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British books in print 

J. Whitaker & Sons 



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A Selection 





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\* It is respectfully requested that orders be accompanied by a 
remittance. Cheques and P.O. Orders should be made payable to 
C. W. Dkacon & Co., and crossed " London and County.' Bank." 
A remittance must accompany Foreign Orders and include cost of 





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Library' EdiitonSy £l 3j. Popular Editions, Jl^i lis. bii. 

VEW SBinOV.— Inq^rial folio, moMUxing 22 inehet in doptli, and 

when folly eztonded {J\ FEET ia length, and printed in twelve 

Colonrs in the highest style of Lithographie Art. 


Synahronological Chart 


Universal History 





All Hationa and Peoples in Biblical, Ancient, UediaeYal, 

and Modem Times, 

mad Vividly and Synohronoloffically portraying the Evolution 

of Htunan Civilization, and 

the Biae and Progress of Literature, Science and Art. 







Digitized by CjOOQIC 


From th^ numerous Testimonials of Men and Women of Eminence 
and Scholarship^ the following extracts have been made : — 

" Your handaome Chart is a great 
work, and is well calculated to re- 
lieve the historical student from 
much laborious research." — Rt. 
Hon. Lord Aberdare, g.c.b.. p.c. 

"Your Chart is a text-book, a 
library of history, and a panorama 
in one. It has proved a centre of 
attraction to the members of my 
family and to my visitors." — 
Fted«rie Borrow. Eiq., m.a., ll.d. 

"The compilation must have 
involved an enormous amount of 
labour and research." — Bt. Hon. 
Lord Bandolph Chnrohill, m.a., 

LL.D., M.P., P.C. 

A very interesting and valuable 
production."— Sir Edward Clarke, 

Q.C, M.P. 

" I have no doubt whatever that 
I shall find it a very useful, and 
certainly a very interesting assis- 
tant to the reading of history."— 
Bt. Hon. Lord Golorldge, p.c. 


" Admirably adapted for the pur- 
pose of illustrating the growth of 
human civilization. It is a help 
which every teacher ought to 
value."— Bt BoT. Mandell (beigh- 
ton, D.C.L. , LL.D.. Bishop of Peier- 

" Enables students to see what 
was going on simultaneously in dif- 
ferent countries and in what way 
they influenced each other."— BOT. 
Canon Daniel, m.a., Principal of 
Battersea Training College, 

"Extremely simple and easily 
understood."— Joieph B. Diggle, 
Esq., M.A., Chairman of the Lon- 
don School Board. 

" Forms a very welcome addition 
to my library, and I cannot speak 
too highly of the research, industry, 
and skill which have been displayed 
ia its compilation."— Bti Hon. the 
Marqois of DnflSerin and Ayk, 

K.P.. G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., P.C. 

"Your Synchronological Chart 
of Universal History has the ap- 
pearance of being a work of much 
mterest."- Bt Hon. W. E. Glad- 
stone, D.C.L., LL.D., M.P., P.c. 

" A marvel of ingenious arrange- 
ment."— Henry Irving, Eaq. 

" A marvel of ingenuity and in- 
dustry. Old and young alike should 
derive much advantage from its 
contemplation and study." — The 
late Earl of Lytton. 

" Appears to contain a good deal 
of useful information in a handy 
compass."— Bt Hon. the Earl of 
Boeebery, p.c, ll.d., f.r.s. 

"My opinion respecting your 
Chart can only be that it is splen- 
did and wonderful."— J. B. Seeley, 
Esq., M.A., Professor of Modem Hts- 
tory in the University of Cambridge. 

"I am glad to welcome your 
beautiful and valuable Syndirono- 
logical Chart as a moat useful in- 
strument of education."— Bt. BOT. 
WnL Stnbbs, d.d., ll.d.. &c., 
Lord Bishop of Oxford. 

" Useful to the student of his- 
tory."— The late Lord TennsriOB. 

" Your Chart is very elaborate 
and comprehensive. It should rank 
high amongst those luxuries of 
education which smooth the path 
of our grandchildren, but which 
were denied to us."— The late 
Archbishop Tliomson. 

" The design seems to be admir- 
able, and the execution is, I have 
no doubt, eq ually worthy of praise." 
—Hiss E. WELSH, Mistress of 
Girton College, Cambridge. 

" Will be of great use to me in 
everyday life, and I think all public 
men will find it to be an admirable 
work of reference." — General the 
Bt Hon. Visoonnt WoUwley, k.p., 

G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C, D.C.L., LL.D. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


The Chart is Published ix the Following Styles :— 



Bound cloth extra, fold lettered, and sub- Elegantly bound, half-morocco extra, 
stantially mounted throughout. mounted on linen throughout. 

l\ IIS. 6rf. £z 35. orf. 

Each Edition of the Chart is substantially mounted, is 22 
inches in depth, and, when fully extended, 17^ FEET in length. 
To fiiUy extend the Chart is, however, generally unnecessary, 
except for Scholastic purposes, or when it is thought desirable 
to place it against the wall, so as to show the whole at one 
view. To render it convenient in form for reference or study, 
and to enable it to be opened on an ordinary desk or table, the 
leaves (sections) of the Portfolio Chart have been carefully 
adjusted and will turn over like those of an ordinary volume. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 





w CI 
BO k3 





^ « 



Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Crown Svo. ^s. 6d. 

With Thirty-three Illustrative Coloured Maps by Keith 
Johnston, LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., etc., Geographer to the Queen. 

Book of Dates : A Manual of the World's 
Chief Historical Landmarks. 

With an Outline of Universal History 


" The volume contains a synopsis 
of the great events of the world, ar- 
ranged so as to give a bird's-eye view 
of the contemporary occurrences 
in different countries, and thereby 
impress upon the mind of the stu- 
dent a clearer idea of the relation 
that one country bears to another, 
and the influences that each has 
had upon the other. The first por- 
tion is devoted to a general outline 
of the history of the Ancient World, 
commencing with that of the three 
great races — ^the Semitic, the Aryan, 
and the Turanian — the settlements 
of the early tribes, the rise of the 
Greek kingdomsof Syria and Egypt, 
the Roman Commonwealth, and 
the Punic wars, followed by the 
development of the great Roman 
Empire, the rise of the Papal Power, 
mediaeval Europe, the reaction 
against corruption resulting in that 
great religious revolution, the Re- 
formation, followed by the various 
social and political revolutions of 
the last three centuries, and the 
changes in the boundaries of States 
as a consequence of the continental 
wars of 1848 to 1871. Under the 
head of * Historical Landmarks ' 
we have (i) a series of synchrono- 
logical tables of events under vari- 
ous dynasties from the year B.C. 
2500 to A.D. 651, when Persia be- 
came absorbed in the Empire of the 
Mahometans; and (2) a series of 
chronological tables arranged in 
periods 6t>m the death of Theodo- 
sius the Great, a.d. 395, to the 
present time, the most important 
oc cu rre n ces in each country being 

grouped in the period to which it 
pertains. An interesting feature 
is a table setting forth the popula- 
tions, religions, and governments of 
the world, with detailed particulars 
of the colonies and dependencies 
of the European and other States, 
with the years in which they were 
severally acquired— tables that may 
be read with profit by those who 
would look with indifference 00 the 
frittering away of our own empire, 
showing, as they do, the extent to 
which some of our continental 
neighbours, notably Germany, have 
added to their territorial posses- 
sions during the last few years. 
The volume furnishes a handy and 
compact reference to the chief 
events of every country and State. 
It contains a mass of useful infor- 
mation relating to each particular 
epoch, presented in a clear, concise, 
and readable form, and gives not 
only a comprehensive view of anci- 
ent and mediaeval history, but an 
intelligible and continuous picture 
of Europe from the dawn of modem 
civilisation to the present time. A 
vast amoimt of labour must have 
been bestowed in the preparation 
and in the arrangement of the 
subject matter, and every care has 
been taken to secure accuracy of 
detail. The work is accompanied 
by a series of carefully engraved 
maps, 33 in all, commencing with 
that of Europe at the time of the 
Crusades, and culminating in a 
general survey of the existing state 
of the world." 

Manchester Courxbp. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Crown 8zv. 3j. 6tf. 

With a Coloured Diagram of the Earth's Crust, showing the order of 
super-position of Strata. 

A Sketch of Geological History 


Is the Natural History of the Earth and of its Pre-human 
Inhabitants, and deals with the Globe before Man made 
his appearance on the scene. 

" Dr. Hull has aimed at the pro> 
duction of a sketch which shall 
contain the various epochs and 
their noteworthy fossils, and at the 
same time enable a student to ap- 
prehend that most suggestive and 
interesting subject — contemporary 
history of geologic change. Written 
in a clear and forcible style, its 
convenient size should render it 
popular."— Spectator. 

" Generalization has always been 
Professor Hull's strong point, and 
this characteristic has stood him 
in good stead in giving life and 
interest to the speculative restora- 
tions of die land and sea of past 
periods which abound in these 
pages." — Athen^um. 

•* The work of an expert." 

Aberdeen Journal. 

Cnnvn ^vo, ",5. (yd. 

A Sketch of Ancient History 


Relates the History of the various Nations and States of 
the Earth in a series of parallel narratives, from the beginning 
of the World to the destruction of the Roman Empire in 
the West by the Barbarians, a.d. 476. 

'* Professor Rawlinson presents 
in comparatively few pages a 
summary of all that has yet been 
discovered concerning the most 
ancient monarchies of the world. 
His sketches of Grecian and Roman 
history are skilfully written." 

Saturday Review. 

" This Epitome of Ancient His- 
tory is very skilfully executed, and 
its utility to the student is much 
enhanced by the synchronological 
and other tables, and the elaborate 
index." — Scottish Leader. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Crown Bvo. 5^. 

A Sketch of Mediaeval History 


Deals with the Middle Ages, from the death of Theodosiu? 
the Great, a.d. 395, to the fall of Constantinople, 1453, 
and gives the chief facts of the Eastern and Western Em- 
pires, the Gothic and Lorabardic Kingdoms, the early his- 
tory of England, Ireland and Scotland, the Carlovingian 
Empire, the Saracenic or Mahommedan Empire, with refer- 
ences to Russia, Poland, Spain, China, &c., &c. 

" A useful feature in Dr. Stokes' " Will be cordially welcomed by 

volume is a list of authorities at student and general reader alike." 
the head of each chapter, and the The Rock. 

book is on the whole singularly 
free from errors."— Athen;»:um. 

Cfvwfi 87V. 's. (xf. 

A Sketch of Modern History 


Continues the story of the nations, commencing with the 
destruction of the Greek Empire by the taking of Constan- 
tinople, A.D. 1453, ^^^ brings us down to the present day. 
It traces the advancement and consolidation of the States 
into which the World is no\v divided, and shows the pro- 
gress of 1-iterature, Science, and the Arts in each period. 

"A carefully executed piece of "There is a certain charm in the 

work."— Saturday Review. rapid ride through the centuries. 

*iTu^^,.^i,^^u^^^^^^^^^A^A The quick succession of great 

r. P«^^W>''^l>«»'e<=o«nmen«J«^ events stirs the blood, and the 

L^.^^^.St^^.w™*'^"' ''^®*'" absence of troublesome philoso- 

ness. —ATHKN^ELM. phising must be a great relief to the 

"The work of a distinguished rft/«/<fl«/r reader ot these days." 

scholar."-— Scotsman. Akekdeen Free Press. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Crown 800. 5s-. 

With munerous Coloured Hates, Maps, and Illustrations drawn by 
the Author. 


An Introduction to the Study of the Physical 
Phenomena of our Globe. 

. Author of *'The Coal-Fields of Great Britain," etc., etc. 

Contents :— The Earth as a Planet in the Solar System — 
Latitude and Longitude — The Moon — The Earth — Volcanoes — 
Earthquakes — ^Varieties of Surface Features — ^The Oceans — 
How the Oceanic Waters became Salt — Coral Islands and 
Reefs — The Tides — Oceanic Currents — Ocean Temperatures — 
Currents of the Air— Temperature of the Air — Rain and Rivers 
— Snow and Glaciers — Underground Waters and Springs — 
Artesian Wells and Underground Waters — Other Conditions 
of Temperature of Water — Terrestrial Magnetism — Influence 
of Climate — Botanical Geography — Zones of Plant Life on the 
Himalayas — Cultivated Plants and Crops of Tropical, Sub- 
Tropical, and Temperate Climates— Distribution of Animal 

" Professor Hull has used the 
extended definition of * Physiog- 
raphy ' in its very widest sense, and 
we think he is right. The volume 
is all that is wanted or necessary." 

" Interesting in a degree uncom- 
mon to scientific works." 

Literary World. 

" To the kiUest knowledge of the 
subject— wide and indefinite as it 
is — the author adds a power of 
exposition which will secure for his 
book a popular place." 

Glasgow Herald. 

"A capital book of the kind, 
singularly free from errors." 


•• The wide field is covered with 
exceeding care, and the result is a 
most instructive volume." 

Daily Chronicle. 

** Few men are better qualified 
than Dr. Hull to write such a Text- 
Book, and it is admirably suited 
for students who wish to master, in 
a short time, the general nature of 
the science." 

Manchester Guardian. 

" A valuable addition to the 
Text-Books on the subject." 


" An excellent Text- Book : there 
is hardly a line which does not 
teach something useful." 

MorninO Post. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



New Edition, Crmon 8vo. lOf. 6^. 
Ulnstrated with 132 Woodcuts. 

Elements of Modern Chemistry 


Senator. Professor of Chsmistfy at the BcoU de Midedne, Paris. 
Member of the Institute, etc. 

Translated and Edited, with the approbation of the Author, 
from the Fifth French Edition, 


'* It is clear and simple, and the 
author's name is illustrious. Dr. 
Grbenb, who is an excellent trans- 
lator, has done well to give an 
English edition, adding thereby 
one more good elementary text- 
book to several which we already 
possess."— The Lancet. 

" Professor WOrtz is one of 
the recognised leaders of Modern 
Chemistry, and a text-book from 

his pen is sure to be hailed with 
interest and pleasure. Notwith- 
standing that within less than 700 
pages there is given an account of 
the leading properties of all the 
more important substances known 
to chemistry, the book is neverthe- 
less exceedingly interesting and 
eminently readable. The work is 
well printed and the illustrations 
distinct. "—Nature. 

Large Crown Stv. 7^. 6</. 

The Law of Psychic Phenomena 

A Working Hypothesis for the 

Systematic Study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental 

Therapeutics, etc. 


'• Extremely interesting.*' 


"There are forces locked up in 
human nature, of which we are 
just beginning to be conscious." 
Christian World. 

" Certainly interesting to students 
in this branch of antiquarian re- 
search."— Daily News. 

"Well worth reading carefully, 
for it will give much food for 
thought."— Vanity Fair. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Imperial 8vo. lOf. 6d. 

A Handy Library Atlas of the Counties 
of England and Wales 

With a Complete Key, indexing and locating nearly Twenty 
Thousand places. 

Geographers to the Queen. 

The Volume contains Fifty-eight Full-coloured Maps on the 
scale of 1:443,520 of Nature, constructed from the Ordnance 
Survey, and brought up to date. 

"All the points in each county are "The places, roads, railways, 
carefully marked, and the volume, rivers, mountains, and so-forth, are 
which is handsomely bound, is of a all marked with remarkable clear- 
convenient size. The maps are all ness. For its size it is the best 
on a uniform scale, so that it is county Atlas yet offered to the 
easy to get a correct idea of the public."— Liverpool Daily Post. 
comparative size of the counties ..^ j^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ j-^rary, 
and ihedistance from place to and for most purposes it will suffice 
place."-GLASGOW Herald. ^^^ ^^ pedestriaAand the topogra- 

pher." — York Herald. 

"The fact of the maps being " It is a handsome and valuable 
drawn on the same scale makes the Atlas. Each county is fully pic- 
Atlas specially valuable, as it con- tured without crowding or confu- 
veys a correct idea of the compa- sion, and the size of the sheet admits 
rative size of the counties and the of a considerable portion of the 
distanceofone town from another." surrounding counties to be shown 
Daily Telegraph. in each case."~ScoTSMAN. 

/// 'Iivo I'olutnes. \6mo. 6j. 
With Portrait. 

Studies of Travel in Greece and Italy 

By the late Professor E. A. FREEMAN, D.C.L. 
With a Preface by Miss Florence Freeuan. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Forty 'fifth Thousand, Neiv Edition, Cronon Sv^. ^s. 

Composition and Style 

A Handbook for Literary Students 

With a Complete Guide to all matters connected with 
Printing and Publishing. 

Edited by R. D. BLACKMAN. 

The volume sets forth and illustrates all the rules which 
should be observed by the young Author. He is first warned 
against the improprieties which occasionally disfigure the pages 
even of good Writers. In this connection, purely grammatical 
errors and peculiarities of expression are treated at such length 
and with such clearness of example as will ensure their entire 
iuture avoidance. The main lines along which the Writer must 
travel to acquire propriety and precision of style are broadly 
indicated ; and the care which is necessary in the employment 
of synonymous words is brought home to him by suitable 
instructions. The Student's attention is then drawn to the 
proper construction of sentences — the keystone to the arch of 
perfect Composition — and he is afterwards introduced to the 
select body of Authors, who, from the sixteenth century f Roger 
Ascham) onward to the present time (John RuskinJ have 
gradually and continuously built up our existing Englisn style. 
The Student is now in a position to profit by a detailed account 
of the niceties of Composition comprised in the employment of 
the various Figures of Speech ; and the foregoing directions 
are then combined in a general survey of the different kinds of 
style which mark the great Masters in the Art. At each stage 
he is furnished with abundant examples, culled from the ancient 
and modern worlds of Literature, of the excellencies he should 
imitate, and of the faults he should avoid ; and his judgment 
is assisted by a lengthy analysis of the style of some of the 
acknowledged Masters of English Composition. An important 
feature is the section devoted to practical hints on the technical 
and business aspects of Compost tign and Literature. 

*' The advice to young writers is ters require hints as to printing 

practical and sensible." and publishing, preparing ' copy,' 

Saturday Review. correcting proon, and securing 

copyright. On all these points 

** Really a useful manual, cover- sound practical information is 

ing a variety of subjects beyond given."— Reading Mercury. 

mere grammar and rhetoric. Wri- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Seventy-fifth Thousand, New Edition. Crown 8iv. 2j. (Mf . 

The Letter-Writer's Vade-Mecum and 
Dictionary Supplement 

A Complete Handbook to the Epistolary Art. 

Edited by R. D. BLACKMAN. 

With a view to stimulate curiosity, and to show what 
delightful results accrue from proficiency in that too rare 
accomplishment — the Art of Letter- Writing — an account of 
the most brilliant Letter- Writers of the World, and of their 
style and productions, is prefixed to the work. This is 
followed by a series of useful hints on those elementary sub- 
jects which should first engage the letter-writer's notice ; 
and some veritably golden rules are set forth and illustrated 
by appropriate and forcible examples. An introduction is 
then given to Composition and Style in their essential ele- 
ments, with full explanations on all matters which bear on 
Punctuation. A chapter is next introduced on die Blunders 
and Blemishes that most commonly beset the path otyoung 
writers and mar their best endeavours. This is followed by 
a complete list of the Participles of Verbs that can present 
the smallest difficulty as to spelling, together with a full list 
of Homonyms. Other points necessary to be observed, 
such as the Prepositions proper to be employed after par- 
ticular Verbs or words possessing verb force, are noticed at 
length. To keep pace with the growing interest felt in 
technical terms and ideas, a list of those Greek Words which 
have been pressed into this service will be found in its 
proper place. The Forms of Epistolary Address, with full 
directions for beginning, concluding, and addressing letters 
to persons of all degrees, ranks, and denominations ; an 
account of the Order of their Precedence and the relative 
social position of the various grades in the service of the 
Crown ; and a chapter devoted to Postal and cognate matters 
conclude the volume. 

" We are not aware of another tion as this one in so small a corn- 
book in the field of literature that pass. "~ Yorkshire Chronicle. 
embodies so much useful informa- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Fiftieth Thousand. New Edition. Crown Svo. ^s. 6d. 

A Dictionary of Foreign Phrases and 
Classical Quotations 

A Treasury of Reference for Writers and 
Readers of Current Literature. 

Edited by R- D. BLACKMAN. 

It has been credibly reported in the press that one of a 
theatrical audience, having before them a drop curtain 
representing a Roman Villa, with the word '* Salve " promi- 
nently displayed upon it, innocently enquired who was the 
maker of the salve which he supposed to be thus adver- 
tised. This is an extreme and somewhat ludicrous in- 
stance of a lack of knowledge which is prevalent to a much 
greater degree than is generally admitted. It is chiefly in the 
columns of the press and in works of a technical charslcter that 
words and allusions, which are ** caviare to the general," are 
to be found. Let us take at random a well-known evening 
paper. In a leading article extending over a little more than 
a column in length, the following terms occur : — Minage^ quid 
pro quo, savoir/aire, in camera, amour propre^ pro forma^ 
infra dig. Even popular works appear under such titles as 
Obiter Dicta, Res Judicatce, Fors Clavigera, Sartor 
Resarttis, Altiara Peto, Vestigia, Omnia Vanitas, dfc. 
The decline in the study of the Classics, however, has 
considerably lessened the number of moderately well-educated 
persons who might, with the aid of a dictionary, spell out 
for themselves the meaning of such terms, and many of 
them are probably in the condition of the youth in the novel, 
who translated the motto, ** Toujours d Toi*' by ** All Days 
to Thee*' : and of the reporter who took down phonetically 
the well-known phrase, ** Amicus Plato, amicus Socrates, 
sed major Veritas'' as *'/ may cuss Plato, I may cuss 
Socrates, said Afajor Veritas.'*' Difficulties are largely in- 
creased because many of the terms referred to are of the 
nature of idioms, consisting sometimes of a mere catch-word 
which conveys to the initiated all that was expressed by the 
author in a long sentence. — Extract from Preface. 

*' Writers and readers of current Portuguese, and. German are 

litentare, especially the latter, will brought together under appropriate 

find this work of great use. Fami- d ivisions, and being arranged alpha- 

Ittr phrases and sayings in Latin. betically, reference is easy." 

Greek, French, Italian, Spanish; Leeds Mercury. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Crown dvo. Half-Morocco extra. I2s. 6d. 

A Handbook for Literary Students 

Edited by R. D. BLACKMAN. 

Comprises in one Vol., Composition and Style, The Letter 
Writer's Vade-Mecumy and Dictionary of Foreign Phrases. 

"I am very much pleased with 
your excellent book, and I can 
recommend it with great con- 
fidence. It is one of the best aids 

to literary success I ever saw, 
and will be found of great value to 
the studious aspirant." 

Miss Emily Faithfull. 

New Edition. Complete in sets of i J'oU. Large \2nui. l^s. 

Prose Masterpieces from Modem 

Edited by G. H. PUTNAM. 

These Essays have been selected with reference to presenting 
specimens of the method of thought and the literary style of 
their several writers, and also for the purpose of putting into 
convenient shape for direct comparison the treatment given by 
such writers to similar subjects. 

The Volumes contain Essays Ity 

Arnold. Helps. Mac.\i:lav. 

Carlyle. Leigh Hunt. John Morlev. 

De QuiNCRy. Irving. Newman. 

Emerson. Kingslev. Ruskin. 

Freeman. Lamb. Sydney Smith. 

Froude. Landor. Leslie Stephen. 

Gladstone. Loweli.. Thackeray. 

New Edition. Complete in sets of ^ Vols. Large \ 2 mo. \^s. 

British Orations 

A selection of the most important Political 
Addresses of the past two centuries. 

Edited, with Introductions, Notes, Biographical and Critical Sketches 
Tlte Volumes contain Speeches by 
Bright. Cobden. Macaulay. 

Beaconsfielu. Eliot. Mackintosh. 

Burke. Erskine. Mansfield. 

Canning. Fox. Pitt. 

Chatham. Gladstone. Pym. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Large Crown %vo. 

a Treatise 


Orthometry: a Treatise on the Art of 

Versification and the Technicalities 

of Poetry 

With a New and Complete Rhyming Dictionary. 

By R. F. BREWER, B.A., 
A utkor 0/ "A Manual of English Prosody." 

" We have found the work not 
only enlightening, but also capital 
reading, with its many illustrative 
poems. The technicalities of com- 
position are really treated with 
ability, and the auUior shows that 
he possesses no mean literary style 
of his own. Although works on 
composition do not as a rule com- 
mend themselves to us. we have 
no hesitation in praising this book 
;ind giving it a strong recommen- 
dation to all who wish to write cor- 
rectly and gracefully, and to under- 
stand the classic forms adopted by 
leading poets." 

Birmingham Daily Gazette. 

" Mr. Brewer seems to be well 
qualified for his self-imposed task; 
he deals not inadequat^y with the 
mechanism of verse, and his ex- 
amples are often chosen with con- 
siderable judgment and skill." 


" By its aid the verse-maker 
can attain to correct form, and 
his delightful art try flights in 
many metres previously unattain- 
able for want of exact knowledge. 
The author has evidently bestowed 
great care upon the subject, and 
may be said to have dealt with it 
thoroughly. "—Leeds Mercury. 

" We can heartily commend the 
work lo the great army of amateur 
verse-makers. They will learn that 
if ' Orthometry ' cannot supply po- 
etic wings, it can furnish a good 

stock of crutches for the assistance 
of limping versifiers. The ' Rhym- 
ing Dictionary ' will in iu degree 
be as useful to modem amateurs in 
verse as a similar work was to Lord 
Byron."— Glasgow Herald. 

" People who read poetry with 
enjoyment may often find that en- 
joyment increased by a thorough 
knowledge of the laws which gov- 
ern its form. To them this volume 
should be of much service." 

Yorkshire Post. 

" A ver>' painstaking and labor- 
ious work. It may enable the 
minor poet to perceive that there 
are values in accent and quantity 
to which even genius must bow." 
Daily Telegraph. 

"It must be a good many years 
now since one Horatius Flaccus 
indited in good round verse a trea- 
tise about the * Art of Poetry,* and 
that there is yel more to be said 
upon the comprehensive subject 
would appear from the effort before 
us, for which we are indebted to 
his latest successor in the field. 
The volume ends with a ' Diction- 
ary of Rhyme,' and we part com- 
pany with ' Orthometry ' much 
entertained."— Spectator. 

"A ' Dictionary of Rhymes' fit- 
tingly terminates one of the best 
works on versification that hive 
come under our notice." 

Christian Age. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

js selected publications of 

Complete in Sets of Five Volumes, Imperial fhoy j^y ijs. 6d, 

A Critical Dictionary of English 

Literature and British and American 


From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. 


With Supplement by John Foster Kirk, LL.D. 

The entire work contains a History of over 83,000 Authors, 
together with several hundred thousand Critical Notices of 
their Writings. 

"Allibone's Dictionary and Sup- 
plement is a marvel of industry. 
Not only the most extensive Bio- 
graphical Dictionary extant, but 
the most comprehensive Biblio- 
graphical Lexicon of English and 
American authors ever compiled." 
QuARiTCH's Catalogue. 

" We have no hesitation in de- 
claring our conviction that it is by 
far the most satisfactory work of 
the kind with which we are ac- 

quainted. It is ample in its infor- 
mation ; it is accurate to a degree 
very rarely attained ; it is catholic 
as to the persons included ; and it 
is, with all this, eminently read- 
able."— Saturday Review. 

"The Biographical notices ap- 
pear to be at once accurate and 
succinct. Invaluable for purposes 
of rough-and-ready criticism." 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


In Two Volumes, Imperial Sz/o. ;^3 3^. - 

Formmg a Supplement to' the original Work in Three Volumes, a 
New Edition of vmch is now ready. 

Supplement to Allibone's Critical 

Dictionary of English Literature and 

British and American Authors 

Author of " History of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy" 

These Two Supplementary Volumes contain over Thirty- 
seven Thousand Articles (Authors), enumerate over Ninety- 
three Thousand Titles, and bring the information contained in 
the Original Work down to the most recent period. 

"Performed with great ability." host of similarly well-intentioned 

Bookman. but inadequate volumes." 

Saturday Review. 
'* These ponderous volumes are 

the Supplement to one of the best " We are greatly indebted to the 

knowh and most creditable Bio- industry and care with which this 

graphical Dictionaries. It is by no Supplement has been put to- 

means an ordinary work of refer- gether." — Spectator. 
ence. It holds the field amidst a 

Ne7o Edition. Large izmo. 3 J. td. 

Tent Life in Siberia 

And Adventures among the Koraks and Other 
Tribes in Kamtchatka and Northern Asia. 

Author of *' Siberia and the Exile System.'' 

"We strongly recommend this " It is racy, clear, full of humour, 

book as one of the most entertain- and full of interest." 
ing volumes of travel that have Spectator. 

appeared for some years." 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


New attd Enlarged Edition, Super Royal %vo, Half'Calf. ^% 2s, 

The Dispensatory of the United States of 


For upwards of sixty years this Work has been accepted by 
the Professions of Medicine and Pharmacy as thoroughly 
trustworthy. This edition is illustrated, and the information 
thoroughly brought up to date. The uezv synthetic retn&iies 
with their uses and doses, and a vast number of unofficial 
substances, receive full commeni. 

" The book is one that is most worthy to hold a place in the Phanna- 
cist's select library."— Pharmaceutical Journal. 

Demy %vo. IVith Numerous Illustrations, los, bd. 

Mother and Child 

By E. P. DAVIS, M.A., M.D., and J. M. KEATING, M.D., LL.D. 

" An excellent professional manual, for non-professional use and guid- 
ance."— Mother. 

Imperial Svo. Half- calf. £^ ^s. 

A Gazetteer of the World 

Edited b/ JOSEPH THOMAS, M.D,, LL.D. 

This volume, the largest and most complete work of the 
kind yet published, contains notices of over one hundred and 
twenty-five thousand places, with all the recent and authentic 
information respecting the countries, islands, rivers, moun- 
tains, cities, towns, etc., etc., in every part of the globe. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



New (Library) Edition. Royal ^o. Half -Calf. 2\s, 

Thomas's Medical Dictionary 


The Volume embraces the Terminology of Medicine and 
the Kindred Sciences, with their Signification, Etymology, 
and Pronunciation, and an Appendix comprising an 
Explanation of the Latin Terms and Phrases occurring in 
Medicine, Anatomy, Pharmacy, etc., etc. 

" To me the work is invaluable. 
I am astonished at its fulness of all 
recent words which tlie modern 
advance of Medical Science has 
introduced. I cannot conceive the 
learning and great labour which 
could edit such a complete, 
thorough, and admirable volume." 
J. Gibbon Hunt, m.d. 

** It is just the book for a medical 
or any other student, and it should 
be in the office of every physician. 
This Dictionary supplies a place 
that has never been filled. I have 

looked it through and find all the 
new words that I have sought." 

Prof. A. F. Patton. 

" I have examined it with especial 
reference to the materia medica and 
therapeutics, and find it greatly in 
advance of anything of the kind we 
have had for a number of years. 
In fact, a need existed for just such 
a book, and I will certainly recom- 
mend it to my class as the best of 
its kind. Its unquestioned merits 
will soon supplant all others." 

Prof. J. A. McCorkle. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Crown Svo. $s. 6d. 

The Legal Handbook and Complete 
Manual of Practical Law Forms 



MATTHEW H. JONES, a Solicitor of the Supreme Court. 

Contents. — An Exposition of the Laws relating to Contracts in 
General — Guarantees and Indemnities ~ Buyer and Seller — Lender and 
Borrower— Debtor and Creditor — County Court Procedure — Appren- 
ticeship—Master and Servant— Landlora and Tenant — Husband and 
Wife— Partnership— BOls of Exchange— Promissory Notes — Cheques 
— Wills — Stamping of Documents, &c., &c., with Law Fonns and 
Explanatory Notes. 

The object of this work is to set forth in a clear and concise 
way the principal laws affecting- the ordinary intercourse be- 
tween man* and man. It contains an account of these laws by 
an eminent Queen's Counsel, and a series of Practical Law 
Forms, together with the necessary information as to stamping 
and completing documents, by a well-known Solicitor. 

. "A comprehensive manual which 
will solve many doubtful legal 
points, and prove generally useful 
for reference purposes on all ordi- 
nary legal topics." 

Daily Chronicle. 

"As so many of the ordinary 
transactions, not only of business 
but of what may be termed private 
life, involve some legal responsi- 
bility, it is evidently advisable that 
every person should possess the 
means of ascertaining what that 
responsibility is. A careful study 
of the first part of the book will 
enable the reader to do this, and 
also to find out what the other party 
to the proceeding is accountable 
for. The plan of the work is simple 
and comprehensive, and the in- 
structions are so clear and concise 
that if carried out much needless 
litigation might be avoided." 

Morning Post. 

" Should be in the hands of every 
householder. Should be of large 
practical value to large numbers of 
people."— The Graphic 

" A very concise, but at the same 

time clear and trustworthy guide." 

Birmingham Daily Times. 

" Embodies in a clear and com- 
prehensive form a mass of useful 
information relating to almost every 
kind of transaction in almost every 
walk of life." 

Manchester Courier. 

" Supplies ordinary citizens with 
a sufficient amount of legal know- 
ledge to enable them', in many 
cases, fearlessly to dispense with 
the costly services of a solicitor." 
Liverpool Daily Post, 

" The employment of the manual 
will obviate mistakes, and to busi- 
ness men of all classes we cordially 
recommend it." 

Liverpool Mercury. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Crown Svo. 2s. 6d, 

The Income Tax 

A Brief Summary of the Law 

By R. DENNY URLIN, F.S.S., of the Middle Temple, 

With Forms, Precedents, and Practical Infonnation 

respecting Assessment, Abatement, Exemption, Appeal, and 


By JOSEPH A. SHEARWOOD, of Lincoln's Inn, 

The object of the present work is to show the taxpayer the 
exact position in which he stands when dealing with the demand 
which is made upon him for contribution to the revenue 
through this channel. The five schedules into which the 
various kinds of property and income are divided, and the 
manner of assessment and mode of charging duty under each, 
are fully explained. Explicit directions are given as to the 
way in which an appeal may be made against an assessment 
at too high a figure, how claims for abatement or total exemp- 
tion may be prosecuted, and also how the repayment of over- 
paid Income Tax may be obtained. In each of these sections 
the precedents of importance are given, together with practical 
hints and instructions for the guidance of the tax-payer. A 
list of all the forms issued to the public by the Income Tax 
authorities at Somerset House has oeen given, and each form 
has been noticed and explained, and the way to fill it up pointed 
out, together with directions and explanations on every matter 
which appeared to be obscure. 

" One of the most clear and 
comprehensive works of its size 
on the vexed subject of taxation 
that has yet appeared. It explains 
all the technical ' details which so 
frequently confuse and annoy those 
unfortunate persons who endeavour 
to asceruin if they had been cor- 
rectly assessed." —Morning Post. 

"If the British tax-payer wishes 
to know clearly his position vdth 
HQgard to the obnoxious Income 
Tax, he canpot do better than con- 
f Bit this work."^LEEDS Mercury. 

"This should be a useful and 
comforting work to the payers of 
Income Tax." 

Manchester Guardian. 

" Gives in a perfectly intelligible 
way all necessary information that 
can pof^sibly be practically required 
by tho^ who come under the inci- 
dence of the tax." 

Public Opinion. 

•' By means of this book many 
a pound, which has been grudg- 
ingly paid, may be saved in future 

Sheffield Daily Telegraph. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Crown Sifo. $s. 6d. 

A Handbook for Buyers and Sellers and 
Manual of Commercial Law 

The volume contains copious tables, showing Profit upon 
Returns, calculated at 18 rates of percentage, from 
2j per cent; to 75 per cent on amounts from J of a penny to 
;f 10,000 ; a fiiU list of excise duties, stamps and taxes ; and 
many other useful tables. 

By J. W. LEWIS. 

With an Exposition of the Laws relating to — 

Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks. — By Newnham 
Browne, Fcl. Inst. P. A. 

Insurance (Fire, Life, Marine). — By R. Dexxy Urun, of the 
Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law, 

County Court Procedure. By M. Henry Jones, a Solicitor of 
the Supreme Court. 

Bankruptcy.— By Joseph A. Shearwood, of Lincoln's Inn. 

Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Cheques, &c.— By 
M. Henry Jones, a Solicitor of the Supreme Court. 

Income Tax.— By R. Denny Urlin, of the Middle Temple. Bar- 

•' The volume is one which both are just what the busy merchant 
Buyers and Sellers will find con- requires."— Leeds Mercury. 
venient to have at hand for refer- 
ence."— Glasgow Herald. " Each of the law chapters is 

•■ Wm co^njend iuelf .o every »""- •>" "o'TnKSl'HRT.sKK. 
class of trader." 

Manchester Courier. -should be included in the library 

" The special sections by com- of every counting-house." 

petent writers on Commercial Law Newcastle Daily Leader. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Crown Svo. 3J. 6c/. 

The Business Man's Vade-Mecum 


The volume contains Discount and Commission Tables, 
embracing upwards of 18,000 calculations, computed at 
91 rates of percentage, from -^.j per cent, to 97J per cent., on 
amounts from j^i to ;^io,ooo ; Interest Tables on amounts 
horn jQi to ;f 10,000, calculated at 5 per cent., from one day to 
365 days ; Interest Tables on amounts from £1 to ;^io,ooO} 
calculated at 15 rates of percentage, from i month to 1 1 months, 
and from i year to 9 years ; Moneys, Weights and Measures 
of all Nations, with their English equivalents. 

"Indispensable to merchants " Comprises much information of 

who aim at accuracy in their tran- a kind in frequent demand among 

sactions and a successful business mercantile men." — Daily News. 

«reer."-LEEDs Mercury. .. ^o matter what part of the 

" One of the best aids to business world the business man makes his 

we have seen." profit, he will here find the necessary 

Newcastle Daily Leader. data for converting his figures to 

•Thewholeworkiswellarranged, British ^^andards/^ advertiser 

and every care seems to have been uundee advertiser. 

taken to ensure accuracy." " Cannot fail to be of use to busi- 

ScoTTisH Leader. ness men." — Glasgow Herald. 

Royal Hvo, los. (kf. 

A Guide to the Buyers of British Goods in 
the Foreign and Colonial Markets 

This work contains the names and addresses of the European 
and Native Merchants and Actttal Buyers of British Goods 
in India, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South and 
Central America, The Cape, Canada, and our Colonial pos- 
sessions in all parts of the World. These are so classified as 
to show the various kinds of goods imported or purchased by 
each Foreign and Colonial firm. 

" The Guide is the most complete tliousand names grouped under the 
and best arranged work of its kind head of ' Classes of goods bought. ' ' ' 

that has ever been compiled. It Xorth-Eastern 

conuins no fewer than sixty Daily Gazette. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Crown %vo. 3J. 6rf. 

Executors and Trustees 

Their Duties and Responsibilities. 

By SHACKLETON HALLETT, of Lincoln's Inn, 
Barrister-ai'Law . 

" Shows how anyone who follows 
the instructions may be practically 
independent of a solicitor." 

Financial News. 

" The author treats this impor- 
tant subject ably, and in popular 
fashion, and as he fortifies his 
theories with examples, his book 
is entertaining as well a§ instruc- 
tive and suggestive." 

The Graphic. 

"The treatise is intended for the 
use of Trustees and Executors to 
small estates, where circumstances 
will not admit of calling in the 
assistance of a solicitor. It will also 
be found useful by Trustees and 
Executors of larger estates, who, 
by a perusal of its pages, may 
prepare their minds for a visit to 
their legal adviser." — Law Times. 

" The duties and responsibilities 

of Executors and Trustees are ex- 
pounded in a lucid fashion." 

Dundee Advertiser. 

*• Executors and Trustees will 
discover in this book the kind of 
direction they most need." 

Newcastle Daily Leader. 

" Invaluable to all who are inter- 
ested in trust funds or estates." 
Sheffield Daily Telegraph. 

" No more unthankful and 
dangerous office than that of a 
trustee can be imagined. As Lord 
Justice Bagallay remarked, ' Trus- 
tees are surrounded by pitfalls,' 
and anything that can help in their 
guidance is welcome." 


" The work is quite an exhaustive 
treatise on the subject." 

Eastern Daily Press. 

Crown Zvo. \s. 6<f. 

Wills, Probate and Administration 

By R. DENNY URLIN, of the Middle Temple, 

With an Appendix of Forms and Practical Directions, 

A Solicitor of the Supreme Court. 

" The information is clear, con- 
cise, and trustworthy, free from 
pedantry and technical language, 

and consequently intelligible to the 
non-legal mind. It is a useful 

Manchester Courier. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Xew C Library) Edition, Royal Quarto, Half Calf. £2 2s. 
Profusely Illustrated \*ith Woodcuts. 

Worcester's Standard Dictionary of the 
English Language 


This work, the only authorised and unabridged edition, is 
the largest and most complete Dictionary of the English 
I^anguage. The new edition is enlarged, and now contains 
thousands of words not to be found in any other Dictionary. 

"The volumes before us show a sense and judgment. Worcester's 

vast amount of diligence ; but with Dictionary is the soberer and 

Webster it is diligence in combipa- safer book, and may be pronounced 

tioa ^Kfith fancifiilness— with Wor- the best English existing Lexicon." 

cest«r, in combination with good Athenaum. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Royal %vo. 30?. 

With 346 Figures and 34 Plates, by G. Nicolkt, Librarian at tht 
Veterinary School of Al fort. 

The Exterior of the Horse 


Honorary Director of the Veterinary School of Alfort, Member of the 

Academy of Medicine and of the National Society of Agriculture 

of France, 


Professor of Anatomy and the Exterior at the Veterinary School of Alfort, 

Member of the Central Society of Veterinary Medicine of France, 

Translated from the second French edition and Edited by 


Professor of A natomy and ZoQtechnics in the Veterinary D^artment of 

the University of Pennsylvania. 

This "Standard European work of Goubaux and 
Barrier" is replete with valuable information, not only for 
the teacher, the veterinarian, and the student, but also for 
the connoisseur and the breeder. The numerous plates and 
figures thoroughly elucidate the more difficult points of the 
text; and references are made throughout to all the 
acknowledged authorities on veterinary science. 

"May be conAdently recom- 
mended to all owners and breeders 
of horses." — Morning Post. 

Has no equal on the same sub- 
ject in any language." — Journal 
OP Comparative Pathology. 

" By a careful study of this book, 
the reader can appreciably shorten 
the period required to become a 
judge of a horse by the eye alone, 
consequently it should commend 
itself to the notice of those gentle- 
men who are in the habit of offici- 

ating as judges at shows ; while to 
the breeder it will be of great ser- 
vice. Indeed, so far as judging is 
concerned, no one will deny that it 
would be of advantage if, in addi- 
tion to a good eye for a horse, 
judges also possessed a modicum 
of that scientific knowledge of 
which this book treats so fully. 
The chapters on the Centre of 
Gravity, and the Lever and Mus- 
cular Mechanism, are full of valu- 
able infiormatioa, and will well 
repay attentive study. Every point 
in connection with the head, body. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



-and limbs is thoroughly examined ; 
and especially would we commend 
the remarks concerning the foot of 
the horse; while the section on 
Proportions is most interesting; 
and, after having read and under- 
stood this portion of the work, a 
good many people will discover 
that they have quite misunderstood 
what is meant by a long, low horse ; 
while the different proportional 
measurements will, we venture to 
think, be new to the majority of our 
readers. With regard to the I>en- 
tition of a horse, we have here the 
teeth very thoroughly examined; 
and a mass of information is given 
in connection with the teeth and 
jaws. A word must be said for 
the illustrations, of which there are 
nearly four hundred. They are 
artistic, and altogether praise- 
worthy ; while M. Nicolet may be 
fairly congratulated upon the suc- 
cess which has attended him in 
depicting the various types of 
horses. To the person who takes 
a scientific interest in the use, 
breeding, and exhibition of horses, 
this work will offer great attrac- 
tion."— The FlEIJ>. 

" The term extsrior, as applied 
to the horse, appears to have been 
used by veterinarians only since 

the latter part of the last century, 
dating from the period when 
Bourgelet published his book upon 
the external form of the horse, in 
1768, six years after the inaugura- 
tion of veterinary schools. The 
object of studying the exterior of 
the horse is defined to be to enable 
us to determine by a rapid ex- 
amination of the form of a horse 
his relative commercial value in 
the service in which he is to be 
employed. The publishers have 
produced this edition in a most at- 
tractive style — ^paper, letterpress, 
and illustrations are all good and 
pleasing. Dr. Harger has, indeed, 
creditably acquitted himself of 
what must have been a very diffi- 
cult task, and all who have occa- 
sion to consult the volume will 
readily agree with him that it con- 
tains valuable information for the 
practitioner, the student, the horse- 
man, and the breeder." — The 
Journal of the Royal Agricul- 
tural Society of England. 

*• It is a monument of industry, 
and contains matter which may be 
read with profit by veterinary sur- 
geons and horse men. Every chap- 
ter is suggestive, and sets one 
thinking over old subjects in a 
new light."-VETERiNARY Record. 

Large Svo. 15J. 
With lUastrations by Rsminotox, Frost, Sandham, and others. 

The Wilderness Hunter 

With an Account of the Big Game of the United 

States and its Chase with Horse, Hound, 

and Rifle. 


Author of *' Hunting Trips of a Ranchman" " The Winning of the West" 

etc., etc. 

*' The most thoroughly sports- " Is a work by a mighty hunter 

manlike book I have read for a who is also a good writer." — 
long time." — Truth. Athehmvm. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Nnv Edition, Large i6t?w. 2s. td. 

The Book-Lover 

A Guide to the Best Reading. 


" This choicely got-up little book have the responsible task of direct- 

is just what it professes to be. Two ing the reading of children." 

chapters are given dealing with the Literary World. 

choice of books and the best "The advice Dr. Baldwin gives is 

methods of reading them, in both sound and judicious." — Scotsman. 

which we have the benefit of advice " One of the daintiest and most 

from many of the most competent delightful ' Guides to Best Reading ' 

judges. The fifth chapter, which is James Baldwin's * Book-Lover.' 

deals with the question, ' What His labour is excellent, his advice 

books shall young folks read ? ' sound, and his taste good." 

will be most useful to those who Whitehall Review. 

Royal %vo, I2s. (xl. 

A New Dictionary of Poetical Quotations 

From Chaucer to Tennyson. 

Culled from 550 Authors, comprising 435 Subjects and 
13,600 Quotations, with Copious Indexes. 

Author of •* A Critical Dictionary of English Literature" etc., etc. 

Royal Svo. I2s. td. 

A New Dictionary of Prose Quotations 

From Socrates to Macaulay. 

Culled from 554 Authors, comprising 571 Subjects and 
8,810 Quotations, with Copious Indexes. 

Author of'A Critical Dictionary of English Literature,' etc., etc. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Stm tmd Enlarged EdUion^ Demy 8w, 1 132 fagts. Cloth ^ 5^. ; Half- 
Bmmdy "js, bd, ; Edition de Luxe, 12s, 6d, 

The Latest and only Complete Treatise on Elocution and Dramatic Art. 
With t^)wazds of a Hundred Practical Ulustrations. 

Voice, Speech, and Gesture : a Practical 
Handbook to the Elocutionary Art 






Including a New and Extensive collection of Pieces in Prose 

and Verse (v^h copious examples set to music) adapted 

for Recitation^ Reading, and Dramatic Recital. 

Edited, with Notes and Introduction, 

** Stands quite alone in its com- 
prelMBiBtveaiid practical exposition 
of the technique of the art of 
ejocotion." — ^Allsn Beaumont. 

** I can conscientiously and un- 
hesitatingly recommend the book 
to an teachers and students of 
elocntioD as containing many and 
most ▼alnable hints for their 
gnidaDoe, and without exception 
the best selectioQ of pieces in 
Toae and prose I have yet met 
with."— WmjAM Farrsn. 

"fieallj a standard work on 
the elocQtionary art."— Ernest 

" Will be a revelation to many, 
and win be the means of awaken- 
ing a desire to cultivate elegance 
of speech and a graceful carriage." 
— B. Soutten. 

" Is a decidedly valuable work : 
the preliminary essays are all 
good, notably the pages on speech- 
making and delivery ; the illustra- 
tions are excellent; and the selec- 
tion of the pieces admirable." — 
The Rev. Charuss R. Taylor, 
Ba.A.! llb. 

" Is the best of the many works 
on the subject I have 
Richard Temple. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Large crown BvOy as. 6A 

A Handbook for Writers and Artists 

A Practical Gtiide for Contributors to the Press and 
to Literary and Artistic Publications. 


'* Truly an admirable volume. " A guide to the publications 
Will assist writers and artists to a of Lx>ndon, with an excellent in- 
ready knowledge of all the channels troduction on the means new 
wherein they may dispose of their contributors should take in ap- 
work. "—Cambridge Chronicle preaching Editors/'— Thb Akt 
AND University Journal. Journal. 

Large crown 8?^, 7J. 6rf. 

A New Dictionary of Foreign Phrases 
and Classical Quotations 

Comprising extracts from the Works of the Great Writers, 
Idioms, Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Technical Words and 
Terms, Press Allusions, etc., etc., from the Latin, Greek, 
French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

With English Translations or Equivalents. 

Kdited with Notes and Introduction, 


hate Scholar of St. John's CoUegt, Cambridge, 

Lnrge crcwn 8zw, 3J. 6J. 

The Sick- Room : a Practical Manual for 
all who Nurse the Sick 

With an Extensive and Complete Reference Guide 

Being an alphabetical digest and epitome of matters con- 
nected with every kind of sick-room food, appliance, and 
arrangement, indexed for speedy reference, and critically 
described with a view to their safe selection and use. 

By G. H. R. DABBS, M.D. 

lonlion : 



Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Cabls and Telegraphio Addreu^ 

"Debbett, Lokdok.' 

Telephone Numher — 




Alphabetically Arranged, 





MM.Kn %k SON. 



DEAN & SON, Limited, 160a, Fleet Street, E.C- 

Thu Catalogue cancels all others of a previous r/afe. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



COMPANIONAGE. Beautifally printed, over 1,860 pp., and 
1,600 Annorial Engravings, and infonnation respecting all living 
Collateral Branches of Peers and Baronets. Heraldicallj 
emblazoned binding, cloth gUt, gilt edges. Price Sls. 6d. 


900 pp., cloth gilt Price 16s. 6d. 


PANIONAGE. 950 pp., cloth gUt. Price 16b. 6d. 


of COMMONS and the JUDICIAL BENCH. 800 Armorial 
Engravings. 450 pp., cloth gilt. Price 78. 6d. 


of LONDON and of all the principal Towns in the United 
Kingdom, with their respective Trading Ports, and the class of 
Goods they customarily ship. Including a completely Revised 
List of Lloyds' Agents and Signal Stations. 

An Itinerary of the City of London is published in coiyunction 

with the Work. This Itinerary supplies a long-felt want amongst 
Travellers and Commercial Men calling upon the Exporters in 
London. Cloth gilt, crown 8vo. Price 17s. 6d. 


With class of Paper made, and every Paper and Pulp Mill in the 
Worid. Crown 8vo. cloth gilt. Price lOs. 6d. 

DOG OWNERS' ANNUAL. An Illustrated Annual, containing 
Articles by Gordon Stables, M.D., CM., RN., and all the best 
Writers on Dogs, complete List of the various Pack3 of Hounds, 
Dog Clubs, (ba Illustrated. Stiff paper cover. Price Is. 

Ditto. Cloth boards. Price 2s. 

London : DEAN & SON, Limited, 160a, Fleet Street, E.G. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



DEAN & SON, Limited. 

Note — B«M)k8 ihat are pablished at under Sd are generally only 
catttlogued under the headings of their respective ^ries, and not 
separately, but higher priced Toy-Books are included bodi ways. 

ABC. Words by Clifton Bingham. (No. 18, in Dean's 
Pinafore Series) Toy Book. Printed in the very higheftt Btvle of 
artistic lithography, and containing 6 colour pages and 6 black-and- 
white pages with letterpress 3 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 6 

A B G of Animals (Na 12, in Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy 
Book. Printed in the very highest style of artistic lithography, and 
containing 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages, with letterpress 3 

Ditta Mounted on linen, untearable 6 

A B C of Comical Animals (No. 7, in Dean's Diploma Series). 
Linen. Toy Book. Beautifully enamelled covers. 8ize, 12 by 10 in. 
Mounted on strong linen. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, beautifully 
reproduced in high art lithography, and 10 pp. in tints with letterpress 1 

A B C of PrettV Birdies (No. 50, in Dean's Gold Medal 
Series) Toy Book. Size, 15 by 10 in. With beautifully lithogrsi)hed 
cover, standing out in relief, and 11 plates in colours and monotints, 
reproauced by fine art lithography 1 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 2 

DittOb (No. 3, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
l>aard, with linen hinges. Unusually strong and almost unbreakable, 
(^ns out 12 feet 4 inches 2 6 

Accessory after the Pact (No. 5, in Dean's U, Novels). 
NoveL Translated from the French of Ken6 de Camors by Albert D. 
Yandam. Effective cover. Crown 8vo 1 

Adventures of Six Toung Men in the Wilds of Maine and 

Onnada ; or, the Knock-About Club. By O. A. Stephens. Small 4to. 
cloth gilt, bevelled boards. Illustrated with 96 exceptionally well cut 
and artistic engravings 6 

After the "Rft^iw By Francis W. Moore. Comedietta. (No. 19, 

in Dean*8 M, Character Sketches and Comediettas.) Paper cover ... 6 

Afternoon Tea (No. 3, in Holiday Series). Stiff covered, 
picture board, cloth back, enamelled and varnished picture cover, 
front and back. Containing 32 pp. of pictures and letterpress, one or 
more large iUustiations on every page, besides short stories in large 
type for the Little Onea Size, 7} by 9^ in. 6 

Ailments of Dogs (Dean's 1«. Practical Guide Books). By 

Dr. Gordon Stables, M.D.,B.N. Cloth bound 1 

Ailments of Poultry (same Series). By F. T. Barton. Cloth 

2ioiiii<i ... ... ••• ... >•. «•• ... ••• ... ••• 1 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


9. d. 

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (No. 13, in Dean's PlAyi 

for TouDg Actors). By Amy Whinyatei. Faocy illurtreted ooyer, 

gilt edges. Size, 7^ by 5^ in. ... m. ... 1 

Amateur Gv cling (Dean's 1«. Champion Handbooks). By 

G. Lacy Hillier and W. G. H. Bramson. Bound in stiff cloth 10 

Amateur Stage (Dean's 6d Plays for Young Acton). By 

Benjamin Clayton. Fancy cover in colours. Grown 8to 6 

Amateur Zoo. See Pet Animals. 

Andersen's Correspondence (Hans Christian) with the Qrand 
Duke of Saxe-Weimar, the late Charles Dickens, and others. Bdited 
by Frederick Crawford, with a Memoir of Andersen and Portraits. 
Handsomely bound. Large post^Svo. 6 

Animal Sketches (No. 10, in Dean's 1#. Diploma Series). 
Mounted on linen. Toy Book. Beautifully enamelled covers. 8ize, 
12 hj 10 in. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, beautifully reprodnced 
in high art lithography, and 10 pp. in tintewith letterpress 1 

Any Port in a Stoim. Comedietta By Francis W. Moore. 

In 1 Tol. with * The Course of True Love* 6 

Aquaria (No. 1, in Dean's td, Illostrated Practical Quide 

Books). By Bd. Bairstow. Fancy cover in colours. Crown 8vo. ... 6 

Army ABC (No. 14, in Dean's \a. Diploma Series). Toy 
Book. Mounted on linen, untearable. BeautifiiUy enamelled covers. 
Size, 12 by 10 in. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, beautifully repro- 
duced in high art lithography, and 10 pp in tints with letterpress ... 1 

Asking Papa. In 1 book with * Where there's a Will there's 
a Way.' Comedietta. By Francis W. Moore. Pi^er covers. (No. Id, 
in Dean's 6i2. Character Sketches) 6 

Association Football (Dean's Champion Handbooks). By 

•* Straw Hat" Cloth, crown 8vo 6 

Astrol(^er's Spell (No. 14, in Dean's Plays for Yoang Actors). 
A Persian sensational Drama. By Averall. Bound, gilt edges, fancy 
illustrated cover. Size, 7^ by 5^ in 1 

Attack and Defence, The Arr. of (No. 13, in Dean's 

Champion Handbooks). By Major Bliott. Including Fencing, Sword 
and Bayonet Exercise, Singlestick, and Boxing. Crown 8vo. Fancy 
paper cover 6 

At the Fair (No. 3, in Dean's Magic Surprise Series). Toy 
Book. An absolute novelty. Each book contains three movements, 
printed in colours, besides 14 pp. of letterpress and illustrations in 
Dlack and white 1 

A was an Archer (No. 13, in Dean's Diploma Series) Toy 
Book. Beautifully enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 10 in. Containing 
6 pp. in full colours, beautifully reproduced in High art lithography, 
and 10 pp. in tints with letterpress 6 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, antearable 1 

Ditto. (Na 9, in Cloth Bound Series.) Mounted on linen. 

Contaming 8 pp. of lithographed pictures and 20 pp. printed in a tint 3 6 

Baby's ABC Book (No. 7, in Dean's Cloth Bound Series). 
Toy Book. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled boards^ with block 
designs on cover. Size, royal 4to. 16 pp. of beautifully lithographed 
pictures, and 40 pp. of pictures and texts printed in a tint 3 6 

Ditto. Containing Four Alphabets of Familiar Subjects. Hand- 
somely bound, oioth gilt bize, 12 by 10 in. 5 O 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


9 d. 
Babys Afiifw^il ABC (No. 2, in Dean's Untearable Series). 
Toy Book« VTith enamelled coverB and beautifully lithographed 
colour pictures, together with pictures or stories printed in a tint on 
the linen 6 

Baby's Rocker (No. 42, in Gold Medal Series). Toy Book. 
Cut in the shape of a rocker. Beautifully lithographed plates as well 
as letterpress , 1 

Baby's Souvenir. By A. 0. Kaplan. Handsomely bound, 
half doth gilt, gilt edges. With 22 coloured and other illustrations by 
Frances M. Brundage. This book is intended to preserve a record of 
the life of a child from its birth to its majority 10 6 

Bardell v. Pickwick (No. 6, in Dean's Penny Tales for the 
Million). 16 pp. of papers from *The Pickwick Papers.' By Charles 
Dickens, Well printed in good type. 8vo. imperial, in coloured illus- 
trated wrapper 1 

Bamaby Bndge (No. 18, in Orchid Library). By Charles 
Dickens. Bound in cloth boards, orchids being embossed in blind 
blocking, titles on back and front stamped in gold 2 

Ditto. (No. 18, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Charles 
Dickens. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown Syo 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 24, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Charles 
Dickens. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 6 

Basil Marsden (Na 38, in Orchid Library). By George E. 
Sargent Bound in cloth boards, orchids being embossed in blind 
blocking, titles on back and front stamped in gold. Copyright ... 2 

Ditta (No. 38, in Windsor Castle Library). By George E. 
Sargent Handsomely boimd in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo. Copyright 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 3, in Royal Stnart TarUn Library). By George E. 
Sargent Handsomely bound in Boyal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Copyright 3 6 

Batde of Whistleblinkers (No. .11, in Our Junior's Library). 
By Ascott B. Hope. Crown 8vo. cloth bound, floral design in colours, 
modem illustrations 6 

Beauty and the Beast (No. 1, in Dean's Plays for Young 
Actors). Eighteenth edition. Bv Miss Comer. Illustrated by 
N. Westmp. Gilt edges, &ncy illustrated cover. Size, 7^ by 5i in. ... 1 

Ditta (Untearable Pantomime Series.) Toy Book. Mounted 

on linen, enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 9^ in 1 6 

Bells, The (No. 15, in Orchid Library). By MM. Erckmann- 
Chatrian. Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed in blind blocking, 
titles on back and front stamped in gold. Copyright 2 

Ditto. (No. 15, in Windsor Castle Library.) By MM. Erck- 
mann-Chatrian. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt 
and colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo. Copyright 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 31, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library). By MM. 
firckmann-Chatrian. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, 
bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Copyright ... 3 6 

Ben Hur (No. 31, in Orchid Library). By Lew Wallace. 
Bound in cloth bowrds. orchids embossed in blind blocking, titles on 
back flod front stamped in gold 2 

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8. d, 
Ben Hnr (No. 31, in WiDdaor Castle Library). By Lew Wallace. 

iJandBomel}' bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 6 

Ditta (No. 10, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Lew 
Wallace. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 6 

Bicycle ABC (No. 52, in Gold Medal Series). Toy Book. 
Size, 16 bv 10 in. With beautifully lithographed cover, standing out 
in relief, l2 pp. in colours* and reproduced by fine-art lithography ... I 

Ditta Mounted on linen, untearable 2 o 

Ditto. (No. 5, in Panorama Series.) Moanted on strong card- 
board with Unen hinges, unusually strong and almost unbreakable. 
Opens out 12 feet 4 inches 2 6 

Big Animal Toy Book (No. 61, in Gk)Id Medal Series). Toy 
Book. Size, 15 by 10 in. With beautifully lithographed cover, standing 
out in relief, 12 pp. in colours, and reproduced by fine-art lithography 1 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 2 ^ 

Ditto. (No. 14, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinges. Unusually strong and almost unbreakable. 
Opens out 12 feet 4 inches 2 6 

Billiards (Dean's \9. Champion Handbooks). By W. Mitchell. 

Bound in stiff cloth. Crown 8vo 1 

Bill Muggins (No. 10, in Dean's Character Sketches). By 

Robert Overton. Paper cover 6 

Bird and Animal Stuffing (No. 28, in Dean's M. Gdde 

Books). By James Gardner and Cecil H. Bisshop. Fully illustrated. 

Fancy cover in colours. Crown 8vo 6 

Ditto. (Dean's \s. Practical Guide Books.) Bonnd in cloth ... 1 

Birthday Text Books (Dean's 6(2. Series). Handsomely 

bound in cloth boards, with designs in colours. Size, 5 by 3^ in. each 6 

1. Qems from Longfellow. 

2. Birthday Chimes from Dickens. 

3. Heavenly Wisdom. 

4. Sparks of Humour. 

9. Gems from the Poets. 
Ditto. (Dean's Is. Series.) Handsomely bound in cloth gilt, gilt 
•dffes, with a design in colours on cover, portrait frontispiece. Size, 
4|by3|in each 1 

5. Words of Cheer. 

6. Rays of Light. 

7. Qems from Bums. 

8. Gems from Shakesi>eare. 

1. My Friend's Opinion. 

2. Daily Love and Light. 

3. Daily Guidance. 

4. Daily Comfort 

5. Daily Strength. 

6. My Birthday Book. 

7. Dickens Birthday Record. 

8. Bums Birthday Record. 

9. Scott Birthday Record. 

10. Longfellow Birthday Record. 

11. Shakespeare Birthday Record. 

12. Humorous Birthday Book. 

Bismarck Intime. By a Fellow Student. With photo- 
portrait of Prince Bismarck and fulj-i>age portraits of the Emperors 
William L and II., Von Moltke, and Bismarck. Bound in clotn gilt, 
large post 8vo 6 

Blossoms from Old Trees; or, Nursery Rhymes Retold. 
By M. Waterson. Handsomely bound in cloth gilt and colour, bevelled 
boards, gilt edges. Size, imperial 8vo. 16 full-page illustrations beau- 
tifully executed in a tint by D. Waterson. 
The book will make a most delightful gift for a child 2 6 

Blae Beard (No. 18, in Dean's Plays for Y(»uug Actors). By 

Mi98 Whinyates, Fancy illustrated cover, gilt edges. Size, 7^ by 5^ in. 1 

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«. d. 
Bine Book for Sale (No. 22, in Dean's M. Character Sketches). 

By M. Betham-Edwards. Paper cover 6 

Bonny Little People. By Maud Humphrey, and Verses by 
Helen Gray Cone. Fine-Art Gift^Book« Handsomely bound in stiff 
picture bos^s. Size, 14 by 11 in 6 

Bold Animals Picture Book (No. 49, in Gfold Medal Series). 

Toy Book. Siae, 15 by 10 id, with beautifully lithographed cover, stand- 
ing out in relief, and 11 plates in colours and monotints reproduced 
by fine-art lithography 1 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable 2 

Ditto. (No. ly in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board with linen hinges. Unusually strong and almost unbreakable. 
Opens out 12 feet 4 inches 2 6 

Book of Nine Tales (No. 12, in Dean's U Novels). By 
Charles Dickens, Capt Marryat, Cervantes, and William H. Stacpoole. 
Crown 4to. Most novel and effective covers I 

Book of Trains (No. 20, in Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy 
Book. Printed in the very highest style of artistic lithography, con- 
taining 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages with letterpress ... 3 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 6 

Book of Wonders, Events, and Discoveries, The. Edited 

by John Timbs. New and revised edition, with numerous illustrations. 
Crown 8vo. Cloth gilt, picture sides in colours. 

The new edition includes chapters on the Submarine Electric Tele- 
graph, revised and extended by Peter Lund- Simmonds, F.L.S. ; 
the Bagged School Movements, revised b)r the Secretary of the Ragged 
School Union : the Britannia Tubular Bridge, &c. ; and new chapters 
on the Eiffel Tower and the Forth Bridge 2 6 

Boxing (Dean's Champion Handbooks). By J. C. EarL Paper 

cover 6 

Boxing, Attack and Defence (l>ean*s U. Champion Hand- 
books). By John C. Earl and Major Elliott. Crown 8vo. stiff cloth 
bound 1 

British Aviary and Song Birds (Dean's Is. Practical Quide 
Books). Containing Addenda on the various Breeds of (*anaries. hy 
Thomas Andrews. Bound in illustrated stiff varnished paper covers 1 

Ditta (No. 2, in Dean's 28. Useful Books) By Thomas 

Andrews. With 20 pp. of plates, fancy covers, crown 8vo 2 

British Regimental Plates. By Harry Payne. Handsomely 
printed on thick paper in chromo colours. Size, 15 by 17 in. Six in 
Series each 6 

Budget from Fairyland (No. 4, in Dean's 6d Holiday 

Series). Stiff covered, picture boards, cloth back. Size, 7^ by 9j in. 
32 pp. of pictures and letterpress, besides Short Stories in large tyiHi 
for the Little Ones 

Banyan's Pilgrim's Progress (Windsor Castle Library). 
See Pilgrim's Progress. 


Cage Birds (Dean's U, Practical Guide Books). By Bechstein. 

Including Parrots. Illustrations by Joseph B. Kidd. Crown 8vo. 
bound in illustrated stiff varnished paper covers 1 

Canaries, their Varieties and Points (Dean's Practical 

Guide Books). By Sabin. With Appendix by Dr. Karl Russ. Fancy 
cover in colours. Crown 8vo 6 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


9. d. 

Canaries. How to Breed, E«ar, and Keep Them in Healtli. By 
Dr. Earl Buss. < Dean's Is. Practical Guide Books.) With pictures of 
19 Varieties, and chapter on Mules. Stiff cover in colours 1 O 

Canary Birds: How to Breed for Profit and Pleaeare. By 
Dr. Karl Russ. An exhaustive and standard Treatise on all the 
different Breeds, with chapters on Rearing, Breeding, Feeding, Cages. 
Mule Breeding, Nesting, £gg Food, Sanitary Measures. Very lull 
chapter on Diseases and Remedies. Cloth gill, hoards 2 6 

Card Tricks, Coigoring, Hagic and Mystery Up to Date 

(Dean's Practical Guide Books) . By Hercat. Crown 8vo. illustrated, 

stiff varnished paper covers 1 O 

Carmen (No. I, in Songs from the Operas). By J. Eendrick 

Bangs and Frank M. Gregory. Containing the &mou8 Toreador Song, 
and illustrated with 31 designs. Beautifully bound in cloth gilt, bevelled 
boards, gilt edges. iSice, royal 4to 6 O 

Cats (No. 25, in Dean's Illastrated Practical Goide Books). 
Handbook to their Classification and Diseases, with chapter on 
Training. By Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N. Fancy cover in colours. 
Crown 8vo 6 

Cheap and Choice Cookery (No 13, in Dean's ninstrated 

Practical Guide Books). By Mrs. H. P. Whitcombe. Fancy cover in 
colours. CrqwnSvo 6 

Chess. A Manual for Beginners. (No. 3, in Dean's Champion 

Series.) Edited by H. B. Bird. Bound in stiff cloth, lettered. Crown 8vo. 1 O 

Chess History and Reminiscences. Dealing with the 

Origin and Barly History of Chess, together with amusing Anecdotes, 

&c., concerning Noted Flayers. By H. E. Bird. Cloth, crown 8vo. ... 2 6 

Chess Masterpieces. Comprising a collection of 160 choice 
games of the past quarter of a century, with Notes. Compiled by 
H. B. Bird. Cloth boards 3 6 

Ditto. Full gilt, boards, gilt edges 6 O 

Chess Openings, The. Considered Critically and Practically 

by H. B. Bird. With Appendix, containing 26 illustrated diagrams of 
noteworthy positions and 16 illustrated problems. Cloth 6 O 

Chess Papers and Problems. By James and W. Timbrell 

Pierce. Handsomely bound in cloth, demy 8vo 6 

Childhood's Golden Tales. With 12 full-page illastrations 

in the best style of chromo colours, printed on stout plate paper. 
Being the old popular fairv tales, in one volume, such as * Snow Queen/ 
•Mother Goose.' »The White Cat,' 'Cinderella,' *Hop o' my Thumb,* 
* Puss in Boots,^* Red Riding Hood,' &c 7 6 

Children's Favourite Tales (No. 2, in Dean's 5#. Toy Books). 

Containing four of the old fairy tales. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt. 
Beautifully illustrated in colours. Size, 12 by 10 in 5 O 

Children in the Wood (No. 6, in Dean's Flays for Yonng 
Actors). Fifteenth edition, new and revised. By Miss Comer. 
Beautifully illustrated by F. Holms. Fancy cover, gilt edges. Size, 
7Jby5iin 1 O 

Children's Keepsake (No. 3, in Dean's 5». Toy Books). 

Containing 22 pp. of chromo pictures beautifully lithographed, and 
30 pp. of monotints of Animals, Nursery Rhymes, and pictures on 
paj)er. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt. Suse, iS by 10 in 5 

Ditto. Moanted on linen, nntearabla Containing 8 pp. of 
chromo pictures of Animals and Nursery Rhymes, and 20 pp. of mono- 
tints 5 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Children's Paradise (^o. 2, in Dean's Cloth Bound Series). 

ContaiDing 16 pp. of beautifully-lithographed pictures and 40 pp. of 
pictures and texts printed in a tint Handsomely bounds cloth gilt, 
berelled boards, block designs on cover. Size, royal 4to 3 6 

Children's Recitations (No. 14, in Dean's Books for Elocu- 
tionists). Bj M. Dean. Bound in limp cloth. Crown 8vo 1 0. 

Chimes ABC (No. 12, in Dean's Diploma Series). Toy 

Book. Mounted on linen, untearable. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, 
beautlfuUy reproduced in high-art lithography. 10 pp. in tints with 
letterpress^ beautifully enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 10 in. 1 

dhristmas Carol, A (No. 8, in Dean's Id. Tales for the 

Million). By Charles Dickens. Imperial 8yo. Well printed, in 
coloured Ulostrated wrapper 1 

Chnck ! Chuck! (No. 18, in Dean's Little Goes' Own Series). 
Containing 300 coloured pictures and 400 tales. Half bound, d^th 
back, handsome picture cover in gold and colours. Size, crown 4to. ... 3 6 

Ditto. . Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 

^Sinderella (No. 9, in Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy Book. 
Containing 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages with letterpress. 
Enamelled stiff covers. Crown 4to 3 

€iiiderelia and Red Biding Hood (No. 17, in Dean's 

Diploma Series). Toy Book. Containing 16 pp. of pictures in colours 

and tints, besides letterpress. Enamelled covers. Jnoy^ 4to 6 

Ditto, ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 1 

Cinderella (Dean's Pantomime Series). Toy Book. Mounted 

on linen, enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 9^ in 1 6' 

Cinderella and the Glass Slipper (No. 3, in Dean's Plays 

for Young Actors). By Miss Comer. 12 illustrations by Alfred Crow- 
quill. Twelfth edition. Fancy cover, gilt edges 1 

Cloth Bound Series. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled 
boards, with block designs on cover. Size, royal 4to. Containing 
16 pp. of beautifully lithographed pictures and 40 pp. of pictures and 
text printed in a tint each 3 6 

1. Old Friends and Fun. I 7. Baby's ABC Book. 

2. Children*s Paradise. 1 11. Our Friends. 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable. Containing 8 pp. of 

lith€»graphed pictures and 20 pp. printed in a tint each 3 6 

3. Funny Pussies and True Stories. 

4. Comical Animals. 

5. Peeps into Storyland. 
~ of C 

8. Frolic and Fun. 

9. A was an Archer. 
10. Our Pets' ABC. 
12. Our Friends. 

& Golden Days of Childhood. 

<!obbett's Blotting-Case Dictionary. An addition to the 

ordinary blotting case or pad. without materially augmenting its bulk. 

Contains 25,000 words and other useful matter. 
Stitched, sixe either 8vo. (7^ by 5 in.) 4to. (10 by 8i in.) or foolscap 

(12 by Si in.) ... 3 

Pftper cover, with 16 pp. blottinj[ paper. Size, foolscap 6 

CloUi lettered, one pocket, blotting pad, &c. Size, 8vo 6 

« X " ,. . " '» i*^*, 1 2 

„ two pockets, „ „ foolscap 1 6 

•Cloth, half-bound french morocco back and comers, blotting-pad, 

&C. Size, 8vo. 1 6 

2)itto. Size,4to. 2 6 

Cloth, half bound, one pocket, blotting-pad, &c. Size, 8vo 2 

ifock russia, one pocket, blotting-pad, &c. Size, 8vo 2 e 

„ „ „ ,f 4to. ... ... 3 6 

£lack leather, two pockets, blotting-pad, &0. Size, foolscap 3 tf 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 










Cobbett's Blottuig-Case Dictionary— coft^t^wecf. 

Dull grain, limp, gilt lines, blotting-pad, &c. Size, 8vo. 

„ „ „ Size, 4to. 

„ extra gilt, blotting-pad, pencils, &c. Si^e, 4to. ... 
Bussia limp, pockets, blotting-pad, &c. Biae, 4to 

Oomioal Animals (No. 6, in Dean's Untearable Series). Toy 
Book. With enamelled covers and beautifully lithogrraphed coloured 
pictures, together with pictures or stories printed in a tint on the linen & 

Ditto. (No. 4, in Dean's Cloth Bonnd Series.) Untearably 
mounted on linen. Containing 8 pp. of lithographed pictiu-es and 
20 pp. printed in a tint. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled ^ 

boards, block designs. Size, royal 4to. Z 6^ 

Comical Cyclists (No. ll, in Dean's Diploma Series). Toy . 
Book. Mounted on linen, imtearable. Containing fi pp. in full colours, 
beautifully reproduced in high-art lithography, and 10 pp. in tints with 
letterpress. Knamelled covers. Size, 12 by 10 in. 1 O 

Confectionery, Pastry, Preserving, Sweets, &c, (Dean's , 

Practical Guide Books). By George Beid. Bound in limp cloth. 
Crown 8vo 1 O** 

Con O'Donnell, and other Ballads and Legends (No. 9, in 
Dean's Books for Blocutionists) . By £. Owens Blackburne. Cover 
in colours. Crown 8vo 1 0» 

Cookery Hade Easy (Dean's Practical Guide Books). By 

G. Bead. Strongly bound in cloth. Crown 8vo 1 O^ 

Comer's Histories. l«- 6cf., 2^. 6d, 3^., and 3^. 6c/. See ' 

under Histories. 
Cot Picture Book. A most ing;enions toy and toy book. 
When open forms a pretty little cot (size, 5^ by 3 in. and 9^ in. high), 
with a cnanning booklet of nursery rhymes, magnificently illustrated 
in colours by M. Waterson 1 O 

County Courts, Guide to (^^o. 20, in Dean's Practical Guide 
Books). By James Bishop. Bevised, to include the latest Acts of 
Parliament, by W. H. O. Payne. Crown 8vo 6- 

Course of True Love, and Any Port in a Storm (No. 16, 

in Dean's Character Sketches). By Francis W. Moore. Paper covers 6* 
Cracker Series. These amusing toy books crack like a pistol 

when properly manipulated each 1. 

1. Bed Biding Hood. I 3. Puss in Bootu. 

2. Cinderella. 1 4. Bobinson Crusoe- 

Cricket, and How to Play it (No. 4, in Dean's Champion 

Handbooks). Edited by Bobert Abel. Crown 8vo ^ 

Ditto. (Dean's Champion Handbooks.) By Robert Abel. Illns- 

trated. Bound in cloth. Crown 8vo. 1 0* 

Cricket Scoring Sheets, ^i^e, 13 by H io- 

With 4 pp. of Tables by C. Lillywhite. (Registered) new and revised 1 
„ 12 pp. „ C. Lillywhite. ,. bound in cover ^ 

,, 20 pp. I, F. Cadby (Scorer to tne Midland Matches). 

Bound in cover 

y, 24 pp. „ C. Lillywhite. New and revised edition. In 

stiflP paper cover 6- 

„ 40 pp. „ F. Cadby (Scorer to the Midland Matches). 

Bound stiff {laper, cloth back ... ...1 0' 

„ 48 pp. n C. Lillywhite. New and revised edition. 

Bound stiff paper, cloth back ./. ... 1 0' 

„ 80 pp. n F. Cadby (t^oorer to the Midland Matches). 

Strongly bound in boards, cloth book ... 2 6- 
„ 96 pp. „ C. Lillywhite. New and revised edition. 

Strongly bound in cloth boards 2 6« 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


«. d, 
CnliliarT Dainties (160) for the Epicure, the Invalid, and the 

Djvpeptio, Bj Samuel Hobbs 2 6> 

Curt of Boisson (No. 12, in Orchid Library). By Jean de la 
Br6te. Edited bv John Berwick. Coiiyright Bound in cloth boards. 
orchids embossed in blind blocking, titles on front and back stampea 
in gold 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 12, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Jean de 
la BrSte. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown Bvo. 3 <^ 

Ditto. (Na 34, in Boyal Stnart Tartan Library.) By Jean de 
la Br^. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 6 

Cydingi Amateur. See Amateur Cycling. 

David Copperfleld (No. l, in Orchid Library). By Charles 
Diokensw Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed in blind blocking, 
titles on front and bock stamped in gold ^ 2 

Ditto. (Na 1, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Chaiies 
Dickens. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo S ft 

Ditto. (No. 27, in Boyal Stuart Tarten Library.) Bv Charies 
Dickens. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 9 9 

DaTj's Schooldays (Na 44, in Orchid Library). By David 
Dixon. Copyright Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed in 
blind blocking, titles on front and back stamped in gold 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 44, in Windsor Castle Library.) By David Dixon. 
Copyright. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
eolours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 & 

Dean's Fairy Book. A Companion to the ^ Doyle Fairy 
Book.' This volume contains most of the favourite fairy tales of 
childhood, drawn from Ferrault, Old Chap Books and the * Arabian 
Nights.* Such favourites as ^ The Bleeping Beauty,' * Aladdin,* 
'Valentine and Orson,' 'Hop o* my Thumb.' and 'Jack the Giant 
Killer,* are included in its pages, and the book is enriched with 
numerous excellent illustrations by able artists. Blue cloth gilt, gilt 
edges, large crown 8vo 3 6 

Debretfs PeeragOi Baronetage, Knightage, and Com- 

PAKIOKAQE. Beautifully printed, over 1850 pp. and 1600 armorial 
engravings, and information respecting all living collateral branches 
of Peers and Baronets. Heraldically emblasoned binding, cloth gilt, 
gilt edges 31 & 

Debretfs Peerage and Titles of Conrtesy. Being the 

** Peerage '* section of the complete work. 900 pp. oloth gilt 16 6 

Debrett'tt Baronetage, Eiughtage, Companionage, &c. 

Being the ''Baronetage" section of the complete work. 950 pp. 
elothgilt ...' 16 6 

Bebrett'8 Heraldic and Biographical House of Com- 

MONS and the JUDICIAL BENCH. 800 armorial engravings. 460 pp. 
.elothgilt :.* ... 7 6 

Debretf S Waistcoajt P;op)s:et Diary. Bonnd in red leather. 

PMte grain, gilt edges all round.' Sise, ^ by 2i inches 1 

Disn^ Napkins, &C. See Serviettes. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


9. d 

Diploma Series. ^^^ ^o^ ^ 12 by 10 io. in size, and con- 
tains 16 pp. of pictures in colours and tints besides letterpress. The 
covers are beautifully enamelled, and every picture is most artistic. 
This series contains : — each 6 

18. Ten Little Niggers. 

19. A South African ABC. 

20. Nursery Ditties ABC. 

13. A was an Archer. 

15. The Geisha, or Happy Little Jappies. 

16. Friendly Animals. 

17. Cinderella and Ked Biding Hood. 

21. Story of Moses. 

Stor^ of Joseph. 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable. Containing 6 pp. in fnll 

colours^ beautifully reproduced in high-art lithography, and 10 pp. in 
tints vath letterpress. This series oontains :— each 1 

11. Comical Cyclists. 

12. Chimes ABC. 

13. A vras an Archer. 

14. Army ABC. 
16. The Ueisha, or Happy Little Jappiea. 

16. Friendly Animals. 

17. Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. 

18. Ten Little Niggers. 

19. A South African ABC. 

20. Nursery Ditties ABC. 

21. Story of Moses. 

1. The World's ABC. 

2. True Anecdotes of Animals. 

3. Girls and Boys come out to Play. 

4. Sunshine. 

5. Ten Little Pussy Cats. 

6. Old Mother Hubbard's Nursery 

. 7. A B of Comical Animals. 

8. The World on Water. 

9. Fanu ABC. 
10. Animal Sketches. 

22. Story of Joseph, 

Divine and Moral Songs (I^r. Watts). By the Rev. Ingram 

Cobbin. Illu^rated. Demy 8yo. cloth boards, gilt 6 

Dogs as Companions, Ladies'. See Ladies' Dogs as Com- 

Dog Owner's Annual. An illnstrated annual, containing 
articles by Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N., and all the best writers on 
dogs. Complete list of the various Packs of Hounds, Dog Shows, Dog 
Clubs. &o 1 

Ditto. Bound in cloth boards 2 

Dog Owner's Kennel Companion and Referee (Dean's 

Illustrated Practical Guide Books). By Gordon Stables, M.D., R.N. 
Profusely illustrated by Louis Wain and B. H. Moore. Crown 
8vo 1 

Dog, Our Friend the. See Our Friend the Dog. 

Dollie*8 Dinner Party (No. 3, in Dean's Gold Medal Series). 
Toy Book, in the shape of an octagon willow pattern plate. This book 
is sewn up the centre and thus opens each siae. Containing 16 pp. of 
illustrations. Enamelled attractive cover 1 

Dombey and Son (No. 13, in Orchid Library). Bj Charles 
Dickens. Boimd in cloth boards, orchids embossed in blind blocking, 
titles on front and back stamped in gold 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 13, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Charles 

Dickens. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo .' 8 6 

Ditto. (No. 25, in Royal Stnart Tartan Library.) By Charles 
Dickens. ' Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all roi^nd ... B 6 

Domestic Syndicate, A (Na 21, in Dean's Character 

Sketches). By Kate Freiligrath Kroeker. Paper cover 6 

Don Quixote (No. 1, in Dean's Penny Tales for the Million). 

By Cervantes. 16 pp., illustrated by Sir John Gilbert. Imperial 8vo. 

in coloured illustrated wrapper 1- 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Double Check Washing Book, Gents' (No. 15, in Dean's 

Practical Guide Books). Perforated. For 26 weeks 6 

Ditta For Ladies e 

Ditto. Size, IH by if in. for Ladies and Qents l 

Dojle Fairy Book, The. Consisting of 29 Fairy Tales, trans- 
lated from Tarious languages by Anthony R. Montalba. with 30 illus- 
trations by Kichard Doyle, a memoir of Doyle, ana introduction. 
8ixe, crown 8vo. New edition. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, gilt 
edges 5 

Dranghts, and How to Play it (No. 5, in Dean's Champion 

Handbooks). By W. Patterson & 

Earl's Boxing (Dean's Champion Handbooks). Illustrated. 

Pbper cover & 

EaSY Painting Book (Na 3, in Dean's 6c/. Painting Book 

Series). Enamelled full colour stiff cover, 8 full colour pages, and 30 pp. 

of outlines for painting 6 

Educator's Guidei The (Dean's Edacational Works). For 
Schoolmasters, Teachers, Parents, and Guardians. By Robert H. 
llair,LL.D 1 6 

Elocntion Hade Easy (No. 11, in Dean's Books for Elocu- 
tionists). By Edith Heraud, Elocutionist. Crown 8vo. Coloured 
stiif paper cover 1 

Embalmed Heart, and other sensational Poems, The (No. 10, 
in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). By B. J. Cooper. Crown 8vo. 
Coloured stiff paper cover 1 

Enchanted Cat, The (Na 2, in " Qneen Mab" Series of Fairy 
Tales). Handsomely bound, cloth gilt and colour, gilt edges. Size, 
6| by 34 in I 

Enchanted Princess, The (No. 5, in Dean's Jnnior Library). 
By Dorothea 6. SinoUdr. Cloth bound, floral design in colours. 
C^wnSvo 6 

Endless Mirth and Amnsement. A Collection of Oames, 

CoDJuriDir, &e. By Charles Gilbert. Bound in full gilt cloth, block 
designs on cover, gilt edges. Crown 8vo. ... 3 6 

England, Histories of. See under Histories. 
Englishman's 6mde to One Hundred Watering Places 

in FRANCE (Dean*s Practical Guide Books). By R. W. C. Wyndham 1 

Eve of an Empire's Fally The. By Madame Carette. Story 

of the Second Empire. Handsomely bound, cloth. Crown 8vo. ... 10 6 

Eve's Daughters (No. 17, in Orchid Library). By F. Upcher- 
Cousens. Copyright. Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed in 
blind blocking, titles on front and back stamped in gold 2 

Ditto. (No. 17, in Wmdsor Castle Library.) By F. Upcher- 
Conflens. Copyright. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo. 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 29, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By F. 
Upcher-Cousens. Copyiight. Handsomely bound in hoyal &>tuart 
tartan, bevelled boards, gilt and culouri*, giit edges all round 3 6 

Everj Child's Histories (Corner's). See under Histories. 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Every Child's Beciter (in Dean's Books for Elocationlsts). 

By Maud Dean. Limp cloth. Grown 8yo 6 

Excelsior Royal Onide to Brassels and Belgium (in 

Dean*8 Practical Gntde Books). With 12 full-page illustrations. 
Produced for the Belgian Government and Ministry of the State 
Railways 1 O 

Export Merchant Shippers' Directory of London, The^ 

and all the principal Towns in the United Kingdom, with their 
respective Trading Ports, and the class of croods they customarily 
ship. Including a completely revised list of Lloyds* Agents and Signal 

An Itinenuy of the City of London is published in conj auction 

with the work. This Itinerary supplies a long-felt want amongst 
travellers and commercial men calling upon the exporters in London. 
Published annually. Cloth gilt Crown 8vo 17 • 

Pairy Land's BeaiUty (No. 3, in ''Qaeen Mab" Series of 
Fairy Tales). Handsomely bound, cloth gilt and colour, gilt edges.- 
Size, 6f by d| in. Beautifully illustrated by the Baroness Orczy and 
Montagu Barstow 1 O 

Fail7 Prince and the Oohlin, The (No. 5, in Dean's Junior 
Library). By Dorothea S. Sinclair. Cloth bound, floral design in 
colours, with modem illustrations 9 

Fairy Eosehud ; or, the Enchanted Maypfole and the Flower 
Fairies <Dean*s Ptoys for Toung Actors). By Amy Whinyates. A 
Play for very little Children, in two acts. Siae, 7 by 5^ in. Paper cover 6 

Ditto. In 1 vol, with * Little Dewdrop' and * Jack Frost.' Bound» 
gilt edges, fancy illustrated cover. (Nos. 16 and 16, in Dean's Plays for 
Young Actors.) 1 O 

Family Affair, A (No. 11, in Dean's Chancter Sketches). By 

Francis W. Moore. Paper cover 6 

Famous Fairy Tales of all Nations (No. 25, in Ordhdd 

Library). Bv Anthony R. Montalba. Copyright. Bound in cloth 
boards, orchids embossed in blind blocking, titles on front and back 
stamped in gold 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 25, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Anthony IL 
Montalba. Copyright. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8 vo. 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 17, in Boyal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Anthony 
B. Montalba. Copyright Handsomely bound in Koyal Stuart tartan, 
bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 6 

Farm ABC (No. 9, in Dean's Diploma Series). Mounted on 
linen, untearable. Tov Book. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, beauti- 
fully reproduced in high-art lithography, and 10 pp. in tints, with 
letterpress, enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 10 in 1 

Fashionable Letter Writer (No. l, in Dean's 2«. Useful 

Books;. Cloth, gilt edges 2 

Faust (No. 2, in Dean's Songs from the Operas). By J. Kend- 
rick Bangs and Frank M. Gregory. Containing the ' Flower Song * and 
the ' Spinning Song.* Illustrated with .% charming designs. Beauti- 
fully printed. Handsomely bound in cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt 
edges. Size, roj'al 4to 6 .0 

Favourite Animals (Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy Book. 
Containing 6 coloured pages and 6 b*ack-and- white pages with letter- 
press. Enamelled stiff covers, crown 4to 3 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable , 6 


Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Ferneries and Aquaria, their Constmction and Manage- 

MSNT (No. 27, in Deaa's lUuBtnited Practical Guide Books). By 
George Bggett, Senior. Fancy cover in colours Crown Syo 6 

Fifteen Months among the Kafirs (No. 16, in Orchid 

Library). By B. W. Phillips. Illustrated by W. fi. Borrow. Copy- 
right Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed in blind blocking, 
titles on front and back stamped in gold 2 

Ktta (No. 16, in Windsor Castle Library.} By E. W. 
Phfllips. Illustrated by W. E. Borrow. Copyright. Handsomely 
bouna in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. 
Crown 8vo. ... •• «.. •«* 3 6 

Ditto. (Na 30, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By K W. 
PhtlliDS. Illustrated by W. E. Borrow. Copyright Handsomely 
bound in Boyal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gift 
edges all round 3 6 

Fire at the Farm, The (No. 1, in Dean's Junior Library). 
By Ascott B. Hope. Cloth bound, floral design in colours, modem 
iliastratlQDS. Crown Svo ••• « 6 

First Catch your Hare, and A Legal Intrusion. In 1 vol. 

(No. 18, in Dean's Character Sketches.) ay Francis W. Moore. Paper 
cover ..» 6 

Fireworks and Chemical Snrprises (Dean's Practical Guide 

Book Series). By Charles Gilbert. Stiff paper cover. Crown Svo. ... I 

Fishmg (Dean's CSiampion Handbook Series); By C. Davies 

and £rthur Kent Bound in staff oloth. Crown Svo 1 

FootbaU, Rugby and Association (Dean's Champion Hand- 
book Series). By Straw Hat Bound in stiff cloth. Crown Svo. ... 1 

FrancCi Comei^s Histoiy of. See under Histories. 

Friendly Animals (No. 16, in Dean's Diploma Series). Toy 
Book. Contaiuing 16 pp. of pictures in colours and tints, besidc^s 
letterpress. Covers beautifully enamelled. Size, 12 by 10 in 6 

Ditta Mounted on linen, untearable » l 

Frolic and Fun (No. 8, in Dean's Cloth. Bound Series). 
Untearably mounted on linen. Containing 8 pp. of lithographed 
pictures and 20 pp. printed in a tint. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, 
bevelled boards, block design on cover. Size, royal 4to 3 6 

Frait Figures and How to Make Them (No. 14, in Dean's 

Practical Guide Books). Illustrated with diagrams. By Charles 
Gilbert. Stiff paper.cover. . Crown Svo.- ... ... 6 

Fan and Frolic (No. 2, in Dean's 5<. Toy Books). Con- 
taining 14 pp. of colour pictures and 10 pp. of monotints of comical 
animsas ana clowns. Untearably mounted on linen. Handsomely 
bound, cloth gilt. Size, 12 by 10 in 6 

Fanny Pussies and True Stories (No. 3, in Dean's Cloth 

Bound Series). Tojr Book. Containing S pp. of lithographed pictures 
and 20 pp. printed in a tint. Mounted on linen, untearable. Hand- 
somely bound, doth gilt, bevelled boards, block designs on cover. 
Size, royal 4to. ... 3 6 

Gabrielle ; or, the Eed Cap of Liberty (No. 12, in Dean's 

Plays for Young Actors). By Amy Whinyates. Bound in fancy 
stiit paper cover, illustrated, gut edges. Size, 7^ by 5i in 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

7. A B C Animale. 

8. Nursery Rhymes ABC. 

9. My Own Toy ABC. 

10. Bed Riding Hood. 

11. Cinderella. 

12. Robinson Crusoe. 


9, d^ 

Gteisha; or, Happy Little Jai>pies (No. 15, in Dean's 

Diploma Series). Toj Book. Containing 16 pp. of piotures in colours 
and tints besides letterpress. Covers beautifully enamelled. Size, 
12 by 10 in 6- 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable i ^ 

Gennanyi Comer's History of. See under Histories. 

Giant Popular Series. ConslBts of 12 pp. of pictures in 

colours and black and white. The finish of the colours in these books 
is much superior to what has ever been attempted before in a PenoT 
Toy Book. Size, 9 by 5| in. The Series contains :— each 6^ 

1. Animal Toy Book. 

2. Who Killed Cock Robin ? 

3. Visit to the Farm. 

4. Three Tiny Pigs. 
6. Dog's Party. 
6. Nursery Nonsense. 

13. Pussie's Party. 

Gifts, Emck-Knacks, and Pretty Trifles, How to Make 

Them (Dean's Illustrated Practical Guide Book Series). With Dia- 
grams. By G. Clark. Bound in stiff paper cover. Crown 8vo. ... 1 0* 

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play (No. 3, iu Dean's 

Diploma Series). Mounted on linen, untearable. Toy Book. Con- 
taining 6 pp. m full colours, beautifully reproduced in high-art 
lithography and 10 pp. in tints with letterpress. Bnamelled covers. 
Size, 12 by 10 in. 1 0» 

Ooats: their Varieties and Characteristics (No. 6, in Dean's 
Illustrated Practical Guide Books). By James Long. Bound in stifE 
paper cover. Crown 8vo ff- 

Golden Bee, The, and other Recitations (Na 13, in Dean's 
Books for Elocutionists). By M. Betham-£d wards. Limp cloth. 
Crown 8vo. ••• , • 1 (^ 

Golden Da^S of Childhood (No. 6, in Dean's Cloth Bound 

Series). Toy Book. Mounted on linen, nntearable. Containing 
6 pp. of coloured pictures and 20 pp. printed in a tint Handsomely 
bound, cloth gilt, bevelled boards, block designs on cover. Size^ 
royal 4to. * ^ 

Golden Hours (No. 16, in Dean's little Ones' Own Series). 
Containing 300 full-page coloured pictures, with stories relating to 
them printed on the page preceding or following them. Also Serial 
Stories, Puzzles, &o. Bound picture boards, cloth back. Size, crown 
4to. (9f by 7i in.) H 6^ 

Ditto. Cloth gilt, gilt edges ^ ^ 

Gold Medal Series. Toy Books. Size, 15 by 10 in , with 
beautifully lithographed covers, standing out in relief. In all 12 pp. 
in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography each 1 O 

3. Dolly's Dinner Party (shape of an \ 53. Struwelpeter of To-day. 

octagon willow-pattern plate). 

39. The Kocking Uorse Toy Book. 

40. Nursery Rocker Toy Book. 

41. The Rocking Chair Toy Book. 

42. Baby's Rocker. 

48. The House that Jack Built. 

49. Bold Animal Picture Book. 

50. A B C of Pretty Birdies. 

51. Holiday Rhymes. 

52. Bicycle A B C, 

54. Musical Nursery Rhymes. 
56. Navy ABC. 

56. Victoria Tov Book. 

57. Nansen North Pole Pictuie Book. 
68. The Ting-Lings. 

59. Nursery Rhymeland. 

60. Our Indian and Colonial Forces^ 

61. Big Animal Toy Book. 

62. Nelson Picture Book. 

63. Little Mother Hubbard. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


&old Medal Series. Toy Books. Embossed coven and 
chroino piotures, looaoted on oloth, strongly bound. Siso, 15 by 10 in. 

each 2 
48. The House that Jack BuiU. 1 56. Victoria Toy Book. 

"* ** ' ^ ' * ' '^* "^ * 57. Nansen North Pole Picture Book. 

58. The Ting-Lings. 

49. Bold Animal Picture Book. 

«X A B C of Pretty Birdies. 

61. Holiday Rhymes. 

£2. Bioyde ABC. 

B3. Strawelpeter of To-day. 

54. Musical Nursery Khymes. 

«L NaTj ABC. 

59. Nutsery Rhymes. 

60. Our Indian and Colonial Forces. 

61. Big Animal Toy Book. 

62. Nelson Pioture Book. 

63. Little Mother Hubbard. 

Oolf (Dean's Champion Handbooks). By J. McBain and W. 

Femle. Boand in stiff cloth. Crown Svo 1 0> 

Graphic Arts of the Age, The. By Theodor GoebeL 

This handsomely produced Technical Work contains, in addition to 
important Treatises on the Graphic Arts, most beautiful Specimens 
and most valuable Records of all the leading Contributors to the Art 
productions of Germany and Austria, which have attained such a 
nigh standard of excellence. It is not only a most beautiful Work of 
Art, but an indispensable Reference Book for Publishers. Printers, 
and the allied Trades. Specimens include Photogravure. Heliogravure, 
Blocks, Chromo-Lithography, Music Printing, 

i and Line 

IES» Wood JSogravings, Art and other Printing Papers, &c. 
Handsomely bound 4to. Subscription price net 63 0* 

Oreece, Comer'a History ot See under Histories. 

Oness Me (No. 16, in Dean's Illostrated Presentation Books). 
A curious colleotion of Conundrums, Acrostics, &o. By F. P. Planch6. 
Handsomely bound in full cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt edges. 
Crown 8vo — 3 6- 

Oimter's Modem Confectioner and Biscuit Baker. 

668 original receipts. By Mr. William Jeanes, late Chief Confectioner 
at Messrs. Gunter's. New and thoroughly revised edition, thirteenth. 
Btioogly bound, cloth gilt Crown 8vo 3 6- 

Gymnastics (N'o. 16, in Dean's Champion Handbooks). By 

SeistwMajor Noakes. Fancy paper cover. Crown 8 vo., illustrated ... 6- 

Ditto. (Dean's Champion Handbooks.) By Sergt.-Major Noakes. 

Boond in stiff cloth. Enlarged edition. Crown 8vo 10 

Handbook of Boxing, The (N'o. U, in Dean's Illustrated 
Book Series). With the Marquis of Queensberry and Amateur Boxing 
Association Rules for the regulation of contests with the gloves. By 
J. C. Sari, Ex-Champion of Heavjrweights, Ireland. Crown 8vo. ... 6* 

Handbook of tbe Orders of Chivalry. By Charles Norton 

Blvin, MJL, author of * Pictionary of Heraldry/ &c. Dedicated by 
permission to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, K.G. This book is 
printed in clear type on good paper, and handsomely bound in cloth 
gilt. It contains upwards of 200 illustrations, in gold, silver, aud 
bronze, besides many lithographs, copper-plate engravings, coats of 
anns, &c. Size, 10 by 7^ in 31 6 

''Happy Day" Series Toy Books. Mounted on strong 

linen. Beautifully enamelled covers. Size, ISJ by 6| in. ... ... 1 

6b Jaok-in-the-Box ABC. I 7. Pretty Birdiesb 

8. Merry Clowns. 

Hearts of Oak Exploits (No. 26, in Orchid Library). By 
LJeut.-Col. Knollys and Major Elliott. Copyright. Bound in cloth 
boardis orchids emboi^ed on the cloth in blincl blocking, titles on back 
and front stauii>ed in gold 2 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


c d. 

hearts of Oak Exploits (No. 26, in Windsor CasUe Libraty). 

By Lieut.-Col. KnoUys and Major Elliott Copyright Handsomely 
bound in cloth, bevelled boards^ gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. 
Crown 8vo 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 15, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Lieat- 
CoL Knollye and Major BlHott Copyright Handsomely bound in 
Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, gut and colours, gilt edgesall round 8 

Ser First at Home (No. 5, in Dean's Character Sketches). 

A drawing-room comedietta dualogue. Ry Campbell Rae-Brown ... 9 

Seroes of the Battlefield (No. 6, in Orchid Library). By 
Lieut-Col. KnoUys and Major Elliott. Copyright. Bound in cloth 
boards, orchids embossed on the cloth in nlind blocking, titles on 
back and front stamped in gold 2 

Ditto. (No. 6, in Windsor Castle Libraiy.) By Lieut-Col. 

Knollys and Major Elliott Copyright Handsomely bound in cloth, 
bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo. ... 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 16, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Lieut- 
Col. Knollys and Major Elliott. Copyright Handsomely bound in 
Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all 
round 3 6 

^History of England and Wales, Comer's. From the 

Earliest Period to the Present Time. With marginal references and 
notes. Crown 8vo. Revised and greatlv extended by the Editor of 
' The English Journal of Education.' With Questions. Cloth boards 3 $ 

^History of England, Rodwell's, Comer's, and Farr^s Child's 
First Steps to the. New edition, revised and corrected. Illustrated 
with portraits of the sovereigns and a map of England. Chronological 
table of principal events to be remembered in each reign. Cloth gilt 2 6 

Ditto. Comeths and Farr's Every Child'a From the Earliest 

Period to the Present Time. New edition, unooloured map. Limp 
cloth, lettered I 

Ditto. Cloth gilt, boards. Illustrated with portraits of the 

sovereigns 1 6 

^History of France, Corner's. From the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time. New edition, enlarged and improved. Chrono- 
logical table, index, and map, with scale of British miles and French 
leagues. Two steel engravings, finely executed by Davenport, from 
drawings by Franklin. With questions. Cloth, lettered 2 6 

History of France, Comer's and Farr's Every Child's. From 

the Earliest Period to the (Present Time. Examination questions sub- 
joined to each chapter, with map. Limp cloth, lettered 1 

Ditto. Cloth gilt, boards. Illustrated with portraits of the 

sovereigns 1 6 

Sistory of Germany and the German Empire, Comer's. 

From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. A new edition^ revised 
and enlarged. With chronological table, index, and questions for 
examination, to which reference is made by figures in the text With 
map and finely executed steel plates by Davenport, from paintings by 
Sir John Gilbert. Cloth boards 3 6 

History of Greece, Comer's. With map and questions. Limp 

cloth, lettered 1 

Ditto. Corner's. From the Earliest Period to the Roman Con^ 

Quest, with a Sketch of its Modern Historv to the Present Time. 
With questions to each chapter. Map by Becleer, chronological table, 
and index. Cloth, lettered 8 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


«. d. 
Sistory of Holland and Belgium, Corner's. From fhe 
Burliest Period to the Preaent Time. With ZDap and steel plate en* 
gzavings from designs by Sir John Gilbert Cloth gilt 2 6 

History of Ireland, Corner's. From the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time. New edition, revised and enlarged. Three steel 
engravings from designs hy 8ir John Gilbert, and other illustrations. 
With questions, chronological table, and bibliography. Cloth gilt ... 2 

History of Italy, Comeths. From the Earliest Period to tlie 

Present Time. New edition. Steel-plate engravings from designs by 

Sir John Gilbert, and map. Cloth gilt 2 6 

History of Borne, Comer's. From the Earliest Period to the 
Close of the Empire. New and enlarged edition. With marginal 
reference notes by the Editor of * English Journal of Education.' 
Map of the empire, chronological table and index. Questions sub- 
joined to each chapter. Constant reference to authorities. Cloth gilt 3 6 

Histoiy of Some, Comer's and Farr's Every Child's. From 
the Earliest Period to the Decline of the Roman Empire. With map. 
Limp cloth, lettered 1 

Ditta Boards, cloth gilt i 6 

[History of Scotland, Comer's. From the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time. With chronological table and modem map. Three 
full-page engravings on steel from paintings by Sir John Gilbert. 
With questions for examination. Clotngilt 2 6 

Holiday Bhymes (No. 51, in Dean's Gold Medal Series). Toy 
Book. Beautifully lithographed cover, standing out in relief; 11 

Slates in colours and monotints, reproduced by nne-art lithography, 
iae, 15byl0in 1 

Ditta Mounted on linen, nntearable 2 

Ditta (No. 4, in Dean's Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong 
cardboard, with linen hinges. Unusually strong. Opens out 12 ft. 
4 in 2 6 

^Holiday Series. Toy Books. Stiff coTered, pictnre board, 
doth baSek, enamelled and varnished picture cover front and backup 
Containing d2 pp. of pictures and letterpress, besides short stories in 
large type for the Little Ones. Size, 7^ by 9^ in each (I 

1. The Home Farm. | 3. Afternoon Tea. 

2. Merry Tales. I i. Budget from Fairyland. 

JSLome Farm, The. Toy Book. (No. 1, in Holiday Series.) 

For particulars see under Holiday Series 6 

JSLome Influence (Na 36, in Dean's Orchid Library). By Grace 
Aguilar. Bound in cloth boards. Orchids embossed in blind blocking 
on the cloth, titles on back and front stamped in gold 2 

Ditto. (No. 36, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Grace Agnilar. 
Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 5, in Royal Stuart TarUn Library.) By Grace 
Agnilar. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 (> 

Honesty is the Best Policy (No. 3, in Dean's Junior 
Library^. By J. Myrtle. Cloth bound, floral design in colours. 
Modem illustrations. Crown 8vo 6 

HoppUS' Timber Measurer. Trade edition, bound in leather 3 6 

Horse, Our Friend the. See Our Friend the Horse. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Horses, The Gentleman's Guide. Bj James Mills, M.R.C.y.S. 
(Hean's Practical Guide Books.) With suggeBtions relative to the treat- 
meut of diseases of horsep, and the art of horsemaDship, by Barej. 
Twentj-first edition. Bound in limp cloth. Crown 8vo. illustrated ... 

Housekeeper's Family Domestic Account Book (Dean's 

Practical Guide Books). Perforated for 52 weeks. Adapted for any 

year ... ••• ... ••• ... ••• •.« ••• ... ..« ... j. {y 

House that Jack Built (No. 48, in Gold Medal Series). 
Toy Book. Beautifully lithojjraphed cover standing out in relief, 
11 plates in colours and monotints, reproduced by fine-art lithography. 
Size, 15 by 10 in 1 O 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable 2 fr 

Ditto. (No. 2, in Dean's Panorama Series.) Mounted on 

strong cardboard, with linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft 4 in 2 & 

How French Soldiers fared in German Prisons. Being 

th<9 Reminiscences of a French Army Chaplain during and after the 
Franco-German War.- By Canon £. Guerf*. Army Chaplain to the 
French Forces. This work is illustrated with portraits of the leading 
actors in these terrible scenes. Large post 8vo. Handsomely bound 
in cloth gilt 7 6^ 

How Matilda, first Queen of England, was Wooed and 

WON (Dean's Sixpenny Plays for Young Actors). By Elsa D'Bsterre 
Keeling. A Play in Four Acts, for School and Home Performance ... & 

How to Make a Will (in Dean's Practical Guide Book Series). 

By a London Solicitor. Fancy coTers in colours. Crown 8vo. ... & 

Humorous Pieces (in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). By 

Francis W. Moore. Bound in limp cloth. Crown 8vo 1 

Humorous Plays. By Francis W. Moore. Olotb gilt, crown 

8vo 2 (> 

Ditto. Paper covers, ten parts separately each e 

Indian Clubs, Dumb-Bells, and Sword Exercises (No. 8, 

in Dean*s Champion Handbooks). With Diagrams. By the late 
Professor Harrison. Crown 8vo. illustrated. Fancy paper coyer ... ^ 

Ditto, (fn Dean's Champion Handbook Series.) By the late 

Professor Harrison. Stiff cloth. Crown 8vo 1 O 

In thie Days of the Bevolution (No. 29, in Orchid Library), 
By Carette. Copyright. Bound in cloth boanls. Orchids embossed 
on the cloth in blind blocking, titles on back and front stamped in gold 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 29, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Carette. 
Copyright. Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 6- 

Ditto. (No. 12, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library). By Carette. 
Copyright. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled 
boardi<, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 6> 

Ivanhoe (No. 24, in Orchid Library). By Walter Scott. 
Bound in cloth boards. Orchids embossed on the cloth in blind 
blocking, titles on back and front stamped in gold 2 0' 

Ditto. (No. 24, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Walter Scott. 
Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 6- 

Ditto. (No. 18, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library ) By Walter 
Scotf. Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colourd, gilt edges all rouud • 3 6- 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Jack's Ashore (Dean's 6dL Plays for Young Actors). A 

Sftilor Play. By Maud Hodges. Paper cover 6 

Jack-in-ihe-BoZ ABC (No. 6, in Dean's " Happy Day " 
Series). Mounted on strong linen, beautifully enamelled covers. Sise, 
ISibySJin 1 

Jolly Games for Happy Homes (No. 14, in Dean's 3«. 6 A 

Ulttstrated Presentation Books). Handsomely bound in full cloth, 
with block design on cover, bevelled boards, gilt edges. Crown 8vo. 3 6 

Jumping Jack-in-the-Box (No. l, in Dean's ''Magic Sur- 
prise *' Series). This series is an absolute novelty. Each book contains 
three movements, printed tn colours, besides 14 pp. of letterpress and 
illustrations in black and white 1 

Keble Autograph Birthday Book, The. With floral fuU- 

page illustrations. Bv B. L. M. Strongly bound in cloth gilt, gilt 
edges, with design in black and gold. Size, 10^ by 5 in 10 6 

Kenilworth (No. 20, in Orchid Library). By Walter Scott. 
Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed on the cloth in blind block- 
ing, titles on back and front stamped in gold 2 

Ditta (Na 20, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Walter Scott. 
Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. Crown 8vo. 3 6 

Ditta (No. 19, in Royal Stuart Tartau Library.) By Walter 
Scott. Handsomely bound in Koyal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
• gut and colours, gilt edges all round ... ' 8 6 

Kennel Companion and Beferee (in Dean's Practical Quide 

Book Series). By Dr. Gordon Stables. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. ... 1 
TTing Lear (No. 21, in Dean's Plays for Young Actors). By 
F. Spencer. Abridged edition. Adapted for children from Shake- 
speare's well-known tragedy. Bound in fancy illustrated cover, gilt 
edges. Size, 7^ by 5^ in 1 

Sitchen Oracle of Modem Culinary Art. By Samuel 

Hobbs, late chef to Messrs. Gunter & Co., Berkeley Square, W., the 
Queen, &c., author of ' 160 Culinary Dainties,' &c. Demy 8vo 10 6 

Ditta Half-bonnd leather, tape sewn •• 15 

Ijadies' Dogs as Companions (^o- 13, in Dean's 2s. 6d, 

Useful Books). By Dr. Gordon Stables. A guide to their manage- 
ment in health and disease, with many stories, humorous and pathetic, 
painted from the life. Boards, cloth gilt 2 6 

Land Surveyor's Beady Reckoner; or, Gentleman's and 

Farmer*s Guide to Land Measure (No. 10, in Dean's Useful Books). 
Showini; how any person can become his own surveyor and accurately 
gauge the area, whatever the shape of any piece of land, into roods, 
poles, or acres. By S. Thurlow. Bound in red leather 2 

Landlords, Tenants, and Lodgers, Laws Bespecting 

(No. 21, in Dean's Practical Guide Books). Including Law of Distress 
Act^lSSS. By J. Bishop. Crown 8vo (V 

Language and Poetry of Flowers (No. 22, in Dean's Guide 

and Useful Books). By H. G. Adams. Waistcoat pocket edition ... 6 
Ditto. {Nik 31, in Dean's Gnide and Useful Books.) By Maud 

Dean. With embossed floral cover, title blocked in silver. Crown 8vo. 6' 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


«. d. 

Last Days of Pompeii <No. 19, in Ordiid Library). By Loid 
LyttoQ. Bound in cloth boards. Orchids are embossed on the cloth 
in blind blocking, titles ou back and front stamped in gold 2 0* 

Ditto. (No. 19, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Lord Lytton. 
Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 (j: 

Ditto. (No. 28, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Lord 
Lvtton. Handsomely bound in Roval Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 
gilt and colours, gilt edges all round 3 s- 

Lawn Tennis. By Straw Hat (Dean's Champion Handbooks.) 

Crown 8vo. stiff cloth, boards - 1 o* 

Leaves from my Note Book. By an Ez-officer of the Royal 
Irish Constabular}'. Tales in connexion with Irish Life and Character. 
Illustrated. Bound, cloth gilt, gilt edges 2 & 

Xiegal Intrusion, A. In one Tolume with ' First Catch yoor 
Hare ' (No. 18, in Dean-'s 6<2. Character Sketches). By Francis W. Moore. 
Paper cover 6» 

Little Bluebell and the Will o' the Wisp (No. 10, in 

Dean's Plays for Young Actors). A Play in Three Acta for Little 
Children. By Aim^. Bound in fancy cover, gilt edges. Sise, 1\ by 
5ijn 1 0* 

Little Bewdrop and Jack Frost (in Dean's Plays for Young 

Actors). A Christinas Play fur Little Children. By Amy Whinyates... fi 

Jiittle Dewdrop and Jack Frost, and Fairy Rosebud and 

bound together in a fancy cover, gilt. edges. Size, 7i by 5^ in 10 

Little French Frot6g6 (No. 12, in Dean's Junior Libraiy). 
By author of ' Spring Flowers and Summer Blossoms.' Cloth bound, 
floral design in colours. Crown 8vo 6- 

Lil^&OOQ^y Two g[hoes (No. 15, in Dean's Pinafore Series). 
Toy Book.' Con'taining 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages 
with letterpress. Enamelled stiff covers. Crown 4to 3> 

Ditto. Mounted on linen^ untearable 6- 

Idttle Mother Hubbard (No. 63, in Deanis Gold Medal 
Series). Toy Book. Cover beautifully lithographed, standing out in 
relief, and 11 plates in colours and monotints, reproduced by fine-art 
lithography. Size, 15 by 10 in 1 0- 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 2 0> 

Ditto. (No. 16, in Dean's Panorama Series.) Mounted on 
strong cardboard, with linen hinges. Unusually strong and almost 
unbreakable. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in 2 6 

Xdttle One's Own Annual, The. With oyer 500 Stcmes in 

Prose and Verse, and 200 full-page pictures in chromo colours, besides 
Kindergarten Lessons, Riddles, Fuxales, &c. Handsomely bound in 
cloth, gold aud colour. Size, crown 4to. bix different 7 6* 

little One's Own Beciter (in Dean'a Books fOT Elocutionists). 

By >Maud Dean. Bound in limp cloth ... 6* 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


IdtUe One's Own Series, ^li the fdlowing books contain 
300 ooloored pictures and 400 tales. Size, crown 4to. (9f by 7^ in.}. 

LITTLB ONE'S OWN ALBUM. Cloth gilt, gilt edges 6 0- 

Ditto COMPANION. Cloth gilt, gUt edges 5 

Ditto FANCYLAND. Picture boards, cloth back 3 &- 

Ditto ditto Cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 

Ditto KEEPSAKE. Cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 O 

Ditto FICTURELAND. Picture boards, cloth back 8 6 

Ditto PLAYMATE. - Cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 0* 

Ditto PRIZE. Cloth gilt, gilt edges. 6 0< 

Ditto SOUVENIR. Cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 0* 

Ditto TREASURY. Cloth gilt, gilt edges 5 a 

Ditto WORLD of DELIGHT. Cloth gilt, gilt edges 6 O' 

UtUe Fs 'Tories (No. 8, in Dmq'b Junior Library). By 
Mds. J. Fayle. Cloth bound, floral design in colour. Modem illustra- 
tions. Crown 8vo : 6* 

IrangBtone (No. 8, in Ordhid Library). With original letters 
from H. M. Stanley. Copyright. Bound in cloth boards. Orchids 
embteaed on the cloth in blind blocking, titles on back and front 
stamped in gold 2 0^ 

Bilto. (No. 8, in Windsor Castle Library.) With original 
letters from H. M. Stanley. Copyright. Handsomely bound in cloth, 
beyelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo. ... 3 ^ 

Ditto. (No. 37, in Boyal Stnart Tartan Library.) With original 
letters from H. M. Stanley. Copyright. Handsomely bound in Hoyal 
Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt edges all round ... 3 6* 

•Iiivillg Stmwelpeter (Na 4, in Dean's 5«. Toy Books). By 
L. Heggendorfer. With 8 pp. of most amusing movable figures, and 
9 pp. of black-and-white sketches, with text 6 0» 

IiOhengrin (No. 3, in Dean's Songs from the Operas). By 

J. Kendrick and Frank M. Gregory. Containing the Swan Song, 
Bridal Chorus, and Love Duet, which are enriched with thirty deBignts. 
printed in sepia and blue. Beautifully bound in cloth gilt, bevelled 

Bridal Chorus, and Love Duet, which are enriched with thirty dcBig 
printed in sepia and blue. Beautifully bound in cloth gilt, bevel 
Doards, gilt edges. Size, royal 4to. 6 0* 

Loveliest Woman in London, The (No. 3, in Dean's I5. 

Kovels). Novel effective cover. Crown 8vo 1 O 

Lucky Tab Painting Book, The (No. i, in Dean's Qd. 

Painting Books). Consisting of enamelled full colour stiff cover, 

8 full colour page8> and 90 pages of outline for |>aintiDg &• 

Hffftgift Surprise Series. !• Jumping Jack-in-the-Boz. 2. At 
the Fair. Macaws, cockatoos, parrakeets, and parrots, their habits 
and peculiarities. (Dean's Practical Guide Books.) By Sir Thomas 
Pick Lauder, F.I1.8J:., and Captain Thomas Brown, F.L.8. With 40 
full-page illustrations bv Josepn B. Kidd. Bound in cloth, crown 8vo. 2 0* 

Tlua series is an absolute novelty. Each book contains three move- 
ments, printed in colours, besides 14 pp. of letterpress and illustrations 
in black and white. 

Hanu&Ctorer, The (Na 9, in Dean's Penny Tales for the 
Million). By w. H. Stacpoole. Coloured illustrated wrapper. Im- 
perial 8to. . , J 

M fttfthfllfl BebelUon: By Major D. 'Tyrie-LaiDg, who com- 
manded the Belingwe Field Force during 1896, giving an interesting 
and graphic account of the incidents during the rebellion, and of the 
mrt the Belingwe Field Force took in the suppression of the rising. 
niuatrated. Cloth bound, 8vQ » 3 ^ 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


s. d. 

May We Ne'er Want a Friend. la 1 vol with * Two of 

Kve's Daughters.* (No. 12, in Dean's Character Sketches.) Humorous. 
By Francis W. Moore. Paper cover 6 

JHe and Bill (No. 7, in Dea&'s Character Sketches). By 

Robert Overton. Paptir cover 6 

Members of the Frolic Club (N'o. 17, in Dean's Pinafore 
Series). Toy Book. Containing 6 colour rages and 6 black-and- 
white pages, with letterpress. Bnatpelled stiff covers. Crown 4to. ... 8 

Ditto. Mpunted on linen, untearable 6 

Men'B Wrongs, Women's Eights (No. l, in Dean*s Cha- 

racter Sketches). By Julia Chandler. Paper cover 6 

Merchant Shippers' Directory, See Export Merchant 

Shippers' Directory. 
Merry Clowns (No. 8, in '' Happy Day " Series). Toy Book. 
Mounted on strong linen. Beautifully enamelled covers. Size, 13) by 
6f in 1 

Merry Movements by Smart Performers (No 3, in Dean's 

" Movable " Toy Book Series). Toy Book. Bound in boards, enamelled 
picture covers. Size, crown 4to 10 

Merry Tales (No. 2, in Dean's Holiday Series). Toy Book. 
Stiff cover, picture board, cloth back. 32 pp. of pictures and letter- 

{)re86, profusely illustrated, besides Short Stories for the Little Ones in 
arge type. Sise, 7^ by 9^ in 6 

Midshipman, The (No. 4, in Dean's Junior Library). By 
Philip H. Hemyng, late R.N. Cloth bound, floral design in colours. 
Crown 8vo 6 

Midshipman Easy (No. 2, in Dean's Orchid Library). By 
Capt. Marryat. Bound in cloth boards, orchids embossed on the cloth 
in blind blocking, titles back and front stamped in gold 2 O* 

Ditto. (Na 2, in Windsor Castle Library). By Capt 
Marryat Handsomely bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt and 
colours, gilt edges all round. Crown 8vo 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 33, in Hoyal Stnart Tartan Library.) By Capt 
Marryat Handsomely bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, 

'^ gilt and colours^ gilt edges all round 8 6 

Miller's Maid, The (No. 7, in Dean's PUysforTonng Actors). 

By Miss Comer. A Play for Juvenile Actors. Illustrated by Tod6. 
Fifth edition 1 

Ministering Angel, A (No. 3, in Orchid Library). By E. C. 

Clayton. Copyright. For specification see Orchid Library 2 

Ditta (No. 3, in Windsor Castle Library.) By E. C. Clayton. 

Copyright See Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 40, in Koyal Stuart Tartan Library.) By E. C. 

Clayton. Copyright See Royal Stuart Tartan Library 8 6 

Modem Chess. By H. £. Bird. Noteworthy Specimens of 
Play. Early and modem games at odds. Illustrative games, together 
witn diagrams of interesting and instructive positions^ the Ruy Lopes 
Opening, &c. Cloth gilt, royal 8vo., with Index 7 

Modem Confectioner. See Oanter*s Modem Confectioner. 

Monte GristO (No. 33, in Orohid library). By Alexandre 

Dumas. For specification see Orchid Library .^ 2 0. 

Ditto. (No. 33, in Windsor Castle Libracy.) By Alexandre 

Dumas. See Windsor Library 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 8, in Royal Stnart Tartan Library.) By Alexandre 

Dumas. See Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



9. d. 

Motlier Goose and the Golden Eggs (No. 5, in Dean's 

FlajBfor Young Actors). By Miss Ck)meF. 10 illuetrationB by Harri-^ 
flon Weir. Sixteenth edition. Bound in fancy cover, gilt edgee, 
8iic,7iby5tin ... H 1 

Moimtain Fugitives (No. 43, in Orchid Library). Bj Rev. 

J.ToniMl-HaTerfield. Copyright For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

IXtto. (No. 43, in Windsor Castle Library). By Rev. J. Ton- 
stall-HaTeffield Copyright. For particulars see Windsor Castle 
libraiy ... ... ... 3 a 

Movable Punch and Judy. Toy Book. Strongly bound, 

pictilre boards, cloth back, (Can also be had in French) ... ... 2 S 

ynpiffl^ Nursery Rhymes (No. 54, in Dean's Gold Medal 
Sei/uB6).. I'oy Book. Beautifully lithographed cover, standing out in 
rehef. 12 pp. in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. Shse, 
16 by 10 in ... ... ... 1 

Ditia Mounted on linen, nntearable ... — ... ..^ 2 0> 

Ditto. (Na 7, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinged. Unusually strong. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in. ... 2 6 

My A B C (No: 14, in DeanV Pinafore Series). Bv Clifton 
Bingham. Containing- 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages, 
with letterpress. Bnamelled stiff covers. Crown 4 to 3* 

Ditta Mounted on linen, imtearable ... & 

My Mistress, the Empress Eugenie ; or, Court Life at the 

Tuileries. By her Private Reader, Madame Carette {nee Bouvet). 
Authorised Translation of * Souvenirs Intimes de la Cour aes Tuileries.* 
Handsomely bound, doth gilt Large post 8vo. Third edition ... 6 O 

Hansen North Pale Picture Book (No. 57, in Dean's Gold 

Medal Series). Toy Book. Beautifully lithographed cover, standing 
oat in relief. 12 pp. in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. 
, »«e, 15 by 10 in. 1 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable ^ 2 

Ditto. (No. 10, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 

boaM, with linen hinges. Unusually strong. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in. ... 2 G 

Haomi (No. 37, in Orchid Library). By Mrs. Webb. For 

particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 37, in Windsor Castle library.) By Mrs. Webb. 

For particulars see Windsor Oastle Library ... > ^ 3 ^ 

Ditta (No. 4, in ^oyal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Mrs: 

Webb. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library 3 & 

Havy ABC (No. bby in Dean's Gold Medal Series). Toy 

Book. Beautifuliy lithographed cover, standing out in relief. 12 pp. 

in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. Size, 15 by 10 in. ... 1 O 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, uotearable 2 

Ditta (Na 8, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinges. Unusually strong. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in. ... 2 & 

Hatoral History Wall Plates. Twelve different subjects, 

animals and birds each plate & 

Hdfie Hales (Na 2, in Dean's Penny Tales for the Million). 
By William H. Stacpoole. 16 pp. of well-printed matter, in coloured 
' iilostrated wrapper. Imperial 8vo It 

Helsoh Picture Book (No. 62, in Dean's Gold Medal Series). 
Toy Book. Beautifully lithographed cover, standing out in relief. 
. 12 pp. in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. Size, 15 by 10 in. 1 O 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


*. d. 

Nelson Picture Book. Moanted on linen, nnteurable ... 2 O 

Ditta (No. 16, in Panorama Series.) Moauted on strong card- 
board, urith linen hinges. Unusually strong. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in. ... 9 6 

New XTntearable Toy Book. Strongly bound in cloth boards. 

Containing 21 pp. of beautifully lithographed pictures mounted on linen 2 d 

Nicholas Nicldeby (No. 21, in Orchid Library). By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 O 

Ditta (No. 21, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Charies 
» Dickens. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 8 6 

Ditto. (No. 20, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library S 6 

Night with a fiaby, A (No. 3, in Dean'd Character Sketches). 

