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Full text of "Briggs's Maryland, Pennsylvania & Virginia almanac, or, Baltimore ephemeris, for the year of our Lord .."

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L M A N A C 








The aflronomica! part (which is much more copious than | 

ufual) is adopted to the latitude and meridian of 

PHILADELPHIA ; but may, without 

material trror, be ufed in 

Pennfylvania, New-Jerfey and Delaware. 

The feleded Pieces (of which there is a conftdcrable M 
variety in PROSE and VERSE) 

Have been chofen with care; and.po*hi4f inconfiftent with 

the tcnents of Friends, is admitted into anr 

part of this work. 


Printed h W. PEC HIM, No. 15, Baltimore-Street, S 

Explanation of the Characters, kc 9 ufcd k 
this Almanac. 

© The Sun, f Yenns, If Jupiter, 

it urn 

5 Tbc Moon, @ The Earth, f : 

tf Mcrcurv, . £ Mars, K Berchel. 

$» The Moon's, or any other planet's Afecn&ing Kcde. 
, ™ The Defending NoJic. 
O Conj«ni\ion } or planets fixated in the fame longitude. 
p Quadrature, or p'anetsjftiated in lcngitudes'diiFcring thro* 

hgns from each other, ^H 
£ Qppofstion, or planets fi^^cd in opposite longitudes, or differing 
fix figns from each other. 
ftm. 11 1 10. 43. 12 A. fignifies that there is an emeriion of Ju/ker'e 

inft fatellfte at 10 hours 43 nrnutes 22 fecor.ds afternoon. 
/,-*«, 2£r 4. 7 38 M. fignifies that there is an immcrfon of 'Jupiter's firft 
futeilite at 4 hours 7 muiutes 3$ feconds morniag. 
•%. A fixed &ar, ia general. 

N. North, Inf. Inferior, M. er Mo. Morning," 

S,. S«*th, &*jt. -Superior, A. or Af. Afiorcoon.. 

S. s. s. 

1 V Arie«, 4 £ Leo, S e? Sagittartvs., 

5 £ Taurus, 5 ttJJ, Virgo, 9 V$ C^pricoriBS, 

2 n Geni'ni, 6 $ Libra, 10 x^ Aqufr us, 

3 £i dancer. 7 TTX Scorpio, 11 X Paces. 

.<..<.< *..< « .<.^ .<„<►..►..►.+..► •>. ►.♦^►..>. 


Detain icftl I ettcr, - - - - F. Solar Cycle, - - 16. 

Lunar Cycle, or Golden Number, 14. Romaii Indi&ion, a. 
Epacl, -------- 23. 

M. B. g. is prefixed to thofe insmerslons and emerfiors of Jupiter's 
fh'ft Satellite which are vifib'.e at Greenwich ; and to thofe conjiinelionB 
of the Moon with fixed ftars, or planets, which art occulutioiiS there. 

Not 9etvg fupplied with Greek letters, the fixed Jf ars cevU not 
he cxpre.ffei by Bayer's charcQers j they are therefore, dtjig- 
naied by the cerref pending laters — thus : 

For Alpha we have put a — Rata, £— Gamma, fr+H Delta, </— * 
Epfilon, e — Zcta, z — Eta, <F— YHe'a, M—-Iota, t'^Kappa. I — ■ 
Lambda, / — Mn, m — Nu, » — Xi, x — Q»nieron, c — Pi ; p — Ro, 1 
r— oigroa. s- T T3iU i t — Upiiion, a — Phi, /•A— Chi, ch — Pm,—~ ft 


The AUTHOR to the READER. 


HAVE, for feverai years pail, in commen, I believe, with 
rhe religious fociety of winch I am a member, felt much d"ii -appro- 
bation at many things which con Bitot e a part of moft, if not alt, 
the almanacs, in common nfe amomiol os ; things which, L con- 
ceive, have originated from the corrupt roots of idolatry and in-- 
perdition, -Out of the former, has arifen the names commonly 
given to the dayt of the week, and to- many of the months ; ar«l 
out of the latlejF, the pretence of foreknowing the particular kir-i 
of weather for the iuct .ceding year; the notion of die mogn's 
governing fuccHfive'y twelve different poitions of the hurrtjn 
body, according as the is fucceffively in ibe twelve figns of the' 
Zodiac, Sic. 

I believe I cannot better eiprefi my objection io the names by 
which the cavs of 'he welejj and many of the months are commonly-" 
raMed. than in die words of that faithful minii'ler of Chr ! f, Joh-v 
Churchman, in a dialogue with a peyfon, who reqnWIed John 'o 
co-Tie rohim on Saturdays and Wedr,>>f'Jay<. " I -diked him (Ovs 
J<-hn) what idayjs of the week thc.fe were; which he called S:tu ■ -- 
day, and Wednelday P he feeroed to wonder at my rgrrorancpy* 
but knew not how to tell me rwherwife ; i fai i, I do not read :'a 
the fcjipttifcs of any days io named ; fee replied, that is trne ; f( r 
what Fealfon, 'hen, faid I, dofl thou call them io ? becauie it is \ 
ccm;t;0n O'^om^uJ J: 2 : fdppofo then, faid I, that wa lived i:i 
a heathen country among inh^el^'wrr©-^^!!;:^ d jdols, Oio^tM w£ 
follow their cu-ftoms betaufe common ? he replica vftt******^. * 
then faid, if 1 have underRood rightly, the heathens gays •'■>? 
day* of the week thbfe names : I never heard that before, faid be*, 
pT.*p for what r'eafon ? I anfwered, they voifliipped rhe i v c,<\ 
the firu dav of the week, and named it, afrer -heir idol, Sunday ; 
the moon en the fecontj day of the week, fo came Monday, anl 
ihe other ^avs after other idol?, for they had many gods ; third 
dav chev ri^-w-'i-'ud.Iav after their idol Tiiefcoj and after their 
idol Woden, fonrih day ihey cv»"d W^daefday, and fifth day, 
after their idol Thor, they called Thuriday ; Ac- *Vrw^Erid?.v v. 
and after SVfisrri thev mf'rd tie feve-ntn day Saturday •, and as T 
believe in » ! e onlv true God and Jefus Chrift , whom he hath fen?) 

and expeft eternal life by no oilier name or pawer, I dare not for 
eonfcience fake own the gods of the heathen, er name a day after 
them : but chooie the names which the days were caiied by.' when 
rhe Mod High performed his federal works of creation, viz. firB, 
fecond, third, and fo on., which is fcriptural, and moll plain and 
cahly underftood." 

I I objetl to the opinion thai any man, as a mere natural phi- 
Jofopher, can foretell the weather, farther than (as our Saviour 
fold the Pharifees) li When it is evening (he may fay) it wilt 
be fair weather, for the (key is red : and, in the morning, it will 
he foul weather to-day, for the {key is red and lowering. When 
he (ecs a cloud rife out of the well (he may fay) there cometh a 
ihower ; and when the fouth wind blows there will be heat." 
y>y carefully obierving the appearance of the atmofphere, a man 
ir.iy, iometimes. riY«*ke a tolerable guffs at the weather for a day 
*r itco beforehand ; and any pretence of foreknowing more than 
tuts, without the fpint of prophecy, as natural phiiofophy fur- 
j illics neither foundation nor rules, rauft be fuperflitions. 

1 he fa tl ft ems to be pretty well atteded that the mind of man, 
v.hcn anccted with what is called lunacy, undergoes a periodical 
t ban g-, correfpondmg to the moon's pofifion with rcfpeQ to the 
i-ui], that is, with relpeft to her being new or full, increafingor 
I'ccreafing. For aught I know, other things may be alFeded by the 
fame eaufe ; as, by the power of gravity, flie undoubtedly ha* 
tivnt influence upon our atraofpbere, and as the quantity of Jig hi 
&e adores us is com'lantly increafing from her change to her ftiil, 
and cenllanily decreafing from her full to her change. But this 
Ins no connexion with the moon's being in any particular fign of 
rhe Z-odij'.c ; as fhe is new and Ju'l, incrtafng and decreafing in 
the fame figv. at different times; natural phiiofophy furrirlhct 
jo foundation for believing that the moon has any appropriate 
lniunnce on one fart of the animal frame at one tin:::, unci on 
another part at another time. Pretended pr<*W ,a '^ ns f t j 3e Wta . 
slier, the notion, jail mf""":.^, of the ligns, and any belief in 
*,%>.*'»?'.: atpeHs ot the planets and Gars, are fhe remains of that 
Suieieht fu perditions ajir ology, long fince exploded, by all men of 
reai ictence. 1 believe there is not a man to be found, pofieffed 
ut knowledge cnoagh lo calculate an almanac, with accuracy, wild 
«ioes not know that fuch notions are idle and fuperflitious. It way 
be afked, why then do they continue to pubiiih them, from year 
to year, as an elfential part of t^eir almanacs ? — Their CQ:~wiu« 
txcuie is, " People in general (fay lh» j ) reiv fo much on theie 
things, that wuhout them, no almanac womcl Jell — that almoft the 
vkv»lc imppe'fion would he bbojj the pub'iihc'r's hands, ieavinij 
him flij lavur j or fits '•aim.. 

I believe tfjierwjfe", ancl a^ w5tS*g, as appears bv J&e p-e- 
fent inUance, to rifis confide,rao/f« «?o« the IJFuc, h<4»inj» that the 
number of inv felloW citizens who are rivetted to fnrh .frpc>~ 

ft tions, is con paraiively imall. When * man is , accuflomed ro 
Te^ard the planets, their j^VpetiwfUy varied pajRtirfns; and a£- 
pe&s as difpenfing £<W or evitio him, in regulating the wen- 
iher, on which toav depend p&Jity, or, in govern »g, 
W-'A or difttxfe, life or death, alio his fcfti&A, by influencing 
the feveral part* of his body in rotation ; will not fuch a dii- 
pofition t/?ad lo weaken (to lay the leatt of it) that heart-tendering' 
fenfe otconjfani dependence., or gratitude to, and reverent ado- 
ration of his Saviour, which a ch-n-flian ought to feci ? — Ought- 
he not rather to confidcr the pknets-j as they- really arc, vati' 
bodies of matter, although works of the fanve Almighty hand T 
as inanimate and *£nfelefs as the earth on which" he treads ; and 
gratefully to rereive every blc'Iing which Ills enjoys as coming 
ivimtcliateiy fr«»m the only true Ged, the fountain- cf life arc! 
light; humbly fubmittin^ atfo to every fecming evil which' 
may befal him, as a judgment from the fame fource, .mercifully \ 
bitend< d for his correction and amendment", 

I have; adapted the apparent time ef each phenomenon to the 
latitude and meridian for which the Almanac is calculated; 
except the trautit of Mercury ; the firS eclipfe ; the immerlions 
and emerfions of Jupiter's firft fatelike ; and the conjunctions of 
the Moon with fixed ftars ; of which, in ail the Almanacs, the 
apparent time at Washington is fet down, rt being intended to 
reckon our longitude from thence, as the eftub hiked, feat of go- 
vernment. . 

Owing to a concurrence of many circumflances,- which I hope 
will not commonly be the cafe wiih me, the feaibn was fo far' 
advanced before I could get \Wn work ready for the prefs, that 
I fear it will be found, incomplete in many particular?,. 
However, if my friends approve of the general defign, and will 
kindly exmfe the imperfc fctions incident to a fir 11 attempt, and . 
want of furficient fime, I mean to fpare-- uo ■pains- t4 make my , 
future ones more complete and fatisfartory. There may belome 
inaccuracies in the Ivl Friends' meetings, but it was the belt I 
could obtain, I propofe to t^ke meafures for having that aid a 
more exteaftve account of courts quite correct in ay next. l 

isaa-j Bxrjar 

Sharon, io?h of the 1 
9th Xoafh. 1 - 9 3 . J 

A a 

0* FINDING my name ufurped, in one inftance, 
as the author of an Almanac which is none of it mine, 
except merely the agronomical calculations, 1 think 
it necefTary to caution my friends, who wifh to have 
mine, againft impoiition, by alluring them, that 
whatever the title may be, none is Briggs's Alma- 
nac but thofe which have his name to the preface ; 
and this he means to make a {landing rule in all 
future impreHIons. 


Rule for finding the time cf High Water at the following places. 

A dd to the Moon's fowthing, the quantities of time annexed, and the 
fum, if it be under 12 hours, or its excefs above 12 hours, if it be greater, 
will be the time at each place of high water refpeetivcly. 

Philadelphia, and Wilming 
ton (Delaware) - 

Albany, - - - 

Am >oy, Cape May, Main 
Ocean, Port Rofeway, Pro 
\idence, Rhodw' lilana, and 
Sandy Hook, - - - 

Annapolis (Mary.) Charlef- 
ton Lt. Houfe, and Puryi- 
burg (South-Carolina) 

Aonapolis (K. Scotia) Hack- 
en fack, Halifax, Penob- 
fcot, PolepeU Ifland, and 
Quebec, - - - - 

Boftoa, Cafcd B-iy, Reedy- 
Ifland, Saybrook, and Wil- 
liamsburg (Virginia) - 

Bridgetown, E. Jeri'ey) Bruf- 
•wick (N. Carolina) Bur- 
lington, Cape Hcnlopcn, 
Cockfpur (Georgia) Eliza 
fceth Town Poiut, New- 
i-pjvdoii>Ncw-Y©fk, San«l 

wich bay, and Tarpoulen H. M. 
8 53 


5 I Cape Anne, Ipfwich, New- 
bury Port Portfrr.outU Sa- 
lmi, and White Stone, ii a© 
Cape Canifo, - - - - i 8 30 
5?jCape Fear, and Savannah, | 7 50 
Caps Hatteras, Cape Henry, 

Fairfield, and Huntington, I® 35 
I Georgetown Bar, - - -164© 
j Guilford a»d Plymouth, jio 5 
! Hartford, - - - - - |io 55 
Hell-Gate, and Port Royal 

" 35\ 

10 50 

(S. Carolina) — — - 
fames Town, - — - - 
Kingfton (Efopus) - - 
Nantucket, and New-Provi- 
dence, - - - — - 
New- Haven, - - — — 
Newtown Landing, - - 
Pilcataway, - - - - 
Sunbary (Georgia) - - 
Tvbee Ear, - - - - 

1 8 


1 9 


1 St 
















.•'"'■. s\ .■'*'•. .••"'•. .•*\ .•**• .•*"'•. .■*".. .••"•• 

,.-. ,.-.. .-«,, a, ,.•*. ..-v ..•%. y\ ..■%. ..».. ..■», y\ r»>o- 
'%.•• '•-•• •%.'• \#* V '••*• W •-•* W *'w" 'w *w *»< 

ECLIPSES for the TEAR 1799, 

THERE are but two eclipfes this year, both of the Sun, and a 
tranfit of Mercury over the Sun's di(k_, viz. 

Firii Eclipfe. 

On the 4th -of the 5th month, invifibie in the United States. rf at 
yh. 6m. afternoon. The Sun will be centrally eclipfed on the mer di- 
an, at ib. im. afternoon, in longitude ioj-° 22^ W. and latitude &° N. 

In Mexico, this ecliple will begin a little before Sun-fet, which 
•will be the neareft: approach of its viiibility to us. 

Second Eclipfe. 

On the 28rh of the 10th Month, vi(ib!e in the Southern and Weftern 
ftates. A line, pafiing foutheaftwardly through Lake Superior and 
Lake Michigan, near the weft end of Lake ErK-, near the fouthweft 
corner of Penniyl vania, near Clarklburg and Staunton, and conlidera- 
bly fouthweft of Peterfburg .in Virginia, very near Edenton in North- 
Carolina, and into the Atlantic Ocean at Cap 
thole parts nortkeaftward, where this eclipfe will noi be 
thofe foutliweftward, where it will be viiible. 

The following is a lift of the principal places in the United States, 
•where this eclipfe will be vi libit, with the time of its beginning, mid- 
dle, and end, and its quantity, or the number of digits eclipied, at each 
place. The firft impieffion will be on the right band of the Sun's 
fouthern limb. 

Hatteras, will divide 
viiibie, from 



f. M. 



H. M. 



N. W. Territory, 

Ft. Vincent, 



IO 33 mo: 

11 \Omor. 


Kentucky, - - 


IO l6 


II 22 


Virginia, - - 

\ Lewifturg, - 
\ New London, 

II 5 


II 19 

II 30 



fRateVgh, - - 

11 3 

II 24 




jSalifoury, - 
( New 1 -era, - 

16 53 

10 ',9 

I I 19 

II 24 

11 45 

II jO 



1 11 8 


tl /O 


TennerTee, - - 


iO 1 2 

10 51 

II 10 



5 Columbia, - 
\ Charlefton, 

10 38 

10 4-, 

11 T4 

11 n 

71 f O 

11 i& 

f Augulva, - - 
*, Savannah, - 

10 59 

11 15 

1 1 5 2 


11 43 

11 22 

O I eft. 


Georgia. - - - 

J$X, Mary's, 

10 38 

11 22 

O }%'(• 



JS. W. corner ef 
f the U. states. 

,, 9 

10 17 

11 Ifwsr 


>•■. .*\ .*■►. .0. ..••••. jp£ ..*■■ ..'■■.. y*. </\ .•'*'•. .•***••. .••■ s /*■• .-•**••. .■•"'. 
^W•"^'\r'"vN*fS»^r^■■*^^\r'■\/■-Vlf'\y'v/\/'v'S< , '' 


Happens on the 7th of the 5th monih, partly vifible, as repre- 
sented ip. the following figure. 


TRE circle , V O 5 H 5 reprefent » the 
S4»'a diflr. 

V, his vertex, or hiphrft point. 

Y b S,a vertical circle, or perpen- 
dicular,, pading through the Sun's 

HbO, a line parallel to the hori- 
zon, or level, parting alfo through 
the Sub's center. 

The curve, a b d, is the p?rh (with 
refpect to the perpendicular, V 
b S) of the point iu the ecliptic, 
anfwering to Mercury's geocea- 
eric lungitude. 

The etirvr, >$ m c E, "s Mercury V 
path, with refpect to the perpen- 
riicu'ar, V b S. ■-' 

The points V^, Ylk y VII/j, &:e. re- 
preA-nts Mercury's place at the 
5th. 6th, 7, kci four — the point 
rn, his place at the middle of the 
tra'ufit or lvs neareft approach to 
the Snn's center — the point c, 
his place at the momeBi of the 
ec'iptical conjunction; snd F, 
his egfefs, or the end of ths 

Beginning, - - -, - 

Middle* - - - - 

Etlipri<al conjunftio», 
Lad internal contact, 

{-■ft Thila.ii.ia. 
j H. M. 

" 8 '.s 

Laft external cor.tatt, or end. 1 1 2Q £ 

Tfiai duration. - - " " ; 7 2 ° «^ 
Duianon of vifibility, - ~| 6 t8 * 

it }V>i&:ngiton. 


1 1 
i i 



S3 L 

3 a 

37 g- 

] 7* S 

21 3 

18 '" 

y<7 Rah'gll. 

H. M. 
4 6 j 

9 s 
30 = 
46 . 
105 % 
M = 

This mode (although a tronblcfome one to the calculator) of re- 
nrefcntin* Mercury's path, by making a vertical circle, i*lteariof 
!he ecliptic^ the ba'fis pf the p. ejection, is preferred, in a publi- 
cation addreflcd to the community at Urge, became, to thcie in* 
ftqir'ainted v ith aflfonomy, it is a much belter direction where le 
lool- For Mercury en the Sun's dift, or face, at any particular 
hWe during his j^&gr. No one, but an aHror.omer, can judge 
Wifh »i,v rreciw-on. of the petition of the eciipt.c, as 11 is. every 
moment. tWnging with reject to an obferver on the earth's iur- 
face: hut anyone can judge what would be the civccIioh oi a 
plumb-line, pajjfing through the Sun's center. 

Mercery's path, in the above figure, is adapted to the city of 
Warning n. It was ihougbtHitineccffajy to make a proje8ion for 

cacM p 

-e where this almanac may be ufed, as the 

difference be- 
tween this path and one adapted to any other place, within the 
United States, will be not at all material. In ail places nerth- 
eafiward o^ W aldington, 

Mercur) will appear a little higher oa 
the Sire's face before the middle of the tranfit. and a lutie iower 
afterwards ; As4 iu all places iouthwettw*^ • 

happen J 

coiUiary wiU 

To avoid the trouble of calculating parallaxes, all the circura- 
flances of this tranlu are fet down fuch as they would be if viewed 
troni the earth's center ; as the greatelt difretence that could oc- 
cur between an obiervation vmAo. there, and a cor re f ponding one, 
us furj u c( i would not amount to tv,o mmuta 

in any place on 
of lime. 

