar y«>rt!; Varuiouth 


> V 1 


I . 







Anidemy, and In lH4i Hntl lH4a ut WarnMi 
Acadomv In \Vo»»urn. Ma.-'t*. After ii four 
years course, >rraduiU«Hl from the (1i»utnu(|ua 
L. & S. <irele. MarrW'tl in iH.Vi, Sarah I.. 
• Menill, of HUMefonl, Me., where lie now 

(18'.>7) lives*. Ili!< huslness for the lai*t twenty- 
tlve years, lias heeii real estate. 
XI. Ahimk H. ", h. 1S2S; Ml. Orin llani. wlu» dletl In 
the Army hi !><♦»:*. 
II. Mary«,I». Keh. 17. 177:1. 
*251. Ill* John', h. Mar. l.s, 177H. 

IV. Hannah «, »». May 0, 17H1. 
252. V. I)ANIKL«, Mar. :n. 17m;l 
'iKi. VI. M«MKs«, h. .luly 12, 17h5. 
2M. VII. NViiJ.iAM«, h. An;;. 31, IHOI. 
VIII. Ki.lZA«, »». Nov. 15, IKCU. 

100a. David* Boynton, (Audrew*, M<dml% John*, 
JoA;<*,) »MMii ill (initton Co., N. H. Moved lo WiiuUir 
Co., Vt. 

100b. Ebenezer* Boynton, {Amh-ew^ Mabod\ John\ 
John\) iMirn in Gi-jifttu» Co., N. 11. MommI to Windsor 
Co., Vt, Ilavo 110 fuilluT ivicmls ot this taniily. 

lOOc. Andrew* Boynton, {Andrew\ Ichahod\ John\ 
./oAn',) lK)rn ill (Initton Co., X. II.; m. 1st, Miss Sanih 
Davis, who wjus Inmi in Veiinont. She «li(Ml in Cuiuuhi, 
Mairh 1812. He niainiMl apiin and l>ad scvon inoiT chil- 
divn. IIo was oiirhty-niiu' yeais of air*' wlien lio diod. No 
dates of hiilh or death pven. Cliihln^n : 

2.*>.'>. 1. l>AVii» Davis", l> Dee. 4, isfVJ. in CaMatla near the line wt 

Vermont, on ihe shore of Lake Champlain: m. Mlsn 

Malliula (i. .lai'kson, .Ian. ">. IS^Jl ; their lirst srveii ehll- 

divn were horn in tattar.i^jus ('«».. N. Y.: tlu'y thm 

mov«Ml to .lelhrson Co.. I*a., wlirre they remained until 

lss;t. then moved to Westmoreland < o., |*«, Their chil- 
dren iimnheK'd ten — tive sons and five daii;;lilers. 

I. I.VMAV .Fa<'K>on T , has <»ne son, Norman A.**, 

one died in the < ivil war, hut m» names were 


ever sent ub, and of the dau>{hter8 only Mrs. <'. 
M. Shields 7 has written. Her re«. TJgouler. Pa. 
II. IlASNAil*, b. Nov. 1807; m. Ira IniraH-*, Oct. 7, 1K«. 
'n>elr cldldren : 

I. OitKN I. s h. Oct. 30, 1833, d. Ju y 19, 1834. 

II. CLAiti>K A. 7, l>. I>ec. 10, lK3.'i; ni. a Mr. Newell. 

luiil tJilldreu Edward " and .Iorui»ha » . 

III. .IKIIL^IIA A.', h. Mar. 27, 1838; ni. A/ro K. 

l)arllii^% Mar. 14. ISIW. Tlidr children: Mary 
11.", I>. in 1S51>; riara A.", h. in 18<;l ; Alice 
I). ", h. in ls«J;l: A/ro I f. h. in 18<^5: Malcolm 
M. ", I), in 1H«)7. 

IV. Khmonu I.", b. Nov. 27, 1844. 

V. (^iims .1.7. .Ian. 27. 184M; ni. Klla A. Barrett. 

I>«r. 11, 1S75. One child (urtis**, b. in 1878. 

VI. M KitniKT M. 7 , b. Mar. 27, 18.M): d. July 5. 1H52. 
iVl. III. Am»KKW «. b. Sept. 1, ISOS. in ni;:hpit«', Vt.; ni. Harriet 

.huknian. M:i.v 21». 1H31 ; she was* b. in Onondaga <o., N. 
Y. 'rin'ir ihildren : 

I. Ai.o\/n r. 7, b. Fel>. 25, 1H.S2; in. Nal>elle K. 

( :iiri|.b<lle, .Mar. 22, 18.o7. Children: Harriet 
K. J". I>. in lsr.3: Anna ,J.», b. in 18.M»; Amelia 
(). ", b. In 1S61: Ma M.»*, b. in 1H(;.-): Lor.i li". 
It. in lMi7, d. IKOS; Fettle K. », b. in IHWi; 
Andrew T. »*, b. in 1872. 

II. .Vman/.ki. 1»k K<»i{k>t7. I,, Apr. 8, lH3;i; in. Miss 

ZrnetH- A. Wilber, Apr. 2.'». njibbvn: 
Nettie IJ.". b. in l8()2;Klsie M.**, b. in 18r>.-»; 
•lennic <;.**. I» in 1874. 

III. O^cAW .1.7, I,. .Ian. 2, 1837; in. -Mrs. Lucy 

(Thoi|K') Woods, Feb. 12, 18.59. He d. May 
IS. 1S78. 

IV. DiMi- A. 7. b. May 21, 18;}9; n». William Hijr^'iu" 

in Manh, ISoS. 

V. ()|{ii.i..\ Vict<»icia7, b. in 1841; d. in 18,50. 

VI. M.\|{Y M.\|{1a7. b. May 1. 184.'); m. C'owanda 

.lone*. Mar. IS, 1870. Their ehildren: Minnie 
K. f'. b. in 1S71 : Oscar A.'*, b. in 1S72. 

VII. Ammjkw L. 7. b. Oft. 13, is5l;d. Oet. 4, IS.i-!. 
2.57. IV. ri.AHK, ptjhaps this means .lason (lark, whose fallu-r was 

Andrew, also ;rraiidfarh»'r's name was .\ndrew. No of ijiis l:ii-;rr family; even the order of 
iiameM arc not known to br eorreri. 

2.18. V. l.t»N«t". 

VI. I.viha". 




IX. 8ally<', u};e nine moDtho. 

259. X. William 8. 

260. XI. Gkougk«. 

261. XII. Frank «. 


XIV. .JlLlA A.«. 


XVI. Makv*'. 

lOOd. Danier Boynton, {Andretc*^ Ichabod'^ John*^ 
«/oAn') iKjrii in (iratton, (\)., N. H., moved to Vennont. 
No other records of tliis faiiiily, only that there were threes 
listers. We hiive no ahsohite proof tliat tliese fainilieH, 
nos. I00a-1(K)1»--1()(K-1(MM, iK'lonj: to .\o. .3S, (sco pajre 
<>S) hut there is so littU* douht we phiee them in line. 

101. Jeremiah' Boynton, {John\ Zechariah', John*, 
John\) )M)rn in Ilollis, N. II., Apr. 2!», 17.')3. 

102. John' Boynton, (John\ Zei'/iaria/i\ John\ John\) 
lK)ru in Hollis, N. II., Aujr. 11, 17f)4; in. Saraii Wo<kIh, 
Dee. 20, 17M4 ; she was lK)m May 20, 175H, and d. May 10, 
1840. He was a soldier in the Kevolution ; d. Dee. 20, 
1807, in N. H. 


I. SALI.Y6, b. Nov. 14, 1785; ni. ,l(»slah Wri^lit; d. Feb. 18, 
.I<niN«, h. Got. 1, 17H7. 

.Ikukmy6. h. May 18. 1790; ni. Oliv»' (Jo<»;;lnj;!*; had two 
i-liildren. Nancy ", and .Ii'ieniy W. 7 ; lie d. Fob. 24, 1S22. 
M<»sKs7, b. Apr. 5, 171>i, d. An^r. n, i;.,-,. 
.Ia(<>u<', b. Si'pt. 2.'{, 17"J4; ni., had <nu' son, I.oyd T . .lacob 

d. (Ut. 11. ISJ6. 

Mn>Ks«. b. Mar. 22, 17!»H; ni. Sally .lacoln, of J'hlladel- 

I>hia. He ua^ a stone ntason Ity trade, bnt dnrln^ the 

hitter part of Ids life devoted \\U attention to inillin^. 

lied. .Ian. 15, ls4H. Children: 

I. Valmukk <iT, |». .liin. 22, islH; ni.'ii Z. 

lA>\vis, .Inly 1(1. 1S1!». lb* wa^ a .M«tlM»<ilK| 











milliliter over fortj* ye«ri«; re«, MatUtwau, 
Michi^'uii; d. Oct. 10, 1883. Children: Sarah 
K. \ h. .luiH- 2, 18.'»0; Charles V. », b. Nov. 12, 
I8r»3; IUverl\ W.H, h. Det-. lo, 1857, d. Det-. 
24, 1S7«5; Klloii A."*, h. May 24. IMW, d July 
14, 1K(M); Fml W.h. |,. \h.J, ti, \Hii\ ; (Jcor^'e S. 
K, U. ». I.. Au;;, 17, 1H<57. 

II. .IKIIKMV 7, I,. Srpt, 20. 1^24: III. Murtliu S. Stll- 

xoii, F«'l». 2, 1847. VVa»* a .Mi'tlwMllHt mliiJMter 
llility-<'i;jlil y«'!iri*; rt'j*. Stanton, Mirhl^jan. 
lied. St|>t. 22, I88:i. ( lilldren ; Minnie S. «, 
l». .S«.>i.t. 28, lS,-)(;; Klttie IJ. «, I). Nov. 2, 1861. 

III. lUA A.:, h. .Iiily 10, 18.^0. He !.-* a painter, 

r«'H. Adrian. Michigan; »)ne sou Kntl'^. 

103. Moses* Boynton, {'tohn\ Zechavlah\ John*, 
Miu\) Imh-ii in Ilollis, N. H , Sfpt. 2.'), 17(13; in. Haimali 

CliiMriMi \h)\']\ ill Ilolli.s. 

I. Hannah", I.. Kel». 2, 171M}; ni. Williaiu Hrowu 3d, Apr. 
24, lsl8. She (I. (Ht 3, 18(W. If^s. Aiiilu'rst, N. H. 
200. 11. .MnsK.!*", I». .Maivh 2, 1798; lu. Kiuiua I^wreuoe, Apr. 1, 

III. IJKMKlTA »», h. .\pr. 3, 1801 ; d. uuiu. Dec. 0, 1872. 

IV. S.vUAii*!, I.. May 20. lso;i; m. Saiiiiivl (^uaid. of llolliji, 

N. II., Nov. 24. 182:>. rhlldren: 

I. .Ia.mks " , l>. .lune '28, 1820: tl. ( M. (». K'iO. 

II. Sakaii " , h. Mar. 10. 1827. 

III. I.oKKNZoT, h. Mar. l.l. 18.30: m. Maria I'ateh. 

IN-s. Wilton. N. II. Two ihildreu : 
IV .Iu||n7. h. .lune 21, 1834: d. Oct. 12. 18,37. 
V. Ai.kukdT. \V:h in To. A. 10th Ke^jt. N. II. V. 

M. : taken piis..n«'r in Oct. I8f>4, aud died in 

Lil»l)y )Misou, Dec. 21, 1H»>4. 

V. Naomi'', b .July 14. 180.'.; ui 1st. Bnuiley Collmru, of 

Ifolli^, K«'l). 27, 1S32; 'u. 2d, .John Colhurn, Feb. 22, 
1844; Mhe d. Feb. 24, lst»7. ( lilldnn by first husband: 
I. Ki.i/aui;tii N. U.T. b. in Feb. 18.33; iii. .Stephen 
i'. Kills, Oct. 20, 1S52: res. Vinelaud. N. .1. 

VI. .Mai{V«, l». .luly 15, 1807: in, .?ohn L. INm.1, of Ilollif*, 

N. II., Feb. 20, 1S34. ( hildien: 

I. .huiN ll.T,b. Drc. 12. I.s:i4: in, Kllen L. lluii- 

iielU. N«»v. 14. 18(kJ, 

II. Ki.i/.AitKTii M.T. I). Dec. 27, 1842: in. Win^low 

.1. Spauldlnf;, May 27, 18G0. 


VII. LUCY«. b. Apr. «, 1810. d. umii., .\ii)^. G. 1S39. 
2«7. VIII. JoilN«, h. S«'i.t. 9, 1S12; in. Sarah Fl^k, Feb. 2.%, 1H:16; 
res. llolllH, X. II. IW d. Oct. 5, 1h7:. Children: 

I. .Ions A. ", b. Feb. 23, ].S'<7, d. Apr. IH, 1838. 

II. .loiiN F. ", b. .\u^. 27, 1h;I!»: m. Kiiti- M. Hald- 

wIm. Nov. 20. 1H«m;. rblldnri: (J«'orp»S. «, 
I). .IniM' 21», IM«W; Harry .1. «, l». Feb. II, 1M70; 
Arthur A.**, I». Apr. il, 1h74; Fred W.h. h. 
.luiM- 11, 1m7<5. Ih'Wiii Ser^'t. in <*o, II. 7th. 
.N. 11. Vol., enlisted in llolliH, Nov. 22, iHCl, 
reHMillcti'd Feb. 2'.», IS(V1 : ua" in the -le;;e of 
rharie-towi: in iKft'l, battl«v of Oiu-Hi'e. 1*'I:«m 
Feb 20, ls(»4, \va!< wounded ; also in l)attle!< t»f 
Deep Knn. New .Market ll<i;;hts, biurel Hill. 
I>arl>y Town and l*eUM>bur^, in l^td. Fort 
Fishrr. N. <'., .Ian. 1MI.*», and \Vilniin^l<»n, N. 
('., Feb. 22, 1SG.">. I)isehar;;ed An-:. .">, iHi.'i, 
d. in lsi»7. 

III. Wii.i.iAM II.". b. .*<epi. ir., 1842; u\. Mary K. 

Hailey, Dee. 30, iMki. Children: .Mary .F.H, 
b. Apr. 10, IHIO; Martha K. ^, b. Oet. a, 1875. 
He wan Ser^t. in Co. K. M. V. ,M. Knlinted in 
Boston, Sept. 12, 1801. hiseharp'd May 
10, I8i;,3. 

IV. CllAHl.K.s A.', b. June 1. 184.*>; in. Nettle B. 

Noble. «»f i;ran«l i:api«l>, Mieh.. Feb. 0. 1m82. 

IX. Kl.UAfi. b. .lune 21, IMr); d. unin.. Mar. li), 1844. 

X. Jacuh«, h. Dec. 17. 1818; d. uniii. 

104. William' Boynton, {Thomas\ Zechariah\ John*, 
John\) iKjrii il) Hollis, N. H., in 17I54; in. Int. Klcunor 
Marjrory. Apr. M), 1^01 : they inovt'd to tlio '* HIack IJivcr" 
Oumtry in N. Y., in 1H12, tlicncc to Statlonl, N. Y'.. and 
thru to L<'roy, in (iciH'scc Co., whm- his wife dicMJ, l««avin«f 
tiiHT children. He in. 2d, Tryplciwi l{«ynoId<^. previous to 
l^ll>:she d. (Kt. 22, l^<;i7. a^red III. Hr was dralleil into 
the army at tike tinu* UiitlaKi wa.s iiurned. He d. .Ian. 7, 


I. TlloMAh^. ; III. Mariah .Smith; no ehildien: 

2»W. II. .\M)UKW«, b. In 1808; ni. Silvia Beynoid*; rex. Pike, N. 
v.; d. about 181K). Children; 


William 7, wuk killed In the war of the Reliell- 

; reM. lu Minn. 

; Ml. Sheldon Hnitth, res. In Minn. 
; ni. Mr. H. Spark, of Pike, X. Y. 

; rei». In IMke. 
; HI. I^eoimrd Lyon, of Hli««. N. Y. 
; HI. KliaH Morgan, of Tike N. \'. 
; m. WiUiaiii Watts, of Buflulo. 

III. MAKiiAKKT «, ; m. .John White, of I^roy, N. Y'.; 

Iioili «lcit«l; left no children 

IV. KM/AitKiii 0, li. Apr. 23, iHli); ni. Myron Van Dunen. of 

lUitnU (irovf*. N. Y., .\pr. 2H, IH-IO: slw d. Deo. 3. IhOO. 
< liildrcn : 

I. K.MiLY 7, h. Apr. 4, 1H42; ni. Charleii Ayers, Dee. 

S, 1H02. 

II. I.Ai KA A.7, I). .July 2.'i, 1844; ni. Henry Holly, 

.luly 2fl, 1860. 

III. Mklva K ' , h. .luiie 2, 1852. 

IV. Mii.Tox K. 7, h Apr 14, 18.58; in. Uone (lark, 

(Kl. 12, 1881. 


IHA7, ; 








Kliza 7, 



X. Y. 



MAI{«iAl{KT«, ; 

105. Jeremiah' Boynton, ( Thomas*, Zechariah\ John*, 
Min\) hovu in II(»llis, N. H., in 17(1.'); in. EIizal)eth, duu. 
of tl(»nnthan Williams, alxmt 171K), and settled in Mason, X. 
H., where he d. Oet. 27, IH.'JU. He was a fanner; u 
woilliv, industrious man ; a jrood eitizen ; hi;Lrlily res|K'eted 
and esteeme<l. 


2(}S«. I. .Ions 7, I., In Ma-iui. X. H., May 2, 1791; ni. Abigail 
Merriinan, of Mason in 1822. Some reeordsglve a second marriage, but 
no niiuM*; luMlltMl childless, in 'IVmpleton, Mass.. March 25, 1867. He 
worki'd on tlic faiiu witli his father until lie was twenty-live years of 
ajjo; tlien iem(»ved to Templeton, and engage«lin the mainifacture and 
sale of tin ware, >mtil 184(5, lie represented Tenipleton in the State 
I.<'gislatnre, InU decliii«Ml <»ther puldii- oMlces. After he retired from 
active business he reniovni to Athol, where he was tlie first president 
•dtiie Miller's Itivei' Uaiik. ''Mr lloynton ha<l loug wlsl'ed to do some- 
tldiig tor tlu> cause ol education, lie was a man who had toiled In the 
work-!»h«»p. Ills wealth was the result of alif<' of industry and 
frugality. Ihit. as it lias happened in tliousaiuls of like cases, he was 
led by rcllection upon his own liudted opportunities for ai-(pdring 


kiiowled)^^ In )\W youth, to think luuch of tlic u«mmU of lioy*> who 
I'Mniiot, <>r will not ^o to colle;?*' he '* wUIkmI to make the uvalN of hU 
iiHlu><try u |M'rinan«'iit nM'uiii< of aiditi;; the youii;; in olitalnin;; uilvantu- 
"if!* anil iH'ivile^eH in preiKirin;; for aciivt* life wliieh had Ihmmi heyontl 
hi;* reach," therefore on May tir^t In«!5 he a|i|Ho|»riatei| the xnni of one 
lauidretl thoufaMtl ilollarr* for lhi-e<>taMioiinient of a School of Iniluftrial 
Science, in the <ity of Wone-ier, \\hl«'h i- caMe«l the •• \V«»r»*eKter 
Tountv Free In-tltiile of Itiilu-'trial Si-i«'nce.*" The inc<»Hie on the 
appropriation l»y tlie time the scliool wa^ o]h-ii<mI. amounteil to ^2'il <>'.•. 
wllicli U'U<i to he (ievotetl to the purchase of :ipparatU!< for the school. 
The in-truci ions which accompanied his ;;ift, stale the ^'aim o| thi^ 
-chool ••hall ever l>e the in-truction of youth in the hran«hes o| educa- 
tion not u>iiaily tau;;ht in th«- ptildit' "chool-i, ••••«enli:il and hfst adapted 
lo train the youn;; for praiMlcai Ille, e-«pc«-ially llios*- inlendiny; lo he 
niechaidc*, or nianutaciurero, or fanners." *' lie al<«o directs that the 
M'hool -liould l)e tree to jil! residents of Worcester <'ouniy, and lliat 
•cho|ar» trom aluoad should l>c received jii a iniHlcrate tuition." The 
principal hnildin^. which is properly called llo\nton Hall, is located 
u|H>n a hrautitul and connnamlin;: eminence, nnliracin*^ an area <d alioiil 
ei-'ht acre.-; it is one huinlred and torly-.-ix feel Ion*:, l>> si\|\-«Mie feet 
wid**; the tower is ei;rhly-tive fe«'t hl«;h. The »«xternal walls, are made 
of ilieconuuon ;;ranite from Millston lull, than Nxhicli it w«>uld he 
ditllcult to tind a more heautiful and idlectixe material tor sut h use: its 
dark anil variegated colors formin;; an aj^reealdf c«»ntra>t with tin- 
lijrhter shad«*8 of the lxhrid;r«' ^rranitcs of which the trimu»in;rs :ne 

*' Mr. lloynton maile no |)rovision and no su;:;;estion for lii.« |NM'sonal 
advanta;;e or distinction, or for th»' honor of hi" name. No ^rain of 
"ieltishness tarnished the lnMUty of liis nolde henefaclion. .\fter ffivin;; 
to his relatives such donation- as he Jud;;cd pKtper and sullUicnt, he 
tr.iiisferrcd the one hundred tliousand dollars Itelon* mentioned. Me 
re-erved for himself a -mall amount of property, sntllcicnt for his 
fru;ral hahit- and -imple ta-tes in the le-idue of hi- lite. Scveial \eari» 
liefore (in In.'*);) he ;rave, in hi- peculiar, <|uiet manner, ten llioii-and 
dtdlars for puldic -chools in .Mason, N. If., the place of his nativity. 

II. rm.i.v *>. ; m. (apt. Ira Hall. 

III. Sai.i.v'', : d. in early life. 

IV. .VliHiAii.'J. (Xahhy ) ; m. tieor^e Hall. 

V. It.\( iiKi.'>. : m. (ieorj^e Hall, his Jd wif»«. 
270. VI Ki.N.\rilAX«, : m. llachel Kllioit. 

106. Thomas' Boynton, ( TliomnH\ Zfrlun'!(ih\ John', 
Jnhn\) Imum in Hjillis, .\. II., !)<'«•. .», 17»'.;{; m. 1st Ilattnali 
I'litnain, wlio was h. Ma\ 17, ITd'.i. \W\\\. to (iiiiitoni 


about 1797 ; he ni. 2(1, a Mi«*s Ilovt, wa8 a teacher; died in 
Wayshin^'ton, Vt., Aiijr. 1><, 1^47. 
CliiUlrcn by first wife: 

I. Hannah «, l». Wi Hummk, X. H.. Oct. 26, KM. 

II. AiUGAil.«, »». in Ilancoi-k, July 4, ITiU; d Mar. 20, 1811. 

III. Sai.i.y«, »). ill Hannx-k, Aug. 1>, 179C; lu. David Lyman. 

of Thetfonl. Vt. ; d. Oct. J>, 1841. 

271. IV. AMo>a. I., in (niilford. Mar. 28, 1S()0; m. h MIm Partridge; 

d. Jan. .i. 1>J4. Childrtn: 

I. J.uou SMITH ", h. Fell. 19, 1831; he was aduj»te«l 

liy his rnilf, Jacob T. ; in. Kox;inna M. 
Spragu*'; he d. Juno 21, lS«w); and hi* widow 
in. a Mr. Ford; re^*. IVachain. Vt. <»ne 
thiid. ( harles AUHTf*, h. in West Corinth. 
Vt., July 15, iK'jO; graduati-d at l)artni(»nth 
full.-ge: ni. Anna M. Notter, of New; i;tilf..rd 
Mass., res. Ouklanil, California. Two chil- 
dren, Kllen N '•• and < harles A.''. 

II. l{«»i»\K^", wa.<* kill»Ml when yonng hy the 

jii-tldcntal discharge i<f a gnu, 

272. V. Ja<'ou !'.«>, h. in <;tdlford, Mar. 2h, 1m»2: ni. l^t. Mary 

KaKtnian: in. 2<l, wld<»w lioijii; ni. M. Ni^-nna A. Scale*. 
Iletl. In \f*^I- < hlldren: 
I. SAirxii A.'. I». Fcl». K. IH27; in. JlariiHin Cheney, 
uf NVf.t Niwliury. Vt. Slie had one dau.. 
?iarah A. ". Mrs. IJ. d. May 1(>. lhr.6. 

273. VI. .Mo^^> SMITH •■'. h. in «.nilford. Oct. l.'», 1^0<;; in. Mary 

SanlM.rn. M:iich 23. ls:<->. Hf was si hlacksmith. r.-s. 
Ilani|.stea<l. His iiioihcr dyii.j: when lie wa;* an infant, 
he HvihI nniil he was eight ye-.irsof age with hi.-» sifter 

Hannah, children: 

I. Cii.MM.K.> SMITH, M. D", l». 'hiu. H. 18.^0: in. 
Sarah A. (leoige. June 0, ls«U. He ii» at 
present, IhUS, Adjunct Trof. < heinistry. I'nl- 
verfity «»f Vermont; res. liurlington. They 
liave one daughter, .May Olive'*, horn Aug. <'.. 
isc.u uI>M J- :• g;-:idu:ite ''f •'"• r::ivrr?iiy <d 
Nennoiit, liaj» the ilcgree uf \*\\l\. and at 
present is teaiher id ( lieniistry and Physics in 
the iJnrlingltMi High ScIkh.I. 

H. Mai(> Oi.ivK'. !.. .Sov. 7. lW10;d. Nov. 1. 1S42. 

107. Moses' Boynton, ( Thowas\ Zerhurhih\ .lohn\ 
./ohit\) Imiih ill ll(»Ui-, N. II. n\. IViMillu KUuiwoimI. 


Sometime after 1S07 he removed from Ilanc(K*k, N. H.. to 
Thetford, Vt. ; wa** drowned; left no children. 

108. Amos* Boynton, ( ThomuH\ Zerhariah\ John\ 
John\) 'M)m in llollis, N. H., in. .lane lU'll, who was lK>m 
in Knjrhmd. In <'arly life he wjts a sailor. After his inar- 
riajre he kept the old Lanih tavern in l^>ston, .some \v\\ 
Vfar» : U'caine wealthy and removed to Cleveland, Ohio, 
or Ann ArlM)r, Mich. 

109. David* Boynton, ( Thoman*, Zechariah\ John*, 

John\) Immii in Mollis, N. 11. in. ? Lived in 

lUtston until his death, which ociiirefl aUmt 1H27. 

110. John' Elliott Boynton. We have no proi.f that 
he wan a son of this Thomas Koynton, hnt he was hoii of a 
ThonDis, and the middle name often indieates the motherV 
maiden name, lie wa^ hu|»t. at Ashhy, Mass., #laii. IM, 
1777, hv Kev. Samuel Dix, of Townsend. 

HI. Edward Boynton, {Jeremiah^ K*t€tiezer\ Cf.iMj\ 
John\) lM»rn in Waltham, Mass., May 11, 17.*i7. 

112. Ebenezer' Boynton, (Jeremiah*, Ebenezer^, Caleb* ^ 
John\) lM>rn in Milford, Mass., Apr. IIK 1742. This is 
pn»hahly the KU'nezer who m. Hannah Fay, «d l*axton. 

ChiUlren : 

•274. I. .VsA«», I). Feb. 21, I7<i5». 

27'». II. .Silas «, l». Mar. 17, 1771 : iii. Olive llarrinj^toa; mIw wiii« li. 
IM'C. 4, 1774. < hihlirn : 

I. .Ikkk.miam ". I>. IHm-. J». . 

n. Kori>A ', l». Apr. 11, 1804; in. Ist. (ienr^r Irwlu. 

had sou, Ku;;('n«>'* ; in. 'Jtl, a Mr. ItcitHuii. 
III. I.r» V ". h. \\X)i. "Jt>, ls(>5; ni. .lolm M. Kln^r, l»ec. 











2ft, 1827. Chlldrec: Wnilum*', b. iu 1828; 
(Jeorj^e W.R, h. iu iKiO; Jhinei* 11.8, b. iu 
1K32; Wllllaui H. ", Cluirle** T. »», I»u»)€lle J.**. 
Johu M.f. Hielmrd?. 

IV. SIl,A^»7, b. Jan. 21, 1807; in. Atinira Surgeut; 

H'H. KnIlehl, Mh^!*. Sbe d. Apr., 1891. I'hll- 
drt'ii: I^Mi'ii ", Sally »♦. Carrie A.". 

V. Hai.i.y', I>. Aujf. 4, lM(rt»; in. u Mr. Surj<«Mit. 

rhildn'ii: Sarah", Loulfiii " . 

VI. Hannah*. It. Apr. 27. 1H1:{. in relhani, Masx.; 

in. iMt. |)ani«'l Howard, in 18.'J5: had three 
rliildren: ( harlrs »<, d. y. ; Daidel A.«. b. in 
1S42; OsH'ar I..?*, b. in 1^45. Mr. Howard 
died in 1847. anl^he in. 2d. Daniel Mariele: by 
liini had tlau. (ieorjjvnma A. I>. in 184"J; ni M, 
Samuel Ta^re; had jionSKritl K.'*. I), iu 185«;, 

VII. Wii.i.iAM T, |». <Kt. .31, I8l^>s^n. Sylvia 

• »ne !*«tn, WilliJ 

VIII. Urn > S. T, h, Nov. u,^s^iu: ni. i.ucy .\. iuvyir, 

Feb. 12. 1^40: !»he«l. .hhssS, ls92; he dk<Au«c. 
U, IMU. (hildn-n: Kllin«>s.iVjJ^Xin 1841 : 
InderirklH.", b. in 1849, d. y.; (lam A.*". »». 
inlM^*; < harb-j* H.*'. b. in 1>C>2; Kn-dedrk 
S, ". !», in \>')'*. 

KHKNK/Ki{ ". 

.Ikukmiaii '■'. 

I.i:vi'i, l». Ofi. Is. 1779: in Hannah (lark, of relhani, 

MajJ!*. ; she was l». iH'v. 27. 1781 : die<l in Nov, 1S59: he d. 

.hine IT). 1>«;9. Children: 

I. l.LCV 7, b. Dee. 12, 1805; d. in Apr, 1838. 

II. SYLVIA 7, b. .luly 14, 1807: d. in Sept. 1867. 

III. Wii.i.iAM 7, h. Nov. 11, iHll ; III. Itellef Howard; 

d. .Mar. 25. Ihsl. No ehlldren. 

IV. Mai{IM»a 7. li. An^. 13. 1813. 

V. I.KVi 1 7 . h. .hine 7, 1817: iii. Huniiah Keiulek. 

No I'hiidnMi ; 

VI. I.Al UA 7, I,. .Inly 27, IK18. 

VII. .Masi.kv7, Ii. May 29, lsl9; in. l!«l, Hannah 

(HMibhin. 2d, Sarah Miller; he d. Sept. 19, 
ls«<!2. Had three t'blldren. only one »lau;;htn' 
llxinj;, Kllen '^ . 

Vm. .Ioiin'. b. May 8, 1821; in, li*l, .Mar^jaret A. 
Ayers. .Iiiim- 21, 18.'»2: had by her six ehildnii, 
Iniiird l.iur: in. 2<l. Hebii M. Walkrr, Kel.. II. 
1^75. i;e>. Kast (iieenwirb, N. V. iwo ehil- 


tireti by nicli wife M\in>f, Mjiry K. >", .loliii i\ " , 
Muttle \l.», Nellie (i.H. 
IX. Hannah 4.7. I>. .Fan. S, 18i4 ; «l. .Inly H. 1H45. 
i80. VII. I»AVii>8.I>. hi Paxfoii, Mas,*., Dee. 11. \7M: in. Lucy 
H. .)(»linMoM. <»f Woreester. He «l. May ii, IKC.H. rhll- 
dn'H : 

I. Lux I'.'. »►. In Won-HnUr, Mar. 4. 1M14; in. 

Ilartleit K»*ley; reM. HrattN'lHiru, Vt. 

II. .Makv Ann", I». hi <*rart(»n, Vt., Mar. :i, lH|i}; m. 

Sylv«'-i»'r KllN. of *.V«tr«'«'fiter ; living eliildren 
.In-fpli'*. .UMinl«'>* : Hhe <l. Apr. is. lsH>. 

III. Dakwin 1{.7. I), in ijnifton. Mar. 4. IkIk. 

IV. .Iri.iKTT". I», In <irafton. May 7, 1X20: iii, 

.l«*reniiah Kiteh; ha?* tJire*' elilhlren; reH. 
NVoitM'fiter, Many. 
V» Ai.n\/.<»7. h. ill |»;ixt»nj. Ma-'*., (as wt-re all the 
reel) May 2, IHJ2:(I. May 12, Iww. 

VI. Ai.oMV < . I.. .Ian. \A. 1S24; in. Kha/tT Tarter; 

re«*. \V«»ro«'ster. No eliihln'ii : 

VII. llAViu F. 7, l». Dee. 14: 1HJ.'>; ni. INrsi- Warren, 

of I'axton ; h«- (I. Oet. 14. 1h«;1 ; ono (lau;;hter, 
Kinina K.", I». in 1h.')J; m. Ihnry K. Fisher; 
n... WoreesKr .Ma^s. Sin- il. .hjn«' 2f5, 1KK7. 

VIII. Nathan S 7, |). Sej.t. .io, ls27;«l. Nov. 24, IKU. 

IX. <iK<»K«iK D. 7. h. (lot 1, l,s2«»; d. Ort. IS, iK^i; 

in. I»ut no ohildren. 

X. Lku IS .1. 7 , u. Doe. 2n ls;<l : a. May .10, ls5H; m, 

hut hav«* iM» name of ulh*. 

XI. Kdwin N. 7, h. Doe. S, ls;{;{. He was inanf. of 

selt-f«'»(lin;; thills In Worii>t«'r, .Mass.; «|. hi 
Ta-adeiia, < al., Jan. 22. 1SH(J. 

XII. (LAitissA M. 7 , Ik Feh. »i, \Ki(',\ in. u Mr. Talnter, 

liveji in Woieestor. 

XIII. Ai;.sriN F. 7, h. .Jan. 27,; res. Krattlehoro, 


XIV. EiJ.KN .1. 7, I,. .Ian. 28, 1h41 ; inarrhHl; d. F«'l». 7, 

:iS1. VIII. William'', m. randaee Karle, of I'axton, Must). 

< hildren: 

I. (iKHuta: K. ", l». lsi:<; in. Harriet Howard; 

H's. Saxton's i:iv»'r, Vt,; he d. .Ian. 21, IXHH. 
Chlldi-en: (;«'or;;«» ('.»*, d. y. ; I.nein« .\.**. d. 
when about fouitern: Hattie K.'*, <l. Ji;ied 
about twelve; K. K. ** ; n's. IJoeln'^t^'r, NY. 

II. Oi{iN7,b. in. .\bbi«' Howard; sun Sanlord 

<►.'*, b. in lh4S; n-s. in Koelu-ster, N. V.; 
rhihlren: An;;le ^ Mainlla >*, Canle ". 


III. ItoMANZo?, b. uiiiu.; reM. TowDi>hHU<i, Vt. 

IV. H<»xana7, b. in. a Mr. Kl<e; re^. Simlh 

I^iirai»ter, Ma8i4. 
282. IX. Kzi(A«, b. in 17H7; III. l*h«*l>e, dau. og I ol, .lohu DavU, 
Au<r. 4, 1811. lied. June 14, 1835: rthe d. May 2, 1878. 

I. <'iiAl{l.K> I).", b. July 25, 1812. 

II. Hannah (i. T, b. Jan. ai, ISiy. 

III. TiiKUK S. :, b. Jan. 20. 1822. 

IV. l'KI{>|s F. ■. b. Nov. h'u 1S28 

483. X. .Samiki.*'. Two sous, Sila^:, and Collhi?; m^, 

llel»ron, \. V. 

XI. TKIOis". 

XII. PiiKitK<i, III. Natlian Kof^erM, of Holdeu, Ma>tK. She 

«l. Nov. 9, 181.J. <bll<lr<'n: 

I. JkukmiaiiT, b. Dfi'. 11, 18112. 

II. Nathan ", b, Oct. 1.5, I8)i4. 

III. Sr-ANNA K. ", l». .\i»r. 27. 18<W. 

IV. Wii.i lAM ', b Mitr. 22. 1811, 

V. Kl.i/.AIlKTll S. T, I,. (Ht. 22, 1813. 

VI. I'iikuk". 
V. A UN Kit 7. 

XIII. Hannah". : in. Anio^ Newell, of II olden. (Iill- 

dren : 

I. TlL.>ON*. 

II. Si\sAN ", and one other, no name given. 

XIV. Have only tiate of blnh whieh waiii Feb. 15, 1703. Our 

eui-re.x|Mindeiits thought the arran;;('ineut of naineH iu 
this lar^e family nii>;ht l»e Ineorreet, but were iMMitive 
the first was born in 17G9, and the fourteenth in 179:<. 

113. David* Boynton, {'/eremia/i\ Eben€zer\ "Caleb*, 
John\) horn in Millonl, Mass., Vvh. 24, 1744. 

114. Jeremiah' Boynton^ {Jeremiah\ Ebenezer', Caleb% 
John\) Ijsipl. in Millonl, Mass., Maivh 8, 1747. 

115. Samuel' Boynton, (Caleb*, £benezer' Caleb*, 
John\) hapt. ill Millonl. Mass., .luly 14, 17')1. This is 
prol>al)I(' tli(> Saiimcl wlio inanitHl .Mary KoImilsoii and iiiov- 
*m1 t»» StocUhiid^^' and (in'at Haniii^cm, Mass., lM.'twi>(>ii 


\'i{V^ ami 1774. ** Saiuui'l lUiynton of St<Kkl>r*ul«;tS 
private in ('apt. Thomas Williams Co., in Col. .folin Pator- 
s<mV Kejrt ; ^ono IH days." **Samucl lioyinjrton, StT^. in 
Capt. David Pixloy's Co. of Militia from Stoiklnid;:*', in 
Col. .lolin Ilrown's Ko^rt., s4Tvinjr from JK) .linn' to 2i» tluly 
1777, inclusive, 1m; miles from home.'' Mass. Muster Uolls. 
!!«• d. in 17tK^, and his wiihm m. a .Mr. Ilaxton. 

( 'hildren : 

2S4. I. .loNATMAN'*, !►. All)?. 1<>, 17'1>; III. !>»», KlI/iilM'lh 
('•|;H^♦•v•*) Smitli. ill OtM-iila To., N. v., Mar. 2m, ls<ni; 
hIu* Nvsi!* I». Se\)\. ♦;, 17s.*{. Ill 1h(m; ilu'v iiiovtHl with one 
iliiM to Walwortli. Wayne Co , tlnii an alnioMt unlMokrii 
\vil«hTiM'^»*, wh4T«' Uf lived until lil-* death whUh otiinrwl 
Mar, 2H. IK45. He \\a»* a man of «*ner^y anil |M'r!»ever- 
aiK-«-: at the time of hU ilt'ath the liome farm containeii 
the hiiiMlreil acie^. He \va>< .hi?'lice over twenlv vear- in 
•>ucc«-.'>rion, with the exee|»tion of one year in anti-iiiaf'on 
time.-: al»o held the otIUc «»f .Indt^e. and for j'eviTal yean« 
ls27 to is.n, wa;* a memln'r of the Mate !.4'^|i*l;ttiiie. Mrs. 
It. dinl .Ian. 12, l.slt;. He m. 2d, in IKI7. Minerva Smith. 
< hildren hy tiisi wife. 

I. <'. III. Avery i'lirner. (hlldien: 

.lonathan H.^, Lewis W." . 

II. SmI'IIHonia ', h. in St<Kkhrld;^, Masi*.; m. K. 

Willaid Frishie, M. J)., of Phelps, .\. Y. 
She d. at Mankato. Minn.. Keh. 22. 1hm:{. « hll- 
dieu: Ann Kli/;il>elh ", in. Silas (i. I'elit; 
Kraneen ''f II). Williiim H. Shepani: William*', 
M. I).; Irenv ('.'*, (ivnit S. >« ; Mary H. « . 

III. Hiki>>a'. m. Frank Hill; Children: 

AlU-rlis**, Mary .laiie^ ; Adeline >*. 

IV. Al./.oic.\". III. \ernia Veomans. Two 


V. Makv". m. a. I'latt, M. 1)., of Walwoiih, 

\. \, N(» children. 
• VI. LoicKN/.o S. ", h. .Ian. 2, IKIH; in, l.-t, I'hiliira 

Maine. Apr. IH, iH.ill; had four ehildren ; slie d, 
.Inly 2«;. 1H5S: he m, 2d, .s«'pt, 21. is.'d, F,eononi 
1,. wheeler. Children: Aii^u.-la L.**, .luna- 
thonS. '*,d. v., Frank M.'', Mary L.". Chil- 
dien hy seeorid wif<*. 

VII. An><»n7, III. I.ydia (iin'ord ; no chlldreu 

viil. .It MA ~, d. num. 

I.\. .'^A.Mi Ki. ", <l. y. 


X. riiAHl.K8 7, m. Mjiry Hohbliig. Children: 

Kr«li»rli'k »♦ , Mnvy ^ ,Kn»iu'ef* « . .luUn " . 

XI. Imiua?, ; m. (leor^'o St«Mlilanl; n'M. Trlnl- 

iIimI, Col. Clilldreii: Kn^j-ne**, (Jeor^le ". 

2»rt. II. 1Jkok(jk«, l». Nov. 21. 1702; III. 1st, Anna Twitihell, Jiiii. 
l.'l, 1K14: Hhed. Ill 1«:}5; III. 2d, Sanih Ilil.ner. in IK^r ur 
1S3S. lie died of CliohMH In U'ulwortli, \, V., in 18.V2. 
lie was .lu<'tire of tlie for many ynui*; |»nit'tlee<l 
law In .Insiiif's Court : and r^ervnl In tin- war of 1S12. 

I. I.OKKN/.O KoiiiNMtN 7. I>. May 12. iKl.i; in. l.-*t, 

Mary llopkliM. (Ht. 17, ls.17; iii. 2d, llarrli'l 
M. N*.rtliru|». Apr. 1.5. IS.^S. II«' owned a farm 
of scvenil hnndnd ari«'s on the shore of Ijikt* 
Ontario; re-, [..ikeside, N. Y. lie was instant- 
ly kilU'il hy an excursion train in tin* town of 
Wehster, X. V.. Aui;. IH. ISJHI. lie was a man 
of ^jreat stren^'th of eFiaraeter. tliildrm: 
Martha'*; Henry »; Mary Harriet", h. .Inne 
14, lM4r>:m <). II. I'almer. in lKft4: .Inlia'*: 
Frank II.'* ; M. I>., f». .Inly 20, lK">tl: in. lat, 
niirida Ailams, in 1M71»: m. 2d, l.oulsa T. Kane. 
In IHS4: < harles H.'*, I». Dee. 7. ]m.5n; m 
Frances ||. ( o;rMwcll, in 1S1»2. INnlor «.f St. 
Michael's rarisli, (;en<'se<», N. V.. sime ]h\H); 

<i K*' K-**. •'. .^lay 17. ls<Jl : m. I„ ( ail;* 

Williams, in Ihs9; Willi- \.h, u May liO. !><•«; 
III. Carrie H. I'eck, in iNiW; L. K, s, |,. sejU. 12. 
ls<J!i: III. M. (;ns.-ie Smith, in ls!t;i. These s^ms 
«:raduate<l from Urockport Slate Normal. 

II. Ki.iZAHKTii:. h. Oct. 2s, isir,: ni. Zeloie^ Pratt, 

in .luly. 1S4.5. 

III. Ai.HNzu (i. 7. h. Mur. 10, 18KS; one dau. Mary^. 

IV. XoiJMAX ". 

V. Hkn.iamix F. 7. I,. Mar. 21. 1822; m. Maria Drake, 

in 184JI. (hlldrcn: Stanley ", K Ma ". 

VI. .Samiki, 7. 

VII. Dklia K.7, h. Fell. l«i, 1827; m. .hdin < <.well, 

in 184({. 

VIII. IlKi.KX M.7, h. Dec. 18, ls>ii; m. iieor^^e UIIsm. 

In 18.50. 

IX. Makv". 

X. < iiaiu.ks S. 7. I,. July 28. 1833: one dau. 



XI. Iauia*, I). July 1. is.'iU; III. Daniel Staiitonl. 


XIII. Ui |{|?*sa7. I». Nt>v. \\K H4M; in. K.dd.x slM>niiuii. 

In 1H5S. 

XIV. Ikknk7, U. .lune 20, IK46; in. rtmrt llaw-U>>. 

280. III. SAMlKL^.h. ; in. I|4* :*aiU'i| from \«'W|mh1, ill 

IHI.'l III tlu* r. .^H. vessel Coin. Iiaiiil»iitl;r«', <'apt. rhoiiia>>, 

:in«l the v«'s««'| wa;* nt'vcr liraul from aft«M wanl. ()im» j»oii. 

I. IM:i.>KiiVKi»", l>. ; III. hi'liorali W. . 

Iff wai* kilU'tl at tli«> Kail KMvcr Iron WorUi) In 

ls«;".). wliili- ill tllicliaiy;*' of »lin\. rhlUlivn: 

•laini's A. ^. in. .luditli Kifolovr; Sainiu'l'*. iii. 

Sarah IMacUway: KIht I{.'*, m. Amili' K. 

t'otilell; (j»»or;;c K."*, in. Kinma II. AlUni; 

Louhu .V.**, ni. .lolin It. (Jaivy; AWhW* M.'*. in. 

.IrnMiiiali l/itli«.'M«'l(l. 'IhiiM' of tlh'.-f IhoiIutp 

ar«* «'ni;iii«'«'r^. 

IV. Bktsky***. III. a Mr. \V!nM'l«*r of \. V. 

V. Lyiha". III. a Mr. Krlloj;^. 

VI. MKi{rv«, III. a Mr. W.iltott, 

VII. Nuiiio not known, m. a Mr. Swill. 

116. Caleb* Boynton, (Caleh\ Ehentzer' Caleh\ Jo/ni\) 

Impt. in .Milfonl, Mass., F<li. !>, 17')'»: in. Int. IMm'Ih' ? 

wlio is |>ri>>nnuMl to Iiavr <lir<l >(Mm att<'r tin* Iiiilli ot Iut 
Ia'*t <liil<l, a> liis int. of niarna;r«' to Klcanor Parks, of 
No!llil»ri»l;_^', was juiMIsIumI Oct. 1«'», 171X1. \\v svvvvii 
with lii> ludtluT .SaiiUH'l in ('apt. 'rin»Mia> William^ Co. in 
the Revolution. 

Chililren Imh-ii in Milfonl. 

Kukm:/.ki{ ♦»,!». .Ian. 2. 17S(). 
ri.AKI^SA'", h. Nov. 20, 17H1. 
llii.s<.N«. I,. Feb. 21. 17S4. 
Hkt>*kv«. b. May 14. ITkil 
AiMiA«, b. .IniM.' 22, 17SS. 
I'oi.i.Y'i. b. .Iiilv 27. 17'.K). 










117. Ebenezer' Boynton, (Caleb\ Menezer\ CoM', 
'fohn\) liorn in Milfor*!/ Mass., twin with .Mary, l»apt. 
Srpt. 7, \1\\\\, 


118. Capt. Joseph' Boynton, (i>amuel*, Daniel\ 
Sumnel\ Johii*^) twin with Siimiu'I, Inirii »Iim. 17, 17r)5, in 
Stnitiiaiii, \. II. 'V\\v proof 1m not |K»Hitiv(% Imt tluTe is 
iniicli rvi(l(>iu'<> that thiN Joseph is the oiio who wan in Cupt. 
Saniiici (iihiian's Co. in 177.'>; ** oeiiipation MuriiuT, of 
Stratham, Kockini'ljani C<»., N. H.,** aU<» *»vot<'(i in tlio 
House , Ian. !<), 1 777, tiiat .losrpli Uoynton of Stnitliani, Ih» 
ensi;rn of Zarhaiiah Urals' Co. Col. Siannnt'lPs Kejrt.," an<l 
airain ♦♦ Nov. S, 17 7><, .loseph Hoynton, 2n<l Knsi;;n.*' 
'* Kcturn of OHiccrs May 1, 177H, Lt. and A<ljt. .loscph 
Uoynton. Sonic ii'ccnds j^ivo liis hirtli in I7'>.'i, hut a 
lar;r**r nunihcr as alM»v<'. lie is saitl to hav«' U'on a Captain 
towards tiu' last of the Krvohitionary war: was at the sur- 
ren(h'r of lhir;i<»ynt' and Cornwallls, and two years witii 
AnioM at (^uehcc." Some have thoii;rlit his father'n name 
was .loseph an<l niotherV Sally (Joss; while tlu' mother's 
may have Ix'en (i<»ss, tiie fatiier*?* name was Samuel, see 
Kxeter, N. II. Deeds, pap' 71. Capt. Joseph married 
Uehe(«a Tlunston, and resi(h'd in Stratham an<l Durham, 
N. II., lait spent his last days in Cornish, Me. 

Children : 

IWO. I. .\i-K\A\i>i;i{ S<AMMi;i.6. I». al»oiit 17K'2, in \. 11.: m. 
I.v«li:i llaf^^y, wi'Mi to Hiiiijfor, M«'. with hif» l)i<»t)MM> 
.loi^«'|)li mill \:itli:iiii<'l. Il<' il. aliiiiit lh((*.t. ap'd 'y, yt'ur>>. 
< hiltli-fii: 

I. .lunv II \>i:\ ', III. Iiail (Hie hoii, .foliii'*, 

|*(Mlia|i-t otlior (')iil(li'«'ii. lie wac lirownt'd in 
the ri^<'ata«|tii^ i'iv<M- tiiany ycarx u;;o. 

II. Iitv I'm ii>roN 7 , III. Kli/u Ann llarrliiiun; no 

cliiltlrfii : Itolli (lieil many ycaiM a^o. 

Ml. lloHATin I-oim;nzo', >*«'rvf«l tlinm;;li the Mexl- 
nin war in the l^t .Ma!i>. Infantry. 

IV. .lo>r,ni Ai.r..\ANi»KU ", in. .Mary Ann Ilar- 

riinaii, twin with his hrotlier Ira*^ wife, lie 
was 1st Lieut. ( "o. K. S.'M Hi. Infantry, hi our 
"late unpioasantiu'ss." Was trav»'lln<; sales- 
man; res. Monnioiith, Hi. Mrs. 11. died altoiit 
\^1A. He d. alMMit ten years a;;o. <'hildrenail 
died youn;; Itiit the first and last ; Ira Loreii/.o''*, 
Vv>i. I>aeotah; and l.iiiiaii Leoti^s^ m. a >|r. 
MoMis; iv^. < aml>ridu«'. .^Ias^. 



V. Ai»' , l». Feb. 22, 1S2«?: m. l-t, a Mr. Uuu- 

ker: III. 2«1. a Mr. Dawdeii. M«»ve<l in Wlnotm- 
jiin alM.ut 1K5<>. Mr. b. trutl in thf arm v. V\rM 
twii I'hlKlivii l»y Mr. Huiik«>r; Suslo K.!*. iii. 
'riialr <i. I.:(iiioiit : llrrUMt K. »* ; Slflly K. '^ . m. 
Alfr.Ml K. Mo^^. 

VI. I.yihaS.7, ; III. a Mr. M;iyh»'w; r»*:*. M«»ii- 

iiioiith. III. 
2*.»1. II. NatiiaNIKiJ'. U. May 11. 17S.*», in hnrliani: iiiovjmI to 
Itanjfur. Me., in lso4. wiin*' Ih' niarri«Ml Mi-» U«-tf*»'\ 
(lark, and coiiiiiMKil to r4'->iii«> until llir tinit' of |ii<4 lU'atti. 
wlilt'li <KTnrrf<l at tin- iij;*' <»| kJ \rar.-, < lill<h«'n : 

1. NAtilAMii ', l». Ort. j;,, lH(i7; liml hi** nann- 
('liiilit(«'«l t4i <io|-|iiilii IJliC'ln l(o,\ iilon, l»,\ a' I ot 1,1 ^i-lalnr*' hImhiI \hM',, 
ill' inurri<*<! Hr-t, AiinM-a i'« rUin>» alMiut ]n;{|. Iiati tmi- -on. >ninni'iV. h, 
.IniM' 1, lK.'{2: •!. nnin. Ih* ni. ^rcornl. Loui-a M. Ila-lonl. Apr. I'A. Iniia: 
lit* (iictl 111 ls*»H. ( hiKlr»Mi l»_\ sv*on«l \vif«': ias^iinnr Wliitnian ^, l». K»'l». 
14, ls;M:in. KuiTu'' A«l«'lia llarriinan, ot <i«'or;:«to\> n, Ma*>.. !►«'<•. 20. 
lsr»«;. Thrir ihiltlrtMi : Mai\ I. mix* •'. I». in I><;7 : lli'h'iHirat*' '♦. It. in 
Isi'iO: (iorhain l/mooln'*, l». in l>71: <iroi;:ir Sniitli*', )►. in ls7i<: 
ra-sinnr Wliitinan •'. I». in ls7.*): Krn«*>t Mat riinan ' . I». in 1s7n; Alltrri 
r.ieluM- •', h. in ls7'.»: < laiuy hrnip-tt-r '• . I». ii lJ<s<): |>oiotlu>a Hac- 
f.inl*-'. I». in 1nS«;. < '. W."*, i- a inannf:u'tnr»'r ol ilrain pi|M'. liN*. hol- 
low hriik. lli«* prooHij;:, in Srwan-n, \ .1. 

Allwrt (irt'iivilk* f*, \va^ Itorn March iJl-t. l^;^7. at |{an;;oi, Maiin'. and 
cilnratt-il in tlif •chool- t»r thai city, tittiii;^ lor i-ntiam-c a- »o|ilii>iii«M'»- 
at r.owdoin < <tllc;;«' in tin- r»an;:or IMjrh >t!i..<il. then rumlncttd l»\ 
havid \«'>t«-r. a hn.thrr of tin- h'\ii'oi;ra|ilu*r Mi.« health failin;; 
he aliandoiic«l tin- idea ot a colli-;;*- coiiix- and went to Moniiciil, ('an. 

oiili ■.■• tt'lii.i-1. Ik. ••mri ir.>i I in 1 1 1 i nil t :ii 't II i! 1 1 ir - liiiililiiiir iniiiiiir 

tindin;; fricndi' in l)i-tioit. Miclii;;an. he conchnled to make ITm home 
there, and eiiter»»d the l.iw oHice ol K. .M, A' < >. K. Willcox as a •'ludeiit. 
Me wa- admitted to tlic lor in Noveiid»er |m.*>'.), and enicred at once u|M»ri 
it- practice, w hich he followed |i>i- ••ie\cn year-, a part of ihi- lime in 
partnersiiip with hi- pieceptoi- the Me-^i- NN illco\, one of whom, 
(ieneral (>. I?. \Nillco\ -ci\ed with ;:real di-tindion thron;;|ionl the war 
id the K'eliellioii. 

In IsOl'. Mr. Iloynton wa-* elected Police .In-tiie of the < il\ wilhoui 
opposition, and -erved in capacity until Any;u-t ls72, w hen he re- 

-i;:iied to take tlie editorship of the llettoil Flee Tn--. on the -latl ol 
which ho had heen -inee Scpti-mhei- ls»;«i. Mi- i-oimi'dion with llie 
Kn-e I'rc-- ha- heen m.aintaincd -ince tin- tiati- v^'veti :iiid dnrinu iiio-i ol 
the time he has I n N'ice-l'rc-ident of the Free I'n-s ( omp.iny. 


With tlie I'xcfptloii of ilif INilireJuKtii'eKhip referivd to, and u »«liort 
ttfi'in as unMlHtJint ('ity-.\ttornt»v, Mr. Hoynton has iiovcr liiid any iMtUtinil 
ollltM?. lull wuH tor oiH' \v\u\ VwauWuX of tlu* iH'trolt Vouu>; MeuV 
Sofli'ty. one of the fon>inoM( llioniiy ami llhrary aHKoclatloas in the 
\v«*Kt hi l\n time. !!<♦ in a meiiilier of ih*' Vetrrau l'u\'\\^ of the DHrolt 
M^Iit <;iianl, ami now (IS»7) I'residont of that orH^anlzation for the 
second term. M«> is also a dhurtor hi tlM» Home Savh»;;> Hank, and 
rhahnian of the Kxecutive (oinniittee. and a ineniltcr of the Detroit 
«'luh, the Kello\v< raft Clnh. and tin* hetroit and Lake St. (lair Kishin;; 
and Shootin;; ('lnl>. 

In May IKO-J Mr. lioynion married Frani'en (iertru<Ie I'jitten, of N«'\v 
Mninswiek. \\h<» is stiil livin;;. He has four rhildn-n livln;; it\v<» have 
Joinrd tin* majority ) of wliom tlie three tddi'st an' »;irls. and married, 
riie yonnj;est. a l>«»y. is still unmarried. He has four ;;rand-ehildr«'n. 
two ;;iils and twu lioys. all of them Iteion^in;; on the side of liis mother 
to tlie tiflli living <;ener.ition. The two elilest children were aNo of ih»' 
tifth livin;; ;;eneration uhen Ixirn. as was Mr. Boynton himself. A 
|»hotoy:raph panel in Mr. M's home presents hi a ;;ronp the live livin;; 
:;eneralioiis, l>e;;iiinin;; with Kliliu Alden, the sixth from .lohn Alden of 
May I'lower memoiy. and «Midln;: with little I' ranees Alden Hart/.. Mr. 
Uoynton's u|<|est ;;rand-(hild. 

SliH'e the aliovi* was written. Mr Itoynton has pas!-e«l on to the ma- 
jority, dyiti;; at the Alma Miehi;;ati Sanitarium, on .Ian. U. Ih'.iS. 

< hildren of Allu'it (i. and l-'ranee* (;. Itoynton: Louisa M.<*, It. in 
1H({.{; ('harlott4' A.'*. It. in iNd.'t: <;i'oi;;e U.i', It, in lHt7; (iertrude K.i«. 
It. in iKCii: i'ranees A." It. in 1m7I ; Walter [•.>'. It, in |m7«5. 

Henry Sjiliines. I,. Sept s, |s;{lt. <l May 2(1, 1k4.'): I'rederiek '^ . It. 
Amw Hi. IS4I: Helen M.*. It. An;;. St. Is42. d. Apr. .'». |Sl,{; Helen K. '», 
tt. Mar. JC. |sl4: l.'owena i . " . It. May .'«►, 184S; Fiederiek G.f*, h. 
Mar. -.4. is.'.l : lie d. Mar. J.'t. |s.'>l, his twin un-nanied; d. Mar. '24; 
Henry It. »", It. .lune IJ. ls.".;i. d. Mar. .'). 1S«;2: Walter i\>*. It. Deo. .11. 
IH.*>4, d. Sept. 28, ls7."i. 

II. KoitKiM ', ; III. ; had one son and 

three dau;rhters. 

III. (iKoiuJK ('. 7, ; dead. Left no ehlhhen. 

IV. liKiuucv T. 7, ; in. IMiineas Veat«)ii, of 

Sa^jinaw, .Mieh. 

V. .htiiNll.T. : dead; left two daughters, 
vt. Hannah T, h. ; uniii. 

VII. 'I'linMAsK.T, ; no eliihlren. 

Viii. KitWAKit 7, d. until. 

i.\. Mai.'TIIa 7, m. Aiiiltrose Warren, reM, Synu*u«f. 
\. \ . in iHS.'i, has one dau;;hter. 
21eJ. III. i:itiir,i:r r. •:, It. in Str.itham. \. II.; m. Mei»y Ahholi, 
res. I.imin<:ton. Me. Children: 

I. Natiianii:i. • , in. Alti;:ail .Marr. 

if. i:«ti;i;iM TiiruvroN ", It <ht,l(>, Isl7; in Luey 



(iilliiiun; rei*. HaUlwin and OxfonI, Mo. lie d. 
An;;. 5. 1SM4. (hlhlreii: « lurt-nce ThurMion »•, 
rp^. Suiitli Fniiiiiii;;haiii, niilway Ktatioit 
:i;;eiit ; Irviu^ Hol»art**. 

•2M3. IV. Sam I HI. «. 

TM. V. Jo>Kni«. III. 'r children: 

I. Till ll>ToN 7, 

II. .lo>KI"l|7. 

III. \V|I.I.I\M7. 

IV. .Ikwktt^. 

V. <IIAI{|.K>". 

VI. AMm^T. 

VII. S.\KAI|7. 

VI. LVI»IA«'. 

VII. Mkiiitaiu.k^'. 

119. Samuer Boynton, {tSatnufV, DanieV, SomutV, 
*hhn\) twill with Jdx'pii, Imhii Jan. 17, l?.*).!, in Stratluiin, 
N. II. IIo srivt'tl six iiKiuths privjitccrin;:, und thro*- 
V4'ars on lain!: Iir was Linit. Ho was taken prisdinT juhI 
ranioil to Ilalilax, wlicrr lie was plactMl in Ai>^v rontiiu»- 
nuiit tor six months. In Ft'li., 171'2, lie inuvtMl troiu 
Strathain to thr tnwiisliip ot Cornish, .Mi'., wlicn' h<' cU-aml 
a larirt* farm and iM'camc prosprrons. He il. in Vv\). Ih;>7. 
firm. 1st, Dnlly Kitiilil, in Drc. 17^4; <h(' wjf» horn in 
17 ')«'.. 111. 2(1, Mary Drcrin*:, of Kitt4rv, Mr., Oct. W. 
17l»(); Aw was l». June 10, I7«I«J, and d. in Corniih, Me,., 

Oct. :>, \x:ri. 

('hil(h'cn : 

I. Fannv«'. I». Au;j. fi. ITKC. ill Stratliain, d. in Cornisli. Mc. 
in K«'l». 171W. 
2^t."». II. Sami Ki.«. I>. .Inlv 5, 17SH; in. in iSlS, Silvan Uruwn. d. 
Felt. :i. is.'iT, in H«'lnit>nt, Mr. lit' liad lour -omh and 
four daii^liter!'. 

I. Ai.moN*, III. and li:i^ two «(tn>'. 

II. .Iamk> W.T, h. A|»r. 11», isj't, at lie It a -it. (or 
U«'Iiiiont ) Maine: 111. Mary .\. <irave»*; -Im- wa^ l». .\n;;. 12. 1H27. Jit 
'^kowlu'j^an, M«' . and d. at f.owi'll. Ma^-., An-;, ll. lHl»2. Il<-r father. 
«<|nirc (iravcpi wa^ a lai-;;r tarin o\% nrr, to u liicli lir d<'V(*t<-d hi- atleii* 
ticn diirin*; )ii<< liff-iini*'. Il<- \va<« a ;; of tin* old ^rlmid. and 

Ivi'd to a jfr«'«'n old a;^**. Mr. l(o\ nton ua» in tin* wood and <''t.i! Ijii.-l- 


nCMj* «n Knsl Merrlniar Mtr»»«'t, I<o\vt>ll, where the I'atholk* rathednil 
{(KMUhIh are now laid out. May 22, 1H62, he wai< a|ii>oliit«*d Kii>!ineer in 
llie I'jilU'il Slat*'-* Navy, >*«Tvlu;; on th«' r. S. Steani»*r, <'ru)*a«ler, fioiu 
June 1(», ls(J2, to An;;. 2. I>^<!2, and on tlie I'nhetl Statrj* St«':iiner, 
ronenian^h, from An;;. 4. t>(>2, until lie retirtnl un an-onnt of |MM«r 
health. Apr. 1(5, I'^iVi. The Hhove Mtraniers were of the South Athiniie 
ItltM'Uaiiiii;; S<iu;idi"<»n. IN- Wio^ an «'Xi»ert •'n;;int'«'r. and ai one thne. 
while ;a Warstw Sound. >av«'«l the fteanier !n»iu dcitruetion hy 
:«|i|dyin;; an iint'ntion of his own to tli*' valves of the en;;ine. whieh 
had I'vcoine out «>f order, and at a time w1i«-n new ones t-onid not h«' 
olitidned. Thi"' invtMition wa- ali^'iu .ird apiiThMl to tin- valvrs of tin* 
en;;lii»'«* of ntlivr »train« rs. Ih- d. in I.owtMI. .Ian. 4. isr,,".. ridldien: 
Aihert ^,d. \.; Klla M.'*. in. it. II. Ili;;lit: l-frd .lames »*. was iHirn in 
l.owrll. Mas!*., M:iy 1(1. 1S.V». Me was nlm-atfd in tin- puldie si-hool.- of 
f/ow«-li. ;;railiiatiii;^ from the V'ariium (irammar an«l also from tin* 
lli;;li School, I pon leaxiii;: •< liool \iv «'nl»'n«l the I'rescott Natioiml 
ItaiiU :iH fleik and iiM-sstMiijer. and worketl his way up tlirou;;li thr dif- 
ferent ;:radi'S. tinally iM'romiii;; head hook k«M'|M-r. Me was i-onii«'rt«'tl 
with this hank for ahoiii t«Mi M-ars. and left th«*re to tak«- tin* posiilun :»f 
Auditoi- III tlic follu\\ iiij; 'IVIi-pliom' i-omp.-inir* : \atioii;il |{«'ll 'l'r\v- 
jdioiM- ( omp;iiiy of Maine, Uo-ion :itid Noithnn TfU-phone <onipan\. 
Itay Stale Telfphonf t ompany. Sul>urhaii 'I'eh'phoiif < ompany. and 
afterwards i;ii«- r«>lrphotn' ;iMti rfli';:raph ( ompaiiy. and in May Issf 
was fU'cti'd N«'( iTtary and .\inlitorof the New Knjjland Telfphont' and 
■reh';:raph • omp.iny. in ScpH'inlM-r, IMKJ, hr wa^ rltrt*'*! tiavidin;; 
attditor of the < ompany. whieh position he still orcnpics. ||r is .dso 
anditoi- of ilm 'r<di'phon)- Kmyloyces Mutual Itcni'tit \sso«-i:iiioii, and 
Indd* an appoiinnifiit as a .hi«tii«' of tin- I'l-aie. Mr is .-i iN-piiMifan. 
and a memlier of tin- followiii;; Masoide liodirs; KmiinMit York I.od"e. 
Aha^iiernx lonncil, Mt. Mor«'l( l.'oyal Areh r|iapt«-r. ril;;rim ( oniman- 
der> of Kiii;;!!!- r«"mplai*. Mystic Shiin«'. and all the Srotti«h rite 
lM>di«'«; lip to and iiiclndiii;^ lh«' thirty-serond d«';rn-t', ln-in;; a mciiilM-r 
ut the Lowell < oun.-il ol rriiicc^ of .IcrusaU'in, l,ow»'ll l.od;;«' of 
I'ertectimi, and Mount (aUary 4 haptcr of l.'os*- ( '|-oi\, Mf attends thi> 
Mi;;li Street < ■on;;n'y:atloiial (liureh. On Sept. 2'I, lss:{. hf lM>eamc 
united in inarria;;!' to Anni<' C I'ost»'r. of Tcwkslmiy, Mass. No 

III. SM.v.wisT. d. In isiyi, left no ihildren. 

IV. Waimikn Samiki,", Is a physiti:m. res. in 

v. si>anS, T* ill. a Mr. Knowlton, n*s, JJIwrty. 
Mr. Tin- other sisters names wen- not sent. 
III. IXM.i.v K.*-, I>. .Inly 2'.», I7'.M, in Stiatham; m. Ist. I>r. 
.lohii r. r.rl;:;:-. of Cornish, in I8(H»: m. 2d, Simeon 
I'ease. of ( 'oinit^h, 
2!>(;. IV. .htsKi'M 1). ':, !., .lune 4. IT'.CI. in r..rnish.: m. Hannah, 
dan of Thoina* and Sarah (I.»trd) < "hiek, ot I'arson- 

|Wyn»yPB— »WT>WW>»y^i<W»Wl II I I > ■■ m i v ^ M W O K I W > r.-^r* 



n / 







tit'hi. M«'., Nov. ao. lMr>. N\ ht>ii ho «IU'.|. Jan. I, 1877, \w 
li'ft a wlff, ♦•levt'll chihlivi), !'»<} ^rumU-hlMrou, 'i.'{ 
;;resit-^M!i;nUhn«li.ii. Mr-. II. .Il.-tl FVh. l-». IsSi. \\h\W 
visitiu;; in Fit'f|M»it, M«*. rliil.livn: 
I. sakxii i.nuhT, ii. Nov. II. \sU], in Illiam. Mt-.: 
III. ill < oriii-li. Mar. 'Jij. \<ii'u 'I'niinaii Way; h«* 
l». ill l.<iiip<it«'r, .N. II.. hVh. *il. iHll^and il. \u 
lii«liaiia|M>Ii<<. Iiiil.. Mar. ]2. iss'.i. re><. (■<»rliaiu. 
M«'. iliil<Ir«Mi: Kmily A.", U. in IM.W; in. 
(i'or;;*' II. .lolin«<>n, tif ln<iian:i|)4>Ii<i. IikI., iu 
I.v*»s: -In- «l. in IS<",2; OliviT l». ". •». in lx:i'»; m. 
I.urv K. Varney, of Salfiii. Ma-«!<., in \x^t\K rvM. 
S.ih'in ; lillrnf", U. in ISI.J; ni. rin>ui.i>« \V. 
Sivwart. «»t ln<liana|M»li«: William W.'*. h. in 
1S-|.'>; ni. lU'll*' If. rrawtonl. of ln(lian:i)H>lis, 
in ls72; Arthur r. ", h. in ls.'».*>. m. Sarah I'. 
Ny«'. ol Lynn. Mass., ivs. SaU>ni. 
n. >l AKV rK.\>K'. I». May iMj, IHIK. in lllrani; in. in 
I Ornish. F«*l». 2.*». 1>40, < harli** K. IfoliitiKon: 
hf war l». in l,iinin;;t<>n, N. II.. in |h|>; j|. 
in IihI.. in Sept. ]s^*'>. 
i!i. IIanxaii', •». .Inly k. lNlt». in Hiram; m, iu 
rornl^h. .Ian. :H». l.Mo, Alphon* i;ili»:itr'rk. 

IV. KicAMK."* A ", h. .Ian. 1. IsJl. in lliiam: in. 

Orrin < hick. <>f l.iiiiin;;ton. M«*., I»«*i-. \X. 
IsT.i. lit* «l. in < ..rnish. in l>«'»s. 

