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Full text of "Brief genealogies of the Tyler, Taft, Wood, Bates & Hill families, ancestors of Newell Tyler and wife"

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Translation of Motto — For God, for Country, for Friends. 

Brief History of the Tyler Families 

IN AMERICA. 1145977 

The Tylers are not numerous in England, though 
they have been there for several centuries. The 
name hast been traced in the English records as far 
back as . The records published by the Brit- 
ish Government are in several of our American 
^ Colleges, at Cambridge, Providence, Amherst, etc. 

There are six or seven immigrant families in the 
United States; those in Virginia and Maryland 
may be from one family, a question that cannot be 
settled at this late day. 

\Villiam and Elizabeth Tyler arrived in Virginia 
in 1620, John and Thomas in 1635, all from Lon- 
;-. don, England. 

\ Job Tyler came to Massachusetts in 1635, '^•''^ 

settled in Andover. 

Thomas Tyler came from Budleigh, Devonshire, 
England, and settled in Boston. 

William Tyler came from London in 1787, und 
settled in Boston. 

William Tyler came from Wiltshire, England, to 
New Jersey. His descendants reside in 'Salem in 
that State. 

The name of the immigrant, Tvler, to Connecti- 
.cut cannot be ascertained. 

The late Rev. William Tyler of Auburndale, 
Mass., left a large manuscript record of the various 

- 3 

Tyler families, to which ^the compiler of this work is 
indebted for the fore^oin^ sketches. 

History of Job Tyler of Andover. 

There is no certain record of the birth or death 
of Job Tyler, but he is first found at Andover, 
in 1650, giving mortgages of sundry lands. He is 
next mentioned in a record of the death of his son, 
John, who died young. In 1662, he and his son, 
Hope, are found at Mendon, sharing in the division 
of lands, and continued to share in subsequent di- 
visions till 1672. They returned to Andover. In 
1700, Job Tyler sold his farm in Mendon to his son, 
Moses; this is the last record of Job. 

If Job Tyler, in 1662, had a son to share in the 
division of lands, the son must have been at least 
twenty-one years of age, and the father forty-two, or 
thereabouts; consequently Job Tyler would have 
been eighty years old in 1700, and 1620 the year 
of his birth. 

The records of Andover previous to 1650 were 
destroyed by the Indians; from 1650 to 1700, they 
are in good condition, and after i 700 for many years 
they are much mutilated. 

MARY, HLS WIFE— Andover Branch. 

Job Tyler, farmer, resided in Andover and Men- 
don, Mass.; married Mary ; and had these five 

children : 

I — Hope, born ; resided in Andover and Mendon. 

2 — Moses, b, in 1642; resided in Andover and Mendon; and 

d. Oct. 2, 1727, at Andover. 
3 — John, b. in 1650; d. Dec. 25, 1692, at Andover. 
4 — ^JoHN, b. April 16, 1653, at Andover; resided in Mendon ; 

d. in Mendon, May 4, 1742. 
(Ancestor of all the Tylers in Mendon and Uxbridge. ) 
5 — Samuel, b. Mav 24, 1655; resided in Mendon; and d. 

Dec. 17, 1695 at Mendon. Ancestor of Rev. William 

Tyler of Andover, Mass., who d. at Auburndale, Mass., 

in 1875. 

Family Record of John Tyler, 4TH Son of 'Job. 

John Tyler, farmer; resided in Mendon; had 
four wives, and by whom he had eight children. 

Married Hannah Parker of Andover, Sept. 14, 1672. 

I — ^JoHN, b. in Andover, Aug. 16, 1684; d. in Mendon. No 

2 — Nathan — b. in Andover, Feb. 17, 1687 ; resided in Men- 
don ; and d. there Dec. 26, 1782. 

3 — Robert, b. in Andover, July 19, 1689 ; resided in Men- 
don. He d. there in 1730. 

4 — Bethuel, b. in Andover, Feb. 17, 1692. 

Married to Anna Woodward. 
5 — Marah, b. in Mendon, May 24, 1694. 