N. J2. AiTTlCagB I Save carefully calculated this tranfit, twice 
3ver, from the tables in t'he third edition of De la Lande's agro- 
nomy i'ihe moil approved, I believe, of any agronomical tables 
now extant) yet uiy calculation diifers, in time, more tha.n an 
hour, from that in the Nautical almanac. We mull leave it 10 
Mercury himfUf to fleierauce; whick is neareft to the iruih, 

FIRST MONTH mdccxcix, 



Moen's Phafes. 
D. H. M 
5 ii I4^f 

13 10 58 Ai 
21 o 4 

. iftD 

38 5 jo-M 


anet-s Places, <§rc. 




1 lL 

1 b 


' <? 




— _. 

__— . 







<yv-i i 

















i 16 


. 27 
























5 S 

3 S 

4 N 





ir ii 



| O 








'/ 23 

4 37 


7 23 

4 3: 


7 23 

4 -5 7 


7 22 

4 3? 


7 22 

7 21 

4 3^ 
4 39 


7 ai 

4 39 


7 2C 

4 40 


7 19 

4 44 


7 19 

4 4J 


7 18 

4 42 


7 17 

4 41 


7 17 

4 43 


7 10 

4 44 


7 ^5 

4 43 


7 15 

4 45 


7 14 

4 4' 

%,r j 3) 's 

f'T^c. f piece. 

m_s a. p 
14 r*i i 





47 X 

XI i 



42: 8 

3 | 

f^lSI 6*7 itf* 47 1 1 * 

D | 




r/yrv \fou 



jets . 

H. m.;h. 


D. M. 

H N- 

2 317 


22 59 


3 428 


™ 53 3 3 

4 569 

A 1 

22 47 2 $1 

6 4'io 


22 4 1 2 J^ 

fets, ! ll 


22 34 2 A:, 

5 6Wi 


22 27 2 45 

b ir'i 


22 19 2 40 

7 162 


22 11 a it 

8 19*3 


2 2 2 3 31 

7 203 

4 1 

21 33 3 2 } 

10 io'4 


21 44 2 3 J 

11 185 


21 34 |3 18 

m™. j 


21 24 3 14 



21 13 I2 IC 

1 16 7 


21 2 2 6 

2 187 

J 3 

20 50 \% ) 

3 238 


20 38 1 55 

* 279 


2© 26 J 

r 53 

Fete- St, 


5 57 
5 5 3 
5 48 
5 <4 
5 40 

124 4oj XI 
114 49 1X 
104 S c \ lL 







4 51 p 

4 52 12 

4 5?A 17, 



6J4 *2iJ 5 

2j4 581X3 28; 

14 $9*3 47 ? 
0J3 O.I3 J 6 

3*,ri 3 ' 

£i. jxorn. 

I o o 20 
07 201 
I5J3 33 3 
c|9 47 3 
i 4 |!o 584 
a^l«9>». 4 
12I0 13:5 
20!: ?;- A 
Jo.]3 37-7 
333 468 

20 14 p a>j| 

23 I !* 

19 47 
19 33 


1 ^ 

1 3 

ii 34 


5 8 




3 56 


Have always a conk'icncc void of 

^r and '.,witc1 men 


offence toward. God 


^l Containing 31 Days. 

Mifccllaneous Phcnoner>a 


i ^ ^ a r£= k 49 M. 

i fd ftationarjr, 

I a II rifts ic 26 af.! 

A brief Account of FRIENDS, 
and their Doctrines. 

Extracted from a Ditlisnary of 

*:' Edidburi 

railed frame Ditlisnary t>f £ 

frij flni Sciences^ pxblijiied^\ 



r 15 

I* ar 

5. a 2 

V *3 

2 7 

TKE Quakers, are a religious 
rfociety that began to be dnhn- 
fjg;iii fried by this name in Iw-lft 

*s 3.). 8 24 a 

Bulls eye"so. 919 af. 

Em. If 1 10 43 22 af 

-irius so. II 23 a 

- 2 -. 'ii 5 11 3?..f , iand, where it firft topk : : ts rife 

6 2 e X, * 47 N- . [about the middle of the lait cen- 

I? so. c 21 M.jtkjy. In treating of this people, 

J ^ y ,w * frailty of thofe who have men- 

j5 6* S Kj * 3^ S. jtioned them in their writings; 
Q O h- [by exhibiting th« account they 

{give of themfelves, without mak- 

% 1 

1$ oM. 

5 e*i* 


n^ourf-lves anfwerab'.e for their 

7 4 19 at <? 

t fjpnneiples or practices. 

af.l William Sewei, a Dutchman, £ 

af-jpubiilhed in the year 1717, the-* 

f ihiftorv of this people. Ht was 

a " o^e of their own perfuafion ; a 

a f^Tian of learning, and known tojj 

af.jthe public, by his {i Dictionary 

af.of ihe Dutch and Englifh !an- 

jaaget.*' He had accefs to all jg 

'heir records, correfponded with x 

;he molt eminent ; lived at z-\ 

time when the facts he record--,/ 

;-<5 > ?*? ll 55 a f- °d were recent, and we have not \ 

V 2° J) in perigee. heard tkat any part of his hiS.oryfc 

3-^ 6 % P- h />*3°S. has been controverted : And as j 

w we are informed, that )t has beenjr 

a r jpubliQmd with the approbation 1 the Quakers, we may there- ^ 

^ Whatfoever things are true, whaffoever things are honefl,*>& 
£ wlarfoever thiwgs are j-jfl, whatever tilings are pure, j 
^wljitJoever things are lovely, whatfoever things an* ofgoodx 
£ report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praife, 3 
$ think on thefe things. . \ 

o <$ J U 7 44 
Regulus riles 7 *7 
Spicarr^rlfes u 48 
6ays 9 34 

Q enters ~ 6 8 
Oars iacrcafe 26 

^ "d x n 5 59 

o* sets 1141 

<$ J tpm 3 2 9 
*«. l£i S57 43af. 

£ stationary, 
4 T^ * ft? ' 3 T 3 rv? 
Arct. rifei 10 28 af. 
havs 9 46 

g-^5 > ? i?U 11 55 af - 
T) in perigee. 
6 $P» /,*30S. 
Days mcreaie o 40 
Lyra rifes o 55 M 
Fqma.1. sets 5 53 
o so. 10 32 

I SECOND MONTH mdccacix, d 

Moon's Pfoafes' 
D. H. M. ID. 
N.ft 4 3 14 Af— - 
7 44 AF 1 

o 3 M 7 

i 2 5 

Plant-f? Pl3< 







i >».■; 

-U j d* 





2 I 





r' ; 




I 9 







24! 2If 



: 20.1 S % 

)' 2f)i N > 

16th of the lothi? 

Month — then morning (tar the remainder of this vear. 
Latitude of Kerchel (H) about 46 minutes N, this year. 

Sf HE hath (hewed thee, O man, what is good, and 

-loth the Lord 

f thee, but to do juftiv, to love 

v Torn trie L.ora req 

f' mercy, and to walk humbly with thv Cod. 

'v. Contain in 


20 Days. ^ 

j fore conn-Vr it as an authentic V* 
r - ? - Ni^orv oMhfir rile, progrefs and % 

Li. \1. i 
8 13 

J 8 

£, 9 

V- J r*- 

gi 14 i&ecmltts so. 

principal opinion 

P.! George Fox (for whofe birth § 

M md paterrtag*, fee S^weJPs hi! jp 

i'ory, page 6, &c. ) was she firfl £ 

H rises 

7pJcS S-t I 55 

D ,ys 10 6 

5 gr. elongation. 

a ris.s 5 32 M 

2 if. 

?■». l£i 7 ij 3?, af r ancy ' always averfe- to the fol-*|g 

T? so. 10 2 af. lies of youth, and defirous of \ 

'nothing To much as to be pre- ^ 

c , Curved n innocence and nmpli-j£ 

oftbefe people. Me waj of a & 
-ave fedate turn from fus in- \ 

D'ys in"rei r e 
1) in apogee. 
FTs eye sets 
Skins so. 



I 43 

8 5 3 

10 26 

::ty. He was earW remarked 
n thefe refnetts, 

^ r zo U*. " 

$ 2t Ur •> 


1 5$| 

9 4'i 

1 30 

8 5 5 

it 20 

, * *3 N. 

11 r 1 1 7 

so 3 47 

J) in perigee, 

15 M $ i*5 >* 
jjj 16 fepka tr^ris. 

v 17 !')ays increafe 
jT 1 ^ H*3 enters X 
v 1; Lf few 
$ *9 3*2* 

as an exr'-rtp 
9 it 19 a- and of 

M When a 

M • 

; .ioove a: 


22 DlV3 


* trx 


inflexible integrity;- 

yo-nii, he was defifpus \ 

trunks' tci p:eife Goo,.'^ 

cvanou-ly avoided every £ 

•M^hrirg that either icnptur*, or ~% 

af the dilates of his cwn confei- ,<< 

jence, taught him 10 believe va^ \ 

^, 'often f:«- e. As he rrsw up. this $ 

aupoution in ere a tea : it colt him £ 

jmuch diftreiY. But at length he v 

M 'was fatisrie '. in fefbeQ: io rm^v & 


doubts he had admitted : and 
iaine.1 much experience by the 


hin*s he had fu.f?r?d. This en 

h; ; i hial to inSfdtl others 

MJApd about the year I047, we ,£ 


&*3 ? 6 

^24 fa D / '"2. 4 44 

|Lyra"«ie* 1* 8 

U S*V# * 17 5 

U5 9 v >?, ^< 3: s 

27 Diy<5 ; ncrcafe 1 54 

28 J7>p;s fee o 14 

The fruit of the fpirif. is love, joy, p^*xe. Song-fuffering, 2 
f'- rentlenefs, goodn^fs, faith, meeknefsj terrjpcrarice : agamlt \ 
£k fuch there is no Law. ^ 

f Add to vour fatth virtue, and to virtue know'eJ^e, ^.nd to 'i 
«"k!towled*e temperance, and to temperance pauenec, and to fe 
X oitience god4ioefs, and to £o-i!inefs brotherly kindnefs, and ^ 
^v" to brotherly kindnefs charity. *% 

^ But he that lacketh thefe thmij" 5 is nlind, and cannot fee & 
C'a c ar off, and/ halh forgotten that he was purged from his J 
§1 old fins. 1^ 

II 1 1 RD M O N ITI -m dccxcix, |i* 


D. H. M. n 
N.# 6 8 34Mf- 
Tft5) 14 1 22 f 
i'. O-19 53MJ 
L. £ ^S 2 34MJ1 




j Places, &c. 





Vg K, 






4 § 



21J 19 






4 S 



20! 19 






2 S 



20j 19 






j IS 

v ( 


2o! 19 







C o n i a i ;s i ,s g g 1 Days. 


?«>j l&rid him travelling through fe- ft 

of |Miceilaneous Phenosae.L^j L , )Um ; es j Q £%J and b fe ^^ 

cut fuch as had any re 


I !H rlfes 

1 I 6 § ' ~ 5 * 

a ,7^s fee 

3 E'stye sets 

4 Dayj 

> [jj so. 

r< If o* 
Kin. %l 
j) in apogee* 
iJ ..) s rnercal'e 

6 d n 

■ ir. sets 
- - "g- so. 

6 D 2 h 25 


d ?> Hi * 

"^teiiderneis, and exciting the ca- 

o 23 

8 14 
Cl: 2 





j' sets 

Vj enu:i <Y> 917 *V 
Scraa) day 3c ni^ht 
6 <y $ iup. T2 ita « 

_, m ^cri-ee. 

6 ; guinea of ieveral concerniag him. J k 

7 j3 36 AJMany embraced his opinions:.-^ 
>f». JAnd indeed, he Items 10 have J 

o 6 M rouied the public mind, as much \'; 

'as e\er any individual did in 3 

jthofe counties for trig time, and '4 

A under fuch circiimnsnee*. A -y 

man oi low binh, wnaoiH iitera- ^ 

ure, merely by the fau&ity pfj| 

iife, and the fim^ieity of.* 

doctrine*, to have collected 'V 

Ajfroai ail profeihori?, and molt $ 

irariis, men of character, fortune, ',} 

Aand uuderilanding, and unbodied^ 

w jthefja as a religious iociety ; 10/ 

f the belt % 

ivil ciifci-.'J 

10 12 

11 44 

11 55 

10 10 


1 £6 


11 5 

L-a; s 

Km. It 1 

9 sets 
Ar ; . ro. 
28 jLyra rifes 
20 J 7 ;,<s sets 

30 pays 

3« id ]> <>? 

31 gin. I^j 

12 6 

320 i 

7i 6 3 i^ 

o 9 R 
' 5° 

% At IS,'] 

9 11 I 

10 24 A 
12 26 

nave intututed one o 
concerted plans of c 
jiluie ; is a circa in Oaaee 

rue, and not unworthy the dil- ^f 

-jUiiiuons of tne aoleil phtfojfo- .-f£ 

.hers. J ^ 

The name of Quaker w*s af-jc 

xed to tins people early, by £ 
• ■• ;y of reproach, in their al 
fethhires 11 Sometimes happened,-*--,. 

hat iome were io 11 ruck with 5 
ueir pait follies, and forgetful- J£ 

lef's of iheir condition ; others 4* 

.o deeply affected wiih a fenie"^ 

tv? of Goo's Mercy to ihem, chat Jg 

tyj4 25 A'lhey aciuaiiy tremliea and cjuak- 

aihgence tol|£ 
make your calling and election lure ; tor if ye do theie if 

—Wherefore the rather, brethren, give • 
ake your calling and ei 
things, ye mall never iali. 

)jl FOURTH MON'iH moccicix, M 

& Moon's Phafes f PUrx& Places, &c. | ]) *s J 

o villi s lie tavherleis and widows in their affliction, and to 

¥ Pu 

% keep \. 


relipior: and undeCkd" before God the Father is this, 

s and widows in t] 
lotted from the world. 


>*SA"i SfssViiwSi'.iiSe* 

v €iS3 ^; ; o- 


_-^ Kj; t-^vJt tAj-'^tj;;^ j . ^ff, i^J^J. t-^-I-^^.^V*^ >.■* _♦ ■t^ , *L> £. -ft. ? L<ft : » f*J 








Containing 30 Days. 

c/ Mifcellancous Phenome. 

H. M. 
:H sou. io 37 

[7 >|c s s t io 9 

'B's eye sets io 26 
: J) in apogee. 

6 'J? sets 

7 pays 

Id .0 h 

S'uius sets 
Reguluj so. 

§ sets 

6 VJ St 

em. l£i 

I 47 

12 48 

* 53 
9 * 

IO 2T 

8 36 

13 6 

8 21 

k 45 


ed. The nick-name io a.ucu u.t ^ 

vu'jar tafte, that it Ibon. became 

* — general. Friends, or Friends of 

" ai .:iruth, was the name they were 

a f 'commonly known by to one ano 

aijther. But the epithet above men- 

(Honed, was Ramped upon then 

;by their -adverianes, a»d perhaps 


a fj The following abilract. from the 

. proportions of our count ry mar •■.[>* 

a ^j'he eminent Barclay, will perhaps ;<• 

a1 {exhibit as clear a fummary ofiu 

a f 'their opinions, as can well b^ ^ 

ce.npriied within the limits al 

8 18 5»; afll owed to this article. 

gr. elono-ation. 

6 D ti rt£ 
D in perigee. 
© enters tf 

6 d l n 

£ sets 
Spica tlR so. 
Arc*, so, 

3 & ? % 
Z4 Days 

IS I? sets 

:6 : §f ftationary. 

:8 'Lyra so. 

7 ^ 

9 5o 
1 18 

10 4 3 

11 15 
o 7 

i3 3o 

9 IO 

I I. — The height of happ'nefs i^ 
a jpiaced in the tiue knowledge oi 
afpon 1 . 

M II. — 1 he true knowledge of 
afjGod is alone to be obtained b<- 
ai " .he revelation of the Soirit ot 

r the 

w i 

6 6" *3* «.*7* 

Fomal. rif. 

4 19 

J 11. — The revelation of 
Spirit of God to the Saints. h 3 < 
pro liced (he So iptures of Ti uth. 
IV. — From whence it appears, 
• hat mankind in general is faiieii 
and degenerated. 


BLESSED are the meek, 

for they 

inherit tl. 


Yet a little while, and the wicked lhall not be : yea, 
aait diligently coniider his piac~, and it fhall not be fu;nd 
•mt the meek Oiall inherit the earth, and ihali delight them-;£* 
'eives in the abundance of peace. ft* 

The ornament of a meek and quiet fuirit is in the 6eht o 
uod ot ^reat price. 

The meek will he guide in judgment, and the meek will.,. 
ie teach his way a b^* 

& ^^^'^^^ v ^? : .;^^^^<^fr 


^SSi^K^® ^«S5S5Kb» * 

|h F1F. 

l'K month 

M © C C X C 1- X , ^ 

Jr Moon 7 ; Pha^s. 
f D. H. M. 

j Plantft's Places, ?<c, | J) 's -,j| 

1 !l G.H, 


j 5 

o v j '? j $ j 

a ^ 3 

IfNjfe 4 7 14A 
F lit ]) 12 o 9<Af 

- — — 


j ■ L 

~; °. t 


2521 XJ2 

lI2bjiJ,I.|v5 2C'| 

i6| 3 Njf 
i6! 5 U-'J 

^ s 4 

sjf F. o 19 * SiM 


7 */ 19 


I -4 

SM 1 £| 1 7 

13 *3 iv 


2 5 

4 ajf] 13 

19 ayj iS 


2 6 

7 23J 12 


r| 18 

1 23 8 

"1 1 "I 

^r vv 

10 |£ 


: % '» f 1 

D ©fs ^, "4 


1 3 * 

Fifesjlfeis. \(T 


H. KilD. M. 


5 7 

6 53[3 

io5Y"> 5 

3 4 e 

9 47j 15 *3 


«Q 15 rf 

5 6 

6 5413 

I7j *7 

4 & 

10 25 15 31 

8 37 

10 11 J)| 

5 5 

6 5$ 

24 29 

4 2b' 

11 6 15 49 

8 34 

10 8 2 

5 A 

6 £ 6 


vm JI 


11 471 I( ^ 6 

8 31 

■10 4 ^ 

: 3 

6 « 


35I 25 

7 59 

aft.^l] 16 24 

8 29 

IO O k 

5 »|* 3jj 

40»n 5 

9 1 

I 18! 16 40 

8 26 

9 56 ^ 

Iff 7 3 

5 T l 6 Sim 

4ffl ft 

tO 4 

2 9 16 57 

8 23 

9 52 a 
9 48 H| 

5 07 C j3 

4ife5 O 

11 3 

3 M 1 7 13 

8 20 

1 95 5 
4S iojj 

4 597 13 

5^1 r: 

•il 5 A 

3 57! 17 29 

8 18 

9 44 (^ 

4587 »b 

4 57,7 36 
4 5^:7 4j3 

54l 25 


4 5 2, 17 45 

8 15 

9 4o h 

He 11 ! 7 


56JSI 8 

O 4C 

5 47! 18 

8 12 

9 37 jf 

5/1 »» 

r n 

6 40; 18 16 

8 ic 

9 33 J | 
9 29 ^ 


4 35j7 5i3 

jSfe& ( 

1 5J 

i 30] 18 30 

3 7 

154 7 6 


59 *< 

2 2' . 

8 20: 18 45 

9 25 ^f 

5> *5| 4 

4 53 

7 7 


59^ 4 

2 4<5 

; ii, 1 18 59 

9 21 if 

9 17 ^ 
9 13 4 

•ri6] 3 

4 52 

7 S 


5 8 


3 x 3 

io 2! 19 13 


*y 17? 6 

Jl^ 7 

4 51 

7 9i3 


111 4 

3 4i 

10 56 19 26 


I 5^ 

7 io|3 




n 53| 19 40 


9 9 1 

4 49 

7 11:3 


* * 

8 8 

morn.j 1-9 5 3 

? 5 11 

4 49 

7 Hi3 



9 *8 

3 53j 2e 5 


9 J * 

$f *, T ! 3 

4 4« 

7 12:3 

46}^ 3 

10 2J 

1 54 20 17 


^ 57 \f 
8 53 J 

4 47 

7 133 

4*| ' 17 

II 21 

2 54| 20 29 


# ^3 ? 

4 46 
4 45 

7 143 

7 ij'3 

3&K? O 

33J H 

it 59j 


3' 53i 20 4i 
4 47| 20 52 



84? I 

$i &5J 7 

4 45 7 153 

2,-j 26 


5 3.7 

21 3 


8 41 v| 
8 37 4 
8 33 4 

825 § 

l %1 2 

I 26; F 

4 447 16:3 

ivx % 

1 616 22 

21 13 

cr i 

r^l 3 

4 43|7 17*3 
4 43i7 1713 

14' 20 

J ,<Y> 2 

1 3l'7 5 
1 5 2 : 7 45 

21 23 

2r 33 


14 4 i 

4 4.2|7 18:3 

cj 14 

2 JlfS 2,; 

21 42 

4 417 19 & 

52! 262 3 4? 4 

21- CI 


4 4« 

7 19 






> 45 

22 ' 

217 $ 


The irsek 

flialT increnfe their ; ,oy in the Lore 1 , 

and tne poor among men 

(hail re";o:ce m tl 

tt of li' at\ 



*-•»< rs»s ■ ; ' rir <-?p'?<'. -<*v5^ 

^•.-r> V(==><^-<' ■*?-< ^:-V^-".' SjCi-'V-'^ 1 - S^--^ 3 -. .Xi 

■& Containing 31 Days. A 


Vfjfcellaaeous Phenome. 