V. Ammi I.«»ki»«.Ii. Apr. Is. ISJJ. in Hiram; m. 

Kli/alH'th ( oo|H'r. *>l N\ akilifl<l. Mays. I'hoy 
IImmI on the h«»nH>st«a(I in < unii'*h. Il»- Vt;\yt 
a nMMiiIxT nf tlu* llon-«' <»f l'»'pr»*->«'ntati vrx in 
1h;.-,. an<! Inr.x, il«> d. ,|iin«' 20. Im7.'I. 

VI. Ai-viicA I'.", I». K«'li. J«;. IhJi. in lllnim: m. 

Jonathan Itoothhy, .)nn<* 2M. Im|((; ^Uo d. iit 
rorni-h. May 20, 1h47. 

VII. IIaukikt <>. *. I». I)«'f, IS, Is2.*». in Hiram: m. 

liror^r <'ha<n»<uirn«». of (o>rham, F<'h. 2, 1K47; 
-In* (I. in (iorham in May 1S02. 

VIII. I.t ( V A. ' , h. .Inly 17, ls27, in ; in. 'rhoin;«R 

S. liritJIn. of Frrrport. S«'pt. 2<;. Is44; -hr il. 
May .1, lsit7. 

IX. WoniMM lev .In.oKi'ii", l». Apr. 1.'^ Isjo, In Hiram, 

III 1st. I.iuiiula l>ay ; III. 2«l, Kli/alM-th • 

Ke-. Sa<-o, Mr. 

X. Ki.i/AitKTii " . h. .May 4. Is;{(». in rornish: in. 

(i«'oi<;c (iilpatritk. (or Kilpatrick) of Hiram. 

XI. <' N.T. I,. .Ian, 12, ls:{2. in < oinlsli; m, 

•laino A. i(4iar<lmaji, of Siico. 


XII. PiiiLi.ip II.7, »,. Muy 24, 1h;«, ln<orijlMli: 

III. iHt, Kll/Ji I.lvi'Mcy, .!iily 4, 1H<K); iii. 2il. 
Miiry .). 'IVmIiI, In .Ijiu. 1h«W. Sin- wan a cousin 
H» l'rt'»«I«l»'iit Miu'olirfi wife. Iff <1. Sept. 17, 

XIII. MaiciiiaK. S. :, I.. Mur. «{, IKW, In (oriiUh: 

III. Iliiriy V. Karris, of Ohio. 
V, Sam.y i;.«i, t.. .\|.r. IS. 17115: in. < apt. havl.l NVwlK-jrin, 
of I'ortlainl. in Nov. ISII. < lillilrni: 

I. (AIM. DAVihT, h. in i>-.»(i: r,,llo\v«Hl Hit- sea from 

t-arlv lift'; in. llanut iNuttT, n-s. ronlaml. 

II. Ki»\VAi{i>T, wvia to s«'a and was* never heard 


III. ( IIA|{|.K>". a seaiiiaii;il. at Cttllao. 

IV. <;i:ui:(;kT. 

V. Samiki. ". 

VI. .Sa.MIKI. 7. 

VII. (". 


V!. Ma 15V ''', 1. Mar. 17. 171»T: il. uniii. VVIi -i }>at, 
21»7. vii. Ki.WAiM. I).«-, h. .lau. 17, 17JKJ; ni. Api.hla IMiill.riek, 
(Sophia IMiilltrook.) He was a joiner and mason hy 
trade; liv«'d in (JorJiam and Minerick. Cliildren: 

I. < iiAKi.Ks \v.:, >;, in 1824. res. Linieriek. 

II. .Iam:7, h. iu ISJG; m a .Mr. Files, res, (wjrhain. 

III. Ki»\VAUi» 1). T, h. in 1H2S: res. Corni-'.h. 

IV. CiUANvii.i.K M.7. h. .Inne In, ISHO. inanf. Chil- 

dren: UiljiK ('. ", It. in 1HI12; (Jeorjfe E", 
II. in Ixi'tH. 
2D^. VIII. IlKNin .F •;. I). .Inly 4. IHOI: in. Mary llaidin;;, ot l'<.ri- 
laud. lie \va« a l)enlisr, ie<. Portland. 

IX. FANW'i. h. .Inly 4, \sm: in. .lohn l.'nnleti, May 17, ls2U. 

X. < ii.MM.K* 1 1. U . •!. I,. Sept. 28, 1S(M;: d. S.-pt. 215, 1M4. 

120. Josiah* Boynton, (Jo.swh\ Ahraham\ SamueP, 
Mni\) l>()rn in Wc.^ttonl, M:is.>., Fe).. 1!», 1770; in. Lvdia, 
<l;iu«rlil('r <>t 'I'iiiKithy Ptikins. Sept. IH, ITlMJ. 

('liiKlrcii : 


21'.'. I. .loiiN*., I,, in 1707. lie hfjpm to le-aeh sehool when only 

-ixteen year< of a;;*-: m. Ksther, dan. of falviii Munseli. 

ill Nov. ls2:t. Only tmeehild livetl, Esther Maria T. I». 

dan. il. 1>;2'.»: in. Nathaniel Knowlton. Keh. 4, 1hI7, re>. 

North Wilhndiain, .Mass. In lS".t7. they eelehratetl their 

liftietli inarria;:e anidvcisary, when they weiv the reeii>- { 


lentil of many f^tin from nei>cht)ort and frinmln. Thr^r 
of thflr four children art* IIvImk: Kila A.", m. V. S. 
KIiik; Mrn. K. A. Warner", and Alden !».»♦. 
300. II. Fki»KI(AI. <>. b. In 1700, In VVeMtford, Mhmn. Hi* wap 
named for the Federal (.'onMtitutlon In which hin fatlier 
WHM very nuich Interested. Al»out 1H,'M, he m Kll/alteth 
A. BInney, rei». (unibrMj^e, >Im!*8. lied, in May, 1H4H; 
nhe d. in Spt. ISSO. Children ; 

I. Kl.I/.A.I.". 

II. Anxik K. ", d. In 1}<7R. 

III. .Itl.lKTTK 1*. 7. 

IV. I.YIUA M. 1*. 7. n». Henry S. Fluher, nhe d. lu 

April, 1893. Children: Annie K. >• , Nellie 
<j. •*, Florence E. «*. 

V. IIaukikt L. ', in. (ieor^je \V. (iunniMou. I'hil- 

dren : Hinney**, Lillian >*, lluf^h**. 

VI. IIknkv ', wax iulopted at the a^e of ei;^ht. by idf 

nnole, th«'n i»r<'^i<lent «*f Coluniltin t'ollej^e. 
War>hin^ton. who bad hix name ohan^ed to 
.loseph Henry Hinney. He in. twl^e, !*l»»teri«. 
Nettle an«l Su'ii Sndth, of Iowa; had three 
fbildren. Nettie", the oldest, »l. in |Hl>.t: twt» 
Ikoys living, J. H.8. and .MlllanI F. " . He \n u 
Doetor in F'nIIerton, Neb. 
til. Myka«, b. in IHOI ; m. Ablal (ioHi*, res. rambriil>;e. Man*.. 
Parents and children all dead. 
:¥)\. IV. Ei>M«»M> 6, b. about 1804; m. Martha I'arkir in 1HM7. A 
Mniiirt business man, and !*o murh interested in the Itoyii' 
ton (lenealo^y be employed a man to );utber and write 
the family hi-tory and records, but he di«d before the 
work waf completed, and much of it wan lieHtroyed and 
V. < ATIIAKINK Emzabktii«, b. Dec, IH. 1M12; m. < alvln 
Stevens; res. Hrooklyn and New York. Children: 

Jt i.v J>. 1K.SH, 3 I'. M. 

IN MEMt)|{IA.M. 

As a flower that >;ently and 

beautifully i>ame and bbxuKMl, 

^ivin^ to the world all of Iwauty 

ami fra;;raiice that it could, 

so i-ame and was my Mother! 

As the beauty and |km fume 

of the tlowrrs liii;;cr 

SM will ever abide with me 

the frajfrant memory of my Mother. 



I. I'ATiiAHiNK AuoustaT, unm. 

II. Mary Grack^, ra. G«i»rgv Ilenrj' Rtehardfou. 

III. <". AMOKY7,a Jiuccessful buglneDS man In New 

York. No. 3V Broad ctreet. " In bu^lneM life 
he has found most 8atlt«faetory those enterprl«e>* 
which help other* alw). Whatever aide 
humanity and advances clvlll/jitlon brings the 
• highest return to personal effort. The acquisi- 

tion of the excess of wealth for self or 
Immediate family aeldom l>ear8 good fruit, it 
contracts and hardens the best In human nature 
and obstructs development. Intelligent and 
conscientious reganl for duty is the Commander 
that lesids to be-t results In life's battle." 

121. Samuel* Boynton, {Jof*iah\ Abraham'^ Samuel*, 
John\) Iwm in Wentford, Maxs., Aug. HO, 177*2; ui. Sarah 
Snow Hutc'hinHon, oi Curlirtlc, .Ma^s. 

ChildriMi : 

I. TiiANKFii. M.«, ; m Al>el Nlckle«, of Carlisle. 

802. II. .I()KI.«, ; m. Sarah Neal. of Maine. Hes. Carlisle. 

30:i. III. Ai.hkut'*, I». in 1S12; in. Mary Kobbins, re«». Carlisle; d. In 

IV. AiMsi>Trs«,d. y. 

V. Li'C'Y II.<*, m. John O. LlrlDgiton, of Lowell. 

VI. Louisa A, in. .Justin Cochran, of Lowell. 

VII. Augusta •, m. .lohn Carleton, of lioston. 

VIII. Mautiia«», ; lle/^klah W. Howe, of Boston. 

122. Joel* Boynton, {Jo«iah\ Abraham*, SamueV, 
John\) lH)m in Wentforcl, Oct. 2, 1774. 

122>4. Edmund* Boynton, 'J(>i*iah\ Abraham*, SamueP, 
Joh7i\) lM)rn in Wontfonl, Muj^k. While woine rewirdH do 
not mention iiiin, othciH ntutc that he died younjr, )»nt I 
think \w. inust liavo U'en the Kthnund who married Bet**cy 
Nerdham ot Westtord, Keh. 1.'), l?<08. He wa.<* then ol 
Sah'm. This hiter record also jrave three listers, not re- 
eonh'd on |mn:e 72, viz. : Uelsey* ; HhcKia', marrie<l 


IsHHO Neeilham, .Ir. of W«^!*t£ord, Mrtr. HO, \HO\K She hail 

i^tveml chililivn» only one of whom it* now living, l^>yn- 

ton', of Littleton, Mast*., timi of Needhain *& Fletcher, 

(lealcrn in Liunl)er of all kinds, Contraetors and liuilders. 

Martha*, lK>rn in 17M7; ni. John Smith, of Westford, Apr. 

:», IMll. 

Children of Martha*: 

I. .loiiN B.«, b. Feb. i, 1812. 

n. .lo.<?iAn E.«. b. July 19, 1814. 

III. lIOHATio N.«, Dei'. 18, 1K18; living in IJttleton, Mum«. 

IV. .Io?KiH >V.6, I,. Oct. -iO, 1818. 

V. Maktiia A.«, b. Nov. 16, 1821. 

123. Isaac' Boynton, {Ixaac\ Afjnfham\ iSamuel\ 
./oA/i',) l)<>rn in IVpiHaell, Mass., Aujr. ^» 1772; nmrriml 
Sylnd Lawrenee, An;;, l.i, IHOl. She was horn .Inly !.'», 
17S2 and died »lnne ;i, IS;')*), lie died Dee. :i(), iM.'iM. 

Children : 

;<(i4. I. I>AA(«, b. Sept. 11, 1802; in. Nancy, tluu. of Abijah 
Iloyiiton, Oft. 17, 1828; (*he wan b, in IVpiMTcll, Nov. 8, 
I8(»fi;d. !)♦•<•. 8, 1H74. lied. N<»v. 22. \HH:i Cbildien: 

I. I.HAAi II. s b. Nov. 27, 182{>; (1. Sept. 1>. 183."^. 

II. WiM.iAM II. ', b. Mar. 2.'>, 18:J2; ni. I>aijni A. 

.Mead, Sept. 4, 18.*»i>. res. NoUbflidd. Vt. One 
son, William »,' b. Get. 2f5, 1H({2. 

III. Sakah .J. 7, b. Xov. 3, isitl; ni. Kdward A. 

m«MKl, Oct. -23. 1850; he d. .June 21, 1883; one 
«ou, Willie E. 8, b. in 18<52. Hes. IN>pi>ercll, 

IV. John M. 7 , b. July 3. \S:U> ; d. Mar. 4, 1837. 

V. Ci.AKA A. 7. b. Feb. 2.'), 18.18: n>. Jolm L. Mortely, 

of N.Mlhtleld, Vl., Oct. 2, 1864. <blldren: 
lliley U.'<, b. In 1S«7, d. in l87r,: ll.nry <'. ", 
h. in 1873: John I'. », b. in lH7ft. 

VI. Antoinkttk lf.7, b. Fe».. 1>, 1840; d. Au^'. .'10, 


VII. Mauv K 7, l». Feb. 20, 1842. 

VIII. Al.itKKT 11.7, b. May 3, 1844: d. Jan. 27. 1869. 

IX. Kii/AiiKTH IJ. 7. Ii. .>lar. 17. I84i;; ni. llud!«on 

Keeney, Jan. 20, 1870. Hvh. Everett. .Ma.H,-*. 
306. II. I,KVi«, b. June 4, 1S(>4; ni. Celinita (Juti/*'. in Tuba: Hhe 


wm b. Apr. 17, 18S5; d. Apr. 25, 18fi0. Children : AniU 
r. 7, b. Aug. 19, 1839, d. July 19, 1843; Orlando Joseph' , 
b. Jan. 14, 1844; m. Sarah A. Policy, Dec. 21, 1871; she 
waflb. in Ohio in 1849. No children: Res. Mt. Ayr, 

306. III. Eli «, b. Apr. 31, 1806; m. Hannah Winn; Khe wa» b. July 

20, 1805 ; d. May 9, 1856. Children : 

I. Mauia B.7, b. Apr. 18, 1835. 

II. John K 7 , b. Dec. 28, 1836. 

III. Mahtin L. 7, b. S«pt. 3, ia*0; ui. H. Geor^lanua 

Winn, Mar. 25, 1808. Children: Edith M.», 
b. In 1872; Martin L. enlisted in U. S. service, 
Co. II. 44th U.'gt. M. V. M.. Aug. 18, 18«2; 
wa» discharged June 18, 1863, by rea^n of t-X' 
pinttion of ikTvlce. 
IV. Sybkl«, b. Apr. 8, lK08;in. Ilenmn IIuDtington, Feb. ^. 
1832 ; Mhe d. Jan. '2.\ 1«73. Children : 

I. SviJKi. .M. 7, I). Nov. 25, 1833: d. May 15, law 

II. Si)U)S II. 7, h. Sept. 7, 1835; d. Dec. 13, 1836. 

III. llAimiKT H. 7, b. July 9, 1837; d. Xov. 2, 1841. 

IV. Joiix P. 7, b. Nov. -29, 1839;d. Feb. 1, 1803; he 

enllstetl at Lowell, Maw., in 7th Mass. Battery, 
III .luly 1862; was moit^illy wounded at Black- 
wiit^'r, Va , .lune 30, 1863. 

V. Jamks 11.7, b Nov. 1, 1841; in. Georgianna 

I'alfrey: he tMili»*t»*d nt Lowell in the 26th 
Macs. Kegt. Il Sept. 1861 ; was killed lu battle 
at Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 18W. 

VI. Hannah A. 7, b. Feb. 19, 1844; d. Apr. 19, 1847. 

VII. Elijah B. 7, b. Sept. 4, 1846; d. Apr. 20, 1847. 

VIII. Mauy a. " , b. Nov. 15. 1848 ; m. John W. Abbott, 

Jan. 2, 1869. Children: Frank II. «, b. in 
1871 : Bortha E. », b. In 1872, d. In 1873; Mal)el 
E. 8,b. and d. In 1874; Adelbert H.8, b. in 
1875; Etta S.H, b. in 1877. 

IX. M. Emma 7, b. Sept. 12, 1850. 

307. V. John «, b. July 4, 1810; d. Sept. 18, 1839. 

Mm. VI. Joshua L.«, b. July 6, 1812; ni. Paniella Sawyer, of 
Harvard, Mas)>., .\pr. 4, 1843; she was* b. Dec. 2, 1815. 

I. .loiiN L. 7 . b. Jan. 19, 1844 : m. J. Luetta Fletcher, 

of llolliH. N. 11., Feb. 13, 1873. Children: 
licrnian D. **, b. lu 1876; d. in 1880; Edna P.". 
b. In 1881 ; Anna L. **. b. In 1883. 

II. riiAKLMTTK .\.7, b. Sept. 16. 184((; in J<»hn W. 

Pli-ivc, May 4. Ib70. <»illdn"i: Olivt-.M,". 
ti. in |H72; Waiifii L. ". b. in |8r:>: Alice 


P.«,b In 1877. 
111. Waukkn J. 7 , b. Sept. 8, d. Oct 8, 185*2. 
VII. HanmaiiF. <, h. Jane 30, 1814; m. Walter IHyne*^ pf 
Towneend, Mags., Dec. 13, 1838. Children : 
I. Makiktta U. 7, b. Sept. 6, 1845; rn. Wuldf 

S{>aul(lin>;, of Towngend, June 2, 1870. 
II- Hannah (). 7. b. July 1, 18.«»0; m. .\bUl Fisher, 
uf (Hilton, Ma98.. Jan. 4. 1881. 

III. Emma II. ', b. Nov. 10, 1S55. 

IV. K. 7. b May 6, 1 SAO. 

Vlii. Hakriktt«, b. Au);. 31, 1816; III. Lutlier Shuttuok, .\ug. 
SI. 1843; »«hc d. Oit. 5, 186.*). Chlldi^n : 

I. IIakkiktt (.7. b. June 3; d. Aug. 17, 1846. 

II. Fannv (.7, b. Dec. 12, 1849. 

III. Kmma K. 7 , b. June J? ; d. July 3, 1863. 

IV. Haickiktt E. 7 , b. May 13, 1850. 

900. IX. David «, b. June 8, 1819; Amanda I.. Wllllamn. Oct. 6, 
1848; uhe wai* b. .Sept. 21, 1823: ( blldren: 

I. Ella .\. 7. b. Aug. 9, 1849; in. George H. (Hrter, 

Dw. 29. 1870. Chlldrt-n: Arthur L. «, b. In 
1872; Itayinond H. f* , b. In 1880; (Jatherinc 
A.**, b. andd In 1882. 

II. Edgak L. 7, b. Feb. 25, 1851; m. Clara A. 

Wheeler, Nov. 30. 1876. Children: (Jrace 
M.«, b. In 1879, 

III. Anna E. 7, b. Sept. 21, 18.W. 

IV. D. Raymond 7, b. Mar. 2«, 1850; in. Katherlne 

Graham, Aug. 19, 18X0. 

V. I^ AUKL11KKT7, b. Aug. 25, 1858. 

VI. IlENHY E. E. 7, b. Oct. 4, 18f«. 

X. Jonathan «, b. Aug. O, 1821 ; d. Oct. 21, 1830. 
310. XI. Hknry «, b. Dec. 2, lH2.'i; ni. .Sarah CuHhlng, June 6, IhM. 
He graduated In Me<nclne In 1852, and Dartmouth <'ollege MubflequenUf 
gave hlin h«»norary degree of A. .M. He served nearly three year« In 
the Civil War, much of the time In charge of Military hoHpltalK. He 
liaH been a inemlier of the Vermont liCglKlature three bchhIoum, State 
Commissioner of the Inf»:»ne, Su|ier>lsor of the State Normal Schools, 
.uhI is now I*. S. Examining Surgeon. .\s a leeiurvr, he Ih forcible and 
♦-bHment, sjieiiking fluently ulthout notes, and with great i>ower of 
con<lensutioii. His |)rliieip:il lectures are : "From the Th:imes to the 
rilier." •*I»ome and her Huiiis." "Vesuvius and l'omi>eii." **Fioi« 
Marathon to WaterhM*." Hes. W<MHlstoek, S'l. ( hildien: 

I. JnliN HkNI{Y7. |>, in WiMKl-tmk. Vt., Fel». 13, 

iHi'iii. He wai" innler priv;!!** tuitbm unlll \u- wax flfieen , wb^^n !»# 
•Mileied th*' HostoM l^itin Srli<»o|, from wtilcb he gniduiited in iv/o 
ye;ir<«. the third in a rljiss of forty two, taking f«»ijr tlrsl prl/,« >». ilr 
••ntered llarvani 4 ollege at once, Inking bonor- at bi*- enlranc*; examl. 


iiAtion. He f^raduHted In 1800, matcnH fiim Uude, takiu); s|>ecittl houortf 
In KnglUli. He timjfJit In the Forhe» Academy at Milton, Msm., for 
three yearn, nijcndin^ the Summer of 1892 abroad. In the Autumn of 
1H«;I lie enteretl the Harvard Ciraduat*' School, taking hU A. M. at the 
end of the y^'ur. He continued his post-graduate work for three years 
longer, was appointed assistant Instructor in the college for 1894-95; 
was Instructor In Anglo Saxon, In KatlcllftV College, for 1895-96, wa* 
Instructor In Anglo Saxon In the Harvard Summer School for 1H1>6 and 
1H'.>7, and received tluMlcgrce, I'h I), in .June of that year. In the 
Autumn he entered on the work of his iMofcssloii in Syniciise I'niver- 
gil.y at Syracuse, N. V., as Instnictor in Kngllsh. He dietl su«ldenly at 
his home ill Woodstock. Vt., May 22d. 1H9H. 

II. Syuii. Vkuhna?, I), in Woodstock, .Ian. 17, 1874: 
titled for c«>llege In her native town and grad- 
uated at Wellesley College in 1895. 
311. XII. HoYAi. Ill l.l.Ai{i»«, h. Feb. 7, 1H20; m. Hannah .1. Taft. 
Nov. 12, ISd'i. He studied at Lawrence .\cademy, (irot- 
on, Mass., and later the Minllcal College at Woodstock, 
Vt , from whiili institution he took his degree of M. I). 
In inrrj. He went to Townsend, Mass., In lH5.'i, and later 
West Townsend. In early life he ilevoted intich of his 
time to dentistry, but later has given more attention to the 
general duties of physician and Hurgeon. He is ctmslder- 
e<l a skillfull practitioner, and has a large pnictlce. 
« hildreii : 

I. Hkutiia.1. s b l)ev. 13, 18(56. 

II. IlATTiK M.7, June 14, 1870. 

III. IlKNUV U.7. b. .lulvS. 187.1. 

124. David' Boynton, {Iwac\ Abraham*, tiamueV, 
John\) lK»r» in IN'i.pcri'll, MasH., May 21, 1778; in. Polly 
WImm^K'1% l>ee. '^0, IHO-^ He d. July 17, 181.5. 

Childron ; 

312. I. CAi.vlN«,b. May 14, 1804. 

313. II. Lltiikii". May 3, 1805; m. I^ura Weed, Oct. 'i2, 1829; 

she was b. at Saxton*8 Kiver, Vt., Feb. 8, 1808, and d. at 
Ludlow, Vt., Oct. 14, 1800; he d. at Ludlow, Nov. 5, 
IHHl. Children: 

I. Ki.iZA W 7, b. July 16, 1830. 

II. HoAi<i>MAN L. 7, b. Sept. 6, 1834; d. Aug. 13, 

III. Mauy". 

314. IV. Timothy WiiKKi.Ki{«, b. May 31, 1808; m. ? Me*. 

Townshend and Jamaica, Vt. Children: 


I. Samukl T. T , Apr. 26, 1832, In Jericho, Vt.; m. 

Polly F., dnu. of Saimuel E. Temple, Nov. S, 
18?W, i«!ie yini» b. ,ruly 29, 1830. ('hUdron: 
Fniiik L.*«, b. and d. in 1862; Fred L.h, b. \m 
18r)3;(iertle H. «, b. In 1867. 

II. Hknuy K.7, h. In Town*«hend, Mar. 9, 1836; m. 

Sarah T. Youn|?. May 0, 1863. Children: 
I'ttul II. H, h. In 187.^; Amy «, b. in 1878. Hep. 
I'laiikinton, DakoU. 

III. MvitoN L. '. 

IV. Edwai{|> 1». ". b. In Town?hend, Apr. 29, 184R; 

ni. Kniina MorrUon, Apr. 29, 1868, one llvlu|f 
child, Frank .M.^ b. In 1876. HuKlm>!'<s 
'*ll<K)tJ«, 8h<M'8 and Kubbors," Hoatou, Mann. 

V. n.AliA .M.7, b. May 10. 1847; m. Kveri'tt !l. 

Head, of Arv*adla, Iowa. (')tildr<>n: Charted 
W.»», b. in 1869; Kvtrett W.8, b. in 1871; 
Arthur ll.**, b. In 1873; Florence®, b. In 1878; 
Nellie L.». b. In 1882. 

VI. William W.T, b. .lune 26, 18A6; m. Annie B. 

Freeman, of Canjbrldge, Ma«8., one child, 
Ilattie L.(*, b. in 1883. 
V. Sarah «. b. .lunt* .5, 1810. 
315. VI. Vaknum«, b. lHn\ 29, 1813. 

125. Abraham* Boynton, {Isaoc\ Abraham\ iSamueV, 
John\) bom April 20, 1780; in. Miir>' Adaias, of IlcdliS, 
N. H., July 10, 1800 ; h»ul two sons and one daughter; sons 
died young. 

126. Jonathan* Boynton, (l'*aac\ Abraham\ SntnueP, 
•/o/m'.) lK)ni in Pepi)erell, March 2, 17«2; m. lict^ey I^w- 
rvuve. He died in Wisconsin, aged yi year«. 


I. Sally •, b. Feb 5, lKO.*i; m. .lucoli Springiftead, hid itevcral 
children, all die<l younj; but Warren «, who live* iu 
HnjokHville, F'la. 
•116, II. David «. b. Feb. 6, 1807; m. Asenath Victorx . Ke». 
Waupun, Wl*. He d. .Inly 15, lto<7. ( hildreu : 


II. IkamA*. ; m. d left one son, Addii«^>n( 

who liveM in Winona <<>., Minn. 


III. .fKSSiKOS 8.7. Wtts HD Itlnennt preacher \h 

years ; d. May 27, 18S4. 

IV. .IosatiianT, ; res .lamestown, Dakota. 

V. Mauv'. 

VI. Wiij.iam'. 

VII. 1>AVII)7. 

viii. An<jeline7. 

IX. ()nvknA.7. Res. Jameatowa, Dakota. 


317. III. Fkinci.h«, l>. Apr. 8, 1808; m. Fanny Hesa, hnii wven! 
ohildreii, tUvd in Indiana ahout forty years ago. 

.1IH. IV. J<»NATiiAN*<, l>. Sept. 0. 1810, in Munkton, Addison <'o., 
Vcritioni. 'Vhe follo\vlii>; wintrr his parent* moved to Franklin Co. 
lie.Ar Malone, N. V. \VJi»mi Jie wan »!i years ofaj^e, tliey moved to Onon- 
d tga Co. N. Y.. renutinin^ tlure until he wiih 18 yearn of uj^e. wlien they 
^•cnt to Owwepi. N. V. In 1K32, at the aj^e of 22 yeiirn h»* went to 
IViiiiMylvaiiia, and iMijfii^ed in the Lninherin); huslneHS. In }h:hi he 
formed a partnersliip witii Al Fitch, of New Vork. They were the tirst 
piities who t<Mtk their lun»l)er from the .Susiiuehaniia to the New York 
Marki'ts; he iouiiinu'd in tills l>U!»lne?!* until 1870, when on account of 
fiiitln^ health he ri'tircd, and turne<i hl.4 attention to ltankin>;, in which 
liu^AincHs lie had also heen identified since 18<>6. lie was* rtn*t Vice 
I'lt'sldent of the " American Hoynt<»n ,\t«s<K'iation " for several year!*, 
and has hepii one of the most Interesteil ineml>er>», contributing largely 
towards defraying tlie expcn!*e.s of the annual coiiventions, and printing 
the genealogical record;*. The excellent picture accompanying this 
iluttch waHi taken when he was 8<> yeHr*' of age. In Fehruary 1842 he 
WJ>» marrieil to Mary Nevling, of Smith's Mills. I'leartlcld Co., l*a. 
•ihe was horn l)cc. it!, IHUl. In 1S4.5 he located in riearfield, Cleartlelu 
lUt. Ta., where he has since residetl. At the time of this writing he is 
J:j his Kl»th year, ami in fairly g«;Ki health. Wonls are Inadequate to 
fxpresK his !»vM» iicss and go«Mlness. Children: 

I. Al FiTClI 7 , h. .June 5, 184^^; m. Mary K. Showers, 

.lune 30, 186:i. Kes. Cleartield, Pa. Their 
children were Mary *, h. in lHr>4 : Harry 8, b. 
in Nov., ISO? : Fitch «, b. in Aug.. 1873; All 
(lied young. 

II. KiHTiM, b. Feb. 14. 1K4.5; m. William II. Dill. 

.ruly 30, Ks(w,. Cbililren: .Mary'<,b. Oct. 24. 
isyr,; m. Alexander K. I'atton, Oct. 17, 1888: 
Iheir children, Kdith !).«. b. In 1889: 
Alexander K.». b. in 1S92. Anna ti.8, b. 
Nov. 24. 18r>H; m. I»aul >Vilhelm Adolf Key, of 
LUbeck. (Jermany, May 17. 1H03; .Fonathan 
II. N, b. .Ian. 30. 1K7I : Henry G. »*, b. Apr. 2. 
1S73: Alice II.'-. b. Feb. 12, 1877; K<lith'<, b. 
.Inne 4, I8K4. The picture represents Mr»«. 


Dill with her two youufCfH daufchters; (pho> 
to^raphed lu 1897.) 
III. Ira N'KVLiMi ^ . b. D<?c. 2, 1W6; d. in \t<6!i. 
V. William Lawkesck«, l». Au>?. 12, 1812; m. Iluttle Cole- 
man, and died in 18:V4 without \#^ue. 

127. John* Boynton, (Ii«t(tc\ Afmth<tm\ ^anmef^ 
JoAm'O 'H>rn April H, ITHil; nmrnoil aiul luovtMl to Vor- 
mont ; hud tmo moii aiul two ilmijrhti»i*s, all (Hod veal's a^ro. 

128. John* Boynton, {Abraham\ AbrahatH\ SamueP^ 
John\) l><>rn in (Jroton in 17^H; m. Sandi Toniicy, of 
Holli:*, N. II. Ho had an oldor sistor, Man\ (not jjiven 
on pajro 7:^,) who niarned a Mr. Kvans, and had ono son, 
.Io-o|>h*, who rosidos in Koono, N. II. 

Childron of .lolin an<l Sarah (Tonnoy) lh>ynton. 

.jl'i. I. .loiiN I'KNNKY**, l>. Ill llnlli^, in 1SI7; in. Mary Adanic. of 
Lf xin;;toii, re;*. I^Mironl. Musr*. riiililriMi : 

I. M.\|{IKTTa7, mi. Fi»'d Diivi.-*, of lU'dford. 

II. Nkli.ik a. ' . 

:{20. II. .Mo>K.-* 'I'm KsToN ". I>. ill llolll'', in islW; in. l.ouiMU 
Hovey. of Arllii;;lon; n-iii. to < liurip!<town. ChitdnMi: 

I. GKOiUiF:U'.", a puiiit«*r, in. and ten. ('Iiarl«*i*- 


II. Kllkn " , m. Georpp U. Flint, nv-*. (harli'Htown. 
111. Sakaii Ann 6, i). in 1S21 ; in. Franci;* Lowe, >*ettl«Ml in 

JartVey, \. II. (hildren: 

I. <iKoi{<iK F. ", m. Ll/.ziv strarns, of .lallVt'y, N. II. 

II. I iiAKi.Ks II. 7, h. in 1S47: in. Addio (jotMlwln, 

of litHiford; nettled In Ke^t Lexington, Mas.-*. 

III. Maky ", i>. in lH4t>; in. Manin Stearn.-. of Kant 

.lartrey. N. II. 

IV. William T. ", l». in is.'ia; III. and .-ettle<I in Fai«t 

IV. MAitv«, l». in ll<»lli?» In isi'l; in. (M-or^e IJtiiifirld, of 
4;roton, Ma^*-*. ( lilldren: 

I. IIkumkut", b. in 1h4H; in. and Mettled in H:»-<ton. 

II. FlCKI»7 . I>. ill IS.Vi, 

III. AnniK^. I». ill 1854; in. (Jeor^je Totter, of Itoston. 

IV. KvA '. I>. in ls.50: in. II«»iner I'otter, of 4>r<»t<»n. 
321. V. William .Ikwktt''', l». In Ilollis, Mar. 1. ls-i<»; m. Martlia 

M. I^iwreiK-e, of Groton, Ma?*s., Oct. 31. lS;"is. Slie waii 


b. June 6f 1838. Res. Oroton. Children : 

I. JosiE M. 7 , b. Aun^. 16, 1869 : d. in 186*2. 

II. Gkorge L. T, b. Mar. 2, 1861. 

III. WiLMAM T. ^ , b. Dec. 30, 1863. 

IV. Frank B. 7 , b. Mar. 9, 1866 ; d. in 1873. 

V. Fanny M. 7 , b. Nov. 28, 1868. 

VI. John H. 7 , b. Sept. 14. 1871. 

VII. Maktha J. 7 , b. July 19, 1874. 

322. VI. Geokoe Bkkchkk«, b. in Westford in 1827 ; deceased. 

129. Joseph* Boynton, (Abraham\ Abraham*^ Sani" 
tier, John\) Imrn in Hollis, N. H., Mar. 26, 1789: 
studied medicine in Ilollis, and aftorwanU removed t<» 
New York State. 

Zhc Miscasset Branch 



Iteferrlu); to No. 11, on i)a>;e 9, we have ut lu8t exUhlUluMl the fact 
that the Caleb Uoynton who was huyliiK >*<>(1 i^ellin^ land lu York, Me., 
waM from Ipswich, Mans. As the pnM>f came t«>o late to he Incorpora- 
ted in pro|>er place, we will not attempt to carry continmmti numbers, 
hut l»e^in with No. 11. 

Z^btr^ (Bcncration* 

11. Caleb' Boynton, 'mh-h in Ipswidi, Mm.s.-^., Nov. 24, 
10?S'>; m. Chri-stiun Parsons, as shown iii>on Old York, Mv. 
H'cords. He moved from Old York to WiscasHiit, in lllif^; 
probably took all his family with him. **Th(' births of 
Caleb lioyanton children born of the Iwxly of ('hristian his 
wife, the (hiii;:hter of John Parsons. The sai<l iioyaiit<in 
the son of Caleb Boynton, Ipswich. Names on record 
s|M'lle<l as writt<rn.'* York, .Maine Kecords. 

Children : 

t. I. Wim.iam4 Koyanton, U. Hi'pt. I'i, 171'J; m. flunnah .fon<fN, 
Ki'l». 2(>, 17;U, 
lUriiKi.* liVANToN. h. Oct, 10. 1716. 
.loHN * ItYASYos, I). March — , 171H; m. .Surah Hilton. 
Jn.siicA* HoYNTox, h. Oct. 17, 172<>. 
Kl.IZAUETM 4, h. Sept. 14, 172:t. 
Calkb*, I). Feb. 4, 1725-'28. 

VII. Anna «, .b Feb. 2.'i, 17-2G-27. 

VIII. llKenziitAii *, IW>YNToN, b. May 5, 1731. 










Jfourtb (Bcneratioft. 

1. William* Boynton, {Caleb\ Caleb\ ]ViUiam\) 

lK)m in York, Mo., Sept. 12, 1712; iiuirriod Hannah 

.ToncH, then lK)th oi York, Mo., Fel». 20, 1734. They had 

one Hon. 

6. I. ('Ai.KHft, b. In York. Mjir. 28. 1736; in. Mary .'^Imokfonl 
We next And » Wllllaim Itoynton with wife, Enther 
Wynmn In Wlm-jiHuet, therefore presume (ulthou>;h 
proof Ih wjintln;?) that the first wife died and he in. 
second, Kctlu-r Wyinuti. Their children: 
It. lUciiKL^, III. .John I'hapinan, May 2ft, 1786. <'hlU 

«hvn : 

I. Amasa«, in. Mary, dau. of IVltiah Hoyntou. 

II. hAMKi.'i, and others wlioxe iianiei* are not 

tit. Jank*, III. John Shove, (Shovcy) Feb. 15, 1787. 

We have recordx of only one ehlld. 
I. Sauaii«, who in. .lohn Gliddcn, of New Castle, 
Me. They had William T. 7, b. Sept. 22, 1H05, who was the father of 
rojonel .lohn M. *< Gllddon, of Lincoln County, Maine, born July -Ith, 
1843. He Is a representative of one of the oldest and best known 
families in the County and fifth f^ener.ttlon on the dlldden Fann, which 
dates from 1760, and Is finely hn-atcd at the head-waters of the Damarls- 
uotta river, and on which arc found the famous Oyster sliell mounds or 
banks. Colonel (ilidden Is a farnuM*. and one of the substantial and 
public splrllo«l ^fentleinen of the CcMinty. He Is President of the 
Lincoln County .\H:rlcultural Society: Pre>*Ulent of the Lincoln lo. 
Hlstoiical Society; meinlier of the Maine Historical .Society; the 
Historical Society of IN-nnsylvania; the Historical .Society of New 
Hampshire; the .StH'iety of Colonial Wars: the .Society of the Sons of 
the .American Hcvolution; an honorary member of the Society of the 
(yindnnatl; al!*o an hononiry member of the iiranil Army of the Kepul*- 
llc; and Lt. Colonel and A. I). ('.. National (juard of the State of Maine. 
He Is an Kpiscopalian, beiii^ Senior Warden of St. Andrews church at 
.New Castle; Trusti-e of Diocesan Funds: member of the Episcopal 
riubof Maine, etc.. etc. He is a son <»f the late resiM'ctetl William 'I'. 
<;ii<lden, Ks«|., of New Castle, said William lM'in>( a son of Sarah Hoyn- 
lon Sbove, dau. of .lane Hoyiiton. who was a dau. of William. 






Colonel Qlidden is dew'ended In the 8Ui generation from Charles 
Glldden who caroe from Glldden, Kn^i^land (Hampshire) lo 1656, and 
•settled In Rockingham County, New Hampshire, where the fandly re- 
mained a hundred year* (and where a brunch now re!*ide.) Colonel 
Olldden'8 ancestors nerved In the Colonial Wars at Louhlmrg and 
Ticonderoga, and in Cuniula; In the War of the Itovolutlon, at Hunker 
Hill and Saratoga. Ill8 grandfather, Colonel John ((llddeii, sorve^l In 
the war of 1812. and was C(doiiel of the 2nd Maine Ileglment until 

One of his ancestors wa? the famous l{everene<l IJohert .lordan, of 
Kichinonds Island, Ca|)e Kli/alM'th, .Maine, lH>rn In 1598, a graduate of 
Haliol College, Oxford, who In KUO, l>y his marriage with Sarah, dun. 
«>f John Winter, became one of the largest landed |>r«tprl«;tors of New 
Kugland ; and who was twice imprisoned In Iloston by the IMiriUms of 
Massachusetts for baptising Infants according to the ritual and practice 
of the Church of England. Colonel (iliddon marrieil, October 1809, 
•Vnna Wjiiren, daughter of the Hon. Joseph Mabbatt Warren, t)f Troy, 
\. v., by whom he has eight children. 

Mrs. (illdden Is a Cobuilal l>anu' by right of descent from one of the 
tolonlal (Governors of Connecticut. .Arthur Hoynti>u» (Jlldden Is the 
fourth son of the above." 

This sketch Is copitnl from the Hlogniphlcal Uevlew of Llncula 
«"ounty, Maine, with such changes as were iiecessary. 

IV. Hannah*, ; m. William .Morland, .Sept. 2, 1784. 

Children : 

I. Nancy Ann**, b. In 1796; m. a Mr. NIckerson. of 
Waterville; she d. Feb. 2, 1884. She had 
brothers and perhaps sisters. 

6. V. Teltiaii*, b. In 1759; m. Lydia JUackletlge, Aug. 22, 1780. 

7. VI. Joshua*, m. Hetsey Hilton. 

VII. Mary*, ni. John W. Ihlggs, Nov. 22, 1785. ( hlU 

dreu ; 

I. Hknjamix«. 

II. JoiiN<t, in. children: 

I. <iK()miK". 

II. (iii.MAN?, m. No children. 

III. Pktkk6, d. unm. 

IV. Makv«, mi. iKxlge. 

V. Susan H.«, ni. Rnidfoni Splcer. of Kich- 

niond. Vt. Children: 

I. d. when a young man. 

II. I.UUV.M.s m. William H. 4'luj». 

5^. Vlll Wii.UAM*, h. Oct. 12, 1764; m. Ke»>ecca Dutton, Mar. 25. 


• 2. John* Bojnton, (Caleb*, Caleb', William\) lM»rn in 
•York, Me., Maivli — , 1718; married Sarah Hilton. He wa» 
killed l»y Indians. I am indel>ted to **Sowairs Ancient Do- 
minion of Maine," f<»r thin incident. In 1734 the liovn- 
tons, Taylors, Vonn;;.s and Chapmans took up their honie?^ 
in Wistasset. Leavin;; the garrison for tlie scene of their 
lahor, they crossed in the opposite hank of the narrow river, 
where they were clearini; land. A paity of Indians lurked 
in a harn near their placet of lahor, and a.s soon as the men 
had seattered in the prosecution of their toil, they were 
fired upon. Hoynton unharmed, Hed and souirht conceal- 
?nt umler a lo«r coveietl with a hrush heap. While thus 
hid from vi(»w, his tl«jn;, attmcted t<» the spot hy the scent of 
his master's hody, stood over the phur of his concealment, 
whiuiuL'. The circun»stance disi(»vered his uiaster's retreat 
Up those who sou«;ht his hh>od, and Hoynton W]is tonia- 
hawked :*' 

* '.». I. .Fo<i!LA '. i». .luly 10. 1M43. 

10. II. .loiiN s. I). Apr. 2, 1745; in. lluiuiuh Taylor, Oft. 24, 17fts. 

III. Ki.iZAiiKTii 5, |». (Kt. 2, 174<J. 

IV. .Sai:.\ii», h. Fi'li. 20, 174H. 

3. Joshua* Boynton, ( Ca/e6', Ca?c6*, ]Villiam\) lK)m 
in York, Me., Oct. 17, 1720: 

4. Caleb* Boynton, ( C'«/e6', Caleb*, William\) !K»rn 
in York, Me., Feb. 4. 172<i. 

ftftb cnetation* 

6. Caleb' Boynton. ( WiUiam*, Caleb\ Caleb\ WilU 
iam\) bom in York, Mo., Mar. 28, probably bapt. Apr. 8, 
1736; m. Mary, (lau«:htcr of Samuel and Mary (Cooml)«) 
Shackford, Aujr. 30, 17r)2. She wan l)orn in Nowluiry, 
MaH8., April !♦, 1741. They removed to Pa8vSama(|Uoddyt 
Me.^ alH)Ut 1785, and were amon;f the earliest settlers of 
what is now the town of Kast|M)rt ; removed from Kastport 
to Deer Island, N. H., at a little village ealled Fairliaven. 
He died Aujr. .5, IK)4; she died Deo. 2, 182H. 

Children : 

11. I. Calkbc. 

II. Esthkk6, b. .Inly 30, 17«7; in. Ut, a Mr. Wilbur; in. -J*!, a 

Mr. Poor. Children: 
I. Nancy", ; m. Ist, Oipt. Keltli, had 

Susannas, b. In 1807; William A. 8, b. in 1810. 
f'apt. Keith Is Hald to have "abandoned hla 
family and become u pirate," however that may 
have bet'n his wife in. '2<1, Warren (illman, 
Escj., of Owper, Me. Their children were 
Mary »*, b. in 1815; Nancy h. b. In 1817 ; I^vl * , 
b. in 1819, d. May ft, 1822; Warren -* , b. ia 
1821; Sophia 8, J,, j'u 1823; Fanny N."*, b. In 
1826; Calebs, b. In 1827;.Iohn L.8, b. In 1829? 
Charlen K.8, b. In K'W. 

III. €iik18TIAN0, b. Nov. 21, 1773; m. .lohn Maholland. 

IV. Betsey «, b. Feb. 27, 1778; d. .Ian. 10, 171i7. 

6. Peltiah' Boynton, ( WiUiam\ Cnhh\ Cohh\ Wifl- 

(am\) of WisoAssct, Me. For date of his birth we are 
indebted to the Mass. Muster Rolls, *»Desoriptive list of 
men enlisted fmin Linooln Co., for the term of J> months 
from the time of their arrival at Fishkill, June li>, 1778. 
Capt. Deoker's Co., Col. MoCobb's (1st Linooln Co.) Ko^rt., 



t*]jo 19 yearn; stature 5 ft. 10 inches; complexion dark; 
residence Po\vnallH)n)U<rh. Ho married Lydia Blackledge in 
Wirtcasset, Au<r. 22, 17H(). A few years later he moved t<» 
Mercer, then a d<'n?»e wihU'rne!*?*, t^wk up a farm and cleared 
the tirnt land in town ; aifter a few years he removed to 
Dresden where he ivniaineil until past middle lite, then 
moved to Mercer a«rain. 

Children : 

I. .l<»nrA<', ; in. ltac'hel<'ha])iiian? lie was killed by 

a fuDinx tree. No children. 

U. .Maky ", i). .lune 1, 1H73; in. Ainaiui (.'hapinan, of WiscaiiiM*! 
in Apr. ISOl. They lived a few yeari* in liresiden, then 
-eltUMl in Mereer, M«'. Shed. Mar. 2.'!, IMTO. Children: 

I. IIannaim, ; III. a Mr. Ma^ou. No chil- 

dren liviu<;. 

II. .Mauy7, ; in. .lolin ('. <'liapnian. 

III. IU.T'*K.Y T. 7. 

• IV. StkimiknW.7, : in. Mai-y a. Hoyntou. He:*. 

New Sharon, Me. ('hild,'vn: Klhrid^e"; 
Amelia 8 ; Josephine ** ; .\nj;'«liu '^ . 

V. .I«»iiN T, m. Lydia M. (ira\ ; no cliildreu. 

VI. .\ma>a", III. Klrtinor Dresser. One son, 

vii. lU.UKCCA*, h. in tSl.'l; in. Nathan Siej^in*. Itei*. 
N»>\v Sharon; in» chiidrtMi living. She d. May 
•Jl), 1HS7. 

VIII. I»i:i,TiAi|7, ni. Apphia HoyntoD. rhildren: 

(ieor;;iauna», Maria'*, Alice T.8, Abhie''. 

IX. Nancy A.', b. .Sept. 10. 1820; ni. El^enezer 

Boynton, r>ec. 11, 1843. Children: Sarah 
M.*, Sfth P. 8, Charlotte A. G.>", Levi B.». 
Ainasa 1*. 8. 

X. Wii.i.iamH.7, III. Lney M. .Splcer. Uea. 

Merrer, Me. Children: William \V.», 
Cyrus n, Annettle ll. «*. 
12. III. John fl, b. ill Dresden, Me., Sept. 1. 1786; in. .Sarah Sie- 
j?ars.- She was h. Nov. 10, 1791 ; d. .lune 24, 188;<. He d. 
at Windsor in 1K07. Children : 

I.", l». in Dresden, Dec. 9, 1809; m. 1st, Katon; no children; in. 2<1, Abi;;ail 
Show, had Edward II. ", b. in 185.J; IVItiah 
.1. ", b. in ls5.'). Hartley d. An;;. 23, 186(>. 

II. .luHN W.7, b. in Mercer, .Ian. 28, 1813; in. 

MililrtHl (Jlidilen. Children: Charles^, res. 


Kun>;or; AlonzoH, Fred>*, Klla F. ". \W «1. in 
the Summer of 18H7. 

• III. .Ikkkmiaii ", h. ill MtTcer, Dec. 'ift, IMI4; «l. Nov. 
\U, IKM. 

IV. Khknkzkk", Ik ill Mt-rcvr. .lum* 2H, 1817; iii 

Naiu'v .V. (Iiupinun, IKh*. 11, lH4:i; «h«« wiii« li. 
Sr|»t. 10, 1X20. It.w. MailUoti. Dakota. Ilill- 
tlivii: Sarah M.'*, I». in IK47; Snh l». ", h in 
ls->;<: I'harlottf A. i; '*, b. ill IH.V.: |.,.\l li.»*. 
I». ill iH.'iS; AmaHu |». f*, h. in 1H«0. 

V. Samiki.". h. in .M»Ti-«T. Max 24, isj.'i: uniii. K«'h. 


VI. t'ilAKI.oTTK A. <;. ', h. A|»r. 7. IH-Jit: «|. Nov. in. 

IV. liAViH'*', : <li«'«l wImmi .5 yeai> »»f .1;;^. 

\'A. V. Wii.i.iAM I.Ki M \N ♦', l». ill Wisiassft. .M«'.. Sept. 20. 171»2; m 
llet-ey Uunipiis. <)rt. 1. islJi. |.Iv»m| in Morcn* iiinl W«»j«I 
M««unt \'«Min>n. Mr., »ll«'t| aficr six iUy* illno^!*. at \V«'!*t 
Mount N'rrnon. K»'1». 2.'». Issu. lit ,lan. of tliMl vi'jir lu' 
tli*ov«' !*ixt«M'n luih'-* to havf his pht»t<>^ra|>)i tal\»»n. way 
tiirji saitl to l»' ♦straiixlit iis an arrow, and ih'Vit had a 
sick day in lii^ lif»'.' His liat** of Itinli )ia<i l»»M«n .•'•Mit as 
17hs, hut \v<« ju<lir«' I7l«2 !<» Ih» I'orreit. < hiUinMi all horn 
in Moivor. 

I. \i.i»K.N H. " , h. Nov. 27. 1^20; in. Krainvs tj»»r- 

tnulo Taylor. Ft'h. 17. Is.V.t. KN>s. Norton. 
M.1SS. Mod in IS«.I2. (hiiilnn: .liilia O. »• : 
<;»rtru<l«» r. !* ; K«ilth M. "* ; Klla l>. " ; (;«Mtr^i' 

II. F.MMA A. ", h. (lot. X. IH21»; III. 1st, a Mr. I.t-v- 

man..lul\2, 1S4J>. rhihirt'ii: Tlu.mHS W.*-. 
h. in Is.V.i; K<l«:ar A.'*, h. in \s{u\. Slu- ni. 2.i. 
Mo<»>» r. Ston»', F»'h. 2.'». l*»si. 

III. < I. \i: A s. T. I,. .1 j|y 10, : III. a Mr. Saw\«r. 

iliildriMi: .\l<l«'ii K. "* . 1». in 1h,*.4 : ,Mar> K.''. 
I., in lH.-,<;; William i.."^. I., in 1h.'»H: Iharh'*. 
A.', h. in l><;2: If.'rI.cri A.", h. in lN»il: 
.lanu'"' I*.", I». in Is»l7: Ihriry A.". I» in 

IV. <;i:»:i M iKt li. 7, l(. Ih'f. 2*.. ]>:i:>: m. Kli/a V. 

Ilarly'r S«'pt. 10. lHt;;{. ||«- was lirowiit'ii in tht- 
K»'nn«'lM'c riv«'r. An;^. is. Isso. orw son. 
Iianifi 11. 1^. h. in ls(;:,. 

VI. LviHA*'. : 111. Nathanit'l r;itnliani. in Mi-rn r. On*- 

ilan;;htor married a Mr. Ilaton. 

\ II. |)A\lKl.*». : tii«'il wImmi t\\.M\«- \»Mr- ot a:r»>. 


7. Joshua* Boynton, ( WiUiam\ Caleb\ CaleJ}\ WilU 
iam\) Ixnn in Wistassct, Me., in 17G2; ni. HftHey Hilton, 
of Pownalhoroiijrh, .Ian. 10, 11 HH. Ho niovetf innw Wis- 
I'lwsot t<» Mcivor alxmt IHOl. Ho d. July n, lHl;i; slio <l. 
Nov. 27, 1H4H, atrod 7^. 

Childivn : 

14. I. .lo>Ki'ii ^, h. Dec. 20, I7<.i7; in. Hunnahlimy. lie». Eiiilxleu. 

Me. lie (I. < )tl. 2, 1871 ; ihv d. May 2.5, ls8A. < hildnii : 

I. Mautiia Ann 7, h. I>ec. 20, 1S2.'). 

II. .I<»>iii A (iKAV?, h. Dev. 21. lS-29: in. Martha 

Hciiu. In .F;iy. Me. Ileil. in Mar. IKH.'i. Chil- 
dren : .Malou I* : I.'olun *• ; llarlon »* : Kniina ** . 

III. < Ai.vix 7, h. .luiie 24. 1S34. 

IV. Ki>\VAiM> .S. 7. I,. Nov. 11, IKV.K 

V. .losKi'ii 7. h. N'jv. 13, 1S41. 
Vi. Hki.i.k 7. It. .luly 21, ISWK 

15. II. liKOU<JK«. 
III. Mktsky". 

16. IV. .lf»!<lllA ". 

17. V. William**. 

VI. Makv Ann", h. N«»v. 2.'!. IK(»7; ni. .Stephen \V. (hupinan, 

.Ian. 3, 1H:10, She «1. .May 27, \iii*\. Children: Elhrld^eC ; 
Anielta ** ; Jtmcphlue « ; Au^eliu >*. 

VII. .SauamO. 

VIII. MAimiA". 

VIII. .Mai(TIIA*>, Ii. in 1h1| ; ni. iHiear .Jewell. Hci. New Hhuroii. 
.Me. .Sh.< d. May 2, 18»5. 

8. William^ Boynton, ( wniiam^ Caleh\ Cuhb% 
WiUiam\) \n)V\\ in NN'iscasst't, Mo., Oct. 12, 17G4; ni. Ko- 
Unra Duttoii, Mar. 2.'», MKK Siio was Inini .Ian. H, 17(')><. 
Tlu'y .srttK'd in Now Sharon, Mo. Slio diod Fcli. 20, IMl ; 
lio <liod .Ian. 1», !><*».*». 


In. i. William*'. I» May 2U. 17!»0: m- Martfaiel CtMtiiilut, \u-\', 
.1, |m2:J. She ua- b. Au^. 9. 175H). and d. (M. 17, l^flT. 
He wafi un •illlriT in tin* war of 1!<I2: war< niaile (apt. 
«<| Aniliery < unipaiiv. Afiei ih*- war he tlrew llounty 
land. lifd. Oct. 22. 1n«kI. :ii Uath. .Me. (hildien: 

I. I-A AT C«Mi Mil" '• • . • I \i !• iw.»» 

;, . twin*. I». Mav l.>. Is2.». 

II. MAin ' . t 

l><.-iae in. 1*1, Kiiinia .1 Snipe, of AK'ijuif, M.*. 


< liildrf u : Margaret ** , «l.y ; I^aac ^ ;i»eor^e K. " , 
d. >'.,»>• "^U Martha ('. ('uiiiiiihi^x, Junf 5, 1877. 
Kes. Fort FalrH«'l»l, Me M:iry, im. u Mr. 
S|>em'er; had i*mii Williain H.'^who v an kiUnI 
hythe Indians ill NVynmln);. 'IVx., when 33 yrairi* 
of a^»'. Amanda M.**, !>. in 1K47 : Saimud'*, 
h. in 1H.50. Slw III. 2d, S.tnmol U. Ilcndrn^on. 
and had''. »> in ls.%4; Mary*, h. in 
1S5<>; Wilhnore .I.", h. in iMC.'t. 
III. William ', l». .Finn* 27, IS27; in. Martli Kairl>aiik»4, 
Aii^' 27, 1S4S. Lived in Hatii lie wan killid tii 
tin- liattir of (;.-tly.-l)nr;:, .Inly 3, IsOiJ. < liildn-n : 
•Julia " ; Addief* : William ll.". 
II. HkhkiCA", t». Mar. 10. 17ie2; umn. 
Itf. 111. .Ikhkmiaii «, l>. Dee. IS. 17113; III. ': ( hildien : 

I. Wakickn". 

II. IFknuy'. 

III. .Ikkimiaii'. 

'20. IV. .In-iHA «, l». Srpi. 11, 17'.».'); III. Kehceea I'liapman. Ihll- 
dn-n : 

I. l.'oXANNA ' , l». .lune 2, IHIK ; III. AMraiii NVilhniii, 

of South Nonid>i*'W«M'k. < liildnMi : lli'iiry 
A. ''^ enlisted in Co. K. Wth .Maine, in 1H((1. 
died Wefore hie time »'X|»iied, Ml Itonnet Carre, 
l.a.; .Mary .!.«; Franklin A.": Annir H. " : 
Charles A." : F.lla M.". 

II. .Jank S. 7, h. lire. 2<J, IM20; d. Apr. 21, l«r>»i, 

III. FitANKLiN '. I». in Sept. 1H2<;: d. in .Mar. IK47. 

IV. .Makv ('.'. It. F*h. M, 1H31 ; III. .lohn C(»naiU. 

Dee. 12, lH.57. !{»'>*. Salem, Mass. One son, 
Frank ll.**. I». in Mar. l.s.-,l. 

V. Sally «, »». Sej.t. 22, 17'.i7: nnm. 

VI. SlsANNA^. h. (Ht. 22, 170'.>: III. .luiiathan llo|tkinson 
Clilldren : 

I. William'. 


III. iD:M:) ' . 

i\. VII. .IniiN MiovKV ♦'. h. .\iiU. 20, I^0| ; m. .laii*' \\. Wlthuiii. 
>)n' HUM l>. Sept. 24. lH4i7. Children; 

I. .Iks-k W. T, I,, .l:iii. 't<i, |Hj<;; ni. Knih MoshiT. 

IN's. Smithllild. childnti : Flora". Natlian 
N.". Fannys. I.ney". Wllliaiii •*. Frank''. 

II. Wii.i.iAM A.T. h. Nov. 30. Iv2s: III. .\d;iline S. 

(iordon, Nov, 3o. is.M. s||«. w.-is^ \,. An;.'. \i\. 
1**;{0; no rhildrt'ti. 

III. i.YiMA K. 7 . Ii. J:in. 27, Ih:{2: m. KI»«mi Witham: 


no children. 

IV. SamuklC. 7,b. Apr. 30. 1836; m. Ann .1. Vnf 

ker, of LcwUton. He d. Aug. 21, IHM; no 

V. Mauy .1. 7, h. July 9. 1839; m. SHUiuel X. Brook>«, 

a Huptlut minister In Ktton, N. Y. 

VI. I'khM'Ma h. ', h. .Iun«' 1, 1843; m. Wellln^flon 

Morne. Children: <1mrle»i», Annl*-", 
Irwin*'. Nelly A. ><. 

VII. f.KONAUi) .1.7, h. Feb. <J, 1845; ni. li*t, I.ovlua W. 

Wati«(in, one ehild, Carrie 1 •*. lie n». 2«l, 
Kva St. Clair I'ai-kenl, one child, I.<»vina E. ". 
vm. Kkiikkaii F 7,h. Aujr. 12, 1847; ni. Smith H. 
ConeH. Kes. (io«Mlland, Ind; no children. 

VIII. Mai<v<», (Polly) duly 28, 18(»3; m. Sllai* Wo«mI, of Stark. 

Me. Children: 

I. IlKN.IAMIN S. 7, 

II. Mai(vM.7. 

ill. Jl I.IA l*.7. 

IX. Maktiia". (Patty) n. I)ec. 2«, 18()6;m. Aijiop Kinery, of 

Stark, Ml'. Children: 
1. lln>KA7. 
22. X. HKN.IAMIN «, U. Oct. ft, 18()7. Me d. Apr. ft, 1887. 
XI. KoXANNA », b. Feb. 20, 1810; d. May 30, 1816. 

9. Capt. Joshua* Boynton, (John* Caleb\ Caleb* WilU 
iam\) Ihhij .July 10, 174H, in Wi>H'a88et, Me. This wa*» 
prohuhly Hw .JomIuiu who in. Rjuhel IVnnell, in Fahnonth, 
(iu»w Poiiljuid) Mc, .Inno IH, 17()4. He wat* a :*oa captain. 
His home wju^ Inifncd l»y the Unti^li, when the town of 
Pahnoiith wan laid in ashes. 


Xi. I. TiiKorniLi s'l. : ni. I'tt, Hannah IMuniiner. Feb. 2.% 

17h(»; III. 2d, Anna Conant, Apr. 12, 1796; both niarriu)(e>* 
in PoUland, Mr. <'lill(lirn : 

I. Mns. Wli.i.iAM Sawvki(7. mother of Mn*. 

Harriot U. 'I'honipr'ou >* , of lioston. 

II. HAi(iti<»T7, ; III, Henjaniln Hud^^on. 

IN'ihiipK otliiTi*. 

10. John* Boynton, {Johu\ Ciih'h\ Cnleh\ \ymimn\) 
Uuu in \Vis<ass<'t, Me., .\pi'. '1, 174.'», in. Hannah Tayhir. 


<M. O), 17GH. He diwl alnrnt ITS'). 
ChiMreii : 

24. I. Tait. .I<ui\«, I». M*iy 20, 17C0: in. Intent with Sarjih 
Nutt4»r, May 17, 171»7. She wjij* h. Nov. H, 1770; •!. May 
2*2, 1h71. II«' Wiic a man of few wonic, ntcrlin); ju<l)(iii<-iii 
himI liiflexild*' lutr^iUy : lie wa^ an i*ntfr|»rlnln); nm fap- 
laln, and vUllnl ni'jirly every luiiMtrtant M'a pott in itie 
World, iliildren: 

I. M.\i{Y ", ii. iu 17!>t»; Ml. .lo!«liua Voun^, i»f Wls- 

i-asH'l, (K'l. .'M, 1822; liad a liir^^e fsunily ; liave 
llie iianiei* of Mri*. .Maria Lawrence »♦, of IMttn- 
ton. Mo.; Mr:*. ,Iai»e II. rowrr****, of WlsoaMnrt; 
Mri*. Sanili H. Lennox"; Mini* Caroline r.^. 
.Mr8. N omi^ was a woman of nineh worth and 
lovrly tliararter. She d. Apr. 3, IsKl. 

II. Kkv. JuiiS T . t». ill 1M)1 ; m. Chailotte, dan. of 

«lud;;e Samnel Freeman, of t'ortland, in 1H2H, 
lie )(radiiated from Howdoin College In IH2A. 
Wax pastor of the < on>;'l elnireh in lMiipp«i- 
hur^. .^Ie., alMMjt t«ixte«'n \ear>». He wax Hk 
man of adamanthie eharaet«T, and ot tender 
and nru-han^in^ iin«'(tion. lie d. in Felton, 
Del., in 1«7.'». rhildivn : John A.>*. d. y.; 
<'harU>tte .V.**, unm.. res, <"aliforniu; lUv. 
Charles F. », of Freeport, N. Y.; «ieor)?e F. •, 
Californin: Sanih K.^*: Ileury II. »: William 
L.^ ; Edwanl>*. 
til. Kkv. Ali>kn'7. He )i;radiiated at Howdoin 
<olle;;e; pr^'aolunl at Indnstry, Me., f<»r the 
<\uijjre^atlonullst(<. He d. nitm. in WigcasHet. 

IV. Anthony', ; m. Caroline Hampton, of 

New York : had a lar^ family, all of whom 
are «had exempt .lohn", wlio lived with hip 
father in I'acsuie, N. .1. HnsMHUH in New 

V. Cait. .Joski'II 7, l». S«pt. (I. IH1I«; m. >arah White 

lioltinson, (»f Wlsoas>et. She wan h. Nov. ♦}. 
Ih21, He d. (K-t. -ix, IS70. (hildren: Surah 
.1". I>. in lS4r>;.lohn II. ^ h. In IHM); Alidu 
F. f*, l». ill ls:^^: Walter K.", h. in ls.1(»; .loM-ph 
H.**, h. in 1S(M>; Alden 1..". h in lsr.2; tieor^r 
C. ". h. andd. in ISJIU. 

VI. Hannah 7, l». in NNhca-^set ; m. llerluTt T. 

.Moore, of (Union, May 2. isj.'i. she dlrtl and 
her hushand m. h«'r si-iter Margaret. Ilannah> 
i-hildr«'n: Ihinnah An^ju-^ta", INMlHrt**. 



(ieorgeS, JulIuM H.*". 
VII. KKTSKV7, m. ("ttrleatlii .lewett, of Bangor. 

< hllilre;! : Anua 8 , S. Edwiu « . 
vm. MAH.iAUKTT, ,„ |,e,. hrother-lu-Iaw, Her- 

l»«*rt r. Moore: her ohildreu : SarHh »♦ 
Helen C. 8, jjev. William L. ». ' 

IX. SakaiiT. 111. Temple Illniks. 

II. Hawaii". m. Knellum ( ushman. 

2.V III. (Arr. .lM>m A «.!,.. lau 20, i:::i;m. He/^ Delano. she 
wash. Mar. 4. i::(; in Kin-st,.n. He -^vus a .*ea (^ap- 
fain, orossin;; the ocean >ixty limes ji, his oi-hteen years 
-service on III,, water, h.foiv t|,.. .jay.s .,f -fam." .She 
• lie.1 al.oiit ls:)0; heahnnt IK.')2. (hildieii: 

I. '>VMKi.:, h. .Fuiie«. IN()0. in Woolwich: .1 (u-t 

■2C>. 1>(>3. 

II. F.«»ii- Dklands I., in \Visi;,ss..t \u}r, 5. ]ko2: 

in. 1st. l;nih Wellnian, of lielj,'ra(le, M»'.. (m! 
17. 1S22. In lS2ii he to Koniine Co.! 
Ohio, ami in the eonrse •.! two or three years 
uas lolloxveil hy all the rest of the famllV In- 
eln.lintf his fath.r aii<l muiher. Ili.^ wite d. .Ian. 
27. i.Mtt: he m. 2.1. .\/ul;i K. Di-lano. ii, oV,.' 
1S40. He had nim- rhil.livii |,y hj^ ii,.,, ^.j,,.^ 
and six l.y his se«ond. lied, in l>71. chii! 
dien: .Svlvam .> ("onu ^ m. KHai lilbhs. 

He is an emiutnt lawyer lu X.-w York; his 
son. Henry I), a, is i„ n.e law liim with 
him. ihaiikful LonisK, I,. May 2li, ls25; m. 
S..Iomon.S. Kmerson, in lS4.l! five ehildren! 
Joshua Sehastiai, Suv^ler «, Hvn.n l.avinnss 
Maria Ihere.viH, Ma,i.. Louise^. Washln^rtoii 
A>allacef* was horn in K'nssia rowii>|ii|,, Kur- 
idn rounty, Ohio, .lanmuy 27ih, I>.{.{. Hi., 
l»aivnis were lt»rmer res|d.-nts of .Malm', mux- 
in;; to the \Vost,.rn h'esrrv.-, Ohio, in Is2ii. H,. 
s|»eni som,. «.t the earlier years of his liu. 
Icarhin;;. He was admitted t.. the piarliee of 
law in is:,.;, at Klyiia, Ohio, hut did not roni- 
m.Mue the aetive duties .d the i.rof,.s>i<Mi until 
''"■^'•' .^ »'•«'■■* 1;U''|-. From ls:,'.> |„ js«;;{ i,^. ^vas 
th.' froM-i-utln;; Attorney of the roiinty. lie 
wa« tor many years rxamirn'r of a|.|dieauts for 
ivrtilleat-s for teaehin;:. a eertitieat.' I.ein- n- ' 
Muireil hy the laws of Ohio to mtile one to ,.,. 
Ua-r in piildir t.-athin^. in lsi;'t he was a|K 
poinied l,y (iovenior llay.'s of Ohio, .Ind-e .d 
lhr< ourt of <omm..n IMeas for the second sul». 

Ur i^r- /^. 




(livfoioii of th»* Fourth hullclal DlntrU't of the 
Suit**, coin IM>!*I 11)5 the <'(>iintieii of I^oniiii, Me- 
dina ami Summit, to till h vaoancv. H«* coih- 
tiiiue<I on tli«' ronimon IMean henoh hy eloi'tlon 
unil r«'-fleotion until Felnuarv \K H77, when he 
t<»ok his neat on the InMioh of the Supreme 
Tourt of the State liavin;; hren •'leet«'»l thereto 
at tlie previous Oetoher State election lie 
eontinuedon the Sujueme )»eneh until Noveu\- 
\i^r issl. wluMi h«* resi;;n»'«l. removed to rh»ve- 
land. Ohio, \vh»Mvever ^im-e he has \n'vi\ vn- 
jfa;jed in an aetive and lueratlve praetiee. lie 
m Hetty IVrr^'ll : no childn-n: llrnry < lay'*. 
Huth Kli/a" : Charl.-.'* All»ioiiH. <|ara Kllen»*, 
Milton Shakes|M'are '*, Mariatina Aral>ella»* 
Klla Ko-ialie", Ku^renia A/ula**. 
- III. TllANKH I. I)kL.\n<)7, I». Nov. 4. \H04. 

IV. Kkv. I)\mki. Ti rKK.K ", U. Kel>. M, 1S07, in Win. 

ra«is«'t. Me . wa."* a I'nitarian ndni<*tt>r. \\v*. 
in 1SS4, Oak Hill, rlay < o.. Kansa.-*. "lie wan a 
eulture<l ;;entleman and an e|Mi|U«>nt preaeher/' 
lie had a lar;;o family of children. 

