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Full text of "The Bradley bibliography; a guide to the literature of the woody plants of the world published before the beginning of the twentieth century;"

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publications of t^c £rnolD arboretum. j$o. 3 













Printed at the fiiucreibc prc0£ 



THE Bradley Bibliography is intended to contain the titles of all publications relating wholly 
or in part to woody plants, including books, pamphlets, and articles in periodicals and other 
serials in all languages published up to the end of 1900. The term woody plant as here un- 
derstood excludes suffruticose species, although publications relating to these plants have usually 
been admitted when they belong to a family, as Ericaceae, where the percentage of such plants is 
small. For the same reason publications relating to the stemless species of the families Cyclantha- 
ceae and Cycadaceae are not excluded, as the majority of plants in these families are caulescent, 
while the stemless species of Agave and Strelitzia have been omitted, as in these genera stem-pro- 
ducing species are the exception. Publications on all species of Cactaceae are included, even if many 
of these are not more woody than some members of the Orchidaceae and Araceae; of both of these, 
however, the literature has been entirely excluded from the Bibliography, although in the latter 
family species exist which may be considered shrubby. It has been deemed necessary, also, to ex- 
clude the literature of the Pteridophytes and all publications on fossil plants, in order to keep the 
work within reasonable limits. 

Titles are arranged systematically according to subjects, and under each separate subject they 
are arranged chronologically, except in the case of periodicals, where an alphabetical arrangement 
appears more practical. To make the chronological sequence of publications easily seen the dates 
are printed in heavy type, except those of later editions, which follow immediately after the entry of 
the first edition. Translations follow the original in the same paragraph in their respective chron- 
ological order. 

The Bibliography will be published in five volumes. The first volume includes all botanical pub- 
lications containing references to woody plants except those which are restricted to a particular 
family, genus or species, which are found in the second volume and are arranged according to the 
system of Engler & Prantl. By this arrangement all the publications on a particular family, on a 
particular genus or on a particular species will be found together in chronological sequence; and in 
the case of large genera with an extensive literature, like Pinus or Quercus for example, the entries 
are arranged chronologically under several headings, those relating to taxonomy under the differ- 
ent countries where the family or genus occurs. 

The third volume contains the titles of publications dealing with the economic products and uses 
of woody plants, and with arboriculture, including the ornamental values and uses of trees and 
shrubs. The fourth volume is devoted to forestry. 

The fifth volume contains an index to all titles enumerated in these four volumes, arranged 
alphabetically according to authors and titles. 

Titles are printed in their original form, but titles of publications printed in foreign characters 
other than Russian, Servian and Greek have been transliterated. All titles in other than Romanic 
and Germanic languages, and also Greek titles, are followed by an English translation, except in 
those cases where a translation into a Romanic or Germanic language has been published. The 
titles are printed as fully as possible, and only the unimportant parts of long titles have been 
omitted. Omitted parts of titles are always indicated by three dots (...). Supplied words nec- 
essary to a better understanding of the title are included in brackets. 

The size of the books entered is given according to the measurements adopted in must American 
libraries. For the actual sizes represented by the symbols used see the Explanat ion of Signs and Ab- 
breviations on page my. This does not apply to books which have not been seen by the compiler, 
and which are marked with a dagger (f). 

Periodicals and other serial publications have been completely excerpted when they have been 
found to contain numerous important articles bearing on the subjects included in the Bibliography, 


but where the percentage of such articles in any serial was apparently small or the articles of slight 
importance, time has not been given to finding articles in it not known previously through ex- 
cerpts, republications or references in other publications. 

In order to reduce as much as possible the size of the Bibliography it has been found necessary to 
restrict the insertion of the same title under different subject divisions, and the use of cross refer- 
ences. It might, for example, have been advisable to give a cross reference where a taxonomic unit 
has been treated from a view-point other than taxonomic. In such cases, however, the taxonomic 
subject has been given precedence. For example, the title of an article on the morphology of the 
flowers of Cycas revoluta can be found only under Cycas revoluta and not under Morphology of 
Flower; and the title of an article on North American Conifers appears only under Coniferae 
(North American) and not under North America in the general phytogeographical arrangement. 

The greater part of the works enumerated in this Bibliography have been seen by the compiler, 
who has examined the libraries of the following institutions: 

Boston and Cambkidge. Arnold Arboretum; Gray Herbarium; Harvard College; Museum 
of Comparative Zoology; Boston Society of Natural History; American Academy of Arts and Sci- 
ences; Boston Athenseum; Boston Public Library. 

Washington. The Congressional Library; Department of Agriculture. 

Cincinnati. The Lloyd Botanical Library. 

London. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; British Museum; Natural History Museum, South 
Kensington; Royal Society; Linnaean Society; the Royal Horticultural Society. 

Paeis. Museum d'Histoire Naturelle; Bibliotheque Nationale; Societe" Nationale d'Horticulture; 
Soci^te" Nationale d'Agriculture. 

Berlin. Kgl. Botanisches Museum; Kgl. Bibliothek; Gartenbaugesellschaft. 

Dresden. Kgl. Offenthche Bibliothek. 

Gottingen. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

Tubingen. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

Vienna. K. K. Naturhistorisches Hof museum; K. K. Famihen-Fideikommiss-Bibliothek. 

Geneva. Herbier Boissier; Herbier De Candolle; Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques. 

St. Petersburg. Imperial Botanic Garden; Academie Imperiale des Sciences; Imperial Public 
Library; Imperial University. 

Leyden. Rijks Herbarium. 

Madrid. Biblioteca Nacional; Jardin Botanico. 

Coimbra. Jardim Botanico. 

Florence. Museo Botanico. 

The compiler has also examined the libraries of these Forest Institutes: Forst-Akademie at 
Tharand, at Eberswalde, and at Hann.-Miinden; Forstliche Versuchsanstalt, Miinchen; Ecole 
Nationale des Eaux et Forets, Nancy; Istituto Forestale, Vallombrosa; and Imperial Forestry In- 
stitute, St. Petersburg. 

Entries in the following languages have been obtained by these assistants: 

Bohemian. Dr. K. Domin, Prag. 

Polish. Dr. K. Rouppert and Dr. B. Namyslowski, Cracow. 

Hungarian. The botanical literature by Dr. Geza Lengyel, Budapest; the forestry literature 
by Karl Bund, Budapest. 

Servo-Croatian. Dr. N. Kosanin. 

Russian. E. Wolf, St. Petersburg. 

Roumanian. Prof. N. Jacobescu, Bucarest. 

Greek. Dr. G. Lakon, Athens. 

Dutch. Dr. W. J. Jongmans, Leyden. 

Danish. Paul Bartold, Emil Bendixsen, and Carl Christensen, Copenhagen. 

Norwegian. Bernt Lynge, Christiania. 

Swedish. Dr. Tycho Vestergren, Stockholm. 

Japanese. Shintaro Arimoto, formerly at Boston. 



The bibliography of Swiss Forestry has been chiefly compiled by P. Bertholet of Lausanne ; and 
work on the Bibliography has been done in London also by L. W. Burridge and E. J. Wayland. 

The greater part of the titles enumerated, however, have been seen by the compiler. The titles 
not copied in libraries under his special supervision and those excerpted from other bibliographies 
are marked by a dagger (f) at the end of the entry. Titles copied from other bibliographies are 
often incomplete, and the Arboretum will be grateful for any information which will make it possible 
to complete incomplete entries, and also for references to titles not included in this Bibliography. 
These will find a place in supplements of this Bibliography which may be published from time to 








1. General 

2. Nokth America 

3. Central and South America 

4. Europe 













German Empire 3 








British Islands . 
France .... 
Iberian Peninsula 
Italy .... 
Switzerland . . 

Austria-Hungary 4 


5. Asia 

6. Africa 


1. North America 

a. Canada 

b. United States 

2. Central America 

3. South America 

4. Europe 













b. Norway 8 

c. Denmark 8 

d. Russia 9 

e. German Empire 10 

f. Holland and Luxemburg 15 

g. Belgium 16 

h. British Islands 17 

i. France 20 

Iberian Peninsula 24 

Italy 24 

Switzerland 26 

m. Austria-Hungary 27 

n. Greece 28 

5. Asia 28 

a. China and Japan 28 

b. British India 28 

c. Malay Peninsula and Archipelago 29 

d. Mauritius 29 

6. Africa and Madagascar 29 

7. Australasia 29 




1. Technique of Collecting 35 

2. Laboratory Technique, Microtechnique . . 36 

3. Technique and Art of Illustrating .... 37 

4. Wood Collections 37 

a. General 37 

b. Descriptions of special collections 37 

5. Botanic Gardens, Arboretums, Museums etc. 38 

a. General 38 

b. North America 38 

I. Canada 38 

II. United States 38 

C. Centra] America 39 

d. South America . 39 

e. Europe -10 

I. Scandinavia 40 

II. Russia 41 

III. German Empire 

IV. Belgium 

V. Holland 

VI. British Islands 

VII. France 

VIII. Iberian Peninsula 

IX. Italy 

X. Switzerland 

XI. Austria-Hungary 

XII. Balkan Peninsula 

XIII. Mediterranean Islands 

f. Asia and Malay Archipelago 

I. China and Japan 

II. British India and Cochin-China 

III. Malay Peninsula and Archipelago except Java . 

IV. Java 

V. Indian Ocean Islands 

g. Africa 

I. North Africa 

II. South Africa 

III. Canary Islands 

h. Australasia 

i. Pacific Islands 


1. Terminology 

2. Dictionaries and Lists of Vernacular Names 

and Their Etymology 

a. General 

b. North America 

c. Central and South America 

d. Europe 

I. Scandinavia 

II. Russia 

III. German Empire 

IV. Holland, Beloicm and Luxemburg 

V. British Islands 

VI. France 

VII. Iberian Peninsula;' 

VIII. Italy 

IX. Switzerland 

X. Austria-Hungary 

XI. Balkan Peninsula 

e. Asia and Malay Archipelago 


I. China and Japan 

II. British India 

III. Western Asia 

IV. Malay Archipelago 

Africa and Atlantic Islands . . . 

3. Etymology of Botanical Names 

4. Botanical Nomenclators . . . 

a. General nomenclators and indices 

b. Keys to pre-I.innean literature 





1. ( Ikneh m 

2. North America 

3. Central and Sunn America 

4. Europe 

a. Scandinavia 

1>. liussia 

C. German Empire 

d. Holland and Belgium 

e. British [slanda 







f. France 81 

g. Italy 81 

h. Iberian Peninsula °l 

i. Switzerland 81 

j. Austria-Hungary 81 

5. Asia 81 

6. Africa 81 

7. Australia 82 



1. Relating to Woody Plants Only 82 

2. General 82 

3. Popular 93 



1. Miscellaneous Publications 97 

2. Textbooks and Manuals 100 

3. Ontogeny 101 

4. Metamorphosis 101 

5. Phyllotaxy 102 


1. Root 103 

2. Stem 104 

a. General 104 

b. Habit and ramification 106 

c. Torsion of the Stem 107 

d. Spines 107 

e. Buds 107 

3. Leaf 109 

a. General 109 

b. Stipules and bracts Ill 

c. Petioles 112 

4. Appendages 112 


1. Inflorescence 113 

2. Flower 114 

3. Perianth 115 

4. Androecium 116 

5. Pollen 116 

6. Gynaecium 117 

7. Nectaries 118 

8. Fruits 118 

9. Seeds 120 

10. Embryology 121 

11. Seedlings 122 


1. General 123 

2. Structure of Wood 124 

a. General 124 

b. Anomalous structure of wood 126 

c. Annual rings 127 

d. Cambium 128 

3. Pith 128 

4. Tegumentary Tissues 129 

a. General 129 

b. Bark 130 

c. Stomata 131 

d. Lenticels 132 

5. Meristematic Tissues 132 

6. Vascular Tissues 133 

7. Mechanical Tissues 134 

8. Secretory Tissues 134 

a. General 134 

b. Latex cells 135 


1. General 136 

2. Cell Wall 137 

3. Crystals 138 

4. Starch 139 

5. Chlorophyll 140 


1. General 142 

2. Stem 144 

3. Leaf 144 

4. Flowers 145 

5. Double Flowers 145 

6. Fruits 145 






1. General 149 

2. turgidity and tension 149 

3. Osmosis 150 

TION 150 

1. Miscellaneous and General Publications . . 150 

2. Textbooks 151 

3. PiiANT Constituents and Composition . . . 152 

a. General 152 

b. Wood and woody plants 154 

c. Methods of analysis 156 

4. Nutrition in General 157 

5. Absorption of Fluids and Gases 160 

6. Conduction of Fluids and Gases 162 

7. Transpiration 166 

8. Root Pressure and Bleeding 168 

9. Exudation of Water 169 

10. Respiration 169 

11. Photosynthesis 172 

12. Metabolic Processes and Products .... 174 

a. General 174 

b. Metabolic processes of fruits 178 

c. Storage and transfer of reserve material . . .179 

d. Acids 180 

e. Gums and resins 180 

f. Latex 181 

g. Oils and fats 181 

h. Perfumes 182 

i. Tannin 182 

13. Color 184 

a. General 184 

b. Leaves, particularly their autumnal coloration . 185 

14. Generation of heat 186 

E. GROWTH 187 

1. General 187 

2. Roots 188 

3. Aerial Roots 188 

4. Increase of Wood and Bark 189 

5. Growth of Leaf 190 

6. Periodicity and arrest of Growth . . . .191 

a. General 191 

b. Leaf fall 191 

c. Casting off of branches 192 

d. Decortication 192 

7. Vitality 192 

a. General 192 

b. Vitality of seeds 193 

c. Age of trees 193 


1. General 193 

2. Heliotropism 194 

3. Geotropism 195 

a. General 195 

b. Reversion of shoots and trees 196 

4. Revolving Movements 196 

5. Movements of Tendrils 196 

6. Irritability 197 

a. General 197 

b. Nyctitropic movements 197 


1. General 198 

2. Fecundation 200 

a. General 200 

b. Physiology of pollen 201 

c. Xenia 201 

3. Parthenogenesis 202 

4. Germination 202 

5. Vegetative Reproduction 204 






1. General 207 

2. Reparative Processes in Grafting .... 208 

3. Reparative Processes in Cuttings .... 208 

4. Natural Grafting 209 

5. Root Fusion 209 

6. Enclosures and Inscriptions in Trees . . . 210 








I. GALLS 213 

1. General 213 

2. North and South America 214 

3. Europe 214 

a. General 214 

b. Russia and Scandinavia 215 

c. German Empire 215 

d. British Islands 215 

e. France 215 

f. Italy . 215 

g. Iberian Peninsula 216 

h. Switzerland 216 

i. Austria-Hungary 216 

4. Australia 216 




1. General 

2. Tropical Zone 

3. Temperate Zone 

4. Arctic Zone and Alpine Regions 


1. General 

2. North America 

3. Central and South America 

4. Europe 

a. General 

b. Scandinavia 

c. Russia 

d. German Empire 

e. Holland and Belgium 

f. British Islands 

g. France 

h. Iberian Peninsula 

i. Italy 

j. Switzerland 

k. Austria-Hungary 

1. Balkan Peninsula 

5. Atlantic Islands 

6. Australasia 



1. Soil 

2. Light .... 

3. Electricity and Magnetism 

4. Temperature 

5. Humidity 

6. Atmospheric Influences 

7. Parasitism 

8. Symbiosis 

9. Epiphytism 

10. Interrelations with the Animal Kingdom . 

11. Myrmecophilism 


1. General 

2. Climbing Plants 

3. Nanism 

4. Adaptation to Mechanical Outside Forces . 

5. Spines 

6. Color 


1. General 

2. America 

3. Europe- 

4. Africa 

5. Australasia and Pacific Islands 



1. General 

2. Introduction by Man 

3. Driftwood 

4. Fibre Balls 



















OMY 254 

1. Textbooks 254 

2. General Taxonomy 256 

3. Miscellaneous Taxonomic Publications . . . 261 

4. Hybrids 271 

5. Pre-Linnean Botany 271 

a. Classic and early botanical writers 271 

b. Works of authors after 1400 275 


1. General 292 

2. Winter State of Trees and Shrubs .... 294 

3. Individual Noteworthy Trees 295 

a. General 295 

b. North America 295 

c. Central and South America 295 

d. Europe 296 

I. Scandinavia 296 

II. Russia 296 

III. German Empire 296 

IV. Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg 296 

V. British Islands 296 

VI. France 297 

VII. Iberian Peninsula and Italy 297 

VIII. Switzerland 297 

IX. Austria-Hungary 298 

e. Asia and Malayan Archipelago 298 

f. Australasia 298 


1. General 298 

a. Miscellaneous 298 

b. Travels 301 

2. North America 304 

a. General 304 

b. Greenland 308 

c. Canada east and Newfoundland 309 

d. Dominion of Canada west 311 

e. Alaska and Aleutian Islands 311 

f. Northeastern United States 312 

g. Southeastern United States . . 317 

h. Western United States 320 

3. Central and South America 327 

a. General 327 

b. Mexico 331 

c. Central American republics 333 

d. West Indian Islands 334 

e. Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago 338 

f. Guiana 338 

g. Colombia and Ecuador 339 

h. Peru 340 

i. Bolivia 340 

j. Brazil 340 

k. Argentina with Patagonia, Uruguay and Para- 
guay 344 

1. Chile 345 

m. Tierra Del Fuego, Magellan territory, Falkland 

and Neighborhood Islands 347 

4. Europe 348 

a General 348 

b. Scandinavia 350 

c. Russia 358 

I. General 358 

II. Caucasus, Crimea and Transcaucasia 368 

d. German Empire 370 

e. Holland 390 

f. Belgium and Luxemburg 391 



g. British Islands 393 

h. France 404 

I. General 404 

II. Corsica 419 

i. Iberian Peninsula 419 

I. General 419 

II. Balearic Islands 423 

j. Italy 423 

I. General • 423 

II. Sicily 430 

k. Switzerland 432 

1. Austria-Hungary 438 

I. General '. . . 438 

II. Hungary 444 

III. Austrian Littoral, Bosnia and Herzegovina . . 447 

m. Balkan Peninsula 448 

n. Mediterranean region in general and islands . . 451 

5. Asia and Malat Archipelago 452 

a. General 452 

b. Siberia as a whole and West Siberia 453 

c. East Siberia 454 

d. Central Asiatic Russia 456 

e. China 457 

I. General 457 

II. Tibet and Mongolia 460 

III. Hongkong 460 

IV. Korea 461 

f. Japan 461 

I. General 461 

II. Formosa 463 

g. Philippine Islands 463 

h. Malay Peninsula and Archipelago 464 

I. Malay Peninsula 464 

II. Malay Archipelago except Sumatra; Java and 

Borneo 464 

III. Sumatra 467 

IV. Java 467 

V. Borneo 469 

i. French Indochina, Tonkin, Annam and Siam . . 469 
j. British India 470 

I. General 470 

II. Assam and Burma 475 

III. Ceylon 476 

k. Persia, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Pamir . . . 477 
1. Asiatic Turkey and Arabia 477 

I. General 477 

II. Syria and Palestine 479 

III. Arabia 480 

m. Indian Ocean Islands 481 

I. General 481 

II. Mascarene and Seychelle Islands 481 

6. Africa and Madagascar 482 

a. General 482 

b. Mediterranean States 483 

c. Northeast Africa 486 

d. West Africa from Morocco to the Congo . . . 490 

e. Congo State and Angola . . . 491 

f. East Africa 492 

g. South Africa 493 

h. Madagascar and the Comoro group 496 

i. Azores, Madeira, the Canary and Cape Verde 

Islands 496 

j. South Atlantic Islands 498 

7. Australasia 498 

a. General 498 

b. New Guinea 499 

c. Bismarck Archipelago 499 

d. Australia 499 

e. Tasmania 505 

f . New Zealand and neighboring islands .... 506 

g. Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands 508 

h. New Caledonia, New Hebrides and Loyalty Is- 
lands 508 

8. Pacific Islands 509 

a. General 509 

b. Hawaiian Islands 509 

c. Ladrone, Caroline, and Marshall Islands . . . 510 

d. Fiji, Friendly, Samoan, Phoenix and Ellice Is- 

lands 510 

e. Galapagos Islands 510 

f. Society Islands, Low Archipelago and Marquesas 510 

9. Antarctic Islands 510 










1. Tree Lore 517 

2. Plant Lore in General 517 





n. d. no date. por. portrait. 

n. p. no place. t-p. title-page. 

n. t-p. no title-page. t-p-c. title-page cover. 

pi. plate. tab. table. 

— > after a date signifies that the work was in progress of publication at the end of 1900. 

|| after a date of a periodical or serial signifies that the publication has been discontinued. 

t at the end of the imprint indicates that the work has not been seen by the compiler. 

[ ] encloses words or dates supplied. 

. . . shows the omission of a word or words from the title. 


Fe. limit of outside height 10 centimetres. 

Tt. " " " " 12.5 

T. " " " " 15 

S. " " " " 17.5 

D. " " " " 20 

O. " " " " 25 

Q. " " " " 30 

F. " " " " 40 

F 6 . " " " " 50 

F 8 . " " " " 60 " etc. 

nar. if the width is less than f of the height. 

obi. if the width is greater than the height. 

sq. if the width is more than f of the height. 





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347 pp.) 1 por. D." Wien, 1821. 

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und mit Registern versehen von C. T. Beilschmied. Ed. bv 
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Contains onb r reviews of botanical literature. 

Bulletin general et universel des annonces et des nouvellea 
scientifiques . . . Ed. bv lc B"" de Ferussae. Vol. I. -IV 
O. Paris, 1823. 

Bulletin des sciences naturelles el degeologie; 2me section 

du Bulletin universe! des sciences et de I'industrie, public 

sous la direction de M. le baron .le Ferussae. Ed. bv Dela- 

fosse & others. Vol. I.-XXVH. O. Paris, 1824-31.|| 

Contains reviews and sometimes publications reprinted in extract 

Vol. X111.-XXYI1 published l>\ ,, Sorie , te' pour la propagation des 

connaissances scientifiques et industrielles" under the direction of 


Literaturblatter fur reine und angewandte Botanik; heraus- 
gegelien von der Konigl. botanischen Gesellscbaft in Regens- 
burg. Vol.1, tab. S. Regensburg, 1828. — Continued 

as: Botanische Literaturblatter but periodischen Darstellung 
der Fortschritte der Pflanzenkunde in steter Beziehung zur 

gesamniten Nattirkunde und in ihrer Anwendung auf I.and- 

und Gartenbau, Kunste mid Gewerbe; herausgegeben . . . 
Vol. H.-V. (2 vol.). tab. S. Nurnberg(vol. H.) & Regens- 
burg, 1829 30 
Vol. IV. & V. have another 1 t* Annalen der GewAehakunde nebst 
Hirer Anwendung auf Land- und Gartenbau . . . als Folge . i.-r 
botanischen Literaturblatter herauagegeben von . . Ooi 
as: LiteraturberichU sui Flora 1831- 42, and published as an apx, to 
Flora. V. 


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nischen Literatur.) 7+543 pp. O. Berolini, 1829. 

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wichtiger altrer sowohl als sammtlicher seit 1 S21 in Deutsch- 
land gedruckter Bucher aus den Faehern der Physik, 
Chemie, Geognosie, Mineralogie, Botanik, Zoologie, verglei- 
chenden und menschlichen Anatomie, Physiologie, Patholo- 
gie, Therapie, Materia medica . . . Ed. 2. 6+189 pp. O. 
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[Lambert, A. B.] Catalogue of the valuable botanical library 
(689 numbers) of the late Aylmer Bourke Lambert, which 
by order of the executors will be sold by auction at 26, 
Lower Grosvenor Street (the residence of the late Mr. Lam- 
bert), by Mr. Leigh Sotheby, on Monday, April ISth, 1842. 
42 pp. O. [London, 1842.] 

Kevue botanique; recueil mensuel renfeimant l'analyse des 
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sur ses applications a 1 'horticulture, l'agriculture, la m£de- 
cine, etc. Ed. by P. Duchartre. 2 vol. O. Paris, 1845- 

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pore, quindecim millia operum recensens. 8 + 547 pp. Q. 
Lipsiae, 1851. — New ed. [2]+ 576+ [1] pp. Q. Lipsiae, 
For supplements see : Zuchold, E. A. Additamenta . . . 1853, and 
Berg, Ernst von. Additamenta . . . 1858-62. 

Bibliotheca historico-natuialis et physico-chemica (et mathe- 
matica) ; oder, systematisch geordnete Ubersicht der in 
Deutschland und dem Auslande auf dem Gebiete der ge- 
sammten Naturwissenschaften (und der Mathematik) neu 
erschienenen Bucher (von E. A. Zuchold etc.). Vol. L- 
XXXVI. O. Gottingen, 1851-86. — Continued as: Biblio- 
theca historico-naturalis ; oder, Vierteljahrliche systematisch 
geordnete Uebersicht der in Deutschland und dem Gebiete der 
Zoologie, Botanik und Mineralogie neu erschienenen Schiiften 
und Auf satze aus Zeitschrif ten ( von R . von Haustein) . Vol I 
(XXXVII.) . O. Gottingen, 1887. 

Catalogus systematicus bibliothecae Horti imperialis botanici 
petropolitani ab Ernesto de Berg. 16+514+[1] pp. O. 
Petropoli, 1852. — Ed. nova; curavitFerdinandusab Herder. 
(CycreMaTHHecKiii KaTanori. 6n6jiioT6KH HMnepaTop- 
CKaro C.-lleTep6yprcKaro SoTaHiiiecKaro ca/ia.) 11+ 
510 pp. Q. Petropoli, 1886.— Catalogus . . . 18S6-189S. 
Curavit Johannes Klinge. 7 + [l] + 253pp. Q. Petropoli, 
1899.— Catalogus . . . 1898. 47 pp. Q. Petropoli, 1899. 

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Bataviaasch genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 
Tweede uitgave door J. Munnich. 42+156 pp. O. Ba- 
tavia, 1853. 

Contains only few botanical books. 

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59 pp. O. Halis, 1853. — Additamenta . . . Fasc. 2. 
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Catalogus librorum botanicorum in Pritzelii thesauro 

omissorum, quos Societati halensi naturae curiosorum offert. 
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Catalogue de la bibliotheque scientifique cle [Adrien] de Jus- 
sieu dont la vente aura lieu ... 11 Janvier 1858 et jours 
suivant. . . . 15+ 464 pp. O. Paris, 1857. 

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des dessins de plantes execute's et conserves au jardin Im- 
perial de Botanique a St. P^tersbourg. 36 pp. O. St. 
Petersbourg, 1857. 

Refers to a collection of original colored drawings of different sizes 
(F-F fl ) bound in 4 vol. ; part of the drawings published in Garten- 
flora; the others unpublished; mostly with analyses. 

Additamenta ad Thesaurum literaturae botanicae ; index 

librorum botanicorum bibliothecae Horti imperialis botanici 
Petropolitani quorum inscriptiones in G. A. Pritzelii Ihesauro 
literaturae botanicae et in Additamentis ad thesaurum ilium 
ab Ernesto Amando Zuchold editis desiderantur. (Zeitschr. 
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... 2 pts. (40+ 21 pp.) D. Halis & Petropoli, 1859-62. 

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Catalogue of scientific papers (1800-83) ; compiled and pub- 
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. . . de 1772-1871. (Livre Commem. Cent. Anniv. Acad.) 
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Botanischer Jahresbericht; systematisch geordnetes Reper- 
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Ed. by L. Just & others. Vol. I .-XXVI. pt. 1. Q. Berlin 

6 Leipzig, 1874-1900-^ 

Vol. I.-X. (1874-85) ed. by L. Just; vol. XI.-XIV. (1885-89) ed. by 
E. Koehne & T. Geyler; vol. XV.-XXV. (1889-1900) ed. by E. 
Koehne; vol. XXVI. (1900— >) ed. by K. Schumann. — Contains 
only reviews of botanical literature. 

Targioni-Tozzetti, Adolfo. Bibliographia botanica Targio- 
niana Ad. Targionio Tozzettio recensita agriculturae et usus 
plantarum quibusdam additis clariss. humaniss. botanicis 
Florentiae congregatis ... 23 pp. Q. Florentiae, 1874. 

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overzicht. O. Nijmegen, 1874-75. f 

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vSgetale. O. Geneve, 1877. t 

Revue des principales publications de physiologie veg6tale 

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Die Fortschritte der Botanik. Vol. I.-VII. (1875-86). D. 
Koln & Leipzig, 1879-87. t — Reprinted from : " Vierteljahres- 
Revue der Naturwissenschaften " . . . ed. by H . J. Klein. 
Reviews of botanical publications; contains no original articles. 

Botanisches Centralblatt; referirendes Organ fur das Ge- 
sammtgebiet der Botanik des In- und Auslandes. Ed. by 
Oscar Uhlworm & F. G. Kohl. Vol. I.-LXXXIV. il. pi. 
O. Cassel, 1880-1900-^ — Beihefte. Vol. I.-IX. O. Cas- 
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Contains chiefly reviews of botanical literature and only a few origi- 
nal papers. 

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Published in 9 pts. 

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Suppl. 37 pp. O. Batavia, lS89.t — Catalogue de la 
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7 + 370 pp. Q. Batavia, 1894. — Vierde-7de vervolg op 
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1 897-1 900-V] 

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de la Riviere. 



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Catalogue of his library. 

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n3C.TliA0BaHiii ([uopbi ryoepHiii KiencKaro YieSuaro 
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5. ASIA 

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mories de VAthenee oriental. I." 


Gomes, B. A. Relacao do que existe impresso e em via de 
publicacao acerca da flora e fauna angolense, com respeito & 
viagem de exploraeao do dr. Fr. Welwitseh, emprehendida 
e executada na Africa occidental por determinacao e com 
auxilio do governo portuguez. (Acad. Sci. Lisboa Jorn. I. 
(1866-67), pp. 265-26S. 1868.) 

Macowan, Peter, & Bolus, Harry. Catalogue of printed books 
and papers relating to South Africa. Pt. I. Botany. 
(Soxdh Afr. Philos. Soc. Trans. II. 111-187. 1882.) — 
Separate: t-p. O. Cambridge, 1882. 


For the serial publications an alphabetical arrangement under countries 
has been adopted, as a chronological arrangement here seems of less 
practical value 

Botanical society of Canada. Annals. Vol. I. pt. 1-3. 
(192 pp.) sq. Q. t.-p. c. Kingston, [1S61-62]. 
Relating to the local flora; of little dendrological interest. 

Canadian Institute, Toronto. Proceedings . Ser 3 Vol 
I.-VII. Toronto, 1884-90. — New ser. Vol. I.-II pt 3' 
Toronto, 1S97-1900-* 

Continuation of " Canadian journal." 

Transactions. Vol. I.-VI. Toronto, 1891-99— -> 

Canadian journal; a repertory of industry, science and art, 




and a record of the proceedings of the Canadian institute. 
Vol. I.-III. (1852-55). il. pi. sq. F. Toronto, 1853-55. 
— Continued as: Canadian journal of industry, science and 
art. New ser. Vol. I.-XV. Toronto, 1856-78. 

Vol. XII.-XV. entitled: " Canadian journal of science, literature and 

Canadian naturalist and geologist, and proceedings of the 
Natural history society of Montreal. [Title varies.] Vol. 
I.-VIII. il. pi. tab. O. Montreal, 1857-63. — Ser. 2. 
Vol. I.-X. il: pi. maps. O. Montreal, 1864-83. — Con- 
tinued as : The Canadian record of science, including the pro- 
ceedings of the Natural history society of Montreal. Vol. I.- 
VIII. no. 5. il. pi. tab. O. Montreal, 1SS5-1900— > 

Geological survey of Canada. Annual report. New ser. Vol. 
I.-XI. (1885-1898). il. pi. maps. tab. O. Montreal & 
Ottawa, 1886-1901 [1900]^ 

The first series is called " Report of progress, 1S50— 84." 

Literary and historical society of Quebec. Historical docu- 
ments. Ser. 1-5. maps. 0. Quebec, 1838-77. 

Ottawa field-naturalists' club. Transactions. Ed. by W. H. 
Harrington & others. Vol. I.-XVI. no. 9. O. Ottawa, 
1880-1900— > 
Vol. III.-XVL being also vol. I.-XIV. of "The Ottawa naturalist." 

Royal Society of Canada. Proceedings and transactions 
(Society royale du Canada. Memoires et comptes rendus.) 
Vol. I.-XII. (1882-94). il. pi. F. Montreal & Ottawa, 
1883-95.— Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VI. il. pi. O. Ottawa, 1895- 


Academy of natural sciences of Philadelphia. Journal. 
I.-VIII. pi. O. Philadelphia, 1817-[42]. — Ser. 2. 
I.-X. il. pi. F. Philadelphia, 1847-96-^ 

Proceedings. 1841-1900, pt. 2. il. por. pi. O. 

adelphia, 1843-1900— > 

Vol. for 1841-1854/55 called : Vol. I.-VII. 

Academy of science of St. Louis. Transactions. Vol. 
(1856-1900). il. pi. O. St. Louis, 1860-[1900]— > 
American academy of arts and sciences. Memoirs. Vol. I.- 
IV. pi. Q. Boston, Charlestown & Cambridge (Mass.), 
17S5-[1821]. — New ser. Vol. I.-XI. pi. sq. Q. Cam- 
bridge, (Mass.), 1833-88^ 
Vol. II.-IV. of series 1 and vol. IV.-VI., VIII.-XI. of the new 
series published in two parts. 

Proceedings. Vol. I.-XXXV. pi. O. Boston, 1848- 

Vol. IX.-XXXI. called also: New ser. Vol. I.-XXIII. 

American antiquarian society. Transactions and collections. 
Vol. I.-VII. il. pi. maps. Q. [Boston], 1S20-85. (Ar- 
chaeologia americana.) 

American association for the advancement of science Pro- 
ceedings. Vol. I.-XLIX. (1S4S-1900). il. pi. O. Salem, 
American botanist. Ed. by C. R. Orcutt. Vol. I. 

O. n. t.-p. San Diego, Cal., 1898-1900^ 
American chemical journal. Ed. by Ira Remsen. 
XXIV. pi. O. Baltimore, 1879-1900^ 
American druggist and pharmaceutical record. 
XXXVII. il. Q. & F. New York, [1S72]-1900- 
Vol. I.-XII. is called: "New Remedies." 
American druggists' circular and chemical gazette. 
XLIV. il. "sq. F 4 . New York, 1857-1 900-^- 
With vol. X. title reads: "Druggists' circular . . ." 
American journal of pharmacy; published by the authority 
of the Philadelphia college of pharmacy. Vol. I.-LXXII. il. 
pi. O. Philadelphia, 1830-1900^ 

Vol. I.-VI. under the title: "Philadelphia college of pharmacy; 
journal." — Vol. VII.-LXVII. called also: Ser. 2-4, vol. XXV. 
American journal of science and arts. Ed. by B. Silliman & 
others. 49 vol. il. pi. O. New York & New Haven, 
1818-[45]. — Index. 18+348 pp. por. 0. New Haven, 
[pref. 1S47]. — Ser. 2. 50 vol. il. pi. O. New Haven, 
[lS46]-70. — Ed. by J. D. Dana & others. Ser. 3. 50 vol. 
il. pi. O. New Haven, 1S71-95. — American journal of 
science. Ed. by E. S. Dana & others. Ser. 4. 10 vol il. 
pi. O. New Haven, 1896-1900— > 

Vol. I. (1818) entitled : " American journal of science, more especially 
of mineralogy, geology and the other branches of natural history, in- 
cluding also agriculture and the ornamental as well as useful arts." — 
Index in every 10th vol. of ser. 2—4. 

American journal of the medical sciences. Vol. I.-XXVI. 
il. pi. O. Philadelphia, 1828-39. — New ser. Vol. I.- 
CXX. il. pi. O. Philadelphia, 1841-1900—* 

no. 1-2. 

Vol. I.- 

Vol. I.- 

Vol. I.- 


American medical association. Transactions. Vol.I.-XXXIII. 

pi. O. Philadelphia, 1S4S-S2. — Continued as: American 

medical association. Journal. Vol. I.— XXXV. pi. O. 

Chicago, 1883-1900^ 
American monthly magazine and critical review. 4 vol. O. 

New York, 1817-[19]. 

Contains botanical articles by Rafinesque. 

American naturalist, an illustrated magazine of natural his- 
tory. Vol. I.-XXXIV. il. pi. O. Salem, Philadelphia 
& Boston, 1S6S-1900— > 

American pharmaceutical association. Proceedings. Vol. 
I.-XLVm. il. pi. O. Philadelphia, 1852-1900^ 
Vol. I. called: " National pharmaceutical convention. Proceedings.'' 

American philosophical society held at Philadelphia for pro- 
moting useful knowledge. Early proceedings. lvol. (1744- 
1838). 3+ [1]+ 875 pp. pi. O. Philadelphia, 1SS4. — 
Proceedings. Vol. I.-XXXIX. (1S3S-1900). pi. O. Phil- 
adelphia, lS40-1900^> 

Transactions. Vol. I.-VI. (1769-1S09). pi. sq. Q. 

Philadelphia, 1771-1S09. [Of vol. I. a 2d edition was pub- 
lished in 1789.] — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XIX. pi. sq. Q. Phila- 
delphia, 1818-98— > 

Appalachia; a periodical dealing with mountains and moun- 
taineering and with all questions, popular or scientific, con- 
cerning them or their neighborhood ; the journal of the Appa- 
lachian Mountain Club. Vol. I.— IX. il. pi. maps, tab. 
O. Cambridge (Vol. II.-VIL), Boston & New York, 1876- 
1900— > 
Contains many floristic articles, especially on the mountain flora of 
New England. 

Asa Gray bulletin. Ed. by Thomas A. Williams [and others]. 
8 vol. O. Takoma Park, D. C, 1893-1900. 
Discontinued January, 1901, with no. 6 of vol. VIII. 
Atlantic journal and friend of knowledge. . . . Ed. by C. S. 
Rafinesque-Schmaltz. 212 pp. il. 1 tab. O. Philadelphia, 
Published in S nos. — For extra of no. 6, see: Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 
C. S. Herbarium Rafinesquianum . . . 1S33. 

Biological society of Washington . . . Proceedings. 13 vol. 
il. pi. maps. O. Washington, 18S2-1901 [1900]— > 
Contains but few papers of dendrological interest. 

Boston medical and surgical journal. Vol. I.-CXLIII. il. 
Q. Boston, 1829-1900— > 

Boston society of natural history. Boston journal of natural 
history, containing papers and communications read to the 
. . . society . . . 1834-63. 7 vol. pi. O. Boston, 1S37- 
63. — Memoirs, being a new ser. of the Boston journal of 
natural history. Vol. I.-V. no. 1-6. pi. Q. Boston, 
1866-1900— > 

Proceedings, 1841-1900. Vol. I.-XXIX. no. 14. O. 

Boston, 1S44-1900— ► 
Contains some botanical papers. 

Anniversary memoirs, 1830-80. 1 vol. il. por. pi. 

Q. Boston, 1880. 
The first vol. was issued as the "Botanical bulletin." 

Botanical department of the University of Nebraska. Con- 
tributions. New ser. No. 4, 6, 7,9. il. O. Lincoln, Neb., 

Botanical gazette. Ed. bv J. M. Coulterand others. Vol. I- 
XXX. il. pi. O. Hanover (Ind.) & Chicago, 1875- 
1900— > 
Consists of separates and reprints. 

Botanical society of America. [Publications.] No. 3-14. 
O., Q. & F. n. t-p. [Ithaca, etc., 1894-1900]— > 

Contains only reports of administration. 

Botanical society of Pennsylvania. Transactions & proceed- 
ings. Session 1897-98. Vol. I. no. 1. il. pi. Q. t-p-c. 
Philadelphia, 1899. 

Buffalo society of natural sciences. Bulletin. Vol. I.-VI. 
(1873-99). il. pi. map. O. Buffalo, 1874-99. 

Bussey institution. Bulletin. Vol. I.-II. pi. O. Cam- 
bridge, 1871-1900— > 

California academy of natural sciences. Proceedings. Vol. 
I.— VII. (1854-76). il. pi. maps. <). San Francisco, 
[1851] ls77. [A 2d ed. of vol. I. published in 1S73. From 
vol. IV. "natural " dropped from title.] — California academy 
of science. Proceedings. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VI. (18S8-96). ii. 
pi. maps. tab. O. San Francisco, 1889-97. — Proceed- 
ings. Ser. 3. Botany. Vol. I. pi. O. San Francisco, 
1897-1900 -> 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-II. (1884-87). il. pi. maps. O. 

San Francisco, 1SS6-S7. 

Case's botanical index; an illustrated quarterly botanical 
magazine. Vol. I. -IV. no. 1-2. il. O. Richmond (Ind.), 

Cincinnati society of natural history. Journal. Vol. I.- 
XIX. pt. 7. il. pi. O. Cincinnati, lS7S-1900—> 

Coffin's botanical journal and medical reformer. Vol. I.-X. 
pi. O. Manchester (I.-II.) & London, 1849-60. 
Contains chiefly popular articles on medicine and drugs. 

Contributions to the botany of Vermont. No. 1-S. il. O. 
Burlington, Vt., 1S9S-1900— » 

Published by the Botanical department of the University of Vermont. 

Denison university; scientific laboratories. Bulletin. Vol. 

I.-X. pi. O. Granville (O.), 1SS5-97— > 
Eclectic magazine of foreign literature, science and art. Vol. 

I.-LXIII. pi. O. New York & Philadelphia, 1S43-64. 

[Vol. for 1S43 called "Eclectic museum."] — New ser. Vol. 

I.-CXXXIII. pi. O. New York, 1S65-98. 
Education, an international magazine . . . Vol. I.-XX. por. 

O. Boston, 1SS1-1900— > 
Elisha Mitchell scientific society. Journal. Vol. I.-XVII. 

pt. 1. il. pi. O. Raleigh & Chapel Hill, (N. C), 18S4- 

1900— >• 

Index for Vol. I.— IV. at end of vol. IV., for vol. I. -XII. at end of vol. 
XII. — From vol. IV. each vol. published in two pts. 

Elliott society of natural history of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Proceedings. Vol. I.-II. (1S53-8S). pi. O. Charleston, 

Erythea ; a journal of botany, West American and general. Ed. 

by Willis Linn Jepson. 7vol. O. Berkeley (Calif.), 1S93- 

Essex institute. Proceedings. Vol. I.-VI. (1S4S-70). pi. 

O. Salem, 1S56-71. — Bulletin. Vol. I.-XXX. (1S69-98). 

il. pi. maps. O. Salem, 1S70-98. 
Field and forest, devoted to general natural history . . . 

bulletin of the Potomac-side naturalists' club, 1875-78. 

Ed. by C. R. Dodge. Vol. I.-III. pi. O. Washington, 

Field Columbian museum. Publications. Botanical series. 

Vol. I. no. 1-6. pi. maps. O. Chicago, 1895-1900— > 
Geological survey of Indiana. Report. Vol. I.-X. pi. 0. 

Indianapolis, 1S69-79. — Continued as : Indiana department 

of geology and natural history. Annual report. Vol. XI.- 

XXIV. (1SS1-99). pi. O. 'Indianapolis, 1SS2-1900— > 
Gray herbarium of Harvard university. Contributions. New 

ser. Vol. I. no. 1-19. pi. O. Cambridge, Mass., 1S91- 

1900— > 
Consists of separates from Amer. Acad. Proc. reissued with t-p. 
Hamilton association. Journal and proceedings. Vol. I- 

XVI. il. pi. O. [Hamilton], 1SS4-1900— ► 
Hesperian; a monthly magazine. Vol. I.-X. no. 1. il. pi. 

O. San Francisco, 185S-63. 
Becomes with vol. X., no. 2, the "Pacific Monthly." — Contains new 
species with plates by A. Kellogg. 

Hesperian; or, Western monthly magazine. Vol. I.-III. O. 

Columbus (Ohio), 1838-39. 
Subtitle varies. 
Historical magazine and notes and queries concerning the 

antiquities, history and biography of America. Vol. I.-X. 

por. pi. O. Boston, etc., 1S57-66. — Ser. 2. Vol. I- 

X. O. Morrisania(N.Y.), 1867-71. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-III. 

O. Morrisania (N. Y.l. 1872-75. 
Indiana academy of science. Proceedings, 1891-99. il. pi. 

maps. O. Brookville & Indianapolis, 1892-1900— » 
Iowa academy of sciences. Proceedings. Vol. I. VII. 

(1887-99). il. por. pi. tab. maps. O. & Q. Dcs 

Moines, 1890-1900-* 
Iowa geological survey. Annual report. Vol. I. X. (1892- 

99). il. pi. maps. Q. Des Moines, 1893-1900— » 

The reports on the geology of the counties often contain phytogeo- notes and notes on timber i 
Johns Hopkins University. Studies from the biological 

laboratory. Vol. I.-V. il. pi. O. Baltimore, 1879-93. || 
Journal of American folk-lore Vol. I. XIII. il. pi. Q. 

Boston A New York, lsss 1900— > 
Kansas academy of science. Transactions. Vol. II. -XVI. 

iis7:;'.>si. il. pi. O. Topeka, 1874-99— * 
Kansas City review of science and industry. Edited bv T. S. 

Case. Vol.I.-VIII. il. O. Kansas City, Mo., 1877-85, 

Title in 1S77-7S reads: "The Western review of science, and indus- 
Lackawanna institute of history and science Proceedings 
and collections. Vol.1, pi. (>. Scranton, 1887. 



Linnaean association of Pennsylvania college. Literary 

record and journal. Vol. I.-IV. 2 pi. O. Gettysburg, 

1 844-48. || 
Lyceum of natural history of New York. Annals. 11 vol. 

pi. O. New York, 1824-76. 

Maryland academy of science and literature. Transac- 
tions. Vol. I. pt. 1. Baltimore, 1837.|| 
Massachusetts historical society. Collections. Vol. I- 

ser. 7, vol. I. (1792-1900). pi. O. & Q. Boston, 1806- 

Each series has 10 vol. 
Massachusetts medical society. Medical communications. 

Vol. I.-XVII. il. O. Boston, 1808-98-* 
Mazama ; a record of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. 

Vol. I.-II. no. 1. il. por. pi. maps, tab. O. Portland 

(Oregon), 1S96-1900-* 
Contains a few articles on the flora of the Rocky Mountains. 
Medical record. Vol. I.-LVIII. il. pi. F. New York, 

1866-1 900— > 
Medical repository. Ed. by Samuel Mitchill & others. [231 

vol. (Vol. I.- VI. — Hexade 2. Vol. I.-VI. — Hexade 3. 

Vol. I.-III. — New ser. Vol. I.-VIII.) O. New York, 


Medical society of the state of West Virginia. Transac- 


pi. O. Wheeling, W. Va. 

Report. Vol. I. il. 3 pi. 

Ed. by Conway MacMillan. 
Minneapolis (Minn.), 1894- 

; vol. I. is also : Min- 



tions, 1868-1900. [5] vol. 

Michigan academy of science. 

O. Lansing, Mich., 1900—* 
Minnesota botanical studies. 

Vol. I.-II. 1-536-^ pi. O. 


Vol. I.-II. also called: Botanical series, II. & IV. 
nesota — Geol. Nat. Hist. Surv. Bull. no. 9. 

Minnesota — Geological and natural history survey, 
tin no. 3, 9. pi. O. St. Paul, 1887-98. 
For Bulletin no. 9 see: Minnesota botanical studies, I. 

Botanical series, I.-IV. pi. O. Minneapolis, 

For Botanical series I. see: MacMillan, Conway. The Metaspermae 
of the Minnesota valley, 1892. For Botanical series III. see: Mac- 
■■ Millan, Conway. Minnesota plant life. 1S99. For Botanical series 
II. & IV. see: Minnesota botanical studies, vol. I.-II. 

Missouri botanical garden. Annual report. Ed. by Wm. 

Trelease. Vol. I.-XI. pi. O. St. Louis (Mo.), 1890- 

Muhlenbergia : a journal of botany. Edited and published 

bv A. A. Heller. Vol. I. no. 1. O. t-p-c. Lancaster, Pa., 

Museum of foreign literature and science. Ed. by E. Littell. 

Vol.VIII.-XLV. por. pi. O. Philadelphia & New York, 

Nation ; a weekly journal devoted to politics, literature, science 

and art. Vol. I.-LXXI. sq. F. New York, 1865-1900—* 

il. por. pi. 


O. Wash- 

ser. Vol. I. 

-1900— > 

National geographic magazine. Vol. I.-XI. 

maps, fac-sim. O. Washington, 1889-1900— 
National institute for the promotion of science, 
D. C. Bulletin of the proceedings, II.-III. il. 
ington, 1842-45. — Proceedings, 1855. New 
no. 1. O. Washington, [1855]. 
Natural science association of Staten Island. 

Vol. I.-VII. pi. O. New Brighton, [1883]- 
Naturhistorischer Verein von Wisconsin. Jahresbericht 
[1867]-S2. O. Milwaukee, [1S67]-S2. — Wisconsin natural 
history society. Bulletin. New ser. Vol. I. no. 1-3. pi. 
O. Milwaukee, 1900-* 
The first series contains nothing dendrological. 
New Jersey — Geological survey. Annual report of the state 
geologist for 1863-99. pi. maps. O. Trenton, 1864- 
Report for 1863' reads: Report of Prof. George H. Cook upon the 
Geological survey of New Jersey .... Reports for 1864— 66 read: 
Annual report of Prof. Geo. H. Cook .... Report for 1867 reads: 
Report of the state geologist . . . 

-^f 1 - Final report of the state geologist. Vol. I -IV O 

Trenton, 1888-98. 
New Orleans medical and surgical journal. Vol. I.-XXIII 

pi. O. New Orleans, 1844-70. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XXVII 

pi. O.. New Orleans, 1874-1900—* 
New York botanical garden. Contributions. Vol. I. no 1- 

10.' pi, 0. Lancaster, Pa., 1899-1 900— > 
Consists of separates frofri Torrey Bot. Club Bull, reissued with t-p-c. 

New York Botanical garden. Journal. Ed. by D. T. Mac- 
Dougal. Vol.1, il. pi. O. Lancaster (Pa.), 1900-* 

Memoirs. Vol. I. Q. New York, 1900—* 

New York historical society. Collections. Vol. I.-IV. (1S09- 
26). por. O. New York, 1811-26. —Ser. 2. Vol. I- 
XXXII. pi. maps. O. & Q. New York, 1S41-1900^- 

New York journal of medicine and the collateral sciences. 
Vol. I.-X. O. New York, 1843-48. — Ser. 2. Vol. I. -XVI. 
O. New York, 1848-56. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-VIII. O. New 
York, 1856-60. 

New York medical journal. Vol. I.-XXXVI. il. O. New 
York, 1865-82. 

New York microscopical society. Journal. Vol. I -XIV. 
no. 1. il. pi. O. New York, 1885-98.11 

New York quarterly, devoted to science, philosophy and lit- 
erature. Vol. I.-IV. no. 2. O. New York, 1852-55.11 

New York state museum. Bulletin. Vol. I.-VIII. no. 39. 
il. pi. maps. Q. Albany, 1887-1900—* 

North American journal of homoeopathy. Vol. I.-XLVIII. 
il. O. New York & Philadelphia, 1851-1900-* 
Vol. XIX.-XLVIII. called also: Ser. 2-ser. 3, vol. XV. 

0[hio] S[tate] Ufniversity] naturalist/published by the Bio- 
logical club of the Ohio state university. Vol. I. no. 1-2. 
4 pi. O. Columbus, Ohio, 1900—* 

Overland monthly, devoted to the development of the coun- 
try. Vol. I.-XV. Q. San Francisco, 1868-75. — Ser. 2. 
Vol. I.-XXXVI. Q. San Francisco, 1883-1900-* 

Pharmaceutical archives. Vol. I. il. pi. O. Milwaukee, 

Pharmaceutical record; a semi-monthly journal of pharmacy, 
chemistry, materia medica and the allied sciences. Vol. 
III.-XV. il. por. pi. Q. New York, 1883-93.11 

Phannaceutische Rundschau und Zeitung fur die wissen- 
schaf tlichen und gewerblichen Interessen der Pharmacie und 
verwandten Berufs- und Geschaftszweige in den Vereinigten 
Staaten; herausgegeben von Fr. Hoffmann. Vol. I.-XIII. 
il. Q. New York, 1883-95. — Continued as : Pharmaceuti- 
cal review; an illustrated monthly journal published in the 
interests of the science and the art of pharmacy and the allied 
branches of medical and sanitary sciences, edited by Fred- 
erick Hoffmann and Edward Kremers & others. Vol. XIV- 
XVIII. il. Q. & O. Milwaukee, 1896-1900—* 

Pharmacology of the newer materia medica, embracing the 
botany, chemistry, pharmacy and the therapeutics of new 

" remedies ; being the results of the collective investigation of 
new remedies, as conducted under the "Working Bulletin" 
system, properly arranged, classified and indexed. Ed. by 
George S. Davis. 11+ [1]+ 1307 pp. il. pi. O. Detroit 
(Mich.), [1889]-92. 
Published in parts; pt. 1-8, (pp. 1-692), published in 1889-90. 

Philadelphia medical times, a bi-weekly journal of medical 
and surgical science. Vol. I.— XIX. il. Q. Philadelphia, 
1871-89. — Continued as: Medical times and register. Vol. 
XX.-XXXVIII. il. Q. Philadelphia, 18S9-1900-^ 

Vol. I. entitled : " Medical times ' ' ; vol. XX.-XXX. entitled : " Times 
and register." 

Pittonia ; a series of papers relating to botany and botanists. 
Ed. by E. L. Greene. Vol. I.-IV. 1-226— > O. Berkeley, 
Cal., & Washington, D. C, 1887-1900—* 

Plant world; a monthly journal of popular botany. Ed. by 
F. H. Knowlton. Vol. I.-III. O. Binghamton (N. Y.), 

Popular science monthly. Vol. I.-LVII. il. pi. O. New 
York, 1 872-1 900-* 

Poughkeepsie society of natural science . Proceedings. Vol. 
I. (1875-76)-lS79-80. il. pi. Q. & sq. O. [Poughkeepsie, 

Random notes on natural history. Ed. by J. M. Southwick 
& Jencks. 3 vol. Q. Providence (R. I.), 1884-86. || 
Contains a few popular articles on woody plants. 

Rhodora; a journal of the New England botanical club. Ed. 

by B. L. Robinson [and others]. Vol. I.-II. O. Boston, 

Rochester academy of science. Proceedings. Vol. I.-III. 

pt. 2 (1889-1900). il. pi. maps. O. Rochester (N. Y.), 

Santa Barbara society of natural history. Bulletin. Vol. 

I. pt. 1-2. pi. O. Santa Barbara, 1S87-90. 
Part 1 consists of report of proceedings. — Apparently no more pub- 
lished. . ' " '. 


Science; an illustrated journal, published weekly. Vol. L- 
XXIII. il. pi. maps. O. & F. Cambridge (Mass.), 
& New York, 18S3-94. — Continued as: Science; a weekly 
journal devoted to the advancement of science. New ser. 
Vol. I.-XII. il. pi. Q. New York, 1S95-1900— > 

Contains comparatively few articles of dendrological interest. 
Scientific American, an illustrated journal of art, science & 

mechanics. Vol. I.-XIV. il. pi. F 6 . New York, 1845- 

59. — New ser. Vol. I.-LXXXIII. il. pi. F 5 . New 

York, 1859-1900— > 
Supplement. Vol. I.-L. il. pi. F s . New York, 1876- 

Shaw school of botany. Contributions. No. I.-XII. pi. 

O. [St. Louis, 1888-98.] 

Consists of reprints and separates. 

Sierra club. Bulletin. Vol. I.— III. no. 2. il. por. pi. maps. 
D. & O. t-p-c. San Francisco, 1893-1900— > 

Smithsonian contributions to knowledge. Vol. I.-XXXII. 
il. pi. maps. F. Washington, 1848-95 — > 

Smithsonian institution. Annual report of the board of re- 
gents, showing the operations, expenditures and condition of 
the institution. 18[46]-98. il. pi. maps. O. Washing- 
ton, 18[47]-99— > 

Smithsonian miscellaneous collections. Vol. I-XL. pi. O. 
Washington, 1862-99— » 

Southern botanic journal, devoted to the dissemination and 
support of the Thomsonian system of medical practice. 
Edited by D.F.Nardin. Vol.1. [4]4-416pp. O. Charles- 
ton, S. C, 183S. 
Contains no botanical articles except those dealing with medical 

Texas state medical association. Transactions. Vol. VI- 
XXXII. por. O. Houston, Austin, etc., 1874-1900— > 

Therapeutic gazette, a monthly journal devoted to therapeu- 
tics and to the introduction of new therapeutical agents. 
New ser. Vol. IV .-XXIV. pi. Q. Detroit, 18S0-1900— > 

Torrey botanical club. Bulletin. Vol. I.-XXVII. il. pi. 
O. New York, [1S70]-1900— > 

Memoirs. Vol. I.-VIII. pt. 1. pi. O. New York, 

1SS9-99— > 

Transylvania journal of medicine and the associate sciences. 
Ed. by Cooke. 8 vol. O. Lexington, 1828-36. 

Trenton natural history society. Journal. Vol. I— II. pi. 
Q. Trenton, 1S86-91. 

With vol. II. title becomes : " New Jersey natural history society ..." 

United States geological and geographical survey of the terri- 
tories. Bulletin. Vol. I -VI. pi. maps. O. Washing- 
ton, 1875-82. (Department of the interior.) 

United States geological survey. Annual report. Vol. 
XIX.-XXI. pt. 5. Forest reserves, il. pi. maps. Q. 
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Vol. V. pt. 6 and vol. VI. published after 1900. 

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Vol. X.-XI. (no. 81-96) issued irregularly: s< .me p:irM of vol. IX., X. 

and XI. issued after 1900. Vol. I.-IV. have an index with a t-p. 

Vol. VIII. no. 7S (pp. 65-80) is the samo as vol. VII. 137-152. 
Western medical and physical journal, original and selected, 
Edited by Drake. Vol. I.-II. no. 1. O. Cincinnati, 1827- 
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Contains two botanical articles by Rafinesque. 

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Nothing published between JIarch, 1S94, and June, 1900. 


Botanical department Jamaica. Bulletin. No. I.-L. F. 

Jamaica, 1S87-93. — Ed. by William Fawcett. New ser. 

Vol. I.-VII. il. pi. O. Kingston (Jamaica), 1S94-1 900— > 
Index to no. 1-21 in no. 21; to no. 1-38 in no. 38; to no. 39-50 in 
no. 50. 
El Estudio ; semanario de eiencias m^dicas ; organo del Insti- 
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Continued as : Institute me'dico nacional. Anales. Vol. I.- 
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Vol. III.-IX. (1S90-96). il. pi. F. San Jose de Costa 

Rica, 1S92-9S. 
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Q. San Jose, 1SS8. 
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1S79-82— > 


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Vol. I.-II. called: "Museo publico . . . Analos." Vol. IV.-VII. 
called also: Ser. 2. Vol. I.-IV. 

Comunicacioncs. Vol. I. (no. 1-7). il. pi. O. Buenos 

Aires, 1.S9S-1900— > 
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Museu nacional do Rio de Janeiro. Archivos. Vol. I.-X. 
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Vol. IX. entitled: "Museu . . . Revista". 

Museu paraense de historia natural e ethnographia i Mu- 
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lS9fi[lx94]-1900— > 

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(2934-[l] pp.) pi. F. Rio de Janeiro, 1858 




Q. Cara- 

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Index for vol. I.— XXIX. 

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cas, 1868-70. 

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After vol. V. it has also title: " Sociedad cientifica de Chile. Actas." 

Timehri; being the journal of the Royal agricultural & com- 
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TJniversidad de Chile. Anales; (o repertorio de instruccion 

publica, humanidades, literatura, filosoffa i ciencias, mate- 

mdticas, fisicas, m^dicas, legales, polfticas i sagradas). Vol. 

[I.J-CVII. pi. tab. maps. O. Santiago, 1843-1900-+ 

Subtitle appears 1858-65 only. 

TJniversidad de Quito. Anales. Vol.I.-XI. il. O. Quito. 

Vellosia, contribuicoes do Museu botanico do Amazonas. 
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Ed. 2. Vol. I.-IV. (1885-88). pi. F. & Q. Rio de Ja- 
neiro, 1891-92. 
Contents : Botanica. Vol. I. (19+133+6 pp. F.), Vol. III. (38 pi. Q.). 
Archeologia, paleontologia. Vol. II. & IV. 



Acta literaria Sueciae, Upsaliae publicata. Vol. I. - II. 
(1720-29). il. pi. sq. O. Upsaliae & Stockholmiae, 
[1720-29]. — Continued as: Acta literaria et scientiarum 
Sueciae. Vol. III.-IV. (1730-39). il. pi. sq. O. Upsa- 
liae, 1738-42. 
Vol. III. published in parts paged separately. — For continuation 
see: Regia societas scientiarum upsaliensis. Acta. 

Botaniska notiser for ar 1839[-1900]. Ed. by A. E. Lind- 
blom & others. 51 vol. pi. O. Lund, Upsala & Stock- 
holm, 1839-1900— > 

Edited by A. E. Lindblom, (1841^6); N. J. Andersson, (1849-51); 
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(1863) ; T. M. Fries, (1865-68) ; C. F. O. Nordstedt, (1871-1900). — 
No vol. published for the years 1847^8, '59-62, '64, '69-70. — Vol. 
for 1849-56 entitled: " Nya botaniska notiser ". 

Hortus Bergianus. Acta; Meddelanden f ran Kongl. Svenska 
Vetenskaps-Akademiens tradgard Bergielund . . . Ed. by 
Veit Brecher Wittrock . . . Vol. I.-III. no. 1. il. pi. 
maps. Q. Stockholm, 1891-97— > 

(Kongl. svenska) vetenskaps academien. Handlingar. 
Vol. I.-XL. pi. D. Stockholm, 1739-79. — [Ser. 2.] 
Vol. I.-XXXIII. pi. D. Stockholm & Strengnas, 1780- 
1812. — [Ser. 3.] Vol. for 1813-54. pi. D. & O. Stock- 
holm, 1813-56. — [Ser. 4.] Vol. I.-XXXIII. (1855-1900). 
pi. sq. Q. Stockholm, 1858-1900-^ 

■ Ofversigt af forhandlingar. Vol. I.-L VII. (1844-1900). 

il. pi. O. Stockholm, 1845-1900^ 

'- Bihang til handlingar. Vol. I.-XXV. il. pi. O- 

Stockholm, 1S72-1900-* 

Physiographiska sallskapet. Tidskrift. Vol. I. O. Lund, 

Regia societas scientiarum upsaliensis. Acta, 1740-50- 
[Vol. I.-V.] pi. Q. Stockholmiae, 1744-51. — Nova acta. 
Vol. I.-XIV. pi. sq. Q. Upsaliae, 1773-1850. — Acta. 
Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XIX. pi. sq. Q. Upsaliae, 1855-1900— > 

-= — Acta in memoriam quattuor seeulorum ab Universitate 
upsaliensi peractorum edita. 1 vol. pi. sq. Q. Upsaliae. 


Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab. Ed. by S. Lie 
Worm Muller & G. O. Sars & others. Vol. I.-XXII. por. 
pi. O. Kristiania, 1876-1900-* 
Contains only few papers of dendrological interest. 

Bergens museum. Aarbog. Ed. by J. Brunchorst (1899- 
1900). 14 vol. 1 il. por. pi. Q. Bergen, 1886-1900— > 
Contains only few dendrological papers. 

Budstikken. Ed. by P. Chr. Asbj0rnsen, P. O. Boyesen, F. 

Chr. Schubeler. Vol. I.-III. O. Christiania, 1S59-63.|| 
Kong, norske (Frederiks) universitet. Universitets pro- 
gramm. Q. Christiania, 1813-97 — > 
Earlier nos. appeared under the title: "Ledsager forelEesnings- 

Kongelige norske videnskabers-selskab. Skrifter i det 19de 

aarhundrede. Vol. I.-XXVIII. il. pi. maps. O. & sq. O. 

Kj0benhavn (vol. I.) & Trondhjem, 1817-1900— > 
Naturen. Ed. by H. Reusch (vol. I.-IV.), Carl Krafft (vol. 

V.-X.), J. Brunchorst. Vol. I.-XXIV. il. pi. maps. 

tab. Q. (vol. I.-X.) & O. Kristiania (vol. I.-X.) & 

Bergen, 1877-1900-^ 
Norske Magasin. Skrifter og Optegnelser angaaende Norge 

og forfattede efter Reformationen, samlede og udgivne af 

N. N. Nicolaysen. Vol. I.-III. O. Christiania, 18 58-70. || 
Nyt Magazin for Naturvidenskaberne. Udgives af den Phy- 

siographiske forening i Christiania. Vol. I.-XXXVIII. il. 

pi. maps. O. Christiania, 1838-1900— > 
Stavanger Museum. Aarsberetning. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. 

maps. O. Stavanger, 1890-1899. — Aarheft. Vol. XI. 

il. pi. maps. O. Stavanger, 1900 — > 
Troms0 museum. Aarshefter. Vol. I.-XXIII. pi. maps. 

O. Troms0, 1878-1900-* 
Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiania. Forhandlinger. Ed. 

by " Videnskabs-Selskabet." Vol. I.-XLV. il. pi. tab. 

O. Christiania, 1859-1900^ 


Archiv for Pharmacie; redigeret af S. M. Trier. Vol. I.-III. 
O. Kj0benhavn, 1844-46. — Continued as: Archiv for 
Pharmacie og technisk Chemie med deres Grundvidenskaber ; 
redigeret af S. M. Trier. Det technisk-chemiske Afsnit re- 
digeret af P. Faber. Vol. IV .-L. O. Kj0benhavn, 1847- 
93. — Continued as: Archiv for Pharmaci og Chemi. Ud- 
givet af Danmarks Apothekerf orening ; redigeret af A. 
Kl0cker. Vol. LI.-LVII. O. Kj0benhavn, 1S94-1900— > 
Botanisk Tidsskrift udgivet af den Botaniske Forening i 
Kj0benhavn. (Journal de botanique public par la Societe 
botanique de Copenhague.) Ed. by P. Heiberg (vol. I.— II.), 
Hjalmar Kiaerskou (vol. III.-XVIII.) and L. Kolderup 
Rosenvinge. Vol. I.-XXIII. il. pi. maps. O. Kj0ben- 
havn, 1866-1900-* 
After vol. XVII. (1891-92) the "Meddelelser fra den Botaniske Fore- . 
ning" are published as an apx. with separate paging, but without 
t-p. — The first six vol. do not bear the French sub-title. 

Botaniske Forening iKj0benhavn. Meddelelser. Ed. byHj. 
Kijerskou & S. Riitzou. Vol. I.-II. O. Kj0benhavn, 1882- 
91— >■ 

After 1891 published as apx. to Bot. Tidsskr. 

Festskrift udgivet den 12 April 1S90. 296 pp. 50 il. 

10 pi. Q. Kj0benhavn, 1890. 
Dansk Ugeskrift; udgivet af et Selskab, redigeret af J. F. 

Schouw. Vol. I.-VIII. O. Ki0benhavn, 1832-36. — Ser. 2. 

Redigeret og udgivet af J. F. Schouw. Vol. I.-VIII. O. 

Ki0benhavn, 1842^6. — Continued as: Dansk Tidsskrift; 

udgivet og redigeret af J. F. Schouw. Vol. I.-IV. O. Ki0- 

Geografisk Tidsskrift ; udgivet af Bestyrelsen for det kongelige 

danske geografiske Selskab og redigeret af Ed. Erslev (vol. 

I.-VIII. ),af O.Irminger. Vol. I.-XV. sq. Q. Kj0benhavn, 

Contains a few arboricultural and phytogeographical articles. 

Ki0benhavnske Selskab af Laerdoms og Videnskabs Elskere. 

Skrifter som udi det . . . ere fremlagte og oplaeste. Vol. 
I.-X. (1743-69). il. sq. O. Ki0benhavn, 1745-70. — Con- 
tinued as : Kong. Videnskabernes Selskab. Skrifter. Vol. 
XI.-XII. il. sq. O. Kj0benhavn, 1777-79. — Continued as: 
Kongelige Danske Videnskaber(ne)s Selskab. Nye Sam- 
ling af det . . . Skrifter. [Ser.2.] Vol.I.-V. il. pi. sq. 
O. Kj0benhavn, 1781-99.— Skrifter. [Ser. 3.] Vol. I. -VI. 
(1800-12). il. pi. sq. O. Kj0benhavn, 1801-18. — Con- 
tinued as : Naturvidenskabelige og mathematiske Afhand- 
linger. [Ser. 4.] Vol. I.-XII. il. pi. sq. O. & sq. Q. 
Kj0benhavn, 1S24-46.— Ser. 5. Vol. I.-XII. il. pi. sq. 
Q. Kj0benhavn, 1849-80. — Ser. 6. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. 
sq. Q. Kj0benhavn, 1S80-1900^ 

"Afdeling" substituted for " Af handlinger " in ser. 5. 


Kongelige Danske Videnskabemes Selskab. Oversigt over 
det . . . Forhandlinger og dets Medlemmers Arbeider . . . 
1S06-41. 3 vol. sq. Q. Kj0benhavn, 1S06-41. — Over- 
sigt . . . 1S42-1900. O. & sq. Q. Kj0benhavn, 1842- 
1900^ ' 

Vol. [I.] (1S06-15), [II.] (1816-37), [III.] (1838-41); from 1842 one 

vol. published each year. 
Meddelelser om Gr0nland, udgivne af Commissionen for 
Ledelsen af de geologiske og geographiske Unders0gelser i 
Gr0nland. Vol. I.-XXIII. O. Kj0benhavn, 1S79-1900— > 

With French resume*. — Contains some dendrological and phytogeo- 

graphical articles on Greenland. . 
Naturen og Mennesket. Illustreret Maanedsskrift for Xatur- 
kundskab og Xaturbeskrivelse. Ed. by S. M0rk-Hansen. 
Vol. I.-XVI. il. pi. map. O. Kj0benhavn, 1 889-96. || 

Contains some popular articles of dendrological interest. In vol. 

