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PHILOLOGIE namlich ist jene ehrwiirdige Kunst, welche von ihrem Vereh 
rer vor Allem eins heischt, bei Seite gehen, sich zeit lassen, still werden, 
langsam werden , als eine Goldschmiedekunst und Kennerschaft des Wortes, 
die lauter feine vorsichtige Arbeit abzuthun hat und Nichts erreicht, wenn 
sie es nicht lento erreicht. Gerade damit aber ist sie heute nbthiger als 
je, gerade dadurch zieht sie und bezaubert sie uns am starksten, mitten in 
einem Zeitalter der "Arbeit", will sagen : der Hast, der unanstandigen und 
schwitzenden Eilfertigkeit, das mit Allem gleich "fertig werden" will, auch 
mit jedem alten und neuen Buche : sie selbst wird nicht so leicht fertig, sie 
lehrt gut lesen ; das heisst langsam, tief, riick und vorsichtig, mit Hinterge- 
danken, mit offen gelassenen Thiiren, mit zarten Fingern und Augen lesen. 1 


1 Philology is that venerable art which demands one thing above all from 
its worshipper, to go aside, to take one's time, to become silent, to become 
slow , as a goldsmith's art and connoisseurship of the word, which has to 
execute nothing but fine delicate work and which achieves nothing if it does 
not achieve it lento. Just that it is what makes it more necessary to day 
than ever, just by this it attracts and charms us most in the midst of an age 
of "work", i. e. of haste, of indecent and sweating hurry which wants "to 
have done " with everything in a moment, with any old and new book too : 
while itself it is not so easily at an end ; it teaches to read well ; that means 
to read slowly, deeply, with consideration and carefully, with reservations, 
with open doors, with delicate fingers and eyes. 



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PART I. - 





#rigmal Sm, No. 131. 



is (fealfennj gr. 




p. 92. The heading must be 

P- 121. 

p. 122. 

p. 143. 

P- 150. 

p. 154. 

p. 177, 178, 179. 

Edelf, Argentil and Cur an. 
Edmund's instead of St. Edmund's. 
K. Edmund's instead of K. Edward's. 
Maude instead of Maud. 
Leave out the date A.D. 1172. 
A.D. 1216. 
Henry III instead of Henry II. 



I PROPOSE to include in a couple of volumes, of which the 
present is the first, an edition of the work commonly called The 
Brut of England, or The Chronicles of England. The entire 
Chronicle with its continuations embraces a period from the 
legendary time of Albina and Brutus to A.D. 1479, while the first 
part which forms the contents of this volume closes with the battle 
of Halidon Hill in 1333. The first part of our Chronicle is a mere 
translation of the French Brut d' Engleterre. Of this work there 
are two independent English translations, of which I have chosen 
the earlier and anonymous one for publication, for reasons which 
are fully explained in the general Introduction which will form the 
last volume of this edition. 

After 1333 we have a certain number of original English 
continuations. The first of these, finishing with the death of 
Edward III in 1377, represents the same version in all MSS. But 
after that date we have several continuations which are quite 
independent of each other. Of these the most important ones have 
been chosen for publication. 

Very few of these continuations can with any certainty be 
ascribed to a known author; most of them exist only in copies 
of MSS. which have perished or dropt out of sight. But the 
question of authorship ceases to be of paramount importance, when 
the information contained in the text can be thoroughly tested by 
contemporary writers, as is the case in the present Chronicle. 
The value of such portions of the narrative as are incapable of 
external authentication, depends on the generally faithful character 
of the context where it has been so proved. 

As history, the first part possesses much original value in its 
later parts after the accession of Edward II; while in several 
of the continuations the narrative becomes even that of a con 

As literature, the Chronicle is as worthless except a few 

x Preface. 

inserted poems as a mediaeval Chronicle possibly can be. But 
nobody will expect to stop a wedding-guest by reciting mediaeval 

For everything else, the reader of these pages is referred to the 
final Introduction. This will contain a list, description and classi 
fication of 167 MSS. in French, English and Latin, 147 of which 
I have been able to examine myself ; and some remarks about the 
language of the most important English texts ; then a history of 
the study of the Brut, an analysis of the different French versions 
and their sources, a description of the two English translations, and 
an examination of the original English continuations and their 
sources; finally, a list of the 13 printed editions between 1400 
and 1528, a description of the Latin versions, and a chapter on 
the influence of the Brut on later writers. 1 Besides that, I shall 
give a fair number of notes, mostly containing illustrations from 
contemporary writers, to explain the historical value of the facts 
related in the Brut. A Glossary of the more uncommon words 
and an Index of Proper Names will form the end. 

It now remains to describe the MSS. which have been used 
for the present volume.' They are three in number, designated 
respectively by the letters E, and D. 