By Julia Chandler. Pai)er cover 6 

Nine Lives of Mr. Thomas Puss-Gat, The (No. 9, in 

Dean's Junior Library). By R. K. Laurence, with modem illustra- 
tiona Bound half-vellum, fancy sides, vrith silver art lettering. Large 
crown 8vo 6 

Nursery Ditties ABC (No. 20, in Dean'a Diploma Seriea). 
Toy Book. Containing 16 pp. of pictures in colours and tints, betides 
letterpress. Covers beautifully enamelled. Royal 4to 6 

Ditto. Mounted on lioen, nntearable 1 O 

Nursery Booker Toy Book (No. 40, in Dean's Qold Medal 

Series). Beautifully lithographed cover. Many pages of pictures and 

letterpress 1 O 

Nursery Bhymes ABC (No. 13, in Dean's Pinafore Series). 
Toy Book. Containing 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages, 

with letterpress. Enamelled stiff covers. Crown 4to 3 

Ditto. Monnted on linen, nntearable 6 

Nursery Rhyme Land (No. 59, in Gold Medal Series). Toy 
Book. Beautifully enamelled cover, standing out in relief. 12 pp. in 

colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. Size, 15 by 10 in. 1 O 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 12, in Panorama Series.) Moanted on strong card- 
ma^ board, with linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in 2 6 

Nursery Series of Toy Books. These books are finished in 
the highest stvle of artistic lithography. There are 6 full coloured 
plates m each book, besides 6 pp. of either black-and-white or letter- 
press each 2 

4. Three Kittens. 

6. Rhymes for the Nursery. 

6. The Clrcua 

1. Comical Nursery Bhymea 

2. Visit to the Zoo. 

3. A B C of the World. 

Nursery Tales Painting Book (Na 2, in iJeau's Sixpenny 

Painting BooksK Bight full colour pages and 30 pp. of outlines for 
painting and text of various nursery tales. Cheapestlx>ok in the market 6 

Old Curiosity Shop (No. 9, in Orchid Library). By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 9, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Charles 

Dickena For particulars see Windsor Castle Library S 6 

Ditto. (No. 26, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Charles 

Dickena For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

Old Friends and Fun (Na l, in Dean's Cloth Bound Series). 
Toy Book. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled boards, with block 
design on cover. Size, royal 4to 3 6 

Old Hungarian Fairy Tales. By the Baroness Orczy and 
Montagu Barstow. Containing carefully selected stories, beautifullv 
illustrated with one or more fine-art engravings on every page. Hano- 
somely bound, cloth gilt, gilt edges 3 6 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


By Charles Dickens. 

• •• ... ... M« 

Bj Charles Dickeas. 

Old Mother Hubbard's Nursery Ehymes (No. 6, in Dean's 

Diploma Series). Toy Book. Mounted on linen, untearable. 6 pp. in 

colours and 10 pp. in tints, with letterpress. Beautifully enamelled 

coTen^ Size, 12 oy 10 in. 

Oliver Twist (No. 4, in Orchid Library). 

For particulars see Orchid Library 

Pitto. (Na 4, in Windsor Castle Library.) 

For particulars see Windsor Castle Ltbrary 

Ditto. (No. 23, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Charles 

Dickeni:. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 

Ouce upon a Time (No. 15, in Dean's Character Sketches). 

By Francis W. Moore. Himiorous. Piaper cover ^ 

Oranges and Lemons (No. 19, in Dean's Pinafore Series). 

Toy Book. Containing 6 colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages, 

with letterpress. Enamelled stiff covers. Crown 4to 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearabie 

Orchid library. The most manrellous value library in the 
world. Bound in exceedingly novel and artiistic cloth boards. The 
orchids are embossed on the cloth in blind blocking, and the titles on 
back and front are stamped in gold. The Library contains the follow* 
ing books :— 

1. David Copperfield. By Charles 


2. Midshipman Basy. By Captain 

^3. A Ministering AngeL By B. C. 
4. Oliver Twist. By Charles Dickens. 
•6. Three Boots. By W. H. Stac- 

«e. HeTY>e8 of the Battlefield. Bv Lieut- 
Col. KnoUys and Major Elliott 
7. Bobinson Crusoe. By Daniel Defoe. 
^8. Livingstone. By H. M. Stanley. 
9. Old Curiosity Shop. By Charles 
*10. £2/)00 Reward I By A. B. Melville. 
^11. Betribution. By Philippe Tonelli. 
^12. The Cur§ of Bmsson. By Jean de 
laBrSte. Bdited by John Berwick. 
13w Dombey and Son. By Charles 

14. Peter Simple. By Capt. Marryat 
^15u The Bells. Ry MM. Brckmann- 

'^IG^ Fifteen Months among the Kaffirs. 
BvE. W.Phillips. lUustrated by 
W. B. Borrow. 
-*17. Eve*s Daughters. By J*. Upcher- 

18. Bamaby Budge. By Charles 


19. Last Days of Pompeii. By Lord 


20. Kenilworth. By Walter Scott 

21. Nicholas Nickleby. By Charles 


22. Pickwick Papers. By Charles 


23. Sketches by Bob. By Charles 

^k, Ivanhoe. By Walter Scott 

Those marked ^ are copyright books. 


. 4. 



3 6 
3 6 





each 2 
*26. Famous Fairy Tales of all Nations. 

By Anthony B. Montalba. 
*26. Hearts of Oak Exploits. By Lieut* 

Col. Knollys ana Major Elliott 

27. Vanity Fair. By W. M. Thackeray. 

28. Pendennis. By W. M. Thackeray. 
*29. In the Days of the Bevolutioa. By 

True Stories of Adventure. By 

Bosooe Mongan and P.H.Hemyng, 

BenHur. BvLewWaUaoe. 
Bunvan's Pilgrim's Progress. By 

Jonn Bunyan. 
Monte Cristo. ByAlexandre Dumas. 
31 Windsor Castle. By Harrison Ains- 

*35. Souvenirs of the Second Empire. 

By Count de Maugny. 

36. Home Influences. BvdraceAguilar. 

37. Naomi. By Mrs. Webb. 
*38. Basil Marsden. By George E. 


39. Swiss Family Robinson. 

40. The Wide, Wide World. By B. 

•41. The Raid on the Transvaal by Dr. 

Jameson. Edited by P. Aston. 
•42. Who Was She 1 By Henry Charles 

•43. Mountain Fugitives. By Rev. J. 

•44. Davy's Schooldays. By David 

•45. Victorian England. By Dr. W. H. 

S tac Doole 
•46. What became of Him t By Fred 

C. Milford. 
•47. Stanley and his Heroic Relief of 

Emin Pasha. By B. P. Scott 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


». d^ 

Our Friends (No. 11, in Dean's Cloth Bound Series). Toy 
Book. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled boards, with block 
design on cover. Size, royal 4to 3 6^ 

Ditto.. (No. 12,. in same Series.) Mounted on linen, nntearable 8 6- 
Our Friend the Dog. By Gordon Stables, CM. M.D. RN. 

Se^nth edition, enlarged and thoroughly revised throughout. Richly 

. .- - iraits of all the latest cnainp* ' ' 

plate paper, with numerous ot 
printed wit^ the text. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt 10 ^ 

illustrated with 60 half-tone portraits of all the latest charanioii dogs, 
beautifully printed on plate paper, with numerous other illustrations 

Our Friend the Horse. By F. T. Barton, M.R.C.V.8. This 
important volume ranks as a companion to Dr. Gordon Stables's 
standard work ' Our Friend the Dog,' and forms a complete practical 
guide to all tiiat is known about all breeds of horses, their training, &c. 6 C> 

Our Garden (No. 7, in Dean's Junior Library). By Author of 
' Moravian Life in the Black Forest' Cloth bound, floral design on 
cov€fr. Crown 8vo. fir 

Our Indian and Colonial Forces (No. 60, in Dean's Gold 

Medal Series). Toy Book. By Richard Simkih. Beautifully enamelled 
cover, standing out in relief. 12 pp. in colours, reproduced by fine- 
art lithography. Size, 15 by 10 in 1 0» 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 2 O 

pitta (No. 13, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in 2 6^ 

Our Pets ABC (No. 10, in Dean's Cloth Bound Series). 
' Toy Book. Mounted on linen. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled 
' boards, with block designs. Size, royal 4to.... 3 6^ 

Painting Books, Dean's. The most miarvellous M, Fainting 
Bookst in the market. Consisting of enamelled full colour stiff cover, 
8 full colour pages, and 30 pages of outlines for painting. 

1. The Lucky Tub Piiinting Book. I 3. Easy Painting Book. 

2. N-ursery Tales Painting Book. I 4. Pictures to Paint. 

Panorama Series, Dean's. These Panoramas contain 12 full 
" colour ])age»« of illustrations, cover varnished and embossed. The 
backs of these Panoramas also make splendid scrap books. They open 
out from 12 to 13 feet, and are almost unbreakable each 2 (T 

1. Bold Animal Panorama. 

2.' The House that Jack Built Panorama. 

3. A B C of Pretty Birdies Panorama. 

4.' Holiday Rhymes Panorama. 

fi. Bicycle ABC Panorama. 

6. Striiwelpeter of To-day Panorama. . 

7.* Musical Nursery Rhymes Panorama. 

8. Navy ABC Panorama. 

9* Victoria Toy Book Panorama. 

10. Nansen North Pole Picture Book. 


11. Ting^Lings Panorama. 

12. Nursery Rhymes Panorama. 

13. Our Indian and Colonial Forces- 


14. Big Animal Toy Book Panorama. 

15. Nelson Picture Book Panorama. 

16. Little Mother Hubbard Panorama., 

Papa and Mama's Easy Lessons in Geography. By 

A. M. Sargeaut. Stiff paper cover or limp cloth. Crown 8vo 1 0» 

Ditto. Bound in cloth 1 6- 

Paper Maker's Circular, The. The recognized representa- 
tive of the Paiier Trade in Great Britain. 8i>ecially devoted to Paper- 
M'lking. Pai>er Mill Engineering, and all contributory Trades. Estab- 
lished 18(51. Published on the l()th of each month * (> 

Paper Maker's Directory of all Nations: Containing 

every Paper and Pulp Mill in the World. Bound in cloth gilt. Si*e, 
lObySim 10 6*. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Tarlonr Flays for Home Perfonnance. Edited by Clement 

Scott Series I., oontaJning eight Plays. Series 11^ coatainiDg seven 
Plays. Bound in cloth gilt. Crown 8vo. each d 6 

Tanrots and their Treatment (No. '2%, in Dean's Guide and 

Useful Books). • By Marriott. New and enlarged edition. Fancy 
cover in colours. Crown 8vo. .i 6 

TarrotS, CiockatOOS (in I>ean'8 Practical Guide Books). By 
Ckptain Brown. 40 illustrations by Joseph B. Kidd, bound in illus-' 
trated varnished stiff paper cover. Crown 8vo. 1 

Paving of Hell, The (No. ll, in Dean's 1«. NoYek). An 

operatic episode by Clarice Klein. Novel cover. Crown 8vo. ..• ... 1 

Teeps into Paradise (Na 17, in Dean's Little One's Own 
Series). Containing: .%0 full-page coloured pictures with stories re* 
lating to them printed on the page preceding or iollowing them. 
Short Stories for Boys or Girls, Puzxles, and also serial stories. 
Bound, picture boards, cloth back. Size, crown, 4to. (9f by 7i iu.) ... ' 3 ^ 

Ditto. ClQthgiJt, gilt edges ... 6 

Peeps into Storyland (No. 5^ in Dean's Cloth Bound Series).. 

Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, bevelled boards, with block designs. 

Size, royal 4to. Mounted on linen .3 (> 

Tendennis (No. 28, in Orchid Library). By W. M. Thackeray. 

For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (Na 28, in Windsor Castle Library.) By W. M. 

Thackeray. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 h 

Ditto. (No. 14, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By W. M. 

Thackeray. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3ft 

]Penny Indestructible Midget A B €. This is a small 

Panorama which, when opened- out, makes about two feet, and is 
printed on both sides. Both small and large letters are given, as well 
as a clock and figures for counting. The whole is on a patent inde- 
sCructible card, which is folded by machinery into 14 pp. 1 

Penny Tales .for the Million. By Standard Authors. A 

new popular series of high-class works of fiction by Standard Authors. 
Illustrated. These books, which consist of from 16 to 32 pages of 
well printed matter, imperial 8vo.. in coloured illustrated w^pper, are 

by no means ** penny dreadfuls," but are of best quality each 1 

1« Don Quixote. By Cervantes. Illus-' 6. Bardell v. Pickwick, and other PapdT& 

trated by John Gill»ert. By C. Dickens. 

2. Nellie Hales. By William H. Stao- 
|xK>le. • • • • • 

ft. Three Cutters. -By Ci»t. Marryat- ^. ~ 

& The Piiute. By Capt. Marryatv ■ Dickens* 

9. The Manufacturer. By William H. Staopoole. 

Pet Animals ; or, the Amateur's Zoo. Their Habits, Charao- 
teriBtic& and how to Manage them in Captivity (in Dean's Practical 
Guide Books). By Arthur Patterson. With 4U illustrations. Fancy 
illustrated cover. Crown 8vo 1 

Ditta Bound in cloth, crown Svo. ... 2 

Peter Simple (No. 14, in Dean's Orchid Library). By Captain 

Manyat. For particulars see Orchid Library .' 2. fl 

Ditto. (No U; in Dean's Windsor Castie Library.) By Captain 

Manyat. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library ... ... ... 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 32, in Dean's Royal Btlnart Tartan Library.) By 

Captajn Marryat. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library ... 3 6 

Jjy u. uicKens. 

7. The Pickwickians on the Ice. By 

Charles Dickens. 

8. A Christmas Carol. By Charlel 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


$, d. 

PickwiddailS on the IcOi The (No. 7, in Dean's Penny Tales 

for the Million). By Charles piokens. Well printed in good type, 
imperial 8vo., in coloured illustrated wrapper ... 1 

Pickwick Papers (No. 22, in Orchid Library). By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 22, in Windsor Castle Library). By Charles 

Dickens. F6r particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 S 

Ditto. (No. 21, in Royal Stnart Tartan Library). By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library 3 5 

Pictures to Paint (No. 4, in Dean's Sixpenny Painting Books). 
Bnainelled full colour stiff cover, 8 full colour pages, and 30 pages of 
outlines for painting & 

Pigeons (No. 7, in Dean's Illastratcd Practical Onide Books). 
How to Bear. Breed, Keep^ and Manage Common and Fancy Pigeons. 
By Bdward Brown. Fancy cover in colours. Crown 8vo. & 

Ditto. Their Varieties, Management, Treatment, and Diseases 
(in Dean's Practical Guide Books). By Edward Brown, F.L S. Pro- 
fusely illustrated. Stiff paper cover. Grown 8vo. 1 O 

Ditto. Cloth boards, lettered 2 O 

Pilgrim's Progress (No. 32, in Dean's Orchid Library). By 

John Bunyan. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 O 

Ditto. (lNTo. 32, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By John 

Bunyan. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 S 

Ditto. (No. 9, in Royal Stuart TarUn Library.) By John 

Bunyan. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 S 

Pinafore Series. Toy Books. Containing 6 colour pages and 
6 black-and-white pages with letterpress. Bnamelled stiff covers. 
Crown 4to. This series contains >— each S 

16. Little Goodie Two Shoes. 

16. Favourite Animals. 

17. Members of the Frolic Club. 

18. A B C Words. By Clifton Bingham. 

- .r 19. Oranges and Lemons. 

14. My A B C. By Clifton Bingham. 20. A Book of Trains. 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable each ^ 

Pirate, The (Na 5, in Dean's Penny Tales for the Million). By 

Captain Marryat. Well printed, coloured wrapper. Imperial 8vo. ... 1 
3Play Grammar, The (y^ Dean's Edacatlonal Works). Joyful 
Oame& Basy Rhymes, and Conundrums. By Miss Comer. Bound in 
limp cloth, lettered. Crown 8vo. 1 O 

IKtta Strongly bonnd in doth 1 ^ 

Players of the Period. By Arthur Goddard. Being a series 

of anecdotal, biographical, and critical monographs of the leading 
living actors, including Henry Irving, Beerbohm Tree, J. L. Toole, &o. 
Illustrated by the best artists of the dav, viz., " Almfk" Fred Barnard, 
Alfred Bnran, Phil May, Oeorges Pilotelle, J. Bernard Partridge, F. H. 
Townsena, and other well-known artists. Peculiar interest and value 
is attached to the fact that the portraits of the actors are accompanied 
bv their autographs, with quotations, also written by themselves, from 

Slays with wnicn their names are associated. The standard work of 
tie stage. Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, gilt edges, large post 8vo. ... 10 O 

Ditta library edition. In 2 vols. each 6 

Plays for Young Actors and Home Performance, in 

3 vols. Handsomely bound, illustrated volumes, cloth gilt. Each 
volume contains from three to four complete plays, founded on the 
old nursery themes, and is complete in itself each 3 S 

9. Cinderella. 

10. Red Riding Hood. 

11. Puss in Boots. 

12. A B of Animals. 

13. Nursery Rhymes ABC. 
BO. -^ '^•'• 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Polish Jew, The (No.. 10, In Dean's It. Novela). The original 
stoTT from which the Lyceum play ' The Bells ' was dramatized. By 
MM. BrokmanD-Chatrian. Novel and effective cover. Crown 8vo..., 1 

Poultry, Domestic. How to profitably Rear and Keep. (No. 5» 
in Dean's Illustrated Practical Guide Books.) By Edward Brown. 
Illustrated. Stiff paper cover, crown 8vo S 

Poultry (Dean's Dlostrated Practical Ooide Books). Their 
ola»ifioation, varieties, treatment^ breeding, diseases, and Reneral 
management, hy Edward Brown, FX.S., Editor of *The Fancier's 
Gasette.' With rrontispiece, showing the points, and 24 illustrations 
by Ludlow. Stiff paper cover, orown 8vo 1 

Ditto, aoth lettered ... 2 a 

Practical Pocket Dictionary, The New Four Langoage. 

By Ignatius Em. Wessely. In 4 vols, cloth boards. Size, 4^ by 3^ in. 
1. English, French, Italian, German. I 3. German, Italian, English, French. 
8. Fiench, English, German, Italian. I 4. Italian, German, French, English. 

each 2 S 
Ditta Set of 4 vols, in case 8 

Pretty Birdies (No. 7, in Dean's "Happy Day" Series), 

Mounted on strong linen. Enamelled covers. Size, 18) by 6] in. ... I 

Prince and the Witch, The (No. 9, in Dean's Plays for 
Yoong Actors). A rhyming &iry tale for home ^rformance. By 
Mym Cneg. Fancy illustrated cover, gilt edges. Size, 7^ by 5i in. ... 1 (V 

Prince Balbo (No. ll, in Dean's Plays for Young Actors). 
Dramatized from Thackeray's ' Rose and the Ring.* By Amv Whin- 
yates. Illustrated by Arthur Hitchcock. Fancy illustrated cover, 
gitt edges. Size, Ti by 6^ in, , 1 

Princess and the Pirate, The (No. 22, in Dean's Plays for 
Toung Actors). By Amy Wlunyates. The plot of this play is founded 
on the touching old melodrama ' The Maid and the Magpie,' by Pocock. 
Fancy illustrated cover, gilt edges. Size, 7i by 5i in 1 

Punch and Judy (No. 3, in Dean's \8, 6d, Movable Toy Books). 
By Nelson Lee. Figures made to move ; with descriptive letterpress. 
Strongly bound, picture boards, cloth back. Size, 9^ by 7^ in 1 6 

Pass in Boots (No. ll^ in Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy Book. 
Containing 6 full colour pages and 6 black-and-white pages, with 
letterpress^ Enamelled covers. Crown 4to 3 

Ditto. Mounted on linen, nntearable o 6 

Ditto. (No. 4t, in Dean's Plays for Tonng Actors.) By Miss 

Coffner. Illustrated by Noyes Lewis. Faney cover, gilt edges ... 1 

Queen Mab Series of Fairy Tales. Handsomely bounds 

cloth gilt and colour, gilt edges. Size, 6| by 3^ in. Beautifully illus^ 
trated by Baroness Orczy and Montagu Barstow. 
L Ulettka and the White Lizard. | 2. The Enchanted Cat 

3. Fairy Land*s Beauty. each I 

Qneeil of Hearts (No. 20, in Dean's Plays for Tonng Actors). 
By B'Ar. A Fairy Flay in three acts. Bound, gilt edges, fancy illus- 
trated cover. Size, 74 by 5i in 1 

Queer Fish (No. l, in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). ChBr 
raoler Sketches by Robert Overton. Seventh edition, with Preface by 
Mrs. Stirling. Limp cloth. Crown 8vo , 10 

Quiet Evening, A (No. 17, in Dean's Character Sketches). 

By Francis W. Moore. Humorous. Paper cover 6 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


». 4L 

BabUts and their Habits (Na 9, in Dean's Illostrated 
Practical Guide Books). Bv J. Rogers, considerably revised by W. 
Heath. How to Kear, Feed, and Treat the several kinds of Rabbits. 
Fancy cover in colours. Crown 8vo 4 

SablHt Keeper's Guide, clitto, boand in cloth, gilt lettering... 1 

■Bae-Brown's Ballads. Hamoroos and otherwise. By Camp- 
bell Rae-Brown, Authorof ' Kissing Cup's Race.' Cloth gilt» gilt edges , % % 

Baid on the Transvaal by Dr. Jameson. By P. £. Aston. 

This book deals thoroughly not onljr with the actual '* Jameson 
Raid," but with the chain of events which preceded it Portraits of 
Mr. Rhodes, Dr. Jameson, President Kruger, and other notables are 
given, in addition to some valuable maps. ..., ... ..... ... ' ... I'O 

Ditto. (No. 4i, in Orchid Librai7.) By P. E. Aston. For 

particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 41, in Windsor Castle Library.) By P. E. Aston. 

For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Bed Biding Hood (No. 10, in Dean's Pinafore Series). Toy 
Book. Containing 6 pp. in full colours and 6 pp. in black-and-white' 
with letterpress. Bnamelled covers ... ..v ... u. 3 

Ditto. Mounted on linen» untearable ... 6 

Ditto. (Na 1, in Dean's Scenic Series.) Toy Book. Sixe^ 

7 by 8i in. The covers of these books have the appearance of a set 
piece on a stage. The book contains 6 pp. in full colours and 8 pp. of 
black-and-white illustrations and text 6 

Ditto. (In Dean's Untearable Pantomime Series.) Mounted on 

linen, enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 9^ in ... 1 6 

Begimental Plates. By Harry Payne. See British Regimental 

Betribution : a Coraican Vendetta Story. By Philippe TonellL 
Illustrated by R. Andr6. In this work the au&or gives a stirring 
narrative ana vivid picture of the manners and customs of Corsica. 
Handsomely bound, cloth gilt. Large post 8vo. 6 

Ditto. (No. 11, in Orchid Library.) By PhiUppe TonellL 

Copyright. For particulars see Orchid Library .20 

Ditto. (No. 11, In Windsor Castle Library.) By Philippe 

Tonelli. Copyright. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library ... 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 35, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Philippe 

Tonelli ' Copyright. ' For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

BhymeS of the Times (No. 8, in Dean's Books for Elocu- 
tionists). Bv Campbell Rae-Brown. Serious ballads for recitation. 
C'Ontaining— In at the Death— Debenham's Last Bet, &c. Crown 8vo. 
limp cloth i..' ?L 

Bichard Barlow the Bloodhound (No. 2, in Dean's l«. 

Novels). A Drama. Story in scenes, by Campbell Rae-Brown. Hgst - 
novel and efEective cover. Crown 8vo 1 

Bobi^80n Crusoe (Dean*s Untearable Pantomime Series.) _ 
Mounted on linen, enamelled covers. Size, 12 by 9^ in ,..'16 

Ditto, (No. 7, in Orchid Library.) By Daniel Defoe. For 

particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 7, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Daniel Defoe 

For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 38, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Daniel 

Defoe. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Bocking Horse Toy Book (^6. 39, in Dean's Gold Medal 
Series). Beautiful] j enamelled cover, illustrations, and text 

Rocking Chair (No. 41, in Dean's Gold Medal Series). Bean- 
tif ally enamelled cover, illustrations, and text 

Borne, Comer's History of. See nnder Histories. 

Bose Morton (No. 10, in Dean's Jnnior Library). By L. 
Dnuy. With inodem illustrations. Bound half- vellum, fancy sides, 
with silver art lettering. Size, 8^ by 5^ in 

Boiind Dozen, A (No. 2, in Dean's Books for Elocutionista). 
Character Sketches hy R. Overton. Containing twelve pieces. Bound 
in limp cloth. Crown 8vo 

Bowing (No. 15, in Dean's Champion Handbooks). By Straw 
Hat Crown 8vo. illustrated. Fancy paper cover 

IXtto. Bound in stiff cloth 

Bowing, Sculling, Canoeing, and Yachting (No. 11, in 

Dean's Practical Ouide Books). By a Member of the Thames Yacht 
Cluh. Crown 8vo. illustrated 

f ^ 





Boyal Stoart Tartan library. These books are handsomely 
bound in Royal Stuart tartan, bevelled boards, gilt and colours, gilt 
edges all round. ^oh 3 

1. The Wide, Wide World. By E. 

% Swiss Family Bobinsdn. 
a Boisil Marsden. By G^orgci E. Sdr- 

4. NaomL By Mrs. Webb. 

fi. Uo'me Influences. Bv Grace Aguilar. 

41 Souvenirs of the Second Empire. 

By Count de Maugriv. 
7. Windsor Castle. By Harrison Ains- 

S Monte Cristo.' By* Alexandre 

9. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. By 

John Bun van. 

10. Ben Hur. By Lew Wallace. 

11. True Stories of Adventure By 

Rosooe Mongan and P. H.Hemyng, 

12. In the Bavs of the Revolution. By 

11 Vanity Fair. By W. M. Thackeray. 

14. Peodennis Bv W. M. Thackeray. 

15. Hearts of Oak Exploits. By Lieut- 

Col. KnoUys and Major Elliott. 
16 Heroes of the Battlefield. Bv Lieut- 
Col. EnoUys and Ma;jor iSlliott 

17. Famous Fairy Tales oi all Nations. 

By Anthony R Montalba. 

18. Ivanhoe. By Walter Scott. 

19. KenUworth Bv Walter Scott 
^..Nicholas Nickfeby» By Charles 


21. Pickwick Papers. By Charles 


22. Sketches by Boz. By Charles 


23. Oliver Twist. By Charies Dickenl 

24. Bamaby Budge. By Charles Dickens* 

25. Dombey and Son. By Charles 

26; Old Curiosity Shop. By Charles 

27. David Copperfield. By Charles 


28. Last Days of Pompeii. By Lord 


29. Eve^s Daughters. By F. Upcher* 


30. Fifteen Months among the Kaffirs. 

By E. W. Phillips, illustrated 
by W. E. Borrow. 

31. The Bell&. By MM. Erckmann* 


32. Peter Simple. By Capt Marryat. 

33. Midshipman Easy. By Capt» 


34. The Cur6 of Buisson By Jean de 

laBrete. Edited by John Berwick. 
.%. Retribution. By Philippe Tonelli. 

36. £2,()00 Reward 1 By A. E. MelvUle. 

37. Livingstone. By H. M. Stanley 

38. Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel Pefoe. 

39. Three Boots. By W. H. Stecpoole. 

40. A Ministering Angel. By B. C. 


^IKSby Football (Dean's Champion Handbook8(. By Straw 

Hat Cloth, crown 8vo. ... 6 

Byder's Last Sace, &&<! other Humorous Recitations (N'o. 7, 
in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). By Campbell R'ie-Brv)wn, author 
of 'Kissing Cup*s Race/ &o. Bound in limp cloth 1 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


i. d. 

Saint Valentine's Day. In ^ ▼ol«> with * Speech may be 
Bilver,* &c (No. 20, in Dean's Character Sketches.) By Francis W, 
Moore. Paper cover G 

Sea as a Profession, The ; or, How to Send a Boy to Sea 

(Dean's Illustrated Practical Guide Books). By Phillip H. Hemyng. 
formerly Lieut. H.N. Equally applicable for the Royal Navy and 
Merchant Service. Bound in sfiff paper cover. Grown 8vo 1 O 

Seaside Fun (No. 3, in Dean's Surprise Model Picture Books). 

By Arthur Penuel and E. Gourley. Upon opening any pa^ in this 

turned, become perfectly nat again. Bound m stiff boards, dotn DacR, 
enamelled cover. Size, 11) by 9 in. , 1 G 

Serviettes; or, Dinner Napkins and how to Fold them (Dean's 
Useful Guide Books). Bv (^orgina G. Clarke. Contidning 100 iUus- 
trations. Strongly bouna in cloth. Crown 8vo « ..« 1 ^ 

Sheep : their Varieties, Points, and Characteristics (in Dean's 

Illustrated Practical Guide Books). By Joseph Darby. How to 
remedy diseases, &c. Illustrated. Stiff paper, illustrated cover ..» 1 <> 

Silkworms (No. 30, in Dean's Guide and Useful Books). By 
M. Bdwardes. A complete treatise on the Mulberry-leaf and Oak-leaC 
Silkworms. Fancy cover in colours. Crown 8vo..., ,.. 6 

Ditto. (Dean's Practical Guide Books.) By M. Edwardes. 

Bound in limp cloth. Illustrated 1 O 

Sir Rupert and Gii^ly; or, the Young Cavalier (No. 17, in 
Dean's Plays for Young Actors). By Amv Whinyates. With 2 illus- 
trations bv K. Andr6. Bound in fancy illustrated cover, gilt edges. 
Siae, 7i by 64 in 1 O 

Sketches by Boz (No. 23, in Orchid Library). By Charles 

Dickens. For jiarticulars see Orchid Library 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 23, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 9 

Ditto. (No. 22, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Charles 

Dickens. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library 3 <? 

Soldier's Son, A ; or, Principle before Prejudice (No. 2, in 
Dean's Junior Library). By Philip H. Hemyng, R.N. Cloth bound, 
floral design in colours. Crown 8vo 9 

Song Birds : How to Keep and Rear (No. 10, in Dean's Illus- 
trated Practical Guide Books). By H. N. Whittaker. Fancy cover in 
colours. Crown 8vo ,... 6 

Songs from the Operas. A series of beautifully printed High 
Art Gift Books. The text is by J. Kendrick Baugs, and the most 
artistic illustrations are from Frank M. Gregory's wash drawings. 
The books are handsomely bound in cloth gilt, bevelled boards, gilt 
edges, and contain respectively the chief songs from the operas 
* Carmen," * Faust,' and 'Lohengrin.' Size, royal 4to each 6 

South African A B G, A (No. 19, in Dean's Diploma 
Series). Toy Book. 16 pp. of pictures in colours and tints, besides 
letterpress. Covers beautifully enamelled. Size, 12 by 10 in 6 

Ditta Mounted on linen, untearable 1 

Southerly Wind and a Cloudy Sky (No. 13, in Dean's 

Character Sketches). By Francis W. Moore. Humorous. Paper cover G 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


#. If. 

Sonvemrs of fhe Second Empire ; or, the Last Days of 

the Court of Naftoleon. By the Comte de Mangnjr (formerl^jr Ministor 
for Foreign Af&iirs). This interesting volume of the reminiscences 
of a Cabinet Minister is full of anecdotes relating to all that passed 
amongst the Court and Society^ the Clubs and the Theatres, in the 
reign of Napoleon III. It also contains numerous particulars, and' 
portraits, as to the Lives of all the Celebrities of the period, including. 
the Emroror, General Fleury, the Prince and Princess de Mettemich, 
Baron Hausmann» Yon Moltke. Thiers, Guizot^ Gounod, Wagner, &c. 
Handsomely bound. Large post 8vo 6 

Ditto. (No. 35y in Orchid Library.) By the Comte de Mangny. 

Copyright* For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 35, in Windsor Castle libranr. ) By the Comte de 

Mangny . Copyright. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library ... 3 6 

Ditto. (No. 6, in Royal Stuart tartan Library. ) By the Comte de 

Maugny. Copyright* For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Libnuy 3 6 

Speech may be Silveri but Silence is Gold. In one 

Tolnme, with '8t Yalentine^s Day.* (No. 20,. in Dean^s Character 
Sketches). By Francis W. Moore. Humorous. Paper cover 6 

Speech Studies (No. 5, in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). 
Studies of Poems, with Recitations, Anecdotes. Sketches, and Articles 
• thEli * -. -ri . -. 

oonnected with Elocution. By Edwin Drew. Stiff paper cover in 
0(^OW8. Crown 8vo. ) 

Stanley and his Heroic Belief of Emin Pasha. By E. P. 

Scot^ with map and 14 other illustrations, including portraits of 
Stanley^ Emin Pasha^ Zebehr Pasha, and the Mahdi. Handsomely 
bound m cloth gilt, with picture side in colours. Crown 8vo. 2 6 

IXttoL (Na 47, in Orchid Library.) By E. P. Scott. Copy- 
right. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (Na 47, in Windsor Castle Library.) By E. P. Scott 

Copyright For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Stationer, Printer, and Fancy Trades' Register. The 

leading journal for printers, publishers, stationers, and all those 
iBterested in the kindred trades. Special articles and topics of re- 
liable trade news. Thirtv-sixth year of publication. Issued the first 
of each month at 6<l. Subscription, 1$, 6d, per annum, post free. 

Stories of Pets; or, Dogs, Cats, Birds, and a Monkey. By 

Bean Burgon, Dr. Gordon Stables, and others. Qilt edges, crown 8vo. 2 6 

Story of Hoses (No. 21, in Dean's Diploma Series). Toy 
Book. By Rev. Theodore Johnson. 16 pp. of pictures in colours and 
tints, with letterpress. CoYers beautifully enamelled. Size, 12 by 10 in. (^ 

Story of Joseph (Dean's Diploma Series). Toy Book. By 
Bey. Theodore Johnson. 16 pp. of pictures in colours and tints, with 
letterpress. Covers beautifully enamelled. Size, 12 by 10 in 6 

Ditto. Moimted on linen, nntearable i 

Storylaad (Dean's Pictore Toy Book). Containing over 
200 pp. of stories and miscellaneous matter by A. Adams Iklartin, 
Bobert Abel, Lieut-Col. W. Knollys, E. W. Phillips, Robert Overton, 
and others, with an introduction by T. O. Day. Profusely illustrated 
by P. Holmes, W. B. Borrow, Hal Ludlow, and'other prominent artists. 
Clotti picture boards. Crown 4to. Size, 9^ by 7 in 1 6 

Strange Prison, A (No. 8, in Dean's U, Novels). By W. H. 

Stecpoole. Most ^ective cover. CrowbSro 1 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


s. d. 
Struwelpeter of To-day (^fo. 53, in Dean's Gold Meciua 

Series). Toy Book. Beautifully enamelled oover, standing out in 
relief. 12 pp. in colours, reproduced by fine-art lithography. Size, 
15 by 10 in :. 1 

Ditto. Mowfted on iineUy untearable ... .2 O 

Ditto. (No. 6, in Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in. „i 2 6 

Sunshine (No. 4, in Dean's Dipl^sma. ■* Linen '* Series). Toy 
Book. Mounted on linen, untearable. 6 pp. in colours and 10 pp. in 
tints, with letterpress. Beautifully etiainelled covers. Size, 12 by 10 in. 10 

Sure to Please E(erie9. A marvelloualy cheap series of Id. 
toy books. Each book contains 4 full-page well-printed coloured 
pictures and 4 pp. of stories and verses. Bound in a very attractive, 
coloured, illustrated wrapper. 

35. Buttercups and Dairies. 
86. Bobin's Picture Book. 
38. Happy Hours. 

41. Our Little Chicks. 

42. Water Lilies. 

43. A B C of Birds. . 

44. Toy ABO. 

45. Town and Seaside ABC. 

46. Animal ABC. 

47. Sunday Stories. 
4a A Sunday Book. 

49. Miracles of our Lord. 
50.- Parables of our Lord. 

51. Dorothy's Picture Book. 

52. May Day. 

53. Happy Jappy. 

Surprise Animal Picture Book, Dean's. An entirely new 
movement has been introduced into this book. By on automatio 
arhm^ement the animals are seen to be walking out of the pictures, 
thus forming a picture in relief. Size, 9 by 11^ in. oblong ... ...'26 

Surprise Model Picture Book (No« 1, in Dean*s Surprise 
Model Series). Bv Arthur Penu^l. and B. HalL Upon opening any. 
pa^e in these books the pictures, biy an ingenious arrangement, open, 
as if by mJEigic. into model relief : aqd upon the book beiug doied, or 
the page turned, become perfectly ftotftgaib. Stiff boards, cloth back, 
enamelled cover. Size, llf by 9 m: ..• I ^ 

Swimming (Dean's Champion Handbooks^ By Gapt. Dalton. 
Revised by Straw Hat., Cloth, crown 8vo. 1 

Swiss Family Bobinson (No. 39, in Orchid Library). For 

particulars see Orehid Library ... 2 

Ditto. (No. 39, in Windsor Castle Library.) For particolanr - 
see Windsbr Castle Library ... ... /... ... 3' 6 

Ditto. (No. 2, in Koyal Stuart Tartan Libi^ry. ) For particulars 

see Royal Stuart Tartan Library ... .'.. ... .'.3 4 

Sylvia's Bide for. Life, and other Original Ballads for Beci- 
tation (No. 6, in Dean^s Books for Elocutionists). By Frederick G. 
Webb. Illustrated. Stiff paper cover. Crown 8vo 1 

Tableaux Vivants (No. 1 6, in Dean s Books for Flocationists). 

By 0. J.'Ooodfick. Bound in limp cloth. Crown 8vo .' 1 6 

Tale of an Old Sugar Tub (Na 2, in^Dean's Snr()rise Model 
Picture Books). By Arthur Penuel and E. Hall. Upon opening any * 
page in these, books, the pictures, by an ingenious arrangement, open, 
as if by magic, into model relief ; and upon the book being closed, or 
the page turned, become perfectly flat again. Stiff boards, cloth bacl^ ' 
enamelled cover. Size, llf by 9 in. ... ' 1 6 

Ditto. Bound together with the Surprise- Model Fictdre Book, ' 
being two of the U, 6d. books in one * 2 6 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


tea little Niggers (No. 18, in Pean's Diploma Series). Toy 
Book. GontaioiD? 16 pp. of pictures in ooloura and tints, besides 
letterpress, Enamellfid covers. Sise, royal 4to 6 

Ditto.. Moanted on linen, untearable 1 

Ten Litile Pussy Gats (No. 5, in Dean's Diploma Series). 
Toy Book. Mounted on strong linen. Containing 6 pp. in full colours, 
beautifully reproduced in high-art lithography, and 10 pp. in tints, with 
letterpress. Enamelled cover. Size, 12 by 10 in 1 

Ten Minates (No. 12, in Dean's Books for Elocutionists). By 

Bobert Overton. Short Tales and Becitations. Limp cloth, crown 8vo. 1 

Terrible Bace, A (No. 9, in bean's Character Sketches). By 

Oampbell Bae-Brown*. Sporting Ballad for recitation. Paper cover... G 

Those Were the Days. A very handsome Artistic Gift Book, 
•containing facsimile, of Tpm felly's lead, pencil originals most 
marvelloiislv reproduced ; and Poems by Mrs. Tom Kellv. Large royal 
Sva Bound in rough cloth gilt, with ribands tying in front ; 10 & 

Ditto.. Large royal Sm, novel binding 6 

Ditto. Idurge royal 8vO,^ ^Iptfi bound 2 & 

Three Boots, The. A Stoiy of the present day in London. 
By- William H. Stacpoole. Illustrated with full-page illustrations. 
iSenkj 8vo. cloth boards 3 & 

Ditto. (No. 5, in Orchid Library.) By W. H. Stacpoole. For 

particulars see Orchid Libraiy « 2 

Ditto. (No. 5, in Windsor Castle Library.) By W. H. Stac- 
poole. For particulars Bee Windsor Castle Library 3 (S 

Ditto.. . (Na 39, in Royal Stoart Tartan Library.) By W. H. 

Stacpoole. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library 3 & 

Three Gutters, The (No. 3, in Dean's Penny Tales for the 
Million). By Capt. Marryat. Well printed. Imperial 8vo. Coloured 
illustrated wrapper 1 

Three Little Doggies (No. 7, in Dean's LTntearable Series). 
Toy Book. Mounted on linen. Enamelled covers and beautifully 
litnographed pictures in colours or in a tint. Cut to shape S 

Ting-Lings (No. 58, in Dean's Gold Medal Series). Toy 
Book. By C. W. Saalburg. Beautifully enamelled cover, standing 
out in relief, 11 plates in colours and monotints, reproduced by fine- 
art.lithc^phy. ^ize, 15 by 10 in 1 C; 

Ditto.- Mounted on Unen, nntearable 2 o 

Ditto. (No. 11, in Dean's Panorama Series.) Mounted on strong 

cardboard, linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in 2 & 

Tiny Toddlers. By Maude Humphrey, and Verses by Helen 
Gray Cone. These books contain lovely reproductions of Miss Hum- 
phrey's aquarelles, so faithfully reproduced that it is almost impossible 
to teU the reproduction from the original ; and pages of verse by Miss 
Cooe, embellished by designs in outline by same artist. Handsomeiy 
bopnd in stiff picture boards. Sise, U by 11 in. 6 O 

T<qr ABC (No. 1, in Dean's Sixpenny Untearable Picture Toy 
Books). Enamelled cover. Beautifully lithographed coloured pictures 
printed on linen.' Size, S% by 7 in 6. 

Tlidte with Cards, fee® Card Tricks. 

Trip through Asia, A. Toy Book. Giving 12 coloured 
pages, showing maps of the various countries visited, and national 
costumes, flogs, stamp®, &c., with descriptive letterpress... 1 O 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 



True Anecdotes of Animals (No. 2, in Dean's Diploma 

Linen Series). Toy Book. 6 pp. in full oolours, 10 pp. in tints^ with 
letterpress. Bnamelled cover. Mounted on linen. Size, 12 by 10 in. 1 

True Friend's Birthday Book. Hlostoted border pages. 

Handsomely bound, half-oloth, ffilt, gilt edges. With 12 full-page 
illustrations by Sir J. E. Mlllais, Bart, Barnard, &o. Size, 6^ by 4f m. 2 6 

True Story of Catherine Parr, The; or, How King 

Henry VIII.'s Sixth Wife had her Way with Him (Dean's Sixpenny 
Plays for Young Aotors). By Blsa D'Bsterre Keeling. Play in one Aot ^ 

True Stories of Adventure (No. 30, in Orchid Library). 
By Bosooe Mon^n and P. H. Hemyng, B.N. Copyright. For par- 
ticulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (Na 30, in Windsor Castle Library.) By Boscoe Mouflan 
and P. H. Hemyng, B.N. Copyright. For particulars see Windsor 
Castle Library 8 6 

Ditto. (No. 11, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By Boocoe 
Mongan and P. H. Hemyng, B.N. Copyright For particulars see 
Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

Two of Eve's Daughters. In 1 vol, with * May we ne'er 

want a Friend.' (No. 12, in Dean's Character Sketches.) By Francis 

W. Moore. Humorous. Paper cover 6 

Two Thousand Pounds Reward (No. 10, in Orchid Library). 

By A. £. Melville. Copyright. For particulars see Orchid Library ... 2 O 

Ditto. (No. 10, in Windsor Castle Library.) By A. E. Mel- 
ville. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 8 G 

Ditto. (No. 36, in Royal Stuart Tartan Library.) By A. K 

Melville. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 

TJlettka and the White Lizard (No. l, in Dean's Qaeen 
Mab Series of Fairy Tales). Handsomely bound, cloth gilt and colour, 
gilt edges. Beautifully illustrated. Size, 6f by 8^ in 1 O 

Uncle. A Story of Modern French Life. No7eL By Jean de 
la Brdte. Translated from the French * Mon Oncle et mon Cur6,* by 
John Berwick. Handsomely bound in cloth gilt I^rge post 8vo. ... 6 O 

Uncle Dumpie's Merry Months. By Robert St John 

Corbet. With 12 humorous full-page illustrations and numerous 
smaller ones by J. H. Huberts. Bound in cloth boards, 4to 2 6 

Vanity Fair (No. 27, in Dean's Orchid Library). By W. M. 

Thackeray. B^or particulars see Orchid Library % O 

Ditto. (No. 27, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By W. M. 

Thackeray. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 tf 

Ditto. (No. 13, in Dean's lloyal Stuart Tartan Library.) By 

W. M. Thackeray. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library 3 6 
Victoria Toy Book (No. 56, in Dean's Gk)ld Medal Series). 

Toy Book. Beautif ullv enamelled cover, standing out in relief. 12 pp. 

in colours, reproduced by high-art lithography. Sise, 15 by 10 in. ..» 1 
Ditto. Mounted on linen, untearable 2 

Ditto. (No. 9, in Panorama Series. ) Mounted on strong card- 
board, with linen hinges. Opens out 12 ft. 4 in 2 tf 

Victorian England (No. 45, in Dean's Orchid Library). By 

Dr. W. H. Staopoole. Copyright For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditto. (No. 45, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By Dr. 
W. H. Stacpoole. Copyright For particulars see Windsor Oaatle 
Library 3 q 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Victorian Picture Book. By w. H. Stacpoole, LL.D. Beau- 
tifully illuBtrated with 11 full colour pages, by J. R. Sinclair, and 
Dumerous blocks, showing the changes that have taken place during 
the present raign in inventions, means of transit, post office, costumes 
and uniforms, &c. Very instnictiye, and written in a most interesting 
manner. Bound in red, cloth gilt» bevelled edges, 60 pp. Siae, 15 
by 10 in. 5 o 

Visit to South America. With notes on the moral and 
physical features of the country and the incidents of the voyage. By 
Sdwin Clarke, M.I.C.E., F.Rw\.S. Handsomely bound. Crown 8vo. 7 

Visit to the Country, A (No. 4, in Dean's Surprise Model 
Books). By Arthur Penuel and S. Gourley. Upon opening any page 
in these books, the pictures, by an ingenious arrangement, open, as if 
by magic, into model relief ; and upon the book being closed, or the 
page turned, became perfectly flat again. Strongly bound in picture 
boards, cloth back. Sue, ll|by9in 1 6 

Ditto. Bonnd together with ' Seaside Fnn,' being two of the 

1j. 6tf. books in one 2 6 

Wanderings iu County Donegal, Ireland, daring the 

Sunmier Months. By a Young Victorian. Crown 8vo. stiff cover ... 1 
Washing Day : How to Avoid its Troubles and Perforin its 
Work (No. 24, in Dean*s Illustrated Practical Guide Books). By Julia 
Fisher. Fancy cover. Crown 8vo. 6 

Water-Colour Pamting Book. Crown 4to., enamelled 
cover back and front. Containing 80 pp. in all, consisting of coloured 
copies, embracing all subjects, as floral, figures, landscapes, animals, 

birds, and seascapes, opposite to which are outlines, &c 1 

What became of Hbn (No. 4, in Dean's 1«. Novels). NoTeL 

By Fred. C. Milford. Effective stiff paper cover. Crown 8vo. ... 1 

Ditto. (Na 46, in Dean's Orchid Libraiy.) By Fred. C. Mil- 
ford. Copyright For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditta (No. 46, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By Fred. 

C. Milford. Copyright. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library . 3 6 

Where there 's a Will, there 's a Way. In one volume, 

with 'Asking Papa* (No. 14, in Dean*8 Character Sketches). By 
Francis W. Moore. Humorous 6 

Whittington and his Cat (No. 3, in Dean's Plays for Yonng 
Actors). By Miss Corner. Illustrated by E. Westrup. Fancy cover, 
gilt edges. Eleventh edition 1 

Who was SheP (Na 42, in Dean's Orchid Library). By 

Heniy Charles Moore. Copyright. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 
Ditta (Na 42, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By Henry 

Charles Moore. Copyright, For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Wide, Wide World, The (No. 40, in Dean's Orchid Library). 

By £. Wetherell. For particulars see Orchid Library 2 

Ditta (Na 40, in Dean's Windsor Castle Library.) By K 

Wetherell. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library 3 6 

Ditta (Na 1, in Dean's Royal Stnart Tartan Library.) By R 

Wetherell. For particulars see Boyal Stuart Tartan Library S 6 

Wild Animals. Panorama Picture Toy Book. Opens oat 

8 ft 9 in. and is mounted on stiff cardboard, with linen joints 16 

Windsor Castle Library. These books are handsomely 

bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gUt and colours, gilt edges all round. 

Crown 8vo. each 3 6 

t3. A Ministering Angel, fiy B. GL 

1. Darid Copperdeld. By Charles 

% Midshipman Basy. By Captain 


4. Oliver Twist. By Charles Diokeuf, 
t5. Three Boots. By W. H. Stacpoole. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



#. d, 

Windsor Castle Library— «>n«twtf(£. 

27. Vanity Fair. By W. M. Thackeray. 

28. Pendennis. By W. M. Thackeray. 
t29. In the Days of the Revolutiou. 

. By Daniel Defoe. 
By H. M. Stanley. 
' Shop, By Charles 

t6. Heroesof the Battlefield. By Lieut.- 

Ool. Enollys and Major Elliott. 

7. Robinson CruBOe. ^ 

f8. Livingstone. 

9. Old Curiosity 

. Dickens. 

flO. £2,000 Reward I By A. B. Melville. 

fll. Retribution. B;r Philippe Tonelli. 

T12. The Cur6 of Buisson. By Jean de 

la Brdte. Edited by John Berwick. 

13. Dombey and Son. By Charles 


14. Peter Simple. By Captain Marryat. 
tl5. The Bells. By MM. Erckmann- 

tl6. Fifteen Months among the Kaffirs. 

By E. W. Phillips. Illustrated by 

W. E. Borrow. 
tl7. Eve's Daughters. By F. Upcher- 


18. Bamaby Rudge. By Charles 


19. Last Days of Pompeii. By Lord 


20. Kenilworth. By Walter Scott. 

21. Nicholas Nickleby. By Charles 


22. Pickwick Papers. By Charles 


23. Sketches by Boz. By Charles 


24. Ivanhoe. By Walter Scott. 

t25. Famous Fairy Tales of all Nations. 

By Anthony R. Montalba. 
t26. Hearts of Oa k E Kploi ts. By Lieut.- 

By Carette. 
fdO, True Stories of Adventure. ByRos- 
ooe Mongan and P. H. Hemyng, 

31. Ben Hur. By Lew Wallace. 

32. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. By 

John Bunyan. 

33. Monte Cristo.' By Alexandre Duniafs 

34. Windsor Castle. By Harrison 

t35. Souvenirs of the Second Empire. 

By Count de Maugny. 
'^ ' ifluences. ByQi 
By Mrs. Webb. 

36. Home Influences. By (}raoe Agojlar. 

37.. Naomi. ~ "" 

'38. Basil Marsden. By George Er 

39. Swiss Family Robinson. 

The Wide. Wide World. By E. 

The Raid on the Transvaal by Dr« 
Jameson. Edited by P. Aston. 
t42. Who was She 1 By Henry Charles 

t43. Mountain Fugitives. By Rev. J. 
Davy's Schooldays. By David 

Victorian England. By Dr. W. H/' 

What became of Him ? By Fred. 
.C. Milford. 
t47. Stanley and his Heroic Relief of 
Emin Pasha. By E. P. Scott. 




Col. KnoUys and Major Elliott. 

Those marked f are copyright books. 

Windsor Castle (No. 34, in Dean's Orchid Library). By 

Harrison Ainsworth. For particulars see Orchid Library 

Dittx). (No. 34, in Dean's Windsor Castle Libraiy.) By 

Harrison Ainsworth. For particulars see Windsor Castle Library ... 
Dittx). (No. 7, in Dean's Royal Stnart Tartan Library.) By 

Harrison Ainsworth. For particulars see Royal Stuart Tartan Library 
Wool and Paper Flowers (Dean's Illustrated Practical Guide 

Books). With Diagrams. By G. Clark. Grown 8vo. stiflf paper cover 

World on Water, The (No. 8, in Dean's Diploma Linen 

Series). To]^ Book. Mounted on strong linen, beautifully enamelled 
cover, 6 pp. in full colours and 10 pp. In tints, with letterpress. Size, 
12 by 10 in 

World's ABC (No. 1, in Dean's Diploma Linen Series). Toy. 
Book. Mounted on strong linen. Beautifully enamelled cover, 6 ^p. 
in full colours and 10 pp. in tints, with letterpress. Size, 12 by 10 in. 

Young Ladies of To-day. By Charles Rideal, aathor of 
• People We Meet,' * Welleriams,' &c. With 12 very clever full-page 
illustrations by Crow. Bound in boards. Small 4to 

Ditto. [[Edition de luxe. Printed on excellent paper, strongly 
bound, gilt tops, each signed by Author and Artist 

Zig-Zag Journeys in the Wild West States of America. 

By lieztkiah Butterworth. With over 150 first-class engravings of 
places and scenes of every-day life in the Far West. With portrait of 
Buffalo Bill CColonel Cody). Handsomely boundi cloth gilt. Fcap. 4to. 


3 G 

3 6 





5 a 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


10 Castle Street, 
Edinburgh, April 1898. 



On the Philosophy of Kant. 

ByBoBSRT ADAMsoir, M.A., Professor of Logic and Mental Philosophy, Owens 
College ; fonnerly EzamiDer in Philosophy in the University of Edlnooiigh. Ex. 
feap. 8to, 6s. 

The Midlothian Bsks and their Associations from the 

Source to the Sea. Illustrated by Georob Aikman, A.R.8.A., with Notes by the 
late Thomas Chapman and John Strathssk. 4to, 12s. 6d. net. 

Ailsie and Ghabr'el Veitch. 

In little brown books series. Fcap. 8to, 6d. 

Stories by Thomas Bailey Aldrioh. 

Tbk Qveen of Sheba. Is., or In cloth, gilt top, 28. 
Habjobie Daw, and other Stories. Is., or in cloth, gilt top, 28. 
Pbudbvcc Palfrey. Is., or in cloth, gilt top, 2s. 
The Stillwater Tragedy. 2 vols., 2s., or in cloth, gilt top, 4s. 
Wtxoham Towers. A Poem. Is., or in cloth, gilt top, 2s. 
Two BiTEB AT A Chbrrt. Is., or in cloth, gilt top, 2s. 

Johnny G-ibb of Gushetneuk in the Parish of Pyketillim, 

with Glimpses of Parish Politics about a.d. 1843. By William Alexander, 
LL.D. Twelfth Edition, with Glossary, Ex. fcap. 8vo, 2s. 
Seventh Edition, with Twenty Illustrations— Portraits and Landscapes— by 
Sir Georob Reid, P.R.8.A. Demy 8to, 12s. 6d. 

liife amoncr my Ain Folk. 

By William Alexardbr, LL.D., Author of "Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk.*' 
Ex. fcap. 8yo. Second Edition. Cloth, 2s. 6d. Paper, 2s. 

Notes and Sketches of Northern Rural Life in the 

Eighteenth Century. By William Alexander, LL.D., the Author of "Johnny 
OIbb of Gnsbetneak." Ex. fcap. 8vo, Is. Boards, 2s. Cloth, 2s. 6d. 

"Why we are not Free Churchmen. 

A reply to Mr. M*Candlish's Jubilee book *' Why are we Free Churchmen t" By 
the Ber. John Alison, D.D., Edinburgh. Cr. 8vo, 4d. 

Flute and Violin. 

By Jambs Lane Allen. Is. paper, or 28. cloth extra. 

Sister Dolorosa. 

By James Lamb Allen. Is. paper, or 2s. cloth extra. 

Alma liater's Mirror. 

Edited by Thomas Spencer Batnes and Lewis Campbell, Professors in the 
VtdrBmy, St. Andrews. Printed in red and black, on antique paper. Bound 
In white, richly tooled In gold In the ancient maimer, with riboon fltstening. In 
box, price 6«. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Amerioan Authors. 

Latest Editions. Revised by the Authors. In Is. volumes. By Post, Is. 2d. 

PrinUd by ConttabU, and published with the sanction of the Authors. 




Winter Sunshine. 

A Chamcb Acquaintance. 


Their Wedding JouRMEr. 

Locusts and Wild Honey. 

A Counterfeit Presentment. 


Th e Lady or the Aroostook. 2 vols. 

Birds and Poets. 

Out of the Question. 

Fresh Fields. 

The Undiscovered Country. 2 vols. 


A Fearful Responsibility. 

The Autocrat of the Breakfast 

Venetian Life. 2 vols. 

Table. 2 vols. 

Itauan Journeys. 2 vols. 

The Poet. 2 vols. 

The Rise of Silas Lapham. 2 vols. 

The Professor. 2 vols. 

Indian Summer. 2 vols. 

Poems. 4 vols. 

An Imperative Duty. 


Idyls in Drab. 

An Echo of Passion. 

AN Ofen-Byed Conspiracy. 

By R. G. WHITE. 


Mr. Washington Adams. 

Rudder Grange. 


The Lady or the Tiger? 

The Queen op Shbba. 

A Borrowed Month. 

Marjorie Daw. 


Prudence Palfrey. 

The Stillwater Tragedy. 2 vols. 

Prub and I. 

Wyndham Towers. A Poem. 

By J. C. HARRIS (CTncIe Bmus). 

Two Bites at a Cherry. 





Old Creole Days. 

In Partnership. 

Madame Delphihe. 



A Humble Romance, and other 


One Summer. 

A Far-away Melody, and othek 



Shakespeare's England. 


Wanderers, and other Poems. 

In Beaver Cove and Elsewhere. 

Gray Days and Gold. 



Flute and Violin. 

Zefh : A Posthumous Story. 

Sister Dolorosa. 

V Othsr Volumes of thU attractive Series in preparation. 

Any of the above may be had bound in Cloth extra, at 2s. each voL 

•* A set of charming little books. "-Btacfcwwd'* Magaeine. 

" The most graceful and delicious little volumes with which we are acquainted.** 


*'The type is delightfully legible, and the page is pleasant for the eye to rest 

upon ; even in these days of cheap editions we have seen nothing that has pleased 
us so welL"— L«emry World. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Amerioan Bi^-QsLxne Huntixig:. 

Bdited by Thbodore Roosetslt and Oeoroe Bird Orinnell. The Book of the 
Boone and Crockett Club. Demy 8vO| niuatiated, 158. 

The Ne-^ Amphion : Beinfir the Book of the Edinburerh 

Unlvenity Union Fancy Fair, in whioh are contained stindry Artistick, Instruc- 
tiye, and Diverting Xatten, all now made publick for Vu firtt time. 12nio, Illus- 
trated, 58. ; Large-Paper Edition, 218. (only 100 Copies printed^ 

Modem Horsexnanehip. An Oriffinal Method of Teach- 
ing the Art by means of Pictures from the Life. By Edward L. Anderson. 
Fifth Edition, BC'Wzitten and enlarged. lUostrated by 60 Moment-Photographa. 
Demy 8vo» 218. 

Vice in the Horee, and other Papers on Horses and 

Biding. By E. Ll Anderson, Author of '* Modem Horsemanship." Illustrated. 
Demy 8yo, 58. 

The Oallop. 

By E. L. Anderson. lUustrated by Instantaneous Photography. Feap. 4to, 28. 6d. 
Ourb, Snaffle, and Spur. 

By Edward L. Anderson, Author of *' Modem Horsemanship," etc Crown Sro. 
Illustrated. Os. net. 

Scotland in Early Ohristian Times. 

Bt JoasPH Anderson, LL.D.. Keeper of the National Museum of the Antiquaries 
of Scotland. (Being the Bhind Lecturea in Archeology for 1879 and 1880.) 2 yols. 
Demy 8to, profusely Illustrated. 12s. each volume. 

GonfeiKs fl/FoI. J.— Celtic Churches— Monasteries— Hermitages— Bound Towers 
—Illuminated Manuscripts— Bells— Crosier*— Reliquaries, etc. 

CoiU^tt f^VoU I/.— Celtic Metal-Work and Sculptured Monuments, their Art 
snd Symbolism— Inscribed Monuments in Runics and Oghams— Bilingual Inscrip- 
tions, etc. 

Scotland in Pa«an Times. 

By Joseph Anderson, LL.D. (Being the Rhind Lectures in Archceology for 1881 
and 1882.) In 2 vols. Demy 8to, proftisely Illustrated. 128. each volume. 

ComientaufVoL I.— The Iron Aqe.— Viking Burials and Hoards of Silver and 
Ornaments— Arms, Dress, etc., of the Viking Time— Celtic Art of the Pagan 
Period— Decorated Mirrors— Enamelled Armlets— Architecture and Contents of 
the Brocks — Lake-Dwellings— Earth Houses, etc. 

ConUnU oS VoL JL— The Bronze and Stone Aoes. — Cairn Burial of the Bronze 
Age and Cremation Cemeteries— Urns of Bronze- Age Types— Stone Circles- 
Stone Settings — Gold Ornaments— Implements and weapons of Bronze— Cairn 
Burial of the Stone Age— Chambered Cairns— Urns of Stone-Age Types— Imple- 
ments and Weapons of Ston& 

Scotlemd aa It 'V7as and as It Is. 

Bythe DdkeofArotlu IvoL Demy8vo. Illustrated. New Edition. Csre- 
lUly Revised. 7s. Od. 

CDRtentt.— Celtic Feudalism— The Age of Charters— The Age of Covenants— 
The Epoch of the Clans— The Appeal fh)m Chieft to Owners— The Response to 
the Appeal— Before the Dawn— Tlie Burst of Industry— The Ftnits of Mind. 

"Infinitely superior as regards the Highland land question to any statement 
yet made by the other side.'^— Sooteman. 

Grofts and Farms in the Hebrides : 

Being an account of the Mansgement of an Island Estate for 180 Tears. By the 
Duke of Argyll. Demy 8vo, Is. 

Continuity and Oataatrophes in Geology. 

An Addreas to the Bdlnbui;^ Geological Society on its Fiftieth Anniversary, 1st 
November 1883. By the Dcjxe of Argyll. Demy 8vo, Is. 


By the Dure of Argyll. A Popular Reprint, Revised and (Corrected, Illus- 
trated, extra fcap. 8vo, Is. 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 


What is Truth? By the Dukk of Argyll. Extra fcap. 8to, Is. 
What is Science ? By the Duke of Argyll. Crown 8vo, Is. net. 

Some Words of Warninfir to the Presbyterians of Soot- 
land. By the Diikb of Argyll. Demy 8vo, 6d. 

The History of Liddesdale. Eskdale, Ewesdale, Wauch- 

opedale, and the Debateable Land. Part L, from the Twelfth Gentuiy to 158a By 
Robert Brdce Armbtroito. The edition is limited to 275 copies demy quarto, 
and 105 copies on large paper (10 inches by IS). 428. and 8l8. net 

Reminiscences of Golf on St. Andrews Links. 

By Jahbb Balfour. Price Is. 

Bssays and Addresses. 

By the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., LLD., etc. Contents :— The Pleasures 
of Reading— Bishop Berkeley's Life and Letters — Handel— Cobden and the Man- 
chester School— Politics and Political Bconomy— A Fragment on Progress— The 
Religion of Humanity. Crown 8vo, Second Edition, 6s. 

The Religion of Humanity : An Address delivered at 

the Church Congress, Manchester. By the Right Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, 
M.P., LL.D., etc. etc. Demy 8vo, 5s. 
Also a Popular Reprint. Fcap. 8vo, 6d. 

A Fragment on Profirress : The Inaugrural Address 

delivered on his Installation as Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow. By 
the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., etc. Demy 8vo, 68. 

Studies of Great Oities. Paris. 

By Davu> Bauillie, M.A. Fcap. 8vo, Is. 

%* This little book is written with a view to aid visitors to the Exposition to 
see into Parisian Life, and to derive instruction and enjoyment from the per- 
manent Institutions of this beautiful city. 

Lena's Picture : A Story of Love. 

By Mrs. Russell Barrimoton. 2 vols. Crown 8vo, 15s. 

The Reality of the Spiritual Life. 

By Mrs. Russell Barrinoton. Ex. fcap. 8vo, Is. 

The Scottish Deerhound, with Notes on the Ori^rin of 

the Canine Race. By £. Westok Bell, F.Z.8., F.S.A. Illustrated by Mr. D. 
Burns Gray. Crown 4to, 80s. 

Bible Readinffa Extra fcap. 8vo, 2s. 
Birds from Moidart and Elsewhere; 

By Mrs. Huoh Blackburn. Sm. 4to, with 87 Illustiatloni, 16s. 

A Few "Words about Drawing for Beginners, after a 

long experience of its difficulties. By J. B. (Mrs. Hugh Blackburn), author of 
** Caw, Caw," etc. Cr. 8vo, Illustrated, Is. (kU 

On Self-Oulture: 

Intellectual, Physical, and Moral. A Vade-Meoum for Toung Men and Students. 
By John Stuart Blackje, Emeritus Professor of Greek in the University of 
Edinburgh. Twenty-fourth Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. Od. 
*' Every parent should put it into the hands of his son."— ^otmian. 

By iht muBM AuOwr, 

The Languafire and Literature of the Scottish High- 
lands. Crown 8to, 68. 

Four Phases of Morals : 

Socrates, Aristotle, Christianity, and Utilitarianism. Lectures delivered before 
the Royal Institution, London. Ex. fcap. 8vo, Second Edition, 68. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


I on Sooial Subjects. Ex. reap, svo, 58. 
Songs of Religion euid Life. Fcap. svo, 6e. 
Mnsa Burschicosa. 

A book of Songs for Students and University Men. Fcap. Svo, 28. 0d. 

War Songs of the Germans. Fcap. 8vo, 28. 6d. cloth ; 28. paper. 

Politioal Tracts. No. l. government. No. 2. Education. Is. each. 

Gaelic Societies. Highland Depopulation and Land 

Law Reform. Demy Svo, dd. 
Homer and the Iliad, in three Parts. 4 vols. Demy Svo, 428. 

A Letter to the People of Scotland on the Reform of 

their Academical Institutions. Demy Svo, 6d. 

Daily Meditations by Rev. George Bowen, Missioncur 

at Bombay. With Introductory Notice by Rev. W. Hanka, D.D., Author of 
"The Last Day of our Lord's Passion." Tenth Edition. Small 4to, cloth, 58. 

Love Revealed : Meditations on the Parting Words of 

Jesus with His Disciples, in John xiii-xvil. By the Rev. George Bowbn, 
Missionary at Bombay. New Edition. Small 4to, 5s. 

Deeper Spiritual Life. 

Daily Readings selected Arora the Rev. George Bowek's " Love Revealed." One 
volume, 16mo. Cloth, Is. net. ; paste grain, 2s. 6d. net. 

Letter to the Rev. John Oaims, D.D. 

By JoKV Brown, M.D. Second Edition, crown Svo, sewed, 2s. 

Dr. John Brown and his Sisters Isabella and Jane : Out- 
lines. By E. T. K'Laren. Fifth Edition, enlarged. Fcap. Svo, Is. dd. Also 
4th Edition, with three Portraits, sra. 4to, 5s. 

From Schola to Cathedral, A Study of Ecu-ly Ohristian 

Architecture in its relation to the life of the Church. By Q. Baldwin-Brown, Pro- 
femor of Fine Art in the University of Edinburgh. Demy Svo, Illustrated, 7s. 6d. 

The Life and Legend of Michael Scot, 1176-1232. 

By the Rev. J. Wood Brown, K. A. Demy Svo, 10s. M. net. 

** Supplies us for the first time with a fiaiirly complete and authentic record of 
the life and works of Michael the Scot, pieced together with much labour from 
authorities mainly Italian, and executed with sufficient care to satisfy the 
demands of the student" — Daily Chronicle, 

** A valuable as well as interesting contribution to our knowledge of the thought 
and science and superstitions of the early thirteenth centnry "^Scotsman, 

Qeorge Buchanan : Humanist and Reformer. A Bio- 
graphy. By P. Hume Brown. 1 vol. demy Svo, 12s. 

Early Travellers in Scotland, 1296-1689. 

Edited by P. Hume Brown. Demy Svo, 14s. 

Tours in ScotlancL 1677 and 1681. 

By Thomas Kirk and kalph Thorbsbt. Edited by P. Hume Broitn. Demy 
Svo, 5s. 

Scotland before 1700 from Oontemporaxy Documents. 

Edited by P. Hume Brown. Demy Svo, 148. 

The OapercailUe in Scotland. 

By J. A. Harvie-Brown. Etchings on Copper, and Map illustrating the extension 
of its range since its Restoration at Taymouth in 1SS7 and 1S38. Demy Svo, Ss. 6d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


A Vertebrate Fauna of Orkney. 

By J. A. Habtie-Browk and T. E. Buckley. Small 4to, Illiistrttted. SOs. 

A Vertebrate Fauna of Argyll. 

By J. A. Habvie-Bbowit and T. E. Bucklet. Small 4to, Illustrated. SOs. 

A Vertebrate Fftuna of the Moray Basin. 

By J. A. Harvie-Bbown and T. E. Buckley. 2 vols. Small 4to, Illastrated. Ms. 

The History of Selkirkshire : Ohronioles of Bttriok Forest. 

By T. Craio-Bbowk. Two vols. Demy 4to, Illustrated. £4, lOs. net. 

John Burrouffhs's Essays. 

Six Books of Nature, Animal Life, and Literature. Choice Edition. Reylsed by 
the Author. 6 vols., cloth, in box, 128. ; or in smooth ornamental wrappers, 
6s. ; or separately at Is. each vol., or 2s. in cloth. 

Winter Sukshikb. Fbksb Fields. 

Locusts aivd Wild Honey. Birds and Porre. 

Wake-Robin. Pbpacton. 

" Whichever essay I read, I am glad I read it, for pleasanter reading, to those 
who love the country, with all its enchanting sights and sounds, cannot be im- 
agined. '*— Spectator. 

Fbesh Fields. By 'John Bubbouobs. Library Edition. Crown 8vo, 68. 
SiONs AND Seasons. Library Edition. Grown 8vo, 6s. 

Dr. Sevier : A NoveL 

By Geo. W. Cable, Author of "Old Creole Days," etc. In 2 vols., crown 8to, 
price 12s. 

Old Creole Days. By Geo. W. cable, is. *, and in cloth, 2s. 

*' We cannot recall any contemporary American writer of fiction who poas 
some of the best gifts of the novelist in a higher degree."— 5t. Jams^t GasetU. 

Madame Delphine. 

By Geo. W. Cable, Author of " Old Creole Days." Is. ; and In cloth, 28. 
Confemtf.— Madame Delphine— Carancro— Grande Pointe. 

The Gheolofiry and Scenery of Sutherland. 

By H. M. Cadkll of Grange, B.Sc., F.R.S.E., etc. 2nd Edition. Crown Bvo, 
illustrated, 48. net. 

An Enquiry into the Art of the Illuminated Manuscripts 

of the Middle Ages. By Johan Adolf Bbuun. Part I., Celtic Illuminated 
Manuscripts. 4 to, Ids. net. 

Memoir of John Brown, D.D. 

By John Caibns, D.D., Berwick-ou-Tweed. Crown 8vo, 76. 6d. 

The Boll Call of Faith and other Sermons. 

By Rev. Duncav Campbell, B.D., of St. Matthew's, Edinburgh. Crown 8vo, 
8s. 6d. 

My Indian JoumaL 

Containing Descriptions of the principal Field Sports of India, with Notes on the 
Natural History and Habits of the Wild Animals of the Country. By Colonel 
Walteb Campbell, Author of "The Old Forest Ranger." Small demy 8vo, wltb 
lUustrations by Wolf, 16s. 

Auld Bobin the Farmer. 

By Walteb Douglas Campbell. Illustrated by Her Royal Highness the Princess 
Louise, Marchioness of Lome. Demy 4to, 7s. 6d. net. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Works of Hev. Thomas Ohalmers, D.D., LKD. 

Daily Bcriptu&b RsADiiiaa. Cheap Edition. 3 vols, crown 8vo, lOs. 


BsLBCT Works, in 12 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, per toI. 6s. 
Leciores on the Romans. 2 vols. Sermons. 2 vols. 
Natural Theology, Lectures on Batler's Analogy, etc. 1 vol. (Out qf Print.) 
Christian Evidences, Lectures on Paley's Evidences, etc. 1 vol. 
Inatitntefl of Theology. 2 vols. 
Political Economy, with Cognate Essays. 1 vol. 
Polity of a Nation. 1vol. 
Chorch and College Establishments. 1 vol. 
Moral Philosophy, Introductory Essays, Index, etc. 1 vol. 

Leotures on the Elements or First Principles of Surgery. 

By JoBH Chixmb, K.D., Professor of Surgery in the University of Edinburgh. 
Demy 8vo, 2s. 6d. 

The Odes of Horace. 

Thinalated by T. Rutherfurd Clark, Advocate. .16mo, Gs. 

By- Ways of History: Studies in the Social Life and 

Rural Economy of the Olden Time. By Jamks Colvillb, K.A., D.Sc., Examiner 
in History, University of Glasgow. Crown Bvo, 6s. 

ArohibeJd Oonstable and his Literary Correspondents : 

A Memorial. By his Son, Thomas Comstablk. 3 vols, demy 8vo, with Por- 
trait, 80s. 

Seekinff the Sun : An Egryptian Holiday. 

Being Letters reprinted from the Scotsman. By Cbarlks A. Cooper. Crown 
8vo, 8s. 6d. 

The High Estate of Service. 

By Isabella Cowan. Second Edition. Crown Svo, Is. 

Horses in Accident and Disease. 

By J. BoALFE Cox. Demy Svo, Illustrated. 5s. 

In Beaver Oove and Elsewhere. 

By Matt Crim. Is. paper, or 2s. cloth extra. 

'Wild Men and Wild Beasts. 

Adventures in Camp and Jungle. By Lieut. -Colonel Gordon Cuumino. With 
Illustrations by Lieut -Colonel Baigrie and others. Small 4to, 248. 
Also a cheaper edition, with Lithoifraphic Illustrations. Svo, 128. 

Pme and I. 

By Obobob William CmtTxa. Is. paper ; or 2s. cloth extra. 

The Story of Burnt NJal; or, Life in Iceland at the end 

of the Tenth Century. From the Icelandic of the Njals Saga. By Sir Gborob 
WxBBB Dasbnt, D.C.L. 2 vols, demy Svo, with Maps and Plans, 28s. net. 

Popular Tales from the Norse. 

Bj Sir Gborob Webbb Dasbnt. D.C.L. With an Introductory Ensay on the 
Origin and DiflHaaion of Popular Tkles. Third Edition. Demy Svo, lOs. 6d. 

Memories of a Longr Life. 

By lient-OoL Davidson, K.C.B. Second Edition. Crown Svo, 4s. Od. 

A Ohat in the Saddle ; or, Patroclus and Penelope. 

By THia A. Dodob, Lieut. -Colonel, United States Army. Illustrated by 14 
lostantaiMOUS Photographs. Demy Svo, half-leather binding, 21s. 

The Structure and Functions of the Horse's Foot, with 

especial reference to Horse-Shoeing. By Jko. A. W. Dollar, K.R.C.V.S., 
Translator and Editor of MdUer's ** Veterinary Surgery," and Alrbrt Whkatlkv. 
F.&aV.S. With over 800 Woodcuts, about 70 large ProceBs-work Plates, and 
1 Double-page Coloured Plates. Demy Svo, 158. net. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


The Fireside Tragredy, etc. 

By Sir Gboroe Douglas, Bart. Fi^p. 8vo, 6s. 

A Short Introduction to the Origrin of Surnames. 

By Patrick Dudobok, Cargen. Small 4to, 3d. 6d. 

"Macs" in Galloway. 

By Patrick Dudgeon. Fcap. 8vo, price Od. 

Veterinary Medicines : Their Actions and Uses. 

By FiKLAT Dun. Ninth Edition, revised and enlarged. Demy 8vo, 15s. 

Letters of Thomas Erskine of Linlathen. 

Edited by William Hanna, D.D., i 
Fourth Edition. Crown Bvo, 7s. Od. 

Edited by William Hanna, D.D., Author of the " Memoirs of Dr. Chalmers," etc 
"" '" Edit* " - - -• 

The Brazen Serpent : 

Or, Life coming through Death. Third Edition. Crown Bvo, 58. 

The Internal Evidence of Revealed Beligrion. 

Crown 8vo, 6s. 

The Spiritual Order, 

And other Papers selected f^om the M8S. of the late Thomas Erskimb of Linlathen. 
Third Edition. Crown Bvo, 5s. 

The Doctrine of Election, 

And its Connection with the General Tenor of Christianity, illustrated especially 
from the Epistle to the Romans. Second Edition. Crown Bvo, 68. 

The Unconditional Freeness of the Gospel. 

Fourth Edition. Grown Bvo, 8s. 6d. 

The Fatherhood of God Revealed in Christ, the Oomfort 

and Hope of Man. A Lesson firom " The Letters " of Thomas Erskink of Lin- 
la^en. Fcap. ^so^ Is. 

Three Visits to America. 

By Emilt Fajthfull. Demy 8vo, 9s. 

OfiThajn Inscriptions in Ireland, "Wales, and Scotland. 

By the late Sir Bamurl Fsrouson, President of the Royal Irish Academy, 
Deputy Keeper of the Public Records of Ireland, LL.D., Queen's Counsel, etc. 
(Being the Rnind Lectures in Archseology for 1884.) 1 vol. demy Bvo, 12s. 

Guide to the Great North of Scotland Railway. 

By W. Ferguson of Kinmundy. Crown Bvo ; paper, Is. ; cloth, Is. dd. 

Robert Fergruson "The Plotter" ; or. The Secret of the 

Rye House Conspiracv and the Story of a Strange Career. By Jamrs Fsrouson, 
Advocate. A Biography of one of the strangest figures of English Politics in the 
period between the Restoration and the Accession of the House of Hanovwr. 
Demy 8vo, 15s. 

The Laird of Laff : A Life-Sketch of Sir Robert Grierson. 

By Alex. Fbrodsson, Lieut-Colonel, Author of "Mrs. Calderwood's Journey." 
Demy Bvo, with Illustrations, 128. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Major Fraser's Manuaoript : His Adventurea in Scotland 

iSiid England : His Mlwion to and Travels in Prance : His Services in the Rebel- 
lion (Md bis QnarreU) with Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat. 1696-1737. Bdited by 
Ai^y FcBOUsaoN, Lieut-Colonel. 8 vols. fcap. 8vo, 128. 

Records of the Olan Perja:u8(8)on. 

Mdited by Jamsb Fsrgubos and Rev. R. Mekziis Feboubsok. Demy 8vo, illas- 
tiated, 15s. net. 

L'Histolre de France. 

Pto M. Lamk Pl»ubt. New Edition, corrected to 1888. 18mo, cloth, Ss. 6d. 

The Deepening of the Spiritual Life. 

By A. P. ForbbbTd.CL. , Bishop of Brechin. Seventh Edition. Paper, Is. ; cloth, 

I^alendars of Scottish Sednts ; 

With Personal Notices of those of Alba, etc. By Aubxander Penrose Forbes, 
D.aii., Bishop of Brechin. 4to, price £8, 8s. A few copies for sale on large 
paper, £5, 15s. 6d. 

Missale Dnumnondiense : The Ancient Irish Missal in 

the possession of the Baroness WiUoughby d'Eresby. Bdited by the Rev. O. H. 
Forbes. Half-morocco, demy 8vo, 128. 

B^g the Exposition of several Passages of Scripture. Third Edition. Ex. feap. 
8vo, 5s. 

Give me thine Heart: Short Addresses to young boys 

at a preparatory school. By W. B. Frost, Headmaster, Ardvreck School. 
Crown 8vo, 4s. 6d. 

The Protection of Woodlands against Danffers ajlsing 

ftom oraSic and inorganic causes, as re-arranged for the fourth edition of 
ES4S5WS ° Waldi^^^^ by kEBMAHW fBbot, D.CBo., Director of the 
S^SanfSrest Institute at AscLfTenburg, translated by John Nisbet, D.CBc., 
ST^ndiw PoAst Service, Author of -BritUhForest^^^^ their 

SylviculturalChaiactcristics and Treatment." Demy8vo. Illustrated, 9s. 

Studies in Bnglish History. 

Bf Jamm Oairditeb and James Speddino. Demy 8vo, 12s. «. ^ ^ 

Omfmtf —The Lollards-Sir John Falstaff-Katherine of Arragons Ffarst and 
BsS^lSrriag^aseof Sir Thomas Overbury-Divine Right offings-Sunday. 
Ancient and Modem. 

Heligoland as an Ornithological Observato^. 

tS iR-imlt of Fiftv Years' Experience. By Heihrich GItkb, Honorary Member 
Slh^Sti^ cSithSS^iS^ eta"^ Translated by Rui^lph Rosekstock, 
M-A., Oxon. Demy 8vo, 808. 

The Fringes Of Fife. 

Bv JoBn Geddxe. mustrated by Louis WAiAbtbr. Crown 8vo, 58. 
^* To^S^X have visited Fife, and to those who have not done so yet, we 
couW nS^XSid a more delightful book ttan this. It t*« ««>* «<>°t**\?;^ 
dX mgo S)m flist to last. And having i«ad it we «^ o°lyZ?;„*?^,,^^7«S?g 
jMtt^: was so happfly inspired as to describe Fife as • A Beggar s Mantle with 
a Fringe ot Qold."'—AthenoBwn, 

Gifts for Men. 

By X. H. Crown 8vo, 6s. 

Sketches. lAterary and Theological : 

Being Seliction. from the unpublished MS8. of the Rev George Gilfillab. 
EdS&^r^SAHK Hekdbbsob, W . M.P. Demy 8vo, 7s. 6d- 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Works by Marsraxet Maria GKordon (nde Brewster). 

Tbk Home Life of 8ib David Bbewstbr. By his Dauqhtbb. Second Edition. 

Grown 8vo, 68. Also a cheaper Edition, crown 8vo, Ss. 6d. 
Work; or. Plenty to do and How to do it. Thirty-sixth Thousand. Fcap. 8vO| 

cloth, 28. 6d. 
WoBKEBB. Fourth Thousand. Fcap. Svo, limp cloth, Is. 
Little Millie akd her Foue Places. Cheap Edition. Fifty-ninth Thousand. 

Limp cloth, Is. 
Prevention ; or, An Appeal to Economy and Common Sense. Svo, 6d. 
The Word and the World. Twelfth Edition. Sd. 

Leaves of Healing fob the Sick and Sorrowful. Cheap Edition, limp cloth, Ss. 
The Motherless Boy. With an Illustration by Sir Noel Paton, R.S.A. Cheap 

Edition, limp cloth, Is. 
Cub Daughters : An Account of the Toung Women's Christian Association and 

Institute Union. 2d. 
Hat Macdowall Obant of Arndilly : His life, Labours, and Teaching. New 

and Cheaper Edition. 1 vol. crown Svo, limp cloth, 2s. 6d. 

The Birds of lona and Mull, 1852-70. 

By the late Henby Davenpobt Gbaham. With a Memoir of the Author. Edited 
by J. A. Habvie-Brown, F.Z.S. 1 vol. am. 4to, 218. net. 

Ladies' Old-Fashioned Shoes. 

By T. Watson Greig, of Qlencarse. Folio, illustrated by 11 Chromolithographs. 
81s. 6d. net. 

The Life of our Lord. 

By the Rev. William Hanna, D.D., LL.D. vols., handsomely bound in cloth 
extra, gilt edges, SOs. 
Separate vols., cloth extra, gilt edges, 5s. each. 

1. Thb Earlier Years OF OUR Lord. Fifth Edition. 

2. The Ministry in Galilee. Fourth Edition. 

8. The Close of the Ministry. Sixth Thousand. 

4. The Passion Week. Sixth Thousand. 

6. The Last Day of oub Lord's Passion. Twenty-third Edition. 

6. The Forty Days after the Resurrection. Eighth Edition. 

The Resurrection of the Dead. 

By William Hanna, D.D., LL.D. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo, 6s. 

MinfiTO, and other Sketches in Black and White. 

By Joel Chandler Harris (UncU Remus). Is. ; and in cloth, 28. 

Timbers and How to Know them. 

By Dr. Robert Hartio. Translated from the German by William Somerville, 
D.(Ec., B.Sc. Illustrated, 8s. 

Lines from My Loer-books. 

By Admiral the Right Hon. Sir John C. Dalbymple Hay, Bart., E.C.B., D.C.L., 
etc Demy Svo. Illustrated, 10s. 6d. net. 

Notes of Caithness Eeunily History. 

By the late John Henderson, W.S. 4to, in cloth, 21 8. net. 

Highland Flora, and other Poems. 

By Mrs. David Henderson. Fcap. Svo, 8s. 6d. 

My Garden and other Poems. 

By Harqaret Henderson. Fcap. Svo, with portrait, Ss. 6d. 

Errors in the Use of Bzifflish. 

Illustrated Trom the Writings of ^glish Authors, horn the Fourteenth Century to 
our own Time. By the late W. B. Hodoson, LL.D., Professor of Political Economy 
in the University of Edinburgh. Seventh Edition. Crown Svo, Ss. 6d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


life and Letters of W. B. Hodfirson, LLuD., late Pro- 
fessor of Political Economy in the University of Edinburgh. Edited by Professor 
J. M. D. HxiKLEJOBir, M.A. Crown Svo, 7s. 6d. 

Sketohes : Personal and Pensive. 

By William Hodosok. Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. 

" Quasi Oursores." Portraits of the Hifirh OfQoers and 

lYofessoFs of the University of Edinburgh. Drawn and Etched by William 
floLB, R.8.A. The impression is strictly limited. Quarto Edition (760 Copies 
only for sale), £2, 10s. net Folio Edition, Japan Proofs (100 Copies only for 
sale), £6, IQs. net. 

Meznorial Oatalogue of the French and Dutch Loan 

Collection, Edinburgh International Exhibition. Letterpress by W. E. Henlet. 
Etchings and Sketches by William Hole, R.S.A., and Pbilip Zilcken. The 
book is printed by Constable on wove hand-made paper, in dark-green ink. It 
gives an account of the rise of Romanticism, a biography of the principal Masters 
of that School, and a description of each of the Pictures. It is illustrated by 
fifteen original Etchings and flfty-fonr outline Sketches. Pott folio. Edition 
limited to 6S0 Copies. £8, 8s. 

The BreakilEist Table Series. 

In Tols. By Oliteb Wendell Holmes. New and Revised Editions, contain- 
ing Prefaces and additional Bibliographical Notes by the Author. 
The Autocrat of tbe Breakfast Table. 2 vols., 2s. 
The Poet at tbe Breakfast Table. 2 vols., 2s. 
The Professor at the Breakfast Table. 2 vola, 2s. 

Also a Librart BDrriOK, in 8 vols, crown 8vo, printed at tbe Riverside Press, 
Cambridge, with a Steel Portrait of the Author, 10s. 6d. each volume. 

Or bound in dark blue cloth, at 28. a vol. 

A Complete Edition of the Poetical Works of OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, 
revised by the Author, 4 vols. Paper, 4s. Cloth, 8s. Cloth gilt, 10s. 

Traces in Scotland of Ancient Water Lines, Marine, 

Lacustrine, and Flnvlatile. By David Milme-Home, LL.D., F.K.S.E. Demy 
8vo. Ss. 6d. 

Our Holidays: A Story for Ghildren. 

By the Countess of Hoicb. Crown Svo, 8s. 6d. 

A Sketch of the Life of Qeorgre Hope of Fenton Bams. 

Compiled by his Daughter. Crown Svo, 6s. 
One Summer. By Blanche Wilus Howard. Paper, Is. ; cloth, Is. 6d. and 28. 

"W. D. Howells's Writings:— 

In ** Amtrican Author" SerUu. 

Ikoiav BcmcsR. 2 vols., 2s. 

Tbe Bibe of Silas Laphax. 2 vols., 2s. 

A Foregone Conclusion. 1 vol., Is. 

A Chance Acquaintance. 1 vol., Is. 

Their Wedding Journey. 1 voL, Is. 

A Counterfeit Presentment, and The Parlour Car. 1 vol., Is. 

The Ladt of the AROoeroox. 2 vols., 2s. 

Out of the Quxstioh, and At the Sign of the Savage. 1 vol.. Is. 

The Undisoovxrbd Country. 2 vols., 2s. 

A Fearful RESPONBiBiLrrr, and Tokelli's Marriage. 1 vol.. Is. 

Vbnstian Life. 2 vols., 2s. 

Italian Journeys. 2 vols., 2s. 

Thx Shadow of a Dream. 1 vol.. Is. 

An Imfsbativh Duty. 1 vol., Is. 

Idyls in Drab. 1 vol.. Is. 

An OrBN-EYBD Conspiracy. 1 vol., Is. 

AU the above may be had in cloth at 2s. each vol. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



W. D. HowELijB*8 WBrmsas—coiUinued :— 

Copffright Librttry Rditian. 


A Woman's Rbasoh. 2 vols.. 128. 
Db. Brxkn's Practicb. 1 vol., 88. 6d. 
Indian Summxb. 1 voL, 6s. 
Annib Kilbubn. 1 vol., 08. 

April Hopkb. 1 vol., ds. 

Thk Minister's Oharox ; o&. The Ap- 

prxnticbship or Limdbl Barkbr. 

1 VOL, 68. 
Hercv. 1 voL, 68. 

A Hazard op Nbw Fortunes. 2 vols., 12s. The World of Ohance. 1 voL 6s. 
The Shadow op a Dream. 1 vol., 68. A Traveller from Altruria. 
Modern Italian Pom. 1 vol., 78. 6d. 1 vol., 6s. 

Impressions and Experiences. 1 vol., 6s. 
The Landlobd at Lion's Head. 1 vol., 68. 

Their Wedding Journey. HollcUy Edition. With Ulostiutions by Clifford 
Carlbton. drown 8vo, 128. 6d. 

Farcu. 8 vols.. Is. each. 

A Letter of Introduction. 
The Unexpected Guests. 
The Albany Def6t. 
A Likely Story. 

The Mouse-Trap. 
Evening Dress. 
The Garroters. 
Five O'clock Tba. 

How to Oatoh Trout. 

By Three Anglehs. Seventh Edition. Fcap. 8vo, IllostiBted. Price Is. ; and 
cloth, 28. 

Huntinff in many Lands. 

Edited Dy Theodore Roosevelt and George Bird Geinnbll. The Book of the 
Boone and Crockett Club. Demy 8vo, illustrated, 168. 

Oor Ain Folk: Being: Memories of Manse Life in the 

Meams, and a Crack aboot Aald Times. By James Inglis. Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 

The Humour of the Soot 'neath Northern Lights and 

Southern Cross. By James Inglis ("Maori"), Author of "Oor Ain Folk," etc. 
One voL Crown 8vo, 68. Also a cheap Edition, fcap. 8vo, 2s. 

Zeph : A Posthumous Story. 

By Helen Jackson (H. H.). Is. paper, or 28. cloth extra. 
"Beautiful for its insight into human nature."— Academy. 

Lord Jeffrey and Oraifforook. A History of the Oastle. 

By Jambs Tatlor, D.D., F.A.B., LL.D., and a Sketch of Lord Jeffrey's character 
and Craigcrook Life, bv the Right Hon. Lord Monorevf of Tulliebole ; with a 
description of the original structure by Thomas Boss, Architect. 1 vol. Royal 
4to, 81s. 6d. net. 

Ohronioles of G-lenbuokie. 

By Henry Johnston, Author of ' ' The Da wsons of Glenara " etc. Ex. fcap. 8vo, 6s. 

Selections from the Oorrespondenoe of Dr. Gheorge 

Johnston, author of "A Flora of Berwick-on -Tweed." "The History of British 
Zoophytes," etc. etc. Collected and arranged by his daughter, Mrs. Barwell 
Carter, and Edited by James Hardt, LL.D., Hon. Secretary to the Berwick- 
shire Naturalists' Club. Demy 8vo, ISs. 

Sermons by the Rev. John Ker, D.D., Glasffow. 

Fourteenth Edition. Crown 8vo, 68. 

Sermons (Second Series) by the Rev. John Ker, D.D. 

Fifth Thousand. Crown 8vo, ds. 

Thoughts for Heart and Life. 

By the Rev. John Ker, D.D. Edited by the Rev. A. L. Simpson, D.D., Derby. 
With Portrait by Jambs Faed. Second Edition. Ex. fcap. 8vo, 48. 6d. 

Letters of the Rev. John Ker, D.D., 1866-1886. Second 

Edition, with Index. Ex. fcap. Svo, 48. 6d. 

The History of Oorling, Scotland's ain G-ame, and 

Fifty Tears of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club. By the Rev. John Kerr, 
M.A., Dirleton. One volume, demy Svo, lOs. 6d. net Also an Edition on large 
paper, royal Svo, with 18 extra full-page engraved plates, Sis. 6d. net 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Memories of Ooleorton : Being Letters from Ooleridcre, 

Wordsworth and his Sister, Boutbey, szia Sir Walter Scott to Sir George and 
Lady Beaumont of Coleorton, Leicestershire. 1803 to 1833. Edited, with Notes 
and Intiodnetion, by William Knioht, St. Andrews. 2 vols, crown 8vo, 158. 

OoUoquia Peripatetioa (Beep Sea Soundlnfirs) : 

Being Notes of GonTersaliona with the late John Duncan, LL.D., Professor of 
Hebrew in the New College, Edinburgh. By William Kmioht, Professor of Moral 
Philosophy in the University of St Andrews. Fifth Edition, enlarged, 5s. 

The Bncrlish Lake District as interpreted in the Poems 

of WoBDewoRTH. By William Kniobt, Professor of Moral Philosophy, St. 
Andrews. New Edition, fcap. 8vo, 4s. 6d. 

Bssasrs and Reviews. 

By the late Hsnbt H. Lakcastxb, Advocate; with a Prefatory Notice by the 
Bey. B. Jowett, Master of Balliol College, Oxford. Demy 8vo, with Portrait, 14s. 

Reminiscences connected chiefly with Inveresk and 

Mosselbnrgh and the Eptscopal Church there, Prefaced by a short Account of 
Scottish Episcopacy. By Rev. W. H. Lakghorne, M.A. Rector of Worton, 
Oxford. Demy Svo, 7s. Od. 

ReooUections of Curious Gharacters and Pleasant 

Places. By Chaalb Lanmah, Washington. Small Demy 8to, 12s. 

An Echo of Passion. 

By Qxa Pabsons Lathrop. Is.; and in cloth, 2s. 

^W^ould You Kill Him? 

By Gbobok Pabsons Lathrop, Author of "An Echo of Passion." Copyright 
Edition. 8 toIb. poet 8vo, 81s. 0d. 

Chapters on the Book of Mullinff. 

By H. J. Lawlor, B.D., F.S.A. Soot., Senior Chaplain of St. Mary's Cathedral, 
Edinbux^ Demy 8vo, 8s. 6d. net 

Ijasrs of the I links : A score of Parodies. Fcap. 8vo, 28. ed. 
Amonff British Birds in their Nesting Haunts. 

By OswiH A. J. Lee. lUustmted by the Camera. Parts I. to X. are now ready. 
At present being issued in Parts at intervals of from Four to Six Weeks, folio, 11 
by 15 inches, price 10s. 0d. net each Part. 

"It wonld not be easy to exaggerate the patience, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and 
hard work that must have been employed in securing the plates, which are the 
great feature of the work ; but the results are such as to tuXLy repay from both 
the natnrallst's and the artist's point of view the pains and labour expended."— 

"As photographic representations of natuxal objects it is difficult to imagine 
anything more beautiftil than many of these reproductions."— /''ieid. 

The Life of St. Marsraret, Queen of Scotland. 

STuBooT, Bishop of St. Andrews. Bdited by William Fobbbs-Lxith, S.J. 
iid Edition. Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. net. 

The Gk>spel Book of Saint Margaret : Beinsr a facsimile 

Reproduction of Queen Hargaret's copy of the Gospels preserved in the Bodleian 
Library, Oxford. Edited by W. Forbes-Lkith, S.J. Large paper, £5, 6s. ; 
Small paper, £8, 3s. net. 

Local Taxation. 

An Enquiry into tlie Proposal to subject Feu-Dutles and Ground-Rents to Local 
Bates. ByH. H. S. 6d. 

Leaves from the Bulk of the West Kirke. 

By Gbo. Lobixeb. With a Preface by the Rev. Jas. Macobboob. D.D. 4to. 
A Lost Battle, a Novel. 2 vols. Crown 8vo, 17s. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Tour in Scotland in 1629 : Our Joumall into Scotland, 

Anno Domini 1629, 5th of November, from Lowther. By C. Lowthkr, Mr. R. 
Fallow, and Peter Mausok. Demy 8vo, Os. net. 

Memoricds of the Families of Luxnsdaine, Lumisden, or 

Lumsden. By Lleut.-Col. H. W. Lumsdbn, late Royal Artillery. With illiutra- 
tlona. 4to, 428. net. 

The Oaatellated and Domestic Architecture of Scot- 
land, fVom the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century. By David HacGibbon and 
Thomas Ross, Architects. 5 vols., with ahout 2000 Illnstrations of Ground 
FUns, Sections, Views, Elevations, and Details. Royal 8vo. 42s. each vol. net. 

The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Scotland from the 

Earliest Christian Times to the Seventeenth Centary. By David MacGibbon and 
Thomas Robs. 8 vols. With Illustrations. Royal 8vo, 42s. net. each volume. 

The Architecture of Provence and the Riviera. 

By David M*Gibbok. niastrated with nearly 300 sketches by the Author showing 
the various styles of Architecture in the South of France. Demy 8vo, 21s. 

Memoir of Sir James Dalrymple, First Viscount Stair: 

A Study in the History of Scotland and Scotch Law during the Seventeenth 
Century. By ^. J. G. Hackay, Advocate. 8vo, 12s. 

Storms and Sunshine of a Soldier's Life. 

Lt-General Colin Mackenzie, C.B., 1825-1881. With a Portrait. 8 vols, crown 
8vo, 15s. 

Lyrics and Sonnets. 

By Thomas M'Kib, Advocate. Fcap. 8vo, 2m. 

The Hill Forts. Stone Oiroles. and other Structural Re- 
mains of Ancient Scotland. By C. Maclaoan, Lady Associate of the Society of 
Antiquaries of Scotland. With Plans and Illustrations. Folio, Sis. 6d. 

"What mean these Stones?": 

By C. Maclagak, Author of "The Hill Forts." Sin. 4to, 28. 6d. net. 

Memorials of the Rev. Norman Macleod, Sen., D.D., 

Minister of St. Columba's Church, Glasgow, Dean of the Chapel Royal, and one 
of Her Hi^esty's GhaplainM for Scotland. By his son, John N. Maclbod, 
F. S. A. Scot. , of Kintarbert and Glen Saddell. Croi^'n 8 vo, 5s. 

A Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland, Including Cumber- 
land and Westmorland, with Lancashire north of the Sands. By the Rev. 
H. A. Hacphbrson, M.A., with Preface by R. S. Ferouson, F.S.A., Chancellor 
of Carlisle. Demy 8vo, Illustrated. SOs. 

A History of Fo-wlinsr : Beingr an Account of the many 

Curious Devices by which Wild Birds are, or have been, Captured in Different 
Pttrts of the World. By the Rev. H. A. Macphebson, H. A., Member of the British 
Omithclogists' Union, Author of " The Fauna of Lakeland," *' An Introdoctlon 
to the Study of British Birds," etc. Sm. 4to. 21s. net. 

Scottish Gypsies under the Stewarts. 

By David MacRitchib, Author of " The Gypsies of India," etc. Demy 8vo, 
6s. net. 

In Partnership. Studies in Story-Telliner. 

By Brahdeb Matthews and H. C. Bdkneb. Is. in paper, and 2s. in cloth. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Antwerp Delivered in MDTiXXVIL : 

A Panage from the History of the Netherlands, illnstrated with Facsimiles of a 
tare series of Designs by Martin de Vos, and of Prints by Hogenberg, the Wierioxes, 
etc By Sir William STntLiNO-MAXWKLL, Bart., K.T. and M.P. In 1 vol. Folio, 
5 guineas. 

Studies in the Topography of Qalloway : Being a List 

of nearly 4000 Names of Places, with Remarks on their Origin and Meaning. By 
Bib Ukrbekt E. Maxwell, Bart.. M.P. 1 Tol. demy 8yo, 14s. 

The Art of Ix>ve : or, New Lessons in Old Lore. 

By Sir Herbert B. Maxwell, Bart, M.P., author of "Sir Lncian Elphin." 8 
vols, post Syo, 31s. 6d. 

Passages in the Life of Sir Luoian Elphin of Oastle 

Weary. Edited by his Sister. 2 vols, demy 8vo, 248. 

Besearohes and Excavations at Oamac (Morbihan), 

The Bossenno, and Mont St Michel. By Jambs Miln. Royal Svo, with Maps, 
Flans, and nnmerons Illustrations in Wood-Engraving and Ghromolithography. 

Bxoavations at Oamao (Brittany) : A Beoord of ArohsBO- 

logieal Researches in the Alignments of Kermario. By James Milk. Royal Svo, 
with Maps, Plans, and numerous Illustrations in Wood-Engraving, l^s. 

The Blaokfriars of Perth. The Ohartulary and Papers 

of their house. Edited with Introduction by Robert Milne, D.D., West Kirk, 
Perth. Demy 4to, Illustrated, 21s. 

The Past in the Present— What is Civilisation? 

Being the Rhind Lectures in Archseology, delivered in 1876 and 1878. By Sir 
Arthur Mitchell, K.C.B., M.D., LL.D. In 1 vol., demy Svo, with 148 Wood- 
cuts, 158. 

Our Scotch Banks : 

Their Position and their PoUcy. By Wm. Mitchell, 8.S.C. Third Edition. 8vo,58. 

Mdller's Operative Veterinary Surgery. 

TranaUted and edited from the second CLlarged and improved edition of 1894 by 
Jso. A. W. Dollar, M.R.C.V.B., with 142 Illustrations. Royal Svo, 21s. 

Reminiscences of the Grange Cricket Club, Edinburgh, 

with selected Matches, 1882-62. By William Moscreipt, President and Ex- 
Captain of the Grange C.C. Large 4to, gilt top, 5s. 

On Horse-Breaking. By Robert Moreton. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo,ls. 

The Birds of Berwickshire. 

By Oborgb Muirhead. 2 vols, demy Svo, Illustrated. SOs. net. 

••The Lanoz of Auld": An Epistolary Review of "The 

Lennox, by William Fraser." By Mark Napier. With Woodcuts and Plates. 

Tenants' Gkdn not IjEuidlords' Loss, and some other 

Beonomic Aspects of the Land Question. By Joseph Shield Kicholsok, M.A., 
Professor of Political Economy in the University of Edinbuigh. Crown Svo, 6s. 

Gamps in the Caribbees : Adventures of a Naturalist 

in the Lesser Antilles. By Frederick Ober. Illustrations, demy Svo, 128. 

Oookery for the Sick and a Guide for the Sick-Room. 

By C H. Ooo, an Edinburgh Nurse. Fcap., Is. 

Fairy Plays for Small Stages. 

With fhll directions by J. 0. Oliphant. 16mo, 2s. 

On the liinks : Being Golfing Stories by Various Hands. 

Edited by a Novice. With Two Rhymes on Golf by Andrew Lamo. Extra 
fcap. Svo, Is. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



An Irish Gharland. By Un, S. M. B. Piatt. Crown 8to, 8s. 6d. 

The Children Out of Doors : A Book of VezBes. 

By Two IN One House. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. 


By the Author of "Rutledge." Reprinted from the Fifth Thousand of the 
American Edition. Crown 8vo, 68. 

The Gktmekeeper's Manual : beiner an Epitome of the 

Game Laws for the use of Qamekeepers and others interested in the Presenration 
of Game. By Alexander Porter, Deputy Chief Constable of Bozbuighshire. 
Second Edition, Ss. net. 

May in Anjou ; with other Sketches and Studies. 

By Eleanor G. Price, Author of *' A Lost Battle," etc. Fcap. 8vo, Is. 

ConUnts.^'itAj in Anjou— Winter and Summer— In Old France— The Chft* 
teanz of Touraine— An Old French House— A Study of a Town— Up the Feeder. 

Scotland under her Early Kinsa 

A History of the Kingdom to the close ox the 18th century. 
Robertson. In 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 36s. 

By E. William 

Historioal Essays, 

In connection with the Land and the Church, etc. By B. Wiluam Bobe&tsok, 
Author of " Scotland under her Early Kings." 8vo, 10s. 6d. 

A Rectorial Address delivered before the Students of 

Aberdeen University, in the Music Hall at Aberdeen, on Nov. 5, 1880. By Lord 


A Rectorial Address delivered before the Students of 

the University of EdinbuKh, Nov. 4, 1882. By Lord Ro6RBERT. Od. 

Robert Bums: Two Addresses delivered at Dumfiries 

and Glasgow on the Centenary of the Poet's Death, 21st July 1800. By Lord 
RoSBBERY. 6d. net. 

Notes and Sketches from the Wild Ooaats of Nk>on. 

With Chapters on Cruising after Pirates in Chinese Waters. By Admiral Hbnrt 
C. St. John. Small demy 8vo, with Maps and Illustrations, 12s. 

Natural History and Sport in Moray. 

By the lata Charles St. John, Author of '< Wild Sports in the Highlands." 
Second Edition. In 1 vol. royal 8vo, with 40 page Illustrations of Scenery and 
Animal Life, ensraved by A. Durand after sketches made by Sir Georob KKm, 
P.R.S.A., and J. WYCLirrB Taylor ; also, 30 Pen-and-ink Drawings by the 
Author in focsimile. 60s. net 

A Tour in Sutherlandshire ; with Extracts from the 

Field-Books of a Sportsman and Naturalist By the late Charles St. Jomr, 
Author of ' ' Wild Sports and Natural History in the Highlands." Second Edition, 
with an Appendix on the Fauna of Sutherland, by J. A. Harvib-Browh ana 
T. E. BucKLRY. Illustrated with the original Wood-Engravings, and additional 
Vignettes from the Author's sketch-books. In 2 vols, small demy 8vo, 21s. 

•* Every page is ftill of interest"— Tfc« FiOd. 

" There t 
flre-crested ^ 

Life of James Hepburn, Earl of Bothw^ell. 

By Professor Schiern, Copenhagen. Translated fk-om the Danish by the Rsr. 
David Berry, F.S.A.Scot Demy 8vo, 16s. 

f page is full of Interest"— T%« Field, 

i is not a wild creature in the Highlands, from the great stas to the tiny 

Bd wren, of which he has not something pleasant to say.^— Pkitt Jfow 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Sootoh Folk. 

ninstrated. Fourth Edition, enUi^ed. Ex. fcap. 8vo, Is. 

"They are stories of the best tvpe, qalte equal in the main to the average of 
Dean Bamsay's well-known collection."— ^bemcen Fne Press. 

The Journal of Sir Walter Soott, 1826-32. 

From the original Hannscript at Abbotsford, annotated and illostrated fkrom his 
"Life" and Correspondence. 2 vols, demy 8vo. With 2 portraits, S28. ; also 
popular edition in one volume, small 8vo, 050 pp., price 78. 6d. 

Familiar Letters of Sir Walter Scott. 

From Originals at Abbotsford and elsewhere. 2 vols., demy 8vo, 82s. 

" In perusing these fascinating pages we seem to live Sir Walter's life over 
again with him."— Daily Telegraph. 

Album of the Scottish Artists' Club. 

Containing 60 Engravings. One vol. fol., 428. net. 

Studies in Poetry and Philosophy. 

By the late J. C. Bhaiiip, LL.D., Principal of the United College of St. Salvator 
and St. Leonard, St. Andrews. Fourth Edition, with Portraits of the Author and 
Thomas Enkine, by Wiluam Hole, A.B.S.A Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. 

*' The finest essay in the volume, partly because it is npon the greatest and most 
definite subject, is the first, on Wardsieorth, ... We have said so much upon this 
essay that we can only say of the other three that they are fully worthy to stand 
beside it.''-5pMtator. 

Culture and Beliffion. 

By the late Principal Shaibp. Eighth Edition. Fcap. 8vo, Ss. 6d. 

*' A wise book, and, unlike a great many other wise books, has that careftilly 
shaded thought and expression which fits Professor Shairp to speak for Culture 
no less than for Religion."— Speetotor. 

(•Those who remember a former work of Principal Shairp's, ' Studies in Poetry 
and Philosophy,' will feel secure that all which comes trom his pen will bear the 
marks of thou^^t at once carefiil, liberal, and accurate. Nor will they be dis- 
appointed in the present work. . . . We can recommend this book to our readers." 
— Athsnawai. 

Sketches in History and Poetry. 

By the late Principal Shairp. Edited by Jobk Veitcr, Professor of Logic 
and Rhetoric in the University of Glasgow. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. 

KnTnahoe : A Highland Pastoral, 

And other Poems. By Pbikcipal Shairp. Fcap. 8vo, 68. 

Shakespeare on Golf With special Reference to St. 

Andrews Links. Sd. 

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, The Inferno. 

A Tianslation in Terza Bima, with Notes and Introductory Essay. By Jamxs 
BoMAVBB SxBBAED. With su Eugraviug after Giotto's Portrait. Small demy 
8vo. ISs. 

" Hr. Sibhald is certaUily to be congratulated on having produced a translation 
which would probably give an English reader a better conception of the nature of 
the original poem, having regard both to its matter and its form in combination, 
than any other English translation yet published."— Academy. 

The XTse of what is called BviL 

A Biscouise \jy SmpuciDa. Extracted tram his Commentary on the Enchiridion 
of Epicietos. Crown 8vo, Is. 

The Near and the Par View, ^^ ^ ^ „ , _ . 

And other Sermons. By Rev. A. L. Sivpbok, D.D., Derby. Ex. fcap. 8vo, 6b, 
" Yeiy tnsh and thoughtftd are these sermons."— liierory World. 
'* Dr. Simpaon's sermons may fkirly claim distinctive power. He looks at things 
with his own eyes, and often shows us what with ordinary vision we had foiled to 
perceive. . . . The sermons are distinctively good."— British Quarterly Rsview. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Aroh£Bolofirical Essays. 

By the late Sir James Simpson, Burt. 
S ▼ols. 4to, 2l8. 

1. ArchiBology. . 

2. Inchcolm. 

3. The Gat Stane. 

4. Magical Charm-Stones. 

5. Pyramid of Olzeh. 

Edited by the late John Stuart, LUD. 

0. Leprosy and Leper Hospitals. 

7. Greek Medical Vases. 

8. Was the Roman Army proTided 
with Medical Officers? 

9. Roman Medicine Stamps, etc. etc 

The Art of Golfl 

By Sir W. O. Simpson, Bart, Captain of the Honoorable Company of Edinboigb 
Golfers. With Twenty Plates from instantaneous photographs of Professional 
Players, chiefly by A. F. Macfle, Esq. New and revised edition. Demy 8yo, 
Morocco back, price 16e. 

Sir Oalidore, the Knisrht of Courtesy. 

Reflections submitted to all Christian Gentlemen. Second edition, post 8to, 
2s. 6d. 

Should Feu-Duties be Taxed ? By Visdez. Demy svo, sd. 
Oeltio Scotland: A History of Anoient Alban. 

By WiLUAM F. Skbnb, D.C.L., Historiogiapher-Boyal for Scotland. New 
Edition, reyised. In S vols, demy Svo, 45s. Illustrated with Maps. 
I.— History and Ethnoloot. II.— Cburch and Culture. 
III.— LA17D and pIsople. 
" Forty years sgo Mr. Skene published a small historical work on the ScottUh 
Highlands which has ever since been appealed to as an authority, but which has 
long been out of print. The promise of this youthftd effort is amply ftilfllled in 
the three weighty volumes of his maturer years. As a work of historical research 
it ought In our opinion to take a very high rank."— Timet. 

The Four Ancient Books of Wales, 

Containing tlie Cymric Poems attributed to the Bards of the Sixth Century. By 
William F. Skexe, D.CL. With Maps and FacsimUes. 2 vols. Svo, 36s. 

The Gospel History : 

Being lectures on the Life of Christ By Wiluam F. Skene, D.C.L. Small 
crown 8vo, 8 vols., with Maps, 2s. 6d. esch vol, or in cloth box, 7s. 6d. net 

Tommie Brown and the Queen of the Fairies : A new 

ChUd's Book. By Wiluam F. Skene, D.C.L. In fcap. Svo, with lUnstiations, 
4s. 6d. 

Fishin' Jimmy: A Sketch. 

By A. Trumbull Slosson. Fcap. Svo, M. 

An Aberdeenshire Villaffe Pro] 

paffanda Forty Tears Ago. 

n Introduction by William Albkaivdsr, 

By Robert Harvet Smith, M. A. With an 

LL.D., author of " Johnny Gibb of Guahetneuk. ** Cr. Svo, 3s. 6d, 

The Sermon on the Mount. 

By the Bev. Walter C. Smith, D.D. Crown Svo, te. 

Sketches of Montrose. 

By Jambs Mackie Smith. Folio plates, 158. 6d. net 

Life and Work at the Great Psrramid. 

With a Discussion of the Facts ascertained. By C. Piazzi Smyth. F.R.8S.I1. 
and B., Astronomer-Royal for Scotland. 8 vols, demy Svo, 56s. 

Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountcdns : 

Diary and Namtive of Travel, Sport, and Adventun, during a Journey throofth 
part of the Hudson's Bay Company's Tenitortes in 1869 sad 1880. By the Bau 
OF SouTHESK, K.T., F.RG.S. 1 vol. demy 8vo, with lUnstntions on Wood by 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


By the game AtUhor. 

HeiminiuB : A Boxnanoe. Fcap. svo, es. 

Jonas Fisher : A Poem in Brown and White. Cheap Edition, is. 

The Burial of Isis, and other Poema 

Fcap. 8to, <ta. 

Origins of Pictish Symbolism. 

witii Notes on the San Boar, and a new reading of the Newton Inscriptions. 

Souvenirs of Tante Claire (Mile. Aubert). 

Translated from the French by Mrs. C. H. Qokdon. Sm. cr. 8to, Ss. 6d. 

Darroll, and other Poems. 

By Waltsb Cook Spescs, Advocate. Grown Svo, 5s. 

History of the Scottish Church. 

By W. Stepbzn, Rector of St. Augustine's, Dambarton. Demy Svu, 2 vols., 258. 

Rudder Granga 

By Fiuinc B. Stockton. Is. ; and cloth, 2s. 

" 'Rudder Orange' is a book that few could produce, and that most would be 
proud to sign."— Saturday Rtview. 

'* It may be safely recommended as a very amusing little hook."— JikmuBum. 

** Altogether 'Rudder Grange' la as cheery, as humorous, and as wholesome 
a little story as we have read for many a day."— St. Javu^a GasetU, 

The Lady or the Tiger? and other Stories. 

By Frank R. Stockton. Is. ; and cloth, 2s. 

(knUenU.— The Lady or the Tiger ?— The Transferred Ghost— The Spectral Mort- 
gage—That same old 'Coon— His Wife's Deceased Sister— Mr. Tolman— Plain 
Fiahing— My Bull Calf— Every Man his own Letter Writer— The Remarkable 
Wreck of the "Thomas Hyke." 

" Stands by itself both for originality of plot and freshness of humour."— CetUury 

A BoiTO'wed Month, and other Stories. 

By Frank R Stockton, Author of " Rudder Grange. " Is. ; and cloth, 28. 

Content*.— A Borrowed Month— A Tale of Negative Gravity— The Christmas 
Wreck— Our Archery Club— A Story of Assisted Fat&— The Discourager of 
Hesitancy— Our Story. 

Ohri8tieu:iity Confirmed by Jewish and Heathen Testi- 
mony, and the Deductions ttom Physical Science, etc. By Thomas Stevenson, 
F.R.S.E., F.G.S., Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Second 
Edition. Fcap. Svo, 3s. 6d. 

Sketch of Thermodsmamics. 

By P. G. Tait, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 
Second Edition, revised and extended. Crown Svo, 5s. 

The Upland Tarn : A Village Idyll. Small Crown, 58. 
A Ballad of Charity, cmd other Poems. 

By Gerald Wallace. Small Crown Svo, Ss. 6d. 

"Walks near Edinburgh. 

By Margaret Warrkndeb. With Illustrations by the Author. Fcap. Svo. 
Second Edition. Ss. 6d. 

A Year in the Fields. By John Watson. Fcap. 8vo,1s, 

Jedburgh Abbey : Historical and Descriptive : also the 

Abbeys of Teviotdale, as showing the Development of Gothic Architecture. By 
James Watson. Second Edition, sm. 4to, Illustrated, 10s. net. 

"What we are Coming to. 

By Miles L'Estranob. Crown Svo, 2s. fid. 

Mr. Washington Adams in England. 

By Richard Grant White. Is. ; or in cloth, 28. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



The Oamp-Fires of the Evergflades ; or, Wild Sports in 

THE South. By Charles £. Whitehead. New and revised euitiou, with 
illustrations firom Nature by various artists. Royal 8vo. , 81s. 6d. 

A Humble Bomanoe, and other Stories. 

By Maby E. WiLKiKS. Is. paper, or 28. cloth extra. 

A Far-away Melody, and other Stories. 

By Mart E. Wilkins. Is. paper, or 23. cloth extra. 

Bosetty Ends ; or, the Chronicles of a Country Cobbler. 

By Job Bradawl (A. Dewab Willock), Author of " She Noddit to Me." Fcap. 
8vo, Illustrated, 28. and Is. 

*' The sketches are amusing productions, narrating comical incidents, connected 
by a thread of common character running through them all— a thread waxed into 
occasional strength by the * roset ' of a homely, entertaining wit."— Scotoman. 

Beminiscenoes of Old Edinburerh. 

By Sib Daniel Wilson, LL.D., F.R.S.E., Professor of History and English Litera- 
ture In University College, Toronto, Author of ** Prehistoric Annals of Scotland," 
etc. etc. 2 vols, post 8vo, 15s. 

The Lost Atlantis and other Ethnogrraphio Studies. 

By Sir Daniel Wilson, LL.D., F.R.S.E. Demy 8vo, 158. 

OonteTi/*.— The Lost Atlantis— The Vinland of the Northmen— Trade and 
Commerce in the Stone Age— Pre-Aryan American Han— The iEsthetic Faculty 
in Aboriginal Races— The Huron-Iroquois: a Typical Race— Hybridity and 
Heredity-^Relatlve Racial Braln-Welght and Size. 

The India Civil Service eus a Career for Scotsmen. 

By J. WiLBON, M.A. Is. 

Shakespeare's England. 

By William Winter. Is. paper, or 2s. cloth extra. 

Contend.— The Voyage— The Beauty of England— Great Historic Placea— 
Rambles in London— A Visit to Windsor- The Palace of Westminster— Warwick 
and Kenllworth- First View of Stratford-on-A von— London Nooks and Comers- 
Relics of Lord Byron— Westminster Abbey— The Home of Shakespeare— Up to 
London— Old Churches of London— Literary Shrines of London— A Haunt of 
Edmund Kean— Stoke-Pogls and Thomas Gray— At the Grave of Coleridge— On 
Bamet Battlefield— A Glimpse of Canterbury— The Shrines of Warwickshire— A 
Borrower of the Night. 

^Wanderers : Beinff a Collection of the Poems of William 

Winter. Is., or in cloth, 2s. 
Gray Days and Ghold. By William Winter. Paper, Is. ; or 28. cloth extra. 

Shadows of the Sta^e. 

By William Winter. First and Second Series. Cloth, 28. 6d. each vol. 

Old Shrines and Ivy. 

By William Winter. Cloth, 28. 6d. 

The Eaat Neuk of Fife: Its History and Antiquitiea 

Second Edition, Re-arranged and Enlarged. By the Rev. Walter Wood, K.A., 
Bile. Edited, with Preface and Index, by the Rev. J. Wood Brown, M.A., 
Gordon. Crown 8vo, 6b. 

Recollections of a Tour made in Scotland AD. 1808. 

By Dorothy Wordsworth. Edited by J. C. Shairp. Third Edition, cr. 8vo, 5s. 

Summer Sailings. 

By an old yachtsman, Archibald Youno, Advocate, late H.H. Inspector of 
Salmon Fisheries for Scotland, Author of "Treatise on Salmon," etc., etc. With 
numerous Illustrations after water-colour drawings by the Author. Demy 8vo. 

In pnparaHon, 


Edinburgh: T. & A. Constable, Printen to Her Majetty. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

A Catalogue of the 

Publications of 

DOWNEY & Co. Ltd. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

" He ranks as om of the Jetv great geniuses who appear by 
ones and twos in century after century of authorships and who 
leave t/ieir mark ineffaceably on the literature of their age!'^ 

:. Charles Dickens. 

^^ If he does fwtindue time learn to regard Balzac as a 
great teaclier Us welt as a great magician^ then the fault will 
not be with the author ^ but in the reader'^ — Spectator. 

Illustrated Limited Edition 


BALZAC'S Works. 


Messrs. Downey & Co. beg to announce the publication 
(in conjunction with Messrs. Roberts Brothers, of Boston) 
of an Illustrated Limited Edition, in forty royal octavo 
volumes, of the Works of 


The translation is the work of Miss Katharine Prescott 
Wormeley, who ha^, in the final volume of the series, given 
the story of Balzac's life, and supplied a careful and critical 
estimate of the Author's work. 

The Edition is illustrated by Two Hundred and Eighty 
original Goupil-gravures, designed by leading French 
artists, printed on vellum plate paper, with Replicas of each 
of th« plates, printed on India paper. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

The greatest master of romantic fiction. ^^ 

Contemporary Review. 

BALZAC'S V^O^Yi^— continued. 

The books are printed from a new type on Ruisdael 
hand-made paper (with the. water«mark ''H. de B." on 
each sheet), and are handsomely and strongly bound in 
polished buckram, with gilt top; 

The whole Edition is now ready for delivery. 

Terms on application to any of the leading Booksellers, 
or to the Publishers. 

The Edition is strictly limited to 250 numbered sets {of 
which 160 sets are reserved far America)^ and the books will 
be sold only in sets. 

^^ If we judge Balzac in detail^ he cannot^ any more than 
other of the great masters of the present or the pasty escape all 
critical severity ; but when we examim in its totality his 
mighty work^ we must all agree on one point — that in the 
class of work to which it belongs, nothing more complete ever 
issued from the brain of a writer. When Balzac, having 
solved the enigma of his genius, grasped the deep and admirable 
idea of the * ConUdie Humaitie * — when, by laborious and 
ingenious classification he welded all parts of his work into a 
logical whole, each of these parts took its rightful place and 
assumed its real value. Eofh book is, in fact, a page of the 
great work, which would be incomplete without tluit important 
" — George Sand. ' 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

^ Here is a new Edition of Lever which it is a positive 
pleasure to read and handle. The printing and get-up are 
j«^^/t5."— Westminster Gazette. 

Illustrated Limited Edition 



Edited by his Daughter 

The first Complete Uniform Illustrated Edition of 

An entirely New and Copyright Edition of Lever's 
Novels in 37 octavo volumes, with all the Original 
Etchings by 


In addition to the large number of Etchings and 
Engravings by " Phiz " and George Cruikshank, several 
of the volumes are illustrated with Wood Engravings by 
" Phiz," Luke Fildes, R.A., M. E. Edwards, and other 
Artists, all of which are included in this Edition. 

A few of the volumes were originally published with- 
out illustrations, and for these books arrangements have 
been made for a series of illustrations by Mr. Gordon 
Browne, son of Mr. Hablot K. Browne C* Phiz ''). 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Thb Confbssions of Harry Lorrbqubr 

Charles O'Mallby, Thr .Irish Dragoon 

Jack Hinton, The Guardsman. 

TcM Burke of Ours .. ■ ... 

The LoiTERiNGS of Arthur O' Lear y 

The O'Donoghue 

The Knight of Gwynne 

Sir Jasper Carew , 

Horace Templeton 

The Confessions of Con Cregan 

Roland Cashel . 

The Daltons 

The Dodd Family Abroad 

Maurice Tiernay, Soldier of Fortune 

Martins of Cro* Martin 

Fortunes of Glencore 

Davenport Dunn 

One of Them 

Harrington . 

A Day's Ride 

Luttrell of Arran 

Tony Butler 

Sir Brook Fosrrookb 

The Bramleiohs of Bishop's Folly 

Paul Goslett's Confessions 

A Rent in a Cloud . 

That Boy of Norcott's 

St. Patrick's Eve 

Nuts and Nutcrackers 

Tales of the Trains . 

Lord Kilgobbin . 

1 voL 

2 vols. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 
I vol. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 
I vol. 
I vol. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 
2 vols. 

2 vols. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 
I vol. 
I vol. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 

1 vol. 

2 vols. 
J vol. 

I vol. 

I vol. 

I vol. 

'^ If ^ood paper, dear print, excellent binding, ami last but not 
least Phiz's inimitable illustrations, count for anything, the 
latest Edition of Charles Levers Novels will be speedily 
exhausted'^-^Vxhh Mall Gazette. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

NEW BOOKS— coHiinu€d. 

Paved with Gold* By Augustus Mavhew. With 26 
original Etchings by John Leech. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, gilt 
top, bevelled boards, xar. 6d. mt. 

My Theatrioal and Husfcal BeeolleetloiiB. By 

Emily Soldbne, Demy 8vo, with seven Portraits, los, 6d* 

The Inventor of the Numeral 1>pe for China* By 


A Doctor's Idle Hours. By ** Scalpel." Crown 8vo. 6j. 

Wealth and Wild Cats* Travels and Researches in 
the Gold Fields of Australia and New Zealand. By Raymond 
Radclvffe. Profusely Illustrated, is. 

The Way They Should Go: Hints to Young Parents. 
By Mrs. Panton, Author of **From Kitchen to Garret." Crown 
8vo. 3J. 6d, 

'Hibemia Pacata: or, The Wars in Ireland during the 
Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Edited, and with an Introduction and 
copious Notes, by Standish O'Grady. 2 vols, medium 8vo, 
with Portraits, Maps, and Plans. /^2s. net. 

%* Edition limited to 500 numbered copies. 

BecoUections of Fenians and Fenianism. By John 

O'Learv. 2 vols. NVith Portraits. 2ij. 

Historic Churches of Paris. By Walter Lonekgan. 

Illustrated by B. S. Le Fanu, and from Photographs. Crown 
4to, gill edges. 2U. 

The Memoirs of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. By 

Thomas Moore. A New Edition, revised and annotated by 
Martin MacDermott. Large crown 8vo. With a Portrait. 6j. 

PhotogT'aphy, Artistic and Scientific. By Robert 

Johnson and A. B. Chatwooh. With fifty-four Phott>graphic 
Illustrations. Demy 8vo, gilt top. loj. 6r/. 

The New Photography, By A. B. Chatwood. Illus- 
trated, is. 