Married to Town. 

6 — David, b. in Mendon, June 15, 1696. 

7 — ^Joseph, b. in Mendon, Oct. 21, 1701 ; resided in Sutton, 

in 1732, and Uxbridge. Died in Uxbridge, Dec. 18, 

8 — Mary, b, in Mendon, March 25, 1704. 

Married to Hazeltine. 

Family Record of Samuel Tyler, 5TH Son of 'Job, 

Samuel Tyler, farmer ; resided in Mend».»n ; mar- 
ried and had these two children : 

I — Eleazer, b. in Mendon; settled in Attleboro. Was great- 
grandfather of Rev. William Tyler. 
2 — Samuel, b. in Mendon ; settled in Attleboro. 

Family Record of Nathan Tyler, 2d Son of 'John. 

Nathan Tyler, farmer; resided in Mendon; 

married Mary , and had these seven children, 

who were born in Mendon : 

I — Elijah, b. Feb. 25, 1716; d. in Mendon, July 6, 1720. 
2 — Deborah, b. Sept. 17, 1719 ; d. in Mendon, Dec. 20, '19. 
3 — Abigail, b. July 30, 1722; d. in Mendon, Nov. 30, 1722. 
4 — Comfort, b. April 26, 1724; d. in Mendon, May 22, '43. 
5 — Mary, b. April 17, 1727; d. in Mendon, April 4, 1728. 
6 — Nathan, b. Oct. 31, 1729; colonel and lawyer in Ux- 
bridge; d. there Feb. 25, 1784. 
7 — ^JoHN, b, Feb. 27, 1731 ; captain in Mendon. 

Family Record of Robert Tyler, 30 Son of 'John. 

Robert Tyler, farmer ; resided in Mendon ; mar- 
ried and had these five children, who were all born 
in Mendon : 

1 — Da-rius, b. Sept. 23, 1722. 
2 — Zelpha, b. March 22, 1724. 
3 — Elijah, b. Nov. 8, 1727. 
4 — Hannah, b. Nov. 8, 1729. 
5 — Robert, b. Jan. 4, 1735. 

F'amilv Record of Joseph Tyler, 7th Child of 
'John of Mendon. 

Joseph Tyler, farmer and tanner; resided in 
Mendon, Sutton and Uxbridge ; had three ^vives, by 
whom he had eleven children. 

Married Mehitable . 

I — Abner, b. Feb. 13, 1731 ; d. in the army. See Appendix. 

2 — TivjoTHY, b. in Sutton, Jan. 2, 1735 ; d. voung. 

3 — ^Joseph, b. in Sutton, May 21, 1738 ; settled in Tovvnsend, 

Vt.; and d. there in 1798. 
4 — Timothy, b. in Sutton, May 21, 1742; settled to Tovvns- 
end, Vt.; married Susanna Fisher, in 1774, and bv whom 
he had one son. He died from the effects of a splinter 
in his hand, in 1775, before the birth of his son, whose 
name was Timothy. 

This information was obtained from his grandson, Frank 
M. Tvler of Richford, N. Y., where he resided in i 880. 
5 — Mehitable, b. in Uxbridge, in Dec. 1744; married Ezra 

Holbrook, and settled in Townsend, Vt. 
6 — Ruth, b. in Uxbridge, Feb. 7, 1751 ; resided there, and d. 
with her brother, Solomon, in 1797. 
Married to Mary Draper, Aug. 30. 1756. 
7 — Solomon, b. in Uxbridge, Sept. 23, 1757 ; settled in his 
native town, where he always lived ; had two wives, bv 
whom he had twelve children. He died Nov, i, 18 10. 
8 — Benjamin, b. in Uxbridge, July 28, 1759 ; d. young. 

Married Ruth Reed, Jan. 31, 1761. 
9 — Lydia, b. in Uxbridge, Aug. 7, 1762. 
10 — Zacheus, b. in Uxbridge, May r, 1764. 
II — Betta, b. in Uxbridge, Sept. i, 1766, 

Family Record of John Tyler, 7th Child of 
-'Nathan of Mendon. 