H. M. S. 
II so. 3 4 S af. 

£ in apogee 
73{<s set 8 14 

eclip r ed, invif, 
B's eye sets 8 27 ml. 


—That God out of his in-';^ 

love, has ( Siered univer- 7 

rift, v/hoJ)J 


fal redemption by Ch 
afled death for every mati. ^ 

VI.. — That there is an evan-*\ 
^elical and faving light and grace :i> 
n a!!. t A 

VII. — That in as rosny as re- % 

e fruits which are acceptable^ 
r^j 'iff 


b Traniit (p\ t viiihie 

w> r Bifl not this hgbt, but receive the-*/ 

7 17 if.|* ame in lnern » are. produced hoh- * 
n 48 ifjnefs, righteeufnefs, purity and f, 
the fru' 
";lo God 

VI 11, — Even fo as to arrive {> 

kt a hare of freedom, and from £ 

af.'-iduai finning acd banfgreffi«.g/fe 

aw »f God. < 

IX.— Yet with a poffibiiity of % 

finning.- jW 

X. — That as ail true know- J 

ledge in things fpirit'.ial is re- '^ 

ceived by the fpirit of God ; {o p 

every true miniiler of the K 

, is ordained and prepared f f 

miniOry ; and as they ^ 

freely received, io are they '■£ 

jrreely to give. ( / 

XI. — That the true worfhip k 

of God is in fpirit and in fcfuih ; '$ 

not limited to place or time, nor x 

fiubject ro the intervention on -^ 

Mtany oerfott. but is to be per- J 

' I 



§}• 30 i ,) in apogee 
V31 Fomul. rises 

\y per ion, 

The lord taketb pieafure in his people ; he %vi!l beauii 

the meek wich faivation. 

A foft anfwer turneth away wrath, 
(Br up anger. 

Learn of me 


but grievous words 

Shall iind reft unto- your ( 

for I am meek and lovely in heart, 

and ) 


S& 3 S^^SfiK96SS83B6G»JGSSSSSB^ 


Contain use 30 Days 

vlifcdhneous Pheoemei 

formed under the moving of the 

i sets 14 

*s rise 3 2$ 

jj gy. 3 36 

7;.;. s 
h sew 

5 2 /* £5 

f ^ Tj 

14 42 

10 10 
7 49 

n 11 
II 33 

11 5a a 

8 30 

9 37 

Reg. sets 
a Gr H 

in perigee 
<* » />* 

^ sets 

?piea insets. 1 10 
Ha-, s ii -o 

c5 '<? £,*!«, la t. S9 

16 cf B . /£ O^lii, 9 58 

17 J A reft. so. o 21 

ir 394$ *^ s IO 5 

6 V-i 8, * 42S. 

\d ]) e \>y 4 4^ 

|0 1 ntcrs 25 7 3 
JLongeft day, 14 50 
[Lyra souths, o 23 

]) in apogee. 
iFomal. rii'es o 14 

Holy Spirit in our hearts, yet 
"• without derogating. {rom the ne- \ 
\l ceflity aad utility of pubiic uni- & 
M ted wdrlfaip, in which thur con 
W i\ancy ana furicrin^s h 
^ c remarked. 

Xli. — That baptifm is a ture % 

vt been jjj 


the hi 


and fpiritual thing: 
af of ike fpirit and oi fire. 

XIII. That the communion 



,, ©f the body and blood pi Chriii,/ 
[ is in ward and lpirkual. <£ 

" s wot lawful** 
itlicrii/, to % 
of otheis or. "^ 
of worihip £ 

XIV. — That it is not L-wfuH 

at" for any human authcrn 
*& ioree the conicienetsi 

: account oi dinerenee 
a p or opinion, excej t fuch opii'ions^ 
af tend to the prejudice of one's '£ 
afj nti^'rbour, In ins hie or eilate, ^ 

I or are inconfiiitut *vkL human fe 

M ! kcie.y. | 

Mi XV.— T},at as the end ef re-"j» 

IiT'ion is to redeem man from the jj> 

M fpirit 01 this world, ar;d to lead Jf 

1 into inward communion with k£ 


30 pays 

God; therefore ail vain cuftpuis j{$ 

^ So teach us to number our cays, that we may ?pp!y uur J£ 
J. hearts to wifdom. J 

C Lord make me to Irnow mine end, and the ireafure of cry • 
p days, what it is, that 1 may know how frail I am. •«>* 

$\ Behold thou haft made my days as an band- breadth, and ^ 
t mine age is as nothing before thee; verily every man at % 
3?l his beft ei-tate is altogether vanity. fc 

v Surely every man walketh in a vain fhew, furely they *k 
$■ are difquitted in vain : he heapeth up riches, and hnoweth j(* 

fquieted in vain : he heapeth 
^j\ not who ihail gather them 
for ? My hope is in thee. 


And now, Loid, v. hat wait I ') 


.^-N.-^'vK,--:-.'.---.V-../V\- - • ■- * ** 

I Moon's Phaies. 

p.-fl M ; 

N. $ a 10 aj A*| 
iftD 9 i, I At- 


Peg J 


\ Pole- Star M 
f4 : t -|^_^ ! _'^ 




Places, & 



H. | 13 

'- | « 





jjjjl'y SV2; 

Iii6{^ 5 


£5 6 


i -, 

I . 


r8j 8 

2 , 






19; 12 






20 16 







2i i H 





ji" All Ht-Gi is as gfais, and all the glory of man as the^f 
J flowtr of the grais : the graf> withereth, and the flower? 
J thereof faocth, 'but trie word o! the Lord endure h for ever, j^ 

% Containing 31 Days. |£ 

and habits are to be ejected, $ 
which tend to divert the mind J 

r of 

ir 1 

Miscellaneous Phenome: 

1 jH fets 10 56 af 

21 4 U,© & fup. 

i 5 irj ?^,*5<^S. 
1(1 o Days dccreaie o 6 
€ 7 ,/-..' Ui 4 7 38M 

j[l 7 ! T : Ots 8 II af. 

t 9 JBu-Is eyer.'s. 2 14 M 
21 9 [6 D *& tta 72 af, 
> f O I D in perigee. 
% J ~ 6 D drr\, 10 9 af 
^ r * c$ 5 *2 

* x $ <5 ]M? 6 15 af. 

" Re»ulusfets 9 o 

Spica Tf£ fets 10 55 


i 1 ? 


Diys 4ecreafe o 18 
Atfft. fets 1 28 

? ftf sets 8 r 9 

c5 9*A&,-#4*#W. 

trosi a fenfe of ibeTe^r of God,J£ 
and that evangelical Spirit where- >\ 
with chriilians ought to be le-"3 
vened. JR 

On WAR. 

FRIENDS declare £ 

againft being concerned in/ 

the deflru£Hon of their fellow W 

men, .who equally with them-'^ 

felves are the objects of fa ving > 

grace; hence they can ta'-.e no \ 

part in war. being perfmded p 

that all wars ftand in oppofi rioji > 

to the intent and naruie of the j£ 

,'ofpel : War being the fad ef- jc 

Lyra so. 10 29 af.j fert of the fill of man ; afill-S 

V6 § 3% diff ' lat. 15- I from meeknefs. purity and love, -g 

f I into fenfuality, pride revenge -> 

^j a^d 'vrath. The apoftle Jatnes^ E 

Chan. ith. hath dated the q-ief- k 

^ ** tare 

J«-\l 17*. 1{i 

> z 4 ' D »n agogee 

f- H ' ? fets' 

2239 ^ 

^ 13 

af.! tion with refpecl to the caufe of: 


I war, fo as to preclude all dif- 
ficulty and doubt about it : '* 
;< From Whence cone wars and L 

& M 2 •' ^- * 4° S. 
*7 cf 2 B dnT. la-, 4:5 
2 7 io 7 b a ft, * 2r S. 
2 3 IForaal. so. 2 16 "Ml 

3o 'J.v. v.j. 4 -17 18 M? " "gbtmgs among vou, con.e f 

01 [Days 14 8 |i" they not hence, even of your '<£ 

A — Th.° time is ihort ; It remain-th, that both they th u | 

3v have wives, be es though thsv bad none : and they thv » 

f'w-eo. as though they wept not; and rhev that rejoice, as _J 

& though (hey rejoieed not ; and ih-v thai huv, is ihoi^b ihev > 

^ o vT. ;r ed not : an?d ;i "V that ufe thii world, is noc abating f, 

\ ; ; for the Fifh+on of this world pafT^tb away. X 

] Although ^ ^i -tioa comefh rib! [cmh of t'i- ' ! i°', neither p 

i v'i tro . »(e fpirirjff out of the ground ; vet rni.i is born unto ^ 


.i< ns ipatKs tiv upw 



,S V -^» -JlA < 


I EIGHTH MONTH mdccxcix 

7 <>4 Me »ol<5 100 r8!T0 a\ .4 «3lri (J 8 .** n 49! s 18 J 


I laii-ie me great works^ I bmlded me houfes, I pUnt- J 
fed me vineyards, &c. I withheld not myfelf from ary tf 
J'jov. &c. j| 

^ Containing 31 Days. £ 

$ «/.Mi 

fcellaneous Phenome. 



James iv. 1 The e-jfc 


J jH fets 

c5 3 ' SI, * 4 S. 
7i<s ris. II 

6 6* *&. # ; 4»'-3 
B'seye ris. o 2 
D in perigee 

H, M. S. 
8 54 -A 

8 J 2 gr. elongation 


to ;s 

[ 2 rifes 
Spica tTJ£&fa 

6 > >* / 
Diys decrcafe 
3 sets 
J) tVf 

5 gr.elong. 
/*. 2£i 
Arilurus fets 
•■< D 1 ps SS 

6 5 a ^ s: 
6 i) 3 ^ ^ 

' 2 H- . 

2 sets 

]) in apogee. 
Lyra so. 
I ni. if. 1 
enters rig, 
Fornal. so. 
d 5 125 8 
Sir, 1 ifes 
$ ftaionary. 
Days decreafe 
F»eg. rises 
Im. l£l 

3 48 
9 *7 
f 23 

I 8 

7 5* 
9 43 

* 35 , 

II 2 
II 53 

o 1 

i-3 3o 
8 ai 

8 2* 

4 ga 55 
o 17 

o 34 
5 6 
3 13 




M « 

" lufts. j ames iv. 

vident fruits o£ a fpirit com 

ry to the fpirit of Chri{r 4 op-, 
polite both in its nature and ef- 
fects to thepure religion h© hath 
called men to the pr3<5uce-of -: ;aj 
wherefore they are convinced 
that the followers of the meek 
and peaceable Jefu3, ought to,£ 
take no part in war; but rather ^ 
to labour in the ability received jp 
from the ble lie J Mediator, to i' 
reconcile men unto God and t 
one unto another. " Elefied 
(faith our merciful Saviour)" 

11 are the rreek for they fhalij 
" inherit the earth : Elefied are .J 
"the peace makers for they ^ 
"• Jh?U b^ called the children of 4* 
"Goi/^Mst. v. 5. 9. They ) 
will enjoy that peace of Godl^ 
Which paiTeth all human under- & . 
Handing. And the Aportlefpeak- '% 

1 44 
4 39 
o 55 ■ 



2T of the believers &4£s, '« Tho'j^ 

in the flefh, we do > 

war after the fle/h, for % 

we walk: 


the weapoin 01 out warfare 

" are not carnal." 2 Cor. x. 
3. 4. They look upon the gof- 
pci of Jefus Chfift. to be an 
eminent difpiajr of divine be-^S. 

Jr- Then I looked on all the works that my hands had^ 
& wrought, »2d on the labour that I had laboured to do, and jw 
behold, all was vanity and vexation of fpirit, and there was ^ 
no profit under the fun! But, ^ 

BiefTed are the dead which die in the Lord, from hence- 4 
fort a ; yea, faith the fpirit, that- they may reft from their, '"' 
labjjrs; and their works do follow them. 

Oh that they were wife, that they undcrH^od this, that a 
} they would conHder their latter-end .'. ?\ 



g NINTH MONTH mdccxcii, A 

f* - D. H. M. iD.j 

9 31A1J 1 nji 9 
a 23 Ml 7] j 

3 4M;i3i 21 
19I a; 
251 =Qi 

Planet^ Places, &c 

'£22 ft 5 

23 6 

*3 6 

23 7 

24 7 



29! iS 

29J 21 

35 f 25 

l! 29 



















D'D; rifes.\jgts. j f*<<k place] jeh, } f*utb \ N. I row. ' e* Afrs. 

& II 421 2 

7 46 ji 1 39! 2 

7 24 [XI 36 2 

7 t III Zl\ 2 

17 ;II 1*l\ I 

55 " -4 ! I 
32 XI 21 i I 

9 11 jS' 1 

47 tr 15} 1 

24 III 12 r 

1 ;ii 91 

38 -lu 61 

14 [it 3 t 

}» ti| Ol 

28 ,10 56 I 
5 jio 5^ I 
42 iio 50 1 
i) ',io 47; 1 
55 p 44' 1 
3a iio ;a o 

!io 37: 

15 \ 10 34; o 

3? Uo 30: o 

£0 27J O 

10 *4? O 

10 Zl' © 


12 IIO I?; O 

36 10 14' o 

5q -13 1 Ij O 








Man that is born of 3 vrosnan is of f«w days, and full ©f 
trouble ; be Cometh forth like a flower, vrA is cut do wd ; ke 
slccih alio as a fha4r^ , : aad eostinuetk Dot. 

Containing 30 Days. 



Miftdftaaeous Phenome. 

>ignity and love to mankind ; A 
hat the ion of God tcck upon*^ 

& 11 

■/ 1 j 

2f 15 

$r 6 

> 17 

f 21 

I 22 



^ 29 

h. jvr. s. 

6 $ ■ !#, * 46 N. 
<* -g rgt 6 45 

7^cs rise 9 24 

^ is perigee. 
i?s eye riles 10 31 
12 38 

d*$ H 
l> 1'iies 

loi. 7+1 
Sinus rifes 

6 2 2 
6 $ 'V- 

<f lj rf S5, * L9 S* 
Days dee. 2 20 

Reg. lifts 352 M 

! »n. I4.1 4 47 a oM 

5 <?> £(3^ 

^ £ fi r difi. law 14 
g Lra. 7, I 11 16 &6af 

opicaTt^^rs. 7 5 af 
5 in ape ■_.'■ e.. 
■•irCtU""iis seta ; : a. 
'y fets 6 54 af; 

^S flaiionary 
uyra sees 3 24 M 

3 enters =3= 8 49 M 
Sq.isaJ day and-ni^hr. 
1m. If 1 112, 2v?v 

G 7| 

£ 5 »£» 25 5 27 ai 
$ rifes 4 *S Kl 

I flat. $ giveio »g. 
£?ays 11 ,3 

F.,inal. so. 10 21 W 

: . that the ion ot l*qd tcck upon 
I him flehh and fullered, and died 
[to dtkro/ that fefrmk/ whi$k^ 
! ikiro' fin hod prevailed over the ' 
' whole fcuimaii race, and to re- 
ftore onto fallen man the fijtft * 
\.i< of purity and love ; " Wav-"* 

in j u? (iaiih the apcfUe) an 


low hi 5 fie 

I " example that ye iiic 

me) an * 

1 Peter ii. £i. 

* If Ci : M low his f!e P? , "1 Peter ii. m'- f 

r; IT 2^ IVj. ■*■ -» ; Aft- 

a 26 Mi The 7 brieve the wars ijacti- jg 
I tioned la the old TcJIament af 
(ford Ho jargu cfeent tor its con 
tinuancc under the gofpei, which ^ 
is declared to be " the bringing"*! 
14 in of a better hope, by the 


r A 
:,- 1 

ifation, wfeen j. 

3P Jlna. l£i 

^r Mark the perfect mm, and behold th* uptight, 
/^ end of that man is peace. 

" wnicfe wr < 

'■ GoJ, Hcb. vii. 

li tion of jrecvJia; 

j cy to roan] 1 j, 

■ vjour hiiTif H ■ 

j die fpfentr dij _ 

j he fays : ' ;l Yc have heaieci l 

\ " it bath b-tn i^id, An eve fcr -if 
1 a tooth .-for 8-J 
f j r u r.:o yoif. *^ 
! hat ye renit not evil; agaiB " 
Ye hwe henrerl t].:n if kath 
been fsid, Thou f lalt lovs,« 
i'iy tieTghhcrur and hatb thine ^ 
enemy : 1ml I \?y unto you,.^ 
Lcve your ei.enues, bltls a. 

for the .& 

an eye 
Looth 3 but 


dneis, but the IS 

ST "1 he wicked is driven away in 

* ng'reoiis hatn hope in hiideatli. 

jp ihe hope of the righteous fliall be gladnefs, but the ex- 

^peaation of the wicked ihall perifil. 




If Moon's Phafe3 i 
I D. H. M. 

lift) 5 6 34 Af 
J F.O 13 U4 Atj i'M- 8.11^4!^ 8 
L r L.(( 21 5 44 Af- 7 14 24 8 
J N.$a£ o 36Afi 3 

D. H. M. iD.i j H. j if 
•!__L — ! 

Planets Places, &c. 






fljtaajtf I 



5 S 
a S 

J 4* 

4d.iV/ j \Eo.Ta Pl\ D I 3) |©\#ir.l 1| jM-/^ 
5 M:DJ>7>.c f/fe*. ©/<W Wart. /^J/T/eMf/M S. I r/f.f «n Mer. 
»V^teM|H:M}iJ fcg. L-.ll. M'H.M.j P. M . 1 HMJ g. M. 

V I! «A r'r c Tn.'ir, 'jftlW T? 7 <Y 2 11 i 2.2 FlO 7J O 11 

3*6 i j 

5 49j'io aBjfifc i: 
47HO 27 2 

51 W 1) 

4*111 5^ 

45]fi *3 

-, 5 43ln 40 

Si gj 2 6 ,-L- 4C ji2 gs] 

- <> ! ^' 6 *2\S *#> 47 K 
'J 37|*3 3 
36J3 iS 

I 11 T 2 * 

*«! 7i° at 

f 16; 4$ 3, 

# 20, Fg -;6 



L*i& *|j^ 441$ ( 

J; a«| r! 6 43[5 *i^ 
jl 4 46^ «44 

316 475 *3p 

4te--4*|5 Ia j l6 Jt ^ 

ib w w 6 ^j 


|* THE fear of the Lc rd is the beginning of knowledge: J 
Jif but fools ciefpife wilciom and iniiruaion. J^ 

yg& ^m :> ^^ -^r^^sssssis^a^ssQ^^ &£ 



of iM IcellaneousPheuomena 

3 rises 

D in perigee, 

d D < /11 K 

d $ H 

Eli 1 Is eye r;s. 

Tj rfes 
fo». If I 


-"irius rises o 

$egu]us r.fes a 

d S <? 

D in aoogee. 
&re& fas 
d J <f^ 

r** if i 

Lyra sets 
tit ftatior.arv 

4 59 

* them that curie you, do gooilJR- 

' to th-rm thai hate you and-jl 

' pray for them which defpite- Jjj 

■ ** full/ ufe you and periecute k 

W|V you, that ye may be the'S 

" children of your lather \v hit h f> 

" is in heaven/' Mat. v. 38, Ji" 

39, 43* 44. 55- ; . . , r j k 

Agreeable to this is the tef-^ 

, timony of moil if not all the K. 

°\ |y|famic^t fathers, Jus. Martyr, & 

5 s^dMl^ 1 ^ Ambrofe, Chrys. Hie-. I 

11 $z 36 afjrom. Athan. Cyriil. Alex. &c.4g 

11 1 6 


the ft 1 ft J 
Chriil. % 

j and faithful chrihiansof 

-* three hundred years aiter 

j as their writings clearly fhev;, 

I wherein they declare that the 

$ rifes 
Days decreafe 
/**. If 1 
enters trj* 
Fomal. so. 
% bn. lli 

6 S Tup. 
d $ o 
£) Eel vis i. 
) irj p rig.e 
) ivs 
k IT* 
>pica rrg. rifes 
i rifes 

5 2« '4 1 

7 54 
10 23 
1 2 4 
I 46 A 

6 $ ? 

5 36 R 

f 3 j prophecies of Ifaiah and Mi y 

af. can : liai. ii. 4. Mich. iv. 3. (f 

.<M „ They fhall beat their f words "> 

3 914m 

4 51 M 

§ 43 aft 

9 50 5 7a . 