R = MS. Rawl. B. 171 (Bodl.), which forms the text of this 

^volume, represents the oldest English copy of the Brut 

known to me. The hand shows the time of writing to be 

-about 1400. As the MS. wants the first leaves, these have 

been taken from MS. Douce 323. 

= MS. Douce 323 (Bodl.), a late, but very accurate transcript 

written in the beginning of the second half of the 15th 

century. It has been used too for the collation of the whole 

text, as well as 

Z) = MS. Trin. College, Dublin, 490, which was written in the 

beginning of the 15th century. 

Appendix A which closes this volume contains the poetical 

description of the battle of Halidon Hill which forms the 

-end of the second translation. The text is printed from 

the two only existant MSS. of this version, MS. Harley 4690 

and MS. Arundel LVIII in the College of Arms in London. 

1 An abstract of this Introduction Las appeared in German under the 
title : Geschichte und Quellen der mittel englischen Prosachronik The Brute of 
England oder The Chronicles of England. Marburg. N. G. Elwert. 1905. 

Preface. xi 

Further details about the MSS. employed will be found in 
the final Introduction. 

In conclusion, I have to record my obligations to those to whom 
I have been indebted for various acts of kindness and assistance in 
the course of the whole work. Their number is indeed very great. 
Among these I will mention in the first place Dr. Frederick J. 
Furnivall, whose kindness and most valuable experience are always 
placed so courteously at the service of those who require them. 
Much attention and help I have besides received from Professor 
Alois Brandl in Berlin. Nor must I omit publicly to acknowledge 
the useful hints forwarded to me by Professor Priebsch, Professor 
Brandin, Dr. Wylie and Dr. Imelmann. For the loan of their 
MSS., I am highly under obligation to the Earl of Leicester of 
Holkham, and to Mr. William Wynne of Peniarth (co. Merioneth). 
To Mr. John Edwards in Glasgow I am indebted for information 
about the MS. in his possession, and to the Eev. P. Henderson 
Aitken for information about the MSS. kept in the Hunterian 
Museum in Glasgow. Finally I have to thank the authorities of 
the British Museum, that Mecca of all scholars which has become 
my second home, the Bodleian Library, the University Library 
in Cambridge, various Colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, Trinity 
College, Dublin, Lambeth Palace, the College of Arms, the Society 
of Antiquaries, the Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn, Stadtbibliothek 
Hamburg, Bibliotheque Rationale, Mazarine and Genevieve in 
Paris. To Mr. Falconer Madan of the Bodleian, and especially 
to Mr. John A. Herbert of the British Museum, I am under 
great obligations for the continuous and ready aid of their great 
paleographical knowledge. 

Marburg a/L., December 1906. 



The Prolog. 

[KiNG DIOCLICIAN weds his 33 daughters to 33 kings. The daughters 
despise their husbands. When Dioclician scolds them, they kill their 
husbands. Albine and her sisters put to sea. They reach Albion, and 
breed giants by the devil] pp. 1-4 

irs 1-10. 

Of Eneas, his son Ascanius, and his grandson Sylveyn. Of Brut, 
Sylveyn's son. His banishment and his success in Greece. Brut wins 
Gennogen, King Pandras's daughter. He is bidden by Diana to go to 
the isle of Albion. He conquers Gascony, and builds Castle Tours. 
Landingrat Totness. Cornwall is given to Coryn. Foundation of New- 
Troy. Albanak gets Scotland, Camber gets Wales. Death of Brut. 
King Lotryn drives out Huuiber and marries Guentolen, Coryn's 
daughter. Lotryn's death. Estrilde is drowned by Guentolen. King 
Madan. Menpris slays Manlyn , his brother. King Ebrac conquers 
France. King Brut Greneshal. King Leyl. King Lud Ludibras 

pp. 5-16 
Chapters 11-20. 

King Bladud. King Leir and his three daughters. Cordeil becomes 
Queen of France. Leir's retinue is cut down by Cornell and Eigan. 
Leir goes to France to see Cordeil. Leir made king again. Cordeil 
reigns in England. Morgan and Conedag. King Raynolde. King 
Gorbodian. Porrex is slain by Ferrex. Ferrex is murdered by his 
mother. Four kings in Britain. Donewall becomes the only king 

pp. 16-24 
Chapters 21-30. 

Belyn and Brenne. Brenne gets Norse help to invade Belyn. Belyn 
defeats King Gutlagh of Denmark. He makes four causeways across the 
country. He and Brenne invade France. Rome is conquered. King 
Corinbatrus subdues Denmark. Spaniards settle in Ireland. King 
Guentolen. King Seisel. His successors Kymor, Howan, Morwith, 
Grand obodian. The bad King Artogaile becomes good ... pp. 24-29 

Chapters 31-40. 