John Tyler, farmer ; resided in Mendon ; mar- 
ried, and had these seven children, who were born 
in Mendon: 

I — Anna, b. in 1764; d. in 1791, in Sutton. 

2 — John Eugene, b. April 10, 1766; deacon, physician and 

merchant; d. in Boston, Jan. 25, 1821. 
3 — ^Joseph, h. in 1779; d. in 1843, in Charleston, S. C. 
4 — Abigail, b. in 1781 ; married Rev. Levi Wilson of Liston, 

Ct., and d. there. 
5 — Nathan, b. in 1784; d. in 1838, at Providence, R. I. 
6 — Aaron, b. in 1786. 
7 — Mary, b, in 1789. 

Family Record of Solomon Tyler, yjH Child of 
^Joseph of Mendon and Uxbridge. 

Solomon Tyler, farmer; settled in Uxbridge, his 
native town, and always lived there; had two wives, 
by whom he had these twelve children : 

Married Mary Archer, dau. of Benjamin Archer of Uxbridge, 
Feb. 17, I 781. 

I — ^Joseph, b. Jan. 8, 1782; twice married, first, to Trial Tatt 
of Uxbridge, by whom he had a daughter and son ; sec- 
ond, to of Lunenburg, by whom he had a daughter 

and son ; they resided in Townsend, Vt., Dimock, Pa.- 
and Uxbridge, Mass., where he d. Dec. 15, 1862. 

2 — Kelita, b. Feb. 3, 1784; married Eleazer Keith of Thomp- 
son, Ct., had seven children. She d. in July, 1861. 

3 — Melinda, b. Feb. 7, 1786; married John Weld of Charl- 
ton, Mass.; had five sons and two daughters. She died 
in Dec, 1863. 

4 — Royal, b. Aug. 2, 1788; married Mary Southwick of 
Mendon, Mass. and Sybil Fordham of Pa.; had nine chil- 
dren. He d. in Dimock, Pa., Feb. 27, 1841 

r Parker, b. Nov. 14, 1790; married Huldah Taft of Ux- 

bridge, and second, Lovey (?) Wright of Ohio. They 
had nine children. He d. in Indiana, May 23, 1853. 
6 — Emory, b. March 30, 1792; never married; d. in Ux- 
bridge, Dec, 3, 181 3. 

-T Benj.\min, b. Feb. 22, 1796 ; married Olive B. Bartlett of 

Ohio ; settled in Wadsvvorth, Ohio ; had five children. 
He d. in 1875. 
8 — Mary, b. Oct. 25, 1797; d. in Uxbridge, young. 
g — Timothy, b. July 16, 1799 ; married Phebe Bates of Smith- 
field, R. I., and, 2d, Mrs. Sally Arnold. He had three 
sons by his first wife. He d. in Smithrield, R. I., Mar- 
29, 1870. Two of his sons are now in Massachusetts. 
10 — Solomon, b. July 18, 1802; married Lucretia Cook of Ct. 
Settled in Copley, Ohio. Had five children. He d. in 
Indiana, while on a visit there in Dec. 1879. 
II — Mary, b. April 17, 1804; married Caleb Torey. Settled 
in Charlton, Mass. They had three sons and two daugh- 
ters. She is living in Charlton, (May, 1882.) 
Married Mrs. Jerusha (nee Wood,) Newell, June 28, 1809. 
12 — Newell, b. April 12, I 8 10; married Watie H. Bates, and 
Svbil Bates, (sisters,) of Bellingham ; had two children. 
He is now living in Worcester, Mass. (May, 1882.) 


Family Record of 'Robert Taft. 

Robert Taft and Sarah his wife, 1 640-1 725, 
came from England, settled first in Braintree, Mass. 
afterwards in Mendon, and had these five children : 

Eorn. Died. Born. Died. 

I" — Thomas, b. in 1671 — 1755- 3 — Daniel, b. in 1677 — 1761. 
2 — Robert, b. in 1674 — 174^- 4 — Joseph, b. in 1680 — 1747. 
5 — Benjamin, b. in 1684, and 1766. 