The Great Famine: A Retrospect of Fifty Yea 
(1845-1895). By W. P. O'Bf en, C.B. \Qs.(>d. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


The Life of Charles Lever* By W. J. Fitzpatrick. Demy 
8vo, with a Portrait, 6s, 

Briiyharcl: the Strange Adventures of One Ass and. Seven. 
Champions. By F. M. Allen. Illustrated by Harry 
FURNISS. Crown 8vo. 3^. 6d. 

Bnesia under the Tzars. By Stepniak. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d 

Bohemian Life. A New Translation of Henri Murger's ** La 
Vie de Boheme." Crown 8vo, y. 6d. 

The BemiDiscences of an Old Bohemian. By the late 
Dr. G. M. Strauss. Crown 8vo, 3J. 6d. 

London Town 2 Sketches of London Life and Character. By 
Marcus Fall. With a Frontispiece by Harry Furniss. 
Crown 8vo. 5^. 

New & Uniform Edition of 

Fitzgerald Molloy's Works- 

The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington. Crown 8vo, with 

a Portrait, 5 J. 

The Life and Adventnree of Edmund Kean. Crown 8vo, 
with a Portrait, 5J. 

Boyalty Bestored; or, London under Charles IL Crown 8vo, 
with a Portrait, 5^. 

Court Life below Stairs; or, London under the First Georges. 
Crown 8vo, with a Portrait, 5 J. 

Court Life below Stairs; or, London under the Last Georges. 
Crown Svo^ with a Portrait, ^s. 

The Life of Peg Wofflngton : With Pictures of the Period 
in which she lived. Crown 8vo, with a Portrait, 5^. 
( 10) 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 






An ITnknown ftuantity. 

An Ocean Tramp. 

In the Promised Land. 


Hif h PUy. 

Poor Little Bella. 


The Golden Crocodile. 

Two Sinners. 

Did He Deserve It. 

A Justified Sinner. 

Dinah Fleet. 

A Bit of a Fool. 

By Violet Hothouse. 
By Captain Charles Clark. 
By Mary Anderson. 
By Colonel Newnham-Davis. 
By Geo. Manville Fenn. 
By F. C. Philips. 
Illustrated by A. D. McCoRMiCK. 
By F. Mortimer Trimmer. 
By the Author of " Egeria." 
By Mrs. Riduell. 
By Fnzr.ERALD Molloy. 
By John Hill and G. Bacon. 
By Sir Robert Peel, Bart. 

The Donthorpes of Westleigh. By Christian Lys. 
An Undeserving Woman. By F. C. Philips. 
A Lonely OirL By Mrs. Hunoerford. 

Jenny's Bawbee. By M. W. Paxton. 

A Fallen Star. By Charles Lowe. 

The Star Sapphire. By Mabel Collins. 

A Tragic Idyl. By Paul Bouroet. 

College Oirls. By Abbe Carter Goodi.oe. 

A Chronicle of Oolden Friars. By J. Sheridan le Fanu. 
Ulrick the Beady. By Stand ish O'Grady. 

By VV, p. Kelly. 
By R. S. Sievier. 
Merchant of Killogue. By F. M. Allen. 
( II ) 

^ Schoolboys Three. 
' * '^nieration. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



love in Old Oloathet. By H. C. Bunner. 

The Evil Ouest. By J. Sheridan Le Fanu. 

The Ooek and Anohor. By J. Sheridan Le Fanu. 


Stories. By J. Sheridan Le Fanu. 


Bruising Peg. 
Strong Men and Trne. 
The Bend of the Koad. 
Another*8 Burden. 
Tales of the Book. 
A Bogue's Consoience. 
The Bishop's Amasement. 
A Fool of Nature. 
Toung Mrs. Staples. 
The Ugly Man. 

By Paul Creswick. 
By Morley Roberts. 
' By the Author of "In Droll 
By James Payn. [Donegal." 
By Mary Anderson. 
By David Christie Murray. 
By David Christie Murray. 
By Julian Hawthorne. 
By Emily Soldene. 
By the Author of " A House of Tears." 
By Lucas Cleeve. 

The Circassian. Bv Morley Roberts & Max Montesole. 

The Earth Mother. 
Princess and Priest. 
Three Men and a God. 
Shadows on Love*s Dial. 
The Bagged Edge. 
Pinches of Salt. 

By Morley Roberts. 

By A. S. F. Hardy. 
By Lieut.-Col. Newnham-Davis. 

By Carmen Sylva. 
By the Countess de Br^mont. 
. By F. M. Allen. 

Starlight through theBoof. By Kevin Kennedy. 

( 12 ) 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

^* SpUndid Sixpennyworths.'^—X^LkCK AND White. 



These books are printed from new and readable t7i>e on 
good papes, crown 8vo size. 

i^Jtt.*^^ ,t- 4..^ 


Oliver Twist. 

The Antiquary. 


The O'Donoghue. 

Jane Eyre. 

Torlogh O'Brien. 

Contarini Fleming. 

Bory O'Xore. 


Last Days of Pompeii. 


Vicar of Wakefield. 


Midshipman Easy. 

Fardorougha, the Miser. 

The Epicurean. 

Hiyji Baha. 

The Collegians. 

Christie Johnstone. 

Digby Grand. 

Arthur Gordon Pym, and 

other Tales. 
The Scarlet Letter. 
The Scalp Hunters. 
Handy Andy. 
Wuthering Heights. 
Terdant Green. 
Paved with Gold. 

By W. M. Thackeray. 

By Charles Dickens. 

By Sir Walter Scott. 

By WiLKiE Collins. 

By Charles Lever. 

By Charlotte Bronte. 

By J. Sheridan Le Fanu. 

By B. Disraeli. 

By Samuel Lover. 

By Maria Edgeworth. 

By Lord Lytton. 

By Lady Morgan. 

By Oliver Goldsmith. 

By Mrs. Shelley. 

By Captain Marryat, 

By W. Carleton. 

By Thomas Moore. 

By J. Morier. 

By Gerald Griffin. 

By Charles ReaDe. 

By G. J. Whyte-Melville. 

By Edgar Allan Poe. 

By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

By Mayne Reid. 

By Samuel Lover. 

By Emily Bronte. 

By Cuthbkrt Bede. 

By Augustus Mayhew. 

[//? the press. 
Jack Brag. By Theodore Hook. 

[In the press, 
*#* Other volumes of this series "afill follow in quick succession. 
All ihe above in neat fancy cloth, gilt lettered, printed on special 
paper, with specially designed title in red and black, ij. each. 

- k. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Ghiy Deverell^ 

AU in Dark. 

The Wyvem Mystery. 

The Coek and Anchor. 

Wylder's Hand. 

The Watcher. 

Kose and the Key. 
Tenants of Malory. 
Willing to Die. 
Golden Friars. 
The Evil Guest. 

Torlogh O'Brien. 

Each in crown 8vo, with Title-page designed by 
B. S. Le Fanu, 2s. 6d, 

Also in preparation a new and uniform edition, to be 
set in large readable type and well illustrated. 

DOWNEY & CO. Limited. 

( i6) 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 






(Suecestor to 






Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


■ I -|« H ' 


Scriptores Somani, S'dections from Cicero, Sallust, Livy, Pliny the 
Tonnger, Suetonius, and Qnintilian. Edited by W. Durnford, H.A., and 
F. B. Rawlins, M.A., Fellows of King's College, Cambridge, and Assistant 
Masters at Eton College. Second Edition....... 8vo., cloth, 812 pp., 6«. net. 

Selecta : Selections from Cornelius Nepos, Justinus, Caesar, and Cicero. 

Crown 8fo., cloth, Price 6s. net, 

Eton Short Ovid. Electa ex Ovidio et Tibullo : with English 

Notes explanatory and illnstratiye, by the Rer. W. G. Cookxslst, M.A., 
late Assistant Master at Eton New Edition, 12mo., cloth, Price Ss. 6d. 

Hints for Constrnctidn of Latin Sentences, compiled by A. C. 

AtNGER, M.A., Assistant Master at Eton. Now Edition. 

Spp., Demy Svo., cloth case, Is. 

CfldSar's Gkdlic War, the First Six Books, with Notes in Engh'sh by 
the Rev. W. G. Cookeslet, M.A., late Assistant Master at Eton. New 
Edition, -mth Maps Crown Svo., Price 3». 

Pontes : Early Difficnlties in Latin Prose, by Two Eton 

Masters. " Intended to introduce tho school-boy in tho gentlest pos- 
sible manner to a knowledge of the Latin tongne." — Saturday Review. 

Crown Svo., Price Is. 

A Latin Vocabulary, or John's First Latin Book, by E. S. 

Shuckburgh, M.A., late Assistant Master at Eton. Fart l...Feap. Svo. 9d. 

The Hannibalian or Second Punic War, extracted from the 

Third Decade of Livy, with English Notes by tho Rev. E. D. Stone, M.A., 
late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and Ute Assistant Master at 
Eton Croivn Svo., chth, Price 3s. 

Tonge's Eton Latin Grammar, (originally compiled for use at 

Eton , and still nsed in many Grammar Schools) 12mo., cloth, 2s. 

Tonge'S Latin Accidence : the above Grammar to the end of the 
Conjugation of Verbs 12mo., cloth, Is. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


The Orosvenor Guide to the Latin Prose Paper; or Latin as 

She is Wrote, for the advantage of Pandofferdam, by Philodufp, under 
the kind patronage of the Lower Mastkb. Second Edition, with 
additional lUuBtrationfl Fcp. 4fc., 1». 

Irregular Latin Verbs, a card Price sd. 

Exercises on the Compound Sentence in Greeki witli Rules 

and a Yooabnlary, by 1*. W, Cornish, M.A., late AasiBtant Master at Eton. 

*' Exceediagly nsefnl to help those who are entering npon some con- 

secative reading." — John Bull. " We hava not for some time seen 00 
good a book of exercises." — Saturday Review. " This handy work . . . 
exceedingly usefal to those who have toiled through their gp:«mmar." — 
Schoolmaster Orovm 8vo., Price 2s, 

Poets Grsci, Extracts from the less familiar Epic, Lyric, Elegiac, 
Philosophic, Dramatic, and Bncolio Poets of Greece, from Hesiod to 
Gtetnlicns, with English notes by the Rev. Hbrbebt Kynaston, D.D., 
Principal of Cheltenham College ; sometime Fellow of St. John's College, 
Cambridge, and late Assistant Master at Eton.... ^010 EditioUf Cr, 8vo., cl.. 

Price 4«. 6d. 

Sertnm : A Greek Eeading Book, with English Notes. New Edition. 
Used in the Fonrth Form at Eton. New and Revised EditioUy Crown Suo., 

cloth, Price 2s. 6d. 

The Ionian Sevolt^ extracted from Herodotus, with Introduction 
and Notes by the Bev. E. J). Stone, M.A., late Senior Assistant Master 
at Eton. '* Mr. Stone has selected a good and interesting passage from 
Herodotus." — Classical Review Crown 8vo., cloth, Priee2s. 

Ezcerpta ez Herodoto, Lib. II., Second Edition, with English 
Notes Crown Buo., cloth, Price 2«. 

*Hint8 and Cantions on Attic Greek Prose Gompositiony by 

the Bev. F. St. J. Thackeray, M.A., late Fellow of Lincoln College, Ox- 
ford, and late Assistant Master at Eton College ...Cr. 8vo., cl.. Price d<. 6d. 

This Manual has been found to be of use in the Higher Forms of the 
Public Schools and at the Universities. It contains an Appendix of 
Specimen Translations. 

*£zercise8 on the Irregnlar and Defective Greek Verbs, by 

the Rev. F. St. J. Thackeray, M.A., late Fellow of Lincoln College, Ox- 
ford, and late Assistant Master at Eton College. Second Edition. 

Demy 8vo., cloth, Price 2s. 

A Series of 63 Exercises in short sentences, with a Yocabulary. Each 

sentence contains an example of one of the Verbs, only those parts being 

employed, which are used by the best Attic Prose authors. 

KEY to the above (to be had only of the Publishers)... Or. Sw., Price 2s. 6d. 

• The ohjeei of these Volumes is to meet the difUculties and correct the mistakes to 

which composers in Greek Prose arefownd by es>perience toh$ most liable. 

Greek Prepositions, a card Pnee2d, 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



A Simple Prosody, intended chiefly for beginners. Twelfth Edition. 

Crown Svo.f Pries 3d. 

Nuciprona : Exercises in Latin Elegiac Terse grafted on " Nuces," by 
the Eev. Hs&bbst Ktnaston, D.D., late Principal of Cheltenham College, 

formerly AssiBtant Master at Eton Crown 8im>., Price 1<. 

* A KEY to the above, by the Eev. H. Ktnaston, D.D Cr. 8uo., Price 2s. 

Lucretilis : an Introduction to the Art of Writing Latin Lyric Verses, 
in Two Parts, by the Anthor of *'KnoeB." A New Edition. 

One vol., Crown 8vo., doth^ Price 23. 6<{. 

Iambic Exercises, based on the "Hecuba," by the Eev. E. D. 
Stonb, M.A Crown Sih)., Price 6d. 

Iambic Exercises, based on the " Prometheus Vinctus," by the Rev. 
E. D. Stone, M.A Crown %vo. {unijorm with the ahove)^ Price 6d. 

lonides : Exercises in Greek Iambics, with a Vocabulary, by the Rev. 
E. D. Stoue, M.A., late Follow of King's College, Cambridge, and late 
Assistant Master at Eton. Second Edition, enlarged and corrected. 

Crown 8i*o. (wniform with the above)^ Price 1<. 

Verse Briiles for Beginners, by the Author of ** Nuces." 

On Cardf 2pp. large 8vo., Price 4(i. 

Euclid, Book L, with Exercises on each Proposition, and Altemntive 
Proofs for some of the more difficult Theorems, by the Eev. T. Dalton, 
M.A., late Senior Mathematical Master at Eton. New and Enlarged Edition. 

Demy 8w., cloth, Price 2s. 

Eton Lower Arithmetic : A Course of Examples in Elementary 
Arithmetic, by J. P. Carter, Esq., M.A., and Rev. B. C. Radcliffb, M.A., 
Assistant Math. Masters at Eton College. 

" The special object of the authors has been to select questions that 
may prompt the understanding of principles rather than the bare 
knowledge of rules. The character of the questions will sliow that this 
has been well attained.** 

Crown Buo., cloth, Third Edition, revised, Price 3s. 6d. net, 

Fractions, &C., Enlarged, by the Rev. H. Daman, M.A., Assistant 
Master at Eton, late Mathematical Master at Magdalen College School, 
Oxford. The aim of the writer has been to produce a Text-book on U.n- 
APPLIED Arithmetic containing, besides Examples, explanations and 
directions suitable to ordinary school-boys Crown 8vo., cl., Price 2$. 

Learning to Draw. A Primer for the use of Beginners, by 

S. P. G. Evans, A.R.W.S., with many Illustrations Price 4«. 6d. net. 

"Learning to Draw,*' for use in Classical Schools where the time 
devoted to drawing must necessarily be very short. The object is to 
place before a class composed of boys of quite different capabilities a 
system easy to understand, which will teach many of them so much of 
the Science of Drawing as will prove most useful. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

First Lessons on Geometrical Drawing, ^7 ^^^ ^▼• 

Francis Johnson Tuck, M.A., late Scholar of King's College, Cambridge, 

Assistant Master at Eton College Demy 8vo., clotht 28. 

*' The problems are of a very elementary character and ought soon to 
be learnt by the scholars. . . . The explanations are clear, the diagrams 
well drawn, and the exercises suitable to test the pupils' grip of lesBons." — 


Stocks Explained, with Examples worked out, and Exercises 

drown Svo,, Price 6d. 

Ennnclations of Euclid, Books I. to IV Orown sw., Pnce 4d, 

The Plntos of Aristophanes np to date, or Mammon made 

Righteous, by A.C. James, M.A., Assistant Master at Eton College... 4to, on 
hand made -paper^ Price 2$. net, hy post 2s. 3d. 

Walks round abont Eton and Eton BuildingSyWith iliusi rations, 

by Jambs J. Hornby 1 vol Svo., Price 7s. 6d. 

" This volume, with its ezcellent photographs, will be a useful supple- 
ment or companion to Mr. Maxwell Lyte-s * History of Eton College.' ** — 

The Times. 

Eton SongSy written by Aethur Campbell Ainger, set to Music by 

Sir Joseph Barnbt, illustrated by Herbert Marshall. " Fositirely 

teems with attractions, metrical, musical, and pictorial." — Daily Telegra/ph. 

Music 4ito., elothy £1. IO9. 

Snn Pictures of Eton College, with brief descriptive matter, by 
John Harrington, Esq., author of " The Abbey and Palace of West- 
minster,' ' &o., &c Elegantly hound in tree calfy £2. 55. 6d . 

Loan Collection of Portraits. Views, and other objects of 
interest connected with the History of Eton^ made on the 

occasion of the 450th Anniversary of the Foundation of the College, an 
annotated catalogue Large Paper Edition, \-vellum. Prite 10a. Qd. 

Eton Calendar^ Published at the commencement of each School-time, 
containing the School List ; a Plan of the College ; all tho details of the 
work for the Half; the Divisions, Mathematical, French, and German ; 
arrangements for the Army Class ; School Orders ; Lists of Prizes and 
Prize-holders, Ac. Ac. ** Wherein the whole duty of an Etonian is 
systematically sot forth.** — Saturday Review. ..Demy 8vo., Price 2s., by post 

2s. Sd. 

The Eton First French Readinfi^ Book; being a new and 

thoroughly revised Edition of Tarvcr's ** JJew Method," by H. & P. Tarvsr, 
Fifth Edition Crown 8vo., cloth, Price 2s. 

Eton School List, Published at the commencement and end of each 

School-time 8vo., Price 6d., hy post 7d, 

Eton Almanack, Published at the commencement of each School-time. 

Demy foliOy Price 6d., by post 7d. 

Eton School Lists, with appendices, 1791 to 1877, mlh short 
Notices of the Men as to their after Career in Life. Edited by 
H. E. C. Stapilton, Esq 4tto.,cloth. Out of print. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Eton School lasts, 185S to 1877, being the two appendices of the 
abore. " Theee interesting details of some of England's best and noblest 
sons will be welcomed as they deserve. We know no higher praise." — 
JolinBHSL 4ito., cloth, Us. 

Stan School lasts, Ist appendix, 1853 to 1859 5«. 

„ „ „ 2nd appendix, 1862 to 1877 10«. 

^ ,, ,, Preparing for the Press. A revised Edition of the 

Lists, xiom 1858 to 1877, with coutinnation to recent years. 

Eton CoUdgB CShronicle, Published during each School-time, 

Price 8d., ly post 3id. 

Cimp Choruses, E.G.R.V., Collected by Walter Durmford, M.A., 
and JoHK Bariko Cloth, Is, 

Bnlos of tho Kiveri with Lithographic Plan. Published under the 
aoihority of a late Captain of the Boats Fcap, folio, Pries 6d. 

Rules of the Qame of FootbalL as played at the WALL at Eton. 

Price U. 

Rules of the Qame of Football, as played in the PIELD at Eton. 

Price 4d, 

Roles of the Qame of Fives, as played at Eton PrUe 4a. 

▲ Few Hints on Cricket, by E. A. H. Mitchell, U-A^Fcap, 8v0., 4d, 

Coll^^rs v. Oppidans. A Beminiscence of Eton Life, by An Old 
SromAN. " A good little school story without any hnmbng or cant.'' — 
Saturday Review SquareSvo., cloth. Price Is, 6d. 

Qeorge CSaiming, His Speeches and Life : A Lecture delivered in the 
efebool libraiy at Eton on May 22, 1886, by the Bey. Henrt Montagu 
BuTLSB, D.D., Dean of Glonoester, and late Head Master of Harrow. 

Demy 8tro., Price 6d, 

Eton Boating Book ; Containing an Account of the Baces, with 
List of the Boats from 1825 to 1880, with Lists of the Oxford and Cam* 
bridge Crews ; by B. H. Blake-Humphbkt, Esq., Captain of the Boats 
1860 and 1861. Second Edition Croum Svo,, Price 4a, 6d. 

The Eton Register — Boating and Cricketing, &c., 1869 to 1868. 

Demy 8w., cloth, Price 6s, 

HqsSB Etonenses* Sive Carminum EtonsB Conditonim Deleceus ; 

being "Sent np^' Exerdses of, among others, Archbishop Samner ; 

Bishops Lonsdale, Abraham, Darnford, Selwyn ; Provosts Goodford, 

Hodgson, Hawtrey ; Lords Derby, Auckland, Stratford de Bedcliffe, 

Lyttelton; Deans Milman, Wellesley (Windsor) i Sirs G. C. Lewis, E. 

Creasy; and W. £. Gladstone, W. M. Praed, A. H. Hallam, H. H. Knapp. 

Edited by Dr. Okis, late Provost of King's College, Cambridge. 

Reduced in Price to 10s, 6d, cloth. 
A SennOIL By the Lord Bishop of Oxford, preached in Eton 

College Chapel on Snnday, April 7th, 1889 Demy 8vo., 6d 

" The Least shall be Great." A Sermon preached in Eton College 
Chapel on Snnday, May 23, 1886, by the Rev. Henrt Montagu Butlbe, 
D.D., Dean of Gloncester, and late Head Master of Harrow... D«?nv 8vo., 6d. 

Abrahanii Bishop, on the Lord*s Supper, Readings, Meditations and 

Pkayers, aocording to the teaching of the Obnroh Catechism 

2nd edition, Price 4«. 6cl. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC ^"^ 


Family Prayers^ arranged for a week, compiled by the Eev. Pownoll 
W. PHIPPS, M.A., late Vicar of Upton-cum-Chalvoy Price 1«. 

" Sixty Tears Since " in the Church of Eneland, a Paper read 

at a meeting of the Clerical Society, held at the Deanery, WiDdaor, 
February 10th, 1898, by Bichabd Qek, D.D., Canon of Windsor and 
Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty Price 6cL 

Eton College Library (Reprinted from Notes and Queries), by the 
Bev. Fbancis St. John Thackeray, M.A., late Fellow of Lincoln College, 
Oxford, and late Assistant Master at Eton. With Photograph of the In- 
terior of the Library. Containing an account of its origin and the prin- 
cipal epochs in its history : the MSS. : Bibles and Theological works : 
Aldines and other early editions of the Classics : Grammatical and 
Archeeological Treatises : Caxtons and other early English publications ; 
rare books of History and Travels : special Collections : descriptions of 
selected specimens of bindings Fcap, 4io, Price 5s. 

A Gnide to the Collection of Boman Coins at Eton Collie, 

with an Appendix on some Byzantine Coins, by the Bev. Francis St. John 
Thackeray, M.A., late Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, and late Assis- 
tant Master at Eton Oroicn 8vo., Priee28, 6d. 

Greek Derivation Papers Fcap., lOO Forma on so Leamsf<yr2». 

Dates in Boman History, from the foundation of the City to 
A.D. 476 4*0., Priced. 

The Eton Series of Outline Maps, drawn by Edwakd Weller, 

F.G.8.,&o .:. PWc«2d. •o«fc. 






14 Italy. 

24 Egypt. 



15 Greece. 

26 Canada & Newfound- 



16 Northern Greece. 



North America. 

17 Greece, Peloponess us 

26 German Empire. 


South America. 

18 India. 

27 Austrian Empire. 


England and Wales. 

19 Aria Minor. 

28 Holy Land. 


British Isles. 

20 Central America and 

29 Bussia. 



West Indies. 

30 Holland and Belgium. 



21 Oceana. 

31 Sweden and Norway. 



22 North Africa. 

32 Australia. 


Spain and Portugal. 

23 United States of 

33 South Africa- 








A Midsummer-Night Dream, by E. V. B. The story of the 

Torch-light Procession, with the Songs and Music. Illustrated. " The 
pretty book before us, which is exquisitely printed and got up, contains, 
besides E. Y. B.'s vivid description, tbe tunes of the songs sung before 
the Queen, and what will be, perhaps, more interesting to many of our 
readers, the full details and dii^^ms of the very ingenious and intricate 
torch-light manoeuFres drawn up by the hand of the Head Master 
himself." — Volunteer Service Gazette 4to, Price 28. 6d, 

In the Press. A Biographical History of Eton and Leading 

Etonians, by A. C. Bknson, Esq., M.A., Assistant Master at Eton College, 
with Portrait Illustrations ..Demy 8uo. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Catalogue of Booka 



Itmo, cloth. 

By M. J. B. BADDELEY, B.A., and C S. WARD, M.A. 

" In English topographical wzitiog for tourists the Thorough Guide Series 
is so far ahead of any other that there can scarcely be said to be a good second 
to it. ... . With these descriptions and maps the well-girt man of reasonable 
intelligence may go almost anywhere, and do almost anything ; and often as 
ve have tried the routes we have very seldom found them wanting." — Saturday 

•* For whatever district there is a • Baddeley ' the tourist need have no more 
hesitation in selecting that than he would have in trusting to a ' Baedeker.' " — 
Times, August yd, 1887. 

" Best among the Guide-books of the modem sort (as far, at any rale, as 
the British Isles are concerned) are the Thorough Guides of Messrs. Baddeley & 
Ward. It is not possible to suggest an improvement in them. Both in the 
English Lake District and in Wales we have submitted these Guides to the 

seveiest tests, and have never found them wanting The books, too, are 

wdl written, and the maps alone are almost worth the monty,'*— Graphic, 
S^emiero^h, 1887. 

The BnrUsb Iiske Dtotriot. 

By M. J. B. Baddeley. Sixteen maps ; all tinted to show elevations. 
Seventh edition, 1S95. Net, 5^. 

Sootlaiid, Fart I. (««Tlie Biffhlands*')- 

Edinbuigh, Glasgow, and the Highlands, as far north as Aberdeen, 
Inverness, Gairloch, and Slomoway. By M. J. B. Baddeley. Forty- 
five general and sectional maps and plans ; tinted to show elevations. 
Eighth edition, 1895. ^^^t, 6s. 6d. 

Mortih Deron and Morth Oomwall, 

with a full description of Exmoor. By C. S. Ward. Twenty maps and 
Plans. Seventh edition, 1897. Net, 3j. dd. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Books Published and Sold 

THE THOROOOK GUID^ SfiRlEB [cmtinuea)\ 
Vli« VMk IMitftet 

of Derbyshfre, &c. ^ M. J. B. BaDdSLEy. Ten m^ps. Siiflih «dRl«ll, 
1894. N«t, y. 

SootteaO, INM^t n. (•'irotCben RlrUonds"), 

eouuhiiiy & foil descripdon of Abenleeii« InvetBeai, Lodi Mttiee^ and 

Gairloch, and of the mainland north of those places. B^ ' M. J. B. 

Badditcb^. With maps and plans, tinted to show e)«fati«as« Kfth 

edition, i%4. Net, 3s. 6^. 

Orkaer ^mA 01ieia«ii4t 

with detailed description of Approaohes from Edinburgh, Thurso, and the 
West Coast. By M. J. B. Baddeley. Third edition, 1895. Nine maps. 

Net, IX. 

Tlie aastem Oounties. 

Watering Places, Cathedra! Cities, and eKher Piaiees of Interest.) By C. S. 
Ward. Twenty^ne maps and platis. Third e<fition, V892. Net, y, ttU 

•ad Sooth Oomwaa, 

with a full description of Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles. By C S. Ward 

and M. J. B. Baddeley. Seventeen maps and pUns. Filth edition, 

1895. Net, 4J. 

m^stm. Wales, 

Chester, Rhvl, Llandudno, Bangor, Llanrwst, Bettws-y-coed, Camanroa, 

Llanberis, Beddgelert and Ffestiniog Sections. By M. J. B. Badimlby 

and C. S. Ward. Nineteen maps, plans and panoramas. Fifth edition, 

1895- Net, 3J. 

Llangollen, Bala, Dolgelley, Barmoutli, Shrewsbury, Machynlleth, and 

Aberystwith Sections. By M. J. B. Baddeley and C. S. Ward. Twelve 

maps and plans, and pianoMina. Foufth'editidn, t%$. Net, 2x. dd. 

The two parts m one volume, net, 5/. 

South Wales wtkA tlie W)re Vlstriet of 

By C. S. Ward and M. J. B. Baddeley. fSglfteen maps and plans. 
Third edition, 1892. Net, 35. td. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

4y /W»af (&* Co^ i 


Sootland, Fart Vl. («'Tbe XK>wlanda")f 

including Edinburgh and Glasgow, and all Scotk^id ^uth of those places. 
By M. J. B. Baddeley. Twentv maps and plans. iThiid edition, i^, 

Ntt, 4J. 

Zrelandf Part X. VortiMni Ooiintlea« 

iodttdi^g Dnbtin and Nei^bourfaood. By M. J. B. BADnsLiY. Twenty 
maps and plans. Fourth edition. 1897. ^^i 4^* 

ZrelaiMly Fart ZX. Bast, West, and Sotitb, 

including Dublin and Howth. By C. S.Wakd. Twenty-six maps and 
plans. Third edition, 1895. Net, 5J. 

Snrrej and Ctaaaez, iaohidinr Tunbcldre W^Ua. 

By C S. Ward. Nineteen maps and pUms. Second editioD. 1897. 
Net, y, €d. 

Torkablro, Fart Z. (Saat). 

By M. J. B. Baddeley. Twelve maps and plans. Third edition. 

1897. Net, 2J. 6^. 

Torfcalilva, Fart XZ. (Waat). 

By M. J. B. Baddeixy. Eighteen maps wad plans. Third edition. 

1897. Net, 3X. 

The two puits in one volume, net, 5^. 

Vhe IMto or IFfj^Ht. 

By C S. Ward. Eight maps and plans, net» 2i. 6*/. 


* * Excellent. " — Times, 
'• Admirable." — Daily News. 

"The maps are the leading feature in a very admirable and useful volume 
to which the word thorough may with justice be affixed." — Academy. 


"Qaiie trutwortfay, decidedly piadioal, and wisely discriminatiBg."^ 

** No more useful, practical, and trustworthy Guide to the region exists, 
while the thirty-six adnirrably executed maps 'and plans will be found a great 
oomtort and convenience." — Nature. 

"In all respects equal to its predecessor ('The Highlands') both in the 
predskm and accuracy of its information, and in the number and excellency of 
Its maps. " — Times, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Books Published and Sold 

WALES, Part I. 

'* Marked by the same accuracy and clearness of direction, and by the practical 
character of the information, which we noted in its predecessors/'— TViwer. 

WALES. Pakt II. 

"Quite comparable in handiness, deamess, fulness, and accuracy to the 
First Part"— rii»w* 

" The perfection of a local guide-book."— CZn^ymo^'i Maga%itu. 


" Quite equal (South Devon) in completeness and conscientiousness to the 
companion volume on North Devon and Cornwall " — Times. 

** Handles some of the most beautiful country in England in the practical 
fashion which has already distinguished the series. ' — Saturday Review, 

" Clear and complete ; yet very compact and portable." — Graphic. 


" Mr. Baddeley's handy little volume on the ' Peak District,' in the Tkofwtgh 
Guide Series, has reached a sixth edition. Mr. Baddeley has evidently mastered 
the district thoroughly, and the visitor could not do better than take his well- 
nupped volume as a guide. For this edition a special section has been added 
on the recently opened Dore and Chinley Railway, which opens out the most 
delightful part of the North Peak district— at least, as a holiday ground to 
Sheffield and Manchester."— 7*il« Times. 

"Will be heartily welcomed by those who contemplate a tour among the 
picturesque valleys of the Derbyshire country."— /'a// j/a// Gaxette, 

'* The maps alone are worth the money." — Academy. 

" Those who know the Peak best will do well to purchase this Guide" — 
Skejfield Independent. 

MADEIRA: its Climate and Scenery. 

A Handbook for Invalids and other Visitors. With Chapters on the 
Fauna, Flora, Geology, itnd Meteorology. By James Yatb Johnson. 

Third Edition, entirely Re-written, i2mo, with Two Maps, a Plan of 
Funchal, and a View of the Coast. Cloth, 7i. 6i/. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dutau & Co. 




7fflM, cloth, 


With a Panorama of Athens. Eight maps and fifteen plans. Second 
revised edition. 1894. 8j. 

Oreat Britain. 

Coglandy Wales, and Scotland as fiir as Loch Maree and the Cromarty Firth. 
With sisteen maps, thirty plans, and a panorama. Fourth edition, 1 897. lOf. 

*' Is as good, every whit, as anvof Its Continental predecessors. . . . Who- 
ever has used those handbooks will know then what he may look for— full and 
exMct informatioo as to routes, distances, means of communication, sights, 
hotels, and travdling expenses."— ^/Am<9«ot. 

'* Half (of the Introduction) is devoted to a sketch of English Architectural 
History by Mr. Freeman. In itself we do not know that Mr. Freeman has 
ever done a better piece of work .... in fact, the thing is so good that it 
ovght to be published separately."— 5tf/vni^y Review, 

Irfmdon and its BnvlronB, 

indnding excursions to Brighton, the Isle of Wight, &c. With three 
maps and twenty plans. Tenth edition, 1896. ts, 

" This work contains a vast amount of well-arranged information concerning 
Loodoo that must prove of gseat sendee to the stnmger, British or Foreign." — 

" This handbook of London and its environs is one of the latest and also 
one of the best of the well-known series of useful guides which bear the name 
of Baedeker.**— ZXia^f Arnw. 

Belffinm and RoUand. 

With fo«iteea maps and twenty-one plans. Twelfth edition, 1897. 6s, 
The Shine tram. Rotterdam to Conataneei 

the Seven Mountains, Valley of the Ahr, Niederwald, Moselle, Volcanic 

Eiiel, Vosges Mountains, Palatinate, Black Forest, &c. With forty-four 

maps and twenty-four plans. Thirteenth edition, 1896. 7^. 

With thirty-three maps and fifty-six plans. Twelfth edition, 1897. Ss, 

Sonthem dermany, Inolndlnir BaTaria and 

With sixteen maps and fifteen plans; Eighth edition, 189$. 5/. 


_ H«iiguy, Transylvania, Dalmatia, and Bosnia. With twenty- 
d^ maps and twenty-five i^aas. . Eighth edition, 1896. 7/. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Books Publish^ Ma Sold 


including the Bavarian Highlands, the Tyrol, Salzburg, Upper and Lower 

Austria, Styria, Carinthift, and CamioU. With Forty maps, nine plans, 

and seven panoramas. Eighth edition, 1895. los, 

irorth0ni Staly, 

including Leghorn, Florence, and Ravenna, with routes through Switzerland 
and Austria. With 26 maps and 29 pl&ns. Tenth edition, 1895. ^* 

Central Ztalj afnd &ome. 

With eleven maps, forty-one plans, and a panorama of Rome, views of 
the Forum Romanum and the Colosseam, and the Arms of the Popes since 

1 41 7. Twelftih edition, 1697. ^s. 6d. 

HfcLBiG (W^ ). Guide to the Public Collections of Classical AntiquiCies ift 

Rome, translated from the Gernaa by J. F. and F. Muirhead. 

Vol. I., The Sculptures at the Vaticacn, The Capitoline Museum, 

The Lateran Museum, 75. 

Vol. XL, The Villas, The Musco Boncoropagni, The Pftlaz2o Spada, The 

Antiquities of the Vatican Library, Tne Museo Delle Terme, Js. 

Soatliem Ztely and SloUjTy 

with Excursions to the Lipari Islands, Malta, Sardinia, Tunis and Coi|a« 
With twenty-five maps and seventeen plans. Twelfth edition, 1S96. dr. 

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

With twenty -eight maps, sixteen plans, and three small paxioramas. 
Sixth edition, 1S95. ^^' 

Tbte irnited Sttttea, 

with an Excursion into Mexico. With seventeen maps and twenty*two 
plans. 1893. I2s. 

The Dominion of Canada^ 

with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska. With ten maps 
and seven plans. 1894. 5-^* 

Faria and its BnvironSv 

with Routes from London to Paris. With twelve maps and thirty-three 
plans. Twelfth edition, 1896. 6s. 

Northern France. 

from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire, excluding Paris and 
its environs. With nine mops and twenty-seven plans. Second edition, 

1894. 7^' 

Soutb-Saatarn France, 

from the Loire to the Jliviera and the Italian frontier, including Corsica. 

With thirteen map^ twelve plans, and a panorama. Second Edition, 

i8$5- 5^. 

South-W^estem France^ 

from the Loire and the Rhone to the Spanish frontier. With ten mmps 

atid thirteen pUios. Second edition, 1895. 5^* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Duhm ^ Co. 7 


and the adjacent portions of Italy* Savoy, and Tyrol. With forty-nine 
mapS| twelve plans, and twelve pant>ramas. Seventeenth edition, 1897. 8j. 

Tlie Doldeiriiom bmA Welsse Fran, 

By RothMdl^lkmber^ ^S^J. 3^. 

With nc DMfB and ierty-Bfx plans. 1898. i6j. 

WMi twenty-two maps, fifiy-'five plans, sixty-six views and vignettes. 
Fourth edition, 1S9S. \$s, 

" Any one who reads this Handbmli widifare will know more about Egypt, 
ancient and modem, in all its varied aspect, than if he read a gfeat many of 
die ovdinaiy books on the sobbed,"— Tim<s. 

irith seventeen nn^ps, forty -fbm' plans, a panorama of Jemsalem. 
Second edition, 1994. r^r. 

T1i« Traveller's Manual -of CoMveraaMaHf 

in Bngftish, Gonnan, Fiendi^.and Italian. New edition. y» 

Oonweraation Diottonarj In Four ^angrnag^es 1 

English, French, GermaA, and Italian. 1889. 3^. 



Nord-west-Deutschland von der "Elbe und der Westgrenze Sachsens 

an. Mit 26 Karten und 30 Planen. 75 Auflage, 1896. 5^. 
Nord-Ost-Deutschland von der Elbe lyid der Westgrenze Sachsens an 

nebstDanemark. Mit 25 Kaitenuwlt? Planen. 25 Auflage, 1896. 51. 
S&D-DsuTSCHLAND, Obecrhein, Baden, Wiirtiemberg, Bayem, Und die 

angrenzenden Theile von Oesterreich. Mit 22 Karten und 26 Planen. 

25 Auflage, 1895. y- 
BlBLiN VND Umobbunokk. Mit 4 iUrtsn, 6 Plitnen, und vieien 

Grundrisaen. 9 Auflage, ^896. ^r. 
Rheinlakde (Die) von der Sidxweizer-bis sur liollandischen - Grenze. 

Mit 46 Karten, 24 Plinen, und mehreren Grundrissen. 27 Auflage, 

1895. 6^- 
SCdbaiern. Tirol und Sdlzburg, Ober- und Nieder-Oesterreich, Steier- 

mark, Kamten and dinm. Mit 43 lUctcn, 10 Planen, und 7 

Panoramen. 47 Auflage, 1^96. 7^. (>d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Books Published and Sold 

Oesterr eioh - iniir*n&. 

Mit 28 Karten und 25 Planen. 24 Auflage, 1895. 7^. dd. 


(ohne Ungarn, Dalmatien und Bosnien.) Mit 23 Karten and 20 Planen. 
24 Auflage, 1895. 5'- 

Belgian and Holland, 

nebst dem Grossherzogthum Luxemburg. Mit 14 Karten und 21 Planen 
und mebreren Grundrisse. 21 Auflage, 1897. 6f. 


Mit einem Panorama von Athen, 8 Ksurten, 15 Planen, und anderen 
Beigabcn. 3 Auflage, 1893. 8f. 


I. Ober-Italien, Ligurien, das nordl. Toscana nebst Ausflugen nach 

Nizza, Cannes und Ajacdo (Corsica). Mit 25 Karten und 30 Pliinen. 

und 5 Grundrissen. 15 Auflage, 1898. &. 
II. Mittel-Italien und Kom. Mit e. Panorama v. Rom, Ansichten 

des Forum Romanum u. des Colosseums, e. Wappentafel der Papste 

V. 1417 an, sowie 1 1 Karten u. 41 Planen u. Grundrissen. 

II Auflage, 1896. 7j. ddf. 
Helbig, W., Fiihrer durch die offentlichen Sammlungen klassischer 

AlterthUmer in Rom. 2 vols. 14J. 
III. Unter Italien und Sicilien nebst Ausfliigen nach den Liparischen 

Inseln, Malta, Sardinien, Tunis und Corfu. Mit 25 Karten und 

17 Planen. Elfle Auflage, 1895. ^• 
Italien von den Alpen bis Neapel. Kurzes Reisehandbuch in einem Band. 

Mit 15 grosseren Karten, 34 kleineren Karten und Stadtplanen 

sowie 18 Grundrissen. 3 Auflage, 1895. 8r. 


England (ausser London), Wales, Schottland, und Irland. Mit 18 Karten, 
39 Planen, und i Panorama. 2 Auflage, 1895. lOf. 


und Umgebungen. Mit 3 Karten und 30 Pliinen. 12 Auflage, 1896. 6r. 


Die Vereinigten Staaten mit einem Ausflug nach Mexica Mit 17 Karten* 
22 Planen, und 2 Grundrissen. 1893. I2J. 

Palaeatlna and Sjrrien. 

Mit 19 Karten, 48 Planen, einem Panorama von Jerusalem. 
4 verbesserte Auflage, 1897. I2r. 

Farts und Um^lmniron. 

Mit 14 Karten und 27 Pliinen und Grundrissen. 14 Auflage, 1896. 6r. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 



Mit 14 Karten und 18 Planen. 4 Auflage, 1897. I2J. (Mit russischem 
Spracbfuhrer. 13^.) 

Sohweden and M orweiron, 

oebst den wichtigsten Reiserouten durch D'anemark. Mit 16 Planen und 
viA^ r^y Karten, und 3 kleinen Panonunen. 6 Auflage, 1894. &r. 

8oliv«is (Die), 

nebet den angrenzenden Theilen von Ober-Italien, Savoyen und Tirol. 

Mit 49 Karten, 12 Planen, und 12 Panonunen. 27 Auflage, 1897. 8r. 


Mit 29 Karten und Planen, 48 Gnindrissen, 65 Anslchten und Vignetten. 
4 Auflage, 1897. \2s. 

Spanlen and Portagral. 

Mit 6 Karten, 31 Planen, und 11 Gnindrissen. 1897. i6j, 

OonTeraationsbttolft far Helsende 

in vier Sprachen, Deutsch, Franzosisch, Engliach, Italienisch. Neue 
Auflage. 3^. 


Belglqae et Rollande* 

Avec 14 Cartes et 21 Plans. Seizi^me ^ition, 1897. ^' 

&es Btats-Vnlsy 

Avec uneJExcursion au Mexique. Avec 17 Cartes, 22 Plans de Ville 
et 2 Plans sp^ciaux. 1894. I2r. 

Italie Septentrionale, 

JusquVfLivoume, Florence et Ravenne. Avec 24 Cartes et 27 Plans. 
Quatorzi^me ^ition. 1895. &r. 

Ztalie Centralev Borne, 

et MB Environs. Avec i Panorama, 1 1 Cartes, et 39 Plans. Onzi^me 

^ition, 1897. is, 6d, 

Hklbig, W., Guide dans les musses d*arch6ologie classique de Rome. 

Traduction fran^aise par J. Toutain. 2 vols. i2mo, 12s, 

" I. Le muabt de sculpture du Vatican. Des muK^es du Capitole et du Latran. 

elV. S27pa«:e*« avec sravores.)—!!. Les villas, le mtis^ Boncompagni, le palaisSpada, 
antiques de la btbUoth^ue du Vatican, le mus^ des Thermes. Le mus^e 
•«tnuane du Vatican, le musee Kircher et le nius6e prihistorique du CoU^e romain 
par E. ReSadk 

Ztalie Ktfridlonale, 

Sidle, Sardaigne et excursions k Malte, Tunis et Corfou. Avec 25 Cartes 
et 17 Plans. Onzi^me Edition, 1896. ts. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

to Books Ptifblkhed und Sold 

QUIDB8 BASDBfCBIl \fioMimedS : 

«v«e i8 Cavtes et 50 Pbos d* Villds. Dbti^me Mitioft, f 8^ (1. 
Allemagriie du Bud tert Autriohev 

avec28Cw«Mat4BnMi6. OKzitet^^dlciMi, 1896. 8f. 

et ses £ftviioci& Av«e 4Cftrte8 let 21 Fl&ns. Neavi^me ^ditiMi, t8^. 

de la Fionti^R Suisse 4 la Frontiere de Holkade. A^«c 44 Cmios 4A 
84 Plaas. QaiiuBtee Edition, 1896. ds. 

et les patties limUrophes de la Haute-^voie et la Haute- Italie. Avos 
47 Cartes, 12 Plans et 12 Panoramas. Vingti^tne ^ition, 1896. 8r. 

Avec 12 Cartes et 27 Plaas. Douziime edition, 1896. 6s. 

Xie Nord^Sst de la Fraaoe^ 

de Paris aux Ardennes, aux Vosges et au R'bone. Avec 10 Cartes et 1 5 
Plans de Vflles. Ohquttme edition. 1895. 51. 

be Nerd-Oaeat de la Fraaoe, 

de la Fronti^e Beige k la Loire except^ Paris. Avec 8 Cartes et 22 Plans 
devillea. Ctnqui^me editiotk 1895. ^^ 

be Sad-Bat de la France 

du Jura k la M^ditenfan^ etyoompris la Corse. Avec 14 Carles, 15 
Plans, et i FBnofanuk Sixi^me Edition, 1897. 6x* 

Zie Soi t ^ Ouea t de la rrance 

de la Loise 4 la Fronti^re d'Espafne. Avec 10 Cartes et 15 Pkuu de Villes. 
Sixi^OM edition, 1897. 6;. 


Avec 27 Cartes et Plans de Villes, 48 Plans de Temples, etc., et 65 Vues 
et Dessins. 1S98. I2j. 

Paleatine et Sjrrie. 

Avec 18 Cartes, 44 Plans, un Panorama de Jemsalem et 10 Vues. 
Deuxi^tne Edition. 1893. I2J. 

Xrft ftuaaie, 

avec 14 Cartes et 22 Plans. Deuxi^me ^tion, 1897. I2«. Avfc Manuel 
de la langue Russe. \y» 

8«Me et Morv^g'ef 

et les principales routes 4 travers le Danemark. Avec 28 Cartes, 15 FUUsiw 
et un petit Manuel de Conversation. Deuxi^me Edition. 189a* Uls. 

Manuel de CenTeraaitten peur le Toorlate 

en quatrt langues : Fran^ais, Allemftad, Anglais, Italien, avac un ^ooabV' 
laire «t un questioDfMdre. Nouvelle ^ttion. y. 

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AvENTURES D'UNE ChaTTE. ifccrites pat E'lyeKnAtetti 
MdUcCW. \5.ifd, 

Almanach 0£ GOTHA^ Aniiu&ire G^n^alogique, 

Diplomatique et Statistioue pour 1898. Avec Portrails. lomo, 
owtb» 8f* net Also a a^ Mm iSfiSto 1890^ sixty-two vols^, £\o lor. 

AUBE DU Jour (L'). Instructions Bibliques familiires 

pour les Enfants. IIlHStr^i 2i. 6«f. 

AUDOIN'S Explication soffnniaife des planches d*^oiseaux 

de riigjpte et de la Syrie, pub. par Savigny. Edited by A. 
NewtOQ. London, 1883. 8vo, boarcb, net, 3;. 6^. 

Backker. Le Souterrain ; ou, Les deux Soeurs. \s,6d. 
Barton's Fragments of Natural History of Pennsyl- 

▼anisL Edited by O. Salvin. London, 1883. 4to, net, 3/. 

Bastlan (H. C) The B^i^nings of Life. 2 vols, 8vo, 

illustrated, cloth, net, izr. 6^. 
Berghaus (Dr. H.) Chart of the World, showing 
regular Steamer Lines, Overland Rout^ Lines of Sailing Vessels, 
currents of the Sea and Zones of the Wind, lines of magnetic varia- 
tion, loose floating ice and cables. Twelfth edition, newiy edited, 
by Habenicht and Domann. Priee^ unmounted, I4r. ; mounted on 
rollers and varnished, £1 2s. 

— — Physikalischer Atlas. 75 Karten in sieben 
Abtheilnngen. Gotha, 1892. Boimd in half russia, net, £4^ 

Biologia- CENTRAL!- Americana ; or, Contributions 

to the Knowledge of the Fauna and Flora <rf Mexico and Cential 
America. Edited by F. D. Godman and O. Salvin. Under this title 
it is proposed to publish a series of quarto volumes upon the fauna 
and flora of the whole of Mexico, from the valleys of the Rio Grande 
and Gila on the north, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, 
Costa Rica, British Honduras, and the Columbian state of Panama 
as far south as the Isthmus of Darien. The work is being issued in 
Zoological and Arehaeological parts. Those relating to Zoology 
contain portions of Several subjects. When the work is closed each 
subject will be complete in itself, and the whole will form a series 
of volumes of various thicknesses, according to the extent of each 
subject. The Botanietd is now complete in $ vols. 4to, bound, net, 
£\1 ip. Each Zdoh^ttl part contains 96 pages of letterpress^ and 
an average of 6 plates, most of which Me lithographs colouwd by 
band. As it is proposed to include idl the materials that may -come 
to hind during tne progress of the wcutki it is not possible to give an 
exact estimate of its extent.; but it is believed that it wul not 
exceed 150 ports of Zoology. The work is published by subscription, 
and subscribers will be at liberty to take the whole work, or the 
Zoology^ Archaeology^ or Botany sefMtfately. The different subjects 

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1 2 Books Published and Sold 

:Q{0L0GIA-C£NTRALI- AMERICAN A {cmtinued) : 

of the Zoology will not be sold separately ; and subscril)ers, on com- 
mencing iheir subscription, must give an undertaking to continue it 
until the work is finished. The price of each Zoological part is, net, 
£i IS, 

The Editors feel that it will be hardly possible to issue Parts at 
stated intervals, but they will endeavour to complete a Part of each 
subject every two months. Since September, 1879, when the work 
was commenced, 140 Parts of the Zoology and 9 Parts of the 
Archaeology (each, net, £2 zs.) have been published. 

Blake (J. F.) Annals of British Geology, 1890. A 

Critical Digest of the Publications during the year, with personal 
items. Cloth, net, 51. 

1 89 1. Cloth, net, 9^. 

1892, 1893. Cloth, net, each lor. 6d, 

Bower (F. O.) Studies in the Morphology of Spore- 
producing Members. I. Equisetineae and Lycopodineae. 1894. 
4to, 1 1 plates, net, I2x. 

II. Ophioglossaceae. With 9 plates, net, 7s, 6d. 

British Museum. Natural History Publications of 

the Trustees of the British Museum. Fully detailed list post free on 

Browne (Charles Orde). Armour and its Attack 

by Artillery. With Supplement to 1893. 8vo, numerous plates and 
illustrations, cloth, net, lOf. 6d, 

Callon (J.) Lectures on Mining, delivered at the 

School of Mines, Paris, by J. Callon, Inspector-General of Mines. 
Translated at the Author's request by C. Le Neve Foster, D.Sc, and 
W. Galloway, H.M. Inspectors oi Mines. 

Vol. I., Royal 8vo Text, with a quarto Atlas, bound, net, £1 6x. 

Vol. II., with Atlas, net, £1 i6f. 

Vol. III., with Atlas, net, i8j. 

Cervantes. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la 

Mancha. i2mo, cloth, y. 

Challenger Expedition Reports. Portraits of the 

Contributors, reproduced from the Photographs presented by them to 
John Murray, Naturalist on the Challengtr Expedition and Editor of 
the Challenger Reports ; with facsimiles of the designs for the cover and 
dedication of the album containing them by Walter Crane. Net, \2s. 6ii, 

Collection of Appliances and Apparatus for the 

Prevention of Accidents in Factories. Mulhouse, 1895. ^oya\ 4.10, 
37 plates, English, French, and German text. Qoth, net, 12s. 

•*Thb Prevkntion of Accidents in Factoribs.— The Auodation for the 
Prevention of Accidents in Factories, Mulhonse, Alsace, has issued, in a very 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

by Dulau & Co. 13 

f^^ti^THH^i volume, a aeoond edition of its carefully compiled review of all that 
has been done for tlie prevcotion of aocidenu in ihoie iodtutriei where they are 
mntt likely to be met with. In addition to the text, which is naturally somewhat 
volaninoos, the publicatioQ contabs thirty-seven larce coloured plates, illus- 
trating the apparatus r e fa ted to in the body of the work. Amongst other sub- 
jects dodt with may be mentioned steam, gas, and hydraulic motors ; ahaftins 
pollevs, belts, and disconnecting gear ; winches, colliery shafts and cages^ wood- 
workup and textile machinery, and a variety of miscellaneous appuanoes. 
Thoroughly in keeping with the hnmaniurian spirit which prompted its publi- 
cation, tne Association nas fixed the piioe of the volume at Ta«., in order that it 
may get into the hands of every engineer and machinist and every employer- of 
labour."— /nw and Coal Tradei Rtvitw. 

COOLEY (W. D.) Physical Geography; or, the Terra- 

qneous Globe and its Pheoomena. Illustrated with 125 Wood En* 
gnvings. Frontispiece, and 12 Maps. By William Desborough Cooley^ 
One volume, 8vo, 439 pages, with Illustrations. Cloth, net, I2x. 6d, 

COUCHE (Ch.) Permanent Way, Rolling Stock, and 

Technical Working of Railways. Followed by an Appendix oni 
Works of Art. 

Vol. V—Permatuni Way, Translated from the French by J. 

N. Shoolbred, B.A., Mem. Inst. C.E. 4to. Text, with an» 

Atlas of 38 Plates, bound, net, £2, 
Vol. ll.—Canyitu^Stock, Traction, Translated by J. Edwards 

Wilson, late Engineer-iu-Chief of the Oudb and Rohilkund 

Railways. 4to. Text, with an Atlas of 109 Plates, bound, 

net. £$, 
Vol. III. — ProdtuHon and Application of Steam, 4to, with an 

Atlas of 21 Plates, bound, net, £^, 

Dabovich (V. E.) Technical Marine Dictionary in 

German, Italian, French, and English, comprising Artillery, Chemistry, 
Commerce, and Commercial Navigation, Fisheries, Hydrography, 
Management of Engines and Boilers, Marine Engineering, Marine 
Insurance, Maritime Law, Mechanical Technology, Mechanics,. 
Practical and Theoretical Naval Architecture, Naval and Ordnance 
Stores, Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Naval Tactics, Seamai>> 
ship, etc. Published l^ the Editors of the Afittheilungiu aus deny 
Gthiite des Secwesens, Vol. I., German, Italian, French, and English* 
XVI. and 1248 pages. 8vo, cloth, net, £\ \y, 

Desfontaines* M6moire sur quelques nouvelles espice 

d'otseaux des cdtes de Barbarie. Edited by A. Newton. London- 
1880. 4to, with 16 plates net, $j. 

DUTUIT (M. E.) L'CEuvre Complet de Rembrandt 

Dtoit et catalogue, et reproduit en heliogravure par M. Charreyre- 
Collection de plus de 360 pi^es, la seule complete et la seule con- 
tenant les piioes uniques appartenant II M. Dutuit. L*ouvrage forme 
quatre forts volumes dont trois grand in-4 jesus, et un album grand 
colombier. — Le tirage est fait settlement \ 500 exemplalres NumtrotiSy, 
savoir : 10 exempl. — Texte sur Whatman ; 3 series de pi. sur Hollander 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

14 Booh^ PuhlUh^ ^nd Sold 

J^ponetWhatmann. Epmsi^ looexex^plalres.— Texte sur Hollande ; 
deux series de f)lanch«8 sur Japoa et HoUaBde, net* ;f48. 390 exem- 
plaires. — ^Texte en pUmdies sur Hollande, net, ;f 24. 

DirruiT (M. E.) Manuel de L' Amateur D'Estampes. 

Cootenant la description des <SpoIes italienne, allemande, flamande, 
Mlaodaise, fraa^aise et anglaise, outrage enrichi de &c*simil^s des 
estampes les plus rares reproduites par I'h^liogravure. L'ouvrage 
fcMTxnera huit volumes grand in-8 de 5cx> pages environ chacun. Pnx 
du volume, ^l^gamment cartono^ k Titalienne, en veau blanc, 40 fr. 
II a ^te tir^ cent exemplaires niim^rot^ sur papier verg^, avec deux 
series de planches sur papier verg^ et papier de Chine. Prix du 
volume, 60 fir. En vente les tomics I, IV, V, et VI. 

Flight (Walter). A Chapter in the History of 

Meteorites. With Seven Plates and gix Woodcuts. 8vo, cloth, 
net. I2J. 6</. (3^ copiw only.) 

Forbes (W. Alexander). Collected Scientific Papers. 

Royal 8vo, 510 pages, 25 plates, illustrations and portrait, net, ^i lOf. 

FoRSTER's Animals of Hudson's Bay. Edited by Ph. L. 

Sdatcr. London, 1682. 8vo, net, ax. 6</. 

*— — — Catalogue of Animals of North America or 
Faunula Americana. Edited by F%. L. Sclater. London, 1882. 
8vo, net, 2J. 6^. 

Carnett (Annie). Notes on Hand-spinning. 8vo, 

4 plates, net, \s, 6d. 

Garrod (Alfred Henry). Collected Scientific Papers. 

Royal 8vo, 546 pages, 37 plates and portrait, net, £1 lOf. 

Geological Magazine (The). Published moBthly. 

Subscription price, net, l8x. per annum, post free. 

Green (E. G.) The Coccidae of Ceylon. 4 parts, 
net, ;f 5. Part I. now ready. 

Griffith (J. E.) The Flora of Anglesey and Car- 
narvonshire. 1896. 8vo, cloth, net, lOf. 6d. 

Hansen (G.) The Orchid Hybrids. 8vo, net, \os. 

Harrison (W. J.) On the Search for Coal in the 

South-east of EngUnd. 1894. With map, net, u. 
Hart (George). The Violin: its Famous Makers 

and their Imitators. The New Edition of this Standard Work include? 
the most complete List of Makers hitherto published, together with 
a most exhaustive account of Antonio Stradivari, gathered from 
valuable and reliable Cremonese MSS., and original Correspondence. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Hooker (W.JO Icones Ptantaru 

plete. LondoD, 1867-1891. 10 vols. 

ly Dnlau^ Co. 15 

. Aqboqe the Engravings of i^mafkable InsMrumeiits tve those made 
by A^onio Stradivari for the' Grand I>«ke of Tuscany, together with 
Movu^Bfiw others of celebrity. Net» Hts. M Popular edition, 8vo, 
cloth, net, js, 6d. 

Hart (Gkorge). The Vidlln i&nd fts Music. Ululated 

witiivevciKl Sttel 'BognMt^ of- Mniaent Violinists, formhsg^a Com- 
panion Volume to 7^ Violin, its Makers, and its ImitaHfrs, Quarto 
edidon, net, 31/. M ; of tuvo editiont net, jof. 

Hflenig (Fritz). Twenty-^foup Hours of Moltke's 

Strat^y, displayed and explained from the Battles of Gravelotte and 
St. Piivat, on the i8th Ansu0t, 187c. Translated by OeJ. N. I». 
Walford. Royal 8vo, with two m«ps» net, fr. 

How (E. W. L.) The Gvimsby Tmwl Fishery aod Ae 

DeotructioD of Imoiature Fiih. ^g90^ mtpy net, Lr. 

;P)antarun). Third Series com- 
8vo, Qontaining 1000 Plates 

As oDly very few Sets re«i4lt,''««r|y a^liqRtian u dMiniUt. 
Eoarth Series. Vol. L., 4 F»rts, Vol IL, 4 Parts. Vel. Ill,, 
4 Parts. Vol. IV., 4 Parts. Vol. V.,.4 piurts. Vol. VI^ Parts i 
and 2. Each 4J. net, postage extnu 

Hooker (W. L) Species Filicutu ; being a description 

of all known Fents, pafti«ulaij|y of &«eh as exist in the Author's 
fferbarium, or are with sufficient accuracy described in works to 
which he has had aooess ; aeGOfnpanied with numerous Figures. 5 
sols. 8vO) with 304 phttes, clon, gih, r^^y'£z ^V- ^^ 

Horn Scientific Expedition to Centraj- Aus- 

TXiiLlA. 4 parts. 

I. NAKKAYPVtt. Kelt if I IS. 
IL Zoof.oov. Net^i lOr. 
HI. GBOLoavAKD Botany. Net lOf. ^. 
IV. Anthrqvoix)qy, Net £1 is, 

HUDDLESTON AND WlLSOEf. A Catalogue of British 
Jniftssic Cephalopoda. 1899. 9ro. Cloth, net, 7s. 6d. 

Jack (Robert L.) and Etheridoe CR^^^ert, Jun.) 

The Geology and Palaeontology of Queensland and New Guinea, with 
astfy>eight plates and a gwSc^ieal map of Queensland. Published 
under the authority of the Bon. W. O. Hodgkinsoa, M.L.A., 
F.R.G.S., Minister for Mines and Public Instruction, Queensland. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, net, £z ax, 

JACKSON (B. D.) A Guide to the Litarature of Botany ; 

being a Classified Selection of Bbtaoncal Works, including nearly 
6000 titles not given in Prit^s T^eummf^ One volume, small 410, 
700 pages, bound, net, £1 lis, 6d, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 6 Books Published and Sold 

Jackson (B. D.) V^etable Technology; a contributioit 

towards a bibliofiraphy of Economic Botany, with a compiehensive 
Subject-Index. London, 1882. Small 4to, clotb, net, i&r. 

Jelly (E. C.) A S)monymic Catalogue of the Recent 

Marine Biyozoa, including Fossil Synonyms. 322 pages, 8vo, cloth, 
net, 15^. 

JEPPE. New Map of Transvaal and Surrounding Terri- 
tories. 4 sheets, net, £2 2s, Mounted on Linen, with Rollers, 
varnished, net, £2 ys, 6d» 

Journal of Conchology. Published quarterly. 

Yearly subscription, 6s. post free. 

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the 

United Kingdom. New Series. Vol. L, Nos. i to 4: Vol. IL, 
Nos. I to 4. Vol. IIL, Nos. I to 4. Vol. IV., Nos. i and 2. Sro, 
plates, each, net, ^r. 6d. 

Journal of Malacology. Published quarterly. 

Yearly subscription, 4s, 4//. post free. 

Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society. 

Edited by F. Jeffrey Bell. Published six times the year, subscription 
£1 idf., post free; single numbers, 6s. each. 

Kettner's Book of the Table. A Manual of Cookery: 

Practical, Theoretical, Historical. 8vo, cloth, price, net, lor. 6d, 

Leach's Systematic Catalogue of the Specimens of the 

indigenous Mammalia and Birds in the British Museum. Edited 
by O. Salvin. London, 1882. 8vo, net, 3x. 

Lebasteur. The Metals at the Paris International 

Exhibition of 1878 ; their Resisting Properties and their Uses in 
Railway Plant. 8vo, with eight plates, net, l$s, 

Legge (Capt. W. V.) A History of the Birds of Ceylon. 

No labour has been spared to make this work useful to the field- 
naturalist and an ornament to the library. A handsome quarto volume 
of about 900 pages of text, with 30 plates coloured by hand, net, £y. 

Lesage. Historia del Gil Bias de Santillana. Nueva 

edicion. i2mo, doth, 51. 

Lichenstein's Catalogus renim naturalium rarissi* 

marum. Edited by F. Du Cane Godman. London, 1882. 8vo» 
Bet, 3f. 6d. 

LiLFORD (Lord). Coloured Figures of the Birds of the 

British Islands. Parts L to XXXV., royal 8vo, now ready, eacb 
Part containing 12 coloured plates. All subscribed. 

Second edition. Parts I. to XXXV. All 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau (Sf Co. 17 

Macleay (Hon Sir William, Kt., F.L.S., M.L.C.). 

The Madeay Memorial Volume. Royal 4to, 51 and 308 pages, with 
Portrait and 42 Plates. Net, £3 3^* 

Malacological Society. Proceedings. 8vo, plates. 

VoL I., in 7 parts, net, 35J. 

VoL II., parts i to 6, net, each, 51. 

Maw (George). A Monograph of the Genus Crocus . 

With a Scientific Review ol its Life- History, Culture, Geographical 
Distribution, etc. Containing eighty-one hand-coloured quarto Plates 
from Drawings by the Author. Maps, Tables of Geographical Dis- 
tiibation, and numerous Vignettes and other Engravings by Messrs. 
Whymper, Messrs. Daldel, and other Eminent Engravers, from 
Original Sketches by C. G. Danford, Esq., and Sir J. D. Hooker. 
Royal 4to, cloth gilt, net, £7 17s, 6d, 
" Seven most ejmaif itc drawings have come, and are quite beyond cridcum. .... 
1 r^oice to tee the Croci thus dealt with." — Prqjfesior RutkiH, 

May (E. S.) Achievements of Field Artillery. 8vo, 

illustrated, cloth, net, 2s, 6d, 

MiVART (St. George). A Monograph of the Canidae. 

With woodcuts and 44 coloured plates drawn from Nature and Hand, 
coloured by J. G. Keulemans. 4to, cloth, net, 2/. 12s, 6d, 

Birds: the Elements of Ornithology. With 

174 illusuations, whereof 140 are original drawings. Cloth, 329 
pages, net, los, 6d, 

Murray (G.) Catalogue of the Marine Algae of the 

West Indian Region. 8vo, 2 plates, cloth, net, 2s. 6d, 

Nelson (E. M.) The Theory of Telescopic Vision. 8vo, 
illustrated, boards, net, is» 

Nolan (James;. The Theory of the Tides, a New and 

Extensive Investigation of the Kinetic Conditions. 8vo, net, is. 

Dates (E. W.) Handbook to the Birds of British Bur- 
mah, including those found in the adjoining State of Karenne. 2 
vols. 8vo, net, £1 is, 

OffingER. Technological Dictionary, 

Vol. I. German, English, French, Italian. Net 2s, 

VoL II. English, French, Italian, German. Net 3^. 

VoL III. French, Italian, German, English. Net zs, 6d, 

VoL rV. Italian, German, English, French. Net 31. 

Parrv (Francis). The Sacred Maya Stone of Mexico 

and its Symbolism. With 8 plates and numerous illustrations. 
Royal 4to, £1 u., or bound in cloth gilt, net, £1 y, 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 8 Books Published and Sold 

Perthes* Atlas Antiquus. Pocket Atlas of the Ancient 

World. By A. Van Kampen. 24 copper-pla e maps, coloured, with 
an Index. i2mo, cloth, net, 3^. 

See-Atlas. 24 copper-plate maps, coloured, 

with Index. i2mo, cloth, net, zs. 6d, 

Phycological Memoirs, being Researches made in 

the Botanical Department of the British Museum. Edited by Geoige 
Murray, F.R.S.E. 3 parts, royal 8vo, 20 plates, . bound in half rox- 
burgh, gilt top, Net, £i S^. 

Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New 

SOUTH WALES. Sydney. 8vo, plates. 
Vols. I.-VI. out of print. 

Vol. VII. for 18S2 Part i, 7^.6^.; Part2, lox.; Part 3, Sx.; Part 4, los, 
„ VIII. for 1883. Part i, icxr.; Part 2, 51.; Part 3, js ; Part 4, 8j. 
„ IX. for 1884. Part I, 8j. ; Part 2, I2j.; Part 3, £l 5J. ; 

Part 4, £1 S^' 
„ X. for 1885. Part I, iZf.; Part 2, 71. &/.; Part 3, 151.; 
Part 4, 1 7 J. 6^. 

Second Series. 
„ I. for 1886. Part i, los. 6d,; Part 2, I2J.; Part 3, 13J.; 

Part 4, I2J. 6d, 
„ II. for 1887. Part i, 71. ; Part 2, 8/.; Part 3, I2x. ; Part 4, 

£1 7^' 
„ III. for 1888. Part I, 15J.; Part 2, £i 4J.; Part 3, £i 5 Part 4, 

„ IV. for 1889 Part I, lis, ; Part 2, idf. ; Part 3, 19J.; Part 4, 

1 1 J. 
„ V. for 1890. Part i, i is, ; Part 2, 9J. ; Part 3, 9s,; Part 4, gs, I 

Part 4, ys. 6d, 
„ VI. for 1891. Part I, icxr ; Part 2, gs, 6d.; Part 3, 17^.; 
„ VII. for 1892. Part I, 6s. 6d.\ Part 2, 4J. 6</.; Part 3, 8/.; 

Part 4, 8j. 
„ VIII. for 1893. Part i, Sj.; Part 2, lU. ; Part 3, 6j.; Part 4,91. 
„ IX. for 1894. Part i, I2J. ; Part 2, 12s. j Part 3, 8j. ; Part 4, 8j. 
„ X. for 1895. Part 1, 15^.; Part 2, 8j. W. ; Part 3, ioj.; 

Supplement, is, 6d, ; Part 4, I2x. 
„ XI. for 1896. Part i, 9X.5 Supplement, 2j. 6rf. ; Part a, 

6j. 6^. ; Part 3, 71. 6</. ; Part 4, £i 7s, 6d, 
The above prices are net. 

Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich, Proceed- 
ings. Vols. III. to XXV. With fdans and illustrations. Pub- 
lished monthly, at an avenge price of, net, 2s, 6d, 

Royal Society of London. Philosophical Trans- 
actions* Detailed list poet free on application. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 19 

SCOPOLI'S Ornithological Papers from his "Deliciae 

Florae et Faunae Insubricae.** Edited by A. Newton. London 
1882. 4to, boards, net, is, 

Sherborn (C. D.) a Bibliography of the Foraminifera, 

Recent and Fossil, from 1565- 1 888. With Notes explanatory of some 
of the rare and little-known publications. 152 pages, ovo, cloth, net, 5;. 

Smith (Sir Andrew). Miscellaneous Ornithological 

Papers. Edited by O. Salvin. London, 1880. Royal 8vo, boards, 
net, ts, 

SOHO AND ITS Associations, Historical, Literary, and 

Artistic. Edited from the MS. of the late E. F. Rimbault by George 
Clinch. 8vo, cloth, net, I2J. 6d, 

Spencer (J. W.) The Duration of Niagara Falls, and 

the Histoty of the Great Lakes. Second edition. New York, [895. 
9vOj iUnstrated, cloth, net, 6s» 

Stieler (A.) Handatlas uber alle Theile der Erde. 

Ninety Maps newly engraved, with Additions and Corrections by Dr. 

Petermami, C. Vogel, and H. Berghaus. Last Edition. Folio, cloth, 

net, ;^3 4^., or bound in half russia, net, ^3 15^. 
"This ts andoabtedly one of the best, if not the best Hand Atlas with which we 
■re acquainted, and, as regards careful and characteristic hill-shading, it is certainly 
without a riTal.** — Atfunaum. 

Stolze and Michaelis. a Simplified System of 
English Stenography. 2 parts, each, net, is, 

Teall (J. J. Harris). British Petrography: with 
Special Reference to the Igneous Rocks. One volume, royal 8vo, 
458 pages of text, with 47 plates, some coloured, bound in cloth extra, 
gilt top, price, net, £z y, 

Trimen ( HENRy). A Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon. 

The First Part contains a full account of oil the native pjants found 
In the colony which are members of the Natural Orders, from Ranun- 
culacm to Anacardiacea inclusive ; and is illustrated by 25 Coloured 
Plates representing some of the most interesting species. Part II. 
From Connarauts to Rtiinatea, with 25 Coloured Plates, and Index 
to Parts I. and II. Ptet III. From Valerianacea to Balanophoracea^ 
with 35 coloured plates. 

To be completed in 5 parts. Coloured, net, £^ 51. Plain, net, 
iZ ijf. 6rf. 

This Flora of Ceylon is issued under the authority and with the 
asestance of the Government of the Colony, and has been written 
with special reference to local use ; one principal object being to enable 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

20 Books Published and Sold 

observers here to ascertain readily the name of any tree, shrub, or herb 
they may meet with growing wild in the country. For this purpose 
copious analytic keys and full descriptions are given, as well as the 
Sinhalese and Tamil names, the distribution of each species through 
the island, its period of flowering, and varied information as to its 
history, properties, and uses. An endeavour has also been made, by 
references and quotations, to embody all previously published informa- 
tion on the Botany of Ceylon, so that the book will form a compre- 
hensive work of reference for everything relating to the plants of the 

TUNSTALL'S Ornithologia Britannica. Edited by A. 
Newton. London, i8So. 8vo, boards, net, \s, 6^. 

TWEEDDALE. The Ornithological Works of Arthur, 

Ninth Marquis of Tweeddale, Fellow of the Royal Society, President 
of the Zoological Society of London, Fellow of the Linnean Society, 
and Member of the British Ornithologists* Union. Edited and 
Revised by R. G. Wardlaw Ramsav, together with a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author, by W. Howard RuMell. One volume. Royal 
4to, 724 pages, with portrait, net, ;f I 5^. 

ViElLLOT's Analyse d'une nouvelle Ornithologie 61^men- 

taire. Edited by H. Saunders. London, 1883. 8vo, boards, net, 
2J. 6</. 

Wagler's Six Ornithological Memoirs, from the 

'*Iris." Edited by Ph. L. Sclater. London, 1884. Royal 8vo, 
boards, net, 4^. 6^. 

Webber (E.) Technological Dictionary. 

Vol. L German, Italian, French, English. Net 3^. 

„ IL Italian, German, French, English. Net 3^. 

„ III. French, Italian, German, English. Net 31. 

,, IV. English, Italian, German, French. [Npt09ityiL 

WiTTSTEiN. The Organic Constituents of Plants and 

Vegetable Substances, and their Chemical Analysis. Translated 
and enlarged by Baron F. von Mueller. 8vo, net, js, 6d. 

Woodward and Sherborn. A Catalogue of British 

Fossil Vertebrata. 8vo, cloth, net, I2x. 6d, 

Woodward (Emma Hosken). Men, Women, and 

Progress. 8vo, cloth, net, yj. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 21 


nrenoh Orammara and Iteadera for the nae 
of angHahmen. 

Ollendorff (H. G., Ph. D.) New Method of Learning to 
Read, Write, and Speak a Language in Six months, adapted to the 
French. For the use of Schools and Private Teachers. New editions. 
i2mo, cloth, 6x. &/. Key, 71. 

Ahn. Practical and Easy Method of Learning French. 
3J. 6r/. Key, u. 

L'AuBE DU Jour. Instructions Bibliques familibes pour les 
Enfiints. Illustr^, 2j. 6</. 

AvENTURES d'une Chatte. 6crites par Ellememe. Mdlle. 
C. W. IX. &/. 

Backker. Le Souterrain ; ou, Les deux Soeurs. \s, 6d. 

Bonneau et Lucan. La Grammaire selon TAcaddmie, is. 6d. 
Exercices, u. 6d,\ Corrig^, 2s. 

Bui. Early French Lessons for beginners. Zd, 

First Steps in French Idioms, is. 6d. 

Brachet. Public School French Grammar. Part I., Ac- 
cidence, 3f. 6d. 

Grammaire Historique. $s. 

Chassang. Etymological French Grammar. 5^. 

Defivas. Grammaire des Grammaires k Tusage des Anglais. 
2s. 6d. Key, 31. 6d. 

Demogeot. Histoire de la Litt^rature Fran^ais. 4s. 

GiRUZEZ. Histoire de la Litt^rature Fran^aise. 2 vols. js. 

Hachette's First French Reader, adapted to the use of Young 
People. Edited hy Bk£TTB and Masson. 2x. 

Jakau. Elementary French Reader, with Vocabulary. 8^. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

22 Books Published and Sold 


Larive et Fleury. Grammaire Fran9aise : 
If* ann^e. is. 

Livre du Mattre. is. 6d, 
Exercices. is, 
II* ann^. is. 6d, 
" IlPann^e. 2j. 

Larousse. Lexicologie des 6coles. I ann^e. is. ^d. 

Lexicologie des 6coles. II ann^e. 25. 

Grammaire sup^rieure. 3J. 

Maistre. La jeune Sibdrienne ; le L^preux d'Aoste. Notes 
by Kastner. is. 6d. 

Voyage autour de ma Chambre. Notes by Bui. is. 

Masson. Outlines of French Literature, is. 6d. 

Melzi. Practical Handbook of French Correspondence, con- 
taining Familiar and Commercial Letters, accompanied by numerous 
Notes and a Dictionary of Commercial Terms, French -English and 
English-French. i2mo, cloth, 2s. 6d. 

Noel et Chaps al. Grammaire Frangaise. is. 6d. 

Exercices. is. 6d. 

Corrig^ des Exercices. is. 6d, 

Otto. French Conversation Grammar. 5^. Key, 2x. 

Elementary Grammar. By Wright. 2s. 6d. 

— ' Conversations Fran9aises. 2s. 

Pressens^. Rosa. With English notes by Masson. 2s. 

Robertson. Practical Lessons. 45, 

Roche. French Grammar for the use of Jinglish Students. 

RuHLE.^^French Examination Papers. 5J. 

Souvestre. Le Philosophe sous les Toits. Notes by Bvi. 

Tarver. Eton Second French Reader, containing a Selection 
of entertaining Narratives from Modern Authors, with Grammatical 
and Explanatory Notes. i2mo, cloth, 31. 

Voltaire. Le Si^cle de Louis XIV. With notes by Ogre. 
Part I., 2J. ; Part II., 2j,; Part III., 2s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau (Sf Co. 23 


Wanostrocht. Recueil choisi de Traiu historiques et de 

G>ntes moraux. y, 
Witt. Derri^e les Haies. Notes by Bussy. 2s. 

Orammalres Anirlalsea a I'luiagre dea Franoaia 

Ahn. M^thode d 'Anglais. I. cours, is, 6d,; II. cours, is. 6a. 
III. cours, >-. 6d. Clef, 3^. 6rf. 

Gaspey et Mauron. Nouvelle Grammaife Anglaise. 5s. 

Graeser. Nouvelle M^thode pour appfendce la Langue 
Anglaise. Two parts. 3^. 

Ollendorff. M^thode d'Anglaise. 6s. Clef, 3^. 

Robertson. Nouveau Cours de la Langoe Anglaise, avec 
Clef des Exerdces. VoL I., 4J. ; Vol. IL, 4^. j WcL III., Sj. 

Robertson. Le9ons pratiques, extraites dju nouveau Cours. 

Sadler. Grammaire pratique de la Langue Anglaise. 2s. 6d. 

Exercices, 3^. Corrig^, 2s. 6d. 

Petit cours de Thferaes, 2s. Corrig6, \s. 6d. 

Petit cours de Versions. 2s. 

Manuel de Phrases, is. 6d. 

Spiers. Grammaire raisonn^e de la Langue Anglaise. ts. 6d. 
j^tude raisonn^e de la Langue Anglaise. 3^. 6d. 

Dlotionarleay Snffllah and rMtttoh. 

Tarver (J. C), late French Master Eton College. The 
Royal Phraseological, French- English and English-French Dictionary. 
2 vols. Royal 8vo, cloth boards, price £\ 51. each. 
" Most readily do we acknowledge the flood of li^ht which has been thrown 
on French phrases by Mr. Tarver .... His work is really a valuable addition 
to our Dictionary shelf— the most important shelf in every man's library. The 
nice skill with which he has compared and contrasted the phrases of the two 
most influential of modern tongues can hardly be over-praised. Such a book 
might well deserve a distinct notice ; but we are happy to take this opportunity, 
meantime, of saying that one of the volumes has now been in constant use with 
ns for five years ; and we should be at a loss to name another recent one of its 
dass which we have found more useful. The idea was happy, and the execu- 
tion has been most laudably careful. We have been infinitely obliged to it in 
reading the lighter French literature of the day— so full of vocables fresh from 
the mint of CAvrv^ ox guinguetie, and lively audacious terms ^utvavra trvveTOunv 
undreamt of by the ' forty '—which would have puzzled Voltaire as much as 
Johnson." — Quarterly Review. 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 


Books Published and Sold 


Blotteiiarles (fwHuHul). 

Bellows. lof. 6d. 

Clitton. 5^. 

Clifton & Grimaux. 2 vols., half 

morocco. £i%s, 
Elwall. 2 vols. 14J. 
— Abridged. Cr. 
FcUer. y. 6</. 
Levisac. 2s. 6d, 

DiCTiONNAiRES fhui^ais, par : 

Brachet. &. 

Larottsse. 3^. 

Littr^. 5 vols. £^ los, 

— — Abr%^. 14J, 

Petronj and Davenport, 

Sadler. 71. 6<L 
Smith & Hamilton, 
morocco. £1 51. 
^— Abridged. 
Spiers. 2 vols. 


Tibbins. ^r. 

2 vols., half 


£1 2J. 

Noel et Chapsal. 91. 
Dictionnnlre de TAcad^mie Fran> 

9aise. 2 vols. £i i6s, 
Complement. £i 7j. 

Pocket Dictionary of the French, 
Italian, and English Languages. New edition. i6mOy bound, y, 6d, 

Pierre (Wm.) Technological Dictionary (Eng.-French) of 
Sea Terms, &c London. 1895. i8mo, 51. 

Guides de Conversation k Tusage des Voyageurs, par Adlar- 
Mesnard, Ochoa, Bellenger, Clifton, etc. 

Fran9ais-Anglais. ix. 6d, 
Fran9ais- Anglais- AUemand. 2s, 6d, 
Fran9ais- Anglais- Allemand-Ital. 

2s, 6d, 
Fran9ais- Anglais avec la prononda- 

tion figur^ pour les Anglais. 

Franfais- Anglais avec la prononcia- 

tion figuree pour les Fran9ais. 

2X. 6d, 
Fran9ais- Anglais- Allemand -Italien- 

Espagnol-Fortugais. 5^. 
Fran^ais - Italien-Espagnol - Portu- 

Fran^ilis-Italien. 2x. 
Fran9ais-Allemand. 2s. 
Fran9ais-E^pagnol. 2J. 
Fran9ais-Portugais. 2x. 
Fran9ais et Polonais. 2x. 
Fran9ab et Russe. 2s. 
Fran^ais et HoUandais. 2s, 
Fran9ais, Anglais, Allemand, Hoi- 
landais, Danois et Espagnol. 

Russe et Polonais. 31. 6d, 

gais. 2s. 6d, 

Bellenger. Modem French Conversation, containing Ele- 
mentary Phrases and new easy Dialogues in French and English on 
the most familiar subjects. New edition. 2s, 6J. 

Brunet. The French Translator's Assistant, or Progressive 
Exercises in methodical order, is. 

Tarver (H.) The Eton School French and English Dialogues. 
New edition. 8vo, doth, 31. 6</. 

Otto-Corkran. French Dialogues. 2s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 25 


FaMK par una socMt^ da profeaaaim da flranoais 
an Anrlatarra. 

Price per VoL9d. 

{The Editors^ Names are placed in Parent heses.) 

1. Hugo. Htmani (Gustave Masson). 

2. Scribe. Le Verre d'Mau (Jules Bu^) 

3. Delavigne. Les Enfants tVEdouard (Francis Tarver). 

4. BouiLLY. LAbbk de rji,ph (V. Kastner). 

5. MiLESviLLE ET DuvEYRiER. Mlchcl Ptrrifi (Gustave- 


6. Sandeau. MademoiselU deiaSeiglihrt(H.],V. dtCsindolty 

7. Scribe. Le DiphmaU (A. Ragoni 

8. Dumas. Les Demoiselles de Saint Cyr (Francis Tarver). 

9. Lebrun. Marie Stuart (H. Lallemand). 

10. Labiche et Jolly. La Grammaire (G. Petilleau). 

11. GiRARDiN (Mme. de). La Joie fait Peur (Gerard). 

12. Scribe. Valine (A. Roulier) 

13. CoppAe. JLe Luthier de Crkmone (A. Mariette). 

14. CoppiE. Le Trksor (A. Mariette). 

15. De Banville (Th.). Gringoire (Henri Bue). 

16. Scribe et I-egouviL Adrienne Lecouvreur ( A. Dupuis). 

17. Labiche. Voyage de M. Perrichon (G. Petilleau). 

18. Delavigne. Louis XL (Francis Tarver). 

19. Moinaux. L^s deux Saurds (Blouet). 

20. Scribe et Legouv^. Bataille de Dames (Janau). 

THE THEATRE FRANGAIS DU XIX« SifeCLE will comprise the 
eJke/s-d^ceuprieo( AvGiZK, BouiLLY, Copp£b, Db Banville, Dblavignb, 
Dumas, Victor Hugo, Lbbrun, Sandbau, Sardou, Scribe, and* 
others carefully edited, and correctly and elegantly printed. 

In no form can the French • language as now spoken, its spirit and> 
idioms, be studied to greater advantage than in the masterpieces of the- 
coDtemporaiy French Drama. 

Hie study of well-selected plays has the advantage of bringing under 
the notice of the pupil a constant succession of well-chosen idiomatic 
phrases, thereby a great number acquiring thus the gift of French Con- 
versatioo more rapidly than otherwise. 

Each plav is preceded by a short critical notice, and accompanied hj- 
notes as are mdispensable with a careful rendering of the most difficult 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

26 Books Published and Sold 


O'ermaa Orammam and Readera. 

Ollendorff. A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, 

and Speak a Language in Six Months, adapted to the German. 
i2mo, cloth, 7J. Key, 7J. 

Ahn. Method of Learning the German Language. 3^. 
Key, &/. 

Becker. The First German Book. Grammar, Conversation, 
and Translation. \s. 

FiscHEL. German Reading Book, with Notes and a German 

Grammar. 5^. 

Meissner. Practical and easy Method of Learning German. 
3J'. dd. Key, is. 

Otto. German Conversation Grammar. 55. Key, 2J. 

Elementary German Grammar. 2s. 6d. 

First German Book. 2j. 

German Reader, with Notes and Vocabulary. Three 

Parts. Each y. 

Materials for Translating English into German. Two 

Parts, Each 3^. 

The Accidence of the German Language. 2J. 6d. 

Bngrliscbe Grammatlken Air Deutacbe. 

Ahn. Practischer Lehrgang zur Erlernung der Englischen 
Sprache. Two Paris. Each is. (id. 

Ollendorff. . Methode zur Erlernung der Englischen Sprache 
5j. Schlussel, zs. 

Gaspey. Englische Conversations-Grammatik. 5^. 

O'erman and Sngrliali DlotlonarleB. 

FlCoel (Dr. Felix). A Universal English - German and 
German- English Diciionarj'. 3 vols, imperial 8vo, bound in half 
Pttrsian morocco, price 45.f. German- English Part, I vol., price 1 51. 
English-Gfrman Part, 2 vols., price 30J. 

Abridged. 2 vols., 155. 

Specially adapted for the use of Englishmen. By 

Feiling and Oxenford 2 vols. 8vo, £1 is. 
Abridged. 6j. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co, 27 


Thieme. i+r. 

Abridged. 4J. 6</. 

Black, is. 

Feller, y. 6d, 

Kohler. 7s. 6d, 

— T— Abridged. 2s, 6d. 

Technological Dictionary. English, French, and German. 

3 vols. Royal 8vo, £2 2s, 

O'erman DlalogriMft- 

Ahn. Handbook of German Conversation, is. 6d. 

Guide to Modern German and English Conversation. 2s. 

Meissneisl. German and English Dialogues. 2s, 6d, 

Otto. German-English Conversations. 2J. 

Conversations Allemandes. 2s. 

RowBOTHAM. New Guide to German and English Conversa- 
tion. With a Vocabulary and Tables. is.6d, 


Ollendorff. New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and 
Speak a Language in Six Months. Adapted to the Italian. i2mo, 
doth, ys. Key, 7j. 

Lemmi. Theoretical and Practical Italian Grammar. lamo, 

Mariotti. Practical Grammar of the Italian Language. 
i2mo, ys. Key, x^. 

RoBELLO. Grammaire Italienne. 55. Clef, 25. 

Sauer. Italian Conversation Grammar. i2mo, 5^. Key, 2s 

Sauer-Motti. Italienische Gesprache. 2s, 

Vergani. Italian Grammar exemplified in Twenty Lessons, 
with Exercises, Dialogues, and Anecdotes. New edition by Tommasi 
i2mo, 5j. Key, y. 

ZoTTi. Grammaire Italienne pour Tapprendre facilement. 
NouveUe ^ition par Veroni. l2mo, 6s, Clef, 31. 

Caleffi. Grammatica della Lingua Italiana. i2mo. 3?. 6d, 

Ahn. Metodo para imparare la Lingua Inglese. Two Parts, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

2 8 Books Published and Sold 


MiLLHOusE. Grammatica analitica della Lingua Inglese. 
i2mo, 3J. 

Ollendorff. Grammatica Inglese. 8vo, 5^. 6d. Chiave, ax. 

Guide to Modern Conversation. Italian and English. By 
Bellenger. 321x10, zs, 

MiLLHOUSE. Temi sceneggiati, ossiano Dialoghi Italiani ed 
iDglesi. I2n)0, 2J. 6d, 

Camerini. L'Eco Italiano. A Practical Guide to Italian 
Conversation. 8vo, 4^. 6d. 

Baretti. Dictionary of the Italian and English Languages, 
New edition. With Additions and Improvements by Davenport and 
Comelati. 2 vols. 8vo, £i is. 

Feller. Italian and English Pocket Dictionary. 32m0t 
cloth, 1$. 6d. 

Graglia. Italian and English Pocket Dictionary. iSmo, 
cloth, 3J. 6d, 

MiLLHOUSE. New Italian and English Pronouncing and Ex- 
planatory Dictionary. 8vo, doth, \2s. 

Petronj and Davenport. Pocket Dictionary of the Italian, 
English and French Languages. New edition, i2mo, y. 6d. 

Antologia della Poesia Italiana Moderna compilata da G. 
Puccianti. l2mo, 41. 

della Prosa Italiana compilata da G. Puccianti. i2mo,. 

Olivieri. Select Italian Stories for the Use of Schools and 
Seir-instruction. T2mo, 2x. 6d. 

The Italian Commercial Correspondent, with Explanft- 

lory Notes. 8vo, y. 

Vergani. Racconti istoricL i2mo, cloth, 3^. 


Cotton. Arabic Primer. 2s, 

Newman. Handbook of Modem Arabic. 6s,. 

Danlab aad Worweriaa. 

Ahn. Method of Learning Danish and Norwegian, by Lund. 
l2mo, 4J. Key, is, 6d, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 29 


Ottb. How to Learn Danish on the Ollendorffian System. 
8vo, 71. 6d. Key, 31. 

Rask. Danish Grammar, edited by Repp. 8vo, 5^. 

Sargent. Dano-Norw^ian Grammar. 7^. 6d. 

GuiDK to Danish and English Conversation. i8mo, 25. 

Lund. Danish and English Dialogues. i2mo, 25. 6d. 

Dictionary of the Danish and English Languages. i8mo, 
boond, 5/. 6d. 

Larsbn and RosiNa Danish, Norwegian, and English Dic- 
tiooftiy. 2 Tols. i2mo, bound, £1, 

HoLST. Noveller. Svo, 55. 6d. 

BoRGBN OG Rung. Dansk Laesebog. 8vo, 4^. 

EiBB. Cursus paa 100 Timer i Engelek efter OUendorffs 
Mcthode. 8vo, 9^. 


Ahn. Practical Grammar of the Dutch Language. i2mo, 41. 

Van Der Pyu Practical Grammar of the Dutch Language. 
i2mo, 5/. 

Guide to Modem Conversation in Dutch and English. 

1811IO, 2S. 

Dictionary of the English and Dutch Languages. i8mo, 
bonnd, 5/. 6d^ 

PiCARD. Dutch and English Dictionary. i2mo, cloth, 10^. 

Calisch. Dutch and English Dictionary. 2 vols. 8vo, 
bonndy £l i6f. 

Lloyd. Nieuwe Engelsche Spraakkunst 8vo, 6s. 

^—^^ Beknopte Engelsche Spraakkunst. 8vo, 3^. 

Valette. Dutch Conversation Grammar. 5^. 

BiryFtian and Wnbtaa. 

Tattam. Grammar of the Egyptian Language^ Coptic, Sahidic 
and BAshmnric Dialects. 8vo, 91. 

Lepsius. Nttbische Grammatik. 8vo^ bound, £1 $s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

30 Books Published and Sold 



Stellaert. Cours de la langue Flamande. 2 vols. 8vo, 5^. 

Oraak (Kodara). 

Ahn. Method of Learning Modem Greek. By Vlachos. 
l2mo, 4r. 

Sophocles. Romaic or Modem Greek Grammar. lamo, 
boards, lor. 6^. 

Laas D'Aguen. Guide to English and Modern Greek Con- 
versation. i8mo, 3 J. 

CoNTOPOULOS. Modem Greek and English Lexicon. 2 vols. 
8vo, £,\ 7J. 

— ^ English and Greek Dialogues and Correspondence. 

i2mo, 2 J. dd. 

Vlachos. Modern Greek Chrestomathy. Prose and Poetry. 
I2m0| 31. 

Ollendorff. Method of Learning English for the Use of 
Greeks. 8vo, with key, i2j. 


BizoNFV. English-Hungarian Dictionary. 2 vols. 8vo, 14J. 
-^^^ — English-Hungarian Conversations. 3^. 6^. 
Ollendorff. Ungarische Methode. 6j. Schliissel, \s, 6</. 
Singer. Hungarian Grammar. 4^. dd, 
Thibaut. Dictionnaire Fran9ais-Hongrois. 2 vols. 7^. 


Rask. Method of Learning Old Norse or Icelandic. 8vo, 4J. 
Cleasbv. Icelandic- English Dictionary. 4to, ^£2 loj. 
Haldorson. Lexicon Isfamdioo Lati&o-Doaiensis. 4to, £,\. 


Cornet. Manual of Polish and English Conver^tion. iSnio^ 
cloth, 4r. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


j by Dulau & Co. 31 

! _ , 


Chodzki. Dictionary of the English and Polish Languages. 
Royal 8vo, ^i Ss. 

MoRFiLL. Polish Grammar, y. 6d. 


ViEYRA. Grammar of the Portuguese Language, with a Voca- 
bulary and Dialogues. Thirteenth edition, i2mo, 7^. 

D'Grsey. Practical Grammar of Portuguese. 1 2mo, 'js. 

— — Colloquial Portuguese. 3^. 6d, 

Cabano. Method of Learning Portuguese, af^er Ahn's system. 
i2mo, 41. 

Wall. Portuguese Grammar. 7J. Key, 3^. 6d. 

Guide to Modem Conversation, Portuguese and English. 
32mo, IS. 6d. 

MoNTEiRO. Portuguese and English Dialogues. i8mo, 2s. U. 

Latfayette. Portuguese Dictionary. 6j. 

Lacerda. Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Lan- 
guages. 2 vols. 4to, botind, £^ 4^. 

Vieyra. New Pocket Dictionary of the Portuguese and 
English Languages. 2 vols. i2mo, lar. 

Constancio. Novo Mestre Inglez, o Grammatica de Lingua 
Ingleza. 8vo, 4J. 

Ollendorff. Novo Methodo para aprender a Lingua Ingleza. 

8vO, 12S. 


Alexandrow. Method of Learning the Russian Language. 
i2mo, cloth, SJ. Key, 2s. 

Dictionary. 2 vols. jQi 12s, 

Dialogues. 2s, 6d, 

Baedeker. Manuel de langue Russe. ix. 

RsiFF. English-Russian Grammar. 8vo, 6/. 

RiOLA. How to Learn Russian, on the OUendorffian System. 
8to, doth, I2s. Key, 5r. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

3^ Books Published and Sold 


Cornet. Manual of Russian and English Conversation. i8mo, 
cloth, 3x. 6df. 

MoTTi. Russian Conversation Grammar. 5^. Key, 2X. 

Elementary Russian Grammar. 25. 6^. Key, ix. 

Dictionary of the Russian and English Languages. i8mo, 
bound, 51. 6^. 

Reiff. Dictionary of the English, Russian, French, and Ger- 
mftxi Languages. 4 vols. 8vo, ^'2 ; each lor. 

IRiOLA Graduated Russian Reader, with Vocabulary. Svo, 
lOr. fid, 

Robertson. Course of the English Language for the use of 
the Russians. By Boltz. 121x10, 7x. 

SoLOKOFF. Dictionnaire Fran9ais-Russe. 2 vols. loj. 


Ahn. Curso de Inglbs. 35. 6^. Key, ix. td. 

Ollendorff. Method of Learning Spanish. Svo, i2i. 
Key, 7x. 

Delmar. Complete Grammar of the Spanish Language. 
i2mo, 6x. Key, y. 

McHenry. Improved Spanish Grammar. i2mo/ 3J. 6^. 
Exercises. 3;. Key, 41. 

"Salvo. Spanish Method, after Ahn's System. i2mo, 4^. 
Key, \s, fid, 

Velasquez and Simonne. Method of Learning Spanish. 
Adapted to Ollendorff's System. i2mo, 6x. Key, 4^. 

Sauer. Spanish Conversation Grammar. 1 2mo, 5^. Key, 2S, 

■ Dialogos Castellanos. 2s, 

Sauer-Corkran. Spanish Dialogues. 2x. 

Sauer-Rohrich. Spanish Reader. 4^. td. 

Guide to Modern Conversation, by Bellenger. 32mo, 2j. 
By Bustamente. 24010, 2j. 

Hartzenbusch and Lemming. Eco de Madrid, Practical 
Guide to Conversation. i2mo, 51. 

Salvo. Spanish and English Dialogues. i8mo, cloth, 2x. 6^. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

by Dulau & Co. 33 


BusTAMEMTE. Diccionario Inglfes-Espanol y EspanoMngl^s. 
2 vols., i8mo, cloth, 6s, IJI.fiSl^Ssirf.m.B'BVu-^Zgfl? ^iL^^^Muts -.. _ 

Nbuman and Baretti.|V^ Dictionary of the Spanish and 
English Languages. New Edition by Seoane. 2 vols. 8vo, £i \s. 
The same abndged in one volume. i8mo, 6f. 

Velasquez: Pronouncing Dictionary' of the Spanish and 
English Lai^^ges. i2mo, ^s, 6d, 

Spanish Reader. 6s, 

Lopez and Bensley.Ii Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish 
and English Languages. Two volumes in one, half morocco, ;£^i 4^. 

Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages. By D. 
J. R. 2 vols. i2mo, cloth, 14s. 

Castellar. Nueva Floresta Espanola. i8mo, 2s. 6d, 

Cervantes. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. 
i2mo, cloth, $s, 

Dann and Gonzalez. The Spanish [^Correspondent, with 
Notes and Vocabulary. 8vo, 3J. 

Gomez de Mier. El ^Comerciante Espaiiol, o Epistolario 
comercial. 8vo, lor. 6d, 

Lesage. Historia del Gil Bias de Santillana. Nueva edicion. 
i2mo, cloth, 5^. 

L'Hermite. Clef de la Correspondance Espagnole, Fran^aise 
et Anglaise. i2mo, doth, 6;. 

Ouvieri. Spanish Stories with English Notes. 1 2mo, 2s. 6d. 

Yriarte. Compendio de la Historia de Espafia. 8vo, 3^. 

Ollendorff. M^todo para aprender i, leer, escribir y hablar 
una lengua en seis meses. Aplicado al Ingles. 8vo, xor. ; Llave, 3^. 

Urcullu. Gramatica Inglesa reducida i veinte y dos lecciones. 
i2mo, y, 6d. 

Salva. Dictionnaire Frangais-Espagnol. jQi ^s, 


Ahn. Method of Learning the Swedish Language. By 
Lenstrom. X2mo, cloth, 4^. 

May. Practical Grammar of the Swedish Language, with 
Exercises. 8vo, ^s. 


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Lenstrom. Swedish and English Dialogues. i8mo, 2s, 6d. 

Dictionary of the English and Swedish Languages. iSmo, 
bound, 5^. 6d. 

NiLSON, WiDMARK AND CoLLiN. English and Swedish Dic- 
tionaiy. 2 vols. 8vo, bound, £i i6j. 

May. Larebok i Engelska Spraket met Las- ock Skrif-Ofningar. 
i2mo, $s. 

Abu Said. Turkish Self-taught. 5^. 

Arnold. Grammar of the Turkish Language. 12 mo, cloth, 

Hopkins. Elementary Grammar of the Turkish Language. 
i2mo, 3J. 6df. 

Mallouf. Guide to English and Turkish Conversation. 
x8mo, 2s. dd. 

Sauerwein. Turkish and English Pocket Dictionary. i8mo, 

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AHont (a.) 
Each ts, 8d. 
L'A B C du tiavaillear. 

De Pontoise k Stamboul. 
Le FelUh. 
Les mariages de province. 

Le man impr^vu. 

Le marquis de Lanrose. 

Les vacances de la comtesse. 
Le roman d'un brave homme. 
Thditre impossible. 
Le turco. 
La vieille rocfae. 

Eiuh Is, 8d. 

Lliomme k roreille cass^. 
Mahre Pierre. 
Les mariages de Paris. 
Le roi des montagnes. 
Trente et quaiante. 

Each lOd. 

C^r Birotteao. 
Le Chef-d'oeuvre incomiu. 
Les Chooans. 
Le Colonel Chabert. 
Contes dr61atiques. 2 vols. 
Le Contrat de Manage. 
La Cousine Bette. 
Le Cousin Pons. 
Le Cure de village. 
Un Debut dans la vie. 
Le Depute d'Ards. 2 vols. 
Les Employ^. 
L'Enfant Maudit. 

L'envers de THistoire. 

Eugenie Grandet. 

La Fausse Maitresse. 

La Femme de 30 ans. 

Une Fille d*Eve. 

Histoire des Treize. 

Illusions Perdues. 3 vols. 

L'lUustre Gaudissart. 

Louis Lambert. 

Le Lys dans la vall^. 

La Maison du Chat qui pelote. 

La MaisoD Nucingen. 

Le M^decin de campagne. 

Memoires de deux jeunes mariees. 

Un Manage de Gar9on. 

Modeste Mignon. 

Les Paysans. 

La Peau de chagrin. 

P^re Goriot. 

Petites Mis^res de la Vie conjugate. 

Les Petits Bourgeois. 2 vols. 

Physiologic du manage 


La Recherche de TAbsolu. 


Splendeurs et Miseres des Courti- 

sanes. 2 vols. 
Sur Catherine de M^icis. 
Une T^n^breuse Aflfaire. 
Th^itre complet, 2 vols. 
Ursule Mirouet. 
La vieille Fille. 

aelot (A.) 

12tno, each is, 8d, 

L'article 47. 

Les baigneuses de Trouville. 

Dacolard et Lubin. 

Deux femmes. 

La fi^vre de I'inconnu. 

Folies de jeunesse. 

DinLAXJ ft Co., 87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 



Bon Ami. 

Bouche de Mme. X. 

Le drame de la rue de la Paix. 

Les ^trangleurs. 

La femme de feu. 

La femme de glace. 

Lliabitude et Te souvenir. 

Ht^Une et Mathilde. 

La Joueuse. 

Mademoiselle Giraud ma femme. 

Une maison centrale de femmes. 


Mme. Vital et Mdlle. Leli^vre. 

Les myst^res mondains. 

Le parricide. 

Le Pigeon. 

Roi des Grecs. 2 vols. 

Le secret terrible. 

La sultane parisienne. 

La V^nus de Gordes. 

La V^nus noire. 

BentBon (Tb.) 

Bach ts, 8d, 

Un ch&timent. 
Le violon de Job. 
La vocation de Louise. 
Veuvage d*Aline. 

Bernard <Oli. d«). 


Un beau- p^re. 

Le gentilhomme campagnard. 


Un homme s^rieux. 

aotoffobey (V. dn). 

Each 2s. 8d, 


Babiole. 2 vols. 5j. 

I^ Bac. 

Le Chalet des nervenches. 

Le Ch^ne-Capitaine. 

Coeur volant. 2 vols. 

Le Collier d*Acier. 

Comaline la Dompteuse. 


Double-Blanc. 2 vols. 

Le Fils du Plongeur. 

Fontenay Coup-dMp^. 2 vols. 

L' Heritage de Jean Toumiol. 

Margot la BalaJ^ee. 

Marie Bas-de-Laine. 

Le Pav^ de Paris. 

Le Plongeur. 

Porte close. 2 vols. 

La Revanche de Femande. 

La Voilette bleue. 

Boorcet (V.) 
Each is. 8d, 

Andr6 Cornells. 

Un Coeur de Femme. 


Un Cnnie d'Amour. 

Cruelle Enlgme. 31. ^. 

Le Disciple. 



Nouveaux Pastels. 

Outre-Mer. 2 vpls. 


Physiologic de I'Amour modeme. 

La Terre Promise. 

Idylle Tragique. 


Each Is, 8d. 
Un Saint. 
Un Scrupule. 
Le Steeple-Chase. 


Each is, 8d, 

L*aventure de Ladislas Bolski. 
Amours fragiles. 
Apr^s fortune faite. 

DXTIiAU ft Co., 

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La Bete. 

Le comte Kostia. 

Le fianc^ de Mdllc Saint-Maur. 

Une Gacenre. 

Le grand oravre. 

L*id(fe de Jean T6teroI. 

Meta Iloldenis. 

Miss Borel. 

Noires et Rouges. 

Noirs et Ronges. 

Olivier Maugant. 

Paule M^^. 

Prosper Randoce. 

La revanche de Joseph Noirel. 

Le roman d'une honnete femme. 

Samnel Brohl et Cie. 

Le Secret du Prtopteur. 

Le Roi Ap^pi 2j. 

cnaretle (J.) 
Each ts. Sd. 
La Fronti^. 2s. 
Jean Momas. 
Toumte de Vacances. 
Maison Vide. 
La Mattresse. 
Le Million. 
M. le Mintstre. 
Les Muscardins. 2 vols. 
Prince Zillah. 
Train 17. 

Coasolenoe (H.) 

Le bourgemestre de Li^. 

Le oonscrit. 

Le d6non de Taicent 

La fianc^ du manre d'ecole. 

Le gant perdu. 

Le genti&omme pauvre. 

La guerre des paysans. 

Le Son de Flandre, 2 vols. 

Series de la vie flamande, 2 vols. 

Les veiUte flamandes. 

La volense d'enfant. 

Each is, 8d. 

Contes en Prose. 

Contes rapides. 


Le Coupable. 

Une Idylle pendant le Si^. 

Longues et Braves. 

Mon Franc P&rler. 3 vols. 

Toute une Jeunesse. 

Vingt Contes nouveaux. 

Les Vrais Riches, y. 4//. 

Each Is. 8d. 

Contes tout simples. 



Basil (Comtefl»e). 

Each md. 

Adventur d'une jeune marine. 

Un Amour coupable. 

Amours de la belle Aurore. 2 vols. 

Les Amours de Bussy Rabutin. 

La Belle Parisienne. 

La Ceinture de V^nus. 

La Chaine d'or. 

La Chambre bleue. 

La Chambre roup^e. 

La Demi^re expiation. 2 vols. 

La Dette de sang. 

La F^e aux Perles. 

La Femme de TAveugle. 

Un Fils naturel. 

Le Fruit d^fendu. 

La Jolie Boh^mienne. 

Madame Louise de France. 

Les Malheurs d'une Reine 

La Marquise de Parabiire. 

La Marquise sanglante 

Le Neuf de Pique. 

Le Poudre et la Neige. 

La Princesse de Conti. 

Un Secret de famille. 

La Sorciire du roi. 2 vols. 

L« Suites d'une Faute. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 

Trois Amours. 
Vacances d*une Parisienne. 
Baudet (Alpbonse). 

Each its, 8d, 

Aventures prodigieuses de Tartarin. 

Contes choisis. 3^. 4^. 

Contes du lundi. 

EntrelesFrisesetlaRampe. is.Zd, 


La Fedor. 

Fromont jeune et Risler atn^. 



Lettres de mon moulin. 

Le Nabab, moeurs parisiennes. 

Le petit chose. 2j. 6d, 

La Petite Paroisse. 

Robert Helmond. 

Rois en exil. 

Rose ct Ninette. 
Tartarin sur les Alpes. 
Trente ans de Pans. 

Le Tr^r d'Arlatan. 

Baudet (a.) 
Each ts, 8d. 
L'Aventure de Jeanne. 
Aveux de Femme. 
La Cann^lite. 
La Caissi^re. 
Don Rafeiel. 
Le lendemain de p^h^. 
Madame Robemier. 
Le Man. 

La Marquise de Sardes. 
Ponssi^re du Pass^. 
Rolande et Andr^e. 
La V^nitienne. 

Daudet (&. A.) 
Each ts. 8d. 
L'Astre Noir. 
Les Kamtchatka. 
Les Morticoles. 
Le Vojrage de Shakespeare. 

Belplt (A.) 
Each is. 8d. 

Les amours cruelles. 

Belle Madame. 

Comme dans la Vie. 

Les dieux qu'on base. 


Le fils de Coralie. 

Mademoiselle de Bressier. 

Le manage d'Odette. 

La Marquise. 


Le pjbre de Martial. 


Solange de croix St. Luc. 


Toutes les deux. 

Blokens (Oh. 

Each Is. 

Aventures de M. Pickwick, 2 vols. 
David Copperfield. 2 vols. 
Nicholas Nickleby. 2 vols. 
Oliver Twist 

Vie et aventures de Martin Chuzzle- 
wit. 2 vols. 

Bros (O.) 

Each is. 8d. 
Autour d'une source. 

Le cahier bleu de MdUe. Gibot. 
Entre nous. 
Les ^tangs. 
Une femme gdnante. 
Monsieur, madame et b^b^. 
Un paquet de lettres. 
Tristesses et sourires. 

Bostotolltoky- (Th.) 
Each is. 8d. 

Crime et chitiment. 2 vols. 

L'esprit souterrain. 

Humili^s et offens^. 


Les poss6d6s. 2 vols. 

DULAU ft Co., 

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Ange Pitou. 2 vols. 
Ascanio. 2 vols. 
Une aventuxe d'amour. 
Aventnre des John Davies. 2 vols. 
Les Balemiers. 2 vols. 
Le Batard de M vl^n. 3 voia. 

Les blancs et les blent. 3 vols. 
La boaille de la Csk. Berthe. 
La bonle de neige. 
Brick-i-biac. 2 vols. 
Un cadet de &mille. 3 vols. 
Le capitaine Pamphile. 
Le capitaine Paul. 
Le capitaine Rhino. 
Le capitaine Richard. 
Catherine Blum. 
Causeries. 3 vols. 

Charles le T^^raire. 2 vols. 
Le chasseur de sauvagine. 
Le chiteau d'Eppstein. 2 vols. 
Le chevalier d'Harmental. 2 vols. 
Le chev. de Maison-Ronge. 2 vols. 
Le collier de la reine. 3 vols. 
La Colombe — Mattre Adam. 
Les compagnons de T^u. 3 vols. 
Le Comte d e Monte-Christo. 6 vols. 
La oomtesse de Charny. 6 vols. 
La oomtesse de Salisbury. 2 vols. 
Confessions de la marquise. 2 vols. 
Conscience Tlnnocent. 2 vols. 
La dame de Monsoreau. 3 vols. 
La dame de volupt^. 2 vols. 
Les deux Diane. 2 vols. 
Les deax reines. 2 vols. 
Dien dispose. 2 vols. 
Le doctenr myst^eux. 2 vols. 
Le drame de 93. 3 vols. 
Les drames de la mer. 
Les drames galants. 2 vols. 
Emma Lyonna. 5 vols. 
Femme au collier de velours. 

La fille du marquis. 2 vols. 
Une fille du regent. 
Filles, lorettes et courtisanes. 
Le fils du for9at. 
Les frires corses. 
Gabriel Lambert. 
Les Garibaldiens. 
Gaule et France. 

Un Gil-Bias en Californie. 
Les grands hommes en robe de 
chambre : C^ar. 2 vols. 

Henri IV, Louis XIII, etc 

2 vob. 

La guerre des femmes. 2 vols. 

Histoire d*un casse-noisette. 

L'homme aux contes. 

Les hommes de fer. 


L*!le de feu. 2 vols. 

Impres. de voyage ; Suisse. 3 vols. 

Une ann^e k Florence. 

L'Arabie heurcuse. 3 vols. 

Les bords du Rhin. 2 vols. 

— - Le capitaine Ar^na. 

Le Caucase* 3 vols. 

- Le Corricolo. 2 vols. 
En Russie. 4 vols. 

Le midi de la France. 2 vols. 

De Paris k Cadix. 2 vols. 

Quinze jours au Sinai. 

Le Speronare. 2 vols. 

Le V^loce 2 vols. 

La villa Palmi^ri. 

Ingenue. 2 vols. 

Isabel de Bavi^re. 2 vols. 
Italiens et Flamands. 2 vols. 
Ivanhoe de W. Scott 2 vols. 

Jacques Ortis. 
acquot sans oreilles. 

Jehanne la Pucelle. 
Louis XIV et son si^cle. 4 vols. 
Louis XV et sa cour. 2 vols. 
Louis XVI et la revolution. 2 vols 
Les louves de Machecoul. 3 vols. 
Madame de Chamblay. 2 vols. 
La maison de glace. 2 vols. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 

Le mattre d'armes. 

Les manages du p^re Olifiis. 

Les M^icis. 

Mes memoires. lo vols. 

M^moires de Garibaldi. 2 vols. 

^— d'un m^ecin, Balsamo. 5 vols. 

M^oires d'une aveugle. 2 vols. 

Le meneur de loups. 

Les mille et un fant6mes. 

Les Mohicans de Paris. 4 vols. 

Les morts vont vite. 2 vols. 


Une nuit k Florence. 

Olympe de Qives. 3 vols. 

Le page du due de Savoie. 2 vols. 

Parisiens et provinciaux. 2 vols. 

Le pasteur d Ashboum. 2 vols. 

Famine et Pascal Bruno. 

Un pays inconnu, 

\jt p^re Gigop[ne. 2 vols. 

Le p^re la nune. 

Le prince des voleurs. 2 vols. 

La princesse de Monaco. 2 vols. 

La princesse Flora. 

Les Guarante-cinq. 3 vols. 

La r^ence. 

La reine Margot. 2 vols. 

Robin Hood le proscrit. 2 vols. 

La route de Vazennes. 

Le Salteador. 

Salvator. 5 vols. 

La San-Felice. 4 vols. 

Souvenirs d'Antony. 

d*une favorite. 4 vols. 

Les Stuarts. 



Ia terreur prussienne. 2 vols. 

Le testament de Chauvelin. 

Th^tre complet. 25 vols. 

Trois maitres. 

Les trois mousquetaires. 2 vols. 

Le trou de Tenfer. 

La tulipe noire. 

Le vicomte de Bragelonne. 6 vols. 

La vie au d^rt. 2 vols. 

Une vie d'artiste. 

Vingt ans apr^. 3 vols. 

Dumas (AlexaBdre* VUs). 

Each lOd, 

Aventures de 4 femmes. 
La botte d'argent. 
La dame aux Camillas. 
Le docteur Servans. 
Le r^ent Mustel 
Ilka. Illustrated, y. 
Tristan de Roux. 
Trois hommes fortes. 
La vie & vingt ans. 

Beilaw (Ary)- 

Each ts, 8d, 

Le Roi de Thessalie. 
Une Altesse Imp^riale. 

Each ts. 6d. 

L'ami Fritz. 
Le Blocus. 

Le brigadier Fr^^ric. 
Une campagne en Kabyiie. 
Contes de la montagne. 
Contes des bords du Rhin. 
Contes populaires. 
Contes Vos^ens. 
Les deux freres. 
Docteur Mattheus. 
Grandp^re Lebigre. 
La guerre. 

Histoire du plebiscite. 
Histoire d'un conscrit de 1813. 
Histoire d*un homme du peuple* 
Histoire d'un sous mattre. 
Histoire d'unpaysan. — I. 17S9. Les 
^tats g^6raux. — IL 1792. La 

Eitrie en danger. — III. 1793. 
'An I. de la r^ublique.— IV* 
1794. Le citoyen Bonaparte. 
Toueur de clarinette. 
Madame Th^r^e. 

DULAU ^ Gk>., 

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La maison foresti^e. 
Maltre Daniel Rock. 
Maltre Gaspard Fix. 
Soavenirs d'un ancien 

Vieox de la Vieille. 

chef de 

V»bre (Verdlaaad). 

Ea€h ts, 84, 

L'Abb^ Tigrane. 
Le Chcvrier. 
Les Conrbezon. 
Un Hlmnia^. 
Jolien Savignac 

Madame Foster. 

Mdlle. De Malavieille. 

MoQ Onde C^lestin. 

Monsienr Jean. 


Le Roi Ramire. 

Le Roman d'nn Peintre. 


Toossaint Galabni. 


Each ts, 8d, 

Les Amours de Philippe* 


M. de Camors. 

Divorce de Juliette. 

Histoire de Sibylle. 

Histoire d'une Parisienne. 

Homienr d* Artiste. 

Le Journal d'nne Femme. 

Julia de Tr^oeur. 

Un Mariage dans le monde. 

La Morte. 

La Petite Comtesse. 

Roman d'un jeune homme pauvre. 

Sctees et Commies. 

Schies et Proyerbes. 

La VeuTe. 

V6Fal (P.) 

SmA Is. 8d, 
La Cavaliire. 
La Chasse au roi. 
Le Chevalier de K^ramour. 
Le Chevalier T^nibre. 
Les Compagnons du silence. 
Les Couteaux d'or. 
Les Errants de nuit. 
Les Fan&rons du roi. 
Fontaine aux perles. 
Une Histoire de revenants. 
Le Loup blanc. 
Le Mendiant noir. 
Les Parvenus. 
Le Poisson d'or. 
Le Prince Coriolani. 
Le R^ment des grants. 
La Reine des ^p^. 
Roger Bontemps. 

Veydeau (S.) 
Each is, 8d, 
Les amours tragiques. 
La comtesse de Chalis. 
Daniel. 2 vols. 
Un d^but k Top^ra. . 

Le lion devenu vieux. 
Le man de la danseuse. 
Le roman d'une jeune mari^. 
Le secret du bonheur. 

Flaubert (a.) 
Each ts, 8d, 
Bouvard et P^cuchet. 
L'Education sentimentale. 
Madame Bovary. 
Trois contes. 

Vranoe (A.) 

Each ts, 8d, 
Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Navels at 

Etui de nacre. 

Le Jardin d*Epicure. 

Tocaste et le Chat maigre. 

Le livre de mon ami. 

Le Lys Rouge. 

Les opinions de M.J^romeG>ignard. 

L*Orme du Mail. 

Le Puits de Sainte Claird. 

La Rotisserie de la Reine P^auque. 


Each is. 8d, 
L'afTaire Lerouge. 
L'argent des autres. 2 vols. 
La Clique dor^e. 
Les com^iennes adores. 
La corde au cou. 
Les cotillons c^l^bres. 2 vols. 
Le crime d*Orcival. 
La d^gringolade. 2 vols. 
Le dossier no. 113. 
Les esclaves de Paris. 2 vols. 
Les gens de bureau. 
Le I3« hussards. 
Les mariaf es d'aventures. 
Monsieur Lecoq. 2 vols. 
Le petit vieux des batignoUes. 
La vie infemale. 2 v(3s. 

Ckiutier (Tli.) 

Each £s. 8d, 
Le capitaine Fracasse. 2 vols. 
La jeune France. 
Le roman de la momie. 
Mademoiselle de Maupin. 
Romans et contes. 
Spirite, nouvelle fantastique. 
Tableaux k la plume. 
Voyage en Italic. 
Voyage en Espagne. 

OoBOonrt (Bdmond et Jules 

Each is, 8d, 
La fille Elisa. 
Les fr^es Zemganno. 
Germinie Lacerteux. 

Madame Gervaisais. 
Manette Salomon. 
R^n^ Mauperin. 
Soeur Philom^ne. 


Each is, 8d. 

L'avenir d' Aline. 

A travers champs. 
Bonne Marie. 
Chant de Noces. 
Cite Menard. 

Comedies de paravent. 
Le comte Xavier. 
Un Crime. 
Les Degr6s de T&heUe. 

Les Epreuves de Ralssa. 

L'Expiation de Sav^li. 

Fianc6 de Sylvie. 

Le Fil d'Or. 

La Fille de Dosia. 

FoUe Avoine. 



L*H^ritage de X^nie. 


Les Koumiassine. 2 vols. 

Louis Breuil. 

Louk Loukitch. 

Lucie Rodey. 

Madame de Dreux. 

Le Man d' Aurette. 

La Maison de Maurize. 

Les Mariages de Philom^ne. 

Marier sa nlle. 

Le Mors aux dents. 

Le Moulin Frappier. 2 vols. 

Un myst^re. 

DUIiAIJ ^ Co., 

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La Niania. 


Noavelles russes. 





La Princesse Ogherof. 

La Seconde Mire. 

R6cits et noavelles. 

Rose Roder. 2 vols. 


Suzanne Nonnis. 

Une Trahison. 

Un violon lusse. 2 vols. 


Each is, 8d. 

Aatoar dn Divorce. 

Amour du Manage. 

Le Baron SinaT. 


Bob a I'Exposition. 

Le Bonheur de Ginette. 

Le Cceur d'Ariane. 

Ce que Femme veut 

Ces bons docteurs. 

C'est nous qni sont lliistoire. 

Eoxet Ette. 

Les Gens chics. 

Du Hant en Bas. 

L'^dncation d'un Prince. 

EUes et Lui. 


Un Homme delicat 


Joies conjngales. 

Joumal^d'on Philosophe. 

Leurs Ames. 

Madame la Duchesse. 

Mademoiselle Eve. 

Mademoiselle Loulou 

Mariage Civil. 

Le Mariage de Chiffon. 

Le Monde k cdt6. 

Monsieur Fred. 

Monsieur le Due. 

Oh6 ! la Grande vie. 

Oh^ I les Psychologues. 

O Province ! 

Pas jalouse I 

Une Passionnette. 

Pauvres P'tites femmes. 

Petit Bleu. 

Petit Bob. 

Plume et poil. 

Le Plus heureux de tous. 

Pour ne pas I'^tre. 


Un Rat^. 

Sac k papiers. 

Sans voiles I 


Les Sdducteurs ! 

Tante Joujou. 


Vertu de la Baronne. 


Each is. 8d. 
L'Abb^ Constantin. 

Un Mariage d' Amour. 
Mme. et Mons. Cardinal. 
Les Petites Cardinal. 


Les mis^rables. 8 vols. 13^. 4^. 
Notre -Dame de Paris. 2 vols. 

y, 4^/. 
Quatre-vingt-treize. 5J. 
Les travailleurs de la mer. ys. 4d, 
Xuyunans (J.«X.) 

Each is, 8d. 
A rebours. 
La Cath^rale. 
L'Art modeme. 
En Manage. 
Les Soeurs Vatard. 

XaiT (Alpbonse). 

Each Ss. 6d. 
L'art d'etre malheureux. 
Dieu et diable. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Navels at 

L'esprit d'AIphonse Korr. 
Fa di^ze. 

Lettres ecrites de mon jardin. 
La Maison de I'Ogre. 

Each lOd, 

Agathe et Cecile. 

Le chemin le plus court. 


Clovis Gosselin. 

Contes ct Nouvelles. 

Dans la Lune. 

Les Dents du Dxagon. 

Encore les Femmes. 

La famille Alain. 

Les Femmes. 

Feu Bressier. 

Les Fleurs. 


Grains de bon sens. 

Les Gu6pes. 

Une Heure trop tard. 


La Maison close. 

Menus Propos. 

Midi k quatorze heures. 

Pendant la Pluie. 

Promen. hors mon Jardin. 

La Queue d'or. 


Sous les Grangers. 

Sous les Tilleuls. 

Voyage aut. de mon jardin. 

Xook (Vanl de). 
Each Is, Sd, 
L*Amoureux transi. 
Andr6 le Savovard. 
L'Ane k M. Nlartin. 
Le Barbier de Paris. 
Un bon Enfant. 
Le Cocu. 

La Dame aux trois corsets. 
L'Enfant de ma Femme. 
La Femme, le Mari et TAmant. 
Les Femmes, le Jcu et le Vin. 
La Fille aux trois jupons. 
Frire Jacques. 


Une Gaillarde. 


Gustave le mauvais sujet. 

L'Homme aux trois culottes. 


Un Teune Homme charmant. 

Un Teune Homme myst^rieux. 

La folie Fille du Faubourj;, 

La Laiti^re de Montfermeil. 


La Maison blanche. 

Un Mari perdu. 

Mon Ami Piffard. 

Monsieur Dupont 

Mon voisin Raymond. 


Ni jamais, ni toujours. 

La Pucelle de Belleville. 

Le Sentier aux prunes. 

Soeur Anne. 

Un Tourlourou. 


&a Brete (J.) 
Each is. 8d, 

Le Comte de Paline. 
L^Esprit souflSe oh 11 veut. 
Mon Oncle et mon Cur^. 
Le Roman d'une Croyante. 
Un Vaincu. 


Each ts. 8d, 

Madame Sans-G^ne. 

I. La Blanchisseuse. 
n. LaMar^chale. 
III. Le Roi de Rome. 
Les Trahisons de Marie-Louise. 
I. La Barri^re Clichy. 
II. Le Belle Polonaise. 
III. Les Fourberies de Fouchy. 

&otl (V.) 

Each ts. 8d. 
Au Maroc. 


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net cash prices {^postage extra). 


Le Desert. 

Fftntdme d'Orient. 

FlenTS d'ennui. 

La Galilee. 

Japoneries d'Automne. 


Livre de la Piti^ et de la Mort. 

Madame Chrysanthtoe. 

Manage de Loti. 

Matdot. y, 4^. 

Mon fr^e Yves. 

Pecheur d'Islande. 

Plropos d*exil. 

Le Roman d'un Enfant 

Le Roman d'un SpahL 

MCaoe (O.) 

Bach is, 8d, 
Un Cent-garde. 
Gibier de Saint- Lazare. 
Un joli monde. 

Me& limdis en prison. 
Mon musee criminel. 
Mon premier crime. 
La Police Parisienne. — Le Service 
de Surety. 

aBitel (V.) 

JBach ts. 8d, 
Amour d'Orient. 
Le Bois d'Amour. 
Ce qu'elle voulait. 
Cdles qui savent aimer. 

Demise pens^e. 
La Double vue. 
Castel Rouge. 
Le Drame de Rosmeur. 
Erreur d' Amour. 
Femme d'artiste. 
Gait^ de bord. 
Honneur, Patrie. 
Mer sauvage. 
Petit Ange. 
Pilleurs d'^paves. 
Un roman de femme. 


Le Torpilleur 29. 

Toujours k toi. 

