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Full text of "Brachy-martyrologia, Or, A Breviary of All the Greatest Persecutions which Have Befallen the ..."

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> ,■ : 


^ // 

i '■ 

r . . t - 










Of allthegrcateft 


Which have befallen the 

Saints and People of God 

>m the Creation to our prefcnc Times : 


By :J\Cicholas "BiUingjly , 

Of Mert. Col, Oxon. 



:0Hnted Oijheep for the Jlanghttrs, 

crus fcncix in nervo^ cma animus eft in coelo. Tiftnl. 

iV^tf^. contra ^r. p. 1 1 J. 
^^tiikifiu^vifJmf^ ^ ^i SUkQ- vfiHi rfriXH 

4' 9roM)> 7fiK9^9 i? 0l<^^* 

nted by ?. f . forv^i^»» ^« , at tfie three 
ieactsoeer the weft-end efSJ'4ir//. 1^57* 

\> .',>^. 

To the R%ht Worftiipful,' 


' C Internal p 

All < External ^Hsppintff* 

Homurid SWy 

)Am not ignorant 
; that we now live in 
I ascenforiousatt age 
ever the Sun 
\ Ihin'd on •■, whereia 
there are not a few 
bat will fnapandfnaile at the po- 
Bteft lines, and refined'ft invenci- 
Muwbatfoever ; ^when perhaps 
:he matter is toodeep, focthefhort 
ineof cbeir Judgemeiva to %wn'4 

tlie bottom of : ) What hard mea- 
fure then I am like to have , fot fuf* ' 
ferhig this my naked and incalt 
Mufe to venture abroad on the o- 
peii ftage^ I am nor a little feofible 
of. But .y<et,becauic private bene- 
fits, do OTten call for publick ac- 
kiiowledgemcnts , I will not bea- 
{hamed to let the world know, J 
am cKceedih^y engaged to you i 
PQt could I be contented till I had 
made Come part of amends for your 
received favours ; Prefuming that 
your Heroickminde, fweet nature, 
and generous difpofition, will re- 
(peSt more ( Artaxerxes'likc) the 
inward Afic^ion.chen the outward 
'^Adion. Be pleased therefore, 
Noble Sir, to perfift ftill in your 
wonted goodnefs, and favourably 
accept of- that in the birth , whicli 
your encouragements furthered ill 
tAe conception, TKe fafcryt^ 1 
co/j/i/s is Divine (aa..tica.tVn%^ 

i(|l 2M in X jiame,' y ec nbt dotifoiAr'^ 
\ enough to dazfcoor eyet'^ith 
aftoni^iing glory ) and th'ertfoife 
ferves^to be better haikdled, by a 
ire Graphical Paraphraft then my 
f; Andif my jangling toll in bet- 
ringersy I (hall & glad of it ^ : lii^ 
; mean j ' I will let my green fruits 
en ander the San-ihine of your 
licioQs Eye: and though 'iny 
es (like old Pewter}feem dull for 
nc of- fcbwring j yet may they 
eive a glofs from your refplen* 
It Name. Pythagoras was of 
inion, that two things (and they c^uu. 
m above^ made a man truly glo- ff^l 
us i the oite was, To conceive 
ght of things j the other was, 
I know how to be beneficial to 
lers. Sweet Sir, I will not flat- 
you (for I am confident you do 
t dcfire it, chufing rather to be 
» modeRly fpoken of, theiL xob^ 

The BpiHk^ 

jq^phafe) but I dare (ay, you are i 
mdowed with both < You have a^ 
feded IP be acquainted with thenaf 
^es of moft f may I fay aU^)di(ea*- ' 
€s$ i and have die^^ (God making 
yoor iindertakingt (uoce8ful)as rare . 
(C^reg ^» ever any , I will except none- 
ic^in^t (land to fpecifie them $ this 
pne (ball ferv^ for all : Your emi«»; 
ncnt skill in recovering Epileptic 
eal maladies , is fiifficiently known 
Romany. What (ball I fay of my 
(elf in particular ? am not I bound 
to blefs God , (ince firft I had the 
bappioefi to be acquainted with 
ypu ? Have not I great cau(e to 
jMdmire (and, if I may fo fay, adorii 
yop for) your profound judgment, 
you|: excellent ability, and (ingular 
care , Co oportunely exercifcd to- 
wards me your Patient ,1^ the rai- 
J/ng up of my infirm body , even 
J^^Pf when I had patted t\icfci\t«DR! 

igtit, in the eyes of all, irrtEV 
nable ? I were unworthy to 
» if I did nor. 

IfeodaricMs , an Archbifliop of ^f 
%being demanded by ^f^i/iiMiiMCde gc£ 
£mpcror,of the ditcaeft conrfc^'^^ 
rlappincfe; f ci^^rn* (faid he) 
n thou ar$ weB^ what thorn prO" 
vtBvfbeMtbau i»aSi fiel{. This 
{me in minde of a double en* 
ement which i made in the time / 
>y calamity; Firftj to God Al* 
;bty, ThacI would endeavour^ 
lebut pleafed to fpare me my 
^to devote my felf wholly to his 
, and walk more obediently be- 
: him, then I had formerly done : 
cttoyou, as the onely inftni- 
it in the hand of God, for the 
airing of the ruinous walls of 
fle(hly Tenement,! promifed to 
i2e it, fo long as Iliv'd. I be- 
:b God, that thefe piom\Ce«isk«^ 


femiances,. I pray Sir, give ml 
leave to tell you, you are the onely 
man living, whom I fuperlativel)^ 
b0nour,B6t pnely for your learnin 
:iiid knowledge (though that w 
qtloagh to coiivince:me^ buc 
yourioeilimable Vertues ^ as Temi 
peranceV Humility , . (d^c. wHc^ 
are . as To ; many fparkling Ornai 
ments, and Orient Pearls, to enrich 
and iUuftrate the very place you 
come in. To fpeak nothing of 
your Piety , that onely will com- 
mend you in the eyes of God. I 
might fay, and (ay truly, that you 
areruch a common good to your 
Country, that good men love you, 
and all men admire you : but I will 
not gild Gold \ neither m^y I think 
that bright Phttbus beams can be 
the more tncreafe4 by the prefent' 
ingiof a filly Taper : nay , I am 
/omewhit confctous to my felf 

_z* ».. 

your ieiene worth , witb the 
ambration of a TimotttlMon 

If I have , herein ofFcnded, it it 
ttDK my will*; I am' forry for it i 
d I hope your ingenuity Witt 
fdon me , laying the fault on the 
feds of my Youth , as beirig not 
er - burthened with Cictronian 
oquence. But what though I 
BifoC doathe my minde in fach 
e airy garments , nor adorn my 
per with fuch Rhetorical jewels 
others can ? yet may 2 as deeply 
grave you on the Marble Tablet 
my fidelious breft, as any, while I 



r tltVemb Your Honoars very 
l9fM4rCk humble, thankfii!, 

DCLV. and much-obU- 

ged fervanC) 



I ■•■ 


' ■ ■* T 

*■■ r - 




• -i^ 

■ -^ -k-. 

ptMn compemems mtp wee) i tjave 7 
greiu preparation for thee : 4^d if thot 
pleafedto accept of fuch poor entertaim 
tnj Mufe is able to afford thee^ fhegivfs 
ijfuitation^ Come injfallto^eat freely wit\ 
wiU^ and thou art heartily welcome: Bu 
dainty palate he fo nice y as to make thee 
after the fmfi exquifitdijkes andcoftU'B 
p)at can begot for love or mony ^Itdl th 
(friend) I nan P it for ^t^^^ had' ft 

vpherefuchutohehad 5 and that is allti 
fvijb thee ; andfo I hid thee 





t^' *: 

\ In AmidfUichaciffimt: ^ 

• . - V -. . ..* _^ ' . . ■^.- 



nagntnn in parvp; vMriMpnfimentMimt&rSy 
Mvrum & AUres (fOMdidi Le&n) bshss :: 

skills no lefs large Tomes c'Epitomizc> 
hen at the firft the fame for to devifel 
IS Homers praife his Ilia<^sto indite^ 
thers in a Nutr-fhell them to write. 
worth belongs to thee^ & to thy bookj 
erein (as in an Optick) if we loc*5 ' 
may at once Jfiore briefly far behok}> 
aiFox^nd others^have at large u^.ti^]i|( 
ching fuch Martyrs as did live andT^c 
faith of Chrift ; whofe faded memory 
ii^o'fl receive^that they on earth lagiaia 
(JUye with u^we'n heaven with chem 

. . (mayraign. 

I' grant us this: •^ and fo to make an endj 
^11 them, I thee^ cannot toomnchconi* 


J5, CUfi*, 

Deo Opt. Max. 

GJSeat Godi vhagraf^'^ in tinm eterMl 
The vporld^ & iound^^ with &^imei 
Tijefwa^rmg billimesi thouivho hajt enrtS't 
7% Marhle'Gallfry withjiuds of. Gold, 
ffh^e throae the face-veildSer^hims an h^ 
Advance above the Parfl^ry-Arcbedikie -y 
who aU things did'fij Ariddo^p aadmiltfulfi. 
jtceerding to the coayjel df thy will : 
P fhe» tiy power in thy fervant weaky 
Xeuze my duS Mufe^ enable her to [peak 
Divinely of thy Saints, that in ^itftory 
The ivorld {as iu aglaf) may fee tbygbry,- 
Fini^ this wn k, this work to thee begun. 
And make it live, when I am dead eMigon. 
^^Thfife locfer Poets who begin betimes 
, Tofleafe vain faneks with h^etviotu Hhime 
. Thtffiitng thereby to eternize their nanut 
' what do ibty leame but Monuments of fb*m 
Their works jhall rot 'y while fucb as bJve^i 
■PoandiUion,lball eternaByeatbire, 
tet M maadeck wiib ApolUnean Bm^ ^ 
Mj brmsts i Akte tt the ^lory, thim Aef$ 

|t J^ j^ .^ j||^ <^r j^ ^ j||t ^^ jjjt j|t .^ -nl^/ 


Mentioned in the 

Old Teftament^ 


Perfecution of the Church in thefii^Ji Ages 
the Worlds and fo forward till Christ's 

Ddm bdig kfc uqco bis own fttt-willi 

L Satan the PrimogCDicot of iUi 
Mal^nii^ his ^profperous eftacr, 
Bodfebis DiabowR^hatCf 
die hood of fiiendDiipi to o*rethrow. 
rooty and braoch at one p^ferous Uoyr • 
I bune-piecendiag promifedhis fuit 
rnim'dtlms; if the forbidden fruit 
fi Adr jSpi, they (hould more clearly (eei Gcas^Sii 
iiQaswiwas their Creator be. 
Satu's Ehgiaei piay*d,tillinconclufion 
sk the Fojtf by his fo finooth delu(k)n« 

T^oor mtfi made (hipwrack of his Iaaocciice» 
Thwarting ht$ 6od-rcquir'4 Obedkncet 
l^iis itfSJUw Mil «irid% fai^b^It^^^ 
^Buh ld(fb]siiaiqpitke6>bb%xxl«ciidaU^ 
forever ; Ah ! he cannot any OEiore . <^ 
Enjoy thofe bleffings he enjoyed before. 
In bis firft flatc; and all that he can wini 
Is death> Death is the, Wages due to fitw 
"But vvharof that?yet4Mith it plois'd tb^H^Ml 
To give eternal life through Jcfus Chrifl 
Our bkffed Lord : whoever do believe 
In him aloBcacexertain to receive 
A olorious Crowq : O fee whaejl^ottlttiji doajti 
To fave poor finners» be hath fcntKis Soa^ 
Ms oaely Son> who willingly cameitownt 
To bear the crofs.thac vx m^ht wear the CrowiW i 
Strange condefcention ! the great Godabovt ' XI 
Is pleaf^ t'embraoe us in the armes of love. 
O groiindlefs depths ! O love beypod degree ! 
The guiltlefs dies^to fet the guilqr free ! 

Nor ceas*d the malice of ^ black^brow^ l^a/i 
Of the Low-Counttiesy hell ; for ever fiace \i 

Mans forfeiture of his hcftv^n-gramedieafet \-4 
He hath been aftive to moleft the Peace '^ .] 

Of Chrift-conftding Saints, and Iike« hvoh -^ 
Haih feiz*d on chofe who bear good will to Si9m ^ 
Amongfi the wheats he fows fcdinous tares | < I 
And iettetb men together by the cars. ^ 

Nay naore unnatural tfaes that, one bsodn . ^ 
He infii^aces to perfecute anothert - 1 

^fnb4*8. VVitsefi nefandous Cify'iVi whofe brochen UpQd j 

To heaven for vengeance cry'd, and oyVtloiidt^ 
^cn«9,ia. Did noccurs^ Ham htsnaked FadieriDodt» 

[ (Ajgracekfi branchj fprung fma% f^hteouf ftodci] 

entioned tn the OldTeftamem. j 

ae Sodoimtes deride Juft L^if . Ctas^.^. 

ous Iflm'el /f44c» did be aoc ? > Gcn.% i .$, 

i};h £/4iiihace»; young fffipb*s fold <'^o.s7v 

* tcifh Merchant! j and behold ^^ . 

IJ/rV/, bowcheirfliouldergrooes Ewafix', 

leir nal^ loads, hard hearted onei! &c. 

ithettew-bornMaiesbeftifllcdby £if;» 

wives ? O uftheard-oTcmelcy ! ^^* 
dk (ail, may they Dot live a while i 

wo'd tbev muft be is feptemfluous fiik. Exo.i.n. 

rdaed Pid^*0b, vvhac did UiUfii do Exo. a.i f • 

thy wrath ? and may not Ifr^et go 8yo.a.X4# 
eaflavtt^ hands, but bear the print . 
^ leave? O heart wail*d round v^th flint! 

a few the IfrdHus were drudges 2ud£.3.g; 
Idatrous and (el&Iaw*d Judges | 
to leave their homes^and h& themfelvcs JnJg.^,}^ 

id caveSf from perlecuttng Elves a 4* 

I Oods bouilty fertiliz'd their Iand» xfiiB.ij. 

iflnsyedbythejtfiitouband: ]%Ajl. 

ifiktt thirty four thou&nd flay Jttd^ 

md carryeid Gods Ark awigr % Judg.13.1y 

o IfrMi coald not be/fouod > ttaL4a« 

r nmru jneats to till the ground, i fam 1 9 

nras ib eaflav^d ; they rather chofe» vcCaf.acw 
V|tobe behoiding to their foestf 

keen javefin, fpirie4iaunced SmI t fiunui^ ; 

ftick up DMfdd *gainft the walL ^ 

kDiSvAltwithapadentear, afami^; 

f^i railing accuiations bear. ^'^^ 

UijUi proved firm/ Urns tpd, ^J^'^^ 

chetreafiircsfromthc boufeofGod^ ^J^'^* 

id)isftraBge)godd^/2iVfpiritrifen i&xt^ii^ 

lodsPropheticafls him into prifon« . ^to^. 

The Churches PenecutiO^^Sc. 
% Cb(o.i S. jfhalf hxxcs MieJh. In jehofafb^ 

* Chf n. ^^ ^^^^^^ *^ Church of Cod was ftoritied at. 

^^,j^ £/i/4lr, was defpisM by 7^«^r/j , 

I KiDg,!^. By whom fo many holy Prophets fell. 

>• £/i/]b4 fuffers ; 10 J#i0r4ivj reign. 

J Kiofrig* ^|^^4£v 6pprcf$«a.Good Ziebari^h^s flain 

i'iing.^. By J»^i&,for'$ reproof. Jfrael'iKm^ 

31. - Thoa&nds of ^iv^iUi (lew, did thoulands bring 

a Chro.xi • loco capCivicy • Poor JuJs b pines 

'^7. By iWEdimitest Affjrimu PhiliJUms. 

a Chr<i,z4. j^ Prophet J5/i; by Mdndjfes Law, 

s ChrczS. Was fawn is fuoder wich a wooden faw* 

8. Atidfertmidb after flaodrouf mqcks^ 

* Chro.a8. V Vas beateaforCi and put into the ftocks. 

to.iSji 8. 1°^^ ^^^ ^^Y dungeon, where he clung ) 
Jer. ao»i. At laft dragM thencCj into iWE^ptiMH (and 
jer.jya ^. He needs ii!u(^go,the Captains bim commaad : 
!"'3*'^' And bis Thrcn-odcs, thofc pious E^ics, . 
I r.43. j7. LtfljjgQ^ j[^ falling Churcl^es niiferies. 

Duuiaji NeiHcbddf$estzar in a rage doth throw 
SbddraebiZtid Adtfhecb, and Abedmg^ 
Into the furnace hot : By wicked men 

Dan.^. z6. ^^^9l is caft into the Lyons Den. ^ 

fifthcr %. ' P^oud Hamsm periecntes poor Mclriteajt . 

i3» * * And a decree prccurest that in one day 

Gods people (houU be killed murch^ottfly. 

Ezra 4*4* jhc Jewf returning from captivity, 

jFiiii<j6V difturb'd and oppofitioa*! foitfkl (groi 

^^r*^'l* ^^^° ^ ^^^ '^^^^ ^^'^ Tcnpic fion 
yca.6/ltc. Q^jy j^ (l^^y j^ , though mea and devils p)tjb) 

T^'r Povvtrsi tbey cauoc fh^ratc Godf defi| 

p Ferfecution of the Churchy &c. 

SECT, ir, 

fcutionij^the Church from Neheitiiah 
tiochus his tm^i andalfo under An- 
IS Epiphancsj before the natlvitjof 
3 aiout 1 6S jears^ 

it the Ugb-Pfieft being dead, 
/•his fbn fiioceedcd iabis flead « 
» the aexc» wko in the Temple flew 
ch fei^ht towrong him of bis dur. 
: had Bdf^fis heard the News, 
i potent torce, he kept the Jew^ 
I iodos'd wi'chia j|Srr»//rw/^ walls) 
feats ended $ under flayiih tbraUs ; 
)g them to lay down fifcy Dracbmet 
Lamb chat fed their day^ flames. 
Mn dead) fucceeded* who Wino coldy 
MM^V aftss and how be would 
>tdyi he in's Prieftly robes aray*d» 
diceAioaind ptotefton prayM* 
fell down> thejews did in a ring 
im} and faidiCSod five the King, 
if teply'dj I do not (that were odd) 
I High-Priefti but the High-Priefts i&odi 
t to-live after their Ancient orders 
the Hebrewsi; tad deierts their bordefft 
tbm EpipbMis did go 
iiij^Mnv: Mr friaKl nor fee 
Ji fiiry I be the Temple fpoiRI 
'Oniiiiieaatiiinditdefii'd: > 


The Martyrdom of the Maccabees « 

Yez$ Ke inhibited tbe godly Jews 

Thofe daily facrifices chey did ufe ; 

And hifiog made their goodly ftniAnies vcid^ 

He led {bme capcive, moy he deflroy'd» 

Forc*d others to forfake @od, and adore 

Tho^e Idols be himfelf fell down before : 

But they that minded not his menadnfi^y 

VV^e whip'd and maim'di had cruel torcuriogi | 

Some crucified ; theyhang'd the female fext 

And hung youno; C^idren at theirpareats necks* 

What boob of Saored Writ they fouad» the km 

Were caft into the ail-derouriflg flamr. 

Upon a Sabbath day tbefe mcrcfieft dates 

Did flifk thoulands hid in uodosV) a?^. '^ 

AtkA now Ai^niidi pibus aod devout* 

Led forth the Chriftiaas *gainft ditt iin^ous roiX$ 

Deftroy^d dieir Altars ; Providence did Ue& 

AH his eadcavours with defir'd iiicee& p 

His foBs, M^hidi, fmdm% and the left 

Did Icowte their country* and thdr foes fupprcfti 


••■■^■^■■■■»-"»— •"•■i"*«""^*^""— ^■■'^"■-"»"— ^^■""■^■■i"-*— •■■-••■••■•i—^PHliB^— ^% ■ 

t ' » 

SECT. m. 

The Martyrdom 0(j^ the H^cahecs^mukrtbl 
fame Aitiochus, V 

02V<4r a& with a idigUm aie 
Hi Hgb'fridb offiock ud any dwKfiKC fill 

To turn turn out t the memg htgmmt * 

|>rawa from the JvAMftor <3Mw«atd^ 

I OfwUfiiD TfiMifi bftr^vhofc compunflioai 

Thtt good nuui.learaftbts Saccrdood fuadioo* 

feoQCchtc leiftdofenmi ic ^oootber 

Mighc take it up* bur his f«Ue-heirted brathtr : 

VVho wwhvu^Jsfml Jsfimih the man 

Muft drive QQ^fib(Hkfign|.^ii/tfft begin 

Toforcediepeo|i^ipieoouace the true 

AodoldIbpi%ifl0i CO embrace a oewf 

T^ibjufe their Tcmpies » to excruft dicm bachst 

ITo qim their brareii and accaftom*d pachesj 

Ear pcofauitoA of more choice delighUt 

Aad abtc^aie their ortcmonial Rices • 

To drink in QfoMh cuftoaici» and ' 

Train upcheir fltiplin^ to unlawful c ioies* 

But audi tfa*emK» a narprovoked God 

Dodi fauK in fiuyrouking them a rod 

( Whole Lawf.«vefcftttdioufly ob(erv*d») tolcourga 

|hofe MuBifilCeoittlaMr^> who would 

Sogood»<Sodj^ thdr^ 

Pmift OB theminmifiierable woes. 

For aaedift i» forthwith by cheKing 

Sccfaftb^afldiealed with his Royal Ring | 

The fence iithif^ Hl^wr 0f tin ^4Wi» 

Or Hkr§f4fymitmii. ffip 

Ttig^ij 4# wdiimu: jy murtuJU 

SkiMkmffMt9m$mt€riR^mksdm4wknf9 \ 

yVasfitckpraNttaoikakhoughfo QriAf 
aosigorou«» but cibic.^ manychoie 
R«dw^w^4ili|tcb»thair liLpligMNik>6 ( 
HetookdMsNiGlg^QiF M^cn^^imcpme; 

The Martyrdom q\ the Maccabees. 

Caus*d (acri^cM fviines flcfli be gtfca about 
Toev*ryimB« Amoogft the mi]^ roue 
Stood iUdz,m^ honot^d for bis age. 
Reverend, Pious, Vertiidus and fage, 
lo whom the graces all in one combiaM { 
Indeed he had an heaveo-enamelVl mind z 
To whom A^t90cbm doth break thechains 
Of (ilence thus: Old niani avoid thofe pains 
Wait on the obftinate^ for once Vadvis'd 
Bf met and eat what here is lacrificM t - 
Cheri(h chy rev'rend age^ and do not fcoriie 
The benefic of life: what though th*arc born 
A Jew?^ yet eat: no wife man will refufe 
That meat which nature hath ordain'd for ufe : 
Why (honld this, beaft be more abominable . 
Then other beafts ?canft ceil ? furc thwart roc able; 
Why was it naade, if not to be in joyM ? 
And gifts unus*d| what are thoie gifts but voyM f 
Adnnt your Laws are jufti yet may coaAioa 
* Excufe thce« *cis no voluntary a Ak)B« 
To whom ihii Ntfimr (whofe undaunted breft 
Was flam'd with zeal) an anfwer thus exprcft : 

We, O Anti^hmi love not vain Aiows 
But true Religion; nor Racks^ nor blows, (chaii 
.Norbrcft all got*d with dans, bands worn wi 
Nor eafe exchanged for a choufand pains ; 
Famine nor fword, nor al), fiibuid make us finoti] 
Our hsv^d Religion, to embrace another : 
Knbw then Proud IQng^ I nodiing wdgh thy thrai 
As to profane my lips widi projane meats : 
rie joy to fufe tor a rk^hceoiis caule> 
Rather then folate thole [^v*n-madeUm : 
Tis but a death at maft, if I fulfil aoc 

le no mec€»for do k I will M?er s 
refolKi and will herein perfe?er« 
me CO che nvenoiis Ljons ptWf • 
e fibc ntiike t rupture in the Law ; 
my Eottailsy do ; and when cbat^ done, 
ing m'into an hace-lighc' Dungeon: 
W thcie eyei with PiAiers ; lecthe Ssime ' 
lie to cindersj 1% be ftill the fime. 
IOC that 111 recant brcau/el'n old ' - 

rblei 119 •torments (hail make me bold 1 
mcenc to (iii&r for my God , 
itiencly fuftain his cba(}ding tod : 
al I bear is not a zeal that founds 
ypinefi on (iich unttable grounds, 
r CO move me or co maken^ tocter ; 
ranr» were thy fury cen times hotter, 
gh death in the face, when I lay down 
e> to ukt up an immortal Crowa. 
(hall be« although t^ thee accurft ; 
I challenge thee, do^ do thy worftt 
[ut the foidiers bale him to the place 
nenti ftrip himj whip htm^ and do laoe 
k with ftripesicill bloody ftreams ouc«gu(b> 
the face of the tormentor blufh t 
le was under the afHiAet's hands 
dd» andcryMi Obey the Kif^s comimful t 
iestly -this worthy man cndur'd 
d of wouAdSf coo dahg*cous to be (TOiM : ' 
rting up Us wsnettble ieyes, 
^ for whom h^wai a facrifioe j 
mhe dkl belierettheneafls a look 
iffliaed felf, aid iises a brodk» 
iling broibk» wkb unconctoukd tideSf 

Q^paftjg^fimahiiinatgiedfidcsi/ . 

1^ \ 

Add ¥vhci bis fuftnnce over-flonr'd che btaki 
Of torment^ fluiinic*dsgave Sod the thadcf • 
They lotchfeme liquor inc' bis hoftsib pouring* 
Did cbeo comoiic him to tbefliaies dorouriag t . 
Yec whea Ms nti^ral life began co £iil 
Add his approichiag death would cake no bail.i. 
Hafifig bis waftii^ eyes on Heavea laid, 
Ms dying breadi breath'd forth chefe wrordi , 8c laklj 
>Tbou O-my God art he who bringeft down 
To tb^grtvCi giv*ft Itfei and fvich chat life a Ctqm\ 
Behold (dear Lord) I'miwallovf *d by deaths jawt 
For tbe ftriA keeping of thine own-made Laws^ 
Sweet Father hear m^ Obe plosM cokcep 
Thy bofome-Nicion, fidfer not thy Sheep^ 
To be devout *d, by Wohfes^ chat are too Mi 
To worry tbem» or icare them from their fold i 

let my death conclude all miferiet 
Aed^ grant in dying I may live Co cbee« 
Now I am found in thee, can I be loft ? 

He cea«Vli aadcealing. yeiUed up theChoft. 

The Kings difpka we waxing now oaoie ftfiotf 
Sent for fcv'jHmewchildrett, who bdhg young,. 
He thought thim weakrfMinblc piina to }Kiit$ 
He therrtore eicber hf entietcsj or fei#» 
PreiiimM be (kouU uuiiioefhena to ibjim 
Their Iawi aad ea;e whut by iMir Law's impuic* 
The crafty Tyranc ambufiuw Us gui)e» 
BehoMeib chtm wicba diliiift^ 
And thm reveaPd VmAi^ A4mn'4 yotuig mith 

1 wiih your gpodf Odo toe OBAdly CMi 
Shu my Ikfiefl^ fffiKM tbi WO^^ 
Unto the rcfiiAocy^HKip wu I 
Asfor my pace. 1 4t6Rfig«iig mm 

' ^ imn 

—- •« 

CoMna your fiipetAidoiis vtfiitrs, 
Aiicomeldoog our craAs, ifyoube wife t 
rii so (ach crkne if you your Uw fiilfil n€x; 
If yoMDCglcft ours (as 1 hope you will noc) 
Widi iingMag deaths riKiudy CO tomienc you; 
You Otty u: may be chea coo lace repeat you* 
Aid 1 1 Ksg ? aiid (hail contempc accrue 
Tooaea fiogifirom fucb low worms as you? (Kacks» 
Brias forth chofe Wheels Rods»CauIdroD5,Hooks ft: * 
Gitc^iroQSf Cages ; here's not all» hete lacks; 
JjBlh (b^ tht Ef^ioes to comieQC che handsi 
Gattodetii Aulsi BellowcsiBra6-poaiFryiog«pans« 
Obey,yQttDg mea ; if I eoforce xtk6t 
^Nor good. *as' aot your voluotairy a A» 
You do hot fia; be prudent theoil (ayj 
Noc adtifdy imt paflively ob^. 

The zeal'ioflamM young men do vilify 
^Ms chtcacsiiiicseacs, rerortiag this reply » 
Speak Tycant. iky, fay, why arc chou (o beat 
To periecuce us Aiac are inuocenc ? 
We will obferfeiibr all affli6KoQS rod. 
What Aiffii Ciughc us from che mouth of Sod j 
Xoowi we deteft your fiofe^deluding fliows^ 
Nor wUl we be leducM by words dr blows t 
No TyraDt,oo» do chou the beft you can 
To do thy worftf we wiH for ®od» Boc man s 
, Our cade is (Mf$^d doth is our dcfiie; 
Heawa h our ponioiiiyourseGerAal fire. 
Thtari^ Ttraac after one aaodber 
lopM eftchdf hopdU ferouGK die eldcft bi«^ 

1 Named MMkOH^Jm^mRttloi^ 

. ' Ibpa a Ridb tad bcatea xfMid about 

' HfuMhidb^ wkhM Adb-pizkiOa 

-^r OR 

the Maccabees . 

Of lobg contiatied ftrokest and did dcfire 
lUcher CO Ibve^thra he did them require : 
Not «v«s chii all; (reft torc'rers have extended " * 
Him OB a wheels we^hcs at hii heels appended s - 
Whileyet his (iaews and biientriakils brak^i 
He calPd on Godt theo to the Tyi-anc (pake : ■''■"■ 
BIbbd-guilcy . wceicby who laborlft fo difchrone 
CBods Ma jefty ic (elf; know»l am one 
Amfor cbecaufeofCod a (uSetetp 
And no vriilch* nor inhuman miircherer^ 
When the afHifter with compaflion fway 'd^ 
Bid him fubmic unco the Kingi he faidt 
Accurfed m'uuAers of Tyraonyt • / 
Your wheels as vec> are not fo (harp, that I 
Should thereby be enforced to abjure, 
Heaveni wherein is my foundation fiire. 
Seet cyraUit, (ee. how refchice I am ; 
Wind^ off my fiefli with pinfersj do, and cram 
Young Vultures with the bits before mine eyes t 
Pn^i put me to the worft of cruelties : 
^oft (if you pleafe) by a foft fire wy fleAii 
And if tmit will not ferve linvent a frc(h : 
InfliA, iofliA, dll there cannot be fonnd 
A place^whereoot'infliftanodier wound# 
So faidi thus rack'd, into a fire heli thrown, 
And now his wafting bowels ftared on 
The Tyrants face; yet with an nnniov'd br^ 
He to bis brethren rbiis hufifelf ezpreft t 
' Beloved bretbred^ feim by my example 
To Icoia the worlds allaring baiesi and crauffe 
All toroKits under foot |obey<Bod rather 
Then tUs proud Tyrant: Sod*sa gradous ftdxr % 
And when him (i^te with a finile or ftoWQi 
Ca/txaiicdiehiknbfeiftrttstteloftf do^ v 

^artyrdom of the Maccabees. JCJ 

rhis cor meat's nor enough co ead l^is paint ' ^ 

%r he 1$ jfhaich'd ouc ot the fi'ce and flame 
l^ve yfais iqngiie was pliieked ouc» and thea 
ffa life he ended'in t fryiog pan : 
Hod oqvf ^bif ibul eo joy*d wh|C be deiit\|» ^ 

[lis ftieiids re joyoedj and his foes admicM* 

Tbea vns che Acomi brothert jtttr cailM. 
iVho with the unt*riog Epgines tuftppal'd^^ 
EUfusM CO cat ^: chaias did his hands rcftraia x 
[fo skin (cbe araieoc of bis flefli) was flain * 
From beri toknees ; cbe cdci*rer did deveft 
His inttaib pcepii^ firdm bis linglaz'd brefl^ 
roo gtievoiis CO txhold • and him ac Uft 
Unco a, filaqBe-piiied Leopard caft : 
The beaft (dioiigh cniculent)di<) onely fineU, 
And ffCQC her wayiforgeccii^ co be felU 
Nor was jDb*iB jurious CO him in cbe leafL 
The Engl diffrfeafiue bui the more incteas*dt 
Andil^SRywnmoirconftaBcby hispaisf 
TbttSy chusnis dying ¥oke did loudly firain: 
How fweet ! How pleafanc is this dtach to me! 
Yet *ds moft welcome, for Tm (iiie CO ba 
Rewarded by my 6od ; checro& I bear 
On enrthf in heay*4 a glorious Crown to wear { 
I diank my (Bbd, that I am more content 
Ta fuHeif Tyraat> then thou to coimenCK 
And yet is not this miicryof mine 
lafiift^riagt fo exorbitant as tbine 
h by iaflmng | keeping of the Laws 
Thus aggravates my paias, and thou the caufe 
Shak by dK jttfficeof the Holy Oae 
BebamOifldfiaii thy ufurped throaef 
And be lefaved for thofe horrid chains 
Of uoerdarkaefii aad etcraal pains* 

.^ IhtMartjn 

He fitkl domorejtiis foalferfeok hisbieftt 
To ake pofieffion of tye-Iafttag teft* (qpieff 
Mdcbir the chir# (olU bro^r» whowat lli 
But angrily cbeir coimfel chiis repdfd t 
Oae Father us begat ; oDc Mother bore us f 
Ektw* One ^Maflertiifhcusywbo is gone before us f^ 
Protraft no tiqiief for I am not fo weak 
Tb yields I oomrtoi!iffer»fiot to fpeakt < 

What cacelcboi^ I drink the brini-fiUboul . 
Of diy di^deafiire? twill toot hurt my foul. 
A <Blo6e was brought, hb vfoestndl b'^^grtvatt 
And bound cheieoo;h^ bones weredifloctoed | 
They fliid his hodi and while a crjtnibn river 
FlowM frons hin% liius hedidbimfelf deliver i 

TyrajiCi we* what we enducTf endure 
For the purclore of God : thou flult be (fate 
To rove in SulphVy flameSi and be torinented 
Eternallyt ttnftey*d» unbuientdU 

His tongue b'logtaken outfthb good young ana 
i>eparMA io^a led^hot Frying-pan, 

jf«i/4r is MeCfWhom neimeriiienaciBg 
Nor flattriesycotdd induce i*abey the King t 
ifour fire (£rid he) &allfBettcraA more near - 
Cods boly Law» auod CO my beethreo dear : 

1 tell thee Tfcasttdiou (halt beftcutstd. 
And true beheversfakftitbon chat an nur&M 
By anelty it felfs I Ud dw trvm^ 

And fee if God wiU floc alio muMi iiy mCi 
Heteat the Tyraac in a hoc dt^deafiiie; 
Na% Uc his Gbak tViSliaby kafiire t 
ll^chaigM his ttkgue aobe cut out^ in brinf I 
Pwbom^Misr cfavni Ottf Cod is floc fbdm 
As yoil imagine* his attetttve oar 
Hetif j^f^ibliafuageof httfiKtUMpr^r 


le heiit d« Ketrt. mc yoicei our chou^^be 6m 
i ^fttoqe <tf{ difioKue me if you }da(b 
c . Divide me fimbfioiii umbt do Tyfinc» do, 
BiK koovvt cbim flitit not loi^ Ibpe Scoc-free fet 
IVs congudefii and with ropci eads bnten fixei 
Whkh be vvicb oMicb adcmrra ptdeiKe Ikw 
At hft upot the Rick his lift wit fpeaci 
Aod CO Uf bmbroi ^ooe before^ be went. 
Tbeo ^tffA^irtbemih brother uiaffiraid 
TohuggrimdeKlb difiiloiVl hii lips, tad fiiidt 
TfrtncrbcboUi I come for to pieVedc 
Thy fetdtag for I tad kooW chit I am beftc 
To die couragioiifly, my miad is fteidy | 
fThou irt to bolifli flames cpndem*d ilrddy, 
Bf iwdcar bncbereaieffii&d gprca 
Aid I cbe fifth fliali make chy griefche rnoce* 
Whac tt*c chat tve hate done ? what ocber ciufe 
daft chou alleage» but this»Wekeep (Sods Laws f 
Xod cfaei cfe i a iD'tly midft of cormriog 
Wejoif.O "di aa honourable chii^ ! (wioagi^ 
TkQWRi each pare (uflfer , heavca will right our 
And w your mvoisdhs with bowliagstourswim foD^ 

^ Tknwasbehiabrazeniiiorterpwadedf 
Niythleft be fridfTboie favours are uabouaded 
Widi which thoucrownlft us(tbough agaiift chv wil^ 
We pfeife our Gods rage chouf and rage thy fill t 
tf thou flKxddfipiiy me, I (houU be forry t 
Deaths buccbe profagpe co immorcal gicny* 
So iaidf he made a ftopiaad ftopping dy^d. 
Now cbe fixch brottier ^ff w odi be cry\iv 

^ HoBour aud dokatili putuato hts choioe I 

) Ihic grieiii^ at tCiWith a.conlhnt foice 

f He jfor^M'dv fsMr i«p(fr ; I w^h not dthet -^ 


In Sods kivi tnd cbe time which in eshorcifig 
Thou haft a miad co fpcnd, fpend m excoiquuig. 
flis dowo-ward head unco ft piliarcy'd» 
Jtnihcbm rofts him by a ibfc fires (ide ; 
And chat the heat mighc enter co the quicks 
And multiply his prunes, (harp Auls mufi prick 
His reader flcih* about his face aad head - 
. Much blood like ftocb appeat'd; yec thus he faidi 

Noble fight I O hoaourable warre t 
Slad grief ! O pious 1 asd O impious jarre ! 
My brethercD are gone, and, I ally*d 

To them in bloodiwould nbc thac deach divide 
Our Ipve* united fouls : in vend iovenc 
More horrid pains, indeavour Co torment 
This flefti with greater torments ^ fludy, ftudy 
New waycs i^ffl;£t trei more (evere. more blood] 

1 thank my God, thefe are o'lecome already ; 
Let thoufindsworfer comet I will b^fteady• 
We young men have bin conqu*rours of thy povl 
Thy fire is coldi nor can thy rage devour 

Our fairh-feHcM fouls ; wt have a greater joykg 
V In fiifieringi then thou baft in dcftroying : 
As God is juftj fd will he right our wrongs. 
Thefe words fetrce out> a pair of heated coi^ 
Eradicate his cooguei chen beilig caft 
Iico che Frying-pan^ breackM his laft« 
And nOfttbcTOiMtt^ brother's onely left^ 

?4r#^ { who cooHi^ nitth»coiBpaftioA defc 
'he Tyrants hcarCywho cook aftde che cMU 
By ch'iiand and fpakej and as he fpake^ he finlVli 
T%y bcedieren may reach chee CO exp^ 
The worft of ills, tf chou my will negleft s 
Thou flialtt if chou wile of thy felf be frees 
A Rulerj^nVali and my Couoc^ilcr be* 

ic pre?au*J>he thus the mother dons j 
hf woaun» where are now thy (bos ? 
u baft one» turn hiiii» left thou be reft 
likewife^and fo be childlcft left, 
ither bowing to the kingibsfpake 
kluiHebitwi Pity^forCbrUhrabe^^ * 
ear thy wofol mother: Odcfpife 
aiitfi aDd be a willing (acrifice* 
: thy bretberen • thac in the day i 

t» in heaTcn receive you all I may. 
id, be forthwith to the torments^ raai 
th a ftreoe countenance b^an • 
vafting wtetchi what doftdiou but adde fuel« 
e bell hotter) l^ pcrfifting cruel ? (thee 

:hat thou art, whocrown'd thee? who gave 
^urple robes thou weareft ? yns\ ftoc be 
diou in us dofiperleCuce? but die 
uft at laftf for all thou perk'ft fo high i 
lo favour at thy ha tds t but will 
ny brethren, and be conflant ftilL 
1 e|fiie: cbrbugh mouth and noiehebled; ^ 
iiera linde hand held his faintti^ head t ^ 
I cntclSiLtrd tikf my fmlt he cry\i • 
iMjhe rin into the fird and dy*d« 
l&m9M (all her children dead) 
I w ith tealf <;ame to be Martyred I 
xellM them allrin that flxlendutM 
fifiil deadiSt before her owb^i procut^d* 
efioouU abide to fee tbenirpum'df 
C^iUA torn, add beatttaod flaidiaAd bUrft'dr 
rii^ viellideatb cutteth otf our dayes 
i> Agues^and a tbbufand waycs | 
ns weic monaencaiy, flie exhorted 
III in Hebrtwi cj« they were extorted i . 

Moft choyce ftuics of my woniii» kcli haften heocCf 
And fear B0C9 beaveQ will be our rtcompeocea 
Shall*s bear wbac Elidz^dr uadergoa ? 
You kftow good Ahsm (acrific'd his fon : 
Remember Dmtiilt io cbe Lyoos dea • 
And caft your eyes on the three cbilderen. 
Thp reftleis Tyrant caus'd her co be ftripp*J, 
Then hang'd up by the hands, and fouEidly wh'^ 
Her paps puU*d oft : (he ivhile her body fryes» 
lifts up her bands and eyes, and prayes, and dye« 


The Perfecution of the Church from Chrijls w 
to our present Age I andfirji of thofemeai 
onjedin the New-Te^amentp 


EROD r6r G^^4r having intellegesce 
That there was bom unto the Jews a Pnoa 
Ac Bethlwim ; a band of men he feiirf 
To do full execucioQ as they wcott 
On frailing babesi throughout ^nm^aV land ; 
(Suppc(iDg ^efm might not (cape his band {^ ' ' 
ShacchM from the twafirtbe pretty little osea j 
Were toft on PiiEef , and dafii'd againA the floow 
The TyranCi after this, diftraAed gn^Wf ^ 

And'i wiife,bis children, and (amiliat^ikw. v^ 

With (kkneft fhuck, be knew not wfaeie lb ciM 
Whatcourfetotakei foraflowfiiedktbuni 
BKfiffMA His inward parts 1 his * canine appetite 

^ Wb$ oifufficVt J his lungs corrupted cjiiite | ' 

I (b bdvvels rcc ; his iecrecs pucrify'd ; 
Oniiini'd with wormes> he milerably dy*d, 
Hir§i the Lefs tcdiuoufly vscddca ; 
f§bm BMptifi foe his pitia reproof beheaded. Mac. i 

Pitgr aDd Jok^ reftot'ftl a man born laoie, Aa.4. 

Pread^M'Cbrifti and were inprifoaM for the (am;. 1 7 • 
The (i^h-prkfts and cbe Sadduces up*ri(ea het.s, 

Aga'mft ch* Apoftlei ^ cafl cbem into prifoa s ^9- 

tBiic b the AidiCi ao Angel of cbe Lord 
OpUngthedoorSj d^ir liberties reftot'd 1 
Tbcy OQ the morrow» for divulging Chrifti ^^^^-^ 

k^apprclleBded werei beateni difmift^ verr.4 

Falfe wicQcfles (nborfltdf hdy S$iV0m ha.6. 

'Did through a Scony- volley go co heaven* Cha.7 

A gen*ral perficution breaking out 
At S§fymd^ die Saints difperfe about 
ThtfiuUam aad the Sam^itiM borders : 
, A penecucing SMltht Church diforders* 
^ r be Jcm&i furv^new-converced S4MI 
Scapes fay a basKer let dowao'r the wall. Aft 9. 

fmw if bdieadedi while Jlgriffa ftorms Aft.12 

Agaiaft tbe Quitch • he was devoured by wormf . 
?frfr entailed by an Angd was: 
f^b^^s, Siht . PmI, and BamsAoi 
Were beaten, winpp'd* and forced feveral times 
To leave thdr Couatry, and fedk other dimes. 
fmt4 floQ*d at Lyfifih tnd for dead he lay • Aft.i 4 

BntGodicvivMhioi; betook Dfr^^-way: t^. 

