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Wii^'Umi:^/^ eA^eifi4^ ioi^A*^^ 

■■■■•'•■ V^.:.^- 







Copyright 1991 -1 992 by the ASUCLA Communicdlion*. Board on behali oi Bruin Lite. 


,>;;...';5:; -- 





ISSUES 126 fil^ 




2O6 0ROUP$ 


% 290 SENIORS 



"College will be the best years ot 
your lite." 

That's supposed to be a positive 

It was over before I knew it. And 
while I was there I didn't appreciate 
it. I came a naive, innocent, optimis- 
tic, 5'3" girl. I saw racism, sexism, a 
starless sky, and poverty. I left an 
open-minded, sarcastic, skeptical, 
5'4" cynic. And that is a positive 

From all the bad we saw in UCLA 
and LA, we gained good. From all 
the racial tension on campus we 
gained sensitivity and perspective. 
From all the white male dominated 
perspecitves shoved down our throats 
on campus we gained the ability to 
spit it right out. From all the conve- 
niences and laziness that polluted our 
bodies and our earth we gained 
inspiration to make things different 
for our children. For all the poverty 
that surrounded us we gained under- 
standing and compassion. But more 
than anything, what we learned from 
the problems that plagued our cam- 
pus and our city, was the knowledge 
that ignorance is bliss. Yeah, we 
could have gone to a small, private 
school in Iowa, with a lily-white 
student body, in a city of population 
500, and with a sky filled with a 
million stars, but we didn't. 

So what were the "best years of 




our lives" all about? They were about 
frat row, "pump up the volume!" and 
what was that horrible smell?; 
Ackerman movies, and we all wish 
the seats were more comfortable; 
earthquakes; Kerckhotf iced 
cappucinos, searching tor seats, ice 
cream, folk series, and soup in a 
boule; North Campus at noon, scam 
central; the Treehouse, instamatic 
grease; the Bomb Shelter, flies; 
campus Corner, the Green Gobbler; 
NOMMO;Together, and their oh-so- 
scandalous-vagina; Ha'am; La Gente; 
Ten Percent; Al Talib; Bruin Walk, 
accostic; dorm life, now just what is 
in Fire Station casserole?; apartment 
life, washing dishes, eating pasta, 
pasta, pasta and top ramen on an 
exciting day; scooters, scooters, 
scooters; Sunset Rec, scam central; 
the Red Light Affair, who are these 
women?; sleeping till noon; USAC 
elections; the arts; the sciences; North 
vs. South; Homecoming Court, why 
do they have that anyway?; Free 
Speech Movement; football games, 
which I am convinced only alumni 
and Greeks attend; the enormous 
amoLint of Christian societies on 
campus; hair wraps; Mossimo vs. 
Stussy; blondes, fake and real; 
Birckenstocks; a white t-shirt, 
Girbaud jeans, and a black belt; lines, 
lines, lines; Coop pizza; Sak's; Tacos 

Tacos; Numero Uno's Monday night 
all-you-can-eat; Mongol's, packing 
the meat down; underground parties; 
Melrose; FHollywood; Santa Monica 
3rd Street Promenade; Venice Beach; 
Zuma and Malibu; Beverly FHills and 
Bel-Air; roller blades; Tj; Stratton's; 
Yesterdays; falling in love for the first 
time; getting drunk; getting stoned (oh 
how shocking); the Doors; Janet 
Jackson; NWA; STUDS, which gets 
80% of its contestants from UCLA; 
the Simpson's; Saturday Night Live; In 
Living Color; the media; image, 
image, image; Clarence Thomas; 
George Bush; becoming an indi- 
vidual; and finally, inside jokes. FHey, 
so this may seem very high 
schoolesque but give me a break, this 
is my second all-nighter in a row, and 
I'm just doing this for my resume, and 
you're not going to read this anyway. 
If you are reading this you are either 
1 ) on yearbook staff, 2) really bored, 
or 3) 80 years old. 

My point is that these were the 
best years of our lives, and for a lot of 
us they were only some of the best 
years of our lives, because what we 
gained from UCLA gave us direction 
and inspiration to create lives outside 
of UCLA void of racism, sexism, 
heterosexism, pollution, poverty, 
narrow-mindedness, and boredom. 

Artwork bv E.|. Endler 

'•„V .-^« - 

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-. ■ ■L.-V.lPUL^a-.JU'U i A ' J !qBMBBg LBUIflA4.liiAiJi»-L 


.Bi«jn.jA»i>Ti... _.' -.-.J.■^'_u^_^'.^■i 

, 1 ;.!.-i!^,i<.ltJW.'ft-.V 

M. ' /:L. :■■ ' .- -.:->!<.'.L.^,^i.jt!»^J^:.j.i-^.']M;!<-aK ' i>:_U-. ' ,-Aj..!;-\ ' > 



UCLA 24 use 21 


Beat $C Week 











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Su ng 































On March 3, 1991 a Los Angeles citizen was pulled over on a routine speeding violation. Fifty-seven blows and four not guilty verdicts 
later, the Rodney King beating was the straw that broke the camel's back. On Wednesday, April 29, 1992 at the corner of Florence and 
Normandie in South Central L.A. the riots/protests of 1 992 erupted. The next five days saw a mesmirizing mix of protests, beatings, looting, 
arson, and death. Over 50 people died and over 1 ,000 fires were set. The National Guard was called in Thursday night and were deployed i 
Friday morning. Army and Marine troops were told to stand by. Mayor Bradley imposed a sunrise/sunset curfew in the city of L.A. Thursday 
through Sunday. Other cities in L.A. County followed suit in hopes of squelching the violence. In Westwood, stores were looted, but no 
other incidents were reported, and the campus was closed Friday through Sunday. Students of all color rallied together to protest the verdict. 

The rioters were from all walks of life: red, black, white, and yellow; men, women, children; professionals and blue collar workers. During i 
debate over the causes of the riots, some believed them to be a form of protest while one broadcaster termed the weekend a "hooligan's 


Right: Angry protestors 
destroy an information booth 
in a Los Angeles Police 
Department parking lot. The 
booth was eventually set on 
fire by the protestors. 
Bottom: A protestor shouts, 
"No justice, No Peace" at 
police officers. 
Opposite Page: Bedro Arias 
(older man with glasses) vies 
for a peace of the American 
llag in order to burn it in 
symbolic protest of the 
Rodney King criminal trial 



• • 








holiday." Many cited the riots, which quickly spread across the nation, as the seeds to a new civil rights movement and the catalyst to an 
upset for incumbent President Bush in the fall election. President Bush called the urban war the result of Democratic welfare programs, while 
ipresidential candidate Bill Clinton pointed the finger at the Reagan/Bush era. Whatever the cause and whatever one's views on the riots one 
issue remains: something is wrong in urban America. Until society begin housing, feeding, educating, employing, and treating people as 
equals, in spirit as well as letter, the physical and symbolic violence experienced during the riots will continue. 

Bruin Life regrets that the book is late due to the riots, but we felt compelled to cover the L.A. Riots/Protests of 1 992. More importantly, 
we regret not being able to cover the riots more extensively, including the presence of the National Guard and the overwhelming clean-up 
effort. Above all. Bruin Life wishes to emphasize the rainbow of protest and the frustration of the protesters rather than the violence. We 
do not condone violence of any kind but do feel general media coverage has ignored the underlying civil rights aspect of the issue. 














W^' •"■■■'■>/' 

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^^ Campus Events * 


Dread Zeppelin 


^^ Campus Events ^ 




^^ Cultural Affairs ^ 






y^> Cultural Affairs ^ 


Popa Blow Torch 


Campus Events 

^^ campus bvents ^ 


No Doubt 







Morrissey came and went. Quickly. When Morrissey told the Pauley Pavillion crowd that they didn't need to stay in their seats, concert- 
goers rushed the stage, trampling any who stood in their way. Morrissey was pulled from the stage by security guards as fans leapt onto the 
stage in hopes of merely touching the idol of the alternative music world. Morrissey never returned to the stage and never offered to refund 
the tickets that were, in the end, only worth four songs and a riot. 





Dalai Lama 



_^9K^^ »^^^^^^^I^^I^E^ ~^t^ ^^^L 



lurtle Kland < )ii.irtel 

Gyuto Monks Tiljelan Tiinlnt Clioii 


The Performing Arts 

P.irsons Dance Company 


/)i/(,) Bern hard 


The Performing Arts 

UCLA 's Center for the Performing Arts 

nter lor the Performing Art-. 



The Performing Arts 

)o-yo and Emanuel A\ 




The Performing Arts 

Canterville Chosl 


Philif] Class - "Hydrogen Jukebox" 


Campus Events Speakers 

Mercedes Reuhle 

Academy Award Winner - Best Supporting 
Actress for her role in the The Fisher King 



Jay Sandrich 

Director - The Cosby Show 

Lynda Obst 

Producer - The Fisher King 







^K. f'^ xC^J9ctHHBI^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


s v^^g^BBI^BB^^B^^^ ^ 







91 ■::'''i';;;;;;.; 


Wi I ® 



I u 


► Anthony Hopkins 


■ CaniDus Events 


Campus Events 


President of the Czech 
and Slovak Federal 
Republic - Vaclav Havel 








Hundreds of undocumented 
students protest in Meyerhoft 
Park. The students are 
permanent residents in 
California Ijut iDecause tiiey 
are undocumented residents, 
they are required to pay out- 
of state reg fees. They claim 
this is unfair treatment. No 
changes were made in the 
tuition requirements in 1 991 - 
1 992 for these students. 

Students Protest 







The 1 9th anniversary of Roe v. Wade 






"The Simpsons" 

Cartoonist Matt Groening, creator, writer, and 
animator ot the highly successiul prime time, 
animated sit-com, "The Simpsons," speatcs to 
students in Ackerman Grand Ballroom. Joining 
Groening was the voice of Bart Simpson, 
Nancy Cartwright; and animator, Sam Simons. 
All three are graduates of UCLA. 


1 11 


1 1 '*'''! 

'1 1 "^ 



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1 ^ ' ■ 



L.\l 1 






T^ wfyitd. Anet^t -f^yeeA. a/hAf. tKO^e ItA^. ILe 

vtniA A-o^i/Kt 'Kee/ -tK-Or* ccot, 4KO^ie cteve^,. T^ 

wc^XA. /K-ee^ 4t\.tne Px^a4404, -«vOr« HcyMt* ... 

- Hitty JceL 


Yasuko Ogino 


Tija Zamparelli 



Kyhiera Miller 


EJ. Endler 




Ben Edwards 


■^ 1_^.. IM^^^m 'i^ 


iiL/'A "f 1^ -"^^^^T'mtmittf^^M A 

\ ^m^ES\\ J 4 ^^^ 




i- IS 

■^Si: ^.i^i^^^m 1 

•A f '«< 

1 ^^Hv . -4^&^^^r^^ ^^^IL ^^H 


Bf ^4S^i^2j^v 

' .- - 


Peter Hamilton 


"Three sisters, their mother and their lovers" l'91 #7 in series) 


"Three sisters, their mother and their lovers" ('91 #1 in series) 

Donna Tracy 



i» lli< Jl« — •»' ^ ' .. ■ ./' '"'f? 

* ■ K.*- . — 

• »*r- 


. . . .; -IJ J . 

- ■ .«. <«IH«' V»f «fc ' « I '■ 

-- .11 - ^ »— ^^. ^— ^i-^»- ■ ■ 111 ^a 'M'^mI ' 

Jff ■ ■ ■ ■■"■"■'^■i"!:*:"* • * ■ " .. 


Chris O'Dea 



Jean Lee 




Clarence Thomas and the 
future of Roe v. Wade 

"This is a battle. A battle over our 
bodies, our lives, our privacy. We cannot 
let the Supreme Court decide whether or 
not we can make our own decisions. We 
cannot let a small group of radicals bully 
the government into legislating our 
personal rights!"- UCLA AlumnaChristine 

Roe V. Wade in 1 973 struck down state 
abortion laws as a violation of privacy in 
the woman's decision as to whether or not 
to terminate her pregnancy. According to 
Justice Blackmun's decision, government 
interference with abortion was 
unconstitutional during the first 3 months 
of pregnancy; during the next 3 months 
the state may regulate to the extent that 
bears reasonable relation to protection of 
maternal health; in the last three months 
the state could bar abortions. 

The current efforts to overturn Roe v. 
back 30 years. The last thirty years have 
seen Pro-Choice women and men take 
unheard of strides toward their goal: they 
fought for the right to choose work in the 
domestic realm or work outside of the 
home in an historically male-dominated 
world. Now, many are fightingforanother 
choice. Women, now more than ever, are 
ready to fight for the right to decide when 
and if they want to have children. 

If Roe V. Wade is overturned, the poor 
and disadvantaged will be hardest hit. 
Middle and upper class women will be 
able to bear the expense of travelling to 
states and countries that offer safe and 
legal abortions. Whatever the outcome, 
there will still be doctors here who are 
willing, for a high price, to perform this 
task. The right to have an abortion is so 
individual, it seems illogical and unfair 
that 8 men and only 1 woman have the 
power to make this decision for mi II ions of 
women. Until the U.S. can make every 
fatherpayalltheirchild support payments, 
until all the children in foster care and 
adoption agencies have loving homes, 

and until prenatal health care and adoption 
is available to all expectant mothers, it 
would seem that the government has no 
right to say that every child conceived 
must be carried to term. It is fair to assume 
that abortions will not cease to exist even 
if Roe V. Wac/e is overturned. If this occurs 
abortions will most likely be performed in 
unsanitaryandunsafeconditions, creating 
health hazards for the patients. 

The first step, in what seems to be a 
strong effort to prevent women from 
aborting their fetus, was the "gag rule". A 
Reagan administration ban on abortion 
counseling at federally funded clinics was 
upheld in 1991. But some believe the 
restrictions were based on political rather 
than medical considerations. Thegagrule 
literally gagged doctors, nurses, and 
medical assistants. They were restricted 
in what they could and could not 
recommend to their pregnant patients. 
They were required to repeat the following 
statement: "The project does not consider 
abortion an appropriate method of family 
planning and therefore does not counsel 
or refer for abortion." "Emergency care", 
or life threatening emergencies, are 
exceptions to the gag rule: yet diabetes, 
congenital heart disease, and multiple 
sclerosis are risky, but not life threatening. 
Tay-SachsorAIDSpregnanciesoften result 
in a handicapped or dying babies, and if a 
doctor sees a problem and does not 
describe all the options, he or she is liable 
for a malpractice or "wrongful life" suit. 
The "gag rule" may be eliminated in 1992. 

Some women feel the effort to outlaw 
abortions reflects a mindset that women 
are emotionally incapable of hand ling the 
responsibility of making decisions affecting 
their bodies. 

Pro-Choice advocates contend that the 
ruling handed down in the 1973 Roe v. 
Wade case was not due to cou rt I i bera I ism 
but rather the efforts of Pro-Choice women 
and men all over the nation. Again in 
1 992 Pro-Choice women and men will be 


-All articles represent a majority opinion of the Bruin Life Editorial Boarrj. 
They do not reflect the views of the staff or the ASUCLA Communications 
Board. They do not reflect the views of the University of California. Bruin 
Lifecomplies with Communication Board's policy prohibiting the publication 
of articles that perpetuate derogatory cultural or ethnic stereotypes. 

called upon to fight for the right. 

Pro-Life women and men are also 
gearing up for the fight for the right to life 
in lune. They ask, "where do we draw 
line?" They fear that someday in the future 
technology will allow doctors to abort at 
nine months, and the possible motives for 
these kind of third tri-mester pregnancies 
worry them. For instance, science is finding 
that there could be a possible differences 
in genetic make-up between heterosexuals 
and homosexuals. Pro-Life advocates see 
a day when parents might abort a child 
who doesn't match their preferences. 

Pro-Choice supporters refute these 
beliefs by re-interating the emotionally 
difficulty faced by a woman who decides 
to have an abortion, rejecting the idea that 
abortions would be performed for such 
trivial reasons. ForotherPro-Life advocates 
though, any abortion, for any reason, at 
any time in the pregnancy is simply murder 
with a different name. Of course, as in 
every movement the individuals involved 
have extremely varying and diverse beliefs 
on the subject. 

The Roe v. Wade battle reached a 
fevered pitch as the confirmation of Justice 
Clarence Thomas to the United States 
Supreme Court exploded. Thomas was 
nominated by President Bush to occupy 
the space left open when JusticeThurgood 
Marshall announced his retirement. Bush's 
nomination of Thomas was immediately 
plagued by trouble, as Bush was accused 
of nominating Thomas on the basis of 
color, not experience. Manyblackactivist 
groups also charged thatThomas had never 
done anythingfor his own people's benefit, 
and that Thomas was a "token black." 
Women's rights groups were angered by 
the Thomas nomination, since Thomas' 
conservative opinions were not specifically 
spel led out on the subjects of abortion and 
other women's rights issues. If abortion 
ceases to be federally protected, it will be 
up to the women of each state to push to 
protect the right to choose. 

L.A. Times - by perinissit 



bwa II— r«i( r> 

Gav Rights Movement 

Somewhere along the way, one's sexual 
orientation or preference became a factor 
of one's value in society. Should all the 
intellectual contributions of the ancient 
Greeks be discounted because they 
engaged in homosexual activity? 

The lack of respect granted gay issues 
as compared to minority concerns at UCLA 
is evidenced by the lack of attention paid 
to fliers posted around campus in 
December by the Blue Boys which 
advocated castration and death to all 
homosexuals. Indeed, gay issues are not 
getting the attention or support many other 
minority groups receive. Problems around 
campus for homosexuals include being 
banned from married student housing, 
lack of a gay and lesbian resource center, 
and bias in faculty hiring standards. With 
bias crimes against homosexuals on the 
rise, gay rights leaders are demanding that 
police not only provide more protection 
but hire gay cops and offer sensitivity 
training to law enforcement. However, 
thecombativetacticsofAct Up and Queer 
Nation such as biting officers and claiming 
they have AIDS have alienated many cops. 
This is not the only cause for alarm. 
Crimes of prejudice are on the rise: in six 
major cities, bias crimes against 
homosexuals jumped by 42 percent 
between 1989 and 1990. In 1990, 1,588 
bias incidents were reported to the Naional 
Gay and Lesbian Task Force; in the same 
six cities, police departments reported only 
265. The trial testimony of Milwaukee 
serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer proved that 
there is bias from those in law enforcement. 
Police had returned a naked 14-year-old 
Laotian boy to Dahmer in what they 
considered "a boyfriend-boyfriend thing" 
although the boy had clearly been injured. 
As a result of police error, Dahmer later 
killed the boy. 

Governor Pete Wilson's invitation to 
speak at UCLA's law school soon after his 
veto of Assembly Bill 101, the bill which 
would have made discrimination on the 

basis of sexual orientation illegal, 
demonstrates the university's insensitivity 
toward itsgaycommunity. Thesubsequent 
turnout of over 100 demonstrators at a 
rally outside the law school during pouring 
rain indicates the deep-seated conviction 
of the gay community. "We're a group 
that is consistently marginalized," Konrad 
Kemper points out, and they are tired of 
being ignored. While Americans treasure 
their right to choice and their right to live 
as they chose, they refuse to support a gay 
man or woman's right to live as he or she 

Even biological science has attempted 
to undermine homosexuality. Simon Le 
Vay of the Salk Institute reported that one 
section in the brain of homosexual men is 
less than half the size of heterosexual 
men. However, the medical community 
has not whole-heartedly endorsed his 
findings. LeVay's results leaveachicken- 
and-egg question: Does a small 
hypothalamus cause homosexuality or 
does homosexuality shrink the 
hypothalamus? When does this occur, 
before birth or after? In fact, are Le Vay's 
findings valid at all? To conclude that 
homosexuality has only biological origins 
is too simplistic an explanation. 

All the homosexual community is 
asking for is understanding, and that will 
not come with the present leadership in 
the university, the business world, or the 
state and national government. It wants 
the community not to shun, not to endorse, 
but to accept it without prejudice. 
Choosing a way of life is personal, and is 
not one that needs anyone's moral or 
ethical approval. 

I n^ Ndriiin 


The Greek System: 
Why ask why? 

There's no avoiding the Greeks. They 
are in every class, in every lounge, on 
every student committee. Wherever you 
look, there are alphas, deltas, kappas, and 
sigmas on sweatshirs, T-shirts, and signs 
on campus. The pages of the Daily Bruin 
classifieds would not be the same without 
ads for parties and little sister activities. 

Of all the non-academic activities at 
UCLA, perhaps none is more historical, 
influential, and controversial than the 
Greek system. The fifty-four sororities and 
fraternities represented on campus are 
composed of hundreds of members of 
either sex that are chosen by a selective 
system known as "rush" — a process that 
seems to seek out some uncertain quality. 
Probably as diverse as the selection of 
Greek organizations and their members 
are the variety of opinions that abound 
regarding the validity and appropriateness 
of their existence at UCLA and the 
university system. 

In order to understand many of the 
practices of the Greek organizations and 
their recognition by the university, it is 
importantto acknowledge the historic roles 
of these social clubs at universities around 
the United States. The majority of the 
sororities and fraternities were originally 
founded in the 1800s at campuses in the 
East and Midwest. They were established 
at UCLA in the 1930s and 40s. Much of 
their original doctrine was very idealistic 
and spiritual in nature, a reflection of the 
ideology of that time, but a far cry from the 
negative stereotypes of Greeks in the 
eighties as amoral, l^eer and goldfish- 
swallowing jocks or superficial, 
unintelligent, anorexic blondes. Indeed, 
it has been the necessary evolution of the 
system to adjust to changing times; yet 
these present challenges make it a frequent 
target of criticism. A majority of UCLA 
students will at some point in their 
university career make contact with the 
Greek system, for better or for worse. 
Some may have a perpetually hungover 

lab partner whose wardrobe seems to 
consist only of fraternity party T-shirts. 
Others may interact with Greeks at 
philanthropy events or in student 
government, and many students will join 
a fraternity or sorority. 

Their influence and many of their 
traditions are now being confronted and 
scrutinized for the first time, more than a 
hundred years after their advent. The 
popularity of Greek organizations grew 
steadily and peaked in the early sixties, 
then suffered a major lull in the "Hippie 
Era," only to come back during the affluent 
"feel good" years of the eighties. Now, in 
the politically correct era of the nineties, 
the very existence of the system has come 
under fire — Why? 

Some critics claim that the system is 
elitist and even racist in nature. Earlier in 
our nation's history it was deemed 
acceptable and even natural for people to 
affiliate only with others of their social 
standing. With UCLA touting the most 
diverse, integrated campus in the country, 
an activity recognized and sponsored by 
the university that doesn't reflect that same 
tolerance and diversity will eventually be 
called into question. Traditionally, the 
campus fraternities and sororities have 
been very segregated: Asian-Americans 
have one set of houses, African- Americans 
another, and Caucasian students their own 
houses as well. This is an obvious 
hypocrisy and a major blow to the melting 
pot and diversity claims of the university; 
perhaps these students of different 
ancestries mingle in class and the library 
but it would seem that on a social level, 
little has changed since the days before 
the dawn of multiculturalism. 

Equally fierce as the accusations of 
elitism and segregation in the Greek system 
have been concerns regarding the safety 
of many of their practices in light of theera 
of lawsuits and sexually-transmitted 
diseases. Soaring insurance costs and a 
panicky university have provoked a strong 

:f*ff5^/^ ,| 


Right: The Zeta Zeta Zela Pledge Class. ..a pleasant 
combination of spontaneous and girlish behavior 
lempered by a mature approach to the unique 
I iroblems of contemporary college students. UCLA 
•southern Campus, 1 962 

reaction against many traditional "hazing" 
and "boozing" activities. The AIDS scare 
and the increasingly scary statistics of date 
rape are also provoking an evolution in 
Greek culture and attitudes regarding 
sexuality. While some fraternities and 
sororities have taken the initiative to 
implement educational programs on rape 
prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, and 
cooperation with the homosexual and 
underrpresented groups on campus, there 
are still many houses that run the risk of 
being a liability to the UCLA community 
ratherthan an asset. Phi Kappa Psi fraternity 
added fresh evidence when a songbook 
containing sexually explicit lyrics that are 
considered sexist and offensive was 
discovered in the mailbox of the UCLA 
feminist newsmagazine. Together . The 
controversy was picked up by major 
newspapers, television stations and the 
writers of "Designing Women" expressed 
interest in dedicating an episode to the 
issLie. In addition, the fraternity Theta Xi 
was punished by the university for writing 
sexually explicit phrases ofthe same nature 
of Phi Psi's songbook lyrics on the side of 
a Winnebago bound for Northern Cal. 
Some Greek system proponents claim that 
these incidents are not exclusive to these 
specific fraternties and that the houses 
have benn used by the university as 
sacrificial lambs in order to appease angy 
groups on campus. They also argue that 
the issues have been sensationalized by 
the student media. 

As UCLA and all of its organizations 
head into this new decade, the Greek 
system will undoubtedly face some 
readjustments as attitudes change. The 
Greek system wi 1 1 be cal led upon to evolve 
with the changes ofthe times and utilize 
their influence to become a catalyst for 
positive social change throughout the 
larger university community. As rush 
numbers plummet the Greek system will 
be forced to re-evaluate their validity and 
their role on a university campus. 



No one wants to see a loved one or a 
friend die of AIDS. It is not a easy way to 
die. But when it is a celebrity that is loved 
by one and all, the tragedy takes on an 
ironic twist — they are supposed to be 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

The shocking news came November 
14, when Los Angeles Laker star guard 
Earvin "Magic" Johnson announced that 
hehadtoretirefrom professional basketball 
because he had tested HIV positive. This 
will eventually leads to AIDS, or Acquired 
Immune Deficiency Syndrome. He took 
th is seeming sense of untouchabi I ity away 
from us, saying "it can happen to anybody, 
even me, Magic Johnson." Take heart, 
however, because he has vowed to fight 
hard, stay strong in his heart and mind, 
and become a spokesman for those with 
AIDS. Johnson hopes that his message of 
practicing "safe sex" will reach the whole 
world, and especially the black 
community, which has been hard hit with 
thousands of new AIDS cases every year. 
Some people are hoping that Magic's 
appeal will help breakdown the resistance 
to AIDS education that many professionals 
say exists. According to a recent article in 
Newsweek , many African-Americans have 
viewed AIDS and HIV as a "white, male, 
homosexual disease" and have resisted 
any type of AIDS education. 

Still the National AIDS Hotline lit up 
with 40,000 phone calls on the day of 
Johnson's announcement, instead of the 
usual 3,800. At the Centers for Disease 
Control in Atlanta, AIDS-related calls, 
which usually average 200 per hour, 
jumped to 10,000 in a single hour on 
Thursday night. Certainly the macho world 
ofsportswill never be the same. When the 
Lakers played their next game at home, 
they invited an AIDS support and 
information group to set up a display and 
hand out information. Shares of Carter- 
Wallace, Inc., the maker of Trojan 
condoms, were up $3 on Johnson's 





Magic Johnson and 
the fight against AIDS 

announcement that he would be a safe sex 

Magic has accumulated the most 
impressive group of statistics in NBA 
history: NBA Most Valuable Player, 1 987, 
1 989, 1 990; Named to All-NBA First Team, 
1983-1991; Playoff MVP, 1980, 1982, 
1987; All-Star Came MVP, 1990, 1991; 
Member of NBA championship teams, 
1980, 1985, 1987, 1 988; All-time assists 
leader (9,921 ); Led NBA in assists, 1 983, 
1984, 1986, 1987; Led NBA in steals, 
1981 and 1982; Led NBA in free-throw 
percentage, 1989; Holds all-time NBA 
playoffrecord for most assists; Shares NBA 
playoff-game record for most assists (24) 
and most assists in one half (15); Holds 
championship-series-game records for 
most assists (21), most assists in one half 
(14), and shares record for most assists in 
onec|uarter(8); Holds All-Stargame record 
for career assists and assists in one game 
(22); Member of NCAA championship 
team, 1 979. There will never be another 
player in the game of basketball to match 
this record. 

Johnson made his decision to retire, 
despite the fact that since he hasn't 
developed fu I l-blown AIDS, he cou Id have 
easily kept playing basketball. However, 
stressful physical exertion from the rigorous 
scheduleof professional basketball would 
have put Johnson at a higher risk of coming 
down with AIDS sooner, and he decided 
that the risk was just too great. However, 
Magic did manage to play in the 1992 
NBA All-Star game, and was named the 
game's Most Valuable Player with 25 
points, 9 assists, and 5 rebounds. He also 
plans to play in the 1992 Summer 
Olympics in Barcelona, although he was 
named to the team before he discovered 
that he had the HIV virus. To add insult to 
injury, the Australian team doctor alerted 
the International Olympic Committee that 
their basketball team would not play the 
United States team with Magic lohnson on 
it. This was all quickly denied by Australian 

Siiiiin 'Ming 

officials, but it is an indicator of the fear 
that still remains in those who do not 
know the facts about AIDS. 

Magic Johnson's contraction of the HIV 
virus is contrary to many stereotypes which 
surround the AIDS dilemma. Many people 
assume that homosexuals are the only 
people to "get" the disease, but a 
Newsweek statistical analysis has shown 
that only 58.6% of AIDS cases are patients 
that are homosexual or bisexual. A large 
group of AIDS sufferers are heterosexual 
intravenous drug user, who comprise 22.4 
percent of those who have AIDS. The rest 
of those suffering from AIDS include 
heterosexuals, those who contracted the 
disease from transfusions, hemophiliacs, 
and male homosexual drug users; 3.7 
percent are undetermined. 

On February 1 6, 1 992, Magic's number 
32 jersey was retired during halftime 
ceremonies. With the Boston Celtics 
looking on, it took its place along side the 
jerseys of Kareem Abdu l-Jabbar, Jerry West, 
WiltChamberlain,and Elgin Baylor. These 
words were used to describe Johnson: 
"The ultimate measure of a man is not 
where he stands in moments of comfort 
and convenience, but where he stands at 
times of challenge and controversy." 
History will judge him on what he does 
from this moment on. Did he use his clout 
to help, or did he just quit? 

Critics regarding Johnson's condition 
are divided. Fewbelievethat ithadtotake 
a heterosexual hero to put AIDS into a 
national perspective, encompassing all 
groups. Johnson has changed his plea 
from "safe sex" to abstinence. AIDS, 
however, still needs to adressed in the 
socio-political arena; it is ironic that AIDS 
was never mentioned during the Reagan 
administration. AIDS was and is still 
believed by many to be a homosexual or 
IV drug-user disease. Johnson's admission 
to having the virus makes it a universal 
disease that needs investigation, not 


The agony and the ecstasy 


Oakland Fire Tragedy 

One of the most frightening and 
damaging natural clisasterstohitCalifornia 
in 1991 was the Berkeley hills fire. On 
October 27th, the fire devestated part of 
Oakland, and caused a shockwave that 
reached the UCLA campus, because so 
many students are from the Bay area. 
Many rushed home to see if they could 
help their families save some of their 
cherished belongings. Sadly, mostofthose 
who made it home could only stand by 
and watch their homes collapse to the 
ground. The fire was especially 
demoralizing for residents who had only 
two years ago suffered through an 
incredibly destructive earthquake. 

The human toll was frightening: 24 
dead, 1 7 missing and 1 50 injured. At least 
10 people were buried alive in their cars. 
There was also $1.5 billion in damage, 
including more than 3,354 homes and 
apartments destroyed. The Red Cross 
workers grasped for comparisons to this 
tragedy. One said Beirut, another 
mentioned Saigon. With the fire blazing 
so quickly through the hills, virtually no 
one had time to rescue belongings. New 
Mercedeses, Saabs, and BMWs looked as 
if they had been firebombed, and were 
worth about $50 in scrap. Pet owners 
combed the area, searching for missing 
dogs and cats that had panicked in the 

The flames started Sunday morning, 
the day before, as a small grass fire near 
the site of an illegally constructed cabin. 
Transients have been caught igniting huge 
fires to keep warm during the chilling Bay 
Area nights. The Oakland Fire Department 
put out the brush fire and periodically 
rechecked the area. There were complaints 
because the fire department did not post a 
24-hour watch to make sure the fire did 
not rekindle. In addition, air support, 
airplanes, was not called in until it was too 
late and the fire was totally out of control. 
Fire Chief Lamont Ewell answered the 

criticism by insisting it would not have 
mattered, since the fire expanded so 
abruptly and the winds were so severe. 
The natural tendency of the Berkeley hills 
to have fires was one ofthe major problems 
in putting the fire out. People had to think 
quickly to survive; one family hid in their 
pool with the tarp over their head to keep 
out the choking fumes. 

Another problem that added to the 
tragedy were the wood shingle rooftops 
that the Berkeley hills residents had on 
their houses. These shingles had been 
denounced by many firefighters to be 
dangerous because they catch fire very 
easily. Most residents with wood shingle 
roofs insisted on keeping them despite the 
danger, because they said the wood 
shingles are more attractive to the eye 
than othertypesof rooftops. But, according 
to the Oakland Fire Chief, the roofs with 
wood shingles caved in without much 
resistance. Roofs with tiles were less 
likely to add to the holocaust. Even if 
people were able to attempt to get out of 
their homes, these dangerous rooftops fell 
inward quite easily, causing injuries to 
homeowners and firemen. 

The enormous damage caused by the 
Berkeley hills fire made many Southern 
California residents very nervous about 
the possibility of such a fire here, especially 
with the drought conditions continue to 
worsen. The best advice that fire fighters 
could offer was the same advice that they 
had been trying to give all along — be 
prepared, have a plan of getting out ofthe 
house in case of a fire, clear any tall brush 
away from the property, and eliminate the 
use of wood shinqle roofs. There is now a 
movement in the California legislature to 
ban the use of the wood shingles in the 
building of new houses. Hopefully, other 
California residents who wish to build 
new homes will realize that the aesthetic 
dimension of a house is not as important 
as the safety of their children and their 















Are you 
Politically Correct? 

Your term paper on the NAACP is 
covered in red ink. The main criticism 
offered by your teaching assistant is your 
use of the terms "black," "colored," and 
"negro." The words "African-American" 
are substituted in each instance. You had 
never considered these words to be 
incorrect. You approach a friend, who is 
black, and ask her if she prefers the term 
"African-American". "I'm Jamaican," she 

Political Correctness, also known as 
PC: is this a battle of good versus evil, 
sensitivity versus indoctrination, social 
awareness versus censorship or a witch 
hunt, with the minds of the young and the 
learned as the targets. Philosophically, PC 
has placed the right to freedom of speech 
below the guarantee of equal protection 
under the law. To become politically 
correct, one must consciously self-edit 
every sentence one speaks. The most 
troubling aspect of PC, especially in the 
university, is that tolerance is now being 
imposed rather than taught, and that 
"progress" is often just the replacement of 
one repressive orthodoxy by another. 

PC attempts to raise one's social 
consciousness. One goal is to eliminate 
prejudice, the petty sort as well as the 
greatest injustices such as the teaching of 
Western European intellectualism as the 
central history of civilization. Becoming 
aware of the history of American society, 
its intolerance, its repeated incidences of 
minority subjugation, and its 
misconceptions, is a primary goal of the 
PC movement. Yet, in doing so, PC urges 
that discrimination be abolished to the 
extent that one no longer notices the 
difference between people. PC can be 
taken to such ,}n extent that it ignores 
cultural heritage. 

PC requires one to change rather than 
simply to broaden one's mind. In its 
urgency forcultural awareness, it becomes 
a forum for censorship. PC also defeats its 
own purpose by ignoring the differences 

which have made America the melting 
pot of the world. Discrimination can take 
on the positive connotations of 
distinctiveness if history is understood and 
the uniqueness of people is celebrated 
rather than suppressed. 

In its effort to enlighten, PC opens up a 
range of ideas previously ignored. 
Handicapped people, formerly recognized 
only for their disabilities, are now 
acknowledged as human beings that are 
"differently abled", or able to overcome 
physical obstacles in ways otherthan what 
is commonplace. Females can use the 
term "womyn" to take away any reference 
to sexual subordination. Asians are no 
longer addressed as Oriental, a title 
ascribed to them as a counter-culture to 
western civilization. However, in 
addressing these issues, PC assumes its 
position to be the correct position. That 
there should be any such concept as a 
correct opinion undermines the entire 
purpose of discourse. To allow room for 
discussion is to open one's mind to new, 
different, and provocative ideas. PC does 
not al low for such a broad scope of thought. 
Since the rise of the PC movement, 
many issues have been raised and 
chal lenged, some with great social impact, 
and others dismissed as seemingly 
ludicrous. If PC has emphasized nothing 
else, it isthat any issue about which anyone 
is concerned is a legitimate subject for 
discussion. Do we threaten public 
education and the goal of an university 
education — thechancetothink, talk, and 
act, free of restrictions by others — by 
allowing PC to guide us? As society 
evolves, controversial issues arise. PC has 
brought some of them to light and given 
people something to think about. 
However, individuals must at least be left 
the option of how to think if not what to 
think about. 

Sinlest-Talsuya Ishida, UCLA cartoonisl 


Communism is dead. The iron curtain 
has been withdrawn. The Red menace is 
gone... or is it? 

With the secession of republics once a 
part of the indomitable Soviet Union and 
the failed coup d'etat attempt by Russian 
hard-liners, the Union of Soviet Socialist 
Republics should be renamed the Union 
of Soviet Capitalist Republics. Indeed, the 
once archenemy of the United States has 
become its young fraternal protege. No 
longer a dominion of espionage, injustice, 
and persecution, the USSR isaborn-again 
nation. The renewed leadershipof Mikhail 
Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin has already 
resulted in the reformation of the KGB, the 
Red Army, and the entire economic system. 
The newsmagazine "60 Minutes" was 
invited to tour the former torture chambers 
of the KGB, the Red Army is planning to 
cut its size and conscript term of service, 
and the International Monetary Fund is 
sending economists to its new associate 
member to help establish a free-market 

The Cold war is over. At least, the U.S. 
government seems to think so. The 
Pentagon no longer portrays Soviet power 
as a despicable menace. U.S. nuclear 
bombers on first-stage alert for 30 years 
have been relaxed. However, the fear and 
hatred bred by the Cold War will take 
more than Pentagon assessments and 
relaxed, but not eliminated, nuclear 
missiles to quell. The Cold War brought 
the Red Scare and the anti-communist 
mentality to the U.S. It was an ideology 
propagandized by an over-zealous 
government that cannot be easily erased 
simply because that same government 
now tells its people to do so. The drama 
which unfolds in the Soviet Union clearly 
indicates that something incredulous is 
going on, and the U.S. must adapt itself. 
However, like the journalist who toured 
the KGB torture chambers , the American 
people will for generations feel a tinge of 
fear, anger, and distrust when greeted by 


The Fall 

of the Soviet Empire 


theirtriencls in Russia. Despitethegrowing 
U.S./Sovietalliance, a lifetimeof American 
propaganda is as difficult to overcome as 
theechoingcriesofKGB political prisoners 

is to silence. 

To the countries once under Soviet 
rule, such as Lithuania, the breakup has 
brought to them a metaphorical "plot" 
with which to build their house of freedom 
but not the instructions with which to 
build. Faced with feelingsof both utter joy 
and chaos, they stand confused and afraid 
of the challenges that await them. For the 
opponents of the coup, the Soviet 
Communist breakup is a beacon of light 
which has not only shed support to their 
struggles, but opened up their wounded 
hearts, pervasive dreams, and oppressed 
freedoms for all mankind to see. And with 
all eyes upon them, they can exhibit to the 
world and to themselves what they need, 
what they want, and what they deserve as 
human beings of this world. 

To the United States, what does all of 
this mean? Perhaps to some it means one 
more ally we can add to the tally list. To 
others, it may mean mean an unwelcome, 
shady country that has suddenly become 
our "friend." Still others see it is a blessing, 
a triumph of equality and freedom in 
which capitalism had challenged 
communism and emerged victorious. But 
what about to us, the students of UCLA, a 
dynamic microcosm in this complex 
world? It was probably the most significant 
event of this last decadeof the 20th century. 
The Second Russian Revolution may 
liecome just another chapter in a textbook, 
so we must grasp history and give future 
generations the unbiased truth; only then 
will they not repeat our mistakes. 

We can be comforted by the fact that 
our posterity may not look with dread at 
the Russian military complex our leaders 
hate and, unfortunately, our children fear 
so much. Instead, look at Russia as a 
nation of people who remained in a state 
of suppression for so long that tears, 

L.A. Times - by permission 

bitterness, a triumph of will, and a desire 
for world peace and unity burst forth like 
a rol I ingfire that could not be extinguished. 
It was so strongthatthe Second Revolution 
incredibly toppled the foundations built 
by Lenin, burningtothe ground the idea of 
human suppression. 

As the year progressed, the new 
Commonwealth of Independent States 
took dramatic form. All indications leaned 
toward the U.S. taking Boris Yeltsin as a 
linear descendant of Gorbachev and the 
C.I.S. as if it were the old Soviet Union 
with a different name. But the American 
ambivalence and overemphasis on stability 
threateded the prospoects for peace, 
because they could rekindle the Russian 
Republic's historical tendencies toward 
domination. Yeltsin has tried to spur 
reform by freeing price controls in favor of 
capitalistic market forces, hoping to 
stimulate production in the process. He 
hopes the economy can be stabilized in 
two years — but will the current political 
structure last in the face of astronomical 
inflation and citizen unrest? 

The term "new world order" is highly 
presumptuous because it assumes that 
Russia is no longer a significant actor in 
the world. There are practical 
disagreements over nuclear weapons, the 
Black Sea Fleet, and conventional forces 
still stationed in other republics. And yet, 
the fall of the USSR is not a victory for 
multi-party democracy and free enterprise; 
these are alien ideas that have not yet 
taken root in a country that until last year 
depended on central government control. 
Now all that is left is a backward, politically 
weak, and economically chaotic coaltion. 
Russia is now seen as a teetering 
behemoth with the potential to destabilize 
two continents. Its future lies in the hands 
of the West, especially the G-7 nations 
that could, together, start the Russians on 
the road to recovery. The Soviet Union 
tried to spread communism — now the 
U.S. must try to spread democracy. 


The Environment 

Dykstra Hall. On a clear clay, you can 
sit on the seventh floor and see the Pacific 
Ocean. However, the infamous L.A. smog 
can sometimes swarm around Santa 
Monica, making visibility practically zero. 
For years now, people have been talking 
about the gradual depletion of the ozone, 
the greenhouse effect, the waning of our 
natural resources. In the early 1 980s, the 
United States waged a war against 
pollution and vowed to protect the 
environment. George Bush went as far as 
to call himself "the environment 
President". Ecology clubs throughout the 
nation crusaded to save Mother Earth. But 
the deforestation of the Amazon basin 
continues, destroying nearly one million 
acres of fertile land every year. Such 
blatant destruction of our planet's 
resources raises the question: Are we 
losing this fight? 

According to the Center for the Study 
of Environment and Society, many 
Southern Californians consider the 
problem significant, but they are not 
actively doing something about it. The 
problem can be attributed to man's selfish 
nature: he's irresponsible and neglects the 
deterioration of his habitat. We need to 
reevaluate our roles and make a conscious 
effort to educate, conserve, and recycle. 
The most obvious role UCLA plays in 
environmental issues is as an educator. 
The Department of Geography premiered 
an undergraduate Environment Studies 
major last fall. The School of Engineering 
and Applied Science has a consortium of 
two dozen faculty members working on 
thirty projects with various conservation 
angles; this consortium makes up the 
Center for Clean Technology. Meanwhile, 
engineers from the Engineering Research 
Center for Hazardous Substances are 
building more efficient liquid waste 
incinerators to accommodate 60% of the 
liquid waste produced in the U.S. This 
year, UCLA's Lewis Center for Regional 
Policy Studies made the news when it 

issued a recommendation for an electrical 
car industry. 

At the graduate level, students are able 
to study about the environment through 
the School of Public Heath and the Civil 
Engineering departments. One such class, 
taught by Dr. Perrine from Civil 
Engineering, was given a project to design 
a landfill that would deliver waste from 
Los Angeles by rail. Already, L.A. County 
has solicited a waste-management 
company to transport waste to a site outside 
the county via railway. Marcia Torbin, a 
graduate student in environmental health 
science, is in favor of this project: "It is 
extremely difficult to find a waste site 
because of the population. ..people have 
the classic 'not in my backyard' syndrome." 
But as our landfills start to fill up, our 
solution should not be to dump it further 
and further away. People need to recycle 
on a larger scale to decrease the amount of 
trash filling up our landfills. 

The UCLA recycling program is still 
going strong. From October, 1989 to 
1991, almost 380 tons of paper were 
recycled through this program. This year, 
the program introduced new recycling 
opportunities such as the recycling of 
plastic photo containers and empty laser 
printertonerscartridges. ThenewASUCLA 
Food Service polystyrene recycling 
program aims to divert 80% of food service 
waste into recyclable plastic. Furthermore, 
ASUCLA carries recycled products in 
brands such as Eaton, Earthbound, and 
Earthsmart. Just buying post-consumer 
recycled waste would help the crusade. 

Most counties of Cal iforn ia has adopted 
a recycling program aimed at making 
people recycle their trash at home. Also, 
measures have been taken within the past 
two years to conserve water because of 
the on-going drought situation here. 
Hopefully, for the welfare of mankind and 
nature, we will continue on this path of 
actively finding ways to help our planet. 
The situation is grave. 

t n\Ys msT| 



Sinfest-Tatsuya Ishida, UCLA cartoonist 


Robert Daliek 

Professor Robert Dallek's warm smile 
and casual manner belies the sheer 
magnitudeof his intellect and hisexpertise 
in American history and foreign policy. 
His classes are some of the hardest to 
enroll in, and students who never had a 
desire to pursue historical analysis ask for 
more. "I have been here 27 years now, 
and the quality of students is more 
intelligent and more sophisticated, and 
pretty darn good. UCLA is an elite, so we 
do get the better students from the high 
schools. As to the quality of education for 
the students, IthinktheUC'sareverygood 
and the pressure to get into them is so 
keen, especially with the financial consid- 
erations, versus private universities. We 
get better quality students than private 
institutions can with their scholarships." 

Robert Daliek was born in 1934 and 
grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He 
began his studies at the University of 
Illinois, Champagne, and like most 
undergraduates he was confused about 
what he should do with his life. "I had 
always enjoyed history, literature, and 
politics, and these were fascinating 
subjects; I liked the idea of reading and 
teaching history." Daliek returned to New 
York, enrolling in Columbia University to 
pursuehismaster'sdegreeand Ph.D. After 
writing his doctoral thesis he fell in love 
with the work of a historian. He began his 
teaching career at Columbia College and 
the City College in New York during the 
early 1 960s. In 1 964 Daliek moved to Los 
Angeles and began teaching at UCLA. 

His most recent achievement came 
with the publishing of Lone Star Rising , 
the first of two volumes on President 
Lyndon B. Johnson. Daliek received rave 
reviews from critcs across the nation and 
was featured on news programs such as 
Good MorningAmerica and CNN. This is 
not Dallek's first step into the realm of 
historical writing. "I've been writing about 
the politics, foreign affairs, and the 
Democratic Party, and Johnson was 
someone who seemed to bring together 
many of the interests that I had about 

domestic politics, the South, American 
foreign policy, and even the history in the 
period of the 1930s down through the 
1 960s. I was persuaded to do the book by 
the fact that no historian was writing about 
LBJ. The documentary record usually 
takes about twenty or thirty years... I figured 
that as I worked on the book more and 
more, the record would open up, and 
that'sexactlywhat'sbeen happening. And 
now as I work on volume two which will 
probably take me about another five years, 
more of a record of the Johnson presidency 
will become available. So, it was a matter 
of timing and of interest..." 

As with any historical subject, different 
interpretations of the Johnson 
administration abound. Robert Caro, an 
investigative journalist, has authored a 
two-volume analysis of the Johnson legacy: 
Path to Power and Means of Ascent . When 
asked about Caro's work, Daliek is quick 
to point out the difference between Caro's 
approach to LBJ and his own. "He is not 
a historian. ..we differ in terms of tone and 
in perspective, and he was very, very 
critical of Johnson. As a number of 
reviewers have said, I did not hold back on 
all the skull-dugery that I found in the 
course of my research, but I do try to put 
Johnson in a larger historical context and 
make some assessment of the contributions 
he made to twentieth century American 
history. Mr. Caro is less generous to the 
idea that Johnson contributed anything to 
twentieth century America. His book was 
fiercely critical of Johnson and portrays 
him as something of a monster." 

"Johnson has been one of the most 
despised or the most despised presidents 
in American history." Daliek sees the 
nature of Johnson's image changing in 
years to come, especially in the midst of 
President Bush's dysfunctional domestic 
policy. "What may be at work here now is 
a craving or desire for new domestic 
leadership. Johnsonwasthelast [presidenti 
to give us that kind of forceful, domestic 
leadership. I do think, in terms of the 
larger issue, the country is ready for this 





[type of] strong leader. Johnson will have 
a revival because people will remember 
him as such a strong domestic leader." 

Yet Dallek conceeds that establishing 
both a strong domestic policy and foreign 
policy is a tricky balancing act, and it " 
very difficu It to do that when you consider 
that a president can only deal with one 
issue at a time. How can you invest an 
enormous amount of energy and focus 
public opinion on truly major foreign and 
domestic issues? It is awfully hard to 
achieve this, and we are seeing that now 
with President Bush, who is quite 
successful in the public's mind in foreign 
affairs. Now we see his ratings drop 
dramatically in the face of the domestic 
economic downturn. ..Bush is seen as a 
foreign policy president, not as a really 
effective domestic leader. He is yet to 
convince the public that he has a domes- 
tic program that will get us out of this 
recession and put country on an 
expansionary economic course. So Ithink 
he has a serious political problem. He is 
vulnerable in the 1992 election." 

Robert Dallek's teaching philosophy 
is that "...good teaching should flow out of 
good research. ..a university is a very 
special place where research isencouraged 
and supported, and we need basic research 
by university faculty for an expanding, 
progressive country." 

Although he does not see UCLA's 
"publish or perish" doctrine cumbersome, 
he does feel that large classrooms "are not 
the most satisfying way to instruct people. 
I try to lecture with a certain enthusiasm 
and quality." Dallek seems to accomplish 
his goal as is classes are always very 
difficult to enroll into and his 
approachability refreshing. "If you lose 
them in the lecture hallsyou will never see 
the students. I'm glad I'm reaching so 
many people. I take great pleasure in 
being an effective teacher." He demands 
the best of each student, and directs their 
attention not only to the past, but to the 
challenges of both the present and the 

SuZcinne States 




n\ a ^iraniicr.' 

■ ^ 



h\ a tnoiki? 


become a 





Resource Center 

"Any woman can speak pretty elo- 
quently about experiencing tear. I believe 
that all women know what tear is," said 
Director of UCLA's Women's Resource 
Center (WRC) Kathy Rose-Mockry, before 
plugging Sexual Harassment Day, 
scheduled for March 5th. The Women's 
Resource Center's role is vital to informing 
the campus of women's issues, such as 
sexual harassment. 

The statistics are grim. 

A woman is beaten every 1 3 seconds. 
At least four women are ki I led each day by 
their abusers. Thirty percent of high school 
and college-aged women have experi- 
enced violence while on dates. The 
American Association of University 
Women Education Foundation reports that 
women face discrimination in the 
classroom, and that sexual harassment of 
women is on the rise. 

Founded exactly 20 years ago in the 
midst of the women's movement, the 
Center educates the campus and commu- 
nity on issues ranging from violent crimes, 
such as rape, to self-esteem and eating 
disorders. The majority of the programs 
focus on the empowerment of women and 
offer assertive training for women. The 
need for the center is obvious in light of 
the vast spectrum of problems women 
face today. Twenty years after the start of 
the liberation movement, surveys show 
that many women still feel that they have 
experienced prejudice stemming from their 
physical attributes, more specifically, their 
genitals. In fact, studies show a woman's 
self-image is at an all time low. 

Ironically, issues that concern women 
today are issues that also concern men. 
The WRC is the first to address this dynamic 
of gender issues and delves into 
relationshipand gender roles in theirwork- 
shops. The WRC proves to be not only for 
women but for men as well. Erik Skinner, 
the only male staff member at the Center, 
is the Men's Educational Outreach Coor- 
dinator. His role on staff is to provide 
education and outreach to male students 
and faculty on such issues as rape and 

sexual violence. Each year, fraternities 
participate in the WRC's seesions on date 
rape. The WRC feels that it is imperative 
to inform and education men of their risk 
of being raped or sexually abused. In fact, 
the Center aims to dispel myths all about 
rape; 3-10% of rape victims are men. 
Approximately 46,000 to 92,000 boys 
under 1 3 are victims of sexual abuse each 
year. Sadly, 63% of young men ages 12- 
20, incarcerated for murder, killed their 
mother's batterers. 

