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Full text of "A brief record of events in Exeter, N.H. during the year 1861, together with the names of the soldiers of this town in the war"

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W _A. R< 


Oitinei eodem cogimur.— Hor. 



18 62. 


EXETEE 1803 

n r M a — II li r i W IMM-M- -^ " J -'— - ■ "" ■■*•»■- 1-^-^.*— ■ »■»■■ ■ - —i— »**■ 


Nason, Elias, 1811-1887. 


A brief record of events in Exeter, X. H. during the year 

18G1: together with the names of the soldiers of this town in 

the war. By Rev. Elias Xason ... Exeter, Fej^iSr-F^Herwesj 

WtWiPrinted oy Sanrael Kail, 1862. 

1. Exeter, N. II— Hist. 

Library of Congress ( / F44.E9N2 
R7Pl „#-»l? K,l l 

S— 699 


As the year 1SC1 will be ever memorable on account of the 
most stupendous and wicked rebellion the world has ever 
known ; and as every correct history of the country must de- 
rive its sources in a measure from the current events of the in- 
dividual towns which go to make up the country, I have thought 
proper to select from my Daily Journal a few brief memo- 
randa relating to Exeter, and to embody them; together with 
the names of our gallant soldiers ; in this little brochure which 
I take the liberty to present as a 2?ew Year's Offering to our 
patriotic and worthy citizens. 

[N. B. Meteorological observations were taken for the 
Smithsonian Institute at 7 A. M. and at 2 and 9 P. M. Only 
the maximum and minimum of the Barometer and Thermome- 
ter for each month are given.] 



EXETER 1861. 

The town of Exeter -was settled by the Rev. Jolui Wheel- 
wright and others in 1638, and now contains 3269 inhabitants. 
Eat 42.53 X. long. 70.55 W., time W. 4 h. 43 ni. 40 s. dis- 
tance from Washington 474 miles. 

Jaxuary, 1861. 

1. Cloudy morninii ; but the sun soon shows itself and " Hap- 
py new year !" is ringing from every lip. 

3. Severe snow storm during the day. — 4. National fast. 

4. Mr.' H. P. Flower and A. M. Bryant, married. 

5. Mr Moses II. Stickney and Miss Harriet N. Barker marri- 

ed. Also Mr. John Codman and Miss Nancv White. 

8. S. J. Court in session. Severe snow storm. Trees beau- 

tifully tinged with golden hues at sunset. 

9. Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, wife of Thos. E. Fifield dies, aged 

44 1-3 years. 
10. High winds last night. — 11. Fair, but very cold. 
.12. Mr. Eugene Thurston and Lydia E. Jones married. 

13. Tlier. — 17. at 7 a. m. and very cold through the day. 

14. Mr. Beuben Swain dies aged 73. 

15. Mrs. Sally Marden dies, aged 89. Dr. George W. Dear- 

born's store robbed of watches, jewelry, &c, to the 
amount of SI 15. 
19. Ear. 30.80 at 7 a. m. Ther. 34. at 2. r. m. 
21. Trees overladen with snow and ice. Scenery beautiful 

■ Rev. Mr. Taylor lectures on Eondon. 
23. Mr. Alvan White, powder manufacturer, dies, rvrd TiO. 
23. lne celebrated Farmer will case now before the court. 
29. Bcnj. M. ttftlby, Esq. and Miss Elizabeth I). Robinson 

February — 
1- Opens beautifully : cloudy in r. m. : snows at night. 
S. Mr. Joseph Janvrin and Mrs. Anna B. Davenport married. 
1. Bar. 30.80 at 7 a. m. 


Febrcart, 1861. 

7. Bar. 29.10 at 2 p. m. A sudden snow tempest about 3 p. jj. 

Sun sets clear. 

8. Ther.— 24. at 7 a. Jf. Wind W. and sky clear. Averag* 

temperature of the day — 17 1-3. 

11. Ther. 54. at 2 p. m. — 13. Beautifully clear morning. ' 

15. Rain all day, with thunder and lightning about 6 p. M. 

16. Weather clear and beautiful. 

17. Lucian B. Robie dies, aged 5 7 1-2 years. 

18. Students in the Academy contribute nearly $70 in aid of 

sufferers by famine in Kansas. 

19. Bar. 30.80 at 7 a. m. — 20. Snow and rain. 

21. Trees covered with snow and ico; W. S. Abbott, Esq. de- 

livers a lecture on " Education " at the Town Hall. Barn 
of Mr. J. J. Wiggin, destroyed by fire about 11 r. M. 

22. Mr. Samuel Hatch, of Cass street, dies aged 86. A large 

and beautiful paraselene at 9 p. M. 

23. Mrs. Mary Hatch, wife of the preceding, dies, aged 83 years 

11 months. They had lived together 64 years. 

25. Trees sparkling with crystals. 

27. Beautiful Aurora Borealis at 7 p. M. House of Col. Robert 

Means much injured by fire. 
March — * 

J. Rains. 

2. High School examined and appears well. The bluebird 
[amphclis sialis~] is heard. Mrs. Abby P. Porter dies, 
aged 43. Infant daughter of J. Atherton dies acred 2 yrs. 
.3. Ther. 63. at 2 p. m. Mr. G. C. Tuttle and S. Cutts in. * 

4. Bells rung and National salute fired for the inauguration qf 

Abraham Lincoln as President ot the United States. 

5. Magnificent golden clouds at sunset. Francis O. French, 

Esq. and Miss Ellen Tuck married. 

6. Mrs. Miriam D. James dies suddenly aged 40. 

S. Ther. 1. at 7 a. 3t. Bar. 30.50 at 7 r. m. Wind N. W. 
Clear. Leverett Saltonstall, lectures in the Town Hall 
on the Questions of the day. — 10. Bar, 29.20 at 7 r. ai. 

12. Annual Election. W. B. 'Morrill, Esq., Mod'r. Natk'l 

Shute. Joseph D. Wadleigh and Josiah J. Folsom chosen 
Selectmen. William II. Belknap, Town Clerk. 397 votes 
are cast for Berry and 182 for Stark. J. Conner, Moses 
.N. Collins & C. Burloy are ciecteil Representatives. 

16. Snow about 9 inches deep and much drifted. P. M. fair. 

19, Annual examination of Phillips E. Academy which appears 
to be in a very prosperous condition. 

21. Violent snow storm in the afternoon anil through the night. 

23. Ba.-s (lalrax lineal us) taken from the river in large quan- 
tities— 24 . Pleasant. 

26. Robins and bluebirds singin" ficelv. 


March, 1861. 

27. A bass weighing 27 lbs. is taken from the river. Rocking- 

ham Co. Bible Society, formed. Gov. I. Goodwin Pres't. 

28. A splendid sunrise. Find a dandelion (Icontodon taraxa- 

cum) in blossom on the margin of the river below the 
falls. An elegant Bible is presented to the "Star of the 
East" Lodge of Masons. Win. B. Morrill, Esq. is ap- 
pointed Post Master vice Daniel Melcher, Esq. Mr. Jas. 
Roach and Ann Hughes m. 
Amir, — 
1. Bar. 30.51 at 7 a. m. A flock of wild geese flies south- 
ward. Cloudy. — 2. Furious snow storm all day. 

3. Ther. 1*. at 9 p. >r. 

4. James Dwiijht Nason dies, acred 20 years 5 months. 
7. Mrs. Ruth Purinton dies, aized 70. 

H. Schools in District No. 1 commence their session. The 
" Dido " arrives. A boy named McNamara is severely 
injured by the elevator in the factory. 

9. S. J. Court sits, Jnd^e Bellows presiding. 

10. Mr. Richard Dow dies, aged 77. The blackbird (T. merit- 

la) appears. Mr. M. S. Holmes and C. Kimball m. 

11. Fast day. Services in the churches. Splendid Aurora 

Borealis at 9 1-2 p. m. 

12. Earth worms make their appearance. 

13. Mr. E. O. Randall and C. Kelly m. 

15. The elm is in blossom and frogs are heard. 

1G. Rain and snow. 

17. Bar. 29.0^ at 2 r. ST. Wind W. stormy weather. 

IS. The Trading Arbutus (Epigcrc, repensj appears in bloom. 

19. Great excitement in town in reference to the attack on 

Fort Sumter. Mr. P. Broderick and C. Curtin m. • 

20. Academy students hoist a flag and fire 32 guns. " Ducit 

amor Patriae." 

22. A grand mass meeting, in respect to the war, at the Town 

Hall, Hon. C. II. Bell, presiding. Many Patriotic speeches 
made and money pledged for the support of soldiers. 

23. Infant child of N. Swasey, Jr. dies. Ther. GG. at 2 r. m. 

24. The Granite State Bank tender a loan of $20, 000 to the 

State of N. H. for military purposes. Rockingham Co. 

Agr'l Soc. decide not to hold a Fair the ensuing autumn. 

Ladies of Exeter meet at fuiui Hall to make clothing 

for the soldiers. They form a Societv and choose Mrs. 

E. S. Cobbs president. Rev. Mr. Lanphear repeats his 

sermon on the war at the Town Hall. 
26. Jefferson Davis hung in efligy. Houstonia cerulca in bloom. 
2x. Mr. E. J. Conner catches in his wicr two line shad, the 

first of the season. Rain storm. 


May, 1S61. 
1. Fair May Day. — A few llowers in bloom. 

3. Mr. John II. Thing ploughs up a silver lever watch in good 

state of preservation after a burial of 9 years. 

4. Ther. 29. at 9 P. M. 

5. James E. C. Sawyer of the Academy departs for the war. 
9. Swallows appear. Voted in a leaal Town Meeting to raise 

a sum not over $5,000 for the benefit of soldiers and their 
families. Mr. Loring Newton and Miss Alineda Kimball 
10. Mrs. Almira B. Prcscott dies, aged 38. A beautiful para- 
helion at 5 r. it. 

12. Fifty men or so are now drilling under Chas. II. Bell, Esq. 

13. Citizens meet to form a " Home Guard," and choose Gen'l 

Andrew Chase as drill olficer. Mr. James Foboin dies, 
aged 75 yrs. 5 1-2 mos. 

15. Currants and strawberries in bloom. The 3d Maine Regt. 

passes through town. A large company assemble at the 
depot and a salute is fired. 

16. The bobolink (D. orizyeorus) is heard. The Exeter Cor- 

net Band give an excellent Concert at the Town Hall. 

IS. Mr. John M. Mallon, volunteer, and Miss Mary J. Smith 

19. Minnie M. Fifield dies, aged 3 yr?. 7 mos. Rev. Mr. Na- 
son preaches a sermon to the Volunteers on Psalm 20 : 5. 

21. Mr. Samuel Caban dies suddenly, aged 61 yrs. 4 mos. The 
whippoor-will (C. vociferus) is heard. 

23. Bar. 30.i>0 at 9 p.m. 

25. Ladies present many articles of clothing to our volunteers, 
who leave for Portsmouth, attended by the Band, to join 
2d N. II. Regt. — 27. Bar. 29.20 at 2 p. m. Rain storm. 

28. Appletree in bloom. Plum and cherry trees do not blos- 
som at all. 

30. Mr. Dennis Cokely's house and barn burned. Insured 
$350. It rained fourteen times in May. 


1. Beautiful morning ; and very warm day. Com. J. C. Long 

raises a spendid flasj. 

2. Bar. 30.27 at 9 p. M„ and wind E. Cloudy. Rev. Charles 

Newhall becomes Pastor of the Elm St. Church. Mr. 
George G. Taylor dies, aged 22. 

3. Hon. Gilman Marston enters on his duties as Col. of the 2d 

N. II. Regiment. 

6. Ther. 50. at 7 a. m. Rain storm. Frank E. Bachelder 

dies, aged 6 years. 

7. Maine 3d Regt passes through town and receives a colla- 

tion from our citizens. The Academy Cadets drill un- 
der commaud of Mr. Dubois and make a tine appearance. 