Ilacb he cadurM abroad» aad much at homci 
Aad in dhe ead Wis Martyred at JbMPf< 
^nifMtit pfm brother> from a Pia^cle caftt 
Rqgov*i^oii Us knees, thus fpake his laft s 
f adier (Aee iqi my bended knees 1 ^00) 
Fmgire ehcnf for, they know not N^hatTte^ ^^* 

20 The Perfecutio/2 of the^poftks. 

A Camdskn&s were fakl co be moreibfc 
Then his»bf reafon that he kneel'd fo oft.) 
Fitfpafiandid co htm che Jews fubjeft $ 
TVmv firmsUim and the Tqnple (ack'd. 
Amdnw and Fbil$p*s crucifi'd : rough blows 
Kill Binhlmew • 73&tfW4y a dare o'retbrows. 
Mmiijp'f chruft through: Stm^m Zfl^ta dead 
Upon che crofs. Mathi^ loft his head i 
And Jfidof (brother unto famis) not mift 
A OBurch'rous ftroke : Mark the Eyangelift 
Went up Co heaven in a fi'ry Can 
One of die Deacons named NicMor^ 
Pid with two thouCind Chriftians lay down 
This life 9 CO uke up an immortal crown. 


. / 





Perlacution -of the Church 

Uadcr the 
Heathen Roman Emperours. 

' SECT. V. 

The firfi Primitive Perfecutiori^ which began 

DBmkiui i\nfr«, while in flieets of fire 
Tlie Romtn Cicy caper'd* fang t'his Lire 
The iocendiunis of Troy 9 and from aTow'c 
iEeafied his eyes* to (re the flames devour 
Tbofe goodly ftru6lures» and highTow*rsof ftacej 
BIFfaidi ftartled the beholders eyes of lace : 
ihe CircmsifSX^ thepondrous beams aid fiodesj 
ICtufliufg to pieces many thonfaod ones ; 
llhe fire bums others, and the flame and fmoak ] . 
rNiaedayCs continu'dt a great Dumber choak. 
ThiB Nir0 on bimfelf an Odimm brought 


And to escufe^ faimfelg transferM the fauk 
^mtheharraleftChrifbans: it was they 
ttddoie it out of malice; no delay 
Detifds bis bafly feet from ihedding bloud : 
VVhesc c'le he comes^ he makes a crimfoa floud 

C 3 V ^Vx^ji 

The fir jt Perfecution 

Flow down the ft^reecs : ii wUd-beafts skins he wn| 

ChiiflianSi and throws them to dogs woalt^dutp 

In paper fliflfened with molten wtx». 

He packs up fome • and puts on others backs 

^ (earcloth-coa.r, and bole upright them bound 

To axle-cteesyiirft pitched in the ground. 

Then at the botom (ir*d : thefe conAaait flam 

AfForded light* to iWr^ V nightly^ games , 

Kept in his garden : other fome he takesi 

And goars inieogth upon ereAed (takes* 

This perfecucion through th'whole Emfnte (pred | 

So that the Cities were repleniflied 

With flaughi*red caikafes $ the old, the ydungt 

And naked women, altogether flung. 

Such was his ragCt a Chriftians loathed same 

He ftrove t'cxtirpate whercfoe're he (iam% 

At fbur years end, thi& direful blaft expires 

In Pamt and P#r#r, two bright-fhining fires • 

Prirr (as he deiir'd) was cructflM 

With his head downward ; fo a Martyr dy'dit 

And P40i, his faich'i con&flioo having (poke, ' 

Yielded his neck unto the fatal flroke. 




SECT, vi; 

The fecoiui Primitive Perfecution^ which began 
Anno $6.' 

DOmkum his brodier Titm {bie$» 
And dorh the fecond perfecution raife i 
(For wMJft y$ffMfiM and his Ton remamVlt 
TbeCbittch with golden links of Petce was chain'd) 
He flew die ftoman Nobles ; anddcaeed 
The czdrpatioQ of Dj^^V (eed» 
^sfcs. die beloved Difdplf , boyI*d in oyl, ^ ^ 

UahucCi Wfts banifh'd into PMm0s Ifle. 14m< 

Ooe JttitfM Bifliop of /#nsiV#ni, dy'd 
UpondicCfofi: at niuiu>er aioie behde 
Of Cbriftians he impoveri(h*df and (enc 
Themouc^ co lead (heir lifp& in baiiflinicnc. 
The Roman Senate pafled this decreet 
That Christians ihoidd aoc have cbeir libertie 
VVhea brought before the Judgnoebt-feati unlefi 
They deviate from dieir Rdigioiiihefs. 
The Heathenifli Udaters devife 
Agiinft the Saints abominable lieSf 
Aad en^ous flinders }Thac they were feditiouSj 
hceftuouSf tebelliouss and pemidpus 
Uato the Empie } none could them importunei 
ftf any meansj to fwcar by C4/^/ fortune, 
tf bmaati |rf^^» or war anoongft them came,- 
{TheCbri^tas were the Audiors of the(ame« 
Aid kxik what acoiitdoas they rdatfidt 
Dmw^^ WM dK moxe exafperated s 

^ r^ «^ w^f^w^w w ^^ %f 9 m %^wwww^^mw 


Add cis'd what e^re maos wicked wit iivents | j 

Stripesi RftckiBgSi ScourgiBgSi and Impri(biune(ltii i 
DeepduBg^onsiStoBingiScrangling^the Gridiroo/ ^ 
9ibbet, and (Sallows^ red-Hot plates t*civiron 
The teadreft parts ; the teeth of falyage bears | 
The horas of Bulsi and ftickiag up on fpearsi fi'Cm 
Thus kill'd^a lawful burial was deay*d chem : . i 
Pil'd up.and tear-throac d(^s were left be(ide tfaeoii ) 
Though Chriftiaiis fufl&rings were very (brCf ' ^ 
Yet ftill the Qiurch encrealcd more and more. - 
In the Apoftlcs dodrme deeply grounded* 
And with the.bieod of Martyt'd Saiats iurrouodled 
Good Ttm§$hyt Religious from his youchf 
Was fioned , as a witnefs to the truth* » 

Sy thofe that worfliippcd Duhm btight : 
One PhnfJ!Ms<ifjtf0opMgue 
Was (lain at Panu by a creach'rous villan* 
Prctafim and Gervafim fell ac MiUdim. 



The third Primitive Perfecution^ which began ' 
AhnoChrifti io8. 

DOmitiam being by his lervaits fliini 
A^<rrtf4fucceeded ; bwhofegradous^ireigi 
(V yhich was but thirteen aioMths)cbe Saints enjoy^ 
A peaceful fcafbnt and were not deftroy*d. 
TrMjMi nt%i him, the Romamcto^ik^toat^ 


{theathefbrmerwiere; which did incite 

itthoiiChPbilofoj^hcr to write "Plimus 

iriajans behalf, to ;rr4/4«.fticwiftg. fi^^^- 

bereas imny choufmds in his^ viewing 

kilkd^ yec^cqntraitecheRooiaaLiws 

id»wluch alight fuch Perfecution cau(c{ 

thacerery morn by break of day»- 

I a (Sod call'd Cbrjfi did iing and pray: 

r things they were co be commehded. 

I t^ciirns this anfwer : he intended 

ch them out no more ; but if they were 

t and cDnvi£ted» them he would not fparcr 

e confused! he them as harmleii tenders, TenuUim. 

t would have them puni(h*d as offenders. 

;e was by this aift a little curb'd : 

dt/pofed naen the Peace di(lurb*d; 

Uyi if aew commotions flamM . 

ft them, then the Cbriftians muft be blam*d* 

commands the lineage of DMvtdt 

could be foQnd,(hould L^ no meabs be faved 

caf» twtU0 Bi(bop< ca(t in's wraithi * 

*a lime*kilnf pext a fcalding bach. 

m\ and many thoufands more 

I to the vvild beafts to devour s , 

I in Aifi^dt reign this fury flake^ . 

uiand fofferd for the Lord Chrift*s (ake. 

r^ri^ cboufaftds were crucifi'd> 

;d vinth thotns, and thruft into the fide 

leedle-pointed d vtSi in tmitatioa 

fi» our folefl^dXord and Saviours paifion. 

(Mr, Ztnm^ and En^Mhim^ 

r the truth. Whca ^^/^rff^iiv V^'^^ ^^^ 

w the Saints did bear affliaionsrod/ f Jj£jf 

i out; Truly, greats the Chriftians Cod: ^^^ < 

• • 

For ^bich he apprcheiicledj did bscocne 
Parttker liktwift of their Marcyrdooi* 
Symfttrijfdt % fairand vercuousdanief 
Hanged up by ch'hair iwas fcourged for ChriAs i 
And then made faft uato a poadroas ftoee* 

' Iftto the boibm of a rivrr thrown ; 

Screo fons (he bad, all ftak*d, rack'd» and at lafl 
Thruft thorough, were into a deep pit caft* 
jtdriM blog cofl^e to Athens, fiicrific'd 
Af ccr the Greeki(n manher; authorized 
Affy that would, to per(ecuce» abufe 
Whoever in coBcempt Aiould it refiile. 
Qnadratuit an Athenian Bifliop, hence ^ 
Did ou^of zeal i'tb' Cljiriftians, defence 
Write learned Tra^tes : Sirimm6\Ado 
The like ; . and famous Arifiidts too ^ 

. Declaring that \was neither r^ht nor reafba 
That bare opimon (hould b'accounted treafoa^ 
Inharipicfsperfbns | and no other fault 
Should briag their lives in danger, at th*ajSault 
Of th*hair-brain*d rabble { tb* Emperour hereai 
Grew niilde> and pity*d their »fHi£tel ftate. 
A fcer him Ant^nim Pint fwaid 

' And he thif periecucing ftoroi allau)« 

Gods word*5 fiilfiU*d ithe wicked's rod (hall noe 
^&*i^5«3* Alwayes reoiain upon the i^btcous lou 





Tie fourth Primitive Perfecution^ which began 
Anno Chrifti 1^2. 

'Ow A^wmnm Verwi Pint fon^ 
(Who dead) rau*J the third petfecutioo. 

\t9fycMrp, Cdrprntf aod a number more 
||q jIJ!m bura'd • Pelicitas ac Reme, 
"Tdi heir fevcn children fuffsrcd Martyrdome* 
thngM was her eldeft Son • and afcer> prett 
^odeidi with feaden weights, attain*d true reft. 
The two next had their braids knotkt out with maub: 
Tbe 4th thrown headlong dowu a precipice, fprawls 
Vfidi itts broke neck : The three that do remaioi 
Uuft lo(e their heads. In finei the Motter's fliin. 
Cntcmrdui (uScttd • whoiodi^race^ 
Did (fin out ffHttle in the idbis face. 
Iq Pfiimce die Chriftians underwent all wrongs ; 
AiScouxgings, ftoilia^Si and the fpatt'rii^ tongues 
Of railiog Ruifhdkws : at hornet abroad 9 
Their backs muft tolerate affliftions load x 
Yec well they knewi that griefs were tranlitory» 
If but compared to eternal glory. 
Sm$€bk the 6i(hop of r#>i»M,ftood 

tUomov^d, uader iuch pains, as flcfli and Uood 
|CouU not endure to beartBO torments could 
Ptenil CO make him to let go lus hold* 
WSet be wms isk'd, where he ^as Vio«^ ^tAVi{t^ft^\ 

V Wf mm w w ^^0 w 


And when another did demand his aamei 
Urging ic much, his anfwer was the fame S , 
A cbird enquiiM^ whether he were a maiy 
Or bond>0r free j JumaCbrifiiam^ 
He ftili reply 'd : no cormracs cquld divorce 
His conftanc lips from u(ing chac diicourft. 
When there were plates of candenc Brais apply '« 
1 * his tendreft pares: O how did he abide 
.Thatfcorching heat! nor was he feeo to (hrinki 
As did his body : while his tori'r ers chinkj 
With new fupplies to force his recaBtati(in» 
He quite contrary to their expeAauoot 
Was fo rcftoi'd, that what bexiid endure 
Thele latter times, did prove his Sov'ratgncure. 
At bft placM in a red«hot iron chaitt 
His fp\i\ (with others)* vanifh'd into Air. ^ 
Thus were the holy Saints, from motn to night 
A fpciftaclc onto the people's fight. 
Bikltdes ii\ the midft of pains ^ke thut» 
Ah ! how (hould we (as you report of us) 
V Vc Chriftians, think you, ef our bibes make foe 
When we not taint our lips with beftial blood. 
Attaltu frying, thus Your (elves do eat 
Mans flcfh : and as for us, we loaih fuch meat. 
h'iog asked what hecall*d their GoA by name| 
He anfwcr'd, Man's and his was not the (aai% 
Thea let your 6od« if that % God he be 
So powerfull (faid they) come fet you free. 
Ton^cus a youth of fourteen years o£ age> 
Perpais'd th: utmoft tif the fo*meiis rage. 
Wilde ba^fts are BUmdind, but they i 
More merciful then menj would go their way* 
Whipped (he iSfthen broyl'd and thrown on ^ 
PoiBuls to te^r; fromcfery^aptB^vr9it^.. 

Blood guffaet forth,, tod runneth ouc afrefli 
From 'th*urfl[ppp\)chi&ks of her bemangled fiefht 
She felt Ho pAine, by reai(bn (he was fill'd 
yVich fpii'cual joy: (he ac the laft was kill'J. 
[The bodies of die Saiacs were made a mock» 
Ik (corns t byword * and a laughing- ftock 
l\h* open ftrcetf , till thrice two Suns were down* 
Thca DumM cbeir a(hes in the river thrown. 
Jh' Apofiadzed Chnftians» which came 
chdr uyabi did confefi cheir (hame 
dowipcaft looks, and for rowi boding faces ; 
Ceadks puWeri2*d chem with diigraces, 
^ pa(bBi coo d^9ierou9)iddiAed 

vicc^ ddeiving what (hould be infliifted: 
But they wliich conftant to the laft remaiaM* 

a cheerful brow»and encertain'd 

j andj as it were combined 
glorious rayes, and like to Pbmtm (hin'd. 

f So mve I feen a fair and com^ Bndeb 
Richly atcit'df with what a decent pride 
lie ouitf her conclave, or interior roon» 
And nepi to meet with her'returmng Stoom> 
Wkc> drawing neert about her neck doth fitlU 
And ieah tus fayours oo her lips withall. 
Fiub at an ornament the foul endows | 
I Ohcift is the Bridegroomtand the Cbufch the Spoufe 
I fiepares to meet mm> attd direft her raciSj - 
' That he oMy hug her with entwin*d eooraces. 
They aMtt^Chrift Sc his (bllovringSppufe do clamber 
l]pDy(kepfltireS) heaven is the Bddal Chambers 
Where, with UriknowA delights, they are poflcfi 
^Of fweet tepo(esi and eternal reft. 
AUr^m Am^ilimf and ^^tuiiM go 
T^ofm$g^m ihsQii4du the V^l^Xt loot 

fc- r I w.'»«>ir(r"'l##i 

Their Army by innuni'rous foes befeti 
'Were lib puc co*4, the fouldicrs codd not gee ^ 
The leaO of water rcheir chitft to alhy : 
Witl^ thac>a Chriftian Legioa fell to pray, 
(Withdrawing fr6in the reft) the heav'a disbm 
Abuadapt(howVs|theRomadsquencl/J their tl 
Agaiofl cheir enemies, Itich lightnings flaihMj 
As made them fly difcomHccd and da(h*d« 
The Emp'reur pleasM hercat, commiads that d 
KillChriHians moie^whoTeGod fuchtluogs had d 
And his (which was aot long in force^ depxc 
BurnM cfae aa»fersi fee tL'accufed free. 


» I 

The fifth Primitive Perfecutio/iy vphich hi 

AnnaChrifti ^o^-. 

\^Hea Peacc*maiocainiBg Pir$ii$4x was di 

Severe Sevwrm reigned ifi bis ftead • 
By envious nimors» and chroi^h falfe fuggfrftiooj 
The Chrifiiana lives were dayly brought in qixAi 
The King commaDds s his w'lllia^ Subje^ ftciv 
To bEtBffcuboiit.tbat noae be letc alive. 
In Sun*bira( AffM^ Capp^dmat , 
In C4r$k^$^9A m AUxMi ruu 
So dM ibe ftuarixf Aua WIS fluoiberlcft I 
AflMi^ wbooiMirrjvK «ad Ismuiu^ 
Orignfi f acher«viidi wbepi Or^m 
His fottbad dy*d> Ittd aoc Ma mother bin 
An hinderaoc^incbat (be did conveys ' 
The nteht before, his ftiirt aoddoam aivw I 


IOC for fear t^f Marcyrdome* 

ig to be ieep>rcaiainM ac home. 

» lr€Mdm$ jindwlmt 

SMjrm^ Secundnlmt 

FeiicitM, and RbaMf 

imdy deaths conclude dieir dayes. 

» DivioeidtagM up and down 

I at laft was nico Tjier chrowR* 


otCL t^ die judge muft becottdemoM | 

tats misdiag how (he did be^ve her» 

hewti; foliiciceber* CO favour 

od ttoc CO caft her fctf away ; 

uc young, and tBaay atnerry day 

CO fee : buc (he difcreedy teac. 

ous words, as caus'd chem CO leledt^ 

thac rchgion yield their hearcs , 

lich they chrew their perfecuting darci.- 

len perceiv\iileaygaia'd,(henins her home 

friimm (ends z VriMmmcomCB 

s chcm in the &ith fo highly |iriz*d | 

Ircd do believe and are Dapdz*d« 

Marcyr afterwards was fliiic 

rive hours in a Bach • ac laft they cue 

off from her fiMHiUers: cbusfhecMWI 

, and up uKo die douds a(ceaded« 

f of fifteen years of agev 

irg*d» chea hai^'d iM>^by dbefeec : itt rife 

Iwar'l unto d^ wild bcafts toft 2 

oc bmtiag Imiii hit head be lbft» . 

vr, a Romao Scnatovy 

rifr, hia cMldren, and neer (burty mOte^ 

day beheaded were ; cbeir paces 

ughiove; chcGcygatesi j 

As Bug-bears to affright and fcare the reft ...^ 
From Chriftianity, which icprofeftr , \ 

P#^4imrM» (boyling Pitch being poutM =< 

Upoa her naked flefb ) the flames devoui'd. 
And Ztfhtrinm | afcer him Vrt^Wi ] 

Both Roman Bi(hop5 ; good Faltri^m, 
J^tartiw too, two Noble men of Rome, 
m their Religion fuffer'd Mirtyxdotne. ^ 

*^\nR Narctfst thict falfe witncfles fuborn'd ; i 
Tik^ont loft his eyes^ the fire a fecood burr/d • - ^ h 
The third lay languiChing : thus we may fee 
Th'accufers fufter» theadcus'dgofcee*. r 

Amioebm fell down^ and having cry*df 
His bowels burn'd within him/adly dy*d« 

S E CT. X. 

Thefixth Primitive Perfecution^ vphichhegi 
AnnoChrifti2 37. 


linm {Sivcruf dead and gon) 
Scirt'd up the twice<hird Perfecutiont 
Difliv'd the Teachers, Leaders i and the beft • 
By this means chinking CO feduce the reft; 
TTioufa^ds were Martyred, whofe names are loft 
pe M0j^ Yfith Or*£$9ft * book, m which they were CBgroA 
AboMt this ciBie NiU4l$mB a Prieft, 
(Who much had fuifeiM for chc cakfe of Cbrift,) 
Seduced was by Jt/ciipinUi^ 
^od Tbioderti wbo prooiis 'd to alloc 

Und^Y the Heathen 'Em^e fours. ^y 

Ittdered and fifty (ilver Crowas 
im each monthy if*he would but (caownce 
Chriftiao God> asd give to theirs refpeft x 
[d» and was a biihop of their fe A: : . **i 

Sod (whole meroj^ would not have iuin loft} 
had fo much endur'd/o oft beea aof^'d) 
ommedbim by I yiiion plaiQf 
I'oyn Kunfelf to the true Church again : 
:h the gliod ihaiii b^ing for the prefent blinded 
gam and honour (as hie ought) aoc minded. 
e ni^C after b*ing by Angels Icourg*d» 
uc on ftdeloth in the morui and purged 
al with tears : with doleful laoientationi 
3S in hafl to th*Qiriftian congr^tion : 
loyesi and for Jefus Chrift his teke, 
•ly entreating tlieni j once more to take 
ito thdr focidtyi and quire* 
Singly chey granted his defire. 
com Hipp$hm dy^d : the Martyred 
ies in a {Mt were buried* 



venth Primitive Perfecution^ which hegan 
nno Chrifti 250. 

cim% that cruel Ecbperour,b^uA 

lie ievcnth bloody perfecudon : 

ch Nijf§ph*r$a thus • Can any tell 

ids ? they may the Marty t*d faints as weli' 

I, diat kept a Biflioprick at R$mit 

t Kings rrcaAires/ufFccd Miuvtdom« 


Sdiildt dyM in prifon } and a train 

Of forty Virgins mcvt in Jnti^cb £Uin« 

The Akundrian Cbriftians are bereft 

Of all their goods ; yeai they have nothing left : 

Yet they re joyce» and are therewith conccntf 

Knowing their fubftaace )& nio):c pprm^nc* 

When ^p^Airr^V teeth had daa>'4^ 

A fire was naade | they threat to thrPIV bet ifix 

She rous^jfl a while, (rduHng cp be turi^^d) 

And gave a leap into thefire, and tHu:q*4* 

The flime cdnfumM : a^tay (poor iQ|i}04)^ Wfi 
In the defected de&rts | others livei 
Lay open, to the raging ^t-tbroat's Ifs^fBh 
A certain Minifter with pains oppr^» 
And fearing deaths defir*d tpbe relens'cl : 
. ^ . A young nian> theii coo glorious to behold 
fMs^ For mortal eyes, appcjiringidid unfold 
timetiif His angry lips: What womd you have QWdo ? 
'M§iuifi Ytfudare not bear, and out you will not go. 
Becaufe chaft Tbepdota did refule 
To facu£be» they fent her to tte (tews ; 
Where lutl-eaflioiM young inea for entra ncc pie& 
But Pi4^iv«y (lip'd in before the cefti 
Having the habit of a fouldier on. 
He changM (or hers • aid fhe in his b goiu 
2)i4;iB0i«^ ftaycs behind: b\Qg fbufKl a inyif 
He foon profeis'd He was a Curiftian ; 
ConfcfliBgch'wholeftateoftbciiutctert (b 
He was condemnM* aqd va^A to coram gp t 
Which Tbgpd9r4 ha^og underflood | 
To five the (bedding ofinnocuoos bloody 
Comes to the Judge/and faid» I bear ^gidfc | 
And h Vm hereicmdfnu oie if dion wUc t 


c imn> I prf y lecbim go fiee^ 

rur fury lighc on him, but iiie» 

^ heard; bjDch for their lives xiere try*d^ 

d bocbi Bdicadcd both, bpch dy\)» 

lU chac the Pi«cor could deviie^ 

se itf2r#f 4/ c*offihr {acrifice : 

r€ him iftfo a garden brpughci 

atiecy of pleafuces firaHglic ^ 

hkB dowo<itpofi a M^ thm^ 

ICC iofd^ upo« him firowflt) 

c liUies^nd thefiragraac Koft^ 

^na% ftreacBS iaviung fweecrepdes y . 

ec whittling of the leaves movM by 

lie, he left him i prefcntly 

Scnimpecgari(hiy»^tcirMi ^ 

rancoD diakftj dcfiiM 

enial of her earneft fiicci 

body lowly proft itine. 

feaiiog he fliould be by folly 

i.and led Co do what was iuiboIy>) 

is cpf^uei and with a certain grace, 

ut ifito her whoriSi fiioe % 

matting wound he did preveac 

ind cpnicniieacly puniflimenc* 

f$$ moft iettible df pauif 

WifiimBiOy^d i fo was ipc lUtb : • 

Iboner put his hand to evil9 

Gfcfled with an unclean defi]« 

1 with violenoe Hpon cbegrouiMlf 

Mgue, and died of the wound; 

Rates were pofleft'd, and (bme 

ruck, (were ever after) duofai' 

oe thus fell awayi others &qq^1mB$ 

glorious Martyrs to the laft 

Da 1W^ 

}6 The feventh PerjecuUon 

But Hicim not long fecurely flepc : 
' For conquered by tM Ootbsi with*i horfc he leape 
IiKo a wh'trlpooli md therein was drownM) \ 
Nor was his body ever after fouod. 
Tea* God throughout the Roman Empire fpied 
A ten-years plague, t*aveiige the blood wasflied* ' 
Brotherly love theChrifttans (hew'd tfeach ocbcr^ ^ 
By vifitiig, relieviAg one aootheri 
But the Idolaters fled fromi segk^d, 
Cafl cut, not fuccouiM^thofe chat were infeAed i 
Shift onely for thcmiel vcsj go where they wiil. 
This fpreading punifhment purfu'd them ftilL 
GaBfts fncceeding (JDeeius being dead) ^ 

This perfecution continued ? 
The weight of his difpleafure fell moft heavy ^^ 
Upon the (houlders of the Tribe of Levi. 
He bam(h*d Cjfpri4m, and more Divinesi 
Condemned others to the Metal-Mines t ~ 
T*whom Cypriam wrote letters €Olns*Iatory 
She wiogi afHiAioii is the Saints true glory • ^ 

Deep wounds and fears are to a Chriftian brefi 
As Ornaments to bring them in requeft 
With God himielf; to multiply thsirfamej 
And not as markes of ftigmatized fliame. 
And though the naked Mines aftord tfo beds. 
Can they want eafe that lay in Chrift their heads ? 
What if their aking bones lie#\h*coId floor i 
Is't pain to lie with ChrUi ? fay they are poor. 
Ye: are they rich iii faith i fuppofe their hands 
Be manacled I put cafe coaAed bands 
Hold their worn feet : Can he befaid to be ' 
Fetter'd with chaiasywhom the tord Chrift doth fice 
He Iics.t>*d in the ftocksi thereby whofe feet 
Tq run a bea v*«ly race become more fleet. • 

•tf Heathen Em^rours. 

c can a Chriftito be bound fb fa(T^ 
bis lifc^ crowsf adds wiags tsacahis haft. 
y have no dodie^ cold weather to refift i 
I he be naked whp hath puc on Gbrift ? 
lYief waac bread ? Ghrift is che bread of life.' 
t oonunech down £rom heaveai ia him is tife : 
1 by che word which doch from God proceed^ 
ud CO life»and' not alone by bread. 
at macter Vt cboif h you defbrmed ieem } 
ifliall behoooui\l»and of gieateAcemt 
u: Cod will tura your nuferable dayes 
peace I your moucniogs into (bngs of praifi : 
1 (ail chroi^ troublous Seas^to be poflcft 
neayeny the haven o£ eternal reft, 
1 do oocfirieve, becaufe you are fdrUd 
lerfetfaeLordt (as formerly you did) 
our Parochial places ,®od*i endia'd 
xept ck'endeavours of a willing mindc : 
I day^ (acri&es you imparti 
1 loves I -a broken and a contrite heart, 
fiail cakes pleafure in : bedothr^ard; 
fervaacsteacfj and will at laft reward 
lious bcc0s» wUch do confefi his same : 
fMoafd he batfi> aad will perform che fame* 


■■ ^ 


The eighth PerfecuUon 


The eighth Primitive Perfeamon^ whith be^ 
Anno Chrifti 259. 

VJliriaff nexc adds fuel to the fixti 
Aadbio^sche flames of perfixuddh higKfeir i 
By aR Egypdan Sorcerer iiegtnlVl, 
He DOW is cruel, whb before was milde* 
The Chviftians are baniffied his Courc, 
Where lately he allowM chctB to reforc ; 
Nor was thiSj^II ; youflg iiieo»iiiakis, husBaiidfilfHi 
AU foicsiaDd ranksiODuft Iofe(dear hearts! } thfir B^ 
Three hundred foulsi then by che Pre(«ienc 
OfCartb^pt were into a lime^kiln (ear. 
Three Virgins firft had Vinmr and gill (and 
totCd down their throats ; then (eourgM>cHei irid 
Befineared were with lime 1 then brcii'di then dtt 
To wild beaflt, and beheaded at the laftt 
When CjfriM long hid bor A affliftioos 3^1 
His neck fiibnittted to the fatal ftroke. 
Sixtm a Kfliop of the City Riime^ 
And his fix Detcons^fiiff^rrM Martytdome. 
tumrem^ the (eventh, ^s along he went 
With Sixtm g<»ag to his punifiiraeati 
Complained he ifiight not (feeing be had rather 
Suflkr then live) die with bis Rev'read father. 
Sixtm te|^*dt before three da^es fycte one 
He fliouM oooc after: go aad gife a(x>iit 
lYbtnterim thy trcafiires to the mot : 
rA'dKftrrio^ Judge fu||^6fe^W hadaoct 

Ofwetkh crockM npi commstiKied bim to briag 

AB cbt c be had : For co cfFeft wbich thing. 

Imtiu^e eri?'d cbree daycs refpic ; in which (idck 

Of dme* he gach*red % poor Chriliian dock 

btot rings the fourth day doch a £Ford 

New l^hc, and he noaift now make good his word. 

long eifbit*d by a feverer charge, 

Coungtoos L^ivrrffr^ doth his. arms enlarge 

)fer £e ntectv throng. aU faid^ Theft be 

le precious Jewelsof the Church i feci fee. 

be cteafure is indeed • here Chritt doth dwell. 

|iit Oh ! what congae fufficiently can ceil 

1* rainfag fiiry whii:h the Tyrant adfted ; 

low he ditfl ftanopt did ftare like one diAraAed ? 

b tf(% did fplrklct his gna(h*d teeth ftruck (ire. 

ndTii ihoiitb all ib a foimi thus wreak*d his ire: 

indk the fire; Faggots on Faggots fliag : 

fbaCi doch the vtii^tin thus delude the King ? 

.way,awav with him ; whipi beat him Tore | 

^MX eke Triitor ^ith the Emperoiir ? 

inch him With red-hot tongs ; le; candefit plates 

■gtsd the Raskals' lo^ns • hear, heat the graces ; 

od whenyliate bound the Rebell hand and foot | 

to with UmtTcft biin»broU hkn : look you do*^ 

In pui of Mt dirfdeafUtt ; to(s hifiii ttfrit him | 

charge you* dd tot leaife h'un till you boM him« 

jid mactbdidalts tdb x each man fiiip 

lis office quick, and etecute my wilf • 

efenge fiades nimble hinds ; the cott^ lay j i 

Emoaafi^tMn^ied; Iv«illiiot% 

Lfh^ft6«dttf ttodiiiidk^itfo, 

ite it afibtAd Liift^M eale, not woe« 

U^rlM/>hean borlit jLii»r#ttr^ Ml 

nidoHMitfaMiftiiVIs coitiMceilm«fi% 

D4 -ttes^ 

Thtt Lanrenee thm : 
Tyrant, Ms Ctdc's eaough^ turn up the refl • 
Or roil or raw, cry Which thou liseft beft« 


The mnth Primitive Perpcution^ vphich begt. 
AnnoChrifti 278. 

CLauditUt and afcerhim Qjiw$Ui4m, Crdgc 
(Both whicii but one and chrice threeyears d 
Maincaift'd the Churches Peace : while chcy cn'dur'i 
The Saints were happy, and their liyesfecur^d • : 
^nnlian, nii^t^Wy fevere and cruel^ 
Succeeds j his rage fomented by the fuel 
Of mifointbrniing (inifter fu^eftionf^ 
Prov'd Tyranpous • his Nephew's life he queftiohs 
And qudlionihg; abrepts : then he begun 
To ftir up the ninth perfecution. 
But thus ic happ*iied : while he went about ~ 
To feal the Edi^ (hat was ifluing oqtj 
There did a Thuhder-bolt fo neer hini fall, . 
That he w^s l^illM , *cwas the ^Qnient of alt. 
The Emp'roor Arake with fucb af(oiii(baicnt| 
6ave over his Tyrannical inteor. '. 
He after (ix ye^rs reign was murthered : 
And theCWd) forty four years floiirifhed .' -/ . 
Under a various Emp*rour« Qi what peace (poai 
Doth crown the Chriftiaas brows I 'what largp'iE 
or honour doth betide thetn Uhey tefoxt 
Uito the CourtiwhQ lately werp a foorc 

, . i 

.£ " T 

foes : ^nd chey thic were z piey, 

1 and priz'd^who now more great then they? 

I the Chrjiltians baeh*d them&vesin qiiiieti 

[t€b drew them to exceflive rioc^ 

CO idlenefii to.fcdd, and brawl 

riflesi or nothing at all • 

ig words btfpatt'ring one aaoehert 

dttion againft each other : 

ich Bi(hop5 • and the vulgar train 

le vulgar akricace for gain : 

i their fins eacre;ifed cv'ry day » 

wrath cameivi^re fin chalk*d out the way: 

tbe Chriftians eoeoiies abound) 

ir Churches level with the ground ; 

:d Writs* i'ch'ppen market-places • 

ir Priefts, and load them with difgraces : 

nd contumelious opprobries, 

chdr DoArinc* aiAd their words defpiie* 


) Primkive Perfecution j vphiCih begtm 

Tyrants , Diocltfi^^ in the Weft. 
Mdximinimxn the Eaft» diftrefi'd 
o£9od : thefoe^metn overcotqe> 
uted fblemn gaooes at Rcmt t 
nnor iajs of their b*ing viAorious; 
rUfiflm wjM fo vauQ-gloriousy 
rouliclbeagodfaadbeador'd;^; .. 

Nor did be ftick to fiy* that he wt^ brother 
llAto the SuD akid lf(x>n» tt was bo ocbec 
Htsfiioea adom'd widi gold and Predom ftoaeti 
The people kneeling on cheir tnartow-boifes 
He bid to kifi his feec, (Q hefihc of pride ! ) 
He periecutioB rais*d 1^ ac Eamr tide 
Pjaces of Divine worflbip he cn'etum'd ; 
And in concempc the Sacted Scripture burned/ 
Some Eiders of the Church were com ii funder; 
The reft variety of deaths w^t under. 
S^lvMum Kfliop, with him thirty nine, 
ended their fdtrowcs in a M:tcle-Mtne; 
The Tynan Chriftians (noiie this fury fparci) 
Were caft to Lyoiisi Leopards* and Bears 
Kept hungry for that puroi^fe s male-contear* 
iTbe beafts not touched tMrnj their cfav»s were te 
At other preyes I they vehemendy rage ^ |[fl 
*(Bainft thofe whidi brought the Qiri^ns on 
And ieizM on them ; who though they thought 
Out of harms way ibecame the v^d beafts {dcd.^fl 
And afterwards, thefe holy Martyrs flaia, 
y Vere foon commtctid to the foahning main. 
The Syrian. Paftors Uy tnprifon chainM i 
Zin§lfim]i t^h^(i(pian»iirkk-bau brain'd. 
Yea good 5#rrM D#ir/#^Mi u»ife» 
Was for rdigions fake deprivM of life* 
The Mar^ri bbod ran lU^ a flo^bg ddet 
Such an intta^iUe iiund)d: dyVi. 
Upon a Chriftmas^ay MHioimtm fir'di 
A Church whertM the Cbfttans iedt\l» 
Tocelebraft cMc joffidda^iWhmbl 
/i^ was bom CO fi^ tbem from Oifir fii^ 
HcMlfodid 1 Pbrtf^Qei bmiu 

T the Heathen Emperours, 4} 

; Gendemca of good repuiei 

dr faith > and boldly did refute 

;: chetr oaoies up to the Marfliil ^viTi 

chen fo gallantly beha^ 

admiiM, and flood in a quandary* 

b to cake i bis anstous chougixs did tiny t 

e tryM what fair words would do ; 

hem money, and prefeniieat too : 

t*d thus; We ndihing do defire, 

Jonc; the wheel, the crofs, the fire, 

ins* His eyes the Marflial cafts 

d expk)s*Ji to nOnhern btafts ; 

e ftripp*J unto cheir naked skin | 

5r*weathcr,yetchcy muH goin, 

11 night. We put not cfF our cloathf^ 

ic our old mwy which God lb loaths. 

eeetv*d them^ ^cd the nipping froft 

eirrhcmbeM* breath not fuHy loft 

ipfieatM mto the waikened world^ 

:pok out, and burn'd ; their afiiei bu^d 

ding ftreams*- ■ ■■■ 

r#, in C^ien Itafyj and Spidm 

' millions of Chriftians flaifly . 

d unto the truth : in Trrv$rs 

s of blood diicoloutM ample Rlfers. 

ution run along» and came 

'itMMi where the Chriftiiaiis flatiie. 

be kiddes of deadiS) the locmencs were 

utt diey unutterable are| (li^^f 

gSi ftourgings, radnngs, bickiopi nAx%^ 

itng^i pndingf , kidii^, mH^Ungii 

le teyith Perfecution 

Some manded to the mincS| others were quarttrV 
Iq brief, there were fevcutcen thoufand Martyt'd 
In ope months fpacc ;_ycc ftill the Chriftians joy*d 
And ftill cncrcas'd, the more. they were dcftroy'd 
^4i/rrii«i invading jtntfccb, 
JLomanw tunst and tells the ChrifUan flocki 
That woIves,which would devour them up,wete n 
But tberewichali exhorts them not co fear 
The greateft perils, b)it that young and old 
Wcdd be couragioi^SirefoIuce and boldf 
To hazard life and limb, for to maincaia 
<5od*s aufe and theirs. Vfith that, an armed crau 
Poui*d in upon them • but ihe Chriftian chropg 
. Arm'd wjtb the JOafFe of faiih, were too too ftrO 
For them co grapple with then: fpeedy word 
Was fent their Captain, that no power offword 
Could e'le prevail • it was in vain to ftrite 
Againft the liream Romanm yet alive. 
The ireful Ca pcain* in a fumCf conunands 
KcmMMm be deliveiM to his hands. 
tiomanm comes ^ thus did the Captain fay, 
And art thou then the Author of this fray ? 
Arc thou thfLCaufe why thus (o many (all ? 
By Javi I fweat chat anfwer for them ^U 
Thou flialt^and that e*r^ thee and I do pare, 
rU make chee undergo the ielf^fame (marc 
^ Thou do*il encourage others to a^ide. 
GaUrim ceas'd t ^afSMMMr thus reply fd | 
Tyrant, I hug, and willingly embrace 
Thy (entence ;know» I count ic nodi%tace . 
To be for my dear breth'ren facriiic*di ' 
iBy worft of torments.tbat qm be devis*d«: 
QaUrim rafiir^ at this anfi(ver ftouCi 
Cb/siiiaadi b^ oKn to cru6 ^VJ#nd dr^^ 


9vels« Th^exe^tioneri defer .\ 

attvA dceds^ and %9 Noc (9 good Sift 

f noble Parents, and his breath 

>tbe AopM by an ignoble death. 

e hiiB then (bundly, let your yerking Ia(heSs 

y with leaden knpbs^cuc woundsiand gaihes* 

xn Rummm ufed this expreflioo s 

IfdefenCt but Cbrifiian-like profditod 

atech mej be noc therefore 

lyourtble , butinflift the more s 

dol-worfliip I deteftidefpife, 

[ your fupeiftitious fooleries. 

iiac his fides, his naked (ides, were Ianc*d 

Does ; yet ftill this bleflfed Saint adyaoc'd 

log Sody aftd Chrifti whom he bath fint \ ~ 

rere his teeth flruck out, for this intent 

bt not fpeak fo audibly ; his face 

jfiecedt his cheeks were (lic'd • nor was 

I; nails tear his eyelids : from his chin 

iiipk*d his beard, and with his beard the dtin : 

s meek Martyr faidil give to thee 

:aifl» thanks, for opening wide to me 

ly mouths, whereby to (hew the power 

d^aad Jefiis Chrift my Saviour : 

*yrant lookj upon my various wound; 

I J mouths ha ve I, Gods praife to ibuod*' 

ipcaia wondering at his conflancy, 

to exercife more cruelty ; 

nagcd to burn himi and did fay 

lic^^ Cbrifl is but of yefterdayi 

saciies gods of longer Handing are. 

w cakes occafion to dedare 

nity of Cbrifl: of fevcn yea r old 

c t childe (faid he) what ht'JI unfo'd 

!i» ' 

lifleti unto : From out the ga zing thrpng 
A preoy boy is (»ck'd : Romania corigue 
Be(pN»ks him thus { My Lambi ought y^t noc nfb 
To wotfliip Chriftf aad ia this Chrift one Farfiecp 
Then a plurality of Deities ? 
Spe^ki'cis a good boyifpeak : the Child ri^Iie^ 
There n<^s muft be blut one 4Sod we co^cpve g 
That there are more, we child sen can*c beljinre. 
Th*ama2ed Captain faid, Young villaiOftWberCf 
And of whom learo'dft thou this ? my ipotbfr dc| 
He anfwer*d i taught ic me • this from her breaft 
I fuckM in with my milkj chat I muft reft 
My faith in Chcift alone % and in no other. 
In comes r^joycmgly the fenc-for mother* 
The child's hor»*d up and fccurg*J, the fianden Eqf 
With watfry eyes behold this cruelty ; 
While the gUd mother, a tear-Iefs Spe^tor 
Chides her fweet babe> for asking for cold ^fixti i 
After that cup (he chargech him to thirft 
The babes drank of, which were in Btthtfm iuin\i 
Upon my bicfliag I ifaac vccpvdf, 
ProiPring his qcck unco his father's fword. 
Then did die barbaroi^ tormentor pull 
The hair, the skin; and all> from the childs fcuU* 
The mother cryfs>Tbis pain will Com be goat 
Sufieri my child) my fweet-facM childi anoii 
Thou*lt pafs to himj who wili adcirn thy head 
With an eternal crown# a crown iadeed^ i 
Thus doth the mother chear cfae child : the child 
Takes heart to grafij aad in hii pains be fbuFd* 
The Tyrant (ceing how the Child ftpod hSt$ 
Hmielf fubduMiCommaads htm to be caft 
Into a ftinking DungeoBi whUft diat paia 
taatoRimanm fm reaew*d again* 

't t 

isdiag^dfortbtCohavpifrefli « 
nif of firipest oo his bfcmaogled fle(h« 
toTCsiiig the btre boacsj t fecond finare 
gOKBcech each already* wounded parr, 
r WAS tMs ycc enough • cuc> pridc^d i and pWQc\l 
fuddenly nuft be % then was deaOuocM 
Saai fai^BCC ^ion bun, aad (he cbijd • 
di muft be bMrn'd» their tormeoo were coo mildc; 
e umters did cpo favourably deal* 
mmum boldly faid, I do appeal 
sm chis^iiigodhp faitrnce of chioe own. 
umn ms nBicfious i nounai i nroae» 
hoisanimriglicludge; noc that I fear 
y ineicletf handili^ ; do« I more can bear 
ca dioo canft lay upon me ; but chac I 
lyflieiytlqr.^gaioics cobecruelqfi 
e ctuUe^ danaoded of his modieri (he^ 
abcadog iCi delivered ie to be 
Kea^*d ^I^; and whci the &tal ftrokf 
^ givoii Faieif dt fweec diilda Faiewdi flie %oker 

Atprstft O tmdt with biort md w$rd$ 

Vmi0 thf nm»9 irr f$nirr s 
7S» Sm^s thai Aj$%4iar9 in tlnim fj§ 

A^ fr§€i0m$ 4iim% und tittdtr. 

e chUds head^ off, the inodw cendet-bcMted 
wrap'd it m her kpiaiMi fo departed, 
tsMkmm tbeMiniothe fire is flung: 
Ibrm estin^Uifli'dic I and now his coigue 
A cikea wewd of Us head } hiineck 
Domes the fiibjeft of a baiters dieck. 
le C#riMflr havwg livM a certain time 
dtfettSi counted it at lafi a crime 


Not to endure • he chcrcforc when a game 
Was celebrated unco Mdrs, forth cameg ^ 
And up in a confpicuous place b*iDg got» 
He faidj Ten found of chofe that fcught me ndt I 
Then apprehended, he his faith confeffes j 
And in thx midft of torment this expreflcs : 
Ccxi's oiy ad)utor» Ah ! why (hould I than 
Fear in the leaft che Tyranny of man ? 
Nothing fiiall me difnay, chat can fall out ; 
Thou Lord art with me, fencing me about ' 
With Bullwarks of thy love • thy favour fliU 
Surrounds me : Ah ! how can I thc^nHfirar ill ? - 
Theie torments are but light; which I endure; 
Lee heavier come. Torjnentors, pray procure 
Subftaatiallec/then thefe ; thefe are too unall : 
Gibbits ? and racks ? as good have none at alL 
Wbea foul tiiqfins could not (hake bis faith ta Ch 
He was by fpccious promifes eatic'd : 
But Got dim faid, I do eipei^ in heaven 
Qbeater pitiermentSt then on earth are given. 
Now for chis good man going to be burnM* 
How many tender-hearted perfons mournM ! 
To whom he thus • Lee not your brimfiIlM*eye9 
Weep (howves for me, but for God's enemies % 
Who make i fire for us , Bu€4a cooclufions 
Purchafe a greater to their own confufioB i 
Oweepfqrthemi or nolle ; good people corb ' 
Thofe gliding Orcams, and do not thus difturb 
My calmed minde : for truely I could bemt 
A chottfand deaths for Chrift,and never fear^ 
Some pity'd himt whileochdrs, iftandiag by,- 
PerfwadehimcodeayCbriftverballyt - 
And to himfelf rcferve his confcience. 
My ronguff faid hci will under no pretence ^ 

lofior: uQCorighceoufoeis -^ 

cs bcUcve, but *ds our cofigues confcfs 
itioD; O let me excite ' 

fufifer for a aufe fo rigtie t 
l^> fulfill 1 dying imiif defire* 
.eceas'diand4eap'diiitothefifeJ ^ 
vj^i anEgypuan born and bi:edf 

it temporal (uUiAence^ led 

rlifef in defer( places I 

: might wholly ezerdCe his grattSi 

1 prayer, medittiioB, fit 

ienc lea^i^ of the (acred Wric*l 
uim'd CO ff ^ift when the aoud 
iidr paftimesi he proclaimed aloud 
sbeaChriftian: then furprizM* 
n Cod more boldly he agnized. 
K enfuM I ■otormeats could reydkc 
ribut thus he confideatly fpo|e : 
tuici nothiag comparable is 
jdyment of eteraal bliis: 
Ehe worldf if put into one fcale^ 
then Me foul i Who can pretaili 

te us froni the love of Cbrift ? 
iIadoQ?aigui(h?hc'stbehigh*ft| * \ 

rillllookup; he bids me fear noe 

iccaikillmebodblygbiicarenoc ^ 

ilirc the fouUbut fear him who 

9*r CO flay the fouUnd body tooj 

;diemiitahell» Having rec^?*d 

fcacendct up to heaven be heav*d . ^ 

haads, hearc, and faid s Oiord my nukeri 

le cocheCf in cbac 1 am partakes 

ft Ms precious btood : f hou haft not lee 

Jevour mej but haft beiet ^ ■ 

The tenth Perjecution 

My beav*n-fixM Tout wicb fuch true conftaicji 
That ui the faith I li? 'd Jor chat I die. 
The lift up axe, upon his neck falls dowBi 
And fo he loft his head»but found a Crovva* 
In Portugal a Noble Virgin nam\l 
£iy/4/iVi, of twelve years oid»eBflaf|i'd 
With holy zeaU osoft eamefUy defitM 
To fuffer death, and faeamiy teopiit\l 
The blefl adiftanceof Sods wilfif^ arnii 
And faith all her corrupdons cochartn i 
Her godly Parents, fearing (he (hodld come 
T'antiniely death» did keep her dofe aciiome { 
IBut (he (not brooking long delay) by nighc 
Stole out of doors, by that ciine it was^li^c 
She came into the Gty» and appearing 
Before the Jtidge»fpake boldly in his hearing: 
What, no Shame in you ? frill you ftill be beoe 
To (hoot your arrowes atthe innoceat ? 
Never have done(becauft no power controuls) 
To breaV their bodi^, and afflift tbeir foiils ? 
•Areyou deiirous what I am to know i 
I am a CbiAfiiaA ^and aa open foe, 
Untoyourdiabolick fKrifkes 9 
As for your Uoist diem my (bul delfts: 
I do aknowledgCt with my voice aad heart* 
Th^iII-powerfuU CSpd : mngmaQi ia ev^ry pare 
Comecut and mangle me» dishead me^burtt n 
What evei: thou canfldo^ (htU never torn mo. 
Alas ! alas ! my fie(h is too coo weak. 
Andmaybecofi<pierM; thoa naaift easly bteik 
This brinle Casket s but ray inward minde 
A j^wel is whkh dxHi flialt aever (inde. 