V. .lf»>iHA ', I., in Wisca^set. Me.. Mar. 17. 1H||; 
ui. 1f>t. l*aniella Kincr<(on. Iiy her had nine children; m. 2d. Harhara 
Arman, by whom he had four children, lied. Feb. 23, iMjsl. '♦la 
all hU buBlnesH Intercourse he was };(»vernetl by a hl>;h sense of honor 
and Integrity. lie aldu)rred a mean act ; was a man of excellent judjij- 
ment. Oue of his* chief iharacteristics wa-» his uniform cheerfulnehK, 
^iociahillty, and kintlness to all. under all circutn*taiu«'>. 'ihe la-^t forty 
years of his life were spent in IClyiia, ( diio. < hildrtMi : .loshiia 
Klhridffe^. m. Kllz-i •!. Allen; l.ewi<i Delano**, m. Mary Itotkwod; no 
I hlldren ; I'anu'lia Ann'*, d. y.; hanlel Tucker'', h. in |s;{s. At the 
l>e;;innlnj; of the rivil War he entered tin* I'nion army, and became 
surjreon in the 10:M Ite^., Ohio Vol. Inf. ''Il«' married .Mrs. Su-an li. 
Sa\vyt»r, the olde>it ilau;;hlcr of .Senator llrownlow, better known duriu;; 
the war as I'arsou Hiuwnlaw. It \\a< >hc who so bravely defended the 
Inion tlajr durin;: the sir;;e of Knoxville. Her father was lyiri;; very 
dan;:erously ill at the time the 'rebels* took possession of Knowille. 
The l'ni«»n lla^ was Ibtatin;; from hi* house, and when the cry reached 
him that the ^ohliers were enterin;^ his yanl. he said to his dau;;hter: 
*M Hi. I would rather be carried out a corpse, than s»»e m\ tla;; torn 
down. ■ Without a word slu' •iiiatchetl hi'' revolver from the tablr niA 
'lepprd out u|»oM a balcony ju-^t in time to face the <Mldier«i :(s |he\ were 
marchiu;; up the walk. I«'r the purpose of t<Miin^ down the lla^. She 
"lioutetl ••ileatb to the man that ihin.s tou«'b that lla;r." Thev wei.- then 
coiiinianded to halt by Iheir le;idei, followed immediately b\ a J«'treat. 
ai«l the lla^ was left uiidi»turl»ed tioni that time on. The \\orkiii»ii in 


(S<»lt*»» Armory neiit her a lovely revolver, In an ele;i:aiit fane, approprl- 
aiily «'ri^ruvf(l, in rcco^iiltinn of her bnivery." "In lKfl9, Dr. Hoynton 
w.iH ii|i|K)int«-(I hy (iraiit. IVn^lon Anient at KnoxvUUj, which otHfe lie 
h'-M niitil 1sh;{. hiiiiu;; thin thnt* he wiih rertponMililc for many million* 
<»( ilollaic of puiilii- njoijcy, cvt-ry «lollar of which wan aciMuinH'tl for. 
ami hi»< r«*<onl Im dean. Kc^itlcK Ixin^ a faithful, he wax likeuUe a 
vt^ry |»o|iular of!lc»'r. Im-Imj; a ^•■ntlcman of tact and very aijn'caMc 
m.inncr^. As a |»hy-i«'ian l»r, IJoyiiton i*to»Ml in the v«*ry front rank ot 
hJM prolifioion. Mis comi><'| was often son^jht l»y his hrothi-r physicians. 
Mtiil In his «U*a(h — which occnrriMl Jan. 1?*, ISs.s — ihey all admit that the 
profession was rohltrd of «ine of its l>rl;;htcst li;;lits. uml most hrilliam 
li.lcllccis. ■ He had live chililreii. vi/. : l.ucile«; Ilia •• ; Daniel': 
Mnn'rsoii '' : Kdinee"*. Martha Heaths; Mar\ IJe/a "* . m. Ilerl>*«rt 
D. I*help>: (hildren: W illi.un '• : Florence K. » : Mari»»n I..'-'. 
I'lmelia Ann'', m. .lohn>ch, of Klyria. O. rhiMren: <arl T. '•' ; 
KoI.eit r.. •• : l,..ui-e D. !• : t arloita I*. '•• : .lohn W . '•' : Arthur K. •• : Paul 
H ;• , .lohn Wares ; riani Louise", m. Frank II. Tmker. two children : 
l,nen/«. A.'' : Infant sun" : Harriet Sophroiiia^. m. Frank M. \\ hite- 
ni in. no children : Medora (ianielia^. in. Henry M. Amlreos. one dau;:h- 
ler. M. '••. 

\l. >MiMlltoM.\T, I,. Nov. 21. 1h1;J;mi. Alnnii Axtell. 
< hildren : 'riieres;, A. >* : l.'uth .1. " : Kllen C. * : 
Almon Drratnr **, res IMehniond. \'a. : l>ani«d 
\ii. .l*iiiN il\N(*i(K'. h. in iSDi: in. Iluldah Heath. 
« hildren : 'I'hoina.^ .lelVerson •, a youn;: man of 
remarkalde talent. He«nlit«tl a |>aper successful- 
ly in .lefVerson city. .Mo., wh«*n only twenty 
yi-ars «dd. He wa.« appointeil .Iud;:e for the 
Southern Dis. of Florida, hy President Lincoln, 
and wa> the youn;;e«t .linltre in the I'. S. 
>ophronia T. >* ; Thankful D. "* : Iteza N.": 
.lohn Fairfield ", m. 1st, Aimdia Fh-mmint:. no 
ihildreii livin;:; III. "Jd. Mrs. Maria F. Kdd> . 
who d. in "s4 ; re.s. Fast Sa;;inaw: Patrick 
Henry '^ . m. Maiy. daii. of Dr. F. .*'». Towns- 
h.'iid. Pies, of Ohio lidversity; thre«» chil- 
dren: Arthur .L'».IVn-y H. •': Sydney H. '•'. 
VIII. Fll'.ltllKiK tiKltuv ^ , It. in IslN; m. «Marinda Wanl. 
three chiltlren. 
*.'»;. IV Tait. .lo^Kiii •;. III. Hannah t;. Pattei>on. of F:d<:e- 

comh. M«'. ."^he «1. DiH-. 12. l*»n.s, leavin^j one dan.. Han- 
nah P. ". I». Nov. I'.». ISUS. who III. A Mr. Haye^ She d 
.Ian. 2:1, lNs:{. 

V. Dami.i". died in earl\ life. unm. 

VI. SI "VV ''. Ii. in WiscMsset. .lune 17. 177»i; m. David (^uimhy. 

tornierly o| Kin;rst(in. N. II. She d. in Portland. .Ian. 


I'i, 1853. Six chil«lreu, have luiincM of two only. 

I. MauyH. 7, III. Deroiie. 

II. .IKNXIK It. 7 . 

37. VII. r'Al.Kli'J, b. .Iiiiif 22, 177H; m. /IpiMHiih Hiir^(>i«»<, of I.mh1>«, 
Vvh, lA, 1798: >^)\v ^\. DfC. 11, IM.J; In* il. Oot. 27. 1S«;.V 
< hildroii: 

I. 1)amklT, h. Nov. 14, 171W, in Wayne. Me.; in. 

Frances llutihlnn, Nov. .">, 181S. ll«^ «1. Feb. 
26, 1S76: she »l. iHi-. ll», 1877. riilMren: 
Daniel P,; Betsey ll.«*. h. in 182^1 ;.lohn < .»*, h. 
in 1825: Au;;ustU!*'* : Caroline F.", h. in ls27; 
Franees :uul Flora >*, twins, h. in IKU: Samih 
.1. »». in 18:r. 

II. WiN(j T , h. ik-t. 2, lsn2. in Wayne, m. 

Isi. Sanih St«KklMi«l;re, of Hatli. Me. She »l. 
in Halh, May 1, IS.T. lie was a rhtisiian 
);entlenian an<l hi> lar^e heai't<>il ln'iievoleiice 
wa;« manifest tlin>M;;liout hl<* \Nho|»» lifr. 'IIm-v 
had six eliiUlren. lie in. 2<1, Saiah U. Mo4l- 
>;es, at Alhaiiy. N. Y., S<'|»t. 2. 18:{7: she «i. in 
(Uiio, Sei»t. 18. ls*il>: he in. M, Kli/alM>ih I,. 
.•^inelair. in (Hiio. April 1. 1S4(». She tl. Mar. 
2. 18t>2, in Pnlaski, Ohio: three ehildren were 
horn to them, all of whom dieil in infaney. 
[ lie in. 4th, ,lenni(> H i^niinhy, in I'ortlanii. Me.. 

Jan. 28. 1S(U. He d. Fel>. 22, 187.*». in Hryan, 
IMiio. (hildren: ,IoH'|>h S. »*. h. in 1824; 
Sanih S. >*, h. in 182»J; il. in l8:H»; Mary A.", 
!►. in 1K28; «i. in 18.-.1 : rharles .1. {.x. U. in 
1?<31; Alphens W1m;^h, j,. •,„ is:i;j; riioinas 
ll«Tinan >*, h. in iN'i.'j; III. Siirah A. I)4>liltin« in 
III. J<>>Kril Tayi/>h". h. Apr. 27, IHM. in Wayne. 
Me. : in. Hannah <«H.k, Mar. .Jl, 1S2.'». < hil- 
tlren all I>. in I.e\iii:rton. Me. Martha I>. •*, l». 
in 182«»; Alpheu- A. W ". h. in 1828: Mary 
A. 5^, h. In lSir>; (;eor;je i;.>, h. in Is4t); 
Amanda M.''. h. in ls41 : I.xtlia F. >. I». in 
ls42; Sarah A. '". h. in I8ta. lh> di«-ti .Ian. .i. 

IV. Maicv a.", h. (M. 4. lH07. in Wayne: m. Fniiuif 

|H'xt»-r. She d. Feh. l.j. Is;*;. < hildnn: 
Sarah K. " ; (ieoiMrj. \\ , ^ ; Fmlly A. '". 

V. !.<»t i>A ", h. <M. IG. iHKt. in Fa\ette: in.> 

S. I'arson^. <hililtt>n: Hriijamin It. >* ; .loshna 
W. ■* ; I.eononi C * : Mary A. " ; .Nam-y < ". s ; 


Francis « ; Ellen • ; Cyrus S. « . 

VI. lUKTLETT7,b. Nov. 22*1811, In New Portland, 

Me. ; in. Su»anna Dutton, Feb. 17. 1836. Hen. 
\orth New Portland. He was much Interested 
In the genealogy, and In one letter stated he 
liad "traveled fixty miles to get the infonna- 
tion contained therein-" He d. Oct. 14, 1887. 
< hildrcn ali horn in Lexiugton, Me.: Lew- 
» Ik*", h. Kel.. 11, 18;<7; ni. OtWhu il. Hoothhy. 

M)ii, U, l8(;*»:tln'v fiave two nonn und threi* 
diiu;;hl«'r«, Aldrn», l». (U't. V.i, IMO; in. 
I.'iiili N\ lllliiioM, Nov. .', 18(;2; d, Mur. 1>, lH;«i 
Klltii M.". \k Apr. 2H, lH4r»; Flora A,", h, 
Au>:. 7, \hM; ni. Samuel ii. Lane. 

VII. .loMH A :. I.. .July '2H. IsH. In .New I'ortland; m. 

I-ydia Fling in ^xA^i One nm. < hauncy S**, h. 
in 1K,J4, 

VIII. Ai.K K 1). :, I.. Apr. 9, 1817, in New P<»rtland; 

ni. lUMij:i!nin W. Norton, his 2d, wife. Chil- 
dren : Francis L. ••* , Harlon P. ** . 
IX. CVMHIA A.", h. I>tv. 5, lh21, in Lexington, Me.; 
in. Hiiijainin W. Norton, his firfi wife had one 
«l:ingln»r. Cynthia A./. "Mrs. N. died Deo. j». 
1S4."); and he in 2d, her <ister Alire I). 
Vlli. SauaII«, l>. al.out 17S1 ; III. int. with Anion (^ulinby, .Ian. 
7, 1806, both ol \Visca>rel. l{e>. Hoi^ton, Ma^*. 

Among the families we have thuM far l>e('n una))l(» to r(Hi- 
nect with the einijrnintrt, William and John IVjynton, ih that 
«»f .John Boyinjrton of Wirtni-Het, Me., and U\i* wifi* 'renijHT- 
an<e Hoplon, of N<*win;rton, N. II. We tliirik In* \\nt* a 
df'rendunt of William, tliron;:h Caleh of York tiiid Win- 
ra^net, hut larkiii^r tin' proof, will Iw^rin tliin M-rie*. with tin* 
recordn an nent. 

1. John' Boyington, ^aid to have Ikmmi son of a Daivid. 

wa> Inn-n '*s()iMewln>re" ahout 171.*). T«'ni|>eran(e Ilojrden, 
horn near Poilsiuoiith, N. II., in IT.tT; they were married 
Oet. IS, 17r>.'>; he died in .lelferson, Mc., .Jan. l*H, lSi>(), 
.MiTrd 77 years. She die<l in .Iettt'rs<»n, .Mar. I, ISKI, n*rm[ 
1(»2 years and six months. They went from Wis(a>s(t to 
Puddleduek, (now Alna,) where two ehihirrn were horn, 
and the eldest die<l. From thrre they n'lnove*! to a plare 
ralle<l r>allstown, (now detferson,) then a wildmu'ss, and 
^rttled at the head of I*lea>ant Pond. IIi> hrother David* 
M'ttled in Jeflerson with him. 

Children of .I(>hn and Temperanee : 

John -1. h. in 1770: in. ThaukfiM Sti'sirns. 

IJieAnan •'», 1». in 1772: ni. :> i^lu'itlit-ril. 

llKT>Kv'>. «.r N.NNtv'i. ni. l-:iju' |)i»vi>»: «»ne mimi. 

(jcorp*. |M'rli:'|)<' «»t1nTf». 
hAVii*"^. I>. .Inly 4, 177«5: m. I.nty Str.iniH. 
Nathan ^, l*. jiJmmu I7s2: ni. N:iik\\ ll^atli. 
Tk.MI'Ki:an( K •'•. ni. I»:ivl<l I'atrirU : :i »on, Orrin •'. at. 

u Mis* rinninier. 










\ I. 

2. John* Boynton, 1>. in 177(h m. Thankfid Stearns: 
Ues. Jefferson, .Me. He died in IS.U. Shf die<l in 1H|7, 
ajred i<l\ year>. 

Children : 



6. I. .TonN«, b. In 1798, ni. Ut, Catherine Murphy. She d. Jan. 

6. 1840, age<l 48 ; he m. 2d, u widow Dodge. They went 
toCHlIfurnla in Apr., 1881, and he died In May of same 
year. ("hlldrcMi l»y first wife. 

I. .IniisW.T, Ml. Kinnm Kenton. Hen. WU. 

< lilldren: LI/./.U?", IVrry*. 

II. I'iikmot', nt. Anna McNuItu. IteM. Apple- 

tun, \Vl-. ( hlldrvu <lart'nt'e \V.«, Karl !{.". 

III. Ki.i/AiiKiii '', d. y. 

IV. Anna A. ', d. y. 

V. Makv', III. a Mr. lirackt-tt. 

VI. IIakkikt?, 111. a Mr. Ilughei*. 

VII. I.iz/ik'. III. a Mr. Pfi roe. 

7. II. I>Avn>«». in. Ni, Kli/-i»Ktli Kni>rht, of Westjiort. Me. 

(forinerly Sniiaiii Island j She «1. in 1850; and he m. 2d. 
a \vld<»\v Kliiraid. who di»d alwuit l.s67. Children by 1m 

I. Makcki.i.I s ". l»orn in .lellernon, Lincoln i'o. 
Maine, May l^t, 1S41 ; \va< «'(luratH<l In tin- toniinon sih<M)l<s <»f the town: 
Im \ty «K>ciipatioii a fanniT. I If r«Miiovfil t<» Ka.-t Hrid;;ewat«'r. Ma«*i»., in 
H?**, wIhtc In- r«'inniii' tl iMiiil 1>n<;. wjjtii Im- \v«'iii to Wf-tport, and 
waM ><oMn «'b'«t«'i| SnpniiiU'iKiriii o| ilic Town r.iini and AIiii-Ikhi.*'. 
wliieh position lir Im'1«I l<i|- tb-vcii yeai> He i-^ n«»w on liU fanii in 
harlniouth, Mas?. Mr. Iloviitou is a lovrr of A;:rieulture, and when 
tlie Westport Cran;;o wa> or;:ani/etl in 1>'.K», was :i rliartrr nieinber, and 
the tlrst UversoiT of the (irai >;:«•. In IS'.H ho wjis olot'ted Ma^ittT of the 
i;r:in;:«', and Iifld tliat p«>sition tonr years, li. lanuary l8U:i was appoint- 
•'<l D.'imty of ilio .Ma>sailiii-('tt« Slate (;ran>re, l>y .state Ma>ter Kliner 
I). Howe, and still liolii'. iliat posiiioii. having la-en rt'-appoini«nl in 
.laiiuaiy Is'.is. hy Wjiirm < ". .Icwrtt. «iutt'-sor <»f Mr. Howe. He has 
'HM'ii very imuli liilne^ird in the lloynton (ienealogy, and at one time 
liad eolleeled a lame amount of loeonls. which he unfortunately lost by 
lire. He has coin riliuted much towards this work, which ho collecte<l 
Ironi the Maiiw Uoyiitons. \lv has been rresident of the " American 
Uoynton .\ssoeiation" several y«'ars. and is now the honored and re- 
spected leader. He married lirst Marietta Milliken, of Windsor, Me.. 
.lune 14, ISCIJ; sluMlied of iliplnln'iia, Oct. U>, 18r>:^ only four months 
married I His second wife was the inotlier of hi> iliildren, who are: 

i:ine>t 8, m. Deinie I.. Muil;:et. ot Pro.pret. Me.. .?uly 7, lSii2. He Is 
a lawyer in Niles, Ohio; they have a l»oy. Iiorn in l81»;i. Mary K. ^, b. 
.luly 12. isCi'.i; m. Kichard Tocld ; one dan. Kdna, b. Feb. 7, ISUJ; ie>. 
IJiversitle, (ill. Arllnir > , b. ,lan. .'». Is71. Kmma'', b. May '24, ls74. 
llaroM^.b Apr. I. H7<». The last three are residents of Santa Maria. 
«'al. Mr. Ho\ntoii's tliiid wife, Kmm.i. is living. 

II. I.Kn\.\j:i.T. m. Mary Fossett. He «l. 1872: 

flic <l. in Is*-!. 'Iliev bail «nie child, Maliel F. 



of Xo»»le»K»ro, Me. ; in. a Mr. SIdellnger, and 
dletl III HlM>ut tt year. 
III. PHisciiJ.A 7 , b. 1K37 ; d. ill 1857. 

8. III. Itl'Frs*. III. Ly<IlH ('nHtkvr. JfeH. Wan!iln^tou, Me. 


I. Klias", III. Mary . I. 'I'hoiiuf*. IJei*. I'ren- 

tlM>*, Me. rhlldren: Su^an L.h, m. Wlllhim 
<-. Hiitt^'rllold: Mary .?.•♦, m. Elijah A. 
<'rook«M-; Munn*e>*, iii. Ahhle K. Tiooker; 
Klia^ \V.>*, III. (Jeor^ianu.i I..y<»nM; I'lifusH, m. 
Lilian Itaker; l(<il>eiiiah ^, in. Forest Osj;o<hI; 
M.hImiuH, 111. /clotiis Ti.lK'y; < oh'stla h ^ m. 
Kli I.. N\ oitr^ter; Kd^jar®, m. (iertrude Mor- 
lill: IJoyal'* ; Harrison T. >* ; Bertha". 

II. llrnsT. 

III. IIoi:a<k~. 

IV. Isaac". 

V. Mau^.Vnn'. in. a .Mr. Smith. 

VI. .Ikki-iia". 

IV. Ahkaiia.m «. uniH. 

V. FsAAC*. unni. 

VI. Hannah <'s in. .John Don. 

Children : 

I. .Ikicisiia". 

II. John". 

III. Mai>is«»n'. 

IV. Enskjn 1). 7. 

VII. \ancy6, h. May 5, 1S03; m WHlanl Kogerf*. Ho wa« b» 

FftK 14, lsoi;*andd,C)ct. 16, 1887; f»he d. Jan. 1, 1875. 
i hildren : 

I. Skwki.i. 7, I,. Fell. 22, 1*^2:^; in. .Fiilla M. Krskln; 

she d. Mar. l.'i, 1H«»5; he in. 2d, a wid<»\v Hrann. 
Hcs. .lotn-rson. children hy l«t. wife: Belle 
F.»^. h. in IKV*; Carrie M. «* ; Mary K. »» : 
Myriek S. ". 

II. Nancy .1.", h. in An^. lKVi;jn. K. H. IVunliiHon. 

NiM'hildnMi: l{e<». IJlrhinond, Me. 

III. TiiAVKHi.',!*. In S«'|.t. ls;i!i; m. Aaron Tarr. 

i:e< Whitetleld. Me. childr. n: Fred K. •• : 
Frank W." ; Oaken A.'' ; Kit* 1..". 

3. Richard* Boynton, ^»<»ni in 1772; m, l>t. I.vdia 

ShrplnMHl ; 111. 2(1, IV'iTiry Fossrtt. Kos. ,h'ttVl>»oii, .Me. 
Ill' iliod in lSi>S. Cliildivn l»v first wit<». 


t'. I JoiiN'8, ni. l8t, a MUs IIuHsey. (or Fowie) hnd two 

children; iii. 2«1, Het»ey Keetl, liad eight thildret. 


Ml. UKI.INI>A'. 

IV. (JcstaT. 

V. Ma ICY 7. 

VI. ri.AIUi^.HA *. 

VIII. .loilN 7. 

IX. OmtiN?. 

X. IIkM{V7. 

If. I.viMA«, ill. liavld Fosjiett; rwi. Jefferton, .Me. 

< liiltlreii : 

I. AltlKI. 7. 

II. |)AVII»7. 


III. Hkt>kv «, in. Thoiiiu9 Iturbauk: one child, Edna 7. 

IV. Kno('ii«, li. unin. 

10. V. Nathan ♦■>. m. int. with .Mai la Place. Sept. 5, l82r». 

rhildrcn: ( ailcli»n7, and other*. 

11. VI. Ar.ii:i.«, h. in 1S1«»; in. CatharlM.' Hitler. Ke^*. .feflers4»n, 

Mc. Ile.l Ang. .% 1S.S4. Children. 

I. -MtiKi. 7 . III. Eniniu N'oi y ; had two children ; 

Nellie ^' ; Henry ». 

II. Ai»i:i,aii»k7, in. West ("uniinlnj^s*? Two 

chihlren : .\dtiie » ; We>lev i* . 

4. Capt. David* Boynton, l>. »Iuly 4, 1770; m. Mis:* 
Liiiin (Lmy) Stoarns, May 21, 17M7. Kos. .letters<ni, 
Mv. Uv sorvod in tlio war of 1S12; died in 1S,^J». 

Ciiildivn : 

12. I. i;i(iiAUi»6. I». in l,sO«;ni. Mary S., dun. of Kev. William 
Iturhank lie d. In ls«U^. Children: 
I. l>AVii».».7, h. in isii: m. Irene Ilaniilnin in 

]f^f>. IJes. New York. < hildren; Sninnrr 

II.'*, a phyiiieian in H«K'klaiid. Me.; Nellie**. 
li. iilcilAKii C. 7, 1,. ill 1H.S7; in. Kniily York. |{es. 

Uainarlsiotia .MIIU, Me. He served In the 

war, and was )»(ime lime in Sali«lmry Prison. 

He d. Nov. «5. 1S«>7. (hildren: I.^wis"; 

HI. Sa|{aii7, in. .lohn Welch. Hes. Thomas 

ItMi. Mc. Six children. 


IV. OiilANNA?, m. her hrothcr-lii-lttw, Mr. Sin- 

clair; liiul two olilldren. Mr. S. «J. ami !*he in. 
.?(»hn II. Keilfern. Uen. \V<M)n«ocket, K. I. 

V. AltKiAll. 7. 

VI. l-^HISA*. 

VII. MahvT. III. a Mr. .Sinclair; >hp «1. and he rn. 

)n'r <»l»«tcr, OHaiina. 
13. II. Jamk?*", »». ah.Hit IHOI : m. Kll/alwtli V. Monroe. Hex. 
Jefferson. Me., titnll iMlJi. uhen he iiiove<l wllh hie 
family to llo||<mell, and illnl therein 1H74. < hildren: 

I. f.rcv.l.". III. (;eorp- K, |{o>«m, lfe«, Tarl- 

hoii. Me rhIMren: AIlM'rt K >* . (ieorjfe 
K »*, Kinina .I.*', in. Mr. I»eurly: William 
H.^.^harleK F. -. F/iiuoln .\.«, Mary I..", 
Kva l..t*. 

II. AMns7. I,, in 1S24; in. Ktuily Stuart. Koh. 

HriMiktlrM, Ma.-'!*.; one soii. 

III. .Stkimikn M. '. h. in lsi>«: m. Ly<lla .\. Ilainiltun. 

IN'!*. Augusta, Me.; one ^^on, Frederick'*. 

IV. Orkin p. T, tiled without Issue in 18G4. 

V. Maiiai.aI..". III. .leroine Wllllain-. Ken. 


VI. AbiiikII.", III. All>ert I>ay. |{e.. spring- 

field, Ma-s. 

VII. Mam»amaE.", iu. <;eorge E. Chase. Uei. 

Ka;*i Oakland, Cal. 

VIII. .Mahy f.. ", III. V. S. N't»rthey. IJes. KuKt 

Oakland, Tal. 

IX. Ei.i/.A(\", m. tleor^re Farr. Kos. Littleton, 

X. II. 
)4. Rev. Amos T, I), in 18(M; in. Int. with .Miss Kachel l»ecker, of 
WhIterteM, Me., Oct. 15. iH-i."). She d. Au^'. la, 1887. 
After his wife's death .\iiu»s went to I'alifornia, and 
tiled there in the fall <»f 181»5. Children: 
I. Ai.oNZoNV.T, ni. Matilda Kolllns. 

It. (AUni.ixn N.". III. St«'|»hen II. Wyatt. ia 

Saratit^a. <'al. 

III. A>io>n.", Hes. (Jlasjjow, Kansas. 

IV. Si>AN.I.*, ni. Martin K*. Flint. i>f Kand- 

olph, Vt. 

V. I.t CY * , h. in IKiT; d. in 1H46. 

VI. Ki.l/A A. 7, in. A. IJ. Farwell, tif San 

Jo**, Cal. 


VII. MakillaT, b. Id 1844;d. in 1846. 

VIII. IuaA.7, ni. Mangle S. Melding. He*. 

Berkley. Cal. Children: Emma H.«, b. In 

1M69; IjiumL.s, b. Inl876; Ered A.«», b. In 

1H77; Florence E.», b. In 1880; Clara E.«^. b 

IX. Ai.uknC. 7, m. Marcla Howe, of Jeft'erxon. 


X. Ki:v. GkokokE.T, in. lt»t, .Sarah Trask; 

»»he d. and he m. 2d, her sister Matilda Tra»»k. 
( hildron : Minnie S. « ; Pearl » ; Jtubie ^ . 
16. IV. AiiKAM«, m. Nam y Pelton. IJes. Washington, Me. 

Hed. lnlHn9. Children: 

I. JosiiiA?. 

II. BykonT, wan killed In the war. 
IC. V. Enoh «, I), about 1827; d. In 1867. 

VI. Jank«, m. LIthgo Hilton. Children: Madl«on7, 

Alfred 7 , and one daughter. 

VII. El NICE « n>. Int. with Sanmel Tlat-e, of Whiterteld. 

Nov. 7, 182S. 

VIII. lACixuA", ni. Int. with Thomas* Hnum, lM>th of 

Whiletleld, Nov. 7, 1827. 

5. Nathan* Boynton, h. nUmt 1778; in. Mi** Hannah 
Hoatlj, .July 15, 1H()4, hothof HallHtown. He d. in Fch. 

ChildnMi : 

17. I. EMOUY«,b. about 1812; ni. Ifary A. Hhnpwn. He d. 
In 1877. Children: 

I. LkjslikT, b. In 1850; in. Ll/zle Mnqdiv, Jan. 8, 


II. (JKOltiJK?. 

II. .iKUisiiA", in. .Samuel Nntt. <'hildren: Emery", 

.•^amuelT, Adelaide 7, Nancy 7, IfannahT, Olive', 
Kutella?, 111. ft Mr. Hailcy, lives at Westltoro, .Mas*. 

III. Nancv*, ni. .lohn Clay; res. .TefVerson. <'hlldren; 

Sanford", >V|lbert". Horace 7, Frederick', lA*wellyn7. 
Uurbara " , •leru-'ha ^ , Kcl>t'cca ^ , Albert ^ . 


Faiiiilv of Ihiuw liovntoii, hu'kI to luivo In'on Uorn in Mjihh., 
April M, 17<n ; in. Murv Hlaindoll, ot Strt^oii, Mr., April 
10, lM(Mh mIu* <1. .flinr 12, iM.jt, ii^fnl r.!» ynu>. 

CliiMt'i'M ; 

I. !>AVii», l». Ill riiniM'l. Me., Srpt. 1m, ImmJ: m. In WlmMnn-'n* 

lied. Apr. X. 1h70. 

II. Hannah, h. Ill raniu'l. Oct. 9, 1>*07; in. <'|iarl»'»» W«mhI, 

Nov. 4, 1M27: lar;:*' family. 

III. Maicy. I». in < aniM*l, Sept. 1, ls(K»: num. 

IV. I:%AA< . \t. in < aiiiifl, Apr. 14, iNll; in. .M«'hltal»lf <'. Na.<«h, 

of llarnii«;lnn, in Oft. iN'iT. Ih* wa^ a ralvinii»l Haptli*l 
ininioKM; (I. Oct. 211. \s4\. i)i\h\u'u: 
I Kmii.y I... h. Mar. I9.,|H42; iii. Wililam II. iiaiid. 

all. OIK- cliiiti, Vi'«ta K. 
n. ( Ai'T. IfAAT iiAiMM.'', I). May 24. IMI: in. 
I,'«>Inm'(m ( . I.ii^liton. ( hlliln'ii: 

I. Ki'UiN Dana. Itorn Sv\>i. 24» 
1^72. in llaninjfton. M«'.. on 
tli«- -pof wIhic III)* father wa- 
lM»rn. anil now live". After 
making; i^i-vrral trlpx at !**•» 
with hi* pan-ntH. In early 
cIiIMIi'mmI, he .'itti'nded the (ll>^ 
tii't -ehool until Ihhh, when 
he l"ft to eoiitinne hi- ?«tinlle>» 
at ihe ( oldirii «'la»'«i<al Irctl- 
tiile In Waifivllle, Me,. >{ra«lii- 
utln^' In 1K*0. In the fall of 
the i*aine year he iM'j^an ihe 
j^ ; Httnly of medicine, at Harvard 

Medical School, -pending hi.- 
«iuinmoi- vat-ations at home, 
and ;;radiiatin;r in dnne. IS*.>4. 
Dnrin;: the <>nmnier and fall 
imiiifdiately f<dlowiii;;, he 
Kerved a- house ollii-er at 
Worcester, Mass., and in |)e«'. 
< received the appointment of 

.\^sl,taiit IMiysician (d the 
:. , NNon-estrr l,uii:ilie Hospital. 

He has t«>cently resi;:iied ihU 
itosjtion and i* u*t\\ :i private 
, ]»r.ictioner in llanin;;|on. Me. 

' II. Kill K I. V. 

III. ?:i:nf>i W. 


III. Kn(»cii« h. Ih ( uriiiel. Dec. 13, 1812; ni. MehltahU* 

r«.rry ; he «l. .luly 25, 1K88. In Ktnu, Me. N\» 

IV. K/iCA, W. .Ian. 10. HIS; m. Mury ltri|;)it'nun ; re>«. 

Wi'M Sullivan, Me. One Uau., Mary A., ui. 
Lanplon '1*. IJIil»ey : they huve a dan., Lillian 

V. Mri;i'm;N. 1» in < anm-l, .hin. 2(), IMI"; ni, Nt. 

Kli/iilM'di 'fhtii-ftton; in, 2<i, Krnlly hiilton. 
No »'lill<lr«'n, 

VI. hAMKi. Ii. In lli'rnion, Me, Miy;. t.'l. lH|(t; i|, 

Mur, '2^'^. IM-IH. 

VII. ItKN.iAMiN MwhiK, h. in Etna, Nov. 2.'i, ]>^'2'.i: 

VIII. Nathan F. i Nathan F. d. Sept. Hi, 1s2«;: Hcnja- 

niin ni. T. Merritt ; In* d. S«'|»t. (5. l8.')7. 

IX. P'l.i/.Ai'.KTii. h. in Ktna, Apr. 14, 1S25; ni. .laniei^ 

Frtrnian. of Ktna. SIh* d. in Detroit, Mainf. 
Dee. !.'». ls7J». rhUdren : Fl<»ra. ni. a Mr. 
raltMi. of Detroit; Charles II., and one oth«'r. 

X. Ki.KANui:. I». in Ktna. Nov. 8, 1N27; nu .lohii 

<irindell. of Newprnt. M«*. ("hiidnMi: Fr«'d : 
I.anra: Susa. ni. Kd. Patten; Eva, m. Hert 
Stt'vens: Herhert S. ; Myra. 

XI. AlMiKA. h. in Etna, May 4, 1821»; d. Apr. 2S. 


Family of om* .lolin Hnvonttm of Kust|M>rt, Maine, w1h» 
hail two iH'othiTs, Willi.iiu «m<l Liitlur. \\v was a ma- 
chinist and siono ciittt'i', was s«'vonty-sovon yearb old whoii 
ho (lied : m. Itelia A. lUifdiek, of Woivostor, Mass. Siu* 
(\'u'i{ in Sn*r IIjuImh*. 'V\u'\ moved to Saof IlarlN)!* from New 
London, Conn., Ix'twei'it ix.'WI and 1H|0. They had one 
son, John W. lioyenton, l». in New London, .Ian. 7, 1^^H3 : 
he maftied and settleil, alter the elose of the War, in 
Hampton, \'a. ni> (•iiildien : William Henry, h. Mar. <», 
is.'.s, in Sa^i ilarlmr; Waller S., I». Nov. .W), iSill, in Sai!" 
llarlMir: Carrie K., I». Sr|»l. *.M, l>>tit», in natnpton : .lohii 
C., I». l>e,'. 2<1, l.*<r».^. in Hampton: (ieorire L., h. Oet. l.'l, 
|X72. Mr. W, i> a <leairr in house, sii^n and ornamental 
pa^nlinL^ and his smi-. are mer<hant«' in Hampton. 


'Hie Family of Samuol lioyiiton, ot PaK'niio, Main**, 
who iimrr'u»<l Xam*y Wl)itt«'ii. Tlu'lr <liiMn'ii ; 

I. ALMIKA. III. .loi«<'pli U'. Ja('ol>^, of riioiiiiiMtoll. \\v, riiiu 

ilr«ri : 

I. Ann. III. S»«'|»liiMi II, Si;«ri«'tt. of 'rhoiiiiii«loii, 


III. Many 1/ , tii. «fohii < , f/''tiv<'ii'«)il«'r. of 'I'IiomuikIimi. 

IV Af.MIMA. HI. < il|M, >lltllU" |{. *^\n'*'i\, of rhoiritcloii, 

V. 1,1 < > K . Ml. <'>i|'l. Otri* II, Kiili'". of riioniii«(iMi« 

VI. <»»Miti,h \\ ,, III. MmhiIi >f. lI'Miii, ii'n, riioiiiii»ioM. 
\ II II, iM. < ii|»i, l>jivl<l II. IMv«-: r«» riioniii^' 

VIII. Naomi K.. iniin. 

II. llnjtKicT, III. A>«M»;itli <io\viM : r«'«. K;i-t raliin'io. Children: 

Alinlra ; I-:iIk'1I;i, III. a Mr. Kilwanl-. of LiImtIv; .lohn: 
l.;iu!a : <f«*or;;«' : Kiiiina: Saniii«-I ; Hfiiton: .MaiiW; .\!*i*- 
natlKall r«*>*. Ka-t I*;iIiium«». 

III. SlSAN. III. l"t. \Nilli:iin M.itVoni. of I.owj'Il. Maf.: in. '2i\. 

William lloanlinan. of Amm. Ma-s. \«> iliiUlnMi : 
iV. .Maictiia. Ml. < \ ni« .M:i\»\. <»f riioiiia-ttui. (Iiiliirt'ii: 
.lo^iali: riiailt"'. <1: liftiiv. Ml. Ann Sinitli: Kiiiiiia : 

V. lloKA ri«». in. Su>an (ivaiiior, of WaMlioro. Me. <hiUlreu: 

Franklin: Klla. Me \va> WIIUmI in the Civil war. 

VI. Naomi, m. .lo^epli V. ( hapinan; re". Kxeter. Me. No 

ehihhen : 

Vil. Mki.I>"»a. mi. Alhert llyiler, of Manehester. M*-. chil- 
dren: William S. : Winthr.»|»; Sn-ian; Kthel: Lillian; 
Wallace; all «»f .Maiichesier. .M.-. 

VIII. Ki.KK iiKif, m. Maiv r h«' i"i deatl: hi-* ehlldren re-. 

in l.vnn. Ma>-. 

TIm' family of .I<H»i Uoynton, ot Conn. 11*' liaii four 
Hnis, Alii-alium: .I<m»1 ; AIhut, lived in \Vliiti'>lo\viu .\. V. ; 

.Mtntham mijrnittMl to Korkini:l»Mm, N'muonl, \\\\v\\ a 
yoimLMiian, att«l m. HrtM'V Mai'^li. 

**'riii«^ is a lainily \\lio«.r uMor mummImmn spellitl tlicir 
nana' lUinixlHH, lint iluino^rtl :i l\'\v vt'aiN aufo." 

( 'hililrcn : 


I. .Ikiiiai. Wkhb, b. Apr. U», 1707; iii. LoU l*ark«'r of SpHu};- 
fleia, Vt. C'hUdn'n: 

I. riiAKi.Ks. Ii. Jan. UI, IK'Jl ; iii. Nanoy riurk, ot 

Vlr;;;ll, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1843. lies. Susquc- 
lianim, I'a. She d. Au^. 9, 1879, at Marshall. 
MUh. <'hU(Ireii: 

I. LrciKN FuANKi.iN, I). July 27, 

1844, at Vlr;,'l); m. Ml*<» Mary 

^ .Mli'la UarneM, at HaniiilmK Mo. 

d. May '27, I87t», at Marshall. 
MU'h. 'I'helr i'hllilvr»» : \atu'> 
|.»alM'lla, l>. Apr. R, 1S7." ; Frank 
I • « NVallon, h. St'pi. 11, 1S77. 

il. .\M<»s I'ai{Ki:k, I>. Nov. 27, 1S46. 

at Vlry:il;d. Aujr. 22, 1847. 
III. riiAUi.K.'i Amos, h. I)«.t. 7, 184'.»: 
Ml. Mii^i; FraneeA It. Killani. 
' iM'f. 2H, iMCi). ut Marshall. 

Mii-h. Th«lr children: Harry 
Kills, h. Marih 2. 1h71, at 
M«»uroe, Wit*.: d. Jiuie 17. 
1878. at Union City. Mich, 
rharles Francis, h. Feb. 14. 
1873, at Marshall, Mich. 

II. Ahakei.I., b. Feb. 17, 1823; m. William W. 

lN»wen», of Vlr^ll; one child, Moses I*., an 
enjjlnwr on the N. Y, (Vntral IJ. K. Hes. 

III. LrciA, b. .\u)(. 24, 182.">; unm. 

IV. tlonN Lkonaku. b. .Mar. 4, 1823; ni. 1st. Jane 

Wordeu, of Manlllus; had three children; one 
d. y. In I8(h{; Fred I-. and Fnmk ( . 

V. liKlsKY, b. Mar. 17. IS31. 

VI. Ki.i/vnKTll. !►. May 30. 1S34; n». Joel M. Kills, ol 

S|irliij;Held. N't. Ifes. Fayettvllle, N. Y. One 
dan. Kllen. 

VII. Mo>i> |Vm{ki;u. It. Sept. 20. 1837, nt Delia 

Natoeii, ot \\ eetlsport, N. Y. Wa»» killed In 
the balile ot (bancellorHvllle. Had three 
II. Jmiix, b. .Inly 2. I7'.>M; ni. 1st, Itetsey Davis; had six chil- 
dren; ni. 2d. Ann Fit/, by whom \u' had two children. 
He was a bridge builder in Vt. also a jnd>J«* bi New York. 

I. Makv Apklink. ni. D. M. Marsh. 

II. Ki.iZA M.. n». .lohii Hart, of MtLeai^, N. \ ., oiu- 

dan., ni. Mr. iJowley. of Syracuse, N. Y. 

III. .lulls Hknuv. b. .lulv 4. 1827; m. Kli/Jib.-tb i. 


Mycri}. Tliclr only son, Ttanlel Marsh, d. Dfc. 
ao, 1884, H^fiMl thirty-seven. 

IV. <"UAUi.KsO., a wealthy land owner In Illinois 

and Arkansas; ni. ; res. Sycanu>rv, 111. I'MW- 
difn : Mary ; Elmer. 

V. I.Arn.v I., ni. Iltiniphrey W.Carr. of Jersey city; 

one dan.. Klla M. 

VI. I.YIHA A. u\. Henry darvls, of Kl^jln, ill. 

VII. Kl»WAI{l». 

vin Fit/., n l>aiiker in ( ortland, .\. V. 

III. CiKonuK, It. Nov. 17, ls«>0; u\, rharlly Uradley. of Mo« 

Lean. N. V. Med. In Issl. rhildren: 

I., I». in ls*i*.»: unni. 

II. liKoiMiK IIknky, 1». May 5, XHH'I. 

III. M AKV. !•. in ls:{(t: unni. 

IV. Wii.i.iA.M Oaki.s. I.. May 24, iHOi; m. a Mlsn Conkllng, 

went to M(lA*an, \. W, fmm Vt , tln'iu-e to Synicuse; d. 
near tin' l.itNM" pLice altont lH7t'» 

V. Makv. b. Ih'v. 14, lK(>.'i; HI. .1. I,. DavlH, of KoeklnKhain ; d. 

.Jan. 'AO, iMfi."). 

VI. Hknuv, b. An^. 9, 1N06; ni. Kmellne lieuwllct, of Mc- 

Lean. l{er*. McLean, \. Y. Children: 
L IIanvah Mki.issa, b. Apr. 5, 1831 ; in. A. .L Mlx» 

Jan. 20, 1853. 
II. IIattik, d. y. 

VII. KiCllAUl), b. Jan. 20. 1807. 

Viil. Em/.a, b. May 10, 1808; ni. Hlnun Baker, lies. Mexleo, 
N. V. Iblldren: 

I. IIakkikt. 



IX. MosF.s Maicsii, b. Au^. 'i4, 1812; m. Lydia .Speucer. Chil- 

dren : 

I. Mauy Ann, b. Au^. 24, 183tJ; in. U. S. Carpenter; 

had chlldn-n Wllber M.; Austin H. ; llattle K.; 

II. Ki.i/A. b. Nov. 14, 18;i'.»; in. a .Mr. Howell. 

III. lli.l.KN H.. b. Jnly 17, 184s. 

X. Saicaii JKltlMlA, b. An^. 18, 1814; III. Jerome H. Haker. 

Kes. Ilnm.-r. N. V. Children: 

I. lUnhKlTK. 

II Ah;l\«*ta. 
111. ( nAi:LK."i. 

XI. AuAitKi.i.A, It. May 23, 1817; d. unni. a;;ed 18. 

XII. 1J«>>WKI.I,. Ilricr, b. Nov. «>, 1818; in. Nancy llarnmu, Sept, 

2, 1n44. Children: 

I, FiJANK L., b. .Sept. 12, 184,'>; d. Mar. 20, 1848. 


II. KitKii A., I». Kel». 2<), 184H, In I'uliukl. X. Y.; in. 

(onli'lia Soul«', Vt'U. '2f). ls70: rr*. Syru;'U«f, 
N. v.; ohf child, Mna M , I.. July IR, J>*:4: ii 
teailicr In SyrafU^e. 

III. Fkank K.. I». Feb. 21, lS."»n: ni. Kinnia ? 

IV. Wii.i.iAM II. , •». S«iit. 1<». isr)4. in Fulton: ni. 

M:ir;rarH laliill: lie d. in Syr;ii-u>«' in isix; or 
1S'.»7. iliihhvn: < harlf- A., I» .July -»<», ls74: 
MarjraiHta M.. I». Nov. 2.{, ls7<«; William Ii.. 
I«. Nov. •>, IsSO. 

V. yi\\(\ K.. I». iKi. s, 1s*k;. in Tnla^ki : u\. riiaiU> 

IJ. Ilanni>:ra*. in V*\k \s'7*\: h.v di>;ii>|H'an'tl 
•ntiti»'nl\ in l>s.{. imt luvn litanl from siniv 
iliiltlnMi: rharU- IJ.. J> in l>r*' ls7r,: Frank. 
I>. .Inni' 7. 1>7S; Mary .1 . I>. .Ian 14. 1S>.:{. 

VI. Anna ( ih:a. It. <Ut. 7. l*«<;2. in >\rarn«»'; d tln-rr 

in ls*.i7. niiiii. 

Caleb Boynton, : i«». >.»nili Flnir^'. II»' \\\M in 

n:imj»>liln' ( 'o. .Ma^s., I»u! iiiovtMl to tin* NoiIIhtm paii of 
N. v.. alxMir isiH), ."<omr rrtinvl-i >/\\v ciirlit rliiltlri'ii. 

f. I''.. : liorn proliald^ in liani|»liirf i '<>., Ma^^., 

wli«.ni f7'"0: III. .\««'ii.itli Hill, widow of Tlioinaji l.arflchl. >lr». liai- 
fl» Id hud lour ridldivii liy In-r llrct hn-l»and: 'llioma*, Alirain, Iti-t-ey 
iu.d I'olly : Ahraiii \va- iIm' falhi-r of th« rr«*id«.'nt. .laiiu- A. liartleld. 
Allci' tliH niairia;,'* of .\««'nalli (iai tirld u ith I'ah-li Koynioii, i^Uf hud 
niniMlilldrcn, \t;«'r iSoyntoir- d»-alli «h«' in. for h»T third huotiand 
Marmadukf Iia.vkon; and a;rain tin* loiiilh time to .\nia:-a Smith. "In 
ISlSCaleli I'loyiiton ri'iimviMl from >r. I.awrtMii'e loimtN, N. V.. to 
< l««vi'land. < duo. takin;: hi* family with him. A!>ram liartield wa:* the 
Vouii;i»'>l •'Oil ill thn «iaiti«'ld tlork. and Aiiio> Hoyntou tin* «'lde«t '*on of 
llu" Uoyiiton rhildriMi. Allhoiii.'h half-ln<>tln'r- a stroii;.' attai'ImuMit 
iiww nji h«'tw««'ii ih«ni. TIh'V Udt home to^«ther. marri»'d *i«ters, and 
houjiht tann< *id«' I'V »idt' in tin- lown<hii> of Oran«:o. Ohio. On uiw. of 
tlu'Sf farm- loin'ial att«'rwaid l'i»'-id»'iit tiartltdd wa> lorn, and on 
thf other the l>r. s. A. IJoynton wlio»«- nann- wa» -o oftm nn'titioned in 
r«»njnH*tioii '.villi tli" I'n-ideiit. lo'in-ril liartit-Id and l>r. Iloynton had 
the >'ani»' «.i iiiilniollnr oil their fathci-' »idf. th»ir fath»-r- were half 
l.roihei-. and their III. iilicr- were -i-ler«." I haveli.-en thn- |»anioiilar 
l.t-i-aiise tlif (|(i»'-li('n ha« ofh-ii ari^-eii 'whal it-latioiijliiji e\i-te<l he- 
ivveen th-' IJailicId- niid Itoynton-"? 
(hihlreii of l alel> and widow liartield. 

1. Amm>. Ii. in 1^0."): m. Alpha llallon: ie». ()ran;rt'. 
Ohio: d. in iMJt".. ( hildrcn: 


I. William, ilUtl lit the lip' or 'in. 


II. IlKNKV llALLoi ; reM. <'hu)crlu. 

Fall-, Ohio. 

III. SlLA^ Al.lJKUT. M. I) . h. Feb. 

24. IsS.^: i\'<i. rieveland. Ohio. 

IV. Hkntlky, •!. y. 

V. IIaicku.t. im. .Nuhuol A. <lark 

I.V-. nr:uit»nl. Ohio. 

VI. riii.UK. II). .lohii II. rlap|>: haf> 

o!i«' tlau«;ht*T, III Fr ink |{ol>- 
Mn-, who ha< a hoy shf ralU 

VII. rni;i>n.iA Maicv. III. a Mr. Ar- 

nold :<}. in .Inly, ]HH]. in Ohio; 
no rlilMri-n. 

II. Anna, hi. IIeul»on Sikmh^t. 

III. Nathan, 111. S:inih llaiMioii, Ikm. JS, iHj'.j. |J«m<. 

Georjjetown, Mirli. Il»> <1. .Ian. 11, 1>4S. ;ij;«hI 
thirty-M^VPii or thii-ty-<i;;ht. ( hiUlron : 

I. .fKiMiv II.. h. June 10. IKM. in 

Ohio; in. Meri'ii* M. Smith. 
Nov. 27. \^i'A). lt«*!*. <i<»or>c»*- 
towu, Miih. (hildn-n: Na- 
than A., h. May l»i. \HM; d. 
.Ian. 17, 1H74; rali-ra S., h. 
.Inly 7, l^'O*;; William S., h. 

Nov. ♦;, iH7:i. 

II. Maicy Ann, h. F«'I» 20, iM.iH; .1. 

.Inly 1, lHr,r,. 

III. TALi-rA, »». Ajtr. 2n, 1841: d. 

,\u;;. r». iH.').!. 

IV. Nathan Wai.lack. h. Mar. 2. 

Is44. in Mioh. ; in. K-th«'r A. 
|)avi< ; iv«. Ooorsxetown, Mloh. 
<hildn'n: i;i'or<;e, h. ahoiit 
1>74. and a dan. youn;^er. 

IV. Alpha. 

V. .Ikkuy, III. Harriet W JNon. livnl in liyron. Kent 

To., M it'll. Ile«l. Nov. 24. In71. Children: 

I. Kl.l.KN I.. 

II. IIakkikt K. 

VI. Mahivn. 

VII. rAM^TA. in. If't, .losfph Skinner, lied, .intl ^he 

III. 2d, Charles Hurnhani. 

VIII. William. I». in Jan. lsH;in. l>i, Orphia .le\\»'il; 

III. 2d. wid. Liuntia (.Irwett; I.itlle. Il»* d. 
I»fi-. 1!». l>7:i. < hil«lr«ii : 


I. Eliza, b. Mair. 3, 1842; d. Feb. 

28. 1843. 

II. Sakaii .)., b. Jan. 2fi, 1844: in. h 

Mr. Palmer. 
IK. Ixn ISA M., b. Dee. 19» 184.'S; d. 
Auii. 11, 1K47. 

IV. IlKNitv \., I>. .\|»r. 7, 1H4H; d.y. 

V. OiiriiA A., b. May 14. IHJW). 

• vi. William K., b. Mar. ;i, l»ft3: 

r»'.*. Hyron, Mlcb. Children: 
Fiaiik L., b. Nov. 21, 187s : 
Ilarri.! f... b Nov. 22. 1881: 
Alice r... b. Jan. I.*), 18s:L 

VII. Amus S.. b. May 10. IS.i."*. IN':*. 

IJyron. Mith. 

VIII. .Famks F.. b. Nov. 2(», ISiiH: d. 

iHv. 13. 1S(;0. 

IX. (iKMiMJK .1.. I). Dec. 1.% 18<;i: d. 

May 20, \Hi'ui. 
IX. .Tons'. 

II. Klimia, III. V had u daii^'bter. .Mrs Ijivhia Brewer. 

III. KitKNK/.Kit. ren.'OtHe^o Co., N. Y. 
rv. K\<>( 11, d. limn.. In New <)rlear»-. 

V. I)i{. Nathan IbiYNmv, h. in 178h, In Ilani|Hhlre<o., Ma>if*. 
III. Leplia Stowell, of iLiliihri.l;;*', N. V., In 1817 or 1818. 
.^he wa- born in 17tM;, and dieil Oc-IoImt 18, 1870. 
He lived for many years In Chenanj^o Co., N . Y., where 
h«' was a prominent ithysician and a lumber dealer; he 
owned <aw mills and llonr mills. About 1J^;W he moved 
t<» ( hemiin;: Co., ami finally to Klmlra wliere he jirae- 
tit'ed mediiliie; d. In Klmlra, .lune 2. ISOO. 

I. Kmilv. I>. Nov. 22, IKU); in. Geo. K. Carpenter In 


II. Aisiix IIknuv. b. in .September, 1820; m. 

Klizabeth Creswell, of IV.rt Deposit, Md., 
in Nov. 1>».',0; she was !>. Apr. 1, lH25, and 
*1. May H, lHH(5. He was exti-nsively en^a^nl 
in liuiilter l)Uslness In Kmporlum, I'a., and v>n* 
jiid;ie tin-re for many years, lied. In Klmlra, 
N. \ .. An^. 21, IH'.M. Their children: 

I. LizziK K,, res. I*.»rt Deposit. 


II. AfsTiN C., res. Klmlra. N. Y. 

III. SiiiXKY K.. m. a Mr. .Iohn<»on: 
« now a widow in HutVab*. N. Y. 

IV. Ki>wix, res. I'ort Deposit, Mil. 


III. Ei>wiN Nathan, b. in 1824; he went to (ul. Id 

1850, gettled tu Valleju ; married and ruim^l a 
large family. Was a physician aud dnigjflHt. 

IV. Mahia Hannah, b. in lH2r>; m. Fr«-derirl< L«'ih*Ii, 

of Ow('g<», N. v.. ill Sept. ]H^^; h!ih d. .luly 2, 
IKO.'). Hit fldent dilld l-* Kn'd«'ritU, 

V. Sakaii, b. in 1m:K): at pnxnt in lU^ton. 

VI. Makv .Fask, Ii. in 1h;{2; ni. I'riali S. I.ow<*, of Kl- 

mira. \. Y., about is.*)*',; «lu. d. at llridp'port. 
Ct., Oct. 2.% 1S1>4. 

VII. Kli.a, !». in ls:{«»; m. (ioor^e (). Maniljrster, of 

Itiia. N. V, in is»ll or 1S(J2; slie d. June 11, 

VI. Sakaii, m. a Mr. Wliitney. 

VII. Makv. m. twice, no name;*. 

VIII. .IKKK.MIAII, ni. 'r 

Kiirly in tlils (('ntiiry tlirn* livi'd in tlio town ot (ini'iiticUl, 
Mhm^., oiH* «loiiii Hon iiton. lie wuh a .Miii<raio;, (h'oIih 
•rir»t, aii<l **ha<l iiiikIi knowKd^rr alMHit almost «^vt'i'Vtliin«:.*' 
Wliili' walkinir oiu* <lay in the Hclds with a sickU' ov« r \\\s 
slioiiltU'i', ln' was >ti'ink Uy li;/iitninir and killed. Tlic Mass. 
statistics of deaths «rivc that of ".lohii liovntoii, ot'(in'rn- 
ticld, .Ian. 2«, 1K42, i\*nd H7." If this nicaii^. the ahove the 
the copyist must have mistaken .hme for Jan. 

( 'hildi'cn : 

I. IlKirniA. 

II. Mahv. 

III. .Jkuky. wai* a "ilttle man witb lda( k <'yc.- :" wan a shoe- 

maker; learned liif trade of a man by i)i«> name of Pat- 
rick \\ elin, wlioni tie esteemed r<o Iii;;|ily tliat he named 
hlK tli>t 'on for lilm. lie m. tlane Nii'kei>oii ; moved to 
\V«>l ,Monro«', N, V. in IslO; llvi-d :il*o in <iiiTnll< Id : 
hi- deatli ocenrnd about Is.'U); Iw wii« '■ittin^ willi llie 
fandiy at dinner, and li:id nearly tini>lied, wlien lie 
fiaid *•! believe I will takeaimtlier pieee ot pork.'" did -n* 
and it elioked him todiatli. < liililreti: 

I. I'ATIMCK \V. b May 12. 1>12: III. Helen A. Wal- 
dron. Mar. 'A. \>Xi: -lie N\a< It. in Isls: li\rd in 
r.rewerton. \. V. Me d. Mar. I. Is7'.i. ( liii- 
ilreii : 

Kn«»4 II. Ii. .Ian. 2t. ls;54: ni. Mary K. 
iMiiinick. I>ee. !'.». ls«;u. rhildreti: 


Byron B., b. July, 1881, d. Jan., 
1873; Bertha M., b. Aug. 2. 1863. 
Mary H., b. Oct. 13, 1865; Sylvia. 

Nancy Ai.viKA. \ twins, b. Aug. 

Mauoaukt AI.MIKA, /2, 1630. Mar- 
garet A., d. »ept. 28, 183»J; 
Nancy A., m. Wesley Walton, Oct. 
8, 18.V4. 

lx>i{KNZo, b. Mar. 2, 183i»; ra. Su.*au 
Haseltlne, .Ian. 1, 1860; d. at Freder- 
ick (Ity, Md.. D«c. 21, 1862. One 
dan., Cora, who in. Chailen K. Watih- 
burn, ret* Hrewcrton. Chlblri'M: 
<*«'C'I1 and Lyra S. 

K.iTUKK. b. Nov. 2M, 1H40: d. .bin. :n. 
1H(;7, unni. 

Dkwitt, b. Sept. 28, 1842; d- Mar. 
14, 1870; ni. Annie U. (lark, Jan. li, 
IMtn; no cbililren. 

Maicv K„ b. Oct. 4. 1H44: d Aug. :<0, 
lh7M: ni. AI'm'ii J. Walker. .May 31. 
!>»<;<!; no i-hlldrtn. 

ANiiKLiA 1!.. b. Oct 17, 1846; ni. 
All»ert J. Si»eur, Dec. 24, 1865». 

FihKMA A., b. .Ian. 17, 1848; m. 
Wallace lluse. Mar. 17, 1872. No 

llKNUY, I). Aug. 12, 18.52; ni. Martha 
.1. IIemk'rs(»n,,Ian. 26. 1870. Chil- 
dren: (iertleM., b. iKc. 18, ls7'.»: 
d. Jan. 13, 1880. Macy I)., b. May 
1, IsHl. Hal»y, b. May 1», d. June 1. 
1883. Lela May. Klta Kvallne, b. 
Jan. 10, 1887. 

AtorsTA, )twlnf», b. Aug, 24, d. 
Alolstls. i Sept. 7, and 10, 1855. 

CiKoicGK TiTLS, b. 3Iar. 1, 1857; m. 

Flora (". Thayer, Jan. 23, 1879. Xt» 

Alick Odeli., b. Oct. 13, 18,59; ni. 

Joseph I>. Stoddard, Dec. 21, 1881. 

IV. Mauanda. 

V. Llana, ; in. iHt. Josiah, Bootis, had three children: 

in. 2d, I'eter Shan». had <»ne girl who m. Henry Olney. 


VII. Jkaxkttk. 



IX. Jekomk. 

A. Boynton, name at prewmt unknown, wn'ed in the 
Kcvolution. Ho wa** lK)m in Ma.s8., Imt omijrnited t<» 

Chihlren : 

I. KiiKNKZKit, h. about 1772, in roiufrt't, Vt.. in. In Muiu 
clu'^UT, N. II.; liiul Muii.-i KhiMnver and ^V|nijiin: ni. 'i*\, 
in .Miilone. N. V., Mur^fjirri OImtv. II«* wii- a Hol«li»T of 
1812: waM one of tln»H' wIjo oo nol»ly d»'f«'tult'<l tin* oltl 
>«tonc mill at I'latKl»ur;{. Ilr «II«m1 altont IM.V;, a;;^! M. 

I. I>AVll», l». Mar. 'li. Ixj.'i. In Malon*-; n». Mary 
TJionipHoM. K<'l» 2r>. 1h44: hIu* wum I». at IW'l- 
fa-l, Inland. I><t, 2:.. 1k20. II<' vnt" a vi-ry 
inl«'lliK<'nt and \>f\MTtu) man. could lift 70(1 
|M»uiid-' Willi on<' hand, and liaf^ Im<mi known to 
chop tlvr oord^ of woimI a »lay tor "ix dayi<! 
Children: Kil/al.oth, »• .Ian. 2. 1^1."^; m 
•lame* Marrisou : had four children, llachcl, li. 
.luno H, 1S4S; III. Myn»n Stratton, one daii. : 
l»avld, I.. Mar. 17, is.M : m. l>t, Nellie M. \Vid>- 
.«ter, of Kasthaniptoii, Ma"""*., Kel», I!', 1n7.'{, she 
d. Au^. 2, IS7.'{: n. Jd. .Ininie A. Ma^'owan. of 
K'owdon, r. <^. Oct. 2. ls7r>; In- <| Sept. 2. 
iNSS. Their children: William h.. I>. Keh. 
24. ls7s; havid. I>. .Ian. 'MK d. Mar. 2. 1kh(»; 
fieor;;e D., h. .Ian. M), 1ms2: .Mary, l». .Inly !><, 
IS.VI: Mar;.Miet. h. hec. I. ]s:,r>', William !>,. h. 
Mar. 10. 1K,V.>, in. .\nna <^uinn, of Providence, 
It. I., had Nonnan II.; .Norman, h. Feh. IH, 
iSOI.d. Dec. I.*), IMM. 

II. El>WAUl>. in. u Miss lIarrin;;ton, of Dorset, Vt.» 

moved to Iowa. 

III. W'li.MAM Dkxtku. left hoiue when fourteen or 

llfteen yearn of aj^e. 

II. Davi!>, h. in i'romfrel. Vt. lie ran a woolen mill in 

llurtland or Wo«»dstock. 

III. Damkl, b. in l*(»mfret, Vt. ; was an 1S12 soldier; lost hln 

left arm ut Plattsbur^h: m. Debonih Leonard. lie wan 

u fine sln;;er; was drowne<l in I'otnfret in 1H44. She d. In 

1H4'.». Children: 

I. Kkank .Masox, b, in HK); m. Diantha .Murray. 

'•Ih' enli'lcd as <<oldler, canu' «»ut mu«i<iain.** 



Chddreu: Dan, Ward and Lizzie. 

II. Daniel W., wu8 a idubIcIud in the KebelUon: 

*»in. a French school teacher,*' has one child. 

III. Leonakd, led the band many years in Pownal. 


Nathan P. Boynton, in. Martha J. Skinner, June 25, 
IS.^.5. He (I. in Lynn, Nov. 20, 1870. Children l)om in 
Lynn : 

I. Maky J., b. In 183.'Sor 18;W; m. Benjamin E. Whltteu, uf 

F.ynn, .luly 3, 18.'>». 

II. Hknjamix S., I». In 18.T.>; m. Mary E. Cronscup, Apr. 11. 

IKfj.'). Chihlren: Lizzie A., b. in 1806; Melbourne I*.. 
h. in IH07. 

III. IIakkikt a., b. .I:in. 2, 1H45: ni. Joocph II. CroJiscup, May 

17, 1871. 

IV. Makoaukt L.. b. .Ian. 7, 1849; m. Octavl A. Kanj^er, Sept. 

.5, 1872. 

V. riiAi{l-K> W., b. Mar. 20, 18.">0. 

VI. Nathan II., I), in 1h.*»I ; m. Mar>^aret E. llrowL, May. IK. 

1873. Son. (i<'or;;»' II,, b. in 1873. 

VII. .losKi'il A., I). Aiij;. 10: d. Oct. Li, 1854. 

James Boynton, •>. in 1^04; m. Sophia Herrick. licti. 
Danvcrs and PealnMly, Mas.s. He died Mar. 7, 1><69. 

Children : 

I. (;kokuk, b. Dec. 23, 18:10; ni. l{cl>ecca \\. Ilyau. Chll- 

»lrcn: Kll/-», b. Feb. 7, d. Keb. 11, 1859; Gc')rjfe H. h. 
Dec. 29. IS.V.K d. Apr. 23. 1804; ( harles, b. .lau. .=>, 18»"»4. 

II. Mauv r.. It. Sept. 10, 18.32. 

III. .Iamks Ai.ukut. b. .luly 14, ls.34; ni. KUeu M. Very, Au>;. 

22, 1 SOI. rbll.lien: .lobu W ., b. Dec. 23. 18'>1, d. .Ian. 
s. isos. N«.llle M.. b. DtT. 10, I8r,2 

IV. IlKNUV K., b. Au;r. 28. 1S3(;. 

V. I.KVKItKTr. b. .luly 3, 1839. 

VI. .b»HN \N ., b. Drc. 2t'., IS41 : d. In South Danverg, May 11. 


VII. A dnufibtor. !». and d. in ls44. 

VIII. I'ltAM i> <i., b. .bill. li;. IS4S; d. lu I'wduHly, All)?. H'.. 


One Nathan Boynton, marriotl Ikiiiah, duuj»litc»r of 
Benjamin and Bciilah (Stone) Katon, Doc. 31, 177X, in 
Framinghani, Musf?. She wa8 lH)rn Fel). 2^, 1752. He 
wa8 by tnule a Uiilor. 

Children : 

I. Nathan, I». »hnut 1779; m. Cyrena Muynard in 1800. Hen. 
\Ve)<ttK»ro, Mac^. lli* wan killed in N<»rtlit»on» in lKi4; 
)>y Ix'in;; tlirowii from a ><It>i^h a;;ainHt a Ht<»ne wall. She 
(I. In \^ix. a^fed about 70. rhildivn: 

I. riiAiti.K*, I), .fan. 20, 1H07; in. V <hll«lr<'n: 

.\ddis(.n, l». Sept. 20, is;i7. d.; Austin l>., b. 
.Inly 1H47. 

II. Ki.i/.A Katox, l>. Mar. 9, IslO; m. I)ennl.'< <<dlini4, 

Mar. «.», ]h22; one dau. )>. Ke»». 2, lH.ri; in. 
I>avi<l Faulkiu'r, Apr. .*>, 1h.'»S. 

III. Nathan. U. .Inly 6, IHI.'J; ni. \au'\ .1. St«-arnH. of 

l.exin;jton, Sept. 22, IS4.'». < liildn-n : Ain- 
l»ros»-, h. Dec. 2, ls4r,; (;.-or;;e, b. Oct. 22. 1H4H; 
( Jiarh'H. I», Au^'. 11, 1H.*)(); d. .luly 10. IH?.')-, 

IV. |{Kl itKN. I». Sept, 20, lMir»; in. <hildren: Alden 

I... re-*. Westltoro. .Mat*.-.; Henry I... re^. NN eni- 
Immo, Ma>>.; Knilly .M., in. .Samuel (). .•^taplew. 

V. Jaxk GitANT, b. Nov. 2'.i, 1H17; m. (Jeor^e W. 

Soulbworlh, Nov. 1(5, ls:j»;. <hlldren: Wlllard 
M., b. Oet. VA. 1S.37: in. .lane A. Spice 

VI. Ann Davi.x, b. Feb 2, IhjO; m. .lolm \\ . .lohnson, 

Jan. 10, 15*47. children: .Mary ( ., b. Sept. 
24, lK4.S;d. July 2.S. IH.51. Annie I'., b. Feb. 
14, is.'il ; in. Kussell S. Fes>enden, .Sept. 7, 
ISOO. J.»hn F., b. Mar. 5, ISM. Walter S., b. 
Feb. 6. 1S5«5. Ihrbert F., b. Mar. 24, ls.-»S; d. 
Sept. «. 18."»S. Mary A., b. Feb. 20, lH(iO. 
iJeor^^e II., b. June S, 1^03. 

VII. llKNJAMiN. b. Oct. 2.*», 1821 ; m. Nancy F. ( hain- 

iMjrlain, June 17, 1M47. < hlldren : .Myra ('., 
h. in June 1H,*»2; iii. Truman llawley. .Mary 
F., b. in 1S,59; m. Alon/o llaxtoii. 

VIII. <jJk«)KGK I.AKAYKTTK, b. Mar. 22. 1S20; in. 1st. 

Anjreline Keys. Apr. 12, 1H49. OiiUlrenr 
<ie<»rj;«- II.: Anna M. .Mr:*. H. d. in Sept. IsM; 
lu, 2d. Snsau .M. Henry, Jan. 1, H.'.4. < hil- 
driMi by her: Nathan A., b. in .May Is.V*); 
rharles II., b. iu lS»r»; i:d\>ard K., b. in 1^«17. 
II. I'KKKINS, h. 17S2; in. or Klphala lleniieU In Nov. 


1R02; reM. FntiniiiKhain, Mast. He was a travelling 
tailor, ^oin^ from liou^e to house, as WHg the cuMtoin at 
that tliiu*. Ills tieath ix-curred Apr. 21, 1&44; she d. tn 
Fraiuln^liain, Sept. 24, 185.'), ngwl 72. Children: 

I. PKitKixs, »>. Nov. 15, 18«)3: lu. V (Milldreu: 

Louisa; Sarali; Waldo, d. when three years old: 
Winthrop l»., b. Auj;. 29, 1H41 ; < apt. of Co. 
1). Mass. Ifcj;t. He fell at the Battle of 
Honey Hill. S. 1\ Nov. 30, 1h;4. '*()n the 
fatal tlay, (Nov. ."{Olh) when (apt. Hoynton led 
hi> uieii lo that th'ailly eharjfe, Ik* fell wounde<l, 
Itui he rune MiKl eheered hl«* men onwaitl. 
There wa-* no liiieUlln^ eowanllt'e In hi-* iiainie, 
no he>itaney In the eiitieal hour. H<> hail near* 
ly );alned the fori when thf lata, hnllet siruek 
hini. He was a j^radnate ol Harvard I niversi- 
ty. ilas> of ISCM, and was helil 1 » hi<;h e>tinu»- 
tlon hy the ollieers of that in^tilnlion. His de- 
votion to his t>tudles, Ids Christian dep(»rment, 
and lii> interest in all thai ;ra\e ilarvanl her 
proud distinetion, as n seal of learning, ealletl 
loith their warmest pndse." Herhert A., m. 
( hlldren: l..-na M., Minide 1.., Perkins. 

II. .Nancv K., Ii. .Ian. I, lM>5. 

III. Ki.i/.A, l». Sv'pt. 4, lS(Mj. 

IV. Mauv W., h. <Ki. Ki. ISOS. 

V. Ki:aN( Ks, h. ,Ian .5, ISIO; m. a Mr. Hutehlus; 

re*. Waukesha. NXist-imslu. 

VI. «i.Ai{i>sA, b. Sept. 12, 1SI2; III. .Sumner M. Hor- 

toii. ;.t Wauke>ha, Wis., \|ar. 1J». iSItt. (Idl- 
dreu: IJrbeeea, I.. Die 19, l^^«, d. .Inly KJ, 
l>r)7; Aliee, b. May 2.'.. 1841. 

VII. llAicitiKT X., b. Apr. 8, 1814; m. a Mr. .Sanger, 

• »f Framin>;ham, Ma.>ss. 

VIII. JosEi'ii It., b. Feb. Is, l.sKJ; m. Susau i;. Sanger, 

on rhanks;;iviug day, 1836. iJes. Rochester, 
.Minn. Children: 

!. Makia S.. b. Nov. 7 1«^9, d. Ovt. 

18, 1804. 

II. AUHY A., b. .hm. 39. 184.% d. .July 14, 


III. Ai.TiiKA A., b. Mar. 12, 18^17; m. M. 

I., hibblo. (or l.iblKv; Mar. 12, 
18(18, d. Feb. 25, H:5. 