Family Record of 'Robert Taft, Jr., 2d Son of 

Robert Taft, farmer; settled in Mendon ; mar- 
ried Elizabeth , and by whom he had these 

eleven children : 

I — Elizabeth, b. Jan. i8, 1695-6. 

2 — Robert, b. Dec. 24, 1697. 

3 — Israel, b. April 26, 1699 ; married Mercy Aldrich, dau. 
of Jacob Aldrich, and Margery Hayward, his wife, who 

was son of John Aldrich, and Sarah , his wife, of 

Braintree, and who was son of George Aldrich of Dor- 
chester, Braintree, and Mendon. 

4 — Mary, b. Dec. 21, 1700. 

5 — Elizabeth, b, June 18, 1704, 

6 — Alice, b. June 27, 1707. 

7 — Eunice, b. March 20, 1708-9. 

8 — ^JoHN, b. Dec. 12, 1 7 10. 

9 — Jemima, b. April 1,1713. 
10 — Gideon, b. Oct. 4, 171 5. 
II — Rebecca, b. March 15, 1717. 

Family Record of ^Israel Taft, 3D Child of 

Robert, Jr. 

Israel Taft, farmer ; resided in Mendon and 

Upton; married Mercy Aldrich in 171 7, and by 

whom he had these nineteen children, the first nine 

of which were born in Mendon, the others in Upton. 

I — Huldah, b. June 28, 171 8 ; married Daniels. 

2 — Priscilla, b. Aug. 15, 1 721 ; married Wood. 

3 — Israel, b. April 23, 1723. 

4 — ^Jacob, b. April 22, 1725; great-grandfather of Robert and 

Jacob Taft of U.\bridge, (May, 1882.) 
5 — Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1726. 
6 — Elisha, b. May 3, 1728. 

7 — Robert, b. Feb. 14, 1730; set. in East Greenwich, R. ]. 
8 — Samuel, b. July 18, 1732 ; died young. 
9 — Mary, b. April 7, 1733 ; married Benjamin Green. 

1 1 

lo — Stephen, b. Aug. 21, 1734; d. young. 

I I — Samuel, b. Sept. 23, 1735 ; had 23 children ; great-grandfa- 
ther of H. W, Tatt of Pittsrield, and grandfather of 
Dandridge G. Taft of Uxbridge, Mass. (May, 1882.) 

12 — Mary, b. Jan. 23, 1737; died young. 
,^^1 i^ — Margery, b. May 14, 1738; married Simeon Wood of 
Uxbridge; grandmother of Newell Tyler of Worcester. 

14 — Silas, b. Dec. 17, 1739; '^'^'^ young. 

15 — Stephen', b. April i, 1741. 

16 — Rachel, b July i, 1742 ; died young. 

17 — Silas, b. Nov. 5, 1744; grandfather of Hon. Velorus Taft 
of Upton, Mass., (May, 1882.) 

18 — Amariah, b. April 10, 1746 ; died young. 

19 — Phila, b. in 17 — ; m. David David Daniels of Mendon. 

Israel Taft died in 1752-3. Date of his will, Aug. 6, 1752. 
The will was probated Sept. 19, 1753. 


^'Solomon Wood, of Uxbridge, married Faithful ^ 
; had children, one of whom was named 


Simeon, b. in 1732 ; m. Margery Taft of Upton ; he d. 1802 

/ Family Record of Simeon Wood, the Above. 

/^ Simeon Wood, farmer ; b. in Uxbridge and set- 
tled there ; he subsequently removed to Dudley, 
where his three youngest children were born ; m. 
Margery Taft of Upton, in 1760, and by whom he 
had these twelve children : 

I — Stephen, b. Oct. (4, 1761 ; killed in a wheel pit. 

2 — Rhoda, b. May 25, 1763; m. Joshua Corbin of Dudley. 