The Center also provides referrals, in- 
cluding legal, medical, child-care, psy- 
chological and career counseling assis- 
tance. Single parents, sexual assault 
victims, lesbians, and women of spirit 
comprise the support networks provided 
by the WRC. Workshops fulfill student 
needs in areas of life planning, career 
strategies, legal issues, and personal skills. 
Students are encouraged to learn about 
issues put forth by the Center and make 
use of the WRC library and information 
system. The Center also sponsors an 
internship program and puts out a 
newsletter "Voices and Vision." 

Only four full-time staff members are 
behind the center's programming (opposed 
to UC Davis' eight). Kathy Rose-Mockry is 
serving her first year as director after seven 
years with the center. Project coordinator 
Lisa Neely is in her second year and is 
instrumental in working with rape preven- 
tion and co-sponsoring forums with cam- 
pus police. Program Coordinator Emily 
Hertzberg initiates collaborative projects 
with other on-campus groups, Patricia 
Lippert is the Office Manager. Although 
the center isn't well known the programs 
offered are valuable, accessible, and 
instrumental in keeping the campus 
gender-conscious, and indicative of an 
era of understanding and outreach on 
issues such as sexuality, sexual violence, 
sexual orientation, pregnancy, and 
countless other issues faced by the UCLA 

But baby, we still have a long way to 


Rae Lee Siporin 

It is the most important office in Murphy 
Hall, next to the Chancellor's office. Few 
Bruins may only recognize her name, but 
Rae Lee Siporin holds the future of each 
and every high school senior who applies 
to UCLA in the palm of her hand. She is 
the Director of Undergraduate Admissions 
and Relations with Schools. 

And you'd never guess what she's 
looking for. "We want to have a diverse 
group," and, "it gets harder every year." 
But Siporin is not looking for diversity in 
numbers. She's not fillingquotas. Instead 
she would like to see diversity in thought, 
a strong academic student body, high 
retention possiblilities. 

"I'm concerned about the fact that 
students are falling into particular groups. 
We don't have enough African Americans 
in physics or women in engineering. We 
don't have enough people creating 
diversity from within. Do we want a 
campus where all the women are in 
humanities, all the African Americans are 
in social sciences, all the Asian students in 
physical sciences, and so on? We want 
real diversity, where people are working 
together, and learning how to work 
together, and making the most of that. 
You don't want to have a situation where 
people just sort of gravitate into an area 
and stay there. It adds complexity to the 
whole job [of admissions]. Those are 
other things you want to take into account 
as you're looking at students and trying to 
decide who to admit." 

The Detroit native attended Wayne 
State University, earning her bachelor's 
degree in English. Siporin came to 
California, where the graduate programs 
at UCLA could give her the opportunities 
she wanted. After a combined Masters 
and Ph.D. in Medieval English Literature 
and Historical Structure of Language, she 
found a home in teaching at the University 
of Pittsburgh. Assistant Professor Siporin 
taught for eight years, moving up rapidly, 
and became the Assistant Dean for Arts 
and Sciences. She left Pitt as Director of 
Program Planning, mostly because she 

"wanted to be closer to academics. my 
job, I was half way to working in a corporate 
rather than academic environment." Dr. 
Siporin was an academic dean at a private 
college in New Hampshire and later a 
college in New Jersey. She returned to the 
Westwood campus as Director of 
Undergraduate Admissions in 1979. 

Admissions has gone through some 
"dramatic changes" according to Siporin. 
"When I came to UCLA, everything was 
done by the book. If a student met the 
minimum criteria, they'd be automatically 
admitted. The university is now more like 
a private institution. ..for the better. 
Students are getting a much more 
comprehensive review than they did 
before. They are much better prepared. 
They have better academic 
records. ..there's quality." 

UCLA is in the position to be a prototype 
community because of the diversity of its 
student body. "The university is much 
more significantly diverse than when I 
came here. We have, along with [U.C.j 
Berkeley, the two most diverse (racially, 
ethnically, culturally) campuses in the 
world, because we have large numbers of 
all groups. This creates both positives and 
negatives. It means people have to start 
dealing with issues and different cultures 
and different groups, because they may 
never have come in contact with them. 
But it also means UCLA is at the cutting 
edge of developing a model for. ..working 

And she's not afraid to make some 
people unhappy in order to create this 
model community. "No one is ever 
satisfied. lnsomeways,theonly way I can 
be sure that I've done a good job is if 
everyone is unhappy. Then everybody 
has been forced to compromise a little and 
are not able to have as much. It means 
nobody got everything they wanted, and 
we've gone about our job of thorough 
analysis and review. Because we have 
more people who are turned down than 
accepted, you make more people unhappy 
than you make happy. It's the kind of job 


that has an enormous amount of stress 
attached to it because ot the nature of 
what goes on. 

"If you look at the eligibility statistics 
right now, the group that has the highest 
rate of eligibility is Asian Americans. 
Roughly one out of every three that 
graduate from high school in California 
meet minimum eligibility. If you look at 
the eligibility statistics for, say, African 
Americans, it's only one out of twenty. 
You can see a dramatic difference. It 
means we need to make an opportunity 
for people all up and down the state, all 
economic groups, all ethnic groups, that 
are in the eligibility pool to get in. In 
private institutions, like Harvard and 
Stanford, all of the students are taken on a 
basis of combined academic and 
supplementary criteria, and talent and 
special abilities. Here, because we're 
public, we're limited as to how much 
flexibility we have, so we can't do that for 
everybody. The process, being spelled 
out the way it is, gives people a certain 
amount of comfort, that they understand 
that a certain percent are taken on a 
combined scale, a certain percent are 
taken on [academics] alone." 

"More students are graduating than 
ever before. In a six year period, up to 
72% of students who begin here graduate 
from UCLA. Another 1 0% go to other DC 
campuses or other universities and 
graduate. What we're finding is that the 
criteria we use are the best indicator 
whether a student will do well here. The 
more you take into account, the more 
likely you are are to capture what the 
student is likely to do. What is the 
population? What is the eligibility rate of 
a particular group? What is the size? 
There is very little I can do once 
applications come in. They're either well 
prepared or they're not. Once the 
admissions staff does its reviews, along 
with the rankings, that's where my job 
comes in. I have to put that all together." 
By the looks of things, she's doing a good 



Danette Martin 

Undergraduate Student Association 
Council President, Danette Martin is a 
firm believer in student participation. 
"ASUCLA belongs to the students," she 
emphasizes. "It is an unincorporated, 
corporative venture. It is the only one of 
its kind in the nation. Students should do 
everything to make it better, and they 
should never let anyone interfere with the 
students' rights to control ASUCLA." 

And she practices what she preaches. 
In fact, Martin bet a friend of hers in high 
school that she would someday attend 
UCLA. Her South Central Los Angeles 
background might suggest to some that 
Martin's friend was sure to win that bet. 
However, thanks to the Undergraduate 
AdmissionsOutreach Program and a friend 
who attended UCLA's nursing school, 
Danette is a Bruin. But she's not just any 
Bruin. She has become one of the biggest 
"movers and shakers" at UCLA. 

Martin became interested in student 
government because she believes in tak- 
ing an active role in what is happening 
around her and would encourage other 
students to do the same, especially in 
regard to fee increases and lack of funding 
for many undergraduate programs. Martin 
felt that USAC (the Undergraduate Students 
Association Council) needed some 
structural work, so rather than watch the 
changes take place around her, Martin 
decided that she would take an active role 
in undergraduate student policy. One of 
Martin's goals this past year has been to 
improve the structuring of USAC's support 
in areas such as student advocacy groups, 
evaluations of professors, and establishing 
a policy on undergraduate appointments 
to unitversity committees. Shesuccessfully 
created the new guidelines established for 
appointments that will become part of the 
studetn government constitution and 

Another dramatic change that Martin 
wishes to see implemented is the southwest 
expansion of Ackerman Union. Under 
this plan, 6000 square feet of study space 
would be added, as well as a theatre that 

would seat over 500 people. The theatre 
would be used in the same capacity as the 
Ackerman Grand Ballroom for such events 
as movies and guest speakers. If the 
southwest expansion is successful in 
obtaining funding, the business functions 
of ASUCLA will be moved to Ackerman 
Union which will free up space in 
Kerckhoff Hall for student government 

Martin also hopes to create a system 
that will aid students in selecting classes 
by telling them more about the professors 
and the courses, which will involve the 
incorporation of professorevaluation forms 
into an Orion-like system. She intends to 
transform the quarterly Schedule of Classes 
into an annual publication. This will 
allow students to plan their academic 
schedules according to what classes will 
be offered when and by whom during the 
academic year. Along the same lines she 
plans to produce catalogs of syllabi from 
professors as well as major requirement 
catalogs (similar to the General Education 
requirements catalog). 

Danette affirms that "'s been a 
positive experience," to work for fellow 
students in the USAC office. "There are 
lots of things that students can do for 
themselves, and there's usually lots of 
administration and faculty to support 

As ambitious in her personal academic 
aspirations as in her USAC goals, Martin 
intends to pursue post-graduate education. 
A senior majoring in history, Danette had 
originally planned on attending law school 
after college but now hopes to achieve a 
doctoratedegree in American history. She 
plans to write her thesis on either the Civil 
War and Reconstruction period or on 
American racial attitudes. Martin attributes 
her academic success to her great-aunt 
and mother, both of whom raised her and 
ingrained in her the importance of an 
education. As USAC President, Martin 
has incorporated the ideals of academic 
education along with hands-on political 


Neera Tanden 

"UCLA and the greater Los Angeles 
area are radically different from the rela- 
tively homogeneous suburb of Boston, 
Massachusetts that I grew up in," explains 
Undergraduate Student Association 
Council's (USAC) External Vice-President 
(EVP) Neera Tanden. Although Neera's 
rather is a staunch, hard-line Republican, 
she chose to follow her mother's 
Democratic ideology. Having a politi- 
cally active family certainly influenced 
and encouraged Tanden's decision to take 
a political route in her life. In high school, 
she gained experience in campaigning 
and congressional lobbying. 

Tanden packed up her interests in 
politics and journeyed to UCLA, finding 
much racial, ethnic, and political diversity. 
Tanden's collegiate political career began 
when she helped a friend campaign for an 
office on the USAC board. She later 
personally applied for the position of 
National Lobby Director. After being 
appointed to the office, she lobbied 
primarily for issues such as more financial 
aid and a safe campus environment for 
women. Her passion for student interests 
prompted her bid for 1991-1992 USAC 
EVP. Although she fought for the position 
fiercely, the election process is one of her 
worst memoriesof UCLA. She describes 
the process as "pure hell," and she wasn't 
prepared for, "how much time and energy 
campaigning and running consume." 
Consequently, after graduation, the 
political science major with an emphasis 
in law and society, does not plan on 
pursuing elected governmental positions, 
although she does hope to be involved in 
government at some level. 

As USAC's first External Vice-President, 
she oversees campus causes and interests 
that affect students. Having sat on 
legislative councils, lobbyed congressmen 
and senators such as Pete Wilson and his 
Washington, D.C. staff, she is determined 
to make those in political power 
"understand key issues of students and the 
importance of student votes." She feels 
that she has, at times, felt intimidated 

lobbying for Senator Wilson but that in the 
assembly, "progressive people like Diane 
Watson are usually responsive to student 
needs and concerns." Neera also confirms 
that it "would be extremely inappropriate 
for governmental officials to be sexist 
against" her as a woman. 

Tanden's office focused on the 
registration fee hike and campus funding 
this year. While many critics of student 
lobbyists contend that the students are 
unrealistically fighting against a 40% reg 
fee hike, Tanden asserts that "the first and 
foremost objective ofthe office is to secure 
and maintain funding for the state's higher 
education," but she also points out that 
access to higher education is "a big part" of 
maintaining the quality of California's 
higher education system. 

While other UC campuses have been 

protesting, taking over buildings, and 

focusing large amountsof student attention 

on lobbying state legislators, UCLA has 

been a relatively quiet campus on the 

issue. Tanden is surprised by UCLA's 

apathetic attitude toward the reg fee hike 

and the recently proposed $325 million 

cut. "To put in perspective, $325 million 

is how much it takes to run UC Riverside." 

During finals week, winter quarter, the I 

UC Regents met on campus in the midst of 

a small group of student protestors. The 

meeting erupted when the regents walked 

out of the meeting. The students responecl 

by shouting explitives at the regents. "1 

think their action [the students] is born out 

of frustration. The regents recently gave 

former UC President Gardener an 

$800,000 sign-off. They're out in space." 

As we head toward the presidential 

election Tanden encourages students to 

vote. "Student's don't think politics matter 

and so they don't vote, and that's one of 

students' biggest problems. They don't 

think their vote will make a difference. 

But we have the opportunity to vote on 

candidates, on all levels, who will 

determine issues such as abortion rights 

and higher education." Tanden asserts: 

"Politics matter." 



Pei-Chi Chang 

Pei-Chi Chang, a senior majoring in 
sociology and psychology, became the 
most controversial Daily Bruin columnist 
in recent memory because of his Viewpoint 
columns on homosexuality and racism. 
For instance, in a winter quarter editorial, 
Chang wrote, "In my opinion, Asians are 
only a 'model minority' because we don't 
stand up and fight for our rights" ( Daily 
Bruin, Feb.l 1 ). Earlier in the year, Chang 
wrote an even more controversial 
viewpoint regarding Asian women who 
exclusively date Caucasian men. He feels 
these women are hypocritical because 
they claim to be liberal and supportive of 
Asian unity, yet "prize" Caucasian mates 
to get ahead in society. When asked 
whether he really believes what he says, 
or writes merely to generate controversy, 
Chang replied, "I really believe what I 
write. Otherwise, it would be a waste of 
both mine and the reader's time. I write 
how I feel." 

Born in Taiwan, Chang and his parents 
later moved to the San Gabriel Valley. His 
parents own a fast food store where he 
occasionally works. Chang enjoys 
attending UCLA because it is a large 
university where anyone can meet fellow 
students with similar interests and make 
new friends, regardless of race, creed, 
color, religion, or sex. More important to 
Chang, however, is that the university 
setting offers many opportunities for 
students toget involved. He began writing 
for the Daily Bruin, over the summer. In 
his proposal, Pei submitted two issues: 
oneconcerninggay, lesbian, and bisexual 
issues, and the second regarding Asian 
issues. Chang also participates in the Gay 
and Lesbian Association (GALA). He 
helped bring about the first officially 
scheduled course, introduced this year, 
addressing gay, lesbian, and bisexual 
concerns. HeisalsoamemberofSHOUT 
(Students Honestly Opening UpTogether), 
a part of the Community Service Commis- 
sion. The organization attempts to reach 
out to homosexual high school students. 
Chang believes many homosexual high 

school teenagers need role models, and 
the group enables UCLA gay, lesbian, and 
bisexual students fulfill this role. Finally, 
(as if the aforementioned wasn't enough), 
Chang also participates in a variety of 
organizations that specifically reach out 
to homosexuals in the Asian community. 

Although there are many aspects of the 
university he likes, Chang feels UCLA 
needs to develop a more integrated cur- 
riculum. "They should pass an ethnic and 
gender studies requirement so all students 
can gain a better understanding of the 
world around them and get a different 
perspective" ( Daily Bruin, Feb.l 1). Chang 
pointed out that both UC Berkeley and 
Santa Cruz already have such require- 
ments. He feels that the lack of such a 
requirement at UCLA promotes 
homophobia, racism, and sexism. More- 
over, he feels such a requirement would 
make the curriculum more well-rounded, 
because "it gives students the opportunity 
to learn about both themselves and others." 
The lack of such a requirement, he feels, 
promotes minority student withdrawal 
from the campus' diversity. Chang believes 
one of UCLA's greatest facets is its diversity, 
and that the administration should do its 
best to promote student involvement in 
the university. 

Chang istaking an active role informing 
the attitudes of the nineties. He is very 
open about his openly homosexual 
relationship with boyfriend Steve 
Gonzales, the first openly gay individual 
elected to the Undergraduate Student 
Association Council. Upon graduation, 
Chang hopes to attend law school and 
remain an active voice in the community. 





.T»'*^v'v:W:''- '* 

i WJ) iiil ii* i i'". JWl > M i >^ f^ y >!^ i ^ !» »l i !■ ' ' 





lames Johnson 

So, you want to know a little more 
about Jim Johnson. Which one? There's 
the Jim Johnson who shows up in the 
Schedule of Classes each quarter as the 
professor ofa field studies class that places 
undergraduate students in internships with 
community agencies in impoverished 
neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, 
and the honors seminar titled, "Urban 
Poverty and Social Welfare Policy in the 
United States." 

There's another Jim Johnson on 
campus, too. He is the director of the 
UCLA Center for the Study of Urban 
Policy. The center is only three years old, 
but under the leadership of Johnson has 
taken flight, not only educating students 
and the community on the comtemporary 
urban population and condition, but, 
more importantly, teaching us how to 
make changes. 

So who is this guy? A North Carolina 
Central University graduate, Johnson 
received a full scholarship to University 
of Wisconsin at Madison for his masters 
in geography and anotherfull scholarship 
to Michigan State for his Ph.D. in 
geography. He is a strong proponent of 
affirmative action, candidly admitting, "1 
would not be sitting in this chair talking to 
you if not for affirmative action. . . for me, 
I basically hated school, and so I finished 
it to get out." He adamantly believes that 
if affirmative action was being properly 
enforced, 25% of black males would not 
be committed into the criminal justice 
system today. 

Johnson lends a critical eye on 
the economy of the U.S., today. The 
Reagan/Bush years were especially 
difficult for Blacks. Many welfare 
programs were cut, affecti ng many lower- 
income populations, of which the majority 
tend to be made up of under-represented 
groups. A hidden result in the cuts was 
the the adverse effect they had on middle- 

class, under represented individuals 
who worked for or were in charge of 
the programs. 

Because of conditions such as this, 
Johnson takes his role as an educator 
seriously. He feels that it is his duty to 
facilitatethe understanding of inequality 
in American society and impact policy 
on the social relations and economic 
condition of the 'have-nots.' 

"Policy makers don't understand what 
is happening in urban society — its 
demographic changes," claims lohnson. 
He wants people to understand that 
discrimination exists in education, the 
housing market, and employment. 
Statistics show that the unemployment 
rate for Black college graduates is 10%. 
Whereas for the nation, it is 6%. For him, 
this fact is very discouraging and is one 
reason why some young Blacks drop out 
of school and opt to work in the drug 
industry. Johnson points out, "The drug 
industry is no different from Wall Street." 
Johnson has dedicated 12 years to 
teaching at UCLA: "I'm one of the old 
guys. . . " he laughs. Johnson won't be 
here forever though. He hopes to open 
an upscale clothing boutique for men. So 
for those who were lucky enough to 
come in contact with Johnson either as a 
guest lecturer, professor, or colleague, 
you know that Johnson was a force on 
campus, making us look at issues from all 
angles. In other words, for whom, by 
whom, and to what ends a condition 

lohnson asserts that he is " of the 
best trained geographers in this country, 
and I am prepared to do battle in the 
social-scientific arena." So far, Johnson 
has shown himself to be a formidable 
soldier on battlefield of UCLA as an 
advocate for the future of our urban 
populations, which happen to be the 
future of our nation. 



.-.-^ «i* 

'♦: ^k: 

Kathy Molini 



Kathy Molini has fought hard to shatter 
historical stereotypes surrounding the 
disabled. She remembers meeting a 
woman in a wheelchair who kept a 
blanket over her legs, effectively hiding 
her handicap. In silent protest to such 
feelings of denial and embarrassment, 
Molini vowed never to hide her legs 
under a blanket, even when the weather 
grew cold. This story serves as a metaphor 
for her life. Today she continues to refuse 
to hide or deny the needs and rights of the 
disabled community, even when the 
going gets tough. 

Molini, director of the Office for 
Students With Disabilities, on my arrival 
for the interview skillfully backs her 
wheelchair into her small, clustered office. 
Despite limited control of her hands, she 
reaches forward to shake mine. Molini is 
proof positive that physically disabled 
people are no longer limited in career 

At age three, Molini contracted polio. 
She lost the use of her legs despite eleven 
months of surgery and hospital care. 
Rather than confining her, Molini's 
disability has liberated her and shaped 
her identity and her life positively. Molini 
credits the special schools she attended 
for handicapped children forthe strength 
she possesses today. She explains, "It 
didn't matter to us what each others' 
disabilities were because we all had one." 
Students of every disability and every 
race attended those schools before 
mainstreaming. Cultural awareness and 
integration influenced her daily life. 
Exposure to all kinds of people diminished 
disability as an excuse for failure. 

The special schools neither focused 
on nor ignored her disability. Unlike a 
mainstream student, no one handicapped 
person stood out. Thus, her disability did 
not consume her I ife. " I tend to think that 
the setting helped put my disability in 

proper perspective more than if I was in 
a mainstream setting when... everywhere 
I would go, I would be different." 

On the other hand, the special school 
did not allow for interaction with the 
"real" world. Like many of her peers, 
Molini found assimilation difficult after 
living and interacting in the environment 
created by the special schools. 

Molini does see changes coming about 
in mainstream society. She has noticed 
thatthegeneral public is lessapprehensive 
about interacting with the disabled today 
than ten years ago. She feels that 
improvements in physical accessibility 
has made life easier and more natural for 
the disabled. 

"People with disabilities are devel- 
oping pride in themselves as people 
with disabilities and not trying to hide or 
diminish the fact..." Molini points out 
that, "If you can say, 'This is who I am' 
and feel comfortable with yourself, then 
you're going to present a different kind of 
person to other people." 

Molini has transformed her handicap 
into a positive aspect of her life. Molini 
holds both Bachelors and Mastersdegrees 
in Education, with an emphasis in 
Learning Disabilities. 

She also volunteers her time to a 
disabled women's mentor program at a 
West Los Angeles independent living 
center. Talking to someone with whom 
they can identify, handicapped women 
learn to work through their problems. 
She believes the program helps to build 
one's identity as the special schools 
helped hertobuild an identityfor herself. 
With people such as Molini around, 
mainstream society and the disabled 
community are workingtogetherto break 
down the walls that have been built 
around the disabled, allowing the two to 
intergrate without the need for blankets 
of denial and humiliation. 



Michael Ning 

t » « 

m mm 

I learned about Michael Ning's 
past, present and future in his sev- 
enth floor office in the Westwood 
Oppenheimer Building. 
So, first things first. 
Ning grew up in japan. He came to 
Los Angeles his freshman year in high 
school, experiencing, for the first time, 
classes with members of the opposite 
sex, which was a learning experience, he 
says behind a blush. Unlike most 
immigrants, language was not an obstacle 
because he had attended international 
school in Japan where he learned English 
and French. However, it was difficult for 
his parents to adjust to a society and 
culture vastly different from what they 
had lived in for their entire lives. 

Ning came to UCLA, planning on pre- 
med. But, under the mentorship of former 
Dean Rick Tuttle, currently the city 
controllerforLA, Ning became interested 
in international politics. For Ning, the 
years at UCLA were extremely dynamic 
and captivating. 

"UCLA was wonderful. . .It served as 
a foundation for future experiences. 
(UCLA was] a very transitional moment 
in my life. I went from getting away from 
tlie traditional Asian mold to a person 
who personifies a more liberal end of 
California," Ning explains. 

And break the mold he did. He took 
on several roles of leadership during his 
undergraduate years. "I had no intention 
of getting involved in student 
government," he admits. As a freshman, 
he was the president of the kendo martial 
arts club. From there, he became the 
assistant administrator to the Asian 
Coalition. Then he made an unsuccessful 
bid for director in his sophomore 
year, but became director of the 
Asian Coalition in his junior year. 

Ning maintains close ties with 
the UCLA community. In the past 
three years, he has served on the 

board of the Asian Pacific Alumni 
Association. This year, he is presi- 
dent-elect, and will serve as presi- 
dent for a two-year term next year. 
As if that is not enough, he is a co- 
chair of the Sam Law Leadership 
Award committee which he will be 
presenting to USAC external vice- 
president Neera Tanden after con- 
ducting this interview. 

Upon graduating in 1981, Ning 
worked a year in L.A. and around the 
country as a Coro Foundation Scholar. 
This prestigious fellowship allowed Ning 
to work in public affairs for various 
organizations. He later gained 
employment with the Kaiser Aluminum 
Chemical Corporation in Atlanta, GA. 
Following that, he worked for the IBM of 
shipping companies — Sea-Land, doing 
business with European and Latin- 
American countries. After experimenting 
with his own company, he started working 
on Wall Street with Shearson & Lehman 
Brothers. He is in charge of private and 
corporate accounts at Oppenheimer 
& Co., a security brokerage and in- 
vestment banking firm. Ning spends 
about three months out of the year 
in japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and 
Malaysia, looking for investors. He is 
one of the two top Asian executives 
at Oppenheimer and one of the few 
Asians you will find on Wall Street 
who represents an American firm. 

While he has never overtly 
experienced discrimination in the work 
place, he recalls experiencing 
discrimination at UCLA. "I've 
experienced discrimination at UCLA, but 
discrimination exists. It's a part of life. We 
have to fight it when it's there, but we 
can't let it permeate our thoughts, and 
move on." And move on he has, but he 
remembers to look back every now and 
then, building off of the foundation he 
built as an undergrad at UCLA. 



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Jennifer Gratteau, Irene Renteria, Annette Buckner, 
Amy Banachowski, Asst. Coach Liz Masakayan. 



\\ iitnii 



Front Row: Sean Henderson, Paul Ratdliffe, Time 
Gallegos, Nat Gonzalez, Brad Friedel, Chris 
Snitko, Joe-Max Moore, Sam George, Mike 
Lapper. Middle Row: Trainer Charles Chalekson, 
Drew Leonard, Terry Shorter, Zak Ibsen, Ty Miller, 
Dan Beaney, Eric Page, Jorge Salcedo, Assistant 
Coach Todd Saldana, Head Coach Sigi Schmid. 
Back Row: Terry Weather-spoon, Philip Button, 
Eric Chaisongkram, Tayt lanni, Mark Sharp, Cobi 
lones, Brain Woolt'olk, Mike McKenna. 

U einwr 



TopRo\v:TyusEdney Gerald Madkins Shon Tarver Tracy Murray DarritL Martin liriZidek 
Mike Lanier Richard Petruska Don MacLean Ed O'Bannan Mitchell Butler Rodney 
Zimmerman Jonah Naulls Bottom Row: Assistant Coaches Steve Lavin Tony Fuller Head 
Coach )im Harrick Brad Holland Mark Gottfried Trainer Tony Spino Head Manager Steve 






Front Row: Head Coach Billie Moore, Nicole 
Young, Marcy Tarabochia, Detra Lockhart, 
Nicole Anderson, DeDe Mosman, Rehema 
Stephens, Assistant Coach Pam Walker. Back 
Row: Assistant Coach Kathy Olivier, Natalie 
Williams, Gene VanOostveen, Amy Jo Silva, 
Lynn Kamrath, Amy Jalewalie, Manager Mary 
Kay Hedlund, Assistant Coach Mary Hegarty. 





Swim & Dive 



Front Row: Eva Lupi, Gwen Lehman, Natasha Badillo, Natalie Norberg, 
Christy Richardson, Kristin Stoudt, Chandy Gooding, Mary Retry, Lori 
Walker, Sarah Suhadolnik. Middle Row: Kerrie Gibbons, lennifer 
Hammond, Suzi Burt, leanne Gibbons, Becky Shelton, Jennifer Sprogis, 
Julie Vogt, Rebecca Bruch, Jill Buckley, EffieTurnball, Kristy Heydanek. 
Back Row: Assistant Swim Coach Jenny Susser, Head Swim Coach Cyndi 
Gallagher, Kirstin Krengle, Jamie Marion, Kim Martin, Megan Oesting, 
Stephanie Muesella, Lisa Fosdick, Meghan Fitzgerald, Kristin Walls, 
Assistant Diving Coach Genea Lautenschlager, Head Diving Coach Van 
Austin, Assistant Coach Kristin Pearce. 





Swim & Dive 


Front Row: Crad Asst. Coach Andy O'Grady, 
Byron Davis, lason Taylor, Matjaz Kozelj, Anthony 
DeLuca, Andrea Cecchi. Second Row: Dan 
O'Keet'e, Scott Hubbard, Rene Santaella, Greg 
Behar, Mark Thompson, Keone Kali. Third Row: 
Head Coach Ron Ballatore, Sean Easton, Eric 
Schnittger, GregSchafter, Brian Kurza, Dan Kutler, 
Giorgio Cecchi, Asst. Coach Greg Holland. Back 
Row: lay Behr, Dan O'Keet'e, Mike Picotte, Chris 
Mann, Matt Buckley. 






Front Row: Rhonda Faehn, Paula Rasmussen, Denise Stott, Amy Thorne, 
Holly Bremer, Karen Nelson. Back Row: Treena Camacho, Kareema 
Marrow, Megan Fenton, Michelle FHunt, Gina Pesce. 



Front Row: Scott Keswick, Michael 
Sanders, Brad Hayashi, Barry Jeung, Mike 
Denucci, Brandy Prins, Assistant Coach 
Yefim Furnnan. Back Row: Head Coach 
Art Shurlock, Jason Carman, Steve Diem, 
GregUmphery,Chainey Umphrey, Isidro 
Ibarrondo, Brad Langley, Joe Love and 
Trainer Mm Pluemer. 


Men's Gymnastics s 



Front Row: LeeAnn Rostovsky, Jenny Baker, 
Mamie Ceniza, Cammie Foley, FHelen Tu, 
Assistant Coach Barbara Gerken. Back Row: 
Head Coach Bill Zaima, Paige Yaroshuk, Allegra 
Millholland, Jenny FHilt, Iwalani McCalla, 
Assistant Coaches Susie Keane and FHenry 





iii'"i ^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

, iK'n ^^^^^^^^^^H 



■i.'af -Ii,'. 

~'j' ' I^^^^^^^^^H 


^" ^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

1 *i<W-'ME» 

n J #j|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

1 "'WTtT 

I ti'if^'.'. ,; 


1 'iff! „. ,1 





Women's Tennis 



Front Row: Head Coach Glenn Bassett, Fritz Bissell, Jason Sher, Darin 
Pleasant, Karl Pazdernik, Jon Larson, Martin Mulligan, Assistant Coach 
Billy Martin. Back Row: Assistant Coach Brett Greenwood, David 
Nainkin, Davide Sanguinetti, Robert Janecek, Bill Barber, Mark Knowles, 
Matt Quinlan, Bill Behrens, Assistant Coach Ron lenkins. 


Men's Tennis 




Men and 
Women's Golf 

Front Row: Patrick Brownfield, Michael Cress, John 
Segeike, Lance Gravi lie. Second Row: Kevin Ciaborn, 
Michael Miller, Head Coach Dave Atchinson, 
Michael Cairns. Third Row: Jorgen Aker, Brian 
Bock, David Solomon. Back Row: Dan Dalton, Billy 
Faeth, Tom Nixon. 


Front Row: Assistant Coach Holly Williams, Christy 
Erb, Jennifer Choi, Wendy Nosse, Patti Sinn. Back 
Row: Head Coach Jackie Tobian-Stienmann, Renne 
Hunt, Kristyl Sunderman, Jenny Park, Elizabeth 


^^m !^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^HS ^^J^^^^sIm^ '^ ^^^^^1 



'' /. 

...:;>ii^. ;'' 



Front Row: DeDe Weiman, Kelly Inouye, Felicia Cruz, 
Jennifer Brunclage. Middle Row: Janae Deffengaugh, Kristy 
Howard, Kathy Evans, Lisa Fernandez, Nichole Victoria. 
Back Row: FHead Coach Sharron Backus, Assistant Coach 
Kirk Walker, Joanne Alchin, Yvonne Gutierrez, Cindy 
Valero, Jennifer Brewster, Heather Compton, Graduate 
Assistant Coach Kerry Dienelt, Co-Head Coach Sue 












Women's Track & Field 


Front Row: Melissa Weis, Dawn Dumble, Kira Jorgenson, Shelia Burrell, 
Lynette Alexander, Jeanine Grain, Kathi Roldan, Glenda Smith, Anna 
Delgado, Karen Hecox, Cathy Lee, Gloria Barron. Back Row: Assistant 
Coach Art Venegas, Assistant Coach jeanette Bolden, Brooke 
Bartholomew, Beth Bartholomew, Melissa Sutton, Jennifer Ashe, Tasha 
Turner, Keisha Marvin, Susannah Thrasher, Roshanda Glenn, Head 
Coach Bob Kersee. 


Field Event Performers— Front Row: )ay Borick, 
Mark Wilson, Jim Masuga, Charles Rogers, Rob 
Rynearson, McArthur Anderson, Avery 
Anderson. Middle Row. Greg Model, Davie 
Bunevacz, joe Bailey, Erik lohnson, John 
Godina. BackRow:JayBettinger, Steve Slocum, 
Erik Smith, Paul FHicks, Jaime Presser, John 

Distance Corps— Front Row: Eliazar Herrera, 
Steve Niednagel, Jim Robbins, Haissam Sabra, 
Sven FHaiig, Jeff Korn, Robert Mata. Back Row: 
Creighton Harris, Daniel Niednagel, Karl 
Polivka, Brian Gastelum, Brent Jones, Richard 
Erbes, Bryon DeVore. 

Sprinters and Hurdlers— Front Row: Marty 
Beck, Ross Flowers, Tony Miller, Michael 
Williams, Mike Stevenson, Othello Henderson. 
Back Row: Gary Martin, Darrell Smith, Stephen 
DeBerry, Erik Allen, Derrick Baker, Mike Terry. 


Vlen's Track & Field 


Men's Volleyball 



n A,,j|^^fJ-if.^fi 


^ r ^Tfl'^ 

^£J:<« 4'?>^>'* 

Front Row: Jeremy Brandt, Mark Knudsen, Erik Sullivan, John Anselmo, 
Ross Pier, Dave Swatik, Chris Pliha, Aleksandar Babic, Assistant Coach 
Reed Sunahara. Back Row: Head Coach Als Scales, Adam Peacocke, 
Steve Lucas, Dan Landry, John Speraw, Mike Diehl, Mike Sealy, Tim 
Kelly, Kevin Wong, Mike Denver, Jeff Nygaard, Graduate Assistant 
Coach Mike Whitcomb, Assistant Coach Brian Rofer. 

\\ finuT 







Going for the kill 

In the NCAA Volleyball championships, UCLA took a decisive win over 
Cal State Long Beach. The team was a strong favorite since the beginning 
of the season with a No. 4 ranking in the nation and having gone to the 
national championship last season. Natalie Williams, the leader of the 
team was second in the nation in kills per game through October 1,1991, 
with an average of 5. 69 kills per game. Below, Williams shows her "stuff." 


The sweet smell of victory. . . 


The long lines outside the Central Ticket Office to purchase season tickets was a testimony of the 
anticipation that Bruin fans felt for UCLA's basketball season. Bruin fans were not disappointed by 
the outstanding performances of UCLA's assemblage of gifted players like Don MacLean, Gerald 
Madkins, Tracy Murray, Darrick Martin, and Mitchell Butler out on the court. The team advanced 
to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA's for the second time in three years, and it appeared that their 
chance to play in the Final Four was just around the corner. A dream that had inspired the team 
throLighout the year was about to be realized. 





And the bitter taste of defeat 

The Bruins were defeated in their quest to reach the Final Four by No. 2 seeded Indiana Hoosiers 
in the NCAA West Regional Finals. The Bruins were overpowered by Indiana with a1 06-79 loss. 
This was an anticlimatic end to the team that earned their way to the Elite Eight of the championships 
afterdecisively defeating Robert Morris and Louisville. Disappointing as the final game of the season 
was, it was the first time since 1980 for the team to reach the regional final, and the first time in five 
years that the team captured a Pac-1 title. The team that started off the year with a big bang ended 
it at "The Pit" with a small wimper. 




Victory celebration: The Bruins in a moment of esprit cle corps during 
the UCLA vs. Portland NCAA Soccer Tournament, 2nd Round. 



Air Butler: Airborne Mitchell Butler soars for a dimk at the UCLA vs. 

Washington game. 

V\ riMKi 





- f)t/cu4 Hurley 



5hirk7 A. Aguiki Liberty Amador Amy k'nniler Anderson Saira AsLim Karen Atkinson Holly Baba lennifer Barragan JennilerBell Alisa Bergman Elizabeth Boettger Melinda 
Borjon Audrey Bradley leanie Branham (Public Relations) Ann Marie Brown Carrie Nicole Capwell Cheri Carberry lacqueline Carlson Trisha Castle (Social Coordinator) 
Lydia Castro Kristin Chandler Lisa Chen Minnie Chen Christina Chin Kunoor Chopra Pamela Chow Elaine Chu Rachel R. Cornejo Kathleen Daly Mayra De Aguilar Erica 
5. DeRuyte Cynthia Dinh Robin S. Dong lacqualinel. Dyess Karen Edmonson Mia Ellis Kristy Felix Kristin Flatley RuthieFlores MarcieFox Paola Franceschi Lesley Friedland 
:Vice-President) Juliana Fuqua Suzanne Futterman (Sophomore Rep.) Terri Garcia Tracy Cibbs CelinaCorre Stacey Craves Lisa Guevara Cheryl FHalcrow Teri Hall (Senior 
Rep.) OreetHerbst Chandra Hill jadeHiramoto Kathleen Hirose Coby Holtman Kara Leigh Hogue Amy Hong Vanessa Hsei lulieHsu Patty Y.Huang lanicelshida Carrie 
lohnson Hyewon |un (Treasurer) Cindy )un Colette Kadrnka Verjinia Karnikian Ann Kawai )une |. Kim Katty Kim Lynda Kim Sun Kim Kelly Kriwanek Karin Kullman 
Suzanne Lafranchi jenniter Lally Lisa Lau Josephine C. Lee Karen Lee Katherine Ann Lee ShirlyS. Lee Debra Lew Dana Loo Melissa Lopez lanis Louie Amber Macarthur 
Tina Mai Meg Masuno Dawnielle Materre Eryka Mathews (Men's Athletics) Susan Ann Mathiowetz Ka luana Matthews Kimberly Lane McFarland Sherry Menor Alicia 
D. Mew Alysha R. Meyers Michelle Miguel Tracey Miller Susan Min Kryssie Mingst loan-Ruth Miran leanie Moore (Junior Rep.) Tanya Nagai Mimi Nguyen Sandy 
Nieto Deanna Nitta Shani Odegaard (Secretary) Julie Ohara Mary Osako Tess Paragas Jee S. Park Rachel Parker Laura Lynn Peterson Katherine M. Pham Brenda 
I. Quintana Lourdes M. Reed Andrea M. Rhodes Aimee Rydgren Maria Sanchez Parrish Sadeghi Susan Samarge Cynthia Sandoval Stephanie Sasaki Kerry Saukkola 
Krista Schendel KatheeSeares Shane Selph NedaShamie Grace Shin Alexis Smith Laura TerukoSommers RupamSoni Joy Soriano (President) Aarti Srinivasan Melanie 
Shelby Wendy R. Stancer Alison Leigh Swegle Monique Talamantez Kareen Tampus Jennifer Tanabe Kristin Tanaguchi Jacqueline Tang Heather Tjaden Rebecca 
Toth (Freshman Rep.) Yvonne Tsai Helen Tu Barbara Van Eeckhout Rebecca Vargas Aurora Vasquez Meg Vinton Lucy Wang Lori Watanabe Laney Whitcanack 
Attica White Jessica Wingell Kimberly D. Wynn BIythe Yamamoto Suzanne Elizabeth Yoon Katy Young 



lohnnie Lau (President! Nancy Hui (External Vice President) Dore Marl< (Internal Vice President) Albert Li (Secretary) Trevor Lim (Asian Pacific Coalition Representative) Cindi 
Shih (Historian) Wen Miao (Sports Director) Richard Tang (Sports Director) Leashanne Chen (Community Service) Phong Do (Social) Bernie Hsiao (Publicity) Leon Lo 
(Fundraising) Phil Lo (Cultural) Clark Cheng (Programming) Eva Hui (Recruitment & Retention) Jennifer Fong (Creative) Phoebe Tsai (Creative) 



Daniela Carusi (Publications Director) Steve Daetz (Outreach Director) Paola Franceschi (Class Gift Campaign Director) Caria Johnson (Publicity Director) Kathy Michaels 
(Internal Affairs Director) Pauline Obata (Activities Director) Joe Ochoa (Senior Barbeque and Information Fair Director) Alisa Rabin (All-Nighter Director) Michael Van Meter 
(Executive Director) 




Seniors: Fatemeh Akhavan, Michelle Arakaki.MilaroseBaleva, Stephanie Blau, lennif'erButtram, Leticia 
Castaneda, Francisco Conde, Gillian Cooper, Megan Daugherty, Anne Deborah, Terry Eames, Sara 
Forsythe, Catherine Gatt, Jacquelyn Gitlord, Monique, Hotrath, Eliza llano, Elizabeth Kelly, Kimberly 
Kufus, Elizabeth Lee, Ann Manalang, Lisa Marcos, Tricia Mendez, Sharon Mick, Linda Mizote, Constance 
Olerich, Kimberly Ortale, Marites Ortaliza, Susan Roberts, Eliza Roy, Marcia Schneider, Nancy Seely, 
\'irginShearin, Deborah Siegel, Kimberly Smith, Linda Tanaka, Emily LJchio, Fiel Varona, Allison Wong. 

luniors: Allison Aneers, Amy Banuelos, Laurie Bardin, Kim Behnke, Alicia Bullock, Lynette Casquejo, 
lasmine Choa, Lynn Church, Nenita Coloma, Paul Cornett, Suzanne Cornick, Katy Davis, Arnold de 
Castro, leflEscuadro, Shela Embuido, Molly Finn, Nancy Fukumoto, Paul FHaggard, Nanora FHIcks, Linda 
Hsia, FHeidi Irwin, LesLee|e\vitt, Lourdessluarez, Alison Kaneshiro, lone Klaren, lenniter Kendall, Teresa 
Knudtson, Christine Lash. Debbie Layton, Elizabeth Lee, lorge Lee, Yi-Ting Liu, Ann Manaolis, Melissa 
Marchant, Roberto Matron, Maria Mendez, Vann Miller, Tammhy Oyog, FHarold Patron, Liza Perlas, Tim 
Reagan, |udy Rhode, Dioni Rovello, Satvinder Sachdeva, Caroline Salinas, Althea Showalter, Karen 
Silver, LisaSwansen, lungTak, Debi Tipple, Beckie Turner, Kirsten Volbeda, Naomi Wang, Sarah Waters, 
lav Williams, Darlene Wong 



SajicI Ahmed (Drug Use and Abuse Project) Jon A. Barker (Chiel of Staff) Errol Buntuyan (On-Campus Testing Project) Lydia Castro (UCLA Health Awareness) Wei-Chao Chang 
(Internship Coordinator) Grace Chun (CPR/First Aid Training Project) Carol Darwish (Special Assistant) Raul Corospe (Asministrative Assistant) Tom Huang (Alcohol Use and 
Abuse) ParmjitKang (Executive Assistant) Debbie Klump (AIDS Awareness and Education Co-Director) Julie Lipps (Rape Awareness and Education Project) Vicky Luce (SWC 
Commissioner) Alison McGhee (AIDS Awareness and Education Co-Director) Pam Miller Tanya K.M. Nagai Johnny Wang(UCLA Blood Drive) Greg Winkler (Campus Safety 
Project) Katherine Yang Ann Yeh (Crisis Prevention Project) 



AbULLA Board 01 Directors 1991-1992 Top Row: David Lee (CSA President) David GungneriUraduatei Alec Wynne(Undergraduatei MiddleRow: Andrea 
Garai (Undergraduate) Noel Vales (Undergraduate) Liz Torney (Graduate) MarjoieChrisman (Recording Secretary) Bottom Row: )ason C. Reed (Executive 
Director) Nikki Maguire (Graduate) Tom Soto (Alumni) Danette Martin (USAC President) Allen Yarnell (Administration) Deanna Cherry (Undergraduate) 
Bill Klein (Faculty) Not Pictured: David Gast (Graduate) Matt Mazer (Alumni) Dorothy Webster (Administration) Maryann Jacobi (Administration) 



Reduce Reuse Recycle 

A S U C L A 


This year the Associated Students brought a lot of green to the blue and gold- 
through the ASUCLA Recycling Program. We learned how to make recycling a part 
ol (jur lives on campus and at home. We made a video showing 10 easy ways we 
( <\n choose to conserve at ASUCLA facilities, from recycling the Daily Bruin to using 
refillable mugs at Food Service locations to buying recycled paper notebooks at the 
Students' Store. We diverted a projected 209 tons of paper from the landfill and we 
saved a small forest of trees. 