Junf., 1861. 

10. Citizens present a sword and other equipments to Col. G. 


11. Rockingham Co. Conf. of churches meet here. Willie 

Senior dies, aged 8 yrs. The It. Co. Temp. Soc. meets. 
Exeter Cornet Band serenade the citizens in the eveni ng. 
A new Catalogue of the Town Library is published. No. 
of Vols. abouUJOOO. 

13. Albert Andrew* dies, aged 4G. Beautiful Aurora Boreal is 

at 9 r. m. 

14. Members of II. School preseut Bible, pistol, etc. to Charles 

F. Smith, leaving for the war. Equipments are also pre- 
sented to Lieut. W. H. Smith. 

17. U. S. Dist. Court sits, Judge. Harvey presiding. 

18. S J. Court sits. Justice S. D. Bell presiding. Lieut. 

Wm. II. Smith and AJiss Susie Littlefield married. 

20. Mr. Joel Lane dies, aged t!9 yrs. 10 mos. Many citizens 

visit Boston to witness the departure of the 2d N. II. Regt. 

21. Mr. G. II. Rundlett and Mrs. E. A. Robinson married. 

22. A gold watch and clothes are stolen from Messrs. Carpen- 

ter & Irons while bathing. Mr. Nason delivers a lecture 
on "National Music," at the Town Hall, the band at- 
tending and performing our national airs. 

23. A storehouse of the Exeter Man'g Co. burned at 10 P. jr. 
2j. Morris Bros., Bell &. Trowbridge give a concert at T. Hall. 
20. A Maine Regt. receives a collation from our citizens at the 

depot. Mr. Theophilus Smith dies aaed 80. Luella, in- 
fant child of Mr. J. Weeks, dies. Bar. 29.20 at 2 p. M. 
Wind S. West. 

27. Steamboat " Clipper" arrives. 

29. Mr. Alfred C. Smith, printer, dies, aged 24. Schools in 1 
Districts 1 and 2 close. 

July — 

1. A very brilliant comet seen at 9 p. M., tail about 90 deg> 

long. Eair weather from June 8th to July 2d. 

2. Ther. 57 at 7 r. m. A refreshing rain falls. Mr. J. M. 

Head's child buried. Miss C. A. Jacobs gives readings 
in poetry. &c. 

3. Strawberries are plentiful ; but no plums or cherries here, 

or elsewhere in the vicinity. 

4. Fair find warm. Gunpowder freely expended. Sab. School 

of the 1st Cong. Soc'y celebrate" the clay with speeches, 
music, &.c, in the grove near the depot. The Elm St. 
Baptist Soc. also have a pleasant picnic by the river. 

7. Elder Edwin Burnham preaches at the Town Hall. Com- 

et very brilliant in Ursa Major. 

8. Tiicr. 92 at 1 r. m. Fair. Wind West. 


Jur.T, 1801. 
9. Examination of the Academy anil iom« thirty students 
leave tor college. Sudden thunder {just at 5 p. m. 

1U. Probate Court sits. The pupils of Miss Bell's School con- 
tribute §14. to the Ladies' Aid Sue. Beach parties nu- 
merous. Mr. Timothy Wentworth and Miss Adelia A. 
Sibley married. 

11. Comet moving south. Pyrola unijlora ("rare) in bloom. 

beautiful thunder clouds at sunset — rays extending 50de". 
in ail directions. 

12. Miss Hannah Colcord dies, aged 84. Infant child of Mr. 

Geo. Ellison dies, 6 mos. old. 

14. Bar. 30.15 at 7 a. m. Cloudy and rain. Mr. Wm. G. Cate 
and Miss Data J.Lang married. 

18. Business is remarkably dull. Carriage and cotton manu- 
facturing have nearly ceased. 

20. Bar. 29.60 at 2 p. m. "Wind S. W. Mrs. Mary York dies, 

aged 73 yrs. Showers in p. m. Mr. John" E. Wilbur 
opens a recruiting olhce at the Town Hall. Schooner 
" Northern Warrior," Capt. Kent arrives. 

21. Fair. Col. G. Marston wounded in the right arm at the 

battle of " Bull Bun.*' Wm. H. Morrill also wounded in 
the hand. E. L. Tebbetts taken prisoner. 

22. Great excitement on account of the recent battle in which 

a number of our soldiers were engaged. A clear dav — 

most of the ministers and teachers absent. 
27. Remarkably beautiful and quiet day. General topic of 

conversation— -Wai: ! 
27, Bains in a. m. Thunder and lightning at ni^ht. 
30. A daughter of Mr Bock dies aged 8 years. The old hoard 

of ollicers of the E. Manufg Co. re-elected. 
August — 
1. Party of 1G Exeter boys encamp at Hampton Beach. The 

" army worm " in great numbers appears suddenly in Mr. 

Gilman's tield. Very little secession sentiment in Exeter. 

3. Ther. SG. at 2. p. M. Fair and wind west. 

4. Ella Adams dies suddenly, aged 14. 

5. A great war meeting at the Town Hall. An account of the 

battle of " Bull Run " given. 

7. Town vote to pay a sum not exceeding $15 per week to 

the lamihcs oi soldiers enii^ted. 

8. Mrs. Margaret Mason dies, aged 46. Capt. Wilbur's Com- 

pany leave for Concord, to join N. II. 3d Rcgt. A Gas 
company organized and stock taken. 

9. Mr. Jesse Robinson dies, aged 72 yrs. 5 mos. 

10. Bar. 21.L70 at 9, v. M. Showery. Blue berries abundant — 
8 cts. per qt. 


XuGt'ST, 1861. 

12. Ther. 53. at 9 P. M. Fair. Schools in District No. 1, com- 


13. Heavy rain all day 1 . 

14. Ditto. R. Mu. Fire Ins. Cd. meet and choose Directors. 

15. Col. G. Marston, suffering from his wound; returns to town. 

, Great fears for the safety of Washington; 

18. Elder Burn ham preaches in T. Hall. Beautiful Cirrus 

clouds in the p. m. Mr. Chas. H. Folsoin and Miss Mary 
A. Sutton married. 

19. Schools Dist. No. 1 & 2, commence. 

21. The lads of the High School and their teachers visit Hamp- 

ton Beach. Bar. 30.35 at 7 p. m. Fair. Mr". Gilman Bar- 
ker has 15 sheep killed by a dog' about this time. 

22. Messrs.- Conners' Fish and Meat market entered by burg- 

lars. Mr. Benj. Swain appointed Police officer, vice, 
J. A. Fogg. Mr. R. Carter is recruit'g for the 4th Regt. 

23. Maine 7th Reg. passes through town for the seat of war in 

fifteen passenger cars. Soldiers of Co. D return from 
Concord on a furlough. 

24; The " army worm" disappears. Mr. T. Moses in his 95th 
year visits the town. 

2$. Rev. N. Hooper is called to the 1st Baptist church. 

27. Miss Ellen Fellowes dies, aged 19 1-2 years. A boy 4 or 5' 
yrs. old, has his arm broken by the cars. Patrick Gilroy 
takes a turtle near the Ox-bow, weighing 26 lbs ; 13 in- 
ches loDg. Rev. Dr. Hitchcock visits this town. 

30. Southern corn is selling at SI 25 per baj. 

31. Fair; and so the weather has been since the 22d. L. ear-' 

dinalis, Indian pipe (monotropa) etc. in bloom. 
September — 
1. Mr. J. B. Wadleigh, late conductor on the B. & M. R/ 
R. dies, aged 4 7 1-2 yrs. Mr. John Marsh and wife are 
burned to death. 
3. B. W. Cram and James Jack escape from jail. The form- 
er is retaken. N. K. Leavitt, Esq., is appointed Jail- 
keeper, vice John S. Brown, Esq., resigned. 
9. There are now 110 Students at the Academy. 
7. Armenia C. Stacy dies, aged 12 1-3 yrs. Charming day. 
11. A refrp*bin<r rain occurs after a lon^ drouth. Mr. Feler 
Leighton digs up a thimble in the rear of " Squamscott 
House," marked 1772. 
13. Lovely moonlight evening. Many social parties in town at 

this season.— 15. Ther. 79 1-2. at 2 p. m. Fair. 
15. Miss Abigail Parks dies, nged 73. 

20. John E. Lyford dies aged 10 mos. Fruit of every kind 
very scarce. Corn and potato harvest abundant. 


Septemi*.f.r, 1861. 

22. Sch'r " Caroline " arrives with gaspipe from Philadelphia. 

Coal is selling at >0.50 per ton. Rainy day. 

23. Mr. Lewis Mitchell dies suddenly, aged about GO. Ladie9 

meet for supplying clothing to the soldiers. 

24. Wm. N. Tilton dies aged 48. N. Swasey, Jr. dies,agcd 30 yrs 

5 mos. Maine 9th Keg. Col. Rich, passes through town. 

25. Ther. 47. at 7 p. m. Fair. 

26. Edward Bachelder wounded in the arm by premature dis- 

charge of a gun. National Fast. .Well observed, most of 
the stores closed and service in the churches. Mr. J. 
Swasey badly kicked in the face by a horse. 

28. Bar. 29.51 at 7 a.m. Fair Wind west. Mrs. Hannah P. Fogg 

dies aged 75. Mr. Edward C. Towle and Mary J. Vau- 
dusee married at or near this date. 

29. The churches take up a contribution for the hospitals at 

Washington ; in all about £90. Capt. Edw. Ludington is 
recruiting at the Squamscott House tor L T . S. A. 

30.. Bar. 30.50 at 2. P. si. Fair. Mr. D. VV. Dowries begins a 
Singing School. Mr. N. Loud"s house entered by bur- 
glars. Ladies of Hampton send 33.65 to r.xeter ladies 
for the soldiers. 

October — 

1. Horace E. Pitman dies, aued 2 years 21- days. A pleasant 

tea party at the Town Hall, for benefit of the. hospitals at 
Washington. About S^'IO realized. 

2. Ther. 69. at 2 p. M. Fair. 

S. N. A. Shute, Esq. and Miss Ellen M. Holhrook married. 

4. A circus in town. ]\'ot largely patronized. 

5. Rainy day. Col. Marston leaves for Washington. 

6. Mr. Jeremiah Sanborn dies, aged 71. 

8. U. S. D. Court sits, Judge Harvey presiding. 

9. Beautiful p. M. Yarrow, St. Johnawort, (/■/. perforatum) 

red clover, etc. still in bloom. 
10. Leaves of the maple beautifully tinted — some of a pale gold- 
en hue with rich crimson ed^es ; why ? — 11. Rain storm. 
14. Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Blake dies, a^ed 26 yrs. ft mos. Ripe 
, raspberries and strawberries gathered from Air. N. Week's 

garden. The Gas Co. are laying down pipes for the gas ; 
about fifty men employed. 

17. Ladies send a large box of articles, blankets, bandages, 

books, etc., etc., to the Hospital at Washington. 

18. An alarm of fire at ni^ht from an old hoiue below the fac- 

tory. Mr. D. VV. Stevens holds a cattle market near Mr. 
Mc. Duffie's. 

19. Rain. The Peake Family Bell Ringers givf a Concert 

at Town Hall. 


October, 18G1. 

21. The first frost of the season occurred last night. Battle at 

Ball's Bluff. Valentine A. Pickering killed. 

22. Heavy frost last night. 

24. Dr. E. P. Cummings appointed assistant Surgeon in the 

Nayy. Lieut. O. M. Head and Capt. If. H. Pearson are 
raising recruits. 

25. Bar. 30.50 at 7 a. m., fair. Schooner " Thomas Page " is 

taking in 200 cords of wood for Philadelphia. 
25. N. A. Shute, Esq., is appointed agent to receive subscrip- 
tions to the National Loan. Ther. 21. at 7 a. M. Ice 
made nearly an inch in thickness last night. 

