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Full text of "A brief history of John and Christian Fretz and a complete genealogical family register : with biographies of their descendants from the earliest available records to the present time"

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1948 M. L 


(See page 230.) 


John mo Christian Fretz 








ZRze^t- .A- J- Feetz, 


With an Introduction by J. Freeman Hendricks, a. m 



Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1890, 

By A. J. FRETZ, Milton, N. J. 
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. 




^ \ 










The object of the following Genealogy is to 
preserve from oblivion the more remote history of 
the pioneer ancestors of the Fretz family, and to 
place upon record the names and biographies of their 
descendants from father to son, down to the present 
time and generation. For many years the author 
of this work felt a desire to know more about his 
ancestry, and the particulars connected with his 
progenitors and their descendants than the meager 
legends, and traditions related to him by individual 
members of his own family. 

Consequently during the winter of 1872 he 
visited among the connection in Bucks, Co., Pa., 
collecting such facts, and data as were accessible. 
It was the original intention to prepare a history 
of his own branch of the family only, but having 
been deeply interested in the work himself, he also — 
naturally awakened a like interest in individuals of 
the other branches. It was then decided to make the 
history a general one, by collecting, and introducing 
all facts that could be so arranged without making 
the work too expensive and voluminous. The actual 
work however of compiling this history was not 
begun until the spring of 1888. The task, an arduous 
one, was undertaken none too soon. 

— 6 — 

It should have been begun years ago, while there 
were yet living those of the third generation, who 
could have given more satisfactory information of 
the early ancestors that would be of great interest, 
and value to the work, but which with their demise 
is forever lost. Already the ancestral thread was lost 
to many who were unable to trace their lineage 
farther than to the grandfather, or were totally 
unaware of the fact that they were in any way 
connected with the Fretz family. 

Had the author been aware of the gigantic pro- 
portions the work would assume, in tracing the 
branches and whereabouts of many of the descend- 
ants, and collecting the necessary information, it is 
more than probable the work would never have been 
undertaken. It is to be regretted that the records 
are not more complete in many of the branches. 
Owing to a lack of interest in the matter, some, for 
reasons best known to themselves, failed to respond 
to inquiries for information concerning their respect- 
ive families, thereby causing these defects. 

The work has been prepared at a greater sacri- 
fice of time than was anticipated. Had all promptly 
responded to communications the work would have 
been far easier. The writer is far from satisfied with 
the result of the work. He is aware that imperfec- 
tions exist, but pleads in extenuation of the fact that 
the difficulties were insurmountable. 

The author acknowledges himself indebted to 
the many friends for kind favors received during the 
compilation of this work, and while we express our 
sincere gratitude to all who in any way aided us, 
we especially acknowledge our indebtedness to those 
who have very materially aided us. They are as 
follows: C. D. Fretz, M. D., of Sellersville, Pa., Rev, 

— 7 — 

A. M. Fretz, and Reuben. G. Fretz, of Bedminster, 
Pa., J. H. Fretz, M. D., of Hagersville, Pa., 
A. N. Fretz, M. D., of Fleetwood, Pa., J. Freeman 
Hendricks, A. M., of Doylestown, Pa., Prof. A. B. 
Fretz, of Cedar Grove, N. J., and Thos. J. Fretz, 
of Allentown, Pa. 

That the work may meet with general approval 
is the earnest wish of the 


Milton, K J., Any. 1890. 


The history of the Fretz family in America has 
hitherto been unpreserved save by personal recollec- 
tions transmitted from generation to generation and 
by such information as may be found in family 
Bibles, church archives, public records, etc., and was 
fast being lost to the world. The want of some 
accurate, complete, enduring record of this old and 
numerous stock has therefore long been felt and 
the undersigned, among other descendants of the 
blood, finally suggested the compilation and publica- 
tion of a formal history of the family. The collection 
of the information it was at once apparent would 
prove a gigantic undertaking and ought to be placed 
into the hands of one peculiarly fitted for that 
kind of work. As a person thus fitted, there stood 
out in bold relief Rev. A. J. Fretz, and he was 
at once solicited to undertake the task. He kindly 
consented. The work was begun. Descendants were 
hunted up, grandfathers and grandmothers inter- 
viewed, family Bibles and old documents rummaged. 
public records searched, thousands of letters written, 
}^ears of labor bestowed; and at last the information 
attainable is about all attained, the work goes to 
press and to-day we present to posterity and to the 
world the fruit of our labors. We present the history 

of a family whoso settlement in this country dates way 
back beyond the Revolution, whose descendants have 
spread not only over every section of this broad 
land but over Canada as well, and whose number has 
already grown into swelling thousands. We present 
the history of a plain, sturdy, country folk; of an 
industrious, thrifty, upright, christian people. We 
present the history of an ancestry whereof we are 
justly proud and whom we ever delight to honor. 
We present the history of a people whose memory 
posterity may cherish to endless day and whose vir- 
tues the world may well emulate. Up to the present 
generation, the family produced few (if any) profes- 
sional men. It was a people of peace and quiet. It 
was a line of unassuming, conscientious sons of toil. 
Most of them were farmers. A few of them adopted 
some other manual pursuits. But the generation 
of to-day is not confined to the workshop and the 
farm. It graces every walk in life. It is represented 
in every profession. It has won high honors among 
men. It has made its mark in business, in the school- 
room, in journalism, in medicine, at the bar, on 
the platform, in the pulpit. God speed the new 
departure. May the Frctz descendants freely enter 
the pursuit for which their tastes and capabilities may 
fit them; may they keep pace with the ear of prog- 
ress, may they aspire to every thing that is worthy 
and honorable but may they never forsake the vir- 
tues of the fathers and bring shame upon an honored 
name. May they so live that the very name shall be 
a passport to respect, confidence, preferment. Every 
man every hour of his life, whether consciously or 
unconsciously, is making history and that history 
cither is to his credit or it is not. May the Frctz 
posterity ever bear this truth in their hearts and so 

— 10 — 

live that the history of the future shall be as resplen- 
dent as the history of the past. In every age monu- 
ments have been reared to commemorate noble deeds 
and illustrious careers and it is fitting that the good 
men do be immortalized — immortalized in bronze 
and granite and marble, immortalized in statue and 
arch and splendid pile. In every age the notable 
works of men have been inscribed upon the annals 
and it is meet that every worthy deed should be 
preserved to the world. There is a monument, an 
annal for good things done; and the proudest monu- 
ment, the sweetest annal is that of a noble, blameless 
life written on the hearts and wrought into the lives 
of men. Though the chisel may never inscribe, 
though the statue may never preserve, though the 
page may never contain and though we have long 
been sleeping the last sleep we may still live — live 
from age to age, live in those whom we in life have 
blest. And though unmarbled, unannaled, unsung, 
unwept, unremembered our names may be inscribed 
on the book of life. May the Fretz descendants — 
though worldly honors never crown their heads, 
though their worth and works are unnoticed of men 
— strive, whether by their struggle for lofty prizes 
or by the beauty of their quiet lives, at least to merit 
the reward. With this hope — this prayerful hope — 
we present and commit this work to posterity and 
to the world. 

J. Freeman Hendricks. 

Doylestown, Pa., Jul,/ 19, 1890. 


In the preparation of this work it will be observed that all 
descendants are recorded in the regular order of birth, from the 
oldest down to the youngest throughout the entire connection, 
each generation being marked consecutively from first to last. 
The Roman numerals placed before each name are used to 
designate the generation to which they belong, as:— 
I. John Fretz (First Generation). 
II. John Fretz, Jr. (Second Generation). 

III. Manasseh Fretz (Third Generation). 

IV. Margaret Fretz (Hestand.) (Fourth Generation). 
V. Hannah Hestand (Urmy.) (Fifth Generation), etc. 

Beginning with the first (I.) ancestor John Fretz, all his 
children are named in the order of their birth. Then follows 
his oldest son John Fretz (II. Generation), and his children, 
(III. Generation) next, Manasseh being the oldest, is followed 
down to the last of his descendants, then the second in order 
of birth of the III. Generation, and so on until the end of the 
entire branch of John Fretz, of the II. Generation is reached. 
Then the second child of John Fretz, of the I. Generation, viz: 
Jacob Fretz, is carried down in like manner to the last of his 
descendants, and so on throughout the entire connections. 

Where marriages occur between members of the connection 
the husband carries the record. In all such cases, a numbered 
reference is placed after the name and marriage of the wife, 
as, for example -(See Index of Reference No. i.) In the Index 
of References, will be found No. i. Hannah Smith, 167 On 
page 167 in the body of the book, the family record is given. 

In the General Index will be found the names of all males 
of eighteen years and over, and the maiden names of all 
females of eighteen years, and over ; also the pages on which 
their family record is given in the body of the book. 

To find family records, see Index of Branches, where 
names of all that had issue of the first, second, and third 
Generations are given. 

Abbreviations: Dec'd signifies Deceased; S. Single; 
Mrd. 71 Tarried; Ch. Church; Montg. Co. Montgomery Co.; Twp. 
Tozvnship ; 

This family History contains the names of over 9000, in- 
cluding the names of over 1500 born bearing the name of Fretz. 


The brothers John, and Christian Fretz, together 
with a third brother (name unknown, and who died 
on the voyage), emigrated from near the City of Man- 
heim, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany, for- 
merly known as the Palatinate, or Rheinish Prussia. 

They were of German origin, as is quite evident 
from the fact that they wrote and spoke the German 
language, and were connected with a distinctively 
German church.* That they were of German origin, 
is also evident from the fact that on the opposite side 
of the Rhine, in the province of Alsatia, there are to 
this day, living where they have lived for the past 
two or three centuries, many Fretz's of an old Alsa- 
tian Stock, who claim they are of German origin, 
"as all true Alsatians are." 

The Province of Alsatia was annexed to France 
in 1648, prior to that time it was always under Ger- 
man Dominion, and while the French language was 
exclusively taught in the schools, the language spoken 
is a German dialect, with decided variations in differ- 
ent localities. 

* The Meunonite church, of which Merino Simon (a Hol- 
lander by birth) was its founder, had its rise in Holland, but 
eventually spread into the adjoining countries of Germany and 
Switzerland, where they also became quite numerous. 

— 14 — 

At what port the Fretz ancestors landed, or the 
exact date of their arrival into this country is not 
known, but may have been between the years of 1710 
and 1720. It is said that they came to this country 
during what was known as kW the last persecution." 1 
They were given the alternative of connecting them- 
selves with the state church, or leave the country, 
and they chose rather than to give up their religious 
liberty to leave the "Fatherland," the land of their 
birth, and the homes of their kindred and friends, the 
graves of their ancestors, and all the hallowed asso- 
ciations of the home and country of their nativity, 
and found for themselves a home in a strange and far- 
off land where they could worship God "under their 
own vine and fig-tl•ee, ,, according to the dictates of 
their own conscience without fear of molestation. 

Undoubtedly the}' had heard that America af- 
forded a refuge for the oppressed and granted reli- 
gious liberty to all its subjects, and naturally enough 
they turned their steps hither, where they too, might 
enjoy liberty of conscience. And thus are we, as 
their descendants, citizens of this great liberty loving 
country. How we, of to-day, should prize this 
liberty! Think what our Ancestors sacrificed to en- 
joy it. How they left their native land, a country 
established many hundreds of years, to seek a home 
in the new world, in the wilds of America. 

They came about thirty-five years after the char- 
ter was granted, and the great seal of England, with 
the signature of Charles II. was affixed, and William 
Penn became the proprietor of Pennsylvania. They 
were here about thirty-five years before the French 
and Indian war, in which George Washington, was a 
British Colonel. Our first ancestor, John Fretz, 
slept beneath the sod before the fires of the Revolu- 

— lo- 
tion wore kindled, or about three years before the 
battle of Lexington. 

They came when the country was but sparsely 
settled, when the inconveniences were great, and 
when the equally dangerous red man infested the land. 
They were still living during the period when some 
of the great subjects which eventually led to the war 
of the Revolution were being agitated, and their chil- 
dren were settled with families during the bloody 
struggle for Independence, and although being — non- 
combatants, they were true and loyal to the American 
cause, and aided it as best they could, without com- 
promising their religious faith by bearing arms. 

Our ancestors and their immediate descendants 
were Mennonites, who worshiped at Deep Run, Bucks 
Co., Pa., first in the old log church, which was prob- 
ably built in 1746, and later in the old stone church, 
built in 1766, and which stood for over a hundred 
years. They no doubt aided in erecting this church, 
both by contributing of their means and labor, and 
from it they were carried to their last earthly resting 
place in the cemetery adjoining. There may their ashes 
rest in peace until the trump of Gabriel shall awake 
the dead to come forth, and obtain the inheritance of 
the faithful. 

Which of the two brothers was the elder is not 
known as no records of the birth of either have been 

Christian, settled in Tinicum township, Bucks 
Co., Pa., along the Tinicum Creek, on what is now 
known as Heaney's Mill. 

It is not known where John Fretz at first settled. 
He afterward settled in what was then Plumstead 
township, but now Bedminster, on what is known as 
the Old Fretz Homestead, situated about one mile 

- 16 - 

North East of Bedminsterville, now owned by Ely 
Fretz, and occupied by his son, Mahlon M. Fretz. 

The homestead originally consisted of 230 acres 
of land, which John Fretz purchased of Bartholomew 
Longstreth in 1737 or 1738, for which he paid 106 
pounds. The release being given in the latter year 
in the month of May. The tract when purchased 
had a house, barn, and other buildings, but was sur- 
rounded on all sides by vacant and unimproved wild 
land. A veritable wilderness. The homestead now 
includes the whole or part of four farms — viz, Samuel 
High's W acres, Ely Fretz's 57 acres, Isaac L. Frctz's 
44 acres, and Reuben Millers 60 acres. John Fretz 
was a weaver by trade, and is known as ''Weaver 
John. 11 Of his public services nothing is known of 
especial interest further than that he was one of the 
committee to form the new township of Bedminster 
in 1741. 

He was twice married, but the maiden name of 
neither wife is known. By his first wife Barbara, he 
is known to have had five children, and by his second 
wife, Maria, three. There may have been more, but 
if there were they died young. 

John Fretz died in 1772, probably in February. 
His last will and testament, was dated January 29, 
1772, and was probated on the third day of March of 
the same year, which shows that he died between the 
two dates given. The provisions of the will were that 
his son Christian should have the farm, and pay 800 
pounds, and each of the children were to have equal 
shares, except the sum of 60 pounds which was to be 
distributed among the children of his first wife, and 
which came from their Grandfather, (probably on the 
mother's side.) 

— IT - 

To the widow was willed a 100 pounds of which 
she was to receive the interest as long as she remained 
his widow. She was to have the house in which 
George White lived at that time. 

The last "Will and Testament of John Fretz, as 
an old and rather peculiar document, will no doubt be 
interesting reading, and of sufficient importance to 
warrant its insertion in the history of the connection, 
and it is herewith produced — entire as follows: 

In the name of God Amen. I, John Fretz, of 
the Township of Bedminster in the County of Bucks 
in the Province of Pennsylvania, Weaver being sick 
in body, but of sound memory blessed be God unto 
this day the twenty-ninth day of January in the year 
of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and sev- 
enty-two make this as my last Will and Testament 
in manner and form following: 

First of all it is my Will that when it shall please 
God to call me out of this world my body shall be 
decently buried, and my soul I recommend to God 
my Savior. 

Secondly, I Will that all my just debts shall be 
paid carefully out of my estate, and rest disposed of 
as followeth, that is to say, I give unto my beloved 
wife Maria, one hundred pounds lawful money to be 
paid out of my estate and the said hundred pounds 
shall be put on interest, and my wife shall have the 
interest yearly during her natural life, or so long 
she remains my widow, and if she shall want any of 
the principal of the said hundred pounds so that the 
interest would not be sufficient for her yearly main- 
tenance, it shall be allowed to her sufficient to main- 
tain her during her natural life, or so long she re- 
mains my widow, and if any is remaining of the said 
hundred pounds after her decease; or if she marries 

— 18 — 

again, the remainder shall be equally divided amongst 
my children in equal shares, and it is my Will that 
my wife shall live in the house wherein George White 
lives now, during her natural life or so long she re- 
mains my widow, and my Executors shall finish the 
house off sufficiently and build a good stable to the 
house to put her cow in and her hay, and my son 
Christian Fretz shall let her have so much meadow 
hay as to give two cows, and my said son Christian 
shall give unto my said wife yearly eleven bushels of 
good winter grain half wheat and half rye, and to sow 
yearly one acre of Buckwheat, and to plow a half 
acre of land for Indian corn, and to plow and sow a 
half acre for flax yearly during her natural life, or so 
long she remains my widow, and my wife shall have 
a row of apple trees in my orchard, the fourth row 
from the barn, and my wife shall have to choose a 
cow from my cows which she please, and her bed and 
clothes and the furniture belonging to her bed, and 
my wife shall have one iron pot, and two pails, and 
all her household goods which she brought to me she 
shall take again, and my said wife shall have liberty 
to cut fire-wood on my place sufficient during her 
natural life or so long as she remains my widow. The 
garden by the house of George White shall be for her 
during her natural life, and it is further my Will that 
all my children shall have equal shares-except sixty 
pounds lawful money shall be paid unto the children 
of my first wife out of my estate which money came 
by their Grandfather, and the said sixty pounds shall 
be equally divided amongst my said children of my 
first wife. And as all my children which are married 
have had fifty pounds apiece it is my Will that my 
son Mark shall have fifty pounds likewise, to make 
him equal with the rest, and my son Henry shall have 

- 19 - 

so much as my children from my first wife except 
what is above excepted, and except the fifty pounds 
which is paid unto my children when married. 

And it is further my Will that my daughter 
Barbara shall have one hundred pounds lawful money 
out of ni} r estate, and a cow, and a bed, all which 
she shall have when she comes to the age of eighteen 
years, and my son Henry shall have his share when 
he comes to the age of twenty-one years — and no 
sooner. And it is further my Will that my son 
Christian Fretz shall have all my lands to him, his 
Heirs and assigns, and he shall pay eight hundred 
pounds lawful money for ni} r said land or plantation, 
and to have the half of the grain in the ground with 
the place, and he is to pay the Legatees as the Will 
directs, and he, the said Christian fulfill all the 
articles mentioned in this Will to my wife accordingly 
and my son Christian shall have always a equal share 
with the rest of my children. 

He, the said Christian, my son, shall pay unto 
John Fretz my son, and Jacob Fretz, and Jacob 
Kulp, my son-in-law, for my daughter Elizabeth, her 
share fifteen months after my decease, and unto my 
son Abraham two years and three months after my 
decease, and unto my son Marcks, three years and 
three months after my decease, and the said Barbara, 
my daughter which is mentioned in this Will she shall 
have no more of my estate as the hundred pounds, 
and the cow, and bed, as above mentioned, and Last- 
ly, I do ordain, constitute, appoint my sons Chris- 
tian and John Frets, to be my -Executors of this my 
Last Will and Testament, whom I do empower 
authorize to sell all my Estate except what is in this 
Will excepted and to pay all my debts and the 
Legacies aforesaid in my name, utterly revoking and 


disannulling- all other and former Wills or Testaments 
and Executors by me before this time made or named 
Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my 
last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have 
to this presents set my hand and seal this the twenty- 
ninth day of January in the year 1772. 

Sealed signed pronounced 
declar by this presents this 
as my last Will and Testa- 
ment in the presence of us, 
Daniel Kratz, 
Jacob Kolb. 

John Fretz. 

His children in the order of their birth were, viz: 
John, Jacob, Christian, Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Mark, Henry, and Barbara. 


II. John Fretz (son of Weaver John) was born 
Mar. 1T30; died May 4th, 1826, aged 96 years. Mar- 
ried Mary Kolb, of Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., 
in 1751. She was born Sept. 10th, 1730, died 

He lived previous to, and at the time of his 
father's death, in Haycock Twp., Pa., on the To- 
hickon, where he owned and run a mill. He after- 
wards moved below Doylestown. 

In 1800 he emigrated to Canada with all of his 
family except his daughter Barbara, who married 
Jacob Silvius, and remained with her family in Bucks 
Co., and Moses, who went out to Canada the year 
previous. The journey to Canada was in wagons, 
and on foot, The old people rode and the younger 
members of the family walked. It is said that Mrs. 
Hippie carried her child all the way to Canada on foot. 

The journey was a very tedious one, through the 
thinly settled wilderness. In some places they had 
to cut a road through the forests, and for lack of 
bridges they had to ford the streams. Thus on their 
way they experienced many inconveniencies and 
hardships. On one occasion near the close of the 
day, something broke about the wagon, without the 
repair of which they could not proceed, so one of the 
boys took a horse from the wagon, rode back twenty 
miles to the nearest blacksmith shop where the iron 

was repaired, and returned arriving at early dawn, 
when the horse was put to the wagon, and the jour- 
ney continued. An incident which will serve to show 
the spirit of John Fretz, occurred during his resi- 
dence in Pennsylvania, It was during the early days 
of the Revolution. The patriot army being some- 
what destitute of arms, the soldiers went from house 
to house collecting guns for the army, from the 
settlers. On coming to his house they asked for his 
gun. He took the weapon from its accustomed place, 
and replied to the soldiers saying, "Yes, you can 
have my gun, but I'll keep hold of the butt end of 
it. 1 ' In 1801, the first Mennonite church was estab- 
lished in Canada, — known as Moyer's church. Of 
this church he was ordained Deacon in 1801, being 
the first Deacon of the Mennonite church in Canada. 
Among the relics retained of the home of John 
Fretz. is a barrel churn of white cedar, made by him 
in Bucks Co., Pa., ninety-four years ago (1796) for 
his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Grobb, and 
is now owned by John Grobb, grandson of Eliza- 
beth. His children are: Manasseh, Barbara, Abra- 
ham, Ephraim, Judith, Moses, Anna, Diana, Sarah 
and Elizabeth. 

III. Manasseh Fretz, born in Bucks' Co., Pa., Mar. 
22, 1755, died in Canada. Mrd. Mary Swartz, Dec. 7, 
1779, She died June 1, 1781. They had one child: 
(VI.) John, born May 31, 1781, died July 31, 1781. Ma- 
nasseh mrd. second wife, Anna Kulp, Aug. 31, 1781. 
She died May 15, 1803. Children: Margaret, Mary, 
Ephraim, Elizabeth, Samuel, Barbara, Hannah, 
Judith, David. Manasseh mrd. third wife, Esther 
Bleam. Tanner and farmer. Mennonites. 

IV. Margaret Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 11, 
1782, died in Canada. Mrd. John Hestand. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Hannah, Catharine, Eliza- 
beth, Esther, John, Barbara, Sarah. 

- 23 — 

V. Hannah Hestand, born 1802, died 1878. Mrd. 
Abraham Urmy, born 1795, died 1880. Farmer in 
Canada. Mennonites. Children: John, Benjamin, Jo- 
seph. Jacob, Abraham, Jr., Annie, Daniel, Samuel, 
Elizabeth, Katie, Henry, David. 

VI. John Urmy, born in Ontario, Dec. 10, 1820. Mrd. 
Christine Knisly, Feb. 21, 1812. Farmer. Baptists. 
Children: Joseph, Fidelia, George, Mary, Nathaniel, 
Emma, Maggie. 

VII. Joseph N. Urmy, born Sept, 22, 1811, died Mar. 
19th, 1881. Mrd. Miss Clark. She died—. Children: 
(VIII.) George B., Ida. Joseph Mrd. second wife, 
Miss Tumb." She died 1889. Children: (VIM.) Frank, 
Charles, aged 9 years (1890). 

VII. Fidelia Urmy, born Sept. 15, 1816, died Mar. 7, 

VII. George W. Urmy, born in Ontario, Feb. 25, 
1849. Mrd. Maggie, daughter of John Buckley, Oct. 1, 
1873. Builder, in Toronto. Methodists. No issue. 

VII. MaryE. Urmy, born Feb. 26, 1852, died May 9, 
1888. Unmrd. 

VII. Nathaniel Urmy, born June 22, 1855, died Dec. 
19, 1875. 

VII. Emma C. Urmy, born in Norfolk Co., Ont., May 
16, 1860. Mrd. Alfred W. Lamb, Nov. 10, 1880. 
Farmer. Baptists. No issue. 

VII. Maggie J. Urmy, born in Canada, May 8, 1863. 
Mar. Benjamin Pugsley. — . 

VI. Benjamin Urmy, born 1822, died in infancy. 

VI. Joseph Urmy, born 1821, died 1838. 

VI. Jacob Urmy, born 1825. Mrd. Children: (VII.) 
Laura, Ida, James. 

VI. Abraham Urmy, born 1828, -died 1829. 

VI. Annie Urmy, born 1830, died 1831. 

VI. Daniel Urmy, born in 1833, died 1838. 

VI. Samuel S. Urmy, born 1835. Mrd. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Urmy, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Aug. 12, 1837. Mrd. Menno Lloyd Neff, of Lincoln 
Co., Ont., Jan. 21, 1858. He (lied Apr. 20, 1866. 
Carpenter and shoemaker. Children: Alfred, Ar- 
thur, Lucy, Henry, Abraham. Elizabeth, mrd. sec- 
ond husband, William H. Yokom, of Selkirk, Ont., 

— 24 — 

Apr. 29, 1869. Blacksmith and plow-maker. Mrs. 
Yokom Methodist. Children: Robert, Infant, Han- 
nah, Infants, Annie, Blanche. 

VII. Alfred Lorenzo Neff, born Sept, 16, 1858, 
died, Sept. 2, 1860. 

VII. Arthur Clifton Neff, born May 5, 1860. Mrd. 
Josephine Louisa, daughter of Daniel Bose, Esq., of 
Rainham Twp., Ont., May 12th, 1885. She died 
May IT, 1886. One child: '(VIM.) Menno Lloyd Neff, 
born Apr. 4, 1886. Arthur, Mrd. second wife, Jane, 
daughter of Robert McKim Esq., Lx. M. pp. and 
Sheriff of Wellington Co., Out., Oct. 11, 1888. Meth- 
odists. One child: (VIII.) Lilian Margaret Neff, born 
Nov. 13, 1889. At the age of 16 years, Mr. Neff 
passed his examination, and began teaching. After 
teaching four years he went to Toronto and engaged 
in book-keeping and financing, and has for several 
years been in charge of the office and finance of the 
firm Lockhart, Millichamp & Co., of Toronto. He 
is classed as a chartered Accountant and is a member 
of the Council of the Institute of Chartered Account- 
ants for Ontario. 

VII. Lucy Jane Neff, born Feb. 9, 1862. Mrd. 
Moses Bartleth, Jan. 20, 1886. Farmer. Methodists. 
One child: (VIII.) Lora Henrietta Bartleth, born 
Sept, 20, 1887. 

VII. Henry Lome Neff, born Feb. 21, 1864. Mrd. 

VII. Abraham Oscar Neff, born Nov. 10, 1865. S. 

VII. Robert James Gordon Yokom, born Jan. 14, 

VII. Infant son born Feb. IS, 1872, died next day. 

VII. Hannah E. Yokom, born May 26, 1873. 

VII. Infant son and daughter born Feb. 23, died 
Feb. 25, 1876. 

VII. Annie Diantha Yokom, born Mar. 9, 1877. 

VII. Blanche Clay Yokom, born Dec. 1, 1880. 

VI. Katie Urmy, born 1840, died 1887, S. 

VI. Henry N. Urmy, born in Haldimand, Co., Ont., 
September 10, 1842. Mrd. Julia E. Wellman, 
M. D., at Los Angeles, Cal, Mar. 19, 1884. No 
issue. Mr. Urmy received a good public school 
education. Earl}* in his twentieth year, he decided 

to turn his attention to Dentistry, and about three 
years later was admitted to the practice of his chosen 
profession at Detroit, Michigan, in which city he 
received his dental education, having been a student 
in the office of Dr. Farmer of that place. After 
having practiced at Dansville, N. Y., Coldwater, 
Mich.", Spring Green, Wis. , Sioux City, Iowa, Sioux 
Falls, Dak., Minneapolis, Minn., Council Bluffs, 
Iowa. , Pueblo, Col. , in June, 1882, he came to Los 
Angeles, California, where he is permanently located 
and enjoying a nice dental practice. 

VI. David Fretz Urmy, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., May 1, 1816. Mrd. Ada C. Taylor (Methodist), 
of Gowanda, N. Y., June 1, 1882. One chill (VII.) 
Louisa Ada Urmy, born Sept. 25, 1885, died May 
23, 1888. Mr. Urmy resides at Pueblo, Col., where 
he is engaged in the practice of Law, being associated 
with L. A. Crane, under the firm name of Urmy & 
Crane. Mr Urmy has served one term, from 1882 to 
1885, as Attorney General of Colorado. 

V. Catharine Hestand, born in Canada, in 1801, 
died May 16, 1883. Mrd. Daniel Smith, Dec, 1, 1827. 
He was born Dec. 28, 1803, died Jan. 28, 1888. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: Barbara, Esther, Wil- 
liam, Hannah, Mary, Daniel. 

VI. Barbara Smith, born 1829, died 1829. 

VI. Esther Smith, born in Vaughn, Ont., Dec. 27, 
1830. Mrd. Jacob Horner, Farmer. Members of 
U. B. church. Children: Mary, William, Hannah. 

VII. Mary Catharine Horner, born Feb. 28, 1851, 
died Feb. 15, 1880. Mrd. Christian Zellers. 

VII. William John Horner, born Apr. 1, 1853, died 
Feb. 9, 1880. Mrd. Caroline Bensinger. 

VII. Hannah Maria Horner, born 1855. Mrd. Sil- 
van us Wray, Oct, 7, 1873. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VIII.) William John Wray, born Jan. 10, 
1875. (VIII.) Louisa Alice Wray, born Dec. 27, 1877. 
(VIII.) Benjamin Jacob Wray, born Jan. 31st, 1879. 
(VIII.) Lucinda May Wray, born Nov. 13, 1880. 
(VIII.) Amrus Sylvanus Wray, born Jan. 11, 1883. 
(VIII.) George Garfield Wray, born Mar. 17, 1875. 

- 26 - 

VI. William Smith, born May, 13, 1833, died Apr. 
29, 1851. 

VI. Hannah Smith, born June 18, 1835. Mrd. Isaac 
G. Wismer. 

(See Index of References No. I.) 

VI. Mary Smith, born in Ontario, Nov. 5, 1837. 
Mennonite. Inmrd. 

VI. Daniel Smith, born in Ontario. July 16, 1810. 
Mrd. Anna C. (daughter of Christopher Rittenhouse 
of South Cayuga), Sept. 18, 1878. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Christopher D. Smith, born 
Auo:. 27, 1879. (VII.) Lavina C. Smith, born Dec. 1, 
1880. (VII.) William Smith, born July 5, 1886. 

V. Elizabeth Hestand, born in Canada, July 2. 1806, 
died June 13, 1883. Mrd. Thomas Stillwell, in 1826. 
He died Jan. 23, 1881. aged 72 years. He was 
ordained to the ministry of the Baptist church at 
Sherbrook church Canada, Feb. 1838. He was pastor 
of this church and many others. Children: John, 
Robert, Mary. David, Hannah. Hester, Thomas. 
George, Barbara. 

VI. John Stillwell. born in Ontario. Aug. 27, 1826. 
Mrd. Maria Smith. Nov. 1, 1851. Furniture Dealer 
at Big Rapids. Mich. Methodists. Children: Thomas, 

Mary, Anna. W , Charles, Margaret, J. E., Alice, 

Frank, George. 

VII. Thomas Stillwell, born Mar. 22. 1853. 
VII. Marv J. Stillwell. born May IS. 1854. 

VII. Anna Stillwell. born June 15, 1856. Mrd F. P. 
Smith. Mar 6, 1876. 

VII. W. J. Stillwell. born in Selkirk. Ont., May 15, 
1859. Mrd. Aliee Ouiatt, May 15. 1881. Express 

Agt. at Rhinelander. Wis. One child: (VIII.) 

Stillwell, born June 3. 1882. 

VII. Charles N. Stillwell. born Feb. 11, 1861. Mrd. 


Ontario. "Mrd. Addison L. Banks. May 7. 1883. 
Machinist at Grand Rapids, Mich. Attends Metho- 
dist Church. Children: (VIII.) Clyde Lawrence Banks, 
born Mar. 19. 1884. (VIII.) Kittie Fern Banks, born 
Sept. 14, 1885. (VIM.) Hazel Banks, born Nov. 11, 1889. 

Apr. 12, 1882. 

Margaret Stillwell, born Feb. 26, 1863, in 

VII. J. E. Stillwell, born near Selkirk, Out,, Dee. 
15, 1864. Moved with his parents to 1% Rapids, 
Mich., Remaining at home until 1881. From 1879 to 
1882 he was engaged as a wood-turner, then (1882) 
entered the High School at Rig Rapids, from which 
he graduated in 1881. In the fall of this year he 
entered the Literary department of the University of 
Michigan, from which he graduated with his elass in 
June 1888. He was subsequently admitted to the 
study of law, in the classes, in the law department at 
Ann Arbor; was admitted to practice in the State of 
Kansas, Mar. 1889, and is now located at Seneca, Kan- 
sas, engaged as an Attorney at Law. Unmrd. 

VII. Alice Stillwell, born July 9, 1871, died Apr. 6, 

VII. Frank Stillwell, born Oet. 29, 1867. 

VII. George Stillwell, born July 19, 1876. 

VI. Robert Stillwell, born in Ontario, Aug. 10, 1828, 
Mrd. Elizabeth Deamud, Nov. 12, 1850. Farmer. 
Baptists. Children: Sarah, John, Thomas, Levi and 
Mary, Amelia, Isaiah, Hosea. Martha, Agatha. 

VII. Sarah Stillwell, born Dec. 26, 1852. Mrd. 
Duncan Ferguson, Nov. 20, 1879. Farmer. Attend 
Baptist church. Children: (VIII.) Norman Ferguson, 
born 1873. (VIM.) Blanche Ferguson, born Dec. 23, 
1875. (VIII.) Eva Ferguson, born Dec. 10, 1877. 

VII. Rev. John Stillwell, born in Canada, Jan. 26, 
1855. Mrd. Rebecca Delehay, July 2, 1885. He was 
lieensed to the ministry of the Baptist church. After- 
wards attended Queen's University of Toronto, from 
which he received the degree of B. A., Mar. 9, 1878. 
He then entered the Rochester Theological Seminary, 
where he remained a year, Then the call came from 
India for missionaries. He wrote to the Missionary 
board of his church, offering his services to the Mis- 
sionary cause, and was accepted, and Aug. 1, 1885, 
he set out for his new field of labor as missionary of 
the Baptist church, in the Presidency of Madias, 
India, where he has sinee labored as Missionary, and 
President of Samulcotta Seminary. One child: (VIM.) 
Mary E. Stillwell. 

— 28 — 

VII. Thomas D. Stillwell, born in Canada, June 26, 
1857. Mrd. Lizzie Becker, of Ont. Nov. 20, 1884. 
Clerk at 1% Rapids, Mich. Baptists. One child: (VIII.) 
Lome Rothwell Blecker Stilhvell, born June 29, 1886. 

VII. Levi and Mary Stilhvell (Twins), born Nov. 
24, 1859. Both S. 

VII. Amelia Stillwell, born in Canada. Oct. 9, 1862. 
Mrd. Fred Smeltzer Feb. 20, 1884. Farmer. Bap- 
tists. Children: (VIII.) Allen L. Smeltzer, born Jan. 
26, 1885. (VIM.) Ernest S. Smeltzer, born Aug. 2, 1887. 

VII. Isaiah Stillwell, born Aug. 30, 1865, died in 

VII. Hosea Stillwell, born Nov. 16, 1866. S. 

VII. Martha Stillwell, born Sept. 13, 1869. 

VII. Agatha Stillwell, born Aug. 10, 1872. 

VI. Mary Stillwell, born in Haldimand Co. Ont., 
Oct. 2, 1830. Mrd. John J. Long, Nov. 12, 1850. 
He was born May 31, 1828, died Apr. 24, 1867. 
Farmer. Baptists. Children: Thomas, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Lucy, David, Dorothy. 

VII.' Thomas W. Long, born Sept, 8, 1851. Mrd. 
Martha Pratten, Mar. 20, 1880. Farmer in Ontario. 
Baptists. Children: (VIM.) Hattie Long, born Jan. 

24, 1881. (VIM.) Alma Long, born Aug. 20, 1883. 

VII. Elizabeth E. Long, born in Ontario, July 11, 
1853. Mrd. George W. Avey, June 15, 1875. "Car- 
penter in London, Can. Methodists. Children: (VIM.) 
Lucy Maude Avev, born July 3, 1877. (VIM.) May 
Belle Avev, born Nov. 21, 1878. (VIM.) Frank Avey, 
born Dec? 25, 1880. (VIM.) Willie Avev, born Dec. 

25, 1882. (VIM.) Mary Avey, born Apr. '12, 1884. 
VII. Mary Jane Long, born Oct, 25, 1854. Mrd. 

Albert Steele, Sept. 8, 1875. Farmer in Ontario. 
Children: (VIM.) Lilian E. Steele, born Apr. 20, 1877. 
(VIM.) Harry Steele, born Mar. 20, 1879. (VIM.) Ches- 
ter Ray Steele, born Oct, 11, 1888. 

VII. Liicv B. Long, born in Ontario, Nov. 5, 1858. 
Mrd. William H. Smith, Nov. 5, 1884. Farmer in 
Ontario. Baptists. One child: (VIM.) Mamie Jane 
Smith, born Au£\ 5, 1885. 

VII. David B. Long, born Dec. 17, 1861, died Jan. 
25, 1885. 

— 29 — 

VII. Dorothy A. Long, born Feb. 8. 1863, died 
Mar. 4, 1866. 

VI. David Stilhvell, born Sept. 17, 1832, died Dec. 
27, 1832. 

VI. Hannah A. Stilhvell, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Nov. 27, 1833, died in Brown Co., Dak., Aug. 
26, 1889. Mrd. David Long, June 27, 1851. Farmer, 
Brown Co., Dak. Baptists. Children: Mary, George, 
Benjamin, Isaiah, Dortha, David, Mahlon, Frances. 

VII. Mary E. Long, born in Ontario, Sept. 8, 1852. 
Mrd. Edwin Dennis, Oct. 26, 1885. Farmer in Sani- 
lac Co., Mich. Baptists. No issue. 

VII. George W. Long, born in Ontario, Oct. 31, 
1854. Mrd. Phebe Booth, Feb. 11, 1880. Farmer in 
Ontario. Baptists. Children: (VIII.) Florence Long, 
born Aug. 28, 1883. (VIII.) William R. Long, bom 
Sept. 14, 1885. (VIII.) Charles Long, born Oct. 18, 
1887, (VIII.) Theresa Long, born May 14, 1889. 

VII. Benjamin F. Long, born in Ontario, May 7, 
1857. Mrd. Eliza J. Thomas, Mar. 22, 1881. Farmer 
in Dakota. Children: (VIM.) Elsie Long, born Mar. 
20, 1882. (VIII.) Ella Long, born July 26, 1883. 

VII. Isaiah Long, born Sept. 18, 1861, died same day. 

VII. Dorothy Long, born Sept. 18, 1861, died Oct. 
9, 1861. 

VII. David T. Long, born Aug. 26, 1866, died Feb. 
3, 1868. 

VII. Mahlon T. Long, born in Ontario, Apr. 19, 
1868. Mrd. Laura Plummer, Dec. 25, 1889. Farmer 
in Dakota. 

VII. Francis J. Long, born Dec. 21, 1870, died Mar. 
3, 1872. 

VI. Hester Stilhvell, born in Haldimand Co., Ont,, 
Apr. 27, 1836. Mrd. William Dennis. Carpenter, 
Baptists. Children: Albert, Judson, Edward, Harmon. 

Vfl. Albert C. Dennis, born in Haldimand Co., Ont. 
Jan. 5, 1855. Mrd. Martha E. Youngs in 1876. She 
was born Feb. 12, 1852. Reside in London, Ont, 
Baptists. Children: (VIII.) Isabella Dennis, born Dec. 
30, 1877. (VIII.) Julia Etta Dennis, born Jan. 11, 1880. 

VII. Judson Dennis, born—. Mrd. Mabel Wil- 
son—. Baptists. One child: (VIII.) Ensley Dennis. 

- 30 - 

VII. Edward Dennis, born — . Mrd. Mary Long — . 
Baptist. No issue. 

VII. Harmon Dennis, born — . Mrd. Eliza Mickener 
— . Two children. 

VI. Thomas B. Still well, born in Haldimand Co.^ 
Out.. Apr 13, 1839. Mrd. Elizabeth E. Price, of 
Cayuga, Ont., Nov. 11, 1861. She was born Aug. 1, 
1816. Farmer in Mecosta Co., Mich., where they 
moved in May 1865. Methodists. Children: Elisha, 
Arthur, William, Francis, Samuel, Marques. 

VII. Elisha A. Stillwell, born Sept. 1. 1862, died 
Dec. 8, 1863. 

VII. Arthur Stillwell, born Nov. 5, 1861. 

VII. William Aimer Stillwell, born in Mecosta Co.. 
Mich., Feb. 1. 1867. Mrd. Cora Fisk, Dec. 21, 1887. 
Foreman in blind factory. Methodists. No children 

VII. Frank Burton Stillwell, born Sept. 30, 1869. 
Mrd. Emma Torsee, July 29, 1889. Employed in 
furniture factory. 

VII. Samuel Douglas Stillwell, born Nov. 11, 1877, 
died Sept. 22. 1881. 

VII. Marques E. Stillwell, born Mar. 21, 1881, died 
July 5, 1881. 

VI. George R. Stillwell, born in Haldimand Co. , Ont. , 
Jan. 31, 1815. Mrd. Sarah Sider— , she died—. Wage 
earner. Baptists. Children: (VII.) John, Rose, May. 

VI. Barbara Stillwell, born in Canada, May 11, 1815. 
Mrd. John W. Buckner, 1866. Marine Engineer at 
St. Clair. Mich. Baptists. Children: Rose, Zelia, 
Mary, Francis, Maggie, Hannah, Thomas, Julia. 

VII.' Rose Belle Buckner, born Mar. 3, 1867. Mrd. 
James Bond, Oct. 29, 1883. 

VII. Zelia E. Buckner, born Feb. 19, 1868, died 
Mar. lit. 1868. 

VII. Mary E. Buckner, born June 26, 1870. Mrd. 
Fred H. Bond. Apr. 6, 1889. One child: (VIII.) Jes- 
sie Belle Bond, born Oct. .25, 1889. 

VII. Francis B. Buckner, born Oct. 11, 1872. died 
Mar. 1, 1888. 

VII. Mairo-ie May Buckner, born Sept, 22. 1875. 

VII. Hannah M. Buckner, born May 6, 1878. 

— 31 — 

VII. Thomas F. Buckner, born Nov. 22, 1880. 
VII. Julia B. Buckner, born Apr. 30, 1885. 
V. Esther Hestand, born — . Mrd. Samuel Smith — . 
V. John Hestand, born—. Mrd—. One son: (VI.) 
John H. Hestand, born — . 

V. Barbara Hestand, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 10, 1813, died Jan. 18, 1884. Mrd. Dennis Rowe, 
Feb. 19, 1829. He died in Petrolia, Ont., Sept. 15, 
1875. Farmer. Baptists. Children: Sarah, John, Wil- 
liam, Elizabeth, Dennis, Mary, Hannah, Alexander. 

VI. Sarah M. Rowe, born in Walpole, Haldimand 
Co., Ont., Jan. 20, 1830. Mrd. Abraham Yeager, 
Nov. 1, 1851. General blacksmith by trade, now oil 
driller. Mrs. Yeager Baptist, Children: Byron, Bar- 
bara, Eugene, Petrolia, Maleel, Josephine. 

VII. Byron Yeager, born May 27, 1852, died Dec, 
26, 1852. 

VII. Barbara Matilda Yeager, born May 21, 1854. 
Mrd. Henry West, May 13, 1872. He died Feb. 6, 
1883. Wagon Maker. 'Children: (VIII.) Ella West, 
born Oct. 13, 1872. (VIII.) Ida West, born Aug. 18, 
1874. (VIII.) Willie West, born Sept, 4, 1876. (VIM.) 
Frank West, born Sept. 6, 1878. Mrs. West mrd. sec- 
ond time to — Boon, Sept. 17, 1888. 

VII. Eugene Yeager, born May 15, 1859, died June 
26, 1886. 

VII. Petrolia Yeager, born in Ont., Nov. 28, 1861. 
Oil driller in Austria, Europe (1889). 

VII. Maleel Yeager, born in Ontario, Apr. 11, 1864. 
Oil driller in Austria, Europe (1889). 

VII. Josephine Yeager, born in Ontario, Feb. 1, 1872. 

VI. John Rowe, born in Walpole, Haldimand Co., 
Ont,, Apr. 19, 1832, died Feb. 22, 1890. Mrd. Phebe 
Streeter, July 22, 1867. She was born in Norfolk Co., 
Ont, Miller, Baptists. Mr. Rowe while in the lum- 
ber woods, Feb. 22, 1890, felling a tree, was killed by 
a limb striking him crushing his skull. Children: 
(VII.) Joseph William Rowe, born July 31, 1868. (VII.) 
Jessie Sophia Rowe, born Dec. 6, 1871. (VII.) Alice 
Rowe, born July 17, 1873. (VII.) Melissa Jane Rowe, 
born Nov. 1, 1876. (VII.) George Alexander Rowe, 
born in 1881, died July 18, 1882. (VII.) Harriet Belle 

— 32 — 

Rowe, born Mar. 5, 1883. (VII.) Catharine Ann Rowe, 
born Sept. 29, 1885. 

VI. William Nelson Rowe, born in Haldimand Co.. 
Ont., Jan. 24, 1834. Mrd. Matilda Tufford, Dec. 25, 
1862. She was born Oct. 9, 1840. Farmer and fruit 
grower in Lincoln Co., Out. Baptists. Children: 
Mary, Barbara. Philip, Margaret. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Dec, 27, 1863. Dressmaker. S. (1889). 

VII. Barbara Ellen Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Mar. 17. 1865. S. (1889). 

VII. Philip Frederick Rowe, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Oct. 17, 1866. S. (1889). 

VII. Margaret Matilda Rowe, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont,, 1869. S. (1889). 

VI. Elizabeth Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., Ont.. 
Jan. 12, 1838. Unmrd. 

VI. Dennis G. Rowe, Jr., born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Feb. 25, 1840. Mrd. Lizzie Soome, Mar. 7. 
1876. Farmer in Lincoln Co.. Ont. Children: (VII.) 
Barbara Elizabeth Rowe, born June 1, 1879. (VII.) 
Mary Rowe, born Oct. 8, 1883. 

VI. Mary Catharine Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont.. Jan. 3, 1843. Baptist, Unmrd. 

VI. Hannah Maria Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont.. Apr. 7, 1845. Mrd. Alexander Spafford, May 
6, 1873. He died 1874. Baptists. No issue. 

VI. Alexander James Rowe, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont,, May 16, 1849. Mrd. Elizabeth Chambers, Feb. 
27,1878. Oil driller at Petrolia, Ont, Children: (VII.) 
Florence Rowe, born Auo-. 31, 1879. (VII.) May Rowe, 
born Jan. 15, 1882. (Vtl.) Willie Rowe, born Sept, 
17, 1884. 

V. Sarah Hestand, born—, died—. Mrd. Mr. Miller, 
died soon after marriage. 

IV. Marv Frctz. born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Sept. 19. 
1784. died in Lincoln Co., Ont., — . Mrd. Philip Tuf- 
ford — , farmer and miller. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary, Manasseh, Susan, Moses, Samuel, Conrad. 
Philip, Jacob, Judah, John. 

V. Mary Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, July 
8, 1804, died Apr. 10, 1832, in Jersey Settlement, 

— 33 — 

Can. Mrd. Philip Grandinc Sr., Oct. 17, 1822. He 
died Oct. 11, 1879. Carpenter. Baptist. Children: 
Eliza, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Philip. 
VI. Eliza Grandinc, born Aug. 26, 1823, died Oct. 
16, 1823. 

VI. Mary Grandinc, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 
11, 1825, ' died Jan. 9, 1887. Mrd. Elias Little, Apr. 

21, 1815. Farmer, lived in 111. Methodists. Children: 
Fannie, Philip, Martha, Hannah, Christie, Mary, 

VII. Fannie E. Little, born May, 27, 1816, died June 

22, 1816. 

VII. Philip A. Little, born in Scott Co., 111., May 
25, 1817. Mrd. Orpha Barnes, July 3, 1876. She was 
born in Manchester, 111., Jan. 28, 1851. Carpenter 
and joiner in Boone Co., 111. Children: (VIII.) Earl 
Eugene Little, born May 21, 1877. (VIII.) Philip 
Stacy Little, born Apr. 11, 1879. (VIII.) Berton Leroy 
Little, born Oct. 18, 1880. (VIII.) Ruby May Little, 
born Apr. 6, 1882. (VIII.) Mary Alice Little, born 
Feb. 29, 1881. 

VII. Martha E. Little, born in Boone Co., Ill, Sept, 
4, 1819. Mrd. John Hazlewood, Nov. 17, 1869, in 
Bcloit, Wis. Fanner in Boone Co. , 111. Methodists. 
Children: (VIII.) Earnest and Earl Hazlewood (Twins), 
born July 7, 1882, the former died July 19, 1882, the 
latter died Aug. 1, 1882. 

VII. Hannah E. Little born in Boone Co., 111., Dec. 

23, 1851. Mrd. Orson Schellenger, Sept. 9, 1869. 
Farmer in Smith Co. , Kan. Methodists. Children: 
(VIII.) Elias B. Schellenger, born Oct. 30, 1871. (VIII.) 
William O. Schellenger^ born Dec. 21, 1876. (VIII.) 
Mary M. Schellenger, born Oct. 27, 1878. (VIII.) Ray 
P. Schellenger, born Jan. 26, 1889. 

VII. Christie C. Little, born Apr. 23, 1851, in 111. 
Mrd. Alice E. Wright, Oct. 17, 1877. Farmer in 
Boone Co., 111. Methodists. Children: (VIII.) Fannie 
Grace Little, born Aug. 6, 1878. (VIM.) Frank E. 
Little, born Sept. 2 1880. (VIII.) Will E. Little, horn 
Aug. 22, 1882. (VIII.) Lou Edna Little, born June 
25, 1SS5. 

u — 

VII. MaryC. Little, born in Boone Co., Ill, Aug- 
18, 1856, died Apr. 15, 1877. Mrd. George VanAnt- 
werp, Feb. 1875. No issue. 

VII. Fannie Little, bom in Boone Co., 111., Apr 30 
1861. Mrd. Clayton G. Wright, May 12, 1881 Far- 
mer in Boone Co., 111. Methodists. Children: (VIII.) 
Jessie Wright, born Mar. 12, 1882. (VIII.) Mary E 
\\ right, born Apr. 13, 1881. (VIII.) R y Wright! 
born Sept, 25, 1886. 

VI. Elizabeth Grandine, born at Niagara, Can., Nov 
8, 1826. Mrd. Samuel Pearson, May 31, 1816. Shoe- 
maker. Methodists. Children: Martha, Mary, Sarah 

i«i ™ te ' Frances 5 Lo-rinda, Ida and Philip (Twins)' 

VII. Martha Esther Pearson, born at Paris, Can 
Dec. 21, 1817. Mrd. Thomas Shannon, Oct. 11, 1866,' 
Custom House officer at Gretna, Man. Presbyterians 
Children: John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Solomon," Martha." 
(VIII.) John Philip Shannon, born July 1, 1867. (VIII.) 
Elizabeth Ann Shannon, born June 1, 1870. (VIII.) 
Thomas William Shannon, born Nov. 17, 1872. (VIII.) 
Solomon Shannon, born, Mar. 17, 1875. (VIII.) Martha 
Shannon, born Nov. 19, 1877. 

VII. Mary Arietta Pearson, born at Paris, Ont,, Apr 
20, 1850. Mrd. Alfred Hambleton, Apr. 30, 1861 
He died Dec. 25, 1876. Children: Humberson, Ida, 
Escott, Mary.— Mary Arietta mrd. second husband 
Samuel Bell Fraliek, Aug. 11, 1879. He was born in 
Hastings Co., Can., Apr 21, 1836. Farmer at Oak 
Lake, Man. Children: Trena and Nelson. 

VIII. Humberson Grandine Hambleton, born in Hu- 
ron Co., Ont., Feb. 5, 1868. 

VIII. Ida Isadore Hambleton, born in Huron Co. 
Ont., Feb. 7, 1870. Mrd. Simon A. Pearson, Jan 27 
1886, of Virden, Man. Children: (IX.) Alfred John 

• arson, born Nov. 11, 1886. (IX.) Hilton Wellington 
Pearson, born May 27, 1888. 

VIII. Escott Pearson Hambleton, born Aug. 15, 1872 

VIII. Mary Elizabeth Hambleton, born in Huron 
Co., Ont., Sept. 6, L875. Mrd. John James Shaw, of 
Virden, .Man., Oct. 22, 1889. Methodists. 

VIII. Trena Fraliek, born May 6, 1882. 

VIII. Nelson Fraliek, born Sept. 8, 1887. 

— 35 — 

VII. Sarah Elizabeth Pearson* born in Perth Co., 
Ont., Feb. 1, 1855. Mrd. John W. Haggard, Feb. 
22, 1876. Formerly cabinet maker, now farmer in 
Manitoba. Methodists. Children: (VIII.) Charles 
Humberson Haggard, born Apr. 12, 1877. (VIII.) 
Addison George Haggard, born Apr. 11, 1879. (VIII.) 
Albert Lome Haggard, born Nov. 20, 1885. 

VII. Charlotte Anna Pearson, born in Mitchell, Can., 
Oct. 27, 1857. Mrd. Charles W. Holland, Jan. 8, 
1871, at Brussels Ont. Coach builder at Port Huron, 
Mich. She inclines to the Methodist and he to the 
Episcopal church. Children: (VIII.) Lillie Emma 
Holland, born Nov. 2, 1871. (VIII.) William Humber- 
son Holland, born Dec. 31, 1877. (VIII.) Capitola 
Maud Holland, born Nov. 11, 1880. 

VII. Frances Dora Pearson, born at Brussels, Ont., 
Apr. 17, 1860. Mrd. Thomas Dennis, Dec. 10th, 
1879. Farmer. 642493 

VII. Lorinda Caroline Pearson, l5orn at Brussels, 
Ont., June 11, 1861. Mrd. Frederick H. Pelton, 
July 20, 1880. Shoemaker in Port Huron, Mich. 
Attend Methodist church. One child: (VIII.) Ulysses 
Frederick Pelton, born Jan. 16, 1882. 

VII. Ida Cora and Philip Humberson Pearson 
(Twins), born Aug. 13, 1865, both died in infancy. 

VI. Hannah Grandinc, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 13, 1829. Mrd. Henry Willson in 1856. Farmer 
in Lapeer Co., Mich. Methodists. Children: Mar- 
shall, Jacob, Martha, Esther. 

VII. Marshall G. Willson, born June 28, 1857. Mrd. 
Lavina Meadows, in 1879. Children: (VIM.) Florence 
Orlctta Wilson, born Sept. 18, 1880. (VIII.) Thomas 
H. Willson, born Nov. 18, 1882. (VIII.) Mary Will- 
son, born Dec. 15, 1881. 

VII. Jacob H. Willson, born Feb. 3, 1859. S. 

VII. Martha E. Willson, born Jan. 20, 1861, died 
Oct. 9, 1887. 

VII. Esther J. Willson, born May 21, 1863. Mrd. 
John M. Slough, Feb. 21, 1880. Children: (VIII.) 
Martha V. Slough, born Nov. 28, 1880. (VIII.) Han- 
nah A. Slough, horn Sept. 22, 1882. 

— 36 - 

VI. Philip Grandine, born on the Tufford homestead 
in Lincoln Co., Ont., May 22, 1831. Mrd. Caroline 
Little, Mar. 23, 1854. Farmer in Brant Co., Ont. 
Methodists. Children: Delpha, Mary, Ulysses. 

VII. Delpha Dora Grandine, born in Canada, July 3, 
1856. Mrd. Charles N. Buck, Dec. 21, 1871. Spring 
mattress manufacturer. No issue. 

VII. Mary E. Grandine, born Apr. 16, 1858. Mrd. 
James Robb, Apr. 9, 1881. Farmer. One child: 
(VIM.) Fannie Irene Robb, born Oct. 17, 1888. 

VII. Ulysses C. Grandine, born Mar. 4, 1869. 

V. Manasseh Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. 2, 1806, died July 2, 1870. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Grobb, Feb. 27, 1826. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Philip, Abraham, Moses, John. 

VI. Philip Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Apr. 
1, 1830. Mrd—. Farmer. Dunkard. 

VI. Abraham Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Apr. 26, 1831. 

VI. Moses Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 
26, 1835. Farmer. Member of the Disciple ch. S. 

VI. John G. Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. 16, 1811. Mrd. Magdalena C. Moot, Sept. 21, 
1866. Farmer. Baptists. Children: (VII.) George 
Franklin Tufford, born Oct. 30, 1869. (VII.) Norman 
Tufford. born July 29, 1871. (VII.) Delpha Tufford, 
born June 18, 1878. (VII.) Jennie Alberta Tufford, 
born Aug. 21, 1881. (VII.) William Tufford, born 
Apr. 3, 1881. 

V. Philip Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., May 
6, 1819, died May 18, 1885. Mrd. Mary Woodrow, 
Oct. 21, 1861. Farmer. Methodists. One child: (VI.) 
Manasseh W. Tufford, born in Woodstock, Ont., 
Mar. 17, 1866. Policeman at St. Catharines, Ont. 
Methodist. S. 

V. John W. Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 26, 1827. Mrd. Margaret Price, Sept. 26, 
1855. Farmer. Mennonite. Children: Mary, Jerome, 
Sarah, Philip. 

VI. Mary Tufford, born—. Mrd—. 
VI. Jerome Tufford. born — . Mrd — . 

- 37 — 

VI. Sarah Caroline Tufford, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Oct. 21, 1863. Mrd. Alonzo L. Benson, May 
10, 1881. Farmer in Monroe Co., N. Y. Attend the 
Methodist ch. One child: (VII.) Harvey L. Benson, 
born May 28, 1888. 

VI. Philip Tufford, born—. S. 

V. Susan Tufford, born—, died—. 

V. Moses Tufford, born—. Mrd—. Children: (VI.) 
Levi — . 

V. Samuel Tufford, born—, died—. 

V. Conrad Tufford, born—. Mrd. Catharine Burtch 
— . No issue. 

V. Jacob Tufford, born—. S. 

V. Judith Tufford, born—, died—. 

IV. Ephraim Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 8, 
1787, died May 29, 1788. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 

22, 1789, died in Ontario, Can., June 1863. Mrd. 
Benjamin Nunn, Mar. 17, 1807. He was born Apr. 
16, 1775, died Nov. 1862. Carpenter. Mennonitcs. 
Children: Thomas, Esther, Olive, Anna, Manasseh, 
William, Jonathan, Mary, Samuel, Judith, Joshua. 

V. Thomas Nunn, born May 8, 1808, died June 
25, 1808. 

V. Esther Nunn, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 

23, 1809, died—. Mrd. Daniel Abbe in 1826. He 
died—. Laborer. Baptist. Children: Elizabeth, 
Benjamin, Olive, Jesse, Rhoda, Jacob, Mary, Marga- 
ret, Melvin. 

VI. Elizabeth Abbe, born Mar. 10, 1827. Mrd. 
James Singer—. She died Mar. 10, 1890. Farmer. 

VI. Benjamin T. Abbe, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Apr. 3, 1828. Mrd. Eliza Hilgerd, June 28, 1852. 
Minister of the Free Will Baptist church at Canboro, 
Mich. Children. (VII.) Sarah Ann Abbe, born Apr. 
7. 1853, died Dec. 20, 1853. (VII.) William H. Abbe, 
born Nov. 18, 1851, died June 25, 1855. (VII.) Esther 
Abbe, born July 9, 1855, died June 17, 1887. (VII.) 
Susanna Abbe, born June 11, 1857. (VII.) Daniel A. 
Abbe, born Nov. 16, 1859. (VII.) Sarah F. Abbe, 
born, Feb. 17, 1862. (VII.) John H. Abbe, born Jan. 

— 38 — 

30, 1864. (VII.) Jacob Abbe, born June 25, 1867. 
(VII.) IraD. Abbe, born Jan. 11, L870. (VII.) Benja- 
min T. Abbe, born Sept. 26, 1871. 

VI. Olive Abbe, born in Walpole Twp., Can., Feb., 
9, 1832. Mrd. Jonathan Thornthwaite, July 10, 1853. 
Farmer in Huron Co., Mich. Free Will Baptists. 
Children: Esther, Charles, Peter, Sarah, Frederick, 
Martha, Mary. 

VII. Esther Ann Thornthwaite, born Jan. 29, 1851, 
died Jan. 31, 1851. 

VII. Charles Wesley Thornthwaite, born Apr. 12, 
1855, died June 8, 1856. 

VII. Peter D. Thornthwaite, born Feb. 23, 1857. 
Mrd. Annie Hayer, Nov. 11, 1889. Farmer in Huron 
Co., Mich. Free Will Baptists. 

VII. Sarah Ann Thornthwaite, born July 30, 1858, 
died Nov. 22, 1861. 

VII. Frederick Thornthwaite, born Dec. 30, 1861. 

VII. Martha Jane Thornthwaite, born Oct. 19, 1861. 
Mrd. Hants C. Morrow, Oct, 28, 1879. Farmer. 
Children: (VIII.) Joseph J. Morrow, born Dec. 16, 
1880, died Aug. 1, 1881. (VIII.) Charles Morrow, 
born Aug. 26, 1883. (VIII.) Eliza Morrow, born Apr. 
26, 1885. (VIII.) AllaB. Morrow, born Jan. 12, L888. 
(VIII.) Baby Morrow, born Apr. 1 1890. 

VII. Mary Sophronia Thornthwaite, born Dec. <>, 
1866. Mrd. William E. Dickout, May 3, 1881. 
Farmer. Children: (VIII.) Olive Elizabeth Dickout, 
born Apr. 31, 1887. (VIII.) Gracie Gertrude Dickout, 
born Aug. 6, 1888. 

VI. Jesse M. Abbe, born in 1833, died—. Free 
Will Baptist. 

VI. Rhoda Abbe, born in Dover, Ont., in 1835. 
Mrd. Lazarus Light, in 1851. Mason. Methodist. 
Children: Marv, Hattie, Thirza, Adelia, Sarah, 
Matilda, Olive, Eva. 

VII. Mary Agnes Light, born Apr. 9, 1858. Mrd. 
Aaron Weedge Nov. 1, 1876. Merchant. Methodists, 
Children. (VIM.) Edith Rosella Weedge, born Mar. 
30, 1878. (VIII.) Florence Mabel Weedge, born May 
4, 18S0. (VIII.) Charles Gordon Weedge, born July 
12, 1886. 

- 39 - 

VII. Hattie M. Light, horn July 25, 1861. Mrd. 
Edgar Turrill, Mar. 30, 1887. Laborer. Methodists. 
One child: (VIM.) Reana May Turrill, born Oct. 5, 


VII. Thirza Ann Light, horn Feh. 22, 1861. Mrd. 
Ed. Murphy, Nov. 22, 1880. Laborer. Methodists. 

VII. Adelia Frances Light, born June 23, 1865. 
Mrd. William Campbell, Dec. 25, 1889. Farmer. 

VII. Sarah Jane Light born July 23, 1868. Mrd. 
Robert Lauthers, Mar. 30, 1889. Farmer. Methodists. 

VII. Matilda Clara Light, born Nov. 13, 1870. 

VII. Olive Lorrienna Light, born May 31, 1876. 

VII. Eva Almeda Light, born June 4, 1880. 

VI. Jacob N. Abbe, born—, 1837, died—, 1859. 

VI. Mary Jane Abbe, born in Norfolk Co., Ont., in 
1838. Mrd. Shelden Davy, Sept. 18, 1855. He died 
Dec. 3, 1856. Mary, Mrd. second husband Hugh 
McGaw, June 22, 1858. Shoemaker, at Canboro, 
Mich. Free Will Baptists. Children: Ceclia, Esther, 
Nancy, Mary, George, Hugh, John, Olive. 

VII. Ceclia Jane McGaw, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., July 11, 1859. Mrd. Louis Durfy, — . Free 
Will Baptists. Children: (VIII.) Hattie C. Durfy. 
(VIII.) Berty E. Durfy. 

VII. Esther A. McGaw. born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
July 2, 1861. Mrd. William Wallace, in 1871. 
Reside in Gladwin, Co., Mich. Children: (VIII.) 
Hugh, Mary J,, Gertrude, Mabel. 

VII. Nancy J. McGaw, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
July 26, 1863. Mrd. Phinehas Walsh. Farmer in 
Huron Co., Mich. Children: (VIM.) Annie J., 
Charles A., George A. 

VII. Mary E. McGaw born in Lapeer Co., Mich., 
May 17, 1866. Mrd. Daniel Doan, Sept, 1, 1885. 
Minister of the Free Will Baptist church. Resides 
in Huron Co., Mich. One child: (VIM.) Mabel M. 

VII. George W. McGaw, born Dec. 13, 1868. 

VII. Hu^h E. McGaw, born Dec. 4, 1870, died June 
16, 1871. 

— 40 — 

VII. John K. McGaw, born July 27, 1873. 

VII. Olive H. G. McGaw, born Sept, 12, L875. 

VI. Margaret A. Abbe, born in Vienna, Ont., Jan. 
16, 1846. Mrd. Philip Sweet, Aug. 29, 1867. He 
was born in Niagara Co., Ont,, in 1845. Laborer. 
Methodists. Children: (VII.) Francis J. Sweet, born 
Aug. 14, 1868. (VII.) Sarah E. Sweet, born Mar. 8, 
1871. (VII.) Ethalinda Sweet, born Oct. 27, 1875. 
(VII.) Martha Sweet, born Sept. 8 1881, died in 1882. 

VI. Melvin P. Abbe, born in 1845, died—. Farmer. 

V. Olive Nunn, born Sept. 30, 1811, died in 1888. 
Mrd. Frederick Cline, — . 

V. Anna Nunn, born Feb. 12, 1814. Mrd. William 
Gillmore, — . He died — . Had a large family moved 
to Michigan. 

V. Manasseh Nunn, born Apr. 2, 1816. Mrd. Mary 
C. Van Voltanburg, — . Laborer. Baptists. Children: 
John, Phebe, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Sealey. 

VI. John W. Nunn, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Apr. 
1,1851. Mrd. Catharine Kratz, Dec. 3, 1871. Farmer. 
Methodists. Children: (VII.) Emily Nunn, born Feb. 
22, 1873. (VII.) Ervin Nunn, Sept. 21, 1875. (VII.) 
Louisa Nunn, Born June 8, 1877. (VII.) Mary Nunn, 
born Dec. 24, 1879. 

VI. Phebe A. Nunn, born May 31, 1853. Mrd. 
George Helmer, Jan. 16, 1872. Sailor at Port Huron, 
Mich. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Bertha Helmer, 
born Jan. 28, 1873. (VII.) John Helmer, born Nov.6, 
1875, died Nov. 23, 1876. (VII.) Cora Helmer, born 
Mar. 2, 1877. (VII.) Freddie Helmer, born Apr. 19, 
1880, died Nov. 29, 1881. (VII.) Willie Helmer, born 
Jan. 23, 1882. (VII.) Sealea Helmer, born Aug. 4, 

VI. Benjamin C. Nunn, born in Brantford Co., Ont., 
Sept. 10, 1855. Mrd. Susannah Bradshaen, Dec. 31, 
1879. She died Apr. 30, 1885. Children: (VII.) Roy 
R. Nunn, born Apr. 25, 1881. (VII.) John W Nunn, 
born May 27, 1883, died Mar. 29, 1884. Benjamin 
Mrd. second wife, Ida A. Wright, Apr. 25, 1889. 
Formerly Sailor, now farmer. Methodists. One 
child: (VII.) Elburn R. Nunn, born Jan. 19, 1890, 

— 41 — 

VI. Elizabeth J. Nunn, born Apr. 19, 1858.. Mrd. 
Thomas Moyncs, Jan. 4, 1886. Carpenter in Detroit, 
Mich. Attends Methodist E. Ch. One child: (VII.) 
Charles T. Moynes, born Jan. 27, 1887. 

VI. Sealey K. Nunn, born in Lincoln, Co., Ont., 
June 29, 1861. Mrd. Rachel A. Arthur, of Kent Co., 
Ont., May 1, 1889. Farmer in Midland Co., Mich. 

V. William Nunn, born in Lincoln Co. , Ont. , Apr. 

29, 1818. Mrd. Margaret Cole, Mar. 20, 1811. She 
died Nov. 27, 1868/ Children: James, Benjamin, 
Henry, William, Joseph, Charles, Robert, Edward, 
Robert. William Mrd. his second wife, Susan Gra- 
ham, Jan. 25, 1872. 

VI. James Nunn, born May 29, 1815. Mrd. Caroline 
Dobbins, — . 

VI. Benjamin Nunn, born Feb. 13. 1847. Mrd. Jane 
Brown,—. She died—. He Mrd. second wife, Jennie 
Tice,— . 

VI. Henry Nunn, born May 3, 1849, died Sept, 
23, 1850. 

VI. William Nunn, born Sept. 8 1851. Mrd. Mar- 
garet Bell, — . No issue. 
' VI. Joseph Nunn, born Mar. 26, 1854, died Mar. 

30, 1855. 

VI. Charles Nunn, born Jan. 17, 1856. Mrd. Miss 
Doane — . Two children. 

VI. Robert Cole Nunn, born Mar. 24, 1860, died Aug. 
5, 1863. 

VI. Edward Nunn, born Nov. 14, 1862. Mrd. Mary 
Frances Waterberry,— . Mrs. N., Methodist. One 

VI. Robert Nunn, born June 5, 1865. Resides in 
New York City. S. 

V. Jonathan 'Nunn, born Sept. 25, 1820. Mrd.—. 
House. Probably no issue. 

V. Mary Nunn,' born in Lincoln, Co., Ont., Apr. 9, 
1822, died Mar. 3, 1886. Mrd. Adam Renner in 
1846. Farmer. Baptist. Children: Maria, Sarah, 
Daniel, Olive, Charlotta. 

VI. Maria Ann Renner, born in Norfolk Co., Ont., 
Sept. 29, 1847, Mrd. Francis S. Folks, Nov. 5, 1865. 

- 42 - 

Carpenter. Baptists. Children. (VII.) Mary Catha- 
rine Folks, born Feb. 6, 1867. (VII.) Josephine 
Folks, born Mar. 24, I860. (VII.) Bertha Frances 
Folks, born Apr. 3, 1871. (VII.) Matilda Jane Folks, 
born Feb. 16, 1877. (VII.) Dorothy Folks, born Nov. 
7, 1878, died Dec. 18, 1878. (VII.)' Edith Folks, born 
Sept. 12, 1880. (VII.) Floyd Renner Folks, born 
Nov. 13, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Jane Renner, horn in Norfolk Co., Ont., 
Jan. 12, 1850. Mrd. Frederick Folks, Jan. 15, 1867. 
He died Aug. 1, 1887. They moved to McComb Co.', 
Mich., in 1868. Children: (VII.) George Adam Folks, 
born Jan. 22, 1868. (VII.) Charles Henry Folks, 
born July 4, 1870. (VII.) Vera Folks, born May 25, 
1873. (VII.) Frank Folks, born Nov. 4, 1876. (VII.) 
Mary Elizabeth Folks, born Mar. 4, 1880. 

VI. Daniel Fletcher Renner, born in Norfolk Co., 
Ont, Sept. 7, 1853. Mrd. Phebe Wilcox, Apr. , 10, 
1875. Farmer, at Brantford, Ont, Baptists. One child: 
(VII.) Minnie Evelena Renner, born Mar. 10, 1S77. 

VI. Olive Elizabeth Renner, born Sept. 6, 1855. 
Mrd—. Shaw—. 

VI. Charlotta Matilda Renner, born Jan. 11, 1862. 
Mrd. William Hunter Shaw—. 

V. Samuel Nunn, born Dec. 25, 1825. Probably 
never Mrd. 

V. Judith Nunn, horn in Haldimand Co. , Ont., Aug. 
13, 1828. Mrd. John Walker, Jr.. Nov. 26, 1849. 
He died — .Farmer in Elgin Co., Ont. Baptists. Chil- 
dren: Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Esther, Emma, Henry, 
John. — Judith mrd. second husband, Hiram Dean, 
in 1871. He died Sept. 10, L889. 

VI. Mary B. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 1850. 
Mrd. Andrew Faulds, of Middlesex Co.. Ont., Nov. 
25, 1871. Moved from Canada to Michigan in L878. 
Farmer in Bay Co., Mich. Free Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) John Andrew Faulds, born Nov. 18, L872. (VII.) 
Berton Carman Faulds, born Jan. 29, 1876. (VII.) 
Emma May Faulds, born May 30, 187s. (VII.) Sarah 
Elizabeth Faulds, born June 26, 1881. (VII.) Ivy 
Myrtle Faulds, born Mar. 26, 1883, died Mar. 7. 1 884. 
(VI I.) Pearl Faulds, born Sept, 25, 1887. 

— 43 - 

VI. Hannah E. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont. 

VI. Sarah A. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont. — . 
Mrd. James Rowe in 1881. She died in 1883. No issue. 

VI. Esther J. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont,, Oct. 
27, 1856. Mrd. George A. Lane, Mar. 17, 1880. Far- 
mer in Sanilac Co., Mich. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Nellie M. Lane, born Mar. 17, 1881. (VII.) James 
A. Lane, born June 2!>, 1888. 

VI. Emma M. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Aug. 14, 1860. Mrd. William C. Buck, Mar. 0, 1881. 
Farmer in Bay Co., Mich. Methodist. Children: 
(VII.) Frank Buck, born May 4, 1882. (VII.) Charles 
Henry Buck, born Sept. 24, 1883. (VII.) John Milton 
Buck, born Oct, 5, 1886. (VII.) Berton Ross Buck, 
born Feb. 6, 1889. 

VI. Henry S. Walker, born in Elgin Co., Ont. 

VI. John R. Walker, born in Elgin Co.. Out. 

V. Joshua Nunn, born Feb. 26, 1831, died Feb. 25, 

IV. Samuel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dee. 16, 
1791, died in Canada, May 19, 1876. Mrd. Catharine 
Honsberger, Dec. 1, 1816. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Susan, John, Lydia, Manasseh, Philip. 

V. Susan Fretz, born Sept. 24, 1817, died Nov. 26, 
1865. Mrd. Valentine Kratz, Mar. 14, 18—. Children: 
(VI.) Henry Kratz, born June 4, 1842. (VI.) Queen 
Ann Kratz, born June 7, 1849. (VI.) William Kratz, 
born Sept. 13, 1857. 

V. John Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 6, 
1820, died Aug. 15, 1847. Mrd. Elizabeth DelpCulp, 
Nov. 23, 1841. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Ma- 
tilda, Moses, John. 

VI. Matilda Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Sept, 
17, 1843. Mrd. Henry H. Honsberger, Feb. 5, 1867. 
He was born July 12, 1840. Farmer. Mennonite. 
Children: (VII.) Franklin Honsberuer, born Dec. 10, 
1867. (VII.) Sylvina Honsberger, born Aug. 31, 1869. 
(VII.) Elizabeth Honsberger. born Mar. 7, 1871. (VII.) 
Jacob Honsberger, born July 19, 1872. (VII.) Sarah 
Honsberger, born Feb. 15, 1876. (VII.) Wesley Hons- 
berger, born Aug. 28, 1877, died Sept, 25, 1877. (VII.) 

— 44 — 

James Edward Honsberger, born Feb. 27, 1880. (VII.) 
Anna Celeste Honsberger, born May 12 1883 died 
June 22 1884. (VII.) Effie Honsberger, born June 4, 

2? 5 \V ^ J ° hn Heni T Honsberger, born June 8, 1888. 

VI. Moses Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct 16 
1845, died Aug. 6, 1847. 

VI. John Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan 29 
1848. Farmer. S. 

V. Lydia Fretz, born in Ontario, Aug. 5, 1822 
Mrd. Jacob Burtch, Apr. 3, . He died—. Far- 
mer. Mrs. Burtch belongs to Disciple ch. Children: 

,„ a V.? ach ^ 1 ' Catharin e, Anna, Henry, Jonas, Susan. 

VI. Eliza Burtch, born in Lincoln Co., Ont. June 18 
1844, died Sept. 15, 1878. Mrd. Henry Nelson. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Samuel Nelson, born—, died aged three 
years. (VII.) Doratha Nelson, born Nov. 22, 1867. 
(VII.) Jessie Alberta Nelson, born Mar. 22 1870 
(VII.) Arthur Nelson, born Feb. 21, 1877. 

VI. Rachel Burtch, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 
16, 1846. Mrd. Isaiah Bush, June 15, 1865. Farmer 
in York Co., Pa. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) In- 
fant son born and died Dec. 19, 1866. (VII.) Wil- 

!i a ,Tx F i»? ush ' born Dee - 14 ' 1867 - Died Apr. 1, 1870. 
(VII.) \\ ayne Bush, born June 4, 1870. (VII.) Mary 
C. Bush, born Dec. 4, 1873. (Vll.) Bertha L. Bush, 
born July 24, 1876. 

VI. Catharine Burtch, born May 6, 1851. Died 
May 6, 1879. Two children. (Vll.) Ellen Burtch, born 
Oct. 10, 18.68. (Vll.) Holland Burtch, born Feb. 15, 

VI. Catharine. Mrd. Conrad Tufford, Jan. 14, 1874. 
No issue. (See Index of reference No. 2.) 

VI. Anna Burtch, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Nov 
19, 1852. Mrd. John E. Burkholdcr, Jan. 20, 1869 
Millwright. Members of Disciple Ch. Children: 
(VII.) Margaret Josephine Burkholder, born Mar 19 
1870. Died May 2, 1885. (Vll.) William Burk- 
holder, born Nov. 14, 1871. Died—. (Vll.) Mary 
Melissa Burkholder, born Apr. 17, 1879. (Vll.) Jessie 
Alberta Burkholder, born Apr. 25, 1886. 

VI. Henry Burtch, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Apr. 
2, 1859. S. l 

— 4-5 — 

VI. Jonas Burtch, born July 24, 1857. Died July 
25, 1857. . _. . . n 

VI. Susan Morilda Burtch, born m Lincoln Co., 
Ont., 1864. Mrd. George E. Johnson, Nov. 16, 1888. 
Blacksmith. Members of Disciple Ch. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. z, 
1794 Died in Canada in 1872. Mrd. Jacob Thomas, 
about 1814. He died in 1856. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children (13 in number), Jacob, William, Eliza, Ann. 

V. Jacob Thomas, born at Short Hills, Ont , Dec. 
25 1835. Mrd. Mary Markle in 1857. She died m 
1870. Farmer. Baptists. Children: George, Abigal, 
Daniel, William, Jacob, Mary. Jacob mrd. second 
wife, Mrs. Ellen Reynolds, in 1872. . 

VI. George W. Thomas, born in Elgin Co., Ont. in 
1858. Mrd. Euphemia McCauley, Sept, 12 1877. 
She died—. Farmer. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Caro- 
line Mabel Thomas, born May 27, 1879. (VII.) Infant 
still born in 1881. (VII.) Nellie May Thomas, born 
Aug. 14, 1883—. George. Mrd. second wife, Mrs 
Fidelia Chandler, Sept. 11, 1884. One child. (VII.) 
George Albert Thomas, born in 1885. 

VI. Abigal E. Thomas, born in 1860. Mrd. Charles 
Cole, 1888. . ^ . _ _ , 

VI. Daniel A. Thomas, born in Elgin Co., Unt., 
1862. Mrd—. 

VI. William O. Thomas, born 1864. S. 

VI. Jacob F. Thomas, born 1866. Died 1877. 

VI. Mary Jane Thomas, born in Elgin Co., Ont. 
1868. Mrd. Ingersoll Aut, Mar. 1887. 

V. William Thomas, born—. 

V. Eliza Thomas, born—. Died 1888. Mrd. Leonard 
Beeman— . One child: Henry Beeman. 

V. Ann Thomas, born—. Mrd—, — Soper. 

IV. Hannah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 
1796. Died in Canada—. Mrd. Benjamin Thomas—. 

IV. Judith Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 
1796 (Twin to Hannah). Died in Canada—. Mrd. 
Peter Howe — . 

IV. David Fretz, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., 
Pa May 17, 1799. Died in Lincoln Co., Ont. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Rittenhousc, Apr. 27, 1824. Farmer. Men- 

— 46 — 

nonites. Children: Barbara, Esther, Manasseh, 
Michael, Hannah, Samuel, Sarah, David, Jacob, 
Mary, Elizabeth. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born in Ontario, May 8, 1825. 
Mrd. John Martin: Apr. 11, 1816. He died Jan. 20, 
L889. Farmer near Byng, Ont. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: David, John. Elizabeth, Mary, Maggie, Bar- 
bara, Catharine. Esther, Hannah. 

VI. David F. Martin, born in Ontario, Mar. 27, 
1818. Mrd. Maggie Rittenhouse, Mar. 18, 1873. 
Farmer, near Byng, Ont. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Barbara C. Martin, born Feb. 17, 1874. (VII.) 
Clara Ann Martin, born May 5, 1876. (VII.) Mary 
Maggie Martin, born Nov. 22, 1878. (VII.) Sarah Etta 
Martin, born Apr. 11, 1881. (VII.) John Franklin 
Martin, born May 13, 1885. (VII.) Joseph Martin, 
born June 20, 1888. 

VI. John F. Martin, born — . Mrd — . 

VI. Elizabeth F. Martin, born—. Mrd. John Ritten- 
house — . Farmer. Children: (VII.) Lottie and Emma, 
both single. 

VI. Mary F. Martin, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
1856. Mrd. Rudolph Hunsinger, 1877. Carpenter at 
Jordan. Ont. Mrs. Hunsinger Methodist. Children: 
(VII.) Alberta Hunsinger, born 1878. (VII.) Mary 
Elizabeth Hunsinger, born 1882. Died 1888. 

VI. Maggie F. Martin, born Aug. 6, 1858. Mrd. 
Fred Gr. Nonnamaker, Feb. 3, 1885. Farmer. No 

VI. Barbara F. Martin, born Sept. 30, 1863. Mrd. 
Henry R. Nonnamaker, Nov. 22, 1886. Farmer. 
No issue. 

VI. Catharine F. Martin, born—. Mrd. J. W. 
Nonnamaker — . Blacksmith. No issue. 

VI. Esther F. Martin, died in infancy. 

VI. Hannah F. Martin, died in infancy. 

V. Esther Fretz, born Oct. 1, 1826, died Aug. 21, 
1877. Mrd. Elias Culp, Mar. 7, 1854. He~ died 
Mar. 8, 1882. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
David, Magdalena, Solomon. Henry, (deceased). 
(VII.) Susan. Josiah, Joshua, Elizabeth. 

— 47 - 

V. Manasseh C. Fretz, born in Lincoln Co. , Ont, , Oct. 

5, 1828. Mrd. Mary Reesor, Oct. 11, 1851. Retired 
fanner. Mennonite. No issue. 

V. Michael Fretz, horn in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 
11, 1830. Mrd Magdalena Reesor, Mar. 7, 1851. 
Farmer, near Markham, Ont. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Josiah, Manasseh, Annie, John, Mary, Levi, 

VI. Josiah R. Fretz, born Feb. 3, 1858, died Nov. 

6, 1859. 

VI. Manasseh Fretz, born in Ontario, Mar. 31, 1860. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Cober, Nov. 25, 1881. Children: 
(VII.) Joseph C. Fretz. born Sept. 25, 1885. (VII.) 
Martha Fretz, born Jan. 16. 1888. 

VI. Annie Fretz, born Mar. 10, 1862. Mrd. Tilman 
McDowell, Mar. 8, 1881. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: )VII.) Edwin, Wesley, Allen. 

VI. John R. Fretz, born Dee. 17, 1866, S. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Fretz, born May 3, L869. 

VI. Levi R. Fretz, born Nov. 13, 1871. 

VI. David Gleason Fretz, born July 7, 1885. 

V. Hannah Fretz, born in Ontario, June 7, 1832. 
Mrd. Jacob Overholt, Sept. 30, 1851. Farmer in 
Lincoln Co., Ont, Mennonites. Children: Solomon, 
Henry, Mary, David. 

VI. Solomon Overholt, born May 18, 1852. Mrd. 
Almcda Kratz— . Fruit grower. Children: (VII.) 
Anna Maud and Cora Mabel. 

VI. Henry Overholt, born Aug. 11, 1851. Mrd. 
Cornelia Dean—. Employed in a fruit store in To- 
ronto. One child: (VII.) Francis Overholt. 

VI. Mary Overholt, born Oct. 28, 1856. Mrd. Alex- 
ander Heckadon— . Farmer—. Children: (VII.) Jes- 
sie Florence, Edwin, Nellie May. 

VI. David Josiah Overholt, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Feb. 21, 1866. Mrd. Esther A., only phild of 
Michael Linnan, of Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 2, 1887. 
Agent Can. Pac. R'y. Co., at Avonmore, Ont. 
Methodists. One child: (VII.) Flossie Alberta Over- 
holt, born Aug. 26, 1888. 

V. Samuel J. Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., May 
1, L834. Mrd. Margaret Housor, Apr. 15, 1856. She 

— 18 — 

was born July 30, 1836. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. 
Mennonites. Children: Anna, John, Mary, Sarah, 
Catharine, Barbara, Jacob, Margaret, Sylvester, Al- 
bert, Emanuel, Emerson. 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Fretz, born Feb. 1, 1857, died 
Dec. 18, 1887. Mrd. Solomon H. Moyer, Dec. 26, 
1878. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Ervin 
Moyer, born June 27, 1879, died May 25, 1880. (VII.) 
Maggie Moyer, born Dec. 26, 1880. (VII.) Sylvester 
Moyer, born Oct. 5, 1882. (VII.) Clayton Moyer, 
born May 5, 1885. 

VI. John Franklin Fretz, born Dec. 30, 1858, died 
Oct. 20, 1859. 

VI. Mary Fretz, born Apr. 20, 1860. 

VI. Sarah Fretz, born July 25, 1861. Mrd. Solomon 
H. Eckhardt, Mar. 25, 1888. Laborer. Members 
Mennonite B. in C. 

VI. Catharine Fretz, born Mar, 11, 1863. Mrd. 
Joshua Atyeo, Nov. 25, 1881. Farmer in Lincoln Co., 
Ont. Children: (VII.) William Edward Atyeo, born 
Sept 12, 1885. (VII.) Samuel Delos Atyeo, born Jan. 
17, 1887. 

VI. Barbara Fretz, born Nov. 30, 1861. Member 
Mennonite Brethren in Christ. S. 

VI. Jacob H. Fretz, born Oct. 17, 1866. Member 
of Mennonite. B. in C. 

VI. Margaret Fretz, born May 29, 1869, died Nov. 
1, 1869. 

VI. Svlvester Fretz, born Oct. 2, 1870. 

VI. Albert Fretz, born Jan. 27, 1871, died May 12, 

VI. Emanuel Fretz, born Jan. 17, 1877. 

VI. Emerson Fretz, born July 5, 1879, died Nov. 
16, 1880. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 27, 
1836, died June 15, 1857. Mrd. Samuel Wismer, Jan. 
13, 1855. He died Sept. 29, 1858. Farmer. Member 
Old Mennonite ch. Children: Elizabeth and Henry. 

VI. Elizabeth Wismer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 13, 1855. Mrd. Gleason E. Thoman, June 22, 
1875. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Isaiah 
Thoman, born May 20, 1876. (VII.) David Thoman, 


- 49 - 

bora Mar. 4, 1878. (VII.) Harvey Thoman, bora Mar. 
10, 1880. (VII.) Manasseh Thoman, bora Jan. 25, 
1882. (VII.) Russel Thoman, bora Oct. 30, 1883. 
(VII.) Mary Anna Thoman, bora Mar. 28, 1886. (VII.) 
Sarah Elizabeth Thoman, born July 21, 1888. 

VI. Henry F. Wismer, bora in South Cayuga, Ont., 
June 5, 1857. Mrd. Annie May Reesor, Aug. 17, 
1880. Farmer near Whitevale, Ont, Children: (VII.) 
Franklin Russel Wismer. bora Aug. 20, 1881, died 
Dec. 21, 1881. (VII.) Mary Loraine Wismer, born 
Sept. 28, 1884. 

V. David Fretz, born in Lincoln, Co., Mar. 5, 1838, 
died Mar. 26, 1878. Mrd. Barbara Houser, of South 
Cayuga, Aug. 30, 1859. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: William, Franklin, Elizabeth, Nancy, David, 
Sophia, Lavina. 

VI. William Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 
2, 1860. Mrd. Maggie Troup, Sept. 22, 1881. 
Farmer in Lincoln Co: r Ont., Children: (VII.) Myrtle 
Fretz, born July 17, 1885. (VII.) Lillian Fretz, born 
Nov. 18, 1888. 

VI. Franklin Fretz, born Nov. 3, 1861. Mrd. Catha- 
rine, (daughter of Rev. Daniel Honsberger,) Oct. 3, 
1888. Carpenter at Jordan, Sta. , Ont. Methodists. 
One child: (VII.) Clarence Elton Fretz, born Jan. 
26, 18! M). 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, born Dec. 11, 1862. Mrd. 
James Troup, Oct. 5, 1882. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Franklin Troup. (VII.) David Troup. 
(VII.) Mildred Troup. 

VI. Nancy Fretz, born in Ont., July 9, 1864. Mrd. 
Alexander Troup, Jan. 3, 1882. Track foreman on 
G. T. R. R. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Arthur 
Troup, born Apr. 8, 1884. (VII.) William Troup, 
born June 26, 1886. (VII.) Roy Troup, born Mar. 
11, 1889. 

VI. David Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
5, 1886. Mrd. Minnie Troup, Jan. 1890. Carpenter. 

VI. Sophia Fretz, born Dec. 25, 1867. Mrd. Martin 
L. Ressor, Feb. 15, 1888. Farmer. Methodists. One 
child: (VII.) Edna May Reesor, born Dec. 18, 1889. 

- 50 — 

VI. Lavina Fretz, born Feb. -7, 1869. Methodist, 

V. Jacob Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 16, 
1839. Mrd. Magdalena Shirk, July 21, 1863. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Benjamin, Christian, Clara, 
Norman, Arminta, Manassek, Edward. 

VI. Benjamin Fretz, born July 9, 1861. Mrd. 
Mary Nevels— . Children: (VII.) Alpheus Fretz, 
born Jan. 19, 1887. (VII.) Allan Fretz, born June 
19, 1888. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Out., June 17, 
1842. Mailed Joseph M. Wismer, Dec. 17, 1867. 
Farmer. Bee keeper in Lincoln Co., Ont. He was 
ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church, 
Nov. 1, 1885, of which his wife is also a member. 
Children: (VI.) Philip Henry Wismer, born Mar. 
26, 1870. (VI.) Margaret Elizabeth Wismer, born 
Dec. 17, 1871. (VI.) Ettie Eltha Wismer, born June 
25, 1877. (VI.) Victoria Catharine Wismer, born 
Feb. 26, 1880, died Jan. 20, 1881. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Sept. 1, 1811, died Jan. 
1, 1818. 

III. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 
22, 1756, died in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 10, 1821. 
Mrd. Jacob Silvius, Sept, 15, 1797. He died Apr. 
15, 1815. Blacksmith by trade, and followed nail 
making. He was also a weaver and farmer, and 
lived on a farm (now owned by their grandson, 
Jacob S. Geil) situated two miles below Doylestown, 
on the road from Spring Valley to Bridge Point, They 
were Mennonites. Children: Mary and Susannah. 

IV. Mary Silvius, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Aug. 5, 
1798, died 1887. Mrd. Henry Geil 1822. He died 
Mar. 11, 1858. Weaver and fanner. Mennonites. 
Children: Jacob, Abraham, Mary, Christian, Ann. 

V. JacobS. Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 21, 
1823. Mrd. Sophia McKinstry, Apr. 22, 1852. Re- 
tired farmer, resides in Doylestown. Attends Men- 
nonite Ch. Children: Adeline, Mary, Rachel. 

VI. Adeline Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 1, 
1853. Mrd. Frank Garner, (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 3). 

— 51 - 

VI. Mary Jane Geil, born July 7, 1854, died Aug. 
5, 1871. 

VI. Rachel Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 25, 
1857. Mrd. Emanuel J. Miller, Feb. 27, 1886. 
Farmer in Norton Co., Kan. One child, died un- 

V. Abraham Geil, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 18, 1827, 
died Nov. 13, 181-4. 

V. Mary Geil, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 26, 1831. 
Mrd. Reuben Keller, Sept. 28, 1865. Shoemaker, 
and Commission dealer at Doylestown, Pa., Mrs. 
Keller, Presbyterian, he belongs to Keller's Ch., 
Haycock Twp. One child: (VI.) Anna Mary Keller. 

V. Christian Geil, born June 24, 1834, died July 28, 

V. Ann Elizabeth Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Dec. 20, 1838, died—. Mrd. Jesse Hellings,—. He 
died—. One son: (VI.) Henry G. Hellings, died—. 
Aged about 21 vrs. 

IV. Susannah "Geil, born May 21, 1800, died in 

III. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 3, 
1758. No issue. 

III. Ephraim Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
18, 1760, died young. 

III. Judith Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 
1761, died in Canada, Jan. 18, 1837. Mrd. Thomas 
Watters,— . He died Dec. 4, 1849. One child: (IV.) 
Nancy Watters, born — . Mrd — . 

III. Moses Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 23, 
1763. Emigrated to Canada in 1799, where he died 
Oct. 4, 1843. No issue. 

III. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 1765, died 

III. Dinah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 30, 
1768, died in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Sept, 7, 1801. Mrd. 

Michael Rittenhouse, June 11, 1793. He was born 
Sept. 1, 1768, in Bucks Co., Pa., died Aug. 2, 1852, 
in Lincoln Co., Ont., where they emigrated in 1800. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Margaret, 
Anna, John. 

IV. Mary Rittenhouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
4, 1791. Died—. Mrd. Tillman Houser, Apr. 13, 
1813. He was born Oct. 19, 1792, died Jan. 31, 1871. 
Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. Mennonites. Children: 
Michael, Margaret, Jacob, Barbara, Anna, Susannah, 
John, Joseph, Tilman, Samuel, Daniel. 

V. Michael Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 
11, 1811. Mrd. Barbara Mover — . Farmer in Lin- 
coln Co., Ont. Member of Evangelical Association. 
Children: Jacob, Tilman, Catharine, Samuel, Mary, 
William, Barbara. 

VI. Jacob M. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1841. Mrd. Margaret Hippie, Jan. 19, 1864. 
Farmer in Lincoln Co. , Ont. Members of Evangeli- 
cal Association. Children: (VII.) Infant daughter 
born Nov. 19, died Nov. 20, 1865. (VII.) Mary Etta 
Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Out., Dec. 3, 1867. 
(VII.) Emma Priscilla Houser, born Nov. 8, 1872. 

VI. Tilman M. Houser, born May 30, 1843. Mrd—. 

VI. Catharine Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 12, 1845. Mrd. E. N. Fry, Sept. 26, 1866. Wheel- 
wright. Members of Evangelical Association. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Alberta Fry, born Aug. 21, 1869. (VII.) 
Rosa Fry, born Aug. 4, 1872. (VII.) Sanford Fry, 
born Nov. 3, 1874. (VII.) Charles Fry, born Oct. 15, 
1876. (VII.) Edith Fry, born Mar. 6, 1878, died 
1880. (VII.) Willie Fry, born June 22, 1882. (VII.) 
Lottie Fry, born Feb. 16, 1885. 

VI. Samuel M. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 21, 1846. Mrd—. 

VI. Mary Houser, born July 21, 1850. Mrd. A. D. 
Smith, Feb. 22, 1877. 

VI. William M. Houser, born Sept. 3, 1853. Mrd—. 

VI. Barbara E. Houser, born July 5, 1860. Mrd. 
J. M. Smith, Dec. 25, 1880. 

V. Margaret Houser, born Sept. 20, 1815, died Sept. 
10, 1836. 

- 53 - 

V. Jacob Houser, born Feb. 7, 1818, died Sept. 
20, 1828. 

V. Barbara Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
5, 1820. Mennonite. 

V. Anna Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Apr. 30, 
1822. Died Sept. 5, 1816. Mennonite. 

V. Susannah Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 5, 1821. Member Evangelical Association Ch. 

V. John Houser, born Nov. 10, 1828. Died May 

10, 1811. 

V. Joseph Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
8, 1830. Mrd. Lydia Grobb, Jan. 23, 1851. Farmer. 
Methodist. Children: Sarah, Mary, Franklin, Lu- 
cinda, Levi, Ida, Allen, Sophia, Amanda. 

VI. Sarah Catharine Houser, born in Ontario, Nov. 
1, 1851. Mrd. Solomon Smith, Dec. 24, 1873. Farmer 
at South Cayuga, Ont. Methodist. Children: (VII.) 
Wilber M. Smith, born Dec. 11, 1875. (VII.) Loren 
E. Smith, born Dec. 19, 1882. 

VI. Mary Jane Houser, born Mar. 12, 1858. Died 
Feb. 18, 1865. 
VI. Franklin Houser, born Dec, 2, 1860. Died Feb. 

11, 1865. 

VI. Lucinda Houser, born May 28, 1863. 
VI. Levi Houser, born Aug. 11, 1865. 
VI. Ida Houser, born June 18, 1868. 
VI. Allen Houser, born Aug. 26, 1869. 
VI. Sophia Houser, born Sept, 21, 1871. 
VI. Amanda Houser, born May 21, 1871. 

V. Tilman R. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, 
June 17, 1832. Mrd. Margaret Hunsburger, May 12, 
1853. She was born Oct. 23, 1831. Farmer in Lin- 
coln Co., Ont, Methodists. Children: Mary, Frank- 
lin, Sarah, Emma, Anna, Mary, John, Agnes, Martha. 

VI. Mary Catharine Houser, born Sept. 11, 1853. 
Died May 2, 1857. 

VI. Franklin Houser, born Mar. 19, 1855. Mrd. 
Harriet Eleseba Book, Jan. 7, 1885. She was born 
May 21, 1865. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont, 

VI. Sarah Jane Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 23, 1857. Mrd. Jonathan Smith, Oct. 1, 1883. 
He was born Sept. 12, 1858. Farmer. Methodists, 

— 54 — 

Children: (VII.) Eugenie Maud Myrtle Smith, horn 
July 14, L884. (VII.) Charles Russel Smith, horn Feb. 
7, 1886. (VII.) Anna Lulu Smith, born Apr. 21, 
1887. (VII.) Horace Franklin Smith, born July 13, 

VI. Emma Margaret Houser, born Dec. 16, 1858. 
Mrd. Charles H. Vanderbugh, Sept. 8, 1881. He was 
born Nov. 27, 1858. Farmer. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Alice Ethal Vanderbugh, born Mar. 1, 1883. 
(VII.) Edna Emma Vanderbugh, born Aug. 13, 1885. 

VI. Anna Rose Alpha Houser, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont,, Jan. 31, 1862. Mrd. William Fisher, Dec. 29, 
1881. He was born Sept. 25, 1857. Farmer. Mem- 
bers Evangelical ch. One child: (VII.) Maggie May 
Fisher, born Feb. 19, 1885. 

VI. Mary Catharine Houser, born Oct. 9, 1863. Mrd. 
David Albion Hansel, Jan. 20, 1886. He was born 
June 21, 1863. Carpenter. Methodist. One child: 
(VII.) Maggie May Fisher, born Feb. 19, 1885. 

VI. John Houser, born Oct. 12, 1867. Teacher in 
the Public Schools. Methodist. 

VI. Agnes Etta Houser, born Sept. 15, 1869. Died 
Feb. 9, 1870. 

VI. Martha Alice Houser, born Sept. 2, 1875. Died 
Feb. 17, 1877. 

V. Samuel R. Houser, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 23, 1837. Mrd. Barbara Hunsberger — . Farmer. 

V. Daniel Houser, born Mar. 20, 1839. Died same day. 

IV. Margaret Rittenhouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Feb. 1, 1796. Died—. Mrd. Joseph Fretz. (See In- 
dex of References No. 1.) 

IV. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
15, 1798. • Died Apr. 5, 1880. Mrd. Abraham Huns- 
berger, Feb. 13, 1817. He was born June 28, 1794. 
Died Dec. 24, 1862. Farmer in Ontario. Menno- 
nites. Children: Sarah, Susan, Moses, Aaron, Agnes, 
Michael, Mary, Nancy, Enos, Elizabeth. 

V. Sarah Hunsberger, born in Bayham Twp., Ont., 
Sept. 15, 1817. Mrd. David M. Bearss, Feb. 1, 1838, 
He died Oct. 10, 1889. Carpenter, Members Society 

of Friends. Children: Susan, Benjamin, Mary, Mah- 
lon, Lydia, Anna. 

VI. Susan Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Ont., May 9, 
1839. Mrd. Charles B. Closs, June 3, 1860. Farmer. 
Baptists. Children: Frank, Emma, Ida, Carrie, Ada. 

VII. Frank D. Closs, horn Apr. 2, 1863. 

VII. Emma A. Closs, born June 14, 1865. Mrd. 
Lewis E. Pound, Dec. 2, 1881. Farmer. Baptists. 
Children: (VIII.) Charles W. Pound, born Sept. 21, 
1885. Died Feb. 28, 1886. (VIII.) Mason A. Pound, 
born July 30, 1887. (VIII.) Albert A. Pound, born 
Oct. 30, 1889. 

VII. Ada M. Closs, born Jan. 20, 1868. 

VII. Carrie L. Closs, born Jan. 23, 1874. 

VI. Benjamin F. Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Feb. 8, 1841. Died at Beaver Falls, Pa., in 1873. 
Mrd Annie Claudius, of Auburn, N. Y., 1864. Black- 
smith. One child: (VII.) David A. Bearss, born in 
London, Ont,, Jan. 20, 1866. Mrd., Dec. 18, 1884. 
Three children. 

VI. Mary Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Ont,, July 5, 
1843. Mrd. Levi A. Laur, July 4, 1860. Carpenter 
and joiner. Attends Friends meeting. Children: 
Elva, Sarah, Catharine, Fred, Levi. 

VII. Elva Laur, born Feb. 3, 1862. Died Feb. 28, 1864. 
VII. Sarah E. Laur, born May 3, 1864. Mrd. John 

A. Caron, Sept. 28, 1887. Farmer. Attends Metho- 
dist Ch. One child. (VIII.) Zella Caron, died aged 
six months. 

VII. Catharine M. Laur, born May 6, 1866. Mrd. A. 
W. Pierce, of St. Thomas, Ont., May 26, 1886. 
Commercial Liveryman at Aylmer, Ont. One child: 
(VIII.) Floyd Pierce, died, aged 8 months. 

VI. Mahlon Bearss, born in El^in Co., Ont., July 
20, 1847. Mrd. Matilda Tinlin, Mar. 10, 1870. Re- 
side in Michigan. Children: (VII.) Brooklin Bearss, 
born Feb. 10, 1871. (VII.) Gertrude Bearss, born 
June 25, 1876. 

VI. Lydia L. Bearss, born Aug. 16, 1852. Mrd. 
William R. Scott, of Brockway, Mich., May 6, 1875. 
Children: (VII.) Twin boys, born June 3, 1879, 

— 56 - 

Died June, 1879. (VII. Sarah R. Scott, born Dee. 9, 

1880. (VII.) Verne Scott, born May 18, 1886. 

VI. Annie Bearss, born in Elgin Co., Out., Jan. 21, 
1857. Mrd. Abram W. Laur, Dec. 28, 1874. Tin- 
smith. Members U. B. Ch. Children: (VII.) Clara 
M. Laur, born 1875. (VII.) Ethel M. Laur, born 
1878. (VII.) Mabel E. Laur, born 1882. (VII.) Clar- 
ence Laur, born 1885, died 1885. 

V. Susan Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co. , Ont. , Sept. 
21, 1819. Mrd. David Grobb. (See Index of Refer- 
ence No. 5.) 

V. Moses Hunsberger, born in Canada, Mar. 15, 
1822. Mrd. Eliza Nellis, Mar. 31, 1815. Farmer. 
Methodists. Children: (VI.) Harvey, Mary, Phebe, 

V. Rev. Aaron Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., 
Ont., Apr. 11, 1821. Mrd. Cyrena Nellis, Oct. 30, 
1844. In early life he was a Carpenter and Joiner. 
When 19 years of age he connected himself with the 
M. E. church, and served the church as Class-leader, 
Steward, Exhorter and Local Preacher. In 1854 he 
joined the Niagara Conference of the M. E. church 
of Canada, and preached in the bounds of that con- 
ference 15 years. He was ordained Deacon in 1857 
and Elder in 1859, by Bishop Philander Smith.— In 
L869 lie joined the Michigan Conference of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal church, U. S. which held its session 
that year at Grand Rapids, and has continued in the 
active work in that conference for the past 20 years, 
making 35 years of faithful service in the church of 
his choice without the loss of a single month during 
all that time by sickness, or otherwise. — At the last 
session of his conference, (1889) he took a Super- 
annuated relation, and has made his home in the city 
of Albion, Mich., where he has built a comfortable 
home. Of his family, three children have died, and 
two are living, the younger of the living, Wesley 
Abram, is also a minister of the M. E. church, and 
is engaged in the work his father- loved so much, 
ministering to the souls of men. The children in the 
order of birth are: Mary, John, Wesley, Samuel, 

VI. Mary Anna Hunsberger, born Sept. 20, 1845, 
died Nov. 1 26, 1863. 

VI. John William Hunsberger, born in Cayuga, 
Welland Co., Ont., Feb. . 24, 1850. Mrd. Minnie 
Orser, of Ionia, Mich., Nov. 21, 1871. Traveling 
Salesman. Children: (VII.) William W. Hunsberger, 
born Mar. 17, 1874. (VII.) Herbert E. Hunsberger, 
born July 9, 1876. 

VI. Rev. Wesley Abram Hunsberger, born in the 
village of Troy, Beresly Twp. , Ont. , June 20, 1852. 
Mrd. Abbie R. Clark, of Orland, Ind., Dec. 29, 1875. 
In 1874, he joined the Michigan Conference of the 
M. E. church, on probation, and preached two years, 
after which he returned to College, which he had left 
by reason of failing health. He graduated bachelor 
of philosophy in 1878. In the fall of that year he 
was received into full connection in his conference, 
and ordained elder. Three years later he received 
from his Alma Mater, the degree of A. M. — He is a 
young man of great promise for usefulness in the 
church. He is" now (1890) pastor of the M. E. 
church of Cold water, Mich., which has a membership 
of over one thousand, of these six hundred or more 
have united with the church during his pastorate of 
three and a half years. Being much exhausted by 
hard work during the revival of 1889, the converts 
sent him and wife to Europe on a vacation for a few 
months, the converts bearing the expenses. Children: 
(VII.) Clark M. Hunsberger, born Feb. 7, 1877. (VII.) 
Glenn N. Hunsberger, born Dec. 31, 1878. (VII.) Ethel 
C. Hunsberger, born Feb. 9, 1881, died Aug. 19, 1881. 
(VII.) Zella E. Hunsberger, born Sept. 21, 1883. 

VI. Samuel Hunsberger, born June 24, 1860, died 
same day. 

VI. Russel Judson Hunsberger, born Aug. 9, 1865, 
died Sept, 30, 1865. 

V. Agnes Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont, Apr. 
16, 1827. died Feb. 20, 1869. Mrd. Peter Yokom, Mar. 
3, 1846. Carpenter. Methodists. Children: Abraham, 
George, Annie. 

VI. Rev. Abraham H. Yokom, born in Elgin Co., 
Bayham Twp., Out. Jan, 10, 1848. Mrd. Flora A, 

— 58 — 

Hilts, Apr 12, 1870. In the fall of 1869, he went to 
Wisconsin. He received local preacher's license from 
the District Conference of Eau Claire, West Wiscon- 
sin Conference of the M. E. Church, Aug. 20, 1879. 
In the fall of 1883, he was appointed pastor of Eau 
Claire Circuit by the Presiding Elder for one year. In 
1881, he united with the West Wisconsin Conference 
.on trial, and was appointed to Modena Charge. At 
the Session of this conference at Black River Falls, 
Oct. 3, 1886, he was ordained to Deacon's orders by 
Bishop S. M t Merrill, and received into full connec- 
tion in the Conference, and was appointed to Knapp's 
Charge. On the 7th of October 1888, he was or- 
dained Elder by Bishop E. G. Andrews, and was 
stationed at Mandovi, Buffalo Co., Wis. He was 
transferred to the Michigan Conference, Sept. 15, 
L889, and stationed at Grandville, Kent Co.. Mich., 
his present field of labor. No issue. 

VI. George W. Yokom, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Jan. 29, 1850. Came to Wisconsin in 1869. 
Mr.l. Elizabeth Hilts, Apr. 21, 1871. She Mas born 
in Canada, Feb. 25, 1853. Proprietor of Temperance 
Hotel at Fairchild, Wis. Methodists. One child: (VII.) 
Frederick E. Yokom, born Dec 21. 1879. 

VI. Anna Jane Yokom, born in Elgin Co., Ont., Jan. 
19, 1851. Mrd. Rev. Major J. Robinson, June 25, 
1871. Minister of the M. E. Ch.. and member of the 
Wisconsin Conference. Mrs. Robinson came to Grand 
Rapids. Mich., in 1870. In 1881. they settled in Wis- 
consin, and since that date much of Mrs. Robinson's 
time has been devoted to public speaking for the pro- 
motion of the temperance cause, and the advance- 
ment of the Redeemer's Kingdom. — She was elected 
Grand Vice Templar of the I. O. G. T. of Wisconsin, 
in 1883, and attended the National W. C. T. U. Con- 
vention in New York, as a delegate from Wisconsin, 
and is now President of the 9, Dist. W.C.T. U. of Wis. 
— She is a public speaker of extraordinary tact and tal- 
ent and a fearless advocate of Prohibition. Children: 
(VII.) Leslie Robinson, born Apr. 18, 1872, died Oct. 
27, 1873. (VII.) May Agnes Robinson, born Mar. 17, 
1871. (VII.) Maud Robinson, born Nov. 21, 1878. 


V. Michael Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont. 
Jan. 9, 1830. died May 20, L888. Mrd. Sarah Ann 
Howey, Feb. 23, 1853. Farmer, Methodists, Children: 
Henry, Anna, Bertie. 

VI. Henry Hunsberger, born Dec. 5,1853. Mrd. So- 
phronia Crossett, Dec. 25, 1878. Children: (VII.) Min- 
nie Hnnsberger, born 1881. (VII.) George Hunsber- 
ger, born 1883. (VII.) Pearl Hunsberger, born 1888. 

VI. Annie Hunsberger, born June 5, 1857. Mrd. 
George Potticary, 1878. Children: (VII.) Ethel Pot- 
ticary, born July 6, 1881. (VII.) Muriel Potticary, 
born Feb. 1,1888. 

VI. Bertie Hunsberger, born Apr. 6,1867. Student 
at the Normal School at Toronto, Ont. 

V. Mary Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont., June 
20, 1833, died Dec, 18, 1859. Mrd. Tilman Moyer, 
Jan 9, 1851. Undertaker. Mennonites. Children: 
(VI. j Madilla Moyer, born May 16, 1856. Mrd. Levi 
Freiz, (See Index of References No. 6) (VI.) Samuel 
Moyer, born Mar. 30, 1858. died Mar. 8, 1860. 

V. Nancy Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co. , Ont. May 
28, 1836. Mrd. George H. Wright, July 11, 1857. 
Farmer in Lapeer Co. , Mich, since 1863. Methodists. 
Children: Infant, Annie, Joseph, Infant, George, 
Hannah, Infant, Sarah Lavina. 

VI. A son born May 2, 1858, died unnamed. 

VI. Annie E. Wright, born in Elgin Co., Ont., Oct. 
2, 1859. Mrd. William D. Utter, Dec. 30, 1880. Far- 
mer in Lapeer Co., Mich. They have no children. 

VI. Joseph W. Wright, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Auo-. 21, 1861. Mrd. Emma Utter, Feb. 22, 1883. 
Fanner in Lapeer Co., Mich. Children: (VII.) Bert W. 
Wright, born Aug 3, 1881. (VII.) Gracie Wright, born 
Aug? 27, 1885. (VII.) Walter Wright, born Oct. 17, 

VI. Infant son born May 7, 1863, died same day. 

VI. Rev. George W. Wright, born in St. Clair Co., 
Mich. Sept, 21, 1866. Mrd. Allie A. Burner, Aug. 
13, 1889. In 1885 he was converted, and joined the 
M.' P. Church of Burlington, Lapeer Co., Mich. 
Soon after his conversion he felt that he was called to 
the gospel ministry, and accordingly in May, 1885, he 


•eceived license to exhort, and a few months later 
it was the judgment of the church that he should be 
licensed to preach, and having passed a satisfactory 
examination he was granted local preacher's license. 
In the fall of the same year he was recommended to 
the Annual Conference of his church, but did not at- 
tend. In the fall of 1886 he was again recommended 
to the Annual Conference held at East Saginaw, Mich. 
and was admitted into the Conference.— There beino- 
no appointment available for him, the President of 
the Conference appointed him to Fowlerville, Liv- 
ingston Co., Mich., where he remained three years, 
and where God graciously blessed his labors. During 
his pastorate here a fine church was built, and over 
fifty accessions to the membership. He is at present 
pastor at Columbia ville, Mich. 

VI. Hannah A. Wright, born in St. Clair Co., Mich 
Nov. 23, 1868. Dressmaker. 

VI. Infant son born Aug. 2, 1871, died same day. 

VI. Sarah C. Wright, born Oct. 9, 1875. She is fit- 
ting herself to teach school. 

VI. Lavina S. Wright, born Sept. 17, 1879. 

V. Enos Hunsberger, born in Elgin Co., Ont. May 
12, 1831). Mrd. Rebecca Switzer, July 16, 1862. Mail 
Carrier, Methodists, Children: Edmund, Infant, 
Louisa. Lavina, Joseph. 

VI. Edmund W. Hunsberger born in Bayham, Ont. 
Aug. 2, 1863. Mrd. Euphemia Jannett McFarlain. of 
St. Thomas, Ont. Aug. 22, 1889. Painter in Car Shops 
at St. Thomas. Ont. Methodist. 

VI. Infant child died in infancy. 

VI. Louisa Ellen Hunsberger^ born Au<y. 25 1868 
died Oct, 12, 1878. 

VI. Lavina Hunsberger, born Apr. 8, 1875. Meth- 

VI. Joseph Hunsberger, born Sept. 30, 1876. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born Jan. 23, 1811, died 
Feb. 13, 1862. 

IV. John Rittenhouse, born May 22, 1800 Died in 
Lincoln Co., Ont., June 8, 1881. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Funk, of Bucks Co., Pa., in 1826. Elizabeth, in 
company with her sister Katie Funk, went out to 

— 61 - 

Canada to visit friends, and while there Elizabeth 
married John Rittenhouse, and took their wedding 
trip on horseback to Bucks Co., Pa. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Michael, Andrew, Mary, Bar- 
bara, Jacob, John, Catharine, Abraham, George, 
Moses, Dinah, William. 

V. Michael Rittenhouse, born Jan. 10, 1820, died 
Sept., 1856. Unmarried. 

V. Andrew Rittenhouse, born — . Died in infancy. 

V. Mary Rittenhouse, born— Died in infancy. 

V. Barbara Rittenhouse, born in Ontario, Apr. 19, 
1833. Died Oct. 4, 1871. Mrd. Henry Albright, 
Jan. 23, 1855. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
John, Abraham, Israel, Ruby. 

VI. John Albright, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Jan. 4, 1856. Farmer. S. 

VI. Abraham Albright, born Dec. 21, 1859. Mrd. 
Miss Price, Nov. 17, 1886. Button manufacturer at 
Berlin, Ont. Methodists. No issue. 

VI. Israel Albright, born Apr. 26, 1862. Mrd. Ella 
Tufford, Dec. 16, 1885. Laborer. Methodists. No 

VI. Ruby Albright, born Nov. 29, 1868. Unmrd. 

V. Jacob F. Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1834. Mrd. Agnes Wismer, Feb. 1, 1859. 
She died Mar. 25, 1865. Farmer in Lincoln Co., 
Ont. Mennonites. Children: Anna, Elizabeth, Mar- 
tha. Jacob mrd. second wife, Barbara Kratz Nov., 
30, 1865. Children: Frank, Moses, Mary. 

VI. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., May 10, 
1860. Mrd. Rev. Allen M. Fretz, of Bedminster, 
Bucks Co., Pa. (See Index of References No. 7). 

VI. Elizabeth Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Jan. 7, 1862. S. 

VI. Martha Rittenhouse, born Aug. 9, 1863. Died 
Mar. 25, 1875. 

VI. Frank K. Rittenhouse, born Sept. 24, 1866. 
Stationary Engineer at Chicago, 111. 

VI. Moses K. Rittenhouse, born July 8, 1869. 

VI. Mary K. Rittenhouse, born June 2, 1872. 

V. John F. Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Fel). 13, 1836. Mrd. Elizabeth Honsberger, Nov. 

- 62 — 

23, 1858. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. He was 
ordained Deacon of the Mennonite Church in 1885, 
and ordained minister in the spring of 1889, at 
Moyer's Church. Children: Infant, Solomon, Anna, 
Ettie, Enoch, Infant, Cinderella, Infant, Edith, 
Albertie, Valeria, Jonathan, David. 

VI. Infant son born Jan. 29, died Jan. 30, 1860. 

VI. Solomon Rittenhouse, born July 1, 1861. Mrd. 
Mattie Moor, Dec, 1885. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Arthur Rittenhouse, born June 2, 1887. (VII.) 
Edith Rittenhouse, born Dec. 10, 1888. 

VI. Anna Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mar. 18, 1863. Mrd. Joseph Wismer, Jan. 23, 1889. 
Farmer in Bucks Co., Pa. Mennonites. 

VI. Ettie Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 5, 1864. Mrd. Robert Martin, July 1, 1886. 
School teacher. Mennonites. One child. (VI.) Leo 
Martin, born July 5, 1887. 

VI. Enoch Rittenhouse, born Apr. 11, 1866, died 
Sept. 10, 1877. 

VI. Infant son, born Nov. 3, and died Nov. 5, 1868. 

VI. Cinderella Rittenhouse, born Sept. 29, 1869. S. 

VI. Infant son, born July 1, died Sept. 15, 1871. 

VI. Edith Rittenhouse, born Sept. 11, 1872. Died 
Sept. 18, 1880. 

VI. Albertie Rittenhouse, born Oct., 8, 1871. 

VI. Valeria Rittenhouse, born Oct. 21, 1875. 

VI. Jonathan Rittenhouse, born Feb. 9, 1877. 

VI. David Rittenhouse, born Aug. 5, 1878, died 
Sept, 13, 1878. 

V. Catharine Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Jan. 1838; died Dec, 1872. Mrd. Jacob Swartz— . 
No issue. 

V. Abraham Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 24, 1840. Mrd. Christena Kienzle, Feb. 10, 
1863. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. He was ordained 
to the ministry of the Old Mennonite church, at 
Moyer's church, Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct, 22, 1871. 
Children: (VI.) Emma Alice Rittenhouse, born Jan. 
'.», 1864. (VI.) Barbara Elizabeth Ritttenhouse, born 
July 24, 1865. (VI.) Sophia Rittenhouse, born July 
16, 1867. (VI.) Tobias Rittenhouse, born Feb. 5, 

— 63 

1869. (VI.) Naomi Rittenhouse, born Aug. 3, 1870. 
(VI.) Abraham Rittenhouse, Jr. born July 28, 1872. 
(VI.) Jacob Rittenhouse, born Aug. 28, 1871. (VI.) 
Mary Rittenhouse, born Julv 21). 1876. (VI.) John Rit- 
tenhouse, born Mar. 1, 1879. (VI.) William Ritten- 
house, born Apr. 6, 1881. (VI.) Aaron Rittenhouse, 
and Moses Rittenhouse, twins, born May 12, 1881. (VI.) 
Margaret Rittenhouse, born Apr. 29, 1887. Died 
same day. 

V. George Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 12, 1813. Mrd. Mary Honsberger, of South 
Cayuga, Ont., Dec. 26, 1865. She was born Sept. 
23, 1812. Farmer in Haldimand Co., Ont. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) John Emerson Rittenhouse, 
born in Haldimand Co., Ont., June 11, 1867. Farmer. 
(VI.) Franklin Rittenhouse, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Jan. 13, 1869. Farmer. (VI.) Allen Ritten- 
house, born Jan. 29, 1872. (VI.) Elizabeth Ritten- 
house, born Mar. 1, 1871. (VI.) Sarah Rittenhouse, 
born Mar. 18, 1875. (VI.) Rosetta Rittenhouse, born 
June 22, 1879. 

V. Moses F. Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont. 
Aug. 12, 1816. Mrd. Emma Stover, of Bucks Co., 
Pa., Dec. 1871. Lumber Merchant in Chicago, 111. 
Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Edward F. Rittenhouse, 
born Nov. 3, 1872. (VI.) Charles J. Rittenhouse, born 
Nov. 13, 1871. (VI.) Walter Rittenhouse, born Mar. 
31, 1879. 

V. Dinah Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln County, 
Ont,, May 23, 1818, died May 19, 1883. Mrd. 
Allen Moyer, Feb. 9, 1871. Nurseryman. Mrs. 
Mover, Mennonite. Children: (VI.) Milton Moyer, 
bora Feb. 22, 1872: died Oct. 30, 1875. (VI.) Ada 
Moyer, born Aug. 8, 1875. (VI.) Laura Moyer, born 
Oct. 10, 1877. (VT.) Lottie May Moyer, born Oct, 16, 

V. William Rittenhouse, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 5, 1852. Mrd. Mary, daughter of Wm. W. 
Moyer, of Campden, Ont., Apr. 2, 1871. Mr. Rit- 
tenhouse received a common school education, attend- 
ing school in the winter months, and as soon as he 
was old enough worked on his father's farm in the 

— 64 — 

summer. Before he was quite seventeen, he obtained 
a certificate to teach, and on Jan. 1, 1870, took 
charge of his first school. For over thirteen years 
he labored in the school room, till failing in health he 
was compelled to seek other occupation. At the age 
of 22 while teaching a country school, at the modest 
sum of $400 a year, he was married. Three years 
later, he secured an appointment to a position in the 
Central School of St. Catharines. After four years 
of hard work, he was promoted to headmastership of 
the school. But the unceasing labor, the close con- 
finement, and the loss of two of his children so wore 
upon his health, that in 1883 he resigned his position 
to seek some more active out door life. During the 
same year he began the study of medicine, and the 
next year he removed to Chicago, where in 1886 he 
received his degree at the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, and at once settled down in the same city 
to engage in the practice of his profession. Children: 
(VI.) "Ernest Rittenhouse, born May 1, 1876. (VI.) 
Jane Rittenhouse, born Apr. 12, 1881, died Aug. 
25, 1882. (VI.) Henry Rittenhouse, born Aug. 3, 
1883; died Oct. 23, 1883. 

III. Sarah Frctz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 26, 
1771, died in Lincoln Co., Ont., June 16, 1866. Mrd. 
Lawrence Hippie, Nov. 21, 1796. He was born Sept. 
1775, died July 31, 1840. Moved to Lincoln Co., 
Ont. in 1800. Mennonites. Children: Moses, Mary, 
Judith, Margaret, Sarah, William, John, Lawrence, 

IV. Moses Hippie, born June 19, 1797, died 
July, 1800. 

IV. Mary Hippie, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 7, 
1799, died Apr. 7, 1846. 

IV. Judith Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept, 
18, 1800, died Apr. 2, 1883. Mrd. Benjamin Miche- 
ner, Aug. 6. 1822. Carpenter and Cabinet maker. 
United Brethren. Children: Lawrence, Rachel, 
Rachel, Joseph, Sarah, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Leah, 
William, Amos. 

- 65 - 

V. Lawrence Michener, born in Ontario, May 19, 
1823. Mrd. Eve Porter, Aug. 28, 1851. Farmer in 
Montcalm Co., Mich. Methodists, Children: Mary, 
Esther, James, George, Henry, William. 

VI. Mary Clarissa Michener, born June 4, 1856. 
Died Feb. 24, 1885. Mrd. John H. Moore, Jan. 1, 
1878. Farmer in Ionia Co., Mich. Methodists. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Jacob Moore, born Nov. 6, 1880. (VII.) 
Winter L. Moore, born Feb. 3, 1885. 

VI. Esther Matilda Michener, born Oct, 22, 1858. 
Dressmaker. Methodist. 

VI. James Wesley Michener, born Feb. 11,1861. Mrd. 
Louisa Wurtz, Sept, 1, 1885. Farmer in Montcalm 
Co., Mich. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Mona M. 
Michener, born Jan. 29, 1886. (VII.) Carrie M. 
Michener, born May 9, 1889. 

VI. George B. Michener, born Apr. 13, 1863. 
Farmer in Montcalm Co., Mich. Methodist. S. (1890.) 

VI. Henry Levi Michener, born Aug. 21, 1865. 
Farmer in Montcalm Co. # Mich. Methodist. S. 

VI. William Melvin Michener, born Feb. 6, 1869. 
Methodist. S. 

V. Rachel Michener, born in Ontario, Jan. 1, 1825, 
died Sept. 3, 1825. 

V. Rachel Michener, born in Ontario, July 31, 1826, 
died Dec. 26, 1843. Mrd. Albert Lane, Nov. 21, 
1843. No issue. 

V Joseph H. Michener, born in Ontario, Nov. 22, 
1828. Mrd. Mary Johnson, June 1, 1853. Farmer in 
Sanilac Co., Mich. United Brethren. Children: 
Salina, Calvin, Israel, George, Eliza, Mary, Sarah, 
John, Martha, David, Ella. 

VI. Salina Michener, born Oct. 23, 1854. 

VI. Calvin Henrv Michener, bom July 22, 1856. 

VI. Israel Michener, born Apr. 19, 1858. 

VI. George Michener, born Oct. 24. 1860. Mrd: 
Christine Harper, Mar. 29, 1887. Farmer in Sanilac 
Co., Mich. Baptists. Children: (VII.) Joseph Allen 
Michener, born July 7, 1888. Died Sept. 15, 1888. 
(VII.) William George Michener, born Feb. 3, 1890. 

VI. Eliza Ann Michener, born Jan. 10, 1863. Mrd. 
Harmon A. Dennis, Apr. 10, 1887. Farmer in Sani- 

— 66 — 

lac Co., Mich. Baptists. One child. (VII.) Cora 
Dennis, born Aug. 10, 1888. 

VI. Mary Jane Michener, born Mar. 24, 1865. Mrd. 
Jacob Groh, Aug. 2, 1881. Farmer in Sanilac Co., 
Mich. Dunkards. Children: (VII) Lewis Groh, born 
Aug. 22, 1883. (VII.) Ethel May Groh, born Sept. 
12, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Josephine Michener, born Mar. 9, 1867. 
Mrd. William H. Rowe, Apr. 9, 1888. Farmer in 
Sanilac Co., Mich. Episcopalians. One child: (VII.) 
Walter Rowe, born June 4, 1889. 

VI. John W. Michener, born Sept, 29, 1869. Far- 
mer in Michigan. 

VI. Martha Elizabeth Michener, born Aug. 16, 1871. 

VI. David Hiram Michener, born July 17, 1871. 

VI. Ella Michener, born Dec. 20, 1876. 

V. Sarah Michener, born in Ontario, May 28, 1831. 
Mrd. John Zimmer, Aug. 4, 1850. Farmer in Huron 
Co., Ont. Mem. Ev. Association. Children: Mary, 
Caroline, Sarah, Ellen, Elizabeth, Leah, Rachel, 
Catharine, John, Gustave, Jennet, Philip. 

VI. Mary Zimmer, born Aug. 11, 1851. Mrd. Adam 
Stein, Oct. 4, 1871. Farmer near Port Huron, Mich. 

VI. Caroline Zimmer, born Jan. 21, 1853. Mrd. Pe- 
ter May, Oct, 22, 1877. 

VI. Sarah Zimmer, born Aug. 29, 1855. Mrd. Joseph 
Diller, Oct. 24, 1876. Farmer at Dashwood, Ont. 
Mem. Ev. Ass. ch. Children: (VII.) Sarah Elizabeth 
Diller, born Sept. 18, 1877. (VII.) Jacob Diller, born 
Nov. 24, 1879. (VII.) Joseph, Ezra Diller, born Jan. 
26, 1881. (VII.) George Diller, born Oct, 14, 1884. 
(VII.) Gotfried Diller, born Nov. 16. 1886. (VII.) 
Wilfert Wesley Diller, born Feb. 5, 1889. 

VI. Ellen Zimmer, born Sept, 9, 1857. Mrd. Fred 
Gossman, Jan. 24, 1877. Farmer at Dashwood, Ont. 
Mrs. Gossman member Ev. Ass. Children: (VII.) 
Jacob Gossman, born Feb. 5, 1878. (VII.) Sarah 
Gossman, born Sept, 29, 1879. (VII.) Frederick Goss- 
man, born Jan. 28, 1881. (VII.) Christina Gossman, 
born Nov. 24, 1882. (VII.) Catharine Gossman, born 
Aug. 8, 1884. (VII.) Elizabeth Gossman, born June 

— 67 - 

12, 1886. (VII.) Fredencha Gossman, born Feb. 27, 
1SSS. (VII.) Joseph Gossman, born Nov. 1, 1889. 

VI. Elizabeth Zimmer, born Oct. 28, 1859, died Mar. 
9, 1887. Mrd. Gotlieb Sigward, Oct. 28, 1877. Mason 
and farmer at Kilmanagh, Mich. Mems. Ev. Ass. 
Children: (VII.) Mary Sigward, born Oct. 22, 1878. 
(VII.) Rathev Sigward, born Sept. 17, 1880. (VII.) 
John Sigward, born Apr. 9, 1882. (VII.) Charles Sig- 
ward, born Nov. 18, 1883. (VII.) Berney Sigward, 
born July 29, 1885, died Sept. 15, 1886. 

VI. Leah Zimmer, born Nov. 30, 1861. Mrd. Adam 
Effinger, May 18, 1882. Farmer at Kilmanagh, Mich. 
Mems. Ev. Ass. Children: (VII.) Sarah A. Effin- 
ger, born Feb. 28, 1883. (VII.) Barbara C. Effinger, 
born Sept. 20, 1886. (VII.) Lydia L. Effinger. born 
Jan. 2, 1889, died Jan. 27, 1889. (VII.) Lauer M. 
Effinger, born Mar. 21, 1890. 

VI. Rachel Zimmer, born July 18, 1863, died same day. 

VI. Catharine Zimmer, born Nov. 1, 1864. 

VI. John Zimmer, born Mar. 31, 1867. 

VI. Gustave Zimmer, born June 7, 1869. 

VI. Jannet Zimmer, born Oct. 29, 1871. 

VI. Philip Zimmer, born Jan. 12, 1874. 

V. Mary Michener, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Oct. 
29,1833. Mrd. Gustavo Rustoek,— . Tailor. One child: 

VI. Lavina Rustock, born Mar. 23, 1853. Mrd. 
.Jacob I). Sider, Oct, 8, 1872. Farmer. Dunkards. 
Children: (VII.) Andrew Sider, born May 14, 1876. 
(VII.) Peter Sider, born May 22, 1879. (VII.) Moses 
Sider, born June 19, 1882, died Mar. 7, 1886. (VII.) 
Mary Magdalena Sider, born Feb. 12, 1888. 

V. John Michener, born, in Lincoln Co., Ont., Apr. 
22, 1836. Mrd. Eliza Dorchester, Dec. 7, 1859. Mer- 
chant at Castle Rock, Washington. Methodists. Chil- 
dren: Milan, Minnie, Herbert. 

VI. Milan Michener, born in Ontario, Oct. 13, 1860. 
Mrd. Lillie F. Adams, Dec. 23, 1886. Druggist at 
Castle Rock, Washington. Methodists. (No issue— 

VI. Minnie Michener, born in Ontario, Mar. 4, 1863. 
Teacher in Public school, Portland, Oregon. As a 
teacher she ranks among: the best. Methodist. Unmrd, 

— 68 — 

VI. Herbert William Michener, born Aug. 27, 1874. 
V. Elizabeth Michener, born July 29, 1838, died 
Aug. 8. 1838. 

V. Leah Michener, born in Ontario, Sept, 20. 1839. 
Mrd. John Emerson, Dec. 22, 1856. Farmer. Mem. 
U. B. ch. Children: Mary, George, William, Wesley, 
Joseph, Clark, James, Freeman, Eve, Benjamin, 

VI. Mary Matilda Emerson, born Sept, 23, 1857. 
Mrd. Frederick Anderson, Jan. 26, 1886. Woollen 
Manufacturer at Newfane, N. Y. Baptists. No chil- 

VI. George Martin Emerson, born Apr. 19, 1859. 
Mrd. Sarah A. McLaughlin, Sept. 12, 1880. Mason 
at Lockport, N. Y. Methodists. Children: (VII.) 
James William Emerson, born Nov. 6, 1881. (VII.) 
Richard Curtis Emerson, born Apr. 30, 1883. (VII.) 
Maud Evelyn Emerson, bom Mar. 15, 1888. 

VI. William Emerson, born Dec. 11, 1860. Mrd. 
Clara Gillam, Mar. 1. 1881. Methodists. 

VI. J. Wesley Emerson, born July 26, 1863. Black- 
smith at Attercliffe, Ont, 

VI. Joseph Emerson, born Jan. 31, 1868. Woollen 
manufacturer, at Newfane, N. Y. 

VI. Clark Emerson, born Feb. 9, 1870. Tinsmith at 
Dunnville, Ont, Mem. U. B. ch. 

VI. James Emerson, born Mar. 8, 1872. Mem. 
U. B. ch. 

VI. Freeman Emerson, born Apr. 5, 1873. 

VI. Eve Emerson, born Oct. 29, 1875. 

VI. Benjamin Emerson, born June 3, 1877. 

VI. Robert Emerson, born and died June 26, 1878. 

V. William Michener, born in Ontario, June 30, 
1842. Mrd. Eleanor Hodgkins, Apr. 17, 1864. Far- 
mer in Ontario. Mem. U. B. ch. Children: Mary, 
Salome, Lawrence, Martin. 

VI. Mary Margaret Michener, born May 16, 1865. 
School teacher. Mem. U. B. ch. 

VI. Salome Mercie Michener, born Sept. 13, 1866. 
Mrd. Nelson Carter, Oct. 9, 1887. Farmer. Mem. 
U. B. eh. 

— 69 — 

VI. Lawrence Michener, born Aug. 26, 1868, died 
Feb. 27, 1877. 
VI. Martin Michener, born Sept. 28, 1870. 

V. Amos Michener, born in Ontario, Dec. 21, 1814. 
Mrd. Mary E. Sherk, Jan. 1, 1867. Merchant at Ber- 
lin, Ont. Mem. U. B. ch. Children: 

VI. Benjamin Jessie Michener, born in Ontario, 
Nov. 28, 1867. Commercial Traveler. 

VI. Emlius Michener, born in Ontario, Sept. 22, 
1869. Clerk. 

VI. Grace Michener, born in Ontario, Sept. 11, 1873. 
Milliner. Mem. U. B. ch. 

IV. Margaret Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mar. 11, 1803. No records received. 

IV. Sarah Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 1, 
1805, died — . Mrd. Christian Hunsberger — . He 
died— . Mennonites. Children: Mary, Agnes, Wil- 
liam, Lawrence, David, Sarah, Margaret, Daniel, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Joseph, John, Henry. 

V. Mary Hunsberger, horn Aug. 29, 1823. Died 
Mar. 26, 1863, Mrd. John W. Moyer, Dec. 17, 1845. 
Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. Mennonites. Children: 
Amanda, Freeman, Emma, Agnes, Sarah, Rhoda, 
Melvin, Daniel, Mary. 

VI. Amanda Mover," born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 
27, 1846. Mrd. ' Benjamin Comfort, Mar. 8, 1870. 
Methodists. Children: (VII.) John Herbert Comfort, 
born Jan. 4, 1871. (VII.) Ao-nes Arminta Comfort, 
born June 9, 1873. (VII.) William Hilton Comfort, 
born Dec. 30, 1876. 

VI. Freeman H. Moyer, born Mar. 8, 1848. Mrd. 
Annie Honsbersrer, Dec. 25, 1879. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Mary Elsie Moyer, born Feb. 12, 
1881. (VII.) Hugh Ellis Moyer, 'born Feb. 8, 1883. 
(VII.) Fred. Clare Moyer, born Nov. 6, 1887. (VII.) 
John Wray Moyer, born Nov. 4, 1889. 

VI. Emma Moyer, born Oct. 26, 1849. Mrd. Benoni 
Crumb, in 1877. No issue. 

VI. Agnes Moyer, born Sept. 27, 1851. Mrd. Joseph 
Gerber. (See Index of References No. 8). 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Moyer, born Oct. 26, 1853. 
Mrd. Josiab D, Albright, Dec, 31, 1879. Methodists, 

— To - 

Children: (VII.) William Donald Albright, born Aug. 
15, 1881. (VII.) Frederick Stanley Albright, born 
Mar. 23, 1883. (VII.) Margaret Albright, born Nov. 
29, 1886. (VII.) Charles "Raymond Albright, born 
Mar. 25, 1888. 

VI. Rhoda Moyer, born Dec. 1, 1855. Mrd. Simeon 
N. Mover, July 28, 1875. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Sarah Luella .Mover, born July 7, 1876. (VII.) 
Ernest Sidney Mover, born Dec. 9, 1881. (VII.) Flor- 
ence Mabel Moyer, born May 6, 1881. (VII.) John 
Curtis Moyer, born Nov. 2, 1886. 

VI. Melvin Mover, born Mar. 21, 1858. Metho- 
dist. S. 

VI. Daniel H. Mover, born Feb. 28, 1860. Metho- 
dist, S. 

VI. Mary Jane Moyer, born Apr. 2, 1862. Mrd. Eli 
Oates Lane— . Methodists. Children: (VII.) Flossey 

V. Agnes Hunsberger. born — , died young. 

V. William Hunsberger, born Apr. 7, 1828. Died 
June 17, 1890. Mrd. Jemima Book, Jan. 20, 1853. 
She was born July 19, 1833. Farmer. Presbyterians. 
Children: Almeda, William, John, Harriet, Charity, 
Eliza, Mary. 

VI. Almeda Jane Hunsberger, born Feb. 20. 1855. 
VI. William Allen Hunsberger, born Jan. 20, 1857. 

Mrd. Emma Retta Freas, Oct. 18, 1883. She was 
born July 24, 1860. Butcher. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Ethel Maud Hunsberger, born Dec. 23, 1885. 
(VII.) Grace Hunsberger, born Dec. 11, 1889. 

VI. John Albert Hunsberger, born June 11. L859. 
Died Apr. 3, 1875. 

VI. Harriet Emily Hunsberger, born Jan. 11, 1862. 

VI. Charity Alice Hunsberger, born Feb. 29. 1861, 
died May 26, L879. 

VI. Eliza Ellen Hunsberger, born Apr. 14, 1867. 

VI. Mary Millicent Hunsberger, born Dec. 26, 1869, 
died May 23, 1879. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born Jan. 26, 1840, died 
June 24, 1886. Mrd. Israel Martin, in 1859. Farmer. 
Methodists. Children: Robert, Celesta, W r ilson, 
Arthur, William. 

- 71 - 

VI. Robert F. Martin, born Oct. 14, 1860. Mrd. Etta 
Rittenhouse, July 1, 1886. Children: (VII.) Leo R. 
Martin, born July 5, 1887. (VII.) Anna Martin, born 
June 2, 1890. 

VI. Celesta Martin, born Aug. 18, 1865. 

VI. Wilson Herbert Martin, born Aug., 1872; died, 
Jan. 1873. 

VI. Arthur Franklin Martin, born Aug. 9, 1875. 

VI. William Murry Martin, born June 9, 1878. 

V. Joseph Hunsberger, born — , died young. 

V. John Hunsberger, born — , died young. 

V. Henry Hunsberger, born Oct. 16, 1844. Mrd. 
Mary Martin, Dec. 17, 1867. Farmer. Mem. U. B. 
Ch. Children: (VI.) Rosetta Jane Hunsberger, born 
July 15, 1869. (VI.) Sarah Arminta Hunsberger, born 
July 20, 1870. 

V. Lawrence Hunsberger born — , died young. 

V. David Hunsberger, born — , died young. 

V. Sarah Hunsberger, born—. Mrd. Jacob Moyer 
— . He died — . No issue. She mrd. for her second 
husband Andrew Flurer — . Mem. Ev. Ass. 

V. Margaret Hunsberger, born — . Mrd. Tilman R. 
Houser, (See Index of References No. 9). 

V. Daniel Hunsberger, born Jan. 5, 1836. Mrd. So- 
phronia, daughter of John Moot, Jan. 17, 1861- 
Farmer. Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Eli Hunsber- 
ger, born Apr." 12, 1862. (VI.) Augusta Hunsberger, 
born Oct. 17, 1864. (VI.) Augustus Hunsberger, born 
Oct. 18, 1866, died June 28, 1878. (VI.) Clara Huns- 
berger, born Aug. 27, 1872. (VI.) Arthur Hunsberger, 
born Mar. 7, 1874. (VI.) John Hunsberger, born 
Sept, 30, 1876; died June 8, 1878. (VI.) Nellie Eliza- 
beth Hunsberger, born Sept. 4, 1885. 

V. Barbara Hunsberger, born — . Mrd. Samuel R. 

Houser — . (See Index of References No. 10). 
IV. William Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 

Sept. 14, 1807; died Jan. 8, 1884. Mrd. Susanna 

Shunk, Jan. 24. 1831. She died Oct. 9, 1878. 

Farmer. Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: Jacob, Sarah, 

Mary, Tena, Matilda, Margaret, William, Tena, John, 


V. Jacob Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 
19,1832. Mrd. Anna Fry, Jan. 23, 1855. She died— . 
Children: (VI.) William, Frank. Mr. Hippie married 
for his second wife Mary Fry, Feb. 19, 1862, School 
teacher and farmer. Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: Ar- 
minta, Alpheus, Clara, Tillie. 

VI. William H. Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 28, 1855. Mrd. Magdalena A., daughter of 
William W. Moyer, of Clinton Twp., Ont., July 12, 
1881. Stenographer at Hartford, Conn. Methodists. 
No issue. 

VI. Frank E. Hippie, born at Campden, Lincoln 
Co.. Ont,, Jan. 9, 1858. Mrd. Anna, eldest daughter 
of Judge H. B. Whitbeck, of New York City, Apr. 
18, 1888. Mr. Hippie attended the village school at 
Campden, Ont., until lie was sixteen years of age. 
Then went to the Grammar School at Beamsville, same 
county, one year. He next attended the Collegiate 
Institute in St. Catharines, for one year. He then 
taught school in Niagara Twp., Lincoln Co., for two 
years, after which he went to the McGill University 
Montreal, where he remained two years. He then 
came to New York, and studied one year in the law 
department of the University of New York. After 
which he was admitted to the New York Bar. In 
1884 he went abroad and remained in England two 
years for the benefit of his health and recreation. On 
his return he located in New York, where he has 
been since engaged in the practice of law. Politically 
he is Democratic and in 1888, stumped New York 
State for Grover Cleveland. Episcopalian. 

VI. Arminta Hippie, born Dec. 11, 1803; died Feb. 
21, 1861. 

VI. Alpheus H. Hipple^born Feb. 25, 1865. Dentist 
at Stratford, Ontario. S. 

VI. Clara A. Hippie, born Mar. 5, 1867. 

VI. Lillie M. Hippie, born May 17, 1875. 

V. Sarah Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 
13, 1831. Mrd. Henry Boiler, Dec. 30, 1856. Car- 
penter and farmer in Ramsey Co., N, Dakota, Mem, 
Ev, Ass, No issue. 

V. Mary Hippie, horn Feb. 22, 1837; died Oct. 15, 
1883. Mrd. Valentine Grenzenbach, Feb. 3, 1856. 
Farmer. Mem. Ev. Ass. Res. New Hamburg. Ont. 
Children: Sarah, William, John, Mary, Henry, Jacob. 

VI. Sarah Grenzenbach, born Mar." 3, 1857. Mrd. 
J. C. Hoffman, Mar. 3, 1880. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) William Hoffman, born June 14, 
1880. (VII.) Ezra Hoffman, born Sept. 24, 1882. (VII.) 
Charles Hoffman, born Jan. 9, 1885. (VII.) Henry 
Hoffman, born May 6, 1887. 

VI. William Grenzenbach, born Nov. 8, 1858. Mrd. 
Emma Weganast, June 10, 1885. Farmer. Mem. 
Ev. Ass. Children: (VII.) Henry C. Grenzenbach. 
born June 14, 1886. (VII.) Clara Grenzenbach, born 
Mar. 23, 1888. 

VI. Rev. John Grenzenbach, born Feb. 24, 1861. Mrd. 
Lizzie Gaiser, Oct. 23, 1889. Minister. He gradu- 
ated from North Western College, June 14, 1887, and 
was ordained to the ministry of the Ev. Ass. church, 
Apr. 12, 1887. His present charge is Plattsville, Ont. 

VI. Mary Ann Grenzenbach, born Dec. 26, 1862. 

VI. Henry Grenzenbach, born Jan. 28, 1865; killed 
by felling a tree. Mar. 6, 1885. 

VI. Jacob Grenzenbach, born Mav 20, 1871. 

V. Tena Hippie, born Jan. 11, 1840; died Sept. 
16, 1840. 

V. Matilda Hippie, born July 6, 1841; died Aug. 
7, 1841. 

V. Margaret Hippie, born Aug. 31, 1842. Mrd. 
Alanson Moot. 

V. William Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 
13, 1845. Mrd. Sarah E. Moot, Oct. 17, 1867. Chil- 
dren: Peneape, Susannah. 

VI. Peneape A. Hippie, born July 17, 1868. Mrd. 
Isaac M. Mover, July 17, 1889. 

VI. Susannah A. Hippie, born July 24, 1870; died 
Sept, 21, 1870. 

V. Tena Hippie, born Mar. 18, 1847. Mrd. Robert 

V. John Hippie, born Nov. 5, 1850; died July 28, 1868. 

V. Abraham Hippie, born Feb, 26, 1855;" died July 
21, 1855, 

IV. John Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 
13, lso! ». Mrd. Barbara ffigh, Mar. 4-, L834. She 
died July 1, 1851. Farmer and wagon maker. Mem. 
Ev. Ass. Children: Infant, Catharine, Sarah, 
William. Margaret, Sarah. Mary, John, William. 

V. Infant born and died Jan. 7. 1835. 

V. Catharine Hippie, born July 5, 1836, in Lincoln 
Co., Ont. Mrd. Mathias Martin, Nov. 5, 1861. Far- 
mer. Methodists. Children: Velaria, Sarah, Wil- 
liam. Elmer, John, Joseph. 

VI. Velaria B. Martin, born Aug. 8, 1862, died Mar. 
18. 1889. 

VI. Sarah A. Martin, born June 22, 1866. 

VI. William H. Martin, born Sept. 23, 1868. 

VI. Elmer L. Martin, born Mar. 22, 1873. 

VI. John D. Martin, born Mar. 26, 1875. 

VI. Joseph E. Martin, born July 7, 1877. 

V. Sarah Hippie, born Mar. 18, 1838, died Apr. 9, 

V. William Hippie, born Feb. 21, 1810, died Oct. 6. 

V. Margaret Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 
1, 1842. Mrd. Jacob M. Houser. (See Index of 
References No. 11.) 

V. Sarah Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 
31, 1843. Mrd. E. N. Mover, Feb. 4, 1866. Dealer 
in School supplies. Methodists. Children: Rebecca, 
Maggie, Martha. Harry. 

VI. Rebecca Arminta Mover, born Dec. 22, 1866. 
Mrd. Ezra Albright, Dec. 28, 1887. Farmer. Mem. 
Ev. Ass. 

VI. Mao-o-ie May Moyer, born Sept. 25, 1870. 

VI. Martha Dell Moyer. born Jan. 12, 1873. 

VI. Harry RoUison Amadeus Mover, born Jan. 17. 

V. Mary Hippie, born Jan. 15, 1816, died Sept. 13. 

V. John Hippie, born Jan. 6, 1818, died Feb. 10, 

V. William Hippie, born Sept. 11, 1849, died Feb. 
28, 1850. 

IV. Lawrence Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 21, 1812. Mrd. Catharine Bushy, of Adams Co., 
Pa., May 9, 1837. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Annie, 
Mary, Ephraim, Christian, Catharine, Margaret and 

V. Elizabeth Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 26, 1838. Mrd. Amos Honsberger, Sept. 10, 
1861. Farmer. Mennonite. No issue. 

V. Sarah Hippie, born Sept. 3, 1842, died Feb. 24, 

V. Annie Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
15, 1845. Mrd. John M. Russ, May 23, 1872. Far- 
mer. Presbyterians. One child: (VI.) Sylvester Russ, 
bora Dec. 29, 1879. 

V. Mary Hippie, born in Lincoln Co. , Ont. , Apr. 
20, 1S47. Mrd. Allen W. Martin, Feb. 19, 1873. Far- 
mer. Children: 

VI. Lution Martin, born July 11, 1875. 
VI. Lawrence Martin, born May 19, 1877. 
VI. Millie C. Martin, born Aug. 13. 1879. 
VI. Allan Curtis Martin, born Oct, 16, 1882. 
VI. Roland Martin, born Sept. 13, 1884. 

V. Ephraim Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Sept. 21, 1849. Mrd. Samantha Mary Smith, Oct. 24, 
1876. Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. Presbyterians. 

VI. Roberdie Catharine Hippie, born Jan. 26, 1878. 
VI. Sarah Maud Hippie, born Oct, 26, 1880. 

VI. Emma Jane Hippie, born Nov, 29, 1883. 

V. Christian Hippie, born Jan. 2, 1852, died Sept. 
2, 1852. 

V. Catharine Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
May 15, 1854. Mrd. Jacob B. Shantz, Dec. 2, 1877. 
Farmer. E. U. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Margaret Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Aug. 6, 1856. Mrd. Dillman G. Moyer, Apr. 4, 1882. 
Farmer. E. U. Mennonites. Children: 

VI. Eva Moyer, born June 19, 1883. 

VI. Gordon Moyer, born, Jan. 27, 1885. 
VI. Ida Moyer, born July 8, 1886. 
VI. Ethel Moyer, born June 17, 1888. 

V. Justina Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 
15, 1859. 

IV. Barbara Hippie, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 11, 1815, died July 11, 1818. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
13, 1774, died in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Oct. 21, 1860. 
Mrd. Abraham Grobb,— . He died June 23, 1842. 
Children: Elizabeth, Mary, John, Abraham, David, 
Moses, Susan, Joseph. 

IV. Elizabeth Grobb, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
3, 1797, died in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 30, 1873. 
.Mrd. Manasseh Tufford. (See Index of References 
No. 12.) 

IV. Mary Grobb, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 7, 
1798, (still living 1889). Mrd. Jacob Smith, Dec. 19, 
1826. He was born Feb. 15, 1793, died June 7, 1867. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Jacob, 
Abraham, Samuel, Barbara, Joseph, Moses, John. 

V. Elizabeth Smith, born in Ontario, Dec. 19, 1827. 
Mrd. Daniel Horner, Sept. 21, 1850. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Mary, Barbara, Daniel, Jacob, 
Elizabeth, Joseph, Joshua. 

VI. Mary Ann Horner, born Sept. 11, 1851. Mrd. 
William Teel, Sept. 3, 1878. Carpenter in Ontario. 
Methodists. Children: (VII.) Elizabeth Emma Teel, 
born Oct. 21, 1879. (VII.) Clarissa Ann Jane Teel, 
born Mar. 23, 1882, died Apr. 1882. (VII.) Mary Ann 
Teel, born July 20, 1884, died—. (VII.) Clara Matilda 
Teel, born Sept. 20, 1885. (VII.) John Henry Teel, 
born. Oct. 11, 1887. 

VI. Barbara Horner, born in Ontario, Mar. 13, 1854. 

VI. Daniel J. Horner, born July 25, 1857. 

VI. Jacob Horner, born May 28, 1860, died Jan. 

VI. Elizabeth Horner, born Oct. .1862, died May 8, 
1878. J 

VI. Joseph Horner, born Apr. 27, 1865. 

VI. Joshua Horner, born Dec. 28, 1867. 

V. Jacob Smith, born Oct, U 1829, died Oct. 16, 
1851, S, 

V. Abraham Smith, born in Ontario, Dec. 21, 1830. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Groff, Apr. 19, 1864. She was born 
Nov. 10, 1832. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) Mary Smith, born Dec. 11, 1865. (VI.) Fannie 
Smith, born Sept. 21, 1867. (VI.) Jacob Smith, born 
Feb. 3, 1870. (VI.) Elizabeth Smith, born Mar. 19, 
1873. (VI.) Sarah Smith, born Sept. 10, 1875. 

V. Samuel Smith, born in Ontario, Feb. 9, 1833. 
Mrd. Sarah Snyder, May 29, 1866. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children : 

VI. Menno Smith, born Jan. 31, 1868. S. 
D VI. Nancy Smith, born Apr. 2, 1871. 

VI. Jeremiah Smith, born Mar. 30, 1873. 
gVI. Sophia Smith, born Feb. 1, 1876. 

V. Barbara Smith, born June 25, 1835, died Oct. 9, 
1888. Mrd. Abraham S. Grove, in 1865. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: 

VI. Mary Grove, born Mar. 5, 1867. 
VI. Jessie Grove, born Jan. 16, 1869. 

VI. Susannah Grove, born Aug. 21, 1873. 

V. Joseph Smith, born in Ontario, Aug. 23, 1837. 
Mrd, Sarah Hisey, Dec. 25. 1863. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: John, Mary, Sophia, Emily, Eliza- 
beth, Albert, George, Melissa. 

VI. John Smith, born May 12, 1866. Mrd. Catharine 
Jane Makins, May 25, 1886. Farmer in Ontario. 
One child: (VII.) William Herbert Smith, born Dec. 
11, 1887. 

VI. Mary Ann Smith, born Apr. 8, 1869. 

VI. Sophia Smith, born Feb. 25, 1871. 

VI. Emily Alice Smith, born Mar. 22, 1875. 

VI. Elizabeth Clara Smith, born May 30, 1878. 

VI. Albert Smith, born June 27, 1880. 

VI. George Smith, born Mar. 19, 1882. 

VI. Melissa Jane Smith, born Dec. 2, 1885. 

V. Moses Smith, born Jan. 22, 1810; died Nov. 
7, 1811. 

V. John Smith, born May 28, 1812; died Mar. 26, 

IV. John Grobb, born Mar. 21, 1800; died in Ont., 
Feb. 7, 1885. Mrd. Mary High, of Elgin Co., Ont., 
Mar. 13, 1827. She died July 29, 1880. Farmer. 

Mennonites. Children: Abraham, Henry, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Barbara, Joseph, Catharine. 

V. Abraham Grobb, born in Ont., Dec. 12, 1827; 
died Sept. 30, 1881. Mrd. Lucretia House, Oct, 19, 
1876. Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Hat- 
tie Elena Grobb. 

V. Henry Grobb, born in Ont., Sept, 18, 1829. Mrd. 
Mary Wismer, Mar. 3, 1863. Farmer. One child. 
(VI.) Aaron Grobb, born Feb. 14, 1870. 