Malot (H.) 
Each is. 8d, 

Amours de Teune. 

Amours de Vieux. 


L*Auberge du Monde. 2 vols. 


La Belle Madame Donis. 

Un Belle-M^re. 

Les Besoigneux. 2 vols. 

La Boh^me Tapageuse. 2 vols. 

Qotilde Martory. 


Un Cur6 de province. 

Le Docteur Claude. 

Sans famille. 2 vols. 

En famille. 2 vols. 

Une Femme d' Argent. 


L'H^ritage d' Arthur. 


Le Lieutenant Bonnet. 

Madame Pretavoine. 2 vols. 

Marichette. 2 vols. 



Un miracle. 

Miss Clifton. 



Romain Kalbris. 

Roman de mes Romans. 

Le Sang Bleu. 



Les Victimes d*Amour. 

Vices Fran9ais. 



Each is. 8d. 

L'Ami du Man. 
Amour defendu. 
Bien Aim6e. 

87 80I10 Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 

Un coup de Revolver. 

En D^tresse. 


Je t'aime. 

Paradis Perdu. 

Les Pigeonnes. 

Quand M^me ! 

Le Regiment. 2 vols. 

Roger la Honte. 2 vols. 

Le Roman d*une Figurante. 

Matfhey (Artbiir Amonld). 

Each Ss. 8d. 
La Belle FiUe. 
Le Billet de Mille. 2 vols. 
La Br^silienne. 
La Croix- Pater. 
L'Etang des Soeurs Crises. 
Un Gendre. 

Jean Sans Nom. 2 vols. 
Marcelle Mauduite. 
Le Pendu de la Baumette. 2 vols. 
Le Point Noir. 
La Revanche de Clodion. 
Le Serment d*une M^re. 
Le Tr^sor des Com61^s. 2 vols. 
Zaira. 2 vols. 
Zoe Chien-Chien. 

MaupaMant (O.) 
Each 2s. 8d, 
Claire de Lune. 
Contes de la B^casse. 
Contes du jour et de la nuit. 
Fort comme la mort 
Le Horla. 
L'Inutile Beaut^. 
Mademoiselle Fifi. 
La Main Gauche. 
La Maison Tellier. 
Miss Harriet. 
Monsieur Parent. 
Notre coeur. 
Pierre et Jean. 
La petite Roque. 
Au Soleil. 

Les soeurs Rondoli. 

Soirees de M^dan. 

Sur Peau. 


Une Vie. 

La Vie errante. 


Mendes (CatnUe). 
Each is. 8d, 
Le Bonheur des autres. 
Les Boudoirs de verre. 
Le Chemin du Cour. 
Le Confessional. 
L'Envers des feuilles. 
La Femme-Enfant. 
Gog. 2 vols. 

La Maison de la Vieille. 
I^ Messe rose. 
Monstres Parisiens. 
Pour dire devant le monde 
Pour les belles Personnes. 
La premiere maitresse. 
La Princesse nue. 
Le Soleil de Paris. 
Verger-Fleuri. 2s, 

Bf erlm^e (9.) 

Each is. 8d. 
Chronique du temps de Charles IX. 
Colomba et oeuvres di verses. 
Les deux heritages. 
Episode de Thistoire de Russie, 

Les faux D^m^trius. 
Lettres k une inconnue. 2 vols. 
Lettres k une autre inconnue. 
Nouvelles et demi^res nouveiles, 

2 vols. 


Each lOd. 
Andr^ Ch6nier. 
La chasse au chastre. 
Le chateau vert. 
Une conspiration au Louvre. 
I Les damn^ de Tlnde. 

'DTTLA.TJ ^ Co., 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

net cash prices (postage extra). 


La JDive au Vatican. 
Une manage de Paris. 
Marseille et les Marseillais. 
Les nuits anglaises. 
Les nuits italiennes. 
Les naits du Midi. 

BKlUe et Vne Waits. 

Contes Arabes. 3 vols. Ts. 6d. 

aUreeonrt (B. de). 
Les confessions de Marion Delorme. 

3 vols. 2j. 6d. 
Les confessions de Ninon de l*En- 

clos. 3 vols. 2s. 6d. 

MContepin (X. de>. 

£acA is. 6d. 
Amours d'Olivier. 2 vols. 
Baliadine. 2 vols. 
La batarde. 2 vols. 
Lc biganae. 2 vols. 
La d&utante. 

Une dame de Pique. 2 vols. 
Une fleur aux ench^res. 
Fiacre, No. 13. 4 vols. 
Deux amies de Saint- Denis. 
Jean Jendi, 2 vols. 
Filles de Bronze. 5 vols. 
Maitresse Masqu^ 2 vols. 
La maitresse du man. 
Les maris de Valentine. 2 vols. 
Le Marchande de Diamants. 2 vols. 
Le mari de Marguerite. 3 vols. 
La marquise Castella. 2 vols. 
Le medecin des folles. 5 vols. 
Une passion. 

Sa Majeste I'argent. 5 vols. 
Les Patins de Mad.le Diable. 2 vols. 
Le secret de la comtesse. ' 2 vols. 
Son Altesse TAmour. 6 vols. 
Les tragedies de Paris. 4 vols. 
Le ventriloque. 3 vols. 
La veuve du caissier. 2 vols. 
La vicomtesse Gcrmaine. 3 vols. 

Murder (B.) 
Each lOd, 
Les buveurs d'eau. 
Le dernier rendez-vous. 
Madame Olympe. 
Le Pays latin. 

Le roman de toutes les femmes. 
Le sabot rouge. 
Scenes de campagne. 
Scenes de la vie de jeuncsse. 
Les vacances de Camille. 

MnseetCA. de). 
Each ts. 8d. 
Comedies et Proverbes, 3 vols. 
La confession d'un enfant du si^le. 

Le Fils du Titien. is, Sd. 


Each is, 8d, 
Lui et elle. 

Nouvelles italiennes et siciliennes. 

Vodler (CH.) 

Each is. 8d. 

Contes de la veillee. 
Contes fantastiques. 
S^raphine. ix. &/. 

Obnet (a.) 

Each is. Sd. 
La Comtesse Sarah. 
Le Cur^ de Favieres. 
La Dame en Gris. 
Les Dames de Croix-Mort. 
Dernier Amour. 
Dette de Haine. 
Le Docteur Rameau. 
Le Droit de I'Enfant. 
La Fille du Depute, is, Sd, 
La Grande Marniere. 
L*Inutile Richesse. 
Le Lendemaln des Amours. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 

Lose Fleuron. 

Maltre de Forges. 


Noir et Rose. 

Serge Panine. 

Les Vieilles Rancunes. 


OlCoiiroy (Sloliard). 
Each is. 8d. 
A erandes guides ! 
A la hussarde. 
La Brune et la Blonde. 
Le Capitaine Parabere. 
Le Chic et le Cheque. 
Le Club des Braconniers. 
Coups de Soleil. 
Les Femmes des autres. 
Feux de Paille. 
La Foire aux Caprices. 
La Grande F^te. 
Histoires cranes. 
Madame Manchaballe. 
M. Mars et Mme. V^nus. 
Le P^ch^ capital. 
Les Petites Manchaballe. 
Place au Theatre. 

Les Propos de Mme. Manchaballe. 
Sans M*sieu le Maire. 
Services de nuit. 
Soyons gais ! 
Tambour battant. 
Tuteur et Toto. 

Un peu ! beaucoup ! ! passionn^- 
ment ! ! I 

O'Kell (Max). 

Each Ss. Sd. 
L'Ami Macdonald. 
Les Chers Voisins. 
Les fillcs de John Bull. 
John Bull et son tie. 
Jonathan et son Continent. 
La Maison John Bull et 0\ 

Pressense (Mme.) 
Each gs. 
Deux ans au lycee.J 

Journal de Th^rise. 

La maison blanche. 

Pauvre Petit. 

Petite mire. 

Un Petit Monde d'Enfants. 

Pr^ aux Sauies. 


Les Voisins de Mme. Bertrand. 

Prevost a* Abbe). 
Histoire de Manon Lescaut. is. Sd. 

PreTost (M.) 

Each is, Sd. 

L'Automne d'une Femme. 


Cousine Laura. 

Les Demi Vierges. 

Mademoiselle Jaufre. 

Lettres de Femmes. 2 vols. 

Le Moulin de Nazareth, is. $d. 

Notre Compagne. 

Le Scorpion. 

Trois Nouvelles. 

Beybaud (Ii.) 

Each lOd. 

Ce qu'on pent voir dans une nic. 

C^r Falempin. 

Le coq du clocher. 

Le dernier des commis-voyageurs. 

J6r6me Paturot k la recherche de la 

meilleure des r^publiques. 
J^rdme Paturot k la recherche d'une 

position sociale. 
Marie Brontin. 
Pierre Mouton. 
La vie k rebours. 
Le vie de corsaire. 

Siobepia (Jean) 

Eichis, 8d. 

Les Blasphemes (podsies). 
Braves Gens. 
Le Cadet. 

DaLAU Sl Co«i 

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net cash prices {^postage extra). 


Les Caresses (po^es). 



La Chanson des Gueux (po^es). 



Madame Andr^. 

La Mer (po^es). 

Miarka la fille k Tourse. 

La Miseloque. 

Les Marts Bixarres. 



Sod (Bduard). 

Each ts, 84. 

La course & la mort 
Dernier Refuge. 

Nouvelles Romandes. 
Les Roches blanches. 
La Sacrifice. 

Scenes de la vie cosmopolite. 
Le sens de la vie. 
Le Silence. 
Les trois cceurs. 

La vie priv^ de Michel Tessier, 
2 vols. 

I (J- J.) 
Each ts. Sd. 
Les coiiiessions. 
La nouvelle H^lcdse. 


£aeA is. Sd, 


I (a.) 
Each is, 8d. 

Autour de la table. 
Le Chiteau de Pictordu. 
Le Chhie parlant. 

Confession d'one jeune fille. 


Le Dernier Amour. 

Demi^res pages. 

Les Deux Freres. 

Elle et Lui. 

La Famille de Germandre. 


Fran9ois le Champi. 

Histoire de ma vie. 

Un Hiver k Majorque. 

Impressions et Souvenirs. 


Jean de la Roche. 

Lettres d*un voyageur. 

Mademoiselle la Quintinie. 

Les Mattres Sonneurs. 

Malgr^ tout. 

La Mare au Diable. 

Le Marquis de Villemer. 


Monsieur Sylvestre. 



Pages choisies. 

La Petite Fadette. 

La Tour de Percemont-Marianne^ 



Each lOd, 

Les Amours de I'^e d'or. 

Le beau Laurence. 
Beaux MM. de Bois-Dor^. 2 vols. 

C^sarine Dietrich. 
Le Ch&teau des D^sertes. 
Le compagnon du tour de France. 

2 vols. 
La Comtesse de Rudolstadt. 2 vols. 
Constance Verrier. 
Consuelo. 3 vols. 
La Coupe. 
Les Dames vertes. 
La Daniella. 2 vols. 
La derni^re Aldini. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Novels at 

Le Diable aux Champs. 

La Filleule. 



L'homme de Neige. 3 vols. 





Jean Ziska. 


L^endes rustiques. 

L^lia— M^tella— Cora. 2 vols. 

Lucrezia Floriani — Lavinia. 

Mademoiselle Merquem. 

Les MaStres mosaistes. 

La Marquise. 

Ma Soeur Jeanne. 

Le Meunier d'Angibault. 



Le P^h6 de M. Antoine. 2 vols. 

Le Piccinino. 2 vols. 

Pierre qui roule. 

Promenades autour d'un village. 

Le Secretaire intime. 

^ept cordes de la Lyre. 



Teverino — L^oni Leoni. 


La Ville noire. 

Sand (Maurioe). 

Each ts. 8d. 
Mademoiselle Azote. 
Miss Mary. 

Six mille lieues k toute vapeur. 
Th^itre de Marionnettes. 

Bandeau (J.) 

Each 2s. 8d. 

Un debut dans la magistrature. 
Le docteur Herbeau. 

Un h^ritace. 

Madame de Sommerville. 


Mademoiselle de la Seigli^re. 

La maison de Penarvan. 




Sobalts (J.J 

Each is, 8d. 

Ce qu'elles peuvent. 
Jean de Kesterdren. 
La Neuvaine de Colette. 

Bonll^ (V.) 
Each lOd. 
Au jour le jour. 
Les aventures de Satumin Fichet 

2 vols. 
Le bananier — Eulalie Pontois. 
Le ch&teau des Pyr^h^es. 2 vols. 
Le comte de Foix. 
Le comte de Toulouse. 
La comtesse de Monrion. 
Confession generate. 2 vols. 
Le conseiller d'etat. 
Contes et r^cits de ma grand'm^re. 
Contes pour les enfants. 
Les deux cadavres. 
Les drames inconnus. 4 vols. - 
Une ^t^ k Meudon. 
Les forgerons. 
Huit jours nu chiteau. 
Le lion amoureux. 
La lionne. 
Le magn^tiseur. 
Maison No. 3 de la Rue de Provence. 

Aventures d'un cadet defamille. 

Lesamoursde Victor Bonsenne. 

Olivier Duhamel. 

Le maitre dVcole — Diane et Louise. 

Un malheur complet. 


Les m^moires du diable. 3 vols. 

Le port de Cr^teil. 

Les pr^tendus. 

DULAIT & Co., 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

net cash prices (^postage extra). 


Les quatre ^poques. 

Les quatre napolitaines. 2 vols. 

Les Quatre soears. 

Un rcve d'amour — La Chambriire. 


Si jeunesse savait ; si vieillesse 

pouTait ! 2 vols. 
Le vicomte de B^eis. 

■onTestre (B.) 

Each lOcL 

An bout da monde. 

An coin da feu. 

Canseries historiques et litt^raires. 

3 vols. 
Cnroniijues de la mer. 
Les dairi^res. 
Contes et nouvelles. 
Dans la prairie. 
Les denuers Bretons. 2 vols. 
Les demieis paysans. 
Deoz mis^res. 
Les drames Parisiens. 
L'^ehelle de femmes. 
En Bretagne. 
Bn fiunalle. 
En qnavantaine. 
Le foyer Breton. 2 vols. 
La goatte d'eau. 
Histoires d'autrefois. 
Lliomme et l*ar|;ent. 
Lectures joumaliires. 
L^du pays. 
La lone de miel. 
La maison rouge. 
Le marl de la formi^re. 
Le mat de cocagne. 
Le mtoorial de fiaunille. 
Le mendiant de Saint-Roch. 
Le monde tel qu'il sera. 
Le pasteur d'hommes. 
Les p^ch^ de jeunesse. 
Pendant la moisson. 
Un philosophe sous les toits. 
Pierre et Jean. 
Promenades matinales. 
R6dts et souvenirs. 

Les r^prouv^ et les ^us. 

Riche et pauvre, 2 vols. 

Le roi du monde. 

Seines de la chouannerie. 2 xols. 

Seines de la vie intime. 

Seines et ricits des Alpes. 

Les soirees de Meudon. 

Sous la tonnelle. 

Sous les filets. 

Sous les ombrages. 

Souvenirs d*un Bas-Breton. 

Souvenirs d*un vieillard. La er* 

niire ^tape. 
Sur la pelouse. 
Th^&tre de la jeunesse. 
Trois femmes. 
Trois mois de vacances. 
La valise noire. 


Each is. 80. 

La chartreuse de Panne. 

De Tamour. 

M^moires d*un tourist'^. 2 vols. 

Nouvelles in^tes. 

Promenades dans Rome. 2 vols. 

Le rouge et le noir. 

L'Abb^se de Castro. 2s, 

■towe (Beeober)* 
Le case de Toncle Tom. zr. &/. 


Gilbert et Gilberte. 3 vols. 2s,6(L 
Le Juif errant. 4 vols. 4s. 
Mystires de Paris. 4 vols. 4s, 
Jjcs secrets de Toreiller. 3 vols. 

2x. 6d. 
Les sept p^chis capitaux : — 

L*avance. — La gourmandise. la/. 

L'envie. — La colire. 2 vols. 
IS. &/. 

La luxure. — La paresse. lo^. 

L'orgueil. 2 vols. is. Zd. 

87 Soho Square. 

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Popular French Nozfels at 

Theorlet (AJidr^. 
Each ts. Sd, 
VKhhi DanieL ix. &/. 
Affaire Froideville. 
Amoureux de la Pr^f^te. 
Le filleul d'un marquis. 
Fils Maugars. 

Fleur de Nice. 
Gertrude et V6ronique. 
Reme des Bois. 
Rose-Lise. is, &/. 
Sous bois. 
Tante Aui^Iie. 
Toute seule. 

Tlnsean (&. Be). 
Each gs. 8d, 
Alain de K^risel. 
L'attelage de la Marquise. 
Bouche close. 
Charme rompu. 
Le Chemin de Damas. 
Demise campagne. 
Dette oubli^. 
Du Hivre k Marseille. 
Faut-il aimer? 
Ma Cousine Pot-au-feu. 
Madame Villefiiron jeune. 
Maltre Gratien. 
La meilleure part. 
Mon oncle Afcide. 
Plus fort que la haine. 
Robert d*£pirieu. 
Strass et Diamants. 
^ur le seuil. 
Vers I'ldAO. 


Each ts. 8d. 
Allemagne anioureuse. 
Les Prussiens en Allemagne. 

Rusde rouge. 


La soci^t6 et les moeurs allemandes. 

Vienne et la vie Viennoise. 

Voyage aux pa]^ annex^ 

Vo3rage aux pays des milliards. 

Voyage aux pays des Tziganes. 


Each ts, 8d. 
Nouvelles genevoises. 
Le presbytere. 
Rosa et Gertrude. 

Tolstoi C&.) 

Each ts, 6d, 
Anna Kar^nine. 2 vols. 
Les Cosaques. 
Deux G^^rations. 
Guerre et la Paix. 3 vols. 

Each is. 8d, 
De U Vie. 
La Morte. 
Plaisirs Gruels. 
La Prince S^^biiany. 

TovuTu^nef (J. 

EacA ts, 6d. 
Dimitri Roudine. 
Les eaux printaniires. 

Une nich^ de gentilshommes. 
Nouvelles Muscovites. 
P^res et en&nts. 
Les reliques vivantes. 
Terres vierges. 

Vetamrd (MEaHo). 
EmA ts, 8(L 
Antoinette ma Cousine. 
La Buveuse de Perles. 
La Comtesse Diane. 

DULAU ^ Co«, 

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net cash prices {postage extra). 


Une demise passion. 
X'Etoile de Jean. 
ln& Parkc^. 
Jean de CHazol. 
joconde Bcrthier. 
Mademoiselle Blaisot. 
Mariap de Gertrude. 
Men Onde Barbassou. 

mbaob (louts). 

Bach £s. 8tL 

M^mcNres d*un inconnu. 
Monsiear et Madame FerneL 
La princesse Morani. 
Les secrets du diable. 
Tapis Vert. 
Voyaj^ antour de mon clocher. 


Each ts. 8d, 
Oaixe Anbertin. 
Le Diable k quatre. 
La Femme de Giambre. 
Le G^n^ral. 
La Hante P^e. 
La Jenne Garde. 
Madame Lavemon. 
Poor ces I>ames. 
S^phin et O^. 
La Viene Garde. 

Back ts, 6d, 
L'Arehipel en feu. 
Aatoar de la lone. 
Aventures de capitaine Hatteras. 

2 vols. 

Les Anglab au p61e nord. 

Le desert de glace. 

Aventures de trois Russes et de 

trois Anglais. 
Un BUlet de Loterie. 
Le capitaine de quinze ans. 2 vols. 

Le chancellor. 

Chiteau des Carpathes. 

Cinq semaines en ballon. 

Clovis Dardentor. 

De la terre k la lune. 

Le docteur Ox. 

Ecole des Robinsons. 

Les en&nts du capitaine Grant 

L'Am^que du sud. 

• L'Australie. 

— — L'Oc^m Pacifique. 

£toile du Sud. 

Face au Drapeau. 

Une ville flottante. 

Les gr. voyages et les gr. voyageurs. 

6 vols. 
Hector Servadac. 2 vols. 
L'lle L^abandon^. 

myst^rieuse. 3 vols. 

Les naufrag^ de Tair. 

Le secret d^lle. 

Les Indes noires. 

Jangada. 2 vols. 

K^aban le T6tu. 2 vols. 

Michel Strogoff. 2 vols. 

Nord contre Sud. 2 vols. 

Le pays des fourrures. 2 vols. 

P'tit Bonhomme. 2 vols. 

Ravon Vert. 


Le tour du monde en 80 jours. 

Tribulation d'un Chinois. 

Vingt mille lieues sous les mers. 

2 vols. 
Voyage au centre de la terre. 
500 millions du B^m. 2 vols. 

Vlffay (A. de.) 
EacA is, 8d, 
Cinq Mars. 
Servitude et grandeur militaires. 


Each ts. 6d. 


87 Soho Square. 

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54 Popular Novels at net cash prices. 

Sola (BmUe). 
Bach is, 8d. 
Au Bonheur des Dames. 
La B6te Humaine. 
Une campagne. 
Capitaine Burle. 
Confession de Qaude. 
La conau^te de Plassans. 
Contes a Ninon. 
La Debacle. 
Dr Pascal. 

La &ute de i'abb^ Mouret. 
La fortune des Rougons. 
La Joie de Vivre. 
Madeleine Feiat. 

M^st^es de Marseille. 

Nois Nicoulin. 


Naturalisme au Th^fttre. 

Nouveaux contes k Ninon« 


Une page d'amour. 



Pour une Nuit d' Amour, lOtL 

La R^ve. 

Roman experimental. 


Soir^ de M^dan. 

Son excellence Eug^e Rougon*. 


Th^r^ Raquin. 

Le ventre de Paris. 

La Voeu d'une Morte. 

DULAU & Co., 87 Soho Square. 

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Books Published and Sold by Dulau & Co. 55 

Thefolhwing Catalogues now ready ^ to be had on application : 

Botantcal Works. 

No. L Z48 pages. 

No. X. Phanerogam lA, 144 pages. 

Na XIL Anatomt, Morphology, and Physiology of Plants, 65 pages. 

No. XIII. Applied Botany : agricult(7re, Commercial Botany, 

Farming, Forestry, Horticulture, etc., 59 pages. 

Ko. xrv. Systematic and Miscellaneous Botany, Periodicals, sTa, 

80 pages. 
No. XVI. Cryptogamic Botany, 115 pages. 

Sleetrtoi^y dalTaalsm, and MagrnetUm 35 pages. 

Frenoli Oatalogrne. 

No. I. Philosophy. 

No. II. Religion, 89 pages. 

No. III. History, Biography, Law, 187 pages. 

Na IV. Poetry, Drama, Music, 68 pages. 

Na V. Beaux Arts, 83 ages. 

Na VI. Geography. No. VII. Military and Naval, 80 pages. 

No. VIII. Fiction, 63 pages. 

Na IX. General Literature and Addenda, 55 pages. 


No. VI. Systematic Geology. 7a pages. 

Na VIL Crystallography, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, and 

Mining. 69 pages. 

No. VIII. Petrography, Boulders, Caves, Earthquakes, 


^reek. and XAtin Aathors (oUefljr Olassioal and 

TheolOgrioal). la^ pages, 

€taid0 Booka, mrenoli IToTels, and lllsoellaneoiui 
PubUoatlons. 5^ P&ges. 

X4st of tlie Prlaoipal Continental Dally Papers^ 

Perlodleals and Maraxlaes. 8 pages. 

lithematleal Oataloffue. 178 pages. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

56 Books Published and Sold by Dulau & Co. 

Medloal Catalogrnes. 

Na IV. 41 pages. No. V. 84 pages. No. VI. 54 pages. 

No. VII. 91 pa^. 

Microscopy. 30 pages. 

Vatural History PubUoatloiui of the Tmstoes oT 
the Brltlsli BKuseam. 20 pages. 
Vaval and Military Works. 58 i^ges. 

Philosophical Transactions of the Aoyal Society ot 
Xiondon. 1800-99. loi pages. 

Technical Catalogue. 70 pages. 
Zoological and Palaeontologioal Books. 

Nos. XXVIII. Lepidoptera. XXIX. Neuroptera. 

XXX. Orthoptera. 37 pages. 

No. XXXI.Reptilia and Amphibia. 48 pages. 

No. XXXII. Pisces. 65 pages. 

No. XXXIII. AvBS. 65 pages. 

No. XXXIV. Mammalia. 100 pages. 

No. XXXV. Anthropology, Ethnography. 53 pages. 

No. XXXVI. General Zoology. 104 pages. 

No. XXXVII. General Palaeontology. 44 pages. 

No. XXXVIII. Protozoa. No. XXXIX. Coelenterata. 64 pages* 

Na XL. MoLLuscA and Molluscoida*. 131 pages. 

Na XLI. Mollusca and Molluscoida. Supplement. 24 pages. 

No. XLII. Echinodermata. No. XLIII. Vermes. 64 pages. 

No. XLIV. Crustacea. No. XLV. Arachnida, Aptera, Parasita^ 
No. XLVL Myriapoda.. 64 pages. 

Printed by Strakgeways & Sons, Tower Street, Cambridge Circus, W.C 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Books & School Apparatus, 

Etc., Etc.. 







Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance, 

London : 20, Harrow Road, W. ; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.G. 


KiLBORN Series. 8vo.» Cloth, 438 pp. Price, 48. 

For the Help and Guidance of all who have to do with the 
Education of the Youn^. 

The Twenty-Six Chapters of the Manual teem with Valuable Advice. Hints, and 

Instructions upon every phase of Mental Culture for Children and 

School Management. 

Kra7 Taidier, lanager, Clerk of School Board, Hember of School Board (or Parent 

bitaested tai the welfare of his Children) should possess a copy of this 

newest work on Education. 


" I have perused this work with great satisfaction. 
It abooods in common-sense and a true teacher's 
sympathy and instincts. Allow me to express mv 
ooacarrence with all that I have resid of this excel- 
lent manual. The writer deserves the thanks of all 

*' Permit me to offer you my best thanks for the 
brii^t, interesting, and instructive volume, ' Elemen- 
tary Edocation.' ^ 

" I have read it carefully, and think its contents 

" I have read it from beginning to end with very 
great interest and pleasure. The tone is eievated 
and inspiring, and the suggestions and methods are 
highly valuable and very clear. Every teacher 
would benefit by reading this book." 

•• Quite up to date." 

"It is a highlyX interesting and instructive 


The Sehoo! Board Chronlde. 

** The work is one to be commended unreservedly 
to the attentkm of teachers and educationists at 

The ChQPch Times. 

^ We have nothing but praise to bestow on the 
work: the result of wide experience and close o\>- 
serratioD of edncational facts are snmmed up in 

the manual The best thing that can be said of 

aay book can be said of this— that it Isinspiring 

We can unhesitatingly recommend its use to 
teachers in school of any grade; and we think that 
parenu wculd also do well to studv it. They 
would find this sensiblCrv instructive Dook a most 
vafaublc guide and aid in their important duties." 

The Literary World. 

"The work may be recommended to the notice of 
aB who are interested in the spread of education." 

The Schoolmaster. 

"There is a true educational ring pervading this 
^■oliaDe, its value being enhanced dv quotations 
fcom many of our best teachers and thinkers of the 
Fast and presenL" 

The Educational Revlev. 

" ' Elementary Education ' is an admirable work." 

The Schoolmistress. 

"The book is in ever^ way calculated to quicken 
and stimulate teachers in all that concerns their 

dailv work Most sincerely do we commend this 

book to teachers of every. grade and class. It will 
repay a careful reading." 

The Practical^ Teacher. 

"The writers are evidently ?aware of what is 
implied by the ' new education,' and show a grati- 
fying anxiety to bring home to their readers a true 
estimate of what is meant thereby. Chapter I., for 
example, deals with the truism that school life 
should be happy, and we are heartily with the 
authors in ain'eeing that ' The best equipment for 
the toil and trouble of adult ago is a happy child- 
hood.' Furthermore, the chapters on the teaching 
of the various subjects are characterized by sound- 


" This is a book to be welcomed by all teachers 
Is perfectly sound, and on the latest educational 

TA€ work sent Post Free at published price. 

Hovif to. Maintain Discipline, Is. 
Elocution In Elementary School, 8cl. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
^. > Materials, Kindergarten and every Educational Ap/t/lance. 

liondon; 20, Harrow Road, W.; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.C 


Intelligent Spelling 

(Conforming to the requirements of Schedule I., New Code, 1894.) 

Crown 8vo., 247 pp., Cloth 21- Stiff Paper Backs, 116. 

Ifv 6 Gra^s, Paper Covers, 2d. each. 

Also in Cloth, 2d. each, nett. 

Nature's Method y. Mechanical Spelling : 



" The teacher, weary of the struggle with the idiosyncrasies of our etymology, 
welcomes anything that atten^pts to clear the path -to correct spelling. The book be- 
fore us, which is published in six parts, departs from the beaten track, and deals 
fully and intelligently with the subject." — "The Schoolmaster," Sept. 22nd, 1894. 

" The idea is a good one, and is well worked out by the writer. The sentences at 
the end of the book, in illustration of the way in which it should be used, form a very 
useful feature, while seme sensible remarks and advice are to be found in the introduc- 
tion. Altogether the volume is one which will well repay perusal and adoption." — 
" The Practical Teacher," November, 1894. 

"This is an attempt to overcome the difificulties of English spelling by grouping 
words, not by similarity of form, but by association of meaning. To teach the spelling 
of words without their meaning is to a large extent useless. The words are admirably 
selected, grouped, and graded." — The Girls' Mistress." August 4th, 1894. 

" This is a spelling book of 247 pages en a new plan which is claimed to be a more 
intelligent and rational mode of treating the subject than the existing systen|^ The 
words of the English language are divided into six grades, and the words in each grade 
are classified under the head of nouns, yerbs, &c. In the hands of an intelligent teacher 
the book will prove very useful." — The Teachers' Aid." 

One of H. M. Inspectors writes: — "I opened it prepared to put it aside, as so 
many Educational Books reach me, but it interested me at once, and I think it is a very 
valuable aid to intelligent Teaching." 

Intelligent Spelling — Instructions to Teachers, id. 
Kilburn Primer, Cloth, 3d. 
Seven Little Qirls who live on the Round Ball we call the World, a 
Supplementary Reader. A charming Reading Book for Children. 
Published price, i/- 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers^, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance. 

london : 20, Harrow Road, W.; ft 8, Paternoster Row, E.G. 

All Rights Reserved. 

Mental Arithmetic. 

294 pp., Cloth, 1/e. 

In Sii Grades (Standards I., n., m., lY., Y., and YI. and YII. 
combined) fitb or litM Answers, paper covers, 2d. eacb. 

•• The Mimtmi ArUkmetieoi the Kilbarn Series has many good and practical features. 
It is an excellent all-roand book for the standards, the lesson material, by its nature and 
arrangement, lending itself very readily to any ordinary arrangement of the School or 
any combination of the Sundards. It is quite up to date as regards the latest Code 
changes^ and is available for teaching under any one of the three Schemes of Schedule 
I Answers are conveniently placed opposite the questions, and the setting-out generally 
is good. The preparatory memory work is given in the old familiar form of verbal 
qnesdoa and reply. Perhaps the most accurate general characterisation of the book 
would be that it combines, under Code requirements, many of the best features of the 
older arithmetics with those which the Code requirements themselves have brought into 
adoption in recent years."—" School Board Chronicle," August 25th, 1894. 

'• When a work on mental Arithmetic supplies us with good suitable samples, and, 
in addition provides nseful hints as to quick solution of typical problems, very little 
is wanted to make it perfect. That the volume now before us does this, and does it well, 
is the opinion we have arrived at, after a careful perusal thereof." — " Practical 
Teachbr," November ist, 1894. 

*' This is the best teacher's handbook on this important part of arithmetic that we 
have seen. The examples are nearly perfect in arrangement and graduation. The ex- 
plamarions given are clear and terse, and the answer follows each question. -We un- 
hesitatingly recommend the book to all teachers." — " Girls' Mistress," Aug. 4th, 1894. 

" Mkntal Arithmetic" — •* This is an extremely good teacher's book, containing a 
great variety of exercises for all the standards, nicely arranged with the answers opposite. 
Each set of examples is introduced by methods of working, and the whole forms one of 
the best Mental Arithmetics we have seen."—" Teacher's Aid," November loth, 1894 

'* A practical little handbook on mental arithmetic of the several standards (I. — 
VII. ). The rules of each standard are fully treated, and copious exercises follow, 
pfodnctng intelligent results." — "Pupil Teacher's and Scholarship Student. 
I November. 1894. 

The work sent Post Free for published price in stamps. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and ever/ Educational Appliance. 

liOndon : 20, Harrow Road, W.; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.O. 

iilje § aimer af yaitlj. 

Published in Tmo Sizes, Im|>ei4al Svo., and Demy Siro. 

OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. Price, Id. ; Postage, ^ 



"The Banoep of paith" 

Fop 1897 is Now Ready. 

It is profusely Illustrated, and makes a Welcome 
Prize or Present. 

In Handsome Cloth Gilt Case, Price 2/6. In Limp Cloth, 2/-, large size. 
In Handiome Cloth Gilt Case, 2/- ; Limp Cloth, 1/6, small size. 


Sheet Almanack, 

Specimens sent, post free, for l^d. 

It is prc| ared in Four Forms, printed on toned paper, in Black and Red, 
and with Five Illustrations. 

1. Complete with "Banner of Faith Heading." 

2. With Space vaoant fSor Name of Parish. 

8. With Letterpress omitted at the top of Almanaok, so tha± 
a small amount of Parish Nevirs may be substituted. 

4-. On a longer sheet, with spaoe of 6 Inohes In depth for 
printing LxKsal Matter. 

Price Id. each, or 6b. 6d. per 100. Printing name of Parish, 28. for any 
number. Tkrse Terms for Cash only. 

All Orders for Almanai ks and Copy for Local Matter to be addressed to 
The Manager, The Banner of Faith Office, 6, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlewcrk 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance. 

I^omdon : 20, Harrow Road, W. ; ft 6, Paternoster Row, ll.C 


Published Every Friday. 

24 Passes for a Penny. 

The Church Weekly contains the Ecclesiastical 
News of the Week ; Leaderettes on Current Political and 
Social Subjects; Interesting Notes on the Topics of the 
Hour ; Reports of the Doings of the Church on the Con- 
tinent of Europe, and in the Colonies; Missionary 
Intelligence ; a Serial Story ; Notes on Education, 
Literature, and Science ; a Record of Societies and 
Institutions all over the World ; An Invalid's Comer ; 
Brightly-written Holiday Papers ; Antiquarian and Eccle- 
siological Notes ; Folklore ; Local Superstitions ; Natural 
History Sketches ; and a Children's Page. 

A Good Advertising Medium with Rapidly 
Increasing Circulation. 



Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance. 

liondon : 6, Patomoator Row, B.C. ; ft 20, Harrow Road, W» 


Id. Monthly. 20th Year of Issue. 

jUusirat^d (SJiristTnas ^umb^r, (5»« S^'^^S^ 
The Organ of the ChuiHsh Extension Asaooiation, 

An excellent Advertisings Medium having a very large and influential 


Published at 6, PATERNOSTER ROW, E.G. 

Advertisements and Copy to 20, Harrow Road^ London, W. Cheques and 
P.O.*s payable to C. Clutterbuck, and crossed "& Co.'* 


Monthly Paper specially suitable for the Working Classes. 

Containing Serial Story, Short Stirring Tales, Pithy Paragraphs, 

Life Sketches, Short Records of the C.E.A. Work, Verses, &c. 



The Children's Monthly Magazine. 


Price ONE PENNY. 16 pp., fully llliast rated. 

The contents include a serial or short story for elder children, a Story for the Tinies, 
something on the Church's Seasons, Anecdotes and Notes about Animals, Papers about 
the Orphanages, Schools, and other works of the C.E. A.— Foreign Missions ; a Corres- 
pondence Page in which we hope to answer questions and give extracts from the 
children's letters ; a Competition page ; Verses and Varieties ; the usual Letter to our 
Young Workers. 


A Magazine for Church Teachers. 
Prloe 2d. Postage, id. 


Pmblithad March 1, June 1, SeptambeT 1, DMunber 1. 

Contains Papers and Articles on the Duties and Needs of Elementary School Teachers^ 

Meditations, Specimen Lessons on the Doctrines of the Faith, a Short Story, and other 

topics of interest to Teachers, both in Day and Sunday Schools. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


8$kool Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Hitierials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance, 

liOndon : 20, Harrow Road, W« ; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.G. 

PREACHERS* SCRAP BOOK. Cloth, 2S. 6d. nett. 

Do. do. Cheaper Edition, is. gd. nett. 

Do. do. Paper do.. is. nett. 

THE PREACHERS' INDEX. 28. 6d. nett. 

Do. do. Interleaved, 3s. nett. 

IN THE CHOIR. Price id. each ; 6s. per 100. 
BIBLE CHRISTIANS. Price id. each 6s. per 100. 
CONFIRMATION. Price id. each : 68. per 100. 
OUR CALLING AND ELECTION. Price id. each ; 6s. per 100. 
FAMILY PRAYER. Price id. each; 6s. per 100. 
THE UNSEEN WORLD. Price id. each; 6s. per 100. 
IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. Price 2d. each ; 12s. per 100. 
CHRISTENING SUNDAY. Price id. each ; 6s. per 100. 
THE OLD CHURCH. Price 2d. each ; 12s. per 100. 
THE HOME ABOVE. Price id. each; 6s. per 100. 
GOING TO BE MARRIED Price 2d each ; 12s. per 100. 
THE DEFERRED BAPTISM. Price 2d. eadh ; 12s. per 100. 


No. I. Free Will. 

2. Eternal Punishment. 

3. Conversion. 

4. Contrition. 

5. The Sacramental System. 

No. 6. Holy Baptism 

7. Faith. 

8. The Holy Eucharist. 

9. The Gospel. 
10. The Church. 

HaJf|»enny each, op 2s. 6d- per Hundrecl. 

Free Schools. I At the Club. 

Our Churches. 

Johnny Morri.son's Funeral. 

Do You Bet ? 

Fasting and Feasting. 


Me and my Vote. 

On Swearing. 

Preparation for Holy Communion. 
The Weekly Offertory. 
Molly's Wedding. 
Education and the Church. 
Starving the Children. 
The School Question. 



BY NORTHERN SEAS. Price 2s. 6d. 



TRUE GOLD. Stiff Cloth, price 2s. 

Do. Limp Cloth, price gd. 


Cloth 2d. 

THE SEVEN LAST WORDS. Price id. each, or lod. per doz. 
HOURS OF THE PASSION. Price id. each, or 4d. per doz. 
RESOLUTION CARDS. Price 3d. per doz., or is. 6d. per 100. 
OUR MOTHER CHURCH OF ENGLAND, with Music. Price gd. per doz., or 

6s. per 100. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appllanee. 

liondon : 20, Harrow Road, W. ; ft 8, Patomoster Row, E.G. 


OLD TEST— ist Series. Price is. 6d. 
DO. 2nd „ .. IS. 6d. 

DO. 3rd „ „ IS. 6d. 

GOSPEL HISTORY. Price is. 6d. 
ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. Price is. 6d. 
LIFE IN CHRIST. Price is. 6d. 



HOME. SWEET HOME. Price 3d. 

DITTO Cloth, price 2d. 



100, 2S. 







PARDON AND PEACE. Price 2d. ; 100, 14s. 

100, 5s. 


100, I2S. 

Price id. ; 100, 5s. 

HYMNS FOR CHILDREN OF THE CHURCH. Price 2d. ; xoo. 14s. 






PRAYERS FOR DAILY USE. 100, 4s. 6d. 





Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Miool Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance, 

London: 20, Harrow Road, W.; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.G. 

PietoMal GeogHpbieal Tems. 

Specially designed as aids to the teachinic of Elementary 
Qeofp-aphy and Science. 

SERIES:— Sea and Promontory, HOI. Valley, and Bay; Atoll or Ckxral Island; 

Confluence of Rivers ; Lakes ; Icebergs ; Archipelago ; Oasis ; and 

Volcano and Bay. 

Price, on rollers, Tarnished, 2/6 each ; the Set of 8 Charts, 17/6 nett. 

Examination Papers. 

EXAMINATION PAPERS, superior paper, per pkt. of 50, Xa. 

A packet, single lines for Dictation, and close lines for Arithmetic. 

B packet, wide double small for Dictation, and close lines for Arithmetic. 

C packet, nemrow double smaU for Dictation, and squares for Arithmetic. 

packet, wide double small for Dictation, and squares for Arithmetic. 
E packet, single lines for Dictation, and squares for Arithmetic. 

F packet, narrow double small for Dictation, and close for Arithmetic. 

Q packet, ordinary for Dictation, and close for Arithmetic. 

H packet, single, 25 lines in page, and close for Arithmetic. 

1 packet, wide double small for Dictation, and small squares for Arithmetic. 

4 packet, single for Dictation, and close for Arithmetic, 4 pp., 25 in packet. 
K single sheets, single and clou Unes. 

L packet, narrow double small and small squares. 

N packet, ordinary for Dictation, and clou squares for Arithmetic. 

O packet, extra wide double small for Dictation, and wide for Arithmetic. 4 pp.* 

53 sheets in packet. 

P packet, mled one page for Parsing, the other for Analysis. 

Q packet, ^-inch double small for Dictation, and i-inch squares for Arithmetic. 

R packet, ruled both sides, i^inch single, with margin for Dictation. 

5 packet, ruled both sides, ttrdinaty, with margin for Dictation. 

T packet, ruled both sides, i-inch clou lineSf with margin for Arithmetic. 
U packet, mled both sides, i-inck squares, with margin for Arithmetic. 

V packet, ruled both sides, i-inch square, with margin for Arithmetic. 

W packet, ruled both sides, narrow double small, with margin for Diotation. 
X packet, ruled both sides, medium double small, with margin for Dictation. 

Y packet, ruled both sides, wide double small, with margin for Dictation. 



School Publishers^ General School Stationers, Furnishers of Ueedlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Educational Appliance. 

London : 20, Harrow Road, W. ; ft 6, Paternoster Row, E.G. 


All Rights Reserved. 





These ORIGINAL OOPT BOOKS have been thoroughly tested 
by use in several large London Schools, where the style of penman- 
ship has secured the very highest approval of H.M. Inspectors. 

Their adoption is a sure and speedy passport to the securing of 
Uniformity and Excellence of handwriting throughout 

THE School. 

Parts I, 2, and 3, on good paper, per dozen, 2/-. 
Ditto, on superior paper, per dozen, 3/-. 


LIST OF PENS specially made for the KILBURN 

SERIES, and strongly recommended as the best 


d. per gross, s. d. 

No. 60 
„ 61 
„ 62 
M 3 

Broad point 

Shoulder Pen, fine point 
Kilburn A, Shoulder Pen, medium point 

,, 15, ,, ,, SOIL ,, ,, 

No. 4 Swan 

„ 63 (White Steel) medium 

„ 5 The J Pen (best quality) 
The Ladies' Pen 


Postage 2d. extra per box. 





Digitized by CjOOQIC 

School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needle- 
work Materials, Kindergarten, d every Educational Appliance. 



Size 14^ in. by 23J in. 


Made in Oak and Polished Wood^ with Specimen 
Coins Strung upon Wires. 

This applianoie is highly approved by H.M.I.'s, and strongly 
recommended by them as a valuable aid in teaching young children 
the names and values of the various .coins of the realm. Also of 
practical use in teaching the earlier stages of the Compound Rules 
of Money. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

School Publishers, Qeneral School Stationers, Furnishers of Needle- 
work Materials, Kindergarten, d every Educational Appliance. 

Aids fM* Obfeot Lessons. Just Published. 

Beaatifally Goloared Diagrams 


Vegetable Products 

(22 by 27), 
In Natural Colour and Size. 

THE POTATO : the Plant, Flower, and Fruit 
THE SCARLET RUNNER: ditto ditto 



Price 2/- nett. 
Price 2/- nett. 
Price 2/- nett. 
Price 1/6 nett^ 
Price 1/6 nett. 

One Chart of Birds' Claws. 

Eight Species in Natural Size. 


CatalOiTues Post Free on application. 

. Digitized by CjOOQIC 


" With all their Banners bravely spreaA.* '—Scott. 


For Day and Sunday Schools, Guilds, Temperanoe 

and other Societies, and for Decorative 


In Red or White. 

1. Serge, 47 in. by 30 in., with 
cross-pole and one carrying pole, 
Ito., 2I1. 

2. Serge, 55 in. by 36 in., with 
cross-pole, &c., 27f. 6d. 

3. Serge, 74 in. by 54 in., with 
cross-pole and two carrying poles, 
£2 2i. 

A reduction if without poles. 

fop CASH mlth opdep. 

Made to any SIZE op DESIGN, wltl> 

Name df School, Special Motto. 

OP Text. 

Red or Blue Tammy, Design in 
Oil Colours with Gilt Lettering, 
from 10s. to £8 Ss., according to 
Size and Design ; Silk Fringe and 
Tassels, 80i. and upwards ; 40 in^ 
by 22 in., with Floral Design and 
Lettering, 10s,; 47 in. by 29 in. 
ditto, 17s. 6d. ; 54 in. by 58 in., 

Estimates Free. 
Orden promptly executed. 


School Publishers, General School Stationers, Furnishers of Needlework 
Materials, Kindergarten, and every Edi^ational Appliance. 

London i 

20, Harrow Rd.,W., & 6, Paternoster Rof, E.G. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 








The EdoeatioDalSapply AssoeD.,Iit(l., 

43, HOLBORN VIADUCT, (Entrance),\ 

6i. SHOE LANE, :^ 

I ^ 




Digitized byCjOOQlC 

The Holbom Series of Pablioations are used by all the 
large Schools throaghont the Kingdom, incladingthe 
London Board Schools. They also haYC a large 
sale in the Colonies. 


With Engraved Head Lines. 

The Copy Books published by the E.8.1. are now used in most of the large 
Sehools throughout the kingdom. Many millions of them have been sold, and 
the sale is rapidly increasing. Teaehers who have not yet used these booki 
are desired to send for speoimens. The bold, round style of the writtntf, fipee 
PBIHTED, and the careful gradation commend them to all who have seen I 
Specimen pages will be sent gratis to Head Teachers. 

Note the special features which recommend the Holbom 
Series of Copy Books : — 

The writing is bold, round, and free from flooriahes. 

The copies are printed from. careflQly engraved plates^ 
and are therefore exceptionally clear. 

The paper is of a special make, and is peculiarly adapted 
for steel-pen writing. It is not only thicker in sub- 
stance, but better in quality than the paper ordinarily 

The results obtained firom the use of these Copy Books ars 
altogether exceptional. 





Foolscap 4to. oblong, 8 in. by 6i in., 32 PAQES. «• A 

Headlines carefully engraved in a clear, bold style of writing, without flonrisbes^ 
bound in thick cover • • • • . . • • each o s 



Strokes, Turns, Easy Letters (Text), 

Standard L 
Letters (Text), Standard I. 

Short W ords (Text) & Figures, 

Standard I. 
More Difficult Words (Text), 

Words without Capitals (Text), 

Capitals and Figures. Standard 
Text, with Capitals, Standard 

Sentences in Half-Text, Standard 
Sentences in Text and Half-Text, 



8. Double Small, Capitals & Figures, 

Standard IIL 
8|. Double Small, more advanced, 

Standard IIL 
9A. Text, Small, Capitals and Figures, 

Standard IIL 

9. Text. Round and Small, Standard IV. 
10. Half-Text and Small, Standard IV, 
iz. Small, Standard IV. 
izi. Small, more advanced. Standard IV. 
13. Bills of Parcels, Receipts, Ac, 

Standards V. and VI. 
13. Commercial Correspondence, 

Standards V. and VM, 

Folios for holding the above, per grcss, Eighteen Shillings net. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Foolscap 4to. oblong, 8 in. by 6i in., 24 PAOES. »- * 

Headlines beaDtifiilly engraved, geographical, historical* grammatical, and com- 
mercial copies, boand in grey cover . . • . . . each o i( 

As above, bonnd in thick nonpareil marble cover • • . • „ o a 

I. Strokes, Turns, and Easy letters, 

(Text), Standard T. 
A Letters (Text), Standard I. 

3. Simple Words and Figures (Text), 

Standard I. 
3i. More Difficult Words (Text), 

Standard I. 
4. Words without Capitals (Text), 

Standard I. 

5- Capitals and Figures, Standard TI. 

6. Text, with Capitals, Standard II. 

7. Sentences in Half Text, Standard II. 
7|. Sentences in Text and Half-Text 

Standard II. 
4. Doable Small, Capital ft Figures, 

Standard III. 

8|. Double Small, more advanced. 

Standard III. 
9A. Text, Small, Capitals ft Figures, 

Standard III. 
9. Text, Round and Small, Standard IV 
zo. Half Text and Small, Standard IV. 
XI. Small, Standard IV. 

ii|. Small, more advanced. Standard TV. 
13. Bills of Parcels, Receipts, ftc. 

Standards V. and VI. 

13. Commercial Correspondence, 

Standards V. and VI. 

14. Ladies' Hand. Slightly angular in styla. 
14^. Ladies' Hand. Angular in style. 

15. Printing Book. 

Folios for holding the above, per gross. Eighteen Shillings, net. 


Foolscap 4to. oblong, 8 in. by 6i in., 24 Pages 

f. i. 

An extra series to supplement the '* Holbom," similar style of writing, 

bonnd in grey cover . . . . . . • • nch o x} 

As above, bound in extra thick nonpareil, marble cover . • ., 03 

(«) Simple Words (Text Hand), 

Standard II. 
Hb) Text Hand, more advanced. 

Standard IL 
<c> Text Canitals ft Fifcures, Standard II. 
id) Doable Small. Capitals ft Figures, 

Standard III, 

(e) Double Small ft Figures Standard III. 
(/) Double Small, more advanced. 

Standard III. 
(e) Small Hand, Standard IV. 

(ih) Small Hand, more advanced, 

Standard IV. 
(i) Small Hand, more advanced. 


Folios for holding the above, per gross. Eighteen Shillings, net. 


Foolscap 4to. upright, 8 in. by 6i in., 24 PAQES. 

Prepared on an entirelv new system. Each line of manuscript (inctading the 
long letters) is perfectly clear of the line above and below. Clear, bold, round 
writing, free from flourishes. The paper on which they are printed is a superior 
writing paper, and has been manufMtnred expressly for this series. 

Shape corresponds to the ordinary exercise books. Ezerdae books, examinatioo 
panefB. slates, and black-boards are supplied ruled on the same principle; thus 
eeaUing one style of writing to be maintained thronghont the acbooC both ia 
practios and 00 the day of fflramination. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Che TiadiMt Oopy Booki— «9«<imiii. 

Bound in Sfldnon-oolonrad covet • • • • 

As above, bound in extra thick nonpareil marble cover 

each o 2 


Large Hand, Standard I. 

Large Hand, Standard I. 

Large Hand, Standard I. 

Large and Half Text, Standard XL 
Large and Half Text, Standard II. 
Half Text. Standard III. 

Half Text and Doable Small. 

Standard III. 
Double Small, Standard III. 

Large, Half Text, Small and 

Figures, Standard III. 






16. f 



Large, Small A Figures. Standard III. 
Large and Small, Standards IV., 

v.. and VU 
Large and Small, Standards IV., 

v., and VI. 
Small, Standards IV., V., and VI*. 

SmaU. Standards IV., V., and VI* 

Civil Service, or finishing band. 
Civil Service Hand, more advanced. 

Folios for holding the above, per gross, Eighteen Shillings, net 



Foolscap 4to. oblong, 8 in., by 6i in., 24 PAGES, each 2(L 

Nearly all basiness firms encourage upright writing among their employes ; the* 
Civil Service Examiners tnsbt upon it, many of H.M's. Inspectors strongly 
lecommend it. 

The following are some of the special advantages of the Commercial Copy 

All Code requirements are exactly met. 

The lines of the large hand are | in. apart as required by the Educatioi^ 

Uniformity of letters and joinings throughout the Series 

Absence of ornament and flourishes. 

The system of guide lines. 

The paper is exceptionally good, being made expressly for these Books. 

The Series contain Thirteen Books, sufficient to give ample practice for al& 

The Series consists of the following : — 

I. Large Hand, Elementarv, Standard I. 
9. Large Hand, (simple combinations). 

Standard I. 

3. Large Hand (more advanced 1. 

Standards I. A XL 

4. Half Text Hand (simple copies). 

Standard II. 

5. Half Text Hand (more advanced). 

Standard II. 
€. Half Text Hand (with Capitals). 

Standard IIL 

7. Half Text and Double Small. 

Standard III.. 

8. Double Small and Figures. 

Standards III and IV 

9. Double Small and Figures (more 

advanced). Standard IV» 
10. Small Hand, Introduction, Stand. IV» 
IX. Small Hand, ) Advanced. Standards 
IS. Small Hand, f V., VI., V1I» 

13. Small, more advanced. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


TbolBoap 4to oblong, 8 in, by 6} in., 24 PAGES, each 2d. 

The paper is of exceptional quality — it is a good Cream Wove paper made 
specially for these books ; the covers are stoat and very strong. 

The Reliable Series has been designed for the purpose of teaching a bold and 
letfble manliig band. To obtain this object with the minimum of trouble to 
teacher and scholar, the books have been drawn up on the following lines :— 

(i) A slope of ten degrees from the perpendicular has been employed through- 
oat for the downstrokes. Hence while the writing is nearly vertical, there 
is no danger of the scholar falling into the deplorable back-hand which 
vertical writing so commonly leads to. 

(2) All letters except the letter x (the cross of the / and the dot of the % not 
being taken into account), are made without lifting the pen from the paper. 

(3) With the exception of words beginning with such capitals as C, D, and 5, 
and those which contain the letter x all words are completed before the pen 
is lifted from the paper. 

(4) In all except the advanced books, guide lines are provided. These serve 
the double purpose of determining the heights and depths of the long letters, 
and of preventmg the ascending and decending loops from over-lapping. 

(5) The style of letter taught in the first book is retained tbroughout the series 
so that the small hand is merely a diminished reproduction of the large. 

(6) Loops above and below line are made short, so as to give a neat appearance 
to the writing. 

(7) All flourishes are studiously avoided, and unnecessary work is consequently 

The Series consists of foorteen books carefully graduated, viz. :— 

Standard i. 

Standard III. 
Book 7. Double Small. 
Book 8. Double Small. 
Book 9. Small, Large, Figures. 

Standard IV. 
Book 10. Small Hand. 
Book II. Small Hand. 

Standards V. and VI. 
Book 12. Small Hand. 
Book 13. Small Hand. 
Book 14. Small, Finishing Hand. 

Folios for holding the above, per gross. Eighteen Shillings, net 

BcxA I. Large Hand, Letters. 
Book 2. Lai^ and Round. Short Words. 
Book 3. Large and Round Capitals, short 

Standarp II. 

Book 4. Round Hand, Sentences. 
Book 5. Round, Large, Figures. 
Book 6. Large, Double Small. 


Foolscap 4to. oblong 8 in. by 6} in., 24 PAQES. s. d. 
With clear, bold, and carefully selected head lines. . . each o i 

1. Strokes, Turns, and Easy Letters, 

Text Standard I. 

2. Letters (Text), Standard I. 
3- Simple Words (Text), Standard I. 
4. Text Hand, Standard II. 
5- Text (more advanced), Standard II. 
^ Sentences in Text and Half Text, 

Standard II. 
7* Double Small and Figures, 

Slandard III. 

8. Double Small and Figures (more 

advanced), Standard III. 

9. Double Small and Figures (more 

advanced). Standard III. 

10. Text, Small, Capitals, and Figures, 

Standard III. 

11. Small Standard IV. 
12 Small (more advanced), Standard IV* 

FoUoe for holding the above, per gross, Eighteen Shillings, net. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Large Post 4to., 10 8 in. 
Prepared expressly to meet the requirements of the higher class Schools and Colleges. 

Printed on extra superfine thick paper, bound in thick grey cover . • each o 4> 
As above, bound in extra thick nonpareil marble cover . • . • „ o ^ 

I. Short Words (Text Hand) and Figures. 

a. Words without Capitals (Text Hand). 

3. Text Hand with Capitals. 

4. Round Hand. 

5. Double Small, Capitals and Figures. 

6. Text, Round and SmalL 

7. Round and Small. 

8. SmaU. 

8^. Small (more advanced). 

9. Bills of Parcels, Receipts, Ac. 
10. Commercial Correspondence, 
zz. Ladies' Hand. 

Folios for holding Post Size Holbom Copy Book, per gross, 24s. net. 



It is a well-recognized fact that the average eye-sight of children is not so strong at^the 
present time as it was formerly. 

The extreme whiteness of paper generally used in Reading Books, in conjunction witli 
the jet black ink usually employed in printing, impoees a great strain on the eyes, an<S 
this is especially the case with children at school, who spend many hours each day looking 
at black and white — a most trying combination of colours. 

In order to meet this difficulty, the Educational Supply Ass%x:iation, has had the 
VIADUCT READERS— an entirely new series — printed on a toned paper, with coloured 
ink, the colour used having been selected by an experienced oculist from a great number 
of combinations submitted to him. 

The type has been specially selected on account of its clearness — the size has been 
carefully studied, it has been kept as large as possible in each book. 

The books in this series are published at the .same price as those printed on white- 
paper with ordinary ink. 

The paper and printing are exceptionally good, and the binding unusually strong. The- 
Books are well illustrated. 

The series consist of the following : — 

s, d, 

112 pages each o 8 

128 pages „ o ro 

160 pages „ I o- 

192 pages , 12 

224 pages „ 14 

256 pages , X 6 

To carry out the sight-preserving idea thoroughly, a special Writing paper has been 
made, and all kinds of Stationery are manufactured from it. Fur particulars see General 

Viaduct Reader. No. i. 
Viaduct Reader, No. 2. 
Viaduct Reader, No. 3. 
Viaduct Reader, No. 4. 
Viaduct Reader, No. 5. 
Viaduct Reader, No. 6. 


Are also published, printed in Black Ink on White Paper. 

Viaduct Reader, No. i. 112 pajres 

Viaduct Reader, No. 2. 128 pages 

Viaduct Reader, No. 3. 160 pages 

Viaduct Reader. No. 4. 192 pages 

Viaduct Reader, No. 5. 224 pages 

Viaduct Reader, No. 6. 256 pages 


s. d. 
o 8 
o zo 
» o 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



A New Series of Reading Books for Elementary Schools. 

While designed as General Readers, these Books contain a number of lessons; 
mtten for ihe purpose of inculcating habits of Honesty. Obedience, Temperance, 
Thrift, Kindness to Animals, Ac, The Lessons are conveyed more by the general 
tandency of the narrative than any direct teaching. 

The Books are produced in the best possible style. They are beautifully 
printed from new type which is bold and clear, the illustrations are thoroughly 
artistic, the paper is exceptionally good, and the binding of a durable character. 

each — s, d. 
Practical Primer I., 32 pages, cloth 

cover ... ... ... o 3 

tactical Primer II., 32 pages, cloth 

cover ... ... ... o 3 

Practical Infant Reader 1., 48 pages, 

cloth cover... ... ... o 4 

Practical Infant Reader II., 48 pages, 

cloth cover... ... ... o 4 

Practical Reader for Standard i. 
Practical Reader for Standard 2. 
Practical Reader for Standard 3. 
Practical Reader for Standard 4. 
Practical Reader for Standard 5. 
Practical Reader for Standard 6. 

each— 5. d. 

o 8 


1 o 
X a 
I 4 
I 6 


A Hew Berieiy ipeoially written for the present Code. 

The series is arranged to meet the latest Circular of the Education Department ; 
the type is bold and clear ; binding exceptionally strong. Written in an easy, 
descriptive, and fascinating style well calculated to foster the love and iorm the 
habit of reading. Illustrated with many^ woodcuts, maps, diagrams, &c. 

Standard II. Geographical Terms and Definitions Explained, and Illustrated 5. d, 
with Maps, Diagrams. &c., 40 lessons, ;28 pages .. .. each o ^ 

Standard III. Physical and Political Geography of England and Wales, with 

4 Maps, 60 lessons. 192 pages . . . . . . . . each z o 

Standard IV. Physical and Political Geography of Scotland. Ireland, Canada, 

and Australasia, with 5 maps, 90* lessons, 224 pages . . . . each z 4 

Standard V. Physical and Political Geography of Europe, Latitude and 
Longitude, Planetary System. Ac,, with 4 maps and diagrams, 60 lessons, 
224 pages . • • . . . • • . . • • . . each z 4 

Standard VI. Geography of the British Colonies and Dependencies, Inter- 
change of Production, Jtc.. 5 Maps, &c., 60 lessons .. .. each I 6 

• In each book will be found the minlmmn number of lessons required 
esoept in Book 4, which has been divided into three parts with the understanding 
that two only woold be selected for the year's course of reading. 


By JuUa MoNair Wright. 
In Four Books, with numerous Illustrations. 

This is a Series of Illustrated Readers on an entirely new plan, designed for 
Sdiools and Families. It is intended to awaken in young children a taste for 
scientific study, to develope their powers of attention, and to encc rage thought and 
observation, by directing their minds to the living things that mee^ their eyes on the 
roadside, by the sea-shore, and about their homes. Hitherto the chief object of 
Fint, Second, and Third Readers has been to give a child a vocabulary of some few 
hnndred words, but these words have been of small use in developing ideas. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


The Hatnre Readen— «o«<fMMi. 

The " Nature Readers " cootain not merely stories abont animals, nor simply 
descriptions of animals in an abnormal state, as of captivity, bnt explain in clear amd 
simple style, without technical language, the anatomy and life histories of tha 
subjects studied, giviuff their actions and homes the graphic interest of individuality, 
so that without any illusions of imagination or ail^oiy, they possess "all the 
fascination of a fairy tale." 

Nature Reader, Book I. Crabs. Wasps. Bees, «<:., 98 pages, s, d. 

Cloth Boards .. .. each o xo 

Nature Reader, Book II. Ants, Flies, Beetles, Earth- Worms, Sc., 

184 pages. Cloth Boards . . each x 3 

Nature I^eader, Book III. Plant-life. Butterflies, Birds. Ac., 306 

pages, Cloth Boards.. each x 9 

Nature Reader, Book IV. Astronomy, Geology, Biology, 6«. 36a 

pages. Cloth Boards.. •• each a 9 


The series has been revised to meet the latest Circular of the Edncaticm 
Department. The matter is selected from the best Authors. Biography, Geography, 
Hi:»tary, and Adventure, finding a place in this series, the result is that the Readers 
are the most interesting They are carefully graduated and arranged. 

Illustrated in first class style, beautifully printed on good paper, and bound in 
exceptionally strong cloth boards. 

s. d 

New Reader for Standard I., 128 pages . . . . . . each o 8 

New Reader for Standard II., 128 pages .. .. .. „ o 8 

New Reader for Standard III., iCo pauses .. .. •• „ o 10 

New Reader for Standard IV., 192 pages .. .. .. ., x o 

New Reader for Standard V., 224 pa^es . . • . . . ., x 3 

New Reader for Standard VI., 256 pages .. .. .. „ x 6 


The Holbom Historical Readers have been compiled from the best sources, 
and written in a free, lucid, and entertaining style. They are printed in a 
superior manner on good paper, and bound in exceptionally strong cloth boards. 

No. I., for Standard III.. Instructive Stories from English History, in simple s. d. 
language ; from the earliest ages to the present times, 144 pages each o xo 

No. II.. for Standard IV., Leading Events from English History ; from the 

earliest ages to the present times, 192 pages . • . . • • each x o 

No. III., for Standards V.. VI., and VII., The History of England, complete 

320 pages . . . . . . . • • . . . • . each x 9 

No. III.. Part I., for Standard V. From the earliest times to close of 

Elizabeth's reign, 160 pages . . • • . . . . each x o 

No. III., Part 2, for Standards VI. and VII. From the beginning of the 

reign of James I. to the present times, 160 pages • . • • each x o 

Home Lesson Books to the Historical Readers. No. i, id. ; No. 2, 2d. ; 

No. 3 .. .. .. .. .. .. •• ..03 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Ab entirely Hew Series. Adapted to the present Code. 

The books are produced in the very best style ; they are printed in bold clear 
type, and are beautifully illustrated ; the binding is exceptionally strong. 

8, d. 

Standard I., Simple Stories, 112 pages .. each o 8 

Standard II., Simple Stories. 128 pages , 010 

Standard III., Twelve Stories from early English History 160 pages . • „ z o 
Standard IV., Twenty Stories and Biographies, 192 pages . . . • „ 12 

Standard V.. The Tudor Period, 332 pages „ 14 

Standard VI., The Stuan Period, 256 pages , 16 


An account of the Inventions and Discoveries, Expansion of the British 
Empire, Ac, with Personal Incidents relating to the Life of Queen 
Victoria. Arranged as a Class Reader. 256 pages strongly bound in 
Cloth, price each z 4 


Dombey A Soil Arranged as a Class Reading Book, with Original s, d. 
Illustrations, by Phiz, 256 pages each i 6 

The Life and Adventures of Bobinson Crusoe. Arranged with 

Notes as a Class Reading Book, written especially for the present Code. 
Printed in clear, bold typb on good papev. with 8 full-page Illustrations, 
and bound in STRONG CLOTH BOARDS. 256 pages .. .. .. each i 6 


By the BBV. O. 8. DAWB, formal MasUr oj St. Mark's CotUg9. 

Inatroctive and Sdeotific lessons which, written in a free and lucid manner, 
making the series most entertaining; Carefully Graduated, Wsll-Illustratbd. 
PanrrKD m Bold Typb on Good Paper. Strongly bound, 

5. d, 

1st In&nt Primer, 33 pages, cloth limp . . .. •• •• each o 2^ 

«Qd Infant Primer. 48 paGres. cloth limp . . . • . • • • .. 03 

Collegiate Reader for Standard I., 104 pai;es, cloth boards. . . . ,, 06 

Collegiate Reader for Standard II , 144 pages, cloth boards . . „ 08 

Collegiate Reader for Standard III.. 208 pages, cloth boards, (reduced 

price) .. .. .. .. .. .. •• .. ,, 08 

Collefdate Reader for Standard IV., 288 pages, cloth boards ,, 14 

Collegiate Reader for Standard V., 384 pages, cloth boards (reduced 

price) , 14 


MIsoeOaneons Readings for the Upper Standards, Being selections from 
Standard Authors, adapted to give varied practice in Reading for Standards V., VI. 
and VII. Strong paper cover ; each 32 pages. 

$. d. 

Part z. Selections from " Old Curiosity Shop,*' *' Pickwick Papers," Ac., each o z 

But 3. Selections from Ivanhoe, Christmas Carols, &c. .. •• each o z 

Vut 3. Sdectioos from Uncle Tom*s Cabin, Sketches by Boa , ftc. •• each o i 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



A new Series of Primers prepared on a scientific plan by experienced teachen. 
Black-board and Spelling exercises with each Lesson. Printed in Large Bou> 
Typb on Good Paper and illustrated in a first-class manner. 

s. d. 

Educational Primer. Part x, bound in limp cloth. 32 pages . . . . each o 3 

Educational Primer, Part 2, bound in limp cloth, 40 pages . • • • •> 03 



Printed in large type, in two colours, lessons carefully selected and graduated 
for use with the Practical Primer. 

Practical Reading Sheets— «. d. 

Part I.. 12 sheets, 24 in. by 19 in., enclosed in neat wrapper each 3 o 

Part II., 10 sheets 30 

Complete, 22 sheets 50 

Part I., 12 sheets, strongly mounted on one roller 40 

Part II.. 10 „ „ „ 40 

Complete .. 60 

Part I., 12 sheets, mounted on 6 strong boards 80 

Part II., 10 „ mounted on 5 strong boards 70 

Practical Alphabet— 

2 sheets, printed in 2 colours, mounted on thick boards 24 by 19 in. each i 6 

Holbom Advanced Reading Sheets, consisting of 10 bheets. 24 in. 

by 19 in. enclosed in a neat wrapper. . i 4 

Ditto ditto strongly mounted on i roller 24 

Ditto ditto mounted on 5 thick, strong boards . . . . 5; o 

Holbom Alphabet, 2 sheets, mounted on thick board, 24 in. by 19 in. •• i o 


Beautifully printed in large type on good paper, for use with the EDucATiONiu. 
Primbr I. 

Complete Set, consisting of 12 sheets, 25 in, by 20 in., enclosed in neat s. d. 
_. . wrapper .. .. ., .. ,. i 6 

Ditto ditto strongly mounted on i roller . . ..26 

Ditto ditto mounted on 6 strong, thick boards . . ..60 


Printed on Black Ground, in very Large White Letters, which can be 
seen and read at a great distance, thus forming a series of pleasing and unique 
examples in reading and writing. 

Complete Set, consisting of 8 Sheets, 25 in. by 20 in., mouDted very s. d 
strongly on 4 thick boards, and varnished . , . . ..80 

Manuscript Alphabet. 3 sheets, 25 in. by 20 in., mounted on thick 

board .• .. .. .. .. ., .. .. I o 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Sftcktl aUentUm is dfawm to th$ foUowtng List of Standard Booh, &c.. arratiQed for ths 
Resent Code ly th$ heU Authors, printed in good type on fine paper, extra thick covers, 



(Quite New). 

The Books have been specially prepared for the present Code, and are very 
caiefolly graduated by Authors of great experience. The paper, printing and 
tuDding are exceptionally good. 

Yiaduet Arithmetio :— 

P^ffts z and 2, for Standards I. and II. First Fonr Rules . . • . each a 

Part 3, for Standard III. Long-Division, Compound-Addition, Compound- 
Subtraction, Problems, and Examination Tests .. .. each o 2 

Pirt 4, for Standard IV. Compound-Multiplication, Compound-Division, 

Reduction of Money, Weights and Measures, Problems and Tests each o 2 

Part 5. tor Standard V. Practice, Bills, Simple Proportion, Addition and 

Subtraction of Proper Fractions, Problems and Tests . . . . each o 3 

Part 6, for Standards VI. and VIL Vulgar and Decimal Fractions, Propor- 
tion, Interest, Percentages, Mensuration, Averages, Profit and Ijoss, 
Stock, &c each o 3 

Viaduct Arithmetic— Bound in Cloth, complete 010 

Viaduct Arithnietic—Answets to each part 3 

Viaduct Arithmetic— Answers, bound in Cloth, complete .. ..10 


By O. W. LLOYD. 

Revised to meet the present Code requirements, printed in clear bold type on 
good paper, carefully and systematically graduated. 

The Holbom Qradoated Arithmetic :— 

Part X, for Standards I. and II., 32 pages, bound in strong paper 5. d. 

cover, eacb i^.; •• .. .. .. .. cloth cover o 2} 

Part 2. for Standard III., 32 pages, bound in strong paper cover, 

each i)d .. .. .. .. .. „ 02} 

Part 3, for Standard IV., 32 pages, bound in strong paper cover, 

each i^. . . . . . . . . . . . . „ 02} 

Part 4, for Standards V., 32 pages, bound in strong paper cover, 

each I ^d. .. .. .. .. .. .. „ o 2| 

Part 5, for Standard VI., 64 pages, bound in strong paper cover, 

each 2d. .. .. .. .. .. .. „ 03 

Part 6, for Standard VII., 48 pages, bound in strong pap3r cover, 

each 2d. .. .. .. .. .. ., „ 03 

Answers to Uolborn Graduated Arithmetic • • . » . . each part c 3 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



By Rev. Q. LITTINO, M.A., LL.6. 

s. d. 

For the use of Candidates for the Civil Srrvice each o 6 




Arranged for Quarterly Examinations. 28 Cards, each containing 20 tests 
in a set, put up in strong cases. Answers correct. With Syllabus of Scheme 
of work for the year. 

s. d. 
Reliable Test Cards, Standard II. ... ... ... ... per packet i o 

Reliable Test Cards, Standard III. ... ... ... ... „ 10 

Reliable Test Cards, Standard IV. 
Reliable Test Cards, Standard V. 
Reliable Test Cards, Standard VI, 
Reliable Test Cards, Standard VII. 

I o 

I o 

I o 

X o 


A Set of Twenty Mottoes, size 21 in. by 26 in., printed in Plain Bold 
TvpE, in two colours, on Thick Manilla Paper, mounted on strong 
rollers, Price per Set of Twenty Mottoes 6/- . . . . . . • • 4 

The Mottoes are intended to inculcate the habits of Punctuality, Honesty, 
Neatness, Truthfulness, Good Manners. &c. 

When hung on the wall one Motto only is exposed to the view of the Scholars. 

and the Sheets being turned over regularly a fresh Motto is periodically 

presented to and impressed upon the minds of the children. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 




A most complete Table Book, containing besides the ordinary Arithmetical 
Tables, an immense amount of general and practical information, 48 pages 
in thick covers • • . • • • . . . . . . • • o i 

As ftbove, bound in doth cover •• •• •• ••02 


By T. N. DAY. 

». d. 
Inclnding Tables of the Dedmal Coinage and the Metric System of Weights 

aad Measnres, 16 pages in thidc cover .. .. .. .. o o) 



Written in a clear, forcible style. 
By Bev. Q. LITTING, M.A., L.L.B. 

Grammar^ Fart 1, for standards I. and II.. Nouns and Verbs .. each o a 
Grammar, Part 2, for standard ill., Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, 

Adverbs, Ac., Simple Sentences . . . • . . . . „ 02 

Grammar, Fart 3, to Standard IV„ Easy Sentences, use of the 

parts of Speech • • . • • • . . . . • . „ 02 

Grammar, Fart 4, to standards V„ VI., and VII.. Parsing and 

Analysis, Simple and Complex Sentences, Examples, &c. • • ,, 03 
Viaduct Qrammar, Bound in Cloth, complete . . . . o 10 


Written in a clear, lucid style by Experienced Teachers. The definitions are 
iiort, ckar and torrtd. Printed in bold type on good paper. 

Grammar, Fart 1, to standard 11., z6 pages, in paper cover, 5. d, 

each zd. • • • • • • . . . . cloth o a 

Grammar, Fart 2, for standard III., z6 pages, in paper cover, 

each zd. •• •• •• •• •• •• „ 02, Part 3, for standard IV., 32 pages, in paper cover, 

each z^d. . . . . . . . . . . . . „ 02^ 

Grammar, Part 4, for standards v., VI., and VII., 64 pp„ in 

paper cover, each 2d. • . • • • . • . . . 1* o 3 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



By Rev. G, LITTING, M.A., LX.B., and GEORGE HOMEp 

Lecturer in Science^ Geography ^ and History. 

En^sll ParsiDg Book, & ruled book, with printed headings, large post 

4to, 36 pages, bound in thick nonpareil marble cover . . • . each o 6 

„ o 6 

« o 6 

M o 6 

French Parsing Book, 36 pages as above 

Latin Parsing Book, 

English Analysis Book, .. 

Viaduct Analysis Books, 24 pages, printed heading, paper 


o 2 



The Books have^been specially prepared for the present Code, and are very 
carefully graduated. The paper, printing and binding are exceptionally good. 
Part 1, ^or Standards I and [I., Elementary, Geography, Definitions, 5. d, 

&c. .. •• •• •• •• •• •• each o 2 

Part 3* ^or Standard III.. Geography of England . . ,. 02 

Part 4, for Standard IV., Geography of British Isles and Colonies o 2} 

Part 5, for Standard V., Geography of Europe . • ,. 02 

Part 6, /or Standard VI., Geography of British Colonies, Depen- 
dencies, Ac, . • . > . . • • • . • . „ 03 
Viaduct Geography, Bound in Cloth, complete .. „ o 10 


Written by Experienced Teachers, and printed in bold type on good paper, 
with maps, diagrams, etc.. carefully graduated. 

Oeography, Part 1, for standard II. Elementary. Geography, defini- «. d. 

tions. Ac., illustrated with maps and diagrams, z6 pages, thick paper 

cover • . . , , . . , . . , . each id. ; cloth o 2 

Oecgraphy, Part 2, for standard ill. Geography of England, with 

Physical maps, Ac., z6 pages, thick paper cover .. each zd. : cloth o 2 
Geography Part 3, for standard IV. British Isles and Colonies, 48 

pages, thick paper cover each 2d. ; cloth o 3 

Geography Part 4, for standard v. Geography of Europe, with map, 

40 pages, thick paper cover each 2d. : doth o 3 

OeOf^raphy Part 5, for standard VI. Geography of British Colonies, 

Dependencies, &c each 3d. ; cloth o 4 


Prepared and printed by Ruddiman, Johnston & Co.. Ltd. The Maps are all 
brought up to the Utest date, and the Astronomical and Geographical Illustrations 
will be found most useful in meeting the New Code wants of the upper Standards. 

HOLBORN ATLAS, containing 35 fall page Maps and 

Uluatrations, bound in paper boards, cloth back . . each o 6 

HOLBORN ATLAS, ^ above, whole cloth, gilt lettered 09 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 



HOLBORN ENGLISH HISTORY, a complete history, well 
sailed for memory work, printed in clear type, on good paper, 128 
pages, cloth boards o 



How to speU 1,500 " Reading Book " Words. 

A new set of Spelling books, each part containing 1500 words, selected from the 
varions Reading; Books now in use. 
Spelling Book, 1500 Words, Standard I. .. .. each o i 

Spelling Book, 1500 Words, Standard II, 

Spelling Book, 1300 Words, Standard III. 

Spelling Book, 1500 Words. Standard IV. 

Spelling Book, 1300 Words, Standard V. 

Viadnct Spelling, bound in cloth, complete . . 

o I 

o I 

o I 

o z 

o 6 


The following are the most complete Spelling Books issued for the Standards: 
the words are carefully arranged and selected, old and obsolete forms being 
excluded: the books also contain the Multiplication and other Tables. Outlines oi 
Geography. 460. ; they are printed on good paper and strongly bound : — 

s, d. 
Spelling Book, for infants, 

SpelJ^Book, for Stand- 

ard I., 24 pp o oj 

Spelling Book, for stand- 
ard II., 24 pp. . . . . o o J 

s. d. 

Spelling Book, for stand- 
ard III., 24 pp. .. ..00} 

Spelling Book, for stand- 
ard IV,. 24 pp. • . . . o oj 

Spelling Book, for Stand- 
ard v., 24 pp. . • . • o oJ 


Cftrefolly Edited and Selected,; Biographical Sketch of Author, lines numbered 
thronghoiit, copious notes, printed on good paper, and bound in stout cover, thb 


Miscellaneoas Selections^ for standards i., li., and ill., 16 pages, each o 

Hemans, Selections, ., o 

Longfellow, Selections, » 
Southey, Selections, 
Campbell, Selections, 
Wordsworth, BelactionSy » 

s. d 


O I 

o z 
o z 
o z 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Bn^lih ClM^ct-^iconHnued.) 
Longfellow, Tales of a Wajrside Inn, The Prelude, and Paul 

Revere's Ride, for standards IV^ v., VI. and VII. x6 pages, each o i 

Macaulay, HoratiuB, „ 
Bjrron, SelectionB, 

Goldsmith, "Deserted ViUage," Selection . 

Longfellow, " JSvangeline," „ .01 

Gray, *' Elegy in a Country Churchyard," .. .. ..01 

Shakespeare, "King John" (Hubert and Arthur), .. 
Shakespeare, "JuUus Caesar" (Mark Antony), 
Shakespeare, "Merchant of Venice" (Trial Scene), .. 
Scott, " Lady of the Lake " (Canto I., Selection), 


The Holborn Registers have distinctive features which render them snperior 
to all others. They contain spaces for all information required by School BoaixJa. 
and ample room is left for each detail, so that when filled up they do not appwur 
overcrowded. The paper is stout, hard, and possesses a good writing surface, and 
has been made specially for this Series. Beautifully printed from plates, and 
bound in exceptionally strong boards with cloth backs, making theni the most 
durable Registers published, 

Holborn Register, (No. i) of Attendance and Fees, for 50 Names. 

with fly leaf ; bound in stiff boards, cloth back . . . . each 

Holborn Register, (No. 2) of Attendance and Fees, for 60 Names 

without flyleaf; cloth guards, bound in stiflf boards, cloth back „ 

Holborn Register, (No. 3) of Attendance, without Pees, for 

60 Names, without fly \ea£: mounted on cloth guards, bound in 
stiff boards, cloth back . . 

o 1 
o I 
o I 

o z 

o z 

o t 

O I 

f . d. 

Holborn Register, (No. 4) of Attendance and Fees, for 60 Names, 
with ample space for marking Q for Absence, as now required 
without fly leaf, cloth guards, lx)und in stiff boards, cloth back., „ 16 

Holborn Register, (No. 5) of Attendance, without Fees, for 60 

Names, with ample space for marking Q for Absence, as now 
required, without fly leaf, cloth guards, bound in stiff boards. 

cloth back ,5 

Holborn Register, (No. 6) of Attendance without Pees, for 50 
Names, with ample space for marking Q for Absence, with fly 

leaf, bound in stiff boards, cloth backs x o 

Holborn Register, (No. 6a) same as No. 6 but for 35 Names „ 08 

Holborn Summary, (No. 20) without Fees, for Boys and 

Girls' Schools, for Three years, leather back, cloth sides . . . . ,, 40 

Holborn Summary, (No. 21) without Pees, for Mixed and 

Infants' Schools, for Three years, leather'back. cloth sides . ,,40 

Holborn Summary, (No. 30) of Attendance, without Fees, 

for Boys' or Girls' School, One Year, stout boards, cloih back .. „ 10 

Ditto ditto (No. 31) for Three years 20 

Ditto ditto (No. 32) for Five years, leather back, cloth sides ,. 40 

Holborn Summary, (No. 33) of Attendance, without Fees, 

for Mixed and Infants' Schools. One year, stout boards, cloth back ., 10 

Ditto ditto (No. 34) for Three years , 20 

Ditto ditto (No. 35) for Five years, leather back, cloth sides ., 40 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Holboni Regliten— (eo«/i«Mi.) 
Solbom Stunmaryi <No. 36) of Attendance and Fees, for Boys* 

or Giris' Schools, One year, bound in stiff boards, etc . . . . each i o 

Ditto ditto (No- 37^ for Three years . . . . . . 1. 20 

Ditto ditto (No. 38) for Five years, leather back, cloth sides „ 40 
nolbom Summary, (No. 39) of Attendance and Fees, lor Mixed 
and Infants' Schools for One year, bound in stiff boards, cloth 
back •• •• •• •• •• •• ,t 10 

Ditto ditto (No. 40 Wor Three years •• .. .. „ 20 

Ditto ditto (No. 41) for Five years, leather back, cloth sides „ 40 

Holbom Evening Continuation Class Register, (No. 22) 

on the model of that issued by the Education Department .. ,. 08 

Holbom Admission Regi8ter,(No 23) For Evening Contin. 

nation Classes, 5')o Names with Index, strongly bound . . . . ,» 30 

Tbe Holbom QUARTERLY Reoord Book, (No. 16) con- 
taining all the forms now required for 60 Names, strongly bound, 
cloth back, stifl boards . . . . . • „ 14 

Holbom Class Record Book, (No. 12) for Syllabus of Work 
and Records of Results, 60 Names, strongly bound in stiff boards, 
cloth back . . . . . . . . . . . . „ 14 

Solbom Class Record Book. (No 13) for Syllabus of Work 
and Records of Results, for Infants' Schools, for 60 Names, 
strongly bound cloth back, stifl boards .. .. .. ,, 14 

Holbom Periodical Register of Examination, Results 

for 50 Names .. .. .. .. .. „ 08 

The Holbom Infants' Syllabus and Report Book, 

(No. 26) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . „ 09 

Holbom Register, (No. 24) for Manual and Technical Instruction 

Classes, meeting all requirements, strongly bound . . • • „ 16 

Holbom Register, (No 25) for Cookery and other "Extra Subjects" „ 08 

Holbom Duplicate Register per Sheet „ o i 

Solbom Admission Register, (No. 10) 1500 Names, index, 

very strongly bound . . . . . . . . . . „ 76 

Ditto ditto (No. 11) 3000 Names Index 

very strongly bound . . . . . . . • . . ,,120 

The Holbom Intermediate Ek^hool Register, (No. 15) for 

• Country and Private bchools. ruled for Names, cloth back . . „ 10 

The Holbom Register for Spedflc Subjects, (No. 17) con- 
taining Spaces for 100 Names in one subject, or 50 Names for two 
subjects .. .. .. .. .. •. .. M 10 

liOgBook, extra super paper. 500 pp.,Index, leather back, cloth sides m 70 
Uitto ditto with lock and key . . .. .. .. ,, 90 

Hinute Book, extra super paper, 500 pages, Index, leather back, 

and corners, cloth sides . . . . . . • • ., 70 

The School Treasurer's Cash Book, (No. 25) containing all 

the necessary forms, &c.. leather back and corners, cloth sides .. ,, 76 
teachers* Note Book» 136 pages, ruled faint and margin, 

leather back, stifl b oards, gold lettered ., ._, .. „ x o 


Great care has been taken that the pictures accurately represent the varies 
processes now employed in the respective trades. The colouring is artisMc, and 
being wdl drawn and printed, they will form an attractive and unique feature in 
the decoration of any school room. A short description accompanies each picture. 

s. d. 
Size 27 in. by 20 is. Mounted and Varnished .. .. each 2 6 

The Series consists of the following subiects : — 

Baker Goldsmith Carpenter andJoiner 

Tailor Weaver Bookbinder 

Shoemaker Printer Painter and Decorator 

Bzickhgrer Olassblower | Blacksmith 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 








Size, Mounted, 30 iriches by 24 inches. 
Mounted on Thick Boards and Varnished. . . . . • . . each 

In Oak Frame, mounted and varnished .. .. .. .. 

In Oak Frame, with gilt slip, glazed . . . . • . . . „ 

The serious want which has so long existed for a really artistic, and at the- 
same time low-priced series of Illustrations for Schools has been at last met. 
The Educational Supply Association, have, after considerable expense and 
experiment, effectually met the difficulty by producing a seriei of hi^-daw. 
photogpaphi of large size, at such a price that puts them within the reach of 
every School in the country. 

Attention is drawn to the following points : — 

(i.) They are the only large photographs of high-class which have beea 

produced at a low price. 
(2.) As photographs ihey are exact representations of the objects illustrated*. 

and so are specially suitable for Class Teaching. 
(3.) They are of the highest class workmanship, and being in the best sense 
chaste and artistic, are calculated to elevate the taste of the scholar,, 
and in every way to exercise an educative and refining' influence. 
(4.) They are issued at so low a price that they will actually cost less than 
many of the highly coloured prints which in many cases now disfigure- 
rather than decorate the walls of our schools. 
(5.) The process by which the photographs are produced prevents any 
possibility of their fading. They are mounted with the greatest care,, 
so as to preserve their artistic character, and at the same time to ensure 
great durability. 
A description sufficient to form the basis of an Object Lesson accompanies. 
each_ picture. The following Illustrations are now ready : — 

H. M^ the Qaeen 
Houses of Parliament 
Tower of London 
Windsor Castle 
Albert Memorial 
Bank of England and 
Royal Exchange 
Colosseum at Rome 
Cleopatra's Needle 
Westminster Abbey 
The Rnins of Pompeii 
Leaning Tower of Pisa 

Crystal Palace 

Anne Hathaway's Cottage 

Clifton Suspension Bridge 

An Eastern City (Tangiers) 

Market Place (Tangiers) 


The Needles 

A Glacier (The Justendal) 

A Mountain Pass (Naero- 

dal Pass) 
Natives Cutting the Suj^ar 

Cane (scene u Jamaica) 

Coolies Preparing Rice 



Polar Bear 









A series of pictures, well drawn and beautifully printed in colours, forming, 
a pleasing decoration for the school-room. No pains (\ave been spared in their 
production, and every figure and object has been drawn and coloured from 
nature. The correctness of each detail is thus guaranteed, and the illustrations 
are rendered useful for object-teaching. 

s. d 

Mounted and Varnished .. •• •• •• each 3 o^ 

Size 27 in. by 20 in. 

The Series consists of the following subjects :-« 

Kind and Tidy Children 
Cruelty to Animals 
Industrious Children 

Dishonest and Untidy Children 

and Mockers 
Danger of Stone Throwing 

Danger of Flaying with Fire 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Four beaatifnUy coloured pictnres, artistically drawn and printed In twelve^ 
oobars, illustrating in an attractive form some of the great forces of natm«. A 
short description accompanies each picture, which make them exactly soitable for 

f. d 
Size 27 in. by 20 in. Very strongly monnted and varnished .. •• each 3 o^ 

Avalanche | Volcano and Oeyser 

Iceberg, Glacier, & Aurora Borealis I Earthquake 


A aeries consisting of 60 beantifuUy coloured pictures of Birds, Fishes and 
Insects. Series is arranged as follows : — 

Section z. Birds, 30 Pictures. 

Section 2. Fishes, Insects, &c., 30 Pictures. 

Size z6 in. by za in. Mouited on Stout Card. Per set of 30 Pictures, 6/6- 


(f) Series of five, beantifidly designed and ilium ioated. extra large size (38 in. by 
24 in.),|Fignr6 of an Angel bearing a Scroll, with the following in large- 
bold letters :— 

1. "Search the Scriptures." I 4. "Jesus is my Saviour." 

2. " Praise ye the Lord." 5. " God is our hope and strength." 

3. " Honour thy father and mother.** | 

Reduced price, monnted canvas, rollers, varnished, each, 2/- 

ff>) Series of two, beantifnlly designed and illuminated, extra large size (38 in. by 
24 in.) 
I. '* Suffer little children to come unto Me. and forbid them not, for of such is- 

the Kingdom of Heaven." 
a. " Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give yoo* 

Reduced price, monnted canvas, rollers, varnished, each, 2/- 
(p) Series of six, beantifnlly designed and illuminated, (38 in. by 12 in.) 

' Be just, and fear not." 
"Remember the Sabbath Day." 
"Learn to do welL" 

" Seek ye the Lord." 
"A Happy New Year.** 
"A Merry Christmas." 

Monnted canvas and varnished, each, i/- 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



A New Series of Wall Maps at a Remarkably Low Price. 


^as been published to meet the want that has been felt for a good Map 
[8. at a low price.. 

5. d. 

The Mze is 46 ins. by 39 ins 7^ 

4,^ The Ssries possrases the following advantages : — 
They are printed in permanent colouni. 
They are strongly mounted on cotton of extra thickness, with stent rollers and 

are well varnished. 
The outlines and physical features are bold and clear. 
The lettering is exceptionally plain. 
The Map of England has the Railways plainly marked. 

The following maps are contained in the Series, viz. : — 

World in Hemispheres 

Enrope North America England 

Asia South America Scotland 

Afirica United States Ireland 

A portion of one of the Maps will be sent as a Specimen free on application ta 
The Educational Supply Association, Limited, 42, Holbom Viaduct, London. 



s. d. 
rSize 62 ins. by 51 ins., mounted on canvas and rollers, and varnished, .price 23 o 
The Series consists of the following :— 

World (Mercator) Ireland Africa 

Eufope Scotland North America 

England Asia South America 


Europe England Asia 

Scotland Ireland Africa 

The above entirely new Series of Maps have, in addition to their size, the 
following special advantages which no other Maps possess so completely : — 

1. The latest and best authorities have in every case been consulted. 

2. No names being inserted but those taught in schools, the space thus gained 

enables the towns and townmarks to be sized in proportion to their 

3. They have an exceedingly clear appearance, as distinct styles of lettering are 

used for both towns and natural features. 

4. In addition to being accurate the coastline is clear and bold, easily seen yet 

correct in detail. 

5. The names being placed horizontally, there is no difficulty in reading them. 

6. The colours will not fade when exposed in the Schoolroom. 

7. A much stronger canvas than usual has been used in the mounting. 

A portion of one of the Maps will be sent to Teachers as a Specimen on 
application to The Educational Supply Association, Limited, 42, Holborn Viadact, 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Holbom Drawing Books.— 6 nnmben carefully gradnated. price ad. each 

1. Inltiatoiy Examples. I 4. ist Grade Examination Exercises, 

2. Regular Symmetrical Examples. I 5. Advanced Symmetrical Example. 

3. Elementary Freehand Ornament. | 6. Advanced Freehand Ornament. 

The Viaduct Chequered Drawing Book (patent), for Kindergarten and 

Scale Drawing, Pattern Making. &c. These fiooks consist of ordinary 
Cheqoered Paper, with the addition of Letters and Figures at end of the lines, 
thus every line and point can be given a name 

No. I, Ruled }-inch squares each o 2 

No. 2. „ 1-inch squares >» 02 

Kindergarten Drawing Book, prepared expressly to meet the Code 

requirements, containing a Jwell graduated series of copies, and ample space 

for the pupil to practise. 
Numbers i and 2 each o 



These copies are jmnted on Slate Paper without construction lines. The 
position ofthese lines is indicated by small dots in the outline, visible only to the 
Teacher. The Construction lines can thus be filled in accurately before the class 
and erased over and over again. 

A Key shewing the method of Construction of each Copy accompanies 
each Set. 

Sbt 3. Freeliand (20 copies), mounted on strong boards, Eyeletted s. d. 

and Taped, for Standard III per set 7 6 

Sbt 4. Ditto (20 copies), mounted on strong boards, Eyeletted 

and Taped, for Standard IV , 76 

Sbt 5. Ditto (20 copies), mounted on strong boards, Eyeletted 

and Taped, for Standard V ,« 76 

" Class Subject" Drawing Cards. Adopted by the London School Board 
Price One Shilling and Sixpence per packet. 

Sbt z. Freehand for Standards 

!& 2 
Sbt 2. Freehand for Standard 3 
Sbt 3. Freehand for Standard 4 
Sbt 4. Freehand for Standard 5 
^BT 5. Freehand for Standard 6 

Set I. Geometry for Standards 

1 d;2 
Set 2. Geometry for Standard 3 
Set 3. Geometry (Drawing to 

Scale) for Standard 4 
Set 4. Geometry for Standard 5 

Each set consists of thirty copies, all printed on Superfine Cards. 

The most economical method of teaching drawing is by means of Cards. The 
Copies can be used again and again, and the paper required can be supplied at a 
nominal cost. 

The Copies are the size required by the Science and Art Department. 

The requirements of the illustrated Syllabus are fully met, but not exceeded in 
any of the Copies. 

Being produced from plates, the lines are exceedingly clear and distinct. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


^' Class Subject 

practice under 
H.M. Inspector. 

Set o. Freehand 
Set I. Freehand 
Set 2. Freehand 
Set 3. Freehand 
Set 4. Freehand 

Drawing Copies— continued. 
" Drawing Sheets for affixing to the Blackboard, to afford 
similar conditions to those existing during Examination by 
Containing the latest Tests given by H.mTi. 

5. d. 
(20 copies) for Standards 1 & 2. Price per set ..40 
(24 copies) for Standard 3. Price per set . . ..40 

{24 copies) for Standard 4. ,. .. .. ..40 

(24 copies) for standard 5. .. .. . • ..40 

(24 copies) for Standard 6. ... > 40 

Drawing to Scale Test Papers. A set of 48 papers, meeting the 

requirements of the Science and Art Department. Good paper . . per set i 6 


The prices marked for Certificates are ntt and not subject to the 

same discount as ths 


For presenting to children who have passed the Government Examination, all 
printed on superfine cards, with the foUowing beautifully displayed :—This is to certify 
that was examined by Her Majesty's Inspector, and passed suceessftuly 

. in the Standard, i8 ," or, " This is to certify that was presented to 

Her Majesty's Inspector, and was promoted to the Standard, z8 .*' Space idr 

. Signature of Secretary, Head Master,' &c. 

The School Board Chronicle ss^ys : — " We have before us a set of specimens of Certificate 
Cards. They are various in sizes, and many designs. The illumination is very choice and 
pretty, and always in good taste. Some of the chromo flower pictures gathering round the 
panel on which the record is to be made are quite beautiful, and the lettering is very nice.'* 

The Teachers* Aid says: — "Although issued at a very cheap rate, these Certificates 

. are some of the neatest and prettiest that we have seen. The designs are particularly 

simple, yet very attractive." 

°" I Printed in Gold and 12 Colours 
:"• \ Printed in Gold and 3 Colours ... 

"• \ Printed in Gold and 12 Colours 

n. I 

n. !• Printed in i Colour in 8 Tints ... 



n. I Printed in 5 Colours 


^' \ Printed in Gold and 6 Colours ... 

U' \ Printed in Gold and 6 Colours ... 
n. j 






by 9i 





.. 74 




„ 10 




.. 7i 





„ 9\ 





M bi 




.. 9i 




.. 7i 




.. 74 




.. 94 




.. 74 




,. 54 





.. 94 




.. 54 





,. 9j 





.. 54 



-s. d. 

... - 

r doz. 

2 9 
2 6 
I 9 
I 9 

... ^ 




2 6 



I 8 


3 3 



I 3 



3 3 




Digitized by CnOOQ IC 




Size 7 

'•+ „ 


.. 94 

*t .. 


» 7? 



„ 12 


.. 9i 



>• 12 

ii " 


M 9i 


.. 6i 



.. 9i 


Examination CwtifLc&ie%— continued. 

by 5 J in. printed in gold and 6 colours... 

6a in 1 P""^®^ ^^ S^^^ ^^^ 9 colours... 

9 in. printed in 12 colours 

7i in. printed in 12 colours 

7 A 'n 1 P''^^^®^ ^^ gold and 12 colours 
5 in. printed in gold and 10 colours 
64 in. printed in gold and 7 colours 

per doz. 

Note. — Those marked thus * can only be had for " Individual " Examination. 
Those marked thus f „ „ „ " Sample '* Examination. 
Those marked thus *t can be had for either. 


On Superfine Card, beautifully Designed and Illuminated 
These Certificates may be used for any purpose, having simply the words, " 

of Merit, presented to ," leaving a space of several lines 

^LDd name of principal. 

No. 139. 

» 140. 

M 149. 

.. 156, 

M 166. 

f. 167. 

.. 168, 

.. 169. 

« 170. 

., 171. 

« 172, 

M 173. 

,. 174. 

.. 175. 

M 176. 

M 177. 

,. 178. 

M 179. 

.. 181, 

„ 182, 

,. 183. 

Size 12 
M 12 


12 in. 
16J in. 
i2f in. 

9* in. 
12 in. 

12 in. 

93 in. 

7 in. 
12 in. 

95 in. 

7 in. 


7 in. 

12 in. 

9} in. 

74 in- 

by 10 
.. JO 


84 in. 
11} in. 
6^ in. 

74 in- 
94 in. 
74 in. 

M 94 in.) 

„ 74in. ^ 

„ 54 in. ) 

... 74 in. ) 

,. 54 in.) 

„ 8 in. 

„ 94 in. ) 

,. 74 in. y 

.. 54in.j 

All gold designs 

Printed in all gold 
Printed in gold and colour 

Printed in gold and 12 colours . 
Printed in gold and 12 colours . 
Printed in gold and 10 colours . 

Printed in gold and 10 colours . 

Printed in gold and 11 colours .. 
Printed in gold and colour 

Printed in gold and 10 colours ., 


for subject 

Net— 5. d. 

doz. 2 6 



313, Size 5 in. by 3I in. Printed in gold and colour 

54 in. Printed in gold and colour 

8iin. Printed in gold 

si in" [ P^nt^^i in gold and 10 colours ... 

st in- f P"nted in gold and 10 colours ... 

lOI, , 

M9B, , 

105. . 

106, , 

107. , 

108, , 

X2I, , 

9} in. 
9f in. 
7 in. 
9i in. 
7 in. 
93 in. 
7 in. 

per doz. 

o 6 


1 o 

8 in. 
54 in. 

Printed in gold and colour 
Printed in gold and 8 colours 


These certificates have the design only printed, so that any wording may be added. 
They can thus be adapted for Private Schools, Sunday Schools, Night Schools, 
Exhibitions. Specific Subjects, &c. 

No. 314, Size, 12 in. 
« 315. M 9iin. 
„ 312, ,. 12 in. 
„ 326. „ 12 in. 
" 327, ,. 9l in. 

by 94 jn. I panted in gold and 10 colours 
Printed in gold and colour 
'*! Printed in gold and 12 colours... 

Net— s. d. 

(per doz. 4 o 

9 in. 
74 in.. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Ccptlfloatet with Plain CeBtres— ronr/nMi. 

No 328, Sixe 12 in. by 9^ in. 1 /per doz. 4 o 

t. 329. *> 9I in. .. 7* in. \ Printed in gold and 10 colours i .,29 

M 330, ,. 7 >n. .. Skip) I „ I 6 

" «l' " 2*l«'" lJ!n*i Printed in gold and 10 colours J " ^ ? 

.f 332i tt 7 »n- .. 54 »n. [ ® | „ i 6 

333. It 7 in. „ 5i in. Printed in gold and 8 colours ,, 16 

.. 334. ., 12 in.., 9jin.| f „ 4 o 

»* 335i M 9i in. ., 7* in. > Printed in gold and xo colours J ,,29. 

' .. 336. u 7 in. „ 5* in. ) I „ i 6 


Weekly Attendance Tickets, printed in 5 colours and gold 

3i in. by 2} in., in 8 varieties per 1000, 10 o 

Weekly Attendance Tickets printed in 5 coloan; 4 

varieties „ 76- 

Weekly Attendance Tickets, printed in 4 colours; 4 

varieties „ 50- 

Miscellaneous Publications. 

*' The Holbom " Time Table for Boys, Girls, or Infants I Q 

** The Holbom" Class Time Table 03. 

Do. Do. mounted on Board and eyeletted each o 6- 

The Holbom Inspector's Time Table 06* 

Choosing a Calling- By James Collings. Crown 8vo. Cloth., ..26 
Useful Facts in Physiology. By Shaw Jbffery. B.A. Crown 8vo. . I o 

Southee's Method of Writing French Verbs An Exercise Bock 

with Printed Heading, and ample space for Pupils to Practice . . ..04 

Geo({raphy of the British Isles, from 10 standpoints, with 21 Maps. 

by T. M. Davidson. M.A. Post 4to . 52 pages. Cloth back. Stiff boards 2 6 

Oeofi{raphy of England and Wales, with 10 Maps. By T. m. 

Davidson, M.A. Post 4to., 22 pages. Cloth back, Stiff boards.. .. z o 

Pupil Teachers' Test Questions, for ist and 2nd years. 72 pages . . x o 

School Regulations* mounted on canvas, rollers, and varnished. . ..16 

Lessons in Social Economy- By Jamks Runtz. Crown 8vo. cloth 2 ^ 

Social Economy for Children. By Miss Ellis Part 1 16 

Social Economy for Children. By Miss Ellis. Part II 16 

Social Economy for Children. By Miss Ellis. Part hi 16 

Oxford. Cambridge, and College of Preceptors' Examination 

Papers- By the Rkv. G. Litting, M.A., LL.B x o 

A School Hymn Book. Compiled by G. F. GoRSB, M.A. 128 pages. 

Cloth boards i o 

Do. Do. Cheap edition 06 

A Text Book of Geography* for standards i. and 11 02 

An Easy Latin Vocabulary for Beginners •03 

Schedule Numbers on Linen per 100. net 2 6 

Absence Enquiry Forms periooonet 3 o 

Prize Labels for affixing to Rewards per 100, net 2 o 

French Grammar* adapted to the Examination of the London 

University, &c. By F. W. Savagb 26 

The G ospel of Luke. Questions and Notes on. By the Rev. G. H. Jone s z 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



B. C. HARB, Publisher. 

AddU, W. Em M.A. 

Christianitt akd thk Boman Empire. Cloth 3/6. 

The first chapter describes the assistance given by the Boman Rmplre to 
Christianity ; following chapters deal with the mission and work of 
Christianity, the persecutions, the learned defence of Christianity, Changed 
Aspects of Christianity, the attempt to make it an Intellectual 8ystem, the 
rise of the Catholic Church, and the impending triumph of the Mixed Sys- 
tem. To ministers, students, teachers, and, indeed, to all who wish to 
possess a clear and able account of the rise and progress of Christian 
doctrine and observance, this handbook will prove invaluable. 

A^te« Dendy, B.A. 

Sbrtices and Praters. Cloth 6d. 

A aeries of four morning and afternoon services, vrith chants and collects, 
and other general and special prayers added. An admirable little book for 
the Sunday school. 

AnnstronSv Richard A., B.A., 

OoTLiKB Lessons in Religion. Sewed 6d. 

An excellent manual for teachers. The author takes his lessons from a 
stone, an acorn, a dog, and so on to a child, marking the upwartl develop- 
ment of each, and ending with suggestive lessons on Conscience, Ood 
Bible, Ac. 

*Aant Amy' (Marian Fritchard). 

Sunday Lessons for Infants. Cloth 1/6. Illustrated. 

Intended for the use of parents and teachers. 

The Inquirer says :— ' They are useful little lessons on Natural History ; 
tbA object of the whole series, to quote the words of the author, being. 
** first, to lead the children, through their faculties of admiration and 
wonder, from the marvels oi creation to the Great Creator, so that their 
hearts mav grow in love and trusting obedience to Him who doeth all 
things weu ; and secondly, to uige them to be faithful to duty and helpful 
and Toving to one another." The lessons are on such useful and familiar 
subjects as the Earth and the Sky, the Sea, Birds, Beasts, and Fishes, 
nowers, etc., and there is an excellent preliminary chapter for teachers.' 

Romance and Reality, or Sophy's Adventure. A Play 
for 6 Girls. Sewed 3d. net, postage ^d. 

The Book or Bboinninos, or Stories from Genesis, and 
How TO Tbach Them. Cloth gilt, 2/- net: by post 2/3 ; 
SCHOOL EDITION, plain cloth, 1/- net 12 copies for 
10/-, carriage unpaid. 
Barbaald, Mrs. 

Hymns in Prose for Children. Cloth 6d. Illustrated. 

These wen-known and heautlfnl prose hymns are admirably suited for 
ehiUien's services, as wall m for priVate roading. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Bartram, Richard. 

Stories from the Life of Moses. Cloth 6d. net; 5/- a 

Heroes of Israel. Cloth 6d. net ; postage Id. ; 5/- a dozen. 
Theae volnmea give the narratives, as far as possible, in the words of 
the fiible, while we oominents are such as will greatly aid the teacher 
who desires to draw out the moral and religious truths which underlie 
many of the old Bible stories. 

SuoossTiYB Bbadings. For use in the Sunday School and 
the Home. Cloth 1/- net ; postage 3d. ; 10/- a dozen. 
The selections in the earlier part of the volume are calculated to 
awaken interest in the sights and scenes of the natural world, those in the 
middle relate to the moral life, and towards the end, the readings have a 
directly religious bearing. 

Home Devotions, or Praise and Prater for Use in 
Families. Compiled by Richard Bartram. Cloth 2/-. 

* These Services are very beautiful. There is grace and beauty in every 
one of them, and in every part of everyone of them— in the nymn, the 
quotations from English Prose, the Selections from the Bible, and the 
Prayer.*— -Ea^owtory Timea, 

Bartram, Miss A. E. and Richard Bartram. 

A Harvest Festival Service, with Music in both Nota- 
tions. Sewed 2d. 

Beard, Charles, LL.D. 

Ten Lessons on Religion. Sewed Id. 

This little booklet contains ten brief lessons, in the form of a catechism 
on the elements of religion. In the hands of an earnest teacher it is certain 
to be of great service. 

C^owle, W. Copeland. 

Short Stories for the Sunday School and the Home. 
Cloth 1/- net. Postage 3d. extra. 
The stories are admirably suited for class or home reading. 

Carpenter, J. Estlln, M.A. 

Thk First Three GtOspels : their Origin and Relations. 

Second edition. Cloth 3/6. 

Library edition. Antique paper, uncut 5/-. 

Presentation edition. Half morocco, gilt edges 7/6. 

'It is certainly no ordinary text-book, and the pubUc at large would do 
well to read it and ponder some of the problems it suc^ests. The real 
interest lies in the patient and, to the reader, fsscinating endeavour which 
he makes to get behind the Gospels, and behind the Church, to the actual 
words of Jesus, and to the facts out of which the Church sprang. Nothing 
can be more interesting.'— Mrs. Humphry Ward in Nineteenth Century. 

Life in Palestine when Jesxts lived. Fourth edition. 
Eighth thousand. Cloth 1/-. . 

The Sehoolmaeter says: *This is perhaps the best shilling's worth of In- 
formation on the Holy Land that we ever came across.' 

Cooke, Prances, E. 

Theophilus Lindsey and his Friends. Cloth 1/- net; 
postage 3d. ; 10/- a dozen. 

* The stories of Undsev and his friend Dr. Priestley, which are combineu in 
this little volume, are almost unknown to young people of the present day. 
Yet, because of their faithfulness to duty and fearless search after truth, 
these men should be lasting examples for all time, and should appeal to the 
reverence even ot those who differ from them in opinion.'— .^Irom AtUhor'i 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Cooke, Francesy E. {continued)— 

Noble Workers. Cloth 1/- net. Postage 3d. 

Short •kietche* of liTes of Dr. Chalmers, Mary ware, Thomas Thrash, 
Michel Angelo Buonarroti, Frederick Christopher Perthes, Catherine 
Cappe, John Withers Dowaon, Joseph Stnrge and William Lloyd Garrison. 

Story of Theodore Parker. Seamd edition, with por- 
trait. Cloth 1/-. 

* Although written for young people, there is much in this volume to 
attract Uioae of maturer years, and teachers who are earnest in their work 
will find much to interest them in the career of Theodore Parker, himself a 
teacher, in whose heart the love of children was great to the overflow.'-— 

Story of William Ellery Channino. Cloth 1/-. 

* The story of Dr. Channing told for boys and girls, tene, plain, pointed 
and attractive, a book which is sure to find its way into many of our young 
folks' Libraries and should be omitted from no Sunday School Library.'— 
UnUy (U.S.A.) 

Stories of Great Lives. Cloth 1/-. 

Sketches of Ulrich Zwingll, John Milton and John Bunyan. 
The Story of Dorothea Lynde Dix. Cloth 1/- net Post- 
age 2d. 

The Netp Ar/e says : ' Miss Frances £. Cooke Is a well-known writer of 
short biographies, and she has Just added to the Hat a delightful story of 
the life and work of ' ' Dorothea Dix. " The story of the noble devotion and 
self-sacrifice of this brave, beautiful soul is told in a way that cannot fail 
to do anyone good who reads it The miwnlflcent work done for the poor 
and friendless lunatics by Dorothea Dix places her in the front rank of the 
world's latter-day saints. We cordially commend this admirably printed 
little book to all who love courage and care for goodness. It is full of the 

Crosskey, Henry W., LL.D., F.Q.5. 

The Method of Creation. A comparison of the Book of 
Nature with the Book of Genesis. Second edition. 
Fourth thousand. Cloth 1 /-. 

First Lessons in Religion in the form of a Catechism. 
Sewed Id 
a veiy useful little manual for parents and teachers. 

Davis, Valentine D., B.A. 

The Epistles of St. Paul to the Philippians and to 
Philemon. Explained and Illustrated. Cloth 1/6. 

nils book is largely the result of practical teaching. It seeks to make it 
clear that Paul's epistles are real letters of a man who loved his fellow* 
men, and gave his life In the service of the Gospel. 

*. . . . Far more to our mind Is the choice, careful, and thoughtful 
little book by Valentine D. Davis, B.A. Such a book as this is worth cart- 
loads of certain theological publications ; it does great credit to the series 
and to its author.'^CArwtian World. 

Deody, John. 

Successful Life. A Series of Essays. Cloth 2/- net 
Postage 3d. 

Deady, Mary. 

Lessons for Little Kots. Sewed 2d. 

Chapters on Courage, Obedience. Truthfulness, Kindness of Heart, and 
Indus&y. The language is quite simple, and teachers will find it a very 
convenient little booklet. 

Lesson Stories for the Little Ones. Cloth 1/-. Illus- 
These stories are written so as to convey helpful lessons In a bright 
and attractive way. They are illustrated by pictures of animals, and are 
sure to interest little boys and girls. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Do the RIsrht. A Glaas Book of Short Stories, with moral 
applications for young children. By A.L.C. limp 
cloth 8d. net. 

Drummond, Jame^, M.Am LL.D. 

The Epistlb of Paul to the Galatiavb. Explained and 

Illustrated. Cloth 1/6. 

'The ezpbuiAtions and Uliutrations we olear, brief, and alwajB to the 
point-'^Crttioa/ RtvUw, 

Gannett William C. 

The Childhood of Jesus. Second edition. Cloth 1/6. 

A moat helpfnl book for teachen, as it wlU enable them so to describe 
the sorroandlngB of the life of Jesus that the children wlU be able to 
picture them for themselves. There are also hints for class questions and 
conversations, which are most valuable. 

The Three Staoes of a Bible's Life. Sewed 4d., cloth 6d. 
This little work has been found veij helpfnl bv parents, teachers, and 
elder scholars, and it has been republished in boofeoet form in the hope that 
it may aid those who have broken away from ' orthodoxy ' to a truer and 
deeper reverence for what is still the Book of Books. 

Ik the Home. A Study of Duties. Sewed 3d. 

This little work consists of ' aids ' to study, and will therefore require 
thoughtful preparation by those who wish to use them. The author says : 
* The aim has been to provide something for all ages, from the little ones 
to the fathers and mothers, and something, too, which may serve for home 
talks as well as talks in the Sanday School Class.' 

amies, Mary. 

Lessons in Religion. Cloth 1/-. 

Lessons on Ood in the Natural Creation, and God in the Moral and 
Spiritual Creation. The School Board Chronielo says of this book :— ' Ibe 
writer has bequeathed to her country a work that cannot be forgotten.' 
Teachers of boys' and girls' classes of ten years old and upwards win find 
this an excellent handbook. 

OreKf Florence. 

The Stort of Bishop Colenso, the Friend of the Zulus, 
Revitsed by Miss Colenso. Cloth 1/6. 
'This little work endeavours to show the Bishop's love of truth for its 

law of human brr>therhoud which led him to sacrifice personal ease, long> 
standing friendships, popularity, and, at length, even life Itself in the cause 
of the weak and oppremed.'— Author s Frsfaee. 

Qregg, The MiAses. 

Jesus : The Story of his Life. Cloth 1/6. 

' An attempt to present the story of the Gospels and such illustrative 
information as is to-day available in simple modem language suited to the 
comprehension of little children. This nas been well done and is sore to 
interest the little oum,'— Literary Worid. 

Hawkes, Henry W. 

Plats for Youno People. 

1. Robin Hood. Sewed 3d. net ; postage ^d. 

2. Dick Whittington. Sewed 3d. net ; postage ^d. 

3. Cinderella. Sewed 3d. net ; postage ^d. 

4. The Babes in the Wood. Sewed 3d. net ; postage Jd. 
6. Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood. 3d. net. 

6. King Amor, or the Beggar's Bride. 3d. net. 

7. William Tell. 

These Plays make no pretence to literary merit They are written in 
rhyme because verse is so much more easily learnt than prose. Experience 
has proved that most of them are within the range of elder scholars, while 
scenery, dresses, Ac., are not very exacting. 

* These simple and interesting little playa are written graoefnlly and 
with good taste, and might, by the elder children, be performed very 
effectively.'— SiBAoetmatter. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Herford, Brooke, D.D. 

Thb Story of Bbugion in Ekoland. Fifth edition. 
Ninth thousand Cloth 2/6. 
This book detcribee, in a graphic and interesting way, the history of the 
growth of religions thought and its results from the earliest times to the 
present day. 

Herford, R. Travers, B.A. 

The Prophecies of the Captifitt (Isaiah xl.-lxvi.) Ex- 
plained AND Illustrated. Cloth 1/6. 
^ It ia the aim of this book to expound In a clear and simple manner the 

'^ writtngaof one of the greatest of the prophets of Israel. 

Hirst, J. Crowther. 

Half-houbs with THE Parables. Cloth 1/- net Postage 3d. 

The object Uie Author has kept in view in writing Uiis book is ' to enable 
eren a poorly-Muipped teacher to give a series of instructive and helpful 
lessons on the Parables, and further to provide a story to read after each 
lesson, illostrating and emphasising the particular points brought forward 
in the lesson.* 

Humphreys, Jennett. 

Sunday Flowers for Sunday Hours. A Sunday Book for 
Little Folk. lUuatrated. Cloth 1/- net ; jx)8tage 4d. ; 
10/- a doz. 
' Parents and teachers may use it for the first Bible lessons with perfect 

confidence. '—Iwiairer, 

Johnson, Harriet* 

The Story of Jeremiah and his Times. Cloth 1/6. 

Tills little book has grown out of a teacher's experience with her class 
it seeks to interest young readers in the noble character of Jeremiah, his 
heroic strugglee, and his burning words. 

'A very excellent and successful attempt. The compilation of the 
work reflects much credi on the author's industry aud literary skill.'— 

Knappert, Dr. 

The Reliqion of Israel. Translated by Rev. R. A. Arm- 
strong, B. A. Cheap edition. Cloth 1/- net. Postage 3d. 
This work follows Knenen. It is a clear and interesting exposition 
of the growth of the Hebrew Religions from the earliest times up to 
the perfod before the bhrth of Jesus. 

Mucrae, David. 

New Parables and Stories. Cloth 1/- net. Postage 3d. 

'They inculcate trust, prudence, perseverance, charity, modesty, and 
kindliness; and a child will learn more of the true character of Reli^on 
tlom them than from the most elaborately devised definitions.'— in^uier. 

Madge, Travers. 

Prayers for the use of Families. Cloth ed. 

These prayers were written by a pure and noble man, whose memory 
ia still held precious by many who will be glad to possess iJiis little book of 

Marriott, John Towle. 

Our Unitarian Faith. Cloth 1/-. 

Six Lectorea on : Is the doctrine of the Trinity taught in the New 
Testament T How did Christians come to believe in the Trinity? Concerning 
Jeans Christ and the way of Salvation. A Unitarian view of the Bible. 
Tbe Unitarian inheritance. Some further observations on Unitarian 

Martinean, Qertnide. 

Home Counsels. Cloth 1/-. 

These deU^tfnl talks in twelve chapters on snch subjects as Speaking 
the whole 'Rnith, Courage, Courtesy, Obedience, etc., are well adapted for 
r classes or for the family circle. 

! Digitized by Google 


Martlneau, Caroline A. 

Chapters on Sound. Cloth ed. 

The object of this littie book is to teach a few of the simpler ftusts of 
aoouBtic Boience, in such a way that the learner will have no unnecessary 
dlffloulties Dut In his wav. 

Martin, Mrs. Herbert. 

Out of the Streets. A Story for Children. Cloth 1/-. 
Mawer, Walter. ^ 

Nature Pictures. Illustrated. Cloth 1/- net. Postage 3d. 
Natural History and other Sketches for Young Folk, with large type. 

Mlllson, Prank E. 

Lessons on the English Bible. Limp cloth 6d. net 

This little book contains a series of short lessons on the Title-page and 
fable of Contents of an English Bible. It will be found most useful 
and interesting. 

Talks about the Sunday Services. Sewed 3d. 

Interesting chapters on * About ffoing to Church or Chapel,' 'What we do 
in Church,' ' Singing,' ' Lessons and Chants,' 'Prayers,' ' Sermons,' dtc. 

Oortt Dr. H. and Dr. J. Hooykaas. 

The Bible for Young People. A Critical, Historical, and 
fteligiouB Handbook to the Old and New Testament 
Translated from the Dutch hy the Rev. P. H. Wick- 
dteed, M.A. 6 vols. Cloth 21/- net (See page 8.) 

Picture Pages for Little Children. By the author of ^Little 
Chapters for Little Folk.' Illustrated boards 1/-. 

There are here a series of short, simple stories, with a full page illustra- 
tion to each. A delightful book to present to any child. 

Pike, Clement. 

The Story of Religion in Ireland. With Frontispiece and 
Map. Cloth 1/- net; hy post 1/2. 10/- a dozen. 
• It was •• The Story of Religion in England," by the Rev. Dr. Brooke 
Herford, which induced me to make this attempt This little book may 
therefore be regarded as a child of that work ; and it seems an appropriate, 
and it is to me a yenr gratifying circumstance, that Dr. Herford should 
have written an introduction to these pages in which I have tried to do for 
Ireland what he has so well done for the SlttUrlH^.'^FromAuthot'tFr^aes. 

Rawllngs, Henry, M.A. 

Practical Hints for Sunday School Teachers. Limp 
Cloth, 6d. net ; by post 7d. 
Rawllngs, Julie. 

Addresses and Illustrative Stories. Cloth 1/6 net 
Postage 3d. 
The Coming Day says: 'A perfect treasure-store of pretty stories, serious 
little lectures or life-studies, and thoughtful poetry, all sweetly reasonable. 
About seventy pieces in all. The very thing for a class, as dessert after a 
lesson : or for home-reading for youngsters from ten to fifteen. The price 
of the book, very nicely printed and serviceably bound, is only eij^teen- 

Russell, the Dowasrer Countess. 

Family Worship : a Manual of Bible Eeadinob and 
Praters. Cloth 3/6. 
' The Bible Readings are all of a lofty ethical character. Brief medita- 

tions, they might be called, on the spiritual life, wherewith to begin or 

_i .- — J — ""^ 9 second part of the*" "' •- - • - • - 

mpn " 
ence, gratitude, and submlsslveness to the allotments of the Divine Fathoms 

close a busy day. llie second part of the book consists of a series of short 
but admirably comprehensive prayers, full of the spirit of childlike rever- 

wisdom and love. These prayers are such as every devout heart might make 
its own, and breathe through their sentiments Its penitence, its aspirations, 
and its needs, for they are sublimely catholic, si^tnal, unworldly.'— 2*A< 
Modum Churek, 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Smitlit Q. Vance, D,D« 

Chapters on Job for Youko Rbaders. Cloth i/-. 

Intended to interest young people In the grandest poem in the Bible ; 
many nsefol and snggeative lessons are outlined in this little book. 

Solly, Henry Shaea, M.A. 


* It gives proof of exact scholarship. It Lb succinct in its statements, 
and, barring its* treatment of miracle, maices a good mannaL'— Critical 

Sunday School Helper, The. A Magazine for the Promotion 

of Liberal Beligion in the Sun&y School and the Home. 

Vols. I. to XII. (1886-1896). Cloth 2/6 each. 

'Three Cousins.' 

Short Sermons to Children. Second Series. Cloth 1/-. 

A series of addresses, by three well-known ladies, on moral and religious 
subjects, adapted for Sunday school services, or for use in the family. 

Vizard, P. E. 

Sacred Similes. Cloth 6d. 

There are forty brief lessons in all : a striking text is selected, a lesson is 
drawn from it, and applied to the life of to-day. 

Walters, Frank. 

Studibs of some of Shakspsre's Plays. Cloth 1/6. 

These charming and ably written studies will be found most useful anU 
aoggesUve to parents, teachers, and elder scholars. 

Stddies of some of Longfellow's Poems. Cloth 1/-. 

* Mr. Walters appears to be an ardent admirer of Longfellow, and his 
comments are calculated to incite the reader to an intelligent and earnest 
stady of the poet's works. An appreciative life of Longfellow opens the 
book. We «>mmend this interestine little volume to teachers and others 
anzio«is to foster a love of poetry, and particularly the poetry of Long- 
fellow.'^TA^ 8ehooima$ter. 

Studibs of some of Robbrt Brownino's Pokms. Cloth 2/6. 
WIcksteed, Philip H., M.A. 

Lessons on the Growth of Moral and Spiritual Ideas. 
Sewed 4d. 
These brief lessons are full of wise and suggestive teaching : for schoUrs 
who have begun to think on religious questions they are most helpful. 

The Bible for Young People (See Oort). 
Wood, Sara. 

The Gift of Life. New edition. Cloth, Illustrated, 1/6. 
This book aims at showing difldren how glorious a gift life is, and the 

nof making ourselves worthy of the gift by living in harmony with 
t laws. It deals with the Ufa of plants, of animals, and of mankind, 
in a simple, popular manner. 

Dwellers in our Gardens. New edition with Coloured 
Plates. Cloth 2/6. 
Descrfbea the life of snails, bees, Ac., Ac, hi a pleasant way, with a view 
of t**^^*"g the children something of the wisdom of the Heavenly Father. 

Woodlns:, W., B.A. 

Selected Readings for Sunday Schools and Families. 
aoth 1/-. 
TUs book consists of passages, arranged mainly from the Bible, whloh 
are well adapted for readings In family worship or in Children's Services. 

Yonn; Days: Illustrated Magazine for Children. Monthly Id. 
Annual Volumes, Illustrated boards 1/6, cloth gilt 2/-. 
Ckses for binding the numbers can be had. Boards 6d. 
net ;. ciothSd. net Postage 2d. extra. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



By Dr. H. Oort and Dr. J. Hooykaaa. 

A Critical, Historical, and Eeligious Handbook to the Old and 
New Testament. A most valuable work for all students of 
the Bible. Translated from the Dutch by the Eev. P. H. 
Wicksteed, M.A. 6 vols. Cloth 21/- net 


Vol. 1. The Generations before Moses. 316 pp., 3/6 net. 

„ 2. From Moses to David. 402 pp., 3/6 net. 

„ 3. From David to Josiah. 447 pp., 3/6 net 

„ 4. From Josiah to the Maccabees. 308 pp., 3/6 net 

„ 6. The Narratives of the New Testament 458 pp., 3/6 net 

„ 6. Jesus, his Death and afterwards. 529 pp., 3/6 net 

Postage 4d. each vol. extra. 

The Very Rev. F. W. FAR&AK, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, writes In a reoent 
iaiue of The Chrititian World : * lliere is a remarkable book by Dr. Van Oort, 
written in Dutch by a pupil of the great Professor Kuenen and under hia super- 
vision called "The Bible for the Young." It has been translated into Kngllah, 
and goes much farther, on many points, than I should myself go ; but it is a 
learned and most interesting book, and it demonstrates that there need be no 
evaporation of any of the best lessons of Scripture even in the hands of teachers 
who are advanced votaries of the Higher Criticism.' 

The Rev. Philip H. Wickstkkd, MJl., the well-known and acknowledged 
authority on Old Testament Criticism, and traualator of the work, writes, under 
date of 18th Nov., 1896 :— ' In the main this work may be taken as representing 
the best opinion of Scholars, better now than when It was written. Opinion has 
come up to it.' 


A Handbook for Sunday School Teachers & Parents lor 180a 

Edited by MARIAN PRITCHARD C Auvt Amy'). 

Frontispiece - - .Portrait of Dr. James Martlneaa. 