Then thus the angry Judge. Here Hangman^ttke I 
IV^f/ier out by the hair, to torments I makebe 

Undn" the Heathen Ewferours. 

k feofibk of what o«r Godf can do. 
Uidwe: But yet before thou Uiideigo t 

I oii6fmbleend> O fturdy girle^ 
Vie fiiia bate thee iccanc ; life is a pearl 
foo oredous (o lofe : call but to miade 
If Ndbie Burtb» and be not founkiude 
'o rUflC ovra felf as to aeglcA thy fertunis | 
lecfnoks the gfift'ring Bride-bed ihould itnportuiie 
liee CO pfdem cby life s bai^ not tfune ears, 
int be cntieat^ by thy Patents cears^ 
Ibc to coitcoHi tfa'Aurora of thy time/ 
lie flovKtf of thif youth is ia its ptiaie» 
jul wile thou flighc it now i well, if thou wilr,^ 
iMw» cbac to tB&t thee aafwer for thy gutltj 
lapacf axe ready { if tfaouPt not be turned, 
'nou fliak beheaded be> or rack*d,or bura*d i 
nnt a ibaO matter is'c, not worth this ftrifej 
o fliew iacea6 ? yet chat fliail faye thy lifrii 
mUHm ikx reply'd, but ipurn*d abroad 
ha iaoeiile heaps» and did with fpctle load 
Ik tyrants face : the Hangmia haying ratch*d her \ 
TA wilde4)eafls taloas to the, hard bbaes fcratch'd 
ot file oeas*dBoc to praife the Lord,aad prize (her« 
VactaiameAt of theie fublime digaicies. 
Vidi iii*iroa, grate her mangled body *s gorU | 
er Mb • whn flamii^ torches are dcvourM • 
Iff loog hair iccoafiret (he opened wide 
br mouthiaad fudted in cheflameiaBd di*d« 
The Judge told ^«#/, if ike did refttfe 
b facrab^|thece was a common flews* 
•ad b file Ihould s the chaft religious maid 

fltothc flock*d*laici?iousyoungftersfaidf 
hrift wiU aot fuffirr this (I tell you true) 
las ipodcis fool robe defil*d by you 


=52 TheC] 

By yoii bife (laves to luft ; clhea was flie phc'd 
Naked i'cb'ftreecaiid publickly di%rac*d : 
Amoiigft the leftf one fcoffiflg at her {hamct 
A flame like to a fla(h of lighcaiDg came 
And (buck out both hU eyes a he falliog dpwd^ • 
Did wallow in the dirt> while {he did crowa 
Her foul in prai&ig Cod: the Judge l^odt woid 
TothVxecutibner to Iheath his fwoifd. 
In her warm bowels ; ^/n^x maketh baft 
Tbmeet with hw^ (he canaoc run fo faft. 
O this (faid (he) diis, this is he whom I 
Am ttkeii witht I longi I loag to dier 
My breft Ainds fiiir;tbruft fi>uldieriif thou wik^ 
Thy glitt'riiig rapier up unto the hilt* 
Dear Facher opea wide the gstes of heayea 
I'oentertaiamyibuls her life's bereateo. 



. The Perfecution of the Chriftians in Pcrfia>i 
. derSs^potts^aiout the fame time. - 

r A Nd aow die Perfian Ma^aiis briDg 
XJL In accu&tions, to S4f§r€t Kiog* 
AgaiafttheChrifliaaSs for their ^dheriK - 
ToC09ffiJifnine ibeOr^at, (acrimepaftckeriifi 
The Kin^ iaceas'd berewitK. with caxesjfiotts 
Ppprefi^i them forci and killed their Dinacs i 
fiwrm their Prieft was into prifoafeati : 
For flighting Idol-gods { and u he weoCj 
VJibdMTts (a Chrtftiaa oCIate, 
Since fj^U'a away) vho at th« Court-gate fitte,' ' 

Under Saporcs. ^ 

\ hiln fcd fayt obeyfahce did him i 
m9§m fee Apoftaxiziig chid hipn. 
ifttous Eioitklvfuddealy let fa{l 
f (bamei Vis coflly gaimeats all 
fike iiiourn*d»and wich deje^ed £acc^ 
!d thns hii UoKQUble caKci ^ 
! witb wfiat a brazen brow fliall I 
poA (6od,fe^ng 5ii»#M dodi deny 
ie faluce ? He to the King mnft go» 
rncly ask*d him why he mourned fo f 
Palace thou waat'ft aiy thing 
aaAy and by the hoaour of a King 
be thme : that tolerable were; 
i ! who cai a wounded fpirit bear ? 
((aid he^ that acerbates my woe ; 
ho (hcKiId hate dyed long agoe ; 
1 1 fi:e,to which I feem*d co bow , 
denying Chriftf to pleafure you | ^ 
a O^Hcnin JOW9 for CO adore 
ct CreacoTsnot the Creilture more* 
gadjudg^himtoloft his head | - 
lb deach>at hia requeft *cwas Ipreadf 
ie chat itiffirrs hot for any treafoD> 
eligtoA>aid no other reafofl. " ; ^ 
riftians which disheartened had bitk ^ ' 
poftacyifae foi^bt toi win 
ofeflionMd example too. 
oew couraget add co undergo 
if R^ requir'd^ <Bood 5Jiirraii \ ^ ^ 

) and. prais'd the Lord for what was dod«^ 
e next Sua had rab*d diem from Chdr bedsi 
. (mndfed more all loft Kbdr headft 
; decreett»to mercy (hould beu&*d 
wUchcoM<»cuicSunrcfiisrd« ^ 

E 3 T» 

The fwor4 ttt^ ofet til the PetfiaA boufidf { 
'. Dcfour^d whok Qtses, tad uspedpkd txmm. 
li bridfi is alli during Ssp^ri^s leign 
Were more then (inceeo choufaod Cbciftiaili flan 


The Churches Perfecutim under Julian 
. jipoftata^ Anno Chrifti 3^5. 

NO fooaer was Canfiantim deceased , 
fultamHis ncpheWf of the W^ aod Eafl 
Is made fole Empcrour : he from his youth 
Was ^ell ioftru^dia religion's cnich t 
His good behaviour and^ingenious parts, 
Made him a Load-ftoae to attraS all heartr^ 
In biief>he had (what's difficult to finde) 
The rare eodowmeots of a vectuous miade* 
. But he ApoftatixMi Satan bis tutor, ^ - 
LearnM him tobe theX^burches per^utor t 
He op'd the Idol« FMr/9 locked up before ; 
And when the Chriftianiaidi g|P^ more and 
BytorMents, he was pqfful and mildi 
And by bis gifts and flatteries beguiiM 
The weaker (brt^who anrous of gain $ 
Were drawn afide : be alfe diid ordaiit 
That none pifofeffing CbrifliaQicie, 
Mafter of any Art mould dare to bet 
Or any Officer : be did'fiifaQra 
JdierfM to load then with «9Q(em{( aid bolAi 

* puc none CO death ; yecdkl cbecxew 
acbeDiOi IdoUccrs imbrew (ftobtt« 

baMk ia ChiiftitQ^orei braiu*J chcm mh 
re die fle(b from OTtbeir naked bones ; . 
i*d ibmc in icaldii^ water ; fome were ftrlppM 
aked I ochera had their bellies ripVi 
xtif^ with bartjr, fer the greedy fwine 
mp upon I \^hiie fome with famine pioep 
ineatM with hooey up againft the Suqi 
:ecs buBg» for VVafps cofeed upon, 
ildreo oeicher Cpix^d father nor n^ocber, 
iiencs child Ven ^ no nor brother brother, ^ 
Di-deprived boiies of fome were mix'd 
ailesbonesi here bangs on crucifix\)# 
ere* s onedrag'd.about thedreets • a third 
D capti^ likt a twigli(ii*d bird. 
beo fmlioM ^cri&*d to F^num^ one 
i6iftiopofbiiad*ey'dCi&4/rr4^»i ' 
^ ccbuk'd him, callM him imfHoos madt 
tCiAtheifts to whooa /^/mjs 
Si Blind fool* diy <Sod of Galil€9 
Qot reftore thy fight, and floake thee fee* 
teplyMiI am not (b unkind^ ^ . 

to tba A my Sod which made ine bliiulet 
It mioe cyef» (turiU from a beo;cr fight,) 
hy fo uif;faa9us face fliould lighCt 
w iDfacM in J9Mr4p/«r» 
li(hcdthis(BcBtilcifIm9^ % 
: his boi^ ^virith thdr teeth is gaawn* 
e traA of time bW wheeTd abouCs 
:oi^i]cs were toteedfMd their teeth fell out 
ir boft (bdttts {tfatt blind eyes M more 

ItheobjcA^tbcybebeldbcfosei __ 

• f 


%> vwv'ra' w^ 

While of j|^#«9V Dr/piiVi^ Oracle 
Juli4t$ efequit'^» a fla(h of ligktuag fell 
From the collided doudsf wluch orertum^d 
The Temple J and AfU*s Image bijm*d« 
The ChriRians made complainc to fmliM^Qcax 
The finML were more cbea they were ic&d ac z 
. He (cofPd the/n thus ; You ought to undcrga - 
Ait wrongri does not your <&od commaid you i 
Atb'nafim faidiTbis perfccudoa 
^i 'Pau- Is but 1l little cloud/cwill foon be soui ^ 




The Churches Perfecutioh nnder the Arrifl 
Hereticks^ which begm An. Chrifti 3 3< 

GReat CcmfiMiim.z wUIe before be dy^l^ 
Amoagft hit fons did equally ditkle 
Hi$bmt>ire; to che rule he did afl%ne 
Canfiantim^ Ccn/iMSf and Confismiini : 
ConfiMtiuii that govf rfted the Eifti 
Was foon (educed by as Arriaa prieft { 
Who htm informed} dttt AthMMfim 1 ■■' 

Retura from exile was pcraidous 
Unto the publick good ; iaceiifed theft» 
The Emp^our ftnt five tboufaad armed men 
To cue him (hon : the Chuixh was round beftCi 
Yet he firom them nuraclbufly did get j 
Though many Arrians caft their eyes about 
For this intenCyt^indtfitace him out ; 
Not much unlike a fhecp ordain^l for fl^ughttr i 
Ak>r(pciu/d du5 good man 

btiuflimeiic tSHie was forcM to hide 
ft deep pit, wheie he Qo light efpide 
r twice three years | aad at Unt^ a maid 
at us'd to bring. Mm foods he was'becraid : 
: Sod*s direAing fpiric did befriend him f" 
fiaipiM, before they came co apprehend hiqi^ , 
irty Egypdtn Bimops flam ; twice (even , 
ere btoilnedj Ibme in their way tooklfteYen/ 
jtUxmubris {the Ktntns iKg*d) 
not twenty Onhodox Di?ines were (courgM* 
e Emperourj at his approaching death, 
iet\i &c bb cbalD^ing of the Nticnt faith, 
trux beldcHUhe^damoabledefigQS 
linft Chrifiiais ; fourtcore eminent Divines 
(h^d* and fit^d ; fo they rcfign'd their breathj 
pndeat iiifeuig of a double death. 
lay he cailied to be.trufli'd to flii^rs;, 
ne CO be ditnwa^d i*ch* Sea • others ia riyers } 
oe ia chedeftrtt wandred upand dowQi 
tidied m fliceps-skiosj pityed by none : 
[u]e ocher-fonsc* (fo put unto their (hiftsi) 
rked in dens and hollow rocky cliftt. 
Jaft this Tyrant ftooa the G^thi did %a 
K>.fir*d t Tillage o're his headi whereby 
milerabfy dy*d: unto his name 
iTOg belttad a moaumeac of (hame« 

* t 




\ I 

The^ Perfecudon ij the DomtiBs y A 

« » 

t . 

nrtfc Dohatifts, and Circumcellioiis 

In Sut-burnc Jlffnck.* rais'J f ebelliofts i 
The drchodoxf innuoietiblc wropgi 
L^y under | Bifliop^ loft their fatnds and coBgu 
And otherSf that rtmiin'd fincetc todfouadr 
This barbtous outrage either hang^i or drowxA 
Their goods are plubdei^d^ and their houlea tmi 
To heaps of dadarsiand their Fanes are bunAL 
The faded Scriptures are by flames det oui\it 
Wives are dcfil'd » and Virgias arc deflour'cf* • 
Where ever thde profane Schifinadcks caioef . 
They holy things profaned ; nor wa&*c a fliani 
Counted amongft theai} but a grace* to feed 
Their mungrell currs with Sacramental briead* ^ 
Biit God's pA judjgcments did not long forbw 
The D(^s riin aad> and thcii^ own Mafletatqie^ 
Thefe furiotts^ perTon^i caft into the ftocks ' .. 
The godly Chriftians»)ind the Orthodox t. 
AH Itfj^riVj^o^re, they empty out their ga^^^^ 
Deftroyiag manyi and affinghting atU* 


sect; XIX. 


^ Perfecution of the Church in Affrick^^^ tht 
Afrian Vandalcsj Anno Chrifti 427. 

Hk FMddlftt under Oeftfirick* s comm^olt! 
RemofM their Quarters from th* Iberiaif^ land • 
1 mardAl to Afriek^ as along Ihey went, 
\ dow0 die ftirubs, which yeilded aliment 
the d]iper&4Saints • what e*re they found 
inaMf chef laid level vrith the ground. 
; Mklkisiidking undetneath their Ipads/ 
s pricked forward with (harp'pointed goads. 
nehad (usttl they cracked agi^in} their legs 
tefied with bowftrings : greafe and oily dregS) 
t-watXTi ftinkiag mirei and Vin^r 1 

the inouthi of others forced art. 

e Reverend gray hairs < ftona them bbtainM 
» mercy : as for infaats, they were brain*d» 
toTB tai pieces from the (tindamenc. 
e Garthaomaii Senatbrs ,were feAt 

1 waiider m exife s without refpeft 
ili;x,orageiCheRomahGity*s fack*d« 
on AfiieiKk)a*day» ft'Chrilfian crais 

xtiog at Chufch , were by thde her*cida flain* 
lere was a Noble marii namM: Smmrms^ 
c Tyraat fteing him^ befpake httn thus: 
had beft toexecute my juftcommands» 
r youihall forfeit elfe, your houft aad lands I 

Mr wife ihali marry OK that drives dK plow I . 

Mir4iiklxeiiflMUbeio(di no( did this Vsw 

" ■ -■ -^ - • ' Twt 

The good mins faith ; bis wife bearing her doom 
Wai CO be marryM co a fciirw groonif 
Runs CO tier husband. doth her nine cloches ceart 
Acd rends from cff her head her curious hair ; : 
Her brood of children banging ac her heek> 
A fuckling in her arms.chcn down (he knedsj 
And faid (my deareft) Oh fome pity rake 
.On thy poor wife: O for the Lord Chrifrs tike 
Lee not thy bandings under (lav'ry c&Cj 
Nor me b!e linked to a filthy Squire. . \ 

Be rurd^ fweec t)eart,if by confiraint th'art bioi^ 
To a A ami(s, chine will not be the fauk. . « 

He thus; Thou fpeakeftlike a foolifti wifef . 
, A Aing the Devils parr; thy husbands life 
If thou didft dearly tenders as thou {houldft» 
Entice him fb to (iut thou never wouldft ; • 

Which will proaire a (ecood death to me^ 
Worfe then the RiR ; I am rcfolv'd tob^ > 
Obed tent thetefore to my (Bods commands* 
And quite fdrfake wife» children> houfci and laidsi 
To b^his Difciplr, Scarce thefe words were out« 
He was dcfpou'd of all, and fent about 
The Country begging.. 6rii/^r#VlL being deads 
Hunrick^ fucceeded ia his fathers fiead. 
Well nigh five thoufand that did Chrift profcis» 
He banifiied into the wilderneft: 
He made his Courtiers dig the earth for cornr 
And brought the womea into puUick fi:ora« 
Mothers their little children foUowed* 
'Right glad that Martyrs they had born aAdhrdi 
One leading by the band her Utde Sop, 
Hafting iV>retake theiii» faid, Run Sirrab» ni* t ; . 
Seeft how the Saints do trudge along ^ bow fiiA :. 
y^ty tpakrimto their aovm? haftifirrahi haft. .:: 

wm 9 ^9^%/^ ' r^'w- ^ -~ • f " wwfr- r W^r^ v»*'^V ' 

IS rebuW: How now? why do jron go 

[y ? wonuDi whither bafte you fo ? 

I rcply'd ; Good folks pray pray for mCf 

:xile wkh this child you fee> 

the ene/nies corrupt his youth, 

nifleid him from thewaycs of truth* 

aints went aloag to bafSiOiment:, 

]es£idlow'4* and with one coaieftt > 

; their children down»did tbistxpreft { 

aft*we then be wedded to difllrefi ? 

ou hafic to yourcrowA> what will become 

poor wretches as we are) at home ? ' ^ ^ « 

Miaifters ha?e we (you gon) to feed 

Dgry ibttis with (acramenttl bread ? 

hall baptize our infants ^ tell us who 

us ? w'naye a^greater ounde to go 

ly bdiinde t but Ah ! our feeble ftreigdi 

ot hold out fo great a journeys kngth* 

ley that wentpand could Aot meid their^pacM t 

raggo) by the Moorsythrougb rugged places; 

efli all rent^and torn • they that were fboi^r 

the wilderaefi, to kill their huBger> '^ 
rely are allowed ; the ScorpioBS crawU ^ 
:hemi but do them nbt hurr at all 

their letMProtts ftings i thus <£od did pleafi 

ffliAioQ to (end them eaie. 

pit finds Mandates throughout ^ffksi 

1 the Bifliops (hould by fuch t day . 
fbagc meeti oa purpofi: by difpute 

p their faith ) and if they coi^ confute 
rianBifiiops: aow the doie drew near^ 
^ iiccordiog to command^ppcar* 
rbf^n; The Orthodox thought bcft 
out fofpf, 10 anfwcr for the reft*. 

lurches Perjecutton 

The Arriins p]ac\l chemfel ves on fublime throno j 
Tbefe ftood o'th* grouBd, aod (aid, IncquaU oacf 
Are coo uafic co hold an argumeBCi 
Nof no, h is by geoeral confeiiCf 
That Difpucaots the coDCroyerGe rear ' ' 
On equal fi^rmesi until the truth be dear. 
An hundred ftrokes, on e^^y one were laid 
^ For this bold fpeccb | whereat Eugimm faidt 
The Lord b mercy look upon our w6ei, 
Ajid mark our furoriogs under raging ^des* , 
The Arrian Bifhops moved to propound 
What they 'uitended» atthe firfts gave grouad# 
Declining the difpute: theOrthMox Chen 
A Declaration of dbr ir fiiith, did pen , 
And did it with this proteftation fliows 
What cur belief is, ifyou long to knov^, 
Here *cis : the Arrians ftormed at this thing. 
Gave them fool wotdif accusM them to thcEing) 
Heallof them out of the City turn*d x 
Who them nltey'd | muft by his Law be bttni'4« 
l%e fiifhc^ which i^h* open fields did iyt 
Befpake the Tyrant as he paiTed by : 
What e^ baye we done? we fain would know 
The reafda why we are afHiAed fo ; 
If we be called to difpute, we crave 
Why are we thus defpdPd of all we havc^ 
Why muft we live on dunghilsi in diftreft, 
AffiiAedf houikfti coidf and comfortiefi ? 
He bidsjand over them bis horfincn ride | 
Many are bruiied fore, thea th^ denj*d» 
B'iig urg^d, unro an oath to put their handt | 
And faid , Qur Sod coatrarily commandi s 
Nor are we mad«men, or fuch foolr, as that 
Wr ihould fubfcribei before ^ kmiw co fvhtu 

e Cfiour of the oatb then read : 
U fivear* chac whea the Kii^ is dead 
ball rcigdt and thac qo man (hall find 
ood the Teas. The King your f riead $ 
taking \t^ will you reflbre 
hurches you were ac before, 
lid Aoc* a«d alfo chey that did 
flaved^ add to preach forbid, 
ill outcries ! whathtart-reodiaggrofies 
ghout 4fri0k caui*d by bloody ones ! 
»i eicber iez and ageAnrat bang\i: 
cbey burned; there theyodiers haagM* 
d naked genclewoaaea vi;6re 
:ut*J, all cheir bodies barb* 
ff.4 bolder the reft^ 
»fi€epcioas of her miad expreft : 
fill, Aod's favour I have got { 
roman-hood diiclole you iioc« (he r^ 
Is fcarce out , they more enraged ftripld 
: ca all eyes* and fouodly whip'd bei^f 
ood flow'd down:chac vf bieb you broaij^ 
kfes (faid (he) for my reproach » - 
^ariand. Then(hewi%cheu'i / 
ind oaely (on, who per^ferM 
Uhis pains, till he disbiirft , 
ito him chac gave it firft. 
Ing deadi (uateAiog^CmmtUhfml j, 

etf s cyranni2K'd: mild Ttrafsmmtd 
ri^tuled well« Bift ia coaclirfioBi ^ . 
brought the KkmUls to confitfioni 
tinety years had been a rod 
che Saiacs and f/rdi/of God* 




# ■ 


Perfccution of the Chi 

Under the 

PA P A C Y. 


TkePerfecution of the WaldcnfeSj»>&i<rJ& 
AnnoChriftintfo. . 

I « 

Hea the Uack tioak of Popery was 
Upo& the (houlders of che cbriftiu* 
The laincs ftiU laboutM to difpet a* 
Thofe (hades CimmerUny and reveal the day 
With cruch*i bright Itiftre; aadw'uball deveft 
The Roman glory. One acBong the rcftf • ' 
A Iearil*dahd godly man at Lionstyihok nan 
Was Piifr F^/ff^imncfa opposed the iaiiie| 
Declariflig plainly Traafubftandatioa 
To be no better then an Inaovatioat 
Ife mo? VI the credulous people to embrace ' . . 
The precioQs offers of the meaas of grace* 
They which unco his Doftrine gave refpeAi? 
From him were called ^HTMinfiM SeA t 

:e a Soow-ball rowHog down a hill» 
I nothing buc increafed ftill* 
!?*ry day aad hour the Martyrs bfettii 
Martyrs blood the Churches feed* 
y in t thoufand Cicys fwamiS/ 
^ (eifeacy thoufand men of arms % 
I die p(bi(h CanoBSj Conftttuttoos^ 
ecreeSf aher their refolutions : 
wrongs iobody» goods^ or oameit ^ 
I bis iake, Was counted not a fliaDie« 
: flill proceeds (nor can be hope 
I topiiblifli to the world, tbePope 
rift I the Maft^bonataable s 
an Idol; Purgarot^a fable* Amm ' ' 

Hint the chirdy did auchor,ize « 1 1 08 

Inquificors for to furprize 
r*cicks (as he caiiM them) by pioeefi» 
« (eclar power m^ht thena fttpprefii 
[i|theiii<^is*torshad a trick 
hm pooTi Oh heV to Herccidt> . 

ATC uicb a death ; no power cootrouM 
I them iB;but what they wouId>they woidcL ^ 

iter« or a pad of ftra Wf 
he Saints^ he .was condeain'd by law* 
Tocate, aflaid to plead 
laiis cattfij.aa A^ioo indeed ! 
1 Heiri his father that way leansg 
- s enough to rob him of Ms meaaf w 
to keep the people in more aWf ' 

Mcrs do in their proceffibns draw 
antlyi injoyning them to vex 
xfji themfehfcs;with ropes about th^r iicdts* 
n diher hand* others along 
bce terrify the gaaingtbrongi : ' 

66 The Peyfecutio^^the 

Beiidcs all chefcthey have a cHouiaad Qiierksj 
They fend cue fome to fight againft the Turks 
And Infidels | (no need to feek for heires) 
Their houfes»goods, and chatcebiall arc theirs. 
At their returns ifany askM their wives 
Who lay vyith them ? They *ndangered their 
The foes confefs'd » they had not wherewithal! 
To build Up prifons for th*accufed all: 
And yet for aUI tUs peifecution> there 
titno . AbovceighthuiulredthouiaadCbriftiaoswere, 
160. The/aith encreas*d» and with a profpVous gale 
Qim'd o're the Atpi^came toPr^#/4'/ vilq 
from thence the people bordered upon ' 
St. JlifartMf Pi§4m9ut^ Lm Pircnfa Angr^gn 
W^tider there did inoUmeif able flocks 
Upon the aaggy di&j and algid rocks^ 
Above three thoujfand being hidin cafes^ 
Were ftifled by f^kefe maible-heartM fiav^s. 

The poor fVaidemfts by their pray*rs a^d tea 
Ofc mov'd the Lord tq free theai ftdm tkjftr ftai 
Two horfcmeA flyiogt cry'd. They come^ dicy 1 
Anpcber whilcg the beatisg of a druna . 
Caufed dieir foes retreat: which ftones, :l^ flinj 
They thpufands killed at feveral f kirmifliing^ 
Tbns God jfbr his defpiU Saints did fighc* 
A handful putting mun'rous foes to flight. 
Bat when the godlefi party overcame^ 
They did commit their captives to the flamct 
Or hang'd them up» or cut them out in quartos; 
Allvrhicb diftourag'd not the glorious Mar^fVSi 
Through the induftrious WMUkftfis toil # 
Abundant ftore of Com, and Wine, and 09« 
Enrich'd C4Uhia ; And God did blefs 
Their jams w JPr^Mwf 1 vith the like fucce& 

The Terfecution of the Waldenfes* If 7 

t lift vrben freely they the Gofpels worth 

^D to publiflij Pope Pirn the fourth 

UhirbiDg them, chey left behinde their goods > 

^ith wives and children fiyisg into th woods | -", 

KWetcpurfud % fomeflain and others wounded^ 

me fitonne-piBed (buls in caves were found iead« 

■d they that were d[%t»X$fi and U Gsrde^ 

Vttt radi'd^p'd,whip'd,nor dd nor young wai 

SIMM flays <ighty9 and ftakes up their joynts(^t'd , 

K thirty tnks together ; he appcxnts 

Guafcerioeach%ke. MeriMolTomh 

Vh ra»tafky C^de, and batter'd down, 

he CdhieriMs broUghr into a field> 

Vere hadt^d to «eces ^caufe they would not yields 

ad taa btrare{^(hed with 

yomea werenr'd, 0;pri# Mo^felf did draw 

ouDg lofaots from their mothers rip'd* up bellief } 

famen kilPd them of Aix t^M^fiihi i 

tm two and two, together houadi they (lew 

M boots of icaiding ai (O cruel!) drew 

Knothers Iqgs. But heav'n at laft ^rced 

^ wpfiil^codi to that accurs'd 0^r^« 

kiPiiidiai^/i which ^^^ jiliicztaei 

IfjU^mfes thence received the name* 

W Arxamk/xht third, his wrach did fmpke 

w they fliodt pff his Antichriftiaa yoke } 

ledMNii condemned u Het^cicks^yec th^ fptejii 

UA maay potent Towds inhabited s 

m many LotdSf and lEarlsi did with them iidcii 

minft the Pope .and coafiaiitly ^edy'd 

mRomUh faitb,and refdutely fpake 

mx wiliiiigfiefs to iiiffer for Chrifts fake.^ 

w«ffr/ was ftormed by the Pilgrim traia, 

fQ4 in it Bxty cboufaad perfons Qutv% 

IffS The Perfecumn of the Chute] 

The Legal faiesi Sculdiers kill old andyouig, 

For why ?Sod knowech tbo^ CO turn belongT 
The Citbolicki befiegM ztA bactei*d down 

On die inhabfcaacs heads Otmj^ Towfl. 
Whet jBaton Caftie was furprizU th* cndos^l 
Of ^Atbigenfis were diiey*d, difiios'd» 
Then fenc to Cobnut with in one-ey'd giude* 
Yet (KU like gold chat* s ia a furnace crra> 
The Saipts*appeat\i; their fparkFing zeal like fiic 
Blown by afHiftons bellowsi bla2*d the bigger* 
l^G^LnihiT rbfti the Antickriffian terror, 
And tbofe dbac were &diic*d> reduc'd ftcw error 

/ , 



' SECT, xxi; 

The Persecution of the Church of Gbd in 
hernia^ which begm Anno Chrifti %^ 

BOriv9Jmt Dnke of Bpiemiai 
Encring checoifiaes of M&rmii^i 
By a ftraoge providence was Chrifiianiz'd^ 
And with him chirty Vatiimn were bapthclcL 
Ac his return»he raifed (torn che ground 
Churches, and Schools • and all the €oniitiy n 
FlockU thithec: many of the Noble race. 
As well as Commons^ did che Truth embraoCi 
Malidous Saun «nT'ing the prdgreft 

The <BoipeI made/gainft dioK CMC it pro66 
Rais*d perfecudon up : t&riv^m 
it (ent into exile. Softguimiom 
Dr4&mf/r4* che Chriflian temples lockf^ 
Jrorbxdmng Mmftess to tend thtu flocks | 

tn isonemia. . 

iie fiteotnightt tkro! hufidred lives ^ 

ibuce CO the bloodjr cuc-chroacs kntm. 

di juft IvAgtmtauDrahomira fbllowM; 

iing earth) her tnd her Carr upfwaUoyvM* 

fSki ptrty having ^oc the day» 

be 'obvious Bohemians flay. 

euhnrgi four Tbbufaj^d fouls were tbrovrn 

Meul-Miaes; O hearts of fione ! 

fls cry ouCi Blow ouci gpod people t blow 

irkf I before into a flannc they grow : 

us'd; die more they did endeavour 

a the Saimsl they flamed more chea ever % 

I lconrg*d» fome lent iaco exile. 

maa Merchants brought unco the pilCf 

gly encouraged one aaother 8 

h SiiRce Chrift hath fufiered (dear brother) 

iied us^ let's do the fame likewi fe 

, atei (iich a high*bred favour prinei 

ire counted worthy ib to die 

ireec lake s the other did replys 

bat in my Marriige*day I fouodt^ 

n CO this; 0|his doth more abound! 

d aloudt (the Faggots fet on fire) 

ftfthou ib thy toripcnts didft d^re 

Dies peace ; the like vsre alfo crave t 

e IQig { let not the Clergy l^ve^ 

ng vei^eance | Oforbiicar to plague 

mifled inhabitants of Proj^Mi 

pleasM to let chem Scoc^me go I 

oor fouls, they know not what they do| 

b are full of bloodithqnpray'd and wepc } 
tod prayMfcill 19 the Lord they flepCt 
ilb^nai intolerable Rics 
I two buddrnl emtntnt Pliriftc^ 

F 3 ^» 


'r» wwf V fir 

hst eiDlM % ibme are buroed ; others brtia'd { 
SooK (hoc to denb{ wch Uood the earth's defli 
The Martin one by ooci chat were in bold* 
jLte caviled forth ; who refolu^Iy bold 
Haft CO dieir fuSerings, wich as great conteat*' 
Ai if they bad unto a banquet went. 
Wbea one was called for» he thus expr eft 
Knilelfnn cakiag leave of all the reft : 
l^areweli dear ffiendsj Farewel ; cbe Lord fuppc 
Your fpiritSf that you may maiouia the fore 
Againft the comaron foe • and make you ftoaC| 
And refoluce to keep alLbacc'ry out ; 
That what you lately with your mouths profefl 
You nuy by your {o glorious death atteft. 
Behold» i lead the wayi that hnay fee 
My Saviours glory ; you will follow me 
To the fruition ofmy fathers fights -^ 
O how my foul is raviQi'd with delight ! 
This very hour all forrow bids, adieu 
To my glad heart : O now my joyes renew:. 
Tranfcendent joyes ! heaven asd eternity 
Is miiiei is mine* Then did the reft reply, 
God go aIoi;ig with you : O heaven we pray 
Aflift thy ferv^nti in his thorn- pav'd way^ 
O may the willing Angells come to meet 
Thy obvious body, and direA thy feet 
Into thinct aad our Fathers Maafioo : - 
Goi go, dea r brother go ; and we anoB 
Shall fellow aftery and be all received 
ToUifs through Chrift in whom wt have belief' 
Farawelafarewel |, let equal joyes bedde 
To us that followtiod cp you olr guide. 
Firft the- Lord SMi^^%t»^um&u\ 

Cc^iTdcTiiiKd to be qtiantt^i did behave 

.- - - ... -.-. .... 

jimfiif iMft gtUifidyn tid faidi My doom 

fepioifeth wdl| what eare I for a Tombe ? 

i Sepul^te is but an cafie loft • 

ear death ? noc 1 1 wefconi my crowni my croft': 

etf let diefe limbs be fcatter*d here and there ^ .. 

have Gods faTOur » and I do not fear 

be wovft that foes dan do : fee bow the Sun 

Opiates his (hiaiog beams. Jefuites bz goo* 

sd bvld not Cafties in the empty air, 

MT I dave die for Cbrift ; I that I dare. 

spleas*di Weft Jefusi thorough deaths dark nightr 

oMafltt-duAmeto eternal light ^ 

Deroal l^ht ! O what a haj^ found 

hat word reports ! my fouU at a rebound 

acch faeafeuy catch bqiven: no fooner had he (poke. 

It he fubmitwd to ^ fatal ftroke : 

8righthaBd,and his bead(lop'd off his ihoulders) 

re Imng on high, to terrify beholders. 

The Lord ffkneefism^ leventy years oU t 

iog neztf was asked* why he was fo bold 

Pn^ri^kf caufe : he faid» My conftience run 

m with, me ; and what is doqe^ is done« 

f €MI» Io here I am>di(pofe of met 

liaeagKl fevaait, as beft pleafeth tbeer 

lend diat grim^lookM mefleogerf thatftaies 

r nooei to end ehefirmiferable dayes • 

ly I not feethe mines that do wait 

on our finkiiSt our declming State^ . 

loU this Bow) m Paradife'was never 

Dotdial as now X JudgeS| periever 

uddng Chriftian blood t but know. Gods ire 

JI (boak you fei^t. Up ftaits a cowled Fryer* 

1 &klff Your Judg^oienc errs. With this reply^ 

uUwctM him, I on the truth rdyi 

F 4 Ktj^« 

AiidftoeoBbareopiniaQ) Cbrift's theWifi 
ThcTrttch, the Life ; it bim Ictpnoc ftrty» 
Then ftroakiQg his prolixed betsdi he ikid* 
lly gray hatffs honour fcrves you : haviog ptay 
And gti^\i his foul to Chrift his Saviour* 
His cu6*olF head was fixed ^n the Tower. . 

Lord H^TdHi oexc was calPdiwho bravely fi 
rve Craveli'd fari and many journeys made 
Through barb'rous countries and efcaped dai^ 
fiy fea and land % yec was my life by (trailers 
Surrepced not t b'ing fafe returned home, 
My friends and Country-men my foes become 
For whom I> and my Grandfires have let fall 
And wafted our cftates^ our lives and all. 
t^orgtve them father ; I O Lord have grcuadcd 
My faith in thee ; let meiioc be confounded. 
Then on the Scaffold , thus ; O Lord* I give 
My fpir't into thine bands ; ini^ope to live 
By Chrift his deatb,aocordin|g' ro thy word; 
And fo fie yielded to tte muf th^ous (word. : 

Sir Csffmr KspUiJf^i eighb fix years old| 
Said to the Minifter> Behold rbehold 
Me a decrepit wretch, whole frequent pnf^ 
Have be^*d deliverance from this valeof tears j 
But all in vaine i for to be gazVl upon 
Bv the wdrldf eyes Vm kept ; God's willbe do 
Not mine • my daath to moral eyes may fcen 
Di{graceful> but ^cis rich in Gods dieem* . 
Oh Lord my Godi any trembling feet (tippocti 
For fear my fudden fail oocaiio» fport 
To my obferving foes. TreMtaiftec 
(Perceiyiag that the cBf cutioner ^ 
Could not perform hiij office as he meant^ ^ 
/fo CTookcdJieficb'iag an impedimew) 

sTptkc Min jthus ; My Ncble Lord, as you 

ommendcd have your foul to Chrift^ (o now 

dnoce your boary head to Cod : he cry'd 

fhac be could do : his heard ftruck off» he dy*d. 