V. Elizabeth Grobb, born July 22, 1832. Menno- 
nite. S. 

V. Mary Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 27, 
1837; died June 30, 1880. Mrd. John J. Leish, Dec. 
26, 1851. He was born at Harsley Tyne Side, North- 
umberland, Eng., Apr. 13, 1827. Farmer. Catho- 
lics. Children: Elizabeth, Matthew, Mary, Annie, 
Catharine, John, Bertha, Maggie, Nellie, Harry, 

VI. Elizabeth Leish, born Sept. 5, 1855; died—. 
VI. Matthew Leish, born Oct. 22, 1857. 

VI. Mary Leish, born Mar. 16, 1860. 

VI. Annie Leish, born Mar. 2, 1862. Mrd. John 
McDowell, in 1881. Farmer. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Rowland Leroy McDowell, born Oct. 30, 1881. 
(VII.) Mary Magdalena McDowell, born Nov. 1, 1883. 
(VII.) Ethel Pearl McDowell, born Nov. 9, 1881; died 
Sept. 18, 1886. (VII.) William Lloyd McDowell, born 
Apr. 6, 1888; died June 1, 1890. (VII.) Charles Wes- 
ley McDowell, born Apr. 20, 1889; died July 
21, 1889. 

VI. Catharine L. Leish, born Sept, 22, 1865. Mrd. 
Robert Ives, June 2, 1882. Farmer. Catholics. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Hessie Ives, born July 6, 1885. (VII.) 
Willie Ives, born Jan. 8, 1887. (VII.) Ruby Ives, born 
Apr. 26, 1888. (VII.) Augustine Ives, born March 
28, 1890. 

VI. John Leish, born Dec. 23, 1867. 

VI. Bertha Leish, born June 27, 1870. 

VI. Maggie Leish, born Dec. 8, 1873. 

VI. Nellie Leish, born Feb. 22, 1875. 

VI. Harry Leish, born Nov. 12, 1877. 

VI. Julia' Leish, born Mar. 3, 1880. 

V. Barbara Grobb, born June 29, 1838. Unmrd. 

V. Joseph H. Grobb, born Jan. 26, 1842. Mrd. 
Mary Flynn, of Cork Co., Ireland, Oct. 26, 1869. 
Farmer in Lincoln Co., Ont. Methodists. Children: 
(VI.) Jessie Grobb, born Aug. 14, 1871. (VI.) Joshua 
Grobb, born Feb. IT, 1873; died May 17, 1889. 

V. Catharine Grobb, born Nov. 16, 1845. Mrd. 
Tempest Miller, Apr. 22, 1868. 

IV. Abraham Grobb, Jr., born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Feb. 19, 1803, (still living, 1890). Mrd. Barbara Wis- 
mer, Apr. 13, 1824. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Elizabeth, John, Mary, Abraham, Margaret, Sarah, 
Moses, Ephraim, William. 

V. Elizabeth Grobb, born Jan. 20, 1825; died Sept. 
28, 1825. 

V. John W. Grobb, born in Lincoln Co. , Ont. , Mar. 
19, 1826. Mrd. Catharine Tallman, daughter of 
Oliver and Ann Tallman, of Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 

13, 1850. She was born, Feb. 10, 1833; died Mar. 25, 
1855. Children: (VI.) Joshua Grobb, born Oct. 2, 
1852; died Nov. 19, 1869. (VI.) Barbara Ann Grobb, 
born Mar. 27, 1855; died Aug., 1855. Mr. Grobb, 
married for his second wife Frances, daughter of 
David and Susannah Honsberger, of South Cayuga. 
Ont., Oct. 7, 1856. She was born Nov. 4, 1835. 
Resides in Manitoba. Children: Walter, Maggie, 
Sylvester, Eli, Ettie, Annie, Jennie, Abraham. 

VI. Walter Grobb, born in South Cayuga, Ont., 
Dee. 3, 1858. Mrd. Euretta Jane Lee, Oct. 29, 1884. 
Blacksmith. Resides in Manitoba. Children: (VII.) 
Loella May Grobb, born Oct. 10, 1885. (VII.) Al- 
berta Larien Grobb, born Tan. 3, 1889. 

VI. Maggie Grobb, born in South Cayuga, Ont., 
July 21, 1857. Mrd. Daniel Dashwood, of South 
Cayuga, Sept. 22, 1881. Blacksmith at Dunnville, 
Ont. Children: (VII.) Charles Dashwood, born July 

10, 1882. (VII.) William Arthur Dashwood, born May 

11, 1884. (VII.) John Francis Dashwood, born Dec. 

14, 1885. (VII.) Annie Mabel Dashwood, born May 
22, 1889. 

VI. Sylvester Grobb, born in South Cayuga, Ont., 
Sept. 29, 1860. Mrd. Jennie Trimble, Jan. 11, 1888. 

— 80 — 

She was born in Huron Co. , Manitoba, Feb. 9, 1868. 
Farmer in Manitoba. One child: (VII.) Maggie Ettie 
Grobb, born Oct. 21, 1888. 

VI. Eli Grobb, born in South Cayuga, Ont., May 19, 
1865. Resides with his parents in Manitoba. S. 

VI. Ettie Grobb, born in Ont., Feb. 4, 1871. S. 

VI. Annie Grobb, born Aug. 29, 1872. 

VI. Jennie Grobb, born May 29, 1876. 

VI. Abraham Arthur Grobb, born Oct. 17, 1878. 

V. Mary Grobb, born Oct. 18, 1827; died Apr. 10, 

V. Abraham Grobb, born in Elgin Co., Ont., Sept. 
30, 1829. Mrd. widow Smith, (Nee Maria L. Caugh- 
ell, of Elgin Co., Ont., Jan. 27, 1857. Farmer at 
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Children: Martha, 

VI. Martha Louisa Grobb, born in Elgin Co., Ont., 
Oct. 2, 1857. Mrd. Henry Ogletree, May 2, 1883. 
Resides in Manitoba. Children: (VII.) Roy Loran, 
(VII.) Charles Archibald. 

VI. Charles E. Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Oct. 22, 1859. Mrd. Margaret Ann Caruthers, Mar. 
26, 1881. Resides in Manitoba. Children: (VII.) Mabel 
Laura, (VII.) Hazel. 

V. Margaret Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
June 18, 1831. S. 

V. Sarah Grobb, born Mar. 8, 1833. Mrd. William 
C. Smith—. He died Apr. 1885. Methodist. 

V. Moses W. Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 
June 22, 1835. Mrd. Sarah E. Durham, Feb., 1863. 
She died Mar. 5, 1885. Children: 

VI. Mathias E. Grobb, born Sept. 18, 1861, died 
Apr. 26, 1884. 

VI. Adelaide Arminta Grobb, born Aug. 2, 1868. 

VI. Mary Martha Grobb, born July 31, 1872. 

VI. Joshua Charles Grobb, born Aug. 18, 1871. 

VI. Elmer Murry Grobb, born June 9, 1881. 
Moses mrd. for his second wife Adelaide Eliza Dur- 
ham, Jan. 1887. Builder. Presbyterian. 

V. Ephraim W. Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont.. 
July 8. 1837, died Aug. 14, 1885. Mrd. Susanna Wis- 
mer, Feb. 10, 186!>. Farmer, also Township Assessor 

— gl- 
and Collector for fourteen years. Presbyterians. 
Children: (VI.) Millie Ann Grobb, bornMar. It;. L871. 
(VI.) Hattie Jane Grobb, born June 1. 1879. 
V. William H. Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 
Mar. 27, 1843. Mrd. Elizabeth Ann James,—. Far- 
mer — . 

IV. David Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out.. Dec 9, 
1804, died Mar. 3, L890. Mrd. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Jacob and Elizabeth Fry. Sept. l'. >. L828. She died 
Mar. 25, 1839. Blacksmith, wagon-maker and farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Joshua, Barbara. 
Jacob, Anna. David mrd. for his second wife. Susan 
Hunsberger, of Elgin Co.. Out., Jan. 28, 1844. Chil- 
dren: Sarah, Emma, Emerson. Sylvester. Orpha. 

V. Elizabeth Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out., June 
26, L829, died Oct. 2. L887. Mrd. David F. Culp, of 
Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 12, L850. Farmer. Metho- 
dists. Children: (VI.) David H. Culp, born Oct. 9, 
1851, died Sept. 3, 1879. S. (VI.) Mary Ursula Culp, 
born June 25, L853, died Feb. 11, 1872. S. (VI.) 
Dudley Jonas Culp, born Apr. 30, L855. (VI.) Joshua 
F. Culp, born July 28, L859. (VI.) Martha C. Culp, 
born Dec. 25, 1861. (VI.) Elizabeth Susan Etta Culp, 
born June 5, 1864. (VI.) Ella Amelia Culp, born July 
28, 1867. (VI.) Evelyn Louisa Culp, born Aug. 12. 
1869. (VI.) Silas Wright Cook Culp, born Apr. !>. L872. 

V. Joshua Grobb, born in Lincoln Co.. Ont.. Jan. 
18, 1831, died Oct. 15, 1858. Blacksmith. S. 

V. Barbara Grobb. born in Lincoln Co., Out., Mar. 
3, 1833. Mrd. James E. Nelles, of Brant Co., Ont,, 
Jan. 5, 1855. Farmer and pump maker. Methodists. 
Children: Emerson. Ella. Anna, James, David, Bar- 
bara, Rowland. 

VI. Emerson W. Nelles, born Jan. 28, 1856. 

VI. Ella A. Nelles, born Mar. 17, 1857. Mrd. George 
H. Horning, Dec. 26, 1883, Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Kov Nelles Horning, born Aug. 22, 
L886. (VII.) Lloyd Harris Horning, born Nov. :!. L888. 

VI. AnnaE. Nelles. born Jan. 10, 1861. S. 

VI. James Edgar Nelles, born July 22, 1864. S. 

VI. David Henry Nelles, born Mar. 21, 1867. S. 

VI, Barbara Maud Nelles, born Oct. 17,1872. S. 


VI. Rowland C. Nelles, horn Mar. 29, L876. S. 

V. Jacob Fry Grobb, horn in Lincoln Co., Ont. 
June 17. L835. Mrd. Mary Matilda Depew, of Went- 
worth Co., Ont., Feb. 25, 1863. Wheelwright and 
farmer. Attends Methodist ch. Children: (VI.) Clara 
A. Grobb, horn dan. 23, L864. died Nov. 14, 1879. 
(VI.) Ida Elizabeth Grobb, horn Sept. 26, 1865. Mrd. 
Jacob Albright, Dec. 19,1889. Farmer. Methodists. 
(VI.) Arietta May Grobb, born July 19, 1868. 

V. Anna Grobb, born in Lincoln Co.. Ont.. May <. 
L838. Mrd. Ira F. Culp, of Lincoln Co.. Ont.. Now 5. 
1862. Fanner. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Joshua 
G. Culp. horn Oct. 11. 1863, died Aug. 31, 1865. (VI.) 
Lillie Jane Culp. horn Aug. 25, 1866, died .Mar. 13, 
1880. (VI.) William D. Culp. horn Oct. 4. 1868. (VI.) 
Martha Barbara Culp. horn Dec. 23, 1870, died Aug. 
L0, 1871. (VI.) Rosabelle Culp, born June 15, 1873. 
(VI.) Anna Culp. horn Nov. 1. 1874. (VI.) Fred Nelles 
and Frank Depew Culp (Twins), horn duly 24. 1883. 

V. Sarah Catharine Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Nov. 21, 1844. Mrd. Samuel N. Fry. Oct. 1, 
1872. Farmer. Mems. Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) Anna 
Fry. born May 28, 1876. (VI.) Alpheus Leland Fry. 
born Mar. 23,'l883. 

V. Emma Jane Grobb, horn Apr. 19, 1847, died Nov. 
13, 1886. 

V. Fnierson D. Grobb, horn July 15, 1849, died 
Mar. 21, L852 

V. Sylvester II. Grobb, horn Aug. 23, 1851. 

V. O'rpha Grobb, born Feb id. 1858. Mrd. Jonas II. 
Smith, of Kent Co.. Out.. Dec. 24, 1879. Hardware 
merchant. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Laura Maud 
Smith, born Nov. 20, L880. (VI.) Cecil Smith, horn 
Dec. 10, 1884. 

IV. Moses Grobb, horn in Lincoln Co.. Ont.. Nov. 
16, 1806, died May -J. 1*77. Mrd. Catharine Funk. 
She was born in Bucks Co.. Pa.—, came to Canada 
with her sister Elizabeth. She died in L889. Farmer, 
weaver. Mennonites. Children: Esther, Jonas, Lydia, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah. Franklin. Sophia. 

V. Esther Grohh. horn, in Lincoln Co.. Out., Mai'. 
21. 1830. Mrd. Solomon Mover, of Lincoln Co.. Out.. 

Feb. 4. 1851. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Wil- 
liam. Ephraim, Isaac. 

VI. William G. Mover, born Mar. 8, L852. Mrd. 
Susan Gulp, of South Quyaga, Out.. Apr. 9, L876. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Norman C. 
Moyer, born Feb. 7. 1878. (VII.) Milton C. .Mover. 
born Ma v. L5, L881. (VII.) Solomon C. Moyer, bom 
Mar. 23, L883. (VII.) Isaac C. Mover, born Sept. 27, 
1884. (VII.) Alberta C. Moyer, born Ana-. 26, 1885. 
(VII.) Orpha C. Moyer, born Mar. 1,1888. 

VI. Ephraim Moyer, born in Canada, Jan. 19, 1855. 
Mrd. Ella Smith, 'Oct. 23, 1889. 

VI. Isaac Moyer, born July 30. 1863. S. 

V. Jonas Grobb, born in Lincoln Co.. Out.. Oct. 31, 

1831. Mrd. Sarah Moyer, of Lincoln Co.. May 29^ 
1860. Farmer. Methodists. Children:. Valeria, Row- 
land, Alberta, Eva. . 

VI. Valeria Grobb, born May 24, 1861. Mrd. Thomas 
R. Gilmore, Oct. 11. 1887. Farmer. Methodists. 

VI. Rowland Grobb, born Jan. 31, 1864, died Oct. 
20, 1872. 

VI. Alberta Grobb, born Jan. 10, 1876, died Auo-. 
3, 1878. 

VI. Eva Elma Grobb, born Mar. ;». 1878, died Aug. 
3, 1878. 

V. Lydia Grobb, born in Lincoln Co.. Out., Oct. 28, 

1832. 'Mrd. Joseph Houser. (See Index of References 
No. 13.) 

V. Mary Ann Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Out., 
June:., 1834. Mrd. William Tallman, of Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Aug. 30, 1854. Farmer and brickmaker. Metho- 
dists. Children: James. Walter, Emma. Orpha. 
Clara, Sarah. 

VI. James Harvey Tallman, born Jan. 3, 1855. 
Mrd. Anna Russ, of Clinton Twp., Ont., Nov. 15, 
1STT. Farmer and Sawyer. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Clara Tallman, born Auo-. 14, 1879. (VII.) James 
Wallace Tallman, born Oct. 17, 1883. 

VI. Walter F. Tallman, born Dee. 29, 1856. Mrd. 
Eliza A. Beemer, of Clinton, Ont,, Feb. 20, 1884. 
Fanner and brick-maker. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Florence Helena Tallman, born Jan. 1, 1889. 

— 84 - 

VI. Emma Tallman, born Mar. 8, 1861, died Dec. 
29, 1st:::. 

VI. Orpha Tallman, born Feb. 2, 1865. 

VI. Clara Ann Tallman, born Apr. 29, 1867, died 
June 29, 1873. 

VI. Sarah Tallman, born July 1, 1869, died Aim:. 6, 
1870. ' 

V. Elizabeth Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 
3, 1835. died Sept. 8, 1876. Mrd. Thomas Brighamin 
1859. Laborer. Methodists. Children: Isaac, Kate, 
William. Mary. 

VI. Isaac Brig-ham, born Jan. 26, 1861. Mrd. Isa- 
belle Wilson, of Brantford, Ont,, Sept. 11, 1887. 
Foreman in McKaig's Iron and Steel Shafting works, 
of Cumberland, Maryland. Baptists. One child: (VII.) 
Franklin Wilson Brigham, born June 20, 1889. 

VI. Kate Sophia Brigham, born Dee. 19, 1862, died 
in 1865. 

VI. William E. Brigham. born July 22, 1861, died 
in 1866. 

VI. Mary Ann Brigham, born Apr. 5, 1866. 

V. Sarah Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 
23, 1838. Mrd. Wilson Nickerson,— . Farmer. Meth- 
odists. Children: John, Mary, Alice, Lillie, Anna, 

VI. John F. Nickerson, born Feb. 5, 1863. 

VI. MaryE. Nickerson, born Mar. 8, 1864. Mrd. 
John Cur'rie,— . Farmer. Children: (VII.) Ethel Cur- 
rie, born Oct. 1, 1885. (VII.) William Currie, born 
Oct. 25, 1886. 

VI. Aliee E. Nickerson, born Mar. 1, 1868. Mrd. 
Norris Stevens, — . Farmer. 

VI. Lillie C. Nickerson, born Apr. 8, 1873. 

VI. Anna S. Nickerson, born July 16, 1878. 

VI. Nellie V. Nickerson, born Dec. 18, 1881. 

V. Franklin Grobb, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, 
Nov. 29, L843. Mrd. Martha Ismond, Nov. 6, 1872. 
Machinist, Baptists. Children: (VI.) Charles Hilyard 
Grobb, born Oct. 7, 1873. (VI.) Frederick Ismond 
Grobb, born July '.», Is77. (VI.) Jessie Eveline Grobb, 
born July 11, 1883. (VI.) Robert Gordon Grobb, 
born Sept. 20, 1885. 

IV. Susanna Grobb, born in Lincoln Co.. Ont., Feb. 
4, 1809, died Dec. 24, 1883. Mrd. Abraham Wismer, 
Dec. 19, 1826. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Isaac, John, Elizabeth, Anna, Abraham, Susanna. 
William. Barbara, Freeman, Sarah, Mary. 

V. Isaac (t. Wismer, horn in Lincoln Go., Ont., Oct. 
14. 1827. Mrd. Anna Mover. Mar. 9, L852. She was 
horn in Lincoln Co., Ont'.. Oct. 1. L829, died Sept. 
L2, 1875. Farmer and blacksmith. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Lavina. Anna. Maria. Jacob, Sarah, Emma. 
Norman, Huldah. — Isaac mrd. second wife, Hannah 
Smith, of York Co., Ont.. Apr. 11. L878. One child: 

VI. Lavina Wismer, born in South Cayuga, Ont.. 
Feb. 6, 1853. Mrd. Michael Dohn, Sept. 19, 1871. 
He was born in South Cayuga, Jan. 25. L848. Farmer. 
Mem. Ev. Ass. Children:' (VII.) Albert F. Dohn, 
born Aug. 3, 1875. (VII.) Hattie B. Dohn, born Aug. 
it, 1877. (VII.) Elsie M. Dohn, born May L3, L880, 
(VII.) Leslie T. Dohn. horn Dec. 10, 1883." (VII.) La- 
vern S. Dohn, born June 18, 1888. 

VI. Anna Wismer. horn June 6, L855. Mrd. D. W. 
Nash, Jan. 29, 1879. Farmer. Mem. Ev. Ass. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Willie W. Nash, horn Jan. 4, 1880. 
(VII.) Ardie T. Nash, born Nov. 12,1881. (VII.) Lot- 
tie M. Nash, horn Dec. 4. 1883. (VII.) Isaac P. Nash, 
horn Aug. 15, 1886. (VII.) Lulu C. Nash, born Sept. 
3, 1887. 

VI. Maria Wismer, horn in South Cayuga, Ont. . Apr. 
22, 1858. Mrd. G. D. Culp, Oct. 20, 1880. Farmer. 
Baptists. Children: (VII.) Robin E. Culp, born June 
30. 1883. (VII.) Anna Nina Culp. horn Apr. lit, 1885. 
(VII.) George Earnest Culp, born Apr.6, 1887. 

VI. Jacob Wismer, bornDec. 25, L860. Mrd. Frances 
High, of Jordan, Lincoln Co., Ont., Aug. 18, 1886. 
She was born Nov. '2('). 1866. Blacksmith. One child: 
(VII.) Harry Wismer, horn Nov. 7, 1887. 

VI. Sarah B. Wismer, horn Oct. 16, 1st;:;. Mem. Ev. 

VI. Emma Wismer. bprn Nov s. is.;.\ Teacher. 
Mem By, -W 

— 86 - 

VI. NormaD Wismer, horn Apr. .".. L868. Farmer in 

VI. Huldah Wismer, horn Mar. 21. 1873. Mem. Ev. 

VI. Roberl E. Wismer, horn Feb. 1. 1879. 

V. John (i. Wismer, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Oct. 
29, L829. Mrd. Mary High, of Louth, Ont.. Feb. L9, 
L861. She <licd Nov. L8, L878. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Sarah Wismer. horn Nov. 18,1862. 
(VI.) Martha Wismer, born Feb. 25, 1864. (VI.) 
Sandy Wismer. born Oct. 16, Is*'.:.. (VI.) Sylvester 
Wismer. horn Feb. 27. 1872. All members Ev. 
Ass. (VI.) John Wismer, died at birth. (VI.) Mary 
Wismer. died at birth. — John mrd. second wife. Janet 
McOmish, a native of Perthshire. Scotland, Dee. 23, 
L879. She is Presbyterian. 

V. Elizabeth Wismer. horn in Lincoln Co.. Ont.. 
Mar. 1. 1832. Mrd. Philip High. Mar. 9, L852. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Sarah. Emer- 
son, Abraham, Isaac. Susie. Barbara. 

VI. Mary Ann Ilio-h. horn Mar. 9, 1853, died Dee. 25, 

VI. Sarah High, horn Feb. 10, L855. Mrd. Freeman 
Rittenhouse, Dee. 1. L878. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Onechild. (VII.) Harvey Rittenhouse. horn Sept, lit, 

VI. Emerson W. High, born Dee. 18, L856. Mrd. 
Mary Fry. Feb. 27. L881. She died Jan. L8, 1882. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Onechild: (VII.) OrphaHigh. 
horn Dee. 12, 1881. — Emerson mid. second wife, Bar- 
bara Jane Melntvre (widow.) Jan. 27. 1886. 

VI. Abraham W. High, horn Nov. 2, L858. Mrd. 
Rebecca Jane Peek. Dee. L3, L882. Farmer at South 
Cayuga, Ont. Children: (VII.) Abraham High, born 
Mar. 20, L886. (VII.) Anna High, born Nov. 1, L887, 

VI. Isaac W. High, horn Dee. 9, I860. Mrd. Lily 
Ldora Overholt, Dec. L5, L886. Farmer at South Cay- 
uga, Ont. 

VI. Susie High, horn Nov. 29, L864. Mrd. Alberl 
Rittenhouse, Sept. L0, L882. Farmer. Children: (VII.) 
Henry Rittenhouse, horn Sept. L5, L885. (VII.) Eli/ 
Mheth Rittenhouse. horn July 23, 1887, 

— 87 — 

VI. Barbara .lane High, born July 4, 1867. 

V. Anna Wismer, born in Lincoln Co., Out., May 6, 
1834. Mrd. Philip Moyer, of Jordan, Out.. June 1857. 
Children: Norman, Delos, Hattie. 

VI. Nonnan Moyer, horn Apr. 4, 1858. Mrd. Emma 
McCnrdy, of Clinton. Ont., Jan. 3. 1884. Farmer. 
Mem. Fv. Ass. One child: (VII.) Burges Mover, 
horn Dec. 17, 1884. 

VI. Delos Moyer, born Mar. 25, 1866. 

VI. Hattie Belle Mover, horn Aug. 9, 1872. 

V. Abraham G. Wismer. born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Nov. 29, 1836. Mrd. Susanna Nash, May 21, 1870. 
Farmer in South Cayuga, Ont. Children: (VI.) Abra- 
ham Wismer. horn 'Mar. 13, 1871. (VI.) Harvey Wis- 
mer, horn July 24, 1873. (VI.) Wilford Wismer. horn 
Sent. 19,1875. (VI.) Florence Wismer. horn Dec. 1':;. 
1877. (VI.) Delos Wismer. horn May 4. 1880. (VI.) 
Fannie Wismer, born June 24, 1882,diedFeb. 17. L888. 

V. Susanna Wismer. horn in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Mar. 26, 1840. Mrd: Ephraim Grobb. (See Index of 
References. No. 14. 

V. William G. Wismer, horn in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 21, 1842. Mrd. Huldah Ann Smith, Mar. 31, 
1870. Machinist. Children: (VI.) Mary Jane Wismer. 
horn Aug. 28, 1871. Teacher. (VI.) Clara Arminta 
Wismer, born Dec. 4. 1873. (VI.) Burgess S. Wismer, 
Bertha May Wismer, (Twins.) born Mar. It',. 1876. 
(VI.) Holland S. Wismer, horn Aug. L0, 1881. (VI.) 
Lena Alberta Wismer, horn Aug. 4. 1883. 

V. Barbara Wismer, horn in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
May 18, 1846. Mem. Ev. Ass. Unmrd. 

V. Freeman Wismer, horn in Lincoln Co.. Ont., 
June 30, 1848. Presbyterian. Unmrd. 

VI Sarah Wismer. horn May 24. 1852, died Sept. 23, 


V. Mary Wismer, horn in Lincoln Co.. Ont., July 13 ; 

1854. Presbyterian. Unmrd. 
IV. Joseph Grobb, born in Lincoln Co. , Ont. , Mar. 26f, 

1817. Died Oct. L3, 1879. Mrd. Susanna Higbi 

Sept. 20, 1841. Occupation at time of death: Furni- 
ture dealer. Baptist. Children: Mary. Philip, Alme 

da, Josephus. James. Lucy. Lilly 

— 88 — 

V. Mary Ann Grobb, born Mar. 19, 1843. Mrd. 
George Alexander Miller, of Niagara, Jan. 25, 1865. 
He was drowned June 24, 1866, Steamboat engineer. 
He was Presbyterian, wife Episcopalian. One child: 
(VI.) George Curtis Herague Miller, born Mar. 24, 
1866. — Mary Ann, mrd. second husband, John Harley, 
of Oswego, N. Y., July 29, 1868. Cabinet Maker. 
Roman Catholic. Children: (VI.) Joseph Cornelius 
Harley, horn Apr. 11, 1869. Machinist, (VI.) John 
Henry Harley, born Sept. IT, 1875. 

V. Philip Henry Grobb, born Aug. 11,1845. Mrd. 
Alice Maud Dettrick, Nov. 12, 1872. Express agent. 
Episcopalians. Children: (VI.) Martha Almeda Grobb, 
born Dec. is, L874. (VI.) Lillie Pearl Grobb, born 
Oct. 11, 1*77. (VI.) Franklin Gordon Grobb, horn 
July 7, 1880. 

V.' Almeda Elizabeth Grobb, born Dec. 12, 1847. 
Mrd. John Brewer Mclntyre, of St. Catharines, Ont., 
Dec 10, L867. Undertaker. He was Mayor of St. 
Catharines in 1889. Episcopalians. No issue. 

V. Josephus Curtis Grobb, horn May 31, 1850. Mrd. 
Mary Clotilda McCarty, June 30, 1884. Furniture 
dealer. Baptist, wife Catholic. Children: (VI.) Katie 
Maria Grobb, horn Apr. 27, 1885. (VI.) John Joseph 
Grobb, born Dec. 11, 1887. 

V. James Alsamus Grobb, born May 10, 1852. Mrd. 
Mary Elizabeth Pennington, June 28, 1*75. Furni- 
ture dealer. Episcopalians. Children: (VI.) Earnest 
Grobb, horn Apr. 22, 1877; (VI.) R. Braund Grobb, 
horn Sept. 13, 1881. (VI.) Erma Rosen Grobb, horn 
Aug. lo, 1887. 

V." Lucy Everetta Grobb, horn Dec. 21, 1860. Episco- 
palian. Unmrd. 

V. Lilly Grobb, horn Nov. 27, 1862, died July 3. 1 865. 


II. Jacob Fretz, (son of weaver John Fretz) was 
horn in Bucks Co., Pa., about 1732, died—, and was 
buried in the Old Mennonite graveyard, at Deep 
Run. About 1755, he was married' to Catharine 
Nash. They at tirst lived on a farm in Tinicum Twp., 
near Erwinna, later known as the Ervine place, he 
having sold it to a man by the name of Ervine. It 
afterwards came into the hands of the Stovers. After 
he sold his farm near Erwinna, he purchased a farm 
in Bedminster Twp.. where he lived and died, and 
where his son Joseph (known as Bio- Joe) also lived 
and died; after which it was sold to Isaac Detweiler, 
and is now owned and occupied by Aaron Yerger. 
The farm originally extended hack to the Tohickon. 
— Jacob and his wife were in all probability members 
of the Mennonite Ch. at Deep Kim. Children: Eliza- 
heth. Abraham, John, Hannah, Barbara, Magdalena, 
Jacob, William, Joseph, Isaac. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa.. July 
1, 1756, died Feb. 13. 1831. Mrd. Rev. John Kep- 
hart,— . He was born Feb. 10, 1751, died Aug. 31, 
Is-_>l\ Farmer and Minister. Ordained to the min- 
istry of the Mennonite church, and preached at the 
Doylestown meeting-house, where he and his wife 
are buried. Children: Magdalena, Susan. Elizabeth, 
Jacob, John, Catharine, Hannah, Abraham, Anna. 

IV. Magdalena K.ephart. horn Jan. 29, 1780, died 
Oct, 12, 1851. Mrd, John Bear,- . Carpenter, 
Mennonilt's. Children: .John, Joseph, Elizahelli. 

— 90 

V. John and Joseph Rear, moved West and died 

V. Elizabeth Rear, born July 8, L811, died Aug. 24. 
L889. Mrd. John S. Frets, of Scottdale, Pa. (Sec 
Index of References No. 15.) 

IV. Susan Kephart, born Jan. L5, L785, died June 
23, 1851. Mrd. David Heistand,— . He was born 
Jan. 24, 1788, died July 17, I860. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. ( )ne child. 

V. Elizabeth Heistand, born Sept. 13, 1814, died 
Mar. 20, L883. Mrd. Henry Hedrick, Mar. 5, 1833. 
lie was born Mar. 17. 1812, died Oct. 31, 1868. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Oliver. Susan. Mary. 
Sophia, David, Henry, Eliza. Eli. 

VI. Oliver Hedrick.' born Jan. It, 1835. Mrd. Mary 
Fretz. Jan. i. 1860. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Lizzie, Kate. Annie. Henry, Emma, Sophia. Ida, 
Susan. Ellen. John. Clara, Oliver. 

VII. Lizzie Fretz Hedrick, born Feb. L3, L861. 
Mrd. Jacob D. Moll. Sept. L9, L885. Farmer. Re- 
formed. One child. (VIII.) Howard Moll, born Jan. 
7. L887. 

VII. Kate F. Hedrick, born June 28, 1862. 

VII. Annie M. Hedrick. born Nov. 16, 1864. Mrd. 
Harvey Crouthamel, of Chalfont, Fa.. Feb. 1. 1890. 

VII. Henry F. Hedrick, born Mar. 7. 1866. 

VII. Emma F. Hedrick, born May 4. L867. 

VII. Sophia Fretz Hedrick. bom Sept. 1, 1868. 
Mrd. Amos S. Baringer, Oct. 29 1887. Farmer. 
No issue. Lutherans. 

VII. Ida F. Hedrick. born Nov. 3, 1869. 

VII. Susan F. Hedrick. born Aug. 30, L871, died 
Mar. 26, L873. 

VII. Ellen Fretz Hedrick, born Sept. 30, L872. 

VII. John F. Hedrick. born Nov. 27. LS74. 

VII. Chua F. Hedrick, born Aug. 13, 1876. 

VII. Oliver Fretz Hedrick, born Oct. 7. 1*77. 

VI. Susan Hedrick, born Nov. 5, L836. Mrd. Ben- 
jamin Frick. Jan. 5, 1860. Fanner. Mennonites. ('hil 
dren: 1 lenrv. ( ireorge, 

VII. Henry H. Frick. born Oct. L0, L862. Mrd. 
Emma Weikel, Jan. 29, 1887, Inventor and Patentee 

- 91 - 

of Frick's Patent Carriage Cover; also publisher and 
dealer in hooks. Children: (VIII.) Robert Samuel 
Frick, born Feb. 20, L888. (VIII.) Charles Aaron 
Frick, horn Feb. 12, L890. 

VII. George II. Frick, horn Aug. l>4. 1867. Mrd. 
Louisa- G. Smith,— . One child: (VIII.) Benjamin 
Adam Frick, horn Aug. L3, 1887. 

VI. Mary Ann Hedrick, horn July 19, 1839, died 
Nov. 4. 1881. Mrd. Charles Martin. Nov. 15, L863. 
Laborer. Mennonites. Children: Henry, Lizzie, 

Vli: Henry Thomas Martin, born July IT. L865, 
died Auo-. 15, 1882. 

VII. Lizzie H. Martin, horn Apr. 26, 1867. Mrd. 
George N. Trauger, Apr. 14. 1888. 

VII. Benjamin H. Martin, born July 30, 1871, died 
Aug. 16, 1882. 

VL Sophia Hedrick, horn June 6, 1841. Mrd. Jesse 
H. Moore. Jan. 26, 1868. He was horn duly 30, 
1S47. Lived 18 years at Newville, Bucks Co., Pa., 
where he followed the Blacksmith, and wheelwright, 
trade; then moved on a farm near Chalfont, where 
they now reside. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Sallie 
A. Moore, horn July 28, 1868. (VII.) Henry H. 
Moore, horn Dee. 26, 1870. (VII.) Josiah H. Moore, 
horn Dee. 11. 1872. (VII.) Leidy B. Moore, horn 
June 16, 1874. (VII.) Mary L. Moore, born May 14. 
1876. (VII.) Ella Martha Moore, horn Nov. 23, L880. 

VI. David Hedrick, horn Feb. 22, 1844. Mrd.—. 

VI. Henry Hedrick, horn Aug. 6, 1846. Mrd.—. 

VI. Eliza Hedrick, born May 2, 1849. Mrd. Benjamin 
M. Mover, Feb. 1, 1873. Agent. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Katie Mover, horn May l j :>. 1875, diedApr. 
in. 1878. (VII.) Lizzie Ann Mover, born Oct. 18, 1876, 
died Apr. 11, 1878. (VII.) Susan Mover, horn Aug. 
23, 1878, died Feb. 16, 1889. (VII.) Abraham II. 
Mover, horn Mar. 30, L880. (VII.) Howard Wilson 
Mover, horn Aug. 13, 1882. (VII.) Ephraim Norman 
Moyer, born Nov. 12, 1884. (VII.) Thomas Arthur 
Moyer, born Sept. 7. 1886. 

VL Eli Hedrick, horn Oct, 28, 1851, died Kch. 7. 

IV. Elizabeth Kephart, born June 1, L786, died 
Jan 20, 1864. Unmrd. 

IV. Jacob Kephart born, about 17*7. died June 25, 
L856, Mrd. Magdalena Ruth. — . She was born Aug. 
10, 1788, died Oct. 11, 1862. Carpenter, Undertaker 
and Farmer. Attended Mennonite ch. Children: 
Amelia. Abraham, Lydia, Henry. 

V. Amelia Kephart, hern Aug. 24, 1809, diedNov. 17. 
L885. Mrd. Samuel Shutt. Oct, 16, L834. He died 
Feb. 24, 1887. Farmer. Baptists. Children: Wil- 
helmina, William. Heman. 

VI. Wilhelmina Shutt. bom Aug, 20, 1837. Mrd. 
Charles McEwen, Nov. 8, I860. Miller. Baptists. 
Children: (VII.) Clara S. McEwen, born Jan. 29, L861. 
Mrd. Abram Clymer, Dee. 29, 1881. She died June 
L5, L882. (VII.) W. Linford McEwen, horn Apr. 26, 
1st*,:). (VII.) Mary Ella McEwen, horn Jan. 28, 1865, 
died Feb. 1. 1884. (VII.) Walter F. McEwen, born 
Dee. 29, 1868. S. 

VI. William S. Shutt, born June is. 1841; Mrd. 
Ada J. Johnson. Dee. 25, 1887. Employed in a print- 
ing office in Philadelphia, Pa. Served three years in 
the Army. Baptist. No issue. 

VI. Heman L. Shutt. horn Nov. 8, L850, died Dee. 
23, L884. Mrd. Louisa States, in 1879. Farmer. One 
child: (VII.) Emons B. Shutt. 

V. Abraham li. Kephart, born in Bucks Co.. Pa.. 
Alio-. 2, 1812. Mrd. Mary darner, in 1835. She died 
Dee 17). 1854. Children: Theophilus, Catharine, 
Juliet. Fenton, Isabelle, Harrison. Howard. Theo- 
dore. He mrd. for his second wife. Minerva DeCour- 
sey, — . One Child: Laura. Mr. Kephart during his 
long and eventful life followed farming, hut has also 
been a public spirited man. and prominent in the 
affairs of his township and County. When he was 
about •'!»» years of age he joined the State Militia, and 
served twelve years in the following companies: •"In- 
dependent Rifle Guns"; "Washington Blues"; and 
•• Doylestmvn Guards". He was commissioned Lieu- 
tenant in the Washington Blues by Cow W. V. John 
son, He is not a member, hut attends the Mennonite 
rlnireh. He resides at Tradesville. Pa. 

VI. TheophilusG. Kephart, born Apr. 19, L835. Mrd. 
Charlotte I. Conner, Apr. It',. L867. She was born in 
Oswego, N. Y., Mar. 22, L850. Baptists. Children: 
(VII.) beForestC. Kephart, born Dec. l 2:5, 1870. (VII.) 
OrvilleG. Kephart. born Apr. 23, 1872. (VII.) India 
B. Kephart, born July 7, 1877, < lie. I Sept. 24, L882. 
(VII.) Waunetah B. Kephart, horn May 14. 1885. In 
early life Mr. Kephart was a farmer, and like the 
Revolutionary patriot. Gen. Putnam, at the outbreak 
of the civil war, left the plow for the field of carnage 
at the first call to arms. His military history dates 
back to 1855, when he joined the DoylestowD Guards, 
which at the beginning of the war was captained by 
W. W. H. Davis, and who tendered the services of 
the company to the government at the first call for 
75,000 men, for three months. They were the first 
troops to pass through Baltimore, Md., after tin- 
Massachusetts Reg't. that met with violence at the 
hands of the mob. The company was attached to the 
25th Reg't. Pa., Vol., and formed Co. I, of that Reg't. 
They were among the troops to make the first advance 
into Va., and during the campaigns in that state they 
met the enemy in a skirmish at Harper's Ferry, and 
engaged them in battle at Falling water. At the 
expiration of enlistment, they we're mustered out of 
service and returned home. After the Regiment was 
mustered out of service Mr. Kephart was promoted 
from private to Corporal. Soon after their return, 
the 104th Reg't. Pa. Vol. was raised with Capt. W. 
W. H. Davis as Col., from whom Corporal Kephart 
received his commission as First Lieutenant of Co. B. 
The Reg't. joined the Army of the Potomac, and 
served through the Penisular Campaign, and engaged 
in many of the bloody battles of the war. Their first 
battle was Lee's Mills; then the siege of Yorktown, 
battles of Williamsburg, Chickahominy, Seven Pines. 
Fair Oaks, Seven days battles, James' Island, John's 
Island, taking of Morris Landing, seige of Ft, Sump- 
ter and Charleston, Cedar Creek, and Campaigns 
before Petersburg and Richmond. After the battle of 
Fair Oaks, Leut. Kephart was promoted to Captain 
of Co. B, and subsequently commissioned Major, then 

Lieut. Col., and finally Colonel of the Regiment. 
After his return from the war his first venture was in 
the clothing and hoot and shoe business, but for the 
pasl twenty years he has been employed as a train 
messenger for the American Express Co., at Chicago, 

VI. Catharine Kephart, horn Dee. 8, L836, died 
Dee. 26, L836. 

VI. Juliet Kephart. horn Nov. 28, L837. Mrd. New- 
ton Radcliffe,— . Farmer in 111. Children: (VII.) 
Emma Virginia, dead. (VII.) Harland Horatio. (VII.) 
Mary Orlena Patience. 

VI. Fenton Kephart, born July 23, L841. Mrd. Kate. 
daughter of Enos Haldeman, Aug. 4. 1875. Farmer. 
Mrs. Kephart Baptist. Mr. Kephart enlisted in the 
16th Pa., Cavalry. Sept. i'.".. L862, was in all the promi- 
nent battles from the first battle of Fredericksburgh, 
Chancellorsyille, Gettysburg, Wilderness. Spottsyl- 
vania. Siege of Petersburgh and onto Appomattox. 
He was wounded in the right hi]) at Hawe's Shop, 
near Cold Harbor. Was discharged at the close 
of the war. June L6, 1865. Children: (VII.) Viola 
H. Kephart, horn Feb. 22, L876. (VII.) Howard 
H. Kephart. horn Sept. 26, 1877. (VII.) Raymond 
Kephart. horn Aim-. 28, 1879. (VII.) Mabel Bay 
Kephart. horn Jan. 1. L890. 

VI. Isabella Kephart, born July 18, 1845. S. 

VI. Harrison Kephart, horn Oct. 8, 1846. S. 

VI. Howard Kephart. horn Sept. 11. 1848, died 
Nov. 12. 1873. S. 

VI. Theodore Kephart. horn Aug. 17. L852. Mrd. 
Mary Gillam.— . In Milk business in Phila. On.' 
child: (VII.) Abraham Howard Kephart, born— ,1890. 

VI. Laura D. Kephart. horn Sept. 30, L859. Mrd. 
Abraham Clymer, Mar. 30, L887. Farmer. Baptists. 

V. Lydia Kephart. horn — . L815, died—. Mrd. 
George Geil, — . One child: (VI.) William Fenton 
Geil, born— . Mrd. Phebe Ann Flack. No issue. 

V. Henry H. F. Kephart. horn Oct, 17. 1828. Mrd. 
Amy T. High, June :.. L851. Farmer. Children: Jo- 
sephine, Emma, Annie. George, Wilhelmina, Pierson, 
Ida. Theophilus, William. Mary, Samuel. 

VI. Josephine Kephart, born Feb. 15, 1852. Mrd. 
John N. Holdeman. — . Farmer. Baptists. No issue. 

VI. Emma P. Kephart. born Aug. L5, L853. Dress- 
maker. Baptist. S. 

VI. Anna A. Kephart, born Dee. 30, 1854. Dress- 
maker. Presbyterian. S. 

VI. George Elwood Kephart. born Apr. Ill, 1856. 
Mrd. Anna Weisel,— . Fanner. Mem. Ger. Ref. Ch. 
Children: (VII.) Calvin Ira. Horace, Elsie May. Sam- 
uel S.. Amy. 

VI. Wilhelmina S. Kephart, born Oct. 26, L85T. 
Mrd. Alfred Steever,—. Miller. Members Ger. Ref. 
Ch. Children: (VII.) Stella May Steever. born—, 
died — . (VII.) Norman Chester Steever. 

VI. Pierson II. Kephart, born Apr. 10, 1859, died in 
1885. S. 

VI. Ida Kephart. born Jan. 14. 1861, died July 18, 

VI. Theophilus Kephart, born Sept. 30, 1863. Clerk 
in Phila. Pa. S. 

VI. William Fenton Kephart. born Sept. 6, ls<;4. 
Died Aug. 20, 1868, 

VI. Mary Ella Kephart. born Apr. 30, 1866. Mrd. 
Ervin Gardner,—. 1888. Clerk at Lansdale, Pa. One 
child: (VII.) Harrison Garner, bom Feb. 2, 1889. 

VI. Samuel H. Kephart,' born Aug. 18, 1868, died 
same day. 

IV. John Kephart, born—, died,—. Mrd. Margaret 
Hook, — . Farmer. Mennonites. One child: — . 

V. John Kephart, born-. Mrd. Henriette McEwen, 
— . In Car office in Phila. Pa. F^our children: (VI.) 
Frank, — . 

IV. Catharine Kephart. born — . died—. Mrd. 
"Gerhart, — . Children: Eliza, Alfred, Susanna. 

V. Fliza Gerhart, born Mar. 17, 1812. Mrd. Enos 
Rotzell, in 1830. He was born July 7, 1807, died 
Dee. 2, 1S74. Tailor. Baptists. Children: Emily, 
Anna. Charles, Joseph, Lizzie, John. 

VI. Emily Rotzell, born Nov. 4, 1834, died Sept. 8, 

VI. Anna Mary Rotzell. born July 28, 1836, died 
June li), 1st:;. 


VI. Charles M. Rotzell, born Mar. 5, L838, died 
Sept. 22, L864. Mrd. Lizzie Dewees, in L863. One 
child: (VII.) Harry S. Rotzell, born Mar. 7, 1864. 

VI. Joseph M. 'Rotzell, born Dee. 10, 1842, died 
Feb. 27, 1X74. Mrd. Lizzie Whitehead, in 1871, One 
child: (VII.) Willet Rotzell, born in 1873. 

VI. Lizzie A. Rotzell, born Feb. 21, 1843, died 
Apr. 22, 1883. 

VI. John Rotzell. born Sept. 11, 1845. Mrd. Ger- 
trude Eaton, Mar. 24, ls74. Grocer at Norristown, 
Pa. Baptists. Children: (VII.) Charles Rotzell, born 
Apr. 24, 1875, died July 1, 1876. (VII.) Bertha Rot- 
zell. born Nov. 9, 1876. (VII.) Hattie Rotzell, born 
Sept. 9, L880. 

V. Alfred Gerhart, born.—. Mrd. Catharine Lee,— 
She died in 1872. Children: (VI.) Philip, Catharine, 
Sarah, and one or two died. 

V. Susannah Gerhart. born — , died — . Mrd. Henry 
Smith. Children: (VI.) Albert. Jessie. 

IV. Hannah Kephart, born — . died — . Mrd. Joseph 
Yocum. Farmer. One child: (V.) John Yocum. 

IV. Abraham Kephart, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, 
Apr. 19, 1796, died Aug. 23, 1850. Mrd. Deborah, 
daughter of Philip Brunner, of New Britain Twp., 
Apr. 17. L823. She was born Dec 5, 1800, and is still 
living (1890). Miller. Presbyterian. Children: John, 
George, Thomas, Sarah. 

V. John B. Kephart, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 27, 
1824. Mrd. Henrietta Brunner of Germantown. Sales- 
man in Pork packing establishment, in Philadelphia. 
They had four children 2 dead. (VI.) Anna Louisa 
Kephart. (VI.) Walter L. Kephart. 

V. George W. Kephart. Mrd. Mary Ann White. 
Children: Marshall, Howard, Frank, Mary. 

VI. Marshall Kephart, Mrd. Ella Norman. Paper 
hanger. Children: (VII.) George, Norman, Lillie, 

VI. Howard Kephart, mrd. Martha Scott. Clerk. 
Children: (VII.) Charlotte, Catharine, Isaac, Howard. 

VI. Frank Kephart, mrd. Lillie Norman. Clerk. 
Children: (VII.) Robert, Katie, Viola. 


Old Mennonite Church, Deep Run. 

VI. Mary Kephart, mr I. Jessie Powell. Book- 
keeper. Children: (VII.) Marion Kephart Powell. 
(VII.) Allen Mills Powell. 

V. Thomas Philip Kephart, M. I)., born—. Mrd. 
Belle James of New Britain Twp. Practicing Physi- 
cian in New York City. Baptists. Children: (VI.) 
Carrie E. Kephart. horn , died --. Baptist. (VI.) 
Emma E. Kephart. born , died—. Episcopalian. 
(VI.) Infant, died unnamed. (VI.) Infant, died un- 
named. (VI.) Flora B. Kephart, Teacher; resides in 
Dolyestown, Pa. 

V. Sallie Kephart, mrd. Jonas Cassel, of Skippack 
twp., Pa. Produce and commission merchant in Phil- 
adelphia.. Pa.. Presbyterian. Children: (VI.) Carrie 
E. Cassel. (VI.) Clifford Kephart Cassel. (VI.) Alice 
C. Cassel, born—, died July 8, L875. (VI.) Linford 
Brunner Cassel. 

IV. Anna Kephart, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 19, 
1799, died Dee. 22, 1878. Mrd. John Shutt, Jan. 
27. 1S!>ii. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Oliver. 
Sophia, Sarah, George, Samuel, Mary, John. 

V. Oliver P. Shutt, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
II), 1820. Mrd. Sallie Ann Garges, Nov. 2, 1854. 
Farmer. Baptist. Children: Anna, Emma, Ida, 
Mary, George. 

VI. Anna K. Shutt, born Nov. 7. 1855. Mrd. Pros- 
per Lenat Hewes. Mar. 22, 1877. Farmer. Baptists. 
Children, (VII.) George Lenat Hewes, born Feb. 22, 
1878. (VII.) Mary C. Hewes, born May 1!>, 1879. 
(VII.) Elizabeth C. Hewes, born Dee. 4, 1881. (VII.) 
Oliver Perry Shutt Hewes, born Aug. 3, 1882. 

VI. Emma O. Shutt, born Nov. 21, 1856. 

VI. Ida Shutt. born Jan. 14, 1857, died Nov. 9, 1859. 

VI. Mary L. Shutt, born June 6, 1868, died July 19. 

VI. George Franklin Shutt, born July 24, 187.'!. 

V. Sophia Shutt, born July 2, 1825, died Mar. 31, 

V. Sarah Aim Shutt, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
18, 1827. Mrd. George M. Garner, Dec. 24, 1846. 
Farmer. Attends Reich. Children: Anna, Franklin, 

— 98 — 

VI. Anna Amelia Garner, born Oct. 3, 1847. Mrd. 
Henry S. Scholl, May, 18, 1868. Carriage Builder in 
Juniata Co., Pa. Mrs. Scholl, Lutheran. Children: 
(VII.) Alton G. Scholl, born May 31, 1869. (VII.) 
Marion V. Scholl, born Oct. 15, 1871. (VII.) Blanch 
Clare Scholl, born Feb. 10, 1875, died May 11, 1883. 

VI. Franklin S. Garner, born Feb. 18, 1852. Mrd. 
Adeline Geil, Mar. 22, 1877. Farmer. Attend Ref. 
ch. No issue. 

VI. Sylvester Garner, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Fob. 3, 
1859, Mrd. Laura Fesmire, July 6, 1879. Telegraph 
operator on Stony Creek R. R. Mems. Ref. ch. No 

V. George Franklin Shutt, born Feb. 23, 1831, died 
Aug. 31, 1882. No issue. 

V. Samuel Edwin Shutt, born Aug. 18, 1833, died 
Dec. 22, 1837. 

V. Mary Ann Shutt, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , Mar. 28, 
1837. Mrd. Samuel T. Hinkle, of Plumstead Twp. , 
Nov. 24, 1859. Farmer in New Britain, Pa. Baptists. 
Children: Alcesta, Arabella, Franklin, Eugene, Anna, 
Bertha, Albert. 

VI. Alcesta Hinkle, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 18, 
1861. Mrd. William W. Stover, of New Britain. Pa. 
Carriage Painter in Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs. Stover 

VI. Arabella Hinkle, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Doc. 2, 
1863. Mrd. John C. Radcliffe, of Warrington Twp. , 
Pa. Farmer in New Britain, Pa. Mrs. Radcliffe Bap- 
tist. Children: (VII.) Dessie H. Radcliffe, born July 17, 
1888, died Nov. 8, 1888. (VII.) Hazel Freda Radcliffe, 
born Jan 22, 1890. 

VI. G. Franklin Hinkle, born May 2, 1865, in Bucks 
Co., Pa. 

VI. Eugene Hinkle, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 1, 

VI. Anna M. Hinkle, horn July 7, 1872. 

VI. Bertha Blanche Hinkle, born Nov. 10, 1874. 

VI. Albert Edwin Hinkle, born Oct. 10, 1876. 

V. John Harrison Shutt, born Jan. 2, 1840, died 
Nov. 8, 1841. 

III. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 
1758; died Feb. 14, 1839, aged 81-1-13. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Harmon, Mar. 14. 1786. She died Nov. 11, 
1813. He was a farmer, and had looms for weaving. 
The locality of his farm was one mile above Leidy 
town, Hilltown Twp., adjacent to the Old Bethlehem 
road. During the revolutionary war, parties came 
from the American Army, to his father's place, and 
pressed a wagon and team of horses into the service. 
Abraham, then a lad of seventeen years, was sent 
along to bring the wagon and team back again. At 
Trenton, N. J., he put on a load of powder, and 
drove across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut 
to Boston, Mass., and was present at the battle of 
Bunker Hill. He remained with the army three 
months, and then returned home. They were mem- 
bers of the Mennonite church, and were buried at 
Line Lexington grave yard. Children: Jacob. Susan. 
John, Catharine, Abraham. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 
1786; died Apr. 13, 1807. Mrd. Pleasant Bitting. 
Feb. 8, 1814. His earliest occupation was as a mer- 
chant at Centerville, thence to Hatboro, Montg'y Co., 
Pa., where he remained until his death. Mrs. Fretz 
was a member of the Dunkard church. Children: 
Oliver, Elizabeth, Dewitt, Margaret. Lewis, Franklin. 

V. Oliver Perry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
15, 1815. Bachelor. Exmember of Pennsylvania 
Legislature. Resides at Hatboro, Pa., where he is 
engaged as a commission merchant. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 5, 
1820. Mrd. Charles M. Stocton, of Philadelphia, 
Pa., Jan. 15, 1846. Clothing merchant. Mrs. Stoc- 
ton was a Baptist. Both deceased; without issue. 

V. De Witt Clinton Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
May 9, 1823. Mrd. Annie Chambers, of Philadelphia, 
Aug. 23, 1865. He was formerly a clothing merchant, 
but for the last twenty years has been engaged with 
Wannamaker & Co., as special cutter, at 820 Chest- 
nut St., Philadelphia. Children: Elizabeth, De Witt, 

— 100 — 

VI. Elizabeth Stocton Fretz, born Nov. 9, 1866. 
Mrd. Andrew P. Koch, of Philadelphia, Mar. 19, 
1885. Book keeper. Mr. Koch Lutheran and his 
wife Baptist. One child: (VII.) Andrew P. Koch, Jr., 
born Apr. 3, 1886. 
VI. De Witt Clinton Fretz, Jr., born July 23, 1872. 

VI. Harry Clay Fretz, bora July 31, 1877. 

V. Margaret Emily Fretz, born in Hatboro. Pa., Oct. 
28. 1826. Died—. ' Mrd. Jacob V. Reading, of Hat- 
boro, Sept, 28, 1852. He died—. Merchant. Bap- 
lists. Children: (VI.) Frank Heading, bora Jan. 24, 
L866; died Oct. 19, 1881. (VI.) Walter T. Reading, 
born Apr. 3. L868. Assistant Drawer at Erben Search 
& Co., Worsted Mills, at Tacony, Pa. S. 

V. Lewis Bitting Fretz. born at Centerville, Bucks 
Co., Pa., Jan. 13, 1829. Mrd. Mary Ann Watson, 
June 12, 1861. He was formerly merchant at Hat- 
boao, but is now engaged as clerk at Norristown. 
Quaker. One child: (VI.) William Henry Fretz, born 
in Hatboro, Pa., May 1!». L862. Mrd. Lizzie Logan, 
daughter of Joseph and Esther A. Shoemaker, of 
Jenkintown, Feb. 10, 1887. Lumberman. Mem. So. 
of Friends. One child: (VII.) J. Lewis Fretz, born 
Jan. 3. 1889. 

V. Franklin Harry Fretz, born in Hatboro ; Mont- 
gomery Co.. Pa. He is about middle age. When he 
was sixteen years of age he went to Philadelphia to 
study painting under a German artist named Tholey. 
After being there two years, he was sent to Tennent 
School in Bucks Co., and after remaining there two 
years, he returned to Philadelphia to teach in Duff's 
Commercial College, and after a time had offered to 
him the art classes in the schools of Madanu Chiga- 
ray. and Madanu Clement in Germantown and has 
continued in these institutions ever since. 

IV. Susan Fretz. born May 28, 1790; died Apr. 16, 
is 17. Unmrd. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Sept. 28, 
17!):». died Nov. L8, 1*74. Mrd. Elizabeth Kerns, in 
1s-j7. She was bora June 19, 1805; died Jan. 7, 1813. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children. Harmon, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Amanda. John mrd. second wife. Mary 

- 101 

Landis, Jan 25, 1846. She died Jan. 18, L889. Chil- 
dren: Henry, John, William. 

V. Harmon Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 9, 
1828. Farmer. Mennonite. (Jnmrd. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 26, 
1833. Mrd. Henry Fretz, (his second wife), Dee. 3, 
1854. No issue. (See Index of References No. 16.) 
She mrd. second husband, Isaac B. Kratz, of Hill- 
town, Pa., Nov. 21, 1885. She is a Baptist. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Feb. 13, 1836; died Oct, 
12, 1866. Unmrd. Methodist, 

V. Amanda Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Apr. 17, 
L840. Mrd. John A. Albright, Dec. 3, 1881. Farmer. 
Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) Warren F. Albright, 
born Jan. 8, 1883; died Feb. 26, 1886. (VI.) Wesley 
F. Albright, born Nov. 13, 1885. 

V. Henry L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
14, 1846. Mrd. Wilhelmina Kline, Dec. 10, 1873. 
She was born Feb. 7, 1855. Proprietor Trewigtown 
Hotel. Children: (VI.) Franklin K. Fretz. born Apr. 
6, 1875. (VI.) Joseph Harmon Fretz, born Aug. 6, 
1876. (VI.) Mary Irene Fretz, born Aug. 15, 1878. 
(VI.) Ida Estella Fretz, born Aug. 17, 1880. (VI.) 
Arthur Alonzo Fretz, born July 30, 1884, (VI.) John 
Paul Fretz, born Feb. 28, 1886. (VI.) Frances Grace 
Fretz, born May 28, 1888. (VI.) Flora Fidelia Fretz, 
born Apr. 20, 1890. 

V. John D. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
3, 1848. Mrd. Hannah Eley, May, 1889. In the milk 
business in Philadelphia, Pa, Presbyterian. 

V. William L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
12, 1851. Mrd. Dollie Baxter—. Liveryman in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Children: (VI.) Florence, Clinton. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 8, 
1804; died July 29, 1870. Mrd. Andrew F. Swartz, 
about 1824. He was born Sept, 9, 1802. Mennonites. 
Children: Christian, Mahlon. 

V. Christian F. Swartz. born Feb. 14, 1826; died 
Oct. 6, 1826. 

V. Mahlon H. Swartz, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Sept. 
2, 1827. Mrd. Elizabeth Ann Lukens, of Kulpsville, 
Pa., Oct. 23, 1851. Butcher at Lansdale, Pa. Mrs. 

— 102 — 

Swartz Methodist. Children: William, Kate, Lukens, 
Lizzie, Charles, "Walter, Harry. 

VI. William L. Swartz. bora in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 3. 1852. Mrd. Prudence Woodward, of Fayette 
Co., Pa., Dee. 18, 1879. Carpenter at Uniontown, 
Pa. Children: (VII.) Harry E. Swartz. born June 4, 
1880. (VII.) Mary W. Swartz. born June 27, 1882. 
(VII.) Lizzie P. Swartz, born May 7, 1888. 

VI. Kate A. Swartz. born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Nov. 
21, 1853. Mrd. Enos R. Hunsberger, of Hatfield, 
Pa., Sept. 21, 1872. Carpenter. Children: (VII.) 
Kate Delilah Hunsberger. (VII.) Lizzie Hunsberger. 
(VII.) Emma Hunsberger. (VII.) Wallace Hunsber- 
ger. (VII.) Isaac Hunsberger. (VII.) Jacob Huns- 
berger. (VII.) Mary Hunsberger. (VII.) Sarah Huns- 
berger, born — . Died — . 

VI." Lukens L. Swartz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 26, 1858. Mrd. Ann Clemens, of Lansdale, Pa., 
Nov. 21, 1880. Children: (VII.) Aaron C. Swartz, 
born May 23, 1881. (VII.) Charles C. Swartz, born 
Oct. 30, 1883. (VII.) Franklin C. Swartz, born Mar. 
9, 1887. (VII.) Laura C. Swartz, bora July 28, 1889. 

VI. Lizzie L. Swartz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
21, 1862. Mrd. Wateman Williams, of Morgantown, 
W. Va. No issue. 

VI. Charles L. Swartz. born in Bucks Co.. Pa., Feb. 
1, 1864. Carpenter at Uniontown, Pa. S. 

VI. Walter Swartz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
9, 1865, died Nov. 9, 1865. 

VI. Harry Swartz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 2. 
1869. Bricklayer. S. 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 4. 
1807; died Aug. 15, 1813. 

III. John Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Aug. 28, 
1763; died Feb. 24, 1842. Mrd. Mary Kratz, Apr. 
15, 1792. She was born Mar. 7. 177»>: died July 9, 
1849. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Magdalena, 
Rachel, Elizabeth. Abraham. Barbara. John. Mary. 
Susanna, Lvdia. 

IV. Magdalena Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
20, 1794; died—. Mrd. Christian S. Loux. Dec. 19. 

- 103 - 

1815. Farmer and weaver. They lived in Hilltown 
Twp. Mr. Loux Reformed Mennonite and Mrs. 
Loux Old Mennonite. Children: Maria, Jeremiah, 
Eli, Jacob, John, Ephraim, Barbara. 

V. Maria Loux, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 2, 

1816. Mrd. Henry Weisel, Nov. 18, 1847. He died 
June 3, 1885. Farmer. Mem. Reformed Ch. Chil- 
dren: John, Lydia, Oliver, Louis, Mary. 

VI. John G. Weisel, born May 29, 1850; died Feb. 
23, 1853. 

VI. Lydia A. Weisel, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
13, 1852; died Mar. 11, 1879. Mrd. Henry G. Funk, 
Dec. 17. 1S71. Children: (VII.) Lauretta M. Funk, 
born Nov.—, 1875. (VII.) H. Norman Funk, born 
Mar. 4, 1879. 
VI. H. Oliver Weisel, born in Bueks Co., Pa., Feb. 
21, 1855. Mrd. Sallie Clymer, Oct. 26, 1878. Agent 
in the Freight Dept,, of the Reading R, R, at 2d 
and Berks St. Depot, Philadelphia. Mem. Reformed 
Ch. Children: (VII.) Florence Weisel, born Jan. 31, 
1880. (VII.) Winfield Weisel, born July 31, 1881. 

VI. M. Louis Weisel, born Nov. 26, 1857. Mrd. 
Mary A. Wilgus, Apr. 18, 1882. Mem. Reformed 
Ch. Children: (VII.) Olive Weisel. (VII.) Susan 

VI. Mary L. Weisel, (Twins M. Louis), born Nov. 
26, 1857; died Sept., 1858. 
V. Jeremiah Loux, born in 1818; died in infancy. 
V. Eli Loux, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 12, 1819. 
Mrd. Hannah Krnpp, Nov. 5, 1843. She died June 
12, 1848. Carpenter and Builder. Member of the 
Dutch Reformed Ch. One child: (VI.) Elizabeth 
Loux, born Jan. 3, 1846; died Jan. 27, 1850. Eli 
Mrd. second wife, Margaret Ambers, Oct 8, 1853. 
She died Feb. 3, 1885. Children: (VI.) William H. 
Loux, born Apr, 1, 1855. Assistant Teller in Na- 
tional Bank of the Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, 
Pa. S. (1889.) (VI.) Sarah Virginia Loux, born Oct. 
26, 1856. (VI.) Charles Wesley Loux, born Jan. 26, 
1859. Carpenter in Philadelphia, Pa. (Single, 1889.) 
(VI.) Mary Ellen Loux, born Jan. 5, 1860. Mrd. 
George D. Bradley, Sept. 12, 1889. Dentist. (VI.) 

- 104 - 

Emma Jane Loux, born Oct. 3, 1864; died Nov. 17. 
1864. (VI.) Anna Margaret Loux. bora Mar. 13, 1867. 

V. Rev, Jacob Loux, born Oct. 5, L822. Mrd. Han- 
nah Rittenhouse, Nov. 21, 1847. Retired farmer and 
minister. He was ordained to the ministry May 21. 
1867, at the Plain's Meeting House in Hatfield Twp., 
one of the first Mennonite churches in Montgomery 
Co., and where he still preaches. Children: Samuel. 
Mary, Jacob, Hiram, Abraham. 

VI. "Samuel R. Loux, born Jan. 24. 1849 in Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. Mrd. Ella M. Benjamin, in St. 
Paul, Minn.. May, L882. Book-keeper. Children: 
(VII.) Llewellyn R. Loux. born Dec. 4. 1884; died 
same day. (VII.) Ina Jeanette Loux, born Dec. 23, 1887. 

VI. Mary Ellen Loux. born Aug. 7, 1852, in Mont- 
gomery Co., died Mar. 8, 1882. Mrd. Franklin 
Metz, (deceased), Jan. 12, 1878. Children: (VII.) 
Emma L. Metz. born July 10, 1879. (VII.) Hiram L. 
Metz, born Nov. 27. 1880. 

VI. Jacob R. Loux, born in Bucks Co.. Pa.. July 
11, 1856. Mrd. Henrietta D.. daughter of Abraham 
and Elizabeth Clemmer, Jan. 4, 1879. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Lizzie C. Loux, bora Jan. 
1,1882. (VII.) Abraham C. Loux, born Feb. 17, 1888. 

VI. Hiram R. Loux. M. D.. born in Bucks Co.. 
July 16, 1859. Mrd. Lillian Lake. Sept. 13, 1885. 
Physician at Souderton, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Abraham R, Loux. born in Hatfield Twp., July 
16, 1870. Painter. (S., 1889.) 

V. John F. Loux. born Oct. 1, 1824; died at 17 yrs. 

V. Ephraim Loux, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 22. 
1826. Mrd. Susannah II. Oberholtzer, Dec. 8, 1850. 
Carpenter. Lutherans. Children: Ephraim. Elizabeth. 
Comly, Frank, Anna, Laura, Susie. Ida. 

VI. Ephraim Loux. born Jan. 8, 1852; died same 


Elizabeth A. Loux. born Aug. 13, 1853. 

VI. Comly Loux. born May 9, 1855; died Feb. 
24, 187:». 

VI. W. Frank Loux. born June 25, 1857. Mrd. 
Marcella Egee, Oct. 18. 1882. Merchant. Children: 
(VII.) Edna Loux. still-born Mar. 19, 1884. (VII.) 


Ada Marcella Loux, horn Nov. L9, L885. (VII.) Edith 
Loux, born Aug. »>, L888. 

VI. Anna M. Loux, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
26, 1859. Mrd. John B. S. Egee, M. D., Sept. 15, 
1880. Practicing Physician in Philadelphia, Pa. Lu- 
therans. Children: (VII.) Edgar G. Egee, horn July 
6, 1881. (VII.) Marcella Egee, horn Alar. 20, L883. 
(VII.) Anna M. Egee, born Mar. 1!». 1885; died 
next day. (VII.) George Benton Love, born May 
6, 1888. ' 

VI. Laura N. Loux. horn Feb. 7. L866; died Aug. 
5, 1866. 

VI. Susie N. Loux. horn Sept. 14, L867. 

VI. Ida N. Loux, born Feb. 26, L872. 

V. Barbara Loux, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 24, 

1828. Mrd. Joseph Davis, Dec. L2, L850. Bricklayer 
and farmer. Mem. Reformed Cli. Children: (VI.) 
Eliam L. Davis, born — . Farmer in Minnesota. Bap 
tist. (S., 1889.) 

VI. Elmira Davis, horn — . Mrd. Reuben D. Rosen- 
berger, Jan. 1, 1876. Farmer in Woodson Co., Kan. 
Mrs. Rosenberger. Baptist. Children: (VII.) Melvin 
and Viola Vincent Rosenberger, twins. (VII.) Lillian 
Rosenberger. (VII.) George Rosenberger. 

IV. Rachel Fretz. born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , Apr. -J-2. 
1796, died July 7. Is77. Mrd. Isaac Delp, Feb. 28, 

1829. Farmer. Mrs. Delp was a Mennonite. One 

V. Ephraim Del}), horn Jan. <, L834. Mrd. Ange- 
lina W. Baker, Jan. 15, 1859. Farmer. Children: 
Henry, Elizabeth, Jacob, William, Emma, Amanda. 
Charles, Ada. Angelina, Ephraim. 

VI. Henry B. Delp, horn Aug. 31, 1860. Mrd. Annie 
H. Bower, Dec. 6, 1884. Teacher in the public schools. 
Children: (VII.) Emma B. Delp, born Jan. 31, L886. 
(VII.) Alvin B. Delp, born Aug. 1, 1888. 

VI. Elizabeth Delp. born Sept. 22, L862, died Ausr. 
30, 1863. 

VI. Jacob B. Delp, born Aug. 26, 1864. Mrd. Sallie 
D. Moyer, Mar. 2, 1889. Carpenter. 

VI. William B. Delp, horn Sept. 9. 1866, died Oct. 
17, 1867. 

— 106 

VI. Emma B. Delp, bora Jan. 23, 1868, died Aug. 
31, 1869. 
VI. Amanda B. Delp, born May 10, 1860. 
VI. Charles B. Delp, born Feb.* 5, 1872. 
VI. Ada B. Delp, born Dec. 7, 1S74. 
VI. Angelina B. Delp, born June 7, 1876. 
VI. Ephraim B. Delp Jr., born May 9, 1878. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 15, 
1798, died Mar. 26, 1880. Mrd. Abraham Hiestand. 
Apr. 20, 1820. He died Jan 8, 1862. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Catharine, Mary, Susanna, Her- 
man, Elizabeth. 

V. Catharine Hiestand, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 25, L822, died May 5, L868. Mrd. Henry Det- 
weiler, Oct. 1, 1813. Blacksmith. Mennonites. 
Children: Elizabeth, Catharine. 

VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 20, 1815. Mrd. Tobias Lapp, Apr. 21, 1866. 
He died — . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Ellen, 
William, Martha, A—. 

VII. Ellen Lapp, born — . Mrd. Harry liosenberger. 
Farmer. Mennonites. 

VI. Catharine Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Sept. 19, 1819. Mrd. Allen Sampey, May 3, 1879. 
Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Harvey 

V. Mary Hiestand. born in Bucks Co., Mar. L0, 
1821, died Sept. 25, 1824. 

V. Susanna Hiestand, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 25, 
1826, died Jan. 6, 1882. Mrd. Jesse Kratz Sr. Oct. 20, 
1844. He was born Oct. 8, 1821. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Abraham. William, Mary, Lizzie, Albert, 
David, Harry, Susan, Jesse, Annie, Katie. Marcus. 

VI. Abraham Kratz, born Sept. 23, L845, died Mar. 
18, 1846. 

VI. William J. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
5, 1846. Mrd. Josephine Hitter. Sept. 23, 1873. 
Solicitor. Lutheran. Children: (VII.) Cora Kratz. 
(VII.) Ruth Kratz. 

VI. Mary Kratz, Dec. 18, L848, in Bucks Co. Mrd. 
Samuel K. Mover. Jan. 1. ls74. He was born in Hill- 
town, Sept. 26, 1843. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 

— 107 - 

dren: (VII.) Christian K. Mover, born Dec. 17. L874. 
(VII.) Jessie K. Mover, born Sept. 13. 1876, died 
Feb. 9, 1878. (VII.) Elmer K. Mover, born Dec. 25, 
1878. (VII.) Susannah K. Mover, born Mar. 10, 1881. 
(VII.) Edward K. Moyer, born Dec. 6, 1882. (VII.) 
Mamie K. Moyer, born Jan. 1, 1885. (VII.) Maggie 
K. Moyer, born Oct. 4. 1888. 

VI. Lizzie Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 5, 
1851. Mrd. Jonathan Gulick, of Hilltown, Oct. 9, 
1875. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Merari K. Gulick, 
born July 6, 187(1 (VII.) Jesse K. Gulick, born Dec. 
25, 1877." (VII.) John H. Gulick, born Sept. 24, 1879. 
(VII.) Marcus Wilson Gulick. born Dec. 30, 1881. 
(VII.) Warren K. Gulick, born Mar. 23, 1884. 

VI. Albert P. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
5, 1853. Mrd. Malinda S. Bean, of Hilltown, Pa., 
Oct. 1, 1887. School teacher. Presbyterians. One 
child: (VII.) Luther B. Kratz, born June 11, 1889. 

VI. David H. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
31, 1855. Mrd. Ida L., daughter of Rev. J. Fritzin- 
ger, of Allentown, Pa., Jan. 3, 1888. Principal of the 
Caplay Boro school. Mem. Reformed Ch. One child. 
(VII.) "Robert Fritzinger Kratz, born May 20. 1889. 

VI. Susan H. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 
31, 1857. Mrd. Jacob S. Landis, Mar. 4, 1882. He 
was born in Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 16, 1856. Farmer. 
Children: (VII.) Eva K. Landis, born July 10, 1883. 
(VII.) Isaac K. Landis, born June 1, 1886. (VII.) 
Arthur K. Landis, born Jan. 21, 1890. 

VI. Harry E. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
30, 1859. Formerly taught school, now clerk in a store. 

VI. Jesse Hiestand Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Dec. 3, 1861. Graduate of Edinburg, Pa., State 
Normal school, and is teaching. 

VI. Annie Kratz, born Jan. 31, 1864, died Nov. 
11, 1878. 

VI. Katie Kratz, born May 16, 1866, died Oct. 13, 

VI. Marcus Wilson Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
July 26, 1868. Graduate of Bloomsburg, Pa., State 
Normal school, and is teachino;. 

- 108 - 

V. Herman Hiestand, born Mar. 12, 1828, died 
May 22, L838. 

V. Elizabeth Hiestand. born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 14. 1880. Mrd. John S. Kratz, Dee. 1847. 
Farmer. Mem. German Baptist Ch., of which he is 
Deacon. Children: Abraham, Anna, Amanda. Mary. 
Jacob, Emma. Martha. 

VI. Abraham Herman Kratz. born in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Apr. 28, 1849, died Aug. 18, L885. Mrd. Anna 
Oberholtzer, in 1871. Cigar maker. Children: (VII.) 
Lizzie Ann Dora Kratz. (VII.) John Tobias Kratz. 
(VII.) Owen Kratz. 

VI. Anna Kratz. born Feb. 3, 1852, died Feb. 11. 
is:, 2. 

VI. Amanda Kratz. born in Bucks Co.. Fel>. 7. 
1856. Mrd. Jacob Rosenberger, Oct. 13, 1883.' 
Farmer. German Baptist. No issue. 

VI. Mary Kratz. born Feb. 22, 1861, died Jan. 13, 

VI. Jacob Kratz. born — . Single. 

VI. Emma Kratz. born — . Single. 

VI. Maitha H. Kratz. born—. Single. 

IV. Abraham Fretz, bom in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
23, 1800. died June 16, 1872. Mrd. Sarah Haldeman, 
Nov. 30, 1826. In 1849 he moved to Medina Co., 
Ohio, where he died. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary. Eli. Eliza. Gideon, Sarah, Abraham. 

V. Mary Ann Fretz. born in Bucks Co.. Pa.. Mar. 
26, 1827. Mrd. Abraham Rickert, Sept. 19, 1847. 
Farmer in Medina Co., Pa.. Ohio. Mennonites. 
Children: Allen. Catharine. Sarah. Henry. Levi. 
David, Mary, Abraham, Barbara, Amelia. 

VI. Allen Rickert, born Dee. 21, 1848. Farmer in 
Columbiana Co.. Ohio. Mrd. Sarah Gehman, Jan. 
4. 1873. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Edwin Rickert, 
born Nov. 12, 1874. (VII.) Lizzie Rickert, born Jan. 
26, 1877. (VII.) Edith Rickert. born Aug. 19, L879. 
(VII.) Harry Rickert. born Sept. 23, 1881. (VII.) 
Margaret Rickert, born Mar. 11, 1884. (VII.) Isaiah 
Allen Rickert. born Oct. 17. 1889. 

VI. Catharine Rickert. born in Medina Co.. Ohio. 
May 7. 1850. 

- 100 - 

VI. Sarah Rickert, horn Nov. 21, 1851. 

VI. Henry F. Rickert, born Sept. 10, 1853. Mrd. 
Sarah Markley, Nov. 13, 1875. Farmer, in Medina 
Co., Ohio. Children: (VII.) Uriah Rickert, horn Oct, 22, 
1877. (VII.) Reilla Rickert, horn Sept, 7, 1879. (VII.) 
Clarence B. Rickert, horn July 28, 1884. (VII.) 
Mary A. Rickert, horn Aug. 16, 1888. 

VI. Levi F. Rickert, horn, in Medina Co., Ohio, 
May 29, 1856. Mrd. Alice C. Curtis, Oct, 2, 1886. 
Farmer in Medina Co., Ohio. Child: (VII.) Mabel 
Rickert, horn Mar. 20, 1888. 

VI. David Rickert, horn in Medina Co., Ohio, Aug. 
19, 1858. Mrd. Eva M. Heath Jan. 13, 1883. Car- 
penter. One child: (VII.) Dick Rickert, horn Apr. 
13, 1885. 

VI. Mary Rickert, horn Jan. 8, 1861. 

VI. Abraham Rickert, horn Apr. 3, 1863. 

VI. Barbara Rickert, horn Apr. 3, 1870. 

VI. Amelia Rickert, horn Apr. 8, 1872. 

V. Eli H. Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 
1829, died Jan. 23, 1881. Mrd. Esther Koppes, Sept. 
28, 1851. He was a sawyer for fifteen years, then 
carpenter, and lastly farmer. Near the close of his 
life he moved with his family from Ohio to Kansas, 
and died there. Mennonites. Children: Nelson, 
Rebecca, Nathaniel, Abraham, Jacob, Jeremiah, 
John, Sarah, David, Isaac. 

VI. Nelson K. Fretz, born Aug. 16, 1852, died Oct. 
21, 1853. 

VI. Rebecca Fretz, born Mar. 20, 1851, died Oct, 1, 

VI. Nathaniel K. Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
May 18, 1856. Mrd. Nancy Krieble, Dec. 29, L886. 
Carpenter and Builder in Pratt Co., Kansas. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Earl Harrison Fretz, born Dec. 5, 1887. 
(VII.) Daisy Fretz, horn Aug. 31, 1889. 

VI. Abraham K. Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Nov. 19, 1858. Sadler. S. 

VI. Jacob K. Fretz, born July 20, 1861, died Mar. 
28, 1863. 

VI. Jeremiah K. Fretz, horn in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Jan. 1, 1861. Mrd. Mary, daughter of Noah and 

- 110 — 

Mary M. Basenger, Apr. II, L885. Carpenter at 
Newton, Harvey Co., Kan. Children: (VII.) Warren 
Elmer Fretz, born July 8, 1886. (VII.) Nettie Estella 
Fretz, born July 13, 1887. (VII.) Homer Earl Fretz, 
born Mar. 5, 1890. 

VI. John K. Fretz. horn in Medina Co., Ohio, Mar. 
12, 1S67. Farmer. 8. 

VI. Sarah K. Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, July 
5, 1868. Mrd. Henry N. Rodgers, Aug. 5, 1885. 
Reside in Harvey Co., Kan. Children: (VII.) Cora 
E. Rodgers, born Sept. 13, 1886. (VII.) Charles S. 
Rodgers, born Jan 25, 1888. (VII.) John Samuel 
Rodgers, born Dee. 21, 1889. 

VI. David K. Fretz, born July 1, 1871. 

VI. Isaae K. Fretz, born Apr. 28, 1876. 

V. Eliza Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 3, 
1833. Mrd. John Rickert, Nov. 9, 1851. Farmer in 
Medina Co., Ohio. Children: Sarah, Valentine, 
Mary, Abraham, Sarah, John, Ella, Ida. 

VI. Sarah Rickert, born June 30, 1853, died July 
2, 1853. 

VI. Valentine Rickert, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 17, 1851. Mrd. Lewie Henry, Dec. 12, 1879. 
Farmer in Medina Co., Ohio. Children: (VII.) James 
Rickert, born June 15, 1880. (VII.) Clare Rickert, 
born May 3, 1882, died Mar. 1883. (VII.) Hiram 
Carl Rickert. born Nov. 26, 1883. (VII.) Lewie Belle 
Rickert, born Oct, 19, 1886, died Feb. 21, 1887. 

VI. Mary Susan Rickert, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Oct. 13, 1857. Mrd. Reuben Yoder, Feb. 25, 1882. 
Farmer in Whiteside Co., 111. One child: (VII.) Ida 
Yoder, born in Whiteside Co., Ill, Mar. 2, 1881. 

VI. Abraham Rickert, born Oct. 18, 1859. 

VI. Sarah F. Rickert, born Apr. 18, 1862. 

VI. John Rickert, born May 10, 1861, died July 2, 

VI. Ella K. Rickert, born Sept. 30, 1867. 

VI. Ida Eliza Rickert, born Mar. 11, 1871. 

V. Gideon H. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 29, 
1836. Mrd. Amanda Weimer, of Cressonia. Schuyl- 
kill Co., Pa.. Apr. 20, 1865. She died Aug. 1, 1888. 
Carpenter and builder in Philadelphia, Pa. Methodist. 

- Ill 

Children: (VI.) Sallie E. Fretz, bora July 8, 1866. 
(VI.) William F. Fretz. horn Aug. 4, 1867. (VI.) 
Milton W. Fretz. horn Nov. L9, 1869. (VI.) Harry 
A. Fretz, bora Aug. 27, 1871. 

V. Sarah C. Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., July 2, 
1847. Mrd. Cosam II. Kindig, in Medina Co., Ohio, Dec. 
14, L866. Carpenter and Joiner at Union City, Mich. 
Mems. German Reformed Ch. Children: Ella, 
Ephraim, Mary, Rodney. Eddie, Gertie. 

VI. Ella Kindig, horn Aug. 8, 1866, died Oct, 2, 
1888. Mrd. Charles B. Howe, of Paulding Co., Ohio., 
Aug. 13, 1883. Children: (VII.) Roy Howe, born July 
4. L884, died Oct. 10, 1884. (VII.) D. O. Howe, horn 
June 3, 1885. 

VI. Ephraim F. Kindig, horn Sept. 13, 1868. 

VI. Marv Kindig, horn Oct. 23, 1870. 

VI. Rodney F. Kindig, horn July 22, 1872. 

VI. Eddie F. Kindig. born July 22, L875. 

VI. Gertie Kindig, horn Feh. 14, ls77. 

V. Abraham Fretz, horn Mar. 23, 1852, died Sept. 18, 

IV. Barbara Fretz, horn Sept. 1, 1802, died—. Mrd. 
Abraham K. Moyer, Nov. 13, 1842, for his second 
wife. No. issue. 

IV. John Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., May 9, 
1804. Mrd. Sarah Delp, May 14, 1829. She died 
Oct, 26, 1821». He mrd. second wife Elizabeth Kline, 
July 10, 1830. She was horn June 16, 1811. Mems. 
Ev. Ass. Children: Ephraim, Mary, Sarah, Susanna, 
William, Elizabeth, John, Emeline, Amanda. Jere- 

V. Ephraim H. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
16, 1832. Mrd. Jane Elizabeth Ferry, Jan. 8, 1857. 
Farmer in New Britain, Pa. Mem. Ev. Ass. Chil- 
dren: DeWitt, John, Frank, Isaac, Kate. 

VI. R, DeWitt Clinton Fretz, bora Oct, 30, 1857, 
died Oct. 10, 1858. 

VI. John Wesley Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 12, 1859. Mrd. Clara M. Stover, Mar. 31, 1886. 
Carpenter in Philadelphia, Pa. Baptist, One child: 
(VII.) Walter S. Fretz, horn Sept, 14, 1888. 

— 112 - 

VI. Frank Ellsworth Fretz, born Nov. IT, L861. 
Mrd. Laura M. Good, Mar. 31, L888. Farmer in 
Bucks Co., Pa. Baptist. 

VI. Isaac Newton Fretz, born Mar. 15, 1864. Mrd. 
Carrie Jones, Sept. L2, L888. Carpenter in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Presbyterian. 

VI. Kate C. Fretz, born Sept. 11, 1866. Baptist. 
(Unmrd. 1889.) 

V. Mary Fret/, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Aug-. 29, 
1831. Mrd. George Stahr, Sept. 15, 1859. He was 
born Nov. 28, L824. Farmer in Bucks Co., Pa. 
Mems Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) Ella Elizabeth Stahr, 
born July. 15, 1860, died Feb. 5, 1864. (VI.) Sallie 
Stahr, born July 8, 1863, died Dec. 3, 1885. Mrd. 
Lewis F. Fretz'. (See Index of References No. IT.) 
(VI.) John Clinton Stahr, born Aug, 20, 1867. (VI.) 
Harvey S. Stahr, born Sept. 2, 18T4. 

V. Sarah Ann Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
9, 1836. Mrd. Gilbert Sellers, Dec. 23, 1857, he died 
— at Rose Cottage Hospital in Virginia, as Corporal 
in Co. A., 104th Reg t Pa. Vols. Mems. Ger. Ref. ch. 
One son: J. Clinton. Sarah mrd. second husband, 
Robert Reeder, Mar. L9, L874. Grocer in Philadelphia, 
Pa. Mems. Ger. Ref. ch. Children: Clara, Florence. 

VI. J. Clinton Sellers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
25, 1861. He attended the public schools of Hilltown 
Twp., and when about fifteen years of age. he attended 
the high school at Quakertown, and subsequently the 
high school at Doylestown. Through the kindly assist- 
ance of his guardian, Jonas D. Moyer, of Dublin, Pa., 
the subject of this sketch was enabled to attend the 
State Normal School at Millersville, beginning with 
the winter session of '78 and *T1>, and the spring term 
of 79 and SO. Beginning with the winter term of '79 
hi' taught school for three successive winters in Hill- 
town Twp. In June of 1882 he was ottered and ac- 
cepted a position in the Car Record Department of 
the Philadelphia and Reading R. R. Company in 
Philadelphia. lie remained here until Nov. 3, 1885. 
During these three years he was the accredited Phila- 
delphia correspondent of the Norristown (Pa.) Daily 
and Weekly Times. The work being done principally 

- 113 — 

at night, or during spare hours of the day. This con- 
nection eventually resulted in the offer of a position 
on the staff of the Times at Nofristown. On Nov. 3, 
'85, he resigned his position with the R. R. Co., and 
went to Norristown, where he was installed in the 
position of Associate Editor of the Daily and Weekly 
Times. This position he occupied for something over 
a year, and on the retirement of the then Editor 
Mr. Sellers was advanced to Managing Editor. 
Mr. S. also represents several metropolitan News- 
papers, among them the Philadelphia Press, and the 
New York World, and other Journals of less import- 
ance. He was instrumental in bringing about the 
organization of the Norristown Board of Trade, and 
has been its Secretary since its organization in 1887. 

VI. Clara Reeder, born Apr. 1, 187(5. 

VI. Florence Reeder, born June 1, 1878. 

V. Susan F. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Mar. 13 
1839. Mrd. Jonas Shelly, Mar. 30, 1861. Farmer in 
Jefferson Co., Neb. Methodists. Children: Charles, 
John, Elmer, Amanda, Henry, Milton, Anna. 

VI. Charles Dayton Shelly, born Mar. 21. 1862, died 
Feb. 1, 1864. 

VI. John Shelly, born Dec. 24, 1863,diedFeb. 18, 1864. 

VI. Elmer E. Shelly, born Feb. 9, 1865. died July 
18, 1865. 

VI. Amanda Elizabeth Shelly, born in Bucks Co. 
Pa., Mar. 10, 1868. Mrd. Herman Zeigenhaih in 1885' 
in Jefferson Co., Neb. Children: (VII.) William Henry 
Zeigenhain born Jan. 6, 1887. (VII.) Albert Zeio-en- 
hain, born Apr. s, L889. 

VI. Henry Shelly, born Apr. 26, 1874. 

VI. Milton Shelly, born Jan. 20, 1876. 

VI. Anna Mary Shelly, born Apr. 13, 1879, died 
Aug. 18, 1880. 

V. William K. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan 
15. 1841. Mrd. Ruth Ann Burns, m Denver City 
Col., June 7, 1874. She was born in Gentry Co., Mo ' 
Oct 3, 1852. Mr. Fretz went west in 1866, to Ne- 
braska in 1880, and in 1887 he settled on a Homestead 
m Brewster, Thomas Co., Kan. Painter. Methodist. 
No issue. 

— 114- — 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
14, 1843, died Feb. 2, 1866. Uumrd. 

V. John S. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Oct, 30, 
1845." Mrd. Emma Koch of Bridgetown, Pa., Feb. 
24, 1877. She was born in Lehigh Co., Pa., Dec. 
8, 1.S57. Laborer. Presbyterians. One child: (VI.) 
Dora Fretz, born Jan. 6, 1886. 

V. Emetine Fretz, born May 10, 1848. S. 

V. Amanda Louisa Fretz, born May 8, 1852, died 
Feb. 19, 1864. 

V. Jeremiah Fretz, born Nov. 30, 1855, died Dec. 

11, 1855. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born Apr. 21, 1807. in Bucks Co., 
Pa., died' Mar. 11, 1865. Mrd. Samuel Funk, Apr. 
22, 1829. He was born July 22, 1805, died Mar. 
L878. Mennonites. Children: John, Mary, Aim, 
Abraham, Samuel, Milton. 

V. John Funk Sr., born Jan. 19, 1830. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Detterer, in 1856. She was born Nov. 12. L826. 
In early life followed teaching, and later laborer, etc. 
Mennonite. Children: (VI.) W. W. Funk, born July 

12, I860, died at birth. (VI.) Mary Amanda Funk, 
born, Feb. 12, 1862. Mrd. F. L. Strasser (deceased) 
Oct, 6, 1883. (VI.) J. C. M. Funk, born Nov. 8, 
1866. died Aug. 12, 1884. 

V. Mary Funk, born Nov. 27. L832. Mrd. Henry 
Cross, Dee. 2. 1854. Harness-maker at Doylestown, 
Pa. Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Milton H. Gross, 
born—, died Mar. 16, 1859. (VI.) Samuel H. Gross, 
born — , died Sept, 4, 1877. (VI.) M. Ida Cross, born — 
(VI.) Anna M. Gross, born — . Mrd. Isaiah H. God- 
shall, Jan. 13, 1885. Operator in a Creamery. Mrs. 
Godshall. Presbyterian. (VI.) A. Lincoln Gross, 
born—, died Mar. 25, 1863. (VI.) Emma L. Gross. 
born Mar. 5, 1864. Mrd. Jacob Bissey, Mar. 5. L887. 
Farmer. Presbyterians. No children. (VI.) Ella E. 
Gross, born — . (VI.) J. Asher Gross, born — . 

V. Anna Elizabeth Funk, born June 15, 1835. Mrd. 
Amandus B. F. Cope, in 1857. Farmer. Children: 
Mary, Benjamin, Samuel. Amandus, Edwardene, 
Clinton, James, John, Daniel. 

— 115 — 

VI. Mary Jane Cope, born Nov. 29, 1857. Mrd. 
Samuel Eckstine, Apr. 29, 1879. Superintendent of 
a Stock farm. One child: (VII.) Samuel Eckstine Jr. , 
horn Jan. 10, 1883. 

VI. Benjamin Franklin Cope, born Aug. 14, 1859. 
Mrd. Rose Ella Barton. Feb. 22, 1883. Foreman in a 
Creamery. Children: (VII.) Linford W. Cope, horn 
Aug. 19, 1884, died Dec. 5, 1884. (VII.) Edmund B. 
Cope, born June 15, 1886. 

VI. Samuel Ellsworth Cope, born Mar. 29, 1861. 
Mrd. Lizzie Wood, Jan. 12, 1889. 

VI. Amandus Cope, born Jan. 3, 1863, died Jan. 

6, 1863. 

VI. Edwardene M. Cope, born Dec. 28, 1864. Mrd. 
Harry L. Riley, Nov. 14, 1881. Baggage master in 
the Reading Depot at Atlantic City, N. J. Children: 
(VII.) Florence Virginia Rile v. horn Apr. 20, 1883. 
(VII.) Stella Cushman Riley, horn Mar. 6, 1885. 

VI. Clinton B. Cope, born May 3, 1867. Farmer. 

VI. James R, Cope, born Sept. 18, 1869. Clerk. 

VI. John A. Cope, horn May 12. 1872. Clerk. 

VI. Daniel Cope, born Oct. *30, 1874. 

V. Abraham Funk, born June 27, 1838. Mrd 
Martha Koffel, Nov. 25, 1884. Slate Roofer, Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Ida Jane Funk, born Apr. 1, 1886. (VI.) 
Tobias K. Funk, born May 23, 1887. (VI.) Abraham 
Fretz Funk, born June 10, 1888. 

V. Samuel Funk, born Aug. 2, 1842, died Nov 
18, 1845. 

V. Milton Funk, born July 29, 1846, died Feb 

7, 1864. 

IV. Susanna Fretz, born Nov. 18, 1810, died Dec. 
18, 1840. Mrd. Abraham K. Moyer, Jan. 26, 1833. 
Two children: (V.) John H. Mover, born Dec. 26, 
1833, died July 18, 1858. School teacher. Unmrd. 
(V.) Mary Ann Moyer, born Mar. 17, 1837, died 
Apr. 16, 1883. Unmrd. 

IV. Lydia Fretz, horn Nov. 14, 1813. died Dec. 28, 
1871. Mrd. Jonas Nace, Dec. 21, 1834. Tailor. Men- 
nonites. Children: Francis, Sarah, Levi. 

V. Francis Nace, born about 1839. Mrd. Mary 
Fretz (daughter of the late Henry Fretz of Amho'v 

— 116 - 

N. J.) Oct, 26, 1861. Children: (VI.) Milton Harvey 
Nace, born Aug. 27, 1862. (VI.) Jonas Henry Nace, 
born Feb. 29, 1861, died Nov. 9, 1867. (VI.) Emma 
J. Nace, born Nov. 9, 1866, (VI.) Matilda Nace, born 
Oct. 12, 1871. died same day, (VI.) Leidy Nace, born 
July 25, 1S71. (VI.) ErwinNace, born Nov. 19, 1877. 

V. Sarah Ann Nace. born Jan. 11, 1811, died Oct, 
19, 1883. Mrd. Isaac B. Kratz, Nov. 1, 1865. Mem. 
Reformed Ch. Children: (VI.) Jonas N. Kratz, born 
Aim. 2::. l s <'>''>. (VI.) Lizzie N. Kratz, born July 28, 
1868. (VI.) Franklin N. Kratz. born Jan. 14, 1873. 

V. Levi F. Nace, born Apr. 8, 1818. Mrd. Lvdia 
B. Nace, Jan. 1, 1872. Painter in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Preston Nace, born Dec. 
13, 1877. (VI.) Robert Nace, born Nov. 11, L886, 
died Mar. 21, 1887. 

III. Hannah Fret/, born in Bucks Co., Pa., — , died 
advanced in years. Unmrd. 

III. Barbara Fret z. born in Bucks Co., Pa.,— , died 

advanced in years. Unmrd. 

III. Magdalena Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., — , 
died young. 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa — . Mrd. 
Elizabeth Hiestand about L803 or 1805. Farmer. 
Mennonites. He lived in Hilltown Twp., on the 
farm now occupied by Hiram Moyer. Children: 
Henry, Eli, Noah. William. 

IV. Henry Fretz, born — ; died unmrd. aged 33 years. 
IV. Eli Fretz, born — ; died unmrd. aged 56 years. 
IV. Noah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 20. 

1820, Mrd. Mary B. Detweiler, Nov. 6, 1875. She 
was born Dec. 23, 1810. Farmer, Children. (V.) 
William D. Fretz, born July 17, 1879. (V.) Lizzie 
D. Fretz, born Aug. 22, L882. 
IV. William Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 21, 
1826; died May 13, 1888. Mrd. Maria Hunsberger, 
Dec, 2.">. 1873. Carpenter. Mennonites. Children: 

— Ill - 

(V.) Edmund Fretz, born Oct. 19, 1874. (V.) Mary 
Lizzie Fretz, born July 16, 1876. (V.) Leah Anna 
Fretz, born Mar. 17. 1879. 

III. William Fretz, born in Bucks Co.. Pa., Oct. 22, 
1768; died — . He lived in Bedminster Twp., on the 
farm now owned by Jacob Slotter. Merinonites. He 
was twice mrd. His first wife was Mary Stover, by 
whom he had five children: Joseph, Barbara, Jacob, 
Magdalena, Catharine. Second wife Margaret Garges, 
by whom he had one child: Eliza. 

IV. Joseph S. Fretz. horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
10, 1794; died Dec. 7. 1854. He lived on his father's 
farm in Bedminster. Fanner. Mem. of Old Mennonite 
Ch. DeepRun; when thedivision in that congregation 
took place in 1X47, he joined the seceders, and was 
one of the leading factors in the building of the New 
Mennonite church at Deep Run. and was one of the 
leading members of that congregation until his death. 
Mrd. Magdalena Swartley, 1822. Children: Catha- 
rine, Aaron. Elizabeth, Edwin. In June 13, 1833. 
He mrd. Margaret Schrauger. Children: William, 
Mary, Isaiah. Henry, Levi. 

V. Catharine Eretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
2, 1824. Mrd. Francis Scheetz, in 1844. Merchant. 
Dunkard. Children: Mahlon, Remandus. 

VI. Mahlon F. Scheetz, born in ls-ir,. Mrd. Annie 
E. Styer, 1873. Children: (VII.) Mamie Scheetz. 
(VII.) Katie Scheetz. (VII.) Lulu Scheetz. 

VI. Remandus Scheetz. horn in 1S47. Mrd. Lizzie 
Harley, Feb. 16, 1887. Merchant. One child: (VII.) 
Gertrude Scheetz. horn Felt. 13. 1888. 

V. Aaron Fretz, horn in Bucks Co., Pa,, Oct, 19, 
1828. Mrd. Sarah Ann Longaker, Feb. S, 1851, 
Blacksmith in Montg. Co., Pa. Children: Joseph. 
Albert. Fannie. Kate. Mary. 

VI. Joseph Fretz. born Alio-. 21, 1853; died Nov. 30, 
1876. Mrd. Anna M. Neal, May 1875. Miller. One 
child: (VII.) Sarah Jane Fretz, born Mar. 8, 1876. 

VI. Albert Fretz, born Jan. 18, 1855. Mrd. Annie 
Hoffman, Feb., 1876. She died Aug. 7. 1887. Car- 
penter. One child: (VII.) David Fretz, born Jan. 18, 

- 118 — 

1ST". Albert mrd. second wife, Clara Graves, Nov. 
24, 1888. 

VI. Fannie L. Fretz, born Oct. 1, 1856. Mrd. H. C. 
Messenger, Dec. 24, 1884. Hardware Merchant. 
Presbyterian. No issue. 

VI. Kate Fretz, born June 25, 1857. Mrd. Charles 
Bevan, Nov. 15, 1884. Farmer. Presbyterian. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Maud L. Bevan. born Dec. 1, 1887. 
(VII.) Sarah Fretz Bevan, born Sept. 15, 1888. 

VI. Mary Fretz, born Mar. 20, 1863. Presbvterian. S. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 11. 
1830. Mrd. George Mcintosh in 1851. Carpenter 
and Builder. Residence Doylestown. Mrs. Mcintosh 
Baptist. Children: Frank, Fred, Herbert. 

VI. Frank Mcintosh, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 
21, 1852. Mrd. Maria Antoinetta La Rue, of Yard- 
ley. Bucks Co., Mar. 2, 1881. Mr. Mcintosh received 
a public school education, and when eighteen entered 
the office of the Bucks Co. Intelligencer, then pub- 
lished by Henry T. Darlington, to learn the printing 
business. He "remained in this establishment until 
he was 22 years of age, serving one year as journey- 
man printer. Being somewhat of a roving disposi- 
tion, he then determined to see something of the 
country, and started for Cincinnati, Ohio. Here he 
worked at his trade for something less than a year. 

He next found employment on the St. Louis Dis- 
patch, an afternoon paper, and a few months later on 
the Times, a morning paper. He remained in St. 
Louis about a year, then went to Columbus. Platte 
Co.. Neb., where he secured work on the Republican, 
a weekly paper, remaining over a year, when through 
the influence of the proprietor of the paper, ( Mr. 
Frank Burgess, son of William Burgess at that time 
agent of the Pawnee tribe of Indians) he received 
the appointment of Commissary Sergeant to the 
tribe, and at once set forth for the Indian Territory 
where the Pawnees were and still are located. His 
work here was the care of Indian supplies, and the 
issuing of rations to the Red men. He held this posi- 
tion until President Hayes appointed a new agent for 
the Pawnees, when he and the other appointees of 

— 119 - 

Agent Burgess were asked to hand in their resigna- 
tion. Returning to Doylestown to visit his parents, he 
soon after accepted the position of local editor of the 
Bucks county Intelligencer. He remained in this 
position until March, 1881, then, having married, he 
located in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he secured the 
position of assistant editor of the Sciota Gazette. 
Remained in Chillicothe about a year, then returned 
East with his family, where he found employment as 
proof-reader on the Times, a daily paper published 
in Trenton, N. J. He held this position for about 
three years, when the Times passed under new man- 
agement, he was made the editor of that paper, and 
still holds that position. Children: (VII.) Raymond 
Welsh McLntosh. horn Dec. :». L881. (VII.) Russel 
Morris Mcintosh, born Sept. 25, L884. 

VI. Fred Mcintosh, born Feb. 27, 1855; died Oct, 
1. L881. Mrd. Lizzie Shade in 1878. Two children: 
(VII.) Fred. B. Mcintosh, horn Oct. 6, 1879. (VII.) 
Bertha S. Mcintosh, horn Mar., L882; died aged 4= 

VI. Herbert Mcintosh, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
20, 1857. His early education was obtained in the 
public schools of Doylestown, Pa. In 1872 he went to 
the Doylestown English and Classical Seminary, from 
which lie was graduated in lsT4. The fall and winter 
of the same year, and a portion of the next he spent 
at Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., taking a select 
course. Returned to Doylestown in the spring of 
1875, and engaged in teaching in the Doylestown 
English and Classical Seminary, and continued to 
tench there until the spring of 1876. In the fall of 
1876 he became principal of the Swedesboro Acad- 
emy, Swedesboro, N. J., where he remainded two 
years, then resigned his position to enter Brown 
University, Providence, R. L, in the fall of 1878, 
from which he graduated in 1882, having won in that 
year the prize for the best philosophical essay. Upon 
graduation he accepted a position in the Worcester 
Academy, Worcester, Mass., as instructor in the 
natural Sciences. Three years later he was advanced 
to the position of assistant principal, and instructor 

— 120 - 

in Latin from which he resigned in the winter of $6- 
87 on account of sickness. He was admitted in the 
courts of the Commonwealth of Mass. in Feb., 1888. 

V. Edwin Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 25, 
1832. His occupation is that of printer. Resides in 
Philadelphia. Pa., and is immrd. (1889). 

V. William Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 11, 
L834. Mrd. Mary Crouse, Aug. 30, 1862. Engineer 
at Stockton, N. J. Not being eligible to the rank of 
Soldier on account of impaired eyesight, he was hired 
as a citizen teamster in the quartermaster department 
of the army and served from fall of 1861 to fall of 
L862, was with Gen. Wadsworth on his foraging 
expedition to Fairfax, C. H., and with McClellan 
through his peninsular campaign, in 1862. Baptists. 
Children: (VI.) Flora Frances Fretz, born at French- 
town, N. J., June 7, 1863. Mrd. J. H. Budd— . 
Baker at Glen Gardner, N. J. Attend Baptist Ch. 
(No issue 1889.) (VI.) Horace Herbert Fretz. born 
July ID. 1865. (VI.) Elton Ellsworth Fretz. born 
Oct. 6, 1867; died Feb. 11, 1871. (VI.) Anna 
Augusta Fretz. born Aug. 22. 1870. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., April 21, 
1836; died July 20, 1868. Mrd. Joseph D. Rein', in 
Jan.. 1865. Children: (VI.) Louisa Rein', born Feb. 
7, 1866; died Aug. 3, 1866. (VI.) Sallie F. Reiff, 
born Aug. 14, 1867. 

V. Isaiah Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 1. 
L839. lie was a very successful teacher in the public 
schools for a number of years, his first being at the 
Fretz Valley School house. In August, 1862, he en- 
listed in the 16th Penna. Vol. Cavalry. Of this 
organization he was clerk for about eighteen months, 
after which lie was promoted Sergeant Major. Dur- 
ing the summer of 1864, he was prostrated with the 
dreaded scourge chronic diarjhcea and spent several 
months in the hospital. Then he received his com- 
mission as adjutant of the regiment. Indisposed as 
he was. he decided to assume the duties of his office 
at once, and reported for duty, but the regiment 
becoming engaged the following morning at the 
Cavalry engagement of White Oak Swamp, here he 

— 121 — 

was severely wounded while leading the advance 
guard after the retreating confederates, the ball tak- 
ing effect in the knee, hut fortunately not shattering 
the bone. He was soon afterwards sent to the hos- 
pital at Philadelphia from which he obtained ^sick- 
leave" and came home. His complaint having 
assumed a more serious turn, the wound now became 
a secondary cause, and after a struggle of several 
months he finally died. Nov. 1. L864. Thus ended a 
life that had given promise of great usefulness. 

V. Henry Harrison Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Fa., 
Oct. 28, 1840. Mrd. Emma Bigony, Dec. 3, L864. 
In August. L862, he enlisted in Co. I, 129th Penna. 
Vol. Inf. This term of enlistment included the 
second battle of Bull Run. South Mountain, Antie- 
tam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville campaign. 
During the Gettysburg campaign he served in the 
34th Penna. State troops. In March. 1877. he moved 
with his family to Edwards Co., Kan. In this then 
new and undeveloped country they struggled against 
droughts and adverse circumstances for about three 
and a half years. During his residence here he was 
elected county commissioner. In August. L880, ^un- 
settled in Springfield, Mo., where they now reside. 
He is a carpenter by trade, and he and family are 
members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of 
which he is an Elder. Children: (VI.) Harvey H. Fretz, 
born in Pennsylvania, Sept. 28, 1865. (VI.) Isaiah 
Nevin Fretz, born in Pennsylvania. Mar. 28, 1868.. 
(VI.) Fannie Bigony Fretz, born in Pennsylvania, 
May 24. 1871. "(VI.') Harry Earnest Fretz. born in 
Kansas, Jan. 10, 1*79. (V*l.) Frank Bigony Fretz, 
born in Missouri, Nov. 5, 1881. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 25, 
1706; died — . Mrd. Christian Moyer — . Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, 
William, Anna, Catharine, Joseph, Aaron. Sarah. 
Susan, Enos, Lydia. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 29, 
1S19. Mrd. Joseph Kulp. (See Index of References 
No. 18.) 

— 122 — 

V. Margaret Mover, bom in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
2, 1820; died Feb. 1, 1889. Mrd. Ulrich Hockman— . 
He was born May 24, Is 15, died Sept. T, 1886. 
Fanner. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Abraham, 
Aaron, Joseph. Barbara. Sarah, Henry. Leidy. 

VI. Mary Ann Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 3, 1848. Mrd. Samuel B. (son of Rev. George 
Landis), Jan 28, 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren. (VII.) John Landis. born June 6, 1869; died 
June 2U. 1869. (VII.) George Landis, born June 8, 
1870. (VII.) Mary Landis, born Sept. 22, 1872. (VII.) 
Katie Landis, 'born Sept. 22, 1874. (VII.) Ella 
Landis, born Sept. 9, 1876. (VII.) Sallie Landis, born 
Nov. 24, 1878. (VII.) Samuel Landis, born July 81, 
1881; died Aug. 21, 1882. (VII.) Emma Landis, born 
May lo. 1883. (VII.) Ida Landis, born July 9, 1888; 
died Aug. 18, 1888. (VII.) William Landis, born July 
:». 1888; died Aug 4. 1888. 

VI. Abraham M. Hockman. born Sept. 15, 1849, 
died an infant. 

VI. Aaron M. Hockman. born Apr. 15. 1850, died 

VI. Joseph M. Hockman. born in Bucks Co., Mar. 
81. 1853. Mrd. Eli/a Lear, June 5. 1876. She was 
born Dec. 4, 1853. Farmer. He owns and lives on 
the original Tinicum Christian Fret/* homestead in 
Tinicum Twp., now known as Heaney's Mill. He 
owns about 4<» acres of the original tract. Lutherans. 
Children: (VII.) William L. Hockman. born Dec. 18, 
1876. (VII.) Albert L. Hockman, born Mar. 2. 1*7*. 
died Oct. 28, 1878. (VII.) Emma Hockman. born 
June 23, 1879. (VII.) Anna Hockman. born Sept. 4. 
1880. (VII.) Samuel L. Hockman, born Aug. 25. 
1882, died May 6, 1883. (VII.) Wesley L. Hockman, 
born Feb. 18, 1884. (VII.) Minnie Hockman, born 
July 1!>. 1886. 

VI. Barbara M. Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 14, 1855. Mrd. Jacob C. Mover Jan. 29, 1876. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Mary Ellen H. 
Mover, born Aug. 20, 1878. (VII.) Rosie Alice H. 
Mover, born Mar, 9, 1882. (VII.) Joseph H. Mover. 

— 123 - 

born March 14. L884, died same day. (VII.) Henry II. 

Mover, still-born, Jan. 26, 1886. (VII.) Sadie May H. 
Moyer, born Jan. 1, 1880. 

VI. Sarah M. Hockman, born July 20, 1858, died 

VI. Henry M. Hockman, born in Bucks Co., June 
11, 1860. Mrd. Kate Crouthamel, Feb.. 25, L882. 
Farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Phemie Hock- 
man, born Sept. 25, 1882. (VII.) Sallie May Hock- 
man, born Mar. 14, 1884. (VII.) Katie Hockman, 
born Nov. 24, 1886. 

VI. Leidy M. Hockman, born in Bucks Co.. Mar. 
15, 1863. Mrd. Anna Fabian in L887. One child: 
(VII.) Samuel F. Hockman, born Aug. 12, 1887. 

V. Mary Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 9, 1821, 
died in 1873. Mrd. Rev. Abraham Young, Jan. 17, 
1843. He died in 1887. Farmer. He was ordained to 
the ministry of the Old Mennonite church in 1863, 
at the Swamp meeting house. Children: William. 
Elizabeth, Charles. 

VI. William Young, born Aug. 21, 1846. Mrd. 
Lydia, (daughter of Christian Shelly, of Steinsburg) 
Nov. 22, 1874. She died about 1878. Laborer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Charles Young, born Feb. 
6, 1876, died Feb. 1877. (VII.) Abraham Young, born 
in 1877, died aged 5 mos. 

VI. Elizabeth Young, born Sept. 30, lS4it. died in 
1877. Unmrd. 

VI. Charles M. Yo'~>\g, born Apr. 9, 1857. Mrd. 
Mary C. Rummel, Oj' Upper Hanover, Mont'g. Co., 
Nov*. 13, 1880. Shoemaker. Mem. Reformed Ch. 
Children: (VII.) Sallie Young, born Feb. 5, L882. 
(VII.) Frank Young, born Dec 7 . 5, 1884. (VII.) Agnes 
Young, born Jan. 11, 1889. 

V. W 7 illiam F. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
2, 1823. Mrd. Elizabeth M. Musselman. Nov. !). 
1845. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Infant, Sim- 
eon, Barbara, Christian, Henry, Catharine. 

VI. Infant son still-born, in 1846. 

VI. Simeon Moyer, born Dec. 18, 1848, in Bucks 
{Jo, Creamery operator, Mennonite, 

— 124 — - 

VI. Barbara Mover, horn in Bucks Co., Nov. 30, 
1850. Mrd. Isaiah Brunner, Nov. 5, I860. Menno- 
nite. One child: (VII.) Magdalena Brunner. horn 
Dec. 18, 1871. 

VI. Christian Moyer, horn July 10, 1855, died Dec. 

VI. Henry Moyer, horn Dec. 6, 1856, died Jan. L857. 

VI. Catharine Mover, born Sept. 4, 1858, died Feb. 

V. Anna Moyer. born in Bucks Co., Pa., died— 
Mrd. Owen Rice—. Fanner. Mennonites. Children: 
Sarah, Barbara. Henry. Albert. Samuel. Anna and 
Jonas (Twins). 

VI. Sarah Rice, born in 1852. died single—. aged 
about 29 years. 

VI. Barbara M. Rice, born Oct. 15, L851. Mrd 
Joseph Hunsberger, Mar. 1. L879. Fanner. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Anna R. Hunsberger, born 
Dec. 10, 1879. (VII.) Katie R. Hunsberger, born Dec 

19, 1881, died Jan. 11. L883. 

VI. Henry Rice, born in Bucks Co., Fa., May L3 
1857. Mrd. Lizzie Gehman, Dec. !». 1878 Farmer' 
Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Abraham Rice, born 
( wn\- 7 ' L882 ' (V,L) Ann aRice, horn Oct. 18.1881. 
(VII.) Hannah Rice, born Sept. 7, 1886. (VII.) Samuel 
Rice, born Aug. 23. 1888. 

VI. Albert Rice, born Apr. 1800. Mrd. Mary 
Mover, in L882. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Daniel Rice, born Mar. L883. (VII.) Harvey 
Rice. born—. 1885. (VII.) Twins died unnamed. (VII.) 
.Noah Rice, born July L888. 

VI. Samuel Rice, born in 1802. Mrd. Mary Yoder 
. Fanner. Mennonites. One child: (VII'.) Frvin 
Rice, born Sept. 1887. 

VI. Anna and Jonas Rice, (Twins,) born—, died 

V. Catharine Mover, born Sept. 22, 1820, in Bucks 
Co. Mrd. John Fretz. (See Index of References No. Hi ) 

V. Joseph F. Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Fa., dune 
5, 1828. Mrd. Sarah Landis, Dec. 9, 1855. Farmer 
Mennonites. Children: Susanna. Abraham. Catha- 
rine, Daniel, Barbara. Isaiah, Sarah, Mary, Samuel, 

- 125 — 

VI. Susanna Meyers, horn Jan. 18, 1857. Mrd. 
John Meyers, Sept. 1876. (See Index of References 
No. 20.) 

VI. Abraham L. Meyers, born Jan. 1, 1850. Mrd. 
Lizzie, {laughter of Henry L. Meyers, May 1879. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Annie Meyers, 
born, Oct.. 1879. (VI.) Sarah Meyers, born Nov. 
13, 1884. 

VI. Catharine L. Meyers, born Dec. 2, 1860. Mid. 
Aaron Hockman, of Bedminster, Dec. 30, 1883. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Sallie Hock- 
man, born Mar. 6, 1884. (VII.) Willis Hockman. 
born Apr. 19, 1887. 

VI. Daniel L. Meyers, born Feb. 17, 1863. Mrd. 
Annie Rohr, of Bedminster, Feb. 14, 1884. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Kate Meyers, horn 
Auo-. 22, 1884. (VII.) Harvey Meyers, horn Aug. 5, 
1886. (VII.) Wallace Meyers, horn Apr., L888. ' 

VI. Barbara Meyers, born Oct. 15, 1865; died Nov. 
28, 1879. 

VI. Isaiah Meyers, born Dec. 3, 1867. Farmer. 

VI. Sarah L. Meyers, horn May 5, 1870; died Aug. 
24, 1870. 

VI. Mary L. Meyers, horn Jan. 2, 1872. Tailoress. 

VI. Samuel L. Meyers, horn Sept. 29, 1874; died Jan. 
5, 1875. 

V. Aaron Fretz Meyers, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., in 
1830; died July 7, 1886, aged 56 yrs. Mrd. Susanna 
Tyson, Dec. 20, 1854. Farmer. ' Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Albert, Maggie, Martin, Ella, Sarah. Mary. 
Edward, William, Hannah, Arthur. 

VI. Albert T. Meyers, horn Dec. 20, 1855. Mrd. 
Ella J. Race, Oct, 30, 1879. Driver in Philadelphia. 
Mrs. Meyers member of Reformed Ch. Children: 
(VII.) Stanley R. Meyers, born Feb. 19, 1881. (VII.) 
Archie C. Meyers, born Feb. 16, 1882. (VII.) Warren 
H. Meyers, born Oct, 4, 1883. (VII.) A. Clifford 
Meyers, born Apr. 6, 1886. (VII.) Boy died at birth 
Nov. 10, 1888. 

VI. Maggie Myers, born Sept, 2, 1858. Mrd. Wil- 
liam H. Doan, Apr. 7, 1883. Driver in Philadelphia, 
Pa. One child: (VII.) Bessie Doan, born Jan. 10, '88. 

VI. Martin T. Myers, born Jan. 17, I860. Mrd 
Susan Brown— . One child: (VII.) Howard Franklin 
Me vers — . 
VI. Ella B. Myers, born Feb. 2, 1863. 
VI. Sarah A. Myers, born Mar. 11, 1865, died Feb 
11, 1886. 
VI. Mary E. Myers, born Dee. 7, 1866. 
VI. Edward S. Myers, born Mar. 2, 1869. 
VI. William T. Myers, born Jan. 20, 1870. 
VI. Hannah Myers, born Aug. 2, 1872. 
VI. Arthur Myers, born Oet. 2, 1876. 
V. Sarah Mover, born about 1832. Mrd. Aaron 
High— . He died—. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Mary High, born—. Mrd. Abraham 
Powten— . (VI.) Barbara High, born—. Mrd. John 
Goggle—. Sarah Mrd. second husband, Christian 
Leatherman— , by whom she had one child: (VI.) 
Aaron Leatherman. 

V. Susan Moyer, born Mar. 24, 1834; died Apr. l(i 
1880. Mrd. Abraham A. Landis, Sept. 3, 1864 
Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Aaron Landis 
bora Mar. 17, 1865. Mrd. Barbara A. Slotter, June 
20, lss;>. Farmer. Mennonites. Children- (VII ) 
Elsie Landis, born Dec. 31, 1885. (VII.) Abel Landis 
born Aug. 18, 1887. (VII.) Harrison Landis, born 
Jan. 23, 1889. 
V. Enos Moyer, born—; died young. 
V. Lydia Ann Mover, born—. Mrd. Abner Landis 
— . (See Index of References No. 21.) 

IV. Jacob Frctz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 1798. 
Mrd. Hannah Seiple — . No issue. 

IV. Magdelena Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1800, died aged 86 years. Mrd. Thomas Trowers, of 
Ireland. They mrd. advanced in years, and died 
without issue. Mr. Trowers left 125,000, the interest 
for the widow. After her death the principal was to 

§o to the blind asylum. After Mrs. Trower's death, 
9,000 of interest money was divided among her 
brothers and sisters. 
IV. Catharine Fretz. born in Bucks Co.. Pa., Feb 
Hi. L805; died,— 1889. Mrd. Joel Strawn, Nov. 19 
L829. He was born Sept. 3, 1803; died June 14 

— 127 - 

1887, aged 83-9--11. Farmer. Lived in Haycock 
Twp. Mem. Mennonite B. in C. Children:- Abel, 
V. Rev. Abel Strawn, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
5, 1830. Mrd. Hannah Brunner, Oct. 30, 1850. He 
was electee 1 to the ministry of the Ev. Mennonite 
church in 1859, and preached first in Haycock Brick 
church two years, then removed to Coopersburgh 
where he preached fifteen years. About ls74 the 
Evangelical Mennonites, the Brethren in Christ, and 
the Mennonite Brethren of Canada united in one 
body, constituting "The Mennonite Brethren in 
Christ," and adopting the itinerant system, he con- 
tinues an itinerant preacher among- them. His pres- 
ent charge (1888) is reading, Berks Co., Pa. One 
child: (VI.) Joel Strawn. Jr., born Mar. 5, 1852. 
Mrd. Alice B. Adamson, Nov. 1!), L873. Manufac- 
turer of Chemicals. Baptists. In 1883 he started on 
a trip to Germany for his health, but a few days 
afterwards he was taken sick and died June 7, 1883, 
and was buried at sea. One child: (VII.) Ethel 
Byron Strawn, born Sept. 1!*, 1N74. 

V. Elizabeth Strawn. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
L6, L834. Mrd. Henry W. Kemmerer, June 2. L853. 
He was born Feb. 26,' 1829. A retired farmer. Mem. 
Ev. Ass. Children: Louisa, Alfred, Henry, Milton. 

VI. Louisa S. Kemmerer, born May 30, 1854; died 
Apr. 1, 1855. 

VI. Alfred Kemmerer, born July 23, 1856. Mrd. 
Sarah Morix (daughter of Peter * Morix). Farmer. 
One child: (VII.) Leidy Kemmerer, born Feb. 5, 1884. 

VI. Henry S. Kemmerer, born Oct. 23, I860; died 
Dec. 20, 1862. 

VI. Milton Kemmerer, born July 9, 1864. Mrd. 
Victoria, daughter of David Hensinger, Sept. 2, 
1886. Farmer. One child: (VII.) Bessie Kemmerer, 
born Sept. 28, 1888; died Sept. 31, 1888. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 1, 
1810; died Feb. 15, 1873. Mrd. Jaceb S. Kratz, Dec. 
16, 1830. He died—. Mem. F. Christian Ch. Chil- 
dren: Margaret, Emma, Laura, Harvey, William, 

— 128 - 

V. Margaret Kratz, born in Backs Co., Pa., Feb. 
14. L833. Mid. II. Watson Johnson, Nov. 15, 1855. 
Fanner in Bucks Co. Attend Reformed Ch. Chil- 
dren: Erwin, Charles, Oliver, Harvey, Mary. 

VI. Erwin T. Johnson, M. D., born June 18, 1857. 
Mrd. E. Martha Sheip, of New Britain, Mar. 11, 
1886. Practicing Physician at Hilltown, Pa. Gradu- 
ate* 1 from the Jefferson Medical College in the spring 
of 1883. Mem. Reformed Ch. Children: (VII.) Su- 
sanna Johnson, born Nov. 24, 1886. (VII.) Margaret 
Johnson, born May 25, 1888. 

VI. Charles J. Johnson, born Nov. 23, 1858; died 
Aug. 24, 1878. 

VI. Oliver K. Johnson, born Nov. 24, 1860. 

VI. Harvey E. Johnson, born June 22, 1868. 

VI. Mary Jane Johnson, born Aug. 15, 1870. 

V. Emma Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 7, 
1835. Mrd. John Shelly Weinberger, Oct. 13, 1861. 
Professor in Ursinus College, at College ville, Pa. 
Mem. F. Christian Ch. One child. (VI.) Minerva 
Weinberger, born Oct. 1, 1863. 

V. Laura Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 4, 
1837; died Mar. 16, 1866. Mrd. I. S. Moyer, M. D 
— . Physician. One child: (VI.) Lillian Moyer. 

V. Harvey Kratz, M. D., born Sept. 2, 1838. Mrd. 
Sarah Rinker — . Practicing Physician at New Britain, 
Pa. Attends Baptist Ch. Children: (VI.) Laura 
Kratz, born — , died. (VI.) Lizzie Kratz. (VI.) 
Bertha Virginia Kratz. (VI.) Mabel Rebecca Kratz. 
(VI.) Annie Worley Kratz. (VI.) Charles Sumner 
Kratz. (VI.) Sarah Kratz. (VI.) Margaret Kratz. (VI.) 
Hannah Kratz. (VI.) Esther Kratz. (VI.) Emma Kratz. 

V. William Henry Kratz, born Apr. 2, 1843. Mrd. 
Alice J. Piatt, Jan. 7, 1875. Farmer and Stock raiser 
in Piatt Co., 111. Attends M. E. Ch. Children: (VI.) 
Laura Kratz, born Oct. 14, 1875. (VI.) James Piatt 
Kratz, born Dec. 12, 1878. 

V. Jacob Thomas Kratz, born Apr. 27, 1850; died 
Oct. 5, 1862. 

III. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co,, Pa., 1771; 
died 1823. Mrd. Mary Souder (daughter of Abraham 

(See page 133 ) 

- 12!) - 

Souder). Farmer, and Lived on his father's farm in 
Bedminster near Stover's mill. He was called "Bio- 
Joe 1 ' to distinguish him from several other Joseph 
Fretzes. Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Abra- 
ham, Catharine, William. 
IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born about 1812; died young 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Auo- 
18, 1813; died Mar. 11, 1890. Mrd. Elizabeth 
daughter of George Raum, of Perkiomen Creek, Pa.] 
Feb. 8, 1836. She was born Mar. 7, 1818 They 
moved to Medina Co,, Ohio, in 1848, and purchased 
a farm— bordering on Chippewa Lake, where he 
lived and died. Mem. U. B. Ch. Children: Augus- 
tus, Amanda, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Levi 
Joseph, Elmira, Ella. 

V. Augustus Fretz, born in Montgomery Co Pa 
Aug 2, 1837. Mrd. Anna, daughter of David ami 
Magdalena Kreider, Feb. 22, 1862. In the spring of 
1863, he moved to Elkhart, End., where he purchased 
a farm, and where he has since resided. Mennonites 
Children: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Amanda, Adaline 
Emelme, David, Minnie, William, Clarence. 

VI. John Nelson Fretz, born Dec. 4, 1862 

VI. Mary Fretz, born in Elkhart Co., Inch, Julv 3 

?/^U ied T* Vb - 1<J ' 1886 " Mrd " Peter B. Yoder. Sept] 
24, 1881. tanner. Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Wil- 

un\ ;. lc - C ! er ; born ° ct> 8 < 1882 ' died in infancy. 
(VII.) David A. Yoder, born Oct, 14, 1883. (VII.) 
John G. Yoder, born Feb. 16, 1886. ' 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Elkhart Co., Ind. Apr 
23, 1866. Mrd. Benjamin P. Ginter, Mar.,— 1885 
Farmer One child: (VII.) Chloe Ginter, born Jan.* 
13, 1887. 

VI Amanda E. Fretz, born in Elkhart Co., Ind 
July 7, 1869. Mrd. Harrison B. Abbott, M. D., May 

?#'. 18 A 8 J- Practicing physician at Etna Green, Ind. * 

VI. Adaline Fretz, born Sept. 15, 1871. 

VI. Emeline Fretz, born Apr. 26, 1873. 

VI. David A. Fretz, born Sept, 30, 1876. 

VI. Mmme C. Fretz, born Mar. 12, 1878. 

VI. William H. Fretz, born Oct. 19, 1880. 

VI. Clarence A. Fretz, born Feb. 10, 1882. 

— 130 - 

V. Amanda Louisa Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. IT, 1839. Mrd. Phineas Howe, of Medina Co., 
Ohio, May 29, 1859. Farmer. Children: Charles, 
Mina, Dora, Ada. 

VI. Charles Herman Howe, born June 9, 1860. S. 
VI. Mina E. Howe, born June IT, 1862. Mrd. 

Orville B. Stewart, Apr. IT, 188T. Farmer in Medina 
Co., Ohio. 

VI. Dora Elizabeth Howe, born May 15, 1861. Mrd. 
James O'Connel, of Medina Co., 0.\ Nov. 21, 1881. 
Plumber. Children: (VII.) Madge O'Connel, born Oet. 
8, 1886. (VII.) Roy Walker ' O'Connel, born Nov. 
11, 1889. 

VI. Ada Jane Howe, born Aug. 9, 1869. 

V. Mary Magdalena Fret/, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa.. Mar. 2T, 1812; died Sept, 16, 1818. 

V. Sarah Emeline Fretz, born in Montgomerv Co., 
Pa., Jan. 19, 1811. Mrd. J. F. Martin, Oet. 20, 1861. 
Funeral Director, at Seville, O. Baptists. Children: 
Clarence, Hattie, Eva, Frank, Lillian, Stella, Sidney. 

VI. Clarence A. Martin, born Sept. 29, 1S62. S. 

VI. Hattie D. Martin, born July 3, 1861. Mrd. 
Alvah Foster, Oct, 31, 1886. Farmer in Medina Co., 
O. One child: (VII.) Miriam Foster, born July 2T, 1888. 

VI. Eva L. Martin, born Mar. 21, 1866. 

VI. Frank Elmer Martin, born Dec. 31, 186T. 

VI. Lillian Jane Martin, born Oct. 31. 1869. 

VI. Stella May Martin, born Apr. 21, 18T3. 

VI. Sidney Abram Martin, born June 23, 18TT. 

V. Samuel G. Fretz. born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Oet. 1, 1845. Mrd. Artie McDonald, Nov.' 22, 18T2. 
She was born in Medina Co., Ohio, Mar. 13, 1852. 
Farmer in Medina Co., O. Children: (VI.) Henry L. 
Fretz; born Apr. 15, 1874; died Sept. 15, 1874. (VI.) 
Harry H. Fretz, born Aug. 8, 18T8; died Aug. 16, 
1879, (VI.) Eva Belle Fretz, born Feb. 5, 1881. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Apr. 11, 181T. Mrd. A. H. Peake, of Medina, Ohio, 
Oet. 1, 1873. Proof reader and typesetter at Medina, 
Ohio. One child: (VI.) CarlH. Peake, born Oet. 9,1880. 

V. Levi Fretz. born in Wadsworth Twp. , Ohio, Oct. 
5, L850. Mrd. Mildred E. Hesmer, Dec. 22, 18T8. 

- 131 - 

She was horn in Medina Co., O., Apr. 6, 185S. Car- 
penter and joiner in Medina Co., Ohio. CongJega- 
tipnalists. Children: (VI.) Chester H. Fretz, born 
Sept. 19, 1ST!). (VI.) William Fretz, born Nov. 8, 
1880. (VI.) Hazle N. Fretz, born Jan. 14, 1888. 

V. Joseph Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, July 1-1, 
1855. Mrd. Cora A. Brainard, Dee. 1, 1882. Farmer 
in Medina Co., Ohio. One child: (VI.) Lena A. Fretz, 
born Oct. 16, 1883; 

V. Elmira Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, Mar. 
23, 1858. Mrd. M. E. Frazier, Sept, 4, 1880. Dealer 
in agricultural implements, and farmer in Medina 
Co.,' Ohio. Children: (VI.) Ona Ethlvn Frazier, born 
Sept. 5, 1881. (VI.) Harry Wayland Frazier, born 
July 21, 1885. 

V. Ella Jane Fretz, born in Medina Co., Ohio, Jan. 
22, 1860; died Aug. 23, 1888. Mrd. William Sho- 
walter— . Children: (VI.) Archie Showalter. (VI.) 
Sterling Showalter. (VI.) Everet Showalter. (VI.) 
Ethel Showalter. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bueks 
Co., Pa., Apr. IT, 1815. Mrd. Joseph Fretz, (son of 
"Lame Anthony"). (See Index of References No. 22.) 

IV. William Ely Fretz, born in Bueks Co., Pa., 
Sept. 28, 181T.* Mrd. Frances Kratz, about 1840. 
She was born Jan. IT, 1815). Carpenter, and farmer 
in Bucks Co., Pa. Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: Samuel, 
Elizabeth, Reuben, Abraham, Mary. 

V. Samuel K. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 14, 
1841. Mrd. Mary E. Boyer, of Hatfield, Pa., Jan. 
7, 1865. Farmer in Kent Co., Del., to which state he 
moved in 1881. Methodist. Children: (VI.) Ervin B. 
Fretz, born June 20, 1866. (VI.) Abraham B. Fretz, 
born Oct. 25, 186T. (VI.) Hannah E. Fretz, born May 
5, 1871; died in 1872. (VI.) Fannie B. Fretz, born 
Feb. 11, 18T3. (VI.) Horace B. Fretz, born Oct. 19, 
18T6. (VI.) Peter B. £retz, born Sept. 6, 1878. (VI.) 
William B. Fretz, born Sept. 9, 1880. (VI.) Emma 
B. Fretz, born Sept. 16, 1882. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Dec. 2T, 1843. Mrd. 
Charles George (deceased). Children: (VI.) William 

— 132 — 

George, born — •; died in infancy. (VI.) Jacob George, 
born Mar. 30, 1883. 

V. Reuben K. Fretz, born Dec. 2, 1846. Mrd. Mary 
R. Detweiler, Nov. 21, 1868. She was born Dec. 5, 
1847. Farmer in Montg. Co., Pa. Mennonite. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Garret D. Fretz, born Sept. 28, 1869. 
(VI.) Fannie D. Fretz, born Dec. 8, 1871. (VI.) Annie 
D. Fretz, born Feb. 25, 1875. (VI.) William D. Fretz, 
born Mar. 13, 1877; died Oct, 11, 1879. (VI.) Henry 
D. Fretz, born July 21, 1879. (VI.) Wilson D. Fretz, 
born May 8, 1882. (VI.) Reuben D. Fretz, born Sepf 
3, 1884. '(VI.) Abraham D. Fretz, born Apr. 27, 1887. 

V. Abraham K. Fretz, born May 9, 1851. Mrd. 
Anna Amanda Hechler, Oct, 15, 1881. Residence 
near Hatfield, Pa. Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) 
Mary Alice Fretz, born Sept, 3, 1882. (VI.) Aaron 
Melrose Fretz, born Feb. 15, 1887. 

V. Mary B. Fretz (Twin to Abraham), born May 9. 
1851. (S. 1888.) 

III. Isaac Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 11, 
1781; died Dec. 27, 1855, aged 71-6-16. Mrd. Mary 
Moyer— . She died Mar. 27, 1855, aged 68-7-3. 
Farmer in Richland Twp., having moved there from 
Bedminster about 1822. Children: William, Magdalena. 

IV. William Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Pa., 
Apr. 9, 1811. Mrd. Catharine Hofford in 1854. In 
early life he worked at the trade of carpenter, but on 
the death of his parents, he returned to the farm on 
which he remained until three years before his death 
when he sold his farm and moved to Quakertown, 
where he lived a retired life until his death, Dec. 22, 
1869. While a resident of the township he was 
elected supervisor for three successive terms and held 
several other positions of trust. Two children: 

V. Edwin Penrose Fretz, born in Richland Twp., 
Mar. 3, 1856. He received a public school education. 
At the age of fifteen, learned the trade of shoemaking. 
After several years he went to Washington Hall Col- 
legiate Institute, Trappe, Montg. Co. One year later 
he entered the Allentowm Business College from 
which he graduated in 1878. He again entered the 

- 133 — 

employ of A. B. Warp & Co., and then bought a 
shoe store at Lansdale, where he has established a 
good business. Unnird. 

V. Oliver Henry Fretz, M. D., born in Richland 
Twp., Apr. 9, 1858. Mrd. Elraira A., daughter of 
Nathan C. and Lueinda (Antrim) Roeder, Oct. 26, 
1882. After receiving a good education in the public 
schools, he entered Muhlenberg College. When 21 
years of age he began reading medicine with Dr. I. 
S. Moyer; he entered Jefferson Medical College, and 
after pursuing a graded course of study for three 
years, he graduated with the degree of Doctor of 
Medicine, Mar. 30, 1882. He began practice at Sal- 
fordville. Montgomery Co. , but at the end of three 
years he sold out on account of his health, and 
removed to Quakertown, where he is engaged in the 
drug business, combining with it a large office prac- 
tice. In the spring of 1887, he completed a course 
of instruction in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and Col- 
lege for graduates in medicine, and has thoroughly 
equipped himself as a specialist in diseases of the eye 
and ear, catarrhal and all chronic affections. Dr. 
Fretz has been appointed Borough Physician, and is 
a member of the Bucks County Medical Society, the 
Lehigh Valley Medical Association, the State Medi- 
cal Society, the Bucks County branch of the Forestry 
Association, and the Bucks County School Directors 
Association. He was twice elected a member of the 
Quakertown School Board, and was an officer in the 
Board for several years. In the campaign of 1890 he 
was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature on the 
Democratic ticket. He is also Medical Examiner 
for several Life Insurance Companies, and belongs to 
the following organizations: Quakertown Lodge No. 
512, F. & A. M.; Secona Tribe No. 263; I. O. of R. 
M.. Marion Circle No. 16, B. U. (H. F.) of Pennsyl- 
vania. Dr. Fretz and wife are members of the 
Reformed church. Children: (VI.) Robert Bartholow 
Fretz, born Jan. 19, 1881; died Oct, 1, 1881. (VI.) 
Raymond Lamar Fretz, born Apr. 24, 1885. 

IV. Magdalena Fretz, born Apr. 22, 1815, and died 
unmrd July 1, 1854 


II. Christian Fretz, (son of Weaver John) was born 
in 1734. He married Barbara Oberboltzer in 1757. 
She was born Nov. 20, 1737. Their married life ran 
through a eourse of forty-six years. He died May 1, 
1803. His wife survived him twenty years, and 
died May 8, 1823.. It is a noteworthy fact that at the 
time of her death, she was the mother of twelve chil- 
dren, had a hundred and nine grand children, and a 
hundred and three great grand children. Previous to 
his father's death. Christian, and his brother Isaac, 
lived on what is'known as the Isaac Fret// homestead, 
situated in Tinieum Twp., now owned by Henry F. 
Myers. He was one of the executors of his father's 
estate, and inherited the old homestead in Bedmin- 
ster under the conditions previously mentioned in the 
will, and where he subsequently lived and died. To 
the homestead he added by purchase from his son 
John, the tract known as the "Poor Fields," in 1793, 
and which consisted of about 30 acres. He and his 
wife were members of the Mennonite church, and 
worshiped in the ever memorable Old Stone Church 
at Deep Run, which was the oldest Mennonite con- 
gregation in Bucks county. In his day the Indians 
were yet quite numerous, and often quite trouble- 
some. It is related that he had a very tine horse, to 
which the Indians took a particular fancy, and 
wanted to buy, but he would not sell it. The Indians 
however, determining to gain possession of the horse, 
eame by night and stole it Some time after, he 

— ' 135 - 

ascertained whore the horse was, and went to the 
Indian camp, arriving at evening, and seeing the 
horse turned out to pasture, he ceneealed himself 
until slumber had fallen upon the inhabitants of the 
wigwam. The Indians had a custom of just before 
retiring for the night, to go outside of their wigwams 
and shout and make a great noise to frighten away 
the wild beasts. Knowing this to be the signal for 
retiring, he waited until he thought they were sound 
asleep, and then entered the lot, secured the horse, 
and returned home with it. It is also related that his 
son Joseph had a very fine young horse, and that 
during the Revolutionary war. when Washington's 
Army was encamped below Newtown, that foraging 
teams, accompanied by an officer on horseback, came 
to Christian . Fretz's place for hay for the army, that 
the officer saw the horse, and in conversation with 
the foragemen, said it was a fine horse, that he would 
try and buy it, but if he could not buy it, he would 
have it anyway. The conversation between the 
officer and men was over-heard by one of Christian's 
daughters, who ran to the house and told her brother, 
who was sitting at the loom weaving. As the officer 
was coming to the house by the front way, to see him 
about the horse, he not wishing to part with it, 
leaped through the window, ran to the barn by the 
back way unobserved by the officer, mounted the 
horse, and rode towards the Haycock Mountain". The 
officer however saw him as he dashed away with the 
horse, and followed some distance until he lost track 
of him. He rode the horse up through the wilder- 
ness country, a part of the time fording up the 
streams to cover his tracks and hid the horse at the 
place now known as Shellenberger's mill. A few 
days later the officer came again to Christian's place, 
and told him that he would have that horse. 

The next day, however. Christian accompanied by 
a neighbor went to the Encampment at Newtown, 
and laid the matter before the General in command. 
The General gave him a writing of protection, told 
him not to trouble himself about the horse, and if the 
office;- should come around again, to hand him that 

— 136 - 

paper. In a few days the officer came the second 
time, and very impudently made demands for the 
horse, whereupon Christian handed him the paper 
from the General in command. He looked it over, 
dropped it and left. Among the relies of Christian 
Fretz's home is a table now owned by Mrs. Lapp, 
who lives at the Doylestown Mennonite meeting 
house, which was used in his family, and on which 
he, being a wealthy man, counted his money. The 
table was bought at the public sale of Christian 
Fretz's effects by Joseph Wisler, and is now in pos- 
session of his daughter. Mrs. Lapp. The children of 
Christian and Barbara Fretz, in the order of their 
birth are, viz: John, Agnes, Joseph. Henry, Martin. 
Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Barbara. Christian, Mary, 

III. John Fretz (son of Christian and Barbara) 
known as Warwick John was born on the "Old 
Homestead" in Bedminster Township, Bucks Co., 
Pa., May 24, 1758, and died Dec. 20, 1804, aged 46y- 
6m-26d. He married Ann Kratz, of Plumstead 
(daughter of Philip Kratz). She was born Nov. 4. 
1764, and died Aug. 4, 1813, aged 48 years and 9 
months. John Fretz bought what is called the "Poor 
fields," 25 acres, for three pounds 19 shillings, and 
sixpence, by patent from the executive council of 
Pa., dated June 12, 1787. The warrant for the 
same having been granted one year previously. This 
tract is situated in Bedminster Twp., and now occu- 
pied in part by Jonas Loux. In 1793 he sold this 
tract to Christian Fretz for the sum of fifty pounds. 
At the time of this sale he was a resident of A\ arwick. 
In 1790 while yet residing in Bedminster Township, 
he purchased of John Thomas, a tract of 130 acres in 
New Britain Township, now known as the Curly 
Mill property. This property he sold to Mark 
Fretz in 1792. He never resided on this property. 
In 1792, he bought 299^ acres in Warwick Township, 
of Richard & Willet Smith for 1200 pounds "in good 
gold and silver money. " In 1794 he built a barn on 
this property, and the following year, 1795, he built 

— 187 - 

a stone house which is still standing, in good repair, 
and occupied as a dwelling. To this property he 
added by various purchases, so that at his death he 
owned a connected tract of 600 acres. In connection 
with his occupation as farmer, he also distilled 
whisky, lie and wife were members of the Menno- 
nite church, and to them were horn nine children: 
Elizabeth, Susan. Rachel. Barbara, Eliza. Mary, John, 
Anna, Philip. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Pa., 
Nov. IT, 1782. Mrd. Mary (daughter of Ralph 
Stover, of Bedminster), Apr. 14, 1808. She was 
born Dec. 1, 1787; died in New York, Nov. i>7. L855. 
His occupation was farmer and hotel keeper and 
resided in Warwick on the old homestead now owned 
and occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth E. 
Farren, and where he died Jan. 28, 18-10. Children: 
Ralph, John, Philip, Elizabeth, Christian, Mary. 

V. Ralph Stover Fretz, born on the Homestead in 
Warwick, Nov. 13, 1809. lb' sailed from the Isthmus 
of Panama in l.S-P.l, and landed at San Francisco. 
California, where he established a bank, and amassed 
a fortune of about a half million dollars, which he 
bequeathed to relatives, except 120,000 which he 
willed to the United States to liquidate the national 
debt caused by the late war. He was never married, 
and died in California, June 6, 1867, aged 58 years. 

V. John Fretz, born Oct, 2, 1811, also went to Cali- 
fornia, where he died unmrd, June 26, 1863, at the 
White Sulphur Springs. He owned and operated 
a gold quartz mill in Calaveras Co., Cal. 

V. Philip K. Fretz, born Sept. 14-, 1813. Mrd. 
Annie Stover, Feb. 18, 1841. He lived on a part of 
the old homestead in Warwick. He was a farmer, 
and was also extensively engaged in contract work. 
and was one of the contractors to build the horse 
shoe curve over the Alleghany Mountains, on the P. 
R. R. He was one of the prominent men of the Co. 
and a member of the Doylestown Presbyterian 
church. He died on steamship *' Henry Chauncy." 
on the voyage to California, Mar. 13, 1867, Buried in 

— 138 - 

the Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina. Had 
four children: Charles. Mary, Philip, John. 

VI. Charles Augustus Fretz, born May 31, 1843. 
Mrd. Susie Derby. He owns and occupies a part of 
the old homestead that belonged to his father, and is 
engaged in farming. No issue. 

VI. Mary Catharine Fretz, born Tan. 9, 1845'. Mrd. 
Theodore P. Austin. Sept. 8, L868. Mr. Austin em- 
ploys his time in looking after his woodlands and 
mining property in Maine. Residence 95 Fifth 
Avenue, New York City. Mrs. Austin is a member 
of the Presbyterian church, and Mr. Austin and one 
daughter are members of the Protestant Episcopal 
church, of which the family are regular attendants. 
Children: (VII.) Altia Rheua Austin, born Sept. 15, 
L869, at 95 fifth ave.. New York City. (VII.) Neva 
Ethel Austin, born Oct. 18, 1876, at country resi- 
dence. Portland. Connecticut. 

VI. Philip Henry Fretz. born Nov. 22, 1846. Mrd. 
Margaret Nilla Johnston, daughter of Robert and 
Nilla (McHenry) Johnston, Sept. 19, 1871. She was 
born June 1, 1848. They reside on a farm near 
Dylestown, known as the Hough Property, where they 
have built and occupy a handsome residence. Presby- 
terians. Children: (VII.) John Edgar Fretz. born 
Nov. 29, 1872. (VII.) Anna Leola Fretz. born Nov. 1, 
1875. (VII.) Ralph Johnston Fretz, born Feb. 25, 

VI. John S. Fretz, born Sept. 22, 1850. Mrd. Mary 
W. Long, of Doylestown. Resides on a portion of 
the old John Fretz' homestead in Warwick. Occupa- 
tion, farming and running saw mill. One child. (VII.) 
Harry Fretz. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz. daughter of Christian Fretz, of 
Warwick, born Feb. 23, 1818. Mrd. John Farren, of 
Elizabethtown, Lancaster County. Pa., Jan. 1. 1844. 
lie was born Mar. 1. 1809. He was a contractor, 
being one of the contractors in constructing the 
Pennsylvania R. R. on the Alleghany Mountains. 
The last years of his life were spent at Warwick 
homestead, where he died Dee. 16, 1878. Mrs. Farren 
owns an<l still resides on a portion of \\}o old home- 

- 139 — 

stead. Roman Catholics. Children: Mary, Frances. 
John, Mary. 

VI. Mary Jahetta Farren, born May 7, 1851; died in 

VI. Frances Annett a Farren, born Apr. 1, 1853; died 
in infancy. 

VI. John Augustus Farren, born Apr. 21, 1855; died 
Dec. 12, 1884, aged 2!> years. Roman Catholic. He 
mrd. Alletta Bleiler, of ' Doylestown, Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 25, 1882. She attends Prot. Ep. church. No 

VI. Mary Celicia Farren, born Feb. 21, 1858. Mrd. 
Samuel J. Penrose, of Horsham, Pa,, June 16, 1881. 
Farmer. Mem. of Society of Friends. Mrs. Penrose 
and son Roman Catholics. One child: (VII.) Cyril 
Farren Penrose, born May 5, 1882. 

V. Christian Augustus Fretz, born Nov. 25, L824; 
died in Bucks Co., Pa,, Dec. 1, 1859. Provision 
merchant on Isthmus of Panama for seven years pre- 
vious to his death. 

V. Mary Catharine Fretz, born Jan. 13, 1827; died 
Mar. 4, 1842. 

IV. Susan Fretz, born Sept, 1, 1784; died Sept. !>. 
1829. Mrd. William Garges, July 30, 1805. Mer- 
chant at Bridge Point, Pa. Moved to Fairfax Co., 
Va., where he bought a farm on which he remained 
until his death. Mrs. Garges Mennonite. Children: 
Anna, Sarah, Margaret, John, William, Susan, Abra- 
ham, Mary. 

V. Anna Fretz Gardes, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Nov. 
23, 1806. Spent the early part of her life at the old 
home, and later in life moved to Zanesville, Ohio, 
where she died in 1869. Methodist. Unmrd. 

V. Sarah Garges, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 2!t, 
1808. Lived for many years with her sister, Mrs. 
Ball, in Muskingum Co., Ohio. Died in Washington, 
D. C, July 15, 1883. Methodist. Unmrd. 

V. Margaret Garges, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
22, 1810. Mrd. Edward Ball, of Fairfax Co., Va.. 
Jan. 8, 1840. They moved to Zanesville, Ohio, where 
he was for a time Sheriff, afterwards farmer. Later 
practiced law. and finally went into politics, and u.m- 

— 140 - 

elected to Congress two terms. Methodists. Children: 
Virginia, Sarah, Margaret, William, Thomas, Susan, 

VI. Virginia Fairfax Ball, born Nov. 7. 1840. Em- 
ployed as Clerk in Patent Office at Washington, D. C. 

VI. Sarah A. Ball, horn Apr. IB, 1843. Mrd. Charles 
A. Stevenson, of Versailles, Ky., June 15, 1875. 
Fanner. Mrs. Stevenson Presbyterian. Resides in 
Washington, D. C. Children: (VII.) Fred Ball Ste- 
venson, born Sept. 13/1877. (VII.) Pauline Stevenson, 
born Nov. 12, 1881. (VII.) Vincent Moore Stevenson, 
born Mar. 1, 1883. 

VI. William E. Ball, born Sept, 6, 1844; died June 
19, 1850. 

VI. Susan Ball, born Dec. 17, 1846; died next day. 

VI. Thomas Smith Ball, born Apr. 1. 1849; died 
June 1, 1850. 

VI. John Alfred Ball, bora Sept. 15, 1851. Mrd. 
Georgia C. Bradshaw, of Somerton, Ohio, June 20, 
1876." Book-keeper. Attend M. E. Ch. Children: 
(VII.) Cornelia Virginia Ball, born Sept, 27, 1878. 
(VII.) Edward Ball, born Aug. 9, 1880; died Feb. 13, 

1884 - 
VI. Margaret Anna Ball, born at Zanesville. Ohio, 

Jan. 3, 1854. Mrd. in Washington, D. C. Oct. 24. 
1876, to Philip T. Dodge, Patent Attorney in Wash- 
ington, D. C. Mrs. Dodge Ref. Lutheran. Children: 
(Vtl.) Norman Dodge, born Sept. 27, 1877. (VII.) 
Olive Van Patten Dodge, born July 17, 1882. 
V. John Henry Garges, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Feb. 14. 1813. 'Mrd. Martha Ann Scott, of Fairfax 
Co., Va., Dec. 16, 1842. She died Apr. 9, 1886. His 
occupation formerly wheelwright and engineer. He 
bought the old homestead farm at Anandale, Va. It 
grew to be a village on his hands, and became a place 
of note in the history of the late war. Mr. Garges 
being a Union man had to seek protection in Wash- 
ington, D. C, where he still resides. His property 
was destroved, being held first by the Confederates, 
and then by the Union forces. Finally the whole 
village was'burned bv the Union troops as they fell 
back, not willing that the Confederates should protect 

— 141 — 

themselves, and hold the place. Mrs. Garges Metho- 
dist. Children: Eugene. Robert, William, Thomas, 
John, Otto, Edwin, Martha, Abraham. 

VI. Eugene Boyle Garges, born Oct. 18, 1843. Mrd. 
Josephine M. Langley, Jan. 17, 1870. Children: 
(VII.) John Henry Garges, born Oct. 17, 1870. 
(VII.) William Warren Garges, born Jan. 27, 1872. 
(VII.) Geo. Washington Garges, born Dec. 3, 1873. 
(VII.) Margaret H. Garges, born Nov. 20, 1876. 
(VII.) Thomas Smith Garges, born Aug. 13, 1879. 
(VII.) Virginia Fairfax Garges, born Feb. 12, 1882. 
(VII.) Chandler Garges, born Feb. 1, 1885. (VII.) Ellen 
Garges, born May 15, 1887. All Roman Catholics, 

VI. "Robert Emmet Garges, born Nov. 30, 1844; died 
Mar. 21, 1886. During the late war he was captured 
by the confederates and imprisoned at Richmond, 
Va. , for many months, where he lay ill for a long- 
time with pneumonia. When permitted to leave the 
prison, he went almost in a state of nudity to his 
uncle Thomas Smith, of Virginia. 

VI. William H. Garges, born in Fairfax Co., Va., 
Feb. 23, 1846. When a youth of about 15 during the 
late war he was captured by the confederates and con- 
fined in Libby Prison for nine months, during which 
time he endured many hardships. He mrd. Mary A. 
Mullen, Oct, 24, 1871. Coach-maker. Mrs. Garges 
and children are Roman Catholics. Children: (VII.) 
Martha Magdalena Garges, born Aug. 21, ls7i>. 
(VII.) Daniel Edward Garges, born Mar. 6, 1874. 
(VII.) Mary Adelia Gai-ges^om Oct. 2, 1876. (VII.) 
William Henry Garges,' born Aug. 26, 1878. (VII.) 
Samuel Miller Garges, born Oct. 25, 1880. (VII.) 
Francis Garges, born June 8, 1882. (VII.) Eugene 
Boid Garges, born Nov. 1, 1883. (VII.) Sarah Jane 
Garges, born Feb. 9,1887. 

VI. Thomas Smith Garges, born Jan. 6, 1848. Mrd. 
Rebecca Carvithen, May 8, 1874. He is Supervisor of 
Metropolitan R. R. No issue. 

VI. John Henry Garges, born Jan. 19, 1850, died in 
Washington, D. C, in 1862. 

VI. Otto Goldsmith Garges, born in Fairfax Co., 
Va., Apr. 22, 1852. Mrd. Annie B. Falcy, of Irish 

— 142 

descent. Mr. Garges is in the Livery business in 
Washington, D. C. Methodists. Children: (VII.) John 
Henry Garges, born Jan. 22, 1872. (VII.) Abraham 
A. Garges, born Jan. 24, 1874. (VII.) Ellen Catharine 
Garges, born Mar. 2, 1876. (VII.) Edwin Brooke 
Garges, born Jan. 29, 1877, died Mar. 30, 1879. 
(VII.') James Foley Garges, born Jan. 2, 1880. 

VI. Edwin Brooke Garges, born Apr. 22. 1852. 
Mrd. Margaret E. Herrity, June 12, 1877. Proprietor 
of a Hotel at Richmond, Ya. Children: (VII.) Ida 
Theressa Garges, born Get. 17, 1878. (VII.) William 
Henry Garges, born Oct. 12. 1880, died Oct. 18, 1880. 

VI. Martha W. Garges, born Nov. 19. 1859. She 
graduated from the Washington Normal School June 
8, ls77. and is now a teacher in the 6th Grade Public 
school of Washington, D. C. She has taught boys 
ever since her grad nation, from the lowest grade up. 
Mem. Protestant Ep. eh., and resides with her father 
in Washington. 

VI. Abraham Lincoln Garges, born Apr. 22. 1861. 
Mrd. Leone Walde, Nov. 5, 1881. Coach-painter. 
Children: (VII.) Charles Otto Garges, born Apr. 10, 
1883. (VII.) Martha Leone Garges, born Aug. 16, 1884. 

V. William Garges, Jr., born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Mar. 19, 181»>. Mrd. Elizabeth Laughlin, of Lexing- 
ton, Va., in 1835. She died—. Children: a son. and 
daughter Mary. Mi'. Garges mrd. second wife. Isa- 
l.elle Bryan, of Fincastle, Va.. May 21. 1846. Children: 
Sarah, William, Susan. Charles, John. Pose, Harry, 
Annie, Milton, Alfred. Mr. Garges has been variously 
occupied as Stage-driver in Hock Bridge Co., Va., 
and for several years in the Livery business and farm- 
ing. At the beginning of the Rebellion he enlisted as 
a three years volunteer in the 78th Ohio Reg't. At 
the expiration of this enlistment he re-enlisted in the 
same Reg't., and remained with it until the close of 
the war. when he was mustered out at Washington, 
D. C. United Presbyterians. Resides at Zancsville, 
Ohio. Children: 

V . A son — died in infancy. 

VI. Mary E. Garges, born Jan. 1. 1842. Mrd. W. 
H. Hardy, of Winchester. Va.. Oct. 10. 1866. Mer- 

- 143 

chandise — dealer in harness, saddles, and leather. 
Mrs. Hardy, Methodist. Children: (VII.) Harry Hardy, 
born Oct. 18, 1867. (VII.) Rose Lee Hardy, born Nov. 
23, 1869. (VII.) Mary N. Hardy, born Mar. 19, 1871, 
(dee'd). (VII.) Bessie Hardy.' born Mar. 26, 1873. 
(VII.) William G. Hardy, born Oct. 26, 1876. (VII.) 
Maggie B. Hardy, born Sept. 9, 1880. (VII.) LucyL. 
Hardy, born Apr. 11, 1883 (dee'd). (VII.) Francis L. 
Hardy, born Nov. 20, 1884. 