IV. Wii.HKii .1., b. .luiie 14, 1M9; in. 

Kmma M. Fills, .Mar. 12, 1873. 

V. Ki)WAin> W. b. .lune 21, 18.*>4; lu. Ida 


J. Molntire, Jan. 17, 187G. 
VI. JOSKIMIINK I.., b. Aug. la, 18M. 

IX. EiJXABKTii, h. Apr. 8, 1818. 

X. William. Hes. Wlnchetttor, Mhss. Undone i»on, 

Williaiii KdmuniNtone, iMThupg oth<'i>«. 

One David Boynton >vont to Illinois when *Mlio count- 
ry wiw new,** and settled on (Jovernment liuul. Ilis father's 
name was David; his wife's name was Sopliia SawyiT. 

ChiUlif n : 

1. I>AVii>, I), ill lS(M, in HitKton. Mukm.. u\. .Vtlalino i. MouUon 
lnlS4)>: >^)w wao )>. in Ohio, in ISiR. Tliey went to 
California the last of 1S.J2, l)ut ho returned Kast in ahout 
a year, leaivin^ his wiff and younp'st son in ( alifornia. 
.\fter years he proeuretl a divoree and ni. a^aln, res. in 
.Mie))., until his (i(>:i()i in 1S7*.). Ilis tlrst witV married 
a^nln. a man l»y tile name nf Prest'(»lt, and res. in Wash- 
in^t«>n. Children (►f David and Adiiline r. : 

I. (iKnitOK IIknuy, U. Apr. 7. iS.*»0, at Deer (irovo, 

lli. h'es. Hammond, Ind. 

II. I.KWLs Sawykk, i». (Kt. 10. ls.*»:i, in .San Franclseo, 

Cai. \Un. ( hlea^o. 

III. SoeiiiA. m. .lames lliil, had ftmr ehildren. settled 

in Helvidn', Nel>. 

IV. Nancy M., •». aliout 1S2(); m. Mason Sutherland. 

had foui- cliiliinMi. Mr. S. was Killed in the 

V. Pall, m. Eunice ? They wi-nt to San 

Francisco with his linilher David ami fandly in 
18.*)2. The next year he went up tlu* llum- 
holdt country; '"after a f«*w years the Indians 
made a nide on the white settlers, killed all the 
men in the place, Paul with the rest." Ill** 
widow sold the riiiieh and returned Kast. 

The Fumily of one David Boynton, h. in 1742, sttppos- 
ed to )>c son of a John. lie was in the Fn nch War, also 
in the Hevohition, an«l (hew a pcn>i(»n the last year of his 
life, lie lived in Wendall, Hampshire, Co. Mass. In 
lH'i'2 he inoveil to lla^rue, Waneu Co. N. V., ami died 



there in 1834. 
Children : 

i. .loiiN, h. in 1765 ; m. Mary IJimbV moved to Cornwall, Vt., 
and d. thei-e Apr. 20, 1825. She d. Ck't. 2, 1841, lu Mich., 
ajjed 74 yciirs. Children: 

I. 1>AMKI., ; m. Thankful Hu>;g: lived at 

Syraeu.««', X. Y. 'lliey had one son, John 
llfnry, h.a»>out 1816; ni. Matilda I.:nu»»: he 
was IiHikI {hv last eighteen years «>f his life: d. 
In lS»il. 'I'liey had one dan.. Addle K., who 
rcldes in Syracust*, N. V. 

II. Uii.MAM, ; lived at Auliurn, N. V. 

III., h. in ( oniwall, Vt.. Sept. 2, ll'.f'): liveti in 

Nrw Haven. Vt,: d. An;:. 2. 1x72: seven chil- 
dren: l):iriu«, I». alioiit ls2<»: re.*. I'i\t-rii!de. 
Miih.: .lop^eph M., I». M:iy 11, l>.'i4: res. T«»i>eka 
KMn>as: Samuel. 

IV. .loiiN. ui. He d. Au«:. !'.». ls»W), :it I'ontiae, 111. 

< hildreu: Mrs. <;eori;e <ir:iy, John. 

V. (H.l^ F. ni. Siiiieon (lark 

VI. IlKMtv, res 4 litiion. N. ^■.: one s<in Madison, 

prrliaps others. 

VII. .iKi.'i MiAii, l». in IMKi: m. Mary I.eaveti : moved 

lo (irass I.ak.'. Mieh.. in 1>:{4. lie d. Mar. 21», 
1>.'»4, at liran-l Kapids. Mieh. < hildren : I.<>- 
r.iln. Martha, .leiemiah >N .. entend ^er^iee 
An;:. -Jti. 1^^;•J ax >er^''t. ( o. If. i;th Mieli. Tnv. 
Si-coiid l.ieiit. Pull ( av.. July 2.'). l^ni: re 
si;;ne«l I)«f. 12. ]y*iV,l. and was honoraldy di;* 
eliar;r<d. < hiltlr»*n: Sme«il»y, ilaiiiiah. Kraneis. 

VIII. I'mii-V. III. Alliert i;o;rer>: no ehililnn. 

IX. .I<»KL. I». Au^'. 14, isns: m. Fanny IJoekwell. l{es. 

Sylvan, Mich. Mr d. Nov 27, ls.">7. rhildren: 
.M.iry -\., I». Mar. 19, ls{>: ni. Irvin;: Stonns; 
ehihlieii: Allxrt I'... I.. Ajtr. 1. ls«;r»: Fannie 
F... I». Apr. If). I^»;<;: Alletta J. I». (>et. H. ]H<;'.K 
AlettaJ.. I. Jnly27. lhJ2: m. rliaiiney St<d- 
niaii : <ieor;:e W.. h. Mar. 17. 1K44: m. Kinily 

X. Zn.'Aii. I.. An;:. 21». iKll : m. iVrmelia lln— . of 

MiddNl.ury. Vt. lie <l. May .'». IshJ, :it iiniyif^ 
I-ike, Miih., at whi<h pl.ue Im* had livifl >iinfc 
1<54 rhildren: \V:,llaee J.. !•. Mar. 10, 
1««:{.5: ni. Jeamtt*- St«ven-ou: d. Fel». 17, IsMl. 
Oiiidren: I.i//ie: K'av: Fnima. H. F.. in. 


Sarah I'elre, res, H«K'k KalU. 111. (hlUln'it: 
Charles Z., »». Sept. 2, IHOJ; Fanny, l>. \\\g. 
20, ISTTk Pennella, l». Nov. 21>, 1S40: d. hVb. 
10, 1S71. Daniel, l». Sept. 5», 1M42; ni. Mary A. 
Ilurkliart, .Inly 3, 18(^4. ( hlhlriMt: Kd^'ar M.. 
h. in ISdS; Lottie K., »». in istUs; Harry \V.. It. 
in isTn. Arethu!<a, l». Nov. 11, lS4ft. 

XI. Smkdlkv. 

II. Cai.KH, h. alnmt 17»»7. 

III. KZHA, I), in Levorett. Mans.; \\\. Hannah Walkup. In 

Wendull, Masjj.. in ISO.*); he il. in Sa,\l>nH»k, (>.. in .\pr. 
185-1. <hililren: 

I. I>AVii», I), in Wendall. in 1H06: ni. Wealthy Cook, 

in Kiij;:sville, Ohio in 1h;{7: d. ehildieHu hi 
1850, at hiA home in S:iyhrook. Ohio. 

II. Alviica, h. in W. in 1H)7; in. Henry \Vo«Mlwonh. 

in Coiiieant. O. in \y.lx. She il. in Nov.. 1m><3. 
rhililreii : (ieor;:e H.. I), in IMl : I^iiir.i, l>. in 
1844: «1. a;jed 1«. 

III. |{oXANA. h. In IMKi; in. Fn-d >\>hl», in Onondapi, 

N. Y. in ls:{l»; shed, in Ashtalmla, O. in .lune 
1847. Children: l.onisr .M, It. in 1>40: Mary 
K.. b. in 1S4J: Kniriine .\., h. in 18-».*». 

IV. C|.Ai:i>sA. h. in 1^14: in. SidiU'\ S. .Iarvi>». of 

Ha;;iM', N. V., in ]HA'.i. < hiltlreii : Sophronia 
K., »». in lh;r.: >idii«-y N\ .. I». in |S40: .lohn \V., 
I., in 1M4. 

V. Lyman, b. in Sliute'>l»nry, .Ma**., in 1m17: mi. 

Mary Shepard, in I8,«>.*i; d. in .Sayl»n»«»k, O. iu 
18«)«>. Children: Luey A., h. in \>'>7 : Williaiii 
K. b. in 1860. 

VI., b. Dei-. 12. 1821, in Wellri, Vl.; in. 

Homer Muu«<»n in 18,'»5. One child. Nettie K., 
b. in .Siybn>«>k, Ohio in Ih.'><>. 

IV. Isaac. 

V. BkN'JAMIN, ; ni, lJe»». Shutenbury, Ma^'M. Children: 

Hamuntlui ; It^Tijainin ; an<l one other. 

VI. Bkt^KY, III. a Mr. (>a);e. lived in Wendall, Ma^it.; d. 

l>efore 1821 ; had one t^oii David. 

VII. Sai.i.y, ni. a Mr. Fry, livwl In Uellf. Vt.; had wmim I>uvid 

and lienjamin. 

VIII. I'ATIKNXK. : in. a Mr. Potter, ilv^l in Ha^ue. N. Y. 

<hil«lren: Tolly: Hotkey: i:«'Ul»en; charlotte; Axey: 
Ira; Cnroline; William; Warren. 


"Charles Brandon Boynton, D. D., wtw »>orn in Berk- 
shiro Co., Mjis.s.» in IHOO, and stutlicd at Stock}>ri(lf;e 
AnuUMuy and Williams (\)llo<^e, moivinjr the de<,n-ec of A. 
M., there in 1HH1». He i)e«ran life as a biininess man and 
wan president of the first niilroad in Ikrkshire Co., wjis a 
justiee of the i»eaee and a nieniln'r of the lejrislature. 
While ]»ursiiin«r the study of hiw he hecanie interested in 
reli^non, clh-m-red his plans, and iK'pm preachinjr at Honsa- 
tonie in the aiitunni of 1H4(). In 1H44 he was settled over 
the Preshyterian ehurch in Lansinjrlmrjf, N. Y.. and in lM4t» 
JMM-anie pastor <»t the «',th St. Preshyterian ehurch in Cin- 
cinnati. Ill 1?<.')7, he preached in Pittstiehl, hut went hack 
to Cincinnati the next year. In l^Jif), he re.*i«rned that pas- 
torate and souL^ht recupi'ration from ill-lu-alth on a farm in 
Marylaiul. In the Autumn of that year he took char«re of 
the newly formed ('(.iiLMCL^atioiial church in Washin«rton, 
I). C., and was a professor in the .Naval Academy, and 
ch'iplain <»f tiic House of He|»rescntalive.^ durin;/ tlw i^i'th 
and KMh Con^noM's. He ceased preach in;: alto<:ether, for 
coiisi<h'ration> of health, in 1h77. Aummi;: <»ther puhlica- 
tiotis, his chief work wa> '\\ Hi>ti»ry of the .\m<'ri«'an 
Navy DuriiiLT th»' l{cl>cHion." He rec«*ive<l the (h'pce of 
I). 1). from Marietta Collciic in 1<^A1». He died at the resi- 
dence (»f his dau^rhter, Mrs. H. H. Lockwood, in Cincin- 
nati, Apr. 27, l^<^';>. 
Children : 

•I. (.iKM,. IlKXin Van Nkss; rn. Ileleu Mason; one adopted 

II. riiAiu.K!* ALtiirtTLs. III. Muric'lta V Their children: 

I. riiAitl.KH III DnoN. 

II. Maioktta. 

III. Mauv Kmma. 

IV. Ann <'i,ai{|>sa, in. II. II. Lockwootl. / 

Family of Joseph Boynton, >vho i*es. in Wiscji-ssot, Me., 
when these two sons were horn. He married Charlotte 
V; died in l^'.')4 ; she di»'d in IK.'ii;. 


('hiUlren a.s fur as known : 

I. Jons TowN.SKM>, I), about ISOH; in. raroline WheeltK-k, 

of liardiiier, Me. He eiilifiteil in the nuvy, tind hein;; a 
HU|K.'rior scjinian, was plui'ed on a rerelvln^ ti\\\\i, an an 
Instructor und toai'lier. From Ma-*-*, he w«f ordere«l 
t»outh on tlie Hen Defonl, then up tin* MU-'insippl, and 
was in attion «»n tlie •Mound rity" j;un-l» : he wan 
Injured at Fort Donaldson, in eonsetiuent'e of wliit'h he 
wa-i never able to dn a daiy't* work afterward. In early 
married life they res. in llallowrll. Mr. l\v die<l in 
• ^uiney, Mas-., in Sept , lss_». Mrs. \\. died in Ko\liur\. 
Nov. 11. ls!K> Children: 

I. < iiAici.oTrK F.. b. .Mar J. IKH; : utnn. 

II. .lonN II., d. y. 

III. .\NNA L.. b. Dec. 12 1K44; in. K. II. Minard , in 

KvrnMt, .Mast*., Dec. 24, 1h72. 

IV. (;i;nu<;i:TTK K., I). Mar. l.», ls4r,;ni. <'apl. It. .1. 

r»acoii, in Wtdturn, Mass., ,lnly '>. iMis. They 
had three childien: (ieor<;«' \'an (ott, b. alioui 
lS7o; Ib'rtie, b. about ls7<i; .bdinnir. b. aitout 
Issl. -Mr. l?acon and his youn;;»st son \v«'re 
Kilb'd by ji < yt-loiif near Albany, (ia.. in \f>sHi 
.>h>. I» and Uerti** wwv injured but after h«»iih* 
week- r«c«»ver«'d sij|Jlri«'ntl\ to return to .Mann. 
In-r presfiil re-ld^Mie** 1- D'>rclnv-ti'r, 

V. .loiiN K.. b. .M.iy I. Is4'.»:dit'd in Ka-t lb»st«»n. 

II. J. .S. of llallowfll, Ml-., in. .*>n-an Kinsman : o|ii- wa- b. in 

York. Me. ; wa- li\ in;; in KIko. .\rv. in Is>.'{. < hildren 
h. In llollowell: 

I. Sktii Sn{.\«;i;K, b. about 1S4«;: a merchant in 

Oroville, (al. aNo «'ditor of the "Orovilli" 

II. IIakkikt K.. in. a Mr. .Smith; res. 'raylorvllle, 


III. Kfhk L., III. a Mr. liPinick; res. raylorvlUe, 


IV. F.i cv, III. u Mr. I'ayne; res. Klko, Nev. 

**Phillip H. Boynton, <)1h» of the oliUv-^t and lu'st known 
niih'oad Knjrinc'ci> of the Wo.-^t, with a ivioiil st'hhdn it 
ever mot l)ofoiv, diod at P<'ru, Indiana, .S'pt. IH, ls;i;>. 
He lK*«ran niihoadinjr in 1S.'>.'), helped Imild the \Val»a>h an<l 
otlier roads ; had run locomotives foi1y years eontinimusly : 


never hiwl a ncriouH atridcnt or killed a iwrnon, with ati 
approxinmtion of milou^o of 8evonty tiniCH around th*' 
world. He wiim in active nervier to within three weekn of 
hiM (leath.** 

One Benjamin Boynton, went to Weare, N. H., from 
New Boston alniut 1842; ni. Judith Evans, of Weare. 

Children : 

I. Alkinha, 'n. M<»nef» Mud^ett. 

II. (^KOHiiK SlJMNKK, d. Unill. 

Parker Boynton, a brother of Ik^njamin, vl\m) went from 
New Boston and settled in South Weare; he m. l»t, Judith 
(treen; in. 2d. Nanev ('. (iove ; he d. in 1855. 

Children l»y first wife : 

I. (iUKKN. I), in IS-ir.; III. ( atherttic Piiliner. (MiHdren: 

I.KONAio* <'.. •». in 1H40: in. KnuK*ei* Kt-nd:*!!. ren. 

LoKKN !>.. I>. ill 1H41I: III. Sanih i;uiir«»rd. 
Auiiv. I». In ls.*4: in Ktlward <Jn'^jf. 
.Maim, l». In Ihm»: m. Kilwln WliecliT. 

< Ol.'DKI.IA. I>. ill ls((!. 

John. I». in lHi2. 

S<^tiK|{, b. iD 18G4, d. y. 

CHAUi.KS, b. in 1870. 

Nkllik, b. in 1S72. 

Lafaykttk, b. in 1875, d. in 1878. 

II. AliHY, I), in 1828; in. (ieur^e C. Pai^^e. 

III. FuAXK 1'. son of 2d, wife, h. in 18.')2; m. Elvira J. Putney, 

of Deerin^. 

One David Boynton, ^^aid to have U'en of Tewkhhury, 

Mass., married Anna, daujrhtcr of Uiehard and Sarah 

(Youn«r) Hollirook, and settled in AIna, Me. Their ehil- 
dr<'n wi're : 

I. .Ikiumia, wlio III. Aiidirw J((»uker'r 

II. Sakaii, III. r 


III. Akna, ni. John Averill In 1H04. 

IV. Bktj*ky, m. SU'i»h<'n Oxtioru. 

V. Mahia. m. a Mr. W«MK»r. 

VI. I{|(:iiAl(i», III. Mrx. Youn^. 

Vli. .John, in. Miiry Mur>*h, of Wlmlnor, Me. Children: 
lliinimh . I.; William U., who hud Kdwln W.. Klton II.. 
.\n»ert S. ; Marv A.; I/evl ; Kinniu; John; Sarah; John. 

One Stephen Emerson Boynton, lH)ni in HuIibanlHton, 
Ma*<»., Mar. 14, ixOO; m. ? 

Children : 

Al.oNZo, b. alMMjt \HM. 

•lo.sKi'ii. >>. atiout IMO; haM a wife and four children. Ken, l)e«^r- 

n<'ld, Ma»*»*. 
AiiiUAii., I>. in 1H(HI: in. ilonu'e Shuinway. 
Ai.KUKii, l». In 1H12; iii. Sarah Jane V l{e«. Levori'll, Mai«H. 

Two dau;;ht«'rH dlrd: nne mmi, Of^iiir WillU, l». in 1h|:<. in I'al- 
in«'r. Ma":*. : m. L«»viija II. '; in \hV4. in Aiiilu'r*t. Chil- 

dn-n : (ieor;;t* 0»car, l>. June il, lK»Mi; Jennie Ann, l». In Ann. 

1J^()'.>; Kye* Allen. I». in S«'pt. 1k74. 
Haxtki:, \t. ill lJ*l«!. !{»'>. I*alm»'r, Ma^*!*. 
Mauy, b. in lhl8; in. lVt«'r Southuick. rhlldron: All>ert, b. 

In ]M4: Lo!*rn, h. in IH4«;; Martha; Maria. 
llKfiiKN Lyman, I». in 1^»20. IC**'*. I'aliiM.-r, .Mann. 

When we Ik'^thm to jMiMi?«li tlie ( Jeiiejilojry it wuH with the 
ideu of printin;: only the tirst live ;reiierutioiifr. with their 
children. The line of William wa> eoiupUtcd U'lorr it wuh 
jweertuined the hook eoiild not Im* tini>hed in season for the 
Annual Convention, in 1XH7, therefore it was deeine<l iM'wt 
to eontinue the <renerations ; wliieh was done in the line of 
John, in eonseijuenee of whieh, such as are at hand of the 
line of Williain are addrd in this snies. 

Of SainueT, .\o. 24, on pa^T HI, we learn tln'ie were five 
ehildren, hut have no names; hi^ widow married Ile/ekiah 
UoIm'iImhi, of Coventry, (.'t. 

46. David* Boynton, on paL'e 17, m. Mary (Polly) Par- 
ker. Children : 


I. JosKiMi 7, b. ill 1801 ; unm. ; d. in New York, Apr. 5, 1829. 

II. Saiiah S. 7 . b. in 1813, d. Sept. 14, 1819. 

III. <IIAKLKS W. M.", b. iu 1803; d. Nov. 12. 1819. 

IV. Maky I'. ', 111. Joliu L<»w, in New York I ity, Mar. 31, 

18,{0:shf a. .lun. 11. 1874. children: S.Hrah .Vnn *♦. 
b. In \e\v York; ni. Il«Mij:nniii F. Kowe. C>ct. 3, I860; 
railHTlnc M.". b. ill Havfililll, Mas^s., Nov 1«, IS.H ; iii. 
<;«'orse \V. W««lister, in llaverliill, l>«'0. 1, 185IJ: ilu'ir 
rliililri'ii: (Je«>r;jf Herbert '•', b. 0»t. 19, 1857: m. Mi** 
i:tta rjiinliirr. .\|»r.. ISSS; Clara Ktta'*. U. Nov. 17, 18«H : 
III. Aiixtiii K. Itiiddofk. .fiiiie 7, issS: Marv I'. »* , b. Au^. 
7, 1.h;U in Deirv, N. II.. d. Nov. J, Ix:i5: .lolm Henry ^. b. 
Oct. !>, 1.S.J5, in l)<rry: in. II. W il«.ii. Nov. Hi, 
IH.V.J: David It. ", b. Nov, 1.1, i>:{7; d. May 22, 1M39; 
Seiya N'ltttMia »•, !►. I)ee. 9, Ih.'Ul; in. Horace Tiltoii, in 
I'lal.-tow, May JJ, lN."iH; Hannah .I.'*, b, Oct. M. 1M41 : 
III. < liarlc!* Kni^jlit, of Allilll^on, N. H., Nov. 24, \siiH; 
(Hur;;e W " . b. .Inly 2.t, IS-M: d. A|.r. .'i, ]s',{K 

V. Nathan I*. '. in. Martha Skiniiei: d, Nov 20, Is7(» < liil- 

divn: Mary .Ian**", in Ueiijainin Wliitiier. had two 

sons; Harriet '^ ; F.oiilsa "; Keiijainin ^, in. "r l!es. 

San .Io*e. I'al.; Iiad *ix I'hildrrn, one Mi'IImmii", is a 

ll;(|iii<.t minister in Calilornla; Nathan Herbert " . in. 

liatl six eliildren. 

VI. hAViiiT, 111. I'hoebe Kinerson- lie d. Mar. I'J. 1n**3. a;:e«i 

71 yeai> and M niontiis. < liil.lien: l.ney Ann'*, in. 
Ih'iiry 4;eor;re, two eliiliiien. <'anie •*, and hella'' ; Turo- 
line" : I'hocbe Kllen - ; \Valt«'r Siotf*, a I'olieeinaii in 
Haverhill, Ma-s.. m. Haiiimli T. Starbird. of rortlaiid. 
Me rhildieii: Maud Ibna". Hi.ward Melvin"', Ktliel 
Maiimi!'. May Aliie''. Ili-nry Starldnl '•', Kinina rliase*-*. 
I arrir l'.rlU''.». Herbert Leslie'-*, Harold Walter'*; 
( li.irbs Parker" : William Kraiui.sf*. m. t'annie Kleieher; 
they have one dan^jliter, Mabel. 

VII. John t, num. 

VIII. Silas I*. T, h. Oet. 2n. 1H(».5; in. Hannah Webster; re*. 

I.yiiii, Mass. : he d. Nov, 10, IMU. Chlidreu: .Sarah 
.lanei*, Kli/jibetli " . .Maria'*, Hannah ". Helen*, in. a 
Mr l!i«hardson; res. I.viiii. Mass. 

49. John' Boynton, <ni pajrc IM, Immii ()d. 'JS, 177<>; 

lie \va^ lisli'd ainoii^' tin* '*pi(»M(»('r M'ttlois of tin? Ildllaml 

Pmvliasc/' in N. v., as eaHv as ISO.'i. Mrs. 11. **d\vd 
latnontt'd at a ltikuI old ajro." CUiUhvii: 

I. .iKKKMIAll". 



II. EXHA 7 in. Mary ? Of hliii, hlj» uloo«s Mr». Ilohht* wrote: 

''TMn world "f ourt» HlVonU Imt fow 

Hke l»lin, Ko p»neru»i!« h\\\\ ho jum, 

A b«Mirt, no t*MMl<»r mu\ no iruo, 

A *o\\\ >*o hiumimI Io lt»« tru!*l." 
rblUlrtMi: l.mlii* Durwhi", h. In IU>t!mny, (M. 'J«, 
lH4«: m. Marlll:i M. Koyni.Uls, of llllls.lale, S\W\\. Dw. 31, 
187-; ll»' was onl;iln«tl to tlu' (lirlstlan ministry In tin* 
Frt'ewill llapt'iHt iMMKuniiiatiou, 111 Do Kalli Co. III., in 
1S7«;. ( liildien: rt'iry W.w, b. in 187M; Kloii IV ». h. In 

lh7S>; i:o\al .).». I.. In IK81 ; Kdwln A. ", ni. y \W 

isuM. K. iiiiiil'ttT. thildiTii; Mary K.»', Raymond 

III. AmmoN". '•• in iNlCt, III. Ht'tsoy r; hadtwodan^hterb. 

Al»l»l»'* ; Ann '*, in. .Ifroine Colliy, they have «.iie dan., a 
teacher, lie came to (iroveland, Mass , and iiiairitMl Mtk. 
Sarah A. ( ol)urn, May .'U, 1HS7. His drath occnrrd S<'((t. 
Ifi, 1S1I4. 

IV. CLAUIssa ', III. 

V. I.vima", III. .lohn Krwiii; she died in lH7i». < liildren. 

.laniex H >*, rei*. Milwaukee, Wis.; Orlando !{.'*, re»., 
<hica;r.>. III.: Martha A. >*, ni. \iv\. A. I'. Moore, of 
rhica^jo. <'hil«lren: r. (iertrnde^, in. Mrrrltt h 
Siinondx, Matie K ^, in. Walter II. Furloiij;; Mary K.»*, 
I), .lime 21, IS41: in. .losiah II. Ilohhs, Ks<j.. of Madison, 
X. II., .Ian. :i, IH7S. She was at one time on tin- ot.itl" of 
\V(M)dV Ma;razine. 'I'ln-y had onr son, Irviii;; .I.i*. h. 
«Inne 11, IHH). Ilrr f!v::th ocrurred nnex|K'cte«liy on 
.luly 5, islMi. 'Hie poem which sh*- com|M»-.iM| and reail 
at tin* first r.oynton ( onvention held in New tmryiMiri 
Mass,, on An;;n<l 14, Iss.J, was snch an a|)pro)triat<> 
olleriiig we repnKlnc*- It here. 


We hiive heard tlie (li>tjint suimiions, 

We have risen at the eall, 
And have •ratheied jtt your hiddin*; 

To this spju'iotis City hall. 
\o li^ht whini hsis hroiiLdil us hither, 

On no idle ijuest we eoiue 
Kound the ni()unt;iins, o'w the river, 

Throuirh the city's hiun ; 


But a name of sacred seeming 

Oft the heart and soul will sway, 
And our Hoynton blood has (juickened 

To rospond to you to-day. 
Wo have hoard the roll-call sounded 
Whoro our Kastern tlooits unfold, 
And tho ooho has ros|>ondod 

From I ho Western grates of jrold. 
From «)nr N'orthorn towns and cities, 
From our mountains' cool arcades. 
From our Sjuithcrn vales and villas, 

From her orantre jrroves an<l «rlades. 
Comes the word that makes us kindred- 
Children of a nol)le l>lood ; 
And we Mess the tie that hinds us 

To the H(»ynton brotherhood! 
Tis a word I love to utter, 

*Tis a name I love to hear, 
ThoULdi its sylla))les are softened 
Sometimes by a >tartinL' t«'ar ; 
Twa> a W(»nl I learned to falter 
At a Iovin;r irrand^ire's knee. 
And a name I Icanicil to honor 

From my earliest memory. 
Twas the name my saintly mother. 

In hor ^loldrn girlluxKl bore. 
Ami her ehlest son received it 

With the jrrace her spirit wore. 
I have left my loved ones sleeping 

In the Empire State afar; 
Hut the pa>t is in our keeping, 

An<l its portals oft ajar. 
Now again I hear the story. 

As my memory goes back. 
How my gnn\dsire strolled ait evening 
By the limi)id Menimac ; 


Aiul widi «j:ruii(liu()tlior l»esiih* liiin — 

WIkmi their lives and loves were youn^ — 
How the «rol<leii iiiooiiIkmuiis ;jHst«'ne«l, 

How the silver ripples snnjr. 
HeivaUmts he huilt his eottaire, 

H^'reahouts his hoiiu> iH'piii : 
With tin* hoy lu^ail in the hostun 

t )t the solHM'->rfiiiin«;: man. 
Hut the western hree/es heekoiUMi, ^ 

An our old aiuestral tree 
Never sent a iiohler scion 

To thr waitin;.' wiMs than he. 
Thus to nie he has the sj'einin;;. 

And your ^ran<l-sire> s<M'ni the .same; 
For what tinirer tin<ls a >ti;;ina , 

Ke>tinL' <»n the Hoynton name? 
How they hattlcMl lor their eountry. 

How thev strui:«rlr<l lo!!*; airo. 
How tln'y lived and died, the annadj* 

< )f our woilhy I)ort(»r show. 
He the en'am <)f life is ;^vin«r 

To this laudahle jMirsuit, 
Thn-adinj: haekward thiou'di the aireM 

For the ohl an<'estral root ; 
|)elvin«r over <lu>ty tablets, 

TiMlin;: throu;:h historic tomes. 
TnuiuL' line and link primeval, 

KviMi to our Very hoiufs. 
AN'»'*ve asM'uiMrd Urw t<» ai<l him, 

'i'o rn<-oura<r«' and to rherr: 
And to ;:ive a «rladson)e «;rertin;f 

To our kindred tar and near 
We have L'athere<l here to help him, 

That our old anre>tnd tree 
Shall naeh d<»wu tull-twiiTired an«l |H»rteet 

To remote posterity. 


<LAKi«'!*A .1.'*, iiJ. II. K. Wek-h, of I>avl»t- 

liur^h, MU'h. 
Oi.ivkA.", m. 1). M. rei»|»er, of Davl^ 

Imr);. Mioh., June 23, 1S75. 

Family of Oi»;:<mm1 (j(M»r«ro' Uoynton, on pa<:e IH. 

KLituiiMiK IIalk", whs b. N'ov. 1. 182«J, In 
DdvtT, N. 11. Ill 1S44 lie went t«» Ohio, 
and HI. Miss Ann (.Jartlner, by whom lit- 
liinl four chlltlren; the first thrt* d. y. 
He returne<l to Ilav^-rhill in 1855. Will- 
iam II. ", was I.. Ifi, 1857. In 1h;i 
In* went to Hurtalo, N. V., ami a year 
later to Miili . where he remalne<l until 
1871. when he rrm«tve<l to Minn., wherein* 
died \u^. 2<;. 1^^7; his wife d. in Mic-h.. 
An;:. (1, 1>7<>. 
riiAUi.Ks WkslkV, III. Sarah, dau. ol 
rharl.-s and Ke/iah W ijr^in, in Haverhill. 
S«*|it. K;. ls.V». ( hildren: Frank H.-', 
h. .Inn.' -.'4, 1S,58; d. Feb. 24, 1861>. 
( harle^ Kdward», b. .Ian. 22, I8r^; 
graduated fniin Harvanl In 18h2. For 
the last ten years he ha? I>een teaching in 
<hir:i;;o: meantime lias jjrailuated in 
Medicine. an<l is associate I'rofesK(»r at 
one of the Medleal ndle^es. and does 
ollk-e and other medical w<»rk in the 
i Fi{ANtK> Ki.i.KN s, m. I'hippen H., son of 

Kbenezer and h'ebeeea Ja«|iie.s, of Haver- 
hill. .Ian. 1. l^.'^4; he d. In 1803: one dan. 
( lara Tnliulah. b. Oct. ."). 18,-)6. 
(iKni«:K < )s<i<M)ii ^. umn. 
1If.\i:v Wkhjiit >*, was born in Haverhill. 
Ma^s.. April 16, 18;r.i. After tini>hin;r 
his Htndie* at the Hi;;li <chMnl. he enter- 
ed the •hoe biisini-< with his lath»'r. 
(>,*;| i;»'or;.'»' lioynton. At hi- father"^ 
death the bn-ims- was eonlinm-d by 
Ht-nry and hi- brother (barbs \\ . In 
IHW} h«' mai ri<d .lo-epbine IJebecca Uiek- 
nni. ot Bradford. Mas-., and has -ince 
residttl in that town. lb- has one dau;:h- 
ter, f.nti«* .Io««'|ihine '••, born May 2<;. 
I.s7'.», who •rradnaliMl at tin- Kradbnd 

ffiirroRY or tiir. botktos fa milt. i4S 

lii;;h >*ch«M>l. .Tunc £{, ISW. 

51, Faiuily of Stephen Boynton, »»i> |»««rc 21. WIumi 
thi' war of \Hl'2 l>n»ko out, a Militia Coiiipany was formr<l 
at Mni'liias, Mo., whirli shouM Ik* rrady at a mimUoV iiotia' 
to oliey any coiiniiaiKl of the ('aptaiii. .Stoplion wa^ oii<» of 
the c'oin|»aiiy, ami 1m» ii'tH'iv«Ml a laml ;rian! for srrvit-«»> mi- 
♦leroil. TIk' war rau.M'd a sraxm of cxtraonrnmry M*ari-i!y 
M) that the iniiahitaiits of Mathias wvvv |»rrssr<l tor thr han* 
ii«Mi'>sitios of lifr, in «'onMM|nrM<'<' of whuli ho wont to St, 
.folin-, \. 15., to «rrt work, and fM-ajM* tin* hani tinu'*: \\v 
r<>niain<'<l then* until ulNUit 1^20, when Ih' returned t<» hi> 
old home. lie died ainMlt 1^<7<>. 

('Iiihheii: Five hy tir-l wife, four hy mmmhhI wife. tw«» 
l»y tlie tliird wife, 

I. Amo- T . I,, ill .Ian.. |K|s: m, Mary .\:\\if U iUt»x. In Ot-t. 
1H.">0: he«l. ill Apr.. !»*".». TliHr eliihli»*i»: .M;iry K.", U. 
I-Vli 2M. ]H',2: St**!.)!*-!! K. «*, l». \v»r. <;, Is.VI; Su-.iii K. "^ 
\t. .Inly 4, ls.*)«. 

ri. 'l'il<*M.\«'. h. .1:111. Kif ls?2;ni. Ilaiiik:ili I.. Watt-, Oi-i. 14, 
is.-.l : ^IhmI. (k-t. 2:{, 1KH7. rhihlnMi : Stfpli^n A.''» 
.Inly 2:i. 1kV2; riaiii A. '*. ».. Aw;r. jr,. lH,>i ; ,|. Mar. 12, 
ls<^»; Saiiin»-1 ". I». Jan. 10, Is.")?: tl. S.-pt. «;, is.'iM; Sam- 
uel ", h. May 14, ls.V.>: d. .Ian. 14. isf.i^: Willie*. »». \«.v. 
14. Inr/); May % h. .Inne 14. IsiWi. 

III. Ar.HiAii. TiiLKsToN T. h. ,Fuii». 11. is2i ; III. .Ian»l» AMmiII, 

.Ian. •-»•-», IMM). lit' wa:. I.. Mar. 2«.». 1s(h;, ami d. Keh. -»»;, 
issl: t.nerliild. Mary .T. *. I., in Milltoxm. Me., Mar. V 
isr.l :a. An;r. 2H. Issj. 

IV. I.I <Y I..", h. Mar. l."». l>27; ni. l*t IVnlinaml Hnwker, of 

Marliia". iKt. 2. Is5n; lu- il. Sept. SA. K)'-'. ehiltiren: 
l.»'>i F. *, It. May •_»«>. \>:>\. <l. I VI.. '.», 1M)4: IVnlinaml 
K. ". I». N«r>. 2;i. IM-.J. ,1, May A. ]>M. she in, -M. AJlM-rt 
M«H.i.. An^'. II. iNCrO, He \va- l». in All>i»»n. >!••., I'll., h, 
iMll. i|. In Ihm*. TlM-ir « hil.ln-n : < liarh- II.'*, I». Sept 
•-'.". 1^<;1 ; .\nnle I., ", I.. .May ;i. I*^*;;t; Stephen i:.". I». 
.Mar. :i. iMj.',: ,|. .lan. In. IV"5: M«liiial.l«- K.". I.. Api, 27. 

V. K/.KMKI. • . «1. y. 

%l. II.XNNvn .!.'*. I». .Iniie 12. ]<.i-2: in. Wiii-|i.\v n'.wUn. I»ee, 
n;. l.<»o. K.*. I». Sept. 2*.». \<>\ : 
Kli/aLetli F. ••. I.. .Inl\ 2<". IvM: Fre.l W.". I.. .Ian. 1^ 



lH6i-, John >l. ". I), .lune 13. d. Nov. IB, 18W. 

VII. l)AVii»7, d. y. 

VIII. Ko8(M»K(j.7, »». July Ifi, 1836; in. Martha A. Bowker. 

Dev. 2<.», 18<J1. < hlldreu: Alinlra B.«, b. Dec. 24, 1862; 
d. June «, 1884; Annie <".«, I». Ang. 21, 1S(13; d. Aur. 14. 
1880; KuiiJy J. », h. Ott. 15, 18r,7; Oet»rKe B. ^, h. Oot IS. 

IX. A ll«»v • , d in infaiu'v. 

X. A Son ' , fonr nutnths old ait thne of <|pjilli. 

XI. Maky I. ", It. In June 1842; il. In 18«;(J, unni. 

52. Kaiiuily of Thomas* Boynton, <>" i»»j:t' 22. 
Cliildrrn Imumi in Andovor: 

I. KKUKrtA ". li. Oft 18, ISO); ni. Benjandn Abbott 4th, I>ef. 

24. 1S18. 

II. Mawv'. It. M;ir. .*.. ISO.".. 

III. Thomas'. I». Auj:. 2m, IsHi; ni. Sophia Klchurdnoii, -MMJth 

nl Dnirul,*" Max ;j(i, \s:is. 

54. Benjamin' Boynton wa^* 'xnn in Andovcr, Mass., 
July IX, 1H17, iM'in^^ tlic eldest thild of Bonjamin and 
H(din<la (IVarson) li<»ynt<)ii, and (he «5t!i jrciicration fioiii 
Williani, oiio, ni tlu* lii>t srttKMs in this country, llis^rrrat- 
irnindtatln^r, n<MijjiiMiii Ann's, was Cajdain of on«* of tlir 
.Vndovcr coniitairn's lliat fon;riit at nunl^rr Hill, and lii'> 
irrand-falin r, riioiiias I>oynton, was :i sniri-aiit in tin* >ann' 
ronipanv. Ht; n'l-civcd a cointnon srhoid odufation, and in 
••arlv lite h\inuMl tiio sinu'tnaki'rs tnuU'. \lv devoted a pail 
of Ills lite to the nianufaeture of sh<»ert, and a pait to 
a;!:ri('uhm:d pursuits. 

lie was niarrie<l, May 2(Mh, is.')!, to Sarah Hardwell 
Uiehanls. of Oxford, Mass. She was Imhii in India, hei- 
parents, James Uiehanis, and Sarah Hardweli Uiehards, Ih'- 
iii"^ anniii" tin* tirst niiNsionarie> >t'U\ to that <-ountrv. Thev 
had two ehildreii, Louisa*, who <lied in ehildhood, and Clara 
K*i4h.»rds\ still livinir: >he is a tea«her. 

Ueniatnin Iioynt<»n was n<de<l tor hi>; hone>ty and inti'L'ri- 
tv, an<l had the e«»nti»le.nei' ot* hi> fellow t<iwnsnien to sueh a 


degree that he w&a elect otl to various offices of trust, 8erT- 
ing a8 one of the SeUvtiuen of tlie town ten years, iiuiiul- 
injr the critical jHM'ioil ot the War of the KelH»lUon, lie 
tlied \ovenilM»r 2M\u l^*l*l» In^hived and ivsjH'cted hy u hirfje 
circle of friends : 

Edgar Anderson" Boynton, on pj^re 28, resides at llor- 

nellsville, X. V. lie married Ij<>ona Foster, of Hor- 

nellsville, Nov. 22, l?<s.s. Children: 

<;ordou Fainhaiu ». It. ill lssi4; Kenneth Howhiiul 5*, W. in 1891: 
Hnth Kli/a«, U. in lSli;i. 

Mary Jane\ i"* i»<>t dead, as n'conled on pa«re 2ii. 

55. Family of David* Boynton, <>f Andover, on page 


Hannah Kmzauktm '. ni. 1st in 1856; in. 2(1. Benjamin J. Lxne. 

rAUOMNK Ann ', ni. Tlionias i'owers, A|ir. 2.'!, 18.'{:{. 

Maicy a. 7, ni. Aljjernon S. Nifhois; re«. Iliivcrliill, Mans. 

Slied. July 23, 181>s. Ihililren: MyronA.**, re^. Iluverhlll. 

Sarah E. **, ni. .lolin M. I'oore. 
I>AVii»", reuKiveti to Avon Tark, Kla., after the il«ath of hip 

wife, some eijrlit or ten years aj;o. 

56. Family of Moses' Boynton, <>»» pa^'e 24. lie m. 
I^'tscv Aver. Seven ot his eiL'ht ehiMren passed auav Im^- 
fore lHr»4. Nathaniel \va< living: in Woodstock, N. 11. 

I. IIa/Kn", lia- a sun (ieor;;<'''lii Ho^^ton ; also other (.hiltlreii. 

IV. Samihi, '. Iiad i'liililren in < liieaj^i). 

V. Natiiamki,', I'. .Ian. 4. Isls-.m. \ni, I)<>lia T. rlark, who 

was iht' niothrr <•! ]ii> ihililrcii : lie in. Jd, Mrf>. Kniily A. 
(Kus^ell; f-on;:»'«'. riill.lien: < harle- II. >*. I». (»«t. 2ii 
lh4«',. in Tliornion. \. il.. ni. .Mary O. Tarr. in ]hb'S.^ 
INrl.«'rt < . ". I.. An;:. 11. Isr.I ; l.iiwri<toii K. " . I». Mar. 
1."., IS.Vk .Mo...> A ^, h. Fell. I.'). IS'w;: (ir«ee K. ^. »». May 
1. ls.V.». ni. a Mr. Alu'I : ^hf d. May 5. Iss.'i. 
VII. IlKlsKV ' . in. a Mr. I*:iy:e; «li«-«l in .lune Iss;{. apMl 7.*i. shf 


had u lurj^e family. 
VIII. N'ancv 7 , III. a Mr. Tal^^e, uud had n large family. 

58. Children oi Thomas* Boynton, «« im^ i!>. 

IV. I>AVli>7. had t\v<MUiu;ihter9 Uy hi)* tlr-t wife, four fhlT- 

dien by the 2«l., viz: Mary«, .Ieru!»ha ", ilannah 

Klvlra'*. KvHIne Au<;ust:i, * F^yilla Aim,*. l>avhl 

V. .Iuii\7, in. 1st, Maria 1). Kni»\Tl<'»». KH>. 1, inas. She iL 

wlthdut rhlUlrt'ii; he III. 2(1. Almira Smith, Mar H, ]m'A. 
lie was l»y tiailea iar|»»*i»l«'r. (.'hlMreii: < Fara !».'*, I». 
An;;, "i*!. l'^^-*: m- •'aint*'* V. Nelson, of SaU-ni, in 1H«»4. 
lie tl. in N»*\v MilfonU I'a . aliont ISisU: shr «l. in Matvh. 
IS'.MJ: i;fMr;;»' A.". It. Kel». in, 184.^: in. Ahbie I.. I»:iltoiu 
Nov. i.")^ ls7l. i:»'s. Little U^tis lle:nl, N. M. rhiUlnn: 
Mary K.-', I». .Ian. HI, ls77; lUnitrioe A.'\ I*. Sipr. 24. 
ls7?»; hlaiulM' II.''. I». An;:. 2iMss2: l>alt«nr'. I». May .SO. 
Is,s7: Solon M. >*.l». (>ri. 2, 1n"»2: in. Kiniiui Moitinnr. 
rlilMirn : < anie'«, llarhara''. 
Vi. IIannaii '. i«'«. Thornton <ioiv, N. 11. (hiUlren: Thoina* 
r..". Hiiani". Hannah'*. llaiKoni". 

VII. Lvi»iA 7's rhiltlnii : William «", L>dia Ann •*. 

VIII. IJmVAI.', lelt two »laii;;litfi>. 

i\. riiANiM.KU 15. 7. res. tlr?it in Noithrtehl. Vt., removed U> 
Minn. al.(»ut IKIJO. ."somt* ac-eounts >;ive his first wifeV 
name Mary I.«'onard. < hiltlreii : Frank G. » , l». Ort. 2*.»^ 
ls.'»4: Adallne'*, iii. a .Mr. Whiiford, res. Hastings. Minn.; 
Fiances'* : Frnl <"arn»ll " , a "ou of Mrs. Mary A. lioyiv- 
t«Hi, bv her Hist IuisImiuI. 

59. Cliildn'ii (It John F.' Boynton, <»ri pane '2h, 

lJoi»NKY '*. I». in 1K.')(I: ni. .\in*-lfa Harnanl. 

GKoiMiK K. "*, h. in 1S52: in. Ilattie IMero'. 

.\Mos*«, It. in lxi>.l; in. l.ettif .laekmau. 

I'AIGK", l». in K").'»; in. Altlti«* Trow. 

Sakaii J,.'*. I». in IS.'O: in. William Mni-phy; shed. In 1HSI. 

lloiiACi:", l». hi ls.-)h; d. y. 

Clinton Wii.i. h, i,. hi IH.V.i; m. Lavlna ( lon>ch, of DeerUijc: r«^. 

North Weare: one son iH'or;:e''», h. In lHv2. 
.rAMi> W . ", h. in 1S(;2: m. Li/zle Itrowu. 
llAisitv 'J.", I». in lsi,4. 
» icAKi.i> K.'*. h. ia lx«J; d. r. 


JoHN«, h. in 18«7. d. y. 
Il»A«, l». In IWW. 
Ekxkst8, h. in 1871. 
Ki.MKRTOX*, l>. in 187.t. 

C'hiJilron of Kli/a J.' l*umn«rt<m th^ vi child, 

Sakah a. «, U. in FH>. 1S52, d. In 1872. 

li»A B. ", l».}y ls:»4;d. in 1H71. 

J)Ki.NO W. ►*. I). Ill .liiM. lsA«; lu. ("lam A. JUnd; two chlldrfn: 

iimi^'* and ('liHuid K.^'. 
4'iiAKLK.s K. *<, I), in .l:iii. 18^8; ui. Kttu M. liaud; onf child: 

Marlon >♦, l». in Js77. 
Nki> K. »*, h- in isr.O; ni, Alice <'a§r*. 
Fkkii li. >*, b. In ls<;2. 
Kj-oka I.. »*, I), in is<;(j. 
Mauv J.**, b in iMi^^. 

Mary Ellen Sawyer' vii child had one 8on, All>ert 0.% b, 
in 1861. 

60. Nathaniel Boynton, oti page 25 ; d. in 1876. 

I. Ai.KKEH L.7 IlovNToN. diwl In 18«7. Mph, B. iL in 1871; 
one f»ou, Frank Wlnslow". 

III. Maky Ann", b. in 182C.. was oudtt^d; nlie in. RuhmU 

Barnard, of Dunbarlon. N. II.; d. in 187B. 

IV. (Jkoijc.k H.", rt's. in Bontoh, U wild to liuvf written 


♦' li«»ine's not merely four square walls, 
niouj^h with i»l*^tnres hmi;; and >fUded. 

llonjj' is \vln*re atVeotlon calls, 

FilU'd with shriiu's the heart hath l»(illdeil. 

Home! «;o watch tlie faithful dove. 

Sailing; 'neath the heaven above us: 
Homo is when* there'i one to love! 

Home is where there's one to love us," 

i'hildren of Helen Mar and Charles Davi? 



Dr. K. n. I>avl8 8, of (onconi, b. about la'iS; Hattie E.«, b. 
about iKriO; III. a Mr. liutcbohler. 

64. Family of Thaddeus' Boynton, on \m^e 27. 

I. C;k<um.k7, U. May *J4. Is02. in Coventry, ft.; m. C'yuthia 
Wlilttemore, N<.v. -'7, 1S-.M5. lied May 2, ISOI; j«he d. 
Mjir. 2, 1879. Milldrcn: Itev. Georp* l» > ; ' • .bApr. 
27, 1S2S; III. KIUmi M. IJiirli.lder. Mar. .HO, is.-^ft. Tli.-ir 
cbildien : Kmiiia K. '•. h. and d. in IS.'iJ!; Olin F. », b. in 
ls.'i7. in. Annii' l.'ayinond: riarem-e !).••, I), lu 18.'^5>: 
KI«'trbei K. '». I». in IsCl ; (;e«»r«je W. '•♦. b, in 1S(^4 ; IJosae 
A.'-'. III. in ]M«i7: ArtlinrC."', b. in 1S09: Willie II.''. b. 
in 1S71. < yntliia l.oui^a''.b, .June 21, 1H2'.»: ni. KIk-ii 
U. Pncbii'v. .IniK- 7. 1K47: d. Mar. 17, iH.'ifJ. Kveref 
Suard«. b. IVb. H;, IKKi: d. An?:. 1, 1S.'W, I'biluiid.T 
I'n-^iott f*, b. May 2t;. ls;{.5 .b)bii Wesley »*. |,. >l;,r. 1. 
l^:^7. IMtliaidl'. >. b. .Fmie 1.'), 1S42: <l. .Ian. 21. Isi.*.. 
Kinin.i IfMsetta'". b. N«iv V.K lS4t5; d. Kel». 17. is.i.n 
IJltbaid r.veiet •*. !•. .An;:. II, 1S.'>(»: d. Keb. 2«'». IS.t'.. 
VMI. NnicMAN', III. I.'ailiel I'oltiT. o| ( ulniiibla. roim.. ( M 7, 
1H44: >ln; was b. .lime s. Is24. and d. <bt. 2(1, lss7: be tl. 
So|.t. 17, 1S'>7. rliildren: <aiHle I'. ^. b. .Mar. J>, 1S46; 
III. l-ney A. ( oliuan. I>er. 2s. 1^71; one son, Wilfre<l 
I..».b. Aujr. 21. Is77. p:ilen M.». Alice M.«, twins, b. 
Oct. 26. lr<54; Klhn .M.. d. Keb. 1.3, 18.").-i; Alice M., in. 
rharles G. Coombs, of W<»<Klsiock, Conn.. Oct. 2C5, 1874. 
cbildren: llattie K. '••, b. .Inly <;. 1881; Alice It.'', b. 
N«»v. 19, 188H. Kninia E. ". b. .Iiine 1(>. 18.57. d. .Mar. 2.3* 
I8.'is. Walter N.% b. Fel>. 24, 18.-)9; in. <orneliji A- 
lleacli. of liranfoid. « om,.. May 1, 1884. Cbildren: 
. Nellie M.", b. .May 15, ISS.'); Clarence X.'', b. Apr. 29, 
1888. K'acbel K. ". b. .Inly 2«, 1861 : in. Albert W<kk1. of 
Soiiili ( oventry, .Inne 4, l8!»s. llattie 11. "*. b. .Vii;;. 17, 
I8r,4: d. Nov. 27. 187.'). 
IX. Ai'sriN T IJOYNTON. III. l>t, \an(y Unit Hunt, May 30, 
I8r»4: III. 2d. .\inilda l.iicrriia Clark, .Inly 1. 1872. Cbil- 
dren: Kiiyene A. f . I». May 23, I8.'j6. Lillian K. ", b. 
Feb. H. ls(Jl : III. cbarits Parker. Herbert 11. ". b. .Inne 
•2.', ls(i;{; f,i. Fanule F. I'erkin-. hec. 21. 1891; they bave 
Howard r. '•'. b. in IMM; Homer A.'', b. in l8t»5. .Mariu 
K. *. I). Sept, 1, is»{.-,: ,1. Frank S. ". b. An«. 4, 18«J7; d. 
Klia < lark «, b. Apr 27. 1873. Frank O.-^.b. Sept. 21. 
I>»74. Saialil.J'. b. S«'pt. 21, 1876. 'J'lieo«lor»' 1.". b. 
Sept. 28, IHSO. Iliilip H." 


66. Family of John W/ Bojnton, <»» pujrc 27. 

3lary •♦ and <»eor>fe W. .lotitiftton, had childn'ti (Jeorge llonu****, 
and LoU'*. JaiiieH Henry'*, in. Harriot V. Wjitron»«; had 
Hattle M.», (irace S.'», .lanuH H.». Kdward S.**, had «.ne 
child, Alice tl. '*. Mr. and Mr^. Pulnier have one or two ehil- 

69. Family of Justus" Boynton, *»m pu^o 2'.». Hi^ 
futlior, lU'Iu, was married in I77ii. .lustus was l». ,Iuly la, 
1775 (instead of 177.H, a> printed els«'\vlu're.) iiliothi 
li4'nm'tt vva- l». Sept. 21, 1777. TIh'V were married .Ian. 
li, l7Hi». Ciiildren: 

I. .lUSTUg Hknnktt", I». Kt'l». l<i. 1K(H>, at Srhoharif. N. V. 

rhihlrrn: llcnian Storrs ■*. h. at Delhi, N. V. Liniiia ^ 
Sali«l»ur\ had a dan. Oiia 1..-', who tii. a Mr. I.aiie; |•e^. 
<hira;:o. III. 
II IfllooA Uknnktt", I». Fel». i:<. ISO.I. in Sihoharle, N. V. 

III. Aim I'l knkk". was h. May l«i. 1mm;. rhIKIren: ,\usiaha'*, ui. 

a Mr. Aiijrell; had IM. Ku^'ene H. ••' ; .lames !-:.'• ; Mary I.." ; 
\n-laiia ••. I.ouit«a M.**, in. William K. Kreneh : Mary K**» 
h. Ajn. 7. 1K4.'5. in. Martin 1.. l)a\i?«. Nov. 215, lHr».{. Chil- 
dren : Virginia A. '•'. h. In ISCS; Kllen L. •», h. in ls71. 

IV. Adna ". was h. July 7, ISOH. 

V. Oi.iVKT ", d. dune 2, ls:{s. Hi- son. All»erl Latham wa>i h. 

Sept. 14. \KVl. in Tortland. N. ^'.; m. Mereie < ". Sweet. 

VI. Kdwin T, I,. Oct. 12, IhIn; m, rviithia M. (iraves, Oct. 12. 

184:{. < hildren: Krvin", l>. Se|.t. s, ixu; : ni. Kvlyn 
<irave.-, Nov. 10, lh72; no children. Sarah K^,l». N«>v. IK, 
lHtJ»; in. (►•ear I), (iravr^. .XIarcli 10. |st;7: they have seven 
children, .lulia M. '* . h. .Sept. 1>. ls.")2: m. Krank Thompson, 
Se|»t. 18. ls7;^. Wilbur M.", »•. Sept. 15. |s.V.». Kt.saleai*. 
h. Jan. 22, 1S(;2: one <»ther d. whrn two week- <»ld. 

II. Luvicv'', l>. Fel.. 2<». 1777. 

70. Moses Dole" Boynton, ••<'in .\pr. ;W), I77i»: m. 

.Mary Cli.ipnian, F<'l». 17, I^Oii: d. .\pr. 11, \K\'l. 
'riu'ir tliildreii : 

I. M Mcv llii.i.'.l). An;;. 21. l!<u.'i: ni. K/ra Waterman. <tf 

i;..|t..M. < t.. Nov. 17. 1SI2; d. I».'C, 1J>, 1hh;». 

II. Mm^i.n NoKM.w'.h. Apr. 1. Is(i7: m. in Mich.: d. June 

22. H4<». 



III. Lovicy Tl'hxkr 7, an given on pa^fe 20. 

IV. HKN.IAMIN ('IIAI'MAN 7 , b. Feb. 1, 1812. 

V. LoviNA 7 , b. Nov. 1, 1814. 

VI. riiii.o n. 7, b. Mur. 27, 1816. 

VII. Sahaii M. 7, b. Feb. 23. 1819. 

VIII. Anna F7. h, .Tuly 10, 1H21 ; d Apr. 10, 1844; unm. 

74. Josiah' Boynton, on pa^rc 30. He moved to Un- 
dorliill, Vt., in IXOX; was a Marksrnith hy trade; m. Pollv 
Ward. Children: 

I. Maky7, d. In 1812. 

II. rii.vm.K!* Wai(i»7, res. in Wis. Chlldreu: Polly >. 

III. S\Mi Ki. IlKNUY 7, m, (Hntlhie M. TuUar; ivh. St. Albai,!*. 

Vt. (hIMrni: Frank (h, |„. Kalcy lloline*, <;jit»»^ 

IV. Ki.i/.A, m. 1st, CheKler nianchani, of Essex. 

Vt. ihlblren: .Salley*, l)ewHda«, Allw*. She in! 
2d, Itov. J. r, Wildt»s; r«»>». rharlotto, Vt, 

77. Family of Elias' Boynton, on pa^re 31. 

rhildrtMi of (H,ivi:i: Wmitimj 7, 

«Jkmi:«;k NV. k, b. Apr. 7, 1832; ni. Kllza .1. Hurlou, May 

17. lKr>7. <liil<lrpn: (arrlc M.'». b. .Tnly ]!i. 18.'>j» 

iit't>v>rt' F. '». »». Nov. 2.'i, I8(i4. 
riiAHi.K> K.", b. Nov. 10, ls:{.5: nr Klvlni A. Kdson. 

Mar. JO, \HW. (blldren: Harry K.". Fr«l \V.". 

15«'rtba K.'». liiaiM-hc". 
Willi AM W. s, h. \„v. 4, 1^40: in. Mary K. Knierson. 

iNr. 25. ISHd. llM'lr s«.n. «;ny K. », b. S^'pt. 21, Iss4. 

ill No|-|)i:iiilptoM. .M.iss 
.b»llN <;. ". b. h.r. 4, 1H43: d. Mar. 20, 18.W. 
M.\|{VA.»,I» Nov. 22, 1S4S in.: f.. ». rhaiidler, .lunr 

24. |M«;!t: n-*. Na-)ina. N. M,: one <liin;(|i|»T, .Martlia 

^;.^ b. s.-pt. }», m. IhMjiy II. Uvfiinori-, .Mar. 

2;J, Is71». AbbU- A.% f», Apr. 2, IHM. 

78. Family of Francis* Boynton, <>ii pa^re 31. 

rliildrcn of .I,\>«»n IIa.-ski.l7. 

Oiiv liy llr-l w\tv: Z«»a K.*. b, .Inly 1», 1^1; m. u 


Mr. Markti; the mother d. Au)(. 9, 184:1. (hlUlron 
by 2d wife: Jh!»ou A.»», b. S4'pt. 10, 1S47; d. Nov. 
6, 1H(W. Ira II. «, h. Dei-. 2. 1H4«.»; i»». Nt, Kebviva 
Dni|)er, who d. In 1S79, leavitt^ iitfiint ooii; in. 2d, 
Mary E, Arnold, in lsi<0: had ono j«on. .lasun A.'*, b. 
and d. in 1k8:{. Avalhu-.l. <*, U. Au^'. :n. ISVJ; 
ni. l»»t, L. W. ( h«'>*ley, had one !»on, AdfllM-rt N.": 
Ml. 2*1, Sylvann- Siowell. Mar. 21», 1S73; I.«'na 
K.». Nfl-on A.**. \k .ruiy 22. IK.VI; in. Klla I.. 
M«'!*!«ni<:«'r < hildreii: Ni'Uon I..'*. .laM»n K »•. 
Frank L. ''. b. F- ». 8. Is.'iJ): in. riara K. Fli'tiher. 

79. Family of Earl"" Boynton, «»i» pnjjro^ :U-:i2. 

V. FuAN<'iK ', hail !<Mn Arthur I... who t|. In .\n>:. Issii, mid 

i»n«» or inuro dau;j;hh'r««. 

VI. ClIAItl.Ks II. ', lias oiw son. 

80. Family i»i Abel" Boynton, on paj^r ;i2. 

VII. SYUKNA " *!» t'hildrm : .lames", b. Ma\ II, IMIW; .lei*i>U>*. 
b. .S'|»t. 14, \>iAK 

IX. FltK.hKicliK E. '. wa^ In tlu' Gth Ite^ft. Wlst'.»n*in Vol. lu 

the war of the IIeb»'llion: was in the baitlf of .South 
Mountain and second Hull K'un. lies*. New Lisbon. >V|-. 
rhildn-n: Frank 1..". b. in l><;7: Nellie M. % »i. in lsm»: 
Winifred ». 

X. Ei. NATHAN ', Knli-tfd in the 4th WiTonsin Vol. Infantry. 

afterward ehan;;eil to Cavalry; wa- in <ien. I»n!ler*s ex- 
IK>diti4»n to New Orleans, and saw iniieli military serviee: 
III. F«b. T). l.*«>4. rhildren: Sarah I..-, b. No% . |:^ lhi;r»; 
ni. .b>hn .Sower-, of Va., Sept. <J, l^s7: Ualbeit E.''. b, 
.Ian. 24, 18<;7: d. v.; Ilalbert E.', h. .Ian 24. 1k({«i; 
i:(»»»ei-t i;. '^. b. Dec. .*». |m70: Aniinr S,", l» Sept, 11, 

VIM. Fimiily ot llrp/ilmli. on |»;i;:<' :v.\. 

i. < hlldren of (AIIMIINK* I'AVIs : <;eor;re II. f" . b. >epl . «. 

1?<40; < harle- W . " , b. .Inly 2'.. HI2; Mary r.", b, Aii^j. 
l'.». 1H44; d. .Srpt 2<», 1><7.'.: Ellen E.", b. Mar. I. 1h47; 
Maltha .1. ". b. May 1(». lM-|',»: Maria .1. % b. .Inly 7. IS.M : 
d. .bine l»;. 1>7«.»: < bnefiiine V ", b, O.t. Id. Ih.VJ; 
EWe .!.>', Ella .1.", twins, b An;:. 7, 1«.'5: Annie F. ". 
b. An;f. 1!». lK-,7: d Sepf s. |«.7«»: Willi.- |5. -. I», .Inly 20. 


18.V.»;d. July 30, 1880. 
VI. Children of Gkorok W. 7 : XelUe E. J* , b. Nov. 4, 185C; 
(Jeorp' W. »*, I), in 1858; d. In 1859; Anna M. », h. Apr. 
U», 18(50; Cieor^'e P. ^, b. July 6, 18«3; Eddie »*, b. (h-t 
13, 1804; d. Jun« 11. 18G5. le*^. IVterboro, X. H. 

82. Fiiniily (»t Oliver" Boynton, <>n pajre 33. His 
wife'8 imnic wsis Sairah insload of Marv' Howard. 

I. ^^11. 1,1AM Ki.iAs ' had children Fmnk J. »* ; Ella M. »*, ni. a 

Mr. ; K«hvard T. 8. !{».»». KiiJ»t Jafln-y, X. Jl. 

II. .Iamks K. " , had one <lau;;hter, Fannie L. '*, lu. h Mr. 


III. Maky J," Stark, had Henry <"•'*, a pruniiuent 

and niuih rert|K*et<il citizen of Hyde I'ark. Mas;?. Ellen 

1). ^r.ewlH». 

IV. Klizauktii' Carroll, had Sarah K.'*. lu. a Mr.. 

Kli'h: Ma^;,'!!'.!.", in. a Mr. Nute. 

83. Family of Spaulding' Boynton, on page 33. 

I. IIaknaii II.', should he Hannah Ahuiru?. 

86. Family of Methusaleh' Boynton, on imgc3.5aiul 3(». 

III. Matii.i»a A. ''. had one son Addl^n B. '♦, b. Ort. 
2s. 1872 

V. W iM.AitM H. > : second child Willard Holllnsu. 

VI. Anmi, M.". Children: Alice I'roctor**, b. Apr. 

U\. INSJ; <;eor;je Kverett'», b, .Sept. 7, 188.'). 
IM{. <'IIAI(I.I> K. ^. UoVNToN" sothi'r twin wa-i nani«'d 
Waldo: fourth child \«'ra " . 

89. Elijah" Boynton <>ii l>a;r«' 37, had si 4lau. Su^an, who 

111. M Mr. .\or\v<MMl; res. (ihuicrstrr, MasH. 

41. Family of Major William' Boynton, page 38. 

I. hKiioicAii 's d. hcc. 18, ls.')8. Ilcr children: 
I. Sakaii ". ni. Sylvester Hall. 
II Caiiikuink'. ni. Saiuucl Kolsoui. 


III. Xathasiel?, iu. Harriet Varnuiu. 

IV. WILIJAM7, 111. Filey IIan^»»n. 

V. Maky7. m. Charles Kojjers. 
vi. KZKA 7 , II). Luey IJexford. 

VII. Dkkouaii?, m. Kdtiiiinil Itoynton. 

90. II. Fjiinily of Edmund* Boynton, on page 38. 

I. Ki'HKAiM " . m. Hill ri«'t Morrill. 

II. .lKKr>iiA 7, III. a Mr. Ilollister. 

III. I.YIMA 7, III. \Villi:iin DavU. 

IV. Nathan 7, III. .Margaret MoCliire. 

V. Ki»HM»7, 111. IietMM-ah Hall. 

VI. Lk\vi>7, III. ( atlMTine KoUom. 

93. John' Boynton m. Susan ? Children; 

I. (ir.oiMiK |». 7, h. In 1M14. rhlldren: Arthar 

(;.'* ; VaIhou (J.** ; .Mary K. «. 

II. Sa|{A1|7. 

III. .Iank7, ra. a Mr. .Smith, ("hihlreu: Cieorj^ 

H. 8 ; Henry H. 8 ; A>(iie» \.», lu. a Mr. Hart- 
lett; Myni A. ^, in. a Mr. Allen. 

IV. <"iiai{LKs7, one !»on rharle* F. *♦ ; ni. hu8 

(ie<»rj;e"\ an«l rliarle**'. 

V. .\SKNATH7. 

94. Family of Gardner' Boynton, on ]»a«rr 3h. 

I. rAKnLlNK7, m. Ueiijamiii Atw<»f»(l Instead of Wood. 

II. Mauv Ann 7, m. Sanmel ( . Iiuriii», liist«>ad of Hurun. 

IV. < hildi-en ol .Ik>sk7, on jiajje IV.i. lJ«*oip^'*: •lainien'*; 

Anna '' ; Iloitt'ii<«' ** ; .losei»liin«' ** 

V. t'hildivn of \\ iij)Ki{ P. 7 ; Carlof! A.>*; I.yinan It. « ; 

ner»>ert L. « ; Ida A. * ; Wintleld .s. » ; .lames F. «« ; Frank 

96. Family of Ebenezer* Boynton, on pajro IV.K 

I. !)AVI1)7N cliildnMi : <lein«ntine ><, .Noali », he had (ieor^l- 

anna", Klmor''; ramelia", had Frank*', (jrace"; 
Frank*.. Iiad Uertle". 

II. riiAKLOTTK7, h Apr. 2H. IHO.*), at M<Tedlth. N. II.; in. 

David I'. Cotton, of Mer.-dith, Nov. 20, iH.J.'i: -he il. I>«tr. 


;I0, ls«0. <hndren: Oliver B.», b. June 4, 1836; d. 
Apr. 15, 1839. Sarah E. », b. Dec. 1«, 1838; m. William 
\V. Haines, of Moult on»>oro, X. H., Mar. 18, 1858; «he d- 
.Ian. 21, 1878. Children : AI A. D. »». b. In Dec. 1869; d. 
about IST.i, in Wisconsin; Arthur G.S; Martha». WIl- 
liatn M. >*, b. May 15, 1840; n». Jennie A. IMerce, of Cam- 
brid^.', Mass., Au>r. 14, 1S(»4.. (hlldren: Kva M.». b. 
May 5. 1S(17: Hossu' L.», h. Apr. 21, IST.i; < laru F.«», b. 
Oi-t. 2-2, 1S75; d. (Kt 20, 1SI»4. Mary <>. ". b. Sept. 12, 
1S4.1: in. .lames K. Mud^ret. of Sandwich, N. 11.. June «, 

III. William's eblldien: Ira**, ha»l Uess|e»; Ijuini A.»', 

Marietta **. Kinina*<. 

IV. Sally 7*s cblltlien: FrwlJ*, Aaron »*. 

V. IVvuKKU l'LrMMKi{"*M chlldien: SaniF.», Fi-ank«<, had 

Kibcl'-', l.illian''. Mal>el"'. 
Vf. Kru s7 one son, rhase"*, who hiid XelUe'*. 
VII. I.I Tni:i{"'.> cbiUhcn: (Jeorj^e <".>*, who liad Harrey I.», 

Jeniiv M.» : Mead^*, had Hazel F.». 

97. Kainily «»t William" Boynton. on pajro 'MK The 
rcconis nvom n little lui.xcd, luit will tmnscrilH> thoin as well 
UH I nm.— (('. II. W.) 

I. SA.MI i;l7, I». .Inly .'i, 1805; in. l(*t, Nancy .Sawyer, In 1830; 

she d. Jan. 1, 1840; res. Meredith, N II.; ni. 2d, Evelina 
A. Dunn, in 1840. He d Aup. 22, 1888. Chlldrrn; 
Aii^ru^ta**, b. Feb. 4, 18.S1 ; Mor«rianna P. f^, b. Nov. 29, 
ls:U; Jaincf* S. >*, b. Nov. 8, 1835; Jobu", «. June 4, 
1S37; a dau;;lHer born .Ian. 1, 1840; Andrew J.^^, b. .May 
21», l-iii .\n;;usia'<, b. .laji 28, 1S44; F.vellna'*, b. Oct. 
», 184:.; III. a Mr. (;la/.ler; WolU II. ^ b. Oct. 27, 1847. 

II. .IoiinT, ; III. riiebe Uatchelder. t blldien : .\dol- 

plius >* ; Susan ^ ; (ieor^e ^ ; Ann 8 ; .F«d»n M.*. 
-III. Nathan', ; in. L. K. ( aldwell. 

'~ IV. William T, ; in. Nancy Howe, fblldren: Nancy » ; 

.lames s ; Wells i* ; Morj,'le >< ; Melvina «» ; Joe » : 
Itocceiiia I* ; Fred '^. 

V. IHaklksT, ; III. Lucy Thoina!*. (hlldren: (Gard- 

ner'' r, Nancy »* ; IMuma f* ; t harles <* ; Ona «*. 