To. flatts 


plow-fhares and their Jj^ 

foears into prunin^-hoots : ,/ 
, fhall not lift up fuordf 

•• Nation 

" a-.'aintl nation, neither fhall jfe- 

" they learn war any more;" '% 

elating to ihe tl'tablilliment ofjjj 
he peaceable reign of the Mef- £ ' 
iah, as v." ell' as th* declaration \ 
made by the Angels at the birth 
of C briil, of 
ood will to 

Peace on ea-ib-, 'J. 
1 2 $ " j* ood w ill towards iren," Luhe'W 

J '■' 11. 14. were verified in tHe ex-<M 

<r § jti Iperience 01 lac iaicarul in their 4c 
n <4 5iaf days. jjV 

^ rvly fop, h*ar the inftrurtlon of thv father, and foYfakeJf* 
Slnot the law of thy m'0(tier: : For they fhail be an orna- '< 
> m rif of gjr ace unto thy b*ad., and charms about thv neck. v : . 
$ Let not mercy and truth forfukc thee • bind them about * 
S tn y "eck : write the tn upon the table of t^ine heart. So " 
L lbalt rhoa find favor and good underllanding in the -fight of 

God and mm 

C. s 

&. ELEVENTH MONTH mdccxlix,. v £ 

thine heart : and lean not un(o 
thine o^n underitaanding. In all thy ways acknowledged 
^ and he {hall direcl thy paths. 

4 ffi3SESSS^««SS©^'S8S'i!3GSSSS^iiSX?aR * 

Containing Jo Days. & 

t "f 


j The infpirsd Apoftle dcfcfibes-jjfr 
MifcellaHeous Phenorne.j t he f ru i ts f t he Holy Spirit t* f 
be " love; joy, peace, loigjjj. 
| " fuffering, gentleness, good- * 

H.;M. S. 

3 io Mj 

H rises 

C Qh c . 

;^cs south o 56 

B's eye south i 42 

(3 1) I/>J £S 6 21 

6 ) 2j>sZZ 7 13 

% 6 } 3f» z: 7 ** 

2 ftationary 

J? rii'es 10 51 

ot. 1(1 1 38 Ufa 

Sirius rsfes is 36 af. 

ill 8 6 22af! 


j " nefs, faith, meeknefs, urape- \ 
J " lance, Gai. v. 22, 23. fo thatjf 
I thefe important truths ex peri- x 

portant trutns expert- x 
a J. tnced by hulyir.en of early and-\ 
*J latter ages, snanifeft that this-! ' 


S '»• 

M io [Regulus rises o $2 
*Lfll ID in apogee. 

IX U "4 MI, * 30' b 
*» :<5 D ^ V 4 33 

1 3 !.Day 6 decreafe 4 55 

>« 14 ^Spica flg ns. 

17 ij d ' it" 

v i 7 >ArA* rises 

17 o' 6* '*$, * 
io <£ rifes 
6 D * S3 
Lyra sets 
l 22 j© 'enters $ 
[fj ftaticnary.. 
t*. Ill 
J, 2 3 2 i«- ^1 
r 2 5 M 5 6* 
^25 !]) inpexigce, 

i* z 5 8 '«• 'U 1 
V 2 ^ § rises 

doctrine and firm perfuailon of % 
the Quakers is not new ; an*T;& 
it nauft be allowed, that efltn- J, 
tial fervice may ariie irom their '■*' 
holding up the efHcacy cf this -^ 
divine principle, which leads to % 
" overcome evil with good/'\> 
Rom. xii. a 1, to a world diA i| 
trailed with wrath, covetouf- h 
nefs and pride ; nor fhould if^| 
appear ftrange that, the doctrine > 


2 M 
4 30 51M 
9 58 54'afl ot the crofs of Chrift is myde- 


3 24 

2 7 S,, 

5 17 

1 6 
11 3^ 

9 3& 
1 9 

M j rious to the carnal wifdom of/& 
j man, it was " to the Jews a j> 
j^l ftumblim* block and to thej^ 
^•j| Greeks feoiilhnefs; but untoTa 
afj tber* which are called, faith the & 
j Apoftle, it is the power of God $ 
M ! and the aiiaom of" God," 1 5 


Arrd however threatening the & 

5 22 .a! Cor - i ; 2 3» -4- 

6 18 43af 
3 43- M 
y Ad «r uiu^ii. stts IO 2/ 3; 
I 29 7«. 1+-I 7 14 23^.' 

^ 29 \<$ £ a^, *i' S^ 
A "o D^ys tie^reaie J 26 

M maintenance of this peaceable h 
tefiimony may appear, of bring- ^r 

ng deep fullering upon thofc \ 
who are faithful therein ; yet "£ 
they believe that Chrid the blef- ^i 
fed Shepherd of his Hock, w'lll iP 

ever upnora 

ihofe who faithfully jj> 

y Happy is the man that findeth wifdom, and the man thatJjJ 
\, getteth iiaderflaoding. For the merchandife of it is better^ 
^ than, the merchandife of filver^ and the gain thereof than J 
fieegoU. j^ 

TWELFTH MONTH mdccxcix, ' ; / 

V Moon's Phafes. 
f D. H, M. 

Planet's Places, Sec. 

| D's 

[RJ ; H. 



* \ $ 


Jjfifti 3 10 26Af;- 


— jD. 

Z F - O I* 3 55M| i 





j^26s/ 29 

nsb s 

SfL.C 19 5 4iAf 
f N.Q 26 9 54M 


l6 27 




*nq icf 

5fl S 


22 27 




6 11 

44 N 



2$! 27 




ill 12 


3 Hi 



i %i 

i *\ 


17 6 


4 § 


H M 


7 2C 


H m;m 

\Eq.T. >*« 

\Q)faJi 'place 

D ! D 0's 

4 41 (lo 29 ex 

•1 4»|lO 5 1 


7 2c 4 40:9 
7 214 39 9 

? 21 4 39 © 

7 224 38 3 

7 **U .>" 8 

r 23.4 377 

7 23L 3 77 

7 23 4 3-7}o 

7 24!. f 36I6 

7 »4M 3<>L5 

7 2 4 4 3% 

4 $5 4 





14 ac 



h. m.:h. m 

21 t 

4 35 

4 35 

I 35 12 

4 fy 

7 2 i4 35 iS| 
7 254 iS tomtit 
7 254 35s 42' 
- 25.f 4 35' 1 

7 25 1 4 35 1 
7 25|4 35 2 
7 244 3° 2 
1 *44 P 6 !3 
7 24:4 363 


9 311 4 36: 21 J5 

10 391 5 25! 22 4 

11 44j 6 10 22 12 
morn.! 6 52) 22 20 

7 33, ~ a 2g 

8 12, 22 35 

8 51; 22 42 

9 32' 22 48 
10 15? 22 54 
n jfa 22 59 
" 5i| 

c 44 1 

1 37, 

2 29, 

3 20! 

4 10 

4 58. 

5 44' 

6 jij 

7 19; 

8 9, 


I7>? 6; sets. \aft. 6\ 
42! 2i| 5 39j 1 9i 
12 *~ j|\'7 55i 2 7| 
4ri 19' 8 7 1 3 21 
10 X 2: 9 15 3 49' 

I ! 


"£ 11 


48j-^ 9 
1 8. 23 

4?H 7 



1 45 

2 44 

3 44 

4 44 

5 46 

6 47 

5 34 

6 33 

7 38 

8 45 

9 54 
I 4 


3 53' 9 

5 li/o 

6 27 11 


23 4 
23 9 
23 13 
23 16 
23 19 

23 24 
23 26 

23 27 
23 28 
23 28 
23 28 
23 27 
23 26 
23 2 4 
23 22 
23 20 
23 17 

23 !3 
23 9 
23 5 

5 55 

5 50 
5 45 
5 40 
5 35 
5 30 
5 25 
5 20 
5 15 
5 i° 
5 5 

5 ° 
4 55 
4 50 
4 45 
4 A® 


7 19 
7 14 
7 9 
7 .4 

6 58 
j 6 53 

6 48 

6 43 

! 6 38 

i 6 33 

6 28 

6 23 

6 18 

Vole- St 1 
en l\!er 
H. M 










*9 m 

7 ' 





39- 15 10 2J 4 34 

the Lord With thy ftibnance, and with the firil 
^ fruits of all thine increafe ; fo (hall ihj baras be filled with J 
$ plenty, and thy prefles (hall burtl out with new wine. v^ 

|f\ Hone 

$k Containing 

31 Days. 


of Mifccllaneous Pheneme 

H. M. 5. 

■H rifes 


|g Im. IJr 
,7^cs souths 

\ rues 8 43 af. 

im. lix 3 33 7M 

$ w r. clo-ng. J) inapo. 
ii in. 1|l 

$ sets 

follow him, in the wieek, for- 
giving, fullering fpirit. They 
cannot confider v iclorifs obtain 
ed by the definition of men, as 
occafions of rejoicing ; nuich 
lefs as fnbjecls of th.Dnkigivirg 
to the creator of mankind; a 
God »f lore, of peace and geod- 
fiefs. " God is love \ and he 

1 1: M 

1 42 12M 

8 o 5 6af. 

10 36 ?f. 

! B's eye sou. 11 41 af. 

. ' $ i$+ * 10 n 

Kir. ri^es * 43 af.j . 

vKeg. rifes 10 18 af.' tnat dweileth in love, dwellein 
in God and Ged in him." 1 
John iv. 16. but regard them as 
occafions of lanaentoiion, and 
mourning both on account of 
thofe who, inflamed wiih rage, 
and defiled with bic-od, are pre- 
cipitated into an awful eternity. 

11 pay* 
13 j^ rifes 

T.5 Rrru 74-1 

100 49af. 
5 5% af. 
9 12 

4 55 " M ' 

M and ofifeofe who are leff to f.are 

5 46 
1 2? 



16 kfm. 

S {rati 



, ; and dtptore tre defoiations of- 

a 11 M" w * r ' *liQ in the conruieraiii>n, 

11 51 3iaf. that the underfiandinjr of any, 

6 39 M, wh® bear the Chrifrian name 

17 fc? fcationary. . j froutd be fo exceedingly blind 

18 £*k ifi 8 waoafJ to imagine its Divine Author, 


Ik l8 g em. If 

£-iS In h 

Ji 20 JArcVarus rife 


0e::.. >? 

21 khorteft day 

22 [.}> in persgee.. 

1 a 

1 33 
9 10 

7 s 
6 44 

" T2, 

% 2 S j? "is 

3 i3^2^ 
3 3.3 fcil 

who declires <4 Re came $ot te 
M defrroy mens lives ; but to lave 
a i« them," Luke ix. 56, can look 

! wi'h favour on fuch addre£es, 
■j^j, as arife from a gonduft tOtaKj 

■ repugnant to the great end ot 
M Lis coming. 

.6 3 i 
$1 27 : g «*. If I 
^ 27 Lyra fets 

to z: 


h. 20 j g gr. elongation, 
r -Q iFemal. Cets 8 11 

4 48 >;6ar» 
8 jo af.j 

af 'l 
30 M 4 *^j * 59i s ^ j 


HYMN,/rom PSALM 148. 

BEGIN, my foul, rh* exalte;! lay! 
Let each enrapiui'u thought obey, 
And praife in' Almighty's name, 
ho ! Heaven end Earth ar,d leas ai.d ikies, 
To fvveii clr Inlpiriug theme. 

Ye fields pf light, celeftiai plains, 
Where gay iranf porting beauty reigns, 

Ve fa-Ties divinely iair? 
Your Maker's wonJ'rous power proclaim y 
Tell Low he form'u your mining frame, 

And bieaih'd the iiuki air. 

Ye angels, catch the thrilling iourd ! 
While ail th' adoring thrones arcani 

His boundiefs mercy fin£ : 
Let ev'i v li&'tting flint above 

Wake ad the tuneful ioui of love. 
And touch the lAccreit firing. 

Join, ye loud fpheres, the muMc bright; 
And thou great orb of darling b^ht, 

The mighty chorus aid : 
Soon as grey ev'hing gilds the plain, 
Thou Moon protract the meltittg fmin, 

A;.d praife him in ihe ihade. 

Thou Heav'n of Heav'ns, his vafl abods,. 
Ye clouds, proclaim vour forming God, 

♦Vho cali'd yon Worlds from night : 
*' Let there be light!*' til' Eternal laid,. 
At once in J involving dsrknels ilcd, 

And nature fprun^ to bi;ht. 

Whate'er a blooming world: contsin?, 
That Wings the ait, that fklms the plains, 

U nil-id praiie bellow : 
Ye dragons found his awful name 
To heav'n aloud! and roar acclaim 

Ye ivvcliinj deeps below. 

Let ev'ry element rejoice : 

Ye thunders, burft with awful voI*e 

To him who bids you roll ; 
Kis praife in fofter nates declare, 
Each whifperin^ breeze of yielding a», 

And breathe it to the ioui. 

Tm Mm, ye graceful cedars bow/, 
Ye tow'tin^ mountains, bending low, 

Your great Creator own ; 
Tell when affrighted nature {h«ok,; 
How Sinai kindled at his look, 

And trembled at his frown. 

Ye flocks that haunt the humble valse, 
Y* iRleiis fluttering on the gale, 

In mutual concourfe rife : 
Crop the gay rofes vermeil Wloom, 
And waft its fpoiis, a fweet perfume, 

In incenfe to the Aries. 
Wake all ye mounting tribes tnd fcnj ; 
Ye plumj warblers oi the fpring, 

Harmonious anthems raiie 
T* him who mup J d your finer mould, 
Who tipp'd your flittering wings with gold, 

AjmI turn'd your voice to praifc 

Let man, by nobler paffiont fway'd, 
The fueling heart ths judging head, 

In heav'nly praife employ ; 
Spread his tremendous name around, 
TiU heav'n's broad arch rings back ths fottftti, 

The general burlt of joy. 

Ye whoM the charms of grandeur ple*fe, 
Nurs'd on the downy lap of tale, 

Fill proitrate at his throne : 
Ye priacss, rulers, all adure ; 
Praife him, ye kings, who make your pow'r 

As image of his own. 
Yc fair by nature, formed to ma? 
O praife th* eternal fource oi love 

With youth's enlivening hre : 
L^t acre take up the tuneful lay, 
Si^h his blefs'd name — then lb ft' W*f» 

A-id afk an angel's lyre. 

9n SLAVERY and ihz SLAVE TRAD*. 

But ah! what with can p?ofper, ar what ^ray'r,! 
For merchants rich in cargoes of difpair, 
Wko drive a loathfooie traffic, ga^e aad (pa*, 
A«J buy the mu Cedes ani the boaes of man ? 
Tat t^aiar tics' of faker, hufbaad, fWcai, 

All bonds t>f nature at that momeat *n% 

Ant* each endures, while yet he draws his breath, 

A ftroke as fatal, as the fcythe of death. 

The fable warrier, frantic with regret 

Oi her he loves, and never can forget, 

Loies in tears the far receding fhore, 

But not the thought that they muft meet no fcore? 

Depriv'd of her and freedom at a blow, 

What has fat left that he can yet forego? 

"Fes, to Jeep fadnefs fuilenly refign\i, 

He feels his body's bondage in his mind; 

Puts oif kh gen'roui nature, and to fuit 

Hi* manners *ith his fate, puts on the brute- 

Oh moft degrading oi all ills that trait 

On man, a mourner in his beft eJUte! 

All other forrows virtue may endure, 

And fi id fubmifTion more than half a cure; 

Grief is itfelf a medicine, beftov/d 

To improve the fortitude that bears the load, 

To teach the wand'rer, as his woes inereafe, 

The path of wlfdoaa, all whole paths are peace. 

But flav'ry I — Virtue dreads it as her grave ; 

Patience itfelf is meacefs in flave : 

Or, if the will and fovereigaty of God 

Hid fufTcr it a while and kifs the rod, 

Wait for the dawning of a brighter day, 

And fnap the chain the «ao*ient when you may. 

Nature imprints upon wbate'er we fee 

That hai a heart and life in it, be free ! 

The beatt* are charter '4 ;— neither a^e nor force 

Can qurll thr love of freedoia in a horie : 

He breaks the cord that held him at the rack, 

Astl conlcious of an unincumber'd bnck, 

Snuffs up the morning air, forgets the rein, 

Loofe fly his forelock and his ample mane •, 

Refponfive ts> the aUftant nci^h he neighs, 

Nor flops till overleaping all delays, 

11$ Lnds the pafture where bis fellows graze. 


!£whea the Almighty bade creation rife, 
Earth to emerge and WAit tr guild the kies, 
At the vafl fcheme, wrapt ia divine amsze! 
'Wz aaarsin^-ltar* hyras'd the Cieator's praife; 


If on re^emp'ior/s banks £ood Jacob's (esi 
When from the heavy yoke of Pharoih freed, 
G|ad heart? dictating to tWe obedient tongue, 
Pour'd in melodious ilrains fsl ration's fong ; 
If that infpired bard the fhepherd ti"£, 
Wi'.h (kill fertphic touclOd the tuneful ftrii^, 
(Po.v'i/ul alike in for.* his fphit glows, 
Or pours a torrent on Philiftias foes, 
The voice of woe or the triumphal lay 
Alike his ardent piety dtfplay ;) 
If when immortal love appca^'d on earth, 
Incarnate, ftoopiag to a mortal birih, 
The angelic choir acclaim'd the ©ulcit ftraii, 
*• Glory to God ! peate and goodwill t© men . 
If by divine effect our nature riiic, 
Refines to pure harmonious reclitude; 
If tru^ devotion genial warmth impart, 
Awakening melody in human heart, 
Is it forbid, telov'd Cofmela, fay, 
To chant the humble inoffensive lay? 
Why mufl be laid aiide thy roodcfl pen? 
Why from fofc numbers muS my friend refrait 
Is fong rejeiled as a gailded fiiare ? 
Does thy example bid thy friend beware? 
Or may I it ill indulge the pleafinj vein 
Nor mifs the prize Co fivela hopes to gaia 
Siace my ambition afics no Poets name, 
Nor (land I anxious candidate for fame ; 
My humbler hope is when my rs^e is run, 
A. fuller's fentiments may w.irm a {on, 
Or mtggled haply with afflictions bo*l, 
Miniilcr comfort to a daughter's foul ; 
Thy friend perhaps may leave a widowed mate, 
For life uncertain is, and flvort of date, 
Endearments paft fons«fimes her mind may move, 
To blent converfe wich her a bier; t love; 
O ! for ii€r comfort give my verfe to fbine, 
Truth's lar.g^a-e living in each full fraught line. 
Seurc* ofjrrue wifJom ! may thy fpirit deign, 
To animate my thought and <juide my pen, 
To teach my heart fublimeft truths to know, 
And give tb.2 heav'n-bom fentiment to flow, 
Loos'u from attachments to mere earthly thin T 6, 
My fpirii riilng as on Eagle's wings; 
Tie cental harp attaining ia her flight, 

To the blcP. centre of eternal Ii^li t ; 

Hearer's gifts to man muft h e deCigii'd for afe, 

Nor interdicted but lor tht-ir aJ&ufe : 

Comeh, tell me, is L.&e reaf bning fair? 

'Let candor {peak, and bone ft truth appear^ 

Or is't the ipecious arguments of prie'e, 

To uphold the tiling that thou Id be crucify 'd ? 

Which lives obnoxious to divine command, 

Be it the precious eye, or dexter hand ; 

Ne'er will the fpariflg hand, or pitying eye, 

Of mercy faye, whit 'jifjli-ce dooms to die ; 

Oh! may thy friend irom ju lament never ilart, 

But learn of him who's meek and low of heart; 

Docile rind patient let me ever I) and, 

Paffive as clay benearth the Potu-rs hand ; 

That heights, nor depths, tbings preitni, nor to come, 

Profperit^'s falfe glares or adveffe glo*m, 

May never from my (lea<iy] 'ove, 

IsieVr feparate me from the i rs \bvt$ 

Thai whether foon the eternal i'hore 1 tre.*,d, 

Or (lay till hoary honors crowp my I.vad, 

That peace and hope in Death the fighteou:* know 

May guild my eve, and t H I « j fi ter, t<#o. 

it J? t L ,,„>, fit fo': • 

t.".e mi 

Ci \rt epppearirig t) be prop 
" n th ■■■ tc '■■ . . . %i •■', 
u <alvfe attention of the y 

,'••■' .'' •' 




r's Aiia> 

t* tie 

V * 






s s men ' . 

• ' I 

ear nt 

ic, .'fr'.i 

. 4*i 

Or.tJl . 

AN affegtionate AiDDRESH to the Youth p>f Xorwhicfc 

And thou, Solomon, mv fon, kn<r*r thou the Co J of thy father, 
I Chron. XXVIII. . 

My dear Friends, ftl'ozo Members 
of the [am:. NLtftiftg. 