XIII.-XVI. the sub-title reads: "... for Oplysnings og Viden- 

skabs Fremme." 

Naturhistorie-Selskabet Ki0benhavn. Skrivter. Vol. I- 
VI. D. Ki0benhavn, 1790-1S10.|| 
Each vol. published in two parts except vol. VI. 

Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift; udgivet af Henrik Kr0ver. Ser. 1. 
Vol. I.-IV. D. Kj0benhavn, 1837-43. — Ser. 2. Vol. I- 
II. D. Kj0benhavn, 1S44-49. — Stiftet af Henrik Kr0yer; 
udgivet af J. C. Schi0dte. Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XIV. O. 
Kj0benhavn, 1S61-84.|| 

Naturhistoriske forening i Kj0benhavn. Videnskabelige 
Meddelelser. Ser. 1 (1S49-58) ; ser. 2 (1S59-68) ; ser. 3 (1869- 
78); ser. 4 (1879-88); ser. 5 (1S89-9S) ; ser. 6 (1889-1900). 
47 [51] vol. il. pi. O. Kj0benhavn, 1S49-1900— > 
Contains many dendrological articles, particularly on the flora of Den- 
mark and Central and South America. 

Festskrift i Anledning af dens Bestaaen fra 1S33-83. 20 

+ 19S+53pp. O. Kj0benhavn, 1884-1890. 
The papers were issued in 1SS4: t-p. & index in 1890-91. 

Nordisk Fannaceutisk Tidskrift. Redaktion: for Danmark, 
Chr. Steenbuch; for Finland, K. F. Mandelin ; for Norge, M. 
Nyegaard; for Sverige, Ludv. Stalne. Vol. I.— III. O. 
Kj0benhavn. 1S94-96.|| 

Pharmaceutisk Tidende. Ed. by F. Hoffmeyer. Vol. I.-VI. 
Q. Kj0benhavn, 1861-66. — Continued as : Ny Pharmaceu- 
tisk Tidende. Ed. by Chr. D. A. Hansen. Vol. I.-XXV. 
Q. Kj0benhavn, 1868-93. 

Physikalsk-oeconomisk og medico-chirurgisk Bibliothek for 
Danmark og Xorge. Udgivet af et Selskab. Vol. I.— XII. 
nar. D. Kj0benhavri, 1794-97. — Continued as: Bibliothek 
forPhysik, MedecinogOeeonomie. 6 vol. (vol. XIII.— XVIII.) 
nar. D. Kj0benhavn, 1798-1S00. — Continued as: Nyt Bi- 
bliothek for Physik, Medecin og Oeeonomie. Udgivet af 
C. G. Rafn. 10 vol. (vol. XIX.-XXVIII.). nar. D. Kj0- 
benhavn, 1S01-07.|| 
Contains many, mostly short, dendrological articles of arboricultural 
and economic interest. — The last 3 parts, printed in 1S07 were never 

Skandinaviske Naturforskeres M0de, 1-14, 1839-92. For- 
handlinger. O. Kj0benhavn, 1S40-92— > 

Tidsskrift for Xaturvidenskaberne; udgivet af H. C. Oersted, 
J. W. Hornemann og J. Reinhardt. Vol. I.-V. D. Kj0- 
benhavn, 1S22-28.|| 

Tidsskrift for popuhere Fremstillinger af Xaturvidenskabcn. 
Ed. by C. Fogh, Chr. Liitkon & Chr. Vaupell (1S55-62), 
Fogh & Lutken (1S63-6S), Fogh, Lutken & Eug. Warming 
(1868 78), Lutken & Warming (1879-83). Ser. 1, vol. I- 
V. (1854-58); ser. 2, vol. I.-V. (1859-63); ser. 3, vol. I.- 
V. (1864-68); ser. 4, vol. I.-V. (1809-73); ser. 5, vol. I.-V. 
(1874-78); vol. XXVI.-XXX. (1879-83). il. pi. map. 
O. KjObenliavn, 1854-83. 
Contains many popular articles of dendrological interest. — The last 
vol. of each series contains an index for the whole series. 

TJniversitas hafniensis. Acta literaria anno 1778. 1 vol. 
pi. sq. O. Hafniae, [177SJ. 


Academia scientiarum imperialis petropolitana. Commcn- 
tarii. Vol. I.-XIV. (1726-46). pi. tab. maps. sq. Q, 
Petropoli, 1728-51. — Xovi commentarii. Vol. I. -XX. 
(1747-75). pi. tab. sq. O. & sq. Q. Petropoli, 1750 76. 

— Acta. 1777-82. pi. tab. sq. Q. Petropoli, 1778-S6. 

— Xova acta. Vol. I. -XV. pi. tab. sq. Q. Petropoli, 
1787-1806. — Continued as : Academie imperiale des sciences 
de St.-PcHersbourg. Memoires. Vol. I.- XI. pi. tab. map. 
sq.Q. St.-Pe'tersbourg, 1809-30. — Ser. 6. (Sciences mathfr- 
matiques, physiques el naturelles.) Vol. I. II. pi. tab 
maps. sq. (J. St. -P<5tersbourg, 1831-33. [Continued i vol. 
III.-X.) and divided into two parts with separate vol. num- 

bers. Pt. 1 is Sciences mathematiques et physiques.] — Pt.2. 
(Sciences naturelles.) Vol. I.-VIII. pi. tab. map. sq.Q. 
& sq. F. St.-P<Hersbourg, 1S35-59. —Ser. 7. Vol. I.-XLII. 
il. pi. maps. sq. F. St.-Petersbourg, 1S59-94. — Ser. 8. 
(Classe des sciences phvsiques et mathematiques.) Vol. I.-X. 
il. pi. maps. F. St.-Petersbourg, 1S95-1900— » 

Academie imperiale des sciences de St.-P6tersbourg. M6- 
moires presented par divers savans. Vol. I.— IX. pi. maps, 
sq. Q. & sq. F. St.-PStersbourg, 1831-59. 

Also entitled on back ; "Memoires des savants strangers." — Index 
for the whole series in vol. IX. 

Recueil des actes de la seance publique, 1827-4S. por. 

pi. maps. sq. Q. Leipsic & St.-P<§tersbourg, 1S2S-49. 

Bulletin scientifique. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. tab. sq. F. 

St. Petersbourg & Leipzig, [1836]— 42. — Bulletin de la classe 
physico-mathematique. Vol. I.-XVII. il. pi. tab. maps, 
sq. F.^ St.-P£tersbourg& Leipzig, 1843-59. — Bulletin. Vol. 
I.— XXXV. il. pi. fae-sim. maps. sq. F. & Q. St.- 
Petersbourg, 1860-94. [Vol. XXXIII.-XXXV. called also: 
New series. Vol. I.-III.] — Ser. 5. Vol. I.-XIII. il. pi. 
tab. maps. Q. St.-Petersbourg, 1S94-1900— > 

Bulletin de la classe historico-philologique. Vol. I.-XV. 

pi. fac-sim. tab. map. sq.F. St.-Petersbourg <fc Leip- 
zig, 1844-58. 

Melanges biologiques tir£s du bulletin. Vol. I.-XIII. 

pi. O. & Q. (vol. XIII.). St.-Petersbourg, 1853-94. 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Russischen Reiches und der an- 
grenzenden Lander Asiens. Ed. by K. E. von Baer and 
others. Vol. I.-XXVI. pi. maps. O. St.-Petersburg, 
1S39-71.— Ser.2. Vol. I.-IX. pi. maps. O. St.-Peters- 
burg, 1S79-18S6. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. maps. O. 
St.-Petersburg, 1886-90 (vol. I.-VII.)-1900. — Ser. 4. Vol. 
I.-II. pi. maps. O. St.-Petersburg, 1S93-96— > 

Vol. I. of ser. 4 has an atlas in F. — Ser. 1 edited by K. E. v. Baer 
&. Gr. v. Helmersen; ser. 2 ed. by Gr. v. Helmersen ec L. v. Schrenck; 
ser. 3, vol. I. -VII. ed. by L. v. Schrenck cc C. J. Maximowicz; ser. 4 & 
ser. 3, vol. VIII. ed. by L. v. Schrenck «& Fr. Schmidt. 

Beitrage zur Pflanzenkunde des russischen Reiches. (Ma- 
Tepia.-m kt. oaruKaiimeMV no.3Haiiiio npo3Hoae>iocTH 
PocciiicKoii uvnepiu.) Vol. I.— XI. pi. O. St.-Peters- 
burg, 1844-59. 

Congres botanique et dhorticulture de St.-Petersbourg . . . 
I860. Bulletin. 243 pp. O. St.-Petersbourg, 1S70. 

Congres international de botanique et dhorticulture . . . 
St.-Petersbourg . . . 1884. Bulletin. 49+335+[4] pp. 8 
pi. map. O. St.-Petersbourg, 1SS5. 

Dorpater Naturforscher-Gesellschaft. Arcliiv fur die Xatur- 
kunde Liv-, Ehst- und Kurlands. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XI. 
pi. tab. maps. Q. Dorpat, 1S59-06— > 
Ser. 1, vol. I.-IX. (1854-S2) contains nothing botanical. 

Xaturforscher-Gesellschaft zu Dorpat. Sitzungsberichte. 
Vol. I.-XII. pt. 1-2 (1S53-99). pi. tab. maps. O. Dor- 
pat, 1S61-1900-+ 

Geografiska foreningen. Tidskrift. Vol. I.-X. pi. maps. 
O. Helsingfors, 1SX9-98— > 

Hortus Petropolitanus. Acta. (II\inopaToprKiii C.-He- 
TOpov[ireKiii BoTaaHieCKiB ca^i>. TpvA".) Vol. I.- 
XVIII. pt. 1-2. por. pi. maps. O. & Q. St.-Peters- 
burg, 1871-1900— > 

Tart 3 of vol. XV. published after 1900. 

Hortus universitatis imperialis Petropolitanae. Scripta 
botanica. (EoTaHHieciriJi cajfB ET.MnepaTopcKaroC.-Ile- 
xep6vprcKaro yHHBepcHTeTa, BoTaHHiecma aanHCKH.) 
Vol. I.-XV. pi. Q, St.-P«ersburg, 1SS6-1900— > 

Articles mostly in Russian, usually with French or German resume'. 

Naturtorschender VereinzuRiga. Arbeiten. Vol.1. (1847 
18). pi. O. Rudolstadt, 1848. — New ser. Vol.1. IX. 
maps. <>. A- F. Riga, 1865 99— > 

Correspondenablatt. Vol. 1. XI. III. (1S45-1900V pi. 

tab. O. Riga, 1M6-1900— ► 

Denkschnft herausgegeben in Vnlass der Feier seines 

25jahrigenBestehens, l4]+29+[l]+ 68 pp. sq.Q. Riga, 

Pharmaceutische Zeitschrift fur Russland; namensderaller- 
hochsl best&t. Phannaceutischen Geeellschafl in St. Peters- 
burg herausgegeben von (i. Dragendorff, Arthur Cassel- 
mann [& others]. Vol. I.-XXXVI. il. pi. O. A Q. 
(vol. XXXVI. |. St.-Petersburg, 1862 97— > 

Vol. I.-III. edited by G. Dragendorff. vol IV. XI. In Artie 
niann: vol. XII. by Adolph Pelti a l duard Rennard; vol. XIII.- 
XIX. byEduard Rennard; vol. XX. XXV by Edwin Johanna; 
vol XXVI. by E. Johanson, A. Pelti a Uexander Jurgena; 

vol. XXVII XXXIII bi Uexander JQrgens; vol. XXX1Y- 
XX.W 1 bj Karl Krcsling. — There is alio a Russian edition. 



Quatember ; Zeitschrift fiir naturwissenschaf tliche, geschicht- 
liehe, philologische, literarische und gemischte Gegenstande. 
Ed. by Ernst Christian von Trautvetter. 2 vol. O. Mittau, 
Each vol. published in 4 parts; parts without t-p. 

Sallskapet pro fauna et flora f ennica. Notiser ur f brhandlingar. 
Vol. I.-XIV. pi. sq. Q. & O. Helsingfors, 1S4S-75. [Vol. 
IV.-XIV. called also : New ser., vol. I.— XI.] — Continued as : 
Societas pro fauna et flora fennica. Acta. Vol. I.-XIX. 
pi. maps. O. Helsingforsiae, 1875-1900— > 
Meddelanden. Vol. I.-XXVI. il. pi. O. Helsing- 
fors, 1876-1900^ 
Schriften aus dem ganzen Gebiete der Botanik ; herausgegeben 
vom Kaiserlichen Botanischen Garten. Vol. I.— II. pt. 1. 
Q. Petersburg, 1852-53.H 
Vol.1, consists of: Catalogus systematicus bibliothecae Horti Imp. 
Bot. Petrop. . . . 1852; for vol. II. see: Mercklin, C. E. von. Data 
aus der periodischen Entwickelung der Pnanzen . . . 1853. 

Societas scientiarum fennicae. Acta. Vol. I -XXVII. il. 
pi. sq. Q. Helsingforsiae, [1S42]-1900^ 

Societe imperiale des naturalistes de Moscou. Memoires. 
Vol. I.-VI. pi. Q. Moscou, 1806-23. [The title of vol. 
I. reads : Societe des naturalistes de 1 'university imperiale de 
Moscou. Part 1 and 9 of vol. I. bear the sub-title : Journal 
de la Societe 1 des naturalistes de Moscou. no. 1 & 2.] — Nou- 
veaux memoires. Vol. I.-XVI. pt. 2. pi. Q. & F. Moscou, 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-LXII. il. por. pi. maps, tab. O. 

Moscou, 1829-87. — Table generale et systematique des 
matieres contenues dans les premiers 56 volumes (annees 
1829-81). [4]+ 110 pp. O. Moscou, 1SS2. — New ser. Vol. 
I.-XIV. il. pi. maps. O. & Q. Moscou, 1887-1900^ 

Suomi; tidskrift i fosterlandska ammen. [Finland; patriotic 
journal.] Vol. I.-XIX. O. Helsingfors, 1S42-60. 

[Tiflisski . . . ] TaijuiHCCKiii 6oTaHniecKiii ca,zr£. Tpyflti. 
[Tiflis botanic garden. Transactions.] Vol. I.-IV. pi. O. 
Tnchnnoi,, 1895-1900— > 

Universitas imperialis jurjevensis. Acta horti botanici- 
(HMnepaTopcKiii lOpteBCKiii yHiiBepcnTeT'B. TpyfflH 
SoTanniecKaro ca;n,a.) Vol. I. O. lOpBeBt, 1900. 
Text chiefly in Russian. 

Academia electoralis scientiarum et elegantiorum literarum 
Theodoro-palatina. Historia et commentationes. Vol. I — 
VII. pi. O. Mannhemii, 1766-94. _ 

Also entitled : " Academia Theodoro-palatina. Acta." 

Academia naturae curiosorum. Miscellanea curiosa medico- 
physica ; sive, Ephemeridum medico-physicarum germani- 
carum centuriae. Vol. I.-X. (1670-79). pi. sq. O. Franco- 
furti, Lipsiae, Jenae, etc., 1670-80. — Dec. 2. Vol. I.-X. 
,(1682-91). pi. sq. O. Jenae & Norimbergae, 16S3-92. — 
Dec. 3. Vol. I.-X. O. Jenae, 1694-1705. — Continued as: 
Academia caes.-leopoldina naturae curiosorum. Epheme- 
rides; sive, Observationum medico-physicarum centuriae. 
Vol. I.-X. O. Frankfurt-am-Main, 1712-22. — Synopsis, 
1670-1722. 2 vol. O. Jena, 1739. — Continued as : Aca- 
demia caesarea leopoldino-carolina naturae curiosorum. Acta 
physico-medica exhibentia ephemerides, sive observationes, 
historias et experimenta a celeberrimis viris habita, singulari 
studio collecta. Vol. I.-X. por. pi. tab. sq. O. Norim- 
bergae, 1727-54. [There is a 2d edition of vol. I.— III. pub- 
lished in 1747-52.] — Nova acta physico-medica exhibentia 
ephemerides. Vol. I.— VIII. pi. sq. O. Norimbergae, 
1757-91. — Continued as: Leopoldinisch-carolinische Acade- 
mie der Naturforscher. Verhandlungen. Vol. IX.-LXXVI. 
pi. sq. Q. & sq. F. Breslau, Bonn, etc., 1818-1900^ 

Vol. IX.— XXIV. are also numbered: Verhandlungen. Vol. I.-XVI. 

Leopoldinisch-carolinische Academie der Naturforscher. Leo- 
poldina. Vol. I.-XXXVI. sq. F. Jena & Halle, 1859- 
1900— > , 

Vol. ii.-VI. published with vol. XXVIII.-XXXIV, of the Verhand- 

Academie royale des sciences et des lettres de Berlin. His- 
toire, ann6e 1745-69. pi. sq. O. Berlin, 1746-71. [In- 
cludes Memoires, classe physique; paged separately.] — Nou- 
veaux memoires avec l'histoire pour la meme ann£e, 1770- 
86. pi. sq. Q. Berlin, 1772-88. — Memoires depuis l'avg- 
nement de Frederic Guillaume II. au trone . . . avec 
l'histoire pour le meme temps, 1786-97. pi. sq. Q. Berlin, 
1792-1S0O. — Memoires depuis l'avenement de Frederic 
Guillaume III. au trone, 1798-1804. pi. sq. Q. Berlin, 

For continuation see : Konigliche (preussische) Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften zu Berlin . . . 

Acta eruditorum anno 1682-[1731] publicata. Vol. I.-L. 
pi. sq. O. Lipsiae, 1682-1731. — Nova acta eruditorum 
anno 1732-[76] publicata. Vol. I.-XLV. pi. sq. O. 
Lipsiae, 1732-82. 

Afrikanische Gesellschaft in Deutschland. Mittheilungen ; 
unter Mitwirkung des Vorstandes herausgegeben von Dr. 
Wilhelm Ermann. Vol. I.-V. pi. maps. O. Berlin, 

Allgemeine botanische Zeitschrift fiir Systematik, Floristik, 
Pflanzengeographie etc.; referierendes Organ des Bot. Ve- 
reins der Provinz Brandenburg, der Kgl. botanischen 
Gesellschaft zu Regensburg, des Preuss. bot. Vereins zu 
Konigsberg, und Organ der botanischen Vereimgung in Wtirz- 
burg und des Berliner und Schlesischen bot. Tauschvereins. 
Ed. by A. Kneucker. Vol. I.-VI. pi. O. Karlsruhe, 
There is a Beiheft I. (1899) which contains nothing dendrological. — 
Almost exclusively on the flora of Europe, especially Germany. 

Annaberg-Buchholzer Verein fiir Naturkunde . Jahresbericht 

I.-X. pi. O. Annaberg, 1868-98— > 
Annalen der Pharmacie. Ed. by Rudolph Brandes, P. L. 
Geiger & Justus Liebig. Vol. I.-XXXII. pi. D. Lemgo 
& Heidelberg, 1832-39. — Continued as : Annalen der Chemie 
und Pharmacie. Ed. by Friedrich Wohler & Justus Liebig. 
Vol. XXXIII.-CLXXII. pi. D. Heidelberg & Leipzig, 
1840-74.— Supplementband. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. O. Leip- 
zig & Heidelberg, 1861-72. — Continued as : Justus Liebig's D. Leip- 
zig and Heidelberg, 1874-1900^ 

From vol. I.-LXV. title reads: "Annalen der Physik"; from vol. 

LXVI.-LXXVI. title reads: " Annalen der Physik und der physika- 

lischen Chemie." 

Annalen der Physik und Chemie. Ed. by L. W. Gilbert, 
J. C. Poggendorff & others. Vol. I.-CCCVIII. pi. D. & O. 
Halle & Leipzig, 1799-1900— > 
Vol. LXXVII.-CCCVIII. called also: Ser. 2-4, vol. III. 
Apotheker-Zeitung ; herausgegeben vom Deutschen Apothe- 
kervereine. Ed. by Thorns. 15 vol. Q. Berlin, 1886- 
From 1889 with suppl. "Repertorium der Pharmacie." 
Archiv des Apothekervereins im nordlichen Teutschland fiir 
die Pharmazie und deren Hiilfswissenschaften . . . Ed. by 
Rudolph Brandes. Vol. I.-XXXIX. pi. tab. D. Lemgo, 
1821-31. — Continued as: Archiv der Pharmacie des Apo- 
th eker- Vereins im nordlichen Teutschland. Ed. by Rudolph 
Brandes & others. Vol. LII.-CCXXXVIII. pi. O. Lemgo, 
Hannover, etc., 1835-1900— > 
Vol. I.— II. have the title: " Pharmaceutische Monatsblatter." — Vol. 
XL.-LI. included in: Annalen der Pharmacie. Vol. I.— XII. 1832-34. 

Archiv fiir die Botanik. Ed. by J. J. Romer. Vol. I -III. pi. 

sq. O. Leipzig, 1796-1805. 
Archiv fiir die Physiologie. Vol. I.-XII. Halle, 1795-1815. 

— Continued as: Deutsches Archiv fiir die Physiologie. Vol. 

I.-VIII. pi. O. Halle & Berlin, 1815-23. — Continued as : 

Archiv fur Anatomie und Physiologie. 6 vol. pi. O. 

Leipzig, 1826-32. — Continued as: Archiv fiir Anatomie, 

Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin. [43] vol. pi. 

O. Berlin, 1834—76. — Continued in two divisions as : 
Archiv fiir Anatomie und Entwickelungsgeschichte (Anato- 

mische Abtheilung . . . ) 24 vol. pi. O. Leipzig, 1877- 

Archiv fiir Physiologie (Physiologische Abtheilung . . . ) 

24 vol. pi. O. Leipzig, 1877-1900-^ 
For each Abtheilung supplements have been published. 

Archiv fiir die systematische Naturgeschichte. Ed. by 
Friedrich Weber & M. H. Mohr. Vol. I. pt. 1. (10+ 
153 pp.) 5 pi. O. Leipzig, 1804. | j 

Archiv fiir experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie. 
Ed. by R. Boehm, B. Naunyin [& others]. Vol. XVII.- 
XXXIV. il. pi. O. Leipzig, 1883-1900— > 

Archiv fiir Naturgeschichte. Ed. by A. F. A. Wiegmann. 
Vol. I.-LXVI. pi. O. Berlin, 1835-1900^ 

After vol. XXII. the articles are apparently exclusively zoological. 

Archiv scandinavischer Beitrage zur Naturgeschichte; von 
Hornschuch. Vol. I.-II. O. Greifswald, 1845-50. 

Archives de flore; journal botanique. Ed. by F. Schultz. 
1 vol. (364 pp.) pi. O. Wissembourg, [1854-69]. — Con- 
tinued as : Archives de la flore d'Europe ; recueil botanique. 
Ed. by F. Schultz. 2 nos. (pp. 1-32). Weissenburg, 

Association philomatique vogeso-rhenane. Annales ; faisant 
suite a la flore d'Alsace de F. Kirschleger. 9 pts. (286+96 
pp.) D. t-p-c. Strasbourg, .1863-68. 



Ausland; ein Tageblatt fur Kunde des geistigen und sitt- 
lichen Lebens der Volker, mit besonderer Riicksieht auf ver- 
wandte Erscheinungen in Deutschland. Vol. I.-LXVI. pi. 
map. sq. Q. & F. Miinchen & Stuttgart, 1S28-93.|| 
Sub-title changes frequently. 

Aus alien Welttheilen. Illustrirte Monatshefte [later, Fami- 
lienblatt] fur Lander- und Volkerkunde. Redigirt von Otto 
Delitseh & H. Toeppen. Vol. I. -XXV. F. Leipzig, 1S70- 
94— > 

Bayerische botanische Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der 
heimischen Flora. Beriehte. Vol. I .-VI. il. maps, tab. 
Q. Miinchen, 1S91-1900— > 
Contains but little dendrologieal matter. 

Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen. Ed. by Ferdinand Cohn. 
Vol. I.-VIII. pt. 1. il. pi. O. & Q. Breslau, 1875-98— > 

Beitrage zur Naturkunde; in Verbindung mit ihren Freunden 
verfasst und herausgegeben von . . . Friedr. Weber und 
M. H. Mohr. Vol. I.-II. 11 pi. 0. Kiel, 1805-10. 

Vol. II. edited only by Friedr. Weber. — Continuation of "Archiv 
ftir die systematisehe Naturgeschichte." 

Beitrage zur wissensehaftlichen Botanik. Ed. by M. Fiinf- 
stiick. Vol. I.-IV. pt. 1. il. pi. O. Stuttgart, 1895- 
1900— > 
Vol. I. published in 3 parts, vol. III. in 2 parts. 

Berliner Gesellschaft fiir Anthropologic, Ethnologie und TJr- 
geschichte. Verhandlungen, 1S70-1900. il. pi. O. Berlin, 
1871-1900— > 
Issued with " Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologie." 

Berlinische Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde. Be- 
schiiftigungen. Vol. I.-IV. pi. D. Berlin, 1775-79. — 
Schriften. Vol. I.-X. pi. D. & O. Berlin, 1780-92. 
[Vol. VII -X. have a second t-p. : Beobachtungen und Ent- 
deckungen aus der Naturkunde von der Gesellschaft natur- 
forschender Freunde zu Berlin. Vol. I.-IV. 1786-92.] — 
Continued as : Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde. 
Neue Schriften. Vol. I.-IV. pi. tab. sq. O. Berlin, 
1795-1803. — Magazin . . . fiir die neuesten Entdeckungen 
in der gesammten Naturkunde. Vol. I.-VIII. Q. Berlin, 
1807-18. — Verhandlungen. 1 vol. (1819-29). Q. Berlin, 
1829. — Mittheilungen aus den Verhandlungen. Vol. I.— III. 
(1836-38). O. Berlin, 1836-39. — Sitzungsberichte, 1S60- 
1900. il. sq. Q. & O. Berlin, 1S62-1900— > 

Sitzungsberichte for 1S39-59 published in "Vossische Zeitung" and 

"Spenersche Zeitung," Berlin. 

Beytrage zu Beforderung der Naturkunde. Vol. I. O. 
Halle, 1774. 
Bibliotheca botanica; Abhandlungen aus dem Gesammt- 
gebieteder Botanik. Ed. by Oscar Uhhvorm, Chr. Luerssen 
& others. 10 vol. (in 54 pts.) il. pi. F. Cassel & Stutt- 
gart, 1887-1900— ► 

In vol. VI. the word " Original " is inserted before the word " Abhand- 

Biologisches Centralblatt. Ed. bv J- Rosenthal. Vol. I.- 

XX. il. pi. O. Erlangen, 18S1-1900— > 
Bonplandia; Zeitschrift fiir die gesammte Botanik. Ed. by 

W. E. G. & B. Seemann. Vol. I.-X. pi. Q. Hannover, 

Botanische Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiet der Morphologie 

und Physiologic. Ed. by J. von Hanstein. Vol. I.-IV. pi. 

O. Bonn, 1 871-78. || 
Vol. I. -III. published in 4 parts each, vol. IV. in 3 parts, paged sep- 
Botanische Hefte ; Forschungen aus dem botanischen Garten 

zu Marburg. Ed. by Albert Wigand. Vol. I.-III. 9 pi. O. 

Marburg, 1885-8S.|| 
Vol. III. edited by E. Dennert. 
Botanische Jahrbiicher fiir Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte 

und Pflanzengcographic. Ed. by Adolf Engler. Vol. L- 

XXIX. il. pi. maps. O. Leipzig, L881[1880]-1900-* 

See vol. XXVI. Beibl. 61, p. 5 for dates of publication of the parts 
of tho provious vols. ; part of vol. XXVIII. and XXIX. issued after 

Botanische Mittheilungen aus don Tropen. Ed. bv A. F. W. 
Schimper. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. maps. O. Jena, 1SS8-95— > 
Each vol. constitutes a separate work. 

Botanische Unterhaltungen. Vol.1. O. Miinchen, 1785. 
Botanische Zeitung. Ed. bv Hugo von Mohl, D. I'. I., von 

Schleohtendal and others. Vol. I.-LVIII. il. pi. O. 

Berlin & Leipzig, 1 S 13-1 900— > 
General-Register der crsten fiinfzig Jahrgange . . . 

5+391 pp. O. Leipzig, 1S'.I5. 

Botanische Zeitung, welche Recensionen, Abhandlungen, 
Aufsiitze, Neuigkeiten und Nachrichten die Botanik be- 
treffend enthiilt ; herausgegeben von der botanischen Ge- 
sellschaft in Regensburg. Vol. I.— VI. pi. D. Regens- 
burg, 1802-07. 

Each vol. published in 4 parts with separate t-p.: "Allgemeine 
botanische Bibliothek des 19. Jahrhunderts, welche Recensionen 
. . . Erlangen, 1S02-07." 

Botanischer Verein am Mittel- und Niederrhein. Jahres- 

bericht. Vol. I.-IV. pi. O. Bonn & Coblenz, 1S37-40. 
Botanischer Verein fiir den Kreis Freiburg und das Land 
Baden. Mitteilungen. [4] vol. (no. 1-174). O. Freiburg i. 
B., 1SS2-1900^ 

From vol. II. (no. 51) the title reads: " Badischer botanischer 
Verein. Mitteilungen." 

Botanischer Verein fiir die Provinz Brandenburg und die 
angrenzenden Lander. Verhandlungen. Ed. by P. F. A. 
Ascherson & others. Vol. I.-XLII. pt. 2. il. por. pi. 
maps. O. & Q. Berlin, 1859-1900-> 

Register iiber die Verhandlungen . . . Band I.-XXX. 

Ed. by Max Gurke. 60 pp. Q. Berlin, 1SS9. 
Botanischer Verein in Landshut. Beriehte. Vol. I.-XV. 
il. pi. por. tab. maps. O. Landshut, [1S66J-97— > 
Almost exclusively on local botany. 

Botanisches Centralblatt fur Deutschland. Ed. by L. Raben- 

horst. 1 vol. O. Leipzig, [1846]. 
Botanisches Centralblatt ; referirendes Organ . . . 1SS0-1900. 

— See Bibliography, p. 2. 
Botanisches Institut in Wiirzburg. Arbeiten. Ed. by Julius 

Sachs. Vol. I.-III. il. pi. O. Leipzig, 1S74-8S. 
Botanisches Taschenbuch fiir die Anfanger dieser Wissen- 

schaft und der Apothekerkunst auf das Jahr 1790-1S04. 

Ed. by D. H. Hoppe. 15 vol. S. Regensberg, [1790- 

1804]. — Neues botanisches Taschenbuch . . . auf das Jahr 

1S05-11. Ed. by D. H. Hoppe. 7 vol. S. Niirnberg & 

Regensburg, 1S05-[11]. — Beilage . . . auf das Jahr 1S05. 

77 pp. S. Niirnberg, 1S05. 
Centralblatt fiir Naturwissenschaften und Anthropologic 

Vol. I.-II. Q. Leipzig, 1S53-54.|| 
Deutsche botanische Gesellschaft. Beriehte. Vol. I.- 

XVIII. il. pi. O. Berlin, 1883-1900^ 
Deutsche botanische Monatssehrift ; Organ fur Floristen, 

Systematiker und alle Freunde der heimischen Flora. Ed. 

by G. Leimbach. Vol. I.-XVUI. il. pi. O. Sonders- 

hausen, Bielefeld, Berlin, Arnstadt, 1SS3-1900— > 
With vol. VII. the word "Zeitung" is substituted for the word 
*' Organ." 

Deutsche chemische Gesellschaft zu 

Vol. I.-XXXIII. pt. 2. il. O. Berlin, 
Deutsche dendrologische Gesellschaft. 

by Ludwig Beissncr. Vol. I. -IX. il. 

Bonn-Poppelsdorf, 1S93-1900— > 
Vol. I.-II. paged continuously. 
Deutsche geographisehe Blatter; herausgegeben von der 

Geographischen Gesellschaft in Bremen (lurch M. Lindeman 

(vol. I.-XVIIL), A. Oppel it W. Wolkeuhaucr. Vol. I.- 

XXIII. maps. O. Bremen, 1S77-1900— > 

Contains some phytogeographical articles chiefly relating to for- 

Deutsche pharmaceutische Gesellschaft. Beriehte. Vol. 
I.-X. il. pi. O. Berlin, 1S91-1900-* 

In vol. I.-V. title reads: " Pharmaceutische Gesellschaft. Beriehte." 

Flora: oder, Allgemeine botanische Zeitung. Vol. I.- 

LXXXVII. O. Regensburg & Marburg. IMS 1900— > 

Vol. I.-I.XXI. editeil by Kun. hnyerisrhe botanische Gesellschaft in 

Regensburg, vol. LXXII.-LXXXYI I. by Earl Qa bel. 

Forschungen :i \ if dem ( iebiete der Agrikultur-l'hvsik. Ed. by 

E.Wollny. Vol.I.-XX. il. pi. O. Heidelberg, 1S7S-98. 

Contains many phytophysiological articles. 
Forschungen zur deutsclien I.andes- und Volksk\inde; im 

Auftrage der Cenlralkonimissinn fiir wis-en-chaftliche 

Landeskunde von Deutschland herausgegeben. Ed. by 

Kichard Lelunann (vol. [.-II.) & A. KirehholT. Vol. I.-X1I. 

il. pi. maps. o. Stuttgart, 1886 1900— » 
Foischungsberichte iiber I.eliensniittel und ihre Beiiehungen 

z\ir Bygiene, Qber forense Chemie und Pharmacognosie. 

Ed. by Rudolf Emmerich & others. Vol. I.-IV. sq. Q. 

Munchen, [1893] 1894-97. 
Frankfurter Verein fiir Geographie und Statistik. Jahres- 

bericht. Vol. I.-1.1X. maps. O. Frankfurt am Main, 


Berlin. Beriehte. 
Mitteilungen. Ed. 
pi. O. Berlin & 



Geographische Gesellschaft (fur Thuringen) zu Jena. Mit- 
theilungen. Ed. by G. Kurze & F. Regel. Vol. I.-IX. O. 
Jena, 1882-91— > 

Of vol. I. G. Kurze is sole editor; it contains no botanical articles. — 
In vol. II— IX. is added to the title: Zugleich Organ des Bota- 
nischen Vereins fur Gesammtthiiringen ; and from vol. IV., the pub- 
lications of this society are paged separately and the sheets bear the 
signature: "Mittheil. d. Bot. Ver. f. Gesammtthiir." — The botanical 
part continued as : Thuringischer botanischer Verein. Mittheilungen. 

Gesellschaft der Kiinste und Wissenschaften in Batavia. 
Abhandlungen ; aus dem hollandischen iibersetzt und mit 
AnmerkungenundZusatzenversehen. Vol.1. O. Leipzig, 

German translation of: Bataviaasch genootschap van kunsten en 
wetenschappen. Verhandelingen. 

Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte. Amt- 
licher Berieht iiber die Versammlung 1-6 (1822-27). (Isis 
Encyclov. Zeit. 1823, col. 553-559, 1335-1346; 1825, col. 
762-779, 1242-1256; XX. (1827), col. 297-409; XXI. (1828), 
col. 417-596.) — Amtlicher Berieht tlber die Versammlung 
7-56. Vol. VII.-LVI. (1S28-S3). il. pi. facsim. sq. Q. 
Berlin, etc., 1829-84. — Verhandlungen der Versammlung 63- 
72. Vol. LXIII.-LXXII. (1890-1900). O. Leipzig, 1890- 
Amtl. Ber.XIII. (1835) and XVII. (1839) published in Isis Encyclop. 
Zeit.; Ber. IX. in Isis (1831, col. 785-1160) and separately in Ham- 
burg, 1830. — No Amtl. Ber. iiber die Versammlung 36 (1861), 
41^9 (1867-76), 51-55 (1878-82), 57-62 (1884-89) published. 

Tageblatt der Versammlung 14-72. Vol. XIV.-LXXII. 

(1836-1900). Q. Berlin, etc., 1836-1900— > 
No Tageblatt der Versammlung 15 (1837), 17 (1S39), 18 (1840), 20 
(1S42), 25 (1847), 50 (1877) and 56 (1883) published. — No Ver- 
sammlung in 1831, '48, '55, '70 & '92. — For more detailed informa- 
tion see: Catalogue of the books, manuscripts, maps and drawings in 
the British Museum (Natural history). II. 666. 1904. 

Gesellschaft fur Beforderung der Naturwissenschaften in 
Freiburg i. B. Beitrage zur rheinischen Naturgeschichte. 
O. Freiburg i. B. 1849-63. 
Gesellschaft fur Botanik zu Hamburg. Berichte iiber die 
Sitzungen. 81 pp. (4 pts.) pi. O. Cassel (pt. 1) & 
Hamburg, 1886-88. — Reprinted from : Bot. Centr. 
After 1888 published in Naturwiss. Ver. Hamburg Ber. as: " Berichte 
der botanischen Sektion." 

Gesellschaft fur Erdkunde zu Berlin. Monatsberichte iiber 
die Verhandlungen. Vol. I -IV. O. Berlin, 1840-43.— 
Ser. 2. Vol. I.-X. O. Berlin, 1844-53. — Verhandlungen. 
Vol. I.-XXVII. maps. O. Berlin, 1S75-1900— > 

Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Erdkunde. Vol. I.-VI. O. 

Berlin, 1853-56. — New ser. Vol. I.-XVIII. O. Berlin, 
1856-65. — Zeitschrift. Vol. I.-XXXV. maps. O. Ber- 
lin, 1 866-1 900-* 

Gesellschaft fur Natur-und Heilkunde in Dresden. Jahres- 
bericht 1848-1900. pi. O. Dresden, 1849-1900-^ 

Gesellschaft zur Beforderung der gesammten Naturwissen- 
schaften zu Marburg. Schriften. Vol. I -XIII. pi. maps, 
tab. O. Marburg, etc., 1823-1900^ 

GSttingisches Journal der Naturwissenschaften. Ed. by Jo- 
hann Friedrich Gmelin. Vol. I. 3 pi. D. Gottingen, 1798. 
Published in 4 parts, paged separately. 

Hamburgisehe wissenschaftliche Anstalten. Jahrbuch. Vol. 
I.-XVII. (1883-99). il. pi. Q. Hamburg, 1884-1900— > 

Beiheft 1892-1900. il. pi. Q. & F. Hamburg, 1893- 

Hertha, Zeitschrift fur Erd-, Volker- und Staatenkunde. Ed. 
by Heinrich Berghaus & Karl Friedrich Vollrath Hoffmann. 
Vol. I.-XIV. por. pi. maps, tab. O. Stuttgart & Tu- 
bingen, 1S25-29. 
Of vol. XI.-XIV. Berghaus is sole editor. — Has an apx. : "Geo- 
graphische Zeitung," separately paged and partly also with separate 
t^p. — Continued as: Annalen der Erd-. Volker- und Staatenkunde. 
Berlin, 1829-43. — Contains some phytogeographical articles and 
Himmel und Erde ; illustrirte naturwissenschaftliche Monats- 

schrift. Vol. I.-XII. il. pi. Q. Berlin, 1S89-1900— > 
Horae physicae berolinenses collectae ex symbolis virorum 
doctorum. Ed. by C. G. Nees von Esenbeck. 1 vol. pi. 
F 5 . Bonnae, 1820. 
Humboldt; Monatsschrift fur die gesamten Naturwissen- 
schaften. Vol. VI.-IX. il. Q. Stuttgart, 1887-90.|| 
In 1891 united with: Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau. 

Irmischia, botanischer Verein fur das nordliche Thuringen. 

Correspondenzblatt " Irmischia." Ed. by G. Leimbach. 

Vol. I.-VI. pi. O. Sondershausen, 18S1-86.|| 

In lS82thename of the societj' changes to: " Botanischer Verein fur 
Thuringen." — The parts of vol. II. (18S2) bear the title : " Irmischia, 
botanische Monatsschrift; Korrespondenzblatt . . ." — No t-p. & 
no index of vol. VI. (1886) published. — In November, 1886, united 
with: Deutsche botanische Monatsschrift. 

Irmischia. . . . Abhandlungen des Thiiringischen botanischen 
Vereins " Irmischia " zu Sondershausen. Ed. by G. Leimbach. 
Vol. I.-D7. O. Sondershausen, 1882-87. 

Vol. I.-II. (1882) paged continuously, vol. III. ([1883]-84) published 
in 3 parts, each with separate t-p. 
Isis; oder, Encyclopadische Zeitung von Oken. 41 vol. pi. 

sq. Q. Jena & Leipzig, 1817-48. 
Isis; Zeitschrift fur alle naturwissenschaftlichen Liebha- 
bereien . . . herausgegeben von Karl Russ & Bruno Dii- 
rigen. Vol. I.-XIV. Q. Berlin & Magdeburg, 1876-89. 
Jahrbuch der praktischen Pharmacie und angrenzenden Wis- 
senschaften, Kiinste und Gewerbe. Herausgegeben von der 
pharmaceutischen Gesellschaft Rheinbayerns, unter Redac- 
tion von J. E. Herbergerund F. L. Winckler. Vol. I.-XIII. 
O. Kaiserslautern, 1838-46. — Continued as : Jahrbuch fur 
praktische Pharmacie und verwandte Facher. Heraus- 
gegeben von der pfalzischen Gesellschaft fur Pharmacie, dem 
pharmaceutischen Verein in Baden und den Apotheker- 
Vereinen in Hessen und Wurttemberg, unter Redaction von 
J. E. Herberger und F. L. Winckler. Vol. XIV.-XVII. O. 
Kaiserslautern, 1847^8. — Continued as: Jahrbuch fur prak- 
tische Pharmacie und- verwandte Facher. Zeitschrift des 
allgemeinen teutschen Apotheker-Vereins. Abtheilung: 
Siiddeutschland. Redaction: J. E. Herbergerund F. L. 
Winckler. Vol. XVIII.-XXV. O. Kaiserslautern, 1849- 
53. — Continued as : Neues Jahrbuch fur Pharmacie und ver- 
wandte Facher. Zeitschrift des allgemeinen deutschen 
Apotheker-Vereins. Abtheilung: Siiddeutschland. Heraus- 
gegeben unter Mitwirkung des Directorh von G. F. Walz und 
F. L. Winckler. Vol. I.-XL. O. Speyer & Heidelberg, 
Jahrbiicher der Gewachskunde. Ed. by K. Sprengel, A. H. 

Schrader & H. F. Link. 1 vol. pi. O. Berlin, 1820. 
Jahrbucher fur wissenschaftliche Botanik. Ed. by N. Prings- 
heim (vol. I.-XXVL), W. Pfeffer & E. Strasburger. Vol. 
I.-XXXV. il. pi. O. Berlin (I.-IIL), & Leipzig, 1858- 
Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der gesammten Pharmacie 
und Pharmacologie im In- und Auslande. Von Dierbach 
und Martius. Separat-Abdruck fur Pharmaceuten aus 
Canstatt's Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der gesammten 
Medicin in alien Landern. 1 vol. O. Erlangen, 1841. — 
Continued as: Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Phar- 
macie in alien Landern. Herausgegeben von Dierbach, 
Martius, Scherer und Simon. Separat-Abdruck fur Phar- 
maceuten aus Canstatt's und Eisenmann's Jahresbericht iiber 
die Fortschritte der gesammten Medicin in alien Landern. 
Vol. II.-IX. O. Erlangen, 1842^9. — Continued as: C. 
Canstatt's Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte in der Phar- 
macie in alien Landern im Jahre 1849. Herausgegeben von 
Wiggers, Scherer und Heidenreich. Vol. X. O. Erlangen, 
1850. — Continued as : Canstatt's Jahresbericht iiber die 
Fortschritte in der Pharmacie und verwandten Wissen- 
schaften in alien Landern. Verfasst von Martel Frank, 
Heidenreich, Loschner, Scherer und Wiggers. New ser. 
Vol. XI.-XXV. O. Wiirzburg, 1851-65. — Continued as : 
Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Pharmacognosie, 
Pharmacie und Toxicologie. Herausgegeben von N. Wulfs- 
berg, G. Dragendorff und W. Marm6. 24 vol. O. Gottingen, 
1867-89. — Continued as: Jahresbericht der Pharmacie; her- 
ausgegeben vom deutschen Apothekervereine unter Redac- 
tion von Heinrich Beckurts. New ser. Vol. XXV.-XXIX. 
(1890-94). O. Gottingen, 1891-95— > 
Jenaische Gesellschaft fur Medicin und Naturwissenschaft. 
Sitzungsberichte, 1877-86. pi. O. Jena, 1878-87. 

Vol. for 1880, '83-86, published as supplement to Jenaische Zeitschrift 
fur Medicin . . . Vol. XIV., XVII.-XX. 

Jenaische Zeitschrift fur Medicin und Naturwissenschaft. 
Herausgegeben von der medicinisch-naturwissenschaftlichen 
Gesellschaft zu Jena. Vol. I.-XXXIV. il. pi. O. Leip- 
zig & Jena, 1864-1900^ 
Vol. VIII.-XXXIV. called also: New ser. Vol. I.-XXVII., and "Me- 
dicin " dropped from title. 

Journal der Pharmacie fiir Aerzte und Apotheker. Heraus- 
gegeben von Joh. B. Trommsdorff. 26 vol. O. Leipzig, 
1793-1S16. — Continued as: Neues Journal der Pharmacie 
fur Aerzte, Apotheker und Chemiker. Herausgegeben von 
Joh. B. Trommsdorff. 27 vol. O. Leipzig, 1817-34. 
United in 1834 with Annalen der Pharmacie. 

Journal fiir die Botanik. Ed. by H. A. Schrader. Vol. I.-V. 
por. pi. S. Gottingen, 1799-1803. — Neues Journal . . . 
Ed. by H. A. Schrader. Vol. I.-IV. por. pi. S. Erfurt 
& Gottingen, 1805-10. 



Kaiserliches Gesundheitsamt Berlin. Arbeiten. (Beihefte 

zu den Veroffentlichungen . . .) Vol. I.— XVII. il. pi. 

Q. Berlin, 1SS6-1900— > 
Biologische Abtheilung fur Land- und Forstwirthschaft. 

Arbeiten. Vol.1. (4+400+151 pp.) 3 pi. 2maps. Q. Berlin, 

Kbniglich baierische botanische Gesellschaft in Regensburg. 

Denksehriften. Vol. I.— VII. pi. sq. Q. & O. Regens- 

burg, 1S15-9S. 
Vol. VII. designated also as vol. I. of new ser. 

(Kbniglich) botanischer Garten zti Breslau. Arbeiten. Ed. 

by K. Prantl. Vol. I. pi. O. Breslau, 1S92. 
(Kbniglich) physikalisch-bkonomische Gesellschaft zu Ko- 
nigsberg. Schriften. Vol. I.-XLI. (1S60-1900). il. por. 
pi. sq. Q. Konigsberg, 1861-1900— > 

Vol. I I.-XLI. contain also : Preussischer botanischer Verein. Bericht 
xiber die Versammlung 1-38. 

Koniglich s'achsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Ab- 
handlungen der mathematiseh-physisehen Classe. Vol. I- 
XXV. pi. maps. Q. Leipzig, 1S52-1900— * 

Berichte liber die Verhaudlungen, mathematisch-phy- 

sische Classe. Vol. [I.J-LII. il. pi. O. Leipzig, 1S49- 
1900— > 

Konigliche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Samm- 
lung der deutschen Abhandlungen welche in der K. A. . . . 
zu Berlin vorgelesen worden in den Jahren 17S8-1803. Vol. 
I.-VI. Q. Berlin, 1793-1S06. [Vol. 1.-11. (1788-91) ap- 
pended to Acad. Sci. Berlin. Mem. 178S-91. Berlin, 1793- 
96.] — Continued as: Konigliche (preussische) Akademie der 
Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Abhandlungen der physikalischen 
Klasse, 1S04-1900. pi. tab. maps. sq. Q. Berlin, 1S15- 

Bericht tiber die . . . Verhandlungen, 1836-55. pi. tab. 

O. Berlin, 1836-55. — Monatsberichte, 1S56-81. pi. tab. O. 
Berlin, 1S56-S2. — Sitzungsberichte, 1SS2-1900. il. pi. fac- 
sim. Q. Berlin, 1SS2-1900— > 

KbnigUche (bayerische) Akademie der Wissenschaften zu 
Mtinchen. Denksehriften. Vol. [I.]-IX. (1S0S-24). pi. 
sq. O. & sq. Q. Miinchen, 1S09-25. — Abhandlungen der 
mathematisch-physikalischen Classe. Vol. I.-XX. (1829- 
1900). il. pi. maps. sq. Q. Mtinchen, 1S32-1900^ 

Gelehrte Anzeigen. Vol. I.-L. pi. sq. Q. Mtinchen, 

1835-60. — Sitzungsberichte, 1860-70. pi. O. Mtinchen, 
1860-70. — Sitzungsberichte der mathematisch-physika- 
lischen Classe. Vol. I.-XXXIX. pi. O. Mtinchen, 1S71- 
1900— > 

Abhandlungen der naturwissenschaftlich-technischen 

Commission. Vol. I.— II. O. Mtinchen, 1S57-5S. 

(Konigliche ) Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingen. 
Abhandlungen. Vol. I.-XL. (1838-95). pi. sq. Q. G6t- 
tingen, 1S43-95. — Abhandlungen : mathematisch-physika- 
lische Klasse. New ser. Vol. I. (1897-1900). pi. sq. Q. 
Berlin, 1900— > 

Konigliche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften (zu Gottingen) 

und 'lii- (leorg-Augusts-Univcrsitat. Nachrichten, 1852— 

1900. pi. D. & O. Gottingen, lS52-1900—> 

Title of vol. for 1S52-63 reads : " Georg-Augusts-Universitat und der 

Konigl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gcittingen." After vol. 

for 1894 it reads : " Nachrichten ; inathem.'itiscli-ph\ sikalischc KI;ism\" 

(KbnigUcher) botanischer Garten und botanisches Museum 
zu Berlin. Jahrbuch. Ed. by A. W. Eichler (vol. I.- IV. i, 
A. Garcke (vol. II. \.) & I. Oban (vol. III.-V.). Vol. I.-V. 
il. pi. O. Berlin, 1881-89.H 

Kbnigsberger naturwissenschaftliche Unterhaltungen. Vol. 
I.— II. O. Konigsberg, 1S44-52. — New ser. O. Konigs- 
berg, 1854-58. 

Kosmos ; Zeitsehrift fiir einheitliche Weltanschauung auf 
Grund der Entwicklungslehre. Vol. [.-XIX. il. pi. maps. 
Q. & O. Leipzig & Stuttgart. 1 s77 86. 
Bub-title varies. — In 1887 united with : "Humboldt; Monatsschrifl 
fiir die gesamten NatUTWissenschaften." 

Kritische Zeitsehrift fiir Chemie, Fhysik timl Mathematik, 
von Kekule' ... 1 vol. O. Erlangen, 1858. Continued 
as: Kritische Zeitsehrift fur Chemie und die verwandten 
Wissenschaften und Disciplinen a Is I'liarmacie, Technologie, 
Agriculturchemie . . . von Erlenmeyer ... 1 vol. O. 
Erlangen. 1S59. — Continued as: Zeitschrifl fur Chemie und 
Phannacie; Correspondenzblatt, Archiv und kritisches Jour- 
nal fiir Chemie, Phannacie und die verwandten Disciplinen; 
von Erlenmeyer . . . Vol. III. VI. O. Erlangen. I860 
63. —Ser. 2. Vol. I. -VII. O. Erlangen, 1864-71. 

Linnaea : eon Journal fur die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Um- 
fange. Ed. byD. F. L. von Schlechtendal (vol. L-XXXTV.), 
continued by August Garcke. Vol. I.-XLIII. O. Berlin 
& Halle, 1S26-S2. 


Mittheilungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der Botanik. Ed. 
by A. Schenk & Chr. Luerssen. Vol. I.— II. pi. O. Leip- 
zig, 1874-75. 

Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geographischer Anstalt 
tiber wichtige neue Erforschungen auf dem Ciesammtgebiete 
der Geographie. Ed. by A. Petermann. Vol. I.-XLVI. 
maps. sq. Q. Gotha, 1S55-1900— > 

After vol. XXIV. title reads: " Petermann's Mittheilungen aus Justus 
Perthes' geographischer Anstalt." 

Erganzungsband. Vol. I.-XXVIII. (No. 1-133). 

sq. Q. Gotha, 1S60-1900— > 

Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Danzig. Xeue Sammlung 
von Versuchen und Abhandlungen. Vol. I. pi. sq. Q. 
Danzig, 1778. — Neueste Schriften. Vol. I.-VI. pi. map, 
tab. Q- Konigsberg & Danzig, 1820-62. — Schriften. New 
ser. Vol. I.-X. pt. 1. il. por. pi. maps, tab. Q. Danzig, 
1S66-1900— > 

Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Freiburg i. B. Berichte 
tiber die Verhandlungen. Vol. I.— VIII. il. pi. O. Frei- 
burg i. B., 1S5S-85. — Berichte. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. O. 
Freiburg i. B., 1SS6-9S— > 

Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Gbrlitz. Abhandlungen. 
Vol. I.-XXII. il. pi. maps. tab. D. & O. Gorlitz, 1S27- 
9S— > 

Vol. I. -VII. consist of 2 parts each. 
Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Halle. Abhandlungen. Vol. 

I.-XXII. pt. 1 (1853-1900). pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. & O. 

Halle, 1S54-1900— > 
Bericht uber die Sitzungen, 1872-92. pi. sq. Q. & O. 

[Halle, 1S72J-92. 

Before 1S72 published as an apx. to Abhandlungen. 
Festschrift zur Feier des hundertjahrigen Bestehens. 2+ 

47+ [1]+ 342 pp. 12 pi. sq. Q. Halle, 1S79. 
Neue Schriften. Vol. I.-III. (1S09-17). pi. O. Halle, 

Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Leipzig. Sitzungsberichte. 

Vol. I.-XXV. (1S74-9S). il. pi. tab. O. Leipzig, 1875-99— > 
Der Naturforscher. Ed. bv Joh. Ernst Imman. Walch (vol. 

I.-XIII.) & J. C. D. Schreber. Vol. I.-XXX. pi. O. 

Halle, 1774-1S04.|| 
Contains but few dendrological articles and none of importance. 
Der Naturforscher; Wochenblatt zur Vcrbreitung der Fort- 

schritte in den Naturwissenschaften, fiir Gebildete aller Be- 

rufsklassen. Herausgeseben von W. Sklarek & Otto Schu- 
mann. Vol. I.-XXI. Q. Berlin & Tubingen, 1868-88. 
Naturhistorische Gesellschaft zu Hannover. Jahresbericht. 

Vol. I.-XLIX. (1850-99). pi. O. & F. Hannover, [1S51]- 

Naturhistorische Gesellschaft zu Niimberg. Abhandlungen. 

Vol. I.-XIII. pi. maps, tab. O. Nurnberg, 1S52-1900— > 
Jahresbericht [fur 1SS2-99]. 19 vol. O. Numbers, 

1883-1900— > 

Contains but little dendrological matter; the Jahresbericht contains 
no scientific papers. 
Naturhistorischer-medicinischer Verein zu Heidelberg. Ver- 
handlungen. Vol. I.-VI. O. Heidelberg, 1857-72. — Ser. 
2. Vol. I.-V. pi. (t. Heidelberg, 1877-97—* 

The first series contains nothing dendrological. 

Naturhistorischer Verein der preussischen Rheinlande \und 

Vol. l.-LVII. 



Vol. I, 

\ en 


Westphalensi. Verhandlungen. 

maps. O. Bonn, lsi l l< u >(> — * 
Naturhistorischer Verein in Passau. Bericht 

XVII. (1857-97). pi. 0. Passau, 1858-38— » 
Vol. XVIII. published after 1900. 
Naturwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen ; herausgegeben 

einer Gesellschaft in Wurtemberg. Vol. I. II. pi 

Tubingen. 1826 28. 
Vol. I- published in 3 p:irt s. vol. II. in 2 parts. 
Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Isiszu Dresden. Dcnk- 
schriften. Festgabe cur Feier ihrcs fUnfundzwanzigjahrigen 
Bestehens, I860, pi. O. Dresden, lstiO. 

Sitzungsberichte, 1861 99. il. pi. O. Dresden, 1862- 

1900— > 

kbhandlungeo issued with Sitzungsberichte is vol. for 1881- 10OO. 

Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Chemnitz. B< richt. 
Vol. I.-XIV. (1859-99). pi. 0. Chemnitz, 1865-1900 • 

Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau; wochentliche l 
Qber die Fortschritte auf dem Gesammtgebiete der Natur- 
wissenschaften; unter Mitwirkung von .1 Bernstein .v . . . 
herausgegeben von W. Sklarek. Vol. 1 XV. il. pi. Q. 
Braunschweig, l B86-1900— » 

Vol. I. reads: " HerausgeRebcn von tMedrioh Vieweg A Stho." 



Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein der Proving Posen. Zeit- 
schrift der botanischen Abteilung; im Auftrage des Vor- 
standes herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Pfuhl. Vol. I -VII. 
O. Posen, 1894-1900— > 
Each vol. published in 2 or 3 parts with t-p-o. 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein des Harzes in Wernigerode. 
Schriften. Vol. I.-XI. il. map. tab. O. Wernigerode, 
1SS6-96— > 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein des Regierungsbezirkes 
Frankfurt. Monatliche Mittheilungen. Ed. by E. Huth. 
Vol. I.-III. O. Frankfurt a. Oder, 1SS4-86. — Monatliche 
Mittheilungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der Naturwissen- 
schaften. Ed. by E. Huth. Vol. IV .-VI. il. O. Berlin, 
1887-89. — Continued as : Helios. Abhandlungen und mo- 
natl. Mittheilungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der Natur- 
wissenschaf ten ; Organ des naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins 
des Regierungs-Bezirks Frankfurt. Ed. by E. Huth & H. 
Roedel. Vol. VII.-XVII. il. pi. O. Berlin, 1S90-1900— > 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein fur das Fiirstenthum Lune- 
burg. Jalrresberichte. Vol. I.-XIII. Q. & O. Liineburg, 
1852-64. — Jahreshefte. Vol. I.-XI V. pi. O. Luneburg, 

The Jabxesberichte consist of small pamphlets which contain nothing 

NaturwissenschaftUcher Verein fiir Schleswig-Holstein. 
Schriften. Vol. I.-XI. pi. tab. O. Kiel, 1873-98— > 

Continuation of: " Verein nordlich der Elbe zur Verbreitung natur- 
wissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse. Mittheilungen. 9 vol. 1857-69." 
(This publication contains nothing dendrological.) 

NaturwissenschaftUcher Verein in Halle. Jahresbericht. 
Vol. I.-V. (1848-52). pi. tab. O. Halle & Berlin, [1849]- 

Vol. I. called: " Auszug aus den Sitzungs-Protokollen." 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein in Hamburg. Abhandlungen 
aus dem Gebiete der Naturwissenschaften. Vol. I.— XVI. 
pt. 1. il. pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. Hamburg, 1846-1900— > 

Verhandlungen. New ser. Vol. I. -VI. (1875-81). pi. 

O. Hamburg, 1S77-S2. [Title reads: "... von Hamburg- 
Altona."] — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-VII. (1893-99). il. O. Ham- 
burg, 1894-1900^ 

Abhandlungen and new series of Verhandlungen contain nothing den- 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein in Karlsruhe. Verhand- 
lungen. Vol. I.-XIII. il. pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. & O. 
Karlsruhe, 1S64-1900-* 

NaturwissenschaftUcher Verein von Neuvorpommern und 
Riigen in Greifswald. Mittheilungen. Jahrg. I.-XXXII. 
(31 vol.). pi. O. Berlin, 1869-1900— > 
Jahrgange V. and VI. form one vol. 

NaturwissenschaftUcher Verein zu Bremen. Abhandlun- 
gen. Vol. I.-XVI. (1866-1900). il. pi. O. Bremen, 186S- 
Vol. XV. published after 1900. 
Niederrheinische GeseUschaft fiir Natur- und Heilkunde zu 
Bonn. Sitzungsberichte. O. Bonn, 1854-1900— > 

Vol. for 1854-94 appended to: Naturhistoriseher Verein der preus- 
sischen Rheinlande . . . Verhandlungen; 1895-1900 issued sepa- 
Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur- und Heilkunde. Ed. by 
M. J. Schleiden & Robert Froriep. Ser. 1, vol. I.-L. ; ser. 2, 
vol. I.-XL.;ser. 3, vol. I.-XI. pi. sq. Q. Weimar, 1821- 
Oberhessische GeseUschaft fiir Natur- und Heilkunde. Be- 
richt. Vol. I.-XXXIII. il. por. pi. maps. tab. O. 
Giessen, 1847-1900— >• 
Pharmaceutische Centralhalle fiir Deutschland. Heraus- 
gegeben von H. Hager & Ew. Geissler. Vol. I.-XX. O. 
Berlin, 1860-79. — New ser. Vol. I.-XVI. O. Berlin, 
1880-95— >• 

From 1879 on sub-title reads : "Central-Organ fiir die gewerblichen 
und wissenschaftlichen Interessen der Pharmaeie und verwandterBe- 
rufs- und Geschiiftszweige. Mit einem Supplement : Pharmaceuti- 
sches Handelsblatt." 

Pharmaceutische Zeitung. Central-Organ fur Apotheker, 
Aerzte, Droguisten, etc. Organ des norddeutschen Apothe- 
ker-Vereins und der Apotheker-Genossensehaft im Gross- 
herzogthum Baden. Redacteur: H. Midler. Vol. I.-XL. 
F. Bunzlau & Berlin, 1S56-95— > 

Pharmaceutisches Central-Blatt. Vol. I.-XX. pi. O. 
Leipzig, 1830-49. — Continued as: Chemisch-pharmaceu- 
tisches Central-Blatt. Vol. XXI.-XXVI. pi. O. Leip- 
zig, 1850-55. — Continued as: Chemisches Central-Blatt. 
New ser. vol. I- ser. 5, vol. IV. O. Leipzig, 1856-1900— > 
Beginning with ser. 4, two vol. published each year. 

PhysicaUsche Belustigungen. Von MyUus. 3 vol. O. Ber- 
lin, 1751-57.f 

PhysikaUsch-medicinische GeseUschaft, Wiirzburg. Ver- 
handlungen. Vol. I.-X. pi. O. Wiirzburg, 1S50-59. — 
New ser. Vol. I.-XXXIII. pi. O. Wiirzburg, 1868- 

Sitzungsberichte, 1S59-1900. il. O. Wiirzburg, 1860- 

1900— > 

Wiirzburger naturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift. Vol. I.— 

VI. il. pi. O. Wiirzburg, 1860-67. || 

PhysikaUsch-medicinische Societat zu Erlangen. Sitzungs- 
berichte. Vol. I.-XXXI. (1S65-99). il. pi. O. Er- 
langen, 1867-1900^- 

Vol. I.— II. called Verhandlungen. 

Phytographische Blatter. Ed. by G. F. Hoffman. Vol. I. (2 

pts.) 8 pi. O. Gottingen, 1803. || 
PolUchia, ein naturwissenschaftUcher Verein der bayeri- 
schenPfalz. Jahresbericht. Vol. I.-XLVI. il. pi. maps, 
tab. O. Neustadt a. d. Haardt & Diirkheim a. d. Haardt, 
1843-88. — Mittheilungen. Vol. XLVII.-LVII. por. pi. 
tab. O. Diirkheim a. d. Haardt, 1888-1900-^ 

Some volumes paged continuously. — After vol. XII. title reads: 
"... Verein der Rheinpfalz." 

Preussische Jahrbucher. Vol. I.-CII. O. Berlin, 1S5S- 


Register ... fiir Band I.-L. O. Berlin, 1872-[S2]. 

Repertorium fiir die Pharmaeie. Angefangen von Adolph 

Ferdinand Gehlen und fortgesetzt in Verbindung mit C. F. 

Bucholz, Rink und Anderen, von Johann Andreas Buch- 

ner. 50 vol. D. Nurnberg, 1815-34. — Zweite Reihe. 50 

vol. D. Nurnberg, 1835-48. — Dritte Reihe. 10 vol. D. 

Nurnberg, 1S49-51 . — Continued as : Neues Repertorium fiir 

Pharmaeie. Unter Mitwirkung von Alb. Frickhinger, C. F. 

Hanle, J. E. Herberger, herausgegeben von J. A. Buchner. 

25 vol. D. Nurnberg, 1852-76. 

Ergiinzungsband. 1 vol. D. Nijrnberg, 1817. t 

Rheinisches Magazin zur Erweiterung der Naturkunde. Ed. 

byM. B. Borkhausen. 1vol. ([14]+ 724 pp.) D. Giesen, 

Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher wissenschaftlicher Vortrage. 

Ed. by Rud. Virchow & Fr. von Holtzendorff. Vol. I.-XX. 

il. pi. O. Berlin, 1866-86. — New ser. Vol. III.-XV. il. 

pi. O. Hamburg, 1889-1900— > 
Sammlung naturwissenschaftlicher Vortrage. Ed. by E. 

Huth. Vol. I.-III. il. pi. O. Berlin, 1SS7-91. — Con- 

tinued as : Abhandlungen und Vortrage aus dem Gesammt- 
gebiete der Naturwissenschaften. Ed. bv E. Huth. Vol. 

IV. (10 pts.) il. pi. O. Berlin, 1891-97. 
Sammlungen zur Physik und Naturgeschichte ; von einigen 

Liebhabern dieser Wissenschaften. Vol. I. -IV. O. Leipzig, 

Schlesische GeseUschaft fiir vaterlandische Cultur. Ueber- 

sieht der Arbeiten und Veranderungen, 1824-49. 27 vol. 

pi. map, tab. sq. O. Breslau, 1825-50. — Jahresbericht. 

Vol. XXVIII.-LXXVII. il. por. pi. maps, tab. O. & 

sq. O. Breslau, 1850-1900^ 
Denkschrift zur Feier ihres fiinfzigjahrigen Bestehens. 

pi. sq. Q. Breslau, 1853. 
Abhandlungen, Abtheilung fiir Naturwissenschaften und 

Medicin, 1861-73. pi. Q. Breslau, 1S61-73. 
Beginning with vol. LXVIII. (1891) the Abtheilung fiir Naturw. 
appears separately paged as one section of the Jahresbericht. — 
There is a reprint: Bericht iiber die Verhandlungen der botanischen 
Section . . . I860. 65 pp. Q. Breslau, 1861. 

Senckenbergische naturforschende GeseUschaft. Abhand- 
lungen. Vol. I.-XXVIII. il. pi. sq. Q. Frankfurt a. 
M., 1854-1900— > 
Vol. XX.-XXVII. partly published after 1900. 

Bericht, 1868-1900. il. pi. maps. O. Frankfurt a. 

M., 1869-1900— > 

Museum senckenbergianum ; Abhandlungen aus dem 

Gebiete der beschreibenden Naturgeschichte. Vol. I.-III. 
Q. Frankfurt a. M., 1834-45. — Suppl. Vol.1. Q. Frank- 
furt a. M., 1834. 

Societas regia scientiarum gottingensis. Commentarii. 
Vol. I.-IV. (1751-54). pi. fac-sim. tab. sq. O. Got- 
tingae, 1752-54. — Novi commentarii. Vol. L- VIII. (1769- 
77). pi. tab. sq. Q. Gottingae & Gothae, 1771-78. — 
Commentationes. Vol. I.-XVI. (177S-1S08). pi. Q. Got- 
tingae, 1779-1S0S. 

Commentationum recensitarum sylloge ab S. C. Holl- 

mann. 1 vol. (1756-62). pi. sq. O. Gottingae, 1765. — 
Sylloge altera. 1 vol. (1753-54). pi. sq. O. Francofurti 
& Lipsiae, 1775. 



Societe des lettres, sciences, arts et d'agriculture de Metz. 
Seance generate. Vol. I.-VIII. (1819-27). pi. O. Metz, 
1821-27. — Memoires. Vol. IX. (1S27-28). pi. O. Metz, 
1828. — Continued as: Academie (imperiale) de Metz, lettres, 
sciences, arts et agriculture. Memoires. Vol. X.-LXXX. 
(1828-1900). il. pi. map, tab. O. Metz, 1829-1900— > 

Vol. XXXIV.-LII. called also: Ser. 2, vol. I.-XIX. Vol. LIIL- 

LXXX. called also: Ser. 3, vol. I.-XXV1II. 

Societe d'histoire naturelle de Colmar. Bulletin. Vol. I- 
XXIX. il. por. pi. tab. O. Colmar, 1860-88. — Con- 
tinued as : Societe 1 . . . (Naturhistorische Gesellschaft in 
Colmar. Mittheilungen). Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V. (1889-1900). 
pi. O. Colmar, 1891-1900^ 

Societe d'histoire naturelle de Strasbourg. Memoires. Vol. 

I .-VI. il. pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. Paris & Strasbourg, 


Vol. II. -IV. have title: "Socie*te" du museum d'histoire naturelle de 

Strasbourg . . ."; and in vol. V.- VI. the title reads: " Societe" des 

Hciences naturelles de Strasbourg . . ." 

Societe d'histoire naturelle du departement de la Moselle. 
Bulletin. Vol. I.-XX. il. pi. tab. O. Metz, 1843- 
98— > 

Vol. I. called: Memoires. — After vol. XII. title reads: "Socie'te' d'his- 
toire naturelle de Metz. Bulletin." 

Societe des sciences, agriculture et arts de la Basse-Alsace. 
Bulletin trimestriel. Vol. I.-XXVIII. O. Strasbourg, 
1S71-1900— > 
Vol. I. has title: "Social . . . du Bas-Khin." 

Sylloge plantarum novarum itemque minus cognitarum a 
praestantissimis botanicis adhuc viventibus collecta et a 
Societate regia botanica Ratisbonensi edita. 2 vol. 2 pi. 
D. Ratisbonae, 1824-28. 

Published in parts; the first part apparently in 1S22. 

Thiiringischer botanischer Verein. Mittheilungen. New ser. 
Vol. I.-XII. (14 pts.) O. Weimar, 1891-99— > 

Continuation of the botanical part of Geographische Gesellschaft (fiir 
Thuringen) zu Jena. Mittheilungen. — Part 3-4 and part 13-14 form 
one vol. each. 

Untersuchungen aus dem botanischen Institut zu Tiibingen. 