VI. I.,o^I^A", ; in. John IMalsted. 

VII. MauvT, ; in. Ilenjamin Huwlnky 

98. III. John' Boynton, <>n pairt' 30, m. Polly Smith. 


Children : 

I. Betsky'. 

II. Xaxcy7. 

99. David* Boynton, on page 39. Children : 

I. I>avid7. 

II. Nancy", 

III. Pai'i. ". 

100. Mark W. Boynton, <>n {m^ie 39. Reijidonce New 
Ham|)t()n, X. II. CliildrtMi : 


II. SrsAN 7, ; III. a Mr. Walker. 


IV. .)amk> Mkskkvk'. 

V. .Ions". 

VI. I>kmkk', ; III. R Mr. TriMk. 

VII. Natiiamki. 7. 

VIII. .TosiAii It. 7. t). Fell. 1ft, 1H27; in. llnunuh .1. Mitchell of 

DaiiverH, M:m(»., Oct. 27, 1S48. Lhlhlrcn : Flrnt three d. 
v.; rre<lerick W.«, I). May .'W, IK.57; Herbert \V.n, b. 
Au)X. 27, \Hi'pX. 

IX. Mauk <LI{TIs7. 

X. oi.ivKit I!.", m. Ut, Kli/Jibeth ? in. 2(1, Nancy E. 

Mitchell, of South l>anver>», Nov. 0, 1H6<{; m. 3(1, Anna K. 
Wado. of Lawrence, .luiie 27. lS7r». rhlldifn: Oliver 
W. >». h. in ls.'i4 or IH.V.: in. Harriet M. IVrkins Apr. 2t, 
lf<:«l, had Kd\vai>l K.w, d. y., Kdwurd W.", Frank (>. ». 

XI. rnoM.\>T. 

IX, Sai.I.Y ♦', ni. l«n. .lohn I'uminln^*; m. 2d, a Mr. llervt'V^: in. .Id, 
LorliiK' Hwrriil, lived In We-tlord, d. al»oul lh7l». 

48. Family of Richard' Boynton, on \m*:v 39. Hin 
residence was Tliomton, X. H. It seems he had a vi chihl, 
103 1-2 Stephen" who was living in l)(»ver, X. II. in 1H25. 
For proof of this see extract of .losiali's will. 

101. Family of Benjamin" Boynton, res Th(»rntc»n, on 


pji«re 39. His children : 


John 7. 


LVUIA 7 . 









103. Family of Josiah' Bojnton, <»n jmge 89. He 
iiijide his will Fel>. 2^^, IM2.'», heinji: tlien of (in)ton. Mush., 
jiinl *'\v('ak in ImxIv." The will wa?» pnived May 3, 182.i; 
in it he iin'iitioiis his fatlier Kichanl, luothers l^'i)|aiiiii) and 
»lohn» and sister I)«'h<Maii. Alst) ♦*to luother Stephen Hoyn- 
14111 my soortoiit and eoat, two hats, one pair of my new 
Hoots, and all my \Vaist«'oats," and to **my <h'arly In'loved 
Krieml I.ydia Vonni:, of (Jioton, all the iiKHiey I have 
d<'p<»>it('d in the Saxin;: Ijank in IJoston City." In eonnee- 
tion with the settlrmtnt of his rotate are a few items (»f 
interot, slniwinir the difference in prices for, professional 
scivico ln'tween lS2'> and IS9.S; als(> the way some |MM)ple 
^pcllrd llir name lioynton. **Mareh 2, 1S2.'>, the eStat of 

.losiah hoinlon t(» to diL^;:in;r hi?* jrrav ».Vc atendinjr 

the funeral $;i(M)" Joseph (iritlin, of Littleton made his 
»M>llin for $.t.0(). '*Amos Banerolt was his physician. II»' 
attciiiled him from Jan. 27th to Feh. 22d, l^<2.'i, and charir- 
ed therefor, inchulinL^ me<lieines $.').'>(). 

104, Family of Benjamin' Boynton, <>ii pa«re 40. 

I. Almika '. III. 1st. .I:tiii<"i .M:iy, ill ls34; in. 2(1, Niitliaiiiel 
i:atlilmrii. (hililron: Mary S. «, 'I'nm«|uiUa 1J.». Ilat- 
ti«' S »*. .F. Omaif. '*Ih*r «*Iilest son was kllK'«l l>y 
li;;liiiiiii;j in issl: l»*rt a wi«luw and three children. 

VI. Mauv', ni. I.iiiius rope, of narn-ton, V. i). shv d. 
aWout I7i:<. 

vn. F.VIUa", ni. (iaidner Harvey ; re>. Amherst, \N is. Chil- 
dren: Samuel II. «, Ihirton)^. 


105. Family of John Bojnton, <»n pa;ro 40. He m. 
I8at>elle Nelson in 1815. 

Children all bom in Derby, Vt. 

I. Thomas NklsonT, m. Lucy G. Mareton, res. Garden City, 
Minn. ("hlUlren: Fanny ('.•*, iii. WUllain (.'a|)eny on»* 
child, Walter i* ;rhii U.I. « ; Carlos N.«, in. Kate Hill: 
Charles .1. k, m. Ennna Oliver; Allda »<. 

II riiii.KNA7, ni. Henry IMimey. Children: Sandfoni »* : 
Corilla « ; Ku^^ene •* ; Sunih II. »*. 

III. MouKis Hi.oi nt7, h. .luly 22, 1822; m. Samh Norton. 

lie was a nuTeliaiit in Boston, res. Cainbrltl;;e, Mas*. 
They both «l. i)revious to ls;>2. They had one dan^hter, 
u very aceoniplished lady, wh(» n\, a Mr. >Vellin);l(»n, liad 
two chiltlren, one died, the oflier, Kthel rurlnne", had 
her name elian;ced in Issi from N\elllii*;ton to lluynton. 

IV. Soi'iii{()MA ', m. C. K. Kerrin. Children: Kmma )* ; 

William » ; Klla** ; Homer '< ; Aliens. 

V. Gai{|»nku CliASK 7. m. Lytla Clark, tme dau. Jennie'*. 

VI. (iKOHdK Tayi.ou ". m. Kll/iihetli Hush. Kes. Mankato, 


VII. William Nelson ", res. Areata, California. 

106. Family of Abraham* Boynton, <>n pnjre lo. Ho 
settled on the shore of Lake Ma^^o^, near (ieor«xeville. 

Children : 

I. Kith ? , h. Sept. 22, 1825. 

II. .Iamks 7, b. Oct. 14, 1S27 ; d. Mar. ir>, 184.'>. 

III. Ai»AM W.7 b. .luly 4, ls.3(); m. Anna (i. Christie. They 

reside on the family homestead In Stan»tead. I*. 4.^. He d. 
in 1S77. 

IV. Osmond", b. June !.•>, ls'J;{; m. Mary G. Hubbard, lie d. 

Jan. 20, IHfiT; she <l. Nov. 'M). 1H70. Children: Harriet 
A.^*, b. Dec. :H, 18f>,i; Anna K.% b. Oct. 17, \xil'i. 

V. LiTiiKlt W. 7, h. Sept. 21. is.^>; d. Noy. 14, isr^. 

VI. Amani»a 7 , b. Ai>r. l.*), 18:{U; d. in IHMO. 

107. Family of David' Boynton, <ni paiire 40. 

II. Elvika7 , (ii,.,l Dec. 24. H77. 

III. l{rKrs7, one dau«;hter. Zilla K.". 

IV. Davii»7, m. 1st, Julia Haneoek: m. 2d. Sarah 

(hiblren: (Jeorjje i:. ", Waller »*, Kllen'*, Charles S.". 


V. Maktiia 7 , in. Henry C. Dickey. Children: Henry E.», 

Annie M. » , Arthur B. », Benjamin C. « , Mary ». 

VI. MAur 7 , ni. tiroveu Brown. Children : Hattle E. », Emma 

V.8,Mal>el K.8. 

VII. Bktskv Ann 7, m. Seward X. Procor, Feb. 17, 18M. 

Children : Klvlra B. 8. b. Mar. 20. d. Oct. 14, 1857; Fan- 
nie U. », 1). May 13. 1802; m. Alfre«l B. Kendall, Feb. 14, 
1884 ; one dau., Alice 11.9, b. In 1888; Charles .S. 8, b. 
Got. 16, 18G5; m. Ida F. Ilolden, Oct. 16 1890. Children: 
Honice S. », b. in l8ia ; EdiUi^», b. in 1895; Emma J. 8 ^ 
b. Oct. 23, 1869, d. Aug. 10, 1871 ; Arthur J. 8, \,, June 13. 
1873, d. Apr. 1.3, 1874; Frank 1>. «, b. .Sept. 23, 1875; Kva 
M.*^, b. .July -29, 1878. 

108. Family of Noah* Boynton, on page 42. 

I. Children of Axiua:w I'AKKKK 7. Hen. Chicago, HI. 

AI.ICK8, b. .luneS, iK.-).*), In Galena, 111., d. May 28 
1879, at Chicago. 

II. Ebkxk/kk Vinton 7, i„. Anna B. Williams. Children: 

Blanche A. *«. m. .James A. Carey; reg. .Seattle, Washing- 
ton; Wesley K.", In Vankton. Dakota. 

III. Hauvky Lindsay, d. in California in 1855. 

V. Samiki. Bi,oim;ktt", m. He went into service as second 
Lieutenant during the war 1861—1865, was promoted t<» 
Taptain. and tinally Colonel. Kes Milwaukee, Wig. 

IX. John Ki»s«)N T, was a member of General Slocum'g escort, 
and went with him to Savannah and up through the Caro. 
Hmis. Children: William Parker* , John Edson «. 

109. VIII. Family of William* Boynton, on page 42. 
Hi^ wa8 )>oni Jan. IH, 1800; m. Ilarriot Curtis, Jan. 23, 
1H22. She was Ikmh Feb. 14, 1?<0(). 

Chilthvn : 

I. Emily Cii{Ti«7, m. Joseph W. Young; moved to 111. 
rhlldren: Albert", Eilwln", Emma 8, Henry 8 , Flor- 
ence ", Nellie'*. 

III. Wii.i.iAM <iKoi{<iK7, III. Mary Young. Beg. Wilton, 111. 

Children: rinrence", om* d. y. and .Minnie 8. 

IV. .IoiinW.T, III. Miss BefM'cca (JIImoii, lived and died In 

Hartley, Catiadn. Ouv son, George B. s. 

V. .M-iilKis S. 7, III .lane Cook; she d In Feb. 1895. Kph. 

Hamilton. Texas. He Is *'|)ealer in and lireeder of Pure 


Merino Hheep** In Hamilton county, Tex. Children: 
Francis 8, d. y. ; Henry », d. y. ; Jaiiieu E. », m. I.ucrecla 
A. Younjf, of Huumvllle, Ala, July 31, 18««; tlielr dau. 
AlIt-eL. «, h. June29, 1jW9. Herlwrt A.8, in. little J« 
Itobiason, of Lo>;au, Iowa. Sept. 1, 18K8; .Minnie K.^, d. 
y ; i'liarle.-* A.". 

VI. KoiiKUT II.' ni. In AuotniUa, Uve« In Vcxn*, rhlldren: 

Mossle^, \VegnIf8. 

VII. Alva F. 7, m. Sellna (or Olla) Ivei*; nioveii fr«>m (aiiuda 

to Wisconsin. Children by l!»l wife: .I»k«'*, Willie'*, 
Kddle", ami two d;iu«jht«T«; l>y 2d wife, Homer ^. 

VIII. Ahoxzo F. «*, July 2, 1S22. 

IX. CiiAULKM M. ", m Sarah Irwin In Ky., to wliU-li plaee he 

moved from Canada; later removed to llaiiillton, Tex. 
rhlldren: John »*, <ieorj;e8, Irwln 8, Carrie**. IJ/./Ie*, 

X. Jli. Its \. T, in. Maria Irwin In Ky., moveil to Handlton, 

Tex. Children: Mary **, Kddle"*, Ix)llle«*. 

lU. Family of William' Boynton, <>n page 43. 

I. Maky E. " , ni. a Mr. GtM)j;ln.'*, of Caml)rid;;e, Mas*. 

II. William A.", m. Ellz;i*>eth Armstrong. 

III. Thomas U«>Yi», b. June 4. 1S17. In Et!ln;;ham, X. II.; in. 

Mary E. IJoj^ers, of Uan^ror, Me., Nov. 17. 1842. Chil- 
dren all b<»rn at Hanp>r, Arthur L. >*, b. Sept. 26, 1&43. 
Enlisted In the Fourth Maine He^t. In Apr. t8<Jl ; w«» 
wounded Dei'. 18, lH(i2, d. Jan. 'io, ISdT; Mary F. «•., h 
Aujj. o, 1K45; m. Addison (i. llarmi»n, ha.-* two children; 
Anide S.«, b. Au>f. 14, 1M52; m. William K. Towle, two 
children; (ieor^e'*, b. Mar. 10, IS.'Hl; m. Alice Hacker, 
children; Julia !♦, Arthur'' ; ( lara <). ^ b. May 2S, 18«l. 

IV. WaimcknT. 

V. llKNUY S. T, b. Sept. 20, 1S2(», at WUca.-*set, Me.; m. Ma- 

tilda IhMl^rkln*. In July, 1^43. She was b. Sept. 22. 1822, 
at Trent.)n, Me. rhiblren : Kred II. >», b. Dec. 28, 184J; 
m. Kiniiia J. Davis; Nathan 11.", b. Apr. 20, 1H4:»; m. 
.Mary K. Hunker; Klleii A. «, b. Feb. 18. 1h4H; m. Win- 
lleld S. Hod^kln-; Abble D.", b. Apr. 17. iNftI ; m, Wll- 
lliim F. IIiilebliiK'*; llailie II.", b.Jan. IH. IhM, d. apd 
li»; llorai-.- (i.", b, Dec. 1, ls.')4, d. a;,'ed t> ; Henry I-.", I». 
Au^'. i), IH.V.J, d aj:e«l 17; A;,M>«'^ >' •^ •'• '>«*^'- ^•^' ^^''^ ? 
Henry ", b. .July 2(J. iHl.'i; m. Ida M Wbite, one hon, 
Henry S.'.', b. .\u<; 14, 1HJ»5. 

VI. Jm?«ki'II ", d. y. 

VII. Jo.hKI'II ' , d. V. 

260 iii»TonY or tiie boyhtoh family. 

VIII. Hannah T,d. at 17. 

IX. GeouoeT. 


112. Family of Joseph* Boynton, on page 43. One 
rton, Josepir, anil two daughters. 

V. Family of Joan Stevens*, on page 43. She diet! 
.July 21, 1H77. Children: 

I. ('iiARi.K» UoYNTos 7, 111. Mary A. Wltherell, had five chil- 


II. Lauua H.'. tn. Emery H. Adams. 'fhelr childreu: 

tJeorjfeK. *, Denthl Surgeon In South Orange, N. J.; 
Kugem* K. », KvH A. ", ni. a Mr. Stetson ; Frank L. 8 . 

III. Skwaui» N ", n». 1st, Lydia M. Dinj«more, Mar. 4, 1854; 

ni. 2<K Uct!*««y Ann, dsiu. of David Hoynton, Feb. 17, 18.^6. 
Clilhlren mentioned under So. 107,save Edgar W.8, son 
hy hW let wife; he m. Marlon U. Shedd, 1878. Children: 
Koy l).», h. In 1878; Hessle H.^', b. In 1882. 

113. Family of Ebenezer* Boynton, on page 43. He 
in. l«t, Iktsey .^. IIai1, May IH, 1823; m. 2d, Susan K. 
Hufkinn, Oct. «, li<M. He d. in 1881. Children: 

I. AiUiY Haut", b. Nov. 20, 1823; ni. William P. Mead. 

Deo. 3, IKifi. Children: rbarles**, George », Minnie 8. 

II. Du. CiiAKLKs II,", b. Sei>t. 2<>, 1826; m. Mary H. Cum- 

mlngt«, cut. ID, 1854. lie Is a physician In Lisbon. N. H. 
One «lau}xhter, AlU'e", m. Wlllhim W. Oliver, of Magog, 
\\ (^, Sept. 15. Is87; ihey have one dau., Mary B. », b. 
June 7, IHIH). 

III. Mahv E7, b. Aug. 27, 1H21>; m. .foseph K. Mead, Feb. I, 


IV. Ann M.7, b. Dec. 15, 1831. 

V. Di{. OUKN II. 7, b. Aug. 2(), 1M34, in Meredith, X. H. He 

attended the High School In New Hampton, N. H., eom- 
menee«l to n-ad meillclne In 1N57, and graduated at Dart- 
mouth MedUal College In class of 18(10 Located in 
Lisbon. N. II.. .Ian. 1. 18G1 ; m. Alice E. HolUster, of 
Lisbon. (bUdren: Herbert '',d. y ; Perry S. 8, h. In 
18«J7; llarrv 11.". b. In 1S70. 


VI. James 11.7, h. Mar. 2:^ 1838; di. Slleoa L. Guilford, of 

Halisbury, X. II. lie d. in Franklin, N. J. previoa« to 
1884. Children : Kmiua S. », b. In 18»W, was educate In 
'niton, X. H. Fenial«» rolloj^e; U **a K'holar of merit;" 
Leila S. x , h. in 1S68 ; Idella A. « , h. In 1870 ; Nettle A. »« , 
b. In 1872. 

VII. Xancv E.". b. Au>;. 8, 18:t9. 

VIII. Edwik W.7, b, Feb. 2«, 1841. 

IX. Aktiilu W.:, b Feb. 5, 184^1. 

X. LuKTTK R.7, b. Dec. 7, 1846; ni. A. D. Jamei; re». Dei 

Moines, Iowa. They liave (»n« son, l*iml 8 . 

XI. Annie MT, l.. Dec. 7, 1847; ni. Dt, William Lonj<, Dec. 11, 

18<;f<; m. 2d, Hurry Ku^janl. Nov. 24, 1881; she had one 
daughter, Lottie », b. \u\;. 16, 1871, d. wlieu fourteen 
uiouxUd ot a^e. 

Zbc Connecticut 3Brancb 


Ijgo^inotons anb JJ^inotons. 

Hefcrring to No 10, on \n\*re 8. The fact hiis not yet 
Ikjcu cstublishod, Imt it .scenw credible, that the nunicn>UH 
Uyinjrton families in Hranford, Ct., dcHcendcd from John* 
Hoynton, wlio was l)ai)t. in Nmvlmry, Mass., Apr. 11), H)76. 
He was piobably the John in Bmnford, who married Jane 
Swain, therefore we will cotitinue the «;^enerations from them. 
The names are copied as written on tlie Branford Church 
records of momhership and marriajres. 

Jane noin«rton, who joine<l the church in 17()«, wat» 
prohahly tlie wife of John. Mary l^)in<^on joined in Feb., 
1710; Kobeit Hoyinjrton joined in 1715; Daniel lioington 
joined in Se})t. 171^. These were undoubtedly children of 
John" and Jane, and jis John Jr. was maiTied in 1735, he 
was evidently the first son. There was also a Jcmathan, a 
David and a Daniel, whose ages indicate they belonged to 
the same family. 

Children : 

\. I. .h)nN <, b. iiliout 1700; in. Saruli, ilauof Joseph and Mehlta- 
blc (Plerco) Chlttenaoii. of North (iullford, ( t., Nov. «, 
IL M vav * , h. uhout 1702 ; ui. Moi»e8 Foote, June 22, 1720 ; she 
tl. .Ian 1740 or 1741. They lived iu Branford until 
uhout 1735, theu rcntoved to Wuterbury. Children : 










I. Rebecca *, b. Apr. 10, 1727 ; in. Josluh Butler Jr. 

Hes. Branford. 

II. Lyuia a, b. Mar. 23, 1728; d. y. 

III. DouoTiiv » , b. Mar. 20, 1729; d. In early life. 

IV. l)AVii>», b Xov. 11. 1730. 

V. Kltii *, b. Auk 1, 1732; d. in early life. 

VI. Mn?.K8S b. A«i«. 4, 1734. 

VII. Mary "i, b. Oct. 9, 173«; d. Feb. 21, 1768, unm. 

VIII. A A HON *, b. .Inly 5, 1738. 

IX. Ehknkzeu ^ , b.May 21, 1740. 
ROBKRT * , l». about 1704. 

Jonathan*, b. about 1705; in. 1st, Hannah .Mallory, Dec. 

6, 1733; m. 2d, Pbebe Ailing, of New Haven, Jan. 10, 


Davii> «, b. about UC.J; m. Mary V 

Daniel *. b. Sept, 18, 1711 ; lu. Sarah Butler, Aug. 7, 173 4 

1. John* Byinton, Jr., {John' Boynton, Coleb\ Wil- 
liam\) born a)K)ut 1700, ni. Siinih, dan. of Joseph and 
Mehitiiblc (Pierce) Chittenden, of North Guilford, Ct., Nov. 
6, 1735. She was h. Dec. 16, 1710. 

Children : 

I. riiARiTY * ,b. Oct 24, 1736. 

II. Sarah*, b. Oct. 3, 173S. 
«. III. .John 5, b. Sept. 1, 1740. 

2. Robert* Boying^ton, (John* Boynton, Oaleb\ Wtl- 
Uam\) bom 1704 ; no later records of him. 

3. Jonathan* Boyington, (John* Boynton, Caleb', Wil- 
liam',) born alnmt 170G; m. 1st, Hannah Mallory. Dec. 5, 
1733; she d. Oct. 25, 174H. He m. 2d, l*liel)o Allinj,', of 
New Haven, Jan. 10, 1753. Names of childi-en all s|xdled 

I. Zeui'IAH a. b. Oct. 10, 17:M; d. Oct. 2fi, 1748. 

II. Hannah V b Oct. 7, 173(J; d. Oci. 2ft, 1748. 
HI. Mary "k, b. Juno 3, 1730; d. Kel». '20, 1740. 

7. IV. Jonathan*, b. Dec. 12, 1740; ni. ("ouifort Bearslcy, of 
Stnitf<»nl, Dec. 25, 176.*). 


V. Jank tt , b. Oct. 19, 1743. 

VI. Mart » , b. July 8, 1746. 

8. VII. SAMUKL^.b. !iboutl7SG; moved to V;. Waa a Methodist 


9. VIII. Timothy », b. Apr. 15. 1769. 

4. David* Byinton» (./oAn' ^oynfon, Caleb\ William',) 

iKirn iihout 1701> ; m. Mary ? He diwl Mar. 3, 17G8. 


I. ElxiceS, b. Apr. 21>. 1731 ; in David Kogers, July 3, 1749. 

10. II DAVii»ft, b. Fib. 17, 1734; III. > 

11. III. Jo-iKl'ii •'», b. Sept. %\, 1736; in. Hannah V 

IV. Jkkuhiia a. b. Mar. 3, 1739. 

12. V. Isaacs, )t\vlu», I». May 2.'S, 1743. 

13. VI. JAC«»i('i, i in. Ilaniiab. diiu. of Thomas Hart. 

VII. MakyS. 

VIII. I'A.-iKxrK**^, l>. ; in. Itenjandn Andrews: she d. Feb, 

•il, 17:4. 
l\. Sauaii'v, ; in. Nathaniel UarneH, Deo. 1, 17Gi. 

5. Daniel' Byington, (•/oAn' lioynton, Calefjl*, 117/- 
Uam\ Imuu Sopt. 1, 1711. In Oivutfs History of Wok'ott, 
Conn,, hi."* father'.^ naino iM «ifiv(Mi .lonathun, Imt as wo tind 
no .lonathan of propor airo, in Hninford at that time, and do 
timl a John, wr think .lohn must havo Ikhmi his fathor. Ho 
nuiviul to WoK'ott from Hranford, aiwait 1770, ami was ono 
of tlio U»adin«; mon in opjrani/.in«j: tho parish of Farmin«rhury. 
Ho livi'd at tlio ♦*Mill Piaoo ;" appears to *»have l»oen a 
iiuH'hanic, and to liavo liad a .^hop for the construction and 
repairinjr of various wchkUmi ailicles of ust» in tliose days. 
He m. Sarah Huthn", Au«r. 7, 17;U; d. Nov. 11, 1781. 


I.YIHA 5, b. Ffb. Ji, 173.') ; in. Jacob Ilarkcr, Jan. 2.% 1759. 
Damki. *, b. June 4, l73vS; in. Elizabeth Hall, Dw. 2t), 

Sahaii "i. I». Doi". 12, I74j. 
,lo\All\ b. Mar. 20, 174S. 

SAMtKi. "V, b. about 17r>0; in. Olive Warren. He d. about 
VI. JnKi.'^, b. about 1762. 










6. John' Byinton, (Jnhn\ John\ Caleb\ Wimam\) 
>K)m in Branford, Ct., Sept. 1, 1740. 

7. Jonathan' Byinton, (Jonathan*, John*, Caleb\ Will' 

ta?n\) bom in Bnmfoni, Ct., Dor. 12, 1740; m. Coiut'ort 

IWiirdslcy, of StnitfuixU Dec. 2.*), 17G5, at WullinjrfonK 

He was a soldier in the Kcvolutionary war. Children : 

I. LucRKTiA «, b. Oct. 1*2, nm. 
l\. LOUASK8, b. July 2«5, 1709. 

III. Hannah «, b. Nov. 17, 1772; m. lot, a Mr. .fonlyii; m. 2d, 

a Mr. ('inn. 

IV. Nancv 6, ; m. a Mr. Culver; m. 2d, a Mr. .Joglyu. 

18. V. Jonathan^, b. about 1779; ni. Hannah ('urtis: res. Naxsau, 

N. V. He was a minister of considerable note, and liter- 
ary ability. He d. in Dec. 1841. Children : 

I. Lickktia". 

II. I.AruA?. 

III. Ki.iZAnKTii*, b. in 1S14: ni. a .Mr. I'hunb; reK. 

New York. She d. about 1HS4. Their llrHt 
three children <litHl; one dau. Mr*. Joseph l\ 
Smyth, res. hi HnM>klyn, N. Y. 

IV. Hannah 7. 

V. jAMK.H7,d. y. 

19. VI. STEi*iiF.N«, b. about 1781; in. ? had uiie son. Will- 

lam 7 , )M>rliap9 others. 

8. Samuer Byington, (Jonathan*, John\ Caleb*, 
\VilUam\) horn ainrnt IT.'iG; moved to Vt. Was a Metlio- 
dist exjwundor. 

9. Timothy* Byington (Jonathan*, John\ Caleb*, 
}\lUiam\) iKirn Apiil 15, 17.W. 

10. David* Byington. (David*, John\ Caleb\ 
\\llliam\) Imrn Feh. 17, 1734; m. ? 

ChiUlren : 
20. 1. I>AVii»«, l)ai»t. Sept. 5, 1762, in SouthlnKt«»n, Ct. 


11. Capt. Joseph* Byington. (David*, John\ Caleb*, 
William',) bom Sept. 23. 1736, according to Branford, and 
other recoixls, nlth<)u<rh ijonie give his birth in 1729 or 

He was a Captain in the Revolutionary war; m, 1st, 
JtMiiinm Ilungerford, Mar. 7, 1757; she died Sept. 1, 1759; 
ni. 2d, Hannah SiMMicer, Apr. 28, 17G0; she d. May 26, 
1771 ; ni. 3d, Hannah Warren, Feb. 20, 1772. He' died 
Aug. 25, 1798; she d. in 1819, aged 67. 


*J1. I. IsAAC«,l>. .Inn. 24, 17GI; in. Klizaheth, dau. of Daniel 
Hyhi^'ton; she was 1>. July 8, 1775. H« vim In the 
H«'V(»lutlon»rv wiir, uftiT he was old enou^'h to eullsi. 
until ll iloKiHl. IIIh death <HTnrre«l .Itily 8, \HiX\, v\\\\, 
dreu : 

I. H<»sAi.iNnA T. h. Nov. .1. 1708; d. unm. 

II. Mii.T(»n7, l>. An^. 29, 1800; m. Suwiu M. Smith, 

Sept. 27, 1830. Their children : Isaac N. »^. b. 
.Ian. 31, 1832, m Kll/Jiheth Dodman, Mar. 19, 
iH-oG; their children: Arthur M. », b. in 1861; 
.Susie M. 8, I). In 1866. Dr. Francis MlltonS,' 
b. July 6, 183.5 ;ru. Ut, Harriet Calkins, .Sept. 
25, 1861, had one duu. Sarah L. », b. in 1865; 
he ni. 2<1, Harriet «. Worden, had one dau. 
Mary»,b. In 1873, He d. Jan. 17, 1877, in 
LoulKville. Ky. M»rietUi8,b. Feb. 17, 1838; 
C;eor^re Otis'*, b. July 22, 1840; m. Esther 
.Smith, Mar. 31, 1801; res. Kalama/oo, Mich. 
.\ son, William M. », b. In 18(14. Sarah Jane ^. 
b. .\u^'. 13, 1844; m. Charles A. Collins, Feb. 6, 
1808, d. Feb. 13, 1883. 

III. Kmza MiNKKVA 7. b. .Sept. 3, 1802; m. Daniel H. 

Keed, Jan. 13, 1831. 

IV. IIAUIUKT ADEI.IA7, b. Mar. 26, 1804; ni. Ezni 

Co<.u, Dec. 23, 182.5. 

V. Iatia Miranda", b. Mar. 31, 1806; m. Evan 

Hol»er!8, Dec. 14, 1S30; no children. 

VI. (;KOK(iE Kki.log 7, b. Jan. 26, 1808; d. unm. 

VII. Lyiha Maimas b. Nov. 3, 1810; lu. William 

(Jainer, Dec. 24, 1834. 

VIII. Hlkls Si'knckkT, b. Aug. 26, 1812; in. Oriudii 

iVrkins, .Sepi. 5, ls31. One of his daughters 
ui. Dr. (Jcor;;e V. Kiniuens, of Fulton, X. Y. 


IX. Setmour Polyi>oke7, b. Aujf. 22, 181ft; lu. 

Catherine VateA, June 12, lK:ift; his diiUKhter. 
Eliza 8, m. a Mr. Defendor, of I'tiea, X. Y. 

X. Abby JankT, h Feb. 24, 181«; ni. a Mr. Ho»»ert8; 

tw(» of her dauijhtern ro8. In 'IMtusvllle, l*a., 
Mr8. Jolin L»niiueiH^. and Mrii. Jennie It. 
(iray *. 

XI. ACTIVK (ouNKl.iA 7, b. Nov. IS), iMiO; n». Georjfe 

r. Newberry; no cidldren. 

112. II. NoAli«,b. Sept. 23, 1702; n». Lmy ? She d. lu 

1798, agetl 32 ; he d. Apr. .^, 1S34. ( "hll<ir»'n : 

I. Du. ('HAUi.K.s?, of l'bilad«*lphia; he had Hev. 

Swift**, who prt-ai'luMi In Kxoter, N. II.. 8onie 
year;*, and Inez «*. 

II. Wki.i.s I{.7, I». in 17H1I; d. In ISIIK lie wan 

oiiosen doaron of the I'lnnvh in Url!<lol, Conn., 
Apr. 30. ISMO, and nerved until Id-* death. 

III. Int. lh:Nuv " . 

23. III. l«AlAlld, i>. I>(H*. HI, 17(11, in KaiinlnKMon, ( t. Society of 
New (anilnid^e; ni. l-ui\v IVi'k, S«pl. \K 17S5». at New 
I.ebanon: f>»*itl«'d at StooklMld>;»', Man-*, she wa* b. in 
the Sot'lety of Wortldn^tun, ct., Nov. 20, 17<I6. He d. 
Auk. 20, 1831. <hlMnM»: 

I. Cyiu:s7, b. Mar. 11, 1793. ''lie practiced Law 

In early life, afterward attended the Theo- 
lojjical Sendnary at And«»vcr, MaHs. On Sept. 
20, 1821, he left Worlbin^'ton for the South, 
taking with him his i^istcr's lliblc. and niotlier's 
'.Saints* Hest.' Ills younp'st sister Joined him 
and tiled soon alter, .luiy 2!>. 1^39. 

II. LlCY". b. Nov. 7, 179:>; d. Sept. 21, 1H23. 

III. IhiKATloT, b. Oct. t>, 1797; ni. Kll/abetlj I'. 

I'oineroy, in May 1S27. lie was .lud^fc many 
years in IJcrkslilrc to. Mass. ; d. Feii. T), iHftti. 
Children: Kli/a S. ^ b. in Jan. 1829; d. Oct. 
22. 1837;Thaddeus |». ^ b. in .Inly 18.32; d. 
Nov. 17, IMH; Alice ^ b. Oct. 22, 18*1; 
IJeljeccaX, b. Jan. 10, 1844; «l. May 14, 18.''»8. 

IV. i:ni>Kl{iCK7, b. Oct. 27, 17!»9; m. Caroline I.inn, 

in N. .1. He was an eminent physieian; il. 
Aujj. 11, 1872. Chiitlren: >* , a I). 
I).; Edwin**, dead; Caroline", <lead; Kotle- 
rlck ", a lawyer 

V. SrKN("Ki{ T, I,, Feb. 20, 1S02; n». 1st. Kmeline .\. 

Cart«'r, of StocklMid);e, Oct. 1, 1S27; she d. 
Au;;. 17, 1S44; be m. 2d, < larls^a liultolph, 
Mar. .30, 1S47. He d. Apr. 2, 1M70. (Iilldren: 



C'yrug 8. «, b. Jane 23. 1830, d. Oct. 16, 1847; 
Lucy H.«, b. Feb. 25, 1834; m. OufUvu* 
Amei», Dec. 24, 1865. Their only child, 
Sarah*, was b. In Santlaj^o, Chill, .S. A., Aug. 
12, 1803. Mr. Ames died In Brooklyn, X. Y., 
Deo. 7, 1877, aj^ed 44. Henry C. «, b. Feb. 16, 
1837; III. Mary I. U'hltney, of Stockbrldge, Oct. 
1873. Children : Lucy 31. » , b. In 1875 ; Grace 
W.», b. In 1878; Alices, b. In 1881. Mary 
J. 8, b. Deo. 21, 1840. 

VI. KKMKKAH7, b. Feb. H, 1804;d. July 29, 18.39. in 

the Choctaw Nation. 

VII. AsAiiKi.T, b. May 12, 1806; m. Huth Heunet, and 

moved to West Charlton, N. Y He d. Mar. 

24, 1874, In Albion, N. Y. « hildren: George", 

Hurry H. «. 

14. IV. 31AKTIN0, b. in Nov. 1767; m. ? He d. .\ug. 12, 1821. 

A uou and daughter were living In Bristol, Ct., in 1888; 
the »ou wan 91 yciirt* of age, the dau. 76. 

V. Cl.Al{iMA«, b. Fel» 4. 1770. 

VI. Hannah 6, b. Nov. 10, 1773; in. a Mr. Mix. She d. June 

27, 18;^«{. 

VII. MKLK«.tKVT«, b. Aug. 20, 1776. 

VIII. Cui.okO, b. June.!, 1777; d. In 1808. 

26. IX. JosKPii'', b. (Kt. 14. 1778; m. Tolly Northan She d. hi 
1833, «g«Hl 61 < 'hildreu : 

I. Jn>Ki'ii Williams', in. I^uni Painter early in 

182S. ( hlldren: Horace Williams », b. Dec. 
1, 182S, In Litchfield, Ct. He was Mayor of 
Santa Kof*a, CuUfdrnla, In 1888, and Prefildent 
'•Santa Kona Board of Tratle;" aUo 
a d«'l«'gate to the Chk-uKo Convention that 
noiniiiatcil HurrI>«oii for Prenldent, in June of 
»'aiiie yi-ar: .\|»r. 2. !M.W he ni. Mary (;orinan. 
'Ilu'lr children: Walter IL". b. Dec. 26. 
lK50;a boy b. In IKW, d. in 18.J8; Josephine 
S. »', b. Oct. 20, 18fK); George li.», b. Apr. 7, 
1864. Harriet''; Ell/iibeth L.«, b. about 
1837 ;m. Alonzo Boyden, of Waterville, Ct. 

II. Em H. 7, went to Mlrm., from Conn., about 18.50: 

had s(»n.s Nt-well**, and Henry 8. 

III. GKOiMiK ', *'had two or three J>oy8." 

IV. .VkistakliiU!' ", b. In 180H; d. in 1831. 

V. Jkannkttk M.7, in. Ezekiel L. Goodrich, and 

settle<l in Ohio. 

X. ASAIIKI.O , b. Fob. 16. 1780; m. a Miss Brown ; no children. 

XI. Exos 6. b. Dec. 28, 1781 ; d. June 8, 18.>l ; unni. 


XII. Nkwkll«, b. Nov. 28, 1787; m. Hetty Bluhop. He d. 
Au);. 18, 1853. 'Hiclr only child ThIUu ?, m. Auguntine 
Xortou. Om* |)n'oIou8 boy wa»» theirs ; they calle*! hlin 
Nfweil H. ", wbiMi lie wiu« a littlo nmre than 13. 
'* With a jjrief that was almost wild, 
They >fave to tlie An^el of Death, their child." 

12. Isaac' Byington, {David\ John\ Calel/, Will- 
iam\) )K)ni Muy 2.'), 1743. 

13. Jacob* Byington, {David\ John\ Cahb\ WiU- 
iam\) lK)rn May 2.'), 1743: in. Ilunniili Hart, who was b. 
Oct. 10, 1747. 

14. Daniel* Byington, {Daniel*, John\ Caleb', Will- 
iam\) b. in Hranford, Conn., June 4, 173M; m. 
Klizalwth Hall, Dec. 2J», 17()2. She was l)oni Jan. 1, 
174H. **IIis mechanical skill, aiul that of his son Daniel, 
was celebrated for years for the makinj^ of the <rreat wheels 
for spinninjr w<m)1, and the little wheels for spiiniinjr tlax.** 
He **was.chosen clerk of the Parish Society in Wolcott, 
Conn, in 1772, or 1773, an<l served in that capacity 2«) or 
27 years ; was also prominent in town altairs durin«r that 
time.** He hehl a Lieutenants' commission under (ieor;^e 
HI. in the old French wjir, hut when the Revolution broke 
out t(K)k sides with the Colonists. His death occurred May 
», 1824; his wife died May (i, 1«21». The tradition is 
handed down from him that duriiif^ the French and Indian 
War the family name was chanjjjed from Hoynton to 

(,'hildrcn : 

26. 1. Moses «, b. .Sept. 26, 17«3; m. ? Children: 

I. Okkik', in. and had a large family living In 

Aubonia, Conn. 

II. Mauim»a7, ni. Andrew Norton, of IMaintield, 

Conn. No ehlhli-en. 

III. Sakaii I). 7, ni. a brother of Marlnda'A hui^band ; 


had one ton, Byron * . 
J7. 11. jAR«U«,b. May 13, I705;m. lUnnah Branson, Aug. IS, 
1797. She wau b. Sept. 25, 1773, and d. Sept. 
5. 1835. He d. Nov. 28, 1850. He waa » 
wheelwright, uod owned a farm in Watertowu, 
Conn. Kcnjoved to Saliebury Centre, N. Y. in 
1809. Children : 
I. EuwiN?, b. June 25. 1798: nj. Mary Murray, 
Fel). 24, 1824. She wa»« b. .lam. 7, 1803. He 
d. .Jan. 7, 1880, In Elgin. III. Children : Mary 
EU/iibethS, b. Jan. 2, 1825; Mylo Murray «*, b. 
Apr. 21, 1820; m. Anna L. Islutin in Jan. 18.VJ; 
their children: Er^in X.'», b. In 1860; 
Ch!irlolt4' L. »», b. in 1H67; Anna", »». In 1878, 
( uthiirlne ErnilnuH, |,. s<..,,t. 8, 1H28; in. 
AuHlu IJ, Wmott, M. ]>., Mar. 1, IH49, ren. 
( hUiigo, III.; thrlr children; CaK»lu»4 !>.», b. 
Ill 1801; Franklin (J.», b. in 1872. Julia 
Emma'*, b. Fel). 27, 1831, ni. George S. Hdwen, 
May I, 1854, res. Elgin, 111.; their children; 
Ceorge E.«, b. in 18<K>; Anna C. «, b. iu 18<W. 

II. Lkstku7, b. Oct. 25, 1799; d. Mar. 7, 18)3. 

III. Ai.Mlu.v7, b. May 22, 1801; m. John H. .Smith. 

Dec. 20, 1818; she d. Aug. 21, 180.5; he d. Nov. 
12, 18GG; their children: LucelUi M.«*, b. 
.Sept. 12, 1819; m. George Loucks. in 1844, d. 
Oct. 10, 1871; I'harlei'G.f', b. Sept. 12, 1821; 
u\. Amelia Harrett, Sei)t. 4, 1844, d. Apr. 13, 
1808. Children: Clara"; Arthur". Eliza 
M. ^ b. Sept. 9, 1K2.3, d. May 20, 1K73; Will- 
iam **, b. June 22. 1S2.'>, d. July 13, ls;M); Flora 
A.**, b. Aug 20, 1827, n». IJurrage Vale, Mar. 
15, 1848. d. Oct. 3. 1864; their children: 
Alndra S. » ; Julius B. » . Emily J.^y b. Sept. 
20, 18.30, d. Feb. 9, 18.%4; Harriet H. •% b. Nov. 
14, 183G, n\. Dewitt Stone, Aug. 20, 1S52; their 
children : Frank A. » : Freil L. » . 

IV. Kosktta", b. Apr. 13, 1^03; m. Ami Bennett; 

he dl!»ai»i)eared very mysteriously in 1838. She 
d. Oct. 23, 1824, leiiving one child CelestiaS, 
who m. George Stanley. 

V. Floua " . b. Nov. 15, 1805 ; m. David Avery, Nor. 

1,1825. Children: Seymour B. <^, b. Apr. 22, 
1827, ni. Olive Stone, in Cincinnati; Active 
N. ^, b. Jan. 19, 1831. m. Conieliu.« D. Ilopson, 
Nov. 6, 18.51 ; their children : Jennie '•», b. in 
18.1.'); Martha C. ", b. in 1857; St'ymour A. », b. 


In iHflO ; Daniel ('. », b. in 18<W. Aohton I). • , 
f) .lune 30, 1H4H, d. in thc> Aruty ut llttrrlnon*! 
I^niling. July U, i8((-i. 

VI. WiiiTixo Ski.aii7. b. Kol). 3, 1811. "The lant 

b'ttfr reoelviMl from him wa- written on a 
St«*ani bojit n»*ar Niitohcz, W'c. 11. 1830; he 
was 1)01111(1 for New OrlcanH: probaltly killed 
in battle between the Texann and Mexleans. 

VII. I/nir*A Mauia ", »>. .July 2, 1813: m. Henry M. 

Itarne-. .Fati. 2H. 1H;{8. Children: <Je<MX«* 
II.>*. h. Auj;. IM, ls;U), d. in tlie Anny durlnj? 
the ireU'lllon; llarii.aH, h. .fuly 17, 1H40; 
Adt'llKMt **.»>. .Fune 4, 1H42, «ii. (iertrude Suin- 
hy ; .Jared JJ. ". b. Feb. 27, 1MI5; Harriet L. ". 
b. Ati^. 2H, H47; William S. ^ . »». An«. 6. lH4f>. 

VIII. Okohok Lkwh7, h. iU't. 22, IHIH; m. Int, 

(liurlotle Tool, Nov. 13, 1H44; nlie wa« b, .June 
27, |H2:>. d, Oct. 13, 18<in; he m. 2d, .Mrn. 
I^)vi«y .). Avery, dan. of Inaae If. lili***, lU-e. 
17. iHCiH; Hhe wan l». May Hi, IS-'S, One diu. 
Mary Charlottes, b. Feb. 1, 1M71. 
28. III. Jonah «, b. Mar. 22, 17«!l ; niarrl<'(l twice; liad one dan. by 
first wife, and f«)ur children hy second wife. 

I. OitUA 7, in. a brother of Horace Oreeiey. 

II. Mvi.o Nkwton", b. Apr. 13, 1804; ni. 1st, .Susan 

K. \. Throop, Apr. 7, lv'<31 • she was b. Mar. 
1. 5, 1812. .\fter her death he moved to Baton 
Kon^fe, \m., and ni. 2d, KliAtbeth Fearson. .\n^. 
20, 1M.')«J. He d. Jan. 21, 1h73. Children: 
C;ertru<lf>*, l». Fel». 20, lKJ2, m. Joliri U. Hand, 
Oct. '24, 1M'.«. Tlieirchibiren: JolmM.''. b. 
In 1H62; William H.». b. in 18.'>4; Sarah K.», 
b. in 1866; Florence E.y, b. in IHOO. Zelia», 
b. Mar. 5, 1834; m. James W. Ryland, of 
Cincinnati, d. in May 18GG; <»ne wm Harold«, 
livinj; in 1S84. (Jnstava », b. Aujr. 2.'{, 183.'». m. 
William Haymond, jibout l8«;7; I'r^ula", b. 
Mar. 19, 18.37, d. y.; Theresa «, b. May 14, 
18.39, m. Pnif. Fninklin C. Hill. June 30. 1862. 
He was for years curator of Oeol. .Museum, at 
Nassau Hall, College of N. .1.; re-. Yellow 
Sprinfjf*. Ohio, C4dl<iren: .X^^nes'-', b. in 
1S60: Theresa!*, b. in IH08; Arthur Il.'.«, b. and 
d. in 1870; Arthur B.», »». In ls72; Marpiret 
T. «, »». in 1873; Franklin y\.'K b. in 1876; 
ThomasC. », b. in ls78; Kdith'', b. in 1880. 
Mvlo \. 8, b. May 24, 18.%, d. Au;;. 10, 1862; 

272 HisTOBT or the botmtox pamiit. 

Jamei N. •, b. Dec. 27, 1861 ; d. Apr. % 186J; 
MyloN.«,b. Dec. 29, 1866; William H.«, b. 
Feb. 14, 1870. 

III. Julia?. 

IV. Emilia?, m. ('.apt. William Bylngton; res. 

riocinnatl ; one dau. Su^ie ^ . 

V. Haukiet?. 

IV. Ann«, b. May 25, 1769. d. In Mar. 18.^3. 

29. V. IIKMAN«, b. Dec. 15, 1770; m. Patience Feck. Hed. 8ept. 

7, 1K31 ; Bhe d. June 7, 1844. He* Camden, N. Y. Chll- 
dren : 

I. C'laui.-^saT. b. In 1704; m. TilloUon Bame«; d. 

3Iay 14, 1826. Children: Cele8tla«; 
Emilia 8 ; Sally 8 ; Augustus 8 ; Alvln * ; 

II. Au<;u.sTLs", m. Dotha Cook; d. Sei)t. 18, 1823. 

I'bildren : Klvira^ ; Sophroiila* ; Harriet 
1». ». 

III. ElvikaT, m. Solon C<K)k;d. May 4, 18'23; left 

one child Angeline^. 

IV. Alvin 7 , I). In 1800, d. Dee. 20, 1822. 

V. KuKis7, b. Sept. 22, 1808; m. Mary Sanford; d. 

Xov. 21, 1803. Children; Ik-man U. « ; Emily 
T. », Edward L. » ; Frances* J. » ; M»ry S. » . 

VI. IicA SpkkuyT, I). June 0, 1813, m. Harriet 

lSarne§, May 7, \S:io; res. Camdou, N. Y. 
he d. In 1887. Cliildren : Eleanor A. «, h. 
Mar. 14, 18.i7, d. Nov. 29, IS7C; Alvira H. 8, b. 
Apr. 18, 1839, d. Oct. 1, 1S60: nora», b. Oct. 
14, 1840, d. July 12, 1842; Flora l». », b. Mar. 
18, 1844, m. Mar. 20. 1S06: Harriet J. 8, Jan. 
1, lS.-)0, m. Apr. 11, 1H73; ( lari-^sa E.8, b. Apr. 
0, 1S53. m. Oct. '2S, 1875; Clark Ira«, b. Dec. 
12, 1858, m. Oct. 27, 1881. 

30. VI. Daniel*, b. Jan. 2.">, 1773, lu. 1st, Susannah Norton, she d. 

June 29, 1803; m. 2d, Hannah Alcott, (Alcox) ; she d. 
I>ec. 3, 183.-); m. 3d, Huldah Waketleld. He d. Aug. 20, 
1843. Children: 

I. ZiNA " , b. July 20, 1795, at Hartford, Conn., m. 
Huldah Webster, Feb. 14. 1818, res. Jackson, 
Mich. He d. Jan. 25, I8v»<5. Children: Active 
A.«, b. Feb. 8. 1819, m. Oct. 22, 1839; Hiram 
S. t«,b. July 11, 1820; Lucius W.J», b. Sept. 
20. 1828, m. Nov. 27, 1853, d. Aug. 7, 18.=)G; 
Augustus J", b. Apr. 27, 1830. m. Ann E. 
Moiey, July 4. 1854. lies. Plymouth. Iowa. 
Children: Walter W.'.», b. May 2, 1855; 


Attorney-ttt-I^w, In Miidifton, Xeh.; AllMTt 
W.», b In IHM; Eddy «.». h. in 1868; Nellie 
A. 9 ; N'elHon S » , b. in 18C2; Ann K. » ; Alice 
P.»; Ad<lle .!.»; Martha L.«, b. In IS74; 
Carrie M.»,b. In 1877. 

II. SisY Ann *, b. Oct. 8. 1797; ni. .lame* Uowley. 

ill. IflKAM N. 7, b. Au;;. 19, 18()0. 

IV. I*OLLV', b. S<'i)t. 3, 1S05; in. .loxeph W. Stmk- 

in^. She d. .Ian. 27. IHH.*^. 

V, IUndal?, l». .Sept. KJ, iMXi; in. .Mary Siott, .lun. 

30, 1H.'17; re^. (iiiU-^lmr)?, Mich, lii- d. .May 10, 
1S87. < blldn-n: Klinoif'*, b. F«l». 3, \Ki\U d. 
Ill the IN'iK'llioii: I.iu y ** , b. Ui 1h4I ; Thoniaot', 
b. in Is44, ni. Mihtiic Adaiiii>; KoU'rt " , b in 
1H47; Alice M.**. b. in is.M ; in. <;. M. iiaW*. 
Vi. Wki.i.sT, b. Nov 8, iHos; III. On. «, lH3r». 
He.*. Hickory <oriM*»«, Mirh. •'WImmi In- went 
to Mirh. ill the fall of is:{2, iIhtc was Imu one 
white man in tli«*aiiioitiiii^ Co. of Uarry, which 
County he mo\e«l iiHo in tin* Spriii;; of 1837; 
having; lo-it his tire cm' ni^^ht he had to «;o In 
the morning; two and ono-half mileiii throu^^h 
wofKls, ov«M" lo^^s, and aromid tree tops, to j^et 
a little tire with which to c<»ol< his breakfast! 
The wolves were so numerous they would slip 
Mp witliin throe or four hmIs of his door and 
take a i»ijj." Childr-'ii: (Jeor^^e N. »*, b. Dec. 
30, IS.n, d. Oct. 18, 1849; ll.nry Mason'', h. 
Au)<. 22, 1844. 

VII. Cokal", I). Jan. 12, Ihll. 

VIII. AMiiK<)SK7,b. Feb. IS, 1813; m. Sally Porter, 

she d. in .July, IS.ho, in Camden, N. V. 

IX. William I{oiiiN>oN 7. b. .Inly 2.'», 1814. d. Nov. 

24, 18K2. 

X. IlANNA 7, b. Oct. 2G. 1S38. 

VII. Elizauktu ''•, l>. .luly 8, 177o; m. Isaac Jlyin^jlon. See 
No. 21. Shed. May «», 1829. 
•SI. VIII. IUkis Si'KNCKK'5, b. Apr. IT). 1778: in. Cynthia King, re*. 
< alro, N. V. lie d. in Au;j. ls.'i2. < hildren : 

I. Cauolink". 


III. I.icus K.7. 

IV. SaUA1|7 

V. Mii.ton7, 

VI. Mai:v7. 

VII. .Iamks7. 

VIII. l.KVi Kino 7, b. May 12, 1831; m Mary M. 


Ht4'wi»rt, Oct. 'iH, 18M, ren. ('«lro, N. Y. Clill- 
dreii: Cynthia K. «, b. In 18M; (hmIuh P.*. 
b. July 30, lHft9, re« Croton-on-IIudion, X. 
v.; John S.8, b. in 1801 ; KMza»K»th I. ». b. lu 
18fa; Jennie A.*, b. In 1869; Melville E.«, b. 
In 1871. 
IX. Lyuia • . b. Ai»r. 29, 17M1 ; in. Abraham Harrln? 
.33. X. Zkbulon«, b. .Ian. 2, 1785; in. Abigail Web«t*;r, May 13. 
1807, In Cincinnati; d. aome twenty years since. His 
children are all dejid. 
XI. ACTIVK*, b. Auj:. 31. 1788; lu, .Seth Norton, lived In 
Bristol, Conn. 

15. JoSttu* Byington, {Daniel\ John*, Caleb*, Will- 
iam\) »Kn-n Mair. 20, 174«. 

16. Samuel' Byington, {Daniel*, John', Caleb*, Will- 
iam\) 1). in Hnmfonl, ('(mn., alnmt 1750. Was in the 
Uovoliition. MovimI from Wolcott to S<mth\vitk, in 179.'); 
in. Olivo Warivu. lie krpt tlie **tavenr in Wolcott, ami 
lH>in<^ a prominent nwMiilM'r of the ehiireh, many of the 
husiness meetijj'T'* were held at his house. He died at 
Soiithwiek in l^<2:i. 

Children : 

;iJ. I. Samiki.8, b. May 27. 1778; m Fanny, dau. of Capt. David 
Ivex, of .SouibwUk, In 1803; ohe was b. Fob. 14, 1783; he 
d. Sept. 20, 18.'»4. < hlldren b. at Southwick : 
1. Mattiikw « . I». Feb. 18, 1804; n». Ahnira Kl»»ln)5, 
Nov. 13. 1S2.*). He d. j*mldeuly of heart 
diKoase, at hU lionie in Granville, Mass., Oct. 
1, 18S7, having walked over a ndle the after- 
noon lie dlt'd. Chlldivn: (1\auncy IveH««, 
b. Fob. n, IS28, d. Mar. 22, 18M ; AUnIra'*, l>. 
Dee. 18, 1829, m. Curtl* Sndth, Jan. 20. IS.M. 
Th.'y had one Hilld, Wlllhnn T.w, b. In fX'l. 
18.'».\ d. Au^. :n, 18.'>7; Henry Matthew^ Hoyu- 
ton, b. In Sonthwkk. Apr 21, 1831, \\\. I.orena 
llrlj:;:'*. Oot. 4. ISS.-), sIumI. Mar. 0, ls81. He 
removed to Hartford In 18.*>3, where he haf» 
tJliu-e made hli* home. He entered the employ 
of the New York, New Haven and Hartf«»nl 
llallroatl In 1n.')3, and with the ex(ei»lion of 

/ \ 


f UK m i^i it , ^' ":ymf-^-> 


.M^ — .^>^.^.w=^.-^ - ■■timxtm'mmit^mmtmmmimmiM 



fuurteeu years, haii )>oeii In tlioir employ to the 
present time, (IHOH) ("hlUlreu: KUa 

Lorena»,h .Inly 20, IHGO, il. Keh. W 1H96; 
CieofKe Henry », l>. Mar 10, 18G4, m. Iluttle 
Deinlnj?, .Inn. 14, lHt»2. Tlicy liave ChnrU'H 
Henry ><\ h. Dec. 3, 18U-2; Mlhlrwl Deniln^*", l>. 
IM. 14, 1H'.»5; Kdwurd Hrijj^'rt » Uoynton was 
)i. in Hartford, Ort. *2H, ISGO, and has always 
made that i ity his honif. At 10 years of a>(e 
he entert'd the «inpioy of Mi'ssrM J. H. «!fe W. 
K. (one, general llardwan* merchants, remain- 
ing with them fonr years. In May 1H87 he 
entered the employ of Henry A. Shmne, re- 
tail groter. In Is'.i.'j Mr. Uovnton organized 
what was known as the ('«»nneeliiMil 'I'nnrs to 
the Worlds Fair. (Mgani/Ing and eoiuhuilng 
tour- lo the KxpuHiiluii at rliieagn. Slnee tlial 
lime .Mr. Iloynton lias organized many 
^'rers«»nally oondneted" runr'«, eondneling 
parlies to Saratoga Spilng-*, Niagara Kails, 
New Vo.rk, llallimore, Washington, (iettys- 
Inng, Ashnry Park, lihK'k Island, Novu 
Seotia, i<v. In March ISD." Mr Uoynton was 
appointed Local Agent of the llartforvl liulid- 
ing i*t Loan .\ssociatioit, tilling the position 
until .*^epteinher ISJKl when he was appolnt«Hl 
as Manager of the Hartfurd otllce of the 
.\merlcan Keal Kstate( o. of New York, which 
position ho now holds. Mr. Hoynton was 
elected ( ouncilman in the City (iovernment 
Apr. lKt»7, and re-elected in ISUS. Oit Nov. i», 
ls**7, he married .lennle Sluane. The have one 
chlltl, ()llvelt», I,. Mar. Jl. |SS\>. Ada Kanule«», 
h. .Ian. 20, 1H71. Favette Alexander**, h. .Mar. 
0, 1,s:(4, m. Hannah (.iihhons. she d. in Ang. 
iSsO. He m. again in .Mar. IMC), Augusta 
IN»n>eroy : Fannie Amelia'*, h. Feli. II, 1h;{1», ^\, 
Feb. 17, ly.U. 

II. Samikl?. h. Dec. H, ISO.*); d. .lunr :m, 1S14. 

III. Hoi.AM»", (l{owLAXi»), l» .hme 17, 1S07. 

iV. DavihIvksT, h. ,Ian. 7, 1H0S»; m. Kmily Hayes 
in 1H.W; she d. Mar. «;, lS7i». Kes. Springtiehl, 
Mass. Children horn in Sonthwick: Lewis 
l>. ^, h. in Is.'il; m. Su'^an l>. Harris; Harriet 
C. ><, h. in is;t(',: m. a Mr. Harris, their chil- 
dren: Nellie n. Kllle^', <harle>", Llllie ». 
JIul»ert .1. ^, h. in ]s,'i7, killed in the war; ni. 


Julia Home of New York, four children, all 
d. but Eddie Ives »; Edward E. 8, b. in 1838; 
Churlea M.S. b. in 1840; m. Hattie Green, of 
Ludlow ; (ieorKe W. 8, b. in 1842; Ellen M.* ; 
David X. 8, in. Eilon Grlflln, of Eut*t firauby. 
Conn., one »on. riarenee N. * ; Emily J ^ . 

V. Fanny (i.7, b. Jan. 2, 1811; ni. Tbaddeu* l{i)<inK. 

VI. Samuki. '. b. Auk- 27, 1813; in. Mary Sbaw, in 

Oct. 1863; he d. in ChicMj^o, June 8, 1877. 
Chlidien: Ssirah K. », Juliette « and Mary 
etteS, twint*; Liillell.», < harlotte H. «. 

VII. HktsKY M. " , b. Jan. 4, 1816. 

VIII. Ensu;n 11.7, b. Ort. 21, 1817; ui. Harriet Mor- 

jran, Nov. 23, 18,n», He \va.« killed in llartfonU 
Conn., in 1854. Children; Ellep E.«, b. iu 
1840; Mary E. «, b. in 1843; .Mfred E.>*, b. in 
184(J. .Mrs. n. ni. 2d, Uvi Adanm, in 18R». 

IX. JlLiKrrK7,b. Feb. 13, iHiO. 

X. Natiiamki.', i». .Nov. 4, 1821; hut neveu chil- 

dren. IN'H. HK'ven'H l'<»lnt, Win. 

XI. Hll-l'All l>. 7, b. Nov. 2:^ 182.3 
Xfl. IlKMiV <I.Ar7. h. Oft. 20, 18'2ft. 

84. II. Waiiuknw, ; in a .MIhh Sillfn, liad <»Me »on (iWlmniT . 

8ft. ill. Aiiuaiiam«, in. Eunice Cain|»»»eli, ni.jved to Ithat'a, N. Y. 
Oncof tliclr (lauj^literB III. a Mr. Dana, who at an early 
aj?e rem. to HiiK-kville. Canada; liad quite a large family; 
one son Marvin " . 

36. IV. AdxeyB, III. a Mi-s <'hef»ter, of Granville. Children: 

I. Otis 7. 

II. I><)L'Ij<a7. 

III. Emki.ixk7. 

IV. Sl.«iAN7. 

37. V. Jlma«, in. Ameli:i, dau. of (apt. Thonia* Campbell, of 

Soulhwick. lied, iu Sprlnj^tleid, Mass., Jan. 23. 184i. 
His children all 8i>elled their names Boyln^on, but the 
father made n«> change. 

I. Eli EMUcii><iK7, m. three tiraea. One »ou Adel- 

bert **, by tlrnt wife; one am Mortimer », by 
second wife; one »<>u and one dan.. Millard »*, 
and Jessie**, by tirml wife. Kes. Waukegau. 


II. William Wariikx?, an architect of note Iu 

Chlc;igo. Kes. Highland Park. Children: 
William W.'«, 1». in l^ao, d. 1»<51; I^vl C. " ; 
Mary J.« ; Ann 0.«» : Homer 11.^ ; -\rthur M " . 
i li.iile^ A. »* ; Alice F. »• ; Fanny A. » ; Gc4irge 

i;. I' . 


III. Levi Carter 7, ui. twice; two cliUdren by the 

second wifo; the sou d.; Carrie* llvlnjf In 
1H84, when thene reconln were fn'nt. 

IV. Thomas C. 7, m Mary ? he lf» dett«l, aUo 

tnith koiih; hU widow wufl in Sprin^ltleld, MiiMit. 
38. VI. AlilJAH*, ni. a .Mine Hifiii);, of Souttiwick, Chtldreu: 

I. Stilk><". 

II. Latiikoi'7. Kcf. Southwick; had <|uit<' a family. 

III. Kn<)>7. lie«. < hicMjjo. Children: ( alvln 

Knort'', in Hotel husine^^ at Ktiapp, Wi«., and 
one duu. 

IV. ALUKicT 7, is ilead; left sou tieorj;e*. ren. MiK^h- 

elhs 111. 

VII. OLlVK«,n» her cou^iu, 'rheiHh)re lioyin^ton of Sonth- 

iu>;ton. children: 

I. rAUI,0.s7. 

II. TnKol>0|(K7, 

VIII. liKTMKY^, Ui. a Mr. I>oUf;la«, of Wentfleld. and ^^went Into 

wliat they call the HlacU river eountry." 

17. Joel* Byington, (Daniel^ Mm', Caleb\ William,*) 
lN>ni ill Hriiiifonl, Conn. uUmt llhi. Thin nuiy Ih; tliu «)ool 
iiuMitioiicd on pu^re 21 IK 

Children : 

*). I. .IoEL«. The |>rm>f is wantlujj hut It soenm probable h*» 
waM the Itev. .Joel who was settled for twenty-three 
yean« over the l*re'*l)yterian churcli at Cliazy, N. Y.; ut. 
1st, Maria \V<»odwurd, of Chuinplain, X. Y.. m. 2d, 
Delia, dau. of Col. Seth and Electa (Htron)?) Storrs, 
Dec. 2. 1H19. .She was b. Uct. 7, 171K), d. at Hattle Creek, 
Mich., Jan. 1, 1H48; he d. near (lalena. III., aged 71. 
Children, dau. and one son l)y tlrnt wife. 

I. Thkoi'Hiiah W'xh>waui)7, d. about 18S0, at 

Ked WfKMl Kails. Minn.; ni. Lucinda llannon. 
Children: Maria »*, Aurella", William W.»», 
Cornelius * , .1 oel Storrs " . 

II. Electa SToitic^ 7, i,. ix^-. 2:1, isiO; m. li. F. 

Illnmau, of Hattle Tivek, .Mich., Jan. H, 18R0. 
She d. Oct. *♦, isAO, leavinj? a son William'', 
b. Oct. 22. 

III. JoEi. Stoic Ks 7, I,. Oct. 12, 1S22; j(raduate<l at 

Middlebury, Vt. ioWt^*- in 1^4.3. Taught 
chiHf'lc'* and mathematics in Ala. eleven years; 
then engage<l in com'nercial piiriuil)« and 

278 HisTOBt or the botntoh faiiilt. 

Cotton bufltnMS In New Orleaoa until the war. 
After that wa« in the Life lusurunce. He m. 
In Mny 1878, Martha E. 8eeley, at that time 
the widow of Edward B. Northup, Lieut. In 
r. 8. A. She d. in Oakland, (al.. in Feb. 

III. Dklia Elvika?. b. Deo. 28, 1823 ;n). H.IIinman, 

of Ilattle Creek, Mich., Jan. 13, 1848. Chil- 
dren : ( harles 8 , b. in 1849 ; JuUr » , b. In 1853. 

IV. Samlkl Stuoxo 7, b. in Aug. 182.'S. Hen Galena, 

111.; unm. in 1884. 

V. CiiAULOTfE Elizabeth 7, b. .Inn. 13, 1827; ni. 

F. IJ. Pratt, of Elkliart, hid. Children: 
William*, b. In I8.'i3; CieorKe"^, b. In 1855; 
Agnes », b. in 1857; Edward S. », b. in 18(11. 

VI. CouNKi.if.-*", b. in Mar. 1820; volunteered at 

Itiittte ('reek at the beginning of the war. 
>Va« elected (apt. Wan In all the battles with 
Ilic ninth Army CorpB. and ax Major. waM killed 
at the head of hU lUgt., the 2d .Michigan Inft. 
at Kiioxvllle, Tenn. in 18)^^; uinn. 
40. II. Ahnkk*, ; res. WhlteMtown. N. V. 

41 III. Abiiaiiam^. This must be the Abraham ntentioned on 
l>age 2U), wh<» moved to Vt. His family record will l>e 
found there. 
42. IV. TiiKfUMjuK", m. Olive, diiu. of .Samuel Hyingt<m. We 
find a Baptismal record of children of 'l'he«>dore, in 
Bristol, lonn.. Nov. 11, 1H21. < hlldren: 

I. KoLLiX ", (does thli* mean Carlos? C 

II. H ) 

II. Cathkuixe^. 

III. Ol.IVK Mixeuva ". 

IV. ItKT^EY 7, and later baptisms. 

V. Mauia Tiikuesa7. 

VI. .Sam LEI. 7. 

VII. Theodore?. 

VIII. Levea Ouci.aT. 

IX. • Vesta Axgelu»e7. 

X. Selixa 7 . 

Byingrtons whom wo have l>ecii unable to connect with the 
]>roviou8, l)ut very likely near akin to them. 

Rev. Justus* Bying^on, Inmi in Groat Harrington, Mas8., 
afterward moved to, Vt. ; m. Lucy Hinsdale, of 


Charlotte, Vt, 
Children : 

I. Eli»ek.Ioiin«, b. Oct. 8, 17US, In Ojfdeuslmrjf, N. Y.; in. 
Ut, near Cleveluiul, Oliiu, had two duu^^lilers: m. 2d, 
Catherine Newton, of Uenuhi^tun, Vt. He d. Jan. 7, 
1M87. In isfi'i h«' liei'anie converted to the "Seventh-day 
AdventlKtJ*/' and labored with and for them manj 
years. Children: 

I. .It 1. 1 A 7, d. y. 

II.', l». In 1820: u\. Amttrooe White, of 

Ceresi'o, Mich. 

III. .liHiN Ki.KTCMKK?, >). In 1H33; ni. Martha L. 

Smith, of .lackKon, Mich. At thi* a^e of IH 
he h:id lii»> left le^ ain|iutated clone to the hip. 
on (K'count of a fever nore. lie Htudied ni(<di> 
cine in ( leveland, and l>ecarne a IIoin«'(.|mthlc 
;diyMi«'ian. (hliilren : ( harlch S|»erry ** . In Mfe 
In^turance l)nMlnert»* In AUiany, N. V; Fre«l F. ", 
printer In Oakland, Cal., in IHNH; .lohn '^ ; 
'I'ere(«a ** ; Miiry " , ret*. Mich. 

IV. Lkk L. ", h. in IS.'iH; ni. Sintlm (Hover: rei*. 

Toronto, Kansas, children: Jo«le " ; Minnie 0; 
Clen A.^. 

V. William W.7, b. in 1H40; m. Kate Treston. In 

the Innuranc** btj«lne>»f» In Albany, N V. AIho 
Soc'y. of the "An^lerc Affoclatlon of the St. 
Ijiwrence Itlver." No children. 

VI. Mahtha I>. 7, ni. <ieor^e Annidon. of Battle 

( iiM'k, Mich, children: Kate ^ ; Grace ^. 

II. A!l»ON«,in. V Cliililnn; 

I. W. W.7. Hei*. Minn^'apoiiii, Minn. 

II. SihN'KvS. 7. Ken. <'hica^o. 

III. II. H. 7. ReH. Chicago. 

III. Wesley « , m. ? One son I^aFayette 7 . 

IV. MlLO«, m. a Miss Pond. Thlldren: 

I. Samukl Lee 7, m. Cynthia .lohuBon, of Port 

lIoi)e. Ontario; d. In .\|)r. 18^5; one child 
Edwin Lee8, b. AuK'. 20, 1862; in. Helen M. 
(leghorn, have one dau. Spring Dell » . 

II. LaFayette7. 

III. Makv Jane 7, ni. a Mr. Booth. 

V. Betsey «, d at Cen'!»co, Mich. In 1885. 

Rev. Jared* Byington, went from Watcrlmry, Conn, to 


Hincsburgh, Vt., in 1807. A local preacher of the M. E. 
church. He invented and patented, ateel pitchforks ; also 
invented a machine for cutting nailn. He m. Rebecca 

Children : 

I. Anno, I). Mhont 1703; iii. r>eorutrd liennio^, of Middl»> 

bury, Vt. TIh'v hud unn »on. 
I. J(KV. Am>nzo7, b. Feb. 7, IK33; Kruil. from 
Mlddlebury College In lMft4;d. Sept. 17. 187*. 

II. (LAitisHA*, ni. Dr. Mead, of Malone, N. Y. 

III. STKrnKN''», b. ubout 179.5, ill Waterbury, Coiin. ; m. Sarah 

lloyt, In Feb. 1S24. She d. June 23, 1H61 ; he d. Feb. 7, 
18G9. He Mi'Ht to Vt. when twelve year* of age. Chil- 
dren : 

I. ItKV. KzuA lIoYT', b Sept. 3, 1828; in. Aim 

EU/a Hoyt, Jan. 14, 18.=>8. 

II. Ki.LA K^iTKLi.ET, b. Nov. 10, 1832; ni. Trurnau 

H. Harney, of Inderhlll, Vt. Children: 
rharleH« ; Klizal)etb K.». 

III. liEA. Wa?*iiin<;ton luviNuT. b. June 12, 1834; 

III. V ret*. Jerlfho, Vt. <hlldren: .Sarah 

11.": Albert V.». 