Kelly Besser(Associate Publicist) Paul Bessette (Concerts Associate) Brian BrookslSpeakers Associate) Karen Chan (Ad Designer) Winnie 
Cheng (Film Associate) Juli Cotta (Associate Publicist) Shannon Des Roches (Ad Director) Brian Faeh (Film Associate) luliana Fuqua 
(Associate Publicist) Douglas Good (Ad Designer) Basil Grillo (Film Assocoiate) Kathy Ho (Ad Director) Alvin Hui (Associate Publicist) 
Shannon Jue (Ad Designer) Ellwyn Kauffman (Associate Publicist) Lisa Laird (Speakers Associate) Tim LaTorre (Film As'^ociate) Linda 
Lee (Staff Photographer) Amy Leeper (Publicity Director) Kathy Ohtomo (Concerts Associate) Lynn Padiila (ConcerN Director) Gesele 
Rey (Speakers Associate) Nina Roy (Commissioner) Leslie Rubin (Speakers Associate) Gabie Strong (Concerts As^^ociate) Lateefah 
Torrence (Film Director) Rebecca Vargas (Speakers Director) LoriWatanabe (Assistant Commissioner) Keith "Shafted" VVixson (Speakers 



tcl Arpcivvong Luk Bhavabutjnon Uebbie BLickmore Chitra Chalvorapol GasoneLhan leannie Chang Sudarat Chanyonpatandkul Bon Charuratna Mitch Lharusathiapa 
Burt Charu worn Gypsy Choontanom JiebChoontanom Monrapa Chua PanyaChua Wila Chunbomrung Teresa Chung Giovanni Coglitore Ian Da Costa Nikki Darakananda 
Pam Drake Paison Etitum Chancee Hirunpidok Adam Hy Paul Kengsoontra Sumida Kittiaksorn Natua Kittlakor Sirb Klaewtanong Kit Kongrukgreahyos left Konreat 
EmilyLeang jenny Lee Pat Lochaya Ann Lohmadi Laphone Louplor Ann Luechaa Sophia Ma lack Mongolkasetarin Paul Nimitsilpa Vena Petchapradub Dung Phung Patty 
Pinanong Cherng Plantharong Lida Poom Donnakorn Pornsaht Panuchai Praditbatuga Spencer Prasarnsuk |oe Rha Blue Ruangsuebsin Nisa Rungruang Peter Sail Amarin 
Sangkharat Cathie Sarayudej Suratchada Sauhskulvong Jeerisuda Sawetnant lay Sounthornsawad Suangsamorn Stapatynon Varun Taepaisitphongse Darlene Tannirat 
Nontivich Taudavanitij Pansak Tepsupomchai Don Thiel Toontham Thongsrinoon HerbTiquia Danny Truong Sutai Tsaowonsiri Tony Tung Wankanok Usaha Sonny 
Vajrabukka Naratip Veerachanavirut Kosol Vipapan Sanya Vorasarun Eric Wang Jiravat Wangwongvivat Bob Wansotn Jieb Warasopun Gay Weiss Mark Wichaijanuparp 
Jan Wongvipat 



Front Row: Elizabeth Azores Susjn Cesell Arvli Ward Grace Liu Back Row: Frances Fernandez. Terence FHsido Neal Cohen Igiidciu Avina 



Latrice Allern Aliria Amador LisaAmii Lhnstina Aragon iProgram Coordinator) Melinda Artukovlch SairaAslam Lunn Bagge Mark Baje Annabelle tileza iPublic Relations 
Coordinator) Anya Binsacca lennifer Botelho )ason Bromberg (FITCooordinator) Levon Broussalian Donny Buralglio Toni Chandler MaggieCho Margaret Chu DonCorpui- 
Monique Dao Linda Dote (Nutrition Coordinator) Susannah Ehret Arlene Fernandez Joseph Gantan Sarina Garg Valina Ghookasian Julie Giers Nancy Gold (Co-Directors) 
Raul Gorospe (SOURCE Coordinator) Ana Hacopian Susan Halili Trade FHata Steve FHatchel Deanna Herson Nicole Herzog Amanda Ho Lieu Ho Karilyn House Jennie 
Houston Karen Ikemoto Saba Khan Henri Kim Judy Kim Debi Klump (Sexual Health Coordinator) Kristin Knudson Sandy Kwong Janel Lardizibal Michael Lau Kim Leikei 
Mona Li Maria Liao Victoria Lindogan EdMalbas Ron Mathiasen Sandra Matsumoto Jenny Miller (Co-Director) CheryleMiyao Julie Moore Naritza Moarles Jenny Murillc 
Omar Namoos (Nutrition Outreach Coordinator) Thuy Nguyen Marcia Nogueira Ngozi Nwosu (Recruitment Coordinator) Gisella Olivares Kelly Okada MaryOkino Alex 
Pachnada Jayana Patel Jennifer Plumb Laura Record (Public Relations Coordinator) Dave Riley (FIT Coordinator) Wendy Seto Emilky Shapiro Jagruti Shukia Mark Stone 
JaymarSuarez (Hypertension Coordinator) Kavita Surti Jennifer Taguchi Liz Talley (Stress Coordinator) Melanie Taylor Summer Teruya (Office Coordinator) Lien Tran Kim 
Uyeda Payam Vahedifar Nikki VanLaeken Glenn Vega Merci Watson Dahna White (Women's Health Coordinator) Denise Whittaker Lunn Yasui Wendy Yan Paul Yutan 
(Intermurals Coordinator) 



Kii!.lin Bell (hiilurian) Susan BeringeriCommunicationsChairl AnyaBinsacca DeannaCheiry Evtiyn Cortez Damon Dean leiinller Domingo IMardi Gias Chair) Thinh Duong 
Scolt Emery (Elections chair) Renat Engel (Mortar Board Week Chair) Tracy Cibbs (President) Oreet Herbst Christopher Holbert Jonathan Klein Robert Klein (Alumni Chair) 
Linda Kuo (Co-Service Chair) Wendy Law (Vice President) Patricia Lee Lauri Mattenson Charisse Meigs (Secretary) Kendra Miller Sherrick Murdoff David Posner Susan 
Rinderle Karen Rowley (Honors Booklet Chairl Samira Sadeghi Robert Sanders loy Soriano Aarti Srinvasan lulieTakaki Michael Tan Neera Tanden Herbert Tiquia Shirin 
Twoligh (Awards Chair) Kiniberly Uyeda Hiroshi Wald (Treasurer! Alice Wong Gail Woodbury (Co-Service Chair) 



Bita Abdollahi Nuushin Adhami Stephanie Alber Tina Allbriglit lorge Ancona Amy Anderson Anouki Arreygue Candice Alherton Don Aueiljacli Brenda Baca Lori Baker ' 
Sandy Barbardo Carissa Barker Dana Baron Melanie Barrio Andra Berg Erin Lee Bolenbaugh Nicole Bollinger Sharon Bosse lulie Bowyer Heather Boyle lulia Bradford ^ 
Keith Brant lulia Brichard CharleneCanalita Ivan Canete Daniela Carusi Trisha Castle TinaChao Caroline Chellamy CigiChellamy DienaChen SteaveChen Sandra Cheng ! 
KhinChin Valerie Christman Kimberly Clark Eric Covert Timothy Cox Anne Crawford Steve Daetz Eileen Descallar Desiree DeSurra Christie DiBerardino Stacia Eyerly 
Danny Farahmandion Maria Flores Lilly Fong Paola Francheschi Kerrie Freeborn lennifer Fringer Mia Fung Darren Futa Denise Gaitan Maria Garcia Vicky Gomelsky Bill 
Cordon Jill Grindly Tracy Gromko Sandra Gutierrez Sandy Herrington Kara Hogue Natasha Hoiseck Arash Hourizadeh Laurence Hughes Karen Ikemoto Nadine Iskander 
Natalie lacob Russel lacobsen Karia Johnson Theresa Jones Sara Jurmain Maggie Kademian Terry Kaiura Cynthia Kamdang Faraz Kerendi Sanam Khalili Lenore Kimura : 
Ann Marie Koch Rena Kono Mary Kullenberg Wendy Law Kristen Lawrence Nadia Lazarovici Elaine Lee Katherine Lee Roman Leibzon Stacey Leong Jenny Lin Julie Lipkin 
Ken Loop Jeffrey Lorch Kristen Lueck Terry Lui Kenny Mah Lisa Manning Jason Manoogian Eryka Mathews Kari Matsumoto Kajuana Matthews Brandon Mazzacavallo 
Mercedes McLane Alysha Meyers Kathy Michaels Tracy Miller Michelle Moore Emily Morgenroth Laura Mori Pamela Ng Jason Nguyen Pauline Obata Joseph Ochoa 
RudyOhrt MelindaOhta Jason Ong ManissaPedroza Perry Eddie ZulmaQuintanllla Vernon Ragasa JakeReichenthal Jennifer Reyes Sarah Richard Lori Ann Rogich Margarita 
Romero XochitI Ruiz Magnolia Samadani Martha Saucedo Kerry Saukkola Cathy SchecterCori Seikaly MyraSeikaly Shannon Seikaly ChristaShaw Caroline Sheu Su Yong 
Shin Tomokoko Shiratori Laurie Simonovski Suzy Starke Jennifer Sun Valerie Teglia Lisette Valdes Michael VanMeter Amber Vasquez Catalina Vasquez Carlos Villalobos 
HiroshiWald Jennifer Waldroup Jim Wang Paula Watke Tricia Wiertel Antoine Wilson Kevin Winstead Jay Wong Kimberly Wynn Su Yi Mandana Yousefmoradi Annette 
Yu Jenny Yu Lisa Yu 



<aren Boyd Diana Chang Sukee Chew Michelle Delesus Kristin Hanna Rose Henderson Shirley Horn Suzanne Horn Lisa Houston junko Ishii Nina Kanga Hyun Kyung 
<im Sihvva Lee Eden Lim Alejandra Limon Delicia Lin Gemma Llaurado Nancy Luna (R. A.) Tina Mai Regina Melton lExecutive Director) Surentorn Ponevuttisaet Rosalia 
jaavedra Toshiko Scott Rita Shukia Dora Tung Artnita Walker Marlene Wan Yuyao Xu Shannon Young Myuheui Yu Sandy Yu Leslie Zigman 



Robert Acherman, Kelly Ching, Elaine Chu, Brian Cogswell, Sam Hirsch (President, Alpha Lambda Delta*, ,Amily Huang, Margaret lung, Katty Kim, Mee La Chon, Linda Lai, 
Meg Masuno, Scott Mcintosh, Amy Nemko, Susan Oda, Wayne Poon, Bryan Robinson (President, Phi Eta Sigma), Parrish Sadeghi, Cathy Schecter, Laura Seamark, Heather 
Skinazi, Suzanne Tjio, lenniter Wilson 



Jameb Hubkinson, )i. i\ ite President), Joseph |. Ochoa (President), Matheu Robinson iPresident Elect), Bruce Sugden (Treasurer) 



Asian Eclucaliiin Pri)jei.t 

Asi.m Eilui ation Project 


W.ill-. l'ro''r,im 

Watts Program 








A ,'^' v 

- < 






MdrgciretChdi Allison Chan Nancy Chen TrIclaChin Pamela Chow RowenaChua TobieCruz Traci Endo Maria Fajatin Melbourne Fagela Lisa Fujinioto 
Mia Fung Karen Gohata Tami Higa Linda FHou Lisa lino Tricia Ishimoto (Vice President- Pledge) Connie )aio Ginajamero Diane Lau Nina Le Candy 
Lee Elizabeth Lee Samantha Lee Karen Lim Amy Liu Janis Louie Julie Low Stacy Maeda (Vice President- Fundraising) Miwa Matsuno Michelle Medina 
Jan Morimoto Arlene Nailo Jennifer Nguyen Nhi Nguyen Chris Obata Christina Ohshima Mitzi Phung YoshieSakai Rina Sakai Stephanie Sasaki Edna 
Sasis Jessica Shigemura Young Song Shawn Sumida Rebecca Sun Lori Tabuchi Julie Takaki (President) Kimi Tamura (Vice President- Social) Marilyn 
Tsang Erynn Tsuboi Anne Tsuchiyama Christel Ventura Sariya Vorasarun Kim-Thoa Vu Linda Whang Sarah Whang (Treasurer) Sharon Whang Mary 
Wong Shirley Wu Daphne Yang Gina Yoshida 




Clarissa Aesquivel TaraAkashi Wendy Chan Chariene Chang Lisa Cheng SueCho luheChobdee ConceilChun Danamaye Cooper Thao Dang Debbie 
Dyong Michelle Fujioka Sara Fung Linda FHsia FHelen Hur Laurel |oe Ann Kawai Jennifer Kawata (Vice-President) Kathy Kawata Jennifer Kim Linda 
Kim Tina Kim Stacie Kosaka Priscilla Kvvan (Secretary) Sandra Lau Betty Lee Elizabeth Lee Jane Lee Janet Lee Joann Lee (Treasurer) Nancy Lee Alyssa 
Leong Maria Liao AbbyLin Manda Louie (President) SabrinaMar Mayumi Matsunaga Chiaki Miura (Vice President) Elaine Mu Melanie Murakami Kim 
Nagami Grace Naito Aileen Nakano Kim Nakazono (Vice President) Wendy Nosse Patty Pinanong |uli Ro Laurie Sato Jennifer Sogawa Julie Sueoka 
Vuki Takeuchi (Secretary) Kerri Tamakawa Denyce Tanioka Yin Tea Suzanna Toy Stephanie Tsai Kristin Um Cynthia Ung 

^M^,^ li\i 




Laura Abeyta Susan Ackley Robyn Altmann Melissa Anderson 
Michelle Barber Heather Bath Meredith Bean Sarah Bernard Ona 
Bernini Laura Braunwald Carrie Brenner Johanna Britten Carey 
Bylin KT Castleberg Sarah Chen Melanie Cheng Deanne Chun 
Allyson Cohn Ashley Cormany Kris Dayton Shannon Dunne 
Viviana Dinucci Lori Dittman Meredith Fishman Laura Fox 
Wendy Frawley Kim Freeman Aimee Fujimoto Chrissy Garcia 
Clarissa Garmager Maria Cedymin Jen Gillum Catherine Gitlin 
Kathy Good Lorraine Cumpert Julia Guzek Kristina FHail Kristi 
FHarris Kat Henderson Sharon Henry Jill Holt Kristi Imperial Kim 
Kolsta Gina Mention Laura Nadura Alison Nyguyen Stacey Parker 
Jill Perry Megan Quigley Paula Rasmussen Michelle Regul 
Rochelle Richter Tiffany Rider Cameron Roberts Jeanne Rydell 
Michelle Santos Paige Sayle Cynthia Schlimmer Stephanie Seigler 
Monica Shabaznia Danielle Sierra Michelle Simon juleen Slater 
Christy Smith Susan Smith Kathy Sorich Julie Stewart Monica Su 
Sherry Swioca NatalieSywak Tammy Tukloff Julie Turbeville Mary 
LJebbing Marni Ungerman Amy Villareal MandieWachal Courtney 
Walker Jen Webster Allison Wedemeyer KiliWenguer lulie White 
Gina Wilson Katring Wulffson Alyssa Young Suzy Zimmerman 

J 7/ / ifr'l 'd, ' 

I I I I I I c I » • 

\ 1 2 f^^'^^^iiH "tf 






Suzi Barricella Lisa Bermuclez Megan Bourgeosie Dede Cardona 
(VP Pledge) Paris Chatman DaliaChatlerjee Heather Cohenour(VP 
Press/PR) Lora Cowan (Panhellenic) Maureen Curr Meara Daly |en 
Dauer Christine Davis Melissa DeLaCruz Erica Donaldson Susan 
Drake Aimee Duell Elizabeth Duell Laurie Dunn )ulie Engelman 
Monica English Charmaine Evans Lisa Evans Elisabeth Evanshine 
Vicki Finkler lamie Flynn Sandra Fonseca (Treasurer! Gail Cabby 
Michelle Garcia Gina Ciambra Michelle Giambra Jenn Cillon 
Heather Gold Jenifer Greeley Elizabeth Greene Jennifer Grega 
Emily Grogan Jessica Gross Diella Hanchette Deanna Hearson 
(Efficiency) Leslie Hewitt Vanessa Hill Stephanie Hirata Kathy Ho 
Wendy Holt Christina Howard (House Manager) Teresa Huerto 
lean Ihenfeldt Catherine lackson Angela lanuszka Michelle Johns 
Kellie Jordan Jenny Kaplan (Secretary) Anne Ketchersid Karen Kim 
Amy Komatsuzaki Kim King Rachael King Shelley Knowles 
Meredith Kovach Kelly Krause (President) Sandra Krivosic Andi 
Kushner Andrea Laurence Kristen Lawrence Laurel Lewis Nadia 
Lzarovici Kristin MacDonald KimberlyManibusan Leslie ManueKVP 
standards) Suzanne Mattis Allison May Sharon McCaffery Heather 
McCollum Maureen McDonald Tracy McMurtry Kelly Meek Susan 
Mescavage Alicia Mew Julie Moore Sonia Munevar Kim Myers 
Belinda Najera Christina Nicolosi Kristin Noyes Rebecca Oliver 
Erica Oyadomari Jeanny Pai Tonja Peltzer Nicole Pessis Anne 
Powers Kimberly Quinn Michelle Ramos Lisa Richards Rosemarie 
Rigor Dana Rogness Yvonne Russell Yvonne Salzman Carrie Sayre 
(Social) Judy Shieh Jennifer Shin Dara Shulman Rory Silver Alda 
Sipin Tammie-Jo Solorio-Fleener Hilary Sorenson (Asst. Treasurer) 
Stacy Sterling Fahi Takesh Janet Tanasugarn Jill Urstein Graciela 
Valero Kim Vallone April Verlato Jennifer Weiler Zoe Werner 
Karen Wetzel Kate Whitmore (VP Member) Kate Wolf 





LuisaAguilar KateAnderson DebbieAppel Michelle Arce Liana Barkan Dana Baron Allison Barrett 
Grace Barrett Andra Berg Nicole Bigas Eva Buchvvald Vanessa Cabello Julie Carroll Narisa 
Chunbomrung Michelle Cohen Sadat Cohen CherCohler Yvette Cuadrado Melissa DeVita Dione 
Diemer Rebecca Dishotsky Angel Dos Santos Avital Elad Stetanie Epstein Marni Feenberg Segy 
Finkelstein Debbie Forsch Nancy Frey Larissa Friend lenniter Ciambrioli Wendy Garrett Jennifer 
Carson Deborah Casiorek Erin Gebroe Kera Glazer Merri Goldberg Jennifer Gould Lisa Could 
Felicia Green Nancy Gura Michelle Herman Rebecca Hilberman lessica Holman Kirsten FHolmes 
Melissa Howard Cynthia Huerta Kate Igo Siobhann Jennings Gabrielle Kaplan Kelli Kirkland Missy 
Krasner Michelle Kuo Gayle Levin Rachel Levin Lisa Levy Kari Lindaue Dana Linker )odi Linker 
Julie Lipkin Jodi Loeffler SuzieLuner Rachel Lunianski KaraMatsumoto Yukiko Michael Erika Miller 
LisaMunoz Liz Nevins Nikki Nourmand Rachel Olitsky Leslie Rabinovitz Lisa Rapoport Jill Ratner 
Niki Rekant Laura Reza Becky Rogoff Carol Rozio Jill Russell Judy Samson Roxanne Sanchez Zoey 
Schorr Alison Segal Irene Seyhun Lori Shaw Carrie Shawber AimeeSher Louisa Shipnuck Samantha 
Siegle Samantha Slotkin Samantha Spielman April Spitzer Jodie Steiner LorelleTaras Missi Tepper 
Emma Thornber Alison Trostleer Dvora Vener Megan Walsh Elizabeth Weiner Nancy Weintraub 
Allyson Weisberg 






Lisa Agajanian Nora Asahara Susan Ashkar MylaAvila Ashley Ayres Pearl Barzaga Rena Bradham lackie Carlson Julie Chiu SageClaydon Elissa Davalos Melissa De 
Santis Tracy Dilkian Melanie Dodson Lara Donaldson Darci Ernst Erin Favilla Carrie Farrell Robin Fey Kerrie Freeborn Lori Friediander Sarina Carg Cynthia Golitzen 
Valerie Goo Joanne Griffin Kathleen Hagen Jackie Haley Christy Hayes Kimberly Heaps Carrie Hernandez Karilyn House Cathy Hull Elisejasso Mariana Javurek Lori 
Kandel Shari Kanlor Jennifer Keeler Megan Kennison Tina Kephart June Kim Kate Kosutu Mary Kullenberg Sarah Lee Maria Leonard Adona Lim Terri Lin Carolyn Lundquist 
Shannon Mclntee Pam Maelzer Letisia Marquez Julianne Molinari Mareva Muchenje Tiffany Mullen Stacy Nuccion Ngozi Nwosu Jenny Peer Alissa Perlstein Darci 
Pollard Kirsten Price Angle Ramos Laura Ramsden Karen Reed Linnea Riesenhuber Melissa Ross AmySalesin Becky Saltzer Becky Schlatter Amy Seaver Natasha Shan 
Jenny Shelton Debbie Sheraga Alicia Steinaecker Valerie Teglia Pam Torrance Alice Tsai Allison Turkish Denise Whittaker Amanda Weidman Malinda Wozniak Aya 
Yamaura Michelle Ybarra Cristy Yeszin Nicole Zaccheo 






NikkiAcosta Megan Acuna Nicole Arndt Canclice Atherton NatasrhaBackes LynnBagge LisaBardon 
Marianne Barulich Adrienne Baumann Crystal Boyd Kristy Bricker lulie Brotherton Heather Brown 
lennifer Brown Katy Brown Rachel BruherTricia Buelna Hayley Byron lenniter Carey EleanoreChen 
Lily Chen Kelly Ching Alexis Christensen lulie Crowder Elisa Davis Stephanie DeVirgilio Kristin 
Donaldson Holly Ehrel Charlotta Fabricius Julie Franklin Karin Freeman Courtney Frisch Carrie 
Frymer ShirinGhotbi lulie Giacopuzzi Tracy Gibbs Michelle Gill Lorna Good jenny Gordon Kari 
Greaves Heather Grimes Remi Cuyton Jennifer Hall Jen Harriger lennifer Hausen Leslie Hauser 
Molly Hawks Karin Hayes Emily Heath Brooke Henderson )amie Herbstman Vicki Hess Mindy 
Hightower Michele Hitt Julie Hoffman Lynne Homeyer Alisha Hornsby Robyn Johnson Kristen 
Kennedy Robyn Kimura Sarina Kimura Christina Knatz Janel Lardizabal Amy Lassiter Aimee 
Lembach Bonnie Lemon Melanie Levin StefanieLingle Lissa Loeffler Linda Martin Sandra Matsumoto 
KerriMcGagin Maureen Medeiros Cara Meier TinaMichaelssen jacky Moore MoniqueMorin Briget 
Moss Irish PendletonLisa Pondrom Genevieve Porter Maggie PoseLana Powers Coco Prahl Kristin 
Rounce Merle Preston Jennifer Reyes lennyRinella ArleneRuelas Lynn Sanchez Donne Segal Eden 
Shapiro Anne Shelby Patrice Shimirak Eve Silverman Maureen Sinclair Mahala Snyder Amanda 
Sommerfeld Lisa Spangenberg Lisa Spaniardi Lisa Spiegle LisaStaab Karen Stevens Lauri Stevenson 
Kim Stiffler Kelly Studer Maggie Swartz Heidi Thompson )en Thompson Candace Thornton Cheri 
Tompkins Daisy Torme Christine Tully AnnaTuvilla Sylvia Valeri Lara Vu Anne Ward Kim Warren 
Tiffany Wentzel Laney Whitcanek ShellyWhite lenWhitelaw Cindy Whittington Michelle Woodruff 
Bernice Wu Jennifer Ziegaus 






Sarah Adams Moana Asam Angela Bainer Kim Barron Daria Barstad Liza Baskind Christy Basso Traci 
Bates Annushka Bermeo Holly Bremer Natalie Britton Dawn Brown Meggin Brown Shari Brown 
Rebecca Buckelew Shannon Burg )en Burkhard Kristin Carter Nam Choi Debbie Chptsty Lori Clofti 
Ann Marie Crudo Kristen Dagermangy Shannon Davies Anne DeWitt Cindy Dold Nicole Donahue 
Amy Dreylus Sarah Eck Rebecca Enders Elisa Escalante |en Faught Shannon Foster Quinn Fox Heather 
Callegos Rebecca Garret Stacy Getz Lisa Goldberg Kendra Gourvitz ReneeCnnnell Carolyn Hall 
luliandra Hamilton Liz Hawkins Kris Heavner Heather Helm Krista Henle Amy Higgerson Melissa 
Hill Jennie Houston Christy Howard Michelle Hunt Traci Hunting Libbyjaynes |enny Jenkins Heather 
Karp JennvKelleher Kate Kimball Jenny Kissell Dolly Klock Jen Kron KarrieKulper Heather Lagrone 
Nikki Lampe Michelle Lanctot Malia Lasley Julie Levering Amy Lopez-Gallego Leanne Lorentzen 
Diane Mallos Caren Manchester Megan Manlon Adrienne Manwaring Molly Martin Tara Maxey 
Alyssa McCornock Jessica McCoy Heather McKee Amy McKenzie Erin McNamara Kim McQueen 
Marcie Melnick Amy Messersmith Laura Miller Tania Morr Jessica Needham Noelle Nese Paula 
Nicolas RadhaNieburgs Chervl Oakley Paula Oberg MicaelaOwen Laurie Palmer Katie Pine Melissa 
Powell TaraReilly Leslie Scher Aly Sedan Melanie Seratin Mary Shell |en Sherill Ali Shore Natalie 
Shukov C.J. Smuckler Holly Snow Hilary Sperling Jaxie Stollenwerk Alyssa Swanson Coby Taylor 
Stacy Terrien Tracy Terstreip Kathleen Thrasher Susanah Thrasher Wendy Thurston Courtney Tozzi 
MarciaTrost Amy Tyler Theresa Veisel Kim VVeisbarth Hilary Wells Shannon Westphal Cathy Winston 






lulie Alexander Rebecca Anderson Marissa Arrache ErinAstanta lennifer Austin RalnBachand Alice 
Bae Sarah Barber Kristen Bareuther Kristen Bell Ashlie Beringer Bonnie Bernstein Liz Berger 
Boardman Molly Boardman Kate Butler Ann Cattilini Audrey Chammas |udy Chase Taj Chibnik 
ReginaChoo KaiChubb AmyCohen ClaudineConte AmalieCouvillion lesseCromwell KellyCroy 
Rebecca Damavandi lessica Damavandi Kristen Deal Ashley Delucca lackie Dunbar Alyson Eby 
KirstenEgeland StaciEisler AmyEngerman Angle Essey Carole Evans Meghan Evans Laura Fay Lieba 
Faier AmyFinley Kathy Fulton Caroline Galaviz Ali Garrett Cindy Cayton KammiCenova lessica 
Gipson Nicole GiguereMaria Gonzales Jennifer Grateau Melanie Griffith Veronica Gullo Jamie 
Gunn Jennifer Hagedorn Melissa Halme Shelley Hartfield Jennifer Healey Kim Henningsen Katie 
Heiges Galyn Holmes |en Hutchinson Sandy Jacobson Lenore Jiminez Julie Johnson Amy Kasarda 
Kelly Kaufman Jennifer Keen Kathleen Kelty Marily Kilcrease Kristy Kromer Michelle LeTourneau 
Jenna Lewin Kate Lind Julie Lippman Tracey Lovejoy Hayley Lutes Katherin Mac Donald Colby 
Maher Alicia Maltzman Katie Markshausen DanaMastro Julia Mates LisaMcDermid JennMcElliot 
Kristi McMichael Kelly Metz Jeannie Meyer Amy Mickel Wendy Miller Kirsten Moerk Kathleen 
Nelson VickiNielson MichelleOakes JaneOjanpera Beth Palm Amy Palmer lenai Pederson Jennifer 
Perils Tina Petrusis Niki Pezzaglia Kim Posey Lisa Prange lenn Putz Nina Radetich Julie Rice Beth 
Rosemond Allison Ruddell Andrea Sactschale JuleSadlier Tracy Sealy Shelly Schotsal Kim Seibert 
Kelly ShacklettTaliShwartz Stephanie Siebrand KaraSivertson KimSoderlin Bridget Sorenson Cory 
Southwell AllseSpinella MichelleSteinhardt AparnaScreenivasan ErinStone JennSundquist Stacey 
Sussman ElanSzymczak AlliTakido Sarah Tamai Michelle Thibault Tiffany Treanor Jennifer Turner 
ElviaVanEs Monica Varsanyi JenniferVogt YevetteWanlass Michelle Weakley AndiWesch Lindy 
Wolf Terri Young 







lulieAndelin Christina Anderson Natalie Arazi Katie Astarita Kathy Au lenniter Ayres |enn Baer Kirsten Barrows |ana Bassett Shelley Boyd Bridget Briggs Kristen Carlson 
Pamela Chapman Lisa Chiang Julie Cryan Claudia Echeverri Celia Etker Krista Edmiston Michelle Edmiston Renee Eorseth Michelle Oilman lulie Graham Stacey Graves 
lody Hallstrom Stephanie Hammond Christie Henricks Marcie Hersch Debbi Hershberg Megan Hey Laurel Hoffman Jill Hoogendyk Patti Hopp Karen Howard Katy Hunt 
Liz Isenburg Tricia lacobsen lenniter lellison Julie lohnson Karin lohnson Shannon jue Nicola Kean Susie Krumplitsch Amy Kuehl Danelle Larsen Stacey Lasko Gina 
Lee Julia Lew Nicole Lieberman Lissa Lingo Liz Lloyd Julie Lovell Liz Mack Kara Madsen Tina Magpayo Pamela Mariano Stephanie Martinez Kristen Mascio Elaine 
Matson Karen Mitchell Becca Moore Emily Morgan Sarah Naylor lulia Nelson Michelle Nicolai Patti Panagos Jennifer Patrick Jennifer Petree Emily Petterson TrangPham 
Debbie Pimstone Marissa Portillo Laurie Rashidi Michelle Reaves Danielle Rowland Jenni Russel Cathy Schecter Jessica Serna JerdaSibbet Kelly Slater Michelle Solomita 
loAnne Solovy Julie Stewart Alina Storek Dawn Straccia Dione Tanikawa Caroline Taylor Helen Trevino Robyn Tusan Carrie Tweeten Cynthia Valdez Kristen Walls 
Charia Walton Lori Watanabe Laura Webb Tricia Westhoff Hiedi Winer Amy Wood Emily Weinert Romi Weinhouse AmyWeisbin Brenda Wooten 





Devnii -MexjiKifi Ljuiif Djrdin Delji Bdcsldii Kdeliel Bartz Orii 
Belman Samantha Bley Lori Braclbard Betsy Bradley Sarh Bunkin 
Susan Clark )enny Carpenter Alyson Casias Sylvia Chen Aimee 
Cook Joanna Cook Jenny Cooper Jeanine Crain Allison Crane 
Luisa Cruz-Smith Aimee Cuenca Nancy Cutler Kathleen Daigle 
Tracy Davis Laura DeBisschop Julie Delsol Paula Dennehy 
Jennifer Dossa Lisa Dowling Erin Einstein Suzy Emerson Dawn 
Enoch Teresa Estrada Cami Forrester Suzy Futterman Renee 
Galloway Kristin Gamble Alison Garbutt Carolyn Classer Lisa 
Gorman Karin Graver Michelle Gridley Maria Gutierrez Kalhy 
Gutman Jennifer Heiman Tami Herrera Jennifer Hillman Colleen 
Holland Gayle Jabalera Terry Kaiura Krista Karvasek Sara Kenny 
Marci Kevane Heather Kolde Janis Kunimitsu Sarah Landis Rhoda 
Lau Diana Leemon Alison Loo Stephanie Lorda Christine Low 
Odile Madden Leslli Margherita Melissa Margraf Kristy Mateer 
Ann McDonald Rashel Mereness Michelle Miguel Alex Millan 
Valerie Nichols Alison Oliveira Jennifer Overline Becky Parziale 
Lisa Pitts Jennifer Price Suzanne Prout Nancy Putnam Meagan 
Randall Claire Ray Yvette Reynoso Cheryl Rodman RicaRodaman 
Maria Rodriguez Stel'anie Rosenberg Alex Saidy HeatherSandelman 
Ophelia Sanders Angela Sauermann Stephanie Sayer Jennifer 
Schneider Nadia Shabaik Safie Shabaik Sunshine Sharpe Carol 
Shim Gail Shirley Rachel Silverstein Daphne Somkin Alexis Smith 
Sandy Smith Robyn Spahn Laura Spencer Jennie Steele Blenda 
Swetman Tisha Treherne Mary Tunnel! Raquel Vidal Robyn 
Vorous Lauri Weiss Tiffany Westmoreland Lisa Yaros Elizabeth 
Yossem Loretta Yuan Jinah Yun, 



Whitney Allen Tammy Ames Karen Artist Chris Babrick Stacey Bailey Cristol Barrett Dawn Beare Mariah Beiike Michelle Bennett Melissa Boll Colby Brown 
Kelly Bryant Alison Chozen Kristin Collins Stephanie Curtin Carolyn Day Debi Di Bias Monica Fat Jennifer Fisher Kristen Fuller Darbi Gaunt Andrew Gill 
Wendy Gottlieb Andrea Graham Tori Green Missy Cruber Paula Hermanson Marcia Herron Tara Holtzmuller Nadine Hyde Jen Kelly Kathy Kendall Katie 
Kitsos Alanna Klein Alison Knepshield Amy Knepshield Amy Kossoris Maria Kupferman Alison Lange jen La Rocque Sandra Lee Rochelle Levy Jessica 
Lindzy Julie Lipps Bibi Marti Robyn Mayemura Megan McCarren Christine McCarthy Sophie McNitt Kryssie Mingst Alison Murray Julie Myers Sarah 
Newcomb Krista Olivas Noreen O'Prey Denise Osendorf Katie Parker Jenna Pascover Pam Pickens Aneke Plimier Robin Puckett Kristen Rangel Danielle 
Roberts Stephanie Scheck Stet Schluender Erika Schnneider Stacey Sebanc Kelly Sheppard Stacey Smith Kristin Soike Ann Stark Felicia Strankman Aimee 
Suter Michele Trerotola Michelle Torrico Megan Troy Stacey Van Gessel Tracy Watkins Cori Wellins Hilary Werdel Sunny White Alesia Wilham Julie 
Williamson Alyssa Wilson Caroline Wittlin PLEDGES: Jennifer Aarts Nicole Anderson Kristyn Avanzino Jennifer Bank Terra Belt Virginia Bergman Kelly 
Carter Jennifer Chun Tanya Cohen Molly Cooper Monica Creel Jeannie Cummings Elizabeth curwen Kristin Elo Kathleen Fallon Lisa GarbutI Karen Gerke 
Amanda Heavner Lori Jadon Kimberly lOhnson Helen Jukic Natasha Lakamp Shawn Lockie Michele Mathot Joy McFarland Tania Millette Kimberly Pullis 
Jenni Pulos Cherry Punsalan Michelle Quinby Andrea Sorensen Karina Stevenson Dana Vallely Annie Van Buren Kelly White Cindy Williams 






I.I. Ariflerson Renee Andrjcle Tracy BartleN Leslie Bernstein KiniBlumer Allison Boscacci Maury Boswell Laura Bradley KierstenBray Cecily Bunlrock lackie Busstamante MendyCady MarybethCallahai 
Cari Callaway ladeClian EveClark Jeanette Colwas Michelle Ccx)per Casey Cravvtord Hilary- Crawford ErinCrockwell Megan Davenixirl Carrie Davisson AmyDeamicis Maria Derivera Carrie Donahui 
Ste|)hanie Econn Carey Edmeades Caroline Edwards Kathleen Farley Emily Fernandez Shauna Finnie lenniler Flores lennifer Fontius Alison Fortner lodi Fraser Shelhy Fulnier Andrea Calvin Kinilx-rlj 
Getty PamChan Amanda Glazer Stacy Cordin EdieCorman AnneCrahani AlexaCullitord Sarah FHadI AudreeHalasz ShanelFHall Alison FHarrington F^ollyF^art LynnHealey lillHeatherly YadiraHeydinge 
Michelle Holcenljerg Vanessa Jarman SueHohnson Courtney Jones Monica lones Naancy Kamerer leremy Kashian Grace Kibler Kira Klaus Claire Lane Patty Lawrence FHallieLevy Debbie Lewis Wend 
Leydig AmyLikus ReneeLyall lolieLynn Liz Major Andrea Makely Marianne Makely Melanie Mandles Sandra Margulies Lisa Martinez Carrie McCarty )ill Meade Madies Mendoza Niki Minor KelF 
Moore Margie Moreno Abigail Nelson Deborah Neuheisel Dru Nielsen Monica O'Brien Enn O'Neal Sara Papas ElisePappas Alison Parnell Kristen C^uine Sarah Ranier Wendy Raymond Andrea Rio 
laime Rico Christine Rothermel Daniele Rozanski Sherry Rumold Amy Rush Corrie Safris Elisa Sagardia Carolann Salstrom Lori Schaelter Lynn Seymour Stephanie Sibljett Laurie Sleep Kimlxrly Sobe 
AnnaSteding Ashley Stowell AlixStrough Ale.xaSwerdloff Patricia Taggarl Devon Taltey Becky Tapper Maurie Taylor FHollyTeal GabrieleTer-lung Courtney Thomas MelindaTisch ChristaTobey FHeathe 
Vaicek Kristy Valverde Irene Viksman Teresa Vitulli Gretchen Wacker lenniter Wayman Denise Weisel Wendv Wilcox Justine Witt Vaughan Wtxxison lill Young MonikaZech Kim Ziro|X)ulos 

Kappa Kappa Gi 
Ptedgink Day 1991 






Michelle Arce (Policies) Karen Atkinson (Community Awareness! Jenn Baer (President) Julie Franklin (Secretary) Lisa Grundy (Scholarship) Carolyn Hall (PH Rush Directc 
Sandy lacobson (Programming) hari Kantor (Public Relations) Kim King (Special Events) Alanna Klein (VP University Rels.) Amy Neal (Row/Alumni Relations! Abby Neisc 
(1st Vice President) Suzanne Prout (Rush Spirit Chair) Julie Turbeville (Treasurer) 






<enAckerman Francis Alcantara Brad Aouizerat Matt Ashby ). Nick Baldwin R. lason Benites Brian Bills Donny Buraglio jay Campbell Andy Campion Gary Chiotti 
rnr''?!!', . T^'" ^"^^""^'^'^ Steve Daetz Kevin Daly Todd Dietrich Tom Donnell Mike Eredy MikeFeenberg Larr>' Fernandez Phil Ferran Fabio Fortunate 

iill Frank Warren Freidman Bernie Caftaney MikeCebhardt Johnny Giang KyleGrasso Pete Hamilton jason Harley Steve Hardgrave David Hoenig Chris Holbert Brent 
Wvitz letfHsu Aunslarasunas letfjenks Eric Johnson Randy Kaiden Mike King Lee Kuo Dylan Kwan Glenn Levine Steve Levine (Treasurer) Kevin Malmgren Stephen 
^arshall lettrey Maurer Todd McAteer Eric Mtong Tim Medcoft Steve Michalski Darius Miranda Joe Mode John Moon Che Mott (External Vice President) Ara Nigolian 
iudyOhrt lohnPosta Jett Pratt Brady Price Ed Puchi (Membership Educator) Mike Regan Ben Rice Grant Rockwell (Internal Vice President) Tad Rogers John Santos Drew 
.chroeder \ohe,Sh,m,zu Casey Tavlor (President) Scott Tiano Alex Torre leti' True (Seargent at Arms) Rob Tsai Brian Tyler Don Udall Matt Venegas (Rush Chairman) 
ven Wallace Jon Weiss Ben Wexler J. P. Whitcombe Antione Wilson Ivan Wu Matt Zimmer 






Greg Alderman Eric Asa-Dorian Tom Baker leff Beauchamp Steve Clia Paul Chung (Secretary) Anthony Cludadano Henry Fata fSargeant at Arms) Patrick Ferguson 

(President) Reliegh Grantham (Treasurer) Philip Hill (Cahplain) Gary Ito Phil Kuo Jimmy Lam (Vice-President) I.P.Lee Michael Leonard (Pledge Educator) Gabe Lopez 

Bo Lumabao Kendrick Lutz Ted McGivern loel Mendoza Pritz Navaratnasingan Richard Parubrub Herman Ramirez Tony Rossi Tom Smith Hung Tran Troy Tresser 

Jianli-ImQag- (Historian), Tim Whvte ,, 










— . 











Bob Abrahamsen Paul Adrian Alex Amin Brian Armer |. Erik 
Arveson David Baker Parker Beatty Chriss Boyle Pat Bray Marc 
Buckhantz Dan Canobbio Geoff Christian Andrew Curry Paul 
Davis BradDeJean Steve DeLaura AndyDeWolf JeffElkin Eric Ellis 
Andy Erdman Samm Espiritu Clarke Filippi Matt Fischer lohn 
Fitzpatrick loeFournier MarkCabelsberg Chris Golier Rafi Gordon 
)ayF^arry Chuck Hawkins Chad Herst Curtis Hidalgo ShoHiguchi 
Matt Hill John Howe Hank Hsu |eff Indes Keith Inyue Andy Irish 
David Johnson Toby Junkuno John Karembelas Wes King Compton 
Kurtz Pete Laflamme Rich Lanka Dave Lanstein Brad Leahy Brett 
Leake Bart Leopold Kevin Linguist Andre Machicao Amir 
Matityahu MikeMcKenna GregMcMurray Marco Mendoza Lance 
Mikus John Miller Erik Morris Sherrick Murdoff Chris Neale Tom 
Orewyler Paul Parker Mark Peasley lason Pennington Timothy Pine 
John Pitts Chris Pratt Scott Pribble Matt Primmer Greg Reitz Dave 
Rentto Matt Rodriguez Robert Rynearson Augusto Sasso Kent 
Schoen Paul Schultz Tony Scruggs Scott Sellwood Paul Short Eric 
Shoup leff Shultz Mike Slavich lohn Stacsi Todd Stick Mas 
Takenaga Page Tompkins Phill Toretto Tom Umemoto Ion Wank 
)ohnWastrous Daren Wein Dan White Scott Wiesner Rick Wilder 
Alan Wing Ray Witkowski Alex Woodard Chris Woodson 




Lance Allen Brad Anderson Stacy Argo Scott Barton (Rush 
Chairman) Greg Bass Greg Becker lay Behr Doug Bergez Greg 
Brennan Scott Clocker jimmy Bonds Brad Brulocao PatCallaghan 
Rob Cano (Recorder) Dave Cariani Greg Cass luslin Cheen Jeff 
Clark Greg Clarke )ohn Cochran |im Coleman Craig Coulnay Matt 
Cwertnia )eff Dallas Marcus Daly ToddDuplanty Pete Eastman Ron 
Enge Mike Ford Matt Franklin Greg French Michael Gilhooly Pat 
Gilhooly Don Goodbrand |ae Goodman Scott Graves (Little Sister 
Chairman) Vince Greenlee Matt Halme Mark Heenan (Rush 
Chairman) EricHeglie Rob Hess John Hoff George Hornby (House 
Manager) Jim lacobsen Jeff lewell Weslon Jognson Rob Dashian 
Chris Keene (VP) Chris Kellerman Ben Kelly Brian Kelly Rowan 
Kelly Craig Larsen Chris Lee Coby Linsey Steve Luce Darrick 
Lucero Mike Mackey Anthony Mansour (Payable Treasurer Matt 
McAlister Michael McCarthy Brian McNamara (Pledge Trainer) Roy 
Messineo Matt Meyer Tim Mickel Brett Middleton (Kitchen 
Manager) Steve N led nagel Shawn Noonan Eric Page Dan Paranick 
George Paton Paul Pernecky Chris Pliga Darin Predmore Matt 
Quinlan Milan Ratcovich Billy Redell Jim Robbins Kevin Roberts 
Ken Romaniszyn Rene Santaella TonyScaduto Paul Schelin Glen 
Schneiderman MikeShuh Daron Schwartz lay Sherwood William 
Stavropoulos Brian Steele Darien Sturges Brian Tinker Scott Turner 
Sean Troche Marshall Tuck Glenn Vallecillos Richard Vanis Ward 
Van Pelt Mike Van Riette (Social Chairman) Dennis Ventry 
(Receivable Treasurer) Dan Williams John Williams John Winnek 
John Woodward John Zilinskas (President) Erich Zimmerniann 





T<xld Abrahamson Todd At Hondo Dan Aldrich Todd Avakian Brian Axe Ronald Barasch Stephen Barker Waalt Becker Aaron Behle (Vice-Presidenli lay Bellinger Janie' 
Binaski Christopher Bonian Ross Borden David Bovvker Chris Bradley Wiliam Brown Kirk Brummer Michael Burns (Treasurer) PeterCassiano(RushChairman) David Chacor 
Larry Clarke )ustin Cochrane Colin Condren Alexander Diehl Robert Doolittle )ohnny Dutra Brian Falkner Zoran Fargiarini Will Forte (Social Chairman) Robert Frackletor 
Glen Fukushima Tim Callegos jason Garcia Niall Gartlan Brett Glass Gregg Gottlieb Gary Haase James Hail Gary Harms Jordan Hayes Brian Haynes Matthew Hick' 
Steven Hiddleson Clark Hoover Sean Howard Mark Hutchin David jawor Shane Jett Chris Johnson, Erik Johnson, Anthony Jones Gobi Jones Franklin Kang Dan Kapi( 
Christopher Keller Christopher Kenny Trevor Kirschner Tommy LaBuda Adam Landsdorf JeftLarsen MaxLiebhold Chris Linden Erich Litch Derek Lyons Christopher Mannint 
David Martin Peter Mastan Andrew Moore Sean Moriarty Christopher Myers Jon Nalbandian Kenneth Nowak RickOlivarez Eric Olson Richard Ormond Michael Pricj 
Thomas Rearden Mark Redd (Vice-President) Joe Rheim (Secretary) Greg Ricchiuti (Rush Chairman) David Riherd John Roy NickSarles Jeffrey Sauber Phillip Shigo Scot 
Silver Blair Stientjes Chris Sutherland (Social Chairman) lason Swilka Walter Sylvester (President) Brian Van Holt Dan Vandergriff Brett Wallingford loseph Waterman |ohr 
Welch Chris Whitman Luke Williams Michael Wright Oliver Wright 




AvramAelony Sean Allen Matt Arliikovich Gil Baligad Joshua Bammer MarkBenthien Corey Carrillo 
William Chow )osh Dicker Shawn Donohugh )on Finnecy DaveCalzke Lewis Cildred Graham Citlin 
Alex Hall Sam Hamadeh D.Todd Harris Bill Heuusser Clark Huang Blair Huizing AlexHultgren Scott 
Irwin Eric Prescottlenkins Scott lung DaveKalt Lee Kenney )in Kim Rick Kulkarni Chris Lane Derek 
Leek Ben Mack Marc Maiman lonathon Mates Vince Messina Tim Miller Ed Morrissey Matt Nix 
PeteO'Hara Mike O'Malley Vern Ragasa David Ramezzano Bluo Rangsuebsin Mark Rogenski Gary 
Roldan Adam Ross Jaime Saucedo Brian Scull Brian Shaw Adam Singer Chris Ulbrich Matt Weathers 
Steve Woods Mike Yakimovich 




AlanAledia HienCao Max Castillo (Secretary) Chris Chang Louis Chau JeffChiu David Chow Erik Choy Kevin Chu Harrison Chuang (Chaplain/Alumni Relations) Peter 
Chuang Richard Chuang Phong Do Greg Endow TimEng DougHamamoto Yosh Ho Sid Ho (Advisor) Abe Hong David Hsieh (Fundraiser) Benjamin Huang Dennis Huang 
|im Huang |ohn Inouye Henry Ishigame Todd Izuhara Brian Kim Rudy Kim Gregg Kita Travis Kiyota Allan Ko Steven Kobayashi Marvin Kuan Andrew Kuo Tony Kuc 
(AGC Representative) Edward Lai MichealLang Eric Lau Micheal Lau (Ser\'ice Chair) Warren Lau Frank Lee Tony Lee Waymond Leong Don Lin Paul Liu James Lodenqua 
Kevin Louie Tu Mac Lance Matsumura Eric Mayo Ken Mukai Ken Nakada Eddie Nakamoto Lane Nakmura (Historian) Don Nguyen Harrison Nguyen Kha Nguyen Kikuc 
Nishi Alex Niu Geary Noguchi WesOda Glenn Ogasawara Shel Ogasawara (Social Chair) Kenji Ogawa AlricOishi David Ono Mark Orne (Sports Chair) Ken Oyaclomar 
Charles Ro Raymond Sakai Dave Sakihara Steve Shigekawa Ken Shimabuku Keith Shiozaki (Pledge Mom) Kenneth So Brian Suh |ohn Sun Limho Sun Darryl Tam Kyk 
Tarm Franco Tarm Bill Tang Brian Tran ChinhTran Quan Tran Joseph Tseng Eric Udagawa (Parliamentarian) Warren Uniali Darren Urada Lee Urquidi Tim Wan Benn\ 
Wang Rich Wang )ames Wei Keith Whang Derrick Wong Rich Wong Stewart Wong (President) |ohn Yang (Treasurer) Tony Yean Philip Yu 






Mike Alvarez lim Ballard Sean Bloch Seth Bluman Dong Chang Mike 
Chun SteveClarence John Clark Andrew Dearborn Scott Dool Albert 
■Estrada Gabor Fabian Lance Fuchs Dave Canio Malcolm Bigson 
Thomas Citfin Scott Good Brian Goldman jason Cray Derrick 
Hinder\' Albert Huang Erik Johnson Stu Johnson Todd Jefferson Scot 
Kauano Steve Lantz Ti LE Paul Lee Mike Martin Arturo Martinez 
Timothy O'Hara Won Park Ruben Preciado Ari Puentes Ivan 
Quiroga Arturo Ramos Mike Rendon John Rhode Ed Rhee Dave 
Riley Jacob Ross Keith Shoji Dave Schwartz Tom Smith Fred Tan 
Rich VViederkehr Robin Wise John Yipp Steve Yu 





*- ^-^Smik 









Do ^tUJt aAva/h'Ce tAe Action auCCtyiA/\yh^ to a 
jfita/h.. Let t£^ A^OAyi It^ <a/vHvte««... 

-Dofv DeUJtlo 
-\UUU NcUe 

Derek C. Abbassi 

BS Kinesiology 

Joseph Abboud 

BS Biochemistry 

Armine Abcede 

BS Applied Math 

Christine Abdelkerim 

BS Biology 

Todd A. Abrahamson 

BA Political Science 

Brenda E. Acorda 

BA Soc iology 

Marx E. Acosta-Rubio 

BA ['nlilir,il S( ience 

Troy K. Adam 

BA Fine Arts 

Sharome V. Adams 

BS Kinesiology 

Marcie L. Aden 

BA Political Sf icnc e 

Antoun I. Adwani 

BS Biochemistry 

Jasmine A. Afsharieh 

BA French Literature 

Roya T. Aghai 

BA Economics/Bus 

Shirley Liza R. Agliam 

BA Design 

Dora E. Aguilar 

BA History 

Luisa G. Aguilar 

BA HistoiA 

Humberto Aguilera 

BS Bi(>l()-\' 

Wilfredo C. Aguinaldo 

BS Applied Mathematics 

Sandy Ahn 

BS English 

Michelle L. Akakaki 

BS Nursing 

Lina Akil 

BA French 

Bahram Alavynejad 

BS Biology 

Kristin M. Alberton 

BA Design 

Tina L. Albright 

BS Electrical Eng 

Brian E. Alexander 

BA English 


E. Nicole Alexopoulos 

BS Anthr<)|j{)l(igy 

Kamal A. AM 

BA Economics/Bus 

Patricia Aliaga 

BA Anilii i)| II )logy 

Amy C. Alich 

BA Art 


BS Math/Appid Sci 

Rebecca S. Alleyn 

BA FreiK li 

James P. Allison 

BA English 

Veronica L. Alvarez 

BA Political Science 

Anna M. Alves 

BA History/Amer Stds 

Deborah B. Amezquita 

BA Chicano Studies 

Nora Amin 

BS English 

Riham F. Ammari 

BA Sociology 

Marjorie A. Ancia 

BA Unknown 

Jennifer B. Anderegg 

BA History 

Bruce G. Anderson 

BS Appid Math/Comp 

Douglas L. Anderson 

BA Economics/Bus 

Christopher Angioletti 

BA PolilK .il ">< irnce 

Ted F. Angus Jr. 

BA History/Econ 

James E. Anhalt 

BS Comp Sci/Eng. 

James J. Antony 

BA Ps\rh,il,,-\ 

Pedro B. Aragon 

BS Aerospace Eng 

Judith A. Ardon 

BA Spanish 

Cory P. Arendt 

BS Aerospace Eng 

Jesusa M. Arevalo 

BS Biology 

Melinda Arizmendez 

BA English 


Norma L. Armenia 

BA History 

Melinna E. Askin 

BA HistoiA \ii Hist 

Areli Avendano 

B5 Biolot^v 

Leticia B. Ayala 

BS Chemical E 

Jennifer D. Ayres 

BS Cognitive Science 


Christot'er Arroyo 

BA Psychol 

Alina Arzumanyan 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 

Tina M. Aschenbrenner 

BA Anthropology 

Tracey F. Ashton 

BA Political Science 

Candice O. Atherton 

BA Comm Stds 

Patrick E. Auerbach 

BA Sociology/Bus 

Edison A. Austin 

BA Sociology 

Arnie Austria 

BS Elr( li'K .il riT'inccrinE 

Laura P. Avila 

BA Spanish Literature 

Brian P. Axe 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Lauren Axelrod 

BA Design 

James L. Axton 

BA Geography 

Mayra M. Ayala 

BA Spanish Literature 

Virginia Ayala 

BA Comm Stds 

Valerie K. Aylett 

BA Psychology 

Kevin W. Ayers 

BA Political Science 

Laurie S. Azine Babak Azizzadeh Haruna Baba 

BS Kinesiology BS Microbio/Molec Gen BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Rain J. Bachand 

BA Comm Stds 

Yasser M. 

[-"IS |->i( X luiili'-trv 

Eduardo A. Baig 

BA Economics 

Judy R. Ballesteros 

BA Psychology 

Michael Baricante 

BA Design 

Rochelle H. Batt 

BA Political Science 

iristine E. Bae 

BS Psychobiology 

Jennifer R. Baer 

BA Psychology/Bus 

Laura-Angela Bagnette 

BA History 


BA English 

Pamela Y. Bail 

BA English (Am. Stcls. 

Jeff D. Bailey 

BA History 

Janet Balderas 

BA Psychology 

Justine L. Baldwin 

BA World ArN .K Cu\ 

Anthony j. Bancroft 

BA Music 

Irma Barajas 

BA Economics 

Michele L. Barber 

BA Political Science 

Lisa M. Bardon 

BA Geo/Environ Stcls 

Jon A. Barker 

H'^ Psychology 

Lorena Barros 

BA English 

Monica A. Barrow 

BA Psychology 

Michael W. Barsom 

BS Biology 

Angela G. J. Baur 

BA World Arts & Cult. 

Paul E. Beare 

BS Electrical Eng 

Michael L. Bechtold 

BA Sociology 

Roberto A. Bejar 

BA Economics 


Brooke L. Bell 

BA Spanish/Bus. Admin 

Kristin M. Bell 

BS Biolo' 

Christina M. Bender 

BS Biology 

Claudia A. Benkovich 

BA History/D.L.A.P. 

Lisa L. Bennish 

BA Sociology 

Alon Ben-Shmuel Oren H. Ben-Zeev 

BA Poltical Science BS Aerospace E 

Ellen Bhang 

BA Ps\( h()l( 

Diana T. Blake 

BA Sociology 

Peiman Berdjis 

BS Psycholaiology 

Andra L. Berg 

BA All 

Henri S. Berger 

BS Electrical Eng 

)ason M. Berkman Michael N. Bermack Leslie E. Bernstein 

BS Biology BA Economics BA Comm Stds/Biis 

Jean-Claude A. Bertet Valerie A. Bettenhauser 

BA Psych/Sociology BS Cognitive Science 

Lukchai Bhavbhutanon 

BS KincMi il( )gy 

Zena J. Blecker 

BS Math/Appid Sci 

John K. Bhazona 

BA Sociology 







Anya M. Binsacca 

BA Psych/ScancI Lang 

Kristine K Blackburn 

BA History 

Hillary A. Bleecker 

BA Sociology 

Annabelle S. C. Bleza 

BS Biochemistry 

Kristin Block 

BA Political Science 


leannette L. Bloomfielcl 

BA Comm Stds 

Karen M. Blunt 

BA Histor 

Andrew W. Bodeau 

BA Enslish/Historv 

Leda Bologna 

BA Economics 

Jay ). Borick 

BS Psychobiok 

Melinda I. Borjon Jennifer L. Bosakowski Natalie M. Botello 

BA Classical Civilization BA History HA t^)litical Science 

Susan K. Boyd 

BS Appid Mathematics 

Heather M. Boyle 

BS Civil Eng 

Karleen A. Boyle 

BA English 

Tina M. Boyle 

BA English 

Jennifer G. Brawn 

BA Theater 

Kiersten M. Bray 

BA Political Science 

Bridget R. Briggs 

BS Psychobiology 

Natalie D. Britton 

P, \ Milli ()|.iM JMM ,11. h 

Glen R. Bolton 

BS Chemical Ens 

Sylvie E. Bouskila 

BA English 

Dianne R. Brawley 

BA Political Science 

Tracey A. Broadway 

BA Psychology/Bus 

Jodi A. Brockington 

BA Sociology 

Deborah A. Brown 

BA Psych/Soc lo 

Fontina L. Brown 

BA Psychology 

Katrina L. Brown 

BA English Literature 

Katy Brown 

BA Comm Stds 


L.iuren R. Brown 

BA Economics/Bus 

Matthew ). Brown 

BA E< Diiomics/Bus 

Tammy S. Brown 

BS Bioli 

Tara N. Brown 

BA HisK.iv 

Eric H. Buchen 

BA Music Edut atiun 

Christopher P. Buckley 

BS Biology 

L. Rachel Buckner 

BA Economics 

Johnny Budiman 

BS Economics/lntI Stds 

Mark H. Bryan 

BA Economics 

Catherine E. Buel 

BA EnglislT 

Hung V. Bui 

Charley Buntrock 

BS Engineering BA Econ/lntI Stds (Comp) 

Lisa R. Burbage 

BA Psychology 

William G. Burkett 

BA History 

Mark Anthony Burlaza 

BA Psychology 

Errol Buntuyan 

BS Kinesiology 

Brians Burrows 

BS Mechanical Eng 

ennifer A. Buttram 

BS Nursi 

Maria Caballero 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 


Wendy R. Cabil 

BA History 

Dena L. Cabrera 

BA Psychology 

Avery L. Caldwel 

BA Art 

ason R. Burkey-Skye 

BA Economics 

John H. Byrne 

BA Political Science 

Sheila E. Calinga 

BA Psychology 

Matthew F. Callahan 

BA History 

Albert Calleros 

BA Art 

Elizabeth Campos 

BS Psychology 

Elliot B. Canter 

B -\ l's\ ( li Rli^ -Xclmin 

Diana M. Cardova 

BA Comm Stds 

Daniela Castagnino 

BS Math/Applied Sci 

Benjamin Castro 

BA Psychology 

Patricia Y. Chaidez 

BA Psychology 

Jennifer A. Carey 

BA P''\ ( hologv 

Robert L. Carter 

BA Psycholoyv 

Daniela A. Carusi 

BS Psychobiology 

Myrna Castanon 

BA History 

Priscila E. Castillo 

BA Poli Sci/Spanish Lit 

Solon H. Castillo, Jr. 