Then the Lord On^^ a judicious iBaa, 

iwxg recei^M the feoiteDce. thus began : 

id 'to you thent O Cafsr, flill chiok good 

X CO ftabilitace your throne with bloM ? 

in Godbcpleas^i with this? fay Tyrant (ay t 

cm will jfou anfwer't at that dreadful day ? \ 

lU this my body | dO| let my blood fill 

our Teias | difperfe my members where you will { 

enfait^s ney belief My loving father 

Fill be fo .pkas'd . as tlvcm together gatheri 

kfid dot^i them with their skin ; thefe very eyes 

bal'lepniy Lord* where c'^e my bodyjies : 

Weears (hall hear him ^ and this ^ry tongue 

liog peak of joy ; his praifcs (hall be lung 

y lbs faoie heart of. mine. I muft confefi^ ' 

was petpiex'd at firft ; but now. I t>lers 

ly Gods I fiode a change : I was not troub(?d 

<> tHichy but now my joyes are more redoubled | 

fear not death ; ii()w death bath loft her fling: 

odie with joy O'cis a pious thing! 

ii9nocI (uret Chrift a ad his Angels will 

iiitdci Atf to heavcn^where I fiiall drink my fill 

W thofe Geleftial cups, tho(ecups of bleafiuci 

od mbaiure drinkjng»thpi^ hot drinK by aottfuR 

liaU then this death have poyver JO diTule 

Iyfi)ulfiromhim? the heavens openwkle: 

!C wbeije my fii^ points. l*be flaftders by 

efa(U m-diizdbg comifcaacy. 

fmr a nkac prayer madki he fpake» 

Qidfrictbymosi Ohibor^cake: 

I am thy creicurci O lee me ioberic 
Chrift'purcbasM glory i Lord receiye my fpiiit, 

Nezci Diof^yfim Zcrvitu (chat ftorm'd 
Againft the fames j t>Ur) when he was infomi'd 
Of Cofpet^crmhs, bow Chrift procured reft 
For chofe bdlev'd | he forchwich fiBOCe hisbrcftt 
And fech*d a ligh, while tears raa down) did cr 
This is my faicbi and in this ftith 111 die:. 
Through Chrift alone, I can acceptance findct 
Yet Qod will noedcfpife my contrite minde | 
Upon chefe knees, thefe bended knees« I call 
For aitrcy ; mercy, Lord : although I fall# ,. 
Help me to rife in thee : My foes concroul 
May hurt my body* biit not hurt my fouU 
An aged m^n b'ing broughti both thefe commei 
Their fouls unto che-Lord ; fo their livestadedi 
> Next was the Lord ^Rmgenia arraigned ; 
Who faid, I have a greater priv*Iedge gair/dt 
Then if the King had fpat*d me, and augmeoced 
My reftor*d fub^aoce j aiftd am more contented* 
God is our wicnefsi that we onely (ought 
iReligions Liberty ) fox that we fought s 
Who,though w' are worfted>and mSk oid our d] 
The Lord is righteous in all his Way$« 
His Truth we muft defendi (as he lees good) 
Not by our naked Swords, but by our Blood. 
What is tbecaufr^my <Bdd ? O tell me why^ 
So foon as others do, I may not die i 
For ah ! thou koowft^ thou koovvft that I xxAffk 
My felf unto chee» and am wholly chine. 
Put not thy fetnnt oflF with long dd^» 
But take me hence s fwcetJefacooKaffayJ 
T^he Sheriff came for Mm t liiiejoyciigfaid» . . 
JSIdrdl)efiodi tbencowMlthmheiBadtt * 

NAtheScftifeU, he himfelf did chear 

Idi thac of Cbtift, Futber. I wiB tbst wbirt 


ku tmy muq my be^f^m^givtm gl§ry f$i •• 

lafie xm lofe this lifct fo triDiicocy, 
be I mfty be with Chrift.and fee his glory* 
limbe up my fouI> dimbe up to br etnbrac'd 
I Cbrift bis armst aad fo he breich*d his lad. 
VdUmim C'^ckjm (^At to this tScA^ 
m the Scaffold: Gracious Lord, direct 
ly &eUe fieps t O let deaths valley be 
i Paibprt Co the clearer view of thee ; 
or wny ? thy word bach bin my hiddea creaiure ; 
) wbic iaciecy of joy and pleafare 
'ake cefideace with chee ! there's noching can 
kfibnl nay (bul more (^cisfa6iion than 
liy ielf ^ ftuicion : L3rd, my fpiric flies . 
ato chy Courcs : fo having faid, he dies. 
Nc3R,70^/ SteficKs broughc.a m&n whole heart 
MTalk'd upr^ht wich bis God • chough like a care 
hgSfS vndi affliAions (heaves ^ co heaven he heavM 
Iswtfled eyes» and fa^d> I have receiv*d 
hom the be^nning of my life till ndw» 
Good cUngs of Godi and (hail not I chen bow 
My wtir to hiSff buc his chalKfemencs Chun ? 
I will DOC } no^ Qodf s holy will be done. 
CiD If poor duft and a(hes9 have the face 
To ]dead with God ? I cbearfully embrace 
Ihy piea(tire^ Lord • I come eo bear cbe crofs ; 
be thou pleisM Co purge away my dro6 : 
CildDe my (bid ; obliterate my fins ; 
Udiaake me pure agiinft that day begiis^ 
iJepny'd} aBdhaviwdrunkechelechalcupf 
b fticU iiico heftten amded up. 

# # 

Th^ Perfecutton 

DoAor fffsntim afccr him wtt Mircyr\(i 
Hb tongue cut out, head off, his body quiicet'd 
And fixM on ft^kcs. Cbrifi^pber Ch^er^ tim 
(Citing the faying of Ignatim) 
Chears his co*/umrets, Weare Godsconiy 
- Sown in the Churches field) and muft be coca. ' 
By beafts, to fit us for our Maflers ule : - -] 

But here* s our ccmforti one a bloody fluoe 
The Church is founded, and hath been augnaeoccd.; 
By blood, nor (hail the opened vein be ftoited* '\ 
The blow muft opw be fetched \ his foul hegaie ' 
To heav'n, his body to the gaping graft. " 

Thenlxing cali'd to execution • ^ 

I comei faid he; a pious refolution 
Takes up my heart; l*m not ^(ham'd, Mr (ory > 
To fuficT tbefe (nay worfe things) for his gldiy ; ' 
I havc^ I have, by my heav*n^ bor rowM force 
Fought faith's good fight, aid finiihed my courfr* -, 
Then praying, t^athert in thy haods I leave 
My fpit^ ; he did a Martyrs crown receive. 

J^bn ii&nr/iribrr while he on the Scaffold Aoodf 
Said thusi Leave off this melancholy mood» 
. J>ejeAed foul : O be not fo caft down i - 
Hope thou in God ^ though for % dme he frovVB» 
Yet will be fmile againp and thou (halt yet 
Pniie him» though Nacure do receive her debt* 
The righteous are among the dead enrold ' ^ 

By foolsiwhenas they reft X Behold ! behold ! 
I come fweet Jefus : O fome pity uke 
Upon thy crea ture> for thy promUe fake. 
Caft me not offi my nufery condole % 
My fins O pardouj and receive my fi)ul : 
Mikenoloif^urriancei) corner Lord JdSiSiOoaift 
Aadfohc underweftt bb Mtrtyrdooie. 

/V Bohemia. 77 

^t%t Mdximiliam JHcflMickj 
HfhoBi hntnmgt Worch» and Piety did deck :) 
iter the (enceoce paAiboe asked hifn 
be tcafoB why he ]ook*d fo dull, fo grinii 
Ad &ddct chen the reft : To rell the trutfa« 
he fins (Aid he^ I afted ia my youch 
ome now afreui into my minde t for chpugb 
know that no remaiftder can o'rethrow 
bem which with Je(us Chrtft have made a ck>(e{ 
et know I> that the Lord his Juflke flowes 
I well as qiercysOB chofi are his owa« 
inanoa'd to death, he fiud» Loidi from thy throae 
ook oa me^ O iliumtnace mine eyeSf 
eft death oVecome nie> and mine enenues 
ifiddog fiiyy We have prerail'd. O Lord» 
Be pka&d to make good thy promisM word) 
et me whofe eyes have thy ulvatkNl JecB 
^part in Peace 1 aa Ax did pa& betweea 
b head and neck. Iliea four nKHreCMKan brothei^ 
Icy hanged one by oaci and begger*d others, 
lornu^ they have theben'fit c^theLaws: 
fhen tome did plead the Juftaefi of their caulct 
he Judges icoff'd them, thus ; Although you fia^ot 
ins that are aAual, yet you do not waat 
Vorig^iul fia of Hereficand fiore ; 
^ou cant exempted be from death therefefc* 
lie Saints deprived of thdr livelyboods 
i^lpwBS aad Tillages, redx*d to th'woods. s 
rhe Pareat bis enck)ylired child beaioanSf 
kit canaot helf> itt Ob ! the griefs and groaaes 
>f aianiagabie maids I what fad farewels 
'ake parting friendsiwben into Monkifh cells 
btcTd ate their nea^A relations ! Great mens (ons, 
lyets muft tucour 1 and their daughters Nuns. 

The Perfecurion of the Churchy &c. 

Wives ffcm cheir hittbandsihusbandsfrom chcir % 

Vta with wet eyes: Come tboulands left their Kvei 

Others were ftrippM in frcfty fnovvy weather ; 

While feme imprironM lay, and fian'd together. 

The Maft-priefti are the men chat muft be heard* 

Andnuleaieniif ApofticeSfWere prefei^d* 

.B#/7Z4t^i4 the principalkft feat 

Tfie brethren had (twohundred;years ccmjtot) 

Was ieized on ; her Minifters i^ttfd oat, 

At|d crafty Friers to pertert thi roue 

Plk*d in thotr rooms I but wh^ this would Mt 

Tney oauft into a ftinkisg duDgeoo go. 

The Cities Bid f wet Tf^fia, ZMiemmp 

iUHwfrn^ X^mm, Raiecimm^ 

t>^n M4irti0i%)\ were brought cp defblatiooi 

Under afair preiende ef reforoiiatioB. 

Some Cithea^ were into exile fent ; 

Some iaco'tokltitaty exile weat« 

The If afr and Bxceeii hundred perfons moie^ • 
At ProfhitHe^hf weltrisg in their goife. 
They' cbrewReli^ioedown, where ere they coin 
And Ice op ibperHiiion in the room. 
Asfer t^ ftbiet C^iriftiaRS were forcM ftamiu 
WiHiM QihtMitemidm word) is vomit ; 
Nor wail there (Omoft daiBOti^ deftgne !) 
A tolerttton gif^a to Books divine. 
The mouths tf feme are gagg'd»che Hoft chev^do 
Thruft down their throats^ whcdieip d iey vroor 
Others t^raricidar confeffioft fercV • 
Andmany were fioaall thejr had <fiyorcV« 
To tell h^ cbey the wontMi-ktadecU^ MliTt 
Is not fopropcrfora Boded Mofei 




X / 

■■ ) ■ 



1 , ■ » 

hes Pnfecution in Spain, H?fc£fi[i hc^ 
moChrifti 1540, 

v. > 

lifii FtAor F/'4i»rK ItMH^M nim*J» 

log at Arriisi# a Sermoii|Wt9 renfiiaanl 

gbc upon, chac in a liccle fpace 

knowledge^ anti encreasM m grace* 

c whcD he rccuroM age^» 

i to eoAviDCO bi$ councrf-om ' 

>ld ^liVance ; for the wayes they tsil 

ittiit unco (be word of God; 

proacbfiilly defpisM) contemaVi 

and hifli unco the fire condomAi* 

a papef^Mitre on hit heady 

ch ugly Deoionrf ifvas he led 

oni andbytheway - 

I to bow unto a crofij faid» May, 

aos are not wont to worship wood < 1 

[aids he was the fire's food. 

' boaeft-hearted perfoss caft ) 

Dus duBgeons, brcathM their laft ! 

cacIoath*d wicb red*€ro&*d Saitabicoef 1^ 

;s/#i0/i4<plac\lalliarowe$. ' lAmi 

doA was firft; iBveated 'Tfo^ 

niffcim Friers ; who attented 

ttion of the Chhfiiari race, 

3r ignomiaipiis diigrace. 

tbey ftrive wuh flact'ries to eofhate 

lofi CbhtHan^ilfte be he avrare : 


M^ 1 

* And if chey (ce chac fair mea n$ will no c d Of 

TheycxercifecompuUioiu Owhol i 

Mfho is there able eo demonitrace fiilly < 

The kinde of torments that were us\l ? the pully 

•Hai^'d onthe Gibbiti holds the hands or chuaibl 
0£& poor wretch ; thef|{he Strappado cooMt <- \ 
And reads his weighc-difieoded joynctt (under, j 
^ Some in the Trough are torcutVi ; fome ace under 
Cruel imptifbnments , where is not any 
li^c but what enters the Key-hole or oaiiy* 

. Some are injoynM to run unto the racks. 
With yellow Sambenitoes on their backs t 

' Their tongues in a cleft* ftick, have not the iccfe 
To empty oujt their mindcs; and while a rope 
Encompiflcth their necks, coa Aing baodr 
Piefs hard bebinde them dieir united handSi 
Thusi thus jpoor Creatures in a piteous plijghti 
Are kd to fmn in the peoples fighc« :| 

Utt0 BurtM and Bmrj[stg» Bmtgifst HcJ(eryTtJ^^A 

560. £i^li&-men bora >were each of them partaker ..\ 
Of Martyrdom at Cadtz, $ and alcended 
^ To happinols> which never fliall be eoded^ { 






SECT, xxm. 

^huribes Persecution in lldXy^which tegdn 
nnoChrifti 154^. 

nr#iir^j (7 bb Parents fi^Eic to jt#wf 

'or cductcions fake ; atjaft become 

UcSchdlar through the grace of <Sodf 

irifi htf Schoolj the wayes the Romaoa trod 

iMcif^ quite: for which he*s appreheided» 

Jmpc tip I yejc he conftaatly defended 

^hnfisM&itht he with bis life m^ht gO| 

9fouId but put on the Sambito • 

li he re&sli • nor any badge would wear . 

;htc of Tefus Chrift | which was, to fpare 

«od EoKal up what he had profeft : s 

iBf bura'd> he in the Lord did reft. 

e.Ma j*r and Biftiop of Sc. Angih 

argu'uig the cafe, which of the two 

i^ mt his proper cofti procure fome wdddf 

^4f»ivir burning; while they flood 

rriiM^i he bade them no more debate^ ^ 

old be fetched oat of bis owa dftate. 

MMmt a Roooan, did Chrift owat 

)ui; named himi fait tears ran down ' 

\ vitf, cheeks : he preach'd where e're he came 

Old of tnith, #! til be fed the flame. 

to the flaughcec with alacrity.* 
'iMia fine young man, acquaintsp- * 
y of frnciag, theafflifted Saints» 

How much his joy in prifon did aboundi 
And horn he Hoftcy in a Lioa found : 
Exhorcing them cops cience; incheend ^ 
WriteSjFftfffp d deleSaHi Orchard pift'd | 
He*s burned. Pope Pirn the fourch difiives 
Ac Naples^ mtoy Noblesi wich cbeir wites* 
The Cicy Fenidt after cweWe years peace. 
Was by che Pope difturb'd, co the encreaie 
Of Marcyr'd Saints | who4iaco flones were bound 
And in the boccom of the Ocean drown'd. 

Jim EnglifimM Martynd in Porciigal. 

One ffiBism QardineTi whom Br$fi§lbQKt9 
la Portugsl the Martyrs &rland wore* 


The PerfecfAion of the Church in Germas 
vphich began A nno C hr ift i 1523. 

1X7 Hen Luther ^ wich hi s feltow-IabcurerSj 
Converted many C>ermaBs» uaco wan 
The Pope his Highnefs fl.ty up C^nrUs chcfifi 
•Sainft Proreftancs : to futthcr this his drift. 
Two hundred choufai»d crownss and ac a boot 
Five hu&dred horfe, aad twice (\X thouiand fiooCt 
He fent with fpeed • che Prot'ttant Priacea hciHef 
Rais'd alfo ArmiA for their own defence s 
And now <hc Ecr p'rour for no other reai(ofif -^ ., ; 
Piochim^d them guilty of nolcfi then anibiiC\i 

Both parties ire engsg'd I buttheiucce(i 

b left CO God p who dorh Dot alwayes ble& 

Fhe better caufe wUh ViAory> nor (hield 

ilis SaiDCs from virroog ; the Chrifliaxtf Idk the field. 

then periecutioQ rofc in fe?*ral olaccf | 

bchor'cy artn'd with rigVous Lawstoatfaccs 

undid fioaplidty : *ds fad to tell 

k barbtoiis outrage to the Saints befel. (cum*d i 

ionoe cackM; from place to place fome cofs'd and 

lome drives intowoods and caves ; fomebitmVi* f^„^ 

About chu QnoKithe Boors in arms did riici pPifisfi\ 

bkd rob\l the Abbeys, and Moaafteries* , nifing. 

[hey > after they had entertained bin 

jy ykx^Sp0n€9r% ftri^d him to the skin • 

Ifho iivc^piag, &id, This violence will i'th'eid 

king miibhim on your heads ; you do pretend 

rhe (Eoljpcl I but alas ! how quite contraire 

Into the Goipel-rulesi your walkings are ! 

hxy jcer'd him forMs pains { at laft he's bound 

loth hands and feeti and in the river drown'd* 

•b gaptog wouads let out a Crimfon (bod, 

Mfbich oa the furface of the wacer ftood* 

Whea ^^giutg Sentb was asked if his woe 
ie would have be abridg'dj heaafwerU No ; 
fod» which hath hitherto upheld my head, 
^lU not fafake me in my greateft need • 
loi n<>»fae inll not i 'tis a happy flame 
Vhich lighcf to heaven* thrice bleiled be his name^ 

G90rg9 €^tn^ir b*aig caft into the firet 
ulfiUM his Chriftiaa bretherens defire, 
D g^Tiag them a (igne of his true faith, 

<y '^t Pfi^^ J"/^' nil he loft his breath. 
One Lt99Uird Kijfer alfo» at the ftake, 
^udiSte thinct Give mo Lord/or thy Truths fake: 

His wiX&Si%/^i^^ Che fltae 

WcDC up to ticsai^v^l^Nke at (irft it cane. 
A cruel Biibop in HimgMris i coek 
A godly mimnert (¥ibo could not brook 
Erroneous waves) and Hares, (Beefei HenSj (letuk 
H^ naked body iivich on cv*ry (ide: 
Bdng by fet-on dogs, and bloody bbunds^ 
All renx and tori> be died of his wounds* 
But i^bd is Juft t the Bifiiop chat To a Aed 
Us ifttx! part , dkl forth^th fall diftraded : 
His hair by handfblls froai his he&d did reidi 
And ravingf Knade a niftrable end. 


The JPerfecutioa of the Church ih the Lm-Cou 

^Here was in Hottani a religious DanAe* 
*" OAkd^ntdelwHta^ (he for Chrift*i name 
Was fent CO prifon^ where (he muft be kept 
Till the nexc Seflions ; her kinde kindred wepc 
And faid chusj Ah ! why doft chou not concaJ ' 
Wbac chou believ'ft « but nmdiy chns reveal 
Thy iecrec choughcs? be more refery^d, cherd)y 
ThoQ^k life prolong. To whom (he did reply, 
You know noc whac you (ay ; the hearc alooe 
Believes CO righceoufnefi; csnfcflion 
Unco falvacion wich che tongue is made : 
She burn'd^ her ffnric did che heavV^ invade.' 
George Scberttr, a Divinej pafltng along 
TbjvVd execution, to ihc guing throng 

AtiAiili I & l^nc niil l^pw f . 

cut off, he Mned cm hit Jjick, - 

^*d \as innsiadlegf {by«liKhftrpn3 

iereifaeCofpei.; whomifiTe 

f, (liovn»ot'iatoexHedrirc> 

f wclJ^iQ>o6d f^n wai flabj 
iheii hods in FlMjrrt, kaf were lent 
etual ioipiifonmcnt. 

Jred Saincs is Artth, BrM^tutf .1 

JeawayiwUh poEA&w a[(74iKHr. ' 
» iwoyqfl^ !^t^UIs wclt-delccodod* 
VequcnrifA ^'rmoBt apprehended, 
and conocitiiiM, mufl boih pticake 
rrdom. and fuEfer at the Aakc. 
Ictih the bodies of them both 
white„tbc fire M^rc them loth. 
ffp, oae Cbri0*fktr Pdbri't btaiai 
ut with a htBHiier. Sev'ral pii» 
WDoccBt • chcTe bear great loads % '. 

:oiii{»ajons to Fiogs and Toads. ' 

w/« and Aitftimtt with thdc rtvnu 
'^apprehended loftdinrlivef. 
n6«/i«did hear a Captain (weait 
A Cbrift done oi^bt chit thtu you teat 
I ^c«, reRding life and limb ? 
rour malice upon ate, not Um t ' 
*d at theftakC) Thwarting theit willr 
'Cbdrlt/wUt thorn trtbMrd0tdfiiSt 
a liMtdier gave kini a great E^owi 
.b nu(enble people know, ' - 

iV too good for you I ibePiyancry'dtf' 
pcnli frith i^MMJi he leplyVt r 
« 3 ^■?w^ 

S 6 JhPerfecutionofthe Church 

Depirt ye workers of iniquity ; 
Depart! depart : my God hath heard the cry 
My vfceping ioicc hath made ; Ins holy aame 
Be praisM : fo faid. he vani(h*d in the flamet 

4mt0 ^^ Darmfck^Ben'rMd trod the Cake about ; 

. ^ ^ ^ For which diftongu'd, he yet on 9od called cue : 
- A ball is chruft into the mouth of him ; 

He's burnt} and' s aflies in the titer fwtm* 
At Li7#, for three years fpace, in woods and cafCi 
God's word was preached : Satan and his (lafcs 
Took the advantage of the (ilent night 
So fifide their meetings : finding noae, they light 
On Robert Oqnir*s YiovXz ; his wi(C) his foes ^ 
And he, rejoyce in tribulations. 
Bound at che ftake, their (pirits they commetul 
To (Bod| and make a comfbruble end 

' The Perfecution ef th§ Dnkf de AIn 

TTHc Gofpel (hining in the Netherlands • 
Philifxh^t wore the SpaniAi crowni coi 
The Duke de Alva^ with a warlike tr^ia> 
To flay ProfciTors , and with flight and maioi 
Promote the Romifli Dodrine ; to rtboke 
Nobles, and Commons too : the defep'rate Dub 
Scarce breach'd » but on them violently pouc'd j 
Matrons he raviftied » and Maids defloui'd 
Before their husbands and their parents eyes^ 
Or put them unto worfer cruelties. 
He on a time (at his own Table fate) 
. BoaOed his diligence tVradiate 
Ue^ec'cal weeds : for that befides the flaii 
i PurJ0g the ^^l in %^ ^t^ {^c^a tcua 


^ 8^ 

I tbCB eighcecfi chouiaid perfbiis vvere 

lelivVed CO the haiigmtns care. 

dirhkj his Ton kiodely recei?*d 

^i&^ii Bourgers, cruelly bereavM 

r uihabicafics of all dieir lives^ 

drovTA'di brainM very infantSi virginiswiref; 

rcked he to JViirr^ii • and the town 

iadwellers kilPd) he bact'rasl down* 

fifh he three hundered Wallooos 

; five hundred Bourscrs and bragooos 

f er drowns : all ch'Eagliflijand the Scoff t 

beir heads in gen'raKhe aloes. 

ndedt and difeas'diare killed alt 

X eacrance to the Hcfpital 

Twim faid unco the gazing throngt 

» execucion went along) \ ■ 

rewards che wicked world do gite 

; poor fer va ncs : for whilft I did 1 i ve 

ird*s life> and play *d ^t fllards and DicCi 

Vertue» and a friend to Vice I 

Iiy*d at eafti and was a ftranger . 

s> and fecters | nay, was ouc of danger 

43g for the Truth • yoider chey cry 

lomiilnion goes ; who then but I? 

r did I feek my (Sod^ but lo 

sing friend , became a frowning foe t ' 

doth not» (and (b I hope (hall ne?eij| 

{emeone)oc; Imuftperiever 

I good| and follow Chrift the &fter 1 

nt is not bttcer then bis oiaffer* ^ 

frcfhed then wich (7i7r4if/ Balob 

s did bq^ the thirtieth Pfalio 

up heart i but ad impatient Friec 

nurad Moil Avoid die fitti 

4, ^^ 

- m" 

Oh fotrnt^tid turn; yet you hive time afid (pace. 
The difr^irdiog Martyr cura*d his face 
Afiodicr way: chea fome chac were in figkc , 
Jlecorced this ; Turn cbou» thou hypocrite. 
MiTwim fiiig oQ> until his Pfalm was eaded s > 
JheFrycctheH: Good people beoTtoSieaded 
To hear the clamour of this Hci^icks lbog« 
Hcr'dck P thou Bala\ime thou^hold thy eongitei 
Thecrow'd reply*d \ no Ii?ing (bul here beai^ 
O&oce : his Mufick mu^ delights our ears» 
Four buadred folks encouragM him to mo 
His tace« and fiftifli what he had begMO : 
To whom be thus ; Breth*ren> I undert&c 
This fpir'tuil Coitibate» meerly for the fake 
Of my great Lord, and Captaii Jeiiis Qirift s 
I now am going to be facrinc*d ; 
And when Sod (hall of his abundant gncn 
Call you to {v£tx% follow me apace. :. 
He's on the gallowesiand the tadder^s tum*d» . 
And then his body's into aflies burn\}, . 
Some Cii*zcns in a fi*ry Chariot fenc 
From Antwfrpi to the City Htdvtn wenc 
One SectUmtt as be cq his Tryal paft • 
Said chul | Would Sod that I m*f htbethe hft 
That thus might fufier death • O that mf Uood • 
Might fatisfy their thirfti if Sod fie good ; 
That To the Chiiixh of Chrifti fotloTOi diflxcfti 
•M^ght ever after live» at eafii and reft* 
I'pow put off this Mande cranfitory* 
•In hope to wear a robe of lafting glory* 
A Popift Prieft» by a rel^ious Pame 
Cdnvetfcd to the faitb^fpue thus : I came 
To qomfort you ; but I my filf itadcedt 

p/'you to coiq^n |M b»K gsciw imd- 


in the Low-Couyitries. 9^ 

t§fkir6imi'rim ikid> Mans life on earth 

9s but of two day es; the fir ft his birch ; ^ 

cxti his dfiag day : and therefore. I 

letds die once : who would refufe co die 

e for ever? death and I liiuft kifi i 

each coaduAeih to eternal bli(5, 

ncttBoe pafti be did apart repiirf 

louied out his foul co God jin pray V ; ' 

from bis haftds and face he wa(h*d the dire { 

uciag on Us back a fine white (hirc> 

tsTiisfellow-prifonersbefpake; ^ 

reni chilis my wedding-day t I make 

iv'a*wasd':being come unto the place^^ 

lod chree other ready to embrace V 

d& fiime death t tbefe four them^I ves did chear 

p^cieoc fuS^ringt and re joyc*d to boar. 

ctmealPryar,undera preteace 

1 them t Chrifiafber faid thus • Heace^ hencet 

foul*ieducer { from our prefence flee ) ^ 

ave nof any ching to do whith thee« 

tnufl bb gaj^MsMay not our tongues have pow 

iicyi cd praifeGod at our lateft hour ? (cr 

»ns ciu^ uled co frequent x hard ropes 

t^dtbdr aecksf they finifhed cheir hopeSf 

nuirr/ muldcudes of crue beliefcrs 

fenc to be eternal life's receivers^ . 

fdiii there a (Soldfmich d welc^ his name 

P#r«r Cwtcgmi ; wbofe renowied fame 

pied all o're che cowiii and ev^ry mouch • 

iiii*d him faichfuli if chey fpakc the cmch^ ' ' 

Hms Deacoa quickly was be&c 

popifli acebpoles ; aeicher would chey let 

itcceojoy the company of any 

i<iira Cmvdi i be over<9povii*d by iniie) 

The Perfecutionof the Churd 

• Was hurry 'd to tbe Cafile t while he ftaid 
A piiToer there : once every day his ootid 
Biought him his fufleoance, till they perceived 
He had much comfort from her lips receiy'd* ^ 
She alfo vvas imprifon'd , where (he found 
Such bward joys as made her heart ccbouad* ' ; 
Now when a lictle tri A of time was fpeaCt 
Pear was called forth ; who underweac 
Great pains with admirabk patience : 

, Thefecrud villains for to recompence 
His maids true zeal* (etch'd Beikim to the racky 
Cruelry undeferv'd ! (he nothing flack. 
Went chearfuUy along ; ere (he did pare f 

With life, her tongue ^hus empty 'd cut her heart : 
Since needs I ir ufl (uOain afHi<^ions rodf 
Firft {ix&ct me to pray unco my God* 
Th:s they coniented to • (he firap'd a (courittg 
By this • for whiljt (he out her pray'rs was pourii^ 
Oneof che then*Commifl[ioners felldowQ 
Into an iriecoverable fwown. 
This miracle was hu(h*d9 as though in vaia 
'Twasfent: now to their cruelty again • 

Examples will not taWc ; they'll not be turn'd. 
They are condemned, and they ttvoR be burn*d. 
Tic people wept • Paer and Betl^m prayed 
To God for flrength : the courage of the maid 
Did work fo kindly on the well* afieAed, * 

That breaking through (the danger unrefpefted) 
The throDg'd crowd, they the prisoners did cmbraA 
Aad praifed God for his fupporting grace | 
TFenfpake to thiscf&d);: Fight on» fight oAi^ 
The crown prepared you (hall wear anon. . : 
Tbefe words fpake Beikim (widi a brow udtu 

!A$ d^y)Uy BicchcicaMd 6^u ^rt 

in the Low-Countries.^ 9^ 

See you to Gods word, 6e obedienc flilU 

Ado fear doc them who can the body killt 

Not hurt che foul ; but rather fear hini> who 

Hath power to kill che foul aad body coOf 

fkad fling chem ioco hell. I go to meec 

MygtoiteusSpou&i wrap*d in a fi'ry (heec. 

rhcn falling on cheir knees, chey (enc cheir prayers 

hs weffoos^hefts to Gods attentive ears. 

Bound f the ftake» they praised the Lord • the flame 

Seat up Vheir fobls co heav\i* fi:om whence, chey came. ' 

Viti^ of Najfam PriBce of Orange % by 

K bloody Villain (hoc, did thus let fly 

Efo lateft words : O God* my God, cohdoul 

My wounded ftace, cake pity on my foul* 

On nay de|>artirg foul ; O (pare, Q fpare 

rheSpamfli pec^, though they flnful are. 

rhefe words no fbooer out, his foul forfook 

rbis ctrthly^ and an heaf enly Manflon took* 

SECT. xx:vj. 

The Modem Ferfecution of the Church in Ger- 
inanyj fince the year 1^30. 


TTHlmpcrfalifts, when chey by ftorm had gain'd 
' PsfrMliek town, che SwediCh fouUicrs bmtM z 
At the inhabitants their fiiry It^Mf 
Aad in the open ftreec, chey females ravifii^d» 
Naytditld-bed women coo $ chey flew the men 
And feed o^re cheir hetdv cheir houles chcn. 
ThejfDiaflacredDivineSi and burned down. 

V — — -" t:%1| 

^9 The P erf e cut ion 

M.Cbr^ j'ggj^ juj ^Mppitihiimhecxmc a feouigc 
^^^' Unco the famous Ci cy MagJUnbrnrge i 

Her goodly ftruAures and afpiridg Towers 

Wereburn'ddowainchefpKecfti^ioefimboiitf^ ' 
Withouc the leaft refpcA to old and young* 
Were fix and twenty choufind flaio. buroc» fluiig 
tnto the river £/«f#: by (eVral i^ayei 
The torturers abridged poor Chrftiaas dayes • 
. Ladies and Gentlewomen yokM togethert 
ForcM ioto woods » in fcofty fnowy wea ther* 
Werera?i(hMthereiftrip'd,wbip'drand wichaicol 
Difaiifs^d^wbile others had their cars cropM pfi; . 
n.Cbr. ^^^^'^ is caken» and the Popifli rage .i 

>34, t Hew'd all in pieces, either icx> and agei 

All ferv'd alike : what the flefli*eatiig fword 
Had left unfpoUM^ the greedy flame devour'd. ,. 
At GripbitAitrge the Senators were ftary'd ; 
The Hiidiiburg'Dinnss and Bourgers lerVVi 
With onely biead asd water. Like dogs Hoc mei 
Were die Franks^ddhi usV« In ^mm§T9n 
The poor inhabitants were forcVi to eat 
Up their own excrements 9 unpleafiag meat I 
^aay fufpeAcd co have hidden 6old, 
^ Or (ilver} fuflh'ed torments manyfold i 
With cords the heads of (bpie they wound tbouti 
And twilted ihem until the blood did (prouc 
Out of their eyesj ears^ noles ; aay» uoto -^ 

Tongues, Cheeks, Breads , Legs, and ficiet pana d«f 
Tie burnins matches, yea» the parts of ihanne (<fo ' 
^tutf 'd with gun-powderi burft with horrid Aaiiir« - 
With knives and bodkins tb^ do pink the skia ; ' 
And fle(h of fome^ draw ftiff coras out and Vh \ 
Soooe rofled were with geiidc fircii fonae fittolnl ' 
J(/:&r6acon*fcQes ) othmfaq!cOY«i&chdK.1(t | ; 

in (iermany. ' ^J 

is and feet <^ fome fo bard wetip gircedi - 
m their fingers ends aod coes cheie (pirced 
eous drops* They ty*d che arms aad l^s 
I together backw^id8> and with rags 
ip their inOuthsit>ecau(e they /houkj not pray* 
I0g lip by t4ie privy members ; they 
their ouccries> did with cear«chroat tones % 
1 to drown their lamentable mones* 
' ruptures ? chey enlarged thrir^pain 
g gunpowder : they Uces plain 
dSs I and detefticle fome men ^ v ' 

i&nce of their wives and childeren* 
ftark naked through the ftreets ariedrag'dt 
ded with axes^ hammers • (ome are gagVi 
ikiog water» UrinOf and the ]ike> 
down thdr throats* nil fudden fikkaefiftdkc 
rcll-aigh*dead : their bellies beyond meaiiire 
H'didid fwtlUnd fo they dyd by Jeafute. 
xhers throats they knotted clouts confiraiA^ 
ith a packthread^ pull them up agaidi 
jifplacing oftheir bowels; fome 
by ^ made deaCor blinde^or lamfei or dum V 
ave their legs fawn ofF; and others hafe 
fxmbers diflocated % tbo(e that craye 
ileft affiftaBcef are enforced to call 
le Devi for belpt or none at all# 
die husband pleaded for lus.wife» 
virife beg'd but for her husbands lifCf ) 
dte the interceflbr. and likewife 
i^te htm before che others eyes. 
ny by their hard fncations 
lar M the legs, unto che very bones; 
bfBiUnd backward by che arnSt were hung 
(e diftortfd paits ; bo;h<ld and young 



Rather defired to be (hoCi or (lain, 

And (o die in an icttantj cheh remaio 

Alive^ aid be partakers of fuch woes 

At they were like CO fcer ; for Ah ! cheir foes 

Took away all cheir com ; in Read of bread. 

On roocs and wac€r» they were glad to feed* 

And other (bme» ftripp'd to the very skin* 

Had not oAe Tory racg, co wrap chem in# 

Hence fiuitful (oils, were actecly dcftroy'dy 

Cities^ and cowns»and villages lefc voydf 

Ox fack*d ; all the woods feil'd; the ground ufttiU'd 

And ev*ry Church with defolation fiJI'd. . 

A Reverend Divine; bound to arables 

Was cortur*d by a cat. What pen is able 

To paint their beaflliaefs ? maids, wivesichaft daaOi 

They forc*d to proftratc to cbeir lech'rous flames* 

Friends looking p« ; yea> wcnnien great with childi 

In child-bed coo : the Churches they defil'd j 

The Bedlaiii*houies» Hclpiuls aIfo« 

In Hejfimhtid cbey let the women go» , 

After chey CyM about their ears their coats* 

Dead corpies violated weie. The Croats 

Devoured young infants, and the commons braii'd 

On light ocafioos { fcarce a man remain'd^ 

Alive in many places> that might tell 

The outrage of chofe furies born in helL 

God did this land his warning-pieces fiiowt i 

Before his murth'ring-pieces gave the blow* 

A blcod-red Comet with t mmisg beard 

For thirty daies together there appear'^; 

God fenc to thoie, which had lb long abboiVl 

riis faichfull Pa'ftors, and deipi&\i his wordi '•* 

This ominous Torch, that while aflecp they Ik . 

Oil rhc (bfc pillow of &curicy» 



-r 9. 

It b* awoken, and repent, reform 
;, or other wife expect a ftorme \ 
yfs Miniftcrs , (fo lU-befticaded ,) 
b this formidable (igBC portended, , 
ngtn a blazing Star hung forth» 
y in the Eaft, and4n^e North 
0veie engaged, and did conceft 
was worftedi this cbcain'd the beft. 
iwater turn*d to blood • three Sunt 
at once ^ the tbundring of, great guns 
d ; two Armyes then by clear daylight 
igajging in a bloody fig(hc. 
mfmrgb and Ddrmfi^adMood it rain*d« 
I that houfes and flone walls were ftain*d 
b;tiees wept red drops, befmeaxM were then 
Is and (ickles of the Harveft«nien« 
hn€f a ftrange tempeft battered (towi 
iiir hundred houfes> in the town { 
:ly four ; it trees by th'roots up torCt 
mthin a quarter of an hour« 
0ppawt a great number of Jack-Daws 
fought, with their aduaced dawst 
le lifted loag> and many Tackr 
•wn , the countrymen replciufliM fadcs« , 
Saxpnjs a loaf of bread 
dy a woman, in the cutting bled; 
Wagdeninrge (iegc, a captain' s. ypiik 
bed dy'd; her body with a knife ' 
ped open^ and her womb did hold 
I big as one of three years old ; 
m rielmer,and a breaftplate on» !i 

yots alfo after the French fafli'on I 
his (ide there hang'd a buHet*pouch« 
ntnrgtt if any did but touch 




A Uood-turnVi ftinking fi(h-pond, he not weU 
Could in three diyes wa(h off the ftioknig finell 
hChr. Two Armyes of ftrangc birds in Heuffkm^ foug 
5^, Araadevouzof dogs could noc be brooghs . 
Vk peacc;bac feeing oiufqueceerSithey }oys» 
Foe all cheir gtios b^at chcm away » killed wm^ 


ThePerfecution of the Church in France, wi& 
ifeganAmo 1524. 

AT MeUent Paris ^F^nutains. Lions, Xbmt 
Many were put to deachi fooie butn'di fo 
Into the liquid floodis • iaco the fire (cbro 

Ocher^ lee down by pulleys ^ did expire ; 
Others with Oyl and brimftoie were tBoinccdt - 
Then burie ;maiiy diftongM, difiiot'i dif joyaccd 
Some flaodcr'd ; foiiie imprifon'd were; fotm tack' 
And they that would not boWf nor giye lefped 
Unco the Images of molcen-leadf 
Paflling along the ftreetSi weremaiTacred. 
^ebn Clarke through xeil> brake all die Idol$ dO! 
That he could light on : in the M^z,iMm towoi 
CondemA'd he was to did and firft to Io(e 
ifis right handi then his arnDS> a«d breafisi aftd no 
Which qmetly he borct proBomdng then 
Their gods are filverjand are made t^ men: 
At bft they burnt him. At the Caflle r^ 
DoAor fobm C^/rfM^ was burned quidu 
^ames Pmsw one that educated youth j 
A c Paris dyd for the pcofeffcd uuth« 

TJTTTance* ?/ 

9ktkd^ CM4Mre09 a reoowo'd Di? ioCi 
Iqgnded Wasi and buiut ac Limofim* 
ht f^bm i$ Bed^: a Miaiflier at Tr0yfs$ 
feat cfirough the fiie riaco eternal jayes. 
X Rmikrsf St^fbnB Bnuu for Chtift his fakr^ 
ydjudg^ was CO (iifiet at the ftake; 
he fice was kindtedi but the wind fo dra ve 
be flame from bitD| diat he flood up aad gate ? 
K whole houcs ipace) inftrtH9:ions ca the rude 
ad eafily (educed muldtude :. 
bey broug^ Pjfl-veiTelsi and more faggots too • 
he wind coatiouVit and all would not do. 
nth that, ihe ha^maa ftruck hiai on the head^; 
'o whom he thus : And muft I then mdced 
c beaten like a dog ?aswcll as I, 
!aa haow by fire I am coadcmn*J to die. 
|e was thruR throi^hisad in the fire thrown doviit 
knd Ms left aflies in the Air wcrcfftrown. 
k Wmrd$m$x% Jfymwi di Lam; accus*d» 
b frkads advis*d hb flighty but he refus'd, 
lot fog did hei I (hall be thought ab(tird 
to fted men with vaia dreams^not Gods pure wordJ" 
nineas I (ear not» as a truths defeader» 
§) (bul and body too up to furreader. 
I puns be (aid^ This body once muft dic^ 
Wf ^tt (hall)ive« and that eceraally. 
le fwQwnadf but recov*riag, fakl hcs 
Iblordt hotdp why haft thoaforfaken me ? 
m/9 fiud the prefidentj thou art miftodc 
mM l4idienBe9 thou haft thy ttod foriiKik : 
good onfleist whyt why do you fo 

me ? Lordi they know not what they do: 
ye ibem I befeech thee. See^faUthus 
Pics'dentjhow this Caidff Praycs for us« 


The Frier drew ne^riaod he (coodemnHl) bej^ 
To God y not you» wiU I coefeifs my (ins. . 
O Lord I make haft co help ; do noc def^fe 
Tittne-hindy wroik* My brethrecH I advife 
You chat are ScfioUci co improi^ your youth 
In learniiig of the everlaftiog tnith : 
Labour co know what is Jctovtha willf 
And fear not them th|C can the body kit! • 
Noc huttthtfeid: mvflefii (cooweak),f[Athft 
My fpU'c I which Loral give into chiae htods. 
Widi thit he ftranglcd nvasi bis body buroMi 
His foul until the day of Doom adjoiKnM* 
Ofie Brtisardy to a Card^n^l Secretary, 
And fViBUm Hujfcmxk Apodiecary 
Had » foe their fcactering good books about| 
And cleaving to the truths tbdr tongiiea cilt but 
Then wkh a pully railed up and do^R 
Ann$ Into the firci they dy*d» but gainM a crown. 
1 544. Jdmis C^^d^ ba^ng proved the Maft i| fi^)Ie, 
Aftn^ Unto chequkk^oor dead not proficablef ' 
1 5^4 $ . Was at Sz.Michdtt burnt. StepbH$ PM§^ 
Anno SuflEred at Piirit. * Mhbael MicbelH 
I H^« Was put unto hit <boke, either to turn 
^ X 547* And lofe his head» or pcrfevere. and bum. 

He anfweL*d»tSod who caas'd him not to tirei 
Would give him patience toabid^ the fire, 
'Anno ^^^^^^^ Merchant that profefs'd Chtiflf namei 
I ^48. CondeiimU at P^rir, yeUded to the flame. . 
j^^^^ * One tin ten , a yeun^mani vvho did reiy on 
iKAo C^^'^^ JeihtmiericS) fuftered at Dfi0m « 
^^^' tyinne Andihf^At^^'diottbfyiA thn^; TOi 
My wedd ing-gitdle is, wherewith I hope 
^ Tobeconjoyn'dtoChfift: I was HyR mam'd 

Upon a Sacurdayi and wm Vvi% cani'd 

Mtber Sacitrdajf , whereia 

(glad day!) fale «iaiTied agW , 

cteciufig-Ore fang, and in ch^ fire 

aftancy SpeAators did admire* 

Uftm Flmote^ tbac had four years laid 

IV prifoa» wfadt all ktndii of pain 

aM ofercome; fi>r feyen weeks fpace 

ofir coafin'd to (iidi a narrow pIaoe» 

e could iieichcr Aand (wicbeafe) nor ly t 

diftoaguUhcinchefirediddie. jimt0 

^jr»ayoungaMniwasrack'dfi>kiigji ^ t^$i. 

Dgnaagnewa'weary: OBeamofig 

uis*cors wepr* They bare him to be butaVlt 

kcd bifn, if be would yec be oiro*d« - 

;)fn be fiiidf Friendsy I am in my way 

li^ do aoc hinder me I pray. . 