VI. Sarah Bertha Garges, born Aug. 16, 18-1-7. Mrd. 
L. P. Minier, May, 15, 1873. Superintendent of Te- 
legraphy, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Swedenborgians. 
Children: (VII.) Estella Minier, born Mar. 8, 1874. 
(VII.) Chester Minier, born Mar. 2, 1877. (VII.) Edith 
Minier, born Apr. 12, 1880, died Jan. 20, 1885. (VII.) 
Waite Minier, born Feb. 8, 1882. (VII.) Bessie Minier, 
born Oct. 19, 1885. 

VI. Rev. William Louis Garges, born Apr. 10, 1849, 
at Fincastle, Va, At the age of fourteen he was ap- 
prenticed to John L. Shryock, with whom he learned 
the printer's trade, at which he worked one year after 
serving apprenticeship. He then went to the country 
and worked as a farm hand for three years. In the 
winter of 1870 he entered the preparatory department 
of Muskingum College, of New Concord, Ohio, from 
which College he graduated, June 24, 1876, paying 
his own way through College by teaching, having re- 
ceived no financial aid from any one. In the summer 
of 1869, he joined the U. Presbyterian church at Rix's 
Mills, Ohio. In the winter of 1876-77, he entered 
the Theological Seminary of the U. Presbyterian eh. 
at Xenia, Ohio, from which he graduated in Mar. 
1880. He was licensed by the Presbytery of Muskin- 
gum June 17, 1879 and ordained to the ministry of 
the U. Presbyterian ch. by the Southern 111. Presby- 
tery, Sept. 6, 1880. He has served as pastor at Hope- 
well, Parry Co., 111., from ordination to Dec. 6, 1881. 
At Beulah, Crawford Co. , Kan. , from Oct. 18, 1882, 
to Apr. 8, 1885., and Nortonville, since June 16, 1885, 
now financial agent of . When he entered 

College it was his intention to fit himself for teaching. 
In order to do this he determined to take the full 

144 - 

classical course 1 . But during his college career his 
mind was turned toward the ministry and when he 
entered the junior year it was with the desire, if the 
way opened to enter upon this work. This desire 
grew until like Paul he could hut exclaim. "Woe is 
me if I preach not the Gospel," and therefore he de- 
cided, before the junior year had closed that if the 
Lord was willing, he would give himself to this work. 
He was married to Miss Alice E. Kellev. of Muskin- 
gum Co., Ohio, June 29, 1875. Children: (VII.) Eva 
Belle Garges, born Oct. 8, 1876. (VII.) Hettie Myrtle 
Garges, born Aug 22, 1878. (VII.) Martha Lorene 
Garges, born May 4, 1881. (VII.) Homer Bruce Gar- 
des, born June 7, 1883. (VII.) Mary Gertrude Garges, 
born Jan. 4, 1886. (VII.) Herbert Kelley Garges, 
born July 24, 1888. 

VI. Susan Louisa Garges, born May 7, 1851. Unmrd. 
She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dressmaker. 

VI. Charles M. Garges, born Feb. 21, 1853. Mrd— . 
Children: (VII.) Walter Garges, aged 7 years. (VII.) 
Fannie Garges, aged '.» years. 

VI. John Andrew Garges, born Dec. 27, 1854. Mrd. 
Ella Karr, of Knobnoster, Mo. Watchmaker. Mrs. 
Garges Baptist. Children: (VII.) Freddie Garges, 
aged 7 years. (VII.) Margaret Garges, aged 2 mos. 

VI. Rose Gertrude Garges, born Feb. 2, 1857. Mrd. 
Roscoe E. Thomas — . Farmer in Ohio. Mrs. Thomas 
Baptist. Children: (VII.) Mabel Thomas. (VII.) Ralph 

VI. Harry Letcher Garges, born May 7, 1859. Mrd. 
Anna Magrie, Aug. 25, 1885. She was born of Eng- 
lish parents, Dec. 7, 1864. Salesman in St. Paul, 
Minn. Mr. Garges Methodist, and Mrs. Garges Epis- 
copalian. One child: (VII.) Matilda Ann Garges, 
horn Mar. 22. 1886. 

VI. Anna Margaret Garges, born June 3, 1861. Re- 
sides in Zanesviile, O. Unmrd. 

VI. Milton Garges, born at Norwich, Ohio, Sept. 5, 
1867. Mrd. Kate FitzGerald, of Zanesviile, O., Oct, 
10, 1888. He is employed as day Telegraph operator 
by the Associated l'ress. the largest concern of the 

— 145 - 

kind in the world, for furnishing press dispatches to 
newspapers, at their office in St. Paul, Minn. He is a 
believer in the Christian Religion. 

VI. Alfred Ball Garges, horn Dec. 25, L869. S. 

V. Susan Garges, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Juiy 24 
1818. She came with her parents to Fairfax Co., Va ' 
in 1819, and lived at Annandale until after her father's 
death, which occurred two or three years before the 
war, when they left the old home and went to Ohio 
where she remained until 1882. She then came to 
Washington, D. C, where she has her residence at 
the present time. Methodist. Unmrd. 

V. Abraham Garges, horn in Fairfax Co., Va., Jan 
6, 1821. He spent the early part of his life with his 
brother John, working the Homestead farm, at An- 
nandale, Va. He afterwards moved to Ohio, where 
he took charge of quite a lar^e business, owned and 
carried on by the "Coal Dale' Mining Company " He 
afterwards mrd. Mary Stark of Muskingum Co., Ohio. 
He has retired from business, and has a very pleasant 
home near Zanesville. Ohio. No issue. 

V. Mary Elizabeth Garges, born in Fairfax Co., Va 
Oct, 14, 1825, died Jan. 11, 1827. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 30 
178T, and mrd. Abraham F. Stover in 1808 or 9. He 
was born Mar. 10, 1786. Rachel died in 1870, aged 
83 years less 13 days. Children: John. Ralph, Infant 
Charles, Albert. 

V. John Stover, died in childhood. 

V. Ralph Stover, born Sept. 28, 1811. Mrd Oct 
ii !838 Eliza, (born Aug. 31. 1815,) daughter of 
Henry b. Stover, of Erwinna, and Barbara, daughter 
of Isaac Stout, of Williams, Northampton Co., Pa 
Occupation, farming, milling and lumber business 
Baptist. Residence, Point Pleasant, Pa'. Children- 
Robert, Mary, John, Rachel, Emeline, Horace, Eliza 
Elbe, Adelaide, R. Chester, Annie Albert. 

VI. Robert C. Stover, born in Faquier Co., Va., 
Oct. 28, 1839. Mrd. Elbe Carrington of Va., Jan 8 
18 i 3. In mill business. Attends Baptist Ch. Chil- 
/imV y}'} Lydla Antrim Stover, born Jan. 25, 1874. 
(VII.) Charles Stover. Feb. 19, 1876, died Sept 25 

— 146 — 

1STT. (VII.) Maggie Chen Stover, born Aug. 4, 1878, 
died June 8, 1884. (VII.) Lin wood Carrington Stover, 
born Sept. 6, 1880. (VII.) Maud Alma Stover, born 
Mar. 6, 1882. (VII.) Claribel Stover, born Feb. 2, 
1884. (VII.) May Pearl Stover, born Nov. 2, 1885, 
died Aug. 24, 1887. (VII.) Robert Stover, (VII.) Ralph 
Stover, "(Twins.) born Apr. 3, 1888. 

VI. Mary Gill Stover, born Feb. 21, 1842. Mrd. 
Eugene Keyser. (Sec Index of References No. 23.) 

VI. John Henry Stover, born May 13, 1843. 
Teacher in public schools. Enlisted in the 3d, Penn- 
sylvania Artillery. Was wounded at the battle of 
Cold Harbor, Va., June 2, 1864. Died at Campbell 
Hospital, Washington, D. C, June 30, 1864. 

VI. Rachel Virginia Stover, born Sept. 2, 1844, died 
Sept. 11, 1848. . 

VI. Emaline Stover, born Dee. 19, 1845, died Sept. 
9, 1856. 

VI. Horace Stover, born June 2, 1847, died July 30, 

VI. Eliza Barbara Stover, born Nov. 30, 1848. 
Mrd. Frederick W. Troemner, Dec. 21, 1870. Manu- 
facturer of Scales and Weights. They reside in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Baptists. Children: (VII.) Florence M. 
Troemner, born Nov. 14, 1871. (VII.) Clara L. Troem- 
ner, born Nov. 11, 1873. (VII.) Henry Troemner, 
born Feb. 14, 1880, died Feb. 10, 1885. 

VI. Ella Stover, born Oct, 9, 1850. Mrd. John B. 
Lequear, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., Sept, 14, 1876. 
Merchant. Reside in Philadelphia, Pa. Baptist. 
No issue. 

VI. Adelaide Stover, born Feb. 1, 1852. Mrd. Adel- 
bert Thomson, of East Avon, Livingston Co., N. Y. 
Farmer. Presbyterians at East Avon, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Mary Eliza Thomson, born Feb. 28, 
1881. (VII.) Ella May Thomson, born May 2, 1882. 
(VII.) Leland Stover Thomson, born Oct. 12, 1884. 
(VII.) Adelbert L. Thomson, Jr., born May 18, 1888. 

VI. R. Chester Stover, born Feb. 19, 1853. Mrd. 
Mary E., daughter of Findley and Anna M. Bush, of 
Shawnee, Monroe Co., Pa., June 14, 1881. Occupa- 
tion, Miller. Children: (VII.) John Henry Stover, 

— 147 — 

born Apr. 14, 1883. (VII.) Ralph Chester Stover, 
born Nov. 12, 1885. 

VI. Annie Stover, born Sept. 8, 1854. Mrd. Albert 
Stover, of Kintnersville, Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 
1885. Lumber Merchant. No issue. 

VI. Albert F. Stover, born Aug. 20, 1860. Mrd. 
Lucy W. Rugler, of Hunterdon, N. J., Dec. 31, 1881. 
Farmer. Baptist. Children: (VII.) Leland Stover, 
born, 1882. (VII.) Clarence A. Stover, born, 1884, 
died Jan. 14, 1886. 

V. Died unnamed. 

V. Charles Stover, born Sept, 13, 1816, died Mar. 
30, 1872. Unmrd. Occupation, Miller and Farmer in 
Va. After his brother Albert's death he run his store 
for a time. "Successful in business. Enjoyed the 
unlimited confidence and respect of the community 
in which he lived, so much so that at the close of the 
war, which left the rebel states without the protec- 
tion of law and order of any kind, the whole com- 
munity insisted on his acting as County Magistrate 
which office he filled until reconstruction of the state 
government was effected under Authority of Con- 
gress of U. S. It was well understood all through 
the war that he was a Union man, but he did not 
make himself obnoxious by ill judged intrusion of 
his sentiments upon others in that section, where it 
could do no good. Thus he was left alone during the 
war except that the armies of both sides encamped 
on his place at Thoroughfare Gap, repeatedly and 
left neither fence, or living thing of stock on the 
place. His losses in property and money caused by 
the war was about $40,000. 

V. Albert F. Stover, born Aug. 12, 1829, died Dec. 
17, 1854. Merchant. Unmrd. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., — , died 
in 1862. Mrd. John Smith,—. He died in 1844. 
Farmer. Children: Richard, Elizabeth, Rachel, John. 

V. Richard Smith, born about 1817. Mrd.—. Re- 
sides near Portland, Mo. Children: (VI.) J. R. Smith. 
(VI.) C. H. Smith, (decYl). (VI.) Sallie Smith, (dee'd). 

— 148 — 

V. Elizabeth Smith, born—, died, 1887. Mrd. Col. 
Darnes,— . He died in 1847. One child: (VI.) Ella 
Darnes, born about 1844. Mrd. — . 

V. Rachel Smith, born—. Mrd. -- Buehler, of 
Harrisburgh, Pa.,—. Children: Eliza, and (Child). 
Barbara, mrd. for her second husband Daniel Gris- 
son, — . Editor of the St. Louis Republican, a Dem- 
ocratic paper. (VI.) Eliza Buehler, born — , died — . 
Mrd. — . No issue. (VI.) (Child) Buehler, died quite 

"V. John Andrew Smith, born — , died in California 
about 1855 or 56. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Feb. 25, 1795, died Aug. 
8, 1872. Mrd. Thomas Z. Smith, of Buckingham, 
Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 18, 1817. Children: Mary, John. 

V. Mary Fretz Smith, born Sept. 9, 1818, in Alex- 
andria, D. C; died Aug. 16, 1824, in Fairfax Co., Va. 
Father and daughter lie buried in Friend's yard, 
Alexandria, D. C. 

V. John Fretz Smith, born Jan. 14, 1825, in Bed- 
minster Twp., Bucks Co.. Pa., died while on a visit 
at his Uncle John Fretz*s house at Warwick, Oct. 9, 
1838. Mother and son lie buried in the Mennonite 
yard, near Doylestown. Pa. No living issue of above 

IV. Mary Kratz Fretz, bom in 1798, died—. Mrd. 
Henry Gill, of Northampton Twp.. Bucks Co., Pa., 
May 24, 1821. Farmer. Attended the Dutch Ref. ch. 
Children: Abraham Stover, Mary Ann. Elizabeth 
Smith, Henry Z., Susan Fretz. Samuel. 

V. Abraham Stover Gill, born Jun 22, 1824. Mrd. 
Mary H. Praul. Oct. 29, 1846, both of Northampton, 
Twp.. Bucks Co.. Pa., Farmer. Presbyterian. Moved 
to Illinois in 1853, where he died Apr. 30, 1857. 
Children : John Fretz, Thomas Smith. 

VI. John Fretz GUI, born Oct. 10. 1847. died Sept. 
19, 1859. 

VI. Thomas Smith Gill, born Aug. 26, 1850. Mrd. 
Annie Sudbrack, Jan. 6, 1878. Wagon-maker. At- 
tends Presbvterian ch. Children: (VI L) Nora Rosanna 
Gill, born May 7, 1879. (VII.) Nellie B. Gill, born 
Dec. 4, 1881. (VII.) Arthur Gill, born Dec. 14, 1883. 

— 149 — 

(VII.) Lettie Gill, born Mar. 29, 1886. (VII.) Freder- 
ick W. Gill, horn Nov. 7, 1888. 

V. Mary Ann Gill, born June 23, 1827; died May 
31, 1871. Mrd. John Addis, Jan. 1, 1851. He died 
Sept. 3. 1887. Farmer. Mem. Dutch Ref. Ch. Chil- 
dren: Mary E., Miles, Susie G. 

VI. Mary E. Addis, born Aug. 8, 1852. Mrd. Will 
A. Yerkes, of Richboro, Pa., Feb. 3, 1874. Farmer. 
Dutch Reformed. No issue. 

VI. Miles Addis, born July 30, 1854; died Apr. 26, 

VI. Susie G. Addis, born Jan. 2, I860; died eb. 5. 
1883. CJnmrd. 

V. Elizabeth S. Gill, born July 19, 1829. Mrd. 
Isaac Carrell, Nov. 21, 1855. She died in Trenton, 
N. J., Aug. 15. 1882, without issue. Buried at Rich- 
boro, Pa., cemetery. 

V. Hen ryZ. Gill, M.D. , L.L.D. , born in Northampton 
township, Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 6, 1831. Mrd. Miss 
Mattie W. Carpenter, of Columbus, Ohio, April 21, 
1869. She being the only daughter of Timothy R. 
Carpenter. After completing his twenty-first year 
at home {at the place of birth), he went to a select 
school kept by John Clark, A. M., about two miles 
north of New Britain church, remaining several 
months. He then returned home, taught school for 
ten months in Plymouth Township. Montgomery Co., 
Pa. Some time in 1854 he taught a term of school 
near Columbus, Ohio. Having injured his eyes, by 
too close application to study, he consulted a physi- 
cian — connected with a College Eye Infirmary, com- 
menced treatment, and after his school term was 
completed, by the physician's suggestion and recom- 
mendation, he commenced the study of medicine. 
His original purpose having been to study civil engi- 
neering. After attending a course and a half of 
lectures, and close reading till the fall of 1846 he went 
to Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, Pa., 
from which he graduated in March, 1857. During 
his time of study in Columbus, Ohio, he had charge 
of the dissecting room, and aided in the Eye Infirm- 
ary, These two circumstances gave him a taste for 

— 150 — 

■surgery, and diseases of the eye, which were not 
neglected, and were of much advantage to him in the 
general practice of his profession. After graduating 
he returned to Columbus, Ohio, and commenced to 
practice, giving especial attention to the eye and ear 
though not abandoning the general practice. The 
war breaking out in 1861, a call was made for medi- 
cal men, a law being passed requiring all to pass 
examination; five years of practice being required, 
or its equivalent in hospital for assistants, and ten 
years for surgeons. Although in the examinations 
he and another stood equal (third) in the list of over 
fifty admitted to examination, yet he could be ap- 
pointed assistant only. In the summer campaign in 
West Virginia, he had the entire work of the Regiment 
until winter, when he had the first severe sickness of 
his life, and from which he probably never fully recov- 
ered. The next summer (1862) foreseeing the probable 
same experience of all the work with part of the pay of 
surgeon, he resigned, and was in a few days appointed 
Surgeon of another Regiment, the 95th O. The former 
being the 11th Ohio Infantry. They were immediately 
sent to the field in Kentucky; and on August 30, 
1862 and engaged in the battle (three engagements in 
one day) of Richmond, Ky., where a large part of 
the regiment were captured, and many killed and 
wounded. Remaining six weeks in the enemies' hands 
with the wounded, they returned paroled to Columbus, 
Ohio in October, and prepared for the work of 1863, 
down the Mississippi River, and the seige of Vieks- 
burgh, in all of which he (Dr. Gill) participated. 
After that campaign and the second attack on Jack- 
son, Miss., they spent the fall and winter in scout- 
ing, and doing guard duty. He had applied for per- 
mission to appear before the United States Medical 
board for examination for Surgeon of Volunteers, a 
higher position than Surgeon of a Regiment, though 
of the same rank (Major of Cavalry). The number 
of such was limited by law of Congress. A ten 
days' examination satisfied the authorities and he 
received his commission from Abraham Lincoln. (It 
is believed the first vacancy). He was at once sent 

— 151 — 

to the Atlantic Campaign, and very early assigned as 
Surgeon in chief of the first Division, 20th Army 
Corps, Gen. Joe Hooker's fighting corps. This posi- 
tion he held to the close of the war, finishing the 
Atlantic campaign, the famous march to the sea, the 
Carolina Campaign, and so on to the great Review at 
Washington in 1865. He went with the Western 
troops, west to Louisville, Ky., and was honorably 
mustered out in August 1865. Spent the fall in 
traveling, the winter at the Jefferson Medical College. 
In May 1860 he sailed for Europe where he spent two 
years of hard study in hospitals, sixteen months in 
Germany, the remainder of the time in Paris, Geneva, 
and London, and returned to New York in May 1868, 
and recommenced the practice of his profession in 
St. Louis, in Oct., 1868. There he practiced and was 
associate editor of the St. Louis Medical and Surgi- 
cal Journal until 1873. When at the solicitation of 
friends he removed to Jerseyville, 111. About 1875 
or 6, the degree of A. M. was conferred on Dr. Gill 
by McKendree College, Lebanon, 111., and the degree 
of L.L.D. by the University of Wooster, Ohio in 
1885, the Medical Department of which was located 
in Cleveland, O., where he was living and Lecturing 
in the Medical College, occupying the chair of Clini- 
cal Surgery. In 1881 he was appointed Physician to 
Southern Iillinois Penitentiary, where he did some of 
his best work. In March 1865 he received the first 
Brevet (Lt, Colonel) of any medical officer from the 
state of Ohio. From Chester, 111., (Southern 111. 
Penitentiary), he was urged to take the chair of Sur- 
gery in the' Medical Department of the University of 
Wooster, at Cleveland, Ohio, which position he 
tilled for over two years, then resigned on account 
of over work, and severity of climate. In Oct., 1886, 
he removed to El Dorado, Butler Co., Kansas. Hav- 
ing at that time just completed his work on kw Diph- 
theria, Croup and Tracheotomy," a work which cost 
him much labor. In the spring of 1855, Dr. Gill 
pined the M. E. church, of which he has been a, 
member ever since, and has held every official posi- 
tion up to President of the "Lay Electoral Confer- 

— 152 — 

ence," of Southern 111. Conference, in 1883. Their 
children are: (VI.) Amos Carpenter Gill, born May 6, 
1871: died Feb. 22.1872. (VI.) Elizabeth Carrell Gill. 
born Sept. 21, L873. (VI.) Randolph Foster Gill, born 
Aug. 6, 1880. 

V. Susan Fretz Gill, born in Bucks Co.. Pa.. Apr. 3, 
1835. Mrd. James Gill. Oct. 1. 1855. For some 
years they lived in California. In 1860 they returned 
to Bucks Co.. Pa., having purchased the old Gill 
homestead. He was in the lumber business until 
1865, when he retired. Mrs. Gill Dutch Reformed. 
Children: Harry. Joseph. Charles. James, Mary. 

VI. Harry Clay Gill, born Aug. 3, L857. Mrd. Kate 
C. Coffman, Dee. 28, L887, daughter of William and 
Mary J. Coffman, of Philadelphia. Book-keeper, 
and accountant in the law department of the City of 
Philadelphia, Pa. They attend the Baptist church. 
No children. 

VI. Joseph Swift Gill, born Nov. 17. 1859. Mrd. 
Florence Elizabeth Cooper, daughter of Win. S. and 
Mary H., Oct. 20, 1886. In Lumber business. Chil- 
eren: (VII.) Joseph Raymond Gill, born June 2, 1887. 
(VII.) William Cooper "Gill, born Dec. 15, 1888. 

VI. Charles Stover Gill, born Sept. 4, 1861: died 
aged 2 years and 8 months. 

VI. James William Gill, born Feb. 5. 1864. Ma- 
chinist. Resides in St. Louis. Mo. Unmrd, 

VI. Mary Lillian Gill, born July 27, 1866. Mrd. 
John Marsden, Mar. 9, 1887. Dry Goods business. 
Attends D. Ref. church. One child: (VII.) Ethel 
Gill Marsden. born Feb. 15, 1888. 

V. Samuel Gill, born Sept. 2, 1837: died Sept. 15. 

IV. John Fretz. born Aug. 10. 1802; died Dec. 4, 
1872. He mrd. Martha Carver, of Buckingham. Pa., in 
1825. He owned and lived on a part of the old home- 
stead in Warwick, Bucks Co.. Pa., where he engaged 
in farming, until within a few years of his death, 
when he sold his farm to Samuel Larzelere. and 
bought a house in Doylestown, where he livedjand 
retired until his death. He died without issue. 

— 153 — 

IV. Anna Fretz, born—, 1805; died Sept. 10, 1875. 
She was mrd. to Samuel Dungan, of Southampton, 
Pa. Baptists. Children: Charles S., Emeline F. 

V. Charles S. Dungan, born May 18, 1826. Mrd. 
Mary Jane Fau, Oct. 2, 1850. Mrs. Dungan died 
July 16, 1873. Mr. Dungan's occupation is Paymas- 
ter. Baptist. Residence," Philadelphia, Pa, Children: 
William, Charles, John, Thomas, Ida, William, 
Robert, Mary, Charles, Louisa, Samuel. 

VI. William Weightman Dungan, born Sept. 25, 
1851; died Au^. 22, 1856. 

VI. Charles Henry Dungan, born Sept. 12, 1853; 
died July 13, 1859/ 

VI. John Fau Dungan, born May 27, 1855. Mrd. 
— . May 19, 1884. Occupation, Florist. Residence, 
Maryland. No issue. 

VI. 'Thomas Fau Dungan, born May 27, 1855. Mrd. 
— . Clerk. Residence, San Francisco, Cal.. 

VI. Ida Virginia Dungan, born Nov. 10, 1857. Mrd. 
John H. H. Poole, Aug. 10, 1882. Occupation, 
Manufacturer. Res., Haddenfield, N. J. Children: 
(VII.) Irene May Poole, born May 5, 1883. (VII.) 
Horatio Nelson Poole, born Jan. 16, 1885. (VII.) John 
Chapin Poole, born Apr. 9, 1887. 

VI. William Weightman Dungan, born Dec. 22, 
1859. Mrd.—, June 11, 1885. Occupation, Painter. 
Res. , San Francisco, Cal. No issue. 

VI. Robert Q. Dungan, born Nov. 5, 1861; died 
Nov. 6, 1861. 

VI. Mary Emma Dungan, born Dec. 19, 1862. Mrd. 
W. R. Perry, Apr. 10, 1882. Occupation, Gentle- 
man. Res., Maryland. Children: (VII.) Mary Agnes 
Perry, born May 26, 1883. (VII.) Geneva Ethelberta 
Perry, born Apr. 24, 1884. (VII.) Helen Perry, born 
June 15, 1887. 

VI. Charles Samuel Dungan, born July 18, 1864; 
died Oct. 27, 1867. 

VI. Louisa Trottee Dungan, born Aug. 2, 1866. 
Mrd. Charles F. Esher, June 16, 1886. Merchant. 
Res., Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. One child: (VII.) 
Ida., Louisa Esher, born June 12, 1887. 

— 154 — 

VI. Samuel Grant Dungan, born July 27, 1869. 
Charles S. Dungan, mrd. for his second wife Amanda 
Heinig, Jan. 1, 1876. 

V. Emeline F. Dungan, born—; died July 20, 1830. 

IV. Philip Fretz, born — ; died young. 

III. Agnes Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Pa., Sept. 13, 1759; died—. Mrd. Abraham Bewig- 
house. Occupation, farmer. Mennonites. They lived 
on the farm now owned by John Delhi, near Joseph 
Sine, in Bedminster Twp. Children: Daniel, Barbara, 
Christian, John, Mary. 

IV. Daniel Bewighouse, born — ; died — . Mrd. Annie 
Licey. Occupation, farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Betsey, Mary, Abraham, Annie, Susan, Leah, Peggy, 
Isaac, Barbara. 

V. Betsey Bewighouse, born — . Mrd. Leonard Det- 
wiler — . Farmer. Children: (VI.) Cornelius, Samuel, 
Emma, Ida. 

V. Mary Bewighouse, born — . Mrd. Isaiah Jones — . 
Farmer. One child. (VI.) Annie Jones. 
V. Abraham Bewighouse, born — . Unmrd. 

V. Annie Bewighouse, born — . Mrd. Samuel D. Det- 
wiler— . She died — . Miller. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Isaac, Aaron, Amanda, William. 

VI. Isaac Detwiler, born — . Mrd. Amanda Stover — . 
Farmer. New Mennonites. No issue. 

VI. Aaron Detwiler, born — . Mrd. Elizabeth Stover 
— . Miller. One child— : 

VI. Amanda B. Detwiler, born Oct. 26, 1864. Mrd. 
Edward R. Smith, Jan. 7, 1888. New Mennonites. 

VI. William Detwiler, born Feb. 5, 1869. Unmrd. 

V. Susan Bewighouse, born — ; died — . Mrd. Michael 
Nace, by whom she had one child. Deceased. She 
mrd. for her second husband Levi Landis — . Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Barbara Landis. (VI.) Daniel 
Landis; died young. (VI.) Henry Landis; died young. 

V. Leah Bewighouse, born — . Unmrd. 

V. Margaret Bewighouse, born — . Mrd. Samuel D. 
Detwiler- — . As his second wife — . Children. (VI.) 
Annie, Allen. 

— 155 — 

V. Isaac Bewighouse, born — . Was killed by a run- 
away horse at the age of twelve years. 

V. Barbara Bewighouse, born — ; died at about 
eighteen years of age. 

IV. Barbara Bewiohouse, born Jan. 13, 1786; died 
July 3, 1869. Mrd. Abraham Myers, Mar. 28, 1809. 
He died May 28, 1851. Horse doctor and whisky dis- 
tiller. Mennonites. Children: Agnes, Susan, Eliza- 
beth, Mary, Eli, David. 

V. Agnes Myers, born Mar. 5, 1811; died Dec. 9, 
1888. Mrd. Isaac Myers. (See Index of References 
No. 24). 

V. Susan Myers, born July 24, 1813; died Apr. 21, 
1883. Mrd. Charles Myers—. He died—. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Abraham, Christian, Hannah, 
Henry, Albert. 

VI. Abraham Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
28, 1835. Mrd. Caroline, daughter of Stephen G. and 
Mary Bavington, Nov. 15, 1860. Milk dealer in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Children: (VII.) William Watson 
Myers, born July 10, 1862, (VII.) Edward Myers, 
born Dec. 13, 1868. 

VI. Christian Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Aug. 
19, 1837. Mrd. Phcebe Ann, daughter of 
Stephen G. and Mary Bavington, Sept. 23, 1858. 
Millwright. Children: Ada, Carrie, Charles, Alfred. 

VII. Ada Myers, born Mar. 8, 1860. Mrd. Asa S. 
Niece, of Hunterdon, Co., N. J., Mar. 29, 1882. 
Locomotive Engineer. One child. (VIII.) Ava Niece, 
born May 18, 1883. 

VII. Carrie B. Myers, born Julv 1, 1861. Mrd. John 
J. Spencer, Esq., of Warwick, Pa., June 18, 1885. 
Farmer and Justice of the Peace. One child: (VIII.) 
Arthur Myers Spencer, born Nov. 15, 1887. 

VII. Charles Stephen Myers, born Mar. 17, 1863. In 
Creamery Business at Hartford, Conn. Unmrd. 

VII. Alfred W. Myers, born Oct. 11, 1867. Tele- 
graph Operator at Bristol, Pa. Unmrd. 

VI. Hannah Myers, born June 27, 181-3; died Dec. 
10, 1868. Mrd. Stephen Rhoads, Apr. 6, 1863. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Charles M. and Albert E. 

- 156 — 

VI. Henry C. Myers, born Apr. 4, 1845. Mrd. Mary 
Jane, daughter of Stephen G. and Mary Bavington, 
Oct. 3, 1867. Farmer. Children: Laura, Mamie, 
Nettie, Harry. 

VII. Laura Mvers, born Feb. 21, 1869. Mrd. Harvey 
C, Price, Nov." 18.' 1888. Farmer. One child: (VIII.) 
Stella May Price. 

VII. Mamie Mvers, born Oct. 17, 1870. 

VII. Nettie Mvers, born July 26, 1872. 

VII. Harry S. Myers, born Apr. 14, 1878. 

VI. Albert P. Myers, born Apr. 2, 1854. Mrd. 
Maggie E. Zells, June 6, 1884. Merchant. Resides 
in Washington, D. C. One child. (VII.) Charles 
Franklin Myers, born Aug. 4, 1885. 

V. Elizabeth Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
17, 1816. Unmrd. 

V. Mary Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 10, 
1818. Mrd. Martin Myers. (See Index of References, 
No. 25). 

V. Eli Myers, born Aug. 11, 1821. Mrd. Sarah Ann 
Smith, Apr. 10, 1852. She was born July 12, 1829. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Abraham, Catha- 
rine, Mary, Joseph, Henry, William, Lizzie. 

VI. Abraham S. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
24, 1852. Mrd. Hannah Gaddes, of Solebury, Bucks 
Co., Pa., Dec. 8, 1888. She was born July 1, 1S44. 
Farm laborer. 

VI. Catharine Mvers, born July 31, 1855. Mrd. 
Hiram O'Vliet, of" N. J., Nov. 6, 1875. He was born 
Feb. 10, 1849. Car Builder at Wilmington, Del. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Sarah Virginia Vliet, born Mar. 17, 1879. 
(VII.) Minerva Vliet, born Aug. 28, 1881. (VII.) Grace 
Lucretia Vliet, born Aug. 6, 1885. 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, born Feb. 24, 1858. Mrd. 
Levi S. Mann, Dec. 8, 1877. He was born Feb. 15. 
1849. Farmer. One child: (VII.) Bertha May Mann, 
born Nov. 16, 1882. 

VI. Joseph S. Mvers. born June 21. 1860. Unmrd. 
P. O., PlumsteadVille, Pa. 

VI. Henry S. Myers, born Feb. 12, 1863. Mrd 
Minerva Myers, of Bedminster. Pa.. Mar. 27, 1885, 

— 157 — 

Carpenter. One child: (VII.) Arthur Myers, born 
May 16, 1888. 

VI*. William S. Myers, born Aug. 20, 1865. Single. 
P. O. Plumsteadville, Pa. 

VI. Lizzie Myers, born Oct. 25, 1868. She is unmrd. 
and lives at home with her parents. 

V. David B. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 15, 
1826. Mrd. Mary Ann Leatherman in 1852. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Catharine, Barbara, Harvey, 

VI. 'Catharine Myers, born Dec. 19, 1854. Mrd. 
William H. Myers. — (See Index of References No. 26.) 

VI. Barbara Myers, born Nov. 1, 1856. Mrd. Calvin 
Lear — . Farmer. Mennonites. One child. 

VI. Harvey Myers, born Oct, 9, 1858. Mrd. Annie 
Lear — . Farmer. Mennonites. One child. 

VI. Mary Myers, born Apr. 5, 1861. Mrd. John A. 
Myers — . Mennonites. They have four children. 

IV. Christian Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
in 1795; died in 1859. Mrd. Sarah Hunsberger — . 
Farmer and lived on the farm he bought of the heirs 
of the Henry Fretz' estate, in Bedminster Twp., Pa. 
It originally consisted of 130 acres, and is now 
divided into two farms. Mennonites. Children: 
Esther, Mary, Abraham, John, Sarah. 

V. Esther Bewighouse, born Feb. 18, 1820. Mrd. 
Lewis Kratz, (his second wife). (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 27). 

V. Mary Bewighouse, born in 1822, died unmrd., 
aged 30 years. 

V. Abraham H. Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., 
Nov. 25, 1825. Mrd. Elizabeth Fretz, Sept. 17, 1854. 
Farmer, and resides on a part of the old homestead 
in Bedminister. Mennonites. One child. 

VI. Pierson. F. Bewighouse, born may 14, 1858. 
Mrd. Laura Stover, Nov. 22, 1881. Farmer. No 

V. John Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
15, 1827. Mrd. Sarah Kratz, May 8, 1858. Farmer, 
and resides on the old homestead in Bednlinster, Pa. 
New Mennonites. Children: Sarah. Esther, John, 
Christian, Christiana, Ellen. 

— 158 — 

VI. Sarah Ann Bewighousc, born Sept. 19, 1860. 

VI. Esther Bewighouse, born Jan. 14, 1865. Mrd. 
Ezra Frankenfield, Dec. 24, 1887. Creamery Oper- 
ator. Mr. Frankenfield, Lutheran. Wife New Men- 
nonite. No children. 

VI. J. Geary Bewighouse, born Sept. 16, 1867. S. 

VI. Christian and Christiana, (Twins.) born Nov. 9, 
1869, died Feb. 1870. 

VI. Ellen Bewig-house, born Aug. 13, 1871. S. 

V. Sarah Ann Bewig-house, born in 1832, died in 
1861. Mrd. Lewis Kratz, (His first wife)—. (See 
Index of References No. 28). 

IV. John Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
27,1800. (Still living, 1889.) Mrd. Esther Leather- 
man, Oct. 21, 1824. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Maria, Isaac, Rachel, Fannie, Sarah, Catharine, 

V. Maria Bewighouse, born Aug. 25, 1825. Mrd. 
Joseph Beidler,— . Farmer. Children: Israel, Samuel, 
Eliza, and one died young. 

VI. Israel Beidler, born — . 

VI. Samuel Beidler, born—. Mrd. Rachel Shad- 
dinger, — . 

VI. Anna Eliza Beidler, born Feb. 14, 1854. Mrd. 
John Myers. (See Index of References No. 29). 

V. Isaac Bewighouse, born June 13, 1827. Mrd. 
Sarah, daughter of Garret Benner, in Jan. 1854. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: John and Anna. 

VI. John B. Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
May 30, 1855. Mrd. Minerva S. Myers, Jan. 31, 
1877. Farmer, and dealer in Phosphate and Stock. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Esther M. Bewighouse, 
born July 3, 1878. (VII.) Sarah M. Bewighouse, born 
Dec. 16, 1879. (VII.) Isaac M. Bewighouse, born 
Mar. 23, 1882. (VII.) Anna M. Bewighouse, born 
Dec. 20, 1883. 

VI. Annie Bewighouse, born . Mrd. Fred Bearley, 
— . Farmer. No issue. 

V. Sarah Ann Bewighouse, born Sept, 14, 1829, 
died unmrd. 

V. Rachel Bewighouse, born Jan. 1, 1832, died Oct. 
6, 1874. Mrd. Allen Crouthamel,— . Children: (VI.) 

— : 159 — 

Elmer B. Crouthamel, born June 13, 1868, died Apr. 
29, 1887. (VI.) Esther Ann B. Crouthamel, born Dec. 
27, 1870. (VI.) Anna Maria Crouthamel, born Aug. 
17, 1872. 

V. Catharine Bewighouse, born Dec. 10, 1834. Mrd. 
Isaac F. Meyer. (See Index of References No. 30). 

V. Fannie Bewighouse, born Apr. 12, 1836. Mrd. 
John Crouthamel, — . 

V. Esther Bewighouse, born Dec. 27, 1814. Mrd. 
Joel Reiner, — . 

IV. Mary Bewighouse, born in Bucks Co., Pa., — , 
died — . Mrd. Nelson Mclntyre, (deceased). Farmer. 
Mr. Mclntyre, Roman Catholic, his wife, Mennonite. 
Children: Charles, Maria, Sarah. 

V. Charles Mclntyre, born — , died — . Mrd. Lucy 
Ann Myers,^-. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary and Jordan. 

VI. Mary Jane Mclntyre, born — , died — , aged 
about eighteen years. 

V. Jordan Mclntyre, born — . Mrd. Lavina Dot- 
terer, — . Farmer. One child. (VI.) Annie Mclntyre, 
born — , died, aged 2 years. 

V. Maria Mclntyre, born—. Mrd. William Ferno- 
man, — . Laborer. Children: (VI.) Mary Fernoman, 
dee'd. (VI.) Nelson Fernoman, S. (VI.) John Ferno- 
man, dee'd. Sarah Fernoman. S. (Twins). 

V. Sarah Mclntyre, born—. S. 

III. Joseph Fretz, born in Bedminstei\ Bucks Co., 
Pa., May 9, 1761, died Mar. 29, 1806. Mrd. Maria 
Kraut. Nov. 1, 1781. She was born Feb. 11, 1762, 
died — . He owned and operated a fulling Mill, near 
the Tohickon, in Haycock Twp., and was known as 
"Fuller Joe. 1, Mennonite. Children: Elizabeth, 
Christian, Barbara, Anna, Maria, Susanna, Agnes, 
Rachel, Joseph, Sarah, John, Veronica. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
12, 1783; died Nov. 26, 1788. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Jan. 9, 
1785, died Nov. 30, 1788. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born Sept. 12, 1786, died—. 

— 160 — 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 29, 
1788; died about 1865. Mrd. Jacob Bishop,* Dec. 
8, 1808. Mr. Bishop, when a lad, lived with Christian 
Fretz, of Bedminster, until the death of the latter, 
then he lived with Isaac Fretz, until he himself mar- 
ried, when he purchased the farm now known as the 
Mclntyre farm, in Bedminster Twp. From there he 
moved to New Britain on the Tommy Stewart farm, 
where he died Dec. 15, 1832. Mennonites. Children : 
Mary, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Jacob, Sarah, Anna. 
Susanna, Rachel, Abraham, Enos, Catharine. 

V. Mary Bishop, born Oct, 15, 1809; died Dec. 
10, 1832. 

V. Elizabeth Bishop, born Mar. 4, 1811; died Sept. 2, 

V. John Bishop, born Aug. 1, 1812; died Sept. 9, 

V. Joseph Bishop, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Nov. 11, 
1813; died Apr. 1, 1872. aged 58-4-23. Mrd. Su- 
sanna Mover, Apr. 9, 1837. Farmer. Mennonite. 
Lived in New Britain Twp. Children: Magdalena, 
Eliza, Mary, Samuel, Jacob, John, Catharine, Su- 
sanna, Jonas, Enos, Daniel. 

VI Magdalena Bishop, born Sept. 4, 1838; died in 

VI. Eliza Ann Bishop, born Aug. 15, 1839. Mrd. 
Samuel Garner, Oct. 26, 1862. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Joseph B. Garner, born Mar. 16, 

1868. (VII.) Emma Margaret Garner, born Dec. 17, 

1869. (VII.)- Lewis D. Garner, born Oct. 20, 1871. 
(VII.) Marietta Garner, born May 20, 1873. 

VI. Mary Bishop, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 2, 
1842. Mrd. Henry Hunsberger, Oct, 5, 1862. He 
died Oct, 29, 1869. Farmer and drover. Children: 
(VII.) Allen Hunsberger, born Feb. 4, 1865; died 
Mar. 25, 1866. (VII.) Anna Hunsberger, born Sept, 
4, 1867. Mrs. Hunberger mrd. a second time to 
Elias Fretz, Dec. 22, 1877. No issue. 

VI. Samuel Bishop, born Sept. 5, 1843. Mrd. Anna 
Yeakel, in 1864. Carpenter. Mennonites. One child: 

* The name was formerly spelled " Bischofsberger." 

(See page 218.) 

— 101 — 

(VII.) Amanda Bishop, born Nov. 29, 1864. Mrd. 
Milton Weisel — . Wheelwright and Carpenter. Mrs. 
Weisel Ger. Ref.. Mr. Weisel Ev. Ass. 

VI. Jacob M. Bishop, born Nov. 21, 1845. Mrd. 
Hetty Hunsberger. Farmer. Mennonites. P. O., 
Hilltown, Pa, Children : (VII.) Harvey, Rosa, Maggie S. , 
John H. (deceased), Erwin II.. Mary, Emma, Elmer 
S., Minnie. Hattie, Sallie. 

VI. John Bishop, born Dec. 26, 1848. Mrd. Mary 
Landis — . Carpenter. Children: (VII.) Alonzo, Sallie, 
Hampson. and — . 

VI. Catharine Bishop, born Aug. 15, 1851. Mrd. 
George S. Heckler, Apr. 1, 1871. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Minerva Heckler, born Mar. 
28, 1872. (VII.) Susie Heckler, born June 5, 1874. 
(VII.) Clara Heckler, born June 5, 1876. (VII.) Harry 
D. Heckler, born Sept. 15, 1879. (VII.) Elmina Heck- 
ler, born May 13, 1881. (VII.) Walter B. Heckler, 
born Jan. 27, 1884; died Sept. 1, 1884. (VII.) Mary 
L. Heckler, born Apr. 7, 1885; died Apr. 28, 1885. 
(VII.) Amnion B. Heckler, born Feb. 14, 1887. 

VI. Susan Bishop, born Nov. 14, 1853. Mrd. Henry 
Albright, Oct. 2, 1875. Painter, and Assessor of Hill- 
town Twp., Pa. Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VI. Jonas Bishop, born June 13, 1856. Mrd. Kate 
Weisel — . Carpenter. Ger. Ref. No. issue. 

VI. Enos M. Bishop, born Nov. 6, 1858. Mrd. 
Sallie S. Bergey, Sept. 23, 1881. Butcher. Mennon- 
ites. Children: (VII.) Laura S. Bishop, born Mar. 
28, 1883; died Oct. 9, 1883. (VII.) Bessie S. Bishop, 
born Sept. 13, 1884. (VII.) Eva S. Bishop, born July 
11, 1888. 

VI. Daniel Bishop, born Jan. 17, 1861. Mrd. Mary 
Ruth—. Farmer. Mennonites. They have one child. 

V. Jacob Bishop, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 25, 
1815; died Mar. 30, 1890, aged 75 years and 5 days. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Detweiler, Nov. 28, L841. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Mary, Sophia, Albert, Joseph, 
Sarah, William, Howard, Amanda. 

VI. Mary Anna Bishop, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 18, 
L842. Mrd. Moses Stout, May 7, 1859. Shoemaker 
at Blooming Glen, Pa. Ger. Reformed. Children: 

— 162 

Pierson, Albert, Howard, Martha, Emma, Rose, 
Lilly, Theodore. 

VI L Pierson B. Stout, born Nov. 25, 1859. Mrd. 
Amelia Beer — . Farmer. Ger. Ref. One child: 
(VIII.) Joseph B. Stout, 

VII. Albert B. Stout, born Nov. 3, 1861. Mrd. Lena 
Kepler — . Teamster. Mrs. Stout Lutheran. Chil- 
dren: (VIII.) Laura and Lena. 

VII. Howard B. Stout, born Feb. 29, 1863. Mrd. 
Sallie Anglemoyer— . One child: (VIII.) Raymond. 

VII. Martha B. Stout, born Aug. 5, 1866. Mrd. 
Samuel M. Anglemoyer. (See Index of References 
No. 31). 

VII. Emma B. Stout, born June 5, 1869. Mrd. 
Preston Grover, Feb. 22, 1890. 

VII. Rose Ella B. Stout, born Sept 1, 1874. 

VII. Lilly B. Stout, born May 21, 1879. 

VII. Theodore B. Stout, born Feb. 26, 1882. 

VI. Sophia D. Bishop, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
20, 1845. Mrd. Philip S. Kulp. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 32). 

VI. Albert Bishop, born Apr. 27, 1847; died Aug. 
12, 1848. 

VI. Joseph D. Bishop, born May 18, 1849. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Fretz, Feb. 20, 1869. Farmer and Commis- 
sion Merchant. Mennonites. They had three chil- 
dren; all died unnamed. 

VI. Sarah Anna Bishop, born July 10, 1851. Mrd. 
Henry H. Moyer, Sept. 16, 1871. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 33). 

VI. William I). Bishop, born Jan. 12, 1854. Mrd. 
Susanna Shaddinger, Oct, 31, 1878. Merchant of the 
firm of Bishop & Bro., Blooming Glen, where they 
have a large and successful business. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Katie Florence Bishop, born Mar. 4, 
1880. (VII.) Lizzie Cora Bishop, born Nov. 4, 1881. 
(VII.) Walter S. Bishop, born Dec. 29, 1885. 

VI. Howard D. Bishop, born May 17, 1856. Mrd. 
Sallie M. Geisinger, Oct. 21, 1882. Merchant of the 
firm of Bishop & Bro. , Blooming Glen. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Aquilla G. Bishop, born July 23, 
1885. (VII.) Garwood G. Bishop, born May 31, 1888. 

— 163 - 

VI. Amanda E. Bishop, born July 13, 1862. Mrd. 
Isaac F. Swartz, Jan. 31, 1885. Teacher. Menno- 
nites. No issue. 

V. Sarah Bishop, born Mar. 1, 1817; died Nov. 17, 
1853. Mrd. Jacob M. Leatherman, Oct. 3, 1837. He 
died Aug. 1, 1876. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Anna, Charles, Mary, Amanda, Catharine, Infant. 

VI. Anna Leatherman, born Nov. 10, 1839. Mrd. 
Samuel C. Brunner, Dec. 25, 1860. He died—. 
Farmer. Ger. Reformed. One child: Clara. Mrs. 
Brunner mrd. for her second husband John Piercy, 
Jan. 17, 1867. Cigar and Tobacco business in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Clara L. Brunner, born Apr. 6, 1862. Mrd. 
Charles J. Matthews, Oct. 16, 188.4. Morocco Manu- 
facturer. No issue. 

VI. Charles Leatherman, born Nov. 19, 1842. Mrd. 
Kate Brown, Mar. 20, 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) J. Piercy Leatherman, born Jan. 21, 
1870. (VII.) Mary E. Leatherman, born Apr. 7, 
1873. (VII.) Edward Leatherman, born Nov. 11, 1879. 

VI. Mary B. Leatherman, born Apr. 10, 1811. Mrd. 
Henry S. Shelly, Dec. 25, 1862. Farmer. Old Men- 
nonites. Children: Sallie, Jacob, George. 

VII. Sallie L. Shelly, born Mar. 5, 1865. Mrd. 
William G. Godshalk, Sept, 20, 1884. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VIII.) Mary S. Godshalk, 
born Apr. 9, 1886. (VIII.) Bertha S. Godshalk, born 
Aug. 7, 1887. 

VII. Jacob L. Shell}-, born Dec. 24, 1866. Mrd. 
Lizzie Rosenberger, Feb. 9, 1888. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. One child: (VIM.) Edith Shelly, born Oct. 25, 
1888. . ' 

VII. George W. Shelly, born Feb. 22, 1880. 

VI. Amanda B. Leatherman, born Nov. 16, 1845. 
Mrd. Mahlon H. Myers. (See Index of References 
No. 34). 

VI. Catharine B. Leatherman, born Nov. 16, 1848. 
Mrd. Oliver Myers. (See Index of References No. 35). 

VI. Infant, died unnamed. 

V. Anna Bishop, born Dec. 4, 1818; died Apr. 15, 
1838. Unmrd. l 

— 164 — 

V. Susanna Bishop, born Aug-. 10, 1820; died in 
1888. Mrd. Isaac Rosenberger, Sept. 25, 1812. He 
died in 1886. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Henry. 
Jacob, Elias, Isaac, Abraham, Anna, Mary. 

VI. Rev. Henry Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., 
Pa., July 22,1814. Mrd. Mary Ann (daughter of 
Jacob L. Shaddinger), Dec. 19, 1868. Farmer and 
Minister. Mr. Rosenberger was ordained to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church, at Blooming Glen, 
Bucks Co., Pa., Get. 27. 18*5. where he has since 
served in that capacity. No issue. 

VI. Jacob B. Rosenberger, born about 1846. Mrd. 
Sarah Myers in L873. Merchant. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (Vil.) William M. Rosenberger, born 1875. (VII.) 
Allen M. Rosenberger, born 1881. (VII.) Susie May 
Rosenberger, born 1886. 

VI. EHas Rosenberger, born Aug. 3, 184 ( .»; died Oct. 
29, 1849. 

VI. Isaac Rosenberger, Jr., born Sept. 25, 1851; died 
Mar. 26, 1856. 

VI. Abraham B. Rosenberger, born Mar. 27. 1853. 
Mrd. Mary Godshalk, Jan. 10, 1880. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) [saac G. Rosenberger, born 
Dec. 20, 1880. (VII.) Anna G. Rosenberger, born 
Sept. 19, 1882. (VII.) Mary Emma Rosenberger, born 
Nov. 2, L884. (VII.) Edward G. Rosenberger, born 
Apr. 6, 1888; died Dee. 28, L888. 

VI. Anna Rosenberger, born Dec. 19, 1855: died 
Nov. 6, 1888. Mrd. Ed. Shaddinger, Nov. 22, 1879. 
He died Oct. 29, 1881. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Henry R. Shaddinger, born Aug. 4, 1881. 
(VII.) Susan Saddinger, born Aug. 1, 1883; died Feb. 
23, 1885. 

VI. Mary Rosenberger, born Dec. 6. L858; died Apr. 
6, 1880. Unmrd. 

V. Rachel Bishop, born Aug. 28, 1S22. Mrd. Jacob 
Loux. (See Index of References No. 36). 

V. Abraham Bishop, born Apr. 1. 1824: died Nov. 
9, L881. Mrd. Elizabeth Bean, Oct. 26, L851. She 
died Feb. 27. 1856, without issue. Abraham Bishop 
had for his second wife Susan Bean, sister to his first 
wife; they were mrd. Oct. 15, 1857. Mennonites. 

- 165 - 

Children: Catharine, Isaac, Michael, Harvey, Abra- 
ham, William. 

VI. Catharine Bishop, born June 4, 1859; died May 
9, 1862. 

VI. Isaac Bishop, born Nov. 14, 1861. Mrd. Lizzie 
High, Dec. L6, L882. Farmer; lives on the old home- 
stead farm of his father. Mennonites. No issue. 

VI. Michael F. Bishop, born Oct. 3, L863. Mrd. 
Marietta Leatherman, Nov. 3,1883. Farmer. Attends 
the Mennonite church. Children: (VII.) Bertha Bish- 
op, born Feb. 1, 1886. (VII.) Stella Bishop, born 
Apr. 2(>. L888. 

VI. Harvey Bishop, born Oct. .">. L863. (Twin to 
Michael). Mrd, Nettie McNeely— . Farmer. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Elmer Karl Bishop/ (VII.) Mary Rebecca 

VI. Abraham Bishop, born July 24, 1865; died July 
26, L865. 

VI. William B. Bishop, born Dec. 31, 1866; Mrd. 
Sallie Moyer — . Laborer. No issue. 

V. Enos' Bishop, born July 1, 1826; died Dec. 27, 
1879. Mrd. Mary Ann Bean, Nov. 4, 1849. (She 
was a sister to Abraham Bishop's wives). Occupa- 
tion — . Mennonites. Children: Annie, Albert, Jacob, 
Michael. Edwin, Enos. 

VI. Annie Bishop, born May 16, 1851; died Aug. 29, 
L879. Mrd. Henry Kratz—.' One Child: (VII.) Oliver 

VI. Albert Bishop, born Jan. 15, 1854. Mrd. Sallie 
Leister. Jan. L5, L879. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Wilson Bishop, born June 17, 1880. (VII.) 
Erwin Bishop, born Apr. 17, 1885; died Aug. 22, 
L885. (VII.) Norman Bishop, born Oct, 9, 1886. 

VI. Jacob Bishop, born Feb. 10, 1858. Mrd. Amy 
M. Samsel, Nov. 30, 1880. She died Apr. 10, 1883. 
They had one child. (VII.) Delia S. Bishop, born Aug. 
12, 1881. Jacob married for his second wife, Kate 
Allebach, Apr. 26, 1884. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Warren A. Bishop, born July 19, 1885. 
(VII.) Henry A. Bishop, born May 10. 1887. (VII.) 
Clayton Bishop, born—, 1889. 

— 166 — 

VI. Michael Bishop, born May 6, 1861. Mrd. Lizzie 
Mover—. Saddler. Children": (VII.) Annie, Susie, 

VI. Edwin Bishop, born Mar. 20, 1864. Mrd. Lu T 
cinda K. Andrews, Sept. 26, 1885. Farmer. One 
child: (VII.) Artemas Melvin Bishop, born Apr. 17, 

VI. Enos Bishop, born Oct. 12, 1868. S. 

V. Catharine Bishop, born, Feb. 24, 1830. Mrd. 
Abraham Wismer, Sr. — . Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Henry, Mary, Jacob, Anna, Abraham, 
Enos, Lizzie, Emma. 

VI. Henry Wismer, born Sept. 2, 1855. Mrd. Lydia 
Myers, Oct. 16, 1879. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Kate Wismer, born Sept. 24, 1884. (VII.) 
Mary Emma Wismer, born June 4, 1887; died Feb. 
5, 1888. (VII. Ella Wismer, born Mar. 31, 1889. 

VI. Mary Wismer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 4, 
1853. Mrd. Abraham G. Overholt, Feb. 13, 1875. 
Carpenter, builder and contractor. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Katie Overholt, born Apr. 21. 1876. 
(VII.) Maggie Overholt, born Nov. 11, 1879. (VII.) 
Emma Overholt, born July 15, 1881. (VII.) Mary 
Overholt, born June 21, 1884. (VII.) Carrie Over- 
holt, born Aug. 16, 1887. 

VI. Jacob Wismer, born in 1857; died in 1858. 

VI. Anna Wismer, born Apr. 28, 1859. Mrd. James 
Berber, Nov. 7, 1878. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: "(VII.) Noah Bergey, born Dec. 26, 1880. (VII.) 
Hettie Bergey, born Aug. 14, 1882. (VII.) Infant son 
born and died Sept. 8, 1888. 

VI. Abraham B. Wismer, born Nov. 11, 1861. Mrd. 
Ella Shelly, Jan. 29, 1885. Farmer. Mennonites. 
No issue. 

VI. Enos Wismer, born Jan. 9, 1868. Unmrd. 

VI. Lizzie Wismer, born Jan. 13, 1864. Mrd. Wil- 
liam Detweiler, Oct. 4, 1883. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Martha Detweiler, born Dec. 31. 
1885. (VII.) Abraham Detweiler, born Oct. 29, 1887. 
(VII.) Bessie Detweiler, born July 30, 1889. 

VI. Emma Wismer, born Apr. 18, 1871. Unmrd. 

- 167 — 

IV. Maria Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 6, 
1790; died— . 

IV. Susanna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 
1792; died—. Mrd. Abraham Schlotter— . He died 
— . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: John, Samuel. 
Susanna married for her second husband Daniel 
Schlotter, (brother to the deceased husband), — . They 
had one child: Daniel. 

V. John F. Schlotter, born Nov. 28, 1815; died Dec. 
1, 1879. Mrd. Mary Landis, July 28, 1839. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Abraham, Samuel, Mahlon, 
Kate, John, Mary. 

VI. Abraham L. Slotter, born Mar. 5, 1812; died 
Oct. 11, 1868. Mrd. Susanna Allebach, Oct, 17, 1865. 
Wheelwright. Mennonites. Children: Willian, Mary. 

VII. William A. Slotter, born Aug. 15,-1866. Farm- 
er. Attends Mennonite ch. S. 

VII. Mary A. Slotter, born Oct. 3, 1868. S. 

VI. Samuel Slotter, born May 26, 1844. Mrd. 
Amanda Wambold, Aug. 6, 1866. She died Nov. 20, 
1887. Farmer. Mem. Lutheran ch. He mrd. for his 
second wife, Matilda, widow of John S. Fretz. 
(Maiden name Cope), Nov. 30, 1889. Children bv 
first wife: (VII.) J. Irwin Slotter, born Sept. 26, 1867. 
Lutheran. S. (VII.) Emma Irene Slotter, born Oct. 
26, 1878. Lutheran. S. (VII.) Matilda Evelyn Slot- 
ter, born Nov. 5, 1870. Lutheran. S. (VII.)' Josiah 
Clayton Slotter, born Oct. 29, 1873. (VII.) Edith 
Jane Slotter, born Dec. 21, 1878. 

VI. Mahlon L. Slotter, born in Rockhill Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 26, 1816. Mrd. Hannah 
Rouschenberger, June 29, 1866. She was born 
Oet. 11, 1819. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Anna R. Slotter. (VII.) Franklin R. Slotter. 
(VII.) Katy R. Slotter. (VII.) Mahlon R. Slotter. 
(VII.) Hannah R. Slotter. (VII.) Emma R, Slotter. 
(VII.) Ella R, Slotter. (VII.) Mary R. Slotter, born 
Apr. 3, 1869; died Apr. 20, 1872. 

VI. Kate S. Slotter, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
28, 1818. Mrd. Henry F. Ott, Oct. 1, 1870. Cigar- 
maker in Philadelphia, Pa. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Emma Ott, born Oct. 29, 1871. (VII.) Letitia 

— 168 — 

Ott, born Sept. 14, 1873; died Mar. 7, 1876. (VII.) 
Alien Ott, horn June 10, 1877. 

VI. John L. Slotter, horn Dee. 15, 1850. Mrd. 
Emeline B. Willour, Sept. 2. 1882. She was horn 
June 11. 1847. No issue. 

VI. Mary Slotter, horn Dee. 2. 1852; died Mar. 13, 
1881. Mrd. Henry Mover, June 17, 1880. Cigar- 
maker. She was Mem. of the Mennonite eh. Had one 
son: (VII.) Samuel Mover, horn, 1881; died July 1881. 

V. Samuel Slotter, horn — ; died young. 

V. Daniel F. Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
26, 1822. Mrd. Amanda Ruth, Oct. 27, 1844. ^ Car- 
penter and miller. Ger. Reformed. Res. Centre 
Valley, Bucks Co., Pa. Children: Sarah, Jacob, 
Newton, Salome, Amelia, Cornelius, Amanda, Su- 
sanna, Mary, Ida, Anna. 

VI. Sarah Ann Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 5, 1846. Mrd. Moses Henninger, Apr. 24, 1886 
Engineer. Lutherans. No issue. 

VI. Jacob and Newton Sehlotter (Twins), horn Sept. 

26, 1847; died Oct. 11, 1847. 

VI. Salome Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
30, 1848; died Apr. 11. 1870. Mrd. John Bean in L867. 
She was mem. of Ger. Ref. eh. Children. (VII.) Emma 
Bean. (VII.) Infant, still born. 

VI. Amelia Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept, 

27, L851. Mrd. William Gross, Nov. 2, 1872. Car- 
penter and farmer. Mrs. Gross Ger. Reformed. 
Children: (VII.) Ida Alice Gross, horn May 5, 1875; 
died May L6, 1875. (VII.) Jacob Daniel Gross, horn 
Mar. 23. Is7<5. (VII.) Anna S. Gross, horn Nov. 2, 
is 7s. 

VI. Cornelius Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co.. Pa.. 
July 19, 1853. Mrd. Mary Jane Weaver, May 9, 1879. 
Clerk. Res. Hellertown,* Pa. Ger. Reformed. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Robert Sehlotter. born Jan. 14, 18S2. 
(VII.) Ellwood Sehlotter. horn July 4, 1887. 

VI. Amanda Sehlotter, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 
l'7. L856. Mrd. James Watt Jamieson, Nov. 13, 1880. 
Iron moulder by trade, at present Creameryman. 
He was born, Oct. 22, 1858, in the Parish of Old 
Maehar. city of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 

- 169 — 

He moved with his parents to Woolwich, Kent, Eng- 
land, and came to the United States in 1878. Mrs. 
Jamieson Ger. Reformed. Res. Denver, Colorado. 
Children: (VII.) Daniel James Jamieson, born at Day- 
ton, Ohio, Oct. 27, 1881. (VII.) Ann Amanda Jamie- 
son, born at Pueblo, Colorado, Sept. 8, 1884, (VII.) 
Helen Louisa Jamieson, born at Denver, Col., Oct. 15, 

VI. Susanna Schlotter, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
19, 1858. Presbyterian. Unmrd. In early life she 
was dressmaker. Several years ago she went west, 
and settled near Rushville, Sheridan Co., Neb., where 
she took up government land, on which she has built 
a house, one and a half stories high, with six rooms, 
Located on an elevation overlooking the whole valley 
and town. She is making improvements managing 
the farming, and doing a goodly part herself. 

VI. Mary Schlotter, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 25, 
1862. Mrd. Alexander Lvnn, July 5, 1883. Brick- 
layer. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Charles Audley 
Lynn, born Jan. 19, 1884. (VII.) James Daniel Lynn, 
born June 9, 1885. (VII.) Ellwood Cornelius Lynn, 
born Aug. 9, 1887. 

VI. Ida Schlotter, born in Lehigh Co., Pa,, Apr. 26, 
1865. S. 

VI. Annie Schlotter, born in Lehigh Co., Pa., Mar. 
15, 1868; died Feb. 28, 1869. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, born Dec. 1, 1793; died advanced 
in years. Unmrd. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, born Aug. 17, 1795, died about 
1832. Mrd. Abraham Zetty, about 1817, He was 
born Nov. 10, 1792; died Sept, 12, 1867. Linen 
weaver and farmer. Mennonites. Children: John 
Christian, Mary, Sarah, Elias. 

V. John Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 7, 1820. 
Mrd. Catharine Shelly, Sept. 1843. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Reside near Zi'ons Hill, Bucks Co., Pa. Chil- 
dren: Maria, Henry, Titus, Clement. 

VI. Maria Anna Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
30, 1845. Mrd. Charles Erney, Jan. 28, 1866. Produce 
merchant at Zion's Hill, Pa. Lutherans. Children: 

- 170 — 

(VII.) Clinton Erney, born Oct. 10, 1868. (VII.) How- 
ard Erney, born May 18, 1870. (VII.) Kate Erney, 
born Dec. 9, 1871. (VII.) Hannah Erney, born July 13, 
1873. (VII.) Titus Erney, born Feb. 21, 1877. (VII.) 
Raymond Erney, born Oct. 21, 1879. 

VI. Henry Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Jan. 28, 
1817. Mrd. Sarah Ackerman, Apr. 1, 1870. Commis- 
sion merchant in Philadelphia. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Estella Zetty, born Aug. 15, 1872. (VII.) Elmer 
Zetty, born Nov. 26, 1871. 

VI. "Titus Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 11, 
1819. Mrd. Carrie Roeder, Sept, 1879. Resides in 

VI. Clement S. Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
1, 1853. Mrd. Ida Gross, Aug. 31, 1878. Farmer. 
Lutheran. Res., Zion's Hill, Pa. Children: (VII.) 
Harvey Zetty, born May 31, 1880. (VII.) Howard 
Zetty, born Jan. 3, 1883. _ 

V. Christian Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 27. 
1822. Mrd. Mary Jacoby— . Proprietor of Black 
Horse Hotel, 2d St., Philadelphia, Pa. Ger. Ref. 
Christian Zetty died Mar., 1883. Mary his wife died 
in 1886. No issue. 

V. Mary Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 20, 
1821; died July 16, 1869. Mrd. John Stahlnecker, of 
Lehigh Co., Pa. He was born Dec. 21, 1821; died 
Jan. 17, 1885. Blacksmith. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Sarah Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 11, 
1826. Mrd. Daniel Landis. (See Index of References 
No. 37). 

V. Elias Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 8. L829. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Stauffer, of Milford Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Aug. 6, 1851. She was born Nov. 23, 1835; 
died Sept, 12, 1863. Farmer. Resides on the old 
Zetty homestead, near Quakertown, Pa. Children: 
Henry, Allen, Emma, Frank. Mr. Zetty married for 
his second wife Heddie Shelley, Nov. 28, 1868. She 
was born Jan. 20, 1839. Mennonites. Children: Mary, 
John, Annie, Lizzie. Christian, Kate, Heddie, 
Elias, Stella. 

VI. Henry Zetty, born May 17. 1856; died Nov. 2, 
1876. Mennonite. 

— 171 — 

VI. Allen Zetty, born Oct. 11, 1858. Mrd. Sarah 
Ann Myers, Dec. 25, 1887. Farmer. Ger. Ref. One 
child: (VII.) Clayton M. Zetty. 

VI. Emma Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 21, 
1860. Mrd. Frank M. Roth, of Milford Twp., Aug. 
9, 1879. He was born Oct. 18, 1858. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) J. Wilmer Roth, born Jan. 
8, 1880; died Feb. 29, 1880. (VII.) Addie Roth, born 
Nov. 20, 1882. 

VI. Frank Zetty, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 7, 
1863. Mrd. Annie Irene Walp, of Richlandtown, 
Pa., Oct. 13, 1888. She was born Mar. 21, 1867. 
Farmer. Lutherans. 

VI. Mary Zetty, born June 27, 1869. Mem. Ger. 
Reformed. S. 

VI. John Zettv, born Oct. 27, 1870. 

VI. Annie Zetty, born Mar. 28, 1872. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Lizzie Zetty, born Jan. 16, 1871. Seamstress. 

VI. Christian Zettv, born May 7. 1875. 

VI. Kate Zetty, born Apr. 17, 1878. 

VI. Heddie Zetty, born Oct. 1, 1880, ) T . 

VI. Elias Zetty, born Oct. 1, 1880. f lwms ' 

VI. Stella Zetty, born May 31, 1887. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, born Feb. 3, 1797; died Dec, 1798. 

IV. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 5, 
1798; died July 22, 1881, aged 85 y., 8 m. and 17 d- 
Mrd. Isaac Landis. (See Index of References No. 38)- 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 11, 
1801; died—. Mrd. Mary Clemmer, about 1825. She 
was born Sept. 1-, 1800. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Anna, Abraham, Joseph, William, Catharine, 
John, Mary, Elias, Elizabeth, Sarah. 

V. Anna Fretz, born Dec. 15, 1825; die.l— . 

V. Abraham Fretz, born Apr. 13, 1827; died—. 

V. Joseph C. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
31, 1828. Mrd. Olivia M. Musselman, Mar. 6, 1853. 
She was born July 11, 1828. Farmer. Mennonite. 
Children: Harry, Allen, Amanda, Susanna, Mary, 
Elizabeth, Erasmus, Joseph. 

VI. Harry M. Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
30, 1853. " Mrd. Lizzie K. Landis, Dec. 8, 1878. Tele- 

— 172 — 

graph Operator at Hatfield, Pa. Attends the Old 
Mennonite eh. Children: (VII.) Olivia Rebecca Fretz, 
born Feb. 8, L882. (VII.) Ada Viola Fretz, born June 
9, 1884. (VII.) Orlando L. Fretz, born Dee. 31, 1885. 
(VII.) Weldon L. Fretz, born Mar. 31, 1888. 

VI. Allen M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Apr. 1, 1856. Mrd. Ella B. Hartzel— . Manufactur- 
ing Tailor. No issue. 

VI. Amanda M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Sept. 23, 1857; died Sept, 4, 1869, aged 11 y., 
11 m. and 11 d. 

VI. Susannah M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Mar. 2. 1861. Mrd. Henry H. Price—/ Laborer. 
Children: (VII.) Aliee. (VII.) Laura—. (VII.) Mary—. 

VI. Mary M. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Jan. 12, 
1863. Mrd. Irwin D. Swartz— . Laborer. Children: 
(VII.) Edwin Swartz. (VII.) Minnie Swartz, born—; 
died Jan., 1890. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Oct, 30, 1865, died Jan. 21, 1870. 

VI. Erasmus M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa.. Jan. 11, 1868. Miller. S. 

VI. Joseph M. Fretz, born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 13, 1871. Farmer. S. 

V. William C. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
21, 1830. Mrd. Mary Barnes, Jan. 6, 1855. She was 
born Jan. 12, 1831. Presbyterians. Children: Allen, 
Daniel, Mary, William, Mahlon, Edwin, Amanda, 
Anna, Ella, Walter. 

VI. Allen B. Fretz, born Apr. 19, 1856. Mrd. Sue 
L. Stine, Aug. 30, 1885. Salesman. 

VI. Daniel P. Fretz, born Mar. 5, 1859. Farmer in 
111. Lutherans. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Fretz, born Oct. 22. 1860. Pres- 

VI. William B. Fretz, born Nov. 11, 1862. Died 
Oct, 12, 1888: aged 25y., 10m., 28d. 

VI. Mahlon B. Fretz, born Jan. 11, 1866. Druggist 
in Philadelphia. Presbyterian. 

VI. Edwin H. Fretz, born Jan. .">, 1867. He was 
licensed a local preacher of the M, E. church, Jan, 

— 173 — 

14, 1888. And is now (1888) a student at Pennington 
Seminary, preparing for the ministry. 

VI. Amanda Fretz, born Mar. 27, 1869. 

VI. Anna Fretz, born Feb. 18, 1872. 

VI. Alia Martha Fretz, born Sept, 7, 1875. 

VI. Walter Fretz, born Aug. 23, 1879. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 29, 
1832. Mrd. Samuel Hunsberger, Feb. 23, 1854. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Elias, Amanda, 
Kate, Susanna, Anna, Allen, William, Daniel. 

VI. Mary F. Hunsberger, born Apr. 26, 1855. Mrd. 
Charles C. Atkinson, Nov. 15, 1879. Laborer and 
Shoemaker. One child: (VII.) Samuel Howard Atkin- 
son, born Feb. 8, 1882. 

VI. Elias F. Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Oct, 13, 1856. •Mrd. Sarah Overholt— . Teamster. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Harvey Samuel Huns- 
berger, born — . (VII.) Nettie Catharine Hunsberger, 
born — . 

VI. Amanda Elizabeth Hunsberger, born Mar. 10, 
1858. Mrd. Philip Miller—. Teamster in a Philadel- 
phia Lumber Yard. No issue. 

VI. Kate Hunsberger, born May 19, 1860. 

VI. Susannah Hunsberger, born Aug. 14, 1862; died 
Sept. 7, 1862. 

VI. Anna Hunsberger, born Sept. 27, 1863. Mrd. 
Samuel L. Gross, Mar. 12, 1887. Farmer. One child: 
(VII. Warren H. Gross, born Mar. 7, 1888. 

VI. Allen F. Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Mar. 28, 1866. Enlisted in the army in 1888, and is 
stationed at Ft, Hamilton, Battery I., N. Y. 

VI. William F. Hunsberger, born Apr. 23, 1869. 

VI. Daniel Hunsberger, born Apr. 28, 1875; died 
Sept 11, 1875. 

V. John C. Fretz, born June 21, 1834; died young. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept, 30, 
1837. Mrd. Oliver Hedrick. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 39). 

V.Elias Fretz, born June 11, 1839. Mrd. Anna B., 
daughter of John Sheip — . After their marriage he 
was drafted into the late rebellion, and served nine 
months in the army. He is now in business in Phila- 

— 174 — 

delphia, Pa. Children: Pierce, Edward, Mary, Annie. 

VI. Pierce S. Fretz, born in 1862. Mrd. Clara Mat- 
lack, Jan. 10, 1889. Chief Clerk in Cigar box estab- 
lishment in Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Edwin Levi Fretz, born in 1864. Principal of the 
Skippaekville School. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Fretz, born in 1867. Mrd. J. 
Benton Hoover, in Nov., 1888. 

VI. Anna Laura Fretz, born in 1873. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Jan. 18, 1841; died young. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born Mar. 22, 1843. S. 

III. Henry Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Pa., Feb. 17, 1763; died Oct. 9, 1820. Mrd. Anna 
Krout, May 13, 1784. She was born Sept., 1764; 
died Jan. 22, 1806. Farmer. They lived in Bedmin- 
ster Twp., on the farms now owned and occupied by 
John and Abraham Bewighouse. He was called, 
""Hurrying Hen," from his habit of hurrying, or 
urging his men who were working for him. Mennon- 
ites. He was mrd. to a second wife named Beidler. 
No issue. Children by the first wife were: Elizabeth, 
Barbara, Christian, Mary, Sarah, Agnes, Abraham, 
Joseph, Annie, Henry, John. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Pa., Feb. 25, 1785. Mrd. Henry Myers, Mar. 24, 
1807. He was born Feb. 23. 1780. Farmer. They 
lived and died on the farm now owned b} T Henry H. 
Myers, (a grand-son) in Plumstead Twp. Mennonites. 
Mr. Myers died in Oct., 1847, aged 68 years, and 
Mrs. Myers died in Apr., 1865, aged 84 years. Chil- 
dren: Barbara, John, Joseph, Anna, Catharine, Henry, 
William, Reuben. 

V. Barbara Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 25, 
1808; died Aug., 1882. Mrd. Abraham Nash. Boss 
Carpenter, afterwards farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Mary, Henry. 

VI. Elizbeth Nash, born Aug. 12, 1840. Mrd. Levi 
B. Swartz, Jan. 10, 1860. Veterinary Surgeon. 
Methodists. Children: Mary, Abraham, Emily. 

VII. Mary Alice Swartz, born Apr. 6, 1863. Mrd. 
Elwood C. Wilson, of Doylestown, Pa., Jan. 10, 

— 175 - 

1881. Ho died Mar. 18, 1883. Children: (VIII.) 
Emma Alice Wilson, born June 15, 1882; died Jan. 
29, 1883. (VIII.) Elwood Levi Wilson, born June 29, 

VII. Abraham Thomas Swartz, born Oct. 19, 1865; 
died Jan. 14, 1883. 

VII. Emily Ann Swartz, born Sept. 2, 1867; died 
Sept. 16, 1867. 

VI. Mary Ann Nash, born Mar. 13, 1843. Methodist. 

VI. Henry Nash, born Nov., 1846, is married to his 
second wife. Methodists. Has one child. 

VI John F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 8, 
1809. Mrd. Rachel Myers, Jan. 26, 1836. Farmer. 
Mennonite. Children: Reuben, Catharine, Henry, 

VI. Reuben Myers, born in 1836. Mrd. Elizabeth 
High, Nov. 7, 1860. Farmer. Children: Harvey, 

VII. Harvey Myers, born — ; died young. 

VII. John F. Myers, Jr., born Nov., 1865. Mrd. 
Bertha Swope in 1886. 

VI. Catharine Myers, born June 9, 1839. Mrd. 
Reuben W. Nash, Aug. 4, 1860. Farmer. Children: 
Anderson, John, Hulda, Samuel, Annie, Reed, Mary. 

VII. Anderson Nash, born Nov. 11, 1860. Mrd. 
Emma Skillman, Feb. 25, 1888. Farmer. 

VII. John M. Nash, born Apr. 5, 1863. Mrd. Cath- 
arine C. Smith, July 26, 1884. Farmer. Lutherans. 
One child: (VIII.) Sallie S. Nash, born Oct. 31, 1884. 

VII. Hulda Nash, born Sept. 3, 1864; died Dec. 15, 

VII. Samuel N. Nash, born July 11, 1866. S. 

VII. Annie Nash, born June 2, 1868; died Sept. 28, 

VII. Reed Nash, born July 28, 1869. 

VII. Mary Ellen Nash, born Nov. 9, 1875. 

VI. Henry Myers, born in 1841; died in infancy. 

VI. Reed Myers, born Apr. 1, 1844; was drowned 
July 16, 1865. 

V. Joseph F. Myers, born in Plumstead Township., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 17, 1811; died May 12, L882. 

— 176 — 

Mrd. Barbara Fretz, daughter of Deacon Abraham 
Fretz, Mar. 22, 1838. Mason and farmer. They 
lived and died upon the farm purchased of the Wil- 
liam Fretz' heirs in Bedminster Twp., now owned and 
occupied by their son Aaron F. Myers. New Menno- 
nites. Children: Henry, Abraham, Enos, Aaron, 
Mary. Mahlon, Infant, Susanna. 
VI. Henry F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 

21, 1839. Mrd. Emma Salena Harpel, Oct. 3, 1863. 
She was born Sept. 23, 1837; died Apr. 1, 1886. 
Farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Livera Myers, 
born Dec. 9, 1861. Lutheran. (VII.) Erwin H. Myers, 
born Oct. 17, 1866; died in 1889. (VII.) Anna Barbara 
Myers, born Nov. 16, 1868; died Feb., 1890. Luthe- 
ran. (VII.) Edgar H. Myers, born Mar. 3, 1872. 
Lutheran. (VII.) Nora Myers, born July 5, 1877. 

VI. Abraham F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
12, 1812. Mrd. Susanna High, Nov. 18, 1872. She 
was born Sept, 7, 1819: died Oct. 13, 1883. Farmer. 
New Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Anna Belle My< 'is. 
born June 21. 1875; died Aug. 28, 1875. (VII.) Clara 
V. B. Myers, born Aug. 6. 1877. (VII.) Josephene 
Myers, born Sept. 15, 1880. Abraham mrd. for his 
second wife Caroline, widow of Aaron K. Sine, 
(maiden name Micner), Feb. 8, 1890. 

VI. Enos F. Myers, born Sept. 19, 1811; died June 

22, 1857. 

VI. Aaron F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
10, 1816. Mrd. Lydia M. Moyer, of Saucon, Lehigh 
Co., Pa., May 1, 1869. Farmer. New Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Oscar M. Myers, born Dec. 12, 1869. 
New Mennonites. (VII.) Joseph M. Myers, born Mar. 
17, 1871. New Mennonite. (VII.) Titus M. Myers, 
born July 5, 1873. (VII.) Barbara Ann Myers, born 
Aug. 14, 1875; died Aug. 21, 1876. (VII.) Susan M. 
Myers, born May 25, 1877; died June 1. Is77. (VII.) 
Pierson M. Myers, born Jan. 11, 1879. (VII.) Isaiah 
M. Myers, born Oct. 13, 1881. (VII.) Henry M. 
Myers, born July 12, 1884; died Sept. 28, 1884. (VII.) 
Sevinus M. Myers, born Jan. 9, 1886. (VII.) Abra- 
ham M. Myers! born Feb. 22, 1888. 

— 177 — 

VI. Mary Ann Myers, born Feb. 27, 1818; died Mar. 
29, 1848. 

VI. Mahlon F. Myers, born May 31, 1849; died June 
21, 1849. 

VI. An Infant born Jan. 25, 1851; died unnamed. 

VI. Susanna Myers, born Mar. 12, 1853; died Feb. 
26, 1863. 

V. Anna Myers, born in Plumstead Twp., Baeks 
Co., Pa., June 13, 1813; died Nov. 19, 1875. Mrd. 
William Fretz. (See Index of References No. 40). 

V. Catharine Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
13, 1815; died in 1874. Unmrd. 

V. Henry F. Myers, born on the Old Homestead in 
Plumstead Twp., Aug., 12, 1817. Mrd. Anna, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth Krout, of New 
Britain Twp., Bucks Co., Sept. 19, 1844, and shortly 
after purchased the farm on which he now resides, 
near Wismer, Pa. Retired farmer. Mennnonites. 
Children: Oliver, Susanna, Amanda, John, Nathan, 
Lizzie. Leidy. 

VI. Oliver Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 14, 
1845. Mrd. Kate, daughter of Jacob M. Leatherman, 
of Plumstead, in 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Jeremiah Myers, born Feb. 7, 1871; died 
Feb. 7, 1873. (VII.) Newberry L. Myers, born Mar. 
2, 1872. (VII.) Harry L. Myers, born Mar. 25, 1876. 
(VII.) Willis L. Myers, born Dec. 21, 1878. (VII.) 
Clara L. Myers, born Aug. 26, 1881. 

VI. Susanna Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 20, 
1848. Mrd. John K. Landis, Nov. 13, 1875. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Leidy Landis. (VII.) 
Henry Landis — ; died, aged 1 day. 

VI. Amanda Myers, born Nov. 7, 1851; died Nov. 
23, 1859. 

VI. John Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 2, 
1853. Mrd. Susanna, daughter of Joseph F., and 
Sarah Myers, of Bedminster Twp., Sept., 1876. She 
died July, 1882. Farmer. Mennonite. Children: 
(VII.) Silas, Clara, (dee'd), Sarah, (dee'd). John mrd. 
second wife, Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Nancy 
Myers, of Plumstead Twp., Sept., 1883. Children: 
(VII.) Nathan, Rosa, Harvey, (dee'd), John, H., Nora. 

— 178 — 

VI. Nathan Myers, born May 25, 1856; died Oct. 12, 

VI. Lizzie Myers, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 10, 
1859. Mrd. Abraham L. Myers, of Bedminster, May 
1879. Farmer, Mennonite. 

VI. Leidy Myers, born Feb. 7, 1860. Mrd. Sallie G., 
daughter of Thomas and Susan Shelly, of Bucking- 
ham Twp. Farmer. Mennonite. One child: (VI I.) 
Ellen Myers. 

V. William F. Myers, born in Plumstead Twp., 
Bucks Co., Nov. 20, 1819. Mrd. Elizabeth Myers, in 

1849. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Catharine, 

VI. Catharine Myers, horn — ; died in infancy. 

VI. Sarah Myers, born in 1852. Mrd. Jacob B. 
Rosenberger. (See Index of References No. 41). 

V. Reuben F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 13, 
1821; died—. Mrd. Hannah High—. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Mahlon, John, William, 
Henry, Lizzie, Amanda, Reuben. 

VI. Mahlon H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., July 19, 
1848. Mrd. Amanda B. Leatherman, Oct. 31, 1868. 
She died May 8, 1872. Children: Edwin, Horace. 
Mahlon mrd. second wife, Mary, daughter of Henry 
Fretz, of Lincoln Co.', Canada, June 30, 1873. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Anna, Bculah, Mag- 
gie, Hannah, William, Henry, Mary. (VII.) Edwm 
Stanton Myers, born May 14, 1870. (VII.) Horace L. 
Myers, born Apr. 25, 1872; died May 6, 1872. (VII.) 
Anna F. Myers, born Feb. 25, 1875. (VII.) Beulah 
Eldora Myers, born July 25, 1876. (VII.) Maggie F. 
Myers, born Sept. 30, 1878; died Mar. 8, 1886." (VII.) 
Hannah F. Myers, born July 24, 1880. (VII.) William 
Howard Myers, born July 1, 1882; died Mar. 8, 
1886. VII.) Henry F. Myers, born Oct. 9, 1884; died 
Mar. 11, 1886. (VII.) Mary Emma Myers, born Mar. 
4, 1887. 

VI. John H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 19, 

1850. Mrd. Annie H. Myers, Dec. 23, 1876. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Daniel M. 
Myers, born Jan. 14, 1879. (VII.) Samuel Arthur 

— 179 — 

Myers, born Nov. 20, 1880. (VII.) Elwood Norman 
Myers, born Aug. 31, L888. 

VI. William H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 13, 
1853. Mrd. Catharine Myers, Oct. 13, 1877. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Franklin Myers, born 
Jan. 18, 1879. (VII.) Rosa May Myers, born Jan. 
26, 1881. (VII.) Clara Myers, born July 19, 1884. 

VI. Henry H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., in 1855. 
Mrd. Emeline P. Lear, — . Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Katie Myers,— . (VII.) Lizzie Myers, 
died in infancy. 

VI. Lizzie Myers, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 10, 1857. 
Mrd. Peter Beeler, Oct. 20, 1877. Carpenter and un- 
dertaker. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Alice Beeler, 
born Nov. 27, 1883. (VII.) Horace Beeler, born Dec. 
11, 1886. 

VI. Amanda Myers, born May 5, 1859; died Sept, 
17, 1875, aged 16y., 4m., 12d. 

VI. Reuben H. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 4, 
1860. Mrd. Laura M. Skillman, Nov. 11, 1882. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Warren S. Myers, born Nov. 10, 1884. 
(VII.) Howard Rawling Myers, born Nov. 9, 1886. 
(VII.) Herbert Russel Myers, born Aug. 11, 1888. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born July 8, 1786; died advanced 
in years, unmrd. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 5, 1787, 
died—. Mrd. Elizabeth Overholt, Mar. 6, 1817. She 
died — . Mason. Mennonites. Children: Christian, 

V. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 5, 1821; 
died—. Mrd. Maria Moyer, Mar. 7, 1847. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Annie, Abraham, 
Sallie, Jacob, Henry, Isaiah. 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 15, 
1848. Mrd. Joseph D. Bishop. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 42). 

VI. Annie Fretz, born Oct! 24, 1850. Mrd. William 
Beidler, June 4, 1870. Salesman. Children: (VII.) 
EllaBeidler, born Feb. 24, 1871. (VII.) Maria Beidler, 
born June 15, 1872. 

VI. Abraham M. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 15, 
1853. Mrd. Sarah Ann Hendricks, Nov. 22, 1873. 

— 180 — 

She was born July 26, 1855. Creameryman. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Ulysses G. H. Fretz, born 
June 20, 1875. (VII.) Albertha H. Fretz, born Nov. 

26, 1885. (VII.) Mabel May Fretz, born Apr. 6, 1888. 
VI. Sallie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 10, 1855. 

Mrd. A. E. Detwiler, Jan 20. 1877. Tinsmith. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Manerva Detwiler, born 
Oct. 6, 1878. (VII.) Preston Detwiler, born Jan. 18, 

VI. Jacob M. Fretz, born Feb. 6, 1860. Mrd. Lizzie 
Geisinger,— . Children: (VII.) Emma G. Fretz, born 
May 1, 1886. (VII.) Allen G. Fretz, born Aug.— 

VI. Henry M. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 8, 
1863. Farmer in Marshall Co., Kan. S. 

VI. Isaiah M. Fretz, born Jan. 27, 1866. S. 

V. Enos Fretz, born and died in Bucks Co., Pa., 
aged 24 years. No issue. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., in 1789; died 
Apr. 17, 1845. Mrd. Samuel Detwiler,—. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Rebecca, Abraham, Henry. 

V. Rebecca Detwiler, born Sept. 5, 1827, died young. 

V. Rev. Abraham F. Detweiler, born in Bucks Co. , 
Pa., Apr. 26, 1829. Mrd. Catharine Ann Kratz, May 

27, 1855. She died Nov. 29, 1863. They moved to 
Whiteside Co., 111., in 1856, and later to Clay Co. 
Farmer and Minister. About 1848 he was ordained to 
the ministry of the Mennonite church at Sterling, 111. 
Children: Roseannah, Catharine, Mary, Abraham. 

VI. Roseannah K. Detweiler, born in Whiteside Co., 
111., Oct. 2, 1858. Mrd. Frank Clark, June 14, 1883. 
Carpenter in Clay Co. , 111. No issue. 

VI. Catharine Ann K. Detweiler, born in Whiteside 
Co., 111. Oct. 15, 1859. S. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth K. Detweiler, born in Whiteside 
Co., 111., June 29, 1861. Mrd. Charles Shroder, Oct. 
20,1885. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Estclla Catharine 
Shroder, born Oct. 8, 1886. (VII.) Caroline Shroder, 
born Feb. 2, 1887. (VII.) William Augustus Shroder, 
born Dec. 8, 1889. 

VI. Abraham Lincoln K. Detweiler, born in White- 
side Co., 111., May 17, 1863. S. 

— 181 — 

V. Henry F. Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
5, 1832. Mrd.—. Farmer in Marshall Co., Kansas. 

VI. Eliza Henrietta Detweiler, born Nov. 8, 1859; 
died in 1883. Mrd. Frank Sterit, in 1877. They had 
three children. 

VI. Cassius M. C. Detweiler, born May 3, 1861. 

VI. Benjamin Lincoln Detweiler, born Aug. 18, 1862. 
Farmer in Marshall Co. , Kansas. 

VI. Oliver B. Detweiler, born Feb. 1, 1864. Mrd. 
Mary Grant, Jan. 20, 1888. Farmer in Kansas. 

VI. * Henry F. Detweiler, born Mar. 31, 1866. Farmer. 

VI. Mary Emma Detweiler, born May 27, 1868. 

VI. Annie Detweiler, born June 8, 1870. 

VI. Ida B. Detweiler, born Aug. 5, 1872. 

VI. Margaret Myrtle Detweiler, born Nov. 29, 1875. 

VI. J. J. H. Detweiler, born Feb. 3, 1878. 

VI. Infant daughter, still born, Jan. 10, 1882. 

VI. Estella Ethel Detweiler, born July 24, 1883. 

VI. Harvey Detweiler, born Mar. 28, 1885. 

IV. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., in 1791; died 
July 29, 1871. Mrd. Jacob Rittenhouse,— . They 
moved to Canada, where both died without issue. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 20, 
17l»2; (lied—. Mrd. John Myers. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 13). 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 12, 
1794, died July 19, 1874. Mrd. Susannah Leatherman, 
Jan. 20, 1820. She died Sept. 10, 1853. Children: 
Anna. Mary, Elizabeth, Levi, Susanna, David. He 
mrd. for his second wife Anna Krout (widow of Sam- 
uel Rosenberger), Nov. 21, 1859. In 1822 he moved 
to Hilltown Twp., where he lived about half a mile 
north of the Perkasie Meeting house. Farmer. Men- 

V. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 24, 1821. 
Mrd. Andrew Swartz, Sept. 25th, 1856. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Mahlon and Jacob. 

VI. Mahlon F. Swartz, born Dec. 26, 1857. Mrd. 
Emma Jane Steely, Mar. 25, 1882. Shoeniaker. One 
child: (VII.) Freeman Swartz, 

— 182 — 

VI. Jacob P. Swartz, born May 21, 1859. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Hockman, Feb. 10, 1883. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. No issue. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 1, 1823. 
Mrd. John Funk, Oct. 17, 1852, Farmer and tailor. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) A daughter, born Sept. 
27, I860; died same day. (VI.) Samuel F. Funk, born 
Dec. 11, 1861; died Jan. 24, 1881. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz. born in Bucks Co., July 20, 
1826. Mrd. H. Abraham Bewighouse. (See Index of 
References No. 44). 

V. Levi L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 24, 1829. 
Mrd. Mary Myers, Feb. 1860. She died Dec. 24, 
1861. No Issue. He mrd. for his second wife Mari- 
etta Rosenberger, Oct. 15, 1864. She died Mar. 17, 
1883. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Sarah 
Elizabeth R. Fretz, born Apr. 8, 1867; died June 25, 
1867. (VI.) Anna R. Fretz, born June 1, 1869. (VI.) 
Mary Alice Fretz, born May 25, 1872. (VI.) Maggie 
R. Fretz, born Dec. 23. 1876. 

V. Susanna Fretz, born Oct. 31, 1833; died Sept, 26, 
1834. * 

V. David L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co. , Oct. 7, 1836. 
Mrd. Mary Overholt, Dec. 10, 1859. Farmer, and 
lives on the Homestead in Hilltown. He was chosen 
Deacon of the Mennonite church at Blooming Glen, 
June 5, 1876. Children: Abraham, John, Amanda. 

VI. Abraham O. Fretz, born July 1, 1862. Mrd. 
Lizzie N. Freed, Dec. 22, 1883. In Creamery business. 
One child: (VI.) Mary Fretz, born July 12, 1889. 

VI. John O. Fretz, born Mar. 4, 1865. Mrd. Hannah 
E. Funk, Sept. 26, 1885. Farmer. Resides on the old 
Homestead in Hilltown. No issue. 

VI. Amanda Fretz, born Mar. 25, 1868. S. 

[V. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept, 25, 
1795, died — . He went to Canada, where he mrd. 
Margaret Rittenhouse, Dec. 15, 1817. She died about 
1832. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Sarah, 
Barbara, Dina, Anna, Henry, Joseph. Joseph mrd. 
for his second wife, Catharine Moyer, Apr. 2, 1833. 
No issue. His third wife was Eliza Martin. No issue, 

- 183 

V. Mary Fretz, horn in Lincoln Co., Ontario, Dec, 
!1, 1819; died Mar. 5, 1854. Mrd. Daniel Gerber, 


Sept. 3, 18-1:3. He was born Sept. 4, 1820. Ts 
They moved to Indiana in 1854, and to Fremont, 
Michigan in 1864. Mr. Gerber, Congregationalist, 
Wife, Mennonite. Children: Joseph, Elizabeth, 
John, Henry, William, Sarah. 

VI. Joseph Gerber, born in Canada, Jan. 12, 1845. 
Mrd. Agnes Moyer, Mar. 6, 1870. Tanner at Fre- 
mont, Mich. Oongregationalists. Children: (VII.) 
Theron D. Gerber/ born Feb. 13, 1871; died Sept. 

16, 1881. (VII.) Frank Gerber, born Jan. 12, 1873. 
(VII.) Mary Gerber, bom Dec. 10, 1875; died Sept. 
2, 1S76. (VII.) Harry Gerber, born Dec. 6, 1879. (VII.) 
Ethel Gerber, born Mar. 16, 1884. (VII.) Joseph 
Gerber, Jr., born June 22, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Gerber, born in Canada, July 4, 1847. 
Mrd. Chas. Ketcham in 1864. One child: (VII.) Car- 
rie Ketcham, born in 1866. Elizabeth married for 
her second husband William H. Shea,—. He died in 
1879. Children: (VII.) Mabel Shea. (VII.) Maud 
Shea. Mrs. Shea, Methodist. 

VI. John Gerber, born Dec. 15, 1848; died Feb. 27, 

VI. Henry Gerber, born Sept. 8, 1850; died Feb. 
23, 1854. 

VI. William Gerber, born Mar. 19, 1852. Mrd. Ella 
Billings, Oct, 1, 1877. She was born Mar. 1, 1855 
Real Estate Agent, No issue. 

VI. Sarah Gerber, born Feb. 21, 1854; died Sept. 6, 

V. Sarah Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ontario, Jan. 

17, 1822. Mrd. John W. Moyer, Nov. 29, 1868, 
(his second wife). No. issue. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Jan. 
15, 1824. Mrd. Abraham Funk in 1844. They both 
died in 1847. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, 
and Jacob. 

VI. Mary Funk, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 28, 
1844. Mrd. Isaac Hunsberger. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 45). 

— 184 — 

VI. Jacob Funk, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Oct. 26, 
1840; died Feb. 20, 1885. Mrd. Dinah Honsberger. 
Nov. 26, 1867. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) William Henry Funk, born Mar. 31, 1871, 
(VII.) Arthur James^Funk, born July 6, 1872. (VII.) 
Sarah Jane Funk, born Sept. 17, 1871. (VII.) Affgie 
Mabel Funk, born Sept. 3, 1876. (VII.) John Frank- 
lin Funk, born Nov. 3, 1877. (VII.) Mary Elizabeth 
Funk, born Jan. 2D, 1879. (VII.) Joseph Funk, born, 
May 31. 1882; died April 31, 1885. 

V. Diana Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 17, 
1826. Mrd. John Boose, Aug. 17, 1851. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Margaret, Joseph, William, 
John, Levi, Isaac. 

VI. Margaret Boose, born June 12, 1852. 

VI. Joseph Boose, born in Ontario, June 25, 1854. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Burnam, Jan. 11, 1876. Farmer. 
Res. in Essex Co., Ont, Children: (VII.) Joseph 
Emerson Boose. (VII.) Richard Nelson Boose. 

VI. William Boose, born in Ontario, Sept. 5, 1856. 
Mrd. Emma Seeter, Nov. 2, 1879. Farmer. Res. 
Essex Co., Ont, Children: (VII.) Ira E. Boose (dee'd). 
(VII.) William A. Boose. (VII.) Percey E. Boose. 
(VII.) Emma Mabel Boose. 

VI. John Henry Boose, born in Ontario, Feb. 8, 
1860. Mrd. Lizzie Hestler, Nov. 29, 1884. Farmer. 
Children: (VII.) Mary Etta Boose. (VII.) Herbert 

VI. Levi F. Boose, born in Ontario, Apr. 18, 1862. 
Martha J. Boughner, Jan. 2, 1889. Farmer. 

VI. Isaac F. Boose, born Mar. 13, 1865; died—. 

V. Anna Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 20, 
1826] She resides in a comfortable home of her own 
in Campden, Lincoln Co., Ont. Mennonite. Unmrd. 

V. Henry Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Mar. 
19, 1830. Mrd. Annie Kratz, Nov. 2, 1852. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Sarah, Mary, Levi, Annie, 
Maggie, Fannie, Emma, Martha. 

VI. Sarah Fretz. born Jan. 3, 1X54; died Sept. 9, 1856. 
VI. Mary Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont.. Nov. 28, 

1855. Mrd. Mahlon H. Myers. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 46). 

- 185 - 

VI. Levi Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 1, 
1857. Mrd. Madilla Mover, Oct. 11, 1880. Fruit 
Grower. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Beatrice Fretz, 
born Jan. 7, 1884. (VII.) Cora Fretz, born Aug. 21, 

VI. Annie Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, Jan. 26, 
1859. S. (1889.) 

VI. Maggie Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., July 
3, 1861. Mrd. Francis M. Fretz. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 47). 

VI. Fannie Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Nov. 
15, 1864. Mrd. James Hunsberger, Mar. 3, 1886. 
Fanner. Children: (VII.) Ernest Hunsberger, born 
Feb. 3, 1887. (VII.) Bertha Hunsberger, born July 
25, 1888. 

VI. Emma Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Sept. 
15, 1868. S— . (1880.) 

VI. Martha Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, May 3, 
1874. S. 

V. Joseph R. Fretz, born in Lincoln Co., Ont,, June 
13, 1832. Mrd. Elizabeth Hoover, Sept,^ 13, 1864. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Jacob, Sarah. 

VI. Jacob Henry Fretz, born Apr. 19, 1866. 
VI. Sarah E. Fretz, born Jan. 29, 1869. 

IV. Annie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 28, 
1797; died May, 19, 1882, aged 85y., 2m., lid. Mrd. 
Garrett Benner, about 1821. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Abraham, Catharine, Annie, Sarah, 

V. Abraham Benner, born in Bucks Co., about 1825; 
died—. Mrd. Elizabeth Bergey— . Farmer. Menno- 
nites. One child: Sarah. 

VI. Sarah B. Benner, born—. Mrd. Garret Det- 
wiler — . (See Index of References No. 48). 

V. Catharine Benner, born in 1827. Mrd. Daniel 
Detwiler, (Dec'd)— . Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Sarah, William, Reuben, Anna, David, Catha- 
rine, John, Daniel. 

VI. Sarah Ann Detwiler, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Jan. 17, 1848. Mrd. Henry S. Alderfer, Nov. 26, 
1869. He was born in -Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 
14, 1844, In Hay business. Mennonites, No issue, 

— 186 — 

VI. William Detwiler, born — ; died—. Mrd. Man- 
Myers — . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Samuel. Kate. 

VI. Reuben Detwiler, born — . Mrd. Lizzie Hen- 
dricks — . She died — . One child: (VII.) Abraham 
Detwiler. Reuben married for his second wife, 
Martha Rickert— . Hay Presser. Children: (VII.) 
I — , David, Valentine. Lizzie, and — . 

VI. Annie Detwiler, born — ; died — . Mrd. John 
Derstine — . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Enos Derstine, born — ; died — . 

VI. David Detwiler, born — . Mrd. Ada Hunsberger, 
— . Farmer and Huckster. Mennonite. Children: 
(VII.) Katie, John, two deceased. Bertha. 

VI. Catharine Detwiler, born — . Mrd. John Derstine 
— . Children: (VII.) Kate, Daniel, (Dec'd). 

VI. John Detwiler, born — ; died young. 

VI. Daniel Detwiler, born—. S. 

V. Annie Benner, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 11, 1828. 
Mrd. David B. Meyers, Sept. 19, 1847. He was born 
Apr. 30, 1821. Retired farmer. Mem. of Mennonite 
Ch., Deep Run. 

V. Sarah Benner, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June, 
1830. Mrd. Isaac Bewighouse. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 161). 

V. Henry F. Benner, born Oct. 12, 1833; died May 
11, 1868, "aged 34v. 7m. 2d. Unmrd. 

IV. Henry Fretz, Jr., born in Bucks Co., Feb. 2. 
1800; died—. Mrd. Catharine Benner in 1824. She 
was born Dec. 7, 1795; died — . Farmer in Hilltown 
Twp. Mennonites. Children: Catharine, Joseph, 

V. Catharine Ann Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 
29, 1827; died July 29, 1853. Mrd. Abraham Mover 
in 1848. He was born Nov. 14. 1820; died Nov. 19. 
1879. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth. 

VI. Elizabeth Mover, born Jan. 21, 1850. Mrd. 
Jacob H. M}-ers, Nov. 28, 1874. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Flora M. Myers, born June 
18, 1876. (VII.) Abraham Linford Myers, born Nov. 

— 187 — 

VI. Henry F. Mover, born Jan. 18, 1852. Mrd. 
A. Eliza Swartley, Nov. 18, 1882. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. One child": (VII.) Martha Mover, born Mar. 2, 

V. Joseph B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 18, 
1831. Mrd. Hester Kulp, Nov. 23, 1867. She died 
Jan. 21, 1878. Farmer, lives on the homestead in 
Hilltown Twp. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Sarah, 
Ann Fretz, born Feb. 10, 1869. (VI.) Henry K. Fretz, 
born Apr. 11, 1870. (VI.) Emma Jane Fretz, born 
Apr. 18, 1872; died Dec. 6,1876, aged ly., 7m., 18d. 
(VI.) Catharine K. Fretz, born Apr. 7, 1875. (VI.) 
Harvey K. Fretz, born Jan. 12, 1878. 

V. Sarah Fretz (Twin to Joseph B.), born in Bucks 
Co., Aug. 18, 1831. Mrd. Jacob L. Shaddinger, 
Mar. 23,"l875. No issue. (See Index of References 
No. 40). 

IV. John Fretz, born in 1803; died May 5, 1811. 

III. Martin Fretz, born on the Old Homestead, in 
BedminsterTwp., Aug. 9, 1761; died Sept. 26, 1835, 
71y., lm., 19d. Farmer and Linseed Oil manufr. He 
lived in Hilltown Twp. , near Yost's Mill, on the farm 
now occupied by Jacob Smith. He was an honest, 
upright man, and held in high esteem. As a chris- 
tian, he endeavored faithfully to discharge his religious 
duties, in all of which he was conscientiously strict. 
He never allowed any member of his family to leave 
the church before the benediction was pronounced. An 
adage of his was: "Wernausgeht vor dem segen, 
geht dem fluch entgegen. 11 Though at times taking 
a smoke, it was a saying of his, '"That he never 
wanted to be a slave to tobacco or whisky. 11 In the 
time of the subject of this sketch, many of the lux- 
uries of the present day were not enjoyed. There 
were no carpets, and no parlor matches in those days. 
Sometimes they had to go to neighbors for fire, and 
on one occasion the Fretz 1 meadow was set on fire by 
borrowed fire. For the married girls in those days 
the dry goods outfit was mostly home-made. The 
spinning wheel was one of the fixtures of the family, 
and in this family of ten girls there were six spinning 

— 188 — 

wheels going at one time, commencing at 5 o'clock in 
the morning, and continuing until 10 and 11 P. M. 
One of the daughters, Mrs. Susanna Funk, generally 
spun 18 cuts of flax per day, and one day she spun 
20 cuts. The reel and the shaving bench were in 
the same room. Martin Fretz was one of the first 
to get a Dearborn pleasure wagon. Bows and cover 
were taken along, and if wanted, in case of rain, were 
put up. Among the relics of this home is a bar of 
soap made by his wife in 1816, one of her last acts, 
now in the possession of a grand-daughter, Esther 
Hunsberger, of Dublin, Pa. Martin Fretz was twice 
married." His first wife was Anna Kratz, by whom he 
had fifteen children. She was born Sept. 11, 1768; died 
June 24, 1816. He married for his second wife Anna 
Licey — . They were members of the Mennonite 
church at Blooming Glen, where he and his wives lie 
buried. The children, all by the first wife, are: Bar- 
bara, Mary, Agnes, Betsey, Betsey, Nancy, Veronica, 
Martin, Martin, Susanna, Silas, Veronica, Catharine, 
Leah, Rachel. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born Sept. 11, 1787; died in 1879, 
from the effects of a broken limb occasioned by a fall. 
Mrd. Rudolph Moyer, in the spring of 1807. He died 
in 1871. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, 
Martin, Nancy, Catharine, Enos, Christian, Abra- 

V. Mary Moyer, born Feb. 11, 1808. Mrd. Abra- 
ham O. Alderfer, Nov. 11, 1826. He died Apr. 19, 
1868. Farmer in Lower Salford, Montgomery Co. 
Mennonites. Children: Isaac, Rudolph, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, Henry, Mary. 

VI. Isaac Alderfer, born Oct. 19, 1828: died Feb. 
11, 1830. 

VI. Rudolph Alderfer, born in Montgomerv Co., 
Nov. 16, 1830; died Oct, 2, 1859. Mrd. Catharine 
Bean, Sept. 17, 1853. Farmer. Children: Abraham, 
Jeremiah, Lizzie. 

VII. Abraham B. Alderfer, born Aug. 11, 1854. 
Mrd. Maggie Reiff, Dec. 31, 1881. Engineer. Chil- 
dren: (VI I L) Jacob Linwood Alderfer, born Sept. 4, 
18 84 r (VIII.) Mary Lizzie Alderfer, born Oct, 17, 1885, 

— 189 — 

VII. Jeremiah B. Alderfer, born May 31, 1858. Mrd. 
Amanda H. Price, Jan. 7, 1882. Dealer in Pianos and 
Organs, at Hatfield, Pa. Children: (VIII.) Henry P. 
Alderfer, born Jan. 11, 1881. (VIII.) Susan P. Alder- 
fer, born Feb. 11, 1886. 

VII. Lizzie B. Alderfer, born Mar. 11, 1860. Mrd. 
Newton P. Kern, Mar. 28, 1885. Knitter by trade, 
and farmer near Greensborough, Maryland. No issue. 

VI. Abraham Alderfer, born Oct. 22, 1832; died 
Feb. 16, 1838. 

VI. Elizabeth Alderfer, born Jan. 29, 1838. Mrd. 
Jacob H. Allebach, in 1855. Farmer in Lower Sal- 
ford, Montgomery Co., Pa. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary, Romanus. 

VI I : Mary Allebach, born Sept. 27, 1863. Mrd. 
James D. Swartley, in 1883. Laborer. Mennonites. 
One child: (VIII.) Lizzie Swartley, born Aug. 15, 1888. 

VII. Romanus Allebach, born Aug. 11, 1869. 

VI. Henry M. Alderfer, born Feb. 26, 1839. Mrd. 
Barbara H. Tyson, Mar. 1, 1863. Proprietor of the 
Perkiomen Bridge Hotel at Collegeville, Montgomery 
Co. , Pa. Mennonites. No issue. 

VI. Mary Alderfer, born Jan. 26, 1841. Mrd. Samuel 
K. Cassel, Jan. 20, 1866. Farmer in Montgomery 
Co. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Lizzie Ann Cassel, 
born Aug. 21, 1868. (VII.) Rachel Cassel, born Apr. 
23, 1871. (VII.) Isaiah Cassel, born July 31, 1875. 

V. Martin Moyer, born Oct, 3, 1809; died—. Mrd. 
Catharine Hunsicker, Sept. 27, 1835. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. They had one son— Rudolph H. Mrs. Moyer 
died Jan. 9, 1839. Mr. Moyer mrd. for his second 
wife, Elizabeth Moyer, Nov. 26, 1839. Children: 
Catharine, Hannah, Barbara, Jacob, Enos, Abraham, 
William, Isaiah. 

VI. Rudolph H. Moyer, born Dec. 25, 1836. Mrd. 
Anna Kulp, Dec. 25, 1862. She died Mar. 11, 1875. 
He mrd. for his second wife, Mary Ann Kulp, Oct. 
31,1875. Farmer. Mennonites. Children, all by first 
wife: Emma, Allen, Elizabeth, Ellen, Leidy. 

VII. Emma Moyer, born Mar. 9, 1866; died Feb. 11, 
1889. Mrd. Milton Stover—. Children: (VIII.) Katie 

— 190 — 

M. Stover, born — ; died in infancy. (VIII.) Arthur 

M. Stover—. 

VII. Allen K. Mover, horn Jan. 25, 1868; died June 
20, 1881. 

VII. Elizabeth Mover, born Aug. 4, 1869. Mrd. 
Samuel Rohr, June 15, 1889. 

VII. Ellen Moyer, born Dec. 9, 1870. 

VII. Leidv K. Mover, born July 26, 1872; died July 
8, 1873. 

VI. Catharine Moyer, born in New Britain Twp., 
Bucks Co., Dee. 14. 1840. Mrd. Isaiah Summers, 
Dec. 22, 1861. Liveryman. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Lizzie Summers, born Sept. 2, 1864; died Mar. 
19, 1865. (VII.) Harvey M. Summers, born Mar. 2, 
1867. Employed in Saw Mill at M't. Tabor, in 
Columbia Co., N. C. Lutheran. (VII.) Edwin Sum- 
mers, born Nov. 30, 1868. Employed in brass foundry. 
Lutheran. (VII.) Willie Summers, born Mar. 18, 
1870; died Aug. 24, 1870. (VII.) Ellie Summers, 
born Apr. 1, 1871. Lutheran (VII.) Martha Summers, 
born Jan. 11, 1879. 

VI. Hannah Moyer, born in Bucks Co., May 12, 
1843. Mrd. John W. Lapp, Sept. 2, 1871. He died 
Sept. 27, 1873. Mrs. Lapp mrd. David L. Gehman, 
Nov. 30, 1878. Farmer. Mennonites. One child: 
(VII.) Abraham Gehman, born Mar. 14, 1883. 

VI. Barbara Moyer, born Mar. 10, 1845; died, 1863. 

VI. Jacob Moyer, born Aug. 24, 1847; died—. 

VI. Enos Mover, born Aug. 9, 1849; died — . 

VI. Abraham M. Mover, born Aug. 6, 1861. Mrd. 
Mary Fly, Sept. 21, 1872. She died Feb. 16, 1875. 
Butcher. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Jannetta 
Moyer, born June 5, 1873. (VII.) Mary Moyer, born 
Feb. 16, 1875. Abraham mrd. for his second wife, 
Anna Fly — . Children: (VII.) Magdalena Moyer, born 
Dec. 21, 1877. (VII.) Henry Rodman Moyer, born 
July 28, 1881. (VII.) Theodore Moyer, born Oct. 9, 

VI. William Moyer, born Nov. 1853; died—. 

VI. Isaiah M. Mover, born June 2, 1856. Mrd. Mary 
Ida Fisher, of Doylestown, Sept. 1, 1877. Salesman 
of the Singer Mfg. Co., of Philadelphia, Pa. Bap- 

— 191 — 

tists. Children: (VII.) William Henry Mover, born 
May 27, 1878. (VII.) Cyrenus Moyer, born Oet. 11, 
1880; died Apr. 8, 1884. 

V. Anna Moyer, born in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 
11, 1811. Mrd. Henry O. Alderfer, Mar. 17, 1833. 
Twiner and Spinning-wheel maker, in Upper Salford, 
Montgomery Co. Mennonites. Children: Isaac, 
Abraham, Barbara. 

VI. Isaac M. Alderfer, born Feb. 18, 1831, died Mar. 
20, 1873. Mrd. Catharine Souder, of Montgomery 
Co., Oct. 29, 1859. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Elizabeth, Anna, Malinda, Henry, Samuel, Emaline. 

VII. Elizabeth Alderfer, born Nov. 10, 1860. died 
June 22, 1866. 

VII. Anna Alderfer, born June 21, 1862. Mrd. Jonas 
M. Horning, Feb. 2, 1881. Butcher. Mennonites. 
Children: (VIII.) Ella Horning, born in 1885. (VIII.) 
Kate Horning, born July 12, 1886, died June 1, 1887. 

VII. Malinda Alderfer, born Aug. 28, 1861, died June 
17, 1866. 

VII. Henry S. Alderfer, born Jan. 5, 1867. Tin- 
smith in California. S. 

VII. Samuel S. Alderfer, born June 23, 1868. Car- 
penter. S. 

VII. Emaline Alderfer, born — . S. 

VI. Abraham M. Alderfer, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Nov. 29, 1839. Mrd. Mary C. Godshall, of Fran- 
conia, Nov. 21, 1863. Dealer in Feed, Hay and Coal, 
at Priesters, near Telford, Pa. Children: Anna, Kate, 
Mahlon, Mary, Barbara. 

VII. Anna Alderfer, born Feb. 1, 1865, died July 15, 

VII. Kate Alderfer, born Mar. 17, 1866. Mrd. Abra- 
ham O. Roth, Jan. 16, 1886. Two days after their 
marriage, June 18th, Mr. Roth took his newly made 
wife back to her parents from the Roth homestead, 
and while returning to his home, he took a friend, 
Peter Roth, with him in his carriage, and took the road 
for Sellersville, where they had some business to 
attend to. As they were crossing the railroad track 
at Clymer's Crossing, they were caught by a wreck- 
train, and the newly made husband was instantly 

— 192 — 

killed, while Peter Roth, escaped serious injury. 
Thus the young couple were married only two days, 
when they were separated by death. Kate mrd. for 
her second husband Tobias K. Moyer, of Franconia. 
(See Index of References No. 50). 

VII. Mahlon Alderfer, born July 12, 1867. S. 

VII. Mary Ann Alderfer, born Mar. 30, 1871. S. 

VII. Barbara Alderfer, born Aug. 25, 1876, died Dec. 
12, 1878. 

VI. Barbara M. Alderfer, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Dec. 7, 1850, died Mar. 28, 1888. Mrd. to Jacob 
M. Price, Dec. 23, 1871. He died Apr. 7, 1871. One 
child: (VII.) Anna Price, born May 11, 1873. Barbara 
mrd. for her second husband Enos Z. Wambold, of 
Lower Salford Twp., Sept. 25, 1880. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Katie Wambold, born July 
2, 1881. (VII.) Abraham Wambold, born Apr. 23, 
1883. (VII.) Enos Wambold, born Jan. 7, 1885. (VII.) 
Henry Wambold, born Apr. 25, 1887. 

V. Catharine Moyer, born Dec. 3, 1813. Mrd. Sim- 
eon Kratz, Nov. 23, 1831. He was born Feb. 22, 1807, 
died May 5, 1865. Farmer. Mennonites. Children : 
Enos, William, Mary, Barbara, Ephrain, Mahlon, 
Catharine, Aaron, Emma. 

VI. Enos. M. Kratz, born in 1836, died Apr., 1890. 
Mrd. Hannah, daughter of Rev. Henry B. Moyer, of 
Blooming Glen, Pa. , in 1865. Farmer and Teacher. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Henry Kratz, born in 
1866. S. (VII.) Harvey Kratz, born in 1869. S. (VII.) 
Mary Kratz, born in 1874. (VII.) Katie Kratz, (Twin 
to Mary), died in 1883. (VII.) Frank Kratz, born in 
1877. (VII.) Lizzie Kratz, born in 1879. (VII.) Daniel 
Kratz, born in 1882. (VII.) Oliver Kratz, born in 
1881. (VII.) Emma Kratz, born in 1887. 

VI. William M. Kratz, born Nov. 24, 1837. Mrd. 
Mary E. Shaddinger, of Plumstead, Pa., Nov. 19, 
1864. She died Apr. 25, 1882, without issue. Mr. 
Kratz mrd. for his second wife Elizabeth Hunsberger, 
Dec. 26, 1885. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Ida May Kratz, born Oct. 12, 1886. (VII.) Laura 
Kratz, born July 19, 1889. 

(See page 227 ) 

- 193 - 

VI. Mary Ann Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 8, 
1842. Mrd. Joseph (i. Mover, of Hilltown Twp., 
Dec. 23, 1862. Wholesale and Retail Lumber and Coal 
Merchant at Perkasie. Mrs. Moyer Ger. Reformed. 
Children: Madora, Irwin, Elmer, Mary, Dyre, Gertie. 

VII. S. Madora Mover, Born Apr. 3. 1861. Mrd. 

B. Frank Hartzell, Feb. 23, 1883. Merchant Miller. 
Ger. Reformed. Children: (VIII.) Russel M. Hartzell, 
born Mar. 11, 1885. (VIII.) Percy M. Hartzell, born 
Mar. 15, 1887. 

VII. H. Irwin Moyer. born Aug. 2, 1865. Mrd. 
Eliza, daughter, of David K. Moyer, of Hilltown, 
Sept. 29, 1887. Clerk. Ger. Reformed. 

VII. Elmer K. Moyer, born July 22, 1867. Telegraph 
Operator. Ger. Reformed. 

VII. Mary Delilah Moyer, born Nov. 2, 1872. Ger. 

VII. J. Dyre Moyer, born Sept. 11, 1875. 

VII. Gertie K. Moyer, born Mar. 1, 1882. 

VI. Barbara Kratz', bom in Bucks Co., Oct. 1, L843. 
Mrd. Christian D. Moyer—. He was born Mar. 13, 
1839. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Edwin, Anna, 
Emma, Catharine, Abraham, Alice. 

VII. Edwin K. Moyer, born May 16, 1863. Mrd. 
Anna S. Mover, of Franconia, Nov. 6, 1886. Farmer. 
One child: (VIM.) Lizzie Moyer, born May 10, 1888. 

VII. Anna Mary K. Moyer, born Mar. 1, 1865. 

VII. Emma K. Moyer, born Sept. 15, 1867. 

VII. Catharine K. Moyer, born Mar. 19, 1869. Mrd. 
Jonas C. Cressman, Dec. 21, 1887. Harness maker. 

VII. Abraham K. Moyer, born Jan., 1878. 

VII. Alice K. Moyer, born Jan. 3, 1880. 

VI. Ephraim M. "Kratz, born Mar. 26, 1815. Mrd. 
Catharine, daughter of Henry Clymer, of Warring- 
ton, — . Teacher. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Norman 

C. Kratz, born Mar. 9, 1871. (VII.) Mary Kratz, born 
Oct, 16, 1875. (VII.) Estella Kratz, born Feb. 23, 
1877. (VII.) Eugene Kratz, born Dec. 21, 1878. (VII.) 
Mabel Kratz. born May 8, 1882. (VII.) Ephraim Le 
Roy Kratz, born May 12, 1888. 

Vf. Mahlon M. Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 22, 
1817. Mrd. Mary Ella Cohill, Apr. 28, 1886. Dispens- 

— 194 - 

ing Chemist, at Manheim St. and Germantown Ave. , 
Philadelphia, Pa. One child: (VII.) Raymond Cohill 
Kratz, born Oct, 12, 1887. 

VI. Catharine Kratz, born Nov. 15, 1848. Mrd. Isaac 
George, Nov. 16, 1867. Carpenter. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Wilson K. George, born Nov. 13, 
1868. (VII.) Emma Jeannette George, born Nov. 30, 

VI. Aaron M. Kratz. born in Bucks Co., Nov. 13, 
1855. Mrd. Mary Clymer, Jan. 8, 1878. In Baking 
business. Ger. Reformed. One child: (VII.) A. Wesley 
Kratz, born May 16, 1880. 

VI. Emeline Kratz. born Feb. 2, 1859. Mrd. Nero 
Button, Nov. 25, 1875. Artesian Well Driller and 
general agent wind mills and force pumps. Ger. Ref. 
No issue. 

V. Enos F. Moyer, born Mar. 8, 1816, died Mar. 15, 
1883. Mrd. Leah Hunsieker, Jan. 23, 1842. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Barbara, Lydia, Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Isaac, Rudolph, Leah, Annie, 

VI. Barbara Moyer, born Aug. 10, 1841. Mid. 
Jacob Godshall— . 

VI. Lydia Mover, born Aug. 17. 1846, died Sept. 4, 

VI. Mary H. Moyer, born May 28, 1848. Mrd. 
Samuel M. Moyer, Nov. 9, 1866. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Allen Moyer, born Sept. 1, 1868. 
(VII.) Leanna Moyer, born Mar. 8, 1871. (VII.) Enos 
Moyer, born Sept. 14, 1872. (VII.) William Moyer, 
born Oct. 15, 1874. (VII.) Jacob Moyer, born Nov. 
23,1876. (VII.) Samuel Moyer, born Mar. 12, 1879. 
(VII.) Mamie Stella Moyer, born July 19. 1882. (VII.) 
Henry Clayton Moyer, born Mar. 2, 1887. 

VI. Lizzie Moyer, born Dec. 9, 1851. Mrd. Jacob 
Yoder — . 

VI. Isaac Moyer, born June 4, 1856; died in infancy. 

VI. Rudolph Moyer (Twin), born June 4, 1856. died 
in infancy. 

VI. Leah Moyer. born Mar. 4, 1857, died Oct. 10, 

VI. Annie Moyer. born Nov. 2(5, 1859. Mrd. to John 
Anglemoyer. (See Index of References No. 51). 

- 195 - 

V. Christian F. Mover, horn in Franconia Twp., 
Montgomery Co.. Pa., Dec. 2, 1818. Mrd. Mary 
Clymer, Jan. 15, 1844. Farmer. Mennonites. Twelve 
children; six died in infancy. The living 1 , born in 
Hilltown Twp.. are William, Abraham, Henry. John, 
Enos, Christian. 

VI. William C. .Mover, born Mar. 5, 1S54. Mrd. 
Mary Mover, Mar. 9, 1876. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children:' (VII.) Elmer Mover, born Dec. 19,1876. 
(VII.) Delia Moyer. horn Mar. 7, 1879. (VII.) Eugene 
Moyer, horn Apr. 2, 1880. (VII.) Clara Moyer. horn 
May '2'2, 1884. (VII.) Celina Mover, born Aug. 11, 

VI. Abraham C. Mover, horn Apr. 28, 1856. Mrd. 
Salome Fulmer, Jan. 25, 1879. Machine Agent. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Lily Mover, horn Apr. 
20,1880. (VII.) Mary Jane Mover, horn Auo-. 6,1887. 

VI. Henry C. Mover, born Mar. 20, 1858. Mrd. 
Celina Toon, Feb. 17, 1880. Has a Bakery. Luthe- 
rans. Children: (VII.) Alfred, (deceased). Mary, 
Elizabeth, Florence. 

VI. John C. Moyer, born Dec. 31, 1860, died Apr. 
26, 1888. Mrd. Lizzie Herman, of Kutztown, Pa., 
Nov. 20, 1883. Creameryman. Reformed. No issue. 

VI. Enos C. Moyer, born July 10, 1862. Mrd. Mary 
Keeler, of Upper Providence. Montg, Co., Dec. 21, 
1885. Owns and operates a Creamery. Lutherans. 
One child: (VII.) WormanK. Mover, horn Feb. 3, 1887. 
. VI. Christian C. Moyer, born Mar. 28, 1867. Mrd. 
Alice Deily, of Perkasie, Mar. 20, 18S7. Station 
Agent at Downington, Chester Co.. Pa. One child: 
(Vll.) Elva D. Moyer, born Nov. IS, 1887. 

V. Abraham F. Mover, horn in Franconia Twp., 
Montgomery Co., Oct, 21. L820. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Kolb, Mar. 16, 1817. She died July 28, 1864. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Tobias. Mary. William, Abra- 
ham, Elizabeth, Emaline, Kate. Mr. Mover mrd. 
for his second wife, Elizabeth Alderfer, Aug. l!>. 1865. 

VI. Tobias K. Mover, born Nov. 1. 1849. Mrd. Kate 
G. Roth (Nee Alderfer), Apr. 7, 1888. Farmer. 
Mennonites. One child. (VII.) Abraham A. Moyer, 
horn Apr. 5. 1889. 

- 196 — 

VI. Mary K. Moyer, born June 9, 1851. Mrd. 
George H. Ruth in 1873. He was born June 10. 1851. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Elizabeth Ruth, born 
May 26, 1875, died Mar. 26, 1876. (VII.) Henry Ruth, 
born Feb. 26, 1877. (VII.) Abraham Ruth, born Dec. 
27, 1879. (VII.) Vincent Ruth, born Apr. 17, 1885. 
(VII.) Emma Ruth, born Sept. 3, 1886. 

VI. William K. Moyer, born Jan. 11, 1853. Mrd. 
Mary T. Moyer. Jan. 1, 1876. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Sallie M. Moyer, born Feb. 4, 1878. 
(VII.) Lizzie M. Moyer, born Feb. 10. 1882. 

VI. Abraham K. Moyer, born Dec. 1, 1854. Mrd. 
Mary, daughter of Daniel G. Nice, Nov. 11, 1876. 
Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Lizzie Moyer, 
born Sept. 25, 1877. 

VI. Elizabeth K. Mover, born Sept, 1, 1857. Mrd. 
Henry M. Nice, Jan. 20, 1877. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Allen M. Nice, born Apr. 21, 1878. 
(VII.) Abraham M. Nice, born Apr. 7, 1881. (VII.) 
Katie M. Nice, born Oct. 23, 1886. 

VI. Emaline K. Moyer, born Feb. 23, 1860. Mrd. 
Hiram Clemmer, Jan. 23, 1880. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Lizzie Clemmer, born Jan. 29, 1881. 
(VII.) Abraham Clemmer, born Noy. 22, 1883; died 
Dec. 3, 1883. (VII.) Laadan Clemmer, born Dec. 15, 
1886. (VII.) Hiram Clemmer, born Mar. 10, 1889. 

VI. Catharine K. Moyer, born Oct. 9, 1861. Mrd. 
Abraham A. Groff, Dec. 8, 1883. Miller. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Annie Groff, born June 6, 1885. 
(VII.) Alice Groff. born Sept. 2, 1887. 

IV. Mary Fretz. born in Bocks Co., Feb. 9, 1788; 
died — . Mrd. Henry Anglemoyer, Oct., 1807. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, 
Leah, Martin, Rachel, Barbara, Catharine, Henry, 

V. Ann Anglemoyer, born Sept, 2. 1809; died — . 
Mrd. Joseph Freed, in 1829. Farmer and mer- 
chant. Mennonites. Children: John, Annie, Mary. 
Henry, Joseph, Jacob. 

VI. John Freed, born Dec. 27. 1829; died June 15. 

— 197 — 

VI. Annie Freed, born Dec. 25, 1831; died Jan. 11, 
1857. Mrd. Franklin Hendricks, in Oct., 1852. Mer- 
chant, One child: (VII.) Louisa Hendricks, born—. 
Died in infancy. 

VI. Mary Freed, born July 3, 1831. Mrd. Philip N. 
Hart man, Oct. 26, 1851. Farmer. Merchant. Ger. 
Reformed. Children: Franklin and Emma. 

VII. Franklin F. Hartman, born July 31, 1855. Mrd. 
Josie Robinson, Mar. 21, 1880. Children: (VIII.) 
Harry Hartman, born Oct. 28, 1882. (VIII.) Mary 
Emma Hartman, born Oct. 28, 1881. 

VII. Emma Hartman, born June 21, 1865. Mrd. Harry 
G. Gotwals, June 23, 1888. Machinist in Philadelphia, 
Pa. Mrs. Gotwals Ger. Reformed. 

VI. Henry A. Freed, born Mar. 29, 1838; died Sept. 
28, 1816. 

VI. Joseph Freed, born Oct. 29, 1812; died Sept. 11, 

VI. Jacob A. Freed, born July 5, 1851. Mrd. Lydia 
Lewis, Jan. 1, 1873. Farmer. Member of the Men- 
nonite Ch., of which he is a deacon. Children: (VII.) 
Joseph Freed, born Nov. 8, 1874. (VII.) Lizzie Freed, 
born Jan. 29, 1876. (VII.) Annie Freed, born Aug. 
28, 1877. (VII.) Mar v Freed, bom Apr. 9, 1879; died 
Sept. 11, 1879. (VI I.) Emma Freed, born Aug. 22, 
1881. (VII.) Lydia Freed, born May 3, 1883. (VII.) 
Susan Freed, born May 6, 1885. 

V. Elizabeth Anglemoyer, born Oct. 26, 1811; died 
— . Mrd. Michael Oberholtzer,—. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Abraham, Henry, John. Jacob, 
Michael, Jonas, Lizzie, William, Mary. 

VI. Abraham Oberholtzer, lives at Bangor, Pa. 

VI. Henry A. Oberholtzer, lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. John A. Oberholtzer, lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Jacob A. Oberholtzer, born — ; died — . 

VI. Michael A. Oberholtzer, born Aug. 31, 1816; 
died July 28, 1881. Mrd. Mary Ann D. Alderfer, 
Dec. 21, 1870. Blacksmith. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Quintin A. Oberholtzer, born Sept. 31, 
1871; died Oct. 21, 1871. (VII.) William Henry A. 
Oberholtzer, born June 18, 1873; died Mar. 15, 1871. 
(VII.) Lizzie A. Oberholtzer, born Dec. 8, 1871. (VII.) 

— 198 — 

Abraham A. Oberholtzer, born Mar. 9, 1879; died 
Sept. 20, L879. 

VI. Jonas Oberholtzer, born—; died—. 

VI. Lizzie Oberholtzer. born — ; died — . 

VI. William Oberholtzer. born—; died—. 

VI. Mary Oberholtzer, born—; died—. 

V. Mary Anglemoyer, horn July 4, 1814; died—. 
Mrd. MichaelRuth,— . Carpenter and farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Jacob, Eliza. Mary. 

VI. Jacob A. Ruth, born—. Mrd. Maria Wismer— . 
She died—. Shoemaker. Moravian. Children: (VII.) 
Infant. Malinda, Ambrose, Michael. Jacob mrd. for 
his second wife, Anna Hoekman. Children. (VII.) 
Elmer. Flora. 

VI. Eliza Ruth. born—. Mrd. David Zimmerman—. 
Carpenter. Children: Lena, Susanna. Frank, and two 
died. (VII.) Lena Zimmerman, born—. Mrd. Joseph 
Souder— . (VII.) Susanna Zimmerman, born—. (VII.) 
Frank Zimmerman, born — . 

VI. Mary Ruth, bora . Mrd. Abraham Godshall— . 
Children: (VII.) Lizzie, Michael, Anna, (deceased), 
Mary Ann, Emma. Clara. 

V. Susan Anglemoyer, horn Oct. 1*2. 1817; died in 
1882. Mrd. John Kaufman in 1839. He died in 1863. 
Farmer. Riv. Brethren. Children: Mary and Henry. 

VI. Mary A. Kauffman, horn Aug. 27. 1841. Mrd. 
Rev. Henry A. Landis, in 1860. Farmer and Minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the River Brethren 
church, at Grater's Ford. Montgomery Co., Pa., in 
1877, where he has preached since ordination. Chil- 
dren: Abraham, John. Susan. Magdalena, Elizabeth, 
Henrv. Mary. Martha. Sallie, Wilhelmina, Joseph, 
Eliza! Andrew. Jane. Kate. Emma. 

VII. Abraham K. Landis, horn Apr. 4. 1861. Mrd. 
Susan A. Wismer, in 1882. Fanner. Riv. Brethren. 
Children: (VIII.) FranieW. Landis. horn Jan. 7. L883. 
(VIII.) Mary W. Landis. horn Mar. 14, 1885. (VIII.) 
Henry W. Landis. horn Oct. 16, L887. 

VII. John K. Landis. born Mar. 2. 1862. VII. Susan 
K. Landis, horn Jan. 15, 1864. VII. Magdalena K. 
Landis, horn Feb. 1. L865. VII. Elizabeth K. Landis. 
bora Apr. I!'. L866; died Jan, 22, 1867, VII. Henry 

— 199 — 

K. Landis, horn May 2, 1867. VII. Mary K. Landis, 
horn Ana'. 24, 1868. VII. Martha K. Landis, born 
Oct. 5, 1869. VII. Sallie K. Landis, horn Nov. 25, 
L870. VII. Wilhelmina K. Landis, horn Aug. 13, 
1872. VII. Joseph K. Landis, horn Oct. 8, 1873. VII. 
Eliza K. Landis, born Jan. 17, 1877. VII. Andrew K. 
Landis, horn Aug. 6, 1878; died Apr 30, 1887. VII. 
Jane K. Landis, horn Mar. 17. L881. VII. Katie Ann 
K. Landis, horn Mar. •_'."», L882. VII. Emma K. Lan- 
dis. born July 18, 1881. Of the above children the 
eight eldest arc members of the River Brethren eh. 

VI. Henry Kaufman, horn at Lawndale, Bucks Co., 
in L846. Mrd. Martha Graybill, June 12, 1869. Mer- 
chant at Zeiglersville, Montgomery Co. Riv. Brethren. 
Children: (VII.) William G. Kaufman, born June 22, 
L870.. (VII.) Henry G. Kaufman, born Dec. 21, 1871. 
(VII.) Sallie G. Kaufman, born Mar. 10, 1877; died 
Jan. 10, 1878. (VII.) Christopher Kaufman, born 
June 22, 1888. 

V. Leah Anglemoyer, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 20, 
1819. Mrd. Joseph D. DetwUer, Feb. 29, 1811. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Anna, John, 
Henry, Garrett, Lizzie, Sallie. 

VI. Mary Ann Detwiler, horn Feb. 11, 1813. Mrd. 
Rev. Amos K. Bean, Jan. 10, 1861. Farmer and min- 
ister of the Mennonite eh. Children: (VII.) John D. 
Bean, horn Nov. 23, L864. (VII.) Joseph D. Bean, 
born July 6, 1866. (VII.) Leah D. Bean, born Dec. 21, 
1868. (VII.) Henry D. Bean, born Dec. 20, 1870. 
(VII.) Irwin D. Bean, horn Sept. 25, 1872; died June 
12, L873. (VII.) Amos D. Bean, born Dec. 19, 1873. 
(VII.) Garret D. Bean, born July 10, 1875; died Aug. 
9, 1875. (VII.) Lizzie D. Bean, born Aug. 7, .1876; 
died Aug. 20, 1x77. (VII.) Isaac D. Bean, born Sept. 
23, 1S77: (VII.) Clement D. Bean, horn Aug. 11,1879. 
(VII.) Mary D. Bean, born July 25, 1881. (VII.) Wil- 
liam D. Bean, born Apr. 21, L883; died Sept. 19, 1883. 
(VII.) AlvinD. Bean, horn Oct. l>:>, 1884; died Apr. 
30, L885. (VII.) Sallie D. Bean, horn Sept. 6, 1886. 

VI. Anna A. Detwiler, bom Mar. 24, 1845. Mrd. 
George R. Detwiler. Nov. 25, 1865. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Leanna D. Detwiler, born 

— 200 — 

Sept. 3, 1866. Mrd. John B. Bergey, Oct. 9, 1886. 
Farmer. Mems. Trinity Christian ch. (VII.) Garret 
D. Detwiler, born Aug. 21, 1868; died Sept. 1, 1868. 
(VII.) Joseph D. Detwiler, born Nov. 5, 1869. (VII.) 
Fannie I). Detwiler, born June 22, 1872; died Feb. 
25, 1886. (VII.) Harry D. Detwiler, born Sept. 5, 
1871. (VII.) Abraham D. Detwiler, born Feb. 9, 1877. 
(VII.) Jacob D. Detwiler, born Mar. 20, 1879. (VII.) 
Annie D. Detwiler, born Sept, 6, 1881. (VII.) Mary 
D. Detwiler, born Mar. 24, 1881. (VII.) Katie Lizzie 
Detwiler, born Nov. 17, 1886. 

VI. John A. Detwiler, born Dec. 9, 1816. Mrd. 
Eliza Yoder, Nov. 13, 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Elemina Y. Detwiler, born Aug. 7, 
1870; died Apr. 18, 1871. (VII.) Irvin Y. Detwiler, 
born Feb. 16, 1873. (VII.) Horace Y. Detwiler, born 
Mar. 16, 1877; died Apr. 11, 1878. (VII.) Maurice Y. 
Detwiler, born May 23, 1880; died Jan. 7, 1881. (VII.) 
Elmer Y. Detwiler, born Aug 21, 1882. 

VI. Henry A. Detwiler, born Apr. 10, 1819. Mrd. 
Ellen A. Mover, Dec. 10, 1872. Farmer. Presbyteri- 
ans. Children: (VII.) Martha M. Detwiler, born Nov. 
5, 1871. (VII.) Ephraim M. Detwiler, born Aug. 28, 

VI. Garret A. Detwiler, born Mar. 3, 1853: died 
Feb. 6, 1887. Mrd. Sallie B. Benner, Oct. 16, L875. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Lizzie B. Det- 
wiler, born Sept. 2, 1876; died May 11, 1879. (VII.) 
Ellen B. Detwiler, bora Sept. 25, 1877. (VII.) Anna 
Mary B. Detwiler, born Feb. 10, 1880. (VII.) Ira B. 
Detwiler, born Sept. 10, 1882. (VII.) Leah B. Det- 
wiler, born Aug 29, 1881; died Jan. 29, 1887. 

VI. Lizzie B. Detwiler, born Aug. 11, 1856. Mrd. 
David Gehman, Feb. 5, 1876. Shoemaker. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Sallie D. Gehman, born Nov. 
13, 1877. (VII.) Laura D. Gehman, born Jan. 16, 1882. 

VI. Sallie A. Detwiler. born Apr. 18, I860. Mrd. 
Abraham Swartley, Mar. ."», 1S77. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Mary D. Swartley, born Nov. 
19, 1878. (VII.) Martha D. Swartley, born Jan. 12, 
1882. Leah D. Swartley, born Jan. 25, 1885, 

— 201 — 

V. Martin F. Anglemoyer, horn July 5, 1821. Mrd. 
Eliza Landis, Oct. 27, 1844. She was born Oct. 23, 
1823.' Farmer. Ger. Baptists. Children: Emma, 
Henry, Jairus, Samuel. 

VI. Emma Anglemoyer, horn Aug. 31, 1852; died 
Aug. 16, 1862. 

VI. Henry Anglemoyer, horn Jan. 5, 1854. Mrd. 
Kate L. Deetz, Aug. 27, 1874. She was horn Feb. 11, 
1854. Policeman. Residence 605 Vincent St., Phila- 
delphia. Children: (VII.) Alice Anglemoyer, born 
Auo\ 20, 1875; died Dec. 26, 1878. (VII.) Ida Angle- 
moyer, born Nov. 16, 1876; died Feb. 22, 1878. (VII.) 
Laura Anglemoyer, born Nov. 16, 1878. (VII.) George 
Anglemoyer, born May 16, 1880. (VII.) Florence An- 
glemoyer, born Jan. 31, 1883; died June 9, 1885. 
(VII.) Lizzie Anglemoyer, born Apr. 4, 1885. (VII.) 
Emma Anglemoyer, born Sept. 28, 1889. 

VI. Jairus Anglemoyer, born May 30, 1862. Mrd. 
Amanda Groff, Apr. 22, 1882. She was born Dec. 22, 
1857. Farmer near Benjamin, Pa. Children: (VII.) 
Allen K. Anglemoyer, born July, 1882. (VII.) Ray- 
mond K. Anglemoyer, born Oct. 9, 1883. (VII.) Samuel 
K. Anglemover, born Jan. 16, 1886. (VII.) Clara K. 
Anglemoyer! born Sept, 1, 1888. (VII.) Howard K. 
Anglemoyer, born Dec. 18, 1889. 

VI. Samuel Anglemoyer, born Aug. 24, 1876. 

V. Rachel Anglemoyer, born Oct. 5, 1824. Mrd. 
John Snovel— . Farmer. Children : Mary, Malinda, 

V. Barbara Anglemoyer, born Mar. 21, 1827; died—. 
Mrd. Amos Baringer. One child: (VI.) Ephraim Bar- 
inger, born — ; died — ; no issue. 

V. Catharine Anglemoyer, born Jan. 28, 1829; died 

V. Henry F. Anglemoyer, born Mar. 28, 1831. 
Mrd. Elizabeth George,' Jan. 23, 1853. She died 
Mar. 25, 1860. Farmer, and lives on the farm where 
his Grandfather Martin Fretz once lived, so years 
ago. Brethren in Christ. Children: Frank, Joseph, 
Mary, Henry, James. Mr. Anglemoyer mrd. for his 
wife, Annie Moyer, Jan. 26, 1861, Children; Mary, 

— 202 — 

Ellen, Samuel, Emma, Sallie, Anna, William, Jacob, 

VI. Frank Anglemoyer, born 1854, died L854. 

VI. Joseph Anglemoyer, horn 1856, died L856. 

VI. Mary Ann Anglemoyer, borD ls:>7. died L857. 

VI. Henry G. Anglemoyer, born Jan. 26, L859. 
Mrd. KateC, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Kratz, 
of Franconia Twp, Montg'y Co., Nov. 29, L879. Shoe- 
maker. Mennonites. 

VI. James Anglemoyer, born Mar. 10, I860; died 
in 1860. 

VI. Mary Jane Anglemoyer, horn Jan. 2<. L862. 
Mrd. John M. Fulmer, Get. 20, 1883. Farmer. One 
child: (VII.) Stella A. Fulmer, horn Jan. 15,1885. 

VI. Ellen Anglemoyer, born Dee. 28, 1863. Mrd. 
John Bilger, Jan. L2, L884. One child: (VII.) Walter 
Bilger, born in 1885. 

VlT Samuel M. Anglemoyer, horn June 28, L866. 
Mrd. Martha B., daughter of Moses and Mary Ann 
Stout, Apr. 23, 1887. Laborer. One ehild: (VII.) 
Arnon Anglemoyer, — . 

VI. Emma. Anglemoyer, born Get. 22, 1868. 

VI. Sallie Anglemoyer, born Nov. 22, 1870. Mrd. 
Howard B. Stout. (See Index of References No. 52). 

VI. Anna Anglemoyer, born Jan. IS, 1873: died 
July 14, 1886. 

VI. William M. Anglemoyer, horn May 8, 1875. 

VI. Jacob M. Anglemoyer, born Feb. 11, 1878: died 
Oct. 10, L779. 

VI. Lizzie Anglemoyer, born Nov. 28, 1880; died 
Au,o-. 16, 1883. 

V. Samuel F. Anglemoyer, born Get. 28, 1834. 
Mrd. Lucy Ann Hangey, Feb. .">. L857. Carpenter. 
Mennonites. Children: John, Lavina, Hannah. Allen. 

VI. John H. Anglemoyer, horn June 14. L858. 
Mrd. Annie Mover. Jan. 1. 1880. Carpenter and 
farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Leanna Angle- 
moyer, horn Sept. 8, L881. (VII.) Samuel Arthur 
Anglemoyer, horn flan. 31. 1884. 

VI. Lavina Anglemoyer, horn dune L0, L861. Mrd. 
William M. Moyer, May 30, ls7i>. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.)' Alice Mover, horn Jan. 24, 

— 203 - 

1880. (VII.) Lucy Mover, bom Sept. 5, 1883. (VII.) 
Mamie Moyer, born Sept. 12, L885. (VII.) Quilla 
Mover, horn June 29, 1887. 

VK Hannah Moyer, born Aug. 31, 1865; died June 
29, 1882. 

VI. Allen Anglemoyer, born Dec. 16, 1867. S. 

IV. Agnes Fretz, horn Aug. 10, L790; died Sept. 21, 
1862. Mrd. Peter Loux, Nov. 28, 1811. He died 
July 22, 1855. Fanner and Oil manufacturer at Fretz' 
oil mill in Hilltown Twp. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary, Martin, Jacob, Enos, Silas. Aaron, Samuel. 

V. 'Mary Loux. born in Hilltown Twp., about 1813. 
Mrd. Michael Oberholtzer — . She died Dec. 4, 1873. 
No issue. 

V. Martin Loux, horn Dec. 18, 1814; died Feb. 1, 

V. Jacob Loux, born Feb. T, 1817; died June 18, 
1886. Mrd. Rachel, daughter of Jacob and Anna 
Bishop — . Farmer. Lost a hand in the cylinder of 
a threshing machine while threshing. Mennonites. 
Children: Peter. Anna, Mary. Jacob, Enos, Isaac, 

VI. Peter B. Loux, born Dec. 29, 1847. Mrd. Eliza 
Hunsberger, Dee. 21, 1871. Carpenter and farmer. 
Mennonites. No issue. 

VI. Anna Loux, horn Apr. 13, 1850. Mrd. Abraham 
L. Detwiler, May 4. 1869. Farmer and tailor. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Samuel L. Detwiler, born 
June 2, 1871; died Feb. 5, 1883. (VII.) Ella May Det- 
wiler. horn May 28, 1885. 

VI. Mary Loux, horn July 8, 1852: died Mar. 1, 1858. 

VI. Jacob B. Loux, horn in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
14, 1854. Married. Emetine Yoder, Dec. 22, 1877. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Susan Loux, 
horn Jan. 5, 1880. (VII.) Samuel Y. Loux. horn Jan. 
5, 1881. (VII.) Annie Loux, born June 20, 1883; died 
Sept. 13, 1885. (VII.) Jacob Y. Loux. horn May 15, 
1885. (VII.) Lizzie Loux. born Feb. 15, 1887. 

VI. Enos B. Loux. horn Jan. 13, 1856. Mrd. Anna 
Yoder, Dee. 6, 1879. Fanner. Mennonites. One 
child: (VII.) Levi V. Loux. horn Dee. 20, L886; died 
Mar. 13, 1888. 

— 204 — 

VI. Isaac Loux, born Dec. 15, 1859; died May 12, 

VI. Samuel F. Loux, born Aug. 12, 1862; died May 
24, 1863. 

V. Enos F. Loux, born June 20, 1819. Mrd. Anna 
Rickert, Aug. 28, 1842. She died Dec. 12, 1859. 
Miller. He was ordained to the ministry of the New 
Mennonite church at Deep Run, Pa., where he 
preached for some years, and of which he is still a 
member. Children: Isaac, Peter, Amanda, Minerva, 
Catharine, Menno, David. Enos mrd. for his second 
wife, Anna Beidler, Dec. 28, 1862. 

VI. Isaac R, Loux, born July 11, 1843. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Yoder, Aug. 29, 1868. Designer and Pattern 
maker at Wadsworth, Ohio. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) David Franklin Loux, born Oct. 22, 
1869; died May 1, 1871. (VII.) Cora Loux, born Feb. 
17, 1872; died Jan. 2, 1873. (VII.) Ella Loux, born 
July 20, 1873. Ger. Reformed. (VII.) Charles Loux, 
born Aug. 15, 1875. (VII.) Susie Loux, born July 5, 
1S77. (VII.) Ada May Loux, born Oct. 7, 1882; died 
Oct. 25, 1882. (VII.) Beulah Loux, born Feb. 7, 1884. 

VI. Peter Loux, born Apr. 11, 1845. Mrd. Sarah A. 
Miller, Sept. 10, 1865. Engineer at Quakertown, Pa., 
Stone Works. Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Abigail 
Loux, born Mar. 7, 1866; died—. (VII.) Hannah 
Loux, born Mar. 14, 1867; died—. (VII.) Anna M. 
Loux, born Aug. 22,1869. (VII.) Amanda Loux, bom 
Aug. 22, 1872; died—. (VII.) Jeremiah Loux, born 
Nov. 1, 1874; died—. (VII.) Enos Loux, born Apr. 
20, 1879; died—. (VII.) Sanford Loux, born June 22, 
1881. (VII.) Edith Loux, born June 6, 1884. 

VI. Amanda Loux, born Sept. 26, 1846. Mrd. John 
S. Fretz. (See Index of References No. 53). 

VI. Minerva Loux, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Aug. 8, 1849. Mrd. Jacob B. Zepp, Jan. 
15, 1870. Cigar Manufacturer, at Wadsworth, Medina 
Co., Ohio. Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Alice Zepp, 
born Jan. 21, 1871. (VII.) Annie Zepp, born Oct. 
7, 1872. (VII.) Katie Zepp (Twin), born Oct, 7,1872; 
died July 24, 1876. (VII.) Irvin Zepp, born Apr. 8, 

1S74, (VII.) Elmer Zepp, born Jan, 8, 1876, (VII.) 

- 205 — 

Ida May Zepp, born May 25, 1878. (VII.) Eddie Zepp, 
horn Mar. 12, 1880; died Dec. 30, 1881. (VII.) 
Amanda Elida Zepp, born Sept. 26, 1884. (VII.) 
Walter Zepp, born Apr. 19, 1886. 
VI. Catharine Loux, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
1, 1853. Mrd. Daniel G. Koppes, July 10, 1875. 
Painter at Newton, Harvey Co., Kansas. He also 
owns a farm of 240 acres near Newton, Kan. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Lloyd Koppes, born Nov. 23, 1876; died 
Dec. 18, 1876. (VII.) Elno Koppes, born July 2, 1878; 
died Mar. 15, 1888. (VII.) Olivid Koppes, born Aug. 

16, 1881. (VII.) Leonard Koppes, born May 5, 1884. 
(VII.) Daisy Koppes, born Feb. 18, 1888. 

VI. Menno Loux, born May 25, 1856; died Dec. 12, 

VI. David R. Loux, born Feb. 1, 1858; died Jan. 4, 

V. Silas Loux, born Apr. 24, 1821; died Jan. 15, 

V. Aaron Loux, born Apr. 18, 1823; died Aug. 1, 

V. Samuel F. Loux, born Apr. 20, 1825. Mrd. 
Matilda Farley, in 1850. Carpenter in Philadelphia, 
Pa. No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Aug. 10, 1790 (Twin to 
Agnes), died in infancy. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born May 20, 1792; died Sept. 

17, 1872. Mrd. Abraham Kratz, of Lower Salford, 
Montgomery Co., Nov. 2, 1813. He was born Nov. 
22, 1786. Farmer and Weaver in Upper Salford, 
Montgomery Co. Mennonites. Children: Mary, 
Martin, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

V. Mary Kratz, born Aug. 3, 1814; died Feb. 16, 
1888. S." 

V. Martin F. Kratz, born Dec. 9, 1817; died Nov. 
15, 1846. S. 

V. Abraham F. Kratz, born June 28, 1825. Mrd. 
Rachel Moyer, daughter of Christian MoyCr, of Up- 
per Salford, Jan. 4, 1852. She died Sept, 1, 1867. 
Children: Leah, Henry, Mary. Abraham mrd. for 
his second wife ; Catharine Boorse, of Worcester, 
Montgomery Co. , Mar. 4, 1871. She died Dec. 30, 

- 206 - 

1885. Chair-maker and Upholsterer. Mennonites. 
Children: Sarah, Jacob, Evelyn. 

VI. Leah M. Kratz, born Aug. 24, 1853. Mrd. Wil- 
liam K. Cassel, of Upper Salford, Dee. 4, 1875. He 
was born Nov. 26, 1848. Farmer. Mennonites. One 
child: (VII.) Mary Catharine Cassel, born Apr. 9, 1878. 

VI. Henry M. Kratz, born Apr. 18, 1857. Mrd. Mary, 
daughter of Philip Markley, Dec. 15, 1877. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Irene M. Kratz, born Oct. 26, 
1878. (VII.) Jennie M. Kratz, born Dec. 11, 1888. 

VI. Mary Ann M. Kratz. born June 19, 1860. 

VI. Sarah Alice B. Kratz, born Apr. 30, 1872. 

VI. Jacob. B. Kratz, born July 12. 1873. 

VI. Evelyn B. Kratz, born Feb. 14, 1875. 

V. Elizabeth F. Kratz, born Sept. 30, 1831: died 
Feb. 6, 1877. Mrd. Jacob K. Freed, of Harleysville, 
Pa., Oct. 22, 1854. He died in Feb., 1890. Carpenter. 
They lived on her father's farm until her death. Men- 
nonites. Children: Abraham, Catharine, Mary, Isaae, 
John. Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah, Anna. Henry, Infant. 

VI. Abraham K. Freed, born Aug. 24, 1855. Mrd. 
Deborah L. Zeigler, Sept, 2, 1876. Farmer near 
Lederachsville, Montgomery Co.. Pa. Children: (VII.) 
Elizabeth Z. Freed, born Mar. 14, 1877. (VII.) Mary 
Z Freed, born June 16, 1879; died July 7, 1879. 
(VII.) Reinhart Z. Freed, born July 9, 1880. (VII.) 
Henry Z. Freed, born Feb. 24, 1883. (VII.) Dayton Z. 
Freed, born Jan. 25, 1885; died Mar. 23, 1885. (VII.) 
Bertha Z. Freed, born Dec. 28, 1886. 

VI. Catharine K. Freed (Twin to Abraham), born 
Auo-. 24, 1855; died Oct. 11, 1856. 

VI. MaryKt Freed, born Jan. 31, 1858. Ger. Ref. S. 

VI. Isaac K. Freed, born Sept. 17, 1859. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Allebach, Feb. 2, 1882. Teacher. Mennonites. 
One child: (VII.) Bertha A. Freed, born Apr. 18, 1885. 

VI. John K. Freed, born Aug. 6, 1861. Teacher in 
Brown Co.. Kansas. Christian. S. 

VI. Elizabeth K. Freed, born July 24, 1863. Mrd. 
John K. Clemmer, Apr. 15, 1882. Farmer and occu- 
pies the farm of his father-in-law, the '"Old Kratz'" 
farm, near Salfordsville. Montg. Co. Mennonites. 


Children: (VII.) Elmer F. Clemmer, born Apr. 2, 
L883. (VII.) Jacob Howard Clemmer, born Mar. 16, 
1887; died Aug. 20, 1887. 

VI. Joseph K. Freed, born Aug. 4, 1865. He for- 
merly taught school, but now is a student at Ursinus 
College, Collegeville, Pa., preparing for the ministry 
of the Reformed clmreh. S. 

VI. Sarah K. Freed, born Nov. 5, 1867; died Jan. 
25, L868. 

VI. Anna K. Freed, born Sept. 23, 1869. Mrd. 
George Hartranft, Feb., 1889. 

VI. Henry K. Freed, born Feb. 31, 1872. Carpenter. 

VI. Infant son, horn Mar. 20, L874; died same day. 

VI. Jacob K. Freed, born Jan. 29, 1877. 

IV. Nancy Fretz, born Jan. 8, 1794; died Sept. 14, 
1863. Mrd Abraham Hunsberger, about 1815. He 
died—. Farmer. Mennonrtes. Children: Esther, 
Anna. Martin, Susanna, Isaac, Elizabeth, John, Abra 
ham. Enos. 

V. Esther Hunsberger, born in 1817. S. 
V. Anna Hunsberger, born in 1818. S. 

V. Martin F. Hunsberger, born Jan. 25, 1821; died 
Oct. '-'7. L852. Mrd. Anna Maria Loux, Sept. 20, 
1846. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Sarah Ann. 
Remandes, Emelihe. 

VI. Sarah Ann Hunsberger, born in 1847; died in 

VI. Remandes Hunsberger, born in 1849; died Dec. 
31, 1862. 

VI. Emeline Hunsberger, born May 20, 1851. Mrd. 
Charles. S. Kachline,' Dec. 3, 1870. Farmer. Ger. 
Reformed. Children: (VII.) Jennie H. Kachline, 
born Feb. 14, 1872; died Aug. 24, 1872. (VII.) Ed- 
ward II. Kachline, born June 26, 1873. (VII.) Ida 
May Kachline, born Jan. 28, 1876. (VII.) Minnie H. 
Kachline, born May 13, 1878. (VII.) Ella Nora Kach- 
line, born Apr. 15, 1884. (VII.) Allen H. Kachline. 
born July 19, 1887. 

V. Susanna Hunsberger, born in 1823; died June, 

V. Isaac Hunsberger, born in 1825; died Apr. 17, 
1848. S. 

— 208 — 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born in 1827; died Nov. 
14, 1845. S. 