BA PoiiliCcil Science 

Eric T. Cedergreen 

BA Economics 

Catherine J. Cerna 

BA Economics 

Soo-Young Cha 

BA Design 

Charles P Chalekson 

BS Psychobiology 

Christa D. Chambers 

BS Political Science 

Cheuk K. Chan 

BA Geo/Ecosystems 

Stephanie Carwin 

BA Theater 

Sophie A. Castillo 

BA Comm Stds 

Diane S. Chabot 

BA Psychology 

Chiu Fong Chan 

BA Economics 


Leon C. Chan 

BS Biochemistr 

Chun-Yang Chang 

BS Microbio/BA Econ 

Renee R.C. Chang 

BA Music 

Louis T. Chau 

BS Biol 

l-Wen I.e. Chen 

BS Biochem/BA Econ 


Michael Y. Chan 

BS Biolo 

Oliver S. Chan 

BA Design 

To-Tsang Chan 

BS Electrical Er 

Aida N. Chang 

BA Economics/Bus 

Donald K. Chang 

BS Biolo' 

Haevvon Chang 

BA Economics 

Hsien-Wu Chang 

BS Comp Sri \ Eno 

Leigh Ann K. Chang 

BA Political Science 

Seok Hee Chang 

BA Economics/Bus 

Sung W. Chang 

BA Economics 

Mariedith C. Charles 

BA French 

Paris L. Chatman 

BA English 

Lisa Che 

BS Electrical En 

Sulynn Chee 

BA Desien 

Caroline R. Chellamy 

BS Psycliobiology 

Amy Y. Chen 

BS Biochemistry 

Marveiee M. Chen 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 

Vicky Chen Wei-Ling L. Chen 

BA Economics/lntI Stcls BA Economics/Business 

Albert C. Cheng 

BS Chemistry 

Charlotte R. Cheng 

35 Math/App Science 

Paul C. Cheng 

BS Psych/Bus Admin 

Paul Cheng 

BA English 

Deanna Cherr\ 

BA Developmental Stds 


BS App Math/Comp 

Sukee Chew 

BA Comm Stds 

Louise Chi 

BS Biolo 

Michael Chiang 

BS Biochemistry 

Susan Chin 

BA History 

sandy Chinvarasopak 

BA Psychology 

Brad Chisick 

BA Economics/Bus 

Chi C. Chiu 

BA Economics/Bus 

Linda A. Chiu 

BS Math/App Science 

Eileen S. Cho 

BA Political Science 

Hokon Choe 

BA Ecor- 't,v, . Hus 

Sue C. Choe 

BA Economics/lntl Stds 

Sunhee Choe 

BS Cognitive Science 

Wendy Chin 

BA History/Business 

Chung-Ah Choi 

BS Biology 

Sunny Choi 

BS Material Sci Enc 

Jamie M. Chosak 

BS Psychology 

Elizabeth M. Chow 

BS Psychology/Biology 

Thang K. Chiu 

BS Biochemistry 

Chang I. Choi 

)A frdnomics 

Nicole Christiano 

BA Psychology 


Karin K. Christopher 

BA Sociology 

Eva C. Chun 

BS Biology 

Hyunsuk Chung 

BA Economics 

Suzie Y. Chung 

BA Comm Stds 

Kenya E. Clay 

BA Psychology 

\enA B. Chua 

BA Economics/Bus 

Harrison Chuang 

BA Psychology 

)udy C.F. Chuang 

l'> \ IV\ ( Ik iI( i''\ 

Kai Chubb 

BA Sociology 

Amy Chung 

BA Economics/Bus 

Carol Y. Chung 

BS Psychobiology 

Gin-Hee Chung 

BA Linguisti 

Jennifer Chung 

BA Economics 

Munju Chung 

BA Ec oncimif s/Blis 

Richard D. Chung 

BA Economics 

Sylvia M. Cisneros Anthony H. Ciudadano 

BA Social Psychology BS Math Applcl Sci/Comp 

Sean B. Clare 

BS Chemistry 

Jenene Y. demons 

BA Psychology 

Cary B. Cleuenger 

BA Psychology 

Michelle L. Coe 

BA Economics/Bus 

Helen J. Chung 

BA English 

Susanna K. Chung 

BA Psychology 

Harry W. Clark 

BSMath of Com p 

Giovanni Coglitore 

BA History 


Senior Spotlight 

Name: Richard Chung 

Major: Economics 

Hometown: Santa Monica, California 

Involvement: Campus Ministry at UCLA, 

Alpha Gamma Omega, Chancellor's 

Advisory Committee on Religion, Ethics, 

and Values 

Future Plans: In the fall, I will be 

attending The American Baptist Seminary 

in the city of Berkeley. I will graduate 

with a Masters in Divinity...! am looking 

forward to one day pastoring a church in 

Southern Claifornia and ministering to the 

needs of the people. 

I will remember the friends I have made in 
the Christian groups because it was with 
their support and fellowship that allowed 
me to grow in my faith. At UCLA, I was 
exposed to difficult issues 
and encountered many 
people of different faiths 
and religions. And I hope 
the lessons I learned on 
campus, and the experi- 
ences I had with people 
of such diversity, will give 
me the insight for a 
fruitful ministry in the 

Allan E.T. Cohen 

BA Psychok 

Margalit M. Cohen 

BA Psvch./Bus (Comt 

Michelle B. Cohen 

BA Psychobiology 

Lisa M. Coleman 

BS Kinesiok 

Charmaine C. Colina 

BA Art 

Kristin A. Collins 

BA Ec(jnomics/Bus 

Michael |. Collins 

BA History 

Christine J. Comanor 

BA Political Science 

Sean J. Combs 

BA Design 


Francisco A. Conde 

BS Nursing 

Claudine Conte 

BA Sociology 

Gloria M. Conti 

BA Geo/Env Stds 

Aimee M. Cook 

BA English 

Julie A. Cook 

BA Economics/Bus 

Jacqueline D. Cooper 

BA Psychology 

Dovid C. Coplon 

BA Psychology 

Thomas M. Corea 

BA Political Science 

Steven R. Corpuz 

BA Economics 

Wilma Corrales 

BA Psychology 

Evelyn M. Cortez 

BS Civil Eng 

Isabel Cortez 

BA Psvchology/History 

Jack L. Cowden 

BA Political Science 

Caryn L. Craig 

BA Political Science 

Matthew W. Cravets 

BS Applied Mathematic! 

Nicholas C. Cravotta 

BA PhiI(iM,[,hv 

Thomas M. Crisp 

BS Civil Engineering 

Jennifer D. Crosiow 
BA History 

Lisa Cross 

BA History 

Ann Marie Crudo 

BA Political Science 

Yvette M. Crutchfield 

BS Biology 


James S. Cruz 

BS Applied Math 

Joyce T. Cudanes 

BA Psychology 

Kevin M. Cunningham Latanya M. Cunninghan 

BA Anthro/Computing BA Sociology 

laureen L. Curr 

BS Biology 

n R. Daly 

A Classical Civilization 

Jon P. Curzan 

BS Electrical Eng 

Nancy A. Cutler 

BA History 

Steve R. Daetz 

BA Political Science 

Meara C. Daly 

BA Art History 

Abbie M. D'Amelia 

BA Economics 

Siamak Daneshmand 

BS Microbio/Mol Gen 

Jeffrey W. Danielson Nukunthorn Darakananda Anastasia C. Darras 

BS Biology BA Economics BA Economics 

Kristen M. Darwin 

BA Political Science 

Icnnifer L. Dauer 

BA Economics/Bus 

Megan M. Daugherty 

BS Nursing 

Scott J. Davis 

BA Economics 

Timothy J. Davis 

BS Phssic'. 

Nelson E. Dalla Tor 

BA Histor 

My Hanh T. Dang 

BA Theater Arts 

Behnaz Dastur 

BS Biochemistr 

Tracy M. Davis 

BA Histor 

Esteban De Icaza 

BS Biology 

Michele J. de Jesus Enrique De La Huelga III Jennifer L. de la Ossa 

BA Economics/Bus BA English Literature BA Psychology 

Thomas L. de la Torre 

BA Economics 


Debbie V. De Leon 

BS Kinesiology 

Margarita S. De Leon 

BS MCD Biology 

Natalie de Pardee 

BA Comm Stcls/Bus 

Maria de Rivera 

BA Political Science 

Damon A. Dean 

BA Political Science 

Andrew C. Dearborn 

B-\ Histo 

Manuel Dekermenjian 

BSChemM ' r. 

Thomas R. Delaney 

BA Political Science 

Jacinda Denison 

BA Classical Ci\'ilization 

Delia E. Deocampo 

BA Political Science 

Steven Der-Abramians 

BA History 

Erica S. DeRuyte 

BA Comm Stcls/Bus 

Michelle Destito 

BA Psychol 

Pinky C. DeVera 

BS l'-\i liobiolo' 

Nancy Diaz 

BA History 

Regina Diesto 

BA I'-'.. liMldgy 

Anthony P. De Santis 

BA Economics 

Rode! E. Delfin 

BA Economic ' 

Niraj M. Desai 

BS Civil Eng 

Todd M. Dietri 

BA Psychology 

Michael J. Dinucci 

DJallon M. Dinwiddle 

Henry N. Dixon 

Robert E. Dixon 

Sebastien D. Djavadi 

BA English/Bus 

BA Political Science 

BA Political Science 

BA Economics/Bus 

BA Economics 


Lan Anh T. Do 

BS Biology 

Tuan V. Do 

BS Psychobiol 

Christine M.Doane 

BA English 

Monica L. Doby 

BA World Arts & Cult 

Heather E. Dockray 

BA Economics 

jeong P. Doh 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Stephanie M. Doi 

BA Linguistics 

Canclido P. Domingo Rebecca Dominguez-Taylor 

BA Geography BA S|wnisii 

Erica L. Donaldson 

BA Music 

Kristin E. Donaldson 

BA Theater/Education 

Tracy Donovan 

BA History/Art History 

Scott D. Dool 

BA Anthropology 

Jason I. Dorm 

BA Sociology /Bus 

Sara M. Dose 

BA E( oniiMiK s liitl Stds 

Lisa A. Dowling 

BA Economics/Bus 

Ann Marie Drake 

BA English 

Renard Du Bois 

BA Economics 

Dominique Duclair 

BA Frenc h 

Shannon L. Dudding 

BA English 

Hazel O. Dulla 

BA Sociology 

James E. Dunne 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Maziar Doroudian 

BS Mechanical Eng 

John j. Duca 

BA Poltical Science 

Shannon C. Dunne 

BA Music (Vocal Perf) 

Hung V. Duong 

BS Mechanical E 

Thinh H. Duong 
BS Biolo] 

Stephanie R. Duran 
BA Pyschok 

Robert R. Durazza 

BS Ps\ ( h()l)i()l(it;y 

Robert S. Dye 

BS Psychobiol 

Terry M. Eames 

BS Nursins 

Margot M. Earley 

BA Psycholc 

Barbara J. Eastwood 

BS Cybernetics 

Sarah L. Eck 

BA Comm Stds/Bus 

Krista D. Eclmisten 

BA Political Science 

Linda C. Egu 

BA Psychology 

Azin I. Ehsan 

BA Political Science 

John T. Elkholy 

BA English Literature 

Danny D. Eller 

BA Economics/Bus 

Mia R. Ellis 

BA Political Science 

Letitia L. Ellison 

BA History 

Heidi M. Elowitch 

BA Psychology 


Elizabeth J. Endler 

BA Art 

Timothy J. Y. Eng 

BA Design 

Amy E. Engerman 

BA Psychology 

Mary H. Dutton 

BS Applied Math 

Tanya M. Ebling 

BA Psycholojj 

Darren J. El-Abd 

BA Economics 

Rachel A. Ellisor 

BS Geology 

Monica L. English 

BA History 

Senior Spotlight 

Name: Terri Hall 

Major: English 

Hometown: San lose, California 

Involvement: Bruin Belles, Women's Resource 

Center, Mentor Program 

Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school in 
Political Science. With a PhD, I'm not going the 
typical career track most women take these days. 
It's my desire to stay at home when raising my 
children. I hope to write books and do 
research out of my home on how the 
mass media contri- 
butes to voter apathy 
and weakens the role 
of our public officials. 
We can't hope for a 
change in the way our 
"democratic" system 
works without educa- 
ting people on how 
each of us carries the 
responsibility to make 
informed decisions. 

Kana Enomoto 

BA Psychology 

Richaro G. Erbes 

BS Math Comp 

Shalliah E. Ericksen 

BA World Arts & Cult 

Nathaniel A. Estacio 

BA Enulish 

Denny M. Estrada 

BA Economics 

Monica Estrada 

BA Sociology 

Teresa C. Estrada 

BA History 

Petra E. Estrella 

BA Psychology 

Vanessa D. Ettinger 

BA Economics/History 


Ferdinand C. Evangelista Elisabeth A. Evanshine 

BS Biochemistry BS Biol 

Christina L. Fairbanks 

BS GeoaraplTN 

Christopher E. Farre 

BA Enslish 

Christine A. Fax 

BA Psychok 

Leslie R. Persian 

BA Political Science 


Kristen L. Eyman 

BA Economics/Bus 

Elham (Ellie) Ezzati 

BS Psychobiok 

John Fairbanks 

BA Political Science 

Mina Farahani 

BS Biochemist 

Bassem Farid 

BS Biok 

Jennifer L. Farrell 

BA Political Science 

Juli M. Farris 

BA Political Science 

Jeffrey C. Faust 

BA Economics 

Ryan M. Faden 

BA History 

Andrew A. Faye 

BA Political Science 

David L. Feinberg 

BA English 

Madonna E. Fernandez 

BS Kinesiok 

Victoria G. Finkler 

BA Political Science 

Jennifer A. Fisher 

BA English 

Gregory W. Fiske 

BS Aerospace Eng 

Ochun Farlice 

BA Geography 

Jorge L. Favela 

BS Biology 

Oscar F. Ferrer 

BA Economics 

Darren J. Fitzgerald 

BA Economics/Bus 

Amy T. Fleishman 

BA Sociology 

BA Political S( K'lKt 

eresita L. Horendo Ana A. nores 

BA Sociology/Bus BA Geography/Ecosys 

Renee L. Forseth 

BA Political Science 

Jonathan S. Forster 

BA Economics 

Alison B. Fortner 

BA Englisli 

Tamara K. Foss 

BS Biology 

Kathrine W. Foster 

BA [n-hsli 

Shannon L. Foster 

iA Political Science/Bus 

Joseph A. Fournier 

BA Economics 

Anita M. Francis 

BS Psych(jl)iulogy 

M. Lourdes Francisco 

BA Psychology 

April M. Franco 

BA Philosophv/Econ 

Julie L. hrankim 

BA History 

Brian C. Foster 

BA Economics 

BA Psychology 


John Franklin III 

BA Gt'otiiaphv 

Julie A. Freeman 

BA CommStds/Bus 

Dan L. Frimerman 

BS Biolo-v 

Jocli L. Fraser 

BA Histor 

Eric T. Freed 

BA Economics 

Bryan T. Freeman 

BA IntI Economics 

Karin E. Freeman 

BA Psycholosy/Bus 

Elliot J. Friedman 

BA Psychology 

Thomas C. Frost 

BA HiMoiA 

Bonnie C. Frostig 

BA Sociology 

John C. Fu 

BS Math/Appld Scl 

Sandra A. Fukushima 

BS Psychob 

Keith H. Fung 

Yat Fai Fung 

BA Economics/Bus 

Andrew G. Funk 

BA Music 

Estelle E. Freeman 

BA Sociology 

Jan M. Friedman 

BA Psychology 

Andrea L. Fukumoto 

BA Anthropology 

Lawrence M. Furst 

BA Economics 

Janina Galicinao 

BS Chemical Eng 

Ludivina Galindo 

BA Psychology 

Gabriela G. Garay 

BA Sociology 

Claudia A. Garcia 

BA Political Science 

Edna Garcia 

BA Political Science 


Gilberto Garcia 

BS Civil Engineering 

Jeffrey M. Garcia 

BA Sociology 

|uan J. Garcia 

BS Computer Sci & Er 

Jose A. Gardea 

BA Political Science 

Diane E. Garrido 

BA Psychology/BL 

Shea L. Garvin 

BA IntI Relations 

Marnt A. Gavvryn 

BA Anthropology 

William Gee 

BS Kincs/BA Anthro 

Michelle L. Gastelum 

BS Psvchobiolo 

Catherine M. Gatt 

BS Nursins 

David C. Gatzke 

BA Histor 

John C. Gaushel 

BA Design 

Candice B. Gaylord 

BA Sociology 

Desmund L. Gean 

BS Electrical Eng 

Michael B. Gebhardt 

BS Psychology 

Maria K. Gedymin 

BS Psychoioe 

Eric K. Geisler 

BS Electrical E 

Jane P. Geletko 

BA English 

David A. Gelfuso 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Kammi Genova 

BA Comm Stds 

Nicole Genova 

BA Psychology 

Michelle Ghadir 

BA History 

Negar Ghafouri 

BS Psychobiology 

Afshan Ghiai 

BS psychobiology 

Tracy M. Gibbs 

BA Comm Stds 


Jacquelyn R. Gifford 

BS Nursing 

Beth Gitter 

BS Physics 

Laura ). Gogan 

BS Aerospace Eng 

Wendy E. Goldman 


Ana M. Gonzal 

BA Psychology 


Jennifer L Gillum 

BA History 

Michelle H. Gilman 

BA Psychology 

Richard F. Giasburg 

BA Theater Arts 

Michelle D. Gislason 

BA English 

Vern L. Glaser 

BA Ec nnoiiTit ^ 

Eve A. Glatt 

BA History 

Mary E. Glynn 

BA Comm Stds 

Jason A. Goehring 

BA Economics 

Nancy F. Gold 

BS Kinesiology 

Amy M. Goldberg 

BA Sociology 

Gwen N. Goldbloom 

BA Russian Studies 

Michelle L. Goldman 

BA Psychology 

Noreen I. Goldner 

BA Political Science 

David A. Gollom 

BS Astrophysics 

Debra E. Gomes 

BA Economics 

Mitchi L Gomez 

BA Political Science 

Arlene D. Gonzales 

BA Psychology 

Edward S. Gonzalez 

BA English 

Melissa A. Gonzalez 

BA History 

Melissa M. Gonzalez 

BA Psychology 

Senior Spotlight 
Name: )ade S. Hiramoto 
Major: Biology 
Hometown: Torrance, 


Involvement: Bruin 
Belles, UCLA Child 
Development Program, 
L.A. County Commission 
on Youth, Women's 
Athletic Union, UCLA 
Student Research Program, 
Girl's Basketball Coach. 

Future plans: I will 

be attending 

medical school in 

the tall of 1992, 

and I am interested in 

pursuing a career in 

Pediatrics. This summer, 

I will be 


to Taiwan, 

Japan, and 

Hawaii to 

explore the 

culture and 


of my 



I will 


UCLA as 

an exciting, 


and very 


experience in my lite. I 

have learned so much from 

the people here and all of 

the organizations I've been 

involved with . . . the 

experiences and memories are 

truly meaningful. UCLA is a 

great place to learn, grow, and 

find out about yourse 

wouldn't have changed a thing! 

Saskia X. Gonzalez 

BA History 

Valerie M. Goo 

BA Economics/Bus 

Dionne T. Gordon 

BA History 

Alex j. Gorin 

BS Comp '^i I \ Eng 

Edie M. Gorman 

BA Political Science 

Sherri N. Gottlieb 

BS Psychology 

Frederick M. Gragg 

BA Psychology 

Randy P. Graham 

BS Kinesiology 

Juanita Granados 

BA Spanish Literature 


Chris E. Grandi 

BA Hi'-tiiiN 

Nancy K. Granfors 

BS Civil E 

Lawrence M. Green 

BA East Asian Stds/Bus 

Nelson W. Green 

BA English 

Scott C. Greenberg 

BA Eni^hsh K iiMlAVrit) 

Sheryl J. Greene 

BA Poli Sci/lntI Ritns 

Jonathan D. Gruber 

BA English 

Neil Gulati 

BS Biol 

Karina M. Gutierrez 

BA Cult Anthropology 


William G. Greenfield 

BA Economics 

Nathalie C. Grenewitz 

BA Political Science 

Joanna E. Griffin 

BA Economics/Bus 

Tanya L. Gross 


Julie Gruenbaum 

BA History 

Andrew Grundstein 

BA Poli Sci/Geography 

Davina Grunstein 

BA English 

Gail A. Gubser 

BA Political Science 

Lorraine M. Gumpert 

BAPoh N( I Inil Rel 

Michael B. Gurien 

BA Histor 

Elizabeth Gutierrez 

BA Comm Stcis 

Eva E. Gutierrez 

BA Poltical Science 

Kristine E. Gutierrez 

BA Sociology 

Raymund R. Gutierrez 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Yvonne Guu 

BA Economics 

Steven W. Guy 

BA Political Science 

Ava Hacopian 

BS Microbio/Psvchobid 

Michelle C. Hadbavny 

BS Biology 

Rebecca Hakakha 

BA Economics 

Cheryl L. Halcrow 

BA History 

Arthur N. Hall 

I"! \ I'l iliiK jl Si icnce 

David M. Ha 

BA Ceography/Ecosys 

Terri L. Hal 

BA English 

Melissa K. Halme 

BA English 

Dan M. Halpern 

BA English 

Christian A.Hamilton 

BA CommStds 

imolin G. Hamilton 

BS Sociology 

Lee Hammer Stephanie Hammond 

BA Political Science BA Political Science 

ling H.J. Han 

BS COnip S( I \ En^ 

Sung J. Han 

5S Civil Engineering 

Yang Han Michael ). Hananel Diel la B . Hanchette 

BA Economics/Bus BS Biology BA Sociology 

Allison Handal 

BA Pyscholo^ 

). T. Hanity 

BA Desiqn 

Robin G. Hanik 

BA Comm Stds 

Juliet M. Hanna 

BA Ling/Anthro 

Patrick Hanrahan Timothy E. Hansen Julio A. Hanson 

BA Economits BS Electrical Eng BA Political Science 


Cynthia K. Hardt 

BS Sociology 

James Hassen, Jr 

BS Psythobiulogy 

Lynn K. Healey 

BA English 

Rachel S. Hare! 

BA History 

Lee D. Harris 

BA Economics 

Yasmin Harvey 

BA Japanese 

Yolanda M. Hashimoto 

BA Sociology 

Tracy C. Hatfield 

BA Psychology 

Alice M. Haughney 

BA Design 

Jodie L. Hauser 

BA Psychology 


BA Business Economics 

Nicole M. Hendrix 

BA Political Science 

Heidi C. L. Herbert 

BA History 


Steven C. Heller 

BA History 

Stephen G. Henderson 

BA Economics 

Jennifer H.Hendricks 

BA Economics 

Phillip M. Hendrix, Jr 

BS Kinesiology 

kimberley Henningsen 

BA Comm Stds 

Laura E. Henry 

BA Political Science 

R. Henson 

BS Psychology 

Oreet Herbst 

BS Kinesiology 

Michelle L. Herman 

BA Sociology 

Paufa H. Hermanson 

BA Anthropology 

Christine M. Hernandez 

BA Sociology 

Cristina T. Hernandez 

BA Anthropology 

Ronald P. Herzig, Jr. 

BS Biok 

Lisa P. Hernandez Stephanie E. Hernandez Deanna L. Herson Jeff M. Hertz 

BA English Literature B A History BA Psychology BA Psychology 

Patrick H. Hickey Christopher M. Hicks Mindy M. Hightower Rebecca B. Hilberman 

BS Civil Engineering BS Hi()< homistry li \ Ps ychology IVXHistoiA 

Frederick L. Hill 

BA History /Bus 

Katherine Marie Hines 

BA Sociology 

Jade S. Hiramoto 

BS Biology 

Kathleen N. Hirose 

BA Economics/lntI Rel 

Barry S. Hirschberg 

BS Psychology 

Hso Hkam 

BA Art 


'-' '^ 


Stephen C. Ho 

BS Biology 

Adrian A. Hodge 

BA Economics/Bus 

Laurel P. Hoffman 

BA English 

Monique C. Hofrath 

BS Nursing 

Teresa C. 


BA Comm 







David M Hirsch 

BS Geology 

Brent W. Hobart 

BA Anthropology 

Thorsten Hoins 

BA Comm Slcls 

Kimberly S. Holland 

BS Geology 


Denyse M. Holloway 

BA Comm Stcls 

Miriam R. Holzman 

BA Comm Stds 

Joseph S. Hong 

BA History 

Gabriela D. Horowitz 

BA Political Science 

William A. Holmes 

BA Economics 

Cynthia J. Holsey 

BA English 

Kathryn Holt 

BA History 

Daryl M. Holzberg 

BA Political Science 

Darren B. Hom 

l-;s i-;i,,iir,-> 

Shirley M. Hom 

BS ( lT(i11lsll\ 

Lynne E. Homeyer 

BA Psychology 

Ruby Hong 

BA Design 

Christina Honggowati 

BA Economics 

Patricia T. Hopp 

BA Psychology 

Robert J. Horvath 

BA Political Science 

Tom Houcek 

H\ ( ( ononiK s'Blis 

Christina D. Howard 

BS Kinesiology 

Jean Hong 

BA Econi )ini( s Blis 

Carolyn S. Hori 

BA Sociology 

Jonathan W. Howard 

BA Economics 

Karen M. Howard 

Laurie j. Howell 

Alfred P. Hsi 

Helen H.H. Hsiao 

Helen M. Hsiao 

BA Economics/Bus 

BA English 

BA Economics 

BS Psychobiology 

BS Biology 

Senior Spotlight 

Name: Jaime Maldonado 

Hometown: Pacoima, California 

Major: History 

Involvement: MEChA, La Cenfe (Editor-in-Chief), 

Project Motivation, Founding Member of PIRLA 

Future plans: After graduating from UCLA, I 

intend to work for a few years. I then plan to 

attend graduate school and receive my Master's 

degree. Eventually, I want to become a secondary 

school educator. And in the future, perhaps a 

college professor. 

I want to remember UCLA as 

a happy time in my life. 

Unfortunately, through La 

Cente and. ..Pacific Ties, 

Nommo, Al-Talib, 

and Ten Percent. I 

also feel that I have 

learned a lot about 

life and humanity. 

We have kept in 

constant contact with 

people on our 

prisoners' mailing 

Their stories, their 

words and their 

willingness to 

work with us 

has shown... me 

and the rest of 

the staff that 

they are people 

just like us. In 

conclusion, I 

want to wish my 

friends good 

luck and all my 

relations peace. 

Marianne P. Hsie 

BS Kinesiology 

David Hsieh 

BA Psychology/Bus 

Jean Chih-Ying Hsien 

BA Econ/BLis (Comp) 

Betty S. Hsu 

BA Classical Civilization 

Grace S. Hsu Carol H. Hu 

BA English BS Math/Appid Sci BA Econ/Bus 

Charles K. Hu 

BS Chemical Eng 

Ling L. Hu 

BA Design 

Si-Ming Hu 

BA Design 


Albert K. Huang 

BS Bioloev 

Che-Yen Huang 

BS Electrical En 

Diana Huang 

BA Economics/Bus 

Emily Y. Huang 

BS Psvchol:)i()loov 

Linda S. Huang 

BA [c(in IntI Stds 

Victor Huang 

BA Economics/Bus 

Victoria Huang 

BA E( on '^oc 

Benjamin Hueso 

BA Sociok 

Ruben Hueso 

BA Hi^torv 

Troy M. Hughes 

BS Kinesiolo 

Alex W. Hultgren 

BA International Econ 

Fay Yu-Fui Hung 

BA Political Science 

Daniel S. Hur 

BS Civil En 

Denise M. Hurst 

BA Sociol 

Melissa Hurwitz 

BA Psychok 

Andrew C. Hwang 

BA Economics/lntI Stcis 

Hsin-Ying Huang 

BS I'lux liemistrv 

Noela Hueso 

BA Enulish 

James C. Hunt 

BS Kinesiology 

Chiao K. Hwang 

BS Electrical En,^ 

Joseph Hwang 

BA Psychology 

Melody C. Hwang 

BA Business Economics 

Mieko M. lijima 

BA Psychology 

Eliza P. llano 

BS Nursing 

Carolina Ilic 

BA Sociology 


Veronica Hie 

3A Classical Civilization 

Michael Y. Inouye 

BA Lin^uistics 

Andrew J. Irish 

BS AerosfDace Eng 

Daphne M. Isenberg 

BA Psychology 

Mohamed N. Ismail 

BA Political Science 

Sayuri S.I. Ito 

\ f' ' >')' iniics/BuS 

Rhonda L. Jacobs 

BA Histor 

Kimberly Jaynes 

BA Design 

Caroline A. Jensen 

BA Fine Arts 

Kent M. Iwamiya 

BA Sociology 

Anna F. Jacinto 

BA English 


ne C. Jackson 






Natalie M. Jacob 

BA EHistory/Art Historv 

Collette D. Jacobus 

BS Apple! Math 

Janel Jankaiski 

BA EHistorv 

Angela M. Januszka 

Stephanie A. Jay 

BS Meclianical Enc 

Eric Jedrzajek 

BS Psychobiology 

Hyung G. Jee 

BA Economics/Bus 

Teresa C. Jen 

BS Psychobiology 

Trisha H. Jen 

BA Economics 

Gwean S. Jeon 


Seok M. Jeon 


Paul S. Jeong 

Math/Appici Sci 

Michael S. Jewell 

BA Geography/Ecosys 


Jason ). Jimenez Javier F. Jimenez 

BA Psych/Bus Admin BA Comni Slcls/Bus Admin 

Maria D. Jimenez 

BA Comm Stds 

Myra T. Jimenez 

BS Cognitive Science 

Grace E. Jo 

BA Sociology/English 

Nicola G. Johns 

BA Political Science 

Craig A. Johnson 

BA English 

Denise J. Johnson 

BA Psychology 

Karia J. Johnson 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Robyn E. Johnson 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Sherri Y. Johnson 

BA Psychology 

Dawn R. Johnstone 

BA English 

Joovvon Jin 

BA Art 

Jennifer S. Johnson 

BA English 

Aron M. Jones 

BA Economics/Business 

Courtney C. Jones 

BA English/Bus Admin 

Jennifer ). )oseph-Katz 

BA P^\( IimIoov 

Valerie josephson 
BS Psychobiology 

Nina B. Joshi 

BA Political Science 

Mike C. Jou 

BS Kinesiology 

Perry Jue 

Shannon L. Jue 

Patricia H. Juhn 

Kristine H. Jun 

Heum Jung 

BA Economics/Business 

BA Sociology 

BS Kinesiology 

BS Biology 

BS Mechanical Eng 


Scott W. Jung 

BA Economics 

Rodrigo G. Jurado 

BA Latin Am Studies 

Makrouhi A. Kademian 

Kevin S. Kaiser 

BS Biol 

Laurie A. Kajiwara 

BA rMiiiMi Stcis 

Vanessa M. Kaleb 

BS BioloE 

Jong H. Kam 

R A r( DiKimK s 

Tanya C. Kampe 

BA German 

Wai K. Kan 

BS Elertriral Ens; 

Brian M. Kandel 

BA Eronnmir^/Bllsiness 

Charles C. Kang 

BS Bioloqy 

Moon H. Kang 

BA Economics 

Shari L. Kantor 

BA PyscholoQv/Bus 

Allen C. Kao 

BA Econ/Bus/Comi; 

John Y.C. Kao 

BS Psychol >l,.|nov 

Kelley M. Kahn 

BA English 

Henry Kamali 

BS Psychobiok 

Jung Sik Kang 

BA Economics 

Sousan K. Karimi 

BS Bk X henii'-li \ 

Marc A. Karish 

BA History/English 

Maha J. Kasim 

BA English 

Ara Kassarjian 

BS kinesiology 

ulie M. Kawaguchi 

BA Japanese 

Akemi Kawamura 

BA Japanese 


Scot S. Kawano 

BA History 

Sharon M. Kaye 

BA Comm Stds 

Carol Kehela 

BA Psychok 

)ane E. Kennedy 

BS Mvf hjnu ,il Eno 

Kristen M. Kennedy 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Beth Kenny 

BA Socic 

Jeffrey I. Kerstine 

BA Economics/Business 

Joanie P. Kesselring 

BS Biol 

Haleh Keypour 

BA Psyciiok 

Tahereh Khosrowabadi 

BS Bio 

ill Kianka 

BA Comm Stds 

Marilyn P. Kilcrease 

BA Histor 

Kelley P. Kilgannon 

BA S( H K il( )f 

Gregg S. Kim 

BS Kinesiology 

Jemima Y. Kim 

BA English 

Jennifer Kim 

BA Economics 

Michelle M. Kim 

BA English 

Saba Khan 

BS Psychobiok 

Mary Lara Killebrew 

BA Anthropology 

Min Kim 

BA Economics 


Senior Spotlight 

Name: Dawnielle C. Materre Major: 

Involvement: BiLiin 

Belles, Student Alumni 

Association (Parade 

Director), UCLA ^•, 

Unicamp, Bel Air 

Presbyterian Church's 



Future Plans: In 

January 1993, I will be 
leaving tor 

Johannesburg or Cape 
Town, South Africa to 
do missionary work for 
six months. My work 
will focus on youths 
and their spiritual and 
educational develop- 
ment. We will be 
helping them to help 
themselves. After my 
return, I will attend Law 
School and develop my 
skills for Public Interest 
Law. I look forward to 
taking an active role in 
my community and 

History/Business Administration Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 

To really live- facing 
adversity and encountering 
struggles demands 
character, self disci- 
pline, determination, 
objectivity, and most 
importantly optimism, 
believe in these 
qLialities and through 
my zest for life, I have 
tried to live by them on 
a day to day basis. . . 
Active participation in 
life is crucial and 
necessary to societies' 
development. One 
can spend all their 
time studying. ..and still 
fail life. Our 
experiences and 
contributions are 
determined by the 
words we speak and 
the visions we have. I 
am defined by my 
values and the legacies 
passed on to me. 
People must know that 
we are our own 
dominion. We have 
the power to either 
awaken despair or 
build new hope and 
visions within us. 
Neither race nor 
gender can discourage 
one who maintains 

Nicholas J. Kim 

BA Economics 

Norman H. Kim 

BA East Asian Studies 

Robert H. Kim 

BA Political Science 

Weimer Roger Seungmin Kim 

R A I ( onomics 

Ronald Y. Kim 

BA Economics/Business 

Seton C. Kim 

BA Design 

Sindy T. Kim 

BS Biology 

Suhee Kim 

BS Chemistry 

Sun I. Kim 

BS Biology 


Thomas j. Kim 

BA Political Science 

Yong Ku Kim 

BA Economics/Int I Stds 

Yoo S. Kim 

BA Economics 

Young S. Kim 

BA Political Science 

Dean T. Kindorf 

BS Math Applied Sci 

Aileen M. King 

BS Kinesiology 

Joshua C. King 

BA History 

Margarette H. King 

BS Microbio/Mol Gen 

Rachael D. King 

BA English 

David M. Klein 

BA Psychology 

Wanetta L. Knight 

BA English 


Trevor Ryan Kirschner 

BA History 

Jennifer E. Kissell 

BA Sociology 

Lori L. Kitazaki 

BS Biology 

Robert B. Klein 

BA Comm Stds 

Tamara B. Klein 

BA Sociology 

Todd M. Klein 

BS Physics 

Catherine J. Kimura 

BA Sociology 

Michelle M. King 

BS Civil Engineering 

Angela V. Knox 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Christopher H. Kodani 

BS Biology 

Yasuko Koguchi 

BA Music 

Brian E. Kite 

B A Theater 

L.V -N 

Shannon E. Kline 

BA Poll Sci/Bus Admin 

Kundy Kol 

BS Math Applied Sci 

Kathlene V. Kolian 

BA Art History 

Stacy E. Kolker 

BA Psychology 

Margaret W. Kong 

BA Economics/Business 

Georgia Kontokanis 

BA Italian 

Jeffrey R. Korn 

BA History 

Corinne I. Kramer 

BA Economics 

Kelly Krause 

BA Economics 

Greg J. Kricorian 

BS Psychobiology 

Kristen N. Kromer 

BA Comm Stcis 

Charlie H. Kung 

BA Economi( s IIimmcss 

Dennis G. Kurimai 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Compton R. Kurtz II 

BS Kinesiology 

Yana Kushner 

I! A Histo 

Laura Kyriazis 

BA Political Science 

Justine E. La Brucherie 

BA Political Science 

Lynell D. Lacey 

BA Anthropology 

Nimisha Ladva 

BA English 

Weizhong Koo 

BA Fine Arts 

Dipankar Koyal 

BA EnRJish 

Gregory S. Krug 

BA Philosophv 

Ka-Kei Kwok 

BS Comp Sci & Ent 

Carl A. Lager 

BS Math Applcl Sci 


Khanh Lam 

BS Electrical Er 

Mylinh Lam 

BS Biology 

Lori A. Langell 

BA Psychology 

le Y. Lapena 

BS Kines BA Psych 

Vivienne L. Lapena 

BA East Asian Stds 

Hayg Lapoyan 

BS Electrical Eng 

Mirja A. Lappalainen 

BA Economics 

Claudia M. Lara 

BA Comm Stcls/Bus Ad 

Michael P. Laranang 

BS Civil Eni^inccring 

Janel R. Lardizabal Rosa E. Lares 

BA Russian Studies BA Sociology/Bus Admin 

Stacey L. Lasko 

BA Comm Stds/Bus Ad 

Fernando T. Lau 

BS Psychobiology 

Johnnie Lau 

BA Economics/Business 

Kam Wai Lau 

BA Economics/Business 

Lisa M. Lau 

BSMCD Biology 

Michael D. Lau 

BS Kinesiology 

Sandra D. Lau 

BA English 

Mary Jane Lauigan 

BA Economit s 

Richard W. Laurence 

Karen P. Laux 

Bera S. Law 

Wendy Law 

Elizabeth C. Lawrence 

BA History 

BA Poll Sci/lntI Rel 

BA Economics 

BS Cybernetics BA Psych 

BS Biology 


Alberto Lazaro 

BA Spanish 

Fabrice LeDet 

BA Erdnomics 

Chan W. Lee 

BS Math Apple! Sci 

Eun (Nina) Lee 

Jerry C. Lee 

BA History 

Nadia Lazarovici 

BA Anthropology 

Nhien D. Le 

BA History 

Pauline T. Le 

H.\ Ee onomics 

Salvador Ledezma 

BS C^is'il Fiv^inpcring 

Anne J. Lee 

BA History/Nurs 

Betty W. Lee 

BS Psychobiology 

Chan Woo Lee 

BS Math of Comp 

Christine Wei-Li Lee 

BA Comm Stds 

Donald C. Lee 

BS Electrical Enc 

Shannon Leatherwood 

BA Biology 

George D. Lee 

BA Economics/Business 

Grace Lee 

BS Biologv 

Hyun I. Lee 

BA Dfsion 

John N. Lee 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Joo Y. Lee 

BA Art 

Kelli R. Lee 

BA Comm Stds/Bus Ad 

Cecilia I. Lee 

BA Economics 

Eun Kyung Lee 

BS Biology 

James S. Lee 

BA Spanish 

Kwan K. Lee 

BS Math BS Economics 


Robert I. Lee 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Rosa Y. Lee 

BA Linguistics 

Sarah Lee 

BS Biology 

Sarah S. Lee 

BA Economics/Business 

Susan |. Lee 

[■) -\ S( K II ilogy 

Suzanna Y. Lee 

BS Math Applied Sci 

Terry M. Lee 

BA Psvchok 

Won S. Lee 

BA Economics 

Yuan Jiun Lee 

BA Economics/Business 

Diana M. Leemon 

BA Comm Stds 

Julianna Leier 

HA Geoeraph\ 

Lisa A. Lendenmann 

BA Political Science 

Bill Lenihan 

BA Economics/Business 

Olma B. Leon 

BA Sociology 

Michelle J. Leong 

BS Biology 

Stacy H. Leong 

BA Psychology/Bus 

Soo Jung Lee 

BA Art 

Young K. Lee 

BS Mathematics 

Anita Lengua 

BA Psvcholoe 

Bart K. Leopold 

BA Comm Stds/Bus Ad 

"My name is Eryka: not honey, not sweetheart and not babe. "Mathews response to the manner in which 
she was addressed, at times, while 
working with the UCLA 
Athletic Department 

Senior Spotlight 

Name: Eryka Nicole Mathews 

Major: Political Science 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 

Involvement: Bruin Belles (Men's 

Athletic Director), Student Recruiter, 

Special Olympics, Second Baptis 

Church Outreach Program, Young 

Advocate, NAACP 

Future Plans: After graduation, I 

plan to further my education by 

attending law school in August 

1992. One of my goals is to 

become a constitutional law 

professor which I plan to do 

immediately after 

completing law school. 

During my 

professorship, I plan to 

practice law for my own 

law firm. My ultimate 

goal is to become a 

Superior Court judge. 

My African American 
background taught me 
the value of self worth, 
and I try to accept 
people for who they are 
rather than what I want 
them to be. I will best 
remember UCLA for 
their world renown 
professors that taught 
and inspired me to 
accept the many chal- 
lenges of the university. 
UCLA with its diversity 
made it possible to meet, 
interact and form 
relationships with 
students from all over 
the world. 

Dana A. Letendre 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Valerie A. Lettan 

BA Theater 

Ann J. Leung 

BA East Asian Studies 

\\ eimt'r 

Gayle R. Levin 

BA Anlhh.t 

Jimmy Lew 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Julia A. Lew 

BA English 

Chad M. Lewin 

BA English 

Shelley A. Lewin 

BA Business/Economics 

Gina R. Lewis 

BA Political Science 


Jennifer L. Lewis 

BA Dance 

Pei Fang Li 

BS Comp Sci & E 

Chin Chiang Liem 

BA Economics 

Christina C. Lin 

BS Biol 

Csaba K. Linszky 

BS Biology 

Kendall R. Lewis 

BA Soc/Bus Admin 

^ft T - - 

Terri L. Lewis 

BA History 

Frank K. Li 

BS Civil Engineering 

Peggy P. Li 

BS Biology 

Rosa L. Li 

BS Math BA Econ/Bus 

Warren H. Li 

BA Tf I tiM 1111 K ^ 

Maria W. Liao 

BS Psychobiology 

Adam Lieber 

BS Math BA Economics 

David G. Lim 

BA Political Science BS Microbio/Mol Gen 

Terence Lim 

BS Material Sci & Ens 

Angela H. Lin 

BA Psychology 

Jih-shing Lin 

BS Biolo' 

Wei Kuang Lin 

5S < ' i':ip Sci & EnE 

Kristen E. Linden 

BA English 

Stefanie K. Lingle 

BA English 

Karl H. Linz 

BA Political Science 


Craig A. Lipkin 

BS Psychobiology 

David N. Lippman 

BA Psychology 

Dan Litov 

BA Psychology 



Jami L. Little 

BS Math BA Econ 

Fang-i Jennifer Liu 

BA Economics 

Terry G. Liu 

BS Electrical Er 

Tsan-Kit Liu 

BA Economics 

Marie H. Llamado 

BA Political S( ience 

Heidi Llovet 

BA Sociol 

Kwok-On Lo 

BA Economics/Business 

Philip H. Lo 

BA Psychology/Pol i Sci 

Richard Y. Lo 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Sharon W. Lo 

BA Psychok 

Passuit P. Lochaya 

BA Economics/Business 

Cielito F. Locsin 

BS Kinesiol 

Judy R. Logan 

BA Sociol' 

Brian J. Lomeli 

BA Socic 

Nasha London 

BA Psychology 

Erin L. Longo 

i; \ Sociol 

Debra M. Longstreet 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Alison J. Loo 

BA Sociok 

Dana K. Loo Stacie S. Loo 

BSMath Applied Sci BA Sociology/Bus Admin 

Elva R. Lopez 

BA Sociology 

Hector M. Lopez 

BA Sociology 

Joseph V. Lopez 

BA Economics 

Yvonne Lorenzana 

BS Kines BA Psych 

Lonnie Louie 

BA Political Science 


Manda M. Louie 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

John Love 

BA History 

Eric E. Low 

BA Economics 

Julie R. Low 

BS Psychobiology 

Robert Lozano 

BS Kincs/Riis Aflmin 

Yvonne A. Luccy 

BA History 

Victoria L. Luce 

BA Psychology 

Joseph P. Luftman 

BS Math Applcl Sci 

Debbie F. Lum 

BS Material Sci & Eng 

Garret R. Lum 

BS Biology 

Rick A. Lund 

Applied Math 

Garret Lungin 

BA Sociology 

Rick Lutz 

BS Electrical Eng 

Nghiep C. Ly 

BS Physics 

Phong X. Ly 

BS Biochemistry 

David J. Lynch 

BA Hist()r\ 

Jennifer A. Lowland 

BA Sociology/Business 

Michael S. Luke 

BA Economics 

Khoa C. Luong 

BS Biochemistry 

Perry Lynch 

BA Political Science 

Lawrence K. Ma 

BA Economics 

Yeung (Henry) K. Ma 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 

Joe J. Macaluso 

BA Comm Stds/Psych 

Kristin A. MacDonald 

BA Sociology 

Andre W. Machilao 

BS Mechanical Eng 


Nina L. Maclnnes 

BA Psychology 

Brian Maeda 

BA Sociology 

Niki L. Manby 

BA English 

Shirlyce C. Manning 

BA History 

Elizabeth A. Mack 

BA English 

Lauren W. MacLaughlin 

BA Art History 

Mary K. Madden 

BA Lineiiistic^ 

Georgina Madlambayan 

BA Psychology 

Peter A. Magiso Kenney Mah Rani S. Maline Ann-Margaret Manalang 

BA Political Science BS Appid Math BA Econ B\ BS Nursing 

Megan C. Manion Joseph A. Mann Gregory F. Manning Lisa C. Manning 

BA English/Latin BA Theater BA Psychology BA His tor y/Pol i Sci 

Lcander E. Manzano 

BS Microbio Mol Gen 

Araceli R. Manzo 

BA Psychology 

Stephen S. Mao 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Lisa L. Marcos 

BS Nursing 

Christer K. Marholev Gwedolyn A. Mariano Geoge Marin 

BS Biology BA History BA Economics 

Letsia Marquez 

BA Comm Stds 

Nancy Y. Marquez 

BA Economics/lntl Stds 


Sonia M. Marquez 

BA Spanish Literature 

Amy M. Martin 

BS Chemistry 

Ina L. Martin 

BA HisidiA 

lason W. Martin 

11 \ fn.i^lish 

Linda W. Martin 
BS MCD Biology 

William C. Martin 

BA Psychology 

Arturo A. Martinez 

BA History 

Elsa I. Martinez 

BA Political Science 

Francisco C. Martinez Robert F. Martinez 

BA Politic ,il 'Science BS Bic 

Tanya Martinez 


Bernadette Martinbo 

BA Sociology 

Kristin E. Mascio 

BA English 

Claudine M. Mason 

BA Psychology 

Dawnielle C. Materre 

BA History/Bus Admin 

Eryka Mathews 

BA Political Science 

Alicia L. Mathis 

BA Psychology 

Neal E. Mathisen 

BA Political Science 

Carolyn G. Matibag 

BS Psychobiology 

Amir M. Matityahu 

BS Kinesiology 

Debora K. Matsunaga Sarah Matsuno 

BS Biology BA East Asian Stds/Bus Ad 


Kajuana R. Matthews 

BA World Arts & Cult 

Linda G. Matthews 

BA Psychology 

Cecelia C. M. Mautner 

BA History 

Senior Spotlight 

Involvement: Co-Editors-ln-Chiet I^'ef herUJCL^Vs feminist ne wsmagazine) 

We see Together as an effective form of srt^^WHBBBOBBBBBHBSHBH'^'^" ''^^ opportunity to 

voice their fru^J^ns with institi^onalizccl ^pp^--^*'"^ HnlrliP" "f " "T" ''' ■'^ l#'e'Tt'O^^^^V 8°^^ so 

I gate a I 

far. At Togeti 
perspecti\e offfi^fticl 

campus we would implemtnl''.v 
undergraduati' stuilt-nts lo i'^sue 

examine the issu^i'tWflie 

g on this 

Name: Katrina 

Major: English/ 
Women's Studies 
Ojai, California 
Future plans: I 
plan to attend 
law school and 
hope to become 
involved in 
feminist politics. 