3 — ^Jerusha, b. June 28, 1765 ; m, Asa Newell of Dudley, 2d, 

Solomon Tyler of Uxbridge, June 28, 1809. She d. in 

Uxbridge, Sept. 26, 1834. 
4' — Caleb, b. June 2, 1767. 


5 — Willis, b. July 14, 1769; killed by falling from a tree. 

6 — Nathan, b. July 24, 1771 ; set. in Fredonia, N. Y. 

7 and 8 — Lois and Eunice, b. April i i, 1773. 

9 — ^^[esse, b. Aug. 29, 1775. 
lo — Mary, b. in 1778; m. Zephaniah Bartlett of Dudley, and 
d. there in 1868. 

I I — Sybil, b. ; m, Collins Moors of Dudley. 

12 — Simeon, b. ; drowned. 

'Jerusha Wood, married Asa Newel! of Dudley, 
by whom she had these six children : 

I — Caleb, b. ; d. young in Vermont. 

2 — Ezbon C, b. in 1791 ; m. Patience Arnold of Uxbridgc. 

He d. March 3, 1831. Had two children. 
3 — Matilda, b. in 1793; m. Capt. Thomas Farnum of Ux- 

bridge ; had eight children. She d. Aug. 28, 1830. 
4 — Lucretia, b. in 1797 ; m. John Taft of Uxbridge, and bv 

whom she had two sons, Robert and Jacob, now 1882, 

of Uxbridge; 2d, John Benson, of the same town. She 

d. Dec. ^9, 1863. 
5— Jerusha, b. in i 800 ; m. Jason Taft of Uxbridge, by whom 

she had nine children. She d. in 1879. 
6 — Asa, b. in 1803 ; m. Aseneth A. Taft, bv whom he had 
two children. He d. in April, 1865. 

Married Solomon Tyler, June 28, 1809, by whom she had one 
son, Newell, b. in Uxbridge, April 12, 1810. Resides in Woi- 
cester, (May, 1882.) 


'EzEKiKi. Bates ctf Bellingham, married , had 

children, one of whom was a son, named 

Laban, b. in 1747 ; m. Olive Wheelock of Mendon, Dec. 28, 
1768 ; lived in Bellingham, and d. there in 1831. 

Family Record of 'Laban Bates, the Above. 

Laban Bates, of Bellingham, married Olive 
Wheelock of Mendon, by whom he had these ten 
children : 

1 — Sarah, b. ; m. Benj. Hall of Bellingham, by whom 

she had nine children. 

2 — Olive, b. ; m. Nathan Kelley of Bellingham, by whom 

she had four children. 

3 — Polly, b. ; m. Wm. Allen of Mendon, by whom she 

had nine children. They resided in Ellisburg, N. Y. 

4 — Abigail, b. . 

5 — Laban, b. ; m. a Miss Samson of Brattleboro, \'t. 

6 — Nahum, b. April 7, 1773; m. Polly Ballou of Cumber- 
land, R. I. They had nine children, and lived and died 
in Mendon, Mass. 

7 — Liberty, b. July, 1776; m. Mary Russell of Mendon. 
They had sixteen children, and lived and died in Ellis- 
burg, N. Y. 

8 — Eli, b ; m. Abigail Kelley of Mendon. They had 

seven children, and lived and died in Bellingham. 

9 — Peter, b. March 29, 1782; m. Sybil Hill of Mendon. 
They had thirteen children. Resided in Bellingham, 
Princeton, and Mendon. He d. June 8, i860. 

10 — Smith, b. ; m. Hannah Ballou of Cumberland, R. L, 

lived in Ellisburg, N. Y., m. a 2nd wife, and there died. 

F'amilv Record of Peter Bates, qth Child of 
^Laban Bates. 

Peter Bates, married Sybil Hill, dau. of Daniel 
Hill of Mendon, and they had these thirteen chil- 
dren : 

I — Mary A., b. Dec. 17, 1803 ; m. Thomas Scott of Frank- 
lin, had four children. She d. July 17, 1852. 

2 — Adaline S., b. Jan. i ;;, 1805; m. Avery P. Wheeler of 
Hopkinton, had ten children. She d. June, 1880. 