29. Mr. Geo. II. Reynolds and Miss Ann A. Anderson married. 

30. Bar. 29.45 at 9 p. m., pleasaut. Ladies have sent 25 India 

rubber blankets etc. to ou? soldiers of the 2d Regiment. 
November — 

1. Bar. 30.35 at 9 p. >r. Fair. 

S. Severe S. E.«i<ne storm last night and to day. Highest 
tide in the river since 1816. Great anxietv in respect to 
the Naval Expedition. N. H. 3d and 4th Regt in it. 

4. Sun rises in a cloudless sky ; air soft and balmy — " O Na-' 

ture ! how in every charm supreme ! 

5. Master Walter Dearborn buried. Ther. 56. at 2 p. M. 

■€. A large Hock of robins observed. Probate Court in ses- 
sion — Judge Stiekney presiding 
7. Naval action and Union victory at Port Royal witnessed by 

many of our soldiers on board the " Atlantic." 
9. Stormy. 

10. Three females baptized in the river just above the "Great 
Bridge." Sunset>xtremely fine. Aster and golden rod 
still in bloom. 

12. Miss Emily F. Greenleaf dies, aged 19 yrs. 7 mo?. 14 days. 

Mrs. Mary Kennedy dies, aged about S8. Mary Ellen 
Quin dies, aged 13 yrs. The Hutchinson Family give a 
concert at the T. Hall. Mr. Sam'l Palmer raises a pars- 
nip 25 inches in cir. and weighing 3 lbs. 10 oz. High 
winds. Walnuts plentiful. 

13. Rev. N. Hooper is settled over the 1st Baptist Church. 

14. Bright and beautiful morning. Ladies— each with a billet 

of wood for fuel — moat at Concert Hall to knit and sew 
for the soldiers. One nf rh^m hns Vv.'A 12 nrs. stocIv!Ii''S 
for them with her own hands. Mr. Geo. F. Richmond 
and Miss Narcissa D. Nelson, married; also Mr. Joel A. 
Leighton and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Broughton. 

15. A few flakes of snow, first of the season, fall in \. m. 

16. Schools in Dist. No. 1, close. Calvin L. Dearborn of Co. 

L, N. H. 2d Regt. dies of typhoid fever at Washington. 


November, 1861. 

47. Thcr. 22 at 7 A. M. Fair. Anniversary of the Mission 
S. School. Addresses by Messrs. Nason and Lanphear. 

19. Quarterly examination I of Phillips Academy. Seventy 
students have not been tardy during the term. J. L. 
Sibley, Esq., gives the Academy SI 00 in addition to the 
" Sibley Fund," for purchasing books for indigent stu- 
dents. Mrs Judith XV. Colcord dies, aged 7G. 

.22. Capt. II. II. Pearson's company leave to join the 6th Regt., 
Col. Mack, at Keene. 

23. Cold and misty morning. Rain. 

24. Bar. 29. 40 at 7 P. M. Pleasant. Mr. Geo. W. Stevens 

and Rosa A. Sargent, married about this time. 

25. Snow falls to the depth of four or rive inches, and merry 

sleigh. bells announce the advent of the winter season. 
.27. Poultry selling at 12 to 14 cts. — supply abundant. 

28. Annual THANKSGIVING. Fair and quite dry. Church- 

es open and well filled. Co. B, 3d Regt., mostly from 
Exeter, dine on turkies and sweet potatoes at Hilton 
Head, S. C. 

29. Dull and drizzling day. Our citizens generally disposed to 

sustain the policy of the President. Mr. Jno. Leavitt, 
Jr., and Irene S. DolloiT married about this time. 


Dec. 1. Cloudy morning and rain in P. M. 

2. Opens fair and cold. Seating now enlivens the day. 

3. Miss Dolly Rundlett dies, aged about 82. 

5. Sam'l Greenleaf dies, aged 11 yrs. 

6. Snow. Miss Marry E. Tilton dies, aged 37. Sword pre- 

sented to Capt. H. II. Pearson. Bar.-30.65. 2 P. M. 

8. Ther. 55 at 2 r. m. Clear — wind west. 

9. Fine day. Robert A. Cross buried from the 1st Cong. 

Church, a^cd about 40. Schools in Dist. No. 1. commence. 

40. Warm for the season. 

-12. Fair. Ladies continue busily at work for the soldiers : they 
" have recently sent to N. H. 2d Reg't, 120 prs. socks, 30 
prs. mittens, 12 prs. wristers, etc. etc. — also one box by 
Dr. Howe to Missouri, containing 5u prs. socks, etc. They 
have, moreover, made 175 prs. shirts and drapers for 

15. Warm. Maple bnds are nearly bursting and a dandelion 

is found in bloom. 

16. Col. Marston is dangerously wounded by the accidental dis- 

charge of a pistol in the hands of a boy of Lt. Col. Fiske. 
i 7. Charming Jay. 
20. Michael Murphy and Mar} Brodrick married near thi? 

date. Many trophies, caps, fans, cotton, etc. received 

/rom our soldiers at Hilton Head. 


December, i8Ci. 

21. Very cold day. The gas works are completed and the 
town lighted. 

23, Bar. 20.02 at 9 v. m. A blustering snow storm — -wind N". e. 

• 24. Ladies send a large box containing 9 quilts. 3 blankets, 44 
new and many old pillow cases, shirts, bandages, etc. etc, 
to the " Sanitary Commission" at Washington. Ladies 
of the 2d Parish held a Levee at the Town Hall. Trees 
covered with crystals. Funeral of Calvin L. Dearborn, 
brought from Washington, at the lower church. 

.25. Christmas. Santa Clans, well filled stockings and Christ- 
mas Trees present their annual store of " good things" 
to the children. Mr. Joseph T. Porter and Miss Ann M. 
Wiggin, married. The Unitarian S. School have a 
very pleasant meeting at the house of Chas. Burley, Esq. 

.29. Ther. 8. at 7 a. m. — clear and cold — fine sleighing. Mrs. 
Eliza Barlow, dies, aged 35. Our soldiers from the 8th 
Regt. at home on* furlough. The material of their cloth- 
ing is wretched stuff indeed ! Whose fault? 

.27. Dull, rainy morning — Fair in p. M., wind high through the 
night. One family has knit 20 pairs of stockings for the 

28. A tempestuous morning. About 100 students now at the 

Academy and 63 at the H. School. 

29. Mr. John P. Leavitt dies, aged 64. Rev. Mr. Bird gives 

an interesting lecture on Svria. 

30. Mrs. Martha Smith dies, aged 69. 

21. Sun rises in a cloudless sky — partially eclipsed. At 5 min. 
past 9 the obscuration passes away and the day continues 
and closes mild and beautiful. 

So terminates the fleeting and eventful year! Year of trea- 
son ; year of lofty patriotism ; year of battle, agony, death ; of 
progress, liberty ; year of tearful sowing for a golden harvest; 
year of God's great mercy. 9 

" Eheu ! fugaces, Posthumo, Posthuine, Labuntur anni ;" 
.sadly moans the Venusian bard ; but under clearer light shall 
we not with a hero of his day, exclaim, " Forgetting those 
things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things 
which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize cl 
tbe high calling of God in Christ Jesus." 

Names of Exeter Soldiers Enlisted in 1861. 

Abbott, Sewell A. 8th Regt. 

Co. B. 
Bennett, Chas. 8th Reg. Me. 
Bennett, Edw'd T. 6tb Regt. 

Co. C. 
Bennett, Jno. II. 2d Regt- Co. 

Berrv, Woolbiry 3d " Co. B. 
Bowley, Albert Gth " " C. 
Bowley, Benj. F. " " " 
Brigham, Asa P. 11th " Mass 

Brigham, Gjo. H. " " " 
Brigham, Bruce " " " 
Brigham. Ephraim " " " 
Brown, Geo. 14th Regt. Mass. 
Bryant, Jno. S. Corp. 3d Regt. 

Co. B. 
Caban. Sam'l 3d Regt. Co. B. 
Carlisle, James " " •' 
Carver. E. " " " 
Carter, Gideon Jr. •' " 
Chase, James 2d Regt. Co, E, 
Clark, Geo. W. Serg't 14th 

Regt. Mass. Co. E. 
Clark, Win. A. Corp. 12th 

Regt. Mass. 
Clement, J. W. 3d Regt. Co. 

Cjoakley.Timothy 8th Regt. Co. 

Colcord, Wm. H. 2d " Co. E. 
Colcord, Chas. E. " " " 

Conner, Freeman Capt. 44th 

Regt. Co. D, N. Y. 
Conner, Ed w'd J. Capt. 1 7th 

Regt. U. S. A. 
Colbath, Warren 3d Regt. Co. 

Cobbs, Geo. S. Serg't 8th " » 

Clough, Geo. 3d Regt. Co. B. 

Clough, Tho. H. Gth Re«rt. 
Co. C. 

Clough, Ezokicl " •« '♦ 
Corcoran, Frank - " '• 
Cummings, Dr. R. P. Ass't 

Surg. " Roebuck." 
Currier, Andrew J. 2d Re^t. 

Co. E. 
Curtis, A. O. 13th Regt. Mass. 
Davis, A. J. Gth Regt. Co. C. 
Dearborn, Calvin L. 2d Reg. 

Co. E. died, Nov. 13. 
Dearborn, A. 3d Reg. Co. B. 
Dearborn, W. 3d •* " 
Dearborn, J. S. Cook's battery 

Dodge, J. E. 22d Re^. Co. B, 

Mass. Hall's Hill, Va. 
Donnavan, Cornelius 3d Regt. 

Co. B, Mass. 
Donnavan, J. 8th Regt. Co. B. 
Doody, J 6th Regt. Co. C. 
Doodv, W. " " 
Dudley, S. G. 3d " " B. 
Dudley, D. W. " " B. 
Damn, D. W. Corp. 3th Regt. 

Co. B. 
Dyer, J. Jr, 8th Regt. Co. B. 
Dewhurst, G. W. — Act. mas- 
ter, Navv. 
Elkins, J. 6th Regt. Co. C 

Elliott, Dan'l W. 3d Re^t. Co- 
Ellison, Horace. Mass. dis. 
Farnhara, Jno. 
Finn, Jno. 3d Re^t.Co. B. 
Floyd, C. W. 2d Regt. Go. E. 
Floyd, Sam'l '" ° " 

Fogg, Andrew J. 2d Lt. 3d 

Regt. Co. B. 
Folsom, 'C. E. 1 7 Regt. Mass. 
Greenleaf, Matthew A. Ord'ly 

Serg., 3d Regt. Co. E. 


GidtUngs, Geo. II. Corp. 3d 

Regt. Co. B. 
Gill, Isaiah \Y. Acting mastir. 

Goodwin, Sewell in the Navy. 
Gordon, John 2.3th Regt. Mass. 

now at Annapolis. 
Gill, Nath'l 11th Regt. Mass., 

Hale, Jno. 2d Regt. Co. E., now 

with Capt. Gill. 
Hale, Chas. E. fifer, 8th Re^t. 

Co. B. 
Halev, Ira, 8th Regt. Co. B. 
Hall. Horace J. '•' 
Hall, Edw'd P. " 
Haines. Isaiah F. 2dRej£t. Co. 

Haines, Daniel D. Corp. 8th, 

Regt. Co. B. 
Hartnett. Dan'] P. 8th Re<«-t., 

Co. B. 
Hartnett, Thos. 6th Re<n. Co. 

Hartnett. Michael. Navy. 
Hartnett, J. II. 2d Regt.' Co. E. 
Head, O. M. Ad 2 't 8th Re<*t 
Head,J.N. Serg.2d Regt. Co.C. 
Hodgdon, S. S. 6lh •' " C. 
Huse, J. IL 2d " " E. 

Hibberd, E. VV, 3d « Clerk.' 
James, G. R. 3d " Co. D. 