V. John 8. Hunsberger, born Feb. 25, 1828; died 
Apr. 10, 1871. Mrd. Mary Magdalena Snyder, Oct. 
6, 1852. She died — . Wheelwright and Carpenter. 
Lutherans. Children: Hart well, Hannah, Alfred, 
Fremont, Harry. John mrd. for his second wife, 
Sarah Jane Weeks, Feb. 11, 1861. Presbyterian. 
Children: Anna, Esther. 

VI. Hartwell Hunsberger, born Oct. 31, 1853; died 
Dec. 5, 1853. 

VI. Hannah Hunsberger, born Oct, 29, 1851. Mrd. 
William Cam, Oct, 15, 1871. Blacksmith: Attends 
Ger. Ref. Ch. (VII.) Edith May Carn, born May 13, 
1876. (VII.) John Henry Carn, born Feb. 16, 1880. 

VI. Alfred W. Hunsberger, born Dec. 12, 1855; died 
Dec. 26, 1877. S. 

VI. Fremont S. Hunsberger, born Apr. 25, 1857. 
Mrd. Lauratine B. Richards, Oct. 13, 1879. Drives 
an Express wagon. One child: (VII.) Flora Mabel 
Hunsberger, born Oct, 13, 1882. 

VI. Harry Clifton Hunsberger, born Aug. 7, 1858; 
died Jan. 9, 1863. 

VI. Anna Martha Hunsberger, born Nov. 17, 1861. 
Presbyterian. S. 

VI. Esther Estella Hunsberger, born Oct, 31, 1866; 
died May 16, 1882. 

V. Abraham F. Hunsberger, born in 1831. Mrd. 
Catharine Angeny, of Bedminster Twp., Dec. 9, 
1858. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Mary 
Ann Hunsberger, born in 1860. S. (VI.) Remandes 
Hunsbero-er, born 1863. (VI.) Jacob Hunsberger, born 
in 1867. (VI.) Leidy and Edwin Hunsberger (Twins). 
born in lsTT. 

V. Enos F. Hunsberger, born Jan. 1, 1835. Mrd. 
Mary Loux, Nov. 5, 1859. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Anna L. Hunsberger, born Feb. 26, 
1860; died Mar. 29, 1863. (VI.) Sarah L. Hunsberger, 
born Nov. 11, 1862; died Apr. 8, 1863. (VI.) Emma 
L. Hunsberger, born June 12, 1861. Mrd. Samuel 
W. Gross. "(VI.) Peter L. Hunsberger, born Nov. 9, 
L869. (VI.) Harvey D. Hunsberger, born Oct, 8, L873. 

— 209 — 

IV. Veronica Fretz, born about 1706; died young. 
IV. Martin Fretz, born about 1798, died young. 
IV. Martin Fretz, born about 1800, died young. 

IV. Susanna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 23, 
1802; died Feb. 4, 1890, aged 87 y., 10 m. and 11 d. 
Mrd. Jacob Funk, Dec. 9, 1830. He was born in 
Springtown, in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., on the 
16th of Dec, 1796; died Sept. 4, 1875. Mason, 
Bricklayer and fanner. Mennonites. Children: Mar- 
garet, Esther, John, Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, Susan. 

V. Margaret Funk, born Oct. 15, 1831; died Nov. 
22, 185v. Mrd. Benjamin'Frick, in 1853. Menno- 
nites. One child: (VI.) Samuel Frick, born July 27, 
1856. Book-binder and general workman in Chicago, 
111. S. 

V. Esther Funk, born July 1, 1833. Mrd. John L. 
Frick in 1854. He died in 1880. Merchant and build- 
er. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Elizabeth (dec'd). 
(VI.) Jacob F., printer with the Mennonite Pub'g. 
Co., Elkhart, Ind. ; died at his home in Philadelphia, 
Apr. 15, 1882. (VI.) Joel, printer in Philadelphia; 
died at his home July 6, 1881. (VI.) Edward (dec'd). 
(VI.) EmmaE., (VI.) Charles E. 

V. John Fretz Funk, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 1835. He worked on the farm as 
soon as he was old enough, going to school in the 
winter season until he was in his nineteenth year 
(1854), when he commenced teaching in his native 
township, and taught during the winter for three suc- 
cessive winters. He also attended school at Freeland 
Seminary three months during the summer of 1855, and 
again in 1856. In the spring of 1857, after closing 
his school at Chestnut Ridge, S. H., in Hilltown 
township, he went to Chicago, 111., and engaged in 
the lumber business, in which he continued nine years. 
In the winter of 1859-60 he became a member of the 
Mennonite church at Line Lexington, Bucks Co., Pa. 
In January 1864 he commenced the publication of the 

II, ml <I of Truth, a in I Der Herald der Walt rheit, and 
on the 19th of the same month was married to 
Salome Kratz, daughter of Jacob Kratz, of Hilltown, 
Bucks Co., Pa. On the 28th of May, 1865, he was 

— 210 — 

ordained to the ministry in the Mennonite church 
near Gardner, Grundy Co., 111. In April, 1867, he re- 
moved to Elkhart, Ind., and established there the bus- 
iness house now known as the Mennonite Publishing 
Co., first under his own name, and afterwards under 
the firm name of John F. Funk & Bro., after having 
associated with himself his brother Abraham K. 
Funk, and continued the business under this firm 
name until May 1, 1875, when the Mennonite Pub- 
lishing Co. was organized. Children: (VI.) Martha. 
(VI.) Susan Mary (dec'd), (VI.) Phoebe, (VI.) Rebecca 
(dec'd), (VI.) Grace Anna (dec'd), (VI.) John Edwin 

V. Sarah Funk, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., 
Apr. 21, 1837; died Aug. 20, 1839. 

V. Abraham Kratz Funk, born in Hilltown, Bucks 
Co.. Jan. 20. 1810. His early years were spent on 
hk father's -farm. He attended school about four 
months usually in the winter, and a month or two 
during the summer. He commenced teaching in the 
public schools of the comity, at the age of 18, under 
the County Superintendency of Wm. H. Johnson. 
He attended school at Freeland Seminary, at Free- 
land, now Collegeville, Montgomery Co., in 1859, 
and the Excelsior Normal Institute, at Carversville, 
Bucks Co., in 1861. After spending five years in 
farming during the summer and teaching in winter. 
he went to Chicago, 111., in the spring of 1863 
and engaged in the lumber business. A/ter a resi- 
dence of five years in Chicago, he went to Elkhart, 
and there entered into a copartnership with his 
brother, under the firm name of John F. Funk & 
Brother, as publishers and booksellers. They con- 
tinued the publication of the Herald of Truth, and 
Der Hero Id der Wahrheit, and also issued during the 
continuance of the co-partnership a number of relig- 
ious works, the most important of which was the 
great book of Martyrs, in the German language, con- 
taining over 1100 quarto pages, and the complete 
works of Menno Simon, which was translated from 
the Holland and printed in English. In 1875 he 
became one of the principal stock-holders in the Men- 

— 211 — 

nonitc Publishing Co., which was then organized, and 
has since held the position of Secretary and Treasurer 
of that institution. He married Annie M. Landis, 
daughter of Joseph and Mary (Geil) Landis, of 
Greer's corner, near Dublin, Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 
11,1872. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Mary Maude, 
(VI.) Edna Josephine, (VI.) Esther Winifred. 
V. Jacob Silas Funk was born in Hilltown Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 13, 1842. He spent his early 
days on his fathers farm, and received as was cus- 
tomary in those days, a fair, common school educa- 
tion. He afterwards, during the early part of 1862 
and the summer of 1863, spent two terms at the 
Excelsior Normal Institute, at Carversville, Bucks 
Co. He taught in the schools of his native county, 
from 1862 to 1865. In the spring of 1865 he gave up 
that vocation and went to Chicago, 111. , and engaged 
in the Limber business. On the 28th of Sept., of 
the same year he purchased a scholarship in the East- 
man Business College of that city, and took a com- 
mercial course, attending evenings only. After four 
years' residence in Chicago, he determined to engage 
in business for himself, and accordingly, in the spring 
of 1860, located at Chillicothe, Mo., where he opened 
a lumber yard and commenced business on his own 
account. On the 15th of January following (1870), 
he was married to Annie K. Stover, daughter of 
Jonas Stover, of E. Rockhill Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. 
He afterwards became connected with the North 
Western Lumber Co., who had their mills at Eau 
Claire, Wisconsin, and extensive yards at Hannibal, 
Mo.; and on the 20th of Apr., 1880, moved with his 
family, from Chillicothe to Hannibal. Afterwards 
when the duties of his position required him to be 
mostly in the neighborhood where the mills of the 
company were located, he found it more economical 
and convenient to have his family in that vicinity 
also, and accordingly, on the 20th of July, 1885, 
removed to Minneapolis, Minn. He continued with 
the above firm eleven years, during which time he 
gained with them the highest esteem and respect, 
both for his conscientious business integrity and his 

- 212 — 

excellent qualifications for the work in which he was 
engaged. In the spring of 1890 he severed his rela- 
tions with N. W. Lumber Co., but the warm feeling 
of esteem and respect which he had won for himself 
during these extended business relations, continued 
to the end of his life. He took an active part in the 
various civil, social and religious movements of the 
day, and was always ready and willing to assist in all 
enterprises of public interest, and held continuously 
positions of responsibility and honor. Soon after his 
removal to Chillicothe, in 1869, he was elected super- 
intendent of the Sunday School of the Presbyterian 
church of that city, which position he held until his 
removal to Hannibal in 1880. He was converted and 
united with the Third Presbyterian Church of Chicago 
during the time of his residence there. In 1871 or 72 
he was elected elder of the First Presbyterian Church 
of Chillicothe. He was secretary of the School Board 
of that city, and through his influence, was built the 
beautiful new school building, costing from £15,000 
to 150,000. In 1875 he was also member of the City 
Council. During the last three years of his residence 
in Chillicothe he was correspondent of the u Globe 
Democrat." a Republican paper of St. Louis. During 
the summer of 1890, after severing his connection 
with the N. W. L. Co., he, with A. Fiero, was 
appointed, by the Lumber Manufacturers of the N. 
W., to inspect the system of grading employed by 
the leading manufacturers of the northwest, and their 
report was received with much favor and satisfaction. 
After the completion of this commission, he became 
connected with the T. B. Scott Lumber Co., of Mer- 
rill, Wis., and during a business trip through Illinois 
and Indiana he was taken sick with a severe bilious 
attack, and after nearly a week of suffering in hotels, 
in Terre Haute, Ind., Chicago, 111., and on the road, 
he reached his home in Minneapolis, Minn., on the 
22d of Sept. The disease assumed a complicated 
form which resulted in blood poisoning, and after 
three weeks more of intense suffering, which he bore 
with patience, he died on the 15th of October, 1890, 
aged 18 y., 6 m. and 2 d. Presbyterians. Children: 

— 213 — 

(VI.) Emma Laura Funk, born Mar. 30, 1871; died 
Oct. 16, 1872. (VI.) Frederick Stover Funk, born Jan. 
26, 1873; died Mar. 20, 1877. (VI.) Gertrude Eliza- 
beth Funk, born Feb. 25, 1877. (VI.) Susan Anna 
Funk, born Jan. 29, 1885. 

V. Susan Elizabeth Funk, born May 4, 1816. Mrd. 
Henry W. Gross, June 17, 1875, son of Joseph N. 
Gross. Mr. Gross is a graduate of the Millersville, 
Pa., State Normal School, having graduated in June, 
1873. At the time of his marriage he was principal 
of the Public Schools of Etna, Allegheny Co., Pa. 
His present occupation is farmer and Creamery busi- 
ness. Members of the Presbyterian church, Doyles- 
town, Pa., of which he was ordained elder in Jan., 
1890. Children: (VI.) Sarah Ella Gross. (VI.) Emma 
Laura Gross. (VI.) Esther Gross. (VI.) Walter Gross, 
born in 1889; died Mar. 8, 1890. 

IV. Silas Fretz, born about 1801; died in infancy. 

IV. Veronica Fretz, born Aug. 8, 1806; died Nov. 
1, 1885. Mrd. Jonas Meyers. "(See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 51). 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born Sept. 9, 1808. Mrd. Abra- 
ham Kratz — . Mennonites. No issue. 

IV. Leah Fretz, born Oct. 1, 1810. Mrd. Abraham 
Angeny, Oct. 21, 1828. They lived on the property 
known as Angeny's Mill, in Bedminster Twp., until 
the spring of 1818, when they moved to New Colum- 
bia, Union Co., Pa. In 1859 they moved to Milton, 
Northumberland Co., Pa., where Mr. Angeny per- 
ished in the great fire May 11, 1880, in his 78th year. 
Carpenter and Cabinet-maker. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Anna, Barbara, Eva, Martin, Leah, Rachel, 
Abbie, Katharine, Minerva. 

V. Anna Eliza Angeny, born Dec. 21, 1829; died 
Jan. 13, 1850. S. 

V. Barbara Angeny, born Aug. 29, 1831, at the old 
Deep Run Mill, in Bedminster, Bucks Co. , Pa. Mrd. 
Jacob Gehman, of Springfield, Bucks Co., Oct. 2, 
1849. Farmer in Gage Co., Nebraska. Mennonites. 
Children: Abraham, Jacob, Elizabeth, Menno, Fan- 
nie, Rachel, Sarah, Lillie, Emma, Benjamin, Samuel, 

— 214 — 

VI. Abraham A. Gehman, born in Bucks Co.. Pa., 
Alio;. 26, 1850. Resides at Hutchinson, Kan. Music 
teacher. S. (1888). 

VI. Jacob Gehman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 24, 
1852; died Oct, 26, 1860. 

VI. Elizabeth Gehman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
19, 1854; died Oct. 20, 1860. 

VI. Merino S. Gehman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 
IT, 1856. Running a Stock-ranch in Wyo. 

VI. Fannie Gehman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 
19, 1858. Mrd. Samuel Horning, of Clarinda, Page 
Co., Iowa., Oct, 31, 1878. Farmer. Disciples. Res. 
at Pickrell, Gage Co., Nebraska. Children: (VII.) 
Benjamin F. Horning, born Apr. 19, 1880. (VII.) Jacob 
Lee Horning, born Apr. 12, 1881. (VII.) Edwin G. 
Horning, born Aug. 2, 1882. (VII.) Jennie Agatha 
Horning, born Jan. 15, 1884. (VII.) Alice Horning, 
born Jan. 19, 1888. 

VI. Rachel A. Gehman, born in Pleasant Valley, 
Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. IT, 1860. Mrd. Henry Wm. 
Smith, of Rockport, Atchison Co.. Mo., Oct, 21, 
1886. Farmer. Mrs. Smith Baptist, Mr. Smith 
Lutheran. One child: (VII.) Arthur Raymond Smith, 
born July 23, 1887. 

VI. Sarah Gehman, born Aug. 10, 1862, in Fayette 
Co., Iowa. Mrd. William G." Grebe, Dec. 25, 1883. 
Farmer in Atchison Co., Mo. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Elsie Grebe, born Sept. 27, 1884. (VII.) Guy 
Grebe, born Mar. 28, 1886. (VII.) Herbert Grebe, 
born June 12, 1888. 

VI. Samuel Gehman, born in Fayette Co., Iowa. July 
6, 1864. Running a Stock-ranch in Wyo. S. 

VI. Lillie A. Gehman, born in Fayette Co.. Iowa. 
Apr. 15, 1868. Teacher. S. 

VI. Emma B. Gehman, born in Fayette Co., Iowa, 
Sept. 27, 1870. Teacher. S. 

VI. Benjamin F. Gehman, born in Fayette Co., Iowa, 
Aug. 1, 1873. 

VI. Mary Anna Gehman, born in Fayette Co., Iowa, 
Aug. 6, 1877. 

V. Eva Angeny, born Oct. 25. 1833, in Bucks Co., 
Fa, Mrd. Reuben U HuthVld, Dec, 4, 1851, in New 

— 215 — 

Columbia, Union Co. Res. Milton, Northumberland 
Co., Pa. Tinner. Baptists. Children: Annetta, Ella, 
Lillian, Carroll, Edgar, William, Minnie, Grace, 

VI. Annetta V. Hatfield, born May 29, 1853. Mrd. 
William I. Webb, Apr. 27, 1880. Clerk and Book- 
keeper at Milton, Pa. Methodists. Children: (VII.) 
John Webb, born Mar. 10, 1881; died Sept. 7, 1881. 
(VII.) Fannie B. Webb, born July 18, 1883. 

VI. Ella E. Hatfield, born Aug. 9, 1855. 

VI. Lillian V. Hatfield, born Dec. 1, 1857. Mrd. 
John H. Krauser, Mar. 27, 1879. Traveling Sales- 
man. Res. Milton, Pa. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) 
Webb Guy Krauser, born May 31, 1880. (VII.) James 
B. Krauser, born July 5, 1883. 

VI. Carroll D. Hatfield, born Dec. 1, 1859. Mrd. 
Laura Quick, Mar. 29, 1881. P. O., Huntsville, Ran- 
dolph Co., Mo. Carriage maker. Baptists. Children: 
(VII.) Walter Hatfield, born Dec. 14, 1882. (VII.) 
Annetta Jennie Hatfield, born Jan. 25, 1885. 

VI. Edgar A. Hatfield, born Feb. 16,1862, Mrd. Anna 
M. Brigg, Nov. 30, 1886. P. O., La Junta, Bent 
Co., Colorado. Machinist, 

VI. William S. Hatfield, born Sept. 2, 1861. Painter 
and paper hanger. 

VI. Minnie E. Hatfield, born Feb. 7, 1869. 

VI. Grace G. Hatfield, born Jan. 24, 1872. 

VI. M. Mabel Hatfield, born Jan. 17, 1877. 

V. Martin F. Angeny, born Nov. 27, 1835; died Oct, 
3, 1865. Mrd. Clara F. Hagner, Mar. 3, 1861. Car- 
penter. Baptists. One child": (VI.) Harry R. Angeny, 
died Oct, 5, 1865, aged 7 m. 

V. Leah Angeny, born Dec. 9, 1837; died Jan. 13, 
1866. S. 

V. Rachel Angeny, born Feb. 24, 1840. Mrd. Seth 
Comly Hill, Oct. 3, 1861. Farmer and Dairyman. 
Baptists. P. O., Milton, Pa. Children: (VI.) Ray- 
mond C. Hill, born Aug. 31, 1862; died Aug. 11, 
1864. (VI.) Clara R. Hill, born May 29, 1864. (VI.) 
Kate E. Hill, born Aug. 21, 1866. (VI.) Alice Hill, 

bom rTune 19, 1869. (VI.) Besse Hill, bom Oct, 24, 

— 216 — 

1872. (VI.) W. Herbert Hill, born Apr. 16, 1874. 
(VI.) Harry M. Hill, born Apr. 30, 1878. 

V. Abbie'C. Angeny, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
26, 1842. Mrd. Thomas- Shuler. May 21, 1866. Ma- 
chinist at Grand Junction, Iowa. Methodists. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Elmer E. Shuler, born Nov. 26, 1867. 
(VI.) Charles C. Shuler, born July 2, 1869. (VI.) John 
E. Shuler, born Mar. 28, 1871. (VI.) Martin A. 
Shuler, born Mav 27, 1873. (VI.) Bessie M. Shuler, 
born Oct. 3, 1875. (VI.) Willie T. Shuler, born Jan. 
16, 1878. (VI.) Robert A. Shuler, born Aug. 14, 1880. 
(VI.) David O. Shuler. born Oct. 8, 1883; died Nov. 
28, 1886. (VI.) Forest Shuler, born Feb. 25, 1886. 
(VI.) Alvan Shuler, born July 18, 1888. 

V. Katharine Angeny, born Sept. 18, 1844. Mrd. 
William Shields, Dec. 26, 1867. Wheelwright at 
Kelly Point. Union Co., Pa. Mrs. Shields Baptist, 
Children: (VI.) Esther Lucas Shields, born Dec. 26, 
1868. Presbyterian. (VI.) Lillian Angeny Shields, 
born Dec. 12, 1870. Baptist. (VI.) Ellen Harris 
Shields, born Jan. 31, 1873. Presbyterian. (VI.) Wil- 
liam Scott Shields, born Apr. 11, 1875. (VI.) Edgar 
Thomson Shields, born Sept. 24, 1877. (VI.) Charlotte 
Elliott Shields, born Mav 4, 1880. (VI.) James Leigh 
Shields, born Jan. 27, 1885. 

V. Minerva Angeny, born at New Columbia, Union 
Co., Pa., June 26, 1852. S. 

IV. Rachel Fretz, born in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 1814; died Dec. 11, 185S. At an, 
early age she lost her mother, and the only remem- 
brances she had of her fond parent were the recollec- 
tions of early childhood. It is related that on the 
day of her mother's funeral, she stood beside her 
casket, calling her mamma to listen to her child-like 
questions. She received such educational advantages 
as the public schools, of that early period, afforded. 
She read both German and English well, and in later 
years, the reading of German Poetry afforded her 
especial pleasure. She was a constant reader of the 
Bible, and delighted to call the attention of her own 
family to the beauty of its precepts. She was mar- 
ried to Henry S. Krout, of Bedminster, Nov. 2, 1835. 

— 217 — 

He was born Apr. 10, 1810; died May 30, 1888. They 
lived near Line Lexington for eight years. Then 
moved to the homestead of the Krout family, on the 
Deep Run, where six more years of their busy lives 
were spent in tilling the soil' that had been cultivated 
for more then a century by the paternal ancestral 
line. While residing here they determined to own a 
home of their own, and purchased and occupied the 
Kramer farm, on the east branch of Perkiomen Creek. 
While living here the family ties were broken. The 
mother having contracted consumption, was called to 
precede the rest of the family circle and join the 
great majority in the eternal world beyond the shad- 
owv vale. She was a truly pious mother, and her 
chief care was to bring up her children in the nurture 
and admonition of the Lord. Above all she loved 
her family, her church, her Savior, and her God. They 
were members of the Mennonite Church at Deep 
Run. Children: Jacob, Martin, Abraham, John. 

V. Jacob F. Krout, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 29, 
1836. He always lived under the parental roof, and 
after the decease of his father, came into possession 
of the homestead, in Bedminster, where he is the 
proprietor of the farm and the Bedminster Nursery 
of Fruit and Ornamental Trees. By industry and 
frugality he has acquired much success as a farmer 
and nurseryman. He is unmarried and a member of 
the Mennonite church at Deep Run. 

V. Martin F. Krout, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
3, 1838; died Apr. 20, 1876. He lived with his pa- 
rents and worked on the farm until he was twenty- 
one years of age. He then took a position in a mer- 
cantile house in Philadelphia, where during his four 
years of service, he became thoroughly conversant 
with the' business and enjoyed the confidence of all. 
In 1862 he went to River Styx, Ohio, and engaged in 
Tanning, in which business he continued for a time. 
He then purchased a farm near that town, and settled 
upon it, where he remained until his death. He mar- 
ried Rebecca, daughter of Dr. Wm. Andrews, of 
River Styx, Ohio, Oct. 2, 1861. Children: James 
and Wm. Arthur. 

- 218 - 

VI. James H. Krout, born Apr. 30, 1866. 
VI. William Arthur Krout. born Apr. 20, 1871. 
V. Abraham F. K. Krout, born in Bucks Co. . Pa. , 
Feb. 2, 1813. He lived at home until he' was nine- 
teen years of age. He then entered the North Wales 
Institute to obtain a more thorough education than 
the public schools afforded. Here he remained about 
a year. In the Fall of 1862 he commenced teaching, 
and until 1868 taught successively in the Deep Run, 
Rocky Ridge, Algards, Sellersville and Plumstead- 
ville "Schools. In 1868 he took charge of the West 
Bethlehem Schools, Lehigh Co., and in I860 accepted 
the Principalship of Coplay schools, in the same Co. 
Here he remained from Sept. '69 to June "83, when 
he asked to be relieved to become the accountant and 
cashier for Coplay, Iron Co. This position he held 
from July '83 to "Oct. '88. In the Fall of 1889 he 
took charge of the Borough Schools of Emlenton, 
Venango Co., P., where, as Principal, he reorganized 
the school system, and introduced a number of im- 
portant changes for the improvement of the Public 
schools in that municipality. Having been offered still 
better inducements by the Board of Education of the 
Lehighton Borough Schools, he will in the future 
have the Principalship and supervision of the schools 
of that growing town on the Lehigh. Through all 
these years of teaching there is one idea that has 
never been lost sight of. namely, that of self-im- 
provement. The schooling at the academy was only 
the beginning of a life of study. In L876 he appeared 
before the State Board of Examiners, passed the 
examination an.l was granted a Normal Certificate as 
Teacher of Didactics. He found much pleasure in 
pursuing a course of general studies in science and 
language, and in ls77 Franklin and Marshall College 
recognized his industry as a student and conferred on 
him the Honorary Degree of A. M. He has been a 
member of the Pennsylvania State Teachers* Asst'n 
since 1877, and an active member of the Touvey Bo- 
tanical Club of Columbia College, New York City, 
since Oct, 1S81. Having the confidence of the peo- 
ple at his ppimapeni hpjpe in Coplay, he was fif\ 

— 219 — 

quently called upon to till positions of honor and 
responsibility. Ho was the first commissioned Justice 
of the Peace for this Borough, and has continuously 
held this office from 1869 to 1890. He was Secretary 
of the Town Council for thirteen years, and a school 
Director while serving the Coplay Iron Co. The 
Judges of the Courts frequently appointed him to 
serve on road juries and commissions and there are 
few townships in Lehigh Co., in which he has not 
been called to execute these appointments. Being a 
member of the Eef. ch. he took an active interest in 
the founding of Trinity Congregation, at Coplay, in 
1872. He served as deacon and was for many years 
the Secy of the Consistory. He was the Superin- 
tendent of the Sabbath Schools of this congregation 
for eighteen years. He married Mary C. Moyer, of 
Skippack, Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct, 1, 1868. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Mabel Olivia Krout, born Dec, 25, 1871. 
(VI.) Jacob Henry Krout, born May 16, L874. (VI.) 
Clarence A. Krout, born May 3, 1883; died Sept, 12, 
1883. (VI.) Helen Rachel Krout, born Nov. 5, 1885. 
V. John H. Krout, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
26, 1845; died Mar. 22, 1888. He worked on the 
farm until of age. After having taught one term of 
school, he went to Philadelphia and engaged as clerk, 
and afterward followed the mercantile business in 
Montgomery and Lancaster counties. He was a 
member of the Roman Catholic Church. 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 
1767; died Jan. 1.2, 1799. Mrd. Elizabeth Kratz, 
Nov. 6, 1787. She was born in 1768. Resided in 
Soleb.ury, at the place known as Fleecydale. Fuller 
and Dyer. Children: Philip, Barbara, Christian, 
Elizabeth, Mary. 

IV. Philip Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Jan. 8, 
1789; died Apr., 1851. Mrd. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Ralph Stover, of Bedminster. She was born Nov. 8, 
1790; died June 8, 1870. Fuller, Dyer and farmer. 
Children: Jacob, Catharine, Susan, Magdalena, Eliz- 
abeth, Violette, Jlannah, Infant, Annie, Rachel, Cor* 
nelia, Sarah, 

— 220 — 

V. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 22, 
1811. Formerly Miller and farmer, now retired. He 
owned the Old Homestead at Fleecydale, where he 
lived for many years. In 18T5 he retired from busi- 
ness. About 1880 he sold the homestead at Fleecy- 
dale, nearly 100 years after it came into the posses- 
sion of his Grandfather. In 1880 he moved to 
Lumberville, Pa., where he had previously erected a 
fine dwelling. He never married. 

V. Catharine Stover Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 
1, 1813; died Dec, 19, 1877. Mrd. Joseph Co well 
Heed, in 1810. Farmer and Gun-maker. Children: 
Emma, William, Joseph, Charles, Elizabeth, Joseph, 
Clifford, Catharine, Stover. 

VI. Emma Augusta Heed, born July 1, 1811; died 
May 10, 1861. S. 

VI." William Stover Heed, born Sept. 22, 1812; died 
Dec. 30, 1880. Mrd. Hannah Moore, July 21, 1867. 
Lawver. Episcopalian. Children: (VII.) Emma Au- 
gusta Heed, born Oct. 30, 1868. Episcopalian. S. 
(VII.) Lillian Marion Heed, born Mar. 21, 1872; died 
Aug. 21, 1872. (VII.) Florence May Heed, born Apr. 
3, 1873; died Feb. 11, 188T. 

VI. Joseph Clark Heed, born July 20, 1815; died 
Aug. 21, 1816. 

VI. Charles Ernest Heed, born June 30, 1816. Res. 
in Philadelphia. Wholesale grain dealer. Attends 
Quaker meeting. S. (1889). 

VI. Elizabeth Fretz Heed, born June 15, 1818; died 
Feb. 21, 1850. 

VI. Joseph Bradley Heed, born July 30, 1851. Mrd. 
Virginia A. Rittenhouse, Feb. 3, 1876. Salesman. 
Attends Presbyterian eh. Children: (VII.) Helen 
Catharine Heed, born Aug. 1, 1877. (VII.) Charles 
Rittenhouse Heed, born Aug. 20, 1879. 

VI. Clifford Harold Heed, born May 3, 1853; died 
Dec. 31, 1886. Attended Methodist Ch. 

VI. Catharine Genette Heed, born May 2, 1854; died 
Sept. 20, 1854. 

Vf. Stover Keyser Heed, born Oct. 5, 1856; died 
Mar. 22, 1861. 

— 221 — 

V. Susan Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 19, 
1815; died Apr. 1, 1817. S. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 1, 
1817; died Dec. 23, 1840. S. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 4, 1821. 
Mrd. Charles Ferdinand Keyser, Mar. 4, 1845. Re- 
tired. Presbyterians. Res. Phila., Pa. Children: 
Charles, Harry, Stover. 

VI. Charles Eugene Keyser, born Feb. 7, 1846. Mrd. 
Mary Gill, daughter of Ralph Stover, of Point Pleas- 
ant, Pa., Sept. 20, 1870. Farmer in Virginia. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Mary Elizabeth Keyser, born Aug. 5, 
1871. (VII.) Ella Augusta Keyser, born Nov. 30, 1872. 
(VII.) Eliza Mariam Keyser, born Aug. 27, 1875. 
(VII.) Edgar Eugene Kevser, born June 23, 1877. 
(VII.) Charles Henry Keyser, born Jan. 12, 1880. (VII.) 
Ralph Stover Keyser, born May 10, 1883. 

VI. Harry Theodore Keyser, born Jan. 20, 1850. 

VI. Stover Fretz Keyser, born July 20, 1853; died 
Dec. 13, 1855. 

V. Violette Fretz, born May 5, 1820; died June 14, 
1842. S. 

V. Hannah Fretz, born Jan. 28, 1822; died Feb. 10, 
1844. S. 

V. Infant unnamed, born and died in Mar., 1824. 

V. Annie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 1, 
1825. Mrd. Hugh E. Walton (dec'd), Jam 13, 1846. 
Miller. Res. Sibley, Iowa. Congregationalists. Chil- 
dren : 

VI. Cornelia Walton, born Aug. 28, 1850. Mrd. 
Geo. W. Jones, Jan. 14, 1880. One child: (VII.) 
Leslie Jones, born 1881. 

VI. Eugene Walton, born June 22, 1859. Mrd. 
Annette Berger, July 25, 1888. Furniture and Un- 
dertaking business at Sibley, Iowa. Congregation- 

' VI. Hugh E. Walton, born Jan. 22, 1862. Furniture 
and Undertaking business at Sibley, Iowa. Congre- 

V. Rachel Fretz, born Feb. 1, 1827; died June 19, 
1844. S. 

V. Cornelia Fretz, born Jan. 1, 1829; died Oct. 28 
1849. S. 

V. Sarah Ann Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. IT, 
1831. Mrd. Morris L. Fell, Nov. 27, 1856. Whole- 
sale Grain Merchant in Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 
(VI.) Henry Fell. 

IV. Barbara Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 11, 
1791; died—, without issue. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born Dec. 28, 1792; died Mar. 
11, 171*9. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co. May 6, 1795; 
died — . without issue. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 11, 1797. 
Mrd. William Rich, .of Doylestown, Pa., about 1815 
or 1816; died a year or so later without issue. 

III. Abraham Fretz (Deacon), born in Bedminster 
Twp., Bucks Co., Mar. 30, 1769, died Mar. 7, 1811. 
Mrd. Magdalena Kratz (daughter of John Kratz, of 
Hilltown), Apr. 30, 1793. She was born Aug. 30, 
1776, died Jan. 9, 1810.— He lived and died on the 
Old Fretz" homestead, in Bedminster Twp. The farm 
consisting of about 255 acres he inherited from his 
father. He was an honest, upright citizen, a con- 
scientious Christian, and much esteemed by the com- 
munity in which he lived. It is related that while he 
was working in the field one da} 7 , a man rode up, and 
seeing his fine cows, wanted to bivy one, but he did 
not want to sell. The man however insisted and 
asked him to set a price. He then thought that if he 
should ask double what the cow was worth, the man 
would leave without buying. But contrary to his 
expectation, the man laid down the money and drove 
the cow T off. After the man was gone, he talked the 
matter over with his wife, and they decided it w T as 
u usury." So he mounted a horse, rode after the man, 
and gave him back half of the money, saying, "I 
don't want to be damned for a cow." He and his wife 
were members of the Mennonite church at Deep Run, 
of which he was for man}' years a deacon. Children: 
Anna, Rebecca, Jacob, Christian, John, Isaac, Martin, 
Elizabeth, Barbara, Abraham. 

— 223 — 

IV. Anna Fretz, horn Jan. 22, 1795, died Mar. 18, 
1873. Mid. Henry Meyers, Dec. 23, 1830. He was 
born Sept. 7, 1795, died Mar. 25, 1870. Farmer. 
Mennonites at Deep Run. Children: Abraham, John, 

■V. Abraham Fret/ Meyers, born Oct. 14, 1831, died 
Oct. 21, 1877. Mrd. Susanna Smith, Nov. 10, 1855. 
She died Feb. 9, 1*77. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Anna Catharine Meyers, born Nov. 12 
1856, died May 21, 1882. (VI.) Joseph S. Meyers 
born Oct. 25, 1858, died Nov. 15, 1877. (VI.) Andrew 
Lincoln Meyers, born Oct. 3, 1863, died May 24, 1881. 

V. John Fretz Meyers, born Nov. 1, 1833, died 
Sept, 11, 1855. 

V. Christian Fretz Meyers, born Jan. 4, 1841. Mrd. 
Sarah Baum, Jan. 18, 1883. Farmer, resides near 
Dublin, a i> d is the only living member of his father's 
family. Mennonites at Deep Run. No issue. 

IV. Rebecca Fretz, born Sept. 29, 1796, died Feb. 
2, 1798. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born Aug. 9, 1799, diedMar. 11, 1800. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 13, 
1801, died Sept. 5, 1875. Mrd. Mary Leatherman, 
Oct. 24, 1824. She died Apr. 24, 1864. Children: 
Fly, Abraham, Eliza, Mary. Christian, mrd. his 
second wife, Elizabeth Nash,' Oct, 6, 1867. She died 
— . He was a farmer of large means, a man of thriv- 
ing energy, a director of the Doylestown Bank, and 
an honored Mem. of the Mennonite Ch. at Deep Run. 

V. Ely Fretz, born Sept. 9, 1825. Mrd. Mary, 
(daughter of William Meyers, a descendant of Tini- 
cum Christian Fretz' branch,) in 1850. He is a pros- 
perous farmer of Bedminster Twp., and a director 
of the Sellersville bank. He and his wife are influ- 
ential Mems. Second Mennonite Ch. of Deep Run. 
Children: Allen, Lucinda, Emeline, Mahlon, Francis, 
Barbara, Susan, Mary, Etta. 

VI. Rev. Allen M. Fretz, born Dec. 12, 1853, in 
Tinicum Twp., on the property known as Fretz 1 Mill, 
on the Tohickon, where his parents lived at the time. 
In 1856 his parents moved to Bedminster Twp., to the 
farm of his Grandfather Christian, where his father 

— 224 — 

was bora and brought up, and which, upon the death 
of Christian passed into the hands of Ely, who still 
(1889) owns it. Allen now resides thereon. W hen ri 
years old he was sent by his parents to the Mennonite 
seminary at Wadsworth, Ohio. He subsequently at- 
tended one term at the Excelsior Normal Institute at 
Carversville, Pa. ; after which he taught school eleven 
terms working on his father's farm during the sum- 
mer months. On Sept. 18, 1880, he was nird. to Sarah 
(daughter of Abraham L. Leatherman, also Fretz 
descendants, see-). She died Mar. 21, 1882. An in- 
fant son died soon after birth without name. In the 
fall of 1882 he accepted the nomination of the Repub- 
lican party as a candidate to the State Legislature, 
which was tendered him, but his party being- in the 
minority in that year's campaign, he was, with the 
rest of the ticket, defeated. In 1883 the Second Men- 
nonite church at Deep Run called him to be their 
minister, and he was accordingly ordained by Bisn. 
Moses Gottschall on Oct. 13, 1883, and installed pas- 
tor of the same. Feeling the pressing need of an 
English paper in the interests of his branch of the 
Mennonite church, he, with the aid of N. B. Grobb, 
pastor of the church in Philadelphia, succeeded in 
Oct. 1885, in getting out the prospectus of TU 
Mennonite;' which was laid before the conference and 
accepted as one of the periodicals of the church. He 
is still one of the editors of the paper, which has 
steadily increased in popularity and circulation since 
it was started. On Mar. 5, 1884, he was mrd. to 
Anna, daughter of Jacob F. Rittenhouse, of Campden, 
Ont She^is a descendant of John Fretz, who emi- 
grated to Canada in 1800. Children: (VII.) Jacob 
Rittenhouse Fretz, born July 22, 1886. (VII.) Ely R. 
Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1888. 

VI. Lucinda Fretz, born Aug. 5, 1855. Mrd. Ed- 
ward L. Yost, May 16, 1874. Harnessma^i ^and 
farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.)A\ illiam F.lost, 
bora Nov. 15, 1874. (VII.) Stella May lost, born 
Apr. 28, 1884. ^ ^ T Q 

VI. Emeline Fretz, born Dec. 14, 1857. Mem. Sec. 
Mennonite ch. Deep Run. Resides with her parents. S. 

— 225 — 

VI. Mahlon M. Fretz, born Aug 12, 1759. Mrd. 
Amanda, daughter of Joseph M. Fretz, of Trum- 
bauersville, Pa., Dec. 22, 1883. Farmer. Lives on the 
old "Weaver" John Fretz' homestead in Bedminster 
Twp. New Mcnnonites. No issue. 

VI. Francis M. Fretz, born May 25, 1863. Mrd. 
Maggie, daughter of Henry Fretz, of Lincoln Co., 
Ont., Mar. 3, 1886. Farmer. Res. with his father. 
New Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Martha Fretz, 
born Aug. 30, 1887. 

VI. Barbara Fretz, born May 20, 1866. Mrd. Irwin 
Wasser, Apr. 21, 1888. Farm laborer. New Menno- 
nites. One child: (VII.) Mary Wasser, born Jan. 26, 

VI. Susan Fretz, born Dec. 1, 1869. S. } ^ . 

VI. Mary Etta Fretz, born Dec, 1, 1869. S. j lwms ' 

V. Abraham Fretz, born Dec. 16, 1829; died Dec. 13. 
1876. S. 

V. Eliza Ann Fretz, born Apr. 1, 1835. Mrd. Reu- 
ben Stover, Oct. 15, 1851. He died Mar. 25, 1871. 
Farmer. He was Ger. Reformed. She was New Men- 
nonite at Deep Run. One child: 

VI. Louisa Stover, born in 1855. Mrd. John S. 
Bissey, Aug. 26, 1873. Farmer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Clara S. Bissey, born Feb. 22, 1877. 
(VII.) Alvin S. Bissey, born Dec. 22, 1879. (VII.) 
Sadie S. Bissey, born Oct. 30, 1882; died Feb. 12, 
1886. (VII.) Alma Bertha Bissey, born Oct. 23, 1888. 

V. Mary Fretz, born Oct. 18, 1812. Mrd. John M. 
Fretz. (See Index of References No. 55. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 21, 1803, died Nov. 17, 1866. Mrd. Ann Fretz 
(daughter of Abraham and Rachel Fretz), May 4, 1830. 
She died — . Farmer. Lived on a farm which was a 

Sortion of the old Fretz' homestead in Bedminster. 
ew Mennonites. One child: 

V. Susan Fretz, born May 4, 1831, died Feb. 25, 
1873. Mrd. Lafayett Yost, Dec. 8, 1855. He died 
Jan. 21, 1880. Children: Annetta, Rachel, John, Lin- 
ford, Ulysses, Lizzie. 

VI. Annetta Yost, born Aug. 27, 1857. Mrd. Sam- 
uel High, Dec. 3, 1881. Farmer. Live on the home- 

— 226 — 

stead in Bedminster. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Gertrude High, born July 5, 1883. (VII.) Jacob Free- 
man High, born Nov. 13, 1884. (VII.) Chester Arthur 
High, born Oct, 16, 1886. 

VI. Rachel Yost, born Oct. 8, 1860. Mrd. Leidy 
Harpel, Sept. 20, 1883. Merchant, Lutherans. One 
child: (VII.) Maggie Harpel, born Sept. 28, 1883. 

VI. John Fretz Yost, born Mar. 28, 1863. Mrd. Jen- 
nie Fulmer, Oct, 6, 1883. Farmer. Children: (VII.) 
Fretz Yost, born Feb. 15, 1884; died Sept. 4, 1884. 
(VII.) Edgar Yost, born Feb. 15, 1885. (VII.) Harry 
Yost, born Sept, 2, 1886. (VII.) Raymond Yost, born 
Jan. 17, 1888; died Sept. 13, 1888. 

VI. Linford Yost, born Mar. 12, 1866. S. 

VI. Ulysses Grant Yost, born Nov. 4, 1868; died 
Mar. 24, 1869. 

VI. Lizzie Fretz Yost, born Nov. 13, 1870. 

IV. Isaac K. Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Dec. 16, 1805; died July 7, 1882. Mrd. Annie Leath- 
erman (daughter of Christian and Annie Leatherman), 
Oct. 1, 1833. She was born Apr. 15, 1809; died Oct, 
14, 1883. Farmer, New Mennonites at Deep Run, 
where he led tin 1 singing for upwards of twenty years. 
Children: Abraham, William, Magdalena, Sarah, 
John, Maria, Annie, Isaac. 

V. Abraham L. Fretz, born Sept. 6, 1834. Mrd. 
Leanna Orr (daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Orr, 
of Rockhill, Pa.), Jan. 2, 1856. She was born Feb. 12, 
1840. Farmer. New Mennonites At Deep Run. Chil- 
dren: Adina, Samuel. 

VI. Adina Fretz, born Feb. 11, 1861, died Feb. 20, 

VI. Samuel O. Fretz, born Dec. 7, 1862. Mrd. Mi- 
nerva, daughter of John H. and Emaline Stout, of Rock- 
hill, Pa., Feb. 13, 1886. She was born Jan. 31, 1865. 
Farmer, resides with his father in Bedminster Twp. 
New Mennonites at Deep Run. One child: (VII.) Nearo 
Stout Fretz, born May 27, 1888. 

V. William L. Fretz, born May 13, 1837; died Aug. 
25, 1840. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born July 19, 1839; died Aug. 
19, 1840. 

— 227 — 

V. John L. Fretz, horn Jan. 13, 1841. Mrd. Mary 
Ann S. Kratz, Dec. 16, 1863. She was horn Jan. 18, 
1846; died in 1870. Farmer. Children: (VI.) Isaiah 
K. Fretz, born Dec. 26, 1864; died Sept, 11, 1865. 
(VI.) Emma Jane K. Fretz, born Jan. 27, 1866; died 
Mar. 27, 1868. (VI.) Isaac K. Fretz, born Dec. 14, 
1867; died in 1869. By a second wife he had one child: 
(VI.) John Fretz, born — ; died, aged about 6 months. 
He mrd. for his third wife Sarah Leicy, June 12, 
1875. They have one child: (VI.) Horace L. Fretz, 
born, Nov. 27, 1879. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born July 9, 1843; died Jan. 25, '47. 

V. Maria Fretz, born Mar. 19, 1846. Mrd. Henry 
K. Hockman, — . He was born Aug. 15, 1840. Car- 
penter. Children: (VI.) Lillie Hockman, born Mar. 1. 
1867; died Jan. 7, 1872. (VI.) William Henry Hock- 
man, born Dec. 17, 1869. (VI.) Ella Hockman, born 
in 1874. (VI.) Clinton Hockman, born May 25, 1885. 

V. Anna L. Fretz, born Oct. 19, 1848. Mrd. John 
B. Kratz, Sept. 7, 1876. Saddler and Farmer. New 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Isaac F. Kratz, born 
Jan. 31, 1881. (VI.) Irene F. Kratz, born Sept, 6, 1884. 

V. Isaac L. Fretz, born Jan. 30, 1851. Mrd. Minerva 
daughter of John K. and Maria Myers, May 1, 1875. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Mary Lizzie 
Fretz. (VI.) Grace Alice Fretz. 

IV. Martin Fretz, born on the old Fretz 1 homestead 
in Bedminster, Pa., Sept. 12, 1808. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Kratz (daughter of John Kratz of Skippack, Pa.), 
Oct., 6, 1831. She was born Aug. 31, 1813, died 
Mar. 21, 1855. He was variously occupied as Farmer, 
Weaver, Miller, and Merchant. He at first lived on 
a farm in Montgomery Co., and afterwards purchased 
Sixty acres of the old Fretz' homestead, and some 
adjoining lands in Bedminster, Bucks, Co. , where in 
1838, he built a dwelling house, and subsequently a 
barn, tenant house, and other buildings. The farm is 
now owned and occupied by Reuben Miller. In early 
life he and wife were Mems. Old Mennonite Ch. at 
Deep Run. About 1847, a division took place in that 
congregation, and a new meeting-house was built a 
few hundred yards from the old one. At the time of 

— 228 — 

the division he was a trustee of the old church, but 
cast his lot with the new church, and was subse- 
quently chosen one of its first ministers. In 1853 he 
purchased a mill property in Sussex, Co., New 
Jersey, and moved thereon with his family in the 
spring of L854. He mrd. for his second wife, widow 
Margaret E. Hill (maiden name Wintamute), Feb. 
L4, L857. She was born Apr. 30, 1817. Soon after 
marriage, in the spring of 1857, having rented this 
mill property, he moved to his 'wife's farm in Warren 
Co., N. J., where he engaged in farming until the 
spring of 1862; having disposed of his mill property, 
he removed to Newton, Sussex Co., where he had 
built a house, and engaged in the commission busi- 
ness. About 1866 he removed to Stillwater, Sussex 
Co., where he had purchased a home and engaged in 
Merchandise. In the spring of 1882, he again re- 
moved to the farm in Warren Co., where he died 
July 13, 1882. Some years prior to his death, he was 
ordained a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Ch. of 
Stillwater. Amid all the trials, and turmoils of his 
long and eventful life, he maintained a strict integrity 
and died highly respected by the community in which 
he lived, and honored in the church. The children by 
the first wife are: Mary, Magdalena. Catharine, Leah, 
Elizabeth, John, Anna, Theodore, Abraham, Martha, 
Edwin, Albert. The children by the second wife are: 
Alva, Lucilla, David. 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born Nov. 4, 1832, died Mar. 8, 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born Aug. 16, 1834, died May 
18, 1876. Mrd. Frank Strohme, about 1853. Ger. 
Reformed. Children: Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Elias, 
Henry, Sallie, John. Magdalena mrd. for her second 
husband Samuel Lear, of Tinicum Twp., in 1865. 
Carpenter and farmer. Children: Martha, Abraham, 
Infant died unnamed. 

VI. Lydia Strohme, born in 1853; died in infancy. 
VI. Mary Fretz Strohme, born in Sussex Co., N. J., 

Oct. 4. 1854. Mrd. Alfred D. Wilt, May 7, 1873. 
Mrs. Wilt, Lutheran. Children: (VII.) Anna Mabel 

— 229 — 

Wilt, born in 1873. (VII.) James Henry Wilt, born 
Oct. 26, 1875. 
VI. Hannah Strohme, born in Sussex Co.. N. J., May 

2, 1856. Mrd. William Hillpot, Jan. 8, 1879. She 
is Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Annie Hillpot. (VII.) 
William Dayton Hillpot. (VII.) Frankie Hillpot. (VII.) 
Hannah Hillpot. (VII.) Mary Bell Hillpot. 

VI. Elias Strohme, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 19, 1858. 
VI. Henry F. Strohme, born Aug. 18, 1859. Mrd. 
Amanda Shelly, of Lawndale, Pa.. Oct., 8, 1887. 
VI. Sallie F. 'Strohme, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 

3, 1861. Mrd. John D. Miller, Jan. 13, 1883. Farmer. 
One child: (VII.) Mary Miller, born Jan. 7, 1885. 

VI. John Strohme/ born Apr. 29, 1862. Mrd—. 
One child: (VII.) Henry. Strohme 

VI. Martha Fretz Lear, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 

VI. Abraham Frankinfield Lear, born Nov. 21, 1868. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Apr. 20, 1836, died Oct. 
20, 1853. One child: (VI.) Lavina Fretz, born July 
12, 1853. Tailoress. New Mennonitc. 

V. Leah Fretz, born June 20, 1838, died Aug. 1, 1810. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bcdminster, Bucks Co., 
Apr. 18, 1810. Mrd. Levi C. Heller, in 1857. He 
died Mar. 13, 1870. Miller, and Merchant, Children: 
Irwin, Ellsworth, Elmer. 

VI. Irwin F. Hefler, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 23, 
1857. Mrd. Mary Borger, Sept. 30, 1886. Clerk in 
Philadelphia. One child: (VII.) Emma Hefler, born 
Mar. 23, 1887. 

VI. Ellsworth Heller, born — . died in infancy. 

VI. Elmer Hefler, born Mar. 6, 1869; died' Oct. 5, 

V. John Kratz Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 19, 
1843. At the age of fourteen years he left home and 
served as farm laborer. In 1862 he enlisted in the 
15th Regiment N. J. Vol. for three years. In 1863 
he was appointed Corporal. He was engaged in some 
of the severest battles of the war. The two battles 
of Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, and others. In 
the great battle of Spottsylvania, C. H. , in which his 
regiment was nearly annihilated, he fell a martyr to 

— 230 — 

his country's cause, on May 12, 1864, from a bayonet 
wound in the mouth and a rifle ball which entered his 
right eye. "A brave and gallant soldier, and a true 
patriot. " 

V. Anna Fretz, born May 17, 1845; died Mar. 7, 

V. Theodore E. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
1, 1846. After leaving home, he served as a farm 
laborer, for a time, then engaged for several years as 
Clerk, until about 1869 when he was tendered a posi- 
tion with the Newark and Orange Railway Co., which 
position he accepted, and very satisfactorily filled 
until his death, which occurred in the city of Orange, 
N. J. , Dec. 14, 1872. He was a member of Lafayette 
Lodge, No.—, I. O. O. F., of Orange. 

V. Abraham James Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1849. At the age of thirteen 
years he left home and worked as farm laborer, 
attending school in winter. He was converted in 
1865 during the great revival at Newton, N. J. He 
united with the Presbyterian church, and soon after 
felt called to preach the gospel. He accordingly 
entered the Newton Collegiate Institute Jan. 3, 1867, 
with the ministry of the Presbyterian church in view. 
In the winter of 1868 he taught school at Mount 
Benevolence, Sussex Co., N. J. Disagreeing with the 
doctrines of the Presbyterian church, he subsequently 
united with the Methodist Episcopal church, July 4, 
1868. He was licensed an exhorter, Oct. 18, 1869, 
and a local preacher, Mar. 7, 1870. In Sept., 1870, 
lie went to Ohio, and attended the Mennonite Semi- 
nary at Wadsworth for a year. After visiting friends 
in Canada, he returned east in the fall of 1872. In 
the spring of this year (1872) he was appointed pas- 
tor of Middle Smithfield charge, in Monroe and Pike 
counties, Pa., by Rev. N. Vansant, P. E. His labors 
as pastor of this charge were attended with great 
spiritual success. He conducted several revival 
meetings, and received into the churches under his 
care 121 souls. Since then he has served as pastor of 
the following charges: Stockholm, N. J., 1873: Lib- 
citvville and Coleville, 1874; Unionville and West- 

— 231 — 

town, N. Y., 1875. In the fall of 1875, he attended 
Wyoming Seminary at Kingston, Pa. Appointed to 
Hamburgh and Ogdensburgh, 1877. Hurdtown and 
Hopatcong, 1878 and 1879. In 1880, he built a house 
and went to farming, which he has since followed in 
connection with the ministry. He is at present pas- 
tor of M. E. church at West Milford, N. J. He was 
ordained Deacon by Bishop John F. Hurst, Apr. 2, 
1882, and Elder by Bishop Charles H. Fowler, Apr. 
1, 1888. He was married to Elizabeth C. Headley,* 
daughter of Joseph and Almeda Headley, of Milton, 
N. J., Nov. 14, 1877. Children: (VI.) Mary Headly 
Fretz, born Dec. 13, 1878. (VI.) Joseph Martin Frctz, 
born Sept. 27, 1881; died May 10, 1883. (VI.) Ervin 
Kratz Fretz, born Dec. 19, 1883; died June 7, 1884. 

V. Martha Fretz, born in Bedminster, Pa., July 25, 
1850. Mrd. Andrew E. Newbaker, of Hard wick 
Twp., N. J., Dec. 25, 1869. Carpenter in Philadel- 
phia. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Mary Belle New- 
baker, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 20, 1871. Meth- 
odist. (VI.) Florence Ellen Newbaker, born in Bucks 
Co., Pa., Nov. 26, 1876. Methodist, 

V. Edwin Fretz, born in Pa., Sept. 15, 1853; died in 
N. J., Apr. 28, 1855. 

V. Albert Fretz, born in N. J., Mar. 15, 1855; died 
Apr. 3, 1855. 

V. Alva Bennett Fretz, born in Hardwick Twp., 
Warren Co., N. J., July 23, 1858. His early school 
days were spent in the Academy, and Collegiate 
Institute, both of Newton, N. J. He next attended 
the select school of Rev. T. B. Condit, at Stillwater, 
until the doors of that institution were closed forever. 
He then attended the Academy in that village until 
the age of sixteen when he left school and for a year 
worked as day laborer, after which he continued his 
studies under his Preceptress Miss Anna M. Condit, 

*She is a descendant of Robert Headley who settled at Mil- 
ton during the Revolution. He was a native of England, and 
emigrated to this country and settled in the Wyoming Valley, 
Pa. Prior to the Wyoming Massacre he received timely warn- 
ing of the impending danger, from a friendly Squaw, and made 
his escape. 

— 232 — 

During this his last year at home he decided to make 
teaching his profession, which he has since followed 
with but few periods of relaxation, up to the present. 
He began his career as a teacher in 1876, has been 
very successful as such, and is at present principal of 
a Graded School in Essex Co., N. J. He has always 
been a profound reader, and an indefatigable student. 
He has held positions of trust and honor in various 
social, Dramatic, Musical, and Literary Societies to 
which he belongs, and received many encomiums of 
merit, ability and talent from his patrons, and supe- 
riors. He is a member of Arcana Lodge, No. 60, F. 
and A. M., at Boonton, N. J. He was married to 
Lillian Isabel Williams, daughter of Matthew Wil- 
liams, of Hampton, Sussex Co., N. J., in 1881. She 
was born Jan. 15, 1862. Mrs. Fretz is a member of 
the Christian Ch., toward which the husband is also 
strongly inclined. Children: (VI.) Harold Norman 
Fretz, born Jan. 30, 1882. (VI.) Arthur Raymond 
Fretz, born Apr. 25, 1885; died Mav 16, 1885. (VI.) 
Ethel May Fretz, born Aug. 2, 1888; died Feb. 9, 

V. Lucilla Fretz, born Jan. 9, 1860; died Mar. 12, 1861. 

V. David Elmer Fretz, born in Newton, Sussex Co. , 
N. J., Dec. 7, 1862, Mrd. Harriet C. Swisher, July 
26, 1890. Farmer. Presbyterians. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, bom in BedminsterTwp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Jan. 12, 1812; died Apr. 30, 1877. Mrd. 
Benjamin D. Hendricks, Mar. 16, 1839. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Mary, Abraham, Aaron, 
John, William, Sarah, Jacob. 

V. Mary Ann Hendricks, born Feb. 22, 1810; died 
Sept. 30, 1887. Mrd. Jacob L. Dimmig, Sept. 13, 
1862. Carpenter. Lutherans. Children: Lydia, Em- 
ma. Mahlon, Isaac, Maria, Lavina, Benjamin, Lavina, 
Morrison, .Mabel. 

VI. Lydia Ann Dimmig, born Nov. 28, 1863; died 
Apr. 5, 1888. Mrd. Darias Sine—. One child: (VII.) 
Harry Sine, born Mar. 1, 1887. 

VI. Emma Elizabeth Dimmig, born Feb. 28, 1865. 
Mrd. Thomas King (dec'd),— One child: (VII.) 
Mamie Susan King, born Apr. 12, 1885. 

— 233 — 

VI. Mahlon Dimmig, born May 13, 1866. 

VI. Isaac Dimmig, born July i3, 1867. 

VI. Maria Dimmig, born May 13, 1870. 

VI. Lavina Dimmig, born July 20, 1873. 

VI. Benjamin Dimmig, born Nov. 11, 1874. 

VI. Laura Cora Dimmig, born Aug. 27, 1878. 

VI. Morrison Dimmig, born Mar. 7, 1881; died Nov. 
27, 1881. 

VI. Mabel Alburtis Demmig, born May 11, 1883. 

V. Abraham Hendricks, born Jan. 12, 1812; died 
Apr. 19, 1842. 

V. Aaron Hendricks, born July 29, 1844; died Oct. 
17, 1862. 

V. John Hendricks, born June 29, 1846; died Nov. 
20, 1862. 

V. William Hendricks, born Dec. 26, 1848; died 
Mar. 6, 1859. 

V. Sarah Hendricks, born Sept. 1, 1851; died Oct. 
20, 1862. 

V. Jacob Freeman Hendricks, A. M. , born May 15, 
1854. He was the youngest and is now the only sur- 
viving child. He was given the patriarchal name of 
Jacob, being named after his paternal grandfather. 
When the boy became of school age, he was sent to 
the public school of the vicinity. In 1862, through 
the visitation of death, of seven children but two, the 
oldest and youngest, were left. A few months later, 
marriage having claimed the oldest, led her forth 
from beneath the parental roof, leaving the subject 
of the sketch the only child at the family fireside. In 
'65 his father sold the farm on which he had lived for 
many years, and on which he had reared his children 
and bought a property near the village of Line Lex- 
ington, in Hilltown township, and moved thereon. 
Here the boy resumed his attendance at public 
school, assisting his father when school was not in 
session in the work on the farm and in the chores 
about the place. Between '65 and '70, he induced his 
father to send him for several short terms to the Line 
Lexington Seminary, then a select school for boys 
and girls, instead of the public school. In the spring 
of '70, thirsting for wider educational advantages, he 

— 234 — 

induced his father to send him to the Excelsior Nor- 
mal Institute at Carversville, then under the Princi- 
palship of Rev. F. R. S. Hunsicker, D. D. After a 
twelve weeks attendance at this school, he entered 
the profession of teaching, taking charge of a school 
in Hilltown Twp., and continued to teach in that 
township for four successive terms. In the spring of 
'71 he entered the Millersville State Normal School 
and remained there twelve weeks. In the spring of 
'74 he returned to that school and took a short term. 
In the fall of that year he was examined by the 
County Superintendent of Lehigh County, and 
granted a provisional certificate, having one in every 
branch. He was thereupon elected principal of the 
Schools of Rittersville, in that county. After teach- 
ing there several months he was granted a profes- 
sional certificate. In the spring of '75 he returned to 
Millersville to finish his course, graduating with 
honors in the class of '76, and the degree of Bachelor 
of the Elements. In the fall of 76 he took charge 
of a school at Breinigsville, Lehigh County. During 
this term he gained prominence among the teach- 
ers of the county. At the County Teacher's Institute 
of that year, he was made Secretary of the Institute, 
appointed to open the discussion on one of the topics, 
chosen delegate to the State Teacher's Association 
and selected as one of the evening lecturers. In the 
fall of '77 he took charge of a school in East Donegal 
Township, Lancaster County. During this term he 
gave some attention to public lecturing, appearing, 
among other audiences, before the Page Literary 
Society of Millersville. At the commencement of 
'79 he received from his Alma Mater the degree of 
Master of the Elements. In the fall of '78 he was 
elected teacher of the Intermediate Department of the 
Doylestown Borough Public Schools, and before the 
close of the term was made Principal and Borough 
Superintendent. In the summer of '79, after win- 
ning golden testimonials as a teacher, he left the 
school room and turned his face in the direction of 
the legal profession. He entered the office of Alfred 
FackentbaH, Esq., and was duly registered as a 

- 235 — 

student at law. In '81 he was admitted to the Bucks 
County Bar, and at once began the practice of law at 
the County Capitol. For reasons he has never yet 
made known he now adopted as a middle name, the 
name Freeman, writing his name J. Freeman Hen- 
dricks. In the spring of '85, Doylestown Borough 
elected him Justice of the Peace by an overwhelming 
majority, when his party was hopelessly in the 
minority. The same year he was admitted to the 
Bryant 'Literary Union of New York, and again he 
entered the lecture field. Since then he has appeared 
before County Teacher's Institutes and other dis- 
tinguished audiences, and won the strongest testi- 
monials. At the commencement of '86 Ursinus Col- 
lege conferred on him the honorary degree of Master 
of Arts. He is a Republican in politics, and a Presbyte- 
rian in religion. He still resides in Doylestown, 
figuring as a lawyer, Justice and lecturer. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born on the Old Homestead in 
Bedminster, Mar. 24, 1813; died—. Mrd. Joseph F. 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 56). 

IV. Abraham Fretz, son of "Deacon " Abraham and 
Magdalena (a born Kratz), was born on the Fretz' 
Homestead, in Bedminster Twp., Oct. 9, 1815. Mrd. 
Sarah Detweiler, in 1810. She was born Tan. 5, 1818; 
died July 18, 1850. Children: Oliver, Titus, Lavina, 
Clayton, Clementine, Sarah. He married for his 
second wife, Catharine Fry, in Mar., 1859. She was 
born Jan. 12, 1827; died July 5, 1886. Children: 
Lewis, Sybilla, Laura, Alice, Abraham, Katie. He 
is one of a few surviving members of the fourth 
generation from "Ancestor" John. He being the 
youngest of the children, he remained at home with 
his parents, to be their comfort and stay in their 
declining years. He remained on the old homestead 
for the first seventy-one years of his life, carrying on 
the business of farming, and during the summer 
months that of droving. In his business transactions 
he is noted for his honesty and integrity. He is a 
member of the New Mennonite church at Deep Run. 

V. Oliver D. Fretz, born in Bedminster, Nov. 13, 
1840, Mrd, Susanna Meyers, Dec, 3, 1870, Shoe- 

— 236 — 

maker at Bedminsterville, Pa. New Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Abbie Fretz, born July 27, 1875. (VI.) 
William James Fretz, born Aug. 6, 1877. 

V. Titus Fretz, born Apr. 9, 1842; died Oct. 7, 1842. 

V. Lavina D. Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., May 
2, 1813. Mrd. Jonas S. Myers. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 57). 

V. Clayton D. Fretz, M. D., son of Abraham and 
Sarah (Detweiler) Fretz, was born on the old John 
Fretz 1 homestead in Bedminster, Nov. 16, 1844. At 
the age of six years his mother died of a lingering 
illness. He remained at home with his father until 
the spring of 1855, when he was lured out on the 
farm of the late Jonas Meyers, of Bedminster, where 
he remained nearly two years. The following year he 
was with the late Reuben Stover, and the succeeding 
3 T ear with Aaron Tyson, working on the farm in the 
summer months and attending school at Bedminster, 
during the winter terms. His father having resumed 
farming he returned home in the spring of 1859, and 
assisted on the farm, attending school during the 
winter months at Fretz Valley. In the spring of 1862 
he attended a term at "The North Wales Institute," 
under the principalship of A. S. Overholt. He also 
attended the spring term of 1863. at the same insti- 
tution. In the summer of 1864 he took a course at 
"Eastman Business College" at Poughkepsie, N. Y., 
graduating July 12. In the Antumn of 1862, he 
secured a certificate of County Superintendent S. S. 
Overholt, and taught his first term of school in the 
"'Old Octagon" school house, near Fountainville. 
He continued teaching for the next three years — 
teaching at the Monroe school, Durham; and the 
Fretz Valley school, Bedminster, and closing his 
career as teacher at Crout's school, Rockhill. Dur- 
ing this last term he commenced reading medicine 
under his preceptor, Dr. 1. S. Mover, then at Plum- 
steadville, Bucks Co. After the close of the school 
term he devoted all his time to medicine, and entered 
the office of his preceptor as a regular student, and 
in the autumn of 1866 matriculated at the Medical 
Department of the University of Pennsylvania, Phil- 

— 237 — 

adelphia. During the succeeding two years he applied 
himself closely to study, attended the lectures, and 
graduated Mar. 13, 1868. Ten days thereafter, on 
the 23d of March, he located at Sellersville, Pa., and 
entered into partnership with Dr. Nelson Applebach, 
for the practice of his profession. He met with suc- 
cess, and in a few years succeeded in acquiring a 
lucrative practice, and establishing himself in the 
confidence and esteem of the community. In the 
autumn of 1871, he dissolved the business partner- 
ship with Dr. Applebach to enter into a life partner- 
ship with Miss Kate B. Everhart, daughter of the 
late Dr. Charles W. Everhart, of Sellersville.— The 
study of Botany and the collection of specimens of 
plants and flowers has been one of his favorite pur- 
suits. He has added many new and rare plants to 
the known flora of Bucks Co., besides having dis- 
covered one nvw to the state flora, and also a 
variety not before known to science. His herbarium 
not only contains a complete set of all the plants in 
Bucks Co., but a very large majority of the plants 
growing east of the Mississippi, including not less 
than ten thousand specimens and about four thousand 
diffiercnt species and varieties. — Dr. Fretz is a mem- 
ber of the Bucks Co. , Medical Society, the Lehigh 
Valley Medical Association, the Bucks Co., Historical 
Society, and the Bucks Co., branch of the Pennsyl- 
vania Forestry Assoeiation. He was married to Kate 
B. Everhart, Nov. 16, 1871. She was born in Sellers- 
ville, May 2, 1846. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Charles 
Raymond Fretz, born July 19, 1873, died June 19, 
1877, aged 3y., 11m. (VI.) Alfred Everhart Fretz, 
born Auff. 30, 1874. (VI.) Samuel Edward Fretz, 
born Aug! 30, 1878. (VI.) Eva Catharine Fretz, born 
Feb. 17, 1885, died Nov. 25, 1885, aged 9m., 8d. 

V. Clementine Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., 
June 14, 1846. Mrd. William J. Myers. (See Index 
of References No. 58). Clementine married for her 
second husband William K. Hockman, Mar. 5, 1870. 
He was born in Bedminster Twp., Feb. 23, 1843. 
Farmer in Bedminster. Mrs. Hockman. New Men- 
nonite. Children: (VI.) Maggie F. Hockman, born 

— 238 — 

Dec. 14, 1871. (VI.) Clara F. Hockman, born June 
17, 1871. (VI.) Infant daughter, died Dec. 23, 1878, 
aged 9 hours. (VI.) Infant daughter still born Feb. 
13, 1884. 

V. Sarah Ellen Fretz, born Oct. 21, 1818; died Jan. 
3, 1871. Mrd. Amos Myers. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 59). 

V. Lewis F. Fretz, born in Bedminster, Jan. 13, 
1860. Mrd. Sallie Stahr, Nov. 29, 1881. She died 
Dec. 3, 1885. One child: (VI.) Nellie Victoria Fretz, 
born June 30, 1885. Lewis mrd. for his second wife, 
Jeanetta Stokes Buchanan, June 6, 1888. She was 
born Mar. 16, 1868. House Painter. Residence 198 
Mechanic St., Germantown, Pa. One child: (VI.) 
Lewis Buchanan Fretz, born Apr. 26, 1889. 

V. Sybella F. Fretz, born Nov. 18, 1861, in Bedmin- 
ster Twp. Mrd. William L. Fenton, of Cheltenham, 
Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 20, 1880. R. R. Engineer. 
Children: (VI.) Marion Alice Fenton, born Jan. 31, 
1882; died Jan. 6, 1886. (VI.) Clarence L. Fenton, 
born Nov. 30, 1883; died Jan. 21, 1886. (VI.) Clarion 
Myrtle Fenton, born Dec. 15, 1886. 

V. Laura Fretz, born in Bedminster, Pa., Feb. 22, 
1863; died Jan. 9, 1886, aged 21y., 10m. and 17d. 

V. Alice Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Sept. 26, 
1865. Mrd. Harvey B. Lewis, Nov. 6, 1886. He was 
born July 5, 1864. Tailor at Perkasie. He, Luthe- 
ran. Wife, Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Genella Lewis, 
born Dec. 6, 1887. (VI.) Laura Lugertia Lewis, born 
Nov. 23, 1889; died Apr. 1, 1890. 

V. Abraham Fretz, born Oct. 29, 1867; died Dec. 
19, 1869. 

V. Katie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 18, 
1870. Mrd. Richard R. Hudson, June 26, 1889. 
Fireman on Railroad. Ger. Reformed. One child: 
(VI.) Miriam F. Hudson, born July 3, 1890. 

III. Isaac Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Feb. 12, 1771; died Nov. 1, 1843. Mrd. 
Susanna Kratz, of Hilltown Twp., May 28,-1793. She 
was born Sept. 3, 1775; died Mar. 20, 1798. Chil- 
dren: Abraham, Enos, Susanna. In the year 1800, 

— 239 — 

Isaac mrd. his second wife, Veronica Kratz, of Skip- 
pack, Monte. Co. She was born Oct. 28, 1778; died 
13, 1821. Children: John, Elizabeth, Jacob, Isaac, 
William, Mahlon, Mary, Samuel. In 1822 Isaac mrd. 
his third wife, Betsey Landis. She was born Nov. 16, 
1799; died Feb. 13, 1887. In early life Isaac Fretz 
followed the vocation of farmer. He owned and lived 
on the farm in Tinicum Twp., now owned and occu- 
pied by Henry F. Myers. He also for a time had 
teams on the road freighting goods from Philadelphia 
to Easton, Bethlehem, and Nazareth, with an occa- 
sional visit to Pittsburg and other points west. Dur- 
ing his absence from home Mar. 4, 1801, his barn 
was struck by lightning and burned. On this occasion 
his wife Veronica, displayed heroic energy, in rescu- 
ing horses and cattle from the burning building, and 
undoubtedly would have perished herself in the 
flames, had she not at last been held back by the 
neighbors. In spite of all efforts to rescue the cattle 
from the flames, one horse and fourteen (some say 21) 
head of cattle perished. In 1815, Isaac built what is 
now known as the Fretz Valley Mill, on the Tohickon 
Creek, and in addition to farming operated the mill. 
During his busy life he succeeded to competency, and 
accumulated nearly 300 acres of land. He and wives 
were members of the Mennonite church. He, how- 
ever, respected all denominations, and would never 
(without reproof) allow any one in his presence to 
speak lightly of any church, or church ordinance. 
IV. Abraham K. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 
13, 1791; died Nov. 7, 1875. Mrd. Hannah Groff, of 
Salford, Montg. Co., June 20, 1820. She was born 
Sept. 3, 1803; died Mar. 20, 1873. At the age of 18 
he commenced to learn the shoemaking trade, and as 
was the custom at that time, went from house to 
house carrying his "kit" with him. At the age of 
twenty-one, he apprenticed himself to the milling 
trade which he followed many years. About 1818 he, 
in company with Samuel, son of "lame Anthony 
Fretz, and "Velvet" Henry Fretz, made a trip to 
Canada, to visit friends and relatives there. The 
entire trip was made on foot, and was attended with 

— 240 — 

the usual amount of adventures. At an early age he 
connected himself with the Mennonite church, but on 
marrying a Ger. Ref. lady, he was excluded from 
membership, and so remained until the division, twen- 
ty-six years later, when he and wife connected them- 
selves with the New Mennonites. He was at one time 
nominated for Deacon, but not elected. He served 
as trustee for some time, and was the second sexton 
of the church, which position he held for over 
twenty-two years. Children: Susanna, Catharine, 
Josephus, Elizabeth, Reuben, Amanda, Henry. 

V. Susanna Fretz, born in Philadelphia Co., Pa., 
Apr. T, 1830; died Nov, 22, 1873. Mrd. Enos Kulp, 
of Bedminster, May 20, 1853. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Martha, Andrew, George, Mary, Frank, 
Sarah, Hannah, Barbara. 

VI. Martha Kulp, born and died May 6, 1855. 

VI. Andrew Kulp, born July 19, 1857; died July 
26, 1873. 

VI. George Kulp, born Mar. 26, 1860. Resides in 
Sabetha, Nemaha Co., Kansas. 

VI. Mary Etta Kulp, born Sept. 23, 1861. Mrd. 
Charles Swope, of Philadelphia, in 1880. Mrs. Swope, 
Reformed. Children: (VII.) Sophia Swope, born Apr. 
15, 1881. (VII.) Sarah Elizabeth Swope, born Jan. 26, 
1884; died May 26, 1885. (VII.) Mary Bertha Swope, 
born June 26, 1886. (VII.) George Swope, born Jan. 
6, 1889. 

VI. Frank Kulp, born Jan. 4, 1864. Farmer in 
Nemaha Co., Kansas. 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Kulp, born June 18, 1861. Mrd. 
Frank Diehl, o, : Rockhill, Pa., in 1886. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VII.) William Diehl, born Jan. 9, 1887. 
(VII.) Bertha Florence Diehl, born 28, 1889. 

VI. Hannah Kulp, born Dec. 23, 1868; died Feb. 17, 

VI. Barbara Kulp, born Aug. 10, 1870. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born in Philadelphia Co., Pa., 
June 5, 1833; died, aged 3 years. 

V. Josephus Fretz, born in Philadelphia Co., Pa. 
Mar. 23, 1835; died Sep. 19, 1854. 

— 241 — 

V. Elizabeth Ann Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 16, 1837. Mid. Harvey G. Shaddingei, of Plum- 
stead, Mar. 18, 1866. He was born, Jan. 7, 1813. On 
the 6th of Sept., 1861, he enlisted in Co. A., 104 
Penna. Vol., for three years, and served in the fol- 
lowing engagements: Lee's Mills, Williamsburg, 
Chiekahominy, Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, Bottom 
Bridge, White Oak Swamp, Carter's Hill, James' 
Island, Siege of Fort Wagner, and Siege of Charles- 
ton. He was appointed Corporal Apr. 1, 1863, dis- 
charged on expiration of enlistment, Sept. 30, 1864. 
Reinlisted as Seargent in Co. I., 213 Pa. Vol., the 
16th of Feb., 1865, for one year, or during the war, 
and was discharged at the ciose of the war, Nov. 18, 
1865. New Mennonites. Children: (VI.) A. Wesley 
Shaddinger, born Aug. 5, 1866. (VI.) Elmer F. Shad- 
dinger, born Apr. 12, 1869; died Aug. 24, 1869. (VI.) 
Anna Charlotta Shaddinger, born Sept. 6, 1870. New 
Mennonite. (VI.) Jonas Moyer Shaddinger, born 
Apr. 21, 1873. (VI.) M. Magdalena Shaddinger, born 
Oct, 4, 1875. (VI.) Dora May Shaddinger, born May 
3, 1878. 

V. Reuben G. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
16, 1841. Mrd. Henrietta B. Carter, of Doylestown, 
July 14, 1866. She was born Nov. 26, 1833: died 
July 18, 1884, without issue. He mrd. for his second 
wife, Ella Butterworth, of Hatboro, Pa., Mar. 1, 
1886. She was born Sept. 4, 1844. At the age of 
sixteen years he apprenticed himself to the wheel- 
wright trade, and in Mar., 1861, began to learn the 
milling trade with his father, which he followed for 
thirteen years. His present occupation is wheel- 
wright. In 1863-64 he enlisted to drive the invaders 
from the State, and served two months in the 45th 
Regt., Pa. V. M. Baptists. 

V. Amanda Fretz, born Oct. 6, 1844. Mrd. Joseph 
Holden, Oct., 1866. He was born May 13, 1841; died 
Mar. 10, 1873. Children: (VI.) Edward Holden, born 
Feb. 24, 1870. (VI.) Ellwood Holden, born July 29, 
1872; died Sept. 6, 1873. (VI.) Ella Nora Opdyke, 
born Apr. 8, 1874. Amanda mrd. her second husband 
Daniel Nusbickel, Apr. 11, 1875. Lutherans. Children: 

— 242 

(VI.) Anna Laura Nusbickel, born July 7, 1876. (VI.) 
Thomas Nusbickel, born Jan. 9, 1881. (VI.) Sallie 
Nusbickel, born Dec. 23, 1884. (VI.) Milton H. Nus- 
bickel, born May 19, 1887. 

V. Henry Fretz, born in 1848; died same day. 

IV. Enos Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 14, 
1796; died Aug. 15, 1860. Mrd. Mary Leatherman, 
May 6, 1821. She was born Sept, 8, 1803; died with- 
out' issue, Oct. 12, 1875. Farmer. Owned and lived 
on the Esquire Stover farm, on the Tohickon.. New 
Mennonites at Deep Run Ch., of which he was a trus- 
tee for a number of years. He presented the church 
with a part of the new burying ground, and was 
among the first to lie buried there. 

IV. Susannah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 1, 1798; 
died Jan. 14, 1872. Mrd. Samuel G. Myers, Dec. 27, 
1825. He was born Nov. 14, 1802; died Nov. 8, 1877. 
Farmer, and run a commission wagon for many 
years, after which he engaged in the milling business 
at Doyl estown Borough. Mennonites. Children: 
Catharine, Isaac, John. 

V. Catharine Myers, born Dec. 5, 1826; died Dec. 
30, 1851. Mrd. Joshua Histand, Feb. 4, 1851. Men- 
nonites. One child: (VI.) Catharine Histand, born 
Dec. 20, 1851. Mrd. Frank Heaton, Jan 28, 1879. 
Farmer of Doylestown, Pa. Presbyterians. One child: 
(VII.) Edwin Mathias Heaton, born Dec. 10, 1880. 

V. Isaac F. Myers, born Feb. 13, 1831. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Bewighouse, Mar. 7, 1868. Farmer and Mer- 
chant, Also in the milling business for some years; 
at present merchant. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Susan B. Myers, born Mar: 2, 1869. (VI.) Elwood B. 
Myers, born Aug. 13, 1872. 

V. John Myers, born April 17, 1833. Mrd. Annie 
E. Beidler, Mar. 15, 1883. He was Engineer for a 
number of years; but is now farming. They attend 
Presbyterian church. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 12, 1801; 
died in Putnam Co., O., July 1, 1881. Mrd. Veron- 
ica Shelley, of Milford, Bucks Co., Nov. 15, 1824. She 
died Apr. 18, 1850. In 1834, they emigrated to 
Wayne Co., O., and in 1835 to Putnam Co., which was 

— 243 — 

then a dense wilderness. Although he lived on the 
banks of the Blanchard River, he had to go thirty 
miles to mill. For some years their bread stuff, which 
consisted mainly of corn, was all ground on a hand 
mill. The entire family shoes were made of wood. In 
1856 he sold his farm and emigrated to Lima County, 
Kansas, where he purchased a farm, which he worked 
for three years, then sold to his sons Jacob and John, 
and returned to Ohio, where he spent the remainder 
of his days with his daughters, Elizabeth and Fannie. 
He and wife were members of the Mennonite church, 
and assisted in building the first Mennonite meeting- 
house in Putnam Co. , where they worshiped for a 
long time. Children : Elizabeth, Fannie, Mary, La- 
Vina, Isaac, Barbara, Shelly, Susan, Jacob, Catharine, 
John, Hannah. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 16, 
1828. Mrd. Stephen Crow, Oct. 28, 1847. Farmer 
of Putnam Co., O. Christians. Children: Mary Fan- 
nie, Wilbiam, Sarah, James, Isaac, Elias, Thomas. 

VI. Mary M. Crow, born Aug. 26, 1848. Mrd.—. 
Towsley — . Farmer in Putnam Co., O. Christians. 
Children: (VII.) Armina E. (VII.) Electa V. (VII.) 
Lavina E. (VII.) Stephen R. (VII.) Nellie F. 

VI. Fannie Crow, born Aug. 6, 1850. Christian. 

VI. William Crow, born Oct. 27, 1852. Mrd. Mary 
Haskel— . Children: (VII.) Maud M. (VII.) Fannie. 
(VII.) Grace. (VII.) Lucy. 

VI. Sarah Crow, born Mar. 7, 1855. Mrd. James 
Agner — . Farmer in Putnam Co., O. Christians. 
Children: (VII.) Pratt E. (VII.) Nora B. (VII.) Neva 
B. (VII.) Stephen J. (VII.) Everje R. 

VI. James Crow, born Apr. 7, 1857. Mrd. Mary C. 
Agner—. Methodists. One child: (VII.) Pet Agner 

VI. Isaac Crow, born Jan. 5, 1860. Farmer. S. 

VI. Elias F. Crow, born Dec. 27, 1862. Mrd. Ren- 
nie M. Clymer— . Once child: (VII.) Carl C. Crow. 

VI. Thomas Crow, born Mar. 23, 1865. Mrd. Elva 
Schib— . 

— 244 — 

V. Fannie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1825; 
died in Putnam Co., O., Nov. 3, 1886. Mrd. Jacob 
Ridenour, Mar. 2, 1847. He died Oct. 14, 1888. 
Farmer in Putnam Co., O. Fannie, Mem. U. B. Ch. 
Children: William, Jane, John, Albert, Mary, Eliza- 
beth, George, Emma, Orlando, Clara. 

VI. William Ridenour, born Apr. 14, 1848; died Oct. 
11, 1849. 

VI. Jane E. Ridenour, born Jan. 19, 1850. Mrd. Sam- 
uel Wollam, Apr. 19, 1868. Mrs. Wollam and seven 
of the children are Mem. U. B. Ch. Children: (VII.) 
Frank D. Wollam, born Jan. 18, 1869. (VII.) Alfred 
L. Wollam, born Oct. 16, 1870. (VII.) Waldo O. 
Wollam, born Jan. 17, 1874. (VII.) Iden Wollam, 
born Sept. 16, 1879. (VII.) Leo J. Wollam, born Feb. 
3, 1885. 

VI. John F. Ridenour, born Sept, 21, 1851. Mrd. 
Julia Wollam, Jan. 11, 1878. Children: (VII.) Lloyd 
W. Ridenour, born Nov. 8, 1879. (VII.) Eva P. 
Ridenour, born Jan. 17, 1884. (VII.) Orlando B. 
Ridenour, born Aug. 17, 1887. 

VI. Albert E. Ridenour, born Feb. 5, 1854. 

VI. Mary A. Ridenour, born Jan. 30, 1856. Mrd. 
Samuel M. Bibler, Sept. 5, 1872. He died Jan. 31, 
1887. Mary Mem. U. B. Ch. Children: (VII.) Iva 
A. Bibler, born Nov. 20, 1876. (VII.) Blanch M. 
Bibler, born Aug. 6, 1878. (VII.) Claud C. Bibler, 
born May 6, 1880. (VII.) Fannie Bibler, born Dec. 31, 
1881. (VII.) Charles Bibler, born Dec. 20, 1883. (VII.) 
Clara Bibler, born Jan. 6, 1886; died Apr. 27, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth L. Ridenour, born July 26, 1858; died 
Jan. 26, 1889. Mrd. George L. Marriott, Aug. 21, 
1883. Farmer in Putnam Co., O. Elizabeth Mem. 
U. B. Ch. Children: (VII.) Randolph J. Marriott, 
born Dec. 20, 1884. (VII.) Rosco C. Marriott, born 
Jan. 16, 1887. 

VI. George W. Ridenour, born Oct, 27, 1860. Mrd. 
Reona Simons, Dec. 1, 1887. One child: (VII.) Lewis 
J. Ridenour, born June 25, 1889. 

VI. Emma Ridenour, born Jan. 16, 1863. Mrd. 
Nathan C. Shirley, Aug. 12, 1888. Clerk of Dupont, 

— 245 - 

Ohio. Mem. U. B. Ch. One child: (VII.) Ashley R. 

Shirley, born June 22, 1889. 

VI. Orlando E. Ridenour, born Apr. 15, 1865. 

VI. Clara E. Ridenour, born Feb. 9, 1869; died July 
2, 1886. 

V. MaiT Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 26, 
1831. Mrd. Henry Eyer, Apr. 29, 1849. Farmer in 
Putnam Co., O. Children: John, George, Sarah, 
Wesley, Lavina. 

VI. John Ever, born Mar. 21, 1850. Mrd. Nancy 
Jane Howard, Jan. 1, 1872. Children: (VII.) Clar- 
ence E. Eyer, born Oct. 6, 1873; died Sept. 6, 1874. 
(VII.) LeRoy Howard Eyer, born Sept. 24, 1875; died 
aged 8 years. (VII.) William Harrison Eyer, born 
Sept. 29, 1877. (VII.) Florence Delilah Eyer, born 
Nov. 21, 1880. (VII.) Henry Martin Eyer, born Oct, 
30, 1882. (VII.) Mary Grace Eyer, born May 20, 1885. 
(VII.) Margaret Elizabeth Eyer, born Jan. 3, 1887. 

VI. George Washington Eyer, born Feb. 22, 1852. 
Mrd. Fannie Mover, of Grand Rapids, Mich., Apr. 
1, 1877. Children: (VII.) John Eyer, born in July, 

1877. (VII.) Ida Eyer, born Oct. 1879. (VII.) Laura 
Eyer, born Mar., 1884. 

VI. Sarah Eyer, born Sept. 23, 1855. Mrd. Henry 
Crisman, of Porter Co., Ind., Aug. 15, 1877. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) William Henry Crisman, born Oct. 14, 

1878. (VII.) Mabel Crisman, born Mar. 31, 1883. (VII.) 
Grace Crisman, born Apr. 26, 1885. 

VI. Wesley Eyer, born May 21, 1859. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Moyer, of Kent Co., Mich., Oct. 11, 1882. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Arthur DeWitt Eyer, born Aug. 26, 
1883. (VII.) Bessie Eyer, born Sept. 11, 1885. (VII.) 
Earl Eyer, born Feb. 16, 1887. (VII.) Harrison Eyer, 
born Oct.—, 1888. 

VI. Lavina Eyer, born July 18, 1862. Mrd. George 
O. Martin, of Etna Green, Kosciusko Co., Ind., Feb. 
22, 1885. No children. 

V. Lavina Fretz, born — . Mrd. Reuben Adams, of 
Putnam Co., Ohio — . No issue. 

V. Isaac Fretz, born in Putnam Co., O., in 1834; 
died June 4, 1865. Mrd. Rosanna Sylvester, June 4, 
I860. She was born in Dearborn Co., Ind., Jan, 

- 246 — 

1839. Occupation, Clerk, teacher, farmer, &c. At 
the outbreaking of the "Border Ruffian War," he 
enlisted in the Government Service, and served nine 
months. During the war of the Rebellion he enlisted 
and served in Sherman's Corps; was wounded in the 
battle of Goldsboro, and died on the way to the Hos- 
pital. Methodists. Children: Rose, Lavina. 

VI. Rose Fretz, born in Bureau Co., 111., Feb. 3, 
1852. Mrd. John A. Fox, Jan. 26, 1876. Farmer in 
Dallas Co., Iowa. Children: (VII.) Milton F. Fox, 
born Mar. 13, 1880. (VII.) Dermott Fox, born Aug. 
1, 1881. (VII.) Cross Fox, born Apr. 11, 1883. (VII.) 
Mary Rosanna Fox, born June 1, 1885. (VII.) Rich- 
ard L. Fox, born Mar. 26, 1887. (VII.) George Fox, 
born Feb. 12, 1889; died Mar. 5, 1889. 

VI. Lavina Fretz, born Oct, 2. 1864; died Mar. 1865. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born in Putnam Co., O., in 1835; 
died in 1855. 

V. Shelly Fretz, born in Putnam Co., O., Jan. 11, 
1837; died Mar. 17, 1855. 

V. Susan Fretz, born in Putnam Co., O., Mar. 17, 
1810. Mrd. Francis M. Sylvester, Feb. 28, 1861. 
Farmer. In June, 1869, they moved to Carroll Co., 
Mo., where he died Apr. 18, 1877. Baptists. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Andrew J. Sylvester, born in Elkhart Co. , 
Lid., Feb. 5, 1865. (VI.) Fannie J. Sylvester, born in 
Elkhart Co., Ind., Jan. 18, 1867; died Apr. 11, 1871. 
(VI.) Wesley J. Sylvester, born in Carroll Co., Mo., 
Apr. 12, 1869. (VI.) Maggie A. Sylvester, born in 
Carroll Co., Mo., May 29, 1871. (VI.) Joseph Svlves- 
ter, born in Carroll Co., Mo., Mar. 2, 1874.* (VI.) 
Mary B. Sylvester, born in Carroll Co., Mo., May 1, 

V. Jacob Fretz, born in Putnam Co., O., June 9, 
1841. Mrd. Susan H. Flemming, of Defiance Co., O., 
Sept. 21, 1861. He enlisted in the war of the Rebel- 
lion, in the 26th Regt., Ky. Vol. Went with Gen. 
Thomas to Nashville, Tenn., and all through the Ten- 
nessee campaign; then with the 23d Army Corps 
through North Carolina, and was discharged at New- 
bern Hospital, June 16, 1865. He is a member of 

— 247 — 

Avalon Post, No. 146, in Livingston Co., Mo. They 
attend the M. E. Ch. Children: 

VI. Sarah A. Fretz, born Mar. 22, 1863. Mrd. Wil- 
liam E. Wilson, of Carroll Co., Mo., in 1887. One 
child: (VII.) Benjamin Jacob Wilson.. (VI.) William 
John Fretz, born Nov. 18, 1861. (VI.) Elmer Ells- 
worth Fretz, born Jan. 26, 1867; died Aug. 1, 1869. 
(VI.) Stephen Grant Fretz, born Nov. 14, 1868. (VI.) 
Almon Fretz, born Dec. 20, 1870. (VI.) Cora May 
Fretz, born Mar. 10, 1873. (VI.) Ida Elizabeth Fretz, 
born Jan. 13, 1875. (VI.) Ervy Clarence Fretz, 
born Mar. 6. 1S77; died Oct. 11, 1878. (VI.) Frank 
and Fannie Fretz (Twins), born Mar. 24, 1879. (VI.) 
Charles Eldon Fretz, born May 12, 1881. (VI.) Del- 
mer Rav Fretz, born July 13, 1883; died Sept. 14, 
1883. (VI.) Louella Belle Fretz, born May 31, 1885. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Oct. 26. 1844; died Aug. 
12, 1855. 

V. John Fretz, born in 1848. Mrd. Lucy Round, of 
Carroll Co., Mo., Jan. 27, 1887. Lived for a time in 
Kansas, and at the time of the grasshopper plague 
lost heavily. He afterwards returned to Ohio. He 
enlisted in the 5th Ohio Cavalry, and served seven 
months in Sherman's command. He also served in 
the 199th III. 100 days' service. Methodists. One 
child: (VI.) — Fretz, born in 1888. 

V. Hannah Fretz, born Oct, 22, 1849; died Sept, 30, 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
18, 1803; died in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 25, 1884. 
Mrd. George Leffler, about 1835. He was born in 
Gerling, Germany, Nov. 18, 1802; died Mar. 10, 1876, 
in Philadelphia, where he was engaged in the carriage 
building business, and succeeded in accumulating a 
small fortune. He was Lutheran, and she Ger. Ref. 
No issue. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 18, 
1805; died Dec. 29, 1848. Mrd. Rebecca Walters, Dec. 
24, 1829. She was born Feb. 2, 1807; died June 2, 
1834. Blacksmith. Children: Caroline, Catharine, 

— 248 — 

V. Caroline Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 21, 
1830. Mrd. Andrew P. Schlichter, of Blooming 
Glen, Pa., Jan. 6, 1850. He has been variously occu- 
pied, first in the commission, then in the Livery 
business, in Philadelphia, and finally Flour, Feed and 
Hay Merchant, at Telford, Pa. Now retired. Dunk- 
ards. Children : 

VI. Enos F. Schlichter, born Sept. 11, 1856. Mrd. 
Malinda H. Tettemer, of Pipersville, Pa., Feb. 5, 
1879. His occupation is Carriage builder, at Telford, 
where he has successfully carried on the business to 
the present time. Children: (VII.) Harvey T. Schlich- 
ter, born Jan. 18, 1882. (VII.) Carrie T. Schlichter, 
born June 3, 1883. (VII.) Frank Russell Schlichter, 
born Aug. 11, 1888. 

VI. Mary F. Schlichter, born in 1861; died in 1861, 
aged 3y., 4m. and 6d. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born July 24, 1832. Mrd. Jacob 
Fluck, Nov. 29, 1851. He was born June 18, 1827. 
Mem. Union Ch.. Dublin, Pa. Children: Mary, 
Susan, Hiram, Carrie, Samuel, Emma. 

VII. Mary Ann Fluck, born July 25, 1852; died Feb. 
3, 1857. 

VI. Susan Fluck, born Sept. 18, 1854; died Oct. 17, 
1884. Mrd. Enos Yost, in 1877. Farmer. One child: 
(VII.) — F. Yost; died, aged about 3 yrs. 

VI. Hiram F. Fluck, born Aug. 28, 1856; died Apr. 
17, 1858. 

VI. Carrie Fluck, born Feb. 19, 1859. S. 

VI. Samuel F. Fluck, born, Sept. 7, 1861. Farmer. 
Res. in Kansas. 

VI. Emma Fluck, born Apr. 3, 1868. S. 

V. Mahlon Fretz, born Aug. 12, 1833; died Aug. 
11, 1834. 

Jacob Fretz married for his second wife Mary 
Swart z, Jan. 24, 1836. She was born Mar. 31, 1816; 
died June 8, 1884. Children: Elizabeth, Rebecca, 
Isaac, Sarah, Jacob. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Jan. 22, 1837; died Apr. 
15, 1837. 

V. Rebecca Fretz, born May 5, 1838; died Sept. 5, 

— 249 — 

V. Isaac S. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 23, 1839. 
Mrd. Mary J. Smith, of Venango Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 
1865. His earliest occupation was, Blacksmith. In 
1861 he served the Government as a Mechanic for 
seven months. In 1875 he went to the Oil Regions of 
Venango Co., where he was engaged as Engineer and 
tool dresser. In March, 1883, he moved to Valley 
Co. , Neb. , where he is engaged in farming, &c. Mrs. 
Fretz, Mem. of Ch. of God. Children: Mary, Edwin, 
Annetta Austin, Millie, George. 

VI. Mary Fretz, born Aug. 28, 1866. Mrd. John E. 
Guthrie, Dec, 27, 1885. "Mrs. Guthrie, Christian. 
Children: (VII.) William Edwin Guthrie, born Oct. 
5, 1886. (VII.) Rawlin Guthrie, born May 6, 1888. 
(VI.) Edwin Fretz, born Apr. 26, 1870. (VI.) An- 
netta Fretz, born Nov. 1, 1872; died Aug. 31, 1S73. 
(VI.) Austin Fretz, born July 22, 1874. (VI. Millie 
Fretz, born Feb. 1, 1877. (VI.) George Fretz, born 
June 1, 1879. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 1, 
1813. Mrd. Levi Longacer, of Philadelphia, Aug. 
21, 1867. He was born June 28, 1836. Stair Builder 
in Philadelphia. Mrs. Longacer, Ger. Ref. Children: 
(VI.) Frank Longacer, born Sept, 9, 1875; died Sept. 
18, 1875. (VI.) Edward Longacer, born Dec. 17, 1887. 

V. Jacob S. Fretz, born in Bucks Co. Apr. 5, 1847. 
Mrd. Emma Brown, Dec. 25, 1873. She was born 
Sept. 2, 1850. Producer of Coal Oil, at Bradford, 
Pa. Mrs. Fretz, Baptist. One child: (VI.) Flora 
May Fretz, born May 15, 1876. 

IV. Isaac Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 22, 1807; 
died June 5, 1874. Mrd. Catharine Stover, of Bed- 
minster, Bucks Co., in 1832. He owned and run the 
mill until 1850, when he sold it, and bought the old 
homestead, where he lived until about '65, then sold and 
moved to Bridgetown. New Mennonites at Deep 
Run, of which he was a trustee for some time, and of 
which he was twice nominated for the ministry, but not 
elected. Children: Elizabeth, Jemima, Annie, John, 
Mary, Catharine, Violetta, Hannah, Salome, Caroline. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 13, 
1833. Mrd. Eli Stover. He died Sept. 16, 1878. 

— 250 — 

(See Index of References No. 60). Elizabeth mrd. for 
her second husband, Philip Protzman, May 27, 1883. 
Farmer in Finesville, N. J. 

V. Jemima Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 15, 1835; 
died Apr. 26, 1883. Mrd. George Gotlieb Ebert, Aug. 
12, 1849. He was born in Germany, June 27, 1821; 
died Mar. 3, 1884. Mr. Ebert, Lutheran. Mrs. Ebert 
Ger. Ref. Children: William, John, Ella, Mary, 
Charles, Warren. 

VI. William Ebert, born May 3, 1850; died Jan. 19, 

1856 - 
VI. John Lewis Ebert, born Dec. 22, 1854. Mrd. 

Annie Hotel—. She was born Jan. 10, 1847. Teacher 

and Carpenter. Presbyterians. Children: (VII.) Elmer 

Garfield Ebert, born Aug. 22, 1880; died May 28, 

1884. (VII.) Ella May Ebert, born Sept. 14, 1882. 

(VII.) Alice Magill Ebert, born Apr. 16, 1886. (VII.) 

Jennie Valeria Ebert, born Jan. 13, 1888. 

VI. Ella Ebert, born Sept, 5, 1857; died Mar. 4, 
1883. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Mary Catharine Ebert, born Dec. 22, 1864; died 
Feb. 25, 1865. 

VI. Charles Ebert, born Oct. 31, 1859. He was well 
educated and at one time Principal of the Kutztown 
Normal School. He was mrd. and had one child, but 
afterwards separated from his wife: (VI.) Warren 
Ebert, born July 27, 1874. New Mennonites. 

V. Annie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 29, 1837. 
Mrd. Joseph Funk, Nov. 23, 1857. He was born 
Apr.l, 1831. Farmer. He Lutheran. She New Men- 
nonite. Children: Adeline, Elmer. 

VI. Adeline Funk, born Jan. 28, 1859. Mrd. Gideon 
Rosenberger, of Bedminster, Jan. 8, 1880. Farmer. 
Children: (VII.) Joseph Rosenberger, born—. (VII.) 
Minnie Catharine Rosenberger, born — . 

VI. Elmer E. Funk, born Aug. 15, 1864. Mrd. Phi- 
lena Zeigenfoss, June 12, 1884. Teacher. Children: 
(VII.) Mamie Nora. (VII.) Elmer Millard. (VII.) Anna 
Ray, born June 22, 1889. 

V. John S. Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 6, 
1839; died Jan. 1, 1887. Mrd. Ella Amanda Loux, 
Oct. 15, 1864. She was born Sept. 26, 1846; died 

— 251 — 

May 14, 1873. Farmer and miller. New Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Anna Laura Fretz, born July 23, 1865. 
died Apr. 2, 1873. (VI.) Katie Fretz, born Sept. 15, 
1868; died Feb. 8, 1873. John mrd. his second wife, 
Matilda Cope, Nov. 23, 1873. Children: (VI.) Howard 
C. Fretz, born Mar. 1, 1875; died Feb. 19, 1887. (VI.) 
Charles C. Fretz, born Nov. 30, 1876. (VI.) Sallie C. 
Fretz, born July 29, 1879; died Aug. 11, 1881. (VI.) 
Irwin C. Fretz,* born June 19, 1885. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 2, 1842. 
Mrd. Jonas Loux, Jan. 26, 1861. He was born Jan. 
16, 1839. Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: Harvey, Lin- 
coln. Eva. 

VI. Harvey F. Loux, born Dec. 28, 1861. Mrd. - 
— , Sept. 1885. Teacher. Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) 
Chester Arthur Loux, born Oct. 7, 1887. 

VI. E. Lincoln Loux, born July 7, 1866. Teacher 
and book keeper. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Eva Flora Loux, born Apr. 6, 1871. Tailoress. 
Ger. Ref. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Oct, 4, 1844; died Nov. 3, 

V. Violetta Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 12, 1847. 
Mrd. Henry Roth, Dec. 24, 1870. Mem. Ev. Ass. 
No issue. 

V. Hannah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 17, 1849. 
Mrd. Monroe S. Weikel, in 1869. Farmer and shoe- 
maker, of Springfield, Pa. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Alice, John, Irene, Hattie, Meda. 

VI. Alice F. Weikel, born Jan. 20, 1870. Mrd. Har- 
ver R. Balliet, Dec. 14, 1889. Mr. Balliet, mem. of 
Springtown Union. Mrs. Balliet, New Mennonite. 

VI. John H. Weikel, born May 22, 1873. 

VI. Irene F. Weikel, born May 8, 1876. 

VI. Hattie F. Weikel, born Aug. 15, 1881. 

VI. Meda F. Weikel, bom July 15, 1883. 

V. Salome Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 16, 1851. 
Mrd. Andrew S. Hendricks, Oct. 29, 1870. Farmer. 
Mem. Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) Ella Catharine Hen- 
dricks, born July 2, 1871. Mrd. Jacob M. Detweiler, 
Sept. 26, 1889. (VI.) Charles F. Hendricks, born 
July 15, 1874; died Apr. 6, 1876. (VI.) Clara F. Hen- 

— 252 — 

dricks, born July 22, 1877; died Aug. 10, 1877. (VI.) 
Franklin F. Hendricks, born July 6, 1878. (VI.) Laura 
F. Hendricks, born Mar. 7, 1881; died Mar. 19, 1890. 
(VI.) Harvey F. Hendricks, born Dec. 16, 1883. (VI.) 
Clayton F. Hendricks, born Aug. 30, 1886. (VI.) 
Stella F. Hendricks, born Jan. 21, 1889. 

V. Caroline Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Nov, 12, 1854. 
Mrd. James D. Bergey, of Hilltown, Apr. 11, 1877. 
Blacksmith. Mems. Ev. Ass. Children: (VI.) Mary 
Catharine Bergey, born Mar. 27, 1879. (VI.) Ella F. 
Bergey, born Aug. 18, 1885. 

IV. William Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 
1810; died Feb. 20, 1883. Mrd. Anna Myers, of Plum- 
stead Twp., Mar. 12, 1838. He early engaged in 
farming and freighting goods by teams to" Easton, 
Nazareth, and other points. Farming was his princi- 
pal occupation. He was also the last of his name who 
owned and run his father's mill. As a business man 
he was financially successful. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Mahlon, Albert, Elizabeth, Henry, Amos, La- 
vina, Sarah, Reed, Eli, Catharine, William. 

V. Mahlon Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 1, 1838. 
Mrd. Henrietta Althouse, Aug. 13, 1861. She was 
born Dec. 12, 1816. He has been variously occupied 
as farmer, teamster, agent and merchant. Ger. Ref. 
No issue. 

V. Albert Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 1, 1810. 
Mrd. Amanda H. Licey, of Hilltown Twp.", Dec. 21, 
1861. Blacksmith and farmer. New Mennonites. 
Children: Ella, Annie, Clayton, Aquilla, Abraham, 
Emma, Gertrude. 

VI. Ella Jane Fretz, born June 20, 1865. Mrd. Har- 
vey Bryan, in 1887. Farmer of Bedminster Pa. One 
child: (VII.) Lillie Bryan, born Mar. 1888. 

VI. Annie Elizabeth Fretz, born Aug. 20, 1869. Mrd. 
Moses Bryan, of Bedminster, Pa., Oct, 16, 1886. Far- 
mer. Mrs. Bryan, New Mennonite. One child: (VII.) 
Katie Bryan, born Apr. 1887. 

VI. Clayton L. Fretz, born Sept, 8, 1871. (VI.) 
Aquilla May Fretz, born Jan 3, 1877. (VI.) Abraham 
L, Fretz, born July 8, 1879. (VI.) Emma Laura Fretz, 

— 253 — 

born June 16, 1S80. (VI.) Gertrude Fretz, born Sept. 
6, 1884. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Dec. 16, 1841; died Mar. 19. 

V. Henry M. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 15. 
1843. Mrd. Sallie Haldeman, of New Britain, Pa., 
Sept., 1876. Miller. He Presbyterian, she Mennonite. 

V. Amos Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 12, 
1845. Mrd. Catharine Fox, of Bedminster, Pa., Dec. 
25, 1869. She was born Nov. 1, 1845. Engaged in 
commission clothing business. Mrs. Fretz, Presby- 
terian. Children: (VI.) William Fretz, born July 1, 
1870. (VI.) Jordan Fretz, born July 23, 1873. (VI.) 
Amos Fretz, born July 8, 1877. (VI.) Rosa Fretz, 
born Mar. 4, 1880. (VI.) Katie Alice Fretz, born. 
Sept. 21. 1882. 

V. Lavina Fretz, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , Feb. 10, 

1847. Mrd. Simeon Landis, Jan. 21, 1871. Harness 
maker at Blooming Glen, Pa., Mr. Landis Old, and 
Mrs. Landis New Mennonite. Children: (VI.) Wil- 
liam F. Landis, born Nov. 4, 1872. (VI.) Allen F. 
Landis, born June 4, 1876; died Mar. 18, 1889. (VI.) 
Mary F. Landis, born Oct. 10, 1878; died Mar. 4, 1882. 
(VI.) Harriet F. Landis, born Feb. 22, 1883. (VI.) 
Reed F. Landis, born Dec. 13, 1889. 

V. Sarah Ann Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 7, 

1848. Mrd. Christian Rosenberger, of Richland, Pa., 
in 1888. Farmer. Mrs. Rosenberger, New Mennonite. 

V. Reed Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 20, 
1850. Mrd. Maggie R. Landis, of Lawndale, Pa., in 
1876. She died Jan. 1890. Farmer in Nemaha Co. , Kan. 
He also does quite an extensive business in shipping 
horses and cattle from the west to Pennsylvania. 
Children: (VI.) J. Warren Fretz, born Oct. 14, 1877. 
(VI.) William L. Fretz, born Jan. 13, 1879. (VI.) An- 
nie R. Fretz, born May 2. 1880. (VI.) Harry L. Fretz, 
born Jan. 15, 1881. (VI.) Arlington L. Fretz, born 
Aug. 28, 1883. (VI.) Leroy L. Fretz, born Sept, 30, 
1885; died Oct. 10, 1885. (VI.) Floyd L. Fretz, born 
Nov. 21, 1887. 

V. Eli Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 1, 1851. 
Mrd. Emma Catharine Frantz, Feb. 24, 1881. Far- 

— 254 — 

mer. He is New Mennonite, Mrs. Fretz, Lutheran. 
Children: (VI.) Bertha Fretz, born May 6, 1884; died 
Sept. 14, 1884. (VI.) Charles F. Fretz, born Dec. 8, 
1886. (VI.) John Fretz, born Sept. 22, 1888. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Mar. 7, 1853. Mrd. Hor- 
ace Swope, Nov. 28, 1885. Farmer in Tinicum Twp., 
Pa. Mrs. Swope, New Mennonite. No issue. 

V. William Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 6, 
1856. Mrd. Laura M. Sames, of Springfield Twp., 
Dec. 25, 1880. She was born Mar. 8, 1860. Miller. 
After his father's death, he purchased the homestead 
farm, but finally sold out and went to Nemaha Co., 
Kan., where he is dealing; in cattle. Lutherans. One 
child: (VI.) Sadie Fretz, bom Feb. 5, 1884. 

IV. Mahlon Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 12, 
1813. Mrd. Mary Ann Grubb, of Montg. Co., Pa., 
May 30, 1841. She was born Oct. 20, 1821. His 
principal occupation has been farmer, and has other- 
wise been a skillful and useful man. He also had a 
military tendency, and was Captain of a Company of 
Militia for some time. He never belonged to any 
church, but was active in the building of the New 
Mennonite church at Deep Run, of which his wife 
was a member. In 1854 he and wife separated, and 
were divorced in 1872. Children: Jeremiah, Fenton, 
Susan, Sylvester, Mary, Hannah, Harvey. 

V. Jeremiah Fretz, born Oct. 21, 1842; died same 

V. Fenton G. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
21, 1843. Mrd. Elizabeth Hollo way, of Montg. Co., 
Pa., Mar. 12, 1867. She was born Feb. 6, 1842. He 
enlisted Aug. 29, 1861, in Company B. 6th Penna. 
Cavalry, known as "Rush's Lancers." He was 
thrown from his horse and wounded in a charge, in 

1864, and was taken to the Hospital at Wilmington, 
Del., and was discharged from the service, Aug. 17, 

1865. He is at present Express Agent, at Pottstown, 
Pa. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Jennie Fretz, born 
July 30, 1868. (VI.) Mary A. Fretz, born July 3, 
1870. (VI.) Sarah M. Fretz, born Nov. 25, 1872. (VI.) 
Wilbur Fretz, born May 31, 1874; died July 15, 

— 255 — 

1874:. (VI.) Ida Fretz, born Aug. 18, 1875; died Sept. 

29, 1875. (VI.) Roy Fretz, bom Oct. 19, 1876. 

V. Susan Fretz, born Nov. 28, 1811; died same day. 

V. Sylvester G. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 

30, 1815; died Feb. 2, 1888. Mrd. Catharine Swavely, 
in July, 1865. She was born in 1817; died Oct. 21, 
1875. Children: Anna, Rebecca, George, Sarah. Syl- 
vester mrd. for his second wife Mary Lee, Sept. 29, 
1878. She was born Oct. 12, 1811. They had one 
child: (VI.) Thomas Fretz, born June 2, 1879. Syl- 
vester Fretz enlisted in Company I, 129th Regiment, 
Pa. Vol. , Aug. 4, 1862, and participated in the battles 
of Antietam and Chancellorsville. He was discharged 
Mar. 18, 1863, and re-enlisted, July 11, 1861, in Co. 
F., 197th Regt., Pa. Vol., and was discharged Nov. 
11, 1864. 

VI. Anna Fretz, born in Dec. 17, 1865. Mrd. Reuben 
Eagle, of Montg. Co., Feb. 2, 1884. He was born 
Oct. 15, 1859. Children: (VII.) Laura Eagle, born 
Oct, 31, 1885. (VII.) Harry Eagle, born June 2, 1887. 
(VII.) Ro y Eagle, born Aug. 1, 1888. 

VI. Rebecca Fretz, born Aug. 13, 1867. 

VI. George L. Fretz, born Feb. 11, 1869. 

VI. Sarah M. Fretz, born Aug. 25, 1871. 

VI. Thomas I. Fretz, born June 2, 1879. 

V. Mary Catharine Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Aug. 23, 1847. Mrd. George Spiese, Jan. 10, 1867. 
He was born Mar. 10, 1840. Attend Ger. Ref. Ch. 
Children: (VI.) Emma Laura Spiese, born Nov. 18, 
1867. (VI.) Lettie Mary Spiese, born May 29, 1870. (VI.) 
Ida Florence Spiese, born June 15, 1874. (VI.) Harry 
Warren Spiese, born Jan. 15, 1877. (VI. Fenton G. 
Spiese, born Mar. 7, 1879. (VI.) Mary A. Spiese, 
born Sept. 23, 1882. (VI.) William Earl Spiese, born 
Sept, 30, 1887. 

V. Hannah Eliza Fretz, born Bucks Co., Sept. 5, 
1849. Mrd. George Haus, Mar. 4, 1876. One child: 
(VI.) Anna Brown Haus, born Dec. 13, 1878. 

V. Harvey Fretz, born Sept. 16, 1852; died Apr., 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 12, 1815. 
Mrd. Henry Fretz. (See Index of References No. 61). 

— 256 — 

IV. Samuel Fretz, born in Bicks Co., Pa., Feb. 12, 
1819; died Dec. 25, 1881. He early identified him- 
self with the printing trade, and rose step by step in 
his chosen craft, and at one time was editor and pro- 
prietor of "The Bucks County Intelligencer," at 
Doylestown, Pa. He was also a mechanic of note. 
Millwright, Marble cutter, organ builder, Dentist, 
and added to these during the latter part of his life, 
he was occupied as teacher. In 1854 he emigrated to 
Putnam Co., Ohio, and when taken sick, was teach- 
ing near Melrose, Paulding Co., O., where he died, 
and is buried in the Mackling Grave yard. He was 
never married. 

III. Barbara Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., in 1773; died about 1821. Mrd. Henry 
Fretz, for her first husband. (See Index of References 
No. 62). For her second husband she mrd. Henry 
Hockman — . Farmer. Lived on the farm now occu- 
pied by Rev. A. M. Fretz. Mennonites. Children: 
Mary, Christian, Barbara, Abraham, Veronica. 

IV. Mary Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 22, 
1800; died Oct. 11, 1815. Mrd. John Rosenberger, 
Jan. 22. 1826. He was born in Hatfield, Pa., Apr. 

12, 1790; died Sept. 12, 1873. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, John, Henry, 
Samuel, Abraham, Sarah, Nancy, William. 

V. Elizabeth Rosenberger, born Jan. 13, 1827. Mrd. 
John Anders, both deceased. Children: (VI. Henry. 
(VI.) Josiah. (VI.) Catharine. (VI.) Nathaniel. 

V. Catharine Rosenberger, born in Hilltown Twp., 
Bucks Co., July 29, 1828. Mrd. Ephraim R. Landis, 
Nov. 5, 1851. He was born in Haycock Twp., Dec. 

13, 1821. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: George, 
W. R., Mary, John, Reuben, Katie, Emma. 

VI. George R. Landis, born Aug. 23, 1855; died 
Nov. 13, 1865. 

VI. W. R. Landis, born Feb. 22, 1857. Mrd. Ella 
M. Campbell, Dec. 25, 1883. She was born Mar. 17, 
1862. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Willie H. Landis, 
born Sept. 16, 1883. (VII.) Elbert E. Landis, born 
Oct. 26, 1886. 

(See page 231.) 

— 257 — 

VI. Mary Landis, born Apr. 17, 1859. Mrd. Abra- 
ham C. Moyer, Nov. 20, 1879. Farmer. Mennonites. 
One child: (VII.) Lillie Moyer, born Aug. 14, 1881. 

VI. John R. Landis, born Mar. 22, 1862; died Aug. 
12, 1874. 

VI. Reuben R. Landis, born Oct. 12, 1864. Mrd r 
Lizzie M. Moyer, Jan. 30, 1886. She was born Mar. 
9, 1865. Farmer. P. O., Dublin. Children: (VII.) 
Elmer M. Landis, born Mar. 11, 1887. (VII.) Stella 
M. Landis, born Apr. 22, 1889. 

VI. Katie R. Landis, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., June 16, 1867. Mrd. Franklin L. Alder- 
fer, Jan. 8, 1887. He was born in Montg. Co., Oct. 

11, 1864. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Cora, 
L. Alderfer, born Jan. 17, 1888. (VII.) Horace L. 
Alderfer, born May 29, 1889. 

VI. Emma R. Landis, born Jan. 15, 1870. Mrd. 
Edward Heacock, Sept. 8, 1887. Farmer. Mennonites. 
One child: (VII.) Willis Heacock, born Feb. 2, 1888. 

V. Mary Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 7, 
1830. Mrd. David H. Anders, Dec. 3, 1859. Pro- 
fessor of Music. Presbyterians. One child: (VI.) 
Horace R. Anders. S. 

V. Rev. John H. Rosenberger, born in Hilltown 
Twp., Bucks Co., Jan. 7, 1832. Mrd. Annie Clem- 
mer, of Franconia Twp. , Montg. Co., Nov. 20, 1856. 
She was born Feb. 12, 1838. Farmer and Minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite 
church, at Line Lexington, Oct. 28, 1884. Children: 
Mary, Lizzie, Sue, Harry, Emma, Kate, Ella, Levi, 
John, Annie. 

VI. Maiy C. Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 

12, 1857. Mrd. William K. Godshall, Oct. 13, 1877. 
He was born in Montg. Co., Sept. 16, 1857. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Henry R. Godshall, born Jan. 22, 1878. 
(VII.) Annie Elizabeth Godshall, born Dec. 22, 1879. 
(VII.) John Franklin Godshall, bom Aug. 23, 1881. 
(VII.) Wellington R. Godshall, born July 23, 1883. 
(VII.) Edwin Morris Godshall, born June 14, 1885; 
died Aug. 27, 1886. (VII.) Mamie R. Godshall, born 
Dec. 7, 1886. (VII.) Lavina R. Godshall, born Aug. 
1, 1888. 

— 258 — 

VI. Lizzie C. Rosenberger, born July 3, 1859. Mrd. 
Henry F. Hendricks, Oct. 13, 1883. He was born in 
Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 10. 1860. Farmer in Marshall 
Co., Kansas. Mrs. Hendricks, Dunkard. Children: 
(VII.) Mamie Hendricks, born May 8, 1878. (VII.) 
Elmer Hendricks, born Dec. 10, 1881. (VII.) Raymond 
Hendricks, born Mar. 11, 1887. 

VI. Sue C. Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 
15, 1862. Mrd. John M. Myers, Dec. 11, 1886. He 
was born in Bucks Co., May 17, 1862. Farmer. 
Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Ottoman R. Myers, 
born Feb. 28, 1888. 

VI. Harry C. Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
8, 1864. Mrd. Mary Ellen Lapp, of Hilltown Twp., 
May 8, 1887. She was born May 11, 1868. Farmer. 
Mennonites. No issue (1889). 

VI. Emma C. Rosenberger, born Oct. 16, 1866; died 
Dec. 23, 1866. 

VI. Kate C. Rosenberger, born Bucks Co., Dec. 8, 

VI. Ella C. Rosenberger, born June 21, 1869. 

VI. Levi C. Rosenberger, born Apr. 30, 1873. 

VI. John C. Ronsenberger, born Feb. 21, 1876. 

VI. Annie C. Rosenberger, born Nov. 30, 1878. 

V. Rev. Henry H. Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., 
Feb. 23, 1834. Mrd. Mary Frick, Oct. 31, 1857. 
Farmer and Minister. He was ordained to the min- 
istry in Apr., 1877, and ordained Bishop in May, 
1886, in the Brethren Church at Lawndale, Bucks 
Co., where he regularly officiates. Children: John, 
Abraham, Frany, Kate, Sarah, William, Henry. 

VI. John F. Rosenberger, born Aug. 28, 1861; died 
Feb. 26, 1863. 

VI. Abraham F. Rosenberger, born Nov. 28, 1863; 
died July 22, 1865. 

VI. Frany Rosenberger, born Jan. 3, 1866. Mrd. 
John R. Kindig, of Hatfield. One child: (VII.) Har- 
vey R. Kindig, born June 4, 1886; died Aug. 11, 1886. 

VI. Kate Rosenberger, born Sept. 18, 1868; died 
July 19, 1873. 

VI." Sarah Rosenberger, born in Hatfield Twp., Mar. 
3, 1871. 

— 259 — 

VI. William F. Rosenberger, born in Hatfield Twp., 
June 6, 1874. 

VI. Henry F. Rosenberger, born in Hatfield Twp., 
June 15, 1877. 

V. Samuel H. Rosenberger, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 
11, 1836. Mrd, Elizabeth Stover, Nov. 12, 1859. 
Farmer. Riv. Breth. Children: Mary, Milton, James, 
John, Henry, Rachel, Samuel. All born^intj Hatfield 
Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. 

VI. Mary Rosenberger, born Jan. 4, 1861; died Feb. 
13, 1862. 

VI. Milton Rosenberger, born Feb. 8, 1863. Mrd. 
Cora Cannady, Apr. 20, 1886. Farmer in Doniphan 
Co., Kan. One child: (VII.) Henry Rosenberger, bora 
May 13, 1889. 

VI. James Rosenberger, born Oct. 18, 1864; died 
Feb. 27, 1878. 

VI. John Rosenberger, born Aug." 20, 1866. In 
Express office at Philadelphia. 

VI. Henry Rosenberger, born Nov. 11, 1869. 

VI. Rachel Rosenberger, born Dec. 10, 1871. 

VI. Samuel Rosenberger, born May 14, 1875. 

V. Abraham H. Rosenberger, born in Montg. Co., 
Pa., May 29, 1838. Mrd. Anna S. Kulp, of Franco- 
nia, Nov. 29, 1868. She was born Jan. 18, 1850. 
Children: (VI.) John K. Rosenberger, born Nov. 29, 
1872; died July 29, 1873. (VI.) Ervin K. Rosenber- 
ger, born Nov. 29, 1872. died July 25, 1873. (Twins). 
(VI.) Sallie K. Rosenberger, born June 18, 1874. 
(VI.) Katie K. Rosenberger, born Mar. 17, 1879. (VI.) 
Anna Mary K. Rosenberger, born May 28, 1882. (VI.) 
Carrie K. Rosenberger, born Dec. 29, 1884. 

V. Sarah Ann Rosenberger, born in "Montg. Co., 
Pa., June 23, 1840. Mrd. Enos Landis, Aug. 30, 
1876. Farmer in Brown Co., Kansas. Ger. Baptists. 
Children: (VI.) William Henry Landis, born June 25, 
1878. (VI.) Ellen Jane Landis, born Dec. 20, 1880. 
(VI.) Mary Edna Landis, born May 7, 1884. 

V. Nancy Rosenberger, born Apr. 7, 1842; died 
Feb. 27. 1880. 

V. William Rosenberger, born Aug. 3, 1844; died 
Jan. 3, 1845. 

— 260 — 

IV. Christian Hockman, born in Bucks Co. — ; died 
— . S. 

IV. Barbara Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 2, 
1809. Mennonite. Her son: (V.) Hiram Drake, born 
in Bucks Co., Pa., May 28, 1831. Mrd.— . Resides 
in Christian Co., Ind. (Family records not given). 
Barbara mrd. Daniel Fretz, Apr., 1837. (See Index 
of References No. 63). Barbara mrd. again Moses 
Wismer, Oct. 28, 1817. Farmer and Weaver. Men- 
nonites. Children: Israel, Eliza. 

V. Israel H. Wismer, born in Bucks Co., July 10, 
1848. Mrd. Mary E. Smith, Nov. 4, 1871. Carpenter 
and Farmer. Lutheran. Children: (VI.) Willis S. 
Wismer. (VI.) Steward S. Wismer. (VI.) Horace S. 
Wismer. (VI. Amos S. Wismer. 

V. Eliza Ann Wismer, born in Bucks Co., June 30, 
1850. Mrd. H. W. Wismer. Merchant at Wismer, 
Pa. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Manard W. Wismer. 
(VI.) Ella Wismer. (VI.) Mary Wismer. 

IV. Abraham Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Pa. — ; 
died-. S. 

IV. Veronica Hockman, born in Bucks Co.— ; died 
-. S. 

III. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1775; 
died Apr. 5, 1799. S. 

III. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 15, 
1777; died Nov. 9, 1822. Mrd. Henry Tyson—. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Cornelius, 
Joseph, Martin, Mary, Barbara, Henry. 

IV. Elizabeth Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 18, 
1803; died Sept. 20, 1868. S. 

IV. Cornelius Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 27, 
1806; died Mar. 3, 1832. S. 

IV. Joseph F. Tyson, born in Bedminster Township, 
Bucks Co., Sept. 3, 1808; died Dec. 23, 1869. Mrd. 
Catharine, daughter of Henry Clemens, of Lower 
Salford, Montg. Co., Oct. 13, 1831. She was born 
Dec. 23, 1810. Blacksmith, farmer and commission 
merchant. Mennonites. Children: Four died in 

— 261 — 

infancy; no record kept. Living, Henry, Enos, Anna, 

V. Henry Tyson, born in Montg. Co., Dec. 25, 1832. 
Mrd. Sallie, daughter of Benjamin Shepard, of Dan- 
boro, Bucks Co., Nov. 13, 1862. She was born in 
1833. In milk business at 2409, Germantown Ave., 
Philadelphia. Mrs. Tyson, Mem. of Society of Friends. 
No issue. 

V. Enos Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 28, 1835; 
died July, 1869. Mrd. Margaret, daughter of Adam 
Myers, of Philadelphia in 1859. She died in Aug., 
1869. Children : Adam, Enos, Catharine, Harry, and 
three others (names not given), died in infancy. 

VI. Adam Tyson, born Jan. 1, 1863. Time and 
Book keeper, in Philadelphia. S. 

VI. Enos Tyson, born in 1863; died Oct. 26, 1883. 

VI. Catharine Tyson, born Oct., 1867. S. 

VI. Harry Tyson, born Nov., 1868. Drives Milk 
wagon in Philadelphia. S. 

V. Anna C. Tyson, born in Doylestown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Apr. 13, 1840. Mrd. John C. Bryan, Oct. 27, 
1858. He was born in Bucks Co., Dec. 5, 1835. 
Grocer at 2364, Germantown Ave., Philadelphia. 
Methodists. Children: (VI.) Henry C. Bryan, born 
Sept. 27, 1859; died Nov. 8, 1859. (VI.) William 
Bryan, born in Philadelphia, Nov. 12, 1860. In Gro- 
cery business, with his father. S. (VI. Charles T. 
Bryan, born in Phildelphia, Oct. 5, 1862. In Grocery 
business with his father. S. (VI.) Rose Anna Bryan, 
born Feb. 4, 1865; died Feb. 1, 1870. 

V. Daniel Tyson, born at Danboro, Bucks Co., Apr. 
20, 1847. Mrd. Hannah Sackler, Sept. 16, 1871. She 
was born in Bucks Co., Mar. 20, 1847. Foreman in 
milk business in Philadelphia, Pa. One child: (VI.) 
Sarah Tyson, born in Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1873. 
Methodist. S. 

IV. Martin Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 18, 1811; 
died Jan. 2, 1885. Mrd. Magdalena Overholt, Feb. 
27, 1834. In early life blacksmith; later Miller. Men- 
nonites. Children, (12 in number) : Susannah, Isaac, 
William, Martin, Abraham, Annie, Hannah. (The 
rest not reported. 

— 262 — 

V. Susanncah Tyson, born Sept. 23, 1834. Mrd. 
Aaron Fretz Myers. (See Index of References No. 64. ) 

V. Isaac Tyson, born—. Mrd. — . Dealer in Horses 
at Line Lexington, Montg. Co. Children: — (Not 

V. William Tyson, born Sept. 15, 1841. Mrd. Han- 
nah Albright, Nov. 30, 1871. Farmer. Children: 
(VI.) Henry A. Tyson, born Apr. 20, 1872. Printer. 
(VI.) Martin A. Tyson, born Sept. 9, 1873. (VI.) Eu- 
gene A. Tyson, born Apr. 13, 1875. (VI.) Catharine 
Tyson, born July 19, 1876. (VI.) Herbert A. Tyson, 
born May 2, 1878; died July 19, 1878. (VI.) Magda- 
lena Tyson, born Jan. 10, 1881. (VI.) Abraham A. 
Tyson, born May 27, 1888. 

V. Martin Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 23, 
1840. Miller, employed in the Washburn Mills, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

V. Abraham Tyson, born in 1844. Mrd. Clara I., 
daughter of Adam Martin, May 13, 1874. Milk 
dealer in Philadelphia. Mrs. Tyson, Presbyterian. 
No issue. 

V. Annie Tyson, born July 25, 1848. Mrd. William 
G. Detwiler, Oct. 15, 1870. He died Mar, 1, 1882. 
Merchant. Mrs. Detwiler, Presbyterian. One child: 
(VI. Mamie Detwiler, born Sept. 7, 1878. 

V.Hannah Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 6, 
1852. Mrd. Enos D. Nice, Dec. 23, 1873. Farmer. 
Children: (VI.) Martin Tyson Nice, born July 8, 
1875. (VI.) Ira T. Nice, born Aug. 4, 1878. (VI.) 
Maggie May Nice, born Mar. 21, 1880. (VI.) Clara 
Elsa Nice, born Oct. 30, 1882. (VI.) A. Paul Nice, 
born July 23, 1884. 

IV. Mary Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 11, 1813; 
died Mar. 4, 1870. Mrd. Abraham Haldeman, Feb. . 
24, 1835. Retired farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Eliza, Mary, Sallie, Cornelius, Christina, John, Abra- 
ham, Catharine. 

V. Eliza Haldeman, born Jan. 5, 1836; died July 18, 
1880. Mrd. Christian K. Godshalk, Oct. 9, 1858. 
Harness-maker. Mennonites. Children: Isaiah, Mary, 
Abraham, Harvey, Edwin, Henry. 

— 263 — 

VI. Isaiah H. Godshalk, born Doc. 17, 1859. Mrd. 
Anna Gross — . 

VI. Mary Ann Godshalk, born May 3, 1862. Mrd. 
Mahlon Tranger — . 

VI. Abraham L. Godshalk, born Oct. 4, 1864. 

VI. Harvey L. Godshalk, born Apr. 10, 1870. 

VI. Ervin S. Godshalk, born Apr. 22, 1873; died 
Nov. 9, 1873. 

VI. Henry W. Godshalk, born Dec. 12, 1875. 

V. Mary Ann Haldeman, born Nov. 11, 1838; died 
June 30, 1840. 

V. Sallie Haldeman, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, Oct. 
11, 1840. Mrd. Tobias Gayman — . Dealer in Agri- 
cultural Implements at Plumsteadville. Children: 
(VI.) John H. Gayman, born May 21, 1865; died July 

4, 1873. (VI.) Mary E. Gayman, born Sept. 4, 1868. 
(VI.) Rosetta H. Gaymnn, born Sept, 12, 1876. 

V. Cornelius Tyson Haldeman, born in Bucks Co., 
May 31, 1843. Mrd. Sallie A., daughter of Philip 
Bleam, Jan. 14, 1871. Farmer. Ev. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Theodore Newton Haldeman, born Oct. 
26, 1871. (VI.) Mary Cornelia Haldeman, born Jan. 

5, 1874. (VI.) Anna Elizabeth Haldeman, born Feb. 

9, 1876. (VI.) Abraham Howard Haldeman, born Oct. 
31, 1877. (VI.) Adelma' Haldeman, born Nov. 11, 
1879; died Mar. 31, 1881. (VI.) Linford B. Haldeman, 
born July 26, 1884; died Nov. 14, 1889. 

V. Christiana Haldeman, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 

10, 1845. Mrd. Albert Haldeman in 1869. Farmer. 
Baptists. Children: (VI.) Flora Haldeman, born Aug. 
28, 1869; died June 17, 1885. (VI.) Edwin S. Halde- 
man, born Jan. 6, 1871. (VI.) Emily V. Haldeman, 
born Apr. 24, 1872; died July 17, 1872. (VI.) Addie 
M. Haldeman, born Oct, 1, 1871. (VI.) Annetta 
Haldeman, born May 3, 1876. (VI.) Carrie T. Halde- 
man, born Jan. 23, 1880. (VI.) Helen H. Haldeman, 
born Sept. 1, 1881; died Oct. 17, 1881. (VI. Maud E. 
Haldeman, born Nov. 20, 1883. 

V. John H. Haldeman, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 24, 
1847. Mrd. Josephine D. Kephart, Dec. 30, 1874. 
Farmer. Lives on his father's farm. Baptist. No 

— 264 — 

V. Abraham Haldeman, born Sept. 22, 1849; died 
Feb. 22, 1854. 

V. Catharine Haldeman, born July 9, 1857; died 
Jan. 3, 1874. 

IV. Barbara Tyson, born in Bucks Co., May 10, 
1815; died Jan. 6, 1832. S. 

IV. Henry Tyson, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Sallie Smith. Children: (V.) David and Walter. 
Reside somewhere in Canada. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bedminster, Bucks 
Co., Oct. 20, 1780; died Feb. 29, 1828. Mrd. Abra- 
ham Meyer, Nov. 21, 1809. He was born Apr. 21, 
1784. Previous to his marriage, he was a mason, but 
after marriage purchased and worked a 100 acre farm 
in Salford. They were people of excellent worth, an d 
much esteemed by all, and were members of the 
Mennonite church. Children: Mary, Isaac, Christian, 
Abraham, Anna, Elizabeth, Barbara. 

IV. Mary Meyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept, 28, 
1810; died—. Mrd. Enos Hunsberger, about 1829. 
Farmer, near Dublin, Pa. Mennonites. Children: 
John, Elizabeth, Mahlon, Abraham, Reuben, Edwin, 
Isaac, Enos. 

V. John Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
14, 1830; died Mar. 4, 1871. Mrd. Barbara Moyer— . 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Mary Huns- 
berger, Dec'd. (VI.) Emma Hunsberger, DecVl. (VI.) 
Harry and Enos Hunsberger, Twins, Dec'd. (VI.) 
Wilson Hunsberger. (VI.) Elmer Hunsberger, Dec'd. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 
6, 1833; died Dec. 18, 1888. Mrd. Henry Rickert, 
Mar. 27, 1853. He was born Dec. 22, 1829. Children: 
Mary, Catharine, Levi, Enos, Reuben, Rosa, Mahlon, 
Magdalena, Salome. 

VI. Mary Ann Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 6, 
1854; died Apr., 1886. Mrd. John Barnes— . Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Lizzie Barnes, dec'd. (VII.) Bertha May 
Barnes. (VII.) Daniel Warren Barnes. 

VI. Catharine Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 21, 
1855; died Feb. 20, 1858. 

— 265 — 

VI. Levi Rickert, born July 18, 1857; died Mar. 10, 

VI. Enos Rickert, born Feb. 2, 1859; died Apr. 3, 

VI. Reuben Rickert, born in Bucks Co., June 11, 
1863. Res. in Kansas. 

VI. Rose Emma Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 

2, 1866. Mrd. Samuel Yoder— . One child: (VII.) 
Anna Valeria Yoder. 

VI. Mahlon Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 10, 
1870. In business in Philadelphia. 

VI. Magdalena Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 8, 

VI. Salome Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 21, 

V. Mahlon Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 22, 
1835; died Feb., 1889. Mri. Elizabeth Hunsberger 
— . Huckster. Ger. Ref. One child: (VI.) Annie 
Hunsberger, (dec'd). 

V. Abraham Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 

3, 1837; died June 30, 1877. Mrd. Emeline Rosen- 
berger — . Farmer. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Reuben Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 
17, 1841; died July, 1884. Mrd. Mary Hamilton— . 
He enlisted in the army in which he served three 
years. In 1876 he moved to Wimar, Texas, where he 
died. Hardware Merchant. Children: Clara, Fre- 
mont, Oscar, Robert, Henry, Walter, Jessie, James. 

VI. Clara Hunsberger, born — . Mrd. Harry White — . 
V. Edmund Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 

11, 1843. Mrd. Mary Lang—. Huckster. One child: 
(VI.) Margaretta Hunsberger, (dec'd). 

V. Isaac Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., May 22, 
1847; died July 13, 1881. Mrd. Margaret Brand—. 
Merchant. Presbyterians. Children: (VII.) Gardette 
Hunsberger. (VII.) Mamie Valeria Hunsberger. 

V. Enos Hunsberger, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 27, 
1849; died June 16, 1879. Farmer. Ger. Ref. S. 

IV. Rev. Isaac Meyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Sept. 1, 1812. Mrd. Elizabeth Kratz, daughter of 
Philip Kratz, Oct. 6, 1833. She was born Aug. 24, 
1826; died Dec. 25, 1882. In early life Mr. Meyer, 

— 266 — 

was a Blacksmith. After marriage he engaged in 
farming. At present he is leading a retired life. He 
was ordained to the ministry of the Old Mennonite 
church at Deep Run, June 12, 1813, since which time 
he has faithfully preached the word at Deep Run and 
elsewhere, for forty-six years. He retired from the 
active ministry in 18S9." Mr. Meyer is an upright, 
and influential" Christian, and is highly respected. On 
Dec. 20, 1885, he mrd. Susanna, widow of Jacob 
Leatherman, of Plumstead. By his first wife he had 
twelve children: Enos, Abraham, Mahlon, Mary, 
Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Isaac, Dilman, Chris- 
tian, Hannah. 

V. Enos Meyer, born — ; died in infancy. 

V. Abraham K. Meyer, born Feb. 19, 1836. Mrd. 
Sophia, daughter of 'Christian S. Meyers, Jan. 23, 
1863. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Till- 
man Meyer, born Dec. 10, 1865. S. (VI.) Lydia 
Meyer, born Oct. 14, 1869. S. (VI.) Edwin M. 
Meyer, born Nov. 20, 1873. S. (VI.) Abraham Meyer, 
born Mar. 5, 1880. S. 

V. Mahlon K. Meyer, born July 29, 1838; died—. 
Mrd. Sarah K. Moyer, Sept. 10, 1859. Children: 
Barbara. Eliza. Edward, Irwin. 

IV. Barbara M. Mever, born Jan. 23, 1863. Mrd. 
Henry L. Myers, Dec. 8, 1883. Children: (VII.) Sam- 
uel M. Myers. (VII.) Howard M. Myers. 

VI. Eliza M. Meyer, born Nov. 22, 1866. 

VI. Edward M. Meyer, born—; died in infancy. 
VI. Irwin M. Meyer, born May 10, 1875. 

V. Mary Meyer, born Oct, 23, 1839; died May 22, 
1872. Mrd. Jacob High, Apr. 9, 1859. He died Aug. 
29, 1863. Laborer. Mennonites. Children: Lizzie, 
Mahlon. Mrs. High mrd. for her second husband 
Henry Wisler, Jan. 14, 1866. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Mary, Emma, Rachel. 

VI. Lizzie High, born May 26, 1860. Mrd. Isaac 
Bishop. (See Index of References No. 65). 

VI. Mahlon M. High, born May 13, 1863; died Dec. 
— , 1888. Mrd. Mary Krout in 1882. Shoemaker and 
Carriage Trimmer. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Oscar 
K. High, (VII.) Henry High, (VII.) Susan High. 

— 267 — 

VI. Mary Ann Wisler, born Nov. 7, 1866. 

VI. Emma Wisler, born Feb. 17, 1869. Mrd. Milton 

Vi: Rachel Wisler, born July 23, 1871; died Feb. 9, 

V. Anna Meyer, born Dec. 14, 1841. Mrd. William 
Rush, Sept. 29, 1860. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Jacob, Lizzie, Catharine, Annie, Isaac, Allen, 
William, Amanda, Mahlon. 

VI. Jacob M. Rush, born Apr. 4, 1862. Mrd. Mary 
G. Moyer, Aug. 4, 1883. Farmer. ' Mennonites. One 
child: (VII.) Nora Lizzie Rush, born Feb. 20, 1885. 

VI. Lizzie M. Rush, born Dec. 10, 1863. Mrd. 
Joseph A. Shuler, July 15, 1882. Carpenter. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Irwin R. Schuler, born Feb. 11, 1883. 
(VII.) Howard R. Schuler, born Oct. 24, 1885; died 
Jan, 21, 1887. 

VI. Catharine M. Rush, born Jan. 18, 1866. Mrd. 
Philip Musselman, Oct. 18, 1884. Shoemaker. Ger. 

VI. Annie M. Rush, born May 27, 1867. Mrd. I. 
Newton Snyder — . Carpenter. 

VI. Isaac M. Rush, born June 15, 1871. 

VI. Allen M. Rush, born Sept, 26, 1873. 

VI. William M. Rush, born Nov. 3, 1878. 

VI. Amanda M. Rush, born May 9, 1883; died Apr. 
29, 1887. 

VI. Mahlon M. Rush, born May 3, 1885. 

V. Elizabeth Meyer, born Dec. 19, 1843. Mrd. 
Lewis Myers. (See Index of References No. 6Q). 

V. Sarah Meyer, born Oct. 18, 1845; died, aged 18 

V. Rachel Meyer, born Aug. 28, 1847. Mrd. Jonas 
Mill — . Farmer. Mennonites! Children: Isaac, Lydia, 

VI. Isaac M. Mill, born—. Mrd. Lydia Meyers—. 
They have two children. 

VI. Lydia M. Mill, born—. Mrd. John Derstine— 
(See Index of References No. 67). 

VI. Harvey M. Mill, born—. S. 

V. Isaac K. Meyer, born Nov. 14, 1849. Mrd. Mary 
Amanda Bryan — . Carpenter. Mennonites. Chil- 

— 268 — 

dren: (VI.) Allen Meyer, born—; died, aged 5 years. 
(VI.) Oscar Meyer. (VI.) Addison Meyer. 

V. Dillman K. Meyer, born Apr. 20, 1853; died 

V. Christian K. Meyer, born Oct. 18, 1854. Mrd. 
Amanda Garger — . Carpenter and Undertaker. Men- 
nonites. One child: (VI.) Edwin G. Meyer, born in 

V. Hannah K. Meyer, born Apr. 28, 1858; died 
aged 6 years. 

IV. Christian Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 
15, 1814; died in 1867. Mrd. Barbara, daughter of 
John Godshalk, Apr. 10, 1836. Farmer and miller. 
He lived first on the lead mine farm in New Britain 
Twp., which he sold after discovering the lead. A 
year later he built the new store house at New Galena, 
where he kept store the last . six years of his life. 
Mennonites. Children: Lydia, Enos, Isaac, Mary, 
Allen, Amanda, Mahlon, Isaiah. 

V. Lydia Ann Mover, born Nov. 4, 1836. Mrd. 
Samuel Leatherman, Sept. 9, 1855. Cattle Broker. 
Mennonites. Res. Doylestown, Pa. Children: Wil- 
liam, Marietta, Anna, Mahlon, Franklin. 

VI. William Hendrie Leatherman, born May 26, 
1857. Mrd. Josie R. Knight, Jan. 26, 1882. Gardener. 
Methodists. One child: (VII.) Laura W. Leatherman, 
born Aug. 1, 1883. 

VI. Marietta Leatherman, born Mar. 19, 1865. Mrd. 
Michael F. Bishop. (See Index of References No. 68). 

VI. Anna Barbara Leatherman, born May 17, 1867. 
Mrd. Harry F. Webber, Jan. 10, 1888. Farmer, and 
Butcher. Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Warren L. 

VI. Mahlon M. Leatherman, born Aug. 1, 1871. 

VI. Franklin James Leatherman, born Nov. 7, 1874. 

V. Enos G. Moyer, born June 7, 1840, on his great- 
grandfathers homestead (on his mothers side), who 
emigrated from Holland. Mrd. Mary Harrer in 1863. 
She died Sept. 5, 1879. Miller by trade, now operat- 
ing a creamery. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Ellanore 
Moyer, born Jan. 20, 1864; died Mar. 1886. (VI.) Jen- 
nie Moyer, born Mar. 31, 1865; died Aug. 4, 1865. 

(VI.) Georgie Ann Moyer, born June 12, 1866. (VI.) 
Josiah Rich Moyer, born Sept. 27, 1867; died July 
24, 1868. (VI.) James Ell wood Moyer, born July 22, 
1869. (VI.) Josephine Moyer, born Feb. 20, 1872. 
(VI.) Anderson Moyer, born Feb. 12, 1874; died May 
29, 1874. (VI.) Charles V. Moyer, born May 31, 1875; 
died Dec. 18, 1877. (VI.) Cora Moyer, born Sept. 12, 
1877. (VI.) Ervin Moyer, born Sept. 1, 1879; died 
Sept. 10, 1879. 

V. Rev. Isaac G. Moyer, born in New Britain Twp. , 
Bucks Co., July 10, 1843. Mrd. Kate, daughter of 
Eli Leatherman, Dec. 21, 1867. At the January 
Quarterly Conference of 1888, at Doylestown, Pa., 
he was licensed a local preacher of the M. E. ch. 
Children: (VI.) Edmund H. Moyer, born June 17, 
1869. Methodist. (VI.) Mary Emma Moyer, born 
Aug. 18, 1870. Methodist. (VI.) Sada L. Moyer, 
born Dec. 2, 1875. Methodist. (VI.) Bertha Moyer, 
born Nov. 22, 1879. 

V. Mary Moyer, born — , drowned when 3 or 4 years 

V. Allen G. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 5, 1848. 
Mrd. Mary A. Brand, June 22, 1870. Pork Butcher. 
Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Wauneta Moyer, born 
Jan. 6, 1871. (VI.) J. Arthur Moyer, born Mar. 9, 
1872. (VI.) Purdy Moyer, born Dec. 27, 1873. (VI.) 
Allen Moyer, born Apr. 23, 1875; died—. (VI.) Carey 
Moyer, born Jan. 10, 1877. (VI.) Harvey K. Moyer, 
born Apr. 28, 1878. (VI.) Margaretta B. Moyer, born 
Feb. 8, 1880. (VI.) Jesse Moyer, born June 1, 1882. 
(VI.) William Warren Moyer, born Nov. 23, 1884; 
died—. (VI.) Elsie Moyer, born Apr. 9, 1885. (VI.) 
Nellie Moyer, born Dec. 1, 1887. 

V. Amanda Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 16. 
1851. Mrd. H. Erwin Fretz. (See Index of Referen- 
ces No. 69). 

V. Mahlon G. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 30, 
1853. Mrd. Lizzie Keller, Jan. 28, 1875. Telegraph 
operator at North Wales, Pa. Presbyterians. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Alberta Virginia Moyer, born Oct. 8, 
1876. (VI.) Laura Parsons Moyer, born June 23, 

— 270 — 

V. Isaiah G. Moyer, born — ; died aged 6, years. 

IV. Anna Meyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 
1816. Mrd. Isaac Kulp. (See Index of References 
No. 70). 

IV. Elizabeth Meyer, born Oct. 21, 1818; died aged 
3 years. 

IV. Barbara Meyer, born Jan. 26, 1821; died July, 

IV. Rev. Abraham F. Moyer, born in Montg. Co., 
Pa., Sept. 19, 1822. After the death of his mother he 
lived with his uncle, Martin Fretz. At the age of 16 
years he was employed as a clerk in a store, until he 
was 21 years old. Mrd. Hester Hunsberger of Hill- 
town, daughter of Jacob and Mary Hunsberger, about 
1844. She died Feb. 28, 1873. In 1874 he mrd. Anna, 
widow of Henry M. Hunsberger, and daughter of 
Abraham L. Moyer, of Upper Salford, Montg. Co. 
Mr. Moyer was ordained to the ministry of the Men- 
nonite church at Blooming Glen, Nov. 6, 1855, where 
he has since served as minister. In church work he is 
active and faithful, and respected by all. Children: 
Mary, Henry, Allen, Jacob, Reuben, Isaac, Aaron, 
Abraham, Lizzie, Emma, Anna. 

V. Mary Ann Moyer, born Bucks Co., June 2, 1845. 
Mrd. Samuel H. Moyer, of Hilltown, in 1862. Saw- 
yer, at present farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Milton Moyer, born Sept. 9, 1863; died Oct. 5, 1863. 
(VI.) Esther EUen Moyer, born Apr. 27, 1865; died 
Jan. 20, 1877. (VI.) Abram Moyer, born Oct. 5, 1867. 
(VI.) Anna Mary Moyer, born Nov. 10, 1869; died 
Sept. 9, 1877. (VI.) Amanda Moyer, born Aug. 6, 
1871; died Apr. 1, 1877. (VI.) Ellen Moyer, born 
May 2, 1874. (VI.) Harriet Moyer, born July 6, 1875. 
(VI.) Lizzie Moyer, born July 1, 1877. (VI.) Delia 
Moyer, born Mar. 20, 1880. (VI.) Emma Moyer, born 
Oct. 31, 1882. (VI.) Ida Moyer, born Aug. 19, 1885; 
died Aug. 17, 1886. 

V. Henry H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 5, 
1847. Mrd. Sarah Ann Bishop, of Hilltown, Sept, 16, 
1871. Carpenter. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Lilly 
Alice Moyer, born July 4, 1875; died Jan. 19, 1877. 
(VI.) An infant born—; died unnamed. (VI.) Elias B. 

— 271 — 

Moyer, born Apr. 15, 1883. (VI.) Harrison B. Moyer, 
born May 27, 1888. 

V. Allen H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 24, 
1849. Mrd. Sallie A. Derr, June 8, 1878. She was 
born in Upper Milford, Lehigh Co., May 20, 1857. 
Clerk with Adams' Express Co., 16th & Market Sts., 
Philadelphia. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) William El- 
wood Moyer, born June 6, 1880. (VI.) Daisey Viola 
Moyer, born June 24, 1882. 

V. Jacob H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 29, 
1851. Mrd. Emma Klein, of Hilltown, Oct, 11, 1873. 
She was born May 3, 1856. Superintendent of Bloom- 
ing Glen Creamery. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Azalia Moyer, born July 19, 1875; died June 17, 1882. 
(VI.) Titus Kline Moyer, born Apr. 11, 1877. (VI.) 
Abraham E. Moyer, born Mar. 25, 1879; died June 
15, 1882. (VI.) Mary Estelle Moyer, born July 16, 
1881. (VI.) Alice Kline Moyer, born Sept. 14, 1883. 
(VI.) Lucy Ann Moyer, born Dec. 12, 1885. (VI.) 
Charlotte Grace Moyer, born Apr. 24, 1889. 

V. Reuben H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., — . Mrd. 
Agnes Wallace. One child: Wallace Moyer. 

V. Isaac H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 1, 1856. 
Mrd. Amanda E. , daughter of George A. Detwiler, 
June 24, 1876. Farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) 
Oscar D. Moyer, born Dec. 3, 1876; died Apr. 30, 
1877. (VI.) Howard D. Moyer, born Jan. 28, 1879. 
(VI.) Ellis D. Moyer, born July 15, 1882. (VI.) Calvin 
D. Moyer, born Feb. 12, 1885. (VI.) Linford D. 
Moyer, born May 6, 1888. 

V. Aaron H. Moyer, born Mar. 21, 1858, in Hill- 
town Twp. Mrd. Amelia D., daughter of Lewis D. 
Sellers, of Sellersville, Pa., Oct. 28, 1879. Teamster 
with V. H. Smith & Co., Second & Green Sts., Phil- 
delphia. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Preston Elliott 
Moyer, born Nov. 26, 1881. (VI.) Jeannetta Moyer, 
born Oct. 24, 1885. 

V. Abraham H. Moyer, born in Bucks Co., July 29, 
1860. Mrd. Emma Jane Berger, Feb. 12, 1881. She 
was born Nov. 3, 1859. Tinsmith with Lippencott & 
Co., Philadelphia. Mr. Moyer, Mennonite. Mrs. 

— 272 — 

Moyer Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Norman Sanford 
Moyer, born Oct. 13, 1881. (VI.) Gertrude B. Moyer, 
born Nov. 1, 1888. 

V. Lizzie H. Mover, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 27, 
1862. Mrd. Charles Cassel, Jan. 6, 1883. He was 
born in Jennings Co., Ind., Sept. 30, 1862. Farmer. 
They live on her father's farm in Blooming Glen. 
Children: (VI.) Irvin H. Cassel, born in 1883. (VI.) 
Abraham Cassel, born in 1886. (VI.) Florence Cassel, 
born in 1888. 

V. Emma H. Moyer, born Oct. 1, 1861. Mrd. Chris- 
topher S. Gulick, Feb. 28, 1885. Justice of the Peace 
and teacher. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Anion M. Gu- 
lick, born July 8, 1886. (VI.) Mabel Gulick, born 
Apr. 13, 1889. 

V. Anna H. Moyer, born Apr. 25, 1866; died, aged 
14y . , 10m. , 22d. Her death was caused by her cloth- 
ing taking fire at a hot stove from which she suffered 
36 hours. 


II. Abraham Fretz (son of Weaver John Fretz), 
born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 1736. He lived on a 
farm consisting of 226 acres, situated in the eastern 
part of Bedminster Twp. , now known as ' ' Fretz' Val- 
ley," and now owned by Philip K., and Reed Fretz. 
Abraham Fretz Sr., purchased said farm of one Fell, 
in 1757. Whom he married, and the date of his death, 
we have been unable to learn. He and his wife were, 
in all probability, members of the Mennonite church 
and buried at Deep Run. Their children were: Ag- 
nes, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Abraham. 

III. Agnes Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 13, 
1763; died Nov. 20, 1826. Mrd. Jacob Landis, June 
13, 1782. He was born Feb. 24, 1760; died Sept. 5,, 
1837. Farmer and Spinning-wheel maker. They lived 
on the property purchased of Joseph Grier. The 
deed bearing date, Apr. 6, 1796. It is situated in the 
eastern corner of Hilltown, known as Grier's Corners. 
Mennonites. No physician was employed at the 
births of their eleven children. A midwife who trav- 
eled on horseback was the only attendant. Agnes and 
Magdalena, when young women, threshed with the flail, 
thirty bushels of rye for seed which was sold to the 
neighbors. The girls walked five miles to school, at 
Deep Run. Magdalena and Barbara never married, and 
lived together on the homestead. In their younger 
years, Magdalena cut all their fire-wood with a five 
pound axe (the axe is still in possession of John F. 
Landis, who lives in the same room), and Barbara 

— 271 — 

cared for and fed the cow and pig. Children: Mary, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Ralph, Agnes, Magdalena, Anna, 
Jacob, Barbara, Abraham, Joseph. 

IV. Mary Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 27, 
1783; died—. Mrd. Philip Baum. No issue. She 
mrd. for her second husband "Gentleman" Joseph 
Meyers, — . No issue. Old Mennonite. 

IV. Sarah Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 
1785; died—. Mrd. John Leatherman, May 15, 1817. 
He died — . Farmer. New Mennonites at Deep Run. 
Children: Abraham, Magdalena, Jacob. 

V. Abraham L. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 20, 1819. Mrd. Anna George, Apr. 17, 1853. 
Farmer. New Mennonites at Deep Run. Children: 
Jonas, Mary, Sarah, Leanna, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

VI. Jonas G. Leatherman, born Feb. 18, 1855. 
Mrd. Pricilla M. Musselman, Apr. 2, 1881. Farmer. 
New Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Anna May Leath- 
erman, born Mar. 11, 1882. (VII.) Katie M. Leather- 
man, born May 31, 1881. (VII.) Addie M. Leatherman, 
born Apr. 8, 1886. (VII.) Abraham M. Leatherman, 
born July 2, 1888; died May 19, 1889. 

VI. Mary G. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 
28, 1856. S., (1889). 

VI. Sarah G. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 
21, 1858; died Mar. 21, 1882. Mrd. Allen M. Fretz. 
(See Index of References No. 71). 

VI. Leanna G. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 
17, 1862. Mrd. Cornelius Hunsberger, Dec. 15, 1887. 
Jeweler at Souderton, Pa. One child: (VII.) Anna 
Pearl Hunsberger, born July 16, 1888. 

VI. Abraham Leatherman, born Aug. 22, 1865; died 
Jan. 12, 1876. 

VI. Elizabeth Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
31,1868. Teacher in public schools. S., (1888). 

V. Magdalena Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., May 
16, 182L Mrd. Abraham S. Myers, decU No issue. 

V. Jacob L. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 10, 
1826; died Apr. 8, 1886. Mrd. Catharine Kratz, 
Dec. 12, 1852. Farmer. New Mennonites. Children: 
John, William, Lena, Emma, Mary, Isaac, Laura, 
Wilson, Elmer. 

— 275 — 

VI. John K. Leatherman, born Feb. 17, 1853. Mar- 
ried — . 

VI. William K. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., 
Dec. 24, 1856. Mrd. Kate Leonard, of Dover, N. J., 
May 31, 1887. Paper-hanger and decorator at Doyles- 
town, Pa. Methodists. No issue. 

VI. Magdalena Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., 
Mar. 2, 1859. Mrd. Peter Strouse, Dec. 25, 1884. 
Carriage painter. He Lutheran; his wife New Men- 
nonite. No issue. 