IT isnot that iuitable advice ha? not been armhuflered to fi- 
ve ryUaie and condition, that induces meto&iake this fcddrefa ; 
but a? i he connection between us ri&ay cccaHo.i this to be read, 
> hi" advices nv-re worthy may eicapc ro'Jce, I ivuiV it v. ill 
tufHcientty jfyrHf ymr in thus attempting tq impart ion.? things, 
Vvh^rcii! 1 app^reneriJ your prefefit ard future v. iliaiv is muck 

1 votfld, however^ fir] premise, that ;!' evil) :■'".. • the mod 
fltupojjtarit coacera to us, in this life, is to em!e§>oui sftei iueb * 

fate of mind, that we may be enable J fo to live and conduct 
ourfelves in this world, as that all our anions may lead u> ren- 
der us fit companions tor men here, aiud tor puriiieu and blefTtd 
fpirits hereaiter : our txiilence will eife be ci no value, no other 
purfuit being worthy our attention. The klt-mn perioo, 
■will reduce every ftafe, condition, and thing, to one level, is 
certain to us all ; profperitj: and adverfuy, riches and poverty, 
health and iickneis, however di ! i erently ciUmatrd npvv, vsriH 
then, in tact, admit of no choice or diifereoce, or afford any 
comfort, other wife than as fuch proper uiw have been made 
of th< m as majr bava promoted this gr.e»t e:rd : ior if We were 
pgfTe r I i i the hi. he:; decree ot this world's good, or what is 
naofl fought a^ter, vi?. heakh, power, affluence, arid pliafure, 
and had not a better hope, we inouid be mofl miferabJe ; that 
Tfbieh »*e feared to lqfe, and knew we mult lefe, would take a- 
ray the true enjoyment of every biefling a horded by Divine 
Providence. On the contrary, did we but e::y>erit nee our rounds 
redeemed roro mou? ry ■;', anJ hxed'on the better hbj ? 

Ih nitd, a- was reji ft • ' oi i; • ek, enjoy even the tai-th in a 

and true ma her ; receiving with thankful h arts the mer- 
cieVefths . iiftng.thb abufin^ it, ard not 

i • J. v . n ■ plea ■' bim voc.ii us hence, freely 

tc r fign up all. fiavieg faid th : s, I ihail new proofed, ant. 
to be enabled to coflyinceyou, tba\ the profeffiorr of ypui educa- 
tion, becoming tfeal of your ju .!,-' n?i aid practice, will, thjrougH 
divine aTi lance, bring you into this fespp| fituttipn, v. b!ch b h 
yoor g eafrfi entered and mofl Incumbent duty demand you e-ar- 
rvrily/o feek after. I ;\eed hardly a(k you the cuejilion, '-Your 
fa beis, where arc they, and the prophets, do they ;ive f r ever ?" 
Z cb. i, 5. You will readily anfwer, 1 "hey are gone. "What thenr* 
a-e the words they taught, and the ftanwes they were commanded 
by i he A'raiyhty, buried with them ? I hope not, By whom then 
ihouid the knowledge of he n b. 1 pr.f. rved ? S rifely by fu h s* sr« 
left behind. And I p^'.y that we, who ar.-' the na'uial hranchasti 
may not (through cur di(rega«d there-id) Ipfeour birthright tor 
a mere mefs of pottage ;,{a pooi temporary ;: .ai':' : :.:a-ic?n) hu\ lika 
the fons of Jonadab, ' keep all tl evr precepts : That the Lord cf* 
boils, the God of I fracl, may r.oi want 3 man of their » olicniy ta- 
il a :.J before him forev r. 

Ye-a need not be ibid, that they were very fisgnlar a^d different 
from others in their Jrcfs and iddrefa ; a?d, however light fome 
may now elUem thefe ih : .ng«, they fullered grea:!y r or the fame, 
both i* body and in goods ard their fatfc rings have optaed to us 
a door of great liberty, bu we do not, J fear fufnder.tiy p x'\it if ; 
if we did, there wou'd be n® rujpp'ine back again inro bondage! 
If the Hebrew who might have been free and would not, deieived 

*-"-lave "his ear bored through with an awl, and be fix/d in fa- 
Very for evtrjfuch backfliiicis certainly co. There is fucha 
0gnkf in (he trutrr, andiu-h a ncb:St!y tn appearing friends 
agreeable to our known principles* that it keeps even tranfgref- 
fors in awe, and libertines at a diftabce. A deviation opens a deer 
to every hurtful thing;, and iatiocUices an acquaintance that ofte«u 
Hmes leads to lU'n in this world, a-zd, which is much worf?, 
(ibf-u^h far he it f rem me to limit the mercies of the AimigfetyJ 
unfits us, I fear, for bappmefs in the void to ccme. My be- 
loved young friends, do rot plead for this erihat. as feeing ro 
harm in it : 3! . ftratfedly confider, it may bt ind: fferenr, but as it 
is cennefted, of the utrm.ft A cocked-up rsat, fi- 
fhionaile c loath*, or ufing the plural number inftead of the fin* 
gular , Hiay be Called bj you indifferent things ; you may fay 
thai fpcech is to convey id. a", a^d what religion can tkere be in 
having a hat a Ikfle kwer or higher ? And in ;hs fame irmiiner 
plead fof cvef/v Other liberty , but indeed h'tz are very far 
fiom being ti d frerent things to us. Thefe firjgularititi, <% you 
mty c.i: them are like the locks of Sampfou's baic, wherein if 
we iuiT.r ouifejves by any Dciiifch io be deceived, and depart 
from rns plaint efs and fimplicicy o'\ our profeuSon, w( llnll Iofe 
• a/ (irength, and become weak as other men : who, feeing us in 
their 8**t<r 9 will fcon crake us imo tbofe tfn*;i I hive h ; nted 
a. Id' not, however, by this mean to be undedlood, that we 
are to lay fuch a ilrc-ls oa an exteraal appaarance, z$ in any wife" 
to neglect wk t is internal, Make the i.utle el* an* and the 
ou-nce will be clean alio. Our preset < iTos# ia the .ruth, »e 
ktibW, from we 1 {'grounded objections laid afide greatly the ex- 
tends men had added to religion, and recommended to us an in- 
ward purity of heart and foul. If (her* fere, v*# become dead td 
the power of uurh, having neither form nor co^e*-, we are fo 
f3r from exceeding otfcer profe^ont, \bzt, in my opinion, we 
fall greatly fiior. I pray it m*y nor. be fo with us; bur, as ourfa- 
fthers before us walked in truth that we may likewise [o walk ;and 
feave to fry to them that fuccted us, fallow us as we have followed 
them, who followed the Lord Jelua in truth aad rightecusnejs* 
May you alfo be examples to the youib in other meetings ; that 
th»y, behclding your 4*;roumfpec\ion ? «ni lie fear of God impref- 
ftd on your minds, may be encouraged to tread ia the Jams path. 
Never be ajliam.ed oi being religious. I have thought nothing 
rvcr advanced the character of David more, than that zealous 
Joyful feifabafetnent which appeared in his d&nciog before • the 
»;k ; and though, by the fpirit of the world, fuch may be def- 
pifed, as a fling t 00 rat an a \ art for the dignity of human pride ; 
je« by tb-s u|tfigKt .hearted they will be had in h©cour, and thsir 
foals Jfedli b'j .fatisfie '' as with marrsw and fatcefs, and now a 

growtn? in that which I" trolr f*»od : when ..Vmrtrfi and barret 
hefs fh»tl attend fne fe ff>rs, wki »t length mail be to con* 
fefs, Wifd. v. 4. 5. «• \V e fools accounted iheit life jra-int/, 
and their end to be without kojnottr. Mow are tney cumbered 
among tSr children o?G S, and *h> ir let fa am^ri;!l tibe faints ? 
\Vhat hath pride profiled (is, or what go& hath riches and \ra«n- 
tin? brought us ? Afl thefe things are pihVd away like a lb 
and as a pjc'O t'^at hafleth by, and we are row confu'mrd in oa> 
own wickelnefs. Bui the righteous live for_ev>rroore ? even thcj 
we had fometimes in dcrihon, and a proverb of r« SKD : 
their reward is with the Lord, and the care of the M08 High id 
orer them." Thru bv acting in character, sgreeab e t> your 
profefiSon, yon will g«* in all things ; arid out of it, lefe ai! y 
For what advantage can the whole wcr d afford, or a?.y 
therein, when, the tine comes, which is rr-oR fure, that we Ira i 
have hut one defire, even to die the death of the righteoo*, and 
our latter end to be like unto Uuirs, fo soap ha fc*i J let t.r.h i» 
the foregoing p.iRa^es. 

1 would now fe-t before you fotfie ou-'ward advantages yon crr*r 
joy fupenor, to many of your hre bren ; and prefs that proper 
«fc to be rrrde of them which rmiy farther this great pufoofe of 
life- — To fmifli well. Our meetings have been fayOored with a 
living acceptable miniftry : ma:;v Waferitig feaforjs we, have hid, 
here a lit? le and there a i ! tie. Th-fe blcffiogs ase rot t 
lightly elleemcd ; nor a?e w-" f > to de cod -on them, as rev 
neglect in any wife our a'teniion fo that g eat Mi ifter, to whom 
both ihofe tfc?t edify srd thofe that are edified a*e frrtatits.. If 
we do, we (had furler g <* nl lof* 5 Hr, d as, in a certain eccaficr* 
the Almighty faid to M f:s, " They are thy people, nr? mine"' 
rrray it not be applicable to us ? A lamentable e/xrehange or dif- 
ferent, to becr>m» the ch Idren of mer, from being cb. 
might by the M^L , ■ d in bis truth eft^Mi fired; The ct 

of ail fue n;irniLy is to direct m this ; and he Softening 0a 
ers of the gofpel are to water the heritage, t h at the goodgjc 
being opened thereby, she true \< «°d m-iy uke rcoc at d groi* rip, 
b in tog forth. a.i i<-creafe proportion sfe to the ta'ert ic-* 
re V(.d : i.> iome :; . •, and feme an b 

Tne frrqucm re d us to h . are aifo- advat taaes ; i do inireai you, by no means f ..■ em* 

It ts great enj fe< a me and* .ftftiely &J] 

1 remember to h: ; ve heard a friend or ce lay in I • ; - Ih.-t 

fuch as were indVflfcrent ab 1^ com^'g ?o meewngs, were v. '[ 
ijn :. reni when there." This h a t>u h ■ 

•■<..:. Le Dts therefore in anefi 

Rjaoi " ard g - ; d though VVI ? ' T ay h • • 

a.'.e;.d.d tnany n»c : -feem tQ be ncvcritftieii iu n 

fed $?te, and h?-r&\y tokr. ,y -'*> whs? gncj is, yet if we t«ifs but 
one, thatone might have been to as as the ©f Jefus 
wap to the difcipies when ifeeiy were very 'ow in their minds. 
He then flood in the midO of them, and faid, " Peocr he unto 
you ;" he fl'iewed them his hands and his fide, and they were 
glad ; he alfo breathed on them, and they received the Holy 
Ghoft. Qkfcrve. from this r*en:orable meeting one difcip!e was 
adfent, and ihe report from others could not make hitn believe ; 
and though out Lord, in condefce^fion, afforded him ar-o'.her op, 
pCftimity, when he could enly cry out, "My Lord, and my 
Gcd !" yet are we not to pre fume upon that, bat cry esrnefriy 
to be endued with ability to perform the prefent duty in the pre- 
fer t tixie. 

Be exceeding choice of your company ; for true it 11, th t evil 
communications corrupt gped manners. Be as careful what 
books you read ; and avi id thtfe in the leaft tending to Ibertin- 
ifm and deifm, as you would an infectious diUemper. Mar, £>y 
al! his earthly wiitlorr, cannot find t^ui God ; finite c*nn©t com- 
prehend infinite. In his unregecerate (rate, man may puzzle and 
perplex himfelf with matters too high for him. Medd.e not 
therewith, but ever tare in rememberance, «' The nvn tliat 
walketh. uprightly, walkerh fecurelv ;" and that fucb as '* walk 
rot after the fleih, but after the fpiri?, there is no condemnati- 
on." This is encngh f»r us to believe ard pracl:fe ; let us 
leave the ic(l to the all wife Difpofer cf all things, and f?v with 
David, i( lie that planted the ear, ihal\ he not bear ? And he 
that formed the eye, fhiill he n©t fee ? And he that Teacheth 
luen knowledge (haii he not know ?'' 

After requefting your frequent perufa'ofthe holy fcriptures, 
Iwould in a particular manner recommend to your reading the 
icveral volumes, ;nt tied. Piety Pr m.O'td. Wba;. can nsote ex- 
cite id piety, than to view men in their txpirirg moments jr.yful- 
!y leaving 'his w. r!d, from a ceniuoolnr fs ©r a life, ipent in :he 
ie*r of God? a time in, when, no dazzltivg ob}e£l car, deceive, 
cr an* worldly enjoy men I flatter. Witiiam Penn's Rife and 
Frcgiefs, ^ rote by uay of preface to Getrf-ge Fox's journal, Dr. 
R'.t'v's Liberiy o' tfee F,tfn aj:d pint diiiin, u.Ih :d ! a. d John 
Fry\. Sctiousa d Air cli nar- Addrefs, I would alfo Wjlh you 
all often o read, and feriouUy .0 conlider* The mary journal* 
I hy worthy Aeeeafed friend* * ill in rd both deligb 1 : and pro- 
sit ; she experiences of great, and gond men being :>y the wifs 
had n -fileem. I am cot fenfible, wbilft I thu6 reborn* 
heexamplcs of others, thai great hurs hath been occafi -met 
by*iae /ailing iway of fomeajen, from wliana better things might 
have lee si ex.ecte:', a^d iba; by he ; r f 1 -n-nv h. ve been flrOtindr 
ed* 1 cofifefe ihis is a Iaiucniabk cijcu^itauce ; but ihoaii 

thoufands fall qn the rig&t, and! ten ffcocfanjg on ("he Ifcft-fca**, 
truth is tiuth ; and may the failures of o/ftets lead to nuke lu 
more circumfpecl an: c reful of ourlel es, and qukken our en- 
deavours, to the uirac'i of the ab lit y afforded us, and ,o be fte<l- 
faft, immoveable, a-ways abounding in -he w ; k of he Lord : e- 
ver bearing in reinembe^arxe, «bat th<? h'.ft of men aie no 
longer faf* than whllft on their * 113rd ; that the ] highe.* 
tbe attainment, -he greater ihe fa!! ; and that if tl:e li^ht 
that was once in us becomes darkrteffr, that darkaefs is gloat in- 
deed ! And as in the outward, when a man becdraea blirlH, after 
having once feen, ;he lof> of fight is more frvertly felt by hpm than 
by a perfon born blind ; fo when thofe who have once fpjiitaaliy 
feen afterwards fall imo bfihdnefs, it is no marvel that tfee ftaic 
©f fuch fliould be worfe than that of thofe vsho have nut been 
fo enlightened. I have feen fo much hurt fuftainec 1 by fctne who 
have begun ighr, by not keeping to the fie- pliv.ity and innpeency 
they once knew and began in, that I cannot hut greatly dtfire 
our preservation and perfeverarce : and that *i;h JgcUPU we 
may refolve. That, le. others do what they will) we prill to 
the utmoCt of our power follow on to knew and {'eve the Lord- 

It is a (hcrt time we hive to be here, even the your gift : it 
will foon pafs over, and flee as a fhadow, or as a peft that haft* 
eth by. How many ftrong oerfons do we ice unexpectedly cal- 
led away ? Have we not had in our meeting very reeenftolan- 
ces ? By the records of our burials, 1 fi^d in one rncnib buvied- 
four young men, aged 28, 20, 18, a, d 17, and two \n 
the 37th y^ar. We;e we ccnilamly to confider cur latter er.d 
it might tend nsuch to make us wiie, and fu;pre»s every inordinate 
defire. As I hsve dwelt preuy largely on rh;» fubjeel in the be«* 
ginning of : his .dJrefis, I fh.Ul no< add much ; nr. cr.d m re fum- 
ing it^bejng rather <o fef before us »he uncercai; ty when, chaa 
the certain'y of our defolmion : fenfible of ©ur aptnefs t& 
pu fuch confidefatieru: afar off, efy.-ec tally in th? voung, the heal- 
thy, and the (t 6»g. Btr. although the aged nv-ft die, the young 
mcy, and we le.- they do. How greaiy how eft! .n ;a;'v then rji th 
it behove us to walk circum! ecSy, not as foo&i, bit like wife 
men,, redeeming our tune. It v V£s notdy refolvcil by one of old, 
who laid, " All ihe days of my appointed feme I will wai , -.a- 
til my change, come*" May you ail be i : kt mind ,d : 1- will 
ter.-J, I r lieve^ to make your life cdfmfort&ble, a dy^ur latter 
end pea e. 

A, to your demeanor in your outwj rd -flair!, nr;h«tg can fr> 
V re<a you therein, a> keeping 10 the truqjj ;T»r ca 

any thing elfe enable ycu to bea d jinnnen , which w .1 
avoidably happen*; print*, bavvever, i?. \iih) not^ 
* >e ^'-^ to 1 . -. - all. with whom yiu ii ve . 

to db, witu naeckaek aud calmaefo : a ion an$Wr u---^ 

twray anger, *nd a i-mr.g; is fonncr redrt ff; d and acknowledged 
through a mild cor tint) thae reproach. Imitate not thofc in an 
higher fphtfre t f EjLfel Endj ..our t$ live ra her below than ab vc 
your iiu:t;'.-^-. ^Have/often feen ex eeeUng hurt to individuals 
in tkffl p5f :c !?r 5 who nv. ; lave been v -i-y comfortable", 
k-d tjfey co- fined their wr.y of i;fe to their fiXuratTOBj in 
it: br.r, by looking find aiming at an higher, have, to 
to fupriort it, goneiinto hazardous luwdertakings, brought every 
great jtaconvesiendy o£ iheimfcires ", *nd >.h:n have been resdy 
to eooofrpS kii . and taitfk their lot 1 ard* Another thing I K'oudd 
ob f-'j-rve 10 h fig it* frsall CtrcumlUnees, w' o may be in trades 
and boixaf-, that tJhey do not truft their affairs in he hands of 
fuch as ase 'ikc-'wif* but of frnali circumftarres. Men cf greater 
may run hazards Bo.t jufUfiar/le in.thetn : iffkeyhave lefs bun* 
»efs on ^account 6f their caution, it is to be preferred, rathe* 
th; n ro r.iu e the lntie they, where there may be a 

And fuch- of rcu as may ea^n your bre?d with the fweat cf 
your brow,rep'je not at it. Remember, that godHnefs wi h con- 
tenffhepi j^Vrfeajt rain. Pt'oVid ce, in the all-wife difptyfal of 
things, has u«ne equally befl gifts than men perc^fve. 

loor are'e»erript ftbm many thatchings, toUs ? apd fatigues,' 
which /h- iich ex etrence ; t!>eo- food is pieafent, end their reft 
fwee . Th , i7' ibon of the trj h will ma?we all conditions hap- 
py : pnd without it all is co.ft'ion. The poor in this world, 
polling theft greater riches, will not repine for want of th<5 
r brr/.d will be fure, and their water never fail, and 
or ev«.;n want outward bread. Ii will be a btefTirig 
idtninifljtr to fuch.; ar.d alchcugh at limes their d '■'; - 
appeas great, fuch will remember what the apoftte 
tat t|te (time is fhort, that they that weep be as though 
not ; /nd they that rejoice as though they fl|fo»ced 
:he; tAa? buy as though tl.ey pel; M J rot :" at.d fur- 
he wrote to Tunotliy. " We brought nothing into 
a d :.{. .: certain wc can carry notbingoot ; and h; ; v- 
! ri,:r- i in , I t us be th nwic:< eqnteri . : ' Thus :s ve- 
: iv ere o his fa ne belov< d T rj 
q 1] .'-i t s, havit g ■■ be re hni-fis of the 

■ , > rif ilia : ■- i i a in 

It'll, r 


llv y 


! I 
1 I i 

to h. 


tul it 

;s n 







UPt ; 

- t 



w I 


in > 1 

i «. i 


Vv : 


<s Gc 

u ' I 

1 1 



a 3 • 

c o " i e 

" ( 

. ■ y- 

I i 

i n< 

ed . i 


. r - > • 


: i. 

.) . 



a T 

it .he /a e a 


Li 61 


rr remeralier- 

1'trs ;, 'dwd/i t any deirre to < ; :';'t';r :n 

01 COlild i b v: ».viy d thefe « ■ i: <■■ I have .'ljutftfd m' 

ead pr/ 

t recoaimcwd to you, my dsar young ;..»ud5. in the words .- ihe 

apcRIe, '* that ye be kindly-afTeFtionsd one fo another in brotherly 
love, in hcnrur preff ning cne acotr,er, and the Gcd of love aai 
peace be with you aU. Amen. 

From your afT«3.'.onate 
Wcll-wiftiine fiiend-, 

j. Vs. 