Janvrin, G. X Cobb's batterv. 
Janvrin, J. E. Ast. Surg. 2d 

Julian, G. A. Cobb's batt. Mass 
Keefe, Win. 6th Regt. Co. C. 
Kellcy, D. G. 8th •■ " B. 
Kimball, G. A. in the Navy. 
Lamprey, £>. Corp. 3d Re^t. 

Co. B. 
Leavitt, E. A. 2d Regt. Co. E. 
Leavitt, C. ti. 4th •■ Mass. 
Leavitt, J. \V. 3d " Co. B. 
Leavitt, A. J. " JIass. 

Eeighton, J. A. Serg. 6th Re *t . 

Lovering, E. 6th Regt. Co. C. 
Manjoy, J. in the Navv. 
Marstc'n, G. Col. 2d Regt. 
Miirston, \V. S. 3d RegL Co B. 
Marsh, A. F. Gth " " C. 
McXary T. fifer, 3d " " in 

a Manchester Co. 
McXeal. D.F. 19th Regt.Mass. 
Melvin, M. 8th, " Co. B. 
Morrill, W. II 2d " Co. E. 
Murphy, J. 8th " " B. 

Men ill" A. 12th Regt. Mass. 

Co. E. 
Murphy, D. 2d Reat. Co. E. 
Nason, P. F. clerk/ 22d Mass. 

Regt. at Hall's Hill, Ta. 
Xealey, G. in the Navy. 
Pay son, T. K. di um " major, 

24 th Regt. Mass. 
Pay son, J. C. commissary de- 
partment, 13th, Regt. Mass. 
Pearson, II. II. Capt. 6thRe<jt. 

Co. C. 
Perkins, A. M. 2d. Lt., 2d 

Regt. Co. E. 
Pike, I). 2d Regt. Co. E. 
Pickering, V. A. 2d Regt. 

Mass. Killed at Ball Blutl'. 
Preseott, J. E. 3d Regt. Co. B. 
Reardon, M. 6th Regt. Co. C. 
Robinson, J. B. 6th " " " 
Robinson, W. 2d " " E. 
Rock, J. Gth Regt. Co. C. 
Rowdl, J. Ser^t. 6th Re^t. 

Co. C. 
Ryan, W. 6th, Regt. Co. C. 
Rundlett, F.— Navy. 
Senior, VV. 3d Regt. Co. B. 
Smith, M. M. 6th Reet. Co. C. 
Smith, G. 11. •< « - •• 
Smith, W. H. 1st Lt. 2d Recrt. 

Co. E. 
Smith. C. clerk. 2d Regt. 
Smith.. J. 3d ReL't Co. B. 


Sleeper, W.IL 3d Regt. Co. B. 

Stacy, Navy. 

Stevens, G. W. 6th " " C. 

Staples, Navy. 

Stone, i>. in the navy, " Roe- 

Stone, J. D: 3d Regt. Co. B: 
Stockman, F. 6th, " " C. 
Sullivan J. jr. Medical Cadet, 

St. Louis. 
Sullivan, P. W. 6th Regt.Co.O. 
STvain, G; W. '• •• «* '*" 
Swasey, VV r . 12th Regt. Mass: 
Taylor, G: A. 2d, Regt. Co. B: 
Tanner, J, " " " " 
Tebbetts, J'. 8th- « " B. 
Thing, G. E. 8th' " " B. 
Thing, J. H 3d " «« B. 

Thing, G: H. 2d " « E. 
Thurston, J. O. 2d " M E. 
Twilight, W. II: " " " E-.- 

now lsr Lt Artillery, Mass 
Tebbetts, F.L. 2nd RegtCo. E- 
Tebbettsj J. P. "Macedonian.' 

Tebbetts, \V. V. B. 17th Regt': 

Veasev, W.G.Lt. Col. 3d Vt. 


Watson, I. M. 1st Corp'l 3d- 

Regt. Co. B. 
Wain wright, W. in the Navy, 

" Keasarge." 
Warren, E. in the Navv. 
Weeks, Jpsh. 6th Re 2 t.Co. C. 
Weeks, Jer. S. 3d " " R. 
Weeks; N. in the Navv. 
Weeks, H. 6th Rejjt. Co. C. 
White, S. " »' u " 
Whttehouse \\\ J t 

Wilbur, J. E. Capt:-fith Regt: 3 

Co. <fcir 5 
Wyman, W. 4tb Regt. 
Willey J. 12th Regt. Mass.,- 

Co. E. 
Willey, Alfred 3d Regt. Me. 
Willey, H. 

Youn<r, Ji R: 8th Regt, Co. B.' 
Young, C. W. " " " «' 

The 2d Regt. is at Camp Beaufort, Lower Potomac, Md.— - 
The 4th at Hilton Head ; the 5th at Annapolis, Md. ; the 6th 1 
at Keene,and the "tb and 8tb at Manchester. 



EXETER 186:2. 












-Dura loquimur, fugerit invida 

JEtaa; earpe diem, quam miniruum credula postero. ,; --HoR. 




186 3. 


Tiiifc foils its Ceaseless course and brings us through many 
changes — pad and joyous — to the opening of another year. In- 
(he eventful and blood-stained year gone by, some of us have 
experienced " partings such a's press the blood from out young 
hearts;"— some have followed " loved ones " to the house appoint- 
ed for all the living; — some have met the foe in the stern con- 
flict on the battlefield ; some have nobly shed their blood in the 
defence of their native land. In such a year, the history of this sin- 
gle town alone would be the history of the nation ; would fill pon- 
derous volumes with events, romantic, tragical and momentous. 
Such history canno? be written; it lives' however, in our 
memories, whose deep cells a " single word " may sometimes 
perchance unlock and bring the thrilling scenes again to view. 

From my Daily Record of our busy life, I have therefore 
selected some ." vestigia rerum," which ; together with the 
names of our patriotic soldiers, who ever share our warmest 
sympathies and the'sajutations of the New Year, I would respect- 
fully present to the loyal and liberty-loving citizens of Exeter. 

$iT The observations in meteorology were made for the 
Smithsonian Institution and according to its rules, at 7 a. m. and 
2 and 9 r. m. The maximum and minimum only of the barom- 
eter and thermometer for each month aregiven. When the 
name of a. regiment is omitted, New Hampshire is under- 




EXETER 186 2. 

Exeter, N.H., on the Boston and Maine Railroad, 49 miles 
N. of Boston, is in N. Latitude 42, 58 ; and in W. Longitude, 
70, 55. The central village is very beautifully situated at the 
head of tidal water and of navigation on the Squamscot river ; 
its dwelling houses are neat and commodious and its streets well 
shaded with elm, maple, locust, fir and other ornamental trees. 
It has eight, or nine, churches ; a court house of considerable 
architectural beauty ; two hotels ; a well endowed academy and 
several manufacturing establishments. Population 32G9. 

January, 1862. 

J. Cold and windy. Hon. -Tohn Sullivan receives 76 votes in 
the State Convention for Governor. Hon. C. II. BeH is 
chosen a member of the State Central Committee foi this 
county. Dr. Win. G. Perry prepares his annual bill of the 
mortality of Exeter, from which it appears that the whole 
number of deaths in town in 1861, was 58 : of which 29 
were males and 29 females. Bar. 29.30 at 2 p. >r 

2. Last night very cold and tempestuous. Wind N. W. 

3. Mr. Oliver Lane kills four hogs — weighing in all 2150 lbs. — 

fattened in one pen. Mrs. Sarah Ann, wife of Thomas 
McNary, fifer in the 3d X. II. regt. dies, aged 22 vears. 

5. A verv cold and uncomfortable Sabbath. Wind N. W. — 

Ther. 1° at 7 a. m. 

6. The pupils of the 2d District Grammar School, with their 

very excellent teacher, Mr. Aura L. Gerrish, enjoy a 
Bleigh ride to Portsmouth and the Navy Yard. An alarm 
of fire at the house of Mr. George Smith, High st. Dam- 
age trifling. • 

7. Alva Wood Esq. nominated candidate for the State Senate. 

Col. G. Maioiuu, nearly recovered irom his wound, is now 
in command, of the gallant N. H. 2d reg't. 
-8. Very fine sleighing. — Many people skating on the river and 
Miss A. M. is said to lead the .van. Four lads expelled 

4 a brief record of events. 

January, 1862. 

from the academy. Cause; — best known to themselves.— 
Henry B. Wells chosen State Committee for this county. 
Very -splendid sunset. 
9. Box of quilts, pillow eases, etc. sent to Capt. II. II. Pearson, 
Co. C. sixth N. II. reg'L at Washington, D. C, by the 
ladies of Exeter. 

10. Thursday opens mildly and the sun shines out very pleas- 

antly at 9 a. M. Many of our mechanics are employed in 
the Portsmouth Navy Yard. Ther. 42° at 2. r. m. 

11. The wind blew very strong from the N. W. last night. Rev. 

Mr. Willey," Sec'y of the N. II. Bible Society in town. — 
Many skating on the river. 

12; Dull and cloudy — raining hard at 6 p. M. 

IS. Beautiful interblending of cirrus, stratus and cumulus clouds, 
at 7 a. M. Mr. Daniel A. Shaw has one foot severely cut 
by an axe slipping accidentally from the hand Of Mr. Ed- 
win Dearborn. 

14. Mr. George Carter and Miss Mary H. Haines are married. 

Rockingham State Convention assemble here. Also, 
Councillor Convention, District No. 1. Mr. Asa E. Per- 
kins of this town, member of the N. Y. 40th— [Mozart] 
regt. dies in Fairfax Co. Va., of congestion of the brain. 
Bar. 30.63 at 7. a. m. 

15. Trees gleaming beautifully in silver sheen. 

17. Ther. 1 Q at 7. a. m. 

18. The 6th N. H. rejrt. — which contains about 40 Exeter men, 

has arrived at Hatteras Island. 

20. Mr. Ezekiel Hook dies, aged 81 years and 7 months. A N. 

E. snow storm, wbich began on Saturday, is still raging. — 
Yesterday the particles of snow were acuminate — to-day 
they are flocculent and then eranular. 

21. Wind N. E. all day — snow. Mr. Asa Perkins buried. Pis- 

cataqua Association meets at the Rev. Mr. Nason's church. 
Rev. Mr. Eldrid<je lectures on the social and religious con- 
dition of Georgia. S. J. Court sits— Judge S. D. Bell, 
presiding. Charles Smith aged 14 years skates from 
" Beach Hill" to the village— 4 miles — in 30 minutes. 

22. The storm continues through the day. Snow is now 12 

inches deep. Mrs. Martha Lee dies aged 80 years and 
11 mos. A box containing about 40 packages is sent by 
ladies to our soldiers at Hilton Head. S. C. Nimbus clouds 
at 2 p. m. for six successive days. 

23. Mrs. Hannah Wigrrin dies acred 87 vears and 7 months. 

24. Exeter Agricultural Liiorary Association formed, iion. John 

Sullivan President, John E. Gardner, Esq. Sec'y. 

25. Snows and rains — a very disagreeable day indeed. 

26. Snow is now about 20 inches deep. The Rev. Mr. Lan- 

phear lectures before the '• Christian Fraternity." 


Janoary, 1862. 

27. The snow crust is sufficiently hard to sustain a mam SmelU 

are plentiful and selling at 6 cents per dozen. 

28. Many of our ladies engaged in knitting for the soldiers. A 

splendid parahelion at 4 o'clock p. m. I count 40 persons 
skating below the " Falls." 