3 — Watee H., b. Oct. 13, 1806; m. Newell Tyler, had one 

son. She d. Sept. 7, 1839. 
4 — Jervis, b. Oct. 9, 1808; m. Eliza Stone of Hubbardston, 

had nine children. Lived in Swansey, N. H. He d. in 

Keene, in 1861 . 
5 — Albert, b. Sept. zo, 181 1 ; m. Nancy , and Adaline 

Parker, had four children. Lived in Swansey, N. H., and 

in Rutland, Vt., and died there. 
6 — Sybil, b. May 16, 1813 ; m. Newell Tyler, Oct. 19, 1841, 

had one daughter. 
7 — Daniel H., b. Oct. 27, 1815 ; m. Mary Ann Thacher ; re- 
sided in Swansey. N. H. Died in Uxbridge, Mass., 

July 2, 1846. 
8 — Peter, b. Dec. 20, 181 7; m. Mary Lamson, had seven 

children. Lives in Milford, Mass. 
9 — Smith G., b. Dec. 7, 18 19; m.Janette Hopkins of North- 
bridge. He d. July 6, 1863. 
10 — Eli, b. March 9, 1822; m. Louisa Hall, and resides in 

Mendon ; had seven children. 
II — Catherine F., b. Dec. 16, 1824; m. Samuel Hudson; 

resides in Uxbridge ; had seven children. 
12 — ^Julius, b. Feb. 28, 1827; m. Sarah Holbrook ; resides in 

Milford ; had six children. 
13 — ^Junius, b. Feb. 28, 1827, twin to Julius; m. Susan Arnold 

and Emma Taft ; resides in Blackstone ; had five children. 


Daniel Hii.l, of Mendon; married Mercy How- 
ard, and by whom he had these nine children : 

I — George, b. ; m. Lydia Warfield of Mendon, lived 

and died there ; had eight children. 
2 — Mercy, b, ; m. John Holbrook of Swansev, N. H., 

lived and died there ; had six children. 
3 — Abida, b. ; m. Wm. Comstock of Mendon, lived and 

died there ; had four children. 
4 — Sybil, b. July i, 1783 ; m. Peter Bates of Bellingham ; had 
thirteen children. She d. Feb. 13, 1855. 

5 — Danmel, h. in 1785 ; d. in 1813, at Mendon. 

6 — Watee, b. ; m. Moses Kelley of Mendon, and resided 

there ; had four children. 

7 — LoviCE, b. ; m. Andrus Wheelock of Mendon, and 

resided there ; had six children. 

8 — Dan, b. ; m. Chloe Benson and Nancy Peck ; resid- 
ed in Mendon and died there ; had one child. 

g — Uranah, b. ; m. Luther Thaver of Bellingham ; re- 
sided there ; had one child. 

Family Record of Newell Tyler, as Connected 
WITH the Preceding Records. 

^Newell Tyler, ('Solomon, ^Joseph, 'John, 'Job,) 
b. in Uxbridge, Mass., April 12, iSio; merchant- 
farmer, and manufacturer; resided in Blackstone, 
Providence, R. I., Uxbridge, and Worcester ; twice 
married, and had one child by each wife : 

Married Watee H. Bates, Oct. i6, 1834. Their child : 

DoLivER, b. Aug. 19, 1837 in Mendon : d. Sept. 5, 1843, in 

Married, second, Sybil Bates of Mendon, Oct. 19, 1841. Their 
child : • 

Minerva, b. in Uxbridge, July 9, 1847; m. Willie C. Young 
of Worcester, Sept. 14, 1871. 

Correction. — Page 7. — The children of ^Joseph Tyler were 
born in Uxbridge, except Abner, who was born in Mendon. The 
marriage and birth of children of Joseph Tyler and Ruth Reed 
should refer to Joseph Tyler, Jr., the recording officer failing to note 
the distinction. 