Kerwich. the ? jjl of thd 
4fA Month, i-j6z. 

From Ccvjpcr on Retiremtrih 

HAPPY if full of days— but happier far 
If e'er we. yet difcern life's evening h?r, 
Sick of the' fervice of a world that feeds 
I:s patient drudges v.- i t h dry chi?i and weeis, 
We can etcz p e Fr c n 1 C u ft o m ' s id s ot (w a 7 , 
To ferve the foi'rcicii we wert born t\b:f, 

The filentdeep recefs cf *i:i*y groves, 
Or foreft where the d tor fefcsiely roves ; 
The fall of waters and the fong of birds, 
And hills &3t echo to the diflant herds, 
Aire luxuries excelling »!1 the glare, 
The world c^n hoaft, zrA her chief fav'rite {hare i 
Compar'd with fo fubiirne a life below, 
Ye lungs and rulers, what have cruris t* {how ? 


AGREEABLE to the fenfe of tke author of the above li&er/^ 
the felicity to be experienced in rerixement, depends on the 
Hiinil's being religioudy attentive to that fecret voice of wifdom* 
the language whereof rs intelligibly adapted to the various capa- 
cities, conditions, and circumftanccs of individuals throughout ihe 
rational creation. This common benefit, though unconfined ta 
my particular Ration in life, being benignly afforded by the be- 
nificent Creator and omniprefent Father of fpirits, to thofe ex- 
poied amidrt the baftling throng of cities, as well as to tbofe re- 
mote from the croud ; yet the tranquil rcfidence of the hitter is, 
©r feems to be, mere favourable to contemplation and the e<er- 
«fe of the diitinguifliinj faculties in formijfg a right dtnsate «f 

thing*. Surrounding fcenes of rural (implicit)* throughout the 
vau :1 fcafons, offer to the view of the thoughtful h.fbanutnan 
th de rich and extenfive bounties of the Frtierver arid Banefa&ot' 
©i men, v. huh, through the iniiueuce of that vo'Ci or law within 
hi ;j, exCjitj -., : i ■ fui fetifatious, lead to the dehnotvledgnu hi of 
God in all his ways^ and to trujl in hivi with all ins hear}. 
To as religned to bell direction, he will avoid the flavijh 0,1 hen 
of ira':) unneeeffary rates, which are in themfeiv^s vairity,-zn<L * 
ayttej i/ :h vexation oj fM'rii : With his deiire'S io re- 

i wants and real cc a forts will be better fup- 

plied • enabled to maintain thai dignity which is the 

hi k earning of haw aniiy] by doing juji'y* living i§, v the exereife 
ci b>, ,:.:.■ rjy .inciiefs towards fellow men, and (hewing -mercy to 
the'd'uin.Q animals within his powjr ; a felf-zdenying frugality^ ^ 
harraoniziyg vw < , h unauftentitious liberality, affording noble 
proofs of an enlarged an^ jail way of tiiinkid^, through all tero- 
pora i occurrences his riches will be {are : in thus humbly walking * 
hi ..In i bf. ; :i.* icnoviicd and becoming"? the habitation of inno- 
c i and iu*e^r-ry. wifdom wilj rr abode there ! fo tem- 

pering h# dili *s to it from oppreflBve toil, as 

weil as from the de« . ading effects <ii indolence, iiiewing forc|| 
Viocicraticn in all things* 

lie thai rum may read, fo plain is this path of happinefs 'ind 
peace; yet is v a hid«tett mynerv to fhflfCe whofe. 'minds the God 
iif t is world hath Mind d, to ti;e doutfte minded who are void 
t*f fiability, ahd know hot, or >try rmperfediJ j dHcera wivnor 
whence g'o'o'd c&mctks coniiifcrthg iheir weiibeing dependant on ii altogether fa'ac ; ous, if not directly dellructive*, lightly 
•fteeriling what is of -read worth, truly uicfdl and fruitful of'fub- 
flaatial benefit aadlcorafoTt : hen-:.-. offentaiious intemperate living, . 
profane or idle converL'tion, infine'ere compliments with maajr 
«>ther lying va htiek are accounted poli-.e refinements, making no 
fauil pari of th: boifted elegancies of life, a>.,.i not to hunger and after ih-m de.*med want of under H angina fpirit and taftej 
withont thefe droffy deceitful m rks of what is called g< od 
Vivjeain.u', tfie pidiii unaffected grood fenfc and radical p liu-ncfs 
proceeding from the law of"kin£nefs in the unmodilh man of in- 
tev/itv, is regaled is clownilh rulticity and ad ion of the 

humeri chara<Jter .-: ;n this unequal fcale, how ;s the / d 

soumerpufed by mere refro&ate r ilver\ yet who has a more in- 
conteftahle claim to honour a:d cReem than the ru lie Hulband- 
m:m, irnofe keart idtkefeaT of benevolence, the inn, cm' {impli- 
cit* of wh <fe m miierSj fpeaking the unambiguous las ;iiage of 
truth; remo;e foKi popularity and #d a I at ion, he looks for ap- 
plaure or ceafure U the unflattering tribunal i.: his own brtafl;* 

coveting io expenfive ornmentf, bur, without afTe^ing angula- 
rity, is cdntent with ^ cjean, c r.'.erint and uf-iul ^aib. having 
learned th .t *Ad ' .n r limcrtt ; a: d .« < il o demand- 

ing that this lift is more than meat. No dear b( ught i • 
luxuries or coftly etremen i ing JsUcacies are confidered a?. doi>g 
h nour to his table, at which he cheers his boufhohl and 
come's his guest's with a temperate plenty provided to gratify she 
palate and maintain the Vigour of health', without hurry or 
aniv'ery, by judicious exercife, pure air and ihe wholforoe |f- 
iiuvit of the new turned fod is excited the ufivitiated > J 
rendering. f\jreet and delectable rhq cap-cious loaf, the m: -How 
ta/eful cheefe, the butter and curd ; the falubri-.m? de'ert 
of milk and fruit is enjoyed with a pieafurable relifn unknown 
to the pamper d epicure, that felf-6pprefl}ng ilave, who is n© 
lefs a ftranger to the tranquil {lumber and real reft of the w4f« 
and virtuous Hufbandman ; who finds in a calm and pa'ient 
induftry armrfement truly pltafip.jf, knowing that crofs oc- 
curences and disappointments are to be looked for in humai 
purfuits, he is guarded ag.: ; :i{t fuprize and di/cou r , per- 

fevcring in his avocatioBS with ecjuanimitj and diligence; of he 
product whereof he i the ma) J 

"ance, but ffcat be jnay be juft and hofpitable : tfeat, gratc- 
fa'lv fenftble of the bltlTmgs received, he may he 
family, his neighbours, ihe weary traveller, and the Starrer that 
comes "within hi» gate ; •' ..*ti*B ©t & g»ed 

jituard oj tkg m**i/ol4 grace cf God, 

An Account of the Yearly ', Quarterly, Monthly > and 
particular Meetings of Friends on the of 

Thr Teerly Meeting of Rhode-Iflind for N^w-Eng'and 1% held at New- 
port the htii tky following the fefcorid fi*xth day in" the fi*th month, zni 
is cjKi*e>(zi of thr«a Quarterly Me crings. 

held at Sv*&n.!:cy in ift month*, Grceutvich in 4*h month; .FoitfoiG.iih 
ia 8 aiuuth; Smith field upper heufe in ioth Rionth. 

CpiifiCU of 7 Monthly Meeting!, viz. 

fLhode Jfland monthly meeting the laft 3d day' 

ii ' 

1 - t o » - -- - 

node Jfl«in:J monthly meeting the laft 3d day*} 
is heid at CJcwport in ift month, & c - f 
t Portfraoath iu zi »oath, ^c. l" 

Particular Meetings. 


►iwch roonC'.hly meeting rhe td day after 

the i ft firfr d*w is held at Salt Greenwich 
i ft month, &c. 

£;mth£ :ld month!/ meetin* 


the Uft £fch 

Caath ILingfbn pemthiy Meeting the 2d day 
' after luft iCi. cay. 

f wan^cy »ontkly acetin^ the ift fecond day. 


Raft Greene ch 



Wenfoket, or up- 
per S.-iiithficid. 
Batty *s 


| Wefteriy 


UppcrS Kiugfion 
I L :wer S Kingtton 
J Pxichwond 





ionth!y fneetin 

l&fi 5 v .h day. 

he fixth day after 7 Lei efier 
S Richmond 
I B.Vi'on 

Pr^vi 'enc* oro r, rhlf*»ne£ting the ^h day before | Pro7i J ~"<-e 
the.laflcth -lay, held at Providence in ill month, J»- hfieil L H 
Ihaiithfield lower houfc si month. | ?'e:rs (in S'field) 

J Sckuate 

Sandzvlcb Quarterly Meeting is held at 
Sandwich th? 6rh ddy be ore !, il t ' t &\y in 3d month, 
Nantucket the 3^ da-rafter 4'h fi<rh day in 6:h month. 
JLom? pain the rVr 6 h .da y in ioth month.. 
JKvJford t'le lccvnd $th day ia iiih month. 







4 -. 

4 5 

5 =- 


Aguifhnet the ad 

five miles from the 

// timpofed o/Jfx Monthly Meetings % wfe.' 
Sandwich monthly nacecing is held at Sandwich") Sandwich 
in ad, 3d, 4».h, 5th, and 9th months, the 1 it Yarmouth 
6th day in each except in 3d month. It is 
the 6th day before the quarterly meeting. 
At Falmouth the firft 6th day in ift and 8th 

month, and the 6th day afier Nantucket qu*r- ^and 4th firft day in 
terly meeting. cack m nth, is held 

At Long-plain the firft 6th day in the loth, ac Jeremiah Audii/i 
iith,and nth months, and in the 6th month 
the third day of the weak in which the yearly 
meeting begins. J 

Nantucket monthly meeting the 5th day after ) Vfln ,., r . _.. 
laft 2d day. \ Nan uckct 

Nantucket monthly meeting, northern diftrict, i Nantucket > 
the 4th day after lafl 2d day. ^ No raeecin fc 5 

Pembrook monthly meeting the firfl: 4th day, — Pembrook 

"\ Aponeganfett 
Dartmouth monthly meeting the third %i day C Niwtowa. 

J Bedford. 

Acoakfett monthly mecing the feventh &'ay be-? £ c#ak * ctt 3 

fere 3J ftcond day. \ b- cn J er 

' 3 Little Compton 

Stt!em quarterly meeting is held at Seobrotk the Jth dmy kef ore the \th frj} day 
injirjl mon'.b, 
Salem the 4th day after ill fixth day, in fixth month. 
Falmoarh the yh day before 4th firft day hi nitith month. 
Dover the fame day in tenth month. 

Is comptfed tfj+u Monthly Meetings, vi%% 
Salem monthly meeting tht 2d fifth day in each") 

month except the 6'h. and then it is the 5th j Salem 
day following the ad 6rh day. Held at Salem VLynn 
in 1 ft, 4th, 7th, and 10th menths ; at Lynn | Bofton 
in all the others. J 

"^ Dover 

Do*er monthly meeting the feventh day after/ « lUe . rr L . 
3d fifth day, held at Berwick in j rt, 4 th, 7th, V ?5 rw ! clc / - 
9 tb, and nth months. At Dover in all the? „ eaderfborough 
others, V * c ^.efc r 

\ Lee 

Hampton monthly meeting is keM at AlaiWfl Seabr0ok or Harop. 
thOhird fifth day in ift, 3d, 5th, 9th, and ton * 

nth month. \ **7 ^ wn 

Seabrool fame day in 4 »h, 6th, ieth and nth i Anbury 
mon'ns. * . T 

Wear the 4th dav before third Jth day in 2d, STS? 
7th, and 8th months. PimfitM 

Falmouth monthly meeting the 4th day before ) ^i^Jm 
fourth jth day. ) Pcrtlaud 

Vaffalborongh monthly meeting the 4th day be 1 VafTalborough 
fore fourth 5th day. $ Fahfitld 

Durham monthly meeting the 6th day afte ? g^b.*" 1 

4* fifth day. } Lewis-Town 

The Tenrly Meeting for the Government of New Tori, is held at Nezv 
Terk the fourth if day in the 5th month. 

Coropofed of four Quarterly Meetings, viz. 
Weftfeury quarterly meeting hejri there the 5 h day preceding the If] 

ift day in the ift 2nd 7th months ; and at New -York the lame day 

in the 4th and io'h months. 

Confifts of three monthly meetings. 
New- York monthly meet ng held at New-Ycrk -* 

the j ft fourth day in the ift, 3d, 4th, 6th, 7th /New-Ycrk 

9'h. iorh and iath months. >Flufhirsg 

And at Flufhing the ift fifth day in the ad, 5 th \ Newtown 

8th, and nth months, •? 

Weflbury monthly meeting the 4th day before f Mardnicock 
^ third 5th day. $ Cow n-:ck 

T Je icho 
Tericho monthly meeting the third 5th day. > Bethpage 

3 Half-hollow hills 

Oblong quarterly meeting held there the fourth day preceding the iffrf day in 
the $tb and I \th months ; and at Pur chafe the fame day in the id and 8th 

Confifts of three Monthly Meetings. 

rnrchafe monthly rreetirg held there and at/ Mama'roneck 

Mamaroneck alternately the ad fifth day. C .\i/eft.chefter 


Per afi Pond 

( V'l'ev 
Oblong monthly meeting the fecond day followA ^ ew j^jj fcrd 

Jng ad fifth day. f Wcl/ 

J Goflun 
S 5hap?qua 
Shapaqua monthly meeting held there and at | ^mawa:k 
Ama*a!k alternately the 6th day after fecond I North Caflle 
5th day. j Andrew Mcritt's 

J or Bedford 

Nine Partners ^uarierh Meeting the fourth day preceding the iive teffrj, 
days in the id, $th., %th, and llth months. 

Is compofed of four Monthly Meeting*. 

•\Nine Parmer?. 
Nine Partners mor'hlv meeting the 4th day fOfwego 

following and fifth day, fChefntt? Ri-*ge 

j Creak \5 

Creek monthly meeting the 6th day following f Crnmelbcw |4 

fecond 5th day. \ Little Nine Partners 5 

J f iiiman Hail's. 5 

Hudfon montMy meeting the fourth day follow. ( QuemanV patent | 

ing Crc^k monthly meeting. ( N^v-Bnum 15 

6 J Kliny Kiln. 4 

^j Cornwall '5 

, , r ,1 I Marlborough 4 

Cornwall monthly meting tne 2d daffeJowmg N-W v h V 41ey 5 

Creek montniy rusting; held at Cornwui 1 U n5th . s * clover j 

ift, 3^. 4fh l7 th,9th, 10th, and 12m, and at r^ ^^ 

Malborough ad, 5th, 8th, and uta month. | U: ,, e E( ., pus ^ 

J Rockland 

Saratoga ^usrtsr'y Meeting h held the fourth day f receding the third if. day 
in tbi 2d Stb, &tb, and lit* months. 

Is coropofed cf four monthly meetings. 
Eaft Hufeck month y meeting the fecond 5th ) Ed ^ Hufeck 
day. S 

1 Snratooa 
. . • , 1 . , 1 1 / Pit's-town 

Saratoga monthly meeting tne third 5th day. J» -.y hitc Creek 

J Que.;nfburgh 
-i Weft Saratoga 
Wjft*Saratog3 monthly meeting the (.Galloway 

Das. by 

J Ferri/bnrgh 
Danby monthly meeting the y Peru 

j Stafford 
J Sharon 

The Yearly Meeting for Pennfilvania, I\ r eto Jerfsy, Delaware, and the 
eifern piris of Maryland, is held at Philadelphia the 4*2 firA day in the 
ninth month ; and the General Spring Meeting the 4th firft day in the third 

Confiftirg of ten Quarter'y Meetings, viz 

Philadelph a Quarterly Meeting the ift fecond day in the 2d, 5th, 8th 

and «. 1 h month. 

Is combofed of f even Monthly Meetings 

Philadelphia monthly meeting held the lall 6ih 7 R{ . Stregt meeting 

day. S 

Philadelphia monthly meeting for north diftrict 7 jvj jrt h meeting k 

the third "ay pre** ling iart iixth day. Si \ 

Phi a ?'phia monthly meeting for fouthern dif 7 „. -" „„.,. J 
tfid, the fourth day preceding laft 6th day. £ ? ' nC ftre£ ^ m «' ln 2 4 


Randor monthly meeting the fecond fifth day. J- iv/fc.'jaa 

~) Rdnoi 
/ Hivcrf 
f Ylerio* 
J Valley 

N Exeter 
/ Maiden Cresk 
Exeter monthly meeting the laft fourth day hf Reading 

held at Maiden Creek in iff month, i-xcterV Potis town, on firfi 
in ad month. [ days ad a meeing 

\ on 4th day ■ at Jacob 
J Thomas's 
Hobefon monthly meeting the 3d day before laft r k f n 
fourth day. 

Roaring Creek 
Filing Cretk 



Ahington Quarterly Meeting the fifth day following the if fecond day in the 

7id t $tb. \Stb, and nib months. 

Is compoicd of lour monthly meetings. 

~\ Ahing'on 
Abington monthly meeting the laft fecond day, f Germantown 

bej»in$ at ten, (Oxford, or Frank* 

J ford. 

Horfham monthly meeting the 4th day after lafi} ,. - 
fecond day, held at Byherry in the 111 month, C B J; „ 
at Hoifham in the ieconu month. j * ' 

^ Gwynedd 
Gwynedd mouth'y meeting the lafl 3d day, ( Plymouth 

f Providence 
Richland monthly meeting the th'rd $*h day. * Richland 

Bucks-county Quarterly Mcctin? is held at Wright \ town the I >fl $tb day in 

the fecond month ; at '-uc' the laft fifth day in the fifth n.onih . at 

falls the 'aft §tb day in the eight month : at MiJf'.'etoivn the lajl ipb day in 

the eleventh month . 

Bucki gham monthly meeting the i{\ fecond 7 Bu kinoh m 

day 5 PI mhltead. 15 

Wri b htVto*n monthly meeting the third day , w . htVt0Wn 

f, Hewing ift second d?,y. S 

Falls monthly meeting the fourth day following F-Tis 

1 ft fecond day. $ Makefie'-d" 

Middlctown monthly meeting the fifth day fol- ) Midd*ctown 5 

losing ift fe/ond day. \ Jrillol 

Chefer <g*artet!y Meeting held at Concert the Zd fecond day in the id, $lb 

%tb, and 1 lib months. 

Is compofeti of fix monthly meetings. 

") » oncord 
Concord monthly meeting the 4th day afcer ill/ uirmingham 

icccni d *)'. S.CiiicheftVr 

Uwchland monthly mee irsg the 5th day after ift ( pikdsr.d 
< fCond ua y- VNantmill 

Go the '.1 


Gofhen monthly meeting the 6^h day after ift ( pjew-f 
fecond day. £ Willis- 

Birby monthly meeting the 5th dij before ifl ) D2rby 
fecond day. 5 . 

Wilmington monthly the 4th day after? Wilmington 

id feebnd dey. i White- c>ay Creek 



lVef:srt: Quarterly Meeting held at London -Grove the third id day in the 2d 
$th> %th } and \lth months . 

Is conpofed of fix monthly meetings. 

Kennct monthly meeting is held the 5th day af- 1 Kennet 
ter fcond sd day, at Kennet in che ill monh > Center 
tStbi Centre in the 2d month, &c J HockeiFon 

Bradford monthly meeting the fixth day afterT 3radford 
fecond 2 J day, at Eafl Cala hi firrt month. > Raft Can 
Bradford in fecor.d month. J Wefr Cain 

Sadfbuiy monthly mec€i*g the 4th day after 3d 7 S^fbury 
fecond day, at Lampeter in the ill if.onih. >Lampeter 
Sa.!fbury in 2d reonth. jLancaller 

New Garden monthly meeting the id kventh t jsj ew . Garc -^ n 
day at Weft Grove in ift month. New-Gar- j- y^^.Qro^ 
den in 2d month. J 

London-Grove monthly meeting the 4th day ? London Grove 
beio.e iff feventh day. S EaftFal ow-Fie'd 

Nothingham monthly meeting the laft 7th day, | £sft N^.thingham 
At Little Britain in 1 ft month. Nottingham ? Well Nottingham ..*■■ 
in ad month. 5 Little Biitain 5 

Southern Quarterly Meeting held the fourth zd day at Third Haven t in the] 
id and %th months. At Little Creek in the $th and 11th months. 

Iscompofed of four monthly meeiings, 

Cack-Creck monthly meeting the 7 th day after ? ^g^S^ \{ 
*-**"*** jLfctleJCwek 

Mctherkill monthly meeting the 5a day after/ ^^ j l * 

fecond 2d day. . C .', , , . • 

* J Cold bpriog 

-. 1 hivd Kc-vea 

j Chop ank 

Third' haven monthly meeting the 5th dsy after ! fuckaho 

fecond 2d day. itzytide 

• Marih? Creek 

^ < T-eenfborough 

} Cecil 
©ecu monthly meeting the fevemh d3y after fCVefl^r 
fecand id day. r . ; ,;T\f r as 

\Hesd of Gheflsr 

MurRngtan Quarterly Meeting held there the lajt fecond day in the fecond ar.*% 
sight months, and at Cbejierfteld ( Crofsivickt J in the tfh and \\th months. 