^4$ievp Dkmmfli Simm iJlHt ^ -a Qyr^ 

^#r lfrr#» did (ocmeacsiuiderga^ aff2« ^ 

m %t Niv9fn^ had theic cbagues pul^M oofi ) \^Vf^^ 

d^Fvaspleas'd to briflgicfo about) tcc^ ' 

cyijpakepUin, We bid the workii Beih, fiii ^"^ 

vu nirewel) neyer CO nMC agioi 

oAouei and gunpowder bring a fre(h 

; (ak on* falc on this ftinking flefli ; 

perfiftiflgcooliancciU tbe laft» 

lib to bnyeiitbcir earth to aflies pad* ''Anm 

HllHft HsmUn fixl the croel flaooi^ t y y7« 

\eh9lm di 7»ii«#7 did che fame^ Atkthr. 

ir did a ChKiftian congregation '558< 

oughmuchforrowsbycbeMedttdcA / 

Paht'aate Prince, and Swiczers> fonns ; 

n (hardly) efiuiped Martyrdome* 

p£iw» Vf^ffimu^ HMdcicudes were killM ; 

r other places Wood was fpiU'd s 

And yet the Church> the more it was fuppreft 
Like to a Paluia (till more and more encreaftt 


The Perfecution in^hetime of^ the Civil H^i 
which begm Anno 15^2, 

THe Duke de Gmf€% as he upon a day 
towards Varis paft, took f^ajfy ia his wa; 
His ears informing him there was a Bell 
That rang to fervice in a Bara> he fell 
Thereon with all his troops: his widened throat 
Bawl*d ouc» Kill death of God^ each Huguenot 
Some then with buliets>lonpe with fwordf^were : 
Some hangM ; the heads of others cleft in cwa 
Some loft cheir arms and hands ; fbme ttm 
To feed upon ; above twelve hundred fbub (fi 
Of alldegreessaBd ranks* weiekill'd : fodoo 
The Duke to P^rit march^dy and feizVi upon 
The King himfelf> and filled with allies 
The places fet apart for [nous ufts, 
R^am taken by bimi was for three dayes (ackU 
The Citizens thereof difliv*d, and rack'd* 

Then menacing to ruinate Or/rMv#t ' :; 
A young man (hot hino^ to deliver Frsmee^ V.!. 

From his great violcicf* Peace was prccut^l^ 
Ahap|iyPeacesbi«titnbtlongeadui\l: ';/-> 
The Popifli party banifliing all pityi :>;hK; 

KihM alli fpar'd none in the Lmmiam CStyi^^!!! 
At AMiem^ the flain were thrown iAJ^rocftritti 

of the Civil H^ars. loi 

; Mlamjcp S$9S% Munh they drag'd fome on the 
id 'dtlh'd ^gaiaft the walls the liccle ones : (ftoaes» 
■e bad (beir houici leverd with the groundi 
ndredtWre maflracrA>ftai>\) hang*d|Or drownU, 
107 wcf e halM to Maft ; ard fome ~re«wedded, 
bcs re-btptizcd ; others were beheaded. 
B^nr diey rip*d up many brcftsf and drawVl 
sn hearts thereoutift with their teeth them gnawM. 
When M^litwni Mmtargk town had got, 
flew die towns-mens and with Cannoa-thoc 
leacaed the Lady Bh^nt to batter dowA 
r Caftlci if flie did the ChriftiaDS owoi 
xghrechemup tokim: the Priocefs ftour, 
afdy rqilyM : Look what you go about» 
bam youifbr there's no nun in this Realm . 
be &ig excepted) that can overwhelm 
f piaam with the waves of a commaad s 
id tf ytair battery go oni III ftand 
f bradif to try* whether or no you dare 
US kill cbedai^ter of a Kiag : I fear 
or threats ? not I : I want nor meaas, nor power 
ivepge me on your boldnefs^ and devour 
ur murtheroQS beart» and utterly deface 
e in&tits^of your, moft rebellious race* 
bet M4iUtnn^vs heard the Lidy fay« 
pulled in bis honiiand fneak*d away. 
jimgiTi into rivers (bme were tbrowni 
ine exerted : a gilt Bible (hown 
OB ao halbard was. and this they fangi 
boU how well the Hug^iots truth doth hang; 
rk what the eierlafKngGod. will tell • 
lioU che truth of ^1 die devib in hell: 
ey ikow^ ildi* rivert and renewM their fouftd^ 
mU! chetttth of aD the donb dcown'd. 

The Perlecunon in the ttme 

Ac Tr§ys, Cr4m% NtffirSi Cbd/tilmp and Bar 


Mady oucrigious viiUimes were doo. 

At Sins9 and TMfrsMmdttdt were put n>flaii^tei|j 

Some haiig'd up by one fooo tod in the water 

Their heads and breafts: the bowels arc plucked oM 

?heir ripiVi-up bellies, and are thrown about 
he mi'ry ftreets : they torture e? 'ry joynti 
And ftick dieir hearts upon thdr daggers poinu 
A Counftlior was hang'd, at the rcqueft 
Of his own father, (O unnatVal breft !) ^ 

By the Parifian Senators decree» ^ 

The bells are founded , and the Cbriftians be 
Deftroy'd in ev'ry placeiall thdr eftaces 
Sdz*d on by Citholicks and runipatei* 
In Ligmnl fome they hang'd. The village jUm 
They fet one fire, and joy*d to fee it blaze. 
jtugnfiine MarlorM$e was haog'd at Rbme, 
Where ftreecswith flaughcet'd carltaflcs were flroni 
la G4illMe^ from a fieep predpice 
Many were flung down headIong» in a crioe QaaaH 
Caught break*neck &lls. In S§MraM fixnend 
With linaet and down thtir throats had Urtal 
One Piter Rpch^ they buried alite (taa'd 

Within his frif-made grave. They did deprive • 
Many of all they had, others were crown*d \ 

With thorns; and others ia a well vvere dtowoU ' 
One Captain Z>ivrr#, a godly widdowtoU ^ 

Uiriefs (he wouU wodiice her lud-up goUt 
He'd roft her quick,and after thtowbenbui ' ] 
From the fubtimeft tower in thetowi. '^'^ 

VVdl (faid ihe) though I fidUyet {hafl I Bati ^ 
Suppone^bf the Lord Akni^iai^s tegli J 

He imde her dfiak his (Mfs ; then in her face 
E%iae the remaiftder^ and withaU the gia& 
He cups heruptiDOic cocmeacs coabi4ei 
Her friends redeemed hersbuc (he (hortly dM* 
IV Proc'ftancs of Vdhugw^ their dear lives loftj 
And feuUBcis ia their homes rul'd the roft. 
h JUsfcmik Bmmit Bar, a rare Divines. . ((huir. 
SccflPdf beaceB»drpwn'd» Lamp-like in heaVn doth 
llonfieur Vdmpes a Minifter. cliey kill'ds 
fkfid (pum'd his naked corps: the Mafs-PrieAs fiU'd 
Kisniouth and wounds withBibIe*lea?es» an^d faidi 
Pteacli chou Gods truthj now invocate bis. atd« 
MmAue at R%im brain'd fucking infancst thei» 
The mochas ; hang'd above five hnndred men. 
They Iprinkkd iak. upon the bleediog wounds 
Of oae poor mangled man. Manlmc confounds 
The Proteftancs in fight, the prifoners 
He hangs, efpccially the MiaiOers. 
Capcaia Ldmahsg he ftabs ; chat will not do> 
ik tbrufis him with a rapier> through^ and thro : 
And his frfafphemoustnouth thefe words lets flyi 
Villainj thou in defpice of God (hale die. 
Htmov'dalyari though the man cndurM 
jhdi mortal wounds, yet was he (trangely cutM. 
fa Lim§9$Xi GremotUt BesuniCifterpMf 
N^rmM, aid Amrmtget many undergon (Quills ? 
tlacd uugei Ah 1 what hearts ? what tongues ? what 
Can dmikf can fpeak» can wricet tho(e word of ills ? 
Eemales weie ravi(h'd : others drown'd : fomie kill'dt 
Their houfes with unruly fouUicrs fill*d« 
Hndfids of wpmeninay, and children too 
Uc harmh^^eep untotbe (laughter gc« 
TMtoJUiifpbeme chat would notbeconftrain'dt 
9t»iMx cne bucMnd of a musket br aia -d | 
^ ' H 4 Q\ 

Or hewQ ts rmall is herbs imto the pot ; 
Others rhrown .out at windowcs^ others fhot. 
A fair'yousg woman) after much di&rtcet 
Was ravilhed before her husbands face* 
«TheQ fore d to hold a rapier wherewith 
One made her, her own husband kill A Smith 
Becaufe he would not give the de^l his fouU . 
IMog on his anvil laidicbey beat hispoul 
In pieces with great hammers ; foine were crufh'd 
To death with weights* others were harqiiebu(h'd 
They daik*d brefi*lttcking babes againft the wallii 
And flew the crazy in the bo(piuk« 
No fezi nor age, nor quality they let 
, 80 free : all, ail was fifh that came conet. 

The aSMaffacre at Paris^ 

Anno i^Jt. 

V\^H(n the third Civil War in FrM^ wasendi 
^^ AMaffacreatT^rnr wasintendedy 
And put in execution : (irft of all 
They fet upon and flew the Admiral ; 
The watch- word was^ the tolling of a bell. 
Which rang by break aday: the cutrthtoats fttl 
On ^eaitendants of the Song of Nmmt., 
And Prince of Cmide • not the leaft of favour 
Was fliew'd to anyithey knock*d down and bnk 
Ten thoufand perfons : Sem*i fwift Rtutm m 
With theeffufid bIood;the ftreett were pav^d(IBij[ 
With manded bodies^ not a man was (av^ u 


»- w r *' 

lood-botinds met with ; Piftolsi Poioltidf t 
rSiPikes^id luke away with lives; (KoiveSt 
sktcs bouncings ! Oh the horrid coaes 
ling nuirth'rers mixM with dyiog grcnes ! 
:ds and CSentlcmen were murcheied 
1 their hcufes roofs^ and fome in bed« 
ce (this periecution fo enaeas*J) 
iity tboufand Mafiacred at leaft* 
to fome piarciculars defccnd • 
>n(ieui de is Place was brought i^i\$ end* 
'tcr Rumttt^ith his life did parti 
ings Profefror in that fubtile Arc) 
I from the chamber window, crail'd about 
ecsj and wb'ip'd,iii$ bowels falling out. 
1 faatcbed up a litcle child » 
)y*d, and played wich bis beard , and (rnilMs 
bard hearted wrerch ! ; not nf)ov*d at ailf 
^t his fwprd) and (tabbed it withall^ 
) it all gore-blood into the river : 
aws an infani!* heart, and he the li^er. 
oceftaneS) as did through fear revolt, 
the forc^ front, give the firft aifault, 
be killM thenfelves. Some had their greafe ^ 
lUt and fold. They us'd fucb blafphemies : ' 
s now your God ? are Pfalmet and Prayers 
} Aire be is either deaf, or dumb. (come 
icome (a ve you>if he can : they cry'd, 
1 them illy and let's the fpoil divide. 
»rful (hrikeii tod outcries were there dm , i 
by theie Devils in (he (hapes of men ? 
ireaking up of doors ? wbic udle of gMiK 
tmtce vvas there beard ?CQBfufi0Dnuv ^ 
pftreet ; what trampUig of Vfar-Hor^ ? 
log of &rti|Cbatt}oi:^awavdcadcQicfcil ^ 

ThePapifts^in this mafiTacie coafefi'dt 
Tint chey flew eighceen cboufand at the Ietft« 
Some of them boa Aed in the ftreets aloudt 
Th^iad dy'd their doublets in the B^'aots Uoo^^ 
Ac Tboleufip they the caII'd*out pris*Aers flay^ ' 
„ Not fuffring them to fpeakei much kfs to prayw 
When the Parifian mafTacre was knowa» 
Ac B^urdeaux the like cruelty was (hown. • j 

^ How &d was it to fee poor Proteftancs < ] 

WaBder now hercinow there, and none 
Supply I Alas unparalelled woes I 
RejeAed by their friends^ deftroyM by foes I 


The [lege of Sancerre , Anno Chrifti} 

1573. ; 


HTHe Chaftriah Lord bcfieging S^cktf t0wti ] 

NischuadringcaDnoiiS{day'd,ind batter 'd doM 

Her ftony walls • the fliiferM timber flew ^ 

Continually ab<Hic»yet note it flew. 

Some hid their hatsi breeches^ tnd eotts 

Themfelves not hurt nor prejudiced one jor« J 

The(iegeenduredlong;atIaftfthroBgbwaacs \ 

Horfe^ttefli was tura'^ to food-wMch growiag ibaMj 

The Twoos-men fed oa do|Si catfintMiuceiaioleff 

Hides,parchnientsjiaters>utatc ra r h o ia S t iooc»Boalri 

Their bread was made of ftitw^meil| thwMbc)i 

Them patage of old Oyfttmeiti^ mfe aad Oyl 

^Aad whea thefe fail'dt tbv pouadcd awrfhrhj iltwui 

M^Kmm Au^itfl I bof thefe «rm picOMijnHil 

jiegeo] 5ancerre 
dd bis wife were puc to ch*(laughcerf 
; on their famin^fltrved daughter* 
I com by ftoldted brought CO cowBf 
id WIS valued at half a crowfu 
I did butcighty four perfefts fltyr 
e half a tbculand fwept away. 
(e rather to re(ign their breath 
>rds point, then famifli'd be to death* 
IS look'd upon with grief of hearc 
dreo, but could no relief impart* 
five years old, neer fpenc with hungett 
bout the ftreets ; but when no loagcr 
feee could bear hiai, down he fell 
parents (ight: Vis fad to tell 
fur of their fouls» and how their eyes 
i> when they did feel his withered thighs, 
the childtFather and mother dear^ 
an yqu fo to weep ? for Gods fake fpare 
ilefs dropsi and do*nt my caufe bemode* 
^ready as knowing you have notte X 
c is Sods will, that I fliouldteft 
death as this | his nanie be bleft : 
[ (mother) in my KUe read, 
Hs wants ? and chat was all he (aid« ^ 
xi flirr'd up the Polonians, 
e poor diftrefs'd Sancerrians. . 
I their arms and goods aiigbc go away | 
as vvouldf migbc iivknouc croMPk fit j« 


Thijiigi 9f Rochcl Anno i J7 jj 

RO^i&f/be(ifg'd,che cowns-meo filU'd oiic» 
Aodofccn puc theen*Biy CO the roue, 
la one momhs fpace cbe foe lay 'd on fo hoc, 
iThac more chcn chirceen choufaod CftODon*(hoc 
Di(charg'd igainft the RocheUers^ which held 
^ €>uc fiege folong* cill fatniie cheoi compell'd 
X^unhitfvftil meats, ail cheir profifioa fpenc : 
But O admired Providence ! Sod fesic 
Them fifliesi and in fiich abundanc ftore. 
The tike was seyer feen nor heard before x 
As foon as cheediA for Peace came ouc# 
(Which Legates ientfrom PpUwd broughc aboui 
They weneaway> and ntVe recurn*d again. 
Divers greac Lords and Geoclemen were flaio 
During chls (icge: commandet s full (ixfcore. 
And cwency thoufand fouldiersormorCf 
Thacdid fronf bloody Maffacrcs recirct 
Received at Rochtl cheir deferred liire. 
Kii^ Char la htmleif faU*d tick»t'his modier cry 'd. 
Madam) I pray revenge my foes.chen dy\}, 
ftocbil expelling help in cime of need 
from England » England proved a flaff of reed 
Which raa into cheir handsi wbilft they depended 
Too mud) thereon ; the Cicy (ill befriended) 
B'mg clofe befieged by the Kiag of FrMnct^ 
, And his adheiiencSf dx inhabicaacs 
Shrewdlytpuc co'Cj for want of bender meat» 
Did horfesi dogs> cacsi racs» and teacher ear« V 
The poorer fore of pec^Ie wancing breadi v: .^^ 
Upoa the buccocki <x the dead did fted. ' j/ri 


did look with fuch a wrinkled brovtl 
(h they hid a hundred years ran through, 
iie Englifli. when the French had took ^ 

f»like Anatomies did look. . ' '' ' 

. was it to iee> their hollow eyes 
igre chcd^s^lank belliest withr*ed tingbs? 
ceof wheat at twenty pounds was rated { ' ^Ykipncn 
I of bteadf worth one pound eftimaced $ • </ tbmis^ 
n: of a (heep did fix p(Kinds utter s 
ty fliillings bcughc a pound of butter • 4 
poor ^ge, dght (hillings was layd dowd f 
X of i^att yielded half a crown^- 
fUhgivenfor a {»eceingoId; 
f French^WinCi for as much was foU f " 
I of grapes,thrice twelve pence| n>ilk but fi^ 
lot Qh valu'd at thirty ^illingi &c.* (Itag 

~ ■* 



rfecutkn of the Church of Chrifi in thf 
coline. Anno Chrifti 1 620. " 

bloody Papifts, id the VdU^Hn^ 
King in arans, did furieufly condnae \ 

[tirpatioi^oftfaeChriAiantraini \ . 

d fome in AAm\ others they did bnin 1 
ne^and ftrangbd others) fonoe they bet 
lotcy clubs I and many that thejf mec 
bumandy iqurth'red; fooM they drew 
didr Apked beds, lind did imbrew 
lods in their efiufbd gore I they (^t ^ ^ A 

uthi of fimety lo^MT ears j atid hit 'M 


Ocbers mth the Scnppado i fome wax 
jTo pieces ; ocheis flafhM ; and others rtd'd* 
fm^^ One was compeliM to ride upon an Afle^ 
His face curn*d to the tail/ aed he co pafi 
jThe matkec-fdace» holding in^ hand the nil 
As^n^verc a bridle; fome when food did fidi 
. Were fiiniiChed ; others were (km^d^ drowinl 
^ Sonae bad their very boqes* to powder ground. 
Thus ha^i^ made a quick difpatch aa TWt 
Thefe profiine wtecdies, marctoi cfaenoei aad feB 
Upon the ProteOants ac Church eifewherc • 
Killed old and young, and fliew^i no mefcyilNi 
To Lords, nor tSefitieoien a to death they flioi 
The Miniflers : Ladies and Childreni goc 
Into dieSelKffeefbrlecuei^ t 
The place ts fired • and t^ firei they diei 
The PopiAi party under a precence 
Of AMidmg Mr the Pfoceftafitsdefeaoe 
Ikt Sandres (yet for all they kept a pother) 
{They oae defiroyed oowiaod thoa aaodier | 
SAs i it had bin done by acddeat^ 
Coaoealiag their malevoious intent t 
iTben did they &II co phuder, and imbtew, 
Thdr hands b blood, all (hofe they met tbey Om 
There was a Noble Lady wlttchmii»\l . 
ithe Romilh fiitth: CO whom fuch words tfaeymll 
Madam t out of the tender lote you bear ' 
To your ydusf iafiiBt, in your am, gifc eat 
TouSfOCoUeyouihallfaekllMtiqgener. < 
But (he u n da un tadb thus | I camenot birihtr 
To abfl^att my bucfai jior kfc laU 
IhadbebiadiB Jir^coftll 
From my ficft prindpks I yci, I wi}l radier 

Siife t cbouiaQd 4n)Aia ^ w| Vntell^ 



itVl OK hk foiii but up co death him gavei 

If and filch (inners is I am to fave ; 

m (hall I (heo regard this babe of imne ? 

[be, (kid (he* bto the hands of tbioe 

yic foof little child : <Bod which cakes caie 

rdie wii^^d Qc^zeas of the liquid Aict 

■nch more abk to la?e this poor d^ldi 

oiig^you(hould leave icon thefe moaauins wild. 

lacuig then her gowot fiie bat'd her breft> 

id (Udf Here is & body ; you Qiay feaft 

Hrfwonlichefewidit to kill it you hate povmi 

f fiad b fl^Sy it can you not devour. 

iqf flaj the mother* am the iafant (paiei 

{waiMttiag it t^ PopKh nurfes care. 

iaay diat did refufe to go CO Mafii 

Feie draped to the inountaiBes tops ( Alu!) 

ad tluown cfaeMe beadloag down: fot want offood 

Mbers were iaii^*d • into jtdda*t flood 

boK fluBg ifom bridge ; and with corpies dead 

lie woo£ and mountains everywhere werie fpcead* 

k NoUe Virgia^ through the ftreecs wasled 

K%n^cefon[f I they put upoa her bead 

tpaper^mitre, bumced her cheeksf 

M fo befinearM her face with dirct (that leeks 

fig^t gtow thereon) then was (he bid to call 

EdieSaiacii aiefiiiiliagfaid,AU,aU 
op^ my trw» and my falvadoa 
ny Saviour Jdiis Clmft alone, 
lb for the Virgin Mdiys 'ds confeft 
k ii above aUodier women Ueft ; 
%c if (he Boic oomifcient) and cherefeve 
bowo aot what we requdl^ what we implore : 
Tea (he her felf her own Ton's merits needed* 
^Ud bftd bia damn'di had he not iaceicecdcdJ 

Cbtift bach defpis'd rhe crofs, endar'd cbe (hit 
And (6 will Ij t brice blefled be his name. 
His holy name; wich thacychcfe villains drewl 
Into the fields^ and baibaroufly flew hcr« 
Then canoe a Itcter (torn a Governourt 
Tbac diefe blood-fiickers:(hould ^ich all their j 
Ddiroy both in the couacry and in Gey 
All that were LuthcranSi without all pity. 
Whereat deOroying all at Tyranei TeMg 
Brnfff SondreSf and Malewp, diqf ooorcieO 
Then Hjtcm Ty^res, fell on Siriemm^^ . 
Csffgna^ Trdbemf fliyiog high and low. 
They kill*d a man, and's wife. A cradled child 
Fair and well- favour 'dt in their face^finil-d; 
They took her by the heels (not mov'd acall) 
And daflied out her braiiis againft the wall* . 
At Brufi, a very aged Matron was 
Sollicitedby theai>togotoMa(s» • 
And have refpcA unto her age» not die $ 
To whom (he aofwer'd ; God forbid^ that I 
. Who ha veoae foot already in the gravCf 
Should now forfake ii:y Lord, my Chrift» who 
Me to be coaftant in his truth profeftt 
And upon fubl unary creatures reft. 
Shall meas traditions! or @od&lio^word 
Take place ? fo (aid; they flew her wkh rbtfm 


t < 


* * \ * ^* 


ecutions (f th^ Church in Scotland, 
begdn^ Anno Chrifti 1527. V 

\ Mu Patrick. H^tmiiiombfhtmc, 
iiog honourable ftocki became 
[iflifler; his boiy zeal 
ifpifid Myfteries ttveal 
Nivk'd foulsi fo long undlll at laft 
d Bifliopa htm in priiba caft : 
x>ix!cmQaciQ8| he was brought 
00; hiscap, gowHiandcoatt 
his (ervanu and exhorted him 
e all for CSirift | yea, life aad lim* 
cbe ftake, he cry*di For Chrift his merict 
I ideafed to receive my fpiric t 
fiiall clouds of darknefs overwhelm ? 
d I hpyv long (hall foes opprefs dus realm? 
m ; Vnt0 Mr Lsidypr^ • 
lituh fi^i Set. Awtyttwayi 
9ip$l Sod bears me in the flamei! 
mtupcoheav^acopriai&SodsNkme* ) 
mvexted, faid» O Lord I have 
d, and deferv*d chy wrath, yet ikve| 
iie»for fear of corp'cal p^in^ 
deaytheet or thy truth again 9 
lod Mr. Nwmmf$ perfoa bringt 
I them ia the prefeoce of the King* ""* 

ds the BKhop of IhuAM^n us'd 
»d F^ff (whom the txfpk accui\(t) 


My joy» Dean 'tb§miu$ I do Icve thee weU» 
AAd cherefotS uke the libeccy co cell 
Thee of thy faulcs | I am iaform*d you do 
Preach the Epiftk, nay the Gofpel too. 
Each Sunday CO your people ; anditfaife 
To cake frooi chem (at a reward) your dues ; 
Wbkh prejudicial to che Church-men if« 
My joyi Dean Tbomoit I advife yon chiS| 
Take cyches» or el(e kis coq much to pceidi . 
But once t week : for if thou gracii teacbi 
May not the people chink chat w;: Iikewifi 
iShould do che liinae ? T^ir^j be not (b pcectfe g 
Ic is enough for you when you have found 
A good Epiftle andGofpeU to expound 
The liberqr of hdy <Ghurd) ezpreis'il 
Therein9 and *cif no mattet for che reft. 
Thomas reply 'd i My Lord» if I abftain 
From cychoi will my parMhioners complain ^ 
I know chey will not : ind whereas ydu fity, 
Ic is coo much to preach each Sabbath-day » 
I chink it is too little^ for my part • 
And firom therery botcorhor my heart 
Wiftiy that your L^rdAiip wouM be pleasM to 
Such pains as t^r. Nayi nay, Pean ^tMUfiii 
TheBifliop then, no orders do us reach. 
WhereaSt (aid lii^m^ you do bkl pt(ipttziA 
When a good Citapcer I do ftgbt tipofl I 
I've read them oferailf and nWnotOQi* - 
That's bad amongft them I (hew me iP^hore (te 
Aid at ;^r (hewing I will>p«ft tbem by, 
I bleii God^iald theBi(ho|iiI ne'ie kiew 

What was the Teftament not old nor bevy I 
And I will not know aiiy diiiig at all, 
4|r Fz^ illy JPortvife^ and Poi^cal. 

MScx)tIand, ,115 

IfOiir wtycSf aod ccafeibaiuch to prate» 

1 fcpentyou^ when tc is coo late 

lid TAMMTy diac my cauft is clear 

eyes | cbenforei miac need I to fear ? 

ie«iaicliisway» But when €11001"$ glaft - ^ 

a Bctk iixM«lie burned was* 

bloody douds wM rais% ReligioQ^j raics 

Hthin i^ar/^Mfftncheifeworft bf daic9 1 

y leading (ooaforc flowing dieaoe) 

Jy by ftantnal conference ; 

> cnragM the Papiftff chat tliey aime 

It ibur ooced penbns b one flimei 

urn Xmffit^ that pro&A the cnitb/ 

fXMniir KmmAy^ a youtb» (paAced 

oiighc CO fudgemoit i K$m$idf$ heart 

at firft f and would have fain lecantcd^ 

I M hopes wat lefti <Bod'i Spirit reviy*d 

ipiag fiw ; yea inward comforts flriv'd 

dbemfthrcif both in his face and tongue : 

11^ 06 luskneesi dieic words out fprung % 

[Ml 1 What lofe Ittft chou eo all ezpic&'di 

imevilewreBcbf abofcchereftl 

Acb tafled of thy cknncy 

Ug^ degree (Oioid) as II 4 

low WMI I would deny thy powCTf 

IS Gbrifti diy Son» my Saviourt 

Inng'd my Idf allofer head and ears 

flingflameSf (uoqueKh'd with tears) 

ckmdhadioocfufeM metodwdl 

I black fubjsdb of the Prince of hell t 

lac WAS of faiie with fear oppreft> 

r dM a joy^enaaid'd breft. 

: dcathi do widmae as you pleaie t 

kxllam'i«idyidcadi'!iatcaie% > '^ 

3^ The Ferfecution of the Church 

Then railed they on Iiiiii» aiid Jir0m § who 
Slid alfo unco cbem« Mtfial iiSs do I 
This is your hour and power to eoimiuttl; 
Yee (it as Judgest we as guiky ftand : 
Bur knoWf a day will come (hall clear our blanei 
And yee (cutiM ycne) to your eternal (hame 
Shall fee your blindnefs. Go 4)a forward ftilli 
TiU you the Ephah of your (ins lip filU 
No fooAcr were chey bah ceodetnnM todie^ 
But p#r^ comforted ycung Kinuidj i 
Brother (ftid he} fear not» be chat indwels 
Our fouls, Uro that is in the world excels { 
The pain we here iodore is light and (hort^ 
But we {hall have unfading glory (ot\m 
O ftrive we then (chough many rubs andoy) 
To encer in unto our Mafters joy : 
And» with oixx Saviour» pafi the narrow road 
Which few fiiall finde ; the way to hdl is broads > 
We die for Chrift, and Chrift hath death fubdiiVl, 
Deach cannot hurt us : hence me nsay conclude 
Wearethemenaberst Chrift our tout 
BeTi^n, can the noeaUsers long lie dead ^ 
Thus (jfea^hf and Satani under-foot chey crodf 
And in che flami, brearh*d up their fixilt to SocL 
nf!o At £^rjv^«fr^A che cruel Cilcd*aal^#t«ii 
[ 4 ; . HangM fomej upon fufpidoa they had cam 
Gocfe on a Friday ; and above the rd(i» 
A wonun with her fuckling at her breft. 
He drown'd for being (crupulons and wary 
Of making prayers to the Virgb Mmtj. 
He fer^e into exile fome Chriftian brothers ; . .! - 
An^ at St.Jobnfims he imprifboVl achett» * V' \ \ 
Mr. Geofii frifeburd, a Divine, whofe wonb 

C r.|/ • 

ittkdceplyc^ afflidioBi cup» 

in che mnsei fiimndred up 

ICO in dofioor. God MfUM 'AnM0 

^.tbeCtidiDalwaskill'd. . I54^- 

y urnBrnff at an Heretkk ^^<m« 

a CO be jNircn^ was burned qiuck. < f 5^* 

f F^fT^ ibctraycd by a Frytr, '^•••^ 

laod had the eml of bui deuce. '55?! 

Mr CO one f9Wlr#r JM^fywho pf ayMi 

rftrdifr. Prayeisdod»be&id» 

I WkkiT if youall noe rtghc, 

X)o coo long a Po|u(h Ko'f k. 

(e?*fl Sacrameocs? Give ne buc two 

d ail the reft I leave to you. 

rocaoc ? he anfwer'dy I am cor^ < 

aod will not be i*di* cruch out*bora t 

Mh'ftike« Saidheslmaynockili 

cpucmeifDiaodbearlwiilt ^ I 

rdblucioa, Haviog made 
CO God, be co the people (aid^ | 

: be coifefsMi chat I have bin 
Sacaui and a flave cofiiit 
t thaCt chat dqch my fuflPriDgscaufif 
ob&rving Ciod^ juft Laws* * < 

Sod out of bis abundanc grace 
Lirme(bfiirrsas(iQthisp&ice) f 

' d(wbac ochers not wichftood») 

effioi widi my dcareft blodd. 
as youTd efiape ecer nal doon> 
ill happy ih the life CO come» 

dibimopsj Klhopsi Abbots^ Pricttsi^ 
aiy morcy for they are Lyars* 
tlooei Oalwayes make bis power 
) your bulvvark of detcamyour cower* 

U. ; ■ ^ 


'f^»' *te%irt0mr Vf^ 

So flepM he m the Lord : andwatth^^ft 
In Sectldud dfiic the fi'ry cryal paft. 

1 1 ^ 


The Perfecution of the Church in Ire! 
Anno Chrifti 1^41. 

THe fadious Archbifliops, Abbccs. Piyoci 
Falfe Jefuites, Romt(h Priefts. and ka 
Sciri 'd op rebellion by cheir iaftigttiooi (F 
Againft che Englifli in the Irifli Nation. 
And whea cbey thought their mafice had iDfeo 
Such thriving plots, as could not bepre?eife4 
They in their publick prayen lecofsmended 
The good fucce6 of their dc(ignes> inrhieb cciuh 
To the advaccement of the Catblidt cattff* 
And told the people 'twas no time topaufiN 
Their nation over-rUn ^ith haedckf | 
CaU'd Prouftants fwora foes to Cacb dklca | 
Who were not to be fuffered t li ve 
Amoogfi them ; indforanytodeprifc 
Jhem of cheirbteathsythe trime iwas nmnioif g 
Then to defliroy a dog ; to give then iiiea9» 
Or yield to thffil rclkf at a&y time* 
*Twas morttli O tih]fNfcrdofiiiUe ctirtie I • 
R$mes DoAfiae they ^leteiided to fupmtfi»^ 
And root outthofe that did che Imr pdHfi^ 
They Laws 4vould Imke^ehey'&oagfiliAiouUiM 
All Pop'ry, afcer Efigt^ds good ttman\i^fym 
Obfer ve we how thdr words aad deeds dMiiiAJi 
Said one thiog» but d\da6t the c^ute ooncnbyi: *! 

« I 

. 9|7XiCUiUU. ' ,XI 

them firom the pains of Porgacocy t 
fpake Eoglifli the lead meccy fixisd ; 
h kngiuge was a loathed foimd : 
JvM to icowre the Iri(h bonders 
: fiippofed Authors of di(biders« 
AajBCS { ibme were toexile packc | 
It *cw«s thought a mericorious.a6[ 
>fe Devils in toe (hapes of men, 
y called thM ;) hot one of tea 
ir duiches t what a deal of goodi 
X doe& usi thus to bath ia blood ! 
: uijurious wretches ^redeftroyM 
I and their habitadon voyd> 
(atfyglsudi baveat:£iv|iUMftbdli . 
c leave alive one^Eogtiflt man. 
s fliouU be of our liv^ betctvieo^ 
y our ibuls would fly to lieavei, (ftflf 
od filch (couodrels breath? to wock let's 
laray their Iives»e(latcs>aod alL 
man* wcman» child ^baie rogues, atti 
rag oOf turn them out of doors* (whoiOf 
7 (heljBcr them I but woods aiKl caves 
heit dwdliogSy but (hall be their graveff» 
i1,^i— ^Butmaoy by the bigh-wayes fidct 
f (uftoaaiioefeUdowa,arKldy^i ^ 
thouiaads that for fiiooourflod 
by tbait tine tb^ came tbere» were deid# 
: horrid liafi&cscs, would inaike 
di^i and the heart to ake. 
b^aod Tfrm$9^f3m barbiroua rage 
her rich flor fioor9 aor fexi^aor age < 
lece aiady thoufaads did csptre 
liy wtccrr faBQioct oc by &m 

14 VjODlt 

JJ.D I pe ircrjcQmiufi^ V] we KjVutcp ^ 

Some had their gucstip'd outtfome drag'd thro bop} 
Young children thrown to be devoutM by dogs. J 
If wy chanc'd to beg bat leave to pray » (way 
And kneeled down^ they loft their beads flraigfa»* 
Some in datk dungeons lie ; others half fla'm» 
Earncftly beg*d to be rid out of pain* 
They covet'd fome alive wicfa dirt, and fionest 
And laugh'd) to hear their lamenublegroies* 
Some were fiom bridges, iito rivers flung • 
Others, oa center^hooks by the chia hung : 
They bang*d up feme by th'arms, with thdr (wordi 
How long an Engli(h-man would be a d]^.(tryiag 
Young imaats pp'd out of their mothers vroid>9 i 
Were given to the hogs, for to entooob* 
Children were forced to kill fathciSsandmotben; 
Parents, their ^hilderen ; and brocherf) brothers | 
Wives chcir owtKhusbandi ;^usbands thdr own wiicn 
And they themfelve^in fine muft lofe their lives. 
No mercy^ (hown, man, woman, no nor child} 
The dead's digM up» th'alive in cauldrons boiPdt 
Some had their hands cut cfft and eyes jduckM out j 
Many were left alivei tbeu: euts about 
Thdr very heels : and of fomc^ greafe and (at 
Candles were made ; while others, rofledac 
Slack fires I Nay^ boys and womea were tmj^i 
To perpetrate fuidi deeds, aad therda joy\l« 
The Rebels , in the country P^rMiAmm, ^ 

Did many thoufaadsln the river drown. 

Ai Lifgo9l;TMBMb,Liffemki^^Cumkr\^ 
(All Oiftles) a coafiderablc number 

Were brought unto untimely ends* Maoiwonaftf)^ 

And child was kill'datXiilfas^r and JTiiB^MMb '^ 

An ancient dame, which towards Dmilim vicab ' ^ 

Wis lirip'd ip gae day fcven tiaies» aad fau . ^ 

dfaod CO her God coiii{dain t 

' he could, cloatb her zgtitk t 

nnrd-thefe aiurch'rousC4i>/:CskeiBS. 

hib*d others wicK chdr fyrords>fockft 

^roteftants in fnowy weather 

k nakedi pcrifii'd all together > 

tnd huBger ; many that vmt ficki 

If of their beds^ and han^d up quidr* 

Lim, they hanged ii the Air» 

lughter by the mothers hair* 

4ttadelthey fir*d 

ians heads therein f etirM ; 

&'d their joy; Behold, bow high 

mt, O how (weedy do they fry ! 

itb op CO the ears they jQit I 

It a Bibles leaf to itt 

reachi and teach ibme pretty ftuBFf 

1 a mouth was wide eiioiigh. 

iR, her bare skin to bidet 

V about her middle tide ; 

oafling how it did enh^ce ^ 

(ee the Engli(h jade fo dance : 

we jtddmttnd ber young diild fludk 

i faid, Suck EnglKh baftard , fuck. 

niHves in cellars; cavdii 

Qurdier'd by theft hdi^ieAc flavcf ; 

ir boaftttbqr pleasM the deril well 

fe miny fouls to hdU. 

■d his holy woid|likcwifef 

tut execrable blafphenves* 

itt and £iid. They burnt beltficeji' 

foaked others ia the iime« 
Km on the owners 6€e9;ibaie 
»y &yiogt Hence all mifchiefs comet 



A plague tipoD cbem all t ia a fluorc time» j& 

We hope to ice none ia our Ir'tfii ciime. y 

They cold ch'Apoftate;, that cbey cboughc i€|Qo4 " Ji 
To kill them while xhcf were ki a gobjd fnoodL 
jtKfti NkbclfmUid boldly flieUnpc tufoei 
And rather thenihe would her .Bible Iwrnt 
As itwy would have her, (he the death wouId.dil| 
ADdd'id|as.icfellout: forby^andby 
She and her mace w^s fhbb*d • Cuc^lie chmaM ' 
The viU'ay # grew tmmediaccly dAiaAecU 
Ac GUfeoip fifiy Englifh tnea upd^ScM 
They oiadc recamfawl then cue aitcb^ thtnuk 
I n AiayOf and ia Tipirdiy: coo, i 

BoibCouDcieSi nocot few did undergo 
AOforcs of cruel dcaihs; cbcfe bloody !<mi . 
Did flafhi hew, hack, and peliec thei»;wM)lftMm' 
They forc*d feme b the Sea (rwoto^b^iPvicb.WM4 
To take poiTcflion oC thoie Watcy gr^vf s« 
In Slfgdt fottf Proceftants were &up% ■* 

And lock'd up in a cellar ; then cbero. ffipiM 
«A butcher ia (appoinced io to do) 
And wkh4n axe cleav'd all theit hc%d% m iRtb 
into the Jail bdosging to this tQWO* 
t^oor Proccftants were (enc^od there kaoCk^4 

Hundreds were flaia upon the (aax^KCOmCt 
AnluAiQueankiUM forty fifes JUmCwm 
No lefs then thirty io oneoiormog flepr* 
There weieabovecwcivetbqufandlwpBk)! M 
In the high-wayc(jas Xfrimi^Thmm thq^Wi* 
thefe cogQcu Scotch-mafis belly ^iA^mkk 
And haying one ead of his ihial guts Cidc 
Unto a tree, chey foi]c*d hifn round about 
The &mc (q lopgi ciU chef vveio «U draw HMfl i 

diey iWcft a| whkh k che loitteft (lEci 
{I guii» or a doocdvmat I Omiid cy ct I 
hirvfli fidl BiDC buadicd mcy rour 
Kinonb afierwards cwdfc bunbed iMfCt 
^Ulem$ O NeslhofBed he had ktU*d 
KSa^huaixnittihsiipsgbi aadfiU'd 
feboiitei wkb dieflasa | bnia'd old aadyoulg 

00 che Batcxuy of 4'iiit»r/(M|f • 

'^hr Froviace. by aU ibrtt ordcidtfb 
hoadicd 6% diDu£md loft tbdr bieadii; 
naa &r layiig be'd bdievc dK Pope 
boocr Aea cbedevil|ftiecch*da rope* 
fiM^tfTf maay coiiaenc Diviaei 
haiMdiip. AUi!wha€wofiii^it 
icUldieomde for bread 1 butcbqftnaft&ft 
cd OQ gn&t and then be braiaM aclafti 
! faearti I in what iaexcricabfe woes 
:hey iafohr^d ? iaezorabk foes 
v^ry fide to bring chem to chdr ends ; 
ad to bear mvc^child]»,fa:nnt%6iieicfet 
to the ayr thdr ftormy (igiis> and groies^ 
r (hrkb> d»r cries and laiMltabfeiiioacs! 
! what toiq^i is able to relate 
ears> aod caies> of thdr a^aiAfid flate ? 
IS iti was it MC enough almoft 
reak aCbriftians hearCi to hearthemboaft 
Aodtiags down? (&id oae) taaj umH lb fiM 
not lift k up» to htain one oiore* 
lier bngg'd, that be abroad 
of die E^fifli n^giics bad kill'd fisteem 
rs {o many k'ill'd^ that they belierUt 
of the terygieafeaod fat which deav'd 

1 their Iwords. a nun night undertake 
rifli candk (if be lift) to make. 



The EogIi(h are (faid chcy) fir tMac for dogf t 
Their children b aftards, drown them in the bogs 
The daye*s our owd> we'll wound their beafts th 
Oh *df a galliac thing to bear chem rote ! " {^ 
Thus have we had a uftof what befel 
The Proteftintt : now they that did rebel 
Have ever (inceby tbejufthandof Cod 
Bin ibupdly ftouirgM With hit (everer rod- 
He focmit&iilates their ^rtts ia %hc» 
That haodfub put innudi'muf foes to flight ; 
Tbouiaads of them have perifli'd1>y the fwocd 
As manyiif dot moce>the piagiie devoured i 
The Lord ftill£ghts for his; and will, no ddob 
Utterly roQ^ |ip that lebdlious rout; 

I • 




Of all the 


Which have befallen 

, The Church of Snglandy 

nee the fir ft Plantation of the Gofpcl, 

To the end of 

Queen Maries ^igne^. 

By the fame Author. 

'^^ \, Tapifla S ^ IdMitnm tmum MH a Yefugnemikusy ft 
miiMt^us Chrillianis. Auguft.Ep.41/ 
mUis prefemibui durm deprimry e$ dt futmit laudlii eerti 
ftfimm. Grcgor. 

Dochinp b^ terrified by your tdver&ries, which r 
tbctn IS an evident token of perdition, but to yon c 
S and that of God) Pik7.x .iS. 

Printed l)y*t Ctwrf A it^j. 


.1 . 

'\ ■ 

Ht ' v>«. 


. 'fV 


. % 

% •■ « 


*' 1 .• 

r « 


"^ *•»'?* !^.- 


Ik «; 

I To' the R ight Honourable^ 

Igh SketifffikAd Gdventoiir of the 

I C ity ana County of Hereford • 

A N t» 


'William Voyle 
._, }tftliiMnL6w , . -. .„ 
^•^SsmuflSmith ^Minifters 

George Primrofe^^ 

cf Clrfifts tjofpel in Hereford. 

^facet'hd Peace be mukipRedy ice. 


S fc & the property of ge^ 
nerous^mtSa not to eX'* 
^ WWerable retaliation 

fbrai greater. Soprayingi 
to fill you with as mucbndj 
ne(^ both here and faereaftei 
your hearts can hold, I 
my leave of you j tot ihal 
wayes, while I naye a tor 
and hand 9 acknowledge 
fobfcribe. my felf. 

v " ■ 

Your Honours hum! 
Servant J and to y 01 
Worthy . Friends 
much obliged^ , 

* • I 


% f 


Git (I mean the blood of 
Htyrs ^ be not fo plcafinti 
[ coniequently leis defirablci 
my hanging out the fignes 
rour hbfionrable names Cat 
Fronti^ice of my fiook^ 
I be very ef{edtual to make 
endible. Humility in your 
es^ and charity towards me^ 
1 cover all iaults. I know 
J are my Honourable and 
verend good Friends > and 
mm omnia, and^ interpret 
tur^ fo will you this my 
)d will. Now if it be your 
afiire to make ule of me> I 
here preft for your finall 
vice, tUl I am able to pcr^ 

K, form 

ta thy good-liking j whiih^ if I may he fo i 
%3 ^sto obtain from thet^give God Ae G\ 
«^I dm dundantlj rewarded for my pains, 


Tours^ - 

N. B. 

I I 



^' ^'' *■*- ,"' 




Church of England^ 

ffdm the firft planting of the 
Gofpel^ to the end of Qgeen 
Maries Reign* 


Tetfecution of the British Churchy tiUthe 
cmi/ig in of the Saxons. 