Name": Sheila 

More I and 
Major: English/ 
Women's Studies, 
California , 
Future plans: I see 
a lot of travel and 
activism and a lot 
of involvement in 
journalism in my 
future. Hopefully 
I'll be making 
. cH9hges-for women 
., not 
all cr)lor 


Yolande M. Mavity 

BA Political Science 

Laura ). Maxheimer 

BA Political Science 

Roberto A. May 

BA Historv 

Stacy T. Mayeda 

BS Civil HnL;ini'cring 

Jennifer E. Mayo 

BA History 

Michael j. McCarthy 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Ann M. McDonald 

BA English 

Melinda J. McDonald 

BA Psychology 

Anne-Marie McDonough 

BA History 


Jennifer L. McElliott 

BA Political Science 

Michelle H. McGinnis 

BA Political Science 

Robert J. McGowan 

BS Aerospace Eni^ 

Christopher A. McGrath 

BA Classics 

Michael T. McHale 

BA Political Science 

Teressa A. McKillop 

B A Th(Mlcr 

Maia McKinney 

Maura S. McLaughlin Raquel C. Mead 

BA Enslish/History BA Economics/Business 

Michelle L. Meador 

BA Political Science 

Christina J. Meadows 

BA Political Science 

Pamela B. Mebane 

BA EnRlish/Afro-Am Stcis 

Michele R. Mednick 

BA History 

Christy L. Medrano 

BA Theater 

Jennifer N. Meehan 

BA Psychology 

Kelly R. Meek 

BS KinesioUjGV 

Fariba Mehrdad 

BS Bi 

Elizabeth A. Meier 

BA Worn Stds/Poli Sci 

Charisse D. Meigs 

BA English/Am Stds 

Thomas M. Meininger 

BS Chemical Er 

Joseph P. Meiko 

BS Aerospace Eng 


Micah E. Melton 

BA History/Art History 

Michelle W. Melyan 

BA East Asian Studies 

Markus C. Memmert 

BA Economics/Business 

Dorie A. Mendell 

BA Psychology 

Tricia Ann Mendez 

BS Nursing 

Arlene C. Mendoza 

BA Psychol(),t;y 

Edith L. Mendoza 

BA Spanish Literature 

Jessica V. Mendoza 

BA Political Science 

Joel R. Mendoza 

BS ric( liu al Eng 

Jose A. Mendoza 

BA Polilu ,il S( ience 

Juan Carlo Mendoza 

BA Economics/Business 

Lydia E. Mendoza 

BA History/Classics 

Marco F. Mendoza Katherine G. Menechios 

BA Economics/Business BA History/Classical Civ 

Sarah E. Menzie 

BA English 

Gregory A. Merchant 

BA History 

Susan A. Mescavage 

BA Political Science 

Barak Mevorak 

BS Kinesiology 

Cheri E. Michaelis 

BA Philosophy 

Sharon L. Mick 

BS Nursing 

Gabrielle L. Middaugh 

BA English 

Daniel M. Mihal 

BS Math Ap|jliecl Sc i 

Jennifer A. Miller 

BA Psychology 

Kathryn D. Miller 

BA English 

Kendra S. Miller 

BS Psychobiology 

Kyhiera A. Miller 

BA Art 

Gregory S. Meyers 

BA Sociology 

Carolyn J. Miller 

BA Psychology 

Tracey I. Miller 

BA Eng/Am Stds/Bus Ad 


James R. Mimlitsth 

BA English 

Melvin V. Miranda 

BA English 

David S. Mochizuki 

BA EtiiniMiiK s IntI Stds 

Sooki Min 

BA Sociology 

Andrea Minea 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Michael Miremadi 

BA Economics 

Doris D. Mishkanian 

BS Psychobio 

Deborah B. Mohile 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Alejandro Molina 

BS Molh \|)|)lied Sci 

Kryssie A. Mingst 

BA EHislory 

Karen V. Mitchell 

BS Geology 

Louis A. Molina 

BA Hisi'in. \ii HistoiA' 

Louis E. Montalvo 

BA Political Science 

Dennis Montellano 

BA Psychology 

Todd E. Montrose 

BA Political Science 

Junghee Moon 

BS Math Applied Sci 


Michael R. Moore 

BA English 

Michelle R. Moore 

BS Math Applied Sci 

Jesus B. Mora 

BA Sociology 

Anthony Miranc 

BA Poltical Science 

Julianne M. Molinari 

BA Economics 

Hyun S. Moon 

BA Political Scienr <■ 

Xavier Mora 

BA Political Science 

Isaias A. Morales 

BA Political Science 

Lisa M. Morales 

BA Political Science 

Gina M. Moreno 

B,\ (Omni SlcK 

Emily ). Morgenroth 

R \ Pull S( nml Kel 

Richard V. Morhaime 

l-),-\ Si k K >Ii I'4\ 

Laura A. Mori 

BA Economics 

Stephanie Y. Morita Robert J. Morrissey 

BA Econ/Bus/Comm Stds BA Economics 


Joseph C. Morse II 

BA Political Science 

Ashkan A. Motamedi 

BA Political Science 

Shirin R. Motavassel 

BA Psychok 

Michael P. Muchin 

BA History 

Kenneth T. Mukai Tammy H. J. Mukoyama 

BS Kinesiology BA Psychology 

Leslie M. Mullens 

BA Sociol()u\ 

Stephen C. Muller 

BS Electrical Eng 

Carmen Munoyerro 

BA Economics/Business 

Melanie H. Murai 

BS Math Applied Sci 

Melanie S. Murakami 

BA Sociology 

Sherrick R. Murdoff 

BA Econ/Bus/Comp 

Titia N. Murphy 

BA Political Science 

Karen A. Myer Jacqueline J. Myers 

BA Sociology/Bus Admin BA Art History 

ulie J. Myers 

BA History 

Laurel A. Myers 

BA Art History 


David Myron 

BS Comp. Sci. &i Eng 

Paul E. Najoan 

BA Sociology 

Ali Namavar 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Leslie Nack 

BA English 

Tracy Nagle 

BA Psychok 

Elaine Nagos Pauline Nairn 

BA Economics/Business BS Kines/BA Irani^m Stds 

Moon S. Nam 

BA Economics 

Roger S. Nam Yun C. Nam 

BA Economics/lntI Stds BA Economics/Business 

Sohail A. Namaghi 

BS Biochemistry 

Omar M. Namoos 

BS Electrical Engineering 

Virginia Navar 

BA Sociology 

Guillermo Navarro 

BA Ps\( hol()"\' 

Sarah L. Naylor 

BA PsycholoE 

Devorah Nazarian 

BS Biology 

Christopher J. Neal 

BA Sociology 

Lorraine Negrete 

BA Sociolo 

Audrey A. Nelson 

BA LinRuistics/Comp Sci 

James L. Nelson 

BA Political Science 

Julia C. Nelson 

BA History 

Pamela Kay Nemeth 

BA History 

Kathleen R. Nenadov 

BA Economics/Business 

Philip E. Neri 

BA Economics 

Laura M. Neustedter 

BA History/Bus Admin 


Senior Spotlight 
Name: David A. Olsen 
Major: Political Theory 
Hometown: Sacramento, California 
Involvement: Mardi Gras (staff member, 
booth supervisor, Field Operations 
Director, Executive Director 1991-1992 

Future Plans:Through my experience 
with UCLA Mardi Gras, I have developed 
an interest in special event management. 
I enjoy taking a project and figuring out 
what needs to be done from start to 
finish. I get a lot of satisfac- 
tion seeing that project 
completed and successful. 
One of my short term goals 
is to work at the Olympics 
in Atlanta in some capacity 
and to plan and execute a 
project. My long term goal 
appears to be very different. 
I would like to be a fiction 
writer. I enjoy reading and 
it is my dream to have at 
least one published nove 
to my name. There are 
several options when it 
comes to writing, 
however, and I would be 
interested in pursing them 
as well. These would be 
things such as newspaper ■«• 
writing and short story 

Sholeh S. Neydavood 

BA History 

Benny J. Ng 

BA Economics/Business 

Due S. Nguyen 

BS Biology 

Dorothy J. Nichols 

BA World Arts iv Cult 

Mark S. Nicks 

BS Kinesiology 

Christina Nicolosi 

BA Comm. Stds. 

Rodica Nisim 

BA History/Art History 

Deanna T. Nitta 

BA Sociology 

Thomas R. Nixon 

BS Appid Math/Comp 


Jinah No 

BA Economics I 

Nadia No 

BA Psvc ho 

Gina M. Noel 

n\ \\\i 111. lot 

Joseph J. Nollar 

BA Polilical Sciencee 

Sean D. Nordcen 

BS Eleclncdl Eni. 

Saba Nosrati 

BA Histor 

Nasim Nourian 

BA Political Science 

Benjamin S. Novida 

BS Civil Enuineerint 

Kenneth C. Nowak 

BS Kinesiolot 

Kristin A. Noyes 

BA Comm Stds/Business 

Sharon M. Nozawa 

BA World Arts & Cult 

Sue Nuechterlein 

BA HistoiA 

Jessica M. Nunez 

BS PsvchobioloE 

Cheryl L. Oakley 


Pauline H. Obata 

Igbodike G. Obioha 

BA Enalish 

Angelica Ochoa 

BA Sociol 

Joseph J. Ochoa 

BA Political Science 

Kevin T. O'Connor 

BA Economics 

Samantha Y. Odom 

BS Biolot 

Carolyn A. Oga 

BS Math/Appid Sci 

Glenn T. Ogasawara 

BS Kinesiology 

Christopher M. Ograin Barry B. Oh 

BS Mathematics BA Econ/lntI Stds/As Am Stds 

Hong E. Oh 

BA Economics 

Jayne j. Oh 

BA Economics/Business 

jee Sun Oh 

BA Ling/Spanish 

Katherine E. Ohtomo 

BA Economics/Business 

Alric K. Oishi 

BA Economics 

Constance M. Olerich 

BS Nursing 

Patricia K. OMver 

BA Political Science 

Diane M. Oliverez 

BS History/Spanish 

Cynthia A. OIkoski 

BA Economics 

Jennifer C. Olson 

BA Economics/Business 

Kris E. Olson 

BA Theater 

Don P. Ong, Jr. 

BA Psychology 

Jason S. Ong 

BA Psychology 

Randall K. Onishi Darren S. Ooi 

BA Economics/lnll Stds BS Math/Appld Science 

Hin H. Or 

BA Histoiv 

Darin P. O'Rand 

BS (()m|) S( i \ Eng 

Kimberly L. Ortale 

BS Nursing 

Marites S. Ortaliza 

BS Nursing 

Teresa Ortiz 

BS Sociology 

Andrea M. Osborne 

BA History/Art History 

Nancy K. Okazaki 

BA Japanese 

David A. Olson 

BA Political S( ience 

Mary Jennifer Y. Ong 

BS Biology 

Tom Orewyler 

BA Sociok 

Deborah K. Osborne 

BA Political Science 


Edward S. Oshorne 

BA Economics 

Art Padilla 

BA Psychology 

Chi-Tseng D. Pai 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 

Alice N. Ota 

BA Japanese 

Stuart S. O. Otroshkin 

BA Political Science 

Lin-)u Ou 

BA Music 

Janine Ouyang 

BS Mdth Comp BA Soc/Conip 

Cabriela Padilla 

BA Latin Am Stcis 

Lynn L. Padilla 

BA Art 

Doo P. Pack 

BA Anthro BA Econ 

Julie M. Pai 

BA Economics 

Elisabeth ). Pak 

BS Sociology 

lihyon Pak 

BA Ln-lish World Lit 

Amy Page 

BA Comm Stds 

Sangjin Pak 

BA Economics 

Angelie F. Palamos 

BA Sociology 

Lorena Palencia 

BA Sociology 

Todd G. Pam 

BA hiistory 

Teri L. Pang 

BA Psychology 

Terpsithga Papadopoulos 

BA Enelish 

Lisa Papetti 

BA History 

Anita R. Parada 

BA English 

Cristine Paradise 

BA English 

Maria Theresa Paragas 

BA Poli Sci/Asian Am Stds 

Sofia Parasidou 

BS Pschology 


Monica A. Paratore 

BA Political Science 

Nanette D. Pareja 

BS Chemistr 

Yvonne M. Pargett 

BA Music 

Chong Park 


Jay L. Park Jeewon J. Park 

BS Applied Miithematics BS Mcc hdnical Eng 

Mihae Park 

l',\ Tine Art 

Min Jung Park 

BA Psvrh/Sociok 

Jennifer M. Partridge 

BS Psychobiology 

iVIanisha V. Patel 

BA Economics/Business 

Jennifer K. Patrick 

BA Psychology 

Julie A. Patterson 

BA Chinese 

Michael J. Pavek 

BA Psycholo: 

David R. Paz 

BA Political Science 

Dianne N. Pekary 

BS Biolot 

Jannet Pena 

BS Kini'si(il(i'j\ 

Albert S. Penilla 

BS Eleclrical Engineering 

Maria L. Peralta 

BS Kinesiology 

Jonathan D. Perez 

BA Linguistic Anthro 

Vena Petchpradub 

BS Psychology 

Jason Y. Park 

BS r.i(.i(.u\ 

Tim H. Park 

BA Sociok 

Christel H. Pauli 

BAPoii Sci/lntI Re! 

Laurie N. Pendleton 

BS Math/Econ 

Gilda M. Petersen 

BA Economics 


Beth L. Peterson 

BA Histo 

Laura L. Peterson 

BA Comm Stds 

Jennifer A. Petree 
BAPoli S( I lull Rel 

Tina V. Petrusis 

BA Economics 

Steven S. Pfeiffer 

BA E( (iiK imi{ s 

Candi-Aihang T. Pham 

BS Kinc'siol 

Kenneth G. Pham 

BS Electrical E 

Carrie C. Phillips 

BA English 

Deborah M. Phillips 

BS Electrical Er 

Wendy ). Phillips 

BA Political Science 

Lin L. Pho 

BA Eonomics/Business 

Truong Q. Phung 

BS Conip Sci & E 

Shawn M. Pierre 

BA Economics 

Sarah A. Pirch 

BA PolitK. al S( ienc e 

Payman Pirnazar 

BS I'sychohidlogv 

Aneke M. Plimier 

BA History/Bus Admin 

David P. Plothin 

BA Psychol 

Carl W. Pobanz 

BS Ele( trical Enuincci inc 

Suriani Pokta 

BS Math/Appid Science 

Stacie S. Polashuk 

BA Poll Sci/lntI Rel 

Eve A. Porinchak 

BA Psychology 


Francisco G. Porras 

BA Economics/History 

Marissa Portillo 

BA Political Science 

Noemi M. Portillo 

BS Chemistry 

Kimberly C. Posey 

BA Political Science 

Senior Spotlight 
Name: Dan Satler 

Major: Dramatic Arts and Literature 
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland 
Involvement: Daily Bruin Columnist, Assistant 
Viewpoint Editor, Concert Choir, University 
Chorus, Musical Theatre Workshop 
Future Plans: Immediately, I'll be heading to 
graduate school (where I don't know...) in play 
writing for the next two or three years, writing 
and directing plays. My long term goal is to 
ijecome a professional playwright and author. 
As a part of this, I'd like to teach creative 
writing at a university. 

The theatre is both my hobby and 
my passion. I see it as the most 
direct, most powerful art form. 
Creating theatre, as I have done 
since high school, is very 
challenging and very important 
was drawn [to the] theatre because 
saw lit as a] challenge and saw the 
stage as a place where I could bring 
my visions and ideas alive. 

I want people to know that there 
is more to me than just the guy 
who writes in the paper every 
two weeks. That's just one of 
my more visible aspects. I'm 
involved with many different 
aspects of campus life. I created 
my own major in the college of 
fine arts. I'm a kind of character 
on campus, courtesy of the Daily 
Bruin. People call me at home, 
write me, stop me on campus to 
talk about my columns. My 
UCLA life is a rich and exciting 

I will remember UCLA 
as a place where I 
learned how little I 
actually know. 

David A. Posner 

BS Economics/lntI Stds 

Anne M. Powers 

BA Economics 

Panuchai Praditbatuga 

BA Psychology 

Maria T. Prado 

BS Sociology 

Violeta Prado 

BA Sociology 

Spencer S. Prasarnsuk 

BS Biology 

Mark C. Prator 

BS Cognitive Science 

Devin L. Price 

BA Theatre 

Erica D. Price 

BA Psychology 


Kirsten D. Price 

BS Biochemistr 

Yvette R. Price 

BS Molecular Biol 

James O. Proctor 

BA Economics 

Michelle L. Profit 

BA Psychology 

Thomas E. Profit 

BA Poll Sri/Bus Admin 

Judy E. Proko 

BS Ap Math BA Econ/Bus 

Erika M. Quare 

Eddie F. Quan 

BS Biok 

Eric R. Quan Kimberly Quan 

BSOvilEiTi^int'i'iinc BA Poli Sci/Bus Admin 

Elizabeth M. Quesada 

BA Political Science 

Sean E. Quigley Lori M. Quinton Alisa D. Rabin Cristian P. Radu 

BA Economics BA Political Science B^S Sociology/Bus Admin BA GeograjDhy 

Ned A. Raggett 
BA Enelish 

Christopher G. Rahbar Mohammad Rahimi 

BA Design BS Psychobii 

Grace S. Rai Claudia E. Ramirez 

BA Political Science BA Sijanish/PortLii'uese 

William F. Ramirez 

BA Business 

Navid D. Rashtian 

BS Biology 

Linda A. Ratcliffe 

BA English 

Michael J. Rauso 

BA Psychology 

Janine C. Raven 

BS Biology 

Rowena M. Reano 

BS Psychobiology 

Lucie Recio 

H-\ I'lilitical Science 

Laura Record 

BS Biology 

Mark J. Redd 

BS Psychobiology 

Judith A. Reddick 

BS Civil Engineering 

Vinay M. Reddy 

BS MCD Biology 

Derek M. Reed 

BS Civil Engineering 

Erika D. Reich 

BA Linguistics 

Jake Reichenthal 


William L. Reinhart 

BA History/Poli Sci 

Robert E. Rendahl 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Maridith Resendez 

BA Psychology 

Gesele M. Rey 

BA History 

Anthony Reyes, Jr 

BS Kinesiology 

Un S. Rhee 

BA Economics 

Elizabeth Rhodes 

BA Philosophy 

Artemis Riazi 

BA Poll Sci/lntl Rel 

Josh B. Reims 

BA English 

Patricia E. Reyes 

BA Span/PoitugLiese/Ling 

Julia D. Rice 

BA Political Science 

Sherri S. Rich 

BA English 

Cabot M. Richards 

BA Economics/Business 

Rochelle C. Richfer 

BA English 

Valerie R. Rickel 

BA Geography 

Regina Rico 

BA Psych/Comm Stds 


Anne M. Rierson 

BA English 

Linnea A. Riesenhuber 

BA P'-M hdlin'v 

Stepahnie A. Riggs 

BA English 

Rosa E. Riley 

BA Psychology 

Jaebuhm Rim 

BS Electrical Eng 

Susan J. Rinderle 

BA Sociol 

Taiyo A. Rious 

BA Ling/East Asian Lang 

Scott D. Rittichier 

BA Conim Stds/Bus 

Michelle A. Rivard 

BA Spanish 

Mario Rivas 

BA History 

Alejandra H. Rivera 

BA History 

Linda M. Roberts 

BA World Arts & Cult 

Idaliz Rivera 

3A Psychology 

Charles C. Ro 

BA Music 

Junna Ro 

BA Political Science 

Dawn M. 

BA Psychology 

Bryan L. Robinson 

BA Comm Stcis 

Matthew R. Robinson 

BA Political Science 

Richard B. Rocabado 

BS Biochemistry 

Carmen Rodriguez 

BS Comm Stds 

Charles E. Rodriguez 

BA History 

Gilbert Rodriguez, III 

BA Economics 

Guadalupe Rodriguez 

BA History 

Julie R. Rodriguez 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Larissa Rodriguez 

BA Psychology 

Maria L. Rodriguez 

BA Spanish/Ling 

Michael J. Rodriguez 

BS Aerospace Eng 

Sandra ). Rodriguez 

BA Political Science 

George A. Rofaii 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Dana L. Rogness 

BA Political Science 

Catherine M. Romero 

BA Political Science 

Catherine A. Rometsch 

BA Political Science 

Monica Romo 

BA Socioli 

Carolina N. Ronchetta 

BS Psychok 

Lilia Rosas 

BS Sociology 

Sandra A. Rose 

BA Psychology 

Paula S. Rosenblatt 

BS Psychobiology 

Dana C. Rosenfeld 

BA History 

Ami F. Rosenquist 

BA Classical Civ 

Jason Rountree 

BS Microljioiogy 

Diane E. Rowe 

BA Psychology 

Karen P. Rowley 

BS Sociology/DLAP 

Nina T. Roy 

BA History/Art History 

Jennifer L. Rozario 

BA Music 

Christina L. Ruggiero 

BS English 

Craig S. Ruggles 

BS Biology 

Aaron T. Ruiz 

BA Political Science 

Everto E. Ruiz 

BA Psychology 

Mario E. Ruiz 

BS Biology 

Jill E. Russell 

BA Political Science 


Antonietta A. Russo 

BS Psychobiology 

Robert D. Rynearson 

BS Biolo: 

Samira Sadeghi 

r>\ I'oliiK ,il S( lence 

Afshin Safavi 

BA hill >( licniistry 

Daniel Saffer 

BA llii MiM' ,\ Drama Lit 

Jason Sagara 

BA Political Science 

Nazanin N.S. Saham 
BA Political Science 

David Y. Sakamoto 

BS BiochemistiA 

Grace Saker 

BS Biok 

David T. Sakihara 

BS Biolos 

Gerardo E. Salazar 

BA Political Science 

George M. Salib 

BS Psychobiology 

Laura M. Salomone Maureen B. Sammon 

BA EnglishAVorld Lit BS Psychobio BA Econ 

Mary Sanabe-Mao 

BA East Asian Studies 

Carlos A. Sanchez 

BA Political Science 

Josephine A. Sanchez 

BA Political Science 

Karl C. Sanchez 

BA History 

Apurva Sanghi 

BA Econ/Bus BS Phvsics 

Joanna M. Saporito 

BA Sociology 

Michele R. Sapper 

Zoe Sariego 

Julie M. Sarpy 

Stephanie T. Sasaki 

Sean S. Sato 

BA Comm Stds 

BA Psychology 

BA Political Science 

BA Psychology 

BS Kinesiology 


Senior Spotlight 

Name: Davicla R. Siwisa 

Major: English 

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Involvement: LA Public Library Adult Literacy Program tutor, UCLA Chancellor's Advisory Committee on 

the Status of Women (Chair, sub-committe on Comparable Worth), UCLA Rape Prevention Task Force, 

UCLA Pre-law and Black Pre-Law Societies, UCLA & Cal State L.A. Mentor Programs, and my 1 1 -year-old 

son, David. 

Future Plans: My immediate plans are to begin law school 

in August. I am presently awaiting decisions from the 

various law schools I've aplied to in recent months. It's an 

anxious, yet exciting period for me. My plan is to practice 

law for a few years here in the states and eventually return 

to the Caribbean to practice. I lived in St. Thomas in the 

U.S. Virgin Islands for two years and its where 1 want to 

return one day. 
I'd like people to know that I'm a 
woman who has managed career, 
marriage, child rearing and the 
pursuit of an education 
simultaneolusly and that we must 
always remember that epitome of 
the "non-traditional" student: 38 
years old, attending 
UCLA part-time for 
most of my school 
career here since 1 983 
(I've worked at UCLA 
since 1979), been 
married, divorced, 
.'/ raising a son. I've 

been on this campus 
for 1 3 years and many of 
the students who worked 
for me and that I've 
attended classes with have 
gone on to active, rich 
careers of their own long 
ago. Attending school 
part-time has been a long, 
difficLilt struggle. But I 
graduate in June! You have 
to keep reaching for it. 
That's what I want people 
to know.'s never too late 
to keep learning or to 
pursue dreams. ..some of us 
are beyond being 5th year 
B seniors and it's ok! 

Cheryl A. Satterburg 

BA Economics 

James P. Saunders 

BS Ci>eniti\e Science 

Alicia A. Savage 

BA Sociology 


Niloofar Savis 

BA Economics 

Jennifer L. Sawin 

BA Women's Stds 

Pamela E. Sawyer 

BA History 

Tony A. Scaduto 

BA Comm Stds BS Kines 

Michael A. Scarpat 

BA Economics 

Jennifer M. Schaaf 

BA Psychology 


Leslie G. Scher 

BA Soci 

Miriam L. Schimmel 

BA Political Science 

Dana M. Schneider 

BS Coenitive Science 

Marcia R. Schneider 

BS Nursint; 

Glen G. Schneiderman 

BA Economics 

Brian L. Scholbrock 

BS Biok 

Eric C. Schramm 

BS Kinesiol 

Michael A. Schuh 

BA History/ Business 

essica A. Schulman 

BA Psyche 

Paul H. Schultz 

BA Economics/Business 

Gary A. Schuman 

BA Economics 

Gina M. Schuman 

BA History 

Renee A. Scola 

BS Biology 

Cynthia J Scott 

BA History 

Katherine R. Seares 

BA Vocal Performance 

Veronica Sulian See 

BA Desif 

Nancy L. Seeley 

BS Nurs 

Christine Y. Seki 

BA Economics/lntl Stcis 

)ustin O. Seng 

BS Physics 

Joung Ah Seo 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Soobong Seong 

BA Economics 

Maria Robyne Serafica 

BA English 

Delilah S. Seroussi 

BA Political Science 

Sarine G. Setrakian 

BS Psychobiology 

Deyedali Seyedroudbari 

BS Biochemistr\' 


Katherine M. Shady 

BA Soci 

Deborah A. Sharp 

BS Kinesiology 

Francis D. Shih 

BS Psychobiology 

Sangita Shah 

BS Biol 

Noosha Shaheedy 

BS BioloE 

Russell W. Shane 

BS Aerospace Er 

Praise T. Shang 

BS Biochemistr 

Tally A. Shashoua 

BS Psychobiology 

Brian D. Shaw 

R\ Hisiorv 

Lisa M. Sheive 

BA Sociolnq\' 

Melissa M. Shepherd 

BA Psychology 

Kathleen Y. Shih 

BS Math/Appid Sci BA Econ 

Ken M. Shimabuku 

BA East Asian Studies 

Chong Won B. Shin 

BA Economics 

Adrienne L. Sholders 

BA Psychology 

Allison L. Shore 

BA Histor 

Dara A. Shulman 

BA Psychok 

Irene Shung 

BA Economics (Comp) 

Grace C. Siao 

BA Economics 

Kalvin Sid 

BA Economics/Bus 

Deborah S. Siegel 

BS Nursing 

Rory A. Silver 

BA History 

SoHee Sim 

BA Design 

Melissa M. Simpson 

BA Psycholoby 

Brian C. Sinclair 

BA Economics/Business 


Scott Singer 

B\ HinImi\ \t! Mistorv 

Sibelle E. Singer 

BA Enolish 

Deepjot K. Singh 

lis |V\ ( Ik )I)I( )k 

Steven D. Sirbu 

BA Political S( iente 

Allister A. S. Siu 

BA Economics/Bus 

Davida R. Siwisa 

BA English 

Lisa A. Sjong 

BA Political Science 

Kelly I. Slater 

BS Psvchobiolc 

Hilary S. Slaughter 

BA History 

Robert L. Slaughter III 

BS Poltical Science 

Thomas E. Slayton 

BA Political Science 

Elizabeth L. Smith 

BA French / Lineuistics 

Taunya J. Smith 

BS Psychobiology 


Steven D. Smelser 

BA History/Poll Sci 

Daniel J. Smetanka 

BA English 

Anthony Smith 

BA History 

Christine N. Smith 

BA Enojish 

)ohn J. Smith 

BA English 

Kimberly A. Smith 

BS Nursi 

Laurie R. Smith 

BS Kinesiology 

Jennifer L. Sneed 

BA English 

James R. Snider 

BA Pyschology 

Suzanne W. Snowden 

BA Political Science 

Daniel J. Snyder 

BA Comm Stds 

Angela M. Sohn 

BA Art 

Luanne Solari 

BS kinesiol 

Stephanie A. Soil 

BA Economics/Bus 

Robert L. Solovy 

BS Mjlh (Ji Comp 

Michelle M. Somarriba 

BA Political Science 

kinanda C. Sommerfeld 

BA English 

Robert F. Sommers 

BA Poli Sci/Histor 

Jennifer M. Son 

BA Political Science 

Emmy K. Song 

BA History 

Richard H. Song 

BA Economics 

Kathleen M. Songer 

BA History 

Liane Sorakubo 

BS Kinesiology 

Monica Joy Soriano 

BA Psychology 

Bertha A. Soto 

BA Sociology 

Yvette M. Soto 

BA Psychology' Bus 

Byron M. Sotomayor 

BS Kinesiolo 

Patricia Soto-Rarnirez 

BA English 

effrey M. Sparkman 

BS Kinesiology 

Phillip Sparks 

BA Pdlitii .il S( irnce 

Hilary Sperling 

BA Psychology 

Samantha M. Spielman 

BA Comm Stds 

Carmela Spinoso 

BA Italian Literature 

April M. Spitzer 

BA History 

Eric R. Sprague 

BA Economics 

Elizabeth Squellati 

BA EnglishAVorld Lit 


Bradley G. Sraberg 

BA Economics 

John M. Staight 

BA Geography (^ Env Stcis 

Mary J. Stanojevich 

BA Psychol 

Columbus R. Starks 

BA hiistorv 

Alexandra G. Steiglitz 

BA Spanish Literature 

Otis Stephen 

BS Kinesiology 

)ason S. Stewart 

BA ( 1 1111111 StcIs 

Alicia Steinaecker 

BA EHistor 

Jodie L Steiner 

BA History/DLAP 

Suzanne P. 


BA Psychology 




^ ^H 

^^Hy* 1? 




Barry A. Steinmetz 


Christopher J. Steins 

BA Enelish 

Lauri A. Stevenson 

BA English 

Christopher L. Stewart Christopher S. Stewart 

BA German BS Biology 

Elizabeth Julie Stewart 

BA English 

Kristine J. Stotler 

BA Econ/Histor 

Dawn K. Straccia M. Robert Strachan Jr. Andrea R. Strauss 

BS Chemical Eng BA Political Science BA English ( .ciinan 

Amy K. Strong Lisa Strug Robert D. Stubblefield Dominique R. Sturman 

BA History BA Psych/Bus Admin BA Political Science BA History 

Jaymer J. Suarez 

BA Psychology 


Dean C. Sudberry 

5A Afro-American Stds 

James K. Sun 

BS Electrical Eng 

Michael H. Sung 

BS Electrical Eng 

Suzanne Sunico 

BA Sociology/Bus Admin 

Julie A. Sunoo 

BA Sociol 

Raffi Tachdjian 

BS Kinesiology 

Christine M. Tarn 

BA Psychology 

Tracy M. Suzuki 

BA Art History 

Shelley L. Swanson 

BA Psychologv 

Dana L. Swartz 

BA Sociology 

Margaret C. Swartz 

BA Sociology/DLAP 

Garland E. Sweitzer Alexa Swerdloff Walter A. Sylvester Tung Hwa Ta Rebecca Tabares 

BA History BA History BS Mechanical Eng BA Economics/Business BA Political Science 

Bradley J. Tahajian 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Julie A. Takaki 

BS Math Appid Sci 

Fahimeh Takesh 

BA Poli Sci/History 

Elizabeth M. Talley 

BS Kinesiology 

Sandy P. Tarn 

BA Spanish 

Alireza K. Tamaddon 

BS Biology 

Craig J. Tammel 

BS Electrical Eng 

Bee G. Tan 

BA Economics/Bus 


Kiat Gee Tan 

BA Economics 

Leonie L. Tan 

I 'A Mh ilogy 

David I. Tanaka 


Linda K. Tanaka 

BS Nuisinu 

Charlotte K. Tang 

BAEcon/Bus/Poli Sci 

Irene H. Tang 

BS Kinesiology 

Kenneth V. Taurany 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Sheva B. Tessler 

BS Kinesiology 

Kirk L.Thompson 

BS Civil Eng 

Jacqueline M. Tang 

BA Psychology 

Pui Shan Tang 

BA Economics 

Terry P. Tang 

BA Comm Stds 

Amy M. Templeton Maureen A. Tenenbaum Maria Melania Teran 

BA History BA English BA Sociology 

Bram Tester 

BA English 

Kathleen E.Thelen 

BS Psychology 

Hedy A.P. Thom 

BA English 

Paul F. Thompson 

BS Physics 

Mark D. Thompson 

BS Kinesiology 

Emma L.Thornber 

BA Sociology 

Stacey N. Tate 

BS Biology 

David C. Terry 

BA History 

Cameron E.Thomas 

BA Hist()r\ 

Candace M.Tillman 

BA Economics/Bus 


Senior Spotlight 

Name: Hiioshi VVald Major: Political Science Hometown: Burbank, California 

Involvement: SAA (Executive Director of Spring Sing 1991, 1991-1992 SAA President, 1991-1992 

Mortar Board, Chancellor's Special Project Office Representative, Intern for White House Office of Public 

Liaison, Representative for the Office of Presidential Advance) Future Plans: none 

I would like people to 

think of me as a person 

that has a lot of energy 

and is always looking 

for new opportunities 

to get involved and 

contribute to my 

community, university 

or anything else. I 

think that I am an 

incredibly lucky person 

to say that I've had an 

absolutely great time in 

all the activities that I 

have worked on. 

I would like to 

remember UCLA as a 

time in my life that I 

was able to gain a great 

perspective on life and 

[was! able to mature as 

an individual. I really 

will look back upon 

my experience here as 

an incredibly fun time- 

a time in which I took 

advantage of all the 

opportunities presented 

to me here on campus. 

Jeffrey S. Tilson 

BA Economics/Bus 

Louis C. Ting 

BS Mechanical Eng 

David P. Tinsley 

BA Psychology 

Patricia V. Tipon 

A Political Science 

Herbert S. Tiguia 

BS Kinesiology 

Soy T. Tir 

BS Chemical Eng 

Eric B. Tisch 

BA History 

Kent C. Tom 

BS Electrical Eng 

Lisa K. Tom 

BA Math Appid Sci 


Shari S. Tomei 
BA East Asian Studies 

Dean F. Tomlin 

BS Kines BA Psycli 

Roberta M. Tomooka Jules Tong 

BA Economics/Business BS Electrical Engineerir 

Vic Topper 

BA Psyrh Bn^ Arlmin 

Arian Torbati 

BS Biology 

Narda E. Torrealba 

BA Danrc 

Angelica M. Torres 

BS Biology 

Maria E. Torres 

BA Psychology 

Amy J. Towery 

BA History 

Shirin Towfigh 

BS Biology 

Sklar K. Toy 

BA Ling/East Asian Lang 

Anh U. Tran 

BA English 

Betty N. B. Tran 

BA Historv/Bus Admin 

Phuong T. Tran 

BS Coin S( I \ Eng 

Thieulam P. Tran 

BA Economics/Business 

Kristin M. Tretheway 

BA Economics/Business 


Helen Trevino 

BA Sociology 

Charlene N. Trinh 

BA East Asian Studies 

Alison D. Trostler 

BA Political Science 

Tuan Ton-That 


Daniel A. Torres 

BA Enelish 

Susanna W. Toy 

BA LinR/Bus Admin 

Steven C. Traurig 

BA Enelish 

Angela W. Tsiang 

BS Chemical Eng 

Yao Wen Tu 

BS Biology 











k 1 

^K^^ )]f 

Julie R. Turbeville 

BA Economics/Business 

Namita Tyagi 

BA History 

Amy Tyler 

BA History 

Emily A. Turner 

BA Women's Studi 




» ' 







Mike S. Turner 

BS Cybernetics 

David R. Twisselmann 

3S \| i| ilii 'I I M.iilii iiiatics 

Kenji Uesugi 

BA History 

Michelle E. Umali 

BS Phv 

Marni Ungerman 

BA Comm/Bus Admin 

Angel Uribe 

BA Economics 

Sumiko Urquhart 

BA Economics 

Jill L. Urstein 

BA Classical Civ 

Toshio Utsumi 

BS l\inesi()li)L!\ 

Kimberly E. Uyeda 

BS KinesioloE^v 

Benjamin V. Valencia Ma Lourdes A.Valencia Victoria L. Valentine Angelica I. Valenzuela 

BS Math Appid Sci BA Economics BA EnglislVBus Admin BA Histor 

Noel B. Vales 

BA Politic ,il Si HMice 

Usette M. Valladares 

BS Mathematics 

Glenn Vallecillos 

BS Biochemistry 

Glenn A. Valois 

BA Psychology 

Richard Van Bibber 

BS Kinesiology 

Deron G. Van Boxtel 

BA Philosophy 


Barbara S. VanEckhout 

BS Bioc hemislry 

Michael D. VanMeter 

BA Political Science 

Jane H. Vargas 

BA Sociology 

Rebecca L. Vargas Jason Varner 

BA Political Science BA History BS Chemistry 

Roselie M. Vasquez 

n \ rr.Mif i-i 

Jovan Vavic 

BA History 

Claudia A. Vega 

BS Biology 

Vivian M. Velasquez 

BS Biol 

Davita L. Venable 

BA History 

Jesus S. Verde 

BA English 

Gena J. Villalobos 

BA History 

Geraldine P. Villegas 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 


Cynthia Victorin 

BA Siology 

Rick A. Viczorek 

BA Political Science 

Alejandro Vidal 

BS Ap Math/BA Span Lit 

Beatriz Villagra 

BA Psychology 

Veronica Villalobos 

BA Spanish Literature 

Ruth Villaneda 

BA Psycho 

Manuel L. Villanueva 

BA Political Science 

Geredith G. Villaver 

BA Poll Sci/lntI Rel 

Rodney J. Viloria 

BA Sociology 

Denise Vindiola 

BA Comm Stds 

Tammy M. Vinograd 

BA Psychology 

Silvia Viramontes 

BA Sociology 

igail Vitug 

BA Economics 

Duy Linh V. Vo 


Duydang Vo 

BS Comp Sci & En^ 

Michael Vogel 

BA English 

Jennifer ). Vogt 

BS Aerospace Enf 

iia N. Vonderscher 

Sandra A. Waddy 

BS Kinesiology 

Staci M. Walker 

BA English 

Lisa R. Vonderscher 

BA English 

Karilyn B. Voss 

BA Sociology 

Sarah J. Vyden 

BA Art Historv 

Joel B. Wacknov 

BS Electrical Engineering 

Matthew L. Wagner 

BA Theater 

Dara C. Wainwright 

BA Psychology 

Kent D. Wakeford 

BA History 

Andrew L. Walton Kit M. Wan Amy C. Wang 

BA Development Studies BA Economics/Business BA Economics 

Eric S. Wang 

BA Econ BA Sociology 

Karen L. Wang 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Richard C. Wang 

BS Biology 

Kelly E. Walker 

BA Psychology 

Elizabeth C. Wang 

BA Economics/Business 

Sandy C. Wang Yun-Feng Wang 

BA Psych/Bus Admin BS Electrical Engineering 


Siriruch Wansom 

BA Economics 

Melissa R. Ward 

BA English 

Kimberly A. Warren 

BA Psychology 

Alisa A. Waste 

BA Psychology 

Kirk T. Watanabe 

BA English 

Lori A. Watanabe 

BA Psychology 


John J. Watrous 

BS Math Apple! Sc 

Merci L. Watson 

BS Kinesiology 

Traci A. Waxman 

BA English 

Matthew D. Webb 

BA Economics 

Jennifer L. Webster 

BA Anthropology 

Heesun Wee 

BA English 

Pamela A. Weeks 

BA Political Science 

Marjory M. Weese 

BA Music 

Courtney C. Wei 

BA Economics 

Gina Wei 

BS Biochemistry 

Shao-Wen Wei 

BS Mathmatics/Physics 

Janna L. Weimer 

BA English 

Elizabeth A. Weiner 

BA Comm SttK 

Lisa D. Weingarten 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Amy S. Weinper 

BA Psychology 

Kim C. Weisbarth 

BA Comm Stcis 

Ailyson B. Weisberg 

BA Comm Stds 

Monica A. Weisz 

BA Economics 

Christa M. Welch 

BA History 


Eike Werner 

BA Psych/Bus Admin 

Tricia L. Westhoff 

BS Psychobiology 

Shannon P. Westphal 

BA English 

Sarah J. Whang 

BS Kinesiology 

Cara B. Wharton 

BA Dance 

Kate Whitmore 

B\ History 

Jennifer Whittington 

BA Sociology 

Aruni N. Wijesinghe 

BA English 

Oliver C.Will 

BA Economics/Business 

Corina Y. Williams 

BA Psychology 

Eve-Marie Williams 

BS Mathematics 

Holly B. Williams 

BA Sociology 

Nancy R. Williams 

BA History 

Stephen P. Williams 

BA Comm Stcis 

Julie L. Williamson 

BA Political Science 

Vincent A. Willyard 

BA Economics/Business 

Denise E. Wilson 

BA Film 

Gina B. Wilson-Ramirez 

BA Spanish 

Heidi L. Winer 

BA Psychology 

Amy ). Wipf 

BA Social Anthropology 

Melissa L. Wirin 

BS Biology 

Stacy L. Wise 

BA Comm Stds 

Justine L. Witt 

BA Political Science 

Heather C. Wolf 

BA SocKjIogy 

Kate Wolf 

BA History 


Young J. Won 

BA Sociology 

Adam Wong 

BA Economics 

Aimee Wong 

BA Psychology/History 

Alice N. Wong 

BA Economics 

Allison L. Wong 

BS Nursing 

Amy M. Wong 

BS Math of Comp 

Bonnie Z. Wong 

B'^ Chemistry 

Clara Wong 

BA History/Bus Admin 

Debra S. Wong 

BA Econ/Bus 

Jane S. Wong 

BA Psychology 

Karina L. Wong Leilani C. Wong 

BA Economics/Business BS Kines/Bus Admin 

Lena W. Wong 

BA Psychology 

Stuart Wong Vivian W. Wong 

BA Political Science BA Economics/Business 

BS Biochem BA Econ 

Kenneth R. Woo 

BS Biology 

Wai Kin Woo 

BA Economics/Business 

Frank J. Wood 

BS Comp Sci & Eng 

Walter S. Wood 

BS Biology 

Charisse E. Woods 

BA History 


John S. Woodward Jr 

BS Kinesiology 

Kristina Woodworth 

BS Psychology 

Matthew J. Wooldridge 

BA Political Science 

Fitsum Worrede 

BS Applied Math 

Forrest S. Wright 

5A Communications 

Annie Wu 

BA Co mm Stds 

Ben B. Wu 

BS Electrical Engineering 

Natalie A Wyer 

BA Psychology 

Rose Anne Yagar 

BA Sociology 

Karen T. Yamabe 

BA Psychology 

Garrett T. Yanai 

BA Political Science 

Kar-Fai M. Yau 

BS Mechanical Eng 

Janet I. Yi 

BA Psychology 

Dana A. Yamaguchi 

BS Mathematics 

Takako T. Yamamoto 

BA History 

Jodi S. Yamamura 

BA Political Science 

John Yang 

BS Biology 

Tomoyuki Yano 

BA Economics 

Ruth Yap 

BS Psychobiology 

Esperanza Yeep 

BA Sociology 

Denist" L. Yeoh 

BA Music 

Sylvia L. Yepez 

BA Socicilogy 

Jun D. Yi 

BA IntI Economics 

Michael C. Yim 

BA Economics/Business 

Susie Ying 

BA Econ/Bus 

Donna Yamini 

BA Poll Sci/English 

Lisa M. Yaros 

BA Economics 

Deborah Yeung 

BA Econ/Bus 

Douglas S. Yip 

BA Poll Sci/History 


Kariann A. Yokota 

BA Hist/Asian Am Stds 



Travis N. Yokota 

BA Sociology 



Hanie Yoon 

BA Political Science 

Hca-Jin Yoon 

BS Biol^ 

James S. Yoon 

BS Psychobiok 

Seon K. Yoon 

BA Political Science 

Angela Y. Yoshida 

BA Psychology 

Julie S. Yoshida 

BA Psychology 

Audra M. Yoshimura 

BS kiiif'-ioloc 

David L. Young 

BA Political Science 

Joumana M. Youssef 

BA Sociology/Bus Admin 

Alan Yu 

BA Political Science 

Annie S. Yu 

BA Economics 

Christina Yu 

BA English 

Hyunah Yu 

BA Economics/Business 

Stephanie K. Yu 

BS Kinesiology 

Victoria Yu 

BA Comm Stds 

Carleen S. Yuen 

BA Economics/lntI Stds 

Johnnie Yuen 

BS Chemical Ent 

Masayuki Yuki 

BS Biology 

Song K. Yun 

BS Physics 

Sung Chul Yun 

BA Economics/Bus 


Emily Yut 

BA Psychology 

Alice N. Zaies 

BA Political Science 

Ronald A. Zamora 

BSMech Eng/BA Poll Sci 

Todd G. Zerger 

BA Design 

Tija Zamparelli 

J. Antonio Zavala 

BA History 

Silvia M. Zayas 

BA Psychology 

Stephen Zhou 

BS Civil Eneineerin 

Diana E. Zschaschel 

BA Psychology 

Suzanne L. Zimmerman 

BA Comm StcU 

AttilaJ. Zink 

B'^ Kine'-ioloev 

Lisa L. Zee 

BA Economics 

Teri Zuniga 

BS Psychobiology 

Carol B. Zwiebach 

BA Psychology 

Ernest A. Zitser 

BA Poll Sci/Russian Stds 


. ^ 


4tu»/K -KOM/, wSi^e^UAt 4V*: -#fvO»vt^ A^ . . . I WA% ^flU}iyai>XAj. 


p jc f 

Peclram Abrari Lailos Aljireu Bohliv Afrooz HLinil)fiU) AgLiik'ia David Ahcloot Anita Akella 

CharissaAlas Francis Alcantara Erin Alexander Michael Allen Gregory Aller Sophia Alvarez 


Charrisse Amor \Kii)(irie Ancia lorge Ancona Amy Anderson Becka Anderson Janie Anderson 

Carmen Anders Claudia Angel Benilda Anzures& Pal Velinda Apolinario Karen Ashton 

Diana Aval a 

Shahrad Aynehchi Ahbra Bailey Christopher Bailey Miriam Bakcht Sameer Bakhda Francoise Baldwin 

Kathleen Baldwin Rachel Baiko Edmond Banayan Sandy Barba William Barber Parastoo Barnajian 


lenniter Barragan Shelley Bartlett Sara Bastomski Bren Batacan 

John Bautista 

Shanti Belasco 

Leeora Berookhim 


na Lisa Biason 





-. " 



Omar Blackmon 


^^n i\ 

' /- 

Ben Becker 

Joshua Biumenkranz Michelle Boehle Wendy Bohannan Sunny Bom 

Jetfrey Boozell Elizabeth Bowman 


Carlotta BLishman Alberto Cabral 

Stephen Bry Gregory Buonaccorsi TonyCalig Rennie Cameron Lauren Canty Angela Carniaek 

TamaraCari Carrots & Parsley Kaleaph Carter Bernadette Castillo Max Castillo Dolores Ceje 


Hyun Chai MarkChamberlin Calvin Chan KimberlyChan Stephanie Chan Wendy Chan 

1 ■ 


Kristen Chandler lennifer Chang 

Shirley Chao 

Jesse Chavez 

Bernard Chen Catherine Chen 

Abigail Choate 

Sung Choi 



Michael Chou 

Peter Chuang 

S. Chuck 

Oliver Clothesott Margaret Cohen Lavender Cooper 


CharmaineCordero Sharon Cordero Vito Corleone Jeneane Crawford lames Cruz Martin Cunningham 

Siamak Daneshmand Dej^an Danserean Le Nghi Dao Stony D'Aquipa Kaymaria Daskarolis Robert David 

Valeria De Fazio Ernesto DeGuzman Cindi Delany 


Dionne DePersia Meli'^sa DeVita 

Sinn Di 


Esther Dirnberger Paul Thang Do 

Karen Edmonson 

Nicole tills 


Stacey Ericsson Martin Esteverena Parisa Farrohi 

Shahram Fatemi 

Laura Fauth 

Christine Fax David Fetterman Marc Fielding 

lulie Flones 

Ruthie Flores & 
Sandy Barba 383 

Diana Garcia 

Laura Garcia 


Victor Gaxiola Ruby Genido Delaram Ghaclishah Bassem Ghalayini 

Afshan Ghial & 
Elham Ezzati 

Burch Gibson 


-*-■ V* 



( )iLiiul(i Cil()\ t'l Monica Goetze Brian Gont 

Daiiell Cjonzales Patrick Gonzales 

Mary Gonzalez Miguel Gonzalez Tina Gotlibowski Evelyn Granados Mike Greenvvalcl Robert Grunclstrom 

Devi Gunawan Erika Gunn Alfonso Gutierrez Miguel Gutierrez Corrie Gyraffer Charles Hahn 

Gretchen Hart man 

ett Hartman 


Allied Hsi 


[■)('( k\' HsUI 

Joseph Hatamiiih lohn I I. >i.lm,in Daniel Helni,in 

fieiirv V 

Heni\ \'l 

leronie Hill 

Siisiin Horn 

Bii'Li Hovvaito 


Celia HsLi 

Liana Hsli 

Nancy Hsli 

ason Huie 


Gary Huyuh Sharon ladarola Carolina llic Daphne Isenberg Todd Izuhara Ramin Javalnery 

K.itfy Karamanoukian bousan Karimi 

Erin Keck 

Amber Keller 

Pete Kelly 

l'.V«^ t 

Michael Kermani Muizz Kherai 

Khoshbakhsh & 

Bruce Kember 

Ann Khossman Sally Khussman Tri^ha Khutz 


linah Kim 

lunc H Kim 

Keith Kim 

Linda Kim 

Peter Kim 

Sehyung Kim 

V - ' / 

Mark Kirljy 

Carol Kiriakos 



Wanetta Knight Michael Ko Jennifer Kobashi Lawrence Kong Choliastos Konstantinos Mark Kramar 

Rory Krieger 

Carol Kvvan 

John kvvon 

Ki Bong La 

Svvati Lad 

Nimisha Ladua 

Nhien Du) 





Andv Lee 

Brian Lee 

Derek Lc 

leanetle Lee 


Kenny Lee 

Michelle Lee & 
Nicole Zaccku 

VVoodrovv Lee Ion LeFebure 


qg I 

h ' '^v 


I Si, 


Daniel Len 

Tudd Lenkowski 



■ ^ ^SflJHIfl 

« *• **■ ' 

■ -^ 


Les leunes Filles Miclielle Lett 




)elirii Lew 

Ci.ivifl Li 

Sandy M. Lin Bruce Linley Karl Hans Linz Parousia Liu 

Malu Llora 




Carl Loccisano Steve Loh Laphowe Louplor Britten Loven 

Alma Loya (Si 
Gina Montoya 

Yvonne Luccy 

Nghiep Ly 

lames A. Lynton 

Debbie Mac Paul-Wayne Mahlow Helen Mallakh Young Manfred 

Amy Martin 

™ ■* ¥^rW^ 


Walter Mauceri 

Susie Maule 


Kevin Mc Daniel Peter McGovern lenniler M( Ciralh Kachel Mt Kagan Farrokh Mehrlxjcl Derek Menclez 




Joel Mendoza Lyclia Mendoza Marie Mendoza Thea Mesina Michael ix Pauline Andrew Midgley 

Diana Milan 

Mel Miranda Sachiko Miyaji Shahrad Mobasser Kathleen Monahan Anndrea Mtjntgomery 

Peter MontSf)mer\' Ini'^o Montova Kravt-n Moorehivid Bridi;et Moss 

lull M()\ Lm Monisha Motwani 



Carlos Munoz Jennifer Murillo 

Denise Nadelle Arjang Nai 

Jose Nava 

Eric Nelson 


locly Ochoa 



letfrey Oh 

Sam ( )h 

Doreeta Neman 






Hliv NeiLiven 

'■■'■ ^D^ 

Bobby Okinaka Linda O'Neill 

Martha Oiozc o Darren Osten 

lacqLie Ough 

Russ Palarea 

Tockl I'am 

Pamela Ng 

Kha NgLiven 

\Ui\ Sunny Nguyen Angela Nieli) 

Albee Ocampo Jaime Ocampo 

Luz Orozco 

Tony Pang 


Tess Paragas Kathia Paez Elizabeth Payne Erin Pensinger 

Janelle Peterson 

)se|jh Pham 


'• ^J 


Linda Pham Carrie Phillips Patty Pinanong 


Mike Pogue Moses Portado Phillip del Pozo 

Gelareh Rahbar Boby Rahimi 


Lance Ralls Brian Ramos Nikki T. Ranglas Navid D. Rashtian Debora Rayhanzadeh Cynthia Rayray 

Mark D. Reimers Petronila Reyes 

Lauren Rhee 

lose Rincon 

Christophei Ronclholz lanna Rose 

Christy Rcjthermel Adam Rubenstein 

lami Rudofsky 

Jenni Russell 







W '^ ^"^i 


lenniter Sachs Hussein Saddique JeanineSaengpradap Parsa Sara 

SeoltSahlman Raymond Sakai ludith Sanchez M. X'eronika Sanclor Robert Santiago Teddy Santui- 




V - 

T ■ 





Renee Santibanes Cathie Sarayudej lohn Sarkissian Zoe Sariego Randy Sasaki Kerry Saukkola 

David Scarpero Sofia Scliimmeltennig lenniler Schneider M.C. Search Amv Seaver PaLiI SeetachitI 

Linda Sekigahama Douglas Sept Se|)t lV Parisa Farroli Noosha Shaheedy Mousa Shamonki Mi( haol Shdolsky 

lay Shimamoto 

Andra Shimozaki 




s Smith 




' ^ 

Paula M. Smith 

■ A AM 


Laurie Smith Anitha Smithe Becka Smitherson Nicole Smithly MicheleSnel 

Marti Snider 


Kineda Stix Damit'n P. StoLirz 

Le Cia Ta 

Kristyl Sunclerman Psycho Sunny 


Patricia Taggart Payam Taghizadeh Bradley )olnn Taliajian Tracy Takahashi Seigo Takayoshi 

William Valdez RoselieVasquez 


( I I I ■ L' ' . , i I I ^ t 1 1 ! 

\\\kv \'ekst^lman l\in( ho V'llLi 

Tail h,i Vincent 

kunwiii Vir 

l\cii ilyn Voss 

Onun G. Walker " 

Sherman Wan 


1 \ \ J M '^ 





lulie Webster 

Cara Wharton 


Talori White William L. While Ji. Bud Whitehalls Greg Wickersham Michael Willinle Antoine Wilson 


1 t 

I I 

^ j^ 



Lt)tay N ling 

Dave Wilson Allison VVohlliel Bonnie Z. Wong Caveni Wong Darcey L. Wong Michelle Wong 

Vivian Wong Michael Woods 

Alisa \\ \,iii Nathaniel Wvckott 

Ml. 'X 

Mildred \yz\( k Heidi Yadegar )odi YamaniLira 

Solomon Yan'4 Hi'iiiA ^ anestfi ksle VaihroLitih 

Edwin VaLi 



Nanc V Yen 

Jay Yerkes RosemarieYonuvanich Keyvan Yousef 


^J - 


Maria ^'ee 

|c)hnnie Yuen 

Murshed Zaheed Hubert Zecha OvurZealous Patrick H. Zhang Leslie R. Zigman Wil Zuniga 







B^-a^ ''Mi 




1 J r^ ' •»%/ 


9tt ■PT ''* 

- ' l^P^ 



^- , 

lifr' ■ . :^ ^ 



















12 3 4 TOTAL 

UCLfl 10 7 7 
use 7 7 7 






















Silly, you may think iiic 

But I cannot help but smile at you. 

Xot that you^ hare clone something funny 

Even though you can always amuse me. 

Not that you hare tickled me 

Eren though you can always find a ticklish sfxjt. 

To think about you 

Is the greatest Joy: 

If! can only hold you 

For a shoU time each day 

TIjen that will Ix the most special time of my clay. 

And we will cherish it until 

Then next time we hold each other. 