Is compofed of five monthly meetings, via. 

-v Turlington 
Burlington monthly meeting the firft fecond f Ancocus 

day- C Old Springfield 

' rVfarsFeld neck 

Chefterfield monthly meeting held at Crofswick r fS >n> , B °° k 
the third day after hrft ad day. f -L^denton 

J ftobins's 
Upper Springfield monthly meeting the 4th day? J}^" p^enold 
following firft fecond day. ^ KfiSsfie d 

Mount.Holly monthly meeting the 5th day after/ 2™tMeelLi 
tfl lecond day. \ , T - „ , r K 

J ' J Vincent Town 

Egg-Harbor monthly metting the fecoad fifth > E g-Harbor 
day. ) Barnegat 

Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting is held at Haddonfield the 6th day before $th 
firji day in 3 and gth months. At Evejham the ijl fe:ond day in the ()th 
and l%th months. 

Compofed of four monthly meetings, viz. 

L , , ,/.,,<■") Chefter, (Moore's- 

Evelham monthly meeting the fixth day after £ ro4 . n# ) 

ifi. fecond day. ^ ftveftiam 

.Upper Evefham monthly meeting the 7th day ) Upper Evcfham 

tftcr M? fecond day. S Crop*dl 

,.«.„.. . . - r j j 1 Haddonfield 

Haddonfield monthly meeting the fec«nd ad r - Nevrtown 

dt >« ) Cape May 

Great Egg-Harbor and Cape-May monthl v V Up ' "^f,*, gE " 
meeting 1/? fecond day at Great Egg- Harbor V Great Egg- 

in ifi month : at Cape May in ad month. V Harbor. 

Salem Quarterly Meeting the third %d day is held at Sahm in the y»h and lUh 

months. Jit Woodbury in the 2d and tcb months. 

Compofed of four monthly meetings, via 

Woodbury monthly meeting the third lay after 7 Woodbury 

fecond ad day. J Upper Greenwich 

Piles-Grove moMhly meeting the 5th day before? Pi es Grov 

hi\ fecond day. $ U PP er Pcnn s Neck 

Salem monthly meeting the 'ast fecond day. — Silem 
Greenwich monthly meeting the 4th day ?.f>er J Geciwich 
last lecond day, at Lower Aloways Creek in SLowr Aloways 
tf raoitb. At Greenwich In ad month. J Creek. 

Shreivjhury and Rahwty Quarterly Meeting is held ai ft ah- 
way the ~jlh diy preceding the <±th firji day in the /? 7? mtmh 
end the \lf-<jl day in eight month. find at Sbreufbury u 
j^tb Jirft any in right and tenth msnths* 

Three monthly meetings compofe the qu irter. 

~) -.'hrewibury 
Shrewfbury monthly meeting the ift ie- C quan 

colld dav - ^Squ^ncum 

Rah way and PlainnVd monthly meeting a > Hallway 
Railway the 3d itth d~y in i ft month : > i''Jainfield 
at Plainfield 3d fourth, day in 2,0 niwnth. Jj 'end.<ra 

Hard nick 
I*aulen's kiln 

Kingwood monthly meeting is held the 2d s >rownecl Lands 
fifth day at Kjflgwood in III month : at yon firft Monday 
Hard wick in 2d month, only, twice at the 

former and once 
at the latter alter 
_ nately. 

Rahivay particular meeting on firji days is held the ^ft f- r fl day 
in 4th month to lajl Jirft day in 10 month, at 10 o'clock in the 
morning- and 3 in the afternoon. The \Jl fi'Jl day in nth 
month to lajl firjl day in $d month at 1 1 in* the morning and 3 
in the afternoon: 

Maryland Yearly Meeting, which takes in the Wejlern /bore of 
Maryland and part of Virginia and Pren/yfeania ; is held 
at Baltimore thefcond Jl day -n the 10th month. 

And is eompofed of four Quar erly r» eetings,. via* 

Baltimore Quarterly Meeting the fecond day following the 111 
ferenth day in the ad, 5th, 8rh and 1 ith months. 

Cottjijis of four Monthly Meetings, viz. 

Baftimore monthly meeting the 2d 9th day }- Baltimore. 

"^Indian Spring 

Indian Spring montUIy meeting the tkiru £ .»andy "pnng 4 

6th day. f Elk Ridge 4 

J C. lifts 5 

~) Deer Creek 5 

Deer Creek monthly meeting the fifth day CbuAi Riv«r 

before laft 7th day. \ fawn 

mpowder monthly meeting the Lift 
day is held at Gunpowder in ifr, 
9th, 10th, irthand 12th months. Lit- ("Li'tleF-i;. 
lie Falls, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5 

7 a, 1 . 

hh, f Gun-pow ler 

th, 6th, 7th mo, J 

Warrington Quarterly Meeting is held at Warrington the fyh fs 
cond day in id and 8th months. At Pipe Creek the fame days 
in $th and lltb ninths. 

Coropofed of four monthly meetings, viz. 

Warrington monthly meeting the 71I1 day 7 Warrington 

hefore 2d firit day. 3 N< wbury 

Y*rk monthly meeting rhe 4th day before ? , r , 
Warrington. J 


Monallin moathly meeting the fecond day 
after .Warring' on. 

Pipe Creek monthly meeting the feventh 
uay before 3d firil day, at Pipe Creek 
the I ft month, Bum Creek ihe 2d month 

'iuntingdon, 2nd 
n allowed meet- 
ing at Lunning't 

Pipe Creek 
Bum Creek 

Fair fix Quarterly Meeting is held there on the $d fecond day 
in the third month, and on Jecond day prscedhig the Tea iy 
Meeting at Ba thnore. And at HoJ>e-zved the $d jecond d y 
in the 6ih and 12th months. 

Is compofed of four monthly meetings. 

P Fairfax 
Fairfax monthly meeting the 4th 7th dp.y. > iexandria 

j i he Gap 
Goofe Creek monthly meeting the fecoad 7 Goofe Creek 
day after Fairfax. 3 ouin Fork 

""} dope well 
I Ridge 
I > iddle Creek 
Hopewell monthly meeting the ifl 2d day. ^-B ick Creek 

Iear Garden 
J- lufkarorah 

Crooked Run 
v. eater 

v Smith's Creek. 

Crooked Run monthly meeting the feventh 

day before lft fecono day. 
And another monthly meeting lately efta- { Stafford 

blifhed at South Land. I Culpepper 

| Mount Poiney, ©1 
J Southland. 

4 : 






Redjlone Quarterly Mteting is hid at Red/lone the \Jl fecond dxy 
in ^d end gth months : at Wejlland the fame day in 6th and 
\lih months. 

Is compofed of two monthly meeting^ T j 2 . 

Weftland monthly meeting the fourth '^ih^FaMuwntld 
etey. Q Pike Run 

3 Mchland 
Redffon* - 

Redftone monthly meeting the fiattb day [ Sandy Creek, or 
following vVeUiand. j the Glades. 


J .Union or Con- 
(g3» / am v.ot eerfdin whether there are meetings at the t<voo 
left p aces, cr 'whether it is but one place. 

The Yearly Meeting for Virginia is held alternate 1 ? at Wafa 
Ock ar.d Bladivatsr^ the idjsventb doy in $th month, at the 
latter in 1 79 8 • 

Being compo r ev of two Quarterly Meeting*. 

Cedar-Creek Qaiarferly Meeting is held at Cedar Creek the 2c! 
day after 4th (eve ir-i day in 2d aid H'h month. At SVaw 
Oakilie 2d day aiter 4th feventh diy in nth month : an^ 
in the fifth month when the yearly meeting is heW at vV'oin 
Oak on the 6tn day preceding laid me -ting, and on c:h day 
when the yearly meeting i> at Klackwater. 

I» compofed o'i three monthly meetings. 

"JC.urh 3 

Henrico mon:hlv meeting hehl at 'Wit eQ 'air Oak 3 

O^k fwamp the lit feventh day. ? Richmond (in dul^j 

Cedar Creek monthly meeting the fecond"*).^ . r 
7t!i day, except when the qua* tedy f ""• [• 
meeting is held at th<t place, then unr ', ar ° !lie 
7th day preceding laid meeting* ^yjeneto 

"] South River 

South River monthly meetiiig the third rfih ( SS^t , 
i fo ' >Hi!l's Creek 

day * I Goof, Creek 

J Upper GoofeC'k 

Black Water Qva v terly Meeting is held at Black Water the fee end 
day after 2a 'j r ..venih day , in id and%th months. At Weft em 
Branch Jams day hi yh and l\th months. 

Compofed of two monthly meetings. 

aek Water 
ekwater mm th'y meeting held theie 3d 
feveuth day in 2d month, and ai Bur- 
leigh the fame day in lit month, &c. 


Wcftern Branch monthly meeting the 4th 
fevemh day. 


tan ton's 
Gravelly Run 
Sea Conck 
}> We item Branch 
Black Creek 
Sennet's Creek 
\ ick's 

The Yearly Meeting for NoUh and South Carolina, r fid Georgia 
is le'd the j event h day preceding the fnuuh 6th d*y in the lOth 
month 7/ Symo:>r s s Creek and New Garden alternately 
At the former in 1 798. 

(Being compofed of five Quaiterly Meetings, viz-) 

TIv- Fafte n Quarterly Meeting if held the !afl flK day. At 

Bymonds's Creek in the 
month. Piney Woods in 

Little R*v<r in the f cov.d irrbflifa 
fifth mouth. Wells's in the grh 
the 1 itli month 

Compofed cf five Monthly Meetings*. 
Piney Woods monthly meeting the ift fe- ? Pin 

5 Beach spring 

?inton's Creek 
_ .Ml,t 

venth d> 



icy Woods 


fcttera's Creek monthly meeting the icl 
fevemh day. 


Old ;Veck 





! Little River 
Sym«nds»s CreeklJ 
■ 4ev/ begun Creek 
. Narrows 

Richfcuare monthly meetinc the id fe- 7 •>*• . r 

n \ , r t Richfcuare 

venth day. 3 

Jack Swamp monthly meeting tlie 2d fe- ? r fe Q 

venth day. 3 ■ Jt 

Contentney Quarterly Meeting is held the $d ftventh day in the 
ijl t Afthi Jth and iCtA months* 

Confifts of two monthly meetings, viz. 

~J Con entney 
Contentney monthly meeting the 2d fe- ( Tar , ivev 
venth day. C Neiife 

J Bear Creek 
"} Core To 11 nd 
Corefound monthly meeting the ifl feventh ' v. lob-foot Creek 
day. t Upper Trent 

) lower Trent 

We/fern Quarterly Meeting is held the id fe venth day at Center 
in zd and 8th month, and at Cans Creek in $th and lith 

Compofed of four monthly meetings. 

Neiv Garden !^uari'.riy Meeting is held the fecond day following 
the fecond Jth day, at Deep River in the 3 J and qth months 
At New Garden in 6th aid nth months. 

Being compofed of ilxth monthly meetings, viz. 

1 One Creek 

Cane Creek monthly meeting the lit fe- ! D ° I °J?r* ng 
. , ° ? Rocky River 

ventn clay. ', r ... 

z \ \ ylon 3 

J Peedee 

Spring monthly meeting the fecond day be- 7 Spring Meeting 

fore ill 7ni day. $ !< no 

Center monthly meeting the 3d f venth day OCen er 

Back Creek monthly meeting the lafl: 7th >^arlbo'ou^h 

day. )ProvHt.nce 

Back Creek monthly meeting she lafl fe- ) Back Creek 

ventk day. \ Euwary 


v "| New Garden '4 
1 Reedy Fork, orj 

|&r Garden monthly meeting thelaft 7 th ^^^^^^i 

^" j I cr Dover. P 

j Bull Run, or' 
J S her bom. W- 

Deep Rirer monthly meeting the firft 2<J ?^%^l er , 1 
r • j av > Muddy Creek 4 

y ' ^Blue's Creek A$ 

Deep Creek monthly meeting the firft 7th ^ r> ec}> Creek 15 

day. C Hunting Creek (4 

Springfield monthly meeting the ferenth *) Springfield 

day. yPiney Woods 

\ Berks Fork 
'• Weftfield, or Tom's Creek monthly meet- 7 Weft-field 

ins the 7th day before New Garden. f £ hefnut T !r r , 

) Reedy Ifland 

"\ New Hope, or No 

•New Hope monthly meeting the feventhT lichucky. 

city. Q Loft Creek 


>MvJh River Quarterly Meeting in South Carolina, is held the 2d 
Jtb day in the \Jl, 4th, yth and 10th months. 

Compofed of three monthly meetings, viz. 

Bufli River 
Mud Lick 
Hendet Con's, or 
' Bufh River monthly meeting the laft 7th f Allwood 

«Uy. [ Rocky Spring 

f Rayboum's Creek 
J CharlefUn 
J Edition 
tane Creek Monthly meeting the 7th day -p Cane Creek $ 

before Bufh River. r Padgett's Creek 4 

"| Wrightiborengh 

I and two meetings 
held by permifliori 

meeting the ill 7th day. > at William Parm- 

er's wn third day, 
-t William's creek 
5th day. 

Tisies and "Plages of hold in- g "the Courts or tk-Z 
United Status, as established by Lav.'. 

Supreme Court. — At the feat of government, on the fit ft Se- 
cond days in the feccrd and eighth month*. 

Circuit Court — h'aOern Circuit. 
In New-Hampfhire diftrict, at Portfmouth on the 27th day 
ofthe 5th month, and at Exeter, on the 24th day of the icth 
month. In Vermont, at Wind for and Bennington alternately, 
on the 1 2th day of the 5th month ; at Wincfor this year. J n 
M-flTichufetts, at Bofl m, on the 7th day of the 6th month, and 
12th of the roth month. In Rhode Ifland, at Newport, on the 
19th day of the 6th montfi ; and at Providence, on the 7th of 
the 1 ith month. In Connecticut, at Mew Haven, en the 25th 
day ofthe 4th month ; and :t Hartford on the 25th of the 9th 
-month. In N T ew York, art New York, on the 5th days of the 4th 
ar.d 9th months. 

Middle Cirru : t. 
In New Jerfey, at TrentOD, on the 2nd days ofthe 4th and 
roth months. In Pennfylvania, at Philadelphia, on the nth day 
t>f the 4th month; and at York Town, on the 1 ith of the 10th 
month. In Delaware, at New Caftl*. on the 27th day of the 
4 h month; and at Dover, on the 27th of the loth month. la 
Maryland, at Annapolis, on the 7th d*y of the 5th month ; and 
*t Eafton, on the 7th of the nth month. In Virginia, at Rich- 
mend, en the 22nd days ofthe 5th and nth months. 
Southern Circuit. 
In North Carolina, at Wake Court h<sufp, till there be conve* 
Dient accommodations in the city of Raleigh, and thence at faid 
city, on the lftday of the 6th month, and the 30th ofthe nth 
month. In South Carolina, at Columbia, on the 12th day of the 
5th month ; and at Charleiton. on the 25th ofthe toth month, 
in Georgia, at Savannah, on the 25 f h dny of the 4th month : and 
at Augufta, on the 8th ofthe nth month. 

But when any of the foregoing limited days happens on the 
firft day of the week, the day next following is the commence- 
ment of the court. 

District Court. 
In Maine diftricr, at Portland, on the 3d third day in the 6th, 
and iU\ in the 1 2th months •, and at PownalborougH, on the ift 
in the 3d and 9th months. In New Hampfhire, on the 3d third 
days, at Portfmout* in the 3d and 9th ; and at Exe er, in the 
6'h and iath months. In Vermont, on the ift fecoxid days, at 
Windfor, in the 2d ind 8th ; and at Rutland, in the 5th and 1 ith 
months. la Maflachafe-.ts, on the ift thitd days a ' Salem, in tjae 
gd and 9th ; and at Bollon, in the 6th and 12th months. In 

Rhode Ifland, on the iIHecond Jay?, at Newport, in the 2nd and 
8th ; and at Providence, in the 5th and nth months. In Con- 
necticut, on the 3d third days at New Haven, in the 2nd and 8th 
—and at Hartford, in the 5th and 1 ith months. In New York., 
at the city of New York, on the id third days in the 2nd, 5th, 
8th 2nd nth month?. In New jerfey, en the 1 ft third days, at 
Burlington, in the 2nd and 8th ; and at New Brunfwick, in the 
5th and nth months. In Pennfylvania, at Philadelphia, on the 
2nd third days in the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and -nth months. In Dela- 
ware, on the 4th third days, at Dover, in the 2nd and Stb ; and 
at New Cattle, in the 5th and nth months, 3n Maryland, sn the 
lft third days, at Eafton, in the 3d and 9th ; and at Baltimore, in 
the 6th and 1 2th months. In Virginia, on the 3rd third days, at 
Wiiliair.fburg, in the 3d and .o'h ; and at Richmond, in the 6th 
and 12th months. In Kentucky, at Harrodfhurg, on the 3d third 
days, in the 3d, 6th, 9th, and 12th months. In North Carolina, 
at Newbern, Wilmington, and Edenton in rotation, on the ift fe- 
conddays, in the ill, 4th, 7th, and 10th months : at Edenton in 
the ift month 1799. In South Carolina, at C'oarltfton, en the 3d 
iecond days, in the 3! and 9th, the 1 ft in the 7th, and 2d in the 
1 2th months. In Georgia, on the 2d third days, at Augufta, in 
*he 3d and 9th ; and at Savannah, in the 6thand 12th months. 

In the State of Maryland, 

Court of Appeals is held — At Annapolis, on the fecond third- 
day in the {ixth and elevenrh months. 

Chancery courts ait held — At Annapolis, on the fecond third- 
day in the fecond month, on the Hrli in the fifth and tenth months. 
«nd on the third, in the twelfth month. 

General courts are held — Yor the IVeJiem-Shore ; at Annapolis, 
©n the fecond thirdday in the fifth and tenth moeths. 

Yor the Eaftern-Shore — At Talbot court-houfe, on the fecond 
third day in the fourth and ninth months. 

County courts are held'— In St. Mary's, on the firir, and 
CaWert, on the third feconddays in the third and eighth months. 
in Prince George's, on the firli, and Charles on the third fecond- 
day in the fourth and ninth months. — In Wafliington on the- fe- 
cond fecondday in the fourth month, and firft in the twelfth month. 
In Frederick, on the fourth fecondday in the third month, and on 
the third in the eleventh month. In Montgomery, on the fecond 
fecondday in the third month, and on the firft in the eleventh 
month. In Alegheny, on the fourth fecondday in the four'h. 
month, and on the third in the twelfth month. In Ann Arusdd, 
«#n the third feconddav in the fourth and nin'h months. In Harford 
vn the fecond and Baltimore, on the fourth feconddays in rh« 
timrdatld eighth months. In Cecil, op the firil fecondday in the 
**U8I aiwuh and oa the fecond in the tenth month. In Kent, en 

the third fecondday in the third month, and on the fourth in tne 
tenth month. In Oueen Ann, on the third fecondday in the 
fifth, and on the fecond in ihe eleventh months. In Talbot, on 
the fecond fecondday in the fix th month, and on the fourth in 
the eleventh month. In Caroline, on the firfl fecondday in the 
third month, and on the fecond in the tenth noonth. in Dorchef- 
ter on the third fecondday in the third month and on the fourth 
Hi the tenth month. In Somerfet, on the third fecondday in the 
fifth month, and on the fecond in the eleventh month. In Wor- 
cetter, on the fecond fecoi;d day in the fixth month, and on the 
fourth in the eleventh month. 

Orphans 9 courts, in each county, art held — On tie fecomt- 
thirdday in the fecond,. Luah, fixth, eighth, tenth aiui twelfth 

In the State of Virginia, 
Superior Courts-, are held at Richmond, viz. 

Court of Appeals, On the tenth \S the fourth and ninth 
Months, without limitation. 

High Courtfof C turn eery, — On the fir ft of the third Month, 
twelfth of the fifth, and tenth of ninth Months, fitting in the fifth 
and ninth Months. 24 juridicial d*fs, and in the thircT Month 18, 

General C^urt, — On the ninth of the fixth, and eleventh 
Months, fitting 16 juridicial days. 