Ed.byW.Pfeffer. Vol.I.-II. il. pi. O. Leipzig, 1SS1-SS. 
Untersuchungen aus dem botanischen Laboratorium der 

Universitat Gottingen ; herausgegeben von J. Reinke. Vol. 

I.-III. 10 pi. O. Berlin, 1879-S3. 
Verein der Freunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg. 

Archiv. Vol. I.-LIV. por. pi. maps, tab. O. Neu- 

brandenburg & Gustrow, 1847-1900.^- 
There is an index to vol. I.-L. 
Verein fiir Erdkunde zu Dresden. Jahresberichte. Vol. I.- 

XXVI. por. pi. map. O. Dresden, 1865-9S — > 
Verein fiir Naturkunde im Herzogthum Nassau. Jahrbucher. 

Vol. I.-LIII. il. por. pi. maps, tab. O. Wiesbaden, 

1844-1900— > 
After vol. XVIII. title changes to: " Nasaauischer Verein fiir Natur- 
kunde. Jahrbucher." 

Verein fur Naturkunde zu Cassel. Bericht. Vol. I.-XLV. 
pi. O. Cassel, 1837-1900— > 

Beginning with vol. XL. called: " Abhandlungen u. Bericht." 

Verein fiir Naturkunde zu Zwickau. Jahresbericht. 27 vol. 
pi. Zwickau, 1872-99— > 

Verein fiir Naturwissenschaft zu Braunschweig. Jahresbe- 
richt. Vol. I.-XI. O. Braunschweig, 1880-1900— > 

Vol. IX. published after 1900, vol. XI. in 1S99 and vol. VIII. in 1900. 

Verein fiir vaterlandische Naturkunde in Wiirttemberg. 
Jahreshefte. Vol. I.-L VI. il. pi. O. Stuttgart, 1845- 
1900— > 
Verein zur Verbreitung naturwissenschafthcher Kenntnisse 
inWien. Schriften. Vol. I.-XL. (18(30-1900). il. pi. D. 
Wien, 1862-1900— > 
Vol. Ill— XVI., XX. -XL. have a second t-p.: "Populiiro Vortrage 
aus alien Fachcrn tier Naturwissenschaft." 

Vierteljahresschrift fiir praktische Pharmacio; hrrausgcgrhc'ii 
von G. C. Wittstcin. 23 vol. O. Mttnchen, 1852-74. || 

Vortrage aus dem Gebietc der Natwnvissenschaften unci dor 
Oekonomie gehaltcn vor eincm Krrisr u<-l lib icter ZuhOrer in 
der physikafisch-okonomischen Gesellschaft zu Kcinigsberg; 
herausgegeben von K. E. v. Baer. Vol. I. (124-274 pp.) 
O. Konigsberg, 1834. 

Zeitschrift fiir die gesammten Naturwissenschaften; heraus- 
gegeben von dem QatuTwissenschaftlichen Vereine fur Sach- 
sen und Thuringen in Halle. Vol. I.-LXXIII. pi. O. Halle 
& Berlin, 1853-1900— » 
Vol. XXXV.-LXXIII. called also ser. 2, vol. I. -ser. S, vol. XI. — 
After vol. LIV. title reads: "Zeitschrift fiir Naturwissenschaften." 

Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologie; Organ der Berliner Gesellschaft 
fiir Anthropologic, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte. Vol. L- 
XXXII. il. pi. tab. O. Berlin, 1869-1900— ► 

Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliehe Mikroskopie und fiir mikro- 
skopische Technik. Vol. I.-XVII. il. O. Braunschweig, 

Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftliche Zoologie. Vol. I.-LXVIII. 
pi. O. Leipzig, 1S49-1900— > 

Zoologische Station zu Neapel. Mittheilungen. Vol.I.-XIII. 
il. pi. O. Leipzig, 1S79-99— > 


Academia Rheno-Traiectina. Annates, 1815-36. O. Traiecti 
ad Rhenum, 1817—37. 

Album der natuur. Een werk ter verspreiding van natuur- 
kennis onder beschaafde lezers van allerlei stand. 6 vol. 
O. Haarlem & Groningen, 1S52-57. — Continued as : Al- 
bum der natuur. Een werk in maandelijksche afleveringen 
ter verspreiding van natuurkennis . . . onder redactie van 
P. Harting, D. Lubach, W. M. Logeman, [Hugo de Vries and 
others]. New ser. [43] vol. O. Groningen, Haarlem & 
Leiden, 1S5S-1900— ► 

Algemeene konst en letterbode. Vol. I.-XI. Q. Haarlem, 
17S8-93. — Nieuwe algemeene konst en letterbode. Vol. 
I.-XIV. Haarlem, 1794-1800. — Algemeene konst en letter- 
bode. 106 vol. O. 1S01-53. [Two vol. each year; not 
numbered continuously.] — New ser. 8 vol. Q. Haarlem, 

Archives nc§erlandaises des sciences exactes et naturelles; 
publiees par la Societe' hollandaise des sciences a Harlem. 
Vol. I.-XXX. il. pi. maps, tab. O. La Haye & 
Haarlem, 1S66-97. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V. il. pi. O. La 
Haye, 1S9S-1900— > 
Vol. IV. of ser. 2 published after 1900. 

Bataafsch genootschap der proefondervindelijke wijs- 
begeerte te Rotterdam. Nieuwe verhandelingen. Vol. I.- 
XII. pi. sq. Q. Rotterdam, 1806-65. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.- 
IV. pi. sq. Q. Rotterdam, 1S67-97— > 

Bijdragen tot de natuurkundige wetenschappen. Ed. by II. 
C. van Hall, W.Vrolik& G.J. Mulder. Vol.I.-VII. il." pi. 

0. Amsterdam, 1S26-32.|| 

Bulletin des sciences phvsiques et naturelles en N^erlande. 
Ed. by F. A. W. Miquel, G. J. Mulder & W. Wenckebach. 3 
vol. pi. Q. & O. Leyde & Rotterdam, lS38-[40]. 

Chemisch-pharmaceutisch archief; uitgegeven door de Vry, 
Eickma en v.d.Vliet. Vol.I.-II. O. Schoonhoven, 1840-41. 

Congres international de botanique et d horticulture . . . 
Amsterdam . . . 1865. Bulletin. 524 pp. 1 pi. O. 
Rotterdam, 1S66. 

Congres international de botanistes, d'horticulteurs, de ne- 
gotiants et de fabricants de produits du regne vegetal . . . 
Amsterdam . . . 1877. Actes. 20+399 pp. 1 pi. O. 
Leide, 187S. 

Genootschap ter bevordering van natuur- genees- en heel- 
kunde te Amsterdam. Maandblad der sectievoor natuur- 
wetenschappen. Vol.I.-XXII. O. Amsterdam, 1870-98. 

Hollandsche maatschappij der wetenschappen te Haarlem. 
(Societe hollandaise des sciences.) Verhandelingen. Vol. 
I.-XXX. O. Haarlem, 1754r-93. [There is a Zded. of vol. 

1. Haarlem, 1755.]— Natuurkundige verhandelingen. Vol. 
I.-XXIV. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1799-1844. [Title of this 
series reads: Bataafschc maatschappij . . .] — Ser. 2. Vol. 
I.-XXV. pi. sq. Q. Leiden, 1841-6S. — Ser. 3. Vol. 
I.-V. pi. sq. Q. Haarlem, 1872-92— > 

Oeconomisehen tak. Landbouw. No. I.-XI. O. Haar- 
lem, 17S0-1M1. 

Isis; weekblad voornatuurwetenschap. Ed. by 1'. Ilinzinga. 
Vol. I.-III. sq. Q. Haarlem, In r_' 71.- Maandblad voor 
natuurwetenscliap. Ed. bv 11. Ilartogh Heys van Zoute- 
veen. Vol. IV.-IX. O. Haarlem, 1875-80. 

Subiillo varies: " lijdschrift" and " maandachrift." 

Journal de botanique neerlandaise. Ed. by V. A. W. Miquel. 
1 vol. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1861. 

Koninklijk nederlandsch instituut van wetenschappen, 
letterkunde en schoone kunsten te Amsterdam. Verhande- 
lingen der eerste klasse. Vol.I.-VII. pi. Q. Amsterdam, 
1812 25. —[Ser. 2.1 Vol. I.-XTH. pi. Q. Amsterdam, 
1827-48. — Ser. 3. vol.I.-V. pi Q. Amsterdam, 1849- 


Het instituut; of, Verslagen en mededeelingen. Vol. L- 

VI. pi. Q. Amsterdam, I ^ 1 1 —10. 



Koninklijke akademie van wetenschappen. Verhande- 
lingen. Vol. I.-XXIX. pi. sq. Q. Amsterdam, 1S54- 
92. — Sect. 2 [Ser. 2]. Vol. I. -VI. pi. Q. Amsterdam, 
1893-99— > 
Continuation of the preceding. 

■ Verslagen en mededeelingen ; af deeling natuurkunde. Vol. 

I.-XVII. il. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1853-65. — Ser. 2. Vol. 
I.-XX. il. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1866-84. — Ser. 3. Vol. I- 
IX. il. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1S85-92. — Verslagen der zit- 
tingenvan de wis- en natuurkundige af deeling. Ser. 4. Vol. 
I.-VIII. il. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1893-1900-^ 

In ser. 2, vol. V. title reads: " Verslagen van degewone vergaderingen." 

Musee botanique de Leide. Par W. F. R. Suringar. Vol. I- 
III. pt. 1. pi. sq. F. Leide, 1871-97— * 

Musee Teyler. Archives. Vol. I.-V. Q. Haarlem, 1866- 
81. — Ser. 2. Vol. I. -IV O. Haarlem, 1881-95. 

Museum botanicum lugduno-batavum. Annales. Ed. by 
F. A. W. Miquel. Vol. I.-IV. 37 pi. F. Amstelodami, 

Nationale nederlandsche huishoudelijke maatschappij. Land- 
bouw. No. XVII.-XXI. O. Haarlem, 1802-06. — Con- 
tinued as: Nederlandsche maatschappij ter bevordering van 
nijverheid. Landbouw. No. XXXV.-XXXVII. O. Haar- 
lem, 1842-43. 

De Natuur; tijdschrift ter bevordering van de kennis der 
natuur. Vol. I.-II. O. Leiden, 1860-61. 

Natuur- en scheikundig archief. Ed. by G. J. Mulder & W. 
Wenckebach. Vol. I.- VI. pi. O. Rotterdam & Leiden, 

Natuurkundige Verhandelingen; of, Verzameling van stuk- 
ken de natuurkunde, geneeskunde, oeconomie, natuurlijke 
historie enz. betreffende . . . Vol. I.-V. O. Amsterdam, 

Nederlandsch archief voor genees- en natuurkunde; uitge- 
geven door Donders & Koster. Vol. I -VI. O. Utrecht, 

Nederlandsch kruidkundig archief. Onder redactie van W. 
H. de Vriese, F. Dozy & J. H. Molkenboer . . . Vol. I.-V. 
pi. O. Leijden. 1846-70. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VI. pi. O. 
Nijmegen, [1871]-95. — Ser. 3. Vol. I-II. pt. 1. pi. O. 
Nijmegen, 1S96-1900^ 

Societe botanique du grand-duche de Luxembourg. Recueil 
des memoires et des travaux. 9 vol. (No. I-XIV.) pi. O. 
Luxembourg, 1S74-99— > 

Societe des sciences naturelles du grand-duche de Luxem- 
bourg. [Publications.] Vol. I.-X. pi. map. O. Luxem- 
bourg, 1853-69. — Continued as: Institut royal grand- 
ducal de Luxembourg. Publications, section des sciences 
naturelles et mathemathiques. Vol. XI.-XXV. pi. map. 
O. Luxembourg, 1870-97^ 

Teyler's tweede genootschap. Verhandelingen. Vol. I- 
XXVIII. Q. Haarlem, 17S1-1S57^ 

Tijdschrift van algemeene kunsten en wetenschappen, inzon- 
derheid met betrekking tot den land en tuinbouw. Ed. by 
T. F. Uilkens & U. D. Teenstra. 1 vol. O. Groningen, 

Tijdschrift voor de wis- en natuurkundige wetenschappen ; uit- 
gegeven door de eerste klasse van het Koninklijk-nederland- 
sche instituut van wetenschappen, letterkunde en schoone 
kunsten. Vol. I.-V. pi. O. Amsterdam, 1848-52. 

Tijdschrift voor natuurlijke geschiedenis en physiologie; uit- 
gegeven door J. van der Hoeven en W. H. de Vriese. Vol. L- 
XII. pi. tab. O. Amsterdam, 1S34-45. 

Tijdschrift voor wetenschappelijke pharmacie, benevens 
mededeelingen over chemie, pharmacie en pharmacognosie 
van het planten-, dieren- en delfstoffelijk rijk. Ed. by 
P. J. Haaxman. Vol. I.-V. il. O. Voorburg, 1S49-53. — 
Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V. il. O. 's Gravenhage, 1854-58. Con- 
tinued as: . . . Geredigeerd door P. J. Haaxmann, bevattende 
de mededeelingen der Nederlandsche maatschappij ter bevor- 
dering der pharmacie. Ser. 3. Vol. I.-VI. il. O. Gorin- 
chem, 1859-64.— Ser. 4. Vol. I.-III. il. O. Gorinchem, 
1 S65-67 . — Continued as : Nieuw tij dschrif t voor de pharmacie 
enNederland. Vol.I.-XXL il. O. 's Gravenhage, 1868- 
88. — Continuedas: Nederlandsch tijdschrift voor pharmacie, 
chemie en toxicologie, onder redactie van H. Wefers Bet- 
tink en C. Guldens'teeden Egeling. Vol. [I.j-XII. il. O. 
's Hage, 1S89-1900— > 

Uitgezogte verhandelingen uit de nieuwste werken van de 
societeiten der wetenschappen in Europa. Vol. I.-X. pi. 
O. Amsterdam, 1756-65. 

Zeeuwsch genootschap der wetenschappen. Verhande- 
lingen. Vol. I.-XV. O. Middleburg, 1769-92. — Nieuwe 
verhandelingen. Vol. I.-V. O. Middleburg, 1807-35. 


Academie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts 
de Belgique. Bulletins. Vol. I.-XXIII. (1832-56). il. 
pi. maps, tab. O. Bruxelles, 1836-56. [Title of vol. 
I.-XII. reads: Academie royale des sciences et belles-lettres 
de Bruxelles. Bulletins.] — Tables generates et analytiques 
. . . ire serie, tomes I. a XXIII. 2+[2]+395 pp. O. Bru- 
xelles, 1858.— Ser. 2. Vol. I.-L. (1857-80). il. pi. maps, 
tab. O. Bruxelles, 1857-80. [Title of vol. IV.-XVIII. 
reads : Bulletins des seances de la classe des sciences. — In 
vol. IV.-XVIII. several vol. are combined and paged contin- 
uously; vol. and series number appears only on the plates.] 
— Tables g6ne>ales . . . 2 me se>ie, tomes XXI. a. L. 2+ [2] 
+ 380 pp. O. Bruxelles, 1SS3. — Ser. 3. Vol. I. -XXXVI. 
il. pi. maps. O. Bruxelles, 18S1-98. — Tables ge- 
nerates . . . 3 me serie, tomes I. a XXX. 2+[2]+318 pp. 
O. Bruxelles, 1898. — Continued as: Academie royale de 
Belgique. Bulletin de la classe des sciences. [Ser. 4.] Vol. 
for 1899-1900. il. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1899-1900^ 

Academie royale . . . de Belgique. Memoires. Vol. I.-IV. 
il. pi. sq. Q. Bruxelles, 177S-S3. — Memoires. Vol. I- 
LIV. pt. 1. pi. tab. sq. Q. Bruxelles, 1820-1900-* 
Title of vol. I. -XIX. reads: " Academie royale des sciences et belles- 
lettres de Bruxelles. Nouveaux memoires." 

Memoires sur les questions proposers . . . Vol. I.-V. pi. 

sq. Q. Bruxelles, 1S1S-26. — Memoires couronnes. Vol. 
VI.-XV. pt. 1. pi. map. sq. Q. Bruxelles, 1827-41. — 
Memoires couronnes et memoires des savants strangers. 
Vol. XV. pt. 2 -vol. LVIII. (1843-1900). pi. maps, 
sq. Q. Bruxelles, 1844-1900— > 

Collection in 8°. Vol. I.-VI. il. pi. maps. O. Bru- 
xelles, 1840-53. — Memoires couronnes et autres memoires, 
collection in S°. Vol. VII.-LIX. il. pi. fac-sim. maps, 
tab. O. Bruxelles, 1858-1900— > 
Vol. LVI. bears the date 1S96-1902. 

Annales de medecine v6te>inaire, publiees (a, Bruxelles) par 
MM. Delwart et Thiernesse [and others]. Vol. I.-XLIX. 
il. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1852-1900— >• 

Annales de pharmacie. Pharmacie pratique, pharmacogno- 
sie, denrees alimentaires, chimie, toxicologie, microscopie, 
hygiene, inte>ets prof essionnels, legislation ; pubises parFer- 
nand Ranvez. Organe de l'Union pharmaceutique desan- 
ciens etudiants de Louvain et du " Cercle pharmaceutique" de 
l'arrondissement de Louvain. 1 vol. O. Louvain, 1895 — > 

Annales generates des sciences physiques par Bory de St.- 
Vincent, Drapiez et Van Mons. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. O. 
Bruxelles, 1819-21. 

Archives cosmologiques. Revue des sciences naturelles avec 
leurs applications a la ntedecine, a l'agriculture, aux arts et k 
l'industrie ; re\iigee par Alphonse Dubois. Vol. I.-VIII. Q. 
Bruxelles, 1867-69.|| 

Archives de pharmacodynamie, publiees par E. Gley & J. F. 
Heymans. Vol. I.-VII. il. pi. O. Gand & Paris, 1S95- 

In vol. IV.— V. the title reads: "Archives internationales de phar- 
macodynamic " ; in vol. VI. " et de thdrapie " is added to the title. 

Botanisch jaarboek ; uitgegeven door het Kruidkundig genoot- 
schap Dodonaea te Gent. Vol. I.-XI. pi. O. Gent, 1889- 

La Cellule; recueil de cvtologie et d'histologie g£ne>ale. Ed. 
by J. B. Carnoy, G. Gilson & J. Denys. Vol. I.-XVII. Q. 
Lierre & Louvain, 1 884-1 900-* 

Congres de botanique et d 'horticulture de 1880 . . . Bru- 
xelles. Compte rendu. 122+103 pp. 1 pi. O. Bruxelles, 

Congres international de botanique et d'horticulture d'Anvers 
...1885. 8+420+10 pp. 1 il. 1 pi. O. An vers, n. d. 

Actes. 237 pp. O. Anvers, 1SS7. 

Institut botanique de l'Universitede Liege. Archives. Vol. 
I-II. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1897-1900-^ 

Journal de pharmacie ; publte par la Soctet6 de pharmacie 
d'Anvers, sous la direction d'un comity compose 1 de Acar, 
Molyn, Siroux, Vanderheyden et Verbert ... 51 vol. O. 
Anvers & Bruxelles, 1845-95— > 

Has also running title : " Journal de pharmacie d'Anvers." 

Musee du Congo. Annates ; botanique. Ser. 1, vol. I. pt. 1-6 
&ser. 2, vol. 1-2. pi. F 4 . Bruxelles, 189S-1900-> 

Natura; maandschrift voor natuurwetenschappen. Uitge- 
geven door het natuurwetenschappelijke genootschap van 
Ghent. [Ed. by J. MacLeod, E. Remonchamps & L. Baek- 
landt.] Vol. I.-III. Ghent, 1883-85. 



Societe Beige de microscopie. Annales. Vol. I.-XXVI. 

pi. O. Bruxelles, 1876-1900— > 

Bulletin. Vol. I -XXV. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1S75-99. 

Societe des sciences, des arts et des lettres du Hainaut. 

Memoires et publications. Vol. I. - ser. 6, vol. II. pi. O. 

Mons, 1840-1900-> 

Each series contains 10 vol. 

Societe malacologique de Belgique. Annales. Vol. I- 

XXXV. (1863-1900). fl. pi. Q. Bruxelles, 1S65-1900— > 
Societe phytologique d'Anvers. Annales. Vol. I. O. An- 

vers, 1864-67. 
Societe royale d'agriculture et de botanique de Gand. Jour. 

nal d'horticulture et des sciences accessoires; annales. Ed- 

by Ch. Morren. 5 vol. il. pi. Q. Gand, 1S45-49. 
Societe royale de botanique de Belgique. Bulletin. Vol. 

I.-XXX. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1862-1900-* 

After vol. XVII. each vol. published in two parts: " Me'moires " and 
" Comptes-rendus." 
Societe royale des sciences de Liege. Memoires. Vol. I- 

XX. pi. tab. O. Liege, 1843-66. —Ser. 2. Vol. I. -XX. 

pi. tab. O. Liege & Bruxelles, 1866-9S. — Ser. 3. Vol. 

I.-II. pi. O. Bruxelles, 1S99-1900— > 
Societe royale des sciences medicates et naturelles. Annales. 

Vol. I.-LXVI. O. Bruxelles, 1S34-1900— > 
Societe (royalei Linneenne de Bruxelles. Bulletin. Vol. 

I.-XXVI. pi. O. & Q. Bruxelles, 1872-1900— > 
Societe scientifique de Bruxelles. Annales. Vol. I.-XXIV. 

(1875-1900). il. pi. O. Bruxelles, etc., 1S77-1900— > 
Revue des questions seientifiques. Vol. I.-XLVIII. il. 

pi. Q. Louvain, Paris, etc., 1S77-1900— > 


Annals and magazine of natural history; including zoology, 
botany and geology. Vol. I.-XX. il. pi. O. London, 
1838-47. [Title of vol. I.-V. reads: "Annals of natural his- 
tory; or, Magazine of zoology, botany & geology."] — Ser. 
2. Vol. I.-XX. il. pi. O. London, 1848-57. — Ser. 3. 
Vol. I.-XX. il. pi. O. London, 1S5S-67. — Ser. 4. Vol. 
I.-XX. il. pi. O. London, 186S-77. — Ser. 5. Vol. I.- 
XX. il. pi. O. London, 1878-S7. — Ser. 6. Vol. I.- 
XX. il. pi. O. London, 1S8S-97. — Ser. 7. Vol. I.-VL 
il. pi. O. London, 1898-1900— > 

Ser. 4-7 contain very few dendrological articles. 
Annals of botanj'. Ed. by Charles Konig & John Sims. Vol. 

I.-II. pi. O. London, 1805-06. 
Annals of botany. Ed. by I. B. Balfour & others. Vol. L- 

XIV. il. por." pi. O. London, 1SS7-1900— > 
Annals of philosophy ; or, Magazine of chemistry, mineralogy, 

mechanics, natural history, agriculture and the arts. Ed. 

by Thomas Thomson. Vol. I. -XVI. O. London, 1813- 

20. — New ser. [Ed. by Richard Phillips.] Vol. I.-XII. 

O. London, 1821-26. 

United in 1827 with the Philosophical magazine . . . 
Annals of Scottish natural history; a quarterly magazine with 
which is incorporated the Scottish naturalist. Ed. by J. A. 
Harvie-Brown, James W. II. Trail A- William Eagle Clark. 
9 vol. pi. O. Edinburgh, 1892-1900-* 

Contains articles on the Scottish flora. 

The Antiquary; a magazine devoted to the study of the 
past. Ed. by Edward Walford. Vol. I.-XXXVI." il. sq. 
Q. London, 1880-1900—* 

Asiatic quarterly review. Vol. I.- ser. 3, vol. X. pi. Q. 
London & Woking, 1SS6-1900— > 

Athenaeum; London literarv and critical journal, 1S28-1900. 
sq. F. London, 1828-1900— > 

Atlantis; a register of literature and science. Vol. I.-V. no. 1. 
pi, maps. O. London, 1858-[70J. 

Babylonian and oriental record; a monthly magazine of the 
antiquities of the east. Vol. L— VIII. il. 0. London, 

Bath natural history and antiquarian field club . Proceei I ings. 
Vol. I.— > pi. maps <). Bath, 1867-1900— > 

Birmingham philosophical society. Proceedings. Vol. I- 
VIII. pi. O. Birmingham, 1879— 94. — Continued as .-Bir- 
mingham natural history and philosophical society. Proceed- 
ings. VoI.IX.-XII. p!. O. Birmingham, 1895-1900-* 

Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Vol. I. CLXVTII. O. 
Edinburgh, 1817-1900—* 

Botanical gazette; a journal of the proxies.- of British botany 
and the contemporary literature of the science. Ed. by \. 
Henfrey. Vol. I.-III. O. London, 1849-51. 

Botanical magazine; or, Flower-garden displaved . . . Ed. 
by William Curtis. Vol. I.-XIV. pi. O. & Q. London, 
1787—1800. — Continued as: Curtis 's botanical magazine; or, 
Flower-garden displaved . . . Ed. by John Sims. Vol. XV.- 
XLII. pi. Q. London, 1S01-1 5. — Xew ser. Vol. XLIII.- 
LIII. pi. O. London, 1816-26. — Index. London, 1S26. 
— Ser. 2. Ed. by Samuel Curtis & W. J. Hooker. Vol. 
LIV.-LXX. pi. O. & Q. London, 1827-44.— Continued 
as: Curtis's botanical magazine, comprising the plants of 
the Royal gardens of Kew and of other establishments in 
Great Britain ... Ed. by W. J. Hooker (vol. LXXL- 
XC.) and J.D.Hooker. Ser. 3. Vol. LXXI.-CXXVI. pi. 
O. London, 1S45-1900— > 

Botanical miscellany; containing figures and descriptions of 
such plants as recommend themselves by their novelty, rarity 
or history or by the uses to which they are applied in the arts, 
in medicine and in domestic economy; together with occa- 
sional botanical notices and information. Ed. by Wm. J. 
Hooker. Vol. I.-III. pi. O. London, 1830-33. — Continued 
as : Journal of botany ; being a second series of the Botanical 
miscellany . . . Ed. by W. J. Hooker. Vol. I.-IV. pi. 
O. London, 1834-42. — Continued as: London journal of 
botany; containing figures and descriptions of such plants as 
recommend themselves by their novelty, rarity, history or 
uses ... Ed. by W. J. Hooker. Vol. I.-VIL pi. O. 
London, 1842-48. — Continued as: Hooker's journal of 
botany and Kew garden miscellany. Ed. bv W. J. Hooker. 
Vol. I.-IX. pi. O. London, 1849-57. 

Botanical register; consisting of coloured figures of exotic 
plants cultivated in British gardens . . . Ed. by J. B. Ivor. 
Vol. I.-XIV. pi. O. London, 1815-24. — Continued as: 
Edward's botanical register; or, Ornamental flower-garden & 
shrubbery; consisting of coloured figures of plants & shrubs 
cultivated in British gardens . . . Ed. by John Lindley. 
Vol. XV.-XXXIII. pi. O. London, 1824-33. 

Botanical school of Trinity college. Dublin. Notes. Vol.1, 
pt. 1-3. il. O. Dublin, 1896-98—* 

Botanical society of Edinburgh. Transactions and proceedings. 
Vol. I.-XXI. pi. O. Edinburgh, 1844-1900— > 

Botanist's repository; comprising colour'd engravings of new 

and rare plants only, with botanical descriptions in Latin and 

English after the Linna?an system. Ed. by Henry Andrews. 

10 vol. 664 pi. sq. Q. London, 1797-[i.S12]. 

For information concerning the editions of this work see Card. Chron . 

ser. 3, I. 515. 1S78. 

British and foreign medico-chirurgical review; or. Quarterly 

journal of practical medicine and surgery. Vol. I.-LX. O. 

London, 1S4S-77.|| — American reprint. Vol. I.-XXVIII. 

O. Philadelphia, 1S4S-61.|| 
British association for the advancement of science. Report 

of the meetings. Vol. I.-LXX. (1831-1900). il. pi. maps, 

tab. O. London, 1S33-1900-* 
There is an index for 1S31-90. 

British medical journal ; being the journal of the British medi- 
cal association, 1869-1900. Ed. bv Ernest Hart. il. sq. Q. 
London, 1809-1900-> 
British pharmaceutical conference. Proceedings. Vol. I- 
VI. O. London. 1864-69. 

From 1S70 the proceedings have been appended to the Year-book of 
pharmacy . . . 

Cambridge philosophical society. Transact ions. Vol'. I.- 
XVIII. pi. sq. Q. Cambridge, 1822-1900— » 

Proceedings. Vol. 1 \. (1843 1900). il. pi. D. 

London (vol. I.) & Cambridge, 1866 1900— ► 

Chambers's Edinburgh journal. Ed. bv William Chambers 
& Robert Chambers. Vol. I.-XI. F*. Edinburgh. 1833 
43. — Newser. Vol. I.-XX. Q. Edinburgh, 1844-54. — 
Continued as: Chambers's journal of popular literature, sci- 
ence and arts. Vol. I.-LXVU. Q. London & Edinburgh, 

Chemical gazette; or. Journal of practical chemistry in all its 
applications to pharmacy, arts .ui.l manufactures. Con- 
duct e. I by William Francis and Henry Croft. Vol. [.-XVII. 
O. London, 1843-69. — Continued as : The chemical news, 
with which is incorporate I the Chemical gazette; a journal of 
practical chemistry in all it- application- to pharmacy, arts 
and manufactures. I'M. bv William Crookes. Vol. I.- 
LXXXII. il. t>. London, 1860-1900-» 

Chemical society of London. Journal Vol. I -L.WVIII. 
il. pi. O. London. L849 1900 • 
Title of voL I XIV. rr.-..t*: " Qumrtcrly journal." 



The Chemist and druggist; a monthly trade circular. Vol. 
I.-LVII. O. London, 1859-1900-^ 

Vol. XVI. (1875) was never issued. 

Chester society of natural science and literature. Proceed- 
ings. Vol. I— > pi. maps. O. Chester, 1874-1900-^ 

Annual reports, 1872-1900. pi. maps. O. Chester, 

1873-1900— > 

Companion to the botanical magazine; being a journal con- 
taining such interesting botanical information as does not 
come within the prescribed limits of the magazine, with occa- 
sional figures. Ed. by W. J. Hooker. Vol. I. -II. O. Lon- 
don, 1835-36. 

Croydon microscopical and natural history club. Report 
and abstract of proceedings . . . No. I -VII. O. Croydon, 
1871-78. — Proceedings and transactions . . . 187S — > O. 
Croydon, 1881— > 

Devonshire association for the advancement of science, lit- 
erature and art. Report and transactions. Vol. I. O. 
London, 1863. — Transactions. Vol. II.-XXXI. O. Lon- 
don & Plymouth, 1864-99^ 

Dorset natural history and antiquarian field club. Proceed- 
ings. Vol. I.-XXIIL por. pi. maps. O. Sherborne & 
Dorchester, 1877-1900— > 

Dublin university magazine; a literary and political journal. 
Vol. I.-XC. pi. O. Dublin, 1833-77. 

Dublin university zoological and botanical association. Pro- 
ceedings. Vol. I.-II. (1857-60). il. pi. O. Dublin, 

Eastbourne natural history society. Papers (annual report) 
. . . 1869-81. Q. Eastbourne, 1869-81. — Transactions. 
. . . Newser. Vol.I.-III. pt. 2-4. O. Eastbourne, 1882- 
1900— > 

Edinburgh journal of science . . . Vol. I.- newser., vol. VI. 
pi. O. Edinburgh, 1824-32. 

In 1832 combined with "Philosophical magazine" and continued as: 
•« London and Edinburgh philosophical magazine . . ." 

Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. 82 vol. pi. O. 
Edinburgh, 1805-55. - — Continued as: Edinburgh medical 
journal; combining the Monthly journal of medicine and 
Edinburgh medical and surgical journal, il. pi. O. Ed- 
inburgh, 1855 — > 

Edinburgh naturalists' field club. Transactions. Vol. I. 
(1882-86). pi. O. [Edinburgh], 1886. — Continued as : Edin- 
burgh field naturalists' and microscopical society. Trans- 
actions. Vol. II.-IV. pt. 2 (1887-1900). il. pi. O. Edin- 
burgh, 1891-1900— > 

Edinburgh philosophical journal; exhibiting a view of the 
progress of discovery in natural philosophy, chemistry, nat- 
ural history, comparative anatomy, practical mechanics, 
geography, navigation, statistics and the fine and useful arts. 
Vol. I.-XIV. il. pi. maps. O. Edinburgh, 1819-26. — 
Continued as: Edinburgh new philosophical journal . . . 
Vol. I.-LVII. il. pi. maps. O. Edinburgh, 1826-54. 
— New ser. Vol. I.-XIX. il. pi. maps. O. Edin- 
burgh, 1855-64-11 

Epping forest and county of Essex naturalists' field club. 
Transactions. Vol. I.-II. (1SS0-82). O. Buckhurst Hill, 
1881-82. ■ — Continued as : Essex field club. Transactions. 

. Vol. III.-IV. (1882-85). O. Buckhurst Hill, 1884-85.— 
Continued as: Essex naturalist; being the journal [transac- 
tions & proceedings] of the . . . club. Ed. by W. Cole, &c. 
Vol. I.-VII. O. Buckhurst Hill, 1887-94— > 

Ethnological society of London. Transactions. New ser. 
Vol. I.-VII. il. O. London, 1861-69. 

Hampshire field club. Papers and proceedings. Vol. I. — > 
il. pi. O. Southampton, 1887-1900— > 

Historic society of Lancashire and Cheshire. Transactions. 
Vol. I.-LII. pi. O. Liverpool, 1S49-1900-^ 

Vol. I.— VI. published as : Proceedings and papers, 1849-54. 

Icones plantarum; or, Figures, with brief descriptive char- 
acters and remarks, of new or rare plants, selected from the 
author's herbarium. Ed. by W. J. Hooker. Vol. I.-X. pi. 
O. London, 1837-54. [Vol. V.-X. also called ser. 2. vol. 
I. -VI.] — Continued as : Hooker's Icones plantarum ; or, Fig- 
ures, with descriptive characters and remarks, of new and 
rare plants, selected from the Kew herbarium. Ed. by J. 
D.Hooker. Ser. 3. Vol. XI.-XXVII. pt. 3. London, 1867- 
1900— > 
Vol. XX.-XXIII. edited by Daniel Oliver; vol. XXIV.-XXVII. by 
W. T. Thiselton-Dyer. 

Journal of anatomy and physiology. Vol. I.-XX. O. Lon- 
don & Cambridge, 1867-86. — New ser. Vol. I.-IX. O. 
London, 1887-95— > 

Journal of botany British and foreign. Ed. by Berthold See- 
mann (vol. I.-IX.), Henry Trimen (vol. X.-XVII.) and 
James Britten. Vol. I.-XXXVIII. O. London, 1863- 
Journal of microscopy and natural science; the journal of the 
Postal microscopical society and the Wesley naturalists' so- 
ciety. Vol. I.-XV. pi. O. London & Bath, 1882-96. 
Title of vol. I.-II. reads: "Journal of the Postal microscopical so- 
Journal of natural philosophy, chemistry and the arts. Ed. 
by William Nicholson. Vol. I.-V. pi. sq. Q. London, 
1797-1802.— [Ser. 2.] Vol. I. -XXXVI. pi. O. London, 
Lettered: "Nicholson's journal. " 
Journal of philology. Vol. I -XXVI. O. London & Cam- 
bridge, 1868-99^ 
Contains articles on the etymology of plant names. 
Journal of physiology. Vol. I.-XXV. il. pi. O. Lon- 
don, etc., 187S-1900-^ 
The " Proceedings of the Physiological society " are appended to this 
Journal of travel and natural history. Vol. I. il. O. Lon- 
don, [1868-69]. 1 1 
Kew bulletin of miscellaneous information ; [with appendices 
and 4 additional series]. Ed. by the Royal gardens, Kew. 
[12] vol. (no. I.-CLIV.). O. London, 1887-1900-^ 

Contents of additional series: 1. Economic resources of the West In- 
dies. 2. Selected papers from the Kew bulletin. 3. Catalogue of the 
library. 4. List of published names of plants. 

The Lancet. Vol. I.-1900. O. London, 1824-1900-^ 
Linnean society of London. Proceedings. Vol. I.-1900 

(1838-1900). il. pi. O. London, 1849-1900^ 
Linnean society. Journal of the proceedings; botany. Vol. 

I.-XXXIV. pi. O. London, 1857-1900-^ 

Vol. VIII. -XXXIV. published as: " Journal of the Linnean society." 

Transactions. Vol. I.-XXX. pi. Q. London, 1791- 

1875. —Transactions; botany. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V. (pt. 1-14). 
pi. sq. Q. London, 1875-1900^ 

Literary and philosophical society of Liverpool. Proceed- 
ings. Vol. I.-LIV. (1844-1900). il. pi. O. London & 
Liverpool, 1845-1900^ 

Literary and philosophical society of Manchester. Memoirs. 
Vol. I.-V. pi. O. Warrington & London, 1785-1802. 
[A 2d edition of vol. I— III. was published at London, 1789.] 
— Ser.2. Vol. I.-XV. (VI .-XX.). pi. O. London & Paris, 
1S05-60. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-X. pi. O. London & Paris, 
1862-87. — Memoirs and proceedings. Ser. 4. Vol. I. -[XIV.] 
(XLIV.). pi. O. Manchester, 1888-1900— > 
Vol. [XI.-XIV.] called vol. XLI.-XLIV. 

Proceedings. Vol. I. -XXVI. (1857-87). pi. O. Man- 
chester, 1861-87. 

After 1886 the Proceedings were issued along with the Memoirs. 

The Literary world; a journal of society, literature and art. 
Vol. I.-XIII. sq. Q. New York, 1847-53. 

London medical journal; by a society of physicians. Vol. L- 
XI. pi. O. London, 1781-90. 

Continued as: "Medical facts and observations." 
London medical record; a review of the progress of medicine, 

surgery, obstetrics and the allied sciences. Vol. I.-XV. il. 

Q. London, 1873-87. — Continued as : London medical 

recorder. Vol. I.-IV. Q. London, 1888-91. || 
Magazine of botany and gardening, British and foreign . . . 

Ed. by James Rennie. Vol. I.-II. pi. Q. London, 1833- 

34. — Ed. by James Burnett and other eminent botanists. 

Newser. Vol.I.-III. (1835-37). pi. Q. London, 1836-37. 
Part-covers bear the title : " Magazine of botany, gardening and agri- 
culture, British and foreign." 
Magazine of natural history and journal of zoology, botany, 

mineralogy, geology and meteorology. Ed. by J. C. Loudon. 

Vol. I.-IX. il. O. London, 1829-36. — Ed. by Edw. 

Charlesworth. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-IV. il. O. London, 1837- 


Contains comparatively few botanical articles. 

Magazine of zoology and botany. Ed. by Sir W. Jardine, 
P. J. Selby & Dr. Johnston. 2 vol. il. pi. O. Edin- 
burgh, 1837-38. 

For continuation see: " Annals of natural history . . ." 

Malvern naturalists' field club. Transactions. Vol. I. pt. 

1-3 (1853-70). O. Worcester, 1870. 
Manchester microscopical society. Transactions and annual 

report, 1888-1900. O. Manchester, 18SS-1900— > 



Medical and physical journal; containing the earliest infor- 
mation on subjects of medicine, surgery, pharmacy, chemistry 
and natural history, and a critical analysis of all new books 
in those departments of literature. Conducted by T. Brad- 
ley, A. F. M. Willich, R. Batty, A. A. Nochden . . . Vol. 
I.-XXXIV. O. London, 1799-1815. — Continued as : Lon- 
don medical and physical journal. Conducted by S. Fother- 
gill, W. Hutchinson & A. B. Granville ... 20 vol. (vol. 
XXXV.-LIV.). O. London, 1S16-25.— Newseries. 15 vol. 
(vol. LV.-LXIX.). O. London, 1S26-33.|| 

Medical observations and inquiries; by a society of physicians 
in London. Vol. I. -VI. pi. O. London, 1757-S4.|| 

Medico-botanical society of London. Transactions. 4 vol. 
pi. O. London, [1828-37]. 

Microscopical society of London. Transactions. Vol. I- 
III. 0. London, 1844-52. — Continued as: Royal microscopi- 
cal society. Transactions. New ser. Vol. I.-XVI. il. pi. 
O. London, 1S53-6S. [Published in: Quarterly journal of 
microscopical science. Vol. I.-VIIL; new ser., vol. I.- VIII. 
London, 1S53-68.] — Continued as: Monthly microscopical 
journal ; transactions of the Royal microscopical society . . . 
Vol. I.-XVIII. pi. O. London, 1869-77. — Continued as. ■ 
Royal microscopical society. Journal containing . . . trans- 
actions & proceedings . . . 1S7S-1900. pi. O. London, 
187S-1900— > 

Midland naturalist; the journal of the associated natural his- 
tory, philosophical and archaeological societies and field clubs 
of the Midland counties. Ed. by E. W. Badger & W. J. 
Harrison. Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. O. London & Birming- 
ham, 1878-88. 

la vol. VII. (1S84) the sub-title changes to: " The journal of the Mid- 
land union of natural history societies, with which is incorporated the 
entire transactions of the Birmingham natural history and micro- 
scopical society." — -After vol. VIII. edited by E. W. Badger & W. 

The Month; an illustrated magazine of literature, science and 
arts. Vol. I.-XCVI. il. O. & Q. London & Dublin, 
1S64-1900— > 
The Monthly journal of medicine. Vol.I.-XX. il. pi. O. 
Edinburgh, 1811-55. — Continued as: Edinburgh medical 
journal, combining the Monthly journal of medicine and the 
Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Vol. I.-L. il. pi. 
O. Edinburgh, 1856-1900— >• 

Natural history review; including proceedings of the Irish 
natural history societies. Vol. I.— VII. il. pi. O. Dub- 
lin & London, 1854-60. [Sub-title changes frequently.] — 
Continued as : Natural history review; a quarterly journal of 
biological science. [Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V.] il. pi. O. Lon- 
don & Edinburgh, 1S61-65. 

Natural history society of Northumberland, Durham and 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Transactions. Vol. I.— II. il. pi. 
sq. Q. Newcastle, 1831-38. — Continued as : Natural his- 
tory . . . and Tyneside naturalists' field club. Natural 
history transactions . . . Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. tab. O. 
London, 1867-1894— > 

Natural science; a monthly review of scientific progress, pi. 
O. Vol. I.-XV. London, 1892-99.|| 

The Naturalist; a popular monthly magazine, illustrative of 
the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Conducted 
by Beverley R. Morris & F. O. Morris. Vol. I.-VIII. O. 
London, 1851-58. — Continued as: The magazine of natural 
history and naturalist. 9 no. O. London, [I860]. 

The NaturaUst and journal of the West Riding consolidated 
naturalists' society and manual of exchange in all depart- 
ments of natural history. 3 vol. (). Huilderslicld, 1N62- 
64. — Continued ax : The naturalist and field club journal. 
... 2 vol. O. London & Huddersfield, 1865-06. — Con- 
tinued as : The Yorkshire naturalists' recorder; journal of the 
West Riding consolidated naturalists' society. Vol. I.— IX. 
Huddersfield, [1867J-75. — Continued as: The naturalist; 
journal of the Yorkshire naturalists' union and general field 
club record. Ed. by P. Ilobkirk & G. T. Porrit. New ser. 
Vol. I.-IX. O. Huddersfield. L876-84. — Continued as: 
Monthly journal of natural history for the north of England. 
Ed. by'Wm. Denison Roebuck. Vol. X— > O. London & 
Leeds; ISXl-v 

Nature; a weeklv illustrate! I journal of science. Vol. I.-LXH. 
(1869-1900). il. por. maps. Q. London & New York, 
1870-1900— > 

Norfolk and Norwich naturalists' society. Transactions. 
Vol. I.-V. (1869-92). il. pi. maps, tab. 0. Norwich, 
187 1-92 -> 

Palestine exploration fund. Quarterly statement, 1869- 

1900. il. pi. O. London, [1 869-1 900}-» 
Paxton's flower garden. Ed. by J. Lindley & J. Paxton. 

Vol. I.-III. il. pi. Q. London, 1S50-53. 
Paxton's magazine of botany and register of flowering plants. 

Ed. by Joseph Paxton. Vol. I.-XVI. il. pi. O. Lon- 
don, 1S34-1S49. 
Pharmaceutical journal and transactions. Vol. I.-XVUI. 

(1841-59). il. pi. O. London, 1S42-59. — Ser. 2. Vol. 

I.-XI. (1859-70). il. pi. O. London, 1S60-70. — Ser. 3. 

Vol. I.-XXV. (1870-95). il. pi. Q. London, 1S71-95. 

— Ser. 4. Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. sq. Q. London, 1S95-1900— ► 
Philosophical magazine . . . Vol. I.-LXVIII. il. pi. O. 

London, [1798]-1S26. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. O. 

London, 1827-32. — - Continued as : London and Edinburgh 

philosophical magazine & journal of science. Ser. 3. Vol. 

I.-XXXVII. il. pi. O. London, 1832-50. [From vol. 

XVII. of ser. 3 title reads: London, Edinburgh & Dublin 

philosophical magazine . . .] — Ser. 4. Vol. I.-L. il. pi. 

O. London, 1S51-75. — Ser. 5. Vol. I.-L. il. pi. O. 

London, 1876-1900— > 
Philosophical society of Glasgow. Proceedings. Vol. I.- 

XXXI. (1S41-1900). pi. map. O. Glasgow, 1S44-1900— > 
The Phytologist; a popular botanical miscellany. Ed. by 

George Luxford & Edward Newman. Vol. I.-V. (1S41-54). 

il. O. London, 1842-56. — Continued as : The phytologist; 

a botanical journal. Ed. by Alexander Irvine. [Ser. 2.1 

Vol. I.-VI. il. pi. O. London, 1S55-63.| | 

Contains articles almost exclusively on British plants, few of dendro- 
logical interest and hardly any of importance. 

Popular science review ; a quarterly miscellany of entertaining 
and instructive articles on scientific subjects. Vol. I.-XX. 
il. pi. maps. O. London, 1862-S1.|| 

Quarterly journal of science. Ed. by James Samuelson & 
William Crookes. Vol. I. -VII. O. London, 1864-70.— 
Continued as: Quarterly journal of science and annals of 
mining, metallurgy, engineering, industrial arts, manufac- 
tures and technologv. Ed. by William Crookes. Vol. VII I.- 
XV. (New ser. vol. I.-VIII.). O. London, 1S71-7S. — 
Continued as': Monthly journal of science. Vol. [XYL] 
(12 no.). O. London, 1879. [No. 1 reads : "Quarterly 
journal of science."] — Continued as: Journal of science and 
annals of astronomy, biology, geology, industrial arts, manu- 
factures and technology. Ed. by William Crookes. Vol. 
XVII.-XXII. O. London, 1SS0-S5.|| 

Quekett microscopical club. Journal. Vol. I.-VI. O. Lon- 
don, 1868-S1. —Ser. 2. Vol. I.-V. O. London, 1SS2-S6. 

Ray society. Reports and papers on botany. 2 vol. pi. 
O. London, 1S46-49. 

• Botanical and physiological memoirs. Ed. by Arthur 

Henfrey. 254- [1]+ 567+ [3] pp. 6 pi. O. London, 1S53. 

Recreative science ; a record and remembrancer of intellectual 
observation. Vol. I.-III. il. sq. O. London, 1860-62. 
— Continued as: The intellectual observer; review of natu- 
ral history, microscopic research and recreative science. 
Vol. I.-XII. il. pi. 0. London, 1862-68. — Continued 
as : Student and intellectual observer of science, literature 
and art. Vol. I.-V. il. pi. O. London, 1S6S-71.! 

Refugium botanicum ; or, Figures and descriptions from living 
specimens of little known or new plants of botanical interest. 
Ed. by W. W. Saunders. Vol. I.-V. pi. Q. London, 

Royal Asiatic society of Great Britain and Ireland. Journal. 
Vol.I.-XX. il. pi. O. London, 1834-63. — Ser. 2. Vol. 

I.-XXI. pi. O. London, 1S05-S9. — [Ser. 3.] IS! HI 1900. 
pi. O. London, 1S90-1900— > 

Royal Dublin society. Journal. Vol. I.-VII. pi. maps. 
O. Dublin, 1858-78. 

Scientific proceedings. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VIII. il. pi. 

maps. O. Dublin, 1S7S-98— > 

Scientific transactions. Ser. 2. Vol.1. -VI. il. pi. sq. 

Q. Dublin, is77 98— » 

Royal geographical society of London. Journal. Vol. L- 
L. (1831-80). pi. maps. O. London, 1X32-S0. 

Proceedings, Vol. I. -XXII. (1855 78). maps. O. 

London, 1857-78. — Proceedings and monthly record of geo- 
graphy. New ser. Vol. I.-X1Y. maps. O. London, 
1879 92.- Continued as: Geographical journal, including 
the proceedings of the Royal geographical society. Vol. I.- 
XVI. il. pi. maps. O. London, 1893 1900— > 

Supplementary papers. Vol. I.-III. (1882 93). maps. 

O. London, 1886 93. 



Royal institution of South Wales. Annual report. Vol. I- 

XLVI. pi. O. Swansea, 1839-81. 
Royal Irish academy. Proceedings. Vol. I.-X. (1836-70). 

il. pi. O. Dublin, 1841-70. 
Proceedings; polite literature & antiquities. Ser. 2. Vol. 

I.-II. (1869-88). pi. O. Dublin, 1879-S8. 
Proceedings; science. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-IV. il. pi. tab. 

O. Dublin, 1S70-8S. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-V. il. pi. tab. 

O. Dublin, 1889-1900-^ 
Transactions. Vol. I.-XXXI. il. pi. map, tab. 

sq. F. Dublin, 1787-1900-^ 
Royal society of Edinburgh. Transactions. Vol. I.-XL. 

no. 5. 0. pi. maps. sq. Q. Edinburgh, 1788-1900-h. 
Index to vol. I.-XXXIV. 
Proceedings. Vol. I.-XXII. (1832-99). il. pi. O. 

Edinburgh, 1S45-1900— * 

(Royal society of London.) Philosophical transactions, giv- 
ing some account of the present undertakings, studies and 

labours of the ingenious in many considerable parts of the 

world. Vol. I.-CXCIV. A. il. pi. maps. sq. O. & sq. Q. 

London, 1665-1900— > 
In 1776 (vol. LXVI.) sub-title is dropped. 
Proceedings. Vol. I -LXVI. (1800-1900). il. pi. O. 

London, 1 832-1 900-* 

In vol. I.-VI. title reads: " Abstracts of the papers printed in the 
Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London." 
Science progress; a monthly review of current scientific in- 
vestigation. Vol. I.-VII. il. Q. London, 1894-98. 
Scottish geographical magazine. Vol. I.-XVI. pi. maps. 
O. Edinburgh, 1885-1900— > 

(The) Scottish Naturalist; a magazine of Scottish natural his- 
tory. Ed. by Francis Buchanan White (vol. I.-V.) & J. W. 
H. Trail. Vol. I.-X. pi. O. Perth, Edinburgh & London, 
Vol. VII. -X. also called: New ser. Vol. I.-IV. — For continuation 
see: " Annals of Scottish natural history." — Contains many articles 
on the Scottish flora. 
Society of biblical archaeology. Proceedings. Vol. I.-XVI. 
pi. O. London, 1879-94.f 

Tyneside naturalists' field club. Transactions. Vol. I.-VI. 
pi. O. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1848-64. 

For continuation see: " Natural history society of Northumberland." 

Victoria institute ; or, Philosophical society of Great Britain. 
Journal of the transactions. Vol. I.-XXXII. il. maps. 
O. London, 1867-1900— > 

Watford natural history society and Hertfordshire field club. 
Transactions. Vol. I.-II. (1875-SO). O. Watford, 1S78- 
80. — Continued as : Hertfordshire natural history society 
and field club. Transactions. Ed. by John Hopkinson. 
Vol. I.-X. pt. 5. pi. O. London, Watford & Hertford, 

Wemerian natural history society. Memoirs. Vol. I.-VIII. 
pt. 1 (180S-[3S]). il. pi. maps, tab. O. Edinburgh, 

Wiltshire archaeo'ogieal and natural history magazine. Vol. 
I.-XXX. il. pi. tab. O. Devizes & London, 1854- 

Year-book of pharmacy; comprising abstracts of papers re- 
lating to pharmacy, materia medica, therapeutics and chem- 
istry, contributed to British and foreign journals, with the 
proceedings of the British pharmaceutical conference. Vol. 
I.-XXV. O. London, 1874-94— > 


Academie de Marseille. Memoires. Vol. I.-XII. O. Mar- 
seille, 1803-14. 

Academie des sciences, arts et belles-lettres de Dijon. 
Memoires, 1820-50. O. Dijon, 1820-50. —Ser. 2. Vol. I.- 
XVI. (1851-70). pi. O. Dijon, 1852-71. — Ser. 3. Vol. 
I.-X. (1871-88). O. Dijon, 1873-SS. — Ser.4. Vol. I.-VI. 
pi. O. Dijon, 1889-98— > 

Academie des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Clermont- 
Ferrand. Annales scientifiques litteraires et industrielles de 
l'Auvergne. Vol. I.-XXXI. pi. O. Clermont-Ferrand, 
182S-5S. [Vol. I. called simply " Annales scientifiques, indus- 
trielles et statistiques de l'Auvergne."] — Memoires. Vol. I.- 
XXXI. pi. O. Clermont-Ferrand, 1859-89. [Vol. I- 
XVIII. called also vol. XXXII.-XLIX. of the Annales.] — 
Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XV. pi. O. Clermont-Ferrand, 1890-1900—* 

Academie des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Rouen. 
Precis analytique des travaux pendant l'annee 1804-56. 26 
vol. il. tab. O. Rouen, 1807-56. 

Academie des sciences et lettres de Montpellier. Memoires 
de la section des sciences. Vol. I.-XL pi. sq. Q. Mont- 
pellier, 1847-92. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-II. pi. Q. Mont- 
pellier, 1894-1900^- 

Contains nothing dendrological after 1881. 

Academie nationale (imperiale) de Reims. Travaux. Vol. 
I.-CVII. (1844-1900). pi. O. Reims, 1845-1900— > 

Academie royale (imperiale, nationale) de medicine. Bul- 
letin. Vol. I.-ser. 3, vol. XXIV. Paris, 1836-90-^ 

Memoires. Vol. I.-XXXVIII. pi. sq. Q. Paris, 

1828-99— ► 

Academie royale des sciences. Histoire depuis son etablisse- 
ment en 1666 jusqu'a 1699. Vol. I.-II. pi. Q. Paris, 
1733.— Memoires, 1666-99. Vol. III.-XI. pi. Q. Paris, 
1729-34. — Histoire avec les memoires de mathematique & 
de physique . . . tires des registres . . . 1699-1789. il. 
pi. maps, tab. Q. Paris, 1702-94. — Memoires tires des 
registres . . . 1790. pi. map. Q. Paris, 1797. — Table 
alphabetique . . . 1666-1790. 10 vol. Q. Paris, 1729- 
1809. — Continued as : Institut national des sciences (lettres) 
et arts de France. Memoires. Vol. I.-VI. pi. maps, tab. 
Q. Paris, 179S-1806. — Continued as: Institut national 
(imperial, royal) de France. Memoires de la classe des sci- 
ences mathematiques et physiques, 1806-15. pi. Q. Paris, 
1806-18. — Memoires de l'Academie royale des sciences. 
[Ser. 2.] Vol. I.-XLIV. (1816-88). pi. tab. sq. Q. 
Paris, 1S1S-S9^> 

Memoires de mathematique et de physique, presentes a 

l'Academie . . . par divers scavans et lus dans ses assem- 
blies. Vol. I.-XL pi. Q. Paris, 1750-86. — Continued 
as : Institut . . . de France. Memoires pre'sentes . . . par 
divers savans et lus dans ses assemblies ; sciences mathema- 
tiques et physiques. Vol. I.-II. pi. tab. sq. Q. Paris, 
1S05-11. — Memoires presentes par divers savans a 1' Aca- 
demie royale des sceinces. [Ser. 2.] Vol. I.-XXXI. pi. 
maps. sq. Q. Paris, 1827-94^ 

Has also the title: " Collection des memoires des savans strangers." 

Academie des sciences. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des 
stances. Vol. I.-CXXXI. il. pi. tab. sq. Q. Paris, 
Index to vol. I.— LXI. 

Academie (royale) des inscriptions et belles-lettres de l'lnstitut 
imperial de France. Memoires presentes par divers savants. 
Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VI. pi. maps. sq. Q. Paris, 1843-88. 

Academie royale (imperiale, nationale) des sciences, arts 
et belles-lettres de Caen. Memoires, 1829-1900. pi. O. 
Caen, 1829-1900^ 

Academie royale des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de 
Besancon. Seances publiques. 135 vol. O. Besancon, 
1806-75— > 

Academie royale des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Bor- 
deaux. Actes. Vol. I.-LXII. pi. tab. O. Bordeaux, 
In vol. X.— XXI. the words: " Recueil des actes " are substituted for 
" actes." 

Academie royale (imperiale) des sciences, belles-lettres et 
arts de Lyon. Memoires, section des sciences. Vol. I.-II. 
pi. O. Lyon, 1S45-47. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XXXI. il. pi. 
Q. Lyon & Paris, 1S51-92. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-V. il. pi. 
Q. Paris & Lyon, 1893-98^ 

Academie royale (imperiale) des sciences, inscriptions et 
belles-lettres de Toulouse. Histoire et memoires. Vol. I.- 
IV. pi. sq. Q. Toulouse, 17S2-90. [Each volume in 2 
parts ; part 1 Histoire and part 2 Memoires.] — Ser. 2. Vol. 
I.-VI. pi. O. Toulouse, 1S27^3. [Each volume in 2 
parts.] — Memoires. Ser. 3, vol. I.-ser. 9, vol. IX. pi. O. 
Toulouse, 1844-97— > 

Series 3-6 (1844-68) consists of 6 volumes each, series 7-9 of 10 vol- 
umes each. — No volume published in 1898-1900. 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-III. Q. Toulouse, 1897-1900— > 

Adansonia; recueil periodique d'observations botaniques. 
Ed.byH.[E.]Baillon. Vol. I.-XII. pi. O. Paris, 1860- 
Published in parts ; the first parts under the sub-title. 

Annales de chimie; ou, Recueil de memoires concernant la 
chimie et les arts qui en dependent. Vol. I.-XCVI. il. pi. 
O. Paris, 1790—1815. — Continued as: Annales de chimie et 
de physique. [Ser. 2], vol. I.-ser. 7, vol. XXI. il. pi. O. 
Paris, 1816-1900— > 

Annales degeographie. Vol.I.-IX. (1S91-1900). pi. maps. 
Q. Paris, 1892-1900^ 

Annales de l'extreme Orient. Vol. I.-XV. map. Q. Paris, 
In vol. VT.-XV. the words " et de l'Afrique " are added to the title. 



Annates des sciences naturelles . . . Ed. by Audouin, 
Brongniart & Dumas. Vol. I.-XXX. pi. O. Paris, 
1824-33. — Table generate alphabe^tique et raisonnee des 
matieres . . . 2+249 pp. O. Paris, 1S41. — Continued in 
two parallel series: 

Botanique. Ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 8, vol. XII. il. pi. 

O. Paris, 1834-1900— > 

Each series contains 20 vol. — Ser. 2, vol. I.-XVII., edited by Bron- 
gniart & Guillemin ; ser. 2, vol. XVIII. -ser. 6, vol. III., by Bron- 
gniart & Decaisne; ser. 6, vol. IV.-XII.. by Decaisne ; ser. 6, vol. 
XIII- ser. 8, vol. XII., by Ph. Van Tieghem. 
Zoologie. Ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 8, vol. XI. il. pi. O. 

Paris, 1834-1900— » 
Each series contains 20 vol. 
Annates franchises et <5trangeres d'anatomie et de physiologie, 

appliquees a. la ntedecine et a l'histoire naturelle par MM. 

Laurent & Bazin. Vol. I.-III. O. Paris, 1837-39. 
Archives botaniques du nord de la France; revue botanique 

mensuelle publtee sous la direction de C. Eg. Bertrand. Vol. 

I.-TJIL] il. 1 por. pi. tab. Q. Lille & Paris, 1881- 

[89]. 1 1 
Published in 49 parts marked on the t-p-c. " annee I.-V." Vol. III. 
lacks t-p. & index and consists of: " Lignier, O. Recherches sur 
l'anatomie comparee des Calycanthees, des Melastomace'es et des Myr- 
tacees." — " Bertrand, C. E. Traitdde botanique," was published as 
an appendix to vol. I. (1SS1-S2) and continued as parts 50-51 (1SS9) 
of the periodical. 
Archives de botanique; ou, Recueil mensuel de ntemoires 

originaux, d'extraits et analyses bibliographiques, d'an- 

nonces et d'avis divers concernant cette science. Ed. by 

A. J. Guillemin. Vol. I.-II. pi. O. Paris, 1833. 
Archives de la fiore jurassienne. Ed. by Dr. Ant. Magnin. 

1 vol. (No. 1-10). O. n. t-p. Lyon, 1900— > 

Contains but a few phytogeographical notes on woody plants. 

Association florimontane dAnnecy. Bulletin. Vol. I.-III. 

O. Annecy, 1S55-57. — Revue savoisienne. Vol. I.-XVII. 

F. Annecy, lS60-76^> 
Association frangaise de botanique. Bulletin. Vol. I.-III. 

O. Le Mans, 1898-1900— > 
Association francaise pour l'avancement des sciences. 

Comptes-rendus de la session 1-29. Vol. I.-XXIX. pt. 1 

(1872-1900). il. pi. maps, tab. O. Paris, 1S73-1900— > 
Beginning with 1S85, vol. XIII. (1SS4), issued in two parts: Pt. 1. 
Documents officiels. Proces-verbaux. Pt. 2. Notes et memoires. 
Athenaeum francais; journal universel de la literature, de la 

science et des beaux-arts. Vol. I.-V. Q. Paris, 1852-56. 
Billotia; ou, Notes de botanique. Ed. by V. Bavoux and 

others. 1 vol. por. pi. O. Besancon, 1864-[79]. 
Le Botaniste. Ed. by P. A. Dangeard. Vol. I.-VII. pi. 

Q. Caen, Paris & Poitiers, 18S9-1900— > 
Contains almost exclusively articles on the morphology and physi- 
ology of cryptogamous plants, mostly by the editor. 
Bulletin de pharmacie. Vol. I.-VI. pi. O. Paris, 1S09- 

14. — Continued as: Journal de pharmacie et des sciences 

accessoires. Vol. I.-XXVII. pi. O. Paris, 1S15HU.— 

Continued as : Journal de pharmacie et de chimie. Ser. 3, 

vol. I. -ser. 6, vol. XII. il. pi. O. Paris, 1S42-1900-* 
Bulletin general de thcrapeutique, medicate et chirurgicale. 

Vol. I.-CXL. il. pi. 0. Paris, 1S32-1900— > 
Bulletin sciontifique de la France et de la Belgique. Vol. I.- 

XXXIII. il. pi. O. Lille A Paris, 1N7N-1900— > 

Vol. I. -X. called : " Bulletin sciontifique dude"partcnient du Nord ..." 

Club alpin francais. Annuaire. Vol. I -XXVI. il. pi. maps. 

O. Paris, 1S75-1900— > 
CongTes de botanique . . . Paris . . . 1889. Actes. 28S pp. 

il. IS pi. O. n.t-p. [Paris, 1S89.] (Soc. Bot. France Bull. 

XXXVI. apx.) 
CongTes international de botanique . . . Paris . . . 1867. 

Aries. 266 pp. 2 pi. O. Paris, 1X67. 
Congres international de botanique, (I«) . . . Paris . . . 

1900. Actes. 32+571 pp. il. pi. O. Lons-le-Saunier, 

CongTes scientifique de France. Sessions (proces-vorbaux 

& memoires), I.-XLII. (1876). O. Rouen, etc., 1833-78. 
L'ficole normale superieure. Annates scicntifiques. Vol. 

I.-VII. pi. sq.Q. Paris. 1.X6 1-70. —Ser. 2. Vol. I. -XII. 

pi. sq.Q. Paris, 1S72-S3. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XVII. pi. 

sq. Q. Paris, lssl-1900-* 
Faculty des sciences de Marseille. Annates. Vol. I.-X. 

il. por. pi. maps. sq. Q. Marseille & Paris, 1S91- 

Feuille des jeunes naturaliates. Vol. I. -XXXI. C362 nos.). 

il. pi. Q. Pari.-, 1S70-1900-* 

Gazette hebdomadaire de ntedeeine et de chirurgie. Vol. I.- 

X. sq.Q. Paris, 1S53-63. — Ser.2. Vol. I. -XXXII. sq. 
Q. Paris, 1S64-95. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-V. sq. Q. Paris, 
1S96-1900— > 

Gazette medicate de Paris. Vol. XXIII.-LXI. F. Paris, 

1853-1900— » 
L'Institut. Journal des academies et soctetes scientifiques 
de la France et de l'etranger. Vol. I. Q. Paris, 1S33. — 
Journal general (universel) des societes et travaux scienti- 
fiques . . . Vol. II.-III. Q. Paris, 1S34-35. — Sect. I. 
Sciences mathematiques, physiques et naturelles. Vol. IV- 
XL. Q. Paris, 1S36-70. — Journal des sciences et des 
soctetes savants en France et a l'etranger. Sect. I. Vol. I.- 
IV. Q. Paris, 1S73-76. 
Institut colonial de Marseille. Annales. Vol. I.-VII. il. 
pi. Q. Marseille, Lille, Macon, Paris, 1893-1900— » 

Vol. I.-II. also called: " Institut botanico-geologique colonial de Mar- 
seille. Annates." Vol. III. also called: " Musee et institut colonial de 
Marseille. Annales." 

Institut des provinces de France. Annuaire. Vol. I.-X. D. 

Caen, 1S46-5S. — Ser. 2. Vol. I -XII. D. Caen, 1859-70. 

Memoires. Vol. I. pi. Q. Paris, 1S59. 

Institut Pasteur. Annales. Vol. I. -XIV. il. pi. O. Paris, 

Journal asiatique; ou, Recueil de memoires, d'extraits et de 

notices relatifs a l'histoire, a la philosophie, aux sciences, a 

la litterature et aux langues des peuples orientaux. Vol. L- 

XI. pi. O. Paris, 1822-27. — Continued as : Xouveau journal 
asiatique . . . [Ser. 2.] Vol. I.-XVI. pi. O. Paris, 1828- 
35. — Continued as : Journal asiatique . . . Ser. 3. Vol. I.- 
XIV. pi. O. Paris, 1S36-42. — Ser. 4, vol. I.-ser. 9, 
vol. XV. pi. O. Paris, 1S43-1900— > 

Ser. 4-9 consist of 20 vol. each. 

Journal de botanique; r£dig(5 par une soci^te' de botanisles. 
Vol. I.-II. pi. D. Paris, 1S08-09. 

Journal de botanique. Ed. by Louis Morot. Vol. I.-XIV. 
il. pi. O. Paris, 1SS7-1900^ 

Journal de botanique appliqu£e a l'agriculture, a la pharmacie, 
a la ntedecine et aux arts. Ed. by N. A. Desvaux. Vol. L- 
IV. pi. O. Paris, 1813-14. 
The last 3 numbers of vol. III. were apparently never published; see 
note on p. 2S5 of vol. IV. 

Journal de botanique pure et appliquee. Ed. by G. Huber- 
son. Vol. I-+ il. Q. [Paris], 1872-80— > 

Journal de chimie me'dicale, de pharmacie et de toxicologic. 
R£dig6 par Chevallier, Fee, Guibourt, Julia Fontenelle, 
Laugier, etc. 10 vol. O. Paris, 1S25-34. — Continued as : 
Journal . . . revue des nouvelles scientifiques nationales et 
6trangeres. Par les membres de la Society de chimie medi- 
cate. Ser.2. Vol. I.-X. O. Paris, 1S35-44. — Ser. 3. Vol. 
I.-X. O. Paris, 1S4 5-54. — Ser. 4. Vol. I.-X. O. Paris, 
1S55-64. — Continued as: Journal . . . revue industrielle. 
Publte sous la direction de A. Chevallier. Ser. 5. Vol. L- 

XII. O. Paris, 1S65-76. 

United in April, 1876. with the " Repertoire do pharmacie." 

Journal de l'anatomie et de la physiologie normales et patho- 
logiques de l'homme et des animaux. Ed. bv Charles Robin. 
Vol. I.-XXXVI. pi. O. Paris, 1S64-1900-* 
Seems to be another continuation of the following. 

Journal de la physiologie de l'homme et des animaux; par 
Brown-Sequard. Vol. I.-VI. O. Paris, 1S5S-63. — Continued 
as : Archives de physiologie normale et pathologique . . . 
Ser. 1, vol. I.-ser. 5," vol. X. il. pi. O. Paris, 1868-98. 

Journal de meclecine, chirurgie. pharmacie. etc. ; par Corvisart, 
LerouxetBoyer. Vol.I.-XL. O. Paris, 1801-17. — Con- 
tinued as: Nouveau journal de meclecine, etc.; par Beclard, 
cvc. Vol. I. -XV. O. Paris, 1818-22. 

Journal do nicdeeine, de chirurgie et de pharmacie militaires. 
Vol. I.-II. il. pi. O. Paris. 1815 16. — Continued at : 
Recueil de memoires tic meclicine, de chirurgie . . . Vol. 
III. -ser. 3, vol. XXXVIII. il. pi. O. Paris, 1817-82. — 
Continued as: Archives de ntedecine el de pharmacie mili- 
taires. Vol. I.-XXXVI. il. pi. O. Paris, 1883-1900— » 

Journal dc physique, chimie et bistoire naturelle eleinentaires, 
a l'usage des candidate aux ecoles du gouvernement et aux 
baccalaureats des ecoles normales pnmaires. Publie par 
Abel Buguet. 10 vol. O. Paris, 1SS0-95— » 

Journal des observations physiques, mathematiques et bo- 
taniques faitcs dans l'Amdrique meridionale. Q. Paris, 
171 1-25. 