29. It is snowing fast at S o'clock A. M. Ther. 17". Wind N. 

30. Mr. A. P. Wordsworth aged G3 years dies suddenly and his 

remains are carried to Hartford, Ct., for interment. 
SI. A clear and beautiful day. Fine sleighing. Albert F. 
Marsh, Co. C. N. II. 6th regt. dies at Camp Winfield, 
Hatteras Island, N. C, aged 18 years. 
February — 
2. A beautiful Sabbath. Churches well attended. 
S. Streets well lighted by gas. Town healthful. 
5. Dr. Gleason Commences a course of very popular lectures 
at the town hall. Truth and error are amusingly inter- 
blended. 10. Beautiful corona solis at sunset. 
11. Mr. Thos. E. Boutelle and Miss Abbie M. Head are married. 
14. Mrs. Lucretia O., wife of the late Alex'r II. Everett, and 
daughter of Hon. O- Pcabody dies in Boston — in her 76th 
. year. Her remains brought to Exeter for interment. 

1 7. Ther.— 3° at 7. Bar. 30.5u. Chas. H. Leavitt, of the Mass. 

29th regt. in town on a furlough. 

18. Bells are rung at noon and at 5 p. m., and 24'guns are fired 

in commemoration of the capture of Fort Donnelson by 
Gen. U. S. Grant. The Me. 12th regt. Col. Neal Dow, pass- 
es through town. Anniversary of the " Mission School," at 
the Town. Hall in the evening. Mr. Wni. It. Leavitt, Co 
. B, 3d N. H. regt. dies at Hilton Head, S. C. aged 51. 

19. Ther. 43* at 2 P.M. 

20. Trees delicately covered with li<j;ht feathery snow. 

21. Miss Susan F. Morrison, daughter of Mrs. Benning Marston 

dies, aged 24 1-2 years. 

22. Washington's birth day is commemorated by a meeting of 

the citizens at the Town Hall, the reading of Washington's 
Farewell Address, etc. 

23. Ther. 43. at 2 r. m. Mrs. Sarah Sherburne Band dies, aged 

86 3-4 years. 

24. Bar. 29.05 at 9 p. m. Rain, thunder and lightning at 2 r. w. 

followed by a rainbow. Trees struck in the vicinity — wea- 
ther very changeable through the day. Messrs. Head and 
Jewell have resumed the carriage manufacture. 

25. Very cold and tempestuous last night. "Box" to Co.B 3 reg. 

26. A beautifully clear day. save the appearance of a dun colored 

ciouu, semilunar in form, and io ' high in the suuih at 2 

P. M. 27. Mr. Haven Berry d. of consumption, aged 35 y. 

28. It snows all flay. Snow is now between three and four feet 


FlBRUART, 1862. 

deep in the forest. The children of the primary School 
District No. 2, make a quilt of 61 squares each having tlia 
name of a contributor lor the N. H. 2d regt. - 
^Jarch — 

1. This month opens fair and beautiful. 

3. Ther. 5. at 7 a. m. Exhibition of Mr. E. S. French's 
school. The declamation, music, tableaux, etc., are all 
good. Mrs. Susan, -wife of Mr. Oliver Lane dies, aged 25 
years and 8 mos. 
[4. Bar. 29.24 at 2 p. m. Many wells dry. While the barome- 
ter stands at this point, the smoke from the chimneys near 
thexiver is ascending perpendicularly — Why? 

5. A morning union prayer meeting at the Lower Church at 
8 o'clock, — to be held weekly. Winnie M. daughter of 
Mr. John M. and Mary 3 Mallon dies. Twenty-five pu- 
pils admitted to the High School. 

,€. Exhibition of the High School at the Town Hall, which is 
finely decorated and crowded with people. Exercises 
very interesting, especially the original, patriotic, dialogue. 

7. Robins heard — '• Sweet harbingers of spring." The winter 
has been dry and the town healthful. 

9. The Rev. Mr. Nason lectures before the " Christian Frater- 
nity." James II. Gasand, 14th Mass. regt. dies about this 
time at Fort Albany, near Washington, D. C. Rattle be- 
tween the " Monitor " and " Merrimack." Asa Reals, for- 
merly of this town, aged 32, is killed on board the " Cum- 

11. Blue birds are heard. Annual Town meeting. Wm. B. 

Morrill, Esq. Moderator. Votes thrown for governor — 
Rcrry, SC4 ; Stark, 154 ; Wheeler, 9. Jos. D. Wadleigh, 
Josiah J. Folsom and A.J. Towle. Selectmen. W. H. Bel- 
knap, Town Clerk. Moses N. Collins, Jos. C. Hilliardand 
Abraham R. Blake. Representatives. A. J. Foag, Regis- 
ister of Deeds. The N. H. 2d regt. present Col. G. Mars- 
ton a sword worth $22.5. 

12. Mrs. Lizzie B. (Holbrook) wife of Mr. Aura L. Gerrish, 

Teacher, dies, aged 25 years. 

13. Bar. 30.33 at 9 r. sr. Daniel Gilman Hatch, Esq. late of 

Covington, Ky., dies, aged 64. He was b. Aug.. 3, 179S. 
Ossian E. Dodge gires .a musical entertainment at the 
Town Hall. 

15. A severe snow storm all day. J. N. Head, As"a Jewell and 
Henry C. Moses chosen Prudential Committee of Dist 1. 

J7. Mrs. F — , aged 72, has knit 24 pairs of stockings this sea- 
son f"T t 1 ^ - - Midi. 

£8. The academical term closes and students gladly start for 
" Home, sweet home !" The friends of the" Rev. Mr. Hoop- 


March, 1S62. 

er assemble at hi* hou90 and present him about $100 in 

cash ; together with wood, tlour, etc. 
21. Rain, wind, snow and hail through the day, "Box" to S.Coru. 

23. Ther. 51. at 2 p.m. Lewis Oscar, son of Mrs. Jno. Leavitt, 

is severely injured in the head by a kicking horse. 

24. Mr. Chas. F. Browne, alias" Art etnas Ward," lectnres at 

the Town Hall on the " Children in the Wood," to a small 

28. Mrs. Sarah G., wife of George Smith, Esq. dies, aged 71. 

31. The ladies send a box of clothing, etc. to Co. B, Capt. Stan- 
yon, 8th N. II. regt., at Ship Island, Miss. The News 
Letter commences its 3 2d volume. 

April — 
1. The Maine 3d Battery passes through town. 

4. Epigrea repens in bloom. Joseph T. Gilman, Esq. aged 50 

years dies. 

5. Snow in A. m. Travelling execrable. It has snowed 35 

times during the winter, and we have had about 120 days 
of sleighing. Freese Dearborn, Esq. dies, aged ti4 year* 
and ten days. 7. Ther. 23. at p. m. 
?. Ther. 23. at 7 a. sc. Wind N. W. Clear. Paraselene at 
10 p. M. S. J. Court in session — Judge W. H. Bartlett. 
Orville P. Biggins, member of the senior class in Phillips 
Academy, dies at Portland, Me. 
9. Rev. Charles Robinson, a native of Exeter, dies at Groton, 
Mass. aged 68 years. 
10. Annual Fast. Sermon before the united churches, by Rev. 
E. Nason. Mr. Thomas E. Fifield, and Mrs. Mary N. Pres- 
cott are married, (at Lowell, Mass.) 

12. Dea. Francis Grant crosses the river below the lower falls, 

upon the ice at noon. Day superb. 

13. A very charming day. Hear the welcome song of the Phe- 

be — [Musicapa atra.~] 15. Bar. 30.49 at 9 p. >i. 

16. River clear of ice. Dav warm and birds singing sweetly. 

17. Ther. 7-1, at 2 p. m. Wind W. 

18. Warm, sunny morning. Insects on the wing. Frogs are 

heard in the evening. " Box" sent to S. Com. 

19. River full and flowing down over the upper dam like the 

long, golden, curling tresses of a young girl. Battle of 
South Mills, N. C. in which Capt! II. H. Pearson's Co. 
participates heroically without loss. 

20. Dr. S. B. Swett is severely injured by being thrown from 

his gig. Mr. James Conden and Miss Jane Shimmick are 
married. Ecrcs are selling at 12 cts. per duz^a ; ham at 
io cts. per lb. 

21. An Aurora Boreafis last night — a phenomenon quite in- 

frequent this season. 


April, 18G2. 

22. Bar. 29. CI at 3 P. m. Mr. B. R. Downes, jr. giveg a concert 
at the Town Hall. — Fee 15 cents. 

24. Mr. Eben Folsom and Miss> Hannah S. Bagley arc married. 

S. S. Leavitt in town. Daniel McNary aged 1C years, 
killed on board the " Brooklyn," in the bombardment of 
Forts Phillips and Jackson. 

25. The " Dido," latinc rigged, arrives from Portsmouth. Messrs. 

Brown and bros. Hub Factory is in full operation. Ab- 
ner Merrill, Esq. is chosen president of the Granite State 
Bank, vice Joseph T. Gilman, Esq., deceased. 

26. Anemone nemorosa in bloom. Also, Prunus Americana. — 

Mrs. Henry Manjoy dies, aged 68. S. D. Lane, Esq. kills 
an ox which weighs 1600 lbs. when dressed. 

27. Rev. Mr. Newhall lectures before the "Christian Fraternity." 

28. Beautiful evening. — Robins sing till nearly 10 p.m. fean- 

guinaria canadensis in bloom. 

SO. Snow still lingers in shady places. Hear the Tardus feli- 
vox. — Robins incubating. Observe a very brilliant mete- 
or like a rocket in the S. E. just after sunset. Hepatica 
triloba in bloom. 

1. Bar. 30.25 at 2 p. m. The ground is free from frost. Cold 
and chilly morning; a great many people out in quest of 
• •* May flowers." The Unitarian Society hold a very pleas- 
ant May Day Festival at the Town Hall. Tableaux and 
music in the evening very fine. The Sabbath School of the 
1st Church make an excursion to the " Elysian Fields," in 
the afternoon. 

5. Thunder storm at noon, and five elm trees on the Hampton 

road struck by lightning — also a white ash about 50 feet 
high, near Mr. Gilman Barker'?, on the Brentwood road. 
Battle of Williamsburg. Va., in which the N. H. 2d regt., 
bravely participate, and in which, of this town, William 
H. Morrill is killed, Lieut. xYlbert M.Perkins, J F. Haines 
W. Floyd and G. II. Thing, wounded. Com. Long raise* 
the " Stars and Stripes." 

6. Bar. 29.50 at 2. p. at. Leontodon taraxicum in bloom. 

7. Ther. 38. at 9 p. m. Hail storm at 2 p. m. 

9. The Baltimore oriole — [Icterus Baltimore'] appears. 

10. Splendid golden clouds at sunset — fantastic forms— inter alia 

— a city with spires, pinnacles, etc., in pold, surrounded by 
dark masses of cumuli, from which live radiant purple 
bands shoot to the zenith. Also a volcanic mountain and 
the form oft!'. " Monitor" with tlxu prow directed auuiu. 

11. Blossoms of the red maple fall. Barn Swallows build their 

nests. The foam below the tails assumes peculiar geomet- 
rical figures. Butterflies appear. Houstonia cerulea in 


May, 1862. 

bloom. John S. Rock, Esq., (colored) lectures at the 
Town Hall 

12. Bar. 30.25 at 7. A. M. The wild plum and strawberry arc 
in bloom. The gladsome rigmarole of the bobolink [D. 
■ orizyvorus] is heard. Foam below the lower bridge as- 
sumes most beautiful and peculiar forms. 

)Z. Probate Court in session. Judge Stickney presiding. Her- 
ring appear in the river. Currant— [Ribes rubrum] in 

14. Ervthronium amcricanum in bloom. Also the apple— very 
full. Ladies' Soldiers Aid Society -hold their annual meet- 
in". Mrs. E. Cobbs re-appointed president. Lt. A. M. 
Perkins arrives in town, wounded. 

16. Our fresh water streams now teem with perch— [perca jla- 

vescens] pickerel, roach, ruffs, [pomotis vulgaris'] with 
now. and then a silver trout. Hear the sweet silvery song 
of the American nightingale— [Tur Jus muslelin us.] Far- 
mers are planting corn and potatoes. 