OteOezaAly wbotheperfonswcce (year 
That firft pietchM co tbe Briaiiis^ in whac 
The @pfpel firft code rooc»is paftnif skills 

AttChbrs eke theiii wth a diff^r^ 

la]f*Z#/Mipraidi*<iherefirftoraIls ^SHm 

[M^aad OmIm» did the Golpd b^ 
igccMJNr^A ZM/ivtheKiii^ 

rjo The PerjecuHon o] 

With miay of his fqb jeAs, did embrace 
The pro&rM SofpeU as the meaas of grace : 
CofiTcrtedi and bapaz*d« they oycrcura'd 
Th'Idoi*crous TciDpIei,aBd die Alurs bucoM I 
All fuperfticiops rices they laid a(ide» 
AdvaDcing Chrift : the Scripcare wai their guidi 
And onely rule ^ they judged oochiag fie 
But ^hat had warrant from the SacrftI Writ* 
Two hundred (ixcecA yean this faith did fltme 
Aoiongft them tilt the Pigin S4x§Hi ame» 
Religious L$^im without liTue dyM^ 
And now the Birbns and the Nobles ?y\l 
For Vmo I imI while they ibr the crown coitend 
In f)ep*d the Komao$>(b the quarrel ended ; 
For they ufurp'd the crowBf and did onECwbeloi 
With mtfery and ruiae the whole Realm. 
Sometimes th'Idol*trous Romans bore the fway \ 
Sometimes the Chriftian Briuns won the day : 
By turns they got the beft, by turns they got 
The wor(i»as Providence did them allor« 
In Dioelifi49is time, and in the Keign 
Of MuximinUmt the Chriftians flain 
Iq Britsmj and etfewhere> did amount 
To fev'nteen thoofatd. One of great accounCf ^ 
Alb4n h*.s name» the Proto*Mattyr was 
Of EnglMit life } and many aiore did pais 
That way he went. Religion deaidt i 

Biblei were burned, and the Churches Iatd» 
Laid level wid: the ground J di(brd'red oiiieri 
Took place |[ aind Piety forfook our bor^tfc 
But the fcKie^named Tyrants ovet^rxl 
Wich bloody butcheries, at laftrefpit'dj ./ 
Experience telling them^ the mote um Ottal ' 
The Chriftiaas bfoodichc ome tk faith 1B^ i 


tb wcdt down frtm the Impend ieac ;. , ^^ 

^#iw; next C^nJtamiiMi the Gnai 

1^ in the Briiiih governmeDCi 

ixdi was quieci and enjoyed conteit: 

eace concipu'd till the Arrian SeA 

sIty*aSeAors did iafe^. 

Sod raifed up the Pids and Scots 

ifb*cous natioBS), and to them aloti 

brs wieac^ : poox Engldftd was oppr^ft, 

for many years enjoy no reft. . 

oade them fcAd Embafladors to R§ms 

I complaints^entreatiiig them to come 

lem ; lb a Roman Legion caiBe^ 

lei makif^ the reft retreat with £haroe» . 

t chefe coafts ; adtrifing us withal 

betwixt us and the ScotSy a Wills ^ 

dng builded by the Engjtfh men» 

laa force returned home agoi. . 

a was brought unto the PK^and Scots 

(ide of the wall ; they landed boats. 

the country* laid the corn-fields wafle# 

:dowi all before them at theypaft. 

ans fend their Legates unto Rmf. 

Idim^l the (eat* for ibuldiers come 

qoi(b*dthem; the reft putto 

ly defert the Britifli borders* 

loQe«lhey told the Bricans flat and plain 

3uld expeA no aid from them agam ; 

t ftood not wid) cheir eaie> to take 

ind tedious journeys for their lake: 

tefoR arm your icifes, and exerctfe 

ke feats ((aid th^) if yce be wift t 

ad ^liU you finner waUst that fo 

rl)eaUc CO kmiotttywr &e« 

K 4 ^^ 

• ■» 

4 J I The Ter^ecutlon (f the Churcl 

The Romtos hsviog cook cheir lift ftrewd 
Of W^i^iCbe Ptdf and Scots fooa ftll 
On the re-buiMcd wtlbt thd put co fl^c- 
The creeling Bricaios^rp: crainM up co figbc* 
They chat ftood ouc were barbVoufly deftroy'd | 
Am alttheir goods the enemies enjoyVt* 
Lo an Aceldama of blood ! what ftore 
Of flaughtrcd CarkaiTes, ev*a fwim in gore ! 
R0me blRg again fohciied to fend 
Relieff nrftis'd • che Briuins b the end 
Tock heart co grafts when earchly ooinfbrci fiiti'd 
Sought God, and *gainft cheir enemies prenilM ; 
Gave them che cotal roue t the PiAs begia 
To Vtcp thei\ bound* fave onely mw aad thin 
They ioroadsmadeiocb che Lahd; che Land 
Ac hft becanne under her own cotAmand* 
The ground was new nfanut'd ; che Lord did bk 
Thmduttrious Briuins wich a large eocccaie 
Of full*ear*d cornt cknc fuch abundant ftore 
Scarce ever in che Land was feen before* 
BucOb ! mans (infill hearc ! chis Peacei khb Quieti 
This Plenty» led chcm co exoeft* and riot. 
To pridei contention* envy» and che fike t 
God fent che plague among themt wMdi did Alike 
So many dead, that the alive were all « 
UaaUe co afibid them burial* 
Tec could che judgements chat abroad wq« fiat 
Noc mpk cheir hearcsy nor move chon to lepenci 

The death of friends, the danger they were in 
Tbemii^lvestbut hardened them more in fin | 
Na workVl their Reformation | ofnndbiesi 

Judgements prove Shooing-bomt to greater eiiae 
'heywaxftillwotfeandworfti theLutydiofc 

4^^ Oeigy tooytoUnlo&ttniKnmii^ 

tdrmig Tetsgetflce wbkh upon them MU 
luBg MuTe (hall in Che ic€^ cdL 

SECT. 11. 

^fcution cf theBritifb Church undsr the 
n SAxom a/utE/fgUfhyhnno 42 9 ,&c, 

E Briciins wichiU-aeiohbourire-infeAecli 

lead ofcurfting to the Lord^ rirqucfted 

M SaxoDS aid, for to oppofe 

1^ furfobf tbeie Northera foes ; 

Ktaod cMiingt cocqiierM them | ac Ieogth» 

ofts knowing their (ufBdent ftreagth 

pow'r the weaker BciuinSf they 

on them jCziftng grean'pajri 

re provifioBf or elfe thejr woiud 

1 the Pifts, and do the beft they oouU 

chdrcoiatry. This thdr refoliitkm 

er datdf was put in ezecutton: 

Uy edifices thev dcftroy'd : 

dftersi the while they weie emptoyPd 

'rend Bifliops with their flodtt diflif'd. 
t chrir country i^ad beyond Seas fled ; 
I the nouAtaines tbps were murdKred; 
bM with hungert amif^ fe)iD didr cafCfii^ 
on difpacch'dy ormade nerpetiialflayes* 
•fiSJSVktki'f^^ to treat 
liag peacCf dkf on a fis'd^time meec 
^myi but by i^&idikfi train 

mjwa«iPMifttiekteoiifly(Ui% .: 


Ac Stmiihing ; and^that they weie bu^d diMb 
TKc yct-renuiniiig moDuinencs dedaie. . \ 

Now when the BritaDS found no other way •' ; 

Lay open to redrefsi chey fell co pray. - %*^4 
A faft was cailM^ and afi» with one accord 
Humbled their fouls^ before th' Almighty Lord. 
Amhrofim Anfilim, being chofe 
To be their Kiagi did profligate their foes ; 
And from that day .Gods band appearing glorioui^ , 
They went out profp^ous.and return'd ViAorious. 
At laft AmnlUn with poyfon dead» 
XJtiT ViMdragem reigned in his Read t 
He bidding battail to die enemyy 
Two of their Chieftaii^ took • who fcajnngi i^ 
To Bf /^#4 for more aid I andiathemeaa 
The Saxons flodL*d in | confliAs paft becwcea 
Th*Engh(h and themtnow thefe,aAd fometKnes inf 
(As Providence faw good) did win the day, 
Off^, and ^ofaf with a force renew'd 
Game o're again • the Britans are fubdu'd ; 
Their paftors flain , Churches demoCflied^ 
No mercy's (hown | King Vier fick in bed» 
Seeing his Sub je^s fali^ would nee^s be brought 
Into his camp: fo refolutely fought 
His fouldiers thent they (under fiod) obttb 
The Vidors wreath : 0^4 and C#/4 flain« 
Soon ever this great Vidory was wont 
Utir of poyfon dy'd ; Artbmr his foB 
Was crowned King> who twice (ix Vidoricf 
Obtain*d againft thie Saxon enemies* 
Hisftranger ads» and unbeUev^d fiicoe6» . - 

As fiibuioas; I leave ; but qutftioalels 
Much peace and fafety to the Bpdfh Ufe . 
Was in his happy reigae»]<^'di yettlhile . " 

reie at Peace with ocherst they ag^a 

ti^ to their loatbed wayes of ^Oi 

inteftioc 1)roilst embracing evil * 

I of go6d> and wotfliipp^ the Devilf 

the nodon of an Anjgel bright. 

ijcfts withhdd the ftofpels puier light 

cviating fouls ; which (bon procur'd 

ratb of Sod (too great to be enduiM) 

out of houle fftd hooM; n.o eafe, DO reft 

3und;the SaxcSi^ had the Land poffcft,. 

rnM out all the Chri()ian Divines. 

Cy the? did in ^the uiurpVI coafines» 

iptarchy ereA>: Thele Kings did (mother 

ce, Cell outand wan*d with orir'another t^.« - 

empowiMi they could not well defelid 

dvcs, mMchjefi with enemies contead* 
m€im was the (irfl that did receive A^im 

Dfpel, and in Jefus Chrift believe i 180. 

f hich time (as't in Chronicles appears) 
in Br it am full four bund red years : ^ 

indred foiirty and three years Gods word o' 

sold; but jtfar/?#«/ comming it reftpt'd. ^99^ 

Snglifti children b^ifig brought co JCmnTi 
;o ^ (bld» <7rrf#r/ chancM to come 
e market-place ; when his fixM fight 
their lovely cheeks pure red and white 
id for Maiterlhipi he much adoiiiM 
r fo fweet com^exioRSi and enquitM 
:oi|ntry tbey were pf • cbeabeiiigtokl 
ley were Englifli heathensi to be fokl 
res : here*s ch<Mce eaough» if aay wai^» 
, *cis pitv iiidi inhabitantSf 
laad/oAigelicali fliouM dwell 
ieds CO t^ jboty Pjuicc of hen* 



jw The Perfecution of the Church 

laforai'd their Province Diird was { ftid he, K 
Oiulcl wi(h chem Manu-nu&M Di irn Dti. 
And further, being ^ven to uiidecftind^ 
That one nam'd AlU ruM the Bricifli land j 
There» there* faich he. ought Praifes to be givca 
And AMelMJdt*! to the King of heaven. 
He alfo had a great defire to go 
To EngUndu and there preach : but Rmi^t laidi i 
^iUgtm dy*d s he in his room affion'd " 
jRMirf Bi(hop, calling his intent to mindc i 
m^ AufiiHi and forty more Divines > he fent 
^o. To undertake tUs work : they land in JTmi*. 
At TbMiis fertile Ifle i Ktcg Eibitterh 
Id Csnierbury City» they converts 
^^ Aad did baptize t hy whofe ezample> naay 
Dayly came in^ the King enforced aot -any^ 
But much refpei^d » and af&fted thole 
Who willingly vvith Chrift would make a doie. 
Afifiin fends Gng^ry w<»rd» how God did blefii 
And crown their labours with de(ir*d fu«efi» 
The joyful Bifliop lendech more Diviaca 
Oven for to effc£k thofir great defigns 
Were now on foot : a letter of advifi 
He writes to Au^im ^ not to be too wiie 
In his owa eyes, nor be puft up at all 
By thofi great miradest vHiich did befidl 
The Engltth Church t For why ? (or thb iaceHb 
Sod onely usM him^ as an iAftniment. 
Afcdbe ail I Amfiint to God^ mw\ Difiie| . 
. HisbethegloryiandthepnuKtOotthiaes 
And when thy heart tVbuUuIattbqginSf 
O think upon thy (Sod-o(Ecadin|fins» 
Aodthat will hiimblc thee: allfiodfdeft ^, 
MfT of ttanfelfcs no pontc uitflEcft 

!thi$; and yet heavens book 

raamef. Odoooc»doQOClook 

bine own works • be this thy ftrifi:#- 

lame writ in the book of life. 

ira(;]e tbe Lord hath brought 

lieei know this^ it wa$ not wrought 

; DOf Vwas wrought for the falvatioa , 

'd , ^ifguided EngliAi nation. 

i (b worthy to advi&t 

i biuk for heath'flKh facrificc 

iiave demolifli'dgbut th'abufe 

ATetted to aAother u&. 

g with you» afld left you ftumbki 

dei and glory, keep you alwtycs bum* 

talfodiddircft (blc,C^#f 

ig > which was to this cftft : 

i*d God, then did the Big dmimendy 

might prove conftaat tothe mi 

led faith • and to hit ^powett 

Snbjefts to a Satkniri 

fortl^ life to thofe that wiQ leoetTe 

1 in"! promiles believe; 

lie intreats his gilts nay fiade 

coining from a willing aiiodc« 

r his preachiig did coAvfrt 

[les and the theo-ICu)g 5if«^r I 

is ttackle Eibiltm did touid 

Church.aad built it from the gtoufed* 

nod gathered in this aadOQ 

t tocoafultofKefomiatiofti 

's done therein : King E$hMir^ 

^ty force, went to evert; . 

'4W Qty» where die Monks dBst^i^r 

pray'd God Co divert Ms anger. 

158 The Perfecution df the Church 

Ptcm thcxt frieadi hetds, and euro tc da their fbesi 
To fliidd the Englifh from approaching woes. 
Wbeii the king ftw chem fo ioceac in prayVt 
Demand he did» whic fore of men tbcy were i . 
And being credibly iDform*d> (hey prayM 
For thole that were his enemies ; he faid* 
Although unarmMj they fighc againft us do. 
And with their prayers pcrfecute us coo ; 
My hcarcsi fall blundy on theoi % upon pain 
Of ourdi^afiirCf lec chetnall be flaiii« 
Eieten hundred Monks had their bibod fpilt'd ; 
Which (Sod reveag'd : the bloody Tyrant's kill'd 
In f gbt by Chrifttan Edw'$n» whb obtaia'd»aRd theChrift-builded faith maiQtaia 
The Idolsi and the Ahars he deftrqytit 
Making all aaclmc ceremonies voyd* 
He cauied brazen difiies to be tide 
By eviry fbuoea? a in the High* wayes (ide» 
That fo each paflenger without <ioocroul» 
Might be refreflied with a liberal boul a 
He alwayes carried himfeif propidbiis 
Unto the good^ but rigVous to the Viuous i 
So that a. wooua charged with gold m^t pafi 
From Sea to Sea > unqueftionVi who (he was. 
At laft9by Femddt and CudwdBifs might> 
Subdu-d, 7#jf4i^like, he dy'd in fighu 
His Chriftian SubjeAs felt the wocft of WoCa» 
Nayi auelft deatl», by thole inliiltiAg fo^ 
Edeibifi%. The "" Qtieen; her * daughter^ and PMltmm wci 
£ufie4. To fave thdr lives, b¥ water into jL^ivr a 

OfwaUmts aownea next; whole pcay*icadid gu 

A glorious Viftoiy , Cddwdld dm. 

His lofe to pie^f ms ferreDt zeal 

T^ fptud the (Mfj^VaVA&cmno^^ 

^/^ Britain. I5? 

IS known to all* From Sc^ttat$d he procui^d 
damm Whop* and che Kiog inut^d 
Scochi bimieU interpf cced (he words 
dsftm pitachM, untohia nbble Lords 
d Subjf fts in their mother tongue, more iLnowa. 
chem then the exotique Scotifli tone, 
to the poor was (b compaflioaatey 
lat when on Eafter-day at meat they (ate 
id fervid ul (ilver» he was told the poor 
xxi flockiagtluck ttd threefold at the door 
icauftd them for to be ierVM ui ftatr 
tth hi| ows fbod«^|aking a filver plate« 
3dAraight-waybri||kinfiitinpieceafa4^ ' 
iftr9mteithedidanKMmdiemaIf« • 
Ummt (eeing this» adii&tt!»|tnd got 
m by the hand, O may this dent roc 
lac to thepoor fo beneficial was ' 

akl he:) as Authors fiiy ,it came c« pafi. 
lis OJwsld alio was a means to brkig 
'Vs#/^//iwor rhs Weft-Saxc^Kiagt 
3d Qtiieiliwm 1Sxq% of p^rfiifiini 
Icb many of cbcir Subjc^» co the dear 
lowbdgpof Chrift; linder the Miflifl^ry 
F Birinm famous km: piety« 
msOyir^/Sihayii^ rdgned nineyeais^^f 
Urei^m PnutrndiA his life uncafe. 
fwic liicceeded him 1 Ojwic as glorious 
Priace^as piousi and 10 lefi Viftorious 1 
t rais'd aaanny* fought, aftd oiferthiew 
greater foKcawd impiom finds flew* 
nd iow dItelMhops and theMiaifiers, 
iqikAerVklb^ the World^ and its a&irs, 
keadiM fi«^^ the tt^^ 
Iknic dbc<Gdi^dngEafter*dty 

(Wtuch booe amoagft chem Sann caft) oooceadl 
A Svood's callMt nor was the diff^reace endcdf 
Wnfitm now a licenfe having gain'Ji 
Coavecced the foUtb-Saxons • then there raioM 
Abundant (howis which feftiilz*d che land 
litine barien for three years: thus Gods good haoi 
Appeared in a plenteous inaeafe • 
He fcnc lus Qofpd^ with his Cofpel-peace. 
Thus the South-Saxons, wiih che Ifle of Wighi 
Did lafi of allcmbrace che (Kofpels lighc. 
About chi^ tinoe the Rooiaa Church difowiTi 
Her priliuie beauty • Anuchrifl endiron*dt 
The Pope did Lord it over all I he lenc . \ 

Italian Tbipdmrm inco K$nt j 

With maay Monks* chqre Mafles oiuft be fungi 
And in the Latininot the niocher-congue i 
BiOiops, and Minifters he did difplace 
Ac's pleafure, fo that in a little fpacc 
Truth turned coerrour. Piety to vatonefit 
Zeal to contempt! Religion to profoncfi* 
Becauie their iterated crimes did urge 
Gods wrathithe Pagan-Danes became their 

■ 'I 

• ' 



eftarchy united by Egbert j and of 
ifafton by the Danes ^ andcf the Perfe- 

I of t^e EngUjh Church under them^ 

(A#rr tfiermMy btccails feugbcy . 
I firft cfae Hnurchy» aod broughc 
lir» iaK> the Brisiih Uod I ^ 
Rdtlai bill he gave a ftrift command * 
in (hoidd be £«f /4«i/ nam'dtMd all ' 
rufwer co the Eoglifli call. 
ipDaob i&Taded £?eraj dmes 
: her fee her czecrabie crimes) 
ti IflCi BOt ftriviBg to en joy 
ler ict but t'utcerty deftroy. ^ " 

be*re chey metiOiirOiWoinaiHchtldi 
kflaved, and the Churches fpotfd* « . ' 

id CMf«r^iSf7f in which place 
\ thoufand foula they did uacafc 
It the Land cheir cruelcy wis ficbi 
icy thought theycouU not (bed too ohkU 
raa (iibjfeft to a ferrdgQ povvert Jlbm%ii 

» kaow the iBfiercourlc of thiflgF* 
Addic SiMceflionf of Kuigs/ 
ptdfef (]forbfCTity*siiiy muk) = 
latUrgeiifMMUsMr.C/ifri&f ' 




The Persecution of theE^gUjh Churcl 
the Papacy. 

[A Lthough RcHgion from the time this I 
jnL Embraced grace firftiretamM not all t 
Its Prim ate {jfkndoat, but grew more cbfc 
More (iiperfiitiouf , and no Im impure • 
Yet b thofc Priftine dajei, the peoples crime 
Were not equiralent to afber*times. 
The Chufch now being in the deiarts hid. 
A£Frakl to fliew her (acei th*AImighr|r did 
Raife Bermird upland many more Dcfidet 
Punmask«Qd check the Antichriftian pride 
And fuperftitious dilbrdml orders 
Too too luxuriant in the 9nn(h holders. 
At which die Pope and his adherents urg*d,( 
They were ioiprilbn'd t haog'd » and bui 
About the flteecsioir branded in the foreheac! 
With an Heitt'cal chara fter : O horrid ! 
Yet manyilid moft readily embrace 
Their Do6biae9 as the OBcIy meanes ef grai 
That man rf^n^ diac ofipriiig of ptrdidon 
Renounc*di a^ all the waves of fiiperfHdai 
Cod ftill pccfavV a Ghuroi nacoiua oanet 
... From Chrifts time» iA\ the mit that Lm^^ 
f^^o 9^^ fmritk "BnwiM, when JifridmaS 
^y^' TkefirftfteadermOAf«riwasordein*d7 
^^^ He wmce a book about the Sacrament, 
"f' Fog w^ich a Martyrs iiwix he wdervrint* 

vyri*^Zf *■'/€: x. i*uut\, v^ 

ided in the face, and btnifli'd fome 'Anif 

: Oxfvrdt who declam'd 'gainft Rome* $60. 

old ch^re cfaey butcher'd> who decry ^d 

te Phefts lewd livesr and Prelates pride. Anno 

V reigQ the iecojid of thac naoiei 112 6. 

Menfes into England came» Anno • 

ncir Paftor ; and' without all picy, 1 1 6t, 

ipped publickly through Oxford Oxy • 

ing all the w bUCi Bleffod ^c yooj 

t (haB hatod^ and mtfufid bt^ &c. 

K and coldt they dyM | none might afford 

f comfort, nor at bed Bor board. . , 

^'gaihft the priefts inveftiyes wrotd ; 

Poapr Gilhrt Foldot, 

UamM "" Thomas Be^kft to hit lice^ 

fixucedmuch: to them a gtace. 

^ Gytdld by his writings rears 

rnets up, as fall about his earst. 

xandoTt for his bitter fiilf: 

by t Langtonf died in txilei. 

llow of i&b^rtfiiicolledge went 

letiial impnionment. 

iam Samtrot Tborp, and Sminderiy^ 

idry more Divines condemned) did die 

I Chrtftian Banner, and their fpirits 

to glory through Cbrifl Jefus merits. 

r b^ufe my Mule ftuik nothing iicw 
^ Martyrs names, flic dids adieu 
ic, Reader, but intends to meet . , 

xis eye ^Hm another (hcet. 



J 100; 

fitop ofC^i 

t ♦ 




the Persecution of the EngUfh Chure 
rifmg of Martin Luther* 


H E Chriftiin world appeared not ^ 
Undl the fifteei huodied cightemtb 
Wherein God plealed to uBbofooie night. 
^MM The Arc of Pnncing being brot^hc to lig 
> 5 1 S. Which ftJTniChed the Church with ufeful 
And made them to dificerae Religions loc 
From lii^flitton> (t% m a mirrour ;) 
Subftantial Truth^from counterfeited errc 
Sod alfo rai$\i up fundry men of parts | 
Who by their learning and ingenious Ar 
Moft ftrenuoufly oppded Barbarifmi 
Truths Sunfliine breaking from the clouc 
ficmt tx^A Franci fern Mir andutdf . 
JjutTintim FdKa, Frsneii Pitr^rdkf^ 
Erafmrn, Do£U>r Coiif^ WtfrUtnm 
XiiMMm Gr§eimm^4Md RiViliimti 8cc 
Were in Gods Tineyard faithful labourer 
Then ^^rMiZ^nrMTj^ and his foUowei 
By (Bods ajfointmeat came into this ut 
' V To work his Church t*a fuller Refonmti 
.jfM# SixperfoBsfuflhred death at C#fr#iilr)r« 
15'$^* Onely for teaching of dxir &mily 

The Lords pray^r^teocommandmentSiti 
fjgfgff^ I'tb' Englifh toi^ue, » Sererity indeed ! 
~rr One Tb^mm HMrdmg.otzn Eafterih 

filMtgrofe; where appreheoded* 

1U9 auMi butac» his Ibul co heaven afceaded* 

m one f§bnBMimoni was abjur'd { jinm^ 

tea hundred Te^incats procured 1 5 28* 

pirp PrinCi and brpughc five hundred over 

[ikt the darknefi CO dUcover* 

r iV/rib«(/Suir was buag up b)r . . 

' members ; aad the rcafon why, ^ iTto ' 

t in Cambridge he (a Scatiooer) ' ^* 

lif boufe ibme works, that Imtbtrs were* 

mm ^itiifff a Divme in JCm^ 

dious iimHriibnQitoti ^^f^ ^ 

: CO the te'lar power turn'd. i53<'« 

bemiii tbie Town of Maiifiim burnV. 

PVW^ perficuted fore 

imr, Omrrn^ Barnes, and many more* 1 5 9 1 

tori Mdf field, vattftomLeUaris cower Awm^ 

over to the 6c1ar powers x$33< 

bouadacftake} whea with the flams 

m burned wasihe rubb*d the iame 

r^c ba^ ib lurd^that down xtkh ^ .. 

I until he west in heaven to dwelL 

Fr#^y», fetmfieme^HylieB Fadier04f#/» 

ip with their wives in Fmlbem giates, 

leir hard imprifonmedt» were fedi 

indeed ! with &w-duft breads 

dious lying in che ftock% 

hem gp» but clo^'d thdr I^s with locks^ 

ilui6MP, when huf burned at che ftake, 

fi»ft unto the Papifts Ipdte : 

elodc for miradei ; and here 

iadeedi doth iow appear c 

u iaftafiblfs aif paiay 

I a iKd of dowft ware laift I 

L 3 

AU*s one to ms, both equally do plaie : 
O tis I Rofy bed, a bed of cafe I 
^» An Idd nam*a Tbi Rood pf D§vor Com^^ 
Was burnr»acd fcm? in chains were hanged for 
Now fuffet*d Andnw Howttj and fo&$ Prk 
One Thomas Bennttt who was carfed with 
Belli Bookj and Candlei faftned to che fltke, 
And fir'd,a comfortable end did make. 
The Papifts to their power the truth (uppreft. 
And Perfccutcd thofe that it profcft ! 
But God was pleasM deliverance to bring 
To his afflifted Saints ; for now the Kiag 
Divorc'd the Lady Katbarinf of Spsin^ 
And took to wife Lady Atmf Bntev. VaiA 
Were all the Popes projects { none in this aaci< 
Might now enforced be to abjuration. 
EltJchtb BdTtoH, ch'holy maid of Kenti 
A Nun boch fubdolous and fraudu!enc> 
By thetirange alc'riag of her countenance 
Gull*d fiily people, lying in a trance 
(As Quakers do) and thenf as if Ai'nad beer 
Infpir'd by 6od» would in reproof of (in 
Speak muchi and railetgainft the Gofpels lie 
Calling it Herely • her ranc*oas fp'ight 
She vented to the King and Queens didiof 
By Satan back'di (he alfo took upon her 
li^tAnnct Remeh Do6lrine» pratfing co 
Idol'cryi Pilgrimages. Abfolutions, c^r« 
Akhb But Dcftor CraMmtrt with the Lord Cr 
[53;, AndMr. Latimer 9 did wifely findl 
Aana Oat all the knavery • To that the Nun 
[ $ J 4* And her aiTociares hang'd, their dayes H 
Tbcnjgh EmgUnd did t!ie Popfli pow*r 
"^-^ Oftocrv ftiU ht3xct*d B9p^lA totW* 

r f» 

ter the rifing of Miartin Luther. 

!id§m Tindd vras becratd^tmiallf 
i*d and burseil for the Tnicb mtuiatin^d. 
\IUn alfOyChit RdigioiH Queeo^ 
79 about diree yens had mtrricd beea^ 
qxirts aid Baifler ft^gcftioflf f 
:h€ Ktag^ aflSrftion ; bcqoeftion^ 
ft love; which he toceids to Anochert 
iog bimfelf unto anocher. 
mr was to the Tower carried % i 

three weeks were over, loft her bead# j 

uous Lady^ftaoding up ereA | 

Sca^Id ) fpake to this effcft t \ 

riifttaa people* if you wonder why I 

e hither* knoWf ic is to die { j 

ready heard my (eateace ftrift i ;^ 

ia my powe'r to concradiA. ^ j 

c hither for (his eDd» to clear 
ibr tell who my acculqrs are : 
»d fiive che Ktog , his life nu^iotaiflt 
: you flourifli in bis happy reignt e^r. 
iQftg youj there be anw (hall 
:> queftion my uittmefy fall ; 
hm begSi Annt Bmtim does impbrCf ' 
would judge the right»aRd judge ao morCf 
vain worldy I cake my leave of you i 
ftian frieads, I bid you all adieu : 
eiiow-ieelers of my cafe, 
p prayers to the Throne of grace 
ilt ph Lord io mercy (hioe 
ake ny fouli for ids thine t 
i»itistinae. This oft (he feii 
t kaecs^ uitil flie loft her head, 
(no longer rime diea three dayes tarcied« 

" ; t 4 t^"^^ 


AlKmcthbQ|w»(vfUch<&odcoptfid^bM . 
Lord Cr«iw#/griew ifl favour with theEogt 
Bf whole adfife* tnd (ige defiberadost 
The Church was brought unco a lefbrnucioa. 
Emif The KingiJB juaAions all abroad made koowoi 
5j3» Idoltrouslimgci were overthrown f 

Our Ladies at Wdfimih^imt Wm€9ftmtt 

Caft down ; with others, whkh had loag dcceifl 
Thefilly people»who indeed bdiev'd 
They Iiv*d; for they (by lecrcc Eo^Ms fornix 
Couldopen, (hut their eyeSf and loU them roni •, 
The fitoie year (as Lord €rmmwU did adtife) 
Abbeys were ruipVl and Monafteries^ 
A littk after, for oppofing ft#«if » 
YAxJhbH Lumlurt fuflpred Marty rdome. 

N fe€k» uo&ot Bdr$t0f, Qsmt^ and H$ir§m m \ 
Two eminent Di^aes» the Lord Cr^mm^l^ 
Great Bffix Earl, all far the cmthi fake fUL 
Tea all the prifons, within L$ndm walls 
Were fill'd.and mny were endos'd in Halkt 
By vcrtue of an Aft for probibitioQ 
Gtf* truth, and countenancing fuperftidon. 
bf»^ J§bn fwrUTi unto N€W-gM% Dungeon 6nc ^ 
541* For reading in the Bible; underwent 

Hard ufige : bolts and Iron dbains diddmck 
The freedom of his l^s» liis hands, and nttkt 
^ Ac laftj into the loweft dungeon caft» 
Not many dayes expir'dfhe Ixeacfa'd bia laftt 
At LincUn Kfiiop LmigUmi took away 
J4mis MwtM, Tbamm Birmmrd^ in one daftf 
One Mr. Brnkitt who the truth denyM, 
l¥ichibrrowvKffeiv9a)ltfsi!LVAdYd% ' 

W the njing of Martin Luther. 

e T$Jtw99i» Vitfnh Film^$^ coft add xmfA^^^ , 

ler fllfliMoiii hand, at lift were burnU < 544* 

» mmifir$ C4^U : with a cheerful facej 

nthmtf Vnf^m did the fta ke embracet 

ii^ ic.faidt Wekom miiie own fwcet Bride, 

this bleA day (hale chou and I be cy M 

nan and wife cogetheri in the love 

IMaoiiiionial peace of God abovet \ 

Sodabcfe; IloogforcobetberesC^r/ 

ea aO «f ^ than unco the ftake bound were, 

I FUmtr tbetj My brecheren rejoice 

Sodf umo him make a joyful ncMte: 

dicr this (harp breakf ait, we a boon 

net (hall bate with Cbrift in heaven ac noon. 

hr«Mf widi hands ^nd eyes to heaven up heaved, 

ir'd 6od chat his fpii^t might be leceiv^i. 

fmifioA thus)' trickiiDg with ftraw his head« 

s is wods bat, now 1 am drefs*d indeed^ 

I a trueibuldier of Chrift^by whom 

s day into his joy I truft to cooie. 

I fi> they^ fuffer 'd with fucb conftancy, 

\i many v^th them cduld afford to die. {Jid^i » 

: Lord LiJle^TbnmmBr^^^ JsmisCitckj^R^lpb 

i#i Bmriitt Mr. Smth, f^tm BmUr% bare 

rcrofio(Chrift« Said Rnkj^^U, Bad'smyftace 

.n\ repent, All coo late, all too latcb 

! under-Mac(hal fell upon the floori 

r Councd^room, and never (pake word more. 

tMidfMrd Mekintf chat had fearce ouc*worn ^^^ 

;6(cceithyear>thevdidin5iiflrlr)E#A<bura. ^^^ 

Iafcouciagiiien» there was at C4i<rf Martyred; '^ 

IMrJ^M^iipmsbai^Udfawnaadqttarter'd. . 

KiMiL was pcrftcuited I Mr; 2M 

epiV up in clie flame hb fold to Codf 

The Perffcution of the E^glifh Church 

One Mr. Ssxht to his end was brought. 3 

By Gardifurs appotncmenCs as *cwas choi^hc. 

Kirty ac Jffwifb, Rugtr Clarkf at Bmry ! 

Fry*J Faggots^ to appcafe their focmcns fury. 

Aitne Afkew being toft from pott t6 pillar. 

And cruelly mtfu^'J* an eviN wilier 

Led her into a dungeon ; where he rack'd 

Her body till her very bowels crack'J ; 

Nay, when her bones and joynts were plack'd afu 

She praifed God and pray'd;(to all a wonder) (( 

Then the Lord Chanc'Iler fenc her word thacburfi*!! 

She fliotild be, if (he chaBg'd not : (he recuro'd i< 

An anfwer backj that (he would rather die« I 

Then once recanti and her true faich deny. * 

To New'gate being fcnt, (he penned there \ 

Her faith's coaft(Tioa» ending with this prayer 9 * 

O Lord I the hairs which on my head do grpwj 

Arc not fo numerous as ipy foesi I know : 

Yet Lord, take not thy grace and comfort from me | , 

So (hall they not wich Hatc'riag words' o'recome met 

Do thou fight for me ^ fo my (out (hall fear 

No danger> for on thee I caft my care. » 

With all the mifchief that they can iavenc 

They fall upon me, and have even fpenc 

Me thy poor creature. Sweet Lord let me flight 

My fbe$» for thou alone art my delight. i 

. And Lord, I pray theCj when thy wrath begins 
To burn them, quench it : O forgive thdr ftns i 
Lord open thou their heartSi reftoit the blind* 
That they may pleafe thee | gtvcchemgratt cp nnade ; 
The things that do belong unto dmr peace! 
In this their day , left when they wouId> diC|r oeafi^ ^ 
Let not the fancies vain of (inful men 

Dtffg'mthj troth s Amen>Oli^4k%irat< - 

- — — n 

ifter the rifwg of Martin Luther. . 1 7 ^ 

kbfoughc CO Smith fiiU in a chiir.vvas bound 

orh'fiake, and with die flames be(ieged rouad. 

' fl:p*d flie in the Lord , and in Gods eyes -^*** 

ramc ao accepuble (icrificc.- * 54^- 

chat cime Nicholas BtlerriMn^ 

ibropfhirg Min*Aer ; and a GcntIeimD> 

w Laetlst iervaat co the King ; wich one 

m Admms Tailouri burning undergon. 

I (jiDC year» Bifliop Gardixgr did bring 

licious accufitclons corrhe King 

ainfl Q^ccn Katfrin Parre (fuppofing iH 

: bougns would wither, if the (lock did fall) 

iiac &c gave her mindei( which was utiB:) 

read and medicace on Sacred Wric. 

d Chaphins kepc (editions co rear ^ 

41C faring denjM che priviledge to hear : 

alfos chac hct hearc was fully bene 

fpurn again(t the prefcnc government : 

t life WAS dangeious : nor could he re(^i 

ac nouri(h'd fuch a Viper in his bceft. 

e Kiags love carnM co hate ; and now che Qjeen 

ift die che deach : but Prov*dence ftepc becwcen | 

e pIoi*i found ouc ; (he wifely did behave her : 

e King receiv*d her co his wonced favour. 

>w aUb Sir G§orge Blakf condemned was^ 

r cafting ouc fome words againft che Ma(f# 

pardon^ graaced him $ after which tbiag, 

being m the pre(eoce of che King ; 

e King (aid co him^ Ah my Pigi (tor Co 

lisM tocali him :) yea* (uA be, I know* 

d not your Majefly beeft moreeadiA*d 

fave nay fifei ((iich was your Royal miiide) 

eti wer« your Biihops to icakour cheir ceen • 

ur Pigi no fureiiC^rc tins had toftcd bcccu 

Stfdghc zfm^mmibifi$r^ aad htf eoaipiv 
(Sworn foes to Venues, and faft fiieoda to Vkci) 
Sec forcb in the Kifigs Qaiiie» a Pcodamauoo 
That all che EogiiOi BtUei in the Nadwy 
And other Books which jpielded aay iighc 
Unto the crucbi fliould be aboIUh^o quite. 
This donei ftid chey» So» now (be GoTpeblam 
So lowfChat it (hall nerer rife again ; 
And for the greater terrouTf ftri^t inatidl 
They made for thofe that feriqr proftft : 
Of maay pricked down the baoiet ; of ^vhsnii 
They fome expellediand iinpriibnVI fomt : 
So that thefe varlots did in no wife doubt 
The bringing of tkdr wicked ends about* 
But God, who careth for his trutbb and thofe 
That countenaac'd the lame> difpers'd their foeit 
Amidft their Tain projcfts the Kin£ was dead» 
And with him all tbeir hopes weteburiedtt 


The Persecution of ^e Duke of Somcrfit 
the Reign cf King Edward thefixtk, 

NO W when KiBglSf#iim die dghth wts de 
His Ton Prince Edward WffoA in his fkad 
During whofe bappy re^ RcIffiioaflourlfiiMt 
Pop'ry deca?d, the Church of Cwd was Muii&M 
With thefiill br^afts of P<ace»die CoTpd ffp^ . 
And fiiperftidoa was aboltJOiedir 
OMiy tbeSddly IhAit di SmmrUt 

/ ># 

xne of die Nobles hb'ring moft of all 

b raife chcmfelves upon his iuddaia falL 

iwMrd^tnA Tb§mdi Stjmer were atly'd 

taco King Edwardf by his mochers fide ; 

Idward the efdefl (fie to guide the Helm) 

Vas made Proceftor of the King* and Realm : ' 

Th^m^ thtfecoodf of this Brhi(h Ide 

RTas chofea Lord high Admiral ; che while 

rhefe biechrca }oyQ»l to fraternal love, 

NotbiBg fell out amifs ; but whea they ftrovei 

[Sput'd OB by make-bates) unto oae aaothct 

Fhcy provM deftruftive ; and the youager brother 

lUtuateda was coodcma'df and lotl Ins bead 

On Tower^MU : hence laiiirreAioas bred. Anm 

rbe Locd<, at L^itdm prifily coojurVi i ^^^ 

Agaiaft the Lord Proceftofi and immutM 

Mtm oace> aav t¥V]ce»yea thcke, in a (hort leafiM^ 

Thea cbaq^him with Felonyt and Trea(ba« 

H6% to che TSnrV-hill broughc>wbere he commeided 

l£s foul to Gods his prayers beiag eadcdy 

He roie from otf his kaees^ aad like a onaa 

Couragioufly boldi hethusb^ans 

Pearif beloved frioidsf Loi I am here 

ro takt deatbfthdugh (Qod kaows) I am detf 

From thiaUngt ^%^jd%% or from aS^K oi^c 

Agaunft the Kingt io wc»d> in deed» or vmmL% 

Buc alwivcs totlns j^lmvhavc bora * bictt 

IU(iucliAi!,atidasfc)valastbebeft. ' 

Ycc is obedknce CO me Laws oommaftdf 

t beieai a coademaed perfoR ftaad I 

Aad priifeiBf CodtforlttsabuMlaacgraoe 

ta giting nato me bodi dmc aad (pice^ 

WTbo ao^Wte juftly took away my breitb* 

l!Mbefoiil«ilM|lnr«(Mdeideatht ^ 

Now IS for the Religion which 1 
' Daring the time of roy Authority 

Maintained corny powetinordo I fiow 
Repent of whacf did|butboditoyou 
And me agaize ic as a favour great ; 
And do you all moft heartily entreat 
To joyfully recciv*c> and (et it forth 
In your lives, as a thing of unknown worth } 
Which ftudioufly to do, if you neele^ t 
Great^tt(ery I fear you may expea. 
Thefe words no (boner outi a fudden found 
As terrible as thundcri did coafound 
iThe people fo« that fome fell down throi^b fear. 
Some thk/ome chat way run» but none uew wtl 
Antbmf Br^ir^Knighc camci that he did briagi 
The crowd fuppo$*d , a p« rdoa fro0i the King | 
With that a (hout arofei but the good Dukff 
Did gravely with bis bcck'niog band rebuke 
The dam^Qus throBg. Andfileo^b^ggaioU 
He faidiDcar friends, Pardon is pot obmaM 
As you conceive; Cod otherwUc b bent } 
His will be doaci and vve muft be cowaCf 
Let^s joy n in prayer^ ^hat fafety may jwfite 
The JKin^, t'wboiD loyal 1 have bio* *Tis ttup« 
thejpeople cryed our. O beavcn blcft 
His ragnnefs widi aD be^th and faappioels i 
I wifli jiisGouoc^Sours gr»cf to rub ajad tben 
You all obedient hrart^ : AltAid> Aaim 
I askforgiveaefilf Iwrpttptaay ; 
OLotd remit m fm^kit um arcinaoy* 

For CfariR idkiiayfhcHii.IJbmr to liiff^ d^g»\ . 
tffcci 5«wd»&RVfcl^h?layhifii4wftit«Ifpc^ 

'*>>'''Cbriftlanme,tbriffitbcb«pgiBU|aif M 


fe cation of the EngUjh Church under tie 
n of Out en Mary, - , 

^AK1> the ioMfingU^ ^•fi^ deid, 

y Jm^ Grey wiscrowoed in his Aead} ' ' 

y il/^r/y hayiQg heard theoevvt % 1 

be Lordly Councel for co chit(e 

\ Qsieea: and if chey did withftand 

ucion of her juft commasd^, 

of arms (he cbreatoed to regain 

iged righci and her defrauded reign. 

Is recuni'd this aofwert There was aone ^ 

I juft right and tide to the CrowA 

J4IIH9 X the ancient Laws allow 

id place it on her Princely brow } 

VL% by Letters patent from the Kiag» 

le Authentick with his Royal Ri^ 

s death ; and (ince flie was inKmd 

patent heircfit all protcllcd 

:e to her and no Qtieen befide. 