Quarterly Courts are held — In Montgomery, Wafhington, 
and Wythe y in the fourth, fixth, ninth, and eleventh Mouths. 
In Weil morel and • in the fccor.d, feventh, ar.d tenth Months. 
In Cumberland and Henry ; in the fecond, fourth, feventh, and 
tenth Months. In Frederick, Fairfax, King George, Loudon, 
Northampton, Nanferaond, Norfolk, Stafford, and r>potf) l- 
vania in the fixth Month. In Hampihire ; in the third, fifth, 
ninth, and eleventh Months.. And in. Pendleton, in the tweitJn 

Difiritl courts are. held, — In Richmond, Northumberland, 
Stanton, and Prince £dward, respectively •, oa the fitft of the 
fourth and ninth Months. In Wiiliamfburg, Predericlcfburg, 
and JBrunfwick, on the twenty-ninth of the fourth and ninth 
Months. In King ard Queen, Charlottcfviile, PcterPour.-r, and 
New- London ; on the fifteenth of the fourth and ninth Month*. 
In Wincheiler, on xht fifteenth of the fourth and firft of tho 
ninth Months. In Dumfries and Suffeik, on the twelfth of tk« 
fifth and tenth Month . In Monongalia,, on the third of the Eft£ 
1 J nth afid twentieth of the unth Month. In Wafhiegtonj on 
the fecond of the fifth and tenth Months. In Accomack, ob tie 
fourteenth of the fifth and tei; f h Months. In Leu ill urg, Green- 
briar, and Botetourt, alternately, en the eighteenth or the hftfc. 
and tenth Months. Each Court fits, ifnetelfarj, twelve days.- 

Qeunty tetfts etrt held monthly, viz. ; — FJrit fecondday, j'^- 
Charlotte, Gloucefler, lleimco, Lie of Wight, Ohio, Prince 
William, Peterfburg, Princefs-Annj. Richmond and Williams- 
feurg. S.c nd fecond day, in Buckingham, James City, King and 
Queen, Lcuifa, Matthews, Mecklenburg, Monongalia, Nanfe-* 
E.ond, Northumberland, Patrick, Stafford, and Richmond. — 
Third fecond day, in Amhurft, Culpepper, Dinwiddie, LiTex, 
Fan'fax, Goochland, Harrifon, LancaHer, Prince Edward, and 
York. Fourth fecond day, in Bedford, Brunfwick, Bucking- 
ham, Cumberland, Fauquair, Halifax, King William, Loudon,. 
Middlefex, Norfolk, and Orange- Laft fecosid day, in Henry.. 
Wit ft third day, in Frederick, Montgomery, and Rockbridge.. 
Second third day, in Northampton, Prince George, and Wjr;thei 
Third jhird day, in Augulla, Berkley, and Wafhmgtcn. Fourth- 
third day, in RufFel and Surry. Lail third day, in Aeccmack, 
Grcenbiiar, Pitlfylvania, and WeLmoreland. Firil fifth day, 
in Flavannah. Ha. .over, King George,. Nottawsy, and Suflex. 
Second fifth day, in Albemarle, Botetourt, Caroline, Chefter- 
fuld, Lunenberg, New Kent, Southampton, 2nd Warwick. 
Third fifth day, in Paw hat an, Ch&rles city, and Spotfylvania.. 
Fourth jifih day, in Amelia, and Elizabeth city. Lad fftii 
day % in Shcr.andoah-. The fecond day aiier the liril thiydday ) 
m Hardy. 

In the State of DELAWARE. 
High Court of Errors and Appeals is held, at Dover* 

On the thirdday in the eigk-th Month, annually. 

Supreme courts art held. — In NewcafUe county., on the fer 
cbnd ; in Kent, on the fourth ; and in SufTex, on the fecond after 
tie fourth thirddays in the fourth and tenth Months. 

Courts gJ Common Pleas are heid, — In Suiiex county, on the 
fecond thiidday after each term of the Supreme Court commences 
in faid county ; In Kent, on the fecond thirdday after each term 
of the Common Pleas commences in Su ffex ; and in New- 
caftie, on the fecond thirdday after the commencement of the 
t'aid terms in Kent county. 

Court of Chancery^ in each county t is held,— On the third-, 
day immediately following that whereon the common Fleas are- 
refoecii v el y held. 

'' The Author lias not been fumifhed with any lift of the Courts 
of law in North or South Carolina, but hopes to obtain an ac- 
curate Watement to be infertcd in his Almanac for i8©<p, and. 
thofe following ; if this lint attempt meets with fufheient en- 
couragement to induce him to go on ; as he alio hopes to im- 
prove his annual production in other refpe&s, for- which purpoie- 
he refpcltiully. :olid;s i^lcrmaiion wherein it is th&ughfcte^*- 

Courts of Laiv in Pennfylvania. 

The High Courts of Errors and Appeals is held, 

At Philadelphia, on the 2d fecond day in the 71I1 month an* 
aually, and may adjourn from time to time. . 

The Supreme Court is held, 

At Philadelphia, the lft fecord day in the 9th month, th*- 
2d fecond day in the 12th month, and the 3d fecond day in the - 
3rd month. The terms continue only two week?, except (hat in 
tha 1 2th month, which continues three weeks. T-r-e laft as well 
as the firft day of each term of the Supreme court is made a re- 
turn day, provided the proc^fs is fued cut under the fame regula- 
tions of time as in cafe ofLhe firft return day. And fpecialdays . 
of return raay be afl'gned by the court. 

Courts of Oyer and Terminer, and Nifi Prius, are general- 
ly, held once a year, in every county, at-fuch times as the Judg- - 
es appoint.. 

The courts of Common Yleas, and general Quarter f iff on* of, 
the peace are held, in tht 

First district. In Philadelphia county, en the firft fe~ 
condday in the 3d and 6ta ; the 3d in the 9th ; & lft in the ifc:» 
months. In Delaware, on the laft feeoadday in the lft, 4th 7th 
and 10th months.- In Bucks, on ihe lft, and in Montgomery — 
en the 2d feeonddays in the 2d, 5th, 8th and nth months. 

Second district. In Qhejier, ea the 3d, and in Lancaf- 
ter, on the laft, feeonddays. in the 2d, 5th, 3th and nth months, , 
In York, on the ii% ; a^d in Dauphin, en the 2d iecoadaays, in 
the 3d, 6th, 9th and 12th reonths. - 

Third District. In Berks, on the lft : in Northamp- 
ton on the 2nd ; in Luzer.e on (he 3rd ; and in Northumberland 
on the 4th fecond days in the lft, 44'n 8:h and nth months : 
And in Lycominj, on the fecond day next alter the court in 
Northumberland county. 

FwuRH District. In Cumberland, on the 1 ft fecond day 
in the firft, fourth and eighth ; and on the iaii in the tenth 
months. In Miftlin, on the 2nd fecond day in the firft, 4th and 
eighth ; and on ^the firft in the eleventh mosths. In Hunting- 
don, on the 3rd itcond day, in the firft, fourth and eighth ; and 
on the 2d in the eleventh months. In Bedford, on the 4th fecond 
day in tke firft, fourth and eightk ; and on the 3rd in the ele- 
venth months. In Franklin, on the laft fecoad day in the twelfth,, 
third and 7th : and on the next befai* ih* iaft. in the tejith> 
month:.. F 2 , 

Ih'TH »1Stbli«t. In Allegheny*, arc rfce nfc an^ta We#im»a& 
fend on the 3d feconddays, in the 3d, 6\b, 9th and i.suh months. 
Iji Somerfct, on the fccondday next after Weftmoreiand court ; 
in Fayette, on the fecondday next after Suraeifet ; in Greene, 
«a the fecoadday next after Fayette; and in Warnis-non, oa 
a&e iatoadday next alter Greene courr. 

Mayor's courts in Philadelphia, are held,. 

On the 3d fstoadda/,, in ike ^J, 6th, 9th, aad i^h taorttfo* 

In the. State ofNew-Jerfej.. 

The Supreme Courts arc held, 

- At Trenton, on the ift thirdday, ib the 4th and yih :■; and ©an 

the 2d, in the 5th .and 11th nQontns 7 annually. 

Courts of Niji Prius are held, 
At fuch times and place*, in the refp.e&Lve counties, as ib&:. 
Jufticts of the Supreme Court dirctk 

The courts of Common FUas, and General Qjuariw 
SeJJions of the peace are held, 
In Middlefex county on the 3d thirdday, in the 1 ft and 7th >, 
»n the fir ft in the 4th 3 and on the ad in the tenth months. In 
ElTex, on the 2d in ihe if?, and 4th ;on the 41 H in the 6th ; & oh 
the 3d in th= 9 h rromhs. in Bergen, on the 4th in the ift, 3d, & 
loth ; and on the 2d, in the 6th months. In Somerfct,- ©n the 
itf, in the I ft and ictth *, and on the 3d in the 4th and 6th months, 
In Monmouth, on the 4th in the lO, 41K, and 7th ; and on the 
3d in the 10th Months. In Morris, on the 3d, in the 3d and 
lj2th ; on the lit in the 7-th ; and on the 4th in the 9th months. 
In Suilex, ©n. the 3d in the 2d and 8th ; and on the 4th rn th« 
|th a»d nth months. In -Hunterdon, on- the lft in the 2d, 5th, 
and '8 th ", and on the 4th in th* 10th months. In Burlingtou — , . 
•n the 2d in the 2d and 8th; on the 3d ia the 5th ; and on the ti\ 
in the 1 itk>. months. In Gloucefter, on the 3d in the 3d and 6ia j 
on the lft in the 20th; & on the ad- in the isthmonths. In Sa!em y . 
«n the lft in the 3d and isth ; on the fecond in- the 6ih ; and on 
j&e 3d in the 9th months. In Cumberland, on the laft in the 
2d and nth ; on the firtt in the 6th ; and on the 4th in the gthr. 
months. In Cape May, on the 1 ft in the 2d- and 8;th ;,and on tkflt' 
MJfc in t fee 5 1 h j an d 1 p mo n t hs -* „ 

Ctphans* €9urts, lit each county are held ^ 

I» the fame week in which ths Commoa Pleas are Held, ae£ 
A £v*ii tUttf times as the judges appoint^. 

Main Line of Pofi- 
their iifianctii a 

to r<d;h 
N. V armouthr 

AVw- Hampjkirc, 









New- York, 










■ Towns, frvm. Wifcajptt te 9uttbury, zsiCi, 
j ejiablijhed by the Pojimajhr- General. 



































Br i (Vol 


133 i Baltimore 


f 57 


i 7 6 








43 s 

444 1 







I irginid, 
Bowling green 
Hanover C. H. 

A'. Carolina, 

S, Carolina. 
Ckeraw C. PI. or 


S anbury 












» 5 

o 1 









5 2 4- 

• ROSS posts; 

Y rem' Nstu- Haven, (Lon<) to'Bojton, (Majf.) 

Jfw-IJa ea to 


Little Reft, 25 


Providence 1 3 


N vv-Loiidoa, 53 j 53 

New- Port ? or "> 
E.Greenwich j •* 


W.ftcricy, 16 j 69 


Bofton, 44 


From Philadelphia to Niagara, 

Philadelphia to 

Lycoming, 40 


Williamlburg 40 | 290 

Re. ding, 56 


Painted Pofl, 66 


Niagara So j 370 

No. thumberl. 70 


Bath, 18 


From Philadelphia t# Pitt (burg. 

Phih-delphia to J 

Carlifle, 31 


Bedford, 58 


Lan after, 66 j 66 

Sh'ppenfburg, 21 


Greeofburg, 67 


Yttrr, 23 

|8 9 

Chamberfburg, u 


Pittiburg, 33 


A mail now goes weekly from Pittfburg, through Wafhington, Weil* 
libc -ty, and Whcelen, thence by water to Fort Wafhington. 

From Philadelphia to Carlifle. . 
Philadelphia to J I. Reading, 20 j 56 I Harrifburg, 25 
Pottfgro-ve, 36 j 36 I Lebanon, 23 j 84 j CarLfic:, 17 

From Philadelphia ,tp Norfolk, ( Virginia. J 



Philac'ciplii* to 
Wilmington (D.) 2? 
Cant welt bncge, 11 
Dackcresik Cr. R. 12 

FreJeiica, , 12 

Clowes (Ma) 12 
Sagfb'o rough 27 
Seowhill, 31 
Horntown, 16 






Drummohd(V) 26 
Bcllhavec, 2C 
Court Hooie,.2o 
Norfolk, . 43 

From Philadelphia to Snowhill, (Maryland.) 

Philadelphia to Charleftown, 16 J 78 

Wilmi.gton,{Dd.) 28 28 Cheftcr mills 15 93 

Warwick, (Maryl.) 25 S3 Eaflon, . 221115 

Gcotgtown Cr. R. 9 62 , 

Yrom Baltimore to Leonardjlown 

Vienna, 28 
Salisbury, ij 
Sjaowhill, i» 

Baltimore to 

Annapolis^ 30 

Upper Marllx . 21 

Baltimore to 
FrederLktown, 53 

Alexandria to 
Leefbur?, 4c 

Sheperdilown, 3 l 
M^riinitiurs. 10 i 

Pifcatawa, 16 
Pontoba«co, 16 
Newport, , 11 

Chaptico, S 

Leonardftown II 






1 02 


j I I .Newport, , 11 94 

altimore t» Chamber jbur g, (Penn.J 

Sharpftmrg, 14 I ^76 I Chamberiburg, 21 J III 
Hager flown, 14 J 9c j 

from Alexandria to Staunton. . 


Wincbefter, 22 
Stfphenfburg, * 
Straibur; , 10 



Wood flock, 12 
Rockingham, 33 
Suuntoa, 37 

fro.n Tredcrickfuurg, by Kin/ale, to Vrbanna. 
Frederichiburg [ | \V< fimoreland, 14 j 54 I N«» thumberl. 15 
to Lecdftone, 40 j 4e j Kinfdale, 22 j 76 [ UrlaanHa, 30 

From Yrederickjburg to Urbanna. . 

Bort. Royal, 20 {.20 } Tappalminoek, 30 j 50 { Urbanna, sS { 






From Richmond to Port [mouth.. 
Richmond to j Yorktown,. 12 I 80 I Norfolk, 

Wiiliamiburg, 68 | 68 J Hampton, 18 J 98 J PortfYnouth. 

Richmond to 
Columbia, 46 
CharlottviLlc 40 
Staaiiton, 43 

Yrcm Richmond to Danville, f Kentucky?? 



Lexington, 33 
tiucaftle, 40 
Courthouie cj 

1 59 



Wythe C. H. 
Hawkins C H 



30 r 
3.5 ? 


Peteifburg to 
Cabbin-Point, 26 | 16 

from Pettrfjurg to Port/mouths 

' Smitbfield, 37 I 63 I Puru'moutb, aS [ 1 

Suffolk, 2 2 I 3 J I 



From Petersburg to Wilmington, (N. C.) 

8c Z 

F.dcuton, 54 
Plymouth, 23 

139 I Waffiington, 38 | 2 
162 I Ncwbcra, 3$ ' 2 
j Wiiir \rjgi^Uy <jl j 3 


/Vara Halifax to Ply mo- ah. 
Jlountfyillc, 30 | 30 [ Williamfton, 25 ! jj } Plymouth, 24 



Fder.toD to 
KertioTjii, 16 

From Halifax to Saljhury^ 
$S I 55 ('HiliiDorougli, 48 j ici j Salem, *s 
, 2 8 ) J3 j Gui.'dford C H 50 j 13 1 | S^KftwrJ, 35 

From Edenton to- Indianiowx.. 

1 Nixonton, ii I 28 I - ,. . ww __ } 

Sawyer's ftrry, 15 43 




ROADS From Philadelphia to Quebec. 
From Philadelphia to 

New- York 

r 1 i- » ° 


Peck's kill 

Roger's highland 






Liv. Manor 















19 1- 







Half-way hcu-fe 
Fort Edward* 
Lake Geerge 
Crown Point 
Fort St. John's 
La Praire 
Trois Rivieres 

To the Buck 
Admiral Warren 12 
Dowmug's 10 

Waggon & WLuak. 8 
M'Clelland's 9 

JSie filer's 9 

Fr*m Philadelphia to Pitifiurg. 

Lancalier C: H, 

23 I Fedan's, a: bi^ C 


Chanifc^r's ferry 






2 9-7 























ck. 9 
















22 A 

Turner's 10 


W T e!ls 5 

2 33 

Shippenfburg * 1 1 

J 37. 

Foit Ligonier 


2 4S 

Stralburg 10 


Nine mile Run 


2 54 

Skinner's o 

l S°, 




Burnt Cabbin-s q 





Littleton x 





Wild's foot Sid. Hil! 9 





Grofungs of Juniata i c 


~. ... - , 

Hartley's g 


Mouth ©f Ken. R. 

5 1 5 


Bedford 6 


Mouth of Ohio 



Bonnet's f a 



73 6 


Ryan's, foot A\. Mo. 7 
Stanley's g 


2l 5 

Mouths of -Miff. 



From Ph 

iladdphia te Bethlehem. 

B. Davis* 16 1 I( 5 ! I- 

oufekeeper's, 2 1 *5 j 8, Wag-oner's f 47- 

Baptifl Meet. H. 7 | 23 | S 

warcpMect.H. 13 j 38 ) EethJ 

e-hein, 6 j 53*- 

From Philadelphia to Reading. 

Philadelphia to 

EartIeftaU\s, 4 

18 1 Potts' 8 


Robin Ho; d, 4 4 

PerkiomingCr. 6 

24 iv 

urv's e 


Piy mouth Meet. H. 10 j 14 

Widow Lloyd's, 6 30 j Kc 

ading, 9 


From Rending to Ilarri/I urg.. 

'Pczdin? to 

Ben), 5 

piker'*, 3 

16 1 GalbraHhs, 

13 1 4r 

Reynolds' 4 

. 4 

F. Hatl 

jeroad's 4 

20 KatrisV'V Svveetara 3 } 44 

6. Wdfer's, 9 

13 1 John G 

ami; el's 8 

28 j Harrilburg, 

« '53 


Lancaftcr to Reading, 

LanraHer to 1 1 Dunkc 

r flown mill, 5 



Creek, 4 


B. Lindis' 5 \ H \ Coc?.h< 

"o Creek, 7 



2> 3 

Mayer's mill 3 | 8 j j. KiiT 

over's, I- 21 




From Phil&dclfh 

'a £0 Me Falls ej Ohio, by 


To Lancalter 66 

66 1 Me v.- ton 



Wright's ferry 10 

76 StnverPown 



York i s 

89 j Wor-dftock 



Abbot flown 15 

I04 | Shenandoah River 


24 1 

Ilunter'stown 10 

114 North Branch do. 

2 9 


Mount, at Black's gap 3 

177: Staunton 



Over ihe Mount. 7 

124 \ N.. Fork James riv 

• 37 


S-tsnehoufe tavern 25 


James river 



Wadk. ferry, Y&Lo. 14 


Botetourt G. H. 


35 a 

Martlnfburg 13 


Catauba river 



Win heller 

, 4o 






S 8* 

* From the -fomhweft end of ShJppensburg, the right hand road leads 
to Sfrnsburr; and (he left to Charabersburg. 

f A-. Bonnet's, the poft road takei to the right hand ;, and. tha$ : 
ikoayi the Glades, to the ltfu. 

Allegheny Mount. S 

Newrivor is 

Fort Chipel 28 

Stone- Mi II 11 

Holfcein 13 

Wa&ington C. H. 45 

Blockhoufe 35 

Pawel's Mountain 33 

vv alden's ridge $ 

Valley-latian 4 

Mania's Cabbins 25 

Cumberland Mo. 20 

Cumberland River 13 

Fl-t ick 9 

Stinking creek 2 

Hichland creek 7 

To Elticofc' MilU 

D.tafey's - 7 

Poplar fpring IC 

New- Market lc 

Fredericktown 3 
ChriflianKaflerday's ig 

Harper's ferry ic 

Chadeftowa 8 

White houfe I € 

Stone tavern £ 

Opechon creek 3 

Wmckcfter 8 

Newtown 8 

Stoverftown ic 

Captain Snap's 3 

Wood flock g 

Stony creek 7 

New- Market 1-3 

Keyfletown 18 
N. Branch of Sbenan 9 

F<,<rk of road 5 

Hanger's tavern 2 

Sti mon 8 

'1 3s Stmt's 1 2 
Charles M*A.lleier!i 1? 

Captain Barcla] 

Frsm Btltimort 


Racoon fpring 


Laurel river 


Hazel pateh 

1 5 

Rockcaftle river 


Engliih ftation 




Whitely's flation 


















Fall* of OWo 


to Knoxville. 

Botetourt C. H. 


Widow Gift? 


Big Lick 




Widow Kent's 




Montgomery C. H 

New River 


New Dublin 


Captain Cartel's 


Fort Chipel 


Wythe C. If. 


Stailey 's 




Gen. Campbell's 


Colonel Dl 'Tart's 


Abingdon, or 


Washington C. H. 

i 11 

<"» r„ 

Craig s 


William Bolton's 


Captain Yancy's 


Rofs's Furnace 


Rofs's Fofje 


Rite's Mill 


Lanev'* 5 Mill 


Captain Amy's 


Hawkins C. 11. 


Blue Springs 











20 I 




4S? £>^