I woiuler if you erer thought 
About how we fell in lore- 
It was quick, shaip. and magical 
As love is supposed to he. 
But how is it that we fell in love 
From such a brief beginning-' 
Was it my sense of humor 
That made you laugh in class? 
Was it the flower I brought you 
With a poem to tell you how .special you were? 
Was it just that I listoied to you 
As no one else could? 
Was it my strong arm 
To hold your hand, or push back ihc croncT-' 

Christine. I lore you 

As I have never loved any woman before. 

As you fill my thoughts with joy. 

You Jill my heaii with [xtssion, 

.\nd my body with desire. 

I can think of no one else I ucinl to be wilh 

For the rest (J' my life. 

Everything I ever ucinted in a soulmatc I have 

found in you: 
You make me happy. 
You make me feel safe. 
)(>u Duike mcjeel needed. 
)'ou nwike Die want to protect you 
.And fiilj'ill your eveiy wish. 
I can be myself with you. 
.-\nd uitb you. all my fears are gone. 
.-Ml my life I bai e Ix-en looking for the ivoman <f 

my dreanis. 
And noiv I have f)uncl Ix'r in you. 
To marry you is J'or now only a dream 
But. long ago. meeting you was a drecnu. too. 
Christine, je t'aime. 
.-ind f know you lore me. too. 
I Just wanted you to know how I feel 
Because... well. Just because I love you. 

Tu es mon amour. 

Forever yours. 


Though the writing in this 
book is brief, it took the 
t'ttbrt of four ven,' talented 
vv(jmen; Charmaine, 
lennifer, Annie, and 
)enn. All of you wrote 
some incredible articles, 
and I hope it will bring 
back memories in the 
years to come. Thank 
you for ever\'thing. 
Kara and less: Thank 
you for pushing me to do 
my best work yet. I'll 
always remember the 
night of pizza. 
To Chris: Not only are 
you my love, but you are 
a great writing and 
editing partner. Thanks 
for getting me off my butt 
and down to work. I 
cannot wait to start our 
life together. 
To Mom and Dad: I 
know I've been hard 
work for you, but I hope I 
can make something of 
myself, and make you 
proud. I love you both 
ver>' much. Thank you 
tor my life. 

Joseph Ochoa 

Bachelor of Arts 

Political Science 

Class of 1992 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your love and support through the hard times, 

we finally made it. I love you both. 

Thanks to Tony for being my model and inspiration. You pushed me to be the 

best. Thank you. 

Thank you Andrea for loving me and supporting me for the last two years. I look 

forward to our next 1 00. I love you. 

Good luck Pi Sigma Alpha. We've laid the goundwork. It's now time to take 


Thanks SAA Senior Class Cabinet for all the good times. 

Thanks Tess. Good luck! You will be a damn good lawyer. 

Thank you UCLA for helping me to grow into the person I've always wanted 

to be. 

To all of you, I promise to always try my best to live up to the high standards 

that I have set. If we follow our hearts we can never fail. 



Congratulations Richard! 




JUNE 14, 1992 

With ail our love and God's Blessing. 


a big world out there 

- find your spot in 

life and 

"go for the top". 


Mom and Pop 

"Life is a dance, youjust nave to learn the steps." 
When you're ready to dance, you're ready to 

From your Baltimore Family- 
Uncle Art, Aunt Marlene, Dan, and Mike 

Congratulations on your graduation from UCLAI You did it! We are always so very proud of you, 
but never more than we are today. You now have the keys to achieve success. You have worked 
hard, and you have reached your first goal in life. The world is waiting for you and your enthusiasm, 
your knowledge, your sense of humor, your creativeness, and most of 
all, your caring. Don't be afraid to try new things. Live your life to the ^^^ 
fullest! We have every confidence in you and we know that you are |p 
already a winner! 

We love you and 
you and your future, 
wherever it takes yoi 
best in a world 
that IS waiting 
for you! 

We love 
you with all of 
our hearts. 
We thank you 
for being 
special. God 
Bless you, 
keep you, and 
guide you all 
of the days of 
your life. 

Love and Best 

Wishes for a 



Mom and Dad 


Hedrick Hall 





RM 352 

RM 752 


Specific incident : GRADUATING'. 

Take care, best wishes, good luck! 

report submitted by: Don and Dennis 


Thank you for not only being the 
greatest roomies I could ever ask for, 
but also for being the best of friends. 
The stressing, crying, and whining have 
been worthwhile because they have 
brought us closer together, along with 
the sniiles and laughter. I love you all. 

Forever Friends, 



You are a wonderful 
daughter, and I am very 
proud of you. 

R.N. and B.S. - YES !!!! 

"Cramps" is surely 
smiling down on your 


MOM (alias "Rocker") 


Dream Deferred 

by Langston Hughes 

What happens to a dream deferred? 

Does it dry up 

Like a raisin in the sun? 

Or fester like a sore — 

And then run? 

Does it stink like rotten meat? 

Or crust and sugar over — 

Like a syrupy sweet? 

Maybe it just sags 

Like a heavy load 




lutes of "fame." 



Here's your 3 mir 

Yeu-shan: May you never change in your sunny 
disposition. I am positive Darrin meant to say hi to 
YOU. You have my permission to kick yourself. You 
are a "kindred spirit" after all. 

Jenny Chen: Have a happy marriage with Rick and may 
you two have a lot of happy babies. You were my first 
"best UCLA friend" and I will never forget that. 
Jane: You freshman! I know the Lord will guide you in 
your times of fustrations with your parents. They'll see 
the light. 

CONGRATULATIONS, Tess and Kara for putting out 
a most excellent yearbook. I can't believe that you 
guys made every single deadline! Terence should be 
proud. I am. 

To the Crown House family and friends: Good luck 

and see ya around! 

From the one and only: Jenny Lin 

Congratulations Phil, 

You've finally graduated, and on the road to life, love, 
success and lots of $$. Although you may be leaving 
behind your friends, remember to keep with you all the 
memories. I want to wish you all the best in law school, in 
achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Philip Lo, 
I love you! 

Forever yours, 


Thanks for all the memories 
and a great introduction to 
UCLA that first writer's 
meeting, Willy's, Lake 
Tahoe. Phantom, "our" table 
at the C. Factory, aerobics. 
ACA, SIBS. "Beauty and 
the Beast," Sm Cafe, 
Improv, thanx to Amily, the 
Promenade. Bonaventure, 
and of course basketball. 


Congratulations, Taunya J. Smith 

Congratulations to Taunya, my one and 
only beautiful daughter. Graduation is 
memory time- (reflections from the past)- 
ril always cherish the memories of your 
inspiration as you excitingly conquered 
endeavors that have brought you contin- 
ued success over the years. You always 
knew what your talents were as you 
continued to set goals for yourself- and 
you were never afraid of working too hard 
to reach those goals. You have been only 
joy, love, and a source of inspiration to 
me. I am so very proud of you as you 
accomplish the new endeavor of gradua- 
tion from UCLA. Always remember that 
your accomplishments of tomorrow are 
made possible by your achievements of 
today. Just trust in God and know that He 
will always keep you within His care 
every moment- everywhere. 

Love, Mom 



r - y 

With a little help from my friends . . 

As Albert Camus said: 
Don't walk behind me, 1 may not lead. 
Don't walk before me, I may not fol- 
low. Just walk beside me, and be my 
friend. Through thick and thin you've 
been there for me. Thank you for the 
wonderful memories. Hove you guys. 

With a little help from my 
family. . . 

1 thank you from the bottom 
of my heart. Although you 
wanted me closer to home, 
you allowed me to spread my 
wings. You gave me the 
chance to grow and develop 
my mind. You gave me the 
best gift you could ever give 
me: an education ! 

I love you Mom, Dad, Rose, 
Gen, and Beni. 

^^^^B^^^^^^^B. .^^^^H^^^^ 


^^E| "^^ '^^^L. ^1^ '^ ^^^^1^ 



Well, Robert, we did it. No more Store 
Ops parties, no more walking into 
Westwood to see a movie. As you said 
"another chapter in our lives has come 
to an end." As we begin a new chap- 
ter, 1 hope that we keep in touch and 
stay friends. 

1 also want to thank GOD for always 
being there for me, even through the 
tough times when nothing seemed to 
go right. 

Teri Z. 












Con estas palabras, deceamos dedicar nuestros recuerdos y carinos a todos los que tuvieron parte 
en nuestra experiencia escolar. Primeramente, damos las gracias a nuestros padres que durante los 
anos nos demostraron apoyo, carl no, feysobre todopaciencia. Es imposible creerque hubieramos 
llegado a esta epoca de nuestras vidas sin ustedes. Faltan palabras para exprear el amor y el orgullo 
que senitmos al saber que tenemos padres como usteds. 

Tambien agradecemos a nuestras amistades que siempre tomaron uninteres en nuestros estudios 
y estuvieron disponibles a ayudarnos en cualquier manera. Las amistades que engendramos en el 
colegio, son amistades para toda la vida. 

Sobre todo, le damos gracias a Dios por habernos dado la fuerza y determiacion para poder lograr 
nuestras metas. 








exciting assignments 
for imaginative people 

Sandia National Laboratories has career opportunities for 
outstanding BS, MS or PhD candidates in engineering and the 
physical sciences; BBAs. MBAs or Master's in Accounting, 
Management Information Systems, Instructional Technology, 
Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resource Development; 
and Associate and Bachelor-level technicians in EET, MET, 
and Drafting from major universities or ABET-approved 
technical institute programs. 

One of the nation's largest multi-program laboratories, 
Sandia is engaged in research and development, addressing 
important national security issues with emphasis on nuclear 
weaponization, advanced energy systems and related tech- 
nologies. Challenging assignments exist in such areas as the 
application of intense ion beams to inertial confinement 
fusion; use of lasers and other analytical tools to improve 
understanding of the combustion process; and development of 
special silicon and hybrid microcircuits for defense and 
energy programs. Supporting this work is a full complement 
of modem laboratory equipment and facilities, a large central 
network of mainline computers, including several CRAY-IS 
systems and CRAY-X/MP together with a large number of 
smaller distributed systems of the VAX 1 1/780 class. 

The Lab's principal locations - Albuquerque, New 
Mexico and Livermore, California - offer a complete range of 
cultural and recreational activities combined with the informal 
living style of the west. Sandia's benefit package includes 
paid health care, life insurance, retirement and 24 days paid 
vacation. US citizenship is required . 

Qualified candidates should write to: 

Staff Recruiting & Employment Division 3531-53 

Sandia National Laboratories 

PO Box 5800 

Albuquerque, NM 87185 


Personnel Division 8522-1 13 

Sandia National Laboratories 

PO Box 969 

Livermore. CA 94551 

Sandia National Laboratories 


BEVERLY HOSPITAL offers you the opportunity of 
continuGd professional development and professional 
harmony. We are a 212-bed nonprofit general acute care 
medical facility incorporated in 1949, fully accredited by 
JCAH. Some of the communities we serve are Montebello, 
Pico Rivera, East Los Angeles, Rosmead, South San 
Gabriel, Monterey Park, El Monte and Whittier. 

With a Medical Staff of over 300 physicians, representing 
all specialties and an employee staff of over 1000, Beverly 
Hospital offers most medical professionals an excellent 
place to start and an even better place to stay. 

Beverly Hospital is a Paramedic Base Station and has a 
new - state of the art-Maternal-Child Health Center. 

To learn more, have a tour, discuss employment, or 
membership on our Medical or Dental Staff, contact: 


Employment Coordinator 



309 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640 

There's more to 
life than play. 

oh. sure Hoag nurse.s love working just two minute.s 
away From the ocean. But they .spend more time at the 
h()spit,il than they do on the beach, .so it'.s important for 
them to feel good about their work. too. 

Nursing i.s changing and Hoag nurses are keeping up 
with thing.s like collaborative practice and work redesign. 
Even if Hoag didn't have beautiful ocean views, it would 
still be a great place to .start your nursing career. 

To learn about Hoag's nursing career opportunities, 
call 1-8()0-22H-HOAG, or .send your resume to Diane 
Griffiths, RN, Nurse Recruiter, 301 Newport Blvd., Newport 
Beach, CA 92658-8912. EOE. 



Good Vfeik. Good Sam. 

Vk' nuisicthc i)iim)r. theckincc. For most (ffBetvr/y's 45 yecay. clci>ici>i^ has been her {xissioii and 

hcri>ift Hiv)itunlly. dkoholisni mhlx'ii her (if Iwr health ami the ahilitr to eii/oy that gift. Rapidly 

deteriorating, Beverly iras admitted to GckkI 
Sam ii'ith sewre Glijleeding, followed c/nickly 
hy multisystem failure. 

A hattety of sophisticated pnKeduws was 
administered, including intubation and 
tracheost(miy. inrasire li>ies. intra-cnuiial 
pressure mo>utori>ig. and thn>mlx)lytic adminis- 
tration. Good Sam s multidisciplinan^ team 
appir>ach included psychosocial stippoH for lx>th 
patie)it and family. After several weeks, and 
against staggering odds. Beietiy's condition 
improied to thefK>i)it that a stn»ig deteiDiina- 
tion to regain her health lxga>i to emerge. 
Today. Beverly thanks GckxI Sam fi>r the chance 

to dance once again, and uses her gift to teach otheis. 

Tlje overall acuity of patients at GcK>d Sam makes the multidiscipluiaiy appmach to patient care 

essential It's also one of the reasons that }!uisi)!g at Good Sam is niore challenguig...more intense... 

more demanding. But aroi't the rewards ivo)1h iti' Just ask Beverly. 

Tlie Advantages of Beginning Your Nursing Career at Good Sam. 

Decades of technological "firsts" and competent, compassionate care ha\e made The Hospital of the 
Good Samaritan one ot the taily outstanding non-profit acute care medical, teaching and research 
centers serving Los Angeles and the natie^n. Today, Good Sam is strategically poised in the balance 
between human compassion and advanced technology. 

We have the busiest open heart program in the western Li.S. We have more than tiiple the 
number of critical care beds than other Southern California instiaitions. Our Institute for Reproductive 
Research has tv. ice made history for Caiifomias first test ailoe bab\- and the v\orld's first birth from a 
frozen embrv'o. lliese are just a few examples of a leading-edge combination w hich creates the ideal 
nursing career env ironment. 

So when we say •■G(X)d Work. Good Sam.", we mean there's no better place for you to practice 
exceptional nursing and develop your career potential. Tliat's because we have more of what good 
nurses want, inckiding: • Challenging, high-acuity cases • A decentralized staicaire with a high 
level ot autonomy for nursing .staff • Significant advancement opporainities • Higher .starting .salaries 
• 12-hour sliifts in most areas • Flexible, comprehensive benefits • On-site child care center • Easy 
access from downtown freew ays. 

NX'ould vou like to become part of such a dynamic environment'' Call Iris Waskow, Director - 
Recruitment & Retention at (800)336-8338, or drop by and fill out an application at 6X6 
South Witmer St., Los Angeles, CA 90017-2395- Etjual Opportvinit)' l-;mplo>er. 

A Smarter Way To Practice. 

The Hospital of the 



One hand can accomplish much. 

Many hands can accomplish 


When human hands cooperate they 
can mend wounds, cure disease, and 
even prolong human life. 

What makes this healing pro- 
cess possible is an environment 
which encourages complete 
cooperation, which helps our 
team become much more than 
the sum of its parts. 

Come to CIGNA Heakhplan 
of California, one of the largest 
Managed Health Care Organizations in the 
nation, and combine your skills with ours. With your help, 
there's no telling what we can accomplish. 

We are recruiting for these positions: 

• Financial Analysts/Accountants • Nurses 

• Member Services Representatives • Marketing Reps 

Please send your resume .and cover letter, indicating 
your area of interest, to: CIGNA Heakhplan of California, 
505 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 600, Glendale, CA 91203. Equal 
Opportunity Employer. 

CIGNA Healthplan 

Team with results."' 


1...N An|;tkv(.A-l'h.Knix. A/- IVcMin, A/' Djiljv TX • Mousr.m. TX • OrUnU.p. H • limpa. H. 

YOU Will face 
unique challenges as 
an FBI Spedal Agent 

Significant work breeds special satisfaction 

The FBI is looking tor qualified men and women to serve as Special 
Agents Applicants must be US citizens, available for assignment any- 
where in the United States, between the ages of 23 and 37, and in excel- 
lent physical condition allowing the use of fireamis and defensive tactics 

Other qualifications also exist The five entry programs to qualify for 
Special Agent consideration are: 

■ DIVERSIFIED - A BS or BA degree plus three years' full-time work 
experience or an advanced degree plus two years' full-time 

work experience 

■ LAW - A JD degree from an accredited, resident law school 

■ ACCOUNTING - A BS degree wilfi a major in accounting You must 
fiave passed the uniform CPA exam or provide certification you 
are academically eligible to sit for ttie CPA exam 

■ LANGUAGE - A BS or BA degree plus proficiency in a language for 
which the Bureau has a need, pariculariy Spanish, Russian, 
Chinese and other European and Asian languages 

■ ENGINEERING/SCIENCE - A variety o( BS degrees are acceptable 

Entry level salary is $29,511 After training. Special Agents earn 
$36,888 and can advance to $74,000 in three years Supervisory Special 
Agents earn more 

If you are interested in being parX of the dosG-knit group that sets 
the world standard for innovation in law enforcement, contact the 
Recruitment Department, FBI, 11000 Wilshire Blvd , LA, CA 90024 


me FBI IS an Eaual Opportunttv Afflrmanve Actton Empiov^ 



Your best choice 

for a reivarding career. 

Make the right first choice in your health care career by considering Daniel 
Freeman Hospitals. We offer two great locations in centrally located Inglewood 
or beautiful Marina del Rey. And you'll grou/ and advance in your career through 
your participation in our excellent educational programs and a friendly 
supportive environment. 

Daniel Freeman has ongoing career opportunities for RNs and LVNs in 
Med/Surg, Critical Care, Oncology. Rehabilitation, Telemetry and Home 
Health. We are also seeking Allied Health professionals for Rehabilitation, 
Radiology. Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy. Physical Therapy. Occupational 
Therapy. Laboratory and Medical Technology. 

Start your career out right with a hospital that recognizes your abilities and offers 
upward mobility. For more information, please write: Human Resources/ Nurse 
Recruitment. 601 Grace Avenue. Inglewood, CA 90301. 

yourself with 
today s most 

career options. 



Soulhern Calitornia 

Kaiser Permanente Southern Califomia',', ten 
medical centers and mental health facility are 
all unique. Yet they share many qualities. 

• lixtensive resources 

• Varied specialty areas 

• Shared governance structures 

• Kxpunsion which supports career 
growth opportunities 

• Stable environments that encourage 
creativity and risk-taking 

Whether you're interested in managing the 
future of health care, or contnbuting as a 
staff nurse, you'll benefit from: 

• Individualized orientation for new 

• A full range of care environments 
and practice delivery models 

• Di\erse clinical training progi^ms 

• A progressive management philosophy 

• Emphasis on mentoring 

And enj( )y such benefits as: 

• Tuition reimbursement 

• Forgivable educational loan program 

• Up to five paid education days (if per year 

• 100% health care C(iver;ige for you 
and your eligible family members 

Make your career goals materialize now. 
Call our opportunity hotline or speak to 
a Regional Nurse Recruiter directly at 
800-421-0086 Or, fax your resume 
to 818-564-3550, or .send it in confi- 
dence to: Regional RN Recruit- 
ment/ Retention, I)I06, 393 
E. Walnut Street, 7th Floor, 
Pasadena, CA 91 188-8701. 
Equal Opportunity/ Affir- 
mative Aaion 

Sponsored By The Sisters of St. Joseph ofCarondelet 

Enjoy an active lifestyle* 

They lead challenging professional lives and enjoy diverse recreational activities afforded by 
our academic setting and the climate and lifestyles in San Diego. 

Meet Rudy Bauer, R.N., BSN, an administrative nurse in the Department of Urology. His fascination 
with situations which demand adaptation and/or individual effort is evidenced in his choices for 
leisure-time activities. Rudy's daily responsibilities in managing the Urology Suite are balanced by a 
rigorous and varied range of outdoor recreational endeavors. He finds relaxation and personal 
satisfaction in the challenge of new experiences. San Diego County with its year-round temperate 
climate and its topography, ranging from mountains to desert to seashore, provides an endless setting 
for his favorite activities which include ocean kayaking, bicycling, spelunking and skydiving. "All is 
accomplished through effort and desire." 

If you seek an active lifestyle, and the advantages offered by UCSD and San Diego and would 
like to work alongside nurses like Rudy 


For further information, please call the NURSE RECRUITER at (800) 288-8698 or write 
UCSD Medical Center, 225 Dickinson St., H-692, San Diego, CA 92103-1990. AA/EOE 






Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is a full service acute care teaching hospital with 197 beds. We have all 
the innovative technology one expects from a modern hospital. But because we're small, we provide our 
patients with calm, homelike surroundings. We like to think we're a perfect blend of sensitivity and 
sophistication. We urge you to explore your best-fit nursing opportunities and join us at Pacific. 

Our primary concern is for patients' best interests as we practice up-to-date nursing with a personal touch. In 
fact, our nursing staff appreciates being on a first name basis with just about everyone who works here. 

At Pacific Hospital you'll also find an environment in which all staff members are encouraged to take an active 
role in defining key patient care issues. 

Pacific Hospital Offers: 

Competitive pay; Comprehensive benefits 
Friendly, enjoyable working environment 

' Clinical Ladder Program 

' Weekend premium; Premium for non- 
scheduled shifts 

Flexible scheduling 

Excellent Continuing Education Program 
Competitive Per Diem pay rates with option to 
purchase insurance benefits 

Contact Pacific Hospital for your best-fit nursing career opportunity! 
Call (310) 595-1911, Ext. 307 or 310 or forward your resume to Laurie Harris, R.N. 

P H 



2776 Pacific Avenue 
Long Beach, CA 90806 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Development is more than a word... 

It is a commitment by Carnation Company to .strengthen the abilities of its marketing professionals to 
manage a profit-and-results oriented business. 

Since 1899. Carnation Company hi\s distilled its experience into a basic formula for developing quality 
products and getting them into the hands of consumers. This formula includes hiring the right people, 
training them well and quickly, providing them with a stimulating environment, and giving them the 
support they need to get the job done. 

As a Carnation marketing manager you are expected to be more than just a promotion, advertising and 
merchandising specialist. You must learn, and effectively apply, the full scope of management skills 
necessary for achieving the bottom line objectives of your brand. Our marketing professionals are decision 
makers, active participants in all corporate functions involving their brands— from logistics to purchasing 
to research to legal to accounting— the entire gamut. 

When you join Carnation, you don't do so as a member of a marketing "class." Based on your 
qualifications, a training program is tailored to provide you with the specific exposure and experience 
necessary for your marketing management success. 

If exciting prospects for growth in a stable industry are what you are looking for, get in touch with us. 

See your college placement office for our campus visitation schedule 

or write to: Recruiting Manager 

Human Resources 
Carnation Company 
800 N. Brand Blvd. 
Glendale, CA91203 


Good: jch" ^e 


No matter how we say it, you're to be congratulated. 


Bank of America 

© BankAmerica Coiporation Bank of America NT&SA • Member FDIC 

Calling All Smart, Dedicated, Kind, Caring, Professional Nurses. 

St Mary Medical Center U a full-service, 556-bed, JCAHO-accredited 
hospital affiliated with the UCLA School of Medicine; a trauma center; 
and a pediatric critical care center. St Mary's was founded in 1923 and 
is owned by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, based in 
Houston. Our mission is to provide comprehensive patient care with 
patience, understanding, compassion and skill 

Outstanding Facilities 

A fully implemented clinical ladder allows for personal and professional 
advancement. Decentralized management allows independent 
decisions at the etas' level Nursing care departments include: 

• A 24-hour emergency department • ICU • Telemetry • Hemodialysis 

• NICU • Pediatrics • PICU • A perinatal unit with eight LDPs 

• Mother/baby nursing • Physical rehabilitation • A 24-hour OR 

• Short- stay care center • Surgical/orthopedics • Oncology/endocrine and 
respiratory/immunosuppressed • Other specialties indude a home health 
agency, a hospice program, a low-vision center and a skilled nursing unit. 

Stimulating Professional Climate 

Nursing education at St Mary Medical Center is both comprehensive and 
relevant, to meet the needs of today's professionals. General hospital 
orientation is followed by an individually designed orientation in a specialty 
area. Our critical care internship program for ICU/CCU and telemetry has 
rapidly gained recognition as one of the most effective of its kind. Other 
internships include OR, Emergency nursing, L&D, Peds/PIU and NICU. 

• AfBliations with the local ADN and BSN nursing programs 

• Graduate nursing programs • Pull scholarship awards 

• On-site bachelor's degree in health science or a master's in health 
care administration through Chapman College 

• Free BRN-approved nursing seminars and home study modules 

• Staff" development activities, and tuition reimbursement 

Excellent Benefits 

• The clinical ladder concept allows RNs to receive a salary and clinical 
assignment based on clinical experience and education. 

• Career ladder RNs earn from $32,700 to $62,000 annually. 

• Competitive shift differentials and a generous night-shift incentive. 

• Paid leave is a system that provides paid time off for vacations, 
hoUdays and occasional illness. 

• Flexible benefits program - options include health, dental and life 
insursince, long - and short-term disability coverage. 

• Tuition reimbursement, credit union, pharmacy discounts and 
daycare for mildly ill children are available. 

• On-site day-care will be available in spring 1992. 

Special Features 

St Mary Medical Center is close to cultural centers, exciting shopping 
and recreational areas, the Pacific Ocean, mountain resorts, desert spas 
and Mexico. Nurses can work fuU-or part-time schedules with no shift 
rotations. Float and per diem positions are also available. Ten - or 12- 
hour shifts are available in selected areas. 

For more information about our outstanding nursing opportunities 
please contact our nursing employment office at (800) 487-3244 or 
(310) 491-9995 or send your resume to 1050 Linden Ave., Long 
Beach, CA 90813. Attention: Alaine Gluck R.N. - Nursing 
Director of Recruitment & Retention. 

JIWIJ St. Mary Medical Center 

1050 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 

^ ^ 



The men and women who make up the health care team at 
Long Beach Memorial are united in their commitment to 
maintain the highest clinical standards in health care. These 
"Colleagues in Caring" benefit from a multitude of career oppor- 
tunities which allow each individual greater opportunity to achieve 
their professional and personal goals in such disciplines as: 

• Nursing • Respiratory Therapy 

• Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy 

• Pharmacy • Clinical Laboratory 

• Radiologic Services 

If you are a licensed professional or a New Crad and would like more 
information about becoming one of our "Colleagues in Caring" contact 
Valerie Martin, Director of Employment and Recruitment 



2801 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90801 
(310) 595-2283 or (800) 552-0858 

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F 

Career Opportunities AvaHabk 

Medical Center 

Contact Elaine Herman 
Nurse Recruiter 

1 330 Natividad Road 

Salinas, CA 9391 2-1 611 


Equal Opportunity Employer 

How Do You Make 
a Mach 2 Fighter 
Turn on a Dime? 


Ask Parker Bertea 

The F/A-18 Hornet is one of 
the most maneuverable aircraft 
ever. Its innovative quadruplex, 
digital fly-by-wire flight control 
system significantly improves 
handling, while offering unparalled 
flexibility and redundancy. 

Parker Bertea Aerospace 
played a significant role in develop- 
ing this remarkable system. Each 
F/A-18 has two control-by-wire trail- 
ing edge flap actuators that 
precisely control trailing edge sur- 
faces. Using dual-parallel position 
servocylinders. the actuators adjust 
flaps from 8° up to 20° down in 
flight, and as much as 45° down 
during landing. 

But our role in making the 
Hornet agile doesn't stop at design 
and development. Parker Bertea 
also handles maintenance of these 
sophisticated actuator systems for 
commercial as well as military 




How Do You Get 
Involved in Every 
Major Aircraft in 
tiie Free World? 

Enroll in our Employee intern 
Program. You'll then be part of the 
team whose products are aboard 
every major military and civilian air- 
craft in the Free World. In just 10 
months, you'll be exposed to vir- 
tually all our major operating areas. 
So you can explore a wide variety 
of options in finding a place with 
us. If you're completing studies in 
any of the following areas, we'd 
like to talk to you: 

• Manufacturing Engineering 

• Engineering Technology 

• Quality Engineering 

• Mechanical Engineering 

• Electrical Engineering 

• Business 

• Accounting 

• Production Control/Operations 

• Purchasing 

• Computer Science 

See your Placement Office for 
interview dates or send your 
resume to Parker Bertea 
Aerospace, Employment Dept., 
Attn: College Relations, 18321 
Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 
92715. Equal Opportunity 
Employer, M/F/H/V. 

Flight Years Ahead 


Paricer Bertea Aerospace 

Parker Hannifin Corporation 



Look to Bellwood General Hospital for 
exciting career opportunities for Registered 
Nurses with Medical/Surgical, ICU, or 
Psychiatric Experience. 

For more information send resume or call 

Human Resources at (310) 866-9028 

10250 EastArtesia Boulevard 

Bellflower, California 90706 

A Facility of Paracelsus Healthcare Corporation 


1 he Difference Is 

The Spirit 

You'll feel the spirit from the moment you step through our 
doors. It's on the faces of our staff. In the smiles of our patients 
It's all part of the St. Jude Spirit. 

Located in Fullerton, St. jude Medical Center is a 331-bed acute 
care facility w hich is recognized as one of the most modern and 
respected centers in medicine. Our nursing and allied health 
care professionals have a commitment to excellence which 
characterizes all aspects of patient care. 

We're currently seeking nurses and allied health care specialists 
to join our team. 

St. jude Medical Center offers outstanding salaries, and com- 
prehensive benefits packages. We also provide a technological 
en\ironment at the leading edge and the opportunity to work 
\\ ilh a truly inspired staff. For those just beginning their careers 
who want to match their ambition with professional reality, we 
in\ite \'ou to visit us between Sam and noon on Mondays, Tues- 
days and Thursdays. You may also send vour resume to: St. 
lude Medical Center, 101 East' Valencia Mesa Drive, Fullerton, 
CA 92635. Or call 714' 992-3925 for current opportunities. We 
are an equal opportunity employer. 



A Sisters of St Joseph of Orange Corporation 




XonTech is a highly respected, progressive R&D firm specializing in the em- 
pirical analysis of complex physical phenomena, and development of advanced 
concepts and technologies in support of numerous defense programs. 

Our research encompasses the following: 

• Analysis and evaluation of flight test data (aircraft ballistic missile, 
satellite), including: 

• Trajectory reconstruction • Re-entry aerodynamics 

• Navigation analysis • Orbital mechanics 

• Research, development, and evaluation of advanced radar and weapons 
systems including: 

• Signal processing • System design • System simulation 

• Signature analysis • Performance analysis 

Our work is technically challenging, and offers exceptional visibility and direct 
client contatt with opportunities for technical and managerial advancement 
Positions are available at the Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelors levels Degrees 
must be in Physics. Mathematics, or Computer Science. Electrical Engineering 
with signal processing emphasis is also acceptable. 

Qualified professionals are invited to contact our Corporate Personnel Office 
at (818) 787-7380, or send a resume in confidence to Corporate Personnel 
Department, XonTech, Inc., 6862 Hayvenhnrst Ave., Van Nays, 
CA 91406. 

U.S. Citizenship Required. 

All applicants selected will be subject to a security 

investigation and must meet eligiblUty 

requirements for access to classified material 

XonTech, Inc. 

"People, Science and Technology" 

Northern & Southern Callfomia 
Colorado • Washington, D.C • HuntsvUle, Alabama 

We are an equal opportunity employer M/F/H/V, 


Want To Win 

The Rat Race 

Join Us. 


The Pest Pros 

Just send your resume to: 

Lee Zusman (Class of 52), President 

626 Potrero Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110 

An ABM Company (NYSE) 



At Southern California Gas Company, 
we're concerned with the energy that comes 
from within. The spirit of achievement. 
The desire to explore innovative solutions. 

The future of energy depends upon 
people with energy. Bright, dedicated indi- 
viduals who welcome new challenges. As 
one of the nation's Icirgest natural gas dis- 
tributors, we're enjoying dynamic success 
in a growing and competitive marketplace. 
We can offer you outstanding professional 
challenges in an exciting environment. 

We congratulate UCLA on its 73rd 
anniversary, and extend our support to 
BruinLife. For information on career op- 
portunities with Southern California Gas 
Company, send your resume or letter of 
inquiry to: 

Professional Staffing 
Coordinator, Southern Califor- 
nia Gas Company, Dept. UCLA- 
BL, 810 Flower St., M.L. 403-V, 
Los Angeles, CA 90017. 


We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer 


Ralphs Grocery Company 

Vroudiy Saiutis tfte 

UCLA Bruins AtfUetics 

Tfxe Tradition of tfte Winning Spirit 

Lives within eacft Atkittt in tfte Que5t 

to become Champions. 



2320 lUestujood Blud., Lot Rngelet, Ca 90064 



1 4460 Uenturo Blud., Sherman Oaks, CR 9M03 818/784-9846 

Other Locations: 

8966 National Blud., Los Rngelet, CR 90035 213/836-3341 

8954 West Pico Blud., Lot Rngelet, CR 90035 213/476-1178 

6238 Santa Monica Blud., Hollgiuood CR 90028 213/456-1125 

1234-40 $. Broad may. Lot Rngelet, Ca 90015 213/746-2760 

12027 S. Prairie, Hawthorne, Ca 90250 213/676-7660 

n3-10th Street, San Francisco, Ca 94103 213/431-2950 



From the Best Fries around! 


Basic American Foods 

550 Kearny Street, Suite 1000 

San Francisco, CA 94108 

When you begin your career with Kenneth Norris Jr. 
Cancer Hospital, it is Uke beginning the incredible 
journey of reading a new book. As you come to know 
our very special patients through sharing their hopes, 
dreams and fears, you will become an active and 
important participant in their journey through 
advanced and innovative cancer treatment. 
The Norris is one of the country' 's most presti- 


gious cancer hospitals-one of only 20 federally desig- 
nated, comprehensive cancer centers in the nation. 
As a private affiliate of the University of Southern 
California, we are well-known for progressive oncology 
research and therapy; attracting professionals who value 
collaboration and the one-to-one personal bonds made 
possible by a low patient-tn-nurse ratio. 

growth and advancement opportunities, career training 
and the rewards of working with a staff that provides 
patient care without equal. 

New Grad Program- As an RN New Graduate, you 
will participate in our comprehensive sbc month paid 
New Graduate Orientation program. Your first three 
months of orientation will involve in-depth diverse 
classroom training and a clinical preceptorship. The 
second half of the program will be spent applying your 
education and skills to the care of your patients, with the 
support and resources of the experienced nurses on your 
unit. This in-depth onentation satisfies the core curricu- 
lum for die National Oncology' Nurse certification exam, 
which can be taken after your first year of full-time work. 

Embark on a rewarding and exciting journey as a 
nurse with Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital. The 
impact it will have on you and your career will be a 
lasting one. To find our more about out opportunities 
please contact: Pamela Honish, RN, MA, Associate 
Director of Nursing Services, (213) 224-6909 or send 
your resume to her at Kenneth Nonis Jr. Cancer Hospi- 

As a Non'is Nurse and a member of our all RN staff, 
you will enjoy practical rewards too. These include 
flexible scheduling, 12-hour shifts, and an in-depth 
orientation program which provides you with 30 CEUs. 
Full-time staff enjoy 3-weeks paid vacation each year, 
educational assistance, comprehensive insurance plans, 
employer paid retirement plan and a relocation 
allowance. All of this in addition to unparalleled 

tal, 1441 Eastlake Avenue, Dept. 181, Los Angeles, CA 
90033-0804. Equal Opportunity Employer. 



Abbassi, Derek C. 292 
Abboud, loseph 292 
Abcecle, Armine 292 
Abdelkerim, Christine 292 
Abdollahi, Blla 236 
Abrahamson, Todd A. 292 
Abrari, Pedram 378 
Abreu, Carlos 378 
ACA 222 
Ackley, Susan 250 
Acorda, Brenda E. 292 
Acosta, NIkki 258 
Acosta-Rubio, Marx 292 
Acuna, Megan 258 
Adam, Troy K. 292 
Adams, Sarah 260 
Adams, Sharome V. 292 
Aden, Marcie L. 292 
Adhami, Noushin 236 
AdwanI, Antoun 292 
Aesquivel, Clarissa 248 
Afrooz, Bobby 378 
At'sharieh, jasmine A. 292 
Agajanian, Lisa 256 
Aghai, Roya 292 
Aguila, Shirley 221 
Aguilar, Dora 292 
Aguilar, Luisa 254, 292 

Humberto 378, 292 
Aguinaldo, Wiltredo C. 292 
Ah, loung Seo 358 
Ahdoot, David 378 
Ahmed, Sajid 226 
Ahn, Sandy 292 
Akakaki, Michelle L. 292 
Akashi, Tara 249 
Akella, Anita 378 
Akhavan, Fatemeh 225 
Akil, Lina 292 
Alas, Charissa 378 
Alavynejad, Bahram 292 
Alber, Stephanie 236 
Alberton, Kristin M. 292 
Albright, Tina L. 292 
Alcantara, Francis 378 
Alexander, Brian E. 292 
Alexander, Darren 255 
Alexander, Devon 266 
Alexander, Erin 378 
Alexander, Jeff 269 
Alexander, Julie 262 
Ali, Kamal 293 
Aliaga, Patricia 293 
Alich, Amy 293 
Allbright, Tina 236 
Allen, Michael 378 
Allen, Todd M. 293 
Aller, Gregory 378 
Allern, Latrice 234 
Alleyn, Rebecca S. 293 
Allison, James P. 293 
Altmann, Robyn 250 
Alvarez, Sophia 378 
Alvarez, Veronica L. 293 
Alves, Anna M. 293 
Amador, Alicia 234 
Amador, Liberty 221 
Amezquita, Deborah 293 
Amii, Lisa 234 
Amin, Nora 293 
Ammari, Riham F. 293 
Amor, Charrisse 378 
Ancia, Marjorie 378, 293 

Ancona, Jorge 378, 236 
Andelin, Julie 264 
Anderegg, Jennifer B. 293 
Anders, Carmen 378 
Anderson, Amy 378, 236 
Anderson, Becka 378 
Anderson, Bruce G. 293 
Anderson, Christina 265 
Anderson, Douglas L. 293 
Anderson, Janie 378 
Anderson, Jennifer 221 
Anderson, Kate 254 
Anderson, Melissa 250 
Anderson, Rebecca 262 
Aneers, Allison 225 
Angel, Claudia 378 
Angioletti, Christopher 293 
Angus jr., Ted F. 293 
Anhalt, James 293 
Ann, Leigh K. Chang 300 
Ann, Lori Rogich 236 
Anselmo, John 207 
Anthony, Mark Burlaza 298 
Antony, lames |. 293 
Anzures, Benilda 378 
Apolinario, Velinda 378 
Appel, Debbie 254 
Aragon, Christina 234 
Aragon, Pedro B. 293 
Arakaki, Michelle 225 
Arazi, Natalie 265 
Arce, Michelle 254 
Ardon, Judith A. 293 
Arendt, Cory P. 293 
Arevalo, lesusa M. 293 
Arizmendez, Melinda 293 
Armenta, Norma L. 294 
Arndt, Nicole 258 
Arpawong, Ed 232 
Arrache, Marissa 262 
Arreygue, Anouki 236 
Arroyo, Christofer 294 
Artukovich, Melinda 234 
Arzumanyan, Alina 294 
Asahara, Nora 256 
Asam, Moana 260 
Aschenbrenner, Tina M. 294 
Ashkar, Susan 256 
Ashton, Karen 378 
Ashton, Tracey F. 294 
Askin, Melinna E. 294 
Aslam, Saira 221, 234 
Astarita, Erin 262 
Astarita, Katie 265 

Candice 258, 294, 236 
Atkinson, Karen 221 
Atklos, Cina 216 
Au, Kathy 265 
Auerbach, Don 236 
Auerbach, Patrick E. 294 
Austin, Edison 294 
Austin, Jennifer 262 
Austria, Arnie 294 
Avendano, Areli 294 
Avila, Laura P. 294 
Avila, Myla 256 
Axe, Brian 294 
Axelrod, Lauren 294 
Axton, James L. 294 
Ayala, Diana 378 
Ayala, Leticia B. 294 
Ayala, Mayra M. 294 
Ayala, Virginia 294 
Ayers, Kevin W. 294 
Aylett, Valerie K. 294 
Aynehchi, Shahrad 378 

Ayres, Ashley 256 
Ayres, Jennifer 265 294 
Azine, Laurie 294 
Azizzadeh, Babak 294 


Baba, Holly 221, 294 
Babic, Aleksandar 207 
Baca, Brenda 236 
Bachand, Rain 262 294 
Backes, Natascha 258 
Baddour, Yasser M. 295 
Bae, Alice 262 
Bae, Christine 295 
Baer, Jenn 265 
Baer, Jennifer 295 
Bagge, Lunn 234 258 
Bagnette, Laura-Angela 295 
Bahr, Marie H. 295 
Baig, Eduardo A. 295 
Bail, Pamela Y. 295 
Bailey, Ahbra 378 
Bailey, Christopher 378 
Bailey, Jeff D. 295 
Bainer, Angela 260 
Baje, Mark 234 
Bakcht, Miriam 378 
Baker, Lori 236 
Bakhda, Sameer 378 
Balderas, Janet 295 
Baldwin, Francoise 378 
Baldwin, Justine L. 295 
Baldwin, Kathleen 378 
Baleva, Milarose 225 
Baiko, Rachel 378 
Ballesteros, Judy R. 295 
Banayan, Edmond 378 
Bancroft, Anthony |. 295 
Banuelos, Amy 225 
Barajas, Irma 295 
Barba, Sandy 378 
Barbardo, Sandy 236 
Barber, Bill 192 
Barber, Michele L. 295 250 
Barber, Sarah 262 
Barber, William 378 
Bardin, Laurie 266, 225 
Bardon, Lisa 258 
Bardon, Lisa M. 295 
Bareuther, Kristen 262 
Baricante, Michael 295 
Barkan, Liana 254 
Barker, Carissa 236 
Barker, Jon A. 226, 295 
Barnajian, Parastoo 378 
Baron, Dana 254, 236 
Barragan, Jennifer 379, 221 
Barrett, Allison 254 
Barrett, Grace 254 
Barricella, Suzi 252 
Barrio, Melanie 236 
Barron, Kim 260 
Barros, Lorena 295 
Barrow, Monica A. 295 
Barrows, Kirsten 265 
Barsom, Michael W. 295 
Barstad, Daria 260 
Barstad, Debi 266 
Bartlett, Shelley 379 
Bartz, Rachel 266 
Barulich, Marianne 258 
Barzaga, Pearl 256 
Baskind, Liza 260 
Bassett, Glenn 192 
Bassett, lana 265 
Basso, Christy 260 

Bastomski, Sara 379 
Batacan, Bren 379 
Bates, Traci 260 
Bath, Heather 250 
Batt, Rochelle H. 295 
Baumann, Adrienne 258 
Baur, Angela 295 
Bautista, John 379 
Bean, Meredith 250 
Beare, Paul E. 295 
Bechtold, Michael L. 295 
Becker, Ben 379 
Behnke, Kim 225 
Behrens, Bill 192 
Bejar, Roberto 295 
Belasco, Shanti 379 
Bell, Brooke 296 
Bell, Jennifer 221 
Bell, Kristin M. 262, 296 
Belles, Bruin 221 
Belman, Orii 266 
Ben-Shmuel, Alon 296 
Ben-Zeev, Oren H. 296 
Bender, Christina M. 296 
Benkovich, Claudia 296 
Bennish, Lisa L. 296 
Berdjis, Peiman 296 
Berg, Andra 254 
Berg, Andra Erin 236 
Berg, Andra L. 296 
Berger, Henri 296 
Berger, Liz 262 
Bergman, Alisa 221 
Beringer, Ashlie 262 
Berkman, lason M. 296 
Bermack, Michael 296 
Berman, Melissa 379 
Bermeo, Annushka 260 
Bermudez, Lisa 252 
Bernard, Sarah 250 
Bernini, Ona 250 
Bernstein, Bonnie 262 
Bernstein, Leslie E. 296 
Berookhim, Leeora 379 
Berlet, Jean-Claude 296 
Bettenhausen, Valerie 

A. 296 
Bhang, Ellen 296 
Bhatt, Neel 379 
Bhavabutanon, Luk 232 
Bhavbhutanon, Lukchai 296 
Bhazona, John K. 296 
Bigas, Nicole 254 
Binsacca, Anya 296, 234 
Bissell, Fritz 192 
Blackburn, Kristine 296 
Blackmon, Omar 379 
Blackmore, Debbie 232 
Blake, Diana 296 
Blau, Stephanie 225 
Blecker, Zena J. 296 
Bleecker, Hillary 296 
Bley, Samantha 266 
Bleza, Annabelle 296, 234 
Block, Kristin 296 
Bloomfield, Jeannette L. 297 
Blumberg, Joel 379 
Blumenkranz, Joshua 379 
Blunt, Karen M. 297 
Boardman, Molly 262 
Bodeau, Andrew 297 
Boehle, Michelle 379 
Boettger, Elizabeth 221 
Bohannan, Wendy 379 
Bolenbaugh, Lee 236 
Bollinger, Nicole 236 
Bologna, Leda 297 
Bolton, Glen 297 

Bong, Ki La 389 
Bono, Sunny 379 
Boozell, Jeffrey 379 
Borick, Jay J. 297 
Borjon, Melinda 221, 297 
Bosakowski, Jennifer 297 
Bosse, Sharon 236 
Botolho, Jennifer 234 
Botello, Natalie M. 297 
Bourgeosie, Megan 252 
Bouskila, Sylvie E. 297 
Bowman, Elizabeth 379 
Bowyer, Julie 236 
Boyd, Crystal 258 
Boyd, Karen 237 
Boyd, Shelley 265 
Boyd, Susan 297 
Boyle, Heather 236 
Boyle, Heather M. 297 
Boyle, Karleen 297 
Boyle, Tina M. 297 
Bradbard, Lori 266 
Bradford, Julia 236 
Bradham, Rena 256 
Bradley, Audrey 221 
Bradley, Betsy 266 
Brandon, Jennifer 380 
Brandt, Jeremy 207 
Branham, Jeanie 221 
Brant, Keith 236 
Braunwald, Laura 250 
Brawley, Dianne 297 
Brawn, Jennifer G. 297 
Bray, Kiersten M. 297 
Bremer, Holly 260, 187 
Brenner, Carrie 250 
Brichard, |ulia 236 
Bricker, Krisly 258 
Briggs, Bridget 265, 297 
Briseno, Mike 379 
Britton, Johanna 250 
Britton, Natalie 260, 297 
Broadway, Tracey A. 297 
Brockington, Jodi A. 297 
Bromberg, Jason 234 
Brotherton, Julie 258 
Broussalian, Levon 234 
Brown, Ann Marie 221 
Brown, Dawn 260 
Brown, Deborah A. 297 
Brown, Erin 380 
Brown, Fontina L. 297 
Brown, Heather 258 
Brown, Jennifer 258 
Brown, Katrina L. 297 
Brown, Katy 258, 297 
Brown, Lauren R. 298 
Brown, Mathew J. 298 
Brown, Meggin 260 
Brown, Shari 260 
Brown, Tammy 298 
Brown, Tara N. 298 
Bruber, Rachel 258 
Bry, Stephen 380 
Bryan, Mark H. 298 
Buchen, Eric 298 
Buchwald, Eva 254 
Buckelew, Rebecca 260 
Buckley, Christopher P. 298 
Budiman, Johnny 298 
Buell, Catherine 298 
Buelna, Tricia 258 
Bui, Hung V. 298 
Bullock, Alicia 225 
Bunkin, Sarah 266 
Buntrock, ChaHey 298 
Buntuyan, Errol 226, 298 
Buonaccorsi, Gregory 380 


Buralglio, Donny 234 
Burbage, Lisa R. 298 
Burg, Shannon 260 
Burke, Ashley 380 
Burketl, Wilham 298 
Burkey-Skye, |ason 298 
Burkhard, Jen 260 
Burns, Erin 380 
Burrows, Brians 298 
Bushman, Carlotta 380 
Butler, Kate 262 
Buttram, Jennifer, 225 
Buttram, Jennifer A. 298 
Bylin, Carey 250 
Byrne, John 298 
Byron, Hayley 258 

Caballero, Maria 298 
Cabello, Vanessa 254 
Cabil, Wendy R. 298 
Cabral, Alberto 380 
Cabrera, Dena 298 
Caldwell, Avery L. 298 
Calig, Tony 380 
Calinga, Sheila E. 298 
Callahan, Matthew 299 
Calleros, Albert 299 
Camacho, Treena 187 
Cameron, Rennie 380 
Campos, Elizabeth 299 
Canalita, Charlene 236 
Canete, Ivan 236 
Canter, Elliot B. 299 
Canty, Lauren 380 
Cao, Liang 299 
Capwell, Carrie 221 
Carberry, Cheri 221 
Cardona, Dede 252 
Cardova, Diana M. 299 
Carey, Jennifer 258, 299 

lacqueline 256, 221 
Carlson, Kristen 265 
Carmack, Angela 380 
Carpenter, Jenny 266 
Carr, Tamara 380 
Carroll, Julie 254 
Carter, Kaleaph 380 
Carter, Kristin 260 
Carter, Robert L. 299 
Carusi, Daniela 223, 236 

Carwin, Stephanie 299 
Casias, Alyson 266 
Casquejo, Lynette 225 
Castagnino, Daniela 299 
Castaneda, Leticia 225 
Castanon, Myrna 299 
Castillo, Bernadette 380 
Castillo, Jr., Solon H. 299 
Castillo, Max 380 
Castillo, Priscila E. 299 
Castillo, Sophie A. 299 
Castle, Trisha 221, 236 
Castleberg, KT 250 
Castro, Benjamin 299 
Castro, Lydia 221, 226 
Cattilini, Ann 262 
Cedergreen, Eric 299 
Ceje, Dolores 380 
Cerna, Catherine J. 299 
Cha, Soo- Young 299 
Chabot, Diane 299 
Chai, Hyun 380 

Chai, Margaret 248 
Chaidez, Patricia Y. 299 
Chalekson, Charles P. 299 
Chalvorapol, Chitra 232 
Chamberlin, Mark 380 
Chambers, Christa D. 299 
Chammas, Audrey 262 
Chan, Allison 248 
Chan, Calvin 380 
Chan, Cheuk K. 299 
Chan, Gasone 232 
Chan, Kimberly 380 
Chan, LeonC. 300 
Chan, Michael Y. 300 
Chan, Oliver S. 300 
Chan, Stephanie 381 
Chan, To-Tsang 300 
Chan, Wendy 249, 381 
Chandler, Kristin 381, 221 
Chandler, Toni 234 
Chang, Aida N. 300 
Chang, Charlene 249 
Chang, Chun-Yang 300 
Chang, Diana 237 
Chang, Donald K. 300 
Chang, Haewon 300 
Chang, Hsien-Wu 300 
Chang, Jeannie 232 
Chang, Jennifer 381 
Chang, Renee 300 
Chang, Sung W. 300 
Chang, Wei-Chao 226 

Sudarat 232 
Chao, Shirley 381 
Chao, Tina 236 
Chapman, Pamela 265 
Chades, Mariedith 300 
Charuratna, Bon 232 
Charusathiapa, Mitch 232 
Charuworn, Burt 232 
Chase, Judy 262 
Chatman, Paris 252 
Chatman, Paris L. 300 
Chatterjee, Dalia 252 
Chau, Louis 300 
Chavez, Jesse 381 
Che, Lisa 300 
Chee, Sulynn 300 

Caroline 300, 236 
Chellamy, Gigi 236 
Chen, Amy 300 
Chen, Bernard 381 
Chen, Catherine 381 
Chen, Diana 236 
Chen, Eleanore 258 
Chen, l-Wen I. C. 300 
Chen, Leashanne 222 
Chen, Lily 258 
Chen, Lisa 221 
Chen, Marvelee M. 300 
Chen, Minnie 221 
Chen, Nancy 248 
Chen, Sarah 250 
Chen, Steave 236 
Chen, Sylvia 266 
Chen, Vicky 300 
Chen, Wei-LIng L. 300 
Cheng, Albert 300 
Cheng, Charlotte 301 
Cheng, Clark 222 
Cheng, Lisa 249, 381 
Cheng, Melanie 250 
Cheng, Paul 301 
Cheng, Sandra 236 
Cherry, Deanna 228, 301 
Cheung, Cindy 301 