17. Ther. 86. at 2 r. M. Wind S. W. 

18. Severe thunder storm from 3 to 4 p. >r. White birch {Bi- 

tula populi-folia] in bloom. 
1,9. Thunderstorm and vivid lightning at 3 p. M. 

20. Notice a glow worm, [Zflro/^/m]— unusual here ; also a night- 

haw [caprimuhjus virginianusl. 

21. N. G. White, Esq. and Miss Mary Ann, daughter of the 

late Hon. James Bel), are married. 

24. Lilac in perfect tlower. 

25. A slight frost last night, by which early plants were injured. 

Rev. Mr. Hooper lectures before the "Christ'n Fraternity." 

27. Spring Beauty [Claytonitx Virginiana] in bloom. Also Kal- 
mia glauca [rare]. 

38. Vast numbers of chimney swallows assemble at night-fall ; 
wheel for half an hour or so with merry song around a 
chimney near and take up lodgings for the night. Front 
street now is beautiful as the grove of Academus. 

SO. Barberry, cornel and sorrel in bioom. Bees begin to swarm. 
Vibrations in the sheet of water rolling over the lower 
dam very distinct and beautiful. What causes them ? 

JrjNE — 

1. Bex opaca floret. 

2. Miss A. C. Morris' Female Academy commences. 

3. Sarracenia purpurea in bloom. 

4. Rain all day. Mr. Knight D. Cheney and Miss Ednah D. 

daughter ot the late Saui'l G. Smith. Esq.. are married. 

5. The morning, after the refreshing rain of yesterday, opeu* 

clear and inaugurates a most beautiful day. 

6. The Academy now has 105 students; our High School 77. 



Jume, 1862. 

Mr. John F. Smith from Culpepper C. House, Va., arrivn 
in town. Also, Mr. Col bath who was taken prisoner a| 
Bull Run. The " Bell Ringers," give a concert attb) 
Town Hall.. 

7. The fields are in " deepest verdure clad," and give promise 

of an abundant harvest. Rain at ni^hL P. TebbetU 
taken prisoner at Bull Run, arrives at New York. 

8. Ther. 49. at 9 p. M. 

9. Nature smiling in serenest beauty. — Serenading by the Stn- 

dent's Band in the evening. Mr. Jno. Maeder d. aged 86. 

10. The depot of the B. and M. R. R. broken open last night. 

and robbed of about $10, in cents. — Mr. John Oilman'* 
store also broken open. The thief caught. Locust-tree 
[Robinia pseudacacia] in bloom- Parties enjoying boat 
excursions up the river. 

11. An eclipse of the moon. Total obscuration commences at 

5 min. before 12 M.. and continues one hour and 7 min. — 
A few light cirrus clouds cover the moon's disc. Wind 
S. W. An Aurora Borealis at the time. ■ • 

12. Bar. 29.55 at 2 P. M.— Wind W. 

13. Waterlily, [nymphcea odorata] in bloom, rare. 

14. A slight frost occurred last night, by which some vines were 

injured. Several academy boys recruiting soldiers for 
the army. 15. The Rev. Dr.C. Francis preaches in town. 
1C. Bar. 30.29 at 9 P. M. Wind N. W. clear. Mr. Jacob Stono 
returns from Port Royal, S. C. — sick. Battle at Jame* 
Island, S. C. — N. II. 3d recrt. engaged and the following 
Exeter men wounded : — Wm. Caban, in the breast, mor- 
tally ; Samuel Caban, in the leg; Jacob Smith, in tha 
breast ; Win. Marston, in the leg, and Daniel W. Elliott, 
in the arm. 

17. Find wild strawberries ripe. Gardens now looking finely. 

18. Forty five persons present, at the union prayer meeting at 

8 A. M. 19. Fire-tlies abundant in the evening. 

21. Hear the song of a robin as early as 3 o'clock this morning. 

Heavy shower in the evening. 

22. The Rev. Mr. Tilden lectures to the " Christian Fraternity." 

Theme — Amos Lawrence. 

23. Strawberries abundant; large and of fine flavor. 

24. The foliage of the currant and gooseberry bushes injured 

by worms peculiar to those shrubs. 

2-3. Easterly winds high last night with rain. Clara G. dau. of 
Gidcuu and Abigail Carter, dies, aged 1 years and 10 iuoj. 
Mr. Charles P. 'Wright and Miss Martha J., daughter" of 
Wm. II. Clarke, Esq. are married. 

56. Green peas, brought from E. Kingston, are selling at 8 shil-. 
lings per bushel. — Rainy day. Mr. C. C. Steven* i* re- 
cruiting for the 3th regt. 


Jon*, 18G2. 

27. Mr. S. G. Pillsbury, student, leaves for Manchester with 25 
recruits (5 students) for the 9th reg't. Partners commence 
having. Some use the mowing machine. Mr. J. B.R ob- 
inson, Co. C, 6th regt. dies at Roanoake Island, aged 40 
years. Sweet brier in bloom. 

23. Ther. 86. at 2 p. M. Wind W. — clear. Messrs. Carter 
brothers open a bath hou*e on Water st. The canker 
worm has destroyed the foliage of some appletrees in this; 
and many, in neighboring towns. It disappeared the 20th 

29. Battle at Savage's Station. Augustus J. Leavitt, Mass. 29th 

reg taken prisoner. F. Tuck and E. Gill grad. at Dart.jColl. 

30. Great excitement occasioned by reports of battles in front 

of Richmond, Va, in which our men engage. 

1. Bar. 29.61 at 7 a. ai. A gloomy nncertainly in the minds 

of the people resp'g the fate of our army at Richmond 

2. John T. Perry, Editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, in town. 

3. Ther. 54. at 7 a m. Rain. — Wind E. 

A. Bar. 30.35 at 7 a. M. and 2 p. m. Fair. The bell* ring an. 

hour in the A. si. The Baptist Societies unite in a picnic 

at Gilman's grove, and the 2d Church holds a Strawberry 

festival at the Town Hall in the evening. The day passes 

5. Mr. Oliver Pray, of the Mass. 26th regt., and formerly of 

this town dies at Ft. Jackson, Miss, aged about 50 years. 
€. Ther. 91 1-2. at 2 p. M. Cherries and currants ripe and 

7. The ladies hold a preliminary meeting on behalf of our sick 

and wounded soldiers. 
S. Examination at the Academy. Dr. Burroughs and other of 

the trustees present. Mr. Packard's Concert at the Town 

Ilall is well attended — fee 25 cents. 
9. Mr. Theodore R. Parker and Miss Eliza M. Cate are mar. 
10. Levee at the Town Hall for raising money for the sick and 

wounded soldiers ; — large attendance. 
12. Our High School closes. 13. Beautiful moonlight evening. 

14. A war meeting i3 held at the Town Hall. Hon. Amos 

Tuck, chairman. Mr. W. Sanderson and Miss Carrie E. 
Piper are married. 

15. A dull rainy day. — War news discouraging. 

19. Miss Mary A., daughter of Mr. George W. Witherell, dies, 

aged 15 years and 11 mos. An infant daughter of J. War- 
ren Towle Esq. dies. Mr. Wm. Dolloff dies, aced 77 yrs. 

20. Silver change has almost entirely disappeared and giutiniz- 

ed postage stamps take the place of it. 
23. The Cashier of the Granite State Bank receives two coun- 


ULY, 1862. 

terfeit one hundred dollar bills on the Merrimack C^. 

Bank, Concord. The Portsmouth and Newmarket Bank* 

were also deceived. 
25. An abundance of wild raspberries this reason. 

27. Clear and pleasant evening. 

28. Ladies still toiling energetically on behalf of the soldier?. 

1. The town vote to pay a bounty of S100 to each recruit in a 

new, and $125 to each recruit in an old. regiment. 

2. Miss Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas and Mary 

Wain wright, dies, in her l7th year. Mr. Henry Wood, 
Co. D, 4th N. II. regt. and Miss Caroline F. Weeks aru 

•H. James M. Lovertog, Esq. is appointed Collector of Internal 
Revenue for N. II. District No 1. A party of Exeter 
young men establish Camp " Cobb," at Hampton Beach, 
where many of our citizens are now recreating, C. P. II" 
Nason graduates at Williams, S. P. Dame at Bowdoin Coll 

8. Ther. 84. at 2, p. M. 9. Bar. 29.65 at 2 p. M. 

10. The dwelling house of Mr. Daniel S. Mace on the Epping 

road destroyed by fire. Loss §700— 8400 insured. 

11. The Presidents call for 300,000 additional men is warmly 

approved and many are enlisting. Remarkably fine sunset. 

12. Coal is selling at SS.5U per ton. 

13. A grand war meeting at the Town Hall. Addresses by 

Messrs. Kidder, Wood, Nason, etc. 

15. Lt- W. H. Smith ar. in town from Harrison's Lauding, Va. 

16. A comet visible a few degrees S. of the N. star — not well 

defined. 17. Bar. 30.35 at 7 a. m. — Fair and cool. 

18. Very fine " Northern Light," at 9 r. M. 30 deg. in altitude. 

19. Many of our citizens are enjoying the sea-breeze at Hamp- 

ton Beach. Silence of the evening broken by the " fife 
and drum." 20. The llev. Martin Moore in town. 

21. Tho Maine 17th regt. passes through town in 17 cars. 

23. A rainy and dull day. Frank A., son of Mr. Franklin 
Rowe, dies at Chicopee, Mass, and is buried at Exeter, 
aged 16 years 2 mos. and 5 days, 

25. Bar. 30.35" at 9 p si. Rev. J. F. Whitney and Miss Vic- 
toria Piper are married. 

2j. Schools commence in district No. 1. A. P. Blake, Esq. is 
appointed Assistant U. S. Assessor for Exeter, North 
Hampton, etc. A town meeting in reference to the war. 
W. B. Morrill. Esn., moderator. Comet moving S. and 
decreasing."— Tail dimly visible. 

56. Ladies forward a box of Hospital stores to the " Sanitary 
Commission." Mr. Theodore Moses, for many years a 
resident of this town, dies at Newmarket, aged 95 yrs. and 


August, 1862. 

11 months. Ho leaves 8 children, 28 grand children and 
about 30 great grand children. 

27. Mrs Sarah, widow of the late Dea. Josiah Folsom, dies, aged 

83 years. 

28. Blueberries selling at 3 cts. per quart. — Hay crop very good. 

Golden rod \aolidago canadensis"] in bloom. Catharine 
Halion dies, aged 33. "23 volunteers leave tor the war. 

29. Bar. 29.65 at 7 a. m. — Weather fine, r-attle of Bull Run, 

in which the 6th N. II. regt. is sharply engaged. Albert 
Bowley is wounded in the shoulder; S. S. Hodgdon in 
the hand ; Morris Bedding loses a thumb ; Win. and Jno. 
Doody, Wm. Ryan, A. J. Davis and Frank Corcoran 
are missing.— The N. H. 2d regt. lose in all" 132 men in 
this engagement. 

30. Cardinal Flower [Lobelia cardinalUi] in bloom. The " army 

worm," does not appear this season. 
SI. Titer. 50. at 7 a. m. Battle of I5u!l Run continues. Miss 

Adaline H. daughter of Mr. Henry Burley dies aged 2U 

years and tJ mos. 
September — 

1. Rainy. Ladies send a box of hospital stores to the Sanita- 

ry Commission. From Sept. 1 x t» I to Sept. 18(J2, Mrs. \V. 
has knit 50 pairs of stockings for the soldiers. 

2. Bar. 29.50 at 7 a. m. Lovely day. A slight frost observed 

this a. Jr. in low grounds. Charles Edwin, son of Stephen 
J. and Ellen M. Dudley dies, aged 1 year and 11 mos. 

3. Sad tidings from the seat of war. Mr. Frank L. Tibbctls 

and Miss Mary Jane Purinton (ofEpping) arc married. 