VI. Emma K. Leatherman, born Oct. 5, 1861. Mrd. 
Bramley Holden,—. Children: (VII.) William A. 
Holden, born Apr. 12, 1878; died Apr. 15, 1878. (VII.) 
Stella L. Holden, born Jan. 1, 1881. (VII.) Herbert 
L. Holden, born Mar. 18, 1883. (VII.) Howard F. 
Holden, born Oct. 2, 1885. 

VI. Mary Ann Leatherman, born Nov. 10, 1863. 
Mrd. Sylvester R. Fluck, Dec. 10, 1881. Harness 

maker. Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) , born — ; 

died Feb. 17, 1883. 

VI. Isaac Leatherman, born Aug. 11, 1867. 

VI. Laura Leatherman, born Oct. 23,. 1869. 

VI. Wilson Leatherman, born Apr. 8, 1873. 

VI. Elmer Leatherman, born Sept. 8, 1879. 

IV. Elizabeth Landis, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 9, 
1787; died—. Mrd. David Shelly, Dec. 11, 1813. 
Tailor. Mennonites. Children: Agnes, Barbara, Ja- 
cob, Ralph, Joseph. 

V. Agnes Shelly, born Feb. 28, 1814; died Dec, 
1878. Mrd. John Thomas,—. He died—. Children: 
(VI.) Henry, Mary. 

V. Barbara Shelly, born Apr. 7, 1817; died Oct. 29, 
1859. Mrd. Jacob Bassler, Nov. 11, 1838. Weaver. 
Mennonites. Children : Henry, Eliza, David, Rebecca. 

VI. Henry Bassler, born Oct. 3, 1839; died 1862. 
VI. Eliza Bassler, born Aug. 14, 1842. 

VI. David Bassler, born May 10, 1850. Mrd. Sarah 
Clouser, of Fleetwood, Berks Co., Pa., Aug. 2, 1873. 
Farmer. Men. Br. in Christ. Children: (VI f.) Preston 
Bassler, born Aug. 9, 1875. (VII.) Ellen Bassler, born 
Oct. 6, 1878. (VlV.) Allen Bassler, born Sept. 8, 1880. 
(VII.) Alice Bassler, born Jan. 29, 1884. 

- 276 — 

VI. Rebecca Bassler, born May 19, 1857; died in 1863. 
V. Jacob Shelly, born Aug. 25, 1819; died in Aug., 

V. Ralph Shelly, born Apr. 5, 1821. Mrd. Anna 
Maria Roth, Apr. 2, 1818. Miller. Presbyterians. 
Children: Howard, DeWitt, Scott, 

VI. Howard M. Shelly, born Sept. 21, 1853. Mrd. 
Cassie Anderson, Sept, 19, 1877; died June 30, 1887. 
Miller. Presbyterian. One child. (VII.) Nellie Shelly, 
born Nov. 30, 1877. 

VI. DeWitt Clinton Shelley, born June 30, 1856; 
died Feb. 27, 1876. Presbyterian. 

VI. Scott H. Shelly, born July 1, 1858. Mrd. Tacy 
Righter, in 1879. Miller. One child: (VII.) Emma 
Shelly, born Sept. 21, 1879. 

V. Joseph L. Shelly, born Oct. 30, 1825. Mrd. 
Mary B. Hulshizer, Feb. 16, 1850. Miller. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Oliver, Adaline, William, Sallie, Caroline, 
Horace, Alma, Mary. 

VI. Oliver H. Shelly, born Nov. 17, 1851. Mrd. 
Hattie E. Coldren, Sept. 15, 1887. Miller in Kansas 
City, Mo. Presbyterian. Children: (VII.) Oliver 
Shelly, born Aug. 15, 1887. (VII.) Eva May Shelly, 
born June 20, 1888. 

VI. Adaline Shelly, born Oct. 10, 1853; died July 9, 

VI. William H. Shelly, born July 24, 1855. Mrd. 
Annie L. Van Dyke, Nov. 16, 1879. Flour and feed 
merchant. Presbyterian. One child: (VII.) Percy 
V. D. Shelly, born June 2, 1882. 

VI. Sallie M. Shelly, born June 28, 1858. Mrd. 
Isaiah B. Mills, Jan. 15, 1885. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Caroline H. Shelly, born Apr. 23, 1860. Pres- 

VI. Horace G. Shelly, born Jan. 28, 1862. Butcher 
in Kansas City, Mo. 

VI. Alma Belle Shelly, born June 25, 1861. Pres- 

VI. Mary H. Shelly, born Dec. 3, 1869. Presbyterian. 

IV. Ralph Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 17, 
1789; died Mar. 1, 1852. Mrd. Esther Overholt, Dec. 
2, 1817. She was born Jan. 28, 1795; died June 5, 

— 277 — 

1869. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Abraham, Sarah, Mary, Hannah. 

V. Elizabeth Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa.. Feb. 1, 
1819; died Feb. 19, 1883. Mrd. Henry B. Fretz. 
(See Index of References No. 72.) 

V. Jacob Landis, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 28, 1821; 
died June 5, 1881. Mrd, Mary Eckhart,— . Farmer. 
Children: Ralph, Anna, John, Joseph, Hannah, etc. 

VI. Ralph Landis, born—; died—. Mrd.—. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Mary, Harry, dec'd. 

VI. Anna Landis, died young. (VI.) John Landis, 
Mrd. Elizabeth Nusbicklc,— . (VI.) Joseph Landis, 
died young. (VI.) Hannah Landis, died young. (VI,) 
Abraham Landis. (VI.) Jacob Landis. (VI.) Daniel 
Landis. (VI.) William Landis, died young. (VI.) 
Edward Landis. (VI.) Henry Landis. (VI. J Lizzie 
Landis. (VI.) Ella Landis. (VI.) Emma Landis. 

V. Abraham Landis, born in Bucks Co., July 13, 
1823; died June 4, 1885. Mrd. Mary Ott, Feb. 13, 
1848. She died Aug. 13, 1865, without issue. For 
his second wife he mrd. Elizabeth M. Mover, of Dub- 
lin, Dec. 23, 1871. She died Dec. 19, 1889; aged 52 
years and 19 days. Formerly Hotel Keeper; at pres- 
ent farmer. Children: (VI.) John M. Landis, born 
Sept. 2, 1873. (VI.) Edward B. Landis, born June 
14, 1875; died Mar. 5, 1883. (VI.) Reuben Samuel 
Landis, born May 28, 1877. (VI.) Emma C. Landis, 
born 21, 1879. 

V. Sarah Landis, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 4, 1827. 
Mrd. Christian B. Moyer, Oct. 8, 1848. Miller. Chil- 
dren: Mary, Clementine, William, Abraham, Chris- 

VI. Mary Ann Moyer, born Nov. 16, 1850. Mrd. 
Oliver Smith — . Farmer. Lutherans. One child: 
(VII.) Emily Smith, born Nov. 2, 1869. 

VI. Clementine Moyer, born Jan. 18, 1853. Mrd. 
Josiah Fry — . Green Grocer, at Doylestown, Pa. 
One child: (VII.) Anna Mary Fry, born Mar. 16, 

VI. William L. Moyer, born July 7, 1856. Mrd. 
Mary Beal — . One child: (VII.) Leonard V. Moyer. 

— 278 — 

VI. Abraham L. Moyer, born Dec. 23, 1860. Mrd. 
Rebecca Jane Bolby— . One child: (VII.) Sarah Eliz- 
abeth Moyer, born — ; died Feb. 5, 1888. 

VI. Christian L. Moyer, born Mar. 5, 1867. Works 
in Paint Shop, in Philadelphia. S. 

V. Mary Landis, born in Bucks Co., May 23, 1830; 
died Sept. 3, 1886. Mrd. Mark B. Fretz. (See Index 
of References No. 73). 

V. Hannah Landis, born in Bucks Co., July 26, 1836. 
Mrd. Enos Leatherman, Mar. 12, 1851. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Henry Leatherman. (VI.) 
Huldah Leatherman. Mrd. Joseph O. Fretz, Aug. 
2, 1879. No issue. (See Index of References No. 71). 
(VI.) Philip Leatherman. (VI.) Harvey Leatherman. 

IV. Agnes Landis, born in Bucks Co., July 29, 1791; 
died Apr. 28, 1852. Mrd. Abraham Shaddinger, Oct. 
20, 1812. Weaver. Mennonite. Children: Jacob, 
Mary, John, Hannah, Magdalena, Sarah. 

V. Jacob L. Shaddinger, born July 22, 1813. Mrd. 
Mary Leatherman, Mar. 8, 1812. She died — . Retired 
farmer. Mennonites. Children: Sophia, Mary, 
Charles, Edward, Sallie, Elias. Jacob mrd. for his 
second wife, Sarah Fretz, Mar. 23, 1875. 

VI. Sophia Shaddinger, born Apr. 12, 1811. Mrd. 
Henry M. Kratz, Jan. 1, 1868. Farmer. Mennonites. 
One child: (VII.) Mary Emma Kratz. 

VI. Mary Ann Shaddinger, born July 18, 1817. Mrd. 
Rev. Henry B. Rosenberger. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 75). 

VI. Charles F. Shaddinger, born June 15, 1850; died 
June 2, 1876. Carpenter. Mennonite. 

VI. Edward E. Shaddinger, born Dec. 21, 1852; died 
Oct. 29, 1881. Mrd. Anna Rosenberger, Nov. 23, 
1879. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Henry 
Shaddinger, born May 23, 1881. 

VI. Sallie ShaddingeT, born Sept. 30, 1855; died 
Aug. 20, 1879. Mennonite. 

VI Elias F. Shaddinger, born Sept, 11, 1858; died 
Feb. 1, 1863. 

V. Mary L. Shaddinger, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
31, 1815. Mrd. Christian Gayman. (See Index, of 
References No. 76). 

— 279 — 

V. John L. Shaddinger, born in Bucks Co., July 

16, 1818. Mrd. Catharine Schlotter, Oct. 8, 1840. 
Carpenter. Res. Blooming Glen. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: William, Marv, Harvey, John, Susan. 

VI. William J. Shaddinger, born Sept. 21, 1841. He 
enlisted in 1862 in the 104th Regt., Co. A., Penna. 
Inf., and was killed by a bomb on Morris Island, at 
the siege of Fort Wagner, Aug. 21, 1863. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Shaddinger, born Dec. 4, 1844; 
died—; Mrd. William M. Kfatz— . Mennonite. No 

VI. Harvey Shaddinger, born July 15, 1848. Mrd. 
Annie Fretz, Nov. 23, 1872. Saddler, and Painter. 
At present, painter and paper hanger. In 1879 they 
moved to Abilene, Kan., and in the spring of 1889, to 
Kansas City, Mo. Baptists. Children: (VII.) Willie 
Ira Shaddinger, born Apr. 24, 1876. (VII.) John 
Alvin Shaddinger, born Jan. 1, 1883. (VII.) Anna 
Laura Shaddinger, born Dec, 18, 1884. (VII.) Ina 
May Shaddinger, born May 1, 1887. 

VI. John Henry Shaddinger, born Aug. 14, 1853. 
Paper Hanger at Little Rock, Ark. 

VI. Susannah Shaddinger, born Feb. 22, 1859. Mrd. 
William D. Bishop. (See Index of References No. 77). 

V. Hannah Shaddinger, born Dec. 2, 1821. Mrd. 
Joseph Leatherman— . Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Abraham, William. 

VI. Abraham S. Leatherman, born June 14, 1847. 
Mrd. Ella Snyder, Feb. 5, 1874. Veterinary Surgeon, 
at Clinton, N. J. One child: (VII.) Maud Leatherman, 
born May 25, 1875. 

VI. William S. Leatherman, born — . 

V. Magdalena Shaddinger, born in Bucks Co., June 

17, 1826. Mrd. Samuel A. Detweiler, Sept. 10, 1845. 
He died Oct. 23, 1873. Blacksmith. Mrs. Detweiler, 
Christian. They moved to Whiteside Co., Ill, where 
they lived until the husband's death. Children: Jo- 
seph, Clayton, Mary, Hannah, Edwin, Abia, Henry, 
Anna, Harvey. 

VI. Joseph 3. Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
21, 1847. Mrd. Fannie R. Rutt, Sept. 12, 1872. 
Merchant at Sterling, 111. Christians. Children: 

— 280 — 

(VII.) Ira Grant Detweiler, born Oct. 17, 1873. (VII.) 
Harry Detweiler, born Aug. 31, 1875. (VII.) Guy 
Leroy Detweiler, born June 8, 1880. (VII.) Anna 
Pearl Detweiler, born July 10, 1888. 

VI. Clayton S. Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
29, 1850. Mrd. Cora A. Noble, Dec. 27, 1883. Far- 
mer at Clay Center, Neb. Christian. Wife, Congre- 
gational. Children: (VII.) Fannie Lucile Detweiler, 
born June 4, 1885. (VII.) Verne Noble Detweiler, 
born. May 8, 1887. 

VI. Mary Ann Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., May 
12, 1852; died Dec. 11, 1861. 

VI. Hannah Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 23, 
1854. Mrd. Christian R. Rutt, Sept. 12, 1872. 
Wheelwright, in Whiteside Co., 111. Christians. 
Children: (VII.) Martin Elwood Rutt, born Mar. 11, 
1874; died Auff. 20, 1879. (VII.) Ida May Rutt, born 
Nov. 22, 1877; died Aug. 21, 1879. (VII.) John Clay- 
ton Rutt, born Mar. 15, 1879. (VII.) Albert Leroy 
Rutt, born Sept, 10, 1880; died Nov. 26, 18S4. (VII.) 
Samuel Urr Rutt, born Oct, 21, 1882; died Dec. 27, 
1882. (VII.) William Lloyd Rutt, born Feb. 15, 1886. 

VI. Edwin S. Detweiler, M. D., born in Bucks Co., 
May 9, 1856. Physician in Chicago, 111. Congrega- 

VI. Abia John Detweiler, born at Sterling, 111., Feb. 
27, 1860. Mrd. Lena Brooks, Dec. 21, 1882. . Far- 
mer, at Clay Center, Neb. Christians. Children: 
(VII.) Bertha Detweiler, born Oct. 15, 1883. (VII.) 
Magdalena Detweiler, born Mar. 4, 1885. (VII.) Ed- 
win'Detweiler, born Aug. 24, 1886. (VII.) Ida Pearl 
Detweiler, born Sept, 19, 1888. 

VI. Henry Detweiler, born Oct. 19, 1863; died Dec. 
7, 1864. 

VI. Anna Detweiler, born May 18, 1866; died Feb. 
5, 1867. 

VI. Harvey James Detweiler, born July 10, 1867. 
Teacher in Clay Co. , Neb. Christian. 

V. Sarah Shaddinger (Twin to Magdalena), born in 
Bucks Co., Pa., June 17, 1826; died — , aged about 
14 years. 

— 281 — 

IV. Magdalena Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
29, 1703; died unmrd, aged about 80 years. Men- 

IV. Anna Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 7, 
1706. Mrd. Abraham Overholt, Farmer. Menno- 
nites. They had one child. 

V. Jacob Overholt mrd. Amelia Roth — . Children: 
(VI.) Edward Overholt, born—; died-. (VI.) Anna 
Mary Overholt, mrd. Henry Beck. 

IV. Jacob Landis, Jr., born in Bucks Co., Sept. 3, 
1708; died Feb. 8, 1822. 

IV. Barbara Landis, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 19, 
1800; died unmrd., aged about 70 years. Mennonite. 

IV. Abraham Landis, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 9, 
1803; died Nov. 13, 1870. Mrd. Barbara, daughter 
of Rev. John Geil, Oct. 20, 1831. Miller and far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: John, Jacob, Joseph, 
Elizabeth, Ephraim, William. 

V. John Landis, born July 13, 1832; died Nov. 28, 

V. Jacob G. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 5, 
1831. Mrd. Catharine K. Kindig, May 2, 1857. She 
died Feb. 11, 1883. Salesman in Philadelphia. Meth- 
odist. Children: (VI.) Mary Ellen Landis, born Feb. 
14, 1858; died Feb. 5, 1862! (VI.) Lizzie Landis, born 
Feb. 23, 1863; died Sept. 5, 1863. (VI.) Barbara Ade- 
lia Landis, born Aug. 20, 1870. 

V. Joseph Landis, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 21, 1836. 
Mrd. Sarah D. Kindig, May 15, 1858. Jeweler at 
Doylestown, Pa. Methodists. Children: Rosanna, 
Abraham, Martin. 

VI. Rosanna S. Landis, born Oct. 30, 1859. Mrd. 
Isaiah Beans, Feb. 6, 1884. Cabinet maker. 

VI. Abraham Henry Landis, born Feb. 6, 1863. 
Mrd. Mary Elizabeth Barnes, Sept. 15, 1887. Jew- 
eler at Lansdale, Pa. One child: (VII.) Rebie Landis, 
born July 21, 1888. 

VI. Martin Ely Landis, born Aug. 4, 1876. 

V. Elizabeth Landis, born Bucks Co., Oct, 10, 1838. 
Mrd. Samuel C. Kulp, Feb. 13, 1863. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Rosella, Mary, Joseph, Barbara, Titus. 

— 282 — 

VI. Rosella L. Kulp, born Sept. 7, 1863. Mrd. 
Ephraim H. Johnson, in Oct. , 1885. Stone cutter and 
farmer. Mrs. Johnson, Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) 
Abraham H. Johnson, born Mar. 27, 1886. (VII.) 
Samuel Johnson, born Mar. 10, 1888. 

VI. Mary Kulp, born Feb. 8, 1867. Mrd. Morris P. 
Tomlinson, Sept. 19. 1886. Mason. Mrs. Tomlinson, 
Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Joseph Kulp Tomlinson, 
born Mar. 5, 1888. 

VI. Joseph Kulp, born Jan. 20, 1869. 

VI. Barbara Landis Kulp, born Oct. 20, 1870; died 
Nov. 7, 1874. 

VI. Titus Kulp, born Oct. 8, 1876. 

V. Ephraim Landis, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 15, 
1841. Mrd. Sallie E. Walton, Sept. 14, 1871. She 
died July 21, 1877. He mrd. for his second wife, 
Mary Garis, Feb. 6, 1879. Carpenter in Philadelphia. 
Methodists. Children: (VI.) Edith M. Landis (only 
child by first wife), born Sept. 28, 1872. Methodist, 
(VI.) Annie F. Landis, born Nov. 13, 1879; died 
Nov. 30, 1879. (VI.) Ida M. Landis, born Mar. 14, 
1881; died May 25, 1881. (VI.) Chester A. Landis, 
born Apr. 17, 1882; died June 13, 1883. (VI.) Sallie 
W. Landis, born Oct. 21, 1883. (VI.) William G. 
Landis, born July 10, 1888. 

V. William Hendrie Landis (Twin to Ephraim), born 
Dec. 15, 1841. Before losing his eyesight he was a 
farmer. Methodist, 

IV. Joseph Landis, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 10, 
1807; died Apr. 14, 1858. Mrd. Mary, daughter of 
Rev. John Geil, Apr. 16, 1837. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Samuel, John, Annie, Joseph. 

V. Samuel G. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 28, 
1837. Mrd. Susan Garis, Nov. 20, 1862. Farmer. 
He is at present owner and occupant of that part of 
the Old Homestead situated in New Britain Twp. 
Children: (VI.) Edward S. Landis. S. (VI.) Horace 
G. Landis. S. (VI.) Elma Mary Landis. S. (VI.) Jo- 
seph Franklin Landis. S. 

V. John F. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 12, 
1839. Mrd. Huldah J. Shaddinger, Aug. 29, 1872. 
Both Mr, and Mrs, Landis in early life taught in the 

— 283 — 

Public Schools. Present occupation, farmer. They 
own and occupy part of the Old Homestead situated 
in Hilltown Twp. They have also been officially con- 
nected with Sunday School work. New Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Ada May Landis, born Jan. 31, 1874. 
(VI.) Fannie E. Landis, born Oct. 23, 1875. (VI.) 
Wilmer Landis, born June 30, 1878; died Jan. 14, 
1886. (VI.) George W. Landis, born Feb. 22, 1881. 
(VI.) Eugene S. Landis, born Aug. 20, 1886. . 

V. Annie M. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
31, 1842. Mrd. Abraham K. Funk. (See Index of 
References No. 78). 

V. Joseph H. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct., 
24, 1848. Mrd. Blanche McCulloch, Aug. 21, 1879. 
They are both graduates of the State Normal School 
at Millersville, Pa. They are farming, and conduct- 
ing a school for boys. Mr. Landis, Presbyterian, and 
Mrs. Landis, Methodist. In early life Mr. Landis 
worked on the homestead farm in the summer and 
attended school in the winter, and when about seven- 
teen years of aged he attended two short terms at 
Carversville. He now turned his attention to teach- 
ing, and taught in the Public Schools of Bucks Co., 
four terms, and one in Allegheny Co. After this he, 
attended the State Normal School at Millersville, 
from which he graduated in 1874. After graduation 
he held the position of Superintendent of the Model 
School (connected with the Normal School), for nine 
years. He also graduated from the National School 
of Elocution and Oratory, in Philadelphia, and took 
further lessons in Reading of Prof. Mark Bailey, of 
Yale College. Owing to ill health he was now obliged 
to quit teaching, and spent a year at "The Sanato- 
rium," known as "Our Home on the Hillside'" at 
Dansville, N. Y% in the hope of regaining his health. 
While there he was appointed chaplin of the institu- 
tion for one winter. While at Millersville, he became 
acquainted with Miss Blanche McCulloch, of McCul- 
loch's Mills, Juniata Co., Pa., who, like himself, was 
a pupil in the Normal School. She graduated in the 
class of 1875, after which she became a teacher in the 
same school, and for four years they worked together 

— 284 — 

as fellow teachers. They were mrd. Aug. 21, 1879, 
at her home in Juniata Co. After marriage they con- 
tinued as teachers at the Normal School for five years, 
and then, on account of broken health, they moved 
to McCulloch's Mills, where they are now living in 
charge of a "Little Boy's Home School 1 ' and their 
two farms. They have one child: (VI.) Frederick 
McCulloch Landis, born July 9, 1881. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 
24, 1766; died May 4. 1835, aged 67y., 7m. and lOd. 
Mrd. Samuel Landis, Nov. 15, 1787. He died Nov. 
26, 1801, aged 35y., 2m. and 16d. Farmer. Lived 
near Pipersville, Pa. Mennonites. Children: Abra- 
ham, Magdalena, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob, Isaac, Mary. 

IV. Abraham Landis, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 24, 
1788; died Nov. 8, 1801. 

IV. Magdalena Landis, born July 19, 1790; died 
Dec. 26, 1867, aged 77y., 5m. and 7d. 

IV. Joseph Landis, born Oct 7, 1792; died — . 

IV. Samuel Landis, born Nov. 5, 1794; died — . 

IV. Jacob Landis, born Jan. 7, 1797; died Feb. 12, 
1862, aged 65y., lm. and 5d. 

IV. Isaac- Landis, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 13, 1799; 
died June 1, 1875, aged 76y., 3m. and 18d. Mrd. 
Sarah, daughter of "Fuller" Joseph Fretz, Aug. 21, 
1827. Farmer. Lived near Pipersville. Mennonites. 
Children: Infant, Elizabeth, Abner, Oliver. 

V. A son born and died Nov. 2, 1828. 

V. Elizabeth Landis, born June 18, 1830; died Nov. 
14, 1851. 

V. Abner Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 7, 
1833. Mrd. Lydia Ann Moyer, Feb. 16, 1862. Far- 
mer near Pipersville. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Sarah Landis, born Nov. 12, 1862. (VI.) Barbara 
Landis, born Nov. 12, 1862; died Nov. 21, 1862. (VI.) 
Mary Landis, born Feb. 2, 1864; died June 27, 1864. 
(VI.) Isaac Landis, born Oct. 11, 1866; died Oct, 23. 
1866. (VI.) Susie Landis, born Sept. 22, 1869. (VI.) 
Ellen Landis, born Jan. 12, 1874. (VI.) Lizzie Landis, 

born Nov. 19, 1878; died Aug. 17, 1879. 

— 285 — 

V. Oliver Landis, born in Bucks Co. , June 9, 1836. 
Mrd. Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Myers. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Rebecca Landis. (VI.) 
Lizzie Landis. (VI.) Isaac M. Landis, died—. (VI. 
Amanda Landis. (VI.) Oliver M. Landis. 

IV. Mary Landis, born Sept. 6, 1801; died Oct. 15, 

III. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 1770; 
died—. Mrd. Rev. Daniel Landis,—. Minister o| 
the Mennonite church. Children: Benjamin, Jacob, 
Abraham, Daniel, Mary, Samuel, Magdalena, Sarah, 

IV Benjamin Landis, born in Bucks Co., in 1790- 
died Jan. 30, 1865. Unmrd. Mennonite. 

IV. Jacob Landis, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 18 
1791; died Apr. 28, 1856. Mrd. Susannah Yoder 
Feb. 1, 1820. She died Oct. 21, 1829. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Daniel, David, Mary. Jacob 
mrd. for his second wife Susanna Beeler, Dec. 27 
1830. She died Jan. 1851. Children: Peter, Abraham' 

V. Daniel Landis, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 14, 1820. 
Mrd. Sarah Zetty, in 1846. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Henry, Mary, Abraham, Sarah. 

VI. Henry Z. Landis, born in Bucks, Co., Dec. 27 
1846. Mrd. Mary Rebecca S. Schantz, Feb. 8, 1868. 
She was born Feb. 13, 1849; died May 9, 1875, 
Farmer and Butcher. Mennonites. Children: (VI I. j 
Sarah S. Landis, born Apr. 18, 1868; died June 18, 
1869. (VII.) Harvey S. Landis, born July 13, 1870. 
(VII.) Mary S. Landis, born Mar. 17, 1872. Henry 
Mrd. for his second wife Elizabeth B. Lapp, Feb 18 
1877. One child: (VII.) Ellen L. Landis, born June 
14, 1878. 

VI.) MaryZ. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 29 
1848. Mrd. Henry B. Yoder, of Springfield Twp., 
Sept. 7, 1873. He was born Sept. 5, 1852. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) William L. Yoder, born 
Dec. 7, 1874; died Nov. 29, 1877. (VII.) Daniel L. 
Yoder, born Jan. 16, 1877. (VII.) Henry L. Yoder 
born Oct. 18, 1878. 

— 286 — 

VI. Abraham Z. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 
17, 1850. Mrd. Mary Y. Moyer, of Springfield Twp., 

Sept. 28, 1873. She was born Oct. 30, 1819. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Sarah M. Landis, born 
Mar. 27, 1875. (VII.) Abraham M. Landis, born Sept. 
7, 1876. (VII.) Daniel M. Landis, born Sept. 2, 1878. 
(VII.) Amos. M. Landis, born Sept. 16, 1881. (VII.) 
Isaac M. Landis, born Oct. 7, 1881. 

VI. Sarah Z. Landis, born July 2, 1855; died Nov. 
28, 1862. 

V. David Landis, born Sept. 19, 1823; died—, aged 
about 17 years. 

V. Mary Landis, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 15, 1827; 
died in 1870. Mrd. Joseph L. Gross — . Children; 
(VI.) Sarah, Amanda, Henry (dec'd), John, Frank, 
Samuel, Mary (dec'd), Anna (dec'd) 

V. Peter B. Landis, born Sept. 26, 1831; died May 
22, 1856. S. 

V. Abraham B. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 8, 
1831. Mrd. Susanna A. Beidler, Oct. 7, 1860. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Katie B. Landis, 
born May 21, 1866. (VI.) Mary B. Landis, born Mar. 
9, 1872. 

V. Hannah B. Landis, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 16, 
1838. Mrd. Joseph W. Lapp, Jan. 16, 1861. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) John L. Lapp, born 
Nov. 27, 1861; died June 12, 1881. (VI.) Abraham L. 
Lapp, born Apr. 20, 1861; died Sept. 26, 1865. (VI.) 
William L. Lapp, born May 27, 1866. Mrd. Amanda 
M. Beidler, May 11, 1889. (VI.) Isaiah L. Lapp, born 
Dec. 8, 1867. "(VI.) Sallie L. Lapp, born Aug. 10, 
1870. (VI.) Joseph L. Lapp, born Mar. 5, 1872. (VI.) 
Erwin L. Lapp, born July 9, 1873. (VI.) Elizabeth 
L. Lapp, born, May 12, 1876. (VI.) Mary L. Lapp, 
born Dec. 2, 1878. (VI.) Emma L. Lapp, born Jan. 
30, 1881. 

IV. Abraham Landis, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 29, 
1792; died Jan. 8, 1877. Unmrd. Mennonite. 

IV. Daniel Landis, Jr., born in Bucks Co., June 6, 
1796; died Nov. 10, 1870. Mrd. Catharine, daughter 
of Rev. Isaac Alderfer, of Montg. Co., Nov. 29, 1821. 
She was born Aug. 13, 1802; died June 13, 1869. 

— 287 — 

Farmer in Franconia Tvvp., Montg. Co. Mennonites. 
Children: Elizabeth, Maria, Anna, Catharine, Sarah, 
Abraham, Isaac and Daniel (twins), Susanna. 
V. Elizabeth Landis, born in Montg. Co., Sept. 10, 
1822. Mrd. Henry Fretz. (See Index of References 
No. 79). She mrd. for her second husband Abraham 
M. Moyer, Oct. 18, 1873. He died Feb. 8, 1881. No 

V. Maria Landis, born in Montg. Co., Nov. 23, 1825; 
died Nov. 1, 1881. Mrd. Joseph Hagey,— . Farmer.' 
Mennonites. One son. 

VI. Levi Hagey, born Oct. 2, 1817. Mrd. Maria 
Yoder,— . Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VII.) 
Joseph Y. Hagey, born June 16, 1886. 

V. Anna Landis, born in Montg. Co., Feb 2, 1828; 
died Mar. 15, 1889. Mrd. John Gashow, Apr. 7, 
1870, He died May 26, 1880. No issue. 

V. Catharine Landis, born in Montg. Co., Oct. 7, 
1830. Mrd. Elias H. Freed, Oct. 18, 1853. Menno- 
nites. One child: 

VI. Mary Anna Freed, born Apr. 22, 1858. Mrd. 
Henry C. Witman, Sept. 18, 1880. Children: (VII.) 
Catharine Witman, born Dec. 3, 1881. (VII.) Jonas 
Witman, born Nov. 28, 1881; died Jan. 12, 1885. 
(VII.) Elias F. Witman, born Sept 21, 1888. 

V. Sarah Landis, born Sept. 18, 1833. Mrd. Joseph 
F. Meyers. (See Index of References No. 80), 

V. Ahraham A. Landis, born Jan. 9, 1836. Mrd. 
Susannah Myers, Sept. 3, 1861. She died Apr. 16, 
1880. Farmer in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co. Men- 
nonites. Children: Aaron, Samuel. 

VI. Aaron Landis, born Mar. 17, 1865. Mrd. Bar- 
bara, daughter of Jacob Slotter, of Bedminster Twp., 
June 20, 1885. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Elsie Landis, born Dec. 31, 1885. (VII.) Abel Landis, 
born Aug. 18, 1888. (VII.) Harrison Landis, born 
Jan. 23, 1889. 

VI. Samuel Landis, born Aug. 28, 1871; died Mar. 
28, 1872. Abraham mrd. for his second wife Esther, 
widow of Griffith Jones, and daughter of Henry 
Shaddinger, May 5, 1881. Children: (VI.) Abraham 
Landis, born Mar. 11, 1882. (VI.) William Landis, 

— 288 — 

born Mar. 30, 1883. (VI.) Reuben Landis, born Dec. 
24, 1885. 

V. Isaac A. Landis, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 
20, 1838. Mrd. Lydia D. Wisnier, Oct. 17, 1863. 
Farmer. Mcnnonites. Children: Kate, Mary, Daniel, 

VI. Kate W. Landis, born Sept. 5, 1861; died June 
2, 1881. Mrd. John H. Zetty, Nov. 3, 1883. No issue. 

VI. Mary W. Landis, bora Aug. 22, 1866; Mrd. 
Wilson M. Underkuffer, Jan. 12, 1889. Machinist. 

VI. Daniel W. Landis, born Mar. 5, 1869. 

VI. Lizzie W. Landis, born Feb. 20, 1876. 

V. Daniel A. Landis (twin to Isaac), born Dec. 20, 
1838. Mrd. Catharine Ruth, Jan. 12, 1867. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Hiram R. Landis, born 
Jan. 1, 1870. (VII.) Annie R. Landis, born Nov. 28, 
1871. (VI.) Joseph R. Landis, born Apr. 25, 1874. 
(VI.) Daniel R. Landis, born Feb. 11, 1876. (VI.) 
Susanna R. Landis, born Feb. 9, 1878. (VI.) Isaac R. 
Landis, born Dec. 25, 1879. (VI.) Abraham R. Landis, 
born Mar. 18, 1881. (VI.) Catharine R. Landis, born 
Apr. 9,—. (VI.) Sarah R. Landis, born,—. (VI.) Elias 
R. Landis born Jan. 30, 1889. 

V. Susanna Landis, born Aug. 23, 1812. S. 

IV. Mary Landis, bom in Bucks Co., Nov. 17, 1798; 
died Apr. 14, 1884, aged 85y., 4m., 28d. Mennonite. 

IV. Samuel Landis, born Jan. 17, 1801; died July 
10, 1875. Mennonite. Unmrd. 

VI. Magdalena Landis, born in 1803; died Dec. 22, 
1862, aged 59y., 3m., 26d. Mennonite. Udmrd. 

IV. Sarah Landis, born in 1808; died May 21, 1864, 
aged 56y., 6m., 21d. Mennonite. Unmrd. 
fV. An Infant died unnamed. 

III. Sarah Fretz, born—; died—. Mrd. Joseph 
Landis, — . No issue. 

III. Abraham Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Aug. 17, 1775; died May 20, 1816. Mrd. 
Rachel, daughter of Philip Kratz, Apr. 4, 1797. She 
was born Sept. 5, 1777; died May 22, 1852. Farmer. 

— 289 — 

and lived on the old homestead in Bedminster, of 
which he took possession in 1797. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Susan, Jacob, Anna, Philip, Elizabeth, Abraham. 

IV. Susan Fretz, born Feb. 25, 1798; died — . Mrd. 
George Mitman, — . One child: 

V. Rachel Mitman, born — ; died — . Mrd. Joseph 
Mover, M. D., (deed) — . Children: Susan, Sallie. 

VI. Susan Mover, born—. Mrd. Abel Mathias, M. 
D. Children: (VII.) Joseph, Howard. 

VI. Sallie Mover, born — . Mrd. Joel Rosenberger, 
— . Children: (VII.) Joseph, Rachel. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 14, 1803; 
died—. Mrd. Susannah Beidler, Nov. 19, 1839. 
Farmer, and owned and lived on a part of the home- 
stead in Bedminster Twp. Mennonites. Children: 
Emma, Reed, Rachel, Abraham, Lizzie, Philip. 

V. Emma Fretz, born Apr. 1, 1841. Mrd. Abraham 
M. Leatherman, Nov. 1, 1862. Farmer. Children: 
(VI.) Horace Leatherman, born Feb. 1, 1864; died 
Apr. 18, 1871. (VI.) Jacob Kirk Leatherman, born 
Jan. 26, 1866. (VI.) Henry W. Leatherman, born 
Aug. 30, 1867. (VI.) Erwin Ely Leatherman, born 
Apr. 21, 1871. 

V. Reed Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 19, 1844. 
Mrd. Amanda Loux, of Carversville, Jan. 27, 1870. 
Framer. Mrs. Fretz, Presbyterian. Children: (VI.) 
Jacob Franklin Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1870. (VI.) 
Minerva Fretz, born July 21, 1872. (VI.) Anna 
Laura Fretz, born Aug. 18, 1873. (VI.) Nelson 
Oswold Fretz, born Nov. 3, 1875. (VI.) Mabel Celia 
Fretz, born Nov. 3, 1877. (VI.) Mary Matilda Fretz, 
born Dec. 30, 1879. 

V. Rachel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 1846. 
Mrd. William H. Slotter, Dec. 1882. Mr. and Mrs. 
Slotter, previous to their marriage were both engaged 
in teaching school, and Mr. Slotter is the present 
(1889) County Superintendent of Bucks, Co. He is 
a member of the German Ref . , and Mrs. Slotter of 
the Mennonite Ch. One child: (VI.) Jacob Fretz 
Slotter, born Jan. 1885. 

V. Abraham Ely Fretz, born—; died from injuries 
received by being thrown from a horse. 

— 290 — 

V. Lizzie Fretz, born Nov. 5, 1850. Mrd. Nelson 
K. Leatherman. (See Index of References No. 81). 

V. Philip Kirk Fretz, born Nov. 19, 1858. Mrd. 
Charlotte, daughter of Hon. L. B. LaBarre, Oet. 
23, 1879. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 3, 1806; 
died May 26, 1886. Mrd. John Fretz. (See Index of 
References No. 82.) 

IV. Philip K. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 25, 
1809. Mrd. Eliza Fretz, granddaughter of Mark 
Fretz, Sr., of New Britain Twp., Nov. 22, 1836. She 
died — . Retired farmer. Children: Susan, Anna, 
Rebecca, Henry, Jacob. 

V. Susan Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., Bucks 
Co., Apr. 16, 1838; died—. Mrd. Mahlon Meyers,— . 
He died — . No issue. (See Index of References No. 

V. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 25, 1810. 
Methodist. Res. at Wheaton, 111. Unmrd. 

V. Rebecca Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 21, 1813. 
Mrd. James L. Reber, Mar. 23, 1863. In Fruit Pre- 
serving business. Res. AVheaton, 111. Methodists. 
Children: (VI.) Erwin M. Reber. Mrd. Etta Ruppe. 
One child: (VII.) Hazel Ruppe, born—. (VI.) Schuy- 
ler Colfax Reber. (VI.) Philip Eugene Reber; 
died—. (VI.) James Watt Reber. (VI.) Pearl Reber; 
died—. (VI.) Edna Myrtle Reber. 

V. Henry Erwin Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 6, 
1817. Mrd. Amanda Moyer, Dec. 1, 1870. Farmer. 
Res. on the homestead at Fretz 1 Valley. New Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Edgar M. Fretz, born Oct. 19, 
1871; died Feb. 15, 1875. (VI.) James Oscar Fretz, 
born Jan. 1, 1873. (VI.) Warren Fretz, born May 3, 
1875. (VI.) Philip K. Fretz, Jr., born Sept. 7, 1876. 
(VI.) Erwin Clarence Fretz, born Oct. 30, 1878. (VI.) 
Lizzie' Bertha Fretz, born Mar. 1, 1881. (VI.) Eugene 
Fretz, born Mar. 23, 1883. (VI.) Herbert Fretz, born 
July 12, 1885. (VI.) Florence Fretz, born July 8, 1887. 

V. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 18, 1852; 
died — . Mrd. Josephine Berks, July 25, 1877. One 
child: (VI.) James Garfield Fretz. 

— 291 — 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., about 1812; 
died—. Mrd. Christian B. Fretz. (See Index of Ref- 
erences No. 83). 

IV. Abraham E. Fretz, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Jan. 20, 1815; died Jan. 4, 1888. Mrd. 
Catharine Swartzlander, Oct. 18, 1856. She died Dec. 
21, 1866. Farmer. New Mennonite. One child: 

V. Clara S. Fretz, born Nov. 5, 1857. Mrd. Frank 
W. Rotzel, Mar. 7, 1885. Loan Broker at Kansas 
City, Mo. Children: (VI.) Blanche F. Rotzel, born 
Mar. 14, 1886. (VI.) Edward F. Rotzel, born Apr. 
1, 1887; died same day. 


II. Elizabeth Fretz (daughter of Weaver John 
Fretz), born on the old Fretz' homestead, in Bed- 
minster Twp., Pa., July 19, 1739; died—. Mrd. 
Jacob Kolb* May 22, 1760. He was born Apr. 16, 
1737; died—, buried at—. They at first lived in Tim- 
cum Twp., and afterwards moved to Hilltown Twp., 
near Blooming Glen, where many of their descend- 
ants still live. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Isaac, 
John, Gertrude, Jacob, Abraham, Deilman, Henry, 
Elizabeth, Barbara, Catharine. 

III. Isaac Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 3, 1762; 
died—. Mrd. Mary Clymer,—. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Jacob, Isaac, Elizabeth, Esther, Gertrude, 
Dillman, Moses, Mary, Veronica. 

IV. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., died unmrd. 

IV. Isaac Kulp, born in Bucks Co.,—; died in 1836. 
Mrd. Mary Hockman. Farmer and weaver. Menno- 
nites. Children: Henry, Mary, Catharine. 

V. Henry Kulp, born Apr. 22, 1830; died Oct. 23, 

V. Mary Kulp, born about 1833; died in 1836. 

V. Catharine Kulp, born Nov. 28, 1836. Mrd. Mi- 
chael B. Bergey, Aug. 27, 1859. Hosiery manufact- 
urer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Henry Bergey. 
(VI.) Mary Bergey. (VI.) Michael Bergey. (VI.) Rufus 
Bergey. '(VI.) Katie Bergey. 

* The name is now differently spelled. By some it is spelled 
Kolb, by others, Culp, but the majority spell it Kulp. 

— 298 — 

IV. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 21, 
1793; died in 1861. Mrd. Daniel R. Rickert, June 23, 
1818. He died Mar. 7, 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Isaac, Jacob, Daniel. 

V. Isaac Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 7, 1819. 
Mrd. Anna G. Stauffer, Jan. 9, 1858. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VI.) Anna S. Rickert, died at 
birth. (VI.) Lizzie S. Rickert, born May 23, 1863. 
(VI.) Daniel S. Rickert, born Sept. 26, 1864. (VI.) 
Amanda S. Rickert, born Nov. 26, 1867. (VI.) Sarah 
S. Rickert, died in birth. 

V. Jacob K. Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 10, 
1821. Mrd. Mary M. Newhard, June 28, 1817. She 
died Jan. 26, 1858. Children: Hiram, Daniel. He 
mrd. his second wife, Eliza A. Hoffman, Aug. 18, 
1859. Farmer and Merchant. Mems. Ev. Ass. 

VI. Hiram Rickert, born in Lehigh Co., Pa., May 
22, 1818. Mrd. Ida Howe, in 1871. Associated with 
his father. Children: (VII.) Harry Rickert, born Oct. 
27, 1875. (VII.) Miles Rickert, born Mar. 11, 1877. 

VI. Daniel F. Rickert. born in Carbon Co., Pa., 
Sept. 1, 1850. Mrd. Margaret Campbell, in 1879. 
Painter. One child: (VII.) Robert R. Rickert, born 
Aug. 15, 1886. 

V. Daniel K. Rickert, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 15, 
1825. Mrd. Hannah Myers, — . Farmer. New Men- 
nonites. Children: Aaron, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sophia, 
Susanna, Catharine. 

VI. Aaron M. Rickert, born Jan. 31, 1852. Mrd. 
Catharine M. Sell, in 1873. She was born in 1851. 
Farmer. New Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Lillie 
Jane Rickert, born Feb. 5, 1871. (VII.) Hannah 
Louisa Rickert, born June 18, 1876. (VII.) Daniel S. 
Rickert, born Nov. 30, 1877. (VII.) Barbara Ella 
Rickert, born Feb. 21, 1879. (VII.) Peter Rickert, 
born July 28, 1880. (VII.) Menno Rickert, born Oct. 
5, 1881. '(VII.) Katie May Rickert, born Nov. 9, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Rickert, born June 26, 1854; died 
May 6, 1855. 

VI. Lydia A. Rickert, born Feb. 13, 1856; died Oct, 
21, 1862, 

— 294 — 

VI. Sophia Rickert, born Aug. 16, 1858; died Oct. 
27, 1862. 

VI. Susanna Rickert, born Feb. 8, 1865; died Jan. 
25 1873 

Vi. Catharine Rickert, born Aug. 16, 1868. Mrd. 
William H. Powell, in 1886. Thev have one child. 

IV. Esther Kulp, born in Bucks 'Co., Apr. 20, 1801; 
died in Wayne Co., O., Sept. 28, 1872. Mrd. Joseph 
Leatherman, about 1821. He was born in Bucks Co., 
Mar. 8, 1798; died in Wayne Co., O., Mar. 10, 1861. 
Emigrated to Ohio in the spring of 1810. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Infant, Mary, Aaron, Isaac, 
Ann, Esther, Fannie, Infant, Infant. 

V. Infant son, born 1822; died soon after birth. 

V. Mary Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., July 10, 
1823; died in Ohio, Nov. 17, 1853. Mrd. Samuel 
Flager, May 9, 1814. He was born in Butler Co., Pa., 
Sept. 10, 1815. Farmer. Mary, Mennonite. (VI.) 
One son died in infancy. 

V. Aaron Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 2, 
1825. Mrd. Susan Drissel,— . Farmer in Medina 
Co., Ohio. Mennonite. Children: (VI.) Esther 
Leatherman, dec'd. (VI.) Infant son, decVl. (VI.) 
John D. Leatherman. 

V. Isaac Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 21, 
1827. Mrd. Rachel Shaum, Oct. 26, 1848. She was 
born in Wayne Co., O., Mar. 24, 1831; died in Elk- 
hart, Co., Ind., July 6, 1889. Farmer. Mennonites. 
''Isaac spent his boyhood days on the banks of the 
Strasburger Mill race, in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., 
Pa. When he was twelve years old his father and 
family emigrated, by wagon, to Wayne Co., Ohio, 
where they purchased the present Stare farm, near 
New Pittsburgh, and which on the death of the father 
was sold to the present owners, and the mother lived 
with her children until her death. In the spring of 
1853, Isaac emigrated with his family to Elkhart Co., 
Ind., and settled on the banks of the Baugo, near 
Wakarnsa, where he still lives. Here he tested life; 
tasted its "bitters and sweets," while laboring in the 
heavy timbers, and around the many stumps on his 
farm, until nearly freed, from. both. At different 

- 295 — 

periods, as a relief from the cares of the farm, he 
made tours over eastern and western states of the 
union. In 1860 he visited eastern Pa., in 1872, the 
prairie states of Minn., Dak., Iowa., Kan., and Mo., 
In 1876 he and wife visited eastern Pa., and the Cen- 
tennial Exibition, at Philadelphia. In the spring of 
1889 his wife died. In 1890 he mrd. for his second 
wife Susan Link Bachert, widow of Jacob Bachert. 
Children, all by his first wife: Sarah, Esther, Benja- 
min, Joseph, Enos, Samantha, Anise, Henry, Irwin, 
Maggie, William, Lewis, Reuben, Dora. 

VI. Sarah Ann Leatherman, born in Wayne Co., O., 
May 6, 1850. Mrd. Benjamin F. Lutz, Jan. 15, 1871. 
He was born in Butler Co., Pa., June 30, 1847. Far- 
mer in Elkhart, Co., Ind. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Cora Gertrude Lutz, born Jan. 12, 1872; died 
Nov. 3, 1872. (VII.) Estelle May Lutz, born Apr. 20, 
1871. (VII.) Cloyd Homer Lutz born June 1, 1881. 

VI. Esther Leatherman, born in Wayne Co., Ohio, 
May 26, 1851. Mrd. Joseph Longenecker, Jan. 10, 
186*7. He was born in Holmes Co. , O. , Feb. 11, 1812. 
Farmer in Marion Co., Kan. Mennonites. Children: 
(VII.) Clara Augusta Longenecker, born Feb. 6, 1869. 
(VII.) Nora Mabel Longenecker, born Jan. 30, 1875. 
(VII.) Vernon Oren Longenecker, born Sept. 2, 1881. 

VI. Benjamin F. Leatherman, born in Wayne Co , 
O., Feb. 15, 1853. Mrd. Hettie Lehman, Aug. 23, 
1873, She was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Mar. 20, 
1853. Farmer in Marshall Co., Ind. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Valeria A. Leatherman, born Mar. 
7, 1875. (VII.) George Monroe Leatherman, born 
Sept. 23, 1877. (VII.) Edith Eupheinia Leatherman, 
born Feb. 2, 1880. (VII.) Clara Rachel Leatherman, 
born Mar. 20, 1882. (VII.) Elmer L. Leatherman, 
born Aug. 2, 1881. (VII.) Vernon J. Leatherman, 
born Mar. 21, 1888. 

VI. Joseph Leatherman, born Mar. 10, 1851; died 
Aug. 14, 1855. 

VI. Enos Leatherman, born Sept, 19, 1855; died 
Oct. 1, 1856. 

VI. Samantha Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., 
Ind., Pec. 3, 1857. Mennonite. 

— 296 — 

VI. Anise Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., Intl., 
Jan. 26. 1859. Mrd. William H. Eicher, Feb. 25, 
1877. He was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Nov. 
25, 1853. Farmer near Wakarusa, Ind. Children: 
(VII.) Nina Madilla Eicher, born Oct. 30, 1879. (VII.) 
Floyd Irvin Eicher, born July 29, 1885. (VII.) Olen 
Eugene Eicher, (VII.) Orva Irene Eicher, born Nov. 
8, 1888 (Twins). 

VI. Henry M. Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co. , Ind. , 
Dec. 8, 1861. Mrd. Minerva E. Ehret, Mar. 29, 1881. 
She was born in Elkhart Co., Intl., June 21, 1861. 
Farmer and trader in Elkhart Co. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Grace Alnetta Leatherman, born Feb. 1, 

1885. (VII.) Nelson Linfred Leatherman, born Mar. 
29, 1888. 

VI. Irvin J. Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., Intl., 
Sept. 9, 1863. Mrd. Ida May Mitchell, in Van Buren 
Co., Mich., May 5, 1889. She was born in Elkhart 
Co., Intl., Sept. 15, 1861. Teacher. Mrs. Leather- 
man, Methodist. 

VI. Maggie M. Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., 
Intl., June 1, 1865. Mrd. Henry J. Defrees, M. D., 
Apr. 1, 1889. He was born in Elkhart Co., Intl., 
Sept. 27, 1861. Physician in Kosciusko Co., Ind., 
He, Methodist. She mem. M. B. in C. 

VI. William Harvey Leatherman, born in Elkhart 
Co. Intl., Dec. 8, 1866. Mrd. Alice Ehret, Sept. 26. 

1886. She was born in Elkhart Co., Intl., Jan. 11, 
1869. Farmer in St. Joseph Co., Intl. Children: 
(VII.) Maud Leotha Leatherman, born Nov. 26, 1887. 
(VII.) Walter Isaac Leatherman, born Mar. 18, 1889. 

VI. Lewis Linfred Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., 
Intl., July 31, 1869. 

VI. Reuben Owen Leatherman, born Mar. 20, 1872; 
died May 21, 1872. 

VI. Dora Ellen Leatherman, born in Elkhart Co., 
Intl., Dec. 21, 1873. 

V. Ann K. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Dec. 9, 1829; died in Elkhart Co., Intl., Sept. 8, 1887. 
Mrd. Ernst A. Salathee, about 1857. He was born in 
Ebersdorf, France, May 25, 1829. Painter. She Men- 

— 297 — 

nonite. Children: Alice, Henrietta, Charles, Frank- 
lin, Edward, Esther. 

VI. Alice Salathee, born in Medina Co., O., July 9, 
1858. Mrd. George Inbody, Jan. 29, 1875. Farmer, 
in Elkhart Co., Ind. Children: (VII.) Charles Frank- 
lin Inbody, born Mar. 17, 1877. (VII.) Florence El- 
nore Inbody, born Aug. 17, 1878. (VII.) Maud May 
Inbody, born Feb. 20, 1882. (VII.) Chlora Wilmer 
Inbody, born Sept. 3, 1885. (VII.) Warren Ernst In- 
body, born Jan. 17, 1888. 

VI. Henrietta Salathee, born in Medina Co., O., 
Aug. 22, 1859. Mrd. Joseph B. Gulp, Sept. 3, 1881. 
He was born in Mahoning Co., O., Apr. 13, 1856. 
Fruit Grower near Columbiana, O. Mennonites. 

VI. Charles Salathee, born in Medina Co., O., May 

19, 1861. 

VI. Franklin Salathee, born Jan. 7, 1863; died July 
18, 1887. 

VI. Edward Salathee, born May 6, 1865; died May 
13, 1865. 

VI. Esther Ann Salathee, born in Medina Co., O., 
June 18, 1867. Mrd. George Doering, Mar. 10, 1889. 
He was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., July 11, 1859. 
Harness-maker in Elkhart Co., Ind. 

V. Esther Leatherman, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , Feb. 
6, 1832. Mrd. Rev. Peter Y. Landis— . Farmer, 
and Minister of the Mennonite church in Wayne Co., 
O. Children: Mary, Esther, William, Emma, Joseph. 

VI. Mary E. Landis, born in Wayne Co., O., Oct. 

20, 1855. Mrd. Isaac W. Rohrer, Nov. 27, 1884. 
He was born in Medina Co., O., Jan. 1, 1812. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Clara E. Rohrer, 
born Dec. 18, 1885. (VII.) John C. Rohrer, born Oct. 
6, 1887. 

VI. Esther Landis, born Feb. 12, 1858; died June 

21, 1863. 

VI. William H. Landis, born in Wayne Co., O., 
Nov. 8, 1861. Mrd. Sarah Lehman, Dec. 10, 1885. 
Farmer in Wayne Co., O. Children: (VII.) Mary E. 
Landis, born Nov. 13, 1886. (VII.) John W. Landis, 
born Apr. 21, 1888. (VII.) Landis, born-, 1889, 

— 298 — 

VI. Emma Landis, born Dec. 25, 1865; died July 7, 

VI. Joseph Landis, born in Wayne Co., O., July 11, 

V. Fannie Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
14. 1834; died in Wayne Co., O., Jan. 28, 1849. 

V. A son born and died in Wayne Co., O., Mar. 19, 

V. A daughter born Apr. 1, 1845; died in infancy. 

IV. Gertrude Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 1, 
1805; died in 1875, aged 69 yrs. Mrd. Isaac Means, 
Jan. 13, 1835. Carpenter. 'He lived at Deep Run, 
Pa. Mennonites. He died — . Children: Henry, 
Mary, Levi. Gertrude mrd. for her second husband. 
John Drissel, by whom she had one child: Isaac. 
Gertrude mrd. for her third husband, John Detweiler. 

VI. Henry Means, born May 8, 1836; died Aug. 31, 

V. Marv Means, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 31, 
1837. Mrd. Enos F. Geil. (See Index of References 
■No. 84). 

V. Levi Means, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 23, 1838. 
Mrd. Whilmina Carver, May 26, 1859. She died—. 
Agent for farming Implements, at Blooming Glen. 
Ger. Ref. One child: Maggie. Levi mrd. for his 
second wife, Elizabeth King, Jan. 18, 1861. She 
died — . Children: Mary, Isaac, Ida. Mr. Means 
mrd. for his third wife, Anna Eliza Rosenber<rer, in 
Nov., 1875. 

VI. Maggie I. Means, born Apr. 21, 1860. Mrd. 
Valentine Ruth— . Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Arthur. 

VI. Mary Etta Means, born Nov. 10, 1862. Luthe- 
rans. S. 
VI. Isaac Grant Means, born Nov. 15, 1863. 
VI. Ida Means, born Mar. 21, 1870. Lutheran. 
V. Isaac Drissel, born May 27, 1846. 

IV. Dillman Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa,, in 1807; 
died Aug. 3, 1882. Mrd. Christine Rosenberger, 
Feb. 13, 1829. She died Sept, 25, 1875. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Jacob, IsmQ, Mary, Catha- 
rine, Elizabeth. 

V. Jacob R, Kulp, born Mar, 14, 1831, Mrd,— 

— 299 — 

V. Isaac R. Kulp, born Dec. 4, 1832. Mrd. Mary 
Overholtzer, Oct. 4, 1857. Farmer and dealer in 
Hay, Coal, Feed, &c. Mennonites. Children: Cath- 
arine, Christine, Dilman, Mary, Ellamina, Esther. 

VI. Catharine Kulp, born Aug. 31, 1860; died June 
16, 1866. 

VI. Christine Kulp, born Oct. 9, 1863. Mrd. Henry 
S. Weierman, Jan. 5, 1883. Produce Merchant in 
Philadelphia. One child: (VII.) Charles Weierman, 
born Nov. 17, 1884. 

VI. Dilman Kulp, born Jan. 13, 1866. Mrd. Clara 
Jane Gerhart,'May 28, 1887. Printer, and Laborer. 
Mrs. Kulp, Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Elmer Ger- 
hart Kulp, born July 22, 1888. 

VI. Mary Lizzie Kulp, born Oct. 25, 1867; died Mar. 
18, 1877. 

VI. Ellamina Kulp, born June 9, 1869; died June 
25, 1869. 

VI. Esther Kulp, born Dec. 18, 1871. 

V. Mary Ann Kulp, born June 12, 1834. Mrd. 
Henry M. Kulp. (See Index of References No. 85). 

V. Catharine Kulp, born Apr. 13, 1836; died Aug. 
12, 1878. Mrd. Samuel G. Leidy, (deceased). Har- 
ness-maker. Ger. Ref. Children: Mary, Lydia. 

VI. Mary Ann Leidy, mrd. Van Buren Lutz— . 
VI. Lydia Ann Leidy, mrd. Frank Leidy — . 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born June 28, 1848; died Apr. 
22, 1885. Mrd. Chas. E. Ball. No issue. 

IV. Mary Kulp mrd. Jacob Rosenberger — , (decVl). 
Farmer. New Mennonites. No issue. 

IV. Veronica Kulp, born June 3, 1813; died Sept. 28, 
1868. Mrd. Christian Detweiler— . He died—. Black- 
smith. One child: (V.) Isaac Detweiler, died in in- 
fancy. Veronica mrd. for her second husband, John 
Frick, Feb. 22, 1835. He died Feb. 16, 1881. Far- 
mer. ; Mennonites. Children: Mary, Francis, John, 
Amanda, Aaron, Emma, Kate, Matilda. 

V. Mary Frick, born Dec. 12, 1835. Mrd. Rev. 
Henry Rosenberger. (See Index of References 
No. 86). 

V. Francis K. Frick, born Feb. 7, 1837. Mrd. Susan 
Kulp, Jan., 1860. He. died May 3, 1866, Fanner. 

— 300 — 

Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Lizzie Frick, born in 
Montg. Co., Pa., Aug. 2, 1850. Mrd. William M. 
Souder, Oct. 23, 1880. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Sevillla F. Souder, born Oct.l, 1881. 
(VII.) Harvey F. Souder, born Oct. 3, 1886. 

V. John K. Frick, born in Bucks Co., July 9, 1839. 
Mrd. Lydia H. Croufchamel, June 28, 1863. Farmer. 
Dunkards. Children: Allen, Francis, Elmer, Clay- 
ton, John, Eva. 

VI. Allen C. Frick, born Nov. 7, 1863. Mrd. Susan 
Brinker, Apr. 18, 1885. Clerk. One child: (VII.) 
Elsie Dinsmore Frick, born Dec. 5, 1886. 

VI. Francis Frick, born Aug. 18, 1869. 

VI. Elmer Frick, born Feb. 21, 1872; died Oct. 17, 

VI. Clayton Frick, born Oct. 1, 1874. 

VI. John C. Frick, born Nov. 10, 1879. 

VI. Eva Frick, born Feb. 19, 1887; died Feb. 8, 

V. Amanda Frick, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Apr. 4, 
1841. Mrd. Samuel S. Kulp, Oct. 30, 1858. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Fannie, Lizzie, Allen, 
Amanda, John. 

VI. Fannie Kulp, born May 19, 1861. 

VI. Lizzie Kulp, born Jan. 10, 1864. Mrd. John F. 
Lederach, of Lederachville, Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 
20, 1880. Store-keeper. 

VI. Allen Kulp, born Dec. 8, 1867; died Aug. 25, 
1869. g ' 

VI. Amanda Kulp, born Jan. 28, 1871. 

VI. John Kulp, born June 12, 1875. 

V. Aaron K. Frick, born Nov. 25, 1842. Mrd. 
Susan Godshall. 

V. Emma F. Frick, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec. 
31, 1844. Mrd. Joseph R. Bergey, Oct, 24, 1863. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Horace, Mary, Kate. 

VI. Horace F. Bergey, born Apr. 30, 1865. Mrd. 
Annie M. Landis, Jan. 24, 1884. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Ellwood Bergey, born Nov. 14, 1887; 
died Feb. 17, 1888, (VII.) JVIary Pergey, bprn June 
16, 1859, * " 

— 301 — 

VI. Mary Emma F. Bergey, bora May 5, 1868. Mrd. 

William F. Hockman, Sept, 19, 1885. She Menno- 
nite. Children: (VII.) Warren Hockman, born Dee., 
1885. (VII.) Wilson Hockman, born Jan., 1888. 
VI. Kate F. Bergey, born Feb. 8, 1875. 

V. Kate Frick, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 9, 
1817. Mrd. Henry C. Delp, Oct. 12, 1867. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Jennie, Ellie, Kate. 

VI. Jennie F. Delp, born July 3, 1869. Mrd. Garret 
S. Nice, Nov. 17, 1888. Farm laborer and Huckster. 

VI. Ellie F. Delp, born July 10, 1873. 

VI. Katie F. Delp, born Jan. 21, 1876. 

V. Matilda Jane Frick, bora Oct. 8, 1819. Mrd. 
John Erney, Sept. 11, 1869. Children: (VI.) Ervin 
F. Erney, born Jan. 3, 1870. (VI.) Oscar F. Erney, 
born Mar. 30, 1873. 

IV. Moses Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa.; died — . 
Mrd. Mary Moyer. Farmer. Mennonite. Chil- 
dren: John, Elizabeth, Veronica, Anna, Mary. 
Amanda, Isaac. 

V. John M. Kulp, born—. 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born — ; died — . S. 

V. Veronica Kulp, born — . Mrd. Henry Kulp — . 
No issue. 

V. Anna Kulp, born Dec. 13, 1811; died Mar. 11, 
1875. Mrd. Rudolph Moyer. (See Index of Refer- 
encs No. 87). 

V. Mary Kulp, born Sept, 14, 1813. Mrd. Rudolph 
Moyer. (See Index of References No. 88). 

V. Amanda Kulp, born — . Mrd. Christian M. Hock- 

V. Isaac Kulp, born — ; died in infancy. 

III. John Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 6, 1761; 
died in 1821. Mrd. Barbara Funk — . Farmer. Lived 
at Blooming Glen, Pa. Mennonites. Children: Jacob, 
Annie, Sarah. 

IV. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 27, 1786; 
died Nov. 1, 1833. Mrd. Anna Barks, Mar. 13, 1806. 
She was born Aug. 19, 1779; died Apr. 11, 1819. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Barbara, J^_ 3 
George, Susan, Gertrude. 

— 302 — 

V. Barbara Kulp, born Jan. 29. 1807; died June 7, 
1834. Mrd. Isaac Kulp. (See Index of References 
No. 89). 

V. John Kulp, born Oct. 20, 1810. Mrd. Halde- 

man — . 

V. George Kulp, born May 27, 1812. 

V. Susan Kulp, born Feb. 20, 1815. Mrd. Henry 
Kulp. (See Index of References No. 90). 

V. Gertrude Kulp, born Sept. 23, 1817. Mrd.— 
Haldeman. — 

IV. Anna Kulp, born — ; died — . 

IV. Sarah Kulp, born in Bucks Co., in 1793; died in 
1848. Mrd. Samuel Meyers in 1815. He was born 
in 1788; died in 1847. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Henry, Barbara, Anna. 

V. Henry K. Myers, born in 1817. Mrd. Barbara 
Kratz, in 1842. She was born in 1821. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Levi, Huldah, Elias. 

VI. Levi K. Myers, born in 1843; died in 1887. 

VI. Huldah Myers, born in 1848. Mrd. Amos Myers 
in 1868. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Clara 
Myers, born in 1869. (VII.) Henry Myers, born in 
1870; died in 1870. (VII.) Horace Watson Myers, 
born in 1871. (VII.) Edward M. Myers, born in 1874. 
(VII.) Annetta Myers, born in 1876. (VII.) Samuel 
Myers, born in 1878; died in 1878. (VII.) Alice My- 
ers, born in 1881. (VII.) Susanna Myers, born in 
1885; died in 1885. (VII.) Charles Elmer Myers, 
born in 1886. (VII.) "Baby" Myers, born in 1889. 

VI. Elias Myers, born in 1854; died in 1862. 

V. Barbara Myers, born in 1818. Mennonite. Un- 

V. Anna Myers, born in 1825; died — . Mrd. Isaac 
Fretz. (See Index of References No. 91). 

III. Gertrude Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 8, 
1767. Mrd. Jacob Hunsberger — . Farmer. Resided 
near Hatfield, Pa. Mennonites. They died without 

III. Rev. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
30, 1769; died in Holmes Co., Ohio, Sept., 1858. 

— 303 — 

Mrd. Catharine Delp, Mar. 24, 1793. She was born 
June 21, 1772; died in Holmes Co., Ohio, in 1844. 
Farmer, and Minister. He was ordained to the min- 
istry of the Mennonite church, at the Doylestown, 
Pa., Meeting-house, in 1818, where he preached for a 
number of years. In June 1831, he moved to Holmes 
Co., Ohio, and settled in Walnut Creek Twp., which, 
at that time was but sparsely settled. There were a 
few Mennonite families living there, with a minister 
by the name of Mishler, but were without a church. 
Mr. Kulp organized a church, and a log meeting- 
house was built on the farm of his nephew, Jacob 
Kulp. A few years later Rev. Jacob Showalter 
arrived from Pa., and other Mennonite families emi- 
grated thither from the eastern and western parts of 
Pennsylvania, and the church prospered until Mr. 
Kulp's death. Children: Samuel, Elizabeth, Jacob, 
Catharine, Isaac, Henry, Gertrude, Anna. 

IV. Samuel Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 12, 1794; 
died in Holmes Co., Ohio, Aug. 15, 1848. S. 

IV. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 30, 
1795; died Sept. 23, 1872. Mrd. Jacob Godshalk. 
He died about 1869. They moved to Ohio in 1832. 
He was afflicted with white swelling in one of his 
limbs from which he suffered for forty or more years. 
Farmer and Weaver. Mennonites. Children: Cath- 
arine, Maria, Henry, Samuel, Jacob, Sarah, Abra- 
ham, Isaac, Elizabeth. 

V. Catharine Godshalk, born about 1819; died, aged 
18 years. 

V. Maria Godshalk, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 3, 1820; 
died in 1887. Mrd. David Holderman, June 2, 1842. 
He died about 1873. They moved to Elkhart Co., 
Indiana, in 1848. Mennonites. Children: Jacob, 
Joseph, Susanna, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Isaac, 

VI. Jacob Holderman, born in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 
23, 1843. Mrd. Catharine Kulp, June 28, 1863. She 
was born in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 21, 1833. Mr. 
Holderman, was drafted in 1864, and served nine 
months in the army. While in the service he became 
deaf, for which he receives a pension from the Gov- 

— 304 — 

eminent of twenty-two dollars a month. They reside 
near Osceola, Incl. Mennonites. Children: Isaac, 
Sarah, Andrew, Mary, William. 

VII. Isaac Abraham Holderman, born July 11, 
1865. S. 

VII. Sarah Maria Holderman, born July 15, 1868. 
Mrd. Daniel W. Kryder, July 23, 1888. Teamster. 
Res. South Bend, Ind. One child: (VIII.) Mabel C. 
Kryder, Aug. 11, 1889. 

VII. Andrew F. Holderman, born Jan. 3, 1871. S. 

VII. Mary Sophia Holderman, born Sept. 12, 1873. 

VII. William Jacob Holderman, born Aug. 9, 1876. 

VI. Joseph Holderman, born Mar. 7, 1815. When 
five years old he was burned to death in a sugar camp. 

VI. Susanna Holderman, born in Holmes Co., O., 
July 18, 1817. Mrd. Michael Eicher. He died—. 
Children: — , David, Andrew. Susanna mrd. for her 
second husband, Christian Lanchman. U. Brethren. 

VII. — Eicher, born — . Mrd. Robert Knowlton. 
One child: (VIII.) Frank Knowlton. 

VII. David Eicher, Mrd. Laura Jacobs, in 1889. 

VII. Andrew Eicher, born — . Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Holderman, born June 13, 1850. Mrd. 
Levi Beck — . Tailor at Marcellus, Mich. No issue. 

VI. John Holderman, born Oct. 15, 1853; died in 

VI. Sarah Holderman, born Mar. 31, 1855. Mrd. John 

VI. Isaac Holderman, born July 7, 1857. Mrd. Alda 
Lanchman. Children: (VII.) Levi, (VII.) Ida, (VII.) 

VI. Rachel Holderman, born Oct. 17, 1863. Mrd. 
William Hendershot. They have three children living 
and one dead. 

V. Henry Godshalk, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1822. 
Mrd. Catharine Berkey, in 1815. Farmer. Res. in 
Coshocton Co., O. (VI.) They had two children, both 
died in infancy. 

V. Samuel Godshalk, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
29, 1825. Mrd. Rebecca Kohli, July 1, 1858. Far- 
mer at Woodland, Ind. Mennonites. Children. (VI.) 
Sarah Godshalk, born Apr. 28, 1859; died Apr. 3, 

(See page 233.) 

— 305 — 

1866. (VI.) Anna Godshalk, born Apr. 25, 1861. S. 
(VI.) John Godshalk, born Oct. 4, 1863. S. (VI.) 
James Godshalk, born Jan. 14, 1871. 

V. Jacob Godshalk, born in Bucks Co., P., Feb. 29, 
1828; died June 20, 1887. Mrd'. Margaret Long, May 
21, 1853. She was born in Medina Co., O., Aug. 11, 
1828. He came with his parents to Ohio. After 
marriage they moved to Elkhart Co., Ind. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, John, William, 
Andrew, Reuben. 

VI. Elizabeth Godshalk, born Aug. 6, 1855. 

VI. John Godshalk, born Dec. 28, 1858; died Feb. 
27, 1859. 

VI. William Godshalk, born July 21, 1860. 

VI. Andrew Godshalk, born Nov. 13, 1862. Mrd. 
Alice Martin, Sept. 18, 1889. She was born Aug. 18, 
1872. Farmer in Indiana. 

VI. Reuben Godshalk, born Sept. 5, 1871. 

V. Sarah Godshalk, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 12, 
1831; died in 1881. Mrd. Jacob Brenneman, June 
23, 1850. He was born Apr. 13, 1825. Mennonites. 
Children: Andrew, Elizabeth, John, Susanna, Lydia, 
Mary, Benjamin, Sophia, Salome, Peter, Cornelius. 

VI. Andrew Brenneman, born—. Mrd. Mary Derr 
— . Children: (VII.) William, (dec'd). (VII.) John. 
(VII.) Walter. (VII.) Sarah. 

VI. Elizabeth Brenneman, born in St, Joseph Co., 
Ind., Apr. 17, 1853. Mrd. John Martin, Nov. 12, 
1876. Carpenter in Elkhart, Ind. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Ida Priscilla Martin, born Aug. 2, 1877; 
died Aug. 26, 1877. (VII.) Daniel Jacob Martin, born 
Dec. 5, 1879. (VII.) Edward Francis Martin, born 
Oct. 12, 1881. (VII.) Oscar Henry Martin, born Jan. 
23,1889. (VII.) Myra Mabel Martin, born June 16, 

VI. John Brenneman, born Feb. 4, 1855; died Feb. 
5, 1855. 

VI. Susanna Brenneman, born Feb. 5, 1856. Mrd. 
Joseph Neff— . Farmer in St. Joseph Co., Ind. No 

VI. Lydia Brenneman, born in St. Joseph Co., Ind., 
Feb. 6, 1858. Mrd. David Rider, Jan. 23, 1887. He 

— 306 — 

was bora in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 31, 1851. Farmer 
in Kosciusko Co., Ind. Children: (VII.) Archibald 
M. Rider, born Nov. 23, 1887. (VII.) George Rider, 
bora Dec. 12, 1889. . T ■ „ T A 

VI. Mary Brenneman, born in St. Joseph Co., Ind., 
Nov. 14,' 1861. Mrd. Isaac N. Rodgeb, Mar. 20, 
1881. Carpenter in Elkhart, Ind. Children: (VII.) 
Jesse Lorenzo Rodgeb, bora Jan. 1, 1885. (VII.) 
Mabel Z. Rodgeb, born June 3, 1890. 

VI. Benjamin F. Brenneman, born in St. Joseph Co., 
Ind Feb. 12, 1861. Mrd. Mary E. Bixler, Jan. 1, 
1889. She was born Feb. 13, 1868. Farmer in St. 
Joseph Co., Ind. One child: (VII.) Agnes Brenne- 
man, born Aug. 21, 1889. 

VI. Sophia Brenneman, born July 20, 1866; died 
Apr. 21, 1867. 

VI. Salome Brenneman, born July 1, 1868. S. 

VI. Peter Brenneman, born Aug. 30, 1870; died in 

VI. Cornelius Brenneman, bora Aug. 16, 1872. 

V. Isaac Godshalk, born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Mar. 
15, 1835. Mrd. Mary Sterner, Oct. 21, 1858. Farmer 
in Kosciusko Co., Ind. Baptists. Children: Mary, 
George, Matilda, John, Joseph, Sarah, Anna, Ina, 
Dora, William. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Godshalk, born Jan. 28, 1860; 
died Nov. 13, 1860. i . 

VI. George H. Godshalk, born May 13, 1862; died 
May 29, 1881. 

VL Matilda B. Godshalk, born in Tuscarawas Co., 
Ohio, Sept. 9, 1861. Mrd. David Deisch. Laborer. 
Children: (VII.) Elmer K. Deisch, born Jan. 18, 1885. 
(VII.) Amanda Goldy Deisch, born Sept. 25, 1889. 

VI. John F. Godshalk, bora in Tuscarawas Co., 
Ohio, Feb. 26, 1867. 

VI. Joseph H. Godshalk, born in Tuscarawas Co., 
Ohio, July 2, 1869. 

VI. Sarah J. Godshalk, born in Kosciusko Co., Ind., 
Jan. 21, 1873. 

VI. Anna L. Godshalk, born Oct. 12, 18(5. 

VI. Ina E. Godshalk, born Oct. 26, 1878; died Dec. 
12, 1879. 

— 307^— 

VI. Dora A. Godshalk, born Sept. 22, 1881. 

VI. D. William Godshalk, born Oct. 25. 1884. 

V. Abraham Godshalk (Twin to Isaac), born Mar. 
15, 1835; died aged 9 years. 

V. Elizabeth Godshalk, born Apr. 27, 1838; died in 
July 1870. Mrd. John J. Kendle. He was born July 
17, 1838; died Jan. 23, 1880. Children: (VI.) Rachel 
Kendle, born June 10, 1860. (VI.) Andrew Kendle, 
born June 11, 1862. (VI.) Benjamin Kendle, born 
May 12, 1861. (VI.) John F. Kendle, born Feb. 12, 
1866. (VI.) Sophia Kendle, born Mar. 29, 1868. (VI.) 
Emanuel Kendle, born Apr, 27, 1870. 

IV. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 3, 
1798; died. Unmrd. 

IV. Catharine Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 1, 
1801; died Mar. 26, 1884. Mrd. Joseph Landis, Dec. 
2, 1824. He was born in Bucks Co., Oct. 7, 1792; 
died in Ohio, Jan. 22, 1881. They emigrated to 
Holmes Co., O., and settled on a place heavily tim- 
bered, which they cleared, and where they remained 
until death. Mennonites. Children: Noah, Alpheus, 
Elizabeth, Rachel, Tobias. 

V. Noah Landis, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 29, 
1826. Mrd. Barbara Molebash, about 1849. He 
moved to Elkhart Co., Ind. In 1862 he enlisted in 
the army, and died in the Hospital at Gallatin, 
Tenn., in 1863. Children: John, Catharine, Elizabeth. 
Lucinda, Jerome. • 

VI. John F. Landis, born Aug. 12, 1850. Mrd. 
Tamsy Robinson, of Wakarusa, Ind., in the fall of 
1S68. Employed in the Starch Mills at Elkhart, Ind. 
Children: (VII.) Hattie Belle. (VII.) Noah. (VII.) Delbert. 
(VII.) May. (VII.) Edith. (VII.) Nellie. (VII.) Dessie. 

VI. Catharine Love Landis, born Oct. 27, 1851. 
Mrd. Henry Kronk, of Locke Twp., Elkhart. Co., 
Ind. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Ulysses, (VII.) Jesse, 
(VII.) Ozark. 

VI. Elizabeth Ann Landis, born Apr. 8, 1854. Mrd. 
George Oberholtzer, of Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., 
Ind. Live in Locke Twp. , Farmer. Dunkards. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Alice, born—. Mrd. John Bowlman. 

— 308 — 

(VII.) Monroe. (VII.) Barbara Ellen. (VII.) William. 
(VII.) Joseph, dec'd. (VII.) Ida, dee'd. (VII.) Alonzo. 

VI. Lucinda Landis, born Feb. 6, 1857; died in 1878. 
Mrd. William McGowen. Farmer in Locke Twp., 
Elkhart Co., Ind. One child: (VII.) Oliver Andrew 
Jackson McGowen. 

(VI.) Jerome Landis, born Sept. 20, 1861. Mrd. 
Malinda Ringler, Feb. 12, 1881. Railroading. Res. 
at Elkhart, Ind. Children: (VII.) Floyd. (VI l.f Calvin. 
(VII.) Zoa Belle. (VII.) Aravilla.— Barhara (Molebash) 
Landis mrd. for her second husband Samuel Fields. 
He died about 1867. One son: (VII.) Enos, Born Dec. 
21, 1865. Brakeman. 

V. Alpheus Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Dec. 

25, 1830. Mrd. Barbara Miller, Aug. 18, 1850. She 
was born Jan. 31, 1831. Farmer in McPherson Co., 
Kan. Mennonites. Children: Benjamin, Elizabeth, 
Joseph, Aaron, Rachel, Catharine, William, Charles, 
Fannie, Reuben. 

VI. Benjamin Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., May 

26, 1852. Mrd. Elmira Eash, Oct. 29, 1876. She was 
born Dec. 29, 1858. Carpenter. Dunkards. Children : 
(VII.) Harvey E. Landis, born Feb. 13, 1877. (VII.) 
Mina F. Landis, born Apr. 17, 1879. (VII.) George 
D. Landis, born Apr. 26, 1881. (VII.) Clemence Earl 
Landis, born July 1, 1886. 

VI. Elizabeth Ann Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., 
July 10, 1853. Mrd. Samuel Wenger, Dec. 20, 1881. 
He was born May 2, 1816. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Daniel Wenger, born Jan. 25, 1883. 
(VII.) Nora Wenger, born Mar. 3, 1881. (VII.) Cora 
Wenger, born Jan. 7, 1886. (VII.) Jonas Wenger, 
born July 22, 1887. (VII.) Anna Wenger, born Nov. 
11, 1888. 

VI. Joseph T. Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., 
Sept. 29, 1851. Mrd. Rose Messer, Oct. 11, 1877. 
She was born May 22, 1851. Carpenter in Kansas. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Arley E. Landis, born 
Dec. 15, 1879; died Feb. 21, 1885. (VII.) Alpheus A. 
Landis, born Apr. 27, 1880. (VII.) Ellen M. Landis, 
born Apr. 11, 1883. (VII.) Cela M. Landis, born 
May 29, 1886. 

— 309 — 

VI. Aaron Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 
21, 1857. Mrd. Amanda Seltzer, Dec. 9, 1877. She 
was born Mar. 16, 1861. Farmer in McPherson Co., 
Kan. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) William H. Landis, 
born Sept, 13, 1878; died Apr. 11, 1879. (VII.) Delia 
M. Landis, born June 1, 1884. (VII.) Cora Landis, 
born Dec. 16, 1886. (VII.) Eddy Landis, born June 

11, 1889. 

VI. Rachel Landis, born Feb. 27, 1860; died Oct. 

12, 1871. 

VI. Catharine Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Feb. 
11, 1864. Mrd. Christian Miller, Jan. 31, 1882. He 
was born Jan. 23, 1853. Farmer in Kan. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Mina M. Miller, born Sept. 29, 1884. 
(VII.) Barbara E. Miller, born Jan. 26, 1887. (VII.) 
Charles Miller, born Oct, 27, 1889. 

VI. William Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Jan. 

13, 1866. Mrd. Emma Smith, Sept. 4, 1888. She was 
born Feb. 14, 1872. Butcher. One child: (VII.) Lester 
Landis, born Jan. 8, 1890. 

VI. Charles Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., July 
11, 1868. S. (1889). 

VI. Fannie E. Landis, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Sept, 17, 1872. 

Vt. Reuben R. Landis, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Mar. 21, 1874. 

V. Elizabeth A. Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., 
Nov. 15, 1833. Mennonite. Resides on the old home- 
stead, in Holmes Co., O. Unmrd. 

V. Rachel Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Nov. 18, 
1839. Mennonite. Resides on the old homestead, in 
Holmes Co. , O. Unmrd. 

V. Tobias Landis, born in Holmes Co., O., Apr. 14, 
1846. Mrd. Magdalena Messer, Feb. 10, 1869. She 
was born in Tuscarawas Co. , O. Farmer. Resides on 
the old homestead, in Holmes Co., O. Children: (VI.) 
Oliver Landis, born Sept. 21, 1869. (VI.) Samuel 
Landis, born Oct. 5, 1871. (VI.) Salome Landis, born 
Sept. 14, 1874. (VI.) Aureiia Landis, born Dec. 8, 
1876. (VI.) Harry Landis, born May 10, 1880. 

IV. Isaac Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 20, 
1804; died June 14, 1882. Mrd. Barbara Kulp,—. 

— 310 — 

She died June 7, 1834. Children: Jacob, Catharine. 
Isaac mrd. for his second wife widow, Barbara (Bair) 
Brenneman, Feb. 30, 1835. She died in Sept, 1854. 
Children: Abraham, Joseph, Mary, Margaret, Lydia, 
Sophia. Isaac was mrd. a third time, to the widow 
Sarah Schneider, in 1857. He moved to Ohio in 1831, 
and to St. Joseph Co., Ind., in May 1852. 

V. Jacob W. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
12, 1831. Mrd. Elizabeth Gill, Dec. 28, 1864. She 
was born Dec. 6, 1844. He cut his knee while out 
hunting rabbits, when 15 years old, and caught cold 
in the wound, and has been a cripple ever since. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VI.) Harriet Kulp, born Jan. 7, 
1866; died Mar. 12, 1866. (VI.) Margaret Kulp, born 
Dec. 30, 1867. (VI.) Levi Kulp, born Oct. 4, 1868. 
(VI.) Nancy Sophia Kulp, born Nov. 7, 1871; died 
June 30, 1879. (VI.) Cornelious Kulp, born Feb. 18, 
1875. (VI.) Sarah Jane Kulp, born Mar. 30, 1879. 
(VI.) Noah Kulp, born Dec. 29, 1882. 

V. Catharine Kulp, born Mar. 21, 1833. Mrd. Jacob 
Haldeman. (See Index of References No. 92). 

V Abraham Kulp, born July 31, 1836. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Nofl'zinger, Apr. 12, 1860. She was born Nov. 
30, 1834; died Mar. 25, 1883. Carpenter and Farmer. 
Now partner in meat market in Elkhart, Ind. Men- 
nonites. Children : 

VI. Sarah Jane Kulp, born July 29, 1861. Mrd. 
Daniel R. Baker, of Elkhart Co., Ind., Apr, 10, 1886. 
He was born in Mich., Oct. 22, 1860. Carpenter. One 
child: (VII.) Ada Golda Baker, born Jan. 5, 1888. 

VI. Infant, born July 1, 1862; died, aged 1 month. 

VI. Charles Kulp, born Sept. 9, 1866; died Feb. 18, 

VI. Elmer Lorenzo Kulp, born Dec. 15, 1867. Mrd. 
Nellie Moon, of Elkhart, Ind., June 23, 1889. Car- 
riage trimmer in Elkhart. 

VI. Antha Livera Kulp, born Oct, 21, 1873. Lives 
with her father. S. 

V. Joseph Kulp, born Mar. 14, 1838. Mrd. Susan- 
nah Hunsberger, — . Farmer at Milbrook, Mich. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Esther, dec'd, (VI.) Isaac, 
(VI.) Samuel, (VI.) Thomas, (VI.) Susanna. (VI.) Joseph. 

— 311 — 

V. Mary Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Feb. 18, 
1840. Mrd. Daniel Gill, born Oct. 25, 1882. He was 
born Sept. 19, 181:2, near Philadelphia. He is a sec- 
tion hand on Lake Shore R. R. Children: (VI.) Frank 
Gill, born Dec. 13, 1873. (VI.) Alice Gill, born Nov. 
13, 1877. (VI.) Charles Gill, born May 7, 1884, 

V. Margaret Kulp, bora Aug. 1, 1841. Mennonite. 
One child: (VI.) Ellen Jones, born about 1870. Ger. 

V. Lvdia Kulp, born Sept. 16, 1843; died Oct. 12, 
1889. Mrd. John J. Long. He died about 1869. Car- 
penter. Mennonites. Children: Clara, Francis, Infant. 
Lydia mrd. for her second husband B. F. Nusbaum, 
in 1881. (VI.) Clara Long, born in Elkhart Co., Ind. , 
May 15, 1864. (VI.) Francis Long, born in Elkhart 
Co., Ind., Dec. 1, 1866. (VI.) A son, born Aug. 28, 
1869; died in infancy. 

V. Sophia Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., May 15, 
1846. Mrd. Frederick Hager;. June 24, 1866. He was 
born in Bavaria, on the Rhein, Germany, May 3, 
1836. Farmer near Osceola, Ind. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Julius, William, Margaret, Isaac, Ida, Harry, 
Pearley, Harvey, Andrew. 

VI. Julius Franklin Hager, born Apr. 11, 1866. 
Mrd. Louella Brubaker, Apr. 22, 1888. Day Laborer, 
in St. Joseph Co., Ind. One child: (VII.) Floyd Hager. 

VI. William H. Hager, born Feb. 13, 1869. 

VI. Margaret M. Hager, born in Tuscarawas Co., 
O., Apr. 23, 1872. Mrd. Franklin Miller, of Elkhart, 
Ind., July 7, 1889. Railroad employee. One child: 
(VII.) Milo Vernon Miller, born Apr. 26, 1890. 

VI. Isaac Edward Hager, born June 6, 1874. (VI.) 
Ida Irene Hager, born Nov. 8, 1876. (VI.) Harry J. 
Hager, born Aug. 29, 1878; died Nov. 1880. (VI.) 
Pearley May Hager, born Dec. 18, 1880. (VI.) Harvey 
Elmer Hager, born May 22, 1882; died Feb. 8, 1884. 
(VI.) Andrew F. Hager, born May 3, 1886. 

IV. Henry Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Feb. 8, 
1806; died July 22, 1886. Mrd. Susannah Kulp, June 
19, 1832. (Still living 1890.) Farmer. Settled in 
Holmes Co., O. Mennonites. Children: Jacob, Isaac, 

Susannah, John, Lewie, Aaron, Anna, Rachel, Eliza- 

— 312 — 

both, Sarah, Peter, Tobias, Gertrude, Lydia, Two 

V. Jacob Kulp, born in Holmes Co. ,0. , Dec. 15, 1833. 

V. Isaac Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Nov. 1, 1835. 

V. Susanna Kulp, born Apr. 15, 1838; died — . 

V. John Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 5, 1839. 

V. Lewie Kulp, born Feb. 22, 1841; died—. 

V. Aaron Kulp, born Jan. 21, 1842; died — . 

V. Anna Kulp, bom Feb. 28, 1843 ; died June 25, 1883. 

V. Rachel Kulp, born Jan. 26, 1845; died — . 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born Feb. 11, 1846; died—. 

V. Sarah Kulp, born in Holmes Co., Feb. 29, 1847. 

V. Peter Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Oct. 15, 
1849. Mrd. Sarah Egleson, Mar. 14, 1872. She was 
born in 1848. Farmer in Holmes Co., O. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Louisa Ellen Kulp, born Feb. 2, 1873. 
(VI.) Susie Etta Kulp, born Sept, 4, 1874. (VI.) 
Fannie Catharine Kulp, born Apr. 3, 1876. (VI.) 
Henry C. Kulp, born Aug. 1, 1877. (VI.) Aaron A. 
Kulp, Oct. 14, 1879. (VI.)' Sarah E. Kulp, born June 
26, 1882; died 1888. (VI.) Alvin Tobias Kulp, born 
July 1, 1885. (VI.) Eda Kulp, born Mar. 10, 1888. 

V. Tobias Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Apr. 17, 
1862. Mrd. Mary Catharine Silvius, in 1889. She 
was born Oct, 12, 1866. 

V. Gertrude Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., June 
20, 1854. 

V. Lydia Kulp, born in Holmes Co., O., Sept. 14, 
1856. 'Mrd. Christian Wise, Jan. 1, 1888. One child: 
(VI.) Henry Wise, born Feb. 1, 1889. 

IV. Gertrude Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 19, 
1808; died Jan. 16, 1875. Mrd. Tobias Seese, Apr. 
12, 1839. He was born July 9, 1816. In early life he 
was a carpenter; at present farmer, in Elkhart Co., 
Ind., where they moved, in Sept. 1859. Mennonites. 
Children: Joseph, Katie. 

V. Joseph W. Seese, born Dec. 14, 1840. Mrd. 
Nancy Jane Morris, Nov. 15, 1865. In 1871 they 
moved to Grand Rapids, Mich., where she died July 
15, 1873. In early life, Mr. Seese was a school 
teacher; now engaged in making brick, and building 
cisterns. Two children: (VI.) Minneola Seese, born 

— 313 — 

Feb. 14, 1867. (VI.) Arlington Seese, born Aug. 1, 
1869. Joseph mrd. for his second wife Esther Kline, 
Dec. 31, 1879. Children: (VI.) Georgiana Seese, born 
Apr. 9, 1881. (VI.) Ophelia Seese, born Nov. 8, 1883. 
V. Catharine Ann Seese, born May 25, 1845. Men- 
nonite. Unmrd. 

IV. Anna Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 
1813; died May 1886. Mrd. Benjamin Seese (dec'd), 
Apr. 6, 1844. He was born Sept. 21, 1821; died—. 
Children: Albert, Jacob, Abraham, Mary, Lewis. 

V. Albert Seese, born in — , Ohio, Sept, 7, 1846. 
Mrd. Mary Rader, — . Mrs. Seese, Lutheran. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Benjamin Seese, born Sept. 27, 1873. 
(VI.) Jerome Seese, Sept. 1, 1875. (VI.) Hattie Avilla 
Seese, born Apr. 6, 1877. (VI.) Miner Jackson Seese, 
born Jan. 8, 1880. (VI.) Minerva Ann Seese, born 
Jan. 10, 1883. (VI.) Verna Velois Seese, born Jan. 
25, 1885. (VI.) Nellie Seese, born May 1, 1887; died 
— . (VI.) Melvin Grover Seese, born July 1, 1889. 

V. Jacob Seese, born — ; died in infancy. 

V. Abraham Seese, born in — , Ohio, May 31, 1850. 
Mrd. Mary Hunsberger, Feb, 1, 1874. She was born 
July 23, 1856. Ger. Baptists. Children: (VI.) John 
Seese, born Dec. 27, 1874. (VI.) William Seese, born 
Oct, 19, 1876. (VI.) Ira Seese, born Apr. 2, 1879. 
(VI.) Harvey Seese, born June 9, 1884. 

V. Mary Ann Seese, born in — , Ohio, Oct. 12, 1853. 
Mrd. Henry Hunsberger, — . He died in 1887. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Rudy, (VI.) Rosey, (VI.) Robert, (VI.) 
Walter. (VI.) Rollo Ralph Hunsberger. (VI.) Harry 
Bored Hunsberger. 

V. Lewis Seese, born in — , Ohio, Apr. 4, 1855. 
Mrd. Sarah Elizabeth Doty. She died Apr. 11, 1880. 
Without issue. Lewis mrd. for his second wife, Mary 
Hoover, Mar. 6, 1881. She was born Oct. 8, 1856. 
Ger. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Bertha Seese, born 
Jan. 11, 1882. (VI.) Austin Seese, born Dec. 18, 1884. 
(VI.) Blanche Seese, born Dec. 26, 1886. (VI.) Lavina 
Seese, born Jan. 21, 1889. 

III. Rev. Abraham Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 19, 1771; died in 1848, aged 77 years. Mrd. 

— 314 — 

Sarah Hunsicker, in 1796. He was a farmer, and 
minster of the Mennonite Ch, at Deep Run, Pa. 
Children: Elizabeth, Isaac, Abraham, Anna, Jacob, 
Henry, John, Sarah, David, Barbara, 

IV. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bedminster, Bucks Co., 
Pa., Mar. 13, 1797; died June 30, 1876. Mrd. Samuel 
Gayman, Nov. 26, 1816. He was born Nov. 5, 1790; 
died Feb. 14, 1825. Carpenter and builder,. Menno- 
nites. Children: Abraham, Christian. 

V. Abraham Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 20, 
1819. Mrd. Hannah Moyer, Dec. 20, 1846. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Samuel, John, Elizabeth, 
Anna, Sarah, Infant, Catharine, Hannah. 

VI. Samuel Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 3, 
1848. Mrd. Mary Gross,—. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) John Gayman. (VII.) Abraham and 
Samuel (Twins). (VI.) Daniel Gayman. 

VI. John Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 8, 1851; 
died May 27, 1861. 

VI. Elizabeth Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 8, 
1852. Mrd. Henry Rice. (See Index of References 
No. 93). 

VI. Anna Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 8, 1855. 
Mrd. Martin Leatherman, in 1875. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. No issue. 

VI. Sarah Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 10, 1857. 
Mrd. Jacob Leatherman, Feb. 1876. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VII.) Elizabeth Leatherman. (VII.) 
— Leatherman. 

VI. Infant, born and died unnamed. 

VI. Catharine Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 24, 
1860. Mrd. Samuel Leatherman, in 1880. Mennonites. 
Children: (VII.) Abraham, died—. (VII.) David. (VII.) 
Jacob. (VII.) Hannah. (VII.) Anna. 

VI. Hannah Gayman, born in Bucks Co., June 7, 
1864. Mrd. Henry Y. Leatherman in 1884. Farmer. 
Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Sarah Leatherman, 
born Oct. 10, 1889. 

V. Christian Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 5, 
1823. Mrd. Anna Moyer, about 1843. Shoemaker. 
Mennonites. Children: William, Samuel, Sarah, 

— 315 — 

Abraham, Elizabeth, Joseph, Isaac, Christian, Isaiah, 

VI. William Gayman, born—; died young. 

VI. Samuel Gayman, born—. (S., age over 40). 

VI. Sarah Gayman, born—; died—. Mrd. John 
Lewis. Carpenter. Children: (VII.) William. (VII.) 
Joseph. (VII.) Clara. 

VI. Abraham Gayman, born—; died young. 

VI. Elizabeth Gayman, born—; died young. 

VI. Joseph Gayman, born—. (S.; aged over 30). 

VI. Isaac Gayman, born — ; died young. 

VI. Christian Gayman, born—; died young. 

VI. Isaiah Gayman, born—. (S.; aged about 25). 

VI. Anna Gayman, born—. (S.; aged over 20). 

IV. Abraham Kulp, Jr., born in Bucks Co., in 1802; 
died in 1876. Mrd. Catharine Shoemaker, in 1835. 
She was born in 1804; died in 1888. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Catharine, Jacob. 

V. Sarah Kulp, born Sept. 3, 1838. Mrd. Levi 
Strohme, Mar. 23, 1861. Carpenter. Mennomtes. 
Children: Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, Katie, Lizzie, 
Mary, Isaac, John, Sallie, Levi, Hannah, Emma. 

VI. Abraham K. Strohme, born Jan. 7, 1862. Mrd. 
Lizzie Weelen, in May, 1888. Carpenter. 

VI. Daniel K. Strohme, born Dec. 13, 1863. Mrd. 
Mary Kane, Mar. 2, 1889. Carpenter. Now Street 
Car Conductor. 

VI. Jacob K. Strohme, born Dec. 7, 1865; died Mar. 
26, 1877. 

VI. Katie Strohme, born Mar. 11, 1868; died Mar. 
19, 1877. 

VI. Lizzie Strohme, born Mar. 28, 1870. 

VI. Mary Strohme, born Jan. 22, 1873; died Mar. 
26, 1877. 

VI. Isaac K. Strohme, born Apr. 9, 1874; died Mar. 
25, 1877. 

VI. John K. Strohme, born May 18, 1876. 

VI. Sallie Strohme, born Oct, 25, 1877. 

VI. Levi K. Strohme, born Oct. 23, 1879; died Dec. 
23 1879 

VI. Hannah Strohme, born Sept. 27, 1881. 

VI. Emma Strohme, born Dec. 12, 1883. 

— 316 — 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., in 1841; died 
in 1871. immrd. Mennonite. 

V. Catharine S. Kulp, born June 21, 1812. Mrd. 
John H. Kulp. (See Index of References No. 91). 

V. Jacob S. Kulp, born in 1815. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Kulp, in 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Catharine Kulp, born in 1870; died Apr. 11, 1877. 
(VI.) Henry Kulp, born in 1872; died Apr. 11, 1877. 
(VI.) Abraham Kulp, born in 1873; died Apr. 7, 1877. 
(VI.) Sarah Kulp, born in 1876; died Apr. 21, 1876. 
(VI.) Jacob Kulp, born in 1878. (VI,) Annie Kulp, 
born in 1879. (VI.) Isaac Kulp, born in 1880. (Vf.) 
Lizzie Kulp, born in 1882. (VI.) Harvey Kulp, born 
in 1881. (VI.) John Kulp, born in 1886. (VI.) Samuel 
Kulp, born 1888. 

IV. Anna Kulp, born in Bucks Co., June 16, 1801; 
died Jan. 25, 1885. Mrd. Martin Overholt, Dec. 20, 
1825. - Farmer. Mennonites. One child, a son. 

V. Jacob K. Overholt, born Sept. 11, 1826. Mrd. 
Hannah Baum, Nov. 25, 1819. Farmer. Mennonites. 
He was ordained Deacon of the church at Deep Run, 
Nov. 1, 1859. Children: Martin, Hetty, Anna, Sallie, 
Joseph, Katie, Jacob. 

VI. Martin Overholt, born Jan. 26, 1851. Mrd. Kate 
Hunsberger, of Blooming Glen, Mar. 17, 1888. He 
is employed at the Bridgetown Steam Mill. Menno- 

VI. Hetty Overholt, born Jan. 21, 1853. Mrd. Levi 
L. Meyer, Dec. 20, 1873. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Emma Meyer, born Oct. 8, 1876. (VII.) 
Annie Meyer, born Nov. 12, 1880. (VII.) Jacob 
Meyer, born Apr. 6, 1887. 

VI. Anna Overholt, born Mar. 29, 1855. Mrd. Abra- 
ham M. Hunsicker, May 27, 1876. Miller. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Sallie Hunsicker, born Aug. 
13, 1877. (VII.) Katie Hunsicker, born Mav 16, 1879. 
(VII.) Jacob Hunsicker, born May 28, 1881. (VII.) 
Hannah Bessie Hunsicker, born Apr. 1, 1886. 

VI. Sallie Overholt, born June 2, 1858. Mrd. George 
A. Schriver, Nov. 27, 1881. Farmer, and Herding 
Cattle in Harvey Co., Kan. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Richard Schriver, born Nov. 17, 1882. (VII.) 

— 317^— 

Nola Schriver, born Sept., 1886. Two children; both 

VI. Joseph Overholt, born July 29, 1860. Mrd. 
Sallie Leatherman, Sept, 29, 1883. Farmer and Saw- 
yer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Hannah Overholt, 
born May 1, 1885. (VII.) Lizzie Overholt, born Mar. 
10, 1887. 

VI. Jacob Overholt, born Aug. 17, 1867. Miller by 
occupation. S. (1889). 

IV. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 8, 1806. 
Still living (1889), in his 83d year. Mrd. Mary 
Moyer, of Springfield Twp., Nov. 21, 1827. Retired 
farmer. Mennonite. Children: Elizabeth, Abraham. 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born June 7, 1830; died Dec. 21, 
1864. Unmrd. 

V. Abraham M. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., May 13, 
1838. Mrd. Elmira B. Slifer, of Steinsburgh, Pa., 
Oct. 27, 1860. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Harvey, Mary, Jacob, Willis, Lizzie, Ella, Abraham, 

VI. Harvey S. Kulp, born July 25, 1862. Mrd. Mary 
L. Moyer, of Richlandtown, Pa., May 24, 1887. 
Clerk. One child: (VII.) Lottie Erma Kulp, born 
Apr. 2, 1888. (VI.) . Mary A. Kulp, born Sept. 12, 
1864. (VI.) Jacob S. Kulp, born Sept. 1, 1866. (VI.) 
Willis S. Kulp, born Nov. 28, 1869. (VI.) Lizzie S. 
Kulp, born Nov. 23, 1871. (VI.) Ella A. Kulp, born 
May 20, 1873. (VI.) Abraham, S. Kulp, born Sept. 
30, 1875. (VI.) Carrie S. Kulp, born Nov. 14, 1878. 

IV. John H. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 10, 
1809; died Jan. 24, 1887. Mrd. Catharine Swartley, 
Jan. 7, 1844. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Philip, 
Sarah, Anna, Elizabeth. 

V. Philip S. Kulp, born July 27, 1845. Mrd. Sophia 
D. Bishop, Dec. 19, 1868. Farmer. No issue. 

V. Sarah S. Kulp, born Dec. 4, 1846. Mrd. Benja- 
min C. Kratz, Nov. 30, 1867. Farmer and Huckster, 
of Franconia Twp., Montg. Co. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Ulysses K. Kratz, born July 9, 1869. (VI.) 
Katie K. Kratz, born July 27, 1873. (VI.) John K. 
Kratz, born May 4, 1875; died Sept. 14, 1875. (VI.) 

— 318 — 

Abraham K. Kratz, born July 21, 1876. (VI.) Sallie 
K. Kratz, born June 22, 1878. 

V. Anna S. Kulp, born Jan. 18, 1850. Mrd. Abra- 
ham ~A. Rosenberger. (See Index of References 
No. 95). 

V. Elizabeth S. Kulp, born Oct. 18, 1854. Mrd. 
Daniel C. Kratz, of Skippack Twp., Montg. Co., 
Sept. 2, 1876. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Harvey K. Kratz, born Feb. 14, 1879. (VI.) Katie K. 
Kratz, born Apr. 29, 1884. 

IV. David H. Kulp, born Aug. 20, 1816. Mrd. Eliz- 
abeth Detweiler, Feb. 14, 1848. She died Oct. 31, 
1852. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Samuel, 
Sarah, John. David mrd. for his second wife, Eliza- 
beth Allenbach, Jan. 4, 1854. 

V. Samuel D. Kulp, born Aug. 4, 1849. Unmrd. 

V. Sarah Ann D. Kulp, born Apr. 2, 1851. Mrd. 
Jacob H. Kulp. (See Index of References No. 96). 

V. John D. Kulp, born Oct. 25, 1852; died Sept. 21, 

IV. Barbara Kulp, born in Bucks Co., June 26, 1818; 
died— . Mrd. Jacob Moyer, Mar. 10, 1840. Menno- 
nites. Children: Sarah, Elizabeth, Anna, Mary. 

V. Sarah K. Moyer, born Sept. 17, 1841. Mrd. 
Mahlon Meyer. (See Index of References No. 97). 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, born in Bedminster Twp., Jan. 
24, 1846. Mrd. Mahlon Kooker, Jan. 15, 1860. He 
was born in Hilltown Twp., Feb. 13, 1846. Shoe- 
maker. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Sarah Kooker, 
born Oct. 11, 1870; died July 27, 1871. (VI.) Jacob 
Kooker, born Feb. 12, 1877. 

V. Anna Moyer, born Sept. 27, 1851. Mrd. Chris- 
tian Meyers. (See Index of References No. 98). 

V. Mary Moyer, born in Bucks Co., May 22, 1855. 
Mrd. Samuel Landis, in Nov., 1881. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. No issue. 

IV. Isaac Kulp, born — . Has issue. Not reported. 

IV. Henry Kulp, born—; died in 1889. Unmrd. 

IV. Sarah Kulp. born—. Mrd. Jacob High. They 
have issue. 

— 319 — 

III. Dielman Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 23, 
1773; died—. Mrd. Hester Leicy— . Farmer. Lived 
on a part of the Old Kulp Homestead, near Dublin. 
Mennonites. Children: Henry, Anna. 

IV. Henry L. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 10, 
1813. Mrd. Elizabeth High, in Mar., 1835. She died 
Feb. 5, 1845. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, 
Dilman, Hester. Henry mrd. for his second wife, 
Mary High (sister to his first wife), Oct. 26, 1846. 
Children: Elizabeth, Philip, Sarah, Jacob, Isaac. 
Henry mrd. for his third wife, Catharine (Moyer), 
widow of John Fretz, Nov. 14, 1869. _ They reside at 
Blooming Glen. No issue by this union. 

V. Mary Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 29, 1836. 
Mrd. Jacob Kulp. Farmer. Children: (VI.) Henry. 
(VI.) Tillman. (VI.) Amanda. (VI.) Lizzie. 

V. Dilman Kulp, born Aug. 12, 1839, died an infant. 

V. Hester Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 23, 1840. 
Mrd. Joseph B. Fretz. (See Index of References 
No. 99). 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., May 19, 1848. 
Mrd. Jacob S. Kulp. (See Index of References 
No. 100). 

V. Philip Kulp, born Dec. 25, 1850; died in infancy. 

V. Sarah Ann Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 13, 
1853. Mrd. Eli S. Strouse, Jan. 19, 1878. Day Laborer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Katie K. Strouse, born 
Aug. 22, 1879. (VI.) Lizzie K. Strouse, born July 3, 
1881. (VI.) Mary K. Strouse, born Nov. 1, 1882. (VI.) 
Emma K. Strouse, born May 23, 1884. (VI.) Harry 
E. Strouse, born July 23. 1885. (VI.) Harvey K. 
Strouse, born Feb. 8, 1887. (VI.) Annie K. Strouse, 
born July 16, 1888. 

V. Jacob H. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 13, 
1855. Mrd. Sarah Ann D. Kulp, Jan. 11, 1879. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Harvey K. 
Kulp, born May 28, 1881. (VI.) David K. Kulp, born 
May 10, 1884; died Apr. 30, 1888. (VI.) Katie K. 
Kulp, born Apr. 4, 1887; died Aug. 27, 1887. 

V. Isaac H. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 28, 1863. 
Mrd. Mary Angeny, of Blooming Glen, Feb. 19, 
1887. Laborer. Mennonites. 

— 320 — 

IV. Anna Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 12, 1812; 
died Feb. 19, 1876. Mrd. Samuel Angeny, Apr. 2, 
1832. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Hester, Bar- 
bara, Tillman. 

V. Hester Angeny, born Dec. 14, 1833. Mrd. Jacob 
Hockman, Oct. 15, 1859. Carpenter. Children: Reu- 
ben, Annie. 

VI. Reuben Hockman, born Feb. 21, 1862. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Strouse, June 1, 1883. Tonsorial Artist, at 
Hatboro, Pa. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Lillian 
Hockman, born Jan. 5, 1881. (VII.) Gertrude Hock- 
man, born July 13, 1886. 

VI. Anna Hockman, born Feb. 11, 1865. S. (1889). 
V. Barbara Angeny, born in Bedminster Twp., May 
28, 1835. Mrd. Henry M. Kramer, Sept, 29, 1861. 
Carpenter in Philadelphia. Lutherans. Children: 
Emma, William, Anna, Linford. 

VI. Emma Kramer, born Jan. 18, 1867. Mrd. C. F. 
Follmer, of Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa., Oct, 
27, 1888. Machinist, Lutherans. 

VI. William Henry Kramer, born Apr. 15, 1873; 
died Mar. 30, 1876. 

VI. Anna E. Kramer, born Apr. 9, 1875; died July 
18, 1876. 

VI. S. Linford Kramer, born Sept. 18, 1879. 

V. Tillman Angeny, born Apr. 28, 1811. Mrd. Vic- 
toria Grace Wickert, June 17, 1886. Salesman in 
General store. Lutherans. No issue. 

III. Henry Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 28, 
1776; died — . Mrd. Anna Hunsicker, — . Farmer 
lived on the old Kulp homestead, in Hilltown Twp. 
Mennonites. Children: Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Eliza- 

IV. Jacob Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 25, 1801; 
died — . Mrd. Barbara Hunsberger, — . Farmer, lived 
near Dublin. Mennonites. Children: Anna, John, 
Veronica, Elizabeth. 

V. Anna Kulp, born Sept. 22, 1838. Mrd. Henry 
Smith, May 1, 1867. Farmer, resides on the old Mar- 
tin Fretz' homestead, in Hilltown Twp. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Mary Ann Smith, born Feb. 2, 1868. 

— 321 — 

(VI.) Lizzie Smith, born Sept. 20, 1869. (VI.) Harvey 
Smith, born Apr. 17, 1872. (VI.) Jacob Smith; born 
Aug. 26, 1875. (VI.) Henry Smith, born Oct. 7, 1881. 

V. John H. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 28, 1840. 
Mrd; Catharine S. Kulp, Mar. 16, 1867. Farmer in 
Hilltown Twp. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Jacob 
K. Kulp, born Oct. 31, 1868. (VI.) Abraham K. Kulp, 
born May 10, 1871. (VI.) Sallie K. Kulp, born Aug. 
21, 1873. (VI.) Mary K. Kulp, born Feb. 11, 1876; 
died June 7, 1880. (V).) John K. Kulp, born Mar. 1, 

V. Veronica Kulp, born about 1843; died young. 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co. , Oct. 9, 1845. 
Lives with her brother, John H. Kulp, unmrd. 

IV. Isaac Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 10, 1808. 
Mrd. Anna Meyer, Nov. 4, 1834. Farmer, resides 
near Dublin. Mennonites. Children: Henry, Elizabeth. 

V. Henry M. Kulp, born in Bucks Co., May 11, 
1836. Mrd. Mary Ann Kulp, Jan. 15, 1859. Farmer, 
resides near Dublin, on his father's farm. Mennonites. 
One child: (VI.) Isaac K. Kulp, born Mar. 21, 1865. 

V. Elizabeth Kulp, born Feb. 5, 1842. Mrd. John 
M. Hockman, Mar. 27, 1869. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Anna K. Hockman, born Aug. 14, 
1871. (VI.) Margaret Hockman, born Aug. 28, 1873. 
(VI.) Mary Hockman, born Jan. 24, 1875. (VI.) Isaac 
K. Hockman, born Feb. 20, 1878. (VI.) John K. 
Hockman, born June 21, 1880. 

IV. Joseph Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 26, 1811. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Mover (granddaughter of William 
Fretz, Sr.), Nov. 19, 1841. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Res. Blooming Glen. Children: Henry, Christian, 
Anna, Enos, Aaron. 

V. Henry Kulp, born Sept. 12, 1842. Mrd. Susan- 
nah Hockman, Feb. 29, 1868. She was born May 26, 
1846; died Aug. 9, 1872. Mennonites. One child: 
(VI.) Lizzie Kulp, born Feb. 10, 1869; died Sept. 12, 
1869. Henrv mrd. for his second wife, Veronica Kulp, 
May 10, 1873. Two children: (VI.) John and Aaron 
(Twins), still born, Feb. 17, 1876. 

V. Christian Kulp, born Oct. 2, 1843; died aged 9 

— 322 — 

' V. Anna Kulp, born Aug. 8, 1846. Mrd. Oliver 
Charles, — . Laborer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Joseph Charles, born Mar. 24, 1876. (VI.) — Charles, 
born — ; died — . 

V. Enos Kulp, born Sept. 26, 1819; died, aged 3 

V. Aaron M. Kulp, born Oct. 21, 1853. Mrd. Mary 
Kulp, — . Farmer. Mennonites. No issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., June 30; 
1815. Mrd. David Angeny, Nov. 14, 1841. He died 
— . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Henry, Jacob, 
Anna, Mary. 

V. Henry Angeny, born about 1842; died in infancy. 
V. Jacob K. Angeny. born Dec. 11, 1845. Mrd. 

Catharine Shelly, Apr. 12, 1873. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Elizabeth S. Angeny, born July, 23, 
1875. (VI.) Henry S. Angeny, born Oct. 26, 1876. 
(VI.) David S. Angeny, born Mar. 10, 1879. (VI.) 
Jacob S. Angeny, born Apr. 1, 1881. (VI.) Mary S. 
Angeny, born Mar. 5, 1883. (VI.) Katie S. Angeny, 
born May 9, 1886. (VI.) Anna S. Angeny, born Oct. 
27, 1888. 

V. Anna Angeny, born Sept. 1, 1850. Mrd. Henry 
K. Detweiler, Feb. 28, 1874. Farmer near Blooming 
Glen. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Samuel A. Det- 
weiler, born Mar. 17, 1875; died Aug. 20, 1875. (VI.) 
David A. Detweiler, born May 29, 1876. (VI.) Mary 
A. Detweiler, born Aug. 1, 1878; died—. (VI.) Eliza- 
beth A. Detweiler, born Nov. 19, 1879. (VI.) Annie 
A. Detweiler, born Aug. 7, 1882. (VI.) Mary A. Det- 
weiler, born Mar. 20, 1884; died Mar. 30, 1885. (VI.) 
Jacob A. Detweiler, born Dec. 21, 1886; still born. 
(VI.) Emma A. Detweiler, born Jan. 19, 1888. 

V. Mary Angeny, born Apr. 18, 1S57. Mrd. Isaac 
H. Kulp. (See Index of References No. 101). 

III. Elizabeth Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 1, 
1778; died — . Mrd. Jacob Silvius, — . Farmer, lived 
below Doylestown. Mennonites. No issue. 

III. Barbara Kulp, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 4, 
1781; died Tune 26, 1783. 

— 323 — 

III. Catharine Kulp, born Nov. 14, 1783; died Sept. 
11, 1876. Mrd. Simon Musselman, — . He was born 
Mar. 30, 1791; died Mar. 30, 1871, aged 80 years. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Samuel, Elizabeth, 
Jacob, Henry. 

IV. Samuel Musselman, born June 8, 1811; died 
Oct. 29, 1850. Mrd. Sarah Myers, Mar. 17, 1835. 
She was born Feb. 28, 1813; died Aug. 11, 1881. 
Children: Catharine, Sarah, Joseph, Henry. 

V. Catharine Musselman, born Sept. 22, 1836. Mrd. 
Joseph Krout, of New Britain, Sept. 30, 1860. He 
was born Sept. 20, 1827; died Jan. 1, 1883. Children: 
John, William, Samuel, Sallie, Adaline, Henry, Jo- 
seph, Catharine, Elizabeth, Annie. 

VI. John M. Krout, born Sept. 9, 1861. Mrd. Sallie 
A. Larzalere, of Warrington, Dec. 25, 1881. She was 
born Mar. 11, 1863. One child: (VII.) Linford L. 
Krout, born Dec. 25, 1885. 

VI. William M. Krout, born Sept, 19, 1863. Mrd. 
Sallie M. Hoover, of Warrington, Dec. 17, 1885. 
She was born Dec. 10, 1865. One child: (VII.) Myrtle 
H. Krout, born Apr. 6, 1888. 

VI. Samuel M. Krout, born Apr. 18, 1865. Mrd. 
Mary A. Sycler, of Stony Run, Berks Co., Pa., Oct. 
15, 1887. She was born Sept. 10, 1861. One child: 
(VII.) Russell Krout, born Dec. 28, 1888. 

VI. Sallie M. Krout, born May 26, 1867. Mrd. Dan- 
iel W. Sperry, of Three Tuns, June 9, 1888. He was 
born Dec. 5, 1863. 

VI. Adaline M. Krout, born Mar. 28, 1869. Mrd. 
Joseph K. Whiteside, of Davis Grove, June 9, 1888. 
He was born Dec. 30, 1867. 

VI. Henry M. Krout, born Oct. 26, 1871; died 
Apr. 17, 1872. 

VI. Joseph M. Krout (Twin), born Mar. 1, 1873; 
died Mar. 5, 1873. 

VI. Catharine M. Krout (Twin), born Mar. 1, 1873; 
died Sept. 2, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Krout, born Aug. 21, 1875; died 
Aug. 27, 1881. 

VI. Annie M. Krout, born Aug. 8, 1879. 

- 324 — 

V. Sarah Musselman, born in Bedminster Twp., 
Bucks Co., Oct. 28, 1838. Mrd. Jacob Leatherman, 
of New Britain Twp. He was born Apr. 30, 1837. 
Children: Samuel, John. 

VI. Samuel Leatherman, born Nov. 25, 1861. Mrd. 
Kate Clymer, — . Children: (VII.) — Leatherman. 
(VII.) — Leatherman. 

VI. John Leatherman, born Nov. 27, 1861; died 
July 6, 1885. 

V. Joseph M. Musselman, born Feb. 19, 1811. Mrd. 
Sarah Wolfinger, Jan. 1, 1862. She was born Dec. 
15, 1842. Children: Mary, Samuel, Sallie, Reuben, 

VI. Mary Musselman, born Feb. 20, 1862. Mrd. 
Titus Ott, May, 10, 1882. He was born Sept. 9, 1859. 
Children: (VII.) Oscar Ott, born Dec. 8, 1882. (VII.) 
Peter Ott, born June 4, 1884. (VII.) Cora Ott, born 
Mar. 26, 1886. 

VI. Samuel Musselman, born Dec. 31, 1864. 
VI. Sallie Musselman, born Nov. 28, 1868. 
VI. Reuben Musselman, born Feb. 27, 1872; died 
June 18, 1872. 
VI. Henry Musselman, born Aug, 15, 1874. 

V. Henry M. Musselman, born Aug. 8, 1844. Mrd. 
Lavina Krout, Feb. 14, 1864. She was born Apr. 21, 
1845. Children: Philip, Mary, Joseph, Henry, Samuel. 

VI. Philip K. Musselman, born July 26, 1864. Mrd. 
Catharine Rush, Oct. 18, 1884. She was born Jan. 18, 

VI. Mary C. Musselman, born Nov. 23, 1865. Mrd. 
Jesse C. Landis, May 7, 1881. He was born Oct. 25, 
1860. Children: (VII.) Bertha Landis, born Nov. 28, 
1881. (VII.) Arthur Landis, born May 14, 1883; died 
May 31, 1883. (VII.) Howard Landis, born July 23, 

VI. Joseph K. Musselman, born Sept, 22, 1867. 

VI. Henry K. Musselman, born Oct. 9, 1871. 

VI. Samuel K. Musselman, born June 30, 1875; died 
Aug. 4, 1875. 

IV. Elizabeth M. Musselman, born in Bucks Co., 
Mar. 14, 1816; died Oct. 1, 1875. Mrd. William F. 
Moyer. (See Index of References No. 102). 

— 325 — 

IV. Jacob K. Musselman, born in Bucks Co., May 
23, 1818. Mrd. Hannah Moyer,— . She was born in 
1821; died Dec. 27, 1871. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Resides in Dublin. Children: Simon, William, Sarah. 

V. Simon M. Musselman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 
23, 1815. Mrd. Mary Geisinger, Nov. 16, 1867. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: Hannah, Mary, Katie, 
Jacob, Willie, Edward. 

VI. Hannah Musselman, born in Bucks Co., June 11, 
1868. Mrd. Andrew Steer, Nov. 26, 1887. Laborer. 
Lutherans. One child: (VII.) Elmer M. Steer, born 
Nov. 11, 1888. 

VI. Mary Ann Musselman, born Mar. 11, 1870. (VI.) 
Catharine Musselman, born May 8, 1872. (VI.) Jacob 
Musselman, born Jan. 29, 1875. (VI.) William Mus- 
selman, born Sept. 17, 1878. (VI.) Edward Mussel- 
man, born Feb. 12, 1884. 

V. William Musselman, born Oct, 23, 1849; died 
Dec. 25, 1869. 

V. Sarah Musselman, born Apr. 1, 1857; died Nov. 
23, 1857. 

IV. Henry Musselman, born in Bucks Co., July 27, 
1821; died Dec. 11, 1851. Mrd. Veronica Rickert. 
Two Children: (V.) Catharine. (V.) Susan. 


II. Mark Fretz (son of Weaver John and Maria), was 
born in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., in Dec. 
1750. He died Feb. 24, 1840, aged 89 years and about 
two months. Mrd. Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Henry 
and Barbara Rosenberger, of New Britain Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Pa., May 11, 1773. She was born Sept. 19, 1752; 
died Jan. 10," 1847, aged 94y., 3m., 22d. They lived 
in New Britain Twp., Bucks Co., on the place now 
known as "Curley's Mill, 1 ' which he purchased of 
John Fretz of Warwick, in 1792. The tract consisted 
of 130 acres. To this he added by other purchases 
until he owned several hundred acres. He was exten- 
sively engaged as a farmer and in the milling business. 
The} 7 were members of the Mennonite church at Line 
Lexington, of which he was a deacon. Children: 
Barbara, Maria, Elizabeth, Infant dau. , Henry, Infant 
dau., Mark. 

III. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 21, 1775; 
died in Brazoria Co., Texas, June 10, 1840, aged 
65y., lm., 20d. She was buried between two trees. 
Mrd. John Sliver. Brickmason. In early life she was 
a member of the Mennonite ch., and later united with 
the M. E. ch., of which she remained a consistent 
member until her death. Their only child was (IV.) 
Elizabeth Sliver, born in New Britain Twp., Bucks 
Co., Feb. 20, 1798; died at Gonzales, Texas, Aug. 10, 
1840. Mrd. William Denyer, May 31, 1821. He was 
born in the countv of Southampton, Hampshire, Eng- 
land, Nov. 22, 1794; died in Louisana, Mar. 14, 1848. 

— 327 — 

In early life he was a cabinet maker in Baltimore, 
Md. After marriage he was a farmer in Bucks Co., 
Pa., later he burned lime from oyster shells, in Phil- 
adelphia, was in ice business, rafted lumber down the 
Schuylkill river, boated on the Schuylkill canal, run 
saw and grist mill in Lycoming Co., Pa., and engaged 
in whip-sawing at New Albany, Ind. While there he 
was taken sick, and went to Louisiana for his health. 
In 1839 he settled with his family near Brazoria, Tex. 
In 1840 he moved to Gonzales Co., Tex., and in 1841 
to Louisiana, and traveled as an itinerant minister of 
the M. E. eh., until his death. Mr. and Mrs. Denyer 
were earnest Christians, and endeavored faithfully to 
bring up their family under the influence of the Chris- 
tian religion, and lead them heavenward. Children: 
Samuel, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Jane, William, Ross. 
V. Samuel Jennings Denyer, born in Baltimore, Md. , 
May 22, 1822. Mrd. Zerelda Ann Singleton, of Lou- 
isiana, Oct., 17, 1849. During his eventful life he was 
variously occupied. He attended the Methodist Sem- 
inary at' New Albany, Ind. , two or three years, was a 
good English and Latin scholar, taught school for a 
number of years, surveyed lands, and practiced law 
at Galesburg, 111., where he held the office of Notary 
Public. In June 1841, he joined a Volunteer Co., in 
the "Santa Fe Expedition," under Gen. Hugh M'Leod. 
After undergoing many hardships, the expedition 
reached their destination in Sept. , with the commis- 
sioners who were to treat with the Mexicans. They 
were received with every appearance of friendship. 
A bountiful meal provided, and while they were en- 
joying it they were disarmed by the treacherous Mex- 
icans, taken prisoners, and marched barefooted, with 
bleeding feet that stained the stones and snow, at 
every step, and were driven into sheep cotes, with 
one blanket for bed and covering. When on the 
march they were required to keep up with the 
mounted officers, or be cut down by their captors. 
Mr. Denyer, in helping one of his comrades, who was 
near fainting from fatigue and weakness, to some wa- 
ter, got a little behind and received a cut from a 
sword in his side, the scar of which he carried to the 

— 328 — 

grave. He was imprisoned at Puebla, where he re- 
mained nearly a year. In the spring of 1843, he re- 
turned to Pennsylvania, working his passage to New 
York. In 1858 he moved to Burnett Co., and from 
there to Llano Co., Texas, where he followed stock- 
raising. Apr. 30, 1861, while out hunting for a lost 
cow, he was treacherously shot by an Indian. At the 
time of his death he was preparing himself for the 
ministry of the M. E. church, South. Zerelda, his 
wife, died in 1867. The following is a a poem com- 
posed and dedicated to the memory of "Mother,"" 
beloved wife of Samuel J. Denyer, by their youngest 
child, Mrs. Ida E. S. Green. 

Mother! ah, how oft that name 

Our loving hearts have thrilled, 
It soothes to rest in hours of pain, 

Though death her pulse has stilled 

In life we were her constant care; 

And often while we slept, 
She o'er us bent in silent; prayer, 

While Indians through our barley crept. 

They had her loved companion slain, 

Disguised in'white-men's'clothes. 
Whom he mistook for neighboring friends, 

Till they had strung^their bows. 

And then upon that April morn, 

When death his frame had chilled, 
She stood beside that lifeless form, 

Her heart with anguish filled. 

And when we laid him in the tomb, 

And sadly turned away, 
Our'mother knew that she alone, 

Must guard us night and day. 

Nor did she through those years of grief 

E'er murmur or repine, 
But sought in prayer that sweet relief 

Which true believers find. 

And when consumption seized her child, 

The first that God had given, 
She closed in death those eyes so mild, 

And said, " We'll meet in heaven." 

One year elapsed, then mother left, 

To join the host above, 
And four small children were bereft 

Of either parents* love, 

— 329 — 

And now those loved ones round the throne 

Are beckoning us away; 
Dear brothers, sisters, kindred ones, 

Let us the call obey. 

Yes! let us follow in the path 

This noble woman trod; 
Perform oui duty here on earth, 
But lean upon our God. 
Santa Maria, Texas, Oct. 8, 1SS9. 
There were born to Samuel J. and Zerelda A. Den- 
ver the following children: Herminie, Amanda, 
Robert, Sherwood, Ida. 

VI. Herminie Aurilia Denyer, born Dec. 20, 1850; 
died Feb. 18, 1866. 

VI. Amanda Jane Denyer, born Apr. 1, 1853. Mrd. 
Walter P. Brannon, Feb. 18, 1871. Farmer. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Ella Geneva Brannon, born Mar. 8, 1875. 
(VII.) John Brannon,—. (VII.) George Brannon, born 
— ; died in 1888. (VII.) Lauretta Ann Brannon. (VII.) 
Archie Brannon. (VII.) Clifford Brannon. (VII.) Cor- 
nelius Irving Brannon. 

VI. Robert C. H. Denyer, born at New Iberia, 
Parish Iberia, La., Nov. 10, 1851. Mrd. Jennie, 
daughter of Rev. T. G. Wildman, of Medina. Co., 
Texas, Oct. 6, 1881. Farmer, seventeen miles South- 
west of San Antonia, Texas. Attend the Baptist Ch. 
Mr. Denyer is a charter member of the "Farmer's 
Alliance," doorkeeper of the "Alma Alliance, No. 
2227." In 1889 he was elected Vice President of Bexar 
Co., Alliance. Children: (VII.) Lulu Lee Denyer, 
born Aug. 12, 1882. (VII.) Minnie May Denyer, born 
June 6, 1881. (VII.) Samuel Arthur Denyer, born 
Apr. 25, 1886. (VII.) Thomas Hilliard Denyer, born 
July 21, 1888. 

VI. Albert Sherwood Denyer, born near New Iberia, 
La., Nov. 27, 1856. Mrd — . Has been engineer on 
boat, worked in bell foundry, etc. Children: (VII.) 
Charles. (VII.) Jessie. 

VI. Ida E. Sammie Denyer, born near New Iberia, 
La., Jan. 2, 1859. Mrd. L. L. Green, Nov. 11, 1882. 
Farmer in Cameron Co. , Texas. Mems. of the Mission- 
ary Baptist ch., of which Mr. Green is a deacon. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Ida Green, born May 20, 1881, (VII.) 

— 330 — 

Lewis Lamar Green, Jr., born June 10, 1886; died 
Sept. 13, 1886. (VII.) Ola Green, born Dee. 22, 1887. 

V. Elizabeth Ann Denver, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 29, 1825. Mrd. John Pratt, in Gonzales Co., 
Texas, July 18, 1841. He was born in Aberdeen, 
Scotland, about 1806; died Jan. 6, 1871. He came to 
Texas in 1837. He was a volunteer in the Texan 
Army of 1837, which was stationed at Galveston, 
where it was finally disbanded without having been 
called into active service. He was honorably dis- 
charged and received a certificate for a "head-right" 
of 640 acres of land, and a bounty claim for 1280 
acres, both tracts located at different points on the 
Sandes river, in Gonzales Co. Mrs. Pratt is a faithful 
member of the M. E. Ch. South. Children: Minerva, 
Emily, Maria. 

VI. Minerva Ann Pratt, born in Gonzales Co., Texas, 
Mar. 13, 1846. Mrd. Joseph McAfee Coulter, Sept, 
25, 1867. Farmer in Texas. Members of the Mission- 
ary Baptist Ch. Children: (VII.) Emma Coulter, born 
Feb. 4, 1869; died Sept. 4, 1873. (VII.) Mary Mazilla 
Coulter, born Oct. 6, 1871. (VII.) Joseph McAfee 
Coulter, born July 12, 1874. (VII.) Morrison John 
Scott Coulter, born Feb. 17. 1877. (VII.) Iola May 
Coulter, born June 17, 1880. (VII.) Minerva Ann 
Coulter, born Oct. 2, 1883. (VII.) Arrena Elizabeth 
Coulter, born Aug. 17, 1886. 

VI. Emily Pratt, born Dec. 28. 1848; died Apr. 17, 

VI. Maria Denyer Pratt, born in Gonzales Co., 
Texas, Nov. 23, 1852. Mrd. DeWitt Mason, Aug. 
25, 1874. He is a distant relative of DeWitt Clinton. 
Gov. of New York, and also of Gen Winfield Scott. 
Farmer in Gonzales Co., Texas. Members of the Mis- 
sionary Baptist Ch. Children: (VII.) Fletcher Stock- 
dale Mason, born June 21, 1875. (VII.) Sarah Priscilla 
Mason born Mar. 4, 1878. (VII.) Eveline Mason, born 
Jan. 16, 1881. (VII.) Charles Tate Mason, born Jan, 
2, 1884. (VII.) John Pratt Mason, born Sept. 2, 1886. 

V. Ebenezer Opham Denyer. born in Bucks Co., 
Pa., May 20, 1828; died Mar. 20, 1872. Mrd. Sarah 
Ann Heartlev, in 1854. — Mr. Denver, served in the 

— 331 — 

Mexican war of 1848, with Capt. Henry McCohlogh, 
and was with the Ohio Rangers for several years. About 
1858, he moved to Onion Creek, Hays Co., Texas, 
where he remained until the breaking out of the civil 
war, when, after moving his wife to her mother's 
home in Eastern Texas, he joined the 2d, Texas Co. 
Volunteers, mustered at Marcos, Hays Co., in the 
summer of 1861, and served throughout the war in 
the Confederate service. He was taken prisoner at 
Vicksburgh, Miss., was exchanged, and laid in the 
Hospital at Galveston until the close of the war. On 
arriving at home in the fall of 1865, he found every- 
thing gone; house burned, cattle stolen, and himself 
in feeble health. — But being a man of iron will, he at 
once set to work as he had never done before. He 
got a few things together and moved to Major E. 
Nonces on the Rio Bknco river, Hays Co., Tex., and 
went to work for him, continuing in his employ 
most of the time up to his death. — Dr. Denyer, was 
an "honest, straight forward man, trusted and re- 
spected by all who knew him. 1 ' He was a farmer, 
and he and wife were members of the Baptist Ch. 
Children: Mary, Samuel, Margaret, Ezekiel. 

VI. Mary Susan Denyer, born—; died in infancy. 

VI. Samuel William Denyer, born in Hays Co., 
Tex., Oct. 23, 1866. Mrd. Alice Cumile Gallihor, 
Dec. 23, 1883. Farmer. Children: (VII.) William 
Ebenezer Denyer, born Feb. 2, 1885; died Jan. 19, 
1889. (VII.) Alfred Victor Denyer born June 6, 1886. 
(VII.) Arthur Denyer, born May 8, 1888. 

VI. Margaret Jane McAlpin Monteroy Denyer, born 
in Hays Co., Tex., Sept. 1, 1868. Mrd. M. E. Van 
Every, of San Marcos, Aug. 29, 1883. Wool Grower. 
Children: (VII.) Minnie Ray Van Every, born July 6, 
1884. (VII.) Samuel U. Van Every, born Jan. 15, 
1886. (VII.) A daughter, born Apr. 4, 1888; died 
Apr. 21, 1888. 

VI. Ezekiel Ebenezer Denyer, born Apr. 5, 1870; 
died May 20, 1870. 

V. Jane Goldfinch Denyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Apr 24, 1831. Mrd. Henry Johnson, of St. Mary's 
Parish, La. , in 1850. Carpenter, and Book agent, in 

— 332 — 

Hays Co., Texas. Christians. Children: Martha, 
William, Eliza, Sarah, Zerelda, Albert, James, Susie. 
VI. Martha Alice Johnson, born Sept. 22, 1851. 
Mrd. Zephraim Lagange, Feb. 10, 1869. Farmer in 
Atacosa Co., Texas. Mr. Lagange, Rom. Catholic. 
Children: (VII.) Eleanor Jane Lagange, born Nov. 23, 
1870. (VII.) Henry Zephraim Lagange, born Nov. 21, 
1872. (VII.) Bertha Eliza Lagange, born Feb. 29, 
1875. (VII.) Lillie Euphemia Lagange, born Sept. 20, 
1878. (VII.) May Augusta Lagange, born Jan. 9, 
1883. (VII.) Joseph D. ""Lagange, born Apr. 20, 1885. 
(VII.) John Allen Lagange, born Dec. 6, 1887. 
VI. William Henry Johnson, born Oct. 8, 1854; 
died Feb. 16, 1855. 

VI. Eliza Jane Johnson, born Apr. 20, 1856. Mrd. 
Harry B. Jenkins, Nov. 29, 1877. Farmer in Hays 
Co., Texas. Christian. Children: (VII.) Dora Jane 
Jenkins, born Sept. 2, 1878. (VII.) Otho Cecil Jen- 
kins, born July 11, 1880. (VII.) Laura Irene Jenkins, 
born Dec. 25, 1882. (VII.) Frederick Henry Jenkins, 
born Dec. 12, 1884. (VII.) Albert Victor Jenkins, 
born Jan. 13, 1887. 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, born Feb. 16, 1859. 

Mrd. John E. Jenkins, June 1, 1887. Farmer. Mrs. 

Jenkins, Christian. One child: (VII.) Iola Jane Jenkins. 

VI. Zerelda Ann Johnson, born June 26, 1862; died 

Aug. 25, 1886. 

VI. Albert Henry Johnson, born Aug. 8, 1865. Bar- 
ber by trade; at present farmer. Christian. S. (1889). 
VI. James Lyons Johnson, born May 26, 1869; died 
June 26, 1887. 
VI. Susie Arabella Johnson, born July 31, 1873. 
V. William Sliver Denyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Oct. 17, 1834. Mrd. Dilly Susanna Corley, of Louisi- 
ana, in 1861. She and their two children died in 1863. 
Mr. Denyer, was in the United States Army during 
the late war, in Co. A. 1st, Reg't. Louisiana Cavalry, 
and served as Quarter Master of that command. His 
services were principally rendered in the State of 
Louisiana, during Gen. Banks' 1 Campaign on the Red 
river, and at New Orleans. He was in several battles 
in that campaign, At Yellow Bayou, La., hi* horse 

— 333 — 

was shot and instantly killed under him, and in an 
engagement on Chatfalia he was wounded in the fore- 
head. He remained in the service until his discharge 
in 1864. — In 1865 he mrd. his second wife, Nancy 
Emeline Khodes, of Fayette Co. , 111. Farmer at Hot 
Springs, Ark. Missionary Baptists. One child: 

VI. Andrew J. Denver, born in Fayette Co., 111., 
Nov. 20, 1865. Mrd. Sophronia Gardner. Mar. 3, 
1889. Farmer in Ark. Mem. of the "Ch. of Christ." 

V. Leonidas Ross Denyer, born in New Albany, Ind. , 
July 26, 1837; died Nov. 1, 1837. 

III. Maria Fretz, born Nov. 16, 1778; died July 7, 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 
27, 1781; died Nov. 6, 1849, aged 68y., 4m. and 14d. 
Mrd. John Geil, Apr. 22, 1802. He was born Apr. 
9, 1778; died Jan. 16, 1866. . Weaver by trade. 
After marriage he followed farming. Lived in New 
Britain about fifty years. He was ordained to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church at Line Lexington, 
about 1809 or 1810, and served the church faithfully 
for fifty-five years. Children: Jacob, Barbara, Eliza- 
beth, Mark, Catharine, Mary, John, Anna, Samuel. 

IV. Jacob Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 3, 1803. 
Mrd. Anna Funk — . Farmer. Mennonites.- Children: 
John, Enos, Samuel. 

V. John F. Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, 
Mar. 30, 1831. Mrd. Sarah A. Schofield, Apr. 
5, 1860, in Livingston Co., Mich. She was born in 
Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y., Mar. 22, 1834. Farmer 
near Danbury, Emmons Co., North Dakota. In early 
life taught school for about ten years, and for twelve 
years was employed in making surveys for making 
and publishing- county maps, mostly in Michigan. 
Methodists. Children: Anna, Lincoln, Frederick. 

VI. Anna E. Geil, born at Ann Arbor, Mich. , Jan. 
4, 1864. Teacher. Methodist. 

VI. Lincoln Geil, born at Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 
26, 1865. Merchant at Winchester, Dak. 
VI. Frederick Augustus Geil, born Sept, 13, 1870. 

— 334 — 

V. Enos F. Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 27, 
1836. Mrd. Mary Means, Feb. 10, 1859. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Amanda, Sarah, Anna. 

VI. Amanda M. Geil, born Nov. 13, 1859. Mrd. 
Jonas M. Mover, Jan. 15, 1880. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Anna Laran Moyer, born May 
29, 1881. (VII.) Mary G. Moyer, born Aug. 9, 1883. 
(VII.) Alice Moyer, born Sept, 3, 1885. (VII.) Syl- 
vanus Moyer, born Feb. 4, 1888. 

VI. Sarah M. Geil, born May 9, 1861. Mrd. Jacob 
F. Swartley, Nov. 6, 1888. Farmer. One child: (VII.) 

VI. Anna M. Geil, born May 14, 1865. She was 
mrd. to Oliver Keller, — . Farmer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Laran G. Keller, born Sept. 18, 1884. 
(VII.) Howard G. Keller, born May 28, 1887. (VII.) 
Walter M. Keller, born Nov. 22, 1888. 
V. Samuel F. Geil, born in New Britain Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Sept, 28, 1841, in which place he 
passed his youth, and where he received a good 
academic education. In 1859 he moved to Cleveland, 
O., where he began the study of law. After passing 
through the usual studies he was admitted to practice 
in the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio, Sept, 
26, 1862. Having read law with Herrick and Barlow, 
he attended the Ohio State and Union Law College, 
at Cleveland, from which he graduated, May 26, 
1862. At the breaking out of the war in 1861, _ he 
was among the first to enter the Volunteer service, 
and was appointed 1st Lieutenant of the 2d Regt., 
O., Cavalry, and remained until Dec. 11, 1861, when 
he resigned. In Nov., 1862, he removed to Califor- 
nia, and took up his residence in Monterey Co., 
where he has been actively engaged in the practice of 
law. He served two terms as district attorney of 
Monterey Co. , and during his incumbency conducted 
many cases of great importance and public interest, 
in a highly satisfactory and successful manner. He 
has had a large and profitable practice for the last 
fifteen years. He is at the present time Attorney 
for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and 
other corporations. For the last ten years there has 

— 335 — 

not been a case in the county in which he resides, of 
any importance, either civil or criminal, that he has 
not been engaged in. Immediately after his arrival 
in California, he was admitted to practice in the Su- 
preme Court of the State of California, and all the 
Federal Courts. On Feb. 2, 1866, he was mrd. to 
Josef a Sanchey, who, with the two living children, 
are members of the Roman Catholic church. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Samuel Geil, born Mar. 8, 1867; died 
Nov. 10, 1868. (VI.) Samuel Geil, born Nov., 1869; 
died, aged T days. (VI.) Anna Geil, born in Monterey 
Co., Cal., Feb. 13, 1870. She is attending Mill's 
College (1889), near San Francisco, Cal. (VI.) Lydia 
Geil, born Oct, 17, 1871; died June 15, 1885. (VI.) 
Herlinda Geil, born May 19, 1876. 

IV. Barbara Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 16, 
1805; died Mar. 26, 1879. Mrd. Abraham Landis. 
(See Index of References No. 103). 

IV. Elizabeth Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 
1808. Mrd. Martin D. Rosenberger, Apr. 9, 1811. 
He died Jan. 5, 1887. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Aaron, Sarah, John. 

V. Aaron G. Rosenberger, born June 3, 1815; died 
Aug. 6, 1815. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth Rosenberger, born July 2, 1817. 
Mrd. Abraham Rickert, Jan. 8, 1889. Farmer. Men- 

V. John G. Rosenberger, born Jan. 27, 1819. Mrd. 
Wilhelmina Beyer, Apr. 12, 1873. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Harvey B. Rosenberger, born 
May 20, 1871. (VI.) Laura Rosenberger, born June 
1, 1876. (VI.) William B. Rosenberger, born Dec. 21, 

IV. Mark Geil, born Nov. 25, 1810; died Sept. 19, 

IV. Catharine Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 23, 
1813. Mrd. John Krabehl, Mar. 27, 1819. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Mary, Anna, Sarah. 

V. Mary Krabehl, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 20, 
1850. Mrd. William P. Smith, Dec. 10, 1870. Car 
Inspector. Baptists. One child: (VI.) Nora Florence 
Smith, born Oct. 5, 1871. 

— 336 — 

V. Anna B. Erabehl, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
22, 1851. Baptist, Unmrd. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth Erabehl, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
May 19, 1857. Mrd. William Henry Ruth, July 3, 
1879. Iron and Brass Moulder. Baptists. Children: 
(VI.) Clarence K. Ruth, born May 11, 1880; died 
Nov. 18, 1880. (VI.) Blanche Ruth, born in Phila- 
delphia, Feb. 16, 1884. (VI.) Warren Ruth, born in 
Doylestown, Pa., July 14, 1886. 

IV. Mary Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 23, 
1816; died Aug. 12, 1880. Mrd. Joseph Landis. 
(Sec Index of References No. 104). 

IV. John Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 20, 
1819. Killed by a fall in the barn Aug. 26, 1890, 
aged about 71 years. Mrd. Sarah Frances Roe, Sept. 
6, 1849. She was born Apr. 4, 1833; died June 14, 
1860. After marriage they moved to Dayton, Ohio, 
and later to Fort Wayne, Ind. , and finally returned 
to Bucks Co., Pa. Farmer, and resides on the Old 
Rev. John Geil Homestead in New Britain Twp. , Pa. 
Children: Mary, Margaretta, Samuel. John Geil mrd. 
for his second wife, Lydia Valuvanlee, Feb. 25, 1865. 
No issue. 

V. Mary Frances Geil, born at Dayton, Ohio, July 
31, 1850; died June 24, 1871. Mrd. William M. 
Valuvanlee, Dec, 1870. 

V. Margaretta Rebecca Geil, born near Fort Wayne, 
Ind., Oct. 13, 1853. Mrd. George C. Morgan, in 
1876. He was born Aug. 16, 1855. Farmer. Mrs. 
Morgan, Baptist, Children: (VI.) Samuel G. Mor- 
gan, born Aug. 23, 1876; died Feb. 27, 1887. (VI.) 
Charles G. Morgan, born Mar. 9, 1878. (VI.) Alice 
H. Morgan, born Jan. 30, 1880. (VI.) Harvey G. 
Morgan, born Apr. 20, 1885. (VI.) Rose M. Morgan, 
born Apr. 17, 1888. 

V. Samuel S. Geil, born in Plumstead Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Pa., Dec. 19, 1857. Mrd. Sue S. Alt-house, June 
1, 1878. Produce Merchant and farmer, and lives on 
a farm adjoining the Old Geil Homestead. Baptists. 
One child: (VI.) John E. Geil, born May 29, 1883. 

IV. Anna Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 17, 1822, 
Mrd. Mathew Heer— . He died Mar. 15, 1876. Turner 

(See page 236.) 

— 337 — 

and farmer. Mennonites. Children: Lizzie, John 
Samuel, Barbara, Jacob, Katie. 

V. Lizzie Heer, born Aug. 10, 1850. Mrd. Fred. 
Rehg, Dec. 25, 1872. He died Sept. 21, 1876. One 
child: (VI.) Reuben William Rehg, born Sept. 28, 
1873. Lizzie mrd. for her second husband, Joseph 
Leman, Sept. 26, 1887. Farmer in Woodford Co., 
111. Mrs. Leman, New Amish. One child: (VI.) Per- 
sida Leman, born Aug. 28, 1889. 

V. John Heer, born Feb. 20, 1855; died Apr. 15, 

V. Samuel G. Heer, born Feb. 26, 1859. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Niederlender, Apr. 18, 1881. Carpenter at 
Peoria, 111. Children: (VI.) Charles Heer, born Apr. 
9, 1882. (VI.) Barbara Anna Heer, born May 26, 
1884. (VI.) Walter Heer, born May 16, 1887. (VI.) 
Annie Heer. born July 26, 1889. 

V. Barbara Heer, born in Bucks Co. , Sept, 10, 1859. 
Presbyterian. S. 

V. Jacob Heer, born Mar. 22, 1862. 

V.- Katie Heer, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 5, 1864. 
Mrd. Louis Philippi, Oct. 9, 1886. Laborer in 111. 
Children: (VI.) Clara E. Philippi, born Jan. 13,1886; 
died Feb. 13, 1886. (VI.) Sadie E. Philippi, born Mar. 
12, 1887. (VI.) Edna Philippi, born Sept. 29, 1889. 

IV. Samuel Geil, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 11, 
1825. Mrd. Elizabeth H. Seese, May 8, 1855. In 
early life Mr. Geil taught school, then followed Top- 
ographical Engineering and surveying. In 1850 he 
made a survey of Morris Co., N. J., and drew a map 
of that county, published by R. P. Smith. In 1851 
he continued surveying for, and publishing maps 
until 1864. His last published map was of the State 
of Michigan, in 1863 to 65. In June, 1856, he had a 
fall which injured his spine making him a cripple 
for life. He resides in Doylestown, Pa. Merchant, 
Children : 

V. Ellen Geil, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 10, 1852. 
S. (1889). 

V. William Edgar Geil, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 
1, 1865. Student at Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 


— 338 — 
III. A daughter, born Jan. 5, 1785; buried next day. 

III. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 21, 
1787; died June 9, 1871, aged 86y., 11m. and 15d. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Beidler, of Milford, Bucks Co., May 
11, 1809. She was born Apr. 10, 1787; died Dec. 21, 
1852. They lived on the Old Homestead, in New 
Britain Twp., which he inherited from his father, and 
where he built the first Steam Mill in Bucks Co. Chil- 
dren: Susan, Christian, Eliza, Henry, Mark. Henry 
mrd. for his second wife, Mary Fretz, Dec. 3, 1854. 

IV. Susan Beidler Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 1, 
1810; died June 9, 1889, aged 79y. 5d. Mrd. 
Jonas D. Moyer, of Montgomery. Co., Nov. 23, 
1830. He died Nov. 20, 1873. Farmer in Franconia 
Twp., until 1856, when they moved to North Wales, 
Pa., where he was actively engaged in the Flour and 
Grain business up to the time of his death. Mrs. 
Moyer is still living and resides in Philadelphia. 
Mennonites. Children: Eliza, Henry, William, Susan. 

V. Eliza Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. 3, 
1831; died in Philadelphia, Apr. 27, 1858. Mrd. 
John S. Clymer, Nov., 1850. Merchant Tailor, at 
Franconiaville. He died—. Children: (VI.) Adeline 
Clymer, born—, 1852; died June 1, 1857. (VI.) Eliza 
Clymer, born—, 1858; died July 6, 1858. 

V. Henry Fretz Moyer, born in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Aug. 31, 1833. Mrd. Mary A. Shearer, of North 
Wales, Pa., Nov. 17, 1862. Lutheran. Children: (VI.) 
Harvey, (VI.) Warren, (VI.) Frank, (VI.) Addie, (VI.) 

V. William Moyer, born Aug. 6, 1837; died in in- 

V. Susan F. Mover, born in Montg. Co., Feb. 25, 
1839. Mrd. Elias A. Hunsicker, of Collegeville, 
Montg. Co., Dec. 25, 1855. He was for 20 years 
grain merchant, opposite the Baltimore depot, on 
Broad Street, Philadelphia. At present in Life and 
Fire Insurance business. Presbyterians. Children: 
(VI.) Ella M. Hunsicker, born Feb. 15, 1857. (VI.) 
Clayton M. Hunsicker, born Mar. 25, 1860. 

— 339 — 

IV. Christian B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 5, 
1814; died—. Mrd. Elizabeth Fretz, daughter of 
Abraham and Rachel Fretz — . (V.) They had one child; 
died unnamed. 

IV. Eliza Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 2, 1817. 
Mrd. Philip K. Fretz. (See Index of References No. 

IV. Henry B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 6, 
1820; died Sept, 17, 1859. Mrd. Elizabeth Landis, 
Oct. 24, 1844. They lived on the Old Homestead in 
New Britain Twp. Children: Ralph, Henry, John, 

V. Ralph L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 5, 1846. 
Mrd. Martha J. Beideman, Sept. 3, 1870. She was 
born Mar. 10, 1851. Painter. Children: (VI.) Anna 
Elizabeth Fretz, born Aug. 2, 1872. (VI.) John B. 
Fretz, born Feb. 28, 1875. 

V. Henry L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 4, 
1851. Mrd. Mary E., daughter of Win. G. Smith, 
of Montg. Co., Apr. 26, 1877. Miller. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VI.) Clara Viola Fretz, born May 12, 1880. 
(VI.) Ethel Maud Fretz, born July 24, 1883. 

V. Mary E. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 20, 
1853. Mrd. Joseph E. Detweiler — . Carpenter. 
Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Theodore Fretz Det- 
weiler, born Aug. 7, 1874. (VI.) Ross Fretz Det- 
weiler, born July"20, 1888. 

V. John Mark Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 22, 
1857. Miller. S. 

IV. Mark B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 24, 
1824. Mrd. Mary Landis, Sept. 13, 1849. Miller. 
Mennonites. No issue. 

III. A daughter, born 1789; died unnamed. 

III. Mark Fretz, born Jan. 9, 1791; died Sept. 5, 



II. Henry Fretz (son of Weaver John and Maria 
Fretz), born in Bedminster Twp.. Bucks Co., Nov. 
11, 1755; died May 30, 1831. Mrd. Barbara Ober- 
holtzer — . She was born Oct. 10, 1757; died Aug. 
10, 1831. He lived on a farm in Bedminster Twp. , 
three miles west of Bedminsterville, now known as 
the Wisler farm, and still owned by his son-in-law, 
Joseph Wisler, where he followed farming and shoe- 
making. He was known as Shoemaker Henry. On 
the occasion of his funeral, which was very largely 
attended, two or three calves were killed and prepared 
for the funeral dinner; and over one hundred carriages 
followed his remains to the grave, showing the high 
esteem in which he was held. He and wife were 
buried at the Old Mennonite church at Deep Run, of 
which they were members. Their children in the 
probable order of their birth, are: Mary, Jacob, John, 
Mark, Esther, Henry, Jonas, Sarah, Abraham, David. 

III. Mary Fretz. born in Bucks Co., died Apr. 10, 
1827. Mrd. William (iodshall, being his second wife 
— . Left no issue. 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., — . Mrd. Miss 
— Newcomer — . She died without issue. He mrd. 
for his second wife, widow Newcomer, his first wife's 
brother's widow. Her maiden name was High. Jacob 
Fretz lived for some time below Do}lestown, Pa., 

— 341 — 

where he followed shoemaking. He afterwards moved 
to Ohio, and died there without issue. 

III. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 5, 1784; 
died Feb. 25, 1843. Mrd. Susanna Haldeman, Aug. 
16, 1808. She was born Feb. 2, 1783; died Apr. 14, 
1875, aged 92y., 2m. and 12d. He was farmer and 
drover, and lived on a farm on the Durham Road, 
about one mile north of Gardenville. It is the "Old 
Homestead," and has been in the Fretz 1 family over 
a hundred years. Mennonites. Children: Tobias, 
Henry, Mary, Jonas, John, Elias, Sarah, Susan. 

IV. Tobias "Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 4, 1809; 
died—. Mrd. Elizabeth Overholt— . She was born 
— ; died—. Farmer and drover. Children: Nathan, 

V. Nathan Fretz, born—. Mrd. Rachel Shaddinger 
— . Farmer and drover. Children: Laura, Lizzie, 
Ella, Eddie, Daniel, Willis, Clara, 

VI. A. Laura Fretz, born—. Mrd. Absalam Fretz. 
(See Index of References No. 106). 

VI. Lizzie F. Fretz, born Aug. 10, 1861. Mrd. 
Montgomery Miller, Nov. 16, 1881. Machinist, at 
Pottstown, Pa. Baptists. Children: (VII.) Pearl F. 
Miller, born Sept. 16, 1885. (VII.) Willis F. Miller, 
born Jan. 20, 1888; died Aug. 18, 1888. 

VI. Ella Fretz, born—. S. 

VI. Eddie Fretz, born—. Mrd. Miss— Black—. 
Drover. One child: (VII.) . 

VI. Daniel Fretz. (VI.) Willis Fretz. (VI.) Clara 

V. Aaron Fretz, born Oct. 26, 1839. Mrd. Anna 
Leatherman, Oct. 30, 1858. She died Mar. 10, 1890. 
Justice of the Peace and Auctioneer. Presbyterians. 
Children: Susanna, Tobias, Harvey, Marietta, Frank- 
lin, Anna, Theodore. 

VI. Susanna Fretz, born Sept. 17, 1860; died Jan. 
19, 1871. 

VI. Tobias Fretz, born May 18, 1862. Mrd. Millie 
Strouse— . Gent's Furnishing Good's Store, in Phila- 
delphia. Presbyterian. Children: Charles, Aaron, 

— 342 — 

VI. Harvey Fretz, born Jan. 30, 1864. Laborer. 
Presbyterian. S. 

c,VI. Marietta Fretz, born June 8, 1865; died Mar. 
21, 1869. 

VI. Franklin Fretz, born Aug, 28, 1867; died July 
20, 1878. 

VI. Anna Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1869. At home and 

VI. Theodore Fretz, born Feb. 20, 1872; died Aug. 
27, 1872. 

IV. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 10, 1810. 
Mrd. Mary Fretz, of Tinicum Twp., Oct. 4, 1836. 
They began mrd. life on a farm in Bedminster, being 
a part of the original Fretz 1 tract, known as the tk Low 
Lands,' 1 lying along the Tohickon Creek. In April, 
1839, they moved to a farm in Plumstead Twp., 
known as the "Leatherman Farm," where they hived 
until 1871, when they moved to a small farm adjoin- 
ing the Old Homestead where they still reside. New 
Mennonites. Children: John, Isaac, Amos, Enos, 
Ann, Lavina, George. 

V. John Fretz, born Aug. 6, 1837; died Sept. 8, 

V. Isaac Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 4, 1840. 
Mrd. Lottie Leech, daughter of George Leech, of 
Montgomeryville, Pa., Dec. 21, 1869. When three 
years old he became lame in his right knee, and has 
been afflicted ever since. He received a good educa- 
tion, and taught school from 1858 to 1862. He then 
went into the commission business for two years; 
then went to Philadelphia and engaged in the Retail 
Grocery business. He at present deals in butter and 
eggs. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Emma Fretz, born Dec. 
17, 1872; died July 29, 1873. (VI.) Alice Fretz, born 
Sept, 2, 1874. (VI.) Hettie Fretz, born May 22, 1877. 
(VI.) Lottie Fretz, born Nov. 24, 1879. 