Chew, Sukee 301, 237 
Chi, Louise 301 
Chiang, Lisa 265 
Chiang, Michael 301 
Chibnik, Taj 262 
Chin, Christina 221 
Chin, Khin 236 
Chin, Susan 301 
Chin, Tricia 248 
Chin, Wendy 301 
Ching, Kelly 258 
Chinowsky, Steve 381 
Chinvarasopak, Sandy 301 
Chisholm, Pamela 381 
Chisick, Brad 301 
Chiu, ChiC. 301 
Chiu, Dennis 381 
Chiu, Julie 256, 381 
Chiu, Linda 301 
Chiu, ThangK. 301 
Cho, Eileen 301 
Cho, Grace 381 
Cho, Maggie 234 
Cho, Sue 249 
Choa, Jasmine 225 
Choate, Abigail 381 
Chobdee, lulie 249 
Choe, Hokon 301 
Choe, SueC. 301 
Choe, Sunhee 301 
Choi, Chang I. 301 
Choi, Chung-Ah 301 
Choi, Nam 260 
Choi, Sung 381 
Choi, Sunny 301 
Choo, Regina 262 
Choontanom, Gypsy 232 
Choontanom, Jieb 232 
Chopra, Kunoor 221 
Chosak, lamie M. 301 
Chou, Michael 381 
Chow, Elizabeth 301 
Chow, Pamela 248, 221 
Chrisman, Marjoie 228 
Christensen, Alexis 258 
Christiano, Nicole 301 
Christman, Valerie 236 
Christopher, Karin 302 
Christy, Debbie 260 
Chu, Elaine 221 
Chu, Margaret 234 
Chua, Monrapa 232 
Chua, Panya 232 
Chua, Rowena 248 
Chua, Vena 302 
Chuang, Harrison 302 
Chuang, Judy 302 
Chuang, Peter 381 
Chubb, Kai 262, 302 
Chuck, S. 381 
Chul, SungYun 374 
Chun, Conceil 249 
Chun, Deanne 250 
Chun, Eva 302 
Chun, Grace 226 
Chunbomrung, Narisa 254 
Chunbomrung, Wila 232 
Chung, Amy 302 
Chung, Carol 302 
Chung, Gin-Hee 302 
Chung, Helen 302 
Chung, Hyunsuk 302 
Chung, Jennifer 302 
Chung, Munju 302 
Chung, Richard 302 
Chung, Susanna 302 
Chung, Suzie 302 
Chung, Teresa 232 

Church, Lynn 225 
Cisneros, Sylvia 302 
Ciudadano, Anthony 302 
Clare, Sean 302 
Clark, Harry 302 
Clark, Kimberly 236 
Clark, Susan 266 
Clay, Kenya 302 
Claydon, Sage 256 
demons, Jenene 302 
Cleuenger, Cary 302 
Cloffi, Lori 260 
Clothesoff, Oliver 381 
Coe, Michelle 302 

Giovanni 302, 232 
Cohen, Allan 303 
Cohen, Amy 262 
Cohen, Margalit 303 
Cohen, Margaret 382 
Cohen, Michelle 254, 303 
Cohen, Sadaf 254 
Cohenour, Heather 252 
Cohler, Cher 254 
Cohn, Allyson 250 
Coleman, Lisa 303 
Colina, Charmaine 303 
Colinco, Wenona J. 303 
Collins, Kristin 303 
Collins, Michael 303 
Coloma, Nenita 225 
ColumbusStarks 362 
Comanor, Christine 303 
Combs, Sean 303 
Conde, Francisco 304 225 
Conte, Claudine 262, 304 
Conti, Gloria 304 
Cook, Aimee 266, 304 
Cook, Joanna 266 
Cook, Julie 304 
Cooper, Danamaye 249 
Cooper, Gillian, 225 
Cooper, Jacqueline 304 
Cooper, Jenny 266 
Cooper, Lavender 382 
Coplon, Dovid 304 
Cordero, Charmaine 382 
Cordero, Sharon 382 
Corea, Thomas 304 
Corleone, Vito 382 
Cormany, Ashley 250 
Cornejo, Rachel 221 
Cornett, Paul 225 
Cornick, Suzanne 225 
Corpus, Don 234 
Corpuz, Steven 304 
Corrales, Wilma 304 
Cortez, Evelyn 304 
Cortez, Isabel 304 
Couvillion, Amalie 262 
Covert, Eric 236 
Cowan, Lora 252 
Cowden, Jack 304 
Cox, Timothy 236 
Craig, Caryn 304 
Grain, Jeanine 266 
Crane, Allison 266 
Cravets, Matthew 304 
Cravotta, Nicholas 304 
Crawford, Anne 236 
Crawford, Jeneane 382 
Crisp, Thomas 304 
Cromwell, Jesse 262 
Croslow, Jennifer 304 
Cross, Lisa 304 
Crowder, Julie 258 
Croy, Kelly 262 
Crudo, Ann Marie 304, 260 

Crutchfleld, Yvette 304 
Cruz, James 382, 304 
Cruz, Tobie 248 
Cruz-Smith, Luisa 266 
Cryan, Julie 265 
Cuadrado, Yvette 254 
Cudanes, Joyce 304 
Cuenca, Aimee 266 
Cunningham, Kevin 304 
Cunningham, Latanya 304 
Cunningham, Martin 382 
Cunningham, Richie 31 1 
Curr, Maureen 252, 305 
Curzan, )on 305 
Cutler, Nancy 266, 305 

Da Costa, Ian 232 
Daetz, Steve 305, 236 
Dagermangy, Kristen 260 
Daigle, Kathleen 266 
Dalla, Nelson Tor 305 
Daly, Kathleen 221 
Daly, Kevin 305 
Daly, Meara 252, 305 
Damavandi, Jessica 262 
Damavandi, Rebecca 262 
D'Amelia, Abbie 305 

Siamak 382, 305 
Dang, MyHanh 305 
Dang, Thao 249 
Danielson, Jeffrey 305 
Danserean, Degan 382 
Dao, Monique 234 
D'Aquipa, Stony 382 
Darakananda, Nikki 232 

Nukunthorn 305 
Darras, Anastasia 305 
Darwin, Kristen 305 
Darwish, Carol 226 
Daskarolis, Kaymaria 382 
Dastur, Behnaz 305 
Dauer, |en 252 
Dauer, Jennifer 305 
Daugherty, Megan 305, 225 
Davalos, Elissa 256 
David, Robert 382 
Davies, Shannon 260 
Davis, Christine 252 
Davis, Elisa 258 
Davis, Katy 225 
Davis, Scott 305 
Davis, Timothy 305 
Davis, Tracy 266, 305 
Dayton, Kris 250 
De .Aguilar, Mayra 221 
de Castro, Arnold 225 
De Fazio, Valeria 382 
de Jesus, Michele 305 
de la Ossa , Jennifer 305 
de la Torre, Thomas 305 
De Leon, Debbie 306 
De Leon, Margarita 306 
De Santis, Anthony P. 306 
De Santis, Melissa 256 
Deal, Kristen 262 
Dean, Damon A. 306 
Dearborn, Andrew 306 
DeBisschop, Laura 266 
Deborah, Anne, 225 
DeGuzman, Ernesto 382 
Delcaza, Esteban 305 
Dejesus, Michelle 237 


Dekermenjian, Manuel 306 
del Pozo, Phillip 396 
De LaCruz, Melissa 252 
De LaHuelga Ml, 

Enrique 305 
Delaney, Thomas 306 
Delany, Cindi 382 
Delfin, Rodel 306 
Delsol, Julie 266 
Delucca, Ashley 262 
Dennehy, Paula 266 
Denver, Mike 207 
Deocampo, Delia 306 
DePcrsia, Dionne 382 
Der-Abramians, Steven 306 
DeRuyte, Erica 221, 306 
Desai, Niraj 306 
Descallar, Eileen 236 
Deslito, Michelle 306 
DeSurra, Desiree 236 
DeVera, Pinky 306 
DeVirgilio, Stephanie 258 
DeVita, Melissa 254, 382 
DeVore, Bryon 201 
DeWill, Anne 260 
Di, Sinn 382 
Diaz, Nancy 306 
Diba, Roxana 383 
DiBerardino, Christie 236 
Dickens, Harry 383 
Diehl, Mike 207 
Diemer, Dione 254 
Diep, Ciang 383 
Diesto, Regina 306 
Dietrich, Todd 306 
Dilkian, Tracy 256 
Dim, Im 383 
Dinh, Cynthia 221 
Dinucci. Michael 306 
Dinucci, Viviana 250 
Dinvviddie, DJallon 306 
Dirnberger, Esther 383 
Dishotsky, Rebecca 254 
Dittman, Lori 250 
Dixon, Henry 306 
Dixon, Robert 306 
Djavadi, Sebastien 306 
Do, LanAnh 307 
Do, Phong 222 
Do, Tuan 307 
Doane, Christine 307 
Doby, Monica 307 
Dockray, Heather 307 
Dodson, Melanie 256 
Doh, )eong 307 
Doi, Stephanie 307 
Dold, Cindy 260 
Domingo, Candido 307 
Domingo, Rosalie 307 

Rebecca 307 
Donahue, Nicole 260 
Donaldson, Erica 252, 307 
Donaldson, Kristin 258 
Donaldson, Kristin E. 307 
Donaldson, Lara 256, 383 
Dong, Robin 221 
Donovan, Tracy 307 
Dool, Scott 307 
Dorin, Jason 307 
Doroudian, Maziar 307 
Dorsky, Alex 383 
Dos, Angel Santos 254 
Dose, Sara 307 
Dossa, Jennifer 266 
Dote, Linda 234 
Dowling, Lisa 266, 307 
Drake, AnnMarie 307 
Drake, Pam 232 

Drake, Susan 252 
Dreyfus, Amy 260 
Duarle, Tisha 383 
DuBois, Renard 307 
Duca, John 307 
Duclair, Dominique 307 
Dudding, Shannon 307 
Duell, Aimee 252 
Duell, Elizabeth 252 
Dulla, Hazel 307 
Dunbar, Jackie 262 
Duncan, Matt 383 
Dunn, Laurie 252 
Dunne, James 307 
Dunne, Shannon 250, 307 
Dunston, Shawon 383 
Duong, Hung 308 
Duong, Thinh 308 
Duran, Stephanie 308 
Durazza, Robert 308 
Dutton, Mary 308 
Duy, Nhien Le 390 
Dwyer, Kelly 111 
Dye, Robert 308 
Dyess, Jacqualine 221 
Dyong, Debbie 249 

Eames, Terry 308, 225 
Earley, Margot 308 
Eastwood, Barbara 308 
Ebling, Tanya 308 
Eby, Alyson 262 
Echeverri, Claudia 265 
Eck, Sarah 260, 308 
Ecker, Celia 265 
Eddie, Perry 236 
Edmisten, Krista 308 
Edmiston, Krista 265 
Edmiston, Michelle 265 
Edmonson, Karen 383, 221 
Egeland, Kirsten 262 
Egu, Linda 308 
Ehret, Holly 258 
Ehret, Susannah 234 
Ehsan, Azin 308 
Einstein, Erin 266 
Eisler, Staci 262 
El-Abd, Darren 308 
Elad, Avital 254 
Elise, Dana Silverman 399 
Elkholy, John 308 
Eller, Danny 308 
Ellis, Mia 221, 308 
Ellis, Nicole 383 
Ellison, Letitia 308 
Ellisor, Rachel 308 
Elowitch, Heidi 383, 308 
Embuido, Shela 225 
Emerson, Suzy 266 
Enders, Rebecca 260 
Endler, E.J. 383 
Endler, Elizabeth 308 
Endo, Traci 248 
Eng, Timothy 308 
Engelman, Julie 252 
Engerman, Amy 262, 308 
English, Monica 252, 308 
Enoch, Dawn 266 
Enomoto, Kana 309 
Epstein, Stefan ie 254 
Erbes, Richard 201 
Erbes, Richaro 309 
Ericksen, Shalliah 309 
Ericsson, Stacey 383 

Ernst, Darci 256 
Escalante, Elisa 260 
Escuadro, Jeff 225 
Essey, Angle 262 
Estacio, Nathaniel 309 
Esteverena, Martin 383 
Estrada, Denny 309 
Estrada, Monica 309 
Estrada, Teresa 266, 309 
Estrella, Petra 309 
Elitum, Paison 232 
Eltinger, Vanessa 309 
Eu, Lov An Drea 383 
Evangelista, Ferdinand 310 
Evans, Carole 262 
Evans, Charmaine 252 
Evans, Lisa 252 
Evans, Meghan 262 

Elisabeth 252, 310 
Eyerly, Stacia 236 
Eyman, Kristen 310 
Ezzati, Ellie 310 

Fabricius, Charlotta 258 
Faden, Ryan 31 
Faehn, Rhonda 1 87 
Fagela, Melbourne 248 
Faier, Lieba 262 
Fairbanks, Christina 310 
Fairbanks, John 310 
Fajatin, Maria 248 
Farahani, Mina 310 
Farahmandion, Danny 236 
Farid, Bassem 310 
Farlice, Ochun 310 
Farrell, Carrie 256 
Farrell, Christopher 310 
Farrell, Jennifer 310 
Farris, Juli 310 
Farrohi, Parisa 383 
Fatemi, Shahram 384 
Faught, Jen 260 
Faust, Jeffrey 310 
Fauth, Laura 384 
Favela, Jorge 310 
Favilla, Erin 256 
Fax, Christine 384, 310 
Fay, Laura 262 
Faye, Andrew 31 
Feenberg, Marni 254 
Feinberg, David 310 
Felix, Kristy 221 
Fenton, Megan 187 
Fernandez, Arlene 234 
Fernandez, Madonna 310 
Ferrer, Oscar 310 
Ferstan, Leslie 310 
Fetterman, David 384 
Fey, Robin 256 
Fielding, Marc 384 
Finkelstein, Segy 254 
Finkler, Vicki 252 
Finkler, Victoria 310 
Finley, Amy 262 
Finn, Molly 225 
Fisher, Jennifer 310 
Fishman, Meredith 250 
Fiske, Gregory 310 
Fitzgerald, Darren 310 
Flatley, Kristin 221 
Fleishman, Amy 31 1 
Flick, Heather 311 
Flomenhofl, Jill 311 

lones, Julie 384 
lorendo, Teresita 31 1 
lores. Ana 31 1 
lores, Maria 236 
lores, Ruthie 221 
lores, Ruthie & Sandy 

Barba 384 
losi, Christopher 31 1 
lynn, Jamie 252, 463 
ong, Chiu Chan 299 
ong, Jason 462 
ong, Jennifer 222 
ong, Lilly 236 
onner, Jennifer 31 1 
onseca, Sandra 252, 311 
ord, Gerald 311 
ord, John 384 
ord, Stacey 3 1 1 
orrester, Cami 266 
orsch, Debbie 254 
orseth, Renee 31 1 
orster, Jonathan 31 1 
orsythe, Sara 225 
ortner, Alison 31 1 
OSS, Tamara 31 1 
oster, Brian 31 1 
oster, Kathrine 31 1 
oster. Shannon 260, 311 
ouret, Heidi 462 
ournier, Joseph 31 1 
ox, Laura 250 
ox, Marcie 221 
ox, Quinn 260 
rackelton, Robert 31 1 

Paola im. 221, 223, 311, 

rancis, Anita 31 1 
rancis, Kara 384 
rancisco, M. Lourdes 31 1 
ranco, April 31 1 
rand, Stacy 384 
ranklin, Julie 258, 311 
ranklin, Lori 31 1 
ranklinlll, John 312 
raser, Jodi 312 
rawley, Wendy 250 
reeborn, Kerrie 236 
reed, Eric 312 
reeman, Bryan 312 
reeman, Estelle 312 
reeman, Julie 31 2 
reeman, Karin 258, 312 
reeman, Kim 250 
rench, Kristen 384 
rese, Jason 31 2 
rey, Nancy 254 
riedland, Lesley 221 
riedland, Leslie 384 
riedman, Elliot 312 
riedman, Jan 31 2 
riend, Larissa 254 
rimerman, Dan 312 
ringer, Jennifer 236 
risch, Courtney 258 
rost, Thomas 312 
rostig, Bonnie 31 2 
rymer, Carrie 258 
u, John 312 
ujimoto, Aimee 250 
ujimoto, Lisa 248 
ujioka, Michelle 249 
ukumoto, Andrea 312 
ukumoto, Nancy 225 
ukushima, Sandra 312 
ung, Cathy 384 
ung, Keith 312 
ung, Mia 248, 236 

Fung, Sara 249 
Fung, YatFai 312 
Funk, Andrew 312 
Fuqua, Juliana 221 
FursI, Lawrence 312 
Fused, Connie 384 
Futa, Darren 236 
Futterman, Suzanne 221, 

Cabayan, Shcrvin 384 
Gabby, Gail 252 
Gabu! The Man 384 
Gabus, Jeremy 384 
Gaitan, Denise 2 36 
Galicinao, Janina 312 
Galindo, Ludivina 312 
Gallegos, Heather 260 
Calloway, Renee 266 
Gamble, Kristin 266 
Cambrioli, Jennifer 254 
Gantan, Joseph 234 
Carai, Andrea 228 
Garay, Gabriela 31 2 
Garcia, Chrissy 250 
Garcia, Claudia 312 
Garcia, David 384 
Garcia, Diana 385 
Garcia, Edna 3 I 2 
Garcia, Cilberto 313 
Garcia, Jeffrey 31 3 
Garcia, Juan 31 3 
Garcia, Laura 385 
Garcia, Maria 236 
Garcia, Michelle 252 
Garcia, Terri 221 
Gardea, Jose 313 
Garg, Sarina 234 
Garmager, Clarissa 250 
Garret, Rebecca 260 
Garrett, Wendy 254 
Garrido, Diane 31 3 
Carson, Jennifer 254 
Garvin, Shea 31 3 
Gasiorek, Deborah 254 
Cast, David 228 
Gastelum, Brian 201 
Gastelum, Michelle 313 
Gatt, Catherine 313, 225 
Gatzke, David 313 
Gaushell, John 313 
Cawryn, Marnt 31 3 
Gaxiola, Victor 385 
Gaylord, Candice 313 
Gean, Desmund 313 
Gebhardt, Michael 313 
Gebroe, Erin 254 
Gedymin, Maria 250, 313 
Gee, William 313 
Geisler, Eric 313 
Geletko, Jane 313 
Gelfuso, David A. 313 
Genido, Ruby 385 
Genova, Kammi 313 
Genova, Nicole 31 3 
Getz, Stacy 260 
Ghadir, Michelle 313 
Ghadishah, Delaram 385 
Ghafouri, Negar 313 
Ghalayini, Bassem 385 
Ghiai, Afshan 313,385 
Ghookasian, Valina 234 
Ghotbi, Shirin 258 
Gia, LeTa 401 


Giacopuzzi, lulie 258 
Giambrd, Gina 252 
Giambra, Michelle 252 
Glasburg, Richard 314 
Gibbs, Tracy 258, 221, 313 
Gibson, Burch 385 
Giers, lulie 234 
Cifford, Jacquelyn 314, 225 
Gill, Michelle 258 
Gill, Tina 385 
Gillon, lenn 252 
Gillum, Jen 250 
Gillum, Jennifer 314 
Gilman, Michelle 314 
Gislason, Michelle 314 
Gitlin, Catherine 250 
Gitter, Beth 314 
Claser, Vern 314 
Glatt, Eve 314 
Glazer, Kera 254 
Glover, Orlando 385 
Glynn, Mary 314 
Goehring, Jason 31 4 
Goetze, Monica 385 
Gogan, Laura 314 
Gohata, Karen 248 
Gold, Heather 252 
Gold, Nancy 314, 234 
Goldberg, Amy 314 
Goldberg, Lisa 260 
Goldberg, Merri 254 
Goldbloom, Gwen 314 
Goldman, Michelle 314 
Goldman, Wendy 314 
Goldner, Noreen 314 
Gollom, David 314 
Gomelsky, Vicky 236 
Gomes, Debra 314 
Gomez, Mitchi 31 4 
Gong, Brian 385 
Gonzales, Arlene 314 
Gonzales, Darrell 385 
Gonzales, Patrick 385 
Gonzalez, Ana 314 
Gonzalez, Edward 314 
Gonzalez, Mary 385 
Gonzalez, Melissa 314 
Gonzalez, Miguel 385 
Gonzalez, Saskia X. 31 5 
Goo, Valerie M. 315 
Good, Kathy 250 
Good, Lorna 258 
Cordon, Bill 236 
Gordon, Dionne T. 3 1 5 
Gordon, Jenny 258 
Corin, Alex J. 315 
Gorman, Edie M. 315 
Corospe, Raul 226, 234 
Gorre, Celina 221 
Cotlibowski, Tina 385 
Gotllieb, Sherri N. 315 
Gould, Jennifer 254 
Could, Lisa 254 
Courvitz, Kendra 260 
Gragg. Frederick 31 5 
Cranados, Evelyn 385 
Graham, Randy 31 5 
Cranados, Juanita 315 
Grandi, Chris 316 
Granfors, Nancy 316 
Graves, Stacey 221 
Greaves, Kari 258 
Greeley, Jenifer 252 
Green, Felicia 254 
Green, Lawrence 316 
Green, Nelson 316 
Greenberg, Scott 316 
Greene, Elizabeth 252 

Greene, Sheryl 31 6 
Greenfield, William 316 
Greenwald, Mike 385 
Greenwood, Brett 1 92 
Crega, Jennifer 252 
Grenewitz, Nathalie 316 
Griffin, Joanna 31 6 
Crimes, Heather 258 
Crindly, Jill 236 
Grinnell, Renee 260 
Grogan, Emily 252 
Gromko, Tracy 236 
Gross, Jessica 252 
Cross, Tanya 31 6 
Cruber, Jonathan 316 
Cruenbaum, Julie 316 
Grundstein, Andrew 316 
Grundstrom, Robert 385 
Grunstein, Davina 316 
Gubser, Gail 31 6 
Guevara, Lisa 221 
Gulati, Neil 316 
Gumpert, Lorraine 250, 316 
Cunawan, Devi 385 
Cungner, David 228 
Gunn, Erika 386 
Gura, Nancy 254 
Gurien, Michael B. 316 
Gutierrez, Alfonso 386 
Gutierrez, Elizabeth 316 
Gutierrez, Eva 316 
Gutierrez, Karina M. 316 
Gutierrez, Kristine 316 
Gutierrez, Miguel 386 
Gutierrez, Raymund 316 
Gutierrez, Sandra 236 
Guu, Yvonne 31 6 
Guy, Steven 316 
Guyton, Remi 258 
Cuzek, Julia 250 
Gyraffer, Corrie 386 


Hacopian, Ana 2 34 
Hacopian, Ava 31 7 
Hadbavny, Michelle 317 
Haggard, Paul, 225 
Hahn, Charles 386 
Haig, Sven 201 
Hajaliloo, Farhad 386 
Hakakha, Rebecca 317 
Hakakzadeh, Farshad 386 
Halcrow, Cheryl 221,317 
Halili, Susan 234 
Hall, Arthur 317 
Hall, Carolyn 260 
Hall, David 317 
Hall, Jennifer 258 
Hall, Kristina 250 
Hall, Terri 221,317 
Halme, Melissa 31 7 
Halpern, Dan 317 
Hamid, Golareh 386 
Hamilton, Christian A. 317 
Hamilton, Juliandra 260 
Hamilton, Kimolin 317 
Hammer, Lee 317 
Hammond, Stephanie 317 
Han, Jing 317 
Han, Sung J. 317 
Han, Yang 317 
Hanamel, Michael 317 
Hanchette, Diella 252,317 
Handal, Allison 317 
Hanify, J. T. 317 

Hanik, Robin G. 317 
Hanna, Juliet M. 317 
Hanna, Kristin 237 
Hanrahan, Patrick 317 
Hans, Karl Linz 391 
Hansen, Timothy E. 317 
Hanson, lulio A. 317 
Hardt, Cynthia 317 
Harel, Rachel 317 
Harley, Jason 386 
Harriger, Jen 258 
Harris, Creighton 201 
Harris, Kristi 250 
Harris, Lee 31 7 
Hartman, Cretchen 386 
Hartman, Jeff 386 
Harvey, Yasmin 317 
Hashimoto, Yolanda 317 
Hassen, James 31 7 
Hata, Trade 234 
Hatamiah, Joseph 386 
Hatchel, Steve 234 
Hatfield, Tracy 317 
Haughney, Alice M. 318 
Hausen, Jennifer 258 
Hauser, Jodie 318 
Hauser, Leslie 258 
Hawkins, Liz 260 
Hawks, Molly 258 
Hayes, Karin 258 
Hayward, Blake E. 318 
Headman, John 386 
Healey, Lynn K. 317 
Hearson, Deanna 252 
Heath, Emily 258 
Heavner, Kris 260 
Heller, Steven 318 
Hee, Seok Chang 300 
Helm, Heather 260 
Helman, Daniel 386 
Henderson, Brooke 258 
Henderson, Kat 250 
Henderson, Rose 237 
Henderson, Stephen C. 318 
Hendricks, Jennifer 318 
Hendrickson, Jennifer 318 
Hendrix, Nicole 318 
Hendrix Jr., Phillip 318 
Henle, Krista 260 
Henningsen, Kimberley 318 
Henry, Laura 318 
Henry, Sharon 250 
Henson, Milnes R. 318 
Herbert, Heidi 318 
Herbst, Oreet 221,318 
Herbstman, Jamie 258 
Herman, Michelle 254,318 
Hermanson, Paula 318 
Hernandez, Christine 318 
Hernandez, Cristina T. 318 
Hernandez, Lisa P. 318 
Hernandez, Stephanie 318 
Herrara, Eliazer 201 
Herrington, Sandy 236 
Herson, Deanna 234,319 
Herzog, Nicole 234 
Hertz, Jeff 318 
Herzig jr., Ronald P. 319 
Hess, Vicki 258 
Hewitt, Leslie 252 
Hickey, Patrick 319 
Hicks, Christopher 319 
Hicks, Nanora 225 
Hie, Jin Kim 389 
Higa, Tami 248 
Higgerson, Amy 260 
Hightower, Mindy 258,319 
Hilberman, Rebecca 254, 

Hill, Chandra 221 
Hill, Frederick 319 
Hill, Jerome 386 
Hill, Melissa 260 
Hill, Vanessa 252 
Hines, Katherine 31 9 
Hines, Lesley 386 
Hiramoto, Jade 221,319 
Hirata, Stephanie 252 
Hirose, Kathleen 221,319 
Hirsch, David M. 319 
Hirschberg, Barry 319 
Hirunpidok, Chancee 232 
Hitt, Michele 258 
Hiura, Douglas 462 
Hkam, Hso 319 
Ho, Amanda 234 
Ho, Kathy 252 
Ho, Lieu 234 
Ho, Lori 386 
Ho, Stephen 319 
Ho, Teresa 319 
Hobart, Brent W. 319 
Hodge, Adrian A. 319 
Hoehn, Susan 386 
Hoffman, Coby 221 
Hoffman, Julie 258 
Hoffman, Laurel 319 
Hofrath, Monique 319 
Hogue, Kara 221, 236 
Hoiseck, Natasha 236 
Hoins, Thosrsten 319 
Holderbaum, Brooke 387 
Holland, Kimberly 319 
Holloway, Denyse M. 320 
Holman, Jessica 254 
Holmes, Kirsten 254 
Holmes, William A. 320 
Holsey, Cynthia J. 320 
Holt, Jill 250 
Holt, Kathryn 320 
Holt, Wendy 252 
Holzberg, Daryl 320 
Holzman, Miriam 320 
Hom, Darren 320 
Hom, Shirley 320, 237 
Hom, Susan 387 
Hom, Suzanne 237 
Homeyer, Lynne 258, 320 
Hong, Amy 221 
Hong, Jean 320 
Hong, Joseph 320 
Hong, Ruby 320 
Honggowati, Christina 320 
Hopp, Patricia 320 
Hori, Carolyn 320 
Hornsby, Alisha 258 
Horowitz, Gabriela 320 
Horvath, Robert |. 320 
Hoskinson, James 239 
Hou, Linda 248 
Houcek, Tom 320 
Hourizadeh, Arash 235 
House, Karilyn 234 
Houston, Jennie 260, 234 
Houston, Lisa 237 
Howaito, Biru 387 
Howard, Christina 252, 320 
Howard, Christy 260 
Howard, Jonathan 320 
Howard, Karen 320 
Howard, Melissa 254 
Howell, Laurie 320 
Hsei, Vanessa 221 
Hsi, Alfred 387, 320 
Hsia, Becky 387 
Hsia, Linda 249, 225 

Hsiao, Bernie 222 
Hsiao, Helen 320 
Hsie, Marianne 321 
Hsieh, David 321 
Hsien, Jean 321 
Hsu, Betty 321 
Hsu, Celia 387 
Hsu, Grace 321 
Hsu, lulie 221 
Hsu, Liana 387 
Hsu, Nancy 387 
Hu, Carol 321 
Hu, Charles 321 
Hu, LingL. 321 
Hu, Si-Ming 321 
Huang, Albert K. 322 
Huang, Che-Yen 322 
Huang, Diana 322 
Huang, Emily 322 
Huang, Hsin-Ying 322 
Huang, Linda 322 
Huang, Patty 221 
Huang, Tom 226 
Huang, Victor 322 
Huang, Victoria 322 
Huerta, Cynthia 254 
Huerto, Teresa 252 
Huelso, Noela 322 
Hueso, Benjamin 322 
Hueso, Ruben 322 
Hughes, Laurence 236 
Hughes, Troy 322 
Hui, Eva 222 
Hui, Nancy 222 
Huie, Jason 387 
Hultgren, Alex W. 322 
Hung, Fay Yu-Fui 322 
Hunt, James 322 
Hunt, Michelle 260, 187 
Hunting, Traci 260 
Hur, Daniel S. 322 
Hur, Helen 249 
Hurst, Denise 322 
Hurwitz, Melissa 322 
Huyuh, Gary 387 
Hwang, Andrew 322 
Hwang, Chiao 322 
Hwang, Joseph 322 
Hwang, Melody 322 
Hy, Adam 232 

ladarola, Sharon 387 
Igo, Kate 254 
Ihenfeldt, Jean 252 
lijima, Mieko 322 
lino, Lisa 248 
Ikemoto, Karen 234, 236 
llano, Eliza 225, 322 
Ilic, Carolina 322, 387 
Ilic, Veronica 323 
Imperial, Kristi 250 
Inouye, Michael 323 
Iparagas, Clementine 297 
Iperario, Anushka 290 
Irish, Andrew 323 
Irwin, Heidi 225 
Isenberg, Daphne 323, 387 
Ishida, Janice 221 
Ishii, Junko 237 
Ishimoto, Tricia 248 
Iskander, Nadine 236 
Ismail, Mohamed 323 
Ito, Sayuri 323 
Iwamlya, Kent 323 


Izuhara, Todd 387 


Jacinlo, Anna 323 
Jackson, Catherine 252 
Jackson, Jacqueline 323 
Jacob, Natalie 236, 323 
Jacob!, Maryann 228 
Jacobs, Rhonda 323 
Jacobsen, Russel 236 
Jacobus, Collette 323 
Jaio, Connie 248 
Jamero, Cina 248 
Janecek, Robert 192 
Jankalski, Janet 323 
Januszka, Angela 252, 323 
lavahery, Ramin 387 
Jay, Stephanie 323 
Jaynes, Kimberly 323 
Jaynes, Libby 260 
Jedrzejek, Eric 323 
Jee, Hung 323 
Jen, Teresa 323 
Jen, Trisha 323 
Jenkins, Jenny 260 
Jenkins, Ron 192 
Jennings, Siobhann 254 
Jensen, Caroline 323 
Jeon, Cwean 323 
Jeon, Seok 323 
Jeong, Paul 323 
Jeunes, Les Filles 391 
Jewell, Michael 323 
Jewitt, LesLee 225 
Jimenez, Jason 324 
Jimenez, Javier 324 
Jimenez, Maria 324 
Jimenez, Myra 324 
Jin, Joowon 324 
Jo, Grace 324 
Joe, Laurel 249 
lohn, Bradley Tahajian 401 
Johns, Michelle 252 
Johns, Nicola 324 
Johnson, Brian 387 
Johnson, Caria 223 
Johnson, Carrie 221 
Johnson, Craig 324 
Johnson, Denise 324 
Johnson, James 161 
Johnson, Jennifer 324 
Johnson, Karia 324, 236 
Johnson, Robyn 258, 324 
Johnson, Sherri 324 
Johnstone, Dawn 324 
Jones, Aron 324 
Jones, Brent 201 
Jones, Courtney 324 
Jones, Quentin 387 
Jones, Rhiannon 387 
Jones, Robert III 387 
Jones, Theresa 236 
Jordan, Kellie 252 
Joseph-Katz, Jennifer 324 
Josephson, Valerie 324 
Joshi, Divyang 387 
Joshi, Nina 324 
Josias, Abby 388 
Jou, Mike 324 
Juarez, Lourdess, 225 
Jue, Perry 324 
Jue, Shannon 324 
Juhn, Patricia 324 
Julie, Elizabeth 

Stewart 362, 363 
Julie, Mun Son 400 

)un, Cindy 221 
Jun, Hyewon 221 
Jun, Kristine 324 
Jung, Heum 324 
Jung, Scott 325 
lurado, Rodrigo 325 
Jurmain, Sara 236 


Kabukuru, David 325 
Kademian, Maggie 236 
Kademian, Makrouhi 325 
Kadrnka, Colette 221 
Kahn, Kelley 325 
Kaiser, Kevin 325 
Kaiura, Terry 236 
Kajivvara, Laurie 325 
Kaleb, Vanessa 325 
Kam, Jong 325 
Kamali, Henry 325 
Kamdang, Cynthia 388, 236 
Kampe, Tanya 325 
Kan, Wai 325 
Kandel, Brian 325 
Kaneshiro, Alison 225 
Kang, Charles 325 
Kang, Jung Sik 325 
Kang, Moon 325 
Kang, Parmjit 226 
Kang, Sung 388 
Kanga, Nina 237 
Kantor, Shari 325 
Kao, Allen 325 
Kao, John 325 
Kaplan, Gabrielle 254 
Kaplan, Jenny 252 
Karamanoukian, Raffy 388 
Karimi, Sousan 388, 325 
Karish, Marc 325 
Karnikian, Verjinia 221 
Karp, Heather 260 
Kasim, Maha 325 
Kassarjian, Ara 325 
Kawaguchi, Julie 325 
Kawai, Ann 249, 221 
Kawamura, Akemi 325 
Kawano, Scot 326, 326 
Kawata, Jennifer 249 
Kawata, Kathy 249 
Kay, Pamela Nemeth 344 
Kaye, Sharon 326, 326 
Keck, Erin 388 
Kehela, Carol 326, 326 
Kelleher, Jenny 260 
Keller, Amber 388, 460 
Kelly, Elizabeth, 225 
Kelly, Pete 388 
Kelly, Tim 207 
Kember, Bruce 388 
Kendall, Jennifer 225 
Kengsoontra, Paul 232 
Kennedy, Jane 326, 326 

Kristen 258, 326, 326 
Kenny, Beth 326, 326 
Kerendi, Faraz 236 
Kermani, Michael 388 
Kerstine, Jeffrey 326, 326 
Kesselring, loanie 326, 326 
Ketchersid, Anne 252 
Keypour, Haleh 326, 326 
Khalili, Sanam 236 
Khan, Saba 326, 326, 234 
Kheraj, Muizz 388 

Tahereh 326, 326 
Khottampon, Blaudy 388 
Khottex, Lorry 388 
Khunnilingus, Kreeme 388 
Khuu, Philip 388 
Kianka, Jill 326, 326 
Kilcrease, Marilyn 326, 326 
Kilgannon, Kelley 326, 326 
Killebrew, Mary 

Lara 326, 326 
Kim, Andrea 389 
Kim, Ann 326, 326 
Kim, Brian 326, 326 
Kim, Caroline 326, 326 
Kim, David 389, 326, 326 
Kim, Grace 326, 326 
Kim, Gregg 326, 326 
Kim, Henri 234 
Kim, James 389 
Kim, Jason 389 
Kim, jemima 326, 326 
Kim, Jennifer 249, 326, 326 
Kim, Jinah 389 
Kim, Judy 234 
Kim, June 389, 221 
Kim, Karen 252 
Kim, Katty 221 
Kim, Keith 389 
Kim, Linda 249, 389 
Kim, Lynda 221 
Kim, Michelle 326, 326 
Kim, Min 326, 326 
Kim, Nicholas 327 
Kim, Norman 327 
Kim, Peter 389 
Kim, Robert 327 
Kim, Roger Seungmin 327 
Kim, Ronald 327 
Kim, Sehyung 389 
Kim, Seton 327 
Kim, Sindy 327 
Kim, Suhee 327 
Kim, Sun 221, 327 
Kim, Thomas 328 
Kim, Tina 249 
Kim, Yong 328 
Kim, Yoo 328 
Kim, Young 328 
Kimball, Kate 260 
Kimura, Catherine 328 
Kimura, Lenore 236 
Kimura, Robyn 258 
Kindorf, Dean 328 
King, Aileen 328 
King, Joshua 328 
King, Kim 252 
King, Margarette 328 
King, Michelle 328 
King, Rachael 252, 328 
Kirby, Mark 389 
Kiriakos, Carol 389 
Kirkland, Kelli 254 
Kirschner, Trevor 328 
Kissell, Jennifer 328 
Kissell, Jenny 260 
Kitazaki, Lori 328 
Kite, Brian 328 
Kittiaksorn, Sumida 232 
Kittlakor, Natua 232 
Klaewtanong, Sirb 232 
Klaren, lone 225 
Klein, Bill 228 
Klein, David 328 
Klein, Robert 328 
Klein, Tamara 328 
Klein, Todd 328 
Kline, Shannon 328 
Klock, Dolly 260 

Kkimp, Debbie 226 
Klufnp, Debi 234 
Knight, Wanetia 389, 328 
Knowles, Mark 192 
Knowles, Shelley 252 
Knox, Angela 328 
Knudsen, Mark 207 
Knudson, Kristin 234 
Knudtson, Teresa 225 
Ko, Michael 389 
Kobashi, Jennifer 389 
Koch, Ann Marie 236 
Kodani, Christopher 328 
Koguchi, Yasuko 328 
Kol, Kundy 328 
Kolian, Kathlene 329 
Kolker, Stacy 329 
Kolsta, Kim 250 
Komatsuzaki, Amy 252 
Kong, Lawrence 389 
Kong, Margaret 329 
Kongrukgreahyos, Kit 232 
Kono, Rena 236 
Konreat, Jeff 232 
Konstantinos, Choliastos 389 
Kontokanis, Georgia 329 
Koo, Weizhong 329 
Korn, Jeff 201 
Korn, Jeffrey 329 
Kosaka, Stacie 249 
Koswara, Ekal 329 
Koutal, Sandra 329 
Kovach, Meredith 252, 329 
Koyal, Dipankar 329 
Kramar, Mark 389 
Kramer, Corinne 329 
Krasner, Missy 254 
Krause, Kelly 252, 329 
Kricorian, Greg 329 
Krieger, Rory 389 
Krivosic, Sandra 252 
Kriwanek, Kelly 221 
Kromer, Kristen 329 
Kron, Jen 260 
Krug, Gregory 329 
Kufus, Kimberly 225 
Kullenberg, Mary 236 
Kullman, Karin 221 
Kulper, Karrie 260 
Kung, Charlie 329 
Kuo, Michelle 254 
Kurimai, Dennis 329 
Kurtzll, Compton 329 
Kushner, Andi 252 
Kushner, Yana 329 
Kwan, Carol 389 
Kwan, Priscilla 249 
Kwok, Ka-Kei 329 
Kwon, John 389 
Kwong, Sandy 234 
Kyriazis, Laura 329 
Kyung, Hyun 237 

LaBrucherie, Justine 329 
Lacey, Lynell 329 
Lad, Swati 389 
Ladua, Nimisha 390 
Ladva, Nimisha 329 
Lafranchi, Suzanne 221 
LaGarbage, Josefina 390 
Lager, Carl 329 
Lagman, Eileen 390 
Lagrone, Heather 260 
Lajvardi, Robert 390 

Lally, Jennifer 221 
Lam, Khanh 330 
Lam, Mylinh 330 
Lam, Tiet 330 
Lampc, Nikki 260 
Lamy, Michele 390 
Lanctot, Michelle 260 
Landry, Dan 207 
Langell, Lori 330 
Lapena, Valerie 330 
Lapena, Vivienne 330 
Lapoyan, Hayg 330 
Lappalainen, Mirja 330 
Lara, Claudia 330 
Laranang, Michael 330 
Lardizabal, Janel 330 
Lardizibal, Janel 234 
Lares, Rosa 330 
Larson, Jon 192 
Lash, Christine 225 
Lasko, Stacey 330 
Lasley, Malia 260 
Lau, Diane 248 
Lau, Fernando 330 
Lau, Johnnie 222, 330 
Lau, KamWai 330 
Lau, Lisa 221, 330 
Lau, Michael 330, 234 
Lau, Sandra 249, 330 
Lauigan, Maryjane 330 
Laurence, Andrea 252 
Laurence, Richard 330 
Lautman, Patricia 390 
Laux, Karen 330 
Lavi, Dafne 390 
Law, Bera 330 
Law, Wendy 330, 236 
Lawrence, Elizabeth 330 

Kristen 252, 390, 236 
Lawrence, Michael 390 
Layton, Debbie 225 
Lazaro, Alberto 331 

Nadia 252, 331, 236 
Le, Nhien 331 
Le, Nina 248 
Le, Pauline 331 
Leang, Emily 232 
Leatherwood, Shannon 331 
LeDet, Fabrice 331 
Ledezma, Salvador 331 
Lee, Albert 390 
Lee, Andy 390 
Lee, Anne 331 
Lee, Betty 249, 331 
Lee, Brian 390 
Lee, Candy 248 
Lee, Cecilia 331 
Lee, Chan 331 
Lee, Chan Woo 331 
Lee, Christine 331 
Lee, David 228 
Lee, Derek 390 
Lee, Donald 331 
Lee, Elaine 236 

Elizabeth 248, 249, 225 
Lee, Eun 331 
Lee, EunKyung 331 
Lee, George 331 
Lee, Grace 331 
Lee, Hyun 331 
Lee, James 331 
Lee, Jane 249 
Lee, Janet 249 
Lee, Jeanette 390 
Lee, Jenny 232 


Lee, )erry 331 
Lee, Joann 249 
Lee, John 331 
Lee, |oo 331 
Lee, Jorge 225 
Lee, Josephine 221 
Lee, Karen 221 
Lee, Katherine 236 
Lee, KatherineAnn 221 
Lee, Kelli 331 
Lee, Kenny 390 
Lee, KimSihwa 237 
Lee, Kwan 331 
Lee, Michelle 332 
Lee, Michelle & Nicole 

Zaccku 390 
Lee, Nancy 249, 332 
Lee, Patricia 332 
Lee, Regina 332 
Lee, Resa 332 
Lee, Robert 332 
Lee, Rosa 332 
Lee, Samantha 248 
Lee, Sarah 332 
Lee, Sarahs. 332 
Lee, Shirly 221 
Lee, Soojung 332 
Lee, SusanJ. 332 
Lee, SuzannaY. 332 
Lee, TerryM. 332 
Lee, WonS. 332 
Lee, Woodrow 390 
Lee, YoungK. 332 
Lee, Yuanjiun 332 
Leemon, Diana 332 
LeFebure, Jon 390 
Leibzon, Roman 236 
Leier, Julianna 332 
Leiker, Kim 234 
Lemon, Annie 258 
Len, Daniel 390 
Lenclenmann, Lisa 332 
Lengua, Anita 332 
Lenihan, Bill 332 
Lenkowski, Todd 390 
Leon, Olma 332 
Leong, Alyssa 249 
Leong, Michelle 332 
Leong, Stacey 236 
Leong, Stacy 332 
Leopold, Bart 332 
Lett, Michelle 391 
Levering, Julie 260 
Levin, Gayle 254 
Levin, Melanie 258 
Levin, Rachel 254 
Levy, Lisa 254 
Lew, Debra 391, 221 
Lewis, Jennifer 334 
Lewis, Kendall 334 
Lewis, Laurel 252 
Lewis, Terri 334 
Li, Albert 222 
Li, David 391 
Li, Frank 334 
Li, Mona 234 
Li, Peggy 334 
Li, PeiFang 334 
Li, Roger 391 
Li, Rosa 334 
Li, Warren 334 
Liao, Joy 391 

Liao, Maria 249, 234, 334 
Licke, Chelsea 391 
Lieber, Adam 334 
Liem, ChinChiang 334 
Lim, David 334 
Lim, Eden 237 

Lim. Karen 248 

Lim, Philip 391 

Lim, Riza 334 

Lim, Terence 334 

Lim, Trevor 222 

Limon, Alexandra 237 

Lin, Abby 249 

Lin, Angela 334 

Lin, Christina 334 

Lin, Delicia 237 

Lin, Eveleen 391 

Lin, Jenny 391, 236 

Lin, Jensen 391 

Lin, Jih-shing 334 

Lin, Sandy M. 391 

Lin, WeiKuang 334 

Lindaue, Kari 254 

Linden, Kristen 334 

Lindogan, Victoria 234 

Lingle", Stefanie 258, 334 

Linker, Dana 254 

Linker, Jodi 254 

Linley, Bruce 391 

Linszky, Csaba 334 

Linz, KaH 334 

Lipkin, Craig 334 

Lipkin, Julie 254, 236 

Lippman, David 334 

Lipps, Julie 226 

Lisa, Anna Biason 379 

Litov, Dan 334 

Little, Jami 335 

Liu, Amy 248 

Liu, Fang-ijennifer 335 

Liu, Parousia 391 

Liu, Terry 335 

Liu, Tsan-Kit 335 

Liu, Yi-Ting 225 

Liza, Shirley R. Agliam 292 

Llamado, Marie 335 

Llaurado, Gemma 237 

Llora, Malu 391 

Llovet, Heidi 335 

Lo, Kwok-On 335 

Lo, Leon 222 

Lo, Phil 222 

Lo, Philip 335 

Lo, Richard 335 

Lo, Sharon 335 

Loccisano, Carl 391 

Lochaya, Passuit 335 

Lochaya, Pat 232 

Locsin, Cielito 335 

Loeffler, Jodi 254 

Loeffler, Lissa 258 

Logan, Judy 335 

Loh, Steve 391 

Lohmadi, Ann 232 

Lomeli, Brian 335 

London, Nasha 335 

Longo, Erin 335 

Longstreet, Debra 335 

Loo, Alison 335 

Loo, Dana 221, 335 

Loo, Stacie 335 

Loop, Ken 236 

Lopez, Elva 335 

Lopez, Hector 335 

Lopez, Joseph 335 

Lopez, Melissa 221 

Lopez-Callego, Amy 260 

Lorch, Jeffrey 236 

Lorentzen, Leanne 260 

Lorenzana, Yvonne 335 

Louie, Janis 248, 221 

Louie, Lonnie 335 

Louie, Manda 249, 336 

Louplor, Laphone 232 

Louplor, Laphowe 391 
Lourdes, Ma Valencia 367 
Love, John 336 
Loven, Britten 391 
Low, Eric 336 
Low, Julie 248, 336 
Lowland, Jennifer 336 
Loya, Alma & 392 
Lozano, Robert 336 
Lucas, Steve 207 
Luccy, Yvonne 392, 336 
Luce, Vicky 226 
Luce, Victoria 336 
Luechaa, Ann 232 
Lueck, Kristen 236 
Luftman, Joseph 336 
Lui, Terry 236 
Luke, Michael 336 
Lum, Debbie 336 
Lum, Garret 336 
Luna, Nancy 237 
Lund, Rick 336 
Luner, Suzie 254 
Lungin, Garret 336 
Lunianski, Rachel 254 
Luong, Khoa 336 
Lutz, Rick 336 
Ly, Nghiep 392, 336 
Ly, Phong 336 
Lynch, David 336 
Lynch, Perry 336 
Lynn, Laura Peterson 221 
Lynton, James A. 392 


Ma, Lawrence 336 

Ma, Sophia 232 

Ma, Yeung(Henry) 336 

Mac, Debbie 392 

Macaluso, |oe 336 

Macarthur, Amber 221 


Kristin 252, 336 

Machilao, Andre 336 

Maclnnes, Nina 337 

Mack, Elizabeth 337 

MacLaughlin, Lauren 337 

Madden, Mary 337 


Georgina 337 

Maeda, Brian 337 

Maeda, Stacy 248 

Magiso, Peter 337 

Maguire, Nikki 228 

Mah, Kenney 337 

Mah, Kenny 236 

Mahlow, Paul-Wayne 392 

Mai, Tina 237 

Mai, Tina Meg Masuno 221 

Malbas, Ed 234 

Maline, Rani 337 

Mallakh, Helen 392 

Mallos, Diane 260 

Manalang, Ann 225 

Manalang, Ann- 
Margaret 337 

Manaolis, Ann 225 

Manby, Niki 337 

Manchester, Caren 260 

Manfred, Young 392 

Manion, Megan 337 

Maningo, Victor 263 

Manion, Megan 260 

Mann, Joseph 337 

Manning, Gregory 337 

Manning, Lisa 236, 337 
Manning, Shirlyce 337 
Manning, Tanya 392 
Mannington, Peter 236 
Manoogian, Jason 236 
Mansouri, Shideh 392 
Manzano, Leander 337 
Manzo, Araceli 337 
Mao, Stephen 392, 337 
Mar, Sabrina 249 
Marcelo, Denise 392 
Marchant, Melissa 225 
Marcos, Lisa 337, 225 
Marholev, Christer 337 
Mariano, Gwedolyn 337 
Marin, Geoge 337 
Mark, Dore 222 
Marquez, Letsia 337 
Marquez, Nany 337 
Marquez, Sonia M. 338 
Marron, Roberto 225 
Marrow, Kareema 187 
Martin, Amy 392, 338 
Martin, Billy 192 
Martin, Danette 228 
Martin, Delia 392 
Martin, Ina L. 338 
Martin, Jason W. 338 
Martin, Linda 258 
Martin, Linda W. 338 
Martin, William C. 338 
Martinbo, Bernadette 338 
Martinez, Arturo 338 
Martinez, Elsa I. 338 
Martinez, Francisco 338 
Martinez, Robert F. 338 
Martinez, Tanya 338 
Mascio, Kristin E. 338 
Mason, Claudine M 338 
Mata, Robert 201 
Materre, Dawnielle 221, 


Eryka 338, 221, 236 
Mathiasen, Ron 234 
Mathiowetz, Susan 221 
Mathis, Alicia L. 338 
Mathisen, Neal E. 338 
Matibag, Carolyn G. 338 
Matityahu, Amir M. 338 
Matsumoto, Kara 254 
Matsumoto, Kari 236 

Sandra 258, 234 
Matsunaga, Debora K. 338 
Matsunaga, Mayumi 249 
Matsuno, Miwa 248 
Matsuno, Sarah 338 

Kajuana 221, 236 
Matthews, Kajuana R. 338 
Matthews, Linda G. 338 
Mauceri, Walter 392 
Maule, Susie 392 
Mautner, Cecelia 338 
Mavity, Yolande 338 
Maxheimer, Laura 338 
May, Roberto 338 
Mayeda, Stacy 338 
Mayo, Jennifer 338 
Mazer, Matt 228 
Mazzacavallo, Brandon 236 
McCarthy, Michael 338 
McDaniel, Kevin 392 
McDonald, Ann 338 
McDonald, Melinda 338 
McDonough, Anne- 
Marie 338 