4. Splendid weather. The quota of soldiers from Exeter i* 

already made up. The friends of Maj. M. N. Collins, N. 
II. regt. present him a sword, belt, sash, etc., on his depar- 
ture for the war. Many of our people attend the Camp 
Meeting at Newmarket Junction. 

5. Another " box" sent by our patriotic ladies to the soldiers. 
C. Ther. 81. at 2 p. v.— Wind XV. 

7. Wind E. Cloudy in the a. m. Fair in the v. jr. An eagle 
is seen perched for some time on the hand of the statue oi.' 
Justice, surmounting the dome of the Court House. 
9. Charming day. Great anxiety for the safety of Washington. 

12. About 40 men under Capt. Julian leave for the war. Tim 
academy has 125 pupils. 

11. Bar. 30.40 at 7 a. m. N. H. 11th regt.. containing several 
Exeter men, arrives at Washington, D. C. Mr. Frank 
K. Dearborn and Miss Carrie S. Late-heldcr are married 
Also, Mr. Charles E. Young and Miss Olivia A. Wiggin. 

1C. The leaves of the birch, maple, etc. be«in to change color. 

IS. The great batth: of Autietam, in which the X. II. 5ili, (Jib, 


September, 1862. 

and 9th regts. are engaged. B. Wadleigb, M. D. Frencn. 

and Samuel Page are wounded. 

18. Bartlett Pears are selling at 81 p^r bushel. 

19. John Marshall, son of Mrs. E. Cobb, 1st mate of the " Sea 

King, "« is lost with that vessel, 10 days out from San Fran- 
cisco to Liverpool. 

24. A. "box " sent to the S. Commission by the ladies. 

25. An officer recruiting for the navy hangs his flao; out at the 

Squamscott. Beautiful Aurora Borealis at 9 p. M. — radiant. 

26. Ther. 44. at 7 a. M. A heavy frost last night. Mr. Wm. 

T. Bradwick and Miss Jennie 11. James are married. — 
Also, Lt. Wm. II. Sythes and Miss Asenath Haugbey. 

2". Rainy. Rev. Mr. Lanphear lectures to the " Christian 

30. Apples abundant and selling at $1 per bbl. Cider the same. 

October — 

1. A rainy day. Dr. Wm. Perry is appointed to examine such 

enrolled men as claim exemption from military duty. 

2. Mr. N. M. Jewell is appointed U. S. Deputy Collector for 

Rockingham and Stratford Counties. A box of hospital 

stores forwarded by the ladies to the " S. Commission." 
4. Appletrees arc bending beneath their load of fruit, which 

is very fair and large. I count forty carnages and teami 

in Water st. 
6. Prof. Henry B. Nason in town — also, Ex-president Franklin 

Pierce, who has been spending some time at Little Boar'* 

Head. 7. Col. W. G. V r eazie in town. 

8. Ther. 85. at 2 p. M. A charming day. U. S. District 

Court in session. Judge Harvey presiding. 

9. Ther. 85 at 2 r. M. Dr. John Sullivan, Jr. arrives in town 

from Paducah, Ky. Mr. Charles E. Hall, Master of 
Transportation of "the B. and M. R. R., and formerly of 
Exeter, dies, aged 44 years. 

10. The Commissioner of Pensions has appointed Dr. Wm. G. 

Perry an examining surgeon. 

11. Five dogs arc poisoned by strychnine, in Franklin street. 

12. The Rev. Chas. Beecher preaches at the Lower Church. 

13. Rainy. 14. Archelaus B. Huso dies, aged 30 yrs. &■ 9 moa. 
16. Mr. Josiah Dearborn, formerly of this town, dies in Methu- 

en, Mass., about this time, aged 56 years. 
16. The 25th Maine regt. Col. F. Fessende'n,passes through town. 
Messrs. G. C. L)ford, & Co. issue "Scrip," redeemable **. 
the Granite State B.uik. 17. Clouuy aud cold. 

18. Wind W. — fair. Grapes abundant. 

19. Pick ripe raspberries iu an open field. 

October, 1862. 

20. Exeter soldiers in the Washington hospitals ; W. Ryan shot 

in the side ; P. W. Sullivan ; Jno. Doody wounded in the 
hip; Stephen White. Mr. Chas. Wm. Young leaves for 
Concord, with 1 7 recruits. The foliage of the forest les« 
beautifully tinted than in October last. 

21. First heavy frost of the season. Ther. 28. at 7. x. M. 

22. Bar. 40 at 2 P. M. 

23. Thomas R. Davis, Esq. and Miss Lydia A. Flagg are mar. 

24. Bar. 30.45 at 7. a. M. Ther. 24. Water froze" last nigh'. 

Cotton sheetings sell at 25 eta. pr yard. George Albert, 
8on of Albert S. and Mary J. Smith, dies, aged 4 yrs. and 
2 mos. 

25. Miss Margaret Emery dies, aged 90 yrs. and 10 days. 'J he 

Barker Family give a concert in the Town Hall. 

27. Bar. 29.40 at 2 p. M. Heavy rain last night with easterly 

winds. Trees partially bereft of foliage. 

28. Rev. Mr. Iladley, of Portland, holds a meeting in the Town 

Hall, on behalf of the Sanitary Commission. 

23. James M. Tappan, Student, Co. A, 9th regt, dies at Fiean- 
ant Valley, Md., aged 29 years and 8 mos. 

TiO. Mr. Samuel Tilton, formerly of this town, is erecting an el- 
egant mansion on Beacon St., Boston. 

31. Mr. Augustus Weeks' family came near being suSocated by 
keroseue oil left burning in the night. 

November — 

1. Ther. 64. at 2 p. iff. Clear, wind W. "Indian Summer." 

2. Mr. Jno. Wm. Coflin and Miss Sarah A. Brown are mar. 
8. Windy and warm in the morning; cold and clear in the 

evening. " The dead leaves strew the forest walk." 
5. Thirty-fi\e persons present at the morning prayer meeting. 
Mr. John DollolY dies at Jacksonville, aged 24 yrs. 6 mos. 
". First snow storm ot the season commences at 1 1 a. M.-«evere. 
9l Bar. 29.50 at 2 p. M. An extremely disagreeable day. Mr. 
Oilman Smith gathers a bunch of ripe strawberries in hii 
garden, and sends them to Boston. 
10. Wild geese are moving over the town toward the " sunny 
south." 12. Mr. George Daniels dies, aged about 60 yn._ 
13. Our ladies — zealous in every good work — send a 4 ' box,'' 
containing 399 articles to the S. Commission. Mr. John 
L. Dearborn and Miss Sarah A. Abbot, daughter of tha 
late Samuel G. Smith, Esq., are married. 

15. Maj. G. Carlton Smart dies — suddenly— aged 87 yrs. 5 ma 

16. Bar. 30.91 at 7 a. m. [maximum for 'the year] 30.88 at 2 

r. M. 30.85 at 9 a. m.— Wind N\ at 7 a. m. and el^ar. — 
William Cole, Esq., and Miss Susan L. Page, are married 
at Hampton. Corn meal $1.75 per bag. 

17. Hon. John Sullivan, son of Hon. George Sullivan, diei iui- 



denly, aged 62 years. Mr. Charles II. Goodwin i;mes 
, scrip of small denominations. 

18. This day opens splendidly — and closes clear, serene and 

beautiful. Inveni diem. 

19. Rainy day. A number of our teachers attend the meeting 

of the N. II. Association of teachers at Nashua. 

20. Rain storm continues. Kerosene oil selling at $1.00 per 

gall. Hard wood 36.00 per cord. 

21. Ther. 5. at 7 A. M. Storm continues — warm and dark. 

22. .Mrs. Persis. widow of the late John Hell, dies at Chester, 

aged 84 years. The rain storm which began on the 10th 
inst. closes to-night. John II. Carpenter, Nth regt. dies 
ab, this time at N. Oilcans. 2'3. Fair and cold. 

2b'. Examination ac the Academy. — Dr. A. I'. Peabody and 
other literati present. The Young Ladies' High School, 
under Miss Morris, closes. Chane'r Joseph (jibsou Hoyt, 
L. L. D. formerly of Exeter, dies at St. Louis, aged 48. 

27 Annual Tuanksuivkng. — Sermon to the united churches 
by the lie v. Mr. Hooper. 

28^ John T. Perry. Esq., Editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, and 
Miss Sarah N. Chandler of Concord, are married. 

?d. Very little sickness in town. 

30. Mrs. Ruth Stevenson, wife of Mr. E. S. Durgin, dies, aged 
48 years and 7. mos. We have three snows which cover 
the ground this month. 


J. Our traders have entered into an agreement to close their 
stores at <S o'clock r. M. Schuols begin in Dist. is'os. 1 & 2. 

2. Prof. J. G. Hoyt is buried from the 2d Church. The Cot- 
ton Factory is, after a long time, started. 

C. Bar. ,29.10 at 7 a.m. About s inches of snow fell last 
night. — The forests covered with the fleecy burden pres- 
ent a very beautiful and unique appearance. Sleighing 
commences. Mi^s Jane Athertou dies of consumption, 
aged 2.'5 years. 

0. Ther. — u. at 7 a. m. Charles O. Brown, Esq. and Mi?s Sarah 
B. Piper are married. 10. Ther. 5ti. at 2 l*. M. 
11. Weather fine. Academical term commences. 

iJ. Bain ami Snow. Great Battle at Fredericksburg, V<1 — 
Many N. II. regts. engaged. James M. Sleeper killed ; 
Bichard Neally, Newton Cram, Freeman Conner, and 
Leonard II. Caldwell, [of the academy.] wounded — t!.u 
lutter mortally. 
\i. New* of the defeat of Burnside's army at Fredericksburg, 
lilddena overy heart. 



December, 1362. 

15. A "box" sent by our ladies to the S. Commission. 

20. Very cold day — average temperature — 1-3^. 

21. Bar. 30.90 at' 2 P. M. Ther. attached 60. 

24. The Unitarian Society have a pleasant Christmas Festival. 

25. " Merrie Christmas." The 2d Church hold a levee at 

the Town Hall. 

20. Rainy and warm. A valuable " box," forwarded to the S. 
Commission, containing-— inter alia — eight one gallon jars 
of jelly. About $450 in cash have been expended in 
tilling the boxes for the soldiers this year. 
' Our 2, 5, 6, 9. 10, 11 & 12 Regiments are at Fal- 
mouth, Va. — Our 3 &, 4 are at Hilton Head — and our 
8th is at iS'ew Orleans. 

31. Dull cold day. The Rev. Mr. Hooper's society has a very 
pleasant festival at the T. Hall. Mr. D. S. Mace and Mb* 
M. J. Feilowes are married. 
So ends a year of rebellion, trial, toil and bloodshed, — of 
exalted patriotism and loyalty, as of national agony; but 
HOPE leaning on the arm of Uim who defends the right 
and controls the destinies of the nations, sends her 
brightening eye into the year now opening, and beholds 
the Rainbow of peace serenely smiling on the bosom of 
the storm. 



ENLISTED IN 1861-62. 

Abbott, S. T. 8, n. 
A I lard, Job C. 13. E. 
Averr, Alfred A. 0, A. 
Barker, J. J. D. 11, I. 
Bean. Wm. 6. C. 
Batcnelder, Geo. 15, I. 
.hatcliel^er, C. W. 9, A. 
Reside, Frederick 11.. I. 
Bennett, Edw. T. G. C, dis. 
Benrett, )no. H 2, K. 
Rermett. Clifi*. 7, Me. 
Berry, Woodbury, 3, R. 
Bpwiey, Albert C, C. dis. w. 
Rowley, Benj. F. 6, C,dis. 
Brigham, AzielJP. 15. 
Brigham, Geo. H. U. S. N. 
Brigham, Enh. 15. 
Brigham. W. H. Bruce 15. 
Rroderick, Wm. U. S. N. 
Broadbent, .'no. .3, R. 
Brown, .Ino. C. 13, E. 
Brown, G. W. P.. I. Cav. 
Brown, Geo. H. 14, Mass. 
Bryant, Jno- S. 8, C. 
Cuban, Freeman U. S. N- 
Caban, Samuel 3, R, w. dis. 
Cuban, Wm. 3. B, killed. 
Caldwell, L. H. 9, A. Sergt, tt. 
Caldwell, Fra?ik M. 9, A, sergt. 
Carter, Gideon 15, I. 
Carter, K. W. 15,1. 
Carpenter, .Ino. H. 8, B, d. 
Carlisle, -James o, i_>. 
Carter, Gideon, Jr., 3, R. 
Carter, W. Edwin 15, 1. 
Carver, E. 8, R. 
CsuwiU, Jno. K. 9, D. 