Journal des savants, 1665-1900. il. pi. O. & sq. Q. Paris, 
1665-1900— ► 
Title from 1075-1740 roads: "Journnl des scavans." 



Journal universel et hebdomadaire de medecine et de chirurgie 
pratiques et des institutions medicales; par M. Begin, etc. 
Vol. I.-XIII. O. Paris, 1S30-33. 

Magasin encyclopedique ; ou, Journal des sciences, des lettres 
et des arts; [par A. L. Millin, S. B. J. Noel et I. Warens]. 
1 vol. (53 pts.) O. Paris, 1792-93. — Redige par A. L. 
Millin, Noel & Warens. 122 vol. O. Paris, an III. [1795]- 
1816. — Continued as: Annales encyelop£diques. Ridigees 
par A. L. Millin. 12 vol. O. Paris, 1817-1S. — Continued 
as : Revue encyclopedique ; ou, Analyse raisonnee des pro- 
ductions les plus remarquables dans la litterature, les sciences 
et les arts. Par une reunion de membres de l'lnstitut et 
d'autres hommes de lettres, sous la direction de Marc An- 
toine Jullien, dit de Paris. 61 vol. O. Paris, 1819-35. 

Marseille-medical; journal mensuel. Vol. X.-XXXVII. pi. 
O. Marseille, 1873-1900-^ 

Vol. I.-V. called: " Union medical de la Provence." 

Le Monde des plantes; revue mensuelle de botanique; 
organe de l'Acadlmie internationale de geographie botanique. 
Ed. by A. A. H. Leveille. Vol. I.-VIII. no. 108 (ser. 1-3). 
il. por. pi. O. & Q. Le Mans, 1891-1898. — Continued 
as : Academie internationale de geographie botanique. Bul- 
letin. Vol. VIII. no. 110 -vol. IX. il. por. pi. O. Le 
Mans, 1899-1900— >• 

Montpellier medical; journal mensuel de medicine. Vol. 
I.-L. O. Montpellier, 1858-83. — Ser. 2. Vol. I. - annee 

XXXVII. O. Montpellier, 1883-93. — Continued as: 
Nouveau Montpellier medical; gazette hebdomadaire des 
sciences medicales. [Ser. 3.] Vol. I.-XI. (annee XLIII.). O. 
Montpellier, 1893-1900^ 

Musee d'histoire naturelle. Annales. Vol. I.-XX. pi. tab. 
Q. Paris, 1802-13. — Nouvelles annales. Vol. I.-IV. pi. 
Q. Paris, 1832-35. 

Memoires. Vol. I.-XX. pi. tab. Q. Paris, 1815-32. 

Archives. Vol. I.-X. pi. map, tab. F. Paris, 

1839-61. — Nouvelles archives. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. maps. 
F. [Paris], 1865-74. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. F. 
Paris, 1878-88. [Index, 1839-88, in vol. X.] — Ser. 3. Vol. 
I.-X. il. por. pi. F. Paris, 1889-98. [Index, 1889- 
98, in vol. X.]— Ser. 4. Vol. I.-II. il. por. pi. F. 
Paris, 1 899-1 900-» 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-VI. il. pi. maps. Q. Paris, 1S95- 

1900— > 
Museum d'histoire naturelle de Rouen. Actes. Vol. I- 

XXXVIII. pi. O. Rouen, 1862-1900— s- 

Le Naturaliste; journal des echanges et des nouvelles. Vol. 
I.-III. il. sq. F. n. t-p. Paris, 1879-87. — Continued 
as : Le Naturaliste ; revue illustree des sciences naturelles. 
Ser. 2. Vol. [I.]-XIV. F. Paris, 1887-1900-^ 
Chiefly zoological. 

La Nature ; revue des sciences et de leurs applications aux 
arts et k l'industrie. Vol. I.-XXVIII. il. Q. Paris, 
1873-1900— > 

Observations et memoires sur la physique, sur l'histoire na- 
turelle et sur les arts . . . par M. l'abbe Rozier. Vol. I- 
XLIII. (1773-93). pi. Q. Paris, 1784-93. — Continued 
as : Journal de physique, de chimie, de l'histoire naturelle 
(et des arts). Vol. XLIV.-XCVI. pi. sq. Q. Paris, 
Vol. XLIV.-XLVII. called vol. I.-IV. 

Recueil de travaux relatifs a la philologie et h. l'archeologie 
egyptiennes et assyriennes . . . Vol. I.-XXII. il. pi. Q. 
Paris, 1870-1900-+ 

Vol. XVII.-XXII. also called ser. 2, vol. I.-VI. 

Repertoire de chimie appliquee, compte rendu des applications 
de la chimie en France et a l'etranger; par Barresuil. Vol. 
I.-VI. (1858-66). O. Paris, 1859-66. 

Repertoire de chimie pure, compte rendu des progres de la 
chimie pure en France et k l'etranger; par Wurtz . . . Vol. 
I.-VI. (1858-66). O. Paris, 1859-66. 

Repertoire de pharmacie; recueil pratique. Redige' par 
A. Lartigue & Bouchardat. 28 vol. O. Paris, 1844-72. 
— New ser. _ 3 vol. O. Paris, 1874-76. — United with 
Journal de chimie medicate and continued as : Repertoire de 
pharmacie et Journal de chimie medicale r6unis. Dirige 
par Eug. Lebaigne. 13 vol. O. Paris, 1876-88. — Con- 
tinued as : Repertoire de pharmacie et archives de pharmacie 
reunis; recueil pratique fonde par Bouchardat, actuellement 
dirige par C. Crinon. Ser. 3. 7 vol. O. Paris, 1889-95— > 

Revue de botanique; bulletin mensuel de la Society francaise 
de botanique. Vol. I.-XIII. pi. O. & Q. Toulouse, 
1882-95— > 

Vol. X. 273-608 lacking; the gap to be filled by the continuation of 
" Timbal, Florule des Corbierieres " (pp. 7-272). 

Revue des cours scientifiques de la France et de l'etranger. 
Vol. I.-VII. il. Q. Paris, 1863-70. — Continued as:. 
Revue scientifique de la France et de l'etranger. Ser. 2, 
vol. I.-ser. 3, vol. XXVI. (vol. VIII.-LIL). il. Q. Paris, 
1871-93. — Continued as : Revue scientifique. Ser. 4. Vol. 
I.-XIV. il. sq. Q. Paris, 1894-1900-* 

Revue des sciences naturelles. Vol. I.-VII. pi. maps. Q. 
Montpellier & Paris, 1872-78. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-II. pi. Q. 
Montpellier & Paris, 1879-[S1]. [Vol. I. called also vol. VIII. 
of ser. 1.]— Ser. 3. Vol. I.-IV. il. pi. fac-sim. tab. Q. 
Montpellier & Paris, 1882-85.|| 

Revue des sciences naturelles de l'Ouest. Vol. I.-VII. pt. 2. 
il. pi. Q. Paris,. 1891-97.H 

Revue generale de botanique. Ed. by Gaston Bonnier. Vol. 
I.-XII. il. pi. Q. Paris, 1889-1900^ 

Revue generale des sciences pures et appliquees. Vol. I.-XI. 
il. Q. Paris, 1890-1900^- 

Revue scientifique du Bourbonnais et du centre de la France. 
Ed. by Ernest Olivier. Vol. I.-XIII. il. pi. O. Mou- 
lins, 1888-1900^- 

Revue scientifique et industrielle des faits les plus utiles et 
les plus curieux observes dans la medecine, l'hygiene, la 
physique, la chimie, la pharmacie, Peconomie rurale et do- 
mestique, l'industrie nationale et etrangere. Sous la direc- 
tion de Quesneville. Vol. I.-XVI. O. Paris, 1840-44. — 
Ser. 2. Vol.I.-XV. O. Paris, 1844-47. — Ser. 3. Vol.L- 
X. O. Paris, 1848-51. — Ser. 4. Vol.1. O. Paris, 1852. 
— Continued as : Le Moniteur scientifique, du chimiste et 
du manufacturier. Livre-journal de chimie appliquee aux 
arts et a l'industrie. Specialement consacre a la chimie 
generale pure et appliquee par Quesneville. Vol. I.-V. Q. 
Paris, 1857-63. — Continued as: Le Moniteur scientifique ; 
journal des sciences pures et appliquees. Ser. 2. Vol. VI- 
XII. Q. Paris, 1864-70. — Continued as : Moniteur scien- 
tifique de Quesneville ; journal des sciences pures et ap- 
pliquees, compte rendu des academies et sociltes savantes 
et revue des progres accomplis dans les sciences mathema- 
tiques, physiques et naturelles . . . Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XVI. 
Q. Paris, 1871-86. — Ser. 4. Vol. I.-IX. O. Paris, 
1SS7-95— > 

Scrinia florae selectae. Edited by Charles Magnier. No. I.- 
XVI. (400 pp.) O. Paris, 1882-97. 
Consists of notes, including descriptions of new plants, to the " Flora 
selecta exsiccata " edited by Ch. Magnier. — No. I. is lithographed. 

Societe academique de Maine-et-Loire. Memoires. Vol. L- 
XXXVIII. tab. por. pi. O. Angers, 1857-83. — Con- 
tinued as : Academie des sciences et belles-lettres d'Angers. 
Memoires. Vol. I.-II. Q. Angers, 1890-93. 

Societe botanique de France. Bulletin . . . Vol. I.-XLVII. 
il. pi. O. Paris, 1854-1900^ 

Societe botanique de Lyon. Annales. Vol. I.-XXV. il. 
por. pi. maps. O. & Q. Lyon, 1873-1900^ 

Bulletin, comptes rendus des seances. Vol. I.-XI. il. 

pi. O. Lyon, 1883-93. 

Before 1883 and after 1893 the Comptes rendus were published with 
the Annales; in vol. XIX. -XXV. with separate paging. 

Societe botanique des Deux-Sevres. Bulletin. Vol. [I.J-XI. 
(1889-99). il. O. Niort, 1890-1900-* 

Societe chimique. Bulletin . . .; un repertoire de chimie. 
3 vol. O. Paris, 1S58-60. — Bulletin des seances. 3 vol. 
O. Paris, 1861-63. — Bulletin (mensuel), comprenant le 
compte rendu des travaux de la society et 1'analyse des me- 
moires de chimie pure et appliquee publies en France et a 
l'etranger. Vol. I.-XXXIII. O. Paris, 1864-80-* 

Societe d'agriculture, sciences et arts du departement de 
l'Aube. Memoires. Vol. I.-XIII. (1S22-46). pi. tab. O. 
[Troyes, 1823-46.] — Table generale de matieres contenues 
dans les no. 1 a 100 de la l re serie 1822-46. 48 pp. O. 
Troyes, n. d. — Continued as : Societe d'agriculture, des sci- 
ences, arts et belles-lettres du departement de l'Aube. 
Memoires. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XIV. (vol. XIV.-XXVII.) O. 
pi. Troyes, 1847-63. — Continued as: Societe academique 
d'agriculture des sciences, arts et belles-lettres du departe- 
ment de l'Aube. Memoires. Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XXXVII. (vol. 
XXVIII.-LXXVIII.). pi. Q. Troyes, 1864-1900^ 

Annuaire administratif, statistique et commercial. Vol. 

I.-LXII. D. & O. Troyes, 1835-87. 

Societe (d'amateurs) des sciences, de l'agriculture et des arts 
a Lille. Recueil des travaux, 1819-27. pi. O. Lille, 
1823-27. — Continued as: Societe royale, (imperiale, natio- 
nale) des sciences, de l'agriculture et des arts de Lille. Me- 
moires, 1827-53. pi. O. Lille, 1829-54. — Ser. 2. Vol. 



I.-X. (1854-63). pi. O. Lille & Paris, 1855-64. — Ser. 3. 
Vol. I.-XIV. (1S64-74). pi. O. Lille & Paris, 1865-77. — 
Ser. 4. Vol. I.-XVII. pi. O. Lille & Paris, 1876-92. 

Societe d'Arcueil. Memoires de physique et de chimie. Vol. 
I.-III. O. Paris, 1807-17. 

Societe dauphinoise pour l'echange des plantes. Bulletin. 
Pt. I.-XVL; ser. 2, pt. I.-III. pi. O. Grenoble, 1874-92. 

Societe d'emulation d'Abbeville. Memoires. Vol. for 1797-ser. 
4, vol. IV. O. Abbeville, 1797-1898-> 

Societe d'emulation de Montbeliard. Compte-rendu et me- 
moires. No. I.-X. (1852-61). O. Montbeliard, 1S54-64. 
— Memoires. Ser.2. Vol. I.-XXVII. (1862-1900). pi. O. 
Montbeliard, [1864]-1900-> 

Societe d'emulation du departement des Vosges. Annales. 
Vol. I.-LXXIX. O. Epinal, 1S31-1900— > 

Societe d'emulation du departement du Doubs. Memoires 
et compte-rendu. Vol. I.-III. pi. Q. Besancon, 1841- 
50. — Ser. 2. Vol. [I.]- VIII. (1850-56). pi. Q. Besan- 
con, 1851-57. — Memoires. Ser. 3, vol. I.-ser. 7, vol. IV. 
il. pi. O. Besangon, 1856-1900— > 
Series 3-7 consist each of 10 vol. 

Societe d'etude des sciences naturelles de Beziers . Bulletin. 
Vol. I.-XXII. pi. O. Beziers, 1S76-1900-* 

Societe d'etudes des Hautes-Alpes. Bulletin. Vol. I.-XIX. 
(Ser. 2, no. XXXVI.) pi. Q. Gap, 1882-1900— > 

Societe d'etudes des sciences naturelles de Nimes. Bulletin. 
Vol. II.-XXVII. il. pi. O. Nimes, 1873-1900-* 

Societe d'etudes scientifiques d'Angers. Bulletin. Vol. I.— 
XXIX. (1882-99). il. por. pi. map, tab. O. Angers, 
1872-1900— > 
Contains only a few fioristic papers. 

Societe d'etudes scientifiques du Finistere. Bulletin. Vol. 
I.-XII. pi. O. Morlaix, 1879-92. 

Societe d'etudes scientifiques et archeologiques de la ville 
de Draguignan. Bulletin. Vol. I.-X. O. Draguignan, 
1856-76— > 

Societe d'histoire naturelle d'Autun. Bulletin. Vol. L- 
XIII. il. pi. O. Autun, 1SS8-1900— > 

Societe d'histoire naturelle de Paris. Actes. Vol. I. pt. 1. 
[8]+ 16+ 129 pp. 13 [14] pi. F4. Paris, 1792. 

Memoires. 1vol. 12+171 pp. 10 pi. sq. Q. Paris, 

1799. — Vol. I.-V. pi. maps. sq. Q. Paris, 1823-34. 

Societe d'histoire naturelle de Toulouse. Bulletin. Vol. L- 
XXXIII. pi. maps. O. Paris, 1867-1900— > 

Societe d'horticulture et de botanique de l'Herault. Annales. 
Vol. I.-VIII. pi. O. Montpellier, 1S61-68. — Contin- 
ued as : Societe 1 d'horticulture et d'histoire naturelle de 
l'Herault. Annales. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XXVI. (XXXIV.). 
pi. O. Montpellier, 1869-94— > 

Societe de biologie. Comptes rendus des seances et me- 
moires. Vol. I.-LII. (1849-1900). il. pi. O. Paris, 

Societe de geographic. Bulletin. Vol. I.-ser. 7, vol. XX. 
pi. maps. tab. O. Paris, 1822-99— > 

Each series consists of 20 vol. 

Recucil des voyages et de memoires. Vol. I .-VII. Q. 

Paris, 1824-64. 

Soci<ate de geographie de Marseille. Bulletin. Vol. I.- 
XXIV. pi. maps. O. Marseille, 1S77-1900— > 

SociSte de statistique, des sciences naturelles et des arts 
industriels du departement de l'lsere. Bulletin. Vol. I- 
IV. (1838-46). O. Grenoble, 1840-50. — Ser. 2. Vol. I- 
VII. O. Grenoble, 1851-67. — Ser. 3. Vol. I. -XV. pi. 
O. Grenoble, 1S67-90. — Ser. 4. Vol. I.-V. pi. O. 
Grenoble, 1S93-1900— » 

Societe de statistique. sciences (lettres) et arts du departe- 
ment des Deux-Sevres. Memoires. Vol. I. -XX. O. Niort, 
1836-59. —Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XIV. O. Niort, 1860-76— > 

Societe des amis des sciences naturelles. Bulletin. Vol. I.- 
XII. O. Rouen, 1865-76. 
Tho earlier volumes have no distinctive title: the later ones are 
quotoil indifferently as " Bulletin" or " Comptes rendus." 

Societe des sciences de Nancy. Bulletin. Vol. I.-XVI. 
(1873-99). il. pi. O. Nancy, 1S74-1900. [Called also 
ser. 2 of Societe des sciences naturelles de Strasbourg; bul- 
letin.]— Ser. 3. Vol. I. il. pi. O. Paris & Nancy, 
1900— ► 

Bulletin des seances. Vol. I .-XI. O. Nancy, 1889- 

Vol. IV.-XI. issuod with vol. XI.-XVI. of " bulletin." 

Societe des sciences historiques et naturelles de l'Yonne. 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-LIV. il. pi. fac-sim. map, tab. O. 

Auxerre & Paris, 1S47-1900— > 

Vol. XXI.-LIII. (1S67-1900) called also ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 4, vol. IV. 
Societe des sciences naturelles de l'Ouest de la France. 

Bulletin. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. map. Q. Nantes, [1891]- 

1900— > 

Societe des sciences naturelles de Saone-et-Loire. Bulletin. 
Vol. I.-XXVI. il. pi. O. Chalons-sur-Saone, 1876- 
Vol. XXI.-XXVI. called new ser., vol. I. -VI. 

Societe des sciences naturelles (et medicales) de Seine-et- 
Oise. Memoires (et comptes rendus des travaux). Vol. I.— 
XI. O. Versailles, 1S35-74. 

Societe des sciences physiques et naturelles. Bulletin. Vol. 
I.-VI. O. Toulouse, 1S72-S3. 

Societe des sciences physiques et naturelles de Bordeaux. 
Memoires. Vol. I.-X. il. pi. Q. Paris & Bordeaux, 1854- 
75. —Ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 5, vol. V. pt. 1. il. pi. Q. 
Paris & Bordeaux, 1876-99— > 
Series 2-5 consist of 5 vol. each. 

Societe des sciences physiques et naturelles du departement 
dTlle-et-Vilaine. Memoires. Vol. I. pt. 1-2. O. Rennes, 

Societe eduenne des Iettres, sciences et arts. Memoires. 
Vol. I.-ser. 2, vol. V. O. & Q. Autun, 1837-87— > 

Societe imperiale (nationale) des sciences naturelles (et 
mathematiques) de Cherbourg. Memoires. Vol.I.-XXXI. 
pi. O. & Q. Paris & Cherbourg, 1852-1900— > 
Vol. XI. -XXXI. called also ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 4, vol. I. 

Societe libre d'emulation de Rouen. Seance publique, 1808- 
36. pi. O. Rouen, 180S-36. — Bulletin, 1837-1900. pi. 
O. Rouen, 1837-1900— > 

Societe Linneenne de Bordeaux. Bulletin d'histoire natu- 
relle. Vol. I.-III. (1826-29). pi. O. Bordeaux, 1826- 
29. — Actes. Vol. IV .-LV. pi. Bordeaux, 1830-1900— > 
Vol. XI.-LV. called also ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 6, vol. V. 

Societe Linneenne de Lyon. Annales, 1S36-52. por. pi. 
O. & Q. Lyon, 1836-52.— Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XLVI. (1S52- 
99). por. pi. Q. Lyon, 1S53-1900— > 

Societe Linneenne de Paris. Memoires. Vol. I.-VI. pi. 
O. Paris, 1822-28. 
Vol. II. -V. each in 3 separately paged parts : " Histoire," Memoires <fe 
Bulletin Linne'en. — Vol. VI. is also entitled: " Annales." 

Bulletin mensuel. 2 vol. O. n. t-p. [Paris, 1874- 

98.] — New ser. No. I.-XV. O. [Paris, 189S-99.] 

No more published; ends with p. 128. 

Societe Linneenne du Calvados. Memoires. Vol. I. -II. pi. 
D. Caen, 1824-25. —Continued as: Societe Linneenne de 
Normandie. Memoires. Vol. III.-XX. pt. 2. pi. D. 
& O. Paris, 1S27-1900— > 
Vol. XVII. -XX. also called ser. 2, vol. I.-IV. 

Societe linneenne de Normandie. Memoires ; travaux des 
membres associes etrangers. Ser. 2. Vol. I. pt. 1. maps, 
sq. Q. Paris, 1829.|| 

- — Bulletin. Vol. I.-ser. 5, vol. III. il. pi. O. Caen, 
Each series consists of 10 vol. 

Societe Linneenne du departement de Maine-et-Loire. An- 
nales. Vol. I.-[XV.] (1853-T79]). il- pi. O. Angers, 

Societe Linneenne du nord de la France. Memoires. Vol. 
I.-IX. (1866-98). pi. O. Amiens, 1S69-9S— » 

Societe nationale (royale, imperials) academique de Cher- 
bourg. Memoires. Vol. I.-XII. (1833-75). O. Cher- 
bourg, 1835-75. 

Societe philomatique de Paris. Bulletin des sciences. Vol. 
I.-III. pi. Q. Paris. IT'.M [1805]. [ 

III. published March, 1805, but the date on the t-p. is 1811.] 

— Nouveau bullet in des sciences. [Ser.2.] Vol. I.-III. pi. 
sq. Q. Paris, 1807-13. — Bulletin des sciences. [Ser. 3.] 
11 vol. pi. sq. Q. Paris, 1814-24. — Nouveau bulletin 
des sciences. [Ser. 4] 4 vol. pi. sq. Q. Taris, 1825-33. 
[Novolume published for 1827-31.] — [Bulletin. Ser. .">.] Kx- 
traits des proces-verbaux, 1836 68. il. O. Paris, [1837]- 
63. — Bulletin. Ser. 6. Vol. I.-XII. O. Paris, 1864-76. 

— Ser.7. Vol. I.-XII. pi. O. Paris, 1S77-SS. — Ser. S. 
Vol. I.-X. il. pi. Q. Paris, 1SS9-9S. — Ser.9. Vol. I- 
II. (1898- 190m. il. pi. Q. Paris. 1899-1900-* 



Societe philomatique de Perpignan. Bulletin. Vol. I.-IV. 
(1834-39). pi. O. Perpignan, 1835-39. — Continued as: 
Socie^ des Pyr^nees-Orientales ; sciences, belles-lettres, arts 
industriels et agricoles. Bulletin. Vol. V. pi. O. Per- 
pignan, 1841. — Continued as: Socie'te' agricole, scientifique 
et litteraire des Pyrenees-Orientales. Bulletin. Vol. VI.- 
XLI. pi. tab. O. Perpignan, 1845-1900— > 

Societe (royale) d'agriculture, histoire naturelleet arts utiles 
de Lyon. Memoires. 3 vol. pi. O. Lyon, 1832-37. 
Each vol. in 3 parts, separately paged. 

■ Annales des sciences physiques et naturelles d'agricul- 
ture et d'industrie. Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. tab. Q. Lyon 
& Paris, 1838-48. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.- VIII. pi. tab. Q. 
Lyon & Paris, 1849-56. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XI. pi. maps, 
tab. Q. Lyon & Paris, 1857-67. — Annales. Ser. 4. 
Vol. I.-X. (1868-77). pi. tab. Q. Lyon & Paris, 1869- 
78. — Ser. 5. Vol. I.-X. (1878-87). pi. tab. Q. Lyon & 
Paris, 1879-88.— Ser. 6. Vol. I.-V. (1888-92). il. pi. Q. 
Lyon & Paris, 1889-93. —Ser. 7. Vol. I.-V. (1893-97). il. 
pi. Q. Lyon & Paris, 1894-98^ 

Societe (royale) d'agriculture, sciences et arts du Mans. 
Bulletin. Vol. I.-IV. (1833-41). pi. O. Le Mans, 183 . ? — 
43. — Continued as: Societe 1 d'agriculture, sciences et arts 
de la Sarthe. Bulletin. Vol. V.-XXXVII. (1842-1900). 
pi. tab. O. Le Mans, 1844-99-^ 

Vol. VII.-XXXVII. also called ser. 2, vol. I.-XXIX. 

Societe (royale) des sciences, belles-lettres et arts d'Orleans. 
Annales. Vol. I.-XIV. pi. O. Orleans, 1819-36.— 
Continued as : Memoires. Vol. I.-X. pi. Q. Origans, 
1837-52. — Continued as : Societe 1 (royale) d'agriculture des 
sciences, belles-lettres et arts d'Orleans. Memoires. Ser. 2. 
Vol. I.-XXXVI. il. pi. Q. Orleans, 1853-95— > 

Societe royale des sciences et belles-lettres de Nancy. Me- 
moires. 4 vol. O. Nancy, 1754-59. — Precis analytique 
des travaux. 14 vol. (1802-32). O. Nancy, 1803-33. — 

. Continued as : Socie'te' royale des sciences, lettres et arts de 
Nancy. Memoires, 1833-51. 15 vol. pi. O. Nancy, 
1835-52. — Continued as: Academie de Stanislas (Soci6t6 
royale des sciences, lettres et arts de Nancy). Memoires, 
1852-66. O. Nancy, 1853-66.— Ser. 4. Vol. I.-XV. (1867- 
82). O. Nancy, 1868-83. — Ser. 5. Vol.I.-XVII. (1883- 
1900). O. Nancy, 1884-1900^ 

An index to all series from 1750-1900 published in 1902. 

Union medicale et scientifique du Nord-est. Vol. I.-XIV. 
il. pi. maps. O. Reims, 1877-90. 
Vol. I.-IV. bear the title : " Union medicale du Nord-est." 

Universite de Lyon. Annales. No. [I.]-XL. il. pi. O. 
Paris, 1891-98. [No. [I.-XVIL] are called vol. I -IX. — 
Each article published separately.] ■ — Sciences. New ser. 
No. I.-III. il. pi. O. Paris & Lyon, 1899-1900^ 


Academia real das sciencias de Lisboa. Jornal de sciencias 
mathematicas, physicas e naturaes. Vol. I.-XII. (1866-88). 
il. pi. maps, tab. O. Lisboa, 1868-88. — Ser. 2. Vol. L- 
VI. (1889-1900). il. pi. tab. O. Lisboa, 1890-1900— > 

Memorias. Vol. I.-XII. (1780-1839). pi. tab. Q. 

Lisboa, 1797-1839. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-III. pi. tab. Q. 
Lisboa, 1843-56. — Memorias classe de sciencias mathe- 
maticas, physicas e naturaes. New ser. Vol. I -VI. pi. 

- tab. Q. Lisboa, 1854-78. 

Anales de historia natural. Vol. I.-II. pi. D. Madrid, 
1799-1800. — Continued as : Anales de ciencias naturales. 
Vol. III.-VII. pi. D. Madrid, 1801-04. 
Contains many botanical papers by Cavanilles. 

O Instituto; jornal scientifico e litterario; par Forjaz, A. 
Braga, A. Ada Costa Simoes etc. Vol. I.-XIV. 6. & F. 
Coimbra, 1853-68. 

(Real) academia de ciencias exactas, fisicas y naturales de 
Madrid. Memorias. Vol.I.-XVII. il. pi. maps, tab. F. 
Madrid, 1850-97. 
Vol. I.-V. under the title: "Real academia de ciencias de Madrid. 

(Real) academia medica de Madrid. Memorias. Vol.1. Q. 

Madrid, 1797. 
Revista de los progresos de las ciencias exactas, fisicas y 

naturales. Vol. I.-XXII. O. Madrid, 1850-87— > 
Sociedade Broteriana. Boletim annual. Ed. by J. A. Hen- 

riques (vol. V.-XVII). Vol. I.-XVIL (1880-1900). por. 
" pi. O. Coimbra, 1883-1900-> 

Beginning with vol. IV. the word " annual " is dropped from the title. 

Sociedad espafiola de historia natural. Anales. Vol. I- 
XXXI. il. por. pi. O. & Q. Madrid, 1872-1900— > 
" Actas " issued with the " anales," paged separately and after 1896 
(Vol. XXV.) with separate t-p. — Vol. XXI.-XXIX. called also ser. 2, 
vol. I.-IX. 


Accademia d' agricoltura, arti e commercio dello stato ve- 
neto. Raecolta di memorie. Vol. III.-XV. O. Vene- 
zia, 1790-95. 

Accademia d' agricoltura, commercio ed arti di Verona. 
Memorie. Vol. I.-LXXV. pi. O. Verona, 1807-1900^ 

Accademia degli aspiranti naturalisti. Bullettino. 1 vol. 
O. Napoli, 1842. — Annali. Ser. 2. 1 vol. O. Na- 
poli, 1843. — Ser. 3. Vol. I .-VI. (1861-66). il. pi. tab. 
O. Napoli, 1861-67. [Bullettino for 1S61-65 issued with 
the annali with separate paging and t-p.] — Ser. 4. Vol. I. 
pi. O. Napoli, 1867. — 2e era. Vol. I.-II. pi. O. Na- 
poli, 1868-69. 

Accademia delle scienze fisiche e matematiche di Napoli. 
Rendieonti. Vol. I.-XXXIX. pi. sq. F. & O. Napoli, 
1 862-1 900— > 
Vol. XXVI.-XXIX. called also ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 3, vol. VI. 

Atti. Vol. I.-IX. pi. sq.F. Napoli, 1863-82. — Ser. 

2. Vol. I.-IX. pi. sq. F. Napoli, 1888-99^ 
Nothing published between 1882 and 1888. 

Accademia Gioenia di scienze naturali in Catania. Atti. 

Vol. I.-XX. pi. Q. Catania, 1825-43.— Ser. 2. Vol. L- 

XX. pi. Q. Catania, 1844-65. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-X. Q. 

Catania, 1867-76. 
Accademia palermitana. Saggi di dissertazione. Vol. [I.]- 

II. (1755-91). Q. Palermo, 1755-1800. — Continued as : 

Accademia di scienze e lettere (ed arti) di Palermo. Atti. 

Vol. I.-X. pi. F. Palermo, 1845-89. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-V. 

pi. F. Palermo, 1891-1900-> 
Accademia pontaniana. Atti. Vol. I.-XXX. pi. sq. F. 

& Q. Napoli, 1832-1900^ 
Accademia pontificia de' nuovilincei. Atti. Vol. I.-XXXVI. 

(1847-83). pi. maps, tab. F. Roma, 1851-83. 
Split in 1871 into two societies, one retaining this name, the other 
continued as: " Reale accademia dei lincei. Atti," which see. 
Accademia valdamese del Poggio. Memorie. Vol. I.-IV. 

pi. O. Pisa, 1835-55. 
Annali civili del regno delle due Sicilie. Vol. I.-XIV. pi. 

tab. Q. Napoli, 1833^6. 
Annali delle scienze del regno Lombardo-Veneto. Vol. I.- 
XIV. Q. Padova & Venezia, 1831-45. 
Annali di botanica; compilati dal Dott. Domenico Viviani. 

Vol. I. pt. 1-2. pi. O. Genova, 1802-04. 

Vol. II. has the title: " Annales botanici redacti cura Domenici Vivi- 
ani." — Contains reprints of, and extracts from, various taxonomic 

Annali di storia naturale. Vol., I.-IV. pi. O. Bologna, 

Archives italiennes de biologic Vol. I. -XXXIV. il. pi. 
O. Turin, 1882-1900^ 

Ateneo di Brescia. Commentari per l'anno 1893-1900. 8 vol. 
il. pi. O. Brescia, 1893-1900— > 

Biblioteca italiana; ossia, Giornale di letteratura, scienze ed 
arti, compilato da vari letterati. 100 vol. O. Milano, 
1816-40. — Continued as: Giornale dell' I. R. Istituto lom- 
bardo di scienze, lettere ed arti e biblioteca italiana ... 16 
vol. O. & Q. Milano, 1841-47. — New ser. 9 vol. Milano, 

Bononiensis scientiarum et artum institutum atque academia. 
Commentarii. Vol. I. -VI. pi. Q. Bononiae, 1748-83.— 
Continued as: Academia scientiarum instituti Bononiensis. 
Novi commentarii. Vol. I.-X. pi. Q. Bononiae, 1834- 
49. — Continued as : Accademia delle scienze dell' istituto di 
Bologna. Memorie. Vol. I.-XII. pi. sq. Q. Bologna, 
1850-61. —Ser. 2, vol. I.-ser. 5, vol. VIII. pi. sq. Q. 
Bologna, 1862-1900^ 

Ser. 2-5 consist of 10 vol. each. 

(Cesareo-regia) Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti di 

Padova. Memorie. 15+491 pp. sq. Q. Padova, 1809. 

Nuovi saggi. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. Q. Padova, 1817-69. 

Congresso botanico Internationale di Genova, 1892. Atti. 

20+583 pp. 22 pi. 1 tab. O. Genova, 1893. 
Congresso Internationale botanico . . . Firenze . . . 1874. 

Atti. 11 + 372 pp. 15+8 pi. O. Firenze, 1876. 
Contribuzioni alia biologia vegetale. Ed. by Antonino Borzi. 

(Reale Istituto botanico di Palermo.) Vol. I.-II. pi. O. 

Palermo, 1894-99-* 



Corrispondenza scientifiea di Roma per l'avanzamento delle 
scienze; bullettino universale diretto da Scarpellini. Vol. I.— 
XII. Q. Roma, 1848-69. 
Gazzetta chimica italiana. Vol. I.-XXX. pi. O. Palermo, 

1871-1900— ► 
Giornale botanico italiano ; compilato per cura della Sezione 
botanica dei Congressi scientifici italiani da Filippo Parlatore. 
2 vol. in 7. pi. O. Firenze, 1844-47[52]. — Continued 
as : Nuovo giornale botanico italiano. Ed. by Odoardo 
Beccari & Teodoro Camel. Vol. I.-XXV. il. pi. map. 
O. Firenze & Pisa, 1869-93. [Vol. XXV. contains index 
of vol. I.-XXV.] — Nuovo giornale . . . Nuova ser. Memo- 
rie della Societa botanica italiana. Vol. I.-VII. il. por. 
pi. O. Firenze, 1894-1900— > 

Giornale di fisiea chimica e storia naturale; ossia, Raccolta di 
memorie sulle scienze, arti e manifatture ad esse relative. 
Ed. by L. V. Brugnatelli (vol. I.-VIII.) & Gaspare Brugna- 
telli. Vol. I.-X. pi. sq. Q. Pavia, 1808-17. — Ser. 2. 
Vol. I.-X. pi. sq. Q. Pavia, 1818-27. 

Giornale di scienze naturali ed economiche; pubblicato per 
cura . . . del Reale istituto tecnico. Vol. I— XXII. pi. 
Q. Palermo, 1866-99— > 

Giornale toscano di scienze mediche, fisiche e naturali; diretto 
dai G. B. Amici, Bufalini, Giorgini, Pucinotti, G. Savi, P. 
Savi. 1 vol. O. Pisa, 1840. — Continued as : Miscellanee 
medico-chirurgico-farmaceutiche raccolte in Pisa nel 1843- 
44. 2 vol. O. Pisa, 1843— 44. — Continued as : II cimento; 
giornale di fisiea, chimica e storia naturale; compilato dai 
Matteucci, Mossotti, Pacinotti, Pilla ... 2 vol. O. Pisa, 
1844-46. — Continued as: II nuovo cimento; giornale di 
fisiea, di chimica e delle loro applicazioni alia medicina, alia 
farmacia ed alle arti industriali; compilato dai C. Matteucci, 
R. Piria . . . Vol. I.-XXVIII. O. Pisa & Torino, 1855- 
68. — Ser. 2. 16 vol. O. Pisa, 1869-76. — Ser. 3. 36 vol. 
O. Pisa, 1877-95^ 

Imperiale museo di Firenze. Annali. 2 vol. pi. Q. Fi- 
renze, 1808-10. 

Imperiale reale istituto veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti. 
Atti delle adunanze. Vol. I.-VII. (1840-48). pi. tab. O. 
Venezia, 1841-48. — Ser. 2. Vol. I. -VI. pi. O. Venezia, 
1850-55. — Atti. Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XVI. pi. tab. O. Ve- 
nezia, 1855-71. — Ser. 4. Vol. I.-III. pi. tab. O. Vene- 
zia, 1871-74. —Ser. 5. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. tab. O. Ve- 
nezia, 1S74-82. — Ser. 6. Vol. I.-VII. pi. O. Venezia, 
1882-89. — Ser. 7. Vol. I.-X. pi. O. Venezia, 18S9-9S. 
— Ser. 8. Vol. I.-II. il. pi. O. Venezia, 1S98-1 900— > 

Memorie. Vol. I.— XXVI. No. 5. pi. F. Venezia, 

1843-99— >■ 

Istituto botanico dell' Universita di Pavia. Atti. Ed. by 
Giovanni Briosi. Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VII. pi. Q. Milano, 
1888-1900— > 
Continuation of " Archivio triennale del laboratoriodi botanica critto- 

Istituto botanico della R. Universita di Pisa. Ricerche e 
lavori eseguiti nell' . . . durante gli anni 1SS2-85. Vol. I.- 
II. 3 pi. Q. Pisa, 1886-88. 

Laboratorio botanico della R. Universita di Siena. Bullet- 
Tassi. Vol. I.-III. pi. map. O. 

Ed. by O. Pen- 
pi. maps. O. 

1 vol. O. 

tino. Ed. by Fl. 
Siena, 1S97-1900— > 

Malpighia; rassegna mensuale di botanica. 
zig, A. Borzi, & K. Pirotta. Vol. I -XIV. 
Messina & Genova, 1887-1900— » 

Miscellanea di chimica, fisiea e storia naturale. 
Pisa, 1843. 

Miscellanea philosophico-mathematica societatis privatae 
taurinensis. Vol. I. Q. Torino, 1759. — Continued as: 
Society royale do Turin. Melanges dc philosophic et de 
matin' tnatii|i io ( Miscellanea taiirinensia). Vol. II. V. ( 1760- 
73). Q. Torino, 1762-76. — Continual as: Academic roy- 
ale des sciences (de Turin). Memoires. Vol. I.- VI. (17M- 
1800). pi. sq. Q. Turin, 17S6-1801. — Continued as : 
Academic des sciences, literature ot beaux-arts do Turin. 
Memoires; sciences physiques ct mathematiques. Vol. I.— 
V. (vol. VII.-XII.) (1S02-12). sq. Q. Turin, 1S04-13. 
— Continued as : Academie royale des sciences de Turin. Me- 
moires. Vol. XXII. (1813-14). Q. Turin, 1816. — Continued 
as : Reale accadomia delle scienze di Torino. Memorie. Vol. 
XXIII.-XL. pi. sq.Q. Torino, 1818-38. — Ser. 2. Vol. 
I.-XLIX. pi. maps. sq. Q. Torino. 1839-1900-> 

Reale aeeadeniia delle scienze <li Torino. Atti. Vol. I.— 
XXXV. (1865 L900). pi. O. Torino, 1866-1900— * 

Museo civico di storia naturale di Genova. Annali. Vol. I.- 
XI.. il. nl. Q. Genova. 1870 99. 
Vol. XX. XI. also wiled sot. 2, vol. l.-XX. 

II Naturalista siciliano; giornale di scienze naturali. Vol. 
I.-XIV. pi. Q. Palermo, 1SS2-95. — New ser. Vol. I.- 
II. pi. Palermo, 1S96-97— » 

Contains only few botanical publications. 

Nuovi annali delle scienze naturali; pubblicati dei signori A. 
Alessandrini, A. Bertolini, S. Gherardi e C. Ranzani. 10 vol. 
O. Bologna, 1838-43. — Continued as: Nuovi annali delle 
scienze naturali e rendiconto delle sessioni della societa agraria 
e dell' accademia delle scienze dell' istituto di Bologna. Ser. 
2. 10 vol. O. Bologna, 1S44-49. — Continued as : Nuovi 
annali delle scienze naturali e rendiconto dei lavori dell' 
accademia delle scienze dell' istituto di Bologna, con appendice 
agraria; pubblicati sotta la direzione dei signori A. Alessan- 
drini, A. Bertolini, Bianconi Piani e Sgarzi. Ser. 3. 10 vol. 
O. Bologna, 1850-54. 

Opuscoli scientifici. Vol. I.-IV. pi. sq. Q. Boloona, 

Orto botanico della regia universita di Napoli. Bullettino. 
Vol. I. pt. 1-2. il. Napoli, 1899-1900— > 

Reale accademia dei lincei. Atti. Vol. XXIV -XX VI. pi. 
tab. F. Roma, 1S70-73. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-VIII. (1873- 
77). pi. map. F. Roma, 1875-83. 

Vol. III. has 3 parts: "Transunti," " Memorie della classe di scienze 
6siche " and "Memorie . . . morali." — Continued as separate par- 
allel series. — Vol. IV. published in 1887. 

Ser. 3. Memorie della classe di scienze fisiche, matema- 

tiche e naturali. Vol. I.-XIX. (1S76-S4). il. pi. maps. 
F. Roma, 1S77-S4. [Index of vol. I.-X. in vol. X.] — 
Ser. 4. Memorie . . . Vol. I.-VII. (1SS4-90). il. pi. F. 
Roma, 1SS5-91. — Ser. 5. Memorie . . . Vol. I.-III. il. 
pi. map. F. Roma, 1894-99— > 

Ser. 3. Transunti. Vol. I.-VIII. (1S76-84). tab. F. 

Roma, 1S77-84. — Ser. 4. Rendiconti. Vol. I.-VII. (1SS4- 
91). il. tab. Q. Roma, 1885-91. — Ser. 5. Rendi- 
conti, classe di scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali. Vol. 
I.-IX. il. Q. Roma, 1892-1900-h> 
Continuation of: "Accademia pontificia de' nuovi lincei. Atti." 

(Reale) accademia (delle scienze detta) de' fisiocritici. Atti. 
Vol. I.-ser. 4, vol. V. Q. & O. Siena, 1761-1S93— > 

Reale accademia delle scienze, sezione della Societa reale 
Borbonica. Atti. Vol. I.-VL pi. sq. Q. Napoli, 1S19- 

Memorie. Vol. I.-II. sq. F. Napoli, 1856-57. 

Rendiconti delle adunanze e de' lavori. Vol. I.-IX. pi. 

sq.Q. Napoli, 1842-19. [In vol. VI.-IX. title reads: " Acca- 
demia Napolitana delle scienze " . . .] — Ser. 2. Vol.1.— VL 
pi. sq. Q. Napoli, 1S52-57. 

Reale accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti di Modena. Me- 
morie. Vol. I.-XVU. pi. sq. Q. Modena, 1833-77— > 

Reale accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti in Padova. Atti 
e memorie. New ser. Vol. I.-XVI. (1884-1900). pi. O. 
Padova, 1885-1900— > 

(Reale) accademia lucchese di scienze, lettere ed arti. Atti. 
Vol. I.-NXX. pi. O. Lucca, 1821-1900— > 

R[eale] istituto botanico di Roma. Annnario. Ed. by 
Romualdo Pirotta. Vol. I.-X. pt. 1. pi. Q. & F. Milano 
& Roma, ISS.Vl'.lOO— > 

Vol. VIII. & IX. lit. 2 published after 1900. 

Reale istituto d' incoraggiamento alle scienze naturali, 
economiche e tecnologiche di Napoli. Atti. Vol. I.-VIII. 
pi. F. Napoli, 1811-55. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XVU. pi. 
maps. F. Napoli. 1864-S0. — Sor. 3. Vol. I.-V. pi. 
maps. F. Napoli. 1882-86. — Continued ax: Roale isti- 
tuto <T incoraggiamento di Napoli. Atti. Ser. 4. Vol. VI- 
\I pi. map. V. Napoli, 1893-98. — Ser. 5. Vol. I. 
pi. 1". Napoli, 1899 L900— » 

(Reale) istituto lombardo di scienze e lettere. Giornale. 
Vol. I.-VIII. O. Milano, 18 11 17. 

Giornale . . . e bibliotoca italiana; compilata da varj 

dotti nazionali o straniori. Vol. I.-XVI. O. Milano, 
Is 10-47. —Ser. 2. Vol. I.-IX. O. Milano, IS 17-56. 

Rendiconti; classe di scienze matematiche e naturali. 

Vol I.-IV pi. Q. Milano, 1864 67.- Rendiconti. Ser. 
2. Vol. I.-XXXIII. pi. Q. Milano, 1868-1900-* 

Memorie. Vol. I.-XVIII. pi. F. Milano. 1843- 

1900— > 

Rfeale] museo di fisiea e storia naturale di Firenze Annali 
il. New ser. Vol, 1.(1865). pi. <,!■ Firenze, 1 -^tu; 

For earlier >rrie« see : " Imperiale museo di I ire 



[Reale] orto botanico di Palermo. Bolletino. Vol. I.-III. 

pi. O. Palermo, 1897-99^ 
Reale universita degli studi di Siena. Bulletino del labora- 

torio ed orto botanico. Ed. by Fl. Tassi. 3 vol. pi. O. 

Siena, 1897-1900-> 
(Reale) universita di Genova. Atti. Vol. I.-IV. pt. 2. 

pi. tab. Q. Genova, 1869-83. 
Rivista di patologia vegetale; sotto la direzione dei A. N. 

Berlese e Antonio Berlese. Vol. I.-VIII. il. pi. O. 

Padova, Avellino & Firenze, 1892-1900^ 
Societa botanica italiana. Bullettino. 9 vol. O. Firenze, 


Published from 1888-92 with " Nuovo giornale botanico. " 

Societa dei naturalisti in Modena. Annuario. Ser. 2. Vol. 

I.-XV. pi. O. Modena, 1866-82. — Atti. Ser. 3. Vol.1. 

XVI. pi. O. Modena, 1883-98.— Ser. 4. Vol.1, pi. O. 

Modena, 1900-* 
Societa di naturalisti in Napoli. Bollettino. Vol. I.-XIII. 

pi. O. Napoli, 1887-1900-* 
Societa geografica italiana. Bollettino. Vol. I.-XXXVII. 

pi. maps. O. Firenze, 1860-1900^ 

Vol. XIII.-XXXVII. caUed also ser. 2 -ser. 4, vol. I. 

Memorie. Vol.I.-IX. il. maps. O. Roma, 1878-99-* 

Societa italiana delle scienze. Memorie di matematica e di 
fisica. Vol. I.-XXV. pi. tab. F. Verona & Modena, 
1782-1855. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-II. pi. tab. F. Modena, 
1862-66. — Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XI. pi. tab. F. Firenze, 
Napoli, etc., 1867-98. 
Societa italiana di scienze naturali. Atti. Vol. I.-XXXIX. 
(1S55-1900). pi. tab. O. Milano, 1859-1900^- 
Vol. I. published under the title: " Societa geologica. Atti. " 

Societa ligustica di scienze naturali e geografiche. Atti. 

Vol. I.-XI. il. pi. O. Genova, 1890-1900— > 
Societa toscana di scienze naturali residente in Pisa. Atti, 

processi verbali. Vol. I.-XI. Q. Pisa, 1878-98^ 
Societa veneto-trentina di scienze naturali residente in 

Padova. Atti. Vol. I.-XII. (1872-91). pi. maps, tab. 

O. Padova, 1872-92. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-II. il. pi. O. 

Padova, 1893-96. 
Specchio delle scienze; o, Giornale encielopedico di Sicilia 

deposito letterario delle moderne cognizioni, scoperte ed 

osservazioni sopra le scienze ed arti . . . Ed. by C. S. Rafi- 

nesque-Schmaltz. Vol. I.-II. pi. O. Palermo, 1814. 


Allgemeine schweizerische Gesellschaft fur die gesammten 
Naturwissenschaften. Naturwissenschaftlicher Anzeiger. 
Vol. I.-V. (1817-22). pi. Q. Bem&Aarau, 1818-23. 

Eroffnungsrede der 7. [& 8.] Jahresversammlung. 2 vol. 

D. Basel & Bern, 1821-23. 

Verhandlungen. (Society helve'tique des sciences natu- 

relles. Actes.) Vol. I.-LXXXII. pi. tab. D. Basel, 
etc., 1821-1900— > 
With vol. XLI. (1856) title changes to :" Schweizerische naturfor- 
schende Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen." — French sub-title changes 
later to : " Compte rendu des travaux. (Archives des sciences physiques 
et naturelles.)" 

Denkschriften. 1 vol. 2 pts. pi. maps. sq. O. 

Zurich, 1829-33. — Neue Denkschriften. (Nouveaux me- 
moires.) Vol. I.-XXXVIII. il. pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. 
Neuchatel & Zurich, 1837-1900^ 

Alpina; eine Schrift der genauern Kenntniss der Alpen ge- 
wiedmet ; herausgegeben von Carl Ulisses von Salis . . . und 
Johann Rudolph Steinmuller. Vol. I.-IV. O. Winter- 
thur, 1806-09. — Neue Alpina ; eine Schrift der schweizeri- 
schen Naturgeschichte, Alpen und Landwirthschaft gewied- 
met ; herausgegeben von Johann Rudolph Steinmuller. Vol. 
I.-II. O. pi. Winterthur, 1821-27. 

Annalen der Botanick. Ed. by Paul TJsteri. Vol. I.-II. 
(pt. I.-VI.) pi. D. Zurich, 1791-93. — Neue Annalen 
der Botanick. Ed. by P. Usteri. Pt. I.-XVIII. (VII.- 
XXIV.). pi. D. Zurich & Leipzig, 1794-1800. 
Continuation of: " Magazin fur die Botanik." 

Association pour la protection des plantes. fondee a Geneve 
le 29 Janvier, 1883. Bulletin. No. I.-XVIII. il. pi. O. 

Geneve, 1884-1900-* 
There is a " 3me tirage " of no. I. (1886). 

Bibliotheque universelle des sciences, belles-lettres et arts, 
faisant suite a la Bibliotheque britannique, 2me seVie, 
sciences et arts. Vol. I.-LX. pi. tab. O. Geneve, 1816- 
35. [Vol. I. has 2d t-p. bearing title : " Bibliotheque britan- 
nique . . . nouvelle s6rie."] — Continued as: Bibliotheque uni- 
verselle de Geneve. New ser. vol. I- ser. 4, vol. XXXVI. 
pi. tab. O. Geneve, 1836-57— > 

Bibliotheque universelle; archives des sciences physiques et 
naturelles. Vol. I.-XXXVI. O. pi. Paris & Geneve, 
1846-57. [Vol. I.-VI. called "Supplement."] — Continued as : 
Bibliotheque universelle et revue Suisse; archives. New per. 
Vol. I.-LXIV. pi. O. Geneve, 1858-78. [Vol. I.-XII. 
have sub-title "et revue Suisse et 6trangere . . ." — After 
vol. LX. "revue Suisse" is dropped.] — Continued as : Biblio- 
theque universelle; archives . . . Per. 3. Vol. I.-XXXIV. 
pi. O. Geneve, 1879-95. — Per. 4. Vol. I.-X. pi. O. 
Geneve, 1896-1 900^ 
Botanisches Museum der Universitat Zurich. Mitteilungen. 
Pt. I.-XI. pi. O. Geneve, [189 . ?]-1900— > 
Consists of a collection of separates from the Herb. Boissier Bull. IV- 
VII. and Mem. Two parts of 1896 and 1897 not numbered; part of 
Jan., 1900, numbered X. ; of March, 1900, numbered XI.; and of Oct., 
1900, numbered X. — The first 4 parts not seen. 

Bulletin botanique; ou, Collection de notices originates et 
d'extraits des ouvrages botaniques. Ed. by N. C. Seringe. 
1 vol. (348 pp.) pi. O. Geneve, 1830-[32]. 
Conservatoire et jardin botaniques de Geneve. Annuaire. 
Vol. I.-IV. il. pi. Q. Geneve, 1897-1900-> 
L'Herbier Boissier. Bulletin. Ed. by Eugene Autran. Vol. 
I.-VII. il. pi. O. Geneve, 1893-99— > 
No volume appeared in 1900. 

Memoires. No.I.-XXII. il. pi. O. Geneve et Bale, 

Institut national genevois. Bulletin. Vol. I.-XXXV. O. 
Geneve, 1853-1900-^ 
Contains only few dendrological and arboricultural articles; the 
memoirs contain none. 

Laboratorie de botanique generate de l'universite de Geneve. 

Bulletin. Ed. by John Briquet. Vol. I.-III. pt. 1. il. pi. 

O. Geneve, 1896-99^ 
Magazin fur die Botanik. Ed. by J. J. Romer & P. Usteri. 

Vol. I.-IV. (pt. I.-XII.). pi. D. Zurich, 1787-90. [T-p. 

for each volume reads : " Botanisches Magazin."] — Continued 

as : Neues Magazin f iir die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Umf ange. 

Ed. by J. J. Romer. Vol. I. 4 pi. D. Zurich, 1794. 
For another continuation by P. Usteri see: " Annalen der Botanick." 
Muses neuchatelois ; recueil d'histoire nationale & d'arche- 

ologie ; organ de la Society d'histoire du canton de Neuchatel. 

Vol. I.-XXXVII. pi. Q. Neuchatel, 1864-1900^ 
Naturforschende Gesellschaft Graubiindens. Jahresbericht. 

New ser. Vol. I.-XLIII. (1854-1900). pi. O. Chur, 

Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Basel. Bericht tiber die 

Verhandlungen. Vol. I.-X. O. Basel, 1835-52. — Ver- 
handlungen. Vol. I.-XII. (1854-1900). il. pi. maps, tab. 

O. Basel, 1857-1900^ 
Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Bern. Mittheilungen, 1843- 

99. pi. tab. D. & O. Bern, 1843-1900^ 
Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Zurich. Abhandlungen. 

Vol. I.-III. pi. tab. D. Zurich, 1761-66. 
Vierteljahrsschrift. Vol. I.-XLV. pt. 2. il. pi. O. 

Zurich, 1856-1900^ 
Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Winterthur. Mit- 

teilungen. Ed. by Robert Keller. Vol. I.-II. (1897-99). 

il. pi. O. Winterthur, 1899-1900^ 
S[ank]t Gallische naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. Be- 
richt uber die Thatigkeit, 1S58-99. Ed. by Dr. Wartmann. 

pi. maps. O. St. Gallen, 1860-1900— > 
Schweizer Alpenclub. Jahrbuch. Vol. I.-XXXVI. il. 

por. pi. maps, tab. D. & O. Bern, 1864-1900^ 
Nothing appeared in 1871. — From 1867-70, a French edition was 
published: Club alpin Suisse. Annuaire. Vol. I.-II. O. Bern, 
Schweizer Alpen-Zeitung ; Organ f iir die deutschen Sectionen 

des Schweizer Alpenclubs sowie fur alle Freunde der Alpen- 

welt. Vol. I.-XI. Q. Zurich, 1883-93.|| 

Continued later as " Alpina." 

Schweizerische botanische Gesellschaft. Berichte. (Soci^te 1 
botanique Suisse. Bulletin.) Vol. I.-X. il. pi. O. 
Basel & Genf (vol. I.-II.) & Bern, 1891-1900^ 

Contains also : " Zurcherische botanische Gesellschaft. Jahresbericht 

1-6 fin- 1890-99 " ; Jahresbericht 1-1 included in vol. II.-V. ; 5 & 6 

(erroneously called 5) published as separately paged appendix to 

vol. VII. and IX. 

Schweizerische Zeitschrift fiir Pharmacie. Im Auftrage des 

schweizerischen Apothekervereins, herausgegeben von E. 

Ringk, Fr. Brunner & O. Dietzsch. 7 vol. O. Schaff- 

hausen, 1856-62. — Continued as : Schweizerische Wochen- 

schrift fur Pharmacie. Im Auftrage des schweizerischen 



Apothekervereins, herausgegeben von O. Dietzsch, A. Gruner 
& C. W. Stein. 29 vol. O. Schaffhausen, 1S63-91.— 
Continued as : Schweizerische Wochenschrift filr Chemie und 
Pharmacie. Vol. XXX.-XXXIII. O. Zurich, 1892-95^ 
Societas physico-medica basiliensis. Acta helvetica, physico- 
mathematico-botanicc-medica. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. O. 
Basileae, 1751-77. — Nova acta helvetica, physico-mathe- 
matico-anatomieo-botanico-medica. Vol. I. Q. Basel, 

For later series see: " Allgemeine schweizerische GeseUschaft fiir die 

gesammten Naturwissenschaften." 

Societe botanique de Geneve. Bulletin des travaux pendant 
l'annee 1S78. Vol. I.-IX. pi. O. Geneve, 1879-99— >■ 

Vol. I. and II. paged continuously. 

Societe de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Geneve. Me> 
moires. Vol. I.-XXXIII. pt. 1. il. pi. maps. sq. Q. & 
sq. F. Geneve, 1821-98— > 

Societe des sciences natureUes de Neuchatel. Bulletin. 
Vol. I.-XXVIII. (1844-1900). il. pi. maps, tab. O. 
Neuchatel, 1847-1900— > 
In 1898, vol. XXVI., title becomes: «' Socie'te' neuchateloise des 
sciences naturelles." 

Memoires. Vol. I.-IV. Q. Neuchatel, 1835-74. 

Societe fribourgeoise des sciences naturelles. Bulletin. Vol. 
[I.]-VIII. (1879-1900). pi. O. Fribourg, 18S0-1900— > 
Bulletin for 1879-93 called "I.-XIIIe annee " for 1893-1900 called 
vol. VII.-VIII. 

Societe HaUerienne. Bulletin I.-IV. ; compte-rendu des tra- 
vaux. 184 pp. O. n-t-p. [Geneve, 1852-56.] 

Societe jurassienne d'emulation. Coup d'oeil sur les travaux 
1849-56. pi. O. Porrentruy, 1849-57. — Actes, session 
Xl.-ser. 2, vol. I. pi. O. Porrentruy, 1859— >• 

Societe Murithienne. Bulletins des travaux. Pt. I. - 

XXVIII. (17 vol.). pi. D. & O. Geneve, Lausanne, etc., 

1873-1900— > 

In 1879 " du Valais " is added to the title of the society, and in 

18S7 the title is changed to " La Murithienne, Socie'te' valaisanne des 

sciences naturelles." 

Societe vaudoise des sciences naturelles. Bulletin. Vol. L- 
XXXVI. (1842-1900). pi. maps, tab. O. Lausanne, 
1 846-1 900— ► 

Thurgauischer naturforschender Verein. Mittheilungen. 
Vol. I.-IV. pi. maps. O. Frauenfeld, 1857-S1.— 
Continued as: Thurgauische naturforschende GeseUschaft. 
Mittheilungen. Vol. V.-XIV. pi. maps. O. Frauenfeld, 
1882-1900— > 

Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliche Botanik. Ed. by M. J. 
Schleiden & Carl Nageli. 1 vol. (4 pts.) pi. O. Zurich, 


Academie des sciences de Cracovie. Bulletin international, 
1889-1900. il. pi. O. Cracovie, 1889-1900— > 
Has also the title: " Akademie der Wissenschaften in Krakau. An- 

Akademija umiejetnosci w Krakowie. [Academy of sci- 
ence at Cracow.] Pamigtnik . . . Wydziat matematyczno- 
przyrodniczv. [Memoirs of the mathematical and natural 
history section.] Vol. I.-XVII. Q. Krak6w, 1874-90. 

Rozprawy i sprawozdania z posiedzen wydzialu mate- 

matyczno-przyrodniczego . . . [Proceedings of the mathe- 
matical and natural history section.] Vol. I.-XVIII. O. 
Krakowie, 1874-88. — Ser. 2. Vol. I.-XVIII. (XIX- 
XXX-VL). pi. O. Krakow, 1S91-1900— > 

Sprawozdanie komisyi fizyograficznej . . . oraz materyaly 

do iizyografii Galicyi — see: Sprawozdanie komisyi fizyogra- 
ficznej . . . 

Archiv fiir die naturwissenschaftliche Lamlesdurchforschung 
vim Bohmen; die Arbciten der botanischen Section. Vol. 
I.-III. O. Prag, 1869-77. 

Archiv eemedelsky. Ed. by T. B. Lambl. Vol. I.-V. O. 
v Praze, 1886-90.|| 

Beitrage zur gesammten Natur- und Heilwissenschaft. Ed. 
by Wilh. Hud. Weitcnweber. Vol. I.-V. O. Prag, 1836- 

Botanisches Archiv der Cartenbaugesellscliaft des osterreichi- 
schen Kaiserstaates; Ahbilduugen und Bcschreilmngcn iieucr 

odcr Beltener Pflanzen. welche in den Garten der Monarchic 
blahen. Eki. by Carl Freih. von Hugel. [1]+I0ff. 10 pi. 
Q. t-p-c. Wicn, 1S37.H 
Botanisches Institut zu Graz. Mittheilungen. 6+ [2]+ 360 
pp. 9 pi. O. Jena, 1S[S6] 88, 
Published in 2 parts. 

Ceske akademie Cisaf e Frantiska Josefa pro vedy. slovesnost 
a umeni. Rozpravy mathematicko-pfirodnickd. Vol. I.- 
IX. (1S91-1900). pi. Q. Praze, 1S92-1900— > 

Club f iir Naturkunde (Section des Briinner Lehrervereines)- 
Bericht. Vol. I.-II. O. Brunn, 1899-1900— > 

Ferdinandeum fiir Tirol und Voralberg. Neue Zeitschrift. 
Vol. I.-XII. pi. O. Innsbruck, 1835-46.— Zeitschrift. 
Ser. 3. Vol. I.-XLIV. pi. O. Innsbruck, 1S53-1900— > 
The first series " Beitrage" contains nothing botanical. 

Fbldrajzi kozlemenyek. [Geographical communications.] 
Pub. by "Magyar foldrajzi tirsulat" [Hungarian geograph- 
ical society]. Vol. I.-IV. Q. Budapest, 1873-76— > 

Kaiserlich-kbnigliche geographische GeseUschaft. Mitthei- 
lungen. Vol. I.-XLIII. il. pi. maps. Q. Wien, 1S57- 

Abhandlungen. Vol. I.-II. pi. maps. Wien, 1899- 


Kaiserlich-konigliche zoologisch-botanische GeseUschaft in 
Wien. Verhandlungen. Vol. I.-L. U. por. pi. maps. 
O. Wien, 1S52-1900— > 
Vol. I. -VII. published as: " Zoologisch-botanischer Verein in Wien. 

Festschrift zur Feier des funfundzwanzigjahrigen Beste- 

hens. [2]+ 330+ [1] pp. pi. map. sq. F. Wien, 1S76. 

K[aiserUch-]k[6nigUches] naturnistorisches Hofmuseum. An- 
nalen. Vol. I.-XV. U. pi. Q. Wien, 18S6-1900-» 

KaiserUche Akademie der Wissenschaften. Denksehriften 
der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Classe. Vol. I.— 
LXVIII. il. pi. maps. F*. & sq. F. Wien, 1850- 
1900— > 

Index for vol. I.— XL. 

Sitzungsberichte der mathematisch-natunvissenschaft- 

Uchen Classe. Vol. I.-CIX. il. pi. maps, tab. O. & Q. 
Wien, 1S48-1900-H. 

Indices for vol. I.-LX. issued every ten years ; for later volumes every 

five years. 

Sitzungsberichte der philosophiseh-historischen Classe. 

Vol. I.-CXLII. pi. O. Wien, 1S4S-1900— > 

(KbnigUche) bbhmische GeseUschaft der Wissenschaften 
(Kralovske ceske spolecnosti nduk v Praze). Abhand- 
lungen. Vol. I.-IV. (1785-S8). pi. sq. O. Prag. 17,s.V- 
89. — Neuere Abhandlungen. [Ser. 2.] Vol. I.-III. pi. 
sq. O. Prag, 1791-9S. — Abhandlungen. [Ser. 3.] Vol. I.- 
VIII. (1S02-23). pi. sq. O. Prag, 1 S04-24 . — [Ser. 4.] 
Vol. I.-V. (1S24-36). pi. sq. O. Prag. 1S27-37. — Ab- 
handlungen (der mathematiseh-naturwissenschaftlichen 
Classe). Ser. 5. Vol. I.-XIV. (1837-66). pi. sq. Q. 
Prag. 1841-66. — Ser. 6. Vol. I.-XII. (1S67-S4 1, pi. sq. 
Q. Prag, 1868-85. — Ser. 7. Vol. I.-IV 
sq. Q. Prag, 1886-92. 

Sitzungsberichte, 1859-99. pi. 

1900— > 

Kosmos. Czasopismo Polskiego towarzystwa " Kopernika." 
Red. B. Radziszewski. Vol. I.-XXV. O. Lw6w, l,s76- 
1900— > 

Lotos; Zeitschrift fiir Natur-Wissenschaften, herausgegeben 
vom Naturbistorischen Vereine " Lotos " in Prag. Vol. I.- 
XXVIII. il. pi. O. Prag. lv.l-Ts. [From vol. XXVI. 
title reads: Jahresbericht des natur-historischen Vereines 
"Lotos."] — Continued as: Lotos; Jahrluich fur Naturwis- 
sensehaft. Vol. I.-XV. il. pi. O. Prag, etc., 1880-95. 
— Continual as: lVutsohrr nalurwissen.'-chaftlich-medici- 
nischer Verein fiir Bohmen " Lotos" in Prag. Sitzungs- 
berichte. Vol. XVI, XX. il. pi. O. Prag, 1896-1900-> 

Magyar novi'nvtani lapok. [Hungarian botanical leaflets.] 
Ed. by A. Kanitz. Vol. I.-XIII. pi. O. Kolozsvar, 

Magyar orvosok es termeszetvizsgalbk nagygyiilfise. [As- 
semblv of Hungarian pliysiciansand naturalists.] Munka- 
tok. [Transactions.] Vol. I.-XXIX. F. & O. Budapest, 
1840-1900— ► 

Evk.myvo. [Annuls.] Vol. XXV. Budapest, 1891. 

Magyar tudomanyos akademia. [Hungarian academy of 
sciences.] Mathematikai es termessettudomanyi ertesitC. 
[Mathematical and natural science reports.] Vol. L-XVili. 
il. pi. O. Budapest, L882 1900— > 

Mathematikai es tenneszettudomaoyi kdzlemenyek. 

[Mathematical and natural science communications.] Vol. 
I. -XXVI. pi. O. Budapest, imU-1900-* 

(1885-91). pi. 
O. & Q. Prag, 1S59- 



an der k. 
Vol. I.-V. 

k. technischen 
pi. O. Wien, 

an der Universitat Wien. 

pi. O. Wien, 1883-96-^ 

fur Steiermark. Mitthei- 

O. Graz, 1863-1900^ 

Mathematische und naturwissenschaftliche Berichte aus 
Ungarn; mit Unterstiitzung der ungarischen Akademie der 
Wissenschaften und der koniglich ungarischen naturwissen- 
schaftliehen Gesellschaft, herausgegeben von R. Eotvos . . . 
redigirt von J. Frohlich (I.-XIII.) & August Heller. Vol. 
I.-XVI. (18S2-98). il. pi. map, tab. O. Berlin & Buda- 
pest, [lS83]-99— > 

Contains besides original papers, German abstracts and reviews of 

Hungarian publications. 

Naturforschender Verein in Brunn. Verhandlungen. Vol. 

I.-XXXVTII. (1862-99). il. pi. maps, tab. O. & Q. 

Briinn, 1863-1900— > 
Naturhistorisches Ladnes-Museum von Karnten. Jahr- 

buch. Vol. I.-XXVI. pi. O. Klagenfurt, 1852-1900^ 
Naturwissenschaftuch-mecuzinischer Verein in Innsbruck. 

Berichte. Vol. I.-XXIV. pi. O. Innsbruck, 1870-99— > 
Contains chiefly medical papers. 

Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein 
Hochschule in Wien. Berichte 
Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein 
Mittheilungen. Vol. I.-IV. il. 
Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein 
lungen. 30 vol. (36 pts.) pi. 
Vol. I. consists of 5 and vol. II. of 3 parts ; the following parts are called 
Jahrgang and form one volume each. 

Oesterreichischer Touristen-Club. Mittheilungen der Sec- 
tion fur Naturkunde. Vol. I— XII. il. map. Q. Wien, 
1889-1900— > 

Oesterreichisches botanisches Wochenblatt; gemeinniitziges 
Organ fur Botanik und Botaniker . . . Ed. by A. Skofitz. 
Vol. I.-VII. O. Wien, 1851-57. — Continued as : Oester- 
reichische botanische Zeitschrift ; gemeinniitziges Organ fiir 
Botanik und Botaniker, Gartner etc. Ed. by Alex. Skofitz 
(VIII.-XXXVIII.) & R. R. von Wettstein. Vol. VIII.-L. 
il. por. pi. O. Wien, 1858-1900^ 

Pharmaceutische Post ; Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammtinteressen 
der Pharmacie. Herausgegeben und redigirt von Alois Phil. 
Hellmann. Vol. I.-XXVIII. O. Wien, 1868-95— > 

Rad jugoslavenske akademije. [Council of the South Slavic 
academy.] Znanostiiumjetnosti. [Knowledge and science.] 
Vol. I.-CXLIV. pi. O. v Zagrebu, 1S67-1900-^ 

Siebenbiirgischer Karpathen-Verein. Jahrbuch. Vol. I- 
XX. pi. maps. O. Hermanstadt, 1881-1900^ 

Siebenbiirgischer Verein fiir Naturwissenschaften zu Her- 
mannstadt. Verhandlungen und Mittheilungen. Vol. I.— 
L. pi. O. Hermannstadt, 1850-1900^ 

Societa adriatica di scienze naturali in Trieste. Bollettino. 
Vol. I.-VIII. O. Trieste, 1875-S3. 