Address to Teachers. Principal Jambs Drummond, of Man- 

choBber College, Oxford. 
Our Sunday Readinsrs. Selected Passages from the Bible. 
Moses and Zoroaster: Showing the influence of Persian thought 

on the Hebrew Religion. Prof. J. Estlin Carpbkteb, M. A. 
Series of Lesson Notes : On Fifty-two Bible Readings, Rev. 

W. Wooding, B.A. The PaoUms.^B^Y, E. I. Fripp, B.A. 

Life of Jesus. Rev. W. H. Drummond, B.A. L\fe of Paul, 

Rev. R. C. Moore. Tlie Inner Self. Ion Pritchard. For 

the Inftmt Class. 'Aunt Amy.* 
A Musical Anniversary Service. Miss M. E. Turner. 
Sundav School Addresses by Rev. J. J. Wright, Rev W. G. 

Tarrant, B.A., and others ; and Prayers, etc., for Opening 

and Closing Services. 
Child Study. The Editor. 
Articles on Special Subjects connected with S. S. Work, by 

Rev. W. CopELAND Bowie and by various practical teachers. 
The S. S. Visitors* Note Book, containing hints and suggestions. 
Teachers In Council, giving the opinions of Superintendents 

and Teachers on Pnze-^iving, Music in the Schools, etc. 
The Editor's Bookshelf, dealing with Books suitable for Sun- 
day School Work. 
Illustrative Stories, Poems, etc., etc. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


Essex Hall, Essex Street, Strand, London, W.C. 

PHILIP GREEN, Publisher. 


God and the SoOl: an Essay towards Fundamental 

Religion. 3/6 net. 

' Looking at the book sfmplv as a Truth-seeker, I am convinced that 
it aasumes nothing which the Agnostic can disturb, infers nothing which 
its premisses do not inyolve, and gathers into its results all the contents 
of <SbTlBtian aspiration and exi>erience.'— Dr. Martineau. 

The Significance of the Teaching of Jesus : the 

Essex Hall Lecture for 1897. Cloth i/- net. 
' Anyone who reads and studies this latest utterance of Mr. Armstrong 
cannot fail to be impressed by its firm intellectual grip, its moral 
fervour, and iU spiritual elevation. '--TA^ iV«ir Age. 

'It has all the qualities we might expect — deep religious feeling, 
adeqoAte knowledge, grave measured eloquence.'— Liverpool Pott. 

BEARD, Charles, B.A., LL.D. 

Martin Luthek and the Reformation in Germany 
UNTIL THE Close of the Diet of Worms. 5/- net. 

CORTBlTTB :~Introductlon. I. Political condition of the Empire. 
n. The Religious Life of Germany. III. The Renaissance in Germany. 
IV. Lather's Life prior to his Revolt. V. Luther's ninety-five Theses. 
VL The year 1619 : Trlends and Foes. VII. The year 1620 : Luther's 
Appeal to the Nation. VIII. Lather and the Theology of R(»ne. IX. 
Hie Diet of Worms. 

BIXBY, James T., Ph.D. 

Similarities of Physical & Religious Knowledge. 2/.. 

GOHTRim :— Introduction ; (1) No necessary antagonism between 
Science and Religion ; (2) Causes of the actual antagonism of the scien- 
tiflc and the religious worlds; (3) The claim of religion ; (4) The claim of 
science ; (5) Faiths of science^aims and objects ; (6) Scientific results,^ 
their uncertainty, inexactness, and invariability ; (7) Positive scientific 
proofs of religion; (8) Conclusion,— Science aq^ Religion as fellow* 
labourers in the Divine Service. 

BONET-MAURY, Qaston, D.D. 

Early Sources of English Unitarian Christianity. 
Translated by E. P. Hall, Preface by Dr. Martineau, 5/.. 

BOWRINQ, 5ir John, LL.D., P.R.S. 

Matins and Vespers, with Hymns and Poems. With 

Portrait and Biographical Sketch. Edited by Lady 

Bowrin;^. 3/- net. 

' The duties of life, the soodness of God, and a strong faith In a 
^Mtona eternity are revealed throughout the book.'— i>etNm and JBx^ter 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


BROOKE, 5topford A., M.A., LL.D. 

God and Christ: a Volume of Sermons. 5/-. 

C0NTBNT8 :— Gkxl is Light, The Proper Worship of God, The Omni- 
presence of Ood, Ood and Natural Law, The Word of God, God and Man, 
The Humanity of Jesns, The Love we bear to Jesus, God in ICan, The 
Nativity, The Resurrection of Jesus, The Universal Pentecost, Sinful and 
Unsinful Wrath, Eternal Punishment, Theology and Miracle, Seasons 
for Secession from the Church of England. 

Jesus and Modern Thouqht. .1/-. 

This volume contains four disoonrses on the Humanity of Jesus, and 
the Love we bear to Jesus, taken from the volume of Sermons ' God 
and Christ.' 

The Development of Theology, as illustrated in English 

Poetry from 1780 to 1830, being the Essex Hall Lecture 

for 1893. i/-. 

This little volume sketches the Progress of Liberal Theology from 

Blake to Shelley, showing how the poets have helped to break down 

harsh dogmas and spread a more loving religion. 

CARPENTER, J. Estlln, M.A. 

The Relation of Jesus to his Age and to our own, 

being the Essex Hall Lecture for 1895. 1/- net. 

' In a short compass are indicated with great skill the results of deep 
and varied study.'— 2'Ae Star 


The Perfect Life: Twelve Discourses. 2/6. 
Select Discourses and Essays. With an Introduction 
by W. Copeland Bowie. 2/6 net. 

COLLYER, Robert. 

The Life that now is, and Naturf. and Life. 2/6. 
Sermons with brief Biographical Sketches. 

Contents of 'Thb Lm that now is':— Vines and Branches, The 
Thorn in the Flesh, Every man a Penny, The Two Harvests, How Enoch 
walked with God, Holiness of Helpfulness, Qashmu, Storming Heaven, 
Why Herod feared J ohn,Marriage, Children and Childhood,Tender,Trusty, 
and True, Patience, The Two Mites, Old Age, At the Soldiers' Graves. 

Contents of 'Nature and Life ' -.—Root and Flower, What a Leaf 
said, The Treasures of the Snow, Light on a Hidden Way, The FoUy of 
Solomon, Faith, Hope, Love, Ascending and Descending Angels, The Fear 
of God, A Talk to Mothers, Healing and Hurting Shadows, The Hither 
Side, The Book of ^sahns, The Battle-field of Fort Donelson, Omega. 


Second Series of ' Tracts for the Times.' 2/-. 

Contents :— The Unitarian Church in England and America, by J. W. 
Chadwick ; Bfshop Colenso and the Bible, by T. L. Marshall ; What must 
I do to be Saved T by C. J. Street, M.A., LL.B. ; The Blood of Christ, by 
Silas Farrington ; The Resurrection of Jesus, by Stopford A. Brooke ; 
The Universal Pentecost, by Stopford A. Brooke ; What has Unltarianitm 
done for the People? by S. Fletcher Williams; The Main Lines of 
Religion as held by Unitarians, by Brooke Herford, D.D. ; Strong Points of 
Unitarian Christianity, by William Gaskell, M.A. ; The New Orthodoxy, 
by R. A. Armstrong, B.A. ; Things Doubtful and Things Certain, by 
George Batchelor ; The Son of £lan In his Day, by Horatio Stebbins, D.D. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Third Series of 'Tracts for the Times.' 2/-. 

OOHTDrrs : -The Bible and the Child, by James Martinean, D.I>.,LL.D.; 
The limits of Cknnpromise, by Charles Hargrove, M.A. ; The flace of 
Jesiis in Beligion, by B, A. Armstrong, B.A. ; Eternal PunLshmentf by 
O. Vance Smith, B.A, FIlD., D.D. ; Unitarian Christianity, by W. S. 
Channlng, D.D. ; Teach the Bible, by George St. Clair, F.G.S. ; Some 
Diffieultifla of Unbelief, by 8. F. WUliams ; Five PoinU of Christian 
Faith, by James Martineau, D.D. ; Was Jesus God ? by J. T. Sunderland, 
ILA ; SalTAtion : what it is and is not, by H. W. Crosskey, LL.D. ; 
Unltarianlsm a Positive Faith, by H. E. Dowson, B.A. ; The Apostles' 
Creed, by George St. Clair, F.G.S. 


A Handbook of Rational Piety. Containing brief 
statements of religious thought, illustrative metaphors, 
confessions of personal feeling and experience, and 
guiding principles for the formation of character. 2/6. 
' A small book erammed vrith good things.'— Cftriseion World. 

DENDY, John, B.A. 

Life in the Holy Spirit, and other Sermons. 2/-. 

OowaaxTB :— Life in the Holy Spirit, Christian Helpfuhiess, The Lord 
Beigneth, God created man in Love, Be not over Anxious, Man's Spirit 
Divine, The Golden Bule, The Living Wisdom of God, The Exaltation of 
Ghriat, Our Acoeas to the Father, An Enlarged Theology, The Earnest- 
ness of Faith. 

* We have read this devout and meditative volume with great delight. 
.... lliere is in these sermons a tender helpfulness which will 
make them welcome companions for quiet hours.'— CArittian World. 


The Pauline Benediction. Three Sermons. 1/- net. 

C0HTBXT8 :— I. The Grace of Christ; II. The Love of God ; III. The 
Communion of the Holy Spirit. 

' The author leads his readers not into profitless criticisms, but to such 
earnest thought and careful discernment as at once befit and enrich the 
devout intelUgence.'— Inquirer. 

ELLIOT, Admiral Sir Qeor^, K.C.B. 

God is Spirit: God is Love. A Treatise on Spiritual 

UnitaHanism. i/- net. 
'It is Impossible to miss the ring of evident earnestness in this little 
book.'— CAristian World. 

It will serve a good end if it provokes candid enquiry, and if it imbues 
wbseqoent combatants with the sincerity and courtesy of the author.'— 


Containing 97 Psalms and Canticles, Doxulogies,etc., pointed 
for Chanting. Cloth, 6d. net. 


Containing upwards of 500 Hymns. Cloth boards, i/- net; in 
roan, gilt edges, 1/9 net. Hymnal and Chant Book Com- 
bined. Cloth boards, 1/6 net ; in roan, gilt edges, 2/3 net. 


A List of Unitarian, Free Christian, and other Non-sub- 
scribing Churches, with names and addresses of Ministers 
and Secretaries, a list of Missionary and other Societies, 
Colleges, Trust Funds, etc. Published annually, on ist 
January. Cloth, 1/- net. By post, 1/2. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


FORREST, James, M.A. (Formerly McQuaker Lecturer). 
Religion and the Scientific Spirit. Six Lectures. 

i/6 net. 
C0NTBNT8 :— 1. Modem VlewB of Bible Inspiration. 2. Science and 
the Bible. 8. Science and God. 4. Science and Sin. 6. The Christ 
of the Liberal Faith. 6. Christian Principles and Social Problems. 

GORDON, Alexander, M.A. 

Heads of English Unitarian History, with appended 
Lectures on Richard Baxter and Joseph Priestley. 2/-. 

' The history of English UnitarianiBm is less known than it deserves to 
be. Many of its passsges being obscure, and the threadit of its story 
being complicateil, it has not presented itself as an essr study. Hie 
following outline is the result of an attempt to lay bare the framework 
of the subject, as a guide to learners.'— /*ry^a«0. 


First Series of * Pages for Religious Inquirers.' 2/-. 

Contents :— 1. Where did the Bible come from ? by John Page Hopps. 
2. God the Father, the only intelligible object of worship, by Henry W. 
BelIr>wB, D.D. 3. The Person of Christ, by William Oaskell, M.A. 4. 
Fallacious Ideas of Sin and Salvation, by Samuel Charlesworth. 6. Tlie 
Problem of Evil, by Henry Jeffery. 6. Eternal Punishment, by Stopford 
A. Brooke, M. A. 7. The Personality of God, by James Freeman Clarke, 
D.D. 8. Christianity as Christ preached it, by Brooke Herford, D.D. 9. 
The Atonement in connection with the Death of Christ, by Frederick H. 
Hedge, D.D. 10. The Old and the New Motives in Keligion contrasted, 
by Thomas R. Slicer, M.A. 11. The Son of Man as Divine, by C. W. Park. 
U. The Gospel of the Better Hope, by J. F. Blake, M.A. 

GREG, Samuel. 

Short Sermons from 'A Layman's Legacy.' i/- net. 

Dr. Martineau wrote of the author of these sermons : ' A. purer aspira- 
tion for truth, a readier devotion to all clear right, a simpler trust in a 
Divine Light hid within every cloud, I do not believe was ever found in 
a human soul.' 

HEDGE, P. H., D.D., LL.D. 

Reason in Religion. 2/6. 
HERFORD, Brooke, D.D. 

Courage and Cheer : a Volume of Sermons. 5/-. 

CONTENTS : -The Perseverance of Sinners, The Strength of Character, 
the Strength of its Weakest Part, The Beauty of Holiness, Ten Prayers 
to one Thanksgiving, Paul's Experience of Prayer, ' Stand, therefore ! 
' Remember CiOt's Wife,' Visitations of God, Life under Authority, The 
Gospel for the Unsuccessful, The Mystery of Nature—in the Light of the 
Psalms, The Mystery of Man— in the Light of Christ, The Deceitfulness of 
Riches, Moses' Discouragement, Christ's Help for the Individual, 'Ye an 
not your own,' Christianity with a ' But,' The Changing of Crosses into 
Crowns, Christ's Emphasis on Life, ' All Things are Yours,' Best in the 
Lord— while working. Rest in the Lord— after working. 

' The enthusiasm of humanity, and much else that is wise and beauti* 
ful in the practical aspects of religion, pervade Dr. Brooke Herford's 
vigorous " Sermons of Ck>urage and Cheer." There is much in the book 
which appeals to that which is common in the spiritual ]\te.'— Speaker, 

The Forward Movement in Religious Thought as 
interpreted by Unitarians, i/- net. 

GoNTKNTS .-—Introductory : A Brief Account of Unitarianism. (1) The 
Old and the New Thought of the Bible ; (2) The Old and the New Faith 
in God ; (8) The Christ of the Gospels brought back ; (4) Practical 
Ghrlstiani^ : the Salvation of Society ; (6) Heaven and Hell : her* and 

' He sets old thou^ts anew and makes the *<m««h^ ttmh with the 
fervour of his own feeling.'— C^brii<ian Witrld. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


lERSON, Heniy. M.A. 

' Notes on the Amended Engush Bible, with special 
reference to certain texts in the Revised Version of the 
Old and New Testaments, bearing upon the principles 
of Unitarian Christianity. 2/6. 
LAMSON, Alvan, D.D. 

The Church of the First Threb Centuries; or, 
Notices of the Lives and Opinions of some of the Early 
Fathers, with special reference to the Doctrine of the 
Trinity ; illustrating its late origin and gradual formation. 
Reprinted from the revised and enlarged edition published 
at Boston, U.S.A., in 1865, with Notes oy Ezra Abbot, 
D.D., LL.D. Edited in 1875 with additional notes by 
Henry lerson, M.A. 3/6. 

Free Thought and Christian Faith. Four Lectures on 

Unitarian Principles, delivered in 1890 in the University 

Towns of Scotland under the terms of the McQuaker 

Trust. Edited, with Introduction, by Rev. R. B. Druni- 

mond, B.A. 1/6. 

CosTXNTS :— <1) £«tionallsra : what it is and what It is not, by Bev. 

Frank Walters ; (2) The Place of Jesus of Nazareth In Modern Bellgion, 

by K. A. Annstrong, RA. ; (8) What is a Unitarian Christian? by 

H. W. CroBSkey, LL.D., F.O.S. ; (4) The Limits of Compromise in the 

FmfeeBion of Faith, by C. Hargrove, M.A. 


Old and New Conceptions. Three Lectures delivered 

in the University Towns of Scotland in 1892, with an 

Introduction by James Forrest, M.A. 1/6. 

COKTEHTS :— (1) Old and New Conoeptlons of the Btmcture and 

Chronology of the Old Testament, by P. H. Wicksteed, M.A. ; (2) The 

Jesns of the Gospels and the Jesus of History, by J. E. Carpenter, M.A. ; 

(3) Incarnations of God, by John Page Hopps. 

PARKER, Theodore. 

A Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion. 2/-. 
Ten Sermons of Religion and Prayers. 3/-. 

Ten Lectures delivered in St. George's Hall, London, with 

General Preface by Dr. Martineau. t/-. 
OOHTBHT8 :— 1. The Affirmation of Qod, by B. A. Armstrong, B.A« ; 
2. Worship— Prayer, by G. Vance Smith, D.D. ; S. The Supreme Moral 
Law, by W. Binns ; 4. Man the Offspring of God, by H. W. Crosskey, 
LL.D.t F.G.S. ; 5. Salvation, by Alexander Gordon, M.A. ; 6. Jesus Christ, 
by Charles Beard, B.A.. LI..I>. ; 7. The Bible, by J. Estlin Carpenter, 
M.A. ; & The Beligious Life, by T. W. Freckelton ; 9. The Church, by 
Henry lerson, M.A. ; 10. llie Future Life, by Charles Wicksteed, B.A. 

PRIESTLEY, Joseph, LL.D., F.R.S. 

A History of the Corruptions of Christianity. Re- 
printed from Rutt's edition, with notes, to which are 
appended considerations in evidence that the Apostolic 
and Primitive Church was Unitarian, extracted from 
Priestley's replies to Bishop Horsley, the Bench of Bishops, 
and others. 2/6. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



First Series of ' Tracts for the Times.' 2/-. 

Contents :-~The Principles and Ideals of the Unitarians, hj R. A. 
Armstrong, B.A. ; The Birth of Jeans In the Light of Modem Criticism, 
by Stopford A. Brooke, M.A. ; Robert Elsmere and its Lessons, by C. W. 
Wendt^; Fifty Years since Chanuing, by John W. Chadwick ; Unitar- 
ianism an Affirmative Faith, by C. J. Perry, B.A ; Jesns Christ, by Charles 
Beard, B.A., LLD. ; The Future life, by Charles Wicksteed, RA. ; God 
or Christ, by E. F. Hay ward ; Is Ood Conscious, Personal, and Qottd ? by 
M. J. Savage; The Revelation of the Spirit, by F. H. Hedge, D.D.; 
Science and Religion, by W. B. Carpenter, M.D., F.R.S. ; How does a 
Man become one with God ? by J. Freeman Clarke, D.D. 

RELIGION AND LIFE : Eight Essays, and an Essay on 
Modern Religious Developments. Edited by Richard 
Bartram. i/-. 
CONTXNTS :— Religion and Theology, by James Dmmmond, M.A. ; 
Religion and Science, by C. C. Coe, F.R.O.S. ; Religion and Ethics, by 
C. B. Uptou, B.A., B.SC. ; Religion and Trade, by J. R. Beard, J.P. ; 
Religion and Citizenship, by Richard Bartram ; Religion and Amuse- 
ments, by J. E. Manning, M.A. ; Religion and Society, by P. H. Wick- 
steed, M.A. ; Religion and Art, by L P. Jacks. M.A. ; Modem Religious 
Developments, by W. G. Tarrant, B.A. 


Essays. 2/6. 
CONTBMTS -.—Religion and Modem Thought, by T. W. Freckelton; 
Gains to the Bible from Modem Criticism, by J. F. Smith ; Miracles in 
the Old and S4w Testaments, by W. Lloyd ; The Problem of Evil, by 
George St. Clair, F.G.S. ; Channing and his Work, by Brooke Herford, 
D.D. ; Theodore Parker and his Work, by S. Farrington ; Punishment for 
Hin : is it Eternal? by H. S. Solly, M.A. ; Authority in Religious Belief, by 
L. P. Jacks, M.A. 

REVILLE, Albert, D.D. 

History of the Dogma ok the Deity of Jesus 
Christ. 4/-. 

CoNTRNTS :— I. Formation of the Dogma from the Earliest Days of 
Christianity to the commencement of the Middle Ages. (1) The Son of 
Man ; (2) The First Disciples of Jesus ; (S) The Doctrine of the Word ; 
(4) Ditheism and the Unitarian Protest ; (6) Athanasius and Arius ; (6) The 
Dogmas of the Trinity and the Two Natures. II. Absolute Domination 
of the Dttgma from the Commencement of the Middle Ages to the Eve of 
the Reformation ; (7) Catholic Orthodoxy. III. Continuous decline of 
the Dogma, from the Reformation to our own days; (8) Protestani 
Orthodoxy ; (0) Anti-Trinitarians : The Socinians ; (10) Modem Philo- 
sophy ; (11) The Nineteenth Century. 

SMITH, O. Vance, Ph.D., D.D. 

Some Modern Phases op the Doctrine of Atone. 

MENT. 1/.. 

Texts and Margins of the Revised New Testament 
Affecting Theological Doctrine, briefly reviewed. 
Paper, 3d. ; cloth, i/-. 

The Prophets and their Interpreters. New edition, 
revised and enlarged, i/- net. 

SMITH, Southwood, M.D. 

The Divine Government. 2/-. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


STREET, Christopher Jm Ml Am LL.B. 

Immortal Life. 2/6; cheap edition, i/- net. 

Oonun :— I. HindimnoM to Belief. II. The AlternatiTO. III. The 
Soul's Ciy for life. IV. The Potentiality of Man's Nature. V. A Faith 
grounded tn Ood. YI. Hare we lived before ? VII. Heaven and Hell. 
VUl. One World at a time. 


Evolution and the Religion of the Future, i/-. 

This volnme is expanded and revised from an article that appeared in 
.the Contemporary Aeview. The theoiy of Evolution is frankly accepted 
and applied, first to the great pre-Ghrutian religions, and then to Cnris- 
tianity itself. The author seeks to show that there Is no incompatibility 
b etween absolute freedom of Inquiry and fervent religious faith. 


The Beginnings of Christendom. A Sketch of the Early 
Christian Church, formation of the New Testament, rise 
of the Priesthood, and growth of the Creeds, i/-. 

Daily Meditations. A Manual of Devjtion for morning 
use. Cloth, 6d. ; leather gilt, i/-. 

Night unto Night. A Manual of Devotion for evening 
use. Cloth. 6d. ; leather gilt, i/-. 


First Series of the ' Essex Hall Pulpit.' i/6. 

CoHTSHTS :— The Outer and the Inner World, by James Martineau, 
LLD., D.D., D.C.L. ; Charm of Character, by H. Enfield Dowson, B.A. ; 
Ihe Service all may render, by V. D. Davis, B.A. ; The Prodigal's 
Elder Brother, by .A. N. Blatchford, B.A. ; We are Saved by Hope, by 
J. B. Manning, M.A. ; Christian Activity, by S. A. Stelnthal; The 
Perfect Prayer, by Frank Walters ; The Higher and Lower Self, by D. 
Walmaley, B.A. ; The Oreat Beconoiliation, by H. Woods Perrls ; All 
Things for Good, by C. H. Wellbeloved ; The Possibilities of Man, by 
Joseph Wood ; Patience, by C. C. Coe, F.K.G.S. 


First Series of ' Unitarian Leaflets.' i/-. 

CoHTBim :— The Theology of the Future, by James Freeman Clarke ; 
A Plea for Unitarian Christianity, by W. Copeland Bowie ; What must I 
do to be Saved? by J. Page Hopps ; Unitarian Christianity Explained, by 
R. A. Annatjrong ; What Unitarians Believe, by Charles Hargrove ; The 
God-Christ or the Human Christ, by R. A. Armstrong ; The Atonement, 
by Frank Walters ; Man's Nature, by James C. Street ; A Common-sense 
View of the Bible, by Brooke Herford ; Our Christian Position, by O. 
Vance Smith ; Where to find Ood, by Frank Walters ; The B«liglon the 
Age Wants, by S. Fletcher Williams ; Unitarian Afflrmatlons, by W. 
Copeland Bowie ; The Minister's Daughter, by John Greenleaf Whlttler. 


Second Series of ' Unitarian Leaflets.' i/-. 
GomBHTB :- Religious Anth<»1ty, by Thomas L. Eliot, D.D. ; Beliefs of 
a Unitarian, by S. Fletcher Williams ; The Eternal Goodness, by J. G. 
Whittler; The Basis of Christianity, by S. F. WUliams ; Spiritual Free- 
dom, by W. E. Chsnning, D.D. ; Think for Yourself, by Brooke Herford, 
D.D. ; The Bondage of Creeds, by W. E. Channing, D.D. ; Unitarian 
Christianity, by Frank Walters; Jesus the Harmoniser, by H. W 
--Okosskey, LL^D. ; Searoh the Sorlptures, by W. Copeland Bowie ; Build- 
big ott #«» Chrftlt^ bj 8. F. wUUaina. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


TOY, Crawford Howell, LL.D. 

Judaism and Christianity. A sketch of the progress of 
Thought from Old Testament to New Testament. 7/6 net. 

List of Ministers and Churches, Diary for each week and 
month, Cash Account pages, &c. Published annually on 
1st December. Tuck, gilt edges, i/- net. By post, i/i. 

Second Series of the * Essex Hall Piilpit.' 1/6. 
Sermons by BevB. J. H. Thorn ; K. A. Armstrong, B. A. ; C. J. Street, 
M.A. ; John Dendy, B.A. ; 8. F. Williams; John Page Hoppe; L. P. 
Jacks, M.A. ; J. E. Carpenter, M.A. ; J. E. Odgers. M.A. ; W. E. Addis, 
M. A ; W. Binns ; F. K. Freeston. 

' These diacoorses lay emphasis on the abiding realities of the spiritual 
life, and will be welcomed by readers who care more for character than 
tor creed.'— Chrigttan World. 


From the Old Faith to thk New : Five Essays. 1/- net. 

CoNTBNtB :— (1) The Bible: Inspiration; (2) Miracles; (S) Jesus In 
Relation to Modem Thought ; (4) llie Death of Jesus ; (6) The Kesnr- 
rection of Jesus. 

' The author desires to help those who are dissatisfied with orthodoxy, 
and who feel as if, with widening knowledge, religi<m were in dangw of 
disappearing altogether.*— TA« Ifew Age. .f^ 

WALTERS, Prank. 

The Light of Like: a Vulume of Sermons. 3/6. 

CONTKNTS :— The Christ'iaD Orpheus, Our Ideal, The Golden Eule, The 
Function of the Family, The Function of Worship, The Rock of Ages, 
Poetry and Religion, The Vocation of the Preacher, The Three Bever- 
ences, The Clear Vision, The Stolen Gods, etc. 

WARD, Mrs. Humphry. 

Unitarians and the Future, i/-. 

'It is needless to say that it is marked by the literary grace and deft- 
ness we expect frt^ni the author of " Robert Elsmerc." '—Glaagine llerahi. 

' A brilliant sketch of the development of rnitarianisin, auil of iu 
prospects in the Future.'— CArt«(ian World. 

WICK5TEED, Charles, B.A. 

Unitarian Lectures, i/-. 

CONTBNTS :— Why I am a Unitarian ; The Sufferings of the Bible at 
the Hands of Men ; The Personal Jesus of the Gospels ; The Beneflttent 
Influence of Christianity. 

WOOD, Joseph. 

The Bible : what it is and is not. i/6 net. 
CoNTliiTS:— <1) The Great Bibles of the World; (2) The Authorised 
Version ; (H) The Text and the Canon ; (4) The Revised Version ; (6) 
InfaUibUity ; (6) Inspiration ; (7) SpoU on the Sun, or Mistakes in the 
Bible ; (8) Evolution in the Bible L God ; (9) Evolution in the Bible— 
11. Man : (10) Evolution in the Bible— in. Morality ; (11) The Religion 
of the Bible ; (12) What is Lsft of the Bible after we have deducted Myth 
and Miracle T (18) The Right Use and Interpntation of the Bible. 

Books by J. Freeman Clarke, J. M. Savage, J. T. Sunderland, 
and other American Unitarian writers, kept in stock. 

Catalogue of Unitarian Tracts and Leaflets sent post fret 
on application. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



Miscellaneous Books 






Digitized by CjOOQIC 

'T^HIS Catalogue is arranged in alphabetical order 
•^ according to the names of the Authors, or in the 
case of anonymous works according to the titles. An 
Index of Subjects and Titles will be found at the end. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 





ABNEY. The Scientific Reqtdrements of Colour Photography^ 
By Captain Abney, C.B., B.CL., F.R.S. With Illustrations. 
The Robert Boyle Lecture, 1897. ^vo, paper covers, 15. tut 
British Journal 0/ Photography : — * The paper is clearly written and easily 
compreliensible by those not far advanced in the subject, and it formsi there- 
fore, a asefiil contribution to an important subject' 

ACLAKD. The Inaagnral Robert Boyle Lecture. Founded by 
the Oxford University Junior Scientific Club in May, 1892. 
By Sir Henry W. Acland, Bart., K.C.B., f^.R.S., Regius Pro- 
fessor of Medicine in the University of Oxford. 8vo, is. 6rf. 
A review of Boyle's life and influence. 

Oxford and Modem Medicine. A Letter to Dr. James 

Andrew, M.D. Oxon., F.R.C.P., Senior Physician to St, 
Bartholomew's Hospital. 8vo, paper covers, 15. 6d. 
A sketch of what the old Oxford has been attempting to do for the 
addition of modern science, general and medical, to the old fok'cea of the 

ADAMNAH(SL). 5^« Fowler. 

A K£MFIS. Of the Imitotion of Christ. By Thomas A Kempis. 
A Revised Translation from the Original Latin. Royal 32mo, 
from 9^. ; Oxford India Paper Editions^ from is. ; The Oxford 
Thumb Edition, i28mo, from is. Also m leather bindings and 
Church Btlis : — * The book is beautifully prepared, and leaves nothing 

to be desired.* 

B 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

Archaeologia Oxoniensis. 8vo, cloth. Parts I-VI complete, 
I05. 6d. net. Or separately, paper covers, Parts I-IV, 2s. 
each; Parts V and VI, each is. 6d. nety with Plates. 
Prehistoric, oriental, classical and mediaeval antiquities and architecture 

to the middle of the sixteenth century. See Harrison. 

ARISTOPHANES. The Frogs of Aristophanes. Adapted for 
Performance by the Oxford University Dramatic Society, 
1892. With an English Version partly a/dapted from that of 
J. HooKHAM Frere, and partly written for the occasion by 
D. G. Hogarth and A. D. oodley. 8vo, paper covers, 2s. 
The Greek Text of this edition is in the main that adopted by the 

Rev. W. W. Merry, D.D., in the Clarendon Press Series. AJl the choric 

parts have been translated de novo, 

BAXTER. Hospital Service Book. Short Services for use in 
the Wards of Hospitals and Infirmaries, with the Oflfice for 
Holy Communion and Simple Prayers for Communicants, 
taken chiefly from the Book of Common Prayer. By C. P. 
Baxter, M.A. i6mo, as. 
Supplement, containing Service for use in Children's Wards, 
tne Office for Private Baptism, and Additional Prayers and 
Hymns. i6mo, 9</. 
Church Review : — * We can commend this book not only for hospital use, 

but also for the visitation of chronic invalids/ 

Bible Illustrations. A series of plates illustrating Biblical 
Versions and Antiquities. Crown 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d, 
The series of plates (c^xiv) contained in this volume is an enlargement 
of the series which has already appeared in recent issues of the * Helps to 
the Study of the Bib^e,' and it has been prepared for a new edition of 
that work. 

BINGLEY. Border-Limds. *Ek nap€pyov. By the late Robert 
Mildred Bingley. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 25. net 
^ Verses chiefly from the Border Lands of fact and fable, mind and matter, 
faith and sight.* 

Bodleian Facsimiles. Ars Moriendi, that is to saye the Craft 
for to Deye for the Helthe of Mannes Sowle, printed about 
1491 by Caxton or Wynken de Worde. The Bodleian copy is 
perfect and unique. 8vo, paper covers, 15. 6d, 

Ordine della solennissima Processione fatta dal Sommo 

Pontifice nell' alma Citta di Roma, per la felicissima noua 
della destruttione della setta vgonotana. A remarkable 
historical tract printed at Rome in 1572, the very year of the 
massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day. The Bodleian copy is 
the only one mentioned by bibliographers, is. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde 

Bodleian Facsimiles. One of the Latin Translations of Colum* 
bus's Letter, printed at Paris in 1493. It is believed only 
four copies of this edition are known, of which the Bodleian 
has two. Two of the pages contain woodcuts. 15. 

Caxton's * Advertisement ' — i page; Lord Spencer's is the 

only other copy known. 6d. 
These are photo-lithographs issued with introductory notes by Edward 
W. B. Nicholson, M.A., Bodley's Librarian. 

Boyle Lectures. Vol I, fcontaining the first five lectures delivered 

before the Oxford University Junior Scientific Cliib during the 

years 1892-96. With a pfeface by Sir H. W. Acland, Bart., 

K.C.B., F.R.S. 8vo, cloth, 65. «^/. 

The volume contains an ' Inaugural Lecture,' by Sir Henry W. Acland, 

Bart, K.CB., F.R.S. ; *The Molecular Tactic^ of a Crystal,' by Lord Kelvin, 

F.R.S.; 'Some Morphological Lessbns taught by Human Variations,* by 

Professor A. Macalister, F.R.S. ; *The Relation between the Movements of 

the Eyes and the Movements oi the Head/ by Professor A. Crum Brown, 

M.D., F.R.S.; and 'The Position of Argon and Helium among the 

DementSy' by Professor W. Ramsay, F.R.S. 

BRIDGES. Yattendon HymnaL Parts I & II. Hymns in four 
parts with English words for sinjnng in Churches. Edited 
by Robert Bridges. Each Part, Royal Ato, paper covers, 5a\ 
net Folio (limited) edition, £1 is. net. Words only of Hymns, 
which are not in the Hymns Ancient and Modern, 4</. net. 
Printed at the Oxford University Press with the Music Types of Peter 

Walpergen and the Roman and Italic of Bishop Fell. The collection of 

hymn- tunes was made by the editor for the unaccompanied singing of a 

village choir, of which he was for nine ye&rs precentor. 

British Museum Publications. A catalogue of these may be 
obtained on application to Mr. Frowde. 

BRODRICK. Linked Lives. By Albinia Brodrick. i6mo, 
paper covers, 15. net 
A short story. 

BROUGHTON. Estoppel by Hatter of Record in Civil Suits 
in India. By L. Broughton, Barrister, of Lincoln's Inn. 
Royal 8vo, cloth, 75. 6df. 
The underlying principle of the Doctrine of Estoppel by Record is the 

fundamental axiom that the final judgement of the law cannot be disturbed ; 

in other words, that a cause in which the ultimate judgement attainable 

under process of law has once been pronounced may not be retried. 

BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. By John Bunyan. Edited 
by Edmund Venables, M.A. i28mo, in various bindings, 
from IS. 6d. net 
This is one of the Oxford Thumb Editions— 2^ x i| x| inches— printed 

on Oxford India Paper. 860 pp. Described as *a marvel of the printer's, 

bookbinder's, and paper-maker's art.' 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

BURNS. The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Bums. 

With Notes, Glossary, Index of First Lines, and Chronological 
List. Edited by J. Logie Robertson, M.A. Oo^ord Edition, 
Crown 8vo, 35. 6<^. ; on Oxford India Paper, from 7s. 6</. ; 
Miniature Edition, 3 vols, in case, from los. dd, 
Scotsman : — * The Burns stands out conspicuous among the many editions 

that have been published as pne likely to appeal strongly to all sorts and 

conditions of readers.' 

BURST AL. Tabulated Abstract of Acts of Parliament relating 
to Water Undertakings, 1879-1888. Compiled by Edward 
Kynaston ^urstal, J^LLCE., M.I.M.E., Assoc. King's College, 
Engineer to the Oxford Watenyorks. Second Edition Revised. 
Post Svo, cloth, 35. 6d, 
The S^econd Edition contains Rules and Regulations applicable to the 

conduct and oianagement of water undertaking^ the result of many years* 

practical experience. 

BUTLER (A. Gf.). Harold : A Drama in Four Acts ; and other 
Poems. 5y Arthur Gray Butler, Fellow and Tutor of 
Oriel College, Oj^ford. Crown Svo, cloth, 55. 
Spectator : — ' Mr. Butler is a poet of no mean order. He lias the first 

qualification of a poet, the power to thrQW life into almost every thing with 

which he deals, and to bring out the ideal un4ercurrents of life as well as 

the vivid superficial appearances.' 

BUTLER (Bishop). See Gladstone, 

BYRON. The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Oxford Copy- 
right Edition, Crown 8vo^ cloth, ys, 6d.\ on Oxford India 
Paper, from 19$. ^. ; Miniature Edition, 4 vols, in case, from 
145. 6d, 
The Bookman :— *. We were much in want of a really good popular edition 

of Byron. This siipplies th^ want admirably/ 

CANN AN. Elementary Political Economy. By Edwin Cannan, 
M.A. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, is. 
Written for ' the intelligent man of the world who desires to be told in 
small compass and ordinary language what the practically important part of 
the teaching of political economy is.' 

CHATFIELD. Litany and Hymi^a in Greek Verse. Translated 

by Allen W. Chatfield, M-A., Vicar of Much Marcle. Fourth 

Edition, Crown Svo, cloth, 55. 

This popular book contains the Lord's Prayer, the Apostles' Creed, the 

Te Deura, and Modern Hymns in Greek side by side with the English 


Songs and H3rmns of Earliest Greek Christian Poets» 

Bishops and others. Translated into EngUsh Verse. Crown 
Svo, cloth, 55. 
Saturday Keview ; -' It is a clear gain to have got this taste of early Greek 

Christian Song from so competent a translator.* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde 

CLIFFORD. Old Testament IKaniials. By the Rev. H. M. 

Clifford, M.A. (Oxon ). Genesis, Exodus, is, 6d. each ; 

Joshna and Judges, Ruth and i Samuel, ^. each ; a Samuel, 

I Kines, a Kings, Ezra, and Nehemiah, is, each ; all fcap. 8vo, 

limp cloth. 
Annotated texts for educational and hoipe use, some showing Revised 
Version alterations. With Maps, &-c. 

Commnnicant's Prayer Book, The. same, paste grain limp, a^. 

Also bound with Hymns Ancient & Modern, cloth, from is. gtf. 

The Communicant's PrayerJBook contains the Book of Common Prayer, 

ynth a devotional Commentary, Aids to Worship, and a Preparation for 

Holy Communion. 

CX>OK£. The History and Sone of Deborah (Judges iv and v). 

By the Rev. G. A. Cooke, M.A., Fellow of Magdalen College, 

Oxford, and Hebrew Lecturer at St. John*^ and Wadham 

Colleges, Oxford. Demy 8vo, paper covers, is. 6d, 

Ej^pomtory Times: — Mt is a work of the most adoiirable scholarship; 

and any student of the Book of Judges who overlooks it yiUl be himself the 

poorer, and the less esteemed as a scholar.* 

CORHISH. A Study on Heaiod ; with a view to elucidate his 
meaning. By W. F. Cornish, MA., Lincpln College, Oxford. 
Demy 8vo, is. 
An attempt to revive interest in Hesiod's works. The Romans made the 

committing of his works to memory a part of their education. 

CORY. See Johnson. 

CRAIG (W. G.). See Shakespeare. 

CREIGHTON. The English National Character. By the Right 
Rev. Mandell Creighton, D.D., Bishop of London. The 
Romanes Lecture, 1896. Demy 8vo, paper covers, 25. 
*Thc great product of England.' Dr. Creighton states, * is not so much 
its institutions, its empire, its commerce, or its literature, as it is the indi- 
vidual Englishman who is moulded by ail these influences, and is the ultimate 
test of their value.' 

DANIELS. Lectern Card. Prepared by the Rev. F. W. J. 
Daniels. 4to, stout paper, or on stiff card, 15. 
The aim of the compiler has been to preserve the commonly received 
method of pronunciation of difficult words in the Bible. 

DEAZELEY. The Odes of Horace. Books I and II, done into 
English Verse, with Andromeda, Ariadne, and Jason, bv 
J. Howard Deazeley, M.A., Merton College, Oxford. Small 
4to, cloth, 75. 6d, net, 

Books III and IV, and Epodes and Carmen Saeculare. Small 

4to, cloth, 6s. net. 
Times: — *Mr. Deazeley has accuracy, scholarship, compression — in some 

cases, not in all— and frequent felicity of rendering/ 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

8 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

Dialect Dictionary, The English. Bein? the Complete Vocabulary 
of all Dialect Words still in use or known to nave been in use 
during the last Two Hundred Years ; founded mainly on the 
Publications of the English Dialect Society, and a large amount 
of material never before printed. Edited by Joseph Wright, 
M.A.J Ph.D., LL.D., Deputy Professor of Comparative Philo- 
logy m the University of Oxford. Imperial iito, paper covers, 
each Part (issued at intervals of six months), 155. net ; hand- 
made paper, 30^. net; annual subscription for two Parts, 21 j. 
net ; hand-made paper, 425. net. 

Dialect Society Publications. 

These, eighty in number, may be obtained from Mr. Frowde, with the 
exception of No. IV, which is out of print. 

DO AN£. The Manifestations of the Risen Jeftus, their Methods 
and their Meanings. By William Croswell Doane, Bishop 
of Albany. i6mo, cloth, 15. 6d, 
The Charlotte Wood Slocum Lectures delivered at the University of 

Michigan in 1897. 

DRAPER. A Harvest of Myrrh and Spices, gathered from the 

Mysteries of the Lord's Passion. TranSated by W. H. 

Draper, M.A., Vicar of the Abbey Church, Shrewsbury. 

Fcap. 8vo, cloth, as. 

A series of prayers translated from a Latin book of devotion which was 

published early in the seventeenth century. 

DRAPER and ROBERTS. Hymns for Holy Week. Edited 
by W. H. Draper, M.A., and J. Varley Roberts, Magdalen 
College, Oxford. With Music, 15. net. Also an edition with 
Prayers. Cloth, 15. Words only of Hymns, id, net, or 100 
copies 65. net. 
Translations from hymns of the Greek Church, with six original hymns 

and a hymn by Bishop Ken, for use in Holy Week, especially at Evensong. 

Education (Secondary) in England. 8vo, paper covers, is, net. 

A Report of the Conference on this subject convened by the Vice- 
Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and held in the Examination 
Schools, Oxford, Oct. 10 and 11, 1893. 

Egyptian Exploration Fund. The Archaeological Report, com- 
prising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund, and the 
progress of Egyptology dunns the years 1896-97. Edited by 
F. Ll. Griffiths, M.A. With Maps. 4to, paper covers, 21. 6df.»«/. 
In this Report, Mr. B. P. Grenfell gives an account of Oxyrhynchus and 

its papyri, one of which, a Thucydides, is reproduced by Mr. A S. Hunt 

ELLIS. The Fables of Phaedrus. By Robinson Eujs, M.A., 
Corpus Professor of Latin Literature. 8vo, paper covers, 
15. net. 
An Inaugural Lecture, annotated and with Appendix. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Published by Henry Frowde 

EVANS. The Book of Job. Translated by William Morgan, 
D.D. Fcap. 8vo, paper covers, is, ; cloth, I5. td. 
This forms Vol. I of * Welsh Classics for the People,' edited by J. Gweno- 
ovRYN Evans, M.A. 

FLETCHER. The Optical Indicatrix and the Transmission of 
Light in Crystals. By L. FLEXCHERi M.A., F.R.S.. Keeper of 
Minerals in the British Museum, formerly Fellow ot University 
College, Millard Lecturer at Trinity College, and Demonstrator 
at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford. Demy 8vo, cloth, 
75. td, net 
An explanation of the nature of crystalline double refraction, giving an 

insight into the historical development of the subject. 

FOSTER. Elementary Lessons in Chinese. By the Rev. 

Arnold Foster, B.A., London Missionary Society, Hankow. 

8vo, paper covers, 25. 6d, 
The object of this book is, firstly, to provide some easy lessons for 
beginners who cannot obtain the help of k teacher, and, secondly, to 
give some hints to students which they will find useful throughout the 
-whole of their student course. 

FOULKE (W. D.). 5« Reeves. 

FOWLER. Prophecies, Miracies and Visions of St. Colnmba 
(Columcille), First Abbot of lon^, a.d. 56^597. Written by 
St Adamnan, Ninth Abbot, a. d. 679-704. Translated by J. T. 
Fowler, M.A., D.C.L. 8vo, cloth, 25. net\ paper covers, 
15. net 
A literal translation bi the Latin edition published by the Clarendon 

PresSy and with a few explanatory ndtes and glosses added to the text. 

GARDNER. Classical Archaeology; Wider and Special. An 
Introductory Lecture delivered at Oxford, October lo, 1887. 
By Percy Gardner, M.A., LittD. (Camb.), Lincoln and 
Merton Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art. 8vo, 
p>aper covers, 15. 
A statement of the claims of Classical Archaeology on the energies of 


GEIGER. The Civilisation of the Eastern Iranians in Ancient 
Times. With an Introduction on the Avesta Religion. By 
Dr. William Geiger. Translated from the German, with a 
Preface, Notes, and Biography of the Author, by DArab 
Dastur Peshotan Sanjana, B.A., Member of the German 
Oriental Society, and of the Bombay Branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society. Demy 8vo, cloth, vol. i, 125. 
The first volume is devoted to Ethnography and Social Life. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

lo Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

GEIGER and SPIEGEL. The Ase of the Avesta and Zoroaster. 

From the German of Dr. William Geiger and Dr. Fr. vow 
Spiegeu Translated by Darab Dastur Peshotan Sanjan a. 
8vo, paper covers, 55. 
Contents : On the Home and age of the Avesta ; Gushtfisp and Zoroaster ; 
the Iranian Alphabets. 

GELL (The Hon. Mrs. Lyttelton). The Cloud of Witness. A 
Daily Seouence of Great Thoughts from manv Minds, follow- 
ing the Christian Seasons. By the Hon. Mrs. Lyttelton 
Gell, with a Prefatory Note by the late Archbishop of 
Canterbury. With a Frontispiece and special pages pre- 
pared to form a family record of anniversaries. Demv lomo, 
from 35. 6d, Large type edition, crown 8vo, cloth, from 
75. 6d. Seventy-eighth Thousand, 
The Guardian remarks that * The frequent calls for new editions of this 
collection of " Great Thoughts from Many Minds/' shows that the number 
of those who find help and comfort in its pages is large and increasing/ 

GENGE. A Kalendar of Hvmns Ancient and Modern. By 
Robert Sealy Genge, M.A. With Table of Lessons. i8mO| 
paper covers, 2d, net. 
Compiled out of the Oxford Helps to tht Ust of Hymns Ancieni and 

Modern^ and published annually. * It is likely,' says the Church Titnes, ' to 

occupy a place alongside of the Table of Lessons, and to prove as in* 


Gifts and Graces, A Year Book of. In the Words of Holy 
Scripture. 48mo, cloth, is. 
A * Birthday Text Book '—three days to a page. 

GLADSTONE. Studies Subsidiary to the Works of Bishop 
Butler. By the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. (Uniform 
with Mr. Gladstone's two volume edition of Bishop Butler's 
Works.) Crown 8vo, cloth, 45. 6d.y and 8vo, los. 6d. 
Times : — ' We are again called upon to admire Mr. Gladstone's perennial 
freshness of spirit, his unabated and unabatable vigour and elasticity, 
in this latest product of his advanced years. . . . Mr. Gladstone has written 
nothing better than some passages in this volume. Scattered through 
it are felicitous phrases, stately and majestically moving sentences, delicate 
touches and distinctions dear to the moralist ; and throughout is an atmos- 
phere of serene toleration, the slowly- ripening fruit of long retrospect.' 

An Academic Sketch by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 

The Romanes Lecture, 189a. Demy 8vo, stiff covers, 25. 
Described as 'a graceful and suggestive summary of some of the chief 
results arrived at by recent research in connexion with English University 

GOUDY. The Fate of the Roman Law North and South of the 
Tweed. By Henry Goudy, D.C.L., Regius Professor of Civil 
Law, Oxford 8vo, paper covers, is, net. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde ii 

An historical answer to the questions what became of the Roman Law in 
England, and ^hy is it so dominant an element in the jurisprudence of 
Scotland, which never submitted to the Roman yoke. 

GRATREX. An Ecclesiastical and General Calendar. .Com- 
prehending 1016 Years, a.d. 1336-15KI1 Old Style ; 1582- 1981, 
New Style. Givinc; every Day of the Month and Week, the 
Sunday Letter, Golden Number, Epact (Moon's Age), Move- 
able Feasts, &c.; and all other Years by Cycles. Condensed 
and arranged by the Rev. J. I. Gratrex, M.A., Wadham 
College, Oxford On a Sheet, rlain, is. ; Amounted on Linen 
with Rollers, as. 6d. 

GREEN. A Collection of Modem Arabic Stories. Ballads, 
Poems, and Proverbs. By Colqnel A. O. Qreen, late Brigade- 
Major, Royal Engineers, in Egypt Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d, (Part I, 
Translated, 2s. 60,) 
A * Reader' for those studying the Aiaf^ic ^inguage as spoken in Cairo 

and the neighbouring districts, written with the idea pf being used with the 

Author's Practical Arabic Grammar ((Clarendon Press). 

GRENFELL and HUNT. AOriA IHCOY. Sayings of Our Lord, 
from an Early Greek Papyrus. Discovered and edited, with 
Translation and Commentary, by Bernard P. Grenfeu^ M.A., 
FeUow of Queen's College, and Arthur S. Hunt, M.A., 
Senior Demy of Magdalen College, sometime Craven Scholars 
in the University of Oxford. 8vo, stiff boards, with two collo- 
types, 2s. net ; paper covers, with tiyo tone block reproductions, 

The now famous Ox3rrh3mchus papyrus. Published fpr the Egypt Explor- 
ation Society. 

GRIFFITH (F. LI.). See Egyptian Exploration Fund. 

HARRIS. Some Last Words in a Country Chtirch. By Henry 

Harris, B.D., late Rector of Winterboume Bassett, Wilts, and 

formeiiy Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Oxford. 

Fcap. ^o, cloth, as. 

Church Family Newspaper^— * They are sensible and well expressed . . . 

short, plain, and orthodox.' 

Short Sermons. Second Edition, Enlarged and Revised. 

Crown 8vo, cloth, y. 

The Old Testament Scriptures. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, i^. 

Historical Religion and Biblical Revelation. Second Edition. 

Fcap. 8vo, cloth, is. 

Outskirts of Revelation. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, i^ . 

The Scripture Doctrine of the Atonement and its place in 

the Christian System. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, is. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

12 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

HARRIS. The Scripture Doctrine of the Two Sacraments. 

Extra Fcap. 8vo, cloth, u. 

HARRISON. An Account of the Discovery of the Remains of 
Three Apses at Oxford Cathedral. By J. Park Harrison, 
M.A., Christ Church, Oxford. Demy 8vo, paper covers, \s. 
An amplification of a paper read to the Royal Arcliaeological Institute. 

'AH that Mr. Harrison Writes/ says the Antiquary, MS thorough, and of 


On a Pre-Norman Window, and sonie Additional Early 

Work, in Oxford Cathedral. 8vo, paper covers, 6e/. 
Also an illustrated pamphlet. 

Stonework of Oxford Cathedral. Demy 8vo, paper covers, \s. 

The above three papers are also issued in one volume, in cloth, with 
illustrations, as. 

A Glass Necklace from Arica in the Pitt Rivers Musemn at 

Oxford. 8vo, paper covers, 9^. 
A discussion of Chevron or Sun Beads in the Oxford Museums. Re- 
printed from the Archaeohgia Oxomettsis, 

English Architecture befbre the Conquest. 8vo, paper 

covers, is. 
Supplement to Fait II of Archaeohgia OxoHiensis. With illustrations. 
The author states his case in fkvbUr of a distinct Rom&nesque Myle. 

HEBERT. The New Testani^ent Scriptures in the order in 
which they were written. The First Portion : the Six 
Primary Epistles to Thessalonica, Corinth, Qalatia, and 
Rome, A.D. 52;-^. By Charles Hebert, D.D., Trinity 
College, Cambriage. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 
This is a very close translatioti from the Greek Text of z6ti, with brief 


Helps to the Study of the Bible. A Biblical Encyclopaedia, 
with 124 full-page Plates and Maps. In three sizes. From 
IS. net. 
These *■ Helps' bound up with various Oxford Bibles, constitute the 'Oxford 

Bible for Teachers,' of which upwards of two millions have been sold. 

Helps to the Study of the Book of Common Prayer. Being 
a Companion to Church Worship. Crown 8vo, fr6m as. 
This may also be had printed on Oxford India Paper and bound up with 
the Prayer Book. 

Helps to the Use of Hymns Ancient and Modem : showing such 
hymns as are appropriate for use on every occasion through- 
out the year. Oa. 
This may also be had bound up with various sizes of the Oxford Prayer 

Book, with Hymns Ancient and Modern, in leather bindings. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Publishe4 by Henry Frowde 13 

HELL. The Indo-Gfainese Opium Trade, considered in relation 
to its History, Morality, and Expediency, and its Influence on 
Christian M^issions. By J. Spencer Hill, B.A., Scholar of 
St John's College, Cambridge, being the Essay which 
obtained the Maitland Prize of the University for 1882. With 
Prefatory Note by the Right Hon. Lord Justice Fry. Fcap. 
8vo, cloth, 25. 6</. 
The author says he began with a strong prejudice against the anti-opium 

agitators, but was compelle(^ to gdop^ their view after investigation. 

HODGKIN. The Letters of Cassiodonis; beiag a Condensed 

Translation of the *Variae Epistolae of Magnus Aurelius 

Cassiodonis Senator.' With an Introduction by Thomas 

HoDGKiN, Fellow of University College, London, Hon. D.C.L., 

Oxon.; Author of * Italy and her Invaders.' Demy 8vo, 

cloth, 165. 

Of special interest to those who may care to s^udy ,the mutual reactions of 

the Roman and Teutonic mind upon one another in the sixth century. The 

Index is calculated to be of considerable assistance to the historical inquirer. 

HOGARTH. Devia Cypria. Notes of an Archaelogical Journey 
in Cyprus in 1888. By D. jQ. Hogarth, M.A., Fellow of 
Magdfalen College, late Craven Fellow in the University of 
Oxford. With Map and Illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth 
bevelled, 145. 
A record of archaeological exploration. 

HOGARTH (D. G.) and G.ODLEY (A. D.). 5^^ Aristophanes 

HOOLE. An Account of some MSS. of the New Testament/ 

hitherto tmedited, contained in the Library of Christ 

Church, Oxford. By the late C. H. Hoole, M.A., Student 

of Christ Church, Oxford. Demy 8vo, paper covers, 15. 

The MSS. were bequeathed by W. Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury from 

1 7 16 to 1737, to the College. 

HOOPPELL. Reason and Religion ; or. The Leading Doctrines 
of Christianity. By the late Rev. R. E. Hooppell, M.A., 
LJLD., D.C.L., Rector of Byers Green, in the Diocese of 
Durham ; formerly Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Second Edition, crown 8vo, cloth, as. 6d, 
A contribution to apologetics in which Christian doctrine is discovered 

from the standpoint of a believer who has had doubts, and who regards ^ free 

and searching inquiry ' as a thing to be rejoiced over. 

HORDER. The Treasury of American Sacred Song. Selected 
and Edited by W. Garrett Horder. Limited Edition, £1 is, 
net. Crown 8vo, vellum and cloth, loj. 6d, 
Spedmens of sacred verse by i6o American writers. With biographical 

and explanatory notes. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

14 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

NatUm (New YoA) :— * A book not only of exquisite execution, but almost 
absolutely free from error.' 

Church Times : — 'This volume worthily enshrines all, or most, of which is 
best in American sacred poetry. The selection is admirably made.' 

HUNT (Holman). The Obligatioas of the Universities towards 
Art. The Romanes Lecture, 1895. By W. Holman Hunt. 
Demy 8vo, paper covers, ay. 

The obligations urged are to consider the position and to take steps 
towards deluding honest English Design. The author has added a preface 
and notes. 

HUNTER. The Old Missionary. By Sir William Wilson Hunter, 
K.C.S.I., M.A., LL.D. With Five Illustrations specially ^rawn 
for the book by General Sir Charles D'Oyly, Bart Edition 
de Luxe, Fcap. 4to, cloth, ay. 6rf. net 
Also a smaller edition, squiire i6mo, paper covers, 15. net 

Spectator: — 'A tale of tender pathos, which it is difficult to read without 

Saturday Review: — *This quiet narrative, which reads like a transcript 
from life, grows upon the reader, and holds him with something of the 
subtly realistic fascination that belbngs to the skilled simplicity of Tolstoi's 
work. ... A fiiscinating and beautiful narrative.' 

The Thadcerays in India. Fcap, 4to, cloth, ar. 6d. net 

Times:— ^The eAse ind simple polish of Sir William Hunter^s style 
conceal all traces of the severe Iikbour bestowed on the researches by 
which the vigorous and graphic pictures given in the volume of past 
men and past times in India have been evolved. It is a brilliant piece 
of literary work.* 

New York Triimne: — *Very little is known concerning the early life of 
Thackeray. To that little Sir William Hunter adds some of the mellowest, 
kindest, and most graceful pages which it has been our good fortune to 
discover in the minor literature of biography.' 

Bombay, 1885 to 189a. A Study in Indian Administration. 

Demy Bvo, cloth boards, 15;. 

The volume is dedicated to Miss Florence Nightingale, who had suggested 
the need for a book, such as this, which should show the practical working 
of British admiBistration in our Indian Presidency. 

A School History and Geography of Northern India. 

By Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.L, CLE., M.A., LL.D. 
With Illustrations and Map& Crown Bvo, cloth, ^. 6d, 

Speaker:—* A masterly epitome ; and we do not know which we admire 
most, its conciseness or its comprehensiveness. We only wish that the 
majority of school books on history and geography displayed anything like 
the skill and research of this vigorous and attractive volume.' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde 15 

HUTCmRSOK (T.). 5f» Wordsworth. 

JACOB. The Lord's Supper Historically Considered. By the 
Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D., formerly Head Master of Christ's 
Hospital. Crown 8vo, cloth, ar. 6d, 

A short continuous history of this Ordinance firom the commencement of 
the Christian Church. 

JAMES. Letters Archaeological and Historical, relating to the 
Isle of W^ht. By the late Rev. E. Boucher ^ames, M.A., 
sometime Fellow of Queen's College. Oxford ; Vicar of Caris- 
brooke, id^iSoa. Collected and Arranged by his Widow. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, a vols., £i 4^. net 

A collection of articles reprinted from the local press, chronologically 
amoged. With hiographical sketch of the author by Mr. Justice Charles. 

AthePMuum : — * These volumes will be indispensable to all those who ai'e 
interested in the history of the island.' 

J<«NSON (CORY). Hinte for Eton Blasters. By W.J. Crown 
8vo, paper covers, 15. net. 

Taken from a MS. journal, dated i86a, by the author oi lonica, 

K ARK ARIA. India : Forty Years of Progress and Reform. 
Being a Sketch of the Life and Times of Behramji M. 
Malabari, by R. P. Karkaria. Demy 8vo, cloth, 7& td, 

Mr. Malabari is well known in Europe and India as an author, but still 
better as a self-sacrificing worker in the cause of social reform, and this 
hooky the Times says, wefi deserves the attention of our public men. 

K£BL£. The Christian Year. By John Keble. Royal aamo, 
from 9</. ; Oxford India Paper Editions, from 15. ; the Oxford 
'Thumb' Edition, i28mo, trom \s,\ also in leather bindings 
and illustrated. 

CftKfvA TiiPiMs;— 'It is a volume that is handy in size, and is delicately 
bound in cloth and leather bindings, while the printing we need scarcely 
say leaves nothing to be desir«cL' 

KIEtBY. Aiwals of Winchester C<^ege. By T. F. Kirby, M.A., 
late Fellow of Trinity College, Cam ridge, Bursar of Win- 
chester College. 8vo, dotb» 15& 

These Annals extend from the foundation of the College in the year 
1380 to the present tioie ; with aa Appendix containing the Charter of 
Foandation, Wykehsm*s Statutes of 2400^ and other Documents, and an 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

i6 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

KIRBY. Winchester Scholars. A List of th,e Wardi^ns, Fellows, 
and Scholars of Saint Mary College of Winchester, near 
Winchester, commonlv called Winchester College. Tran- 
scribed and Edited, with Notes from the Margin of the Register 
and other Sources. 8vo, cloth, los. 6d» 

Issued by the Governing Body of Winchester College. The book con- 
tains a store-house of interesting anecdbtes, and teaches an historical lesson 
by unveiling the inner life of an old* world corporation. 

LAWRENCE (J.). Chapters on Alliterative Verse. By John 
Lawrence, D.Lit, M.A. (Lond.), Lektor of English in the 
University of Prague. Demy 8vo, 35. 6d, net. 

This is a Dissertation in Candidature for the Degree of D.Lit. (Lond.). 
Accepted by the Examiners, December 1893. 

LAWRENCE (W. R.)- Kashmir, The VaUey of. By W. R. 
Lawrence, IX.S-> CLE., Settlement Commissioner, Kashmir 
and Jammu State. With Illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, las. 

Sir Lepel Griffin wrote in the Saturday Review that ' no romance in which 
imaginary sorrows distress the gentle heart can compare in interest with the 
Kashmir history of to-day. . . . The pages of Mr. Lawrence's book are instinct 
with life and inter^t, and his polished and restrained style shows that his 
literary ability is in no way inferior to his administrajtive capacity.' 

LEEBODY. Religious Teaching and Modem Thought Two 
Lectures by J. R. Leebody, M.A., D.Sc, Professor of Mathe- 
matics and Physics, Magde College, Londonderry. Extra 
fcap. 8vo, cloth, 15. 6d, 

Primarily intended for candidates for the Christian ministry. 

LESPY. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of Beam 
for Beg^ners. Abridged and translated by Roger Gordon 
Molyneux. Royal 8vo, paper covers, 5s. 

Prepared for the use of English and American visitors to the South of 
France, * who are anxious to hold intercourse with the cheerful and kindly 
peasantry of this sunny land.' 

LINDSAY (W. M.). See Nonius Marcellus. 

LONGFELLOW. The Complete Poetical Works of Henry 
Wadsworth Longfellow, including the copyright poems. 
Oxford Edition, Crown 8vo, 35. 6d, ; on Oxford India JPaper, 
from 75. 6d, ; Miniature Edition, 6 vols, in case, from 155. 

Speedier: — * Mr. Henry Frowde's complete copjrright edition of Longfellow 
is an entirely satisfactory volume, the type, the binding, and the price being 
respectively clear, well-bound, serviceable, and wonderful.* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde 17 

MACAUSTER. Some Morphological Lessons taught by 
Human Variations. By Prof. A. Macalister, F.R.S. The 
Robert Boyle Lecture, 1894. 8vo, paper covers, 15. net 
The author shows that human anatomy * is not the effete and exhausted 
field which it has sometimes been considered.' 

MACRAY/ a Register of the Members of St. Mary Magdalen 
Collie, Oxford, from the Foundation of the College. New 
Series, Vol IL Fellows; 1522-1575. By Wiixiam Dunn 
Macray, M.A., F.S.A., Fellow, Rector of Ducklington, Oxon. 
Demy 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. net 

Guardian: — *A very carefully and excellently arranged volume, full of 
interesting materiaL' 

AcadttPfy: — * A model for all work of the kind/ 

MADAN (H. G.). A Set of aob Chemical Labels for use in 
Laboratories : arran^d according to the course m Harcourt 
and Madan's 'Exercises in Practical Chemistry/ In cover, 
on gummed paper, 8d. By H. G. Madan. 

MARKBY. The Indian Evidence Act. With Notes by Sir 
William Markby, K.C.I.E., late a Judge of the High Court of 
Judicature at Calcutta, Reader in Indian Law in the University 
of Oxford, Fellow of All Souls College and Fellow of Balliol 
College. 8vo, cloth, 35. 6d. net 
Free criticisms of the language and framing of this Act. 
Law Journal: — 'Sir William Markby, as judge and jurist, has had special 
opportunities of judging the working of the Indian Act, and testing the 
soundness of its legal conception and drafting.' 

MARKHEDi. Moli^re and The Misanthrope. A Lecture by 
H. W. Gegg Markheim, M.A., Fellow of Queen's College, 
Oxford. Fcap. 8vo, paper covers, W. 
Delivered at the Taylor Institution, Oxford, and elsewhere. 

MASS^. French Spare Moments in Junior and Senior Classes. 
By J. F. P. MASsi, one of the Examiners in Modem Languages 
to the Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d. 

This volume contains short extracts for unseen translation, and idiomatic 
expressions accompanied by their equivalent renderings in French. 

MAX MOLLER The Rig-Weda SaiMhitft, with SSyana's Com- 
mentary. Edited by the Right Hon. F. Max Mt)LLER. Second 
Edition^ 4 vols., 4to, S/. 85. net 
The magnum opus of Prof Max Mailer's, that occupied twenty-four years 

in the making. It is almost unnecessary to add that without a knowledge 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

i8 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

of the Veda all our study of Sanskrit literature would lack its solid founda- 
tion. The Commentary is the first to which a native student would turn. 
This edition has been published under the patronage of the Maharajah of 

The G^takam&14, or Garland of Birth-Stories. By Arya 

5^RA. Translated from the Sanskrit by J. S. Speyer. Demy 
8vO; cloth Backs with paper sides, io5. 6a. 
This is the first volume of the Sacred Books of the Buddhists, translated 
by various Oriental Scholars, edited by the Right Hon. F. Max Moller, and 
published under the patronage of the King of Siam, being desirous that the 
true teaching of the Buddha should become more widely known in Europe. 
.These Birth- Stories are looked upon as homilies used for educational pur- 
poses, and inculcating morals. 

MOLYNEUX (R. G.). S^"^ Lespy. 

MOORE aAd RH^S. The Book of Common Prayer in Manx 

•Gaelic. Being Translations made by Bishop Phillips in 1610, 

and by the Manx Clergy in 1765. Edited by A. W. Moore, 

M.A., assisted by John Kh^s, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Celtic 

in the University of Oxford. Two vols., Demy 8vo, cloth, 

£^ 10s net. 

Printed for the Manx Society, and containing a memoir of Bishop Phillips 

and a brief account of his M.S., which is the earliest and longest in the Manx 

language. The two versions are printed in parallel columns. 

MORflLL. An Essay on the .Importance of the Study of the 
Slavonic Lan^ages. Being the Inaugural Lecture delivered 
before the University of Oxford, January 25, 1800, by W. R. 
MoRFiLL, M.A., Reader in Russian and the other Slavonic 
Languages. 8vo, paper cavers, u. 
The author holds that in order to interpret properly the Eastern question 

we must know the Slavonic mind, the Slavonic languages and literatures. 

Otherwise these races will be an enigma to us. In the statesman and soldier 

this knowledge is a necessity. 

MORGAN. The Eclogues of Virgil. Translated into English 
Hexameter Verse, by the late Right Hon. Sir George Osborne 
Morgan, Bart., Q.C., MP., formerly Stowell Fellow of Univer- 
sity College, Oxford. Small 4to, cloth, 4J. 6d. net. 
A translation of Virgil into his own metre. 

Wtsttninsier Gaseiie: — 'Sir O. Morgan has been singularly successful 
in his choice of a metre. . . . The best translation we have seen.' 

MORRIS. Alone with Christ. By the Rev. F. O. Morris, B.A. 
32mo, limp cloth, red edges, 6d, ; paper covers, yi. 
A new edition with Preface and Additions by the Rev. M. C. F. Morris, 
B.CL., M.A. 

. Digitized byCnOOQlC 

Published by Henry Frowde 19 

My Cotinsellor. Holy Scripture arranged as Morning and. Evening 

Meditations daily throughout the Year. Printed on Oxford 

India Paper in Red and Black. 32mo, from y. dd. 

In this daily text-book two pages of equal length are devoted to each day 

throughout the year, and are arranged so as to face each other at one 

opening. The chapter and verse of each quoted passage is given, for 

easy reference, in the margin, in the same line as the commencement of the 

quotation. A passage is printed in red at the head of each page, and 

an attempt has been made to illustrate this lieading text by those that 

follow, and to place them in such sequence as to secure a unity of topic 


NICHOLSON (E. W. B.). See Bodleian Facsimiles. 

NONIUS HARCELLUS. De Conpendiosa Doctrina I-m. 

Edited, with Introduction and Critical Apparatus, by the late 
J. H. Onions, M.A., Student of Christ Church, Oxford. With 
Preface by W. M. Lindsay, M.A. Demy 8vo, paper covers, 
lor. dd. 
Mr. Onions* text is distinguished by its close adherence to the MSS., 

by being based on a personal collation of all the older MSS. known to exist. 

and by its use of the Florence codex. 

OLIVIER. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Made known throus^ the 
Church. By Henry Arnold Olivier, Priest, M.A., Balliol 
College, Oxford ; successively Rector and Rural Dean of 
Havant, Hants, and Rector of Poulshot, Wilts. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, y. 6d, net 
This is a Series of Devotional Meditation in Verse, corresponding with 

the teaching of the Church on each succeeding Sunday and Holy Day from 

Advent to Trinity; founded, with few exceptions, upon the Gospel or 

Epistle appointed to read 

Church Family Newspaper: — *The verses have the true poetic ring, and 

they are well adapted to impress and enforce the teaching of the Church. 

ONIONS (J. H.). See Nonius Marcellus. 

OTTLEY. The Filial Heart Meditations on the Passion as 
a School of Christian Character. By R. L. Ottley, M.A., 
S. M. Magdalen College, Oxford. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 25. 
A Sermon delivered at St. Barnabas Church, Oxford, on a Good Friday. 

Oxford Book-Hark Calendar and Tahle of Lessons, The. For 
use at the Reading Desk. A three-fold Card with strong linen 
joints, laj x 7^ inches, is. 6d, 

Oxford Magazine, The. Published weekly during the University 
Terms. 6«/. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

20 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

Oxford Magazine, Echoes from the. Beinfi^ reprints of Seven 
Years. Third Edition, feap. 4to, half-parchment, 5s. 

Oxford Magazine, More Echoes from the. Being a second series 
of reprints of Seven Years. Fcap. 4to, half-parchment, 5s. 
These volumes consist of poems and parodies selected from a large 
number of fugitive pieces which have appeared in the columns of the 
Oxford Magagine since its first issue in January, 1883. Among the con- 
tributors may be mentioned : — Messrs. D. F. Alderson, Magdalen ; R. L. 
Binyon, Trinity ; C. E. Brownrigg, Magdalen ; A. G. Butler, Oriel ; A. S. 
Cripps, Trinity ; C. G. Fagan, Queen's ; W. J. Ferrar, Keble ; A. D. Godley, 
Magdalen ; H. W. Greene, Magdalen ; D. G. Hogarth, Magdalen ; W. P. Ker, 
All Souls; W.W. Merry, Lincoln; C. E. Montague, Balliol; H. A. Morrah, 
St. John's ; J. S.Phillimore, Christ Church ; A.T.Quiller.Couch, Trinity ; R. W. 
Raper, Trinity; J. 0*Regan, Balliol; A, Sidgwick, Corpus Christi; J. Fischer 
Williams, New ; R. J. Walker, Balliol ; and F. P. Walton, Lincoln. 

Oxfordshire Domesday, Notes on the. Demy 8vq, paper covers, 
35. 6d. net 
These Notes deal with the County of Oxford, and their object is mainly to 
afford an exact means of identifying the places mentioned in the Oxford- 
shire Domesday. 

PAYNE. Harvey and Galen. The Harveian Oration. Delivered 
before the Royal College of Physicians, October 19, 1896, by 
Joseph Frank Payne, M.D. Oxon., Fellow and Censor of the 
College ; late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Demy 
8vo, doth, 2S. 6d. net 
Notes and QuerUs: — 'This Oration fills one gap in the history of the 

revival of learning as perhaps no one but Dr. Payne could write it.* 

PELHAM. The Imperial Domains and the Colonate. An 

Inaugural Lecture by Henry Pelham, M.A., F.S.A., Camden 
Professor of Ancient .History in the University of Oxford. 
8vo, paper covers, is. 
A fresh attempt to settle the vexed question of the origin of the 
* colonate.' 

Periodical, The. A Magazine printed at the Clarendon Press 
from time to time, and issued free of charge, for the informa- 
tion of those interested in Literature, Science, and Art 

Journal of Education : — ' We found ourselves reading the first number 
from cover to cover. ... If the interest is sustained, The Periodical will be 
a formidable rival to at least one so-called literary journal we could name.' 

Academy : — * To all who wbh to be kept informed on the literary activities 
of Oxford, the new comer, which makes light reading and is most beautifully 
printed within sober bhie covers, will be distinctly acceptable/ 

Liverpool Post : — ' lit literary and artistic merits are sufficient to make an 
acceptable addition to any library or drawing-room table for its own sake. 
The matter is infinitely varied, the printing and general arrangement ex- 
cellent, and the illustrations interesting.' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Published by Henry Frowde 21 

Birmingham GojutU: — 'Charmingly printed on special paper, and con- 
taining good and useful gossip about books and authors/ 

BookselUr: — 'The idea merits hearty commendation, and we hope that 
'vre shall frequently be able to welcome the issues of this addition to periodical 

An communications should be addressed to The Editor, care of Mr. Frowde. 

Political Science Quarterly. Edited by the Faculty of Political 
Science of Columbia College, U.S.A. Royal 8vo, y. 6d,, 
quarterly ; annual subscription, i^. 
Back numbers and bound volumes of this periodical — ^which. the Scotsman 
says ' is of conspicuous excellence ' — can still be obtained. 

POPE (G. U.). St. John in the Desert. An Introduction and 
Notes to Browning's *A Death in the Desert.' By the Rev. 
G. U. Pope, M.A., D.D. Fcap. 8vo, stiff boards, ax. net. 
The aim of these pages is to help beginners, and they contain answers to 
questions proposed by learners. 

GuareUan: — *We can heartily commend the volume not only to all lovers 
of Browning, but for use in the highest forms of Public Schools, and 
gcneTBlly to all students of literature of a philosophic turn of mindt' 

POPE (T. H.). Cataract in the Madras Presidency, Southern 
India, with a Tabular Statement of Five Hundred Cases. By 
T. H. Pope, M.D., CM., F.R.CJ5. Ed., B.Sc, Superintendent, 
Ophthalmic Hospital, Madras, Fellow of the Madras Univer- 
sity, &c. 8vo, paper covers, ay. 
Surgeons practising in India have a vesy large experience in the operative 

surgery of the eye, and this pamphlet sets forth the result of the author's 


POTT. An 'Introduction to the Principles and Practice of 
Chanting in Free Rhytlim and True Antiphony. By Francis 
Pott, sometime Rector of Northill in the Diocese of Ely. Extra 
Fcap. 8vo, paper covers, 6d. 
A separate republication of the Preface to the * Free- Rhythm Psalter/ 

PRICE. ' West Barbary,' or Notes on the System of Work and 

Wages in the Cornish Mines. By L. L. Frige, M J\., Fellow 

of Oriel College, Oxford. 8vo, stiff covers, ar. 6d, 

The results of an inquiry made for the Toynbee Trustees. The Saturday 

Review says: * There are many points of interest in the little volume as 

to ancient mining laws, some of which date from the reign of King John.' 

PRITCHARD. The Oxford Planisphere and Compendium of 

the Stmcture of the Sidereal Heavens. By C. Pritchard, 

D.D., F.R.S., Savilian Professor of Astronomy in Oxford. On 

cardboard frame, ^s, 6d., paper, 25. 6t/. ; as a pocket volume, 5J. 

For astronomers who want to find the position of the stars, and identify 

them. It has been described by the Astronomer Royal as * by far the best 

for practical purposes, for identifying stars in various constellations with 

the naked eye.' 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

22 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

RALEIGH. Elementary Politics. By Thomas Raleigh, M.A-, 
Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 
IS, 6d.; stiff covers, is. Sixteenth Thousand 
An attempt to define the terms which are commonly used in political 

argument . . . not to satisfy but to stimulate inquiry. 

RAMSAY. The Position of Argon and Helium among the 
Elements. By Professor Ramsay, F.R.S. The Robert Boyle 
Lecture, 1896. 8vo, paper covers, u. net. 
An account of the physical properties of the newly-discovered gases, and 

of the effect of their discovery. 

RAO. Subjective Religion, or Experimental Demonstration of 
Spiritual Christianity. By F. J. E. Lakshman Rao. Extra 
fcap. Bvo, paper covers, is. 
A treatise in reply to a Brahman of high character and standing, * whose 

attitude towards Christianity is one of an earnest and candid inquirer/ 

REEVES. The Finding of Wineland the Good. The History of 

the Icelandic Discovery of America. Edited and Translated 

from the Earliest Records by Arthur Middleton Reeves. 

With Phototype Plates of the Vellum MSS. of the Sagas. 

Bound up witn the Biography and Correspondence of A. M. 

Reeves, by W. D. Foulke. With a Portrait and Fifty-five 

Phototype Plates. Demy 4to, half-vellum, £2 10s. 

Scottish Geographical Magasint : — 'This handsome volume contains the 

best and most trustworthy account yet given to the world of the Icelandic 

discovery by Lief Ericsson in 1000 a.t>. It is trustworthy, because it 

consists mainly, that is to say fundamentally, of transcriptions of the Sagas 

by an accomplished Icelandic scholar, accompanied with prolegomena and 

copious notes. . . . The prefixed memoir by Mr. Foulke, which contains 

copious extracts from the author*s correspondence, is extremely interesting.* 

ROBERTS (J. Varley). See Draper and Roberts. 

ROBERTSON (J. Logie). See Burns and Scott. 

Sacrament in Song, The. Extracts from English poets on the 

Holy Communion, arranged for the Sundays and Holydays 

of the Christian Year. By E. A. D. i8mo, cloth, as. 6d. 

The first impression of this book was exhausted in a few days. The 

Archbishop of York, in a prefatory note, says, 'The author has done a great 

service to the communicants of the Church. . . . The selection has been 

very carefully and thoughtfully made, and I cannot doubt that the book will 

be greatly valued by all into whose hands it may fall.' 

Sanjana. See Geiger and Spiegel. 

SCOTT. The Complete Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, 

with the author's Introductions and Notes. Edited by 
J. LoGiE Robertson, M.A. Oxford Edition, Crown 8vo, 
cloth, 35. 6d. ; on Oxford India Paper, from 75. 6d, ; Miniature 
Edition, 5 vols, in case, from 15s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Piiblished by Henry Frowde 23 

^/A«vMirMm:— 'This edition will be welcome not only on account of the 
taste displayed in the preparation, but also for its careful editing, and above 
all its completeness. Most of the editions of Scott's poetry that are usually 
found on the bookseller's counter are singularly incomplete.' 

SHADWELL. Registnim Orielense. An Account of the 
Members of Oriel College, Oxford. Vol. I, the Commen- 
sales, Commoners and Batellers admitted during the years 
1500-1700. Collected and arranged by Charles Lancelot 
Shadwell, M.A., D.C.L., Fellow of Oriel College. Demy 8vo, 
cloth boards, i6s. net. 
Interesting records of the college buttery, with a preface described by the 

Tinus as ' an important and original contribution to the history of Oriel and 

of social life in Oxford.* 

SHAK£SP£AR£. The Complete Works of William Shake- 
speare. Edited, with a Glossary, by- W. J. Craig, M.A. 
Uxford Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 6d. ; on Oxford India 
Paper, from los. 6d. ; Miniature Edition, 6 vols, in case, from 
Daily CknmicU: — *In respect* of get up, we are disposed to give it the 
palm over its rivals. Although set of necessity in a small type, the emerald 
fount employed is beautifully clear, and even pleasing to the eye. ... Of 
Mr. W. J. Craig's labours as editor we are able to speak with entire 
approval. He has directed his attention mainly to a scrupulous and pains- 
taking revision of the text, rightly following the seventeen early quartos 
and the folio of 1623.* 

Motning Post: — ^The evidences of careful scholarship in Mr. Craig's 
admirable edition are so numerous, and the text has been so judiciously 
treated, that the volunie is one which the critical student will do well to 
place among his many volumed editions. Not the least of its excellencies 
is the restoration of the older spelling in cases in which it has been need- 
lessly modernised.' 

SMITH (Llewellyn). Modem Changes in the Mobility of 
Labotir, especially between Trade and Trade. A Report 
to the Toynbee Trustees, by H. Llewellyn Smith, Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford. 8vo, stiff covers, is, 6d, 
The result of an enquiry made on behalf of the Toynbee Trustees into 
certain economic problems which could be advantageously studied in Brad- 
ford and West Riding. 

SORLEY. Mining Royalties and their effect on the Iron and 
Coal Trades. Report of an Inquiry made for the Toynbee 
Trustees by W. R. Sorley, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and Professor of Philosophy in University College, 
Cardiff. 8vo, paper boards, 15. 6d. 
The result of inquiries made at Middlesborough and Cleveland— facts full 

ind varied enough to check theoretical deductions and to form the basis 

of an economic argument 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

24 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

SPEARING (H. G.). German-English Vocabulary. Fcap. 8vo, 
IS. 4^. 

English Vocabulary. W. 

As used in Cheltenham College. 

SPEYER (J. S.). See Max Muller. 

SPIEGEL. Iranian Art Translated from the German of Dr. F. 

Spiegel, with Additional Notes by Darab Dastur Peshotan 

Sanjana, B.A. 8vo, paper covers, 25. 6d. 
Part I deals with monumental architecturei bas-reliefs, inscriptions and 
coins ; Part II with the Iranian alphabets. 

See Geiger and Spiegel. 

STRONG. The Bruton Register. A Calendar of the Master and 
Pupils, &c., from 1826 to 1890. Edited by the Rev. Thomas 
Augustus Strong, M.A., Exeter College, Oxford, and Rector 
of St PauPs, Chippenham. Cloth, 55. net 
This book, the nature of which is sufficently described, contains illustra- 
tions of the school-house and buildings. 

TARNER. Outlines of Christian History. A Concise Tabular 
View, showing the course of the Universal Church under its 
several Patriarchates, &c.,and in its two Divisions of Western 
and Eastern, from the Ascension of the Lord to the present 
time (end of 1880); with suggestions for the promotion of 
Unity in Ch ristendom. By George Edward Tarner. Mounted 
on linen, in portable cloth covers, 12s. 

TAYLOR. The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living. By Jeremy 
Taylor, D.D. Royal 32mo, cloth, 15. ; Oxford India Paper 
Edition, from 15. 
Publishers' Circular: — 'This is a capital edition in a compact form and 

neat binding/ 

Thumb Note Book, The. (Size aj x i J x f , pp. 416.) In various 
bindings, from 15. 

Thumb Ready Reckoner, The. i28mo. In various bindings, 
from 15. 

Containing calculations from ^th of a penny to 19s. 9^., together 
with Interest and Discount Tables, British and Foreign Weights and 
Measures, the Metric System, Foreign Money, &c. 

The Mark Lane Express says : ' The figures are all clear and distinct, type 
having been specially cast for it. With such a book, which can be kept in 
the waistcoat pocket, there need never be hunting after tlie ready reckoner^ 
a very common occupation in the counting-house.' 

Digitized by 


Published by Henry Frowde 25 

TORR. On the Interpretation of Greek Music. By Cecil Torr, 
M JL Demy 8vo, paper covers, 15. net. 
An illustrated pamphlet of archaeologfcal and musical interest. Mr. Torr 
explains the Greek system of notation, and suggests a new style of tran- 

TURNER. Tables for Facilitating the Computation of Star- 
ConsUnts. By H. H. Turner, M.A., B.Sc, Fellow of New 
College, and Savilian Professor of Astronomy in the Univer- 
sity CM Oxford. Second Impression. 8vo, paper covers, as. 
These Tables were arranged by the late Mr. E. J. Stone, M.A., F.R.S., 
formerly H.M. Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope, and late Radcliffe 
Observer at Oxford, aad have been modified and revised by ProC Turner. 

VENABLES (E.). Si?<? Bunyan. 

Very Words of otir Lord and Saviom: Jesus Christ, The. 
Gathered from the Four Gospels according to the Authorized 
Version (161 1), with Marginal Quotations from the Revised 
Version (1881); with an Index of Passages and Subjects. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, 15. 6d. 
This compilation is now in its seventh thousand; 

VIGFI^SSON and POWELL. Sigfred-Arminius and other 
papers. By Gubbrand Vigf^sson, M.A., and F. York Powell, 
M.A. 8vo, cloth, 45. 6d. ; paper covers, 35. 6d. 
A publication dedicated to the memory of the Brothers Grimm, having 

regard to their centenaries, Jan. 4, 1785, and Feb. 34, 1786. 

WARINGTON. Agricultural Science— Its Place in a University 
Education. By Robert Warington, M.A., F.R.S., Sibthorpian 
Professor of Rural Economy. 8vo, paper covers, 15. 
A Lecture delivered before the University of Oxford, on November 5, 

1896. On the occasion of the Centenary of the Foundation by Dr. John 

Sibthorp of the Chair of Rural Economy. 

WEISMANN. The Effect of External Influences upon Develop- 
ment. By August Weismann, M.D« Ph.D., D.C.L., Professor 
in the University of Freiburg in Breisgau. The Romanes 
Lecture, 1894. Demy 8vo, paper covers, 25, 
A considerably enlarged reprint of the Lecture, with annotations by the 

author, translated into English by Mr. Gregg Wilson. 

WILLIAMS. Morning and Evening Devotions for the use of 

Preparatory Schools. By the Rev. C. E. Williams, D.D., 

Brasenose College, Oxford. Royal 32mo, cloth, 6d. ; Persian 

Morocco, 15. 6d. 

This little book, now in its Fifth Edition, aims to supply the want felt by 

those Preparatory Schools who either have no private chapel of their own, 

or who desire shorter services than those contained in the Prayer Book. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

26 Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books 

WILSON (G.). S^^Weismann. 

WITHERBY. Coronation Service. The Form and Order of the 
Coronation Service that was performed, and of the Ceremonies 
that were observed, in the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen . 
Victoria in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster. 
Edited by the Rev. C. Witherby. Crown 8vo, paper covers, 
6d. net, 

WORDSWORTH. The Poetical Work« of WUliam Wordsworth. 

With Introductions and Notes. Edited by T. Hutchinson, M.A. 
Oxford Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3^.6^.; on Oxford India Paper, 
from loj. 6d, ; Miniature Edition, 5 vols., in case, from its, 
St, James Gaeette: — 'We have here an edition of Wordsworth, the work 

of a scholar, and giving us perhaps the best text of the poet in existence. 

It is easy to see that not only every syllable, but every detail of punctuation, 

has been most carefully collated.' 

WRIGHT (Joseph). See Dialect Dictionary. 

WRIGHTSON. The Sancta Respublica Romana : a Handbook 

to the History of Rome and Italy from the Division of the 

Roman World to the Breaking-up of Charlemagne's Empire, 

A.D. 395-688. By Richard Heber Wrightson, M.A. Second 

Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 7J. 6d, 

Westminster Review : — 'This period is one that, except in ecclesiastical 

history, has been too much neglected by English writers. One reason of 

this neglect is doubtless that, until quite recently, reliable documents were 

scanty and difficult of access. Mr. Wrightson, during a residence in Italy, 

has succeeded in conquering these difficulties.' 

WYLD. The Life, Teaching, and Works of the Lord Jesus 
Christ. Arranged as a continuous Narrative of the Text of 
the Four Gospels according to the Revised Version. With an 
Epitome of the Life of Jesus Christ, and an Index. By George 
Wyld, M.D. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2J. 
It is claimed that this arrangement of the Gospels presents a narrative at 

once more minute and more complete than that presented by any individual 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


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Digitized by CnOOQ IC 



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Development, The Effect of External Influences upon. 

Weismann. 2s 

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per Part 

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Horace, The Odes of. Deauley. Books I and II, 7X. 6d. net 























Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Index .29 


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Hospital Service Book, Supplement. Baxter, 9^. . . . 4 

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Digitized by CjOOQIC 



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Juld. 5x. 

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Digitized by CjOOQIC 


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Js. ftei 

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West Barbary. Price. 2s. 6d. 

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WiNELAND the Good, The FINDING OF. Reeves. £2 lOS. 

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Zoroaster, The Age of the A vesta and. GeigerzxASpie^^el. 51. 














Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

London Office : £fei r * ;^^ 1898. 

26 Paternoster Sqnare. 

Alex. Gardner, Paisley, 

^ttblielur nnt ^ookeeller to ^tt Jftajests the Qtutn. 


The Editions are — 

1. The Ordinary Edition, in Demy Octavo, Cloth Binding. £4. 4s. 

2. The Same Edition, in llalf-crimson Calf Extra, Gilt Top. £$ 5s. 

3. The Large Paper Edition, in Royal Octavo, Roxburgh or Half-Calf Extra 

Binding, Antique Paper. £6 6s. 

Carriage Paid to any Address. 

The History of Civilisation in Scotland. 

By John Mackintosh, LL.D. 

The Publisher has the pleasure of announcing that the New Edition 
of this important work — in great part re-written and thoroughly 
revised — is now completed. A detailed Prospectus gives full par- 
ticulars respecting the contents of each volume. It may be pointed 
out that in no other existing publication has the same ground been 
covered in connection with the Intellectual, Social, and Industrial 
History of Scotland, and that no other attempt has ever been made to 
treat it on the same plan or with the same fulness of detail. 

*'The book has already taken a definite place as a monument of 
learning and patient patoiotic iadvistry "—G/asgouu Herald. 

** This is a book that ought to be read by every student who wishes 
to understand in its true bearings the marvellous history of the Scot- 
tish people." — People's Friend. 

*' Dr. Mackintosh is to be congratulated on the completion of the new edition of 
his History of Civilisation in Scotland. His heavy and arduous task has been ac- 
complished under difBculiies of no ordinary kind. The merits of Dr. Mackintosh's 
work arc many. The general arrangement is good. His meaning is always 
obvioas. Instead of slavishly adopting the opinions of men of acknowledged 
eminence in their own department, he not infrequently ventures to differ from 
them ; but while bringing a vigorous intellect and shrewd common-sense to bear 
on the questions he discusses, his statements are always temperate and his 
criticisms usually fair. No one can turn over the pages of this work in the most 
cursory manner without perceiving that the indefatigable author is not only a man 
of wide and varied culture, but a laborious reader with an extensive knowledge of 
books. The general reader will find Dr. Mackintosh's work a veriiable storehouse 
of iaiormation concerning the history of Scotland." — 'J'he Bookman. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

2 Alexander Gardner y Paisley and London. 

Scandinavian Folk-Lore. By W. A. 

Craigie, M.A., F.S.A. Cr. 8vo. Cloth, 7s. 6d. Post Free. 
The Stories here collected fall into ten divisions — 

I. Legends of the Old Gods. 
II. Trolls and Giants. 

III. Berg-folk and Dwarfs. 

IV. Elves or Huldufolk. 
V. Nisses or Brownies. 

VI. Water-beings (Necken, Ny- 
ken, Mermaid, etc.). 

VII, Monsters (Lindorm, Were- 
wolf, Dragon, etc.). 
VIII. Ghosts and Wraiths. 
IX. Witches and Wizards. 
X. Christian Legends (Stories 
connected with churches, 

The collection covers the whole period of Scandinavian folk-lore, 
from the Icelandic sagas down to modern works on the subject. In 
all cases the most amusing or interesting legends have been taken ; 
dry details are mainly relegated to the notes, which also give the 
sources and variations of the tales. 

'*Mr. Craigie's book is a treasure indeed, the stories being short, startling, per- 
haps true, and very simply told. For older readers the volume is a prize, for Mr. 
Craigie has ransacked the stores of the Icelandic) Faeroese, Danish and Swedish. 
Here are the fancies of a thousand years, collected from the Ancient Sagas and the 
lips of living peasants. There are no notes, except an appendix of references to 
the originals. We read of Gods, Trolls, Dwarfs, Fairies, Brownies, Water Sprites. 
Monsters, Ghosts, Witches, Treasures and Plagues. The Gods, Trolls and L3warfs 
are already pretty familiar to the curious ; the Fairies and their partners, in Scan- 
dinavian countries, are much less intimately known. . . . These are only small 
samples of Mr. Craigie's tales, which deal with many other amusing topics, and 


** The unwritten literature of primitive races in every part of the universe is being 
drawn upon, and the stories handed down from sire to son supply the links that 
are required to fill the breaks in the history of mankind. Beyond the deeper 
meaning which the student of comparative mythology is able to discover in the 
variants of a folk-tale there is for the general reader an element of strong but 
simple interest. ... A work which commends itself to the attention of both 
sets of readers — to the scientific and the seeker after mere entertainment. This is 
a real acquisition to our stock of folk-literature. It is comprehensive, admirable in 
arrangement, and edited with fine judgment. The spirit of the originals have been 
retained in the simplicity of the translations, and very wisely the text h&s not been 
over-burthened with notes. Into this volume the reader who has some intimacy 
with the old-world lore of his own country cannot dip without discovering some 
source of enjoyment." — Dundee Courier, 

*' Here we have, brought within one cover, the whole drcmicUis persona of the 
invisible world ; a real and substantial world enough to men of old, in whose 
beliefs the student may trace the germs of many a superstition that lingers in the 
civilised zone to-day. In that quest he will find Mr. Craigie a sure-footed guide, 
while they who seek only amusement will not be turned empty away." — Daiiy 

*' He has done his work excellently, and has made a book which is not only 
valuable to the student, but also entertaining to the general reader." — Academy, 

Greece : Her Hopes and Troubles. By Camp- 
bell M*Kellar. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, is. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 3 

Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary. New Edition. 

By David Donaldson, F.E.I.S. 5 vols., £fi 17 s. 6d. ; Large 
Paper, ^£"14. Very few copies left 

New Supplementary Volume to above. Edited 

by David Donaldson, F.E.I.S. Demy 4to, 27s. 6d. Large 
Paper, 42 s. 

The Village Poet. By R. Menzies Fergusson, 

M.A. Crown 8vo. Illustrated. Cloth, 3$, 6d. nett. Post Free. 

The Measure of a Man and other Sermons. By 

Rev. Andrew Henderson, LL.D., Paisley. With a Portrait. 

Cloth extra. Gilt top. 3s. 6d. nett. 
" These sermons recall Phillips Brooks. They do not imitate Phillips Brooks. 
They only reveal a mind that seems built on similar lines. There is the same dis- 
regard for the ' fundamentals/ the same lavish of language and of mind on the 
niches and nooks of the temple of the gospel. There is also the same — most un- 
mistakable — evidence that the ' fundamentals ' are safe and sound, and that, just 
because they are safe and sound, they may safely be passed in silence." — Expository 

Divine and Human Influence. By the late Rev. 

Robert Stephen, M.A., Minister of Renfrew. Crown 8vo. 
Cloth Extra. 330 Pages. With Portrait, and View of Old and 
New Churches. 2 vols. Price 5s. nett. 

" A somewhat pathetic interest attaches to this volume. It is a second series of 
sermons by the late Rev. Mr. Stephen, the minister of Renfrew. In noticing the 
first volume, which appeared in November, we remarked on it as the fruit of the 
enforced leisure of a protracted illness. The second volume comes as a memorial 
of the author, who died very shortly after the issue of the Brst. It is prefaced by 
a brief biographical sketch of Mr. Stephen, who seems to have been a man of wide 
culture and sterling worth. . . The sermons are practical rather than doctrinal, 
and they are the fruit of a mind richly stored from various sources— nature, art, 
science, poetry, and history furnishing the preacher with a copious store of excel- 
lent illustrations, while all the thoughts, to which chaste and dignified expression 
is gi ven, have come through the crucible of a fine spiritual experience. Both 
Tolnmes should claim a wider circle of readers than the parishioners of Renfrew, 
to whom they will be a lasting monument of one of the best specimens of our 
Scottish clergy." — Glasgozv Herald, 

"The sermons are of a high order, and present the great truths of the Gospel 
ably and impressively. They are full of matter, and eloquent, never dull, always 
clear, and often rousing." — MaiL 

*' This handsome and well-got-up volume of sermons possesses a mournful interest 
from the fact that its author must have passed away about the time that it was 
published. And now there need be no wonder at the wish of the hearers in Ren- 
frew Parish Church to have a permanent memorial of what must have been an 
earnest suid ufeful ministry, and altogether the book is one to be cordially recom- 
mended." — Christian Leader, 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

4 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 

The Secretar. Founded on the Story of the 

Casket Letters. By W. Beatty. Crown 8vo. 6s. 

The adventures and critical situations and hair-breadth escapes of Kilgour excite 
a breathless interest in the reader, while the ** Secretar " and Morton are depicted 
with a truthfulness that betray both careful study and consummate art. From 
time to time there is a suggestion of Crockett in the style, but it is Crockett sui- 
passing himself. Indeed J he Secretar must be admitted to the very front rank 


the disguise of an oM hand, but the signature of a new writer, we may promise 
ourselves some excellent stories in the years to come. — British Weekly, 

There are merits so conspicuous in The Secretar as to compel a warm and hearty 
welcome from all lovers of romance. ... It has the ring of true romance ; 
and in the handling of a quaint old-fashioned Scottish mode of speech the writer 
is successful beyond all praise. . . . The story is worked out with unfailing 
skill. . . . The historical background, in which Ledington and Morton play 
the chief parts, is skilfully filled in ; and the author appears to be well acquainie«l 
with Old Edinburgh and the surrounding district. The Secretar is a sterling piece 
of literary work ; and if the writer has more of the same sluflT in him, he bids fair 
to take his place among the best historical romancists of the day. — Scotsman. 

Where the Heather Grows. By George 

A. Mackay. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 2s. 6d. 

** Much stronger stufTthan much of the mawkish imaginings that have come from 
the lesser writers in this school ; and, while interesting in itself, the book is still 
more so by the suggestions it gives that better things may come from the same 
hand. " — Scotsman, 

A Cameronian Apostle : being Some 

Account of John Macmillan of Balmaghie, Founder of the 
Reformed Presbyterian Church. By the Rev. H. M. B. Reid, 
Balmaghie, author of " The Kirk above Dee Water," etc. With 
Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 6s. 

" Mr. Reid is to be congratulated on having written a most interesting book, 
the central figure of which stands out as a man of * fine and noble character, hewn 
out of the Galloway rock, and with the kindly perfume of the heather and the peat 
clinging to his very soul.' " — Literary IVotld. 

**The Rev. H. M. B. Reid, Balmaghie, has done a very good piece of work 
. . . Mr. Crockett has glorified and immortalised the people of the region o 
which Mr. Reid writes. Macmillan made the history of what became the Reformed 
Presbyterian Church. For long that Church bore the popular name of the Mac- 
millanites. For many years he fought the battle of the Covenants alone, and f-^r 
the long period of thirty-six years he was the sole ordained minister amcmg the 
scattered congregations of the society, fiis biography has hitherto been very 
meagrely written, but .VIr. Reid has produced what will be the final work on the 
subject. He has taken immense pains, and he has written with much intelligence 
and sympathy."— Z?r;VwA JVeekly, 

In a Far Country. Sermons. By 

Thomas Cook, M.A. Crown 8vo. Cloih extra. 3s. Post free. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexawier Gardner, Paisley and London, 5 

Braefoot, and Other Sketches. By J. 

MACKINNON. Crown 8vo. Cloth Extra. Price 3s. 6d. nett 

Mr. Mackinnon is specially happy in his delineation of boy life, and in these pages 
we meet with many an incident that recalls a long- forgotten scene in which we Bgured 
in the days gone by, when *' a boy's will was the wind s will, and the thoughts of youth 
were long, long thoughts." Hftre we ha^e the boy sCs he is, not the good little boy 
of the Sunday school books who dies in the last chapter, nor the exaggerated bad 
Iit:le boy poitrayed by the master-hand of Mark Twain, but just the average boy, 
as he lives and moves and has his being, mischievous and full of fun, breaking his 
bones when harrying bird's nests, outwitting the policeman, teasing defenceless old 
women, and drowning cats. Never has boyhood found a more faithful and sym- 
pathetic delineator in literature, and on that ground alone, apart from its many 
oiher merits, we should accord the book a hearty welcome. No one, we venture 
t'» say, will rise from its perusal disappointed. — Aberdeen fournal. 

Mother Lodge, Kilwinning, '* The 

Ancient Lodge of Scotland.'* Discussion of an Old Historical 
Question. By the Rev. W. Lee Ker, Kilwinning. Crown 8vo, 
Illustrations. 4s. 6d. 

Kingcraft in Scotland, By Peter Ross, 

LL.D. Crown 8vo. 6s. n 

The Scot in America. By Peter Ross, 

LL D. Crown 8vo. 450 Pages. 6s. 

The Plagues of Egypt and their Rela- 
tion to the Current Natural Phenomena of the Land. By 
Robert Thomson, Greenock. Crown 8vo. Cloth. Price 3s., 
|)ost free. 

•• Most conomentators of the orthodox and uncritical school are in the habit of 
expiaininjr the 'plagues of Egypt' as recorded in Exodus, were simply intense 
forms of the ordinary phenomena of the country. Mr. Thomson, however, will 
have none of this. He holds that the plagues must have been distinctly miracu- 
lous events that had no relation whatever to the actual conditions existing at the 
time in Egypt. We are bound to say, that from his own standpoint he makes out 
a very gocxl case." — GIoa^ojo Herald, 

•• Hengstcnberg and other commentators have tried to make out that * the plagues 
had a foundation in the natural phenomena of Egypt, and stand in close connection 
with them.' This Mr. Thomson controverts. His work .shows that he has spa.ed 
no pains in his scientitic inquiries, and that he has raised an argument on these 
which may well ciuse commentators to revise such positions as he assails. The 
volume is a very able one, and exceedingly interesting." — Daily Mail. 

•■ It is to Mr. Thomson's credit, that setting out to defend a supernatural theory 
of the plagues, he sticks manfully to his guns. He does not take up the double- 
laced attitude of those compromising theologians who will not say one thing or 
another, but try to secure to their doctrine the advantages of both points of view." 
— Scoitntan, 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

6 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 

Two Brothers. A Novel. By A. O. M. 

Crown 8vo. Cloth. 2s. 6d. 
" Bears all the traced of a new hand, vigoroi^s and fresh, facile in dialogue, and 
with an underlying pathos which is closely allied to tears. . . In the picturesque 
and discriminating sketches of the story the reader will Bnd something more in- 
structive than love-sick and unwholesome narrative." — Dumfries Courier, 

Reminiscences of Walt Whitman, with 

Extracts from his Letters, and Remarks on his Writings. By 
William Sloane Kennedy, Camden, N.J. 6s. 

"The most thorough-going advocacy of the problematical poet that we remem- 
ber to have seen. Mr. Kennedy knew Whitman well during the last twelve years 
of his life, and has recorded many sayings of his and printed a number of brief 
letters and scrappy wiitten messages." — Times. 

" Whitmanites will welcome his book, which, without having any great preten- 
sions to literary elegance, is yet written in good taste, and conveys many fresh facts 
bearing upon the private life and character of Whitman." — Bookman, 

** In a very interesting criticism of poetic form, the author compares Whitman's 
work in poetry with that of Wagner in music, both being the harbingers of the new 
era of vaster sound combinations. This attempt to justify Whitman's form is much 
abler than that of some of Whitman's American followers, who have not Mr. 
Kennedy's large literary outfit." — Daily Chronicle, 

Scottish Athletic Sports. By W. 

M'CoMBiE Smith. Crown 8vo. Price is. 6d. Post free, is. 8d 

Bell Roger's Loon, and other Stories. 

By Margaret Colvin. Crown 8vo. Cloth. i8o pages, is. 6d. 

Scotch Cameos. By J. Young, Junr. 

Crown 8vo. Price is. Cloth, is. 6d. 

Lane. — ^An Account of the Manners and Cus- 
toms of the Modern Egyptians. Written in Egypt during the 
Years 1833-1835. By E. William Lane, Translator of ** The 
Thousand and One Nights." With Sixty-seven Illustrations and 
Twenty-seven full-page Plates. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 5s. 

The Young Naturalists. A Book for Boys and 

Giris. By Minnie M*Kean. ist and 2nd Series, is. each; or 
the two Series in one Vol., 2s. 

Warp and Woof: Hesps of Homespun Yarns. 

Gleanings Social, Commercial, and Clerical. By David I»I. 
NicoLL. Crown 8vo. 104 pages. Price is. Cloih, is.6d. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 7 

The Land o' Gakes and Brither Scots ; 

or, Scotland and Things Scottish. By T. B. Johnstone. 
Demy 8vo. Cloth. 286 pages. 6s. 

"Thoufirh Up. Johnstone's book Is not written expressly for holiday -makeps. 
It Is a capital suide. Fop tourists makln? theip flpst aaoualntance with Scotland 
and the Scotch, and desipous of followlnflr Macaulay s plan in visiting new 
coiuitPles« we do not know a bettep."— DAILY NEWS. 

** Intensely Scottish in all his leaning, the author makes an excellent advocate, 
and pleads with his whole soul that into the mind of the rising generation a true 
ccmception of the magnificent heritage handed down to them by their ancestors 
should be instilled and that mere ignorance of it on their part and apathy towards 
it on ours ought never to be alleged as the causes of its ultimate barter for any 
English equivalent whatsoever. In this we think he has hit on one of the chief 
reasons for the apparent decay of patriotism in our midst. The line upon which a 
change must be brought about is very plainly indicated — get boys and girls to* 
undei-stand and appreciate the nature of the work accomplished by Scotland's 
great men, and a revival of national esprit de corps will inevitably follow. Every 
patriotic Scot ought to have Mr. Johnstone's book ; it will raise his opinion both 
of himself and of his country, and it is, moreover, a perfect mine of information 
relating to Scotland and things Scottish told with all the burning fervour of a man 
whose words come straight from the heart." — Glasgow Daily AiaiL 

*' Mr. Johnstone's task has been that of the loving patriot and diligent orthodox 
historian and there can be no question as to the thoroughness and earnestness 
which he brings to the work. On the lines he has chosen he runs well. From the 
first chapter on the geology of the country to the last on the saintly St. Andrew 
his is an interesting book and it should be read widely." — Dufuiee Advertiser. 

** Mr. Johnstone's is a book which every leal-hearted and intelligent native of 
the land of brown heath and shaggy wood will dearly love to read. Englishmen 
and Englified Scots will possibly meet with some things in the book calculated to 
rouse their "dander " a bit, but by every fair-minded reader the book will be read 
with pleasure and profit." — Dundee People^ s Joutnal. 

*^ This book is characterized by extensive knowledge ?nd research, by a genuine 
love for the subject, by sturdy independence uf thought and conviction, and, what 
is equally attractive from an English critic's point of view, by a unique mastery of 
forceful and appropriate language. We should imagine that the work of preparing 
this very readable production has been a source of unalloyed pleasure to the 
author, so enthusiastically does he marshall his facts, references, and quotations, 
an t with so much pardonable assurance does he enforce his opinions and con- 
clusions. One marvels at the wealth of information he has brought into requisi- 
tion- The chapter on the poets and poetry of Scotland is studded with evidences 
of painstaking industry, and forms a fairly complete epitome of Scottish song from 
the earliest times. Equally admirable as specimens of judicious and skilful com- 
pression are the portraits of Knox, Burns and Scott in chapter vii. " — The Bolton 
Exfening News, 

Random Sketches on Scottish Subjects. 

By John D. Ross. Imp. i6mo, 2s. 6d. 

Sma Folk and Bairn Days. Sketches 

of Child Life. By Ingeborg von der Lippe. Translated 
from the Norse by the Rev. J6HN Beveridge, M.A., B.D. 
With 24 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Cloth. 4s. 6d. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

8 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 

Rosneath : Past and Present. 

The connection of the Argyll Family is detailed, and it contains an 
account of the Old Church of Rosneath and its Ministers, the 
Ancient Stone, the Kilcreggan Estate, the Peatoun Estate, Topo- 
graphy and Geology of Peninsula, Ancient Agricultural State, 
Ecclesiastical History, Birds of Rosneath, Fishing in the Gare- 
loch. Old Murder Trials, Ossian and the Clyde, the Smiths of 
Jordanhill, and other interesting matter. By William Charles 
Maughan, author of The Alps of Arabia, &c. With an Original 
Poem by the Marquess of Lorne, K.T. Fcap. 4to, 5s. 

" This is one of the best Parish Histories Scotland has produced." 
— AthencBum . 

Proverbs, Proverbial Expressions, and 

Popular Rhymes of Scotland. Collected and Arranged, with 
Introduction, Notes, and Parallel Phrases. By Andrew 
Cheviot. 424 pages. Cloth, gilt top. 6s. nett, post free. 

"This volume of Proverbs is a 'crownln? mercy/ It will be a possessioii 
for ever to all students of Scottish literature. This new volume will entirely 
supersede all others. "-THE NEW AGE. 

"The book is the first attempt made to gather into one volume the proverbs, 
proverbial sayings, and popular rhymes of Scotland. Mr. A. Hislop, Dr. Robert 
Chambers^ Sheriff Nicolson, and others have published similar collections, but did 
not spread their nets quite so wide. Mr. A. Cheviot has in this work availed him- 
self of their researches, and has also made a careful study of magazines, newspapers 
and books — notably Scott's novels — which might be likely to yield additions to his 
store. The proverbs are arranged alphabetically, with notes appended to a large 
number of them, and an Index, which classifies them according to subjects. . . . 
The present collection, however, shows how large is the field for inquiry into the 
proverbs and rhymes specially illustrating the Scotch character, or derived from the 
history of the country and its leading families. ... In such traces of quaint 
old superstitions or of local and family traditions the Scotch are peculiarly rich." — 

**The standard work on the subject, far eclipsing those of Hislop and Hender- 
son.'* — British Weekly, 

** The product is a substantial book of over four hundred pages, which is a monu- 
ment of Mr. Cheviot's zeal and industry in the fascinating pursuit of hunting for 
and comp.'iring proverbs and folk sayings." — Scotsman. 

** Undoubtedly larger and in some regards more satisfactory than any of its pre- 
decessors. ... It deserves the attention of those who are interested in Scot- 
tish proverbial lore." — Clasgoiv Herald, 

Dunty the Droll. By John Tweeddale, 

author of *' Moff," etc. Crown 8vo. Paper Covers, is. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner y Paisley and London, 9 

The Garelochside, being Historical and 

Archssological Account of Row, Rosneath, and Cardross. By 

WiixiAM Charles Maughan, author of Rosneath: Past and 

Present, With Illustrations and a Map. Small 4to. 7s. 6d. 

In this work the author has gone into the histories of the ancient 

families of the Earls of Lennox, Clan Campbell, Chiefs of Colquhouns, 

Macaulays of Ardencaple, and other im[)ortant families who bore arms 

in Strathclyde. A careful topographical description of the three 

Parishes, their Geology, Natural History, Ornithology, Agriculture, 

and Fo)k-lore, all brought down to the present day, is given. 

" The author has brought together much valuable information regarding: the 
proprietaiy history, topography, and general history of these localities, and be 
writes with an intimate knowledge of the places described. Rarely has there been 
a history of so circumscribed a district in Scotland written with the fullness and 
accuracy which characterise Mr. Maughan*s work." — Dundee Advertiser, 

•* Forms attractive reading. Mr. Maughan*s work is a most interesting review. 
The Annals of Garelochside is in three sections, Row, Rosneath, and Cardross, 
and each is handled with discriminating pen." — Glasgow Evening Citizefi, 

"Is a commendable expansion of 'Rosneath Past and Present,* reviewed by 
us three years ago as * one of the best pariah histories that Scotland has pro- 
duced. — Atlienaeum. 

The Harp of the Scottish Covenant. 

Poems, Songs, and Ballads relating to the Covenanting Struggle. 
Collected and edited by John Macfarlane, author of * Heather 
and Harebell/ With a Preface by Prof. J. Clark Murray, 
author of 'The Ballads and Songs of Scotland.' Crown 8vo. 
Cloth. 340 pages. Price 6s. Post free. 

" Much that is excellent and characteristic belongs to the minstrelsy of the blue 
banner ; and lovers of poetry in general, and of Scottish poetry in particular, owe 
a debt of gratitude to the editor for the skill and knowledge with which be has 
brought together into one view the best of the Covenanting pieces. . . . The 
anthology is carefully made, and will be welcomed as exemplifying in one of its 
most characteristic phases the national gift of song, and as illustrating a theme 
which will stir the hearts of men wherever men are ready to Hght and die for the 
faith that is in them." — Scotsman, 

" The editor has done his work exceedingly well. He has ranged from Allan 
Cunningham to Robert Louis Stevenson, and we do not remember anything of im- 
portance he has omitted. Most readers will agree with Professor Murray that ' the 
editor of this volume has proved that there is a Harp of the Covenant, which can 
strike a genuine poetic tone ; and Scotsmen, all the world over, must feel indebted 
to him for having done such a labour of love, and for having done it so well.' " — 
Glasgow Herald, 

The Dream of Youth. By Rev. Hugh Black, 

M;A.« Edinburgh. Crown 8vo. is. nett. 

Life Assurance. What to Select. By Robert 

M'EwEN, Cambus. Crown 8vo. 3d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

lo Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 

New and Revised Edition, 
Cr. 8vo. 6go Pages, Price ss; Thick Paper, 7s, 6d,; Post Free, 

The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland : 

Romantic and Historical. With Introduction and Notes, ete, 
by Patrick Buchan. Collated and Annotated. 
The lovers and students of Scottish ballad poetry will learn with pleasure that 
Mr. Alexander Gardner, of Paisley, has issued a new and revised edition of " The 
Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland : Romantic and Historical/' originally published a 
little more than twenty years ago, and which has been out of print for some time. 
This collection, which is full, and carefully edited, with ample notes and introduc- 
tion, owes much of its accuracy and completeness to the assistance which the editor 
received from the late Dr. Patrick Buchan, the son of the more celebrated Peter 
Buchan, who collected and edited the " Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of 
Scotland," published at Edinburgh in 182S. The Buchans— father and son — were 
enthusiastic, painstaking, and excellent students of ballad literature, and no work 
of the kind which was fortunate enough to secure the services of their pen could 
fail to be greatly enriched thereby. 

** A new and revised edition of The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland is the more 
welcome for the generous system of inclusion, which for the general reader has 
more value than -selections based upon a sterner plan of eclecticism. . . . Be* 
sides the completeness of the text, it is no small benefit to have before us in the 
shape of notes, as well as extracts from Jamieson and others, pretty nearly all that 
Sir Walter left in his annotations on the ' Minstrelsy.'" — Athenaum, 

" There is no one country so rich in that style of poetry known as the ballad, as 
Scotland. Its store is so ample, so varied, that the task to collect it into one volume 
which shall be thorough ana representative, is no light undertaking. . . . The 
editor has done his work conscientiously and comprehensively. We know of no 
anthology of the ballads of Scotland so complete." — Ladys World, 

'* Mr. Alexander Gardner, of Paisley, deserves the warmest thanks for his beau 
tifiil and cheap edition of the Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland^ Romantic and His- 
torical, It is fully annotated, and is in all respects a delightful volume. Although 
it is so full of matter and extends to nearly 700 pages, the skill of the publisher has 
made it a most agreeable volume to handle. It should have a very wide circula- 
tion. "—-ffri/tjA Weekly, 

*' A very full and representative collection of Scottish minstrelsy. The notes are 
copious and teem with learning. If it be possible to learn English from Shake- 
speare's dramas, it is possible to learn Scottish history from such a volume of songs 
as this is." — Echo, 

** A very readable book, and between the text and the notes we get almost every 
line that has been retained or invented in this class •f ancient poetry." — Bookseller, 

A Short Proof that Greek was the 

Language of Christ. By Professor Roberts, D.D., St. Andrews. 
Post 8vo, price 2s. 6d. 

The River and the City. By Rev. 

George Philp. 6d. 

The Subjects and Mode of Baptism. By Rev. 

J. Paton Gloag, D.D., Galashiels. 3d.; post free. 

*"' Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. ii 


The Songs of Scotland. Chronologically 

Arranged Edited by Peter Ross. 

In oompiling ibis work my design was to gather together a representative 
body of classical Scottish song with brief explanatory notes, and, where 
possible, with a few particulars concerning the lives of the writers. The 
chronological arrangement was adopted not merely on account of its 
novelty, but that the work might be illustrative of the successive stages of 
one branch — the richest-— of Scottish literature. The various songs selected 
were printed as nearly as could be determined in the order in point of time 
in which they were written, the only exception being in the case of the 
Jacobite songs, which were arranged according to the events celebrated, 
BO as to give, in a measure, a history of the Rebellion of 1715 and 1745 in 
▼erae. Much antiquarian and historical matter which could not be used in 
the body of the book was placed at the disposal of readers in the Introduction . 

Another purpose was that the book should be thoroughly national. 
Nothing was admitted to its pages that was not the production of Scottish 

My idea was that the song minstrelsy of Scotland was in itself graud 
enough and varied enough to be measured by its native productions solely. 
This high standard was endorsed by many of the English reviews of the 
book, notably that of the London Standard, which closed a markedly appre- 
ciative notice by saying that the collection was " the most convenient and 
exhaustive we have seen of the songs of Scotland, which, taken as a body 
of lyric poetry, have not been surpassed even by the lyric poets of Greece, 
hitherto the supreme masters of the lyric muse." The same idea was also 
eoonciated by the laudatory notice which appeared in the Westminster 
Beview, Had the volume not been thoroughly Scotch, these compliments 
would not have been so clearly earned. In this connection, too, I cannot 
forbear quoting an extract from a letter by Professor Blackie on the national 
influence of our loved '^ hame sangs." '' Next," he says, ** to our Christian 
and independent pulpit, which we owe to John Knox, there is no mora] 
influence to which Scotsmen owe more than to their Scottish song. It is 
not merely as a healthy recreation, but as a moral stimulant of the first kind, 
that Scottish song acts in forming the character of the Scottish people ; 
and in this respect, and also as being the best exposition of Scottish his- 
tory, Scottish song ought always to form not only a prominent element but 
a pervading atmosphere in all Scottish schools. A familiar acquaintance 
with onr rich treasure of national song is, in my opinion, far more valuable 
as a moral agent than the most exact knowledge of the principles of Greek 
and Latin grammar." 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

12 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 


American Humourists. Selected and 

Edited by Robert Ford. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d., post free. 

Thistledown. A Book of Scotch 

Humour, Character, Folk-Lore, Story, and Anecdote. New, En- 
larged, and Illustrated Edition. Price 3s. 6d. Post free. 
*' Mr. Ford is an experienced raconteur^ and he has a keen sense of the ludicrous 
that enables him to seize upon the main point in a story and to emphasise it in the 
most telling manner. He has exhibited the humour to be found in all classes of 
society, from the minister to the village fool, in the pulpit and the pew, at the 
Bench and at the Bar ; and his pages are replete with wit and overflowing with 
genuine merriment. Many a pleasant hour may be spent in innocent mirth over 
the amusing pages of Thistledown," — Dundee Advertiser, 

Clothy gili topy bevelled edges^ J75 pages. With Frontispiece. 
Price 6s. Post Free. 

Ballads of Bairnhood. Selected and 

Edited, with Notes. 
The object of this work is to place in the hands of the public, in an 
elegant, convenient, and enduring form, a comprehensive collection of 
the choicest poems, songs, and ballads, by Scottish authors, relating to 
the subject of child-life. To the well-known nursery songs of William 
Miller, the author of "Wee Willie Winkie,'* Thorn's " Mitherless Bairn," 
Ballantine's " Castles in the Air," etc, and to the various touching and 
animated songs of child-life from the pens of Rodger, Donald, Smart, 
Fergusson, Latto, and the other champions of the famous " Whistle 
Binkie " brotherhood, are added the most fascinating and engaging 
pieces in the same way that have since been written by Dr. George 
MacDonald, R. L. Stevenson, Alexander Anderson, Robert Buchanan, 
William Allan, James Smith, James Nicholson, and other recent and 
living authors who have earned distinction in this as well as in other 
fields of literary endeavour ; the whole making a collection of " bairns' 
sangs " unique in Scottish literature. 

Auld Scots Ballants. Fcap. 8vo, cloth 

antique. 250 pages. Price 5s. Post free. 
'* A capital collection of ballads and poems of kindred form. It comprises 
genuine ballads and the poetic wares of the vagrant chapman ; old ballads such aft 
'* Chevy Chase " and '* Helen of Kirkconnell," and modern examples. Where a 
choice of versions is possible, Mr. Ford is, so far as we have consulted the book, to 
be commended, while the selection of chap ballads is altc^ether excellent In this 
division are included rare and notable specimens not accessible to the general 
reader. Mr. Ford*s collection is a book for ballad-lovers to rejoice in as a com- 
panion. The introductory notes are good and sufficient. — SeUurday Review. 

Love Songs of the Scottish Poets. [/« the Press. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 13 

Burnsiana: a Collection of Literary 

Odds and Ends relating to Robert Burns. Edited by John 
D. Ross. Small 410. Price 2S. 6d. ; cloth extra, 4s. 6d. each. 
Volumes I. to VI. are now ready. 

Isobel Burns (Mrs. Begg). A Memoir. 

By her Grandson. Fcap. 8vo. 136 pages. With Portrait. 
Price 2S- 6d. 

Highland Mary. Interesting Papers on 

an Interesting Subject. Edited by John D. Ross. Crown 8vo. 
150 pages. With Portrait. Price 2s. 6d. 

New and Greatly Enlarged Kditlon. 

Round Burns Grave: the Paeans and 

Dirges of Many Bards. Gathered together by John D. Ross. 
Post 8vo, cloth, 316 pp., 3s. 6d. Post free. 
" The study of this little volume enables one to apprehend more clearly than 
ever the place Robert Bums occupies, not merely in literature, but in the hearts o< 
nueii. **'^Glasgew Evening News, 

" All lovers of the poet most feel grateful to Mr. John D. Ross for the little 
volame. Mr. Ross has wisely refrained from exhausUng his subject, and so has 
escaped the misfortune of exhausting his reader. His collection is an eminently 
judicious one.** — Evening Times, 

History of Paisley Burns Clubs ; 1805- 

1893. By Robert Brown. With numerous Portraits, Illustra- 
tions, and Facsimiles. 4to, cloth extra, 356 pages. Price los. 6d. 

Burns Highland Mary, By Archi- 
bald MvNRO. Crown 8vo. 168 Pages. With Frontispiece. 3s. 

Hew Ainslie. — A Pilgrimage to the 

Land of Bums, containing Anecdotes of the Bard and the 
Characters he immortalized \ together with Scottish Songs, Bal- 
lads and Poems. By the late Hew Ainslie, Author of '* The 
Ingle Side," "Tam o' Balloch," "It's Dowie at the Hint o' 
Hairst," &c. Edited, with Memoir, by Thomas C. Latto, 
2 Photogravures and other Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s., 
post free. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

14 Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London, 

Ancient Lives of the Scottish Saints. 

Translated by W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. Demy 8vo. Price 15s ; 
on Whatman's Paper, 25s., post free. Very limited impression. 

" Dr. Metcalfe hasperformed a valuable service in giving us such really admir- 
able translations." — The Glasgow HercUd. 

** Dr. Metcalfe has achieved a most useful piece of work. The translation is oa 
he whole excellent." — Athenaum, 

** Dr. Metcalfe has confined himself almost entirely to making accurate and at the 
same time very readable translations of the Latin lives without attempting to sift 
legend from history, or to compare these lives with others in the vast nagiography 
of the Roman Church. At the same time, a brief introduction of twenty pages 
gives valuable indications to students of the way in which they should use these 
lives, with their strange mixture of fact, invention, and credulity, to throw light 
upon the real history of the times which they describe." — TIMES, 

Pinkerton's Lives of the Scottish Saints. 

Revised and Enlarged by W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. Two Vols. 
Demy 8vo. Price 15s. per Volume, post free. Very limited 

Uniform ^girlth the Above. 

SS. Ninlan and Machor — the Legends 

of, in the Scottish Dialect of the Fourteenth Century. Revised 
Text, with Introduction, Notes, Giossarial Index, and Appendices, 
containing Translations of S. Ailred's Life of S. Ninian and 
O'Donell's Account of S. Machor, by W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. 
Very Limited Issue, 

Celebrated Songs of Scotland. From 

King James V. to Henry Scott Riddell. Edited with Memoirs. 
Notes, Glossary, and an Index, by John D. Ross. Large 8vo, 
400 pages, cloth, gilt top. Price los. 6d. Post free. 

The Church of Scotland, from the time 

of Queen Margaret to the Reformation, with Supplementary 
Chapter dealing with Scottish Ecclesiastical Affairs to the Pres- 
byterian Settlement of 1690. By Richard Morris Stewart. 
Demy 8vo, cloth, 400 pages, price 7s. 6d. 

The Historical Castles and Mansions 

of Scotland. By A. H. Millar, F.S.A. Scot., author of The 
History of Rob Roy, The Story of Queen Mary^ Castles and 
Mansions of Ayrshire^ etc. Fcap. 4to, 15s. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner y Paisley and London, 15 

The University of St Andrews. 

Rectorial Address, November 20, 1893. 

By the Marquess of Bute, KLT. Second Edition. Price is. ; 
post free, is. 2d. 

The Itinerary of King Edward the First, 

as far as Relates to his Expeditions against Scotland, 1286-1307. 
By Henry Gough. 4to. \In the Press, 

Seven Essays on Christian Greece. By 

Dbmetrios Bikelas. Translated by the Marquess of Bute, 
K.T. I vol., Demy 8vo, 300 pp. Price 7s. 6d. Post Free. 

"Carlton Gardens, S.W., Dec. 6, 1890. 
"Dear Sir, — I thank you very much for the Volume of Essays by Mr. Bikelas 
CO Christian Greece. It appears to me of great historical value, though, having 
only received it on Thursday of this busy and disturbed week, I have as yet read 
only the first two Essays. 

" Of all widely prevalent historic misconceptions, probably the very greatest is 
to be found in the notions commonly entertained of the character and work of 
Constantinople and of the Byzantine Empire. This misconception, I trust that the 
volume which you have published may do much to clear away. I observe with 
particular pleasure that it has found a translator in the Marquess of Bute. 
" I remain, Dear Sir, 

•* Your very faithful Servant, 
••Mr. A. Gardner. **W. E. Giadstone. 