Chafe, Wm. U. S N. 
Chase, Jas. W. 2, E. 
Cilley, ,T.K. 11, Lt. 
Clark, Wm. A. 12, Mass., Corp. 
• Clark, Geo. W. 14. Mass., Sergt. 
Clement, J. W. 3, R, 
Clough, George 3. B. 
Clough, Thomas H. 6, C, dis. 
Clougb, E/.ekiel " " 
Cobbs, George S. 8, R, Sergt. 
Ookely, T. 8, B. 
Colbath, Charles W. 3, B. 
Colcord, Charles, E. 2, E,dis. 
Colcord, William H. " " 
Collins, M. N. 11, Lt. Col. 
Conn ek, Freeman 44,N.Y.,Col.,*r. 
Conner, E. J. 17, reg. U.S.A. Capt. 
Conner, John U. S. N. 
Corcoran, Frank 6, C. 
Cotter, Maurice 9, Mass., d. 
Cram, A!anson 11, I. 
Cram, Newton, 13, E,w. 
Crane Patrick 9, A. 
Cummings, Dr. E. P. U. S. N. 
Currier, Andrew J. 2, E. 
Curtis A. 0. 13, Mass., d. 
Davis, A. J. 6, C. 
Davis C. H. B, 3. 
Dearborn, Calvin L. 3, E, d. 
Dearborn, A. 4. 

Dearborn. Geo. 15. Mass. Batt'j. 
Dearborn, W. S. 3, R. A 

Douiborn.J. t>. Cook's Mas». Da t- 
fc tery, dis. 
Dearborn, J. E. 9,'A. 
Dewhurst, G.W. Act'g Mst'r.TJ.S. X 
Dewhunst, George W. Adj. 


Dolioff.J. L, 13, E. 

Donnevan C 3, B. 

Donnavan, J. 8, B. 

Doody, Jno. 6, C. w. 

Doodv, Win. " " 

Dodge J. E. 22 Mass., Q.M. Serg't. 

Dudley, S. G, 3, B. 

Dudley, D. W.'3, B. 

Duflbe, Jno. 3, B, d. 

Durgin, V. W. S, B, corn. 

Durgin, Wm. E. 14. Me.. K. 

Dyer, John, Jr., 8. B. 

Kl'kins, James (5, G. dis. 

Elliott, D. W. 3, B. 

Ellison, Frank, 2. E. 

Ellison, Horace, 5, Mass., dis. 

Faruham, Jno. 5, Mass. 

Farnham", Jas. M. 0, C. 

Fielding, J. 3, B. 

Finn, Jno. 3. B. 

Floyd, G. W. 2. E. w. [at Will 'g] 

p'loyd . Samuel 2, discharged. 

Fogs, Andrew J. Lt., 3, B. 

Furnald, J. F 4. 

Foss, Chas. II. 8, B. 

Folsora, Jo3. 13, 

Folsom, C E. 17, Mass. 

Foster, F. H. 9, A. 

French, M. D. 9, A, di«. w. 

Fuller, George W. 13, E. 

Gale, G.W. Jr., Assist. Sur. U.S.N'. 

Gadd, G. W. 15, I. 

Garland, Geo. E. 13. E. 

Gasani, Jas. H. 14, Mass., d. 
Giddings, Geo. H. 3, B. corporal. 
Gill, Is. W. Act'g Master, U. S. N. 
Gill, Nathaniel 11, Mass., luus'a. 

Gill, Geo. R. I. Cavalry. 

Gilman, A. J. 13. E. 

Gilraau, J. W. 11, I. 

Gilman, Gardner 45, M&at. 

Gilman, Geo. 8, B. 

Goodwin, Thos. 9, A. 

Goodwin, Sewell U s S. N., w. 
Gordon, Jno. 25, Mass.. corporal. 

Greenleaf, M. N. fi, C, Lt. 

Greehieaf, Chas. 15, I. 

Hale, Charles E. S, B, fifer, dis. 

Hale. John 11.2, E, dis. 

Haine3 Daniel D. 8. B, corp. 

Haines. Isaiah F. 2. E, w. 

Hall, Edward F. 3, B. 

Hall. Hornce J 3. B. 

Hartuett, D iniel 1'. i, B. 

Hartnett, J. U. 2, E. 

Hartud'.t, Michael U. S. M. 

Hsrtnett, Thomas «, C. 

Harris, D. D. 8, B. 

Head, .!. M 3. D, Lt. 

Head, O. M. 8, Adj. 

Healey Ira 8, B. 

Hervey, Frank H. 2,|E. 

Hibberd, Erskine W. 3, clerk, di*. 

Hodgdon, S S. 6, C,Jw. 

Huse, J. IL 2, E. 

James, Geo. R. 3, D. 

Taovrin, G. N. Cobb's Batterr. 

Jar.vrin, J. E 16, Assist. Surg. 

Julian G. A. 13, E, Capt, 

Keefe, Wm. 6, C. 

Keves, Philander 9, A. 

Kellv, D. G. 3, B. 

Kimball, G. N. U. S. N.. d»s. 

Kincade, James U. S. N. 

Lamprey, S. 3, B, Lt. 

Lamson, Rufu3 13. E. 

Leavitt, E. A. 2, E, die. 

Leavitt, C. H.29, Mass. 

Leavitt, A. J. 29, Mass., <li«. 

Leavitt, J. W. 5, Mass , V. M. 

Leavitt, Jno, 13, E. 

Leavitt, W. R. 3, 3. d. 

Leighton, J. A. 6, C Serg'., di». 

Little, Patrick 9, A. 

Lord, J. G. 9. A. 

Lovering, E. E. G, C. 

Manjoy, Juo. U. S. N. 

Marston, Gilman, Brig. Gh. 

M irston, W. S. 3, B, w. 
Marsh, A. F. 6. C, d. 

M'Kusick, E. 9, A, Ser^t. 

M'Narv, Daniel U. S. N-, k. 

M'Nar'y, Thos. S, B. 

M'Neal, 19, Mass. 

Melvin, M. S, B 

Merrill, A. 12. Mass., E. 

Morvill, W. II. 2, E, k. 

Morse, J. W. 15, I. 

Morrison, Wm J. 3, B. 

Moses, H. M. 13, E. 

Murphy, J. 8, B. 

.Murphv, Dennis 2. E. 

Nason,"P. F., Q. M. Martin's Brij 

Nealev, Charles II. 11, 1. 

Nealov, B. U. S. N. 

Nealev, Richard 11, 1, Sergt. w. 

Nadd, William 15, l. 

O'Brvan. Jno. IT. S. K. 

Odion, Dr. G. G. 10, lodiaca. 

Page, Charles 2, E. 

Parker. J. J. D. 11, I. 


T.iygon, T. H. 24, Mass. P. Major. 
Payson, .1. C. 13, Mass., Commis- 

sarv Department. 
P bauson, H H. 6, Lt. Col. w. 
Perkins, A. M. 2, Lt., w. 
Perkins, Asa E. 40, X. Y.. d. 
Pettigrew, Francis 2. E. 
Pickering. V. A. 2, Mass., k. 
Pillsburv, S. H. 9, A, Capt. 
Pike D.'2, E. 
Prescott, J. E. 2, E. 
Prescott, George A. 15, 1. 
Reardon, M. 6, C. 
Revnolds, George H. 11, I. 
Riley, Jno. Jr., 3, B. 
Robinson, Wm. Jr., 2. E. 
Robinson, Geo. W. 2*, Mass. 
Robinson, Josiah B. 6, 0, d. 
Rock, J, 6, C, dis. 
Rollins, George F. 13, E. , 
Rollins, Henrv S.'R, U. S. N. 
Rowell, J. 6,"C, Sergt. 
Rundlett, F. G. U. S. X, 
.Rundlett, James 2, E. 
Ryan, William 6, C. 
Sanborn, A. J. 9, A. 
Sawyer, F. W. 13, E. 
Senior, \V. 3, B. 
Sinclair, J. T. 15, E. 
Sinclair, J. E. 15, E. 
Simons, C. J. 9, A, Sergt. 
Sleeper, W. H 3, B. 
Smith, Jeremiah \V. 15, E. 
Smith, M. M. 6, C. 
Smith, G. H. ,: •' 
Smith, W. H. 3, E, Lieut. 
Smith, Charles 2, Clerk, d i3. 
Smith, J. 3, B. 
Smith, J. R. 44, Mas3. 

Stacy, U. S. X. 

Stanles, Christooher 9, A. 
Staples, C. H. U. S. N., dis. 
Stevens, George VV. f>, C. 
Stevens, Chester, 9, D, Capt. 
Sticknev, 1>. 8, B. 
Stickne'y, M. H. 11, I. 
Stockman, F. G, C. 
Stone, I). W. U. S. N. 
S'one, J. D. 3, B, dis. 
Snllivan, Jno. 13, Assistant Sure, 
Sullivan, P. \V. 8, C. 
Swain, G. W. " " dis. 
Swasuy, W.E. U. S. X. 
Tanner, Jeremiah 2, E. 
Tanner, Seth 9, A, di*. 

Tanner, Georje W. 9, A. 
Tappan, James M. 9, A, d. 
Taylor, Josiah W. 11, I. 
Tavlor, G. A. 2, E, dis. 
Tebbetts, J. 8, B. 
Tebbetts, F. L. 2, E. 
Tebbetts, J. I. U. S. N..di«. 
Tebbetts, W. V. B. 17 Masi. 
Thing, Frederick F. 13,E. 
Thing, G. E. 8, B, dis. 
Thing, J H 3, B, Sergt. 
Thing, G H 2, E, w. 
Thurston, J 2. E. 
Thurston, George K 15, I. 
Thurston, Eugene 9, A. 
Tjlton, J G 8, B. 
Tilton, William P H.I. 
Tovvle, Charles J. U S N. 
Tuttle, James. S 15, I. 
Twilight, W H 1st Art'y, Mass. 
Vanduzee, J H 13, E. Sergt . 
Vanduzee, J C 13, E, Sergt. 
Veazey, W G 15, Vt, Col, 
Veazev, Henrv 
Vinal.'G A W 6, Ma=s„ K. 
Wadleigh, Jas. P 9, A, w. 
Walton, W H 3, B, 
Walker, H 8, B. 
Watson, J M3. B. Corp. 
Wain wright. W. U S X. 
Warren, E. U S X. 
Weeks, H 6, C. 
Weeks, John S 9, A. 
Weeks, J E G 9. A. 
Weeks, Nathaniel 2, U S N. 
Weeks, H A 26, Mass. 
Weeks, Jeremiah S 3, B- 
Weeks, Joshua W Jr. 6, C. 
West, William 13, E. 
White, Woodburv C S, B. 
White, S 6, C." 
Wilbur, J E 3, B, Capt. 
Willev, Alfred 17. U S A, dis. 
Willey, Henry 17, U S A D. 
Willey, Edwin Regt Mass. 
Willey, James 13, Mass. 
Willey, George U S N\ k. 
Willey, Charles N H Cavalry . 
Wood, Henry 9, A. 
Wyman, W 4. 
Youn?. J R 8, B. 
Youug, C W -i, 8, B. 
Young. L H 13, E. 
Total, .... 2'32 


029 *