Sprawozdanie komisyi fizyograficzn£j . . . obejmujaee po- 
glad na czynnosci dokonane . . . oraz materyaly do fizyo- 
grafii Galicyi. [Report of the physiographical commission, 
embracing review of accomplishments . . . together with 
materials on Galician physiography.] Vol. I.-XXXVI. pi. 
maps. O. Krakowie, 1867-1900— > 

Termeszetrajzi fiizetek. [Natural history leaflets.] Ed. by 
O. Herman, S. Schmidt & S. Mocsary. Vol. I.-XXIII. pi. 
Q. Budapest, 1877-1900— > 

Tenneszettudomanyi fiizetek. [Leaflets of natural sciences.] 
Pub. by Delmagyarorszdgi termeszettudoma^nyi t&rsulat. 
[South Hungarian society of natural sciences.] Vol. I.- 
XXIV. O. Temesvar, 1876-1900^ 

Tenneszettudomanyi kozlony. [Journal of natural sciences.] 
Pub. by (Kir) Magyar termeszettudom&nyi taxsulat. [(Roj'al) 
Hungarian natural history societv.] Vol. I.-XXXII. O. 
Budapest, 1869-1900^ 

Potfiizetek. [Supplements.] Vol. I.-XII. Q. Buda- 
pest, 1888-1900^ 

Verein fiir Naturkunde zu Presburg. Verhandlungen. Vol. 
I.-IX. pi. map, tab. O. Presburg, 1856-70. [Vol. VI- 
VII. under the title: Correspondenzblatt, vol. I.— II.] — Con- 
tinued as : Verein fiir Natur- und Heilkunde zu Presburg. 
Verhandlungen. Vol. X.-XX. (New ser. Vol. I.-XI.) 
(1869-99). il. O. Presburg, 1871-1900— > 
T-p. and contents in German & Hungarian; articles in either language. 

Wiener Museum der Naturgeschichte. Annalen. Vol. I.- 
II. pi. sq. Q. Wien, 1836[1835H0.|| 

Wissenschaftliche Mittheilungen aus Bosnien und der Herze- 
govina ; herausgegeben vom Bosnisch-herzegovinischen Lan- 
desmuseum in Sarajevo. Conducted by Dr. Moriz Hoernes. 
Vol. I.-VII. il. pi. Q. Wien, 1S93-1900^> 

Wszechswiat. [The World.] Vol. I.-XIX. il. Warschau, 

Zeitschrift fiir Natur- und Heilkunde in Ungarn, mit gleicher 

Beriicksichtigung fiir Naturforscher, Sanitatsbeamte, Aerzte, 

Wundarzte und Pharmaceuten. Herausgegeben von Dav. 
JVachtel. 12 vol. Q. Budapest, 1850-61. || 
Ziva; casopis pffrodnicky. [Life; a natural history journal.] 

Ed. by J. Purkyne & J. Krejci. Vol. I.-XIV. il. Q. 

vPraze, 1853-68. — Ed. by B. Rayman & F. Mares. Ser. 2. 

Vol. I.-IX. il. Q. Prag, 1891-99^ 


Attikov 'Sp.epo\6yiov t virb ' Aaioirlov, TZipijvalov. [Attic almanac. 
Ed. by Eirenaios Asopios.] D. Athens, 1875-95 — > 
Contains a few dendrological articles chiefly of literary interest. 
Iovios dvdo\oyia. Ionian anthology. Antologia Ionia. 5 pts. 
O. Kepicvptu, 1834-35. 
Part I.— IV. paged continuously and published in 1S34. — These 5 
parts contain : [Mazziari.] Flora corcirese. 

•fiXoXo-yiitos SiWo-yos " napvacrtrds" [Philological society Par- 
nassos.] "E-wtT-qph. [Annual report.] Vol. I.-IV. il. pi. 
O. Athens, 1897-1900.— > 

Uapvacrcr6s. [Parnassos ; journal.] Vol. I.-XIII. O. 

Athens, 1S78-90.|| 

Contains a few botanical articles. 

5. ASIA 

Asiatic society of Japan. Transactions. Vol. [IJ-XXVIII. 
(1872-1900). pi. maps, tab. O. Yokohama, 1874- 
1900— > 

Index for vol. I.-XXIII. 

Botanical magazine. Ed. by Tokyo botanical society. Vol. 
I.-XIV. il. pi. O. Tokyo, 18S7?-1900-h> 

Vol. I.— III. and no. 35-42 of vol. IV. have no English index and con- 
tain no English articles. 

China review ; or, Notes and queries on the far east, published 
every two months. Vol. I.-XXIV. (1872-1900). il. O. 
Hongkong, 1873-1900— > 

Chinese repository. Ed. by E. C. Bridgeman & S. W. Wil- 
liams. Vol. I.-XX. O. Canton, 1833-51. 

College of agriculture, Imperial university (of Japan). Bul- 
letin. Vol. I.-IV. no. 3. il. pi. tab. O. Tokyo, 
[1887] '93-1900^ 

Vol. I. no. 1-8 has the title : " Imperial college of agriculture and den- 
drology, Komaba, Tokio, Japan. Bulletin." 

College of science, imperial university, Japan. Journal. 
Vol. I.-XIII. pt. 3. il. pi. maps, tab. Q. Tokyo. 
1887-1900— > 
Title of vol. IX. -XIII. reads: "Imp. university of Tokyo, Japan." 

Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Natur- und Volkerkunde Ost- 
asiens. Mittheilungen. Vol. I.-VIII. pt. 2. pi. maps. 
F. Yokohama & Tokio, 1873-1900— > 
Vol. IV. has 6 supplements ; vol. V. and VII. have each 2 supplements. 

Notes and queries on China and Japan ; a monthly medium of 
intercommunication for professional and literary men, mis- 
sionaries and residents in the East generally. 4 vol. il. pi. 
0. Hong-Kong, 1867-70. 

Royal Asiatic society, North China branch. Journal. Vol. 
I.-II. il. pi. map. O. Shanghai, 1858-60. [No. 1 of 
vol. I. called: " Shanghai literary and scientific society; jour- 
nal."]— New ser. Vol. I.-XXXIII. (1S64-1900). il. pi. 
maps. O. Shanghai, 1865-1900— > 


Anthropological society of Bombay. Journal. Vol. I.-V. 
no. 4. pi. maps. O. Bombay, 1886-1900-^ 

Asiatic society of Bengal. Asiatick researches; or, Trans- 
actions of the Society instituted in Bengal for enquiring into 
the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences and literature 
of Asia. Vol. I.-XX. pi. maps, tab. sq. Q. Calcutta, 

Index for vol. I.-XVIII. 

Journal. Vol. I.-LXIX. pt. 2, no. 3. pi. maps, tab. 

O. Calcutta, 1832-1900^ 
Index for vol. I.-XXIII. 

Proceedings, 1S65-99. pi. O. Calcutta, 1866-1900— > 

Bombay geographical society. Transactions. Vol. I.-XLX. 
(1836-73). pi. maps. O. Bombay, 1844-74. 

Published first under the title " proceedings," afterwards as "proceed- 
ings" in the text, but " journal" on the cover, finally as " transac- 
tions." — The proceedings from 1836-38 were reissued in 1844 under 
the title "transactions." — In 1873 the society was merged in the 
Bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic society. 



Bombay natural history society. Journal. Ed. by R. A. 
Sterndale and others. Vol. I.-XIII. no. 2. pi. O. 
Bombay, 1SS6-1900— > 

Botanical survey of India. Records. Ed. by G. King. Vol. 
I. pt. 1-12. O. Calcutta, 1S93-99— > 

Calcutta journal of natural history and miscellany of the arts 
and sciences in India. Ed. by John M'Clelland & others. 
Vol.I.-VIII. pi. O. Calcutta, [1S40]-47.| | 

Indian medical gazette; a monthly record of medicine, sur- 
gery, obstetrics, jurisprudence, and the collateral sciences, 
and of general medical intelligence, Indian and European. 
Vol. I.— > il. pi. Q. Calcutta, 1S66-* 

Journal of literature and science ; published under the auspices 
of the Madras literary society and Auxiliary of the Royal 
Asiatic society. Vol. I. (1833-34). pi. maps. D. Ma- 
dras, 1834. — Continued as: Madras Journal of literature and 
science ... Ed. by J. C. Morris. Vol. II.-[XXIIL] 
pi. maps. D. Madras, 1S35-66. [Vol. XVII.-XXII. 
also called: New ser. Vol. I -VI.; and vol. [XXIIL] called: 
Ser. 3. Vol. I. — Nothing published from 1S66 to 1877.] — 
2 vol. (1878-79). pi. D. Madras, 1879-SO. 

Medical and physical society. Transactions. Vol. I.-IX. 
O. Calcutta, 1825-45. || 

Quarterly journal. Vol. I. no. 1. O. Calcutta, 1S37. 

Medical and physical society of Bombay. Transactions. 
Vol. I.-X. O. Bombay, 1836-51. — New ser. Vol. L- 
VIII. (1S51-62). O. Bombay, 1S53-63. 

(Royal) Asiatic society, Bombay branch. Journal. Vol. L- 
XIX. (1S41-97). pi. fac-sim. maps. O. Bombay, 
1S44-97— > 

(Royal) Asiatic society, Ceylon branch. Journal. Vol. [I.]- 
XV. (1S45-98). pi. tab. O. Colombo, 1S59-99-h> 
Index for vol. I. -XI. 

Royal botanic garden, Calcutta. Annals. Vol. I.-VIII. pi. 

F. Calcutta, 1SS7-9S— > 
Royal botanic gardens, Ceylon. Circular. Ed. by J. C. 

Willis. Ser. 1, nos. I.-XX. O. Colombo (Ceylon), 1S97- 

1900— * 
Scientific memoirs by medical officers of the army of India. 

Vol. I.-XI. pi. sq. Q. Calcutta, 1SS4-9S-h> 
Simla naturalist's society. Journal. Vol. I. pt. 1-2. (434- 

81 pp.) il. t-p-c. [Simla], 1885-86. 


Bataviaasch genootschap van kunsten en wetenschappen. 

Verhandelingen. Vol. I.— LI. pi. O. & sq. Q. Batavia, 

[1779]-1900— * 
Vol. I. -IV. reprinted in 1781-S6, and some of the earlier volumes 
again reprinted in 1825-27. — Vol. VII-VIII. (1814-1816) have also 
English title: " Batavian society of arts and sciences. Transactions." 
— For German translation see: " Gesellschaft der Kiinste und Wissen- 
schaften in Batavia." 

Geneeskundig tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch Indie. Vol. I.- 

XXXI. O. Batavia, 1S55-91— >• 
Icones Bogorienses; jardin botanique de Buitenzorg. Ed. by 

[Melchior] Treub & J. G. Boerlage. Vol. I. pt. 1-3. 75 pi. Q. 

Leide, 1897-99— > 
Institut botanique de Buitenzorg; ('s Lands plantentuin). 

Bulletin. No. 1-7. il. maps. Q. Buitenzorg, 1S9S- 

1900— » 
Jardin botanique de Buitenzorg. Annales. Ed. by R. H. 

C. C. Scheffer (vol. I.) and Melchior Treub. Vol. I.-XVU. 

il. pi. Q. Batavia & Leide, 1S7G-1900— > 

Supplements I.-II. il. pi. Q. Leide, 1S97-9S. 

Index to vol. I.-XV. and supplements. 12 pp. Q. 

Leide. 1S99. 
Journal of the Indian Archipelago ami eastern Asia. [Ed. by 

J.R.Logan.] 9vol. pi. maps. O. Singapore. IS 17-55. 

— New ser. 4 vol. O. Singapore, 1856-63. 
's Lands Plantentuin [Buitenzorg]. Mcdcdeclingcn. Vol. 

I.-XLIL pi. Q. Batavia, 1884-1900-* 
Malayan miscellanies. 2 vol. 0. Bencoolen, 1820 22. 

Consists of 2S pnpiTS sep:ir:ttrly paged. 

NatUUT-en gciiceskundig archicf voor Xeerland's Indie. Ed. 

by P. J. Godefroy, M. J. E. Mtlller, P. A. Fromm & P. 
Bleeker. Vol. I, IV. O. Batavia, lsi 1 17. 

Natuurkundige tijdschrift voorNederlandsch-Indie. Vol. L- 
I.IX. pi. O. Batavia, 1850 1900— » 
Vol. IV. -I. IX. called also: Bar. 'J. vol. l.-sor. 10, vol. III. 

Natuurkundige vereeniging in Nederlandsch-Indie. Verhan- 
delingen. (Societas scientiarum Indo-neerlandica. Acta.) 
Vol. I.-VII. pi. sq. Q. Batavia, 1856-60. 

Tijdschrift voor Indische taal-, land- en volkenkunde ; uitge- 
geven door het Bataviaasch genootschap van kunsten en 
wetenschappen. Vol. I.— III. O. Batavia, 1S53-55. — 
New ser. Vol.IV.-VL O. Batavia, 1855-57. —Ser. 3. Vol. 
VH.-LX. O. Batavia, 185S-60. — Ser. 4. Vol. X. -XIV. O. 
Batavia, 1861-65.— Ser. 5. Vol. XV.-XVI. O. Batavia, 
1865-67. — Ser. 6. Vol. XVH.-XX. O. Batavia, 1S67-71. 
— Ser. 7. Vol. XXI.-XXXVIII. O. Batavia, 1871-95. 
Tijdschrift voor Neerland's Indie. Uitgegeven door W. R. 
van Hoevell. 55 vol. O. Batavia, Groningen, Zalt-Bommel, 
183S-62. — Ser. 2. S vol. O. Zalt-Bommel, 1S63-66.— 
Ser. 3. 10 vol. O. Zalt-Bommel, 1867-71.' — Ser. 4. 10 
vol. O. Zalt-Bommel, 1S72-76. — [Ser. 5.] 40 vol. O. 
Zalt-Bommel, Nijmwegen & Haag, 1S77-1900 — > 

Two volumes each year; 4 vol. in 1844—47; from 1S93 one volume 

each year. 

Royal society of arts and sciences of Mauritius. Transac- 
tions. Vol. I.-II. O. Mauritius, 1S4S-52. — New ser. 
Vol. I.-XI. O. Mauritius, 1857-S3. — Continued as : Soci6t& 
rovale des arts et des sciences de Maurice. Transactions. 
Vol. XII.-XX. O. Maurice, 18S3-S9. 
Societe d'histoire naturelle de l'ile Maurice. Rapport an- 
nuel surles travaux. Vol. I.-XIII. O. & Q. Maurice, 1830- 
43. [Vol. XII. -XIII. paged continuously.] — Proces-ver- 
baux . . . 1842^5. 1 vol. (206 pp.) Q. Maurice, 1846. 

The Proces-verbaux 1831-33 consist of single leaves (F.) and contain 

nothing of importance. 


Antananarivo annual and Madagascar magazine, a record of 
information on the topography and natural productions 
of Madagascar, and the customs, traditions, language, and 
religious beliefs of its people. Vol. I.-IV. (1S75-92). pi. 
maps. O. Antananarivo, 1S7S-92. 
Vol. I. (1S75-78) was reprinted in 1885. 
Cape monthly magazine. New ser. Ed. bv Prof. Noble 

Vol. I.-XIII. pi. maps. O. Cape Town, 1S70-76. 
Durban botanic society. Report on Natal botanic gardens 
for . . . 18S5-[99]. 15 vol. O. Durban, 1SS6-1900— > 
Contains many notes on the plants cultivated. —Title after " report " 
slightly varying. 

Institut egyptien. Memoires. Vol. I.-III. pi. sq. Q. Le 
Caire, 1S62-1900— > 

Bulletin. No. 1-ser. 3, no. 10 (1S99). pi. O. Alex- 

andrie, 1S59-1900— * 

Societe de climatologie, sciences physiques & naturelles de 
l'Algerie. Bulletin. Vol. I.-VII. O. n-t-p. [Alger, 1868- 
70.] [From vol. V. " Algerienne " is inserted after " Societe' " 
and " de l'Algerie " is omitted.] — Continued as: Soci£t£ des 
sciences physiques, naturelles et climatologique de l'Algerie. 
Bulletin. Vol. XXV. O. n-t-p. Alger, 1S8S. 

South African philosophical society. Transactions. Vol. 
I.-XI. pt. 2. il. pi. O. & Q. Cape Town, 18S0 [ls7s]- 
1900— > 


Australasian association for the advancement of science. 
Reports of ... meetings. Vol. I.— VII. (1888 98). pi. maps, 
tab. O. Sydney, [18S9]-9S— » 

Australasian medical gazette, being the official organ of the 
combined Australasian branches of the British medical asso- 
ciation. Vol. I.-X1X. il. sq. Q. & O. Sydney, lss_'- 
1900— > 

Linnean society of New South Wales. Proceedings. Vol. 
I.-XXV. pt. 3. (1875-1900). il. pi. maps. O. Sydney, 

Vol. [XI.-XX.] (1SS6-95) called: Ser. 2. vol. I.-X. 

New Zealand institute. Transact ions and proceedings. Ed. 
I. v .lames Hector. Vol. I XXXII. il. por. pi. maps, 
tab. O. Wellington. 1869-1900— > 

Philosophical society of Adelaide. South Australia. Trans- 
actions and proc lings and report. Vol. [I. II] pi. < '. 

Adelaide, l s 7^ 79.— Continued as: Royal society of South 
Australia. Transactions and proceedings and report. Vol. 
III. WIY. pi. maps. t). Adelaide, 1880 I'.'tH) — >• 

Philosophical society of New South Wales. Transactions, 
lvol. (1862-65). <>. Sydney,1866. Continued as: Royal 
society of New South Wales, Transactions. Vol. 1. IV 
I 1867- 75). il. pi. maps. 0. Sydney, [1867]-76. — Jour- 
nal and proceeding. Vol. \ \\\IV. ils76-l'.>00). il. 
pi. maps. 0. Sydney, 1^77-1900— > 



Philosophical society of Victoria. Transactions. Vol. I. 
pi. O. Melbourne, 1855. — Continued as: Philosophical 
institute of Victoria. Transactions. Vol. I.-V. (1855-60). 
pi. tab. O. Melbourne, 1857-[60]. — Continued as : Royal 
society of Victoria. Transactions and proceedings. Vol. 
VI.-XXIV. (1861-88). pi. O. Melbourne, 1865-88.— 
Proceedings. Ser. 2. Vol. I— XII. pi. O. Melbourne, 
1889-1900— > 

Royal society of Victoria. Transactions. Vol. I.-IV. pi. 
sq. F. Melbourne, 1888— >■ 

(Royal) geographical society of Australasia (Victorian 
branch). Transactions & proceedings. Vol. I.— XI. maps, 
pi. O. Melbourne, 1885-94. 

Royal society of Queensland. Proceedings. Vol. I. -XV. 
(1884-99). pi. maps, tab. O. Brisbane, 1885-1900^ 

Royal society of Van Diemen's Land. Papers and proceed- 
ings. Vol. 1. (1849-55). pi. tab. O. Hobart 
Town, 1851-55. — Continued as : Royal society of Tasmania. 
Papers and proceedings. Vol. III. pt. 2. -vol. 1898-99. 
pi. maps, tab. O. Hobart Town, 1859-1900— > 

Tasmanian journal of natural science, agriculture, statistics 
. . . Vol. I.-III. pi. O. Tasmania & London, 1842-49. 

Victorian naturalist; the journal and magazine of the Field 
naturalists' club of Victoria. Vol. I.-XVII. no. 8. pi. 
map. O. South Melbourne, 18S5-1900^ 


Including collective works, encyclopedias, etc. 

Costaeus, Joannes. De universali stirpium natura libri duo. 
[8]+ 496+ [15] pp. O. Augustae Taurinorum, 1578. 

Zaluziansky a Zaluzian, Adam. Methodi herbariae libri tres 
Adami Zaluziansky k Zaluzian. [122] ff. 1 pi. Q. Pra- 
gae, 1592.f — Adami Zaluzanii a Zaluzaniis methodi her- 
bariae libri tres. [235] pp. 1 tab. O. Francofurti, 1604. 

Jessenius a Jessen, Johann. De plantis disputatio prior. 
10 ff. Q. Wittenbergae, 1601. t 

Seidel, Jakob. Theses de causis, speciebus, differentiis, parti- 
bus et facultatibus plantarum. (Diss.) [24] ff. Q. Gry- 
phiswaldiae, 1610. t 

Moegling, J. L. (praeses). Upoyvfivafffiara fioTavokoyiKa. (Diss.) 
(J. D. Camerarius, respond.) 64+[l] pp. S. Tubingae, 
Has running title: " Praeludia rei herbariae.*' — Chiefly morphologi- 

Du Val, Guillaume. In phytologiam sive doctrinam de plan- 
tis praefatio paraenetica. 44 pp. Q. Parisiis, 1614. f 

Beyer, J. Quaestiones de plantis. Q. Basileae, 1623. t 

Schleifentag, Gabriel. Deplantis. (Diss.) [8] ff. Q. Lip- 
siae, 1625+ 

Securius, Thomas. Diss. X. de plantis. Q. Lipsiae, 1625. t 

Bacon, Francis, Viscount St. Albans. Sylva sylvarum; or, A 
naturall historie, published after the author's death by Wil- 
liam Rawley. [8]+266+]9] pp. F. London, 1627.— 
Sylva sylvarum . . . History of life and death, etc. Ed. 9. 

227+[18] + [130] pp. F. London, 1670. Histoire natu- 

relle, traduit du latin par Pierre Amboise Sr. de la Magde- 

laine. O. Paris, 1631. f Sylva sylvarum ; sive, Historia 

naturalis, in decern centurias distributa . . . nunc latio 
transscripta a Jacobo Gruvero. [32]+ 612+ [47] pp. T. 
Amstelodami, 1648. — [Another ed.] [32]+ 549+ [39]+ 86 pp. 
D. Amstelodami, 1661 + — [Another ed.] (In his Operum 
collectio . . . 1665.)t 

CenturiaS-7 (ed. 1627, pp. 109-178) deal with plants. 

Hanmann, Christian. De plantis in genere. (Diss.) [J 6] pp. 

Q. Lipsiae, 1635+ 
Ausius, Henrik. Disputatio physica de plantis in genere. 

12+4 pp. Q. Upsaliae, 1640+ — De plantis in genere. 

(Diss.) 16 pp. Q. Upsaliae, 1644+ 
Celsius, M. N. De plantis. Q. Upsaliae, 1647+ 
Duval, Guillaume. Phytologia; sive, Philosophia plantarum; 

opus posthumum. [6]+472 pp. S. Parisiis, 1647. 
Partly on medical botany. 

Unonius, Olof. Disputio physica de plantis. 10 pp. Q. 

Upsaliae, 1647. 
Brotbeck, J. K. (praeses). Theoria physica de plantis. 

(Diss.) (Elias Rudolf Camerarius.) 22 pp. sq. O. Tue- 

bingae, 1656. 
Chiefly physiological. 

Gyllenstalpe, Michael. De regno vegetabili in genere. 12 
pp. Q. Aboae, 1656+ 

Schenck, J. T. (praeses). Historia plantarum generalis in 
synopsin redacta, & ad usum medicum concinnata . . . 
(Diss.) (Zacharias Ennichmann.) [42] pp. D. Jenae, 1656. 

Horst, Gregor. De plantis in genere. (Diss.) Q. Ulmae, 

Digby, Kenelme. A discourse concerning the vegetation of 
plants. 100 pp. T. London, 1661. — [Another ed.] (In 

his " Book on bodies," pp. 207-231. 1669.)t Dissertatio 

de plantarum vegetatione, vertente Olfredo Dapper, pref. 
78 pp. D. Amstelodami, 1663+ — [Another ed.] 85 pp. 
D. Amstelodami, 1 669+ — [Another ed.] 78 pp. D. Am- 
stelodami, 1678+ Discours sur la v6gitation des plantes. 

[16] +89 pp. T. Paris, 1667. 

Jung, Joachim. Doxoscopiae physicae minores; sive, Isa- 
goge physica passim receptae, breviter quidem, sed accura- 
tissime examinantur. Ex recensione et distinctione M. F. 
H. [i. e. Martini Fogelii Hamburgensis], cujus annotationes 
quaedam accedunt. Q. Hamburgi, 1662+ — (Also in his 
Opuscula botanico-physico . . . pp. 67-156. 1747.) 

Grube, Hermann. De vita et sanitate plantarum. (Diss.) 
[S] ff. Q. Jenae, 1664+ 

Rolfink, Werner. De vegetabilibus, plantis, suffructibus, 
fructibus, arboribus, in genere libri duo. [18]+ 216+ [8] pp. 
sq. D. Jenae, 1670. 

Ciassi, G. M. Meditationes de natura plantarum et tractatus 
physicomathematicus de aequilibrio praesertim fluidorum 
ac de levitate ignis. 108 pp. pref. D. Venetiis, 1677+ 
Meditationes de natura plantarum (pp. 1—45). 

Praetorius, Johannes. De plantis. (Diss.) 8 pp. Q. Halae, 

Jung, Joachim. Isagoge phytoscopica, ut ab ipso privatis in 
collegiis auditoribus solita fuit tradi. Ad exempla, quae 
ipse auctor summa diligentia deprehendebatur revidisse et 
multis locis sua manu locupletasse, accurate expressa. Re- 
censente Jo. Vagetio. [39] ff. Q. Hamburgi, [1678]+ — 
(Alsoin his Opuscula botanico-physico . . . pp. 1-66. 1747.) 

Koenig, Emmanuel. Regnum vegetabile tarn physice quam 
medice ex veris recentiorum fundamentis reclusum, omnibus 
florae cultoribus lectu non minus jucundum utile et neces- 
sanum. 2. 9. n. Dissertationis physico-medicae enucle- 
antis regnum vegetabile. [6]+84 pp. D. Basileae, 1680. 
— Regnum vegetabile, physice, medice, anatomice, chymice, 
theoretice, practice enucleatum . . . Pt. 2. [S]+84 pp. D. 
Basileae, 16S0. — [Another ed.] 2 pts. O. Basileae, 1688- 
96. — [Another ed.]. [22]+ 11 12+ [8] pp. 1 por. Q. Basi- 
leae, 1708+ 

Majus, Heinrich. De plantis et arboribus. (Diss.) 16 pp. 
Q. Marpurgi Cattorum, 1681+ 

Bidloo, Lambfert]. Dissertatio de re herbaria. (In Comme- 
lin, Jan. Catalogus plantarum indigenarum Hollandiae . . . 
pp. 3-82. 1683. — Ed. 2. pp. 1-80. 1709.) 

Cappellinus, S. J. Dissertationum physicarum de plantis 
prima. [6] ff. Q. Havniae, 1684+ 

Trionfetti, G. B. Observationes de ortu ac vegetatione plan- 
tarum cum novarum stirpium historia iconibus illustrata. 
[6]+ 106 pp. 17 pi. O. Romae, 1685. 
No woody plants. 

Halden, J. B. Plantarium philosophicum ; seu, Problemata 
phytologica de plantis. O. Dillingae, 1686+ 

Schoon, T[heodor] . Waare oeff ening en ontleding der planten , 
handelende van haren oorspronk, ontledinge . . . [52]+ 
564+ [98] pp. 16 pi. S. 's Gravenhage, 1692. 

Haeberlin, G. H. Dissertatio theologica, in qua sententia de 
generatione plantarum a recentioribus quibusdam philoso- 
phis probabiliter asserta ex sacris Uteris clare ostenditur. 
106+ [11] pp. T. Tubingae, 1693. 

Winslow, Jacob. Spicilegium anatomico-botanicum gene- 
rale de machinae plantanimalis oeconomia analogica. 20 pp. 
D. Hafniae, [1694]. 

Below, J. F. De vegetabilibus in genere. (Diss.) 25 pp. 
Q. Londini, 1700+ 

Trionfetti, G. B. Vindiciarum veritatis a castigationibus 
quarundam propositionum, quae habentur in opusculo de 
ortu ac vegetatione plantarum, cum auctoris specimine circa 
plantarum phaenomena ac metamorphoses. Pars prior, in 
qua experimenta ac novae observationes de ortu ac vegeta- 
tione plantarum continentur. [14]+ 205 pp. 4 pi. O. 
Romae, 1703. 



Eglingerus, Christian] (praeses). Theses ex anatome et 
botanica imprimis depromptas . . . submittit. (Abraham 
Hugoninus respond.) 9 pp. sq. O. Basileae, 1711. 
Sap, classification, medical properties, etc. 

Hauser, J. J. Theses botanico-anatomicae. 10 pp. D. 
Basileae, 1711. 

Vallisnieri, Antonio. Raccolta di varj trattati. [2]+ 261 pp. 
pi. sq. O. Venezia, 1715. (In /lis Opere diverse. III.) 
Of little importance; contains a few teratological and morphological 

Ray, John. Philosophical letters between the late learned 
Mr. Ray and several of his ingenious correspondents, natives 
and foreigners. To which are added those of Francis Wil- 
lughby, the whole consisting of many curious discoveries and 
improvements in the history of quadrupeds, birds, fishes, in- 
sects, plants . . . Published by W. Derham. [6]+ 376+ [11] 
pp. il. D. London, 1718. 
Contains many notes and remarks on plants. 

Blair, Patrick. Botanick essays, in two parts ; the first con- 
taining the structure of flowers and the fructification of 
plants with their various distribution into method, and the 
second, the generation of plants . . . together with the 
nourishment of plants and circulation of the sap in all sea- 
sons . . . [32]+ 414 pp. 5 pi. D. London, 1720. 

Pontedera, Giulio. Anthologia; sive, De floris natura libri 
tres plurimis inventis observationibusque . . . ornati, ac- 
cedunt ejusdem dissertationes XI. . . . quibus res botanica 
et subinde etiam medica illustratur. [90]+ 303+ 296 pp. 
12 pi. O. Patavii, 1720. 

Perrault, Claude. CEuvres diverses de physique et de m£- 
chanique, divisees en deux volumes. 2 vol. ([7S]+S76 pp.) 
por. pi. Q. Leide, 1721.f 

Danielli, Stefano. Raccolta di quistioni intorno a cose di 
botanica, notomia, filosofia e medicina, agitate gist tra gli 
celebratissimi publici professori nella universita di Bologna, 
Marcello Malpighi e Giangirolamo Sbaragli, fatta per uso 
degli studiosi. 79 pp. O. Bologna, 1723. t 

Thuemmig, L. P. Versuch einer griindlichen Erlauterung 
der merkwurdigsten Begebenheiten in der Natur. Pt. I.— 
III. (270 pp.) O. Halle, 1723. t 

Roberg, Lars. Grundvahl til plantekjaenningen. 20 pp. il. 
D. Upsaliae, 1730-t 

Feldmann, Bfernhard]. Dissertatio physico-medica sistens 
comparationem plantarum et animalium. 63 pp. S. Lei- 
den, 1732. 

Grienwaldt, F. J. De vita plantarum. (Diss.) 16 pp. Q. 
Altdorfii, 1732.f 

Vallisnieri, Antonio. Saggio d' istoria medica e naturale colla 
spiegazione de' nomi . . . posti per alfabeto. {In his Opere 
fisiche-mediche . . . III. 341-481. 1733.) 

Ludwig, C. G. Aphorismi botanici in usum auditorum con- 
scripti. 80 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1738.f 

[Bazin, G. A.] Observations sur les plantes et leur analogie 
avec lesinsectes; precedes de deux discours, l'un: Sur l'ac- 
croissement du corps humain; l'autre: Sur la cause pour la- 
-quelle les bestes nagens nnturellcmcnt & que l'homme est 
oblige d 'en 6tudier les moyens. [4]+ 16+ 134 pp. D. Stras- 
bourg, 1741. 

Linne, Carl von. Botanici et mineralogici publici funda- 
ments botanica in quibus theoria botanices aphoristice tra- 
ditur. 51 pp. O. Amsterdam, 1741. 

Dercum, L. A. Theses phytologicae, continentcs funda- 
menta rei herbariae. 18+52 pp. 1 pi. Q. Wirccburgi, 
1742. f 

Guettard, J. E. Observations sur les plantes. 2 vol. 4 pi. 
S. Paris, 1747. 

[Jung, Joachim.] Opuscula hotanico-physica ox recensione et 
distinctionc Martini Fogelii . . . et Jon. Vagetii . . . cum 
eorundum annotaliuiiihus; acccdit Joscphi de Aromatariis 
... ad Bartholomeum Nanti epistola de generatione plan- 
tarum ex seminibus, omnia cnllecta, rccngnita i i iv\ !-:i imvis- 
que annotatiunculis illuxtrata cura Job. Scbast. Albrecht. 
[22]+lS.(+[l] pp. (). Coburg, 1747. 
Con( ains his " Isngoge phytoscopia " (pp. 1-06) & " Do plantis doxo- 
scopiuo pbysicae minores" (pp. 67-156). 

Linne, Carl von. Amoenitates academicae; sen, Disserta- 
tiones variae phymcae, medicae botanicae antehac seoreim 

editae, rollectae et auclac. 7 vol. 1 il. |:'> pi. 2 tali. 1). 
Holmiae, 1749-69. — Amoenitates academicae . . . edidit 
J. C. D. Schreber. Vol. VIII.-IX. 8 pi. D. Erlangae, 

17S5. — Amoenitates academicae . . . accedunt Caroli a 
Linne fil. dissertationes botanicae collectae curante J. C. D. 
Schreber. Vol. X. 6 pi. D. Erlangae, 1790. —[Another 
ed.] Vol.1. (616+[13]pp.) 15 pi. O. Lugduni Batavo- 
rum, 1749.f — Editio secunda curante J. C. D. Schreber. 
Vol. II.-VII. pi. tab. O. Holmiae (vol. II.) & Erlangae, 
1762-89. — Editio tertia curante J. C. D. Schreber. Vol. 

I.— II. 1 il. IS pi. O. Erlangae, 17S7. Miscellaneous 

tracts relating to natural history, husbandry and physick. 
Translated from the Latin [of the Amoenitates academicae] 
with notes by B. Stillingfleet . . . 230 pp. O. London, 
1759. — Miscellaneous tracts . . . to which is added the Cal- 
endar of flora by Theophrastus. Ed. 2. 32+391 pp. 11 pi. 
O. London,1762. — Ed. 3. 31+391 pp. 11 pi. O. Lon- 
don, 1775. —Ed. 4. 31+391 pp. 11 pi. O. London, 
1791. Selectae ex Amoenitatibus academicis disserta- 
tiones ad universam naturalem historian! pertinentes quas 
edidit et additamentis auxit L. B. eS. J. [6]+ 316 pp. 3 pi. 
D. Graecii, 1764. — Selectae ex Amoenitatibus academicis 
dissertationes . . . continuatio. 297 pp. 1 pi. Q. Graecii, 
1766. f — Selectae ex Amoenitatibus academicis disserta- 
tiones . . . continuatio altera. 277 pp. 4 pi. Q. Graecii, 
1769. f — Selectae ex Amoenitatibus academicis disserta- 
tiones ... Ed. 2. 285 pp. 3 pi. O. Graecii, 1786.f 

Des Ritter C. von Linn£ Auserlesene Abhandlungen aus 

der Naturgeschichte, Physik und Arzneywissenschaft. 3 vol. 

pi. O. Leipzig, 1776-7S. Select dissertations from the 

Amoenitates academicae, a supplement to Mr. Stillingfleet's 
Tracts relating to natural history. Translated by the Rev. 
F.J. Brand. Vol. I. (14+480 pp.) O. London, 1781. 

Hess, J. R. Theses anatomico-botanicae. Q. Basileae, 
1751. t 

Wallerius, J. G. De principiis vegetationis. (Diss. 1.) 21 

pp. Q. Holmiae, 1751. t Von der Ursachen, welche bei 

dem Wachsthum der Pflanzen, bemerkt werden. (Physic. 
Belust. III. 733-813. 1757.) 

Schilling, J. J. (praeses). Phytologiae; seu, Physices plan- 
tarum specimen I.— [III.]. (Diss.) (Johannes Fabricius.) 
84 pp. sq. O. Duisburgi ad Rhenum, [1752]. 

Linne, Carl von. Opera varia, in quibus continentur Funda- 
menta botanica, Sponsalia plantarum et Systema naturae. 
376 pp. pref. 1 pi. O. Lucae, 1758.t 

Bonnet, Charles. Considerations sur les corps organises. 

2 vol. O. Amsterdam, 1762. Betrachtungen uber die 

organisirten Kiirper . . . ubersetzt . . . von J. A. E. Goeze. 
2 pts. D. Lemgo, 1775. 

Bonnet, Charles. Contemplation de la nature. 2 vol. O. 
Amsterdam, 1764. t — Ed. 2. 2 vol. O. Amsterdam, 
1769. — [Another ed.] 3 vol. O. Neuchatel, 1781. (In 
his (Euvres d'histoire naturelle et de philosophic VII.-IX.)t 

— [Anothered.] 3 vol. O. Hamburg, 17S2.f Betrach- 

tung uber die Natur . . . Ed. 2. 106+ 562+ [14] pp. 4 pi. 
O. Leipzig, 1772. — Betrachtung uber die Natur . . . von 
J. D. Titius. 2 vol. O. Leipzig, lS03.f 

Valmont-Bomare, J. C. Dictionnaire raisonnd universel 
d'histoire naturelle, contenant, l'histoire des animaux, des 
v<5g6taux ... 6 vol. O. Paris, 1764. f ■ — New ed. rev. 
&enl. 6 vol. O. Paris, 1769.f — Ed. 3. 9 vol. O. 
Lyon, 1776.f — Ed. 4. 15 vol. O. Lvon, 1791 .f — Nou- 
velle ed. d'apres la 4e. Vol. I .-XII., -XIV. & XV. 14 vol. 

D. Lyon, lSOO.f [Italian translation.] O. Venezia, 

1767.f [Dutch translation.] Q. Dordrecht, 17694 

Bose, A. J. De disquirendo charactere plantarum essentia li 
singulari. (Diss.) 40 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1765. 

Gleditsch. .1. (1. Vermischte physicaliseh-botanisch-dcono- 
mische Abhandlungen. 3 vol. 5' pi. O. Halle, 1765-67. 

Unzer, J. A. Sammhmg kloincr Schriften. Physikalische. 
410 pp. O. Rinteln A Leipzig, 1766.f — Zwote Samm- 
hmg. Zur spi'culativen Philiisiipliii'. 1 1 pp. O. Hint-In 
& Leipzig, I769.t — Dritte Saminlung. 0. Leipzig. I769.f 
Contains: "Betrachtungen Qber einige Besonderheiten aus dem Ge- 
w:i, liM-rii tic" (I. 54-6-1). — " I'u tiTsurli ung, vie die B&umevor dem 
Erfrieren iu bewahren sind" (I. 1*10-150). — "Vom QefQhle tier 
I'llanzon" (I. LM2-255I. 

Gleditsch, .1. G. Vermischte Bemerkungen aus der Anney- 
wissenschaft, Krauterlehre und Oconomie. Pt. 1. [30]+ 
230+ [1] pp. 1 pi. 5 tab. <>. Leipzig, 1768. 

Guettard. .1. K. M^moires svir dirTdrentes parties des sciences 

et arts. 5 vol. pi. g. Paris. 1768 83. 

Hammer. Christopher. Samling at" botaniske afhandlinger. 

(). Christiania, 1769.f 



Milne, Colin. A botanical dictionary; or, Elements of sys- 
tematic and philosophical botany, containing descriptions of 
the parts of plants, an explanation of the scientific terms 
used by Morison, Ray, Tournefort, Linnaeus and other 
eminent botanists, a brief analysis of the principal systems 
in botany . . . the whole forming a complete system of 
botanical knowledge, unpaged (28 plag.) D. London, 
1770.f — Ed. 2 enl. unpaged. D. London, 1778. — Ed. 
3 enl. [713] pp. 25 pi. 3 tab. O. London, 1805. — A 
supplement . . . containing ample descriptions of several 
curious plants, chiefly Asiatic, with their uses in medicine, 
in domestic economy and in the arts, unpaged. (9 plag.) 
D. London, 1778.f 

Du Roi, J. P. Dissertatio . . . observationes botanicas 
sistens. (Diss.) 62 pp. D. Helmstadii, [1771]. 

[Gmelin, J. F.] Onomatologia botaniea completa ; oder, Voll- 
standiges botanisches Worterbuch worinnen nicht nur alle 
Kunstworter iibersetzt und erklart, die bekannten Pflanzen 
nach der Lehrart des Putters von Linn6 beschrieben, ihre 
verschiedenen Namen nach den beruhmtesten Schriftstellern 
angefiihrt und eine kleine Lebensgeschichte der vornehmsten 
Krauterkundigen beygefiigt, sondern audi die Heilskrafte 
und der Nutzen . . . aus den besten Schriften dieser Art und 
aus eigener Erfahrung erlautert werden von einer Gesell- 
schaft erfahrner Pflanzenkundiger. 10 vol. D. Frankfurt 
& Leipzig, 1772-78. 

Astheimer, Romanus. Phytologia generalis. (Diss.) 140 
pp. adn. Q. Neoburgi, 1773.f 

[Spielmann, J. R.] Vegetatio. (Diss.) 38 pp. Q. Argen- 
torati, 1773.f 

Schinz, Salomon. Primae linae botanicae ex tabulis phyto- 
graphicis cl. D. Joannis Gesneri ductae ; Erster Grundriss der 
Krauterwissenschaft . . . [2]+ 19+ [2] pp. 2 pi. F 6 . Zu- 
rich, 1775. 

Morphological and taxonomic. 

Hebenstreit, E. B. G. Diatribe de vegetatione hyemali. 
16 pp. D. Lipsiae, 1777. 

Jacquin, N. J. Miscellanea austriaca ad botanicam, chemiam 
et historiam naturalem spectantia, cum figuris partim colora- 
tis. 2 vol. 44 pi. O. Vindobonae, 1778-S1 . 

For continuation see his " Collectanea ad botanicam . . . 1786-90." 

Feuereusen, K. G. Pflanzenorganologie ; oder, Etwas aus 
dem Pflanzenreiche, insonderheit die sonderbare Wtirkungen 
des Nahrungssaftes in den Gewachsen. 30 pp. O. Han- 
nover, 1780.f 

Fortemps, J. K. von. Vita plantarum illustrata. 44 pp. 
O. Vindobonae, 1780.f 

Lindsay, Archibald. Dissertatio inauguralis, de plantarum 
incrementi causis. 43 pp. D. Edinburgh 1781. 

[Reuss, C. F.] Dictionarium botanicum; oder, Botanisches, 
lateinisches und deutsches Handworterbuch fur Aerzte, 
Kameralisten, etc. nach dem Linneischen Systeme. 2 vol. 
O. Leipzig, 1781. t 

Meyer, Andreas. Botanicum copiosum dictionarium; seu, 
Herbarium, continens ordine alphabetico descriptionem turn 
peregrinarum turn hie crescentium arborum, fruticum, her- 
barum, florum, radicum, muscorum, fungorum et seminum, 
et eorum nominum in lingua russica, latina, gallica, italica, 
anglica et graeca. 2 pts. (650+607+16 pp.) Q. Mosquae, 

Demel, J. E. Dissertatio inauguralis physico-chemico-medica 
sistens analysin plantarum. 62 pp. D. Viennae. 1782. f 

Lamarck, [J. B. A. P. M.] Chevalier de & Poiret, J. L. M. En- 
cyclopedic m^thodique. Botanique. 8 vol. Q. Paris & 
Liege, 1783-1808. — Supplement [par J. L. M. Poiret]. 5 
vol. Q. Paris, 1810-17. 

Vol. I.-V. by Lamarck, vol. V.-VII1. by Poiret. 

Medikus, F. C. Botanische Beobachtungen des Jahres 
1782 ... 4 pts. 419 pp. D. Mannheim, 1783. — Bo- 
tanische Beobachtungen des Jahres 1783. [32]+ 312+ [8] pp. 
D. Mannheim, 1784. 
Belleval, P. R. de. Opuscules . . . auxquels on a joint un 
Traite d'Olivier de Serres sur la maniere de travailler l'ecorce 
du Murier blanc. New ed. ... by M. Broussonet. v. p. 
pi. D. Paris, 1785. 

A series of reprints, titles included, from the original fonts, with cover- 
ing title and preface. — Contains : I. Onomatologia; seu, Nomenclatura 
stirpium quae in horto regio Monspeliensi recens constructo coluntur. 
IV. Olivier de Serres. La seconde richesse du Meurier blanc . . . 

Gloxin, B. P. Observationes botanicae. (Diss.) 2+24 pp. 
3 pi. Q. Argentorati, 1785. f 

Kluk, Christoph. Dykcyonarz roslinny, w kt6rym podlug 
ukladu Linneusza, sa opisane rosliny nietylko kraiowe . . . 
ale oraz i cudzoziemskie . . . ich zdatnogci lekarskie, eko- 
nomiczne . . . z . . . wykladem stow botanicznych . . . 
[Botanical dictionary, arranged according to the Linnean 
system, in which are described not only indigenous plants, 
but also those of foreign countries and those which can be 
cultivated in this country . . . their medical and economical 
uses . . . With ... a list of botanical terms . . . ] 3 vol. 

0. Warszawie, 1735-88. — [Another ed.] 3 vol. O. War- 
szawie, 1S05-11. 

Jacquin, N. J. Collectanea ad botanicam, chemiam et his- 
toriam naturalem spectantia, cum figuris. 4 vol. 90 pi. F. 
Vindobonae, 1786-90. — Supplement. 171pp. 16 pi. F. 
Vindobonae, 1796. 

A continuation of his Miscellanea austriaca . . . 1778-81. 

Ehrhart, Friedrich. Beitrage zur Naturkunde und den damit 
verwandten Wissenschaften, besonders der Botanik, Chemie, 
Haus- und Landwirthschaft, Arzneigelahrtheit und Apothe- 
kerkunst. 7 vol. D. Hannover, 1787-92. 

Natuurkundige en ophelderende aanmerkingen over den 
Katechismus der natuur door Martinet. 2 vol. O. Am- 
sterdam, 1788. 

Rodon y Bell, Martin. Breve discurso de la botaniea. Q. 
Cartagena, 1788. 

Hedwig, Johannes. De fibrae vegetabilis et animalis ortu. 
32 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1789.J 

Oskamp, D. L. Specimen botanico-physicum inaugurale, 
exhibens nonnulla, plantarum fabricam et oeconomiam spec- 
tantia. 70 pp. Q. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1789. t 

Gleditsch, J. G. Vermischte botanische und okonomische 
Abhandlungen, herausgegeben und mit einer Vorrede ver- 
sehen von D. Karl Abraham Gerhard. 4 vol. pi. tab. O. 
Berlin, 1789-90. 

In vol. IV. the title changes to: ... " mit einem Vorbericht versehen 
..." — Vol. I. has also been issued under the title: " Vermischte bo- 
tanische Abhandlungen ..." 

Medikus, F. C. Philosophische Botanik mit kritischen Be- 
merkungen. 2 vol. O. Mannheim, 1789-91. 

Jussieu, A. L. Introductio in historiam plantarum. (In his 
Genera plantarum . . . pref . 77 pp. 1789.) — Introductio 
. . . Introductionis olim generibus plantarum praemissae 
editio altera posthuma, aucta et maxima parte nova 
edidit Adrien de Jussieu. Ill pp. O. Paris, [183 . ?].f 

Schrank, Franz von Paula von. Animadversiones in quae- 
dam loca Promptuarii Turicensis. (Mag. Bot. Zurich. IV. 
no. 12, pp. 21-33. 1790.) — Observationum in fasciculos 
Promtuarii botanici Turicensis. (Ann. Bot. Usteri, 1791, pt. 

1, pp. 12-24; 1793, pt. 4, pp. 5-24.) 

Comparetti, Andrea. Prodromo di fisica vegetabile. 72 pp. 
D. Padova, 1791. 

Lamarck, [J. B. A. P. M.] Chevalier de & Poiret, J. L. M. 
Tableau encyclopedique et m^thodique des trois regnes de 
la nature. Botanique. 3 vol. Q. Paris, 1791-1S23. — 
Recueil de planches de botanique de l'encyclope'die. 4 vol. 
1000 pi. Q. Paris, [1791]-1S23. 
Vol. I. by Lamarck, vol. II. -III. by Poiret. 

Dictionnaire des plantes usuelles, des arbres et arbustes, des 
animaux, qui servent d'alimens, de medicamens ou d'amuse- 
ment a l'homme; ouvrage mis a la portee de tout le monde 
. . . pour faire suite aux ouvrages de Buffon, Bornare et 
autres . . . Par une society de gens de lettres naturalistes 
et medecins. 8 vol. (in 15). 764 [776] pi. O. Paris, an 2 
Chiefly economical. 

Hedwig, Johann. Sammlung seiner zerstreuten Abhand- 
lungen und Beobachtungen iiber botanisch-okonomische 
Gegenstande. 2 vol. 6 pi. O. Leipzig, 1793-97. 

Hosack, David. Syllabus of a course of lectures on botany, 
delivered in Columbia College. O. New York, 1795. f 

Link, H. F. Dissertationes botanicae, quibus accedunt Pri- 
mitiae horti botanici et Florae rostochiensis. 6+ SI pp. O. 
Suerin, 1795. 

Schmidt, F. W. Sammlung physikalisch-okonomischer Auf- 
siitze, zur Aufnahme der Naturkunde und deren damit ver- 
wandtem Wissenschaften in Bohmen ; herausgegeben von 
Franz Wilibald Schmidt. 1 vol. (375 pp.) 3 pi. O. Prag, 

No more published. 

Smith, Sir J. E. Syllabus of a course of lectures on botany. 
72 pp. O. London, 1795.f 



Niemecsky, Daniel. Einleitung in die Pflanzenkur, nebst 

einer Eintheilung des Pflanzenreichs. S pp. Q. Wien, 

Camerarius, R. .7. Opuscula botanici argument!; collegit et 

edidit Johann Christian Mikan. 224 pp. 1 por. O. Pragae, 


Contains chiefly reprints from Ephemerides germanicae, but few of 
them relating to woody plants. 
Smith, Sir J. E. Tracts relating to natural history. 14+[2] 

+ 312 pp. 7 pi. O. London, 1798. 

A collection of articles most of them reprinted from various periodi- 
Jolyclerc, Nicolas. Principes de la philosophie du botaniste. 

16+462 pp. O. Paris, [1798]. t — [Another ed.] 16+462 

pp. O. Paris, 1803.f 
Arnaud, [J. B.]. Calendrier r£publicain, botanique et histo- 

rique en forme de dictionnaire . . . 296 pp. D. Avignon, 

an VII. [1799]. 

A botanical dictionary with historical notes giving the dates of intro- 
duction and utilization of different plants, particularly those which 
coincide with the principal events of the first republic. 

Almanach der kruidkunde voor het jaar 1S00. 11+ [26]+ 52 

pp. 14 pi. T. Amsterdam, 1800.t 
Ponten, J. P. Dissertatio philosophico-botanica de serie 

vegetabilium. 14 pp. Q. Gryphiae, 1800. f 
Schmiedlein, G. B. Handworterbuch der Naturgeschichte 

iiber die drei Reiche der Natur. Nach dem Franzosischen 

frei bearbeitet. 3 vol. O. Leipzig, 1800-01. f 
Annuaire de l'herboriste. Par un m^decin botaniste. 499 

pp. O. Paris, 1802.f 
Bastien, J. F. Dictionnaire botanique et pharmaceutique. 

2 vol. O. Paris, 1802.f 
Boehmer, G. R. Lexicon rei herbariae tripartitum . . . 

12+ 392+ [6] pp. O. Lipsiae, 1802. 
Hedwig, R. A. Observationum botanicarum fasciculus 

primus. 20 pp. 11 pi. Q. Lipsiae, 1802. 
Wade, Walter. Syllabus of a course of lectures on botany. 

4+50 pp. O. Dublin, 1802. 
Mirbel, C. F. B. Histoire naturelle generale et partieuliere des 

plantes ... IS vol. 142 pi. tab. O. Paris, [1802J-06. 
N. Jolyclerc author of vol. XVI.-XVIII. 
Nouveau dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle applique'e aux arts 

. . . Par une Society de naturalistes et d'agriculteurs. 24 

vol. il. O. Paris, 1803-04. t—Nouvelle edition. 36 vol. 

il. O. Paris, lS16-19.f 
Philibert, J. C. Dictionnaire universel de botanique, conte- 

nant l'explication d6taillee de tous les termes francais et 

latins de botanique et de physique veg^tale. 3 vol. 5 pi. 

O. Paris, 1804.f 
Dictionnaire des sciences naturelles, dans lequel on traite 

mcSthodiquement des diffe>ens etres de la nature . . . Vol. 

I.-VI. O. Paris, 1804-06. 

No more published until 1816. when these volumes were brought up 
to date by means of supplements and the work completed. — Bot- 
any chiefly by A. L. de jussieu; articles signed. 

Konig, Charles. A few botanical observations. (Ann. Bat. 
Konig, I. 356-36S, pi. 7-8. 1805.) 

Curtis, William. Lectures on botany, as delivered in the 
botanic garden at Lambeth. Arranged from the manu- 
scripts in the possession of his son-in-law, Samuel Curtis, 
florist, Walworth. 3 vol. 119 pi. O. London, 1805.t — 
Ed. 2. 3 vol. O. London, 1X07. t 

Caylus, [A. C. P. de T. G. de P. de L. de], Comlr. Histoire du 
rapprochement des veg<Staux. 128 pp. ind. S. Paris, 

Frege, C. A. Versuch eines allgcmeinon botanischen Hand- 
worterbuchs, latcinisch-deutsch und deutsch-latcinisch. 18+ 
382+ 160+ [2] pp. 4 pi. O. Zeitz 1808. 

Mirbel, ('. F. B. Exposition et defense do ma theorie de 
('organisation vegiHale. (Erlauterung und Vertheidigung 
mcincr Theorie des Gewachsbaus.) 38+295+72 pp. 3 pi. 
0. Haye, 1808. t 

Text in French and dormnn. 
Roemer, .1. .1. Collectanea ad omnem rem botanieam spec- 

tantia; partim e propriis, partim ex amicorum Bchedis ma- 

nuseriptis roncinnavit et edidit. [SJ+3M pp. 4 pi. Q. 

Turici, 1809. 
Tinelli. Giovanni, Dizionario elementare di botanica. 8+ 

254 pp. <). Mantova, 1809.1 
Bonnet, Marcellin. Facies plantarum. 3 pts. (4 plag.) 45 

pl. F. Carcassonne. [1810). t 

Darwin, Erasmus. Abhandlungen und Bemerkungen fiber 
verschiedene naturwissenschaftliche Gegenstiinde, aus dessen 
Botanic garden gesammelt von G. E. W. Crome. Pt. 1. 
Botanik und Zoologie. 10+297 pp. O. Hannover, 1810. f 

Lagasca, Mariano. Amenidades naturales de las Espafias; 
6, Bien disertaciones varias sobre las producciones naturales 
espontaneas 6 conaturalizadas en los dominios espanoles. 
11+111 pp. O. Orihuela & Madrid, 1811-21. 

Published in 2 parts: tomo 1 & tomo 1, numero segundo. — Contains 
lists of exotic plants. 

Ackermann, J. F. Ueber die Natur der Gewachse ... 54 pp. 
sq. Q. Mannheim & Heidelberg, 1812. 

Link, H. F. Kritische Bemerkungen und Zusatze zu Kurt 
Sprengel's Werk iiber den Bau unci die Natur der Gewachse. 
59 pp. D. Halle, 1812. 

Dictionnaire des sciences naturelles, dans lequel on traite 
melhodiquement des diffe>ens etres de la nature ... 60 vol. 
O. Paris & Strasbourg, 181&-30. — Atlas. 13 vol. O. 
Strasbourg, 1S16-30. — Supplement. Vol. I. S+527 pp. 

IS pi. O. Paris & Strasbourg, 1840. Dizionario delle 

scienze naturali, nel quale si tratta metodicamente dei diffe- 
renti esseri della natura, eonsiderati o in loro stessi secondo 
lo stato attuale delle nostri cognizioni o relativamente all' 
utilita . . . redatta da varj professor! . . . prima tradu- 
zione dal francese con aggiunte e correzioni. 22 vol. 1207 
pl. O. Firenze, 1830-51. 

Gerardin de Mirecourt, Sebastien. Dictionnaire raisonne' de 
botanique. Public, revu et augment^ de plus de trois mille 
articles par N. A. Desvaux. 16+746 pp. por. O. Paris, 
1817.f — Ed. 2. 16+746 pp. por. O. Paris, 1822.f 

Vinci, Lionardo da. Trattato della pittura. 511 pp. Q. 
Roma, 1817.f 

" Degli alberi e verdure," (pp. 391-43S). 

Rees, Abraham & others. The cyclopaedia; or, Universal 
dictionary of arts, sciences and literature. 39 vol. Q. 
London, 1819 [1S02-20]. — Atlas. 6 vol. pl. Q. Lon- 
don, 1S20 [1S02-20]. 

For further information on the dates of publication see Jackson, B. D. 
An attempt to ascertain the actual dates of publication of the vari- 
ous parts of Rees's Cyclopaedia. 7 pp. O. London, 1895. — The 
botanical articles almost all contributed by James E. Smith, except 
a few by William Wood. 

Sprengel. K[arl]. Neue Entdeckungen im ganzen TJmfang 
der Pflanzenkunde. 3 vol. 6 pl. D. Leipzig, 1820-22. 

Treviranus, G. R. & L. C. Vermischte Schriften anatomi- 
schen und physiologischen Inhalts. Vol. IV. 242 pp. 6 pl. 
sq. Q. Bremen, 1821. 

Courtois, R. J. Responsio ad quaestionem botanieam . . . 
" Quaeritur concinna expositio eorum, quae de organorum . 
propagation! inservientium plantarum phanerogamicarum ^~ 
ortu, situ, fabrica et functione innotuerunt." 113 pp. Q. 
Gandavi, 1822. f 

Schelver, F. J. Lebens- und Formgeschichte der Pflanzen- 
welt. Handbuch seiner Vorlesungen. Vol.1. 12+269 pp. 
O. Heidelberg, 1822.t 

Bory de Saint-Vincent, J. B. [G. M.] & others. Dictionnaire 
classique d'histoire naturelle. Hi vol. 13 tab. O. Paris, 
1822-30. — Atlas. 7+141 pp. 159 pl. map. 0. Paris, 

Dziarkowski, II. A. & Siennicki, K. Pomnozenie dykcyo- 
narza roslinnego <5. p. X. K. Kluka. [Supplement to Kluk's 
dictionary of plants.] 4 vol. O. Warszawa, 1824-26+ 

C[andoll]e. [A. P.] de. Phytologieou botanique. (/h Diction- 
naire classique d'histoire naturellr. XIII. 478—491. 1828.1 
— Reprinted under the title: Considerations sur la phyto- 
logie; on, Botanique generale, son histoire et les moyens de 
la perfectionner. 16 pp. O. Paris, 1828. 

Morren, C. F. A. Loisirs d'anatomie et de physiologie vegfr- 
tales. O. Bruxelles, 1833-37.t 

Penny cyclopaedia of the society for the diffusion of useful 
knowledge. Ed. by George Long. 27 vol. il. Q. Lon- 
don, [1833]-43. 
Contains botanical urtioles by John Lindloy. 

Turpin, P. .1. F. Observations generales sur l'organog^nie et 

la physiologie des vege'taux. 50 pp. 1 pl. Q. Paris, 
Meyen. 1". .1. F. Ueber die ncue^ten I'ortsehritte der Ana- 
tomie und Physiologie der Gewachse. Antwort auf die 
Frage: WTelke is de tegenwoordige Btaal van de ontleeden 
oatuurkunde der planten? [Teykr's Tioeed. Genoot. Verh. 
XXII. 1 319,21pl. 1836 1- Reprinted : 8+ 319 pp. 21 pl. 
Q Haarlem, is:5i>t 



Scazzola, G. A. Filosofia dei fiori. 124 pp. O. Alessan- 
dria, 1836.t 
Dutrochet, H. J. Memoires pour servir a l'histoire anato- 

mique et physiologique des vegetaux et desanimaux. 2 vol. 

O. Paris, 1837. — Atlas. 36 pp. 30 pi. O. Paris, 1837. 
Drapiez, [P. A. J.]. Dictionnaire classique des sciences natu- 

relles, representant la definition, l'analyse et l'histoire de 

tous les etres, qui composent les trois regnes ... 10 vol. pi. 

O. Bruxelles, 1837-to.t 
Lindblom, A. E. Botaniska Upsater. O. Lund, 1838. — 

From: Physiogr. Sdllsk. Tidskr. 
Tornabene, Francesco. Sopra alcuni fatti di anatomia e 

fisiologia vegetale. 21+41 pp. Q. Catania, 1838. t 
Dictionnaire universel d'histoire naturelle. Ed. by Ch. 

d'Orbigny. New ed. Vol. I.-XIV. Q. Paris, [1839-49]. 

— Atlas. Ed. 2. Vol. I.-III. Q. Paris, [1839-49]. 
Vol. III. of atlas contains botanical plates with analysis. 

Lestiboudois, Themistocle. Etudes sur l'anatomie et la 
physiologie des vegetaux. 292 pp. 21 pi. O. Paris, 
1840.t — [Extract.] (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 2, XIV. 
276-314. 1840.) 

Paxton, Joseph. A pocket botanical dictionary, comprising 
the names, history and culture of all plants known in Britain, 
with a full explanation of technical terms . . . assisted 
by Prof. Lindley. 12+ [2]+ 354 pp. D. London, 1840. — 
New ed. with a supplement containing all the new plants 
since its appearance. 9+ 6+ [1]+ 339+ 72+ [1] pp. D. Lon- 
don, 1849. — New ed. with a supplement containing all the 
new plants since its appearance. 12+ [1]+ 339+ 73 pp. D. 
London, 1853. — New ed. including all the new plants up to 
the present year, revised and corrected by Samuel Here- 
man. 12+623 pp. O. London, 1868. 

Gaudichaud, [Charles]. Recherches generates sur l'organo- 
graphie, la physiologie et l'organogenie des vegetaux. [Ex- 
tract.] (Acad. Sci. Paris Compt. Rend. XII. 627-637. 

Morren, C. F. A. Premices (Etudes) d'anatomie et de physi- 
ologie vegetates; ou, Collection d'opuscules sur ces sciences. 
[96] pp. 5 pi. O. Bruxelles, 1841. t 
A collection of 21 articles from: Acad. Sci. Bruxelles Bull. 1836-40. 
— In Belg. Hort. IX. p. LXI. " Etudes" and " Pre'mices " are given 
as two separate works, both published in 1S41. 

Turpin, P. J. F. Iconographie vegetate; ou, Organisation des 
vegetaux illustree au moyen de figures analytiques. Avec 
un texte explicatif raisonne et une notice biographique sur 
M. Turpin par M. Achille Richard. 12+ 144 pp. 57 pi. Q. 
Paris, 1841.f 

Nees von Esenbeck, C. G. Handbuch der Pflanzen-Patho- 
logie und Pflanzen-Teratologie. 2 vol. O. Berlin, 1841-42. 
Contents : Vol. I. Meyen, F. J. F. Pflanzen-Pathologie. Vol. II. 
Moquin-Tandon, A. Pflanzen-Teratologie. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica ; or, Dictionary of arts, sciences 
and literature. Ed. by Macvey Napier. Ed. 7. 21 vol. 
Q. Edinburgh, 1842. — [Another ed.] With additions by 
T. S. Traill. 21 vol. il. Q. Boston, 1852-59. — Ed. 9. 
Ed. by W. Robertson Smith, il. pi. maps. tab. 25 
vol. Q. New York, 1878-89. 

Morren, C. F. A. Botanique. 6+110 pp. O. Bruxelles, 
1843.f (Notions el^mentaires. Partie IV.) 

Fries, E. [M.] Botaniska utflygter ; en samling af strodda 
tillfallighets-skrifter. 3 vol. D. & O. Upsala & Stock- 
holm, 1843-64.— Andra . . . upplagan. Vol. I. [2]+ 390 
+[2] pp. O. Stockholm, 1853. 

Schleiden, M. J. Beitrage zur Botanik; gesammelte Auf- 
satze. Vol. I. 8+242 pp. 9 pi. O. Leipzig, 1844. 

Sprengel, Kurt. Curtii Sprengelii Opuscula academica col- 
legit, edidit, vitamque auctoris breviter enarravit Julius 
Rosenbaum. 20+155 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1844+ 

Kros, S. P. Dissertatio botanica inauguralis de Spira in 
plantis conspicua. [6]+ 142 pp. O. Groningae, 1845. 

Johnson, Thomas. Opuscula omnia botanica Thomae John- 
soni, pharmaceutical societatis Londinensis socii. Nuper- 
rimeedita a T. S. Ralph. 13+48+78+19+37 pp. 3 pi. 
sq. O. Londini, 1847. 

Morren, C. F. A. Fuchsia; ou, Recueil d'observations de 
botanique, d'agriculture, d'horticulture et de zoologie. 18+ 
28+ 170+ [1] pp. 2 il. 12 pi. O. Bruxelles, 1849. 

A collection of articles from Acad. Sci. Belg. Bull. XLV.-XLIX, 

Mirbel, [C. F. B.] de & Payen, [Anselme]. Organographie et 
physiologie vegetale ; memoire sur la composition et la struc- 
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Anleitung zu einer zu errichtenden Holz-Sammlung ; fiir 
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Including wood collections issued in book form 

[Clodius, Christian.] Zuverliissige Nachricht von demjenigen 
Holtz-Cabinet, welches am 3. Jenner dieses 1729. Jahres in 
Ihro Konigl. Ma jest at in Pohlen und Churfl. Durchl. zu 
Sachsen vortreffliche Naturalien-Cammer geliefert worden ; 
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With 2 boxes in the shape of books containing sections of the woods 

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This collection is still preserved in the natural history museum at 
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zur tcchnologischen Kenntniss und Waarenkunde, Charak- 
tcristik und Svnonimik aller Kunst-, Farbe- und Apotheker- 
holzer.] [Got'ha, 1797-9S?] 
This work consists of 2 vol. containing 216 thin sections of wood, 
mounted on IS pi. under the title: " Sammlung in- und auslandischer 
Holzarten . . ." published in Ootha 1797-88; text not seen. 
Nordlinger, H[ermann]. Querschnitte von [elf]hundert 
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(). Wien, 1866. 
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Nordlinger. Hfermann]. Les bois employes dans I'industrie; 
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des principals essences forest ieres de la V ranee ei .li' I'Algene. 

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Yuyo mokuzal seiran. [Illustrations of useful woods.] Vol. 

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Contains sections of woods pasted in ; apparently more published. 
Burkart. Sammlung der wichtigsten europiiischen Nutzholzer 

in characterischen SJchnitten. 75+1 pp. 0. Pnmn. 1880. 

A collection of sections of 40 km. 1- "f wood with deaoriptive text. 



Nordlinger, Hfermann] . Fiinf zig Querschnitte der in Deutsch- 
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With botanical descriptions and keys based upon leaves, fruits etc,, 
The Jesup collection of the woods of the United States. 

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Each plate with 20 thin sections of wood. 



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15 pp. O. Lucca, 1856-t 
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ment for effect and not to exceed 100 varieties in all. 
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den and arboretum in Montreal, under the auspices of the 
Montreal horticultural society and fruit growers' association 
of the province of Quebec. 14 pp. O. [Montreal], 1885. 

Montreal botanic garden. Annual report, 1885. Vol. I. 
31 pp. O. Montreal, 1886. 

No more published ; contains only administrative reports. 

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trees and shrubs in the arboretum and botanic garden at the 
Central experimental farm, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 88 
pp. 2 pi. O. Ottawa, 1899. (Canada. Department of 
agriculture. Bull. ser. 2. II.) 


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botanic garden at Elgin, in the vicinity of New- York. 29 pp. 
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plants indigenous and exotic cultivated in the Elgin botanic 
garden in the vicinity of the city of New York, established in 
1801. Ed. 2 enl. 10+[2]+65pp. pi. O. New York, 1811. 

Catalogue of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants indigenous 
to the United States of America, cultivated and for sale at 
Bartram's botanical garden, Kingsess, near Philadelphia, to 
which is added a catalogue of foreign plants collected from 
various parts of the globe. 63 pp. T. Philadelphia, 1814. 

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cultivated in the Botanic garden, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
4+60 pp. O. Cambridge (Mass.), 1818. 

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plants and seeds, cultivated and for sale at the Linnaean 
botanic garden, Flushing, Long-Island, near New- York. 19 
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A treatise on fruit and ornamental trees and plants cul- 
tivated at the Linnean botanic garden, Flushing, Long-Island, 
near New- York. 81 pp. O. New York, 1820.f — Ed. 2. 
O. New York, 1822.f 

Catalogue of fruit and ornamental trees and plants, bul- 
bous flower roots, green-house plants, &c. &c. cultivated 
at the Linnaean botanic garden, Flushing, Long-Island . . . 
to which is added a short treatise on their cultivation, &c. 
Ed. 21. [2]+ 140 pp. S. New York, 1822. — Prince's annual 
catalogue of fruit and ornamental trees and plants cultivated 
and for sale at the Linnaean botanic garden & nurseries, 
Flushing, Long Island near New York. Ed. 32. 72 pp. 
D. New York, 1841. 

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the botanical garden of Transsylvania university at Lexington 
in Kentucky for the year 1824. 24 pp. O. Lexington, 1824. f 

Darlington, William. Additions to the Chester county cabi- 
net of natural science. O. West Chester, 1826. f 

Catalogue of American trees, plants and seeds for sale by 
Stephen F. Mills & Co., Flushing near New York. pp. 129- 
168. O. New York, 1827.f 

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botanic garden, to be founded on the Smithsonian institution 
at the city of Washington. 12 pp. D. West-Chester, 
Penn... 1841. 

Smith, J. J. Address to the senate on the new botanic garden. 
24 pp. O. Cambridge, 1846.t 

New York State cabinet of natural history. Annual report of 
the regents of the university on the condition . . . Vol. L- 
XXIII. (1848-70). O. Albany, 1848-73. — Continued as : 
New York state museum of natural history. Annual report 
... by the regents of the university of the state of New 
York. Vol. XXIV.-LII. (1871-98). il. pi. O. Albany 
& New York, 1872-1 900-> 

Contains " Report of the botanist"; many of the reports also issued 
separately. — The original papers contained in the reports deal 
chiefly with Fungi. 



New York State cabinet of natural history. Bulletin. Vol. 
I.-VII. (no. 1-35). il. O. Albany, 1SSS-1900— > 
Vol. V. no. 25 contains " Report of the state botanist, 1S98." 

Saunders, William. Descriptive catalogue of plants in the ex- 
otic collection of the Department of agriculture. 51 pp. O. 
Washington, 1872. ([United States Dept. Agric Rep. no. VI.]) 