^ Mmtj to reft lacisfiy'dt 

;beydtdt entreating her to ccialc 

pretdBccf 10 OBoieft the peace 

t Realm cn)oy\t ; ptooiifiig her 

uld be Qoching wanting to prefer 

the Qtieen : if pofibhf they coiikl 

in any o(ber ^gt they wonUb 
that (he did her lelf focany* 
diitccNisSidqeA« Lady Min 

•a' /' 

Haviag ricdfM chit anfweri heafy hearted. 
Frdm ouc tht Cicy*s dccoic ftreighc dcpatced. 
Herea^ cheCouncel did fee ouc a band 
Of armed fouldien under cheComnnand 
or the Norchumbrian Duke t M^y wichdreni 
Self into far^^, manyflockiagcoher : 
And while (he vafermingbam Oftle ftaid« 
All SHJf^ikficdf profPred her their aid 
Aad beft afitftance to procure her Reign , 
With this Pco?ifbe» chat (ht would maiacain 
Reli^oQ eflabliflied of late 
By her good brdtheri and not broadi ddia te 
Amoi^het Sobjifby nor foment the feed 
Otwars to this file eafilyagreedf 
And £d^to Sod (o fi^ninly proteftf 
That no mamsQuld fufpeA her in ^he leaft : 
Now with cUi oQUfrcr >of thofe Coidly mea^ 
She vanqui(hca h^ fbn ; yet after when 
The Telf*fiiiiie party fpplication naade 
Unto her Crace, to do» a^ (he Jiad laid : 
She anfwer'dt Forafinuch as you that are 
But members arrogantly ieek to bear 
Rule oVe your head, 1 (ear me to your ooft 
You'l once know what ic was to rule the toft f 
By fad expei ieace you (hall find one dayt 
That SobjeAs may not rule>buc muft obqf • 
Then ia cbePiU*ry famous Mr. 2Mir, 
ExpoAd was to maty a bitcer bobbe { 
Some others for nmciK that nqiK^ 
Were laid upfaft to ttrrihe thciift. 
The Matrches of the Dukd Bot ofer>k)il(^ 
TheLadybyhisliag'ritggicwmoreRroig. j 
"^^ "^ ' LaisimCoiucdhafifigbetnl " 


kod cbatlbme of the Nobles cooi did lean 

rhac wayt they prcfencly proclaim'd her QjjeeA. 

rhe Gen*ra4 by his fouldiers (brfooky 

^t ^4m^ri4g0 leTc almcft aronei was cook» 

kod broughtxoLoMd§H^T0wcr • in a fhorc (eafoa 

)lB T^wfr-biU te loft his heid for creafon* 

kfcer his coodenfiatioo he was 

^roaris'd his hfet if he would go co Mafi, 

iTbich he afleoted tOi bis words r^reft 

he crucbbe had fo formerly profeis*d« 

ie CO die tjtthlick caufe che people kd 

ro th*pftpi0s great joy • ycc did he loie his head, 

X^eea A£ir^ thus peffefled of the crowR) 

kgtB che pure Religion to difowB ; 

\$ (boa appeared) by her difplaciag all 

riie godly KDiops • Ridfy, Cowrddle, 

fmmt^ H#ip#r »aM Sc^ry* Gdrdmer 

ia free^was nade Bifiiop of iVincbifiirl 

Ufii Lord Chaocelloar of E9$glMd» Bonmr 

roo undeftnedly actainM the honour 

)f being L$U^^s Bifiiop. To che Fleec 

ifas Mr* H^j^pn niaoded (O unmeet !) 

fo fie che Qjieen goodiDo^or Ridly wcaCi 

be on a lame Jade to che t^wW was fenr. 

k Parliament was call*di a Proclamadon 

Voctbwith chcQiieen fet forth throi^boiit^he natioi; 

fherein (he (hew'di She could by no meaat brock 

roibother that Religion which (be took 

[o with her Infaac^miikf and to her power 

ifeanc to obferyc until ber lateli hourt 

If lihuig cbac all her SubjeAs (which woidd fleep 

kdice ta their whole sidn) the fanM m^hc keep : 

he alfo did declare^ whereas there weic 

hfiJ-difpoied perfons, who did dare ^ . 

To preach God's word mifled by their ovia 
She therefore did by ftriAcomaiaod ordam 
Such (hould noc heocefocch preach (as held uafic) 
Read or interpret any Saaed Wrlt» 
Or other poiDCs Religioo concerned. 
Or Print Books by the which it might be leaiaMy ' 
Without a fpedal licence from the Queen 
On pain of ftiniag up her Highnefi Ipleco • 
Requiring a U her Officers to fee 
Her will and pleafure executed be : ^ 

If herein any *w'ilfidly offend t . ,• 

She authorized themt them to apprehend i 

And fend them forthwith to the neighboring gtolt ' 
Without admitti^ MaDi-prize>or bail } ^j 

Till for their pumumeati and the exam^ 
Of others, Orders be proCMiM more ample* 
Alfo the Zr^iM^fw* Aldermen were willM 
To fend for aU the Minifters which lili'd 
The ftreigbt^Aed Wards, and filence them oil paia 
Of deathi conDmaading them that noae explaui 
Or preadn or read the Scripture in their fleadt 
iHm9 But fuch as by the Queen were ikca&dm 
55^ One If^iiiam R^tkr^ HmMbry P^Jm^ wh 
He mufl to priibn,this to th'Counter go^ 
For fpeakitg but againft what was expiefini 
At PamP /-Croft by one B9Hrmp a Pmilh Prieft. . 
Sood Ilr« Rogers was tliis houie confined | 
Bradford, Knmm^ and BeMmo^ were afl^^d 
Qofe priPnen in the reirrr. Then did they find 
For Covird4i0, and Hwy #r to attend 
The Couocel i and for New^me they allot 
/ar» Mtlmm a DiTiBe»by birth a Scoc» i 

Mft Hmgh LMtimer was (ent to th*7#dwr • I 

And fo m^OxXrmiiHTVnxJw^afier* 


PITcre fumnionM cd appear before tbe Qgutu 

KXHi after cbis^che Pariiaoienc b^n ; . : : 

inhere Mr. H^r/^, a judicious imn, 

SiDiop of Ihrcfard^ dtgndcd wasi 

?or marrying a wifci and (hutming Ma& 

Sr^>iii9f//f4/#/ Jufticeof tbeCooDmochPIca* 

h chargeagainft the Popes Tupremacie 

iVoduciag Statutes sf^T* ineopriibo caft 

iTas there fo roughly dealt with* that at lad 

wCcaathedidf but (O dire confequeAce!) 

c 61c the terrours of bis coifcieace» 

nd bts own exccudooa: had beea> 

ad not God^ fpedal goodoefs fl^*d between 

lie knife and htnit From prifoo he released* 

His felf* made wounds rccur'd) no inward nft 

njoy'd at home : fii hairing made his willt 

le drowaM himfelC and^ end began his ilL 

it the fanofe ome^for idieir dif-approbation 

>f a pre&Qted Bill^ the Coavccation 

iy B^miT was diflblv'd : From Cw9mry > 

:For their[oppi^ing of Idolatry) 

iMwiHt Clurkj^ Carihfs, mtoockf^ all in haflf 

icnc up to Lmtdom by the Mayor* lay faft. 

Slhops impri(bA\) werci Archdeacoas» Deass^ 

!U1 Benefieed meot put by their means, 

N^ho dofely to the truth reveal'd adher'd ; 

bid Popim Parfons, in their reofnes prefet'dj 

roobad fnppUes.) within a lictle ieafont 

tcMxlhop Crammir^ for no left then Treaibi 

t GMiU4itili was arain|*d ) cleat'4 •f chat dbAtffi 

bit^bcrefy he might SOI Ufeacla|^« j - 

HiC Mr. 'Thmnm fr§$tm an Efquiret a:} 

nd Dodor Cf9m9 did in the Ftoec rcdte« 1 S S4* 

The Perfecution of the Engi 

Now tJymin went to J6y ft with NuptiftI baodij 
Iberian Philip s^ and CX^eti Msri^s hands : 
Some of the Nobles, and clie vulgar ferct 
Not very weH relented this report ; 
TheDidceoF Suff^H^^ labour'd toprevoit 
The match : Sir Th9mas Wj^ rais'd in JTriif 
Some forces CO oppofe it ; for he fear 'd 
^ The Realm would be enflivM« ^nd Popery reail 
Wj4it for hmA^n march*d : Queen Mitrj cheo 
At CniUiAM. ftirred np the GcymeiK 
Wj0it came ioco Scuthwdrl^* havisg found 
Entrance blocked up, be went by Kingfi^mexm 
And faced Lud-ufi^ which to entertain 
Such guefis refuhngt he returned again ; 
And raving goc the worft at Tempie^BMr, 
Ifecame Sir C/m#ffr 74r/#»V priibncTf 
Who fcnt him to the 7(WV : on»7#w#r-ifiB 
y»*«* He, and the Lady jFiWt^ their dayes fulfilL 
1 5 Ht Bdimer did in bis Oiocefi difperle 
Injuc Aions to all the Minifters, 
Wherein they were required to give in 
The ftames of all whoever were agin 
Auricular coofeffioni the next Lent 
Encroactung on. Queen Murj^ alfo ienc 
To Bnmer^ Artidesi commanding ftreigbt 
TheChurch-Laws made by Hr«rr; tbe dght 
Should be in force $ that hcrefy abhorVl 
Should fall, the Popes fupremacy reftorVl | 
That Miniflers which did lead naarriM Ihres- ^ 
Should be divorced from (themfelves) chdHr.wif 
And that proceffions fiiould be faid, or (vlx^ 
Prom that time forward* in the Latiu congyc^ <^ 

ProttRtnt fott'uetsi Yittt t^d^ )Jm (hocc r '. 

ign of ilueen Mary. l6^ 

kd maDy godly^minded Engliflx fly 

here through God's mercy > they were kepc from 

id all found fayorsin che eyes of flra&gers. (dangerst 

le number of thefe Peregrines encreas*d 

^oeighc hundred peribnstac the /eafl. 

len CO the Ttmtr Lady Eliz,iiketb 

'as fenCf and bore afflt^ons worfe then death* ' 

uimiTtCrdnmert Ridfy, B (hops, fpent 

lich time at Oxford in imprifonmenr. 

le Mr. Samdns crying doiwa che Mtfs» 

ranne clofe pris'per • Doftor T^i/^isr was 

Istrndon fencibr up. Hcmry Lord Gray 

5iyj^/i^Dukej condemned, was brought to pay 

fbught^for life;where having open broke 

fealed lips> Ke to che people fpoke $ 
ave difpleasM chrQueeai con^rair*d her Laws* 
ke notice Qirifliaas, chat's che onely caule 
if&r fo I and feeing they are beat 
bridge my fleeting dayes,! am coiteatt 
id do befeech yotialI» bear^ me tecord* 
ie in the true faith of Chri^i my Lord { 
A for falviaidon on Ins merits rely « 
nt on ineflScacious trumpery* 
r ciie» and all true penicents beddet ^ 

bo in him fleadfaftiv believe, Chrift dyU- 
penc I do, and do dedre you all 
» pray for me» that when my body fliall 
%aie its breathy God will be pleased co take 
^ unil unto himlelf» for Chriti bis fake. 
!giW Aeyeci whom I offended have. 
^ Dr.Vv/?#is chen. As he doch aave 
rOueen hath done: him cbiis the chroog lebiikci 
3 fend thee (uch forgiycneis. ' SotbeDiitke 

C%' J" 

. ' . 

Kneel'd down /and prai d» conclading, I re^ae 
My foiil (O Lord) mco thofe handd of Ainc i 
Then made he pteparatioa to etntMrace . 
The bloody blow • and htvuig vetiM his (ace 
Wichhis own handkerchief^ he kneding faid 
The Lords pray*r over i down his head he laid 
Ventiog tbefe lateft words» Chrift look upon mCi 
Have mercy $ Jefu8> O have mercy on mc. 
And now the (iroke was feccfa'd» he bei&g caS 
Ac the black bar of death, breath Vi outbid hfl« 
iDivers of ail degrees, who bought or fold 
iSome good religious books > were kep\!l in hoM* 
As Bowner paft his Vifitation, 
He charged all Sacred fentences upon 
The Cburch-walls painted (hould be wa(hcd 
And Vifitor^ he alio (enc about 
The Univeriicie&t to bring tfaeitki 
All Popi(h trafh : to turn outtbey b^in 
The ablefl men i fome of themlelves for(bok 
Their fellowfliipsi while worch-lefi perfbns tool 
Their places upi to t he great Irindcraince 
Of learningt and religions advance* 
By this 'cwas bruited over all the lands 
, The Q^een went quick wtdi child : upon comr 
Thanks were returned to Almighty wxl 
In ev'ry Churd)> and after^ all abroad 
Prayers were madci chat (he might have e*re lo 
A male child, fair, wife, valianti and ftrong* 
The Godly Mmlfteis before mwhfiir 
in and about the Cky obuR appear; 
Who ask*d them, If they wouM recant^ aiid^ 
Have pardon from the Queen i 
Yea, all of them unanVnoufly agreed 
To fiand to wbat iVvt^ t«ai^% tte Kflii^'s fp 

e^ iKdv-dic^c piiibBf rf « and diJi divorce 

ftkttde from iawrchaDgtUe difcouric* 

Nwr# Gengt^ OQC ^cheai^ there did yieU 

it Vii|^ w^xa chey bury *d io the Held ; 

MuH&^pir^ RsgirSiBradfdrd.i^iedy 

Sanders cooi wfeie excomtnuBicaced i 

Pious Dr. 7iii/tfiii>', Fftrsr, Cr0mfjt ^ 

ill of cbcio^ wkh diem receive cheic dooHi* 

ndflioas and kquifitors were fenc • -^ 

ugbbut che Realai;great ■mkiaidei from Kifi$f 

\EftXiSmffHk: iV«r/Wi,andeirewheret 

re broi^ CO Ltfifi^Mrj and encloyftied there. 

of chemdead in prifoa» oue were curo'd 

uoghiltsi tod (be Barnes a aiaoy burn'd: 

Hdftkf. B^M^in P4gotf LatfrencCf brought 

e the Sifiiops werei tor ao fuft fiiult. 

a Stffbem Garimirity^ that what h'aiT^iilM 

reatt, hard ufagei not ac all prevailed 

lake men (h ake off truth • he did bcgid 

itcerly di&oiiraged therein) 

juiioefs 10 handi for to renounce* 

lliDg oo more w idb coademaatioas • 

into Bifliop f #iMfrr, thena reftrc'd^ 

\ m that triui impofed . fo|bcftirrM 

elf> that ftodiDg for all ij| great haft 

bove iHim\l pardet»be upon them paft 

h's final feotencec Dr.Ftfynri qukk 

Bt down to %u Ddpidi Biflioprick 

lin the Ca^qobrutt country i there to be 

lemn^d zhd executed (croehk I) 

b'Qiieea m Mr. Cw#ri4/^*« behalf 

:o wrote the Kiig of Dcmmark. for bis fafi: 

lie frote pdfon | but wich much ado^ 

inn the QttBCii pennitfisd lum to goj 

Otit Tb^moi Tcmkjns, WeiTcr l^r his trade 
An bumble maA» and bne chat conteieart mac 
Of what he did^ vt ho would begin his labour 
With fervent prayers • and to his needy neigh 
Sf charitable was, chat he*d disbuife 
Ufito them* all the ODony in his purfe 
If any came to borrow of him : when 
His creditors would bring it home agent 
He u'sd to bid them keep it longer yet» 
Till they more able were to piy the dcb% 
This man was kept in prison a half years fpace 
By B^mr^s means, who beat him on the fac( 
With livtd blows^ and plucked off a piece 
Of his faft beard • yet this did but incitafe 
His patience more s die Bithop then affail^d 
(When other tearms nothing at all prevail -d] 
With gentle words to win him; but tba tnal 
Succefkfs prov-J: T§mkf9§s returned denial* 
The Bi(h^» having by* a flaming Torch» 
Took Tpmkins by the fingersi and did fcorc 
His hand therewith ; afterwards Tomkjnt t< 
A friend of his^ that whiift Bmnur did hold 
His hand to burn» he felt no pain at all^ 
Such coniblation &om &bd^ ffurit did fall | 
Nor (hrunk he in theleaft« until bis veines 
The fire concrafted (fire you know conflrdn 
And finewes crackM agaiut and water fpurt 
On Dr. Harpsfieldfs face (as from a fqnirt.]j 
Who was fo pityful compafllionace. 
As to befecch the ft(hop to abate 
His cruel mi iade; Obe not fo,fo rougbi 
( Sak] he) have you not tryed him enough V 
Into the Bifiiops confiftory brought* 
fjram^ed he yf as^ whetbci: be thought 

Oififti tnttbpdy in the Sacrainenc 

Was prefeoc yeai or no ? CO which he fcfiC 

TUs anfwer I ctiac he verily bel iev'df 

The Sacramenc by a true faith recdv'd. 

Was onely its remembraace ; yi^ch che Htgh^ -■ ' 

The very body* and che blofni'of Cbri(i^ 

In heaven is, and nowhere elfe : being ask^d 

If he'd recant ? God hath (fiid he) uanusk'd 

f^ crucb CO oiejn fuchccnrru(cancy. 

That in it I refolve to live^ and d ie« 

The Bifliop cher^ death*^ fcntence on him paft, 

Andto the Sheriffs dehv*red hinn^who catt 

Hm incoiViw^4rr prifon ; mSmitbfitld 

Thecruth (innne) wich his dear bbod he ieai*dj Atmo 

And in cbeLord flep'd fwceily • ' " ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i e < j 

Then fFiSfsm Hunter^ that had firaice out- worn 
iTbe nioeteentht year of Godly Parents bom, 
V\rbo him in(iruAed in Religion's truth. 
And plac'd hiai out in London ; this good youth 
Was charged by fpedal comnaand to go 
ToMaisibreak bread • which he refus d to do. 
HumtiT when threatened that this fliould come 
Unto the Bifliop's ear, leave got, went home 
To Bmr9H'W0fd$ and d id with his Parents ftay 
About (ix we6ks« And going on a day 
Into the Chappel there, (whidi pleas'd hioi well) 
He found < Bible, and to reading fell : 
IncanaeaSomnioneriwhochusdid fay, 
l^hac doft thou meddling with che BiUe ? Ha ? 
Know'ft thou well,whac thou read'ft ? canft chou un- 
theSacted Wric?I dare not be fobold. (fold 
Slid Hmuor tboiiNor Scripcuret co expouid 

Fjikc I upot ne new s but taviBgiix^ 

The Bible liere* chat joy mighc me betide 
I read id ic. The Somoiooet reply*d» 
Twas sever merry world»(incein our icosgue 
Thc^Bible firft came forth ; would ic were huf^» 
Slid Hm$aerjOh\ for Gixlfake fay not ib; 
Tis Sods BodCi by it ev\y foul may koowf 
That hath one fparke of grace, the way which Iea< 
TolaflifkgbIi& ; Vis th':sttue comfort breeds. 
6od graot chat we mty (till aosoogft us have 
The blefled Bible> as a means to fa ve. 

nmmey. O now I know your mindei y *are one of them 
That flight the Queen,and her decrees contemfl ; 
Bu( you and ochers^muft a nkw le^f turoj 
Or elfe I fear me, y ou*J go neer to burn* 

mer. Pr&y 6od I build my faith on his word ftiUt 

And bis great name coftfeis, come what come wilL 

mrmer. Qonfcfk his nan^e ? No. no, youl in a ineft 
All to t\fc Devil go, and him confefs. 
Then ftep*c the SommW forth, and fercbM a Prid 
The Vicar of that place, a drunken beaft, 
VVho finding fViBuim Humf§rzt his Booki 
Kebuk'd him for*c» and ask^d if be couM bcook« 
The Do6^rine wellof Trinfubftantiation : 
Hum^T mad e anfwer ic had no relacioa 
Unto the tmth ceveaiM : he ufiderftood 
Thoie words «f Chrift touchif^ his flefii and Uoo 
Carnal Caper nak*like> who th<M^ to feed 
On thrift bis flefh, and drink bis blood iadeed. 
Wtierefbre to them he UiA, The wocds I tfuk 
Are fpirit» aad fife, and toe tftflefli fo weak. 
Ah ! quodi tbeViiart bare I fbuftd you mc ? :>. 
Ibou art aa EJei^ck Qow» ^hoiit afl doubCi #ii 
Wbereasyouof tDyfiuchdo^jHflffioBmiteb.i^ 

ifrou/dwccvfQVfot&finedcocfaeAilK^ l 



fgn of Queen Mary \ 17X 

>rove fihcther of us (hould clofeft ftick 

> our faith, and which was Herccick» drc* 

Vicar 10 complain of hinvdid chrtaCf 

ig out ftf doon, depirdng in a heat. 

wttr went homf^ and ba^i^^ farewel cook 

his dear frici^s, his fathers hcufe forfook. 

iriiiCaird old Munttty ask*d if he could cell 

nere his fon was ; \^o faid. He knew not welK 

wn cold himi Either jrour mifs'd^fon produce9 

go CO prifon | bring me no excule« 

*tAA tnan ftrides his harfe>and rides to look himt 

lafcer two daycs journey overtook him ; 

ling him all what happ'aed | yet faid be, 

oo> 111 &y I cannot light on thee. 

I BO^ &id WitiMm, hoooe with you I will , 

d fave ycxx baTmlcfs! me they can but kill* 

his fecum*a Conitaole him caughti 

d brought before this Mr^ Brown, who thought 

Tith aigumentstowinfaim; and enragM . 

his ju'iicious anfwers, he engag'd 

\ more to hoki on the difputei bit fireight 

It him to Btrnmri Banner to the Grate ; 

There he for two dayes Isyiallowed jutt 

di(h of wtter and a browa-bread cruft. 

two dayes end* the Biffaop coming found 

le (lender farr^he bkls he tx unbound* 

id break his faft with chemj but he's revil^d^ 

ill*d Hetettcky worthy to be ezilM 

leir compaiiy r fitid M$mir, I decline 

letr compaayi as much as they do miae t 

leBitbop lent for himt and thus did rant I 

iid wilt thou notf thou fiereudc»tecaiit? 

ecaat ((aid h^ the 6ith I have profeft 

i,p*likc!y?IwilItiot,Ipfodt: ^ 

No> io» I will not ; whac } (hall I be whirlM 
By errours wheels ? I would noc for a world* 
Then tike bicBjailoti roand him to the (tocks ; 
Be fure you load him well with boles and locks 
Till i (hall burn hiin. Whereupon he (aid » 
Great Sod ! O let thy all-fufficienc aid 
Corroborate my foul. H&'i bqin away | 
The Bifhop to a half-peony a day 
Sdnted his lively-hood | thus nine months fpacc . 
ImpnToA*d » he befbre the Bifhop's face ' 

Was fix times brought|to th'queftioa fiill prc^pounded 
H0Mt0r a pertinacious No, rebounded. ^ 

The Bidiop read his chargd and hkn returWVi 
To Newgdtt^ fo to Burnt^ wood to be bttmVft 
His parents fee him, and petitions fend 
ToGody to make him conftant till the end : 
His mother added this» that (he wasble(i 
lot bearing fuch a childi as could dcfcft 
His life for Chrifi's fweet fake. H^ifiJiia leplyMi , 
For the fmall pain, w,hich I (hall here abide 
But a (horc time, my C^rift a joyful crown 
Hath promised me. His mother kneeling dowa ' 
5^aid thus, I pray God ftrengtben thee my foa 
To rua the race thou haft fo well b^yn } 
I think thee now as well beftow'd (my dear) 
As any child that ever I did bear. 
V Vhilft he remained at Bfirnt-^wood, many firiemls 
Came to him^to whom he the truth commwis : 
Three dayes ex[nt*diall things were ready oaadei 
The Shews fos hugg*d bun in his armSi and tud 
miiam, doa*c fear thefe men with ffills Bowei i 
That briag you to the place ; deadi as he (hovves 
Is noc fogrioi. Tve cali up nunc accounta, . ; : 
f Said he} and know tliowmiidi the coft $mlatKki-. 

' \ 

It the young maa, white he went about 
U could noc» his tears fo fait ixirft out. 
ur his way cheerfully went ba, 
:r meecing with hiai,iaid| My (on 
with thee. Godbewichyoolikewife' 
their. anfwetM f^#0iii«i. Let your cyct^ 
I your Ton $ O be not fo, fo (ad ; 
[hall nieet, and htve our hearts aiade glad^ 
rer the Rzkt, he kneeled downj and roKl 
and fiftieth Pfalm. The Sheriff (aid. 
. pardon : if thou wilt be curnMi 
alt live, otherwife thou muft be bum*d« 
not turn (quoth H^iBiamyMd did go 
ikci and fo was faft'oed thettunto* 
ake he to the throng, Good people ftrive 
'r for me while I remaiii alivci 
for you. Not I, PU make my boon 
[y Br0wm^ (there Sanding by.^ aflboa 
r-dog as thee. * Sir you have got . * H« 

[md£c*d; loray Goditbe WK .. 

your chargCf out I forgiven yoaharfii 
^ii»That^ more then at your haB4s I crtYC* Bfgm 
forgive you nott I tell you true, H10N 

)od oTminrfliall be reqiiii'd of ydu« 
»f God flitne on me| from t doiid 
.brake out (till then thick (hades did fiiroud 
t of day) his eyes he turn'd afidci 
ak fuch radiant elocy to ^Ixde, 
: brought him a book to look upoii 
im be tbusi Falie Prophet chou,De god t 
>lk beware of themi for }efu8 fake I 
tharfinSi(haU of their pb^;ucs pactakc;' 
ivhatllay,asthouburB*ftiathiifiret . ^^^ 
thou burR inrhell. Hf^i Thou artalyar. 

FiUe Prophec hencct from me away be goo » 
Fire madesbc pra]p*di aad breach'd his laft; Aooi 
liighii%%vA C4mfi§m, GentlecncB as good 
As great) in EfJ(tt$ with their own hearts blood 
Sealed cheir faith unco Gods glory then. 
And the rejoydng of all (Sodiy men. 
Ac Braintuif MfiBiam Pfget^ for ChrlAs nana 
Endur'd the fury of the ardent flame ; 
Ac Mamldent Sufhen Kmght^ before the ftab 
Kneel Vi down aftd pray'd;Sweet Jefr^for whofe 
I freely leave tUs life, and rather choofe 
Thy aoTsa and irrecoverably loofe 
All worldly goods, cheo to give auAeace 
To men in breaking thy cooDnaademeacs : 
Thou ieeli (O Lord J that whereas I but i»iw 
Was prcftcr*d great preferments, if I'd bt>w 
To a falfe helplefs God ; I was content 
My body (hcjuld be burnt, asd roy bfe ^^eac. 
Counting all things below, but doi^ and dioft* 
For thee ; happy fucb gain which comes by ksft ! 
Thoufaads ot 61 ver, and as much of gold , 
Then death I do of lefler value hold. 
Juft as the wounded Deer dcfires the (bil» 
So lon^ oiy ibul for thee s pour down the Oil 
Of cofiftdatioa oq a crumbKng dod 
Sohclpldsof it felf i Thou know'ftO God, 
That I, who am but finfoU fle(h,and bloody 
On of my (elf aft notUog than ii good } 
And theremcy as of diiae abundant \tm 
And gQodad& ftitt deflowiag from above 
Oa me, (ok that ana kfler then the leaft 
Of meicieaO chou haft bid UK to tUi feaft^ 
And judgM ne worthy CO drtake of thii cup 
IVSkftchiiieekft t even fo%Obear me up 


KXi : ag«iiii% ini» cicmcoc VI nrc 
idableico the (ence fo dice ; 
ic by chy ffuric, fo aflWage 
r, that I may overcome its rage» 
linco thy bofomc. Hoiy&cber 
thou mei as I do all meo ; gather 
J fweec Sou of God, iny Savieutt 
thy (hady wiogs» a Balmy Bower ; 
d HolyShoft* wbofc ftre^ deftroies 
»rrupcioo9» haflen chou my joyef^ 
joyes. Lordlcdmmeodittkecbea 
iBg ipiricr Am^n, Amen, Amen. 
mr0$$€i I(%s> wich boks and irons lamei 
y wich bard ufage out of frame, 
ehe ftake cranfporced ia « cbair» 
Pred for chefaicb at C^kbfptr : 
hildrea whale hebumVit cty\i wCiO Lord 
leachy fervaAd and malEe good thy word, 
»,ftand up, for chy poor favait's aid, 
art juft, O do as thou baft faid. 
(fee o*re Sc. DdPids BiOioprkk) 
preheaded for an Hei ecick a 
irced felbwiaiKl a crofs-gcaia'd kna?e 9 
$ (a frauduleoc fupplaacet) curaM bifli 
is place,aad at Curm^nbin burk'd lun I 
I before his dcach> one Rkh^d fma 
cs fon commiogthis (ad pains bemoKS | 
I Firrjr thass Sir if you iae oae mote 
1 or fborduriag the flames^ pCDfV 
etde I am oft bdievc not tfan 
ftrioe oft iacidcated to mem 
le faidi he did : wkb die fire hoc 

rcNind. he Airred nor a lor. 

Held his ftuflips bole upughc ; cbeo^ichafxiie 
Koock*d down i*ch* firc.he breached one hisi fouL 
One lUwlhts fVh$Ui a F.(her-aiao in fVsUs^ 
Of Cardfffe town, when fuperftUioas fcales 
Drop^d from his eyes»che Truth he undetftoodr 
And in his country ^id a deal of good | 
He dayly aow ezpei^ to he furpriz'd 

^ By truths oppugners: his dear friends adinf'd 
Hins to retire el&where, and be excus'd : 
For their good will he thank'd theoi, but refus'd. 
He*s apprehended} and in prifon laid 
In CarJUffi Caftle» where a year he (hid | 
His friends reforting to him, he would fpend 
The time in pray*r>cxhorting them to mend ; 
At laft the Bifibop of Landaffe cavsmtsAt. 
That he be brought: he threats him now, then ftifl 
On fairer terms ; but ail this would not fiir 
His unmoved bre{)> a day's appcuated for 
FEs condemnation • which being come 
The B!(hopcali*d him forth, and told him fmie 
Heretical opinions he did hold i 

' And had frauced others ; i^^Wnif bold 
Reply 'd ; My Lords a Chriflian man I am 
I praiie Sod for't, my tenents are the laoie 
With Sacred Writ : if from CBod's word I ftray 
I would be gladly brought in the right way* 
The Bilhop faidt Speak, if you will oe woDf 
Elfe Ml proceed to coademMUoot 
Proceedi iitid Rswlims |but you aeverfliS^ll 
Condema me for an Heretickt Let's fall 
To pray'r ((aid Lsmidfi) that the Lord fome^ 
Of grace would fend thect to difidoft the daikt . 
Now (faid he) you deal well • and if your IfoifP 

i>amch God's WiU»si€eibe*Udoiibtk6heir# :. 


^ 177 

CO yout God,andI to mtiie*w'}li pray | 
>«f my (Sod v^II heaij and noc (ay nay, 
Bilhop.and his Chaplains pf a y'd ation : 
Um |^ay\i by himfelf alooe s pray'r ddij 
BiQiop faid) Hoyv is ic with chee no^v ? 
e ertours (what ?) wile thou revokci and bow 
ur true God ? ao>(tireIy no (aid hr» 
Urns you left, and EUwlins you Bade ine ; 
Urns I waff .and a(n> and Rdj^hnf wilt 
ugh God continue co be R^litu RilU 
would have heard^ou.had your fiite bin jirfl» 
le hach heard me>aflid oq him I truft. 
Sihop being wroth, him foundly fhene» 
enc to Mafs. Rawlins his miode then bene 
forth thefe words : Good people if there be 
Dgft ycu any breckfren, two« or three, 
but onei bear witncls at the day , 
dgeaenti that I co no Idols pray. ^^^^ 

doni he was condemAVij and after thrown. 1 5 94« 
I darke and loachibme dungeon* 
I RMwlins pafsM his time in drowning wrong;^ 
(pir^cual prayers and religious (bngs» . 
light before his death tliis wife he (ent. 
id his weddiog weed (a fliirt he meant) 
h he rejoyciDgly next mom put on • 
mng led to execution^ 
led he was with bills, and Pike-iiaves rooj 
faid he* what aeed all this ado ? ' 
xl's grace; I will nothing ftartalide ; 
I is't that gives me power to abide 
IS a jOSidion for his owA names fake • 
od ? his be thegtory^ At theftake 
dear wife and chiidrcii havii^ found 
id in briny tearS|Or rather dcow A'd ; 

N Vis^ 

17* Tfje Perfecmim of t\)e Ef^Ujb Church 

HiseyesktSftUfttear; but haviig made 
A rccoUe£Hon of bimrdf, he (aid , 
Ab flcfti ! fatcft chou me fo ? virould'ft chou obcai 
The V}&xx\ Palm ? I tdl thee 'cis in vain 
. To Arive } thy jxm*r is like^the morQii^ mift i 
Then falling oo the ground » the ground h^ kift» 
And fpatei £tctb unco earthi and duft to dutt) 
Thou art my mother i aod^ return I muft 
, To thee. Withaiiexbt}ai^tedbrovirf 
' Tbeo going to be bound to th*ftaket I novv 
(Said be t'a ffiend of hip^) finde great comtft 
Betwixt the flefii and fpirit» for the beft. 
I pray you therefore* when you fee me (htmk. 
Hold up your finger, that I may bethink 
My too oblivious ftlf. B'lcg bound he raia'd 
, Theie words up to die height iTbt L^d is Prsii 
Unto the Smith then fpake hej Pray good firiend 
*^\ Knock it in fafti the flefii may much cooceod • 
F 54« But Godi fiipport mC| Ice thy graa refiieih 
My faintuig fpitits, and my trembling fle(h« 
About him pulled, he the reeds and Araw , 
With fuch a cBeny look, that all that faw 
Much wondred at ir« Now a Prieft appear'd 
And preached to the people : JUmlims beard 
Until he fpake of Tranfubftaatiatioo* 
Alledging'Scriptuiefor itacoofirmatim ; 
Thu if wf M9dj ; Comeyouheic good folk 
; (Said Ramhni) dont bear that &I& PropbciV c 
Ah ! naughty Hypdcrite.dar'ft diiou produae 
A Saipcure-proof for fo pfiofiiae a ufe'? 
I hayeheard your already^^quoced text ; 
But lock immediately what follows neit | 
jD^ibufdrwj Rtmcmkram^g chen flie^hH 
r^ Pricfi ftood Ms ti0^^M^vn^x<^\^ y^^ 

Under the Reign of Queen Mary. 

The file was kbdledy R^mlins io the flime 
Bached his aeed hands* cillia che fame 
Tfaefinews (briuik« the fat drop*d oac, and all 
That while he cried ouc ; Lprd, let my fall 
Moant me co thee ; Receive chk» foul of iiiiQC» 
OLord recdf'c | bis (piric he did rcfigd. 
It was obierv'd of him, that vvhereas tbroagh 
lofirmity of age he rouod did go. 
And with dejeAed counclnance, he now 
Went bolt upright c*his deaths his fmoother brow 
Af dear aaday ; hit fpeeches and behaviouti 
Of coitragei ingour very well did (avoitr. 
And now die (^leen teftor'd the Abbey-Iaids 
She late po£fefi*d. A Pope-feat Bull comaiaads 
An do the like ; but none chereia was feen 
XMbej the Pope, or imitate che Qaeeo« 
A FopiOi Prieft at " Cr§md4it (impious fod !) * in 
fioaflcd chac he had bin with Cardinal PmA ^^\ 

Vfho cleaas*d Mm from his (ins } che Bull fent o*re ^^^' 
tie praU'dp (ell down, and neier ijiake word more. 
Some bum'di becaufe they on their necks did tie j^^^ 
This Motcoj temr Gad^ fly iJUlMty. (makfr jda 

t30^g0Mar(ks one miiamPUmfr, fohmCitrJU 
Of life) by fiiff^rtng death j climb'd heavens Itory : 
^ ^eath is the ladder co immorcal glory. 
-SsMW^r fior many thbgs ^obm ^rdh accusVl» 
'^'o whom f«iii Afdly (uch expceflioas usVl • 

Kly Locdf aoc yoUf aor any of your breed 

^xt of the true Catholick Church indeed | 
^ ^our fatcb is frlfe^and when yw nvaft depend 

^li^xxi ir^ it wUI fikil you in the end. 
^^ou have flied noucb| coo much innocuous bloody 

^kod are aoc weary yec t CaachUbcfnod) 

S 2 The Perfecution of the £>jg/fj 

Of this lotih*dpapiftr^> which I 
AncKhtUagiioftic give my dcafcft blood 

B7 <S6d's grace by and by, Lee noc the miniber 
Of bleedmg Saiscs difcourage or incumber 
Your a^ye (aicbjaad move you to relenCf 
But thereby cake occafioa to be bene 
For gif acer fcrfice in Jcho?ah*3 dghic : 
*Tts happy dying for a oaa|e that's rig|hc» 
I do not doubci nor have y^cu caufe t o fear 
But he which ftrikef, 5MriIl give you ftrcngth tobnt 
Hell be uaco the widdowt in diftteis 
Husband, and father to the fatherlefi. 
Farcweift((aid he) fareweK gave each a kifti 
So paft he through the fi*ry blaze to bitft • 
One B4itffardi OfmuKij Ofi0rMe^ ovenurftM 
Unto the Sec'lar power^in EffiX burn*d. 
VLx.J^hn Brsdf^rd and J^bm U^$ did cliaibe 
Up nety ftaira to heaven about this time. 
The next day after at Ai^idfitnt in Kiut 
One Mr. Mingi dy'd in tmrpn(bnmen& 
Mr. ^obn Bl^A^^oSti taithfid Minifier, 
Was for the ttu'-h a co;:«ft2nt fiifierer. 
^$hn Frsf^kilk, Humphry Middlnmh €wo mci 
Of admuable worth, were martyrVI theii. 
^obn P€tth*s childi fuch cruel whippings fteb^ 
That the gore blood ran down about its heeb ; 
The father put in the toraocfldng ftodtSt 
Muft fee bis Lamb mifus*d (O hearts of rocks !) 
One Nitbdm Sbeterdim being broi^ht, 
Him Do<^r Harftfield asked what he though ' 
That paiT^g^, Ttit my BUy iy (hoidd mdaui % : 
Said Sbiterdiff^ This canooC vveli be fien ^ 

Jt)^ carnal eyes: thus mmch I gather thcAGCf '^ 

Jriouft be taken ia a (fivm^Sl fem \ 

tfje Retgn of Queet^ Mary. 

Elfewkte^rM Cmfimjhl^U't fo lUMiciftood, 
The (ubfiftoceof chc Cup imtft needs be blood. , 
NicMm M^ CbfiftppherWuidij Jmm Bfocif 
^0k0 Hmrp0$/^ M4er£fj Bsltj^ who did reach 
A( (he defpifed cruth« and Popery fpuroM^ 
CondemnM ac Rnhjlir in Kint, were buru'd. 
Diriek, C4krvtTt a Smmy SeQclcmtD 
Called ro the ftake> unco 1^ God begaa 
.His fervent pray'r, which havii^ done he ftrip'd 
^tfimfelf ,and fo into the barrel skip'd; 
They threw his book in alfo but in viin; 
For CO the throng he flung it out again : 
I diarge yoa,faid the Shriefieiin the Queen's name 
To fling that Vip'rous book into the flame. 
Then fpake he with a cbeer&il voice, and faidf 
Dear firieidsj bear wicne6 I am notatfr aid 
To real Chrifl's (Sofpd with my deareft blood. 
Knowing *cis true, and was of lace your food. 
Though now (iirrepml from you ; and becaule 
\% not deny it, to obey mans lawSf 
Cdademn'd I faie to dy ; iee that you walk 
In aniwer to the trucb, of which you talk. 
And as for chofe that do the Pope belicvet 
Hell's theirs, without Sods metdfiil reprieved 
Except (laid then die Sheriffe) believe thou do 
^ The Poj)e^dk*art daoin'd bah foul and body too t 
'^ Pray to chy Sod that he may ftt thee fiee » 
Or ftrike me down. The Lotd forgive» faid be, . 
Your mnerarioos words. Den Lordi thoti knowfl 
How I left aU> to come to thee I thoudoft, 
Draw wkb Ifagnetkk-Iovc ; to thee I fly 
For ihekert Ah t but wheii my fixious eye 
Dana ok^ powert a^l oa toy felf looks dovrfif 
I fiM the wrra of a ccwid€iw^fc<>W^^ 

The Perftcution of the English Churc 

Whacfliall I (hriBk?no;now theflimciiiirroundme^ 
III truft my God» alchoughmy God confovadoie. 
Chrift Jefus bclp, Cbtift Jefus look upoo me ; 
He cry 'd, and d y 'dt with Lord have mercy on me. 
IvefoM faidf AH che creafure in the nation 
Should never draw him to a recaocaciont 
I to the mercy of my God appeal. 
And would bcnooc^ your Church for a deal t 
Yea though an heaven-fenr Angel came t'ezpoimd 
Untomeother Dodrinr, I'mnotbomid ' 
For to receive it : hereupoi coadema'd 
And put into the fire . he death contcinn^d. ^ 

fames Mhs^ a Godly man did (hift about 
From place to place for fafeties fake : found out i 
Atlaftftheycarri'dhimto/yTtfrtrfVittownf i 

Where, by the Bi(hop*s threats he did diibwD 
"What he proftfcM • the Bi(hop feeing fo, 
Gave him fome money, and difinifs'd him too : 
But cchfcience bringing him upon the rack, 
The B.diops money he remrned back, 
Repenting e're he took it s then again 
The Bifliop Rrove to gain himi but in vato ; 
JhoughVeter-Wkc hefaird>now to pevfever 
Refolve he did, and ftood more faft then ewtt 
Even to his laft-drawn breath ; the Uftiop!f faty 
CondemnVl him to be burn'd, be bum'd at Arjrt 
j0bn Denlji Ntwmum, Partritk. Pdckjwghiih 
Oy'J ccnftant M:rcyrs for their S.i^ours name* 
Wright y CoksTj C§iiir^H99p€r^ Stmre^ and ORXt 
Befides in Cantertttry^ ^^ggot' bote. 
Robtn Smithy iUphen Harw^,Tk§mm Ft^ 
And mUtam H^iU, dy*d for the (ruth didr XxAl 
£/r«*^«ii» lF4r»^, condemned to be burnM ') 
£[i^^^mrriUiiioBMitMrCocy[\tt\MaKid \ ^ 

y the Reign (f Queen Mary. 195 

dfj Do what you will with rae* for why • 
iftt in an^rrouriib am 1 1 
DOC : but Cbrift fpake true I know 
:heo was (he bura*d TLtSfrntfrrd-B^Wm 
very time Ge0rge TMkfr field 
Alices to cheir rancour yield. 
ng.J^bn fVade^znd ThiLiyes^ with forC/ 

ick and dyVi in £r0i?4r^/ cower* 
Mr. £0^^r Sdmmel 

d Min'Oeriwho ififtrufied well 
looimuced co his charge i was coA 
ri» goal» there chained to a pofti 
ft chat's body didcmimand 
nail eafe induc*J his tip-toes ftaod. 
d thhft (bad helpers) are procucM | 
igue can tell what he poor man enduxM J 
ught to be burn*d (an eafie pain 
c felt before) he did detain 
As in telling themi a moft ftrawe Aory 
Fell ouffWhile he Was us*d ib (#ry : 
nuch wane (faid he) had undergons 

I then roe thought appeared one 

II la whtte,who Wiaip*red in mine eir^ 
'40irar^/, be of good cheer ; 

to graft man, chou haft fifk the worft^ 

> chou (halt nor hunger fecit nor chirft t 

me to paft | fuch coufolation did ' t 

IS woest that modcRy forbkl 

eCame. So as he wcm along 'j 

on» amklftthe chrosg y 

!re waSf (who after icap'd) did &U 

QCtkf a^ kiflcd him witball*" j 

his body bum'd^ it fliui'd m btighc i 

r^ Silver, or as CyachiaV lig^' * 

^ecuUon of the £^ 

Next day Am^Pmen and jMi Trmmhjk/djea 
From Iffwieh prtfon uato Mu^rdooie. 
'rb9m4$ C9t, WiUiMmAhu, ft0gtr Crn^ 
Beach for the fake of ChrKi did undergo. 
la Cave9t$rf and Lit^ififid-Di^ctts^ 
One Mr. RotwtGUvit, did pro(e(s 
The Qb^pd I he furprizedj had bis doom 
To be co&fined co a narrow rocmj 
And dark ^thallj nest to the duogeoiii 
Scarce ha wi% ftraw enough to lie upoo. 
No chair nor flool to (it on ; none might look 
To hina though (xck; pen, paper ink nor book« 
Was not allowM him ; yec a TdUment 
And Ptayer4)ook| by fteaUh.he getting, Qienc 
Moft of bif time in prayVt and mcditatiqa 
On <Bod.s great love in wetking mans (atvatiooi 
Yeat faid tet health began to come ; my peace 
Of coofcience did more and more encreaft i 
God*s (pir*t rev W*d me | I had fdmetimes (bOie 
GlimmVing tefle^ont of the life to come. 
All for his oyixi Sor% fake i to him alwayci ' 
Be Clory, jHbnourt and Obedtencei Pcaile« 
Two day^ before his deatbi ha found his heart 
Lefs lightfome then it was, and (ear*d thcLfioart 
Would too much try bis patieQce» for his ifiiftk 
God heard oo( ; he unbofixned bts fears 
Unto a Sodly. Mini/ler bii firioidt 
Who wi(h\i him to be cooflant to dieeads 
O play the aBan« your cat^is juft ami tiue» 
God will appear ano0>ru vrarraic you. . 
The flake ift fighct be Aid, I fa him whM 
IcalPSdfi>r,^is^fe,Ohhi%iQnK, hAtmmi 
Aiid biok'a ibdmiMtVi at cbowli iewfaMb 
^AoukltMdHi aiAtmiivib&4ndM. V 

B^ij, coffer 9lio<aiac 
iftBd btencd in the felf-^^me filing 
G/#irrr now was trobbkd tocCf 
brocher todc for hioi { chetefoce 
haire fiiflPrecl in his brochec*s ftead » 
I friends iofipomtnings he fled 
leighbouring Woods, did chere «bm 
ch cafes and cold (ickned ud dyM» 
pri vaceljr was buriM in 
ch-yard: chcy his bones dig'd tip agin 
moDih afceri threw them out (Opains!^ 
! crampled on by Horfes^ Wains. 
chough in his hfe, he (caped from 
^ yec afcerV deach,oQ hkn chey come, 
he third brocheri in 5^#]r(jUrf dcadt 
: (by their coniem) be buried, 
ad Pi^atf fuff*red intbe Kfe 
And within a little while 
idfy, and alfo Latimer 
\ Oxford. Stfphtn Gariimtr 
^ to dine till alcnofl night deferr'd % 
Nwf^k. Duke then with hini)havlflg fceaid 
their deaths, he with a Ibniingbtow ^ 

be Duke^ let us to diner now* 
le fill'dias merry as a Bucic 
op was, bot on a ftidden ftruekl 
s fcaice eaten) carry*d fion the tibfe 
e wasp his pains ineoferafale f 
! could iotcaieb for fifteexiiiayeft 
ewtsfwdn»af!d bhdchiiciiduihVaflakl 
ft no bouft^rMii; h!$ pinM body^att 
lanM I heea^ and gate i fprtwl* 

• Jgjp^ ' % 

'■'-.. r_ 

^e P^rjecution of the Engi 

Ont tb$mM Wbittti WfoRtttB $ecm*d 
By B0$mer^ was moft wickedly mifiitVl • 
Who fell upon him, beac him with his fUfat 
And him enclosed wichia a dofe roomi li(b i 
There (faid he) though I dtd on the bate grodod li 
Two nights I (praiiUbe Cdd) (kp'd yety (tmilj 
He, fo4H ff^Mej Ifbtl F#^#r; Tb^mm Brmmt 
pbn Went Ubm Tmdfm%B0iftttt Grerm, laydoN 
Their lives together did ac'5ii9ff/Er/#/{<fiakei 
Of beavec-prepared joys for co partake s 
The laft of which goiag to bear the yokct 
Cheerfully this repeated Dyflich fpoke • 

Ciriftf Dim, fine tiff is ifi mibimmtsfdlmi 
Ti duci Virafeqttcrt tg ducifd/fd mgh 

laEnglifh thus: 

O Cbrijt wbi art mj Gid 
In theifir mim dtodin 

Withtbiit lomly bifcr 
VndiT tby einduH I 
Siik the truth, and deny 
The falji-hqmius ^$fe. 