V. Anos Fretz, born Nov. 23, 1842; died Sept. 17, 

V. Enos Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 16, 1845. 
He remained at home and worked on the farm most 
of the time until the fall of 1869, then taught school 
for a few years. He was mrd. to Mary A. Rickert, of 

— 343 — 

Hilltown, Dec. 3, 1873, and settled on the Old Home- 
stead and engaged in farming, until Mar. , 1882, when 
he removed to Milford Square, Pa., and entered into 
partnership with Nelson Leatherman in the mercan- 
tile business, in which he is still engaged. 

V. Ann Eliza Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 13, 
1847. Mrd. Morris J. Davis, son of Wilson Davis, 
of Montgomeryville, Montg. Co., May 15, 1869. 
Dealer in Produce in Philadelphia. Baptists. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Ida May Davis, born May 25, 1870. (VI.) 
Henry Wilson Davis, bom Aug. 23, 1872. (VI.) 
George F. Davis, born Aug. 31, 1871. (VI.) Mary E. 
Davis, born Jan. 24, 1876. (VI.) Addie L. Davis, 
born Aug. 5, 1878. (VI.) Clarence Oliver Davis, born 
May 26, 1881; died May 12, 1886. (VI.) Walter Galley 
Davis, born Nov. 11, 1883. (VI.) Raymond Davis, 
born Mar. 21, 1885; died May 21, 1886. 

V. Lavina Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 5, 1850. 
Mrd. Isaac F. Rickert, of Hilltown Twp— . Farmer. 
They live on the Old Rickert Homestead, in Hill- 
town. Children: (VI.) Clayton David Rickert, (VI.) 
William Henry Rickert, 

V. George L. Fretz, born Sept. 5, 1854. Mrd. 
Maggie, daughter of Valentine K. Clymer, of New 
Britain Twp^, Jan. 29, 1876. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
One child: (VI.) Ida Estella Fretz. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 13, 1813. 
Mrd. Henry Shaddinger— . Farmer in Plumstead 
Twp. Children: Barbara, Susan, Sarah, Elias, Sam- 
uel, Esther, Christiana, Rachel, Hannah. 

V. Barbara Shaddinger, born Sept. 19, 1833. Mrd. 
Charles Shelly, Jan. 5, 1854. He was born May 28, 
1829. Farmer. Children: Isabella, Mary, Kitty, 
Ann, Henry, Ellen, Lizzie. 

VI. Isabella Shelly, born Feb. 21, 1855. Mrd. Jere- 
miah Kriebel, in 1873. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Charles Kriebel, born Jan. 17, 1874. 
(VII.) Jacob Kriebel, born Apr. 7, 1876. (VII.) Wil- 
liam Kriebel, born Apr. 19, 1878. (VII.) Susie Krie- 
bel, born Jan.—, 1881. (VII.) Henry Kriebel, born 
June 5, 1884. 

VI. Mary S. Shelly, born May 16, 1858. 

— 344 — 

VI. Kitty Ann Shelly, born May 9, 1861. Mrd. 
Pearson Wolfinger, Dec. 23, 1882. Carpenter. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Enos Wolfinger, born Sept. 19, 1885. 
(VII.) Horace Wolfinger, born Jan. 1, 1888. 

VI. Henry S. Shelly, born June 9, 1863. Mrd. 
Rosella F. Myers, Nov. 22, 1884. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VII.) Ervin F. Shelly, born May 7, 
1886. (VII.) Charles Shelly, born Nov. 29, 1889. 

VI. Ella S. Shelly, born May 22, 1866. Mrd. Abra- 
ham B. Wismer. (See Index of References No. 107). 

VI. Lizzie Shelly, born May 28, 1871. 

V. Susan Shaddinger, born — . Unmrd. 

V. Sarah Shaddinger, born — . Unmrd. 

V. Elias Shaddinger, born-. Mrd.— , and has issue. 

V. Samuel Shaddinger, born—. Mrd. Mary Geh- 
man, — . They have issue. 

V. Esther Shaddinger, born—. Mrd. — Jones. He 
died—. They have two children. Esther mrd. for 
her second husband, — Landis. 

V. Christiana Shaddinger, born—. Mrd. Fred. 

V. Rachel Shaddinger, born—. Mrd. Samuel Beid- 
ler— . (See Index of References No. 108). 

V. Hannah Shaddinger, born Sept, 19, 1858. Mrd. 
John Loux, Jan. 7, 1882. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Willie F. Loux, born Feb. 27, 1884. 
(VI.) John Franklin Loux, born Nov. 21, 1888. 

IV. Jonas Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 7, 1815. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Stover, Sept. 28, 1841. She died Nov. 
3, 1883. Retired merchant. Resides at North Wales. 
Children: Amanda, Harvey, Anna, Susanna. 

V. Amanda C. Fretz, born Oct, 9, 1844. Mrd. J. 
Fennel Berger, in 1875. Merchant at North Wales, 
Pa. Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Mary A. Berger. 
(VI.) Henry J. Berger. 

V. Harvey Fretz, born Nov. 18, 1846. Mrd. Mary 
P. Price, in 1868. Manufacturer of brooms, wooden 
and willow ware in Philadelphia. Presbyterians. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Christiana P. Fretz. (VI.) Jonas H. Fretz. 
(VI.) Edger B. Fretz. 

V. Anna Malinda Fretz, born Dec. 8, 1847; died 
Mar. 16, 1852. 

— 345 — 

V. Susanna Fretz, born Mar. 13, 1855; died Mar. 23, 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 27, 
1817. Mrd. Sarah Leatherman, Oct. 8, 1810. He is a 
farmer, and lives on a farm in Plumstead, which he 
purchased in — , and where he now lives, retired. 
Members of Old Deep Run Mennonite ch. Children: 
Eli, Joseph, Mary, Annie, Henry, Absalom, John, 
Amos, Sarah, Thomas. 

V. Eli Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 28, 1845. 
Mrd. Esther A. Swope, Nov. 28, 1868. He received 
his education in the public schools, is a farmer, and 
resides- on his father's farm. Children: (VI.) Mary 
Flora Fretz, born July 31, 1870. (VI.) Sarah Emma 
Fretz, born Sept. 13," 1872. (VI.) Arthur S. Fretz, 
born Oct. 25, 1881. 

V. Joseph L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept, 14, 
1847. He was brought up on the farm, afterwards 
lived in Philadelphia', and from there he finally settled 
in Illinois. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 6, 1849. 
Mrd. Thomas D. Worthington, Feb. 6, 1869. Their 
occupation has been farming. Reside at Dublin. 
Children: (VI.) Edgar Worthington, born Apr. 18, 
1871. (VI.) Joseph Worthington, born June 27, 1874. 
(VI.) William Henry Worthington, born Dec. 9, 1876. 
(VI.) Sarah Elizabeth Worthington, born May 9, 1879; 
died Sept. 28, 1879. (VI.) Anna Belle Worthington, 
born Aug. 21, 1880. (VI.) John Worthington, born 
Aug. 4, 1883. (VI.) Mary Ella Worthington, born 
Apr. 3, 1887. 

V. Annie Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 2, 1852. 
Mrd. Harvey Shaddinger. (See Index of References 
No. 109). 

V. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 28, 1854. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Dotterer, Dec. 25, 1875. Farmer. 
Lives on a farm which he purchased from his father. 
Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Mary Alice Fretz, born 
Apr. 24, 1880. (VI.) Minnie Fretz, born Feb. 20, 1884. 
(VI.) Allen Steward Fretz, born Sept, 22. 1887. 

V. Absalom Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 5, 1856. 
Mrd. A. Laura Fretz, Dec. 27, 1883. Painter, but 

— 346 — 

after marriage he settled in Philadelphia, where he 
has since been engaged in the grocery business with 
his brother Amos, at 1430, Norris St. ' Baptists. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Herbert S. Fretz, born Dec. 20, 1886. 
(VI.) Walter L. Fretz, born June 12, 1889. 
V. John H. Fretz, M. D., born in Bucks Co., May 
19, 1858. Mrd. Mary C. Morris, of Frenchtown, N.J., 
Mar. 4, 1886. He was brought up on the farm, and 
educated in the public school. At the age of nineteen 
he began teaching school, which he followed for six 
years. In the spring of 1882, he began reading medi- 
cine under Dr. A. M. Cooper, of Point Pleasant, Pa., 
and in the spring of 1885 he graduated from the Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, of Baltimore, Md. 
The same spring he settled at Hagersville, Pa., where 
he is engaged in the practice of his profession. He 
and wife are members of the Baptist ch. One child: 
(VI.) Raymond M. Fretz, born June 30, 1888. 
V. Amos Fretz, bora in Bucks Co., Mar. 27, 1860. 
Mrd. Kate, daughter of Samuel Welden, of Danboro, 
Pa., Oct. 27, 1886. He was formerly a clerk in the 
store with J. Gotwals, at Gardenville, afterwards 
went to Philadelphia, and went into partnership with 
his brother, Absalom, in the grocery business which 
he still follows. Baptists. One child: (VI.) Elsie W. 

V. Sarah G. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 9, 1862. 
Mrd. Rev. Allen M. Steward, of Kansas, a Baptist 
minister. Mar. 30, 1885, they live on a land claim 
which they purchased near Pyramid, Kan. Children: 
(VI.) John Fretz Steward, bora Jan. 11, 1886. (VI.) 
Lucius Bailey Steward, born July 27, 1888. (VI.) 
Henry Allen "Steward, born Dec. 10, 1889. 
V. Thomas S. Fretz, born in Bucks Co. , Aug. 18, 1865. 
He received his early education in the public schools, 
and afterwards attended Starkey Seminary, in N.Y. 
He taught school several years, and is now attending 
school at Lewisburg, Pa., preparing himself for the 
ministry of the Baptist church. 

IV. Elias Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 1, 1820; 
died Apr. 1, 1882. Mrd. Catharine Gotwals, Oct. 5, 
1843. She was born Sept. 14, 1824; died Apr. 18. 

— 347 — 

1845, leaving no issue. Elias mrd. for his second wife 
Esther Leatherman, Apr. 30, 1846. She was born 
May 13, 1824; died May 7, 1875, leaving three chil- 
dren. Elias mrd. for his third wife Mary Hunsberger, 
— . He was a farmer, and lived on his father's farm 
in Plumstead Twp. Mennonite. Children by his sec- 
ond wife: Daniel, John, Charles. 

V. Daniel Fretz, born Sept. 2, 1847; died Mar. 15, 

V. John L. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 1, 1851. 
Mrd. Sophia Myers, Oct. 9, 1875. She was born Oct. 
9, 1855. Farmer, owns and resides on the old home- 
stead in Plumstead Twp. Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) Wilson L. Fretz, born Apr. 15, 1878. (VI.) Ella 
Nora Fretz, born Aug. 5, 1884. (VI.) Mary Etta 
Fretz, born Sept. 16, 1886. (VI.) Flora Fretz, born 
May 20, 1888. 

V. Charles Fretz, born Oct. 2, 1855; died Sept. 20, 

IV. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 4, 1826. 
Mrd. Daniel Gotwals, Feb. 29, 1844. He engaged in 
the mercantile business, at Gardenville, with his 
brother-in-law, Jonas Fretz, in the spring of 1845. 
In 1850 he removed to Dublin, where he carried on 
the business for three years; then returned to Gar- 
denville, where he continued in the business until the 
winter of 1884, when his son Jonas became proprietor. 
Mems. of Christian ch. at Carversville. Children: 
Franklin, John, Jonas, Emeline, Esther, Susanna, 
Mary, Edwin, William. 

V. Franklin F. Gotwals, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 11, 
1845. Mrd. Emma Jane Shive, Jan. 22, 1870. She 
died Nov. 11, 1887. One child: (VI.) John Gotwals, 
born — . 

V. John Gotwals, born Jan. 16, 1848; died Feb. 27, 

V. Jonas Gotwals, born in Bucks Co., July 25, 1850. 
Mrd. Martha Ann Louder, Oct. 11, 1871. Merchant 
at Gardenville, Pa. Children: (VI.) Sarah Florence 
Gotwals, born Nov. 2, 1872. (VI.) Daniel Gotwals, 
born Oct 11, 1874. (VI.) Samuel Gotwals, born July 
16, 1877. 

— 348 — 

V. Emclinc Gotwals, born Nov. 2, 1851; died Sept. 

20, 1860. 

V. Esther Gotwals, born Aug. 22, 1854; died Sept. 

21, 1860. 

V. Susanna Gotwals, born July 25, 1857; died Sept. 
16, 1860. These three died of Diphtheria. 

V. Mary Ellen Gotwals, born Jan. 9, 1861; died 
May 18, 1883. 

V. Edwin S. Gotwals, born Jan. 20, 1865; died at 
Starkey Seminary, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1882. 

V. William Gotwals, born in Bucks Co. , Nov. 27, 1868. 

IV. Susan Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 20, 1828. 
Mrd. Thomas Shelly, Nov. 26, 1846. Farmer in 
Buckingham, Twp., Bucks Co. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Tobias, Kate, Sallie, Samuel, Daniel, Eli. 

V. Tobias Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 20, 1854. 
Mrd. Susanna Wismer, Sept. 3, 1878. Farmer and 
lives on his father's farm. Mennonites. One child: 
(VI.) Bessie May Shelly, born Apr. 3, 1883. 

V. Kate Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 16, 1856. 
Mrd. John L. Wismer, Sept, 8, 1876. Farmer in 
Plumstead Twp. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Walter 
Wismer, born Nov. 28, 1878. 

V. Sallie G. Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 19. 
1858. Mrd. Leidy Myers. (See Index of References 
No 110). 

V. Samuel Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 12, 1861. 
Mrd. Lizzie Worstal, Oct. 6, 1886. In milk business 
in Philadelphia. One child: (VI.) Edith Shelly, born 
Aug. 3. 1887. 

V. Daniel Shelly, born Oct. 26, 1864. S. 

V. EliF.Shelly;born Junel2, 1868; died Dec. 24, 1870. 

III. Mark Fretz, born—. Mrd. — Wismer,—. Chil- 
dren: Joseph, Henry, John, Mary, Barbara, Elizabeth. 

IV. Joseph Fretz born — . 

IV. Henry Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1811; died Sept, 12, 
1864. Mrd. Elizabeth Landis, Dec. 12. 1852. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Maria, Catharine, Eliza, Sarah, 

V. Maria Fretz, born Jan. 6, 1855; died May 12, 1855. 

— 349 — 

V. Catharine Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 30, 
1856. Mrd. Isaac M. Swartz, Sept. 7, 1878. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Elizabeth Swartz, born 
May 10, 1879; died Aug. 3, 1879. (VI.) — Swartz, 
born June 3, 1880; died "May 20, 1885. (VI.) Annie 
Swartz, born Oct. 1, 1882. (VI.) Ida Swartz, born 
Aug. 15, 1886. 

V." Eliza Fretz, born Sept. 27, 1858. Mrd. Mahlon 
Moyer,— . 

V. Sarah Fretz, born July 1, 1860. Mrd. Samuel 
L. Myers, Oct. 26, 1878. He died Feb. 25. 1889. 
Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Anna Mj^ers, 
born Jan. 26, 1885; died Jan. 16, 1887. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born Jan. 7, 1863. Mrd. Jacob 
Y. Moyer, of Springfield Twp. , Bucks Co., May 21, 
1884. Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Lizzie 
Moyer, born Jan. 31, 1887; died Feb. 9, 1887. 

IV.' John Fretz, born—; died—. Mrd. Catharine 
Moyer, Feb. 4, 1849. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Amanda, Henry, Barbara. 

V. Amanda Fretz, born Nov. 15, 1849. Mrd. John 
Keller, Jan. 12, 1878. Farmer. Lutherans. Children: 
(VI.) Minnie Keller, born July 29, 1878. (VI.) Ervin 
Keller, born July 7, 1881. (VI.) Jacob Keller, born 
June 13, 1886. 

V. Henry Fretz, born July 22, 1852. Mrd. Susan 
Keller,—. Farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Wil- 
mer. (VI.) Phares. (VI.) Harvey. (VI.) Ida. (VI.) Delia. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born Jan. 9, 1855. Mrd. Aaron 
Swartz, Nov. 17, 1877. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) 
Katie Swartz, born Nov. 2, 1878. (VI.) Ella Swartz, 
born Nov. 17, 1880. (VI.) Isaac Swartz, born May 
11, 1883. (VI.) Amanda Swartz, May 17, 1885. (VI.) 
Samuel Swartz, born Dec. 26, 1886. (VI.) Anna 
Swartz, born Jan. 26, 1889. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born—; died in 1889. Mrd. - 
Shelly, — *. He died — . Had issue. She mrd. for her 
second husband, — Frick. 

V. Catharine F. Shelly, born—. Mrd. Jacob K. 
Angeny. (See Index of References No. 111). 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born—; died—. Mrd. George 
Wismer, — . 

— 350 -- 
IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born—. 

III. Esther Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 19, 1790; 
died Mar. 28, 1865. Mrd. Christian Gayman, May 9, 
1809. He was born Feb. 9, 1782; died May 17, 1883. 
—They lived in Plumstead Twp. , on the old Gayman 
homestead, late the property of John Gayman. 
Shoemaker and farmer. Mennonites. Children: John, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Leah, Rachel, Mary, Henry, 
Christian, Esther, Sarah.— Esther, mrd. for her 
second husband Benjamin Wineberry, Jan. 22, 1835. 

IV. John Gayman, born in Bucks Co.,— . Mrd. — 
Hio-h,— . 

IV^ Barbara Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 10, 
1812; died Nov. 27, 1859. Mrd. Henry Hunsberger, 
of Hilltown Twp. He was born Mar. 14, 1811. Soon 
after marriage (Mar. 11, 1834), they emigrated to 
Lincoln Co., Ont., by team. They were 14| days on 
the way. They settled in Clinton Twp., where they 
remained three years, then moved to South Cayuga, 
Haldimand Co. Here they bought 120| acres of wood- 
land for $3.00 per acre. Having cleared a quarter acre, 
they began building a log house, and during the same 
summer they built a log barn. Six acres of land was 
cleared off and sown to fall wheat, from which they 
obtained 80 bushels. During the first summer they 
did their cooking and baking by a large tree. At that 
time, wolves, bears, and deer were very plentiful. 
Members of the Mennonite ch. , of which Mr. Huns- 
berger is a Deacon. Children: Jacob, Esther, Henry, 
Isaac, Benjamin, Catharine, Samuel, Barbara, Amelia, 

V. Jacob G. Hunsberger, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
Dec. 2, 1834. Mrd. Sarah Jane Huffman, Mar. 4, 
1857. His occupation is "Keeping Entire horses," 
and doctoring domestic animals at Dundee, Waterloo 
Co., Ont. U. Brethren. Children: Hester, Mary, 
Malinda, Lavina, Lottie. 

V. Hester Ann Hunsberger, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Feb. 18, 1858. Mrd. Thomas H. Lamont, Feb. 
18, 1844. Soon after marriage they moved to Mani- 
toba, where they now reside near High Bluff. Farmer 

— 351 — 

and teacher. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Tira La- 
mont. (VII.) Stella Lamont. 

VI. Mary Etta Hunsberger, born in Waterloo Co., 
Ont., Sept. 21, 1859. Mrd. Thomas Lind, of Water- 
loo, Jan. 1, 1879. In the spring of 1889 they moved 
to Beaver Creek, Manitoba, where they have several 
hundred acres of land. Farmer. Scotch Presbyterians. 
Children: (VII.) Alexander Lind. (VII.) James Lind. 
(VII.) Jennie Lind. (VII.) Lind. 

VI. Malinda Margaret Hunsberger. born in Waterloo 
Co.. Ont., Aug. 22, 1863. Mrd. John Wesley Parks, 
Dec. 20, 1882. Boss dyer for the Hespeler Woolen 
Mills Co., of Hespeler, Waterloo Co., Ont. Metho- 
dists. One child: (VII. Edith Maud Parks. 

VI. Lavina Jane Hunsberger, born in Waterloo Co., 
Ont., May 11, 1869. Mrd. Thomas Gell, of Preston, 
Waterloo Co., Ont. Boss loom fixer for the Preston 
Woolen Mills Co. Episcopalians. One child: (VII.) 
Lila Gell. 

VI. Lottie Elizabeth Hunsberger, born in Waterloo 
Co., Ont., Sept. 15, 1875. S. 

V. Esther Hunsberger, born in Lincoln Co., Ont., 
July 27, 1836. Mrd. Christian Bayer, of South Cay- 
uga, in Feb. 1861. He was born June 2, 1835. He is 
a mem. Men. Br. in Christ. She, Mennonite. Chil- 
dren: Henry, Benjamin, Rosa, Barbara. 

VI. Henry Bayer, born Oct. 7, 1861. Mrd. Sarah 
Lymburner, of South Cayuga, in Sept. 1881. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Loretta Mabel Bayer, born Jan. 28, 1886. 
(VII.) Elnorah Bayer, born July 1, 1888. 

VI. Benjamin Bayer, born Dec. 28, 1863. Resides at 
Berlin, Ont. 

VI. Rose Bayer, born June 5, 1866; died Aug. 29, 

VI. Barbara Bayer, born Oct. 29, 1870. S. 

V. Henry Hunsberger, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., 
Apr. 18, 1838. Mrd. Elizabeth Kinsley, Dec. 25, 1861. 
She was born Dec. 21, 1831. Methodists. Children: 
Kalesta, Mary. 

VI. Kalesta Catharine Hunsberger, born Jan. 29, 
1865. Mrd. George Wylie, of Chatham, Kent Co., 
Ont., Feb. 18, 1885. Saw-milling and farmer, at 


— 352 — 

Comber, Ont. Mrs. Wylie, Presbyterian. Children: 
(VII.) David Gordon Wylie, born Jan. 2, 1886. (VII.) 
Milton Wylie, born Jan. 20, 1887; died Feb. 4, 1887. 
(VII.) Gertrude Maud Wylie, born Apr. 18, 1888. 
VI. Mary Alice Hunsberger, born May 8, 1867. 
Lives at Cresbertorine, Ont. 

V. Isaac G. Hunsberger, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Sept. 13, 1811. Mrd. Mary Funk, of South 
Cayuga, Apr. 11, 1863. After marriage they lived 
two years at South Cayuga, then moved to Rainham, 
where they lived seventeen years, and then returned 
to South Cayuga, where they now reside. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Anna, Jacob, Rosetta, John. 

VI. Anna Maria Hunsberger, born in South Cayuga, 
Ont., Nov. 6, 1861. Mrd. Henry Huber, of South 
Cayuga, Jan. 10, 1886. Farmer. Mems. Ev. Ag 
Children: (VII.) Burness Huber, born Mar. 10, 1887 
(VII.) Clara Elizabeth Huber, born Sept. 21, 1888. 

VI. Jacob Henry Hunsberger, born Dec. 1, 1867. 
Mem. Ev. Ass. 

VI. Rosetta Hunsberger, born Jan. 13, 1872: died 
May 13, 1877. 

VI. John Elmer Hunsberger, born Dec. 5, 1878. 

V. Benjamin Hunsberger, born June 11, 1812: died 
Aug. 23, 1812. 

V. Catharine Hunsberger, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Aug, 20, 1813; died Oct. 26, 1859, aged 16y., 
2m., 6d. 

V. Samuel Hunsberger, born in Haldimand Co., 
Ont., Aug. 23. 1815. Mrd. Susannah High, Feb. 9, 
1869. She died Aug. 29, 1881. He is a farmer, and 
lives on the old homestead, at South Cuyaga. Mrs. 
Hunsberger was a member of the Mennonite ch. 
Children: (VI.) William Hunsberger, born Nov. 17, 
1869; died Dec. 11, 1877, aged 8y., 27d. (VI.) Abra- 
ham Hunsberger, bom Mar. 9, 1872. (VI.) Martha 
Hunsberger, born Apr. 7, 1871. (VI.) Annie Huns- 
berger, born July 9, 1877; died Apr. 1, 1878. (VI.) 
Alvin Hunsberger, born Nov. 11, 1879. Samuel mrd. 
for his second wife, Mary Cook, Sept. 20, 1885. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Laura Hunsberger, born June 10, 1886. 
(VI.) Roy Hunsberger, bonrAug. 13, 1888. 

— 353 — 

V. Barbara Hunsberger, born at South Cayuga, 
Nov. 5, 1848. Mrd. Henry Snyder, of Rainham, May 

25, 1869. Farmer and carpenter. They lived in Rain- 
ham 19 years, then moved to South Cayuga, where 
they now reside. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Elliot 
Snyder, born Aug. 18, 1870. (VI.) Lavina Snyder, 
born Mar. 31, 1872; died May 6, 1883. (VI.) Lucinda 
Snyder, born Aug. 26, 1874. (VI.) Amelia Barbara 
Snyder, born June 11, 1876. (VI.) Elizabeth Alice 
Snyder, born Dec. 12, 1878. (VI.) Edward Snyder, 
born Sept. 26, 1879. (VI.) Eva Anna Snyder, born 
May 17, 1881. (VI.) Jacob Henry Snyder, born Nov. 

26, 1882. (VI.) Rosan Snyder, born Sept. 15, 1884. 
(VI.) Mary Catharine Snyder, born Apr. 26, 1886; 
died Sept. 21, 1887. (VI.) William Samuel Snyder, 
born Sept. 12, 1887. 

V. Amelia Hunsberger, born May 16, 1851; died 
Aug. 19, 1884, aged33y., 3m., 3d. She was always 
respected and loved by her many friends. She was 
converted at the age of 17, and united with the Ev. ch. 
She lived a consistent life up to the time of her death, 
and passed away in the triumphs of faith. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsberger, born at South Cayuga, 
Sept. 30, 1853. Mrd. Christian Cook, Sept. 22, 1874. 
Res. in Kent Co., Ont, Methodists. Children: (VI.) 
Jessie Rosalpha Cook, born Sept. 23, 1875. (VI.) 
William Edmund Cook, born Aug. 2, 1876. (VI.) 
Florence Maud Cook, born June 19, 1886. 

IV. Elizabeth Cayman, born—. Mrd. Philip High. 

IV. Rachel Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 
15, 1815; died Dec. 10, 1881. Mrd. Joseph High, 
Nov. 25, 1849. Farmer. Mennonites. One child: 

V. Mary High, born Sept. 11, 1853; died Nov. 26, 
1881. Mrd. John M. Overholt, Feb. 1, 1879. One 
child: (VI.) Rachel H. Overholt, born Nov. 20, 1880. 

IV. Leah Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 15, 1815; 
died Aug. 9, 1876. In the spring of 1843 she went to 
visit her sister, in Canada. She remained there, and 
was mrd. to Jacob Stoner, of South Cayuga, Sept. 
30, 1845. He died Feb. 8, 1886. Farmer in Haldi- 
inand Co., Ont. Mennonites. Children: Benjamin, 
Rachel, Jacob, Infant, John, Sarah. 

— 354 — 

V. Benjamin Stoner, born in Haldimand Oo. , Ont., 
Oct. 9, 1846. Resides on the Old Homestead, in 
Haldimand Co., Ont. Farmer. Mem. Ev. Ass. 

V. Rachel Stoner, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., July 
5, 1848; died Feb. 21, 1885. Mrd. Peter Storm, of 
Humberstone, Welland Co., Ont., Oct. 28, 1873. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Luzetta Alice 
Storm, born Nov. 29, 1874. (VI.) Leslie Benjamin 
Storm, born Sept. 30, 1877. (VI.) Elra Edmond 
Storm, born Feb. 26, 1880. (VI.) Elsie Gabell Storm, 
born Mar. 19, 1882. (VI.) Ida May Storm, born Jan. 
16, 1885. 

V. Jacob Stoner, born Jan. 4, 1850; died Aug. 2, 

V. Infant son, born and died May 1, 1852. 

V. John Stoner, born in Haldimand Co., Ont., Apr. 
22, 1864. Mrd. Adelia Wismcr, daughter of John 
and Agnes Wismer, of Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 31, 
1878. Formerly a farmer, now employed in Button 
factory at Berlin, Ont, Ref. Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) Wilson Stoner, born July 18, 1881. (VI.) Justus 
Stoner, born May 25, 1886. 

V. Sarah Ann Stoner, born in Haldimand Co., Ont,, 
Mar. 8, 1860. Lives on the Old Homestead with her 
brother. Unmrd. 

IV. Mary Gayman, born in 1819; died single. • 

IV. Henry Gayman, born in 1S21 — . 

IV. Christian Gayman, born in Bucks Co., July 2, 
1823. . Mrd. Mary L. Shaddiriger, Sept. 30, 1845. 
Farmer near Fountainville. Mennonites. Children: 
Abraham, Harvey. 

V. A. James Gayman, born Oct, 12, 1847. Mrd. 
Lydia Swartzlander, June 14, 1877. Mr. Gayman, 
began teaching school in 1866, and has followed that 
profession ever since. One child: (VI.) Paul Swartz- 
lander Gayman, born May 13, 1885. 

V. Harvey Gayman, born Apr. 12, 1849. Mrd. 
Sarah Gross, in Sept., 1876. He was formerly a 
school teacher, but now lives on a farm adjoining his 
father's, which he purchased in 1885. Children: (VI.) 
Bertha Gayman, born July 23, 1879. (VI.) J. Willis 

— 355 — 

Gayman, born Sept. 4, 1882; died Feb. 23, 1889. 
(VI.) George G. Gayman, born Mar. 1, 1886. 

IV. Esther Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
18, 1826. Mrd.' Jacob C. Crouthamel, of Bedminster 
Twp., May 18. 1845. Farmer. Children: William, 
Elizabeth, Esther, Israel, Christian, Mary, Adam, 
Anna, Leah, Jacob, Samuel, Lydia, Rachel. 

VI William James Crouthamel, born Jan. 18, 1847. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Keller, Nov. 29, 1873. Shoemaker 
and Creameryman. Lutheran. Children: (VI.) Byron, 
born Jan. 30, 1881. (VI.) Sarah, born June 16, 1882. 
(VI.) Austin, born July 29, 1885. (VI.) Cephas, born 
Apr. 9, 1887. 

V. Elizabeth Crouthamel, born June 19, 1848. Mrd. 
Joseph D. Hagey, Sept. 12, 1868. He was born Apr. 
1, 1841. Shoemaker. Lutherans. Children: (vl.) 
Edward C. Hagey, born July 23, 1869. Harness- 
maker. (VI.) Anna Martha Hagey, born Dec. 3, 1870. 
Tailoress. Lutheran. (VI.) Wilson C. Hagey, born 
Apr. 6, 1872. Harness-maker. (VI.) Clavton C. 
Hagey, born Dec. 1, 1873; died Sept. 4, 1887. (VI.) 
Jacob Leidy Hagey, born Aug. 7, 1875. (VI.) John 
Harrison Hagey, born Aug. 9, 1876; died same day. 
(VI.) William Allen Hagey, born May 12, 1877. (VI.) 
Stella Hagey, born Apr. 16, 1879. (VI.) Justus 
Theodore Hagey, born Apr. 11, 1881. (VI.) Lester 
Hagey, born Oct. 15, 1882; died Oct. 17, 1882. 

V. Esther Crouthamel, born May 24, 1850. Mrd. 
John C. Detweiler, of Haycock, Sept. 9, 1871. La- 
borer, and Toll Collector near Dublin. Lutherans. 
Children: (VI.) Isaac C. Detweiler, born Sept. 9, 1873. 
(VI.) Anna Mary Detweiler, born Nov. 14, 1875. (VI.) 
Esther Elizabeth Detweiler, born Apr. 15, 1877. (VI.) 
Jacob Aaron Detweiler, born Apr. 15, 1880. 

V. Israel G. Crouthamel, born Sept. 10, 1851. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Moyer, May 19, 1877. She was born Nov. 
16, 1854; died June 8, 1882. He mrd. for his second 
wife, Lizzie O. Fretz, June 9, 1883. Shoemaker. 
Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Emerson F. Crouthamel, 
born Mar. 15, 1884. (VI.) Susanna F. Crouthamel, 
born Sept. 2, 1885. (VI.) Cyrus F. Crouthamel, born 

— 356 — 

Feb. 20, 1887. (VI.) Henry A. Crouthamel, born Oct. 
29, 1888. 

V. Christian Crouthamel, born Aug. 15, 1853. Mrd. 
Catharine Shelly. 

V. Mary Ella Crouthamel, born Dec. 17, 1855; died 
Oct. 18, 1861. 

V. Adam Crouthamel, born Oct. 8, 1857. Mrd. Re- 
becca Daub — . 

V. Anna Catharine Crouthamel, born Aug. 19, 1859; 
died Mar. 14, 1883. Mrd. Lewis H. Hoffman. 

V. Leah Crouthamel, born Mar. 27, 1861. Mrd. 
Aaron Loux. 

V. Jacob J. Crouthamel, born Apr. 30, 1863. Mrd. 
Sallie Theroff. 

V. Samuel L. Crouthamel, born Nov. 9, 1864. Mrd. 
Lillic Adelia Bauder. 

V. Lydia Ann Crouthamel, born Jan. 28, 1868. S. 

V. Rachel Crouthamel, born Dec. 6, 1871. S. 

IV. Sarah Gayman, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 12, 
1829. Mrd. Samuel F. Young, Aug. 15, 1847. Car- 
penter and Shoemaker. Methodists. Reside at Lam- 
bertville, N. J. Children: Alvin, Benjamin, William, 
Esther. Susanna, Lydian, Emma, Samuel, Charles, 

V. Alvin L. Young, born Apr. 24, 1849; died July 
31, 1851. 

V. Benjamin W. Young, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 
1, 1851. Mrd. Mary Jane Pritchard, of Buckingham 
Twp., Oct. 28, 1871. She was born Nov. 11, 1851. 
Clerk in store at Point Pleasant, Pa. Baptists. No 

V. Willliam H. Yopng, born in Plumstead Twp., 
July 13, 1854. Mrd. Anna R, Kilmer, of Tinicum 
Twp., Bucks Co. Miller. Baptist. One child: (VI.) 
Tessie Young. 

V. Esther E. Young, born in Plumstead Twp., Sept. 
8, 1857. Mrd. Jacob Bright, of Plumstead Twp., 
July 23, 1853. Flagman on Penna. R. R. Baptists. 
Children: (VI.) Edward Y. Bright, born Nov. 20, 
1875. (VI.) Howard C. Bright, born July 24, 1877. 
(VI.) William K. Bright, born Oct. 12, 1880. (VI.) 
Albert V. Bright, born Aug. 30, 1883. (VI.) Charles 

- 357 — 

W. Bright, born Aug. 16, 1886. (VI.) Elizabeth F. 
Bright, born Sept, 30, 1888. 

V. Lydia Young, born in Plumstead Twp., Bueks 
Co., Apr. 7, 1862. Mrd. William Miller, of Carvers- 
ville, Pa. Children: (VI.) Wilson Miller. (VI.) Harry 
Miller. (VI.) Laura Miller. (VI.) Sarah Miller. 

V. Susanna Young, born in Plumstead Twp. , Bucks 
Co., Feb. 11, 1860. Mrd. Charles B. Still, of Hat- 
boro, Pa. They emigrated to Northern Dakota, Apr., 
1885, took land, and are now farming. Mrs. Still, 
Baptist, Children: (VI.) Lambert Still (VI.) Sarah 
M. Still. 

V. Emma Jane Young, born in Pipersville, Bucks 
Co., Aug. 26. 1864. Mrd. Frederick Schultze, of 
New Hope, Pa. — . Laborer. Mrs. Schultze, Baptist. 
Children: (VI.) Walter Schultze, born— ; died—. (VI.) 
Samuel Schultze, born—; died—. (VI.) Richard F. 

V. Samuel G. Young, born at Point Pleasant, Pa., 
Oct. 5, 1866. Mrd. Clara Fenner, of New Hope, Pa. 
— . Laborer. One child: (VI.) Louisa Young. 

V. Charles E. Young, born in Point Pleasant, Pa., 
Nov. 28, 1869, at Lambertville, N. J. 

V. Sarah Young, born Jan. 19, 1871; died Jan. 22, 1871. 

III. Henry Fretz, born — ; died — . Mrd. Susan God- 
shalk — . Children: Mary, Barbara. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born — ; died. Mrd. Abraham Shad- 
dinger — . Farmer and drover. Children: Andrew, 
Susanna, Henry, Hannah. 

V. Andrew Shaddinger, born June 29, 1838. Mrd. 
Martha Smith, Nov. 24, 1861. She was born Apr. 
27, 1844. Merchant at Point Pleasant, Pa. Children: 
Mary, Adda. 

VI. Mary S. Shaddinger, born May 21, 1868. Mrd. 
William R. Cooper, M. D., — . Physician at Point 
Pleasant, Pa., where he enjoys an extensive practice. 

VI. Adda Shaddinger, born Dec. 25, 1871. 

V. Susanna Shaddinger, born Nov. 16, 1843. Mrd. 
John D. Walter, Nov. 2, 1865. Merchant at Point 
Pleasant. Member and Deacon of the Baptist. 
Children: Willis, Ella, Charles. 

— 358 — 

VI. J. Willis Walter, born Sept. 12, 1868. He is 
reading Medicine under Dr. A. M. Cooper, and tak- 
ing a Collegiate Course at the Medico Chirurgical Col- 
lege in Philadelphia. 

VI. Ella Walter, born Apr. 13, 1874. 

VI. Charles Arthur Walter, born Nov. 17, 1882. 

V. Henry Shaddinger, born — . S. 

V. Hannah Shaddinger, born — . 

IV. Barabara Fretz, born — . 

III. Jonas Fretz, born—; died—. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Alderfer— . Farmer, in Bedminster Twp. Children: 
Barbara, Mary, Isaac, Eliza, Catharine, Hannah, 
Levi, Sarah. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born — . 

IV. MaryjFretz, born—; died—. Mrd. Christian 
Leatherman, — . Had issue, and mostly mrd. 

IV. Isaac Fretz, born in 1828; died 1885. Mrd. 
Anna Myers in 1854. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Jonas, Elias, Sarah, Mary. 

V. Jonas Fretz, born in 1854. Mrd. Anna Tyson, in 

V. Elias Fretz, born in 1855. Mrd. Elizabeth Tyson, 
1884. Children: (VI.) Oscar Fretz, born in 1885. (VI.) 
Ervin Fretz, born in 1887. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born in 1858. S. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in 1860. S. 

IV. Eliza Fretz, born—. Mrd. William Myers, of 
Dublin— . 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born—; died unmrd. 

IV. Hannah Fretz, born—; died—. Mrd. Lewis 
Myers.: (See Index of References No. 112). 

IV. Sarah Fretz, born—. Mrd. John Overholt. (See 
Index of References No. 113). 

IV. Levi A. 'Fretz, born—; died May 17, 1885. 
Mrd. Mary Overholt—. . Children: Joseph, Lizzie, 
Abraham, Mary. -_; ' TT , n 

V. Joseph O. Fretz, born in 1856. Mrd. Hulda 
Leatherman, Aug. 2, 1879. Commission Merchant. 
No issue. 

V. Lizzie O. Fretz, born June 19, 1858. Mrd. Israel 
GK Crouthamel (See Index of References tfo, 114), 

— 359 — 

V. Abraham (). Fretz, born Oct. 29, 1859. Mrd. 
Sue Moyer, Sept. 6, 1884. Farmer. New Mennonites. 
One child: (VI.) Joseph Warren Fretz, born May 16, 


V. Mary Ann Fretz, born—. Mrd. Reuben D. 
Landis. (See Index of References No. 145). 

III. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 19, 
1793; died Apr. 23, 1875. Mrd. Susanna Bergy— . 
She was born Mar. 18, 1793; died Mar. 19, 1878. 
Farmer and Minister. He was ordained to the min- 
istry of the Mennonite church in 1843, and faithfully 
served the church for about thirty-two years. Chil- 
dren: Jacob, Barbara, Henry, Abraham. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 25, 1816. 
Mrd. Susan Bergy, Jan., 1837. Carpenter, and far- 
mer. At present speculator in Brewery grain, at 
Hatfield, Pa. Children: Mary, Abraham, Susan, 
Jacob, Sarah, William, and two died young. 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born Feb.. 12, 1837. Mrd. John 
M. Smith, Nov. 15, 1858. He died Feb. 16, 1878. No 
issue. Mary Ann mrd. for her second husband, Peter 
D. Hedrick, Nov. 7, 1883. Butcher. Ger. Ref. No 

V. Abraham H. Fretz, born Nov. 30, 1840. Mrd. 
Mary Amanda Hendricks—. She died Feb. 3, 1880. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Elizabeth H. 
Fretz, born Feb. 25, 1871. (VI.) Henry H. Fretz, 
boi-> July 25, 1872; died Mar. 25, 1876. (VI.) Joseph 
H. Fretz, born Oct, 2, 1874. (VI.) William H. Fretz, 
born May 20, 1876. (VI.) Mary Ann Fretz, born Oct. 
25, 1878. Abraham mrd. for his second wife, Su- 
sanna R. Rickert— . Children: (VI.) Sarah R. Fretz, 
born Sept. 27, 1881. (VI.) Ellen R. Fretz, born Sept. 
28, 1883; died Sept. 24, 1884. (VI.) Ida R. Fretz, 
born Jan. 5, 1885. (VI.) Emma R. Fretz, born Sept. 
4, 1886. (VI.) David R. Fretz, born Apr. 25, 1888. 

V. Susan Fretz, born Apr. 19, 1843; died Aug. 24, 
1887. Mrd. Christian G. Musselman, in 1861. He 
was killed Feb. 18, 1874. Wheelwright. Seven chil- 
dren; Five living; two dead. 

— 360 — 

V. Sarah Fretz, born Mar. 10, 1846. Mrd. David 
Heavner, Jan. 20, 1872, Tinsmith. No issue. 

V. Jacob B. Fretz, born July 11, 1851. S. 

V. William B. Fretz, born Mar. 29, 1858. Mrd. 
Mary Ellen Rosenberger, Nov. 27, 1879. She was 
born Apr. 15, 1858. Tinsmith and Sheet Iron worker. 
Dunkards. No issue. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born Dec. 15, 1817; died July 4, 
1890. Mrd. Samuel Fellman. Five children: Four 
died single, one: (V.) Henry Fellman, born — . Mrd. 
Catharine Bean — . 

IV. Henry B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 14, 
1821. Mrd. Barbara Rosenberger, Oct. 9, 1842. 
Mason by trade, and retired farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Sarah, Abraham, Susanna, Sylvester, 
Mary, James. 

V. Sarah Ann Fretz, born Nov. 29, 1844. Mrd. 
James Garis, Mar. 21, 1874. Teamster at 2246 Tyson 
St., Philadelphia. Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Pear- 
son Garis, born Sept. 15, 1875; died Nov. 18, 1875. 
(VI.) Mary Ellen Garis, born Apr. 5, 1881; died Apr. 
14, 1882. (VI.) Warren Garis, born Aug. 4, 1877. 
(VI.) Sylvester Garis, born Mar. 19, 1883. 

V. Abraham Joseph Fretz, born Apr. 9, 1847. Mrd. 
Mary Handle,—. She died—. Two children: (VI.) 
Frank H., (VI.) William H. He mrd. for his second 
wife, Susan Yoder— . Children: (VI.) Ephraim Y. 
(VI.) Laura Y. (VI.) Cora Y. (VI.) Malinda Y. (VI.) 
Martha (dec'd). (VI.) Bertha (dec'd). 

V. Susanna Fretz, born Aug. 14, 1850. Mrd. Addi- 
son Reinhart, Dec. 5, 1868. Farmer and Tailor. 
Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Alice Reinhart, born Apr. 
17, 1869. (VI.) Infant, died unnamed. (VI.) Erwin 
Reinhart, born June 8, 1871; died Apr. 21, 1872. 
(VI.) Nelson Reinhart, born Aug. 24, 1872. (VI.) 
Clinton Reinhart, born Dec. 12, 1874. (VI.) Mabel 
Reinhart, born June 25, 1885. 

V. Sylvester R. Fretz, born Nov. 5, 1854. Mrd. 
Laura Yeager — . Children: (VI.) Amanda Naomi 
Fretz, born—; died—. (VI.) Martha Fretz. 

V. Mary Amanda Fretz, born Aug. 31, 1857. S. 

- 361 - 

V. James Henry Fretz, born Sept. 10, 1862; died 
Nov. 6. 1881. 

IV. Abraham B. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 7, 
1821. Mrd. Elizabeth S. Stauffer, Jan. 28, 1819. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Cornelius, Samuel, 
Abraham, Susanna, Catharine, George, Elizabeth, 
Henry, Mary. 

V. Cornelius Fretz, born Dec. 18, 1819; died Feb. 
22, 1863. 

V. Samuel S. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 12, 
1851. Mrd. Anna M. Rickert, of Philadelphia, in 
1876. Manufacturer of Umbrellas, Parasols and 
Canes. Res. Philadelphia. Children: (VI.) Frank 
Howard Fretz, born Feb. 20, 1877. (VI.) Florence 
May Fretz, born July 23, 1878; died Jan. 5, 1880. 
(VI.) Jay Warren Fretz, born July 19, 1880. 

V. Abraham Fretz, born July 19, 1852; died Dec. 
3, 1869. 

V. Susanna Fretz, born Sept. 20, 1853; died Feb. 
21, 1863. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Jan. 3, 1856; died Feb. 19, 

V. George W. Fretz, born July 1, 1857. Mrd. Lucy 
A. Wiegner — . Manufacturer of Shirts and dealer 
in Men's Furnishing Goods, in Philadelphia. Men- 
nonites. Children: (VI.) Samuel Harvey Fretz, born 
July 3, 1881. (VI.) Dora Mav Fretz, born Sept, 22, 
1881. (VI.) Lizzie Fretz, bornMar. 18, 1889. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Sept. 22, 1858; died Mar. 
1, 1863. 

V. Henry Fretz, born July 9, 1861; died Aug. 28, 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born June 8, 1861. Mrd. Isaiah 
W. Gross, Oct. 11, 1881. Foreman in Samuel S. 
Fretz's Umbrella Factory, in Philadelphia. Menno- 
nites. One child: (VI.) Anna Elizabeth Gross, born 
Jan. 11, 1887. 

III. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 27, 1797; 
died July 21, 1872. Mrd. Joseph Wisler, in Mar., 
1827. He was born Dec. 7, 1796. Farmer, and 
Weaver. They at first lived in Haycock Twp., and 

— 362 — 

then moved to the Old Henry Fretz' Homestead, in 
Bedminster, which he still owns. He resides at pres- 
ent with his son-in-law, Henry Lapp, near Doyles- 
town. Mennonites. Children: John, Henry, Bar- 
bara, Samuel. 

IV. John Wisler, born Apr. 8, 1828; died July 21, 
1851. Farmer, and Shoemaker. 

IV. Henry Wisler, born Aug. 19, 1830. Mrd. Mary 
Myers, Jan. 4, 1854. She died—. Children: Joseph, 
Abraham, Sarah, Lydia. He mrd. for his second 
wife, Mary Myers, in Jan., 1866. Carpenter. Chil- 
dren: Mary, Emma, Rachel. 

V. Joseph Wisler, born Sept. 10, 1856. Mrd. Kitty 
Allen, in Oct., 1880. Employed in Rolling Mill, at 
Bethlehem, Pa. Children: (VI.) Toleda, Clarence. 

V. Abraham Wisler, born in Sept., 1858. Mrd- 
Emma Miller—. Children: (VI.) Ida May Wisler, 
born Jan. 15, 1888. (VI.) —Daughter, born Sept. 20, 

V. Sarah Ann, and Lydia Wisler, born—; died in 
Jan., 1865; both buried in one grave. 

V. Mary Ann Wisler, born Oct., 1867. S. 

V. Emma Wisler, born in 1868. Mrd. Milton Moyer, 
Dec. 25, 1887. Laborer. One child: (VI.) Joseph 

V. Rachel Wisler, bom in 1870; died—. 

IV. Barbara Wisler, born Oct. 15, 1832. Mrd. Henry 
Lapp, in Feb., 1852. Farmer, near Doylestown. Chil- 
dren: Abraham, Joseph, Samuel. 

V. Abraham Lapp, born in 1853; died Jan. 5, 1854. 
V. Joseph Lapp, born Jan. 16, 1855. Mrd. Sallie 

Godshalk, Dec. 8, 1877. Boot and Shoemaker. Men- 
nonites. One child: (VI.) Dyllwin Lapp, born Sept. 
19, 1883; died next day. 

V. Samuel Lapp, born—. Mrd. Sallie Swartly, in 
Oct., 1880. Teamster at Lansdale, Pa., Children: 
(VI.) Lizzie. (VI.) Laura. 

IV. Samuel Wisler, born Nov. 23, 1835. Mrd. Sarah 
Moyer, Nov. 15, 1857. She was born Apr. 4, 1835. 
Farmer in Bedminster Twp. Children: Henry, Isaac, 
Anna, Joseph, Noah, John, Mary, Abraham, Sq. 

— 363 - 

sanna, Sarah, Samuel, Lydia, Jonas, Elizabeth, Bar- 
bara, Allen. 

V. Henry Wisler, born Aug. 30, 1858. Mrd. Isa- 
bella Keeler, Oct. 9, 1881. Farmer at Hatfield, Pa. 
No issue. 

V. Isaac Wisler, born Jan. 26, 1860; died Mar. 
26, 1860. 

V. Anna Wisler, born Apr. 28, 1861. Mrd. Joseph 
Alderfer, Sept. 3, 1882. Farmer. Children: (VI.) 
Sallie. (VI.) John. 

V. Joseph M. Wisler, born Sept. 28, 1862; died 
May 7, 1863. 

V.' Noah Wisler, born Nov. 13, 1863. Mrd. Jane C. 
Rumfelt, July 30, 1886. Farmer. Children: (VI.) 
Stella. (VI.) Matilda. 

V. John Wisler, born Jan. 15, 1865; died Feb. 21, 

V. Mary Wisler, born Jan. 17, 1866; died Dec. 5, 

V. Abraham Wisler, born June 26, 1867; died same 

V. Susanna Wisler, born July 6, 1868; died 24- hours 
after birth. 

V. Sarah Wisler, born June 18, 1869; died Aug. 13, 

V. Samuel Wisler, born July 12, 1870; died Mar. 
18, 1871. ! . a« , 

V. Lydia Wisler, born Jan. 8, 1872. S. 

V. Jonas Wisler, born Mar. 13, 1874; died Oct. 2, 

V. Elizabeth Wisler, born June 28, 1875. 

V. Barbara Wisler, born July 29, 1877. 

V. Allen Wisler, born Nov. 30, 1882; died Apr. 6, 

III. David Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Oct, 12, 1801; 
died at Steinsburg, Pa., Aug. 5, 1869. Mrd. Mary 
Engleman, daughter of Andrew Engleman, of Upper 
Saucon. She died Mar. 17, 1846, aged 34 years. He 
was merchant, and had a store at Plumsteadville fo 
eighteen years. During the latter part of his life h 
lived with his daughter, Minerva, retired from bus 

— 364 — 

ness. The last seven years of his life he was speech- 
less, suffering from a paralytic stroke from which he 
died. Children: Minerva, Oliver, Infant. 

IV. Minerva E. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 10, 
1835. Mrd. Levi H. Leatherman, son of Jacob 
Leatherman, Apr. 5, 1855. Mr. Leatherman was 
formerly engaged in the Mercantile business for over 
twenty years; then went into the Lumber business, 
which he still follows. Ger. Ref. Children: Harvey, 
Granville, Ella, Howard, Flora. 

V. Granville Leatherman, born Jan. 13, 1857; died 
May 11, 1861. 

V. Harvey Leatherman, born Apr. 1, 1860; died 
May 14, 1861; both buried in the same grave. 

V. Ella Leatherman, born Feb. 22, 1863. Dress- 
maker. Lutheran. 

V. Howard Leatherman, born Oct. 1. 1868. Clerk, 
at Quakertown, Pa. 

V. Flora Leatherman, born Feb. 4, 1871. Dress- 
maker. Ger. Ref. 

IV. Oliver Fretz, born in 1838; died in 1859, aged 
about 21 years. 

IV. A daughter died in Infanc}\ 


II. Barbara Fretz, youngest child of tk Weaver" 
John, and Maria Fretz, born — ; died — . Nothing is 
known of her. It is probable that she never married. 


(Tinicum Branch.) 

I. Christian Fretz (brother of "Weaver" John), 
settled in Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., along the 
Tinicum creek, at the place now known as Heaney's 
Mill. The house stood on the opposite side of the 
road, a short distance from the present one. The 
farm originally contained about 140 acres, and is 
now divided into three tracts. The present house is 
of stone, was built by his son Christian, and is now 
over one hundred years old. The homestead with 
about 40 acres of the original tract, is owned and 
occupied by Joseph M. Hockman. Sixty-five acres 
are owned by Henry S. Wolfinger, and 25 acres by 
— Johnson. It is probable that some of his children 
scattered early, were lost sight of and forgotten, so 
that nothing definite is known of but three or four 
of them, although there are slight evidences of others. 
So far, in our investigations, we have not learned that 
he had any daughters. His children that are known 
were: Abraham, Mark, Christian Daniel. Those who 
probably were or are supposed to have been his chil- 
dren, are: John, Jacob, Henry. 


II. Abraham Fretz (son of Christian Fretz, of Tini- 
cum). The date of his birth is not known, but he was 
born as early as 1745, or before that date. When he 
died is not known. He was married to Dorothea 
Kulp*»— • . In 1775 he purchased a farm in Bedminster 
Twp., .consisting of 221 acres, of Alexander Brown, 
who purchased it from Richard and Thomas Penn 
(Governors and Esqs.), in 1758. The farm is now di- 
vided into four farms, owned and occupied as follows: 
Jacob F. Hockman, on the north; Levi Hockman on 
the north-east; and Anthony R. Fretz and Quincy A. 
Fretz on the south-west. It is quite probable that 
Abraham Fretz and his wife were among the early 
worshipers of the Mennonite church at Deep Run, 
and buried there. Their children were: Judith, Eliza- 
beth, Henry, Joseph, Esther, Anna, Barbara. 

III. Judith Fretz, born Oct. 2, 1767; died Nov. 7, 
1847. Mrd. John Meyer (his second wife) July 3, 
1788. He died July 10, 1814. They lived on a farm 
on the Durham road, S. E. of Pipersville. They were 
members of the Mennonite eh. Children: Abraham, 
John, Christian, Joseph, Jacob, Christian, William, 
Dorothea, Samuel, Isaac. 

* It is rather remarkable that the three brothers, Abraham, 
Mark and Christian Fretz, married three sisters, viz: Dorothea, 
Gertrude, and Judith Kulp; and a cousin, John Fretz of the 
Bedminster Branch, who emigrated to Canada, married Mary 
Kulp, also a sister of the above. 

— 367 — 

IV. Abraham S. Meyer, born Jan. 9, 1790; died—. 
Mrd. Anna Kulp, — . Tanner. Mennonites. Children: 
John, Jacob, William, Henry, Mary, Sarah. 

V. John K. Myers, born in Bucks Co. Mrd. Maria 
Fretz, daughter of "Velvet" Henry Fretz, Sept. 22, 
1844. Farmer and miller. Children: David, Amos, 
Martha, Albert, Minerva, Anthony, Anna. 

VI. David F. Myers, born Jan. 25, 1845. Mrd. Lucy 
A. Campbell, Sept. 10, 1868. Wholesale shipper and 
dealer in baled hay and grain, and Assistant U. S. 
Express Agt., at Marion, Kan. Lutherans. Children: 
(VI f.) Mamie A. Myers, born Oct, 2, 1869. (VII.) Wil- 
lie E. Myers, born Sept. 9, 1871. (VII.) Stacy Myers, 
born May, 1, 1875. (VII.) Louie Myers, born June 2, 
1883. (VII.) Josie Myers, born Nov. 8, 1888. 

VI. Amos F. Myers, born Feb. 23, 1847. Mrd. 
Sarah E. Fretz, daughter of Drover Abraham Fretz, 
Aug. 1, 1867. She died Jan. 3, 1871. One Child: 
(VII.) John F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 29, 
1867. Teacher in the public schools. Ger. Ref. Amos 
mrd. for his second wife Mrs. Lavina Solliday 
(maiden name Gillmer), Sept. 1, 1874. Grocer in 
Philadelphia. Children: (VII.) Arthur Myers, born 
Sept. 9, 1879. (VII.) Raymond Myers, born May 7, 
1881. (VII.) Vernon Myers, born Nov. 24, 1883. 

VI. Martha F. Myers, born June 8, 1848. Mrd. 
William S. Swope, Sept. 1, 1866. Children: (VII.) 
Emaretta Swope, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 8, 1867. 
Mrd. Reuben Snyder, Aug. 9, 1888. Farmer. (VII.) 
Frances M. Swope, born June 1, 1870. (VII.) Harry 
Edgar Swope, born July 10, 1872. (VII.) John Wes- 
ley Swope, born Oct. 24, 1877. (VII.) Mamie Swope, 
born Nov. 25, 1886. 

VI. Albert F. Myers, born May 4, 1850. Mrd. Kate 
Moyer, Sept. 22, 1877. Butcher at Perkasie, Pa. 
Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Ulysses M. Myers, born 
Nov. 18, 1879. (VII.) Lillie Viola M. Myers, born 
July 24, 1883. (VII.) Wesley M. Myers, born Aug 
13, 1885. (VII.) Flora M. Myers, born Mar. 24, 1888. 

VI. Minerva F. Myers, born Jan. 10, 1854. Mrd. 
Isaac L. Fretz. (See Index of References No. 115). 

— 368 — 

VI. Anthony F. Myers, M.D., born in Plumstead 
Twp., Bucks Co., Jan. 6, 1856, and was reared on 
his father's farm and mill property, on the Tohickon 
creek, in Tinicum Twp., and attended the public 
schools during the winter months. At the age of 20 
he attended the Mennonite Seminary, at Wadsworth, 
Ohio, for a year, and began teaching in the public 
schools of Tinicum in the fall of 1876. The following 
two years he taught the Pipersville school, and during 
the summer term attended the Millersville State Nor- 
mal School. In Sept. 1879 he again entered the Nor- 
mal school at Millersville for a year, and while there 
was tendered and accepted the position of assistant 
Principal of the Tressler Orphan's Home at Loysyille, 
Perry Co., Pa. After filling the responsible position 
very acceptably to the Board of Trustees for two 
years, he resigned, and spent several months travel- 
ing, visiting numerous national cemeteries, and old 
battle fields, and various places of interest in some of 
the Southern States. In Sept. 1882, he entered the 
office of Dr. S. S. Brumbaugh, at Pipersville, Pa., 
and began the study of medicine. He studied under 
the efficient supervision of his preceptor, Dr. Brum- 
baugh, until the following year, when he entered the 
Missouri Medical College, at St. Louis, from which 
institution he graduated as Physician and Surgeon in 
Mar. 1885. Returning East, he, in order to become a 
practicing physician in Pa., passed a creditable ex- 
amination at the Medico Chirurgical College of Phila- 
delphia, and since Apr. 1885, he has been a practicing 
physician and surgeon at Blooming Glen, where by 
good success and his ambition to become more pro- 
ficient in his profession, he has gained the confidence 
of the people, and is enjoying a lucrative practice. 
Dr. Myers was mrd. Oct. 11, 1888, to Wilhelmina S., 
daughter of Simon H., and Lydia (Savacool) Snyder. 
She was born Mar. 21, 1864. Lutherans. The doctor 
is an active member of the Bucks Co. Medical Society, 
the Lehigh Valley Medical Association, a charter 
member of the Perkasie Lodge No. 671, I. O. O. F., 
and a member of the Sellersville Encampment, 
I. O. O. F., No. 252. 

— 369 — 

VI. Anna Barbara Myers, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 
5, 1860. Mrd. Hillary S. Althouse, May 23, 1885. 
Tailor. Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Herbert Althouse, 
bom Oct. 29, 1885. 

V. Jacob K. Myers,—. No issue. 

V. Mary K. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 23, 
1821. Mrd. — Welsh. Res., Philadelphia. No issue. 

V. Sarah K. Myers, born June 21, 1824. Mrd. Jacob 
F. Moyer. He died Jan. 12, 1871. (See Index of 
References No. 116). Sarah mrd. for her second hus- 
band Zeno F. Gerhart, of Franconia Twp., Montg. 
Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1873. Farmer. Ger. Ref. No 

V. William K. Meyers, born Jan. 17, 1829; died 
Mar. 13, 1889. Mrd. Mary M. , daughter of George 
and Sarah Fulmer, of Haycock Twp., Dec. 19, 1852. 
He, New Mennonite. She, Ger. Ref. Children: 
Charles, Tilghman, Sarah, Wilson, Emma, Mary. 

VI. Charles F. Myers, born Jan. 23, 1853. Mr. 
Meyers is an Attorney at Law, at Doylestown, Pa. S. 

VI. Tilghman F. Meyers, born June 5, 1886. Mrd. 
Susan Gehman, Jan. 9, 1886. Farmer. Mennonite. 
No issue. 

VI. Sarah A. Meyers, born Nov. 3, 1859. Mrd. Levi 
G., son of Samuel and Hannah Bealer, Mar. 27, 1880. 
Shoemaker and Miller. His present occupation is 
farmer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Adalina Bealer. 
(VII.) Ella Bealer. (VII.) Herbert Bealer. (VII.) Wil- 
liam Bealer. (VII.) Emma Bealer. 

VI. William F. Meyers, born Dec. 23, 1862. Mrd. 
Emma L., daughter of John and Nancy Meas, of 
Pleasant Valley, Mar. 26, 1887. Carpenter. Mems. 
of Christian ch., Springfield, Pa. Children: (VII.) 
Stella Meyers, born July 10, 1887; died Feb. 14, 
1889. (VII.) Clarence Myers, born Jan. 1, 1889. 

VI. Mary Ellen Meyers, born Mar. 17, 1866; died 
Nov. 21, 1867. 

VI. Emma L. Meyers, born Feb. 12, 1868. Mrd. 
Henry B. Frankenfield, May 28, 1887. Tailor. One 
child: (VII.) Ira Frankenfield. 

V. Henry K. Meyers, born Feb. 8, 1832. Mrd. Han- 
nah Hartzel, Dec. 7, 1856. She was born May 20, 

— 370 — 

1837. Farmer in Montg. Co., Pa., Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren: Camilla, Franklin, Clara. 

VI. Camilla Meyers, born Aug. 21, 1857. Mrd. 
Emanuel Pool, Dee. 15, 1877. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VII.) Clayton Pool, born Dec. 24, 1883. 
(VII.) Anna Pool, born June 30, 1886; died April 3, 
1887. (VII.) Maetta Pool, born Oct. 18, 1887. (VII.) 
Alice Pool, born Mar. 1, 1889. 

VI. Franklin Meyers, born Dec. 12, 1858; died Jan. 
25, 1859. 

VI. Clara Meyers, born Mar. 21, 1862. Mrd. Frank- 
lin P. Snyder, Jan. 8, 1881. Employed in Steel works. 
Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Bertha^May Snyder, born 
June 6, 1884. (VII.) Albert William Snyder, born 
Aug. 16, 1887. 

IV. John Meyer, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 21, 1792; 
died — . Mrd. Agnes Fretz, daughter of Henry Fretz, 

B. B., April 6, 1817. Tanner. Mennonites. Children: 
Martin, Joseph, Leah, Barbara. 

V. Martin Myers, born Sept. 23, 1818. Mrd. Mary 
Myers, Dec. 10, 1846. Farmer in Bucks Co. Menno- 
nites. Children: Salinda, Eli, Emeline. 

VI. Salinda Myers, born Nov. 18, 1847. Mrd. John 

C. Utz, Sept. 14, 1869. Farmer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Emma Jane Utz, born July 8, 1870. (VII.) 
Eli M. Utz, born Aug. 14, 1872. (VIL) Edward Wil- 
liam Utz, born Jan. 28, 1875. (VII.) Warren M. Utz. 
born Apr. 1, 1882. 

VI. Eli Myers, born in Feb. 1851. Farmer. Unmrd. 

VI. Emeline Myers, born May 22, 1857. Mrd. La- 

meeh S. Myers. (See Index of References No. 117). 

V. Joseph F. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 18, 
1822. Mrd. Mary "Hunsicker, May 9, 1852. She died 
— . Joseph mrd. for his second wife Elizabeth Kulp, 
July 30, 1887. Farmer at Pipersville, Pa. Menno- 
nites. Children: Agnes, John, Lydia, Isaac. 

VI. Agnes Myers, born May 27*, 1853. Mrd. Abra- 
ham M. High — . Farmer. Mennonites. 

VI. John H. Myers, born Aug. 16, 1855. Mrd. 
Mary W. Gross. Dec. 20, 1877. Steward of Bucks 
Co. Alms House. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Isaac 
G. Myers, born Oct. 20, 1878. (VII.) Debbie May 

— 371 — 

Myers, born Sept. 24, 1881. (VII.) Elsie Myers, born 
Oct. 30, 1883. (VII.) Infant son, still born, Mar. 11, 
1886. (VII.) Joseph Walton Myers, born Feb. 9, 1888; 
died Nov. 25, 1888. 

VI. Lydia Myers, born Sept. 24, 1860. Mrd. Henry 
Wismer,— . Farmer. Mennonites. 

VI. Isaac G. Myers, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 12, 
1866. S. 

V. Leah Myers, born July 19, 1824, in Bedminster 
Twp. Mrd. Henry Detweiler, Feb. 10, 1855. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Agnes, Mary, Samuel, John, 
Benjamin, Martin, Henry, Sallie, Jacob. 

VI. Agnes Detweiler, born Oct. 9, 1855; died Jan. 
5, 1876. Mrd. John Souder, Apr. 25, 1873. Car- 
penter. Agnes, Lutheran. Children: (VII.) Mary 
Ellen Souder, born May 6, 1874; died Apr. 28, 1883. 
(VII.) Lottie Souder, born Oct 17, 1875. 

VI. Mary Detweiler, born July 20, 1857. Mrd. 
William Musselman, Sept. 14, 1878. Brick Layer. 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Leanna Musselman, born 
Mar. 14, 1879. (VII.) Barbara Musselman, born Sept, 
21, 1880; died Sept. 25, 1881. (VII.) Dina Musselman, 
born May 21, 1883. (VII.) William Musselman, born 
Jan. 13, 1886. (VII.) Samuel D. Musselman, born 
Sept. 24, 1888. 

VI. Samuel Detweiler, born Sept. 1, 1858; died Sept, 
18, 1858. 

VI. John Detweiler, born May 11, 1860; died May 
27, 1860. 

VI. Benjamin Detweiler, born Aug. 30, 1861. Mrd. 
Lydia Lewis, Jan. 5, 1884. Farmer. Children: (VII.) 
Elmer Detwiler, born July 8, 1884. (VII.) Sallie Det- 
wiler, born July 4, 1886. (VII.) Henry L. Detwiler, 
Dec. 15, 1888. 

VI. Martin Detweiler, born Jan. 5, 1864; died same day. 

VI. Henry Detweiler, born Sept. 30, 1865; died Oct. 
1, 1865. 

VI. Sallie Detweiler, born Feb. 21, 1867. S. 

VI. Jacob Detweiler, born Mar. 14, 1869. Harness. 
Maker at Weissport, Pa. S. 

V. Barbara Myers, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 21, 
1830. Mrd. John B. Moyer, Nov. 22, 1849. Retired 

farmer. Mennonites. Children: Noah, Mary, Abra- 
ham, Lydia, John. 

VI. Noah M. Meyer, born Mar. 30, 1851. Mrd. 
Mary M. Moyer, daughter of Jacob L. Mayer, Dec. 5, 
1871. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Minerva 
Moyer, born July 26, 1876. (VII.) Erwin Moyer, born 
Apr. 26, 1879. (VII.) Barbara Moyer, born Nov. 11, 
1882. (VII.) Jacob Moyer, born Mar. 23, 1881. (VII.) 
Anna Moyer, born Feb. 13, 1887. 

VI. Mary M. Moyer, born Sept. 22, 1853. Mrd. 
Samuel D. Moyei% of Franconja, Oct. 11, 1873. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Anna M. 
Moyer, born Sept. 26, 1871. (VII.) Ella M. Moyer, 
born May 21, 1878. (VII.) John M. Moyer, born Nov. 
7, 1871. " 

VI. Abraham M. Moyer, born Oct. 31, 1859. S. 

VI. Lydia M. MoyerJ born Aug. 28, 1862. S. 

VI. John M. Moyer, born Feb. 25, 1861. S. 

IV. Christian Meyer, born Mar. 3, 171)1; died Nov. 
25, 1796. 

IV. Joseph Meyer, born Oct. 2, 1796; died—. 25, 1796. 

IV. Jacob Meyer, born July 21, 1797; died same day. 

IV. Christian Myer, born July 22, 1799; died Jan. 
1, 1862. Mrd. Susan Overholt,'— . Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Jacob, Sarah. Hannah. 

V. Jacob Myers, born Aug. 1, 1830; died in 1890. 'Mrd. 
Susan Overholt, of Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1855. 
Farmer, in Bucks Co. Baptists. Children: Newton, 
Ella, Laura, Harry, Lizzie, Dora. 

VI. Newton Myers, born Mar. 28, 1857. Mrd. 
Margie Mathews, Feb. 22, 1881. One child: (VII.) 
Bessie Myers, born July 13, 1886. 

VI. Ella Myers, born Feb. 7. 1860. Mrd. Frank 
Riale, Feb. 15, 1881. Farmer. Baptists. Children: 
(VII.) Harry Riale, born Nov. 22, 1881. (VII.) Walter 
Riale, born Sept. 15, 1881. 

VI. Laura Myers, born May 21, 1862. Mrd. John 
Vantour, Oct. 15, 1885. Farmer. Baptists. One 
child: (VII.) Elsie Vantour, born July 21, 1886. 

VI. Harry Myers, born Apr. 29, 1861. Mrd. Mamie 
Mavnes, Feb." 11, 1887. Shoe and Boot Merchant. 

- 373 — 

One child: (VII.) Clarence Eugene Myers, born Jan. 
31, 1888. 

VI. Lizzie Myers, born Jan. 13, 1867. Mrd. Harvey 
Magargal, Dec. 1,1886. R.R. Ticket Agent. Baptists. 
One child: (VII.) Russell Magargal, bornSept.10, 1887. 

VI. Dora Myers, born Nov. 29, 1871. Baptists. S. 

V. Sarah Myers, born—; died—. Mrd. Francis 
Fretz. (See Index of References No. 118). 

V. Hannah Myers, born in 1832. Mrd. James P. 
Hough, in I860'.' Merchant. He died in latter part of 
I860" Hannah mrd. for her second husband Orange 
M. Owens, in 1872. Mrs. Owens, Baptist. Issue by 
tirsi husband. One child: 

VI. Lillie M. Hough, born in 1860. Mrd. Franklin 
Haldeman, in 1885. Farmer. Mrs. Haldeman. Bap- 
tist. Children: (VII.) Raymond Paxon Haldeman, 
born in 1887. (VII.) Aliee Haldeman, born in 1887. 

IV. William Me vers, born in Bedminster, Twp., 
Bucks Co., Sept. "6, 1801. Mrd. Barbara Sehimmel, 
Mar. 9, 1828. They lived together 51 years, his wife 
having died in Feb.*, 1879. They were blessed with 
8 children, 7 of whom preceded the father to the 
home beyond. The one remaining is Mary, wife of 
Ely Fretz, and mother of Rev. Allen M. Fretz. In 
early life Mr. Meyers followed the vocation of Car- 
penter, but afterwards engaged in farming, a short 
distance below Pipersville, where he lived many years. 
He was a faithful member of the second Mennonite ch. 
at Deep Run, from its founding, and for over thirty 
years served as deacon in the same. "Varied were 
his experiences, some times his duties arduous, but 
without murmuring or complaint, he strove faithfully 
to perform them to the best of his convictions." For 
a number of years he was totally blind, yet he 
patiently bore his cross to a peaceful end in Christ. 
He died after a few weeks gradual declining in 
strength," on June 23, 1889, at the house of Oliver 
D. Fretz, in Bedminsterville, aged 87y., 9m., 17d. 
His funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. S. 
Moyer, and A. B. Shelly. To William* and Barbara 
were born the following children: Judith, Mary, Mar- 
garet, Anna, Catharine, Mahlon, Susanna, William. 

— 374 — 

V. Judith Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 3, 1829; 
died Dec. 25, 1880. Mrd. Abraham Keller , Oct. 10, 
1847. He was born in Haycock Twp., Sept. 16, 1823; 
died — . He was the son of Joseph Keller, who was 
born Feb. 14, 1777, and grandson of Christopher 
Keller, of Haycock Twp., who was born Dec. 15, 
1751. Lutherans. Children: William, Mary, Lewis, 
Joseph, Amanda, Susanna, Abraham, Catharine, 
Mahlon, Ira. 

VI. William M. Keller, born in Plumstead Twpo 
Mar. 29, 1849; died Apr. 2, 1851. 

VI. Mary Keller, born Nov. 20, 1850. Mrd. H. S. 
Deaterly, of Bedminster, May 20, 1871. Farmer. 
Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Amanda Deaterly, born 
July 22, 1872. (VII.) Annie Deaterly, (VII.) Lizzie 
Deaterly, (Twins) born Nov. 3, 1874. (VII.) Minerva 
Deaterly, born Nov. 22, 1882; died Mar. 2, 1883. 
(VII.) Harvey Deaterly born Mar. 23, 1887. 

VI. Lewis Keller, born in Plumstead Twp., Dec. 26, 
1852. Mrd. Emma J., daughter of Amos and Mary 
Harpel, Dec. 25, 1876. Mr. Keller is the popular and 
successful Merchant at Bedminsterville, Pa., where 
he has by pluck and energy built up a large trade. 
In 1886, his store and dwelling were consumed by 
fire, entailing a heavy loss, the property and goods 
being only partly covered by insurance. He has how- 
ever rebuilt, putting up a large brick store on the old 
site, a great improvement on the old one, and con- 
tinues the business on a larger scale than ever. 
Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Hiram Keller, born Aug. 
9, 1878. (VII.) Erwin Keller, born Nov. 30, 1882. 

VI. Joseph M. Keller, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 17, 
1854. Mrd. Leannah Miller, of Bedminster Twp., 
Jan. 1, 1876. She died May 31, 1888. He is a Cutter 
by trade. Children: (VII.) Herman Keller, born and 
died in Nov. 1876. (VII.) Howard Keller. (VII.) Laura 
Keller. (VII.) Bertha Keller. (VII.) Etta Keller. (VII.) 
Herbert Keller. (VII.) Walter Keller, born in Mar. 
1888; died Nov. 16, 1888. 

VI. Amanda Keller, born Dec. 23, 1856; died July 
26, 1874. Lutherans. S. 

— 375 — 

VI. Susanna M. Keller, horn Mar. 17, 1858; died 
Oct. 3, 1866. 

VI. Abraham M. Keller, born in Plumstead Twp., 
Mar. 20, 1860. Mrd. Nettie Harstine, of Revere, Pa., 
in 1885. Machinery Salesman. He, Lutheran. Mrs. 
Keller, Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Omer Keller, born 
in 1888. „ , 

VI. Catharine M. Keller, born July 8, 1862. Mrd. 
Harvey Shull, in 1886. Tinsmith. Lutherans. One 
child: "(VII.) Edna Shull, born in Feb. 1888. 

VI. Mahlon M. Keller, born in Plumstead Twp., 
Nov. 4, 1865. Clerk. Lutheran. Mrd. Ella Albright, 
— , 1890. 

VI. IraM. Keller, born in Bedminster Twp., June 
8, 1868. Clerk at Bedminsterville. Lutherans. S. 

V. Mary Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 18, 1830. 
Mrd. Ely Fretz. (See Index of References No. 119.) 

V. Margaret Meyers, born Oct. 11, 1832; died July 
10, 1862. Mrd. Jacob Leatherman. (See Index of 
References No. 120). 

V. Anna Meyers, born May 11, 1836; died May 
27, 1837. 

V. Catharine Meyers (Twin to Anna), born May 11, 

1836; died May 26, 1839. 
V. Mahlon Meyers, born May 6, 1839; died Jan. 22, 

1869. Mrd. Susan Fretz—. She died without issue. 

Mahlon mrd. for his second wife Jennie Samuels,—. 

Teacher and Life insurance Agent, New Mennonite. 

One child: (VI.) Mahlon S. Meyers,—; died an infant. 
V. Susanna Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 1, 

1844; died May 3, 1889. Mrd. Oliver D. Fretz. (See 

Index of References No. 122). 
V. William James Meyers, born Sept. 1, 1846; died 

Mar. 22, 1867. Mrd. Clementine Fretz, daughter of 

Abraham Fretz (Drover). Farmer. One child: (VI.) 

Susan Meyers, died aged 9 days. 
IV. Dorothea Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 28, 

1803; died Apr. 14, 1885, aged 81y., 4m., 28d. Mrd. 

John Kratz, Dec. 13, 1827. He was born Dec. 25, 

1805; died Aug. 19, 1865. Farmer. Mrs. Kratz, 

Mennonite. Children: Sarah, Lewis, Aaron, Reed, 

Owen, Allen, Mary, Philip, Oliver. 

— 376 — 

V. Sarah Kratz, born Nov. 10, 1S28. Mrd. John 
Bewighouse. (Sec Index of References No. 123). 

V. Lewis Kratz, born Dec. 25, 1830. Mrd. Sarah 
Ann Bewighouse, — . She died — . One child: (VI.) 
Laura Kratz, died an infant. Lewis mrd. for his 
second wife Esther Bewighouse, (sister to his first 
wife), Feb. 8, 1862. Farmer. New Mennonite. One 
child: (VI.) Curtin B. Kratz, born Aug. 23, 1863. 
Mrd. Mary S. Fulmer, Nov. 19, 1887. Farmer. Mrs. 
Kratz, Ger. Ref. No issue. 

V. Aaron Kratz, born in Bucks Co., July 9, 1832. 
Mrd. Catharine Stover, Mar. 1, 1860. She died Feb. 
21, 1864, aged 30y., 8m., 27d. Mr. Kratz. resides at 
Plumsteadville, where he has Carriage, Wagon and 
Sleigh Works on a large scale. Children: (VI.) Lincoln 
Hamlin Kratz, born Dec. 23, 1860. (VI.) Elmer Ells- 
worth Kratz, born Aug. 4, 1862; died—. Mr. Kratz 
mrd. for his second wife Lizzie W. Engle, Sept. 26, 
1866. She was born Nov. 18, 1842. Children: (VI.) 
Reuben E Kratz, born Feb. 1, 1868. (VI.) Anna May 
Kratz, born Dec. 1, 1875; died May 30, 1879. 

V. Reed Kratz, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 20, 1834. 
Mrd. Esther Michener, Oct, 12, 1862. Oil Merchant. 
Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Eugene H. Kratz, 
born Oct. 24, 1868. (VI.) Florence Kratz, born July 
14, 1871. 

V. Oliver Kratz, born July 8, 1837. Mrd. a Miss 
Leatherman. No records received. 

V. Allen Kratz, born May 31, 1840; died July 4, 

V. Mary K. Kratz, born at Plumsteadville, Pa,, 
Nov. 29, 1842. Mrd. Z. T. Leatherman, Sept. 28, 
1871. Formerly Carriage and Sleigh Builder at Dan- 
boro, at present house-builder in Philadelphia. At- 
tends the Presbyterian church. Children: (VI.) Delia 
May K. Leatherman, born Apr. 7, 1880. (VI.) Edgar 
Lincoln K. Leatherman, born Oct. 28, 1881. 

V. Philip Kratz, born Apr. 22, 1845. G Mrd. Louisa 
S., daughter of Isaac and Mary Kratz, Oct., 27, 1876. 
Farmer. Mrs. Kratz, Ger. Baptist, No issue. 

V. Oliver J. Kratz, born Nov. 26, 1846. Mrd. Sa- 
bina Leatherman—. They have two children. 

— 377 - 

IV. Rev. Samuel Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 
5, 1806; died Aug. 27, 1877. Mrd. Mary Schimmel, 
June 20, 1830. Farmer and Minister. Mennonites. 
He preached at the Saucon Mennonite chureh about 
31 years, and at the Springfield church 11 years alter- 
nately. Children: Catharine, Maria, Theresa. 

V. Catharine Meyers, born June 16, 1831. Mrd. 
Enos Baringer, in 1855. Millwright. Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren: Titus, Mary. 

VI. Titus Baringer, born in 1858. 

VI. Mary Baringer, born in 1865. Mrd. Thomas S. 
Moyer, in 1888. Carpenter. Mems. Ev. Ass. One 
child: (VII.) Lawrence Moyer, born in 1889. 

V. Maria E. Meyers, born May 7, 1811. Mrd. 
David A. Mohr, Dec. 27, 1860. He died Apr. 26, 
1875. Miller. Ger. Ref. Children: Alfred, Mary, 
Frank, Lilly. 

VI. Alfred H. Mohr, born Jan. 23, 1863. Mrd. 
Emma B. Landis, Dec. 21, 1881. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VII.) Mamie Mohr, born Oct. 5, 1885. 
(VII.) Milton L. Mohr, born Nov. 12, 1887. 

VI. Mary E. Mohr, born Jan. 26, 1865. Mrd. Allen 
E. Bleam, Aug. 29, 1885. Farmer. Ger. Ref. No 
issue. -^ 

VI. Frank D. Mohr, born July 22, 1868. Mem. Ger. 
Ref. S. 

VI. Lilly T. Mohr, born Feb. 1, 1871. Ger. Ref. S. 

V. Theresa Moyer, born Apr. 28, 1815. Mennonite. 

IV. Isaac Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 23, 1809. 
Mrd. Agnes Myers, Oct. 17, 1833. Farmer. Men- 
nonites/ Children: Lewis, Mary, John, Abraham, 
Barbara, Harvey, Sarah. 

V. Lewis Myers, born Apr. 12, 1835. Mrd. Hannah 
Fretz, — . She died—. Lewis mrd. for his second 
wife, Lizzie, daughter of Rev. Isaac Meyer, Nov. 21, 
1874. Farmer. Old Mennonites at Deep Run. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Annie Myers, born Oct. 19, 1875. (VI.) 
Hannah Myers, born May 27, 1879. (VI.) John Myers, 
born June 1, 1881. (VI.) Isaac Myers born June 11, 

— 378 — 

V. Mary Myers, bora July 17, 1836; died Dec. 24, 
1861. Mrd. Levi Fretz, in 1860. No issue. (See In- 
dex of References No. 124). 

V. John Myers, born July 23, 1839; died Nov. 30, 

V. Abraham B. Myers, born Dec. 3, 1842; died Dec. 

I, 1857. 

V. Barbara Myers, born Aug. 23, 1845; died Jan. 

II, 1862. 

V. Harvey Myers, born Aug. 29, 1851. Mrd. Lizzie, 
daughter of Rev. Isaac Rickert, Jan. 20, 1883. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Bertha Myers, born 
Dec. 22, 1883. (VI.) Isaac Myers born June 16, 1886. 

V. Sarah Myers, born Sept. 22, 1854. Mrd. John 
Myers, (his second wife). (See Index of References 
No. 125). 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 
1768; died—. Mrd. Henry Stover—. Lived in 
Springfield Twp., Bucks Co. Children: Abraham, 
Catharine, Barbara, Elizabeth. 

IV. Abraham Stover, born July 9, 1793; died Apr. 
20, 1874. Mrd. Susanna Stover, Mar. 29, 1814. She 
died Aug. 26, 1848. Children: Henry, John, David, 
Catharine, Lydia, Anna, Salome. Mr. Stover mrd. 
for his second wife, Annie (Stover) Fretz, widow of 
John Fretz, of Nockamixon, Mar. 10, 1850. She 
died — , and Mr. Stover mrd. for his third wife, Maria 
Wimmer, Feb. 22, 1860. Mr. Stover was a farmer 
and miller, and lived on the Tohickon, in Haycock 
Twp. , near Keller's church. 

V. Henry L. Stover, born Jan. 30, 1815. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Zeigenfuss, Feb. 16, 1840. She died Nov. 
1, 1870. Children: Abraham, Clayton, Susanna, 
Harrison, Elizabeth, Nancy, Clara, Zeno, Amanda. 
Mr. Stover mrd. for his second wife, Franey, a 
widow Young — . Farmer. Lutherans. Children: 
Abson, Zeno. 

VI. Abraham Z. Stover, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Nov. 1, 1840. Mrd. Amanda Ritter, Nov. 28, 1868. 
Farmer, and owns and lives on the Old Abraham 
Stover farm and mill property, in Haycock Twp. 

— 379 - 

New Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Watson R. Stover, 
born July 15, 1878. (VII.) Ely R. Stover, born Dec. 
18, 1882; died Jan. 22, 1883. (VII.) Elmer Stover, 
born Dec. 18, 1881. 
VI. Clayton Stover, born Sept. 7, 1842. Mrd. Anna 
C Fell,' Dec. 3, 1868. Farmer in Bucks Co. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Addie Stover, born Sept. 11, 1869; died 
Oct. 27, 1869. (VII.) Comly Stover, born July 24, 
1872; died Sept. 6, 1872. (VII.) Emma May Stover, 
born Jan. 21, 1875. (VII.) Howard Stover, born June 
8, 1878. (VII.) Joseph Warren Stover, born Jan. 25, 
1885. - : \, • A 

VI. Susanna Stover, born Jan. 28, 1845; died Oct. 
27, 1863. ,. 1 ^ 

VI. Harrison Stover, born Jan. 17, 1847; died Dec. 
6, 1863. ST , 

VI. Elizabeth Stover, born Nov. 20, 1848. Mrd. 
John C. Bye, Apr. 26, 1869. Farmer. Mrs. Bye, 
Presbyterian. One child: (VII.) Florence S. Bye, born 
Feb. 17, 1871. 
VI. Annie Stover, born July 17. 1853. Mrd. Isaiah 
Morgan—. One child: (VII.) Cora A. Morgan. 
VI. Clara S. Stover, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 27, 
1853. Mrd. Winfield Scott McQuade, Aug. 18, 1873- 
Stair-builder, in Philadelphia. Mrs. McQuade, Pres- 
byterian. Children: (VII.) Ellen Bertha McQuade, 
born June 12, 1875. (VII.) Jennie Clara McQuade, 
born Apr. 2, 1877. (VII.) John Stover McQuade, 
born Jan. 10, 1881. (VII.) Charles Winfield McQuade, 
born Dec. 28, 1882. Ellen Bertha McQuade, after a 
brief illness, died Dec. 12, 1886, aged lly. and 6m. 
Thus young was she taken from her beloved parents, 
to the fold of the Gentle Shepherd where she now 
sleeps in the arms of Jesus. She was an Angel of 
God, lent to her parents only for a little while: 

"T's hard to break the tender chord, 
When love has bound the heart; 

T'is hard, so hard to speak the word; 
We must forever part." 

VI. Zeno Stover, born Aug. 23, 1855; died Nov. 28, 

— 380 — 

VI. Amanda Stover, born Apr. 15, 1860. Mrd. 
Charles E. Housekeeper, Feb., 1886. Farmer. No 

VI. Abson Stover, born — . S. 

VI. Zeno Stover, born — . S. 

VI. — Stover, born — . S. 

V. John S. Stover, born Nov. 10, 1816; died Aug. 
26, 1817. 

V. John S. Stover, born Mar. 4, 1818. Mrd. Catha- 
ine Ott, Oct. 27, 1844. She died Feb. 17, 1859. Far- 
mer. Children: Clarissa, Henry, Sylvester, Newton, 

VI. Clarissa Stover, born Apr. 17, 1845; died Jan. 
15, 1852. 

VI. Henry Clay Stover, born Jan. 8, 1847. Mrd. 
Hannah Solliday, Nov. 9, 1872. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (V||.) Laura Stover, born Aug. 23, 1873. 
Ger. Ref. (VII.) Erwin Stover, born May 26, 1880. 
(VII.) Annie Stover, born Nov. 29, 1885. 

VI. Sylvester Stover, born July 2, 1851; died Jan. 

14, 1852; buried with his sister Clarissa in the same 

1 VI. Newton Stover, born Dee. 25, 1852; died Feb. 
19, 1859; buried with her mother in the same grave. 

VI. Harvey O. Stover, born May 7, 1855. Mrd. 
Sarah Snyder — . Farmer. Lutheran. One child: 
(VII.) Howard Stover. John S. Stover mrd. for sec- 
ond wife, a widow Schleifer. No issue. 

V. David S. Stover, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 1, 1820. 
Mrd. Marv Geisinger, Jan. 2, 1848. Children: (VI.) 
Taylor. (VI.) Ephraim. (VI.) Cecelia. (VI.) Mahlon. 

V. Catharine Stover, born Apr. 24, 1822. Mrd. Jo- 
seph F. Nicholas, Dec. 31, 1843. He was born Mar. 

15, 1814; died Mar. 31, 1886. Farmer. Lutherans. 
Children: Salome, Mary, Lizzie, Stover, Oliver, Su- 
sanna, Newton, Sophia. 

VI. Salome Nicholas, born Jan. 13, 1846. Mrd. Sam- 
uel Lambert. 

VI. Mary Ann Nicholas, born May 28, 1878. Mrd. 
Jacob S. Krout, Jan. 11, 1868. Jeweler. Lutherans. 
Children: (VII.) Lydia A. Krout, born July 4, 1868; 
died June 23, 1886. (VII.) Ida Krout, born Apr. 8, 

— 381 — 

1870. Mrd. William Mitchel, Dec. 25, 1888. Farmer. 
(VII.) Ella Krout, born Dec. 1, 1871. (VII. Esther 
Krout, born Oct. 31, 1873. (VII.) Lizzie Krout, born 
Aug. 13, 1875; died Aug. 30, 1875. (VII.) Joseph 
Krout, born Sept. 24, 1876. (VII.) Roger Warren 
Krout, born Apr. 8, 1879. 

VI. Lizzie S. Nicholas, born Feb. 7, 1850. S. 

VI. Stover Nicholas, born Feb. 12, 1852. Mrd. 
Mary Shearer—. They have four children. 

VI. Oliver S. Nicholas, born Apr. 10, 1851. Mrd. 
Amanda Funk. They have live children: 

VI. Susanna Nicholas, born Apr. 10, 1867; died Apr. 
4, 1863. 

VI. Newton S. Nicholas, born Aug. 24, 1860. Mrd. 
Louisa Maugle, — . Five children. 

VI. Sophia S. Nicholas, born Feb. 26, 1863; died 
May 11, 1889. Mrd. James M. Strohm. (See Index 
of References No. 126). 

VI. Harvey Nicholas, born June 27, 1867; died Aug. 
15, 1867. 

V. Lydia Stover, born Oct. 4, 1824. Mrd. Samuel 
Sumstone, both deceased. No issue. 

V. Anna Stover, born Nov. 4, 1826. Mrd. Abraham 
F. Gehman, July 28, 1850. Mennonites. Children: 
David, Stover, Susan, Mary. 

VI. David S. Gehman, born Aug. 1, 1851. Mrd. 
Mary, daughter of Benjamin F. Hess. Ger. Ref. 
One child: (VII.) Victor Stover Gehman, born Dec. 
6, 1884. 

VI. Stover S. Gehman, born Jan. 1, 1854. S. 
VI. Susan Gehman, born May 9, 1858. Mrd. Tilgh- 
man F. Meyer. (See Index of References No. 127). 
VI. Mary Gehman, born Apr. 4, 1862. Mennonite. S. 

V. Salome Stover, born Oct. 8, 1831. Mrd. Clemens 
Stover, Nov. 25, 1849. Children: Louisa, Titus, Su- 
san, Alonzo. 

VI. Louisa Stover, — . Mrd. Levi O. Ahlum. 

VI. Titus Stover, born in Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., 
Mar. 22, 1853. Mrd. Hannah, daughter of Levi and 
Nancy Fox, Sept. 29, 1881. Ger. Ref. No issue. 

VI. Susan Stover, born Jan. 31, 1855. Mrd. William 
Deihl. Sept. 13, 1879. Tinsmith and Stove Merchant, 

— 382 — 

at Pcnnsburgh, Montg. Co,, Pa. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Clemens Deihi, born May 29, 1881. (VII.) Cora 
Deihl, born Nov. 30, 1883. 
VI. Alonzo Stover, born July 10, 1857. Shoemaker. 

IV. Catharine Stover, born in Springfield Township, 
Bucks Co., Mar. 27, 1795; died Jan. 8, 1857. Mrd. 
Henry Stover, in 1813. He was born in Springfield 
Twp., Mar. 17,1787; died Oct. 5, 1859. Children: 
Joseph, Samuel, Josiah, Eli, Franklin. 

V. Joseph Stover, born in Haycock Twp., Dec. 8, 
1814. Mrd. Thamar Zeigler, of Montg. Co., Pa., 
Feb. 27, 1812. Farmer. Men. Br. in Christ. Chil- 
dren: Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth. 

VI. Catharine Stover, born Mar. 25, 1841. Mrd. 
Bishop Search, in 1867. Farmer. Children: (VII.) 
William Search, born Feb. 21, 1868. S. (VII.) Victor 
Search, born July 30, 1880. 

VI. Mary Anna Stover, born Nov. 6, 1845. Mrd. 
George Young, in 1869. Butcher. Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren: jVI I.) Affnes T. Young, born July 20, 1870. S. 
(VII.) Elsie M.^ Young, born June 21, 1881. 

VI. Elizabeth Emma Jane Stover, born Sept. 28, 
1847. Mrd. Tilghman S. Funk—. Laborer. Luthe- 
rans. One child: (VII.) David Funk. 

V. Samuel Stover, born Dec. 23, 1822; died Dec. 10, 
1859. Mrd. Sarah Gehman— . Farmer. New Menno- 
nites. One child: 

VI. Silas G. Stover, born Aug. 19, 1853; died Mar. 
26, 1876. Mrd. Ancinetta— . She died—. One child: 
(VII.) Lillie May Stover, born Jan. 11, 1877; died 
Apr. 3, 1878. 

\l. Josiah Stover, born June 26, 1826; died May 16, 
1852. Teacher. He died unmrd. 

V. Eli Stover, born Nov. 10, 1829; died Sept. 16, 
1878. Mrd. Elizabeth Fretz, daughter of Isaac and 
Catharine Fretz. In 1852 he bought one of his 
father's farms in Springfield Twp., where he lived 
during his lifetime. New Mennonites. Children: 
Minerva, Newton, Jordan, Jennie, Carrie, Katie. 

VI. Minerva Stover, born Dec. 29, 1854. Mrd. Peter 
D. Harris, May 20, 1878. Farmer. Mr. Harris, Ger. 

— 383 — 

Ref. Mrs. Harris, Mennonite. One child: (VII.) 
Jacob Harris. 

VI. Newton Franklin Stover, born June 26, 1856. 
Mrd. Catharine Anders, of Durham Twp., in 1881. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Minnie Idella 
Stover, born—; died Apr. 7, 1883. (VII.) Carrie 
Stover, born Jan. 5, 1883. (VII.) Sadie Stover, born 
Apr., 1885. 

VI. Jennie Stover, born — ; died, aged 6 days. 

VI. Carrie Stover, born — . 

VI. Katie Stover, born — ; died aged 2 years. 

VI. Jordan F. Stover, born Mar. 13. 1859. Mrd. 
Annie L., daughter of Charles and Mary Bean, of 
Nockamixon Twp., Dec. 28, 1882. Mr. Stover, 
worked on the farm until he was eighteen years of 
age, attending the public schools during the winter. 
He afterwards attended one term of school at Car- 
vers ville, then taught school at Stony Point from 
1879 to 1882. Then clerked for six years. He then 
associated himself with T. T. Bean in the Merchan- 
dise business at Reigelsville, Pa., under the firm 
name of Bean & Stover. Jan. 31, 1887, their store 
and contents were destroyed by fire. In April of the 
same year Mr. Stover opened a store under Mechanics 
Hall. In October he removed to the corner brick 
store, "Bean's Block." Children: (VII.) Clarence E. 
Stover. (VII.) Bessie May Stover. 

V. Franklin Stover, born Mar. 3, 1834; died Dec. 3, 
1878. Mrd. Susanna Schleifer, of Springfield Twp. , 
Bucks Co. Dec. 3, 1858. Farmer and Merchant. New 
Mennonites. Children: Laura, Clinton, Harvey, New- 
berry, Alice. 

VI. Laura Stover, born June 30, 1859. Mrd. Pier- 
son Bewighouse. (See Index of References No. 128). 

VI. Clinton Stover, born Jan. 26, 1863. Mrd. Emma 
Nicholas, Oct. 13, 1888. Sadler. Lutherans. 

VI. Harvey Stover, born May 24, 1865. Mrd. Kate 
Ruth, Sept. 4, 1886. Farmer. Lutherans. 

VI. Newberry Stover, born Aug. 20, 1868. S. 

VI. Alice Stover, born Sept. 24, 1870. Mrd. Harry 
Rohr, Mar. 30, 1889. Mrs. Rohr, Lutheran. 

— 384 — 

IV. Barbara Stover, born in Bucks Co., in 1801. Mrd. 
Samuel Detweiler, of Hilltown. Died without issue. 

IV. Elizabeth Stover, born in Bucks Co., in 1803. 
Mrd. Daniel Rosenberger, in 1821. Farmer. Children: 
Joseph, Catharine, Leah, Henry, Amos, Samuel. 

V. Joseph Rosenberger, born in 1825; died in 1880. 
Mrd; Nancy Derstine, in 1815. Farmer. Children: 
(VI.) Amanda. (VI.) Amos. (VI.) Titus. 

V. Catharine Rosenberger, born in 1829: died in 
1872. Unmrd. 

V. Leah Rosenberger, born in 1835. Mrd. Charles 
D. Haldamen, in 1855. Farmer. Children: Harvey, 
Elizabeth, Isaiah. 

VI. Harvey R. Haldamen, born in 1856. Mrd. — . 
Merchant. Children: (VII.) Charles Haldamen, born 
in 1879. (VII.) John Haldamen, born — . 

VI. Elizabeth Haldamen, born in 1865; died in 1865. 

VI. Isaiah Haldamen, born — . 

V. Henry Rosenberger, born in 1837. Mrd. Maria 
Beidler, in 1861. Merchant in Philadelphia. Children: 
(VI.) Allavesta E. Rosenberger, born in 1862. (VI.) 
Catharine Rosenberger, born in 1861. (VI.) Emma 
Rosenberger, born in 1866. (VI.) Minerva Rosenber- 
ger, born in 1868. (VI.) Charles H. Rosenberger, 
born in 1877. (VI.) Anna Rosenberger, born in 1879; 
died in 1883. (VI.) Ida Rosenberger, born in 1881. 

V. Amos Rosenberger, born — . 

V. Samuel Rosenberger, born — . 

III. Henry Fretz,- born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1770 or '71. Mrd. Barbara Fretz, daughter of Chris- 
tian and Barbara Fretz, B. B., about 1791 or '92. He 
died a few years after marriage. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Catharine, Anna. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born — ; died young. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 12, 1795; 
died Apr. 10, 1875. Mrd. Jacob C. Moyer,— . He 
was born Dec. 9, 1791; died Mar. 29, 1879. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Jacob, Maria, Henry. 

V. Jacob F. Moyer, born—. Mrd. Sarah K. Meyer, 
Oct. 22, 1818. Farmer. Mennonites. Mr. Moyer died 
Jan. 12, 1871. One child: 

Tinicum Christian Fretz Homestead 

— 385 — 

VI. Mary A. Moyer, born May 31, 1851. Mrd. 
Emanuel H. Barndt, Mar. 26, 1870. Organist and 
tombstone engraver. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) 
Elwood M. Barndt, born Jan. 27, 1871. Mrd. Ellen 
H. Barndt, Oct. 2, 1888. Stone-cutter. Lutherans. 
(VII.) Lottie M. Barndt, born Apr. 11, 1873. Organ- 
ist. (VII.) Elmer M. Barndt, born Oct. 29, L875. 
(VII.) Victor M. Barndt, born Aug. 23, 1877. (VII.) 
Corson M. Barndt, born May 15, 1880. (VII.) Nor- 
man M. Barndt, born July 14, 1882. (VII.) Melvin 
M. Barndt, born Aug. 7, 1885. (VII.) Murry M. 
Barndt, born June 26, 1888. 

V. Maria F. Moyer, born Feb. 24, 1826; died Jan. 9, 
1876. Mrd. Enos Fluek. No issue. 

V. Henry F. Moyer, born—. Mrd. Sarah Myers,—. 
No issue. 

III. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1772; died in Oct. 1843. He purchased the homestead 
of his father, June 7, 1814. He was four times mrd. 
His first wife was Mary Kratz, by whom he had the 
following children: Henry, John, Abraham.— For his 
second wife he mrd. Elizabeth Kratz, by whom he had 
the following children: Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth. — 
For his third wife he mrd. Magdalena Delp, by whom 
he had the following children: Susan, Sarah, Catha- 
rine, Veronica. — His fourth was Mary Reif. No issue. 
Farmer. Mennonites at Deep Run. 

IV. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 13, 1794;' 
died Jan. 14, 1858. Mrd. Mary M. White, Jan. 7, 
1824. He lived on a farm adjoining the homestead of 
his father, now owned by Jacob Slotter. He was ac- 
customed to wear velvet pants, and from that fact he 
was familiarly known as "Velvet Henry." Children: 
Maria, Francis, Martha. 

V. Maria Fretz, born Oct, 28, 1824; died Sept. 15, 
1876. Mrd. John K. Meyers. (See Index of Refer- 
ences No. 129). 

V. Francis Fretz, born about 1826; died—. Mrd. 
Sarah Myers,—. One child: (VI.) Jordan Fretz. 

V. Martha C. Fretz, born Aug. 31, 1828. Mrd. 
Thomas C. Atherholt, Nov. 24, 1859. Wholesale 

— 386 — 

Merchant and importer of Queensware, China and 
Glassware, at 422 Market St. , Philadelphia. Ger. Ref . 
Children: (VI.) Samuel F. Atherholt, born Sept. 7, 
1860. (VI.) Wilson David Atherholt, born June 23, 
1862; died Sept. 7, 1863. (VI.) Edgar Frank Ather- 
holt, born Dec. 20, 1864. (VI.) Arthur Thomas Ather- 
holt, born Apr. 11, 1867. (VI.) Joseph Octavius Ath- 
erholt, born July 16, 1870. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Bucks Co., in 1796; died 
Oct. 23, 1865, aged 69y., lm. and 28d. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Heiny — , About 1820 he moved to Richland. 
now Ashland Co., Ohio, where he and wife died. 
Farmer and Weaver. Presbyterians. Children: 
Sarah, Rachel. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 29, 1826. 
Mrd. Robert Walker, Nov. 1, 1845. In 1850. they 
moved to Illinois, and now live near Clinton, DeWitt 
Co. Farmer. Presbyterians. Children: Enoch, Kate, 
Carrie, Charles, Jennie, Anna, Mary. 

VI. Enoch Walker, born Aug. 17, 1850. Mrd. Jane 
Gizar, Nov. 25, 1874. Lumberman in Escambia Co., 
Alabama. Presbyterians. Children: (VII.) Frederick 
Walker. (VII.) Ernest Walker. 

VI. Kate Walker, born Nov. 23, 1855. Mrd. William 
H. Weller, Nov. 27, 1879. Farmer. Presbyterians. 
No issue. 

VI. Carrie Walker, born Feb. 16, 1858. Mrd. P. K. 
Willson, Sept. 6. 1882. Farmer and Stock raiser. 
Methodists. Children: (VII.) Charles Robert Willson, 
born June 26, 1883. (VII.) Harry Kimble Willson, 
born Sept. 16, 1885. 

VI. Charles Walker, born Feb. 14, 1860. S. 

VI. Jennie Walker, born Dec. 27, 1862. S. 

VI. Anna Walker, born Oct, 16, 1863. Mrd. George 
H. Thorp, May 2, 1888. Merchant. Methodists. 

VI. Mary L. Walker, born Aug. 25, 1866. Mrd. 
John Tackett, Feb. 22, 1884. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Estella Tackett. (VII.) Lulu Tackett. 
(VII.) Dora Takett. 

V. Rachel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 6, 1828. 
Mrd. John F. Kilaver, Dec. 20, 1858. She died Mar. 30, 
1866. Farmer. Lutherans. Children: Catharine, Sarah. 

— 387 — 

VI. Catharine Kilaver, born Sept. 24, 1859. Luthe- 
ran. S. 

VI. Sarah Kilaver, born Mar. 4, 1862. Mrd. S. E. 
Copus, of Wood Co., O., Dec. 22, 1888. Farmer 
near Hoytville, Ohio. Lutheran. One child: (VII.) 
Franklin L. Copus, born Apr. 8, 1890. 

IV. Abraham Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 8, 1799; 
died—. Mrd. Anna Myers, daughter of Henry and 
Marv Magdalena Myers, of Plumstead Twp., Mar. 

10, 1829. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Joseph, 
Mary, Sarah, John, Abraham. 

V. Joseph M. Fretz, bom in Bucks Co., June 12, 
1831. Mrd. Hannah Cassel, Feb. 27, 1860. Farmer. 
Children: Emeline, Amanda. Ada, Clinton, Willis. 

VI. Emeline Fretz, born Sept, 14, 1862; died Sept. 

11, 1865. 

VI. Amanda Fretz, born Sept. 11, 1864. Mrd. Mah- 
lon M. Fretz. (See Index of References No. 130). 

VI. Ada Fretz, born Aug. 30, 1870. 

VI. Clinton E. Fretz, born Feb. 24, 1875. 

VI. Willis Fretz, born Oct. 30, 1880; died Aug. 29, 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born Jan. 18, 1835. Tailoress. 

V. Sarah Fretz, born May 18, 1837. Mrd. John 
Groman, Dec. 17, 1861. Railroader. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: Emma, Annie, Orlando. 

VI. Emma Catharine Groman, born Aug. 28, 1863. 
Mrd, Samuel P. Beggs, in Aug. 1883. Children: 
(VII.) Nellie Beggs, born—; died—. (VII.) Raymond 
Samuel Beggs. 

VI. Annie Elizabeth Groman, born Mar. 12, 1866. 

VI. Orlando De Forest Groman, born Mar. 26, 1868. 

V. John M. Fretz, born in Plumstead Twp., Bucks 
Co., Sept. 16, 1839. Mrd. Mary Fretz, of Bedmins- 
ter, daughter of Christian and Mary Fretz, Mar. 2, 
1871. Farmer. Mem. 2d Mennonite ck. Children: 
(VI.) Elmer Grant Fretz, born Jan. 25, 1872; died 
Dec. 12. lsTC. (VI.) John Clarence Fretz, born Aug. 
15, 1878. 

— 388 — 

V. Abraham M. Fretz, born in Plunistead Twp., 
Aug. 23, 1843. Mrd. Mary Ann Fryling, in 18T0. 
She died Mar. 3, 1879. Children: (VI.) Oscar Frank- 
lin Fretz, born Oct. 4, 1871; died July 10, 1872. (VI.) 
Malinda Sabina Fretz, born Jan. 8, 1876. (VI.) Cath- 
arine Fretz, born Feb. 23, 1879; died Aug. 3, 1879. 
Abraham mrd. for his second wife, Celinda Wit- 
meyer, Nov. 16, 1880. Farmer. He, New Mennonite; 
his wife, Moravian. Children: (VI.) Joseph Morris 
Fretz, born Nov. 25, 1881. (VI.) Esther May Fretz, 
born Oct. 23, 1882. (VI.) Annie Helen Fretz, born 
Oct. 17, 1886. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born Apr. 22, 1802. Mrd. Jacob 
Hockman, Oct. 9, 1821. Miller and farmer. Mems. 
2d Mennonite ch. Children: Joseph, Elizabeth, 
Stephen, Mary, Jacob, Sarah, Samuel, Moses. 

V. Joseph Hockman, born May 3, 1823; died—. 
Mrd. Mary Baringer, of Richland Twp., Oct. 25, 
1816. Farmer. Mems. 2d Mennonite ch. Children: 
Amanda, Louisa. 

VI. Amanda Hockman, born Feb. 6, 1851. Mrd. 
Reuben Miller, Sept. 19, 1871. Farmer. Lives on a 
part of the original Old "Fretz" Homestead, of 
Bedminster, formerly owned by Martin Fretz. Mems. 
2d Mennonite ch. Children: * (VII.) Estella Miller, 
born Oct. 26, 1879. (VII.) Mary Amanda Miller, born 
Oct. 10, 1881. (VII.) Jonas Warren Miller, born Sept. 
20, 1881. 

VI. Louisa Hockman, born Dec. 11, 1859. Mrd. 
Mahlon K. Shearer, Jan. 13, 1883. Shoemaker. New 
Mennonites. Children: (VII.) Arabella Shearer, born 
Jan. 11, 1881. (VII.) Huldah Shearer, born Nov. 30, 

V. Elizabeth Hockman, born Nov. 16, 1821; died 
Nov. 3, 1878. Mrd. William Gable, Sept, 19, 1811. 
He was born July 26, 1823. Farmer and Blacksmith. 
Lutherans. Children: Amanda, Jacob, Sarah, Albert, 
William, Charles, Edward, Simon, Ann. 

VI. Amanda Gable, born June 15, 1818. Mrd. Frank- 
lin B. King, Oct. 29, 1870. He was born Feb. 9, 
1818. Shoemaker by trade, at present farmer. Lu- 
therans. Children: (VII.) Alice King, born Jan. 2, 

— 389 — 

1874. (VII.) Simon King, born Jan. 5, 1876. (VII.) 
Sallie A. King, born Nov. 4, 1879. (VII.) Franklin 
King, born Sept, 9, 1882. (VII.) Infant; died small. 
VI. Jacob (iable, born Feb. 1, 1850; died May 23, 

VI. Sarah Gable, born Dec. 3, 1851. Mrd. Lewis 
Fulmer, Nov. 23, 1868. He was born July 1, 1842. 
Farmer. Lutherans. No issue. 
VI. Albert H. Gable, born Nov. 19, 1853; died Oct, 
6, 1888. Mrd. Catharine Kramer, Mar. 25, 1876. She 
was born Nov. 3, 1854. Farmer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Cora Ellen K. Gable, born Sept. 16, 1876. 
(VII.) Aurilla K. Gable, born Mar. 1, 1878. (VII.) 
Horace K. Gable, born July 19, 1880. (VII.) Mary 
Catharine K. Gable, born Mar. 4, 1883. (VII.) Eliza- 
beth K. Gable, born May 6, 1885; died Dec. 12,1886. 
(VII.) Auilla K. Gable, born Jan. 22, 1887; died Dec. 
27, 1887. (VII.) Albert K. Gable, born Feb. 8, 1889. 
VI. William H. Gable, born Aug. 30, 1855. Mrd. 
Mary F. Deaterly, Aug. 22, 1874. Farmer in Bucks Co., 
Pa. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Lewis D. Gable, 
born Dec, 4, 1874. (VII.) Wilson D. Gable, born Mar. 
14, 1880. (VII.) Estella D. Gable, born Oct. 28, 1881. 
(VII.) Mary D. Gable, born June 14, 1884. (VII.) 
Harvey D. Gable, born Jan. 6, 1889. 
VI. Charles H. Gable, born Aug. 6, 1857. Mrd. 
Hannah Eliza, dau. of Jacob Sanies, Nov. 4, 1886. 
Farmer near Richland Centre, Pa. Lutherans. No 
VI. Edward Gable, born Apr. 14, 1860; died May 
25, 1862. 

VI. Simon H. Gable, born Jan. 10, 1863. Mrd. Jen- 
nie, daughter of George Unangst, Oct. 25, 1884. 
Farmer near Hagersville, Pa. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Charles U. Gable, born June 15, 1885. (VII.) 
Saidy Florence Gable, born Aug. 10, 1886. (VII.) 
Annie U. Gable, born Apr. 1, 1888. 

VI. Ann Elizabeth Gable, born Apr. 17, 1865. Mrd. 

Jacob L. Swenk, Mar. 14, 1886. Miller, and Feed 

and Flour Merchant. Lutherans. One child: (VII.) 

Willie Swenk, born Feb. 2, 1887. 

Y. Mary Hockman, bora---, Mrd. William Baringer, 

— 390 — 

V. Stephen F. Hockman, born Aug. 28, 1828. Mrd. 
Caroline Yerger, Jan. 25, 1855. ^He died Oct. 3, 
1862. Farmer. Lutherans. Children: Clayton, 

VI. Clayton Y. Hockman, born Feb. 11, 1855. Mrd. 
Ellamand Kilmer, Feb. 13, 1886. Carpenter at Sel- 
lersville, Pa. Mr. Hockman, Lutheran. Mrs. Hock- 
man, Ger. Ref. 

VI. Salome Hockman, born July 11, 1856. Mrd. 
Manasseh S. Snyder, Nov. 16, 1878. Farmer. Lu- 

V. Moses F. Hockman, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 5, 
1830; died Nov. 14, 1885. Mrd. Rebecca Wagner—. 
Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: Newton, Sarah, Jonas, 
Se villa. 

VI. Newton Hockman, born Dec. 8, 1860. Mrd. 
Cora Belle Gruver in 1886. Farmer. Ger. Ref. One 
child: (VII.) Lloyd Hockman, born Nov. 22, 1887. 

VI. Sarah Ada Hockman, born — . 

VI. Jonas Hockman, born — ; died — . 

VI. Se villa Hockman, born — ; died. Mrs. Hockman 
died — . Mr. Hockman mrd. for his second wife, 
Leanna Wagner, Feb. 23, 1867. She was born Mar. 
5, 1839. Children: (VI.) Allen Hockman. born Oct, 

17, 1868. (VI.) Simeon Hockman, born Oct. 15, 1869. 
(VI.) Mary Alice Hockman, born Dec. 15, 1870. Mrd. 
Thomas Walters, Feb. 23, 1887. (VI.) Joseph Hock- 
man, born Mar. 24, 1872. (VI.) Moses Hockman.- 
born July 4, 1875. (VI.) Leanna Hockman, born Oct. 

18, 1876. 

V. Jacob F. Hockman, born May 4, 1832. Mrd. 
Matilda, daughter of Jacob Deaterly, of Bedminster, 
May 9, 1852. Fanner, and lives on the farm his 
father purchased of Joseph Fretz, about 1825. The 
present occupant, the subject of this sketch, pur- 
chased the farm in 1866. Lutherans. Children: Levi, 
Leidv, Malinda. 

VI. 'Levi Hockman, born Mar. 2, 1853. Mrd. Cath- 
arine, daughter of Reading Snyder, of Bedminster 
Twp., Aug. 1, 1874. Carpenter and farmer. In L875 
he purchased the farm he now occupies, from his 
grandfather, Jacob Hockman. Lutherans. Children: 

— 391 — 

(VII.) Laura Louisa Hockman, born May 28, 1875. 
(VII.) Ida Hockman, born Sept, 18, 1876. 

VI. Leidy Hockman, born Aug. 22, 1854. Mrd. Lu- 
cinda, daughter of Charles M. Deaterly, of Bedmins- 
ter, Nov. 8, 1870. Farmer. Res. with his father. 
Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Clara Hockman, born 
Aug. 4, 1882. (VII.) Sallie Hockman, born Aug. 5, 

VI. Malinda Hockman, born Mar. 7, 1856; died Jan. 
24, 1887. Mrd. John O. Snyder, May 23, 1875. 
Merchant at Souderton, Pa. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Nora Snyder, born Nov. 1, 1876. (VII.) Carrie 
Snyder, born Mar. 18, 1879; died young. (VII.) Lot- 
tie' Snyder, born Sept. 7, 1881. (VII.) Alice Snyder, 
born Oct, 12, 1884; died young. 

V. Samuel Hockman, born in Bucks Co., May 2, 
1834; died at the house of his brother Joseph, near 
Bedminsterville, Pa., Sept. 23, 1878. Mrd. Jane E. 
Jardine, in Omaha, Neb., Mar. 12, 1866. Farmer 
and Stock-raiser. Children: (VI.) Clippie A. Hock- 
man, born at Hamlin Grove, Iowa, Mar. 1867; died 
at Salt Lake City, Utah. Jan. 22, 1888. (VI.) Delbert 
I. Hockman, born in Weld Co., Col., Nov. 30, 1868. 
(VI.) Brick P. Hockman, born at Snake Valley, Utah. 
Nov. 22, 1870. (VI.) Clara B. Hockman, born in Utah, 
Jan. 15, 1873. (VI.) Minnie M. Hockman, born in 
Utah, Aug. 23, 1875. (VI.) Kittle E. Hockman, born 
July 8, 1878. 

V. Sarah Hockman, born in Bucks Co., May 29, 
1836. Mrd. William R. Strohm, July 7, 1854. Stone 
Mason. In 1876 he purchased a farm in Milford 
Twp., on which he now resides. Ger. Ref. Children: 
James, Mary, Edward, Laura, Wilson, Hulda, Julia, 
Sarah, William, Amanda, Alice. 

V!. James Monroe Strohm, born July 22, 1855. 
Mrd. Sophia S. Nicholas, Nov. 8, 1885. She died in 
1889. Painter. Lutherans. No issue. 

VI. Mary Ann Strohm, born Mar. 22, 1857. Mrd. 
Frank Erney, Feb. 24, 1877. Cigar-maker, at Qua- 
kertown, Pa. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Flora Vir- 
ginia Erney, born Apr. 2, 1877. (VII.) Howard Solo- 
mon Erney, born June 9, 1880; died June 24, 1886. 

— 392 — 

(VII.) Carrie Irene Erney, born Feb. 15, 1882. (VII.) 
Norman Erney, born June 2, 1885. (VII.) Frederick 
Erney, born Feb. 7, 1888; died Sept. 19, 1888. 

VI. Edward H. Strohm, born in Plumstead Twp., 
Aug. 11, 1858. Mrd. Addie Shup, Sept. 20, 1883. 
Creameryman. Ger. Ref. One cbild: (VII.) Elsie 
May Strohm, born May 29, 1889. 

VI. Laura Strohm, born Apr. 26, 1860. Ger. Ref. S. 

VI. Wilson H. Strohm, born Dec. 19, 1861. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Roth, Oct. 10, 1888. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Huldah Strohm, born July 15, 1863. Mrd. Henry 
J. Bossert, Sept. 26, 1885. Creameryman. Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VII.) William S. Bossert, born Aug. 15, 
1886. (VII.) Laura S. Bossert, born Oct. 13, 1887. 

VI. Julia Etta Strohm, born Jan. 30, 1866. Ger. 

VI. Sarah Jane Strohm, born Aug. 1, 1873. 

VI. William Franklin Strohm, born Dec. 23, 1875. 

VI. Amanda Strohm, born Mar. 13, 1877; died Aus;. 
16, 1877. 

VI. Alice Strohm, born Aug. 13, 1878. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 11, 
1803; died Dec. 1, 1880. Mrd. Catharine Rickert, 
July 15, 1845. She was born — ; died — . Joseph 
Fretz was a farmer, and owned and lived all his life 
time on a part of the Homestead purchased by his 
Grandfather, Abraham Fretz, in Bedminster Twp., 
and now owned and occupied by his sons Anthony R. 
and Quincy A. Fretz. Mr. Fretz was a man of per- 
haps more than ordinary intelligence, a very observ- 
ing man, and a great reader. He and his wife were 
members of the New Mennonite eh., at Deep Run. 
Children: Allen, Quincy, Joseph, Susan, Anthony, 

V. Allen W. Fretz, born Mar. 5, 1816. Mrd. Mary 
E. McFarland, of Coshocton Co., Ohio, July 3, 1870. 
She was born Dec. 8, 1815, in Montreal, Canada. 
Mrs. Fretz is a member of the 2d Mennonite church 
at Deep Run. Children: (VI.) Rilla Alice Fretz, born 
in Bedminster Twp., Pa.. Apr. 9, 1871. S. (VI.) J. 
Titus Fretz, born Feb, 2, 18^3. (VI.) Wilson Shurtz 
Fretz, bora June 19, 1875. (VI.) Charles ,], Fiviz, 

— 393 — 

born Mar. 22, 1877. (VI.) Delbert B. Fretz, born 
Dec. 28, 1879. (VI.) Morrill Linn Fretz, born Dec. 
17, 1881. (VI.) Robert A. Fretz, born May 26, 1883. 
(VI.) Mamie Fretz, born Feb. 15, 1886; died May 8, 

VI. Quincy A. Fretz, born July 18, 1817. He lived 
with his parents until a tew years after his marriage, 
after which he lived in Hilltown one year, and at 
Souderton four years, engaged in manufacturing 
force pumps. In 1879 he returned to the farm where 
he now lives, and which, as a portion of the Old 
Homestead, he purchased after his father's death. 
He was mrd. Oct. 10, 1873, to Catharine Yeakel, of 
Hilltown. She is a descendant of the Schwenk- 
felders, and was born May 27, 1817. Members of 
the 2d Mennonite ch., at Deep Run. One child: (VI.) 
Alice Y. Fretz; died an infant. 

V. Joseph Titus Fretz, born May 5, 1849; died Apr. 
27, 1870, aged 20y., 11m. and 22d. 

V. Susan Fretz," born June 7, 1852. Mrd. Mahlon 
Essig, of Arcadia, Hamilton Co., Ind., June 22, 1881. 
Farmer in Hamilton Co., Ind. Mrs. Essig, New 
Mennonite. Children: (VI.) Infant daughter, born 
and died Apr. 11, 1886. (VI.) Emma Mabel Essig, 
born July 8, 1887. 

V. Anthony R. Fretz, born Feb. 19, 1856. Mrd Ella 
Barron, of Springfield — . She was born Jan. 27, 
1862. Farmer, and lives on the Old Homestead, 
which ho purchased in 1881. Children: (VI.) Morris 
Dillwvn Fretz, born Mar. 5, 1883. (VI.) Chester 
Arthur Fretz, born Mar. 26, 1885. (VI.) Joseph Ed- 
gar Fretz, born Aug. 6, 1886. (VI.) Ida May Fretz, 
born Oct. 8, 1888. 

V. Ella R. Fretz, born Oct, 22, 1862. Mem. 2d 
Mennonite church of Deep Run. S. 

IV. Susan Fretz, born May 16, 1810; died Apr. 8, 
1890, aged79y., 10m., 21d. Mrd. Isaac Detweiler,—. 
He died Nov. 7, 1889. Farmer, and lived in Haycock 
Twp., on a farm purchased from the heirs of Joseph 
Fretz, know as Big Joe, son of Jacob, and grandson 
of Weaver John Fretz. Memnmites. Children; 
Anion, John. 

— 394 — 

V. Aaron Detweiler, born Jan. 29, 1838, in Bedminster 
Twp. Mrd. Anna Catharine, only daughter of William 
Meyers, Dec'd. Oct. 24, 1858. "Farmer. Lutherans. 
Children: William, Philena. 

VI. William A. Detweiler, born May 26, 1859; died 
Feb. 5, 1879. Lutheran. 

VI. Philena Catharine Detweiler, born Jan. 30, 1865. 
Mrd. Elias C. Weaver, of Richlandtown, Pa., Oct. 
9, 1886. He has the degree of qualified assistant in 
the drug and Apothecary business, and is engaged as 
Clerk in the drug store of his brotber, Dr. M. H. 
Weaver, at Richlandtown, Pa. Mrs. Weaver, Lu- 
theran. One child: (VII.) Aaron D. Weaver, born 
Jan. 29, 1888. 

V. John Detweiler, born — . Mrd. Amanda Stover, 
— . Farmer. One child: (VI.) Stover Detweiler, born 
— . S. 

IV. Sarah Fret/, born Aug. 28, 1812. Mrd. Abra- 
ham Myers, in 1834. They settled on Joseph Fretz's 
farm, near Pipersville. where he died Jan. 2T, 1881, 
aged 80y., and 3m., and where Mrs. Myers still lives, 
at the advanced age of 76 years. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Francis, Mary, Aaron. 

V. Francis F. Myers, born Apr. 22, 1838. Mrd. 
Rachel Meyers, daughter of Abraham and Annie 
Meyers, and grandaughter of Esther (Fretz) Meyers, 
— .Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Abraham. Sarah, 
Mary, Minerva. Hulda. Rachel, Libbie, Amanda. Ida. 

VI. Abraham Myers, born — . Mrd. Anna Gruver, 
— . Miller. Mem. Tinicum Ch. They have two 

VI. Sarah Ann Myers, born — . Mrd. Allen Zetty. 
(See Index, of References No. 131). 

VI. Mary Ellen Myers, born—. Mrd. Levi Myers, 
— . Farmer and Carpenter. They have one child. 

VI. Minerva Myers, born — . Mrd. Henry Myers. 
Carpenter. They have one child. 

VI. Hulda Myers, born—. (VI.) Rachel Myers, 
born—. (VI.) Libbie Myers, born—; died—. (VI.) 
Amanda Myers, born — . (VI.) Ida Myers, born — . 

V. Mary F. Myers, born Apr. 23. 1840. Unmrd. 
Lives at home with her mother. Mennonite. 

— 395 — 

V. Aaron F. Myers, born May 4, 1846. Mrd. 
Susanna Geisinger, daughter of Rev. John Geisinger, 
of Springfield Twp., Oct. 31, 1868. Farmer, and 
lives on the old homestead, near Pipersville. Old 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Sarah Ellen Myers, born 
Mar. 31, 1870. (VI.) Wilson Francis Myers, born 
Feb. 2, 1874. 

IV. Veronica Fretz, born — . Mrd. John High, — . 
lie died— . Farmer. Mems. New Mennonite Ch., of 
Deep Rim. Children: Sarah, Reuben, Susanna. 

V. Sarah High, born — ; died S. 

V. Reuben High, born—. Mrd. Sarah Myers,—. 
Farmer. They have 5 children. 

V. Susanna High, born — ; died — . Mrd. Abraham 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 132). 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born Jan. 14, 1814; died—. 
Mrd. Philip Leatherman. (See Index of References 
No. 133). 

III. Esther Fretz, born Sept. 20, 1774; died Mar. 2, 
1838. Mrd. Henry Myers, Oct. 25, 1798. He was 
born Oct. 10, 1774; died Sept, 19, 1823. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Joseph, Jonas, Catharine, Rachel, 
, Abraham, Ephraim. 

IV. Joseph Myers, born Mar. 26, 1800; died Aug. 
26, 1860. Mrd.' Mary Shelly, Jan. 30, 1827. She was 
born June 5, 1800; died Apr. 17, 1877. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Elizabeth, Lucy, Matilda, 
Henry, Esther. 

V. Elizabeth Meyers, born Nov. 4, 1827. Mrd. 
Henry S. Musselman, Oct, 6, 1850. He died May 16, 
1885. Carpenter. Mrs. Musselman resides in Huron 
Co., Mich. Methodist. Children: Edward, Gilbert, 
Martha, Michael, Joseph, William, Epheneda, Mary, 
Anna, Albert, Ellen. 

VI. Edward Musselman, born Apr. 9, 1851; died 
Jan. 22. 1857. 

VI. Gilbert Musselman, born Jan. 5, 1853; died 
Apr. 17, 1873. 

VI. Martha Ann Musselman, born July 27, 1855; 
died Oct. 7, 1875. 

- 396 - 

VI. Michael Musselman, born Aug. 3, 1857. Lum- 
berman, in Huron Co., Mich. 

VI. Joseph Musselman, born Aug. 4, 1859. Farmer 
in Huron Co., Mich. 

VI. William Musselman, born May 22, 1861. Was 
drowned July 22, 1877. 

VI. Epheneda Musselman, born Mar. 3, 1863. 
Quarryman in Michigan. 

VI. Mary Susanna Musselman, born Mar. 24, 1865. 
Mrd. George Upthegrove, July 5, 1883. Children: 
(VII.) Ruby Elizabeth Upthegrove, born Dec. 22, 
1881; died July 22, 1885. (VII.) Pearl May Upthe- 
grove, born May 21, 1886. 
"VI. Anna Elizabeth Musselman, born Mar. 21, 1865. 

VI. Albert Franklin Musselman, born Mar. 15, 1871. 

VI. Ellen Amanda Musselman, born Mar. 1, 1873; 
died Jan. 21, 1886. 

V. Lucy Ann Meyers, born Feb. 5, 1829. Mrd. 
Charles Mclntyre. (See Index of References No. 131.) 

V. Matilda Meyers, born Oct, 10, 1831. Mrd. Jacob 
Yost, — . One child: (VI.) Amanda Yost, born — . S. 

V. Henry S. Meyers, born Oct, 15. 1836; died June 
11, 1837. " 

V. Esther Myers, born Nov. 30, 1839. Mennonite. S. 

IV. Jonas Myers, born Feb. 13. L802; died Apr. 26, 
1885. Mrd. Veronica, daughter of Martin Fretz, Sr., 
of Hilltown Apr. 1, 1828. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Mary, Catharine, Leah. 

V. Mary Ann Meyers, born in 1833; died Aug 10, 
1852, aged 19 years". 

V. Catharine Meyers, born — . Mrd. Tobias Over- 
holt, (See Index of References No. 135). 

V. Leah Meyers, born Nov. 21, 1839. Mrd. Henrv 
B. Kratz, Nov. 10, 1860. He was born Aug. 2, 1838. 
Miller. Mennonites. Children: Sylvanus, Emma, 
Jonas, Leidy. Mary, Harvey, Horace, Henry. 

VI. Sylvanus Kratz, born Sept. 2, 1861. Mrd. - 
Myers, — . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VII.) 
Infant, unnamed. (VII.) Aaron Kratz, died in infancy. 

VI. Emma Jane Kratz, born Mar. 31, 1864. Mrd. 

William H, Fuiwer, Qet, 1, 1687. Farmer, Mrs, 

— 397 — 

Fuimer, Mennonite. One child: (VII.) Leah Anna 
Fulmer, born Jan. 8, 1889. 

VI. Jonas Kratz, born Feb. 1, 1866. Mrd. Lizzie 
Sine, in 1886. Farmer. New Mennonites. One child: 
(VII.) Estella Kratz, born in 1886. 

VI. Leidy M. Kratz, born Sept, 11, 1868. (VI.) Mary 
Ellen Kratz, born June 6, 18T0. (VI.) Harvey Kratz, 
born May 27, 1873. (VI.) Horace Kratz, born May 31, 
1875. (VI.) Henry W. Kratz, born Mar. 5, 1879. 

IV. Catharine Meyers, born Dec. 15, 1804. Mrd. 
Christian Moyer, in 1831. He died in 1811. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Rachel, Leah, Abraham, Jonas. 

V. Rachel Moyer, born Oct, 26, 1833. Mrd. Abra- 
ham F. Kratz. (See Index of References No. 136). 

V. Leah Moyer, born Nov. 7, 1835. Mrd. John 
Young, Nov. 27, 1858. Farmer in Montg. Co. Men- 
nonites. Children: Isaac, Jonas, Katie, Allen. 

VI. Isaac Young, born Feb. 28, 1860. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Shunck, Sept. 23, 1882. Farmer in Montg. 
Co., Pa. 

VI. Jonas Young, born Apr. 23. 1861; died Aug. 
13, 1861. 

VI. Katie Young, born Dec. 5, 1861. Mrd. Leidy 
Swartley, Nov. 10, 1888. Farmer. 

VI. Allen Young, born Feb. 9, 1870. 

V. Abraham M. Moyer, born in 1837. Mrd. Mary 
Clemens, in 1860. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Wilson, Henry, Horace, Morris, Allen. 

VI. Wilson Moyer, born in 1861. Farmer. S. 

VI. Henry Moyer, born in 1861. Mrd Lizzie Landis, 
Jan. 1889. Employed on Hay Press. 

VI. Morris Moyer, born in 1867. Mrd. Lizzie Harley, 
in 1887. Farmer. One child: (VII.) Merwin Moyer, 
born in Oct. 1888. 

VI. Horace Moyer, born in 1867 (Twin to Morris). 
Farmer and lives at home. 

VI. Allen Moyer, born in 1871. 

V. Jonas Moyer, born in 1839. S. Lives with his 
brother Abraham, near Salfordsville, Montg. Co. , Pa. 

IV. Rachel Myers, born Sept, 2, 1807. Mrd. John F. 
Myers. (See Index of References No. 137.) 

— 398 — 

IV. Abraham Myers, born Jan. 4, 1810; died Mar. 
16, 1866. Mrd. Annie Shimmel, Aug 28, 1838. Far- 
mer. Mennonites at Deep Run. Children: Rachel, 
Jonas, Mary, Henry, Lamech, Minerva Abraham. 

V. Rachel Myers, born Feb. 12, 1810. Mrd. Francis 
F. Myers. (See Index of References No. 138). 

V. Jonas S. Myers, born Aug. 1, 1812. Mrd. Lavina 
D. Fretz, Jan. 19, 1861. Farmer in Bucks Co. Mems. 
2d Mennonite ch., Deep Run. Children: Rosella. An- 
nie, Clayton, Lamech, Sallie, Abraham, Henry Wil- 
liam, Lavina. 

VI. Rosella Myers, born June 29, 1861. Mrd. Henry 
S. Shelly. (See Index of References No. 139). 

VI. Annie Fretz Myers, born Nov. 21, 1865; died 
Dec. 7, 1868. (VI.) Clayton F. Myers, born Oct. 26, 
1867. (VI.) Lamech F. Myers, born May 7, 1869. 
(VI.) Sallie F. Myers, born Dec. 16, 1871. (VI.) Abra- 
ham Myers, born July 7, 1871; died Aug. 19, 1875. 
(VI.) Henry Myers, born June 8, 1877. (VI.) William 
Myers, born Mar. 6, 1879. (VI.) Lavina Myers, born 
Oct. 20, 1881. 

V. Mary Myers, born July 8, 1818. Mrd. George 
Trauger, Dec. 1, 1869. Farmer. New Mennonites. 
Children: (VI.) Emma Trauger, born June 18, 1870. 
(VI.) William Henry Trauger, born Mar. 7. 1874. 
(VI.) Samuel Trauger, born Aug. 31, 1876. (VI.) New- 
berry Trauger, born Sept 23, 1880. (VI.) Annie Trau- 
ger, born July 22, 1884. (VI.) Lizzie Trauger, born 
Oct. 17, 1885. 

V. Henry S. Myers, born May 30, 1850. Mrd. Emma 
Jane Hockman, Oct. 18, 1879. Farmer. New Menno- 
nites, at Deep Run. One Child: (VI.) George H. My- 
ers, born Oct. 7, 1883. 

V. Lamech S. Myers, born Feb. 11, 1852. Mrd. 
Emeline, daughter of Martin Myers, Apr. 17. 1877. 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Martin Erwin 
Myers, born Aug. 3, 1877. (VI.) Ada Myers, born 
Mar. 29, 1881. (VI.) Mary Myers, born May 2'2, 1883. 

V. Minerva S. Myers, born June 29, 1855. Mrd. 
John B. Bewialiouse. (See Index of References No. 

— 399 - 

V. Abraham S. Myers, born in Bucks Co. , Sept. 22, 
1857. Mrd. Annie L. Baringer, Dec. 13, 1879. She 
was born Jan. 30, 1858. New Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) Amy B. Myers, born Aug. 2, 1881; died Dec. 
27, 1881. (VI.) Carrie B. Myers, born Oct. 17, 1882. 
(VI.) Elmer B. Myers, born Jan. 22, 1885. 

IV. Ephraim Meyers, born in Tinicum Twp. , Mar. 30. 
1813; died Mar. 26, 1853. Mrd. Mary Keeler, Sept. 
8, 1843. She was born Oct. 17, 1813; died Apr. 17, 
1884. One child: 

V. Oliver K. Meyers, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 16, 
1844. Mrd. Mary Jane Stever, Aug. 5, 1865. She 
was born July 2, 1849. Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: 
Emma, Anna, Sarah, David, Lambert, Thaddeus. 

VI. Emma Jane Meyers, born Aug. 22, 1866. Mrd. 
George Ott, Apr. 23, 1887. Farmer. Ger. Ref. One 
child: (VII.) Horace M. Ott, bom Oct. 12, 1887. 

VI. Anna Maria Meyers, born Oct. 8, 1868. Mrd. 
Abraham M. Swartley, Mar. 28, L885. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. One child: (VII.) Mary Ellen Swartley, born 
Dec. 15, 1886; died Aug. 8, 1887. 

VI. Sarah Ellen Meyers, born Mar. 12, 1871. S. 

VI. David S. Meyers, born Sept. 18, 1875; died Nov. 
18, 1876. 

VI. Lambert S. Meyers, born Sept. 4, 1877. 

VI. Thaddeus S. Meyers, born Dec. 26, 1883. 

III. Anna Fret z, born — ; died — . Unmrd. 

III. Barbara Fretz, born in Bucks Co., in 1778; died 
Feb. 5, 1852, aged 74y., 9m., 12d. Mrd. Philip Kai- 
singer, Sept. 18, 1799. He died Dec. 19, 1845, aged 
75y., 11m., 18d. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Jo- 

, seph, Lizzie, John, Abraham, Charles, Susan, Rachel, 
Hannah, Samuel, Jonas. 

IV. Joseph Kaisinger, born in Plumstead Twp., Feb. 
17, 1801; died Apr. 17, 1848. Mrd. Mary Shank, in 
1827. She died May 26, 1842. No issue. 

IV. Lizzie Kaisinger, born Jan. 14, 1803; died Jan. 
15, 1874, aged 71y., Id. Unmrd. 

IV. John S. Kaisinger, born Aug. 14, 1806; died 
Apr. 19, 1880 Mrd. Catharine Swartz, Nov. 21, 1841. 

— 400 — 

She was born Mar. 16, 1820. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Elizabeth, Isaac, Rachel, Lydian. 

V. Elizabeth Kaisinger, born July 25, 1843. Mrd. 
Philip K. Myers. (See index of References No. 141). 

V. Isaac Kaisinger born Nov. 17. 1845. 

V. Rachel Kaisinger, born July 14, 1848. S. 

V. Lydian Kaisinger, born Jan. 3, 1858; died Mar. 
12, 1867. 

IV. Abraham Kaisinger, born Jan. 3, 1809. Mrd. 
Mary, widow of Jacob Fretz (maiden name Swartz), 
— . She was born Apr. 1, 1816; died June 8, 1884. 
Weaver. Mrs. Kaisinger, Old Mennonite. One child: 

V. Abraham S. Kaisinger, born June 7, 1851. Mrd. 
Lizzie Brown, in 1873. She died — . Harness-maker. 
One child: (VI.) Annie Mary Kaisinger, born Nov. 27, 

IV. Charles S. Kaisinger (Twin to Abraham), born 
Jan. 3, 1809; died June 19, 1884. Mrd. Ellen W. 
Anderson, Nov. 7, 1837. She was born Oct. 23, 1809; 
died Oct. 23, 1884. Farmer and lime-burner. Chil- 
dren: George, Mary, Jennie. 

V. George~W. Kaisinger, born July 21, 1840; died 
in 1889. Mrd. Isabella, daughter of Henry VanLuva- 
nee. Peddler. Reside in Trenton, N. J. Children: 
Mary, Laura, Jennie, Cora, Charles, Alice, Georgi- 
ana, Rhoda, Augusta. 

VI. Mary Ellen Kaisinger, born June 28, 1863; died 
Feb. 3, 1887. Mrd. John J. Weaver, June 17, 1886. 
One child: (VII.) Ella Edna Weaver, born Jan. 6, 1887; 
died Aug. 16, 1887. 

VI. Laura Frances Kaisinger, born Apr. 2, 1866. 

VI. Jennie E. Kaisinger, born Dec. 26, 1868. 

VI. Cora Belle Kaisinger, born Nov. 18, 1870. 

VI. Charles Henry Kaisinger, born Jan. 24, 1874; 
died Apr. 21, 1874. 

VI. Alice Minerva Kaisinger, born Jan. 5, 1875. 

VI. Georaiana Kaisinger, born Sept. 11, 1878; died 
Sept. 19, 1879. 

VI. Rhoda A. Kaisinger, born Mar. 18, 1880. 

VI. Fannie Augusta Kaisinger, born Oct. 2, 1882. 

— 401 — 

V. Mary A. Kaisinger, born Sept. 11, 1842. Mrd. 
T. Watson Wismer, Oct. 20, 1868. Farmer. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) George W. Wismer, born Aug. 29, 1869. 
(VI.) Nellie W. Wismer, born May 30, 1874. (VI.) 
May S. Wismer, born Nov. 29, 1875. 

V.' Jennie E. Kaisinger, born Sept. 23, 1847. Mrd. 
William H. Smith, July 12, 1885. He died Mar. 4, 
1889. Florist. No issue. 

IV. Rachel Kaisinger, born Sept. 19, 1813. Mrd. 
Abraham Leatherman, Sept. 23, 1848. He was born 
Feb. 7, 1802; died Feb. 1, 1881. Farmer. Menno- 
nites at Deep Run. One child: 

V. Nelson K. Leatherman, born Mar. 18, 1850. 
Mrd. Lizzie, daughter of Jacob Fretz, Mar. 19, 1874. 
Merchant at Milford Square, Pa. Baptists. Children: 
(VI.) Warren Fretz Leatherman, born Feb. 29, 1880; 
died Aug. 25, 1880. (VI.) Susan Pearl Leatherman, 
born June 19, 1882. 

IV. Hannah Kaisinger, born Sept. 22, 1816. Mrd. 
Henry G. Myers, Jan. 5, 1841. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Philip, Sophia, Elevesta. 

V. Philip K. Myers, born Nov. 15, 1841. Mrd. Mary, 
daughter of Rev. John Geisinger, in 1863. She was 
born Apr. 23, 1843; died Aug. 27, 1865. One child: 
(VI.) Hannah C. Myers, born May 4, 1865; died May 
8, 1866.— Philip mrd. for his second wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Kaisinger, May 29, 1875. Shoe- 
maker. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Sophia Myers, born May 18, 1851; died aged 11 

V. Elevesta L. Myers, born Dec. 13, 1858; died 
Dec. 21, 1866. 

IV. Samuel Kaisinger, born Dec. 29, 1818; died May 
12, 1886. Mrd. Catharine Anna Sassaman, of Durham 
Twp., Bucks Co., Aug. 21, 1856. She was born Oct. 
15, 1836. Shoemaker. Ger. Ref. Children: William, 
Rachel, Oliver, Lauretta, Sallie, Jestina, Eleza, Mag- 
gie, Samuel, Katie. 

V. William Henry Kaisinger, born in New Britain 
Twp., Jan. 3, 1857. Mrd. Eliza O. Merkel, Aug. 30, 
1884. She was born Mar. 10, 1865. Moulder. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) William Henry Kaisinger, born Apr. 16, 

— 4:02 — 

1885; died Apr. 30, 1885. (VI.) Samuel Kaisinger, 
born Aug. 19, 1887; died Aug. 23, 1887. 

V. Rachel Elizabeth Kaisinger, born Dec. 31, 1858; 
died May 5, 1859. 

V. Oliver James Kaisinger, born May 30, 1860; died 
Aug 3, 1861. 

V. Lauretta Kaisinger, born in Philadelphia, Dec. 10, 
1862. Mrd. George W. Merkel, Jan. 1, 1880. Car- 
penter. No issue. 

V. Sallie Matilda Kaisinger, born July 28, 1865, in 
Philadelphia. Mrd. Milton A. Buttz, of Philadelphia, 
Dec. 20, 1882. Terra Cotta moulder. Methodists. One 
child: (VI.) Samuel Peter Buttz, born Mar. 15, 1881. 

V. Jestina Kaisinger, born Jan. 22, 1868, in Phila- 
delphia. Mrd. John H. Funston, of Conshohocken, 
Pa. Jan. 21, 1888. Weaver. Methodists. 

V. Eleza Kaisinger, b'nAug. 11, '69; died July 20, '70. 

V. Maggie May Kaisinger, born in Philadelphia, 
Dec. 20, 1871. 

V. Samuel S. Kaisinger, born Feb. 8, 1874. 

V. Katie Cora Kaisinger, born Apr. 1, 1876. 

IV. Jonas Kaisinger, born in Pucks Co., Mar. 31, 
1821. Mrd. Livia Musselman, Aug. 18, 1850. Farmer, 
near Hartsville, Pa. Mennonite. Children: Henry, 
Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, Charles, Sallie. 

V. Henry M. Kaisinger, born Sept. 6, 1851. Mrd. 
Rebecca W. Schlater, Apr. 27, 1876. Merchant. Ger. 
Ref. One child: (VI.) Elsie May Kaisinger, born July 
15, 1881. 

V. Samuel M. Kaisinger, born Apr. 1, 1851. Mrd. 
Addie, daughter of Capt. T. H. Parsons, dee'd, Dec. 2, 
1885. Dealer in Wall Paper, Oils, Paints at Milledge- 
ville, 111. Mrs. Kaisinger Baptist. No issue. 

V. Mary Kaisinger, born Sept. 9, 1859; died Mar. 
23, 1860." 

V. Elizabeth Kaisinger, born May 6, 1861. S. 

V. Charles M. Kaisinger, born July 23, 1865. Mrd. 
Emma Jane Detweiler, of Unionville, Pa., July 31, 
1887. Harness-maker at Souderton, Pa. Mennonite. 
Onechild: (VI.) Harvey D. Kaisinger, born Feb. 7, 1887. 

V. Sallie Kaisinger, born Jan. 31, 1867; died Feb. 
12, 1867. 


II. Mark Fretz (son of Tinicum Christian), born on 
the old homestead in Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., 

— . Mrd. Gertrude Kulp, Dec. 22, 1772. She died 
May 9, 1780. He lived in Tinicum Twp., near the 
Durham road, on a farm of 200 or more acres. The 
tract now comprises three farms owned by Jacob 
Steely (where the homestead buildings were), Levi 
Yost and Reuben Heaney. Their children were: An- 
thony, Judith, Elizabeth, Mary, Gertrude. Mark 
mrd. for his second wife Mary, widow of Abraham 
Fretz (son of Weaver John), Sept. 26, 1780. They 
had one child: Anna. 

III. Anthony Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Feb. 1, 1774; 
died Jan. 26, 1856. Mrd. Margaret Wismer, Apr 16, 
1795. She died July 23, 1822. He mrd. for his second 
wife a Quaker lady. He lived on a farm of 60 acres, 
at the "Old Burnt Mill, 1 ' in Plumstead Twp., where 
he carried on farming and milling. He was known as 
"Lame Anthony," or "One Legged Anthony," hav- 
ing received an injury to one of his legs by a scythe 
or cradle, making amputation necessary. The issue 
by first wife are: Samuel, Anna, Mary, Mark, Eliza- 
beth, Joseph, Catharine. 

IV. Samuel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 17, 1796. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Fretz (daughter of third Christian), 
in 1824. Miller. In 1832 he moved to Clinton, N. J., 
where he lived for 17 years, and then moved to Ohio, 
locating at Wadsworth, Medina Co. The following 

- 404 — 

year (1850), he bought the mill property in Montville, 
Ohio, and conducted the same in company with his 
sons until his death, which occurred Apr. 6, 1852, 
after which his sons assumed control. In the fol- 
lowing March the mill burned, being a total loss. 
They rebuilt the mill and continued the business for 
many years. Children: Lewis, Anthony, Christian, 
Mahlon, Anna. 

V. Lewis Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct, 26, 
1826. Farmer, Sawyer and builder, now retired. He 
resides on the homestead in Medina Co., Ohio. When 
the war broke out he enlisted under the call of Presi- 
dent Lincoln's proclamation for 75,000 men, and was 
comissioned Captain of the first company of Vol's, 
raised in Medina Co. After the expiration of his term 
of enlistment he again enlisted in the last company 
raised in Medina Co., the 166 O. N. G., serving as 
1st Lieut., with Captain's duties, that officer being 
unfit for service. This company was sent to Washing- 
ton, as National Guards, to guard the forts on Ar- 
lington Heights, near Alexandria. He rendered hon- 
orable service, for which he recieved a certificate of 
thanks from President Lincoln. Some of the princi- 
pal battles engaged in were Fort Henry, Fort Donald- 
son, Pittsburgh Landing, Shiloh, etc. He has served 
in various township offices, among them Justice of the 
Peace. Unmrd. 

V. Anthony Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 5, 
1829. Mrd. Emily Hosmer in 1855. She died soon 
after, leaving one child: Ida E. — Anthony mrd. for 
his second wife, Hannah A. Crawford, Sept. 19, 1863, 
by whom he had one child: Clair W. —Mr. Fretz was 
formerly in partnership with his brother, Capt. Lewis, 
as farmer, sawyer and builder in Medina Co. At the 
outbreaking of the war he enlisted in the 12th 111. V.I., 
as musician. He also enlisted with his brother Capt. 
Lewis, in 166 O. N. G., as principal musician, and re- 
ceived from President Lincoln a certificate of honor- 
able service. He resides in Wooster, Wayne Co., O., 
and is a member and elder in the Presbyterian church. 

VI. Ida E. Fretz, born in Medina Co., O., Jan. 17, 
1856. Mrd. Melvin S. Flickinger, Feb. 14, 1878. 

— 405 — 

Farmer in Medina Co., O. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Zola D. Flickinger, bora Mar. 4, 1882. (VII.) 
Anna Fern Flickinger, born May 4, 1884. (VII.) Lulu 
Hope Flickinger, born Mar. 31, 1889. 

VI. Clair W. Fretz, born Oct. 3, 1870. 

V. Christian Fretz, born Oct. 18, 1831; died Nov. 19, 

V. Mahlon Fretz, born in Clinton, N.J.,—. Mrd. 

. He also entered in the 12th 111. V. I., with his 

brother Anthony, as musician, and while in the army 
contracted a disease from which he died soon after his 
return, leaving one child: (VII.) Mahlon D. Fretz, 
born — . Mrd. . 

V. Anna W. Fretz, born in Clinton, N. J., May 21, 
1841. Mrd. Chester W. Abbott, Aug. 9, 1861. Far- 
mer in Medina Co., Ohio. Mr. Abbott enlisted in the 
103d Reg 1 1 O.V. L, and participated in the following 
battles: East Tennesee,' Knoxville, Armstrong, At- 
lanta, Franklin, Nashville, Wilmington, Goldsborough 
and Raleigh. His enlistment was for three years, he 
was mustered out of service at the close of the war, 
June 12, 1865. Mrs. Abbott, Presbyterian. Children: 
Lewis, Cora, Ida. 

VI. Lewis Fretz Abbott, born in Medina Co., O., in 
1862. Mrd. Philena Bowman, of Lafayette, Medina 
Co., O., Sept. 12, 1882. Farmer and miller. He, 
Presbyterian. She, Disciple. No issue. 

VI. Cora L. Abbott, born in Medina Co., O., in 1866. 
Mrd. Clifford V. Matterson, of Seville, O., Feb. 26, 
1885. Clothing merchant at Seville. Cora, Pres- 

VI. Ida E. Abbott, born in Medina Co., in 1873; 
died Dec. 12, 1881. Dying so young, yet she was a 
natural born musician, and possessed rare gifts for 
that art. As a scholar she easily outstripped those of 
her own age. Had she lived, no doubt she would have 
exhibited remarkable progress in music and scholar- 
ship. But she was wanted for the heavenly choir, and 
God took her. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 10, 
1797; died in 1885. Mrd. Joseph Solliday, Dec. 11, 
1817. Children: Joseph, Mary, Lucy, Lewis. —Anna 

— 406 — 

mrd. for her second husband, Tobias Weisel, — . Chil- 
dren: Lucinda, Caroline, Anthony. 

V. Joseph Solliday, born Oct. 24, 1818. 

V. Mary Solliday, born Mar. 3, 1820; died Jan. 25, 

V. Lucy Ann Solliday, born Mar. 18, 1822; died 
Nov. 11, 1822. 

V. Lewis C. Solliday. born Nov. 14, 1823. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Solliday, Nov. 2, 1845. Retired farmer. 
Ger. Ref. Children: Morris, Catharine, Elwood. 

VI. Morris Soliday, born Oct. 14, 1849. Mrd. Emma 
Mover, Nov. 7, 1878. Farmer near Erwinna, Pa. 
Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Gertrude Solliday. 

VI. Catharine Ann Solliday, born Apr. 7, 1845; died 
May 3, 1876. Mrd. Newberry Sassaman,— . One 
child: (VII.) Mary May Sassaman. 

VI. T. Elwood Solliday, born— . Mrd. Emma Yost— . 

V. Lucinda Weisel, born — . Mrd. Joshua Evans, 
M. D., of Branchtown, Pa—. He died—. Children: 
Oliva, William, Carrie, Annie, Wilbur, Edward. 

VI. Oliva Evans, born — ; died young. 
VI. William Evans, born — ; died young. 

VI. Carrie Evans, born — . Mrd, George E. Wagner 
— . Children: (VII.) Carrie Wagner. (VII.) Florence 

VI." Annie Evans. Mrd. William T. Beans. Reside 
in Colorado. (VI.) Wilbur C. Evans, born—. (VI.) 
Edward S. Evans, born — . 

V. Caroline Augusta Weisel, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. S. 

V. Anthony Fretz Weisel, born in Bucks Co., Pa. 
Mrd. Hannah E. Delp — . Dealer in fancy coach and 
driving horses at Cross-Keyes, Bucks Co., Pa. Chil- 
dren: "(VI.) Debbie D. Weisel. (VI.) H. Ross Weisel. 
(VI.) Augusta Weisel. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 26, 
1799; died—. Mrd. Samuel Solliday, May 17, 1821. 
He died Oct. 3, 1830, aged 38 yrs. Children: Eli, 
Rachel, Joseph, Clarissa, Wilson, Sarah. Mary mrd. 
for her second husband, John Bissey, Nov. 10, 1846. 
He died Oct. 3, 1870. No issue. 

V, Eli.K. Solliday, born Dec, 22,1821; died in 1887. 

— 407 — 

V. Rachel E. Sollidav, born May 14, 1823. Mrd. 
Robert A. Bayard-. 'He died July 21, 1854. Mrs. 
Bayard attends Presbyterian eh. Children: Mary, 
Armstrong, Martha, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph. 

VI. Mary A. Bayard, born May 10, 1842; died—. 
VI. Armstrong Bayard, born Dec. 10, 1843; died—. 
VI. Martha A. Bayard, born Dec. 8, 1846. Mrd. 

William H. Gander, Oct, 25. 1865. Paper manufac- 
turer at Lambertville, N. J. Presbyterians. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) James C. W. Gandey, born July IT, 
1866; was drowned July 17, 1879. (VII.) Minnie B. 
Gandey, born May 10,* 1868. (VII.) Ann B. W. 
Gandey, born Sept! 28, 1870. (VII.) Lizzie L Gandey, 
born Sept. 28, 1872; died Nov. 11, 1877. (VII.) Sallie 
L. Gandey, born Sept. 18, 1874; died Dec, 29, 1887 
(VII.) Mattie B. Gandev, born Nov. 1, 1875. (VII.) 
Hannah E. H. Gandey, born Oct, 24, 1880. 

VI. Sarah L. Bayard, born Aug. 16, 1848; died Aug. 
1873. Mrd. Alfred C. Gandey, Dec. 28, 1869. Mrs. 
Gandey, Presbyterian. One child: (VII.) Harry B. 
Gandey, born Oct., 1870; died in Sept., 1876. 

VI. Elizabeth Bayard, born Ails'. 29, 1850; died—. 

VI. Joseph Ely Bayard, born Nov. 2, 1853. Mrd. 
Lizzie A. Holeomb,Feb. 2, 1873. 

V. Joseph Solliday, born Sept, 5, 1824. Mrd. Annie 
C. Atkinson, Feb! 17, 1846. Merchant at Hawley, 
Wayne Co., Pa. Presbyterians. No issue. 

V. 'Clarissa A. Solliday, born Aug. 20, 1826. S. 

V. Wilson A. Solliday, born Mar. 4. 1828: died—. 

V. Sarah Sollidav, born Apr. 28. 1830. Mrd. J. B. 
Longshore, M. D., of Camden, N. J., Apr. 12, 1854. 
She, Presbyterian. They have no living issue. 

IV. MarkFretz, born in Bucks Co.. Pa,, Mar. 17, 
1801; died July 24, 1849. Mrd. Julia A. Bissey, Dec. 
20, 1825. Miller. Tn 1848 he moved from Little 
York, N. J., to Philadelphia, where he died the fol- 
lowing year. He attended the Presbyterian church. 
Children: Silas, Margaret, Mary, Wilson, Julia, Nel- 
son, Jonas, Justus, Clarissa, Sarah. _ 

V. Silas Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 1, 1826: died 
in South Haven, Mich., May 19, 1878. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Ann Johnson, Feb. 7, 1857, at Frenchtown. 