IV. KzKA ^ . d. y. 

V. AiJNKs", d. y. 

VI. iiKoitoK I*.", b. Aug. 17, 18.i8; graduated 

rnlvfrt»lty, Vt , In 18«W, and AndoverTheologi- 
• lal Snnlnary \H\\7\ in. Anna Tnu'y. Sept. .1, 

lsr>i». she was b. Oct. 2.'i, IKUJ. <'hUdreu: 
StpplKMi T. •*, b. Dee. 2(>, 18«W: WlUlain C. 8, b. 
Dec. 1, 1870; Martha D. «^. b. Feb. .5, 1873. 
Geor^je 1*. wrote his father (.Stephen) had an 
<iNvn cousin AnB«)n, who had a son Alfreii. 

IV. OkrikO, had son Alonzo?, b. about 1813, who had a dau. 

Mr«. Ilronson ^. 

Issac* Bjington, bom in Hinc»hur«rli, Vt. alniut 1778; 
m. Esther, dau. of Anthony Smith, at Waterbury, Conn, in 
171K>. He munufjuturcd Imttonn, and brans tindings at, or 
in the vicinity tif Watcrlmry. Fire having (Uvstroyed hxa 
factory in 1S20, lie emigrated to Chenango, Co. X. Y. ; d. 
at Norwich, N. Y. in 1S21. He liad a brother Stephen. 


Children : 

I. Ki>wix«,iii. V <lilMrtMi; 

I. K. IJvuoxT. <;«iil. riiU^'t A;;«'iit I^'Jil^li Valh-y 
i:. i:. KcM. Maticli ( liiiiik. Til. 

II. Vutin.uuK' . i:«*. North i:i)I;;<'vlll«', Ohio. 

II. Kmkijnk'*. III. a Mr. Iliiri, rhllih«Mi: K«ik«?iu^"; 
Ilniry ' : Kmlllii*' 7 , iM, n Mr. <niiii<»it: K-iIht'. in. ii 
.Mr. rhiitratit. 

Ill Mkmmktta ", «I. iihoiit |Nj;{. 

Ill IIKMMKTTA ", «1. IllMiIll INJ.I. 

IV. FlM.IH.iriCK '■•, III. 'f <l, ill Ih'c. IH.'KJ. hft oiH' COM 

I)\vl;:ht'. who l« lirtil. Tli k«'l .\;;«'iit of the Ml«H>iirl 
Psu-ilU- It'. If. lli>. I.«'a\<'ii\vorlh, Kaii-a-. 

V. Ai;y>«. I». In ls(»i); in. 1-t, N.'Noii II. Mx-ratl, in is.Jd, at 

< ln'nan;;<>, < o. N. v.; in. 2<l, h'-dtrrJ Walkrr. K-q., of 
I«»\va. in iN.VL Onr thlM llniry K. My;,'aH. «l. May 17. 
IsSl. Mr<. Walk.r.l. May IJ, IsJtJ. 

VI. Mki,i>> A '•. in. .hiiialhan Ilohin-* ; hail ilaii. Ann", who m. 

a Mr. <;ill.('rt, 

VII. llinytrx*'. 

VIII. I.j'ii: AM»''. h. in Mar. l**!". in >Vat«rl»nry. <'unn. In 

IMU Iw «Mitrntl a>* apiirfiititc thr piintiii;; *t\Vn'v of th«* 
••niark l.'ivor <;a/«tt«'," at I.owvilh', \. ^. In is.U In* 
roinnuMirtMl tin' |mM;«'ali<»n of tlu- ••I.i'wi- Co. lh'in«K 
frat." In 1>.'{7 Ih'ljKd <>r;;ani/(' tin- tirst lalimail in Ohio. 
1I»> jinn'tiiMMl law tt'ii yrar- in (Miio, iluu i«*iihiv»h1 to 
Iowa < ity, Iowa. >\ a- a lai:;r lainl ownrr in Mi»>onrl 
ami Kau^a-. hnl lotaiind hi« ri-ltlrm'*' in Iowa, t'hllthrn: 

I. riiAKi.l^ K. 7 . 

n. Iowa". 

III. IJni'.KUT W. '. Attorn«y-at-law. 

IV. (»iTMK A.". An Attorney. 

V. Maiio^ka", III. a Mr. Wh«t-ton«'. 

VI. ."^(.VMMi i: I.i;k". 

Jesse Bying^on, l»'>in in 17.^.'), wi-jit to Wmst<«l, ('nni»., 

in 1?<1(>. lie ')uilt a .\:iil tai-luiy, and anotluM* >li<»p wlicro 
tlu' nails wcrr hcadcMl l>y hand lilows. Ilr d. Srpt. 1 L\ 
ls;U ; had two danLditcrs. .Fant' and Finrtlc. Cojiird inmi 
thr .Vnnals nf '\Vinthr>t('r, Conn., I>\ liovd. 


Lawyer Byington, was l>om in 1801; lived in Bristol. 
Conn., and loariu'd to case clocks. He m. Scvilla, dau. of 
(iilcs and Kimicc (Wilcox) Woodford, of liurlinjrton, Cr/uii. 
They went to Newark N'alley, N. Y. aliout 1828, and he 
carrietl on hi.> clock ca>inj; business, in connection with a 
country store, lie d. .Ian. 2(», 1M5(>. AlM)ut IH years l>o- 
lore tiiat he had one of his Icl's l»adly cnished in the saw 
nn!l. A pailial nnnrd of their children : 

I. IIklkn Aitir>TA". h. Di'i. !(►, Is27; m. Junius Colllu!*. of 

IWTk>.hiiv, N. v.. S.pi. 20, 1S(K). 

II. Ai.CMoNsoT , »,. All-;. 20, ls;{(); in. Susan Annie (atliu of 

Tin;;:!, \. v., .)ul\ 12. iSoP,. CliiUlrfn: KUle C*. 1». 
.July 12. 1S5S; .1. Nov. M, ls(;r>; I/iwyor ( '. >». h. .Iun«* 2«. 
<l. I)<'i'.;J, Isd-I. 

III. IJmMaink K. 7, l»ii|»t. July •'), is.J.J; re-. Diivenport, lowu. 
iV. ( i.AVi'tN 7, I). .Ijiti, .'{, ]s:{:>; til. A<lii A. IJneoln, Nov. 1((. 

1m; I, 

V. MiDiiM \N W, 7 , hiipi. July '*. lN:i7; ni Anne U. iliiiuinonil. 

aWoiM |Sh2. 

VI. <ii:Mi{(;rANA K. 7, l>ai»t Srpt .'{, 1K41 ; in. ^^'llllaiu U. Hay- 

nioiiil, Apr. 2;{. 1*«;J. 
VII Kkanc Ks J. 7. JKipt. July 5. 1S44; m. John J. Van Kleock, 
Ksx , i>f O\ve;jo, X. V. A lar;;e portion of this faniily 
riToiil was I'opiotl from tlic "Folk Book of the Barton 
ruroha>o. hv D. WlUlauis Tattersou. 

John Byington, lM)rn in Westchester Co. » N. Y., alnait 
1770 ; sui)i)()sed to Ihj son of a Solomon or Jonathiin ; in. 
1st, a Miss Kusco ; had one son; in. 2d, Mary (Polly) 
AI»lM)tt. He d. in Is.U or 1H32. 

Children : 

I. Jami:s7. 

II. M<>>Ks7, went to Vlrjjlnla. 

III. Aai:o\7, h. ah ;.i i'MK), in Soutli Siilein. X. Y.; n». Ssilly 

>Vaterhury : <1. ahout 1S30. ChiUlnMi: Aurou 

Homer'*, July 2.5. I820; ui. Harriot S. IMrhinond, in N'ov. 
184U* Eilitor Noiwalk (iazt-tte, Xojwalk, Conu. rhil- 
«iivn : William II.-'. CJeor^rt' |{.'.t, Harry .S. y, h. 
in ISiil : (I. in l>s7; .Strwart W.'>. Sarah Celestia«*, 
KliAilifili J*, .Mary Frances^. 


IV. Isaac 7 , b, Apr. 26. 180.'!; m. u Ml<»> Ilanfurd: tl. u»»oiit 

IR06. Children: Saralj .lanew, in. 1st, u Mr. lirumla^jo ; 
Ml. 2(1, HtMiry M .Smiih. ChlMron: <i«'orj;lanna \\. 
Hrunilajr<*9, n». ('. II. Hrllto; .lanu's L. llnuMlajre», ni. 
Helen K. Steven.<*. I'olly ** ; .lolm I.. ", serve<l four year* 
In the IJehelliou. tl. after eoniiii;^ luMue; Arn>lua l>.^. 
(ieor^ianna ^ . 

V. Uox.vxna", b. hi 180."); in. 1st, Israel Weeks; in. 2«l, 

Caleb We<'ks. ChlMreii. sons l»y llrst hnsliaii*!: Mose"". 
(1. when 20; Charles 11. >*. «1. in early inanh<.<Ml; <;eor^e 
N.«, il. when 42; Caleb S.f<. a iMntlst in New York, 
also a i«M't ; has one <lan;;hter. .Marv It", in. .laines 
Melhnish « : Laura K. J*, in Frank M.lhui>b. 

VI. LAri:\'", b. about ISOS; in. Samuel llrown; had nine 

ehildren, one., Mr?*. Cleor^e M. I'help-. 

VII. SAltxii AnnJ". in. Henry Baker; live rhlMnn. one 

son. Homer •* . 

VIII. Kt. .Iohn". III. Dtlia role. rblldreti; (Jeor^^e If.", 

O-car", hiiM «on Kiaiik '• ; Chnile- H.'*; Anion H.", 
Hanie " and Mullle ", tuln*. : i;il/abrih ", in O^mr CrUt ; 

IX. HAnnv?. b. In 1>^10; in. Iblsey week-; d. Mar. 21, iH.'C: 

one ^on, Aaron 8, who had ,'i son Irvlii;;''. 

X. Nathan ". b. Feb. 1, lsl2; in l*t. Catherine lloyt ; m. 2d. 

A»)by Stebt)ins; jshe d. Nov. 17, ISIl; m. M. Kll.-n far- 
dee; d. Dee. 24, lS.55; son by tlrst wife, dan, by sei'«ind 
wife, (hildren: Ira Weeks ^, b. Apr. l.l. 1S.*{2; » 
printer and Vilieultnrisi, Fresno city, Califoinla: 
Mary F..'*. b. .Inly 2), 1S41 ; in. TlieiKlore llroih.iton of 
Norwalk, Conn. 

XI. Eliza .Tank", b. Mar. 20, ISIO; m. .b»hn < rist. children: 

.Stephen B. ^, in. .Inlia Parker, has five ehlldn-n : Wil- 
liam >*, ui. Julia Maynard; Delia ^, in. Otis llarton, one 


John Byington,* ^H)i*n in I7r)4; m. Tal>itha Colo; she 
wash. Mar. 4, 1704, a. Aii;r. ^^U IHaH; \\v d. May \\K 

Children : 

I. Polly7, b. .\pr. 4, 1T1»1; in. .Joseph B. SImtwoimI, Sept. 
28, 1817; one dau. Mrs. An;;enette Bennett. Bes. Georjje- 
town, Couo. 

284 iiisTonY OF the bovston family. 

II. (OLLixs T . b. .Tune 4, 1704 ; hiw ou« wm Alonzo «», who iii. 
Betsey <'om!»t«K'k. lt«'». (ieorgetown, <^onn. : they havt* 
tw.. riiHUn-n, (J«H»r;,'e('.»,m. Sanili MorrU, .hiHaa, m. 
Lu/.«m .IcllilV. 

Omo Samuel Byington" 1»h«1 '^'h *^^'^^^*^ ^^^^^ ^<> ^"'^■^' '^'^'" 
km; yonrs oU\ wImmi lif dird. .lossio" Imil mui .Ijhik's', Imh-ii 
in Vt. in 171>l, NvluMis rjipiuHT took the third hoiit from 
IVtiM-slnirjr to Xi'W Orloaiis: attorward took chjir;n' of the 
Iron Works in Ciminnali, to wliich plair he hnmjrht hi> 
family in is;; t : he had one son Angnstns Smitii*, \vho>e 
res. is L<'hanon, Ky., he has one son Frank An-^u-lns". 

Nathaniel Byington, <»f Vermont, had ehiUhon : 

J. William K'ii.iy" in. Kaiira S. I'mtt; inovnl t«» Mich, in 
isll. lluir ihihhvn: Manley Moreno**, ni. Lonisa 
IJfVfiKMiuli : they h:iv«' oiu- (l:m. Minnie'-*. Levi Knnn- 
lon-x. ni. Un< lour eliildren ; All^^on IVnnelia", in. Frank 
Mann, Iia^ iliivecliililivn; Mary Louisa*, dead; All»ert 
n. Natiiamki.". 

lU. Kl)NVAIM>". 

IV. I'LitMKLiA ' , III. Silas ilathon. 

Benjamin" Byinton un<l PheU* llarrirtcm, ni. in Uran- 
lord, Conn., Sept. 21, 1770. 

I. luKXKs l». .Mar. 20. 1771. 
M. Sally', !•. l>ee. 14. 1772. 
ni. (niTTKuroN '. •>. 1, 1775. 

IV. INn.Lii:', '». All;; J.'*. 1777. 

V. MiNTHV", 1.. May 24, 17sO. 

VI. IMIKIM-.T, h. An;; H, 17s2. 

Ebenezer Byinton, !»nd Knniee Huffman, m. in Bran- 
ford, C(»im., Nov. 4, 177^; one ehild Anne, h. \w^, 1«, 


"Henry Boy nton <»r By ing^on, sottlod in Wost Stork- 
hridjro, Mass., In'twi'di lliV.\ and 1774.'' 
Children : 

I. Fkancks. IV. Ihulson, \. Y. 

II. Jkankttk, <l. ill Wr«it Stuokl»rlil;;e. 

III. Ki.i/.\ii>:rii, «1. in < :ilifoniia. 

IV. i» iiu>v<(l !<> llMtl«oM, N. N". 

V. lh.M;\, III. Mays M»:uli:mi, of S)u>nt(>l<U had four tlaii- 

^liU'i" ami <Mir «oii; <mu' dan. Maiul, iii. Samuel M. 
Arnold: i'«'<. \\ r-i St<Kklirld;r»'. 

VI. n'lnovnl to Hudson. N. Y. 

VII. 'I'liKoiHUJK, think in* niu«t In* 'IMumhIoiv .Vilm, of lliidooii, 

l(. in 17sO: ni. AM«.v Arnold; d. in is:)!*,. 
< ojiicd troiii Il»'iU«hir»' To. (ia/.rtl»'er. 

Amos Fox" Byington, l>orn in Columlda, S. C, Mar. lM). 
171K5 ; went to Mill«'dL^'viih', (la. and n». Xtmcy FiviMU'V, 
Mar. 20, iHlt. Ono of his ;rrand dauirhtors said ho olton 
told her, when a child as she sat on his knee coinhin^X his 
hair, that he went from New York NNhen yonnir. He was 
first a nierehant tailor, then Ixui^ht a farm and mill>. 

Children : 

I. Jamks I.AWitKNCK", a celohrated llotrl Kroper hi .Vlhaiiy, 

Fort Valley, and Macon, (Ja* n<' in. Jaiu> raroHne Mc. 
Cl.Midou: d. .Ian. -i.i, ls<;'.». rhildn-n: riiarh-*. dead; 
(;«'or;r«'^. in iHSf), wu- iMo|»ri<tor of tlif I.aniiT lh»t«'| in 
Maron : Kdward T. ^, a .lournali-t in Atlanta: Kinina ** , 
in. liillin^^-^ Wln-cW-r, n-s. New Vtnk; lirr cliildn'n: 
Henry E. '•'. < hailes n.'J, iJeiijaiidn K.'', Ilattie'*. 
Mirw'^. ni. W. K. Collier: re<. Fort Valley. 

II. ( <)i,. M<»M\i<»MKi:v 1*. T, teacher and Attorney-at Law: iii. 

rSuhrina nr«>wn; they Jiad two >oii«. <ra«*su'<^, Henry**, 
hotli iN-ad: Xor:i ?< , Miriam'*, tn. < ul. I'iyjnor; Floimci* !*, 
(iertrnde ?* . i;o\«'nd»ean '" . 

III. llKNia l\. ". a tanner, miller and teacher; m. K. I*. Ivey. 

tliildren: ( harU> i;.?*, Willie <. h , ll,.,„.y \.s, ,Jame<* 
A. f*. K<ldie II. «*. <l. y.. Oohfoloof*, m. Timothy IMood- 
worth: Annie K. ^. 

IV. (iiAi:i.F> A.', m. Kli/alM'th hay. lie wa- kilird at 

rhamerville. (hildren: Henry •'*, d., ruiijainin F. ", d.. 
MontL;<'iner\ Fox ?*, .lohn Fnrman "'. 

286 HISTORY or the botktok family. 

V. MiRABEAU Lamak?, m. Lldia Barrott. Children: flret 

two d. y., James L. ^, Wrights, Marj-s, m. Ilenrj- 
IJloodworth; Sullle*, in. Marion Smith; Nancy »♦, m. 
Joseph Wood; LilHeS, Martha 9. 

VI. Jeaxnett 7, m. J. N. Miller. 

VII. Mahy 7, m. John K. MeMullen. 

VIII. Maktiia", m. ('. B. Anderson. 
Four iither eldldren, d. y. 

Stephen C. De Boynton, <li«'<l near Charlfston, S. C, 
hiul luollu'iH, MoscH, Munliii, iiixl Samuel, wlio liveil near 
Ikrnwell C. II., S. C. Stephen luul hoik*: 

I. William, In the Yellow I'lne Luml>er l)uslue»««, at Thom- 

artvllle, Ga. 

II. Stkpmkn C. De.. at I'axtor., Ga. 

III. Thomas K., White Hall, S. C 

IV. ( . Fhanklin, Wliite Hall, S. C. 


The rcconlrt iiultidtMl in this flection were over- 
looked, or received too lute to l)e incoqKjrated in tlioir 
|)ro|)er places. 

31. Additions to tlie Fiuuily of John* Boynton, <>" 

X. Haciiakl ''^, l». Au){. 21», 1701 : m. St«'i»heii rarkrr. Ajtr. 27, 


XI. MAitr •\ U. .filly 17, 17(55; m. AIk'I \uu-h, .Tun. :iO, WXi. 
«74. XII. JoXA!*^, b. .Mar. 28, 17CH. He reiiialncd with liU iiarmtu, 

and Inherited u silver drinking tankard, of the tliiio of 
Henry I. whieh hud t)eeu handed down thnm<;h genera- 
tions to the one who took care of the jwirent^ In their 
deciinlnj; day-. It Is now (islis) In the |M»--e.-'iiMn i>t 
hi- niece. Mi>. .^^ophiu li. Frary, formerly of llradford, 

108. Funiily of Noah* Boynton, <•» pa^'e 42. 

I. AxiHSKW I'.\i:kku", lnwl other rhlldren l>e>»lde AllH-rt 
KlorjMU'*' " . Kraiui-' ** , 




isr,2. il. in Xov. 1H<^4; Kflle }..*. h. .fan. 10, 1S67; 
Wmijnn A. % h. Sept. 5, l.s61), d. Feb. -iS, 18t»H. 

V. Samiki, I{i.niM;KTT". had Annette* : rh:irlf.sT ; Harry", 

:ind llant'V *•. iwinf^, both dead. 

VI. I.on-A StkvkN!**, had Klvu'' ; rhirke*. dead; Kruni-eu",; Mary " : MtTl<» ^ : Will >•. 

VII. Wll.i.iASi \n.''MN 7, had a nun William. 

VIII. Soi'iinoMA Kiaika', hud Klorenee", dead; Kdlth*; 

Klva" : i;lil|.h^ : l>aUy ". 

54. F-imlU of Kuni;:!! Nathaniel* Boynton, <>» i>j»;r<' 74. 

I, i;i;in:iTA ' . 1)1. r.nijaiiiin Kletelier. .Jr.. Mar. 21, 1774; ni. 
.I«»na» Wiljrht S<|.i. 17. I78.'{. Childivn I»y flr>»t ni : 

I. IlKN.IAMJN *, l». in 177", 

II. Ifi iii.( ( A ". I». in 177H. 

III. SKNVAi.i. 7. h in 17>iO, ni. Mary Stone ainl settled 

rmlland < u,. N. \. Children hy seeond in: 

IV. I.Vmiii ' . U. In 17><l. 

V. Iti I'.ii (A*, t*. In I7>^(>. ni. AaxMi Wood of Maxoii. 

N. II. riKlr (hildren llvin;; In IkmI, were: 
i:il|.li;ilei ^ : William Atl-on^.d. Nov, is, issl. 
ill TcniiiUMoM. Ma--.. :i;,'ed 71 yeaix; W.ihcr 
A."*, Tre.^. of til.- Walter A. Wo<nl Mowin^c 
and iTeajiin;; Mailiiiie < o. 

VI. Sai.i.> ", l». In 17^S, in. ,Iolin Adani"^ of Mason. 

VII. Wii.i.iAM ", l>. in 17'.K). 

VIII. I.I rm:K ". It. In 17it.{.went to tin* Saiuhvlch 1.**- 

lamls. nt. and d. there. 

IX. .ToiiN Umvntmn'. I>. in 17!»7. 

131. V. .Vatiiamki.*' U<MNTnN. on |ia;r(' 7'!. in. Anna IJarrett Dee. 
•Js, 17ti(», he d. Nov. 1.'), l>:{s. They spent the laxt year? 
of their life with their fon Kli-ha', in Shirh-y, Masr*. 
These reeoid- ;:l\e the l»irlh of: 

I. \an( V '. h. Apr. Js. 17'.»J: she d. VvU. 2S. lK.->4, 

II. I.' ( A '. J». .Inne 4, 17'.H; had fonr children, 

oiif w as Kratiklin '^ . 

V. .huiN". I». An;;. 17, 17!»7; d. .Inne 27. 1>.'»S; his. 

dan. (hloc .1. ni. a Mr. Ulanchanl )d Wilton. 
N. II. 

VI. Ki.i-aa'. nt. I-ydia Seott K.iton <»f Kitihltnrj;. 

.Ian. 1. W.i't. IJe' .'"hirley. Ma-s. lied. Nov. 
m. Isl7: hi-i widow ni. .sitei>heii Ansiin in lsr,»;. 
(hildren: Knfns I'mnani f*. h. Nov. Is, l>;{ti; 
ni. .Ivnnle K. .lohn-on Nov. is. I.s7(). lie Is a 


dealer In tin, gluM, Iroo, wood« ffUver^|>late«t 
ware and real estate in Clinton^ MaM; haii been 
Tery much Interested In the Hoynton re-unlou« 
and a worthy ort'cer in tlie A«*<«i'lallon. Mary 
I^>uii^», h. Mur. *2I, 1H41; ni. Jen»ni«* I)uvl««, 
•lune 'i4, 18.*>5; rp». Nufiliua. N. II. Jih'I 
Kiitoux, U. .July 23, ]h43. Mi* I'Mlixtcd Au^. l.'l. 
18'»2, in f'oiu'ord, for lhrc<' yejirM. Ilr wum in 
till- liatth- <»f FnMltTli'k-tMjrK iH'i*. 13. 1H«;2, Co. 
G, 13lh Ke^rt.. N. II. VoU.; d. VvU. 25. 1H(W. 
**nol (|uitc twnily yearn of uj^e; youn^ t«> lay 
down hin life for hii« lounlry." 
VII. Lydi\ ', b. I><r. 14, IH()2; on<- dan. Ifarriette?, 
ni. 1.4-vl Mitchell. 

188. Family of Luther" Boynton, <>n \nv^vy^ 7.'>-7i). 

II. Haukikt ', ni. John <iale of Sall^<l)ury. Ma.>«i*., In 
Au>5. 1H22. Sh<' dl«'d in I^iwreiu**', Apr. H, 
lH«v;. <lill(lrei): .John ^aI•ker^ h. May 12. 
1H2<J; a .Ian. 1, IHM.'}. William II.'*, I». Au^. H. 
lH2D. a lawvrr in ltof«ion, ni. Anna l^iiuckvii- 
l)ii'h of AMmiiv, N. V. Sarali f,. ", l». .Jiiri. 22. 
]h:u\: rv*. Lawn-mt', Mann. 

V. AL.MKICIA It', in. L>inan Loi'ke, of KohIoh, May 

2, 1S4;1. Chliaitn: Ifev. tieor^'e L «, rei*. 
Hrlstol, 1{. I. Almrrla K.*«, ni. Newell 

VI. Hknjamis F. ",ni. I^»uUa Klskr, of Lowell, 

Mass., Sept. 20, IKJU; d. .Inne 4, 1871. 
(hlldren: Fnink F. », »). Aug. 24, IKI.*). Al- 
nieria L. «, b. June 20, 1848. Charb's K.«, l». 
Mar. 17, d. in Nov., 18.51. Mary K. ", b. Dee. 
28, 185,3; d. in Feb. 1858. Fnd A. % b. in May, 
d. in Nov. 1858. 

VII. (iyj)Hiiy. W.7, III. Kuby Ann Hall, of Boston, in 

Dec. 1831; she was b. Fob. 27, 1814; d. Nov. 
l.S, ls72. lied, in Donb.stir, Mass., Oct. 3, 
1892. Children: Anna Kli/i»lH-th «, b. in 
Hoston, .Jan, 10,1833; (Jj'oi^c Francis", b. in 
Dorchester, Mass., d. at N«'n\ horn, N. C., .Fan. 
11>, 18C;}. menilier of <o. (;, 44th Ke>;t , M. V. .M. 

VIII. llANNinAL", went to Troy, N. V., wlicn* In* ni. 

and d. leaving; a son and dau;;iitcr. 

55. Fuiiiily of Joseph* Boynton, on I )a«:t' 7 «i. l)at<' of 


marriage given hy Hoino Oct. 7, 1762. He died Oct. 14, 
1787 ; his wife died Aug. 17, 1789. 

Childron : 

I. Tauukli. 8 , b. ami d, in Sept. 1703. 

II. JofiKi'M « , b. Sept. 30, 17W ; d. Apr. 4, 1783. 

}:Vi. III. .Samikl Tauiiki.l«, b. ,luly 16. 1766; d. Mar. 1. 1841. Re- 
iiu)ve<i to rittst.iwii, N. v., about 1840. Children: 

I. Tiiii{Za7, b. Dec. 13, 1795. 

II. JosEni 7, inove<l to Mich. 

III. .Sami KL TAUIJKLL7, b July 28, 1805; m. Martha 

DanlflH, I>ec. 10, 1826. One son WlHiani 
IV. Sahaii «, m. .I.uo!) IlaMkell, .Ijm. 18, 1791. Children : 

I. Cai.\ IN 7, b. Nov. 4. 1791, m. Ann Ilearf«ey, Dee. 

27, isis. Tlieir children: Calvin «, b. Sept. 
9, 1H19, d. .June 2.3, 1H41 ; Sarah A.». b. .Juna 
27, IK2I ; Henrietta f», b. An;,'. 28. 182.3, d. Sept. 
13, 1S44; Marj »<,o. Dee. C, 182.% m. Kpbraini 
Whitney. .Fuiy 12, 18.50; Edwards, b. Oct. -29, 
1K2S. was a very successful niercliant in New 
Hniford. in. IM, .Sarah Clalllin, in .Sept. 1K,'>.3, 
phe d. Oct. 1S.')7: he ni. 2d, Louise II. .Seau»»ry, 
Nov. 24, !y.-9, he d. Dec. 11, 1882. Alfretl*. 
b Kcl». 3, 18:il, ni. 1st, Pauline H. Neaie, Dec. 
29. InV.J. she d. .Inly 17, 18(52: he m. 2d, .lane 
K. Tracy. Dec. 7, l.s(L'). William Henry f». b. 
Oct. 1.5, IKW. Helen Gray 8, b. .July 31, 1837; 
ni. W llliani H. llarnes, .July 21, 18.57! 

II. Lkvi Uovnu.x:, b. Nov. 4, 1794; in. Eliza 

llaydeii. of Nantucket Island, Nov. 29, 1^20. 
I He left the old fandly homestead in Still 

Ifiver when quite youn^', and en^^ajjetl in the 
dry j^oods Inisiness in Hoston with Paul Whit- 
ney, under the tirm name of Whitney A HaH- 
keil ; was a member of the City Council durin;r 
Mayor (^uincy's adininistnition. Chihlren: 
George Edward «, in. < atherine Wetlierbee. 
Levi**, d. y. William Henry*, d. y. Susan 
<artwrl;rhts, m. Charles L. Towle. 

III. .Sakau H. 7, b. Sept. 18, 1790; in. Jerome Gard- 

ner, in Nov 1S14; «l. Feb. 18, 1818. 

IV. Ei.i/.a7. I,. Auj?. 18. 1799; m. Andrew Gardner, 

June 29, 1818. In 18.56 they moved to Water- 
town, Wis. Shed. Dec. 22, 1856. Children: 
Joseph \l.», Andrew \i.*, Jacob H.h, Geui<r». 
F.«, Julia «. 


V. Mary 7. I>. Apr. 3, 1802; m. Joiiuthau llitKkeU uf 

FiU-hburg, Dec. 4, 1H23. One hou lleury*. 
.Shed. Sept. Jl, IH'i.'i. 

VI. JacokT, 1,. Juue 7, ISW; lu. Mary K. Snow, May 

13, ls:{0. Chihlren: Wimaiu S. 8, b. lu lS3l\ 

d. in iJvW. Martlui A. «, l». in lK:r», d. in tS4"J. 

CaUuiiine K. »*, h. in ls;js. d. in IS73. Anna 

S.«, h. 1S40. KllwiU'tli ll.J', K in \fm\. 

AllM'rt U.x, b. in IS45. 

136. V. Calvin •,!>. acconlin>5 to jnune nrordrf. May 21, 1771; lu. 

Ell/uibeth Sawlelle. On tlie lJr<*ton rei'«»nl« lier name li« 

written l*atty. lied. Mar. .5, 1H37. Cliildren: 

I. Hkt.'^y', b. .Ian. lU, 17'.h;; in. .It'ptlia liartwell. 

I>ec. 22, IHID. < liildr«-n : William T. « , d. y. 
William S, 8, d. y. (■lari--a A. ", d. y. Sarah 
S. «, d. y. Kil/.a»»eth ^ b. Oct. 20, 1x20; lu. iMt, 
Thomas C Day, in D«h-. lH44;m. 2*1, II«Miry 
Xicliols in 1M7.5. Martlia", I,. Feb. 22. 1^22; 
m. William De Witt: sIm* d. in .Inly 1S7S. 
Mary M.*^, b. May 7, is,t4, m. Hieliard I', .loy, 
Oct. :il, 18«X>. D.liaH, b. Jan. 17, ls:{S; ni. 
David K. Steele, M. D., .Inn.' 20, IS7:i. 

II. .loiix ", b. Oct. 27, 17D7; was repiv-entative (n>ni 

<;roton Is31-is;{.">-ls40; al>(> Ttiwn <leriv. Slie 
d. Nov. 30, 1S.VI. No (.liildren. 

III. .Slmnkk", b. An;^. 21. ISOO; m. Mary Shattiiek 

<;roton, D»c. 10, IvJO. He d. .Ian. 1>. 1.S75. 
VI. Hannah'', m. Dra. Ik'iijamin Wyman «»f Wobnrn. Oet 20, 
17'J0; she d. K«b. 1, ls4'.> < hildren : 

I. IJknja-MIN " , b. Dee. 2*.>. 17'.»2; d. in < alifornia. 

II. .Sally ", b. Nov. 21, 17'.M. 

III. llANXAil 7, b. An;;. 21, 171)0; d. Nov. 11, 18511. 

IV. Jus^Tus", b. Sept. 10, 17US; d. in Ala. Had a *on 

Leonid, in Mont;joimMy. 

V. (ALVix AriLKToN ", b. Dee. 24, 1801 ; d. lu Dec. 

1870. lies. Woldivn, Mass. He had a fandly 
of excellent daughters. Annie T. ><, m. lieor;;e 
llutler, of Brooklyn, N. V., had one non, 
Frank '!'.». Kli/ A. f*, m. ('harle«i W. Stevens. 
Sophia K. f*, ni. IN'v. riionia< K. Pattlson; sl»e 
d. in An^'. \S\M Abby M f<, Klla F. "<. Knnna 
I., f* . Tile last lu o w«*re tw ins. 

VI. LiTiiKU IIoyntonT. b. Fel). 12, ls04;il. in .Inly, 

187H. He had a sion, Kenjamin K. **. 

VII. WaltkkT, b. Apr. HI. 1s(m;; had a son, Arihnr 

n. «. 

VIII. I.YIHA STIMr>«»NT, b. .\n;j. l.'*. lS>S;d. Nov. 18, 


' IX. EAULT,b. Sept. 5, 1811; a. July 1, 1882; had« 

(Ihu., Mrg. lA)ul8 Perry 8 . 
Vli. Lyima«, in. Jouathan StImpBon, of IJeadIng, Mhhb.; Iwd 
one son who was killed hy Uie fallln)? of u tlnilMT In a 
theatre lu llonKm. Shi' d. June 0, 18(U. 
137. viii. William Fai{WKI,i.«. Ml. Sarali Kidder. Ilea. Uun«Uil>le, 
now Na-hua. N. II. lie d. S.-pt. 27, 1835. Children : 

I. Wii.i,!am7, ni. r had a daughter EH/a- 

lKth8, who ni. a Mr. IhirlK-rt. K«'^. Kvan- 
Htnn, 111. Mr«. Harl)frt U a I'h.I)., u very 
alile woman and Inten-ftln^ writer. 

66. Family of Abijah* Boynton, <»n im^^os 7(»-77. 

I, SAUAn«>,d. Ikv. i;i, 1S48; had thivo moiv rhlldreu tlmn 

>?lven on pa^jo 77. vl/.: 

VI. (iiAiM.Ks Fukhkimck", h. Feb. 26, 180;i; d 

Nov. 10, 184.'), unni. 

VII. Catiiakink", b. Nov. 8, 180,5; ni. Joseph Saw- 

U'll«', Oct. -is. IHHl ; Hhe d. Auj;. 20, 1879. 

VIII. ("Aitni.iNK s b. Nov. 8, 1S05; d. June 1, 1877, 


II. .\lUGAn.«. d, rei>. IS, 1H.->1. 

II. AiiKL B. T , d. May .10, 185.5. 

III. Jkssi: ' , i\. in Jan , 1864. 
vil. TmuzoT, U. June 22, 1848. 

138. AniJAUO UiJYNToN, on pa;;e 78. 

VII. Li c'Y T. T. n. William T. I^wIb: tlieir childreu: 
Wiillam 1. S.Lucy T.», Henry G.«, Joel S. 
U.S. Ifannali V.^. 

139. Eli" Boynton, <>n i)a;r«' 7«. \lv died Auj,'. 7, Ih:)*). 
.Mary (l)<»iial(l) lioynton was horn in lirookline, N. II., 
Srpt. 10, 17H(). lliMo she ics'uUmI until her inarriajrc to Eli 
Uciynton, \)vv. 17, ISOU, wlion she reinoved to Pepperell, 
Mass. She WMs a lineal descendant from the aneient .Seoteh 
family of Donalds whiih runs to the eleventh century. 
Her father. Major Handall McDonald, a tall, dipdtied and 
•'stately man of few words," was said to U'ar a strong re- 
seinhlance t<» (leneral Washinjrton, and like him ''his word 

was law. 



As Miir}% the oltloKt of thn>o daajrhtow, curly showed u 
nMimrkuhlo thu*Kt for knowlo(l«;is nmdinjj ami ^tiulyinjr niiv- 
fully tho few iMuikf* within hor ivuch, nhc Invamo the pupil 
of the minister of the parish, wlio pive her instruelion in 
hranehes not then tau«rht in th(> sehools, and kindly allowen 
her the use of his lihrary. At the a^e of sixteen, slio Uv 
lanie a teaeher, and for nuiny years, while instruetinjr others 
was eonstantiv a<ldinir to her own attainments, and tittin;: 
herself for the hijrher tlutics of life; so, wlaMi in after ViMirs 
the edueation of tiu'ee Iwns, and throe jrirls Invame tho 
prohlcm for her to solve, she was e(|ual to the oceasion. 

Industrious, frujral, encrp'tic, solf-dcnyin*:, prayerful, 
witli small means and many privations, all were sent to 
school, neatly cla<l, providecl with lK)oks, ete, Two lM)ys 
were sent to l)ai1 mouth Col le«r«' and two ^^irls to the Ik'sI 
female seminaries of the time, all of whom suhse(|uently 
ln'came successful teachers. 

She was symmetrically develoj)cd, physically, mentally, 
and spiritually ; worked hard hut never worried. ♦*lt is all 
for the iK'st." **The darkest day, live till tomorrow, will 
have passed away.'' **Not my will hut Thiiu' he done." 
Such were some of her favorite expressions, and in this 
spirit of **charity for all, and malice towards none" she won 
many fri<'nds, and left no enemies behind. To this unwav- 
ering faith, coura^re, fortitude, and a serene cheerfulness 
that enahled her to surmount every trial and atllictiou, we 
nnist attril)utc her lon^ and us(»ful life. She kept U|) her 
con*e>iKmdence almost to the last, and on her one hundred 
and tirst aiuniversary wrote her auto<rraph for several of her 
visitors. She died in Pep|)erell, April 14, 1.HS2, a;r*'d one 
hundn'd and om^ years, seven months and four days. 

The pictun; was taken the day after her one hundredth 
Their children : 

I. Makv A. ", III. 'nioiuas Tarleton, who il. Sept IS, 1847, 
leavlii;; out* «laii., Sanih KlU*n'^, h. in 1S.{2, who in. 
Daniel W. Vittuni in 1851. 


II. Maktiia 7, had children: MaryE.8,b. and d. In 1848; 
Charles B. », b. in 1862 ; Henry A. 8, b. In 1853. 

162. Family of Beaman* Boynton, ou page 101. Riu*- 
Hcll J.*, 8ai(J to have died in the army at Wa.shington, D. C. 
Cliildren : Franklin \i.\ nearly Mind, and Mary E.*, who 
m. Thurston Oakes. 

164. Family of Elder David* Boynton, on page 101. 
lie married Sarah Jone:^; she died in 1^41 ; he died in 1853 
or 1854. 

Children : 

I. Maucia 7, I). Oct. 23, 17&4; d. June 3, 1825. 

II. Lucia T, b. Feb. 17, 17!>0; d. Oft. 2D, ISIU. 

III. Klizaijktii 7, b. Scjjt. 21, 17'.»s, dead. 

IV. l>Avii»7. b. Sfpt. 27, IHOO; m. l»t, Sarah rrince, of John* 

MOD, Vi.; III. 2(1. MIhm Tlmnkrut Hurrou>(lii». lie d. In 
]Hm. rhlldiTii: two b> llri»t wife, (lark .M.", b. \)w. 
27. |H22; III. Nt, Kiiiiiiu lliii^htiiii, of Mooiviitown, had 

out* fitU. LlllhlT illllKlllini >'. h. ill iH.'il, wlio III. •lnH4'|(]j||u> 

.N. IttiiiK-hiiiil, and liiui ( bitili- (M<i. h. In |N7t); KMltIr 
K I". I>. Ill iHsl. riark M. in. 2<1, Aiii'lta I' liitll, ati'l liiid 
Kn'il .M V, limit, iiixl Albril .1, ^. wiio in. Flora K. Fiilb-r, 
of .StoMf, St. III! Im KikIiIi'IiI .MitiiiiK*'!' of "'riio IbT- 
Hifk," Kiitland, Vl. < lilldnii: I'auliiie, h. in iNiK); 
Ifobcn C.J". b. In Ih1i4. Maiiih K.", »». In Aujf., 1H2:{, 
Frank H.^, Nubclle M. «, Kll/abcth*, David ", HumcII », 
Mary", Kli/Ji**, and Theodore », who left two houii, 
ThcMKlore", who hai* Warnerl", and Wllllaniy, who liai» 
Itu^^ellio, .Kanfordio, Ora<el>, Cliffordio, Theodureio. 

V. Hl>sEI.I.", b. .lau 29, 1K02. 

Familv of Kli/aln'th" liovnton and Ahniham Aiken, on 

• * 

page 115. 

II. CxuausK' . in. Samuel iloll'rage. 

III. Sahaii", in. Af«a Stoniip. 

IV. lJ«»j*AMOM) T, in. Paul Boynton. 

V. ( KCILIA " , ni. James Siallord. 

VII. MiNKUVA?,!!!. Dr. Lyman Ilarton. Children: Su»ai»- 

n:ih >*, m. George A. Perry. 
Mil. < l,MKIMi,\7. 

IX. Llcy Mautixia ' , 111. Horace Sheldon. 


214. Family of John* Bojnton, on iwjre 140. John 
wiw l>orn July 31, 1790. Some reoortU ji^ivo hin wife's 
name Barbara Fitsh, her I Hrtli Fol). 15, 17Hl»; dho clioil in 
l^Gl ; he died in July, 1«7G. 

Children : 

I. Maria 7, b. ill 1824 

II. Matilda 7, b. in ih-27; in. William IJronner, of Brooklyn; 

hud ten cblldreti. 

III. Lyiha", b. F«l). 17. IK.n ; m. Jof*hurt <". Ferris, o/ Peeks- 

kill, N. V., Feb. l.r 1H51. Children: lleury lloynton», 
b. in New York. Doc. 5, IH.W; in. Helle IJuckiand, of 
Hulliib). In 1«7;{. Mary I^»uise8 , b. Aug. 22. 1H06. (ier- 
tnide><, b. .lune 20, 1h73, Iium two children. 1U'». IMtln- 
Uurg, l*a. 

225. Family of Mannasseh* Boynton, on i)a«<:e 14(). 

Freeiinin 7, wuH b. at Italtiinorc, Vt., had a ^on, Mirvilif 
lliirdy^, b. at Jletliel, Vt., who ui. .loi^eiihine .Mont' 

228. Family of Joseph* Boynton, on pup? 14<;. J<>- 
H<'pli wiw )M>rii Au^. '2^t, 177H: tlieir childn'ii were all iHirn 
iM'tween iMOf} and \H2H, 

I. .foHKi'il 7, b, Apr. 17, 1M20; in. Aldde H. lladb'y; he d. 

Mar. 2M, iM-lli, Icfi one i*on, .lopt< pli DvxUr**. 

II. Jonathan 7, b. Fit*. 7, 1H2(5; in. Hatlle F. Ilmlley, in 

IH-ll. Their ehlldn-n: Francl»« r. « b. An)(. 21>, 1KA3; 
in. .Su«ie L. Mclntln*. one dan., Ki-i*- IJ. ». I^vl J. «, b. 
Ang. 14, IHTt',; ni. Kllu ("ro-^by. Fn-derick M.«, b. May 
16, 1M.'>7, i« a nju>*iclaii, cornet player. Ilattie K.«. b. 
July 20, 18:.9; m. a Mr. ITa^tin;^-*, ha>* >»on. Otto A. A.O. 
M/./le A. H, b. Feb. 21, lHr,2. Klla K h, b. Sept. 1, iHfiS. 
Helen ?:.», b. Feb. 20, 1H(57. Walt«'r K. «, b. July 2K, 


238. Referrinjr to Asa* Boynton, on pajro \^)C}. lie m. 

Mehitable Piu*k;ird, and aec'onrm«< to these new records, had 

three children, not Ijcfore printed. 

1. Jamk»7. I). Sept. 2.*^, 179.5; in. I^oU, dan. of B«'iijatnln 
Turner, May 1!>, IftlH; nhe wa« b. Apr. 2, 1H(X>, d. Oct. 27, 


1844 ; he d. May 91, 1871. Children : Sarah T. «, b. Feb. 

13, 181», d. Dec. 18, 18l>6. unra.; Harriets, b. Jan. 2*2, 
1821, m. Thomas Davis, of Montville, Me., she d. Mar. 
10. 18U7; LucyM.8 b. Feb. 25, 18-20, m. T. X. Murch, 
no children, she d. June 29. 1855; I>Hvid T. », b. Apr. 6, 
1828, III. Marj* M., dau of llioinas and Nancy (Shennan) 
Ilarhiuii of WorceHter, MasM., .June 21, 1854. he moved 
to Olilo in 18<;5, where he purcha)*ed a fann and half 
interetit in a lar^e Flouring Mill, which buMincMH be 
cjirricil on until the fall of 1«70. In the winter of 1873, 
he sold his farm at Willouj^hby, and purclia&ed a Lirger 
one at Mentor, ne:ir the home of President Gartield. In 
1876, he traded his farm In Ohio, for another near I^exnig- 
tcn, Ky., where he has since resided. Their children : 
Henry H. *, l». Dec. 8, 18.50, res. Ix-xin^on, num.; 
George D. 9. h. Mar. 15, 1858, unm., at home; Mary T. », 
m. K. C. Knowlt»s, Nov. 25, 1S87, res. Chicago; Catharine 
F.», b Mar. '25, 18G4, m. D. C. Belt, Apr. 11. 1893. 
Benjamin F. t', b. Sept. 11, 1821>. m. Nancy GritHn, res. 
Liberty, Me. Their children: Alfred K.»; Charles 
T. 9 ; Ida M. 9, Franklin G. » ; John II. » ; David M. » ; 
Benjamin F. 9 ; Sadie .M.«; Bertha K.9; Osweli A.9; 
Camilla <j.». Charles K.», b. Otl. 10, 1H30, m. Kat** 
Canavan, res. San Francisco. Children: Charles E. 9 ; 
Florence A. 9 : Walter F. » ; J<»hn C. » ; Gertrude C. » ; 
Florence N »; <1iarles II. »; George D.». Franklin 
J. >*, b. June .'{, 1832, m. Anna Atkinson ; she d. few years 
after marriage; he has not been heard from since the 

Jkkkmiaii ', Is given as the second child, born before 1800. 

Nathaniel 7, was another son born after 1800. and the 
next was. 
IV. Hartley 7 , who was b. In 1809. 

241. Children of James^ Bojnton, on page 257. He 
111. u Miss Tiinicr. Children : Ezru A.' ; William L.% 
If.**. Lilieily, Me. 

Hollis\ res. Brooks, Me. ; hud two sons and one dau. 
Fanuly of Japhet^ BoyntOIl, on page 157. Res. AVest 
Appleton, Mo. Children : 

Mary E. » , b. June 27, 1849, d. Oct. 25, 1857 ; Amos L. 8, b. July 


80, 1851; John 8. Sfb. Dec. 18, 185S, m. Mary A. WUhart; 
V1noetE.<, b. Mar 8, 18M, m. Ma^^le WUbart, one boy 
Frank W. » ; Jamee *F. », b. Jan. 21. 1859. m. Mattle K. Barlow, 
of Menasha, Wis., Jan. 15, 18S7; Mary A. « , b. Jan. 29, 1861, 
m. Osgood Collins; Lois G. s, b. May 20, 1803, d. Apr. 9, 1884 ; 
Llllle E. », b. Aug. 18, 1800, d. Apr. 0, 1H81 ; Inez E. », b. F«b. 
31, 18H9. 

100 &. Family of David* BojntOll, on jMige 1G.3. Some called the name of the father of the following children, 
Andrew, hut it was prohahly David, the son of Andrew. 
In 1^04 he w:*^ living in Chenango Co. N. Y. A few 
years later found him at Mt. Morris, Livingston, Co., near 
the Genesee river. From Mt. Morris he removed to Burns, 
Allegany Co., on account of fever and ague whirli infcnt^'d 
the Genesee flats; from there to Cattaraugus Co. ; tlicncc t4i 
Marengo, III, He had seven or nine sons, and two 
Children : 

I. Jessie®, b. ; m. (Iilldreu: 

I. FKAXK',b. ; ni. Hes. Hniidolph. N. V. 

They bave one dau. Edna E. * . 

II. IIakkiet'. 

II. EkastusC, lK)rn .Ian. 13, 1H04, in S|)encer, N. Y.; m. ls»t, 
in 1825, Mrs. Betsey Jacknou, a young witlow wltb one child lVr»«ln. 
In 1827 they removed to Oleun, X. Y., wliere he i»|)ent hi:* long and 
useful life, padslng away at the age of H4. He fashioned with bin own 
hands chairs, tablci*, and IxMlsteaiN; the latt«'r eoiiHl^'ted of four u|>rlght 
IKib'S, Jollied to fr»ur horizontal pob'M, and upon \hrne horizontal it(»le(* 
was woven a thick network of Imrk, and on tliln. the ImmI wan made. In 
\K,U he hewed the tlmt>eri< that were use<l in thr conHtnu'tlon of tin* old 
St. Stephen's church, the tree?* being S(niie that wi-re prostrated l»y the 
terrible tornado that passed over ()l«'an in }XU. lb- was a man unlvcr- 
s.illy re:5i)ccted and esteemed, of sterling integrity, cxcelh-nt morals 
and exemplary habits. Ills tirst wife d. In Wis. not far from IH'.'J. Of 
her a loving graiuUlaughter thus writes: ''My (irandmotlier was a 
xvoman of l>eautiful ehanuter My childish recolleellon <»f her Is u 
sweet faced dainty woman, flitting out In the golden suii-shlne, lifting 
the eggs of the jK-a-fowls from their nests with a sliver spoon!" Their 
children : 

I. William .Ia<kson", b. May 1, 1H2<»: m. 
rnidenee, dau. of liurrel Lyman, of |{«»ulette, 


Pa., Mar 13, 18IS1; she was b. Aug. 13, 1830. 
He was Postmaster eight years. Is esteemed 
for his quiet manliness and true gentility. 
Their children: Mary A.8, b. in 1852. m. 
Clinton L. Corthell, of Findlay, Ohio; Dora 
E.8, b. in 1854; Nettle «. b. in 1856, d. In 18.58; 
Nellie P.«, b. in 1858, m. William S. Pfelfler, 
of Houlette; Gertrude G. 8, b. in 1861, m. J. 
K. He^^n, of HornellHvllle, N. Y., she d. in 
1803. Tliere were al.«*o twin sons who died in 
. infancy. These daughters were all teachers. 

II. Estiikh7, 111. 1st, M. v. Moore, of OleJin, N. Y.; 
' he d. and In 1805 she in. .lacob McCauUey, of 

IlrotkwavvlUe, Pa. ("hlldren by her first 
husband: I.uke Martin 8, h. May 30. 1858, m. 
' Gon<>va B. Smith In Oct. 1877, they have thrw 

children; Harriet V.8, b. in 1805. 

III. lIiKAM 7, m. and llveis in W'U.; no chii<lren. 

IV. Jli.iKT /, m. Tracy iaylor. d. in early married 

llfr: no children. 

III. DANiKLfl,m, ; had a son named Amos'; perhaps* 

other children. 

IV. David 8. 

V. Andkkw « . 

VI. .Vnski. « or .VsA, m. * had a son Titus. 

VII. PlllNTICK'"'. 

VIII. .M.\KY«. m. Kol>ert Debiiig. 

IX. IIakkikt^. 

100 c. Family of Andrew* Boynton, on page 163. 
Later rct'onlH indicate :inotlior Andrew in this line, which 
would make this one of the (Jth i^en. One of the Andrews* 
wji.s in tlie llt»voluti(»n ; this Andrew <l. jit Picton, Ontario, 
in 1870. 

Children of 

•i-Vi. Davio D\vi««. 

I. Lyman .Jackmix,^ b. .Iiiiu' 11. 1H:I3; «i* 3Ils«4 ralharirM' 

Kivbel. lie*. Itbhurdxville. Penn.; 13 chihlreti. 

II. M AiciA S. T , »» tut. 1«, \HM : in. Wlllbm I-tng. of LIgonler. 

Penn.: two rhildren. 

III. |;<»HKUT In(Icka^k7, b. ,\ug. 31, Is;56: m. .Mi;*i* Mary K. 

M.Farland He wi* t.ietit. in ihelO.'ith Ifegt. Penn. Vol: 
wouiiibil at <ieUyfliiir;r. I»<". *Va^bingU»n, Kanwiii; five 


IV. Mtron L. 7, b. June 6, 1S38. Killed at the battle of Qatner 

Hill, (or Mill) June 27, 1802. 

V. Arminta V.7. b. May 18, 1840; ni. Daniel W. Hlj^ler: five 


VI. l*Eiist:s P. 7 . b. Dec. 14, 1843. Re«. Li^ouler, Pcnn. 

VII. David Davis 7. b. Jan. 26, 1H4«; m. MIsh KUa Marxtou; 

two children. Hes. Washington, KunsaA. 

VIII. Evamnk R. 7, b. Aug. i:j, 1848: ni. l.ewis .S. Pustlethwalt; 

three children. Re:*. Worthvllle, Penn. 

IX. Cakomnk M.7, b. Mar. 9, 1854; ni. .lumes L. Shields; one 


X. AxuKKW Stkimien 7, b, Aug. 11, 18.*)G; ni. Mixs Su^an I*. 

Eiiierlliie. Res. WaHblngton, Kituna?*. 
257. IV. Jasun ("lauk «, b. .Ian. i.j, 1821 ; he wrote that his half- 
bruther Andrew, was the tirst child of that large fuuilly ; 
he also wrote that his father had ten cblldren by each 
wife. Jason C. lu. Mary .M. Tldenel, July 28, IS.'.M; she 
was b. Aug. 13, I8.'i0. <hildren: 

I. Maky Kmkline7, \k May l«i, 1854; ni. a Mr. 

Wing, of A(Linis, Mass., Dec. 24, 1874. 

II. Francks Jkiclsiia 7. b. Jan. 15, is.'iG; ui. a Mr. 

Douglas, of North Adams, Ma^s , .Ian. 30, 

III. Ida Ann 7, b. Mar. 7, 18,5«>; ni. a .Mr. Hewitt, of 


IV. Melvina 7. b. Aug. 2(J, 18i»l ; ni. a .Mr. .M«»rgau, 

of Adaujs. Jan. P.», 1882. 

V. KtlieT, b. Jan. 22, ls«^. 

VI. -\NUUEW I'LAICK 7, l». June 7, 18»W. 

VII. Will Alexandkk 7, b. .Mar. 3, 18<'8. 

XIII. Patience <5, m. a Mr. Whitcoml». of (jraveuhurst, Muiu 
koka, Ontario. 

XVI. Maut*, ui. Almerou Davis, lived lu Hague, X. V. Chil- 

I. William 7. 

II. Joel 7 . 

III. Si>i*iiia7. 

100<L Fttiuily of Daniel* Boynton, «»n i»a«re l^Jf). Ilr 
l<H»t Win left anil in the ('hipix'wa l»attle. After the war lie 
III. y\\M DelxiHih Ix'oiiard, in Koyultoii, Vt. Ili^ el<lei*t 
son's name wjls Leonard* ; there were neveral other e)iil- 


282. Family of Ezra* Boynton, on page 174. 

I. CiiAKLKs D.7, m. Mury Ann Town, of Charlton; no 


II. Hannah (Utks?, m. Tyler 8. l»enulman. Children: 

IJcorjfo 1). ». has one duu. Grace E. 8^ Frank H. 8. 
ill. I'liEiix S. 7, d. In 1838. 
IV. Pkusis Fay 7, m. l8t, Sumner Llucolu. ot Warren, Mass., 

In May 1853; cue son Charles Sumner », b. In Nov. 

1855 ; she m. 2tl, Tuylor Clou;^h, in 1809. Kes. I-Awrenee 


225. Family of Samuer Boynton, on page 181. He 
had iMght iliiMrcn, instrad of five. 

IV. Waukkn Samiki. 7. sometimes written S. W.; lives in 
Texas, a widower with one son. 

VI. Ki-I-kn7, III. ii Mr. Clou^jh. Hes. Charlestown, Mass.; 

lias one dan;.i;liter. 

VII. Doi.LY F. 7. m. a Mr. Spllltr. lies. Cambridge, Mass.: 

four children. 
fn. Dolly F. «, her IiusImuuI Dr. John I*. JJrl>(g», was sur- 
geon In tlie war (.f 1H12; they had eight children. 

I. William 7, surgeon lu the Civil War. 

II. Kli/a 7, ni. a Mr. Darrow. Ites. [.iissell, 111. 

V. Sally 11«, first sonCiipt. David, has one son, Carlisle, who 

lives in ItoHton. 
207. VII Ciiaulks W. «, lived in Cambridge, Mass. : m, Jane Jack. 
IV. (iUANViLLK M.7, lives in Waltham, Mass; in. 
Juliette Kmery; their first son d. about 1886, 
was an M. 1). George E. », is a Dentist, has a 
son Guy «. 
21)8. VIM. IlKNiiY J. «, tills record gives wife's name Ann Anson; he 
d. In 1K(5.{; had one dau., Isabel 7, wlm d. when ten yo^iis 
of age, in I'ortland. 
IX. Fanny «, liail one '♦on and three djiughters, two oldest 
dead; she d. Nov. "23, 187<». 

III. Makv .1.7, III. a Mr. Field; res. Waltham, Mass.; 

tln'V have one son A. (^. 8, wlio is a dniggist in 

IV. (AWoLiNK M.7, III. a Mr. Whittier, of Mt. Ver- 

non, Me.; they have one son Charles S. *, who 
has one child. 
.X. riiAULKs w ( .««, b ^t.j.t. -it, 1s(m;: d. in lsi.-i. 

Fiimlly of Catharine E." Eoynton, ami Calvin Stevens, 


on page 185. Thoy were married in East Cambridge, Ma«8., 

Oct. 28, 1840. 

II. Mary Gkack?, aDd UeorKe !!• KUhurdsoii have one 
daughter, CAlharliie I^wreuoe^, b. Oct. 30, 1890. 

7, I. Family of David* Boynton, oo pujxe 212. 

I. Marcellus?, III. id, Llz/.ie U. l'hll»)rlok, May 29, 1866. 

IHp 3d wife was Kminu E. Alsterlen, married lu 1K80. 
Of hii* ehiliLieii Ernest L.«*, wat* b. July 12, 18«1>; hl8 
children Leland M.», Eleanor .!.». Mary E. »*, han 
three chiUlren : Eilna »», l». in 1S92. anotlier girl and one 

II. pRisriLLA?. I). Dec. 1ft, lH:m, instead of 1887. 

III. Lkoxard", b. Mar. IJ), 1S30: in. in ls(]y. 

12. Family of Richard* Boynton, on pajro 214. There 
were nine childien instead of biven, all \Hnn\ at DauiariK- 
cotta, Me. 

IX. Eik; AH Wallace?, moved In early life to Wooni^ocket, 
H. I., and m. Ist, Sarah C'olvin: she d. Hhortly after 
marriage. In 18(16 h«* m. lIo|»e Oage, of Dennis I'ort, 
Cape Cod; she d. July 28, ls70, leaving a daughter, 
Floral)el « , just one year old, who was adopted l)y her 
uncle and aunt, indiard S. and Orianna (Uoynt«»n) Sin- 
clair; she m. Ernest A Mowry, Sept. 17, IS'.M); re«4. 
Woousocket, H. I. Mi . Boynton ni. 3d, Ella M(»wry of 
Sinithtield, li. I., and two children were born to tljein. 
Maude V.8, Nonnand L. **, now of the "I'rovideuce 

IV. Orianna 7, haH two children by Mr. Jd-dfern, Jolin L. »•, 
Jameri A. *). 

Family of John* Boynton, on i)ages 2H^, 23l>, 242. 

II. John 7, d. y. 

III. EzkaT, m. Mary l)an%'in, hi§ secoud t»ou Sylvester, d. 

when a young man. 

IV. Ammon'T, b. Nov. 11, 181G; m. Ist, Betsey Higford, Apr. 

22.18,38. Children: Ann Margaret *», I.. Mar. 2.'i, 18-11, 
m. Jerom*' CoUiy, Feb. 5, lAVul; their cliildren: Aiiby 
i;.»,i). Feb. 2U. lHr4; Walter II. i», b. in ]Hils. Mary 
Abigail ». b. Oct. 24, 1H4-1, •!. Feb. 22, IMJA; Marillu 
Abby >*, b. Jnnr !.•>, 1^40; Vict«.ria Luclmia". I». .Mav &, 


d. Sept. 3, 1849. 

V. CLARISSA 7, lu. Hlraiu Tuttle. Children: >VllIlaiii» ; 

George i^; he had a boy named Cassiua^. Lydla^. m. 
Jerome Curtis, hud one boy Harriet; *, m. a Mr. Willlam»» 
hud u duu Josephine 9. 

VI. Lyi)Ia7 nixl John EuwiN. James B. ® , m. Edith ? 

Children: Clara L. «, b. In 1878; Orlo K.«. b. in 1880; 
Jo.-ephlue E. » ; (jruut » ; Gllbeit » ; I^wrence B. » . Chil- 
dren of Orlando « : Henry O. », b. in 1881 ; James A », b. 
lu 18S4; Walter", b. in 1803. Children of Clurl8r«H J. 8, 
(Krwin) Welch: Erwln G. ». b. in 18(M^; Arthur S. », b. 
lnlH<;7; ClMral)el«, b. In 1870; Ora 1).», b. in 1874; 
Harry K.", b In 1870; Dick A.'Sb. in 1880; Jamoa A.w, 
b. in 1882. < hlUiron of (Hive A.H(Krwlu) IVpi***"*: 
OlIlo.M.t*, b. In 1878; Orlunvio (i", b. lu 1881; Hulph 
K.», b. In 1885. 

52. Thomas Boynton, on \ni*re 244. Hi» ohitimry jdves 
hi.s tirnt wife's imnu» Iljuiimh 1). instead of Sophia. Slie 
(liod **<rnMitly holovod", Apr. 14, 1881. In Au«r. 1H82, he 
married Mary .1. Park. He went to Lowell, Mass., when 
ahoiit 11); was deacon in the Congrejrational church. **For 
some vciirs lie snni: or plaved douhle ha^ss in the Hillside 
<'hnrch, in Dracut. He was always true to his convictions; 
no one could meet with him socially without the feeling that 
he had l>ecn in the presence of a thoroughly honest, and 
upright man. 

Samuel Harris Boynton, w>n of Nathaniel and Eliza- 
hctii (\Vhit<') Boynton, of Ctmn., b. in 1822, a cariKJUter, 
died in Andover, Mass., Mar. 18, 1885. 

Referring to Johnathan* Boynton, «n page 14G. He 

died April 2.'), 1814. 

Family of Jonathan 6, Boynton, on page 148. He removed 
FItcliburg, Ma.*9., to Vennont in 1706. 
ni. BktseyT, his dan., m. Joshua (instead of Joseph) 
Inland: her chiklreu: Oscar H, «, was b. in 1826, 
has rcslecil In Te^cas nejirly fifty years, and occupied 
re!»pon!<n)b> posittons lu the state; Charles A. 8, res. 
Sprlnjfrteld, V't. 
iv: Maktix 7, should l>e Jonathan Maktin'. He is a 
deacon of the church in Sprlnj^fleld. 

SSo^ntone »« Hmerica. 

Not dcscendontd of VVilHam and John, who oniijrrHtcd in 


1, John Boynton, ^K>ni at a littlo villa^'o lallod Tim^^tll, 
near the rtea-nhore in lieverly, Yorkshire, Kn«rh»n<l, euii'^rat- 
ed to Canada alK)ut 1H32 ; m, Ann Johnson, from Tunstil, 
inlH3J>;hed. Mar. 28, IM71, a»red 73. He had tliree 
lirothers, and three sisters ; William, Franeis, and Matth- 
ew, the last two canie to this country and lived with John, 
never m. William eamo alnnit 1840 ; one sister m. a Mr. 
Dalton, in Enirland. 

rhil(h*en of John and Ann : 

I. .loiiN, h. Apr 13, 1840; in. Ut, T.uoy Ann Pcurfion, in 18«i0; 

she <1. In 1H76; ni. 2(1, Mary Snider; ren. Ella, Out. 
ti. BKr.-»KY, b. .Ian "Js, '.H42; in. John Kemp, of Toroulo. 

III. Thomas, b. Jan. 30. 1844; mi. Ell/Jibetli .Fane Kaiser. 

IV. MattmkW, b. Nov. 30, 1847; ni. liVdla Ilrown, of Kd/^ley, 


V. Fhanch, b. May 14, 18.')1 ; ni. Kll/Jibeth Dow; rex. Kd^ley, 

VI. William, b. Auj; 23, IS.'iO; m. a .Ml!*i» llurkholder; reu. 


William Boynton, who settled in Canada aUmt 1840; 
had .several ehildren ; amon«r them William and Klizal>eth, 
who m. William Ik^ll, of York Mills, P. O. Ontario. 

Matthew Boynton, was lM)m in Yorkshire, Kn«rland, 
uUait 1843; eame to this country alK>ut l^<«i3. His lather's 
name wa.s Fnink, who had three hrothers an<i twosistei*s; 


John, who emigrated to this country about 1843 ; Thomas 
and Matthew ; Frank's father's name was John. Frank had 
six children by his first wife ; Frank, John, Thomas, Eliza- 
beth, Ann, Melia; 2d wife's name was Elizabeth Sutton, 
their children : Rol)ert, George, Witley, Matthew. George 
came to this country' in Sept. 1883. Matthew lives in 
Chicago, has one son John. Frank d. in 1843. 

Robert Boynton, lived in Orilla, Canada; his father's 
name was Edward ; lived in Wowlniuncy, Yorkshire ; had a 
dau. Ann who in. a Mr. Hounding, in England. Ko))ert had 
a brother Phillip \V. who lived in Howard city, Mich., and 
a brother Michael, in Manchester, N. H. Phillip Watson 

lk>ynt<)n m. Mary ? luul one son William, who moved 

to Groton, Dak. Injforc 1884. 

Richrrd Boynton came from Bradford, England alx>ut 
1850. He was a wool comber by trade, settled at Ballard 
Vale, A ndover, Mass. He d. about 1880. 

Inbei to the 

JSo^nton (3cncalog^» 

A»p1, 14. Ada D.. 151. 

Aaron, 58, 71, 125, i53. 1 Adalhie, W, 153, 179, 240. 

Aarou Hall, IM. } Adalh.e K.. 81. 

Abble D., 2:>9. 1 Adam W., 257. 

A»>l»le H., IC'i, 215. i Adda M., VM. 

AJd.le M.. 177. Addl«-, 20,1, 

Aldiott B., 75. I Addle K., 2:12. 

AM,y,230. | Addle IV, 30. 

AM)V A.. 2:W. I Addin;;, M. 

Abhy C, 90. i AddUoM. HO, 191, 229. 

Al)hv Hart, 200. | Adelaide, 214. 

Ahei, 32, 74, 78, 231. , Adna, 20, 219. 

A»»el S., 32. Adulplni!*, 2:>4. 

Ahial, 113. A;;ncs M., 2.M». 

Ahiel. 51, P2, 63, 118, il4. Al Fitoh, H>2. 

Abljrall. 7. 17, a4, 37. .%6. (», 77, Aik.n K. 114. 

8.% 80. lie, 1.30, 141. 153, 153, AUM-rt. 105, 14.3, 186. • 
109, 170. 215, 237, 292. AU^ert A., 1(X{, 149. 

Al.ljrail L., U. Whi-n H.. ^{2. 

Al>ijrail M., 35. Albert JJee»»er, 179. 

.Vhijrail N. E., 160. 101. AUmtI <;n'iiville, 179. 

Al.jjrail Thurston. 243. < Albert II., 187. 

Abijah, 01. 70. 77. 78, 292. ! All>ert J . 143, 294. 

.\bner, 219. Albert Latham, 249. 

Abraham, 40, 49, .'i9. 191, 213, 219, Alb» it S., 2;{7. 
2,57. Albion, 181. 

Abraham I)., 30. Alden, 205, 210. 

Abram, 210. Alden 11 , 201. 

Aehsah, 142. Alden ('., 210. 

Ada, 141. ' Alden L., 205, 229. 



A'- Ice 113. 

Alexander Scamiiiel, 178. 

Alexander W., 156. 

Alfred, 35, 78, 1S4. 237. 

Alfred L., 2\ JM". 

Alfred H., 200. 

Alfre<l Subin, l.%4. 

Alice, 28, 14.'), t'A)^ 258, *». 

Alice H., 151. 

Alice l>., 210. 

Alice (i.. 35. 

Alice .1., 24a. 

Alice L., 224, 250. 

Alice M.. 24S. 

Alice (). Id 1.22a. 

Alidii, 2.*):. 

A I Ida K., 205. 

Allcttu.r , 2:12. 

Alma, 113. 

Aliium/or W., 2S. 

Almciia L., 2H\). 

Alineila K., 2HJ>. 

Alinira, 34 40, 70, 10«, J18, 

A I in Ira H., 244. 
Aloniy, 173. 
.VIoMHon, I.*»3. 
Al«Mi/<), 173, -201,217. 2C0. 
Aloij/.d F., 42. 250, 
.\lun/(><i., 176. 
Aloij/o K.. KM). 
Alon/o L., 141. 
Alon/.o 'I'., 104. 
AliJii/o \V., 215. 
Al|)lia, 223. 
Alplu-urt A. W„ 209. 
AlplicusC, 00, 07. 
Alphcu^ S., 42, 25H. 
A hcus \Vlii;j. .fOJ». 
Alihca A., 2.30. 
Alva F.,42, J.V.I. 
Alvlra. i{3. 
A» ha A., 140. 
Alvlni I' , 1h;j. 
.\l/jida, 10.'. 
Al/ora. 175. 
.\niaiid)i, 2*^, 257. 


^ manda L., 99. 

Amanda M., 200. 

Aman7>el De Forest, IM. 

Amasa J., 114. 

Amasa P., 201. 

Amasa W., 141. 

AmbroHe, 220. 

Amelia O., 164. 

Amml Lui-d, 183. 

Amnion, 301. 

Amo.4, n, 13, -20. 22, 3:1, 61. 63. 60, 

85, 8(5, 10<J, 107, 108, 100, 158, 

170, 171, 181, 215, 222, 24,1, 

240, 207. 
Amo^ U.. 106. 
.\mu8 ('., 108. 
Am<t!« II., 215. 
Anus L., 2iKJ. 
.\m<>s Parker, 220, 
Amos S., -224. 
Amy, 101. 
An<irc\v. 50, G8, 60. 101, 1(M, 167, 

21KS. 200. 
Andrew A., 1.50. 
Andr«'W (lark, 200. 
Andrew .1., 75, 108, 254. 
Andrew L., 104. 
Andrew P., 41. 
.\ndrew Parker, 42, 2-58, 287. 
Andrew Stephen, 21rt). 
.Vndrew T., 104. 
An^^Ila II., 226. 
AnKdlne, 153, 102. 
An;;le, 173. 
An;rl»* K., l.'*8. 
Anita C, 188. 
Ann, 4, 4(i, 07, 2.>4, 304. 
.Ann (".. 27. 
Ann (•larl>sa. 234. 
Aim Davis, 2-20. 
Ann K., 107, 151. 
Ann 1.., 132. 
Ann M., 132, 151. 200. 
Ann Mar;raret, .301., 
Ann P., 04. 