Re was a mad exceeding chariuble 

Unto the poor, fo far as he was able. 

Nor did he love (his modefty was fuch) 

Poplar applaufe, chough he deferved aiudi« 

His h< coficeai*d» till oeer his eod. 

When he dedar'd it :o a bofome^ftieodt 

Anne Albright, Agneg Snith,p4H Cdttmr^S^^ 

At Canterlmry we re b iu* t to a coal. 

Good Do^or Cranmer^ diea of Cmnhtrj 

Archbiibbpi alCo ]^a&i\xL^f^ Wv 

t SiUfiuty, on WiUum Cderly, 

ohm Sfiar, and Jai« Mandrel, fo did dk; 

tebdrdznd TbmnMSpHTg0^J$ms9C4nfel^rA^% 

Imh^fi, atl E/fex^mctk, feU at che fiake. 

dafter Tf ai/ nianjr Godly leccers feac 

^liis friends < not loag before his life was fpenc t 

n one he us*d tbefe pai&ges ; I praife 

rhe Lord for helping you to miade bis wayes. 

^fider I beicecb you» what of late 

dil from my Ups»fb ftiall we meet in ftate : 

at) going to (be Bifliops coal-boufe nowt 

nd hope to go to hea?ea e*re long ; do you 

le after aie 1 1 have a great while tarri'd 

^ you ; but ieeiag y*are not yet prepared, ' 

U ftay Bo loBger i you (hall finae me bldi 

.ad (ingiag. H#/f > /fi?/^ Lord^f Rijjt^ ^ 

.t my race end • now therefore my dear hearts 

lake haft and loyter noti left light departSf 

Uid yee (who with the fbolifli Virgiaaftay) 

(: with the fooli(h Virgins turA*d away i 

^ad now in witaefs that I have not caught 

^trary c« the truth revealed i oueht| 

(y blood-writ aame I lead you» fpr a Teft 

hat I will feal my Dodrinie with the feft« 

» fa re you welU and 6od defend you then 

rem Antichrift, and Hs falfe Prims, Ameai 

!e coaftaacy ia pray^i with Biitb requut f^^ 

nd gain the fulaefi of your choice defiic«r 

^n KtuBier (formerly an J&tfMi Sholarj 

t ]^9 by his padeiceiGoaqM'ral dolowr* 

tmgk Ldvrmkyf^ Af^MUcft^)^ biiadidiac lamej 

old Bifliop Bamur, that he. If vvt did frame 

oukeooeils lives ajpray^ii^kii^ the QiieeA ^ 

ii hangman : B0mHr bura'd mm oiic ^ fvktXh : 

^J ' 

So got a coal. J^bm Nojs fell down aad pra/d 
Afid being bound unco the ftake« he faidi 
Fear not the bodies kil]er,but hiiOi vt ho 
Can kill thee, dampe chec, foul and body too« 
S/eing his fifier weep, he thus begins* 
Weep not for nae, but wcap you fcr your (ins« 
H? took a faggot up- gave it a kifs. 
And faid. Did I c'rc th?nk to come to this ? 
B'tflcd be God that ever I was born ; 
Then ipukehe to :he people^ Of bread-corn 
They tell you ihcy can make God, but beldte 
Them.not at alienor rh'^ir falfe truths receive: 
Pray bf ar me witncfs I Apefi ialvatioh 
Not by mine ovvn good vvorksrbuc Chrift his pifl 
The bxf. was kindled^ and his laft^ipoke word 
Was Chtift have nsercy * O have niercy Lord* 
Within tiie Dioceis of Cbicbefttti 
Many accusV), condemned and burned were. 
HiSifigdal SfiarroWi and one Gitfan dy'd 
In Smnbfii/d flames. Jsbm ^ii^6'Mini0er try 
With Mitf^rtt Mt^ungi neer about this doKi 
Were a Ifo burned for the lelf^&aieckiaie. 
One Cuthbift SympfoH, Deacon»iaocie day 
Thoi^b racked Bolefs then thrice, would not be 
The Congregacioni lying in the ftocks, 
Ac midnight oae (whom he welt heird)unbcks 
TSc coal-houfe doors, aad though no casdles Ggl 
Nor fire's he faw,yct bis amazed figte 
Splendour bdfield ; he that came iB Ukl lb / 
And after that» foon yaaiihed awty : 
This Bsijcb tejc^cM his foul j upon the tsmum 
lkMf^gbF$Xtthil ont0iVM^Ih£xc vfptu choMI 
One J^bomst Hndfrn^ Thmmgi Cdrm^ cm 

And ff$t$m ScAmM^Nrrf0ik:wai^ gpt. '; 

. Umler the Reign of Queen Mary. 1 9 3 

igh chbulatton to heavenly blifi, 

ive the crovvn their owfij the cro(s they ki& ' 

! WIS 9ne mother Bemiet of the cowa 

irfttj who was driven up and down 

efusfakc) returning honifi (he dy'dt 

6rpf blng buii^i by the high^wayes fide«- 

ns exceeding Wttl tb the poor • 

nate once told her merrily» their ftore 

I had bin but (paring, hid bin much 

'hat ic wis: (aid flie, Tcannoc grutch 

K>or : Abs ! good husbandibe content^. 

s be thaokfuly God esough hath (enc ; 

lill (fweec heart) have g^ competent fare 3' ' 

QteQt*ia feaftialthoughthefeaft be baret 

Qoc fee the needie's wants, arid hoard* 

in fo doing 1 difpka,(e the Lord 1 

ufband Iec*5 be rich \h good works fliHj 

^aHog God , we Ihatl h^ve all ^t wiU. 

Ciceljt Orms b*iag ask'd^, ov^r bis head 

: 'cwas (be Prieft held up ? ^e a&(w*red, Breadf ' 

I at the be(t ; and iC you do endeavour 

ake it b€tter» *twill be wotfe thep ever • 

^bt to the ftake, (he kifi\l it* and re^irM 

xpe Chriits crofs^ his fweec crofs fo dij^'d ! 

ul 4<xh magrufy che Lord, my fpiTic^ r 

>d rejpycecbi and my Saviours merit; ^ 

Mng UP her headf on heaven fliefix'Sd ^ ' 

res, and in the flames he r htads commix'd 

elded u^chegboft, Tb^mm Sfmrdsmce 

Harwich fuflprcd for the truths adva^t 

y EagM, Taibur, craveil'd up and down % 

'ral CQunti!:iess went from town to tovif n ^ 

rmiog ^weidcct Saints : ia a fliort (tzkk J 

filmsftrd he coDdemned fiat Cot vtU^% 

[ p 4 The Peyfecutlon of the E^gUJh Chutch 

And hang*d up with two thec?s» the one whereof 
With tears fought ChriftiChe other with this fcofl 
Put off George Eaglets exhorcatioiu 
Our Captain leads, we (hall co heaven anon. 
The Pen*cent thiefe did call upon the Lord. 
The mockers BiccMog tongue fpake doc one word 
Upon the ladder. EagUs was cut down 
Half dead, his heart pullM outt his members firof! 
Ce0rge Eagles (iiieri and a man call'd Fryerg 
At tibcbcfier did in the fire expire. 
InjChr. A Prcdamaiion was fent about , 
jf j;8» That ailgood becks within this Realm (et ouCi 
Or from beyond feas brought, (hould allbecmi 
To afhesi if not foi their owners bur nM . 
Soon after this dire Proclamations 
Twice twenty perlbns met neer Ifliftgtom 
Were caughts fome icap*d,fome bum'd withfttt 
In Smith fit Id thirteen^andin £r4f«/#rii[(ix. (n 
Amongft thefe Godly perfons-thefc was ooe 
Nam'd Roger HeUMd^ (who had boldly dooe 
His duty in reprovbg bloofly tMuery 
Spake thus : at la(iGod wUi redeem his hoaoor 
With your deftru^Uf and will (bon afllwi^e 
(His fpir't fo tells me) your unbridled rage 
Againtt his Church: he bearech the corn] ' ' 
His fervants make, for the aiHifted Saiai 
Whom you fb day !y perfecutcd have 
As us you ds now : Chrift will (hortly Ate 
His fpoclefs Spoufe - in God.I dare be bold 
To tell you that you are too fierce to hokL 
And my dea: breth^reoiknow that in this place 
Afcer thisday« not any (hall embrace 
The fire and fajgc^tb) x.h^&\xieaas piocur*di 
Mark what I f a^ ^ai^Vst ^\t.c^. ^W \» 

Under the Reign of Queen Mary. 155 

'hich came to pa(s • fort for the Lord Chciflfi fake 
one afcer chem fufPred at Smithfieldfi^t* 
id B^mmr chen/Whac ? R§gir I perceive here 
hou arc as bad an rieretick as ever ; 
nd in chioe anger thou wouldft now become 
raiUng Proph'ci but th*hadft as good be dumbs : 
hough thoui and all like chee, would fee me tura'd 
ver the ladder^ yet to fee thee buro*d 
!hall live ; yes, and (before God I vow) 
II make you rue it, ev*ry one of you 
hat crmes within my Pitches ; fo he went, 
f^fr cail*d oa the people to repent> 
Qd to think well ofall the Saints, that paft 
le fiery tryal» which not long (houUI laft^ 
»r God intended to abridge ftraightwayes 
V his t\tA\ faket thofe fanguineoui dayes. 
ger embraced the (take, and faidj O Lord 
prai(e thee for affordbg me thy wordy 
id fellowfliip with Saints» which ta heavens coaflf 
3g, H0ly, H9ty, H$ly. L^irf B^fis i 
ffiod receive my foul, prefehre thy flock, 
ve them firom Idols, O be thou their Roek^ 
with htsfellowes praifiag God aboff, 
ley all repofed in the arms of love 
ere was one fTitUm fikas amongft the (ix 
Vhich dy*d ztBrsinf$rd) (alfe-nam'd Heretidts t 
Tho (wlule that he his liberty enjoy'd) 
i*Summer,atnoonHlayf(of cares devoyd) 
\ Bible with him ia t'nis garden took, 
Kdowa to read upoa it ; on bis book 
jr drops of blood fell fiiddealy> he kaows 
)C whence it ame| tliis callM- wife it he (howcfy 
fi^9 1 wdl perceive Sod will have blood ; 
:aaaot>nGs;irmoftQocbewttUftoo& ^ 

iptf The Ferfecution of the EytgUp:^ Church 

His wll be done ; God help me to ikbide 
The crialf for wichouc him I {halt ilide. 
And (b chey went to pray'r, and in (horc fpace 
Buraed he was, in (he aforenamM place. 
One Tbpmoi Hitufhawi like a dog was usM 
By Harpsfitld firli, by Bonntr next abus'di 
Whom an arbour pulled down hisbre^hes, 
Whip*d him with wtllqwrods t and with (hai 
Returned him to prifoo : there was one (fpecdi 
John iViUis the Ike ufage undergone • 
T*whom Banmr thus^ Me bloody Bamur call 
Ye dO| a plague of (Sod upon you all : 
IM fain be rid of you» but you delight 
In burning fure I chink ; but if I might , 
Nave my dc6res i O then Tfai th 1 'd fiicch 
Your mouths up, fack you> tqrow you in a diccb 
Or down the ftreami this wouM I do with fpeed t 
My fingers itch to do this picus deed. 
Upon a time Banner came to the ftocks 
Where this J^bm mUu lay, and fpake with rood 
How like you if^hn) your fodgmg and your tgttl 
. WiUk faid^ VVeI[» bad I a ftraw-pad here. 
While thus chey communed) in the gocd ffiaoVfi 
Came (great wich child) to beg her husbaads lifi 
Told B^jvwtfT (he within his houii^ would flay. 
And there (her count neer out) her belly lay^ 
Ualefs her Uofing) husband might be frced» 
And pack along with her. Indeed^ indeed^ 
Said BoHmr thcn»that were a hatidfoni tckk t 
How fay'ft thou John^ thou damned Heretick ) 
Suppoie thy wife (houkl with ber burac mftanji 
Aiid periih mani art chou not acoeflary ^ 
To both thcK deuVvsSyiVvitthvnkft choa?T6 bcffi 
The VYoman vr ou\d iiox ^o V^c>^^2^ \!^!^ ^^^Bw 

r chefe parly) Binnsr left in's houfe 
Hild cry our^did Ice her husband looie 
ie ceartns. A Godly MiDiftcr 
I Mr. Richard Te§m^ns9 much did bear : 
(he finding how his foes were bene 
:c away f)is ^fc) wciic down to K€mt^ 
pinsi needles, pointsi chred(» white and blacki 
xne odd criflles, to fupply the lack 
alelf )his poor wife and childerea : 
s imprifonM buc releas'd'agen : 
M CO Madly to his wife ^md chere 
a chamber I chey abode a year; 
ig of \Yool be tecs h\m(elf about* 
ns ; thus pick they a poor living out. 
;th the Parfoa having underftood 
lis good old man liv'di he cook a brood 
ficers with himj at nighti rebound 
Je the doors, fearch'd diligentiy* fouad 
ther Tcvmans tad his family laid 
together! whereupon he faid^ 
:rufl me if I did aoc thmk \ knave 
a whore (hould finde^ind fo I have { 
ould have puIi*J the bed-cloachs off wichall i 
her Tcomatts held them fatt : Callicall 
It you pleafe>here*s neither knave nor whore» 
ronjugal pair in God (chough pooi'} 
God for it | you In daikaels grope^ 
defie (with allhis tra(h) che Pope. 
1 the cage they carriM him away; 
:o che ftock» with one J§lm Date he lay* 
> (horc^ after dy*d) he tdd's faicht forwhich 
led and condemn*d he burnt at Norwich. 
UcHfkjt you^; man, by trade a Sbear-maft 
^v-Parifli (aid.I do nocfear man» 

i^ S The Terfecution o 

But God if for my God I fiifiSer mty, 
'Twill be a happy and a joyful day : 
As for the Pope^ I will not be fbrgivea 
By hinii forgive me chnu great Qvod of heaven. 
He was a Newgaii prisoner hereupon^ 
And thmft into the lower dungeon. 
Where he with cruel handling » and befide 
III keeping) fuddenly fell (ick and dy*d« 
One Uv.Thmdt Btntriigt chough cftace 
Enough he hadiyet througli the nanow gate - 
Of perfccucion did he chufe to eater 
Into heaven's Kingdom • manfully adventure 
His life and limb for Chtifty Ttuch he defeided 
Againft the Pope till he was apprehended* 
Condema'd therefore ; at the place unappal\i» 
His rich apparel he put off, and call'd 
Upon his @od ; then faftncd to the ftake^ 
Said Dr. StMdn to hiro^ Do but make 
A recantation, and thou (halt be fired | 
Said Mr. Bemhtdge% Shall I fo, isdeed ? 
I thank you^ but 1 will noci Chrift's my Suerdoir; 
I don*c regard you man, no, nor yourpardoiu 
The Doftor &id, la troth it is a (in 
Good folky to pray for fuch a dog ; begin 
Jttnbridge^ begin a aew leaf, wilt diou ? fay ? 
Away thou Babylonian> away, 
Beubridge reply'd ; diey kindled then the wood 
VV.iich burnt his beardyyet he unmoral flood: 
Fire iciz'don*^ legs; unable to abide * ' 
So grievous pains. Id^ RecMtt hecryti : 
The firc% removed, and his life is graiKed • > ^ 
But he his recintatioa recanted* 
(It pleating Ged his conicieiice to awike)- 
And fix ddLyts aftec fuS^ied uibt ftakCi 


■£.•-.= * 

i Cofikf Jamif Jt(hfy$ Ale xander Lane^ 
Robert Milest bectufe chcy did ibftain 
n going to the Church) did pifi the Fury 
xrrm'rant Vulem^ at Sc* EJ^nnds Bmrji 
^bitip Humphry rjobn and BeferyD^vidg 
> brocherss were deftiDy*d> and yet were (avcd* 
?». fVilmofs H^iMiamjf Cation , Colllingkor§w$ 
Harriet whip*d» run through ^ deal of (brrowt' 
Alexander Gouge, aod jiliee Driver ^ 
It.'ii^^^ SuffeS(^Jvil^ctvieTC 
unced after, that a while tbey lay* 
afety fake, hid in. a ooow of hay : 
Juflice with his mm fearchipg abour, 
ft Pitch- forks in, the mowiaid found th^out> 
rhem to Melt em goali where being proved 
rtain time, tbey were to Bury mov'd ; 
e Aflizess they Chrift crupi(t*d 
y confeiTed , and the Pope defi'd. 
Driver did compare (exoeeding well) 
Q Mary 9 in her rage^to fefabel $ 
ars| to be cut off the Judge procar*di 
tf which 0ie rejoycingly endur'd. 
ire to ipfwieb feaci examined there 
r« Spencer, Norwich ChanceHeri 
others ; .the main matter was intent 
: Chrifts prefence in the Sacrament* 
Driver did fo bafAe them heteiib 
iiey had nothing to reply agin : 
(he coackided then* the Lord be bleft 
re Cthoi^h karA\i) not able in the leaft 
ofe Sodli fpiric in me a (illy viroman 
If degrcei and tucoured by no nun ; 
loAodemick^aorwasI ' 
m^hc up HI the UaiTeriity, 

p4 ^ 

As ye btve been ; yec in the truths deftncei 
And in ;be caufe of Chrift my Mifldr, vrheace 
I^ power derive» I will fee fooc to foot 
To any of yoMt if y ou put (oe co*€« 
For CO maint ain the (ame • and if lisid 
A thoufand lives to lo(e, I (hoidd be glad 
To let all go for it. The Chancelloitr. 
C ondepin d ^ and fent her to the Scdar power. 
Gomgt alio was coadeniD*d for Chtift hb oaniei 
(ixid fo both fweetly dy*d itt Ipfwigb flamr* 
jtlci Drivtr*s neck being chain'diO iiud (he (hecc 
Here is a goodly handkerchief indeed i 
Well, God be ptaifed for \u As cbey ftand ^ 
Ac flake,fonie came to take them by che handi 
The Sheriffe bids they be caught : che crowd fotbid 
The Sheriffe bids !ec alone, and fo ckey did« 
Titere liv*d in C^rnwai a religious D aaKi - 
Her husband a recufanti ofcencame 
To hear Ma(s read,nor wouU he ever lifi 
Till his forc'd-wtfe did joyn with him cherdib 
Which wa$ no little trouble to her foul • 
S he thereupon did feek the Lord» and roul 
Her lelf upoQ him, and by earneft prayer 
Crav'd his direiftion ; God was pleas'd cohean 
And one night fiird her with fuch fpir^ual mirthi 
That (ke enjoyM a llctle heay^n oH earth { 
From husband, childreoi and from all (he nu 
For confciecce fake » and for her living fpua s 
Yet to her husband (he returned at la(t^ 
Where (but a very liccle time being paft) 
Her aeighbours appreHendingi carrpd her. 
To th'BKhqp of the town of E^ifcr ; 
She was condemned, and the rea(bn v^iy^ 
Was cha t^&c fpake againft Iddaery. 

r99t^r Irt^l, A^ir-jjcr*- vj j^jm'%' ^^^ ^w , 

lOp faid to bcr, Womao do y'hcir ? 
our good husbindy and your cmdrea dear* 
reredy Remembred aqd forgoc 
Toon $1 have chem and I have diem noc t 
en joy'd toy eafei I thecn ea joy*di 
r (all iiich lelaciont are voyd) 
I bere, as I do, in Chrift his caufr^ 
imift either frangifie the Laws 
ce>or Nature ; either ChriA fotfake^ 
py Husband; IVncooteDCtocake 
; my heavenly Spou{e» and to rtoouace 

:r w'^ch my children all at once* 

lop after much ArguosenudoDi . 

r a months time for con(i4eratton, 

Dutch-man who new Nofes made 

ges defacM when Edward fwaid ; * ^ ^ 

, Mad- man , what meanft thou co cprnpofe 

ofes for fuch images as thoie, 

9irill fo (hortly loofe their he^ds ? For this 

s dofe prUloer kepMi nor did (he mi& 

lin^.tauntsfcofies, call'd Anabapttft> wboret , 

omaU) drunkard, vagabond, and more* 

any^ fpecious promifcs were us*d> 

rty, of wealth ; which (he refused • 

u&band, goods, and children they affiul 

her. but yet nothing would prevail, 

rt was fixed truOing w the Lord ; 

caft aachor* ^tnd renouac*4 abbot'd 

involved world* with all the wiles 

Satan uies when he ibuh begntles. 

\ devoyd of leamii^f yet fo vers'd 

iptureSf thaCioc ooeiy (he rebeis*<i 

;e jproofiif Q{iotadoBS, but could (ell 

>ok and Qiapcc^aUp very vveU* I 

J 2 The Perjecuttonof ti}et,ngit\ 

CondemAVl and givea co che iee*Iar poweif 
The coaacry Geadctnen came flocking co her 
Kdding heri yec co call on @od for grace^ 
Aad ceafe her fbad opinions to efBbrace> 
So go c'her busband»andiier children dear ; 
Thoaarc a woman ignorant (we fear) 
And chefe ching^ are coo far ai>ove thy reach 
(Said they )che fli rub is lower then che B»cb» 
I am, faid (he, iiadeedt and yec my breach 
1*11 give in wi^iefi) of my Saviours death* , 
O do Gcoc puc me off with longer ftay i 
For Ah ! I aiii impatient of delay ; 
My love hath wings, it hovers up ahd down» 
Nor can it reft i till glory is her own* 
My Heart ia lixed» 1 will never go 
From what i^ faidi nor do as ochers doj 
Tben fatd che Bifliop^ There*i no hopes co win her; 
The devil leidcch her, che devil is in her. 
Noc fo nay Lord (quoth (he) Cbriii is my guide, 
' His Spirit upholds mc, that I cannot Ade • 

She, wheni(be heard deaths ffntence paft upon her] 
AdvajxMhes voice) and faid, Unmated honour ! 
The Proverb's true* L$ngl0Bk*d fer^cM^es 0i lafi 
My Lord, my God, I thank thee, chat chouhaft 
Granted come this day, my hearcs defirc> 
In lifting me with chy celc(Hal Quire* 
Woman > faid oacy be chou a happy wife 
By chy recanting i O the fweets oif life ! 
No^ faid (he, by no means • my life is hid 
With Chrift in God , now che good Lord f orixd 
Thac for chis' ii&i at beft buc crMficerjfi 
I (hould loie heaven and ecdrnat glaijr : 
I have cwahusbaads, bw; wiU one^c^leate 
Uato my heaTCAty^ and m^f cauhl) learc { - ^ - 

teUowihip ot 5aints in heaven I crow 

^ed$ the having children here below : 

1 if my husband and my children prove 

nfuii then am 1 theirs, they have my love • 

I my good father if , God is my mother, 

i is my (ifter, and Sod is my brother^ 

I is my kinfman, God*s my faichiiil friend 

p will ftick dofe uat^ mCj till the end* 

:xecucion then led along « 

was atteaded with a numerous throng. 

nd to the (lake, (he by the Popifti Pricfts 

s fet upon again (unwelcom gucfts !)- 

vhom (he thus t for God's fake now give oVe 

ir bibble babble, trouble me n6 more 

h eippty founds. fain would I, Oh ! divorce 

felFfrom yout impertiReat difcourfe. 

lod ht merciful to finful me^ 

Ah ! \ onely do depend on thee. 

Aood with admirable patience 

idft the flames, and fo her foul flew hence. 

lad fuch a cheerful look, that one would fay ' 

ras her wedding, not her burning day. 

had beeaalwayes fober in bet diet, 

t in apparel, peaceable and ipiiec • 

rayeif a ddngi never fitting ftitl, 

ing her health and limbS) by her good will ; 

in^ to her houfe^flie ever wouU refiife 

;ad abroad, as moft ill-houlwivss u(e, 

ill dmt came to ber^ her gracious heart 

uld ftreams of coojfelttkxi impart. 

Is word waa her delight i (faejgavc good heed 

ir husband ki the Lord, a wife indeed ! 

ordingtoher poweri fiit at her door, 

lit cMr (cVtftl hoDoef s xtliev*d the poor « 

And in the dme of her calanncy 

Would ake no profiPred coyftc i for. faid (hej I 

Am going now co (Heaven) a Qry, where 

No mooy any Miflery doch bear ; 

And whilft Ihere.reiiiain»che Lorti will feed 

My craving ftoaiacki aad lupply my need| 

It is his promifryand fiHl fure I bei 

Thar he winch ticds the Rtveosi will feed m% 

One Ricbmrd Sburfj a Weaver by his trade 

la Br$fi$lCvcf. appnreheoded, made 

A Urge coofeinoa of hisfaich before 

One Dr. D4Hy the thrre»Cbanc^llcurt 

Whoby perfwafive A*^gumencs fo wrought 

Upon bis weaknefs, chat he (bon was brought 

To make a promifei That he would appear 

And publickely recant and when^ and where. 

Buc after this Apoftacy» .5i&4rp feic 

His coft&iencegaird, hell's honour fo indweic 

His foul that he his ciUing could not miode^ 

His colour wenc away* his body pia*d : 

Next Sabbath day going to Churchy he made: 

To the Qnire^doortand with t loud voice faid» 

That Altar, neighbours, pray bear nae rccordt 

Is the Great Idol ; I deay*d my Lordi 

But from the bottom of my heart am forry 

For what I doa, in hazarding my Glory. 

Hecangbty eondemn'diand buro*d> with Tiki 

ClimbM up co heaven from this tearfiil v^lc* (fl 

Ode TbgmM Benfm of the fame towa Vfcnc 

To prif'ni for fay ingf That the Sacraqaenc 

Was. as th^ us'd iC) nothiag elft but breadt 

And not the body of the Lord indeed| 

At for the Sacrameocs, which you call icveilf : .. ^ 

Fm?tm ordMaM by tncajbuuvro by beafei | !j 

Under the Reign cf Queen Mary. ^ ^ 

Give me the cwo, which I acknowledge cniCy 

I Aod all the other five 1^ leave to you. 
Soon after this he did receive deadi's featencfj 
And cxecucedi to h'^God he fent hence 
His blefled fonU which left its bodie's jail 
For Paradilf) death hiving put in bail* 

- Now to conclude* The lalt that.did maintain 
The Gcfpel with their heiarts-blood in the Raiga 

' Ipf Mary Qtieen, that hell*begotten f ury> 
Vfere thelc five Citizcns'of Cdift§rt$grj^ 
Jpbm Hmfi fohm Cwnf^d, (Captaiis in the fighc) 

"^ Ctrifiopbtr Brcwm^ jilifi StMb^ and K^fbWim 
The things imputed to their charge were|Cha((irMf{Ar 

I* Ch rifts real prefcnce they denyed flats 
Affirming onely thcle that do believCi ^ 
Not wicked men^Chrifls body do receive. 
The Pope they faid was Anticbrifti theMafi 

^ Abommable ; that a (in it was 

To pray to Saints ; that crinjging to a croft 
Was meer Idol^y and an errour grofsj <^r« 
Sentence of condemnation being hqtrd , 
Forthwith ^obn C^nfcrd, was in (pirit ftiR*d» 
And with an ardent zeal for(Sod>exprefi*cl 
In the name of himrelf, and all the teft ' 
This doom : J['ch*nameofChriftourSavi0iitf 

' ThfeSofiof God,thtHigh'ft,aBdbytbe|iovver 

^ Of his moft Holy-<Bhoft» as alio by 
" The Holy and Divine authority 
Of the Apoftolick and Cathlick Church 
(Never yet totally left in the lurch) 

^ We here turn over to the Prince ^hett 
As fla ves eternally to bowle and yell 
Is fulph'ry flames, the bodies of ail thoie , 
Bia^etnersj Heicticksi ^bo do o^& 

The Perfecutjon of the E/2gliJh Church 

The liviog God, and bolfter up cheir errours 

Agaicft che Truch, hence co cbe King of Terroursji 

So chat by this thy righteous judge meat (hown i 

Againft thy foes^great God^thou mayfl make knowoi 

Thy true religion to thy greater glory 

And our fouls comfort when we rsad the ftory 

Of thy great power i and ;o tK'edificaucii 

Of all our well-nigh ruinated Nation* 

Good Lord, fo be ic» be it foi Anren. ) 

And this his excommunicatioa then . 

Took great efiFe£t againfl: truth's eaemies. 

Qiieen Mdry within (ix daycs after dies, 

And Tyrannie with her ; there is no hope 

Of any longer footiog for che Pope ; 

In EngUtHi now great joy becides to all 

Thefaith-ey^d Saims.who wifh'd proud BdhlsUSk 

Yet the Afchdeacon^ aoo's alTociates quick 

f Knowing the Queen was dangeroufly Ack) 

Coademn'd thoie picus pcrfons to the flimei 

Aad huni*d them away. When there they camCi 

la Chrift his name they oflfetVl up their prayers, . 

As hok)caufl$ to the Almighties cars. 

To God they pray *d . to @od for ever Ueft» 

Preferring this rcqueft amongfl the reft ; 

That if it were his will, their blood might be 

The lafi that fliculd be ihcd^, fo Lord pray we. | 

No fooner had they pray*d> but hesTea rctHtA'd 

A grackuis anfwer>thcy the laft that buro'd* 

ttreatGod (iaid they) we cheerfitlly refiga 

Our (buls inte thofe bleiled hands of tbiae 

AmUft theie flames ; their fpirits did aiccnd 

TogIory» which (hall i^et have AN ENIX 

SECT. t;*. 

Judgements u^onthe Persecutors of hif 
ch and children. 

(it(l the Gofpel in the Ears did ring^ 
Ingland under lat^im the King $ 
id King or Queen chcLtiid (oftaiB 
iriliian blood > as in her foiir years reign 
Mary did t (he burned in her fiiiy 
wBiihop, (and he of CMfmrburf ) 
hops, twenty one Divines or moret , 
ren tlcment Artificers eighty foure^ 
dmen, Servant$« and poor Labouriirg meH 
re ; Wives twenty fixi Widdowes twice tefe ; 
aids^ two Boyesi and two young Babes (to 
:nc) in all two hundred fefcnty feven.(beiveB 
ur more for Jefus Chri^ his fake 
)er{ecuted fore ; wliictKCould not (hake 
raven*built faith ; (even whereof were ftriflU 
iked, and moft mercileihf ^hiyd« 
in prifoft peri(htng^had otiBg 
:he Nabathflcan cuftom) flung 
eir outcatt bodies : Some did lie 
(fated chaisss condemaM to diet 
e deli v^ from approichiDfi dcitb 
appy entraacc of £A;M^rri^ 
lorious Qiieen^ our PtUas aad Aftmi 
irace and Virtue the diwic Idct i 
id fpendi by reafbn of extle» 
lyes til troinile^ aad theic vuiiisEkiciisu 

20O Gods Judgements upon Perfecutors. 

But as Queen M^y bvifiied the Uood 
Of her beft fubjcAs, and the truth withftood 
Uoto the uroiofi of her power ; fp God 
Scourged her found ly with his flacniilg rodt 
I Both in her life and death ; for whilft flie Wi^ 

What did (he prdfper in which fhe atchie%M ? 
To iaftance in a few particular^ 
And firfty her fair "A and gteacefi man of War i 
Unnutch'd i*ch'Chriftiah world ,ctl'd the great 
Was burnt by heavenly flames. Then would (hem 
Spanifli King T£#/ip, lb expofe CO dangers i 

Poor England uader barbarous foes and ftrai^ 
She labour'd niuch» but never could acum 
To joyn the Englifli to the Spani(h Raign« 
Then did (he fee about the reliauracion 
Of Abbey-lands throughout the Brici(h naticm : 
Her ^ began according to the Popes 
DiicAions* yet fruOrf te were all her hope^ • 
(Bod o*re her land then (ijch a famine fpred» 
.That her poor fubjcAs upon Acorns fed« 
Then Caliei where the Engli(h did remain 
During eleven Kings reigns from her was t a*in • 
Which io6fogriev'd her9as(hedid impact 
That CAlic9 was engraven in her heart. 
Again in child-birth never woman had 
S\infortunate fuocefi as (hcyfo bad : 
For if (he was with cUld, and had e're been 
In travel^ why ? why was ic never (een ? 
If AOCi why was tbe IDiigd<xii fi> b^i^ ^ 
Some in the Pulpit for ho: new-bora cbiU 
Retuming'thanlttszhus her defires bring ctoft^ . 
She thea th'afl&aioBS of her husband loft t 
She could not turn eojoy, noi ought (he (baocbei 
Tbi» her firft lo^^bj uiurp^^iv^y^ 

iigh flie didfoimny Judgeiiieott)ed» 
rould file aoc her bloody Laws repeal s 
ad no minde to ftop the opened vaia^ 
}fc the bleeding OhBce again 
ring Saiiics. Ac laft die I^rd did plea fe 
ike her wich a lai9gui(hiagdilei^fei . 
ireof (bedy'd ; and having held cheerovni 
ears, and five months oaety, laid ic down« 
ble cempclis.niorcai (kkneflesj ^ 
es, famines^ burning fevers, did perpeft 
rieved landt (the Courch year (he did fway ) 
Wepcaniulcicudeof folks away : 
It in (ix wedks fpace in Loniom there 
(even Aldermen. Wheftc chat {ame year 
!d four marks the Quarter • Maulc a Peck 
y tour ftiilliogs ; as much Peafe did make 
pound fix (hillings eight peace : to a crown 
>lIowing year a Peck of Wheat came dowo I 
(hilliogs eight pence Maulc % of Ry a Strike ^ 
for a groat you may t if Ic you like» 
fifch jrieari a thundnng cempcft came 
lact'red down two towns neer Nminghum^ 
(heecs of lead abroad > belb from the Aeeple^ 
:rees up by the roocs» (lew divers pooptei &€% 
t great mortality was known 
icumn then \ Corn flood unreapRdiunmomif 
otted in the fields; hence did enloe ^ ^ 
fcarcity. the labVours bring few« 
ichof her; normuftaiyliufep»isby 
liefeft Infttumentf of cruelty, 
3 btt^n ^ch St$^HnG0ritmr then 
p cTmiKi^lhr^ wbqie end my mi 
ins to mention cince 1 1 will tbereroce 

TV«totd.w^t «*)%•; ^ I never lp» 


This M»^^y^' ^ #Aunot tottcn * o^ - jo-TA 

SSd bwcpieft Suo»' T^t dia tfC?S* 
K cruel Bi»B.v«We <» • fee Aonf**l - 


Gods Jui^ements upon Perfecutors. 

To gee his bleffiog ; but leturning faftf 

Me fell down fbiis. and brake his oedk for haft. 

CrimwMd a wrecchj who had himitlf forfworD» 

Seiag in Harveft flacking of hit corns 

ids bowels fuddealy fell our. Thefe two 

C^ and J#jfVf I I>o6lors, undergo 

Ac SMmry (iiddea deaths. Mr. py^odrop 

Sherifie of Latdrn dyed foon enough. , 

PoeC/sri^ who did die Godly Saints devour; 

Manged himielf, ac h ft in L^mimtTvmcr. 

C§x a Promoceri goiog well t'his bed» 

Whea the next morn arofe, was found Oone dead.' 

Ddledy^dt^ lice. Orit Tr§ling Smitbt agceac 

Foe to the rmth^ dy*d fuddenly ith' ttreec 

?M/t £i««idMi accurled wretch 

Did volunurily an halter ftrecch. 

A lightning flvoke did Rcint Bd/dwim k'dL 

Cardinal Pm/ of an Italian Pill 

t>y*d as 'cwaa thought. Dr. P§xfird, BUmifitld, 

And £#/ifiiM<coo»tofuddendeatlttdidyieki« 

One Dr.ifyf 1401/ Cbaac'llour of G/0firj|r#r» 

Died the death before he was aware. 

One LtviT faid he had ac Oxf&rd ben^ 

And that ill-favoured knave, LMiimgr feetit 

Tooth d like as borfobut mark we whac dkl follow^ 

:>His foQ foon han^d hitnfclf. Ommiiam SwmIm^ 

Loft aU his bairi off allhis nails did pill; 

And*s wife was caken widi the ftlling ill. 

f^w^h ^dim,Ptti0, G^^mics of George EsiliSf , 
O yd a dogs (hame&l death(diree pretty Beagles I) 
A Sherife ma«» who cnieby had afled 
f^tmjsmis AUis ,deipair*d & dy'4 diftraacd. 
*^Lm€olM(ffir0^ Bmrtm who Ba^ was 
C>f Cr*irANiUbourMiofeiip4ft\lka^^ 

■ I ■■■■•■ ^ t,m ^^^^m^Htm^mt^tm 

' Gods Ju^emem upon Fcrftcutori^ 

But the Pari(hioQers with vvife delay 
Scill put him c^; upon a SabbathHliy 
This Burton vvenc toChurchf (when all tneii failM] 
And on the Service*readine Curate ratlM.: 
Sirrah f ixid he») a Mais, (whac f) may'ot we have ! 
Buckk your (elf tokkyou whorfon kQa¥e» 
Or by Gods-ffiocd III (heach, I that I will. 
My dagger in ycur (hoiilder ; vex me Ailli 
Da ? ycu had heft. Th'a (Frighted Curate made * 
No more adoi but Ma(s in Latin bid. 
Soon after this, as Burton with one more> 
Rode OB the road ^a croaking Crow (lew oVe 
His head, and dung'd • which falling on his noffy 
Ran down his flib*riog beard ; but in the doie 
Burtom was fo perfumM> ^cone would chink 
No Jakf s could yield fo horrible a ftink 
As he good man ! Sweet Bwrtom go thy way 
Contented, th'haft enough; fuch.Iuck chey fay 
As thiae is good : if the b:fl luck betide 
To fools, thou art not on the wifer lide« 
Haft £ivrrM, haft what need T bid thee haft 
Whom mtfchance drives ? Oh, Ohi cries he^ at Ia( 
My very bowels up foch reachings mike> 
My head even breaks^ oughi oughja ad heart-ftrii^ 
A plague upon, a vengance uke the crow (akc 
Tnac poyfoft'd him^ and made him ?omit {q i 
And lb he dy*d. The blidc-ey'd night inters 
SiMMfrs corps amongft thieves aad murtherers* 

L jx 3. ^ ^"^ de/huS$on to tbo wickfi > sutdJhSKl 
JudfomfHts to tbo 9rorkirs of $9ffmtf f 
• '^MLu lo'^ss Rigkteout thing with God, to$mmfi$i 
^^' tfibtUi^ion to thono tbst trouUo jm % Mf I 

yom thm 0r$ wmJkUi ^vt^ mtb «i«' • 

■^M^.^1. I ■■ 

' Gods Jiu^emt9its Mp$n Perfeoftm. 

R.oma diu tinibans, varijs erroribus afta. 
Cornice^ & mundi dcfinet dfe Caput. 

Roai^t§t*riMg l&9t£ laden wiibErr$mriJf0ri9 
jtt /4/? j9M/4li md Hidd tbg fT^rldm mmr0. 




•*£ aB^'R iS'fi; yrft ^irflt JS^^ar^fCJ^ J^ 




'^ •■ 

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