'* They are well worthy to be gathered into permanent form. To every student 
of Grecian history this volume will be of great interest. The author commends 
himself to us at once by his patriotism and the candour and skill with which he 
deals with the difficult problems of his country's history." — Dundee Advertiser, 

"All who are interested in the history of the ' Lower Empire,* . . . or in the 
ever-changing Eastern Question, or in the narrower Greek Question, will thank the 
Marquess of Bute for making so accessible these excellent Essays." — Daily Free 

Scottish Poets in America. With Bio- 
graphical and Critical Notices. By John D. Ross, Editor of 
*' Celebrated Songs of Scotland" 8vo, 218 pp., cloth, 6s., post free. 

Hutton.— *' The Ascent of Man " : Its Note of 

Theology. By the Very Rev. Principal Hutton, D.D. Fcap. 
4to. !Mce IS. nett. 

The Word and the Book. By the 

Very Rev. Principal Hutton, D.D. Crown 8vo. Boards, is. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

1 6 Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London. 

The Great Palace of Constantinople. 

Translated from the Greek of the late Dr. A G. Paspates. 
By William Metcalfe, B.D, With a Map. Demy 8vo, 381 
pages. Price los. 6d. 

" English readers will welcome the translation which Mr. William Metcalfe has 
now completed of so valuable a record." — Morning Post, 

'* A^work well known to Byzantine students. . . The translator has, so far 

can be judged from a few test-passages, given an accurate, clear, and perspicu- 
ous version of the original." — Bytaniinisehe Zeitschrifi, 

*'The chief authority on the subject is Constantine Porphyrogennetos, and Dr. 
Paspates follows him closely, but confirms and supplements this writer from a 
knowledge of the earlier historians such as has no parallel in any English book." — 

"The fact that the author, unlike other writers on the subject, pursues his in- 
vestieations on the spot, impresses a special stamp on his work. . . . The re- 
searches of Dr. Paspate serve to stimulate curiosity and provoke further investiga- 
tion. It is to be hoped that this book, introduced to the British public in an attrac- 
tive form by Mr. Metcalfe, will arouse interest in this tantalizing question, which 
the presence of the Turkish intruder in Europe prevents us from approaching in 
the only way which can conduct to even an approximate solution. — ^J. B. Bury 
in the Scottish Revieiv, 

'* A work of exceeding interest and importance.*' — Daify Chronicle, 

'* Against the day when thorough investigation becomes possible, Dr. Paspates' 
work will be invaluable. " — Literary World, 

"The stout 8vo volume, accompanied by a map showing the position of the 
ancient buildings, is of commanding interest to archaeologists and, though in a less 
degree, to readers and students of Byzantine history. . . It is not to be expected 
that one author alone could fix definitely, in one effort, the position of buildings of 
which all traces are either completely lost, or the sites are covered with modern 
abominations. Students of Roman Topography will understand the difficulty, and 
hence we are all the more grateful to Dr. Paspates and his translator for the pre- 
sent attempt, successful as it is almost beyond all hope."— /w/^tm/ and Asiaitc 
Quarterly Review, 

An Introduction to Ethics. By J, Clark 

Murray, LL.D., F.R.S.C., M'Gill College, Montreal. Crown 
8vo, 6s. 6d. Post Free. 

By the Same Author. 

A Handbook of Psychology. Fourth 

Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. Post free. 
"We are not surprised that Dr. Murray's book has soon reached a second 
edition. It is one of the best manuals on psychology that we know. Every topic 
is treated with great clearness, with much philosophic acumen, and in such a style 
as to make ordinary people, as well as students, feel this book pleasant reading.** 
— London Quarterly Review, 

M orison -Grant. — Life, Letters, and Last 

Poems of Lewis Mqrison-Grant. By Jessie Annie Ander^ 
' SON. With Portrait and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Price 4s. 6d. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London, 17 

In Oban Town. A Novel. By Camp- 
bell M*Kellar. Crown 8vo, 6s. 

"The author has very considerable descriptive and dramatic power. Mr. 
M'Kellar gives us a vivid gh'mpse into Oban society. Glenlogan and his courtship 
afford the author the opportunity of displaying his gift of humour, which is con- 
siderable."— /.i/^r^iry iVorltL 

** We cannot deny the author the praise of reminding the reader very pleasantly 
of the many charms and interests of the West Highland capital, and of making a 
strong case for the Celtic revival in the midst of increasingly modern surroundings.'^ 

" In Oban Town opens with a startling murder, the secret of which is well kept 
till towards the end. . . . There is some admirable descriptive writing in the 
volume, several good shooting scenes. . . . The conversations are bright and 
frequently clever. . . . The story may be said to be of much more than average 
ability and to contain the elements of a genuine success." — Scottish Revinv. 

"A good piece of work, and will commend itself to many readers ; the fact that 
we are willing to admit this much, after listening to the author's denunciation of 
the 'mighty, iniquitous, anonymous press,' must be taken to indicate that we our- 
selves have derived some pleasure from the book." — Daily Record. 

•* Another Scotch story — and a good one — and breathing freely of the tartan and 
the heather and not of the kail-yard. The characters are well drawn, the incidents 
are all possible and probable, and Oban, the Charing Cross of the Highlands, is 
invested with an air of romance, and, at the same time, reality, which will add to 
its attractions as a holiday resort. As a Scotch story, In Oban Toivn will take 
rank with the best popular novels of the present day. There is not a tedious chap- 
ter in the whole volume. The sentimental element is far from being overdone, the 
hamour is genial, and the power displayed throughout is well worthy of the author. 
In every respect In Oban Town has fully maintained the growing reputation of a 
now popular author." — Ayr Observer, 

"The story is considerably above the average. Perhaps the best part of the' 
story is ihat which deals with fashionable life in Oban. The author is evidently at 
home here, and his descriptions of the scenes to be witnessed at the famous resort 
in the summer season, and the functions which society finds pleasure in there, 
makes very interesting reading indeed. The dialogue between the various charac- 
ters is very sweet and smart, and the situations are extremely effective." — Dviuice 

" The novel should be popular in the Highlands. The typical Highlander is 
not much in evidence ; but there is abundance of characters as true to life. The 
story runs on vigorously from first to last, and some excellent songs are scattered 
through the XyooV:'— British Weekly, 

Lilias Garment ; or, For Better for Worse. By 

Gordon Roy, author of For Her Sake, Bis Cousin Adair, etc. 
Cr. 8vo, 6s. 

On Heather Hills. 2 vols. Crown 8vo, 21s. 

••The plot is wholly new, and that is something at a time when all plots are 
said by experts to have been used up long ago. ' On Heather Hills ' is in fact one 
of those rare phenomena a thoroughly fresh and vividly interesting story, and as 
such deserves a cordial welcome." — Daily Telegraph, 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

1 8 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 

The Braes o' Balquhidder. A Novel. 

By Douglas Aytoun. Crown 8vo. 6s. 

" I thank you for your courteous gift. I am glad there is so much disposition 
to incorporate Scottish manners in permanent form. " — IV, E, Gladstone. 

" Eminently readable . . . the lx>ok has a distinct charm. Mr. Aytoun is 
a good judge of character, and knows and loves his Scotland well." — Weekly Sun, 

"In Mr. Aytoun*s long, but, on the whole, very attractive story, the scenes are 
laid in Edinburgh and in other parts of Scotland famous in history . . . the 
writer has a great deal of interest to say, descriptive and historical, throughout 
this romantic tour." — Scotsman, 

*' A delightful novel ! redolent of Scotland, Edinburgh, the Highlands, Ban- 
nockbum, Bruce, Wallace, Macleods, Macgregois, Macdonalds, Campbells, and 
everything Scotch. Interesting from first to last ... as good a novel as we 
have read for a long time." — Ayr Observer, 

" Cannot be condemned on account of want of variety . . . good matter in 
the book ; healthy sentiment, and miscellaneous information. " — Dundee Advertiser, 

" There is matter in it sufficient for three or four books. As real people are 
introduced into the story under very thin disguises, it is not at all unlikely that 
the book will have a decided vogue. A very intpresting .portion of Mr. Aytoun's 
book is that recording the symposium at Oban — taken part in by the Emeritus 
Professor of Greek, the American Consul at Edinburgh, and the local newspaper 
editor." — Glasgow (Daily) Record, 

** There is a rich Kirk flavour everywhere. The hero thus rebukes a friend who 
wished to take out a boat on the Sabbath : — ' How is it that you, brought up as 
you have been, and with a godly and anointed brother, now set so little store by 
the day which has contributed so much to the prosperity — I may say the greatness 
— of Scotsmen both at home and abroad ? * The God-fearing characteristics of 
our countr)'men — even her common soldiers — have been feathers in the cap of the 
dear old land wherever her ubiquitous sons have planted their feet." — London 
(Daily) Courier. 

Dare MacDonald. A Tale of the Riviera. By 

E. R. MacNicol. Crown Svo, cloth. 5s., post free. 

In a Kingdom by the Sea. By Thos. D. Robb. 

Second Edition. Crown Svo, is. 

A Malicious Threat. By S. B. Miller. 

Crown Svo, 4s. 6d. 

Maisie Warden. By J. D. Hutcheson. Price 

5s., post free. 

Angus Graeme, Gamekeeper. By the Author of 

"A lonely Life/* etc. los. 6d. 

Otterstone Hall. By Urquhart A. Forbes. 

I OS. 6d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London. 19 

Redburn. By Henry Ochiltree. Crown 

8vo. Cloth Extra, bevelled boards, gilt top. Price 5s. 

From the "TIMES." 

" However dark and thrilling the good old novel might be, we were 
always cheered by the certainty of a comfortable ending. It was only 
once and again that the genial Sir Walter Scott gave himself over to a 
Bride of Lammermoor^ and that story was imagined in the agonies of 
cramp. But now when a clever young novelist aspires to make his 
mark he is more likely than not to triad, la Hamlet and bring down 
the curtain in the blackness of gloom. Redburn strikes us as a re- 
markable story. It has all the minuteness of observation, the quaint 
humour, the happy sympathy with odd rustic idiosyncrasies of the 
Window in Thrums, If Mr. Ochiltree goes on as he has begun, we 
venture to predict for him notoriety and wide popularity. ... In 
a manufacturing town like Thrums, with its overtasked weavers, small 
social tragedies may be of every-day occurrence. But the hill farm 
of Redburn is situated in the Western Muirlands which Scott has 
made familiar to us in 0/d Mortality, Those sparsely populated 
solitudes, the sanctuaries of the muirfowl and the curlew, have 
changed but little since the Life Guards came to signal grief in the 
moss-flows of Drumclog. The novelist would be fairly justified in 
depicting a primitive Arcadia, and in idealizing the peacetul Presby- 
terian folk, whose worst failing is hereditary fanaticism. And the 
novel begins brightly and breezely. We are charmed with the pleasing 
pictures of primitive rural simplicity. The sketches of old Scottish 
life and manners are worthy of the author of Guy Mannering — not at 
his worst; and the dialogues, with their breadth of "pawky" native 
humour in the vernacular, are rich in piquancy to the Scotchman who 
can run as he reads. But Mr. Ochiltree, like Lockhart in his Adam 
Blair ^ has sought his motive in the lapse from morality of a minister 
who is sincerely religious. The fall of Adam Scott is powerfully 
handled, but it is an unpleasant theme at the best. The tutor and 
probationer, a youth of brilliant promise, has glided rather than fallen 
into love with the daughter of the laird of Redburn. Unhappily the 
cousin of the girl he calmly admires sets her snares for the unsus- 
picious young divine, who is fatally entrapped by the Circe of the 
Muirlands. As we have hinted, retribution falls swiftly upon sin. 
The temptress, recognizing too late that the glamour of her witcheries 
was dispelled when she had given herself, dies of mortification and a 
broken heart; and the fate of her misguided victim is yet more 
lamentable, as his was a deeper and more earnest nature." 

*' Redburn contains some good work. The story of the temptation and fall of 
thejroang theological student is certainly not wanting in either insight or power. 
There are some touches of genuine humour in the record of Jims Buchan's rather 
comically unsatisfactory eBi>eriences of courtship." — Spectator. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

20 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 

James Macpherson, the Highland Freebooter. 

A stirring Tale of Love and Revenge. By J. G. Phillips. 
Cloth, 3s. 6d. 

Cora Linn. A Romance of the Clyde, 

By J. Gordon Phillips, author of 'James Macpherson, the 
Highland Freebooter/ etc. Crown 8vo, cloth. 3s. 6d., post free. 

** It is a stirring old legend which is not so well known as it should be, and in 
making it the foundation of his latest novel Mr. Phillips has not only shown 6ne 
discrimination in the selection of an attractive theme, but has rendered a distinct 
service in preserving and, indeed, elaborating what undoubtedly is one of the fine&i 
gems of legendary lore. ... If the ability to produce a stirring book is a 
thing to be commended, Mr. Phillips is entitled to a large meed of praise, for in 
' Cora Linn ' there is not a dull page. Whether depicting the fierce passions of 
men roused to their utmost, or describing the romantic love scenes between Mac 
Ian Rua and the Princess, Mr. Phillips is equally effective, some of his passages 
being really inimitable. Of history he appears to have a thorough grasp, and the 
result is that his bouk is as instructive as it is thrilling." — Dundee Courier, 

"Mr. J. Gordon Phillips has produced another story of peculiar attractiveness. 
. . . The combination of historical illusion, character sketches, tradition, • 
romance, and all the warring elements of an unsettled and adventurous period is as 
. creditable to the author as it is gratifying to the reader. . . . The strength of 
the work may be judged from the fact that unlike so many of the novels of the 
present day its scenes and characters do not pass away with the closing of the book 
but leave an abiding impression on the mind of the reader." — Dundee Advertiser, 

" In Cora Linn Mr. Phillips has given us a picture of Scotland and the Scots as 
they were in the seventh century. We could name several living writers who might 
have produced a smoother narrative . . . but we know of none who could 
have reproduced an epoch in more life-like colours. ... Its chief merit is 
that it makes a dim, strange past live before our eyes. We have primeval forests 
full of wild beasts and wilder men — rivers that reflect no steeples, but only trees — 
strong castles poised on precipices, savage nomads, and half-tamed nobles — wild 
tribes that flock from the north and from the south to the King's standard at the 
sign of beacon-fires — strange figures of priests — Danes in companies roaming the 
woods, or in armies by the sea-shores. Mr. Phillips sees the object and has the art 
of making others see it. . . . While a traveller may be skulking in the woods 
here, there is wassail in some lordly hall, there are wars and rumours of wars upon 
the borders of the sea. Some of the dramatis persona are strikingly individual. 
. . . Indeed the spirit of society just emerging from sav.ngery into Christian 
civilization is admirably conceived. " — Elgin Courant and Courier, 

" To those whose tastes incline to the good, old-fashioned type of romance, in 
which incident after incident of a marvellous kind trip on each other's heels, and 
the reader is kept constantly on tenter-hooks concerning the fate of the hero and 

the heroine, Mr. J. Gordon Phillips* Cora Linn will seem a godsend 

This task he achieves with unfailing vigour and fertility of invention ; although it 
may be hinted that he makes too frequent and cruel use of the romancist's device of 
leaving the dagger suspended over the bosom of the heroine, or the heroine herself 
suspended over the flood, in order to break off and resume another thread of his 
intricate narrative." — Scotsman, 

Drifted Northward ; or, The Man who Didn't 

Know. By T. Hanton. Crown 8vo, 120 pages. Price is. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 21 

America and the Americans. A Narra- 
tive of a Tour in the United States and Canada, with Chapters 
on American Home Life. By the Rev. A. Craib. Illustrations. 
Crown 8vo. Price 3s. 6d. Post Free. 

At the Front. By One who was There. 

A Realistic Record of a Soldier's Experiences in the Crimean War 
and Indian Mutiny. Crown 8vo, is. 6d. ; cloth, 2s. 

A Treatise on Byzantine Music. By 

Rev. S. G. Hatherly, Mus. Bac. Oxon. Demy quarto. Paper 

covers, 4s.; cloth, 6s. 
This is an endeavour, for the first time in English, to clear up some 
of the difficulties which beset the student when confronted with 
Eastern music generally. Reasoning from what is better known to 
that which is less known, the work, after discussing the mathematical 
formation of the musical scale, passes in review the Gregorian system, 
a Western development of Eastern tradition, and proceeds to a full 
description of the old Greek diatonic genus, the chromatic genus, and 
the mixture of the diatonic and chromatic on which the bulk of 
Eastern music now prevalent is constructed. There are upwards of 
Fifty unabbreviated Musical Pieces, ancient and modern, from Greek, 
Russian, Turkish, and Egyptian sources, given and fully analyzed : 
the way thereby being opened up for future Musical Composers who 
may desire to cultivate this vast and fertile, but hitherto unknown and 
unexplored, musical field. 

God Save the Queen, varied in Twenty- 
four forms, projected over certain selected Modes of the ancient 
diatonic genus and of the more characteristically-Oriential chro- 
matic genus. A Supplement to Dr. Hatherlv's well-known 
This work is an answer to the oft-put question, * Are these ancient 
Modes or Scales of any practical use to us moderns ? ' The question 
was answered in the affirmative by the distinguished French orientalist 
M. Bourgault-Ducoudrayi in 1878, and our present author has merely 
taken up the French parable and largely extended its application. 

Silver Aims and Golden Anchors. A 

Text-Book. is. nett. 

Johnson : .his Characteristics and Aphorisms. 

By James Hay, Minister of Kirn. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


22 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 

Sdited by ROBERT FORD. l8. Post Free, Is. 2d. eaeti. 

Popular English Readings. From Sir 

F. H. Doyle, G. A. Sala, Samuel K. Cowan, Robert Overton, 
Tom Hood, Charles Dickens, W. S. Gilbert, E. B. Brownings 
James Payn, Wilkie Collins, George R. Sims, Douglas Jerrold, 
Lord Lytton, &c., &c. 

Popular Scotch Readings. From 

Buchanan, Barrie, W. Graham, LL.D., '^ohn Strathesk," Outraro, 
Lochore, " J. B. Selkirk," Willock, Latto, Ford, Professor Aytoun, 
Rev. David Macrae, &c., fire. 

Popular Irish Readings. From J. Gil- 

kison, Archibald M'Connochie, Father Ryan, Samuel Lover, 
Charles Lever, J. S. Lefanu, G. Griffin, T. C. Croker, &c., &c. 

Popular American Readings. From T. 

C. Harbaugh, Bret Harte, Will Carleton, Sam Davis, "Max 
Adeler," "Mark Twain," "Mozis Addums," Col. John Hay 
J. M. Bailey, "Wyoming Kit," Oliver W. Holmes, &c., &c. 

The above also in one voL^ 4.S. Post free^ 4s. 6d. 


The Home Doctor : a Household Guide 

for Use in Illness. By Florence Stacpoole. 3d. \ post free, 

Indigestion. What Causes it ; How 

it may be Prevented; and How it should be Treated. By 
Florence Stacpoole. Price 2d., post free, 2^d. 

Our Babies, and How to Take Care of 

Them. By Florence Stacpoole. 3d., post free, 4d. 

Cookery for Working Men's Wives, 

as taught by Martha H. Gordon ; with Useful Hints on Wash- 
ing and Sanitation, and on What to Do Till the Doctor Cpmes. 
Introduction by Dr. James B. Russell, Medical Officer of 
Health, Glasgow, and Remarks by Surgeon-General Maclean, 
C.B., LL.D., late of Netley Military College. 3d. ; post free, 4d. 

School Cookery, as taught in Coats* 

Half-Time School, Paisley. By Jessie C. Scott, First Class 
Diplomee, South Kensington. Price 2d. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gard7ter;^Paisiey and London, 23 

Hdited by ROBERT FORD. Grown 8vo. 550 Pages. With 
etched Frontispiece and Fac-simlle. Price 7s. 6d, ; Large 
Paper, ISs. 

The Harp of Perthshire. A Collection 

of Songs and other Poetical Pieces, many of which are Origina]. 
With Notes Explanatory, Critical, and Biographical. 

*' Taking the volume as a whole, it contains some of the best poetry in the 
language. —Pertkshire ConsHtuHonaL 

*' Perthshire men, and others than they, will be grateful to have all the varied 
streams of song brought within the compass of a single volume. Mr. Ford has 
compiled the book with evident love for his task, and has been at pains in preparing 
critical notes on Perthshire poems and biographical notices of Perthshire poets." — 

" The author has done his work well, and every true son of Perthshire will feel 
indebted to him for giving us the best collection of Perthshire songs and ballads 
that ever has been published. No library in the county, public or private, will be 
complete without it. It is a storehouse of local material that must endure for all 
time." — Perthshire Advertiser, 

Compute^ in Four Volumes, 
Extra Crown 8vo^ Cloth extra^ full f^ilf Celtic design on side^ gilt top^ 
Price 7$. 6d each, post free. With numerous Illustrations, 

Popular Tales of the West Highlands. 

Orally Collected, with a Translation By the late J. F. Campbell, 
The Publisher has pleasure in announcing the completion of the 
new Edition of the above important work. It contains all the illus- 
trations as they appeared in the original issue, including the some- 
what scarce frontispieces. He trusts this edition of the '^ Arabian 
Nights" of Celtic Scotland will be acceptable to all lovers of what is 
quaint and curious in literature. 

*' The book is one that no modem student can afford to miss, and that few persons 
of any age or degree of culture would not come to again and again." — Daily News, 

'* Mr. Campbell has published a collection of tales which will be regarded as one of 
the greatest literary surprises of the present century. It is the first instalment of what 
was to be expected from any fair statement of the scientific value of popular tales. 
... It required some striking demonstration of the real worth of popular tales to 
arouse Gaelic scholars from their apathy. They have been aroused, and here is the first 
froit in a work that is m«st admii^bly 'edited' by the head of a family beloved and 
honoured in those breezy western isles, who has produced a book which will be equally 
priced in the nursery, in the drawing-room, and in the library." — Times. 

** Mr. Campbell has brought together in his introduction and his notes much that 
is valuable and curious. The coincidences which he has pointed out between the 
stories of the Western Highlands and other parts of the Aryan world are striking in 
themselves, and will be us<^ for further researches. But the most valuable parts of 
his woric are the stories themselves. For these he will receive the thanks of all who are 
interested in the study of language and popular literature, we hope that his example 
will be followed by others in other parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland.*'— ^ajr 
MmlJer, im •' Chips from a German Workshop," 


Digitized by VnOOQ IC 

24 Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London. 

TliB " Jenny Wren " Sories of Gookery Manuals. 

6d. each; Post free, 8d. 

Dainty Dishes for Dinners, Luncheons, and 

Suppers ; as also other Tid Bits. 
"When I came home, I found a little book Mr. Alexander Gardner had 
sent me, called " Dainty Dishes," and, the Family being safe in bed out of the 
way, I made, all by myself, one of the daintiest little tid-bits of a couple of eggs 
you ever heard of. Buy that Book."— ^//y Sloptr. 

The Complete Art of Dinner-Giving, with Notes 

on Luncheons and Suppers. 

'* There are two dear little books that would, I think, help you greatly ; they 
are Jenny Wren's *Art of Dinner-giving' and Jenny Wren's 'Dainty Dishes.' 
They are quite inexpensive, and the information is of a strictly practical kind, the 
book being, I believe, written by a first-rate Scotch cook-housekeeper, and though 
in their entirety you may find them too homely, they give a variety of useful hints 
one seldom, if ever, gets in more pretentious works." — Queen, 

Dishes of Fishes : How to Prepare Them. With 

Hints about Sauces and Seasonings. 

The Art of Preparing Soups, Stews, Hashes, 

and Ragouts. 

A Treatise on the Cooking of Big Joints, as also 

Instructions for Roasting and Boiling Poultry and Game ; with 
Hints on the Preparation of Vegetables and Salads. 

The Art of Preparing Puddings, Tarts, Jellies, 

&c. ; with Hints on " Preserving " and Pastry Baking. 

Sauces, Seasonings, and Salads, with Observa- 
tions on Vegetable Cookery, Pickling, etc. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 25- 


Poems and Songs: Humorous, Serious, 

and Satirical. By Alexander Rodger. Edited, with an Intro- 
duction, by Robert Ford. Crown 8vo. Cloth. 200 pages. 
3S. 6d. nett. {Out of Print 

Tannahiirs (Robert) Poems, Edited 

by the late David Semple, F.S.A. A new edition shortly. 

Morning and Noonday Chimes : Poems, 

Sonnets, and Lyrics. By James Simpson, Junr., Alloa Park. 
Crown 8vo. Cloth. 219 pages. Gilt edges. 3s. 6d. nett. 

Wallace: a Poem. By Neil Macleod, 

Foolscap 8vo. Antique, is. Post free. 

Twilight Thoughts. Poems. By Os- 

BURN Blackburn. Crown Svo. 3s. 6d. 

Scottish Pastorals and Ballads. By 

Alexander Falconer. Second Edition. Fcap. 410. 2s. 

The Viking s Bride, and other Poems. 

By R. Menzies Fergusson, M.A., author of "Rambles in the 
Far North." Post Svo. Price 3s. Post Free. 

The Disciple of Love. A Poem. By 

W. SouPER. i6mo. 2S. 6d. 

Tayside Songs, and Other Verses. By 

Robert Ford. With Portrait. Crown Svo. About 250 pages. 
Price 3s. 6d. nett. 

Memorials of Auld Lang Syne : the 

School Examination, &c. By Thomas C. Latto. Small 4to, 
2s. 6d. ; cloth extra, 4s. 6d. Post free. 

Poems. By C. Mackenzie. Cr. Svo. 2s. 6d. 
The Dawn of Love and other Poems. 

Now for the first time collected. By Colin Rae Brown. 5s. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

26 Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London. 

Breezes from John o' Groats. By Mac 

Bremen. Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. Post Free. 

*' Most of the scenes and characters are drawn from olden times, and the vivid- 
ness with which these are portrayed should ensure an extensive circulation for the 
book. The author*s style is clear and graceful, and his love for the freedom and 
the beauties of nature constitutes him an agreeable companion. His admiration (or 
heroism in daily life is very marked, and several pieces which depict humble char- 
acter with an element of romance are really engrossing. The work is replete with 
experiences and incidents which appeal to the heart, and which are fitted to inspire 
to true nobility of character and conduct." — Advertiser. 

" In the perusal of these verses, the reader will frequently light on passages of no 
inconsiderable pathos and descriptive power ; while the whole series betokens a 
really poetical imagination, wealth of diction, and unrestrained fancy.*' — Hamilion 

Poems, Songs and Sonnets. By 

Robert Reid (Rob Wanlock), author of ** Moorland Rhymes." 
With Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5 s. 

" To those to whom these older pieces are new, the book will be valued for the 
simplicity and freshness of its south country dialect and its fidelity to the traditions 
of tenderness which the poets have made to cling round even the bleakest of Scot- 
tish scenes." — Scotsman, 

Rasmie's Buddie. Poems in the Shet- 

landic Dialect. By J. J. Haldane Burgess, M.A. 2s. 6d. 

Jockie, and other Songs and Ballads. 

By Andrew Smith Robertson. Crown 8vo, 120 pages, is. 6d. 

Poems. By J. K. Lamont. Crown 8vo, cloth, 

2s. 6d. 

Poems, By James Mather. Cr. 8vo, 4s. 
Dreams o' Hame, and other Scotch 

Poems. With a few Experiments in English Verse. By James 
D. Law. Crown 8vo. Portrait. 6?., post free. 

Hill-A-Hoy-O. By a '^Country Cousin.'' 

Post 8vo, cloth. 2S. 6d. 

Protomantis, and Other Poems, By 

Lewis Morison-Grant. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. 

The Kings Quhair. By James I., King of 

Scotland. Done into English by Wm. Mackean. 4to, 3s. 6d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 27 

Tentatives. By David B. Mungo, 

formerly of Hutcheson's Grammar School. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth 
Extra, Gilt Top. Price 3s. 6d. 

'*. . . Nothing that scholarship, a Bne ideal of poetic dignity, and good 
craftsmanship of verse can do has been left undone to make these pieces as perfect 
as may be ; and no one who is fond of poetry will read them without sympathy 
and a certain admiration. . . . You do not too often find a heaven-scaling poet 
making himself intelligible to the meanest capacity. — Scotsman. 

'* Touched with fine feeling.** — Glasgow Herald. 

**Well worthy of notice. . . . The sonnet on 'Love 'is the gem of the 
collection. — Dundee Advertiser. 

*' The verse as well as the volume is for the most part dainty, and bears the 
marks of culture and genuine poetic feeling. " — Kxlviarnock Standard. 

** Deal with several themes that the author had far better have left alone.. . . 
The majority of his figures of speech are sadly hackneyed. — Glasgow Evening News^ 

Wild Flower Lyrics and other Poems. By 

James Rigg. With Portrait. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra. 55. nett. 

"A most interesting volume of verse. The author seems to be one of those 
naturalists of humble life who happily abound in our great cities, especially in those 
of Scotland, and whose researches keep alive the feeling for natural beauty. Mr. 
Edwards, who was commemorated in a well-known monograph by Mr. Smiles, 
was one of these lesser known Whites of Selborne. Our author deserves a like 
honour. He has poetized well-nigh the entire flora of the country side, and his 
book of contents might also serve as the basis of a treaty on Botany. Here is his 
tribute to the Wild Thyme, of which he takes care to give us the botanical name. 
He adheres to this practice throughout, and it gives an additional touch of quaint- 
ness and simplicity to his work : 

" ' I call the hills a sanctuary, 
Its choristers, the brooks ; 
Its organ tone, the solemn bee. 

The flowers, its sacred books ; 
The azure sky, its dome sublime. 
Its incense sweet, the fragrant Thyme.* " — Daily Neivs. 

Poems and Sonnets. By James Ren- 
wick, Cr. 8vo. Price 2s. 6d. 

*'The seasons' changes, the silence of the hills, and the mystery of the sea, find 
io him an interpreter at once subtle and sympathetic." — Aberdeen Free Press, 

" It is the work, as we judge, of a cultured and scholarly man, who has mastered 
the forms in which he wbrks, and who can set to melodious sounds a reasonably 
cheerful philosophy of life," — Dundee Courier. 

"Much of human interest united to high and inspiring thought. — Banffshire 

"The author possesses, without doubt, *the vision and the faculty divine ; . . 
and the gift of imagination is united to a power, especially when the inspiration 
has been inhaled directly from nature, of expressing his thoughts in clear, well- 
ordered diction." — Hamilton Advertiser. 

**. . . there is a daintiness, a culture, a sweetness and poetic insight in his 
verses ... he has the true poetic gift, and sings with a grace aiid naturalness 
that makes him worth the reading.*' — Ihe People^ s Friend. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

28 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 

Motherwell. The Poems and Songs by 

William Motherwell. Crown 8vo. Cloth. 6s. 

Songs of Thule, By Laurence J. 

NicoLSON. With Portrait. Crown Svo. Price 3s. 6d. 

" A fine feeling pervades all Mr. Nicolson's verses, while some of them are re- 
markable for their pathos and beauty." — Scottish Revirw. 

** Mr. Laurence James Nicolson*s Sengs of ThuU cannot but please those who 
know the Orkney Islands, since the verses give so plain and so graceful an expres- 
sion to the sentiments of one who likes the life there and knows it well." — Scotsmam. 

Ayrshire Idylls of Other Days. By 

George Umber. Crown Svo. Illustrations. 5s. Post Free. 

" His characters arc original and interesting, and his picture of life in an Ayr- 
shire town true and vivid. And certainly it is a pleasure in these days to come 
across a book not made for the n.arket, but showing the marks of a loving care and 
a genuine interest in the subject." — British Weekly, 

In My City Garden. By George Umber. 

With Illustrations. Crown Svo. Price 6s. Pc^st Free. 
The art of making something out uf nothing is a rare accomplishment and hard 
of attainment. This art * George Umber * undoubtedly possesses. Alongside of 
Barrie — like touches are delightful, transcripts of human life and exf>erience, and 
fine bits of genial wisdom. Such a sketch as ' Uncle Venner's Reminiscence,' the 
story of a boy's conviction of sin, is almost perfect, and anybody who knows any- 
thing about what Scotch life was will at once recognise its truth and feel its 
cha r m . " — Gias^w Herald, 

*'This dainty volume of 200 odd pages is a work marked by culture<1 thought, 
keen observation of Nature, skill in analysing the human heart in iis varied muods 
of joy and sorrow, and, that quiet repose in literary expression which is as artistic 
as it is lucid and homely ; its twelve full-page illustrations being by no means its 
least attractive feature."— Glasgoru* Evening limes. 

Curious Episodes in Scottish History. 

By R. Scott Fittis. Cr. Svo. 330 pages. 6s. Post Free. 

*• Mr. Fiitis' explorations in ihe darker and dustier nooks of the national annals, 
are marked by praiseworthy diligence in searching original authorities, and by work- 
manlike skill in fitting his materials, so far as they will go, into a well-compacted 
narrative. . . . Mr. Fittis has made a useful contribution to history, and pro« 
duced at the same time an attractive Jind deeply interesting book." — Scotsman, 

•* We can imagine no more attractive gift than this book. The youth of the pre- 
sent day, it is to be feared, do not find much time to devote to the study of hi.<«tory, 
and the interesting and graphic narratives of Mr. Finis may help to remind them 
that the story of their own country, when properly handled, is as stirring and in- 
spiring — perhaps rather more so — than either the up-to date novels or the penny 
clreadfuls. , Their elders will. find the volume extremely entertaining«"->^/aj;^07& 
Evening T*'mes, 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London. 29 

Heroines of Scotland. By Robert 

Scott Fittis, Author of " Ecclesiastical Annals of Perth," etc. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, 350 pages. Price 6s. Post Free, 

Sports and Pastimes of Scotland. 

Historically Illustrated. By Robert Scott Fittis. In small 
4to, cloth, 212 pages. Price 53. Post Free. 

Gilzean-Reid. — Tween Gloamin' and the Mirk: 

Tales and Sketches of Scottish Life. By Sir Hugh Gilzean- 
Reid, LL.D., F.J.I. Crown 8vo, antique. Price 6s. 

"A welcome addition to a class of literature for which hoth 
demand and supply seem to he rapidly growing.**— Scotsman. 

"A rare book for a Christmas gift."— r^*^ Fireside, 

*' * Old Oscar ' (a dog hero already known to many readers) may fairly be ranked 
with the * Rab ' whose name Dr. John Brown has made a household word." — The 

"As a true reflex of the national character, the book is necessarily both grave 
and gay. but the transition from pathos to humour is effected with ease, and both 
arc artistically blended." — 'the Aberdeen foumal. 

** The chatty account of ihe old dog Oscar, which was fortunate enough to win 
the approval of the historical Rab himself, has very considerable charm. . . . 
On the whole the work will be read with interest and pleasure." — Glasgaiv Herald, 

" A welcome a'hiiiion to a class of literature for which both demand and supply 
seem to be rapidly growing. . . . * Old Oscar* is the story of the life of a 
collie dog, of unusual sagacity and fidelity, here told with much poetic power." — 
The Scotsman. 

I "All the world will admit patriotism to be a virtue that flourishes in Caledonia, 

I hnl it may probably bo forgotten in some quarters that Scotchmen claim to be 

hii^torically as distinguished for cosmopolitanism as for patriotism, and it is not im* 
I potsible that the justice of this claim may be disputed. Sir Hugh Gilzean-Reid 

I exemplifies hoth claims. . . His volume is one of the best of the kind, perhaps 

the very best, that we have had occasion to examine." — The Literary World, 

•* Under this title Sir Hugh Gilzean-Reid has collected a number of new and old 
sketches from his ever-brilliant pen. . . . What William Black has done for the 
I Highlands. Sir Hugh Gilzean-Reid may be said to have accomplished for the 

I Lf^wlands. As we turn the pages we seem to be wafted amongst the sweet hills 

I and valleys of the country, and when we lay it aside the uppermost thought in 

I OUT mind is a wish that the same pen wouM give us a Lowland novel, so that we 

! mijjht live with some of his creations for a longer time than is possible in a series 

of short sketches." — Liverpool Daily Post. 

*^* Tween Gloamin^ and the Mirk is a volume into which many Scotchmen 
will dip at odd times with pleasure, and which even Englishmen may read with 
profit. —Spectator, 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

30 Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 

Gilzean-Reid. — Housing of the People : an Ex- 
ample in Co-Operation. By Sir Hugh Gilzean-Reid, LL.D., 
FJ I. Paper Covers, is. ; Cloth, 2S. 
" At a time when the housing of the people has become a pressing question, any 
practical contribution towards a solution must be acceptable to social reformers of 
every class and every shade of opinion. The call is now for Legislative interference 
and enactment, and doubtless Parliament can do much in removing legal barriers, 
in assuring the best possible sanitary conditions, and in giving Kicilities for the 
erection and acquirement by the occupiers of suitable dwellings in town and coun- 
try. Some appear to think that public charity is the final alternative. But it must 
be obvious to every thoughtful inquirer that when Parliament has done its utmost 
and the resources of philanthropy are exhausted, the real and great work must be 
done by the people themselves. Here, as elsewhere, self-reliance and mutual help 
are the only sure foundations of general and permanent prosperity.'* — From Pre- 

Re-issue & Completion of Chalmers' Caledonia. 

Demy 4to. 8 vols., cloth, 25s. per vol. Large Paper, half- 
morrocco, 40s. per vol. 

Complete Glossary to the Poetry and Prose of 

Robert Burns. With upwards of three thousand illustrations 
from English Authors. By John Cuthbertson. Cloth, 6s. 

Memoir of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. 

Edited by his daughter, Mrs. Garden. Second Edition. With 
Portrait. Large Crown 8vo, cloth. los. 6d. 

A Tour in the Highlands in 1803 : a Series of 

Letters by James Hogg, the Etirick Shepherd, addressed to Sir 
Walter Scott, Bart. Fcap. 4to. 2S. 6d. 

Rambles in the Far North. By R. Menzies 

Fergusson, M.A. Second Edition, enlarged. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, 3s. j paper covers, 2S. 

The " Pen Folk/* By David Gilmour. 3s. 
Old Church Life in Scotland : Lectures on 

Kirk-Session and Presbytery Records. Second Series. By 
Andrew Edgar, D.D. Demy 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. Post free. 

David Kennedy, the Scottish Singer : Reminis- 
cences of his Lile and Work. By Marjory Kennedy. And 
Singing Round the World : a Narrative of his Colonial and 
Indian Tours. By David Kennedy, Jun. Demy 8vo, cloth 
extra, 7s. 6d. Post free. 

Wit, Wisdom, and Pathos, from the Prose of 

Heinrich Heine. Selected and translated by J. Snodgrass. 
Second Edition, thoroughly revised. Crown 8vo, 6s. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Alexander Gardner^ Paisley and London, 31 

Honouring God : What We are to 

Believe ; How We are to Live and Act ; and the Reward Pro- 
mised. By the Rev. James A. Paton, M.A. Crown 8vo, 300 
pages. Price 4s. 6d. 

Cartsburn and Cartsdyke. By George 

Williamson, F.S. A., author of " Old Greenock,' etc. Demy 410, 
price 25s ; Royal 4to, 42s. For Subscribers, 

Old Greenock. Second Series. Uni- 
form with above. 

The Four Gospels. Translated into Modern 

English from the Authorised and Revised Versions. By Ernest 
BiLTON. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d. Post free. 

National Religion : Sermons on the Ten Com- 
mandments. By Rev. Allan Menzies, Abernyte. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, 5s. Post free. 

The Bibles of England. A Plain Account for 

Plain People of the Principal Versions of the Bible in English. 
By Andrew Edgar, D.D. Demy 8vo, 7s. 6d. Post free. 

The Elder's Prayer-Book : A Series of Sick-bed 

and Funeral Services. By Rev. Wm. Campbkll, B.D. Fcap. 
8vo, cloth, IS. 

A Golden Treasury for the Children of God. 

By the Rev. C. H. V. Bogatskv. Cloth, 2s. ; cloth gilt, 2s. 6d. 

The Still Hour. By the Rev. Austen Phelps. 

Imperial 32mo ; cloth extra, limp, 6d. 

Our Future. Edited by Miss Greethead. 

Post Bvo, cloth, IS. 6d. 

Macrae. — The Railway Chase, and other Sketches. 

By Rev. David Macrae. Crown Svo. 128 pages. Price is. 
Post free, is. 2d. 

Popping the Question, and other Sketches. 

By Rev. David Macrae. Crown 8vo. 128 pages. Price is. 
Post free, IS. 2d. 

The above is one Volume, Cloth^ 2s, 

James Hepburn, Free Church Minister. By 

Sophie F. F. Veitch. 2 vols.. Crown 8vo, 21s. 

The Dean's Daughter. By Sophie F. F. 

Veitch. Crown Svo, 6s. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

32 Alexander Gardner, Paisley and London, 

Duncan Moray, Farmer. By Sophie F, F. 

Veitch. Crown 8vo, 2 vols., 21s. 

The Dalbroom Folks. By Rev. J. Smith, 

M.A., B.D. 2 vols., Crown 8vo, 21s. 

The Lords of Cuningham. By William 

Robertson. Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 5 s. 

Beyond Cloudland. By S. M. Crawley- 

BoEVEY, author of " Dene Forest Sketches." i vol., 5s. 

Silken Threads. A Detective Story. By the 

Author of " Mr. and Mrs. Morton." Crown 8vo, 350 pp. Cloth, 
3s. ; boards, 2s. 

A Student of Nature. Memorials of 

the late Rev. Donald Fergusson, M.A., Minister of the Parish 
of Inverkeiihing, Fifeshire. By R. Menzies Fergusson, M.A., 
Author of " Rambles in the Far North,*' ** Quiet Folk," " My 
Village," " A Village Poet," etc. Crown 8vo. Price 4s. netL 

A Prince of Edom. By J. Ballingal, 

B.D. Crown 8vo. Cloth. Illustrations. 3s. 6d. 

The Leading Aisles. Volume One. 

Crown 8vo. Price 2s. 6d. 

Sermons. By Rev. George Alison, Kilbar- 

chan. Cr. 8vo. Cloth. 194 Pages. With Portrait. 3s. 6d. nett. 

In the Olden Times ; being Papers on Places 

and People of Past Days. By the Rev. Kirkwood Hewat, 
M.A., F.S.A. Scot., author of "A Little Scottish World/' etc. 
Crown 8vo. Cloth, Gilt Top. With PVontispiece. 340 Pages. 
Large Paper, 7s. 6d. nett. Ordinary Edition, Cr. 8vo, 4s. nett. 

Kilmacolm, History of the Parish of. 

By Rev. James Murray. Demy 4to. \In the Press. 

Robert Burns and the Medical Profes- 
sion. By William Findlay, M.U. ("George Umber"), author 
of "In My City Garden" and "Ayrshire Idylls.'* Small 4to. 
Cloth Extra. With Twelve Full-page Portraits. Price 6s. nett 
to Subscribers. [/« the Press. 


Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

3 Paternoster Buildings^ E.C*^ and 
44 Victoria Street, S. IV. 

Gardner, Darton, & Co/s 
CataloGue of Books^ 

AOLAlffD^TBOYTE (IL H. D. and J, g,^ 


With an Appendix, containing information on many subjects interesting 
to the Exercise. 

Compiled by Rev. R. H. D. Acland-Troyte and J. E. Adand-Trovte, 
Members of the Ancient Society of College' Youths, the Oxford 
University Society, &c. Crown 8vo. is, 6d. 


A Series of Biographies, By W. Davenport Adams. Crown 8vo» 
cloth boards, y. 6a. 


A Letter to an Eton Boy on the Social Question. 
By the Rev. the Hon. James Adderley, M.A., Author oi * Stephen 
Remarx,* &c. In embossed cover designed by G. W. Rhead. 
li.; cloth, IX. 6d. [^rd Edition, 

' If every pablicschool boy could be induced to read '* The New Floreat " on 
leavti^ sdioof, the effect for good on English Society life would be incalculable.' 

CkurcA Tintes, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Works published by 

ADDEBLBY (JAMES)— 4:tfii//^//ft/. 


Papers Introductory to the Study of Social Questions from a Religious 

Point of View. 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. 6c/. [^nd Edition. 

* A vigorous treatment of what may be termed Christian sociology, from on« vt^o 
certainly has a moral right, derived from hard experience and self-denialj second to 
noney to speak on this tneme^'— /7a(fy ChrvnicU. 

* " Looking Upward " is a volume of papers of real valde No good Chris- 

tian can reject his teaching as unnecesnry, and it is given with a simplicity and 
. .^, . "^^ *^ tothcr * ' ' ' '" 

I Upward "is a volume of papers 

, t his teaching as unnecessary, ai „ 

a truthfulness which go to the reader's Yit»it.*—Atknutum. 


An Illustrated Paper for interesting people in the work of the Univer- 
sities' Mission. This magazine is intended for those who have not the 
time (or knowledge of the mission) to read ' Central Africa.' 
Monthly, \d. Volumes, doth boards, u. td, each. 



By the Ven. A. C. Alnslie, M.A9 LL.D., Archdeacon of Taunton. 

Vol. I. The Story of the Gospeb in Fifty-two Lessons. 

Vol. II. Fifty-two Lessons on the Acts of the Apostles. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, u, each. A packet of Lesson Leaflets for a 
class of ten, price 5J. 

These voltmies are specially designed to help those who have not been trained as 
teachers. For more advanced scholars, see Bishop Carpenter's ' Outline LessooSaT 
and Canon Daniel's ' Daily Offices.' 

' Clear« concise, and graphic'— {7«an/uM. 



By A. M. Alexander. Imp. 32mo. yi, ; cloth, 6d, 

'An excellent little work.' — AiMtmtum, 

' One of the best and safest little guides that we have ever come acrosft.'— :/yi>f//YAf. 



By Phoebe Allen, Author of *Gilmory,' 'Spring and Autumn,/ &c* 
With coloured frontispiece by Maud Naftel. Crown 8vo. cloth boards^ 


*The explanations are so clear and concise, that a fairly intelligent child witt 
easily understand them.' — Morning PctU 


Crown Svo. cloth boards, 2/. ^^ 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Gardner ^ Darton^ & Co. 


A Tale of the Siege of Londonderry. 
By Marion Andrews. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, i^. 6d, 

* An interesting little love story, the scene being laid in the siege of Londonderry. 
.... We can recommend it safeljr to young people, who will realise from its pages 
something of the discomforts of a siege. — Spectator. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. doth boards, is, 6d. 

' It is a pretty story pleasantly told, with many touches of pathos, and a generally 
wholesome tendency.' — AtM^tueum, 

A LOYAL HEART. A Tale of the Cornish Coast. 
Illustrated. Crown 8to. cloth board?, is, 6d, 

* A picturesquely written ta'e of life among the fishing folk of the Cornish coast. 
Jlie book, with its nappy illustrations, will please girl Ttaidcru*—Scotsma$t, 


Illustrated. Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d, 

ABDEN (H. I.). 


By Henley I. Arden, Author of * Elizabeth,* * Leather Mill Farm,* &c. 
lUostrated. Crown 8vo. extra cloth boards, 2s, 6d. 
An interasting and pathetic episode from the pages of history. 


Edited by Miss Cockerell. A Journal demoted to G.F.S. news from all 
parts of the world. Correspondence, Reports of Meetings, Official 
Notices, Papers on work affecting the Society, &c. Monthly, id, 
August Number, 3^. 


A Course of Lenten Lectures on God's appeal to Man in the words, 
* My son, give Me thine heart ' (Proverbs, xxiii. 26). 
By the Rev. H. Conrtenay Atwool, M.A., M.D., Rector of St. Just, 
Gramponnd, ComwalL Crown 8vo. cloth boards, i^. 6d, [2nd Edition, 

* Abook far remored from commonplace ; it not only makes statements, it suggests 
thoiuiitt.'— CAamril B^ts, 

* Each word of the *' Divine Entreaty" is the subject of a distinct lecture.' 

Lieds Mercury, 

Lent Lectures on the Wounded Body of Christ* 
Crown 8vo. cloth boftrds, is, 6</. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Works puhlutud by 



By Lady Baker. Fcap. 8vo. paper, u. ; doth, ix. 6c/. 

' It adapted, and it seems to as with great fitness, to the spiritnal wants of foang 
girb of the hambler clasfr— milliners, fiM:tory*giiis, domestic servants, and so oo. 
Prayers to nse on suitable occasions, hymns to read over, and brief paragraphs of 
wise and kind advice, it provides for this particular class. Thoronghly ofactical.' 

Library Ckunkmuuu 


Being Twenty-six Readings for Sundays. First Series. Small crown 

8vo. cloth, 2J. 6^ [4/4 Editiattu 

* The subjects are well chosen and nmply treated, and contain plain good sense.*' 


Or Readings for a Village Class. Second Series. Small crown 8vo. 
jcloth, 2s, &[, 

'Sensible and practical, with a wide range cf subjects.'— CA«frA Btlit. 


TFcap. 8vo. 2d. ; cloth, 6d. [Enlarged Edition. 


:JSmall crown 8vo. cloth, 2x. (uL 


A Word with Everybody about the Parish Councils Act. 
Paper, is, ; cloth, is. 6d^ [2ttd Edition, 

' A pleawnt little volume of village chat on the workins of Parish Councils. ... 
We can recommend this little volume, the law cf whicn, given in footnotes, is 



See ' The National Churches,' p. 44. 



Forty Readings on the Temptations of our Lord in the Wildemcsp. 
By the Rev. T. H. Bamett, Vicar of St. Mark's, Easton, Bristol 
Small crown 8vo. cloth, 2J. 6d, 


A Story for Girls. 

Illustrated. Crown 8vo. elegant cloth boards, u. 

' A ven* prellily told story. . . . Would please our >-ounger schoolroom girls. 

C.F. S. Associates Journal. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton, & Co. 


By C. F. Moberly Bell, Author of ' Egyptian Finance,' &c. 
With upwards of 130 Illustrations from Drawings by Georges Montbard. 
Engraved by Charles Barbant. Crown 4to. fancy cloth boards, I dr.; 
cheap edition, I2j. 6d, 

' Few will resist reading to the end when they have besun it. Mr. Moberlv Bell 
has one knack which not a few historians would be thankful to possess ; he knows 
how to pat the ftkcts of Egyptian history into troe perspective.'— ^/A^mrwM. 

'Written with singular and most captivating brightness and humonr. Mr. Bell 
and Bf r. Montbard have nuule us as bright and readable a book as has ever been 
written upon Egypt past and ^TtsKal.'—Manckett€r Examttur, 


By the author of * Earth's Many Voices,' * Voices of Nature,' &c. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d. 

' Some fifteen years ago these chapters were begun for the solace of a mourner 
who craved to learn all that could be found in Holy Scripture concerning life in. 
Pttradise.' — Extract from Pre/ace, 



The Story of a Life's Ambition. 

By M. Bidder. With Illustrated Frontispiece, Title-page, and InitiaT 

Letters. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y. dd, 

' A very ^;racefttl and touching story of life in the great monastery of Westminster, 
during the tune when Richard Coeur de Lion was held captive in Germany. The 
book will certainly be a favourite both with girls and boys.' — Guardian. 

interesting and well told.' -Saturday Review. 




By Caroline Birley. Illustrated. Imperial i6mo. doth boards, is. 6d. 

' An interestiqg story with some interesting sketches of children, and a sound, 
unforced monX,' -Saturday Review, 


A Talc for Children. 

Illustrated by T. Pym. Imperial i6mo. cloth boards, is. 6d, 
* A tale the children will \ikt.'^ueen. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Works published by 


By G. M. Ireland Blackbume. Imp. 32010. paper, yl, ; cloth, 6^. 

' We should like to know it to be not only in the hands but in the heads and hearts 
of all "young ladies," whether such by birth, breeding, and education, or by semi* 
education and by courtesy. It will apply to each alike.'— (7t/<zn/<Vxn. 

' Miss Blackburne has shown in this little book not only that she 9/a» and recog- 
nises many of the difficulties that beset girls, but that she can touch them with a 
kindly sympathetic hand.'— .S>«/«/<>r. 

' A very valuable book.' — School Guardian, 



By the Rev. John C. Blissard, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2J. 6<f. 

' Deals with many important and burning questions in an able and impartial way.' 

Church BtlU, 



Addressed to the Clergy and Laity under the Bishop's Superintendence, 
and as a Report to the Church which the Bishop represents. 
By the Right Rev. George Francis Popham Blyth, D.D., Bishop of the 
Church of England in Jerusalem and the East. Demy 8vo. sewed, u . 

\^nd Edition. 
Addressed to the Clergy and Laity. 
Demy 8vo. sewed, u. 


Addressed to the Clergy and Laity. 
Demy 8vo. sewed, u. 

BODDY (A. A), 


Being an Account of a Sojourn in the White Sea Monastery, and a 
Journey by the old Trade Route from the Ardlic Sea to Moscow. 
By Alexander A. Boddy, F.R.G.S., Member of the Imperial Geo- 
graphical Society of Russia, and Author of * To Kairwan the Holy.' 
With an Appendix by the Venerable Archimandrite Meletii, giving a 
History of the Famous Monastery of the Solov^tsk. With Maps and 
Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ^s, 6d, 

*Mr. Bodd/s expedition through the Holy Isles, and up the Dwtna and 
Sachona rivers to Uttyfig and Vologda, is vivadoosly deacribed aDd cleverly 
illustrated.'— i74u'/r Tekfra^h, 

' Decidedly good reading, and has mnch freshness of vatatsC—Smtunlmjf Xgvitm» 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ & Co. 



By S. F. L. S. Adapted, by permission, from . Addresses by Canon 
Body. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s, 6d. 


By S. F. L. S. Adapted, by permission, from Addresses by Canon 
Body. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d, 


Reflections on the Twenty-third Psalm. &f, 

BOODIiE (R. Q,). 

WILLIAM TYRRELL, D.D., first Bishopof Newcastle, 
New South Wales. By the Rev. R. G. Boodle, M.A. 
With Portrait, Map, and Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth, Js, 6d, 



Translated from the French of the Rev. Father Louis Bourdaloue by 
the Rev. G. F. Crowther, M.A., of St. John's College, Oxford. Crown 
Svo. cloth boards, 3J. 6d, 

' His [Bourdalone's] style is exceedingly clear and flowing ; his reasoning— granting 
his j>reiiuacs— is often powerful ; his appeals to the conscience of his nearers are 
fervid and impassioned. The sermons here reproduced are mostly as though they 



By the late Rev. Charles Bradley. Edited, with Memoir, by the Rev. 
G. J. Davies, Author of 'Successfid Preachers,' &c. Crown 8vo. cloth 
boards, 3; . 6d, 

' The prince of sermon-writers.'— Com^ib Havtrgal, 

' The flower of evangelical preaching.'— ^Sa/wr^j^ RevUw, 


Being a Letter on the Social Questions suggested by the perusal of 
* The New Floreat.* 
By John Braithwaite. Fancy covers, u.; cloth, is, 6d. 

'This little book should be widely read. It brings the search -liKht of common- 
r* cense and soand economics to bear upon many dark places of modem agitations.' 

G/a^gvw Herald. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC — 

Catalogue of Works published by 


By M. Bramston. Square l6mo. cloth, is. 

A Selection of Poems and Hymns for Reading and Recitation. Edited 
by M. Bramston, Author of * Apples of Sodom,* &c 
Imperial 32mo. paper, yi, ; cloth, 6d. 

BRAY (Mrs,^, 


By Mrs. Bray, Author of 'Ten of Them,' * Silver Linings,' &c. With 
Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 

* Of more than ordinary interest. Three orphan boyi, reared by their grand- 

thcr, are agsrieved at his marriage '- ~ ''- ^*^ ' ' 

enlisted on b^ side&.*ScMo0iffuuier. 

father, are agsrieved at his marriage to a young wife. .... Our sympathy is 


With etched title and frontispiece. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6s, 

' Certainly one of the most original stories that have been issued this year.'— 
Ecclesiastical GassiU. 

* Mrs. Bray's descriptions of child-life are admirable, well-obserred, and cleverly 
done. Elsie, the companion given to Eve on the breakdown of the system, is a 
charming little person. — Pall Mall Gautte. 

'Prettily and ligbtly written, and the description of Eve's first experience" of 
religion is excellent. Ine story is certainly very suggestive, and should interest all 
who have studied children.' — Guardian, 

BBOCKMAlff ( J,^, 


By Janie Brockman. Crown 8vo. Illustrated, cloth boards, i^. 
* The natural manner in which the tale is told is charming.'— Z#A£r Mercury, 


I^umerous Illustrations by T. Pym and other Artists. In very large 
type and easy words. Crown 4to. paper boards, printed in colours, is.Si, 
* Will be found full of interest as well as prettily illustrated.'— i?«M»i£ 


Illustrated by T. Pym. Imperial i6mo. cloth, is. 

* A book of the right aotU'^S/eclatar, 

'Thoroughly delightful. Cleverly illustrated.'— <;Aur/tfnr HeraUL 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ DarUm^ & Co* 

BHOCgMAN {3.)— contintted. 

With numerous Illustrations by Robert Barnes. Imp. i6mo. extra 
cloth boards, 2j. 

(Vol. XIII. of Darton's Florin S«ries of Prize Books.) 

' A pretty children's story, that will probably be chosen bv many as a school prize 
at Chnstmas or the New Year. It is illusiratcd with several foll-p^e enxravinffs,' 

Church Times, 



With Preface by Professor George Saintsbury. Pictures by Gordon 
Browne, R.I. I^arge crown 8vo. fancy cloth boards, gilt top, 6j.» 
printed on superfine paper, with title in red and black. 

* The prettiest and most complete collection of this kind that we have seen.' 

tVaiminsier Gauiie. 
' It is impossible to praise the volume too }ugh\y,'—B/ack and WhiU* 
' A charming collection.' — B/ackiv0od** Magazine. 

* No well-regulated household should be without this nursery classic. Mr. GordoD 
Browne's iUostrations are exquisite.'— C«/r Argus. 

With Introduction bv S. Baring-Gould, M.A. Drawings bv Gordon 
Browne, R.I. A high-class gift-book, produced in the very best style. 
Beautifully printed on superfine paper, and appropriately bound in extra 
cloth boards. Large crown 8vo. 6s, [2nd Edititm, 

* Altogether delightful. The illustrations are full of charm and sympathy. Mr. 
Gocdon Browne b particularly successful in the grotesque and fantastic elements of 
the iXicinKk^— Saturday ReoUw. 

* Simply inimitable.'— 0«Mini. 

* A iiairy book beyond reproach.'— t^rvr/^r. 

* No more acceptable editkui of some of Grimm's stories has been published.' 


By De la Motte Fouqu^ With Introduction by Charlotte M. Yonge. 
A high-class gift- book. Drawings by Gordon Browne, R.I. Printed 
on superfine paper, and appropriately bound in cloth boards, 6s, 

BULI.EY (B.). 

By Eleanor BoUey. With upwards of Fifty Illustrations of Places and 
People, and Three Coloured Maps. Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, 
p. id, [4/A Edition. 

A very pleasant device for making geography agreeable.'— ^tMinfikm. 

Great pains have been taken with this book, and it contains abundance Of 

■nforaation.'— >S>«cl«/^. .... 

* It will give '* Little Bntoos " a better idea of their nauve land than they will 
^•■w from a dosen dry geognphies.'— XiV/rw^y World, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

10 Catalogue of Works publislud by 

BULLEY (E.), Edited by. 


With Twenty-five Illustrations. Crown Svo. cloth boards, 2x. 6</. 

' A plea^g book for young children, vrith a profusion of capital pictures.' 

Public Opi 

BUBNE (F. S. T.) and MILES (H. J. A.), 


Printed in various shades of blue. Oblong paper boards, 3^. 6^. 

' The figures in the large Tiles are done with character, sweetness, and grace, 
and the reproductions in tints resembling the old Dutch tiles could not be surpassed 
for delicacy and softness of rendering.' — Tfu DtcoraUr^ 



By the late Rev. H. W. Burrows, D.D., Canon of Rochester. Fcap. 

Svo. cloth boards, 2s, (id, \/^h Editwn. 

'They are striking, umple, brief, and impressive.'— CArwti«« IVoritL 
* A brevity, bom not of poverty, but of fulncss.'-~CA»rvA Timet, 


Fcap. Svo. cloth limp, ix. dd. \Atk Edition, 

Containing : Two Meditations before Holy Communion— The 
Young Clergyman's Dangers and Safeguards — Visiting the Sick — A 
Few Words on Writing Sermons — An Address on the Day of Ordination. 


By the Right Rev. W. Boyd Carpenter, D.D., Bishop of Ripon. 
Fcap. Svo. &/. ; cloth boards, ix. [4M Edition, 

OABB (J. A.). 


By the Rev. T. A. Carr, LL.D., Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, 
Dublin. With Portrait and a Plan of Dubhn. 
Crown Svo. cloth boards, \os, 6d, 

* Dr. Carr's delineation of the career and character of Ussher is almost a model of 
what biography ought to be, such is its impartiality, its balance, and its pleasantness 
and freshness of narration. ... It is impossible to take leave of Dr. Carr's ad- 
mirable work without a word of hearty congratulation on the praiseworthy i 
in which he has accomplishf^ a difficult XMa^.'-^M^rmng Pott, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Darion, & Co. ii 


The Organ of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa. 
Illustrated. Monthly, id. Volumes, doth boards, is. 6d. 


Edited by the Rev. J. Ersldne Clarke, M.A. Annual Volumes. 
Illustrated with about 2C0 high-class Engravings, and twelve Coloured 
Plates. Handsomely bound in extra cloth, bevelled boards, gilt 
edges, $s. Also in illustrated boards, y. Weekly ^d.; monthly, ^. 
The most popular Volume for Children ever published. 


A Christmas number of Chatterbox. Printed in Colours. Price is. 


The first Five Volumes of a New Series of large crown 8vo. Books for 
Boys and Girls. Each volume is Illustrated, and strongly bound in 
pictorial paper boards, is, ; fancy cloth boards, is. 6d. 

I. THE SISTERS. (For Girls.) 

III. MAROIA'S HOME. (For Girls.) 


' Those who are seekio^ to find cheap books to replenish their lending libraries 
will do well to note this wnts.'—Sck4}ol Guardian. 


An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine, devoted to the interests of the 
Children of the poor in the districts surrounding the North-eastern 
Hospital for Children, Shoreditch, and issued by the Children's 
Association for the boiefit of the HospitaL Crown 4to. 32 pages. 
Tinted cover, specially designed and drawn by Mrs. Adrian C. F. Hope. 
Edited by Mrs. Netter. 
Price 6d. Annual Subscription (post free), 2s. 

' A pretty little magazine.' — Queen. 

*A very excellent periodical, bright and attract!\-e.'— 5/. /awr/ Budget. 


In short words and largfs type. Illustrated by T. Pym. Imperial i6mo. 
extra doth boards, is. 6d. [jtk Edition. 

* Six doten capital stories. Will amase little ones who are just beginning to feci 
an mterest in reading to themselves.'— Z.//miy:^ WorUL 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 2 Catalogue of Works published by 


Contains Reasons for joining a Choir, with space fiar name, &c. 
On Card, in Red and Black, 7d. 



By the Rev. J. Erskine Clarke, M.A., Vicar of Battersea, Hon. Canon 
of Winchester. Fcap. 8vo. cloth limp, zr. ; cloth boards, 2j. td^ 

[pk TTiousaud, 

OLABKE (J. ERSKINE), Edited by, 

Crown 8vo. cloth, u. 

Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, i^. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, u. 

'A striking tale well lo\d.'— A iliattcf News, 

CHATTERBOX. See page ii. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, is, 

* Admirably suited for a parish library.'— i?^^^^/. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, u, 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, ix. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 

'The name of the editor is suflBcient guarantee for the soundness of the moral 
teaching of this very cheap little book.' — Church Times, 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. extra cloth boards, is, 

* Both in quality and quantity this book is a capital shillingsworth.* 

School Gvmrdian. 

The above Shilling Volumes are selected from *Cood Stories,^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner ^ Darton, & Co. 13 



A Story of Colonial Life. Founded on fact. 

By £. Davenport Cleland. With numerous Illustrations by Monro 

Smith. Imperial i6ma doth, 24. 

* A trae story of colonial life, and a very good one. It is an inexpensive volume, 
giving a bright picture of life in the wilds of Australia.'— /'a// Mall Ga»ette. 



By James F. Cobb, F.R.G.S. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. extra cloth 
boards, y. 6</. 


A Tale for Boys and Seafarii^ Folk. 

Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. 6d, [loih Edition, 

* We should imagine those queer folk indeed who could not read this story with 
eager interest and iJeasure, be they boys or girls, young or old. We highly com- 
moid the style in which the book is written, and the religious spirit which pervades 
iiS—CkrUtlan World, 


A Tale of the Gold Country. 

Adapted from the Flemish of Hendrik Conscience. By James F. Cobb. 

Illustrated by A. Forestier. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y, 6d. 

[SlA Edition, 

' Tbe scene of thift story is laid in exciting times. .... Told with spirit, and 
admirable in tone and moral.' — Sptctaior, 


From the German. Illustrated by J. Finnxmore. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2x. dd, 

* A good story it is, and, without being at all repulsive, gives a vivid idea of a 
period ^hen mid-Europe was wasted and desolated by fiunine and pestilence, as w«ll 
as fire and sword.*— TlriiiM. 


A Tale of Cornwall in the Last Century. 

Illustrated by Davidson Knowles. Crown 8vo. cloth, bevelled boards, 

y, 6d. ^ 123rd Edition. 

'A capital story, and one we heartily commend to boy readers, both gentle and 
•imple.'— (^iMn/Mis. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

14 Catalogue of Works published by 



By Christabei Coleridge. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 
' An interestmg story of real life, containing an unexplained mytxexy, '—CnardtmH* 


In embossed cover, designed by G. W. Rhead, is, [^rd Edition, 

'No tall talk no cant ; kindly, sensible, and sympathetic.'— ^4^/4/. 


A Tale of the Fourteenth Century. 
Illustrated by Charles Robinson. 
Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, 31. 6d, 


With Prayers for Candidates, to be used during the Service. 

With Commendatory Note by the Lord Bishop of Wakefield. Fcap. 

8vo. id, ; 6s, per 100. [8o^A Thousand, 

COOKE (A, B.), 


By Alfred R. Cooke. Small crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d, 



A short account of it as Palace, Hospital, Prison, and School, with a 
collection of Interesting Memoranda never before pubUsbed. 
By Alfred James Copeland, F.S.A. Crown 8vo. y, 6d. 

' Mr. Copeland has told the unvarnished tale of his Hospital from the nnimpeadw 
able records of contemporary doaxments,' —Saturday Rtvt€w. 



Or, What shall we do in Accidents or Illness? 

By the Countess Cowper. Numerous Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. PAper 

cover, 3</. ; cloth, dd, \sth EditioH, 

* The directions are adequate, oondse, aad unmistakably clear.'— TA* IForid, 

* Thoroughly sensible and practical in tooe.'— TAr Sccttman, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ DarUm^ & Co. 15 

COX (M. B.). 

By Mrs. Cox (Noel West). Illustrated. Imp, i6mo. cloth boards, 2j, 


By Josephs Crane. With numerous Illustrations. 
Imp. i6mo. 96 pp. sewed, 3^. ; cloth, dd, 



A Child's Book for Children, for Women, and for Men. 

By S. R. Crockett, Author of 'The Lilac Sunbonnet,' &c. 

With numerous Illustrations by Gordon Browne, K.I., and W. H. C, 

Groome. dr. [^rd Edition. 

Large-paper Edition, limited to 150 copies, numbered and signed by 

Author and Artists, 3IJ. 6d, net. 

' Had any cme e%'er been disinclined to believe in Mr. Crockett's genius, he musk 
have recanted and repented in sackcloth and ashes after enjoying "Sweetheart 
Travellers." It is the rarest of all rarities, and veritably a child's book for chikirenr 
as well as for women and for men. It is seldom, indeed, that the reviewer has the 
<H>portunity of bestowing unstinted praise, with the feeling that the laudation is, 
oevertheless, inadequate. " Sweetheart Travellers" is instinct with drollery ; it coi>- 
tinually strikes the softest notes of tentferest pathos, like some sweet, old-fashioned 
nursery melody, and it must make the most hardened bachelor feel something of thft 
pleasures he has missed in living mateless and childless.' — Times. 

' Mr. Crockett must be credited with one of the most pronounced successes of tb» 
■ 'IVcrld. 

' One of the daintiest and most charming of gift-books.'— ^c^/f wom. 


niuatrated. Imp. i6mo. cloth, 2s. 


With Musical Contributions by W. H. Cummings, Principal of the 
Guildhall School of Music, and others. Illustrated. Demy 8vo. cloth, 
bevelled boards, gilt edges, ts. 

* A collection of some of the choicest little poems for diildren that w« j 
oe old, some new — with appropriate music and charming "pictures. We cao 
00 more delightful present to a child six or seven years old.'— ^won&M. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 6 Catalogue cj Works pubhsJud by 

CUTTS (B. L), 


An Explaoation of the Holy Communion, with Notes on the Com- 
munion Service. 

By the Rev. E. L. Cutts, B.A., D.D., Vicar of Holy Trinity. Haverstock 
Hill. i8mo. extra cloth boards, red edges, 2j. [3n/ EdUiitn* 

' A valuable aid to the pastor in preparing lectures to oommunicants.' 

TMt Living Church, 



By Dariey Dale, Author of < Spoilt Guy,' ' Noah*s Ark,' &c Illus- 
trated by Alexander Monro. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, zr. (ui. 

* The story is full of interest thronghont, and is well told.'—Sch^i Guardiam, 



Being an Introduction to the Study oi the Prayer-book. Specially 
designed for the Use of National Schools and Sunday Schools. 
By the Rev. Evan Daniel, M.A., formerly Principal of the National 
Society*s Training College, Battersea ; Hon. Canon of Rochester ; 
Vicar of Horsham. Fcap. 8vo. &/. ; cloth boards, iO(L 

[15M Thousand, 


Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6s, [17M Edition, 

' So large, wide, and speedy a circulation b proof at once of the interest which the 

subject possesses, and of the high merit of this treatise on it The "gloesarial 

notes " on the Prayer-book version of the Psalms are a peculiar and Taloable in- 
gredient in this serviceable volume, so also are the condensed, but prmiant* remarks 
upon the " Propria " for each of the Sundays and festivals, which will often furnish 
most valuable hmts and references for the teacher and the preacher.' 

GnardimM (second notice). 

DAVIDSOy (J. p. F.). 


By the Rev. J. P. F. Davidson, M.A-, Vicar of St. Matthias*, EarPs 
Court. Small crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, td, 

* We cannot but think that perplexity would have been much allayed if high 
authorities had spolcen as bravely as Mr. Davidson has done, and on such clearly 
Scriptural lines.' — Gnardian. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton, & Co. 17* 

« . 

DE TBIS8IBB [Qt. Y.). 

By the Rev. G. F. De Teissier, B.D., Rector of Church-Bramptoiu- 
Fcap. Sva cloth boards, 51.; limp cloth, 2s, 6d. 


Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 7x. 6d, 

* Besides contaiiiiiiff much informationt ecclesiastical and historical, it is also of 
considerable practical utility. The writer u impartial and trustworthy.'— j;^r/«/#r. 



Sf4 'The National Churches,' p. 45. 


A Daily Text-Book. 
iSmo. cloth boards, gJ, 


As set foith in the Book of Common Prayer, Articles, and Canons;- 
Lenten Sermons preached in Trinity Chapel, New York. 
By the Rev. Morgan Dix, S.T.D., D.C.L. Crown 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6/. 

* It is an outline only that is presented here ; but an outline so terse, 10 rigorous, 
•0 teLing, as to deserve the greioest praise and entire i^iproval.' 

LUerary Ctmrckmuuu 


Six Lent Lectures. 

Ctuwn 8vo. doih boards, y, 6^. 



The Character of the Christian Priest. 

Adapted from the French of the Abb^ Dubois for the use of the 
English Clergy. With an Introduction by the late Bishop of Carlisle. 
Clown 8va cloth boards, ^s, 6d. 

'A volume of practical trarhing, whidi every member of the Church will be tha 
Iwtter for applying practically.' 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 8 Catalogiu of Works published by 



On the Order of Morning and Evening Prayer and litany. 

By the Rev. £. N. Dumbleton, M.A.» Rector of St. James's, Exeter. 

Price 4//. 


To accompany Sermons and Instructions, for use in Churches and 
Mission Rooms with the approval of the Ordinary. 
Crown 8vo. 9</. 


For the Morning and Evening of each day of the Week. Chiefly ia 
the Words of Holy Scripture. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, u, 6d, 


For use in Churches and Mission Rooms with the approval of the 


Advent, 2d, ; 6s, U*" 50. Lent, 2d, ; 6j. per 50. Easter, 2d, ; 

€5, per 5a AscENSiONTiQS and Whitsuntide, 2d, ; 6r. per 50. 

Christmas, 2d,\ 6s, per $0, 


Fifty copies in packet, 2s. [108M Thousand. 


Poems selected by the Compiler of * Our Friends in Paradise.' 

With Illustrations by G. W. Rhead and J. K. Sadler. Bound in old 

gold doth. Square i6mo. is, 6d, 

' A little gem in binding and illustrations, with a weU*9eIected number of poems 
by Keble, Wordsworth, sjxd othtxs.'—Sck4folmaiier. 


By the Author of 'Harry's Battles,' 'Susie's Flowers,' &c., ^c. 
Illustrated. Large crown 8vo. extra cloth boards, ys, 6d, 

[14/A Edition. 



Adapted to the Sundays and Principal Holy-days of the Christian 


By the Rev. John Edmunds, M.A., formerly Fellow of the University of 

Durham. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 3;. 6d, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton, & Co. 19 


SpeciaUy in relation to the troubles of Life. 

£^ the Rev. Heniy J. Ellison, M.A., Rector of Haseley, Hon. Canon 
of Christ Church, Chaplain-in*Ordinary to the Queen. Fcap. 8vo. 
doth boorcU, is. 6d, 


The Married Life of the Christian Man and Woman. 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d, [New Edition, 

' Just the thing to pat into the hands of a newly-married couple. The chapters 
are ample and to the point, and the book is prettily got JX^*—EccUttaiHcal Gtuuttt. 

3S4 pp. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 5^. 

The most complete and full history of the Church Temperance Movement yet 

' Various schemes of Temperance legislation are before us, in rivalry, friendly or 
mirieadly, with one another ; and there never was greater need of some true wisdom 

to guide aright this impulse of advance At such a time the counsels of one 

who has done so ma :h as Canon Ellison to promote the cause of Temperance, with 
an honest endeavour to keep those all-important conditions in mind, deserve atten- 
Omi and respectful considexation.' — Guardian, 

' Canon Ellison's wordfi have the merit of going straight to the point. There is 
oauch gracefulness in his style; the plain facts are laid bare, and the conclusions 
drawn therefrom with resistless force.' — Ecclesiastical GoMeiie, 

' They are worthy of the man and of his missiop, and cannot fail to receive deep 
aal prayerful consideration.' — Church Belts, 


Being a Selection of Morning and Evening Readings for the Christian 

Year. Based upon the Church's Lectionary. 

Oown 8vo. doth boards, with silk roisters, is, 6d, ; leather, 31. 6d» 

Each reading is complete in itself, and affords a simple subject for meditation 
Every Holy-day will be found to be conveniently noted, and the Readings to cor* 
feqx)od with its proper teaching. The cheapest book of the kind ever published. 



A Manual of Church Doctrine. 

By the late Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, Rector of St. Paul's, Guiana. 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6s, [4/A Revised and Enlarged EdiHon, 

. This volume has been largely used ia the colonies as a manual f«r candidates foe 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

^O Catalogiu of Works published by 


A Book for the LitUe Ones. 

Profusely Illustrated with Large Pictures and Easv Readii^. The 
Illustrations are printed in Sepia. Small 4to. doth boards, ix» 6«/.; 
paper boards, \s, 

' A most attraatve volume for javenile readers. The stories would do very^wttkl 
to read out in school as exercises in com p osidon.'— TAir SckoolmuuUr* 

FIELD (MBS, E. M.). 


A Tale of the Indian Mutiny. 

By Mrs. £. M. Field. With numerous Illustrations by A. Forestiefr 

Crown 8vc. cloth boards, 3/. 6(/. 

* An exoeUent tale.'— ifMiM/^ PmektU 

^ ' We recently had occasion to speak in very hish terms of Mrs. Field's beautiful 
Irish romance ^'Ethne," and we therefore looked into the present work with much 
pleasurable expectation, and may at once say that we have been in no way dis> 
appointed.'— /'fif^/*p OpimQn, 


Some account of the History and Progress of Children's Literature in 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6x. \2ndEditum. 

' It b a series of studies, well worth careful reading, of a subject of the greatest 
importance and interest ; and the studies are made more valuable by being the work 
of a fttry thoughtful and accomplished writer.'— .S/tfc/«/0r. 

' Very ably executed. .... The book is a Suable contribution to the history 
of education, and we could have wished it to have been twice the sase, so curious and 
interesting is the information.'— (^msf^^SuM. 

'Being t ttnttful \K$tvn\ of 4e grett tut final Settlement if Ireland 
lif (Dlitier Ctaml»en» anti certain %x\tx natetoatttf Aenti, firam 
tie SanrnaU af Cttne fi'Cannat, anQ af Eager %tanQfaat, Captain 
in tte Arm; af tte Cammana af Cnglana* 

Etched Title and Frontispiece. Large crown 8vo. Appn^riate doth 
boards, 6j. . [jn/ EdUicn, 

* Mbgled with a certain amount of rooance, the story b full of historical detail, 
sIdlfuUy woven together; the interest is maintained tnroaghont. The reader, 
whatever his religious views, is bound to be charmed with the charartrr of Ethne. 
.... But beyond all this we can recommend the book as being of great merit.* 


* This is, without exancmtion, one of the most beautiful stories of andent Irish 
life that has ever oome under our nodoe. The character of Ethne Is a raastenieoe.' 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Dartan, & Co* 21 

yiBIiP (MRS. E. M.) -con/tnued. 

A Tale of Tnmblesome Times, 

With lUustnitions by A. Forestier. Crown 8va extra cloth boards, 
3/. W. 

' A voy ptettv story of the time of the French Revolution, interestingly told, and 
dealing Durly witn boin sides of the question. A book that will interest young and 

A Story-book for Children. 
With IllnstratioDS by T. Pym. Imperial i6mo. cloth boards, is, 6d, 

[6th EdiHon. 
' One of the prettiest records of jnvenile ^yc9x\t&* —Graphic, 


With Prefatonr Note by the Rev. the Eari of Mulgrave. 
32mo. fimcy cloth boards, 9^. 

'These little leaves are sent out into the world with the earnest prayer that one of 
diem at least may be wafted to some weary soul, and carry with it one little ray of 
' t aj»d hapt^'—IutroductoryChapitr, 


Short Meditations for Busy People. 

Adapted from the French. i8mo. cloth limp, u. 

* Thoroughly practical.*— i/rf/oil^r. 

FOBPB (H, A.). 


By the late H. A. Forde, Author of 'Black and White,' &c Illustrated. 
Imperial i6mo. extra doth boards, zr. 

'A pleasant tale very well related that will give numy a school hoy and girl, and 
perhaps even the older members of the family, a good time in the winter evenings. 
.... The descriptive scenes o< life in New Zealand are vivid and faithful, and there 
is a delightful rencontre with a missionary bishop.' — Schoolmtuier. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s, 

•A clever tale, and we hardly know whether it will prove of greater interest to 
young people or to their mothers and teachers.'— 5'ci«0/ GuardioM, 

Xllttstrated Title and Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. ()d. 
* A very pleasing narrative.' — RtcortL 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

21 Catatogue of Works published by 

F08TBB fW.). 


Written and Illustrated by William Foster. Printed in colours by 
Edmund Evans. Crown 8vo. oblong, daintily bound in papet boards, i j. 


Written and Illustrated by William Foster. Printed in colours hf 
Edmund Evans. Crown 8vo. oblong, daintily bound in paper boards, is, 

gPAyCIS (0. D.i, 

A Book of Sunday Reading for Busy People. 

By Mrs. C. D. Francb, Author of ' A Story of the Church of England/ 
&c. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, u. 6^. 

* Mrs. Francis is a staunch Churchwoman, aad her revtewer is not a Gburchman. 
We differ from her about several things, but, none the less, we greatly enjoy her 
writing, which is clear, plain, homely in style, and full of good sense and Christian 

S;>irit. We are sure that any one, from the pars<m to the maid-of-all-work. might 
nd profit in reading these bright and wise and \iiad\yco\xzt&i^'— Bradford Ooserver, 



By the Rev. William F. Fraser, M.A. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. td, 

' The facts are related in a clear and instructive manner.' — Church BtUx, 


Second Series— Against Heathenism. SS. Polycarp, Igoatios, Justin 


Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. da, 

' Two volumes, which furnish the reader with brief biographical sketches of the 

Apostles and other witnesses for Divine truth Should nnd a place in school 

and parish libraries. They make an excellent present.' 

Chttrch Sunday School Magaxint, 


Edited by Henley I. Arden. An Illustrated Magazine for Girls, 
price nL Volumes, 2X. each, cloth boards. Cases for binding a yearns 
numbers, 90^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

GIBSOy (AI»Air Qt. S.). 


With Illustrations and Map of the Diocese of Kafiraria. 

B/ the Ven. Axdideacoa Gibton. Crown Sro. cloth boaids, y, ^eU 

*Ooeot the most complete and minnte records of the land we have read for maoy 
a jtaar.'—^aimrdmf Rwuvk 

Crown 8vo. sewed , ^tL 


A List will be forwarded on application. 


A Paper for G. F. S. Workers, with which is incorporated Friendly 
Work. Price id, 


By the Ven. Archdeacon Gore. Crown 8vo. paper cbver, &/. 

\iind Edition^ 

'Both interesting and helpful .... with an entire absence of controversial 
temper.' — Guardimn, 

GOSSBT (A, L. J.), 

A Boudoir Book. 

Passages arranged and set forth by Adelaide L. J. Go&set. Dedicated 
to the Lady Frances Bvshby. i6mo. boards, gilt lettered, 2j. 

' The book is daintily appointed, and its designation, " a Boudoir book," indicates 
the oae for whidi it bso well %xwC—Scotsntan, 


Ribboned for hanging on wall. Sva \s. (ki» [2nd Edition. 


A monthly record of the S.P.G. Ladies' Association for the Promotion 
of Female Education among the Heathen. Price id.; post free» 
is, 6d, per annum. Volumes u, 6//., cloth boards. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

24 Catalogui of Works published by 



An Historical and Doctrinal Exposition in the Light of Contemporary 


By E. Tyrrell Green, M.A., Lecturer in Theology and Hebrew, 

St. David's College, Lampeter ; sometime Scholar of St. John's College, 

Oxford. Demy 8vo. cloth boards, \os, dd, 

f ' Excellent as they are from various standpoints, the (other) works on the " Thirty 

nine Articles" by no means preclude the necessity of such a work as this which 
supplies new information from new sources. . . . The text of the articles is given in 
Latm and in English, with valuable explanatory and historical notes. . . . In dealing 
with the wording of the articles, Mr. Green is eminently successful. . . . The work, 
moreover, occasionally introduces mediaeval customs and ceremooies not generally 
known. . . . The ^tucient of Anglican divinity will find in this volume much valuable 
information not to be found in similar XxvtXiat^—Moritimg PmU 


QRUNDY (C. H ). 


By the Rev. C. H. Grundy, M.A., Vicar of St Peter's, Brcckley. 
Small crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d, 



An Eirenicon. 

By the Rev. Joseph Hammond, LL.B., B.A., Vicar of St. Austell, 

Hon. Canon of Trura Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 5j. 

[4th JSditioH, with additions and an Appendix, 

' We know of no work where the difficulties which beset Churchpeople in their 
dealings with Dissenters, and Dissenters in their efforts to understand the Church, 
are d^t with so fully, so freely^ so ably, and so lucidly.'— CAatrrA m tkt West, 

' Ad axgament so moderate u tone, so calm and reasonable, advanced in a really 
affectionate spirit towards opponents, nay act, of course, convince, but anyhow it 
cannot offend. . • . Mr. Hammond s volume will be found to hav« great valae.' 



Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 5^. [2nd Edition. 


The substance of two papers read before the Re-Union Conference at 
Lucerne, 1893. Crown 8vo. paper, 6r/.; cloth, is, [^rd Edition, 

HABDINQ (E. G.) . 


By Emily Grace Harding. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, i;. 
• A very pretty story.'— CAwfrA BeUs.' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner ^ Dartan, & Co. 25 



By Ethel F. Heddle, Author of 'Prue's Father,' 'Martin Redfem's 
Oathy* &c Illustrated by Gordon Browne, R.I. Large crown 8vo. 
cloth boardf , 6s. 

HBLI.I8 (N.). 


By Nellie Hellis, Author of 'Little King Davie,' &c. Crown 8vo. 
extra cloth boards, ^, 6d. 

* Unpretentiously and sweetly written.'— Z>a»^ Chronicle, 
'Sudi a pretty siory.'— Review of Reviews, 


' Excellent for our little ones on Sunday. They can learn, they can paint, they 
can read, and all from these capital little books.'— CAw/rA Bells, 


With Outline Illustrations by Helen Miles for Colouring. Sm. 4to. 6d. 


Easy Bible Reference Work for Children, with several Illustrations for 
I Ccdonring. Small 4to. 6d, 


Designed with a view to promote Bible Reading. Printed on super- 
I fine paper, with Ruled Lines. Illustrated by Helen Miles. Small 4to. 6d, 



Designed as a Guide to Meditation and Self-examination, and a Help 
to Devotion. By LaJy Mary Herbert Paper boards, is, 

' The twelve papers in this thought full v wriiten little book mgiht be used daily 
daring Lcnt^or on Wednesdays and Fridays. The subjects are such as surround 
the daily duties apd occupations of Christian people. As the book is written for any 
time of the year, it need not be laid aside when Lent is onKt,'— Guardian. 


A Story for Boys and Girls, with Twenty-fiye Illustrations. Crown 
8to. cloth boards, 2s, 6d, 

'A delightfal story delightfully told. A little orphan girl comes to live with her 
ondCt a widower with several boys. At first her cousins dislike the idea of Dolly 
cooii^ to live with them, because she is a girl. But she makes herself so pleasant 
axid nsefiil that Uwy soon can do nothing without her help. Dolly's ** great ambition " 
is to do something heroic for her uncle, whom she loves very much. At last the 
occasion she fo ardently desired comes. . . . ,' ^Saturday Review. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

36 Catalogu4 of Works pubUdud by 

mgWETT (G), * 


By Geoige Hewett. lilastrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boaids^ ix. 

' it dcscribea the perils and adveAtitret of Jo« Walt«i«, wn of QipCnin Whiten, 
who became a sailor on board the " Penelope." On all occasions he iron the 
admiration of his comrades by his daring, sdr-sacrificing life, and eventually won 
great disbnction and honour. The storv is admirable in its tone, and will prove a 
<avoarite in the hands of readers of sea-life and adventures.'— .S'cAM/Ma//^. 



By her Sisters and Mrs. Walter M. Hoare, With Introduction by the 
Rev. H. Whitehead, Principal of Bishop's College, Calcutta. Portrait 
and Illustrations. Crown svo. cloth boards, 51. 



By the Hon. Mrs. C Hobart, ni$ N. P. W. With Oatline Illttstra. 
tions by H. J. A. Miles. Square i6mo. cloth, bevelled boards, gilt 
edges, 15, 6d, [35M Ediiim, 


With Outline Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Square i6mo. cloth,, 
bevelled boards, gilt edges, is, 6d, [2nd Editwn, 

* As good as it is pretty.' — Record. 

H0B80N (E.) . 

By the Rev. Edwin Hobson, M.A., Principal of St. KathanoeV 
College, Tottenham. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 2 vols. u. 6^. each ; or 
I vol. complete, with Map, zr. dd, 

' No difficulty is left unexplained, and the contents of the book are adnumbly 
sununarUed.'— Tkt SchaolmtuUr, 



A Book of Addresses for use on Good Friday, either at home by those 
who cannot keep the Three Hours in Church, or by the Clergy in Church » 
By the Rev. W. J. Hocking, Vicar of All Saints', Tufnell Park. Small 
crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, net. 

' Will be found helpful by the clergy in their preparation for Good Friday, and i» 
the best amon^ recent manuals of the kind which we have yttn^ ^Church Bells. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Dartofi, & C0. 27 

HOLMES (B. M.), 

(Prayer Book Version.) By the Rey. E. M. Holme3, M.A., late 
Rector of Marsh-Gibbon, Bicester, Author of *The Catecbist's 
Manual,* &c. Fcap. 8vo. doth boards, 5/. 



By F. Wyville Home, Author of 'Songs of a Wayfarer,* 'Lay 
Canticles,* &c. Illustrated. Small 4to. cloth, bevelled boards, 2s. 6d. 

*WanderiDg alone, little "Maid Margery" unintentionally treads the circled 
haunts of the Faiiy Kin^ Oberon, who seriously afflicts her. From this she is 
delivered by a Fairy Kniffht, Sir Nith, who forfeits the lane's favour. .... The 
great diarm of this pretty bttle gift-book lies in the choice of simplest words. It b 
one of the purest specimens of English rhyme, and it seems that the author pur- 
posely intended this, from the fact that so few Latin-derived words are to be found 
m its pa^es. Were tt for no other reason than this it would be a literary curiosity, 
as showmg the capabilities of the English tongue.' — Sckcolnuuter, 

' HONOB BBIQHT ' (Works by the Autttor of), 

lUostrated by A. G. Walker. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6^. 
'Told in the author's best 9Hy\it:^SchoolmatUr, 


Illustrated Title and Frontispiece by Gordon Browne, R.I. Square 
i6mo. cloth boards, 2s, 

'Will be thorooghly appreciated by younger leaders *—MamhuUr Exofnaurm 


Illustrated Title and Frontispiece by Gordon Browne, R.I. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, y. 6el, 

Jil is a little guardian angel to thre« lively brothers who tease and play with her. 
.... Her unconscious goodness brings right thoughts and resolves to several persons 
who come into contact with her. There is no goodiness in this tale, but its influence 
is of the best ldn±'—LtUraty World, 

Ittostrated by A. G. Walker. Crown 8vo. doth boards, u, 6d, 
* A bright and vigorous story. A f-uccta,*— Spectator, 

lUvstrated by A. G. Walker. Crown 8vo. cloth boaids, is. 
'A cafntal story.'— Record, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

28 Catalogui of Works published by 

* HONOR BBIGHT ' (Worka by the Aathor of ) '-comiinucd. 


niustnted. Crown 8vo. cloth, 3J. 6d, [9/^ Ediiicn. 

* A thoroughly sensible and cheery story.'^ Tittus, . 


Illustrated by A. G. Walker. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ix. 
' A little story that is good for laughter and tean alike.' — Lady, 

N. OR M. 

With Thirty Illustrations by IL J. A. Miles. Crown 8vo. cloth, 3;. 6d, 
thoroughly charming and delightful tale. .... Nolly and Molly are 
etcceptaple to youthful readers.'— ^yan/ioM. 

> biisht, happy girls, full of fun and mernment, and not too good'to be altogether 
«ptaple to youthful I ' ^ 


With Thirty Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Crown 8vo. cloth, 3/. 6J. 
' It is one of the best books of the season.'— <HMinfMm. 


With Thirty Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Crown 8vo. cloth, 3/. 6d. 

* " Peas-Blossom" may be described as a rolUcking respectable Irish story, the 
names of the juvenile pair of heroes being Pat and Paddy. Like the young Anthony 
Trollope, they are sent to a school five mil^ away from their home, across country. 
An exceptionally readable volume.'— TA^ Tttnes, 


With Illustrations by A. Forestier. Imperial i6mo. extra cloth boards, 
IX. 6d. 

' Will be a favourite with children.'— ^van/uM. 
' Decidedly well written.'— C4»rcA Ttmes. 


With Illustrations by A. G. Walker. Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, 
V: 6e/. 

* 'The interest never slackens for a moment. It is a ffood story, a healthy story, 
cmd a readable story ; and who could want more V—YifrMtkirt PotU 


With Illustrations by A. G. Walker. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ix. 

' An interesting stor^* of scho<d life pleasantly told.*— /?m<«v 0/ Reviews, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Dartan^ Sr Co. 29 



By tbe late Rev. W. B. Hopkins, B.D., Vicar of Littleport, Cambridge. 
Fcap. 8vo.^ cloth boards, I j. [3n/ Tkomand, 

' It wUI repay study either by the total abstainer or moderate drinker.' 

DmUr RnfUw. 

With Reference to the Temperance Cause. 
8vo. 4^/. [2nd Rdition, 


By the Rev. F. Douglas How, M.A. Price 6d, 


Bv the Right Rev. W. Walsham How, D.D., Bishop of WakefielcL 
With Illustrations. Small 4to. Illustrated cover, gilt edges, li. 6d. 

A Story founded on Fact. 

Illustrated by H. J. A. Miles. Oblong, paper boards, Ix. 6ti. ; fancy 
doth, bevelled boards, gilt edges, 2J. 

' A patlietic story, foaoded on fact, of a boy of six. . . . The incident occurred 
DOC loQS ago at Bnsiol.'—S/^tator. 

' The illustrations are very well dn.^nu*SaiMrday RtvUw, 


J^ A Sixpenny Edition, in large type, cloth boards, is now ready. This 
volume will be found most suitable for Parochial distribution, and \m 
the cheapest book of Family Prayers yet published. 

Fcap. 8vo. doth boards, is, 6d, ; cali or morocco, ^s. 6d. [igiA EdUipf^ 

Fcap. 8vo. doth, 9</. 


Fcap. 8vo. doth boards, 2s, 6d. [4M Edithm 

* There is not a dull page in '* Lectures on Pastoral Work." *—CuzrtUmm, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

30 Catalogue of Works published by 

HOW (W. ^kJJ^YLJLVL) - continued. 


With the Appendix. 

Fcap. 8va cloth circuit, red edges, y. 6d. ; leather limp, 5j. ; calf 
limp antique, lOf. 6d, Also morocco plain, and best flexible morocco, 
red under gold edges, I2j. 6d, [24/^ Editum* 

PLAIN WORDS. First Series. Revised with Additions. 
Sixty Short Sermons for the Poor, and for Family Reading. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth, turned in, 2s, ; cloth, bevelled boards, red edges, 
-zs. 6d, Large-type Edition, cloth boards, 3^. 6d, [57M Edition. 

PLAIN WORDS. Second Series. 
Short Sermons for the Sundays and Chief H(dy-days of the Christian 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth, turned in, zs. ; cloth, bevelled boards, red edges, 
^. &/. Large-type Edition, cloth boards, 3x. 6d. [35/ii Edition. 

Vols. I. and IL in one voL, cloth boards, 41. 6d. 

PLAIN WORDS. Third Series. 
iForty Meditations with a View to the Deepening of the Spiritual Life. 
iFcap. 8vo. cloth limp, 2x. ; cloth, bevelled boards, red edges, 2j. 6d, 
Large- type Edition, cloth boards, 31.' 6^. [24/^ Edition, 

PLAIN WORDS. Fourth Series. 
•Forty Readings for those who Desire to Pray Better. 
(Fcap. 8vo. cloth limp, turned in, 2f. ; doth, bevelled boards, red 
•edges, 2x. 6d. [iiM Edition. 

Vol. III. and FV. in one voL, cloth boards, 4/. 6d, 


■Series I. -I II. in Large Type. 2s, 6d. each Series. 

^ Selection from 'Plain Words,' for Parochial Distribution, in smaller 

ttype. IX. per packet, three kinds. 


Fcap. 8vo. cloth limp, turned in, 2s. Crown 8va cloth, bevelled 
boards, 2s, 6d, [5/A Edition. 


•Complete Edition. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth boards, gilt edges, 3/. 6d. 
'Without the Hymns, y. Calf half extra, 7s. 6d. l^k Edition. 


Royal 32mo. cloth, 6d. 

A reprint of an Essay contributed to ' The Church and the Age.' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Darton, & Co. 


HOW fW. WAHAB-hUD —coniinued. 


Selected passages for Reading to the Sick. The Appendix to ' Pastor 

in FarochilL' 

Fcap. 8to. cloth boards, ix. 61/. 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth limp, torned in, is. [15^^ Edition. 

Fcap. 8vo. doth limp, tamed in, 2s.\ cloth boards, red edges, 2s. 6d, 

[i4tk Edition. 
A Tale of the London Mission, 1874. 

With Outline Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Square i6mo. cloth, 
berell^ boards, gilt edges, is. 6d, 

* A reaUy spirited xdigioas ballad, artistically, yet gracefully, illustrated.' 

TJU Tiftut. 


Fcap. 8to. cloth limp, If. 6d. Small crown 8vo. cloth, bevelled 

boards, 2s. 6d. 
On Card, in red and black, id. 

In red and black, id, 


Directions for the Clergy and Chnrch- 

Free on application. 


For those who need Encouragement. 
6d. per packet of Tweiity. 

[185M Tkwsand, 


Complete Edition. 

Fcap. 8vo. paper cover, 6d, 

Ooih, id. 

How TO Pkbparb fob Holy Com* 


Rbpbntancb and Faith. 

The Good Shepherd. 

A Fresh Start. 

The Bread op Life. 

Christ Knocking at the Door. 
Each in Packets, ao for &/. A speci- 
men set, yL 


On Card, in red and black, zs copies 
in packet, (td, 


Price id. ; 6d. per 10a [lo/A Thou. 

MARRIAGE. Price irf. 


On Card, in red and black, id. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

32 Catalogue of Works pubUsked by 



Sunday Afternoons at a Working-men's Club. 

By V. Brooke Hunt. With Preface by the Rev. the Hon. James 

Adderley, M.A. Large foolscap 8vo. cloth boards, ix. dd, 

*They are written in a bright and simple style, the stories and illustrations are 
numerous and apt, and the teaching is ihoroaghly sensible and wholesome. The 
book is much superior to the usual run of its clatt.' — Glasgow Herald, 

HUTTON (VEHypy W.), 


Meditations on the Later Ministry, Passion, and Resurrection of oai 
Lord and Saviour. 

By the tate Rev. Vernon W. Ilutton, B. A. Crown 8vo. doth, y. &/. 
' Sound and suggestive.'— ^Msn^&m. 


Meditations on the Earlier Ministry ol our Lord. 

Crown 8vo. limp, 2s. 6J,; cloth boards, 51. [2nd Edition^ 

ly A GOOD OAirSB . 

A Collection of Stories, Poems, and Illustrations. Edited by 
Lady Amherst Fcap. 4to. bound in white, 6x. net. 

' " In a Good Cawe ** they will find Mr. Quaritch enlisted with a pleasant little 
tale; Mr. Anstey with a comically distressing tale about a kitten^ Mr. Rider 
Haggard with a hunting story from Zululand ; and other writers. All illustrated by 
MrrCaldecott, Mr. Carter, Mr. Tristram Ellis, and other tatMts,'^D4ufy Newt, 



By L. Indermaur. Crown 8vo. illustrated cloth boards, li. 

' This pretty story should be read by mothers as well as children. A series of 

f>retty, homely pictures, drawn in simple language. Not a large work, bul we have 
ivcd long enough to know that there is great truth in the old adage, "Good things 
are wrapped up m small parcels " * —Schoolmaster. 



By Jean Ingelow. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3/. 6d, 


Illustrated Title and Frontispiece by Gordon Browne, R.L Large 
crown Svo. cloth boards, 31. Cd, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ Sr Co, 35 


lUnstratecL Crown 8va doth boards, %s, 6</. 

" 'Stories told to a Chfld" is one of the classics of children's books, and surely 
Miss Ixwdow never did better work than these little stories, which seem to be per- 
fecdoo from whatever point wa regard HbKoC —Spectator, 

From Girls' Lives. 

Illustrated Title and Frontispiece by Gordon Browne, R.I. Large 
crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. id, 



Six Lectures on Pastoral Theology, delivered in the Divinity School,. 


By the Rev. A. F. Winnington Ingram, M.A., Head of the Oxford 

House, and Rector of Beihnal Greeo. With Introduction by the Rev. 

Herbert E. Ryle, D.D., Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge. 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, Jj. 6</. \2nd Ediiion, 

'We unhesitatingly tell all youne workers, lay and clerical, that whether their 
woric lies in poor districts or " wclT-to-do/' amongst men or lads, be it social or 
didactic, they are doing themselves and the work great injustice so long as ihey 
remain nnacooainted with Mr. Ingram's epigrammatic, sensihle, experienced 
talk.*— CAmitA Times. 

A Course of Lent Lectures. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2X. 


Being Three Addresses delivered to Clergy at Loughton, in September,. 


iSmo. cloth boards. \fn the press. 



By Catherine Jacson. With Six Illustrations, including Portraits. 
Crown 8vo. doth boards, fix. net. {For private circulation. 

The present voltune pictures with quiet realism the history of an English country 
fiunily. closely connected with the great Sir Robert Peel, tracing its career from the 
early days of the century down to the present time. The faithfulness of the drawing 
renoers this a valuable representation of a phase of Englbh life which, in the rush of 
modem existence, is rapidly passing away. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

34 Catalogue of Works published by 



Their Historv, Habits, and Instincts; also the First Principles of 
Modem Bee-keeping for Young Readers. 

By the Rev. F. G. Jenyns, M.A., late Rector of Knebworth. With 
numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2x. 6</. School 
Kdition, is. dd, 

' Mr. Jenyns* book (introduced by Baroness Burdett Coutts) may be read with 
real pleasure, even by those who don't go in for b«e culture. He has made an 
hackneyed subject interesting.'— Cfw/A*c. 

' Any one who wishes to learn about bees and bee-keeping, without much trouble, 
could scarcely do better than read it.' — Saturday Revitw. 



A Complete Handbook, giving Information concerning every kind of 
Parochial Institution and Organization, in both Town and Country 
Parishes, for the nse of the Clergy and Lay- Helpers. 
Edited by the Rev. Theodore Johnson, Diocesan Inspector of Schools 
for Rochester, Author of 'The Clergyman's Ready Reference 
Register,' &c. Demy 8vo. cloth boards, ts. 

' Most useful. Many writers and workers of deserved eminence have oontriboted 
to \l.'— Spectator. 

JONES (C. A.), 


A Book for Boys and Girls. 

By C. A. Jones. With full-page Illustrations. Large crown 8vo. cloth 

boards, 3r. 6d. 

* An unusually good children's sUyry.'—Glasfvw Htrald. 


A Chronicle of Breton Life. 

With upwards of Thirty Illustrations. Large crown »vo. cloth lx>ards, 

3J. tii. 

* A very pretty story of Breton peasant life in Marie Antoinette's earlier and 
happier days.' — Record. 

A charminjs chronicle of Breton rustie simplicity. . . . Miss Jones draws a very 
pretty picture indeed of the village maiden whose head Is turned by town influence." 



A Tale of Brittany. 

Adapted from the French. With upwards of Forty Illustrations. 

Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3x. ^, 

• We can thoroughly recommend this brightly-written and homely narrative. 

Saturday Review, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Darton, & Co. 35 

JOWB8 (O. K .\~.«^^.^ 

Staoes ,rf the Soldieis of Christ in all Aees. 

•^'"^ ^'^^; ;iS':^S2J|^UiW;^;^T^ will re«l, probably 

By 4e'S5V°*?"°° '''«' •^'^'-E SMUTS. 

« n^^r^ui!^ MA.. Prebendary of St. Paul's. 

JOSA (P. P. I..). 

Po^^taSlUoL^ir^^rst^ctih^^^^^ With 

Ext«mely iat««i,g.-_Ara«:to/^ Examintr. 

ByST'"';?.T°%°"' "°^ ^^ ALL GOT ON. 

"C«^ oi"^2SS!l^'* "^ *• ""«'« »"»'"<' i» »•« ""iversal d«i« of 

KBITBIOg (C. w. H.). 

B I"r ^°'*'* ^^ "^"^ MINISTRY. 

V^ith "rnf^.S;-^' ?• ^'"J?!*' M'A-' Vicar of Holy Trinity, Reading. 

A5ketcb of hu Life kbA Laboan for the Church of God. 
xS-^iT^' ^- ^- **• *^« M.A., Commissary to the late Bishop, 
with lUiistraUon*. Crown 8to. cloth, beveUed boards, y. 6d. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

36 Catalogue of Works published by 

glNQSBUHY (T. L.), 


New Doctrinal Sigmficance and the Scriptural Teaching connected 
with them in the Offices of the Church. 

By the Rev. Thomas L. Kingsbury, M.A., Canon of Salisbury 
Cathedral. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, bevelled boards, 2J. td, 
' As full of teaching as an egg is fall of tokoX* —Church BtUt, 

KNIQHT (A. L. ) 


By Arthur Lee Knight. With Illustrations by W. H. K. Overend. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d, 

A humorous and exciting account of life on board a Man-of-War in 
Foreign Seas. 

KNIGHT (F. A.), 


By Francis A. Knight, Author of * By Leafy Ways,' ' Idylls of the 
Field/ &c. Illustrated by £. T. Compton. Large crown 8vo. cloth, 
bevelled boards, 5^. 

Also on Large Paper, with Illustrations printed on Japanese Paper, and 
mounted, bound in vellum, 2iJ. net. This Edition ts limited to loo. 
Each copy signed and numbered. 

' Of striking excellence. Both in style and matter the^ are honourably. disUn> 

Sished from the crowd of similar articles. .... Thev give information even to- 
ne who have long lived in and loved the ooantry. It should be added that several 
good steel engravings illustrate the book. No pleasanter companion for an autumnaT 
holiday can easily be found than this unpretentious litde book. '—-Ath emntm , 



Gathered by Lady Knightley of Fawsley. Small cr. 8vo. embossed 
paper covers designed by G. W. Rhead, is, 



By Ruth Lamb. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2J. 6d. 

' Both humour and pathos abound in this capital storjr, which has evidently come 
straight from the writer'.s heart, and in most instances will probably find its way a» 
direct to that of ihe reader.'— /«</* Mercury. 


A Transcript from the Rhythm of Bernard de Morlaix. 
With Outlme Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Square l6mo. cloth, 
bevelled boards, gilt edges, is, 6d. Uniform with * The Changed Cross. ^ 
* We have seldom seen a more beautifnl little booklet.'— CA»fvA Tim4t, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ DarUm^ & Co. 37 


Being Letters to an Old-fashioned Layman. 

B^ the Right Rev. Henry C. Lay, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Easton, 
U.S.A. i8mo. doth, bevelled boards, 2x. 6d, 

* Fnll of dear, toand common sense and manly piety, which cannot hut enlist the 
reader's sympathy. The Bishop deals with his suDJect from an intellectual, doctrixial. 
and practical point of view. . .Laymen cannot hut appreciate his broad sympathies.* 

MBA (J, w.y 

Every See of the Catholic Church in England at the Epochs of the 
Reformation and Revolution. 

With an Introduction by the late John Walter Lea, B.A., F.G.S., &C.9 
Fdlow ot the Royal Historical Society. Fcap. 4ta 5x. 


An Annual for the Little Ones. 

In very large type and easy words. Illustrated by popular Artists. 

Crown 4to. paper boards printed in colours, is, 6d, Cloth extra, 

bevelled boards, zr. 6d, [iS9i>96. 

'A bright book of pictures, short, simple tales, and verses for the little oneie. The 
ries are just what is wanted, and the pictures are capital.'— ^00>(f///(fr. 


By the Author of ' From Do-Nothing Hall to Happy-Day House.' 
With Outline Illustrations by J. K. Sadler. Oblong, cloth boards, is. 

'A dainty booklet which relates the ups and downs of a tiny boy who was left at 
a railway station duly \abt\\ed,'-~Sutuiay School Times. 


By the Author of ' Clevedon Chimes,' &c Imperial i6mo. cloth 
boards, is, 6d. 

* Prettily and most pathetically told.'— TIA/ TimM, 

IiBOEin> OP DAHUT; and Other Poems , 

^ S. £. Crown 8vo. bound in blue cloth boards, and lettered in 
sitver, i j. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

38 Catalogtu of Works fubUskid by - 

liBGQB (A,). 

A Book of Instructions on Confirmation. 

By the Right Rev. and Hon. Augustns Legge, D.D., Bishop of 
Lichfield. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, is, 6d, 

* The accumalated experience of a sacoessfiil parish priest in a department of 
woric to which he attaches high importance is likely to be valnaUe. Prepared with 
great care.'— GiMfydS^M. 

ThefolUrmng may be had separately : — 
Questions for Confirmation Candidates. In packets, xd. 
An Introduction to Private Prayer, and a Help to Self* 
Examination. 6</. a dozen. 



With an Appendix of Illustrations. 

By the Rev. H. Edmund Legh, M.A., late Organizmg Secretary of 
the C E. T. S., Winchester Diocese. With blank pages for MS. notes. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, \s, 6d. 


By the Author of *Miss Toose/s Mission,' &c Fcap. 8vo. dotb 
boards, is. 6d 

* Whether hopefnl or the cooti 
with the safferi^u d the poc 
their beha\t,'—M^rmM£ PmL 

ether hopefnl or the cootnury, they show genuine feeling and deep tympatl^ 
B safferi^u ol the poor, and a desire to excite the sympathies of others la 
balf.'— Jtf^fiMV PmL 

LBWIS (M, A.). 


By M. A. Lewis. Paper cover, 6d. 


By a Working Associate of the Girls' Friendly Society. 

With PreCeitoiy Note by the Lord Bishop of WakefieUL Royal 3amo» 

&ncy cloth boards, 9^1 


With Outline lUustxations by H. T. A Miles. Square i6nio. cloth*. 
bereUed boards, is. 6d. [jik JBdiHcfu 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Darton^ & Co, 39 


This book has the sanction and approval of the Bishops of London and 


By the Author of 'Edith Vernon's Life- Work, *. &c. Illustrated. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. td* [^th Edition. 

'Told without eiEaggeratJoo, withrmt any fine writing, but with considerable 
power.'— jr/«c/a/^. 

Lovnra oouysELs to a Yoxryo pbiend. 

Before and After Confirmation. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, ix. td, 


Written and Illustrated by Kathleen Lucas. Printed in shades of 
brown by Edmund Evans. Bound in Japanese paper boards, 2s, td. 
* A book of nonsense rhymes and pictures. '—7A/ Quien. 



Stt ' The National Churches/ p. 45. 

LY8AOHT (Mrs.). 

Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s, 

LYTTELTOir (W, H,)> 


By the Hon. and Rev. W. H. Lyttelton, late Rector of Hagley and 
Hon. Canon of Worcester. With Preface by the Ri^ht Rev. £. S. 
Talbot, D J)., and an In Memoriam by Lady Fredenck Cavendish. 
Crown 8vo. doth boards, 3/. 6d. [4/^ Editim. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

40 Catalogue of Works published by 


By George Macdonald, LL.D., Author of ' Phantastes,' <At the Back 
of the North Wind,' 6k,. With numeroas Illustrations by A. G. 
Walker, Sculptor. Crown 8vo. fancy cloth boards, 31. td, 

' An admirable phantasy, full of imacpnation and fall of wisdom.' — BUuk amd IVkite, 
^George Macdonald has not. we think, done a better piece of work for a long time 
than this excellent story of a wilfal little prince&s who is kidnapped by a benevolent 
fair^, and rescued from her confirmed selfishness by a long and painful process of 
diiciplins. It is charming alike in conception and execution, and the fine illnstra> 
lions of Mr. A. G. Walker are worthy of the vaX^.'— Church Times. 



Delivered to the Clergy and Laity in the Diocese of Lichfield. 

By His Grace the Archbishop of York* Crown 8vo. cloth boardSi 

7/. 6tL 

An Address to Confirmation Candidates on the Eve of Confirmation 
Day. 3^ 



By Mary Macleod. Illustrated. Cronn 8vo. cloth boards, u. 



A Poem. 

By Mari^et S. Macritchie. Tinted Outline Illustrations by H. J. A. 

Miles. Square i6mo. doth, bevelled boards, gilt edj^cs, ix. 6</. 

' Marked by much tenderness of feeling and felicity of expression. The story is 
delicately and sweetly told. The tinted ilTnstrations by H. J. A Miles are as refined 
and beautiful as any we have ever seen.'— CAm/tdw World, 


Crown 8vo. Illustrated doth boards, u. 

' A touching and weU<told.story.**5'a/«n£a^ Revitw. 


With Texts and*Hymns for the Use of Children and Young People 
during the Season of Lent. 

With Preface by the Rev. R. C. Kirkpatrick, M.A., Vicar of St. 
Augustine's, Kilburo. Royal 32110.4^. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner, Dartan, & Co. 41 



By John B. Marsh, Author of ' The Reference Shakespeare/ ' Venice 
and the Venetians,' &c. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. doth 
boards, ix. 6^ 

' In this little book Mr. Marsh explains the best methods of acquiring so graceful 
anjacoomplishment, and gives a ntnuber of practical hints of reaf value.' — Sptaktr. 


By G. W. Rhead, Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers. 
With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, u. 6^ 

*This excellent little work with illustrations by the author contains complete 
information req>ecting the process of etching, and the instruments requisite for the 
art. . . . Would prove a tnorouf^hly useful companion for the aunateur etcher. The 
frontispiece is a charmine little picture by the author.' — Church Times. 

' Both are before all Aings pitMrdcal, both are the work of men who evidently love 
their subject, and both have wisdy iUustrated their pijgt&* School Guardimn^ 


Printed in Red and Black, with Illnstrations, a Marriage Chorale, and 
Spaces for Names. Bound in white and gold, 6d. 

MAB8H (JOHy B.) . 

Sm * Manuals for Home Work. 



By Alice Massingoerd. Two Parts, >/. each ; cloth boards, 6d, each. 
' A most fascinating little wotIc'-^k^^m. 



A Tale of the Later Lollards. 

By C Edmund Maurice. With etched title and frontispiece. Crown 

8vo. cloth boards, 6j. 

' The picture of Oxford in its most turbulent days is wonderfully vivid and brilliant, 
and the personages, many of them historical, are worth knowing. —ZfVl^nwy World, 



Or, Helps to the Practice of Meditation. 

By the Rev. Thomas May, M.A., late Vicar of Leigh, Tunbridge. 
With PrefiBUX by the Bishop of Wakefield. Royal 8vo. cloth boards, $/. 

[4/A Edition, Corrected and Eulargtd, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

42 Catalogue of Works fmblished by 

MEADE (Ii. T.). 


By L. T. Meade. With Illustrations by Gordon Browne, R.I. Crown 
8vo. cloth boards, 31. 6^. 

*An excdlent 8tory. . . . Readers will not repent of finishing the story for 
themselves.'— .^^c/a/^r. 

* A charming story.'— CAvrrA Bells. 

A PRINCESS OF THE GUTTER, df. [yd Editum. 

'One of the best books of the season is "A Princess of the Gutter," by L. T. 
Meade— a refined and fascinating tale of London life. It might almost have been 
written by Sir Walter Besaat,'^ Literary World. 

'"A Princess of the Gutter," by L. T. Meade, is the thrilling and fascinating 
narrative of a philanthropic mission undertaken in East London oy a courageous 
young Girton graduate, and carried out with an intelligent persistence and splendid 
&elf-aonegation that will not be denied or delayed, however formidable the obstacles 
hindering the achievement of their purpose. . . . Mrs. Meade in her preface informs 
us that this truly heroic character is not a creature of her imagination, but has been 
"sketched from a living original." We are glad to know tnat sucn a noble and 
chivalric woman has her being among the toilers of the overwrought East End.' 

Daily Telegraph. 



By the Right Hon. the Earl and the Countess of Meath. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, 6x. 

' " Social Aims " will not want sympathetic readers. The Earl of Meath belong'^ 
to that handful of devoted philanthropists whose views are coloured with no political 
animus, and who realise how much more is done for mankind by pegging away un- 
obtrusively at social reform than by pitting class against class.'— T'/m^x. 



By Mrs. Jerome Mercier, Author of * Christabel Hope,* * Wreath of 
Mallow,' &c Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, ys* 6d, 

* It is a story of country life, with the inner pleasures and diveniions of which the 
authoress seems well acquainted. The charm of it lies in its simplicity.^ The 
characters are the strong point of the book, for they are well-conceived studies.' 

FitSfic O^imicm. 


Edited by Mrs. Jerome Mercier. Fcap. cloth boards, is. 6d, 

A manoal and guide for women in their choice of an occupation in life. 

[211^ Edition^ 



Sm ' The Nataonal Churches, p. 44. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ DarUm, & Co. 43 



By Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell, Author of < The Beautiful Face,' &c. 
Edited by the Rev. T. T. Carter, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 

Tliis volome consists of Three Parts :— On Snfiering in General— On Spiritual 
SnfTcringfr— Suffering a Means of Perfet^on. 

{ind Edition. 

MOI.BBWOBTH (Mrfl.) . 


By Mrs. Molesworth, Author of 'Carrots,' 'Cuckoo Clock,' &c. 
Illustrated by G. M. Bradley. Crown 8vo. cloth bevelled boards, 31.^. 

' Better than any of Mr«. Molesworth's former books. So bright, so toocbtng, so 
natuna.'— /'a// Mall Budget, 

THE LORD'S PRAYER. [In the press, 

MOKEY (A. li.), 


By Agnes L. Money. 

64010. paper, id. 

Crown lomo. melody only, paper, 6d.\ cloth, 9</. 

Fcapw 4to. with Accompaniments, paper, is. ; cloth boards, is. 6d, 

' Fifty sweet old English, Scotch, and Irish ballads, which are quite refreshing 
after the hideous vulgarities of the present day. . . . Music and song are among 
God's best gifts to His children, and the singing of good, pure, meny, nearly song« 
will surely help to make those wno sing and those who hear happier and better.' 

Church Timss. 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d. [2nd Edition. 



The object of this Publication is to bring prominently before the notice 
of Book-buyers extracts, complete in themselves, from such books as are 
issued from time to time. 

Illustrated. \d. ; post free for a year, is. 


Being an Eznlanation of the Church Catechism in Question and 
Answer, with Notes and Scripture Proofe. 
By Blanche Moore. l6mo. id. [^rd Edition. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

44 Catalogue of Works published by 


Edited by Charlotte M. Yonge. The organ for the upper classes of the 

Society entitled *The Mothers* Union.* 

Quarterly, price 6(L Yearly volumes, 3^. each, cloth boards. 

The six volumes recently published contain contributions by Tlie 

Lord Bishop of Guildford, The Countess of Airlie, Countess of Glasgow, 

The Dowager Marchioness of Hertford, The Hon. K. Scott, The 

Hon Lady Grey, The Lacfy Montagu, Lady Maigaret Hamilton, Mrs« 

Hallett, Mrs. Johnson, Caroline A. Gibeme, Mrs. Knight, Mrs; 

Malden, Mrs. Sumner, Elizabeth Wordsworth, C. M. Yonge, and 


* There are almost too many good thines in " Mothers in Council." Any one to 
whom this magazine is yet unknown would do well to take it 'Mi.'— Lady s PicUrimL 

* A most useful magaane for ^f&xtni^'— Christian World. 

* Full of good readmg for mothers.' — Aih^naum.^ 

' An excellent magazine. . . . Clearly a periodical to be supported.' — S/eciatar, 
' Full of thoughtful and practical suggestions.' — Guardian. 

* Replete with interest for the mothers of families.'— Zodiy. 


Edited by Lady Jenkyns. An Illustrated Quarterly. Price id. 
For circuhtion among tlu poortt classes, 


A List will be forwarded on application. 


Edited by P. H. DITCHFIELD, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. 

' The general idea of the series is excellent.'— {rMcr^AVni. 
' The scheme excites our interest.' — Saturday Rtview. 


By the Rev. S. Baring-Gould, M.A., Author of * Mehalah,' * Germany 
Past and Present,' &c. With maps. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6s, 

[2nd Edition, 
' Mr. Baring-Gould's contribation is excellent . . . one of the hest acconiits in 
English of the German Reformation, its real meaning and real eflfects, that we have 
ever come across.'-— (PaMn/nns. 

2. SPAIN. 

By the Rev. Frederick Meyrick, M.A., Prebendary of Uncoln ; Editor 
of ' The Foreign Giurch Chronicle.' With map. Crown 8vo. cloth 
boards, 6s, 

' It is a really valnable wock..*—MatuM£si€r Examiner, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ & Co. 45 



By the Rev. Thomas Olden, M^, Vicar of Ballyclough. With 
maps. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, dr. \2nd Edition. 

* Seldom has the atodent of Irish histovy the good fortune to encounter work 
so learned and so 8iiiq>le, so instructive and so entertaining, as this brilliant epitome 
of the history of the early Irish Church.' — Atkgmmum. 


By the Rev. P. H. Ditchfield, M. A. With two maps. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, dr. 


By the Very Rev. H. M. Luckock, D.D., Dean of Lichfield. With 
two maps. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6^. 

' Htt pages are packed with facts from which ^ou are at liberty to draw your con- 
dusiops, and which he never garbles or dbtorts with a view to bolstering up his own. 
He displays a really surprising comprehension of affairs peculiarly Scottish.' 

NaUmuU Obstrvtr, 

6. ITALY. 

By the Rev. A. R. Pennington, M.A., Canon of Lincoln. With 
map. Crown 8vo. cloth boarcu, dr. 


By the Rev. Richard Travers Smith, D.D., Vicar of St. Bartholomew's^ 
and Canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin. With Maps. Crown 8vo. cloth 
b oards, dx. 


By the Right Rev. Leigbton Coleman, S.T.D., LL.D., Bishop of 
DeUware, U.S.A. With Maps. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 6j. 

'The Bishop of Delaware has made the history of his church thoroughly in- 
teresting ; we hope it will be widely read.' — Record. 

'TelU its story in a simple and unassuming way, which is pleasant and instry^- 
tive, and puts together in a handy form just the information that the general reader 
most wants to have.' — GMordian. 


By the Rev. J. H. Overton, Canon of Lincoln. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, 6s. each. 


irOBODY (A.). 


For Somebody, Anybody, or Everybody, particularly the Baby Body. 
Written and Illustrated by A. Nobody, beautifully printed in colours. 
lUustrated. Paper boarcls, cloth back, 2s. {2Dih Thousand, 

' Quite the best thing of the kind since Mr. Lear's illustrated Rhymes.' — Punch. 

*Simplv splendid. Tne editors of comic papers are not worth their salt if they don't 
find out who "A. Nobody " is, and give him all the woik he has time ioi.'— Queen, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

46 Catalogue of Works published by 

NOBODY (h,.)— continuid, 


For the same Bodies as before. 
Illustrated. Paper boards, printed in colours, 2J. 6</. 
The two volumes in one. Cloth, 5*. 



Crown 8vo. Illustrated cloth boards, is, 

*A happy little story which our own young folk have read with avidity and 
pronounced capital.'— C^ru/ian. 


Or, How to Help the S. P. G. 

By the Author of * Gipsy Mike.' 

Large crown 8vo. paper boards, printed in red and black, is, 6d. 



By Mrs. Charlotte O'Brien. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, u. 


By Mrs. Charlotte O'Brien. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 
' Just the sort of book to make a lad think,'— Tem/eramce ChronicU, 



Set 'The National Churrhes,' p. 45. 


Containing Contributions by W. E. Norris, S. Baring-GoulJ, L. B. 
Walford, Mrs. Parr, Maxwell Grey, Mrs. Macauoid, The Author of 
* Mademoiselle Ixe,' Mrs. Moles worth, Prof. Church, ^ Prof. Douglas, 
and L. T. Meade. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s, 6d, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton, & Co, 47 


Village Games. 

Collected by E. F. E. Yeatman and Maud R. Hall. Illustrated 

cover, 6d, 

* Any one who has to take charge of a band of children, especially eirls and boys 
in the "in£uits] division," on a summer day's outing, and leels at all doubtful as to 
means of amnsing them for hoars at a stretch, might do worse than buy *' On the 
Green," a collecuon of over forty village games, described by E. F. B. Yeatman and 
Maud R. Hall, who also give the prc^>er musical accompaniment where there is any. 
Next to the fun of playing the games, comes the pleasure of reading again such 
delightful compositions as "Oranges and Lemons,' "London Bridge," '^Nuts in 
May," and many another old favourite.' — GuardioH, 



Or, Short Lessons on the Church Catechism for Infant Children. 

By Mrs Robert O'Reilly. i8mo. cloth boards, u. M. [9/A Edition. 

Lessons on the Collects. 
i8mo. cloth boards, ix. 6<f. [2nd Edition, 


Illustrated Htle and Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y, 6d, 
'A thoroughly delightful book, full of sound wisdom as well as fun.' ^Ai/uuaum. 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. doth boards, 2s. 6d, 

' Such a book as this deserves the widest circulation. - The picture it draws — true, 
faithful, and graphic — of the troubles and trials of the poor, can do nothing but good.' 




By the Rev. H. Bickersteth Ottley, M.A., Vicar of Eastbourne. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y. 6d, 


Or, Sanctorum Dulcis Memoria. 

With Introduction by the Most Rev. the Archbishop of York. Small 410. 
£uicy cloth boards, 51. 6d. ; calf, ys»6d, ; best morocco or calf, gilt, 22s, 
Cheap Edition, without floral border, cloth boards, is. 6d. ; calf or 
morocco, &r.; best calf or morocco, los. 6d. [5M Edition. 

' Coostmcted after the model of a birthday text-book, and designed to recall the 
memory of those who have entered into theur rest, and thus assist in realising more 
fully die doctrine of the Communion of Saints.'— 7*A« Vear-book ofth* Church. 

^A venr elegant volume externally and internally. To every page three days are 
allotted, those on the left bearing (Uites, texts, and dioice quotations, the opposite 
pages being ^aced for records and remarks.'— 7*4^ Qttten. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

48 Catalogue of Works published by 



Su ' The National Charches,' p. 45. 



T. Pym • At Home ' Within. 

A new painting and crayon book, with coloured pictares and outUneSr 

paper boards, i^. 

' A delightful paiating book. . . . Warranted to prove a cure for the fidgets.' 



A Book of Designs, with Mottoes for Colouring and Drawing. From 
Designs by G. W. Rhead. 4to. fancy boards, ix. ; cloth, \s, o^. 

* An ingenions and useful attempt to provide a quiet and rational entertainment 
for the busy fingers of children.'— o/fic^a/^r. 

'A novelty amongst children's books.' — Saturday RtvUw. 


A Series of Bible Outlines, printed on Superfine Lined Paper, for the 
Ijttle Ones to Colour and Write about. Imperial 8vo. u. ; cloth, 

' The publishers improve on the educational idea, which is at the root of the 
Kindergarten sjrstem, ot making children teach themselves in their amusements. In 
" Happy Sunday Afternoons for the Little Ones" this firm, so pleasantly associated 
with a long history ci juvenile recreation, supplies the meaxis of sslf-improvement by 
a series of simple Bible outlines, to colour or write about other from memory or by 
refisrence to the Scriptures themselves.'— rA« Daily TtUgra^ 


Imperial 8vo. ix. ; cloth boards, ix. 6(/. {Second Series. 