Fate of Abner Tyler — See page 7. Tradirion says, as nar- 
rated to the compiler by the late Frederic Taft, Esq., of Uxbridge, 
that Abner Tyler, the eldest of the three sons of Joseph Tyler by 
his first wife, lived with his father until the commencement of the 
old French War, when he enlisted into the British army, and becom- 
ing tired of that kind of life, deserted and came home, but all being 
subjects of the crown of England at the time, he was not safe at 
home or anywhere in the Colonies, so upon consideration, he 
concluded to return to his duty voluntarily, hoping by so doing to 
obtain pardon. He did return, but received no mercy, and was shot 
as a deserter. When the news of his death and way he came to his 
end reached his father, the old gentleman's knees smote together 
with -trembling. 


|n tlje ^anu of dlob, ^mcn. The twenty-third day of Dec"", in 
the year of our Lord Christ 1778, — I, Joseph Tyler of Uxbridge, 
in the oCunty of Worcester, and State of Massachusetts Bay, yeo- 
man, being weak in body, but of sound mind and memory (blessed 
be God for the same,) and calling to mind the mortality of my bodv 
and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die. Do make 
and ordain this my last Will and Testament : that is to say, princi- 
pally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands 
of God that gave it, and for my body I recommend it to the Earth, 
to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion 
ot my executors, nothing doubting but at the General resurrection, 
I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God ; and as 
touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless 
me in this life, I give, demise, and dispose of the same in manner 
and form following, that is to say, — I give and bequeath to Mary, 
my dearly beloved wife, during her remaining my widow, whole im- 
provement of all my household furniture, house and cellar, (excepting 
I fire place and one room in said house,) use of well, wood yard to 
lay wood and other necessaries during time aforesaid — use of two 
cows and keeping — 10 cords of wood cut for and fit for use, 10 lbs. 
flax, 5 lbs. wool, I bush, malt, i bush, beans, 6 bush. \. corn, 4 
bush, rye, \ bush, salt, 4 bush, potatoes, 100 lbs. pork, 60 lbs. beef, 
7 lbs. tried tallow, 2 pr. new leather shoes. 


In consideration of her thirds, if she marry again, to have £5 and 
all the estate she brought to me in my possession. 

To my beloved daughter, Ruth — to be well supported in sickness 
and in health — all kinds provisions, lodging, washing, firewood, 
nursing, attention and doctoring necessary under her circumstances — 
out of my estate during her natural life — also to be carried to the 
public worship of God. 

To Mehetabel, £6, 13s, 6d, in 6 and 12 mos. after my death, al- 
so spectacles with silver bows, after my wife and Ruth have done 
with them. ******** 

To my son, Solomon, all of my estate, both real and personal, if 
the above be truly complied with. * * * * * 


The farm of Solomon and Simeon Wood consisted of 172 acres 
of land and buildings thereon, and was located on the old road to 
Smithfield, the house was on the east side of the road just south of 
that of the late Levi Thompson. It was sold first to Moses Brown, 
then to Nicholas Brown, Bezaleel Taft, Sr., Bezaleel Taft, Jr., and 
finally to Levi Thompson. The original house has been gone many 

The estate of rjoseph Tyler consisted in part of the Tan Yard 
estate in Uxbridge Centre, of 5 acres and buildings, purchased of 
Wm. Adams in 1733, and sold to Nathan Tyler. Jr. in 1775, Jona- 
than and David Farnum, Manasseh Baker in 1798, 114 rods of the 
sane to John Capron in 1808, Paul W'ing, T. B. Whiiting, etc. — 
Another lot of i8 acres then known as Egremony Swamp, located 
N. E. of the meeting-house, now Capron's pond, bought of John 
Farnum, Sr. in 1745, and sold to Aaron Taft, then to others, in- 
cluding John Capron as early as 1800, and whose descendants own 
it at this day. Another tract of land, known in later times as the 
Benjamin Tucker farm, containing probably more than 1 50 acres, 
which he willed to his son Solomon in 1778, in consideration of his 
caring for his mother, and Ruth, his sister — an invalid and a cripple. 


b. stands for born, dau. stands for daughter, 

m. " married, set. " settled, 

d. " died.