Anna, 13, 1.5, (CI. Oi. 120, 145, 11»5, 
ii {, 237, 2.VI. 



Anna A-, 31S. 

Anna B^ 35. 

Anna Cora, 222. 

Anna E., 189 257. 

Anna Kli%al)eth, 289. 

Auuii F., 2.M). 

.Vnna Fidelia^ 29. 

Anna J., 164. 

Anna L., IKS, 235. 

Anna M., 132, 229. 

A nut', 15, 53, 54. 

AnnHte, 2S8. 

Annie A., 36. 

Annie ('., 244. 

Annie K., 79, 185. 

Annie L., 83, 85. 

Annie M., 36, 252,361. 

Annie |{., 137. 

Annie S., 261». 

Anthony. 205. 

Antoinette, U^. 

.\nlolnette K., 187. 

Ansel, 2'.>8. 

Anson, 175. 

Anson ('., 101. 

A]>pliia, 6, 10. 

Anih.-ll, 220. 

Arabella, 221. 

Ar».a. 177. 

Anielle L., 140. 

Aietliusa, i:)0. 233. 

Ari Turner, 20, 249. 

Arnilfita V., 209. 

ArteuiuM, 30. 

Artliur, 28, 212. 259. 

Arthur A., 167. 

Arthur (."., 138, 248. 

Arthur (}.. 2.53. 

Arthur. I., l.M, 208. 

Arthur L., 251, 2.50. 

Anhur S., 251. 

Anhur \V., 92, 261. 

Arvilla A.. 140. 

Asa, o:,, IIH, 1-26, 185, 137, 

130, 152, 156, 168, 171, 

A^enath, 102, 210, 25:<. 

Aujmrta, 186, 2*26, 2.M. 
An^unu L., 175. 
Au>,Mi.«Uj«. 168, 186, 209, 226. 
Au^«iMiu« S., H6, 
Aurin^la, 2.16. 
Auxtana, 249. 
Austin, 26, -248, 
Austin C, 2-24, 
Austin I)., 2'21>. 
Austin F., 173. 
Austin Henry, 224. 
Avaline .F., 251. 


RaI.ey, 7. 118. 

Hahi, 66, 142. 

Harhant, 246. 

Baron K., 101. 

Bartlett, 210. 

Baxter, 23:. 

Baxter B,. 01. 

Beannui, 50, 63, 101, 294, 

Beatri<ip A., 246. 

Bela, 12, 28. 

]ielin<la, 12M. 214. 

Belle, 202. 

S>einan .!., 101. 

Benjanihi, 13, 22, 27, 30, 39. ;40. 
r,0, 54. 61,67,86. 116, 152, IM, 
l.>, 162, 2(M, 218, 220, 233, 
23(;, AIM, 214, 255, 2.56, 288. 

Benjamin A., 74. 

Benjamin ( hapman, 20, 2.50. 

lienjamin F., 76, 1,12, 176, 289, 

Benjamin H., 80. 

Benjamin .1., l.*»0, 153. 

Benjamin .lolmson, 153. 

Benjamin I'., 1.(2. 

Benjamin S., 22H, 
! Benotil. 46, .53, .54, 66, 67. 

Benonii, 1*25. 
j Bent ley, 223. 

I5«:il ri 21 >. 



Rertha, 313, 325. 

]t«Mtha K., 2A0. 200, 

Hoitha J., 100. 

Horllm M., 220. 

IkMt!*', 253. 

Uosslo, 2.")4, 257. 

Hctliiu, ri2. 

Hethla M., 07. 

Uetscy, 15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 74, 70. 
77, 84, 97, 100, 105, 114, 124, 
125, 127, 128, 134, 142, 149, 
150, 177, IKC, 199, 202, 211, 
214, 220, 'XVd, 237. '^45, iW, 
2'.>1, 302, 303. 

n«'ts(«y Ann, 41, 258. 

Ik'lscy II.. 209. 

Hetty, 8. 

Hoveily >V., IGO. 

\U'/ix N., 208. 

UilsiH), 177. 

iJlanrlii' A., 258. 

|lluiuli«> II., 210, 2.50. 

Hoardiiiiiii.l., KM). 

Moiudiiiiiii L., 190. 

Horiia H., 101. 

nradfonl, 150. 

Url<l;;et, .")0, 00, 01, 87. 

UiiriHM;t, 175, 177. 

Hnrr, 114. 

Uy ion, 210. 

Hyrun B., 226. 

Byriiii I^iviiiU!4, 200. 

Hyron K., 101. 

1\. F., 232. 

ral)ot, 114. 

<;iili'l>. 2, 4, 0, 41, 48, iM», 70, 71, 

177, 195. IWl, 108, 191>, aoO, 

222, 2.'«. 
CailUla, 223. 
rallula S., 223. 
Calvin, 2S, 70. 84, 85, 190, 202. 


Calvin 8,, 85. 

Calvtu .Saniuol, 85. 

Camilla G., 200, 

Carllle P., 248. 

Carl(W A., 2,>3. 

Carlos N., 2.57. 

Caroline, U, 38, 100, 102, 121, 13i, 

1,52, 175, 184, 238, 253. 
Cartjline A., 90, 132, 
Caroline Ann. 245. 
Can^lineC., 141. 
Caroline E.. 152. 
Caroline F., 209. 
Can)liue M., 290. 
Caroline N., 183, 215. 
Caroline P., 35. 
Carrie, 173,240, 250. 
Carrie A., 152, 172. 
Carrie It., 15(J. 
Carrie Belle, 2 W. 
Carrie F., 218. 
Can lei., 204. 
Carrie .M., 30, 2.50. 
Carries., 141. 
Ca!*'<le li., 80. 
Casnimer Whitman, 170, 
Catharine. 28. 
Catharine E., 300. 
Catharine Flizal>eth, 18.V 
Catharii:e F., 290. 
Catherine, 38 
Catherine (.'., 35. 
Cecelia, 115. 
Cecelia Cynthia, 115. 
CVlestia, 213. 
Celintia, 113. 
Cenilra, 151. 
Chandler B., 2.\ 210. 
CharU-s, 35. 30, 78, 83, 02, 101, 

114, 12*), 120, 128, 141. 170, 

181, 184, 200, 2-20, 228, 221>, 

23(t, 2:.3, 2:)4, 288, 83. 
Charles A , 92, 147, 107, 170, 222, 

Charles Alheit. liO. 
Charles Alhion. 2<»7. 
Charlc!* .\mos, 220. 



diaries Aaj^stus, 334, 

Charles B., 143. 

CharlcA BniDiluu, 234. 

Charles C.» 135, l.V, 2W, 

<'liarle!» D., 174, AM). 

Charles I). U'., 1H4. 

Charles E . 36, 79, 146. 150, 246, 

•i-V), 252, 2SU, -21)6. 
Charles Eiiward, 242. 
Charles F., 143, 14S, 205, 253. 
Charles Fraud*, 220. 
Charles (;., 116. 
rhaiies (Jlliiaen, 43. 
Charles II., 2H, MO, 104, 125, 162, 

172. 176, 220, 245, 251, 260, 

rharles Hudson, 234. 
Charles J., 257. 
Charles J. C, 209. 
Charles L., 83. 

( harles M., 37, 42, 125, 147, 259. 
( harlesO., 143, 221. 
Charles Tarker, 238. 
rharles U., 35, 152. 
( harles S., 98, 138, 160,' 101, 176, 

Charles Smith, 170. 
Charles T., 206. 
Charles V., 166. 
Charles \V., 18, 83, 158, 184, 228, 

2;{S, 300. 
Charles War.l. 250. 
( harlert W. C, .300. 

< harles Wesley, 242. 
( harles Z., 233. 

Charlotte. 39, 97, 126, 133, 253. 
Charlotte A., 36, 159, 180, 188, 

Charlotte A. G., 201, 
rharlotte F., 235. 
Charl .tte L., 99. 
Cha-e, 2.') I. 
ChaHliia B., 141. 

< hloe B.. 75. 
Chloe F., 96. 
Christian, 9. IIK). 
Clancy Dempster, 179. 

Clara, 93. 

Clara A., 172, 187, 243. 

Clara K.. 216. 

Clam F.llen, 207. 

i'lara ,T., 1.50, 257. 

Clara I^oulso, 208, 

Clara M., 191. 

Clam ()., 2.V.). 

Clam K.. 246. 

Clam S., 201. 

Clara Tullulah, 242. 

Clarent-e, 258. 

Clareme I) , 248. 

Clareiiee 11., 152. 

Clare rue 3., 150. 

Clareme \., 248. 

Clareme rimrsloii, 181. 

Clareme U ., 212. 

Clarlnda, 114, 115. 

Clails^a, 19, SO, J)0, 119, 124, 160, 

177, 211, 230, 2,13,302. 
Clarls>4a .1., 212. 
Clarissa .M.. 173. 
Clark, 104. 
Clark M., 294. 
Clementine, 96, 97, 253. 
Cle..ra A., 84. 
Cimoid, 2'.i4. 
Clinton Will, 246. 
Colhurn, 255. 
Collin, 174. 
Columl;ns A . 107. 
Cora, 2 JO. 
Cora i;., 143. 
Cora M., ]Mi. 
Cordelia, :V.}. 105, 2.36. 
Cordelia Mary. 223. 
Coren l.e Koy, 1.39. 
C(.rnell;i, 114. 
C<»rnelia L.. 86. 
Cotirtland, 145. 

Cynthia. k:>, 98, 118, 136, 137, 154, 
Cynthia A., 210. 
Cynthia Louisa, 248. 
Cyrenins, 1 10. 
Cynis, 102 147, 1.V2, 1.^8. 
Cyrus <;., 103. 



Cyrus E , 157. 
f yrus J., 09. 
C'yruu Lucien, 103. 
Cyrus M., 147, 148. 

Dalton, 246. 

Danl.'I, '2\ 40, 58, 08, 01, 105. 120, 
IW), 1(J2, 163, 1(», 201, 206, 
20S, 200, 218, 227, 232, 233, 
21 >H, 25)0. 

l)anlel A.. 5)9. 

Dnniel H , 159. 

Daniel F., inO. 

hanlol II., IW), 201. 

Daniel T., SO. 

Danlrl Tucker, 207. 

Daniel W.. 228. 

Dan v., 128. 

Dariu!*. 232. 

Darwin 1{., 173. 

Davl.l, 5, 7, 11, 1.5, 17, 23, 25, 37, 
:M), 40, 41, 51, 62, «{3, 6.5, 67, 
70,73,9(1, 101, 124. 126, l.'«, 
ir.l, 152, 1.54, 1(W, 171, 17.1, 
174, H4. 189, UK), 191, 192. 201, 
20S, 211, 212, 214, 217. 227, 
2:<1. 2.12, 2:W, 23S, 253, 262, 
294, 297, 2!>8, 301, 65. 

DuvM .\.. 145, 2;{C, 237. 244. 245, 
216, 2.'.:), 257, 

Davhl U., 12.5, 14.5. 

Da\i«l Davis K-'^ 29S, 2m», 

Davhl Kniory, «.MJ, 

iJavltl K.. 124, 173. 

David II.. KM),, 

Davlil.f., 103, 214, 

Davl«l M.. 130, l.VI. 296. 

I>avl<l Marks, 246. 

David 1*94. 95. 

David T., 290 

David WtMMl, 120. 

D«'lM)rali, 30. 38. 39,252. 

Delia E., 176. 

Delroont L., 138. 

Desire, 255 

Dewllder, 250. 

Dewitt, 226. 

Dewlit «:., 115. 

Dexter, 146. 

Dlinis A., 164. 

Dullie, 151. 

Dolly, 39, 73, 116, 146. 
I Dolly A., 90 

Dolly F., 182, 300. 

Dora E.. 298. 

DorniP, 53. 
■ Dorothea, 146. 

Dorothea Hasforcl, 179. 
; Dorotliy, 7, 62, 60. 
' Dornistus, 30. 

D. ]{ayiuond, 189, 

Durant .J. 103. 

Dusiin, 26. 

F^rl, 31. 251,. 

Earl H., 212. 

Ehen. 91,03, 16J. 

Eheu Mooily, 35. >' 

Ehenc/er, 37, 39, 43, 48, 57)^70, 71. 

90, 103. 171, 172, 177, 201^ 324. 

227, 25;^. 260. ^ W 

Eheue/er H., 91. 
Ebene/er F.. 142. 
Eheue/er Vluton, 42, 25i>, 287. 
Eheu K., 177, 
Eddie, 259. 
Ed^'ar, 115, 143, 213, 
Edpir Auder^ou, 23, 245. 
Ed;jar L., 1S9. 
E<lv'ar M., i'W. 
Ed^^ar S., 83. 
Ed^ar Wallace, 301. 
Edith, 192. 
Edith A. 153. 
Ediih E., 146. 
Edith M,, 201. 



Eilmee, i06. 

Edmondf 176. 

KdinumI, 32,38,89, 114, 186, 253. 

Edmund L. 103. 

Kdiia, C3. 107. 

Edim P. l!W. 

Ediiah, 51, G3. 

VaUou a. 157. 

Kd^on r,., 253. 

Kdwuni. G2, 70,88,113, 171, 180, 

184. 205, 221, 227, 304. 
Kd\v;ml A., M. 
Edward C, 155, 262, 
Edward Carlisle, 154. 
Edward I)., 1K4. 
Edward E , 221>. 
Edwanl F., 255. 
Kdward II., 154, 200. 
Ktlward J., 153. 
Etlward r , 90, 93, 191. 
Edward U., 100. 
E.lward S., '28. 202, 249. 
Kdward W., 2:{0, 2:>5. 
Edwin, 29, 124, 224, 249 
Edwin A., 148. 
Edwin li., 153. 
Edwin Dana, 217. 
Edwin M., 37. 
Edwin N., 145. 
El win Nathan, 225. 
Ell win S., 145 
Edwin W., 152, 237, 261. 
E. E., 173. 
Effie, 299. 
Effi»' L , 235. 
Ej;l)ert, 143. 
K I.., 143. 
Elln-rton, 247. 
Klbrid-jcMJ., 130. 
Kll.rld^'e (torry, 208. 
KU)rid;:e 11. IS, 242. 
Ell.ri.i^'.- M., 15«. 
KllMid^j." \V;, 172. 
EU-anor, 07, 218. 
EUanor E., 149. 
Eleanor J.. 301. 
Elea/.er, 49, 58, 90, 03. 

Electa, 27. 

Ell, 78, 101,188, 292. 

Ell Everett, 78. 

Ell J., 105. 

Ell E. 157. 

Eliafl, 13,30,31.32,213, 250. 

Ellas \V., 213. 

Elijah, 13, 34, 37, 107, 112, 112, 

Elijahs., Ill, 114. 
Elijah Snow, lOS. 
Elijah Warren, 163. 
Eliphah't, 18. 
Elisha. 75, 221, 288. 
Eli^ha M., 114. 
Ellwi. 2><,97, 106, 13,3, 160, .163, 

167, ir,S, 221, 224, 2.30, 294*. 
Eli/a A , 74, 215. 

Eliza C, 215. 

Eli/a Eaton, 229. 

Ell/xi .1., 25, 1H5, 247. 

Eliz-i M. 220. 

Eliza .M.'lissa, 250. 

Eliza W. 190. 

EllziilMtlj, 4, 13, 23, 24, 30, 31, 33, 
61,53,51, 5<J, IM), 02, 61, (Ml, 
07. <>8, 71, 75, 89, 9^1, 95, 9rt, 
1(N», 102, 105. 108, 114, 121, 
123. 127, 14(1, 162, IGS, 170, 183 
184, 195, 198, 212, 218, 2-»0 

227, 2:n, 23S, 252, itL*, 294, 303 

Ell/al>.'th A., 83. 

Eliz.;ib«th Ann, 304. 

Eli^ilt.Mh H., 1M7. 

Eli/-»lMMli E.. 109. 

Eli/-il»vMh Happy, 159., 91. 

Eli/^ilH'th I.., 93. 

EllzalM'th M., IK). 

Elt/alu'thn., 111. 

Ell/alH'th r., 146. 

Ella, 117, 176, 225. 

Ella A., I2»i, 189. 

Ellariark, 218. 


Ella E., 295. 

Ella F., 92, 201. 



Klla M., 36, 25i. 

KUa RoKuHc, 207. \ 

Klle:inor, W. 

KlltJU, 41), 88, lOK, 17i, lft3, 257, 

Kllen A., lOOi^W. ; 

KlIen.F., IT.J. ' 

I:IUm» L., '22:i. 

Kllon M., 210, 248. 

Kll.n N., 170. 

i:ilU, 141. 

KlnuT, 2JI, 253, ' 

Kliiicr K., i:i2, 138. 

Kliiilita, 1')'). 

Klniitluii, 33, 100. i.M. 

KUW w . 2u:». 
i:i-if M., i:»i, wu. 

KUif M:i\ . 13J>. ; 

Kli.m II., 2;J7- 

Klvlni. 2:>. 4'), 124, liH. 246, 257. 

Kiiu'llii.', 117, 150. 2;U. 

Kiiu'lliie A.. i:»3. ■ 

Kiiielinr I'., 1'2.'>. i 

KiiicMxoii. 20^. 

Kmlly.i)''. !<».>. 117, 141, 153, 224 

Kmily U., 40. 

Kiiiily (*.. 151. ' 

Kiiiily (urtiK, 42. i 

Kiiilly ]•:., >s5. 

Kiiilly .1., 2H4. 

Kmily L.. 217. 

Kmlly M., 22'.>. 

Kiiuiia, 212. 2li», 232, 237, 2.%4. 

Kiiiiuu A.. 2(U. 

Kinina ( h:i!«e, 2.')8. 

Kiiiiiia Km 173, 248. 

Kiniiiii 11 , 210. 

Kiiiinu.l., I(X>, 114. 

Kiiioiy, 21U. 

Kiiioiy W.. U5. 

Kiioclk' U. 13, 34. 30, 214. 218, 224, 

KiKK'li K., 34. 
i:noi«, 28. 210. 
Kphraiin, 38, 51. 02, 6!^ 95, 09, 100, 

120 253. 

Ephralm F.. 100. 

Enistu*. 297. 

Knie«t. 212, 247. 

Kruest IIurriinaD,179 

Ernest L., 301. 

ErufH W., 217. 

Krvlii. 249. 

Krwln. 29. 

Esther, (K), 73, 141, 152. 156, 164, 

195. 225, 108. 
Esther L , 151. 
EstlMT Mariii, 184. 
Estlwr Warren, l.Vt. 
Eth.'l, 2:.4. 
Eilu'l II., 35. 
Ethel Marion, 238. 
Ethel T.. 217. 

Eu^^t'ue A., 248. 
Eiijjenia A/ula, 207. 

Eunice, 11. 12, 13. 62, 66, 100. 106 
I4<5, 150. 151, 210. 

Eunice 1)., loO. 

Eunice S., 2s. 

Eurettsi. 114. 

Euiydice, .SO. 

Eva line, 110. 

Eva line K., -209. 

Evelina, 2.')4. 

Eveline Au>;ui»ta. 240. 

Everet Seward. 248. 

E/ckiel, 243. 

E/ekk'l S., 92. 

Ezra. 3H. 174 218, 233, 300. 301. 

E/ra A..21'0. 

Fannie E., 232. 
i Fannie F., 138. 
Funnie I^ , 2*)2. 
Fanny. 30, 108, 111, 114, ISI. 184, 

203, 233, 300. 
Fanny B.. 88. . 

Funny ('., 257. 
Fuuuy M., 103, 194. 



Federtl, 185. 

KellclUs 138. 

FidelU, 114. 

FIdelU A., 226. 

Fitch. 192. 

Fltz, 221. 

Fitzalao, 151. 

Fletcher, 219. 

Fletcher E., 248. 

Flint S., 148. 

Flora, 141, '203,300. 

Flora A., 210. 

Florul)el, 301. 

Florence, 153. 

Fh)rence .\.. 296. 

Florence C , 155. 

Florence E., 216. 

Florence M., 147. 

Florence N., 2i)0, 

Floret U S., 150. 

Forest, 141. 

Fnincos ('atlierlne, 104. 

Frances Ellen. 18, 242. 

Frances .lerusha, 290. 

Frances L., 85 

Frances M., 125. 

Franccii N'., 154. 

Franci*. 5, 31, 102, '2.32, 250, 251, 

250. :K)3. 
Francis B., 143. 
FrancUr., 154, 21>5. 
Francis O., 21^. 
Francis* II., 80. 
Francli* M., 108. 
Francis Oscar, 85. 
Francis U'.. 00, 12<;, 162. 
Frank. 23, 134. 138, 105, 203, 2.M, 

2.>4, 303, 304. 
Frank A., M-^, 141. 
Frank H , ll>4. 
Frank r.. 220, 250. 
Frank I)., 152. 
Frank E.. 132, 222, 253. 
Frank F., 280. 
Frank O.. 246. 
Frank II.. 100, 170, 142. 
Frank .F,.252, 

Frank .T. L.« 129. 

Frank L., 101, 221. 224, 251. 

Frank .M., 176, 191. 

Frank Mason. 227. 

Frank O., 248. 255. 

Frank P., 2.30. 

Frank U , 294. 

Frank S.. 248. 

Frank W., 03. 297. 

Frank Walton. 220. 

Frank Wlnslow, 247, 

Frank Z., 103. 

Frankie, 83. 

Franklin. 83, 152, 203. 

Franklin (i., 200. 

Franklin J., 2')((. 

Franklin H., 204. 

Fred. 10(1,201,254. 

FrtMl A., 210, 222, 289. 

Fred C.irroll, 240. 

Fred II., 2.V.». 

VrM I., 101, 220. 

Fred M., i'.H. 

Fred NV,. 100, 107, 250. 

Fredcriik, 180. 

Frederick E., 33. 251. 

Frederick G., 180. 

Frederick II., 103, 104, 172, 176, 

Frederick K., 145. 
FrtMlorlck .M., 205. 
Frnlerick S., 172. 
Frederick W., 2.*i5. 
Freeman, 1 Hi, 150, 205. 
Gardner, 3S, 4(», 2.*>3, 254. 

(iardner H., 150. 

(iardiier rliase, 257. 

(iate^Tullar, 2')0. 

(;e..rj;e, 27, 32, 40. 42, 08, 104, 113, 

12(J, 12S, 137. 105. 170, 184, 20J, 
214, 21i;, 210, 221. 223, 228, 220,218, 

253. 251, 250. 250. 200, 304. 



George A., 153, 100, 246. 
(ieorjfe ».. l)J>, 244, 25K. 
(;«M)r;;«? Het'clicr, UM. 
(it'orp* C. 17.1, ISO. 205. 254. 
(ietir^'«» I).. IT.'J, 227, 2iM5. 
(m'«m-^i« Dioly li:{. 
<;»'ur;jf h\vl;;ht, 24S. 
(.I'oint. !•:., I7:i. 17(», 177, 1S4, 216. | 
24«{, ;i()0. ! 

li.Mii);*' K., 101, 1.-7, 20:J. 20.',. 2:)0. 
<i(M»r<;»' Fraiu'is. 2S'.>. 
<..ui;re II., 2.5, :J2, ;{({. 8;J. 15{», 22S, i 

22;r 247. 
<;for;;«» llcury, 221, 2.'{l. 
<;iM.ij;i'.I., 221. 
t.rnr;j.» I,.. I.Vt, 1J>J, 21S, 
(M'or;;«' LiifMyrlte. 221) . 
i.t'nvtrr Milh. 117. 
<.»'oi;;f (>., MC. 
<iei>r;;c 2.'i7. 
<ii'i»ry;j' n>;;i»«Ml, is, 242. 
< Jmr^r !»., 2*i:{. 

<ir<Mp. s., 114, 107. 

<;«»orj:(' s. I.. II.. icii; 
<;c(ti-;j)' siimiuM'. 2:{0. 
<;»•(»! >;«' 'P., .'ill. 
<i«Mir;;r Tavlor ,257. 
(JO'M-;;.' riin<, 22<J. 

<;»Mn-o w. 70, m, no. 154, km) 

ISO, 1!»;{. 2(H. 2:^2, 24^, 2.'>0. 2S0 
(irorj:»'tt«' K., 2:{5. 

<ii'<>r^i.'iri(j:i, 25.'{. 
<;t'Oi;:'u* Siuill:., 170. 
< it'll !<> U., 101. 

<;.-iiu. M.. J JO. 

(.fit mil*' ('., 20(5. 
<.<Tinii|i' <; , 2'.»s. 
<;<ririiili' K.. ls». 
<•• riniili' 1.., 141. 
<;«rini<lr v., 2o|. 
t.ilJMM, i;{s. 
tionloii Karnliain, 245 
Gordon Lincoln, 179. 
(;nuo, 2:^. 2.VJ, 204. 
(iracc K.. 245. 
Gnuo K. 145. 

Grace M., 189. 
Grace 8., '28, 249. 
Granville C, 80. 
Granville K., 81. 
tJranvlllf L., 83. 
Granville M., 1H4. 300. 
(Jrcrn, 2:H5. 
Grernlcif 1.50. 
(Jreciilcaf, G., 201* 
Gu>ta. 214. . 
Guy, n;{, 300. 
(;uy K., 2.'>0. 

Ilaliiert R., 251. 

Hall. 154. 

Hamilton P., 2:{. 

Hannah. 3, 4, G, 7, 10, 17, 21, tl, 
25, 34, 42, 44, 47, 48, 49, .52, ,58, • 
Oo, OS. (iO, 71, 72. 70, 78, 87, 
1(»2, no, l-2<>, 121, 122, 12.3, 151, 
157. 15S. 1.50. 102. nU. 104,100. 
170, 172. 174, ISO, is:i, 107, 
20.5, 1MH5, 213, 217, 2;i2, 2:18, 
240, 2<W>, -201. 

Hannah A.. 252. 

H. U., 130. 

Hannah ('., 173. 

HaniKih K., 132. 

Hanii:ih Kli/aheth, 23, 21.5. 

HaniKih F.. 1^0. 

Hannah H.. 174. 

Hannah Gates 300. 

Hannah II., .Ci. 

Hannah. I. .'.<>,'j.3, £17.243. 

Hann.ih I.., 105. 

Hannah Mcli^«d. 221. 

Hannah I'., 208. 

Hunnibal. 70,289. 

Harlen H., 143. -^ 

Harold, 212. 

Harold Walter, 238. 
I Hanie L., 224. 
I Harrot. 2'.. ?.2, ?'. 7.5. <a. 104, 



100. 143, 150, 153, 212, 214, 
223, 226, 2511, 280, 29«, 298. 
Harriett, 180. 

Harriet A., 106, 144. '228, 257. 
Harriet E., 37, 105, 132, 153, 22,3, 

Harriet F., 1G4. 
Harriet L., 18.>. 
Harriet M., 00. 
Harriet N., 06, ZiO. 
Harriet ()., 1H.3. 
Harriet Sophronia, 208. 
Harriot, 204. 
Harrison T., 213. 

Harry, S5, 102, 28S. | 

Harry E.. 250. j 

Harry EUm, 220. ; 

Harry G.,24G. 
Harry H., 2(>0. — 

Harrey I., 254. 

Harry J , IP?. 

Harry W., 233. 

Hartley, 160. 200, 296. 

Harvey, 288, 

Harvey Llml-«ay, 42, 258. 

Haskell, 122. 

Hatlie, SO, 141, 15>, 221. 

Hattie E., 173, •>J5. 

H alt le H.,24S, -2.50. 

Hattie L., 94, 00, 191. 

Hattie M., 100, 240. 

Hazel E., 254. 

Ha/eii, 24. 245. 

Helen, 143. 2()3, 221, -238. 

Hel.u B., 221. 

Helen E., ^IK-i. 

Ilel**ii (iraee, 179. 

Helen L., IHO. 

Helen M., 120, 141, 176, 180. 

Ihhn Mar, 20. 247. 

HeUn T., 1.55. 

Helinu Aiiite, 142. 

Henian 40. 

Ilenian Storrs. *240. 

Henrietta, 23. 

Henrielte. 143. 

Heury, 23, 40, 91, 113, 142, 163, 

176, 185, 189, 203, 214. 221, 
226, -232, 2-25. 256, 250. 
Henry A., 118. 
Henry 11., 180, 100. 
Henry Ballon, 2W. 
Henry Berirantl, I:i8. 
H^-nry (\, 88, 126. 
Henry (lay, 207. 
Henry I)., 2(Ki. 
Henry K. E., 180. 
Henry F., 137. 
Henry H., 205, 206. 
Henry .1., 1S|, 3iK). 
Henry K., 101. 228. 
Henry L., 2-.M>, 250. 
Henry N., 224. 
Henry ()., 101. 
H.'nry W. 02, 159. 
Henry S., 2.')0. 
Henry Sabine, 180. 

Henry Starblrd, 2.'W. 

Henry Van Ness, 234. 

Henry Warren, 148. 

Henry \Vri;:ht, 10, 242. 

Hrp/ll.ah, 4, 21,33, 187, IM, 251. 

HerlH.Mt, 141, 2<K). 

HeriKMt A., )i.U\ 259. 

Herh.'it ('., 215. 

Heri>erl H.. 24S. 

Herl»ert L., 12(i, 253. 

HerlKMt I^'slie, 2.38. 

HrrI.ert W , 2:.5 

Herman I) , 188. 
I Hilkiah, 54, 55. 
j Hiram, 41, UMI, 298. 

Hiram U ., 125. 
I Hoi lis 15 J, 157, liH}. 
I lf..lli-i A., 150. 
; Homer. 25. >. 
I HonHT A., 2H. 

Honuf, HI. 21.3, 246. 

Hon««e(;., 250, 
I Hora.e S., 114. 
! H(»ratio. 210. 
' Horatio I.orenzo, 178. 
; Horteiise, 253. 
, lloseu .S., 103. 



Howard Melvln, 238. 
Howard T., 248. 
Hub^iard Smith, IM. 
Huldah, 120. 
Hyram, 27. 

laiitlm K., I.'H. 

KlialxMi, 47, A3, 50, 00. 

Ida. H3, 247. 

Ida A., 2.^]. 

Ida Anil, 200. 

Mali., l.-H. 

Ma M., KM, 21N}. 

M«dla A., 2(S1. 

Ilia, 20S. 

Inez K, 207. 

ItMiv K . ttO. 

Ira, 2N lod, 108,234. 

Iia A., Kilt, 210. 

lia H., 251. 

Ira Lorrii/.o, 178. 

Ira M.,00. 114. 

Ira .N.-\JlnL% 103. 

Ira 'rhur>ioii, 178. 

ha \V.,02. 

Irani A., 101. 

I una. 14,07, 100. 
Imu', 177. 

Irvin;; lluhart. 181. 

Irwin, 2.VJ. 

I>aac JS, 40, 5S, 60, 00, 08, 72, 78, 
^7, i;JO, 140, 150, 187, 203, 213, 
217, 233. 

Isaar A , 23. 

Isaar CooinliM, 202. 

I«;iai; II., lJS7. 

Una- Harris, 217. 

|»*aaf N., 74. 

Imi.I cI, 300. 

1m,.Ii« 11:1.34, 219. 

iHaltellc, 32. 

iHuI idle M., 204. 

Isaiah. 01,85, 80. 

Jauob, 60, 60, 72, 160, 163, 167. 

Jacob J. I!., 37. 

Jacob P., 170. 

Jacob Smith, 170. 

James, 4, 38, 57, 64, 85, 88, 120, 

122, 140, 141, 153. 150. 102, 

21.% 228. 253, 254, 257, '205. 

Junici) A., 177. 
James Adeil>eit, 228. 
James ('., SS. 
Jumeii I)., 37. 
JaiiM's K., l.*»G, 250 
James F.. 33, 224, 2.Vi, 233, 207. 
James H., 27, 100, 240, 261. 
Janiea Henry, 240. 
James Hildreth, 33 
Jiiiiies M., 101. 
.iames Meserve, 225. 
Jame:^ <)., 145. 
James !{.. 84. 
James liueins, 123. 
.lames S., i;{7. 254. 
James Stoddard, 103. 
Jaiiieii T., 8.*>. 
James W.. ISI, 240. 
Jane, 0, 47, 53, .54. 57. 58, US, 64. 

00, 120, 141. 142, 102, 184, 100, 

210, 253. 
Jane A., 137. 
Jane ('., lOi. 
Jane K., 143. 
.lane (irant, 2*29. 
Jane I.etis:i, 115. 
Jane M., ilS. 
Jaiif S., 203. 
Japiiet, 151, 200. 
•liisoti, 40. 
JaRuti .\., 251. 
Ja.-^>n (Mark, 104, 299. 
JaMiii K., 251. 
.iason II., 31. 
Jason llasseil, 250. 
I Jay, 141. 
. Jean Klecta, 85, 
I Jeauettc, 105. 220. 
I Jedediah, 03, 112, 113. 



Jeflterton L., 150. 

.lehial Webb. 220, 

Jenihun, 4, 7, 66. 

.lennie, 143. 257. 

.lennle A., 80. 

.Icnnie Ann, 237. 

.lennic G., 1G4, 

.lennlugs S.. 192. 

.?»iiny M., 2M. 

.I,.reiiiiah, 10, 11. 17, 48, 57, «9, 70, 
124, K^S, !(«, 171, 172, 174, 
201, 2o;i, 225, 232, 238, 206, 

.loremlah W., 232. 

.I«*niiiy, 75, KIo, 160. 

.lorfiiiy \*., 1G5. 

.lonmit-s ir>2, 227, 250. 

.leroiiH* J{., !.'>.'<. 

.Irrry, 223, 226. 

.Ivnisl.a. 3S, 42, 58, 122, 123, 21.1, 
210, 2;^«, 240, 2M. 

.los.*o, 30, 253. 

.Irsse L., 111. 

.le^sic r., 39. 70. 

.le-sc W., 2(i3. 

.lessi*-, 1-2^, 207. 

.lewrtt.OS, 181. 

,W.\\cl\. W., 9J). 

.lountiu, 54. 

.loan StovtMj?, 43, 200, 

.loh, 03, 112,113. 

.1«H'. 2:^1, 2:>o. 

.I.iel, 00, 72, 14a 142, 180, 210, 232. 

•lot'l Katon, -280. 

.I.H'l K., 15». 

.lohn, 2, 3. 4, G, 7, 8. 14, 15, 17, 18, 
2:>, 27, 2S, 3«, 37, 38. 3«, 40, 
44,47,51, 52, 54, M, 57, «♦, 
01, (k<. <^-), V^\^ 07, (W, G9, 71, 7;i, 
75. 70, ?<7, 8S, 01, t)2, 97. HMk, 
101, 112, 11.-., 11<;, 117. 120, 
121, 122. la. l.W, HO. 141. 
157, 15H, 1(J2, la, 1(;.5, 107, 
(^lOS, 172, 178, 1K4, 188, lO.'J, 
105, 108, 200. 204, 205, 211, 
212, 2H, 218, 210, 220, 22.% 
2:<2, 230, 2:<7, 2:W, 240, 247, 
253, 254, 255, 250, 257, 25», 

288, '201, 205, 301, 303, 304. 
John A , 167, 20^ 
John H., ISS. 
JohnC, 107, 108, 173, 200, 218, 

John CurtU, 75. 

John K., 27, 03, 138, IfW, 188, 235. 
John KdsoM, 41, 42, 258. 
John Klllott. 70, 171. 
J<»hn F.. 25, 107, 216. 
J<»htj Kalrlh'ld. 208. 
John Karlvy, 157. 
•lohn Karnliaiii, 10. 
John (;., '2^0. 
John II., 01, 101, 117, 180, IH 

205, 2:i5, 200. 
John ilancnck, 208. 
John Hus^y, 178. 
John lU'iiiy, ISO, 220, 232. 
,luiin I., 100. 
John J., lis. 

John I.., 10.1, 1.13, 138, 130, 188. 
John Leonard, 220. 
Jitiui Lo\v«>il, 10. 
John M. ,37, 75, 125, 1m7, 254. 
John Mo<Ke, 20. 
Join, (^., 111. 
J. S., 2.{5. 

Joiin .S., .10. 100, 207, 
John .*-i)«ov»*y. 203. 
,lohn 'IVnney, 10.{. 
J<»lin TownscMKl, 2.'^ 
John \V., 27, 42, l.W, 200, 212, 218, 

228. 240, 258. 
John War^, 208. 
John Wj'sky, 248. 
.lohn Willard, 20. 
J<»hn W. Zilta, m^i. 
Jonah, 02, HI, 05. 
Jonah < haries, h4. 
.lonay. 2x7. 
Jon;^ "{., 75. 
JonaH ' , 140. 
Jonathan, 11, 26, 5J, S4, 67, 73, 

P7, 105, 123, 120, 142, 146, 149, 

175. 180, 101, 102,295,302, 
Jonuthao Martin, 302. 



Jonathan S » 176. 

Jonathan W. W., 10S. 

Joseph, 17,43, 44, 40, 50, 53, 55, 
00, 81, K{, 60, (W, 72, 73, ,76, 
84,80,87, 104, 105, 131, 133, 
l.tS, 144, 14<V U\K ^^\ IM 
VfiJ, 178, 181, IW, IJU, 202, 
205, JOS, 214. 2^t4, 2:17, 2:i8, 
2:»'.>, 2<.0, 2S«>, 21^), 2CVS. 

Jot»ei»Jt A., 2-Vi. 

JostT»h Alexander. 178« n.y 2:iO, 2a2. 

Joseph I)^ 182. 

Josepli K., 11!», 135. 

J(»si'ph K., 7r>. 

Joseph II., 3<'i. 131, 153. 206. 

Josi-ph.I., i:.0, 151. 

Joseph I.., 14<). 

Joseph P., 128. 

Joseph S., l.M, 20». 

Jos4'ph Tun lor, 20tK. 

Josf-phim*, 253. 

Josephine L.. 231. 

Joshua, 2, 3, 7, 8, II. Vi, M, 15, 17,. 
30, 37, 17, 70, 105, 197, 1W4, 
200, 202, 203, 304, 200, 'iul, 
210, 2 in. 

Joshiiit Klt>ii(I;;e. 207. 

Josliuii (»l':ty, 202l 

Joshiiii L., 188. 

Joshuu M., 00. 

Joshuii .Se^Kistiiin Stre».4er. 208. 

Jo»lah, 30, :U), 50, 72, 181, 250s 

JoRiah H., 'lii'}, 

Josie Avery, 23. • 

Josie M., 104. 

Judsou, 153. 

Jului, 16H, 175,17«,20:i, 25H. 

Julii* A., i:.8, 105. 

Julia F.,71< 

Julia M., 38, 249. 

Julia ()., 141,201. 

Julia JMie^)e, 85- 

JullaH., 113. 

JuliH, 2!)8. 

Julielt, 17:L 

Juliette P., 186. 
Julioa, 105. 
Juliiu M., 106. 
Julius N., 250. 
Ju.-t"m K., 02. 
Justus, 2*.>, 249. 
Jui»tuj» lU'Uu«t, iKV 2-f9. 

Kenneth Howlawl. 245. 
Kittie B., 160. 
kittle E., 204. 

Ijifkyette, STRT. 

L. A<le4l>ert, 189. 

L' Amour A., 28. 

I^iiini. 138, 172, ITO^ IW. 

I^iuia A., 2.>t. 

I^ium K., 3G. 

I^iurii I., 22). 

l^iuni K.. I'.fiP. 

^.jium f,.^ 2 Iff. 

Laun'lfci M., 147. 

I^viiiia J.. 2.'t. 

LawrfKoti E,, 245*. 

Le-ander \V., 28. 

Lel)lK•u^», 27, 

I.rilii S.,2(;i. 

lA'hi M:iy, 220. 

I.elawl II.,10I,30«, * 

LeiiiuH 11.. 134. 



Le«)uaid, 2)2. 228,301. 

Leonard ('., 2.J0. 

l>eonanl J., 204. 

Leslie, 210, 

Lestina, 100. 

Letitia S., 14Ii. 

Lett ice, 155. 



IjtlWe IL, 164. 
Iieverett, M8, 

l.tviy 27, ftS, 118, 171, 187, 337, 
Levi IK, 101. 
Levi G^ 98. 
Levi I., 172. 
l.fvl.l.. 21»5. 

I.ewU^SS. 141), 310, S14, 153. 
l.»'\\is l>flati«, 2^7. 
l.«»\vis ,1., 17.'<. 
I.i'wis Sawvf r, 23U 
I.exvW W., 126. 
i;iHi:in, -28, 218, 254. 
Lillian H., 248. 
Lillian Leotl, 178. 
Lilli.- E., 2!)7. 
Li/./i.;, 152, 212, 232, 251. 
Liz/it' A.. 22S, 295. 
Li//i«- C . 214. 
Li//io IL, 154. 
Li//M' N., 140. 
Li/./lo W., 125. 155. 
Loarni, 122. 
l.<N-iira IL, 147. 
l.*H'u/A IL, 1 17. 
Loin, <>5, 15s. 
LmIm a., Hi\, 
LoIh (i., 2»7. 
Loti;;. 104. 
Lorinit* L., 140. 
Lora II. , 104. 
Lorain, 2.12. 
Lurcn, 172. 
LoriMi I)., XKj, 
Loien K., 138. 
Loren/o, 220. 
Lorenzo A., 208. 
L. U. 170. 

Lorenzo Robinson, 176. 
Lorenzo S., 175. 
I/>rin;v, 143, 
Lottie, 2.'>9. 
l-ouie E., 233. 
l^uis I>i»lano, J06. 
Loiii^ It SI. 

J.oni<a, 2;i, 7.% 117, lift, I3^ 15?, 
171, 180, iO'J, 2LV 22J*. 2.^4, 

Louisa A., 110, 145, 177. 

Louisa M., 180, 224- 

Loul^a S4**v<ni*. 42, 288. 

LouUe, 83. • 

l^»r, 1-20. 

LovU-y. -20, 243», 

l.ovipy T«riH»r, 20, 25(1. 

Loviiuv, 2i0. 

l.rtvin.H K, *0L 

l.ovis^i IL, IISl 

I/O una, 22" V. 

Luo'na, 42. 

I.ucia. 220, 204. , 

Luri<*n Franklin, 226. 

Lurile, 2(H. 

Lncin.i, 241>. 

Lutlmla, 101, HO, 216. 

Lufiuf, 27. 

Lmim A., 173. 

l.ucrel^a A., 90, 

l.tti y, 21, 2«;, 42, 8.1, 84, 101, HI, 

IIV 110, 121, 1.15, 137, 144, 

107, 16S, 171, 172, 20.3, 2i5, 

Lnry A., IH.l, XtX 
Lupy Ann, 2^S, 
Lucy li., Ms. 
Lnry ('., S3. 
Lupy IL, 1«0. 
Lupy .1 ,215. 
Lnry 1^, 13H. 24t 
Lupy M.. 2'.)0. 
Lupy P., 17.3, 
Lucy U., L'H. 
L«pyS., 118, 
lAi€y T-, 78, 292. 
Lwtte !{,, 201. 
Luther, 39, 75, 190, 218, 254, 288, 

Lntlicr Hin;;l)am, 294. 
Luther O., 102. 
Luther ,L, 111. 
Luther \V., 2.'.7. 
l.iilie .I<i«i»»phine, 2I"?. 
Luv.unH I, . I'.* 
Lydia, 10, 11, 17. 21, 25, 3S, «». 

50, 02,00. 71, 74, 75, 7«, H(^ 



98, 103, 116, 114, 141. 144, 
164, 177, 181, JOl. 214, 
253, 2.50, 280, 292, 'iUfi, 902. 

Lydia A., 221. 

Lydia Ann, 240. 

Lydia C, 1.15. 

Lydia E.. 203. 

Lydia F.. 209. 

Lydia IL, l(i2. 

Lycffai L.^ 147. 

Lydia M. P.. 18&. 

Lydia S , 170. 

F.ydlii v., 140, 

Lyman, 23:). 

Lynjiin !>., 123. 

Lyman II.. 152. 

Lyman .JarktKMi, 163, 2W. 

Lyman It., 30.25a. 

Lyman NV., 125- 
LyaduLLy 37. 


Sfabef. 23S, 2M. 

Mal)el C, 145. 

Mabel F., 212. 

Macy D., 22G. 

Madoro, 213. 

Mahala, 142. 

Mahali L., 215, 

Maliiida, h'A, 

Maiviim, 153. 

ManM!isdi, 14G, 2D5. 

Mandanb K., 21.*). 

&Ian1<>y, M'l. 

Maran(f.i, 22'{. 

Marr(<la. T73, 

Mamllin*, 212, 301. 

Mania, 2iM. 

Marrut*, 27. 

Marjraift, I8,.«i4, (UT,. 84, fl, 168, 

203. 214, 227. 
Mar^^ard Almira, 22U. 
Miir<;aicl F., 1.^4. 
Margaiva L , 228. 

MargaretU M., m. 

Mark Curtis, 255. 

Mark W., 89,255. 

3iarla, 113, 114, 126, IM, 183, «7, 

SLtria A., 144. 
3Iarla B., 188, 24«. 
Maria llannith, 225. 
Maria S., 230, 298. 
Maria Theresa, 206. 
Marlah, 30. 

Marlanna Arabella, 307. 
3Iaribah, 07. 
Marie Louise, 206. 
MarietUi, 3<t, 1&3, 2*4, SM. 
Marilla, 210. 
Manila Abby, 301. 
Marimla. 172. 
Marion. 109. 
Marion C, 115. 
Marion L., 35. 
Marnliall, 85. 
Marsliall A., 147. 
Martha. 8, 12, 30, 41, 51, 6t, 75, 

78, 87, IOC, 176, 180, 186, 187, 

194, 202, 204, 219, 232, 25S, 

ilartlui A , 101, 106. 152. 
Martha Anu, 202. 
MartlwC, 79. 
Martlu D., 200. 
Martha t., 98. 167, 184. 
Manila Ik-alh, 208. 
2ilarllui J., I«j2. 
.Mailha >L. 143. 
Manlui 1»., 139. 
Martin, 149.302. 
Martin C, 149. 
Martin L., 134, 18». 
Mavy. 2, 4, .5. 7, 13, IS, M, 24, Hf. 

27, 2S, 30, 37, 38, 40, 41. 42, 

43, 47, 52, 53, 54, 57, 61, 62, 

G;J,(U, 05, 07, 68, 70, 71, 7.-.. 

84, S5, 8(5. S7, K9, 91, 97, 105. 

10(3, 114, 122, 126. \2H. 131. 

l;W. i:t5, 137, 146. 147, N't. 



Matll.lii A., 3.%, 252. 
Miilllila K.. i:.7. 
Mattlww, :{(i:<. H04. 
Mattio K.. I:{7. 

Maiti.' II., \::t. 

Maiiil, il'.i. 

Mau.l It.Mia, -JIH. 

Maud Victoria. :i()1, 

.May AliiT, J.W. 
j May Oliv.', 170. 
' Mra.l. J.Vl. 

M«i|uia (iaiMi'lla, 20H. 
! .MiliilaM.', •;, .-,a. .1.%, ftl», 150, IS!, 
I Mrliilalil*' T., '.••». 
I .M»', 2N. 
I M.-llM.nni.' I\, 2-i?<. 
! M.-Iia, .{lU. 
I M. li>si, I(H, 15'», 219. 
j^a N., in. 
I M. I villa. i:,:», 2.VI, 200. 

I.n2, l.M, 15«, 159, 100, KW. 

105, 160, KW, 175, 170, 177, 

1H4, r.H), 102, 103, 107, 200, 

202, 204, 205, 212, 214. 215, 

217, 221, 2-25. '2:Ui, 2;<7, 244. 

240, 240, 250. 2.V4, 2:.0, 25>^, 

250, 2s7, 2'M. 2'.>H, 2«.»0. 
Mary A., -23, 75, 7M, 8M, 105, 1.50. 

l.'iO, 200, 220. 2:12, 2;{7, 245, 

250. 20;j, 207. 20s. 
Mary Al.i;;ail, .{0. 
.Mary Adrliiie, 220. 
.Mary Ann, 27, 32, 35. .IK. 173, '202, 

213, 22:. 22:{, 247. ^.W. 
Mary »., 124. 
Mary Utva, 20S. 
.MarV <•.. 32, 2(»3. 
.Mary 11.3. 
Mary I)., 93, 101. 

Mary K . 33, 47, 70, 83. 00, 04, 98. 
KK), 100. 133, 145, 151, 1.52, 
173, 187, 212, 222, 220. 243, I Mcrda .M., SO. 
240, 253, 250, 200, 2H0, 204, M«'i cy. 41, 5S, 177. 
200. .301. 
Mary Kli/^ibetli, S5. 
Mary Kllt'U, 25. 
Mary KiiH'line, 200. 
Mary Kmiiia. 234. 
•Mary F., 140. 2.V.>. 
Mary 11., 141, 220. 
.Mary Hani. 1, 170. 
Mary Mill, 20, 240. 
Mary I., 33. 
Mary .?., s,3, SO, 125, 133, 159, 167, 

204, 213. 22'i, 252. 
Mary .Ian.', 23, 225, 23S, '^n. 
.Mary L., 02. 100. 175. 215, '244. 
•Mary Loui.-o, 170, 2S0, 
Mary M.. 147. 
Mary Maria, 104. 
Mary (Hive, 170. 
Mary IV, 22S, 23S. 
.Mary IVase, 1M3. 
Mary S., IKS. 
-Mary T.. 01, 200. 
Mary >V.. 13 4, 230., 27, los, 118, 122, 146, 

M.'rr.ll, 110. 

M«lliiHal.'h.3J,.35, 252. 

.Michat'l. 304. 

.Miiloii .s|i:ikt'S|K'an", 207, 

Miiit-rva, 154. 

.Mimiif, 152, 2.'>8. 

.Mi II nil* K , 25!». 

.Minnie L., 230. • 

Minnir S., 100, 210. 

MmIIn, 15, 00, s7, 120. 

.Mu.mIv M., 1j<'.. 

.Morula una P., 251. 

Mor^ic, 251. 

.Morris, 40. 42. 

.Morris lllotint, 257. 

•Molt IU«T. l.'il. 

Mosr.s. 4,5, 10, II. 12, 10, 24, 35, 
4t», .-)S, 04, 00. 70, 71, 107, 108, 
121. 150. ir.S, 100, 101, lO.J, 
10:., 100. 170, 245. 

Mo-.«. A., 24.-). 

Mos»'s hoi.'. 20, 210. 

.MoSfS (J;iilK"i, 107. 

.MoMrs Ila.lliy, 23. 



Moges MarMi, 221. 
MoHCS Norinun, 20. 340. 
Mow» Parker, 220. 
Mooes Smith. 170. 
>lone» T., 10l>. 
Mo(*e» Tliuriituu. 193. 
Mttrtxte, 2.VJ. 
Myra, IS.'i. 
Myni A. A.. 100. 
Mvi-aC, 22t). 
Myron F... llM, 290. 
Myron \Vin!<low, 3l>. 

Njuu-y, 24, 39, 40. 43, 7.5, 78, 103, 

KW. 12<>. 128. 1.W, 158. 213, 

21 (J. 24(5. 254. 2.^, 288. 
Nuncy Alvlra. 22(J. 
Niinfy <'., 119. 
Nanry V... 230, 2(JI. 
Ntincy l«iiiN<lla. 220. 
Nancy .1.. 9(1, III. 
Nancy I.., 119. 
Nancy M..S9, lai, 2:11. 
Natjcy 1\, lHi. 
Nancy It.. KU 
Naomi, 12. KiO. 219. 
N!i|MtltM)n U., 8(;. 
Natliun,2:>. MM, .M, 01, «H, 80, M. 

211, 2)1. 2Wt, 223. 224, 2M, 

Nathan A.. 22:(. 229. 
Nathan !•'., 2IH 
Nil than II.. 228, 2.V.». 
Nathan llcrh«M't, 2'M. 
Nathan N.. 203. 
Nathan 1'., 228, 238. 
Nathan .S., 81, 83, 173. 
Nathan Wallace, 223. 
Nathaniel. 24, 2.5, 29, .38, .V), 51, 

00. <).j, 74. 75, 79, 83, 101, 125. 

127. 12s, 131, 132, KJO. 102, 

178, 179, 245, 247, 2.56. 288, 


Nathaniel A., 75. 
Nathaniel C, 101. 
Nehemlah, 91. 93,95. 
Nehemiuh Grover, 88. 
Nellie. 1.52, 214, 230, 254. 
Nellie A., 140, 193. 
Nellie (i., 173. 
NellieM., 228, 248, 251. 
Nellie P., 21>8. 
Nelson, 40, 101. 
Nelson .\., 251, 
Nelson t;., 98. 
Nel.«*()u L., 251. 
Nettie, 185, 298. 
Nettie A., 201. 
Nettle F., Hi. 
Nettie Florence, 23 
Nettie H., 104. 
Newell M., 150. 
Newton, 24. 
Nina M., 222. 
Noah, 40, 41, 25.3,258,287. 
Nohlcl.i»vely, 114. ' 
Norman, 27. 170, 22", 248. 
Norman .\., I(i3. 
Nornuin II., 227. 
Normuu L., 301. 

Ohed, 100. 

Olin F., 248. 

Olive, 19, 20, 233, 252. 

Olive A., 242. 

Olive Ann, 92. 

Olive J., 159. 

Oliver. 12. '28, 33, 54, 58, 155, 157. 

Oliver II., -255. 

Oliver \V., -255. 

Oliver Whiting. 250. 

Olivet, 29, 249. 

Ouuir, 128. 

Oren II., 200. 

Orianna, 215,301. 

Orilla Victoria, 154. 



Orillo, 165. 
Orio, \7ii. 
OrlanOo A-, 131. 
Orlando JoMph, 188. 
Or|»ah, lii, 123. 
<>r]>hii Am 3'i^- 
Orm, 254. 
Oriln, 30,214. 
Oirln n., lUK 
Orrln \..> IM. 
fJrrin 1*., 215. 
Orrln W.. lOfl. 

<»r!*on S., 11!>. 

Oscar, 151. 

Oscar D., 85. 

0*i'ar J.. 104. 

Oscar W.. 167. 

Oscar Willie, 2.37. 

OsjrwKl Gcorj^e, 18, 242. 

Osinaiul, 257. 

Oswoll A ,2!>«. 

mis, 144. 

OtiHiI., 145. 

Otto A. A.. 21»5. 

Ovi'ltu. 113. 

Owen A., 102. 

O/.ias, 150. 

O/ro A., 141. 

l^alffe, 240. 
raiueliu, 253. 
Painella Ann, 207, 208. 
l»Hrnclla Brxlwell, 42, 287. 
raiiiella 8., 98. 
Parker, 80, 2:W. 
Tarker A., 80. 
I'arker I'luuuner, 2.^4. 
I'atlence, 1G5. 2:«, 209. 
Patrick Henry. 208. 
Patrick W., 225. 
Palty, 204. 

Paul, 11, 27, 63, 103, IM, 113, 115, 

Paul II., 191. 
Paul .Tone*. 115. 
Pauline F„ 294. 
Pearl. i:t8, 216. 
PcUlah, 197, PK)., 2(H). 
Perc> II , 2as. 
Poikln*. 229, 230. 
IVrlmna I.., 204. 
PeniM'lia, 2:i3. 
IVrry, 212. 
IVrry S., 260. 
IVrscs P., 29J». 
Porsis, 174. 
Pcrsis F., 174. 
I IVrsis Fay, ;{00. 
I iVtcr. 112. 
j IVter F.. 137. 
j Peter .loslyn, 114. 
PlielKS 12, 15, 27, 30. 84, 101, liJ, 

174, 22:1. 
Plielie S., 174,300. 
Plillan.lcr, 22(1. 
PhilaiHler PivscoU, 248, 
Philena, 40, 2:)7. 
Philil* K., 92 
I Phillip II., 184, 2:{5, 248. 
I PhilH|» w.^im, 
I Plhlll|i Wat-'oii, 304. 
I Philo li.. 15.1. 
I Phili* I)., 250. 
I Pliil*» DorasiuK, 29. 
I Phiii.M-, l.VJ. 
i Ph.M'lM' Kllen, 2.18. 
, Pliinia, 251. 
, Plutnuitr, 39. 
Polly, 20, 25, 32, .19. 74, 75, 85 
101, 120, 14.3, 169, 177, 204 
2.? 2, 250. 
!»oor, 195. 
Port.'r, 109. 
Prcscutt. 212. 
PresiTved, 177. 
Print Ice, 298. 
Priscilla, 55, 213, 301. 



Ijiulurl, '3i, 50, i\-2, 71, 

UM). '227. 2h7. 
h'llclK'l K.. -JIK. 
Kixlh'l L , KK). 
I.'.tlpli, --'ss. 
I.'iilph 1!.. IN. 
I.'.illilnlpli llaiiiiltoii, -JO. 
IJiiy, n.{, 2:\2. 
li'iiyiiMMiil, I IS. 
IN-iMTr.i. C'l. 74, 75, 1-iH, 

2\\, -.Ns. 

l;»'tM »t;i K., IC.O. 
I.'rlwi'r:! M.. 1(»S. 

liri ♦MTji N .. ir»7. 

INIncra I'., sr,. 
I.'«'Iu'»t:i 'I'.. ISO. 
I.'.ImUjiIi r.. -Mil. 
l:rtlii-4i, IDS. 
i;«'ilii«a\. H'.l. 
iN'nlioiK I7J, -J-.MI. 
Ii'i-iilicii l.\ mail, 2117, 
l.'rurl W ., I.M:. 
i;ir»li. i;{.5. i:»s. i> j. 

l.'lioila Itrniiclt, '.M'.K 
• i.M.hinl, l.»:>. lj;{. l:^l, 

211, ill. J.M. 2:17, 

.'Ml. :M4. 
I'i.liin! <., •_M4. 
I.'ifli inl K\«' ••t, •Jl*. 
l.'irliaitl I'.. •_>«<. 
i.'icliar.l W . 14'.. 
I.'ila Kvaliiir, J.t ». 
i:<»lfiii.ili. -Jl.t. 

i;o«M'it, iv.». is>. 2i;», :in. 
i:..!... t A.. .17. 

I .il rii «".. J.iJ. 
1:..'.,. ( !!.. 4 ► iV» 
l.'oliril I ir*i«' is«', 2V»S. 

I :<•!.«•. t I.., 2.'.!. 
i:«>i>eri r., IsO. 

It'olKTt I'lllllsKm, ISO. 
llMrnMii.i, 2Tt\. 
l;<H|iify, 170, 240. 

i.'uI:iihI, ;{*;. 

l:«ilUn, h'A. 
I'oiuuii/o, 174. 

1(R», 11)5, 

km;, 20.1, 




!{oR}M» A., 24S. 
liNt^alca, 240. 
KoMaiiiuiid, 114. 
iro-»io.- <; , 241. 
lioswi'll lliit-t, 221. 
Kowaiia, 1.)l. 
i:«i\vaiia K<-iili, l.%4. 
IJowi'iia ( '., |nO. 
Itii\v!aii(l, lo.'i. 
I'oxaiin. 2^'! 
|{(.xaiiiia, 2o:{, 204. 
|{n\ani'a I'., S. 
I.N.saima T., Hi2. 171. lUl. 
i:«i\;il, 2'., 2i:{, 24«'. 
ir<>.\al U., III.'. 

i.'u\;>i r.iiiiaui, r.o. 

i;...\al v., 140. 
i:.»\al S., Ml. 
i.'iiliir. 2i<:. 
Kiifi K.. |*,4. 

i:uio-. ;»'.». 4(», no. 21:1,, 257. 

Kuhi* IMotiani, 2<ss. 

i:iiru> N.. 172. 

IIii-M'M, 2'.U. 

I.'iiili. 2>. I>. .5.^, 01>, 8s, 11:1, 257. 

Kii h KM n, IM>. 

Ii'utli i;ii/a, 20;, 21."). 

i:iitli I'.. >'.». 

s. A.. 2Ii. * 

st.h r., |.;j. 

Sa«l,t M., 2iKJ. 

SaUif, 2SS. ' j 

Salloy. 2.V). 

Sally, 17, 20, 25, 30, 30, 74, 7G, 94, 

101, 110. 1-2S, 132, 142, 144. 

140, l.V.», ua, 170, 172, 191, 

20^1, ii;!, 2.V1. 255. 
."^ally !«., 1^4, rioo. 
Sally (;.. \X\. 

S;llllloM, S3. 
S;il«Uiif, 27. 

Saiuuil. 7, 11, 1«, 2:1, 24, 26, 27, 



2a,30,:J2, 45, 48, 49, 68, 5(1, j 
«6, 71, 72, 84, 87, 130, 144, 150, 
15C, 162, 100, 174, 175, 170, 
177, 178, 18L, 184, 18«, 20L, 
210. 2;{7, 243, 245, 300. 
SainiK'l A -,02. 
Saiiiiu'l B., 41. 

Siiimif 1 IthKlifftt, 42, 258, 288, 
>ianuK'l C., 151, 204, 
>iaimul K,, 28. 
>:iiiiu«'I Flliit, 147, 
Saimivl II., S3, 
Sainuol llarriniaiL, 139. 
Saiiuij-l Hani:*, 30-2. 
>;iinu«l IK'iiry, 250. 
Sainuol Ixtwcll, 102, 
.S:iiiiu«-1 r., 8G, 
Samuel T., 70, 191. 
Sainuol TaiN'll, 21H>. 
Samuel ^^'., 12<i. 
>aM»lil«»n:i, 110. 
Sanlonl. 2*.M. 
Sara F , 254. 

S:irah. 2.. 4, 5, 7, 11, 1.% 14, 2.1, 30, 
31, :iM, 4-2, 45, 46, 40, 50, 51, 
.->:{. .>4, .55, 50, 58, 60, 6:1, C5, 
€6, 67, OS, 70, 72, 76, 77, 78, 
83, 100, 10-2, 105, 108, 100, 115, 
123, 127, 140, 140, 151, IWi, 
1.'.8, 100, ISl, 101, 108, 202, 
210, 214, 225, 230, 236, 237, 
253, 200, 202. 
Sarah A., 170, 209. 
,*<arali Ami, 103, 
.Sarah I).,34, 35. 
Sarah K., 8S, 100, 140, 144, 145, 

152, 1C<1, 205, 240, 294. 
Sarah h\ 25. 
.Sarah L, 248. 

.Sarali .1., 37, 187, 20.5, 209, 2il. 
Sarah .lano, 43, 2:t8. 
.*"arah Joni>ha, 21. 
>aiah 1... 37. 70, 14.5. \:a\ 24<s 251. 
.'^anih 1. 1 ad, ls3. 
>arah l.<misa. 117 
Sar.ih M.. W. \\^. \M\ 2<ll, ru). 
S:ir:th «».. l.V{. 1.5>i. 

Sarah K., 123. 

Sarah S., 1W5, 108, 209, 238, 

Sarah T., 107, 290. 

Sohkii U'., 100, 

S»Uloii <J., 150. 

Soth, 15S 

Srth P-, 201. 

S^.Mh ."^jtrajruo, 235^ 

S«th NV T 157. 

Si^'wall, 2SS, 

SwHl \V., 150, 

Si«lih'\ , 7s. 

SKliK'.v K^ 224, 

Si.hK»y Ih.llis 150. 

Si(hj«*} S«uari>eii, 114. 

SiJas, lis, 171, 172, 174. 

SUas Allvii, 22;*, 

Silas P., 2.{s. 

Silas, W., i:.i 

SiiiK'ou, I .»,■{. 

Simoon M . 156. 

."^llH•«|^1•^,2.■^2, 23S, 

Sjm.u M.JOS. 

Soii^noI^ 07,84, 151. 

Si.haifui L., 151. 

S.lori M,. 240. 

Soj.hla, 75, 231. 

S<»j»Iii.i IJatl .^iK-'hji, 140. 

.s<>j.liraiK», li;j. 

Sci-hn-jiia. 40, 141, 150, 175. 20e» 

S<» Klvini, 42, 288. 
S<»j.hi(»nia T., 20S, 
S]«»ultliii;;, 33, 252. 
Siuirr, 2.{»>. 
StaiiKv, 170, 177. 

Stvph- M, n, 10, 21, 40, 53, .50, 01, 
«.>, 00, S7, 12V, l.Tl, 1 14, l.'.!>, 2I^ 

243, J.M. 2.*.«;. 
.Sivplivii A.. 212. 
sirphon l»., .{0, 115. 
M«-|.li. h K , jiri, 

St^'phen Kiiioi«uii. 2.J7. 
Slo|.h«n M.. 215. 
Si.Ml.lanl. UC, los. 
smart, los. 
SuUov, 141. 



Sumner, W, 136. 14«, 'iM. 

Sumner 11^103,214. 

Su.»jin. 29, 76, 140, 174, 2(»» 

25CJ, 254» 255. 
Susan A.. 3:J 
}i(i>*iin H.. 120. 
Susan lldeti, 2(X 
Suf»an .!.» 1^13, 215. 
Sunan !>., 37, 213. 
asusian M., 1«M. 
Su>»an v., W1, V25,. 12ff, 128, 


SuAaiv !{., 125. 
."SuKumS.,. 1S2, 24y. 
SuHUiviMi, 00, 203- 
SuHianuu II., SO. 
SuHaJMMilB, 13^ 124, 1461 
Syln-l, 188, 
StyUA Vvr«>i"4ir IDO. 
SyhU, 141. 
Syiln»rt' II.. 20H. 
Sylvamw, 100, IHST. 
SylvamiH Cohb, 20«V- 
sVlvla, 172, 220. 
Syrt'im, 32. 251- 



leo, 171, iUi, ni, 2Wy 255 

302, 303, 304. 
Tluinui» Boyd, 259. 
Thotnu» Cubot, 154. 
ThoiuasF., 180. 
'niotnai* llennun, 209. 
Tlioiu:i»J., 124. 
Tlioirisis .JffltTSKnu 208. 
Tlioniu!* NdiWMi, 2.^1. 
ThonKi!* ]{., 138, 
Tl«ir!itorv l»U 

Tll:*«>n, 174. 

Thnotlty, 131. • 

Tiniotliy S., 145. 

TlMMttiy WhwlLT, 190. 

TuUuLih Joii«i»lUni'7 Ul. 

Untleibill, 142^. 

Taihcn. 290, 
Temperance, lOS^ 2Jf. 
Tha«kl«n», 27. 24H. 
Tluinktul, 180. 
TlmnUfnll)., 2m. 
Thankful DeLauo, iOf. 
Thank tul K., 119. 
Thai:Ufnl I.ouU, 20t«v 

Theo. \V. .\., 145. 

TluMxloir, 211), 294- 

TImmmIoiv I., 2 IS. 

Tho««loie N., 8;<» 


Theresa I ,. .'W. 

Thir/a, 97. 2!>0. 

TlM)n»aK, 11, 21. 22. 25, 3!l» 57". 65,. 
(.9, 127. 128, l.'>4,, 15J, 15JV 167,, 

Vttliiiorf G., 165. 
Varnnm, 191. 
VaHhti, 141. 
Vera, 252* 
Vesta J., 101. 
Vieturhi T.ueincla^ SOf. 
VlnrenL K., 297. 
Vlr^lnlu F., 134. 

Wafcli), 230, 252; 
Wallace J., 232. 
Walter, 27, 13S. 25r 
Walter C, 180. 
Waller E. 2J».'i. 
WalUir F. 2y(u 



Walter n., 14«. 

Walter N., 248, 

V'alter P., 180. 

Walter R., 205. 

Walter .S>, 218. 

Uhltcr .Scott, 238. 

Walworth \\ ., 100. 

1\ amor, 2»4. 

V arren, 152, 203, 23«. 

tVarrrn J., 189. 

W.iiT«'n .Samurl, 182, 300. 

Wa>hin^'tou Wallace^ 206. 

>V,.ns, 254. 

Wills H., 2.>4. 

MVsIey K., 258. 

Wt'ssi*. 25». 

Wesson M., 100. 

Wicoin, 7. 

WillMir J., 230. 

WilLur, 2». 

WillMir F., 124. 

WlHnu- M,, 2-lt). 

Vil.kT P., 39, 132,253. 

Wilfred L., 248. 

Will Alexander, 29d. 

Willaid, 149. 

Willard II., 36, 252. 

Willaixl Holliiis, 252. 

William, 1, 3, 8, 15, 24, », 31, 35, 
:<7, as, 39, 40, 42, 43, 62, 66, 08, 
<>9. 76, 78, 83, 87, 88, 90, 92, 
93,94, 119,122, 123, 125, 132, 
133, 137, 144, 168, 162, 1G,J, 
1G5, 107, 1G8, 172, 173, 181, 
1S7, 192, 195, 190, H(7, 2(>2, 
203, 21 H, 223, 227, 231, 232. 
2:.2, 2.>4, 25H, 259. 205, 2H.S. 
292, 2t>4, .30.3, 304. 

Wllilani A.. IHU. 2.V.». 

WlHijun IJ.. 7.-,. {(I, I.V.I. 222, 2.37. 

Wiiliaiii r, 20, 79, 1 4.*., \:»u. 

>Vlllii,iii I)., 227. 

>N illiani lK?xt«'r, 227. 
William K , SS. 2.J3. 

William Kdmuinl>lon»', 2.31. 
W illiiim Klias, .-{.3. 252. 
WiiliaiM F, 70, J<S, 221. 

Winiam Farw^ll, 292. 

WiUiam (Yancis, 238. 

William G., 42. 

WIlDiiniGi-orj^, 258^ 

William II., H4, 101, 14ft, 187, 203. 

22-2, Mi. 
WillijUH II. II., 152, 160, 167. 
Willixm llfiirj-, 218. 
William J., 15J*. 
W illi;un .IikUmml, 2*.>7. 
WiJlUtm .V'W^K., VXl. 
William I.., 37. 137, 205, 29C 
Wi 11 uii» I.;i\vr*Muio, 193. 
William I.<^-maii, 2U1. 
Willkaii .N., 41. 
Wini:uu Ntl^Ki, 42, 257, 388. 
Wil 11*111 0;ike!»,22l. 
Williaui 1% 132. 
Willkun TarWr, 258, 
W illiaiu K., 94, 102. 
Willi;ui» S., 3;i, 120, 144, 223, 
Wlili.uuT.,90, 118, 194. 
Wllliaiii TjuIk-U, 290. 
Willijun \V., 101, 108, 150, 15J> 

191, 250. 
W illiam W orth, 109. 
WiHU*, 141,243, 259, 
Willie 1I„ 248. 
WilliriC. 184. 
Willis N., 176. 
Wilscn, 143. 
W liiJUl.1 .S., 2.')3. 
WinilKMl, 2.51. 
W . Ii vlii<;, 152. 
Wlii^iloii, 109. 
VMi.ilnoj. I'., 2:m. 
WiJloy. M^l. 
Woodliiiry .lor^^'pli, 183. 
W<.rtrs IT K., 130. 