McElliott, Jennifer 340 
McFarland, Kimberly S 221 
McGagin, Kerri 258 
McGhee, Alison 226 
McCinnis, Michelle 340 
McGovern, Peter 392 
McGowan, Robert 340 
McGrath, Christopher 340 
McGrath, Jennifer 392 
McHale, Michael 340 
McKagan, Rachel 392 
McKillop, Teressa 340 
McKinney, Maia 340 
McLane, Mercedes 236 
McLaughlin, Maura 340 
Mead, Raquel 340 
Meador, Michelle 340 
Meadows, Christina 340 
Mebane, Pamela 340 
Medeiros, Maureen 258 
Medina, Michelle 248 
Mednick, Michele 340 
Medrano, Christy 340 
Meehan, Jennifer 340 
Meek, Kelly 340 
Mehrbod, Farrokh 392 
Mehrdad, Fariba 340 
Meier, Cara 258 
Meier, Elizabeth 340 
Meigs, Charisse 340 
Meininger, Thomas 340 
Meiko, Joseph 340 
Melton, Micah 340 
Melton, Regina 237 
Melyan, Michelle 340 
Memmert, Markus 340 
Mendell, Dorie 340 
Mendez, Derek 393 
Mendez, Maria 225 
Mendez, Tricia 225 
Mendez, TriciaAnn 341 
Mendoza, Arlene 341 
Mendoza, Edith 341 
Mendoza, Jessica 341 
Mendoza, Joel 393, 341 
Mendoza, Jose 341 
Mendoza, JuanCarlo 341 
Mendoza, Lydia 393, 341 
Mendoza, Marco 341 
Mendoza, Marie 393 
Menechios, Katherine 341 
Menor, herry 221 
Menzie, Sarah 341 
Merchant, Gregory 341 
Mescavage, Susan 341 
Mesina, Thea 393 
Mevorak, Barak 341 
Mew, Alicia 221 
Meyers, Alysha 221, 236 
Meyers, Gregory 341 
Miao, Wen 222 
Michael, Yukiko 254 
Michaelis, Cheri 341 
Michaels, Kathy 223, 236 
Michaelssen, Tina 258 
Mick, Sharon 341, 225 
Middaugh, Gabrielle 341 
Midgley, Andrew 393 
Miguel, Michelle 221 
Mihal, Daniel 341 
Milan, Diana 393 
Miller, Carolyn 341 
Miller, Erika 254 
Miller, Jennifer 341 
Miller, Jenny 234 
Miller, Kathryn 341 
Miller, Kendra 341 
Miller, Kyhiera 341 


Miller, Pam 226 
Miller, Tracey 221, 341 
Miller, Tracy 236 
Miller, Vann 225 
Mimlilsch, James 342 
Min, Sookl 342 
Min, Susan 221 
Minea, Andreea 342 
Mingst, Kryssle 221, 342 
Miran, |oan-Ruth 221 
Miranda, Anthony 342 
Miranda, Mel 393 
Miranda, Melvin 342 
Miremadi, Michael 342 
Mishkanian, Doris 342 
Mitchell, Karen 342 
Mitchell, Mark 342 
Miura, Chiaki 249 
Miyaji, Sachiko 393 
Miyao, Cheryle 234 
Mizote, Linda 225 
Mobasser, Shahrad 393 
Mochizuki, David 342 
Mohile, Deborah 342 
Molina, Alejandro 342 
Molina, Louis 342 
Molinari, lulianne 342 
Molini, Kathy 163 
Monahan, Kathleen 393 
Mongolkasetarin, Jack 232 
Monique, Hofrath 225 
Monlalvo, Louis 342 
Montellano, Dennis 342 
Montgomery, Anndrea 39 3 
Montgomery, Peter 393 
Montion, Cina 250 
Montoya, Cina 392 
Montoya, Inigo 394 
Montrose, Todd 342 
Moody, Michael 342 
Moon, Hyun 342 
Moon, Junghee 342 
Moore, jacky 258 
Moore, Jeanie 221 
Moore, Julie 234 
Moore, Michael 342 
Moore, Michelle 342, 236 
Moorehead, Kraven 394 
Mora, lesus 342 
Mora, Xavier 342 
Morales, Isaias 343 
Morales, Lisa 343 
Morales, Naritza 234 
Moreno, Gina 343 
Morgenroth, Emily 343, 236 
Morhaime, Richard 343 
Mori, Laura 343, 236 
Morimoto, Jan 248 
Morin, Monique 256 
Morita, Stephanie 343 
Morrissey, Robert 343 
Morsell, Joseph 343 
Mortar Board 235 
Moss, Bridget 394 
Moss, Briget 258 
Motamedi, Ashkan 343 
Motavassel, Shirin 343 
Motwani, Monisha 394 
Moylan, Jim 394 
Mu, Elaine 249 
Muchin, Michael 343 
Mukai, Kenneth 343 
Mukoyama, Tammy 343 
Mullens, Leslie 343 
Muller, Stephen 343 
Mulligan, Martin 192 
Munoyerro, Carmen 343 
Munoz, Carlos 394 

Munoz, Lisa 254 
Murai, Melanie 343 

Melanie 249, 343 
Murdock, Debbie 462 
Murdott, Sherrick 343 
Murillo, Jennifer 394 
Murillo, Jenny 234 
Murphy, Titia 343 
Myer, Karen 343 
Myers, Jacqueline 343 
Myers, Julie 343 
Myers, Laurel 343 
Myron, David 344 


Nack, Leslie 344 
Nadelle, Denise 394 
Nadura, Laura 250 
Nagai, Tanya 221,226 
Nagami, Kim 249 
Nagle, Tracy 344 
Nagos, Elaine 344 
Naim, Arjang 394 
Naim, Pauline 344 
Nainkin, David 192 
Naito, Arlene 248 
Naito, Grace 249 
Najoan, Paul E. 344 
Nakano, Aileen 249 
Nakazono, Kim 249 
Nam, Moon S. 344 
Nam, Roger 344 
Nam, Yun C. 344 
Namaghi, Sohail A. 344 
Namavar, AN 344 
Namoos, Omar 234,344 
Nava, Jose 394 
Navar, Virginia 344 
Navarro, Guillermo 344 
Naylor, Sarah 344 
Nazarian, Devorah 344 
Neal, Chrisopher J. 344 
Negrete, Lorraine 344 
Nelson, Audrey A. 344 
Nelson, Eric 394 
Nelson, James L. 344 
Nelson, Julia C. 344 
Nelson, Karen 187 
Neman, Doreeta 394 
Nenadov, Kathleen R. 344 
Neri, Philip E. 344 
Neustedter, Laura M. 344 
Nevins, Liz 254 
Ng, Pamela 394, 236 
Nghi, Le Dao 382 
Nguyen, Huy 394 
Nguyen, Jason 236 
Nguyen, Jennifer 248 
Nguyen, Kha 394 
Nguyen, Mimi 221 
Nguyen, Nhi 248 
Nguyen, Thuy 234 
Nicole, E. Alexopoulos 293 
Niednagel, Daniel 201 
Niednagel, Steve, 201 
Niefo, Angela 394 
Nieto, Sandy 221 
Nimitsilpa, Paul 232 
Ning, Michael 165 
Nitta, Deanna 221 
No, Jinah 346 
No, Nadia 346 
Noel, Cina 346 
Nogueira, Marcia 234 

Nollar, Joseph 346 
Nordeen, Sean 346 
Nosrati, Saba 346 
Nosse, Wendy 249 
Nourian, Nasim 346 
Nourmand, Nikki 254 
Novida, Benjamin 346 
Nowak, Kenneth 346 
Noyes, Kristin 346 
Nozawa, Sharon 346 
Nuechterlein, Sue 346 
Nunez, Jessica 346 
Nwosu, Ngozi 234 
Nygaard, Jeff 207 
Nyguyen, Alison 250 

Oakley, Cheryl 346 
Obata, Chris 248 

Pauline 223, 346, 236 
Obioha, Igbodike 346 
Ocampo, Albee 394 
Ocampo, laime 394 
Ochoa, Angelica 346 
Ochoa, Joseph 346, 236, 239, 

223, 394 
O'Connor, Kevin 346 
Odegaard, Shani 221 
Odom, Samantha 346 
Oga, Carolyn 346 
Ogasawara, Glenn 346 
Ograin, Christopher 346 
Oh, Barry 346 
Oh, Hong 346 
Oh, Jayne 347 
Oh, JeeSun 347 
Oh, Jeffrey 394 
Oh, Sam 395 
Ohara, Julie 221 
Ohrt, Rudy 236 
Ohshima, Christina 248 
Ohta, Melinda 236 
Ohtomo, Katherine 347 
Oishi, Alric 347 
Okada, Kelly 234 
Okazaki, Nancy 347 
Okinaka, Bobby 395 
Okino, Mary 234 

Constance 347, 225 
Olitsky, Rachel 254 
Olivares, Gisella 234 
Oliver, Patricia 347 
Oliverez, Diane 347 
OIkoskI, Cynthia 347 
Olson, David 347 
Olson, Jennifer 347 
Olson, Kris 347 
O'Neill, Linda 395 
Ong Jr., Don 347 
Ong, Jason 347, 236 
Ong, Mary Jennifer 347 
Oni^shi, Randall 347 
Ooi, Darren 347 
Or, Hin 347 
O'Rand, Darin 347 
Orewyler, Tom 347 
Orozco, Luz 395 
Orozco, Martha 395 
Ortale, Kimberly 347, 225 
Ortaliza, Marites 347, 225 
Ortiz, Teresa 347 
Osako, Mary 221 
Osborne, Andrea 347 

Osborne, Deborah 347 
Osborne, Edward 348 
Oslen, Darren 395 
Ota, Alice 348 
Otroshkin, Stuart 348 
Ou, Lin-ju 348 
Ough, Jacque 395 
Ouyang, Janine 348 
Oyog, Tammy 225 

Pachnada, Alex 234 
Padilla, Art 348 
Padilla, Gabriela 348 
Padilla, Lynn 348 
Paek, Doo 348 
Paez, Kalhia 395 
Page, Amy 348 
Pal, Chi-Tseng 348 
Pal, Julie 348 
Pak, Elisabeth 348 
Pak, Jihyon 348 
Pak, Sangjin 348 
Palamos, Angelie 348 
Palarea, Russ 395 
Palencia, Lorena 348 
Pam, Todd 395, 348 
Pang, Teri 348 
Pang, Tony 395 

Terpsithga 348 
Papetti, Lisa 348 
Parada, Anita 348 
Paradiso, Cristine 348 
Paragas,Tess 395, 221, 348, 

Parasidou, Sofia 348 
Paratore, Monica 349 
Pardee, Natalie 306 
Pareja, Nanette 349 
Pargett, Yvonne 349 
Park, Chong 349 
Park, Jason 349 
Park, Jay 349 
Park, Jee 221 
Park, Jeewon 349 
Park, Mihae 349 
Park, Minjung 349 
Park, Tim 349 
Parker, Rachel 221 
Parker, Stacey 250 
Partridge, Jennifer 349 
Patel, Jayana 234 
Patel, Manisha 349 
Patrick, Jennifer 349 
Patron, Harold 225 
Patterson, Julie 349 
Pauli, Christel 349 
Pavek, Michael 349 
Payne, Elizabeth 395 
Paz, David 349 
Pazdernik, Karl 192 
Peacocke, Adam 207 
Pedroza, Manissa 236 
Peer Health Counselors 234 
Pekary, Dianne 349 
Pena, Jannet 349 
Pendleton, Laurie 349 
Penilla, Albert 349 
Pensinger, Erin 395 
Peralta, Maria 349 
Perez, Jonathan 349 
Perlas, Liza 225 
Perry, Jill 250 
Pesce, Gina 187 

Petchapradub, Vena 232 
Petchpradub, Vena 349 
Petersen, Gilda 349 
Peterson, Beth 350 
Peterson, lanelle 395 
Peterson, Laura 350 
Petree, Jennifer 350 
Petrusis, Tina 350 
Pfeiffer, Steven 350 
Pham, Candi-Aihang 350 
Pham, Joseph 395 
Pham, Katherine 221 
Pham, Kenneth 350 
Pham, Linda 395 
Phillips, Carrie 395, 350 
Phillips, Deborah 350 
Phillips, Wendy 350 
Pho, Lin 350 
Phung, Dung 232 
Phung, Mitzi 248 
Phung, Truong 350 
Pier, Ross 207 
Pierre, Shawn 350 

Patty 249, 395, 232 
Pitch, Sarah 350 
Pirnazar, Payman 350 
Plantharong, Cherng 232 
Pleasant, Darin 192 
Pliha, Chris 207 
Plimier, Aneke 350 
Plothin, David 350 
Plumb, Jennifer 234 
Pobanz, Carl 350 
Pogue, Mike 395 
Pokta, Suriani 350 
Polashuk, Stacie 350 
Polivka, Karl 201 
Ponevuttisaet, Surentorn 237 
Poom, Lida 232 
Porinchak, Eve 350 
Pornsaht, Donnakorn 232 
Porras, Francisco 350 
Portado, Moses 396 
Portillo, Marissa 350 
Portillo, Noemi 350 
Posey, Kimberly 350 
Praditbatuga, Panuchai 232 
Prasarnsuk, Spencer 232 
Price, Kirsten 352 
Price, Yvette 352 
Proctor, James 352 
Profit, Michelle 396, 352 
Profit, Thomas 352 
Proko, Judy 352 
Publications 233 

Quah, Siewber 396 
Quan, Eddie 352 
Quan, Eric 352 
Quan, Kimberly 352 
Quare, Erika 352 
Quesada, Elizabeth 352 
Quigley, Megan 250 
Quigley, Sean 352 
Quinlan, Matt 192 
Quinn, Donald 396 
Quintana, Brenda 221 
Quintanilla, Zulma 236 
Quinlon, Lori 352 



Rabin, Alisa 223, 352 
Rachel, L. Buckner 298 
Radish, M.D. 396 
Radu, Cristian 352 
Ragasa, Vernon 236 
Raggett, Ned 352 
Rahbar, Christopher 352 
Rahbar, Gelareh 396 
Rahimi, Boby 396 
Rahimi, Mohammad 352 
Rai, Grace 352 
Ralls, Lance 396 
Ramirez, Claudia 352 
Ramirez, William 352 
Ramos, Brian 396 
Ranglas, Nikki 396 
Rashtian, Navid 396, 352 
Rasmussen, Paula 250, 187 
Ratclifte, Linda 352 
Rauso, Michael 352 
Raven, lanine 352 
Rayhanzadeh, Debora 396 
Rayray, Cynthia 396 
Reagan, Tim, 225 
Reano, Rowena 353 
Recio, Lucie 353 
Record, Laura 353, 234 
Redd, Mark 353 
Reddick, Judith 353 
Reddy, Vinay 353 
Reed, Derek 353 
Reed, Jason 228 
Reed, Lourdes 221 
Regul, Michelle 250 
Reich, Erika 353 
Reichenthal, lake 353, 236 
Reimers, Mark D. 396 
Reims, Josh 353 
Reinhart, William 353 
Rendahl, Robert 353 
Resendez, Maridith 353 
Rey, Gesele 353 
Reyes, Anthony, Jr. 353 
Reyes, Jennifer 236 
Reyes, Patricia 353 
Reyes, Petronila 396 
Rha, Joe 232 
Rhee, Lauren 396 
Rhee, Un 353 
Rhode, Judy 225 
Rhodes, Andrea 221 
Rhodes, Elizabeth 353 
Riazi, Artemis 353 
Rice, Julia 353 
Rich, Sherri 353 
Richard, Sarah 236 
Richards, Cabot 353 
Richter, Rochelle 250, 353 
Rickel, Valerie 353 
Rico, Regina 353 
Rider, Tiffany 250 
Rierson, Anne 354 
Rierson, Anne M. 354 

Linnea 354, 354 
Riggs, Stepahnie 354 
Riggs, Stephanie 354 
Riley, Dave 234 
Riley, Rosa 354 
Riley, Rosa E. 354 
Rim, JaeJjuhm 354, 354 
Rincon, Jose 396 
Rinderle, Susan 354 
Rinderle, Susan J. 354 
Rious, Taiyo 354, 354 
Rittichier, Scott 354, 354 
Rivard, Michelle 354, 354 

Rivas, Mario 354, 354 
Rivera, Alejandra 354 
Rivera, Alejandra H. 354 
Rivera, Idaliz 354, 354 
Rivera, Maria 306 
Ro, Charles 354 
Ro, Charles C. 354 
Ro, Junna 354, 354 
Robbins, Jim 201 
Robert, M. Strachan Jr. 362 
Roberts, Cameron 250 
Roberts, Dawn 354 
Roberts, Dawn M. 354 
Roberts, Linda 354 
Roberts, Linda M. 354 
Roberts, Susan 225 
Robinson, Bryan 354 
Robinson, Bryan L. 354 
Robinson, Mathew 239 
Robinson, Matthew 354 
Robinson, Matthew R. 354 
Robyne, Maria Serafica 358 

Richard 354, 354 

Carmen 354, 354 

Charles 354, 354 
Rodriguez, Gilbert, III 354 

Guadalupe 354, 354 
Rodriguez, Julie 354 
Rodriguez, Julie R. 354 
Rodriguez, Larissa 354, 354 
Rodriguez, Maria 355 
Rodriguez, Maria L. 355 
Rodriguez, Michael 355 
Rodriguez, Sandra 355 
Rodriguez III, Gilbert 354 
Rofail, George 355, 355 
Rofer, Brian 207 
Rogness, Dana 355 
Rogness, Dana L. 355 
Romero, Catherine 355 
Romero, Margarita 236 

Catherine 355, 355 
Romo, Monica 355, 355 
Ronchetta, Carolina 355 
Ronchetta, Carolina N. 355 
Rondholz, Christopher 396 
Rosas, Lilia 355, 355 
Rose, Janna 396 
Rose, Sandra 355, 355 
Rosenblatt, Paula 355, 355 
Rosenfeld, Dana 355, 355 
Rosenquist, Ami 355, 355 
Rothermel, Christy 396 
Rountree, Jason 355, 355 
Rovello, Dioni 225 
Rowe, Diane 355 
Rowe, Diane E. 355 
Rowley, Karen 355 
Rowley, Karen P. 355 
Roy, Eliza 225 
Roy, Nina 355, 355 
Rozario, Jennifer 355 
Rozario, Jennifer L. 355 
Ruangsuebsin, Blue 232 
Rubenstein, Adam 397 
Rudofsky, Jam! 397 
Ruggiero, Christina 355 
Ruggiero, Christina L. 355 
Ruggles, Craig 355, 355 
Ruiz, Aaron 355, 355 
Ruiz, Everto 355 
Ruiz, Everto E. 355 
Ruiz, Mario 355 

Ruiz, Mario E. 355 
Ruiz, XochitI 236 
Rungruang, Nisa 232 
Russell, Jenni 397 
Russell, Jill 355 
Russell, Jill E. 355 
Russo, Antonietta 356, 356 
Rydell, Jeanne 250 
Rydgren, Aimee 221 
Rynearson, Robert 356, 356 

Saavedra, Rosalia 237 
Sabra, Haissam 201 
Sachdeva, Satvinder 225 
Sachs, Jennifer 397 
Saddique, Hussein 397 
Sadeghi, Parrish 221 
Sadeghi, Samira 356, 356 
Saengpradap, jeanine 397 
Safa, Parsa 397 
Safavi, Afshin 356, 356 
Saffer, Daniel 356, 356 
Sagara, Jason 356, 356 
Sahami, Nazanin 356, 356 
Sahlman, Scott 397 
Sail, Peter 232 
Sakai, Raymond 397 
Sakai, Rina 248 
Sakai, Yoshie 248 
Sakamoto, David 356, 356 
Saker, Grace 356, 356 
Sakihara, David 356, 356 
Salazar, Gerardo 356, 356 
Salib, George 356, 356 
Salinas, Caroline 225 
Salomone, Laura 356, 356 
Samadani, Magnolia 236 
Samarge, Susan 221 

Maureen 356, 356 

Mary 356, 356 
Sanchez, Carlos 356, 356 

Josephine 356, 356 
Sanchez, Judith 397 
Sanchez, Karl 356, 356 
Sanchez, Maria 221 
Sandoval, Cynthia 221 
Sanghi, Apurva 356, 356 
Sangkharat, Amarin 232 
Sanguinetti, Davide 192 
Santiago, Robert 397 
Santiago, Teddy 397 
Santibanes, Renee 397 
Santos, Michelle 250 
Saporito, Joanna 356, 356 
Sapper, Michele 356, 356 
Sarayudej, Cathie 397, 232 
Sariego, Zoe 398, 356, 356 
Sarkissian, John 397 
Sarpy, Julie 356, 356 
Sasaki, Randy 398 

SEfhaiE 248, 221, 356, 356 
Sasis, Edna 248 
Sato, Sean 356, 356 
Satterburg, Cheryl 357 
Saucedo, Martha 236 

Suratchada 232 

Kerry 398, 221, 236 
Saunders, James 357 

Savage, Alicia 357 
Savis, Niloofar 357 
Sawetnant, leerisuda 232 
Sawin, lennifer 357 
Sawyer, Pamela 357 
Sayle, Paige 250 
Scaduto, Tony 357 
Scarpat, Michael 357 
Scarpero, David 398 
Scates, Als 207 
Schaaf, Jennifer 357 
Schecter, Cathy 236 
Schendel, Krista 221 
Scher, Leslie 358, 358 
Schimmel, Miriam 358 
Schimmelfennig, Sofia 398 
Schlimmer, Cynthia 250 
Schneider, Dana 358 
Schneider, Jennifer 398 
Schneider, Marcia 358, 225 

Glen 358, 358 
Scholbrock, Brian 358 
School of Nursing 225 
Schramm, Eric 358 
Schuh, Michael 358 
Schulman, Jessica 358 
Schultz, Paul 358 
Schuman, Gary 358 
Schuman, Gary A. 358 
Schuman, Gina 358 
Schuman, Gina M. 358 
Scola, Renee 358 
Scott, Cynthia 358 
Scott, Toshiko 237 
Sealy, Mike 207 
Search, M.C. 398 
Seares, Kathee 221,358 
Seaver, Amy 398 
See, VeronicaSulian 358 
Seeley, Nancy 358 
Seeley, Nancy L. 358 
Seely, Nancy 225 
Seetachitt, Paul 398 
Seigler, Stephanie 250 
Seikaly, Cori 236 
Seikaly, Myra 236 
Seikaly, Shannon 236 
Seki, Christine 358 
Sekigahama, Linda 398 
Selph, Shane 221 
Seng, Justin 358 
Senior Class Cabinet 223 
Seo, JoungAh 358 
Seong, Soobong 358 
Sept,"Douglas 398 
Serafica, MariaRobyne 358 
Seroussi, Delilah 358 
Seto, Wendy 234 
Setrakian, Sarine 358 

Deyedali 358, 359 
Shabaznia, Monica 250 
Shady, Katherine M. 359 
Shah, Sangita 359, 359 

Noosha 398, 359, 359 
Shamie, Neda 221 
Shamonki, Mousa 398 
Shane, Russell 359 
Shane, Russell W. 359 
Shang, Praise 359 
Shang, Praise T. 359 
Shapiro, Emily 234 
Sharp, DeJwrah 359 
Shashoua, Tally 359 
Shaw, Brian 359, 359 
Shaw, Christa 236 

Shearin, Virgin 225 
Shelve, Lisa 359 
Shelve, Lisa M. 359 
Shelby, Melanie 221 
Shelofsky, Michael 398 
Shepherd, Melissa 359 
Sher, Jason 192 
Sher, Pauline C. 399 
Sheu, Caroline 399, 236 
Shiao, Pam 399 
Shigemura, Jessica 248 
Shih, Cindi 461, 399, 222 
Shih, Francis 359, 359 
Shih, Kathleen 359 
Shimabuku, Ken M. 359 
Shimamoto, Jay 399 
Shimozaki, Andra 399 
Shin, Grace 399, 221 
Shiota, Shin 399 
Shiraki, Mark 399 
Shiratori, Tomokoko 236 
Shively, Linda 399 

Adrienne 359, 359 
Shor, David 399 
Shore, Allison 359 
Shore, Allison L. 359 
Showalter, Althea 225 
Shukia, lagruti 234 
Shukia, Rita 237 
Shulman, Dara 359, 359 
Shung, Irene 359, 360 
Siao, Grace 359, 360 
Sid, Kalvin 359, 360 
Siegel, Deborah 359, 225 
Siegel, Deborah S. 360 
Sierra, Danielle 250 
Sievers, Sievers R. 399 
Silberman, Ari 399 
Silva, Julie 399 
Silver, , Kar 225 
Silver, Rory 359, 360 
Sim, SoHee 359, 360 
Simon, Michelle 250 
Simonovski, Laurie 236 
Simpson, Melissa 359 
Simpson, Melissa M. 360 
Sinclair, Brian 359, 360 
Singer, Scott 360 
Singer, Sibelle E. 360 
Singh, Deepjot K. 360 
Sirbu, Steven 360, 360 
Siswanto, Edwin 399 
Siu, Allister 360, 360 
Siwisa, Davida R. 360 
Sjong, Lisa 360, 360 
Skiff" Sheri Ann 399 
Slater, Juleen 250 
Slater, Kelly 360 
Slaughter, Hilary 360, 360 
Slaughter III, Robert 360 
Slaughter III, Robert L. 360 
Slayton, Thomas 360 
Slayton, Thomas E. 361 
Smakom, Thai 232 
Smelser, Steven 360 
Smelser, Steven D. 361 
Smetanka, Daniel 360 
Smetanka, Daniel J. 361 
Smith, Alexis 221 
Smith, Anthony 360, 361 
Smith, Christine 360 
Smith, Christine N. 361 
Smith, Christy 250 
Smith, Edgar 399 
Smith, Elizabeth 360 
Smith, Elizal^eth L. 361 
Smith, Fingers 399 


Smith, Jill 360 
Smith, Jill F. 361 
Smith, )ohn 360 
Smith, John |. 361 

Kimberly 360, 361, 225 
Smith, Laurie 399, 360 
Smith, Laurie R. 361 
Smith, Paula M. 399 
Smith, Susan 250 
Smith, Taunya 360 
Smith, Taunya ). 361 
Smithe, Anitha 399 
Smitherson, Becka 399 
Smithly, Nicole 400 
Sneed, Jennifer 360 
Sneed, Jennifer L. 361 
Snell, Michele 400 
Snider, James 360 
Snider, James R. 361 
Snider, Marti 400 
Snowden, Suzanne 360 
Snowden, Suzanne W. 361 
Snyder, Daniel 360 
Snyder, Daniel J. 361 
Sogawa, Jennifer 249 
Sohn, Angela 361 
Sohn, Angela M. 361 
Solari, Luanne 361, 361 
Soleimani, Payman 400 
Soil, Stephanie 361, 361 
Solovy, Robert 361 
Solovy, Robert L. 361 
Somarriba, Michelle 361 
Somarriba, Michelle M. 361 

Amanda 361, 362 
Sommers, Laura Teruko 221 
Sommers, Robert 361, 362 
Son, Jennifer 361 
Son, Jennifer M. 362 
Song, Emmy 361 
Song, Emmy K. 362 
Song, Richard 361 
Song, Richard H. 362 
Song, Young 248 
Songer, Kathleen 361 
Songer, Kathleen M. 362 
Soni, Rupam 221 
Sorakubo, Liane 361, 362 
Soriano, Joy 221, 234, 

361, 362 
Sorich, Kathy 250 
Soto, Bertha 361, 362 
Soto, Tom 228 
Soto, Yvette 361 
Soto, Yvette M. 362 

Patricia 361, 362 
Sotomayor, Byron 361 
Sotomayor, Byron M. 362 
Sounthornsawad, Jay 232 
Spancer, David 400 
Sparkman, Jeffrey 361 
Sparkman, Jeffrey M. 362 
Sparks, Phillip 361, 362 
Speraw, John 207 
Sperling, Hilary 361, 362 
Spielman, Samantha 361 
Spielman, Samantha M. 362 
Spinoso, Carmela 361, 362 
Spitzer, April 361 
Spitzer, April M. 363 
Sprague, Eric 361, 363 

Elizabeth 361, 363 
Sraberg, Bradley 362, 363 
Srinivasan, Aarti 221 

Staight, John 362 
Staight, John M. 363 
Stalker, Clint 400 
Stancer, Wendy 221 
Stanojevich, Mary 362 
Stanojevich, Mary J. 363 

Suangsamorn 232 
Star, Emma 400 
Starke, Suzy 236 
Starks, Columbus 363 
States, Suzanne 362 
States, Suzanne P. 363 
Stecher, Nick 400 

Alexandra 362, 363 
Steinaecker, Alicia 362, 363 
Steiner, Jodie 362, 363 
Steinmetz, Barry 362, 363 
Steins, Christopher 362 
Steins, Christopher J. 363 
Stephen, Otis 362, 363 
Stevenson, Lauri 362, 363 

Christopher 362, 363 
Stewart, Jason 362, 363 
Stewart, Julie 250 
Stix, Kineda 400 
Stolarz, Damien P. 400 
Stone, Mark 234 
Stotler, KristineJ. 362 
Stott, Denise 1 87 
Straap, Jacques 400 
Straccia, Dawn K. 362 
Strauss, Andrea 362 
Strauss, Richard 400 
Strong, Amy K. 362 
Strug, Lisa 362 
Stubblefield, Robert 362 
Student Alumni 

Association 236 
Sturman, Dominique 362 
Su, Monica 250 
Suarez, Jaymar 234 
Suarez, Jaymer 362 
Sudberry, Dean 363 
Sueoka, Julie 249 
Sugden, Bruce 239 
Suh, Joshua 400 
Suk, Anne 400 
Sulian, Veronica See 358 
Sullivan, Erik 207 
Sumida, Shawn 248 
Sun, James 363 
Sun, Jennifer 236 
Sun, Rebecca 248 
Sunahara, Reed 207 
Sunderman, Kristyl 400 
Sundling, Paul 363 
Sung, Michael 363 
Sunico, Suzanne 363 
Sunny, May Nguyen 394 
Sunny, Psycho 401 
Sunoo, Julie 363 
Surti, Kavita 234 
Suzuki, Tracy 363 
Swansen, Lisa 225 
Swanson, Shelley 363 
Swartz, Dana 363 
Swartz, Margaret 363 
Swatik, Dave 207 
Swegle, Alison 221 
Sweilzer, Garland 363 
Swerdloff, Alexa 363 
Swioca, Sherry 250 
Sylvester, Walter 363 
Sywak, Natalie 250 

Ta, Tung Hwa 363 
Tabares, Rebecca 363 
Tabuchi, Lori 248 
Tachdjian, Raffi 363 

Varun 232 
Taggart, Patricia 401 
Taghizadeh, Payam 401 
Taguchi, Jennifer 234 
Tahajian, Bradley 363 
Tak, Jung 225 
Takahashi, Tracy 401 
Takaki, Julie 248, 363 
Takayoshi, Seigo 401 
Takesh, Fahimeh 363 
Takeuchi, Yuki 249 
Talamantez, Monique 221 
Talley, Elizabeth 363 
Talley, Liz 234 
Tam, Christine 363 
Tam, Sandy 363 
Tamaddon, Alireza 363 
Tamakawa, Kerri 249 
Tammel, Craig 363 
Tampus, Kareen 221 
Tamura, Kimi 248 
Tan, Bee 363 
Tan, Carmela 401 
Tan, KiatCee 364 
Tan, LeonieL. 364 
Tanabe, Jennifer 221 
Tanaguchi, Kristin 221 
Tanaka, Davidl. 364 
Tanaka, Linda 364, 225 
Tang, Billy 401 
Tang, Charlotte 364 
Tang, Irene 364 
Tang, Jacqueline 221, 364 
Tang, Janine 401 
Tang, PuiShan 364 
Tang, Richard 222 
Tang, Terry 364 
Tanioka, Denyce 249 
Tannirat, Darlene 232 
Tasooji, Ali 401 
Tate, Stacey 364 
Taudavanitij, Nontivich 232 
Taurany, Kenneth 364 
Taylor, Chris 401 
Taylor, Melanie 234 
Tea, Yin 249 
Teglia, Valerie 236 
Templeton, Amy 364 
Tenenbaum, Maureen 364 
Tengan, Audrey M. 401 
Tepsupomchai, Pansak 232 
Teran, MariaMelania 364 
Terry, David 364 
Teruya, Summer 234 
Teshbi, Alex 401 
Tessler, Sheva 364 
Tester, Bram 364 
Thai Smokam 232 
Thang, Paul Do 383 
Thelen, Kathleen 364 
Thiel, Don 232 
Thom, Hedy 364 
Thomas, Cameron 364 
Thompson, Kirk 364 
Thompson, Mark 364 
Thompson, Paul 364 

Toontham 232 
Thornber, Emma 364 

Thorne, Amy 1 87 
Thornton, Candace 401 
Thurmond, Tiffany 401 
Tickles, Tess 309 
Tiguia, Herbert 365 
Tillman, Candace 364 
Tiloore, Kelly 255 
Tilson, Jeffrey 365 
Ting, Louis 365 
Tinsley, David 365 
Tipon, Patricia 365 
Tipple, Debi 225 
Tiquia, Herb 232 
Tir, Soy 365 
Tisch, Eric 365 
Titizian, Virginia 401 
Tjaden, Heather 221 
Tom, Kent 365 
Tom, Lisa 365 
Tomei, Shari 366 
Tomlin, Dean 366 
Tomooka, Roberta 366 
Ton-That, Tuan 366 
Tong, Jules 366 
Topper, Vic 366 
Torbati, Arian 366 
Torney, Liz 228 
Torrealba, Narda 366 
Torres, Angelica 366 
Torres, Daniel 366 
Torres, Daniel P. 401 
Torres, Maria 366 
Toth, Rebecca 401, 221 
Towery, Amy 366 
Towfigh, Shirin 366 
Toy, Sklar 366 
Toy, Susanna 366 
Toy, Suzanna 249 
Tran, Anh 366 
Tran, Betty 401, 366 
Tran, Frankie 401 
Tran, Lien 234 
Tran, Phong 401 
Tran, Phuong 366 
Tran, Thieulam 366 
Traurig, Steven 366 
Tretheway, Kristin 366 
Trevino, Helen 366 
Trinh, Charlene 366 
Trostler, Alison 366 
Troy, Helena 401 
Truong, Danny 232 
Truong, Hung 401 
Tsai, Phoebe 222 
Tsai, Stephanie 249 
Tsai, Yvonne 221 
Tsang, Marilyn 248 
Tsaowonsiri, Sutai 232 
Tsenter, Dima 401 
Tsiang, Angela 366 
Tsuboi, Erynn 248 
Tsuchiyama, Anne 248 
Tu, Helen 221 
Tu, Yao Wen 367 
Tukloff, Tammy 250 
Tung, Dora 237 
Tung, Dora T. 401 
Tung, Tony 232 
Turbeville, Julie 250, 367 
Turner, Beckie, 225 
Turner, Emily 367 
Turner, Mike 367 
Twisselmann, David 367 
Twomey, Brian 401 
Tyagi, Namita 367 
Tyler, Amy 367 
Tyler, Brian 401 


Uchio, Emily 225 
Uebbing, Mary 250 
Uesugi, Kenji 367 
Um, Kristin 249 
Umali, Michelle E. 367 
Ung, Cynthia 249 
Ungerman, Marni 250, 367 
LJribe, Angel 367 
LJrquhart, Sumiko 367 
Urstein, Jill 367 
Usaha, Wankanok 232 
Utsumi, Toshio 367 
Uyeda, Kim 234 
Uyeda, Kimberly 367 

V, Henry 386 
Vahedifar, Payam 234 
Vajrabukka, Sonny 232 
Valdes, Lisette 236 
Valdez, Philip C, 401 
Valdez, William 401 
Valencia, Benjamin 367 
Valentine, Victoria 367 
Valenzuela, Angelica 367 
Vales, Noel 228, 367 
Valladares, Usette 367 
Vallecillos, Glenn 367 
Valois, Glenn 367 

Van Bibber, Richard 367 
VanBoxtel, Deron 367 
VanEckhout, Barbara 368 
VanEeckhout, Barbara 221 
VanLaeken, Nikki 234 

Michael 223, 368, 231 
Vargas, Jane 368 
Vargas, Rebecca 221, 368 
Varner, Jason 368 
Varona, Fiel 225 
Vasquez, Amber 236 
Vasquez, Aurora 221 
Vasquez, Catalina 236 
Vasquez, Roselie 401,368 
Vaughn, Greg 401 
Vavic, Jovan 368 

Naratip 232 
Vega, Claudia 368 
Vega, Glenn 234 
Vekselman, Mike 401 
Velasquez, Vivian 368 
Venable, Davita 368 
Ventura, Christel 248 
Verde, Jesus 368 
Veronika, M. Sandor 397 

VI, Henry 386 
Victorin, Cynthia 368 
Viczorek, Rick 368 
Vidal, Alejandro 368 
Villa, Pancho 401 
Villagra, Beatriz 368 
Villalobos, Carlos 236 
Villalobos, Gena 368 
Villalobos, Veronica 368 
Villaneda, Ruth 368 
Villanueva, Manuel 368 
Villareal, Amy 250 
Villaver, Geredith 368 
Villegas, Geraldine 368 
Viloria, Rodney 368 


Vincent, Taicha 401 
VinclioLi, Denise 368 
VinogracI, Tammy 368 
Vinton, Meg 221 
Vipapan, Kosol 232 
Vir, Kunwar 401 
Viramontes, Silvia 368 
Vitug, Abigail 369 
Vo, Duydang 369 
Vo, DuyLinh 369 
Vogel, Michael 369 
Vogt, Jennifer 369 
Volbeda, Kirsten 225 
Vonderscher, Claudia 369 
Vonderscher, Lisa 369 
Vorasarun, Sanya 232 
Vorasarun, Sariya 248 
Voss, Karilyn 369 
Vu, Kim-Thoa 248 
Vyden, Sarah 369 


Wachal, Mandie 250 
Wacknov, Joel 369 
VVaddy, Sandra 369 
Wagner, Matthew 369 
Wainwright, Dara 369 
Waketord, Kent 369 
Wald, Hiroshi 236 
VValdroup, Jennifer 236 
Walker, Artnita 237 
Walker, Courtney 250 
Walker, Kelly 369 
Walker, Staci 369 
Walton, Andrew 369 
Wan, Marlene 237 
Wang, Amy 369 
Wang, Elizabeth 369 
Wang, Eric 369, 232 
Wang, Jim 236 
Wang, Johnny 226 
Wang, Karen 369 
VVang, Lucy 221 
Wang, Naomi 225 
Wang, Richard 369 
Wang, Sandy 369 
Wang, Yun-Feng 369 
Wangwongvivat, Jiravat 232 
Wansom, Bob 232 
Wansom, Siriruch 370 
Warasopun, Jieb 232 
Ward, Melissa 370 
Warren, Kimberly 370 
Waste, Alisa 370 
Watanabe, Kirk 370 
Watanabe, Lori 221, 370 
Waters, Sarah 225 
Watke, Paula 236 
Watrous, John 370 
Watson, Merci 370, 234 
Waxman, Traci 370 
Webb, Matthew 370 
Webster, Dorothy 228 
Webster, Jen 250 
Webster, Jennifer 370 
Wedemeyer, Allison 250 
Wee, Heesun 370 
Weeks, Pamela 370 
Weese, Marjory 370 
Wei, Courtney 370 
Wei, Gina 370 
Wei, Shao-Wen 370 
Weimer, Janna 370 
Weiner, Elizabeth 370 
Weingarten, Lisa 370 

Weinper, Amy 370 
Weisbarth, Kim 370 
Weisberg, Allyson 370 
Weiss, Gay 232 
Weisz, Monica 370 
Welch, Christa 370 
welfare. Student 

commission 226 
Wenguer, Kili 250 
Werner, EIke 371 
Westhoff, Tricia 371 
Weslphal, Shannon 371 
Whang, Linda 248 
Whang, Sarah 248, 371 
Whang, Sharon 248 
Wharton, Cara 371 
Whitcanack, Laney 221 
Whitcomb, Mike 207 
White, Attica 221 
White, Dahna 234 
White, Julie 250 
Whitmore, Kate 371 
Whittaker, Denise 234 
Whittington, Jennifer 371 
Wichaijanuparp, Mark 232 
Wiertel, Tricia 236 
Wijesinghe, Aruni 371 
Will, Oliver 371 
Williams, Corina 371 
Williams, Eve-Marie 371 
Williams, Holly 371 
Williams, Jay 225 
Williams, Nancy 371 
Williams, Stephen 371 
Williamson, Julie 371 
Willyard, Vincent 371 
Wilson, Antoine 236 
Wilson, Denise 371 
Wilson, Gina 250 
Wilson-Ramirez, Gina 371 
Winer, Heidi 371 
Wingell, Jessica 221 
Winkler, Greg 226 
Winstead, Kevin 236 
Wipf, Amy 371 
Wirin, Melissa 371 
Wise, Stacy 371 
Witt, Justine 371 
Wolf, Heather 371 
Wolf, Kate 371 
Won, Chong B. Shin 359 
Won, Chong Shin 359 
Won, Young 372 
Wong, Adam 372 
Wong, Aimee 372 
Wong, Alice 372 
Wong, Allison 372, 225 
Wong, Amy 372 
Wong, Bonnie 372 
Wong, Clara 372 
Wong, Darlene 225 
Wong, Debra 372 
Wong, Jane 372 
Wong, Jay 236 
Wong, Karina 372 
Wong, Kevin 207 
Wong, Leilani 372 
Wong, Lena 372 
Wong, Mary 248 
Wong, Stuart 372 
Wong, Vivian 372 
Wong, Waihong 372 
Wongvipal, Jan 232 
Woo, Kenneth 372 
Woo, WaiKin 372 
Wood, Frank 372 
Wood, Walter 372 
Woods, Charisse 372 

Woodwardlr., |ohn 372 
Woodworth, Kristina 372 
Wooldridge, Matthew 372 
Worrede, Fitsum 372 
Wright, Forrest 373 
Wu, Annie 373 
Wu, Ben 373 
Wu, Shirley 248 
Wulffson, Katring 250 
Wyer, Natalie 373 
Wynn, Kimberly 221, 236 
Wynne, Alec 228 

X, Mr. 372 

Xu, Yuvao 237 

Yagar, RoseAnne 373 
Yamabe, Karen 373 
Yamaguchi, Dana 373 
Yamamoto, Blythe 221 
Yamamoto, Takako 373 
Yamamura, Jodi 373 
Yamini, Donna 373 
Yan, Wendy 234 
Yanai, Garrett 373 
Yang, Daphne 248 
Yang, John 373 
Yang, Katherine 226 
Yano, Tomoyuki 373 
Yap, Ruth 373 
Yarnell, Allen 228 
Yaros, Lisa 373 
Yasui, Lunn 234 
Yau, Kar-Fai 373 
Yeep, Esperanza 373 
Yeh, Ann 226 
Yeoh, Denise 373 
Yepez, Sylvia 373 
Yeung, Deborah 373 
Yi, Janet 373 
Yi, Jun 373 
Yi, Su 236 
Yim, Michael 373 
Ying, Susie 373 
Yip, Douglas 373 
Yokota, Kariann 374 
Yokota, Travis 374 
Yong, Su Shin 236 
Yoon, Hanie 374 
Yoon, Hea-Jin 374 
Yoon, James 374 
Yoon, Seon 374 
Yoon, Suzanne 221 
Yoshida, Angela 374 
Yoshida, Gina 248 
Yoshida, Julie 374 
Yoshimura, Audra 374 
Young, Alyssa 250 
Young, David 374 
Young, Katy 22 1 
Young, Shannon 237 

Mandana 236 
Youssef, Joumana 374 
Yu, Alan 374 
Yu, Annette 236 
Yu, Annie 374 
Yu, Christina 374 
Yu, Hyunah 374 
Yu, Irving 374 
Yu, Jenny 236 

Yu, Lisa 236 
Yu, Myuheui 237 
Yu, Sandy 237 
Yu, Stephanie 374 
Yu, Victoria 374 
Yuen, Carleen 374 
Yuen, Johnnie 374 
Yuki, Masayuki 374 
Yun, Song K. 374 
Yut, Emily 374 
Yutan, Paul 234 
YWCA 237 

Zaies, Alice 374 
Zamora, Ronald 375 
Zamparelli, Tija 375 
Zavala, J.Antonio 375 
Zayas, Silvia 375 
Zee, Lisa 375 
Zerger, Todd 375 
Zhou, Stephen 375 
Zigman, Leslie 237 
Zimmerman, Suzanne 375 
Zimmerman, Suzy 250 
Zink, AttilaJ. 375 
Zitser, Ernest 375 
Zschaschel, Diana 375 
Zuniga, Teri 375 
Zwiebach, Carol 375 




Kara Francis 
Tess Paragas 


Dun Opemriu 


Max Castillo 


Deri7iis Chin 


RicbcDxl Lanrence 

Copy Staff 

Charmaine Cordero 
Jennifer Kobashi 
Benjamin Holzemer 


Jamie Flynn 


Paris Cbatman 
Angela Daily 
Benjamin Holzemer 
Erika Miller 
Ron (la Sells 


Wendy Bohanan 
Cindi Shih 

Layout Staff 

Sharon Cordero 
Amber Keller 
Sheila Yafai 
Lisa Yii 
Annie Wii 


Sunny Sung 
EJ Endler 

Photo Staff 

Cris AclricDi 
Mel Miranda 
Chris O'Dea 
Renee Santibanes 
Chuck TuJJli 


Bruce Weimer 


Joiny Lin 

Sports Staff 

Christine Bae 



As I am wilting this, it is 3:20 a.m. in the moming and Kara and I are valiantly trying to finish 
EVERYTHING that we had told Terence was finished 3 days ago. However, I am proud to admit that 
this has been our only all-nighter, breaking any traditions our past editors have created. Speaking of 
which I'd like to thank Heidi, Tina, and Clarissa, for paving the way for Kara and I. It just goes to show 
that the best man for the job is a woman. Most importantly, I'd like to thank a sup|X3rtive and 
creative staff for making this yearbook possible. 

Personally, I'd like to thank a few people that have made my college career phenomenal. Kara - no 
one could have asked for a better "partner in crime". Together, we learned 1 ) men are more 
Linpredicatble than women can ever be, 2) how to lie while keeping a straight face, 3) lastly and most 
importantly, that yearbook comes after family, school and sanity. Cathy Choy - thank you for filling 
my undergraduate years with happy memories. Keep doing well at Loyola Law and never give up on 
your dreams. Don. thank you for making college fun. I could only hope that one day both our goals 
of being successful and ethnically sound will be reached. Jody, thanks for sharing the hell of law school 
admissions with me. To my roomies, Jocelyn, Elizabeth, and Allie - thank you for not only being 
my roommates but also my friends. Michel and Cina - you both will be wonderful parents. 
|oy, Rosalie, and Wenona - 3 very extraordinary women who helped me grow up. Thank you for all 
the "Girl's Nights Out" and rap sessions; they made me realize how lucky I am to have friends such 
as you. 

Dad, Mom, and Paul, I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me throughout 
my college career. These past few years have been challenging and oftentimes very difficult. 
However, through you I have learned that with just a little faith, we can live through even the 
most trying times. To the rest of my family (The Luna's, Tuazon's.Yulo's, Paragas', De La Cruz's, 
Nicholas', Lapat's, and Buenaflor's), without your support and encouragement, I would not have Ijeen 
able to accomplish all that I have set out to do. Lastly, I would like to thank Galen Yee for putting up 
with me and sticking by me for the past 4 1 /2 years. You have taught me that even with my very bus\ 
schedule there should be some time set aside for myself and for my loved ones. Thank you for yoLii 
love and your oftbeat sense of humor. 

To everyone who has looked through the pages of this book, we hope that in a small way we havi- 
opened your eyes to the events, people, and ideas that affect us everyday. -Tess Paragas 

I have always hated editors who wrote long winded, boring "thank yous" at the back of their book. Well, one year and 464 pages later here I am, ^nd 
'ingoing to be really long-winded and boring. First and foremost, I have to thank a person who I did not know a year ago. Tess, what can I say, but I wouldn't 
lave done it any other way. I still can't believe how well we work together and how often we agree. You are a great editor and a great friend. I'm going 
:o miss you a lot next year, but I wish you the best of luck at Harvard Law. A little reminder: be careful about sharing your personal life in large, communal 
areas. You're the best, you fool! I would like to thank my mentors, Tina Eshaghpour, Heidi Sommer and Clarissa Aesquivel. I woud also like to thank my 
"riends who helped me make it through the year. Anita, you're the best bud a gal ever had. I admire and cherish your ideals and your passion. Never lose 
sight of them. Ben, thanks for everything, especially the arguments. Ajean, Cassie, jeneane, Susie and Tracy, oh my gawd , I You guys were sooo fun! Our 
Dalatial party palace was a perfect tension release. Keith, thanks for all the great support and laughs. You're my ma-cho, ma-cho man. Mike B., thanks for 
Tiaking me smile when I didn't have much to smile about. I want to warn the Roebling 10967 crew that I now have more time to come kick over your water. 
-inally, I want to thank Mom, Dad, johnny & Jane, Jenny & Kevin. Your inexhausstible support helped me make it through the times I was about to blow 
jp the office. I wouldn't have made it to this page if it wasn't for you guys. This has been the most rewarding project I have ever undertaken. I wouldn't 
:hange a single second for the world, but I have one tip for future editors: don't, whatever you do, take yourself too seriously, and never take Terence seriously. 
Enjoy the book, and I hope we captured the atmosphere, issues, people, and mood of UCLA 1 991-1992. If we didn't, tough luck. -Kara Francis 

We would like to take this opportunity to e,\press our undying apprection for the 1 991 -1 992 Bruin Lite staft. They are a group of extremely 
talented, hard-working, dedicated, and creative people who have made this book a resounding success, which we hope people will continue 
to hear about for years to come. E. J., thanks for your incredible talent in every medium. Gallery is spectacular and epilogue is gorgeous. 
Your artwork lent a new dimension to the book. Don, you're moral support, bottemless cess-pool of gossip, and car kept us running through 
the year. Make sure you take care of your North Carolina speeding ticket. Our business staff may have been small numbers but Max and 
Dennis were anything but small in inovation and hard work. Remember, our goal is 5,000 books. NOT! The profiles and issues sections 
were a success story thanks to Ben, Annie, Charmaine, Jenny, Jennifer and their fearless leader, Richard. Richard, your soap opera life and 
writing skills propelled us through deadline #7. The Greeks and groups staff did a stellar job on the section. Thanks for all your hard work 
and great sense of humor, Jamie. By the way, where is Pi Phi?! Many thanks to Wendy and Cindi who stuck by us even when we had no 
idea what we were doing or how to do it. Good luck next year, you have what it takes. Amber and Sheila, watch out! You will be a powerful 
force in years to come. A special thanks to Lisa for a job very well done on the gallery section. The sports section received a much needed 
facelift thanks to you, Jenny and your one woman staff, Christine. Good luck next year, |enny. just do it. Last but certainly not least, we 
would like to thank our photo staff. Sunny, thanks for your fantastic photos throughout the book and thanks for making us laugh. Cris, your 
photos prove the saying, a picture says a thousand words. Mel, congratulations on graduating! We've seen you grow and mature not only 
as a person but as a photographer as well. Chuck, thanks for sticking around this year. You were a great help. O'Dea, you came to us late 
in the year and yet your pictures abound. You are very talented and your dedication is rare. Don't leave us, whatever you do. Bruuuce, 
although you only wanted to take pictures of sporting events and cheerleaders your photos were fabulous and well worth the wait which was 
sometimes painfully long. Renee, thanks for your original photography. Keep up the good work. Thank you Norm and Terry for lending 
us your studio ckiring crunch time. We would also likelcj thank our publications support, Terence Hsiao, Arvli Ward, Grace Liu and Comm 
Board Chair, David Lipsey, you did a great job considering the odds you faced. Thanks for kint h. And to all of the newsmagazines editors, 
especially Katrina, Sheila, and Jaime, thanks for keeping the campus and the two of us in tLine with progressive idealogues, philosophies, 
and personalities. A Ltita Continua. Anclof course we must include our buddies at Del mar: ToddClontz and Carol Dukelow. Thanks. We're 
outta here! 


The 1 991 -1 992 Bruin Life Yearbook is printed 
on 464 pages ot'9 x 1 2 , 80 lb Mead dull enamel 
paper. Fonts used for headlines and body copy 
were Optima and Lithos. All black and white 
photos were taken with TMAX 400 film, and 
color photos were taken on a variety of slide 
film, including Ektachrome and Fujichrome. 
The cover color is indigo blue. Cover type font 
is Optima and Mistral. All photos were printed 
with a 1 pt. tool line. Our printer was the 
DelmarCompany in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Our representatives were Frank Meyers and 
Tom Larson; our Customer Representative was 
Carol Dukelow. If you have any questions, or 
thoughts, or free beer, please give us a call 
immediately at 310-825-2640, or drop us a 
line at 112 Kerckhoff Hall, 308 Westwood 
Plaza, Los Angeles, California 90024. If you 
still can't get a hold of us. we are probably at 
the beach . . . surfing.