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tum . . . (Bussey Inst. Bull. I. 293-299, 455-45S. 1874- 
76.) — Reprinted: 16 pp. O. Salem, Mass., 1874. — Con- 
tinued as: Annual report . . . for 18S0-99. (In Harvard 
College. Annual reports of the president and the treasurer. 
O. Cambridge, Mass., 1881-1900 — >) — Reprinted : Annual re- 
port ... for 1S79-88. 9nos. O. Cambridge, Mass., 1881-89. 
Report for 1874 contains a catalogue of the ligneous plants growing 
spontaneously in the arboretum (pp. 295-296). 

Babcock. H. H. First annual report of the Chicago botanical 

garden, 1S75. O. Chicago, 1876. t 
Hovey, C. M. Arboretum americanum; list of one hundred 

and seventy-five specimens, ornamental deciduous trees in 

the grounds of Messrs. Hovey & Co., Boston. (Gard. 

Monthly, XVIII. 194-198. 1876.) 
Sargent, C. S. Notes on trees in the arboretum of Humphrey 

Marshall. (Gard. Monthly, XXII. 16-17. 1880.) 
Arnold Arboretum. (Gard. Chron. ser. 2, XVIII. 139-140. 

1882.) — From : "New York Tribune." 
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garden of Hon. William Brigham, in Boston, in 1841. (Mass. 

Hort. Soc. Trans. 1882, pt. 1, pp. 101-106.) 
Economic plants in the Missouri botanic garden, 1S86. 54 pp. 

O. St. Louis, 1886. 
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grounds. (California Agric. Exper. Stat. Rep. 18S8-S9, pp. 

172-182. 1890'.) 
Missouri botanical garden. Annual report. 1890-1900. — See 

Periodicals and serials, p. 6. 
Saunders, William. Catalogue of economic plants in the col- 
lection of the U. S. department of agriculture. 42 pp. O. 

Washington, 1891. (United States Dept. Agric. Rep. no. 

Sudworth, G. B. Trees of Washington, D. C. [16] pp. 2 pi. 

obi. T. t-p-c. [Washington], 1891. 
The Pinetum at Wellesley. (Gard. & For. V. 385. 1892.) 
S. The Pinetum at West Chester, Pennsylvania. (Gard. & 

For. VI. 458-159. 1893.) 
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Gard. ser. 3. XV. 270-271, 1 il. 1893-94.) 
The Pinetum at Wellesley. (Gard. & For. VII. 451-452, 

il. 71. 1894.) 
Guttenberg, Gustave. Botanical guide through the Phipps 

conservatories in Pittsburg and Allegheny. [4]+ 204 pp. 

il. O. Pittsburg, Pa., ["1894]. 
Shinn, C. H. Some trees at Rancho Chico. (Gard. & For. 

VII. 332. 1894.) 
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Arboretum, U. S. A. (Hort. Soc. Lond. Jour. XVII. 22- 

35, il. 1-2, [1894].) 
Franceschi, F. Santa Barbara exotic flora; a handbook of 

plants from foreign countries grown at Santa Barbara, Cali- 
fornia. [2]+88pp. D. Santa Barbara, 1895. 
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122-124, il. 13-15. 1896.) 
New York botanical garden. Bulletin. Vol. I. 12 pi. 2 

maps. O. Lancaster, Pa., 1896-ltlOO— > 

Contains only few botanical contributions: chiefly reports and ad- 
ministrat ive communications. 
Rehder, A[lfred]. Das Arnold- Arboretum. (Dcutsch. Dcmlr. 

Ges. Mitteil. VII. Sll-92. 1898.)- Het Arnold Arbore- 
tum. [Dutch abstract l>v L. A. Springer.] (Tijdschr. Tuinb. 

V. apx., pp. 1 3. 1900.) 

Johnson, A. Campbell-. A proposed national arboretum. 
{Forester, VI. 31 33. 1900. — See also pp. 64-65.) 

Seed catalogues have been issued by the following gardens: 
Chicago, 1S7o -- Herkelev, Cal., 1SII3— ► — Northampton, 
Mass., 1896 1900— » — Philadelphia, 1S96— » 

Dancer, Thomas. Catalogue of plants, exotic and indigenous, 

in the botanical garden, Jamaica, 1792. 4+ 16 pp. Q. St. 

Jago de la Vega, [1792]. 
Broughton, Arthur. Hortus Eastensis; or, A catalogue of 

exotic plants in the garden of Hinton East Esquire in the 

mountains of Liguanea in the island of Jamaica, at the time 

of his decease. [4]+ 32 pp. Q. Kingston, 1792.f — [An- 
other ed.] [2]+ 35 pp. sq. Q. St. Jago de la Vega, 1794. — 
[Another ed.] (In Edwards, Bryan. The history, civil and 
commercial, of the British colonies in the West Indies. I. 
475-494. 1793. — [Another ed.] I. 455-491. Dublin, 
1793. — Ed. 2. I. 475-494. 1794. — Ed. 3. III. 367- 
407. 1S01. — Ed. 5. III. 367-407. 1809.) 

Edwards, Bryan. Catalogue of the more valuable and rare 
plants growing in the Publiek botanick garden, in the moun- 
tains of Liguanea, in the island of Jamaica [and a catalogue 
of medicinal and other plants growing in South and North 
America, the East-Indies &c, the introduction of which 
would be a great acquisition to the West-Indies]. (In his 
The history, civil and commercial, of the British colonies in 
the West Indies . . . Ed. 2. I. pref., pp. 33-36. 1794.) 
— Reprinted: 6 pp. D. St. Jago de la Vega, 1794. 

Dancer, Thomas. Some observations respecting the botani- 
cal garden. O. Jamaica, 1804.f 

Guilding, Lansdown. An account of the Botanic garden in 
the island of St. Vincent, from its first establishment to the 
present time. 47 pp. 4 pi. sq. Q. Glasgow, 1825. 

Sagra, Ramon de la. Informe sobre el estado actual del 
jardin y de la catedra de botanica applicada a la agricultura ; 
leido por el Profesor de historia natural D. Ramon de la 
Sagra, en las juntas generates de la real sociedad patriotica 
de la Habana, a fines de 1S25 impresso pororden de la misma. 
23 pp. Q. [Habana, 1825.]t 

L'Horme, A. de. Catalogue des plantes cultivees au Jardin 
botanique et de naturalisation de la Martinique. 31 pp. O. 
Saint-Pierre, 1829. 

Roezl, Benedikt. De los jardines botanicos en general, y en 
particular de la formacion de uno " Botanico de aclimata- 
cion y zoologico" en la Habana. (Acad. Cicnc. Med. Fis 
Nat. Habana Anal. 501-506. 1872.) 

[Fawcett, William.] [Plants in flower or fruit.] (Bot. Dept. 
Jamaica Bull. no. III. 5; no. IV. 6-7; no. XXXVI. 4; no. 
XXXVII. 15; no. XXXVIII. 5; no. XL. 5; new ser. III. 
19; IV. 64-65; V. 201-203. 1887-9S.) 

Varying title. — Notes on plants flowering in Jamaica gardens. 

Harris, W. Plant notes. (Bot. Dept. Jamaica Bull. no. X. 
8-9; no. XII. 3-1. 1889.) 

Barcena, Mariano. El Jardin botanico y de acliraatacion de 
Guadalajara. (Naturalcza, ser. 2, I. 433-442. 1891.) 
Contains list of plants (pp. 437—442). 

Botanical station of Barbados. Occasional bulletin of mis- 
cellaneous information. No. I.-X. F. Bridgetown, Bar- 
bados, 1891-99. 

Compiled by J. R. Bovell : contains cultural & economic articles. — No. 

I. is Suppl. to the "Official Gazette, vol. XXVI. no. 2746." 

Botanical station. Dominica. W. I. Annual report for 1S91- 
[93]. (Supplement to the Leeward Island gazette.) 3 nos. 
Q. n. t-p. [Dominica, 1892-94.] 

Castleton gardens; notes on the most interesting plants. 
(Bot. Dept. Jamaica Bull, new ser. I. 161-200. 1894.) 

Botanic garden, Grenada. Bulletin of miscellaneous informa- 
tion. No. 38-40 & vol. II. no. 1. Q. [St. George, 1894-1 15.] 
Contains cultural & economic articles. 

G6mez de la Maza, Manuel & Torralbas, J. I. Florida fane- 
rogamica del jardin botanico y del vedado. 16 pp. Q. 
Habana, 1895. 
Only families briefly described. 

Botanic garden, Grenada. Annual report, 1S96-9S. F. 
Saint George, 1897 -99— ► 

Title in report for l.S'.'S reads ■• Botanic station, Grenada." — Con- 
tains only administrative reports. 
Botanical garden. Saint Lucia. Annual report, 1S96-9S. 
[3] vol. F. Castries, 1897-99— > 
Contains only administrative reports. 


Cosnard, F. Catalogue des plantes cultivees au Jardin bota- 
nique et de naturalisation de Cayenne (Guyane franeaisel. 
43 pp. sq. Q. Cayenne, 1828. 

Prestoe, Henry. Catalogue of plants cultivated in the Royal 
botanical gardens, Trinidad, from 1885 70. [2]+ 105+ 15 pp. 
D. Trinidad, 1870. 

Philippi, R. A. Catalogo de las plantas cultivadas para el 
Jardin botanico de Santiago. .">."> pp. O. t-p-c. Santiago 
de Chile, 1882. 

[Philippi, Federico.] Uemoria i catalogo de las plantas culti- 

vadas en el jardin botanico. S3 pp. 1 pi. O. Santiago de 
Chile. 1882. — [Another edl 83 pp. 1 pi. Q. Santiago 

de chile, 1884. 



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Contains arboricultural and economical articles. — Title of vol. I. no. 
9 reads: " Boletin de informes miscelanea, Jardines real botanicos, 
Trinidad." — Probably earlier nos. (not seen) also in Spanish. 

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tinued ? 

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Relacao das plantas cultivadas no Jardim da Commissao. 
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Seed catalogues have been issued by the botanic garden at Rio 
de Janeiro (Hortus fluminensis), 1893 — > 



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Sect. 6 of Pt. II. deals with plants. 

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Bears the volume number I., but no other volume published. 
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In 25 parts and 13 appendices by various respondents. 
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Vol. for 1848-50, '52-55, '57, '59, '61, '63-67, '69-75 contain annota- 
tions. — The word " hauniensis " is spelled " hafniensis " in the earlier 

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BemEerkninger over en Samling af Blomstertegninger i 

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— Reprinted from : Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Skrift. ser. 2, V. 

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From : Hort. Acad. Haun. Ind. Sem. 

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Description of a park containing many exotic trees. 

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Udvalg af de i Kj0benhavns botaniske Haves Fr0forteg- 

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som siden 1843 ere indf0rte og plantede i Vall0 Stiftshave, 
med Angivelse af Tiden, paa hvilken de bleve plantede 
paa Blivestedet, samt deres nuvserende St0rrelse. (Tidsskr. 
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et 1891 sub dio cultarum adjectis adnotationibus botanicis 

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Berg. Acta, I. pt. 3.) 
Traustedt, M. Beretning om Herlufsholms Pinetum for 1891 . 

27 pp. O. Nastved, 1891+ — Beretning ... for 1896. 

29 pp. 1 map. O. Nastved, lS96.t 
Seed catalogues have also been issued by the botanic gardens 

at Christiania, 1S39-1900— > — Upsala, 1852-1900-+ [1857- 

58 with annotations]. —Stockholm, 1S82— > —Lund, 1900— > 


Bernhard, Martin. Catalogus plantarum turn exoticarum 
quam indigenarum quae anno 1651 in hortis regiis Warsa- 
viae et circa eandem in locis sylvaticis, pratensibus, arenosis 
et paludosis nascuntur collectarum . . . [2]+80+[l] pp. 
T. Dantisci, 1652. — Catalogus plantarum tam exoticarum 
quam indigenarum, quae anno 1651 in hortis regiis Varsaviae 
nasci observatae sunt. (In Paulli, Simon. Viridaria varia 
regia ... pp. 203-324. 1653.) 

Deschisaux, Pierre. (Deschizeaux.) Memoire pour servir 
a l'instruction de l'histoire naturelle des plantes de Russie 
et & l'etablissement d'un jardin botanique a Saint-P6ters- 
bourg. [2]+ 33 pp. D. [Paris], 1725+ — Ed. 2 rev. 33 
pp. O. n. p., 1728.f 

Siegesbeck, J. G. Primitiae florae petropolitanae ; sive, 
Catalogus plantarum tam indigenarum quam exoticarum, 
quibus instructus fuit Hortus medicus petriburgensis per an- 
num 1736. [6]+ 111 pp. sq. D. Rigae, [pref. 1736J. 

Lepechin, Iwan. Tagebuch der Reise durch verschiedene 
Provinzen des Russischen Reiches in den Jahren 1768-1769; 
aus dem Russischen ubersetzt von M. Christian Heinrich 
Hase. 3 vol. 44 pi. O. Altenburg, 1774-83. 

Contains a list of plants cultivated in the garden of Demidov at Sol' 
Kamskaja (III. 83-117). 

Hellenius,C. N. (praeses). Hortus Academiae aboensis. (Diss.) 
(Joseph Mollin.) 30 pp. Q. Aboae, 1779. 
According to Pritzel a part 2 (pp. 31-4S) was published in 1802 " prae- 
side Wallenio." 

Pallas, P. S. Enumeratio plantarum quae in horto . . . Pro- 
copii a Demidof . . . Moscuae vigent. 31+163 pp. 3 pi. 
D. Petropoli, 1781. — Enumeratio plantarum ordine alpha- 
betico undique collectarum ex quatuor plagis mundi; adjecta 
botanicorum characterum descriptione, quae in horto Pro- 
copii a Demidow Consilarii status actualis Mosquae vigent. 
[14]+469 pp. D. Mosquae, 17S6. 
In Russian and Latin. 

Catalogus plantarum Horti imp. medici petropolitani in insula 
apothecaria. O. Petropoli, 1796+ 

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Vilnae, 1804.— [Another ed.] 34 pp. D. Vilnae, 1810. — 
[Another ed.] 38 pp. D. Vilnae, 1811. — [Another ed.] 
57 pp. D. Vilnae, 1814. — Appendix. 11 pp. O. Vilnae, 
1815. — -Index plantarum . . . Caesareae universitatis vilnen- 
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Vilnae, [pref. 1820]. — [Another ed.] 80 pp. O. Charcoviae, 
1823. — Appendix. 16 pp. O. n. t-p. [Vilnae, 1823.] 

Stephan, Friedrich. Nomina plantarum quas alit ager mos- 
quensis et hortus privatus Friderici Stephan. 61 pp. O. 
Petropoli, 1804+ 

[Redowsky, U.] Enumeratio plantarum quae in horto comitis 
Alexii a Razumowsky ... in pago Mosquensi Gorinka 
vigent. 52 pp. D. n. p., 1804. — [Another ed.] 72 pp. D. 
n. p., 1805. 

Zigra, J. II. Vcrzeichniss iiber 2000 Species der 
seltenen exotischen Pflanzen, die .1. II. Zi^ r r.i I sol auf seine 
Kosten in Kussland aus England sclbst eingefuhrt hat. 40 
pp. 0. Riga, 1805+ 

Fischer, Gotthclf. Museuni-Demidoff, mis en on Ire syste- 
matique et d'ecrit par G. Fischer. 3 vol. 13 pi. Q. Mos- 
Cdii, 1806-07.t 
Vol. III. Vcgftntix et animaux (0+330 pp. 6 pi.). 

[Germann, (i. A.] Verzeichniss der Pflanzen des botanischen 
Gartens der Kaiserlichen Universilat zu Dorpal ini Jahre 
1807. 112+[l]pp. D. Dorpal, 1807. 

Hoffmann, (i. F. Hortus mosquensis. [12]+ 42+ [S] pp. 1 pi. 
(}. [Mosquae], 1808. 

Annotated list. 
[Fischer, F. E. L. VOn.] Catalogue du jardin des planle.s du 

Coinie Alexis de HazoumoffSky a Gorenki pres de Moscou. 
143 pp. <>. Moscou, 1808. t [Another ed.] 8+76 pp. 
1 pi. O. Moscou, isi2.f 

[Weinmann, J. A.] Der botanische Garten der kaiserlichen 

Universitat zu Dorpat im Jahre 1S10. 17+16S+[2] pp. O. 

[Dorpat, 1810.] — Supplementum 1811. 5 pp. O. n. t-p. 

Annotated list. — The author of the Supplement is C. F. Ledebour. 

[Besser. Wilibald]. Catalogue des plantes du Jardin bota- 
nique de Krzemieniec en Volhynie. SS pp. S. [Krzemie- 
niec], 1810. — Catalogue des plantes du Jardin botanique du 
Gymnase de Volhynie a Krzemieniec. 117 pp. D. Krze- 
mieniec, 1811. — Supplement ... 37 pp. S. Krzemieniec, 
1812. — Supplementum 2-[4] ad Catalogum plantarum in 
Horto botanico gymnasii volhyniensis Cremeneci cultarum. 
3 vol. S. Cremeneci, 1814-15. — Catalogus plantarum in 
Horto botanico gymnasii volhvniensis Cremeneci cultarum. 
4+161 pp. S. Cremeneci, 1816. 

Bueck, P. Nomina plantarum per annum 1811 in horto illus- 
trissimi comitis Gregorii Wolodimiridis Orlovii cultarum. 
44 pp. O. [Petropoli, 1811.] 

Pursh, Frederick. Hortus orloviensis ; or, A catalogue of 
plants cultivated in the island of Orloff, near St. Petersburgh. 
7+72 pp. D. London, 1815. 

Zigra, J. H. Ausfuhrliches Verzeichniss derjenigen Pflanzen, 
Baume und Striiucher, welche in Riga in dem Garten von 
J. H. Zigra gezogen werden. 28 pp. sq. O. Riga, 1817. 

Ausfuhrliches Verzeichniss derjenigen Obstbaume und 

Straucherdesgleichen der Baume und Straucherzu englischen 
Garten, wie auch der perennirenden Blumenpflanzen, und 
einer Auswahl der schonsten Pflanzen furs Treib- und Ge- 
wachshaus, welche in Riga indent Garten von Johann Hermann 
Zigra gezogen werden. [6]+ 20 pp. sq. O. Mitau, 1819. 
Trade list. 

Dupont & Carro. Catalogue d'arbres fruitiers et autres, ar- 
bustes et arbrisseaux, legumes et fleurs, composant la pepi- 
niere forme+ sous les auspices du gouvernement a Kichinoff 
en Bessarabie. 13 pp. O. [182. ?]t 

Schubert, Michael. (Szubert, Michal.) Spis roslin ogrodu 
botanicznego krolewsko-warszawskiego uniwersytetu. [Plant 
list of the Botanic garden of the R. University at Warsaw.] 
14+156 pp. map. O. Warszawa, 1820. t — [Another ed.] 
44+5S3+53 pp. 1 pi. O. Warszawa, 1824+ — Dodatek 
do Spisu roslin . . . [Supplement to Plant list . . .] 22 pp. 
D. n. p., 1820. — [Another ed.] 26 pp. D. n. p., 1822 

— [Another ed.] D. Warszawa, 1S24. Catalogue des 

plantes du Jardin botanique de l'universite do Yarsovie. 44+ 
583+ [4] pp. 1 pi. map. O. Yarsovie, 1824. 

Hortus academicus, seu botanicus Universitatis dorpaten- 
sis. Index seminum . . . Ed. by C. F. Ledebour (1S22-23), 
Al. Bunge (1836-43) & M. Willkomm (186S). Vol. for 1S20- 
1900. D. n. t-p. [Dorpati Livonorum], 1820-1900— > 
Vol. for 1820-23, '36-37, '39-41, '43-47, '40-50, '52, '68-GO with an- 

Weinmann, J. A. Descriptione? aliquot plantarum novarum 
vel minus cognitarum, quae praeterlapso aestate in Ilorto 
caesareo pawlowscicnsi florucrunt. (Flora, IV. pt. 1, pp. 
27-31. 1821.) 

Witzell, Karol. Spis roslin ozdobnych, znajdujacyoh sie w 
ogrodzie botanicznym Liceum wolyiiskiego w Krzemiericu. 
[List of the ornamental plants in the Botanic garden of the 
Lyceum in Krzemieniec] Q. Krzemieniec, 1821+ - Ca- 
talogue des plantes d'ornemcnt . . . Jardin botanique de 
Volhynie a Krzemeniec. Q. Krzemeniec, 1821. f 

Ledebour, K. F. von. Index seminum Horti academici dor- 
patensis. 20 pp. O. Dorpati, 1822+ — Suppl. 1-2. 7+7 
pp. O. Dorpati, 1S23-2 t.t 

Catalogue ilcs plantes du jardin di' . . . A. F. Kvitka, sitm- a 
Osnowa aux environs de la ville de Cbarkoff. [2J+ 52 pp. S. 
[Charkoff], 1823. — Catalogue des plantes du jardin de M. 
de Kwitka situi' :'i I »sno\ :i aux environs de KhaFCOW. 27 pp. 
(). St. IVtershourg, 1S31 [Another ed.] 37f[l|pp. O. 

Charcoviae, 1837. — [Another ed.] 43 pp. O. St. l'Oters- 
bourg, 1839. 

[Fischer, F. I'.. I., von.] Index plantarum anno 182 I in Horto 
botanico imperial! petropolilano vigentium. 71 pp. I>. 
Petropoli, [1824]. 

Schubert. M[ichacl]. (Szubert. Michal.') Spis roslin treib- 
bauaowrch i oranieryowych rosmnosonycb w Ogrodiie bo- 
tanicznym warszawskim. wydany na pOCBatkuroku roku 1824. 
[Fist of greenhouse plants propagated in the Botanic garden 
:ii Warsaw and published in the beginning of 1S24.] 4 pp. Q. 
Warszawa. 1824. 

Weinmann, J. A. Descriptiones aliquot plantarum e\ Horto 
imperial] pawlowskiensi. (SyU. Plant. Nov. Regensb. 1. 
lis l-l. SS2 230. 1824.) 



Weinmann, J. A. Elenchus plantarum Horti imperialis paw- 
lowskiensis et agri petropolitani. 472+ 27+ [5] pp. 0. 
Petropoli, 1824. 

Observationes botanicae ex Horto imperiali pawlowskien- 

si. (Syll. Plant. Nov. Regensb. II. 159-176. [1825]-2S.) 

Plantae novae vel minus cognitae ex Horto imperiali paw- 

Iowskiensi. (Syll. Plant. Nov. Regensb. II. 16-29. 1825- 

Index seminum et plantarum horti botanici Universitatis cae- 
sareae mosquensis; aecedunt appendices 3 annor. 1824-25. 
57+25 pp. O. Mosquae, 1826. 

Schubert, Michael. (Szubert, Michal.) Spis roslin treibhau- 
zowych i niektorych gruntowych rozmnozonych w Ogrodzie 
botanicznym. [List of the greenhouse plants and some 
hardy plants propagated in the Botanic garden.] 23 pp. O. 
Warszawa, 1827.f 

Steven, [Christian] von. Beschreibung des Kaiserlichen 
Gartens zu Nikita. (Ver. Befbrd. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. V. 
103-109. 1829.) 

[Fischer, F. E. L. von & Meyer, C. A.] Index seminum quae 
Hortus botanicus imperialis petropolitanus pro mutua commu- 
tatione offert, aecedunt animadversiones botanicae nonnul- 
lae. No. I.-XI. tab. D. [Petropoli, 1835-46.] — Partly 
reprinted: (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 2, IV. 332-343; V. 120- 
128, 180-190, 291-304; XI. 309-317; XIV. 365-381; XVI. 
48-60; ser. 3, V. 370-381. 1835-46.) 

For continuation see Regel, E. A. von. Index seminum . . . [1S55- 

Sobieszczanski, F. M. Ogrody w Warszawie i jej okolicach, 
opisane w r. 1784 przez Szymona Zug, budowniczego, a pom- 
nozyl dodatkami F. M.S. wyjatek z Kalendarza powszech- 
nego na rok 184 . ? [Gardens in Warsaw and environs de- 
scribed in 1784bySzymonZugandnow enlarged. In the Gen- 
eral almanach for the year 184.?] 18pp. Q. n.p.,[184.?]t 

Fischer, F. E. L. von. Notiz uber den Kaiserlichen bota- 
nischen Garten zu St. Petersburg. (Ver. Befbrd. Gartenb. 
Preuss. Verh. XVII. 275-2S4, pi. 3-4. 1844.) 

Trautvetter, E. R. von. Ueber die Krzemieniecer bota- 
nischen Garten. 14 pp. O. [Moskau, 1844.]f 

[Liidicke, Herrmann.] Verzeichniss von Gewaechshaus- 
pfianzen, welche zu St. Petersburg auf der Apotheker-Insel 
in dem Garten unter No. 1371 und 1372 cultivirt werden. 
68 pp. D. 1845. 

Fischer, F. E. L. von & Meyer, C. A. Sertum petropolita- 
num ; seu, Icones et descriptiones plantarum quae in Horto 
botanico imperiali petropolitano floruerunt. [41] ff. [39] 
pi. F'. [Petropoli, 1846]-69. 

Published in 4 decades; decas 3^ by Eduard Regel. 

Zienkowski, Wincenty. Spis pierwszy roSIin zakladu ogro- 
dowego w Antoninie pod Ostrogiem w gub. Wolynsloej. 
[First plant list of the orchard in Antoniny near Ostrog, gov- 
ernment Wolyn.] 12+25 pp. O. Kijow, 1852. 

Uebersicht der im Botanischen Garten zu St. Petersburg 
theils angepflanzten, theils durch Selbstaussaat sich ver- 
breitenden, im freien Lande ohne besondern Sehutz iiber- 
winternden Baume und Straucher. (Hamburg. Gart. Blu- 
menzeit. X. 247-250. 1854.) 

Extract from : Mereklin, C. E. von. Data aus der periodisehen Ent- 
wickelung der Pflanzen . . . 1S53. 

Turczaninow, Nicolaus. Catalogus plantarum herbarii Uni- 
versitatis Caesareae Charkoviensis. Pars 1. Continens 
ordines in primo volumine prodromi systematis naturalis 
Candolleani insertos, ab initio ad Malvaceas, cum animad- 
versionibus et descriptionibus generum et specierum no- 
varum. 117 pp. sq. Q. Charcoviae, 1855. 

List without descriptions ; for descriptions of new species see his 
Appendix (1S57) and Animadversiones (1854-63). 
[Regel, E. A. von.] Index seminum quae hortus botanicus 
imperialis petropolitanus pro mutua commutatione offert; 
aecedunt animadversiones botanicae nonnullae, 1855-69. 
[12] nos. O. [Petropoli, 1855-70.] — No. for 1860 partly 
reprinted: (Ann.Sci.Nat. Bot. ser. 4, XII. 373-380. 1859.) 
With the number for 1869 the botanical notes and descriptions cease; 
to the number for 1S70 the following note is appended: " Animad- 
versiones botanicae postea mittentur," but they were not published. 
— For earlier numbers see Fischer, F. E. L. von & Meyer, C. A. 
Index seminum . . . [1835-46.] 
Zienkowski, Wincenty. Ogolny spis roslin, drzew strojnych, 
owocowych, krzewow, ziol lekarskich, gospodarskich, kuchen- 
nych i farbiarskich znajdujacych si? w ogrodzie Antonin- 
skim zebrany i podzielony na 7 cz^sci. [General list of the 
ornamental trees, fruit trees, shrubs, and medical plants . . . 
in the Antoniny garden.] 8+2+122 pp. 1 pi. O. War- 
szawa, 18564 

R[egel], E. [A.] von. Bemerkungen iiber neue und seltene 
Zierpflanzen des Petersburger Gartens. (Gartenfl. V. 59- 
63, 291-296, 327-332, 363-36S, 1 il.; VI. 16-21, 77-80, 145- 
148, 152-160, 306-308, 342-346, 362-367, 3 il.; VII. 43-52, 
249-254, 282-285, 30S-310, 340-343, 373-375; VIII. 12- 
16, 81-83, 245-246, 261-271, 307-310, 363-366, 10 il.; IX. 
133-135, 157-162, 326-328, 356-357, 390-391; X. 51-53, 
173-174, 355-356, 423^126; XI. 377-378; XII. 189-190, 349- 
350; XIII. 132-133; XV. 356-359. 1856-66.) 

Varying title. 

Bemerkungen uber Pflanzen des Petersburger Gartens. 

(Bot. Zeit. XV. 713-719. 1857.) 

Catalogus plantarum quae in horto aksakoviano colun- 

tur. (KaTanora pacieHiii Haxoflsrunxoa bt> easy Hheo- 
jiaaTnMoeeeEiiia AiccaKOBa bt> LIeH3eHCKori rySepHia.) 
6+[2]+148pp. O. St. Petersburg, 1860. 

Reimenschneider, [F. E.] Die officinellen und technisch 
wichtigen Pflanzen des Botanischen Gartens der Veterinar- 
Schule zu Dorpat. 6+3Spp. O. Dorpat, 1861. 

Lindberg, S. O. Plantae nonnullae Horti botanici helsingfor- 
siensis. [1871.] (Soc. Sci. Fenn. Act. X. 119-133, 6 pi. 
Contains description of new woody plants. 

Regel, E. [A.] von. Animadversiones de plantis vivis non- 
nullis Horti botanici imperialis petropolitani. (Hort. Petrop. 
Act. I. 89-100; II. 305-326. 1871-73.) — Reprinted : 2 pts. 
(12+22 pp.) O. & Q. [St. Petersburg, 1871-73.] 

Trautvetter, R. E. (TpayT<f>eTTepi>, P. B.) KpaTKifi 
oiepKi. ncropin HunepaTopcKaro C.-HeTep6yprCKaro 
6oTaHniecKaro (Hort. 1, pp. 145- 
295. 1873.)— Reprinted: 151 pp. O. C.-LTeTepeypr-B, 1873. 

Wilikomm, Moritz. Der botanische Garten der kaiserlichen 
Universitat Dorpat; Nachrichten iiber die Geschichte, den 
gegenwartigen Zustand, die Einrichtungen und Sammlungen 
des Dorpater Gartens, zugleich ein Fiihrer fiir die Besucher 
desselben, insbesondere fiir die Studirenden. 11+179 pp. 
1 pi. D. Dorpat, 1873. 

Regel, E. [A.] von. Descriptiones plantarum nonnullarum 
Horti imperialis botanici in statu vivo examinatarum. (Hort. 
Petrop. Act. X. pt. 1, pp. 363-377; XI. pt. 2 pp. 299-314, 
471-478, 2 il. 1887-92.) — Reprinted in part: 2 pts. 15+ 
15+ [1] pp. 1 il. O. & Q. Petropoli, 1887-[92]. 

Schroder, R. I. (HTpeAepi., P. H.) CnncoK'B jx/peBect- 
hhxi nopo^'B. [Catalogue of trees and shrubs.] 90 pp. 
O. t-p-c. St. Petersburg, 1890. 

Herder, F[erdinand] von. Die in St. Petersburg befindlichen 
Herbarien und botanischen Museen. (Bot. Centr. LV. 257- 
269,289-298. 1893.) — Reprinted: 21 pp. O. n.t-p. [Cassel, 

Schroder, R. [I.] (TUpe^ep-s, P. [H.]) y"Ka3aTejiB pacie- 
Hiii seHjipoJiorniecKaro ca^a MocKOBCKaro cenBCKO- 
x03aiiCTBeHHaro nHCTHTyTa. [Catalogue of the plants 
in the dendrological garden of the Agricultural institute at 
Moscow.] 78 pp. Q. Moskau, 1899.f 

Seed catalogues were also issued by the botanic gardens at 
Vilna, 1820-30 — > — Warsaw (Hortus varsoviensis), 1820- 
78 — > — Cremenec, 1830. — Kasan (Hortus casanensis), 
1839^1^>— Kiev, 1S40-1900^ [1840-41, '92 with anno- 
tations]. — Moscow [Hortus mosquensis], 1857-1900 — > 
[1866, '68 with annotations]. — Odessa, 1S73— > — Helsing- 
fors, 1893— > — Tiflis, 1898-1900-^ 


Gesner, Conrad. Horti Germaniae. Liber nunc primum 
editus in quo stirpium quas diligentissimi quique reiherba- 
riae per Germaniam studiosi suis in hortis educant turn 
nomina literarum ordine percensentur, turn natales ple- 
rumque, duratio & ad cultum aliquid, aut alia quaedam 
explicantur. (In Cordus, Valerius. Annotationes in Pedacij 
Discoridis . . . libros . . . ff. 236-301. 1561.) 

Calagius, Andreas. Hortus Doct. Laurentii Scholzii. 18 pp. 
sq. D. Vratislaviae, 1592. 
A poem. 

[Scholz, Lorenz.] Catalogus arborum, fruticum ac plantarum 
tarn indigenarum quam exoticarum horti medici D. Lauren- 
tii Scholzii. 9 pp. sq. D. Vratislaviae, 1594. 

Sprenger, P. J. Horti medici catalogus, arborum fruticum ac 
plantarum tarn indigenarum quam exoticarum. 42 pp. sq. 
D. Francofurti ad Moenum, 1597. 

Besler, Basilius. Hortus eystettensis ; sive, Diligens et accu- 
rata omnium plantarum, florum, stirpium, ex variis orbis 
terrae partibus, singulari studio collectarum ... ad vivum 



representatio. various p. il. F 6 . n. p., 1613. — Ed. 2. 
9 1. 2 por. 366 pi. F c . [Xorimbergae], 1640. — [Ed. 3 
ed. by J. G. Sthenander.] 45 ff. 367 pi. sq. F 6 . [Xorim- 
berga], 1713. 

Another copy of the 1613 edition has only illustration and no text 
on the leaves. Ed. 2 without Latin text. Ed. 3 has text on verso of 

Jungermann, Ludwig. Catalogus plantarum quae in Horto 
medico altdorphino reperiuntur. [20] pp. Q. Altdorphii, 
1635. t — Catalogus plantarum quae in Horto medico et agro 
altdorphino reperiuntur. Ed. rev. & enl. [SO] pp. O. 
Altdorphii, 1646.f 

Royer, Johann. Beschreibung des ganzen Furstlich Braun- 
schw-eigischen Gartens zu Hessen, mit seinen kiinstlichen 
Abtheilungen, Quartieren, Gehegken, Gebiiuden, Lauber- 
hiltten, Wasserkiinsten, Brunnen und ausgehauenen Bildern, 
auch ordentlicher Specification aller derer Simplicium und 
Kriiuter, so von 1607 biss 1658 darinnen gezeuget worden, 
nebst nothwendigem Unterricht, wie ein feiner Lust-, Obst- 
und Kiichengarten anzulegen, item Anleitung, wie man 
allerley sonderliche Garten-Gewachse in der Kiichen viel- 
faltig niitzen soil und was fur feine Simplicia in den benach- 
barten Waldern, Bergen, Griinden, Briichen und auf den 
Hiigeln in der See zu finden und aufzuheben seyn. 12S pp. 
14 pi. Q. Halberstadt, 1648.f — Ed. rev. & enl. 130 pp. 
pref. 8 pi. Q. Braunschweig, 165S.f 

Titius, Michael. Catalogus plantarum Horti electoralis 
regiomontani, recensitus. . . . [3]+ [52]+ [4] pp. T. Regio- 
monti, 1654. — Reprinted: (Linnaea, X. 369^104. 1836). 

Schenck, J. T. Catalogus plantarum Horti medici jenensis, 
earumque quae in vicinia proveniunt ; cum figuris aeneis. 
4 plag. D. Jenae, 1659.f 

Hoffmann, Moritz. Florae altdorffinae deliciae hortenses; 
sive, Catalogus plantarum Horti medici quibus auctior erat 
A. C. 1660. [60] pp. 1 pi. sq. O. Altdorffi, [1660]. — 
Florae altdorfinae . . . quibus A. C. 1650 usque ad annum 
1677 auctior est factus. 64 pp. 1 pi. Q. Altdorfii, 
[1677]. — Florae altdorfinae . . . locupletiores factae ; sive, 
Appendix catalogi Horti altdorfini plantarum novarum 
accessione aucta. 19 pp. Q. Altdorfii, 1703. 

[Olearius, J. G.] Specimen florae hallensis; sive, Designatio 
plantarum hortuli M. J. G. O. quibus instructus fuit anno 
1666, 1667, 1668, certis de causis, amicis maxime sic volen- 
tibus exhibita atque publicata. [30] ff. D. Halae Saxo- 
num, 1668. t 

Zander, Johannes. Primitiae Viridarii medici stettinensis. 
Sedini, 1672.f 

Ammann, Paul. Supellex botanica; hoc est, Enumeratio 
plantarum quae non solum in horto medico Academiae lip- 
siensis, sed etiam in aliis circa urbem viridariis, pratis ac 
sylvis etc. progerminare solent; cui brevis accessit ad mate- 
riam medicam in usum philiatrorum manuductio. [14]+ 
193+[17]pp. S. Lipsiae, 1675. 

Hoffmann, Moritz. Florilegium altdorfinum ; sive, Tabulae, 
loca et menses exhibentes, quibus plantae exoticae et in- 
digenae sub coelo norico vigere et florere solent. 16 pp. Q. 
Altdorfii, 1676.t 

Schelhammer, G. C. Catalogus plantarum maximam partem 
rariorum, quas per hoc biennium in hortulo domestico aluit 
et paucis exceptis, etiam his vernis aestivisque mensibus 
potcrit exhibere. [19] ff. Q. Helmstadii, 1683. t 

Ammann, Paul. Hortus Bosianus quoad exotica solum de- 
scriptus. 3S pp. Q. Lipsiae, 1686. t 

Peine, Elias. Der Bosensche (larten in Leipzig; oder, Ein 
Verzeichniiss derer. so wohl aiisliindischer, als einheimischer 
Biiume, Stauden und K ranter, so in demselben itzo zu finden. 
[80] pp. S. Halle, 1690. t — Ed. 2. O. Leipzig, 1699.1 
— Hortus Bosianus ; oder, Verzeichniiss aller so wohl in- als 
ausliindischer Biiume, Stauilen, Kriiuter und anderer Ge- 
wiichse welche in dem Caspar Bosischen Garten vor dem 
Grinimischen Thor in Leipzig sich anietzo betinden . . . 
Zum dritten Mahl herausgegeben. 11! pp. S. Leipzig, 
1705. — Zum vierdten Man] herausgegeben. U5+[i] pp. 
S. Leipzig, 1713. 

Hoffmann, Moritz. Appendix plantarum, quae Horto medico 
altdorfino post catalogi editionem accessere. [4] ff. Q. 
Altdorfii, 1691 + 

Mappus, Marcus. Catalogue plantarum Horti academic] 
argentinensis, in usum rei herbariae Btudiosorum. [14]+ 
150 pp. T. Argentorati, 1691. 

Stisser, .1. A. Horti medici helnistadiensis catalogus plantas 
<nnnes eiiumenuis. quarum culturam all anno 1692 usque 
L699 in horto suo instituit. 12 pp. 0. Helmstadii, 1699.1 

Lange, Daniel. Catalogus der Gewachse, so in dem Lastro- 
pischen Garten zu Eimsbiittel gewachsen. O. Hamburg, 

Schwerin, J. D. Xahmregister derjenigen in- und ausliin- 
dischen Biiume, Pflantzen, Bluhmen, welche dieses Jahr auf 
einem wohlbekandten im Horn vor der Stadt Hamburg 
belegenen Garten sich befinden. O. Hamburg, 1710.t — 
Apx. I. O. Hamburg, 1711. f — Apx. II. O. Hamburg, 

Heucher, J. H. Index plantarum horti medici Academiae 
vitembergensis. [6]+ 54+ [13] pp. sq. D. Vitembergae, 

Besler, Basilius & M. R. Rariora musei Besleriani quae olim 
Basilius et Michael Rupertus Besleri eollegerunt . . . nunc 
commentariolo illustrata a Johanne Henrico Lochnero . . . 
[22]+ 112 pp. 1 por. 40 pi. F. n. p., 1716. 
Illustrations of many fruits on pi. 1-7. 

Vater, Abraham. Catalogus plantarum imprimis exoticarum 
Horti academici wittenbergensis ; in usum auditorum iuxta 
seriem alphabeticam adornatus. [1S]+2S pp. 1 pi. O. 
Wittenbergae, 1721. — Supplementum Catalogi plantarum, 
sistens accessiones novas, quibus Hortus academicus witteni- 
bergensis hucusque actus est. 20 pp. pref. 1 pi. Q. 
Wittembergae, 1724. 

Beringer, J. B. A. & Dercum, L. A. Plantarum quarundam 
exoticarum perennium in Horto medico herbipolensi anno 
1721 noviter erecto reperiundarum catalogus pro anno 1722. 
12 pp. F. [Wirceburgi, 1722.]f 

Klein, J. T. Fasciculus plantarum rariorum et exoticarum ex 
horto. [8] pp. F. Dantisci, 1722. 

Wehmann, A. F. Hortus Caspar Bosianus; oder, Richtiges 
Verzeichniiss aller so wohl fremder, als einheimischer Ge- 
wachse, Biiume, Stauden, Kriiuter und Blumen welche im 
Herrn Caspar Bosens Garten . . . ,vor dem Grimmischen 
Thore bestiindig unterhalten werden und zu finden sind. 
[79] pp. 1 pi. S. [Leipzig], 1723. 

[Klein, J. T.] Fasciculus plantarum rariorum et exoticarum 
priori auctor ex horto Kleiniano. [30] pp. D. Dantisci, 

Baier, J. J. De hortis Germaniae botanico-medicis celebrio- 
ribus orationes. Q. Xorimbergae, 1726.f 

Vater, Abraham. Catalogus variorum exoticorum . . . quae 
in museo suo, brevi luci exponendo, possidet A. Vater. 
[5]+ 16 pp. O. Wittembergae, 1726. 

Baier, J. J. Horti medici Academiae altdorfiensis historia 
curiose conquisita. Accedit ejus Commemoratio celebriorum 
Germaniae hortorum botanico-medicorum. 56 pp. pref. 
1 pi. Q. Altdorfi, 1727. 

Heister, Lorenz. Index plantarum rariorum atque offici- 
nalium indigenis vulgatioribus omissis, quas . . . anno 1730- 
33 in hortum Academiae Juliae intulit. una cum constitu- 
tione aliquot novorum plantarum generum. Pt. I.— IV. S. 
[Helmstadii, 1730-33.] — Editio altera, corrcctior. Pt. I. 40 
pp. S. n. p. [1S3.?] 

Walther, A. F. Plantarum exoticarum indigenarumque in- 
dex tripartitus ... 80 pp. O. Lipsiae. 1732. 

Thran. Christian. Index plantarum Horti carolsruhani tri- 
partitus. 132 pp. O. n. p., [1733].t 

Walther, A. F. Designatio plantarum quas hortus A. F. 
Waltheri complectitur . . . [2]+ 171 pp. 24 pi. O. Lip- 
siae. 1735. 

Moehring, P. H. G. Primae lineae horti privati in proprium 
et amicorum usum per triennium exstructi. Ill pp. O. 
Oldenburgi, 1736.t 

Gleditsch, J. G. Catalogus plantarum, quae turn in horto 
Domini de Zieten Trebnozii coluntur, turn et in vicinis locis 
sponte nascuntur. 152 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1737. 

Probst. .1. E. Verzeichniss der in- und auslandischen Biiume, 
Stauden und SommergewachBe des Kaspar Bosischen Gartens 

in vior Ordnungcn, wie solehe sich im .lahre 1737 befunden. 
144 pp. 2 jil. O. Leipzig, 1738. - \erzeichnis8 derer inn- 
und auslandischen Baume . . . wie solehe sich im .lahre 
1747 befunden. [2]+ 140 pp. S. Leipzig, 1747. 
Vater. Abraham. Syllabus plantarum potissimum exotica- 
rum quae in horto medico Academiae wittenbergensis alun- 

tUT. [6]H 72 pp. S. Wittenbergae, 1738. 
Haller. Albert von. Brevis enumeratio stirpium Horti goet- 

tingensis. '.'I pp. 1 pi. 0. Goettingae, 1743. t 
Bergen. C. \. von. Catalogus stirpium indigenarum aeque 

ac exterarum quas hortus medicus Academiae viadrinae 

complectitur . . . s ; 120 pp. <>• l'ranoofurti ad Yia- 

drum, 1744.t 



Leincker, J. S. Horti medici helmstadiensis praestantia e 
plantis rarioribus, superiori anno ibidem florentibus. 23 pp. 
Q. Helmstadii, 1746+ 

Rolofi, C. L. Index plantarum tarn peregrinarum quam 
nostro nascentium coelo quae aluntur Berolini in Horto 
celebri Krausiano. [12]+ 176+ 16 pp. 4 pi. D. Berolini, 

Risler, Josua. Serenissimi Marchionis et Principis Bada- 
Durlacensis Hortus carlsruhanus, in tres ordines digestus, 
exhibens nomina plantarum exoticarum perennium et annu- 
arum, quae aluntur per Christian Thran. Aecedit Auran- 
tiorum Citreorum Limonumque Malorum catalogus. [13]+ 
224+14+ [2] pp. D. Loeraei, 1747. 

Klein, J. T. Plantarum rariorum et exoticarum in horto 
Kleiniano fasciculus I. anno 1747 et 1748. 28 pp. O. 
Gedani, 1748. 

Haller, Albert von. Observationes botanicae ex horto et agro 
gottingensi. (Soc. Sci. Gotting. Commentar. I. (1751), pp. 
201-226, pi. 6-14; II. (1752), pp. 337-353, pi. 9-16. 1752- 
A few shrubby plants mentioned. 

Enumeratio plantarum Horti regii et agri gottingensis 

aucta et emendata. 80+ 424+ [IS] pp. D. Gottingae, 1753. 
With descriptions. 

Krause, C. L. Catalogus arborum, fruticum et herbarum 
exoticarum et indigenarum, quarum semina venduntur. 
40 pp. O. Berolini, 1753+ 

Zinn, J. G. Catalogus plantarum Horti academici et agri 
gottingensis conscriptus. [20]+ 441 pp. 1 pi. D. Gottin- 
gae, 1757. 

Fabricius, P. C. Enumeratio methodica plantarum Horti 
medici helmstadiensis subjuncta stirpium rariorum vel non- 
dum satis extricatarum descriptione. [6] + 239 pp. O. 
Helmstadii, 1759+ — Ed. 2 enl. [34]+44S+[12] pp. S. 
Helmstadii, 1763. — Ed. 3. 34+448+12+24 pp. D. Helm- 
stadii, 1776. 

Wilcke, S. G. Hortus gryphicus, exhibens plantas prima 
eius constitutione illatas et altas una cum horti historia. 
[28]+ 104+ [S] pp. D. Gryphiae, 1765. 

[Junghans, P. K.] Index plantarum Horti botanici halensis. 
[32] pp. O. Halae, 1771.f 

Medikus, F. C. Index plantarum Harti electoralis man- 
hemiensis. 70 pp. 1 pi. T. Manhemi, 1771 + 

[Schrader, C. F.] Index plantarum Horti botanici Paedagogii 
regii glauchensis. 52 pp. S. Halae, 1772. t 

Verzeichniss und kurze Beschreibung der meistentheils aus- 
landischen Baume und Straucher, die in dem botanischen 
Garten der K. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin ge- 
zogen und abgelassen werden. 63 pp. O. Berlin, 1773+ 

Baldinger, E. G. Index plantarum Horti et agri jenensis. 
[18]+ 75+ [1] pp. S. Gottingae & Gotha, 1773. 

[Weigel, C. E.] Index seminum et plantarum Horti gryphici 
systematicus. 20 pp. O. Gryphiae, 1773. 

Boettger, C. H. Beschreibung des botanischen Gartens zu 
Kassel. (Program.) 30 pp. 1 pi. Q. Kassel, 1777+ 

Verzeichniss der Baume und Staudenim Park zu Weissen- 

stein. (Zwei Programme.) 44+ 76 pp. O. Kassel, 1777+ 

Murray, J. A. Commentatio comprehendens observationes 
in stirpes nonnullas novas vel rariores horti botan. (Soc. 
Sci. Gotting. Nov. Commentar. VII. (1776), pp. 17-40, pi. 1-7. 

Buek, J. N. Verzeichniss von in- und auslandischen Baumen, 
Strauchern, Pflanzen und Saamen so zu bekommen bey 
J. N. Buek . . . nebst Anmerkungen iiber Wachsthum, 
Wartung und Warme . . . 200 pp. D. Bremen, 1779. 
Trade-list ; names with citations of botanical literature. 

Hortus argentoratensis. 30 pp. O. [Argentorati], 1781 + 

— 8 pp. O. Argentorati, 17S2+ 
Gattenhof, G. M. Stirpes agri et Horti heidelbergensis ordine 

Ludwigii cum characteribus Linnaeanis aliorumque in usus 

nostrates academicos dispositae. [8] + 352 + [15] pp. D. 

Heidelberg, 1782. 
Reichard, J. J. Enumeratio stirpium Horti botanici Senken- 

bergiani qui Franeofurti ad Moenum est. 68 pp. S. Franc- 

furti ad Moenum, 1782. 
Moench, Konrad. Verzeichniss auslandischer Baume und 

Stauden des Lustschlosses Weissenstein bey Cassel. 14+ 

[2]+ 144+ [1] pp. 8 pi. D. Frankfurt, 1785. 
Murray, Andreae. Descriptiones stirpium aliquot novarum 

vel minus cognitarum Horti r. botanici.- (Soc. Sci. Gotting. 

Comment. VI. (1783-84), CI. Phys. pp. 3-17, 5 pi. 1785.) 

Borner, Gottlob. Alphabetisches Verzeichniss grosstentheils 
nordamerikanischer und anderer auslandischer Baume, Strau- 
cher und Pflanzen, welche samtlieh hier im freyen Lande 
fortkommen . . . um billige Preise zu haben. [4]+ 74 pp. 
S. Dresden, 1786. — Ed. 2. 133 pp. O. Dresden, 1787+ 
The 1786 edition has also French t-p.: " Catalogue alphab^tique 
d'arbres, d'arbrisseaux et d'arbustes tant indigenes qu'exotiquea 
. . ." — Trade-list ; names without authors. 

Verzeichniss der Baume und Straucher, welche sich auf der 
Kon. Plantage zu Herrenhausen bei Hannover befinden. 
30 pp. O. n. p. 1787. 

Verzeichniss der Glas- und Treibhauspflanzen, welche sich 
auf dem Konigl. Berggarten zu Herrenhausen bei Hannover 
befinden. 31 pp. O. n. p., 1787. 

Carl, J. A. Catalogus plantarum . . . Horti bot. ingol- 
stadt. Q. Ingolstadt, 1788+ 

Baumgarten, J. C. G. Sertum lipsicum ; seu, Stirpes omnes, 
praeprimis exoticas circa urbem olim maximeque nuperrime 
plantatas digessit et descripsit secundum methodum Linne- 
anam. 48 pp. O. Lipsiae, 1790+ 

Buek, J. P. Catalogus von Baumen und Strauchern, welche 
um billige Preise zu haben sind bei dem Blumen-, Samen- 
und Baumhandler Johann Peter Buek in Hamburg. 152 pp. 
O. Hildesheim, 1790+ 

[Schweyckert, J. M.] Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici 
carolsruhani. 60 pp. D. Carolsruhae, 1791. 

Hennert, C. W. Verzeichniss derjenigen Baume, Straucher 
und strauchartigen Gewachse, so in den Pflanzungen zu 
Harbke zu verkaufen sind. (In his Bemerkungen auf einer 
Reise nach Harbke. pp. 76-88. 1792.) 

Ehrhart, Friedrich. Plantae selectae hortuli proprii quas in 
usum botanophilorum exsiccavit. Decas 1-16. 16 ff. F. 
Hannoverae, 1792-93. 

List of 160 species printed on the back of the cover pages to the 16 
decades of dried plants ; the specimens not seen ; contains many 
woody plants. 

Hoffmann, G. F. Hortus gottingensis, quern proponit si- 
mulque orationem inchoandae professioni sacram indicit. 
14 pp. 1 pi. F. Goettingae & Lipsiae, 1793+ 

Moench, Konrad. Methodus plantas horti botanici et agri 
marburgensis a staminum situ descfibendi. 8+ 780+ [19] 
pp. O. Marburgi Cattorum, 1794. — Supplementum. 4+ 
328 pp. D. Marburgi Cattorum, 1802. 

Seidel, J. H. Verzeichniss der Glas- und Treibhauspflanzen, 
ingleichen der Baume, Straucher, Stauden und Sommer- 
gewachse. 88 pp. D. Dresden, 1794. — Synonymisches 
Verzeichniss aller im Kurfiirstlichen Orangengarten zu Dres- 
den befindlichen Gewachse. 11+148 pp. O. Dresden, 
1799. — Geordnet von Friedrich Wilhelm Loeber. Ed. 3 
enl. 12+216 pp. pi. O. Dresden, 1806. 

[Batsch, A. J. G. K.] Conspectus Horti botanici ducalis 
jenensis secundum areolas systematice dispositas in usum 
botanicorum jenensium. 17 pp. ind. Q. Jenae, 1795. 

[Dietrich, F. G.] Verzeichniss einiger auslandischen und in 
Deutschland noch seltenen Baume und Straucher, welche im 
Jahre 1794 im Herzoglichen Garten zu Belvedere bey Wei- 
mar gebliihet haben. (Oekon. Bot. Garten-Jour. I. [pt. 1], 
pp. 88-96. 1795.) 

Contains names such as Aesculus spinosa, Fothergilla spicata, Ptelea 

Schrader, H. A. Sertum hannoveranum ; seu, Plantae rari- 
ores quae in Hortis regiis Hannoverae vicinis coluntur . . 
Pt. I.-IV. (2S+8+[l] pp.) 24 pi. F 5 . Goettingae & 
Hannoverae, 1795-9S. 

Also called Vol. I. 
[Dietrich, F. G.] Verzeichniss einiger auslandischen Pflanzen, 
welche 1794-1800 im Herzogl. Garten zu Weimar zum ersten- 
mal gebliihet haben. (Oekon. Bot. Garten-Jour. I. [pt. 1], 
pp. 78-87; pt. 2, pp. 65-74; II. pt. 1, pp. 93-124; pt. 2, pp. 
71-76; III. pt. 1, pp. 80-94; pt. 2, pp. 94-120. 1795-1801.) 

Partly with descriptions. — With slightly varying title. 

Achard, F. K. Verzeichniss einer Sammlung Treib-, Ge- 
wachs- u. Orangeriehauspflanzen, wie auch im Freien aus- 
dauernder Baume, Straucher oder Gewachse, welche in 
meinem Garten cultivirt . . . werden. 64 pp. O. Berlin, 

[Batsch, A. J. G. K] Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici 
ducalis, Jenae Thuringorum vere anni 1794 fundati, fine anni 
1797 conscriptus. 6 pp. F. Jenae, 1797+ 

[Wendland, J. C] Verzeichniss der Glas- und Treibhaus- 
pflanzen, welche sich auf dem Koniglichen Berggarten zu 
Herrenhausen bei Hannover befinden. 79 + 38 pp. O. 
Hannover, 1797. 



Wendland, J. C. Hortus herrenhusanus ; seu, Plantae rariores 
quae in Horto regio herrenhusano prope Hannoveram colun- 
tur. 4pts. (16+S+Spp.) 25 pi. F 5 . Hannoverae, 1798- 

[Bernhardt, J. J.] Catalogus plantarum Horti erfurtensis. 
16 pp. D. n. p., [1799]. — Supplementum I.-VI. 19 pp. 
D. n. p., 1801-OS. 

[Sprengel, Kurt.] Der botanische Garten der Universitat zu 
Halle im Jahre 1799. Mit dem Grundrisse des botanischen 
Gartens. 23+10S pp. 1 pi. O. Halle, 1800.f — Erster 
Nachtrag. 44 pp. O. Halle, 1801. t 

Verzeichniss der Pflanzen und Samereien, die aus dem bota- 
nischen Garten zu Gottingen abzustehen sind. O. Got- 
tingen, 1803. t 

Reichert, J. F. Hortus Reichertianus ; oder, Ein vollstandiger 
Catalog fiir Handelsgartner und Liebhaber der Gartnerey. 
14+154 pp. D. Weimar, 1804. — Nachtrag. I. Ed. 2 
enl. & rev. [13] pp. D. Weimar, 1811. 

[Schrank, Franz von Paula von.] Catalogus plantarum Horti 
academici landishutani. 12+43 pp. sq. O. n. p., 1805. 
None of the annotations are denclrological. 

Schrader, H. A. Catalogus Horti goettingensis. O. [Goet- 
tingae], 1806.t 

Thiriart, [T. F.] Catalogue des plantes et arbustes cultives au 
jardin botanique de Cologne. [199] pp. S. Cologne, 1806. 

[Villars, Dominique.] Tableau pour la plantation et l'ordre 
du jardin de botanique de l'Ecole de medecinede Strasbourg 
d'apres la me'thode de Jussieu. 51 pp. O. Strasbourg, 

Zeyher, [J. M.] Verzeichniss sammtlicher Baume und 
Straucher in den Grossherzoglich-Badischen Garten zu 
Carlsruhe, Schwetzingen und Mannheim. 48 pp. S. Mann- 
heim, 1806. 

[Ledebour, K. F. von.] Enumeratio plantarum horti botanici 
Gryphici; cum III. supplementis. 40 pp. O. Gryphiae, 

Villars, Dfominique]. Catalogue methodique des plantes du 
jardin de l'Ecole de m<kleeine de Strasbourg. 48+39S pp. 
6 pi. O. Strasbourg, 1807. 

Wenderoth, (!. W. F. Index plantarum Horti marburgensis. 
O. Marburgi, 1807+ 

Sprengel, Kurt. Index plantarum, quae in Horto botanico anno 1S07-[0S] viguerunt. 2 vol. D. & O. Halae, 

Schrader, H. A. Hortus gottingensis; seu, Plantae novae et 
rariores Horti regii botanici gottingensis descriptae et iconi- 
bus illustratae. 22 pp. 16 pi. F". Gottingae, 1809. 

Zeyher, J. M. & Roemer, G. C. Beschreibung der Garten- 
anlagen zu Schwetzingen. 8+ 96+ 95 pp. 8 pi. O. Mann- 
heim, 1809.f 

Willdenow, K. L. Enumeratio plantarum Horti rcgii botanici 
berolinensis, continens descriptiones omnium vegetabilium 
in horto dicto cultorum. 6+1099 pp. O. Berolitii, 1809. 
— Supplementum post mortem autoris editum [a von 
Schlechtendal]. 10+70 pp. O. Berolini, 1S13. 

Hortus academicus halensis. Index seminum . . . Ed. by 

Kurt Sprengel (1809-29) and by D. F. L. von Schlechtendal 

(1839-50). sq. Q. n. t-p. [Halis Saxonum, 1809]- 1900— » 

Nos.for 1836, '3S-16, '48-51, '53, '54, '56, '60, '67 with annotations. 

Schrader, pi. A.] Einige neue und seltcne Gewachse die im 
Botanischen Garten zu Gottingen im Jahr 1809 gebhiht 
haben. (Jour. Bot. Gottingen Neu. IV. 67-S9. 1810.) 

Verzeichniss der Treib- und Glashauspflanzen, wie auch 

der liarten Staudengewiiclise und Straucher, die aus dem 
Botanischen Garten zu Gottingen gegen baare Bezahlung 
abzustehen sind. [S] pp. Q. [Goettingen], 1810. f — [An- 
other ed.] Q. [Goettingen], 1812.f 

Schultes, J. A. Catalogus Horti regii botanici Landishuti 
Bojorum. 22 pp. O. Landishuti, 1810. t — Supplemen- 
tum. I.-III. 8+7+7 pp. O. Landishuti, 1811-13.t 

[Gmelin. ('. ('.] Hortus M.ngni ducis Badensis carlsruhanus. 
10+ 288+ [1] pp. O. Carlsruhae, 1811. 

List of plants. 

[Krauss, Gregor.] Verzeichniss von in- und auslandischen 
Pflanzen, welche im Grossherzogl. Residenzgarten in W'urz- 
burg zu haben sind. [18] IT. Q. WQrzburg, 1812.t 

[Schweigger, A. K.] Enumeratio plantaruiii Horti botanici 

regiomontani. 79 pp. D. Regiomonti, 1812. 
Annotated list; no annotations to woody plants. 

[Voigt. V . S.] Catalogus plantarum, quae in Hurt is ducalibus 
botanico jenensi et belvederensi coluntur. 78 pp. O. 
Jenae, 1812. t 

Hortus botanicus berolinensis. Index seminum anno 1S13- 
[1900]collectorum. Q.& 0. n. t-p. [Berlin, 1813]-1900-> 
After 1S94 published as appendix to Bot. Gart. Mus. Berlin Xotizbl. 
— Nos. for 1843-78 mostly with annotations, sometimes in sepa- 
rately paged appendices. 

Catalogus plantarum quae Monachii in horto Regiae acade- 
mieae scientiarum anno 1814 colebantur. 56 pp. D. Mo- 
nachii, [1814]. 

Martius, K. F. P. von. Plantarum Horti academici erlangen- 
sis enumeratio, adjectis specierum novarum vel minus co- 
gnitarum descriptionibus atque illustrationibus. [4]+ 209+ 
[1] pp. O. Erlangae, 1814. 

Plantae nonnullae Horti academici monacensis descriptae 

atque illustratae. (Akad. Wiss. Milnchen Denkschr. 1814- 
15, pp. 175-192, pi. 4-7.) — Reprinted : IS pp. 4 pi. sq. O. 
n. p. [1S14-15]. 

[Walter, F.] Verzeichniss der auf den Friedlandisehen Gii- 
tern cultivirten Gewachse, nebst einem Beit rage zur Flora 
der Mittelmark. Ed. 3. 12+60 pp. O. n. p., 1815.J 

Verzeichniss von in- und auslandischen Pflanzen des Grossh. 
Orangengartens Belvedere bei Weimar. D. Jena, 1816+ 

[Berkenkamp, W. A.] Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici 
coloniensis. 130 pp. ind. O. Coloniae Agrippinae. 1816. t 

Willdenow, K. L. Hortus berolinensis; sive, Icones et de- 
scriptiones plantarum rariorum vel minus cognitarum quae 
in Horto regio botanico berolinensi excoluntur. [6]+ 107 ff. 
110 pi. F s . Berolini, 1816. 

Breiter, C. A. Hortus Breiterianus; oder, Verzeichniss aller 
derjenigen Gewachse, welche im Breiterschen botanischen 
Garten zu Leipzig gezogen und unterhalten werden, nebst 
einem Theil der in Deutschland einheimischen Pflanzen nach 
ihren systematischen Xamen und Synonymen, einer Erkla- 
rung des Linneischen Systems und geographischen und lite- 
rarischen Nachweisungen. 56+55Spp. 1 pi. O. Leipzig, 

[Nestler, C. G.] Index plantarum quae in Horto academico 
argentinensi anno 1S71 viguerunt. 23 pp. O. Argen- 
torati, 1818. f — Supplementum. S pp. O. [Argentorati], 

Zeyher, [J. M.] Verzeichniss der sammtlichen Gewachse in 
dem Grossherzoglichen Baaden'schen Garten zu Kchwezingen. 
207 pp. D. [Mannheim], 1818. — Verzeichniss der Ge- 
waechse in dem Grossherzoglichen Garten zu Schwetzingen. 
207 pp. D. Mannheim, 1S19. 

Hortus botanicus vratislaviensis. Delectus seminum . . . 
Ed. by F. Fischer (1824), C. G. Nees von Esenbeck (1S3S-50) 
& H. R. Goeppert (1S52-72). sq. Q. & F*. n. t-p. [Vra- 
tislaviae, 1818]-1900— > 

Nos. for 1819-21, '23-24, '32-35, '37-41. '44, '50-53. '69. '72. '74. '77. 
'80-81, 'S3 with annotations. — The title changes in 1872 to *' Aus- 
wahl von Samereien zum Tausch aus dem Kgl. Bot. Garten der Uni- 
versitat Breslau." 

Catalogus plantarum, quarum semina anno 1819 in Horto 
regio pillnitziensi servaliantur. 93 pp. 0. Dresdac, 1819. 

Schrank, F[ranz] von P[aula] von. Plantae rariores Horti 
academici monacensis, descriptae ct observationibus illus- 
tratae. 2 vol. [1]+ 100 IT. 100 pi. F\ Monachii, 1819. 
Text in Latin and German. 

Schweigger. A. F. Nachrichten fiber den Botanischen Garten 
zu Kiinigsberg. 45 pp. 2 pi. O. Kdnigsberg, 1819.1 

Sprengel, l'[urt]. Novi proventus Hortorum academicorum 
halensis et berolinensis; centuria specierum minus cognitarum, 
quae vel per annum IMS in Horto halensi ct berolinensi 
floruerunt, vel siccac missae fuerunt. 4S pp. S. Halae, 

Lupin. Fr. von. Die Garten, ein Wort seiner Zeil ; mit einem 
Gartenromane und Verzeichnisse der in Illerfeld vorhandenen 
Pflanzen. [4]+ 236 pp. 1 pi. D., 1820. 
See pp. 1 11-236. 

Otto. Friedrich. Plantae rariores quae in Horto regio bero- 
linensi a mense ianuario ad ultimum maium anni 1819 
floruerc. [Horae Phys. Berol. 1820. pp. 27 38.) 

[Dennstedt. A. \\'.] Hortus belvedereanus ; oder, Verzeich- 
niss der bestimmten Pflanzen welche in dem Grossherzog- 
lichen Garten zu Belvedere bei Weimar bisher gezogen wor- 
den un.l zu linden sind bis weitcre Fortsetzungen folgen. 2 
pis. (7+[l]+120+28pp.) O. Weimar. 1820 21. 

Link. II. F. .v Otto. F[riedrich], Icones plantarum selecta- 
rum Horti regii botanici berolinensis cum descriptionibus ct 
colendi ratione. Vbbildungen auserlesensr Gewachse des 
Koniglichen botanischen Gartens zu Berlin^nebsl Beschrei- 
bungenund Vnleitung sie zu Ziehen. lOpts. (rjspp.t t>0 
pl. sq. t,). Berolini, [1820] -2s. 



Semina . . . collecta. Ed. 
sq. Q. Hamburgi, 1820- 

Hortus academicus gottingensis. Index seminum . . . Ed. 

by A. H. Schrader (1830-34), F. Th. Bartling (1S36- ?), 

Griesebach(lS78). sq. Q. n. t-p. [Gottingae, 1820]-1900^ 

Nos. for 183CM11, '45, '50, '52, '55, '63, '71, 76-78 with annotations. 

Hortus botanicus gryphicus. Semina ... Ed. by Horn- 
schuch (1845). sq. Q. n. t-p. [Gryphiae, 1820]~1900^ 
Nos. for 1845 with annotations. 

Hortus botanicus hamburgensis. 

by J. G. C. Lehmann & others. 


Nos. for 1S20, '22-39, '41-45, '49-51, '53-55, '58 with annotations. — 
In 1830 the title changes to " Delectus seminum " and in 1851 to 
" Index seminum." 

Hortus regiomontanus seminifer. Ed. by [C. A.] Meyer 
(1827). sq. O. n. t-p. [Regiomontis, 1820]-1900^ 
Nos. for 1827-28, '45-46, '50-51 with annotations. 
Sterler, A. Hortus nymphenburgensis ; seu, Enumeratio 
plantarum in Horti regio nymphenburgensi cultarum. 8+ 
119 pp. O. Monaehii, 1821. 
Link, H. F. Enumeratio plantarum Horti regii botanici 

berolinensis altera. 2 vol. O. Berolini, 1821-22. 
Hortus regius botanicus monacensis seminifer. Ed. by Jos. 
Gerh. Zuccarini (1836-46) & C. F.Ph. v. Martius (1846-52). 
sq. Q. n. t-p. [Monaehii, 1821J-1900-* 
Nos. for 1836-37, '44, '46-47, '52, '73-74, '76 with annotations. — 
In 1844 title changes to " Delectus seminum." 

Hortus universitatis literarum lipsiensis seminum . . . 
offert delectum. Ed. by G. Kunze (1843). sq. Q. n. t-p. 
[Lipsiae, 1821]-1900-> 

Nos. for 1840-49 with annotations. 

Verzeichniss der Holzgewachse in der Konigl. Forstbaum- 

schule bei Kiel. 18 pp. O. Kiel, 1822. 
Salm-Reifierscheid-Dyck, Joseph, Fiiist und Altgraf. Index 

plantarum succulentarum in Horto Dyckensi cultarum. 60 

pp. O. Aquisgrani, 1822. f 
Schrank, [Franz von Paula] von. Bemerkungen iiber einige 

seltnere Pflanzen des K. botanischen Gartens zu Munchen. 

(Baier. Bot. Ges. Denkschr. II. 21-72. 1822.) 
Weber, Friedrich. Hortus kiliensis; oder, Verzeichniss der 

Pflanzen, welche im botanischen Garten der Christian- 

Albrechts Universitat in Kiel lS22gezogen werden. 12+113 

+ [1] pp. O. Kiel, 1822. 
Hortus academicus seu botanicus marburgensis. Index 

seminum ... Ed. by G. W. F. Wenderoth (1827-56). sq. 

Q. n. t-p. [Marburgiae, 1822]-1900-^ 
Nos. for 1827-28, '32, '34-37, '40^11, '53, '55-56 with annotations. — 
In 1853 title changes to " Delectus seminum." 