— 408 — 

N. J. Millwright. Methodists. Children: Lucinda, 
Anna, Alice, George, Kittie. 

VI. Lucinda Fretz, born at Frenchtown, N. J., Sept. 
14, 1853. Mrd. Joseph Swails, Aug. 15, 1872. Sea 
Carpenter. Residence, Charlevoix, Mich. Mrs. 
Swails, Methodist. Children: (VII.) Eva Swails, born 
Mar. 24, 1874. (VII.) Alice Swails, born Aug. 19, 
1876. (VII.) Silas Swails, born Mar. 29, 1879/ (VII.) 
Lillie Swails, born Sept. 8, 1881. (VII.) Maggie 
Swails, born Oct. 3, 1883. (VII.) John Swails, born 
Oct. 30, 1886. (VII.) Flora Swails, born June 11, 1888. 

VI. Anna E. Fretz, born in Jackson, Wayne Co., 
Ohio, Apr. 11, 1857. Mrd. Frank W. Swails, Dec. 
27, 1876. 

VI. Alice Amelia Fretz, born in Defiance Co., O., 
May 26, 1863. Mrd. C. P. House, May 9, 1882. Bar- 
ber at Puyallup, Pierce Co., Washington. 

VI. George Hathaway Fretz, born at Edgerton, Wil- 
liams Co., O., Apr. 23, 1867. Seaman, at South 
Haven, Mich. S. (1889). 

VI. Kittie Louisa Fretz, born and died in South 
Haven, Mich., Auff. 10, 1873. 

V. Margaret Fretz, born Sept. 22, 1828. Mrd. 
James Wells, in 1850. He died in Nov. 1875. Sail 
maker. Mrs. Wells, Presbyterian. Children: Susan, 
Ida, Harry. 

VI. Susan Wells, born July 24, 1856. Mrd. James 
A. McCaughan, May 1, 1879. Shoe, and Dry Goods 
Merchant "at Paschalville, Pa. Presbyterians. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Margaret Sarah McCaughan, born Apr. 
4, 1880. (VII.) James Stewart McCaughan, born Mar. 
4,1882. (VII.) Mary Emily McCaughan, born July 1, 
1884. (VII.) Susie A. McCaughan, born Aug. 12, 
1886. (VII.) Harry Wells McCaughan, born Dec. 16, 

VI. Ida Wells born Apr. 4, 1860. S. 

VI. Harry Wells, born Aug. 24, 1862, S. 

V. Mary Fretz, born Sept. 26, 1830; died in 1851. 
Mrd. Mahlon Hendricks, in 1850. No issue. 

V. Wilson Fretz, born Feb. 14, 1832. Mrd. Mary 
Saville, of Philadelphia, Dec. 25, 1857. She died Dec. 

— 409 — 

10, 1869. Lumberman. Resides at No. 9 Wilson St. 
Philadelphia. Children: Mark, Lydia, Mary. 

VI. Mark Fretz, Jr., born Sept. 14. 1857. Mrd. Alice 
Kurtz, of Philadelphia, Sept. 12, 1877. She died Feb. 
7, 1881. Blacksmith. One child: (VII.) Charles Fretz, 
born June 30, 1880. 

VI. Lydia Fretz, born May 17, 1859. Mrd. William 
H. Servos, June 13, 1881. Engineer in Philadelphia. 
Children: (VII.) William Henry Servos, born Aug. 
12, 1882. (VII.) Gertrude Servos, born Dec. 19,1886. 
(VII.) Edna May Servos, born June 26, 1888: died 
Oct. 21, 1888. (VII.) Viola Moore Servos, born Aug. 
9, 1889. 

VI. Mary Louisa Fretz, born Nov. 10, 1861; died 
Jan. 19, 1885. Unmrd. 

V. Julia A. Fretz, born Nov. 2, 1831. Presbyterian. 
Resides with her brother Wilson, at No. 9 Wilson 
St., Philadelphia. Unmrd. 

V. Nelson Fretz, born Sept. 12, 1836; died in infancy. 

V. Jonas Fretz, born June 11, 1838; died in infancy. 

V. Justus Fretz, born July 29, 1839, died in infancy. 

V. Clarissa Fretz, born May 24, 1842; died in infancy. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth Fretz, born in Hunterdon Co., 
N. J., Sept. 7, 1843; died Aug. 24, 1860. Presbyte- 
rian. Unmrd. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Nov. 9, 1803; died young. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 23, 1807; 
died Mar. 17, 1854. Mrd. Catharine Fretz, daughter 
of "Big Joe," Nov. 3, 1833. Cabinet Maker, and 
Miller. Mennonites. Children: Nathan, Reuben, 
Isaiah, Moses, Ely, Aaron. 

V. Nathan Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 3, 1834. 
Mrd. Catharine Longanecker, June 24, 1854. She 
died in Dec, 1881. He left home at the age of 12 
years. In the spring of 1852 he went to Ohio. In 
1865 they moved to Clay Co., Ind. Has been va- 
riously occupied, as wagon maker, millwright, and 
for fifteen years run a saw-mill, and is now proprietor 
and manufacturer of the well known Cough Remedy, 
called "White Star," at Indianapolis, Ind. Children: 
(VI.) Infant, born—; died, aged 5 days. (VI.) Lavina 
Fretz, mrd.— Miller—. He died—. (VI.) Mary 

- 410 — 

Fretz. (VI.) Noah Frotz. (VI.) Martha Fretz. (VI.) 
Susan Fretz. (VI.) Jacob Fretz. (VI.) Rhocla Fretz. 
V. Isaiah Fretz, bom Mar. 3, 1836; died Mar. 8, 

V. Reuben Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 27, 1837. 
Mrd. Fannie Holley, of Owen Co., Ind., Nov. 15, 1868. 
In 1859 he went to Medina Co., O. On the 11th of 
Aug., 1862, he enlisted in the 103 O. V. I., and 
served three years. He was in the command of Gen. 
A. E. Burnside, in the siege of Knoxville, Tenn., and 
was with Gen. Sherman in the Atlanta campaign. He 
was discharged June 23, 1865. In July '65 he came 
to Clay Co. 7 Ind., and purchased the farm on which 
he now lives. He attends the M. E. ch. His wife, is 
Mennonite. Children: (VI.) Catharine Fretz, born 
Auff. 14, 1869. (VI.) Laura Fretz, born Dec. 4, 1870; 
died Oct. 16, 1876. (VII.) Cyrus Fretz, born Jan. 20, 
1873: died Jan. 12, 1875. (VI.) Rachie Fretz, born 
Sept. 20, 1874. (VI.) Emma Fretz, born Aug. 19, 
L876. (VI.) Anthony Fretz, born Sept. 21, 1878. (VI.) 
Mattie Fretz, born in Feb. and died Mar. 26, 1881. 
(VI.) Dorothea Fretz, born Ana-. 18, 1882. (VI.) Wil- 
liam Abram Fretz. born Dec. 15, 1884. (VI.) Maud 
Fretz, born Dec, 1886; died Feb. 12, 1887. (VI.) 
Clara Hope Fretz, born June 14, 1888. 
V. Aaron Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Jan. 11, 1840. 
Mrd. Ella Chase, of Wayne Co., O., Dec. 31, 1873. 
In 1861 he enlisted in the U. S. I. 1st Battalion, and 
served his country three years. He has lived in the 
following places:' Doylestown. O. ; Clay City, Ind.; 
Fremont. Ind.: Wadsworth, O.; Akron, O. ; Cleve- 
land, O.; Chicago, 111.: St. Louis, Mo.; Kansas City, 
Mo.: Topeka, Kan.; Clay City, Ind., and Indian Ter. 
Methodists. Children: (VI.) Lulu Ella Fretz. (VI.) 
Hazzard D. C. Fretz. (VI.) Maud Leno Fretz. 
V; Moses Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 14, 1841. 
Mrd. Elizabeth C. Hennev, July 3, 1866. She was 
born Summit. Co., O., Apr. 13, 1846. In the spring 
of 1859 he went to Medina Co., O. In April, 1861, 
he enlisted for three months under the Governor's 
proclamation. At the expiration of this enlistment 
he was honorably discharged and on Sept, 1, 1861, 


he re-enlisted in Co. D., 15th U. S. Regulars. He was 
appointed Corporal Nov. 26, 1861. He served in the 
following engagements: Green River, Ky. ; Cormth, 
Miss. He was discharged from the Hospital at Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Oct. 20,' 1862. He has since been va- 
riously occupied as Railroader, Milling, Engineering, 
Millwright, Moulder, and is now foreman in the 
Knickerbocker Co. Packing Establishment, at Jack- 
son, Mich. Children: Anna, William, Lulu. 

VI. Anna Marilla Fretz, born in Steuben Co., Ind., 
Feb. 4, 1868. Mrd. Grant Bennett, July 5, 1881. He 
was born in Branch Co., Mich., May 16, 1864. Ma- 
chinist, One child: (VI.) Arty Eugene Bennett, born 
Aug. 10, 1885. n . , 

VI. William Forest Fretz, born Sept. 20, 1870; died 
in 1873. 

VI. Lulu C. Fretz, born in Steuben Co., Ind., Feb. 

11, 1877. , _, 

V. Ely Fretz, born in Haycock Twp., Bucks Co., 
Sept. 27, 1843. Mrd. May E. Simerman, Dec. 23, 
1869. She was born in Wayne Co., O., Sept. 5, 1848; 
died May 28, 1883. Children: (VI.) Jennie D. Fretz, 
born Oct. 13, 1870. (VI.) Arthur W. Fretz, born Dec, 

12, 1872. Mr. Fretz mrd. for his second wife, Katie 
Yohey, Dec. 30, 1884. She was born in Wayne Co., 
O., Jan. 26, 1848. Foreman of Siberling Reaper and 
Mower Co., of Doylestown, Wayne Co., O. Metho- 
dists. One child: (VI.) George C. Fretz, born Feb. 
14, 1886. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 20, 
1813. Mrd. Samuel Solliday, in 1834. Jeweler, and 
Lumber and Coal Merchant, Mrs. Solliday, Presby- 
terian at New Hope, Pa, Children: Silas, Willie, 
Caroline, Wilson, Edward, Charles, Amanda, Mary, 
Samuel, Caroline, Harry, Ella. 

V. Silas Solliday, born in 1834; died in 1835. 

V. Willie Solliday, born in 1836; died Feb. 27, 1885. 
Mrd. J. Howard Murray, in 1860. Mrs. Murray, 
Presbyterian. Children: Carrie, Edward, Anita, 

VI. Carrie A. Murray, born—. Mrd. Richard VV hite- 
head, Jr., in 1884, "Manufacturer of rubber goods. 

— 412 — 

Mrs. Whitehead, Episcopalian. Children: (VII.) 
Richard Radcliff Whitehead. (VII.) J. Murray White- 

VI. J. Edward Murray. 

VI. Anita R. Murray. 

VI. Howard Murray. 

V. Caroline Solliday, born in 1838. Presbyterian. S. 

V. Wilson Solliday, born in 1839. Mrd. Lizzie 
Crook in 1861. Book-keeper, for the Lehigh Valley 
Shops, at South Easton, Pa. Children: (VI.) Charles 
Solliday. (VI.) William Solliday. (VI.) Clara Solliday. 
(VI.) Harry Solliday. (VI.) Lida Solliday. (VI.) Roy 
Solliday and (VI.) Russell Solliday (Twins). 

V. Edward Solliday, born in 1841. Mrd. Mary 
Reading, Feb. 6, 1864. Special Agent in the Legal 
Department of the Pennsylvania R. R. Co., formerly 
civil engineer with Penn. R. R. Co. He is Presbyte- 
rian. Children: (VI.) Ollie Solliday. (VI.) Howard 

V. Howard Solliday, born 1843; died 1844. 

V. Amanda Solliday, born in 1845; died in 1847. 

V. Mary Solliday, born in 1847. S. 

V. Samuel Solliday, born in 1849; died in 1877. 

V. Calvin Solliday, born in 1851. Mrd. Louisa 
Hoppock, born in 1877. Jeweler, Lumber and Coal 
Merchant at New Hope, Bucks Co., Pa. He, Presby- 
terian. One child: (VI.) Chrissie Solliday. 

V. Harry Solliday, born in 1857. Mrd. Sylvia 
Curtis in 1883. Ticket receiver for Pa., R. R. at 
Indianapolis, Ind. Presbyterian. One child: (VI.) 
Raymond Solliday. 

V. Ella Solliday, born in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1857. 

III. Judith Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 
1775; died, in 1826. Mrd. Mathias Dinstman, Nov. 
24, 1794. Shoemaker, farmer and minister. They 
were among the first that moved from Bucks, to 
Westmoreland Co., Pa., in wagons, where they settled 
for a time, and finally moved to Columbiana Co., 
O., where they died. They were members of the Old 
Mennonite ch., of which Mr. Dinstman, was a min- 

— 41s - 

ister. Children: Abraham, Elizabeth, Isaac, Anna, 

IV. Abraham Dinstman, born in Co., Pa., Jan. 

8, 1798; died in 1824. Mrd. , (a daughter of Peter 

Loux,)— . Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (V.) 
Henry Dinstman, — . 

IV. Elizabeth Dinstman, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., Oct. 17, 1802. Mrd. Martin Overholt, July 1, 
1820. He died—. Carpenter and Cabinet maker. 
Mennonites. Children: Sarah, Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Judith, Anthony, Joseph, Simeon, Eli, Jacob.— 
Elizabeth mrd. " for her second husband George 
Slotter, — . No issue. 

V. Sarah Overholt, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Feb. 10, 1822; died May 6, 1881. Mrd. D. S. Water- 
man, Dec. 25, 1815. He was born Aug. 7, 1822. 
Farmer and Carpenter. Res. Wadsworth, Ohio. 
Children: Abraham, Infant, Infant, Noah, Albert, 
Harvey, Elizabeth, Caroline, Louisa, Sarah. 

VI. Abraham Waterman, born July 22, 1816; died 
Aug. 28, 1846. 

VI. Infant son, still born, May 21, 1847. 

VI. Infant daughter, born Aug. 13, 1848; died 
next day. 

VI. Noah Waterman, born in Medina Co., O., Dec. 
10, 1849. Mrd. Fyetta Miller, June 8, 1871. Car- 
penter and joiner at Massillon, Ohio. Presbyterians. 
Children: (VII.) William B. Waterman, born Sept. 23, 
1872; died Apr. 20, 1874. (VII.) Sarah J. Waterman, 
born Feb. 28, 1875. (VII.) Milton H. Waterman, born 
Jan. 23, 1881. (VI.) Arthur G. Waterman, born Feb. 
2, 1883; died July 10, 1883; 

VI. Albert Waterman, born Mar. 4, 1853; died 
July, 18, 1872. 

VI. Harvey Waterman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 13, 1854. Mrd. Lucy Y. Foster, Jan. 8, 1873. 
Carpenter at Massillon, Ohio. Ger. Ref. Children: 
(VII.) Alfred E. Waterman, born Nov. 6, 1873. (VII.) 
Harley A. Waterman, born Oct. 24, 1875. (VII.) 
Emma May Waterman, born Mar. 19, 1878; died 
June 1, 1879. (VII.) Jessie Elvira Waterman, born 
Sept, 26, 1881. (VII.) Myrtle Belle Waterman, born 

— 4:14 — 

Sept, 30, 1883; died May, 19, 1887. (VII.) Arthur 
Leroy Waterman, born Nov. 27, 1886. 

VI. Elizabeth Waterman, born Sept. 16, 1856. Mrd. 
Rev. J. S. Kendall, Sept. 16, 1880. Minister of the 
U. B. Ch. , at Sterling, Ohio, of which they are both 
members. One child: (VII.) Alta Lucretia Kendall, 
born Jan. 18, 1882; died Jan. 7. 1887. 

VI. Caroline Waterman, born in Medina Co., Ohio. 
Oct. 15, 1859. Mrd. Jackson S. Burgner, Oct, 19, 
1876. Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Clarence 
Leroy Burgner, born May 11, 1878. (VII.) Clemens 
Jackson Burgner, born July 15, 1879; died Sept. 1, 
1881. (VII.) Clyde Seiner Burgner, born Dec. 4, 1882. 
(VII.) Floyd Samuel Burgner, born Jan. 29, 1885. 

VI. Louisa Waterman, born Oct. 19, 1861. 

VI. Sarah Waterman, born Oct. 1, 1864; died—, 
aged 8 weeks and 1 day. 

V. Abraham Overholt, born in Columbiana Co., 
O., Nov. 19, 1826. Mrd. Catharine Ault, of Milton, 
Wayne Co., O., Feb. 24, 1853. She was born Feb. 
13, 1830; died Apr. 29. 1879. He mrd. for his second 
wife Amelia M. Fuller, Aug. 7, 1882. She was born 
in Wayne Co., O., Apr. 3, 1840. Blacksmith; now 
farmer in Medina Co., O. Free Methodists. Children 
by first wife: Mary, Cynthia, Elizabeth. 

VI. Mary Jane Overholt, born in Wayne Co., Ohio, 
Feb. 1, 1854. Mrd. James Keagle, of Barry Co., 
Mich., Oct. 7, 1875. Wesleyan Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Arthur Clement Keagle, born Aug. 13, 1876. 
(VII.) John Abram Keagle, born Aug. 17, 1877. 
(VII.) Walter Claire Keagle, born Apr. 13, 1879. 
(VII.) Carrie Estella Keagle, born Nov. 7, 1880. (VII.) 
George Layton Keagle, born Aug. 31, 1887. 

VI. Cynthia Ellen Overholt, born in Medina Co., O., 
Dec. 25, 1857. Mrd. Stephen C. Crooks, Sept. 11, 
1879. He was born in Medina Co., O., Nov. 14, 
1853. Engaged in the Saw-mill business. Free Meth- 
odists. Children: (VII.) Mary Adelia Crooks, born 
July 5, 1881. (VII.) Frances Catharine Crooks, born 
Nov. 23, 1887. (VII.) Stephen Abram Crooks, born 
Aug. 23, 1889. 

— 415 — 

VI. Elizabeth Ann Overholt, born in Medina Co., 
Ohio, Nov. 23, 1864. 

V. Elizabeth Overholt, born in Columbiana Co., 
O., Nov. 12, 1828. Mrd. Rev. Ephraim Hunsberger, 
Mar. 13, 1862. Farmer, and Bishop of the New Men- 
nonite Ch. Resides at Walds worth O., Children: 

VI. Matilda Hunsberger, born Mar. 26, 1863; died 
Oct. 21, 1863. 

VI. Franklin Hunsberger, born Mar. 31, 1861. Dry 
Goods Clerk, at Wadsworth, Ohio. Mennonite. S. 

VI. Augusta Hunsberger, born Apr. 22, 1867. S. 

V. Judith Overholt. horn in Columbiana Co., O., 
Sept. 22, 1831. Mrd. Abraham. Fry. (See Index of 
References No. 112). 

V. Anthony Overholt, born in Columbiana Co., O., 
Mar. 1, 1834. Mrd. Hannah Nash, in 1857. Farmer 
in Medina Co., Ohio. Mennonite. Children: (VI.) 
Elmina Overholt, born May 16, 1858; died Mar. 1859. 
(VI.) Twin boys, born and died Dec. 26, 1859. (VI.) 
Ida Overholt, born June 21, 1863. (VI.) Minerva 
Overholt, born Jan. 1, 1865. (VI.) Reuben Overholt, 
born Apr. 4, 1868. (VI.) Alverna Overholt born Mar. 
2, 1872. 

V. Joseph Overholt, born Nov. 30, 1836; died in 1838. 

V. Simeon Overholt, born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, 
Oct. 25, 1838. Mrd. Almira F. Miller, Mar. 27, 1862. 
She died in Oct. 1875. Blacksmith at Nashville, 
Mich. Methodists. Children: Lucy John, Francis, 

VI. Lucy Ellen Overholt, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Mar. 13, 1864. Mrd. Jacob H. Heckathorne, June 
27, 1888. Cashier in M. C. Freight Office at Mar- 
shall, Mich. Methodists. No children. 

VI. John Wesley Overholt, born Sept. 28, 1865. S. 

VI. Francis Asbury Overholt, born Aug. 27, 1870. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Overholt, born in 1873; died, aged ly. 

V. Eli Overholt, born Jan. 23, 1841. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Baughman, Oct. 6, 1869. She died Nov. 23, 1877. 
Children: (VI.) Olive Belle Overholt, born Aug. 19, 
1870. (VI.) Albert Overholt, born Sept. 6, 1872. Mr. 
Overholt, mrd. for his second wife Mary E. Millar 

— 416 — 

(maiden name Ball), Sept. 11, 1881. Children: (VI.) 
Arthur B. Overholt, born Mar. 11, 1883; died Aug. 
26, 1883. (VI.) Flossy Maurie Overholt, born May 2, 
1889. Mr. Overholt enlisted in Co. H. 29th Reg't., 
O.V. V. I., Oct. 23, 1861, and fought in the battles of 
Winchester, Port Republic, and Chancellorsville, Va. 
At the battle of Port Republic he was captured by the 
enemy, and imprisoned at Belle Isle about 3 months. 
He was wounded at Chancellorsville, on account of 
which he was discharged, Dec. 3, 1863. On Oct. 1, 
1871, he was appointed Post Master at Wads worth, 
Ohio, by Gen. Grant, and was re-appointed by Hayes 
and Garfield, but when the Cleveland administration 
was ushered in, he was ushered out. He was again 
appointed by President Harrison and took charge of 
the office June 1, 1889. 

V. Jacob L. Overholt, born in Columbiana Co. , O.-, 
Mar. 23, 1814. Mrd. Ellen Showalter, in 1868. 
Foreman in Planing Mill at Wadsworth, Ohio. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Mary Overholt. (VI.) Emma Overholt. 

IV. Isaac Dinstman, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
May 1, 1805; died about, 1838. Unmrd. 

IV. Anna Dinstman, born in Westmoreland, Co., 
Pa., Jan. 28, 1808. Mrd. Joseph Overholt (brother 
to Martin), Nov. 8, 1827. He died—. Shoemaker 
and farmer. Dunkards. Children: Jonas, Margaret, 
Fannie, Benjamin, Henry. Anna mrd. for her second 
husband, Joshua Beer, Oct. 17, 1858. Hunter. They 
reside at Wyoming, Iowa. 

VI. Jonas Overholt, born in Medina Co., O., Oct. 2, 
1828; died Mar. 9, 1889. Mrd. Sarah Ann Means, in 
1850. She died — . They moved to Iowa in 1854. 
Carpenter and farmer. Christians. Children: Benja- 
min, Nettie, Henry, Ira, Joseph, Eli. Jonas mrd. 
for his second wife, Minerva Wattson, in 1861. No 

VI. Benjamin Franklin Overholt, born in Medina 
Co., O., Dec. 3, 1851. Mrd. Mary Ann Morgan, 
Mar. 12, 1877. Stock Breeder in Humboldt Co., Iowa. 
Children: (VII.) Gracie Gertrude Overholt, born Apr. 
30, 1878. (VII.) Eldora Myrtle Overholt, born July 4, 
1880. (VII.) Olive Pearl Overholt, born June 12, 1887. 

— 417 — 

VI. Antoinetta Overholt, born in Medina Co., O., 
Dec. 11, 1853. Mrd. Bryan McClure, Mar. 10, 1874. 
Farmer in Dallas Co., Iowa. Presbyterians. Children: 
(VII.) Sarah Maud McClure, born July 19, 1877. (VII.) 
Harry McClure, born Mar. 22, 1879. (VII.) Elsie 
Prudence McClure, born Aug. 25, 1883. 

VI. Henry Overholt, born in Jones Co., Iowa, in 
1855: died, 1859. 

VI. Ira Martin Overholt, born in Jones Co, Iowa, 
May 5, 1857; died July 14, 1882. 

VI. Joseph Owen Overholt, born in Jones Co., Iowa, 
July 19, 1860. Mrd. Ursula Goodchild, Sept. 7, 1883. 
Teacher, and R. R. Tax Contractor. Children: (VII.) 
Jonas Ira Overholt. (VII.) Anna Imy Overholt 
(Twins), born Sept. 13, 1884. (VII.) George Sigel 
Overholt, born Mar. 25, 1890. 

VI. Eli Sigel Overholt, born in Jones Co., Iowa, 
May 5, 1862. Mrd. Phoebe Mitchell, Jan. 1, 1885. 
Farmer in Iowa. Children: (VII.) Joseph Owen 
Overholt, born Feb. 8, 1887. (VII.) George Overholt, 
born Jan. 26, 1888. 

V. Margaret Overholt, born July 16, 1830; died 
Nov. 1, 1865. Mrd. William H. Ruby, Oct. 17, 1852. 
He was born Nov. 22, 1829. Farmer and Carpenter. 
Christians. He enlisted in the 26th Regt. Iowa Vol. 
and died while in the service at St. Louis, in 1864. 
Children: Etta, George, Horatio. 

VI. Etta Ruby, born in Ohio, Dec. 29, 1853. Mrd. 
L. W. Hubbard, July 10, 1875. Druggist at Mon- 
mouth, Iowa. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Jerome 
C. Hubbard, born Dec. 15, 1876. (VII.) Pearl M. 
Hubbard, born Feb. 5, 1879. (VII.) Ira Carl Hubbard, 
born Mar. 26, 1883. 

VI. George Wesley Ruby, born in Clinton Co., la., 
Jan. 12, 1857. Mrd. Linnie Johnson, of Guthrie Co., 
la., Aug. 27, 1876. Farmer in Guthrie Co., la. 
Christians. Children: (VII.) Irene Agnes Ruby, born 
Dec. 14, 1878. (VII.) Cynthia Caroline Ruby, born 
Dec. 2, 1881. (VII.) Owen Montgomery Ruby, born 
Mar. 20, 1883. 

VI. Horatio Nelson Ruby, born in Clinton Co., la., 
Mar. 26, 1859. Farmer in Guthrie Co,, la. Unmrd. 

— 418 — 

V. Fannie Overholt, born Nov. 2, 1833. Mrd. Jo- 
seph Hudson, in 1850. Photographer at Tama City, 
la. Members of Disciple. Children: Edgar, Almond. 

VI. Edgar A. Hudson, born in Ohio, Jan. 9, 1852. 
Mrd. Miss M. F. George, Mar. 6, 1878. Photog- 
rapher in Tama City, la. No issue. 

VI. Almond B. Hudson, born in Iowa, in 1859; died 
aged three years. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Overholt, born Nov. 18, 1841; 
died Sept. 16, 1843. 

V. Henry Overholt, born in Medina Co., O., Jan. 
11, 1846. Mrd.—. Children: (VI.) Fannie. (VI.) 
David. (VI.) Jennie. (VI.) Sadie. 

IV. Barbara Dinstman, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., Jane 29, 1811; died in Ohio, Oct. 15, 1881. 
Mrd. — Hardman — . He died — . One child: Peter. 
Barbara mrd. John Shonk, in 1833. He died in 1858. 
Farmer. Disciples. Children: Lavina, Polly, Solo- 
mon, Moses, Maria, David. Barbara mrd. Silas Bur- 
nett—. He died Feb. 12, 1888. No issue. 

V. Peter Hardman, born — . Mrd. — . 

V. Lavina Shonk, born in Trumbull Co., O., Jan. 4, 

1834. Mrd. Isaac Owry— . They had 13 children. 

The living are: VI.) Mary Owry, mrd. Pardee. 

(VI.) Cynthia Owry, mrd. O'Brien. (VII) Frank 

Owry, mrd. Fuller. (VI.) Abbie Owry, mrd. 

Husler. (VI.) Helen Owry, mrd. McCartney. 

(VI.) Ward Owry. (VI.) Nellie Owry. 

V. Mary Shonk, born in Trumbull Co., O., Apr. 13, 

1835. Mrd. Epenetus Caldwell, Dec. 20, 1854. He 
died May 2, 1863. Farmer. Disciples. Children: 
Charles, Albert. 

VI. Charles E. Caldwell, born in Trumbull Co., O., 
Nov. 30, 1855. Mrd. Sarah L. Allen, Dec. 25, 1884. 
Carpenter and Teacher. He is Disciple. She, Meth- 
odist. Reside in Warren, O. No issue. 

VI. Albert Caldwell, born in Trumbull Co., O., Apr. 
6, 1860. Lives in Marion, O. S. 

V. Solomon Shonk, born in Trumbull Co. , O. , Oct. 
27, 1838; died in 1861. 

V. Moses Shonk, born Mar. 22, 1841; died in in- 

— 419 — 

V, Maria Shonk, born in Trumbull Co., O., Dec. 8, 
1844. Mrd. Isaac Rummel. Children: (VI.) Rose 
Rummel; died—. (VI.) Willie Rummel; died—. (VI.) 
Joseph Rummel, Mrd. Maggie Pierce — . (VI.) Frank 
Rummell. (VI.) Allie Rummell; died—. (VI.) Lewis 
Rummell. (VI.) George Rummell. (VI.) Lillie Rum- 
mell. (VI.) Clarence Rummell. 

V. David Shonk, born in Trumbull Co., 0., Feb. 17, 
1849. Mrd. Julia Piatt—. Coal merchant near War- 
ren, O. Mrs. Shonk, Baptist. Children: (VI.) Mabel 
Shonk, born Feb. 24, 1880. (VI.) Bertha Shonk, born 
May 19, 1881. (VI.) Charles Shonk, .born Apr. 22, 
1886. (VI.) Ralph Shonk, born June 1, 1889. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
20, 1776; died Sept. 7, 1867. Mrd. Henry Leather- 
man, Sept. 6, 1797. He died Apr. 18, 1815. Farmer. 
Mennonites. Children: Abraham, John, Jacob, 
Henry, Catharine, Samuel. 

IV. Abraham Leatherman, born Sept. 13, 1798; died 
— . Mrd. Mary Dinstman — . Cooper. Mennonites. 
Children: (V.) Jacob. (V.) Annie. 

IV. John Leatherman, born Oct. 11, 1800; died—. 
Mrd. Mary Overholt— . Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Mary, Katie, Nancy, Hannah. 

V. Elizabeth Leatherman, Mrd. Abraham Meyer — . 
Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Christian, Abra- 
ham, Anna, Lizzie, Sallie. 

VI. Christian Meyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa. — . 
Mrd. Anna Moyer — . Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Lizzie Meyer. (VII.) Barbara Meyer. 
(VII.) Sallie Meyer. 

VI. Abraham Meyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa. — . Res. 
in Kansas. S. 

VI. Anna Meyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 26, 
1853. Mrd. Jacob M. High, Dec. 31, 1881. Laborer. 
Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Mary M. High, born 
Apr. 23, 1884. 

VI. Lizzie Meyer, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. — . Men- 
nonite. S. 

— 420 — 

VI. Sallie Meyer, born in Bucks Co., Pa.—. Mrd. 
Jacob F. Angeny in 1835. Farmer. Member of To- 
hickon ch. Children:— 

V. Mary Ann Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., ra. 
Mrd. David B. Myers. (See Index of References No. 

V. Katie Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Samuel Shelly. Farmer. Mennonites. Children. 
John, Catharine, Mary, Harvey, Emma, Levi, Lizzie. 

VI. John Shelly, born—. Mrd.—. 

VI. Catharine Shelly, born—. Mrd. — Crouthamel. 

VI. Mary Shelly, born— Mrd. — Schmell, — . 

VI. Harvey Shelly, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 1, 
1864 Mrd. Mary 'Emma Godshalk, Dec. 1886. La- 
borer. Mennonite. One child: (VII.) Walter G. 
Shelly, born Dec. 22, 1887. 

VI. Emma Shelly, born in Bucks Co. Mrd. — Lear. 

VI. Levi Shelly, born in Bucks Co. Mrd. — . 

VI. Lizzie Shelly, born in Bucks Co., — . 

V. Anna Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 
11, 1838. She died Mar. 10, 1890. Mrd. Aaron Fretz. 
(See Index of References No. 144). 

V. Hannah Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., — . Mrd. 
Samuel Derstine,— . Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) John Derstine, born in Bucks Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Lydia M. Mill,—. They have two children. 

VI. Isaac Derstine, born—; died—, aged 15 years. 
(VI.) Mary Derstine. S. (VI.) Samuel Derstine. S. 
(VI.) Abraham Derstine. S. (VI.) Lizzie Derstine. S. 
(VI.) Anna Derstine. S. 

IV. Jacob F. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 15, 1803. Mrd. Margaret Overholt, daughter of 
Joseph Overholt, Mar. 25, 1827. She died Sept. 16, 
1872. Jacob emigrated to Medina Co., O., in 1831, 
and settled near River Styx, where he resides at the 
present time, retired. In early life he was a carpenter 
and farmer. Mennonites. Children: Henry, Joseph, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Catharine, Anna, 
David, Fannie, John, Margaret, Jacob, Manasseh. 

V. Henry Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 
10 1828. Mrd. Elizabeth Overholt, daughter of Mar- 
tin Overholt, Sept. 26, 1848. Carpenter, farmer, and 

— 421 — 

minister in Medina Co., O. They belong to the "Hol- 
derman church,''' also known as "The Church of 
God.' 1 He was ordained minister of said church about 
1879 Children: Sabilla, Martin, Maria, Maggie, Jacob, 
Minnie, Lizzie, Anna. 

VI. Sabilla Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., 
July 1, 1860. Mrd. Philip C. Ahl, Jan. 18, 1880. 
Carpenter in Medina Co. , O. Members of ' 'The Church 
of God." No issue. 

VI. Martin Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Mar. 18, 1863. Mrd. Barbara East, Nov. 1, 1888. 
Clerk and school teacher. One child: (VII.) Clayton 
Henry Leatherman, born Oct. 29, 1889. 

VI. Maria Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., Jan. 
6, 1865. S. 

VI. Maggie M. Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., 
Jan. 10, 1866. Mrd. Martin L. Leatherman, of Elk- 
hart Co., Ind. Dec. 1888. Farmer. 

VI. Jacob H. Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., 
Feb. 15, 1869. Farmer. 

VI. Minnie Leatherman, born Oct. 27, 1870. 

VI. Lizzie Leatherman, born Sept. 21, 1872. 

VI. Anna Leatherman, born Mar. 7, 1876. All born 
and brought up on one farm near River Styx, Ohio. 

V. Joseph Leatherman (twin to Henry), born in 
Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 10, 182S; died Mar.' 26, 1848. 

V. Sarah Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
22, 1829. Mrd. Tobias Kreider, Mar. 18, 1875. 
He was born Mar. 24, 1821. Carpenter and farmer in 
Medina Co. , O. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Elizabeth Leatherman, born Aug. 25, 1831. Mrd. 
Henry Kehr, Nov. 30, 1856. He was born Aug. 25, 
1831. Farmer in Elkhart Co., Ind. Mennonites. "Chil- 
dren: Margaret, Mary, Martin, John, Laura, David. 

VI. Margaret Kehr, born Aug. 25, 1857. Mrd. Chan- 
cey Claus, Apr. 25, 1877. He was born Oct. 26, 1853. 
Live in Elkhart Co., Ind. Children: (VII.) Rosa Claus, 
born Feb. 11, 1878. (VII.) Clayton Claus, born Jan. 1, 
1880. (VII.) Maud Claus, born July 26, 1886. 

VI. Mary Magdalena Kehr, born Jan. 9, 1859. Mrd. 
Granville Landis, Sept. 28, 1884. He was born Jan. 
25, 1861. Laborer. Member of Men. Br. in Christ. 

— 422 — 

Children: (VII.) Anna Landis, born Apr. 6, 1885. 
(VII.) Henry Landis, born Feb. 12, 1887. 

VI. Martin Kehr, born May 6, 1860. Mrd. Martha 
Eyer, Dec. 27, 1881. She was born Jan. 22, 1862. 
Farmer in Elkhart Co., Ind. Mrs. Kehr, mem. Men. 
Br. in Christ. One child: (VII.) Nellie Elizabeth Kehr, 
born Aug. 21, 1887. 

VI. John Kehr, born Aug. 14, 1861. Mrd. Louisa Bech- 
tel, July 26, 1885. She was born Apr. 16, 1866. Farmer 
in Elkhart Co., Ind. Mrs. Kehr, mem. Men. Br. in 
Christ, Children: (VII.) Roscoe B. Kehr, born Mar. 
28, 1886. (VII.) Roy F. Kehr, born Aug. 30, 1888. 

VI. Laura Kehr, born Mar. 11, 1862; died next day. 

VI. David Franklin Kehr, born Sept. 25, 1870. 

V. Mary Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., Oct. 
20, 1832. Mrd. Abraham Means, Feb. 2, 1851. For- 
merly carpenter, now farmer. In Dec. 1854 they 
moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., and in Jan. 1884, to 
Cowley Co. , Kansas. Mrs. Means is a member of the 
Mennonite, and Mr. Means of the River Brethren ch. 
Children: Malinda, David, Franklin, Anna. 

VI. Malinda Means, born Nov. 16, 1852; died July 
11, 1853. 

VI. David Means, born May 2, 1854. Mrd. Malinda 
Berkey, Dec. 27, 1877. He was formerly teacher, but 
is now engaged in the management of a large stone 
business in Cowley Co. , Kan. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Malinda May Means, born Nov. 28, 1878. (VII.) Or- 
ville Berkey Means, born Jan. 30, 1881. (VII.) Frankie 
Irwin Means, born June 19, 1883: died Oct. 24, 1886. 
(VII.) Wilbur Roy Means, born Feb. 20, 1886; died 
May 8, 1887. (Vl'l.) Mary Beda Means, born Sept. 10, 

VI. Franklin Means, born Apr. 5, 1857. Mrd. Ellen 
Garberich, Jan. 22, 1880. Farmer in Cowley Co., 
Kan. Mrs. Means, member of the L T . B. ch. Children: 
(VII.) Willie H. Means, born Oct. 14, 1880; died June 
14, 1882. (VII.) Infant son born Apr. 3, died Apr. 4, 
1883. (VII.) Bertha J. Means, born Aug. 8, 1884. 
(VII.) Boyd J. Means, born May 6, 1887. 

VI. Anna Means, born Dec. 22, 1859. Mrd. Jeffer- 
son S. Garberich, Mar. 6, 1879. ^Farmer in Cowley 

— 423 — 

Co., Kan. Children: (VII.) John W. Garberich, born 
Sept. 20, 1880. (VII.) David Franklin Garberich, born 
Jan. 17, 1885. (VII.) Mary Maud Garberich, born 
June 19, 1887. 

V. Samuel Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Oct. 20, 1834. Mrd. Maria, daughter of Samuel 
Bishel, Apr. 26, 1862. He was formerly teacher, but 
is now a farmer in Medina Co., Ohio. Member of 
the "Church of 'God. " Children: (VI.) Eli Leather- 
man, born Nov. 16, 1864. Farmer. S. (VI.) Ida 
Leatherman, born June^ 29,^ 1869. (VI.) Franklin 
Leatherman, born Feb. 17, 1873. 

V. Catharine Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., 
June 5, 1836. Mrd. Abraham Capp, Jan. 10, 1857. 
A commercial professor, and writer. Mrs. Capp, 
member of the Church of God. Children: James, 
Mary, Lizzie, Sarah, Franklin, Allen. 

VI. James Capp, born Nov. 24, 1857. Mrd—. 

VI. Mary Capp, born Oct. 31, 1858. Member of the 
Church of God. S. 

VI. Lizzie Capp, born Mar. 18, 1860. Mrd. Abel 
Dintaman, Dec. 11, 1879. He was born Oct. 20, 1857. 
Farmer, in Jasper Co., Mo. Children: (VII.) Ira 
Manasseh Dintaman, born Jan. 18, 1881. (VII.) Ivan 
Cloy Dintaman, born Jan. 14, 1883; died Jan. 24, 
1883. (VII.) Lydia E. Dintaman, born Jan. 3, 1885. 
(VI.) Earl A. 'Dintaman, born Jan. 27, 1888; died 
July 7. 1889. 

VI. Sarah Capp, born Aug. 25, 1861. Mrd. Alpha 
Holderman, Mar. 4, 1883. Farmer in Jasper Co., 
Mo. Members of the Church of God. Children: (VII.) 
James Harvey Holdeman, born Nov. 6, 1884. (VII.) 
Sarah Elizabeth Holdeman, born Mar. 5, 1886. (VI I.) 
Alpha Abraham Holdeman, born Aug. 14, 1887. 
(VII.) John Holdeman, born Jan. 10, 1889. 

VI. Franklin Capp, born Feb. 10, 1866. Farmer, 
and Fruit raiser at San Francisco, Cal. 

VI. Allen B. Capp, born Dec. 25, 1870. Farmer, in 
Medina Co., Ohio. 

V. Anna Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Feb. 7, 1838. Mrd. Abraham J. Mover, Dec. 28, 
1861. He was born May 10, 1837. Carpenter and 

— 424 — 

farmer, in Elkhart Co. , Ind. Mr. Moyer, member of 
Men. Br. in Christ, and Mrs. Moyer, of the River 
Brethren ch. Children: Fannie, Salome, Minerva, 
John, James, Manasseh, Anna. 

VI. Fannie Moyer, born Nov. 10, 1863. Teacher. 
Member of Men. Br. in Christ, S. 

VI. Salome Moyer, born Mar. 25, 1865. Mrd. David 
K. Buzzard, Mar. 10, 1887. He was born Dec. 1863. 
Canvasser. Resides in Elkhart, Ind. One child: (VII.) 
Edith M. Buzzard, Born Jan 31, 1888. 

VI. Minerva Moyer, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Aug. 
31, 1866. (VI.) John W. Moyer, born in Elkhart Co., 
Ind., Aug. 19, 1868. (VI.) James F. Moyer, born in 
Elkhart Co., Ind., Jan. 23, 1871; died Mar. 24, 1871. 
(VI.) Manasseh Moyer, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
Oct. 11, 1874. (VI.) Anna Moyer, born in Elkhart 
Co. Ind., Mar. 10, 1880. 

V. David Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
1839. He formerly taught school, but is at present 
engaged as nurse, taking care of invalids and aged 
people. Resides at Gormley, Ont. Unmrd. 

V. Fannie Leatherman, born in Medina Co. , Ohio, 
Apr. 7, 1841. Mrd. John O. Smith, Jan. 7, 1871. 
He was born in Holland, Europe, Mar. 24, 1839. 
They reside in Branch Co., Mich. Children: (VI.) 
Manasseh Smith, born Dec. 12, 1871. (VI.) Jacob 
Smith, born Mar. 26, 1873. (VI.) Margaret Smith, 
born Aug. 1, 1874. (VI.) Mary Smith, born Apr. 30, 
1876. (VI.) Samuel Smith, born Mar. 31, 1878. (VI.) 
William Smith, born Feb. 11, 1880. (VI.) Sarah 
Smith, born Mar. 14, 1881. 

V. John Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Dec. 11, 
1842; died June 19, 1865. Mrd. Anna Leatherman,—. 
Carpenter. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Margaret Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 2, 1844. Lives with her father on the Old 
Homestead. Unmrd. 

V. Jacob O. Leatherman, born in Medina Co., Ohio, 
Mar. 19, 1846. Mrd. Christina Hounstein, Jan. 10, 
1875. She was bom Sept. 27, 1853. Farmer. Mem- 
bers of the Church of God. Children: (VI.) Catharine 
Leatherman, born Nov. 25, 1875. (VI.) Joel Leather- 

— 425 — 

man, born Aug. 8, 1877. (VI.) Martha Leatherman, 
born Sept. 12, 1879. (VI.) Alpha Leatherman, born 
Sept. 25, 1881. (VI.) Franklin Leatherman, born 
Apr. 19, 1883; died Aug. 9, 1883. (VI.) Mary Leather- 
man, born Apr. 8, 1884. (VI.) Noah Leatherman, 
born Apr. 11, 1887. . 

V. Manasseh -Leatherman, born in Medina Co., O., 
Aug. 14, 1848. He*resides on the Old Homestead in 
Medina Co. , O. Farmer. Unmrd. 

IV. Henry Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 17, 1806; died Dec. 21, 1859. Mrd. Catharine 
Moyer, Oct, 18, 1829. She was born Dec. 24. 1805; 
died Nov. 8, 1879. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: 
Elizabeth, Abraham, Sarah, Henry, Joseph. 

V. Elizabeth Leatherman, born in Bedminster, Pa., 
Aug. 20, 1831. Mrd. Isaac Wismer, in 1851. Car- 
penter at Hatfield, Pa. Ger. Ref. Children: Henry, 
Catharine, Emma,' Sarah, Abraham, Amos, Hannah, 
Adaline, Ida, Mary. 

VI. Henry L. Wismer, born in Bedminster, Pa., 
May 30, 1852. Ger. Ref. S. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, born May 25, 1854; died Dec. 
20, 1862. ^ ^ T 

VI. Emma Wismer, born in Bedminster, Pa., May 
12, 1856. Mrd. John Seibert, May 15, 1875. Far- 
mer. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Byron W. Seibert, 
born May 27, 1876. u (VII.) Reuben W. Seibert, born 
Sept. 6, 1880. v 1 

VI. Sarah Jane Wismer, born Feb. 13, 1858; died 
Dec. 2, 1862. „ a 

VI. Abraham L. Wismer, born Jan. 20, I860; died 
Dec. 9, 1862. „ ^ 

VI. Amos S. Wismer, born in Hilltown, Pa., Dec. 
28 1861." Mrd. Lydia Knife, Oct, 4, 1884. Merchant 
Tailor. Ger. Ref. Children: (VII.) Lottie Wismer. 
(VII.) Harrison Wismer. 

VI. Hannah Elizabeth Wismer, born in Bedminster, 
Pa., Nov. 30, 1863. Mrd. Henry M. Oberholtzer, 
Nov.l 16, 1882. Plasterer. Mrs. Oberholtzer, Ger. 
Ref. Children: (VII.) Maxwell W. Oberholtzer, born 
Apr. 13, 1884. (VII.) Annie Elizabeth Oberholtzer, 
born Oct. 18, 1888. 

— 426 — 

VI. Adaline Wismer, born in Bedminster, Pa., Oct. 
14, 1867. Mrd. William F. Kilmer, Dec. 24, 1887. 
Ger. Ref. 

VI. Ida Wismer, born in Bedminster Twp., Pa., 
May 14, 1869. Ger. Ref. S. 

VI. Mary Ann Wismer, born June 11, 1873; died 
Jan. 10, 1874. 

V. Abraham Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 12, 1834. Watchman in Philadelphia. S. 

V. Sarah Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 
10,1837. Mrd. Peter Bean, Oct.. 1863. Carpenter 
in Philadelphia. New Mennonites. Children: Emma, 
William, Laura. 

VI. Emma Bean, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 3, 
1864. Mrd. Ambrose Moyer, Dec. 25, 1882, Pro- 
vision Dealer in Philadelphia. New Mennonites. One 
child: (VII.) Elwood Moyer, born in Philadelphia, 
Sept, 29, 1883. 

VI. William H. Bean, born in Bucks Co., Pa., July 
22, 1866. Stair builder. New Mennonite. S. 

VI. Laura Bean, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 22, 
1869; died July 16, 1869. 

V. Henry Leatherman, born in Bucks Co.. Pa., Nov. 
25, 1840. Mrd. Sarah Fegley, Nov. 3, 1881. Whi- 
ting manufacturer. Res. No. 2458. Fairhill St., Phil- 
adelphia. Mrs. Leatherman, Ger. Ref. No issue. 

V. Joseph Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Mar. 16, 1847. Mrd. Amanda Smith, Tan. 7, 1870. 
Whiting Manufacturer in Philadelphia. New Menno- 
nite. One child: (VI.) Charles Leatherman, born 
Aug/ 28, 1873. 

IV/ Catharine Leatherman, born May 7, 1811. Mrd. 
Joseph M. Detweiler, Apr. 20, 1837. He died Nov. 
4, 1887. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Ephraim, 
Eliza, Margaret, Reuben. 

V. Ephraim Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Nov. 11;, 
1839. Mrd. Elizabeth Bryan, May 14, 1864. She 
was born Aug. 5, 1838. Farmer. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Joseph, Mary, Charles, John, Lizzie. 

VI. Joseph Detweiler, born July 13, 1865; died Sept. 

— 427 — 

VI. Mary Ann Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 
20, 1868. Mrd. Daniel L. Gehman, Oct. 1, 1887. 
Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VII.) Fbares A. 
Gehman, born Oct, 21, 1888. 

VI. Charles Detweiler, born Apr. 28, 1870. 

VI. John B. Detweiler, born Aug. 24, 1875. 

VI. Lizzie Detweiler, born Oct. 12, 1878; died Oct. 
28, 1878. 

V. Eliza Detweiler, born in Bucks Co., June 6, 1843. 
Mrd. Benjamin Landis, Oct. 17, 1863. Farmer and 
lives on the homestead. Mennonites. Children: An- 
nie, Reuben. Joseph, Ella. 

VI. Annie D. Landis, born July 10, 1866. Mrd. Ed- 
ward Campbell, Dec. 24, 1885. Farmer in Bucks Co. 
Lutherans. No issue (1889). 

VI. Reuben D. Landis. born Aug. 9, 186.7. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Fretz, daughter of Levi Fretz, Oct. 13, 
1888. Farmer in Bucks Co. No issue (1889). 

VI. Joseph D. Landis, born Mar. 17, 1871. S. 

VI. Ella Landis, born Mar. 19, 1873. S. 

V. Margaret Detweiler, born Dec. 15, 1846; died 
Feb. 5, 1860. 

V. Reuben Detweiler, born Sept, 27, 1852; died 
Mar. 28, 1863. 

IV. Rev. Samuel Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., 
May 1, 1815. Mrd. Sarah Overholt, Apr. 12, 1836. 
Farmer and minister. He was ordained to the min- 
istry of the Mennonite church in 1843, and is pastor 
of the Mennonite church at Line Lexington, Pa. 
Children: Jack, Elizabeth, Henry. 

V. Jacob Leatherman, born Apr. 30, 1837. Mrd. 
Sarah Musselman, in Jan., 1861. Butcher. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Samuel. (VI.) John. 

V. Elizabeth Leatherman, born Jan. 5, 1840. Mrd. 
Charles Taylor, Oct. 7, 1877. He died Aug. 12, 1889. 
Farmer. Mennonites. No issue. 

V. Henry Leatherman, born Jan. 13, 1845. Mrd. 
Catharine Lapp, Dec. 7, 1871. Farmer. 'Mennonites 
at Line Lexington. Children: (VI.) Emma Leather- 
man, born May 28, 1873. (VI.) Abraham Leatherman, 
born Sept. 17, 1876. (VI.) Sallie Leatherman, born 
Jan. 24, 1879. (VI.) William Leatherman, born Sept. 

— 428 — 

3, 1882. (VI.) Henry Leatherman, born July 20, 
1884; died Sept. 17, 1884. (VI.) Franklin Leather- 
man, born Nov. 12, 1885. 

III. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 11, 
1778; died—. Mrd. Henry Dinstman — . Farmer and 
Teamster. They moved to Westmoreland Co., Pa. — . 
Mennonites. Children: Nancy, Mark. 

IV. Nancy Dinstman, born—, Pa., about 1798. Mrd. 
William Shoup. 

IV. Mark Dinstman, born — . Mrd. Susan Bower — . 

III. Gertrude Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., May 
9, 1780; died — . Mrd. Abraham Leatherman, Nov. 

25, 1800. He was born Oct. 1, 1776; died—. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: Anna, Mary, Philip, 
Elizabeth, Jacob. 

IV. Anna Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 18, 
1801 (still living 1889). Mrd. Jonas Fry, Sept., 1821. 
He died — . Farmer. New Mennonites. Children: 
Rebecca, Abraham. 

V. Rebecca Fry, born Feb. 7, 1825. Mrd. John H. 
High, Nov. 8, 1846. Farmer in Bucks Co. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Mahlon High, born in Bucks 
Co., Feb. 27, 1848. (VI.) Amanda High, born June 

26, 1850. Mrd.—. (VI.) Mary Ann High, born June 
18, 1856.—. (VI.) Henry High, born Mar. 20, 1858—. 

V. Abraham Fry, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , June 14, 
1832. Mrd. Judith Overholt, of Wadsworth, O., 
Oct. 27, 1867. Farmer in Barry Co., Mich. New 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Charles Fry, born Jan. 
3, 1871; died May 26, 1873. (VI.) Anna E. Fry, born 
Nov. 14, 1875. 

IV. Mary Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 8, 
1803; died Oct, 12, 1875. Mrd. Enos Fretz. (See In- 
dex of References No. 146). 

IV. Philip Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 20, 
1808. Mrd. Catharine, daughter of Joseph Fretz, of 
T. B., Apr. 19, 1836. Farmer. New Mennonites. 
One child: 

— 429 — 

V. Anthony Leatherman, born Mar. 16, 1837. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Swartz, Dec. 21, 1862. Farmer in Bucks 
Co. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Katie Leatherman. 

IV. Elizabeth Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 
3, 1812. Unmrd. 

IV. Jacob Leatherman, born Nov. 18, 1819. Mrd. 
Margaret Meyers — . Carpenter, and farmer. Chil- 
dren: Abraham, William. 

V. Abraham M. Leatherman, born in Bucks Co., 
Pa.—. Mrd. Mary Amanda Miller—. Truck farmer 
near Pittsburgh, Pa. He is New Mennonite. She, 
Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Elmer Leatherman, born 
— ; died, aged 7 years. (VI.) William Leatherman. 
(VI.) Warren Leatherman. (VI.) Harvey Leatherman. 
(VI.) Nora Leatherman. 

V. William M. Leatherinan, born in Bucks Co., Pa. 
— . Mrd. Jennie Young — . Manufacturer and dealer 
in Sour Goods, at Pittsburgh, Pa, Children: (VI.) 
Marion Leatherman. (VI.) Jeannette Leatherman. 
(VI.) Infant died unnamed. 

III. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 19, 1781; 
died — . Mrd. Isaac Oberholtzer — Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Joseph, William. 

IV. Joseph Overholt, born in Bucks Co., Mar. 29, 
1807; died Dec. 31, 1885. Mrd. Catharine, daughter 
of John Haldaman, Dec. 1, 1831. She was born Aug. 
20, 1808; died Sept. 13, 1884. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: Isaac, Mary, John, Tobias, Abraham, Liz- 
zie, Hannah. 

V. Isaac Overholt, born June 8, 1833; died Aug. 
30, 1851. 

V. Mary Overholt, born Oct. 14, 1835. Mrd. Levi 
Fretz. (See Index of References No. 147). 

V. John Overholt, born Feb. 1, 1838, died Mar. 26, 
1885. Mrd. Sarah, daughter of Jonas Fretz, Dec. 19, 
1869. Farmer. Mennonites. One child: (VI.) Lizzie 
Fretz Overholt, born Mar. 5, 1870. 

V. Tobias Overholt, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 27, 
1841. Mrd. Catharine F., daughter of Jonas Meyers, 
Jan. 13, 1865. Farmer, and resides on the Jonas 

— 430 — 

Meyers Homestead in Bedminster Twp. Children: 
Fannie, Joseph, Erwin, Mary, Lncinda. 

VI. Fannie M. Overholt. born Sept. 6, 1866; died 
July 15, 1887. Mrd. William Mitman, Jan. 1, 1887, 
One child: (VII.) Cora Mitman, born July 11, 1887. 

VI. Joseph M. Overholt, born Apr. 22, 1868. 

VI. Erwin M. Overholt, born Aug. 23, 1873. 

VI. Mary Ann M. Overholt, born May 27, 1875. 

VI. Lucinda M. Overholt, born Feb. 10, 1880. 

V. Abraham Overholt, born in Bucks Co., July 30, 
1841. Mrd. Lizzie Larnce — . She died — . Carpenter 
in Philadelphia. Episcopalian. Children: (VI.) Charles 
Overholt, mrd. — . (VI.) Lizzie Overholt. 

V. Lizzie Overholt, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 16, 
1849. Mrd. Joseph Holcombe, Dec. 22, 1870. He 
died Oct. 12, 1883. Farmer. New Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: (VI. Harvey Holcombe, born Feb. 15, 1872. 
(VI.) Hannah Holcombe, born July 6, 1877. (VI.) 
Alice Holcombe, born Apr. 17, 1881. Mrs. Hol- 
combe mrd. for her second husband, Jacob W. Tref- 
finger, May 20, 1887. 

V. Hannah Overholt, born June 30, 1851. Mrd. 
Michael Smith — . Farmer and Blacksmith. Ger. 
Ref. Children: (VI.) Amos Smith; died young. (VI.) 
Harry Smith. (VI.) Albert Smith. 

IV. William Overholt, born in Bucks Co., Pa. — . 


II. Christian Fretz (son of Tinicuin Christian Fretz), 
born in Bucks Co., Pa.—; died—. Mrd. Judith 
Kulp — . He lived on the Old Homestead in Tmicum, 
where he followed the vocation of farmer and miller. 
He built a stone house on the Homestead, which is 
now over a hundred years old, is still in good repair, 
and occupied as a dwelling. His children were: 
Judith, Christian, John, Henry. 

III. Judith Fretz,* bom Jan. 5, 1774; died June 19, 
1851. Mrd. George Wagner — . Farmer and Shoe- 
maker. Children: Henry, John, Elizabeth, Anna, 
Catharine, George, Rebecca. 

IV. Henry Wagner, born Jan. 1, 1800; died Nov. 25, 
1881. Mrd. Sallie Wildonger— . Children: (V.) Ma- 
tilda Wagner; died single. (V.) Franklin Wagner; 
died single. Henry mrd. for his second wife, Mar- 
garet Hockman. Children: (V.) Emma Wagner, mrd. 
Jacob Snyder. Merchant. No issue. (V.) Anna 
Wagner. Unmrd. 

IV. John Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 1, 
1801; died Dec. 21, 1877. Mrd. Charity Mclntyre, 
Mar. 17, 1810. She died Feb. 20, 1863. Mason. Ger. 
Ref. Children: George, Reuben, Rebecca, Mary. 

* Judith, had a daughter Mary. She was married to Nicholas 
Sine. Mary, had three Children: Susan Savitz, Sarah Wilson, 
and Samuel W. Sine, M. D. 

— 432 — 

V. George M. Wagner, born Feb. 8, 1841. Mrd. 
Sarah Wolfinger, Feb. 11, 1867. Laborer. Ger. Ref. 
One child: (VI.) Ann Laura Wagner, born Oct. 25, 
1867; died Feb. 27, 1887. 

^V. Reuben R. Wagner, born Apr. 12, 1843; died 
Jan. 6, 1863. Teacher in Public schools. 

V. Rebecca Ann Wagner, born May 20, 1844; died 
— . Ger. Ref. 

V. Mary Magdalena Wagner, born Dec. 2, 1846; 
died Oct. 10, 1870. Mrd. Newberry Fretz. No issue. 
(See Index of References No. 148). 

IV. Elizabeth Wagner, born in Bucks Co. , Jan. 23, 
1802; died Feb. 27, 1864. Mrd. John Ballmer, Apr. 
24, 1828. |He was born July 9, 1790; died—. Weaver 
and farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: Barbara, Elizabeth, 
John, Elias, Salome and Malinda (Twins), Lavina. 

V. Barbara Ann Kilmer, born June 2, 1829; died an 

V. Elizabeth Gillmer, born June 11, 1830. Mrd. 
Louis Worman, Jan. 18, 1859. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Horace, Edwin, Florine, Oscar, Elizabeth. 

VI. Horace Worman, born Feb. 28, 1860. Mrd. 
Laura Hockman, Dec. 25, 1886. One child: (VII.) 
Mariam Worman. 

VI. Edwin Worman, born Nov. 10, 1861. Mrd. 
Clara T. Morris, in Sept., 1886. Farmer and Lime 
burner. Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) Catharine Wor- 
man, born Apr. 2, 1887. 

VI. Florine Worman, born Apr. 29, 1863; died—. 

VI. Oscar Worman born Apr. 2, 1865. 

VI. Elizabeth Worman, born Mar. 2, 1871. 

V. John Gillmer, born Jan. 22, 1833. Mason. Unmrd. 

V. Elias W. Gillmer, born Jan. 10, 1835. Mrd. 
Emma Leibengood, Apr. 25, 1860. Mason and Brick- 
layer, at Easton, Pa. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Ida 
Estella Gillmer, born Jan. 15, 1871. (VI.) Horace 
Gillmer, born Feb. 4, 1872. 

V. Salome Gillmer and V. Malinda Gillmer (Twins), 
born Apr. 2, 1838. Salome'died unmrd. 

V. Lavina Gillmer, born June 9, 1844. Mrd. Jordan 
H. Solliday, Jan. 23, 1865. He died Jan. 9, 1871. 
Children: (VI.) Irene Solliday, born in 1866. Mrd. 

— 433 — 

Charles H. Hamm, in July 1886. No issue. La- 
vina mrd. for her second husband, Amos Myers. 
(See Index of References No. 149). 

IV. Anna Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 5, 1805; 
died May 17, 1884. Mrd. Elisha Miller, in 1841. He 
was born July 13, 1807; died Sept. 9, 1875. Wheel- 
wright, and coach- workman. Lutherans. They moved 
to Queen Anns Co., Maryland, in 1860, and < lie< I 
there. Children: William, George. 

V. William J. Miller, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 7, 
1843. Mrd. Martha R. Lesage, Jan. 2, 1887. She 
was born in Queen Anns Co., Md., Mar. 20, 1870. 
Wheelwright and Blacksmith at McGinnis' Corners. 
One child: (VI.) Villia Miller, born Aug. 1, 1887. 

V. George W. Miller, born Jan. 29, 1845; died July 
31, 1886. Wheelwright, Blacksmith, and Clock 
Cleaner. Unmrd. 

IV. Catharine Wagner, born in Bucks Co. Mrd. 
Jeremiah Algard. He died — . One child: Rebecca. 
Catharine mrd. for her second husband George W. 
Loux — . Farmer and Tanner. Ger. Ref. Children: 


Rebecca W. Algard, born Feb. 2, 1834; died Dec. 
4, 1853. Mrd. Joseph L. Wismer — . Carpenter. 
One child: 

VI. Lucetta A. Wismer, born Oct. 21, 1853. Mrd. 
William Judson Kepler, Dec. 11, 1875. Blacksmith. 
Mrs. Kepler. Presbyterian. One child: (VII.) Lizzie 
Dora Kepler, born Mar. 5, 1879. 

V. Ephraim Loux, born Sept. 23, 1843. Mrd. Sa- 
bina Trein, Oct. 27, 1866. Farmer and Currier. 
Moravians. Children: (VI.) Harrison G. Loux, born 
Nov. 2, 1867. (VI.) Charles William Loux, born Dec. 
4, 1868. (VI.) Anna Louisa Loux, born Feb. 8, 1870. 
(VI.) Mary Catharine Loux, born July 26, 1872. (VI.) 
John David Loux, born Jan. 9, 1875. (VI.) Edward 
Samuel Loux, born Oct. 29, 1879. (VI.) Walter Henry 
Loux, born May 7, 1881. (VI.) Nellie Matilda Loux, 
born Oct, 27, 1884. 

V. Catharine Loux, born June 20, 1846. Mrd. Wil- 
liam Shupp, Nov. 16, 1867. Farmer in Monroe Co., 

— 434 — 

Pa. Mr. Shupp, Lutheran. Mrs. Shupp, Ger. Ref. 
Children: Emma, Louisa, Oscar, Amos, Charles, Ida, 
David, William, Annie, Edwin. 

VI. Emma Jane Shupp, born Apr. 21, 1868. Mrd. 
R. W. Altemose, July 25, 1886. Mr. Altemose, Lu- 
theran. Mrs. Altemose, Ger. Ref. One child: (VII.) 
Alice May Altemose, born Nov. 12, 1886. 

VI. Louisa Shupp, born June 11, 1870. Mrd. Ed- 
win Searfoss, Sept. 1, 1886. Lutherans. Children: 
(VII.) Martin Luther Searfoss, born Feb. 2, 1887. (VII.) 
Nettie R. Searfoss, born Sept. 28, 1888. 

VI. Oscar Shupp, born May 19, 1872; died—. (VI.) 
Amos Shupp, born Mar. 22, 1871. (VI.) Charles F. 
Shupp, born may 31, 1876. (VI.) Ida C. Shupp, born 
Sept. 21, 1878. (VI.) David F. Shupp, born Feb. 21, 
1881. (VI.) William H. Shupp, born July 12, 1883. 
(VI.) Annie A. Shupp, born Aug. 25, 1885, Dec'd. 
(VI.) Edwin L. Shupp, born July 16, 1887. 

IV. George Fretz Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 
4, 1809; died at Tampa, Florida, Oct, 16, 1883. Mrd. 
Mary Magdalena Overbeck, Nov. 20, 1838. She was 
born Mar. 6, 1816; died at Collinsville, 111., July 15, 
1853. He owned a farm in Nockamixon Twp., on 
which in 1846, he built a house and barn. He taught 
school for a number of years. He was also a practical 
Surveyor. About the year 1839, he was appointed 
Clerk of the Orphan's Court of Bucks Co. , to fill an 
unexpired term. In 1852, he sold his farm and moved 
to Muscatine, Iowa, and in 1853 to Collinsville, 111. 
After the death of his wife, he returned with his 
family to Bucks Co., Pa., and during the summer of 
1854 he boated on the Delaware and Lehigh Canal. 
He was Ger. Ref. His wife, Lutheran. Children: 
Benjamin, Mathias, William, James, Francis. Mr. 
Wagner, mrd. for his second wife, Julia Ann Houseel, 
Mar. 22, 1857. She died July 3, 1857. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Wagner, born in Bucks Co., 
Pa., Aug. 1, 1839. Mrd. Kate C. Pope Wallington, 
daughter of George and Margaret Wallington, of 
Philadelphia. She died Aug. 25, 1884. One child: 
(VI.) Benjamin Franklin Wagner, born Sept. 29, 
1875. Mr. Wagner, entered the service of the late 

- 435 — 

war in the early days of the rebellion, and served 
during the whole war. He enlisted in 1861, in Co. 
B., 23d Infantry, Pa. Vol., and was afterwards trans 
f erred to the signal Corps, IT. S. Army as Sergeant. 
and served with that corps until the surrender of 
Gen. Lee, at Appomattox. He was wounded at the 
battle of Malvern Hill, captured by the enemy and 
taken to Libby prison. After his release from prison, 
he was detailed as a clerk for the chief signal officer 
of the army of "Old Probabilities," in the War De- 
partment at Washington, D. C. Feb., 1865, he again 
rejoined the Army of the Potomac, before Peters- 
burg, Va., and was upon the staff of Major General 
Meade, until the final close of the war. After his 
discharge from service of the V . S., he Matriculated 
at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., 
graduating in 1868, and was then admitted to the 
Bar, and has been practicing his profession as 
attorney- at-law, in Philadelphia since that time. 

V. Mathias Conrad Wagner, born in Bucks Co., 
June 16, 1811. Mrd. Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
Amos and Maria Clark, of Solebury Twp., Bucks 
Co., Dec. 21, 1871. She was born July 2, 1851. 
When a lad of about fourteen years, he lost his right 
eye from the tine of a stable fork which was run into 
it while playing. After leaving the public schools, he 
was variously occupied as boatman on canal, clerk, 
and farm hand. In 1859 he and his father traveled on 
foot through Del., Md., Dist. of Columbia, and Va., 
to Port Royal, and returned via Harrisburg, Pa. In 
1861, he attended the Quakertown Normal School. 
He then enlisted in the 23d Pa. Vol., and served three 
years. He again enlisted in 1861 and served 120 days, 
guarding prisoners at Chicago. He was then em- 
ployed by Samuel Geil, of Doylestown, Pa. , as topo- 
graphical engineer, making and selling maps of the 
Counties, and State of Michigan. Since then he has 
been employed as Drug packer, agent of transporta- 
tion Co., Merchant, and now Delivery Clerk for 
Philadelphia & Reading R. R. Co., at Philadelphia. 
He is Ger. Ref. His wife inclines to the Methodist 
church. Children: (VI.) Amos Clark Wagner, born 

— 436 — 

Jan. 25, 1873. (VI. Amie Ann Wagner, born Dec. 13, 
1877. (VI.) Aaron Overbeck Wagner, born Feb. 7, 
1880. (VI.) Mary Catharine Wagner, born Dee. 23, 
1883. (VI.) William Paul Wagner, born Nov. 21, 1889. 

V. William George Wagner, born in Bucks Co., 
Nov. 11, 1845. Painter and Grainer, at Denver, Col. 
He enlisted in the 104th Pa. Inf. Vol., Co. G., was 
one of the men that volunteered and made an attack 
on Fort Sumter, S. C, in boats, and were repulsed 
by the Confederates. He is unmrd. 

V. James Polk Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Feb. 4, 1848. Enlisted in the 196th Pa. Inf. Vol., 
Co. E. He is now a farmer at Tampa, Florida. S. 

V. Francis Henry Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Aug. 
17, 1851; died at "Collinsville, 111., July 27, 1853. 

IV. Rebecca Wagner, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 9, 
1817. Mrd. Henry S. Wolfinger, Sept. 3, 1839. Far- 
mer, and owns and lives on a part of the Old Chris- 
tian Fretz' Homestead in Tinicum Twp. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Rebecca, Henry, George, William, John, 

V. * Rebecca Wolfinger, born in Tinicum Twp. , Mar. 
2, 1838. Mrd. Mahlon Keller, in 1851. Proprietor 
of the Neshaminy Hotel. Mrs. Keller, Ger. Ref. 
Children: (VI.) Emma Keller, born in 1858. Mrd. 
Joseph Paul in 1887. Farmer. (VI.) Amanda Keller, 
born in 1871. S. 

V. Henry W. Wolfinger, born July 31, 1840. Real 
Estate Broker, and Speculator, at Arlington, Bent 
Co., Colorado. Ger. Ref. Unmrd. 

V. George W. Wolfinger, born Nov. 13, 1841; died 
at Wellington, Kan., Dec. 7, ls77. 

V. William W. Wolfinger, born Mar. 13, 1S45. Mrd. 
Emeline Heaney, Apr. 26, 1874. Castrator. Ger. 
Ref. One child": (VI.) Emma Wolfinger, born Mar. 

V. John W. Wolfinger, born Aug. 6, 1846. Mrd. 
Mattie E. Howard, "Aug. 21, 1871. Real Estate 
Broker and Speculator. Mr. Wolfinger, Ger. Ref. 
Mrs. Wolfinger, Methodist. One child: (VI.) George 
Henry Wolfinger, born May 22, 1872. 

— 437 — 

V. Clayton Wolfinger, born Sept, 6, 1853. Mrd. 
Rosa E. Fisher, of Doylestown, Apr. 30, 1881. 
Blacksmith. Ger. Ref. No issue. 

III. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa.,—; died 
— . Mrd. Mary Stover,—. Farmer and miller. He 
and his brother John together purchased a farm and 
mill in Nockamixon Twp. Christian run the mill, and 
John farmed. After the death of their father, Chris- 
tian sold his interest in the farm and mill in Nocka- 
mixon Twp. to his brother, and moved to the old 
homestead in Tinicum, where he died about 1810. 
He and his wife, Mennonites. Children: Anna, Henry, 
Elizabeth, John, Christian, Mary, Joseph, Jacob, Su- 
san, Samuel. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 6, 1802; 
died Apr. 3, 1889, aged 86y , 1m., 18d. Mrd. Peter 
Hillpot, Oct. 16, 1828. Farmer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: Lewis, Susanna, Mary. 

V. Lewis Hillpot, born m Bucks Co., July 9, 1829. 
Mason and plasterer. Lutheran. He never married. 

V Susanna Hillpot, born Nov. 13, 1831. Mrd. John 
Wildonger,—. Children: (VI.) Edward Wildonger, 
born Feb. 5, 1853. Farmer in Delaware. Lutheran. 
S. (VI.) Malinda Wildoncrer, born Nov. 20, 1851. S. 
(VI.) Saloma Wildonger, born Jan. 26, 1860. S. (VI.) 
Gilbert Wildonger, born June 1, 1861. Farmer. Lu- 
theran. S. (VI.) Anna Laura Wildonger, born Oct. 
16, 1867. S. (VI.) Herman Wildonger, born Oct. 16, 
1867 (Twin to Anna). Teacher. Lutheran. S. 

V. Mary Ann Hillpot, born July 25, 1835. Mrd. 
Reading Rufe, Dec. 11, 1856. Farmer. Mrs. Rufc, 
Lutheran. Children: Ella, Josiah, Seymour, Annie. 

VI. Ella M. Rufe, born Sept. 15, 1858. Mrd. F. H. 
Grim, M. D., Nov. 30, 1882. Practicing Physician. 
Mrs. Grim, Lutheran. Children: (VII.) EdnaFlorence 
Grim, born Apr. 22, 1883. (VII.) Mary Belle Grim, 
born Jan. 16, 1885. (VII.) Lizzie Ethel Grim, born 
Aug. 21, 1886. (VII.) George W. Grim, born July 19, 

VI. ' Josiah Rufe, born Nov. 9, 1862. Mrd. Florence 
B. Kiefer, of Williams Twp., Northampton Co., Pa., 
Nov. 24, 1887. She died Oct. 10, 1888. Lutherans. 

— 438 — 

VI. Seymour Rufe, born Apr. 5, 1864. 
VI. Anna C. Rufe. born Nov. 8, 1869. 

IV. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., in 1804; died 
at Perth Amboy, N. J., in 1889. Mrd. Elizabeth Wol- 
finger, — . Miller. Children: Joseph, Levi, Mary, 
Sarah, Samuel, Franey, Lizzie, Reading, Reuben, 
John, Christian. 

V. Joseph Fretz, born Sept, 13, 1833. Mrd. Ellen 
A. Transue, Dec. 25, 1857. Laborer. Ger. Ref. Chil- 
dren: Isaac, Emma, Samuel, William, Uriah, Chris- 
tian, Maggie. 

VI. Isaac Fretz, born Sept. 29, 1859. Mrd. Clara 
Laurs, May 20, 1883. Laborer. Children: (VII.) 
Minnie May Fretz, born Dec. 2, 1883; died Jan. 1, 

1886. (VII.) Edward Fretz, born Dec. 24, 1885. (VII.) 
Henry Fretz, born Feb. 10, 1887. 

VI. Emma Fretz, born Feb. 20, 1862. Mrd. John 
Eckhardt, May 30, 1886. Laborer. Lutherans. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Joseph Henry Eckhardt, born Jan. 11, 

1887. (VII.) Raymond George Eckhardt, born Aug. 
10, 1888. 

VI. Samuel Fretz, born Oct. 12, 1866. (VI.) William 
H. Fretz, born Feb. 12, 1869. (VI.) Uriah Fretz, born 
Oct. 30, 1871. (VI.) Christian Fretz, born Nov. 10, 
1873. (VI.) Maggie S. Fretz, born Jan. 31, 1875. 

V. Levi Fretz, born — . Mrd. — . Has issue. 

V. Mary Fretz, born Nov. 8, 1835. Mrd. Francis 
Nace. (See Index of References No. 150). 

V. Sarah Fretz, born—. Mrd. — Bean. 

V. Samuel Fretz, born — . Mrd. — . 

V. Franey Fretz, born — . Mrd. Henrv Ceylar, — . 

V. Lizzie Fretz, born May 27, 1845. Mrd. William 
F. Wyker, May 9, 1868. Miller. Children: (VI.) Ada 
Wyker, born Jan. 9, 1869. Mrd. Jonathan H. Cham- 
berlain. (VI.) Minnie Wyker, born Nov. 11, 1870. S. 
(VI.) Lillie May Wiker, born Dec. 16, 1873. S. 

V. Reading Fretz. (V.) Reuben Fretz. (V.) John 
Fretz; died young. (V.) Christian Fretz; died young. 

V. Henry John Fretz (son of Henry Fretz and Lydia 
Dilgart), born in Nockamixon Twp., Bucks Co., May 

— 439 — 

Lutheran. Children: John, William, Joseph, Edwin, 
Ephraim, Leah, Mary, Clinton. 

VI. John Fretz, born Nov. 3, 1852; died Feb. 27, 1862. 

VI. William Henry Fretz, born June 13, 1853. Mrd. 
Sarah C. Allen, Dec. 31, 1881. Shoemaker and con- 
fectioner at Pattenburg, N. J., Lutherans. One child: 
(VII.) Clarence Henry Fretz, born Nov. 9, 1882. 

VI. Joseph R. Fretz, born May 19, 1856. Mrd. 
Mary E. Traugh, May 17, 1879. Shoemaker and 
miner. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) Cora May Fretz, 
born Jan. 2, 1881. (VII.) John William Fretz, born 
Apr. 26, 1882. (VII.) Sarah Estella Fretz, born Dec. 

21, 1883. 

VI. Edwin Fretz, born July 1, 1858. Mrd. Emma 
Stahl, Nov. 3, 1883. Carpenter, now farmer near Wis- 
mer, Pa. Lutherans. Children: (VII.) William Hosea 
Fretz, born Sept. 23, 1881; died Dec. 31, 1881. (VII.) 
Edwin Henry Fretz, born Nov. 28, 1886; died Feb. 6, 

VI. Ephraim Fretz, born Jan. 28, 1861; died Sept. 
25, 1863. 

VI. Leah Fretz, born Jan. 1, and died Jan. 19, 1865. 

VI. Mary J. Fretz, born Apr. 15, 1866. Lutheran. S. 

VI. Clinton Fretz, born Apr. 6, 1869. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Apr. 26, 
1806; died — . Mrd. Samuel, son of Anthony and 
Margaret Fretz. (See Index of References No. 151.) 

IV. John Fretz, born in 1808; died S., aged about 
30 years. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in 1810; died S., aged 
about 25 years. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May 30, 1813; 
died — . Mrd. Joseph S. Heaney, — . Farmer. Catho- 
lics. Children: Susanna, Mary, Mahlon, Helena, Eu- 
rana, Clarissa, Reuben, Joseph, Jordan. 

V. Susanna Heaney, born Dec. 5, 1831; died Oct. 14, 
1857. Mrd. Israel Frantz, Jan. 14, 1855. Merchant. 
Mr. Frantz, Ger. Ref. Mrs. Frantz, R. Catholic. 
Children: (VI.) Mary Catharine Frantz, born Oct. 3, 
1857. Ger. Ref. S. (VI.) Milton Frantz, born Jan. 

22, 1856; died Dec. 30, 1862. 

— 440 — 

V. Mary Ann Heaney, Mrd. Henry Gulden, — . He 
died — . Mrs. Gulden, Catholic. Children: Euphemia, 
Saloma, William, Emma, Joseph, Harvey, Anna, Es- 
burn, Mahlon, George, Stephen. 

VI. Euphemia Gulden. Mrd. Frank Seitz. Wheel- 
wright. Catholic. No issue. 

VI. Saloma Gulden, died, aged 24 v. Lutheran. S. 

VI. William Gulden, died, aged 22 y. Catholic. 

VI. Emma Gulden, died; aged 20 y. Teacher. Catholic. 

VI. Joseph Gulden. Mrd. Hannah Moyer, — . In 
creamery business. One child: (VII.) Bertha Naomi 

VI. Harvey H. Gulden, born Mar. 1. 1863. Mrd. 
Frances Seitz, June 26, 1888. She was born Dec. 22, 

1867. Farmer. Catholics. One child: (VII.) Carrie 
A. Gulden. 

VI. Anna Gulden, died May 4, 1889. Catholic. S. 
VI. Esburn Gulden. Teacher. Catholic. 
VI. Mahlon Gulden. Catholic. S. 
VI. George Vincent Gulden, died an infant. 
VI. Stephen Gulden, died in infancy. 
V. Mahlon F. Heaney, born in Tinicum Twp., Bucks 
Co., May 23, 1839. Mrd. Lavina Trauger, Nov. 24, 

1868. She died Oct. 6, 1875. No Issue. He mrd. for 
his second wife Malinda Seiner, Dec. 15, 1878. Far- 
mer and wheelwright. He is Catholic. She, Lutheran. 
Children: (VI.) Anna Salome Heanev, born Oct. 7, 
1879. (VI.) Joseph Harvey Heaney, born Feb. 15, 1884. 

V. Helena Heanev, born Jan. 6, 1841. Mrd. Joseph 
Shuman, Feb. 4, 1863. Undertaker. Catholics. Chil- 
dren: Reuben, Anselm, Ella, Ervin, Annie. 

VI. Reuben Shuman, born Feb. 28, 1864. Clerk. 
Baptized in the Catholic faith. S. 

VI. Anselm Shuman, born Dec. 4, 1867. Mrd. Julia 
Kane, Sept. 17, 1885. Farmer. Catholic. One child: 
(VII.) Olive Shuman, born May 18, 1888. 

VI. Ella Shuman, born Nov. 25, 1872. Dressmaker. 
Baptized in the Catholic faith. 

VI. Ervin Shuman, born Aug. 25, 1875. Carpenter. 
Baptized in the Catholic faith. 

VI. Annie Shuman. born Dec. 13, 1878. Baptized in 
the Catholic faith. 

— 441 — 

V. Eurana Heaney, died single. Fell in a well and 

was drowned. 

V. Clarissa Heaney, born — ; died single. 

V. Reuben Heaney, born—; died aged about 24 
\ ears. School teacher. S. 

"V. Joseph F. Heaney, born Aug. 25, 1851. Mrd. 
Lizzie Worm an, Nov. 23, 1874. Farmer. Catholics. 
Children, all baptized in the Catholic faith: (VI.) 
Emma May Heaney, born May 21, 1875. (VI.) Clara 
Belle Heaney, born Jane 13, 187(5. (VI.) Anna Bertha 
Heaney, born Sept, 27, 1877. (VI.) William Heaney, 
born Dec. 28, 1879. (VI.) Minnie Heaney, born Dec. 
10, 1881. (VI.) Ella Heaney, born May 22, 1884. 
(VI.) Roza Lena Heaney, born Oct. 25, 1886; died 
June 4, 1887. 

V. Jordan F. Heaney, born Dec. 28, 1853. Mrd. Annie 
H. Seigenfoose, Apr. 7, 1883. Farmer. Catholics. 
Children: (VI.) William Banard Heaney, born Feb. 
17, 1884. (VI.) Mahlon Vincent Heaney, born May 
17, 1887. 

IV. Joseph Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 15, 
1815. Mrd. Hannah Wambold, June 14, 1842. In 
early life he was a farmer and later, wheelwright, 
He is a believer in the Mennonite faith. Children: 
Samuel, Lewis. 

V. Samuel Fretz, born Oct. 3, 1850. Mrd. Lizzie 
Morris, Nov. 18, 1884. Mason and stone cutter. One 
child: (VI.) Hannah Fretz, born Mar. 18, 1885. 

V. Lewis Fretz, born Aug. 18, 1855. Mrd. Annie 
B. Reynolds, Aug. 22, 1878. Farmer in Bucks Co. 
One child: (VI.) Frankie R. Fretz born June 30, 1879. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., about 1817; 
died in 1858. Mrd. Esther Kramer, Mar. 17, 1844. 
Miller and wheelwright. Mennonite. Children: Aaron, 
Newberry, Catharine, Oliver, Fenton. 

V. Aaron Fretz, born Sept, 20, 1844; died Oct, 
29, 1844. 

V. Newberry Fretz, born Feb. 27, 1846. Mrd. Mary 
M. Wagner, Oct. 1, 1868 She died in 1870. No 
issue. Newberry mrd. for his second wife, Jennie 
Dunlap, Jan. 25, 1872. Bricklayer by trade. At 
present engaged in the wholesale and retail fruit and 

— 412 - 

confectionery trade, in Philadelphia. Mrs. Fretz, 
Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Edgar Fretz, born Oct. 27, 
1873; died Nov. 25, 1873. (VI.) Mary Hester Fretz, 
born Oct. 25, 1871; died Mar. 6, 1876. (VI.) Mabel 
Fretz, born June 29, 1879. (VI.) Archie Cleveland 
Fretz, born Sept, 27, 1881. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Feb. 1, 1818. Mrd— . 

V. Oliver Fretz, born July 12, 1850; died in 1852. 

V. Fenton Fretz, born Dec. 30, 1853. Mrd. Hattie 
Hoyton, Oct. 2, 1875. She died Aug. 23, 1881. 
Children: (VI.) Newbury E. Fretz, born in June, 1876. 
(VI.) Lawrence S. Fretz, born in June 1878; died 
Feb. 21, 1888. (VI.) Louis Fretz, born in May, 1881; 
died Aug. 16, 1881. (VI.) Frederick Fretz, born in 
May, 1881; died Aug. 9, 1881.— Fenton mrd. for his 
second wife Annie Vessey. Auo-. 31, 1883. Children: 
(VI.) William T. Fretz; born July 11, 1881. (VI.) 
Susan C. Fretz, born Dec. 21, 1885. (VI.) Jennie 
Fretz, born — . 

IV. Susan Fretz, born May 22, 1821. Mrd. Samuel 
Shellenberger, Sept. 1817. He died in Aug., 1855. 
Carpenter. Mrs. Shellenberger, Presbyterian. Chil- 
dren: Henry. Hannah. 

V. Henry Shellenberger, born July 29, 1850; died 
Sept. 10, 1856. 

V. Hannah Mary Shellenberger, born Mar. 21, 1853. 
Mrd. William M. Wiatt, Nov. 20, 1873. Farmer. 
Members of the Carversville Presbyterian eh. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Anna Bertha Wiatt, born May 2, 1875. 
(VI.) Susie .May Wiatt, born Nov. 28, 1878. 

IV. Samuel Fretz. born about 1822; died young. 

III. John Fretz, born — ; died — . Mrd. Annie Stover, 
— . He and his brother Christian, purchased a Mill 
and Farm in Nockamixon Twp., where they lived 
until after their fathers death, when John bought his 
brother's interest in the property, and Christian 
returned to the old homestead in Tinieum. John 
Fretz, lived to be about 50 years of age, and died 
without issue. 

III. Henry Fretz, born— ; died at about 20 years of age. 


II. Daniel Fretz (son of Tinicnm Christian Fretz), 
was born in Bucks Co., Pa,, about 1738. Mrd. Mary 
(maiden name unknown). But little is known of this 
Daniel Fretz. In 1800 some of his family emigrated 
to Westmoreland Co., Pa., where live numbers of his 
descendants. There are also some of his descendants 
living near Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pa., and in 
other parts of the West, One son and daughter 
remained, and died in Bucks Co. Children: Christian, 
Eve, Daniel, Jacob, Samuel, Lisbet. 

III. Christian Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1761; died in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Apr. 5, 1819, 
ao-ed 88y. Mrd. Agnes Overholt,— . She was born 
— ; died June 15, 1850, aged 81 years and 8 months. 
In 1800 he moved to Westmoreland Co., Pa. He was 
by occupation a farmer, and a consistent member of the 
Mennonite church. He was blind for a number of 
years before his death. It was the custom every 
Sabbath Morning, for each member of his family to 
take his or her Bible and read aloud all at the same 
time. Much reverence was paid in his family to the 
Book of Books. Children: John, Henry, Daniel, 
Mary, Anna, Christian. 

IV. John Fretz, bom in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 25, 
1786; died in Westmoreland Co. , Pa., Jan. 1, 1867, 
of Apoplexy. He fell dead from his horse while on 
his way to a New Year's dinner. He was lame, and 
walked with a crutch. Mrd. Frances Shellenberger, 

— 444 — 

— . She was born Feb. 15, 1T9T; died Dec. 4, 1877. 
Tailor. Mennonites. Children: Jacob, Christian, 
John, Martin, Elizabeth, Henry, Abraham, Daniel, 
Frances, Infant. 

V. Jacob Fretz, born about 1815; died Feb. 20, 
1825, aged 9y., 6m., 26d. 

V. Christian Fretz, born Dec. 12, 1816; died Dec. 
18, 1829. 

V. John Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Sept 27, 1819; died July 18, 1848. Mrd. Catharine 
Landis, of Westmoreland Co., in 1846. No issue. 

V. Martin Fretz, born about 1820; died Nov. 1, 1821. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born about 1821; died Aug. 
23, 1824. 

V. Henry Fretts*, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Oct. 20, 1824. Mrd. Diana Myers, May, 20, 1847. 
Children: Emma, Abraham, Lydia. — Mr. Fretts mrd. 
for his second wife Elizabeth Detwiler (widow of 
Henry S. Fretz.) One child: Mary. 

VI. Emma Fretts. born Apr. 28, 1848; died Apr. 
15, 1850. 

VI. Abraham E. Fretts. born in Westmoreland Co.. 
Sept, 1, 1850. Mrd. Mary E. Reamer, Nov. 22, 1871. 
Oil and Gas business. Mr. Fretts, Baptist. Mrs. 
Fretts, Presbyterian. Children: (VII.) Infant son, born 
Apr. 13, 1872; died Apr. 22. 1872. (VII.) Ethel R. 
Fretts, born Oct. 29, 1873. 

VI. Lydia Fretts, born July 12. 1852. Mrd. Martin 
B. Hough, Sept. 24, 1868. Fanner. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Emma Hough, born Jan. 29, 1869. 
United Brethren. (VII.) Nora Hough, born Aug. 20, 
1870. (VII.) Henry F. Hough, born July 27, 1873. (VII.) 
Myrtle Hough, born Dec. 15, 1875. (VII.) Mifcchel B. 
Hough, born May 9, 1879. 

VI. Mary Fretts', born Aug. 28, 1864. Mrd. Louis 

V. Abraham S. Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Dec. 9, 1827. Mrd. Fannie Boyd, May 26, 1853. 
Farmer. Methodists. Children: John, James, Martha, 
Emma, Dempsev, Carry, Olive. Albeit. Lizzie. 

* In 1840 the name was changed from Fretz, to Fretts. 

— 445 — 

VI. John Wesley Fretts, bora Oct. 10, 1855; .lied 
Apr. 22, 1858. 

VI. James B. Fretts, bora in Westmoreland Co., 
Sept. 17, 1857. S. 

VI. Martha Belle Fretts, born Oct. 31, 1859. Mrd. 
James L. Stauffer, Oct. 30, 1888. Farmer. United 
Brethren. No issue. 

VI. Emma Frances Fretts, born Jan. 13, 1862. Mrd. 
M. B. Porter, June 14, 1883. Clerk. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) Helen Edna Porter, born Apr. 14, 
1884. (VII.) Harry Pendleton Porter, born June 14, 
1886. (VII.) Benjamin Franklin Porter, born Aug. 
9, 1888. 

VI. Dempsey D. Fretts, bora May 22, 1864. Mrd. 
Alice Anderson, Sept. 1885. Rougher in Rolling 
Mill. Children: (VII.) Charles A. Fretts, bora Aug! 
11, 1886. (VII.) William H. Fretts, born June 12, 1888. 

VI. Carrie B. Fretts, born Dec. 17, 1866. S. (VI.) 
Olive O. Fretts, born Mar. 21, 1869. (VI.) Albert G. 
Fretts, bora Nov. 3, 1872. (VI.) Lizzie Luella Fretts, 
bora Mar. 2, 1875. 

V. Daniel S. Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., 
June 16, 1830. Mrd. Kezia Jane Cunningham, Feb. 
14, 1856. She died Jan. 10, 1888. Farmer. Metho- 
dists. Children: John, Mary, Amzi, William, Bar- 
net, George, Frank, Harry, Anna, Cozie. 

VI. John C. Fretts, born Feb. 27, 1857; died Apr. 
13, 1859. 

VI. Mary Frances Fretz, born Jan. 14, 1859. Mrd. 
William Campbell, in 1885. One child: (VII.) Harry 
Campbell, born Feb. 13, 1885; died Feb. 23, 1885. 

VI. Amzi Burt Fretts, born Mar. 13, 1861. Mrd. 
Minerva Kifer— . Sheet Roller. Children: (VII.) Ida 
May Fretts, born Apr. 17, 1887. (VII.) Ethel Maud 
Fretts, born Aug. 31, 1888. 

VI. William Dick Fretts, born Apr. 14, 1863. Iron 
worker. (VI.) Barnet C. Fretts, born April, 1865. 
Tobacco and cigar merchant. (VI.) George Elmer 
Fretts, born Sept. 21, 1867. Farmer. (VI.) Frank C. 
Fretts, born Oct. 19, 1869; died Nov. 4, 1871. (VI.) 
Harry C. Fretts, born Dec. 4, 1872. (VI.) Anna Luta 

— 446 — 

Fretts, born "Apr. 8, 1875. (VI.) Cozie Jane Fretts, 
born May 10, 1877. 

V. Frances Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., May 
10, 1833. Mrd. Martin N. Stauffer, of Fayette Co., 
Pa., in 1850. Farmer. Members U. B. ch. In 1864 he 
enlisted in the Army, on his return he moved to 
Mount Pleasant, Pa., where he has been Justice of 
the Peace for twenty years. Children: Mary, John, 
Uriah, Aaron, Sherman, Harry, Infant, Nellie, Lena. 

VI. Mary Frances Stauffer, born in Fayette Co., 
Pa., Nov. 12, 1851. Mrd. John Landis, of West- 
moreland Co., in 1872. Laborer. She is a mem. of 
IT. B. ch. Children: (VII.) Oakie S. Landis, born 
Nov. 23, 1873. U. B. ch. (VII.) Estella C. Landis, 
born Sept. 16, 1876. U. B. ch. (VII.) Jennie Florence 
Landis, born June 16, 1878. (VII.) Frances May 
Landis, born May 18, 1880. 

VI. John Abraham D. Stauffer, born in Westmore- 
land Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 1855. Carpenter. S. (VI.) 
Uriah Hoover Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
May 3, 1857. Clerk. S. (VI.) Aaron Clark Stauffer, 
born in Westmoreland Co., Dec. 1, 1859. Merchant. 
S. (VI.) Sherman M. Stauffer. born in Westmoreland 
Co., Sept. 1-2, 1864. Dentist, S. (VI.) Harry Ansel 
Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., Nov. 9, 1866. 
Clerk. S. (VI.) Infant daughter, still born, Apr. 1, 
1869. (VI.) Nellie Florence Stauffer, born in West- 
moreland Co., Mar. 25, 1871. S. (VI.) Lena Stauffer. 
born June 9, 1878; died July 29, 1876. 

V. Infant, born Dec. 1839; died Jan. 1, 1810. 

IV. Henry Fretz, born in Bucks Co., May. 12, 1791; 
died in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Dec. 22, 1845, aged 
54y., 7m., 12d. Mrd. Susanna Sherrick, Mar. 12, 
1812. She was born Nov. 28, 1799; died Mar. 5, 1874. 
Farmer. Mennonite. Children: John. Christian, 
Nancy, Henry, Abraham, Daniel, Joseph. Elizabeth, 
Catharine, Adam. 

V. John S. Frets, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Jan. 24, 1813. Mrd. Elizabeth, daughter of John and 
Magdalena (Kephart) Bear, Dec. 24, 1835. She died 
Auo-. 24, 1889. Carpenter, now a retired farmer, of 

— 447 — 

Scottdale, Pa. Ev. Lutherans. Children: Hannah, 
Henry, Daniel, Adam, Sarah, Infant. 

VI. Hannah Frets, born in Westmoreland Co., Dec. 
14, 1836. Mrd. Solomon B. Stoner, Dec. 13, 1856. 
Farmer. Mem. U. B. ch. Children: Elmina, Lyman, 
John, Betta. 

VII. Elmina Stoner, born Feb. 11, 1857. Mrd. G. R. 
Foss, Mar. 26, 1885. Shoe merchant at Washington, 
D. C. Mrs. Foss, Methodist. 

VII. Lyman F. Stoner, born Sept. 18, 1858. Mrd. 
Minerva Tarr, Dee. 25, 1883. She died May 15, 1885. 
One child: (VIII.) Clyde T. Stoner, born May 6, 1885. 

VII. John E. Stoner, born Feb. 20, 1861. Mrd. Mag- 
gie Andrews, May 12, 1887. Children: (VIII.) Vergie 
Stoner, born Mar. 13, 1888; died Nov. 13, 1889. 
(VIII.) Eorie Stoner, born Nov. 4, 1889. 

VII. Betta Stoner, born Aug. 23, 1865. Mrd. J. W. 
Shelar, M. D., Oct. 18, 1888. Practicing Physician, 
at Scottdale, Pa. Members U. B. ch. One child: 
(VIM.) Camelle Vere Shelar, born Oct. 29, 1889. 

VI. Henry B. Frets, born Dec. 31, 1838. He enlisted 
in the army in 1861; died in Tennesee, July 2, 1863. 

VI. Daniel B. Frets, born Mar. 4, 1841; died Mar. 
24, 1872. Mrd. Susanna Keller, — . Farmer. Lutheran. 
Children: Henry, John, Elizabeth, Emma, Samuel,. 

VII. Henry H. Fretz, born June 14, 1862; died Oct, 
30, 1872. 

VII. John E. Fretts, born Oct. 14, 1864. Mrd. Sue 
L. Murphey, Aug. 31,1887. Clerk. One child: (VIII.) 
Earl W. Fretts, born May 31, 1889. 

VII. Elizabeth A. Fretts, born -tfune 5, 1866; died 
Apr. 24, 1873. 

VII. Emma C. Fretts, born July 7, 1868. Mem. 
U. B. ch. 

VII. Samuel K. Fretts, born Feb. 3, 1872; died July 
17, 1872. 

VI. Adam Frets, born Jan. 24, 1845; died June 1, '76. 

VI. Sarah Frets, born in 1847; died in 1S47. 

VI. Infant born and died in 1850. 

V. Christian Fretz born In Westmoreland Co.,^Nov. 
30, 1814; died May 6, 1848. Mrd.—. No issue. 

— 448 — 

V. Nancy Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co. , Mar. 6, 
1817. Mrd. Michael Myers, Nov. 9, 1837. Retired 
farmer. Members U. B. ch. Children: Agnes, Susan, 
Ann, Catharine Henry, Hannah, Mahlon, Elizabeth, 
John, Francis, Franklin, Amzi, Abraham, Mary, 

VI. Agnes Myers, born July 30, 1838. Mrd. Daniel 
D. Hixon, in 1861. Farmer. Methodists. Children: 
Amza, William, Chalmers, Reuben, Franklin, Nanc}% 
Emma, Homer, Daniel, Sarah, Lyman. 

VII. Amza M. Hixon, born Mar. 17, 1862. Mrd. 
Belle Linsley,— . She was born Aug. 23, 1867. Chil- 
dren: (VIII.) Walter S. Hixon, born Dec. 30, 1886. 
(VIII.) Erma Oreta Hixon, born Apr. 16, 1888. (VIM.) 
Lizzie May Hixon, born July 19, 1889. 

VII. William B. Hixon, born Apr. 6, 1864. (VII.) 
Chalmers D. Hixon, born May 1, 1865. (VII.) Reuben 
G. Hixon, born May 7, 1866. (VII.) Franklin S. Hixon. 
born Aug. 23, 1867. (VII.) Nancy E. Hixon, born 
Sept. 27, 1868. (VII.) Emma A. Hixon, born May 4, 
1870. (VII.) Homer H. Hixon, born June 29, 1871. 
(VII.) Daniel F. Hixon, born Oct, 14, 1872. (VII.) 
Sarah L. Hixon, born Oct, 9, 1874. (VII.) Lyman F. 
Hixon, born Oct, 13, 1875. 

VI. Susan Myers, born Jan. 17, 1840. Mrd. Martin 
Detwiler, — . 

VI. Ann Eliza Myers, born Mar. 13, 1841. Mrd.— 

VI. Catharine Myers, born Sept, 23, 1842. Mrd. 
Emanuel Stants— . 

VI. Henry F. Myers, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., May 8, 1844." Mrd. Sarah Rice, Feb. 3, 1870. 
She was born May 20, 1844. Farmer near Hartville, 
Stark Co., O. Members U. B. ch. Children: (VII.) 
Edward W. Myers, born Mar. 20, 1871. (VII.) Jacob 
Rice Myers, born Nov. 2, 1873. (VII.) Mamie R. 
Myers, born July 20, 1876. 

VI. Hannah Myers, born in 1845. Mrd. Hiland 

VI. Mahlon Myers, born Dec. 14. 1846. Mrd. Eliza 

— 449 — 

VI. Elizabeth Myers, bora in Westmoreland Co., 
May 6, 1848. Mrd. Jesse A. Oglevee, Jan. 25, 1877. 
Farmer. Children: (VII.) Isaac Newton Oglcvee, born, 
Aug. 27, 1878. (VII.) Sewella Oglevee, born Aug. 31, 
1879. (VII.) Francis Oglevee, born Aug. 28, 1881. 
(VII.) Mary Ellen Oglevee, born Jan. 15, 1884. (VII.) 
Lizzie Oglevee, born Jan. 25, 1886. 

VI. John Lyman Myers, born Dec. 12, 1849; died 
Apr. 22, 1850. 

VI. Frances Myers, born in Westmoreland Co., Feb. 

21, 1851. Mrd. Samuel Ellenberger, Sept. 13, 1883. 
Carpenter. Members U. B. ch. Res., Canton, O. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Clara Elizabeth Ellenberger, born Aug. 
16, 1884. (VII.) Charles Berly Ellenberger, born Mar. 
16, 1886. (VII.) Cyrus Franklin Ellenberger, born 
Feb. 16, 1888; died Sept. 20, 1889. 

VI. Franklin Myers, born June 5, 1852; died Apr. 
3, 1858. 

VI. Amzi Myers, born Feb. 7, 1854; died Apr. 27, 

VI. Abraham Myers, born June 16, 1856. 

VI. Mary Ellen Myers, born Oct. 25, 1858. 

VI. Emma Myers, born Nov. 9, 1861. Mrd. Joseph 
Hixon — . 

V. Henry S. Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Mar. 6, 1819; died July 15, 1857. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Detwiler, Dec. 24, 1844. Farmer. Members U. B. ch. 
Children: Susanna, Mahlon, Infant, Franklin, Sarah. 

VI. Susanna Fretts, born Sept. 4, 1846. Mrd. Sam- 
uel Loucks — . 

VI. Mahlon Fretts, born June 14, 1849; died Oct., 1851. 

VI. Franklin Fretts, born Aug. 11, 1851. Mrd. Mary 
Aultman, Oct. 5, 1875. Farmer in Westmoreland Co. 
Members U. B. ch. No issue. 

VI. Sarah Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., Aug. 
20, 1855. Mrd. George B. Kelly, Dec. 24, 1874. 
Children: (VII.) Geo. Washington Kelly, born Feb. 

22, 1876; died Jan. 9, 1877. (VII.) Harry F. Kelly, 
born Mar. 18, 1879. (VII.) Eva May Kelly, born May 
10, 1886. 

V. Abraham Fretts, born Jan. 16, 1821; died in 
1842. S. 

— 4-50 — 

V. Daniel Fretz, born Dec. 13, 1823; died Aug;., 1824. 

V. Joseph S. Fretts, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Nov. 9, 1825; died Apr. 23, 1861. Mrd. Martha Jane 
Porter, Aug. 13, 1816. She died—. Miller. Members 
U. B. ch. Children: John, Susan. Joseph mrd. for 
his second wife, Mary Ann Ryan, Nov. 25, 1852. 
Children: Lyman, Catharine, Mary, Joseph. 

VI. John Wesley Fretts, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
Sept, 12, 1817. Mrd. Mary E. Shether, Dec. 5, 1867. 
She died in Feb., 1885. No issue. He mrd. for his 
second wife, Louisa Burgie, of Switzerland — . Lu- 
theran in Adainsburg, Pa. On Oct, 11, 1864, he en- 
listed in the 67th Regt. Pa. Vol. , as a substitute for 
Rev. Mr. Hickman of M't. Pleasant, Pa. He enlisted 
to serve for one year, or during the war, was detailed 
Regimental Steward under T. F. Carson, and mus- 
tered out of service at Halls Hill, Va., July 14, 1865. 

VI. Susan Fretts, born Feb. 1, 1850; died young. 

VI. Lyman R. Fretts, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 
3, 1853. Mrd. Alice Stoner, Dec. 25, 1879. Early in 
life he engaged in teaching school, which profession 
he followed for fifteen years. He graduated from the 
National School of Elocution and Oratory, at Phila- 
delphia, in the Class of 1877. Present occupation 
farmer at Scottdale, Pa. Methodists. £hildren: 
(VII.) Millicent N. Fretts, born Oct. 23, 1881. (VII.) 
Kate Mary Fretts, born Nov. 19, 1883. (VII.) Alice 
Alta Fretts, born Dec. 13, 1886. (VII.) Sarah Joy 
Fretts, born Apr. 9, 1889. 

VI. Catharine Fretts, born Nov. 1, 1855; died Mar. 
17, 1883, while attending school at Ada. O. She had 
won the highest respect of all who knew her, espe- 
cially of those who were her intimate friends. Metho- 

VI. Mary Jane Fretts, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 
28, 1858. 

VI. Joseph R, Fretts, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
June 4, 1860. Mrd. Sadie N. Bryan, of Ada, O., May 
2, 1886. By working on the farm, and teaching school 
he succeeded in securing the means to attend the 
higher schools. He completed a course in the Na- 
tional School of Elocution and Oratory at Philadel- 

— 451 — 

})hia, in 1879; in 1881, he was licensed an extorter in 
\L E. ch., and a local preacher in Apr., 1885. In 
1886 he graduated from the Ohio Nor. University 
with the degree of A. B., and the same year he joined 
the Wisconsin Conference of the M. E. church. In 
1888 he was transferred to the Pittsburg Conference 
for the purpose of ordination, and at the session of that 
conference in Oct, of that year, he was ordained to 
Deacon's orders, after which he was transferred back 
to the Wisconsin Conference. In the fall of the same 
year he entered Drew Theological Seminary, at Madi- 
son, N. J., as a divinity student, where he now is 
pursuing his studies. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Apr. 15, 1828. Mrd. Samuel Detwiler, May 7, 1846. 
He died Feb. 18, 1888. Miller, and Farmer. Members 
IT. B. ch. Children: Mary, Henry, Susan, Elizabeth, 
Ann, John, Joseph, Jacob, Samuel. 

VI. Mary Ann Detwiler, born June 17, 1847; died 
Oet. 6, 1851. 

VI. Henry F. Detwiler, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
Jan. 21, 1849. Mrd. Josephine A. VanGundy, of 
Sycamore, O., Nov. 16, 1876. He was quite early 
taught to work on the farm, and run errands for his 
father. He began attending the public school at the 
age of five years, when he had to learn to speak Eng- 
lish. He continued working in summer, and going to 
school in winter until his twentieth year, when he 
attended the West Va. University, at Morgantown, 
one term of three months. On Aug. 10, 1869, he 
went to Otterbein University, at Westerville, O., 
where he completed the prescribed classical course of 
study on June 3, 1875, after a continuous course of 
six years. On January 14. 1875, he was registered as 
a student at law with the Hon. C. E. Boyer, of 
Uniontown, Pa. He began the study of law about Mar. 
1, 1876, and remained in his preceptor's office one 
year, when he was admitted to practice law in the 
several courts of Fayette Co. , Pa. , on Mar. 8. 1877, 
since which time he has continuously practiced his 
profession. While he makes no claim to more than 
ordinary ability, he has held his own fairly well and 

— 452 — 

enjoys a comfortable practice. He was Mayor of 
Uniontown during the years 1883-4 and 5. He never 
but once aspired to any higher office, and then was 
defeated for District Attorney. He is a member of 
the Y. M. C. A., and he and wife are members of the 
M. E. ch. Children: (VII.) Bessie R. Detwiler, born 
Oct. 28, 1877. (VII.) William V. Detwiler, born Dec. 
28, 1881. (VII.) Fred. Ward Detwiler, born Aug. 22, 

VI. Susan Catharine Detwiler, born Jan. 13, 1852. 
Mrd. James S. Boyd, June 19, 1873. Farmer in 
Mitchell Co., Kan. Members U. B. ch. Children: (VII.) 
Albert Mason Boyd, born Aug. 18, 1874. (VII.) Harry 
Ellsworth Boyd, born Oct. 3, 1876. (VII.) Frank H. 
Boyd, born Jan. 3, 1878. (VII.) Bessie M. Boyd, born 
July 7, 1879. (VII.) Detwiler Boyd, born Oct. 31, 
1881. (VII.) Ruth V. Boyd, born Oct. 14, 1884. (VII.) 
John Clyde Boyd, born Oct. 22, 1885; died Oct. 28, 
1885. (VII.) Anna Josephine Boyd, born Sept. 12, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Detwiler, born Oct. 29, 1854; died 
Oct. 31, 1881. 

VI. Ann Maria Detwiler, born Feb. 15, 1858. Mem. 
U. B. ch. S. 

VI. John F. Detwiler, born Sept. 20, 1860. Medical 
student at Chicago. Mem. U. B. ch. S. 

VI. Joseph Hooker Detwiler, born May 8, 1863; 
died Dec. 4, 1886. 

VI. Jacob Smith Detwiler, born Nov. 26, 1865. 
Mem. U. B. ch. S. 

VI. Samuel Mason Detwiler, born June 25, 1870. 
Mem. U. B. ch. S. 

V. Catharine Fretts, born in Westmoreland, Co., 
Pa., Aug. 16, 1830. Mrd. J. B. Stoner, Aug. 26, 
1852. Farmer. Mems. U. B. ch. Children: Emma, 
Mahlon, Martin, Susan, Violetta, Flora, Samuel, 

VI. Emma Stoner, born Sept. 13, 1853; died May 
30, 1854. 

VI. Mahlon F. Stoner, born May 2, 1855. Mrd. Emma 
J. Porter, May 10, 1883. Farmer. Mems. U. B. ch. 
Children: (VII.) Edwin Stoner, born Jan. 14, 1885. 
(VII.) Joseph Benjamin Stoner, born Aug. 17, 1888. 

— 453 — 

VI. Martin N. Stoner, born Mar. 21, 1857; died 
May 19, 1875. 

VI. Susan Stoner, born Jan. 30, 1860. Mrd. Rev. 
H. F. Shupe, Aug. 12, 1885. Minister of the U. B. 
ch. Children: (VII.) Erma Shupe, born Oct. 30, 1886. 
(VII.) Mary Shupe, born Aug. 10, 1889. 

VI. Violetta Stoner, born Nov. 12, 1862; died Oct. 
21, 1863. 

VI. Flora May Stoner, born Feb. 2, 1865; died Dec. 
28, 1882. 

VI. Samuel D. Stoner, born Nov. 2, 1868; died Nov. 
23, 1871. 

VI. Solomon V. Stoner, born Nov. 28, 1872; died 
Oct. 3, 1876. 

V. Adam Fretts, born Nov. 8, 1832; died Sept. 21, 

IV. Daniel Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Dec. 1, 1792; 
died in Westmoreland Co., July 13, 1873, aged 80y., 
8m., 12d. Mrd. Hannah Fox — . No issue. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Bucks Co., June 1, 1795; 
died in Westmoreland Co., Feb. 1, 1824, aged 28y., 
8m. Unmrd. 

IV. Anna Fretz. born in Bucks Co., Feb. 24, 1799; 
died in Westmoreland Co., Feb. 2, 1878. Mrd. Sam- 
uel Stauffer in 1818. He died June 17, 1819. He was 
drowned when their first and only child was six 
weeks old. Farmer. Mennonite. One child: 

V. John F. Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Mav 11, 1819. Mrd. Catharine Monosmith, Feb. 18, 
1850. Farmer. Mennonite. Children: Annie, Sam- 
uel, Elizabeth, John, Daniel, Catharine, Eli, Ada, 
Martin, Sallie. 

VI. Annie Stauffer, born Mar. 3, 1851; died Dec, 

VI. Samuel Stauffer, born Mav 2, 1853; died Oct. 9, 

VI. Elizabeth Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Dec. 15, 1854. Mrd. Rev. M. G. Potter, Nov. 17, 

VI. John M. Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., Mar. 20, 1857. 

— 454 — 

VI. Daniel M. Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Mar. 17,1859. Mrd. Barbara E. Saylor, Mar. 14, 1889. 

VI. Catharine Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
July—, 1861. Mrd. Jordan N. Stoner. Mar. 10, 1881. 
Carpenter. Members U. B. ch. One child: (VII.) 
Homer S. Stoner, born July 17, 1882. 

VI. Eli M. Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., May 

3, 1864. Mrd. Flora L. Sherrick, Jan. 21, 1885. 
(VII.) Infant son born and died Oct 21, 1886. 

VI. Ada S. Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Dec. 17, 1866. Mrd. T. W. Porter, May 12, 1887. 
Merchant at Scottdale, Pa. Members U. B. ch. No 

VI. Martin Stauffer, born Apr. 1, 1869; died Nov. 
15, 1871. 

VI. Sallie Stauffer, born in Westmoreland Co., Apr. 

4, 1872. 

IV. Christian Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Dec. 17, 1802; died Dec. 24, 1828. Mrd. Catharine 
Smith, June—, 1826. She was born Mar. 4, 1804; 
still living (1889). Carpenter and Farmer. Menno- 
nite. His wife, Lutheran. When censured for marry- 
ing out of the church, he replied, "I married for 
love." He was an earnest and consistent christian, 
faithfully following his conscientious convictions. One 

V. John L. Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co. , Sept. 
14, 1828. Mrd. Mary Graft, Jan. 9, 1850. Farmer. 
His farm contains rich deposits of coal, and is very 
valuable. He and wife are members of the Baptist 
church, of which he was ordained Deacon in 1860. 
As a Christian he is highly respected in the neighbor- 
hood in which he lives. Children: Christian, Samuel, 
Catharine, Abraham, Orlando. 

VI. Christian Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Oct. 13, 1851. Mrd. Emeline Marsh, Oct. 7, 1872. 
Farmer. Baptists. Children: (VII.) John H. Fretz, 
born Aug. 11, 1873. (VII.) Jennie Fretz, born May 
14, 1875. (VII.) Samuel H. Fretz, born Aug, 31, 
1877; died Dec. 18, 1878. (VII.) Mary Maud Fretz, 
born Aug. 15, 1879. (VII.) William Nathan Fretz, 

— 455 — 

born Dec. 11, 18S2. (VII.) Charles Fretz, born Apr. 
24, 1885. (VII.) Jacob Fretz, born Apr. 25, 1889. 

VI. Samuel Fretz, born Dec. 20, 1852; died Jan. 23, 

VI. Catharine Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., 
Nov. 11, 1854. Mrd. John Farmer, Sept. 4, 1878. 
He was born Sept, 2, 1855. Farmer. He, Methodist. 
She, Baptist. Children: (VII.) Lucv Ellen Farmer, 
born Aug. 26, 1879; died Aug. 30, 1880. (VII.) Mary 
Emma Farmer, born Dec. 15, 1881. (VII.) Milton 
Everson Farmer, born July 24, 1884. (VII.) Lloyd 
Vernon Farmer, born Oct. 30, 1886. 

VI. Abraham Lincoln Fretz, born Apr. 11, 1860; 
died Sept. 18, 1863. 

VI. Orlando Fretz, born Nov., 1865; died on day of 

III. Eve Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 27, 
1766; died—. Mrd. Peter Dinstman— . Children: 
Elizabeth, Mary, Nannie. 

IV. Elizabeth Dinstman, born in Bucks Co., Sept. 
17, 1796; died June 22, 1883, aged 86y., 6m., 4d. 
Mrd. Nathaniel Mitchel — , (His second wife). Farmer 
and Shoemaker. Dunkards. Three children; all died 
quite young. 

IV. Mary Dinstman, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 27, 
1799; died in 1889, aged 90 yrs. Mrd. Joseph 
Mitchel, of Bucks Co. /June 10, 1834. He died—. 
Shoemaker. No issue. 

IV. Nannie Dinstman, born in Bucks Co., Oct. 27, 
1801; died unmrd. 

III. Daniel Fretz, Jr., born in Bucks Co., Pa., about 
1776 or 1777; died about 1842. Mrd. Margaret 
Swartz — . Farmer. Mennonite. No issue by this 
marriage. He mrd. for his second wife, Barbara 
Hockman, in Apr., 1837. One daughter: 

IV. Maria Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July 25, 1839; 
died Apr. 11, 1866, aged 26 years. When 21 years of 
age she mrd., and had one (V.) child, which died 
small. Barbara, also had a son: 

— 456 — 

IV. Aaron H. Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., June 
7, 1842. Married, and has issue. Resides at 97 Hal- 
stead St., Chicago, 111. 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Bucks Co., July*20, 1778; 
died Nov. 18. 1853. Mrd. Mary Mumaw, of Lan- 
caster Co., Pa.—. She died Sept, 9, 1869, aged 89y_., 
9m., 26d. Emigrated to Westmoreland Co., in 
1800. In 1806 he purchased and settled on a farm in 
Fayette Co., where he died and on which both he 
and wife were buried. Mennonites. Children: George, 
Mary, Daniel, Andrew, Infant, Barbara, Jacob, John, 
Annie, David, Catharine. 

IV. George Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Jan. 20, 1800; 
died Dec. 22, 1876. Mrd. Magdalena Strickler, Dec. 
24, 1822. She was born Nov. 22, 1804. Children: 
Christian, Jacob, Abraham, Mary, George, Andrew. 
Nancy, Daniel, John, Elizabeth, Barbara, Magdalena, 
Emanuel, Samuel. 

V. Christian Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Jan. 
24, 1824. Mrd. Esther Showalter, of Tuscarawas Co., 
O., Mar. 29, 1853. He died Apr. 20, 1862. He was 
an industrious farmer, a devoted husband, a loving 
father, a worthy citizen, and an exemplary neighbor 
and christian. He never united with any church. He 
occupied a farm of 80 acres in Richland Twp., De- 
Kalb Co. , Ind. , which he earned and improved by un- 
remitting toil. His was a life of privations, such as 
the present generation can have no conception of. 
He was buried in the church yard at Green's corners, 
the place where he used to worship. He was the 
father of five children: Benjamin, John, Nancy, 
George, Henry. 

VI. Benjamin Franklin Fretz, born June 22, 1854. 
in DeKaib Co., Ind.. where he spent his childhood. 
The death of his father left him, then but little more 
than seven years of age, the oldeLt of a family of five 
children. It was in his early boyhood that he wit- 
nessed some of the privations and hardships incident 
to life among the heavy forests of Indiana, Frank 
with his widowed mother, assumed the task of caring 
for themselves and family, in all a group of five chil- 

— 457 — 

dren, ranging in age from eight years to five months. 
The mother bowed down with grief at the untimely 
loss of her husband and the weighl of the great re- 
sponsibility thus thrown upon her, was for a number 
of years almost an invalid. Through the direction <>t 
a kind Providence and an indomitable energy, borD 
of that courage which conies only of an unflinching 
faith in God, she with the help of her older children, 
succeeded in stemming the tide of poverty and want 
which at times threatened her. It was during these 
trying ordeals that Frank received many of the les- 
sons of life, usually learned by others at a more ad- 
vanced age, and only learned by experience. These, 
together with the kind advice and maternal admoni- 
tion of his mother, were the germs from which grew 
the future hopes and aspirations of the young man. 
He attended the Public School until the age of six- 
teen when he was obliged to quit. During the whole 
period of his school life much of his time was diverted 
to attend to the wants of the family. He entered a 
normal elass in 1871 under the instruction of Prof. 
Wm. H. Mcintosh, was licensed to teach the com- 
mon branches, and taught in his county during the 
winter of 1871 and 72, dividing his meagre salary 
with his mother. He entered the Oberlin school of 
Telegraphy in the fall of 1873. taking a complete 
course in that art, and soon after secured a position 
in a Railway Teleoraph Office at Kendallville, Ind. 
He returned to the professon of teaching in 1875, 
devoting his time alternately to his profession and 
various'other pursuits. In the spring of 1878. he de- 
termined to visit the Great West. At Independence, 
Kans., he passed the summer on a farm, as a com- 
mon laborer, and the following winter again entered 
the school room. In 1880 he began the study of law. 
under the tutorship of the Hon. Daniel Grass, of In- 
dependence, Kan., but a year later accepted the oner 
of Ben. S. Henderson Atty. at Law. to finish his law 
studies and prepare for a copartnership with him m 
the practice. Here his assoeiation> and relations 
were pleasant and profitable. He acquired a taste 
for his profession, but circumstances conspired to 

— 458 — 

change his course and he was induced to accept a 
position as teacher in the employ of the Department 
of the Interior, at Osage Agency, I. T., where he re- 
mained for nearly two years among the natives of 
the plains. Here in the summer of 1882 he was mar- 
ried to Miss Linna Crooks, of Waterloo, Ind., a for- 
mer associate and fellow teacher. The marriage was 
consummated Aug. 20, 1882, and the two at once set 
out for the husband's field of labor among the red 
men of Indian Ter. Both engaged as teachers of the 
Indian children of that post^ During the following 
winter Small-Pox scattered the inmates of the school 
and on the 26th day of Feb., 1883, the doors were 
closed and all employees sent to the states. Embark- 
ing again for Independence, Kan., he accepted the 
offer of the Clerk of the County, as deputy, and later 
that of Clerk of the Court, Here he remained a 
short time and then removed to Waterloo, Ind., and 
accepted a position with the L. S. & M. S. Ry. Co. 
In 1887 he removed to Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind., 
where he was at once admitted to the practice of law. 
Here he has formed the surroundings which will 
probably attach him permanently to the place and 
profession above named. He has frequently occupied 
positions of trust and honor in the society to which 
he belongs, and in the business of the county in 
which his interests are centered. In matters pertain- 
ing to religion he was always a doubter or skeptic; 
not careless, but incredulous. The virtues taught 
him by his mother were never forgotten, though 
often ignored. His researches led him to the philoso- 
phy of Spencer, Huxley, Tyndal, Hume, Voltaire, 
Payne and Ingersol, but each failing to satisfy the 
wants of man's spiritual nature, the beautiful phi- 
losophy of Jesus Christ has been adopted. In 1888 
he renounced his allegiance to the Prince of Darkness 
and has since sought to lead the life of an exemplary 
christian. Husband and wife are members of the 
Christian Church, at Rochester, Ind., and were bap- 
tized Dec. 29, 1888. Children: (VII.) Ralph Fretz, 

and (VII.) Ray Fretz (Twins), born Aug. 27, 1883. 

(VII.) EdnaE. Fretz, born Sept. 17, 1889. m ."__ CD 

— 450 — 

VI. John Calvin Fretz, born in DeKalb Co., Ind., 
July 10, 1856. He was named John Calvin because 
he chanced to be born on the same day of the year as 
the great theologian of that name. His early life was 
that of an ordinary farmer boy. At about the usual 
age he began attending school. He was compelled to 
leave the summer school at the age of twelve. How- 
ever he attended the district school for about three 
months each winter until he was sixteen years old. 
He then took a short normal course, and was licensed 
to teach the common branches. At seventeen he be- 
gan teaching, and for six consecutive winters fol- 
lowed that profession. In the Fall of 1875, while 
attending a normal course m Waterloo, Ind., he be- 
came acquainted with Ettie Philips, daughter of C. 
M. Philips, AttT. at Law, of Waterloo, whom he 
mrd. Oct. 20, 1876. In 1878 he finally decided the 
great question, "What shall be my life work?" 
which had agitated his mind for years, by determin- 
ing on the science of Medicine as a permanent pro- 
fession. He at once began, and for a year studied 
medicine in connection with farm and school work. 
In the spring of 1870 he removed to Auburn. 
where he entered the office of Jared Spooner, M. I>.. 
and set to work with a linn determination to succeed. 
In the Autumn of the same year, he entered the 
Medical Department of the University of Mich., at 
Ann Arbor. This was a year of great mental growth 
for him, and well did he avail himself of all the ad- 
vantages with which he was surrounded. The careful 
and thorough instruction imparted by this institution 
formed a broad base for a thorough medical" educa- 
tion. After an absence of nine months from home 
and family, Calvin returned and settled at Deedsville, 
Ind., where he at once began the practice of medicine. 
For five years he continued his practice, and then 
once more returned to the University where he com- 
pleted his course and graduated in 1886. For a short 
time he located at Garrett, Ind., but the same year 
he returned with his family to Deedsville. Since that 
time he has enjoyed a growing reputation, earned by 
hard and honest work. "" In 1888 he joined the medi- 

— 460 — 

cal society of his county, and in 1889 was chosen its 
President, a position occupied by him at present 
writing. In the spring of 1872, when in his six- 
teenth year, Calvin became a Christian, united with 
the U. B. and was baptized. He has earnestly 
labored for the salvation of souls, has occupied all 
the offices in the gift of the church society and Sun- 
day School, and enjoys the labor in "The Master's 
Vineyard.' 1 Not only has his wife greatly assisted 
him in the battles of life, but he still has a mother 
who has done all that a mother could, to encourage 
him in the acquisition of knowledge. It was by her 
that this truth was fixed in his mind "Much is possi- 
ble to him who tries." Children: (VII.) Maggie Fretz, 
born Feb. 25, 1879. (VII.) Granville" P. Fretz, born 
July 12, 1887; died Infant. (VII.) Victor C. Fretz, 
born June 11, 1888. 

VI. Nancy Jane Fretz, born July 30, 1858. Mrd. 
Lewis Olinger, Dec. 26, 1878. 

VI. George Washinaton Fretz, born Mar. 8, 1860. 
Mrd. Eva Howard, Oct. 23, 1881. 

VI. Henry Maurice Fretz, born Dec. 20, 1861. Mrd. 
Maggie Mowery, Nov. 15, 1889. 

V. Jacob Fretz, born Sept. 11, 1825, died Aug. 4, 

V. Abraham Fretz, born June 30, 1827. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., July 8, 
1829. Mrd. Andrew Shaffer, of Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Jan. 6, 1850. Methodists. Children: John, Barbara,, 
George, Sarah, Catharine, Jackson Mary, Florence, 

VI. John W. Shaffer, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Oct, 21, 1850. Mrd. — Losee,— . She died—. He 
mrd. for his second wife — Flinn, — . Engineer. 

VI . Barbara Ann Shaffer, born in Tuscarawas Co. , O. , 
Nov. 25, 1851. Mrd. William Adams, of Daviess Co., 
Ind. He died — . Farmer. Methodists. They had six 
children, four living and two dead. 

VI. George F. Shaffer, born in Daviess Co., Ind., 
July 11, 1855. Mrd. Eliza, daughter of Abraham 

— 461 — 

Fretz, dec'd. Farmer. Methodist. Three children, 
two living, one dec'd. 

VI. Sarah M. Shaffer, born in Daviess Co., Ind., 
Feb. 5, 1860. Mrd. William Pershing,—. Farmer. 
Methodists. They have three daughters. 

VI. Catharine N. Shaffer, born in Daviess Co., Ind., 
Dec. 26, 1861. Mrd. G. Baird,— . Teamster. Metho- 

VI. Jackson Leroy Shaffer, born in Daviess Co. , Ind. , 
July 23, 1864. Mrd. Ann Hubbard,—. Sawyer. 
Methodist. One child. 

VI. Mary E. Shaffer, born in Daviess Co., Ind., Apr. 
30, 1867. Mrd. Harvey Pershing,—. Laborer. Meth- 
odist. One child. 

VI. Florence M. Shaffer, born in Daviess Co., Ind., 
July 24, 1869. Methodist. S. 

VI. William H. Shaffer, born in Daviess, Co., Ind., 
Mar. 1, 1874 % Methodist. S. 

V. George Fretz, born in Holmes Co., O., Sept. 14, 
1831. Mrd. Margaret Anna E. Kinnaman, Sept. 5, 
1857. She was born in Putnam Co., Ind., July 22, 
1840. Resides in Daviess Co., Ind. Children: John, 
William, Cora, Jeremiah, Ida, Andrew, James, 
Charles, Annette, Mary, Infant, Infant, Harry. 

VI. John Wesley Fretz, born June 7, 1858. Mrd. 
Hester Johnson, Aug. 31, 1882. Three children — 

VIZ William Henry Fretz, born June 18, 1860. Mrd. 
Lillie Pierce, in 1883. Four children, three boys and 
one girl. 

VI. Cora Isabelle Fretz, born Aug. 16, 1864. Mrd. 
Harry O. Sheetz, of Moorsville, Ind., July 6, 1882. 
Farmer. Three children. 

VI. Jeremiah Fretz, bom Sept. 30, 1861. (VI.) Ida 
Florence Fretz, born Jan. 29, 1867. (VI.) Andrew B. 
Fretz, born Feb. 1, 1870. (VI.) James Augustus 
Fretz, born Apr. 3, 1872. (VI.) Charles Edward Fretz, 
born Jan. 24, 1874. (VI.) Annette Fretz, horn May 
5, 1876. (VI.) Mary Magdalena Fretz, born Jan. 15, 
1878. (VI.) Infant, still born, Apr. 1, 1881. (VI.) In- 
fant, still born, Aug. 16, 1882. (VI.) Harry C. Blaine 
Fretz, born Aug. 16, 1884. 

— 462 - 

V. Andrew Fretz, born Mar. 30, 1834; died in Feb., 

V. Nancy Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., Mar. 
30, 1834 (Twin to Andrew). 

V. Daniel Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co. , O. , Apr. 
10, 1837. Mrd. Rebecca Wyrick, in 1858. Farmer. 
Children: Enola, Beatrice, Dollie. 

VI. Enola W. Fretz, born in DeKalb Co., Lid., Feb. 

14, 1859. Mrd. Isaac Garritson, in 1877. Farmer. 
Children: (VII.) Walter B. Garritson, born in 1878. 
(VI r.) C. R. Garritson, born in 1880; died in 1881. 
(VII.) Bessie E. Garritson, born in 1883. (VII.) Ralph 
J. Garritson, born in 1888. 

VI. Beatrice M. Fretz, born in DeKalb Co., Ind., 
Dec. 25, 1861. Mrd. U. Fredborg, in 1886. Barber. 

VI. Dollie A. Fretz, born in DeKalb Co., Ind., in 
1862. Mrd. William E. Good, Sept. 9, 1883. He died 
Oct. 1,1888. Barber. Children: (VII.) MyrtieE. Good, 
born July 16, 1884. (VII.) Paul G. Good, born Sept, 
26, 1885. (VII.) Ruby K. Good, born Nov. 16, 1887. 

V. John Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., Feb. 

15, 1838. Mrd. Sarah A. Johnson, Aug. 7, 1867. 
Retired farmer, now carpenter in Auburn, Ind. Chil- 
dren: Lewds, Catharine, Mary, Henrietta, Nancy, 
Phebe, Agnes. 

VI. Lewis Barney Fretz, born in Greene Co., Ind., 
Mar. 4, 1868. His parents lived for a number of years 
after his birth in Greene Co. , from which locality they 
moved to Taylor Co., Ky., remaining there about 
eighteen months, after which his home was located in 
DeKalb Co. , Ind. In early life he worked upon the 
farm and attended the District school. In Sept. 1883, 
his parents established a home in the town of Auburn, 
the County-Seat of DeKalb Co., where for several 
years he attended the Graded School, and graduated 
from the Grammar Department in 1887. In 1885 he 
entered the painting department of the Snyder 
Wagon Works, as an apprentice, under the tutelage 
of J. C. Day, and mastered the trade in 1887. Find- 
ing that painting was detrimental to his health, he 
abandoned it, and in Nov. 1888 entered as apprentice 
the Publishing House of the Auburn Courier. The 

— 463 — 

advantages of this position have been the crowning 
benefit of his life. He has gradually risen from the 
lowest to one of the advanced positions of the estab- 
lishment that of a "Local Reporter." In addition to 
being a first class Typo, he is an Orator of superior 
talent, possessing a powerful voice, good articulation, 
and an easy command of language, his audiences are 
held in rapt attention, while they are interested by an 
eloquence that is natural and irresistible. Mr. Fretz, 
was converted in February, 1890, since which 
time he has occupied the pulpit alternately with 
the resident pastor of the Church of God. The minis- 
try is his probable future vocation. Being a moral 
and temperate man, and possessing good natural 
abilities the height of his aspiration is unlimited. 

VI. Catharine Fretz, born Apr. 6, 1870. Mrd. J. 
Standacher, — . 

VI. Mary Effie Fretz, born Aug. 7, 1871, in Ind. 
Mem. of Ch. of God. 

VI. Henrietta Fretz, born July 8, 1873, in Taylor 
Co., Ky. Mem. of Ch. of God. 

VI. Nancy M. Fretz, born Mav 1, 1875, in DeKalb 
Co., Ind. Mem. of Ch. of God. 

VI. Phebe A. Fretz, born Apr. 15, 1877. 

VI. Agnes A. Fretz, born Nov. 26, 1880. 

V. Elizabeth A. Fretz, born Dec. 8, 1810. 

V. Barbara Fretz, born Sept, 11, 1811. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Nov. 8, 1812. Mrd. John Gramling, Oct. 27, 1861. 
Carpenter by trade, and farmer in DeKalb Co., Ind. 
Children: Eliza, Jennie, Janet. John. 

VI. Eliza Ann Gramling, born Sept. 7, 1862. Mrd. 
Orlando Elliott, of DeKalb Co., Ind., Mar. 7, 1882. 

VI. Jennie Gramling, born Apr. 18, 1861. Mrd. Al- 
bert Gengnagel, of DeKalb Co., Ind., Dec. 31, 1889. 
Harness-maker. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Janet Gramling, born July 11, 1870. 

VI. John Henry Gramling, born Sept. 9, 1881. 

V. Emanuel Fretz, born Aug. 1, 1811: died Nov. 
3, 1817. 

— 464 — 

V. Samuel Fretz, born Oct. 3, 1847, in Tuscarawas 
Co., O. Mrd. Elizabeth Greenwood, Sept. 27, 1866. 
Lumberman, at Auburn, Ind. Children: (VI.) Laura 
B. Fretz, born Jan. 13, 1868; died Mar. 31, 1885. (VI.) 
Mary C. Fretz, born in Greene Co., Ind., June 11, 
1869. (VI.) Nancy M. Fretz, born Jan. 17, 1871. (VI.) 
Thomas A. Fretz, born July 10, 1872. (VI.) Eliza J. 
Fretz, born Feb. 26, 1874. (VI.) Richard Fretz, born 
Auo-. 10, 1875; died Sept. 28, 1875. (VI.) Ella Fretz, 
born in Dekalb Co, Ind., Nov. 3, 1876. (VI.) Florence 
Fret/, born Dec. 3, 1886. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Nov. 28, 1801; died Mar. 29, 1888. Mrd. Jacob 
Everly, May 25, 1824. Lutherans. No issue. 

IV. Daniel Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Jan. 7, 1804. Mrd. Elizabeth Strohme, in 1825. In 
1842 he settled in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. He now 
resides near Winesburg, Holmes Co., Ohio. Retired 
farmer. Children: Susan, Mary, Nancy, Infant, 
Daniel, Elizabeth, John, Lydia, George, Jacob, 
Joseph, Infant, Christian. 

V. Susan Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1826. Mrd. John 
Zink— . He died—. They had three children, all 
dead. Susan mrd. for her second husband, — Living- 
ston, — . No issue. 

V. Mary Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Jan. 10, 

1828. Mrd. Leonard Bair,— . Farmer. Lutherans. 
No issue. 

V. Nancy Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 27, 

1829. Mrd. Joseph Nave,—. He died—. Fanner. 
Lutherans. Children: (VI.) William Nave, born—. 
(VI.) Sarah Nave, born—. Mrd. — Rosier. 

V. Infant born in 1830; died unnamed. 

V. Daniel Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Nov. 6, 
1832. Mrd. Lavina Patent, in 1854. Laborer. Mem- 
bers of Ch. of God. Children: Sarah, Harriet. 

VI. Sarah Ann Fretz, born Oct. 15, 1856, in Tusca- 
rawas Co., O. Mrd. William H. Benson, Aug. 26, 
1883. Farmer. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Walter 
V.Benson, born Jan. 17, 1885. (VII.) Grace E. Ben- 
son, born Aug. 17. 1887. (VII.) Lewis C. Benson, 
born June 6, 1889. 

— 465 — 

VI. Harriet V. Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, 
Aug. 22, 1858. Mrd. Richard Jones. He died—. 

V. John Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 
1834. Moved to Huntington Co., Ind., in 1852. Mrd. 
Christina Landis, Aug. 27, 1851. In 1861 he was 
drafted and served one year in the Army. Farmer. 
Ger. Baptists. Children: Lucinda, Daniel, Gideon, 
Leah, Charles, William, John, Ida. 

VI. Lucinda Alice Fretz, born in Huntington Co., 
Ind., Aug. 28, 1855. Mrd. William H. Eversole, 
Apr. 16, 1872. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. Children: 
(VII.) Orin A. Eversole, born Apr. 18, 1873. (VII.) 
Charles E. Eversole, born Aug. 29, 1875. (VII.) Lena 
E. Eversole, born Jan. 29, 1877. (VII.) William B. 
Eversole, born Sept. 15, 1879; died Feb. 13, 1880. 
(VII.) Jennie S. Eversole, born Nov. 25, 1881. 
(VII.) Mary S. Eversole, born Feb. 8, 1883. (VII.) 
Bertha E. Eversole, born Mar. 30, 1885. (VII.) Minnie 
A. Eversole, born July 26, 1887. 

VI. Daniel Fretz, born July 28, 1858; died Aug. 
21, 1858. 

VI. Gideon Fretz (Twin), born July 28, 1858; died 
Aug. 22, 1858. 

VI . Leah Fretz, born Mar. 22, 1860; died Jan. 29, 1861. 

VI. Charles Theodore Fretz, born in Huntington Co., 
Ind., Nov. 1, 1861. Mrd. Almira Hoag, Nov. 11, 
1886. Farmer. One child: (VII.) Leota Fretz, born 
Oct. 9, 1887. 

VI. William Elliott Fretz, born in Huntington Co., 
Ind., Oct. 25, 1867. 

VI. John Franklin Fretz, born Sept. 12, 1872. 

VI. Ida Elizabeth Fretz, born Nov. 28, 1875; died 
Sept. 9, 1876. 

V. Elizabeth Ann Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
Mar. 15, 1835. Mrd. Conrad Reiswick, in 1861. He 
died Apr. 19, 1887. He was, Lutheran. She was, 
Winebrennarian. One child: Michael.— Elizabeth mrd. 
for her second husband, Jacob Welty,— . Farmer. 

VI. Michael Reiswick, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Feb. 26, 1862. Mrd. Mary M. Kaufman, Aug. 7, 
1881. Locomotive Engineer, on C. B. & Q. Ry., and 

— 166 -■ 

resides at Creston, Iowa. Members of U. B. ch. 
One child: (VII.) Elbert Conrad Reiswick, born Aug. 
13, 1886. 

V. Lydia Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 27, 
1837. Mrd. Jacob Smith. Night watchman of Fur- 
niture store at Canton Ohio. One child: (VI.) Anna 
Smith. Mrd. George Kingston. 

V. Jacob Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Aug. 2, 
1836. Mrd. Catharine Love, Nov. 15, 1866. Farmer 
in Holmes Co., O. Children: (VI.) Henry Fretz, born 
Aug. 16, 1867. (VI.) Charles Fretz, born Apr. 18, 
1872. (VI.) Clara Fretz, born Aug. 30, 1873. (VI.) 
Harvey Fretz, born Jan. 28, 1881. (VI.) John Fretz, 
born July 2, 1883; died Dec. 19, 1883. 

V. George Fretz, born in 1839; died — . 

V. Joseph Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., June 
13, 1843. Mrd. Almira Pershing,—. She was born 
in 1848. Laborer, at Canal Dover, O. Children: (VI.) 
Arthur Fretz, born in 1881. (VI.) Nellie Fretz, born 
— ; died July 21, 1886. 

V. Infant, born in 1811; died unnamed. 

V. Christian Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, 
Jan. 7, 1816. Mrd. a Miss Snyder, daughter of J. H. 
Snyder, Sept. 8, 1878. Farmer. Methodist. No issue. 

IV. Andrew Fretz, born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Dec. 28, 1805. Mrd. Esther Overholt, Aug. 29, 1830. 
She died—. One child: (V.) Infant son born Mar. 29, 
1832; died Apr. 2, 1832. He mrd. for his second 
wife, Nancy Shank, Mar. 6, 1831. Retired farmer. 
He has been a member of the Mennonite church for 
Sixty years. Children: Francis, Maria, Hester, Fran- 
ces, Magdalena, Lydia. Rebecca, Joseph. 

V. Francis Fretz, born May 16, 1835; died Dec. 4, 

V. Maria Fretz, born Sept, 1, 1836; died Apr. 13, 
1861. Unmrd. 

V. Hester Ann Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co., O., 
Apr. 11, 1838. Mrd. Abraham Showalter, Aug. 20, 
1856. He was born in Tuscarawas Co., O., Apr. 2, 
1835. They settled on Walnut Creek, Ohio. From 
there moved to Daviess Co., Ind., in 1859, and in 1863 
to Dekalb Co., Ind. In 1861 they bought and cleared 

— 467 — 

a farm in LaGrange Co., on which they built a log 
house. From there they moved to Isabella Co., 
Mich., took up a homestead which they cleared and 
sold in 1876. They then moved to Manistee Co., 
Mich., where they now live. Farmer. Lutherans. 
Children: Mary, Joseph, Andrew, Levi. 

VI. Mary Melissa Sho waiter, born in Tuscarawas 
Co., O. May 30, 1857. Mrd. William H. Kline, June 
7, 1874. He was born in the province of Frankfort, 
Germany, May 11, 1851. Came to America with his 
parents at the age of three years. Farmer. Children: 
(VII.) Ada Elvessa Kline, born Apr. 6, 1875; died 
Apr. 24, 1882. (VII.) Nancy M. Kline, born July 25, 
1877. (VII.) Esther C. Kiine, born Dec. 28, 1879. 
(VII.) Andrew O. Kline, born Apr. 5, 1883. (VII.) 
Nettie M. Kline, born Aug. 19, 1885. .(VII.) Ernest 
H. Kline, born May 13, 1888. 

VI. Joseph Oliver Sho waiter, born in Tuscarawas 
Co., O., Oct. 1, 1859. Carpenter and Farmer in 
Manistee Co., Mich. S. 

VI. Andrew Lenhard Showalter, born in Daviess Co., 
Ind. , June 8, 1862. Mrd. Mary J. Brandt, Aug. 4, 
1884. She was born in Germany, May 14, 1864. 
Farmer in Manistee Co., Mich. Children: (VII.) 
Charles A. Showalter, born May 11, 1885. (VII.) 
Elden Leo Showalter, born Aug. 6, 1886. (VII.) 
Ernest L. Showalter, born June 25, 1888. 

VI. Levi Jerome Showalter, born in LaGrange Co., 
Ind., Jan. 5, 1868. S. 

V. Frances Fretz, born Dec. 4, 1840; died — ■. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born in Tuscarawas Co. , Ohio, 
Aug. 23, 1842. Mrd. Abraham Miser, of Holmes 
Co., O., Dec. 10, 1863. Moved to Isabella Co., 
Michigan in 1864. Farmer and Carpenter. Disciples. 
Children: Henry, Samantha, Levi, Olive, Minta, 
Carrie, Nellie. 

VI. Henry Andrew Miser, born in Isabella Co., 
Mich. , Feb. 26, 1865. Mrd. Maggie Maria Donovan, 
Feb. 26, 1888. She was born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
Dec. 22, 1865, Farmer and Bee-keeper in Isabella 
Co., Mich. Disciples. 

— 468 — 

VI. Sainantha Ellen Miser, born in Isabella Co., 
Mich., Sept, 24, 1866. Mrd. Leon B. Wilniot, Sept. 
9, 1886. He was born in Dekalb Co., Ind., Apr. 27, 
1863. Farmer. Disciples. One child: (VII.) Etta 
May Wilniot. 

VI. Levi Miser, born in Isabella Co., Mich., Jan. 
19, 1868; died Feb. 21, 1868. 

VI. Olive Augusta Miser, born in Isabella Co., 
Mich., May 22, 1869. Disciple. 

VI. Arminta Francis Miser, born in Isabella Co., 
Mich., Nov. 16, 1872. Teacher in the public schools. 

VI. Carrie Mabel Miser, born in Isabella Co., Mich., 
Oct. 11, 1875. 

VI. Nellie Blanche Miser, born in Portage Co., O., 
June 17, 1882. 

V. Lydia Fretz, born Aug. 20, 1844; died Oct. 12, 

V. Rebecca Fretz, born May 29, 1846; died Nov. 26, 
1880. Mrd. — Kamneburg,— . (VI.) Two children, 
still born. 

V. Joseph M. Fretz, born May 5, 1849; died June 
25, 1882. Unmrd. 

IV. Daughter, born and died Aug. 15, 1808. Un- 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 
8, 1809; died Aug. 20, 1834. Mrd. John Strickler, in 
1830. Laborer. Mennonites. Children: Mary, Nancy, 

V. Mary Strickler, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 1830. 
Mrd. Alexander D. Provance, — . He died — . Car- 
penter. Children: Ellen, Hattie, Anna. 

VI. Ellen Provance, born — . Mrd. Peter Liningood. 
VI. Hattie Provance, born Jan. 27, 1853. Mrd. Rev. 

Jesse L. Beal, of Waterloo, Iowa, in 1889. Farmer 
and minister of the Ger. Baptist ch. One child: (VII.) 
Irwin J. K. Wright, born Mar. 28, 1875. 

VI. Anna Provance, Mrd. Herbert Rages. 

V. Nancy Fretz, born Oct, 9, 1832; died July 13, 
1885. Mrd. James H. Sanders, Feb. 14, 1866. Shoe- 
maker. Cuinb. Presbyterians. Children: John, 
Daniel, Sarah, Silas. 

— 469 — 

VI. John S. Sanders, bora Nov. 26, 1868. Tinner. 

VI. Daniel L. Sanders, born July 30, 1869. Tinner. 

VI. Sarah M. Sanders, born Oct. 6, 1871. Mrd. 
Francis Ulom, of Waynesburgh, Pa., June 24, 1889. 
Carpenter. Methodists. One child: (VII.) A son, born 
Dec. 6, 1889. 

VI. Silas J. Sanders, born July 13, 1873. 

IV. Jacob Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 16, 
1812. Mrd. Hannah Bryan, in 1839. She died with- 
out issue. He mrd. for his second wife Mary Shelly, 
Nov. 9, 1843. She was born Aug. .20, 1824. They 
moved to DeKalb Co., Ind., in Mar. 1861, and now 
reside there. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: Leah, 
Mary, William. 

V. Leah Fretz, bora in Fayette Co., Pa., Oct. 16, 
1848. Mrd. John Lightner, July 3, 1870. Carpenter. 
No issue. 

V. Mary A. Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Nov. 
23, 1850. S. 

V. William D. Fretz, born in Dekalb Co. , Ind., Feb. 
2, 1865. S. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Aug. 11, 
1814; died Mar. 27, 1876. Mrd. Mary Magdalena 
Johnson, about 1842. Farmer and lived on the old 
Homestead in Fayette Co., Pa. Children: Samuel, 
Nancy, Mary. 

V. Samuel Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Oct. 20, 
1843. Mrd. Eliza Jane Hostetler, Dec. 1, 1864. She 
died June 29, 1878. Farmer and lives on the old 
homestead in Fayette Co., Pa. Lutherans. Children: 
Emma, Alvin, jasper, John.— Mr. Fretz, mrd. for 
his second wife Susanna Newcomer, Sept. 4, 1879. 
She is Cumb. Prebvterian. Children: George, Sarah. 

VI. Emma Alice Fretz, born May 23, 1867. Mrd. 
William Rider, Nov. 22, 1888. Farmer in Fayette 
Co., Pa. Cumb. Presbyterians. One child: (VII.) 
Ward Leonard Rider, born Apr. 25, 1890. 

VI. Alvin Lindsey Fretz, born Aug. 8, 1870. (VI.) 
Jasper Clarence Fretz, born July 7, 1872. (VI.) John 
Joseph Fretz, born Jan. 11, 1874; died Dec. 7, 1877. 

— 470 — 

(VI.) George Fretz, born Feb. 21, 1881; died Mar. 3, 
1881. (VI.) Sarah Nancy Fretz, born June 2, 1882. 

V. Nancy Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 
1846. Mrd. John L. Sapper. Farmer. One child: 
(VI.) Mary Sapper, born—. S. 

V. Mary Magdalena Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
July 12, 1856". Mrd. John W. Holland, of Fayette 
Co., Dec. 20, 1877. Children: (VI.) Minnie D. Hol- 
land, born May 21, 1881. (VI.) Jasper T. Holland, 
born Mar. 17, 1883. (VI.) Frank S. Holland, born 
Sept. 30, 1884. (VI.) Leonard S. Holland, born Mar. 
23, 1886. (VI.) Sarah M. Holland, born Nov. 11, 
1887; died Dec. 29, 1887. 

IV. Anna Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Oct. 2, 
1816. She is unmrd. and lives with her nephew, on 
the old homestead. 

IV. David Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 12, 
1820. Mrd. Barbara Ann McGill, Jan. 2, 1842. She 
was born Feb. 29, 1824. Farmer. Dunkards. Chil- 
dren: Mary, Huldah, Jacob, William, Christian, 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born Jan. 2, 1843, in Fayette 
Co., Pa. Mrd. James A. Brooks, of Green Co., Pa., 
Dec. 24, 1865. He died June 18, 1868. Dunkards. 
Children: (VI.) Francis J. Brooks, born Apr. 21, 
1867. (VI.) Jacob Martin Brooks, born Sept. 19, 1868. 

V. Huldah E. Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 
23, 1846. Mrd. John L. Herrington, Nov. 12, 1868. 
Laborer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Sarah Ann Her- 
rington, born Aug. 18, 1869. (VI.) Infant, still horn, 
Mar. 18, 1871. (VI.) Infant, still bora, Jan. 20, 1S72. 
(VI.) John William Herrington, born Mar. 29, 1873. 
(VI.) David Miner Herrington, born June 1, 1875. 
(VI.) Mary Olive Herrington, born Sept. 22, 1877. 
(VI.) Ellsworth L. Herrington, born Jan. 14, 1880. 
(VI.) Sophia Herrington, born July 7, 1882. (VI.) 
Francis M. Herrington, born Apr. 9, 1885. (VI.) 
Emil Alice Herrington, born July 3, 1888. 

V. Jacob Franklin Fretz, born in Fayette Co. , Pa. , 
Sept. 29, 1848. Mrd. Rose Ann Hess, Aug. 14, 1870. 
She was born Jan. 4, 1852. Farmer. Dunkards. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Twin daughters, still born, May 1, 1S71. 

— 471 — 

(VI.) Anna Belle Fretz, born June 13, 1872. (VI.) 
Loraetta May Fretz, born Dec, 1, 1873. (VI.) Elsie 
Larnse Fretz, born Mar. 10, 1876. (VI.) Coral Pearl 
Fretz, born Feb. 18, 1878. (VI.) Infant son, stillborn, 
June 10, 1882. (VI.) Hester Elizabeth Fretz, born 
Apr. 19, 1883. (VI.) Mattie Jane Fretz, born Sept. 
19, 1885. _ (VI.) Bessie Fretz, born Sept. 1, 1889. 

V. William Henry Fretz, born in Fa} T ette Co., Pa., 
Dec. 15, 1857. Mrd. Louisa B. Heath, June 12, 1879. 
Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) David L. Fretz, 
born Apr. 25, 1880. (VI.) Sarah A. Fretz, born Aug. 
28, 1882. (VI.) James S. Fretz, born Apr. 13, 1885. 
(VI.) Mary M. Fretz, born Sept. 21, 1887. 

V. Christian R. Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., 
Aug. 31, 1861; died July 19, 1883. 

V. Eliza Jane Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Apr. 
22, 1869. Mrd. Andrew J. McCann, Nov. 5, 1888. 
Laborer. Dunkards. One child: (VI.) Infant, still 
born, in 1889. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born in Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 
18, 1822. She resides on the old homestead, in Fay- 
ette Co., Pa., with her nephew, Samuel Fretz. She 
is unmarried. 

III. Samuel Fretz, born in Bucks Co. , Pa. , — ; died — , 
without issue. 

III. Elizabeth Fretz, born about 1782, in Bucks Co., 
Pa. Mrd. a German by name of Frik. Settled in In- 
diana, where they died without issue. 


II. John Fretz, born Feb. 8, 1749; died Aug. 30, 
1815. Mrd. Magdalena Fox, of Pa. She was born 
Apr. 1, 1748; died Sept, 23, 1820. He was a wheel- 
wright, joiner and manufacturer of Fanning Mills, 
and a member of the Dunkard church. His ancestry 
is involved in doubt. By some of the connection he 
is supposed to have emigrated from Germany*. He 
settled near Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., where 
probably all his children were born. In 1800 he emi- 
grated to Wetland Co., Canada, with all his family 

* It is said by one of the descendants that John Fretz came 
from New Jersey, or from near the "line," (State line). Con- 
sidering the fact that "Tinicum Christian Fretz" lived only a 
few miles from the Delaware river, or State line, on the Pennsyl- 
vania side, however, it may be that he was the son of Tinicum 
Christian Fretz. In early life, lohn Fretz may, for a time, have 
lived on the Jersey side, and afterwards settled in Lancaster 
Co., Pa. There is a tradition in this family that three brothers 
fled from Germany, because of religious persecution; but it is 
not known what became of two of them. John Fretz of Lan- 
caster Co., could not have been one of these brothers, as the 
persecution took place many years before he was born; but his 
father, it is quite probable, may have been one of the brothers. 
On the other hand the tradition of the Bucks Co., Fretz' ancestors 
is that three brothers fled from Germany because of religious 
persecutions, and that one of them died on the voyage; the other 
two, Christian and John, landed and settled in Bucks Co., Pa. The 
same year that John Fretz of Lancaster Co., settled in Welland 
Co., Canada, John Fretz of Haycock Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. (son 
of Weaver John Fretz), settled in Lincoln Co., Canada. It is 
said that Jacob Fretz, son of Lancaster John, visited them, but 
they could establish no mutual relationship. 

— 473 — 

except his daughter Barbara, and son Daniel. They 
were six weeks in making the journey to Canada, 
taking their live stock with them. At night hells 
were put on the horses and cattle, and they were 
turned out to pasture. After a milking the milk was 
put into the churn, which was fastened to the hinder 
part of the wagon, and their butter was churned by 
the motion of the wagon as they proceeded. On the 
twelfth day of June they crossed the Niagara river 
on a raft. They swam the horses and cattle across. 
They were assisted in crossing by friendly Indians. 
John Fretz settled in the township of Bertie, Welland 
Co., Ont,, on lots 2 and 3, concessions 15 and 16, 
which consisted of about 400 acres, on which he built 
a log house. Some time previous to his death he laid 
out on his property a family burying ground, in which 
he and his wife were buried, and it is still used by his 
descendants as a place of burial. Among the relics 
retained of the home of John Fretz, a cupboard, made 
by him in 1801, is in the possession of his great- 
grandson, Jacob Fretz, of Fen wick, Ont., who also 
has an iron maul, an axe, a taper bit, and the old 
family Bible, published at Zurich, Switzerland, in 
1539, and brought from Germany by the ancestor. 
The children of John Fretz Avere: Barbara, Abraham, 
Daniel, Jacob, Peter, Francis, Mary. 

III. Barbara Fretz born June S, 1771; died June 29, 
1829. Mrcl. Abraham Winger,—. They remained in 
Pennsylvania for a time after marriage, but later 
moved to Canada, and settled near her fathers place. 
Farmer. Dunkards. Children: Abraham, John, Mag- 
dalena, Fannie, Barbara, Nancy, Susan. 

IV. Abraham Winger, born about 1793; died in 1826. 
Mrd. Catharine Troup,—. Farmer. Dunkard. Chil- 
dren: Jacob, Esther, David, Abraham, John. Peter. 

V. Jacob Winger, born in the Twp., of Bertie, Out.. 
in 1817; died in 1888. Mrd. Elizabeth Benner, in 1842. 
She died—. Jacob mrd. for his second wife Elizabeth 
Smaltzer. Children: (VI.) Ellen. (VI.) Margaret. (VI.) 
Mary. (VI.) Eliza. (VI.) Fidelia. (VI.) Elizabeth. 
(VI.) Jacob. (VI.) William. (VI.) Catharine. (VI.) 