Simple Outlines to Colour and Illuminate. 4to. coloured boards, ix. ; 
doth, IX. 6d. 

* No more fa5cinating indoor employment for children who have the ability— an<.( 
it does not require much— can be found than colouring outline drawings.' 

Littrary World. 


Fcap. 4to. IX. ; cloth, ix. (id. 

Printed in Sepia on grey paper expressly made for the purpose. This volume cai> 
also be used as a drawing-book. 

* Contains thuty clever sketches for filling up in colours.' ~CA«nrA Times. 

By T. Pym. Fcap. 4to. ix. ; cloth, ix. 6^. 

' A volume of outlines charmingly drawn, and printed so that they may be eflfec- 
tively coloured. The book and a box of water-colours should make any child happy/ 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ & Co. 49 

PAIITTIirQ -BOGKB- conHtiUid. 


By T. Pym. Foip. 4to. I^. ; cloth, is, 6d, 

These oatfine picture-books are printed in Sepia, on tinted paper, expressly made 
for the purpose. 



By Fnmces Palmer. IHustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth, $s, 6d, 

' A capital story : the characters are well drawn, and the incidents axe perfectly 
tmtaxti:— Church Timtes, 


Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. 6d. [5/^ Edition, 

* The adventures of little Edward Forbes, who was " true under trial," are written 
with such knowledse of the details of London life among the destitute orders, with 
such rare combination of religious spirit with a perfect abstention from cant, and so 
wcU put together^ that we believe no reader who once took up the book woukl put it. 
down without finishing it.* — Standard. 


Poems for the Children's Hoar. 

By J. E. Panton. With Frontispiece by W. P. Frith, R.A., and Out- 
line Illustrations by Helen Miles and T. Pym. Square i6mo. cloth 
boards, u, 6d, 

' Th« quaint litle of a charming liitle volume of verse for youn^ readers. . . . Not 
cnly distinguished by refined feeling and poetic grace, but by such mstruciive glimpse s - 
into child-minds as are only begotten of a deep love for little ones and their ways. 

Daily News. 


With an Introduction by the Lord Bishop of Wakefield. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 21. 

'This short treatise provides valid arguments enough to satisfy all who really 
desire to understand the right and wrong of the case. Its tone is calm and dis- 
passionate ; it is free from anjrthing like flippancy or prejudice. It ought to be a 
useful book to the parochial clergy.'— <7aHsr<fmis. 


Our Lord's Parables Simply Told for Children. 

Bv the Author of • Voices of Nature,' ' Earth's Many Voices.' With 
40 Illustrations in Outline by H. J. A. Miles. Square i6mo. cloth, 
bevelled boards, 2s, bd, 

' Teachers will find this a valuable help.'— C4»n-A BtlU, 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Catalogue of Woteks friMkhid by 



Preached to a Country Congregation. 
By the Rev. Charles Paroissien. Fcap. 8vo. boards, u. 6rf'. 
The Santa Book can be had as Tracts. 


One of the Cheapest Series of Copyright Works ever issued. Each 
Story contains Three or more Illustrations, the pages are large, and 
inclosed in an Illustrated Coloured Cover. 


By the Author of 'Mademoiselle 
Mori,' ftc. 


Adapted from the German by James 
F. Cobb, Author of * The Watchers 
on the Longships,' &c 

By Fiances M. Peard, Author of 
' Prentice Hugh,' &c 


A Talc of the Civil War. 
By F. Scarlett Potter. 


By Annette Lyster, Author of ' Alone 
in Crowds,' &c 

By F. Scarlett Potter. 



By Christabel Coleridge, Author of 
• Girls of Flaxby,' &c 




By Mrs. Field, Author of ' Ethne,' &c. 

By Terra Cotta, Author of ' Meadow 
Swvet,' &C. 

By Mrs. Jerome Mercier, Author of 
' Anun Field.' 

By the Author of 'Mademoiselle 
Mori,' &C. 


A Tale of the St. Gothard Tunnel. 

% James F. Cobb, Author of * The 
atchers on the Longships,' ftc 


By Harold Vallings, Audior of "The 
Quality of Mercy/ ftc. 


By Mre. Percy Leake (D. M. Image). 

By Agnes Gilberne. 


By L. T. Meade. 

By M. Bramstoo. 

21. OLIVER. 

By Helen Shipton. 


By the Author of ' Kitty, • Dr. 
Jacob,' &c. 

23. MEG'S COURAGE. By Agnes 


By M. Bramston. 


By Cecil Lane. 


By the Author of ' Mad< 
Mori,' &c 


Other Numbers will be announced in due course. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardmry Darton, & C<fn Si 

PByyiNGTON (A. B,). 


S§€ ' The Nadoaal CSmrches/ pace 45. 


By the Rev. A. R. Pennington, M.A., Canon of Lincoln. With Portrait. 
Crown 8va cloth boards, 41. 

A record of reMgious, political, literary, and social life in the earlier years of this 
century. Canon Pennington gives, from personal recollection, a graphic account of 
what was known as ** the Golden Age of Claphanit" when this old-fuhioned suburb 
•of London was the centre of a widely known religious suid literary coUrU. 

' Canon Peanington has a pleasant story to tell us. . . . Anecdotes abound. . . . 
His reminiscences have the graphic charm of accounts written by an eye- witness. . . . 
We hope, and indeed are sure, that Canon Pennington's volume will have many 
vcaders.* — Record. 

PENlffT (A.). 


Bj the Rev. Alfred Penny, M.A. With Chart and Illustrations by the 
Author and H. J. Rhodes. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 5J. [2nd Edition. 

'A most interesting and charmingly written description of Melanesian life.' 

Pall Mall Gatetii, 
* A distinct contribntioo to oar knowledge of Melanesia. '~>S'a/»n£ay Rtvitw. 

Crown 8vo. doth boards, 31. 6d* 

pice:ebtnq (W.) , 

thc queen of the goblins. 

By Wilhelmkia Pickering, Author of ' The Adventures of Prince 
AImero,'&c. Profusely Illustrated by Olive Cockerell. 4to. fancy 
cloth boards, 31. 6d, 

'In the stress and struKle of prosaic existence children, even th<»e of a larger 
growth, may turn with sat^action to *' The Queen of the Goblins." .... There 
are no half-measures in this book, which takes us away into Goblindom and Witch- 
land, and tejuvenates «s.' — Daily Teltgraph, 


I With Introduction by the Ix)rd Bishop of Wake6eld. 

44mo. cloth boards, 4^; Fecsmn limp, 9</.; calf limp, i/. M 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

52 CataUgue of Works published by 

PLUygBT (E. M.)« 


Collected and Edited b7 the Hon. Emmeline M. Plunket Printed in 
red and black. Crown 4to. doth boards, 3x. 6</. 

Each Rh]rme is acoomimnied by a i^bric indicating how the game is played, and 
a musical score of the traditional tune to which it is chanted. 

' No better volume wUl be found than " Merrie Games in Rhyme." There are 
over thirty of them, quite enouRh, we imagine, to amuse the largest of families 
during the longest holidays. Well performed, the games would, many of them, 
amnse seniors as well as juniors.'— CAwfvA Timet. 


With numerous Illustrations by T. Pym. In large type. Square l6ino« 
cloth boards, \s, 6d, 

* A daintily got up little book for very small cluldren, quaintly illustrated.' 

CAurcA BeiU. 


By Two Friends. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s, 6d. 

' Carry the good fortune of the pampered infancy of our da^ to its hiffhest 

possible reaches The highest merit of the volume is that children will read it 

without any sense of gratitude to the author. It is as natural as Garrick seemel to 
Partridge, and that eflect, notoriously, d jes not lend itself to admiration in untutored 
m'nds.'— /7ar> News* 



By the Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., Bishop of New York, U.S. A. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ax. 6d, 



Daily Ten Minutes' Readings for Four Weeks on the Incarnation. 
By the Rev. J. Hasloch Potter, M. A., Vicar of Holy Trinity, Upper 
Tooting. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 2s 6d, {2nd Edition. 

Specially suited for use at Daily Services or Family Prayer. 



By the Rev. G. F. Prescott, M.A., Vicar of St. Michael's, Paddington. 
Royal 32mo. 6d,; cloth boards, i^. 


By Eleanor C. Price. Illustrated by W. H. C Groome. Crown 8vo. 
extra cloth boards, 2s. 6d, 

' WeU tdd and capUally Ulustzmted.'— ^/«^ and IVkiU. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton, & Co. 55 


For Boys and Girls. 

Poblished monthlj, price l^., containing one coloured plate and several 
engravings. Annual volumes, containing a large number of high-class 
Engravings, and Thirteen Coloured Plates. Paper cover, ix. 2d, ; 
Illustrated paper boards, cloth back, is, 6d. ; cloth boards, 2s, ; extra 
cloth, gilt edges, 2f. 6d, 

' Well desenfes its distincdve tide.'—Pw^/ibe O/imiMU 

BAM8AY (W. M. and O. D.). 

Beii^ an Introduction to the History of the Goths and to the Study of 
the Gothic Tongue. 

By the Rev. Walter Marlow Ramsay, Rector of Wyfordby, and the 
Rev. Clififord Dalhousie Ramsay, Vicar of Broug^ton, and Diocesan 
Inspector of Schools, Lichfield. Crown 8va 6s, 


With Introduction by the late Bishop of Salisbury. Fcap. 8vo. cloth 
limp» is.6d, 

* This little book certunly seems to sopoly a want which has not exactly been 
supplied before, and as the Bishop of Saluoary obeenres, it has done it in a way 
most likely lo prove useful.'— C4am:A Timn, 

Su ' Manuals for Home Work, p. 41. 
S€€ ' Painting Books,' p. 48^ 

BHBAP (O. W.) 




By E. A. Richings. Illustrated Title and Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, 2s, 6d. 

' An admirable aooonnt of a most interesting land. . . . Few countries offer more 
attractions to the traveller than Sicily, and few travellers are capable of appreciating 
them more thoroughly than the author, whose graphic and spirited sketches can 
hardly fiul to arouse enthusiasm in the most unsentimental of her readers.' 

Momine Pott, 

BIDQBWAY (0, J,). 


A Course of Lent Instruction. 

By the Rev. C. J. Ridge way, M.A., Vicar of Christ Church, Lancaster 


Crown 8vo. doth boards, u. td, [4/^ Editim. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

54 Catalogue of Works published by 

BIDQBWAY (C. 3.) —coniinued, 


Simple Addresses to Children. 

A Volume of Eight Chapters :— What is Prayer ?— Why ought we to 

Pray ? — Three Chapters on How are we to Pray ? — Two Chapters on 

What are we to Pray about ? — When are we to Pray ? 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d, 


Published yearly by Authority. 

Small crown 8vo. paper boards, cloth back, is. 6d, net. 

ROWI.EY (H.). 


The Story of the Universities' Mission. By the Rev. Henry Rowley. 
With Map. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3;. bd. 

* The Yolume aboondB in thrilling incident8.'^^ii«rrnrc« Ckurckmam, 

RULE (U. Z.). 


Containing Suggestions for Progressive Teaching, with Prayers and 


By the Rev. U. Z. Rule. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, is. 

[4/^ Editiony Enlarged and Revised. 
* By far the best^ book of the kind we know ; so simple are its earliest prayen« 
hymns, and instructions.'— G-HMin^Mit. 



By Fox Russell. Illustrated. ' Crown 4to. cloth, 3;. 6^. 
Full of Thrilling Adventures on Lan * and Sea, 

SAyPEBSOU- (B, E.). 


The Answer of the New Testament. A. Course of Eight Sermons. 
By the Rev. R. E. Sanderson, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Chichester ; 
Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Hastings ; formerly Head Master of 
Lancing College. 
Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 

' May be freely^ circulated 'among dissenters by any clergyman who desires to 
spread tne truth without raising bitter feelings.'— (rMar^m«. 

' We hope that this little volume may vfin the wide circulation which it deserves. 
-^kurcA Times. 

'The case for the Church of England as not being a "sect" has rarely been sa 
clearly and forcibly put.'— Church BtiU. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

SANDERSON (B> 'E^— con/tmted. 


Addresses delivered at H0I7 Trinity, Hastings. 

Fcap. 8vo. doth, 2s. 6d, [znd Edition. 

' Dr. Sanderson's nine brief addresses have pleased us very much. They are 
plain, thoughtful, earnest, and Catholic, declaring all chat is known or that may. 
reasonably be held . . . and the plain man who wants to know what he may safely 

believe on the state of the waiting souls and our relation to them has here all that he 
needs/ — Church Times, 

SHAHPB (O. H,). 

By the Rev. G. H. Sharpe, M.A. Printed in red and black. 12 in 
Packet, 6d, 


With Pre&ce by the Most Rev. the Archbishop of York. Large crown 
8va cloth boards, is. 6d. [^rd Edition. 

Each opemng of this volume contains a brief portion of Holy Scripture, Short 
Meditation, and Hymn. Spedaily stated to invalias. 


A Record and Sermons. 

^ the Rev. Leonard E. Shelford, M.A., Rector of Stoke Newington ; 
Chaplain to the Bishop of Bedford. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 2s. 6d. 



A Selection of Temperance Readings in Prose and Verse. 

■ ' ' " Mitorial Secretary of the C.E.T.S., 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, u. 

[md Edition, 


A Selection of Temperance Readinfi;s i 
By Frederick Sherlock, formerly ^it 
Editor of the * Chuich Monthly.' Crc 


Arranged for Household Reading. 

By C. M. and S. J. M. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 4i. 6i. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

56 Catalogue of Works published by 


Arranged for Household Reading. 

By C. M. and S. J. M. Crown 8yo. doth boards, 3^. 6</. 



By Henry Sidebotham, M.A., Chaplain of the Church of St. John the 
Evangelist, Mentone ; and Canon of Gibraltar. 
Demy 8vo. paper, 6«/. 

' Mr. Sidebotham is more successful in his defence than Mr. Bennett was b the 
indictment. He is temperate and brief.'— CAsffvA Times, 


.9'cap. 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d, [mdEdttian, 


.A Preparation for Holy Communion, Devotions to be used in Church, 
and Thanksgiving after, with a Short Instruction. 
Paper, 4//. ; cloth, 6d, ; leather, is. 6d, ; calf or morocco, zr. 6d, 

[ittk Thousand, 
* The special feature of this Communicant's Manual Is that it treats the Holy 
Eucharist as the Bread of every day, and with this riew it provides devotions which 
are intended to link each day, either with the (wepeding one or with the next Com- 
munion. It will be found very useful. Its tone is exceUenL'— CtMn^uM. 

SIMEON (A. B.) . 


By the Rev. Algernon Barrington Simeon, M.A., Rector of Bigbury, 

Kingsbridge, Devon; sometime Warden of St. Edward's School, 


Crown 8vo. cloth boards. [In the press, 


By L. G., Author of 'First Teachings about the English Church.* 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 21. 6d, 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darfan^ & Co. 57 

SKBY (Ii. P.), 


Told in her own Words, is, 6d. 



Ssi * The Natioaa] Churches,' p. 45. 



Thoughts for Bvay People on the Collects, Epistles, and Gospels for 
the Forty Days of Lent. 

Edited by the Rev. W. Kerr Smith, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 
red edges, y, 6d, 

' Soond in doctrine^ simple and practical in appUcatioo.'— J?«ril. 

SirO^DON (JA8PEB W.). 


By the late Jasper W. Snowdon. With Portrait and Memoir. Edited 
by his brother, William Snowdon, President of the Yorkshire Association 
(J Change-ringers. Price 2s, 

Crown 8vo. paper corer, u. 



Crown 8vo. paper cover, i^. 6d, [4/^ Editum, 

'Very mnch wanted. . . . Mr. Snowdon is peculiarly fitted for the post of 
teacher/— Obr^A Bglls, 

With a Book of Coloured Diagrams. 
Crown 8vo. paper cover, 2s, 6a. 

' In each of the methods selected instructions and examples of the diffncnt calls 
used are gjv«n, and to rendkr the hook more complete when in the hands of six-bell- 
infers, a peal of each of the five and six-hell raetnods is given.'— CktttvA BtUt, 

Crown 8vo. paper cover, a vols. 31. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


$S Cat€dogU€ of Works pubKsked by 



3^. per loa 

As prepared by a Committee of the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterhary. 


%s, per packet of 50 copies. 


Suitable for use at the Ember Seasons, ' Quiet Days,' and Retreats. 

Sanaioned by several of the Bishops 
A packet of 12 for ix. 


id,i 6s. per 100 copies. 


Advent, 2d, * 

Lbnt, 2d, f 

Eastbr, 2d. > 6ir. per 5a 
Ascensiontide and Whitsuntide, 2d. \ 

Christmas, 2^. ' ' 


id.; 6s. per loa 


50 copies for 2s. 

Sanctioned by several of the Bishops. 



By the Ri^ht Rev. W. Bacon Stevens, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of 
Pennsylvania. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s. 6d. 



From the Child's Garden of Verses by the late Robert Louis Stevenson. 
Set to music by Kate Ramsey. With an Introduction by S. R. Crockett. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Lessons on the Church Catechism. 

By the Rer. Louis Stokes, M.A.» late Assistant Diocesan Inspector for 
London, andCampden Lecturer of St. Lawrence, Jewry. Fcap. 8va 
cloth boards, 2s, od. [2nd Editim, 

"There is no better work published.'— CAm/tA TVaMT. . ^. 

' Teachers wfll find it most useful. *'-5'«/a«n^r Jlevitw, 

* He has made the Catechism as dear as words can make it.*— CtMcnfitfis. 

BTOHB (S, J.). 

A Village IdylL 

By the Rev. S. J. Stone, M.A., Rector of All Hallows, London Wall. 
Wi^ Outline Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Square i6mo. cloth, 
bevelled boards, gilt edges, is, 6d. [4/A EdUurn, 

Of the previous edition, the Literary World said :— ' We are not surprised tha 
this charmtng little poem has reached a third edition. It is most affecting in its 
simplicity, smd appeals to a very wide circle. The sketches are excellent.' 


With a Pre&ce by the late Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Crown 8vo. doth boards, 3^. 6</.; paper, 2j. 

'As both the Archbishops and serenl of the Bishops write to oommend Che book 
it does not seem to need other patronage.*— tS/'^te'^. 


By the Author of ' Readings and devotions for Mothers ' 
Crown 8vo. extra cloth boards, ij 6/. 

' A boon to tho% in search o. a good book for mothers' meeting^ and similar 
gatherings.''— iP«C0n/ 


With an illustration on every page. Crown 4to. cloth boards, gilt 
edges, 51. ; illustrated paper boards, 31. 6</. 

A picture 00 every page with easy reading. 


By the Author of ' People She Knew,' &c Illustrated. Crown 8vo. 
doth boards, IJ< 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

6o Catalogue of Works published by 



Or, Glances at the Church's Work in Distant Lands. 
By the Right Rev. J. M. Strachan, D.D., M.D., Bishop of Rangoon. 
- Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y. 6d. 


An Address to Church Workers. 

By a Church Worker. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, bevelled boards, red edges, zs. 

* Full of practical matter and genuine experience of parochial work.'— <7«tfn//««. 
' Deserves a wide circulation.'— CA«/rA Btlis. 


Reading for the Young. 

The Annual Volumes, with upwards ot 250 Original Illustrations. 
Bound in cloth, bevelled boards, gilt edges, 5/. ; Illustrated paper 
boards, 3/. Issued in Weekly Numbers, i^., and Monthly Parts, 3^^. 
' Cannot fiul to he appreciated. The editor has succeeded in a remarkable decree.* 

* We know of no better magaane of its }dnd.'^CkunA Ttmtt, 

* Deservedly a favoorite.'— ^o/arniar Revitw, 



The Romance of a School. 

By Maggie Symington, Author of * Working to Wm,' • Two Silver 
Kevs.' Tn the World's Garden,' • Trixy,' &c., &c With etched Title 
and Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, dr. 

' A powerful, original, and most interesting Hory."— Church Bells, 

TAYLOB (H. L.), 


The Story of • The Pilgrim's Progress ' simply told. Second Part, 
by Helen L. Taylor. With Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Crown 
Svo. elegantly bound in cloth boards, 2J. 6</. 


The Story of * The Pilgrim's Progress ' simjpdy told. 

With numerous Illustrations by H. J. A. Miles. Crown Svo. elegantly 

bound in cloth, full gilt, 2j. 6</. 

' Thu should meet with a hearty welcome.'— CAwrcA Thnet, 
' The child public will enjoy this book.'— Gumrdian, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ & Co. 6i 

TAYIjOB (H, 'L.) -coniinu€J. 

A Village Story. 

With Twenty-fbur Illnstrations by A. H. Collms. Large crown 8vo. 
extra doth boards, gilt edges, 3^. id. 

'The book dcaerres warm pniie ; we wish there were more temperance tales like 
VL'-CArisiimm H^^rU. 


With Accompanying Tones. To which is prefixed a Short Opening 


Demy 8vo. paper covers, is. 6d, ; cloth boards, 2s. 6d. Words only» 

paper covers, 2d. ; limp cloth, yi. [^/lew and Eniarged Editiom, 

PnbUshed under the direcdon of the Chnrch of England Temperance Society. 
This is the most comprehensive and the dtttuptal book of its kmd yet issued. 


By the Right Rev. Hugh Millar Thompson, D.D., Bishop of Mississippi. 
Crown 8va cloth boards, 3^. 6d. 


Crown 8vo. 3/. 6d. [Sfh Edition. 

'A remarkable volume .... vigorous and eloquent. . . . His stimulating book 
will interest all iorts and conditions of miexL*'-S»turdaf Xgrntw, 

Crown 8vo. doth, y. 6d, 


By Ismay Thorn. lUustrated by Gordon Browne, R.I. Imperial i6mo. 

•Bright, manly, full of adventure, it will be a source of much entertainment for 
ichool Uds.'«> Rncrd. 


Ilhistxated by Gordon Browne, R.I. Imperial i6mo. cloth 2J. 

•The aathoi's cunning in depicting children ^}!^^ ^^^-^^"^"^ }^.f^^y^^' 
nancfatv. too priensh nor too savage — has suffered no change : and ine^ * J«^,-- ' 
SraSk/^^b^ttr dnwn^La a»»l wiih Uu. bright *^^^^^ JSS.. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

62 Cakdogttt of Works pubhsked by 


Illustrated by A. G. Walker. Imperial i6mo. cloth, 2j. 

' This is a prettily-told story of the life spent by two motherless bairns at a small 
preparatory schooL Both GeoflTand Jim are very lovable characters, only Jim \& the 
more so ; and the scrapes he gets into and the trials he endtires will, no doabc, 
interest a large circle of young readers.'— ^TAjwrrA Timet, 


Illustrated by Gordon Browne, R.I. Imperial i6mo. cloth, 2s, 

' A very striking story, remarkable well told, the most im|}Qjisible-looking incident 
in which, we are assured^ is taken from facts even more surprising. The story is by 
Ismay Thorn, author of "Captain Geoff" and other popular tales, and it is illus- 
trated by GordcMi Browne in his usital masterly manner. --Glasgow Herald. 


Illustrated. Crown 8to. cloth boards, u. 

'We hail the arrival of such books as "Little Sisters of Pity** with the greatest 
pleasure. ... A most suitable present for either girl or \xiy.* ^Schoolmaster, 


With numerous Illustrations. Imperial l6mo. cloth, zs. 

' Ismay Thorn's stories are always worth giving to c)iiidxtti.'—GnardiaH. 
' A very pretty story • . • . The writer knows children and thrir ways well . . . 
The illustrations are exceedingly well dnMnu'-'S^UUor, 


With numerous Illustrations by Gordon Browne, R.I. Square l6mo. 

' Will be heartily welcomed by all who have followed the fortunes of " Gcnff " and 
" Jim " during the last year or two. . • . Girls will heartily appreciate this pretty 
story.'— Record. 

THOBNE (E. H.). 


Selected and Edited by E. H. Thome, late Organist of Chichester 
Cathedral. Oblong, cloth limp, is, [25^^ Ediiiam, 



By the late Right Rev. J. H. Titcomb, D.D., first Bishop of Rangooo« 
Illostrated. Demy 8vo. half cloth, 2s. 6</« 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Garibwr^ Dartmi^ Sr Co. 63 

TOWlTBElffD (M, B.) , 

By M. £. Townsend. Long 8vo. cloth limp, \u 

By varioas writers. Edited by M. E. Townsend. Large crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, 3;. 6</. 

'A number of lady^writers, including among them Mrs. Mercier, Charlotte Yonge, 
Christabel Coleridge, Esin6 Sttiart, have contributed succinct and able papers on 
such characters as Esmond, Sydney Carton, Shirley, Adam Bede, Mademoiselle 
Mathildc, and Kenelm Chillingly, which cannot fail to stimulate a desire to seek at 
the fountain-head tc learn more of the masterpieces of our classical novelists.' 



Crown i6mo. cloth boards, ix. 


Crown 8vo. paper, 6^; cloth, is, 

A Manual of Daily Devotions. 

Compiled by M. £. Townsend. i8mo. cloth, u. ; cloth, bevelled boards, 
ij. 6^. ; white cloth, 2x. ; roan, 3^. 6</. ; calf or morocco, 5^ . 6</. 

[4/^ Edition. 


Collected by M. Trebeck. Imperial 32mo. paper, yi, ; cloth, 6i. 


Collected by M. Trebeck. Part II. Imperial 32mo. paper, 3^.; 
doth, 6</. 

Two Parts in One, cloth, bevelled boards, is, 6d, 


Royal 32ma cloth, 6d. ; a superior edition printed in red and black, 
doth, bevelled boards, is. 

* An excellent little book.'— CAwr^-A Belis. 

TBOYTE (O. A. W.) 


An Introduction to the Early Stages of the Art of Church or Handbell 
I^ging, for the Use of Beginners. 

By Charles A. W. Troyte, of Huntsham Court, Devonshire ; Member 
of the Andent Sodety of College Youths, London. Crown 8vo. paper 
covers. Up to ' Six Bells,' is. Complete Edition, cloth limp, 2s, id. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

6 4 Catalogue of Works pubHshid by 

TUCKER (H> W.), 


Bishop of Newfoundland, 1 844-1876. 

By the Rev. H. W. Tucker, M.A., Secretary to the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel. With Prefatory Note to the Author by 
the Right Hon. W. £. Gladstone, M.P. With Map of Newfoundland. 
Crown 8vo. doth boards, p. [3n/ Editim. 

* A record ofa deroted ViSt:—Paa Mmll GmaitU. 


Bishop of New Zealand, 1841-1866$ Bishop of Lichfield, 1867-1878. 
With Two Portraits, Map, Facsimile Letters, and Engraving of the 
Lady Chapel of Lichfield Cathedral. Two vols. 8vo. 800 pages, 
cloth boards, 241. Popular Edition, 2 vols, crown 8vo. doth boards 

* Of more than ordinary intenaL'^-QtMrierfy Xtview. 


Two Confirmation Stories. 
Illustrated. i8mo. cloth boards, is, 



By the Rev. J. R. Tumock, late Rector of Waltham, Melton Mowbray» 
Hon. Canon of Norwich. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, is. 6d. 

* We can recommend it to the notice of both clergy and laity, who are able by 
lectures or in other ways to xpread accurate information aboot the history of th* 
English Church.'— CA»rc4 QuarUrij. 



Based upon the Church Catechism. By the Rev. W. C. Tuting, M. A.» 

Curate in Charge of St. Margaret's, Isleworth. 

Royal 32mo. paper covers, price id, each ; Js. per 10a 

This Service can be bound with nearly any children's hymn-book. 


By the Rev. Lawrence Tuttiett, Rector of St. Andrews. i8mo. doth^ 
6d, [i2/ii Thousand. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Dartan, & Co. 65 

TTTTTIETT {J^ )-'Coniinu€d, 

i8mo. doth, is, [mdEditUm. 


Chiefly for those Encaged in Necessary Business. 

In Urge type, icap. 8vo. cloth boards, 2s. 6d. [9/^! Sditicn, 


(i) For the Summer Months. (2) For the Winter Months. 

Set to music Price id. 

N.B. — ^The words alone, in bold type, on tinted boards, a verse on 

each side, sice 28 ins. by 13 ins., for hanging in a Mission Room. 

Price 6<il 

VIDAI. (Mrs.). 

By Mrs. YidaL Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, is. 

'A clever story with an admirable plot, showing the tme nobility <^iuUvre with 
vdiicfa a poor woman is frequently endowed. —Tempcranci ChronicU, 


Nine Addresses wherein is set forth the Human Nature of our Divine 
Lord as the Instrument of our Salvation. 

By the Rev. John Wakeford, Vicar of St. Margaret's, Walton-on-the- 
liiU, Livopool. With an Introduction by the Right Rev. the Loxd 
Bidiop of Oiichester. Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, 2j. 

With Plain Notes of History and Doctrine. 

With Preface by the Very Reverend the Dean of St Paul's. Fcap. 8vo» 
sewed, 4^. 


A List will be forwarded on application. 

First Bishop of Adelaide, S. Australia. The Story of a Thirty-fbnr 
Years* Episcopate. 

By the Rev. F. T. Whitington, LL.B. With Portrait. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, 7x. 6^. 

' Well worth reading, both as the record of a devoted life, and as a vivid sketch of 
Che growth of the Church in a colonial dioceae.'— C«Mn/MM. 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Catalogue of Works published by 


CENTURIES (1201 TO 2000). 
Giving the Name and Date of every Sunday. 

By the Rev. W. AUen Whitworth, M.A., Vicar of All Saints-', Margaret 
Street. Small folio, 2s. 6d. 


Words of Entouragement for Anxious Souls. 
l6mo. 6d. ; extra cloth, is. 

'A rousing little book.'— {FwanfttUk. 

A Description of All Saints' Church, Margaret Street, with Historical 
Notes of Margaret Chapel and All Saints' Church. 
Price 3J. 6d, 


Holy Communion according to the use of the Church of England, with 

Explanatory Notes and Helps to Private Devotion. 

Fcap. Sva paper boards, 8^« ; cloth boards, is. [15M Thous4ind, 

The same book, in cloth boards, bound with My Private Prayer- 

Book, containing spaces for notes of Special Intercession, is. 6J, 


' Tb« office is printed in Uus^ *yp^ ^^ ^^ ^* "^^ ^^^ notes and helps in smaller 
at the bottom of each page. There is careful instruction on preparation and thanks- 
giving. A book we can recommend.' — LiUrttry Churchman. 


Offices, Prayers, and Intercessions for 
Members of Bible Classes. 

Royal 3amo. ^\ extra cloth, red 
edges, &/. liihEdiHom, 

Fifty copies in packet, is. yt. 

Containing spaces for Noces of Special 

Fcap. 8to. jd. ; kaither. zf . &£ 
'The best thmg of the kind we have 
%Ktn:— Church BtUt. 


For Distribotba on Good Friday, or 

for use during ' The Three Hours.* 
Fifty copies m packet, af . 6d. 



By the Right Rev. Samnel Wilberforce, D.D. 
Henry Rowley. 8vo. cloth boards, ^s, 

'This book may be considered an instructioo-book. 
, the preacher how to provide himself well with 
fife and warmth into them.'— OhMnr<A BMt. 

Edited by the Rev* 

It teaches the speaker or 
yd th«i how to 1 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Dartouy & Co. 6y 

WII.COX (E. a.). 


By E. G. Wilcox, Author of « Little Humphrey's Adventure.' Crown 
8vo. doth boards, is. 

* A capital book for a young girL'— ^c4W Gttardimn. 


By Florence Wilford, Author of * A Maiden of Our Own Day/ &c. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3j. 6d. 

* Adminthly worked oat ; indeed, we do not remember that a similar situation has 
ev«r been more thoa^htftilly and sympatheticallv handled Mrs. Bartram's character 
is delineated in all its true nobiuty with reaUy exquisite insight. .... "Nigel 
Bartrem's Ideal" is a fine study of character, and deserves to be xeaA.'—S^taior. 

niustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3x. 6d, 

'Another bode for girls, which will certainly meet with cordial interest.' 

LiUrary IVorld, 

WHiKIlffSOlff (Q. Q.). 


With a Short Preparation for Holy Communion. Compiled as fieur as 
possible from the £ook of Common Prayer. 

by G. G. Wilkinson. Printed in red and black. 1 8mo. cloth boards, i j. ; 
paper, yi. 

WILKIlTBOlff (Q, H.), 


A Sermon. 

By the Right Rev. G. H. Wilkinson, D.D., Bishop of St. Andrews. 

Svo. paper covers, u. 


Four Bible Readings given at St. Peter's, Eaton Square. 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, u.; leather, is. 6d. ; padded calf or morocco, 

5j. id, [iph Thousand. 


A Help to the Higher Life of Communicants. 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, ls,\ leather, is, 6d. ; padded calf or morocco, 

^,id. [I2^A Edition. 

A Sermon* 
8va paper covers, u 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Catalogue of Works pubHshed by 

WILKiySOir (Q. "K.)— cont inued. 


The Substance of Four Simple Instructions after Confirmation. 

Fcap. 8vo. td,\ leather, is, 6d. A superior edition in Old Style* 

bound in white or grey, is, 


Fcap. 8vo. cloth boards, is,; leather, is, 6d, [2^/1 Tkousand, 

Fcap. 8vo. paper cover, 6d.; leather, is, 6d, A superior edition in 
Old Style, doth, bevelled boards, is, 


Fcap. 8vo. price 6^.; cloth boards, I/.; leather, is, 6d, ; padded calf or 
morocco, 5^. 6d, [J2nd Ihcusasid, 


Fcap. 8vo. price 6d,\ cloth boards, i/.; leather, is, 6d, ; padded calf or 
morocco, 5^. 6d, [40/A Tkattsasui, 


IFcap. 8vo. cloth boards, is,', leather, is, 6d, [24/k TkousanJ. 


*IFcap. 8vo. cloth, bevelled boards, 3/. 6d, 


Tcap. 8vo. 6^.; white cloth, is.\ leather, is, 6d, [lUh Thousand, 

\d. ; 6f. per 100. {New Edition, 

xd, ; 7^. per zoo. 

THB Deepening or thb Spi- 
ritual Life among Clergy and 
People, yi. 


Notes of a Qainquacesinui Sunday 

yi, \x\th Thauxamd, 

A Lenten Address. 
Fcap. 8va yL 


Its Principles, Method, DifBcttlties, 

and Enc ourai^ements. 
Fcap. 8vo. Price 6«/. 

A Thought for Holy Week. 
&/. per packet of TweK-e. 

A Thought for Good Friday. 
Fcap. 8vo. yi. 


32ma a</. 


On Card, id, 

uL ; fir. par soa 

\%\it Thtmumi, 


The Substance cf two Gx>d Trida/ 

Fcap. 8vo. yL 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner^ Darton^ & Co. 69 


Edited by the Right Rev. G. H. WUkiniOD, D.D. 

A Hdp to Self-Ewaminarion. 



Edited by the Rurht Rev. G. H. WDkinaon. D.D. 

Founded od the Ten Commandments and tne Church Catechism. 

Price aid 


Edited by the Right Rev. G. H. Wilkinsoo, D.D. 


By the Rev. Arthur Williamson, D.D., Late Vicar of St. James's^ 
Norlands, W. Demy 8vo. doth boards, 3^. 6d, 


Or, The Crisis in Church and State. Four Sermons. 

Fcap. 8vo. doth, is. 6d. 

* Deals with the we^t^ttct exhaustively, and yet he does not go into details whidr 
would be oat of place in the pulpit. He very properly avoids politics.'— ^<r*^* 


A First Manual of Instruction on Confirmation and Holy Communion. 
Pre&ce by the Bishop of Marlborough. 
Fcap. 8vo. 6d,; cloth, is, 

An Essay upon the Relation of Prayer to a Conscious and Progressive 
Life in the Intermediate State. 
Demy 8vo. cloth boards, 2s. 6d, 

* Learned and ah\t.'—NaiUmai Church. 

Good Friday Addresses. 
Fcapw 8to. cloth boards, is. 6d. 

Or, The First Elements of Spiritual Instruction. 
Crown 8vo. bevelled boards, is. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

70 Catalogue of Works published by 

wilton (bichabd), 

' benedicite; and other poems. 

By the Rev. Richard Wilton, M.A., Rector of Londesborough. Crown 
8vo. cloth boardsi 6/. 

' Full of devotional feelins, and possessing no small variety of thoaghtand pachosa 
together with grace of form. •— «$*/«( /o/^r. 



A few Thoughts for Every Day, and for Christinas and the New Year. 
By the Rev. F. C. Woodhouse, M.A., Author of < The Life of the 
Soul in the World/ &c. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3j. 6df. 

[6/A EditwH. 
' The book is pithy and sensible as well as devout, and capable of being used not 
only for its primary purpose of private meditation, but for reading at fiuooiuy prayers 
by the clergy, as supplymg materials for sermonets a good deal aMve the average.* 

Church Ttmu, 


A few Thoughts for those Week-days for which the Church provides 
Special Services. 
Crown 8vo. 3^. ^ 

A few Thoughts for Every Dav. and for the Sundays and Eastertide. 
Oown 8vo. cloth boards, y. dd, [8/A EdiXwn, 

Bisides notice* in the Church peipert^ the Christian World tayt : 

'This is a remarkably good book; thoughtful, striking, earnest, and deeply 

interesting. It is not scrappy and incoherent, but really full of power and sug- 

gestiveness The style is always clear and cultured. We believe it to be a book 

which preachers and intelligent laymen will prize greatly, and read with profit and 


A few Thoughts for each Sunday of the Church Year. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, y. 6d, 


2 vols, crown 8vo. cloth boards, y, 6d, each. 


Its Principles, Origin, Development, Triumphs, Decadence, and Sup- 
pression, with an Enquiry as to the possibility of its revival. 
Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, lOf. 6d, 

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Gardner^ Dariortt & Co, 71 


By Johanna Van Woade. 
Ckown 8vo. extra cloth boards, 31. 6</. 

A new work by a very popular Dutch writer, the editor of one of the 
leading magazines for women in Holland, 

YOHQE (O, M,)> 

A Reading for each Week in the Year. 
By Charlotte M. Yonge. i8mo. cloth boards, is, td. 


An niostrated Temperance Magazine for Children. Containing 
Recitations, Stories, Dialogues, &c. Volumes, cloth boards, is, 6cl. 
each. Monthly, \d. 

This Magazine will be foand very suitable for the Juvenile Branch of the 
CE.T.S. aad Band of Hope Meetings. 


A Story-Book for Little Folk. Numerous Illustrations. 4to. paper 
boards, is. 6d, 

%* If there is difflcuify in obtaining any of the 
Joregoing publications ^ a post -card addressed to 
Messrs. Gardner^ Dartox^ &* Co, will always 
receive attentioHy and probably will be answered by 
giving the name of a local Bookseller where the 
Publications in question may be seen. 

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Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


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3 Paternoster Bu tidings ^ E.G., an d 
44 Victoria Street, S,W. 

Gardner, Darton, & Co/s 

Supplemental Catalogue of Books. 



By the Rev. Canon George Body. 

One of a Series of Addresses on the Life of Grace. 6c/. 



By the Rev. William Bright, D.D., Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, 
Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History. Cr. 8vo. cloth boards, 6j. 


Nmnerous Illustrations by T. Pym and other Artists. In very large 
type and easy words. Crown 4to. paper boards, printed in colours, is, tiL 



By Mrs. Edward Cartwright, Illustrated by W. f I. C. Groome. 
Impl. i6mo. cloth boards, 2s, 


Illustrated by J. Ley Pethybridge, and strongly bound in pictorial paper 
bonds, IS, ; fancy cloth boards, is, 6d. 

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76 Supplemented Catalogue of Works publislud by 


A Social Magazine. Edited by Canon Henry Scott Holland and 
others. Crown 4to. price yi. net, monthly. Volumes, cloth boards, 5j. 
Cloth binding covers, u. 6</. 


By M. Cooper. Impl. 32mo. 92 pages. Sewed 3</. ; cloth, dd, 

COX (M. B). 

By Mrs. Cox (Noel West). 
Illustrated by Frank Feller. Large crown 8vo. cloth boards, 31. 6</. 



An improving History for 

Old Boys, Young Boys, Good Boys, Bad Boys. 

Big Boys, Little Boys. Cow Boys, and Tom Boys. 

By S. R. Crockett. 
With numerous illustrations by Gordon Browne, R.L 6j. 


With numeious Illustrations. Fcap. 4to. cloth boards, 3^. td. 
Designed to make Sunday a bright and happy day. It is the best and 
largest book of this kind yet published, full of pictures and interesting 
occupation, and suitable ior children of every age. 


By the Rev. Charles Gore, M. A., Canon of Westminster. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, u. 6</. Superior edition, gilt top, 2j. td. [4M Edition. 

Crown 8vo. cloth boards, U, 6d. 


By the Rev. W. J. Hocking, Vicar of All Saints, TufneU Park, N. 
Crown 8vo. art linen boards, 31. 6//. [2nd EditioHm 

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Gardner^ DartoUy & Co. yj 


Bf George Hodges, Dean or the Theological School, Cambridge, Mass* 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. 6c/. 


id. ; 6s. per 100. 



Instructions and Meditations for Quiet Days. By the Right Rev. W. 
Walsham How, D.D., First Bishop of Wakefield. Cr. 8vo. cl. bds. 5;. 


Large 4to. ornamental boards, cloth backs, 6s, each. 



A Sequel to the * Men who Crucify Christ.* By the Right Rev. A. F. 
Winnington Ingram, D.D., Bishop Suffragan of Stepney. Ciown 8vo. 
Art linen boards, is. 6t/. [^rd Edition. 


Being Addresses delivered to those preparing for Holy Orders, at the 
Clergy School, Leeds, June 1896. i8mo. Art linen boards, is. 6J. 



By the Author of ' Desultory Retracing «.* With numerous Illustrations 
from Photographs. Cr. 8vo. cloth boards, 3^. 6d. net. [2nd Edition. 


A full Report of the Proceedings of the Public Meetings of the S.P.G. 
and welcome to the Bishop? from foreign part^, together with the 
Sermon preached in St. Paul's C uhedral, on \Ve»lne.«d.\y, June 23. 1897, 
liy the Right Re«*. the Lord B"shop of Mississippi, U.S.A. Demy 8vo. 
sewed, is. net. 

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yS • Supplemental Catalogue of Works publislied by 



By Mary Macleod. With Introduction by John W. Hales. Drawings- 
by A. G. Walker, Sculptor. Large crown 8vo. Art linen boards, gilt 
top, 6j. 

' Without exception the most admirable book of the kind which we have seen this 
season. The tales themselves from Spenser's inimitable allesoTY are daintily and 
vividly told, and the glamour of the old romance rests on each pict 
page.^ .... The book is beautifully produc< 
fastidious and exacting taste.' — Leeds Mercury » 

vividly told, and the glamour of the old romance rests on each picturesque passing 
age. .... The book is beautifully produced, and ought to satisfy the most 
istidious and exacting taste.' — Leeds Mercury » 

MBABE (L. T.) and DOUaLAS (BOBT. K.). 

By L. T. Meade and Robert K. Douglas. Uniform with * A Princess 
oftl - • ' 


' L. T. Meade ai 
f the Gutter.* 6j. 



By Mrs. Molesworth. With Illustrations by Gordon Browne, R.I., 
Rol)ert Barnes, M. E. Edwards, and W. H. C. Groome. 
Large crown 8vo. cloth, bevelled boards, 3^. 6^. 

MONEY (A. L.), 


Compiled and edited by Agnes L. Money. Small crown 8vo. white 
linen boards, 2J. 6^. Superior edition, 35. 6</. 



By the Rev. Ernest A. Newton. Fcap. 8vo. embossed cover, printed ia 
red and black, is, 


By the Author of *Mdlle. Mori,* 'Atalierdu Lys,' &c., &c. lAige 
crown 8vo. cloth boaxds, 6x. 



By Mrs. Herbert Percival. Illustrated. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ix- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gardner i DartoHy & Co. jg 

RAM8AT (B.). 


By R. Ramsay. Illustrated by J. L. Pethybridge. Crown 8vo. clotb 
boards, ix. dd. 


By the Rev. Charles H. Robinson, M.A., .Canon Missioner of Ripon^ 
Lecturer in Hausa in the University of Cambridge. With an Intro- 
duction by the Right Rev. W. Boyd Carpenter, D.D., Lord Bishop o^ 
Ripon. Crown 8vo. cloth boards, ix. td, 



The Adventures of a Parrot during her life of loo years. By Mrs*. 
Ronqnette. Crown 8vo. f loth boards, y. dd, 

8HBPHBBD (J. A.). 


Pictured by J. A. Shepherd. Printed in colours. Oblong, pictorial 
paper boards, 5^. 


By the Rev. Vernon Staley, Author of * The Catholic Religion,* &c^ 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, u. dd, net. 



Addresses to Members of the Mothers* Union. By Mrs. Sumner.. 
Crown 8vo. cloth boards, 2s. 6d. net. \2nd Edition. 


By the Rev. J. Howard Swinstead, Christ Church, Oxford. With an 
Introduction by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. Large crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, y . 6d. l^nd Edition. 

A Chart of the Hand. Paper, id. On card, large size, dd. 

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8o Gardner, Darton, & Co, 

By L. E. Tiddeman. Illustrated by J. Ley Pethybridge. Crown 8vo. 
cloth boards, is. 


A unique Memento of the Diamond Jubilee. Nearly 30 Illustrations. 
3x2iins. Bound in imitation vellum, \s,\ satin, 2/. each, enclosed 
in box. 



By Mrs. H. R. Whytehead. A Keepsake for Mothers for 1897. 
5x5 ins. \d. 


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SpeHai AgenUt /or the SaU of the Ptsblieatione of 


London Publishers of 

TBE ATLANTIC MONTHLY. Monthly U. Net. SubteHptlon ISs. 

INTKLUQENCS. Monthiy U. 6d. Net. StiheeripHo^ 14s. 

JOUBNAL OFPHTSICAL 0HEMI8TRT. Monthly U. 6d. SubeeripHon lOe. 

JOURNAL OF PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS. Monthly 8d, Buh»erlptlonli»,fid, 

LAND OF SUNSHINE. Monthly 7d. Suheeription Ss. Sd. 

THE NSW WORLD. Quarterly 8e. Net. Subscription I8s. 

fOET LORE. Quarterly 8s. 6d. Net, SubseripHon 18s. 

AMERICAN AMATBUft PHOTOGRAPHER. Monthly 9d. Subscription 10s. ed, 

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16, 46 

Aldrich 9, 81 

Allen 42 

Amerioan Colonial Tracts 48 










Andenon . 
Aahmont . 
Atherton . 
Atkinson . 



Bi^ow .. 
Bnmmer ■„ 
Banner ... 
Burchell ... 
Bornham ... 
Chambers .. 
Cbarleton ... 
Clarke ... 
Clement ... 
Coleman ... 
Colmore ... 


Cyclo of American Bio 

D.4Sr^.. ::: : 

Davis, B H. 

Dodge, O.H. 

Dodge. Col. 


Douglas ... 

Dresser ... 

Emerson ... 

Essays from the Chap 

Fallen Angels 


Famous Composers 



Fisheries, Qameand For- 
ests of New York 


... 87 

28, as, 81 

... 80 

8, 42 

... 45 

... 26 

86, 44 


Fiske, J. 


...88, 3^ 43, 

Fiske,S 80 

Fletcher 7 

Foote 27 

Forter 82 

Francke 46 

Froggy Fairy Book ... 48 

Qalier 27 

Goddard 88 

Gijrdon 14, 16 

Hancock 84 

Hapgood 22 

Harris 48 

Heilprin 86 

Helen Brent 80 

Henderson 18 

Htsrford ; ... A 

Hinshelwood ... ... 81 

Holmes 10 

Hooley 28 

Hough 41 

Hovnird 80 

Kowarth 24 

James 19 

Jewish Question ... 34 

Johnson 18 

Judwn 40 

Kennedy 14 

Kenyon 46 

Kidder 87 

King 16 

Keren 48 

Laeland 26 

Lanier 14 

Lees 14 

Library of Eoonomics 

andPolitias 28 

Lloyd, H.D 87 

Uoyd, J.U 88 

Longfellow ... 28, 42 

Loomis 16 

Lowell 12 

MacCarfcte 19 

^mreoT 19 

>Iantegazza 16 

Manton 16 

Harden 21 

Markham 34 

May 30 

Merriam 46 

Xewoomb 44 

MTewland ... 
Osgood ... 
FoweU ... 
BandeU ... 

Repplier ... 
Reynolds ... 
Richards ... 

St. Clair ... 
Satchel Guide 
Scripture ... 
.Scuader ... 
Sinclair ... 
Sowerby ... 
Sperry Stories 

Stecher ... 
Stedmsn ... 
Stevens ... 
Terhune ... 
ThOTeau ... 
Usher ... 
Vedder ... 
Voorhees ... 
Warner ... 
White ... 
Whiting ... 
Wilcox ... 
Willard ... 
vVingate ... 
Winsor ... 
Wright ... 










11, 42 




















8. 81 




88, 88 









8, 4. 6, 6, 47 

84, 44 







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TI10THT*S QUEST. By Kate Douglas Wlsrsrin* 9oth thou- 
sand. Crown 8vo., tastefully bound, 2b. 6d., or Popular Edition, paper, Is. 

The T^imes : — " Bf this felidtous sketch Mrs. Wiggxa has flrmljr established her 
litenoy reputation." 

Ptmek :— -" In tiie arid life of the book-reviewer there is sometinieB found the 
oasis of opirartonity to recommend a book worth reading. My 
Baronite haJB by chanoe come upon such a one in ' Timothy^ » QueA ' 

by Kate Douglas Wiggin The book is an almost perfect idyl. 

.... It is the best thing of the kind that has reached us from 
America since ' Little Lord Fauntltroy * crossed the Atlantic.'* 

(^ueen :— " It is sniely * Daoid Copper field » over again.*' 

ScottiMh Leader :—** One of the prettiest and most charming stories reoeintly 
issued. .... Sure to obtain an honourable and pennanent place in 

RIENCES. By Kate Douglas Wigffln. Popular Edition. Sixth. 
Crown 8vo., illustrated and tastefully'bound in cloth, Ss. 6d. 

Saturday Jtevieto :— " A charming book.** 

DaOy y^w*:—" Both stories are idylB. . . . From the first to the last the 
volume is full of life, humour and colour." 

HaneJutter Courier ;— *' Amusing in the extreme, .... pexfectly delicious.*' 

Aindk:— "There is only one word that will fittingly describe *A Cathedral 
Courtehip.* It is delightful." 

S^oteman :—** The book is in every way delightful.*' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Wlgffln. Impl. lemo., eight fflustntions, oloth back. Is. 6d. 

THE STORT OF PATST. By Kate Doaglas Wifffifin. 

Impl. 10mo. eleven fllnstntione, oloth back, 1b. 6d. 

THE STORT HOUR. A book for Home and Kindergarten. 

By Kate Douglas Wlggln and her sister Nora A. Smith. Grown 8vo., 
iUustnted, doth, 2b. 6cU 

A SUMMER IN A CA^ON. A CaUfomlan Story. By 

Kate Doufflai Wlgffln. Crown 8vo., illustrated, doth, 8s. 6d. 

Scotsman:— "The work is a fresh and dunnins tale of connby Ufe in 
California, foU of good spirits and hecdtfay thoughts.** 

POLLY OLIVER'S PROBLEM. A Story for Girls. By Kate 

Douglas WIffffin. Third Edition. Crown Svo., with eight illuB- 
trations, doth gilt, Ss. 6d. 

Dailif Telegraph :~*< In none of Mrs. Wiggin*B felidtous stories is the diarm of 
unaifected freshness and spontaneous geniality xaore prsTailini^y 
potent, than in her last dutracter sketdi * IWly Otivtr's Probiem.* " 

SooUvuin :— " It is a delightful story.*' 

&lMgm9 Harold :— " This is an adminbly written and thorooghly intansting 
story for girls." 

Scottisk Leader :— " Ko page will be skipped, sorely Louisa Aloott has at last 
found a suooessor." 

Dmndee Advertiser !— •< A delightful story for girls.** 

CHILDREN'S RIGHTS. By Kate Douglas Wiggin» and 

her sister Nora A. Smith, with a preface by Emily A. B. Shlrreff 

(President of the London Froobel Sodety). Iliird Edition. Crown 8vo., 
doth, ornamental, 6s. 

Athtnmum :— ** We stronirly recommend this volume to parents and to all who 
hAve to do with the bringing up of children." 

SdueaHonal Timet:— "We thank Htb. Wiggin most heartily for her litUe 
book which we have thoroughly enjoyed. " 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 


MARM XISA. By Kate Douglas Wlggin. Crown 8vo., doih, 

got. 6a. 

Bm n m d t'Book' Wormt aays :— " It is a stoir told with that rare combmatum of 
bomoar and pathos that is genius." 

Zkttlf Nnn :—" Is nnmirpaased bv anything its gifted authoress has yet written. 
. . . For Etaffiish reaaers who na^e not yet made our authoress's 
anguaintanoft, toere is a pleasure in store. Mrs. Kate Douglas 
Wiggin's humour and pathos are as pure and true as any that Amerifla 
is j^^udng nowadays." 

The Queen :~" Is a remarlcable book. .... It has the bubbling-OTor wit 
which characterised * Timotkj/'» Queetf* the most laughter producing 
book published in America for yewTB. . . . The book is full of Uie 
brightest American humour. . . . It is not onlv highly interesting 
and amusing, but written on lines altogether out of the common. . . 
Mti. Wiggin has never written a better book, unless it be * Timothy** 

Liverpool Poet :—" In * Mam Liea ' Mrs. Ka(te Douglas Wiggin has with keen 
insight and varied resource sketched the career of a poor semi-imbecile 
girl m the slums of a great city on the Faoiflo Slope. Her empathy 
with child-life peeps out from erery page. . . . "htn. Wiggm has 
a graphic and forceful style, and the interest of her work nerer flags 
for a moment." 

NoHMeim WMg :~" Will be read through without a panae. The studies of 
ehazacter are admirable." 

MoMekeeler Ouofdinn :— ** The slums of Whitechapel look dull and uninter- 
esting beside the CShinese quarter of San Frandsoo." 


and her sister Nora Arehlbald Smith. Three volumes, Crown 8vo., 
Qoth, 6s. eaoh. 




This work is the ootoome of fifteen yean* experience and oonf erenoes in 
Barape and Amwrica, and being free from the transcendentalism of psychology 
win be welcomed by aU those intereited in the welfare of children. 

Sekoolmaeter :— ** This is an ezcellently written work dearbr demonstrating the 
principles which underlie the Kindergarten gifts." 

Sekool Bcaird Ckronide :—" This work deserves a ready welcome to the profes- 
■onal library and to the book-<shelves of the educational admininzator, 
by whatsoever name his oflSee may be known." 

TeaehenF Aid :—" This boot is full of valuable hints, and we strongly recom- 
mend it to all who wish to succeed in training young ehildren." 

Seotemmn :— ** Yoong teachers and yoong mothera will both find it well worth 

Daag £?ftitmjdc :—" The rationale of each gift, and their oo-relation, are 
clearly explained and illustrated." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


THE VILLAGE WATCH-TOWER. By Kate Douglas Wlggin. 

Seoond Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 80. 6d. 

Mr, W, L. Courtney in reviewing thit book in the Daily Tblbosaph, eajft:^ 
" It is the extraordinary acute perception, thehappineps of phrase, the 
naturabieeB of the manner which constitute the charm of ' The Village 
Watch-Tower'— as well aa the absence of anything artificial or labour^, 
the justness and appropriateness of the strokes with which the por^ 
traits are completed. Mrs. Wiggin has a keen sense of fun, but it is of 
the quiet meditative sort, which comes nearer to humour, and realises 
what, after Viigil, we call ' the sense of tears in human things.' . . . 
It is the exquisite felicity of the whole which strikes the reader, hardly 
a word too much, not a colour or a penoil-stxoke amiss." 

DaUif Newe :— " Every little story is the work of an artist, who can make the 
joys and sorrows she depicts the reader's own for the time being." 

Christian World :— " The book is a mine of character, of amusement and 

Sun : — ** Better workmanship it were impoasible to aok. . . . The book is a 
UtUe masterpieoe." 

Leeds Mtrwry :— " These six stories are remarkable." 

LOerarp World :— *' We have read it three times with growing admiration.' ' 

ARTFUL ANTICKS. By Oliver Herford. Fcap. 410., folly 

illiutrated, attractively bound in doth, 6s. 

*•* A delightful volume for the young, being a oolleotton of stories about 
animals written in most amusing verse with deVer illustrationB on eadi page. 

Queen :— ** This is one of the most delightfully whimsioal collections of sketches 
with both pen and pencQ which are always so dear to the heartsof 
children. Mr. Harford's rhymes are full of that simple fun n^doh it 
requires no effort to appredate, and many of them are irresistibly 
lidknilou ; while bis gtaoefnl sketches diow a high sense of genuine 

Daa^ Kerne —^Children will be pleased with • Artful Antioki.' . . . 
Will be highly appreciated by all who make its aoquaintanee." 

PnhtUktre* Ciremlar i^*' In the oomUnation of his beautiful drawings with 
his versMi Mr. Herf ord has produoed an entertaining and original 
book. . • . • It is among the most delightfully funny of the a 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



WHEN CHARLES I. WAS KING. By J. S, Fletcher. Illustrated 

Edition. ^126^. Thiok crown 8to., 12 full page illuBtntions by B. H. 
leather, doth, artistie aide deeign, de. 6d. 
NJ. TkU nova has been ttyUd the •'Loma Doone " of Yorkshire. 

^peetelor:—** It ia quite worthy of a place beside the two romanoea- Walter 
Beeant's * Dorothy Foater ' and Gonan Doyle's ' Micah Clarke." 

I DaOi^ yews :— "Of hairbreadth escapee, of kidnappings, fightings, and stirring 
I adventores, there are no end in the book. The account of the fight at 
' Marston Moor is picturesquely and yigorously given In 

this chronicle of the latter days of Charles I. there are many traces of 

studious rehearsals." 

I TabUi :—" Mr. Fletcher's novel, of which a new and cheaper edition has been 

issued, may claim to rank among the best historical works." 

Sehoolmastsr:^** The quarrels and battles of Boundheods and Cavaliers, the 
great fig^t at Marston Moor, the siege of Fontef^act Castle, the Epoch- 
making trial of, Charles L, and his death before the Banqueting 
Chamber in Whitehall are the background to this book. In the fore- 
ground one finds adventures galore, love-making, trials, narrow 
eaoapes, and all the stock-in-trade of the historical novelist. But 
there are oimplidty and freshness, together with an artistic sense of 
literature, in the book, redeeming it ixom. the ordixiary catalogue. It 
is a book for elder boys and girls as well as aduU readers." 

IktSg Chronicle :— " The popular edition of this charming historical novel will 
undoubtedly prove one of the prindpal books of the season. . . . 
this work hasundoubtedly raised the writer to foremost rank amongst 

the English novelists of the day We cordially recommend it as 

a most appropriate and pleasing gift for the old, young, or middle- 

Leeds Mercury : — * * Aa an historical i^omanoe, we have had nothing m<»e worthy 
during recent years in fiction so treated— not even from Mr. Black- 
more, or Mr. Besant, or Mr. Stevenson himself." 


72 full-page portraits and plates, and 460 illustmtions in the text, doth 
gilt, gat edges, £4 4 net. 

Tbia is a most fascinating work, and will be welcomed by all lowers of music. 
Twenty-six eminent musicians have contributed to the work, and the Editors are 
John Enowles Ildne, Theodore Thomas, and Karl Elaumr. 

••* Detailed Ftoepectus post free. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



(3reat Captains Seriee: By ueut. coionei 

Theodore Ayrault Dodge. 

ALEXANDER. A Hbtory of the Origin and Growth of the Art 
of War, from the Earliest Times to the Battle of Ipsus, B.C. 801 ; with a 
deteHed aooonnt of the Oampaigiu of the great Maoedoniaa. With 887 
Oharts, ICaps, Flans of Battles and TaetiGal Haaarayres, Cuts of Aimonr, 
Unifonns, fiiegv Devioes, and Portraits. 8vo., doth, 90i. net. 

HANNIBAL. A History of the Art of War among the Cartha- 
genians and Romans, down to the Battle of Pydna, 168 B.C. ; with a 
detailed aooount of the Second Tonic War. With n? Charts, Maps, Plana 
of Battles and Taotieal ICanoenyres, Cats of Armour, Weapons and 
Uniforma. 8To.t eloth, 90i. net. 

CiESAR. A History of the Art of War among the Romans from 
the Beoond Tnnie War down to the Adl of the Bonun Anpiie ; witti a 
detailed aooonnt of the GaUie and avil Wan. With S76 Charts, Hapa, 
Plana of Battles and TaotioallCaaiBayreB, etc. 8to*,o1oUi, 

GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS. A History of the Art of War from 
the rerlTal after the Middle Ages to the end of the Spanish Soooesrion 
War; witlva detailed acoonnt of the Campaigns of the great Swede* and 
the moat famous Campaigns of Tmenne, Conde, Eugene and Marlborough. 
With S84 Charts, Maps, Plans of Battles, and Tactical ManceuTres, and 
Cuts of Uniforms and Weapons. Two Tolnmes in one, 8FO.,cloth, 90s. net. 

ELECTRICITT FOR EVERTBODT : Its Nature and Uses Explained. 
By Philip Atkinson, M.A., Ph.D. Second Edition xvvised and enlarged. 
Grown 8to.» 106 illustrations, doth, 6s. ael. 

CovTSirri :— Chapter I. The Nature of Electridty and Electric Trana- 
misdon.— IL Static Electridty.— m. Electric Batteries.— IV. 
Magnetiim .--V. Dynamos.— VI. Electric Motors.— Vn. Electric 
lighting.— Vm. Heat and Electridty.— IX. Hie I^legrHih and 
Tdephone.— X. The Bontgen Bays. 

A00(fsum:—*< There are many books of its kind ; but few more likdy to soft 
tberequiriinflatB of readers not qpedally or pralessionally concerned 
with its sabjeet." 

Dmlp Nmtt-^lM a senitble^written manual for the inatruetkm of those 
pow e s rin g little cr no t e c hnica l knoiriedgeof a subject of e v w^r o wiiy 

DOCTRINE AND LIFE. A Study of some of the Principal Truths 
of the Christian Beligion in the Bdation to Christian E]q»eiionce. By 
George B. Stevens, Ph.D., D.D. Chnm 8to„ doth,aB.6d. • 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Sinalair, C.S.N. Boyal e^o., ffi mustwtiinii, oloth got, iSs. 

TOb ia A f aitibifal and flnt aooount of the life and experienoef on bond fhe 
** AlabuDa," from ita inoeptioii to its fonndaring, written by lieut. Sinclair, one of 

The TVaut: — *' The wh<de amaaring atorjr ia told in a rerj vivid w«y, and 
lieotenant Sinclair writes of his ship, his captain, and hia erew with the 
enthnsiaaniwhiohisnataralto a spirited naval officer. . . Of thegreater 
incidents, the chief are the oombat in the Gnlf of Mexico with the 
United States ship Hatteraa,whioh was sank by the Alabama altera 
fight of thirteen mlnate»—*probably the quickest naval dnelonrecord.* " 

Ikrilg TeUffraph :— ** There are enongb flgbts and adveaiiires in the beak to 
satisfy the most exaoting.'* 

itaffjr Chromiel«:—'**Vx. Sfaidair has given ns a book whose pages most be ood- 
aulted by any historian of the Civil War, nhUe it is fairly readable by 
the generation of to-day which has grown up sinoe the dnel in the 
Channel two and thirty years ago." 

THE STORT OF A BAD BOT. By Thomas Bailey Aldrieh. 

Sp^ciat BoHiay Mditum, With 9 Foil-page and 06 Text Olnstzations by 
A. B. Vntt, Ctown 8vo., taatefolly bound in doth gilt, 0i. 

*•* The American *' Tom Bzown's School Days," and the most popnlar bo/a 
book in the United Statea. 

<hMsa:-"]fr. Bai]«y AMixidk wfll fully maintain hia vepntatioo as an Amar^ 
iean hnnumriat by thia elaver /»• dPMprU. The great eharm of the 
bookia j 

Saimrdap Rudew^^** Thia new edition of the best of American books for boys 
shonld rejoice the hearts of thousands of English boys, since it has fn 
ICr. Frost a moat able and sympathetio illnatrator. Ton have only to 
open the book at hasard— here, let us say, at the scene of the mystic 
initiation of the < Oantlpedaa,' or at the drawing on the next page 
of the amall boy-novice being * gently checked ' with the pitchfork— 
to be convinced that Mr. Ftoat ia the artist elect to do juatioe to Mr. 
Aldridi'a delightful book.'* 

Aofai:— "Mr. Aldiidh*s story might be deactibed aa the ' Tom Brown* cf 

Jhw:—**No more delightful book of ita kind exists, and Ifr. A. B. Frost has 
drawn a series of delioious piotnres wiiioh will add new life to a lively 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Wendell Holmes. Two yoIb., erown 8?o. Fifteen beantifal photo- 
g ra y urw and many eDgmved tsrt iliofltrntionB hj Howard Pfle. Rinted 
in tlie most oarafol maxmer, and bound in the moot attractire style. 
Oloth gilt, gflt top, with slip doth wxappen, 81s. 

Labob Papbb Editioii, limited to thirty copies for this ooonlvy. Handsomely 
bound in foil TelluOf with India proofs of piates, Foor Guineas nett 

Tk4 Saran de Sook-Worms in Puvoh :— ** Many thanks for these two handsome 
* ToLunes, for among all books these be most weloome to the constant 
lorer of old literary fhends." 

«taifMV AroU :-** No liner edition ooold be wished for." 

OOROTHT Q. By Oliyer Wendell Holmes. Together 

with " A Ballad of a Boston Tea Party/' and " GrandmotheF^f 
Story of Bunker Hill Battle." One volnme. Grown 8vo., SS iUns- 
trations and many beautiful borders, head and tail pieces* by Mawaid ^1» 
Bound in grey cloth with quaint letterings and omamenti in sOtw. 
5s. net. 

Tmi9 :— *▲ oopiously and ofaarmingly iUusizated edition." 

PuUither^ (Ttrcutor :— "One of the prettiest illustrated books of the sesson.*' 

IMIy Qrapkic :— *< A dauity gift book. . . . must be seen to be appneiated.** 

THE ONE-HOSS SHAT. By Oliver Wendell Holmes. 
With its Companion Poems **HOW THE OLD HORSE WON 
THE BET," and **THE BROOMSTICK TRAIN," Crown Svo., df 
spirited Illustrations by Howard Fyle, qfuaintty bound in rough calf, 

SptekUor :— ** Host appropriately illnstrated." 

Oia§gow Herald.— "Bi» illustrations are a source of great aeb^ht.'* 

Truth :—•* Exquisitely got-np and iUustzated edition." 


charming new Portrait of O. W. Hohnes, at the age of 84. ISmo, attrac- 
tively bound, 8s. Sd. 

This dainty book consists of admirable psssages carefully adected txom the 
prose and poetrr of Dr. Hohnes, for every dAy of the year. His marve- 
lous good sense, wisdom, and wit are conspioaous on every page, and make 
the Tear-book a At and charming souvenir of the delightful ** Autocratt" 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



01 THE D0Z7 HOURS. By Agnes Repplier. Crown 8to., 

flkth, gilt top, fit. 

^Hmnm:— "TtM only fault we have to find with IOm Bepplier's ddightfal 
UtOe Tolome of Etaay* * In the Dosj Hours' is that loiiie of tbemai* 
too ahort . . . With tbia amall reaanratioii we have nothing bat 
ptajae for tiiia book." 

Maimtda^ BtvUmt—^^mm XteppUer's daima to be accounted of the true 
enooeaaion (of English Euayiata)— Augustan, Georgian, Victorianr- 
are inoonteatible. She haa a ilne critical faculty, and ia mibtreea of a 
charming atyle. She haa wit, a fund of good sense, and humour— 
&ig1iah *humour' and American* humor.' . . . But there ia not one 
of theae essays that is not marked by rare ssnity of judgment, an 
lnTigorating tone, and the inapixing graee of humour." 

CSSATS IN IDLENESS. By Agnes Repplier. Second Edition. 

Gtown 8vo., doth, gilt top, fia. 

Mr. Im GnUiemuin the arAa:— "Of their Und, a very entertaining Und, na 
one Juat now ia writing better easays than Mias BeppUar." 

BOOKS AND HEN. By Agnes Repplier. Crown 8vo., cloth, 


BSSATS IN MINIATURE. By Agnes Repplier. Second 

Bdition. Crown 8vo., cloth, gilt top, fia. 

Sahmdmif Stmew ;— ** Some of those rare hours of pladd and genuine enjoy- 
ment is in store for fihe readers of * Essays in Miniature.' ** 

M m t mef Bmrmn :— "Miss Bepplier ia almoat aa entertaining an eanylst aa 
Mr. Andrew Lang.'* 

POINTS OP VIEW. By Agnes Repplier. Third Edition. 

Oown 8ro., doth, gilt top, 5a. 

g tosfsis £r«ra&f:— *<Thoae in want of a genuine Utenry treat cannot do 
better than go to * PointB of Yiaw.' " 

STHONTHS AND AUTONTMS. A Complete Dictionary ot 
Synonyma and worda of opposite meaning. By The Rt. Rev. Samuel 
' lUlowa. With an Appendix embrsdng a Dictionary of Britidama, 
AmssleaaiBnia, OoUoqoial Phraaea, et», in eurreut uae; the Grammatical 
Uaea of Prepo ritl ona and PrepoaitionaDlsoriminated ; a Uat of Homonyma 
and Homophonowa Worda ; a OoUeelion of Foreign Fhraaes, and a com- 
plete list of Abbreilationa and Oontractiona uaed in Writing aadPrintingv 
O^owB Svo., 61S pp.. doth, fla. 64. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



WALT WHITMAN. Leaves of Grass. Being his Complete 

Poems. Demy 8vo., portrait, doth, gilt top, 9i. 

Complete Prose Worics. Portrait, 

Unifonn irith the abore. 8b. 


Qroyn 8to., 8 eharmiiig Phot ogra ? iu e e by E. H. Oairett and Portrait of 
Lou-ell in 1842, with long oarla and deep Unen ooUar, tactefnUy bonnd. 
Ob net. 

Pmck :— " A dainty book indeed." 

Specuuor :—** Nothing ia ao intending aa tiie portrait • . • • A Twy ppettoal 

.N.B.-Povtnat on India Psosr. iS by 9, Is. ed. net. 
A FABLE FOR CRITICS. By James Russell LoweU. 

Crown 8?o., oloth fie. 

:• An Edition for the Book-lorer. with M onfline Ptetnlta of the Antbon 
mentioned in the poem, and a Faeafanile in Colour of the Bhyming Title-Fftgeo' 
the First Edition. 


Thixd Edition. Grown Svo., doth, gflt top, 6a. 

Dmlg Tdegrapk :— *' Hie dutptera die baa penned are ddightfo). . . H«> 
book ought to be popular and well read for a long time to oome." 

(^iMm:~**Tbere are pagea, nay, whole dutpten, of the book liiat ainiplj 
oharm. .... I hope to find qpaoe for a fuller aooonnt of % book 
wliidi I hftve read with quite unuaual inteceat and pLaaanre." 

' Morning Fui i'-** The book not only treata of much that haa not before been 
generaUy known but ia written in a pleaaing style." 

A JAPANESE INTERIOR. By AUoe Mabel Baeon. Croim 

8vo., doth, gilt top, fie. 

OUugow ^eroM:—** Host enjoyable reading." 

Bun :—*- It ia a perfeetly dianning afendy, written eaaOy and graeefally, and 
giving an inai^ into Japaneae life audi aa many more hundred page* 
of dull atatiatioa oould never Afford their reader. OAie d u a uiip tiona 
are vivid, brilliant, ihiiahed, and the whoie woik ia theeoo^Uf 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


GOKSTANTINOPLE. The City of the Saltans. By 

C. E. Clement. Demj 8vo., idth 90 Fhotogravorea of Views and Objeoto 
of Jatanat, handsomely bound in dloth, liflfaly gilti with cloth dip wrapper, 
eoflloeed in oloth box, price ISs. 8d. net 

Slf llM»— ** ' The Caty of the Bnltane ' ia a pleaaantly-wiitten and well-iUui- 
trated aooonnt of Conatantinople»itB aoenery and buildings, its history, 
its antiguities, its institations and its social life, by the lady who has 
already treated Naplee andTenioein a popnlar and attractiTe fashion." 

n* AiUitJbsrv' Oireular :—** One of the handsomest books of the year/' 

VENICE. The Queen of the Adriatic, or Venice, Medise- 

vml and Modem. By C. B. Clement. Demy Svo. Twenty photo- 
gia f ui e s , boond unifonnly with the abore, ISs. 6d. net. 

5MfMaii:~'<Abeaiilafiilbook. . exoellent reading. . samptnonsly illustrated." 

BritUh W9My :— "In typogrmihy, illustration, and binding, it is one of the 
most Ronptaous and tssteful books of the season. The iUnstntions 
arc quite lavltieBB. . . . The letterpress is ezoeUent." 


8vow, SO photogravures bound uniformly with the above, Ifti. 9d. net. 

Tm$$ :—** Ocypiowly and very attractively illustrated.*' 

Ofsiymi HiimM;—" Vvm dttim have so ptotnnesque ahistory as Wi^lea. . . . 
in her pages will be found most of the information which a general 
reader can desire. . . . The Illustrations are beautiful, and themis a 

FLORENCE. The Lily of the Arno, or Florence Past and 

PRESENT. By Vlpsrinla W. Johnson. Demy 8vo., 25 Photogravures, 
bound uniformly with the above, Ifti. 6d. net. 

d^Mtalsr.— "This handsome vohnne is a triumph— It mdanMHp i* a ttkmpk 
of illustration and typogmphy, quite as much as of literature." 

Qusem :— *' A sumptuous volume this Itis enriehed byphotogsavures 

—really enriched, for most of these are admirable." 

aiNOA, THE SUPERB. The City of Columbus. By 

Ytrglnia W. Johnson. Demy 8vo., 90 photogravures bound uniformly 
with the above, lik'Qd. net. 

>** Genoa the Buperb' is a beautiful volume." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




F.R.G.S., Author of *< Bible Boenes from the Holy Lead.' With a 
pNfaee hj The Rlffht Rev. Bishop Blyth, of Jenisalem and an 
appendix iUnatrating the models of Herp Baurath von Schlek Rltter, 
with descriptiTe lett a rp re o o txvnslated bf the Rev. J. E. HaiUiner. 
Dtmy 8vo., oopionaly illurtrated from negatiTes taken by the Antiior 
during a residenoe of aeveral yean in Jerusalem. Cloth gilt, te. 

A PURITAN PAGAN. By Julien Gordon. Author of '< A 

Diplomat's Diary," **lldle. Beeeda," "Marianetles.* etc. Grown 8vo., 
oloth extra, 6s. 

jr#ni<v PMti—**A graoefnl and original heroine, and her experienoes an 
extremely Tailed." 

Am >~" A noTel that should be a great suooess." 

DaUp ToUgraphi—** An ingenious and eventful story of *a man's sin and 
repentance ' . . . . brightly written throughout, and abounds in 
oleTer word-eketohes of American character and social obserrancea^' 

EROTICA. By Arthur Clark Kennedy. Fcap. 8vo., frontis- 
piece, doth extra, 8s. 6d. net. 

8€ta*»man :— " Shows oonaideiable accomplishment in the art of making sweet 

ADRIATICA. By Percy Pinkerton. Second Edition. Fcap. 
8vo., frontispieoe, doth extra, as. 6d. net. 
▲ diarming Tolume of Poems, chiefly about Venice, with an Original Poem by 
J. Addikotok Stmokds to the Author. 

SIDNEY LANIER'S POEMS. Edited by liis Wife. With 
a Memorial by William Hayes Ward. 8vo., Portxait, tasteftOly 
bound in doth gilt, gilt top, 7s. 6d. net 

iSipMtator:— "We hare in Lanier an original poet— one more original, we 
think, than the United States has erer yet produced ; more original 
than any poet ^rtiom Bngland has product during the last thirty yean 
at least" 

Aivicio of i74irMw«:— "Than the short series, 'Hynin^ of the Harshra,* we 
know of nothing in any poetry more beautiful or more quiTering with 
thespirit of nature." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


THE AKT OP TAKING A WIFE. By Paolo Mantegazzl. 

Thjfd Edition. Fcap dvo., neatiy boiuid, 86. 6d. 

OtaTBirTS :— Piologoe.— I. Mairiage in Modem Societj.— H. Sexual 
Clurioe in liaRiacre— The ait of ohooeing well.— ni. Aire and 
Health.— lY. Fhymoal Sympathy— Baoe and Nationality.— V. The 
Harmony of Fieelinga.— YI. Hannony of Thooghta.— YII. The 
Financial Question in Maiziage.— YIII. The Inddents and Aod- 
dents of Mazriage.— IX. Hell.— X. Purgatory.— XI. Paradise. 

Bm :— **The whole work is aUve with Uterary taste, and the English publishers 
are to be iinoerely congratulated and thanked for introdnofaig so 
healthy an ezpodtum to English readen. It csnnot be questioned 
that the umnber of those readers will be legion." 

roflsft^AwC— "Deals boldly with the dark side of maiTied life. . . The 
volume is Tery tastefully got up, and desenres to be widely read, bot, 
as we hare said, it is not a book for young people." 

SUNSET PASS: of. Running the Gauntlet ThrougA 

Apaehe Land. By Captain Charles King. Illustrated. Author 
of " The Deserter,'* ** A VTar-time Wooing." Crown Svo., (Ooth, 8s. 6d. 

AAaugiiM:—'*A well-told story of adventure, with aU the freshness of 

American wild life in the West." 
Bmfkw of JReiri0ia» :— *' Sensational and pleaang enough in all eonsdenoa" 
Seoitiah Leader :— " The tale is one of thrilling interest, and onoe began there ia 

no laying it down till the last page is readied." 

A QUESTION OF TIME. By Gertrude Franklin Atherton, 

Author of "The Doomswoman," **Hennia Suydam," *'LosCcRifeos," 
etc, etc Crown 8vo., Cloth, 8b. 6d. 

AAe»mw :— " Shows distinct power The hero and heraina win the 

reader's sympathies ahnost from the first, while the scandal they 
create in the prim New England town of Dunfoith ia aiTeotively 
Seoitith Leader:— "Aa novel in conception as it is admirable in .ezeontion." 

MARIONETTES. By Jullen Gk)rdon, Author of << A Diplomaf i 
Diary," " Puritan Pagan," Ac. Crown 8vo., doth, Ss. 6d. 

Atkentn m '.-'**ThB book is so excelleat The minor Characters are 

admirably done TbB dramatic abruptness and deamess are 


BeaiiiMh Leader,—" Th» rhnmrin' sketching is exquisite, and the style is bril- 
liaak ... A novel of lemaikable powv and biillianor*'* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


EGYPT. Three Essajs on the History, Religion, and 

Art of Ancient E^ypt. By Martin Brlmmep. EngUdi edition 
limited to 60 numbered oopiea. Royal 8to., printed on hand-made 
papert and illustrated with 38 photogravures and ooloored map» hand- 
somely bound in vellum, gUt, 80s. net. 

SATCHEL OUIDE. For the Vaeation Toarist in Earope. 
The most popalar Condensed European Guide published. 
ISmoif maps, limp leather, ds. net. BeuiMd mch ytar, 

ADAMS CABLE CODEX. Paper is. Net, cloth 2s. Net. 

This little Code oovers every possible eontistgeney, whether it be pleasme or 
basinesB,aod onoe triedtwill always be reoommended. 

SCANDIKAVLIN AND RUSS: or, by Way of the Baltic. 
By John Albert Manton, M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Lend., etc. 
Being an aeeount of the Cruise of the Steam Taeht '*St. 
Sunntva *' to the Northern Capitals. May— June, 1896. Crown, 
8to. FMfosely Illustrated with Maps, Photographs (taken en nmU\ 
Poitnits, Sketches and EaoetiflB. Sewed Ss. 


BUROPB. By L. C. Loomis. New and Enlarged Edition. ISmo., 

%* This Work is an Index to everything worth seeing in Europe. Besides 
eontaining Plans, Maps, and 100 Blnstrationa of Piotures in the best Galleries, it 
e n lt taiBS Oatalogues of the Chief CoIleotionB, and every information useful to the 

sides of the Russian Frontier. By Poultney BigelOW. Crown 8vo., 60 
(Aaiming illustrations, being r^roduotions of drawings and photographs 
taken on the spot by F. Remington, tastefully bound, 7s. 6d. net. 

IVsMf.—** Lively sketches, military, social and political, . . . shrewd and 
well-dnf ormed and very skilfully illustnited." 

inWi,— '* We eannot conclude this [long] notice without a word of piaise for 
the excellent illustrations by Mr. Remington. They add oonsidenUy 
to the Talue of the book.'* 

FdU MaU Qazou : -'* Hii book £■ always the best possible reading. 

GfopAte:— " And when the great war does oome, Mr. Bigelow's fascinating 
book will be of the greatest value to all students of the game.*' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




A Popular WcmIc on Bvoltttion. 

FALLEN ANOELS : A Disquisition upon Human Existenee 
— «n Attempt to Elneldate some of Its Mysteries, espeelaUy 
tliose of BvU and Suffering. By One of Them. lUzd and Popular 
Edition, xeyked aad Index added, demy Svo., dotii, Si. 6d. 
A better Edition is done at 5s. 

TbiM irork has been the cause of muehdiBOUBsion and flomment and many inter- 
"' flatten haTe been noeiTed by the Author from Bminent Men in aU 
•^ »of Thought. 

Bxtmet fnm a UUer to the Author from, tM enUnent PhOolo^, th4 Bev. Prof. 
W. W. Skbat, vfhiehisof eonsideraiU interest. May SOfA, 1894.—" I can well lee 
that your book ie the outcome of a good deal of long and patient thought. The 
■abject is necessarily speculative, and incapable of exact proof ; but it is very sug- 
gestiTe and interesting; and contains by the way, much that is curious and instruo- 
five. I am not myseu gifted with any vividness of imagination, and am aoeustomed 
to deal only with the most obvious facts and experienoes of daily life : nevertheless, 
I can appreciate much of it. And I may say that I am in full agreement with the 
cenenu tone of the woxk, being naturally an ' optimist ' of amost pnmounoed type, 
rally aooepting the belief in continual progress and advancement. I musttherefore 
heartily congratulate you on the completion of a work which is instinct with 
a spirit of trust and cheerfulness." 

A very high dionitary of the Church of Enylani writee asfoUowt :— "I have been 
leading '* Fallen Aii^ls " with interest. Its tone of reverence and sympathy with 
all that ia highest an4 best give great value to its suggestiveness." 

Prom another eminent Authority in the Church: — "Tour book treats a most inter- 
eating and a most mysterious subject, upon which, few even amongst theologians 
bave Mstowed anything like adequate attention. I have seen recently in Gennaa 
writers strong expressions of regret for the neglect to which it has been doomed." 

A fiBer,formeriy a Jfinieter of Her Majeety^* Gov^mmntt^ referring to ** Fallen 
Angels" toritee a» follows :— **It is a time when we cannot afford to neglect any 
reasonable hvpothesis or solution of the many pressing questions thst are arising 

Popular Xedical Monthly:— ^* Tim i» a charming book." 

Church Review:— **Thesre is a good deal of curious learning in it, and many 
valuable quotations are given from mystical authors bearing on the 
subject. The advocate also pleads his difficult cause with eloquence 
and brilliancy. . . . Whatever we may think of itit mysticism and 
bold theorising, the morality urged at the conclu»ion in (food, and ^e 
final chapter * Cui Bonof^ one of the be»t of all/' 

TahUi : — "A thoughtful and very solemn attempt to Holvothc problem of human 
existence, and the ra>*stery of good and evil." 

Cathol^e Times:—** The style is bright, vigorous and clear, with an occasional 
spice of wit." 

Ckitieal Heoiewi—The extent to which literature, of all sges and departmonti 
has been laid tmder requisition is most extraordinary." 

Uv m yo ol Mercury :— '*The book is written in a highly reverent and devotitmal 
spirit, and with an abundance of learning." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



THE DELMONICO COOK BOOK. How to Buy Food, how 
to Cook it, and how to Serve it. By Alessandpo FUlppini* 
(for S6 yetn Ohef at Delmonioo's, New Tork). Large Sro., new and 
leriaad edition, ■taongly bound in white Amerioan olothi ISb. net. 

niia work is deeigned not only for Cluba, Hotels and Beatanrants, bat more 
eapeoially for Fiivate Eamilies. In it will be foond Menos for Breakfast, 
Luncheon and Dinner for every day in the year, beside Menna for Celebrated 
Dinners wfaidh have been given at Delmonioo*s from time to time. 

Quern :~^ A book which is sure to find its way to any kitchen ruled 
by a eook worthy of the name." 

field :— ** We oan stnmgly recommend the work." 

SpeeUUor :— "Bvery one it may be presumed, has heard of Delmonico's ttie 
famous New Tork Bestanrant ; a h^py minority have been privi- 
leged to dine there.*' 

SlMtibtf '^OKwne ^ntixtavt} levies. ByFiUpplni 

Oblong shape (6| in. by 6in.), handsomely bound, 2b. 6d. each. 


Queen : -'* The publishers may be oongratolated on the production of a aat of 
books as valuable as they are dainty." 

Mrs. RORER'S COOK BOOK. (Principal of the Philadelphia School 
of Cookery). Crown 8vo., pp. 600, washable oil*doth binding, 7s. 8d. 

QHfM :— **lt may advisedly be asserted that this is a most valuable 
book and we know of few better ealeulated to take a firont 
place in the book-shelf of a newly started housewife.** 

A GUIDE TO PALMISTRY. By Mrs. EUza Easter Henderson. 

94mo., illustrated, attractively bound, 2s. 6d. 

TaKet:—** From the mere reading of this volume you oan pnustiae the ait 
upon yourself, your friends, and the world at large.*' 

Saturday Review :— '*The book is simpler and easier read than the usual run of 
oooult manuals. . . . The author professes to give the notea she 
has compiled for her own une," 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


1 ^9 


Popohr Edition. Crown 8to., doth illnatrnted, at. 6d. 

A itacy of ICodem Anstxalian Country life. 

Mmekmter Covritr.— **We must thank the wzitcv for glTJag ns lOOieaiiBg 
XMlly frah and new, a bright, Tigorous, wholeaome atody of Anstn^ 
ISaa life, with a healthy, open-air, breesy tone about it aU which 
refreahes like a aea-bath . . . always interesting, and we learn a 
good deal of Talnable inf ormaticm about colonial life." 

IkOf Tdegrapk.—^To the above names (Mrs. Campbell Fkaed, Bolf Boldre- 

wood, and £. W. Homung) as associated with vivid and fascinating 

description of latter-day life in Australia, must now be added tiiat ^f 

J. C. MaoQartie, whose novel *The Darleys of Dingo Dingo/ Is 

I simply delightful reading throughout." 

AAemteuM,—" Many of the characters introduoed are deverly dxawn." 

fi fpe d a t or.^" The book is vevy enjoyable and Australian, and thoroughly 

MoMkMtr Gnardkuu~'**'iSx. MaoCartie can hit off oddiliea of dhaxaoter with 
a good deal of humour.'* 

OUU09W Herald,—** Good humour reigns supreme thzooghont thii book." 

KSAT NASSAR. The Story of the Ufe of Jesus the 
Nazarene. By Peter, Anna and B. A. F. Kamreoy. Thick 8vo., 
ns pp., ck>th, lOa. 

Ihe Anthors are the odebrated Flnkelsteins. 

A WORKER IN IRON. A Fantasy. By Charles T. C. James, 

Author of " On Tumham Green," ** Toke of Freedom," etc. Popular 
Bdttion. Crown 8vo., doth, 28. 6d. 

I>&a0 Ohnmide:—** It ia full of strong scenes and ihie descriptions. Mr. 
Jsmes knows how to make an eftective background, and his style is 
muscular, tene and picturesque." 

lM0rary IForU :—** It is a purely romaatio story and the doae of the 

story is most dramatic." 

JKMik«m Whig'.—** Can be strongly recommended for a striking book, artistic 
in conception, and wrought out with no mean literary skill." 

IFssCcra ifail ^-" Still as the unattractive in natnn is in Art often admired 
because of its skilful handling, thero may be many readers who will 
fbd delight in the weird details of • A Worker in Iroq\" 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



LLAHARTRO; A Welsh Idyll. By Mrs. Fred Reynolds. 

Popular Edition. Crown 8to , cloth, 38. 6d. 

A charming story for a girl. 

Atkenaum.—** Is finely told. The charm of the story is enhanced by its setting 
in the Snowdon district of Wales." 

TorkthirA Pott. — " Such books are all too few; but the charm of * Llanartro' 
is BO complete tibat it may do the work of many less suooeaaf ul efforts.'* 

BritiMh ir««Uy^— "There is great beauty and tenderness in Mrs. Reynolds' 

idyll Mrs. Reynolds is a true artist, and tiiis specimen 

of her work is sure to win many readers. All will admit that it is a 

Sk^gUld TeUgraph.—** The story is well put together, the scenery is pretty, 
and the sentiment and diaiaoters are altogether charming." 

Methodist i?ea?rrf«r.— "Answers absolutely to Its designation. It is a pure 
prose poem— a glorification of seU-sacrifice. . . . Its tone w as 
elevating as its iterary value is high." 

SeoUman.—** A pretty and well-written love story. The story is a work of 
much merit." 

MELODY. The Story of a Blind Child. By Laura E. Riehards. 
Imperial 16mo., doth, Is. 6d. 

Sehoolmasier :— " This is a beautifully written little sketch of a blind child's 
life. There is Infinite pathos in the way the subject is treated, and 
the word painting is most exquisite and graphic. The book is very 
tastefully bound, and would not be out of place in the best library." 

Ktwcoitle Ohroniele : — "The story is told with considerable power and pathos." 

Bcokatitter ;—*' It is a long time since we have read anything quite so charming 
and delightful ... it is throughout written with such iasighf, 
imagination, and pathos, that the critic has nothing to say save that 
the whole is so perfect, that any alteration or change must needs be 
for the 1 

Ollttreft 7Vm««:—*' A perfectly delightful little story .... which can be 
enjoyed alike by children and by children of a Larger growth.** 

MORELLI DOMENICO* A Sketch 01 the Life and Work of the 
Fidnier. By Ashton R. WUlaPd. With eight Heliotypes. Small 4to^ 
doth, 6e. net. 


Grown 8vo., doth, gilt top 78. 6d 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



POSHING TO THE FRONT : or Saeeess ander Diffleulties. 

A book of iiuipiration and encouragement to all who are stmgglmg for 
aelf-elevatfon along the patha of knowledge and of duty. By Opison 
Swett Harden, Author of **Arehiteets of Fate." Popular Edition, with 
frontiapiece of Mr. Gladstone in 1807 and other portraita. Crown, Svo., 
ek>th gilt, 6a. 
Sir JoH3i LmiBOCK tajfs >-** It will be a great stimulna to anyone entering 

Dailg Chronicle:^** The book ia thoroo^y readable, for Mr. Maiden haa 
apaxed no paina to bring together an immense number of attractive 
anecdotes and quotations." 
Sdkoclmaster:—**'hSix. Marden may be oongxatolated on haying produced a 
Tolume 80 exceptionally well- written and interesting, that we do not 
doubt it will take high rank among the beat books that have been 
brought out as a stimulus and encouragement to aspiring youth. 
Indeed, since the appearance of Dr. Smiles* ** Self Help," we do 
not remember having seen anything so admirable in literary style and 
high purpose as Mr. Marden's * Pushing to the Front.' The design of 
the book ia to jniiuence, less by argument and appeal, than byalirring 
example and incident, and the four hundred pages are crowded with 
brightly told information concerning .the great efforts of noble men 
and women, who have won success in spite of overwhelming 
The author tells us in his preface that he devoted all his spare moments 
for ten years to the work when a fire destroyed the whole of his man- 
uscripts and notes, and he had to begin again. His own life is, 
therefore, in keeping with the purpose of his admirable volume, and 
lends to it ^e additional interest attaching to the words of one who 
can practice aa well as preach. The book ia illustrated with twenty- 
four very good full-page portraita of men and women who have 
struggled and succeeded, among the beat being those of Biamarok, 
Oladatone, FrankUn, Jamea Watt, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and 


An Analytical Bynopsia of the Four Gospels in the Vexaion of 1861. By 

William Arnold Stevens and Ernest De Witt Burton. Bmall 4to., 

doth, 7s. 6d. 

Briti$h WeeUif :— " This ia a scholarly and useful harmony, and ought to be in 

the hands of serious students. . . . The notes are careful and not 

too numeroua, and altogether we do not know a better work of the 


CkrittUm ITorM :—«♦ The work haa many special points, and will be of great 

value to atudents." 
Mttkoiist Times :--The careful reader of the New Testament will rejoice ia 
such aa accessory to hia Biblical apparatua." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



PAVING THE WAT. A Romanee of the Aastnlian 

Bush. By Simpson Newland, ez-Trearaier of Bontli Aiutnlia. 
Popolar Bditum. Crown 8va, doth gilt, fllniteated side, 8b. 6d. 

*•* Thii Tolome is bued npon exciting soenM and adventores which aotnally 
ooenrred in tiie pioneer days of AustraliA. 

JkOg Taeffraphi—**lt is a fine stoqr, manifestly based on facts, and told with 
no less pigturesqneneas than Tivacity. There is fighting enough in it, 
between 'black fellows' and 'white fellows,' bnshiangecs and 
mounted polioe, to satisfy the oombatiye prodiTities of the most 
sangninary British Schoolboy." 

^sfMWIay SeiHeio :—** As can readily be imagined, any tme description of life at 
snch atimemi]stabomidinadTentiire,and in this respect Mr .Newland 
astisfies the crarings of the heartiest appetite. . . . Mr. Newland has 
fomid time to note the manners and customs of the black peopleCnow 
fut dying out) and space to record some of their most curious 

MtndHffBMt: -<*Mr. Hewland gfres an account of Australian Pioneer life, 
wearing truth and fiction witii considerable ability. ... * PftTing the 
Way ' is no less to be commended as a romance of wild adventure, told 
with considerable spirit.** 

MaH&nal Ohmver :—** It lifts the curtain from the squatter's life as few, if say 
recent books hare done.** 

AtMitA«rt* (7if«War :—" Mr. Newland has written a romance not one whit 
inferior to those of Mr. Boldrewood.** 

S^Mik AmttraUan Advertuer :— ** Mr. Newland has inrodnced a work which does 
▼ery much for South Australia what * Loma Doone * has adiieved fox 
DeroDshire. ... It is erident to the reader that Mr. Newland's 
work is as truly a labour of loye as was that of the Devonshire Novel- 
ist, and it is easy to predict for * Faring the Way* a distinct place fai 
colonial literature." 

RUSSIAN RAMBLES. By Isabel F. HapgOOd. Second Edition. 
Grown 8vo., doth, 6s. net. 

CoxTBKTs:— I. Passports, Police, end Post-Offioe in Bossia.— IL The 
Nevsky Prospekt.— HI. My EzperieDoe with the Russian Censor. 
— IV. Bargaining in Bnssia.— Y. Ejiperienees.— YI. A Busaian 
Summer Besort.— YIl. A Stroll in Moscow with Count Tolstoy.— 
Ym. Count Tolstoy at Home.— IX. A Bnssian Holy City.— X. A 
Journey on the Yolga.— XT. The Bussian Eumajs Curs.— XII. 
Moscow Memories.- Xm. The Nizhni-Novgorod Fair and the 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


0r. GRAT'S QUEST. By Francis H. Underwood, LL.D. 

(late XJ.S. Consul at Edinbnigh) . down 8vo. , oloth gOt, flt. 

Olasgcw Herald:'-" CbaamoglywiiUan. . . . an wroellent rtogy." 

SeaUman :— ** T^ll be found to give gennine pleasure and insight." 

Wortd :—" The late Dr. Under-mMid, whose last work ' Br. Ghraty's Quest ' was 
a writer to whom the obsoleto epithet * elegant * distinctly appUes." 

North BrUish Daily Mail :— *' It iH impowiible to deny the obarm with which the 
whole of thisfathetk story is permeated." 

MtHhodiH THmes :— " An admirable story." 

Dail^ ChronieU :— ** Mr. Underwood knows womankind, and all his skill in 

ehaxacterisafeion is very considerable As a whole, the book 

is a thorough and an artintic piece of work.'* 

THE SONG OF HIAWATHA. By Henry Wadsworth 

Longfellow. Post Svo, with a new etched p(»rtrait and 22 full-page fflns- 
tntions by Frederic Bemington, tastefully bound in cloth, gilt top, 

The demand for an artistic but inexpensive edition of this unique poem has 
ledthepublisheirBtobringitontinanewand very attractive form. It has been 
carefully printed, with S8 full-page illustrations by Frederic Bemington, whose 
piotnres of Indians sad Indian life are not drawn from fancy but from yean of 
study on the plains of the West. The book has an etched portrait of Mr. 
liOngfeUow, which is regarded as one of the best ever made of him, and which 
■howB how he looked at the time ** Hiawatha " was written. 

tflo^yoip £r«ra/(< :—'* A charming Christmas book. . . . The special attrac- 
tiveness of this edition lying in the beautiful illustntions." 

AfNMaV Cfreuliir:—** The illustrations are mdeed beyond all pnise,eaoh 
one is a £knished picture." 

vations on literature for Children. A Study by Horaee B. SeuddOP. 
G^Niwn 8vo. f dlothff 6s. net. 

FRAIL CHILDREN OF THE AIR. Excursions into the World 
of Bntterilies. Containing 9 full-page Illustrations. By Samudl 
Hubbard Seuddep. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s. net. 

ABOUT PARIS. By Richard Hardinsr Davis. Profusely 

Illustrated by GBAaLSs Da«a Gibsox. Grown 8vo., cloth, 6i. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



ISBAN-ISRAEL. A South AMean Story. By George 

Cosslns. Crown Svo., attraotiTely bound, di. 6d. 

Dailp TOeffraph :— " ' iBban-Iaiael ' is a thrilling story of adventare and dis- 
oovery in South Africa." 

lAuerpool Post : — "In ' iBban-Israel,' lorers of adTenture will find one of Uie 
most fascinating of romanoes, having South Africa for scene. Despite 
its utter improbability, the story presents itself in such a semblance 
of truth, and the interest actually becomes so absorbing, that few who 
begin it will care to lay it aside till finished." 

R^ereei—^* A tale which really has in it the elements of a flnt-dasB ««r«i«ng 
and harrowing romance.*' 

Olaagmo Record :— " Were the titl&-page torn out the reader would unhesita- 
tingly put down the book as coming from the pen of Mr. Haggard." 

Bonih Africa :— "The story is well-written and full of interest, and few rMden 
will be able to put down the book tiU the conclusion is reached." 

SofOk Australian Begister :— " That the book will be popular can hardly be 
doubted, for it contains one of the most marvellous and thrilling 
stories ever penned. " « 

STORIES OF NORWAY in the Saga Days. By Mary 

Howarth. Imperial lemo., illustrated with four charming drawings by 
F. Hamilton Jaokson, attractively bound, 3s. 6d. 

itasaar:— " * Stories of Norway in the Saga Days * might have been written by 
Mr. WQliam Morris, whose thoughts when not absorbed by social 
matters invariably fly Volsung and Viking^ward. Miss Mary Howarth 
gives us four ftories taken from old Norse sources, and clothed in 
Bnglish prose; well dothed too, for she has managed to make them as 
intensting as an Eastern fairy tale. . . . This is a book that can 
be boo^t to give away with a feeling of satisfaction that it is worth 
its cost." 

JTbrtft BrUish DaUy JfaU :— ** These are delightfuIly-WTitten stories of Old 
Norway, when the saga was the literary expression of a romantic and 
superstitious people, delightful in their quaint old-wwldlineas of style 
and thought, their child-like openness, and their confidence in the 
native joyouaness of human nature. . . . Full of tender pithoa 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



KATK'S WISE WOMAN. By Clara Louise BuptfliAin. 

' Grown 8ro., cloth gilt, dB. 

Caem:~*'It is a prettf. healthy story, -written in the old-fashioned breezy 
style. ..... Very bri(^tly written and should be certain of a 

good literary snooess." 

JkM MvU Gazette ;--" An excellent story. It is true to natore and nicely 

Seoteman :— "The book is one that may be recommended.*' 

Britith W^eklg :— <* Gan be oonfldently recommended to girls 

Miss Bnmluun writes brightly and with a considerable dash of 

THE WOOING OF PHYLLIS. By Katherlne £. Coleman. 

Grown 8vo., doth gilt, Os. 

lAmrpoci Ittsi :— **Ib a pretty story and provides some delightfdl reading." 

Metkodiet Times :— "The heroine of this story is Phyllis Howard, a bright and 
misefflsh girl, but fall of pride and vehemence. She is in love with 
Gerald Underwood, bat allows Lawrence Archer whom she afterwards 
marries to propose to her, with a resolt, to say the least, somewhat 
awkward in after life. Phyllis become a noble woman ; her vacillation 
at the time of her temptation, when matters are brought to a crisis, 
and her victory over herself are vividly described. The style adopted 
is easy, and the writer has produced a bright and readable story." 

AMERICA. By Rioh&rd H&rdlnff Davis. Grown 8vo., iUnstnOwd, 
doth gilt, 7s. ed. 

*•* One of the Gringos, or Foreigners, is the son of Lady Henry Somerset 

LIES AND LIARS. By Herbert Laeland. Crown 8vo., with 

54 spirited illnstntions by R. H. Mather, doth, ds. 6d. 

AU MaU Gaaette :—** This is a very amosing book ; the sort of book to be pat 
into the pocket and carried off to the seaside to while away the idle 
hoars of travd or the morning on the beach. Light, racy, and 
hamorons comments on commonplace things, not at all boring ; some 
uf the sketches are very clever. And Mr. R. H. Mather has embel- 
lished the book with some appropriate drawings." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



TWO THREE-QUARTERS and other Vulgap Fraetions. 

A Football Fantasy. By W. S. Douflrlas. Grown 8vo., ilhutmted 
wrapper^ la. 

Black and WhH4 : -** The aoenea on the field are especially TiTid. and the zeanlt 
is admirable. ' Two three^uaiters,' as befltB its sabraot, ia - 
brightly and wittQy, and goes with unflagging interest/' 

Glasgow Herald :—** The story is so well told (hat even non-footbaUen may 
pass a pleasant time with Mr. Douglas's nompany." 

DaUp Man :—** Mr. Douglas has attempted a somewhat hazardoua task, but he 
has fulfilled it with considerable dexterity and suooess. . . . we must 
confess that we were first drawn to the story by reading the fine intro- 
ductory * Ballade of the Bewards of Prowess '-« set of verses which 
miflrht well have been written by Mr. Andrew Lang, or Mr. Austin 
Dobaonr-yet these gave only a foretaste of the literary qualitv of the 
book, which we have read with unalloyed pleasure, and can heartily 
reooipmend to all readers, and especially those who axe in a portion 
to appreciate the authors sportive aUusions." 

THE WHITE FACED PRIEST and other Northumbrian 

Episodes. By Howard PeaPSa, Author of **Barderlamd Stadiei,'* 
** The Mark 0* the Deif.'* Crown 8vo., doth, 8s. 

Athenaum :— "It shows a great knowledge of North Ooimtry rhamotw and 
North Country places." 

LUerarjf World .— ** Fresh, keen, ncy of the district, this book JiiMii IM to 
secure the approbation of readers in every shire.*' 

Glasgow Herald :— " The book is an interesting one." 

Scotsman >-** These stories are excellent.' ' 

Dailg CkronieU :—** He is a dose observer, a fiuthful and aceurate painter* of 
what he aeea, and his maatoy over the dialect of the district is absolute." 

THE PICTURE OF THE KING. An Historical Novel of Old 
Newcastle. By R. J. Chapleton, Author of "The Honourable Jim," 
" Margery Rutherford," '*A Loet Opportunity," etc. Crown 8vo., doth, 6s. 

The scene is laid in the North of England during the sreat Civil War. The 
detention of King Charles by the Scots and his attemptea escape from them at 
Newcastle are interwoven into the action of the story^ though tiie main interest 
lies in the struggle in the hero's mind as to which ride he should espoose in tfaa 
contest between King and Psriiament. 

SUNNY AUSTRALIA. A Novel. By Nonine St. Clair. 

down 8vo., doth, 8b. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



THE CUP OF TREMBLING. By Mary HaUoek Foote. 

Grown 8?o., doth gilt, 0b. 

JWi JMU< G^oMtt^ :--*« WeU written and oontaiiw a good dMl of pathoa." 

I>aUif Chronicle:'—** Bedeemad from mere hoROTB by many human tooohea and 
oonaiderable literary skill.'* 

JMIjr MaS :—** The writer combines in her work a masculine boldness of oon- 

oeption, breadth of outline, and vigour of narxative, with a feminine 

deanieas and parity of style and delioaoy of detail. ... No one 

' who appredatesUtesary force and highly iUlled literary workmanahip 

can aifordto leave this book unread." 

St e lt m a n :—** The author writes with ability, and has the ddll to handle even 
a delicate suhjeet without oiTending the canons of taate." 

Mmekealer Guardian :— <* Told with aUUty and sUH.*' 

Ola$90w Herald >-" The book is one that does not oontain a wedc stroka, and 
will do more than sustain the reputation of the author." 

LOCKWOOD GODWIN : A Tale of Irish Ufe. By L. Anderson 

Grown 8vo., doth gilt, Os. 

Seottman :— ** Well worth reading. . . . The novd is well writteOt always 
interesting, and frequently instraotive." 

MamekaUr Guardian :— *' It indudes some well-written inddental episodes of 
modem life m Ireland, and political aJBsin.aie oooasionaliy referred 

Alhauntm :— " lids is a book written with the heart's blood of the author. 
Infinite pains have been taken with it, and it is marked by passionate 
intensity of feeling." 

A VISIT TO BLESTLAND. By W. H. Galier. Crown 8to., 


FkU Mda Gaxetu :—" Desoriptive of a vldt to an UtopJa whence monopoly, 
capital, and ' unearned increment' have been banished. The author 
haa made an interesting story. His ideas are good if not novel." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




MOUTH. By Victor C Bell, B.A., D.D.S., Leoturar at the New York 
Dental School, Late Senior Demontd rotor iu the New York College of 
Dentisty, and Dental Surgeon to the German Folydinic. Crown Svo., 
illustrated, Sh. 6d. 
This is a book of practical hints and advice for the public 

TARRAGAL ; or, Bush Life In Austpalla. By E. T. Hooley. 

Crown 8to., nine full-page illustiations by B. H. Mather, cloth iUustrated, 
3b. 6d. 

The Author is one of the old Pioneers, and the volume contains many of his 
ftTriting adventures. 


Rleh&Pd T. Ely, Ph.D., LL.D. Crown 8vo., doth. 

By David Einlbt, Ph.D., Professor of Political Economy in the univer- 
sity of Dlinois. Os. Net 

William A. Scott, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Economy in 
the University of Wisconsin. Os. Net. 

AMEBIAN CHABITIES. A Stuot ix PHTLAWTnnopT and Econokics. By 
Amos 0. Waenrr, Ph.D., Professor of EoenomioB and Social Sdenoe in 
the Lelaad Stanford, Jr., Unive^nty. 78. Net. 

HULL-HOUSE MAPS AND PAPEB8. By Bxsidkkts op Hull-Housi, 
CMeago.IU. Blustxated with Colond Haps. 8vo. lOs. Net 

SOCIAL THEORY. A Oboupino of Social Facts and Prikciplbs. By 
John Bascom, TrotBaxjit of Political Economy and Pdlitical Sdenoe, 
Williams College. 7s. Net. 

of Sodology in Syracuse Univeraity. 7s. Net. 

MENT IN IOWA. By FsANX H. Dixon, Ph.D., Assistant in Pditioal 
Economy, Univ^sity of Michigan. 7s. Net 

SOUTHERN SIDELIGHTS : A Fictubb of Social and Economic Lifb ik 
THB South Dubino a Gwxbation Bsfobb thb Wab. By Edwabd 
Inolx, B.A. 7s. Net. 

Ph.D. 7s. Net. 

STATES. By Chablxs B. Sparb, FhJ). 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Soper royal 8?o., 84 iUutrmtioiLi by tibe author, doth, 0«. net. 

TU Timet :—" ' Books and their Neighbours * is a prettily-illustrated voltune 
of pleasant gossip about Rooks by a writer who, while Tnaking no 
pretenoe to be sdentific, has kept his eyes open, and has observed with 
eaie and sympathy the manners and customs of his rookery." 

Land and Water :— ** Mr. Sowerby is obviously a careful and patient observer, 
and has a pleasantly .humorous way of recording his ixopreesions.*' 

Tike Scotsman :—^ Mr. Sowerby knows his rooks. He has watched them day 
and night, and summer and winter. . . . The volume will yield, 
aloaig with much amusement, not a little information. It is seasoned 
throughout, and mth good taste, with the author's pleasant wit.'* 

MODERN MECHANISM. Exhibiting the latest Progress in 
Maehines, Motors, and the Transmission of Power. Edited by Park 
BwUanUllt LL.B.t Ph.D.v JSditar of **AppUtons' Cyelopoedia 0/ Applied 
Mechanics** Boyal 8vo., pp. 926, 60 full-page plates and about 1600 cuts, 
oloth extra, published by MsoMillan & Co. at 80s. net., only a few oopies 
remain, ptiee 16s. net. 

Jbtarc:— '*Itis only just to congratulate the editor on the completion of a 
work which most prove useful to many, and which should find a plaoe 
in all technical libxaries.** 

EUuHeUg :— **The artides are quite up to date, and fully illustrated, and we 
think the book should prove useful to a large circle of readers. We 
would especially commend the portions devoted to dynamos, motors 
and the electrical transmission of power." 

Snfineer:—**AB a record of what has been done, and a careful digest of all the 
more important considerations which underlie, or principles whieh have 
guided these modem accomplishments, this will be found a valuable 
book of reference." 

Jiaehinertf : — ''A more admirably compiled or more carefully edited pnbUoatioKi 
than ^Modern Mechanism' has not been issued witbin our recollection." 

EUttrical Review :— **One of the most important and useful of its kind hitherto 
published. . . . Taking the work altogether, it would be difficult 
to prsise it too highly ; it should prove a marked success." 

KENNEL SECRETS. How. to Breed, Exhibit, and Manage 

Dogs. By "Ashmont.** One Volume 4to., pp. S62, 28 portraits of 
owners, 146 portraits of celebrated dogs. Beautifully printed on plate paper 
and handsomely boimd, price 16s. net. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



NO HEROES. By Blanehe WUlls Howard. Author o« 

•« A Battle and a Boy." '• Oneon," <* Oi&e Snmmar,** eto., ato. Imperial 
Ifimo.i illustzated, cloth extra, 28. 6d. 

Sprnktr:—** Then is a oartain artleai limplictty, aa well aa xaal abOitf about 
'NoHeroM*— astoryof the plnok and todaed, oaaelflah devotion of a 

J^Mitka^ Otre«2ar:-"Bard7 indeed is it that ohildzen'astariai fan into tba 
roTiewer*! handa 80 marked with freahneea, liveUneas, hmnoiir, 
pathos, and clever character-drawing." 


Tales. By Mrs. Frank May. Impl. i8mo., 17 niustrations by the 
Author, nandsomely bound in berelled doth, with attractive aide design, 

lisMt :— ** They are highly romantic." 

JACK'S PARTNER, and other Stories. By Stephen Fiske. 

With Introduction by Josbph Hattom. Crown 8to., bevelled oloth, gQt 

Aih«iu9um:—**Vx, Joseph Hatton's brief introductory aoooont of the antlior 
suggests the idea that In Mr. Flske we have the George Sims 
of America, a suggestion which is confirmed byaperusalof hisbook.'* 

ITorM:— ** Vivid, gmphic, and humourous. . . . They are aQ otover.'* 

FaU MM ffoMtta:— " A ooUection of pretty bright storiea." 

Seofman :— « Admirably told.'* 

THOUGHTS OF BUST GIRLS. Written by a group of girls 
who have little time for study, and yet who find much time fbr 
thinking. Edited by Grace H. Dodge. 34mo., bevelled dotii, la. 6d. 

HELEN BRENT, H.D. A Soelal Study. 24mo., bevelled 
doth. Is. 0d* 

Literary World :— "This is a study of American life, in v^iich the author with 
the courage bred by Ibsenism, attacks a great social evil. ... Bia 
delicately and well handled." 

HTHNS FOR PRIVATE USE. Collected by Rev. H. C. 
Shuttleworth, Vicar of St. Nicholas Cole-Abbey. 32mo., doCfa, 
Is. Bet 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




HardlDff D«VlB»Aiithor of *<0alk«her;* "Van Bibb«»"fte. Grown 
8to.v 68 ohannfiig fllvatratioiu, doth gilt* 68. 

OiaU ^—^ A book of tnrel of move than ordinary intereat and Talne.** 

DaUf Niami—'^Be ia a Itnif, gooriping oompamon, and his obeenratlons and 
acipertenceB an foU of entertaining glimpaee of Oriental life." 

QUmgoto fftrmid >-** Yivaflioaa and pleasant reading." 

Bookman >-^*]lfr. Harding Davia ia a channing writer, and in deseribing eren 
haekneyed plaoea and things he is rery readable. Theee papers on 
CHfaraltar, Tsngier, CSsJro, Athens, and Constantinople are pleasanter 
than most travel records. English readers will find the chapter on 
•«Hie Thgliahman in Egypt" of special interest to them, and the 
jwlgmfflit fff an impartial Amffrimn In nnt tn bft flisTnimffd as Talneless." 


Hlmhelwood. Seoood Edition. Grown 8vo. , printed on hand-made paper 
aftliie CUswiek Frees, tastefolly bound, 6s. net. 

SeslssMai :— ** Iboiiglk they are by no meana an imitation, these poems have 
omoh in common with the work of Hr. Swinburne. . . . They reveal 
a power whidi promiMs better things." 

Mmdkealtr JBmmbun—^ Besides the striking originality and suggestiyeness 
off hia Tersestthcy are remarkably rhythmical. They hare the.tme 
poetic ring, and show that he has great command over metre." 

THE AMERICAN SIBERIA: or, Fourteen Tears' Expe- 
rlMiae In & Soathem Conviet Camp. By J. C. Powell. Grown 
8V0., Ofaisteated, dotti. Si. 6d. 

Dtdlf TVbynyA:—** Decidedly inte rs sUi ig . . . Ifany exciting pagea." 
Sp€etatori—**Wm espsrienoes are full of interesting and often fascinating 

Mamekultr (7<9iiriir:—'* A strong and engroaring story." 

ALDRICH'S POEMS* A New and Complete Library Edition. 
Demy 8ro., fine engraTed portrait and illustrations, cloth extnif Ss. 

j^Dap — •• 71m fnoefc attraottTe of living American Poe^." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



POEMS OF LOVE AND LIFE. By 6. Colmove. Fcap. 8vo., 

Title page by Bel wyn Ima^e, neatly bound in ati doth, gilt top, te. 9A. net. 

2%n««: —"Another small volume of merit is Posua op Lovk and Lifr. Many 
of the poems have the genuine ring, while the tragic monologne called 
*Ih a cell '—the story of a woman condemned for child murder— has 
the nmplioity of true tragedy." 

«8l0olMM» :—'* Their formal aooompliiihment 18 ooniiidezable. . . . Written 
with tenderness of feeling and grace of speech." 

St. Jame^ Oazetts:—** For poignancy of sorrow, strong and beautiful thought, 
and musically rhythmic verse, these Pokms qv Lovk amo Lifs sur- 
pass any of the ' minor poetry ' published of late years. For its sheer 
passion of grief, finely expressed, this little volume will be a reva- 
latian to lovers of good veme." 

Idwrpool Am^:- ** A pretty little volume. . . . contains muoh indicating 
the true poetic spirit, and not a little displaying good workmanship. 
The reputation of Hood or Bret Harte would not have rolfered had 
these few verves borne either of tbeir signatures. . . . the more 
one reads of Mrs. Gohnore'a work the better and richer it i 

WITH THE TIDE, and other Poems. By Eleanor Foster. 

Foap. 8vo.. neatly bound, 2s. 6d. net. 

SeeUman :-«'*Have all the quality of the words of the beat Italian Songa^ 
they sound very sweet, and run very smoothly.** 

Mdhodim SnisMs:— "Those who procure it on our recommendation may be of 
two nlwBSM -first, those who have comparatively little taste or appre- 
ciation of poetry. They may find such taste and appreoif*.tion developed 
in them bv the reading of these poems. By those of another order of 
mind-students and lovers of true poetry, thera poems will, if wa 
mitftake not, be hailed as a genuine revelation. Tnis writer has Uie 
true poetic spirit, and is able to give her thoughts adequate and 
foroefulexnreMion. . . . In the massacre of these innocents which 
the critics must ruthlessly perpetrate Mias Foster perisheth not. Her 
work will stand the test and will abide." 

Jriak JfoiUMy :— *' The whole book is full of beautiful and holy thoughts 
expressed with unfailing metrical skill and with delicate grace and 

//iverpool Jtfereury :— "Those who love Kweet and tender poetry are counselled 

to buy this charming little volume. "^ ' "" 

good and show much poetioal skill.' 

CAPTIVE MEMORIES: Commemorative Verses for Anniveisary 
Days and Presentation Occasions. By James Terry White. Small 
4to., charmingly illustrated, and handsomely bound, price Ifis. 

A presentation volume suitable for any occasion. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



WritUn by John Fiske, Cart Sehurz, William B. Russell, 
Daniel C. Gllman, William Walter Phelps, Robert C. Winthrop, 
George Bancroft, John Hay, and others. Edited by John 
James Wilson. Larg«8yo. Ulurtnted with S3 beanttfnl steel enftra- 
vingt and orer 100 fftcsimilw of autograph letten, poctauts and Tieim in 
IfattaKt. Caoth, gilt top, iai.6d. net 

TSm$$.—" An EngUah reader who is provided with this book and Mr. Goldwin 
8ndth*s 'Political Sketch ' together with a good series of bistorioal 
maps, wHl hardly want more to enable him to vndentand in outline 
the hlkory of the United States." 


■• Field. Crown 6vo., pp. 496, portnit and woodcuts, eloth, gflt top, 
7a. 6d. 

SlsMt:— ** The Stobt ov tub Atlastio Tblxobaph, by Henry M. Fidd is at 
onoe the reooid of one of the greatest of modem international enter- 
prises and the associated biography of the man whose name it should 
render immortal.'* 


Deciphered. By Orville W. Owen, H.D. Vols. L end n. out Royal 
8?o., doth, 10s. 6d. net. each. 


Washington.** Small 4to., printed on hand-made paper, tastefully 
bound, 9b. 6d. 

CoyrairTS.— Introductory— Eiplanat oiy On Gsntlemen— Jealousy— 
Humility-On Anoestry— Mother's Musie— On Bores— CouTsna- 
tion— On PoUtenesa, or Qiinsse Parties— Rtftnsrs I haTehad -On 

AwCMMsi.— ** Will be read with interest." 

Mtuieketier Ouardian.—**Th9Be 'Befleetions* are moi« restful than Problem 

Bloirraphleal Sketehes of Amerloan Authors bom previous to 
1826. By F. H. Underwood. Firtt Series. Crown 8vo., oloth, gUt 

Am :->< Of great Tilue to the English reader and the Ei^lish joamalisf* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Grown 8vo., pp. 840, doth, gilt top, 7b. 6d. Sictmd £(UtioH, 

l%mts:—**Wa hook ia at onoe an historical defence of the Jews and the part 
that they hare played in ESuropean dvUixatian.'* 

JewUk Chronicle : — ** As Jewis, we nuut be grateful to the author for hJa sym- 
pathetic tone, his brare attacks on anti-Semitism, and for the indmr 
and perseYeranoe with which he has worked out his sobjeot." 

Morning Po»tt—"X powerful vindication of tiie Jewish race." 

SPERRT STORIES. 241x10., paper wrapper, is. 

A collection of short stories which appeared in ** The Idler," ** To-Day," ete. 


Editor of New York ** Puek.** Crown 8to., doth gilt, 5a. 
Mommg I^ttt :— *' By turns pathetic, keenly observant, and tenderly imaginft- 

tive. Mr. JBonner is a profldent m the ait of wiiting short stories." 

A DOUBLE LIFE. By Ella Wheeler Wileox. Author of 

'Poems of Passion" and "Poems of Pleauixe," etc Okawn 8vo., 
cloth, 2e. 

Glasgow Herald :— •* A short story of excellent moral The diaiaoten 

axe strongly drawn, and most of them are deddedly interesting." 

A HISTORY OF PERU. By Clements R. Harkham. 

Demy 8vo., 86 full-page illustrations and 5 maps, doth gilt, lOs. 0d. 

AtMeiiaum :— ** Few people possess better qualifications than Hr. Markham for 

wiiting a History of Fttn We congratulate Mr. Harkhaaa 

upon his excdlent Sketdies of the better dass of sodety in Peru, its 
soenery and its antiquities. There is a swing and a dash about his 
style which impresses th i reader and bears him inesistably along." 

A HISTORY OF CHILL By Anson Uriel Hancoek. Demy 

8vo., 9 illustrations and 8 maps, doth gilt, lOs. 6d. 

Saturday Review : — " Mr. Hfmoock daims to have given for the first time in 

English a complete account of Chili We may congratulate 

him on having achieved his design. . . . Mr. Hanoook's virtves 
are those of the painstaking chroniotor. And he has those vutuea U 
full qusntity." 

BouA Aneriean Journal:— "We have nothing but commendation for 
Mr. Hancock's ** History of ChilL". . . The story is brought down 
tothoendof latt." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

GAV and bird's PUBLICATtONS 


GYMNASTICS. A Text-Book of the German-American System 
of GymBasdcs. 8p<»cially adapted to the use of Teaohen and Papile in 
Public and PriTate SchoolK aud OymnasiumB. By W. A. Steoher. 
Small 4to.f pp. 862. with aoo illustiationr, rlot^ gilt, 12b. 6d. net 

THE EARTH AND ITS STORY; a First Book of Geology. 

By ppof. A. Heilprin. Crown 8vo.. 64 plates, oloth, 6e. net. 

It ii rich in iUiiKtration, and diffcn from the ordinary book in tiiis reR>eet,tiiat 
the illustnitiona nre all reproductions from photographs taken in the field, thus 
making it true to nature. 

AolMTfl :— " This is a most attractiTe little book of eeology. It presents rvr 
oletfly the ffienerul facts ooneemin|r the formation, strueture and 
deyelopement of theearth ; and notwithstanding its popular character, 
it contains a large amount of the more detailed information required 
by the student of the subject. . . . The volume is most liberally 
illustrated, and the illustrations posseas the immense adrantage of 
being reproductions from photographs. There are sixty-four full- 
page plates, most of them containing two pictures, and all of them 
eotmbiting striking objects or phenomena. We do not know of a 
better illustrated introductorr text-book of geology than the one which 
Fkof. Heilprin has giren us." 

Ghf9w Herald :~ " A very ezceUent little book. . . . If we had to dhooee 
any limnly written work for an elementary class in geology, and a 
work which should at once be thoroughly reliable in character, we 
should haye hesitation in selecting Professor Heilprin*s little Tolnme." 

Bssoar:— "Have you anyone at home who wishes to obtain, in a pleasant 
msnner, a thorough grounding in geology, and to understand, to some 
extent at least, the work of ages, which has built up huge mountains 
or levelled them to the plainsf If so, pKoome Heinrin's *The Earth 
and its Story ' which is the best book of its kind at a popular price 

that we have hitherto come across As a rule, geological 

works are dry in the extreme; this is just the reverse." 

8ckoolma$UT ^-"It is oarefuUy written and interesting." 

THE POWER OF SILENCE. An Interpretation of Life in its 
Belation to Health and Happfaiess. By Horatio W. DreSMP. Grown 
8to., pp. S20, 7s. 6d. 

OoMTKMTS.— The Immanent God— The World of ManUestation-t^ 
Life in Mind— The Meaning of Bufloring— Adjustaneat to Laie— 
Poise— Self-help. 

THE PERFECT WHOLE. An Essay on the Conduct and Meaning 
of Life. By HoratIO W. Dressep. Grofwn Svo.. pp. «4, tAxMx, 7». 6d. 

CoiiTaKT8.-Experience-A Study of B^7consaounw»-^«^?g^ 
Belief inaSiritualKeaUty-Myi^ci«m--totuitloa— inM» m^ 

and Evil— The Ethical Life— The Btemal Now- 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


BACON ▼. SHAKSPERE. By Edwin Reed. Demy 8to., 

fflOBtnted, oLoUi gilt, lOi. 6d. net. 

No one oui read tUs book wifhont poMeadng taJmaelf of ereiy important 
point involyed in the controyecsy, u the oontiOTerajr now stands* 

STRIA FROM THE SADDLE. By Albert Payson Terbune. 

Crown 8to.| pp. 318, 80 illnstntionB, cloth gilt, 7s. 6d. 
A yery interesting Tolame of tnivel with illustrationa taken on the spot. 


To be completed in Twelve Boyal 8vo., volomes, tftrongly and well boand 
in half Ikuda. Each volume will have over 1000 portraits. Price Two 
Quineas per volnme. 

*«* Single Tolumes not sold separately. Volnmes L-YL pabliahed. Detailed 
Frospeotos post free upon implication. 

The Katioital Ctclopjioia of Ambuoaw fiiooaAPBY is a oom pw he n aiTe 
history of the United States iUnstrated in the byes of its projectors, founders, 
defenders, governmental administrations and institutions, and aims to ezfln^lify 
and perpetuate Amftriflan civilization through its chief penonalitiea. 

Itisaoampaaianworktothe'*DifitioDaryof National Biograpliy*' and ahoold 
ihid aplaoe in all BefiBNmoe I/braiies. 