Verzeichniss der exotischen Kalt- und Warmhauspflanzen, 
welche sich in dem von Rothschild'schen Garten befinden. 
38 pp. O. [Frankfurt a/M., 1823.]f 

Hoffmannsegg, J. C., Graf von. Catalogus seminum in hortis 
Comitis de Hoffmannsegg annis 1823, 1824 et 1825 collecto- 
rum, quae offert hortorum praefectus J. G. Jannach. 4+4+ 
4 pp. Q. [Dresdae, 1823-25.]t 

Enumeratio seminum Horti pillnitziensis. [11] pp. Q. n. p., 

Buek, J. N. jr. Hortus francof urtanus ; oder, Verzeichniss 
der in meinem Garten cultivirten Gewachse, mit Hinzu- 
fiigung der in der Nahe Frankfurts wildwachsenden Pflanzen. 
10+124 pp. O. Frankfurt a/O., 1824. f 

Hoffmannsegg, J. C, Graf von. Verzeichniss der Pflanzen- 
kulturen in dem Gran. Hoffmannseggischen Garten zu Dres- 
den und Rammenau, nebst einigen kritischen Bemerkungen 
einer verbessernden Anzeige der hauptsachlichsten Druek- 
fehler in Herrn Prof. Links Enumeratio etc. 310 pp. 1 pi. 
O. Dresden, 1824. — Zweiter und dritter Nachtrag. 236+ 
96 pp. 1 pi. O. Dresden, 1826. 

Nees von Esenbeck, C. G. & Sinning, Wilhelm. Plantarum 
in Horto medico bonnensi nutritarum ieones selectae. Mani- 
pulus I. (Amoenitates botanicae bonnenses. Fasciculus II.) 
13 pp. 6 pi. Q. Bonnae, 1824.t 

Hartweg. Hortus carlsruhanus ; oder, Verzeichniss sammt- 
licher Gewachse, welche in dem Grossherzogliehen bota- 
nischen Garten zu Karlsruhe cultivirt werden, nebst dem 
Geschichtlichen der botanischen und Lustgarten von 1530- 
1825 ... 46+303+7 pp. 1 pi. D. Karlsruhe, 1825.f 

Martius, K. F. P. von. Hortus botanicus Regiae academiae 
monacensis, sive horti botanici, qui Monaehii floret, historia 
breviter enarrata et praesens conditio descripta. (Pro- 
gramma.) 28 pp. 2 pi. Q. Monaehii, 1825. f 

Voigt, F. S. Plantarum rariorumin Horto belvederensi cul- 
tarum descriptiones et differentiae. (Syll. Plant. Nov. Re- 
gensb. II. 50-55. [1825]-28.) 

Treviranus, L. C. Horti botanici vratislaviensis plantarum 

vel novarum vel minus cognitarum manipulus. (Leop- 

Carol. Akad. Naturf. Verh. XIII. (V.). pt. 1, pp. 163-208, 

410, pi. 11-13. 1826.) 

Link, H. F. Hortus regius botanicus berolinensis. 2 vol. 

O. Berolini, 1827-33. 
Funke. Der botanische Garten Sr. Durchlaucht des Fiirsten 
von Salm-Dyck, nebst einigen Ideen tiber botanische Privat- 
garten im Allgemeinen. (Ver. Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. 
IV. 150-162. 1828.) 
Veltheim, Graf von. Notizen tiber den Zustand, Umfang 
&c. der Lustwalder und Plantagen des Grafen v. Veltheim 
zuHarbke. (Ver. Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. IV. 131- 
135. 1828.) 
Link, H. F. & Otto, Ffriedrich]. Ieones plantarum rariorum 
Horti regii botanici berolinensis cum descriptionibus et 
colendi ratione. (Abbildungen neuer und seltener Gewachse 
des Koniglichen botanischen Gartens zu Berlin . . .) 96 
pp. 48 pi. O. Berolini, 1828-[31]. 
Entitled Vol. I. — No more published. 
Lehmann, J. G. C. Novarum et minus cognitarum stirpium 
pugillus 1-10, quern indici scholarum in gymnasio academico 
hamburgensium . . . habendarum, praemisit. lOpts. sq. 
O. & Q. Hamburgi, 1828-57. 
Published originally in: "Hamburgensium gymnasium aeademicum. 
Index scholarum;" called later: *' Hamburgisches akademisches 
Gymnasium. Verzeichniss der . . . Vorlesungen." Pt. II. bears 
the title: "Carolo Friderico Hippio . . . feliciter celebranti gra- 
tulatur . . ." 
Perleb, K. J. De Horto botanico friburgensi. (Programma 
aeademicum.) 2S+3Spp. 1 pi. Q. Friburgi Brisgoviae, 
[Salm-Reiflerscheid-Dyck, Joseph, Fiirst und Altgraf.] Index 
plantarum succulentarum in Horto Dyckensi cultarum, 
anno 1S29. 71 pp. D. Aquisgrani, 1829. 
Schelhas. Beschreibung der Alpenpflanzen-Anlagen des 
Herrn Ober-Medizinal-Assessor Dr. Wild in Kassel. (Ver. 
Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. V. 225-245, pi. 2. 1829.) 
Schoch. Auszug aus der Abhandlung des Herrn Hofgartner 
Schoch in Worlitz ; das Geschichtliche des Worlitzer Gartens 
(Ver. Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. V. 136-141. 1829.) 
[Schrank, Franz von Paula von & Martius, K. F. P. von.] 
Hortus regius monacensis; Verzeichniss der im Koniglichen 
botanischen Garten zu Munchen wachsenden Pflanzen, nach 
der naturlichen Methode geordnet, mit Hinweisung auf das 
Linneische System und summarischer Angabe des Vater- 
lands, der Cultur und Beniitzungsweise, auch als Schliissel 
und Uebersicht in deutschen Garten und fur Herbarien zu 
gebrauchen. 12+ [2]+ 210 pp. O. Munchen, 1829. 
Lehmann, J. G. C. Pugillus plantarum in Botanico Hambur- 
gensium horto occurentium. (Leop. -Carol. Akad. Naturf. 
Verh. XIV. (VI.). pt. 2, pp. 799-826, pi. 45-48; XVI. 
(VIII.). pt. 1, pp. 313-320, pi. 12-16. 1829-32.) — Re- 
printed in part : 8 pp. 5 pi. sq. Q. [Bonn, 1832.] 
Martius, K. F. P. von. Amoenitates botanicae monacenses. 
(Auswahl merkwiirdiger Pflanzen des Konigl. botanischen 
Gartens zu Munchen.) 26 pp. 16 pi. Q. Frankfurt a/M., 
Text in Latin, German and French. Has also French t-p.: "Choix 
des plantes remarquables du Jardin botanique royal de Munic ..." 
Nachricht von dem botanischen Garten der Kgl. Universitat 

zu Breslau. 14 pp. O. n. p., [183. ?]t 
[Reum, J. A.] Verzeichnis der im K. S. Forstgarten zu Tha- 
randt befindlichen Baum- und Strauchgattungen. 28 pp. 
O. n. t-p. [183 . ?] 
Verzeichniss der im Freien ausdauernden Baume, Gestrauche 
und Staudengewachse so wie der Hauspflanzen, welche im 
Hamburg'schen botanischen Garten abgegeben werden kon- 
nen. 92 pp. O. Hamburg, 1830. 
Goeppert, H. R. Beschreibung des botanischen Gartens der 
Koniglichen Universitat Breslau. Mit dem Plane des Gar- 
tens. 8+90 pp. 1 pi. O. Breslau, 1830. t 
Lehmann, [J. G. C] Plantae aliquot novae in Horto ham- 
burgensium botanico cultae. (Flora, XIV. pt. 1, pp. 132- 
133. 1831.) 
Nees von Esenbeck, T. F. L. & Sinning, Wplhelm]. Samm- 
lung schonbluhender Gewachse fiir Blumen- und Garten- 
freunde nach lebenden Exemplaren des Koniglichen bota- 
nischen Gartens zu Bonn gezeichnet, beschrieben und mit 
genauer Anleitung zu ihrer Cultur begleitet. 222 pp. sq. 
Q. Dusseldorf, 1831. — Atlas. 100 pi. F 5 . Dusseldorf, 



Wenderoth, [G. W. F.] Einige Bemerkungen iiber verschie- 
dene neue Pflanzenarten des Botanischen Gartens in Mar- 
burg. (Ges. Beford. Natuno. Marburg Schrift. II. 211-267, 
1 pi. 1831.) 

Katalog der in dem hiesigen Sehlossgarten und den dazu 
gehorigen botanischen Anlagen enthaltnen Pflanzen. 6+47 
pp. O. Darmstadt, 1832.f 

Otto, F. Historische Nachricht und kurze Beschreibung des 
Konigl. botanischen Gartens zu Schoneberg bei Berlin. (Ver. 
Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Verh. VIII. 294-318, map. 1832.) 

Zuccarini, J. G. Plantarum novarum vel minus cognitarum 
quae in Horto botanico herbarioque regio monacensi ser- 
vantur. (Akad. Wiss. Miinchen Abh. Math. Phys. CI. I. 
(1829-30), pp. 287-396, pi. 12-17; II. (1831-36), pp. 309- 
380, 597-742, 15 pi.; III. (1S37-43), pp. 219-254, 9 pi.; IV. 
(1844-46), pt. 2, pp. 1-35, 6 pi. 1832-45. — Plantarum . . . 
fasc. primus. (Flora, XV. pt. 2, Beibl. pp. 57-102. 1S32.) 

Schauer, [J.] C. Einige neue oder weniger bekannte Zier- 
pflanzen des Koniglich botanischen Gartens zu Breslau. 
(Allg. Gartenzeit. I. 226-230. 1833.) 

Hortus botanicus heidelbergensis. Delectus seminum . . . 
Ed. by G. W. Bischoff (1851). sq. Q. n. t-p. [Heidelbergii, 
1833]-1900— > 
Nos. for 1838-39, '46-17, '49, '51-52, '54-55 with annotations. 
[Ohlendorff, J. H.] Verzeichniss der im Freien ausdauernden 
Biiume, Gestriiuche und Staudengewachse, sowie der Haus- 
pflanzen welche im Hamburgischen botanischen Garten 
abgegeben werden konnen. 117 pp. D. Hamburg, 1834. 
List without authors. 

[Salm-Reifferscheid-Dyck, Joseph, Fiirstund Altgraf] Hortus 
Dyckensis ; ou, Catalogue des plantes cultiv£es dans les jar- 
dins de Dyck. 8+376 pp. 3 pi. map. O. Diisseldorf, 

Seitz. Anzeige einiger neuen Gewachse welche im Friihjahre 
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Pfeil, W. Verzeichniss der im Koniglichen Forst-Garten zu 
Neustadt-Eberswalde im Jahre 1S35 vorhandenen lebenden 
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[Fee, Antoine.] Catalogue m£thodique des plantes du Jardin 
botanique de la Faculty de m^decine de Strasbourg. 16+ 13S 
pp. O. Strasbourg, 1836. 
Annotated list with new species. 

Histoire du Jardin botanique de Strasbourg. 27 pp. 

O. Strasbourg, 1836. f — From: "Revue d' Alsace, ser. 2, I. 
396-420. 1836." 

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1836-59.) — From: Hort. Bot. Hamburg Delect. Sem. 

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Link, II. 1'., Klotzsch. I'riedrich it Otto, I'riedrich. Icones 

f>lantarum rariorum Horti regii botanici berolinensis. (Ab- 
>ildung seltener Pflanzen des Konigl. botanischen (iartens 
zu Berlin.) 2 vol. IS pi. Q. Berlin, 1841-44. 
Schlechtendal, D. F. L. von. Hortus halensis tarn vivus 
quam siccus icniiilnis el descriptionibus illust rat us. [2J+24 
pp. 12 pi. Q. Halis Saxonum, [1841-53], 
Hortus botanicus Universitatis literarum wirceburgensis. 
Select io fructuvim el seminum . . . Ed. by August Schenk 
(1861-68) & Julius Sachs (1873). sq. Q.' n. t-p. [Wirce- 
burgi, 1841] 1900 • 
Nos. For is:,i 52, '61, '68, 73 77 with annotations. — About 1*70 
the title changes '<> " Auswahl von Sftmcreien, Knollen A- Zwiebeln, 
in <leni Botanischen Garten tier t'niversitat Wilrzburg ... 

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zeichnisse der Pflanzen im Grafl, Hoffmannseggischen c.arten 
zu Dresden von 1841 fur 1842. 31 pp. D. Dresden, [1842]. 

Kunze, Gustav. Pugillus primus[-tertius] plantarum adhuc 
ineditarum seu minus cognitarum, quas annis 1S38-46 
praeter alias, alio loco descriptas vel describendas, coluit 
hortus botanicus Univers. litterarum hpsiensis. (Linnaea, 
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Schauer, J. K. Der Konigliche botanische Garten zu Breslau. 
16 pp. O. Liegnitz, 1843. t — Reprinted from: " Schlesi- 
sclie Garten- u. Blumenzcitung, pt. L— II." 

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sis. (Index Sem. Hort. Berol. [1844], pp. 9-10.) 

[Otto, Eduard.] Verzeichniss einer Auswahl von im Freien 
ausdauernden Baumen, Gestrauchen und Staudengewachse, 
so wie von Hauspflanzen, welche im Hamburgischen bota- 
nischen Garten abgegeben werden konnen. 72 pp. O. 
Hamburg, 1845.f 

Kunth, K. [S.] Species novae et emendatae Horti regii bo- 
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— Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 3, V. 350-364; VII. 1S1-1S9; 
EX. 309-317; XI. 21S-233. 1846-^9.) 
For continuation see Braun, A. [& others]. Species novae . . . 
1853 59. 

Bischoff, [G. W.] Plantarum species novae in catalogo semi- 
num Horti bot. heidelbergensis. (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 
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1848-53.) — Reprinted from: Hort. Bot. Heidelberg Delect. 

[Otto, Eduard.] Auswahl bliihender Pflanzen im Botanischen 
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IV.-XVII. 1848-61.) 
Has varying title. — This series appears in each number of every vol- 

Schlechtendal, D. F. L. von. Index seminum Horti academici 
halensis, anno lS4S-[50]. — Descriptions de plantes nou- 
velles, extraites des catalogues de graines des jardins bota- 
niques pour 1848-[50]. (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 3, XI. 
248-251 ; XII. 360-363 ; XIV. 342-344. 1849-50.) 

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velles, extraites des catalogues de graines des jardins bota- 
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minus cognitae Horti regii botanici berolinensis. (Index Sem. 
Hort. Berol. 1851, pp. 12-14 ; 1852, pp. 12-14.) — Appendix. 
(Index Sem. Hort. Berol. 1853, pp. 11-24.) 
Number for 1S52 contains nothing dendrological. 

Schlechtendal, [D. F. L.] von. Corollarium observationum in 
plantas hortenses Halae Saxonum anno 1S51-1S85 et jam 
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1852. t 

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Horti regii botanici berolinensis. (Ann. Sci. Nat, Bot. ser. 
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Continuation of Kunth, K. [S.| Species novae . . . 1845-49. 

Koch, K[arl]. Plantae variae novae aut minus cognitae. 

(Index Sem. Hort. Berol. 1854, apx. pp. 10-15.) 
Verzeichniss der Gewachse im Grossh. Pr. Garten zu I.ud- 
wigslust. t>. 1856 I 

Koch, K[arl], Dicotyleae novae et criticae. (Index Sun. 

Hort. Hero!. [1855], apx. pp. 12-17.) 
Goppert, II. H. Die offizinellen und technisch wichtigen 
Pflanzen unserer Garten, insbesondere des Botanischen (iar- 
tens zu Breslau; eine gedrangte Uebersicht derselben unter 
Angabe ihrer systematischen Stellung, ihres Gebrauchoa 
und Vaterlandes, 6 L13pp. t>. Gorlitz, 1867. 

Schnizlein, Adelbert. Kurze Beschreibung d< B hen 

Gartens der Universitat E^langen. 17 pp. t>. Erlangen, 
1857. f 



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versitat Breslau. 4+ 96 pp. 1 pi. O. Gorlitz, 1857.t — 
Ed. 7. D. Goerlitz, 1879.t — Ed. 8. D. Goerlitz, [1880].t 

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Strassburg, 1858.t 

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344, 348-351, 356-360, 367-368, 372-376, 3S2-3S4, 3S7-391, 

397-400, 404-407. 1859.) 

Ends with Cornus ; new names, e. g. Crataegus maeracantha and 

many varieties. 

Bpedenfeld, Ferdinand], Freiherr von. Aus meiner Pilger- 
tasche ; der Sehlossgarten zu Karlsruhe. (Hamburg. Gart. 
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fruher besonders beliebte Culturgewachse. 23 pp. D. 
Ingolstadt, 1862.f 

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Gartens der Universitat Breslau. (Arch. Pharm. CLXIV. 
126-162, 1 il. 1863.) — Reprinted: 39pp. O. Hannover, 

Kirchner, [G.] Eine Zusammenstellung der Geholze, nach 
ihrer geographischen Vertheilung im Park zu Muskau. 
(Hamburg. Gart. Blumenzeit. XIX. 106-124, 149-163. 1863.) 
Deals only with North American plants. 

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Garten zu Jena ; eine Anleitung fur Studirende und Freunde 
der Pflanzenkunde. [2]+ 59 pp. D. Leipzig, 1864. 

Jahn, C. L. Die Holzgewachse des Friedrichshains bei Berlin, 
ein Verzeichniss derselben nach naturlichen Familien ge- 
ordnet, mit kurzen charakterisirenden Bemerkungen und 
genauer Angabe des Standortes ; nebst einer Beschreibung des 
Friedrichshains und geschichtlichen und statistischen Mit- 
theilungen; ein Wegweiser fur Lehrer und Schiiler. 4+ SO 
pp. 1 pi. D. Berlin, 1864. 

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Petzold, E. & Kirchner, G. Arboretum muscaviense. Uber 
die Entstehung und Anlage des Arboretum . . . des Prinzen 
Friedrich der Niederlande zu Muskau ; nebst einem besehrei- 
benden Verzeichniss der sammtlichen in demselben cultivir- 
ten Holzarten . . . 6+S30 pp. map. O. Gotha, 1864. 
G. Kirchner is the author of the botanical part. 

Dirks, Fr. Einige Worte iiber die Freiherrlich von Hake'- 

schen Garten in Ohr bei Hameln an der Weser. (Deutsch. 

Mag. Gart. Blumenk. 1866, pp. 344-346.) 
Glaser, L. Alphabetisches Verzeichniss der in den Promena- 

den, in Anlagen und Garten um Worms angepflanzten Baume 

und Straucher. (Pollichia Jahresber. XXII.-XXIV. 228- 

238. 1866.) 
Kolb, Max. Der Konigliche botanische Garten in Munchen. 

7+5Spp. 5 pi. O. Munchen, 1867.t 
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1 pi. 0. Marburg, 1867.t — Ed. 2. Marburg, 1S80.T 
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nouveau Jardin botanique de Metz a Frescatelly. (Soc. 

Hist. Nat. Moselle Bull. XI. 253-367. 1868.) — Reprinted : 

O. Metz, 1868.t 
Goeppert, H. R. Bericht iiber den gegenwartigen Zustand 

des Botanischen Gartens in Breslau. 20 pp. O. Breslau, 

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neuere Geholze des Freilandes im Botanischen Garten zu 

Wurzburg. (Gartenfl. XVIII. 164-166. 1869.) 
Annotated list. 
Braun, Aflexander & others]. Appendix observationum bo- 

tanicarum . . . (Index Sem. Hort. Berol. 1872, apx. 5 pp.) 

[Koch, Karl.] Die Baumschulen von Simon-Louis freres in 
Metz. (Ver. Befbrd. Gartenb. Preuss. Wochenschr. XV. 299- 
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Die Garten Braunschweigs. (Ver. Befbrd. Gartenb. 

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Der Schloss-Garten von Augny. (Ver. Befbrd. Gartenb. 

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Vatke, Wfilhelm]. [Adnotationes criticae ad nonnullas spe- 
cies quae in Horto berolinensi coluntur.] (Index Sem. Hort. 
Berol. [1875], apx. 2 pp.; [1876], apx. 3 pp.) 

Bolle, Carl. Ein Wort zu Gunsten des dendrologischen 
Gartens, bei alien Baumfreunden und Baumfreundinnen, 
insbesondere Berlins und der Mark Brandenburg. (Ver. 
Befbrd. Gartenb. Preuss. Monatsschr. XX. 11-33. 1877.) — 
Reprinted: 24 pp. O. Berlin, 1877. 

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dauernden Geholze. (Fer. Befbrd. Gartenb. Preuss. Monats- 
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nutzung eines von dem verstorbenen Garteninspector Schoeh 
hinterlassenen Manuscripts. 54 pp. D. Dessau, 1878. 

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Erlangen, 1878.f 

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Garten der Konigl. Preuss. Forstakademie zu Miinden kul- 
tivirten Pflanzen. 43 pp. O. Miinden, 1878. 

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der Stadt Aachen. Q. Aachen, 1879. t 

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Kgl. Forstlehranstalt Aschaffenburg cultivirten Pflanzen. 
43 pp. 1 pi. S. Aschaffenburg, 1879. 

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O. Heidelberg, 1899. 

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Baden. (Wien. III. Garten-Zeit. VIII. 2-5. 1883.) 

Beissner, Lfudwig]. Einige alte Garten Deutschlands. 
(Gartenfl. XXXII. 361-368; XXXIII. 106-110, 232-234, 
335-33S; XXXV. 23-30, 35bis-37. 1883-86.) 

Worlitz, Schwbbber, Harbke, Destedt, Ohrberg, Wolfenbiittel. 

Botanisches Museum zu Hamburg. Bericht des Professor 
Sadebeck fur 1883-85. [3] vol. Q. Hamburg, 1884-86. — 
Continued as : Botanisches Museum und Laboratorium fur 
Waarenkunde. Bericht des Professor Sadebeck fur 1S87-98. 
[12] vol. Q. Hamburg, 1888-99. — Reprinted from : H am- 
burg. Wiss. Anst. Jahrb. 

Contains only administrative reports. 

Wittmack, Lfudwig]. Der Akademische Forstgarten zu 
Miinden. (Garten-Zeit. IV. 223-225. 1885.) 

Wilhelmshohe und seine Pflanzenschatze. (Garten-Zeit. 

IV. 147-152, il. 37. 1885.) 

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forstbotanischen Seltenheiten. (Irmischia Corresp. VI. 25- 
30. 1886.) 

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Schlossgartenanlagen zu Karlsruhe. 4+ [4]+ 126 pp. S. 
Karlsruhe, 1886. 

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zu Berlin; im Auftrage der Direktion verfasst. 4+104 pp. 
map. D. Berlin, 1887. 

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burg). (Gartenfl. XXXVI. 507-508. 1887.) 
Notes on a few species. 

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Garten zu Karlsruhe. 72 pp. map. D. Karlsruhe, 1888. 

Spath, L[udwig]. Neue und sehr wenig verbreitete Zierge- 
holze. (Hamburg. Gart. Blumenzeit. XLV. 505-508. 1889.) 
— Extract from his : " Haupt-Preis- Verzeichniss. 1889-90." 

Zabel, H[einrich]. Aus den Garten der Forst-Akademie 
Miinden ; kiirzere Mitteilungen iiber neue oder kritische 
Pflanzen derselben. (Gartenfl. XXXVIII. 138-139, 239- 
240, 437-438, 492-493, 523-527, 580-5S1. 1889.) — Re- 
printed: 15 pp. O. [Berlin, 1889.] 



Bolle, Carl. The arboretum of Dr. Dieck at Zoeschen. (Gard. 

& For. III. 414-415. 1890.) 
Christ, H. An American arboretum in Germany. {Gard. & 

For. III. 181. 1890.) 

Note on Dr. G. Dieck's collection in Zoschen. 
Krause, [E. H. L. ?] Die fremden Baume und Gestrauche der 

Rostocker Anlagen. (Ver. Freunde Naturg. Mecklenb. Arch. 

XLIII. (1889), 197-240. 1890.) 
[Spath, Ludwig.] Neuziichtigungen und Neueinf iihrungen der 

Spath'schen Baumsehule (Rixdorf-Berlin) fur das Jahr 1890- 

91. (Hamburg. Gart. Blumenzeit. XLVI. 487-48S. 1890.) 
Flechtner, Jfohannes]. Das National-Arboretum zu Zosehen 

bei Merseburg. (Deutsch. Bot. Monatsschr. IX. 167-171. 

Bolle, Carl. Ein Baumgartchen unter der Erde. (Gartenfl. 

XLI. 170-174, 202-206, 226-227. 1892.) 
Annotated list of cultivated species. 
Jockel, Ad. Zierbaume und Zierstriiucher der Anlagen 

Diirkheims. (Pollichia Mittheil. XLLX. 114-157. 1892.) 
With short descriptions. 

[Dieck, Georg.] National-Arboretums zu Zoschen bei Merse- 
burg; Neuheiten-Offerte 1892-93. 40+ [2] pp. il. 1 pi. 
Q. Halle a. S., [1893.] 

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Rixdorf-Berlin. (Gartenfl. XLII. 535-538. 1893.) 

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Freunde Naturg. Mecklenb. Arch. XLVI. (1892), 105-112. 

Virchow. Ernst. Dendrologisches aus Cleve. (Gartenfl. XLIII. 
455-457, il. 89-90. 1894.) 
Notes on a few large trees. 

Purpus, A. [Neue und seltene Geholze aus dem Botanischen 
Garten zu Darmstadt.] (Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. III. 
27-29; IV. 16-19; V. 20-23; VII. 13-15; VIII. 42-43, 98- 
102. 1894-99.) 
Has varying title. 

Zabel, [Heinrich]. Ein Gang durch die Garten der Forst- 
akademie Munden. (Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. IV. 37- 
40. 1895.) 

Purpus, A. Aussaatenbericht. (Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. Mit- 
teil. IV. 5S-59; VI. 95-97. 1895-97.) 
iteports from the botanic garden at Darmstadt. 

KSniglicher botanischer Garten und Museum zu Berlin. 

Notizblatt. Ed. by A. Engler. Vol. I.-III. pp. 1-84. il. 

pi. O. Leipzig, [i895]-1900^ 
Render, A[lfred]. Worlitz. (Mailer's D. Gdrtn.-Zeit. XI. 

300-303, 317-318, G il. 1896.) 
Schoch, [( lustav]. Der Garten zu Worlitz und seine Geholze. 

(Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. V. 2-13. 1896.) — Der Park 

zu Wrirlitz . . . [Extract.] (Gartenfl. XLV. 50S-513. 1896.) 
Spath, [Ludwig] . Einige neue und seltene Geholze der Spath'- 
sehen Baumsehule. (Deutsch. Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. V. 23-29. 

1896.) — Reprinted: 7 pp. Q. n. p., [1896]. 
Purpus, A. Besuch der Baumschulen von H. A. Hesse in 

Wecner a. Ems in Ostfriesland und Besprechung einiger be- 

merkenswerter oder kritischer Geholzer daselbst. (Deutsch. 

Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. VI. 12-14. 1897.) 
Render, Alfred]. Rhododendron und andere Geholze auf 

dem Ohrberg bei Hameln. (Mailer's D. Gdrtn.-Zeit. XII. 

251-253, 1 il. 1897.) 
Voigt, A. Die Botanischen Institute der frcien und Hansc- 

stadt Hamburg. [2]+ 102 pp. 6 il. 12 pi. Q. Hamburg 

& Leipzig, 1897. 
Beissner, Lfudwig]. Rpiseerinnerungen. (Deutsch. Dendr. 

Ges. Mitteil. VI. 83 94; VII. 79-88; VIII. 120-112; EX. 91 

118. 1897-191 ii i.) 
— sch. Der Weinheimer Coniferen-Wald. (Gartenwelt, II. 

165-166, 6 il. 1898.) 
Breitschwerdt.IIerm. Diedendrologischcn Xeuanpflanzungen 

in Donaueschingen. {Gartenwelt , II. 529-535, 5 il. 1898.) 
Pfitzer, E[rnat]. Immergrttne Laubholzer im Heidelberger 

Schlossgartcn. (Dents,-!,. Dendr. Ges. Mitteil. VII. I L2; 

VIII. 95 98. 1898 ii'.M 
Bouche, 1'. Der IviniglichcSchlossgarten zu l'illnitz. (Flora 

Ges. />'"/. Gartenb. Dresden Siteber. newscr. III. inn 1 18, 5 pi. 

Biittner, G. Her Fnrstbntanische Garten zu Tlmrandt. 

(Flora Ges. lint. Gartenb. Dresden Sitzber. new ser. III. 105 
108,2 pi. 1899.) 
Hickel, l{. Lea jardins botaniques des bords du Uhin an 

point de vue dendrologique. (Ft mile Jeun. Natur, XXX. 

21-26, :iS 12. 1899 1900.) 

Engelhardt, Robert. Reise-Ergebnisse beim Besuch stadti- 
scher Anlagen, Privat- und botanischer Garten usw. in Siid- 
deutschland und der Schweiz. (Mailer's D. Gdrtn.-Zeit. XV. 
590-592. 1900.) 
Descriptive list of selected species. 

Fiesser, G. H. Die Grossherzoglichen Garten in Baden- 
Baden. (Gartenwelt, IV. 520-522, 2 i\. 1900.) 

Graebener, L. Der Grossherzogliche botanische Hofgarten 
zu Karlsruhe. (Gartenwelt, IV. 517-520, 4 il. 1900.) 

Schoch, Gottlieb. Verzeichniss der Geholze in den offentlichen 
Garten und Parkanlagen Magdeburgs. [8]+ 67 pp. O. 
Magdeburg, 1900. 

Spath, L. Geholz- und Kakteen-X'euheiten. (Mailer's D. 
Gdrtn.-Zeit. XV. 389-390. 1900.) 

Seed catalogues were also issued by the following botanic 
gardens: Tubingen, 1S20-1900— » [1S30 with annotations]. — 
Bonn, 1821-1900— > [1S31-33, '3S, '44 with annotations]. — 
Dresden (Hoffmannsegg's garden), 1S22-25. — Jena, 1S22- 
1900— > — Schwetzingen, 1823-24. — Belvedere (near 
Weimar), 1823^4. — Darmstadt, 1825-1900— > — Giessen, 
1S25-1900— > — Karlsruhe (Grossherzl. bot. Garten), 1827- 
1900— > — Miinster, 1S27-1900— > — Dresden, 1S29-1900— > 
[1829, '37, '50, '71, '92, '93 with annotations]. — Erlangen, 
1831-1900— >• [1851 with annotations]. — Erfurt, 1832-5.? 
[1S33-34, '36-41 with annotations]. — Frankfurt a. M., 
1832-79^ [1S33-36, '38, '40 with annotations]. — Pillnitz 
(near Dresden), 1835-54. — Strassburg (Hortus argentora- 
tensis), 1835-1900— > — Regensburg (Hortus ratisbonensis) 
1S42— >• — Mannheim, 1S43— * —Freiburg, 1848-1900— ► 
[1849 with annotations]. — Eldena (near Greifswald), 1S49- 
60— > [1849, '53-55, '60 with annotations]. — Proskau, 1S52 
— ► — Braunschweig, 1S77-1900 — > — Karlsruhe (Technische 
Hochschule, 1S8 . ? -1900^ — Metz, 1SS4-1900— > — Hohen- 
heim, 1S92-1900^ — Gorlitz, 1896-1900^ —Karlsruhe 
(Stadtgarten), 1896-1900— > — Rostock, 1900^ 


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Couret-Villeneuve, L. P. Description de toutes les plantes 
qui se cultivent dans le jardin botanique de l'Ecole centrale 
du d£partement de l'Escaut a Gand . . . ouvrage dans le- 
quel chacune des plantes est decrite par la traduction des 
phrases du Species plantarum de Linnee . . . [lS]+3S0pp. 
D. Paris & Gand, [1802], 

Has also Latin t-p.: " Hortus gandavensis centrali academiue All- 
nexus, juxta Linnaci methodum dispositus ..." 

Crocq, A. J. Tableau synoptique du Jardin des plantes de 
Bruxelles, execute d'apres la reorganisation qu'en a faite Mr. 
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de la ville de Gand. 10+19 pp. D. Gand, [1810].— 
Premier supplement. 4 pp. D. n. t-p. [1X11.] 

Parmentier, Joseph. Catalogue des plante> eultivees dans le 
jardin de Mr. Joseph Parmentier a l'epoque du l ir mai 1812. 
[2]+33pp. O. Bruxelles, [1812]. 

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de toutes les plantes exotiques et indigenes, eultivees dans le 
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[Gaede. II. M.] Index plantarum Horti botanici leodiensis. 
I | 99 pp. <». Leodii, 1828 I 

Elenchus plantarum quae in Horto botanico lovaniensi co- 

I lint ur. adject is specielms sponte crescent ilms. 71 pp. O. 

Lovanii, 1829. 
Hortus botanicus lovaniensis. Selectus seminum . . . 1S36- 

L900. Ed. by [Martin] Martens (1840). sq. Q. II. t-p. 
[1836| 1900 ■ 

Nor-, for lS:t'.l 11. 'Itowiili iiiuk.I ntioDS. 

Serret. de. Catalogue des arbres . . . cultives ii Beernern. 
Ed. 2. Bruges, 1839. t 



Catalogue general des plantes cultivees dans l'6tablissement 
de la Society royale d'horticulture de Belgique a Bruxelles. 
32 pp. O. Bruxelles, 1842.t 
[Houtte, Louis van.] Hortus Vanhoutteanus ; ou, Descrip- 
tion de plantes nouvelles, rares ou peu connues, introduites 
dans les jardins de Louis van Houtte, horticulteur a Gand ; 
avee catalogue descriptif et prix-courant des nouveautes et 
des multiplications disponibles dans cet etablissement. 
Bulletin periodique faisant suite a la Flore des serres et des 
jardins de l'Europe. Pt. 1. 28 pp. 4 pi. O. Gand, 

Perot. Plantes nouvelles cultivees chez M. Linden a Bruxelles. 
(Rev. Hort. ser. 3, V. 221-224. [1851.]) 

Linden, J. [J.] Hortus Lindenianus; recueil iconographique 
des plantes nouvelles introduites par l'e'tablissement de 

J. Linden. [2]+ 25 pp. 13 pi. Q. Bruxelles, 1859. 

Neue Linden 'sche-Pflanzen. [Extract.] (Wochenschr. Gartn. 
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Ed. 2. Pt. 1. pp. 1-268. F. Bruxelles, 1900— > 

B[osschere], Ch[arles] de. Une collection de Coniferes. 
(Semaine Hort. II. 387-3S8, 396-397, 401-402, 426^127, 432, 
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Wildeman, Em[ile] de. Icones selectae Horti thenensis ; icono- 
graphie de plantes ayant fleuri dans les collections de [Leon] 
van den Bossche a Tirlemont, avec les descriptions et an- 
notations. 2 vol. 80 pi. Q. BruxeUes, 1899-1900-+ 

Seed catalogues were also issued by the following botanic 
gardens: Liege, 1837-58— > — Bruxelles, 1841-65^ (1864- 
65 with annotations). — Ghent, 1856-1900 — > — Antwerp, 


Paaw, Peter. Hortus publicus Aacademiae lugduno-batavae, 
ejus ichnographia, descriptio, usus. Addito, quas habet 
stirpium, numero et nominibus. 176 pp. pref. ind. O. 
Lugduni, 1603.f — [Another ed.] 179 pp. pref. ind. O. 
Lugduni, 1629.f 

Voorst, Adolph van. Catalogus plantarum Horti academici 
Lugduni Batavi, quibus is instructus erat anno 1633, prae- 
fecto ejusdem horti Adolfo Vorstio. (In Spiegel, Adrian. 
Isagoges in rem herbariam libri duo, pp. 223-272. 1633.) t 
— Catalogus plantarum Horti academici lugduno-batavi, 
quibus is instructus erat anno 1635, praefecto ejusdem horti 
Adolpho Vorstio. Accessit Index plantarum indigenarum, 
quae prope Lugdunum in Batavis nascuntur. 66 pp. T. 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1636. t — Catalogus plantarum Horti 
academici Lugduni Batavi, quibus is instructus erat anno 
1642. Accedit index plantarum indigenarum, quae prope 
Lugdunum in Batavis nascuntur. 71 pp. D. Lugduni 
Batavorum, 1643. t — Catalogus plantarum Horti academici 
1649, et index plantarum indigenarum. 72 pp. D. Lug- 
duni Batavorum, 1649. — Appendix plantarum, quae Horto 
publico Academiae lugduno-batavae aecesserunt anno 1641. 
(In Paulli, Simon. Viridaria varia regia . . . pp. 579-591. 
1653.)t — Catalogus plantarum Horti academi lugduno-ba- 
tavi, quibus is constructus erat annis 1642 et 1649. (In 
Paulli, Simon. Viridaria varia regia . . . pp. 473-560. 
1653.) — Catalogus plantarum Horti academici 1657 et index 
plantarum indigenarum. 72 pp. D. Lugduni Batavorum, 

Edition for year 1635 accredited by Pritzel to Kralitz, Heinrich. 

Munting, Hfeinrich]. Groningae et Omlandiae provincialis 

botanici hortus et universae materiae medicae^ gazophyla- 

cium. unpaged. T. Groningae, 1646. 
Snippendal, Johannes. Catalogus plantarum Horti amstelo- 

damensis. Q. n. p., 1646. t 
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sis anno 1646. (In Paulli, Simon. Viridaria varia regia 
. . . pp. 593-706. 1653.) 

[Cornelius, Hermann.] Catalogus plantarum Horti publici 
amstelodamensis. 53 pp. O. Amstelodami, 1661.f 

Schuyl, Florentinus. Catalogus plantarum Horti academici 
Lugduni batavi, quibus is instructus erat anno 1668. Acce- 
dit index plantarum indigenarum, quae prope Lugdunum 
in Batavis nascuntur. 74 pp. 0. Lugduni Batavorum, 
1668.f — [Another ed.] 91 pp. D. Heidelbergae, 1672.f 

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lugduno-batavi, cum indice plantarum indigenarum, quae 
prope Lugdunum in Batavis nascuntur. 139 pp. D. 
Darmstadt, 1679. f 

Hermann, Paul. Horti academici lugduno-batavi catalogue 
exhibens plantarum omnium nomina, quibus ab anno 1681 
ad annum 16S6 hortus fuit instructus ut et plurisnarum in 
eodem cultarum et a nemine hucusque editarum descriptiones 
et icones. [16]+ 699+ [1] pp. 106 il. D. Lugduni Bata- 
vorum, 1687. 

Commelin, Jan. Catalogus plantarum Horti medici amstelo- 
damensis. [14]+ 371 pp. S. Amstelodami, 1689. — [An- 
other issue.] [14]+ 371 pp. S. Amstelodami, 1702. 

Hermann, Paul. Florae lugduno-batavae flores; sive, Enu- 
meratio stirpium Horti lugduno-batavi methodo, naturae 
vestigiis insistente, dispositarum . . . [10]+ 267 pp. S. 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1690. 

[Eiggelaer, Franciscus.] Horti beaumontiani exoticarum 
plantarum catalogus, exhibens plantarum minus cognitarum 
& rariorum nomina, quibus idem hortus anno Domini 1690 
instructus fuit. [2]+42 pp. S. Hagae-Comitis, 1690. 

Gottschalck, Jakob. Catalogus plantarum Horti academici 
Lugduni Batavorum. 173 pp. O. Ploen, 1697. t — Ed. 2 
rev. 179+34 pp. O. Ploen, 1704.f 
Text in Latin and German. 

Commelin, Jan & Caspar. Horti medici amstelodamensis 
rariorum tam orientalis quam occidentalis Indiae aliarumque 
peregrinarum plantarum . . . descriptio et icones . . . Opus 
posthumum; latinitate donatum, notisque et observationi- 
bus illustratum a F. Ruyschio ... 2 vol. il. pi. F 6 . 
Amstelodami, 1697-1701. 

Latin and Dutch in parallel columns. 

Co mm elin, Caspar. Plantarum usualium Horti medici am- 
stelodamensis catalogus. [4]+ 83+ [1] pp. S. Amstelodami, 
[1698]. — Ed. 3 enl. 107 pp. O. Amstelodami, [1724]. t 

Brandon, J. H. Hortus regius honselaerdigensis ; ou, Collec- 
tion d'un frontispice et 97 planches de plantes et de fleurs 
tant indigenes qu'exotiques dessinees en couleurs. 1 vol. 
F. [Utrecht, 17..?] 

Koker, Afegidius] van. Plantarum usualium Horti medici 
haarlemensis. 154 pp. S. Harlemi (Haarlem), 1702. | 

Commelin, Caspar. Horti medici amstelaedamensis plantae 
rariores et exoticae ad vivum aeri incisae. [6]+ 48 pp. 48 
pi. O. Lugduni Batavorum, 1706. — [Another ed.] [6]+ 
48 pp. 48 pi. Q. Lugduni Batavorum, 1715. 

For key to the names see Huth, Ernst. Clavis Commeliniana . . . 

Petiver, J. Catalogue of the more rare plants . . . physick 
garden at Leyden. O. London, [1711 ?].f 

Commelin, Caspar. Horti medici amstelaedamensis planta- 
rum usualium catalogus. O. Amsterdam, 1715. — Ed. 3. 
107 pp. S. n. p., 1724.f 

Boerhaave, Hermann. Index alter plantarum quae in Horto 
academico lugduno-batavo aluntur. 2 vol. 40 pi. Lug- 
duni Batavorum, 1720. — [Another ed.] 2 vol. 39 pi. O. 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1727. t 

Linne, Carl von. Hortus Cliff ortianus ; plantas exhibens quas 
in hortis tam vivis quam siccis Hartecampi in Hollandia 
coluit Georgius Clifford, reductis varietatibus ad species, 
speciebus ad genera, generibus ad classis, adjectis locis plan- 
tarum natalibus differentiisque specierum. [36]+ 501+ 16 
pp. 36 pi. F. Amstelaedami, 1737. 

Viridarium Cliff ortianum, in quo exhibentur plantae 

omnes quas vivas aluit Hortus hartecampensis annis 1735, 
1736, 1737, indicata nominibus ex Horto Cliffortiano de- 
promptis. [2]+ 104+ [8] pp. O. Amstelodami, 1737. 

Royen, Adrian van. Florae leydensis prodromus; exhibens 
plantas quae in Horto academico lugduno-batavo aluntur. 
[70]+ 538+ [30] pp. 1 pi. 1 tab. D. Lugduni Batavo- 
rum, 1740. 



WachendorfE, E. I. van. Horti ultraiectini index. [42]+ 394 
+ [24] pp. O. Traiecti ad Rhenum, 1747. 
Cuno, J.C. Ode iiberseinen Garten. Naehmalsbesser. [Ed. 

2.] 134 pp. 1 pi. O. Amsterdam, 1750.f 
Schwencke, M. W. Officinalium plantarum eatalogus, quae 
in Horto medico, qui Hagae Comitum est, aluntur. 6+ S6 pp. 
O. Hagae Comitum, 1752. f 

Burman, Johannes. Horti medici amstelaedamensis plan- 
tarum usualium eatalogus. O. [Amstelaedami, 1775.]f 

Hazen, Willem van. Catalogue tant des arbres et plantes 
6trangeres, que des racines et oignons & fleurs, qu'on vend 
chez Willem van Hazen, H. Valkenburgh et Comp., fleuristes 
aLeyden. Ed. 2. 109+ 30 pp. 4 pi. O. [Leyden, 18 . . ? ] 

Roman, J. G. Catalogus plantarum usualium, quae in Horto 
academico groningano coluntur, secundum systema Lin- 
naeanurn digestus. 146 pp. pref. ind. O. Groningae, 

[Vrolik, Gerard.] Elenchus plantarum Horti medici amstelo- 
damensis. 56 pp. O. [Amstelodami], 1807-09. t — [-In- 
other ed.] 55 pp. O. Amstelaedami, 1S14.T — [Another 
ed.] [2]+S4pp. O. Amstelaedami, [lS21].f 

Schinne, J. E. C. van. Catalogus plantarum indigenarum et 
exoticarum, quae in Horto medico rotterodamensi aluntur, 
secundum systema Linnaeanum dispositarum. 4Spp. pref. 
ind. O. [Roterodami], 1809.f 

Marum. Martin van. Catalogue des plantes cultivees au 
printems 1810 dans son jardin & Harlem. S+64 pp. O. 
[Harlem, 1810.]t 

[Vrolik, Gerard.] Elenchus plantarum, quae in Horto am- 
stelaedamensi coluntur. 55 pp. O. Amstelaedami, 1814. t 
— [Another ed.] S4 pp. O. Amstelaedami, [lS21].f 

[Brugmans, S. J.] Elenchus plantarum quae in Horto lug- 

duno-batavo coluntur. [4]+ 39 pp. D. [Lugduni Batavo- 

rum], 1818. — [Another ed.] [4]+92 pp. D. Lugduni 

Batavorum, 1S22. 

MS. note in the copy of Ed. 1822 at the Pflauzenphysiologisches In- 

stitut in Munich gives G. Sandiford as the author. 

Lunteren, H. & D. van. Catalogus van in den open grond 
overwinterende boomen en heesters. 11 pp. S. Utrecht, 

Catalogus van kast en oranjerey-gewassen. 26 pp. S. 

Utrecht, [1819]. 

Driessen, P. Index plantarum quae in Horto academico 
groningano coluntur. 57 pp. nar. O. Groningae, 1820. 

Hortus botanicus academicus lugduno-batavus. Delectus 

seminum . . . 1821-1900. Ed. by W. F. R. Suringar 

(1863). sq. Q. Lugduni-Batavorum, 1821-1900— >— Epi- 

metrum ad indicem . . . S pp. sq. Q. n. t-p. [1863.] 

Called " Hortus Leidensis" in the earlier numbers. — Nos. for 1849- 

50, '63 with annotations. 

Beeldsnijder. Catalogue des plantes, qui se trouvent a 
Rupelmonde, province d'Utrecht. 4+ 29+ 14 pp. 1 pi. O. 
[1823], t — Ed. 2. 4+36 pp.t n. d. 
Plate represents Zamia Beeldsnijderiana. 

Kops, J[an]. Index plantarum quae in Horto rheno-trajec- 
tino coluntur anno 1822. 75 pp. O. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 

Enumeratio plantarum quae in Horto lugduno-batavo colun- 
tur 1831. 87 pp. D. [Lugduni-Batavorum], 1831. 

Vriese, W. H. de. Hortus Spaarn-Bergensis; enumeratio 
stirpium quas in villa Spaarn-Berg prope Harlemum alit 
Adr. van der Hoop. 12+ 146+ 16 pp. 2 pi. O. Amstelo- 
dami, 1839. 

Hortus Amstelodamensium botanicus. Delectus seminum 
. . . 1839-1900. Ed. by G. Vrolik &\V. Vriese (1840). 
Q. Amstelodami, 1839 1900— > 

Nos. for 1840. '44. '40, '.VI with annotations. 

Siebold, P, F. von. Kruidkundige naamlijsl van oud en 
nieuw ingevoerde Japansche en Chineesche planten, welke 
in do kweekerij ten behoeve van de Ivminkl. Nederl. maat- 
Bohappij tot aanmoediging van den tuinbouw aangekweekl 
wonlen, benevens eenige gesohiedkundige toekebtingen 
unpens .le invoering van gewassen nit Japan van hrt jaar 
1824 tot 1844. (Xcdcrl. Maatsch. Aanmoed. Tuinb. Jaarb. 
1844. pp. 1-39, 4 pi.) — Separate. 

Siebold. [P. F.] von & Co. Naamlijst van Oost-Indische en 
bepaaldelijk Javaansohe gewassen wclche in de kweekerij 
ten behoeve der Koninkliike nederlan Ische maatschappij tot 
aanmoediging van den tuinbouw aangekweekl worden en ver- 
krijgbaar zijn. ( Vederl. Maatsch. aanmoed. Tuinb. Jaarb. 
1844, pp. 89-90 (91).) — Reprinted: (In Bmjme, C. L. Naam- 
lijst ... pp. 49-51. 1841.) 

Siebold, [P. F.] von & Co. Prijslijst voor 1S45 van nieuw 
ingevoerde Japansche en Oost-Indische gewassen . . . ver- 
krijgbaar gesteld in de kweekerij ten behoeve derzelve. 
(Xederl. Maatsch. Aanmoed. Tuinb. Jaarb. 1844, pref. pp. 
35-40, 4 pi.) 

Verslag vanwege de kweekerij van von Siebold & Comp. 

(Nederl. Maatsch. Aanmoed. Tuinb. Jaarb. 1844, pref. pp. 26- 
34; 1845, pp. 52-64.) 

Hortus amstelodamensis ; of, Afbeeldingen en beschryvingen 

van merkwaardige gewassen uit den Hortus botanicus te 

Amsterdam. F. Amsterdam, 1848. f 

Merkus Doornik, J. J. F. H. T. Hortus spaarnbergensis. 

Plantarum quas in villa sua Spaarnberg prope Harlemum 

colit A. van der Hoop. Catalogus alter. S+223pp. Amster- 
dam, 1849. 
Miquel, F. A. G. & Groenewegen, J. C. Catalogus Horti 

botanici amstelodamensis. 347 pp. O. Amstelodami, 1857. 
Les jardins neerlandais. {Flore Jard. Ann. II. 99-104, 153- 

158, 161-169, 179-183; III. 3, 130-140, 14S-155, 16S-176; 

IV. 4-6, 23-2S, 58-61. 1859-61.) 
Plantes nouvelles introduites dans l'etablissement d'introduc- 

tion de M. II. Groenewegen & Comp. a Amsterdam. (Flore 

Jard. Ann. V. 61-64. 1862.) 
Neueste Einfiihrungen der Herren Groenewegen & Cie. in 

Amsterdam. (Hamburg. Gart. Blumemeit. XIX.. 196-197. 

German extract from the catalogue of Groenewegen & Cie. 
Catalogue et prix-courant des plantes cultivees dans le jardin 

d'acclimatation de feu Mons. Ph. Fr. von Siebold a Leide. 

65 pp. O. t-p-c. Leiden, 1867. — [Another ed.] 59 pp. 

O. t-p-c. Leiden, 1S68-69. — [Another ed.] 52 pp. O. 

t-p-c. Leiden, 1S70-71. 
Hall, H. C. van. De kruidtuin van 's Rijks hoogere burger- 
school te Middelburg. Systematische lijst van planten, met 

verklaring en vertaling alsmede opgave van hare Neder- 

landsche namen. 400 pp. O. Middelburg, 1871. 
Hulle, H. J. van. Le jardin botanique de l'Universite' de 

Gand. 43 pp. 2 pi. O. Gand, 1871. t 
Overzicht van het Museum als leiddraad voor de bezoekers. 

39 pp. D. Haarlem, [188 .?] (Koloniaal museum.) 
Dana, C. A. An interesting experiment in tree culture. 

(Gard. & For. VIII. 442^43. 1895.) 
Note on Mr. J. H. Schober's pinetum at Putten. 
Berger, L. L T ne experience inte+essante en sylviculture. 

(Soc. Centr. For. Belg. Bull. III. 180-1S3. 1896.') 
Refers to J. H. Schober's pinetum. 

Springer, L. A. Coniferen op 't Loo. (Tijdschr. Tuinb. II. 
364-367, 5 il. 3 pi. 1897.) 

Kuijk, G. A. Het Pinetum Schoberianum, op Schovenhorst 
onder Putten. (Tijdschr. Tuinb. IV. 117-1SS, 7 pi. 1S99.) 
— • Reprinted: 71 pp. 6 pi. O. Groningen, 1898. 

Schobler, J. H. Statistische Mitteilungen iiber das Wachstum 
und die Entwicklung verschiedener Koniferen zu Schoven- 
horst, Putten (Provinz Geldeiiand) Niederlande. 34 pp. 
2 pi. S tab. O. Utrecht, 1900. 

Seed catalogues were also issued by the following botanic 
gardens: Utrecht (Hortus Rheno-Trajectinus), 1830-1900— > 

— Rotterdam, 1838-41. — Groningen, ls7l 1900— > — Wa- 
geningen (Hortus Vadensis), 1SSS — > 

Gerard, John. Catalogus arborum, fruticum ac plantarum 
tarn indigenarum quam exoticarum in horto Joannis Gerardi 
. . . nascentium. [4]+27 pp. Q. Londini, 1596. — Re- 
printed: [4]+ IS pp. (in Jackson, B. D. A catalogue of 
plants cultivated in the garden of John Gerald . . . 1876.) 

— [Ed. 2.] [4]+ 22 pp. Q. London, 1599. — (.Reprinted 
in Jackson, B. D. A catalogue of plants cultivated in the 
garden of John Gerard . . . pp. 19-55. 187ii.i 

The reprint by Jackson of tho 1506 edition is an exact reprint of the 

original work. 
An English catalogue of the trees and plants in the physicke 
garden of the university of Oxford, with the Latino names 
added thereunto. 51 pp. O. Oxford. 1648. t 

[Bobart. Jakob.] Catalogus plantarum Horti medici oxoni- 
ensis latino-anglicus. 51 pp. O. Oxonii, 1648. t — Cata- 
logus plantarum Horti medici oxoniensis. [In P.uu.LI, 

Simon. Viridaria varia regis . . . pp. 325-394. 1653.) — 
Catalogus Horti botanici oxoniensis, alphabetice digestus, 
duas praeterpropter plantarum chiliades complectens, priore 
duplo auctior, idemque elimatior, neo non etymologiis, qua 
graecis qua latinis, bine inde pet it is. enucleatior; in quo 



nomina latina pariteret graeca vernaculis et in ejus sequiore 
parte, vernacula latinis praeponuntur. Cui accessere plan- 
tae minimum sexaginta suis nominibus insignitae, quae nul- 
libi nisi in hoc opusculo memorantur. Cura et opera socia 
Philippi Stephani [Stephens] M. D. et Gulielmi Bronne 
[Browne] A. M. adlibitis etiam in consilium D. Bobarto patre, 
hortulano academico ejusque fiiio . . . Ed. 2. [13]+ 214 pp. 
il. T. Oxonii, 1658. 

Tradescant, John. Musaeum Tradescantianum ; or, A collec- 
tion of rarities preserved at South-Lambeth near London. 
1S3 pp. O. London, 1656. t 
Catalogus plantarum in horto Johannis Tradescant nascentium (pp. 

Grew, Nehemiah. Musaeum Regalis societatis; or, A cata- 
logue & description of the natural and artificial rarities 
belonging to the Royal society and preserved at Gresham 
colledge . . . [10]+ 386+ [2]+ 43 pp. 31 pi. 1 por. F. Lon- 
don, 1681. 
Of plants (pp. 179-252). 

Sutherland, James. Hortus medicus edinburgensis ; or, A 
catalogue of the plants in the Physical garden at Edinburgh, 
containing their most proper Latin and English names, with 
an English alphabetical index. [12]+ 367+ [63] pp. S. 
Edinburgh, 1683. — [Another ed.] O. Edinburgh, 1692.t 

Petiver, James. Musei Petiveriani centuria I.-[X.], rariora 
naturae continens; viz., Animalia, fossilia, plantas, ex variis 
mundi plagis advecta, ordine digesta et nominibus propriis 
signata. 93+[3] ff. 2 pi. D. Londini, 1695 [1692-1703]. 
— [Another ed.] 30 pp. 2 pi. F. 1767. (In his Opera 
historiam naturalem spectantia ... I.) 
Contains many plants. 

A classical and topical catalogue of all the things figured 

in the five decades, or first volume of the Gazophylacium 
naturae & artis, with references of each to their proper tables 
and numbers ; to which is annexed an addition to my Hortus 
siccus. [1706.] (In his Gazophylacii naturae & artis . . . 
I. 81-96. 1702-[06].) 

Gazophylacii naturae & artis. Dec. 1-10; in qua animalia, 

quadrupeda, aves, pisces, reptilia, insecta, vegetabilia; item 
fossilia, corpora marina & stirpes mrnerales e terra eruta, 
lapides figura insignes &c, descriptionibus brevibus & ieoni- 
bus illustrantur. Hisce annexa erit supellex antiquaria . . . 
2 vol. 100 pi. D. & F. Londini, 1702-[09]. 
Contains many illlustrations of plants. 

Catalogus classicus & topicus omnium rerum figura tarum 

in V. decadibus seu primo volumine Gazophylacii naturae & 
artis ... 4 pp. F. n. t-p. [Londini, 1709.] — (Also in 
Valbntini, M. B. Museum museorum ... II. apx. pp. 
43-52. 1714.)f 

Catalogus classicus & topicus omnium rerum figura tarum 

in V. decadibus seu secundo volumine Gazophylacii naturae 
& artis ... 4 pp. F. n. t-p. [Londini, 1711.] 

An account of divers rare plants, lately observed in 

several curious gardens about London and particularly the 
Company of apothecaries physick garden at Chelsey. (Roy. 
Soc. Philos. Trans. XXVII. (1710-12), pp. 375-394 ; XXVIII. 
(1713), pp. 177-221; XXIX. (1714-16), pp. 229-244, 269- 
284, 353-364. 1712-17.) 

Petiveriana ; seu, Naturae collectanea ; domi f orisque auc- 

tori communicata. 4 pp. F. n. t-p. [London, 1716.] 

Preston, Georg. Catalogus omnhim plantarum quas in semi- 
nario medicinae dicato transtulit G. . . . P. . . . Ed. 2. 59 
pp. T. Edinburgi, 1716. 

Rand, Isaac. A catalogue of fifty plants from Chelsea garden 
... (Roy. Soc. Philos. Trans. XXXIII. (1724-25), pp. 93- 
95, 305-307; XXXIV. (1726-27), pp. 125-127; XXXV. 
(1727-28), pp. 293-296; XXXVI. (1729-30), pp. 1-3, 219- 
222; XXXVII. (1731-32), pp. 1-4, 223-226; XXXVIII. 
(1733-34), pp. 1-4, 199-202; XXXIX. (1735-36), pp. 1-4, 
173-176. 1726-38.) 

[Miller, Philip.] Catalogus plantarum . . . quae in hortis 
non procul a Londino . . . propagantur ... A catalogue 
of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, both exotic and domestic, 
which are propagated for sale in the gardens near London 
... by a Society of gardeners. 14+90 pp. 21 pi. F 5 . 
London, 1730. 

Catalogus plantarum officinalium quae in Horto botanico 

chelseyano aluntur. 8+152 pp. O. Londini, 1730. 

Rand, Isaac. Index plantarum officinalium quas, ad materiae 
medicae scientiam promovendam in Horto chelseiano, ali ac 
demonstravi curavit Societas pharmaceutica londinensis. 
[4]+ 96 pp. S. Londini, 1730. 

Dillenius, J. J. Hortus elthamensis; seu, Plantarum rario- 
rum quas in horto suo Elthami in Cantio coluit . . . Jacobus 
Sherard, delineationes et descriptiones quarum historia vel 
plane non, vel imperfecte a rei herbariae scriptoribus tradita 
fuit. 2 vol. 325 pi. F 6 . Londini, 1732. — Hortus eltha- 
mensis . . . icones et nomina descriptarum Elthami in Can- 
tio in horto . . . Jacobi Sherard, additis denominationibus 
Linnaeanis. 2 vol. 325 pi. F 5 . Lugduni Batavorum, 

Index plantarum officinalium, quae in Horto regio edinensi 
aluntur. 16 pp. O. n. p., [1738].f 

Rand, Isaac. Horti medici chelseiani, index compendiarius, 
exhibens nomina plantarum, quas, ad rei herbariae praecipue 
materiae medicae scientiam promovendam ah curavit So- 
cietas pharmacopoeorum londinensium. [6]+ 214 pp. O. 
Londini, 1739. 

Alston, Charles. Index plantarum praecipue officinalium, 
quae in Horto medico edinburgensi demonstrantur ; praeter 
Linnaei Fundamenta. 25+66 pp. O. Edinburgh, 1740. f 

— New ed. (Appended to his Tirocinium botanicum . . . 
120 pp. 1753.)t 

Haynes, J. An accurate survey of the Botanic garden at 
Chelsea. F. London, 1751.T 

Watson, [Sir] William. An account of the Bishop of Lnodon's 
[sic] garden at Fulham. (Roy. Soc. Philos. Trans. XL VII. 
(1751-52), pp. 241-247. 1753.) 

Gray, Christopher. A catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants and 
flowers, which are propagated for sale by Christopher Gray, 
nurseryman at Fulham in Middlesex. 56 pp. O. London, 

A short account of the late donation of a botanic garden to 
the University of Cambridge by the Rev. Dr. Walker, with 
rules and orders for the government of it. 6 pp. Q. Cam- 
bridge, 1763.t 

A description of the garden and buildings at Kew in Surrey 
... to which is added, a short account of the principal seats 
and gardens in and about Richmond and Kew, [chiefly from 
Sir W. Chambers]. O. Brentford, [1765?].f 

Hill, John. Hortus kewensis sistens herbas exoticas indige- 
nasque rariores ... in area botanica . . . apud Kew . . . 
cultas ... 458 + [IS] pp. 20 pi. 1 tab. O. Londini, 
1768. — Ed. 2 enl. [2]+458+[18] pp. 20 pi. 1 tab. O. 
Londini, 1769. 

Malcolm, William. A catalogue of hot-house and green- 
house plants, fruit and forest trees, flowering shrubs, herba- 
ceous plants, tree and kitchen garden seeds, perennial and 
annual flower seeds, by William Malcolm, nurseryman near 
Kennington turnpike, Surry. 71 pp. O. London, 1771. f 

Martyn, John. Catalogus Horti botanici cantabrigiensis. 193 
pp. 1 pi. O. Cantabrigiae, 1771. t 

Martyn, Thomas. Mantissa plantarum Horti botanici canta- 
brigiensis. 31 pp. O. Cantabrigiae, 1772. f 

Hill, John. Twenty-five new plants rais'd in the Royal garden 
at Kew; their history and figures. 9+[l] pp. 25 pi. F s . 
London, 1773. 

Lee, James. Catalogue of plants and seeds, sold by Kennedy 
and Lee, nurserymen at the vineyard, Hammersmith. 76 
pp. O. London, 1774. t 

A catalogue of trees and shrubs growing in the Botanic garden 
at Edinburgh. 17 pp. O. Edinburgh, 1775.f 

Brunton, John. A catalogue of plants botanieally arranged 
according to the system of Linnaeus most of which are cul- 
tivated and sold by John Brunton and Co. at their nursery, 
Perryhill. 85 pp. O. Birmingham, 1777.f 

Loddiges, Conrad. A catalogue of plants and seeds which are 
sold by Conrad Loddiges . . . Verzeicliniss von Pflanzen 
und Saamen welche um billige Preisse zu haben sind bey 
Conrad Loddiges . . . [3]+ 54 pp. O. London, 1777. — 
[Another ed.] 40 pp. O. London, 1814.t — Ed. 11. 51pp. 
O. London, lS18.t — Ed. 12. 55 pp. S. London, 1820. 

— Ed. 13. 48 pp. S. London, 1823. — Ed. 14. 78 pp. 
O. London, 1826.f — Ed. 15. 78 pp. S. London, 1830. 

— Catalogue of plants in the collection of Conrad Loddiges 
& Sons, nurserymen at Hackney near London. Ed. 16. 85 
pp. S. London, 1836. 

Catalogus arborum et fruticum in Horto edinensi crescentium 

anno 1778. O. Edinburgh, 1778. t 
Catalogus plantarum officinalium quae in Horto edinensi seor- 

sim servantur. O. [Edinburgh, 1778 ?]t 
Brown, Philip. A catalogue of very curious plants, collected 

by the late Philip Brown M. D. lately deceased, to be sold 

... at his garden near Manchester, among which are the 



following, viz. The Hura crepitans, a species of Callicarpa 
. . . the intoxicating Nutmeg, a species of Laurus, several 
new plants, Myrtus zelandicus, several of the Palmatae, 
Lechea major, Swietenia mahogani, Camelia japonica . . . 
Laurus Camphora ... 30 pp. S. Manchester, 1779. 

Neal, Adam. A catalogue of the plants in the garden of John 
Blackburne at Orford, Lancashire, alphabetically arranged 
according to the Linnaean system. [2]+ 72 pp. O. War- 
rington, 1779. 

A catalogue of plants in the garden of John Blackburne at 

Orford, Lancashire, which are not cultivated in the nurseries 
near London, alphabetically arranged, according to the Lin- 
naean system, 1779. {In Weston, Richard. The supple- 
ment to the English flora, pp. 99-114. 1780. ) 

Catalogue for sale of the hot-house and green-house plants in 
Dr. Fothergill's garden at Upton. 50 pp. O. [London], 
1781. t 

[Lettsom, J. C] Hortus uptonensis; or, A catalogue of stove 
and green-house plants in Dr. Fothergill's garden at Upton 
... 44 pp. 1 pi. O. [London, 1781?] — (Also in Foth- 
ergill, John. Works . . . III. 67-110. 1784.) 

Curtis, William. A catalogue of the British, medicinal, cu- 
linary and agricultural plants cultivated in the London bo- 
tanic garden. 149 pp. 1 pi. S. London, 1783. 

Grimwood, Daniel. A catalogue of greenhouse plants, hardy 
trees and shrubs . . . 160 pp. O. London, 1783. f 

Luker & Smith. Catalogue of hardy trees and shrubs, green- 
house and stove plants, herbaceous plants and fruit trees, 
seeds and bulbous roots, sold by Lker [sic] and Smith, in the 
City Road and at their nursery at Dalston. 73 pp. O. Lon- 
don, 1783.t 

Perfect, John & Grosvenor. A catalogue of forest-trees, fruit- 
trees, evergreen and flowering-shrubs. 21 pp. D. York, 

L'Heritier de Brutelle, C. L. Sertum anglicum ; seu, Plantae 
rariores, quae in hortis juxta Londinum imprimis in Horto 
regio kewensi excoluntur, ab anno 1786-1787 observatae. 
[l]+36pp. 34 pi. F'. Paris, 1788. — [Another ed.] 20 
pp. 34 pi. F 7 . Parisiis, 1788. 

Plates 35-43 quoted in the text were not published. 

Alton, William. Hortus kewensis; or, A catalogue of the 
plants cultivated in the Roval botanic garden at Kew. 3 
vol. 13 pi. O. London, 1789. — Ed. 2 enl. by W. T. 
Aiton. 5 vol. O. London, 1S10-13. 

Meen, Margaret. Exotic plants from the Royal gardens at 
Kew. 2 pts. 8 pi. F°. [London, 1790.] 

Plates hand painted, those of part II. not dated; names written in ink. 

Curtis, William. The subscription catalogue of the Bromp- 
ton botanic garden for the vears 1790-93. 38+43+46+34 
pp. S. London, [1790-93?]. 

[Martyn, Thomas.] Horti botanici cantabrigiensis catalogus. 
66 pp. O. Cantabrigiae, 1794. t 

Coyte, W. B. Hortus botanicus gippnvicensis; or, A syste- 
matical enumeration of the plants cultivated in Dr. Coyte's 
Botanic garden at Ipswich . . . also their essential botanical 
characters . . . 15S pp. sq. Q. Ipswich, 1796. 

Salisbury, R. A. Prodromus stirpium in horto ad Chapel 
Allerton vigentium. S+422 pp. O. Londini, 1796. 

Donn, James. Hortus cantabrigiensis; or, A catalogue of 
plants, indigenousand foreign, cultivated in the Walkerian bo- 
tanic garden, Cambridge. 2+ 1 17+ [9] pp. O. Cambridge, 
1796. — I'M. 2 enl. 2+ 133+ [151pp. 0. Cambridge, 1800. 
— Ed.3enl. 2+210pp. I). Cambridge, 1804.— Ed. 4 enl. 
[2]+ 2 IS pp. 1). Cambridge, 1*07.— Ed. 5 enl. [2J+266 
pp. I). Cambridge, 1809. — Ed. 6 enl. [3]+ 292 pp. O. 

Cambridge, 181 1. I'M. 7 enl. 4+ 308 pp. 1). Cambridge, 
1812. — I'M. 8 enl. by Frederick Pursh. [2]+355 pp. O. 
Cambridge, 1815. — Hortus cantabrigiensis; or, An accented 
catalogue of plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the 
Cambridge botanic garden. Ed. 9 rev. & enl. by Frederick 
Pursh. rl]+355pp. D. London, 1819.— Ed. 10 rev. & enl. 
by Frederick Pursn & John Lindley. 7+307 pp. O. London, 
1823. Ed. 11 rev. & enl. 7+415pp. O. London, 1826. 
Ed. 12 rev. & enl. by George Sinclair. 7+ 543 pp. O. Lon- 
don, 1831.— Ed. 13 enl. by P. N. Don. Li i 772 pp. O. 
London, 1 8 IS. 

Salisbury, William. Hortus paddingtonensis; or, A cata- 
logue of plants cultivated in the garden of .1. Syminons, Esq., 
Paddingtonhouse. 97 pp. ind. O. London. 1797. t 

A catalogue of green house, hot house, herbaceous and hardy 
plants, which will be sold by auction, at Hackney, July, 1799, 

by order of the executors of Thomas Sikes, Kso. 50 pp. O. 
[London, 1799.]t 

Catalogue of plants &c. &c. in the Dublin society's botanic 
garden at Glasnevin, viz.: arboretum, fruticetum, gramma 
vera, hortus tinctorius. 13+[l]+44pp. O. Dublin, 1800. — 
Catalogue of plants in the arboretum, fructicetum, herbarium, 
gramina vera, hortus tinctorius, hot & green houses of the 
Dublin society's botanic garden at Glasnevin. 247 pp. 3 pi. 
O. Dublin, 1802. 

Before pp. 141-247 a separate t-p. is inserted bearing title : " Syste- 
matic catalogue of green and hothouse plants . . ." and dated 1801. — 
Probably either by W. Wade or by John Underwood. 

[Salisbury, William.] A catalogue of the Brompton botanic 
garden, being a list of such plants as are cultivated therein ; to 
which is added a list of the subscribers. Pt. 1, containing 
hardy plants. [8]+ 116 pp. D. London, 1803. 

Underwood, John. A catalogue of plants, indigenous and 
exotic, cultivated in the botanic garden belonging to the 
Dublin Society at Glasnevin. 134 pp. map. O. Dublin, 

[Salisbury, R. A.] The paradisus londinensis; or, Coloured 
figures of plants cultivated in the vicinity of the metropolis, 
[the figures] by William Hooker. 2 vol. 125 pi. Q. Lon- 
don, 1805-[08]. 

Plates 118-123 were never published. 

[Statham, S.] Hortus arnoldiensis ; or, a Catalogue of plants 
in the garden of Samuel Statham . . . Arnold, Nottingham- 
shire. O. London, 1806. t 

[Roscoe, W.] A catalogue of plants in the Botanic garden at 
Liverpool. 7+29S+[l] pp. 1 pi. O. Liverpool, 1808. 