— 474 — 

V. Esther Winger, born in 1818; died single. 

V. David Winger, born in 1820; died in 1883. Mrd. 
Margaret Baxter, — . Children: (VI.) Mary Jane 
Winger; died single. (VI.) James Winger; died single. 
(VI.) Catharine Winger; died single. (VI.) John Win- 
ger. (VI.) Charity Winger; died single. (VI.) David 

V. Rev. Abraham Winger, born in 1822. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Shanp, in 1841. Farmer at Springvale, Ont., 
and minister. He was ordained to the ministry of the 
Dnnkard church in 1858. Children: (VI.) Abigail. 
(VI.) Elias. (VI.) Christian. (VI.) Peter. (VI.) Catha- 
rine. (VI.) Abraham. (VI.) Elizabeth. (VI.) Henry. 
(VI.) Solomon. (VI.) Jonathan. 

V. John Winger, born in 1824. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Johnson, — . Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Benjamin. 
(VI.) Jacob. (VI.) Henry. (VI.) John. (VI.) Daniel. 
(VI.) Catharine. (VI.) Fannie. (VI.) Lizzie. 

V. Peter Winger, born in 1826. Mrd. Abigail Shaup, 
Methodists, Hagersville, Ont. Children: (VI.) Simeon. 
(VI.) Levi, dec'd. (VI.) Eve Anna, dec'd. 

IV. John Winger, born — . Mrd. Mary Boyer. They 
moved to Indiana, Children: (V.) Annie. (V.) Jonas. 
(V.) Samuel. (V.) Martha. (V.) Mary. . 

IV. Magdalena Winger, born — ; died — . Mrd. Henry 
Troup, — . Children: 

V. John Troup, born—. Mrd. Elizabeth Troup. 

V. Henry Troup, born — . Mrd. Elizabeth Burgar. 
V. . Philip Troup, born — . Mrd. Caroline Benner. 
V. Esther Troup, born — ; dec'd. — . Mrd. Jacob 
V. Rebecca Troup, born — . Mrd. Wm. Nye. 

V. Frances Troup, born Dec. 4, 1822; died Jan. 25, 
1885. Mrd. George Zavitz, Jan. 27, 1846. He was 
born Feb. 5, 1814; died May 4, 1859. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Mary, Rebecca, Philip, Jonathan, 
Magdalena, George. 

VI." Mary Zavitz, born Feb. 10, 1847. Mrd. Thomas 
Penfield, Dec. 29, 1878. Farmer. Children: (VI.) 
Phcebe. (VII.) George. (VII.) Isabel. (VII.) Rosie. 

VI. Rebecca Zavitz/ born July 15, 1848. Mrd. John 
Heffner, June 30, 1870. Farmer. Children: (VII.) 

— 475 — 

Otillie. (VII.) John. (VII.) Magdalena. *(VII.) Maud. 
(VII.) Estella. (VII.) Milton. (VII.) Florence. 

VI. Philip Zavitz, born Jan. 13, 1850. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Morningstar, Sept, 23, 1874. She was born Mar- 
6, 1852. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Alice Almeda Za- 
vitz, born Jan. 8, 1876. (VII.) Nettie Olive Zavitz. 
born June 22, 1878. (VII.) Harriet Evelyn Zavitz, 
born Feb. 4, 1881. (VII.) Norman Edgar Zavitz, born 
Apr. 10, 1S83. (VII.) Wesley Elliott Zavitz, born 
Aug. 11, 1885. 

VI. Jonathan Zavitz, born June 12, 1852. 

VI. Magdalena Zavitz, born May 11, 1857. Mrd. 
John Barney, Sept. 10, 1879. Farmer. Dunkards. 

VI. George H. Zavitz, born Apr. 7, 1859; died Oct. 
4, 1863. 

V. Barbara Troup, born — . Mrd. Wm. Johnson. 

IV. Barbara Winger, born Dec. 25, 1800. Mrd. 
Christian Sider, of Bertie Twp., Ont. Farmer. 
Dunkards. Children: Daniel, Susanna, Frances, 
Abraham, Barbara, Jacob, Elizabeth, Annie 

V. Daniel Sider, born — . Mrd. Miriam Storm, — . 
Farmer. Children: (VI.) Keturah. (VI.) Amos. (VI.) 
Salome. (VI.) Isaac. (VI.) Lydia. (VI.) Isa, (VI.) 

V. Susanna Sider, born — . Mrd. George Weidrich, 
Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Frances. (VI.) 
Barbara, (VI.) Catharine. (VI.) Elizabeth. (VI.) An- 
nie. (VI.) Margaret. (VI.) Julia. 

v . Frances Sider, born — . Mrd. Moses Climenhaga, 
— . Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Barbara. 
(VI.) Jacob. (VI.) George. (VI.) Christian. (VI.) An- 
drew. (VI.) Annie. 

V. Abraham Sider, born — . Mrd. Annie Storm. 
Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Ezeriah, dec'd. 
(VI.) John. (VI.) Alfred. (VI.) Margaret, dec'd. 

V. Barbara Sider, born — . Mrd. Joel Storm, — . 
Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Abraham. (VI.) 
John. (VI.) Delilah. (VI.) Titus, dec'd. (VI.) Lydia, 
dec'd. (VI.) Emma. 

V. Jacob C. Sider, born Aug. 1, 1834. Mrd. Annie 
Pickhard, Oct. 12, 1854. She was born May 19, 1834. 

— 476 — 

Farmer. Dumkards. Children: Benjamin, Levi, Sim- 
eon, Mary, Christian. 

VI. Benjamin Sider, born Feb. 5, 1859. Mrd. Rachel 
Harm, Oct. 1, 1879. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: 
(VII.) Sanford Sider, born Mar. 10, 1880. (VII.) Carle- 
ton Sider, born Apr. 12, 1884. (VII.) Charles J. 
Sider, born July 22, 1890. 

VI. Levi Sider, born Aug. 26, 1861. S. 

VI. Simeon Sider, born Sept. 12, 1863. Mrd. Caro- 
line Climenhaga, Sept. 24, 1884. Farmer. Dumkards. 
Children: (VII.) Ada Esther Sider, born July 23, 
1885. (VII.) Alma Estella Sider, born June 4, 1889. 

VI. Mary C. Sider, born Feb. 24, 1867. 

VI. Christiana Sider, born Oct, 10, 1869. Mrd. 
Emanuel Winger, Sept. 12, 1888. Farmer. Dunk- 
ards. One child: (VII.) Alvion Sinclair Winger. 

V. Elizabeth Sider, born—. Mrd. Andrew Sherk, 
(son of Joseph and Mary (Fretz) Sherk. (See Index 
of References No. 152). 

V. Annie Sider, born—. Mrd. Henry Barnhart, — 
Farmer. Dimkards. Children: (VI.) Ida Barnhart, 
born—. Mrd. George Sabine—. (VI.) Emanuel, (VI.) 
Mary, (VI.) Frances, (VI.) Albert. 

IV. Fannie Winger, born — ; died Single. 

IV. Nancy Winger, born—. Mrd. John Troup, 
Dec'd. Children: (V.) Elizabeth Troup, Mrd. John 
Troup. (V.) Annie Winger Troup, Mrd. Joshua 
Johnson. (V.) Esther W. Troup, Mrd. John Knisely. 
(V.) Henrv Troup, mrd.— . (V.) David Troup, mrd— . 
(V.) John Troup, mrd.—. (V.) Mary Troup, mrd. 
John B. Gulp. Live in Elkhart Co., Ind. Children: 
(VI.) Noah Gulp, mrd. Mary Miller. One child. 
(VI.) Elias Gulp, mrd. Ida Heller. Two children. (VI.) 
Albert Gulp, mrd. Barbara Fletcher. (VI.) Lawrence 
Culp. (VI.) Levi Culp. (VI.) Jesse Culp. 

IV. Susanna Winger, born—. Mrd. Abraham Barn- 
hart—. Children: (V.) Mary. (V.) Benjamin. (V.) 
Levi. (V.) Samuel. (V.) Jacob. (V.) Abraham. 

III. Abraham Fretz, born Dec. 10, 1773; died young. 

— 477 — 

III. Kev. Daniel Fretz, born Aug. 3, 1776; died 
Aug. 16, 1861. Mrd. Jemima Sullivan, about 1800. 
Her ancestors came from Scotland. She was born 
Jan. 20, 1780; died Oct. 9, 1810. He lived all his 
life on a small farm of twelve acres adjoining the Old 
Homestead near Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., and 
he and wife were buried on his farm. His principal 
occupation was manufacturing Fanning Mills, Corn 
shellers, and cutting boxes. He was also an under- 
taker. In 1804 he was ordained a minister, and in 
1840, Bishop of the Ger. Baptist ch. Children: 
Esther, John, Daniel, Catharine, Veronica, Samuel. 

IV. Esther Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 
23, 1800; died Oct. 19, 1885. Mrd. Jacob Shoe- 
maker, Oct. 22, 1819. He was born Jan. 15, 1790; 
died Sept. 14, 1833. Children: John, Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Jacob. Esther mrd. for her second husband, 
Rev. David Peiper, Sept. 26, 1839, a minister of the 
U. B. ch. He was born Oct, 21, 1785; died Sept. 20, 
1868. Children: Catharine, Sarah. 

V. John Shoemaker, born Sept. 16, 1820; died Dec. 
20, 1823. 

V. Mary Shoemaker, born Nov. 26, 1822. Mrd. 
Jacob, son of Christian Eby, Nov. 25, 1845. Farmer. 
Mem. IT. B. ch. Children: Henry, Hettie, John, 

VI. Henry Eby, born Apr. 26, 1849. Mrd. Kate 
Peters, Sept. 25, 1870. Farmer. Members U. B. ch. 
Children: (VII.) Lizzie P. Eby, born June 3, 1871. 
(VII.) Edwin P. Eby, born July 15, 1872. (VII.) Ellen 
P. Eby, born Oct. 12, 1875. (VII.) Mary Emma Eby, 
born Apr. 22, 1885. 

VI. Hettie A. Eby, born Sept. 14, 1847. Mem. U. 
B. ch. S. 

VI. John S. Eby, born May 4, 1856. Mrd. Emma 
R, daughter of Emanuel Cassel, Nov. 3, 1880. She 
was bom Feb. 21, 1860. He was formerly teacher, 
now, Mechanical Engineer, in Brandt, and Mannings 
Flour Mill, Mount Joy, Pa. Members U. B. ch. 
One child: (VII.) John Walter Eby, born Apr. 2, 1888. 

VI. Elias S. Ebv, born Nov. 20, 1852. Farmer. Mem. 
U. B. ch. S. 

— 478 — 

V. Elizabeth Shoemaker, born Apr. 6, 1825. Mrd. 
George, son of Christian Eby, Sept. 7, 1848. He was 
born Apr. 17, 1825. Farmer. Members U. B. ch. 
Children: Fannie, Elizabeth, Emma, Ephraim, Chris- 

VI. Fannie Eby, born Mar. 3, 1853. Mrd. Emanuel 
Trout, May 22, 1870. Laborer. Members U. B. ch. 
One child: (VII.) Harry E. Trout, born Nov. 25, 1870. 

VI. Elizabeth Eby, born Oct. 22, 1855. Mrd. Chris- 
tian M. Brenneman, of Rapho Twp., Dec. 11, 1881. 
Children: (VII.) Mary Frances Brenneman, born Oct. 
14, 1885. (VII.) Walter E. Brenneman, born and died 
July 1, 1887. (VII.) Delia E. Brenneman, born Oct. 24, 

VI. Emma Eby, born Oct. 16, 1858; died Dec. 16, 
1876. Mem. U. B. ch. 

VI. Ephraim S. Eby, born Aug. 27, 1861; died Apr. 
6, 1878. 

VI. Christian S. Eby, born Dec. 15, 1863; died Apr. 
5, 1878; (both buried in one grave). 

V. Jacob Shoemaker, born Jan. 15, 1828; died Jan. 
27, 1880. Mrd. Rebecca McQueney, Feb. 13, 1851. 
She was born Nov. 12, 1821. Children: Elizabeth, 
Mary, John. 

VI. Elisabeth Shoemaker, born Nov. 6, 1852. Mrd. 
Jacob B. Shreiner, Dec. 7, 1879. He was born Apr. 
14, 1858. Children: (VII.) Pharis S. Shreiner, born 
Oct. 17, 1880. (VII.) Charles S. Shreiner, born Feb. 
1, 1883. (VII.) Emma S. Shreiner, born June 25, 

VI. Mary Shoemaker, born June 30, 1855; died 
Sept. 1, 1858. 

VI. John M. Shoemaker, born Aug. 21, 1858. Mrd. 
Amanda Ressler, Oct. 31, 1880. She was born May 
10, 1860; died Oct. 9, 1889. 

V. Sarah Peiper, born Dec. 14, 1844. Mrd. Rev. 
George Stoll, Mar. 21, 1878. Minister U. B. ch. 
Children: (VI.) William Stoll, born Mar. 19, 1879; 
died Sept. 18, 1879. (VI.) Daniel Stoll, born Jan. 4, 
1881. (VI.) George Stoll, born Apr. 8, 1882. (VI.) 
Katie Stoll, born Dec. 2, 1884. 

— 479 — 

V. Catharine F. Peiper, born Sept, 14, 1840. Mrd. 
Abraham S. Witmer, in 1871. He was born Nov. 8, 
1844. Children: (VI.) Mary P. Witmer, born Sept. 

3, 1871. (VI.) Emma P. Witmer, born Feb. 15, 1875. 
(VI.) Minnie P. Witmer, born Jan. 1, 1879. (VI.) 
Sarah P. Witmer, born Apr. 21, 1883. (VI.) Katie 
P. Witmer, born Feb. 4, 1888; died Sept. 2, 1888. 

IV. John Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., about 
1803 or 1804; died in the Autumn of 1836. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Klingelkoeffer, of Lancaster Co., Pa., in 
1824. She was born June 14, 1808; died in Stark 
Co., O., Aug. 22, 1875. Carpenter. Mrs. Fretz, 
Ger. Baptist. Children: John, Daniel, Magdalena, 

V. John K. Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., July 

4, 1825. Mrd. Mary Ann Flowers, in 1847. She 
died in Miami Co., O. Children: Louisa, Fianna, 
Franklin, Lizzie, Charles, Theodore, William, Edward. 

VI. Louisa Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Edward Hollopater — . of Darke Co. , O. Farm laborer. 
Methodists. No issue. 

VI. Fianna Fretz, died in childhood. 

VI. Franklin Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Laura Hall, of Miami Co., O. Laborer. Children: 
(VII.) Harry Fretz, decM. (VII.) Madge Fretz. (VII.) 
Charles Fretz, dec'd. (VII.) Myrtle Fretz. 

VI. Lizzie Fretz, born in Miami Co., O. Mrd. 
William Ogle, of Summit Co., O. He died in 111. 
Lizzie mrd. for her second husband, Theodore Mull. 
Laborer. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Charles Fretz, 
born in Miami Co., O. (VI.) Theodore Fretz, born in 
Miami Co., O. (VI.) William Fretz, died. (VI.) Ed- 
ward Fretz, died. 

V. Daniel K. Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Dec. 18, 1829. Mrd. Eliza Ann Royer, in 1850. 
Carpenter. Mem. of New Light eh. They moved to 
Covington, O., in 1851; from thence to Benton Co., 
Iowa. Mr. Fretz served in the war of the Rebellion, 
and some time after his return from the war, he 
went to Kansas, to take up a soldier's claim, and 
build a house upon it, but has never been heard from 
since. Children: (VI.) Angeline Fretz, born in Man- 

— 480 — 

heim, Pa., in 1851. (VI.) Jerome Fretz, born in 1854; 
died—. (VI.) Zippora R. Fretz, born in Iowa, in 

1858. (VI.) Darthula Kity Ann Fretz, born in Iowa 
in 1862. 

V. Magdalena Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
June 2, 1832. Mrd. Philip Vogt, of Marengo, Iowa, 
May 28, 1857. He was born in Germany, June 1, 
1827. Wheelwright. Lutheran. Mrs. Vogt, Chris- 
tian. No issue. 

V. Samuel K. Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Feb. 19, 1837. Mrd. Mary Ann White, of Stark Co., 
O., Oct. 3, 1858. She was born Nov. 6, 1836. In 
Apr., 1851, he went to Ohio. Farmer and Peddler at 
Cuyahoga Falls. Lutheran. Children: Sarah, Darwin, 
Alben, Edward. 

VI. Sarah E. Fretz, born in Stark Co., O., May 12, 

1859. Mrd. William T. Medkeff, Jan. 7, 1882. He 
was born in New Castle, Del., May 18, 1851. La- 
borer. Children: (VII.) Mary Jane Medkeff, born 
Auer. 18, 1882. (VII.) John W. Medkeff, born Mar. 
20, 1881. (VII.) William T. Medkeff, born Nov. 12, 
1885. (VII.) Charles S. Medkeff, born Jan. 19, 1888. 

VI. Darwin W. Fretz, born in Stark Co., O., Oct, 2, 
1861. Mrd. Minnie Charleswood, of Maysville, Ind. , 
Sept. 11, 1886. Carpenter and Brick-layer. Metho- 
dists. No issue. 

VI. Alben V. Fretz, born in Kent, Portage Co., O., 
Feb. 14, 1867. Laborer. Lutheran. 

VI. Edward F. Fretz, born Apr. 20, 1873; died Feb. 
13, 1874. 

IV. Daniel Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 
20, 1805; died Feb. 25,1881. Mrd. Margaret Greiner, 
of Lancaster Co., in 1833. She was born Oct. 14, 
1813; died Jan. 31, 1880. Manufacturer of Fanning 
Mills, and Undertaker. Mem. of "Brinser ch." Chil- 
dren: Aaron, Harriet, Mary. 

V. Aaron G. Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 
12, 1834. Mrd. Mary G. Shearer, of Mount Joy 
Tup., Dec. 24, 1864. She was born Dec. 15, 1837. 
Carpenter and Butcher, at Mount Joy, Pa. Mrs. 
Fretz, Ger. Baptist. One child. (VI.) Mary Alice 
Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 20, 1870. 

— 481 -- 

She received a good education and is by prefession, a 
teacher of music. 
V. Harriet Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Dec. 

18, 1836. Mrd. Isaac S. Longenecker. (See Index of 
References No. 153). 

V. Mary Elizabeth Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., 
Pa., Apr. 1, 1847. Mrd. Jacob M. Keener, of Rapho 
Twp., Nov. 30, 1865. He was born Nov. 10, 1841. 
Farmer. Children: Emma, Clayton, Maggie. 

VI. Emma Agnes Keener, born Jan. 31, 1867. Mrd. 
Samuel Shelly^ of Lancaster, Co., Dec. 19, 1889. (VI.) 
Clayton F. Keener, born Aug. 27, 1871. (VI.) Mag- 
gie F. Keener, born Aug. 27, 1881. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Apr. 14, 1808; died June 18, 1873. Mrd. Ulrich 
Lehman — . He was born Sept. 25, 1799; died Mar. 

19, 1854. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Fannie, Samuel, Hettie, John, Daniel, Susan, 
Rebecca, Abraham. 

V. Elizabeth Lehman, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Mar. 5, 1828; died Jan. 27, 1889. 

V. Fannie Lehman, born July 21, 4831; died Apr. 
28, 1847. 

V. Samuel Lehman, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Apr. 27, 1834. Mrd. Margaret Hull, in 1862. She 
was born Mar. 21, 1840. Cigar maker. Children: 
Emma, Samuel. 

VI. Emma Lehman, born Jan. 13; 1863. She had a 
son: (VII.) Harry J. Summy, born Jan. 7, 1885. 
Emma mrd. Christian Hoover. 

VI. Samuel H. Lehman, born May 19, 1871. 

V. Hettie Lehman, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 
8, 1837. 

V. John Lehman, born Apr. 26, 1840; died Dec. 19, 

V. Daniel Lehman, born Oct. 24, 1842; died Dec. 
18, 1883. 

V. Susan Lehman, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 
23,1845. She had a son: (VI.) Nathaniel Etnier. born 
Dec. 16, 1866. Mrd. a Miss Mumaw, 1889. 

V. Rebecca Lehman, born Aug. 31, 1847. 

V. Abraham Lehman, born Jan. 12, 1850. 

— 482 — 

IV. Veronica Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Sept. 13, 1810. Mrd. Henry Dourte, Jan. 28, 1845. 
He was born Jan. 1, 1818. He came from "Pracht 
near Marburg, in Prussia, Germany." Shoemaker. 
Lutheran. She is mem. of Riv. Breth. ch. Children: 
Daniel, Harriet, Elizabeth, John, Annie. 

V. Daniel Dourte, born Jan. 11, 1846; died Jan. 26, 

V. Harriet Dourte, born Dec. 21, 1847. Mrd. Eman- 
uel F. Ruhl, Nov. 3, 1867. Farmer. U. B. ch. One 
child: (VI.) Anna D. Ruhl, born Oct. 29, 1868. Mrd. 
Joseph Brandt in 1888. 

V. Elizabeth Dourte, born Aug. 11, 1850; died Aug. 
8 1853. 

"v. John Dourte, born Feb. 24, 1853. Mrd. Harriet 
W. Sharp, Aug. 12, 1877. She was born Jam 7, 
1859. Mem. of Riv. Breth. ch. Children: (VI.) Mon- 
roe S. Dourte, born Dec. 5, 1878. (VI.) Henry S. 
Dourte, born June 3, 1879. (VI.) Susan S. Dourte, 
born Apr. 17, 1881. (VI.) Emma S. Dourte, born 
Nov. 20, 1885. 

V. Annie Dourte, born Aug. 19, 1855. Mrd. Henry 
B. Shearer — . He was born Mar. 17, 1851. Dealer in 
building stone at Mount Hope, Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Children: (VI.) Olive Shearer, born Dec. 27, 1873; 
died Dec. — , 1873. (VI.) John Shearer, born June 17, 
1875; died Sept. 30, 1875. (VI.) Elmer Shearer, born 
July 14, 1879. (VI.) Francis Shearer, born Mar. 31, 
1881; died Sept. 15, 1881. (VI.) Albert Shearer, born 
May 31, 1882; died July 17, 1882. (VI.) Ralandis 
Shearer, born Apr. 30, 1885; died May 11, 1885. (VI.) 
William Shearer, born Aug. 17, 1887; died Sept. 4, 
1887. (VII) Clinton Shearer, born Aug. 29, 1888; died 
Jan. 16, 1889. 

IV. Samuel Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 
1817; died, aged about 71 yrs. Mrd. Fannie Hershey 
— . She was born Feb. 1, 1839. Carpenter. Children: 
Selena, Isaac, Annie. 

V. Selena H. Fretz, born Aug. 27, 1855; died in 
1889. Mrd. Henry G. Heisey, Sept. 1, 1874. He was 
born Aug. 16, 1850. Farmer in Lancaster Co. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Alice F. Heisey, born Feb. 15, 1876. (VI.) 

— 483 — 

John Francis Heisey, born Apr. 3, 1878. (VII) Har- 
vey F. Heisey, born May 20, 1880. (VI.) Phares F. 
Heisey, born Jan. 22, 1883. (VI.) Harry F. Heisey, 
born May 5, 1886. 

V. Isaac Fretz, born Aug. 10, 1859. 

V. Annie Maria Fretz, born May 16, 1860. Mrd. 
Samuel F. Leisey, June 8, 1878. He was born Aug. 
24, 1854. Farmer in Lebanon Co., Pa. Children: 
(VI.) Alvin F. Leisev, born Feb. 16, 1880; died Apr. 
3, 1886. (VI.) Harvey F. Leisey, born June 10, 1881. 
(VI.) Nora F. Leisev" born May 3, 1883; died Apr. 
7, 1886. (VI.) Sevilla F. Leisey, born Sept. 14, 1885. 
(VI.) Cora F. Leisey, born Apr. 11, 1887. (VI.) Ben- 
jamin F. Leisey, born Oct, 21, 1888; died Oct. 3, 1889. 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Pennsylvania, June 3, 1779; 
died Jan. 25; 1850. Mrd. Barbara Sherk— . She died 
Jan. 11, 1839. In 1800 Jacob went with his parents 
to Canada, riding a bay horse of his own. It was not 
his intention to remain in Canada, but only to ac- 
eompany his parent there, see the place, and return 
to Pennsylvanian. But while assisting in building a 
log house for his parents, he had the misfortune to 
break his leg, while felling a tree; and which not 
having been properly set, made him a cripple. After 
he was able to be about again, while assisting at some 
work he cut his other leg, and became lame in that 
also. Thus doubly crippled, he concluded to remain 
in Canada. During the war of 1812, he and his team 
were pressed into the army to move stores and ammu- 
nition. He also took quite an active part in politics. 
Farmer, and wheelwright, and mem. of the Monno- 
nite ch. Children: John, Samuel, Jemima, Frances, 
Magdalena, Barbara, Elizabeth, — , Catharine, Mary. 

IV!T John Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont., Sept. 
13, 1802; died — . Mrd. Catharine, daughter of Rev. 
George Zavitz (a Mennonite Minister), Apr. 11, 1826. 
She was born Sept. 25, 1805; died Jan. 12, 1832. His 
education was limited, having spent but six months 
at school, three in a German and three in an English 
school. He however read and wrote well in both 
languages. He was a good singer, and led the sing- 

— 484 — 

ing in his father-in-law's meetings. He was a dutiful 
son, a kind neighbor, a loving husband and parent, 
and enjoyed the confidence and respect of all who 
knew him. He was a wheelwright by trade, and a 
mem. of the Dunkard ch.. Children: Samuel, Jemima, 
Susanna. For his second wife he mrd. Prudence 
Sarah, daughter of William and Susanna (Crawford) 
Pound, Mar. 23, 1847. She was born Nov. 27, 1816. 
She is mem. of the Quaker ch. Children: Jacob, 
William, Catharine. 

V. Samuel Fretz, born Jan. 12, 1827; died Apr. 8, 

V. Jemima Fretz, born Mar. 14, 1829. Mrd. Benja- 
min Sutton, July 8, 1851. He was born May 29, 
1822; died Jan. 2, 1890. Farmer. Methodists. "Chil- 
dren: Alanson, EUzabeth, Emma, Amanda. 

VI. Alanson John Sutton, born July 16, 1853. Mrd. 
Saloma Leidy, Feb. 14, 1876. Farmer. Methodists. 
Children: (VII.) William Omer Sutton, born Dec. 2, 
1877. (VII.) Maud Isabella Sutton, born June 18, 
1879. (VII.) Bertha Edith Sutton, born May 24, 1881. 
(VII.) Warren Peter Sutton, born Apr. 25, 1883. 
(VII.) Vesta Emma Frances Sutton, born Jan. 7, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Sutton, born July 7, 1857; died Apr. 
6, 1883. S. 

VI. Emma Sutton, born Feb. 23, 1863. Mrd. Wil- 
son Morningstar — . Miller. She is Methodist. One 
child. (VII.)"Norah Emma Morningstar, born July 23, 

VI. Amanda Sutton, born Aug. 3, 1869. Methodist. S. 

V. Susanna Fretz, born Sept 7, 1830. Mrd. Peter 
Sutton — . Farmer near Niagara Falls. Methodists. 
One child, died young. 

V. Jacob Fretz, born June 9, 1849. Mrd. Sarah 
Catharine Brown, May 7, 1878. She was born Aug. 

9, 1855. Farmer at Fenwick, Ont. Children: (VI.) 
Edie Elizabeth Fretz, born Nov. 20, 1881. (VI.) John 
Erie Fretz, born Jan. 3, 1887. 

V. William Fretz, born June 10, 1852; died June 

10, 1868. 

V. Catharine Fretz, born Apr. 4, 1858. S. 

— 485 — 

IV. Samuel Fretz, born Nov. 27, 1805; died Dec. 22, 

IV. Jemima Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont., May 
22, 1807. Mrd. John Reamond — . He was born in 
1803; died Mar. 9, 1873. Wheelwright. Mennonite. 
Children: Samuel, Jacob, John, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Magdalena, Abraham, Barbara, Fannie, Benjamin, 

V. Samuel Reamond, born Oct. 5, 1827; died Apr. 
9, 1882. Mrd. Frances Grove in 1851. Blacksmith. 
Children: Esther, Isaac, Abraham, Barbara, Annie, 
Fannie, Elizabeth, Emma, Joseph, Lyona, Ada. 

VI. Esther Reamond, born Feb. 2, 1855; died Mar. 
9, 1857. 

VI. Isaac Reamond, born Aug. 24, 1856. Mrd. Mary 
R. Reesor, Jan. 6. 1881. Farmer. One child: (VII.) 
Martha Elmina Reamond, born June 26, 1883. 

VI. Abraham Reamond, born Nov. 10, 1858. Mrd. 
— Reamor — . No issue. 

VI. Magdalena Reamond, born Oct, 7, 1860; died 
Jan. 26, 1864. 

VI. Barbara Reamond, born May 10, 1862. Mrd. 
Tillman J. Ramer— . One child: (VII.) Freddie Ramer. 

VI. Annie Reamond, born Sept. 26, 1864. S. 

VI. Frances Reamond, born Aug. 28, 1866. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Reamond, born May 12, 1868. Mrd.— 

VI. Lyona Reamond, born July 24, 1870; died Aug. 
28, 1870. 

VI. Emma Reamond, born Nov. 15, 1872. S. 

VI. Joseph Reamond, born Mar. 24, 1874. S. 

VI. Ada Reamond, born Oct, 16, 1878. S. 

V. Jacob Reamond, born 1829. Mrd. Agnes Mc- 
Kenzie— . She died— . Mrd. for his second wife, — 
R. R. Engineer. Children: John, James, Jemima, 
Annie, Charles, Lyona. 

VI. John Reamond, mrd.— . Children: (VII.) Mar- 
shall. (VII.) Levina. (VII.) Alice. (VII.) Walter. (VII.) 
Charles, dec'd. 

VI. James Reamond. (VI.) Jemima Reamond, Mrd. 
Henrv Johnson. No issue. (VI.) Annie Reamond, 

— 486 — 

mrd. — . Oue child. (VI.) Charles Reamond, mrd. — . 
No issue. (VI.) Lyona Eeamond, mrd. — . 

V. John Reamond, born in 1831; died—. Mrd. Ellen 
Sanders — . She died — . Blacksmith. Christians. 
Children: Eliza, William, Hannah, Lucinda. 

VI. Eliza Reamond, Mrd. Amos Stover. Miller. 
Two children. 

VI. William Reamond. Mrd. — Burkholder. They 
have three Children. 
VI. Hannah, (VI.) Lucinda; both single. 

V. Elizabeth Reamond. born in 1833. Mrd. Samuel 
Grove, Aug. 5, 1850. He was born Feb. 9, 1829. 
Farmer in Tuscola Co., Mich. Mennonites. Children: 
Regina, Jemima, Abraham, Sarah, Thomas. 

VI. Regina Grove, born Mar. 14, 1853. Mrd. George 
Shane,—. Laborer. Mennonite. Children: (VII.) 
Mary. (VII.) Jacob. (VII.) Margaret. 

VI. Jemima Grove, born Mar. 10, 1855. Mrd. 
Joseph Rodrich, — . Farmer. Methodists. Children: 
(VII.) Arthur. (VII.) Nelson. (VII.) Samuel. (VII.) 
Robert. (VII.) Sarah. (VII.) Lvman. (VII.) Annie. 

VI. Abraham Grove, boiV Dec. 16, 1859. Mrd. 
Susanna Bechtel, Oct. 28, 1884. Laborer. Mrs. 
Grove, Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Noah. (VII.) 
Abraham. (VII.) Levina. 

VI. Sarah Ann Grove, born Apr. 26, 1871. Mrd. 
George Babcock, Sept, 26, 1887. Farmer. Method- 
ists. "One child: (VII.) George Babcock. 

VI. Thomas Grove, born June 15, 1863. Farmer. S. 

V. Mary Reamond, born Mar., 1836. Mrd. Jacob 
Pipher. He died in 1864. Farmer. New Mennonites. 
Children: Susanna, Margaret, Mary, Jessie, Sylves- 
ter. Isaac. 

VI. Susanna C. Pipher, born Jan. 31, 1854. Mrd. 
Noah Miller, Nov. 22, 1875. Farm laborer at Blaine, 
Mich. Children: (VII.) John Wesley Miller, born Feb. 
15, 1876. (VII.) Lilly May Miller, born Dec. 22, 1877. 
(VII.) Mary Jane Miller, born Dee. 2:.. 1879. (VII.) 
Joseph Miller, born Oct. 9, 1882. (VII.) Margaret 
Ann Miller, born Feb. 16, 1884. (VII.) Lefronia 
Miller, born Sept. 11, 1887. (VII.) Rufus Miller, born 
Dec. 19, 1889. 

— 487 — 

VI. Margaret Pipher. Mrd. — McMullen. Children: 
(VII.) Jacob. (VII.) Theophilus. (VII.) Robert. 

VI. Mary Ann Pipher. (VI.) Jessie Pipher. (VI.) 
Sylvester Pipher. & (VI.) Isaac Pipher, born Mar. 
20, 1860. Mrd. Ella Wismer, Dec. 3, 1890. Farmer 
in Mich. Mem. of Latter Day Saints. 

V. Magdalena Reamond, born in 1837. Mrd. Thomas 
Hater. Laborer. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Malinda, 
(VI.) Francis; both single. 

V. Barbara Reamond, born in 1842; died Mar. 4, 

V. Abraham Reamond, born in 1840. S. 

V. Fannie Reamond, born 1844. Mrd. Alfred Toaz. 
Farmer in Canada. Methodists. One child: (VI.) 
Esther Toaz. 

V. Benjamin Reamond, born in 1847. S. 

V. Daniel Reamond, born 1851. Mrd. Lizzie Boyer. 
Farmer in Tuscola Co., Mich. Children: (VI.) William. 
(VI.) Ervin. (VI.) Vina. 

IV. Frances Fretz. born July 20, 1812; died Nov. 24, 
1878. Mrd. John Liedy, Jan. 15, 1833. He was born 
Apr. 5, 1812; died Sept, 2, 1885. Mennonites. Chil- 
dren: Elias, Sarah, Jacob, David, Magdalena, Eliza, 
Barbara, Samuel, George, John, Salome. 

V. Elias Fretz Liedy, born Feb. 23, 1834; died Mar. 
25, 1886. Mrd. Esther Priscilla Morningstar, Nov. 
29, 1859. She died Mar. 5, 1875. Carpenter. Mrs. 
Liedy, New Mennonite. Children: Mathias, Frances, 
Elias.— Elias mrd. second wife, Maria McHenry, 
Mar. 23, 1876. She is Methodist. One child: Esther. 

VI. Mathias Ralph Liedy, born Oct. 17, 1860. Mrd. 
Minnie M. M. Henderson, Mar. 26, 1890. Carpenter. 

VI. Frances Ann Liedy, born Feb. 17, 1863. Meth- 
odist, S. 

VI. Elias Fletcher Liedy, born Sept, 14, 1868. Jew- 
eler in Buffalo, N. Y. 

VI. Esther Irene Winifred Liedy, born Sept. 23, 1880. 

V. Sarah Frances Liedy, born Oct. 6, 1835; died 
May 30, 1863. Mrd. Elias Morningstar, Feb. 27, 
1856. He died July 10, 1863. Farmer, Children: 
Cordelia, James, John, Ronan. 

— 48S — 

VI. Cordelia Morningstar, born Jan. 31, 1857. Mrd. 
Alfred Augustine, son of Rev. Geo. and Barbara 
(Miner) Augustine. Stone cutter. They have seven 

VI. James T. Morningstar, born Oct, 31, 1858. 

VI. JohnB. Morningstar. born Dec. 20, 1860. Mrd.— 

VI. Eonan Wesley Morningstar, born Apr. 29, 1863. 

V. Jacob Liedy, born Aug. 16, 1837. Mrd. Clarinda 
Augustine, in Oct., 1862. She was born Jan. 18, 
1819. Retired farmer. Resides in Buffalo. New 
Mennonites. Children: (VI.) George Wesley Liedy, 
born July 26, 1863. (VI.) Mathew Hubert Liedv, 
born Sept, 23, 1866. (VI.) John Edwin Liedy. born Feb. 
17, 1869. (VI.) Frances Antoinetta Liedy, born Mar. 
13, 1871. (VI.) Martha Adelaide Liedy, born Apr. 
11, 1873. (VI.) Ida Clarinda Liedy. born Aug. 31, 
1875. (VI.) Susanna Maria Liedy, born Apr. 7, 1878. 
(VI.) Jacob Allen Liedy, born Apr. 11, 1883. (VI.) 
Emily Alice Liedy. born Apr. 11, 1885. 

V. David Liedy, born June 23, 1839. Mrd. Jane 
Elizabeth Augustine, Feb. 3, 1863. She was born 
July 5, 1816. Farmer. New Mennonites. Children: 
(VI.) Mary Angeletta Liedv, born Feb. 26, 1861. 
Mrd. Bion Jacobs, of Bradford, Pa., July 9, 1887. 
Boiler-maker. Baptists. (VI.) GadaraDuadeskia Liedy, 
born Aug. 23, 1867. (VI.) Martha Esther Liedy, born 
Oct, 13, 1870. (VI.) Joseph David Liedy, born July 
17, 1875. (VI.) Adria Adell Liedy, born May 13, 

L879. (VI.) Gertrude Ethalinda Jane Liedy, born Oct. 
5, 1885; died Aug. 5,. 1886. (VI.) Areeta Hortcnche 
Liedy, born Sept 11, 1889. 

V. Magdalena Liedy, born Nov. 11, 1S11; died Apr. 
13, 1812. 

V. Eliza Liedv, born Dec. 23, 1812; died Dec. 25, 

V. Barbara Liedv, born Aug. 23, 1811; died July 
26, 1815. 

V. Samuel Liedy, born June 7, 1816. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Rev. Geo. and Barbara (Miner) 
Augustine, Aug. 31, 1868. She was born July 26, 
1850. Farmer." Dunkards. Children: (VI.) George 

- 489 - 

Frank Liedy, born May 23, 1872. (VI.) Harvey Nelles 
Liedy, born July 20, 1874. (VI.) Scotl Dasey Alfred 
Liedy, born Aug. 15, 1876. (VI.) Samuel Norris 
Liedy, born June"!, 1880. (VI.) Charles Anton Liedy, 
born Oct. 13, 1882. 

V. George Liedy, born May 5, 1850. Baptist, S. 

V. John Wesley Liedy, born Aug. 6, 1853; died 
Feb. 21, 1854. 

V. Salome Liedy, born June 6, 1855. Mrd. Alanson 
John Sutton. (See Index of References No. 154). 

IV. Magdalena Fretz, born Apr. 24, 1814; died Dec. 
28, 1867. Mrd. Jacob Earner, of Markham, York 
Co., Ont. Farmer. Mennonites. No issue. 

IV. Barbara Fretz, born Mar. 17, 1816; died single, 
May 27, 1849. -Mennonite. 

IV.* Elizabeth Fretz, born Mar. 12, 1819; died Apr. 
13, 1863. Mrd. Abraham Grove, in 1850. He was 
born July 8, 1805; died Aug. 1, 1864. Farmer. Men- 
nonite. Children: John, David, Daniel. 

V. John Grove, born Nov. 5, 1851. Mrd. Margaret 
Earner, Oct. 14, 1875. Farmer. United Mennonite 
ch. No issue. 

V. David Grove, born Dec. 29, 1855. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Hiteshue, Oct. 27, 1881. She was born in Car- 
roll Co., Md., July 19, 1859. Farmer. Christian. 
Children: (VI.) William A. Grove, born Jan. 13, 1883. 
(VI.) Ina Grove, born May 17, 1884. 

V. Daniel Grove, born July 11, 1858. Mrd. Mary 
Ann Sanders, Feb. 11, 1879. She was born Feb. 11, 
1858. Laborer. Christians. 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born May 2, 1821; died Jan. 3, 

IV. Mary Fretz, born July 25, 1823. Mrd. James 
Van Cronk, of Michigan. He died— . Farmer. Chil- 
dren: (V.) Amelia Van Cronk, mrd.—. (V.) Sidney 
Van Cronk, mrd.—. (V.) George Van Cronk, died 
young. (V.) Effie May Van Cronk, mrd.—. Mary 
mrd. for her second husband, — Jaycox — . Reside in 
Middle ville, Barry Co., Mich. Methodists. 

III. Peter Fretz, born Feb. 28, 1781, in Lancastcr 
Co., Pa.; died Oct. 31, 1864. Mrd. Mary Zavitz,— . 

— 4-90 — 

She was bom Sept. 16, 1783; died Sept. 23, 1863. 
They moved to Canada in 1800, and settled in Wel- 
land Co., Twp. of Bertie, where they died. Farmer. 
Dunkards. Children: Elizabeth, Daniel, Maria, 
Esther, Solomon, Jonas. 

IV. Elizabeth Fretz, born Nov. 21, 1805. Mrd. John 
Damude, of Thorold Twp. He was born Oct. 11, 
1800; died Feb. 11, 1868. Farmer. Dunkard. Chil- 
dren: Mary, Lydia, Rebecca, Margaret, Peter, Eliza- 
beth, John, Solomon, Priscilla, Daniel, Catharine. 

V. Mary Ann Damude, born Sept. 3, 1825. Mrd. 
Peter H. Bouck, Apr. 21, 1815. Farmer. Christians. 
Children: Martha, John, Simon, Tryphena, Eliza- 
beth, Julia, Priscilla, Mary, Christiana, Jesse, Lydia, 

VI. Martha M. Bouck, born Sept. 25, 1816. Mrd. 
William Platts, Nov. 19, 1866. Farmer. Christian. 
Children: (VII.) Ernest A. Platts, born Feb. 7, 1871. 
(VII.) Willie R. Platts, born Oct. 8, 1876. 

VI. John D. Bouck, born Jan. 15, 1818. Mrd. Leti- 
tia Furgeson, May 1, 1875. Farmer in Ontario. 
Christians. One child: (VII.) Emery Bouck, born 
Feb. 7, 1883. 

VI. Simon P. Bouck, born Mar. 20, 1819. Mrd. 
Mary Overholt, Nov. 16. 1875. P. O. Fonthill, Ont. 
Children: (VII.) Maggie Bouck, born May 15, 1882. 
(VII.) Every Bouck," born June. L885. (Vll.) Ernest 
Bouck, born Jan. 26, 1889. 

VI. Tryphena A. Bouck. born Jane 1, 1851. Mrd. 
David Ball, Jan. 31, 1882. Farmer. Christians. One 
child: (Vll.) Ettie Ball, born Sept. 15, 1887. 

VI. Elizabeth A. Bouck, born July 28, 1852. Mrd. 
William Read, Dec. 28, 1875. Fruit-grower in Ont. 
Christians. One child: (VII.) Louisa M. E. Read, 
born Mar. 21, 1881. 

VI. Julia A. Bouck, born Oct. 18, 1853. S. 

VI. Priscilla J. Bouck, born Mar. 12, 1855. S. 

VI. Mary C. Bouck, born Dec. 10, 1857. Mrd. Al- 
bert Railton, Nov. 9, 1886. Fruit-grower in Ont. 

VI. Christiana Bouck, born June 5, 1859; died Oct. 
27. 1862. 

— 491 — 

VI. Jesse F. Bouck, born Sept, 24, 1860. Mrd. Amy 
Kara, Sept. 16, 1890. Farmer. Christians. 

VI. Lydia E. Bouck, born May 13, 1862. S. 

VI. Reuben A. Bouck, born Mar. 24, 1865; died 
Nov. 15, 1867. 

V. Lydia Damude, born Oct. 10, 1826. Mrd. William 
Willson, Dec. 27. 1853. Farmers. Children: (VI.) 
Esther Willson, mrd. Isaiah Hansler. (VI.) Catharine 
Willson, mrd. John Haaslip. (VI.) Melissa Willson, 
mrd. Jacob Upper. (VI.) John Willson, S. (VI.) One, 
died young. 

V. Rebecca Damude, born July 20, 1828. Mrd. Wil- 
liam Carl, Apr. 25, 1849. He died—. Farmer, and 
Machinist. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Margaret. 
(VI.) Gilbert. (VI.) Milo. (VI.) Augusta. (VI.) Lydia. 
(VI.) Minnie. 

V. Margaret Damude, born Nov. 2, 1829; died Dec. 
25, 1834r „ , tl 

V. Peter H. Damude, born May 19, 1831. Mrd. Al- 
rnira McCoppen, Oct. 17, 1855. Farmer. Christians. 
Children: Melinda, John, Elizabeth, Sylvester, Peter, 
Daniel, Myles, Emize, Elmira, Frank. 

VI. Melinda M. Damude, born Feb. 7, 1858. Mrd. 
Charles McClelan, Sept. 28, 1880. Farmer. She is 
mem. of Christian ch. Children: (VII.) Jennie M. 
McClelan, born Nov. 3, 1884. (VII.) Stella M. Mc- 
Clelan, born Mar. 24, 1887. (VII.) Arthur H. McCle- 
lan, born June 18, 1889. ■. 

VI. John A. Damude, born July 31, 1859; died 
young. (VI.) Elizabeth C. Damude, born Aug. 15, 
I860.' Mrd. Jacob Jenter, Feb. 16, 1887. Farmer. 
ChriLtians. (VI.) Sylvester B. Damude, born Jan. 8, 
1863; died, 1867.. (VI.) Peter H. Damude, born Dec. 
11, 1866. (VI.) Daniel Damude, born May 7, 1868. 
(VI.) Myles E. Damude, born May 6, 1871. (VI.) 
Emize Guilford Damude, born May 1, 1873. (VI.) El- 
mira Maud Damude, born May 3, 1875. (VI.) Frank 
A. Damude, born Feb. 15, 1878. 

V. Elizabeth Damude, born Aug. 25, 1832; died 
Dec. 3, 1834. „ , . 

V. John J. Damude, born Aug. 1, 1834. Mrd. An- 
nie M. Miller, Oct. 1, 1861. Farmer. Baptists. He 

— 402 — 

has been Reeve, of Thorold Twp., Ont. Children: 
(VI.) Jessie J. Damude, born July 24, 1865. (VI.) Ar- 
chie M. Damude, born Nov. 16, 1867. (VI.) Annie M. 
Damude, born Nov. 12, 1869; died July 10, 1881. 
(VI.) Ella E. Damude, born Jan. 7, 1873. 
V. Solomon Damude, born Mar. 1, 1836. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Wilkerson, Oct. 2, 1861. He is in the timber 
business, has also been Reeve, of Thorold Twp., Ont. 
Presbyterians. Children: (VI.) Emma E. (VI.) Fred, 
dec'd. (VI.) Reeta. (VI.) Adelaide. 

V. Priscilla Damude, born Jan. 11, 1838. Mrd. 
John Zavitz, Nov. 20, 1860. Farmer at Brookfield, 
Ont. Children: Alice, John, Lewis, Mary. 

VI. Alice Zavitz, born — . Mrd. Abner Segar — . 
Station Agt. and Operator at Welland, Ont. One 

V. Daniel Fretz Damude, born July 21, 1840. Mrd. 
Mary S. Miller—. Farmer. Children: (VI.) Augusta 
H. Damude, born Dec. 8, 1873; died Mar. 16, 1881. 
(VI.) Florence M. Damude, born Apr. 25, 1877. (VI.) 
Arthur D. Damude, born Nov. 18, 1883. 

V. Catharine L. Damude, born Oct. 30, 1844; died 
Jan. 20, 1847. 

IV. Daniel Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont., Dec. 
30, 1806. Mrd. Margaret Harris, Oct, 18, 1831. She 
died Sept. 13, 1872." Farmer. Dunkards, of which 
he is Deacon. Children: John, Peter, Nancy, Abra- 
ham, Christiana, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Lydia. 

V. John Fretz, born Jan. 25, 1833. Mrd. Christiana 
Michael. Resides in Iowa. Children: (VI.) Harris A. 
Fretz, born Sept., 1856. Mrd.—. Operator at—. 
(VI.) Israel Fretz, born Oct. 19, 1859. Mrd.—. 

V. Peter D. Fretz, born May 7, 1834. Mrd. Chris- 
tiana Haun, Oct. 28, 1856. She was born Oct. 9, 
1835. Farmer, and Veterinary Surgeon. Dunkards. 
Children: Samantha, Esther, Emanuel, Margaret, 
Nelson, Daniel, Joseph, Mary, Eric, Edith, Peter. 

VI. Samantha Fretz, born Aug. 11, 1857. Mrd. 
James R. Huffman, Nov. 5, 1878. Farmer. Children: 
(VII.) Edgar Huffman, born Oct., 1879, (VII.) Elsie 
Huffman, born Sept., 1881. (VII.) Jesse Huffman, 
born Dec, 1883. (VII.) Effel Huffman, born Dec, 

— 493 — 

1885. (VII.) Arnold Huffman, born May, 1889; died 
Jan. 1, 1890. „ t ^ 

VI. Esther Fretz, born Dec. 17, 1859. (VI.) Emanuel 
Fretz, born July 11, 1862. (VI.) Margaret Fretz, 
born Feb. 16, 1865; died Oct. 19, 1872. (VI.) Nelson 
Fretz, born Sept. 3, 1867. (VI.) Daniel Fretz. born 
Mar. 21, 1870. (VI.) Joseph J. Fretz, born June 4, 
1872. (VI.) Mary E. Fretz, born Dec. 22, 1874. (VI.) 
Eric Fretz, born May 25, 1S77. (VI.) Edith Fretz, 
born Mar. 4, 1880. (VI.) Peter Fretz, born Feb. 22, 

V. "Nancy Fretz, born Sept. 9, 1835. Mrd. David 
Anger, Mar. 28, 1854. He was born Apr. 13, 1828. 
Blacksmith, at Stevcnsville, Ont. Dunkards. Chil- 
dren: Maggie, Christiana, Mary, Christopher, Cla- 
rissa, Lydia, Joseph, John, Roxena. 

VI. Maggie Anger, born Jan. 27, 1855. Mrd. David 
Sherk. Farmer. One child: (VII.) Bertie Sherk. 

VI. Christiana Wealthy Anger, born Apr. 23, 1857. 
Mrd. John Miller, Feb. 14, 1883. Baptists. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Winnie May, (VII.) Maggie Belle. 

VI. Mary Anger, born Feb. 10, 1861. Mrd. Solomon 
Winger, Dec. 3, 1878. Children: (VII.) Vida. (VII.) 
DessTe Melissa. (VII.) Sarah. (VII.) Bertie. (VII.) 
Christopher. _, . 

VI. Christopher Anger, born Feb. 7, 1863. Mrd. 
Myra Huffman, Oct. 21, 1890. Laborer. Mrs. Anger, 
member of the English church. 

VI. Clarissa Anger (Twin to Christopher), born Feb. 
7 1863. Mrd. Henry Weaver, Nov. 22, 1880. Printer. 
Children: (VII.) Ella Weaver, born Mar. 12, 1883. 
(VII.) Blake Weaver, born May 3, 1885. (VII.) Nina 
Weaver, born Feb. 3, 1889. 
VI. Lydia Alice Anger, born Dec. 2, 1866. Mrd. 
Wm Sherk, Mar. 28, 1889. Farmer. One child: 
(VII.) Franklin Sherk, born Mar. 6, 1890. 
VI. Joseph Anger, born June 16, 1868; died Sept. 
12, 1872. 
VI. John Harding Anger, born Dec. 11, 1872. 
VI. Roxena Anger, born Apr. 18, 1877. 
V. Abraham Fretz, born Mar, 3, 1838; died Jan. 31. 

— 494 — 

V. Christiana Fretz, bom May 31 1842. Mrd. 
Aquilla Beam, Mar. 4, 1862. He was born Sept. 11, 
1841. Farmer. Mrs. Beam, Dunkard. Children: 
Alvyra, Ida, Michael, Peter, Laura, Chester, Maggie, 
Herbert, Nettie, Maria, Aquilla, Frederick, Ethel. 

VI. Alvyra Beam, born Oct. 24, 1862. Mrd. Samuel 
House, Oct. 17, 1888. Carpenter. 

VI. Ida Beam, born Nov. 28, 1863. Mrd. Wm. 
Ackerman, Oct. 17, 1888. Farmer. One child: (VII.) 
Maud Ackerman, born Feb. 1, 1890. 

VI. Michael Beam, born Oct. 2, 1865. (VI.) Peter 
Beam, born Dec. 13, 1867. Mrd. Sarah House, Oct. 
29, 1890. Mason. (VI.) Laura Beam, born Apr. 20, 
1869. (VI.) Chester Beam, born Feb. 8, 1871. (VI.) 
Maggie Beam, born Feb. 11, 1873. (VI.) Herbert Beam, 
born Mar. 8, 1875. (VI.) Nettie Beam, born Mar. 29, 
1877. (VI.) Maria Beam, born Mar. 14, 1879. (VI.) 
Aquilla Beam, born Sept, 17, 1880. (VI.) Frederick 
Beam, born Feb. 3. 1884; died Nov. 1, 1887. (VI.) 
Ethel Beam, born Apr. 26, 1888. 

V. Mary Fretz, born Oct. 3, 1843; died Oct, 20, 

V. Joseph Fretz, born Dec. 19, 1845. Mrd. Esther 
Jane Sherk, Nov. 12, 1867. She was born Mar. 13, 
1848. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Chester 
Fretz, born July 6, 1869. (VI.) Esther Fretz, born 
Oct. 5, 1872. (VI.) Margaret Fretz, born May 14, 
1875. (VI.) Annie Fretz, born Jan. 6, 1879. 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Oct. 31, 1847. Mrd. Jo- 
seph J. iSherk, May 3, 1864. He was born Aug. 24, 
1835. Farmer. Children: John, Daniel, Margaret, 

VI. John Sherk, born May 18, 1865; died Apr. 15, 

VI. Daniel Sherk, born Feb. 5, 1867. Mrd. Minnie 
L. Troup, in 1888. She was born June 20, 1868. 
Farmer. Children: (VII.) Nina Josephine Sherk, born 
Nov. 20, 1888. (VII.) John Hardy Sherk, born May 
18, 1890. 

VI. Margaret Sherk, born Jan. 31, 1869. Mrd. 
Warren A. Learn, Aug. 31, 1887. He was born May 
4,1866. Farmer. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Win- 

— 495 — 

nie Leavn, born June 10, 1888. (VII.) Mary Eliza- 
beth Learn, born Mar. 6, 1890. 

VI. Norman Sherk, born May 20, 1875. 

V. Lydia Fretz, born Nov. 7, 1850. Mrd. Jonas 
Sherk, Sept. 27, 1870. He was born July 11, 1811. 
Farmer. Children: (VI.) Emerson Sherk, born Aug. 
12, 1871. (VI.) Benjamin Sherk, born Oct. 30, 1875. 
(VI.) Margaret Elizabeth Sherk, born Dee. 10, 1881. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont., June 
5, 1809; died Dec. 10, 1888. Mrd. Peter Barnhart. 
He was born Oct. 25, 1805; died Nov. 5, 1866. Far- 
mer. Dunkards. Children: Daniel, Abigal, Esther, 
Benjamin, Solomon, Catharine, Mary, Peter, Eliza- 
beth, Margaret, John, Priscilla, Sarah. 

V. Daniel Barnhart, born Jan. 2, 1829. Mrd. Ma- 
tilda Ward. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: David, 
Mary, Esther, Benjamin, Rachel, Susan, Marilla, 
William, Alberta. 

VI. David Barnhart, mrd. Alberta Barrick. Farmer. 
Mrs. Barnhart, New Mennonite. Children: (VII.) Jes- 
sie, (VII.) Royden. 

VI. Mary Barnhart, mrd. Henry Zimmerman. La- 
borer. They had three children, one living: (VII.) 
Flossie Zimmerman. 

VI. Esther Barnhart, mrd. Jacob Scarlet. Laborer. 
U. B. ch. Children: (VII.) Daniel. (VII.) William. 
(VII.) Royden. 

VI. Benjamin Barnhart, mrd. Mary Reist. Mason. 
Mrs. Barnhart, Dunkard. Children: (VII.) Nettie. 
(VII.) Ira. 

VI. Rachel Barnhart, died — . 

VI. ^usan Barnhart, mrd. Benjamin Laing. Laborer. 
Lutheran. Children: (VII.) William, — . 

VI. Marilla Barnhart, mrd. Robert Drew. Laborer. 
U. B. ch. Children: (VII.) Lulu Drew. 

VI. William Barnhart, S. (VI.) Alberta Barnhart. S. 

V. Abigal Barnhart, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
Aug. 5, 1830. Mrd. David Climenhaga, Oct. 3, 1848. 
He was born Aug. 24, 1826. Farmer. Dunkards. 
Children: Peter, Benjamin, Esther, Susanna, Daniel, 
Elisha, Mary, Sarah, Caroline, Lydia. 

— 496 — 

VI. Peter Martin Climenhaga, born Mar. 7, 1850. 
Mrd. Annie Winger, May 28, 1873. She was born 
Apr. 17, 1851. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VII.) 
Solomon Climenhaga, born Apr. 16, 1874. (VII.) 
Reuben S. Climenhaga, born Jan. 21, 1878. (VII.) Abi- 
gal Climenhaga, born Dec. 22, 1879. (VII.) Ella Ann 
Climenhaga, born Sept. 30, 1882. (VII.) John A. 
Climenhaga, born Apr. 16, 1884. (VII.) Laban Climen- 
haga, born Mar. 7, 1886. (VII.) Asa Climenhaga, born 
July 1, 1889. 

Vl! Benjamin Climenhaga, born Aug. 19, 1851. Mrd. 
Julia Ann Winger, Aug. 1, 1874. She was born Dec. 
8, 1855; died Apr. 25, 1885. Farmer. Dunkards. 
Children: (VII.) Bertha M. Climmenhaga, born Mar. 
3, 1875. (VII.) Emerson Climenhaga, born June 12, 

1876. (VII.) Jesse E. Climenhaga, born May 12, 1878; 
died Dec. 20, 1878. (VII.) Esther Climenhaga, born 
Nov. 19, 1879. (VII.) Infant, born Feb. 8, 1882; died 
unnamed. (VII.) Susanna Climenhaga, born May 16, 
1883. Benjamin, mrd. second wife, Christena Bril- 
linger, of York Co., Ont., Dec. 23,1886. She was 
born Sept. 20, 1830. Dunkard. 

VI. Esther Elizabeth Climenhaga, born Oct. 6, 1853; 
died Dec. 12, 1863. 

VI. Susanna Climenhaga, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
Apr. 7, 1855. Mrd. Abraham Winger, Sept, 11, 

1877. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VII.) James 
Anthony Winger, born Sept., 1878. (VII.) David Ed- 
gar Winger, born Apr., 1880. (VII.) Walter Adam 
Winger, born May, 1883. (VII.) William Winger, 
born Apr., 1886. (VII.) Laban Winger, born—, 1889. 

VI. Daniel Climenhaga, born in Welland Co., Ont,, 
Apr. 28, 1857. Mrd. Mary Ann Steckley, of York 
Co., Ont., Nov. 16, 1880. She was born July 28, 
1855. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: (VII.) Nancy 
Climenhaga, born Jan. 2, 1882. (VII.) Jesse L. Cli- 
menhaga, born Aug. 30, 1883. (VII.) Clara M. Climen- 
haga, born Aug. 12, 1885. (VII.) Ada E. Climenhaga, 
born Jan. 6, 1887. (VII.) Frederick E. Climenhaga, 
born May 17, 1889. 

VI. Elisha Climenhaga, born June 7, 1859; died Feb. 
25, 1868. . 

— 497 — 

VI. Mary Ann Climenhaga, born in Welland Co., 
Ont., Mar. 26, 1862. Mrd. Rev. John Sider. (See In- 
dex of References No. 155). 

VI. Sarah Climenhaga, born Nov. 6, 1861. Mrd. 
John H., son of Rev. Jesse Engle, of Dickinson Co., 
Kan., May 28, 1890. Teacher. Dunkard. 

VI. Caroline Climenhaga, born Nov. 6, 1861. Mrd. 
Simeon Sider. (See Index of References No. 156). 

VI. Lydia Climenhaga, born Sept. 6, 1868. Dunk- 
ard. S. 

V. Esther Barnhart, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
Nov. 27, 1832; died Sept. 11, 1858. Mrd. Martin 
Climenhaga. He was born Dec. 26, 1829; died — . 
Merchant. One child: 

VI. Caroline Climenhaga, born Sept. 13, 1857. Mrd. 
Josiah Winger. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: (VII.) 
Menno. (VII.) Reuben. (VII.) Melvin. (VII.) Enos. 

V. Benjamin Barnhart, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
Oct. 4, 1831. Mrd. Priscilla Haun, Sept. 25, 1860. 
She was born Ap. 12, 1812. Farmer. Dunkard. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Amanda C. Barnhart, born May 12, 1862; 
died Dec. 29, 1863. (VI.) Lafayette Barnhart, born 
Dec. 3, 1863. (VI.) Marva L. Barnhart, born Apr. 12, 
1866. (VI.) Christiana E. Barnhart, born Feb. 6, 1869. 
(VI.) Abigal Barnhart, Feb. 2, 1871. (VI.) Mary A. 
Barnhart, born Oct. 7, 1871. (VI.) Albert Barnhart, 
born Mar. 17, 1879; died same day. (VI.) Jesse Barn- 
hart, born May 19, 1885. 

V. Solomon Barnhart, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
Feb. 15, 1837. Mrd. Frances Widerick. Carpenter. 
Children: (VI.) Lavina, (VI.) Emerson, (VI.) Franklin, 
(VI.) Almira, (VI.) Reuben, (VI.) Wilford, (VI.) Maud. 

V. Catharine Barnhart, born Apr. 8, 1839. Mrd. 
Benjamin Baker, May 1, 1859. He was born Apr. 26, 
1832. Farmer. Mrs. Baker, Dunkard. Children: 
Manuel, Solomon, Amelia, Mary, Esther, Cecelia, 
Peter, Daniel, Theodia. 

VI. Manuel Baker, born Jan. 17, 1860. Mrd. Eva 
Nye, Jan. 25, 1881. Laborer. Mrs. Baker, Dunk- 
ard. Children: (VII.) Edith. (VII.) Alta, (VII.) Maud. 

— 498 — 

i VI. Solomon Baker, born June 8, 1861. Mrd. Dora 
Teal, Apr. 29, 1885. Farmer. Children: (VII.) Clau- 
dia, (VII.) Olive. 

VI. Amelia A. Baker, born July 11, 1864. Mrd. 
Sylvenus Teal, Aug. 17, 1881. Farmer. Children: 
(VII.) Jessie, Dec'd. (VII.) Meredith, (VII.) Oscar. 

VI. Mary Adella Baker, born in Welland Co. Out., 
May 11, 1866. Mrd. Thomas Stickel, Aug. 31, 1882. 
Laborer. Children: (VII.) Lottie. (VI l") Norman. 
(VII.) Chester. (VII.) George. (VII.) Alnora. (VII.) 

VI. Esther E. Baker, born Jan. 15, 1868. Mrd. Mel- 
vin Foreman, Oct. 1, 1890. Farmer. (VI.) Cecelia R. 
Baker, born Dec. 25, 1871. (VI.) Peter Baker, born 
Nov. 28, 1874. (VI.) Daniel Baker, born Sept. 30, 
1876. (VI.) Theodia May Baker, born Sept. 12, 1880. 

V. Mary Ann Barnhart (twin), born in Welland Co., 
Ont., Mar. 8, 1841. Mrd. Martin Sailor. Farmer. 
Mrs. Sailor, Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Mary. (VI.) 
Samuel. (VI.) Sarah, dec'd. 

V. Peter Barnhart (twin), born in Welland Co. , Ont. , 
Mar. 8, 1841. Mrd. Aretta Clark, Aug. 2, 1875. She 
was born Mar. 28, 1852; died Apr. 5, 1880. Farmer. 
Dunkard. One child: (VI.) Walter Barnhart, born 
Oct. 23, 1878. 

V. Elizabeth Barnhart, born Dec. 17, 1843. Mrd. 
Abraham Storm, — . Farmer. Mrs. Storm, Dunkard. 
Children: (VI.) Peter. (VI.) Margaret. (VI.) Annie. 
(VI.) Joel. 

V. Margaret Barnhart, born Oct. 14, 1845. Mrd. 
Jacob Kreiger. Farmer. Mrs. Kreiger, Dunkard. 

V. John Barnhart, born in Welland Co., Ont.. Apr. 
1, 1848. Mrd. Sarah Sider, Dec. 16, 1873. She was 
born Dec. 18, 1851. 

V. Priseilla Barnhart, born July 29, 1850. Mrd. 
Samuel Zimmerman. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: 
(VI.) Solomon. (VI.) Mary. (VI.) Alice. (VI.) Elston. 
(VI.) Sylvenus. (VI.) Orly. (VI.) Benjamin (VI.) In- 

V. Sarah Barnhart (twin), born July 29, 1850. 
Dunkard. S. 

— 499 — 

IV. Esther Fretz, born in Welland Co; , Ont, Dec. 
27, 1814; died Dec. 29, 1882. Mrd. Martin Neff. He 
was born June 2, 1811; died Aug. 29, 1887. Farmer. 
New Mennonite. Children: Solomon, Elizabeth, John, 
Sarah, Reuben, Peter, Mary, Priscilla, Wilson. 

V. Solomon Neff. Mrd. Sarah Ann Dodge. Farmer. 
Children: (VI.) Martha Jane Neff, born—; died—. 
(VI.) Ida May Neff. Mrd. Grant Mitchel. Three 
children. (VI.) George Walter Neff. Mrd. Jennie 
Michael. (VI.) Ellis Neff. S. (VI.) Eltie Neff. Mrd. 
David Furry. Farmer. One child. (VI.) Douglas 
Neff. (VI.) Elisha Wilson Neff. (VI.) Mary Neff, 
died—. (VI.) Elmer Neff. 

V. Elizabeth Neff. Mrd. Darius Beam, — . Laborer. 
Children: (VI.) Juliette Beam. Mrd.—. (VI.) Celinda 
Belle Beam. Mrd. John Miller. (VI.) Sarah Parmilla 
Beam. Mrd. Frank Wells,—. Laborer. Baptists. 
One child. (VI.) Adolphus Beam. S. (VI.) Florence 
Beam. S. (VI.) Esther Beam; died young. 

V. John Jones Neff, born in 1841; died Jan. 5, 1888. 
Mrd. Caroline Doan, Oct., 1867. Farmer. Method- 
ists. Children: (VI.) Esther Elizabeth Neff, born Aug. 
6,1868. Mrd. William Doan. One child: (VII.) George 
Doan. (VI.) Mary Ann Neff, born Sept. 7, 1870. (VI.) 
Reuben Neff, born Jan. 25, 1874; died Mar. 1, 1879. 
Martha Jane Neff, born Nov. 6, 1876. (VI.) Catharine 
A. Neff, born Jan 30, 1879. (VI.) Ellen Neff, born 
June 5, 1881. (VI.) Ezra Neff, born June 10, 1886. 

V. Sarah Ann Neff, born Oct. 19, 1844. Mrd. Mah- 
lon Doan, Nov. 12, 1867. He was born Apr. 14, 1840. 
Farmer. Children: (VI.) Alfred Samuel Doan, born 
Nov. 23, 1868. (VI.) Cyndarilla Doan, born Aug. 10, 
1870. Mrd. Walter S. Learn, Oct., 1890. Farmer. 
(VI.) Malvina Marsaline Doan, born Apr. 2, 1872. 
(VI.) Esther Burdella Doan, born Feb. 27, 1874. (VI.) 
Marsilla Doan, born Jan. 21, 1877. (VI.) Dorman M. 
Doan, born Oct. 2, 1878. (VI.) Theodore Doan, horn 
Sept. 25, 1881. (VI.) Margaret Elizabeth Doan, born 
July 6, 1883. (VI.) Martha Ann Doan, born Oct. 2, 

V. Reuben Neff. Mrd. Nettie Michener,— . Carpen- 
ter. U. B. ch. Eight children. 

— 500 — 

V. Peter Neff. Mrd. Barbara Neace— . Farmer. 
Children: (VI.) Samuel E. (VI.) Esther A. (VI.) Fran- 
ces. (VI.) Norman. (VI.) Beatrice. (VI.) Alfretta. 
(VI.) Jessie. 

V. Mary Mabel Neff. Mrd. John Horning, of Ft. 
Colborne, Ont. Laborer. One child: (VI.) Etta 
May Horning. 

V.' Priscilla Neff. Mrd. Wm. Cudney,— . Laborer. 
One child. (VI.) William Roy Cudney. 

V. Wilson Neff. Mrd. Louisa Mann,—. Farmer. 
Children: (VI.) Almina. (VI.) Avery Neff. 

IV. Solomon Fretz (twin to Esther), born Dec. 27, 
1814. Mrd. Elizabeth Winger, Jan. 30, 1837. She 
was born Oct. 11, 1815; died Mar. 15, 1881. Farmer. 
Dunkards. Children: Esther, Daniel, Elizabeth, Pe- 
ter, Priscilla. 

V. Esther Fretz, born June 21, 1838; died Nov. 13, 

V. Daniel Fretz, born Mar. 8. 1810. Mrd. Julia Si- 
der. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Rosanna, 
dec'd. (VI.) Isaac. (VI.) Samuel. (VI.) Timothy. (VI.) 
Cornelius. (VI.) Martha. (VI.) William, dec'd. (VI.) 

V. Elizabeth Fretz, born Jan. 30, 1812. Mrd. 
Samuel Winger, Sept, 16, 1862; he was born Apr. 4, 
1842. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: Elmer, Solomon, 
Ezra, Priscilla, Eliza,' Franklin, Catharine, Laura, 
Mary, Emerson, Samuel, Frances, Chester. 

VI. "Elmer Winger, born Dec. 16, 1863. Mrd. Re- 
becca Pound, Sept. 24, 1890. Farmer. Dunkard. 

VI. Solomon Peter Winger, born Feb. 21, 1865. S. 

VI. Ezra Winger, born May 19, 1867. S. 

VI. Priscilla Alice Winger, born Dec. 17, 1868. 
Mrd. Godfrey Fox. Carpenter. 

VI. Eliza Jane Winger, born Sept. 7, 1870. Mrd. 
Albert Sbisler. Laborer. One Child: (VII.) Solomon 
Shisler, born Oct, 6. 1889. 

VI. Franklin Winger, born Mar. 6, 1872. (VI.) Laura 
Winger, born Aug. 7, 1873. (VI.) Mary E. Winger, 
born Jan. 4, 1875. (VI.) Catharine M. Winger, born 
May 2, 1876. (VI.) Emerson Winger, born Jan. 31, 
1878. (VI.) Samuel J. Winger, born June 12, 1880; 

— 501 - 

died July 12, 1882. (VI.) Frances [sura Winger, born 
Nov. 12, 1881; died Apr. 26, 1888. (VI.) Chester 
Winger, born Jan. 29, L884. 

V. Peter S. Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont.. Mar. 
6, 1843. Mrd. Susan Kenneday. She was horn Dec. 
17, 1846. Farmer. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Ezra 
Fretz, born Oct. 14, 1865. (VI.) Elmer Fretz, born 
Julv D, 1867. (VI.) Emerson Fret/, born July 28, 
1869. (VI.) Elliott Fretz, born Jan. 28, 1872. (VI.) 
Solomon Fretz, born Dec. 16, 1875. (VI.) Alice Edith 
Fretz, born Mar. 31, 1878. (VI.) James Fretz, born 
May 13. 1880. (VI.) Dora Elizabeth Fretz, born Aug. 
13, 1882. (VI.) Elsie Maud Fretz, born Oct. 16, 1885. 
(VI.) Nellie May Fretz, born Aug. 3, 1887. (VI.) 
Frederick Fretz, born Oct. 7, 1890. 

V. Priscilla Fretz, born in Welland Co. , Ont. , Nov. 
6, 1848. Mrd. Nathaniel Winder. Farmer. Children: 
(VI.) Albert, (VI.) Archie, dee'd. (VI.) Emeline. (VI.) 
Almina, dee'd. (VI.) Mary A. Wallace. (VI.) Elsie M. 

IV. Jonas Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont,, Nov. 
13, 1817. Mrd. Margaret Winger, Apr. 1841. Far- 
mer. Children: David, Mary. 

V. David Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont,, July 17, 
1842. Mrd. Susanna Zavitz, June 6, 1865. She was 
born Aug. 16, 1843. Children: 

VI. Helena Fretz, born Dec. 25, 1867. Mrd. Peter 
Abraham Sherk, Mar. 27, 1888. Farmer. Children: 
(VII.) Flossie May Sherk, born Feb. 9, 1889. (VII.) 
Orval Sherk, born Mar. 12, 1S90. 

VI. Emily Fretz, born June ID, 1871. (VI.) Levi 
Fretz, born Feb. 4, 1875. (VI.) Florence Fretz, born 
Oct, IS, 1879. (VI.) Jessie Fretz, born Aug. 29, 1881; 
died Oct. 3, 1882. (VI.) Infant, born and died Oct. 3, 
1884. (VI.) Morin Fretz, born Nov. 24, 1886. 

V. Mary Ann Fretz, born in Welland Co., Ont., 
June 28, 1844. S. 

III. Frances Fretz, born in Lancaster Co.. Pa., Dec. 
12, 1784; died Mar. 3, 1S10. Mrd. John Sherk, of 
Welland Co., Ont, Farmer. Children: Daniel, Esther. 

IV. Daniel Sherk, died—. Mrd. Susan Harner,— . 
She died—. Farmer. Children: (V.) Eliza. (V.) Fran- 

— 502 — 

ces. (V.) Sarah. (V.) Hannah. (V.) Nancy. (V.) Mary. 
(V.) Reuben. (V.) Jeremiah. (V.) Silas. (V.) Moses. 
(V.) John. 

IV. Esther Sherk, born—; died July 15, 1890. Mrd. 
Chrystal Gravbiel. He died—. Farmer. Children: 
(V.) Edward/ (V.) Samuel. (V.) Sophia. 

III. Mary Fretz, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 
25. 1788; died Oct. 16, 1839. Mrd. Joseph Sherk, of 
Welland Co., Ont. They settled on parts of lots No. 
7 and 8, in the 11th Concession of Bertie Twp., Wel- 
land Co. , Ont. , where they lived during life. Their 
children are: Chrystal, Regina, Frances, Elizabeth, 
Catharine, Annie, Mary, Barbara, Christena, Andrew, 

IV. Chrystal Sherk. Mrd. Annie Dauner,— . Far- 
mer in Haldimand Co., Ont. Mennonites. Children: 
Eli, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Magdalena, Lydia, 
Catharine, Jacob, Frances, Annie, Benjamin, Josiah, 

V. Eli Sherk. Mrd. Catharine Coosler,— . Farmer. 
They had no children of their own, but adopted and 
brought up six children. 

V. Elizabeth Sherk. Mrd. Jacob Snider, of Rainham 
Twp.,—. Farmer. Ger. Ev. ch. Children: Annie, 
Joseph, Albert and Alma (Twins), Emma, James, 
Abraham, Amelia. 

VI. Annie E. Snider. Mrd. Robert Thomson. Far- 
mer near Franconia, Ont. Children: (VII.) James H. 

VI. Joseph Snider. Mrd. Maggie Dunworth, — . 
Farmer near Zilwaukee, Mich." One child: (VII.) 
Jacob H. Snider. 

VI. Albert Snider. Mrd. §arahFolinsbee,— . Farmer 
in Logan Co., Col. Methodists. One child: (VII.) Roy 
L. Snider. 

VI. Alma Snider, born—; died—. 

VI. Emma J. Snider. Mrd. John Gracey, of Wain- 
fleet, Ont. He died,—. Farmer. One child: (VII.) 
John Herbert Gracey. — Emma mrd. for her second 
husband Jeremiah McCombs. Farmer. One child: 
(VII.) Lyona May McCombs. 

— 503 - 

VI. James H. Snider. 8. (VI.) Abraham Snider. S. 
(VI.) Amelia F. Snider. S. 

V. Joseph Sherk. Mrd. Anna Swartz, --. She died, 
— . Children: (VI.) Hezekiah. (VI.) J osiah.— Joseph 
mrd. second wife Elizabeth Overholt,— . Farmer. 
Disciple ch. One child: (VI.) Melvin Sherk. 

V. Mary Sherk. Mrd. Andrew Bingleman,—. He 
died,—. Farmer. Children: Matilda, Eli, Catharine, 
Francis, Chrystal, Susanna, Christena, Mary.— Mary 
mrd. second husband, Henry Rhora. Farmer. New 

VI. Matilda Bingleman. Mrd. Henry Stoner,— . 
Farmer. Ger. Ev. ch. Children: (VII.) Annie. (VII.) 
Clayton. (VII.) Norman. (VII.) — . 

VI. Eli Bingleman. Mrd. Matila Rhora,—. She 
died—. Mrd. second wife Mary J. Nablo. Farmer. 
One child: (VII.)—. 

VI. Catharine Bingleman, born—; died — . 

VI. Frances Bingleman, born—. Mrd. William 
Snider. Farmer. Two children: (VII.) — . (VII.) — . 

VI. Chrystal Bingleman. Mrd. Annie Morschfelter, 
— . Farmer. She, Mennonite. One child: (VII.) 

VI. Susanna Bingleman, born — . S. 

VI. Christena Bingleman. Mrd. Christopher Morsch- 
felter. . 

VI. Mary Magdalena Bingleman, born—; died—. 

V. Magdalena Sherk. Mrd. Jacob Fretz. (See Index 
of References No. 157). 

V. Lydia Sherk. Mrd. Henry Hoover,—. Farmer 
near Selkirk, Ont. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) David 
Hoover. Mrd. — , — . Two children: (VI.) John 
Hoover. Mrd. — Anger. (VI.) Adolphus Hoover. 
Mrd. — Anger. (VI.) Annie Hoover. S. 

V. Catharine Sherk. Mrd. Paul Effinger— . Weaver 
near Selkirk, Ont. Ger. Ev. ch. Children: V . 
Susanna. (VI.) Elias. (VI.) Emma. (VI.) Edward. (VI.) 

V. Jacob Sherk. Mrd. Augusta Thomas. Farmer 
in Essex Co., Ont, Children: Etta, Sybilla, Dess- 
moro, Catharine, Elizabeth, Theoe. 

VI. Etta Sherk. Mrd. James Hilliard,— . 

— 501 — 

V. Frances Sherk. Mrd. Augustus Helky, — . Far- 
mer near Selkirk, Ont. Ger. Ev. ch. Children: (VI.) 
Joanna. (VI.) George. 

V. Annie Sherk. Mrd. Samuel Fress,— . Farmer 
and Carpenter near Selkirk, Ont. Disciple ch. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Allan. (VI.) Doretta. (VI.) William. 

V. Benjamin Sherk. Mrd. Carrie Richald,— . Far- 
mer in Essex Co., Ont, Children: (VI.) Josiah. (VI.) 

V. Josiah Sherk. Mrd. — . Lives on the old home- 
stead, in Rainham Twp. 

V. Susanna Sherk. Mrd. John Eckhardt, Agent 
for Musical Instruments and Sewing Machines, at 
Shelkirk, Ont. Children: (VI.) Annie. (VI.) Ella. 
(VI.) Sarah. 

IV. Regina Sherk, died, 1890. Mrd. Henry Zimmer- 
man, — . Farmer near Rainham, Ont. Mennonites. 
Children: Joseph, Annie, Mary, Samuel, Catharine, 
Bernard, Elizabeth, Susan, Henry. 

V. Joseph Zimmerman. Mrd. Harriet Ellsworth,—. 
She died—. Farmer. Methodists. One child: (VI.) 
Charles, died — . Joseph mrd. second wife, Maria 
Flowers,—. Children: (VI.) Albina. (VI.) Richent. 
(VI.) George. (VI.) Howard. (VI.) Annie. (VI.) Mary. 
(VI.) Susan. (VI.) Edward. 

V. Annie Zimmerman. Mrd. Levi Ellsworth, — . 
He died—. Farmer and Blacksmith in Rainham Twp., 
Ont. Methodists. Children: Harriet, Mary, Arte- 
misia, Francis, Georgiette, Alice, Joseph.— Annie 
mrd. second husband, George Hayden, — . 

VI. Harriet Ellsworth. Mrd. Frederick Snyder, of 
Rainham Twp. , Ont. Boot and Shoe dealer. Resides 
at 320 Elk St. Buffalo, N. Y. Children: (VII.) Arietta. 
(VII.) Ella A. 

VI. Mary Ellsworth. Mrd. John Werner. (See Index 
of References No. 158).— Mary mrd. second husband, 
John B. Havens, — . 

VI. Artemisia Ellsworth. Mrd. George Widerich,— . 
Laborer. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Annie. (VII.) 
Nelson. (VII.) Frederick. 

— 505 — 

VI. Francis Ellsworth. Mrd. Annie Walker, — . 
Clerk in Buffalo. Methodists. One child: (VII.) 
Bertha Ellsworth. 

VI. Georgiette Ellsworth. Mrd. Charles Leggett,— . 
Carriage maker. Methodists. Two children: (VII.) 
Pearl. (VII.) — . 

VI. Alice Ellsworth. Mrd. Alfred Shepphard. Black- 
smith. Methodists. Children: (VII.) Frederick. (VII.) 

VI. Joseph Ellsworth. Mrd. — . Boot and shoe dealer. 

V. Mary Zimmerman. Mrd. Joseph Neff. Farmer. 
She is, "Methodist, Children: (VI.) Elizabeth. (VI.) 
Bernard. (VI.) William. (VI.) Margaret C— Margaret 
C, mrd. Jerome Dietrich. The three elder are single. 

V. Samuel Zimmerman. Mrd. Catharine Morsch- 
felter. She died, — . Farmer. Methodists. Children: 
Edward, Leandice, Melinda, Mirinda, dee'd, William, 

VI. Edward O. Zimmerman. Mrd. Mary Flowers. 
She is, Methodist. One child: (VII.) Percy Zimmer- 
man, dee'd. 

VI. Melinda Zimmerman. Mrd. Hezekiah Robins. 

V. Catharine Zimmerman. Mrd. Charles Sevenpi- 
pher; both deceased. Carpenter. One child: (VI.) 
Joseph Zimmerman, dee'd. 

V. Bernard Zimmerman. Mrd. Jane Overholt. Far- 
mer in Haldimand Co., Ont. Methodists. Children: 
(VI.) Edith. (VI.) Emanuel. (VI.) Milton. 

V. Elizabeth Zimmerman; died — . 

V. Susan Zimmerman. Mrd. Arthur Honsberger. 
Shoemaker. She is a Methodist. Children: (VI.) 
Clement, (V.) Olive. (VI.) William. (VI.) Aimer. 
(VI.) Nellie. (VI.) Edward. (VI.) Clara. 

V. Henry Zimmerman. Mrd. Nellie Grant. General 
Produce "Dealer at Stevensville, Ont. Methodists. 
Children: (VI.) Winnie. (VI.) Jennie. (VI.) Nina. 

IV. Frances Sherk. Mrd. Samuel Neff, of Welland 
Co., Ont. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (V.) Eliza- 
beth Neff. Mrd. Peter Barrick,— . Farmer. (V.) 
Caroline Neff. Mrd. John Simon,—. (V.) Chrystal 
Neff. Mrd. — Peters — . (V.) Levi Neff. Mrd. — 

— 506 - • 

Peters,-. (V ) Ephraim Neff. Mrd. Catharine Sherk. 
(V.) Frances Neff. Unmrd. 

„L V \Si sab 1 f* h J S t erk ' born Mar. 27, 1814; died Mar. 
^o, 188 i . Mrd. Bernard Werner, Nov. 13, 1836 He 
was born Jan. 12, 1812, in Huntschbach, Canton 
Ouilz, JUsas, 1 ranee. He was a minister of the Men- 
nnonite church for 25 years. Children: George, Jacob, 
Mary, John, Levi, Julia, Elizabeth. 

V. George Werner, born Jan. 4, 1839. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Hoover. Farmer. Mennonite. Children: (VI.) 
Selena. (VI) Elvin. (VI.) Mirin. (VI.) Milton. (VI. 
Maynard. (VI.) Ordania. (VI.) Alma. 

V. Jacob Werner, born Dec. 23, 1843. Mrd. Sophia 
Hagney. She was born in 1842; died June, 1882. 
Children: George, Bernard, Rosetta, Cornelius, Jacob, 
\Villiam.— Jacob, mrd. second wife Elizabeth Smith, 
May 14, 1884. She was born Nov. 24, 1860. Children: 
Evelyn, Wesley. 

VI. George H. Werner, born Sept. 19, 1862. Mrd 
Eaiona Sharp. Blacksmith. Mrs. Werner, Methodist. 
(VI.) Bernard Werner, born Aug. 10, 1865. Mrd 
Barbara Effinger,—. Tinsmith.^ Methodists. (VI.) 
Kosetta M. Werner, born Jan. 4. 186S. (VI.) Corne- 
lius J. Werner, born Aug. 4, 1870. (VI.) Jacob A. 
Werner, born Mar. 4, 1873. (VI.) William E. Werner, 
born Apr. 6, 1875. (VI.) Evelyn D. AVerncr, born 
Jan 12, 1886. (VI.) Wesley W. Werner, born Oct. 
24, 1S88. 

V. Mary Werner, born Mar. 23, 1846. Mrd. Joel 
Hoover of Rainham Twp., Out. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: (VI.) Almeda. (VI.) Bernard. (VI.) Mil- 
ton. (VI.) Homer. 

V. John Werner, born Mar. 3, 1848; died— Mrd 
Mary Ellsworth. Blacksmith. One child: (VI.) Edward 

V. Levi Werner, born Apr. 10, 1850. Mrd. Julia 
Greenville, July 18, 1882. She was born Apr. 27, 
18o0. Merchant at Dunnville, Ont. Disciples. Chil- 
/wi^t^ 1 ^ Romie G - Werner, born Nov. 2, 1883. 
(VI.) Lloyd G. Werner, born Oct. 19, 1886. (VI.) 
Elizabeth G. Werner, born Aug. 18, 1890. 

— 507 — 

V. Julia Werner, born Oct. 10, 1850. Mrd. Corne- 
lius Haines. Farmer. Methodists. Children: (VI.) 
Bertha. (VI.) Pereey. (VI.) George. 

V. Elizabeth Werner, born Nov. 1858. Mrd. Edgar 
Yocom. Farmer. Disciples. Children: (VI.) Ella M. 
(VI.) Royal. 

IV.) Catharine Sherk, died—. Mrd. Deidrich Hoo- 
ver, of Rainham Twp., Ont. Farmer. Mennonites. 
Children: (V.) Benjamin Hoover, died—. (V.) Aaron 
Hoover. Mrd—. (V.) Simeon Hoover. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Hess. (V.) Moses Hoover. Mrd—. (V.) Joseph 
Hoover. Mrd—. 

IV. Annie Sherk; died—. Mrd. Rev. Moses Sider, 
of Waintieet, Ont. Farmer and minister of Dunkard 
church. He died—. One child: 

V. Andrew Sider. Mrd. Elizabeth Winger. Farmer. 
Mrs. Sider, Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Chauncey. 
(VI.) Girvin. (VI.) Herbert, (VI.) Norman. 

IV. Mary Sherk, bom—; died single. 

IV. Barbara Sherk, born in Welland Co., Ont., Oct. 
27, 1823. Mrd. Christian Sider, Apr. 12, 1842. He 
was born May 11, 1817; died Aug. 5, 1885. Farmer. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Dunkard ch., 
at Wainfleet, Ont., in 1800. Children: Anna, Mary, 
Christie, Julian, Joseph, Sarah, John, Emma, Bar- 
bara, Christian, Melissa, Fannie. 

V. Anna Sider, born in Wainfleet, Ont,, Jan. 4, 1843. 
Mrd. Benjamin Winger, Sept. 0, 1808. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Levi Winger, born July 12, 
1809. (VI.) Melissa Winger, born Oct. 15, 1871; died 
in 1873. (VI.) Barbara Elizabeth Winger, born Oct. 3, 
1873. (VI.) Catharine Winger, born Dec. 4, 1875; died 
in 1870. (VI.) Emma Winger, born July 27, 1877. 
(VI.) Jesse Winger, born Oct, 0, 1870. (VI.) Sarah 
Ann Winger, born Nov. 1, 1882. (VI.) Benjamin Y\ m- 
ger, born Feb. 20, 1880. 

"V. Mary Sider, born at Wainfleet, Ont,, Oct. 21, 
1844. Mrd. Jacob Mater, Oct. 1, L861. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Nancy Ann Mater, born 
July 7, 1802; died Mar. 25, 1809. (VI.) Christiana 
Mater, born July 18, 1804; died Apr. 7, 1874. (VI.) 
Joetta Mater, born Jan. 3, 1870. (VI.) Mary Idellas 

— 508 — 

Mater, born May 7, 1874; died Oct, 7, 1874. (VI.) 
John Oscar Mater, born June 16, 1876. (VI.) Alberta 
Mater, born Oct. 18, 1879. (VI.) Ella Dora Mater, 
born Oct. 30, 1886. 

V. Christiana Sider, born in Wainfleet, Ont. , Mar. 23, 
1846. Mrd. Daniel Johnston, Jan. 21, 1868. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Clara Johnston, born June 
30, 1869. (VI.) Emma Johnston, born Sept, 11, 1871. 
(VI.) Nellie F. Johnston, born Feb. 28, 1876. (VI.) 
Nina Johnston, born July 17, 1885. 

V. Julian Sider, born Mar. 12, 1848; died Mar. 14, *48. 

V. Joseph Sider, born in Wainfleet, Ont., Feb. 4, 
1849. Mrd. Eliza Winger, Dec, 1874. Farmer. 
Dunkards. Children: (VI.) Darius Sider, born Feb. 
26, 1876. (VI.) Melvin Sider, born Mar. 24, 1878. 
(VI.) Paul Sider, born Mar. 13, 1880. (VI.) Edward 
Sider, born Dec. 19, 1881; died Nov. 11, 1882. (VI.) 
Melius Sider, born Aug. 10, 1884. (VI.) Ida A. Sider, 
born July 23, 1887. (VI.) Sarah C. Sider, born Apr. 
10, 1890. 

V. Sarah Sider, born at Wainfleet, Ont,, Dec 18, 
1851. Mrd. John Barnhart, Dec. 16, 1873. Farmer. 
Dunkard. (See Index of References No. 159.) 

V. Rev. John Sider, born at Wainfleet, Ont, , Nov. 
10, 1853. Mrd. Mary Ann Climenhaga, _ Sept. 24, 
1884. Farmer and Minister. Ho was ordained to the 
ministry of the Dunkard eh. at Wainfleet. Ont., May 
1878, and has since served as pastor at Wainfleet. 
Children: (VI.) Jesse Avorv Sider, born July 29, 1885. 
(VI.) Lydia Florence Sider, born July 14, 1*887. (VI.) 
Christina Sider, born Feb. 17, 1889. 

V. Emma Sider, born in Wainfleet, Ont., Sept. 20, 
1856. Mrd. Aaron Geiger, June 8, 1884. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Christian Geiger, born May 
10, 1885; died Nov. 1885. (VI.) Barbara Mabel Gei- 
ger, born May 1, 1888. (VI.) Magdalena Geiger, born 
Nov. 21, 1889. 

V. Barbara Sider, born Mar. 25, 1858. 

V. Christian Sider, born Dec. 17, 1862. 

V. Melissa Sider, born Mar. 11, '65; died June 27, '87. 

V. Fannie Sider, born Nov. 20, 1867; died Mar 7, 

— 509 — 

IV. Christine Sherk. Mrd. John Foreman. Shoe- 
maker in South Cayuga Twp. She is Mennonite. 
Children: Julia, Joseph, Jacob, Henry, Mary, Chris- 
topher, Tryphena, Thyphesa, Frances, John, Sarah, 

V. Julia Foreman. Mrd. Geo. Richard. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: (VI.) Christena. (VI.) Susan. 
(VI.) Ephraim. 

V. Joseph Foreman. Mrd. Sarah Fathers. Black- 
smith. Methodists. Children: (VI.) Oressa. (VI.) 
Arthur. (VI.) Ethelbert, (VI.) One not reported. 

V. Jacob Foreman. Mrd. Ida Laile. Butcher. Mrs. 
Foreman, Methodist. One child: Name not given. 

V. Henry Foreman. Mrd. Leah Wing. Shoemaker. 
Mrs. Foreman, Methodist. She died—. One child: 
(VI.) Tilman. — Henry mrd. second wife, Lucy Sherk. 
One child: (VI.) Elma. 

V. Mary Foreman. Mrd. Geo. Smith, of Buffalo, 
N. Y. Laborer. Children: (VI.) John. (VI.) Sidney. 
(VI.) Rebecca. 

V. Christopher Foreman. Mrd. Elizabeth Lamb. 
Grocer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Baptist. 

V. Tryphena Foreman (Twin), born—; died—. 

V. Tryphesa Foreman, born — . S. 

V. Frances Foreman, born—. Mrd. Moses Hallman, 
Children: (VI.) Salome. (VI.) Mary. (VI.) Christena. 
(VI.) Edella. 

V. John Foreman. Grocer in Berlin, Ont. S. 

V. Sarah Foreman, born Feb. 25, 1863. Mrd. George 
Smedley, Oct. 25, 1887. He was born Jan. 18, 1861. 
Grocer at Milton Ave. , Toronto, Ont. 

V. Andrew Foreman, born Feb. 18, 1864. Mrd. 
Frances Lamb, Sept. 25, 1889. She was born Dec. 
16. 1862. Grocer at 366 King St., East Toronto, Ont. 

IV. Andrew Sherk. Mrd. Elizabeth Sider. Farmer. 
Mennonite. Children: (V.) Anna, dec'd. (V.) William, 
dec'd. (V.) Henry. (V.) Joseph. (V.) Mary. (V.) Fi- 
delia. (V.) Christiana. (V.) Elizabeth. (V.) Menno. 

IV. Joseph Sherk. Mrd. Catharine Heximer. Far- 
mer. Mennonite. Children: (V.) Elizabeth. (V.) 
Ephraim. (V.) Mary, deed. (V.) Hubbard. (V.) Em- 
manuel. (V.) Richard. (V.) Andrew. 


II. Barbara Fretz, born— ; died— , 1814. Mrd. Abra- 
nam Longenecker — . He died July 23, 1823, aged 
75yrs., 22 days.' Farmer. They were members of the 
Mennonite church, of which he was a prominent 
minister. Their descendants live principally in Lan- 
caster, Dauphin and Lebanon Cos., Pa. Their chil- 
dren are Jacob, Abraham, Daniel, Elizabeth, Ver- 
onica, Barbara, Peter. 

III. Jacob Longenecker, born May 16, 1771; died 
Nov. 30, 1856. Mrd. Barbara Buck—. She was born 
Nov. 27, 1781; died July 23, 1861. Farmer. Dunk- 
ards. Children: John, Abraham, Christian, Jacob, 
Barbara, Samuel, Elizabeth, Veronica, Catharine. 

IV. John Longenecker, born Feb. 7, 1803; died Apr. 
3, 1862. Mrd. Barbara Hoffer, Mar. 5, 1829. Far- 
mer, and School teacher. Dunkards. Children: Eliz- 
abeth, Joshua, Barbara, John. 

V. Elizabeth Longenecker, born Oct. 21, 1830. Mrd. 
David H. Brandt, Nov. 1, 1852. Farmer. Mrs. 
Brandt, Ger. Baptist. Children: Simon, Alpheus, 
John, Matilda. 

VI. Simon L. Brandt, born Mar. 22, 1851. Mrd. 
Elizabeth S. Eshelman, Feb. 1, 1872. Farmer. In- 
surance, Scrivener, and Real Estate Agt. at Marietta, 
Pa. Children: (VII.) Harvey E. Brandt, born Aug. 

* Barbara Fretz's ancestry is also involved in doubt. She is 
supposed to have been a sister to Lancaster John. 

— 511 — 

12, 1872. Druggist in Lancaster City, Pa. (VII.) 
Anna Laura Brandt, born July 7, 1871. (VII.) Irvin 
E. Brandt, born Feb. 21, 1877. (VII.) John A. Brandt, 
born Jan. 11, 1870. (VII.) Ada E. Brandt, born Feb. 
17, 1880. (VII.) Victor Ray Brandt, born Sept. 27, 
1881. (VII.) David E. Brandt, born Nov. 24, 1883. 
(VII.) Ralph E. Brandt, born July 22, 1889. 

VI. Alpheus L. Brandt, born Jan. 9, 1856. Mrd. 
Alice Shank—. One child: (VII.) Mary May Brandt, 
born July 23, 1882. 

VI. John L. Brandt, born Apr. 29, 1859; died Aug. 
19, 1865. 

VI. Matilda L. Brandt, born Jan. 31, 1861. S. 

V. Joshua Longenecker, born Oct. 15, 1833; died 
Oct. 21, 1833. 

V. Barbara Longenecker, born Apr. 27, 1838. Mrd. 
Henry E. Hershey, Sept. 1, 1853. He died Apr. 26, 
1889. Farmer in Lancaster Co. Mrs. Hershey, 
Dunkard. Children: Ellen, Ida. 

VI. Ellen Hershey, born Dec. 13, 1854; died Dec. 
31, 1883. Mrd. Amos B. Eby, Dec, 21, 1872. Hotel 
keeper and butcher. Children: (VII.) Grant H. Eby, 
born Oct. 31, 1873. (VII.) Lizzie Eby, born Sept. 30, 
1875; died June 2, 1876. (VII.) Harry Eby, born 
Nov. 3, 1876; died Nov. 27, 1877. (VII.) Franklin H. 
Eby, born July 15, 1879. 

VI. Ida Hershey, born July 17, 1858; died Sept. 16, 

V. John H. Longenecker, born Sept. 2, 1845. Mrd. 
Mary Schlegelmilch, Sept. 1869. Contractor and 
builder at Rosemount, Pa. Children: (VI.) Clinton 
Longenecker, born Mar. 31, 1870. (VI.) William 
Longenecker, born July 4, 1876. 

IV. Abraham Longenecker, born—, 1804; died in 
1880. Mrd.—. Farmer. Members of the Brinser ch. 
now called "Zion's Children." Children: Samuel, 
Isaac, David, Peter. 

V. Samuel Longenecker, born July 11, 1831. Mrd. 
Mariah Fishburn, Dec. 20, 1855. Farmer in Lebanon 
Co., Pa. Mem. U. B. ch. Children: (VI.) Frances 
Longenecker, born May 18, 1857. (VI.) John H. 
Longenecker, born Nov. 21, 1858. died Apr. 9, 1862. 

— 512 — 

(VI.) Franklin Longenecker, born Mar. 27, 1862. (VI.) 
Abraham Longenecker, born Feb. 27, 1870. (VI.) 
Samuel Longenecker, born June 13, 1872. (VI.) Liz- 
zie Longenecker, born Nov. 23, 1873. (VI.) Harvey 
Longenecker, born Mar. 23, 1878. (VI.) Mary Long- 
enecker, born Sept. 18, 1880. 

V. Isaac S. Longenecker, born Jan. 3, 1831. Mrd. 
Harriet, daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Greiner) 
Fretz, Nov. 24, 1858. Cashier of the Union Nat., 
Mount Joy Bank. Resides at Mt. Joy, Pa. Members 
U. B. ch. One child: 

VI. Mary Emma Longenecker, born June 21, 1860. 
Mrd. John W. Eshelman, of Dauphin Co., Pa., May 
16, 1882. He was born Aug. 28, 1855. He was for- 
merly teacher, now partner in the "Gray Iron Co.," 
of Mt. Joy, Pa. Children: (VII.) Walter L. Eshel- 
man, born Mar. 25, 1883. (VII.) Arthur L. Eshelman, 
born May 12, 1885; died May 29, 1885. 

V. Rev. David S. Longenecker, born in Lebanon 
Co., Pa., Nov. 29, 1843. Mrd. Annie Peck, Oct. 29, 
1865. He joined the U. B. in Christ, in May, 1871, 
was licensed to preach Oct. 3, 1875, received into the 
Eastern Annual Con. , Mar. 7, 1878, and ordained at 
Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 21, 1881. He has served the 
following charges: Swatara Circuit; Union Circuit; 
Otterbein ch., Harrisburg; Berks County Mission; 
Sinking Spring Circuit; Lebanon 1st Church, and 
Mycrstown Station, his present field of labor. Chil- 
dren: Barbara, Ella, Harry, John, Annie. 

VI. Barbara Longenecker, born in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Aug. 2, 1866. Mrd. Herman L. Shiner, June 21, 
1887. Resides at Lebannon, Pa. One child: (VII.) 
David L. Shiner, born July 21, 1888. 

VI. Ella Longenecker, born Nov. 7, 1868. (VI.) 
Harry Longenecker, born June 4, 1870. (VI.) John 
Longenecker, born Feb. 5, 1872. (VI.) Annie Longe- 
necker, born Apr. 8, 1876; died Nov. 29, 1885. 

IV. Christian Longenecker, born Nov. 2, 1807. Mrd. 
Mary Shenk, Feb. 5, 1829. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. 
Children: Fannie, Barbara, Annie, Mary, Benjamin, 
Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Christian. 

— 5l3 — 

V. Fannie Longenecker, born Apr. 5, 1830. Mrd. 
George Hoffer— . P. O. Elizabethtown, Pa. 

V. Barbara Longenecker, born Aug. 5, 1831; died — . 
Mrd. Joseph Reider — . 

V. Annie Longenecker, born Sept. 4, 1832; died — . 
Mrd. Peter Brinser. 

V. Mary Longenecker? born Feb. 8, 1834. Mrd. Jo- 
siah Foltz— . P. O. Middletown, Pa. 

V. Benjamin Longenecker, born May 4, 1836. Mrd. 
Annie Gingrich, Nov. 10, 1859. Farmer. Ger. Bap- 
tists. Children : 

VI. Aaron Longenecker, born May 2, 1861. Mrd. 
Aggie Strickler. One child: (VII.) Warren Longe- 

VI. Emma Longenecker, born Oct. 19, 1862. Mrd. 
Tobias Shenk. One child: (VII.) Clayton Shenk. 

VI. Harry Longenecker, born Dec. 29, 1863. Mrd. 
Sallie Gingrich. One child: (VII.) Annie Longenecker. 

VI. John Longenecker, born Feb. 22, 1866. Mrd. 
Aggie Shearer. 

VI. Lizzie Longenecker, born Jan. 14, 1868. Mid. 
Geo. Henry. One child: (VII.) May Henry. 

VI. Mamie Longenecker, born Aug. 30, 1869. 

VI. Katie Longenecker, born Mar. 20, 1871._ 

VI. Benjamin Longenecker, born Apr. 8, 1874. 

V. Elizabeth Longenecker, born Sept. 26, 1838; 
died Oct. 7, 1842. 

V. John S. Longenecker, born June 28, 1839. Mrd. 
Margaret Peck. 

V. Margaret Longenecker, born May 24, 1841. Mrd. 
Samuel Moyer. 

V. Christian S. Longenecker, born Aug. 28, 1846; 
died Oct. 30, 1890. 

IV. Jacob Longenecker, born Nov. 9, 1808. Mrd. 
Susan Brandt. She was born Oct. 29, 1811; died 
Nov. 9, 1882. Member Brinser ch. Children: Anna, 

V. Anna Longenecker, bom May 16, 1836: died 
July 27, 1890/ Mrd. Samuel Hunsberger, Oct. 7. 
1857. Members Brinser ch. Children: Susanna, Ma - 
linda, Mary. 

— 514 — 

V. Susanna Hunsberger, born Apr. 16, 1858. Mrd. 
Samuel Baylor, Dec. 21, 1882. Children: (VII.) Anna 
Baylor, born Nov. 8, 1883. (VII.) Samuel Baylor, 
born Feb. 9, 1887. 

VI. Malinda Hunsberger, born Apr. 5, 1862; died 
Sept. 12, 1887. 

VI. Mary Alice Hunsberger,, born Aug. 2, 1867; 
died Auff. 22, 1880. 

V. Jacob Longenecker, born Mar. 22, 1839. Mrd. 
Catharine Risser. Children: (VI.) Susanna Longe- 
necker. S. (VI.) Jacob Longenecker, died an infant. 

IV. Barbara Longenecker, born May 23, 1810; died 
May 22, 1887. Mrd. Jacob D. Moyer. He was born 
Dec. 2, 1804; died May 5, 1882. Farmer. Members 
Ev. ch. Children: Elizabeth, Catharine, Barbara, 
Samuel, Jacob, David, Fannie, Annie. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, died in Infancy. 

V. Catharine Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Feb. 
18, 1830. Mrd. Cyrus Ruhl, Dec. 23. 1856. He was 
born Feb. 6, 1830. Farmer. Members U. B. ch. 
Children: Malinda, Mary, Christian, Cyrus, Lizzie, 

VI. Malinda Ruhl, born Mar. 10, 1858, in Lancaster 
Co., Pa., Mrd. Anthony Greiner, in 1878. Farmer. 
Children: (VII.) William, (VII.) Aaron, (VII.) Harvert. 

VI. Mary Ann Ruhl, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
Sept. 8, 1860. Mrd. Emanuel Ruhl, in 1881. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Frank, (VII.) Allen. 

VI. Christian Ruhl, born Mar. 1, 1862; died Aug. 8, 

VI. Cyrus Ruhl, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., June 
17, 1866. 

VI. Lizzie Ruhl, born May 5, 1868. 

VI. Alice Ruhl, born Mar. 7, 1873. 

V. Barbara Moyer, born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 
16, 1836. Mrd. Felix Gingrich, Dec. 6, 1859. He 
was born July 6, 1825; died Oct. 2, 1877. Teacher. 
Farmer and Surveyor. Members Ev. ch. Children: 
Joseph, Emma, Jacob, Felix, Aaron, Annie. 

VI. Joseph M. Gingrich, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
Sept. 18, 1860. Mrd. Emma H. Risser, Nov. 29, 1884. 
She was born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Jan. 24, 1861. 

— 515 — 

Farmer and Surveyor. One child: (VII.) Albert II. 
Gingrich, born Mar. 24, 1888. 

VI. Emma Gingrich, born Feb. 8, 1862; died June 
10, 1870. 

VI. Jacob M. Gingrich, born in Lebanon Co.. Pa., 
Oct. 21,1862. Mrd. Fannie Naftziger, Nov. 14, 1885. 
She was born Jan. 16, 1861. Gentleman. No issue. 

VI. Felix M. Gingrich, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
Sept, 27, 1872. Teacher and Farmer. 

Vf. Aaron Gingrich, born July 16, 1871; died Dee. 

15, 1875. 

VI. Annie M. Gingrich, born Sept. 20, 1876. Student. 

V. Samuel Moyer, born in Lebanon Ca., Pa., May 
5, 1838. Mrd. Margaretta Longenecker, Sept. 13, 
1860. She was born May 24, 1841. Farmer. Ger. 
Baptists. One child: 

VI. Christian L. Moyer, born in Dauphin Co., Pa., 
Mar. 20, 1861. Mrd. Clara A. Henry, Sept. 24, 1885. 
She was born Aug. 15, 1861. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. 
One child: (VII.) Miles H. Moyer, born Dec. 11, 

V. Jacob L. Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Mar. 

16, 1810. Mrd. Lavina F. Greiner, Dec. 13, 1866. 
She was born Jan. 8, 1811. Farmer. Members Ev. 
ch. Children: Emma, Franklin, Joseph. 

VI. Emma G. Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
Nov. 24, 1867. Mrd. Jacob Hostetter, Nov. 20, 1890. 

VI. Franklin G. Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
June 17, 1869. Mrd. Lizzie Hostetter, Aug. 7, 1890. 

VI. Joseph G. Moyer, born Mar. 21, 1874. 

V. David L. Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Mar. 
3, 1812. Mrd. Fannie Werner, Nov. 7, 1867. She 
was born Aug. 17, 1847. Farmer. Mem. Ev. ch. 
Children: (Vt) Louisa W. Moyer, born Oct. 13, 
1868. (VI.) Jacob W. Moyer, born Nov. 22. 1 s74. 
(VI.) William W. Moyer, born Nov. 25, 1877. 

V. Fannie Moyer, died in Infancy. 

V. Annie L. Moyer, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., May 
7, 1845. Mrd. Christian M. Brandt, Nov. 3, 1867. 
He was born Apr. 12, 1843. Farmer. Members Ev. 

— 516 — 

ch. Children: (VI.) Emma Brandt, born Oct. 2, 1867; 
died Dec. 19, 1870. (VI.) Lizzie Brandt, born Dec. 8, 
1869. (VI.) Jacob Brandt, born Nov. 28, 1872; died 
July 19, 1890. 

IV. Samuel Longenecker, born about 1811. Mrd. — 
Brubaker. She died — . Farmer, and minister. Mem- 
bers of Brinser ch., of which he was ordained minis- 
ter, and served the church for about thirty years. 
Children: John, Samuel, Joseph. Elizabeth. 

V. Rev. John B. Longenecker. Mrd. Catharine 
Heisey. Farmer, and minister of the Ger. Baptist ch. 
Children. — : 

V. Samuel Longenecker, Mrd. — Benner. They 
reside in Wayne Co., O. Farmer, and minister of 
the Ger. Baptist ch. They have issue. 

V. Joseph Longenecke, born — . 

V. Elizabeth Longenecker, born — . Mrd. — Bren- 
ner — . 

IV. Elizabeth Longenecker, born July 10, 1814. 
Mrd. Benjamin Brubaker, Dec. 24, 1833. He was 
born July 10, 1813; died Sept. 23, 1877. Farmer, 
and Minister of the Ger. Baptist ch. Children: Fan- 
nie, Samuel, Jacob, Annie, Elizabeth, Barbara, 
Lydia, Benjamin, Sarah. 

V. Fannie Brubaker, born Sept, 25, 1834. Mrd. 
Elias H. Martin, Nov. 2, 1854. Farmer near Abilene, 
Kan. Ger. Baptist, Children: Lavina, Isaac, Anna, 
Elizabeth, David, Fannie, Elias, Barbara, Lydia, 
Noah, Emma, Aaron, Elmira. 

VI. Lavina Martin, born Jan. 9, 1856; died Feb. 8, 

VI. Isaac B. Martin, born June 27, 1857. Mrd. 
Louisa B. Whaley, Oct, 17, 1886. Book-keeper in 
Bank, at Abilene, Kan. Children: (VII.) Donald L. 
A. Martin, born May 12, 1888; died—. (VII.) Jessie 
A. Martin, born Mar. 29, 1890. 

VI. Anna Martin, born July 26, 1859; died June 23, 

VI. Elizabeth Martin, born May 11, 1861. Mrd. 
Harry Dahoff, Sept. 6, 1885. Creameryman at Dillin, 
Kan. Ger. Baptist. Children: (VII.) Leslie, (VII.) 
Aaron, (VII. )Elias, (VII.) Mary. 

— 517 — 

VI. David B. Martin, born May 11, 1863. Mrd. 

Anna Martin, Jan. 25, 1884. Farmer near Abilene, 
Kan. Ger. Baptist ch. Children: (VII.) Lizzie (VII.) 
VI. Fannie Martin, born Sept. 6, 1865. Mrd. Sam- 
uel P. Grove, Dec. 25, 1883. Farmer, Abilene. Kan. 
Ger. Baptist ch. One child: (VII.) Elizabeth Estella 
Grove, born Mar. 2, 1885. 
VI. Elias B. Martin, born June 24, 1867. Carpenter 
at Abilene, Kan. S. 
VI. Barbara Martin, born Oct. 3, 1869. Ger. Bap- 
tist ch. S. 

VI. Lydia Martin, born Nov. 8, 1871; died Dec. 4, 
VI. Noah B. Martin, born Mar. 12, 1873. 
VI. Emma Martin, born June 9, 1875. Ger. Baptist ch. 
VI. Aaron Martin, born Oct. 9, 1877. Ger. Baptist ch. 
VI. Elmira Martin, born Jan. 10, 1881. 
V. Samuel Brubaker, born Sept. 23, 1836; died Mar. 
15, 1870. Mrd. Fannie Longenecker, Sept. 20, 1863. 
She was born Nov. 2, 1845; died Feb. 3, 1871. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Isaac Brubaker, born Apr. 10, 1865: died 
July 22, 1865. (VI.) Aaron Brubaker, born Sept. 19, 
1866; died July 20, 1888. (VI.) Benjamin Brubaker, 
born Feb. 17, 1869. 

V. Rev. Jacob L. Brubaker, born Apr. 26, 1838. 
Mrd. Sarah H. Risser, Nov. 9, 1865. Farmer in 
Lebanon Co., Pa. He was ordained to the ministry 
of the Ger. Baptist ch. at Campbelltown, Pa., in 
Apr., 1878. Children: (VI.) Alice Brubaker, born 
Oct. 3, 1866. S. (VI.) Ephraim Brubaker, born July 

2, 1868. S. (VI.) Amos Brubaker, born June 24, 
1870 S. (VI.) Katie Brubaker, born Apr. 9, 1875. 
(VI.) Jacob Brubaker, born Jan. 13, 1880. (VI.) Liz- 
zie Brubaker, born Dec. 17, 1881. (VI.) Pharis 
Brubaker, born Aug. 27, 1884. (VI.) Sadie Brubaker. 
born May 1, 1886. ,. i ^ r b 

V. Annie Brubaker, born June 1, L840; died Mny 5, 
1850. .. . 

V. Elizabeth Brubaker, born Aug. 4, 1842. Mrd. 
Joseph P. Ginder, Jan. 24, 1864. He was born July 

3, 1837. Farmer in Lancaster Co., Pa. Ger. Baptist 

— 518 — 

ch. Children: Benjamin, Simon, Joseph, David, 
Daniel, Katie, Lizzie. 

VI. Benjamin B. Ginder, born May 28, 1865. Mrd. 
Mary Shunk, Nov. 8, 1885. One child: (VII.) Alpheus 
Ginder, born Mar. 17, 1890. 

VI. Simon Ginder, born Nov. 9, 1867. S. (VI.) Jo- 
seph Ginder, born Jan. 14, 1870. (VI.) David Ginder, 
born Oct. 7, 1872. (VI.) Daniel Ginder, born Sept, 
2.1, 1874. (VI.) Katie Ginder, born Dec. 6, 1878. (VI.) 
Lizzie Ginder, born Oct. 27, 1883. 

V. Barbara Brubaker, born July 31, 1844. Mrd. 
Samuel H. Bert, Nov. 18, 1869. Farmer near Detroit, 
Kan. Breth. in Christ ch. Children: (VI.) Benjamin B. 
Bert, born Oct. 17, 1870. (VI.) Peter B. Bert, born 
Aug. 13, 1872. (VI.) Elizabeth Bert, born Oct. 13, 
1880. (VI.) Anna Bert, born Sept, 6, 1882. (VI.) 
Sarah Priscilla Bert, born July 24, 1887. 

V. Lydia Brubaker, born Nov. 20, 1846. Mrd. 
George Bicham, Sept. 25, 1873. He died May 22, 
1877. Mrd. second husband, William P. Yetter, 
Sept. 29, 1887. Manufr. and dealer in boots and 
shoes at Bachmanville, Pa. Ger. Baptists. No issue. 

V. Benjamin Brubaker, born Sept. 12, 1849. Mrd- 
Lizzie H. Bert, Nov. 7, 1871. Clerk in Chicago, 111. 
U. B. ch. No issue. 

V. Sarah Brubaker, born Sept. 12, 1853; died May, 

IV. Veronica Longenecker, born June 9, 1820; died 
Dec. 3, 1846. Mrd. Peter Ensminger, Mar. 10, 1839. 
Farmer. Members of Zion's Brethren. Children: 
Lydia, Elizabeth, John. 

V. Lydia Ensminger, born July 28, 1842. Mrd. 
Daniel Reese, Jan. 9, 1862. Farmer. Zion's Brethren 
ch. Children: John, Infant, Rebecca, Lizzie, Daniel, 
Lydia, George. 

VI. John Henry Reese, born Apr. 18, 1862. Mrd. 
Kate Walmer, Nov. 7, 1885. She died Apr. 30, 1890. 
Children: (VII.) George Henrv Reese, born Mar. 14, 
1886. (VII.) Annie L. Reese," born Aug. 19,, 1887. 
(VII.) Daniel Reese, born May 15, 1889.. 

VI. Infant, died unnamed, 1864. 

— 519 — 

VI. Rebecca A. Reese, born Mar. 27, 1865. Mrd. 
Christian Funk, Sept. 25, 1886. Children: (VII.) 
Daniel M. Funk, born Mar. 6, 1887. (VII.) Harry R. 
Funk, born Nov. 24, 1888. 

VI. Lizzie Jane Reese, born Feb. 15, 18(17. Mrd. 
Levi S. Winters, Oct. 23, 1886. Children: (VII.) 
Lydia May Winters, born May 26, 1887. (VII.) Sarah 
Jane Winters, born June 12, 1888; died Aug. 23, 
1890. (VII.) Harry E. Winters, born Jan. 27, 1890; 
died Jan. 29, 1890. 

V. Elizabeth Ensminger, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
Oct. 18, 1843. Mrd. Chas. Warner, of Lebanon Co., 
Pa., Nov. 9, 1865. Moved to Illinois in 1866, and to 
Kansas in 1869. Farmer. Members Ev. Ass. Chil- 
dren: Jerome, John, William, Susie, Lydia, Charley, 

VI. Jerome Warner, born in Putman Co., 111., Auir. 
13, 1866. Mrd. Elizabeth Long, Nov. 8, 1888. One 
child: (VII.) William Warner, born Jan. 21, 1890. 

VI. John Warner, born in McLean Co., 111., Feb. 
27, 1868. (VI.) William Warner, born in Douglas Co., 
Kan., Feb. 13, 1870. (VI.) Susie Warner, born in 
Douglas Co., Kan., June 13, 1872. (VI.) Lydia 
Warner, born in Douglas Co., Kan., Oct. 18, 1874. 
(VI.) Charles Warner, born in Douglas Co., Kan., 
Dec. 31, 1876. (VI.) Milton Warner, born in Douglas 
Co., Kan., Sept., 6, 1879. 

V. John Ensminger, born May 4, 1864; died Aug. 
9, 1864. 

IV. Catharine Longenecker, born—. Mrd. Henry 
Brubaker, — . 

V. Barbara Brubaker; died—. Mrd. — Gonely. (V.) 
Elizabeth Brubaker; died—. Mrd. — Martin. (V.) 
Catharine Brubaker: died—. (V.) John Brubaker. 
(V.) Jacob Brubaker; died—. (V.) Harry Brubaker. 
(V.) Mollie Brubaker; died—. Mrd. — Lehnher. (V.) 
Mary Brubaker. Mrd. — Ginder. (V.) — Brubaker. 
Mrd~. — Wolgemuth. (V.) Susan Brubaker; died—. 
S. (V.) Lydia Brubaker; died—. S. (V.) Annie Bru- 
baker. Mrd, Abram Gibble. 

— 520 — 

III. Abraham Longeneckcr, born — ; died — . Mrd. 
Esther Overholtzer. Children: Isaac, Magdalena, 

IV. Isaac Longenecker. Mrd. Annie Rupp. Children: 
Veronica, Mary, Lydia. 

V. Veronica Longenecker. Mrd. Samuel Brubaker. 
Children: (VI.) Aaron Brubaker; died single. (VI.) 
Benjamin Brubaker. 

V. Mary Longenecker; died single. 
V. Lydia Longenecker; died single. 

IV. Magdalena Longenecker, born Jan. 28, 1816; 
died July 1, 1881. Mrd. Samuel Lessley, Nov. 16, 
1837. Farmer. U. B. ch. Children: Mary, John, 
Isaac, David, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Adam. 

V. Mary Lessley, born Feb. 21, 1839; died in 1813. 
V. John Lessley, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Dec. 

29, 1810. Mrd. Malinda, daughter of Joseph Frank, 
Nov. 10, 1864. Saddler by trade, Coach trimmer, 
and farmer. In 1862 he enlisted in Co. I. 127 Regt. 
Pa., Vol. Inf; was in the battle of Fredericksburgh, 
Dec. 11—13, 1862, and at the Storming of the 
Heights of Fredericksburg, May 1—4, 1863. Dis- 
charged May 29, 1863. He is a Mem. of Coleman 
Post, G. A. R. 467 of Annville, Pa. In 1887 he moved 
to Sussex Co., Del., where he is engaged in farming 
and fruit growing. Members U. B. ch. Children: (VI.) 
Franklin Lessley, born Mar. 20, 1866; died Jan. 1, 
1872. (VI.) Mary Lessley, born Jan. 24, 1868. (VI.) 
Clara Lessley, born Jan. 7, 1870. (VI.) Agnes Lessley, 
born July 27, 1873; died Mar. 3, 1875. (VI.) Maggie 
Lesslev, born Jan. 18, 1876. (VI.) Katie Lessley, 
born May 13, 1877. (VI.) John F. Lessley, born Sept. 
11, 1879; died Aug. 23, 1882. 
V. Isaac Lessley, born in Lebanon Co., Pa., Mar. 
10, 1843. Mrd. Rosanna. Fausnacht. She was born 
in Lebanon Co., Pa., Feb. 14, 1841. He enlisted in 
Co., A. 48. Regt., Pa., Militia, for 3 months. Rein- 
listed Sept. 12, 1861, for one year or during the war, 
in Co. K. 209 Regt. Pa., V. L, was wounded in the 
left arm in front of Pittsburgh Apr. 2, 1865. Dis- 
charged at Phila., Sept. 12, 1865. Mem. of Coleman 
Post 467 G. A. R. Resides in Sussex Co., Del. 

— 521 — 

Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Emadora Lessley, born 
July 3, 1869; died Jan. 13, 1878. (VI.) Annie Lessley, 
born Sept. 25, 1871; died same day. (VI.) Samuel 
Lessley, born Sept. 11, 1872. (VI.) Leonard F. 
Lessley, born May 1, 1875. (VI.) Adam Lessley, born 
Oct. 10, 1876; died Dec. 13, 1877. (VI.) Elizabeth 
Lessley, born Sept. 12, 1878. (VI.) David F. Lessley, 
born June 4, 1882. 

V. David Lessley, born Jan. 10, 1815; died Oct., 1881. 

V. Elizabeth Lessley, born July 10, 1817; died 1849. 

V. Magdalena Lessley, born July 27, 1818; died 1850. 

V. Adam L. Lessley, born Sept. 30, 1853. Mrd. 
Ida C. Bordner, Oct. 17, 1876. Carriage builder at 
Palmyra, Pa. U. B. ch. Children: (VI.) Harry Luther 
Lessley, born Aug. 6, 1877. (VI.) Ella Catharine 
Lessley, born Oct. 24, 1883; died Dec. 31, 1889. 

IV. Mary Longenecker; died single. 

III. Daniel Longenecker, born Dec. 3, 1778; died 
Oct. 6, 1822. Mrd. Anna Oberholtzer. She was born 
Feb. 28, 1783; died Dec. 7, 1812. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Christian, Joseph, Mary. 

IV. Christian Longenecker, born Mar. 28, 1815; died 
Apr. 28, 1847. Mrd. Mary Kinports. Farmer. Men- 
nonites. Children: Catharine, John, Daniel, Isaac. 

V. Catharine A. Longenecker, born Aug. 1, 1840. 
Mrd. David Barnhill, Dec. 24, 1861. Carpenter. 
He enlisted as Private in Co. A. 158 Regt. Pa., 
drafted Militia, Vol. Oct. 10, 1862; died July 27, 
1863. Mem. of Church of God. One child: (VI.) 
David H. Barnhill, born Oct. 20, 1862. Merchant at 
Middletown, Pa. Mem. of Church of God. S. 

V. John K. Longenecker. Mrd. Elizabeth Gish,—. 
Farmer. Dunkard. Children: Mary, Fannie, Annie, 
Katie, Alice, John. 

VI. Mary Longenecker; died an Infant. 

VI. Fannie Longenecker; died aged 16 years. 

VI. Annie Longenecker. Mrd. Edwin Baliner. Chil- 
dren: (VII.) Grant. (VII.) Harrison. 

V. Daniel Longenecker. Mrd. Margaret Eastwood, 
of 111., — . Lives at Climax, Kan. Farmer. Method- 
ist. Children: (VI.) Anna. (VI.) Mary. (VI.) Bertha. 

— 522 — 

(VI.) William. (VI.) Barbara. (VI.) Henry. (VI.) John. 
(VI.) Lydia. 

V. Isaac Longenecker. Mrd. Dora Schaeffer. Baker 
at Middletown, Pa. Mem. of Church of God. Chil- 
dren: (VI.) Bertha. (VI.) Charles. (VI.) Nellie. (VI.) 
Lulu. (VI.) Erma. (VI.) Bessie. (VI.) Elsie. (VI.) Mary. 

IV. Joseph Longenecker, born Feb. 22, 1819; died 
May 6, 1867. Mrd. Mary Witmer. She was born 
Feb. 7, 1823. Farmer. Mennonites. Childen: Peter, 
Anna, Barbara, Isaac, Christian, Daniel, John, Joseph, 

V. Peter Longenecker, born Sept. 12, 1844; died 
Mar. 28, 1863. 

V. Anna Longenecker, born July 19, 1847; died 
Feb. 10, 1848. 

V. Barbara Longenecker, born Apr. 29, 1850; died 
Feb. 11, 1861. 

V. Isaac Longenecker, born Aug. 28, 1852. Mrd. 
Lizzie Seltzer. She was born July 10, 1859. Children: 
(V.) Minnie Longenecker, born June 5, 1882. (VI.) 
Harry Longenecker, born May 28, 1885. (VI.) Anna 
Longenecker, born Oct. 1, 1888. 

V. Christian Longenecker, born Oct. 28, 1855; died 
Feb 27, 1856. 

V. Daniel Longenecker, born Jan. 7, 1858; died 
Mar. 11, 1863. 

V. John W. Lonsrenecker, born July 7, 1861. Mrd- 
Alice McBride. She was born Sept, 4, 1865. Chil. 
dren: (VI.) Elmer E. Longenecker, born July 6, 1883. 
(VI.) Amnion M. Longenecker, born Mar." 7, 1885. 
(VI.) Clayton M. Longenecker, born Sept. 1, 1887. 
(VI.) Jennie M. Longenecker, June 26, 1890. 

V. Joseph Longenecker, born July 5, 1863. S. 

V. Samuel Longenecker, born Apr. 15, 1865; died 
July 21, 1867. 

IV. Mary Longenecker, born — . Mrd. Joseph Fish- 
burn. Blacksmith. Mennonites. Children: (V.) Anna. 
(V.) Sarah. (V.) Reuben. (V.) Benjamin. (V.) John. 
(V.) Joseph. 

III. Elizabeth Longenecker, born — ; died — . Mrd. 
Christian Witmer, dec'd. No issue. 

— 523 — 

III. Veronica Longeriecker, born Apr. 8, L789; died 
Aug. 9, 1863. Mrd. Samuel Oberholtzer, in 1809. 
He was born Mar. 12, 1788; died Oct. 9, 1854. Far- 
mer. Mennonites. Children: John, Jacob, Samuel, 
Peter, Joseph, Christian, John, Elizabeth. 

IV. John Oberholtzer, born Jan. 15, 1811; died 
Sept. 10, 1815. 

IV. Jacob Oberholtzer, born Dec. 31, 1812. Mrd. 
Barbara Lehman, in Nov. 1855. Farmer in Lancaster 
Co., Pa. Children: Jacob, Samuel, Amanda, Lizzie 

V. Jacob Oberholtzer, born Oct. 3, 1856; died Nov. 
26, 1861. 

V. Samuel L. Oberholtzer, born July 12, 1859. Mrd. 
Minerva Weaver, Nov. 27, 1883. Farmer. One child: 
(VI.) Katie W. Oberholtzer, born Feb. 16, 1886. 

V. Amanda Oberholtzer, born Oct. 22, 1863. Mrd. 
Daniel B. Brubaker, Oct. 28,1884. Farmer. Children: 
(VI.) Jacob O. Brubaker, born Nov. 29, 1885. (VI.) 
John O. Brubaker, born June 20, 1890. 

V. Lizzie Oberholtzer, born Nov. 19, 1866. S. 

IV. Samuel Oberholtzer, born Sept. 8, 1815; died 
Aug. 28, 1824. 

IV. Peter Oberholtzer, born Apr. 4, 1818. Mrd. 
Fannie Witmer, Oct. 13, 1853. She was born Aug. 28. 
1833. Farmer. Mennonites. No issue. 

IV. Joseph Oberholtzer, born May 6, 1821; died 
Feb. 20, 1838. 

IV. Christian Oberholtzer, born Feb. 6, 1824; died 
Apr. 18, 1861. Mrd. Elizabeth Witmer, born Nov. 2, 
1848. She was born Apr. 13, 1827. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Abraham, Mary, Fannie, Elizabeth, 

V. Abraham Oberholtzer, born Oct. 7, 1849. Mrd. 
Sarah Doutrick, Oct. 3, 1871. She was born Jan. 17, 
1852. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Fannie 
Oberholtzer, born Jan. 18, 1875. (VI.) Abraham Ober- 
holtzer, born Mar. 3, 1876. (VI.) Franklin Oberholt- 
zer, born June 14, 1877. (VI.) Elizabeth Oberholtzer. 
born Nov. 28, 1879. (VI.) Christian Oberholtzer, born 
Oct. 12, 1881. (VI.) John Oberholtzer. born May 12, 
1884. (VI.) Mary Ann Oberholtzer, born Nov. 22, 

— 524 - - 

1886. (VI.) Eli Oberholtzer, bora Sept. 2, 1887. (VI.) 
Harry Oberholtzer, born June 25, 1890. 
V. Mary Oberholtzer, born Oct. 17, 1851; died Aug. 

V. Fannie Oberholtzer, born Apr. 27, 1854- died 
Nov. 7, 1878. Mrd. Amos Keener, Oct. 20, 1872 
larmer. Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Edwin Keener 
o^o^ }, 7 ,\ 18U ' (VL ) Harry Keener, born Dec' 

u ^ ^ ' Amos Keener, born Oct. 27, 1878. 

V. Elizabeth Oberholtzer, born Aug. 31, 1856. Mrd. 
Christian Shank, Dec. 25, 1877. Farmer. Mennonites 
-No issue. 

V. Christian Oberholtzer, born Apr. 27, 1859. Mrd 
Lizzie Ebersole, Jan. 22, 1882. She died Oct. 21, 
1885. Farmer. Ger. Baptist. Children: (VI.) Isaiah 
Oberholtzer, born May 11, 1883. (VI.) Mary Ober- 
holtzer, born Oct. 9, 1885. 

IV. John Oberholtzer, born May 3, 1827; died Mar. 
15, 1830. 

IV. Elizabeth L. Oberholtzer, born Apr. 24, 1832 
Mrd. Jacob Risser, Dec. 15, 1853. Farmer. Menno- 
nites. Children: Annie, Jacob, Elizabeth. 

V. Annie O. Risser, born Apr. 25, 1855. Mrd 
Samuel L. Miller, Oct. 15, 1874. He was bora Mar 
14, 1852. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Ed- 
win R. Miller, bora Dec. 3, 1875. (VI.) David R Mil- 
ler, born Sept, 27, 1877; died Sept. 15, 1879. (VI.) 
Jacob R. Miller, born Mav 28, 1879. (VI.) Samuel R 
Miller, born Jan. 26, 1881. (VI.) Lizzie R, Miller" 
born Dec. 9, 1882. (VI.) Emery R. Miller, born Feb.' 
21 1885. (VI.) Anna May R. 'Miller, born Sept. 17, 
1887. (VI.) Mary R. Miller, born Nov. 2, 1889. 

V. Jacob O. Risser, born July 30, 1857. Mrd. Cath- 
arine B. Horst, Dec. 1878. She was born Apr 22 
1859. Farmer. Mennonites. Children: (VI.) Amos 
H. Risser, born Oct. 31, 18S0. (VI.) John H. Risser, 
born *ov. 14, 1883; died Sept. 23. 1884. (VI.) Ada 
H. Risser, born Apr. 23, 1887. 

V. Elizabeth O. Risser, born Dec. 14, 1865. Mrd 
Jacob B. Brandt, Sept. 24, 1885. He was born Feb. 
fw.'^S 8 ' Farmer in Lebanon Co., Pa. One child: 
(VI.) Mary R. Brand, born Sept, 18, 1887. 

— 525 — 

III. Barbara Longenecker, born Nov. 4, 1792; died 
Mar. 24, 1861. Mrd. Isaac Eshelman, in 1821. Black- 
smith by trade and farmer. Ger. Baptists. Children: 
Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Henry, Abraham, John, David, 

IV. Joseph L. Eshelman, born Nov. 13, 1822; died 
Sept, 7, 1823. 

IV. Rev. Jacob L. Eshelman, born Feb. 1, 1824. 
Mrd. Adaline Shelly, Dec. 14, 1848. Farmer. Ger. 
Baptists. Ordained to the ministry in Sept. 1870, 
since which time he has served the Chiques ch. Chil- 
dren: Ann, Abraham, Elizabeth, Isaac, Barbara, 
Mary, Sarah, Jacob, Amos, Simeon, Henry, Ephraim, 
Herman, Isaac. 

V. Ann Mary Eshelman, born Sept. 29, 1849. S. 

V. Abraham* S. Eshelman, born Oct. 7, 1851. Mrd. 
Anna Roy, — . No issue. 

V. Elizabeth S. Eshelman, born Dec. 26, 1852. 
Mrd. Simeon L. Brandt—. (See Index of References 
No. 160.) ,. , T 

V. Isaac S. Eshelman born Oct. 30, 1853; died Jan. 

V. Barbara Eshelman, born Apr. 12, 1856. Mrd. 
Michael Shearer,—. Children: (VI.) Ephraim E. (VI.) 
Clayton E. (VI.) Minnie. (VI.) Jacob. (VI.) Dacy.^ 

V. Mary Magdalena Eshelman, born Nov. 30, 1857. 
Mrd. Christian Horst, One child: (VI.) Milton E. 

V. Sarah Eshelman, born Mar. 24, 1859; died Jan. 
4* 1863. __ . 

V. Jacob S. Eshelman, born Nov. 19, 1861. Mrd. 
Sue Weaver,—. One child: (VI.) Harris Eshelman. 

V. Amos S. Eshelman, born Sept, 9, 1863. S. (V.) 
Simeon Eshelman, born Dec. 7, 1864; died Jan. 30, 
1865. (V.) Henry S. Eshelman, born Feb. 25, 1866. S. 
(V.) Ephraim S. Eshelman, born Feb. 22, 1868. S. 
(V.) Herman S. Eshelman, born Dec. 4, 1870. (V.) 
Isaac S. Eshelman, born Feb. 28, 1872. • 

IV. Isaac L. Eshelman, born Dec. 17, 1825. Mrd. 
Maria Keiser, in 1849. She died in 1888. Farmer. 
Ger. Baptists. Children: John, B— , Annie, Catha- 

— 526 — 

V. John K. Eshelman, born May 19, 1850. Mrd. 
Lizzie Warner, Oct. 11, 1872. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. 
Children: (VI.) Nathan Eshelman, born Dec. 22, 1873. 
(VI.) John Eshelman, born Sept. 18, 1878. 

V. B. K. Eshelman, born Sept. 20, 1851. Mrd. Jane 
L. Pierce, June 16, 1878. Farmer. Ger. Baptist. 
Children: (VI.) Edwin Eshelman, born Aug. 13, 1881. 
(VI.) Clayton Eshelman, born Mar. 31, 1882. (VI.) 
Isaac Eshelman, bom Dec. 26, 1888. 

V. Annie Eshelman, born June 20, 1859. Mrd. John 
Gibble, Sept. 15, 1878. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. One 
child: (VI.) Isaac E. Gibble, born May 31, 1880; died 
Aug. 6, 1880. 

V. Catharine Eshelman, born July 9, 1862. Mrd. 
Nathan Zug, Nov. 6, 1881. Farmer. Ger. Baptist. 
Children: "(VI.) Tilghman E. Zug, born May 2, 1883. 
(VI.) Fannie E. Zug, born May 11, 1886. 

IV. Henry L. Eshelman, born May 5, 1828. Mrd. 
Anna Hoover, in 1855. Retired farmer. Ger. Baptists. 
Children: Joseph, Mary, Allen. 

V. Joseph H. Eshelman, born Dec. 8, 1855. Mrd. 
Lizzie K. Forney, in 1888. 

V. Mary Ann Eshelman, born Jan. 15, 1858. Mrd. 
Wm. S. McDannel, in 1878. 

V. Allen H. Eshelman, born Oct, 16, 1861. Mrd. 
Sarah Fletcher, in 1884. 

IV. Rev. Abraham L. Eshelman, born Nov. 30, 1830. 
Mrd. Anna H. Martin, daughter of David and Bar- 
bara (Hershey) Martin, Oct. 30, 1856. Retired farmer, 
and minister of the Ger. Baptist ch. Children: David, 
Isaac, Anna. 

V. David M. Eshelman, born July 20, 1858. Mrd. 
Annie M. B., daughter of Samuel B., and Catharine 
(Brinser) Kieffer, Nov. 28, 1880. 

V. Isaac M. Eshelman, born May 16, 1861; died 
Jan. 22, 1865. 

V. Anna M. Eshelman, born Aug. 1, 1871. 

IV. John L. Eshelman, born Jan. 31, 1833. Mrd. 
Barbara K. Witmer, Sept. 21, 1856. She was born 
Nov. 30, 1836. Farmer. Members of the " Old Breth- 
ren" ch. Children: Peter, Sarah, Samuel, Fannie, 
Isaac, Mary. 

— 527 — 

V. Peter W. Eshelman, born Jan. 20, 1857. Mrd. 
Barbara N. Shank, Sept. 25. 1885. Farmer. Members 
of the "Old Brethren" ch. One child: (VI.) Jacob 
Eshelman, born July 6, 1886. 

V. Sarah W. Eshelman, born July 6, 1859. Mrd. 
Daniel M. Eshelman, Sept. 28, 1884. Farmer. Mem- 
ber of the "Old Brethren" ch. One child: (VI.) Salome 
Eshelman, born July 10, 1889. 

V. Samuel W. Eshelman, born Dec. 19, 1862. S. 

V. Fannie W. Eshelman, born June 9, 1864. S. 

V. Isaac W. Eshelman, born Jan. 28, 1867. 

V. Mary W. Eshelman, born Feb. 16, 1869. 

IV. David L. Eshelman, born Oct. 5, 1835; died 
Mar. 19, 1836. 

IV. Peter L. Eshelman, born Sept, 22, 1839; died 
Feb. 8, 1810. 

III. Peter Longenecker, born July 12, 1795; died 
Sept. 26, 1882. Mrd. Catharine Eshelman, Nov. 4, 
1817. She was born May 27, 1798; died June 13, 1864. 
Carpenter. Members of the Ger. Baptist ch. Chil- 
dren: Susanna, Elizabeth, Barbara, George, Catharine, 
Mary, Anna, Veronica. 

IV. Susanna Longenecker, born Feb. 19, 1819; died 
Apr. 26, 1879. S. 

IV. Elizabeth Longenecker, born June 23, 1820; died 
May 18, 1880. S. 

IV. Barbara Longenecker (Twin) , born June 23, 1820 ; 

IV. George Longenecker, born Feb. 23, 1822; died 
Mar. 16, 1890. Mrd. Magdalena Hollinger, May 26, 
1842. She was born Dec. 27, 1824. Farmer. Ger. 
Baptists. Children: Catharine, John, Jacob, Peter. 

V. Catharine Longenecker, born May 11, 1844. Mrd. 
Elias Ebersole, Aug. 18, 1864. He was born Mar. 19, 
1840. Farmer. Ger. Baptists. Children: (VI.) Mag- 
gie Ebersole, born Jan. 28, 1865. S. (VI.) Henry C. 
Ebersole, born Sept. 1, 1866. S. (VI.) Allen Ebersole, 
born Feb. 5, 1868. S. (VI.) Emma Ebersole, born 
Sept. 1, 1869. S. (VI.) Jonas Ebersole, born Feb. 7, 
1871. S. (VI.) Lizzie Ebersole, born Aug. 3, 1872. 
Mrd. John A. Kieffer, June 28, 1890. (VI.) Susan 

— 528 - 

Ebersole, born June 15, 1874. (VI.) Amos Ebersole, 
born Jan. 2, 1876; died Jan. 17, 1876. (VI.) Isaac 
Ebersole, born Nov. 27, 1883. 

V. John Longenecker, born Nov. 15, 1817; died Nov. 
17, 1871. Farmer. Ger. Baptist. 

V. Rev. Jacob H, Longenecker, born Mar. 3, 1852. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Gibble, Nov. 3, 1872. She was born 
Nov. 15, 1850. Farmer and minister. He was con- 
verted in early life, and united with the Ger. Baptist 
ch. in 1868. In the fall of 1873 he was elected a Dea- 
con, and ordained to the ministry June 16, 1876. 
Children: (VI.) Amos Longenecker, born Nov. 5, 
1873. (VI.) Isaac Longenecker, born Sept. 25, 1875. 
(VI.) Lizzie Longenecker, born May 23, 1877. (VI.) 
George Longenecker, born Sept. 8, 1879. (VI.) Irwin 
Longenecker, born Sept. 15, 1881. (VI.) Noah Longe- 
necker, born Mar. 17, 1884. (VI.) Mamie Longe- 
necker, born Aug. 7, 1886. (VI.) Naomi Longenecker, 
born Dec. 11, 1888. 

V. Peter Longenecker, born June 20, 1856. Mrd. 
Lizzie Risser, May 14, 1876. Farmer. Ger. Baptist 
ch. Children: (VI.) Christian Longenecker, born 
June 14, 1877. (VI.) Minnie Longenecker, born Mar. 31, 
1882. (VI.) Clayton Longenecker, born July 14, 1884. 

IV. Catharine Longenecker, born Jan. 9, 1824; 
died — . 

IV. Mary Longenecker, born Aug. 6, 1826; died 
Oct. 10, 1854. S. 

IV. Anna Longenecker, born Dec. 18, 1828; died — . 

IV. Veronica Longenecker, born Sept. 19, 1832; 
died — . 


II. Jacob Fretz, born — ; died — ; rnrd. — . He lived 
in Tinicum Twp. , Bucks Co., and was buried in the 
vicinity of Coopersburg. His ancestry was for some 
time in doubt, and was supposed himself to have 
emigrated from Switzerland. But as he lived in Tini- 
cum township, Bucks Co. , the home of the ancestor, 
Christian Fretz, there is now not the least shadow of 
a doubt in the minds of the author and others that he 
was the son of "Tinicum Christian Fretz." There is 
an old family Bible, brought from Germany, now in 
the possession of his grandson, David Fretz's family, 
which was published at Basle, in 1720. It is bound in 
old style Boards and Leather, but unfortunately, it 
having gone through three fires and two freshets, all 
signs or semblance whereby the least letter could be 
made intelligible is obliterated. Otherwise it is in 
good condition. Jacob Fretz was a member of the 
Mennonite church. He had only one child, a son: 

III. Jacob Fretz, born in Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., 
Pa., Mar. 15, 1793; died Dec. 1, 1875. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Gehinan,— . She died Nov. 24, 1828. Children: 
Mary, Aaron, David. — Jacob mrd. for his second 
wife Elizabeth Driesbach, May 19, 1829. She died 
May 17, 1811. Children: James, Catharine, Matilda, 
Rebecca, Amanda. — Jacob mrd. for his third wife 
Elizabeth Keifer, in 1845. She died in 1854. He lived 

— 530 — 

in upper Saucon and Allen Twps., Northampton Co., 
Pa., and led a checkered life as farmer, stage driver 
and laborer. He was a member of the Ger. Ref., and 
later of the Ev. Ass. eh. 

IV. Mary Fretz, born July 17, 1821. Mrd. Daniel 
Ritter, Jan. 1, 1842. Retired. Members Ev. Ass. 
Children: Lavina, Sarah, Elizabeth, Amanda, Em- 
manuel, John, Drusilla, Matilda, Thomas, Jane, Wil- 
liam, Owen. 

V. Lavina Ritter, born Feb. 2, 1813. Mrd. Charles 
H. Seigfried, Jan. 12, 1862. Farmer at Nazareth, Pa. 
Members Ev. eh. Children: (VI.) Laura E. Seigfried, 
born Jan. 12, 1863. Mem. Ev. ch. S. (VI.) Mary R. 
Seigfried, born Mar. 15, 1866. Mem. Ev. ch. S. (VI.) 
Albert R. Seigfried, born Dec. 3, 1868. Mem. Ev. ch. 
S. (VI.) Cora L. Seigfried, born June 1, 1870. Mrd. 
Edward Sebrin<r, Jan. 12, 1888. Members Ev. ch. 
P. O., Scranton, Pa. (VI.) Calvin F. Seigfreid, born 
May 22, 1872. Farmer. Mem. Ev. eh. (VI.) Clyde H. 
Seigfried, born Apr. 1, 1871. (VI.) Charles W. Seig- 
fried, born Aug. 15, 1876. (VI.) Esther J. Seigfried, 
born July 25, 1879. (VI.) Paul D. Seigfried, born 
May 17, 1887. 

V. Sarah Ritter, born — . Mrd. John Nonnemaeher, — . 

V. Elizabeth Ritter, born—. Mrd. — Hott'ord,— ; 
died — . No issue. 

V. Amanda Ritter, born — . Mrd. -- Kcehler, — . 
He died — . 

V. Emanuel Ritter, born Mar. 12, 1819. Mrd. Ellen 
D. Shafer,June 30, 1871. Butcher at Easton, Pa. 
Members of Ev. ch. Children: (VI.) Lavina Matilda 
Ritter, born Mar. 16, 1872; died Aug. 7, 1872. (VI.) 
Harry Daniel Ritter, born Aug. 15, 1871. (VI.) Edwin 
Franklin Ritter, born Aug. 1, 1876. (VI.) Emanuel 
Ritter, born Aug. 21, 1881; died Mar. 13, 1882. (VI.) 
Preston Eugene Ritter, born Feb. 1, 1884. (VI.) 
Emma Delila Ritter, born Feb. 13, 1886. (VI.) Jennie 
May Ritter, born Sept. 19, 1888. 

V. John Ritter, born — . 

V. Drusilla Ritter; died—. Mrd. Milton Koch,—. 

— 531 — 

V. Matilda Ritter. Mrd. August Koehler,— . 

V. Thomas Ritter, bora Dec. 22, 1856. Mrd. Lina 
J. M. Mosebach, Jan. 19, 1878. Policeman at Beth- 
lehem. Members Ev. ch. Children: (VI.) Nellie E. A. 
Ritter, born Dec. 3, 1878. (VI.) Clinton T. Ritter, 
born Nov. 18, 1880; died Sept. 6, 1881. (VI.) Matilda 
M. Ritter, born Aug. 25, 1882. (VI.) Jennie S. L. 
Ritter, born Nov. 15, 1884; died June 9, 1886. (VI.) 
Flora J. Ritter, bora Mar. 31, 1887. 

V. Jane Ritter. Mrd. Aaron Bartholomew. 

V. William Ritter, born June 8, 1861. Mrd. Sarah 
Danner, Apr. 28, 1883. Farmer. Member Ev. ch. 
Children: (VI.) Carrie E. Ritter, born Aug. 18, 1883. 
(VI.) Flora M. Ritter, born Dec. 28, 1886. (VI.) Annie 
M. Ritter, born Sept. 9, 1887. 

V. Owen Ritter, born Oct. 8, 1862. Railroading. 
Member Ev. ch. S. 

IV. Aaron Fretz, born Aug. 17, 1823. Mrd. Sarah 
Holy, Nov. 19, 1812. Farmer near Kreidersville, Pa. 
Members Ev. Ass. Children: William, Amanda. 
Calvin, John, Alvesta, Wesley. 

V. William H. Fretz, born Aug. 27, 1813. Mrd. 
Lizzie Getz. She died — . He mrd. for his second 
wife Jennie Craig. Butcher at Wellsboro, Pa. 
Episcopalian. Children: (VI.) Emma. (VI.) Frank. 
(VI.) George. (VI.) Wesley. (VI.) Milton. (VI.) Fannie. 

V. Amanda Fretz, born June 5, 1817. Mrd. William 
Graver, — . Farmer. Members Ev. Ass. Children: 
(VI.) Ida. (VI.) Harvey. (VI.) George. (VI.) Charles. 
(VI.) Lizzie. (VI.) Ella. (VI.) Daisy. (VI.) William. 
All single. 

V. Calvin Fretz, born Mar. 28, 1852; died in 1853. 

V. John Fretz, born Nov. 17, 1855; died May 24, 
1877. Mrd. Hattie Decker, Dec. 30, 1874. Butcher. 
Methodists. Children: (VI.) Alvesta Fretz, born May 
2, 1876. (VI.) John W. Fretz, born Dec, 10, 1879. 

V. Alvesta Fretz, born Oct. 14, 1857. Mrd. B. O. 
Snyder, Sept. 28, 1882. Resides in Allentown, Pa. 
Members Ev. ch. They had one child, bora Feb. 4, 
1885; died next day. 

— 532 — 

V. Wesley H. Fretz, born May 9, 1862; died Fell. 3, 
1889. Mrd. Laura Frantz, Mar. 18, 1882. Clerk. 
Members Ev. eh. Children: (VI.) Howard Fretz. (VI.) 
Charles Fretz. 

IV. David Fretz, born in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 24, 
1825; died Nov. 26, 1883. Mrd. Susie, daughter of 
John P. Beil, Jan. 1, 1852.— David Fretz was one of 
the best known citizens of the Western end of the 
county in which he lived and died. His father came 
from Bucks Co., when David was yet a small boy, 
and settled in Allen Twp., Northampton Co., where 
the family has since resided. David's first employ- 
ment from home was on the farm of the deceased 
John P. Beil, whose daughter he afterwards married, 
and who with their five children survive to mourn the 
demise of the respected husband and father. When 
not yet of age he entered the Mercantile establish- 
ment of Joseph and Samuel Laubach, and with the 
exception of a very short time spent at Fullerton, as 
Superintendent of the Rolling Mill at that place, and 
the last five years of his life spent with no regular 
occupation, he passed his lifetime connected with the 
firm above mentioned; and no fact can be mentioned, 
or words said that will convey more forcibly the in- 
tegrity of character and devotion to the interests of 
others that characterized him, than the fact that he 
spent almost forty years with the same people. Mr. 
Fretz served as School director two terms, and be it 
said to his honor, his ideas were far beyond the pre- 
vailing sentiment of his time, and it was always a 
regret with him that he con Id not advance educational 
matters with the rapidity that he wished. The schools 
of his township owe very much to his efforts. For 
sixteen years he was president of the Hokendauqua 
Bridge Company, serving in that capacity at the time 
of his death, and was "a director of the company 
almost from its foundation. He was a member of the 
Reformed eh. at Howertown, of which he was also an 
Elder. His activity in religious, political, and busi- 
ness matters made him known to a large circle of 
friends, and his unostentatious ways, and many kind 
acts during his life caused pangs of regret to very 

— 533 — 

many on the occasion of his death. Such men when 
they die are a public loss. Children: Alvin, William, 
Mary, Peter, Emma, Clara, Alice, Thomas, David. 

V. Alvin L. Fretz, born Oct. 22, 1853. Mrd. Mary 
Troutfellow, Apr. 27, 1878. Paper-maker, at Bloom- 
field, N. J. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Mary S. Fretz, 
born July 15, 1882. (VI.) Anna H. Fretz, born Jan. 
26, 1885.' (VI.) John C. Fretz, born Aug. 11, 1886. 

V. William H. Fretz, born Sept. 27, 1854; died Oct. 
9, 1854. 

V. Mary J. Fretz, born Jan. 19, 1856. Mrd. Geo. 
H. Schaden. Apr. 16, 1878. Farmer in Northampton 
Co., Pa. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Attie J. Schaden, 
born Aui>-. 24, 1878. (VI.) Mabel C. Schaden, born 
Dec. 28, 1880. (VI.) George E. Schaden, born Apr. 
21, 1SS7. 

V. Peter J. Fretz. horn Apr. 1, 1858. Mrd. Marga- 
ret Williams, June 14, 1883. Station Agent of the 
L. V. R. R, Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Susan Fretz, 
born June 12, 1884. (VI.) John Fretz, born Nov. 30, 

V. Emma A. Fretz, born July 8, 1859. Ger. Ref. 

V. Clara Louisa Fretz, born Jan. 7, 1861; died Sept. 
9, 1880. Mrd. Alfred Spangler, Sept. 25, 1879. Ger. 
Ref. ch. No issue. 

V. Alice S. Fretz, born Apr. 26, 1863; died May 27, 
1879. Ger. Ref. 

V. Thomas J. Fretz, born Au<*. 5, 1865. Mrd. Mary 
J. Rueter, Oct. 29, 1887. Clerk at Allentown, Pa. 
Ger. Ref. One child: (VI.) Bessie R. Fretz, born 
Mar. 25, 1888. 

V. David O. Fretz, born Sept. 27, 1867; died Oct. 
26, 1867. 

IV. James Fretz, born Apr. 1, 1830. Mrd. Caroline 
Grube, Feb. 2, 1851. Teamster: resides in Allen- 
town, Pa. Lutherans. Children: Mary, Josiah, Eliza, 
Rosa, James. Maggie, Preston, Emma, Ida, Ella, 

V. Mary Ann Elizabeth Fretz, born Jan. 10, 1852; 
died May 10, 1881, Mrd. Alfred Dietrich, in 1873. 

— 534 — 

Lutherans. Children: (VI.) Arabella Dietrich. (VI.) 
George Dietrich, died. (VI.) Hattie Dietrich. (VI.) 
Edward Dietrich. (VI.) Marriam Dietrich. (VI.) Al- 
bert Dietrich, died. 

V. Josiah Herman Fretz, born Dec. 20, 1855. Mrd. 
Emma Rice, in 1881; divorced in 1885. Mrd. Mary 
German in 1887. Lutherans. 

V. Eliza Ann Jane Fretz, born Jan. 6, 1858; died 
Jan. 10, 1871. 

V. Rosa Ann Alice Fretz, born Nov. 2, 1860. Mrd. 
Franklin Store, in 1875—. Lutherans. Children: 
(VI.) Mary E., DecU, (VI.) Albert J., (VI.) Ella M. 
(VI.) Laura C, (VI.) Solomon H., (VI.) Charles, (VI.) 
Howard F. 

V. Jas. Jacob Henry Fretz, born Dec. 1, 1861; died 
Mar. 4, 1865. 

V. Maggie Catharine L. Fretz, bora May 22, 1864; 
died Jan. 8, 1871. 

V. Preston Eugene Fretz, born July 1, 1866. Mrd. 
Sarah J. Savatz, in 1887. Lutherans. Children: (VI.) 
James M., (VI.) Henry H. 

V. Emma M. Priscilla Fretz, born Dec. 31, 1868; 
died June 3, 1887. 

V. Ida Sarah Fretz, born Sept. 10. 1871. Mrd. 
Oscar G. Graver, in 1887. Lutheran. One child: 
(VI.) James W. H. Grayer. 

V. Ella Anna Cora Fretz, born Jan. 20, 1874. Lu- 

V. Carrie Catharine Fretz, born Aug. 11, 1876. Lu- 

IV. Catharine Fretz, born Jan. 3, 1833. Mrd. Jacob 
Kratzer, Sept. 10, 1850. Farmer. Ger. Ref. ch, 
Children: Isaiah, Sarah, Margaret, Theodore, Eliza- 
beth, Mary, E— , Oril, Cora, Bertha. 

V. Isaiah Kratzer, born Aug. 17, 1851. Mrd. Minnie 
E. Henry, Nov. 16, 1880. Farmer in Clarion Co., 
Pa. Presbyterians, Children: (VI.) Etha Alice 
Kratzer, born Sept, 25, 1881. (VI.) Orwilla Ross 
Kratzer, horn Jan.' 23, 1884. (VI.) James M. Mc- 
Curdy Kratzer, bprn Mar. 21, 1887. 

— 535 — 

V. Sarah E. Kratzer, born June 6, 1853. Mrd. 
Henry Walters, Sept. 7, 1871. Farmer in Clarion Co., 
Pa. Ger. Ref. Children: (VI.) Frank W. Walters, 
born Jan. 28, 1872. (VI.) Bertha D. Walters, born 
Mar. 11, 1875. (VI.) Ella B. Walters, bom Nov. 17, 
1877. (VI.) Harry H. Walters,