Yani»oy, 10» 


rxiJF.T OF niR r.rtT5T03f oF.j;EAr.or.r. 

Zaof!iou», 61, (W. V20- 
/jicli.'iiLiIi. 2, 3^.7, 47, &7. 

/irvLili, 5, KMI- 
/.(•niiiili. 10({. 

Bointon— BoingftoiL 

Aaron, 2<'»:r. 

Daiiii-i, ioi. 2o;r. 

Davitr, 2(12, 2<l.'t; 
Dorothv, 20:i.. 

ICIJ«MI<-/«T. 2(Wl, 

JaiM', 2r, >. 
Jnltii. 2(:2. 
/oiiatFiMn. 2r>J<*- 
I.y.lia, 2fi:{. 
Mary, 202. 2n:L 
MorJrH, 2fCK 
IN-lM-i-c-n, 2rU7. 
Rohrrt, 202, 2«3l. 
UutU, 2(:a» 

Attlmr M.. 270. 

C'arrk, 277 
I <'li«rlw A , 27n. 
I KlI KU.rlil;,'.', 27«L 
! Kaniiy A., 270. 
j (i«'i)r;rf-ll., 27<L 
I llaniiali, 2(>:(. 

lloiiKr II., 27iL 
f .laiMv 204. 

.i^snU; 270. 

•I<>ti:ulian, 2i>3. 

I'^'vl <\, 270. 

I.«vl < 'ait<T. 27r- 

Mary,2U{. 201. 

Mar/ .1.. 270. 

Mlllanl, 270. 

Mortimer, 270.. 

Wotirrt, 2«nJ. 

Saiiua-I, 2'»l. 

Tikoina'' <'., 277. 

'riiiiotliv, 204, 

Williaiu \V., 27G. 

V\ illiain Warrni. 27C- 

ZttulaU. 2i>^tk 


farrfe E., 218. 
(;t'or^'<'l;., 21H.. 
John, 21S. 
Jolii) ('., 218^ 
John \V., 218. 
l.nthcr. 21"S. 
WaUrr S., 218. 
William, 218. 
William llouy, 2IS^v. 


AlfMMt. 277. 
A life F., 270. 
\nn G., 27 (% 

rharity, 20:i. 
I>anl«l, 204. 
I>avi»l, 204. 
Kli/ahrth. 2«W. 
Kn»»\fv, 201. 
Hannah, 20,'^. 
Isaao. 201. 
Jaroh. 204. 
.Iani»»s, 20.">. 
.l«>rM«'lia. 204. 
.Io»'l, 201. 
.lolm, 2«W{, 2<«.. 
Jonah. 2i;4. 
•loiiathan, 20.^.. 
Jo^rph. '2t\4. 
I.anra, 2'm. 
I.roanc. 2('>.*»~ 




T^ucnetla, MS* 
Man, 21k 
^'aocj', 205. 
l*uti«Dce, 264. 
>Oiuuel, 204. 
> nrah, 2C3. 264. 

MlJe.s 277. 
'J'lieodone, 277. 


Aaron, 2«2, 1x3. 
Auroii 1I-, 2H3, 
Aaron IIoiik'T, 282, 
Al»by Jan*', 2<i7. 
Abii^r, 278. 
AbnJiaiis 276. 278. 
Active, 27-L 
AithT A-, 272. 
Arth-^ (on lie Ha, 2S7. 
A«la Kanul*, 27i. 
A(Mif .f., 27:1. 
A»luey, 276. 
Ajrut'S 25>0. 
Aliijah, 277. 
AllK-rt 1\, 2H0. 
Altf^-rt i:i»»'V, 284. 
A 11*11 W.,27a. 
Alfred, 280. 
A If roil K., 278, 
Aliie, 207, 2f8, 
Alkv M . 27.<. 
Alice I*., 273. . 
Alison IVruirllH, 284. 
Aliuira, 27»», 274. 
Alonzo, 2S0, 284. 
Al|»li»»n;*o, 2!:f2. 
Ah in, 272. 
Alvira K.. 272. 
Anihros^. 273. 
.\iiios Fox, 2sri. 
Ann, 272, 2b0, 
Ann £., 273. 

Anna, 270. 
Aunie E., 285. 
An»oD. 57ft, 28©. 
ApiHlATilmH. 208. 
Ani>Uia L»., 2H3. 
Arthur .v., 260. 
Arys 28^. 
Awtliel, 2<>8. 
Au^ustu.«, 272, 
Au;;it^U!« .Siivitli^ 281. 
Aui-'liai, 577. 

Il^rJ;M«iifi. 2n1. 
Ui-t\mt*iu Km 28J^. 
Hrt-vy, 27H, 27U, 
Uft*y M., 27«. 

Caliiaji. tr,% 
Cahia Kiut^, 277. 
('arl<>K, 277. 
Caroliiir, 207. ^73, 27^ 
Carelu- 1{«»JUd, 278. 
Carrie M., 274. 
CaKsio* l\. 274, 
('atluirioc Krinina, 27(V 
(sUii^Tirje, 27s. 
Cluirles, ;i«;7, :!8.'>. 
( haH.-s A., i^. 
< harJ.s K., 2M. 
( har>esG., 285. 
CharW'H H., 2^3. 
('hark'.'* Il<»iiry, 27.V 
( harKes M., 270. 
(liarK'f* Sjirrry, 27ft> 
rharJtUtc, 273. 
( ImrloHf H., 270. 
rhail..H»« Kli/al>etli, ^7*. 
( harluK.' I.., 270. 
rhauncy Ives, *i74. 
( hitterttiiu 2S1. 
Clilof, 2<kS. 
Clareiier N ., 270. 
<'Iark Ira, 272. 
rlari--a, 20H, 272, 28<K 
C larii^ca K., 272. 
( layloi), 2>>2. 
Coliius, 284. 



foral, 273. 
eorndlu!*^ '277 f 27K» 

rynlliia K.r274^ 
f'ynis. 2»J7. 
t'vruji, S r2«l8» 

Daniel. 2»;f>, 27T, 
Davhl, 2«:). 
Dn viil Ive*. 275(. 
Oavl.l N, 270. 
DfUu El^iu, 278^ 

RltiMir r.<r, 2ST. 

E«l<llr IvMH, 27(h 

K.MU- i: , 2H.V 

K.My S., 27:t. 

K.lwanl. 2S-I. 

K.hvanI Ilil;;<rs 27?^. 

K.lwaxI I.., 272. 

Kdwanl T.. ^i^ 

K<lvviii^2(:7, 2Ml. 

Kilwiii I.f.v27'.». 


KhaiiM- A., i7T, 

Klrcta S4oiTf*. 27r- 

Kli II., 2i;j<. 


Kll/a MiiuTva, 200. 

Mil /a S.. 2r,7, 

K I i /a I Ml 1 1 , 27:J, 2f<2 , 2«l , UKi. 

ICll/alM'ili I., 271. 

Kil/^»JMth I..,2(W. 

F.lla IM.'Ue, 2K(). 
V:ila l.«Hvik;i, 275- 

Kllni i:., 2*(V. 

Klk'n M.r27Cv 

F.lmnrr, 273. 

tlvini, 272. 

Km.liiu. 270, 2}»I- 


Itinily .F.r 270* 

Kinly 'r.r-*"2-. 

Eimna, 2<>. 

EiK.s, 20S, 277, 

KnA):i\ II.. 270- 

Itrw.iii., 27(K 

Erwiii \., 270. 
K/.ni, 2H(>. 
K/ru Ilwt. iSO. 

Fai»m> .\ineila, 275- 

Faimy (».. 276. 

FayctU' Al«'\aiKler, 27&. 

Fillet l«v 281. 

Floi-:i, 270, 272: 

FUtra V.r 27±. 

Florciici', 2S.5. 

f raiu"f*r 2s'). 

Fraiiifs.P., 277^.282'. 

FraiiHr. Mirtoii, 20(>. 

Frank, 2S{. 

Frank Aii;;usta.«, 28^- 
, Fnil, 2S3. 
' Fml F^270. 
, Fremiti ii-k, 281- 

Gn>n^'f', 20«, 285- 
(;«i»r;^f- H., 2<W. 
G«''»r;j<-<'M '2X4^ 
G«'or;;«- ll<iity, 27.*^. 
(M'oi-;r<* Kdlt^*^^, 206- 
<ie<»r«r»* LfAvis. 271- 
(;n»r;ri-N., 27.I. 
(;»n>i'v'»<Mi!*. 200. 

(irui^rrU , 2S2, 
(io>r^f W.r 270. 
(;»i)j«rlaiKi 1).. 282. 
i;t*«)r^lafniia, 2!*3. 
(ieitnitlt^. 271, 2S.V. 
<;U'ii A.,27i>. 
GnicrW.. 208. 
I i;ui^ivar271. 

Ifamr.i. 27.7. 

llunir.ih, 2''»8. 
I ll.inir, 2.S3. 
i Harriot, 2<!^. 

Harriet Atlrlia, 26<S. 
! Harriet C, 27.5. 

Hajri^t J.r27'2. 



larriet P.. 271. 
lurry, 283. 
lurry K,, 2C8. 
|;»rry S-, 282, 
latlte, 283. 
Iclcn Au^it«tA, 282. 
leinan, 272. 
lornaii M^ 272. 
Uiiry. 2(17, 268, 285» 
leury A,. 285. 
Iriiry C, 2(;8. 

hiiry < lay^ 27G. 
Iniry K,, 28.5. 
hiiry MuM(»n, 273. 
Iniry MiUilu'w, 271. 
lriirW*tt;», 281. 
lilpali !>,, -27(1. 
liraiii N'., 273. 
furacf Williaiiiis 2G8. 
loratio. 2«i7. 
iiih«it .1 , Hi, 
I. II,, 27'>. 

i»ua, 28l. 

rd Sj»frry, 271, 

ra W^'ek*, 283. 

riMI»*, 2S4, 

>aar, 2»;<s 209, 280, tNk 

-jiar N., 2(Hk 

>aiak, 2<H. 

«»M»K 2«",U 

amr s, 27;is 282, J84, 

aiiM'H A., 285» 

a I IK'S ^., 280, 

aiiM's Lawrence, 28R. 

an»f j» N'.. 272. 

an**, 281. 

a red. 270, 279, 

raiieUr, 28«. 

ramKlle M., 268. 

♦tnnie A., 274. 

^.-se^ 281, 28-t, 

.*!, 277. 

o*"! Storrs, 277. 

olm, 27'J, 282, 2S3, 

ohu Fletcher, 271*. 

Jolin Furinnn, 28S. 
.lohn L., 28<l. 
John S,, 274. 
Jonah, 271, 274. 
Jose|ih, 2(X:. 208. 
Josc|»h Williamg, 208^. 
Jos4»j>liiiH' S,, 2tf8. 
Jo>l«*, 27'.». 
Jnltn, 27^. 
Julia. 272, 279, 284, 
Julia Kiinitu, 270. 
JulW'lt**^ 270. 
JuHiii*, 278. 

Iji KajH'ite, 27f. 
I^iura, 2S3. 
Iji\V}'»'r, 2s i 
I-ii\vy«'r r., 28ft, 
Lte i^. 270. 
Lc (irauil, 281-. 
1,4'Ht-fr, 270. 
lj'\*ii iUcUu 278. 
J>*vi KinnjIuijA, *,j84>. 
Lvv\ Kin;j, 273. 
I>uIh I)., 27.*). 
l/illio. 28.). 2^0. 
I.illie II., 27«. 
|.«Mii«:i^ 27^^. 
I.oni-a Maria, 271. 
I.u«via Minuida, 20«. 
I.uriiis K., 273. 
J.Ui'lu- NN ., 272. 
I.ury, 2<;7. 273. 
I.ui-y .M., 2i;8. 
I.uey i;.,2K8. 
l.y.lia, 274. 
lAil'vA .MaHa.20«k 

.Mah.)^ka, 281. 

Manly Moreno, 284, 

MariiU, 277. 

M:ui:i TJwre?a, 278. 

Ma^••rtt.•^ 260. 

M«^jM(l:^ JK'i. 

M:trtlja, 288. 
J Martha D., 279, 280. 
I Martha L., 273, 


nmex to nrs hotktow okthcxcoot. 

Mttilln. 266. 

5Dir.T» 20tt, 273^ 271K 28<k 
Mary CUirtrKtief 271. 
Sluiy K.. 270, 283. 
Miiry KHwibetli, 270- 
Miiry FraiK"**, 282- 
Miiiy J.^2«». 
Muiy .Ixtie; 270- 
Maiy LcmiIhu, 284- 
XLury S., 272- 
Miiiycttf, 270- 
^L'ltthew, 274. 
M.'li»cci:t. 2ft?- 
Mollsmi, 281. 
MolviUeE., 27-f. 
Mi 111 ml Deiikinv^, 275* 
Milton, 2rA 273. 
Minnie-, 27i>, 284- 
MinHy. 284. 
Mirabnut. I.iiiiMir, 286. 
Miriiuu, 2^*), 
iUmt^Hiwry Ftwc, 285t 
M«mt;^Hiit^ry I*., 285. 
Sloser*, 2(i{K 2S2. 
Mylo Miuniy^ 27«L 
Mylo N., 271.272. 
Mylo Nc^vtmiy 27 L- 

Xaiicy, 2SC\ 
Natluiik, 28.7. 
Natliunle4. 27Cs 28*- 
N'oUi.rA., 273. 
N'eluon S.,. 273. 
N4'wcU, 208, 209- 
^'<^al^ 207. 
Nora, 28.V 

OUvo, 2r), 277. 
Olive- MLnoTvtt,278w 
Ool(x>l<K>, 285. 
Oira, 2n. 
OrriiN2(;0(, 280. 
OMoar l^, 283. 
Oti.x, 270; 

I'ermella. 284. 
I'hebe-, 284. 
Polllev 284. 
I'olly, iJ73,. 2831 

Randal, 273. 
Kebca-tt, 207,. 281. 
lJcl>okii!i, 268. 
i:o»>oi-t. 273. 
Kobcit W.^281. 
J{«KieTifk, 207. 
KolarnJ, 275. 
Koniuine K., 282. 
Hosalinda,. 206. 
Ko!<»Hta, 270. 
HowIatMf, 275. 
Hoxauiw, 283. 
HoxtMubetiU, 285» 
Uufiis, 272. 
RufuA Si>eticer, 2Bff^ 273. 

SiiUW-, 280. 
Sally, 284. 
»aMiud, 205^ 274, 275^ S76, 278» 

Samuel lA,>e, 279. 
SainuH Strong". 278. 
Sarah, 273. 285. 
Sanih Ann, 283. 
Sanih Celertia, 282. 
Sarah D., 2(;n. 
Sanih F., 276. 
Sarah II., 280. 
Sarah Jane, 206, 283. 
Sarah F.., 206. 
S«'yniour Lee. 281. 
Seymour Polydore, 'iSf, 
Sherman W., 282. 
Sidney S., 279. 
Sophronia, 272. 
S|M»n(er, 207. 
Spring' Dell, 279. 
Stephen, 280. 
Ste|)ht1i T., 280. 
Stewart W.. 282, 
St. Jolin, 283. 
Susan, 276. 



Bt|llt« Mm 200. 

Hiiflv Ann. 'i73. 
Hwlft, 207. 

•|>re«i, 270. 
Tha.Meus P., 207. 
'IhiMHiore. 207. 278. 285. 
TlHMMlore Arlm, 2>>5. 
'riieophiliii* WiMNlwiinl. 277. 
riinesa. 271. 
'riioinaM, 2r.'{. 
Timothy, 2«m. 

WUllam H., 272, 2«2. 
William M.. 2no. 
William Itlley, 2>t4. 
William i;ol)iii-'on. 27.'!. 
William W.. 277, 27J>. 
Willie C. 2h:». 
W. W., 279. 

I >C4*l>ii1on, 274. 
Zt'lia. 271. 

Triiula. 271. 

Ve.sta An;;eliue, 278. 

Walter II., 26X. 
Waller W., 272. 
Warren, 270. 
WaKhiii;^ton Irvlu};, 280. 
WelU, 273. 
Wrll;* K.. 267. 
Wesley, 271>. 
WhltiMjjSelali. 271. 
William C, 280. 

De Boynton. 

C. FrankliM, 2S0. 
Manlln, 2so. 
Moses, 280. 
Sjimiiel, 2n0. 
SH'|»hen ('., 2M. 
Thoma.-* K., 2S(». 
William, 280. 

Ulaincs other than Bo^nton. 

At)1tott.;J0. 31, 05, 74, 122, 141, 

IHO, ISH, 24/1, 244, 2S2. 
ALpI, li:., 24.-) 
AtliiMM, 11, i;{, 34, 70, KM}, liO, 

170, IIM. H»;{, 2(10, 273, 270, 

Alk.Mi, 113, 114,115,204. 
AllM'e, 20. 
AIliK., 177. 
Ahott. 272. 
Alrox. 272. 
AlihMi. ISO. 
Al*it'|-tii:ili, 151. 
AlfXiiii.U'r, 101>. 
AlWii. 123, 2(»7, 2.53. 
Allin;:. 203. 
Alslrrlni, .31)1. 
Aiii:hIi)ii, 27'.'. 
Aiii.s, 11, 21,23. 24, 77, 244, 2(W, 

Ainl«Tsoii. 140. 
AimIh-^. 20S. 
AimIivw!*, 2I,0S, 1?0, 204. 
Aiip-ll, 240. 
AiijjU'. 130. 
Alison. .3(H). 
AppUtoii. 3, 121. 
Aiiniiii, 207. 
Ariniii;:l<»ii, 1.50. 
.\iiiistr<ni;f. 105, IIJI, 2.50. 
AnioM, 1(K5, 107, 178. 223, 257, 2H5 
.Mlirltotl, 00, 144. 
Atkinson, 21MJ. 
At\vo(Ml. 47, .54, <kS, 80, 2.53. 
Austin. 2SS. 
Avcrill, 237. 

Av«ry, 270, 271. 
Axtell, 2<W. 
Aver, 50, 245. 
AyvvA, 1(;8, 172. 

Kiilil). OH, l(;2. 

llalK-ock, 27. 

Il.irli.ldcr, 15, 140, 248. 

Itjuker, 250. 

Ma.-iMi, 122, 235. 

HaiN-y, 22. 2;}, 40, .50, 61, .54. 01, 

124, 130, l(i7, 210. 
Haily, 131. 
Hainl, 1.37. 

Maktr, 12.3, 213, 221, 2S,3. 
nalfli, IS, 101. 

Hal.lwin. (;2. 100, 117. 140, 167. 
Hall, 12, .3S. 02, KW, 2,52, 2.*»,3. 
n.illou, 125, 222. 
Jl;iiii|>t*)n. 205. 
Haiuiufi, 7S, 120, 250. 
Hanronl. 24. 
I tanks, 25. 
UailMT, SO. 
Ilai.lw.ll, 2.», 1.38. 
llarki'r,3I, 140,201. 
Harlow, 2!»7. ^ 

Haily, 2(tl. 
Hanianl. 25. 240, 247. 
Ilai lur. 47, 220. 2W, 271, 272, 200. 
Ilarnrt, 2, 3. 
Harney. 2S0. 
Hamtt. 00. 74, 75, 104, 270. 2fO, 

Hanon. 155. 
Hailleit, 102, -253.; 



Barton, 145, 294. 

Ba^ford, 179. 

IJjifJS, 85. 

IJatolieliler, 8, 15, 39, 248, 254. 

Hates, 80. 

llau;;1iain, 143. 

Ilauin;;ra!<, 222. 

IJeai'li, 248. 

JU-al, IfXi, 178. 

Itcaiiian, «>.J, 1)7. 

lU'an, -202. 

lU'anlslry, 205. 

15«arHl»'\ , 20.1. 

Krldrii. 12. 

i;rll, (;0, 171. 30.1. 

llfit, 2'JO. 

ll.'iH'«ll»t, 221. 

lUiiliaiii, 137. 

rK'iiner, l.")0., 2U, 114, 119, 120, 229, 

249, 2«W, 270, 28,3. 
Iteii^ioii, 171. 
Heiit, 77. 
Horry, 21. 
IkMtraiid, 1.38. 
llev.l. 111. 
Hukiitii, 242. 
Hi;;el«»\v, 102. 
Hi^rfopj, 301. 
Ui^'l.T, 2'.»9. 
Hiiifonl, 108. 
Hiii;;liain. 12, 294. 
Uiniiey, 1S4. 
Uinl, 150. 
Hishop, 2(;0. 
i;ixl)y, 1.30, 144. 
Hla,k, 23. 
Hlacklmru, 123. 
llUu-kititoii, 121. 
IMacklo.I;;,., 197, 200. 

r.lackuay, 177. 
IMai-d.-U, 217. 
Ulake, 101, 102. 
lUaiuhanl. 2.->0, 288, 294. 
IMatihfonl, 03, 94. 
r>linn, 113.*, 170, 271. 

lUolKette, 33. 
HWmhI. 13, 30, 53, 149, 187. 
lUo«Mhv«Mth, 285, 280. 
lUuuMt, 40. 

Hoanliuaii, 30, 183, 219. 
H<»iul, (<:o, 141. 
Hoitncy, 143. 
Hookir, 15S, -2.30. 
Hootli, 2!), 279. 
Hoothliy, In3, 210. 
UooU. 220. 
IJnstwiik, 1.50. 
ll«>ut«'llr, 117. 
How-n, 270. 
llo\vk.T, 21, 243, 244. 
Ilowiiiaii, 101. 
H.>y.l, IIH, 2SI. 
Hoydni, 20H. 
Ilnukrtl, 212. 
HiadlMiry, 125. 
Hra.llry, UA, 221. 
ltra(Ulia\v, 113. 
ni-aiiii, 213, 210. 
Hraiinai), 109. 
Hi-r(kfiilM-iil>;(', 1.30. 
HhmmI, IK). 
Hn«Mllowf, lOS. 
Hivw.T, .'iO, 224. 
HrewsH'r, 19. 
Hri;;;:S 1S2, 197, 274, 300. 
Hri;;haiii. 127. 
nri;;litiiiaii, 29, 218. 
HrlltM, 2S3. 
Hnukl.'l.aiik, .3, 19, 121. 

llroMIHT, 29.*). 

HnMiHiii, Kk;, ^>7^), 2H0. 

Hrook-, or,, ll.j, no. I. V.J, 204. 

Hrotliiitoii, js.K 

Brown, 2, 7. 10, 12, 14, 21, 20, 41, 
49, 51, .57, .'.8, 75, 93. 1.54, 1.5«, 
ir,0, 181, 22M, 2H;, 2.58, 2C8, 
2S3, 2s5, 303. 

Brown low, 207. 

f{riinila;;«', 2s;{. 

Bryan, H".>, i:)0. 

Bryant, 4:6, 132. 

Buckin^liain, 125. 



Hiickland, 205. 

Bull, 100. 

Kiillard. 58. 70. 

niiiii]mt<, 30]. 

Itnnker, 14, 170, 259. 

liurlmiik, 35. 30, 02, 127, 213. 

lUiri'ke!*, 1*21. 

Ilunhtte, 118. 

Hiinlick, 21S. 

Ilur};ei*8, 20H. 

ltur;;<»yiie, I'S. 

liiirkliai t, 2:M. 

ItiirkliuliU-r, 30.'!. 

Uui iihaiii, 2U, 12S, 223. 

Itiirns. '27ui. 

l)\\y\n'V^ r»2. 

Hun, 111. 123. 

llunill, l.W, 2:»5. 

lUtnoii^hs, 2'J4. 

Iluiiown, l)S, 0'.». 

Ktirt, 1<.», 40. 

Uiutoii, SH, 1(M>, -250. 

Itiirtiti, .'{H. 

lUi^li, 84, 2.">7. 

Itiirt*, '2A-2. 

lUUk-r, SS, 2(13, 2(1 J. 2j»i. 

r.utterliild, 11,73. 13H, 140 213. 

liutlft-s, 32. 

liiiltolitli. 2G7. 

Uuttiivk, 53. 00. 

(nut, 1.*3. 

< allot, 154. 
Tiulot 137. 
I ju'ly, \i^i. 

< ahiil, 222. 

< ultlwi'll, 254. 
( >ilKiti»«, 2m. 
(all. 13. 

i iiinplull, 31, IJ.^, 270. 
( aiii|tli(<Uc, 1((4. 
(tiiiiivti)), '2\Mu 
( tiiilUltl, 112. 
Cui)cu, 257. 

Carey, 258. 

Carleton, 18fl. 

Carllle, 61. 

'^'-••'Isle, 67, 154. 

Carlton, 22, 77. 

Cann'nter, 7. 14, 221, 224. 

Carr, 150, 157, 221, 245. 

larrJ^an, 33. 

Carroll, 14, 3.3, 252. 

Carter, 173. 189, 207. 

Cans, 247. 

Cat Un, 282. 

Cliadbounie, 03, 183. 

Chadwltk. 67. 

Chaniherlalii, 7, CO, 61, 76, 91, 101. 

12(5, 2-29. 
ChamU.r, 17, 24, 77, 250. 
Chaiiey, 17. 
Chaplin, 48, 51. 
Chapman, '20, 107. 108, 114, 110, 

IZi. 19G, 197, 198, 200, 201, 

202, 203, 210, 249. 
Chaipiot, 28. 

< ha.H, 39, 95, 115, lV», 215. 
CinMiey, 170. 

( Ik-hIi'V, 251. 
<*hr»l«M', -270. 
Chick, 1S2, 1S3. 
( hild, 77. 

( hitteiuhMi, 2(i2, 203. 
Chopin, 58. 

< hristlf, 257. 

( Inistoplior, 90. 

<'huroh, 14.5. 

Clatllin, 21M). 

( lapp, 2(i. 32, 68, 223. 

(lark, 27, 44, 80, HO, 98, 117, 12.V. 

m, 15J, 1(», 172, '179, 2-'0. 

223, 22G. 245, 248, 257. 
Clarke, 4«. 
("lay, 21(}. 
Clnivt'laml, 99. 
('U';;hurn, 279. 
( IcnuMil 12S. 
OtMHlrnin, 159. 
Cleveland, 79. 
Cllllord, 128. 



Clmig;li, IM, 146, 30Q. 

Cobarn. 24. 16U 

<-oohnin, 24. 148, 180. 

I'ojfswell, 144, 17G. 

<"olbum, 78. J 66. 

f olby, 39U 

1u!c. 283. 

1 oleiiiaii, Ua, lot 

Collier, 285. 

1 olHii!', 92, 111, 220, 2«l, 182, 3tt7. 

<<»liiiau,5, 10, 248. 

<'oIviii, 'i(l\. 

<'<>ii>croy, 77. 

^•oin>4rt<.'k, 113, 284. 

< -una lit. 2<):i, 204. 

4'oMf, 2'o. 

<"o!j«'S, 204. 

^onklin;:, 221, 

<"oniier. 125. 

< »>ok, :Vf, 85, 197. lU, »7^ 156,160, 

iil'.^ 233, 258. 272. 
I00I, 271. 

< ooiulv. l«.ty. 202,218^ 
4oon. 2(;4k 

<'o<)|«rr, 18J. 

4 Vit|M'iUia\ni, l}8» 

< -oif y, 77. 
rorkiiiK, ll'6. 
<«.rtl»ell. US, !<«, 
^'oniwaJU;*, 17-8, 

< ottt.ii, 31>. 2r)3, 
tolrifU, 177. 

< owoll, 176. 
<ra<;lM,;J4, 142. 
4'niky, I'ci. 

< raiidale. 32. 

< Mwfonl, 183 
<rt'amfr, 219. 
iTi'ast'y, 8".». 
riiriiHT, 21. 

t rrMVt'U, 224, 
rrlM, 2S3. 
C'rtK'kor, 20. 
l.'rouker, 213. 
Irosby, 22, 96, M5. 
Cross, 127, 145. 

Crouiu'iij). 228. 

CruBirmt, 3S, 

Culver. 265. 

<4iiniiiinj!s 15, 2«, 3U, 6r, 1«, 20:i« 

214, 255, 2*Ai. 
Oine. 7y. 
<J*jrti^ 25, 28, 19, 42, l^ 258, 

20,% 302. 
Oushiiijr, i(;2, 189. 
C'u:«hiiiau. 20<». 
Cutler. 84, 1)8, 122, 131. 
CulUT, 131. 

Dale, IH). 

Dal tun. 240, 301. 

Diuiw^ 128. 

DajHoii, 122. 

lUina. 270. 

J>aMWN, H.3, WL, 162, 2«W 

Durliti^r, l('r4. 

J>arrow, 3(H), 

J)arwil^ 113,391. 

J>av «. 4, 15. 25, 2fls 10. 21, 31, 3*, 
42, 4.->, 53, 87, 132, 133, 14K 
JOlt, 174, 193. 211, 2-20, 221, 
223, JV7, 248, 249, 251, 25.3, 
2.'>9, 2i»«, 2V9. 

l>)i\vi>8, 7., 14. 

Day, 22. 1(H), 121, 154, 183, 21 4» 
285, 2UJ. 

Daykvii. 222. 

iVaJy, lOU 

DfilU, H'.». 

DviuU^iUy 1(>0. 

Drarly, 215. 

JWik^r, 1D5, 211. 

IVnk^y, 41. 

Derriiix', 72, 181. 

Drliinlfr, 2<;7, 

Dtlano, 200. * 

DdoiiK. 15J, 'i'^ 
iViiiary, 98. 
DcuUn>(, 274. 



Denltion, 151, 1S2. 

Den net, l.M». 

Denning'. 2H(>, 


l>ert>ne, 20'J. 

»)*'^ve>, 141. 

Dexter. iOft. 

l>il»l>le, 2:«). 

Diikcniuiii, 150. 

l>U'k<Ts<»ti, 153. 

Dickiy, i'lA. 

Diikliisoii, 3. 

Dill, r.cj, \[r.i. 

Dlmiuu-k, 225. 

l)insiii(irt', 2C»0. 

l>ival,(>7, 14<{. 

hix,.VI, 171. 

l)«.l>l»iii!*, 2(K). 

Dolmon, \m). 

I).Ml;rt., 14, :u, 91, W, 93, 127, 212. 

I)«Hlin:iii, 2r»*; 

1)(mIs(,ii, 41, 42, 2H7. 

1)1.1.-, 3, r>. G. ;n, i-25. 

Don, 21.1. 

DouMld. 21»2. 

l>i.u;;^l;iS 277. 2^.>. 

F>ou;;l;is.S 77, 153. 

l>i»\v, 15, .KV 40, 4;J, U2, :««. 

Dowdcn, 17U. 

Dow iw*, 11. 

Doyal, ]W. 

Dnikr. 102,170. 

Dni|MtT, 251. 

Drv<s.r.'{, 47, 61.52, 200. 

Dnirv, IMi, 

Dudliy, 113, \:i\ 
Diirll, •.^. 

DiiniiiMT. 3, 13, 52. 

Diiimku, 102. 

Diniliiun, 12. 

Diiiiu. *r>4. 

Dunu)\. 102. 

Dur;:>in, VXh 

Dm>;iu, 01. 

Du Teil, 137. 

DtiUon. 15)7, 202,210,218. 

Duty, 11,12,10. 

DwInnelU, 36. 
Dwyer, 147. 
Dyer, 101. 

Earle, 85, 173. 

Kaatuiun. 2, 127, 151, 170. 

Kafitwotxl, 31. 

Eaton. 61, 76, IW, 200, 201, 229, 

K.ldy, 144, 208. 

EdniLMKN, 114. 

K.lmmar-. ii5. 135. 

Ktlson, 2.'.0. 

KdwanU, 210. 

Kjr^^W-stoi), 112. 

Klilen, KM). 

KU'mworKf, 70, 170. 

Klliolt, 13, 57, GO. 91, 110, 1G!I. 

Kllis HJ'', 173. 2-20, 230. 

Klliihor|ie, 5. 

KlUxvortli, US 121». 

KhvHi. ('>s, lis. 149, 1G2. 

Kniei son, 24, 2<x;, JJ7, 2:18. 2r»0. 

Kniny, r^l, 05, 132, lUO, 204, 300. 

KnituniJi. 2<^». 
, r.ii;rar«l, i'il. 
; Kii;:ll>li, 47. 
j Krskiu,213. 
I Krwin. :to2. 

Esterlirtx.k, 140. 
Kstey. 173. 

Evau.s 30, 77, 193. 2TO. 

Kail-hank, IIG. 

Kalrl.atiks lU'l, 118, 132. 2«f. 

FairrieM, l.*)7. 

Kales. 210. 
I Kamlier, 142. 
I Karnhaiu, l^io. 201. 
; Karr, 215. 
, Kari'ui', 3.'), CI. 



Karrii, 184. 

FArwell, 21A. 

Faih, 295. 

Fuulkiier, 229. 

Fa unci*, 14tf. 

Favor, 2.^. 

Fhv, 171. 

KearsoiJ, 271% 

Fellows -iS. 

Frit, KK). 

Fellon, 118. 

Fcnton, 212. 

Ftr;?u.-ou, 31, 125, 

Firrin, 2.'j7. 

Ferris, '2*M. 

F»'!*>eml<'ii, 22y. 

Frurt, 1.17. 

Kifl.l, 3(»0. 

Kieldi, SI. 

Ku'lilin;;, 210, 

Fltl.ld, 24, 72, 181. 

Files. 1^4. 

Fi-h, 157. 

Fishal, 2J>8. 

ti.her, 32. 1.33, 171, 185, 18». 

Fi>k, i:.(», 1<>7, 

H^kr, 31, 2S".». 

Fluh, 173, 1»2. 

Kill-, 7.1. 

Fit/.. 2-4!*. 

Fla--, 2(>. 72, 222. 

FlaiuUrs, 130. 

Fleulicr, 08, 74, IM, 121. 15G, 

1JS7, 1S8, -238, 251, 288. 
FU'iiiioi'i^Xt 208. 
Fliii<r, 210. 
Flint. 147, 1»3, 215, 
F«»j;^^ I'JOv 
Ful^uiM, 2.V2, 2,%3. 
F«Mvte. -I, 2t>2, 
Fonl, 170. 
Forsailh. 101, 
Fort, UH. 
Foss. 125. 

Fosselt, 212, 211. 214. 
Foster, 6. 13, 20, fiC, «7, 83, 
182, 244. 

Fox, 83. 

P'rajfer. 11. 

Frary, 139, 140, 287. 

Frrelov«, 177. 

Fnenian. 124, 101, 205, J18. 

Frt'^ij^'V, 28,5. 

Fnnrh. 7, 129, 249. 

FrisMi", 17.-.. 

Front, 33. 7», 145, 

Fry, 2.W. 

Fry*!. 135. 

Fuller, 1*2, 28. 90, 93, 124, 151, 

2«.^4., 134, 

('.u;,'^, 54, -233, 30\. 
Gainer. 200. 
Gale, 3.5, 75, 90, 289. 
GaniMe, l.V.). 

<;ariliMr, i:«, 238, 242, 29#, 
Gare}-, 177. 
GarlivUl, 222, 2'.*. 
(iate-*. 273. 
Gay, 12^. 
<ieer, 114, 
'' (leor^e. 18. 25, 170, 238. 
j Gerrisli, 3, 5, .'14. 

Gliant, l.'>3. 
' Gibhs, 2()f. 

(iiltl.on;^, 275. 
} Gil.son, !.'», .37, 159, 258. 

Gill'oril. 175. 

GillHMt, 281. 

Gllley, II. 

tilllelt, SO. 

(iitlntNM, 181. 

t;iln>au, l-.M's 178, ll». 

(;il|.;ariek, iS't. 
i GiUon, no, 140. 

(ila/Vr, 2.'>4. 

GleasoB, 150. 

Glendenin, 159. 
144, Glidden, 158, 100. 197, 200* 

Glover, 279. 



int)zx TO rnE »onrToii otfctAuyor, 

Gooch, 21. 
CJ(Kxlhuc. 21, 91, 

GofM'flil^e, 5. 6. 13. 
Go(xlwiii, IS, 15», 103. 

G< ftjfiij;;*, 165». 
(J< rrfoii. 203. 
G(»i man, 2(>H« 
G< •^. »7f*, 18,7. 

<;< nfif, 14-1. 1«). 173. 

<;ov#-. :n,2;{0. 

Gralkiia, 189. 

4 ; rant, 25, 47. IG^I. 

(Jniv(«, 2?>, (1% 97. lOi?, TSI, Wa. 

♦ Jniy. 14(5, 2(KX 202, 232, 207. 

fJrtM'h-)'. 271. 

♦ Iiveii. ;W, (JS, 2:?(a 27a. 
(JnMiJWiMHl, 25, 10^?. 
♦;ri.llev. 153. 

l^riHrij, IS.'^ 250^ 270, 2l>ft. 
♦in-*\v«'Jl, 14.t. 
(;il.*wf»lil. OH, 

IJro,>»vriMMV !-•*• 
(irout, 4S, 51. 67. 
(Ji'ovtT, .'W, fH f 87. 
fliiihl, 27. 

i;tiiir<>i-(i, 2:m, 2(Si. 

fiumiiwHi, 185, 
<iutl/.«'. 187. 
iiult<<i>«u, 25. 

!fa<fcnck, 105. 

IladW, 21,205. 

llaiiic», 254. 

Ilaln 10, 52, 55, 5(7, 

Hall, 20. 83, 128, 133, T5I, 152, 

10!>, 2(U,200. 280, 2SM. 
llain, 20,21, 1G3., i:U. 

llikmWUm, 147. 314, i\li, 

llatomonri, 169, 282. 

iruDn>rk, 41, 6«, «i^ OT, 133, 357. 

llaiMj. 111,271. 

Hamlley, 147. 

II an ford, 283. 

IIaD!*on, 253. 

IlarlH-rt, 2'.»2. 

Haif>ii«1», 2'»». 

Ilarfl, 13S. 1.10. 

Iliinlln, Oh. 

Ilunnii;;, 18-1. 

Hanly, 11,17, 18. ITT. 

llaniKHv, \r>t^, 16», 221, 22?, 259. 

Ilari-i;, 35?. 
1 1 arriinan, 19,44,47, 4», 54, 121, 

178, J79. 
Ilarrinjrlun, 171. 227. 
HaiTis4(;,50, 111, 274,275. 
llarii-»<»iu 158, 227, 2G8, 284. 
Han, ]n5, 22<), 2<W), 2(V4, 2UV. 

lliM't(M), 2s3. 

Haitshorn, 5fr, 73. 

Hartwi'll, 70. 201. 

Ilarwooil, 154. 

Hart/, ISO. 

Haife>-, 25G. 

Ha,M'llin<-, 47, 22«. 

Ha-ry, 178. 

HaMk.ill, )Vi\ 

lla-k«'ll,7«{, 2t)0, 201. 

Haf'kin*, S8, »U. 

Hassil, 32. 

Ila!*tiii;,'j». .34, 20»'>. 

IlaHli. K8. 

Hatdnnati, 8.3. 

Hatlioii, 2x4. 

Hawkc*. 64, 145. 

Hawkins, 30. 

Hawl.y, 110, 177,229. 

Haxtoti, 175, 22y. 

Haydni, 2i«0. 

Hayt-s, 10, l.-»2. 200, 208, 37.S. 

II ay IKS, )80 147. 

lla/«ltin<r, .55, CS. 


84 1 

Ha/rn, 48, fiO, 80, 114. 
IfMld. 60. 

lIfA|M>M, 134. 

Ileariiey, 200. 
Heiith, ;iOH, 211, 210. 
Helms. 107. 
IIeD<leri»on, 2ai, 2*20. 
Hcrir., 114. 21«», iiU. 
Ih'rrick, TIH. 
Ilervj-y, 1>5, 2M. 
llr^M, m. 
Mi'wiiii*, ir>o. 
Ih'witt, 2^.»i». 
IllbrMT, 170. 
llirkok. H4. 
IIi^';:lMS 14,164. 
IIi;jht, 182. 
Hi;; ley, 106. 

Hill, 21, 70. 75, ftl, »2, 130, 
141, 15«5. 175, 222, 231,271 
HlUbinl, 92. 

Hilton, UK"), 197, 108, 202,210. 
Hiiu-ks, 20<;. 
HitiMian. 277, 278. 
Hii)s<l:il(>, 278. 
llisler. 214. 
Hitilu(K-k, 114. 
Hlte, i>'.(. 
Hoar, \:U. 
Hohsoii, 89. 
l!otl;,'«'M, 200. 
ll<Hl;;klii!<, 2^0. 
Hod^kiiis, 140. 
HolVra;;.'. 294. 
Ho;;(l(in, 211. 
Hoit, 120. 
Ilolbrook, 230. 
HoMeti, 174,258. 
H(.llis, 88. 
lIolHstrr, 2.')3, 260. 
Holly, lOS. 

Ilolin.s, 114,2.50, 280. 
Holt, 03, 112, 115, 118. 
Honoywell, 148. 
llooiKT, 90. 

Ih.pkitis, 123, 120. 170. 
Ho|>kin<>on, 64, 2a3. 

l!o|Hion, 270. 

IfortM', 276. 

Ilorton, 89, 117, 230. 

lloii^hton, 128. 

lloiiKe, 110. 

Iloiiiitdn, 31. 
I llovey, 44, 193. 
I llowanl,:;3. 102. 172, 173, 252. 
I Howe, 01. 1IM{. 121, 130, IHO. 212, 

I Howell, 221. 
' lloyl. 113. 170,2HO, 2H3. 
! Hul.l.aid, 19,37, l.M. 257. 
I lliicklno, 43, (V<, 2i;0. 
I HiKNon. 204. 
I HiitViiiaii, 2S4. 

Hu;:lie^. 212. 

Huiii{>hrie>i, 132. 
140, Huji-:* rfoi.l, 2r)0. 

Hunt. 27,92, 105, 129,248. 

lluiJtin;jtoM, 1SH. 

Ilunl. 89. 

HuillMirt, 113. 
I llurllxit. SO, 81. 
j II use, 22f.. 

Huss..y, 214. 
I Hutchiii-^'s, 157, l.V, 2.V.). 

Ilutcliiiis 51, 54. 0.3. 04, 72, 200, 

Hu(«'hin-on, 97, IHO. 

Iluwiiik, 251. 

Hyan. 22s 

llv«l«', 153. 

Ilyxler, 219. 

In;ralls, 104. 
liwin, 171. 259. 
Isliaui. 270. 
Ive>», 259, 274. 
Ivey. 2«5. 

Jackman, 125, 104. 240. 
Jaeksou, 1. 110, 1(J,3, 207 
.Iacol)««, 105, 2H). 



.Itii'ques, 13. 

.IjiinelKon, 1U>. 

.Ijiif^Hs, l)U, 2(51. 

. .!.|U«'i*, «7, 1H7, 242. 

..MvU, 221. 2;a 

.U'llllV. 2S4. 

.k'ukliic. HH. 

,U'\\v\\. 202, 223. 

.hwt'U. 21.47. 48. .M. .V2, B4. M, 

.%7. r,:{. ^l^, r,o, »7, 2<W, 22.M. 
.lohii-oii, :i,2.%M.V3*.), 52. .'i3, 56. 

r,«l. m;. 125, 1."»s, 173, IHH. 224, 

22*.», 27t), 2NS, :{03. 
•lohnHlou, 27, I.V.». 24".». 
.lours 71, •.)'■», H54. r.M., IW), 2111. 
.Ionian, li*7. 
.loslyn. ThJ. 112, 20.*). 
.lo>. Jill. 
.Iiiiut. 130. 
.ludoviiM-. f»5. 
.IthlUiiiM, 1(;0. 

KaUor, 303 

KMVor, 10,«2,nM2rt., 'M. MH). 

KiUUul, l*>3. 

KoUojr^i, l.M. 177. 

KiMiii.. 2l.30:i. 

K.Mhlall.r.H. Hl,2:»C, 2.>. 

l>«'iui«*v, 1-3. 

Ki'iii. i:». 17 

|\(M<liaiii. l'>2. 

K.'vrs. 14. 47. 

|> »'.!*. 22'.>. 

Ivilhoni, '*\ 

Mlliin, JS. 220. 

KllpatrU'U, 1S3. 

Kiiuhall. 7, 17,30, BO, 168. 

KliuaWl, 212. 
Kin;;, 171. 185,273. 
Klnnev, 84. 123,124. 
Kin:*ley, 11«. 

Klnf>mait, 235. 
Knljrht, 17, 131, 212. 238. 
Kncmies, 25, 240, 'iOfi. 
Ku4.wU«m, 182, 184. 

La.Ul. 10, 14. 

Uikc, 124. 

Lakln, 4», 59. 

Lan»l», 232.\«ner>. 207. 

Laniont. I7l». 

Laini>rey, 05. 

!.ani>«»n. 150. 

Lanocv, 1«>1. 

Ijine.OS, 80. 130. 16J. 17«, tlO, 

245, 249. 
I.anv:. 2l>8.^lnj;, 127. 
Kaiifon, 10*.K 
I a\v«'-, 108. 
Kawntup, 32, 72. 73, 74, 75, 78, 

ICC, 180, lUl.lM, 205. 
I,»:u'h, 225. 
I.rar, 33. 
l.oallMM!*. lOl. 
I.ravt'n^alt'f. 2l0. 
Loavrll, 232. 
l...avUt. 15'.>. 

I 132. 

l,t'i;rht«Mi. 5, 217. 
Ixlan.l. 74, 141), 302. 
Lt-nian, 201. 
I.infi'j't, 150. 
l/nnanl. 107. ^ 

I.«'nnox, 205. 
I.tonanl, 227, 246. 209. 

l.tTM-h. 208 

l.«\vK78, 115, 156, 104, 29-J. 

IJhbee. 2.30. 

LH.hev, 218. 

Libbv, 11. 20, 161. 

LlncM»l!>, 184, 208, 282, 300. 

I.hulsey, 40. 



IJiin, 267. 

LItchrteUl, 193. 

Little, 13, 131,156,223. 

LlttleHeid. 177. 

Liverinore, 2.'>0 

Mvescy, 1S4. 

Mvln^'ston, 186. 

LiK'ke. 76, lliT), 136, 138, 289. 

I.oi'ku'ixxl, 234. 

K<»ii«f. 2(»I. 

Lonjrfellow, 20, 21. 

I.ooinifi, li)5. 

L(.ril, 13, 37, l«2. 

Lorln^', 11,20, 21, 29. 

I.oiicks, 270. 

Lou;:e«\ 24.'). 

I.ovt'joy, 11, .'WJ, 06, 

I.«>v«'Wt'll. .'>3. 

I.<»w, 37. 6I.8S, -iTH. 

lA>\yo, IJt.J, 225. 

Lowill, 1!> 

l.ovall. 111. 

LiiikI. <>'.). 106. 

I.iiiit. 0, 42. 

I.Mivt'y, 13 

LuttoM. l.'tl. 

I.yinai. 84. 113, 170,297. 

I.yiuh, 121. 

I.y«>M, 2<), 115, 168. 

Lyons H^K 110,213. 

MacDonon;;!!, 112. 
Mac*-, ;W. 
Ma;;o\\an, 227. 
MahollaiHl. 199. 
Maler, 140. 
Maine, 175. 
Malloiy, 20,3. 
Mai), 110 
Maiu'he!*ter, 225. 
Maii;;lmM, 110. 
Mann, 2h4. 
Man^liip, 102. 
Manwell, 101. 

Murjjery, 69, 167. 

Mnricle, 172. 

Mark!*, 261. 

Mars ISO. 

Mar^h. l.'iH, 219, 220. 221, 237. 

Marshall, 33, 138. 

Mar^lon. 2:)7, 299. 

Martin. ,35, 99, 114, 122, 12:1, 140, 

Marvin. 21. 
Max'lionnoniet, 47. 
Mason, iifi, 122, 1»52, 200, 234. 
Maxry, 219. 
Ma\lit'ni, 179. 
Maynanl. 229. 283. 
Mrllri.le. 107. 
Milall. H>8. 
M.< .•inlley,297. 
M«<'l<'n<lon. 2h5. 
Mr( Inr.-. 2.^:1. 
.Mcrottli, 199. 
.Mr( iilloni. 77. 
Mrhaiiirl. 110. 
M«1)om:«I.I, 33, 78, 292. 
Mtl)..u;:all, 102. 
MoKwrn, 287. 
M»Karliii<l n;o, 2t»8. 
Mrlntir.', 231, 295. 
.Mrlntosh. 133. 
M«l ura-i. t;s. I.*)S, !.•»». 
McMnlli'ii. 10'.», 2S0. 
M(Nnlta, 212. 
Mr.H-liani. 2'<."». 
Mra.l, 3'», |S7. 2(;0, 2S0. 
M«':«rs, 125. 
M«Mrli, i:.o. 
M.Mnll, 133. 
Mrrrill, 12s, l.V.l, 1«k3. 
Merrinian. H'»8. 
Mrrrilt. 77, 218. 
MrSMT, 120. 
M«">'int:i'r, 251. 
Mi<i<ll«ti»n, .*iO. 
Mi-liill, 31,47,53. 
MiU'S 114. 
Mill.T, 9.*, 130, 172, 280. 



Milieu, 61, 87. 
Mtlllken. 121,212. 
MilU, 124, 12U. 
Miiuiid, 23-'). 
M U-h.ll, lis. 2.W. 280. 
.Mix. 221, 2(iK. 
MolVct, I0^. Wx 
MoiiriM', 2\!i 
M<<iit;;oiiuM y, 205.' 

M»MM'l!*, 115. 

MimnIv, 3.'). 

.Moon, 4 J, ]:>9. 

M<MMv. 2,4, II, 25, 20, 115, 134, 

2(>.-), 2()G. 
MiM.ivi. 243. 
Moivv , 272 

Mor;;:ii», h\S, 27*5, 2LM». 
MoiI.iimI, 1U7. 
.Morrill. 213, 2.%.3. 
Mollis JHi, 111, 2S4. 
Morrison, 11)1. 
.Mor!*«', 31. 12.% 2(M. 
.MortitiM-r, 24U. 
Morton, 17. 
Mosl.y, I3S. 
Mo!*»'ly, IS7. 
Mo.-ii*, 124. 12.'i. 120. 
Moslur. 117, 140, 2(>;l. 
Mo-s. 170. 
Moulton, 30, 2:il. 
Mo wry, I3:{, 3i>l. 
Mmt'H. 212, 2M. 
.Mnil:;«tt. iidi. 
Mun^rll. 1st 
Munson -J33. 
Muri-li. JlMi. 
Murj.hy, 212, 21«1, 240. 
Murray. 227, 270. 
MusM.y. 137, no. 
.Myjrall, -iMl. 

\pttletou, 160. 

Nevllnjf, IW. 

Newhe>{ln, 1K4. 

NewlHMTy, 207. 

Newfomb, 114. 147. 

Newell, 100, 140, 160, 164. 

Newlon, 270. 

Ml•l^ol^ IS, 2.3,07.244,291. 

Mckrrrton. 107, 225. 

Nlcklr;*, \m. 

Nixon. 102. 

Noble. 15«), 167. 

Norman, 170. 

Northan, 2(»JS. 

Norilien<l, .'>2. 

Norlliey, 215. 

Norihiwp. 17<». 

Nortliup, 278. 

Ni.rton, 210. 2.>7. 209, 272, 274. 

Norwooil. 2.')2. 

Nory, 214. 

Noiicr, 170. 

Noiirxt'. 01, 124. 

N«»yeH, 21,:ri, 126, 150. 

Nnte, 2r»2. 

Nntt, 2W;. 

Nuiter, 20.'). 

Nu.tin;:, .'>3, 75, 77. 

Nve. 1»:i. 

Oakert, 201. 

Olwry, 227. 

O.k'li, 137. 

Oliver. 200. 

OIney, 220. 

Ontliank, 147. 

()-l.orn, 217. 

()s;ro,Kl, 11,24, 120. '21:4. 

(»wen9, 140. 

Nash. 114,217. 
Neal, ISO 
Neale, 2'.K). 
NetMlhani. 1^6, 187. 
Nelson, 52, 246, 257. 

Packard, 295. 
Packerd, 204. 
Page. 25, 65, 83, 102, 119, 130, 133, 

172, 245. 
Paige, 93, 236, 246. 



^*h\ne, 33. i 

I'ttliiter, 20S. I 

I'u If rev. 1/3,188. 

J'iilmer. 7, 11, 12,18, H, «. 1*S 
170. iU Uii. 14V. 

Turk, :Hr2. 

I'arUf, 12, \3. 17. 30, h\ «l. 75. 
77. WJ, Hft, 1)1, U7, 122, W4. 18», 
204, 2MK 2:17, 218, 283, 287. 
I'jirkt*, 71, ilC, 177. 
I'ariiU'j'. 15(L 
TnrrU. 46. 

riirsons IM). J»2. 106. 20*. 
J'}»rtii*l;re, 153, 170, 
J'atih, 144, IW;. 
rutrkk, 211. 
J'alten. 18<». 218. 
J'alt. iMoii. 78, 17.% 208, 282. 
J'alti!»on, 21)1. 
J'atloii, li)2. 
J 'a \ lie 2.'jr>. 
I'ayMoii 02. 
I'calxMly, 10, 22, 13U. 
JVarl. 22, 120. 
JVaiMoii, W, 244. 303. 
J'ea.«*f, ^8, 182. 
JVasIee, 3.'>. 

JVrk, 14 J), 17«. 207. 272. 
JViKv, 141. 212. 
JVll, 44. 
JMtoii, 2IA. 
l%Miiiiiaii, 113, 300. 

iViinell. 204. 
JVl)lMT. '242, 302. 

iVrhaiii, .•>0, 60 

JVrkluj*. 12, 28, 72, HO, 170, 184, 
2:>5. 2ii0. 

IVriln. 1.34. 

IVrry, 80. •2i>2, 2J»4. 

1 Arsons*, 'IX 

Tetlt. 175. 

IVtre, -233. 

rettengill, 84. 

Pettingcll, 25, 151k 

I'ftifter, 298. 

rhelps. 141, 206, 289. 

l^hlllnVk, 1K4. JOI. 

I'liilbni*»k, 184. 


I Ickiinl, .^2. 

J'W>r(t>, 4U, 00. 188, 240, 254, 102, 

l'ik<>, 10,05. 142. 
nil^lMiiy. 11. 
I'inin'v, 257. 
IMxk-y. 175. 
1M:km», 214. 218. 
Iiai;»tf«l. 2.V1. 
riatt, 115. 
riatiH, 47.5K 
rjiMiih. 265. 

riiiiiKT, Ku). 

IMiiiiiiiier. 204, 211. 

J'oJI.-y. ISH. 
rN)It«*r. 2 IS, 
Toiiiomy. i07. 27>, 
J'i.iKl. WJ, 2:u. 

I'<M>J. lO/i. 

4'oor, 4M. Ii». 

r<M>n', 2I.'». 

i'ojM. ja, 111, 2fA. 

iV.itrr, Hit, l.W, i:i4, 184, 273, 28t. 

I'o^JrAujiit, 200. 

roitt'i, 107, 151, 11>3, 23.1. 

J'o^v*-!*, 2:{, 20. ia5, 220, 245. 

rniti, H.\ l.-.<i, 175, 170, 278, 284 

lYrsliM-y, 248. 

I'lv.-iou, 74, 77, 13*, 142, 231, 241. 

I'l^i-toiu 27i*. 

rri»«e, i;W. 

I'lhkN loo, 

I'liiu**, -204, 

I'rilohanl, 147. 
I rrm-toi, 41,43, 258. 

I'm I lii;:ton, 2.% 247. 

rutiiaiii, U'^) 

Tutiiey, 2:H>. 

(Jua(kei)l>u.-4i, 28«J. 
i yuald. 106. 

Quiiiiby, 38, 208, 200, 110. 

Quincy, 290. 

(juhin, 227. 



Hand. 101, 247. 

lUndall, 217. lie I. 1.V2. 

lUn^^c, 2>S. 

lUnlet, J 25, 120. 

Hallihiirti, 250. 

irat**^!!, A*. 

KawifiMi, 150. 

Uiiy, 102. 

fSayliiml. Wi, 

Uiy III Mill, 69, OS, 72, ll«. 248, 271, 

Kcri, 121. 

ICelf(M(i, 21.% 301. 
iCw I. 2'., 75, 88, 142, 141>, 158, 214, 

Kfiiilck. 172, ilS. 

UiMI(lt,S|. I 

l{«'V«vioiJ:;h. 2^. 

iroxforil, -2.53. - I 

i:« y, 102. i 

Keyiioltls, 27, ffl), 167. 

Kite. 174. 

iJirli, ll.l 252. 

Uirli.inls 22, 90, 2M. 

KUhanlson, 22, .V<. 60, 70, 75, 111, 

no, is(5, 2;w, 2n,.n)K 

Uloinn .n.l. 12,1, KM, 2^2. 
UIvIm;;, '274, 270, 277. 
Kivrs, 210. 

i:)hl)lii«», 5n, 170. ISO. 221. 
UnluTis 12, 124, i:{2, 20G, 2C7. 
UoltiM Uoi), 27, 2.17. 
IfoliU', 15. 
INOiinti, 13. 

Uohlimoii, 22, 0^, 121, 140,174,183, 
20ft. 250. 

K«H'1H'Kt4T, 1.17. 

KiH'kwHl, 2;{2. 
Kokw<KMl, 207. 

i:<kI;:(M!*, j»o. 

U..;r»rs. 1, lis, 12:1, 137, 174, 213, 

2.{2, 2.5.'{, 2.'^0, 2rM. 
Uolliiif). :{0, 125, 215. 
Kn«|ii«>inor«>, KiH. 
KuKM, 120, 215. 

Knuiiain<r, aoi. 

llounily, 122, 123. 
Kowe. 50, 01, 90, i^, 254. 
KowtMI, 100. 
KowU-v, 2-*0, 273. 
KuiMock, lis. 

HiilUT, 40. 
KuiilHt, \*<4. 
UiiiiiwMa. 125, 100. 
iriiHio, 2H2. 
itii«<i>l, 114. 137. 
I.'ii.>-r>||. HI. 100. 24.V 
l?!!tl. -I;?.', 108. 
ItytTKon, 137. 
Hylaml, 271. 

.Sajj«», 105. 
Sal'iHlmry, 29. 
Sampson. 121. 100. 
Saiil>orn, 15, 39, li% 159. 170. 
Samler^on, 57, 62, 70. 
I S;ii»fon1, 272. 
SjinjitT, 230. 
San^ont, 117, 17i. 
; SiUUuItT'*, 152. 
j S:i\vti*lhs77, 2'.>1,*»2. 
Sawyor, 23, "25, ,T.», 90, 13.1, 1?W, 
201, 2tV4. 207. iJi, 247, 254. 
i Si-:»los, 170. 

St'anunrU, 17S. 
1 Si^.tt, 01. 01. 116,273. 
i S«Tihnor, 100. 
' S<vinian, H4. 
I S-arlr, .*»0. 
i SeJirU-.**, 30. 
I JS«M«ihry, 200. ^ 
1 St'iivrr, IW, 124. 

Sc«'Ic\ , 27S. 
, S<H-"lye, 154. 

SlMIKTt, 02. 

j S'Ulo, 2S. 

i JSrvoriiu'c. 120, 103. 

Srwall, 52. lOS. 
I Soymoir, 150. 



8hackford, 106. 100. 
Sharp, 226. 

."^luittuck. 60, 72, 77, 180, 201. 
.*^IiJiw, 27C. 

.^hetld, .".0, 60, 61, 200. 
SlioeliHii, l:{0. 
MuhN.n, H2, !()«, i;n, 204. 
Mn|»Hnl, Ul, 176. 2:1:1. 
^il• |i|i<ni, :>G. 211. 2i;{. 
HIm'I>I<'v, 7N. 
>lMTl»iiriM;. lOI, 
Mmtiiiiiii, 101. 102, 177, 20<l. 
MHrwiii. UH. 
hlicruiMxI. Ih'.i. 
SUWUU. 104, iliO. 
Shipley, :«. 
Shovr, I'm;. 
Shovev, V.Ki. 
.*^howerf», 102. 
Shuiiiway. 2:i7. 
SiMey, in;, 124. 
SiiUliiij:*'!-, ]nii, 213. 
S'u';r>r.s 2'K». 
Siiiiiuoiis. 10.^. 
Siinoii«l>, 2. 
Simpson, 2ir». 
MhrUtir, 4:1, 21m, 21.1, aOK 
SkrMoiu i;i7. 
skhimr. irA, 228, 2:m. 
shiUT, UC>. 
Sl«i;»in', 27r>. 
SiuaUcy, 12t». 

Smith. V, la. 20, 21, 25. 32, 37, 
67, 70,00, lO*.*, 115, 12H, 
i:W, 140, 141, I'ui, 15j». 
|i;». 175. 176, IS.'., Ih7, 
2 It', 222, 22:1, 2:\-u 240, 
2*)4. 2r.(;, 270, 274, 27i«, 
'2r<i, 2S(;, 20s. 
Smyth, 2<'>5. 
Snider. 'MY.\. 
Snipe. 202. 

Snow. 0:t, lUC, 200, 201. 
Snytier, 14:{. 
Soineihy, 125. 
Soulr, 222. 
Southwick, 4. 2^17. 

Southw«nlh, 220. 

So>^er>», 2.*il. 

SpuHonl, 5."». 

Spaltiin;;, 7G. 

Spark, U\i<. 

Spaiiidin^', :«. 141. 106, li<0. 

SjH-jir, 2:1. 22<',. 

Sp«'«<I, 210. 

Sprr.r. r. I'.», 20:», 221, 22:i, 20<J. 

Spin-, 220. 

Splii r, 107, 'Mt. 

spliNr, :mh». 

Sp«»nor<l. 120, 121. 
Sp<MMn'r, 7.*». 
Spra;;iu , 12:», 14:i, 170. 
Sprin;;>t<:nl, 101. 
SlalVonl. 210, 2'M. 
Sianfortl, 177. 

Stanley. 10, 14, 27, 150, 270, 271. 
StanwtHMl, i:{:{. 
; Staphs. 220. 
Slarl'ird. 2:1^. 
Stark, :{;{. 110, -252. 
Slarkwfll, V*. 

stvaii.N o>, no, iM, au, 2U, 2.nK 

I Stel>Mn>, 2>:t. 

I St«H(u<a)i, 2:i2. 

Stv» le. 201. 

Sterley, l.*»0. 

Slttsnn, 2«U». 

Slevvn."'. :i, 7, S4, 110, 112, ls5, 
52, ' 21*, 2»;<». 2S{, 201. 300. 

120, St«'>ehj^oii, 2:{2. 
1<;7, St« wart, .M, 54, «2, 65, i:i7, 1K<, 
2i:<, j 274. 

2.-:<, StlrkiMy,.'), II, 12, 17, 4h, 100. 150. 
2K», Stiles, ;.:{. tw:, 27(». 
I Stilson. Kill. 
I Stimst.n, ],!'A, 2t»2. 
I .Stiii.soii. 107. 
, StoiklMHi-f, 01,87. 200. 
Sloek«M\ 01. 
Stmkin;;. 27:i. 
St«Kkwrll, 5.*». 
StntMard, 170, 220. 
M«.ne. 11:1, i01,2k0, 270,288. 



Storms, 232, 294 . 
Stom., 29, 277. 
aiot«, 27. 
StoiiffhtOD, lt)2, 
Stowell, 224, 231. 
.Stowe*, 114. 
.«Jtralj?ht, 127. 
Strutton, 227. 
Streeter, 70, 98. 
•Stringer, 48. 
ikrorijj. 20, 277. 
StuHrt, 215. 
Stuilley, 89. 
.Stvon. i^3. 
Suininor, 135. 
Sutherland, i'il, 
.Sijttmi, 108,304. 
-Swuln, 8, 202. 
.Swun, 44, 40. 
Mweet, ir>2. 24&. 
SweotfMT, 110, 134. 
Swift, 177. 
Switcher. 45, 4S. 
Sylej*, 3. 
Syiuoiui», 93w 

THft, 100. 

Talnler, 173. 

'rttj)Iey, :«. 

TarlKjU, 60, 76. 

Tarleioij, 78, 2a'?. 

Tarr. 92 94, 9.'5, 21.7. 

Tarring, 34. 

Taylor, 84, 198, 201, 204, 2W. 

Temple, :«, 191. 

Tennoy, 40, 47, «4.C.\ 142, lai. 

Terrell, 207. 

Tlmxter, 20. 

Iljayer, 32, 226. 


ThisHell, 134. 

Tlioin, I.V.). 

TlioiiiaH, 42. 118, 177,213, 2.M. 

TlioiiiiH.iti. 90, 132, 2i>4, 227, 24il. 

Thomson, 158. 

Thorla, 10, 11,61. 

Thorpe, 164. 

Throop, 271. 

ThurHtoD, 100, 178, 218. 

TUibcts, 83. 

Tlgnor, 28.*^. 

Tllden, 140. 

Til»on, 75. 

Tilton, 8, 133, 238. 

Tinny, 140. 

Tisdalc. 114. 

Titus, 128. 

Tobey, 98, 213. 

TcM, 51. 64, 90, 184, 212. 

Toll, 131. 

ToM)lln!»on, 114. 147, 213. 

Torry, 2 IS. 

Towle, 259, 290. 

Town, 300. 

Townsefwl, 32. 

Townsheiid, 208. 

Tracy, 280, 290. 

Traj^k, 210, 255. 

Trow 246. 

Tueker, 37, 172, 208. 

Ttiekerntaii, 113. 

Tuft*, 114. > 

Tullar. 250., 12, 28, 108, l.*>7, 175, 295, 

Tuttle, 110, 1>8, .Mhl. 
TwUchell. 170. 
Tyler, 32, 142. 

Uiiipirt?, 47. 

Van Du^ien, 16S. 

Van KhMi-k, lSS2. 
; Van<en, 220. 
! Varney. 10|, 183. 

Varnui.i, 2.'>.'l. 

Vaughn. 15.'l. 

Veajiey, 131. 

Verry. 22H. 



Victory, 191. 
Vlelc, 113. 
Vinton, 40, 41. 
Vlttura, 293. 
V08€, 20. 

Wade, 34, 255. 

Wadlelj^rh, 252. 

Walnwrlght, 44, 47. 

Wakeflcld, 272. 

Walcott, 111, 177. 

Waldron, 225. 

Walker, 95, 110, 122, 172, 220, 2.W, 

Walkup, 2,33. 
Wallace, 00, 140. 
Wiilllfj^fford, 18, 49, C^. 
Walll»», CO, 142. 
Wanderworth, 138. 
Ward. 75, 120, 208, iV). 
Ware, 158. 
Warf, 37. 
Warner, 44, 18^. 
Warreu, GO, 07, IMi, 9t», 151, 173, 

180, 1!>7, 2r4, 2<J6, 274. 
Wash, 134. 
WaPhlmrn. 98, 2-20. 
Wa.^hinjjton, 21)2. 
Waterhiiry. 232. 
Wattnnan, 140, 249. 
Watrous, 249. , 

Watrou!*, 27. 
Watson, 204. 
Watts, 1(;S, 243. 
Way, 10<;. 18:{. 
Weutlierlx-e, 119. 
Webb, 18, Xl, '233. 
Web»»er, 30. 237. 
Webster, 125, 1«1, 227, '238, 272, 

Wee<l, 133. 190. 
Weeks*, 1 14, 157. '283. 
Webb, 40. 77, 214, 242, 302. 
WeUin>;ton, 2.*>7. 

Wellraan, 20C. 

Wells, 31, 141, 147, 225. 

Wescott, 270. 

Wesley, 220. 

West, 48. 

Went /M, 12. 38, 88. 

Wether»)ee, 118.290. 

Wetbern, 108. 

WeynjoiUb, 24, 101. 

Wbnrf, 52. 

Wbodon, 8. 

Wlu'ilor, 73, 110, 135, 149, 15.1, 

175, 170, 189, 190, 236, 285. 
Wlieel.Hk, 150, 2,35. 
Whetstone, 281. 
Whipple. 49. 
Whitcbrr, 128, 129, 131. 
WblU'oinb, 00, M, 100, 144, 299. 
White. KM), 110, 127, 131, 139, 142, 

lOH. '2:>\), 270, .302. 
Whit fun I. 210, 289. 
WbitPiMiin. '2m. 
Whitiii;;. 13. 30, 31. 3.3, 14,V 
Whitinore, 51. 

WhitMey, 21. 99, 158, 22.% 208, 290. 
W hit n.i;:r, 02. 
Whltt.'n,2l0, tlS. 
WhlttenioH'. 141, 218. 
Whittier, 137, 2: {8, .100. 
Wlioni, 3, 7, 52, ,')0. 
Wi--in, 125, 242. 
Wilt»»T, 104. 
Wilbur, 105. 
Wilcox, 94,21.3,282. 
Wilder, 33, o;i, 101. 
Wildes. •2:»0. 
^Vilkins, SO. 
Willard, 50. 
Willeox, 179. 
WiUry, 132. 
Williams, 42, 05, 09, 106, 132, 137, 

108. 175, 176, 177, 189. 210, 

21.'>. 25S.302. 
Willis. i:,3. 
Wilson. '28, .33, 121, 1-2:1, 143, 141, 

l.J3, 22:1, '2,38. 



Wlijiberly, 108. 

Wliin, 18S. 

>M liter, 11)7. 

Wisliurt, 297. 

>Vlskt'y, 117. 


>VUIitrcll, 20O. 

\V».(ul, 4, -ift, :^8, 41, 40. 48, W, 04, 

(57, lis, 120. AH, 141, 204, 217, 

24S. 280, 288. 
\Vooillttiiv, 25. 
\V«KMlfunl, 2H2. 
>Vo<h1iiiiiii, M'.t, 0.*), 124. 
W«M>ilriiir, 11"). 
V.o.mIh, ',:*, 104. 10.^. 
Wooilwiinl, 277. 

^Voo^l^vol•ll»,;^o, 2.'n. 
Wt.nt'htir, ;i, 0, 2i:<. 

WorcehtiT, 220, 260. 

Worthfn, 25. 

>Vrl^'hl.24, 74, 77, 78, 100. 12.'}, 


Wylie, 114. 

Wvinan, 70, 123, 125. 127. IIKJ, 201, 

Wvatt, 215. 

Yale, 270. 
Ynte», 207. 
V<'«t<»n, 180. 
Y4'<iiiiuii>«, 105, 175., 
York, 214. 
I Yoiiiiir, 71, 85. 191, 108, 205, 2.30. 
2:{7, 255, 258, 2.V.». 


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