[Hopkirk, Thomas.] Catalogue of the plants . . . cultivated 
in the gardens Dalpeth, 1813. D. Glasgow, [1813].f 

Aiton, W. T. An epitome of the second edition of Hortus 
kewensis, for the use of practical gardeners ; to which is added 
a selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the 
Royal gardens at Kew, with references to figures of the plants. 
15+ [1]+ 376 pp. O. London, 1814. 

Annotated list. 

Backhouse, Thomas & James. A catalogue of fruit and for- 
est-trees, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, annual, biennial 
and perennial, culinarv, officinal & agricultural plants . . . 
[6] +104 pp. D. [York], 1816. 
Trade catalogue. 

[Liston, R.] List of plants cultivated ... at Milburn Tower, 
near Edinburgh, the seat of Sir R. Liston. O. Edinburgh, 

Whitley, Brames & Milne. Fulham nursery; a catalogue of 
plants, trees, &c. 3S pp. D. [London, 1817?] 

Page, W. B. Page's Prodromus; as a general nomenclature 
of all the plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated by him 
in the Southampton botanic gardens; arranged, alphabeti- 
cally, as they are considered hardy or tender to the climate 
of Britain, under their different characters of trees, shrubs, 
herbaceous, &c; the generic and specific names, after the 
Linnaean system; to which is added the English names . . . 
279 pp. O. London, 1817. — [Another ed.] 279 pp. O. 
London, ISIS. 

With slightly varying title. 

Sweet, Robert. Hortus suburbanus londinensis; or, A cata- 
logue of plants cultivated in the neighbourhood of London, 
arranged according to the Linnean system, with the addition 
of the natural orders to which they belong . . . 11+ [1]+ 
242 pp. O. London, 1818. 

[Field, Henry.] Memoirs historical and illustrative of the 
Botanick garden at Chelsea belonging to the Society of 
apothecaries of London. Ill pp. O. London, 1820. t — 
Memoirs . . . revised, corrected & continued to the present 
time, by R. H. Semple, with illustrations, plans of the garden 
and a catalog if the plants, arranged according to the nat- 
ural system. [2]+ 272 pp. por. pi. O. London, IS7S. 
See pp. 245-272. 

Denson. I. A catalogue of hardy trees, shrubs and herbaceous 
plant- in tin- Botanic garden, Bury St. Edmund's, llf 77+7 
pp. O. [Bury]. 1822. 

Dean. William. \n historical and descriptive account of 
Croome d'Abitot, the seat of the . . . Karl of Coventry, 
with biographical notices of the Coventry family, to which 
are annexed an Hortus croomensis and observations on the 
propagation of exotics. [14J+93+ 161 pp. 4 pi. O. Worces- 
ter ([Eng.p, 1824. 

Graham. List (description) of rare plants which have flowered 
in the Roval botanic garden, Edinburgh, during [1824—42], 

[Edirib. Philoa. Jour XI 206, mi. XII 172. 393; XIII 171. 
356-357 ;XIV. l.'.ti l.M, :!:>.!; / • V«uj r/nlos. Jour. 1826, 



[I.] 171-175, 385-386; 1827, [II.] 184-187, 386-387; [III.] 
174-179, 371-373; 1828, [IV.] 172-177, 3S9-394; [V.] 169- 
176, 371-382; 1829, [VI.] 173-177, 385-3S8; [VII.] 178-189, 
344-351 ; 1S30, [VIII.] 183-186, 377-380, 1 pi. ; [IX.] 170-1 7S, 
366-371; 1831, [X.] 166-172, 371-373; [XI.] 186-194, 376- 
3S0; 1832, [XII.] 186-187, 3S7; [XIII.] 167-173, 361-364; 
1833, [XIV.] 173-176, 370-373; [XV.] 181-1S4, 381-386; 
XVI. 175-1S1 ; XVII. 189-191 ; XVIII. 1S5-188 ; XIX. 202- 
203; XX. 189-197, 412-414; XXI. 154-158; XX. 373-375; 
XXIV. 191-195, 420-422 ; XXVI. 194-198, 419^22 ; XXVII. 
189-195; XXVIII. 397-400; XXIX. 171-175, 383-389; 
XXX. 206-209, 426-430; XXXI. 3S9-396; XXXII. 401- 
404. 1824-42.) — Reprinted in -part : 1 pi. O. [Edinburgh, 
Title varies slightly. 
[Hooker, Sir W. J.] A catalogue of plants contained in the 
Royal botanic garden of Glasgow in the year 1825 . . . 
[2]+ 67 pp. pi. O. Glasgow, 1825. 
Lindley, John. Report . . . new or rare plants . . . Horti- 
cultural society, Chiswick. Q. London, 1825-28. t 
Miller, John. Bristol nursery; a catalogue of forest trees, 
evergreen and flowering shrubs, fruit trees, herbaceous, 
green-house and hot-house plants, cultivated and sold . . . 
57 pp. D. Bristol, [1826]. 
Mackay, J. T. Catalogue of plants, Upper Clapton. D. 
Chelsea, 1828.f 
Young, Charles, James & Peter. Hortus epsomensis ; or, A 
catalogue of plants cultivated and sold by Messrs. Charles, 
James & Peter Young, Epsom, Surrey. Pt. 1. 55 pp. S. 
London, 1828. 

Cree, John. Hortus addlestonensis ; or, A descriptive cata- 
logue of plants etc. cultivated and sold at Addlestone nur- 
sery, Chertsey in the county of Surrey ... to which is 
added a select list of fruit trees with descriptions . . . [4]+ 
172 pp. D. London, 1829. 
Wheeler, J. L. Catalogus rationalis plantarum medicinalium 
in horto Soeietatis pharmaceuticae londinensis, apud vicum 
Chelsea, cultarum. 140 pp. O. Londini, 1830. 
Forbes, James. Hortus woburnensis ; a descriptive catalogue 
of upwards of six thousand ornamental plants cultivated at 
Woburn Abbey, with numerous illustrative plans for the 
erection of forcing houses, green houses &c. and an account 
of their management throughout the year. 27+ 440+ [16] pp. 
26 pi. Q. London, 1833. 
[Daubney, C. G. B.] Memorials of Oxford [botanic garden]. 

O. [Oxford, 1836.]f 
Maxwell, John. Dimensions of some trees and notes on the 
growth of other trees and shrubs, indigenous and exotic, on 
the estate of Poloc, in Lanarkshire, the property of Sir John 
Maxwell, bart. (Gard. Mag. Reg. Loudon, new ser. III. 167- 
171. 1837.) 
Loudon, J. C. Hortus lignosus londinensis; or, A catalogue 
of all the ligneous plants, indigenous and foreign, hardy and 
half-hardy, cultivated in the gardens and grounds in the 
neighbourhood of London; with all their synonymes, scien- 
tific and popular, including their French, German and Italian 
names, and with their native country, habit, habitation in 
the garden etc. ; to which are added the prices of hardy trees 
and shrubs in the principal nurseries of London and Edin- 
burgh and at Bollwyller in France and in Hamburg. 170 
pp. O. London, 1838. 
Niven, Ninian. The visitor's companion to the Botanic gar- 
den, Glasnevin. 14+lS3pp. 5 pi. O. Dublin, 1838.f 
Collison, George. Cemetery interment; containing a concise 
history of the modes of interment . . . more particularly 
of the Abney Park cemetery at Stoke Newington with de- 
scriptive catalogue of its plants and arboretum. 8+420 pp. 
pi. D. London, 1840. 
Arboretum (pp. 314-^08). 
Loudon, J. C. Derby arboretum ; containing a catalogue of 
the trees and shrubs included in it, a description of the 
grounds and directions for their management ; a copy of the 
address delivered when it was presented to the town council 
of Derby by its founder, Joseph Strutt . . . and an account 
of the ceremonies which took place when it was opened to 
the public on September 16, 1840. 97 pp. il. 1 pi. O. 
London, 1840. 
Scheer, Frederick. Kew and its gardens. 69 pp. O. Lon- 
don, 1840.f 
[Dillwyn, L. W.] Hortus Collinsonianus ; an account of the 

Clants cultivated by the late Peter Collinson, arranged alpha- 
etically. 7+64 pp. Q. Swansea, 1843. 

[Hooker, W. J.] Additions to the Hortus Kewensis. (Bot. 
Mag. LXXII. apx. pp. 1-6; LXXIII. 1. 1846-^7.) 

[Lindley, John.] New plants, etc. from the Society's garden. 
(Hort. Soc. Lond. Jour. I. 61-77, 146-159, 226-240, 29S-308, 
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54-60, 318-322, 4 il.; IX. 52-56, 2 il. 1846-55.) 

Hooker, Sir W. J. Kew Gardens; or, A popular guide to the 
Boyal botanic gardens of Kew. 8+56 pp. 61 il. map. 
D. London, 1847. — Ed. 2. 60 pp. 61 il. map. D. 
London, 1847. — Ed. 3. 60 pp. 61 il. map. D. Lon- 
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1848. — Ed. 5. 60 pp. 60 il. map. D. London, 1849. 

— Ed. 8. O. London, 1850.f — Ed. 9. 60 pp. 60 il. 
map. D. London, 1851. — Ed. 10. 60 pp. 60 il. map. 
D. London, 1851. — Ed. 11. 60 pp. 60 il. map. D. 
London, 1852. — Ed. 13. 60 pp. 60 il. map. D. Lon- 
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— Ed. 16. 60 pp. 60 il. map. D. London, 1858. — 
Ed. 19. 60 pp. 60 il. map. D. London, I860. — Ed. 
20. 58 pp. 60 il. map. D. London, 1861. — Ed. 21. 
O. London, lS62.f 

For later editions see Oliver, Daniel. Guide to the Royal botanic gar- 
dens. 1863. 

Law, John. Catalogue, descriptive and historical, of the rare 
and interesting plants, now in the conservatories and plea- 
sure grounds of the Sheffield botanical gardens. Ed. 2 enl. 
105 pp. D. London, 1849. 

[Murray, Stewart.] Companion to the Glasgow botanic gar- 
den, or popular notices of some of the more remarkable plants 
contained in it; with plan. 116 pp. 1 pi. O. Glasgow, 

Hooker's journal of botany and Kew garden miscellany. 
1849-57. — See Periodicals & serials, p. 17, under Botani- 
cal miscellany. 

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The last edition is also marked 2d ed. and t-p. to the first 62 pp. has date 

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For later issues see Oliver, Daniel. Official guide to Kew museums. 

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A list of trees growing at Greendale, with some particulars of 

the rate of growth, native country and general promise of 

usefulness for planting on the lighter land of Canterburv. 

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Seed catalogues were issued bv the following botanic gardens: 
Liverpool, 1861— > — Chelsea, 1S75-1900— ♦ — Glasnevin. 
Dublin, 1886-1900— >• — Kew, I^r,-1900— > — Edinburgh, 
1889— ► — Oxford (Hortusoxoniensis), 1891-1900— » — Cam- 
bridge, 1900-» 




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The appendix of 4 pp. is dated 1617. 

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[Parisiis, 163 . ?] 

No text ; the plates without names. — In the copy of the Berlin Royal 

library names are added in handwriting by H. Boerhave and the 

Linnean names by J. Burmann in 1779. 

Reliquiae operis historici plantarum in Horto regio pari- 

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163 . ?]f 

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Q. Paris, 1655. — [Another ed.] (In his Remarques neces- 
sairespourla culture des fleurs . . . pp. 149-222. 1658. — 
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passim in caeteris ejusdem horti partibus occurrunt. Cur. 
et dil. M. A. E. P. P. 59 pp. T. Parisiis, 1656.t — Cata- 
logus plantarum scholae botanicae Horti regii parisiensis 

um indice aliarum stirpium quae in ceteris ejusdem horti 
partibus solent quotannis demonstrari. 59 pp. T. Pari- 
siis, 1660. 

Joncquet, Dionys. Hortus; sive, Index onomasticus plan- 
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Pritzel gives Dionys Joncquet as the author. 

Wfarton], S[imon]. Schola botanica; sive, Catalogus plan- 
tarum quas ab aliquot annis in Horto regio parisiensi stu- 
diosis indigitavit vir clarissimus Joseph Pitton Tournefort ut 
et Pauli Hermanni Paradisi batavi prodromus . . . edente 
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Catalogue des arbres et arbrisseaux, qui se peuvent elever en 
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70 pp. O. Paris, 1735.f 

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7 pi. O. Lugduni, 1768.f 

Catalogue des plantes du jardin de 1'Academie de Rouen. 
116 pp. D. [Rouen, 177.?] 

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bustes, dont on trouve des graines, des bulbes et du plant 
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Toulouse, 1782.f 

Latapie, Fr. [de P.] A. Hortus burdigalensis ; seu, Catalogus 
omnigenarum plantarum, praesertim officmalium, quae in 
horto botanico Academiae scientiarum burdigalensis, juxta 
Linnaeanum systema demonstrabuntur, anno 1784 . . . 
83 pp. S. Burdigalae, 1784. 

Alfroy, C. T. Catalogue des arbres et arbrisseaux, arbustes et 
plantes, avec leurs noms par ordre alphab^tique, et une in- 
struction pour les planter & entretenir. 24 pp. D. Paris, 

No Latin names. 

Jauffret, L. F. Voyage au Jardin des plantes, contenant la 
description des galeries d'histoire naturelle, des serres oil 
sont renfermes les arbrisseaux strangers; de la partie du 
jardin appelee l'eeole de botanique. 244 pp. 2 pi. S. 
Paris, an VI., [1798].f 

Catalogue des plantes du Jardin de botanique de Gironde. 72 
pp. O. Bordeaux, [18.. ?].f 

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seaux et sous-arbrisseaux, cultives en plein air dans la p6pi- 
niere a Loriol, dep. de la Drome. 134 pp. O. Valence, 

Catalogue m£thodique des arbres, arbrisseaux et arbustes 
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sont cultivees . . . par un botaniste. 107 pp. O. Paris, 



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Ventenat, E. P. Jardin de la Malmaison. 2 vol. 120 pi. 

F". Paris, 1803-04. — [Extract.] (Ann. Bot. Viviani, I. 

231-235. 1S02.) 
Choix de plantes, dont la plupart sont cultivdes dans 

le jardin de Cels. [2]+60+[l] ff. 60 pi. F s . Paris, 1803 

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aut minus cognitus. Ed. 3 enl. 17+416 pp. O. Parisiis, 
1829. — Additamentum. pp. 417^84. O. Paris, 1832.f 

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dtabli a Besancon, departement du Doubs. 8+112 pp. O. 
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[Broussonet, Auguste.] Elenchus plantarum Horti botanici 
monspeliensis anno 1S04. S+63 pp. O. Monspelii, 1805. 

— Appendix. IS pp. 1806.t 

Tableau des plantes cultivees dans les serres de M. Leprince- 
Clairsigny. O. Le Mans, 1806.f 

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Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici divionensis. 25 pp. 
O. Divione (Dijon), 1808.f 

Hervy, M. C. Catalogue methodique et classique de tous 
les arbres, ^arbustes fruitiers et des vignes, formant la collec- 
tion de l'Ecole imperiale dtablie pres de Luxembourg ... 63 
pp. O. Paris, 1809.f 

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tdressans du Jardin des plantes d'Angers. 24+272 pp. T. 
Angers, 1810. 

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. . . cultivds dans ses jardins et pdpinieres. 6+39 pp. O. 
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Nos. for 1S36, '3S-39, '47, '49, 'S7 with annotations. —In 1S3S title 
changes to "Index complectens semina . . . collecta . . . ": num- 
ber for 183S has t-p. and 2 plates; in 1S40 title changes to "Index 


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Catalogue des Cycadees, Palmiers et Pandanees cultives au 

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arborum et fruticum in hortis segreziania collectorum . . . 

4+121+[2]pp. 36 pi. F. Paris, [1880| -s.V 

Published in tt parts, — 27 additional plates unnamed an. I unnumbered 
and without descriptions were left unpublished after the discontin- 
uance o! (he work. A set of these plates is in the possession of the. 
Arnold Arboretum. 

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Seed catalogues have also been issued by the following bo- 
tanical gardens: Paris, 1822-1900 — > — Lyon (Hortus lugdu- 
nensis), 1S26-1900— > — Dijon (Hortus divionensis) , 1837- 
1900— > [1844 & '48 with annotations]. — Angers, 1843-54— > 
[1853-54 with annotations]. — Paris (Ecole Sup. Pharm.), 
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raras de arboles y de arbustos que se cultivan al ayre libre 
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Has half t-p. : " Proyecto de establecimiento de un jardin de aclima- 

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Seed catalogues have been issued by the following botanical 
gardens: Madrid, 1856-1900— > [1893 with annotations]. — 
Valencia (Hortus valentinus), 1S56-1900 — > — Barcelona 
(Hortus barcinonensis) , 1859-61 — > [1860-61 with annota- 
tions]. — Coimbra, 1867-1900— > — Lisboa (Hortus olyssipo- 
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Contains a few vegetable products and plants. 
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Catalogus plantarum stirpium Horti patavini cultarum (pp. 1—26). 
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[10]+ 101+ [6] pp. il. Q. Romae, 1625.f 
This has been credited by some to P. Castelli. 
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pi. Q. Messanae, 1640,t 
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tarum haetenus non sculptarum historia, eodem autore.] 103 
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132 pp. pref. D. Patavii, 1662.f 

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non observatoribus perdoctis quibus forte desunt infrascripta 
semina nunc recentia offeruntur et communicantur honesto 
pretio. [4] pp. Q. n. t-p. Catanae, 1668. 
Contains but few shrubs. 

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Romae, 1688.1 

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anno a publico Sapientiae romanae medicinalium simplicium 
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tae asservantur . . . 144 pp. D. Romae, 1689. f 

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excellentissimi principis catholicae [D. Josephi del Bosco] 

ducis Misilmeris . . . [261+262 pp. O. ' Neapoli, 1696. — 

Supplemen alterum . . . [6]+ 95+ [3] pp. O. Panormi, 1697. 

For supplemen I. see pp. 238-262 of the main work. 

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villa detta la Loggia presso a Firenze di proprieta dell, illus- 
triss. Sig. Marchese Niccol6 Panciatichi. 32 pp. 1 pi. O. 
Firenze, 1783. 

[Zuccagni, Attilio.] Synopsis plantarum horti bot. Musei 
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[Another ed.] Florentinae, 17S3. — [Another ed.] Floren- 
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[1793.] — Synopsis . . . quae virescunt in horto botanico 
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. . . ab anno 1793 ad annum 1795. 7 pp. O. n. t-p. 
[1795.]— Auctarium. 179S+ 

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Catalogus plantarum Horti regii botanici ticinensis . . . O. 
[Pavia?], 1785 + 

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[Tineo, Giuseppe.] Index plantarum horti botanici Acade- 
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atque vernaculis in usum medicae juventutis. 8S pp. O. 
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Enumeratio stirpium in Horto acadcmico pisano inventium 
anno 1798. O. [Pisis, 1799?] 

Nocca, Domenico. Ticinensis Horti academici plantae selectae 
quas descriptionibus illustravit . . . Fasc. 1. 32+ [1] pp. 
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Contains notes on erroneous citations (pp. 15-32). 

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in pp. D. [Parmae], 1802. 1 

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species Agaves nee non continuatio historiae liorti cjusdem. 
121 pp. 5 pi. (). Bon, mac, [1802]. 

Thienaeus, A. M. Series plantarum quae studio el diligentia 
in horto botanico nobilis comitis vioenlini Antonii Mariae 
Thienaei modn eoluntur. 26 pp. (). Vicetiae, 1802+ 

[Viviani. Domenico.] Klenelius plantarum hor. botanici J. 
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Tineo, Giuseppe, Synopsis plantarum Horti academici pa- 
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Valente, Antonio. Recensio plantarum % i 1 1 .■ i atque horto 
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1804.| — Suppl. 1. O. 1S05+ — Suppl. 2. O. 1S06+ 

Catalogo delle piante del giardino Feroni di Firenze nell' 
anno 1804. 27 pp. S. n. t-p. [Firenze, 1805?] 

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tanici taurinensis ... 61 pp. sq. O. Taurini, 1805. 

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quas in Horto regio florentino ad stirpes ejusdem novas vel 
rariores illustrandas instituti . . . [50] pp. 1 pi. sq. Q. 
Florentiae, 1806. — (Also in Roemer, J. J. Collectanea, pp. 
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pp. 1807+ — Auctuarium. 4S pp. 1S10+ 

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jardin de Madame Durazzo de Grimaldi a Pegli, dep. de 
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D. n. t-p. [Genes, 1812.] 

Arduino, Pietro. Catalogo primo delle piante che si coltivano 
nel Real orto di agricoltura di Padova, non meno che di quelle 
che vi crescono spontanee ; a cui si aggiunge 1' elenco delle 
opere si stampate che inedite di Pietro Arduino e di Luigi di 
lui figlio. O. Padova, 1807.+ 

Nocca, Domenico. Nomenclature stirpium Horti botanici 
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O. Taurini, lSlO.t 

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arbres, arbustes fruitiers et des vignes formant la collection 
de l'Ecole impe>iale e^ablie pres de Luxembourg. 63 pp. Q. 
Paris, 1809. 

[Tenore, Michele.] Catalogo delle piante del giardino bo- 
tanico del Signor Principe de Bisignano. 8+52 pp. O. 
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sur quelques plantes nouvelles ou peu connues. 28 pp. 
2 pi. O. Turin, 1809+ — Le jardin . . . suit catalogue 
des plantes qu'on y cultive, avec des notes . . . 26 pp. D. 
Turin, ISIS. — Supplement au catalogue des plantes du jar- 
din de St. Se'bastien. 15 pp. 1 pi. D. Turin, 1S23. 

Balbis, G. B. Horti academici taurinensis stirpium minus 
cognitarum aut forte novarum iconeset descriptiones. Pt. 1. 
28 pp. [7] pi. Q. Taurini, 1810. 
No more published. 

Biroli, Giovanni. Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici novari- 
ensis. 35 pp. D. Novariae, 1810. 

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coltivano nel giardino della Scuola hoianica do licoo del 
dipartimento della Mella. Q. Brescia, 1810. — Catalogo 
. . . nell' anno 1810-1811. 19 pp. („>. Brescia, 1811. 

Freylin, L. de. Catalogue des plantes cultivees dans le Jar- 
din de Buttigliera (Marengo). 32 pp. D. Turin, 1810. — 

Suppl. ]). ISlL'.i 

[Brignoli di Brunnhoff, Giovanni de.] Catalogus plantarum 
Horti botanici Urbinatis ad annum 1812, 20 pp. 0. Ur- 
bini, 1811. 

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[Bonato. .1. A..] Catalogus plantarum Horti botanioi patavini. 
O. Padova, 1811.1 Catalogus . . . anni 1812. -11 pp. 
Q. Patavii, [1812]. [Another ed.] <>. Padova, 18l3.t 
— Catalogus . . . anni L820. 16 pp. Q. Patavii, [1820]. 

[Balbis. G. B.] Catalogus stirpium I lorti academici taurinensis 
ad annum 1812. 80+[l] pp. O. Augustae Taurinorum, 
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rinorum, [1813]. — Appendix prima. 18 pp. O. [Augustae 
Taurinorum, pref. 1S14.] 



Armano. Filippo. Catalogus plantarum Horti r. botanici 

braydensis (Brera zu Mailand) ad annum 1812. O. Milano, 

[Campana, Antonio.] Catalogus plantarum horti botanici 

Regii lycei ferrariensis. 31 pp. O. n. t-p. [Ferrariae, 

[Cattaneo, Antonio.] Catalogo delle piante piu interessanti 

del giardino Cattaneo per 1' anno 1S12. 29 pp. D. No- 

vara, [1812]. 
[Pollini, Giro.] Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici veronen- 

sis ad annum 1812. O. [Veronae, 1812.]t — [Ed. 2.] O. 

Verona, 1814. 
[Tenore, Miehele.] Catalogus plantarum Horti regii neapoli- 

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Ad catalogum plantarum Horti regii neapolitani anno 1S13 

editum, appendix prima. 76 pp. O. Neapoli, 1815. — 

Ad catalogum . . . appendix prima [et altera]. Ed. 2. 

89 pp. O. Neapoli, 1819. 

Appendix prima (1S15) contains also : " Synopsis novarum plantarum 
quae in Prodromo florae neapolitanae anno 1S11-13 edito describen- 
tur" (pp. 27-76); with full descriptions. 

Catalogus plantarum in hortis regiae villae prope Modoetiam 
(Monza). O. Modoetiae, 1813.t 

[Nocca, Domenico.] Onomatologia ; seu, Nomenclatura plan- 
tarum quae in Horto medico ticinensi coluntur anno 1813; 
additur synonimia nonnullarum stirpium ad errores qua in 
commutationibus, qua in coemtionibus distinendos acco- 
moda. 76+[3]pp. O. Papiae, [1813]. 

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Biroli, Giovanni. Catalogus stirpium . . . taurinensis, ad 
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pendix I. 1814. — Catalogus plantarum Regii horti botanici 
taurinensis. [4]+86+[l] pp. O. Augustae Taurinorum, 
The edition of 1S13 is anonymous. 

[Pollini, Ciro.] Catalogo delle piante dell' Orto botanico 
Veronese per 1' anno 1814; con un cenno di varie piante 
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Horto botanico novocomensi, ad annum 1815. 16 pp. O. 
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vel minus cognitae quas descriptionibus et observationibus 
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printed from : " Diarium Phisic. Med. Ticin." 
Rosa Polliniana & pimpinellifolia (pp. 13-14). 

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Auctarium ... 8 pp. O. n. t.-p. [1824.] 

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Regius hortus botanicus taurinensis. Enumeratio seminum 
. . . 1820-1900. Ed. by J. H. Moris (1854). O. n. t-p. 
[Augustae Taurinorum, 1820]-1900— > 

Nos. for 1831, '41-42, '45, '52, '54, '61, '73, '88, '92, '94, '96, '99 with 

[Capelli, Carolo.] Catalogus stirpium quae aluntur in Regio 
horto botanico taurinensi. 67+ [2] pp. O. Augstae [sic] 
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Gussone, Giovanni. Catalogus plantarum, quae asservantur 
in regio horto serenissimi Francisci Borbonii principis juven- 
tutis in Boccadifalco prope Panormum ; adduntur nonnullae 
adnotationes ac descriptiones novarum aliquot specierum. 
11+84 pp. O. Neapoli, 1821. — Adnotationes ad catalogum 
plantarum quae asservantur in regio horto serenissimi Fran- 
cisci Borbonii ... in Boccadifalco prope Panormum. 16 
pp. O. Neapoli, 1821. 

Hortus botanicus bononiensis. Semina lecta . . . 1S21-1900. 
Ed. by Antonius Bertoloni (1831). sq. Q. n. t-p. [Bono- 
niae, 1821]-1900. 

Number for 1831 with annotations. 

[Torrigiani, Pietro.] Catalogo delle piante che si trovano nel 
giardino del Marchese Pietro Torregiani di Firenze. 16 pp. 
O. n. t-p. [Firenze, 1822.] 

Hortus botanicus Archigymnasii parmensis. Selectus semi- 
num . . . 1822-76. Ed. by J. Passerini (1S47). sq. Q. 
n. t-p. [Parmae, 1822]-76— > 

Numbers for 1841, '47, '59, '64, '67 with annotations. 

Hortus regius botanicus panormitanus. Index seminum . . . 
1822-1900. Ed. by Agostino Todaro (1857-88) & Antonio 
Borzi (1892— »). O. & Q. n. t-p. [Panormi, 1822]-1900— > 
Numbers for 1857-59, '61, '63-64, '6S, '72, '76-77, '80, '87-8S, '92-93, 
'95 with annotations. — Later the title changes to: " Delectus semi- 

Hortus regius botanicus neapolitanus. Index seminum . . . 
1823-1900. Ed. by Miehele Tenore (1829— >), Guglielmo Gas- 
parrini (1863— >) & Jos. Ant. Pasquale (1 S66^) . sq. Q. & F. 
Neapolis, 1823-1900— > 

Numbers for 1827, '29-30, '33, '39-^0, '42, '51, '53-57, '62, '67 with 
Annotations. — In 1830 title changes to: " Semina . . . collecta . . ." & 
later again to :" Index seminum . . ." 
Bertoloni, Ant[onio]. Viridarii bononiensis vegetabilia cum 

aliis vegetabilibus commutanda ad annum 1S24. 8 pp. Q. 

Bononiae, [1824]. 
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Colla, Luigi. Hortus ripulensis ; seu, Enumeratio plantarum 

quae Ripulis coluntur. 12+ 163 pp. 40 pi. Q. Augustae 

Taurinorum, 1824. — Appendix 1-4 ; illustrationes et icones 

rariorum stirpium quae in ejus horto Ripulis florebant anno 

1824-28. (Accad. Sci. Torino Mem. XXXI. 111-138, 319- 

358, pi. 2-8, 11-19; XXXIII. 113-168; XXXV. 147-222. 

1827-31.) — Separates (apx. 1-2) & reprints (apx. 3-4). 

4 pts. 40 pi. Q. n. p., [1827-31]. 
Hortus botanicus patavinus. Semina . . . 1S24-S2. Ed. by 

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Numbers for 1826, '36,'39-40, '44, '46, '55,'57,'77,'82 with annotations. 

Portal, Salvator. Catalogus plantarum Horti botanici Sal- 

vatoris Portae Albaevillae in Sicilia, qua mutua commuta- 

tione exhibentur. 69 pp. D. Catanae, 1826. 
[Rossi, Johannes.] Catalogus plantarum Horti regii modoe- 

tiensis ad annum 1S25. 8+83 pp. 3 tab. O. Mediolani, 

[Bertoloni, Antonio.] Horti botanici bononiensis plantae 

viventes cum aliis plantis viventibus commutandae. 7 pp. 

Q. Bononiae, 1826. — [Another ed.] 7 pp. Q. Bononiae, 


Contains new species. 

Jan, Giorgio. Elenchus plantarum quae in Horto ducali 
botanico parmensi 1826 coluntur et quae exsiccatae pro 
mutua offeruntur commutatione. 37 pp. F 1 . n. t-p. 
n. p., [1827]. 

Maupoil, Carlo. Catalogo generate degli alberi e piante col- 
tivati nei vivaj di Carlo Maupoil al dolo provincia di Venezia. 
37 pp. O. Venezia, 1827.f 

Tineo, Vincenzo. Catalogus plantarum Horti regii panor- 
mitani ad annum 1827. [6]+2S4 pp. O. Panormi, 1827. 

Savi, Gaetano. Notizie per servire alia storia del giardino e 
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Catalogo delle piante esistenti nel giardino della Signora 
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1832. t 

Gasparrini, Guglielmo. Osservazioni intorno ad alcune piante 
coltivate nel Real orto botanico di Boccadifalco presso Pa- 
lermo. 24 pp. O. [Napoli, 1832.] — Reprinted from : " An- 
nali Civili IV." 



[Jan, Giorgio.] Catalogus in IV. sectiones divisus rerum 
naturalium in musaeo exstantium Josephi de Christofori et 
Georgii Jan, complectens adumbrationem oryctognosiae et 
geognosiae atque Prodromum faunae et florae Italiae superi- 
oris. Sectio I. Botanica. Pars I. Conspectus methodicus 
plantarum. 37 pp. F. Parmae, 1832.f 

Gasparrini, Guglielmo. Osservazioni intorno ad aleune piante 
coltivate nel Real orto botanico di Boccadifalco presso Pa- 
lermo. 24pp. O. [Napoli, 1833.] — From: Ann. Civ. Regn. 
Sicilie, I. pt. 4. 1S33. 

Moris, Giuseppe. Illustrationes rariorum stirpium horti bo- 
tanici R. univ. taurin. (Accad. Sci. Torino Mem. XXXVI. 
177-200, pi. 6-11. 1833.)— Reprinted: 26 pp. pi. 6-11. 
sq. Q. [Taurini, 1S33.] 

[Donarelli, Carlo.] Enumeratio seminum ex collectione anni 
1834 Horti romani. S pp. F. [Romae, 1834.] 

Venturi, Antonio. Plantae in horto Antonii Venturi prope 
Brixiara eollectae cum aliis permutandae. 16 pp. O. 
Brixiae, 1835. 

[Brignoli a Brunnhoff , Giovanni de.] Catalogus plantarum in 
horto botanico R. archigymnasii mutinensis. 40 pp. D. 
Mutinae, 1836. 

Dehnhardt, Federigo. Sopra aleune piante nuove o non bene 
illustrate che han fiorito nel giardino del Signor Conte di 
Camaldoli Ricciardi al Vomero presso Napoli. 5 pp. sq. 
Q. n. t-p. [Xapoli, 1836.] 

[Tenore, Michele.] Catalogo degli alberi ed arbusti, delltf 
piante da fiori e delle piu scelte specie di piante di orna- 
mento, de bulbi, tuberi, piante frutifere e semi che si espon- 
gono in vendita dall' appaltatore del seminario di alberi e 
deposito de moltiplici del Real orto botanico di Napoli. 34 
pp. D. Napoli, 1836-37. — [Another ed.] 36 pp. O. Na- 
poli, 1841. t — [Another ed.] O. Napoli, lS43-44.t 

Hortus botanicus Regii musaei physices ac naturalis histo- 
riae. Enumeratio seminum . . . 1S36-9S. Ed. by Filippo 
Parlatore. O. [Florentiae, 1836]-98— > 
Numbers for 1860, '77, '98 with annotations. 

Catalogo delle piante coltivate nel giardino del Sig. Federigo 
Thellusson in Firenze, 1S37. 20 pp. O. t-p-c. [Firenze, 

Bertoloni, Antonio. Continuatio historiae horti botanici et 
scholae botanicae Archigymnasii bononiensis adjectis de- 
scriptionibus trium novarum plantarum. (Acad. Sci. Inst. 
Bonon. Nov. Comm.lll. 3-18, pi. 1-2. 1839.) — Reprinted: 
Q. Bononiae, [1837].f 
The reprint is dated by error 1827. 

Horti botanici bononiensis plantae novae vel minus cog- 

nitae. Fasc.I.-II. (Acad. Sci. Inst. Bonon. Nov. Comm. III. 
317-324, pi. 23-27; IV. 11-22, pi. 4-7. 1S39-40.) — Re- 
printed: 2 pis. (10+li pp.) 9 pi. F. Bononiae, 1838-39. 

Visiani, Roberto de. Delia origine ed anzianitit dell' Orto 
botanico di Padova; memoria. 43 pp. O. Venezia, 1839. 

— Reprinted from : " Memoriale della medicina contempo- 
ranea, I. fasc. 7-8. 1S39." 

Marsili, Giovanni. Notizie del Pubblico giardino de' semplici 
di Padova compilate intorno 1' anno 1771 da Giovanni Mar- 
sili, professore ili botanica e prefetto dell' Orto medesimo. 
30 pp. O. Padova, 1840.f 

Tenore, [Michele]. Index seminum in Horto botanico neapo- 
litano 1839 collectorum; adnotationes. {Ann. Sci. Nat. Hot. 
ser. 2, XIII. 378-381. 1840. — Reprinted from : Hort. Reg. 
X'lipni. iml. Sem. 

Visiani, Roberto de. Illustrazione delle piante nuove o rare 
dell' Orto botanico di Padova. Memorial. II. (Accad. Sci. 
Padova Nuov. Saggi, V. 251-272; VI. 73-9S. 1840 17. 

— Reprinted: 24+26 pp. Q. Padova, 1840-44. — Illus- 
trazione . . . Memoria III. (Istit. Veneto Sci. Mem. VI. 235- 
260, 6 pi. 1856.) 

Hortus botanicus Regii archigymnasii genuensis. Index 
seminum . . . 1840-85. Ed. by Jos. de Notaris. D. n. t-p. 
[Gcnwae, 1840]-S5— > 

Numbers for 1812-43, '45, '47-49, '52, '63, '08 with annotntions. 

Catalogo delle piante vive che rsistono nell' Orto hotanico- 
Bgrario detto dei semplici in Firenze 1' anno 1841. O. [Fi- 
renze, 1841.]t 

[Gheri, c..| ( latalogo delle piante esistenti nell 1 Imperiale e 
reale giardino di Boboli. 47 pp. O. Firenze, 1841. 

Piccioli, Antonio. Catalogo ilelle piante del giardino botanico 
annesso all' I. e R. museo di fisica e storia naturale di Fi- 
renze. 40 pp. O. Firenze, 1841. 

Targioni-Tozetti, Antonio. Catalogo ilelle piante che si COlti- 
vano nel giardino del March. Cav, Pietro Torrigiani in Firenze 
1' anno 1811. 6+33 pp. O. Fiesole, 1841. 

Targioni-Tozetti, Antonio. Catalogo delle piante coltivate 
nell' Orto botanico-agrario detto dei semplici in Firenze 
1' anno 1S41. 15+ S2 pp. O. Firenze, 1841. 

Brignoli a Brunnhoff, Giovanni de. Horti botanici R. archi- 
gymnasii mutinensis historia. Adjecta horti ejusdem ich- 
nographia et hvpocaustorum orthographia. 52 pp. 2 pi. 
Q. Mutinae, 1842.t 

Ruchinger, G. M. Cenni intorno all' orto botam'eo del Liceo 
con vitto di Venezia. 11pp. O. Venezia, 1842. t 

[Visiani, Roberto de.] L' Orto botanico di Padova nell' anno 
1S42. 151 pp. 1 pi. O. Padova, 1842.J 

[Manetti, Giuseppe.] Catalogus plantarum Caesarei regii horti 
prope Modiciam ad annum 1842. 10+107 pp. O. Medio- 
lani, [pref . 1842]. — Catalogi plantarum Caesarei regii horti 
prope Modiciam; supplementum primum ad annum 1844. 
36 pp. O. Mediolani, [pref. 1S44]. — Supplementum se- 
cundum ad annum 1845. 22 pp. O. Mediolani, [pref. 
1845]. — Supplementum tertium ad annum 1S46. 30 pp. 
O. Mediolani, [pref. 1846]. 

Puccinelli, Benedetto. Catalogo dell' Orto botanico di Lucca. 
49 pp. O. Lucca, 1843. 

[Ridolfi, C] Catalogo delle piante coltivate a Bibbiani e cenni 
su qualcuna delle medesime. 16+26 pp. Q. Firenze, 

With horticultural notes on Araucaria, Eucalyptus and Hovenia. 

Franceschi-Marini, G. B. Catalogo delle piante coltivate 
. . . nel di lui giardino del Petreto presso Sansepolcro. 21 
pp. Sansepolcro, 1844. 

[Tenore, Michele.] Catalogo delle piante che si coltivano nel 
R. orto botanico di Napoli, corredato della pianta del me- 
desimo e di annotazioni. 12+104 pp. 1 pi. Q. Napoli, 

Ruchinger, G. M. Cenni storici dell' Imp. regio orto botanico 
in Venezia e catalogo delle piante in esso coltivate. 13 pp.+ 
150 col. Q. Venezia, 1847. 

Montagni, Luigi. Catalogo delle piante coltivate nel Giardino 
di Bibbiani. "26 pp. O. Firenze, 1848. 

Tenore, M[iche!e]. Catalogus seminum Horti regii neapoli- 
tani. (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 3, XIV. 344-345 ; XIX. 355- 
356; ser. 4, 1. 32S-329; II. 377-3S0; XII. 78. 1850-59.) — 
From : Hort. Reg. Neapol. Ind. Sem. 

Ceni, Antonio. Guida all' Orto botanico in Padova. 55 pp. 
7 pi. O. Padova. 1854. t 

Planchon, J. E. Hortus donatensis; catalogue des plantes 
cultivees dans les serres de . . . le prince A. de Demidoff, 
a San Donato, pros Florence. 24+255 pp. Q. Paris, 
1854-5S. — Atlas. 6 pi. F s . n. t-p. 

[Passerini. Giovanni.] Mazzetto di fiori per la festa dell' 8 
gennajo 1S55 formato con aleune piante nuove o poco cono- 
sciute del R. orto botanico. 11 pp. 1 pi. Q. Parma, 

Visiani, Roberto de. Di aleune piante storiche del Giardino 
di Padova. (Accad. Sci. Padova Nuov. Saggi, VII. 222- 
228. 1S57.) — Reprinted : 8 pp. sq. F. Padova, 1856. 

Catalogo generate delle piante che si coltivano nel giardino 
del Comte de Medici Spada, a Villa Quiete • ■ ■ 46 pp. D. 
t-p-c. Roma, 1857.f 

Visiani, Roberto de. Rceensio altera plantarum minus cogni- 
tarum quas Hortus patavinus colit. (Istit. Veneto Sci. Atti, 
ser. 3, IV. 133-142. 1868-59.) — Reprinted: 12 pp. O. 
Patavii, 1S58. 

Todaro, Agost ino. Nuovi generi e nuove specie di piante col- 
tivate nel Real orto botanico di Palermo. 7S pp. (3 pls.1 

O. Palermo, 1858 81. Plantae novae Horti regii botanici 

panormitani. [Extract from pt. III.] (Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. 
ser. 1. NX. 302 303. L863.) 

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della Universita di Pavia; relazione. 24+16 pp. Q. Pavia, 

Martins. Ch[arlcs]. Le cliinat et la vegetation cles ties Bor- 
romecs sur le Lac Majeur. 26 pp. Q. 1865. t — (Soc. 
Hort. Bot. II. n, nit Ann. VI, 188 199. 1866.— Rev. Hort. 

1 si'.T. pp. 26 29, 47-49.)— From : Ac, hi. Sri. Mont; cllicr M, m. 

Sect. Sci. VI, 
Jaubert. [II. F.], comte de. Les iardins de Naples et 1'lle 

d'Ischia. (Soc. Bol F m> Bull. XIII. 281 299. 1866.1 — 

Reprinted: 20 pp. <>. [Paris, L866.] 
Gennari. Patrizio. Semina in Regio horti bot. caralitano et 

per Sardiniae insulam lecta. 0. Cagliari, 1867.1 
Pasquale. (I. A. Catalogo del Real orto botani li Xapoli, 

con prefazione, note c carta topografica. 31+ 111 pp. 1 pi. 

Q, Napoli, 1867. — Adnotationes . . . Q. Napoli, 18684 



Borgata, J. Catalogus omnium vegetabilium . . . quae in 
Viridario saponariensi . . . excoluntur. 0. Padova, 1868. f 

Catalogo delle piante del giardino Sgaravatti in Saonara. O. 
Venezia, 1870. 

Arcangeli, Gpovanni]. Le piante arboree dell' Ortobotanico 
di Pisa. (Nuov. Giorn. Bot. Ital. IV. 113-130. 1872.) 

[Camel, Teodoro.] Guida dell' Orto botanico pisano. O. 
Pisa, 1872.f 

[Gennari, Patrizio.] Enum . plantarum quas Reg. hortus cala- 
ritanus . . . 1S71. O. [Cagliari, 1872 .]t 

L' orto botanico . . . della Real univ. di Cagliari . . . 

O. Cagliari, 1872.t 

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gliano-Colonna'schen Garten in Neapel. (Ver. Beford. Gar- 
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sity di Pisa. 14 pp. O. Pisa, 1874.f 

[Delponte, G. B.] Guida alio studio delle piante coltivate 
nelle aiuole di piena terra nell' orto botanico della Regia 
universita di Torino. 41+ [3]+ 107 pp. 1 pi. O. Torino, 

Gennari, Patrizio. Guida dell' Orto botanico . . . di Ca- 
gliari. O. Cagliari, 1874.f 

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royal de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Florence au 
printemps de 1874. 163 pp. 17 pi. O. Florence, 1874. 

Ricasoli, Vincenzo. Catalogo delle collezioni di piante colti- 
vate nel giardino del Barone Bettino Ricasoli presso il Pelle- 
grino fuori della Barriera di San Gallo. 98 pp. O. Firenze, 

Todaro, Agostino. Hortus botanicus panormitanus ; sive, 
Plantae novae vel criticae quae in Horto botanico panor- 
mitano coluntur descriptae et iconibus illustratae. 2 vol. 
1 por. 40 pi. F\ Panormi, 1876-92. 

Baroni, P[aolo]. Alberi piu notevoli esistenti nell' Orto bot. 
de' semplici anno 1S77. (Soc. Tosc. Ort. Bull. II. 16-20, 43- 
49, 106-112, il. 8. 1877.) 

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Tosc. Ort. Bull. II. 177-182, 213-217, 230-233, 2S9-295. 

Terraciano, N[icola]. Wink iiber den botanischen Garten des 
Koniglichen Hauses zu Caserta ; aus dem Italienischen tiber- 
setzt von Carl Bolle. (Ver. Beford. Gartenb. Preuss. Mo- 
natsschr. XXI. 161-166, 198-203, 247-254. 1878.) — From 
his: Cenno intorno al giardino botanico della Real casa in 
Caserta. 1876. 

Museo agrario in Roma. Catalogo. 13+217 pp. O. Roma, 
1879. (Ministero di agricoltura, industria e eommercio.) 

Ricasoli, V[incenzo]. Una visita all' Orto botanico di Genova. 

[Soc. Tosc. Ort. Bull. IV. 87-94. 1879.) 
Lubbers, M. Catalogue de plantes rares garnissant les serres 
. . . dont la vente aux encheres publiques aura lieu a Flo- 
rence, au palais de San Donato . . . 1880. 31 pp. sq. F 4 . 
Paris, [1880]. 
Delchevalerie, G. Les jardins sur le Lac Majeur. (111. llort. 
XXVIII. 91-95. 1881.) 
Kny, Lfeopold]. Die Garten des Lago Maggiore. (Garten- 

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Les jardins du Lago Maggiore (Lac Majeur). (Belg. Hort. 
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Penzig, 0[tto]. II giardino del Palazzo Orengo (Th. Ham- 
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Sprenger, Carl. Die sehonsten Garten Sud-Italiens. (Gar- 

ten-Zeit. III. 2-4, 140-142, il. 1, 36. 1884.) I giardini 

piu belli dell' Italia meridionale. [Extract.] (Soc. Tosc. Ort. 
Bull. IX. 232-235, pi. 10. 1884.) 

Lund, Sams0e. Fra udenlandske botaniske Haver. Notiser 
fra en Reise. 1. Italien. (Bot. Tidsskr. XIV. 254-294. 

Penzig, 0[tto]. II giardino Ricasoli alia Casa Bianca (Port' 
Ercole) sul Monte Argentario. (Soc. Tosc. Ort. Bull. X. 292- 
302. 1885.)— .Reprinted: 13 pp. O. Firenze, 1885. 
Almost exclusively woody plants mentioned. 
[Piccioli, Francesco.] Una breve excursione degli alunni 
dell' Istituto forestale di Vallombrosa a Moncioni presso 
Montevarchi. (Nuov. Riv. Forest. VIII. 203-213. 1885.) — 
Reprinted: 13 pp. O. Firenze, 1885. 
Contains: Catalogo delle Conifere coltivate . . . (pp. 207-213). 
Fliickiger, F. A. La Mortola ; der Garten des Herrn Thomas 

Hanbury. 30 pp. 3 pi. O. Strassburg, 1886. 
Toni, G. B. de. Intorno ad alcuni alberi e frutici ragguarde- 
voli esistenti nei giardini di Padova. (Accad. Sci. Padova 
Atti, new ser. III. (1S86-87), pp. 271-293. 1887.) — Reprinted: 
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Descriptions reprinted in full. 
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Seed catalogues were also issued by the following botanic gar- 
dens : Modena (Mutina), 1817-1900^ [1844 & '50 with an- 
notations]. — Pisa, 1827-1930— > [1839 with annotations]. — 
Pavia (Hortus ticinensis), 1829-1900^ — Ferrari, 1834-85 
[1834 with annotations]. — Rome, 1S35-1900^ [1S35 with 
annotations]. — Lucca, 1853 — > — Florence, 1856 — > [not 
identical with Hortus Mus. florentini]. — Siena (Sena), 
1861— > — Cagliari, 1865-1900-> — Portici, 1874-94— > [1894 



with annotations]. — -Milan (Hortus braidensis, Mediolani), 
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A. P. de Candolle is sole author of pt. 1-4 and Alph. de Candolle is 
sole author of pt. 9-10. 

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Numbers for 1852-57, '61, '65-67 with annotations. 
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Numbers for 1812, '46-18, '50, '53 with annotations. 
Candolle, Alphonse de. Notice sur le Jardin botanique de 


pp. O. Geneve, 1845.f 

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Sem . 
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Varying title. 
Einigc none Pflanzonarten dps botanischen Gartens zu 

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Four now woody plants. 
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Reprinted from their: Hortus Boissierianus. 1896. 
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Der botanische Garten und das botanische Museum der Uni- 
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1897-1900— > 

Contains only administrative reports and seed-lists. 

Conservatoire et jardin botanique de Geneve. Annuaire. 
1897-1900. — See Periodicals and serials, p. 26. 

Seed catalogues have also been issued by the following botanic 
gardens: Basel, 1S42-1900— > — Bern, 1S67-1900— ► — Gen- 
eva (Jardin d'acclimatation), 1SS5-1900— » — Lausanne, 
1894— > 


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Vol. I. and II. paged continuously. 

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For supplement see: Schmitt, J. R. Nacblese . . . 1S08. 

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Hortus botanicus Universitatis vindebonensis. Delectus 

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v. Wettstein (1S99). sq. Q. n.'t-p. [Vindobonae, 1820]- 


Numbers for 1S50. '52-51. '5S, '67-68. '71-73 with annotations. — Later 

tl»i- title changes to: " Botanischer Garten der K. k. UniversitM in 

\\'i< n. Verxeichnia von Samercicn." 

Tausch, I. F. Index plantarum, quae in horto excellentissimi 
comitis Josephi Malabaila de Canal coluntur (cum adnota- 
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lliirtus caiialins; sou. Plaiitariini rarionim, quae in horto 

botanico illustrissimi ac excellentissimi Josephi Malabaila 
comitis de Canal coluntur, iconos et descriptiones. Vol. I. 
[46] pp. 1 por. 20 pi. F\ Pragae, 1823. 
No more published. 

Franz. Anton, Enumeratio plantarum Horti et asri brSzinen- 
sis, secundum Steudehi nomenclatorem botanicumet Decan- 
dotlii systems vegetabilium, jussu domini Caspar! comitis 
Sternberg concinnata ab Aintonio Frans, Horti brezinensis 
praefecto. 37 pp [Pragae, 1824.]t 

Spis celniejssych roSlin w ogrodzie Niediwiedzkim, fl.i-i of 
the noteworthy plants in the Niedzwiedzki garden.] Q. 
[Krakow], 1825+ 

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1 pi O. Wien. 1825. t 



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1810-38. 2 pp. Q. [Krakow, 183S.]t —[Another ed.] 

1841. 5 pp. Q. [Krakow, 1841. ]t Index plantarum 

in Horto botanico cracoviensi cultarum ab 1810 ad 1836. 2 
pp. Q. [Cracoviae, 1S36 ?]t 

Blazek, Jozef & Pawlikowski, Gwalbert. SpisroSlin w poma- 
rariczarni i szklarni ogrodu Medyckiego . . . [Enumeration 
of the plants in the greenhouses of the Medycki garden.] O. 
Lwow, 1834.t — [Another ed.] 37 pp. O. Lwow, 1835.f — 
[Another ed.] 45 pp. O. Lwow, 1838. t — [Another ed.] 
54 pp. O. Lwow, 1841. t 

Estreicher, A. R. Spis roSlin i nasion od 1. X. 1835 w ogrod- 
zie botanicznym Uniw. Jagiel. na sprzedaz wystawionych. 
[List of plants and seeds for sale in the botanic garden of the 
Jagellonian University . . . 4 ff . Q. [Krakow, 1835.]t — 
From: " Gazeta Krakowska, no. 244." — Spis rosJin . . . 
1. XL 1S36 ... 7 pp. Q. [Krakow, 1836.]t — From: 
" Gazeta Krakowska, no. 299." 

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den.] 51+6+10 pp. O. Krakow, 1838.t 

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Acclimatisations- Versuche von tropischen und subtro- 

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Notes on a few species. 

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l'Universite' royale hongroise de Kolozsvar. 23 pp. 10 il. 
map. Q. Budapest, 1900. 

Seed catalogues have also been issued by the following botanic 
gardens: Pesth, 1S21-1900^ [1831 -with annotations].— 
Cracow (Hortus cracoviensis) , 1822-60— > — Prag, 1823- 
1900^ [1875, '80, '82 with annotations]. — Gratz (Hortus 
graecensis), 1832-1900—* [1S71 with annotations]. — Triest 
(Hortus tergestinus) , 1835-1900 — > [1838 with annotations]. 
— Salzburg, 1861 — > — Lemberg (Leopolis, Leon topohs), 1863- 
1900-^ — Dublany near Lemberg, 1875-1900-^ — Klausen- 
burg (Claudiopolis), 1875-1900 — > — Chernovitz (Czernowitz), 
1S79 — > — Laibach (Hortus labacensis), 1888 — > — Innsbruck, 
1S90-1900— > — Belvedere near Vienna, 1891^ — Zagreb, 
1891— >• — Prag (Hort. Univ. Bohem.) 1900— > 

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Scoalei de medicina din Bucuresci. Q. [Bucuresci, 1866.]t 
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tanica din Bucaresci. O. Bucaresci, 1876. t 
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Theodori G. Orphanidis ... in museo botanico Universi- 

tatis Athenarum. Fasciculus primus. Leguminosae. 8+79 

pp. O. Florentiae, 1877. 
Seed catalogues have been issued by the following botanic 

gardens: Athens, 1S54-60 — > [1S60 with annotations]. — Bu- 

kharest, 1871-1900— > — Belgrad, 1892-1900-^ 

Hyacinthus, P. F. C. Index plantarum Horti botanici meli- 

tensis anno 1S06. D. [1806.] 
Libassi, P. I. Catalogo ragionato delle piante che si coltivano 

nel pubblico e nel privato giardino di Sant' Antonio in Malta. 

92 pp. O. Malta, 1870. 
Seed catalogues have been issued by the botanic garden at 

Floriana, Malta, 1896^ 


Ford, Charles. Catalogue of plants in the Government gar- 
dens, Hong Kong. O. Hong Kong, 1876.f 
Catalogue of the Tokio museum. Natural products. Ser. 2. 
plants. 121 pp. O. [Tokyo, 1879.] 

Has Japanese t-p-c. : " Hakubutsukan reppin mokuroku ; hensanbu ; 


Catalogue of plants in the herbarium of the College of science, 

Imperial university. [10]+ 287+ 6+ [1] pp O. Tokyo, 1886. 

Has also Japanese t-p. : " Shokubutsu hyobin mokuroku." 

A catalogue of plants in the botanic garden of the Imperial 

university. [4]+ 271+ 3 pp. O. Tokyo, 1887. 
Seed catalogues have been issued by the botanic garden at 
Tokio, 1894-1900^ 


General catalogue of plants in the Honourable company's bo- 
tanic garden, Calcutta. (Agric. Hort. Soc. India Jour. II. 
pt. 2, pp. 517-535, 562-587. 1843.) 

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gardens, Calcutta. Pt. I., V., VI., VII. 110 pp. F. Calcutta, 
1843. t 

On some remarkable plants in the H. C. botanic gardens, 

Calcutta. (Calcutta Jour. Nat. Hist. IV. 231-256, 375-390, 
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Reports on the Royal botanic garden, Peradenia. O. & F. 
Colombo, 1844. t 

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able East India company's botanic garden, Calcutta . . . 
(Agric. Hort. Soc. India Jour. III. pt. 2, pp. 10-32, 103-126. 

Voigt, J. O. Hortus suburbanus calcuttensis ; a catalogue of 
the plants which have been cultivated in the East India com- 
pany's botanical garden, Calcutta, and in the Serampore 
botanical garden . . . from the beginning of both establish- 
ments, 1786 and 1800, to the end of August 1841 . . . 24+ 
745+6Spp. O. Calcutta, 1845. 

Published under the supervision of W. Griffith. 

Mac Ivor, W. G. Report on the Horticultural garden, Ootaca- 
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— Report on the Government botanical and horticultural 
gardens, Ootacamund, for the year 1854-55. 51pp. O. Ma- 
dras, 1856. t — Report . . . for the year 1S56. 44 pp. O. 
Madras, 1857.t/ — Report ... for the year 1858. 29 pp. 
map. O. Madras, 1859.f — Report . . . Utakamand, for 
the year 185S-59. 16 pp. O. Madras, 1860.t 


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Report on the Hon'ble company's botanic garden. 

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A list of trees, shrubs, plants &c. growing in the Madras agri- 
horticultural society's garden ... 36 pp. O. n. t-p. 

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Bangalore. 15 pp. D. n. t-p. [Edinburgh, 1861.] 

List of plants growing in the Bangalore garden, Mysore. 

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Seed catalogues have been issued by the Botanic garden at 
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Contains also economical notes. 

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Annotated list with copious economic notes and a list of vernacular 
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Plan du Jardin botanique. Principales families naturelles 
qui se trouvent dans les quartiers. (Inst. Bot. Buitenzorg 
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Plan du Jardin d'essais. Liste complete des plantes cultivees 

actuellement dans ce jardin, avec indication des quartiers. 

(Inst. Bot. Buitenzorg Bull. I. 36^10, map. 1898.) 
Koningsberger, J. C. 's Lands plantentuin te Buitenzorg. 

32 pp. il. F. [1898.] — Reprinted from : "Deaardeen 

haar volken 1898." 
Index Palmarum quae in Horto botanico bogoriensi fructus 

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Contains Ranunculaceae to Polygalaceae ; continued. 

Cajeu, Rene. Le Jardin botanique de Buitenzorg k l'ile de 
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1899 ) 


A catalogue of the exotic plants cultivated in the Mauritius 
at the Botanic garden, Monplaisir, Reduit and other places, 
to which are added their English and French names, native 
places of growth . . . and the epoch of their introduction 
as far as can be ascertained ... 31 pp. sq. O. Mauritius, 
1816. — Catalogue ... in the island of Mauritius, at the 
Royal botanic garden Pamplemousses, at His Excellency 
the Governor's garden at Reduit, at Mon Plaisir, Bois Cheri, 
&c. with an enumeration of the most remarkable indigenous 
plants of that colony ... 44 pp. sq. Q. [Mauritius], 1822. 

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Saint-Denis (He Bourbon), 1825. 

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au Jardin d'acclimatation au Hamma (pres Alger), pendant 
1 'automne 1862 et le printemps 1863. 136 pp. O. Alger, 
1862. (Algerie. Gouvernement general, [no. 23].) — Cata- 
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Reprinted from : " Akhbar, dec. 31, 1S78." together with 
Beaumont. Note sur les plantations de Bainen-Bouzareh 
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cali nell' Eritrea. O. Bologna, 1900. t — From: Soc. Agrar. 
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Seed catalogues have been issued by the Jardin d'essai du 
Hamma, 1S59— > 


Valentyn, Francois. [Uitlandze boomen en gewasschen in 
den thuin der E. Maatschappy.] (In his Beschryvinge van 
de Kaap der Goede Hoope ... pp. 28-29, 1 pi. 1726.) 

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Guide to the trees and shrubs in the Natal botanic gar- 
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With economic notes. 

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New South Wales — Botanic gardens. [Report from the direc- 
tor for 1850J-58, 1870-71. F. [Sydney, 1850-71.] — Con- 
tinued as : New South Wales — Botanic gardens and domains, 
&c. Report on, for the year 1S97-99. F. [Sydnev, 1S98- 
1900]— > 

Contains only administrative reports. 

Botanic garden, Melbourne. General report of the government 
botanist on the vegetation of the colony, 1-2. 2 vol. F. 
Melbourne, 1853-54. — (Annual) report of the government 
botanist ... for 1854, '56/57, '58, '59/60-'62/63, '64/65, '6S, 
'74. 2 maps. F. Melbourne, [185.5-74]. 
With varying title. — Reports for 1853-GS by Ferdinand von Mueller; 
1874 by William R. Guilfoyle. 

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gardens, Queen's Park, Hobart Town, Tasmania. 24 pp. 
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W. If. Virgoe, Esq., Chatsworth, Brighton, Victoria. Cata- 
logue of plants &C, growing under the management of N. 

Ronalds, nead-gardener. 20 pp. O. Melbourne, 1874. 
South Australia — Botanic garden & government plantations. 
Report on the progress and condition of the Botanic garden 
& government plantations during the year 1S78, 1SS9. pi. 
F. Adelaide, 1879-90. 

Report for 1889 reada : " Report on the progress and condition of the 
Botanic garden. " 

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nomic and other plants^ 36 pp. O. [1880.] 

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the Melbourne botanic gardens . . . 12+200 pp. 4 pi. 4 
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gardens, the Brisbane botanic garden and Bowen park . . . 

arranged according to Bentham and Hooker's Genera plan- 
tarum, interspersed with numerous notes on the uses and 
properties of the plants. 6+132+17pp. O. Brisbane, 1885. 

Bailey, F. M. Official guide to the Museum of economic 
botany. 73 pp. O. Brisbane, 1891. (Queensland. De- 
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With notes on economic use. 

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Seed catalogues have been issued by the Botanic garden at 
Sydney, 1S99-1900-* 

Thurston, J. B. Catalogue of trees, shrubs and foliage plants, 
at Thurnburv, Suva and St. Helier's, Taviuni, Fiji. 5+ IS pp. 
O. Suva, 1886. 



Including glossaries and dictionaries of botanical terms 

[Martyn, John.] A short explanation of the technical words 
made use of in botany. } plag. Q. [172 .?]t 

Murray, J. A. Enumeratio voeabulorum quorundam, quibus 
antiqui linguae latinae auetores in re herbaria usi sunt. 
Viro summo venerabilii, parenti optimo Andreae Murray pio 
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Holmiae, 1756. t 

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pa. Svenska ofversatta af Bengt Anders Euphrasen. 74 pp. 
O. Gotheborg, 1792.T 

I^Berkenhout. John.] Clavis anglica linguae botanicae; or, A 
botanical lexicon in which the terms of botany, particularly 
those occurring in the works of Linnaeus and other modern 
writers are applied, derived, explained, contrasted and exem- 
plified. 12+[215]pp. S. London, 1764. — Ed. 2, to which 
is added Calendarium botanicum. 331pp. D. London, 17S9. 

Jorlin, Engelbert. Partes fructificationis; seu, Principia 
botaniccs illustrata. (Diss.) 26 pp. 6 pi. Q. Londini 
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parties des plantes, leurs diverses affections, les termes usites 
et ceux qu'on petit introduire dans les descriptions bota- 
oiques, sont dennis et interpreter avee plus precision qu'ils 
ne l'ont (Std jusqu'a ce jour . . . precede' d'tm dictionnaire 

botanique latin-franeais ; seeonde edition augmented de 

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+ [S] pp. 10 pi. F'. Paris. (812 
This edition forms nn introduction to nil " Horbior do la France." 



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Published in 3 parts. 

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- Termini botanici secundum niethodum Linnaei ex variis ejus operibus 

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Other editions appear as appendix to his Manual of botany . . . 

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Including pre-Linnean Latin names 
Friese, Lorenz. Synonynia und gerecht usslegung der worter, 
so man dan in der artzny alien Kreutcrn, Wurzlen, Blumen, 
Samen. Gesteinen, SelTlon und andre dingen zu srhreihen ist. 
In latinischer, hebraischer, arabischer, kriechischer und 
mancherlei tiitscher zungen. Bissher nit beiander gesehen 
und vil irtung und missbruch darin gehalten, hie mit fleiss 
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— Ed. 2. 60 pp. Q. Strassburg, 1535.1 

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Aral «Xtik5s: Namenbuch aller Erdgewachscn, lateinisch, grie- 
chisch, teutsch und franziisisch ; Uegestre tie toutes plantes 
en quatre langues, latin, grec, aleman et francoys: una cum 
vulgaribus phannacopolarum nominibus . . . adjectae sunt 
etiam herbarum QOmenclaturac variarum gentium Dioscoridi 
ascriptae secundinn literarum ordinem expositae. [3]+ 102 
ff. 0. Tiguri, 1542. — (Also in Dioscorides, Pedacios. 
De medieinali materia libri sex . . . 15430 

De latinis et graecis noniinibus arborinn, fruticum. lierba- 
rum. piscium & avium liber: ex Aristotele, Theophrasto, 
Dioscoriile, Galeno. Actio. Paulo Aegineta, Actuario, Nican- 
dro, Athenaeo. Oppiano Aeliano, Phnio, Eermolao Barbara 
& Johanno Ruellio; cum Gallica eiiruin nominum appella- 
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S. Lutetiae, L545.t — [Another ed.] L53+[32] pp, Tt. 
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— The names of herbes, A l> 1548, ed. with an introduc- 
tion, an index of English names and an identification of the 
plants enumerated by Turner; by James Britten. 7+ 134 pp. 
O. London, 1SS1. (English dialect society, ser. D. misc.) 



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optimis, qui de stirpium historia scripserunt, authoribus 
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ticulate per 12 menses in usum pharmaeopoJarum eonscrip- 
tae per Conradum Gesnerum . . . [14]+ 548+ [1] pp. S. 
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primae tomus primus, in quo herbarum nostro seculo de- 
scriptarum, nomina, aequivoca, synonyma ac etymologiae 
investigantur ; additis aliquos plantarum vivis iconibus. 
[10]+ 576+ 68 pp. F. Bononiae, 1656. 

Mentzel. Christian. IKrai; PoTavdvv/jAs Tro\vy\uTTos Ka0oXiK6s; 
index nominum plantarum universalis diversis terrarum 
gentiumque Unguis . . . characteribus Latinorum, Grae- 
corum & Germanorum maxime per Europam, usitatis con- 
scriptus & ita concinnatus ut plantarum genera, species, 
colorum & quarumvis partium differentiae, quotquot eruditi 
ad mine usque diem adnotarunt, ordine legitimo inter se 
collocarentur, citatis . . . classicorum auctorum . . . locis 
genuinis . . . ab ipso Hippocrate ad nostri seculi usq. 
botanicos vel novissime . . . desumptis . . . accessit in 
calce indicis Pugillus plantarum rariorum cum figuris aliquot 
aeneis . . . [quibus] intertextus est nonullarum Brasiliae 
plantarum indiculus, quarum nomina apud clar. Pisonem & 
alios non extant, cum quibusdam cl. Jac. Breynii rarioribus, 
quae Prodromus ejus fasciculi rariorum plantarum habet & 
aliis, partim indice contentis, partim indice absoluto, demum 
appendicis loco adjectis. [14]+331+[20] pp. 11 pi. F. 
Berolini, 1682. 

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strationum, quae in Bononiensis arehigymnasii publico horto 
quotannis habentur, nempe: I. Plantarum genera a botanicis 
instituta, juxta Tournefortii methodum ad proprias classes 
relata. II. Plantarum generum index alphabeticus. III. 
Index plantarum, quae in medicum usum recipi solent. IV. 
Plantarum elenchi in classes dipartiti, juxta facultates, qui- 
bus in re medica pollent. lis praefixa est Dissertatio ibidem 
habita anno 1723 ad easdem demonstrationes auspicandas, 
Horti publici bononiensis historiam praecipue complectens. 
22+78+39 pp. 1 pi. O. Bononiae, 1724. — Indices bo- 
tanici et materiae medicae quibus plantarum genera hactenus 
instituta; simplicium quoque tam vulgarium, quam exoti- 
corum nomina, & facultates summatim recensentur; accedit 
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2 pi. O. Bononiae, 1753. 

Linne, Carl von (praeses). Nomenclator botanicus. (Diss.) 
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Contains Latin, French, English, Belgian and German names of 

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Has also t-p. : " Dictionnaire international des plantes en latin, en 
allemand, en anglais et en francais ..." and " International diction- 
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Gives the Brazilian, French and English names. 

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ciOBapt n.m coSpame na-3Baniii kmkt, pyccKnxi TaKi> h 
MHornxt miocTpaHHMX'b paCTeHiii Ha hjukixi. .inTim- 

CKOMT>, pyCCKOMT., IlllMeitKOMT,, <{>painiy3CKOM7> II ApV- 

rnxi,, ynoTi)o6.'uiPMi,i\7> pa3.Tn<iHbiMii nneMpnaMn o6n- 
TawmnMn b-b Poccin. 16 + 295 pp. O. Moscow, 1859. f 

BoranniocKiii o.ionapi,; cnpano'iiian KHnra , 

doTaBBKOBT. conbCKnxt xoaaein,, caaonosoBi, jrbeo- 
BOROBT>, <]>apMariPiiTOBT,, npaieii, RporHCTOBt, nyTe- 
mi'iTiiomiincoin., no Poccin ii noo6m,e centcicnxi. 
jicnTnneii. 214-615 pp. O. St. Petersburg, 1878.1 

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Contains also notes on the distribution and economic uses; no de- 

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Local names. Has an appendix: "Flora of Piacenza." 

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For nomenclators and lists restricted to a certain country see under the 
flora of that country. For pre-Linnean nomenclators see Dictiona- 
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[Vol. I.] has "Nachschrift,"pp. 887-SS8, dated 1S11 : vol. II. has also 
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— The preface in both German and French. 

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The issue of 1861 was repudiated by the author. In ed. 2 the 6rst 
vol. is identical with ed. 1 ; the second vol. (14 + 29S col.) contains ad- 
ditional material. 

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Refers to a collection of original colored drawings of different sizes 
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an enumeration of the genera and species of (lowering plants 
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with their authors' names, the works in which they were first 
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Has a second French t-p. : " Catalogue des arbres, arbrisseaux et 
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A ms. of the XIV. century; author not known. 
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Privately printed. 

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(Eerste beginsclen der planten; of, leerwyze der zelvegetrok- 

ken uit 't onderscheid hunner zaaden, zaadlobben als verdere 

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6pya.voypa<piav, <pvcno\oyiav koI Ta^tpofiiav^ /xe6' Zvos y\oa<ro\oytKOV 
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UMciuni Floridanum is the only woody plant. 
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Text in French and German. 

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Berberis vulgaris is the only woody plant mentioned. 

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[185 . ?].f 
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See I.) 

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The original edition (16S2) contains besides the second edition of his 

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Text in Latin and Herman. — Contains only a few woody plants. 

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2 pts. 




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d'individualites distinctes, ayant leur centre vital particulier 
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