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. By John Flske. Illustrated 

Edition. Two Volumes, demy 8vo. Containing 22 photogravures of 
portraits and paintings, 15 coloured maps axkd plates, and 280 text oote 
and maps. 82s. net 

Labob PAPsa Editiow, limited to 260 oopies, Two Volumes, large 8vo, £8 12B.n0L 

To supplement Mr. Vlske's admirable descriptions, and give completeness bo 
his masterly account of the causes and oourae of the American Bevolution, these 
volumes have been profusely illmitrated with portraits, mapa, plans of battles, 
pictures of historic buildings and scenes, medalv, facshniles of importantdoeumenta, 
etc. llices have been piocnred after oarsful and and extended seaieh, and in thedr 
wide variety and great number, as well as their authentic oharMter, they foim a 
very importent addition to the value and interest of the woi^. The photogravorai 
are not cheap reprodnotifliM, bntiuperb works of art. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Binii>iiro cmsTRUCTiMf and SWERINTWDUKS. By 

F. B. Ktdder, C.E., Avfihor of "Tha Anhiteoto* and Bnildenif Fooket 
Book." FiBurt L— MAaoHB' Woes. Laxg« 8vo., S60 illnstnitionfl, doth, aOi. 

\* Th*iP0vkirIIlWMinpl«toiii11iVM Fttrti. Put H., oa Ziinbar, Vood* 
woric, Booliag, FnUiitiag, «to^ i« in th* p w , and Burt HL, on Mmrf Framing 
lor WanhooMi, Pactoriai, Boofi, ete., Is in preparation. 

n^ ArehiiMi >-*< An Amockan stodent has, wittt Bogh a goide, an advantage 
OTBT the l^glhih afaidant, forwehaTeno book whiehfomieoooaipateiit 
anintvodnotion to the pnetaoe of the most important part of buildiiw 
eonetraction. It would be an exoellent exeroiee for an English student 
to eompane eawftiBy thec on ts n tiof Mr. Kidder's book with one of the 
titiatieee on boilding with wiiich he is acquainted; the knowledge 
iKfaMd mo M Lmf m than oomvanaate far the tronble." 

Tie BaiUte^ JTsM >-*«nw wiork to a vahmUe handbook of the mateiials and 
metttodi adiyted in nodsm building eonstniction/ * 


Floyd IhiVit, M^e.* Ph.D., Profemrof General and Applied Chem- 
istry in Drake UnirBiHity ; CSiemiat of Iowa Board of Health, etc. Crown 
8f0., oloOi, 6a. 


■.A., Director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and 
Profewnr of Agrionltore in Batgets College, New Brunswick, N. J. Crown 
gvo., pp. SIS, doth, 48. 6d. 

"The purpose of this book," in the words of the author, "to to state in logical 
aider the elementary principica of soieiitiflo agrioolture, and show the relatiun of 
ttoase setootiito faeto to fkrm praotios." 


Popular Sdition. Demy 8to., doth, Os. 
DmBf Okrtmiek : -** A moat remarkable book." 
aooUmam :— ** Is reminisoent of * Carlyle's IVenoh Bevolution.'* 
AsiMP 0/ .BwiMM :~" He writes with a briUJaacy that no other Ameitoaa who 

tnato of eeonomto subjeots, not even Heniy Geoige can surpass or 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



PROTESTANTISM. A Study in the Direction of Religions Truth 
and Cbrirtiaa Unitf. By Edward P. Usher. Otown 8?o., cloth, 7a. 6d. 


Wingatd. Ciowii 8vo., with 80 full-page ilhuBtntlonfl, doth gilt, gilt 
top, Ite. 

Thesotfaac^B " Shakespeare's Heroines on the Stage" haTing met with mflh 
meeess hi America, the present ydlnme will undoubtedly find many lorers of 
Shakespeare and his playecs anxiously waiting for the pro ee n t volume. 

N3. Copies of "The Heroinas" can be had at the same prioa. 

GIVING AND GETTING CREDIT. A Book for Business Men. 
By F. B. Goddard. Grown 8to^ dotl^ lb. Od. 

ETIDORHPA : Or, The End of Earth. By John Url Lloyd. 

Large 8vo.. 61 remarkable iUustrations, many full-page, doth gilt, lOs. nek 
An Occult story of remarkable power. 

Sm HENBY IfiYING teritea :— 

My Dear Sir t-^Let me thank you most heartily for sending me the special 
oopy of your wonderful book ' Etidorhpa* which I shall eyer value. I may say 
that when by chance I found it in Cincinnati I read it with the greatest interest 
and pleasure and was so struck by it that I have sent copiee to sereral friends of 
mine here and at home. I hope I may haye the pleasure of meeting you some 
day either here or in London. 

THE KING'S BABY. By E. H. Rutherford. Imperial i6mo., 

Blustmted Title^ Initials and TttH-^^efw, doth gilt, fls. 6d. 

PiiU MaU Gasetu :— <* A faiiy story of the good old kind, written for yery UtOe 
ones, for whom its simplidty and its beaatifol thoughts render it most 

Sp^ator: -*' Let it be said to the credit of Ifiss Rutherford that die has 
produced a story which is at once modem and old*fadiioned in the 
best sense.*' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


THB WORLD BEAUTIFUL. By Lilian Whiting. Second 

Edition. Foap. 8to., bucknun, gilt top, 8s. 6d. 

Ber. Dr. Joev Cufvobd, ICA., in a letter to the PabUsherB tayg :— " I wish to 
caLpi eei my dnoere and lieuty thanks for the book entitled *The Worid 
Beantifal.' It is a deUgbt and an inspiiation to make its aoqoaintanoe. 
It is a dear and musical echo of the tranaoendentalism of Emeison 
and of the broad and uplifting Christianity of Phillips Brooks. No 
one oan read it without pleasure or linger over its pelludd sentences, 
without advantage. Faiih in progress and hope of the final victory of 
goodness and of Qod will find here their fitting nourishment and the 
flisnasfi of pessimisni its ooxe. It is full of rebuke of our weaknesses 
and vices, but the rebukes axe so pleasingly administered that one is 
Boollied sad not irritated, quickened and not depressed. It ennobles 
and enlarges life; for its appeal is always to the highest motives and 
with persuasive chaim." 

f%t JKns A^ :— ** In a simple literuy style the author treats of subjeots wUch 
have fdr us always an indefinable charm.*' 

TANTT. By Irene Osgood. 

rtist» BaanrALD Vxcbmll. B.B JL, has himself entered into the spfarit 
ms and made his part of the work a labour of love. He has shown great 
Baving the text or the poems into his thirty-two drawings. 

Bash Dlustiation is a perfect work of art, measuring 7 in. X 6| in., and is 
printed upon the best BoyalArt Tinted Boards, size, 10 in. X 8 in. 

ThaBinding is very handso m e. Padded Art linen, with Side Design, andBozed. 

Th0 Book is parfumed with Hose nersnimn Powder, specially imported from 


Editioii United to SBC Coptes at One Giiinea net, and 18 Copies on VeUnm at 

J ^ s n l fa yi»i<^^" Mr. Madiea has made every page of this dainty vohune a 
work of art by his clever and sympathetic rendenngs of the author's 
thoughts. . . . The deoorative manner in which these vetses are 
placed on the pages, and the fanciful and sometimes forcible designs 
that illustrate them, greatly enhance the pleasure of their pemsaL 
Bach complete accord between artist snd author rsnden tM work 
peouliaily soecsssful.'* 

L$mi mnd Water:—** Galls for high praise. . . They (the plates) have been 
reproduced in a manner whioh proves lunr delicate and refined *pwmBt 
work * may be in good hands," 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Pratt Judson, LL.D., Professor of Political Sdenoe in the Univenity of 
Chioago. Crown 8T0.,pp. 869, %dtli71Illiistratioiu and ao Maps. Cloth, 6*. 
The cheapest and most oompaot history of the United States. 


Pratt Judson, L.LD. Crown 8vo., pp. 348, with 70 Blustiations and 
16 Maps, doth, as. 


Starr, Professor in the Univenity of Chiflago. down Svo., pp. 806, 
with 8i Illustrations from Fhotogzaphs, fto. Oothtds. 

THINKING, FEELING, DOING. By E. W. Scripture, Ph.D. 

Director of the Psychological Laboratory, Tale Uniyendty. Crown 8fo., 
pp. 804, with 101 Dlostrations. Cloth, 6i. 


Carroll D. Wright, LL.D., U.S. Commissioner of Labor. Grown 8vOn 
pp. 862j with 48 lUustxations and 86 Maps and Diagnuns. Cloth te. 


Be6rs, Professor of English Literature in Yale University. Orowa Sro., 
pp. 291, with 8 Portraits. Ooth, 6s. 

THE EARTH FOR A DOLLAR : or, a Romance of the Kinfir 

of Wall Street. By RufUs Randell (Roof Roofer.) Crown 8to., 
doth gat, es. 

Mornmg A»«e:— *' Well caleolated to make the scales fUl from the oyes that 
have been hitherto wilfully blind." 


By B. T. D. Chambers. With an Introduction by lieot-CoL A. 0. 
P.Haggud. 6to., illustrated, eloth gilt, 10s. 

MR. BONAPARTE OF CORSICA. By John Kendrick Bangs. 

Small crown Sro., illustrated, doth, 6s. net. 
▲ hWDMOttiakit, with deiyviUiQstmtions on nearly erety page. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 





TECTURB. By T. S. Robertson. Crown 8vo., 28 pUUs and 39 text 
iilostntions by the Author, printed by Gonetable on miper-oalendered 

\ and tastefully bound, 6e. A Ijuge Paper Edition (limited to SOO), 

1 in Art Canvas at lOs. 6d. net. 

Thie work is the labour of love of an arohiteot of oyer 40 years experience and 
is intended to be to the large and rapidly increasing number of those who 
deiiie to realise the ideal of beauty as it is expressed in Gothic architecture. 

It is illustrated by sketches from churches of all the periods of English 
arehiteetuie, which begining at the Norman Conquest, ended in the reign of 
Henry ym. 

J^0<«iiMii:—*' Its brevity and conciseness, and the appropriately architectural 
arrangement of its material, make the book a useful and desirable 

7%c Church TirnM says :— ** The author very sncoessf ully we think, and with a 
sparing use of technical terms, traces in these pages the development 

of ecclesiastical art in its English phrase The illustrations, 

which are beantif ullf executed, are happily chosen. Altogether the 
volume is a dainty little handbook for the use of those who defldre to 
obtain a clear and consecutive idea of the evolution of the styles in 
which our own glorious churches have been reared." 

THE STORY OF THE COWBOT. By E, Hough. Crown 8vo., 

fflostnited, doth. 6s., 

tialmkg Gatetu :—** Of Mr. E. Hough's < Story a/ the Cowboy ' I think it would 
be difficult to speak too highly. I confess the title did not attract me 
particularly, but, when I saw who it was written by, I felt that if 
there wa* anything worth saying on the subject Mr. Hough would 
say it. But the very first page of the editor's preface —for wis is one 
of Th* Story of <A« Wft Serirs, edited by Mr. Bipley Hitchcock- 
makes one feel that one's conventional ideas about tne Cowboy are, as 
Mr. Hitchcock says,* illusions.' .... This is not a bare record, 
not a summary of industrial resnlts, but a living picture of a tjrpe 
often heroic, and alwajii invested with an individual interest, and it 
is a picture which also brings before us the sweep and majesty and splen- 
did atmosphere of the plains. . . With the Cowboy as with the 
Indian, it is essential to disabuse onrselyes of illusions. . . . The 
American Cowboy is the most gallant modem representative of a 
human industry second to few in antiquity. ... It is always a 
pleasant thing to come across a writer who has a good subjeoL knows 
it thoroughly, and can put what he has to say so well that the mere 
reading of bis words is an enjoyment. There are passages in The 
* Story of the Cowboy,* and not a few of them, whicl^ in my humble 
opinion, are equal to any similar desoriptive work in tne langoage." 

Mportemam :— '* The average Cockney has a laxy idea that Cowboys went out 
with Buffalo Bill, and were invented for the amusement of Earl's 
Court Exhibition visitors. * The Story of the Cowboy ' tallies not with 
these imaginings. On first picking up the solid book, the thought was 
that the stonr must have been told in too great detail, and therefore 
prosity. It is not, by any means. A more fasrinating volume the 
general reader will rarely come across, while the horseman and the 
lover of a strange, strenuoos, and manly life must delight in the 

power and vigour of that here so delightfuly deecribed 

*The Story o/the Cowboy ' has been told once and for all in these pages. 

«y' has been told ono 
done, nor as well we 

It eooldnot be better done, nor as well we beliere.' 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 




Catherwood. Crown 8vo., frontispieoe, dotb, gilt, 6b. 

Written espttdallj for girls, with whom it will sure to become a favoniite. 

Seottman :— **The author has prepared herself for the work, as she tells us, 
and as indeed appears in every page, not only by study of the 
historical material available, but by going over uie whole ground of 
the Pucelle's pilgrimage, from her first call td pass from * Uie march 
of Lorraine tu tne land of France ' till her maityrdom. She has thus 
secured, along with a large measure of historical accuracy, local 
colour and a true taste of the peasant life and character of France. 

The touch of penetrative understanding of and sympathy 

with the spirit and mission of the heroine is the chief and best thinff 
of the tale." 

MOROCCO: Its People and Places. By Edmondo De 

Amieis. 2 vols., post 8vo., GO beautiful photogmvores, richly bound in 
Moorish style and boxed, price 21s. net. 

NATURE'S DIARY. Compiled by FrancislH. Allen. With 

8 full-page illustrations. Crown 8vo., tastefully bound, As. 

This is a new and delightful kind of year-book. It comprises quotable 
sentences for everyday in the year from the writings of Tboreau, Bunoughs, 
Lowell, Emerbon, Whittier, and many others. 

The County Gentleman say $:—*^ThiAiB a charming little volume, and a more 
appropriate gift for Nature's devotees it would be hard to And.*' 


Ayrault Dodge. Popular Edition. Crown 6vo., iUustiated, eloth, 

price 6b. net. 
This is the best (and unbiased) shorthistory of the American Civil War. 
The events on both sides are most fairly described with the view to making a work 
suitable to the public schools and the g^eneral public. The 6 maps and 41 plans 
are a very importuit feature of this edition. There is also a useful index. 

EVANGELINE. By Henry W. Longfellow. With introduction 

by Miss Alice M. Longfellow. 8vo., with 10 chanmng full-page 
iliustrations, and several initials in colour by Pupils of Howard Py le. 
Handsomely bound in Art Canvas, with gilt side design, lOs. 6d. net. 

A most beautiful gift book, the text and coloured illustrations are speoi- 
of the best work of America. The * ' get-up * ' is worthy of the poem. 

Times i—^* A very enticing edition." 

VARIA. By Agnes Repplier. Crown 8vo., cloth, gilt top, 5& 

Agnes ReppUtr is acknowledged as one of the most graceful and wittiat 
essayists of America. Since her first volume '* Points of View " each new volume 
has been impatiently waited for, and has added to her popularity, both ia 
"Rngland and America. 

Sooteman : — ** A most attractive volume.*' 

Olasgow Herald:—** The Authoress shows sound judgment, an agreeable 
vein of wit and fancy, a very competent literaiy culture, and a | 
ful and unpretentious style.'' 

Literatuiv :—** Miss fiepplier's work is well informed and entertaining ' ' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



By Frederfo W. Wtnes and John W. Koren. An inv^tigation 
nMde under the direction of Charlu W. Eliot, Sktm Low, and 
J AiiM C. Cartkb, Sttb-Oommittee of the Conunittee of Fifty to inveetigate 
the Liquor Problem. With maps. 1 vol. Crown Svo.* cloth, fie. net. 

This book contains the result of perhaps the mosc remarkable investigation 
of the kind ever made in the United States. A committee of fifty prominent men, 
representing all the professions and almost every dignified calling in life, seven! 
j«arB ago oiganised themselves into a body to investigate the Liquor Pioblem. 

Tk0 TmtM :— *' In 1898 a committee of 60 gentlemen was voluntarilv formed in 
New York for the purpose of investigating the liquor problem in the 
United States. The members represent 18 different States, and to 
judge from those names which are known on this side of the Atlantic 
they constitute a body whose deliberations are entitled to a high 
denee of respect for impanialitv and ability. Its character will be 
sufflciently indicated by mentioning Bishop £. G. Andrews, Dr. J. 8. 
BUiings, Mr. Seth Low, the Hon. Carroll D. Wright, and Mr. Charles 
Dudley Warner. The full-committee appointed four sub-committees 
to investigate resnectively tiie j^ysiolo^cal, the levisla^ve, the 
economic, and the etnical aspects of the question. The present volume is 
the first published result oi their Ubours. It is issued under the 
auOiority of the whole committee, and the introduction, which 
summanxes the oonolusions reached, is signed by the sub-committee 
—namely, Messrs. Charles W. Eliot, Seth Low, and James C. Carter. 
The bouY of the book consists of detailed reports on the liquor legis- 
lation ox Maine, Iowa, South Carolina, Massachusetts. Pennsylvania, 
Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, compiled by Dr. F. H. Wines, and Mr. 
John Koren, who are both well-known as experienced and hnpanial 
investigaton of the subject.'* 

'* It can besafely recommended as a cateful and unbiased study of a 
subject on which authoritative information has long been wanting. 
Its appearance is opportune at the present time, when our own liquor 
laws are nndergomg investigation, and it should afford valuable 
assistance to the Boj«l Commission when that body comes to deal 
with suggestions for fresh lei^ulAtion. Of course the conditions differ 
materially m diSeteat countries, but the social habits and temper of 
the people in America resemble our own sufficiently to permit some 
broad lessons to be drawn from their experiences. The syston of 
local govermnent in the United States has made it possible to try the 
most varied experiments in liquor legislation ih different parts of the 
country. The eight States dealt with in this volume furnish speci- 
mens of absolute prohibition, local veto, local option, State dispensing, 
high licensing, simple taxation, and what not In short, th^ offer 
for our instruction a perfect museum of experiments. Ttom. the 
English point of view the chief lessons to be drawn from it are, the 
ifmj of attempting the forcible suppression of the traffic, and the 

danger of making liquor legislation a question of party politics. The 
one leads to an illicit trade worse than the original, to police oonnp- 
tion, bribery, and pexjury ; the other to * a full blown hvpocrisy,' the 
degeneration of public life, and the demoralisatioii of uie electorate. 
Of these truths abundant proof is afforded.*' 


1789. By John Fiske. Dlustrated Edition, with about 170 illus- 
tntaoDB, oompriainff PortraitB, Maps, Fitcsimilea, Contemporary Views, 
Prints and otner Historical material. Large 8vo. , doth gilt, 16b. net 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Author of ** Ths Slor^ of ChruHne BocheforiJ* Crown 8to., doth gilt» 6s. 

The aoenefl of this channiiu( itory are laid in the United States at the time of 
the CiTil War* the South of France during the Season, a beautiful old Estate in 
I^ance, and Paris during the Seige. 

The irorU:— **ThiB novel deflerres to be described as beautiful from the 
literary, the romantio, and the actual point of view. The st^le is pure 
and ele^pant; the book m, in fact a contrUmtion to lUeraturet unlike a large 
proportion of the ourrent fiction. ... Is one of the watks of fic- 
tion of the period which deserves to be isolated from the multitu- 
dinous surroundings and to be remembered.'* 

Daily Mail :— " Who would not be attracted br such a title)! The story is 
that of a flne-natured American girl, who at the time of the struggle 
between North and South marries a wealthy elderlv^an, in order 
that she may be provided for in the event of himseu and her father 
being killed in the war. In the widowhood and orphanhood n^di 
soon came upon her the young Sylvia Hantington travels in Europe, 
where the charm of her nation, as well as that of her fortune, makes 
her welcome in good society. A dissipated French count falls in love 
with her gold, and she aooepts him^ thereby becoming the 7Vnwt«tf«infic 
Chatelame, How she suffers at his hands, how she falls in love witti 

another man, and conquers that love are all prettQjr told 

Her stvle is dean, sharp, and prettv. and her story is as vivaoioos and 
charming as its moral u salutary to young women with fottunes to 

THREE WOMEN. By EUiEi Wheeler Wileox. Crown 8vo., 

doth gQt estra, 7s. 6d. 

A most remarkable poem, giving three distinet women's love ideals with 
their ezpoienoes. 

IN SEARCH. OF A SOUL. A Series of Essays In Interpre- 
tation of the Higher Nature of Man. By Horatio W. 

Dresser. Author of " The Power of Silence,** and •* The J^/ect Tf' Aslc." 
Demy 8vo„ doth, gilt top, 78. ed. 

Scottman :—" While moving in regions of abstract thought, the papers are fsr 
from being too vague or abstruse to prove unreadable to men unao- 
customed to phUosophical studies; and they are recommendad by 
Utorary graces not too common in wxitingB of this kind." 

THE HEART OF IT. A Series of Extracts from **The Power 
of saence,** and "The Perf^tt Whtiuy By Horatio W. Dresser. Fcap., 
doth gat, as. 6d. 

This charming collection of wise thoughts and suggestions makes a good 
volume to *' Th^ World Beautiful." 

ALL'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. By Charles B. Neweomb. 

Grown Svo., doth, gilt top, 7s. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



THE CHIEF END OF MAN. By George S. Merrlam. .Author 

9t **Th« Storv of Vaiiamand Lucy Smith," **A Symphony 0/ Ae Spirit," 
«fe. Crown 8yo., 6li. 

Se t i tm tmm in a oolumn notioe, myn :— " There haye been few books iasued in 
our time that ue better fitted to enable anyone to recall the memories 
of the raoe with f acfltty and with the aid of an intelligent mentor, 
.... The book is written in a style worthy of ita subjeet.'* 

Kara BrUiMh Daily MaU :—" He writes ably and beantifoUy, and in his teaeh- 
ing the reader will find much of practioal yalue. " 

CkriMtian World :— " Whateyer dissent there may be from some of its oondn- 
dons, it wiU be impossible for the stuaent, of whateyer school, to 
read this work without realising its moral elevation, its transparent 
honesty, its immense soggestiyeness as well as its delightful literary 


Clarke. Author of '' Ten Great BeHyions,** « Jivery Day Reiiffion," "The 
IdtoM 0/ the ApoetU Paul," '*Sel/ Culture," etc., etc, eto. Clown 8yo., 
pp. 874, doth, gilt top, 6s. net. 
TIm late Dr. darke revised the proofs of this yolnme a few days before 

WALT WHITMAN THE MAN. By Thomas Donaldson. 

Crown 8yo., pp. 278, with new Portrait and two illustrations, and ten inter- 
esting faorinulesv indnding an interesting three page letter from the late 
Lord Tennsrson. Cloth, uncut, 6s. net. 
This volume giyes to the world thirty yean reminisoenoes of Walt Whitman 

the Man eompiled by one of his meet intimate friends. It is an unique book and 

more interssting than a biography. 

CALAMUS. A Series of Letters written during the years 

1 861-1 880. by Walt Whitman to a young fMend (Petop Doyle;. 
Edited, with an ratroduction by Riehard Maurice Bueke M.D.. one 
of Whitman's literary executors. Illustrated by a hitherto unpubUshed 
portrait of Whitman and Doyle, and a faosimile reproduction of one of 
the letters. 12mo., doth, 6s. net. 


Edith C Kenyon. Author of '* The Squire o/Lonadale," etc. Crown 8yo., 
doth gat, es. 

Daay Ckronieie :— ** Deddedly interesting and well told. Some of the minor 

characters are capitally sketoheof.'* 
Netfcattie Courant :— " There are improbabilities in the work, but these are 

almost lost sight of in the skilful management of the plot and the 

brilliancy oftiie writing." 
The Sh^field Tmdepemdant :—** An entertaining noyel, in which bright 

scenes and attiactiye inddents are interspersed with well-diawn 

dutracter-sketching and smart dialogue." 
ManehetUr Courier:— ""SoYtA. readers who oraye for the pathetic, will find it 

well suited to their tastes, and loyers of romance wfll yote it an 

absoiting story." 
Seotewtan:—8o smootlily and swiftly does her narratiye flow on that the 

reader's critical judgement is almost lulled to deep, and he is swept 

on to the end of the story keenly interested an4 charmed by its mer^ 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Adams. Author of **A Handbook of English Authors** etc. 1 vol. , orown 
8to., 12b. 6d. net. 

Mr. Adama's Handbook of AtMrican Authors^ imblishcd some yean ago, 
prored so acceptable a reference book that it passed througrh several editions. 
The mpid growth of American literature necessitated frequent revisions; and 
now Mr. Adams, having made a new book on the same general lines, adding 
vexv largely bot^ to the list of authors and to the books included, offers the public 
a far better reference book than before, properly naming it a JHetionarg , 
of American Authors. Over six thousand authors are embraced in this new 

theHlstory of Civilization. By Kuno Fpaneke, Ph.D., Profeasor 
of German Literature in Harvard University. Second Edition* revised. 
Demy 8vo., cloth, gilt top, 10«. net. 

JOHN ROYSTON. A Sketch during the Civil War in the 

North of England. By W, G. Wrightson. Crown 8vo., cloth, te. 
.^eotoman :—*' Mr. Wrisrhtson has made good use of his material and 
opportunities. Living, as he does.ina hom« on the upper portion of the 
Tees, not far from Rokeby. which Bcott visited and admired, because 
of its hifltoric associations and interesting possessions, he has founded 
on old documents in bis own possession, and the tons of documents 
in the National stores, an historical novel on events in the North of 
England during the Civil War betaera the battle of Newbum in 
1640 and the battle of Marston Moor in 1644." 

THE WESTWARD MOVEMENT. The Colonies and the Republic 

West of the Alleghanies, 1763 1798. With full Cartographical niurtni^ 
tions from Contemporary Sources. By Justin Wlnsor. Large 8vo., 
gilt top, pp. 604, 18s. net. 

The publication of this volume has a painful interest from the recent death of 
Dr. Winsor. It completes the utory begun by him in Onrtier to Frontenac. (1684- 
1700), and continued in " The Mississippi Basin" (1697-1768) illustrating Ameri- 
can History in its Oeoarraphical relations from the time of Columbus to the 
beginnmff of the present Century. The two previous volumes have been 
recognised as important contributions to American History, and the third la of 
Uke value. 

Its narrative covers, so far as it relates to the wentem country, the beginning, 
progress, and suooesflfiil issue of the American revolution, down to the completion 
of the early territorial limiti of theRepublia Thisvolume, Uke its predecessors, isan 
eloquent witness to Dr. Winsor 's tireless research and repository of historic 
material of grreat and permanent value. 

THE A. B. C. OF BEE CULTURE. By A. I. Root. 

62nd thousand, royal 8vo., nuftaerous illustrations, doth, 6s. 
The best book on Bee Culture ever written. 

THE CHEMISTRY OF DAIRYING. An Outline of the Chemical 
and allied changes which take place in milk, and in the manufacture of 
Butter and Cheese : and the rational feeding of Dairy Stock . By Harry 
Snyder, B.S., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Univwrsity of 
Minnesota, and Chemist of the Alumeeota Experiment Station. 8<}uare 
;3mo., cloth, 7s. 6d. net. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




lint Annoal Report of the Gommianoaera. 4to., muiT Plates, of whioh 
16 are exquisitelj Coloured, also Text Illustrations, cloth ^t. Quite out 
ot print, £2 2s. 
Sir HtrbtH Haxwell aaya :— *< No publioatlon occurs to mind containing figures 

of flah so nearly approaching perfection as these. Brery sportsman 

and naturalist shovdd possees'hunself of a copy." 

POEMS. Now First CoUected By Edmund Clarence Stedman. 

Crown 8vo., art cloth, gilt top. 0s. net. 
A handsome vulnme, containing the stately and graceful lyrics written by ICr. 
Stedman in the last twenty years. 

IN BAMBOO LANDS. By K. S. Baxter. SmaU 4to., Maps and 
118 niustrations, beautifully bound in art coTers, gilt, lOs. net. 
A most interesting book of Japanese trayel. 

THE LAND OP THE CASTANET. Spanish Sketches. By H. C. 

Chatfleld Taylor. Crown Syo. . 256 pp. , with 26 Full-page Illustrations, 
doth, gilt top, 5b. 

7¥meff :— " A series of readable little essays on Spain Mr. Chatfleld 

Taylor writes brightly and sensibly.*' 

WALDEN ; or, Life in tlie Woods. By Henry D. Tliorean. 

Two Volumes, crown 8vo., 30 Pull-page^Photogravure Illustrations, very 
tastefully bound in art cloth, richly gilt, 18s. net. 

ESSAYS PROM THE CHAP-BOOK. Fcap 8vo., bound in cloth, 

with a very pretty design in colours, gilt top, deckled edge. Ss. 6d. net 
OoMTKirra.— BoYKSES, H.H. : "Ibsen'sNewPlay.**— Borrouohs, Johw 
"Bits of Criticism.*'— DbKovbk, Mrs- Rboixald : •*Verlaine:a 
Feminine Appreciation."— Earle, Alice Morse : ''Degeneration," 
*' The Pleasures of HistorioTraphv." " The Bureau of Literary 
Revision.*'— Oatss, Lewis £. : " Mr. Meredith and his Aminta." 
— OossE, Edmund : "The Popularity of Poetry."— Gui!iet, Louise 
Imoqek: "Concerning Me and the Metropolis." "Trilby."— 
Hapoood. Norman: ** Modem Laodioea," "The Intellectual 
Burvenu."— HiooiKsox. Thomas Wbntworth: "The School of 
Jingoes."— Jerrodd. Laurence: ''The Uses of Perversity"— 
Mabib^amiltoh Wright : "A Comment on SomeReoent Books,' ' 
" One word More "— Moulton, Louise Chandler : " The Man who 
Dares."- Simpson, Eve Blaktyre: "R. L. 8. Some Edinburgh 
Notes."— Stoddard, Richard Henry : " Mr. Gilbert Parker's 
Sonnets."— Thoxpsov, Maurice: "Is the New Woman Npw?" 
The Return of the Girl," " The Art of Saying Nothing Well." 


Wiffffin. SqtiareSvo., with decorative flexible cover, Ss. net. 
Mrs. Wigtria has always written songs, chiefly for her own amusement, but of 
late her Mendi have begun to sing them and to bsg for their preservation in print. 
Their appearance on several concert progmmmes of the year indicates that they 
have found a public, which will doubtless ineri»ase very rapidly. Mrs. Wiggin has 
set to music lyrics by Herrick, Sill, Miss Mulook, Amelie Rives. Oscar Leivhton. 
Ruth McEnery Stuart, and others. The titles of these are : " The Lover's Story," 
*<MyIJiddie,'^ " Say Fkrewell and Go," " O'er the Moor," "I Know not Why." 
"Lullaby," "To Blectta." "She is so Fair," "Phoebe," and a Plantation 
GhristmasOuol ("DeStarlndeEas' "). 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



POINTS OF VIEW and other Poems. By 0. Colmope. 

Autbor bf "I'demt of Lone and Li/e^''* etc. Feap, olotfa, gUt top, te. 6d. net. 

In a critidBm of *'Poem» of Love and Life" the writer said that the merit 
reaehed was eo hiffh, that it would be impoenble for the author to do such exoellent 
work again^the beauty of some of the poems being reached as it were by a life's 
effort. We however are confident that the present volume, will be received by the 
public with increased enthusiasm, and cause much serious reflection amongst the 
devout and those that like to be thought devout." 


Crown 8vo., cloth gilt, 6s. 

A oolleotion of interesting storiea, giving conadecable local colour, during this 
most interesting period of English history. 

AMERICAN COLONIAL TRACTS. Issued Monthly. 8vo., sewed. 
One Shilling each or post free 12s. per annum. 

These reprints are designed to offer in convenient form, and at a reasonable 
ooet, some of the more valuable Pamphlets relating to the early History of America. 

GONDOLA DATS. By F. Hopkinson Smith. Crown 8vo., 

eleven illustrations by the Author, tastefully bound in cloth, gilt top, 6b. 

BEING A BOY. By Charles Dudley Warner. Crown 8vo. 

26 full page illustrations from photographs by aifton Johnson. Taste^ 
fully bound in art canvas, gilt top, 8s. net. 

INEQUALITY AND PROGRESS. By George Harris, Professor 

in Andover Theological Seminary. Crown 8vo., cloth, gilt top, 6s. net. 

RALPH WALDO EMERSON, with a sketch of Stepllnff's life. By 
Edward Waldo Emerson. Crown 8vo., doth, gflt top, 4s. net. 

THE FROGGY FAIRY BOOK. Third Thousand. Crown 8vo. 
With nine beautiful full-page illustrations, cloth gat, Ss. net. 
Edition de luxe, fis. net. 
J%«7VsM»:— •* Remarkably clever." 

PtUl Mall GoMrtu :— •* A funny book for ohfldzen, which has obtained a great ' 

illustrated with pen and colour pictures by well- known artists, snd 
attractively bound making a gift book iippropriate for all presentation 
occasions. 8b. net. 

Printed by THE CHANDOS PRESS, 170, St. ^ohn Street, Londoo, E,0. 6/a/96. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Title-page for the New Edition ofTwL HepTAMERON in preparation 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

The Booh in tAii Catalogue eon hi 
thtained from amy Bookseller im 

town or country. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gibbings £^ Company 


1 8 Bury Street, London, W.C. 

ADAMS (H. O. and H. B.). Smaller British Birds. 

With Descriptions of their Nests, Eggs, Habits, &c. With 
numerous Coloured Plates of Birds and Eggs. Royal Svo, 
doth eztiB, 15s. 

Gives a concise, yet full description of the Smaller British 
Birds; sufficiently simple and clear in its descriptions to 
interest the young, and to be understood of all ; sufficiently 
accurate to obtain the approval of the scientific teacher. 
Contains coloured representations of nearly 100 birds. 

by Professor Grsbn, with Portrait on Steel. 6 vols, crown 
8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 308. 

The Spectator. Complete, 2 vols, crown Svo, cloth 

extra, los. 

• The Tatler and Guardian. Complete in i voL 

crown Svo, cloth extra, 5s. 

Dr. JOHNSON.—" Whoever wishes to atuin an English style, familiar, 
but not ooane, and elegant, bat not ostentatious, must give his days and 
nigbts to tbe study of Addison." 

ARABIAN NIGHTS : The Thousand and One Nlfirhts. 
Translated by Edwaiu) William Lanb. With an Intxt>- 
diiction by Joseph Jacobs, and 36 Illustrations by Frank 
Brangwyn. Title-pages and binding designed by the 
Artist 6 vds. fcap. Svo, 15s. net 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Gibbings and Compan/s 

Another Edition, printed on Dutch hand-made paper, 
with the plates on Japan vellum. lOO ccpiei only, jos. net 

Another Edition, Largt Paper, printed on Dutch hand- 
made paper, with proof of the plaiss on Japan vellum. 
Post 8vo, 50s. net 

LBIOH HUNT.— "All Um springs of tin dMeit have less refreshed the 
Aiabt than these delightfiil teles : aad they cast their gems and genii over 
oar benighted and foggy regi<ms. ' 

Qlobe.— "Six handy volumes, very neatly printed, strikinglv bound, 
freely and cleverly illustrated, and fitted with a learned, yet readable intro- 
dactioo. This edition is likely to be eminently popular, and certainly 
deservei to be sa" 

The Set of 36 Illustrations to the above. Prooft printed 
on Japan vellum and suitable for illustrating any Edition. 
Royal 8vo, portfolio. 

Tlmeat—" Interesting illustrations firom the drawings of Mr. Fiank 
Bnmgwyn, whose ezpeneaces in Algeria and in Eastern Africa have stood 
him in good stead." 

"Advancement of Learning," *' Wisdom of the Ancients," 
"New Atlantis," &c. Demy 8vo, "Standard British 
Classics." Cloth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

BEN J0N80N.— "One of the greatest men and most worthy of admin- 
tioo that had been in many ages." 


BLACKMORE (R. D.). Loma Boone. A Romance of 
Exmoor. Crown 8vo, doth extra, top edge gilt, 3s. 6d. 
Or with 6 Photogravure Illustrations from drawings espe- 
cially made by F. J. Widgbry for this edition, 5s. Or gilt 
edges, 68. 

' Loma Doone,' to a Devonshire man, is at good as dotted cream, 

— GhrlstOWelL A Dartmoor Tale. Crown 8vo, cloth 
extra, top edge gilt, 3s. 6d. Or with 6 Photogravure 
Illustrationi from drawings especially made by F. J. 
Widgbry for this edition, 5s. Or gilt edges, 65. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue o{ Publications 

BOCCACCIO. The Decameron. An edition of this great 

Italian Classic in English, with the complete set of Illus- 
trations by Gravklot, Eisbn, Bouchsr, and others, 
prepared for the celebrated French Edition of 1757. 115 
Illnstrations. 4 vols. fcap. 8yo, cloth extra, top edge gilt, 
106. net 

One hundred copies on hand-made paper, with very 
carefdl impressions of the plates on Japan vellum. 20s. net* 

-'* Wl)ether U&cy be attracted br the lingular narmdve skiO 

displayed in these talo, or by their unique poeitioo in the histoiy of literature^ 
leaden of Boccaccio will nerer be lacking, and thoee who are debarred from 
•tttdying them in the original could not read them in a more attractive fona. 
The traaalatieo is all that could be desired, and In a brieT introduction Mr. 
Wdlis gives a inffident outline of the history of the life of the author." 

BRjfiMONT (ANNA, COMTESSB DE). The World of 
Masie. Thb Grbat Composbrs. Thb Grbat Singers. 
The Grbat Virtuoso. Cloth, extra gilt, top edge gilt, 
3s. 6d. each. 

5ottMMll*— "These skctdies are written with enthusiasm both for the 
art and its exponents. They will please a lover of music, and will instruct 
many by serving to put scattered facts in order, and to crystallise into 
criticism the nebulous exhaUttioos of unmeasured admiration. The three 
-volumes make a dainty set of books." 

BUNYAN (JOHN). The PUsTrim's Progrpess from this 

World to that which Is to Come. Delivered under 
the similitude of a dream ; wherein is discovered the manner 
of his setting out, his dangerous journey, and safe arrival at 
the deared oountiy. With a Pre&ce by Charlbs Kings- 
LBY, and 118 Illustrations by Charles H. Bbnnbtt. 
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, top e^e gilt, 6s. 

This new Edition of Bennett's Bunyan b printed on laid 
paper by Messrs. Constable in their best style, and will be 
the first cheap Edition of thb admired book. The two 
previous Editions (Longmans, i860 ; Bradbury, 1868) were 
both published at one guinea. 

Acadcnnr. — "Certainly in Bennett Bunyan found his illustrator as 
jamistakably as author ever did. The heads of Ignoiance, Knowledge^ 
IfistTust, Help, Woridl^ Wiseman, Discretion, The Lust of the Flnh, 

Pride (to name no others^ are the best commentary that the immortal text 
can hwve. Sometimes Bennett is terrible ; sometimes he has the tenderest 
grace ; but he is always a master. After reading this book, no other ilhis- 
tiated edition of Bunyan seems possible." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gibbings and Company's 

BUBItOW (J. H.), B.A. Adventares of Aifan; or. 
The Ha^e Amulet. With 8 illustrations by J. D. 
Watson. Crown 8vo, doth, gilt edgcB, 5s. 

A capita] book of adventure for boys, the moral of which 
is " Yet home is best." 

BYRON (Lord), The Works of. Edited by Thomas 
MooRB. Complete in 4 vols, crown 8vo, extra cloth, top 
edge gilt, aos. 

CAMBRIDGE PRIZE POEMS. A complete coUection of 
English Poems, which have obtained the Chancellor's Gold 
Medal in the University of Cambridge, 181 3-1893. 2 vols, 
crown 8vo, 12s. 

CERVANTES. Don Quixote. The Translation of Thomas 
Shklton, i6i2-2a With an Introduction by Justin 
HuNTLY McCarthy, and nnmerous Illustrations by 
Frank Brangwyn. 4 vols, fcap, 8vo, doth, los. net 

The first Translation ever published, and still one of the 
best — a Translation by a contemporary into Elisabethan 

BDITOR.— "It is best to read 'Don QttizoCe' in Spanish; It is next 
best to read him in the English of Shelton."^ 

CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). Marks and Monogrrams on 
European and Oriental Pottery and Poreelain. 

With Historical Notices of each Manufactory, preceded by 
an Introductory Essay on the Vasa Fictilia of the Greek, 
Romano-British, and Mediaeval Eras. A New Edition, 
Revised and Enlarged, by F. Litchfibld. With over 
3500 Potters' Marks and Illustrations. ICXX) pp. royal 8vo, 
cloth extra, 42s. 

— Hand-Book to the above. Upwards of 3000 

Marks. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. 

This condensed resumi will be of great service to col- 
lectors while travelling. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalofirue of Publications 

CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). OUda Aarifabrorum. A 

History of English Goldsmiths and PUteworkers and their 
Marks, copied in faesimiU from celebrated examples. 
Also an Historical Account of the Goldsmiths' Company, 
and their Hall Marks and Regalia. 2500 Illustrations 
and a copious Index. Royal 8vo, cloth, 12s. 

Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate. With 

Tables of Dale Letters used in all the Assay Offices of the 
United Kingdom, to which is added a History of VOrfiv- 
rerie Fran^aiSf with Extracts from Statutes and French 
Hall Marks. Eighth Edition, with an Introductory Essay 
by Christophbk. A. Markham, F.S.A. Royal 8vo, 
cloth, 16s. 

— Hand-Book to the above. Edited and Extended 

by C A. Markham, F.S.A. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 
COOKE (M. C), M.A. A Manual of Botanie Terms. 

A New Edition, enlarged, with 307 Illustrations. Fcap. 
8yo, cloth, 2S. 6d. 

A Manual of Straetnral Botany. For the Use 

of Classes, Schools, and Private Students. Illustrated with 
over 200 Illustrations. Thirty-seventh Thousand. Qoth 
boards, is. 

DANTE. The Vision of Hell, Purgatory, and 

Paradise of Dante AUghieri. Translated by Hen ry 
Francis Gary, M.A. With a life, chronological view of 
his age, additional notes, and an index. *' Standard British 
Classics," demy 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 7s. 6d. 

DASENT (Sir GEORGE WEBBE). Tales f^m the 
Ijeld. A series of Popular Tales from the Norse of P. 
Ch. Asbjornsen, with 140 Illustrations by MovR Smith. 
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 6s. 

A New Edition of this charming collection of Scandinavian 
Folk Tales, being the continuation of thb Author's cele 
brated ** Tales from the Norse.*' 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gibbings and G>mpaa/s 

DA VIES (THOMAS), The Preparation and Mounting 
of MlerosGople Objects* Edited by John Matthbws, 
M.D., R.M.S., Vice-President of the Quekett Oub. i8th 
Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d. 

DEVONSHIRE SCENERY: Its Inspiration in the 
Prose and Song of Various Authors. Edited by 

the Rev. WiLUAM EVBRITT. With lUustfaCions by F. J. 
WiDCERY. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d 

DRAKE (SAMUEL ADAMS). The Making of the 
Great West. 145 Illastrations and Maps. Crown 8vo, 
cloth, 5s. 

The Making of New England, 1680-1643. With 

many Illustrations and Maps. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 

The Making of Virginia and the Middle 

Colonies, 1578-1701. Many Illustrations and Maps. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 

Interesting historical narratives, liberally supplied with 
helpful Maps, Plans, and Illustrations. 


The Works issued in this series are : — 

Tom Cringle's Log. 2 vols. 
The Cruise of the Midge. 2 vols. 

Illustrated by Frank Brangwyn. 


Roderick Random. 3 ^ois. 
Peregrine Pickle. 4 vols. 
Count Fathom. 2 vols. 
Sir Lancelot Greaves, i vol. 
Humphrey Clinker. 2 vols. 
Edited by George Saintsbury, and Illustrated by Frank 

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Catalogue of Publications 

BDITiONS TO ilAVB''^9atlmtt§d 

Edited by Percy Fitzgerald, with i8 Portraits of Lamb 
and his Friends. 

THE HISTORY OF DON QUIXOTE. Translated from the 
Spanish of Cervantes by Thomas Shblton, 1612-1620^ 
the two parts complete. Introduction by J. H. McCarthy, 
and 24 Illustrations by Frank Brangwyn. 4 vols. 

. this great Italian Classic, the fullest and best Text ever issued 
in this country for ordinary readers. With 150 Illustrations 
after Gravelot, Eisbn, Boucher, &c. 4 vols. 

THE ARABIAN NIGHTS. Translated by Edward 
William Lane, with an Introduction by Joseph Jacobs^ 
and 36 Illnstiations by Frank Brangwyn. 6 vols. 

lated by Henri Van Laun. 21 Photogravures from 
designs by Ad. Lalauzb. 4 vols. 

revised, corrected, and with many Passages restored to the 
Text that have been suppressed in former Editions. Intro- 
duction. Portrait and 16 Illustrations by Leloir. 4 vols. 

THE WORKS OF RABELAIS. A New Edition of the 
translation by Urquhart and Motteux, with the notes of 
OzsLL and others. Edited with an Introduction by Alfred 
Wallis. Portrait and 14 Illustrations from the Edition 
known as Picart's. 5 vols. 

NAVARRE. Complete Edition. Translated by Arthur 
Machen. Portrait and 73 Illustrations after Freudenberg. 

[/ff PteparatwtL 

The whole of the above are published at the uniform price of 
2S. 6d. net per volume. 

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Gibbings and Company^s 

EVELYN'S DIARY, 1641-1706. With Memoir and Notes 
by William Bray, F.S.A., "Standard British Classics," 
demy 8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

It is impossible to overrate the interest and value of a 
diary and correspondence written by such a man and in 
such times as those of Charles I., Ciomwell, Charles II., 
James XL, and William XXL 


A Series of Volumes presenting, in a handy form, selections 
from the Folk Lore and Legends of various Countries. Beauti- 
folly printed and bound in ^^oth extra, brocaded side, per 
volume, 2S. Each volume sold separately. Or complete in four 
volumes, 3s. 6d. each. 

L GERMAN, Contents.— Gaffer Death. The I^egend of 
Paracelsus. lians in Luck. The Grey Mare in the 
Garret, &c 

2. ORIENTAL. CoNTENTS.--The Cobbler Astrologer. The 
L^end of the Terrestrial Paradise. The Tomb of 
Noosheewftn, &c 

5. SCOTLAND. Contents.— Canobie Dick. Coinnach Oer. 

Elphin Irving. The Ghosts of Craig Aulnaic, &c 

4. IRELAND. Contents.— Larry Hayes. Jack o' the 
X^antem. Flory Cantillon's Funeral. Hanlon's Mill, &c. 

6. ENOLAND. Contents.— Nelly the Kjiocker. Some 

Merry Tales of the Wise Men of Gotham. A Pleasant and 
I>elightful History of Thomas Hickathrift, &c. 

6. SCANDINAVIAN. Contents.— The Lost Bell (Xsle of 

Rugen). Tales from the I^ose Edda. The Origin of Tiis 
X^e, &C. 

7. RUSSIAN AND POLISH. Contents.— Prince Peter and 

Princess Magilene. The Old Man, his Wife, and the Fish. 
Ivashka with the Bear's Ear. The Stolen Heart Princess 
Marvel, &c. 

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Gitalogue of Publications 1 1 

8. NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN. Contbnts.— A Legend 
of Manabozho. The Discovery of the Upper World. The 
Fnneral Fire, &c. 

5tandard.— "TlieM dainty little books supply a pleasant and fairly 
adeqaate popolar introduction to the national stones and legendary lore of 
the past The whole of these diverting and graceful stories illustrate the 
troth of Sir Walter Scott's remark, that the mythology of one period passes 
Into the romance of the next centnry, and then into the NurMry Tales of 
aobaeqaent ages." 


Complete and accurate Translations, elegantly printed and bound. 
Crown 8yo, 3s. 6d. each. 

Mademoiselle de Maupln. A Romance of Love and 
Passion. By TnioPHiLB Gautier. 

SalambO. Translated from the French " ifcdition Definitive " 
by J. S. Chartrss. By Gustavb Flaubbrt. 

Madame Bovary : Provineial Manners. Translated by 

E. Marx-Avelino. With an Introduction and Notes of 
the Proceedings against the Author before the '* Tribunal 
Correctionnel *' of Paris. By Gustavb Flaubbrt. 

Rente Mauperin. By E. and j. db Goncourt. 

Oerminle Laeepteaz. By E. and j. db goncourt. 

The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter. By Hbnri 


The Marl-Pit Mystery. By Gborgbs Ohnbt. 
A Love Crime. By Paul Bourobt. 
Will. By Gborgbs Ohnbt. 

Troth.—** Who can take up sach books and not be nrnply and abeolntely 

Digitized by CjOOQI^ 

Gibbings and Company^s 

FARMER (JOHN S.) and HENLEY (W. E.). Slanfir and 
Its AnalofiTueSt Past and Present. A Dictionary of 

the Heterodox and Colloquial Speech of the last 300 yean, 
treated Historically, and including Synonyms in English, 
French, German, Italian, Spanish, &c. In 6 vols, fcapw 
4ta Each set numbered and signed. To Subscribers only, 
as follows:— Vols. L (A & B) and IL (C to Fizs), and IIL 
(Fla-Hy), and IV. (I to Myi), Now Riody. Vols. V. and 
VL shortly. The set, ;f 10, los. net. 

The number of Sets still unplaced being limited, early 
application should be made. 

Dr. J. A. H. MURRAY, Editor of The New BnglUh Dlctlonaiy. 

— " The most complete and most tchoUriy work in iu own field." 

FLAUBERT (6USTAVE). SalambO. Translated from 
the French « Edition Definitive'* by J. S. Chartres. 
Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. 

Westminster Review.— "The trmnsUtor has thoroughly ondorrtood 
the original, and has sacceeded in putting it into good English. The type, 
puier, and material execution of the volume, inside and out, leave notomg 
tone desired." 

Madame Bovary: Provinoial Manners. Trans- 
lated by K Marx-Avbling. With an Introduction and 
Notes of the Proceedings against the Author before the 
"Tribunal Correctionnel *' of Paris. Crown 8vo, doth, 

BMILB ZOLA.— '" Madame Bovary' grips jrour very vitals with aa 
invincible power, like some scene you have really witnened, tome event 
which is actually happening before your eyes." 

F0UCH£ (JOSEPH). Memoirs of Duke of Otranto, 
Minister of the General Police of France. With 

Portraits on Steel of Fouch^ and Bonaparte as Consul and 
as Emperor. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 

Dally TeleflTaph.— ** He commenced his oublic career as a revofae 
tionist ; voted tne death of the King ; betrayed the Republic to Napoleon ; 
broke his faith to the usurper, then to the Bourbons ; then again to tne hero 
of the Hundred Days ; he was venal, mendacious, disloyal, corrupt to the 
core ; and all this he carefnilv points out to the readers * in a s|nrit of can- 
dour.* His memoirs are indeed no less amasing than instructive reading, 
and in them will be found the secret history of the first Napoleonic Empire 
narrated with a cynical frankness little less than revolting. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gitalogue of Publications 13 

GAUTIER (TH£opHILE). Hademolselle de Haapin. 

A Romance of Love and Passion. Crown 8vo, cloth, 


A. C. 5WINBURNB.— " The golden book at spirit aad sense, the holy 
viit ofbcanty." 

Mr. HBNRY JAMB5^— " Gaatier » an inimitable modeL His manner 
b so light and true, so really creatiire. his fancy so alert, his taste so happy, 
Us homoor so goiial, that he makes illosion almost as contagions as 

eiBBOlTS ROHAN EMPIRE. A New Edition in 4 vols., 

! with all the Author's Notes. *' Standard British Classics." 

Demj SyOf doth, top edge gilt, 308. 

Prof. 5MITH.— *' Must always be considered as one of the most extra- 
ordinary monuments that have appeared of the literary nowers of a daglo 
mud, and its fiune can perish only with the civilisation or the world.*' 

eiLLMORE (COL. PARKER), '«UBIQUE," Works by. 
Eneonnters with Wild Beasts. Third Editloo. 

Crown Sto, Illustrated, as. 6d. 
Lhrerpool Mercwy.— " wm be welooned by all lov«n of fpotf." 

Prairie and Forest A Guide to the Field Sports 

of North America. Second Edition. Crown 8to^ IUus- 
tvated, as. 6d. 
Scotsmaa.— *' Useful and enjoyable reading for a practical sportsman." 

Gull, Rod, and Saddle. A Record of Personal 

Experience. Crown 8to, as. 6d. 
Daily Tefafraplu— "Teems with valuable inforaiatioo and plenant 

Leaves f^m a Sportsman's Diary. Crown 

8to, with Portrait, as. 6d. 
MaachMter Bzamliier.— " Highly entertaining and instnictive." 

60KC0URT (E. and J. De). Rente Maaperln. Crown 

8to, cloth, 3s. 6d. 

Momliiff Pio«C.— "One c£ the most pathetic romances of our day. 
Ranning t&ough almost the whole gamut of human passion, it has the 
akematives of sunshine and shade that exist in real life. 

• Oerminie Laeerteux. Crown 8vo, doth, 38. 6d. 

LBTTB8S ON Booits IN Tmtli.^" For myself, I can say that I could 
not lay the book down for a moment until I luul finished it." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

14 GibbingB and Company^s 

GORDON (ADAM UNDSAT), A Memoir of the Ufe 

of. With New Poems, Proie Sketches, Speeches, and 
Reminiscences, and an "In Memoriam" by Kendall. 
By J. HowLBTT Ross. With Portrait Crown 8vo, doth, 

" They did not know, 
The hundreds who had read his sturdy vena 
And revelled over rmging major notes, 
The mouraful meaning oi the 

Which runs through adl he wrote, and often takes 
The deep autumnal, half ptophadc lone 
Of forest winds in March.^ 

OOTTHELF (JEREMIAH). The Story of an Alpine 
Valley; or, Katie the Grandmother. Translated 
from the German of Albert Bitzius by L. G. Smith. 
With Ornaments from Designs by Jessie Caudwell. 
Crown 8vo, doth extra, 68. 

JOHN RU8KIN.— "He wrote, in the ouiet. mornings of his wdl- 
husbanded and well'Spent days, a series oT stories of Swiss life, each 
beauttfUly, and with the snbttott Uteiary art, led to its crisis throogh 
chains of modest and natural event ; and m its course giving portraiture, 
exquisite in its sympathy, lovely in its delicacy, merciless in its veracity, of 
all that is best-Hmd as much as it is needfU to dwell on of the wor st o f 
the Swiss character. ... As studies of general human character, I know 
nothing but Scott's soundest work which can compare with these books; 
nor, ll}eiieve, will any^ sensible reader find the detaib which giw them 
local vivacity and precision other than interesting." 

GRAY'S ELEGT, written In a Ck>imtry ChnrehyarcL 

Illustrated. Imperial Svo, cloth elegant, los. 6d. ; smaller 
sice, square Svo, 6s. BdUiom d$ Lux$^ large 4to. Plates 
on India paper, and mounted on guards. Cloth, 63s. 

Standard.—" Assuredly * Gny's Elegy* has never had a mora beantiftil 
setting than this. In point of dnwinr, delicacy, beauty, and finish they 
are unsurpassable, and this bointiful edition shoiUd command a very exten- 
sive sale. 

OREENWELL (DORA). Two Friends. Fcap. 8vo, 
2S. 6d. 

The Patience of Hope. Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. 

Dr. JOHN BROWN, BdinbnrclL—'* Road and ei^oy these works.** 

ChrUtten World.— "These utterances of her sweet and lofty Mttl, ia 
which, being dead, she will yet speak." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Publications 15 

OWTN (NELL). The Stoiy of Nell Gwyn, and the Sayingi of 
Charles II. Related and Collected by Petbr Cunning- 
ham, F.S.A. With the Author's Latest Corrections and 
Introduction, Notes and a Life of the Author by Henry 
B. Wheatley, F.S.A. 4 Portraits. Crown 8vo, cloth, $8. 

Sttur&mg Review.— "The revival of this book— uid a haodiome re- 
vrnJ it is— ^ttould be welcome to all who are interested in the history of the 
Restoration sta^ and o£ the reign of the Merry Monarch. Mr. Wheatlev's 
' Introdiiction * is written in excellent taste and judgment, and having tne 
sympathy and 1enowled{^e that the andertaking demanded, and his brief 
■Mmoir of the Author u not less satisiactory. The book is beautifully 
printed, and the portraiu are equally admirable in point of execution." 

HAMILTON (Lady). Memoirs of. With Anecdotes of her 
Friends and Contemporaries. A New Edition. Edited 
and AnnoUted by W. H. Long, Editor of the *<Oglander 
Memoirs." With 3 Portraits of Lady Hamilton. " Memoir 
Library," crown 8vo, cloth extra, 5s. 

StandanL — "The life of this beautiful and remarkable woman is, in 
fact, a microcosm of all the follies, laxities, pettinesses, and heroisms of a 
very strong and picturesque age." 

HAZLITT. life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 3 vols. 

"Standard British Classics,'* demy 8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 
22s. 6d. 

AtlMBfl»am.->"The style is energetic, and often eloquent; a fine 
breadth is thrown over the details, and a fine spirit of phikMophic ettensy 
breathes in every pege.* 

HERBERT OF CHERBURY. Antobioflrrapby of. With 
Notes and Continuation of the Life by S. L. Lee. With 4 
Etched Portraits. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 

HERRICK (ROBERT). Hesperides. The Poems and 

other Remains. Edited by W. Carbw Hazlitt. 
2 vols. fcap. 8vo^ buckram, top edge gilt, 7s. 

MARY RU88BLL MITPORD.—" His real delight was among floweis 
' '^ and nymphs and cupids ; and certainly these graceful subjects 
r handfed more gracetully." 

HOMER. The Iliad. Translated by Alexander Pope, with 
Notes by T. A. Buckley, M.A., F.S.A., and Flaxhan's 
Designs. ''Standard British Classics," demy 8vo, cloth, 
top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

1 6 Gibbings and Company's 

HOMER. The Odyssey. Translated by Albxander Pops, 
with Notes by T. A. Buckley, M.A., F.S.A., and 
Flaxman's Designs. ** Standard British Classics," demy 
8vo, doth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

The Iliads and Odysseys of HomePt Prince of 

Poets. Never before in any language trnly translated. 
Done according to the Greek by George Chapman, with 
Introduction and Notes by the Rev. Richard Hooper, 
M.A. 4 vols, wide fcap. 8vo, buckram extra, top edge 
gilt, 14s. 

W. B. OLAD8TONB.— (* So long m the lamp of civilisation khall not 
have ceased to burn, 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyisey' musk hold thoir 
forward place among the brightest treasures of our noe. 

" Oft of one wide expanse had I been tcJd, 

That deep-brow d Homer rul'd as his demesne ; 
Yet did I never breathe its pore serene. 
Till I heard Chapman speak oat loud and bokL"— Kbats. 

HUGO (VICTOR). Les Miserabies. A complete Trans* 
lation from the French by Chas. E. Wilbour. In 2 vols, 
crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 7s. 6d. 

HUNT (JOHN). D.D., ILA. An Essay on Pantheism. 

Ret'jed Edition. Demy 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. 

Spectator. >-" Mr. Hunt is quite aware of the danger he bcurs by hit 
appeal to reason in these matters, but he is one of tne few people who 
see that there is really no help for it, that a man must use hb reason, if it is 
only for the purpose of making up his mind that he won't. In language 
that frequently rises into eloquence, he mahihiins the supremacy of the 
much-abused raculty, and he commends the outcome of his pacifent labour 
to the sympathies Of those who feel the necessities of the age and appreciate 
the value of truthful tnquiiy." 

Religions Tbooght in Ensrland in tlie Nine- 
teenth Century. Demy 8vo, cloth, I08. 6d. 

Tinas.—" Painstaking, dear, systematic An excellent book. ** 

5cotsmaa.— "The results of laborious and extensive study, ably and 
clearly set forth." 

InqHlrar.— "Will take high rank as a fiuthful record of the religious 
thougnt of the century." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Publications 17 

bOmt (LEIOH). The Town : Its Memorable ChaF- 
aeters and Events. '*St Panl*s to St James'/' 

With Sted Portrait of the Author and 12 on Copper of 
PeisoDs mentioned in the Text, and the whole of the Wood 
Engravingi from the Original Edition. Demy 8vo, cloth 
extra, top edge gilt, 12s. 6d. 

b— " We win allow no hlf^er enjoymMit for a i«tioii«l BngliiliBuui 

dbBB to Uroll kimely thronEb this oianreUoiu town anii'io-ann with Bir. 
Iiijgh HoBL H« gives m the out^ounogs of a miad eori^ed with the 

i agreeable knowledge. There u not a nage of thb book whldi does 

•01 glow wkh interest. It is a scries of pictures from life, representing 
aoeoes in which ercry inhabitant of the metropolis has an interest mr greater 
than he sospects.** 

KRATS (JOHN). POetleal Works. Given from his own 
editions and other authentic sources, and collated with many 
manuscripts. Edited by H. Buxton Fokman. 5th Edition. 
With 7 Portraits and 10 other Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 
buckram extra, Ss. 

Letters. Complete Revised Edition. With a Portrait 

not published in previous editions, and 24 contemporary 
views of places visited by Keats. Edited by H. Buxton 
FORMAN. Crown Svo, 8s. 

WALTER 5AVAaB LANDOR.-" Keats, in his 'Endymioo/ is richer 
in isaagery than either Chaucer or Boms ; and there are panagea in which 
no poet hu arrived at tlie same esoeUenoe on the same ground. Time akme 
was wanting to complete a poet who already far surpassed all faJs oontem- 
potBiiaa in wis country in the poet's most noble attributes." 

KINOSLBT (CHARLES). Westward Ho I The •'Devon" 
Edition, with six Photogravure Illustrations from Drawings 
specially made by F. J. Widgbry for this Edition. Crown 
8vo^ doth extra, bevelled boards, gilt edges, 7s. 6d. 

Bvcnlng Post (Exetexl—*' Messrs. Gibbings ft Co. send us the * Devon 
JdilioD' of King^'k 'Westward Hoi.' which is really a superb book. 
The Vtunaj value oi the Canon's fiunous story has been largely enhanced 

Idilion' of King^leT'k 'Westward Hoi.' which is really a superb book. 
The Vtunaj value oi the Canon's fiunous story has been largely enhanced 
hf some exquisite sketches by Ifr. F. J. Widgery. which represent some of 
the places described by the novelbt's pen--Bidefonl, Oovelly, Brent Tor, 
Nertham BnrrowL Plymouth Sound, and Lundy. These illnstratioos are 
perfect gems of the en 
oonjnnction with this i 

Nertham BnrrowL Plymouth Sound, and Lundy. These illnstratioos are 
perfect gems of the engraver's art. and, as we have indicated, form, in 
- -* ^ ith this fascinating book, a most attraetiTe object to all 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1 8 GibbiAgs and Compafiy 8 

KiNOSLEY (HENRY). The Mystery of the IslKpd. 

A Tale of Bush and Pampas, Wreck and Treasure-Trove. 
With Illustrations by Warns Browns. Crown Svo, 38. 6d. 

St, JlUm'« Budeet.^" A •tory for boys by the I«t« Hmuf Kingsley, 
w hom the public treated with tolerable neglect while he lived ; aod yet a 
greater than Charles was there. It is a romance for boys of the old sort, 
inconsequent in its incidents as a W-book, but something more delightful, 
bewilderine, and almost supematnraL If the modem boy cares for the old 
ffomanoe, then he will find this charged with fascination." 

LAMB (CHARLES). Complete Works. Edited, with 
Notes, by Percy Fitzgbrald. A New Edition, with 18 
Portraits of Lamb and his Friends. 5 toIs. fcap 8ro, cloth 
extra, 15s. net 

125 copies on larger paper, with proofs of the Portraits 
on Japan vellum. Crown 8vo, buckran), 45s* aet 

Contents. — ^Vol. I., Talfouid's Memoir—Oirvespond- 

ence. Vol. II., Correspondence. Vol. III., Correspondence 

— ElU. Vol. IV., Ella— Essays. Vol. V., Talcs, Plays, 

Sketches. VoL VI., Sketches, ReviewSi Poems. Index. 

DB QUINCBY.—" His works will be received as amongst the most 
elaborately finished gems of literature ; as cabinet specimens which express 
the utmost delicacyj purity, and tenderness of the national intellecti together 
with the rarest feliaty of finish and expression." 

Memoirs of. By Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd, 

D.C.L. (one of his executors). A New Edition, edited and 
annotated by Percy Fitzgerald, M,A., F.S.A„ Author 
of * * Charles Lamb, his Home, his Haunts, and his Books." 
With Portraits after Meyer, Hazlitt, Pulham, Joseph, 
and Macliss. ''The Memoir Library" Edition, crown 
8vo, cloth, 5s. 

Dally Chronicle.—" For the social and domesdc side of Lamb's history 
Talfourd is indispensable, and he cannot be more conTeDieotly read thaa in 
this handy volume.** 

LANDOR (WALTER SAVAGE). Complete Works. A 

Reprint of the Edition issued by Moxon. With Portrait 
2 vols, royal 8vo, cloth extra, 15s. 

LANKESTER (EDWIN), M.D. Half-Hours with the 

Microscope. A Popular Guide to the use of the Micro- 
scope as a means of Amusement and Instruction. Numerous 
Illustrations. 19th Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, as. 6d. 
_ With all the Plates coloured by hand, 4s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of PuUtcaiioos 19 

LAVALETTE (COUNT). MemolfS of. AdjuUmt and 
Private Secretary to Napoleon, and Postmaster- General 
under the Empire. Portraits. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. net. Also 
125 copies, large paper^ royal Svo, a is. net 

Pall Man Qazette.— " Lavalette w^ not the least in that army of 
htstoiy-maken which, under the fiery inspiration of Napoleon, went forth to 
change ihe face of thinrs, and to reconstitute the world. He bore a man s 
put m Ae ^old nM^ifkeat advtnture ; for he begwi in Italy^ho woa feJb 
captaiacy at Areola, and was brought to the very gates of death for service 
done in the Hundred I^tys. ' His story, whidi Is modestly and nmply told, 
b do* 10 read." 

LE SAGE. The Adventures of Oil Bias of Santlllana. 
Translated by Henri van Laui^. With Introduction, 
UJiB, and Notes. 21 Photogravures Jtobi cleaigasby Ad. 
Lalauze. 4 vols. fcap. Svo, cloth extra, zos. net 

The first handy Edition of this, the best transUtion of 
Lk Sage's masterpieot, th« previous Edition having been 
published by Patenoa in 3 vols, imperial Svo. 

LETTH (ALICIA A.). A Plant Of Lemon Vopbena. A 
Someiset Idyll. With a Frontispiece by Waeme Browne. 
Tastefully printed and bound. Fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. 
TlM QoeMi.— '* It is perfectly charming." 

MALTHUS (Rev. T. R.). An Essay on the Prlneiple 

of Population ; or, A View of its Past and Present Effects 

on Human Happiness, with an Inquiry into our Prospects 

respecting the Future Removal or Mitigation of the Evils 

which it occasions. 9th Edition. Demy Svo, 567 pp. Ss. 

Prof. SMYTH.—" Mr. Malthus published his Essay in June 17^8 ; and, 

tn the revolutionary state of the world ai the time, the importance of the 

priodple 00 which ne depended was instantly perceived, and il has formed 

the groundwork of the reasonings of all intelligent men on the affairs of 

lyanKwH ever nnce.** 

MANUEL (PRINCE DON JUAN). Count Lueanor ; or. 
The Fifty Pleasant Stories of Patronio, A.D. 

1885-1847. First done into English from the Spanish by 
James York, M.D. With 30 Illustrations by Stanley L. 
Wood. Crown Svo^ 66. 

This book of << Fifty Pleasant Stories " is, without doubt, 
one of the choicest productions of early Spanish literature, 
written a century before the -introduction of printing, by 
Don Juan Manuel, " The Spanish Boccaccio," of whom, 
in the preface of the above Edition, all the information which 
is necessary for the reader to know is given. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

30 Gibbings and Gmipaay's 

MARGARET OF NAVARRE. The Heptameron. Now 

completely done into English prose and vene from the 
original French by Arthur Machen. Portrait and 73 
Illustrations after Frbudbnberg. [In prtparation. 

MALORY (Sir THOMAS). The History of Kinfir Arthur 
and of the Knights of the Round Table. Edited 

from the Text of the Edition of 1634, with Introduction and 
Notes by Thomas Wright. 3 vols. fcap. 8to, buckram 
extra, top edge gilt, los. 6d. 

51r WALTER SCOTT.— ''Indispuubly the bat praM loouuice the 
language can boaftC" 

MOEHLER (JOHN ADAM), D.D. Symbolism; or. 
Exposition of the Doctrinal DifiTerences between 
Catholics and Protestants, as evideneed by their 

Symbolical Writings. Translated from the German 
by J. B. Robertson. Crown Svo, 7s. 6d. 

Dublin Review. ~" An inexhaustible treasdre-boose ; the depdi and 
comprehensiveness of its views^ the acuteness and solidity of its reaaooiiui, 
and the clearness and simplicity of its arrangement, establish beyondtbe 
possibility of question the claim to the character betowed upon it tooo after 
^a publication by one whose ytxy name (Cardinal Wiseman) b an authority 
— 'The most profound work on the Philosophy of Divinity whidi our time 
has produced. ' 

MORTIMER (GEOFFREY). Tales from the Western 

Moors. A collection of Dartmoor stories. Crown Syo, 
cloth, 2s. 6d. 

Yorkshire Post.—" Delightful pictures of West Coontry life, convincing 
in their truthfulness and in their unstodied humour." 

MORRIS (CHARLES). Historical Tales; or. The 
Romance of Reality. 4 volumes, with \% Illustrations 
in each. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each. 


Scotsman.—" The stories are well told, and are not only in theraselTcs 
readable, but are calculated to arouse in young readers an intelligent interest 
in historical studies." 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Catalogue of Publicatioias 2z 

MORRIS. Hlstorleal Tales— C^^Mi^^.. 

-"There are thiity*one stories in the volume, and the 

mhjects oorered are of a sufficiently varied chanctcr to make the tales 
appeal to yottthfnl xeadcrt of widely diflfSerent tastes. It need scarcely he 
said chat masry of the talcs are as romantic as they are real, as startling as 
they arc striking, and as dramatic as they are dreadful." 


Dady Chronicle.— " Will charm manv a reader with illustrations of 
* The Romance of Reality ' from German history. Tht selection is foil and 
jndicioni, and the episodes are narrated with spirit." 


PnbllnhMV^ Circnlar.— " Fact b often stranger than fiction, and there 
an many tales eoanectcd with the history of the great American continent 
which were well worth the telling, and which in this handsomely produced 
tolnme are told to excellent effect. ** 

History. " Standard British Classics/' 3 vols, demy 8vo, 
cloth, top edge gilt, 22s. 6d. 

Saturdmy Rpvlew.— " A work of the highest merit and of the deepest 
interest, mnq a great and permanent addition to hutorfcal literature." 

MUROER (HENRI). The Bohemians of the Latin 
QliarteF» Crown 8vo, clotb, 3s. 6d. 

Acadeonr.— "The story is full of btughter-provoking episodes, and there 
is DO lade M pathos for those who can see beneath the sunaoe of wild heed- 

NAPOLEON. 5««Hazlitt. 

NAVE (JOHANN). The Collectop's Handy Book of 
AljBpBB, Desmids, Fungi, Lichens, Mosses, &e. 

With Instructions for their Preparation and for the forma- 
tion of an Herbarium. Translated and Edited by Rev. W. 
W. Spicss, M.A. 1 14 Woodcuts. Fcap^ Sro, doth, 2s. 6d. 

OHEILL (H« 0. Devonshire Idyls. Third Edition, 

square i2mo, cloth, 28. Paper covers, is. 6d* 

Saturday Review.—" A charming little book of reminiscences of Devon* 
shire rural manner^ customs, q>eech, folk-lore, and diaracter, written by a 
DtfTooshire lady, whose sketches of oonntij life in North Devon some mtj 
yean nnce are marked by truth and simphcity, and a quiet jet penetrative 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

22 Gibbiogs and G>infiany s 

O'NEILL (H.C.)* Told in the tliBii)fiefl. Squave lamo. 
Frontispiece by F, J. Widgray. Goth extra, top edge 
gilt, 2S. 6d. 

Saturday Review.~" Like the deUgfatftd * Devonabirs Idyls,' by the 
saxti« writer, these stories of North Deroo are admirable for the trath and 
kamour of thetr Ulustratioiis of ihe characteristics of the people and county 
ihey treat of." 

Spectator. — " Has all the charms of its predecessors." 

OHKET (GEORGES). The HarlPit Mystery. Crown 
8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. 

PEPYS' DIARY, 1659 to 1669. With Memons and N<Mies 
by Lord Braybrookb. "Standard British Classics,'* 
demy 8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d, 

. AthaoaBum.— "Pepys is marvellously entertaining; the times and the 
man peep out -in a thousand odd drcumstanoes andanosins expressions. 
The ablest picture <^ the ase in which the writer lived, and a work of 
standard importance in English literature." 

from a Contemporary Manuscript, with a Historical Intro- 
duction, Notes, and a Glossary by Thokas Wright, M.A., 
F.S.A. 2 vols. fcap. Svo, buckram extra, top edge gilt, 7s. 


"This remarkable poem is not only so interesting a monument 
of the English language and literature, but it is also so important 
an illustration of the political history of our country during the 
fourteenth century, that it deserves to be read far n^ore generally 
than it has been." 

POKER STORIES. Edited by J. F. B. Lulard. As told 
by Statesmen, Soldiers, Lawyers, Commercial Travellen, 
Bankers, Actors, Editors, Millionaires, Members of the 
Ananias Club, and Che Talent, erobracii^ the most rematk* 
able Games, 1845-95. Crown 8vo, paper, cut flush, as. ; 
or in cloth, 2s. 6d. 

Country aod Sport.— "They axe of surprisingly varied diaracter. and 
of such general excellence that it is probable few will take up the book ?«nd 
leave it unfinished.* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Publications 23 

Library Edition, printed on antique paper. 12 yok. demy 
Syo, tttoifa ttctia, top edge gitt^ £^, 12s. Sff/d tn-sets i>Hly, 

"To this day he remains anrivaHedaaions Etigli^ historians (orvigrbrous 
and direct narrative and fox sustained spleudoar of colour. He is a master 
of narrative aiid incident, and there is not a dali pa<isage In all his histories ; 
hU pages have the vivid colours of reality and Ur&" 

ROBIKSOK (Mrs.), Memoirs of. From the Edition edited 
by her Daughter^ with Notes and Introduction by Fj'rz- 
GERALD MOLLOY. Numerous Portraits of "Perdita," Miss 
Fanren, Duchess of Devonsbiie, &c. Crown 8voy 7s, 6d. 
net. Also 125 copies, large paper, royal 8vo, 21s. net. 

Blacluua QaOMttt.— " We cannot fellow her fortunes and her mis> 
foctoacs, which oor readeis can learn for themselves from these fiudoating 
paces of vaui-coloured life. We would call especial attention to the nine 
lull-page plates, heing portraits ^rom engravings after Romney, Cosway, 
KejrmMds, and Lantence. They are nearly all exquisite pictures, <tf mo>t 
ddicaiie nnbh, and the bodk is vrell worth buying for their sake alone by 
all lo««n of artistic portraiture." 

ROUSSEAU (J. J.), Confessions of. A new Edition, 
thoroughly revised, corrected, and extended by the addition 
of passages omitted from fortnev Edition. Portrait and 15 
Illustrations after Mauricb Lbloir. 4 vols. fcap. 8vo, 
108. net 

' OflardlMl 0««der).— " It is alwa>« consoling to Vnow that 

oae is nM gohig beyond precedent. Perhape thu is why Emerson and 
George BUot agnted that they knew no more helpful book than the ' Coo* 
fessiona.' Without going so far as that, most readers will admit that they 
know few works of more absorbing interest." 

BO WE. A Perambulation of the Aneient and Royal 

Forest of Dartmoor* A Topographical Survey of 
Antiquities and Scenery by the late Samuel Ro>ve, M.A. 
Third Edition, revised and corrected by J. Brookino 
Rows, F.S.A., F.L.S. Illustmted from drawings by F. J. 
WiDOB&Y. 25 full-page plates, numerous Vignettes and 
Woodcuts, and 4 Maps. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 158. net. 

Th« Q9Mn.— " We have rarely met with a work so complete, so balanced 
itt judgment, so admirably illustzated, dealing with kindred topics, as the 
eoe uoder notice." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

24 Gibbings and Company's 

SCOTT (MICHAEL), The Sea Stories of. 
Tom Cringle's Log. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, 5s. net 
The Cruise of the Midfire. 2 vola. fcap. Svo, 5s. net 

With Illustrations by Mr. Frank Branowym. Special 
Title-pages and Binding Designs. Cloth extra, top edge 

Army aotf Navy Oaxeitte.^" No nan ercr wrote better of the life «f 
the sea, few eter so Tividiv, as the anthor of 'Tom CringleTs Log.' That 
fiudnatiiiti[ storv is doubly welcome in the charming form that Mesm. 
Gtbbings & Co. nave given it. Two dainty volomes, most choicely printed, 
illustrated by phot(wravures firom the pendl of Mr. Frank Brangwyn, and 

SCOTT (SIR WALTER), Poetical Works of. Complete 
Edition; with Introductions and Notes. 3 vols. feap. 8vo, 
cloth extra, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

ALLAN CUNNING HAM.— "No one since the days of Homer has 
sung with snch an impetuous and burning breath the nnster, the maidi, 
the onset, and all the fiery vicissitudes of battle."* 

SELDEN (JOHN). Table Talk. With a Biographical 
Preface and Notes by S. W. SiNGBR, F.S.A. To which is 
added Spare Minutes; or, Resolved Meditations and 
Premediuted Resolutions, by Arthur Warwick. Fcap. 
8vo, buckram extra, top edge gilt, 3s. 6d. 

COLBRIDOB.— " There u more weighty bullion sense in this book than 
I ever found in the same number of pages of any uninspired writer. . . . 
Oh, to have been with Seklen over his glass of wine, making every aoddem 
an oatlet and a vdiide of wisdom." 

SHELLET (PERCY BYSSHE). Complete Poetieal 
Works. The Text carefully revised, with Notes and a 
Memoir by William Michael Rossbttl 3 vols., 
"Standard British Classics," demy Svo, doth, top edge 
gilt, 22s. 6d. 

A New Edition of the above, in large crown Svo, gilt 
edges, with Photogravure Frontispiece and Titles and Cover 
designed by Ndllis Syrett, 21s. 

standard.— "We gladly predict for this edition a popularity which k 
so well deserves. We must also add that it possesses the merit of includiag 
many pieces of Shelley's not usually found in previous editions of his works, 
and some not hitherto printed." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Publications 25 

SHBLLBT (PERCY BTSSHB). Poetieal Works. Given 
from his own editions and other authentic sources, collated 
with many manuscripts and with all editions of authority, 
together with his prefaces and notes, poetical translations^ 
m^ents, and juvenilia, edited by H. Buxton Forman. 
Thnd Edition, with the Notes of Mary Wollstonb- 
CRAFT Shbllby. With 2 Etchings by W. B. Scott. 2 
vols, crown Svo, buckram, with Design by Gabribl 
RossKTTi, 12s. 

Primer. By H. S. Salt. Crown 8vo, boards, 2s. 6d. 

libranr. L An Essay in BibUography, by H. Buxton 

FORMAN, Shelley's Books, Pam^ets, and Broadsides, Post- 
humous Lepascell Issues and Fosthumous Books. Demy 
8vo, wrapper, 3s. 6d. 

II. In /Ad press. 

Memoirs. Wnh a new PrefiKe by W. M. Rossbtti. 

Crown 8vo, 3s« 6d. 


A New Edition with Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. 

SHERATON (THOMAS). The Cabinetmaker's and 
Upholsterer's Drawing Book (1708). 4to, £j, s** 

A Reprint of this celebrated and excessively scarce book 
from the Third and best Edition, and containing the 
"Appendix" and "Accompaniment," and having repio- 
dnctxms of all the beautifully drawn designs. 

CaMaetmakcr.— '* The book is in one volnnie, tastefully bound In doth* 
•ad while iu ec g n h i ti on is practicellY a dnty on the part of all who are 
rasponsible for the inmishing of English homes, it wonld be prised by aD 
who take mora than a pasnng interest in the development of the indnttrial 

Classics," demy 8vo, doth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

HAZLITT.-'<Ris comic 1 
eemers^ or collecting idle cni.^ 
p^ijtws to her rich treasiue the i 
crowned with roses and vine leaves. Her eyes sparkle with delight, and 
her heart nms over with good-natared malice. Her step is arm and ugn* 
and her omamiiBli coMommate 1 " 

SIDDONS (Mrs.). Memoirs of. By Jambs Bowden. I^«- 
spersed with Anecdotes of Authors and Actors, with ror- 
traits. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5s. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC _^_^ 

36 GibHogs and Compaay V 

SIDNEY (Sir PHILIP^ The UMeflanmas Worisi of. 

With a Life of the Author and Illustralm Note3 by 
William Gray, Esq., of Magdalen College. Demy Svo, 
buckram, top edge gilt, 128. 6d. 
250 copies only for England. 


" All our Author's published writings, with the exoeption of the 
Arcadia and the Psalms, have been collected from various quarters, 
and embodied in this volume." 

SMITH (MOTR.) The Wooinsr of £thra. With 5 

Etchings and numerous Woodcuts. 33mo, cloth gilt, 2s. 
-"A singularly beautiful litUe book." 

Tales of Old Thuld. Illustrated. Square crown 

Sto^ 3s. 6d. 

George Saintsbury and illustrated by Frank Richards. 
In 12 vols. fcap. 8vo, cloth extra, each 2s. 6d. net. 

Roderick Random. 3 vols. 
Peregrine Pickle. 4 voU. 
Count Fathom. 2 vols. 
Sir Lancelot Greaves, i vol. 
Humphrey Clinker. 2 vols. 

100 copies for England, post 8vo, with proof impression 
of the Illustrations on Japan vellum. 120s. 

Sir WALTER SCOTT.-" Hb faults un radeemedby such liohiMK 
and brilliancy of colours ; such a profusion of imagination, now bodying 
forth th« grand and terrible, now the natural, the easy, and the Indicrous ; 
there is so much of life, action, and bustle in every group he haa painted ; 
so much force and individuality of character, that we readOy grant to 
Smollect aa equal rank with has jpand rival. Fielding, while we place both 
far above any of their successors m the same line of fictitious composition.'* 

Qhisfow Herald.—" It is incumbent on us to lay of this new entenriao 
of Messrs. Gibbings that they are furnishing an adition whkh wfli ha valued 
by the public equally for its handiness and its elegance. The volumes are 
thin and light, the typography is beantifuUy dear, while the iUustntiona 
by Mr. Frank Richards show that he has ihoronghiv caught the spirit of 
his author. This edition of Smollett is one that wilfba bought with ease, 
read with pleasure, and kept with cai:«." 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Publications 27 


Manchester QuAnllan,—" A not«bl« list of repxiots.'' . . 

These have been prepared to meet the demand for a Series of 
Libiarjr Editions of the best Anthofs at a modente pripe. 
Demy 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. 

t Pepys' Diary, 1659 to 1669. With Memoiis and 
Notes by LoRD BraVbrookk. 

1 Evelyn's Diary» 1641 to 1706. With Memoirs and 
Notes by William Bray, F.S.A. 

5. Gibbon's Roman Empire. A New Edition in 4 vols., 

with all the Author's Notes. 

4 Walton and Cotton's Complete Anirler. lUvs- 

trated Edited by G. Christophbr Davies. 

6. White's Natural History of Selborne. Illustrated. 

Edited by G. Christopher Davies. 

6. Sheridan's ]>ramatic Works. 

7. Swift's ChOiee Works. Including "Gulliver's 

TraveU," "Tale of a Tub." Ac. 

8^ Bacon's Essays and other Works, induding 

** Advancement of LeamtBg," '* Wisdom of the Ancients,'' 
"New Atlantis." 

9. Dante's Vision. Translated by Gary, with Notes and 


10. Homer's Iliad. Translated by Pope, with Notes by 

BUCKLBT, and Flaxman's Designs. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

28 Gibbings and Company's 

11* HomeP'S Odyssey. Translated by FOPB, with Notes bjr 
Buckley, and Flaxman*s Designs. 

12. Motley's Dutch Republic. 3 ▼ols. 

la. Napoleon. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. By 

W. Hazlitt. 3 vols. 

14. Shelley (Percy Bysshe). The Complete Poetical 
Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Text carefoUy 
revised, with Notes and a Memoir, by William 
Michael Rossbtti. 3 vols. 

STATHAM (F. REGINALD). The Fiery Fumaee. A 

Tale in Two Acts. > rown 8vo, 6s. 

Dally dUiftnldA.— " We heartily recommend it to all and sundry. It 
is a straightforward story^ though a long. It hangs^ fire a little at the 
opeaingi but when once uurly started there is no lagging. The character 
drawing is jwaiseworthy. (Constance's is a noble and beautifnl portrait, 
finely conceived and executed. Altogether the book is a really good ^eoe 
of work, and we congratulate Mr. Statham." 

Sporting Birthday Book. Quotations from Major G. J. 
Whyte Melville, Mr. Egerton Warbarton, Captain Qaik 
Kennedy, Somerville, &c., arranged and collected by A. E. 
Studdy. ^th 14 lUnstiations, square i2mo, doth, gilt 
edges, 5s. 

Land and Water.—" In th» delightful little Tolame there are hundreds 
of cheering strains ; no dreanr introspective nonsense concerning life, is it 
worth living f and so on. Ifo, life is here depicted as it should be felt- 
something jocund, exhilarating, ei^joyable, and tajojtd." 

SWIFT'S CHOICE WORKS. Including <<GalUver's 
Travels," "Tale of a Tub," &c "Standard British 
Classics," demy 8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

SWIFT On old •gt).—** What a genius I had when I wrote that book I " 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Gitalogue of Publicatioos 29 


A Collection of really good Sensational Stories, by Authors of 
repute at home and abroad, many being especially translated for 
thi» Edition, and some appearing for the first time in English. 
Fcap. 8to, paper, is. ; or cloth, top edge gilt, at is. 6d. each. 

L GennaiL Contents.— The Crystal Dagger. A Strange 
Bride, &c 

2. French. Contents. —The Mysterious Sketch. The 
Lyons Courier, &c. 

8. Italian. Contents.— The Bridal Wreath. Domenico 
Matteo, &C. 

4. Spanish. Contents.— The Golden Bracelet. The Green 

The same, 2 vols, in one, picture boards, 2s. each. 
THEOSOPHICAL.— Man : Fraerments of Forgotten 

History. By Two ChekLS in the Theosophical Society. 
3rd Edition. Post 8vo, 4s. 

THOMSON (JAMES), "B.y." Poetieal Works. Con- 
taining "City of Dreadful Night," &c., complete. Edited 
with a memoir by Bertram DobelL 2 vols, post 8vo, 12s. 6d. 

— BiofiTPaphieal and Gritieai Studies. Post 


Contents. — Rabelais. Saint Amant. Ben Jonson. 
William Blake. Shelley. A Strange Book. John Wilson. 
James Hogg. Robert Browning, &c., &c 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

30 GibUags and Company s 

TAYLOR (J.E.), F.L.S., F.G.S., &c. Notes on CoUeet- 
ing and Preserving Natural History Objects. 

Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, as. 6cL 

Contents. — Geological Specimens by J. E. Taylor. 
Bones, by £. F. Elwin. Birds Eggs, by T. Snblltwbll, 
F.Z.S. Butteraies and Moifas, by Dr. Knaoos. Beetles, 
by £. C Rye, F.Z.S. Hymenoplera, by J. B. Bjudgman. 
Fresh Water Shells, by Prof. R. Tatb, F.G.S. Flowering 
Plants and Ferns, by J. Brellbn, F.L.S. Grasses, by 
Prof. BC7GKMAN, F.G.S. Mosses, by Dr. BEAITIftrAiTB. 
Fungi, by W. G. Smith, F.L.S. Lichens^ by Rev. J. 
Gemblb, F.L.S. Seaweeds, by H. Grattam. 

VAUGHAN (ROBERT ALFRED), B.A. Hours with the 
Mystics. A Contribution to the History of Religious 
Opinion. Seventh Edition, crown 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d. 

CHARLES KINOSLBY.—" There it not a page nor a parafpaph in 
these ' Hours ' in which there is not something worth reoolleeting, aud often 
reflections very wise and very weighty indeed. No one can rise from the 
perusal of the book without finding himself, if not a better, at least a more 
thoughtful man, and perhaps a humUer one also, as he learns how many 
more struggles and donbts, discoveries, sorrows, and joys, the haman race 
has passed through than are contained m his own private experience." 

WALSH (WILLIAM S.). Handy Book of Uterary 

Curiosities. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, marbled 
edges, 1 104 pp., I2S, 6d. 

A few of the articles in this curioas, amusing, and in- 
structive volume may be mentioned : Acrostics. Allitera- 
tion. Anagrams. Bibliomania. Binding. Book-plates. 
Cryptogrrams. Coincidences. Dedications. Epigrams. 
Epitaphs. Forgeries. Indexes. Lost Treasures. Mistakes 
of Authors. Mixed Metaphors. Names, Curiosities of. 
Parody. Plagiarism. Puns. Real People in Fiction. 
Reviews, Curiosities of, Typographical Errors, &c 

O. A. S»— "The book runs to more than eleven hundi«d pages, and in 
these Mr. Walsh treats his many and various subjects in an exhaustive 
manner. The book throughout has been executed with care, and the volume 
will form a useful addition to any library." 

ScotMnail.~"Even the shortest articles are well »Titten,and the vast 
amount of information which Mr. Walsh has collected is always given in a 
pleasing and kittfresting form." 

Spectator. — ' 'Of really Remarkable merit " 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

catalogue of Publicatiotis 31 

WALSH (WILLIAM S.). Curiosities of Popular 

Customs. And of Rites, Ceremonies, ( )b8erv&nces, and 
MiscellaneoiB Rites. Uniform MFith above. {Shortly, 


Illustrated. Edited by G. Christovher Davibs. *' Stan- 
dard British Classics," demy ^vo, dolh, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

Sir JOHN HAWKINS.— "Whether we consider the elegant simplicity 
of the styl^ the ease and unaffected humour of the dialocue, the lovely 
soeoes wbi^ it delineates, the enchanting pastoral PO«try which it contains, 
or the fine morality it so sweetly inculcates, it has hardly its fellow among 
any of the modem languages." 


Illustrated. Edited by G. Christopher Davies. " Stan- 
dard British Classics," demy 8vo, cloth, top edge gilt, 7s. 6d. 

I Qoarterlv Review.— "A man the power of whose writings 

has immortaliaed an obscure village and a tortoise — for who has not hearid 
of ' Timothy ' f— as long as the English language lives." 

WILLIAMS (HELEN MARIA). A Narrative of the 
Events which have taken place in France from 
the Landing of Napoleon Bonaparte on the ist of 
Mareh, 1815, till the Restoration of Louis XVIIL 

With an Account of the State of Society and Public Opinion 
at that Period. Large post 8vo, 7s. 6d. net 

WISE (JOHN R.). The New Forest, its History and 

its Scenery. Fourth Edition. With 63 Illustrations by 
Walter Crane, engraved by W. J. Linton, and 2 Maps. 
Mediam 8vo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. 

Also an Edition with 12 Full-page Etchings by Hey wood 
Sumnek, most careful impressions on Japan vellum, and 
bound in buckram, 12s. 6d. net. 

This is a complete history and description of the whole of 
that delightful part of England lying between Southampton 
Water and the Avon, with 63 woodcuts by the most eminent 
wood-engraver and after an artist whose reputation is world- 
wide. Besides the matter of general interest, there are 
chapters of special importance to antiquaries and naturalists, 
such as Folk-lore and Provincialisms (with glossary). The 
Barrows. Roman and Romano-British Pottery. Parish 
Registers. Geology. Botany (with list of the Flowering 
Plants). Omithol^ (with list of Birds). list of Lepi- 
dopteim, &C., &c. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

32 Catabgue of Publicadons 

WOLFE (THEODORE), M-D.. Ph.D. A Uterary PU- 
grimasre among the Haunts of Famous British 

AnthOFS. 4 lUustiations, fcap. Svo, linen, 68. 

CONTBNTS. — Literary Hampitead and Highgate. 
Thames-side to Chelsea. Scene di Gray's Elegy. Dickens' 
land. Haunts of Byron. The Loamshire of George Eliot. 
Haworth and the Brontes, &c., &c 

Literary Shrines. The Haunts of some Famous 

American Authors. 4 Illustrations, fcap. 8vo, linen, 6t. 

Contents. — ^The Concord Pilgrimage. In and out of 
Literary Boston. In Berkshire with Hawthorne. A Day 
with the good Gray Poet, Ac., &c. 





Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Catalogue of Practical Handbooks 
Published by L. Upcott Gill, 170, 
Strand^ London, JV.C. 


iem OaliitlML aad How to Prepare Them. By «a Ambugan Ladt. 
fOf&r, price !«., 6y pott If. 2d. 


•£ ilM All-Bonnd* A OoaimheiieiTe Treaiiee oa Ang)ing 

both I^eeh and Salt Water. In Four Divbione aa named below. By 
JOHM BiCKERDTKS. With oTor 220 JEnpaTtnga. In etoth, price 5f. 6d., 2iy 
peat 6t. Md. (A few coplaa of a Labgc PapekBdrion, bound m Meaiurghe, 
price 2k. ntU,) 

Anglinff for Coarwe I^ish, Bottom Fbhing, accovdinff to the 
Methoda In nee on the Thamea, Trent, Norlolk Broads, and daewhere. 
EUnatrated. Inpaper^ price U., by poet la. 2d. 

AnpUng for PiJfeo. The moat approred Metboda of Flahina for Pike 
or Jack. Pcofately Illnatmted. In paper, price la, by poet la. Sd. ; doth, 
8t. (iMMiK). by poet 2a. id, 

AngHng for Oaene rUh. The Yarlona Methods of Fishing for 
SalBMm ; MoerlaAd, Chalk-stream, and Thamea Tront ; Grayling and Ohar. 
Well Dlnatiated. in papar, price la. 6d., by poet la. 9d. 

Anglinp in Bait Water. Sea Fishing with Bod and line, from the 
fiEhore, Piers, JTettleo^ Bocks, and from Boats ; together with Some Aoeonnt 
of Hand-Lining. Orer 60 Bngravinga. In paper, price la, by poet, U. 2A. ; 
ektk, 2a (tmaulx by pest 2e. 3d. 

, Book mL A Practical Gnlde to the Coaatraetion, Arrangenient| 
[anagement of Fteahwater and Marine Aquaria; containing Foil 
Information aa to the Plants, Wee^ Fish, MoUnsoL Insects, Ac, How and 
Where to Ohtala Them, and How to Keep Tbem in Health. Illnstrated. By 
Bsv. OsaeoRT C. Batemak, A.K.CL, and Bbqimald A. R. Butmnr, B.A. 
In dcth gilt, price 6e. 6d.. Ay jwf( 6a lOd. 

iwator: Their Oonatmetion, Arrangement, Stocking, and 
Fhlly muatrated. By BXY. O. O. Batbm jln , A.K.C. In 
doth piM, price Ss,6d„ by poet ie.l(kL 

AqaanR. HaFlno: Their Ckmstraction, Arrangement, and Management. 
Fnll^lllnatrated. By B. A. B. BBmnr, &A. In doth giU, price 2a 6d., 
ftyjMst aa Sd. 

JliifltNaia, Shall I Trj? A Guide to the Auatralian Coloniea for the 
Bmigraat Settler and Borinesa Man. With two lUnstntiona. By Gbokok 
L4001CJA1IB8. Indothgat,priceU.bA.,bypoatU.Vid, 

Jlvtognvh OeUoetiiitf: A Practical Maanal for Amateurs and Historical 
Btndenta, containing ample information on the Selection and Arrangement 
of AnU^pha, the Detedfon of Forged Spedmena, Ac, Ac, to which are 
added numeroUB Faeaimilea for Study and Beference, and an extenalTe 
▼ateation Vable of Antogranha worth Oollecting. By HxiiftT T. Soott, 
M.D., L.B.aP., Ac In TeaOmttU gitt, price la. 6d. neH, by peat le. lOd. 

• ■ ■ ■■I* Mid FkBoy nOn: Their Organisation and Management. A 
Searetary'a Vade Meaum, Bj Johm Mcrnu In paper, price la., by poet la. 8d. 

M,aBd_Boo-Ko«pl]if s Sdentliio and Practlca]. By F. B. Cbmhibx, 
F.L&, F.BM.S.. Lecturer on Apiculture at South Kensington. In tteo vote., 
dath got, price yia^ by poatVba,6d. 

Toi, I,tJMonHfia. A complete Treatise on the Anatomy and Physio- 
logy of the Hi?e Bee. In deth giU, price 7a 6d., by poet 7a. lOd. 

Voh II. f Braotieal Managomont of Beea* An BxhaustiTe Treatise 
mi Advanced Bee Culture. In doth gitt, price Se. td,, by poet St. lid. 

lO-Kosplntf, Book oC A Tory practical and Complete Manual on the Proper 
Management of Bees, eepedally written for Beginnera and Amateurs who have 
bntafewHiTea. FuIlylDluatrated. By W. B. WBBtTBa, Flrst-dass Bxpert, 
B.B.K.A. In paper, price U, by poatla. ad. ; daih, la. bd., by peat la. U. 

185 D 11/97 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

Published by L. XJpcott Gill, 

B«tfonla Cnltortt, for Amatmin and Profttdonals. GontelniBg Fall DIrMtfmM 
for the Siioc«stfiil CnltlTation of tbe B«s<»^ vnd«r OUm and is the Opea 
Air. niostiAted. By B. C. RlTBiiscROffT. In paptr, prim U., by poti 
If. 2d. 

B«iit Iron Work: A Practical Bianaal of Initmctlon for Amateurs in the 
Art and Craft of Making and Ornamenting Light Artldee in imitation of the 
beantifnl Mediasral ancT Italian Wt<ragfat Iron Work. By F. J. JBrskinb. 
Illnstrated. In paptr, priM If., by pott If. 2d, 

Birds, Brltlah, for tho Omf and JLvlary. Blnetraied. By Db. W. T. 
Q&BBMB. [In ths prut. 

Boat Bnildlntf and BaUtng, PraetfoaL Containing Ftfl Inelnietiotia for 
Deeigning and Bnilding Pants, Skiffs. Canoes, Sailing Boats, Aa Particnlan 
of the most suitable Sailing Boate and Yachts for Amateus, and Instraetions 
for their Proper Handling. Fnlly Illastrated with Designs and WockiM 
Diagrams. By Aoriah Nuson, C.E., DlXON KncP. A.LN.A., and GK 
CaauTorHXB Datum. In ons «o<., oMk gUt, prie$ It, 6d.» by pott It. lOd. 

Boat Building for JUnatonrs, Praetioal. Containing I^ill Instmctions 
for Designing and BnOding Pnnts, Skiffs, Canoes, Sailing Boats. Ac Fnllj 
pnstrated with Working Diagrams. By Adsian Nbisom, G.B. Second 
ReTiied and Bnlaiged by DixON Kncr, Author of **Taeht 
g," "A Mannal of Taeht and Boat SaOIng," te. Indoth9iU,prie$ 

Edition, ReTiied and Bnlaiged by DixON Kncr, 
Destgning," "A Mannal of Taeht and T ' 
2f. S. bypott2t,9<L 

Boat BaUlntf for Amatonrs, PraetioaL Contalateg Paitlenlan of tbe 
most Suitable Sailing Boato and TaehU for Amateurs, and Instmctions 
for their Proper Handling, Ac. BlastFated with numeroos Diagrams. By 
O. CHRX8T0PBK& Dayibs. Seoood Edition, Berised and Enlarged,' and with 
several New Plans of Yachts. In elotk giU, priot St., by pott Of. 44. 

Bookbinding for JUnatonra : Being Descriptions of the Tarions Tools and 
Appliancee Bequired, and Minute Instmctions for their BffectiTe Use. By 
W. J. E. CRAirx. Illustrated with 166 Bngrarings. In Ooth ffiU, priot St. 6(L, 
by pott 2ff. 9d. 

Bnlb Cnltoro, Povnlar. A Practical and Handy Onide to the Sueeesafnl 
CultiTation of Bulbous Plants, both hi the Open and under Olasa. By W. D. 
Drukt. Fully Illustrated. In papor, priot la, by pott la 2d. 

Bvnknm ■ntortainmontsi A CdUeodon of Origlsal Ijinghahle Skte on 

pp*« * v w a.ii»m , wi,u.i w wuivu mrv anuuvu naiuuKVUs owvi^uaB, tihii ii p wi i 

Bedtals, and Drawing-room Comedies. In cloth, priot 2t.ti.tby pott 2t. ML 

Bntterflles, Ttao Book of BrtUnh: A Practical Mannal for OoUecton 

and Naturalists. Splendidly Dlnstrated throughont with very accnrate 
BnmTinss of the Caterpillars. ChmaUds, and Mtteriliee, both upper and 
nnder aides, tnm drawings by the Author or direet from Natare. By 
W. J. LUCA8, B.A. Priot St. bl, by pott it. 9d. 

Bnttorfly and Moth CoUoetini;: Where to Search, and What to Do. By 
G.E. SIMMS. Illustmted. In papor, prist U., by pott It. 2d. 

Caotun Cnltnro for JUnatonra t Being Beeerlptions of the various 
crown in this country; with Full and Praetioal Instraetions for thsir 
ful Cultivation. Bt W. Watson, Assistant Curator of the Boyal 

on. By , ^ 

Gardens, Ke w. Profusely Dlustcated. In Ootk, giU, priot Uf ntU, by pott St. Ad, 

Oada Birds, Pi s o a sas of; Their Oanses, Symptoms, and Ttedtment. A Hand- 
book for everyone who keeps a Bird. By Dm. W. T. QauMS, F.Z.S. In papor, 
priot U., by pott It. 2d. 

Canary Book. The Breeding, Rearins, and Mavvemeat of all TaiMies of 
Canaries and Canary Mules, and all oUier matters eonneoted. with this Fsaey. 
By BOBSRT Ij; Wali^cb. Third Edition. In doth giUt priot U, by pott 
8t.4d. ; iweA COLOURBD PLATSS,,bypottUmr * ^ '^ 

Oenerat Managontmnt of Canarioa. Cages and Gags^maklng, 
Breeding, Managing, Mule Breeding, Diseases and their Treatment, Moulting, 
Peeti^Ac. niastrated. In ohtk,,bypott2M.2d. 

Btat.ihiH4m Ctmariot. Full PartieuUrs of all the diffo^nt Tarleties. 
^eir Pointi of EzoeUence, Preparing Birds for Exhibition, FtormaUon and 
Muumient ef Cwnr SodeUeo and Exhibitions. Illnstrated. In tittk. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

170, Strand, London, W.C. 8 

Ouuupy, Tha Pttt. With ■ohm lortnictioni m lo lis PmohaM, Dlel, Tollelte, 
Gag*, and BanlUrr Keeping. lUiwtmUd. By W. H. Bvm. Hon. Ttmls. 
Oh* Bird Glab. PHm 69, neU, hy pat b§. Id. 

Cmam Basket Wopk: A Practical Manual on Weaving Usefnl and VancT 
Baeketo By An M w FniTH. lUoBtrated. In doth ffiU, pri0$ It. 6tf. , 6y p0it U. 8a. 

Card ConjuPteif: Being Tricks with Cards, and How to Perform Them. By 
Prof. Bll» Stanton. Hlastrated, and in Coloured Wrapper. Pries U,, 
by pott U. 2d, 

Card Trloka, Book of; lor I>i»wing-room and Stage Rntertainmants by 
AmatettiB ; with aa exposure of Trlcka as practised oy Card Sharpers ana 
Swindlers. Nnmenms Illustrations. By Prof. B. Kunard. In iOuttraUd 
wrappmr^ prim 2t. 64., fty potf 8t. 9d. 

Carnation Cnltora, for Amateurs. The Culture of Carnations and Piootees 
of all Oasses in the Open Ground &nd in Pots. Illustrated. By B. C. Batkns* 
CROPT. Inpapsr, pnct U,^ by pott U, 2d. 

Oats, DoBMStle or Vanoy x A PraoUial Treatise on their Antiquity, Domesti- 
cation, Tarleties, Breeding, Management, Diseases and Bemedfes, Exhibition 
and Judging. By John J enninos. Dluslrated. In clothe prict 2^ 6d., 6y pott 
20. 9d. 

Chryianthemam Cnltnra. for Amateurs and Professionals. Containing Full 
Directions for the Suecewf ul Cultivation of the Chrysanthemum for Exhibition 
and the Market. By B. C. Batbnscroft. New Edition. Illustrated. In 
pap0r, prim It., ly pott U. 2d. 

Chnmanthemnm, The Show, and Its Cultivation. By C. Scott, of 
the Shefileld Chrysanthemum Society. In paper, prict bd., by pott Id. 

Coins, a Guide to Bngllsh Pattern, in Gold, SiWer. Copper, and Pewter, 
from Edward L to Victoria, with their Value. By the Ret. O. F. Crowthbr, 
M.A. niusttated. In tUvtr eloth, vith yiU faenmilt of Coin; priot 6a, by 

pott at. id. 

Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, a Guide to the, in Gold, SilTer, 
and Copper, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, with their Value. 
By the late Colonbl W. Strwart Tborburn. Illustrated. In tloth piM, 
priot 7a td., by pott It. lOd. 

CoUle, The. Ita History, Points, and Breeding. By Hugh Dalziel, ^ Illus- 
trated with Coloured Frontispieoe and Plates. In paper, price It., by pott 
U. 2d. ; tlath, 2t.,by poet2t Zd. 

Collie Stud Book. Edited by Hugh Dalzibl. Price It. 6d. each, by pott 
3a 9d. each. 

Vol. I., containing Pedigrees of 1308 of the best-known Dog^ traced to 
their most remote known anoeetors ; Show Record to Feb., 1890, an. 
Vol. II. Pedigrees of 796 Dogs, Show Record. Ac 
Vol. III. PeSip««s of 786 Dogs, Show Record, Ac 

Columbarium, Moore's. Reprinted Verbatim from the orlginial B^«S<^ 
of 1735, with a Brief Notice of the Author. By W. B. Teoetiibier, J.*»- 
Member of the British Ornithologists' Union. Prieo Is., by pottU.V.. 

ConJurlntf, Book of Modem. A Practical Oaide to Drawtng-room and 
Stage Magle for Amateura By Professor B. Kunard. lUustrateo. 
iUuMtrated wrapper, price 2t. bd., by pott 2m. 9d. 

CoiMnHntf for Amateurs. A Practical Handbook on How ^T^^T!^ 
a Number of Amusing Tricks. By Prof. Ellis Stanton. In papor, pnce ^., 
poet U. 2d. . ^l 

Cookery, The BnoyclopsBdla of PraoUcaJ. A complete Dicttonary^^^a 
pertjuning to the Art of Cookery and Table Serrice. Edited by T«*^VA.oluaely 
Qarrktt. assisted by eminent Chefs de CuiHine and Confectioners. ^ q^jj, 
niustmted with Coloured Plates and EngraTinga by Harold roawj»'»» ,^^ 
CauiKSHANK, W. MUNN ANDREW, and others. In 2 ooJs., demy hiw- 
bound, gitt, price £3 3a neU, by pott £3 5a nett. ^^ 

Cookery for Am«teura; or, French Dl^es for «nK^^ ^^SJfcookery . 
Classes. Includes Simple Cookery, Middle-claaa Cookery. 8ttp«^ MaP^'** 
Cookery for Invalids, and Breakfast and Luncheon Cookenr. *>» 
VALtWK. Second Edition, In paper, price la., Hr PO«t ^- »l. ^ta^le 

Cucumber Culture fbr Amateurs. Including alro f^^]^*L, ^ce "U.. 
Marrows, and Gourds. lUusfcrated. By W. J. May. In pap^* ^ 
by pott It. 2d. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

PuUithed by L. IJpoott Gill, 

OyollBt'B Route Map of Bnglaad and Wales. Showi dtarly all tha Mala, 
and moftt of the Ctom, Boada, Railroads, and tho Distances between the 
Chief Towns, as well as the Mileage from London. Li addition to this, 
Boutes of TIUHy of ths Mo$t Jnteretting Toun are printed in red. Foaxth 
Edition, thoroughly rerised. The map is printed on specially prepared 
Tellum paper, and is the fullest, handiest, ana best up-to-date touiist^s map- 
in the market. In cloth, priM 1<., by pott It. 2d, 

Da»ltfninrf, Harmonlo and Keyboard. Explaining a System whereby 
an endleBa Variety of Most Beautiful I>efligns seated to numberless 
Kanufactnres may be obtained by Unskilled Persons from anv Printed 
Kusie. Illustrated by Numerous BxpUnatory Diafrrams and IllnsttaUTe 
Examples. By C. H. WlUCllfSON. Dttny 4eo, priet £2 2f. tuU. 

Dotfa, Breaking and Training: Beinc Ck>ncise IMrections for the proper 
education of Dogs, both for the Field and for Companions. Seeead 
Edition. By " PATBFiifDKR." With Chapters by Hugh Daizibl. Illus- 
trated. In eloth giUt priee b*. bd., by pott 6s. lOd. 

Dotfa, Brltiali, JLnolent and M^em: Their Varieties, History, and 
Characteristics. By Hugh Dalzibl, assisted by Eminent Fanciers. 
BeautifnUy Illustrated with COIiOURED PLATES and full-page EngraTings 
of Bogs of the Da/, with numerous smaller illustrations in the text. This 
is the fullest worx on the yarious breeds of dogs kept in England. In 
three Yolumes, d«my 800, eloth giU^ priee lOt. 6d. taeh, 1^ pott lis. each. 
Vol, I. JDogs Used in Field Sports. 

Tot. II, Dogs XTs*'ful to Man in othor Worh than JField 
Sports: House and Toy J>og/t, 

Vol, III, Praetieal Kennel Management: A Complete 
Treatise on all Matters relating to the Proper Management of Dogs whether 
kept for the Show Bench, for the Field, or for Companions. 

Dogm. Diseases of: Their Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment; Modes of 
Administering Medicines ; Treatment in cases of Poisoning, Ac. For the use 
of Amateurs. By Hugh Dai^ibl. Fourth Edition. Entirely Be-written 
and brought up to Date. In paper, priee Is., by pott It, 2d, ; in eioih gilt, 
2s., by pott 2t. 3d. 

Dotf-Keepintf, Popular: Being a Handy Guide to the General Management 
and Training of all Kinds of Dogs for Companions and Pets. By J. Maxtbe. 
Illustrated. In paper, priee Is., by pott It. 2d. 

Bngravlntfs and their Value. Containing a Dictionary of all the Greatest 
Engravers and their Works. By J. H. Slatbr. New Kdltfon, ReTised and 
brought up to date, with latest Prices at Auction. In eloth gilt, price Ibt. 
nett, by poet, 15s. 5d. 

Bntertalnments, JLmateur, for Cbaritable and other Objects: 
How to Organlie and Work them with Profit and Success. By Bobbrt 
Qanthony. In coloured eover, priee la, by pott It. 2d, 

Fancy Work Berles, Artistic. A Series of Illnstiated Manuals on Artistic 
and Popular Fancy Work of Tarions kinds. Bach number is complete in 
itself, and issued at the uniform priee of 6d., by poet Id. Now ready— (1) 
MACRAMi Lacb (Second Edition) ; (2) Patchwork ; (3) Tattiko ; (4) Crbwbl 
Work ; (5) APPLiqui ; (6) Fancy Nbttino. 

Feathered Friends, Old and New. Being the Experience of many yean* 
Obsenration of the Habits of British and Foreign Csge Birds. By DR. W. 
T. Grbbnb. niustrated. In eloth gilt, price be., by poet 5f. 4d. 

Ferns, The Book of Choloe: for the Garden, Conserratory, and Stora 
Describins the best and most striking Ferns and SelagineUas, and giring 
explicit oirections for their Cnltiratlon, the formation of Bockeries, the 
arrangement of Ferneries, Aa By Gborob Schmbidbr. With numerous 
Coloured Plates and other Illastrations. In 3 volt., large pott 4to. doth 
gUt, price £3 3t. nett, by pott £3 &ff. 

Ferns, Choloe British. Descriptive of the most beautiful Variations from 
' the common forms, &nd their Culture. By C. T. Drdbrt, F L8. Very 
accurate PLATES, and other Illustrations. In cloth gUt, priee 2a 6d., ^ 
pott 2s. 9d. 

Ferrets and Ferretlntf. Containing Instructions iox the Breeding, Biaaage- 
ment, and Working of Ferrets. Second Edition, Be-written and greatly 
Enlarged. Illustrated. In paper, priee bd., by pott Id, 

Fertility of Btftfs Certificate. These are Forms of Guarantee given by the 
Sellers to the Buyers of Bgn for Hatchinc, undertaking to refund value of 
any unfertile eggs, or to replace them with good ones. Very valuable to 

sellers of eggs, as they induce purchases. In books, vfith eounter/oitt, price 
" ' ost Id, 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

170 Strand, London, W.C. 

FUMWork-Makiiig for JUnatenm. A oomplate, aocniate, and eMOy- 
ud«ritood work on Blakinf Simplo and High-clMs Fireworks. By Diu W. 
H. BsowMB, M.A. Jn §oloured wrapper, pnM 2f 6d., by put 2m, 9d. 

Flaliepinan, The PraotloaL D«alinc with the Natural Hlstoxr, the 
Lanndary Lore, the Capture of Bxltlih Freeh- Water Fiih, and Tackle and 
Tackle-making. By J. H. Kunb. /n «MA ^, priM 7t. 6d., 6y poiC 7«. lOd. 

Ftah Flesh, and Fovl When In Season, How to Select. Cook, and Serre. 
By Mart Buumr Brown. In ooUntred wrapper, priM It., By pott U. ZcL 
¥ond£n Birds, FaTOorlte, for Cacee and ATiarlee. How to Keep them in 
Health. Folly ninstrated. By W. T. aRBBMB, M.A., M.D., F.Z.&, Ac In 
etoCik, j9ri«f 2f. 6(2., fry p«f( 2f. 9d. 
Fox Terrier, The. lu History, Polnta, Breeding, Bearing, Preparing for 
Exhibition, and Coursing. By HUGH Dalzibl. Illustrated with Coloured 
Frontlq[>i6ce and Plates. In pap^r, pric$ 1«., by pott It. 2d. ; doth, 2t., by pott 
Fox Terrier 8tnd Book. Edited by Hugh Dalzibl. PnM3t.6d.Mek,frypo0< 

Vol. I,f containing Pedigrees of over 1400 of the best-known Dogs, traced 

to their most remote Known ancestors. 
Voi, II, Pedigrees of 1544 Dogs, Show Record, ^c. 
VoU III, Pedigrees of 1214 Dogs, Show Becord, Ac. 
VoU I r. Pedigrees of 1168 Dogs, Show Becord, Ac. 
VoU V, Pedigrees of 1662 Dogs, Show Becord, Ac 
Fretwork and Marquetry. A Practical Manual of Instractiohs in the Art 
of Fret-cuttinc and Marquetry Work. Profusely tUustrated. By D. fyvmnis^. 
In dah, pric$2t. 6d., by pott it, 9d. 
Frleelaiid Meres, JL Cruise on the. By Ernbst B. Suffuno. HUutrated. 
Jn paper, pric* It., by pott It. 2d. 

Fruit Culture for Amateurs. By S. T. Wright. With Chapters on Insect 

and other Fruit PesU by W. D. Drury. Hluatrated. In dothgUt^priotZt. 6d.. 

Game PreserTintf, Praotloal. Containing the fnllest Directions for Bearing 

and Preserving both Winged and Ground Game, and Destroying Vermin ; 

with other Information of Value to the Game Preaerrer. By W. Carnboi^. 

ninstrated. In doth gilt, demy 8vo, price 21t., by pott 21t . 5d. 

GhamesL the Book of a Hundred. By Mart Whitb. These Games are f er 

Adnlta, and wiU be found extremely senrioeable for Parlour Entertainment. 
They are dearly Explained, are Ingenious, dever. Amusing, and exoeedhigly 
NoteL In ttifooardt, price 2m. 6d. by poet i». 9d. 
Gardening, Dictionary of. A Practical Encydopndia of Horticalture. for 
AmaUurs and ProfeasionaLi. Illustrated with 2440 Engravltags. Edited Inr 
G. Nicholson, Curator of the Boyskl Botanic Gardens, Kew : assisted by Prof. 
Trail. ILD., Bev. P. W. Myles, B.A., F.L.S., W. Watson, J. Garrett, and other 
Spedalista. In 4 voit., large pott 4(o. In cloth gilt, price £3, by pott £3 2i. 

Oardenlntf In Btfsrpt. A Handbook of Gktfdening for Lower Egyp^ With a 

Calendar of Work for the different Months of the Year. By Walter Draper. 

in doth, price 3t. 6d., by pott 3t. 9d. 
Goat, Book of the. Containing Full Particulars of the Various Breeds of 

Goats, and their Prodtable Managements With many Plates. By H. Stephen 

Holm 18 Pbglbr. Third Edition, with Bngratings and Coloured Frontispiece. 

In doth gUt, price 4t. 6d., &y pott 4t. lOd. 
Ocat-Keeplntf for JUnateurs : Being the Practical Aianagement of Goate for 

Milking Purposes. Abridged from " The Book of the Goat." niostrated. In 

paper, price It., by pott It.lSd. 
Orape Orowlntffor JLmateurs. A Thoroughly Practical Book on Successful 

vine Culture. By E.M0LTtiBUZ. Hlustrated. In paper,priee lt.,bypottU,2d. 
Greenlionse Management for JLmateurs. The Best Greenhouses and 

Frames, and How to Build and Heat them. Illustrated Descriptions of the 

most snitable Plante, with general and Special Cultural Directions, and all 
. . ther-" 

. information for the Guidance of the Amateur. Second Edition, 
BeTised and Enlarged. Magnificently Illustrated. By W. J. May. In doth 
giU, price bt., by pott 6t.^. 
Gvegrlioand, Tbe: Its History, Points, Breeding, Hearing. Training, and 
Banning. By Huoh Dalziel With Coloared frontispiece. In doth giU, 
demy 890., price 2t. 6d., by pott 2t, 9d. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

PubUih$d fry L. Upoott Gill, 

OnlBMb Pltf» Vhtt, for Food, Far, and Fkaej. Ito VariettM ud ite Mkum- 
L By 0. GUMBERL4ND, F.Z.S. Illiutntted. In eoiouMd ^§nuiptr, pHce 
vjNMeU. 84. Inehthgm,vitk0oUmndfnnti^teee,pH0$2t.6i.»hi/pogt 



Hmikdmriiing, Chmraotmt Indicated by. With lUiutrAtioiia In Snpport 
of tho ThMriw adraneed, taken from Antograph Letton of Sl aU a moi i. 
Lawyers, Soldiers, Bodesiastlcs, Anthors, Poets, Mnsioians, Acton, ana 
other iMnons. Second Edition. By & Bauoran. In tUtk gUt, prtm 8s. 6d., 
by port 2f . 9d. 

Hardy Perennlala and Old-fSuhioned Garden Flowen, Descriptions, 
alpnabetic&lly arranffed, of the most dealrabls Plants for Borders, Bocketies, 
and Shrubberies, inclnding Foliage as well as Flowering Plants. By J. Wood. 
Prof^uely ninstrated. In doth, prie$ it.b(L,by pott 3f . 9d. 

Hawk Moths, Book of Britisb. A Popolar and Praotleal Mannal for aU 
Lepidopteriftts. Gopionsly illustrated in biaok and white from the Author's 
own exquisite Drawings from Nature. By W. J. Ldcai, B. A. In cloth, prieo 
St. bd.,liif jMfe St. Od. 

Home Medicine and Bnrgevy s A Dictionary of Diseases and Accidents, 
and their proper Home Treatment For Family Use. By W. J. Macsbhzib, 
M.D. ninstrated. In cloth, prieo 2f. 6d., bif pott 2t, $d, 

Horae-Keeper, Tbe PracticaL By Oaoftos FLmiifci, G.B., LLD.. 
F.RaV.8., late Principal Veterinarr Surgeon to the British Army, and 
Bz-President of the Boyal College of Veterinary Surgeons. In doth, priot 
St. 6d., by pott 8t. lOd. 

Horae-H:eeplntf for Amateore. A Practical Manual on the Management 
of Horses, for the guidance of those who keep one or two for their personal 
use. By Fox Bussux. In paptr, priee It., bif pott la 2d. ; doth St., fty 

pott $t, id. 

Horses, Diseases of: Their Oauses, Symptoms, and Treatment. For the 

use of Amateurs. By Hugh Dalziu. In papor, priot It., by poot It. 8d. ; 

eleCk 8t., by pott 8t. Sd. 
Incubators and tbelr Management. By J. H. Butclipfb. New Edition, 

BeTiied and Enlaiged. Hlnstrated. In potpm, priot It., by pott It. 2d. 
Inland Vaterlntf Places. A Description of the Spas of Great Britain and 

Ireland, their luneral Waters, and their Medicinal Value, and the atteac- 

Uons which they offer to Invalids and other Visitors. Profusely illustcated. 

A Ck>mpanion Volume to " Seaside Watering Places." Jn doth, priot 8t. bdL, 

•y pen 8a lOd 
Jack JUI JUone. Being a Collection of DescripUTS Yachting Beminiwences. 

By FKAifK CowpsR, B.A., Author of ** Bailing Toun." Illustrated. In 

cloth gilt, priot Sa 6d., 6vpott St. lOd.. 
Joamallsm. P#aetlcal t Uow to Bnter Thereon and Succeed. A book for 

all who think of *• wrlthig for the Prsss." By Johk Dawbon. In doih gilt, 

priot 9t,td.,bypoH 2t. A. 
La^lntf Hens, How to Keep and to Bear Chickens in Large or Small 

iTumbew, in Absolute Confinement, with Perfect Success. By Majob G. F. 

MOBAMT. In papor, priot bd., by poH Id, 
Iilbrary Mannal, The. A Guide to the Formatlou of a Library, and the 

Values of Bare and Sitandaid Books. By J. H. Slatkb, Barrists«vat-Law. 

Third Bditlon. BsTlsed and Greatly Bnlarged. In cMA gilt, priot It, bd, 

nttt, by pott It. lOd, 
Matfic Lanterns, Modem. A Guide to the Management of the Optical 

Lantern, for the Use of Entertainers, Lecturers, Phot^japers, Teachers, and 

others. By R. Child Batlkt. In papor, priot It., by pott It. 2d. 

MIcsL Fancy: Their Varieties. Management, and Breeding. Third Edition, 

with additional matter and Illustrations. In odourtd vropptt rtprtotntina 

dJfg^ront tariotitt, priot U,, by pott U, ^ 
Millinery, Handbook of. A Practical Manual of Instruction for Ladles. 

niUBtrated. By Mmb. Bosis, Court MUliner, Principal of the Sdiool of 

Millinery. In papor, priot It., by pott It. 2d. 
Model Taohts and Boats t Their Designing, Making, and SaiUng. lUustrated 

with 118 Designs and Working Diagrams. By J. DU V. Gbostbmob. in 

Uathortttt, priot 6t., by pott St. Zd. 

Monkeys^ Pet. and How to Manage Them. Illustrated. By Abthub Pattbb- 
80ir. In eloOi giU, priot 2t. td., »y pott 2t. fid. 

Digitized by CnOOQ IC 

170, Strand, lamdon, W.C. 

Mowntalnitriiig, VaUli. A Completo and Handy Onlde to all the Beet 
Boadi and Bye-Paths by which the Tonrtet should Ascend the Welsh 
Monntalns. ^ A. W. Pbert. With nnmeroos Ma|»s. In oloth giU, jiriM,by poH 2i. 9d. . 

MvBbPOom Culture for Amateurs. With Fall DirecUonj for Suocesstnl 
Otowth in Houses, Sheds, Cellars, and Pots, on Shelves, and Out of Doors. 
Illustrated. By W. J. Mat. In paper, price U., by pott 1*. 2d. 

MaiiiMd HUtorj Sketobea among the GamiTora— Wild and Domesticated ; 
with Obeerradons on their Habits and Mental Faculties. By Akthur 
NIOOLS, F.O.&, F.R.a.S. Hlustiated. In doth giU, priet 2t. Id., by pott 
2t. M. 

MatiiMdist'a Dlreotorj, Tlie, for 1888 (fourth year of issue). Invaluable to 
all Students and Collectors. In paper, price la, by pott It, Id. 

Meadlework, Dlotionary of^ An BncydoiMedia of Artistic, Plain, and Fancy 
Needlewprk ; Plain, prsictical, complete, and magniflcently^Dlustrated. By 
8. F. A. Caulpkild and B. C. Saward. In demy 4eo, Wpp, 829 Ilhutra- 
tiont, etttra cloth gilt, plain edget,cuthioned bevelled boa/rdt, price 2\t. nett. by 
poet 2U. M. ; with OOLOURBD PLATES, elegant tatin brocade eloth binding, 
and coloured edgeti 3U. 6d. nett, by poet «3t. 

Ov«liida! Their Culture and Manaicemeni, with Deecriptions of all the Kinds 
in General CulUTation. Illustrated by Coloured Plates and Engrarings. By 
W. Watson, Assistant-Curator, Boyaa Botanic Gardens, Kew ; Assisted by 
W. Bban, Foreman, Boyal Gardens, Kew. Second Edition, Berised and 
with Extra Plates In doth gilt and giU edget, price £1 It. nett, by pott 
£1 Is. 6d. 

Painters and Their Vorks. A Work of the Greatest Value to Collectors 
and such as are interested in the Art, as 
Sketches of all the Artists of Repute (not now 
to the present date, the Market Value of the ^ 

Them, with Full Descriptions of Same. In 3 volt., doth, price 15t nett per vol, 
by pott Ifis. Sd., or 37«. 6d. nett the tet qfZ, by pott 38f. 3d. 

FalniiByf, Deooratlve. A practical Handbook on Painting and Etching upon 
Textiles, Pottery, Porcelain, Paper, Vellum, Leather, Glass, Wood, Stone, 
Metals, and Plaster, for the Decoraaon of our Homes. By B. C. Saward. 
In doth gUt, price U, bd., by pott ^. 9d. 

Paroel Post Dlspateli Book (registered). An InTsluable book for all who 
send parcels by post.