King Hesider and his Brothers. Thirty-three kings reign after him, 
the last being called Ely. King Lud. Origin of the name of London 

xiv Contents. [CH. XLI-LXXX 

and of Ludgate. King Cassibalam. He drives Julius Caesar out of 
Britain, B.C. 55. The Earl of London calls him back. Caesar subdues 
the English. King Androgen. King Kembelyn. Claudius invades 
Britain, and is beaten, A.D. 41. King Ginder is slain in the battle. 
Armoger weds Claudius's daughter, and is made king . . s pp. 30-35 

Chapters 41-50. 

King Westmer of Britain. He gives Scotland to Berynger's men. 
They make a raid into Ireland for women. King Coil. King Lucie. 
Britain becomes Christian, A.D. 156. Britain a long time without a 
king. Astlepades chosen king. Coil slays him, and becomes his 
successor. King Constance. Constantine becomes Emperor of Rome. 
Octovian is made king. Maximian weds his daughter, and becomes his 
successor. He gives Little Britain to Conan Meriedok. Conan sends 
to Cornwall for maidens, in order to people his country. The Eleven 
Thousand British Virgins. They are driven to Cologne, and martyred 
by Gowan and Elga pp. 36-44 

Chapters 51-60. 

Gowan invades England. Gracian drives him out, and is crowned 
king after Maximian's death. Gowan comes back, but is slain by Con 
stantine. Constantine made king. Britain turns Christian. Constance 
made king by Vortiger's help. Vortiger causes Constance to be 
murdered. Vortiger is made king. Constance's brothers are carried to 
Little Britain. Engist, Horn, and other Saxons, land in Kent. Engisfs 
Thongcastle. His daughter Ronewenne. Wassail and Drinkhail. Vorti 
ger weds Ronewenne. Vortimer made king by the Britons. Ronewenne 
causes Vortimer to be poisoned. Vortyger made king again. Engist's 
treachery, and his conquest of Britain. Britain called Engist's land. 
Vortiger goes to Wales pp. 44-56 

Chapters 61-70. 

Vortiger sends for the child Merlin. Merlin and his mother talk 
with Vortiger. Merlin explains the signification of the two Dragons 
under the Castle. His prophecy. Aurilambros and Uter arrive in 
Britain. Vortiger flees. Vortiger and Engist are slain. King Auri 
lambros. Merlin moves the Giants' stones from Ireland and makes 
Stonehenge. Guillomer of Ireland's invasion. Aurilambros poisoned. 
A star appears after his death. Merlin tells its signification. Uther 
Pendragon crowned. His two Dragons. Relief of York. The siege 
of Tintagel ... pp. 56-66 

Chapters 71-80. 

Uther begets Arthur on Igerne, and weds her. He defeats Octa and 
Ossa. He is poisoned by the Saxons. Arthur is made king. He 
defeats Cheldrik and Hoel. Their treachery. Arthur beats the Saxons 
at Bath. Merlin's prophecies. Arthur defeats Guillomer of Ireland, 

CH. LXXXI-CXX] Contents. xv 

and grants mercy to the Scots. He weds Gunnore, and conquers all 
Ireland. Fame of Arthur's Court. The foundation of the Round Table. 
Arthur fights and kills Frolle, and wins Paris. He divides France 
among his Knights. Arthur's feast. The Roman Emperor's summons 
to him pp. 66-82 

Chapters 81-90. 

Arthur's] defiant answer. The Roman Emperor and he prepare to 
fight. Arthur's followers. He slays the Spanish Giant who ravished 
and killed fair Elyne. He beats the Romans, and buries his own slain. 
Mordred is traitorous, and rebels against Arthur. He fights Arthur at 
sea, and flees to Cornwall. He is beaten by Arthur and slain. Arthur 
himself wounded to death. He appoints Constantyne king. Constan- 
tyne's war with Mordred's sons pp. 82-91 

Chapters 91-100. 

King Adelbright and King Edelf. Argentil married to Curan. King 
Conan. King Certif. The Saxons ask Gurmond for help. Gurmond 
and the Saxons drive out the Britons. Chichester taken. "Britain" 
changed to " England." The seven kingdoms. Pope Gregory and the 
English children. St. Austin lands in Kent, A.D. 596. Adelbright 
baptized. St. Austin and the rays' tails. Wales refuses St. Austin and 
the Pope. It is to be invaded. King Brecyval of Leicester slain. 
Cadwaladre made King of the Britons. He and Elfrid are friends. 
Quarrel between Edwyne and Cad walayn pp. 91-101 

Chapters 101-110. 

King Oswold is killed, A.D. 642. Peanda seizes his land. Peanda 
beaten by Oswy, A.D. 655. Oswyn beaten by Oswy. Ossa becomes chief 
of all kings of England. King Alfred's Chronicles. King Osbright 
rapes Buerne's wife. Buerne defies King Osbright, and seeks Danish 
help. The Danes kill Osbright, and take York. They ravage England,, 
and martyr St. Edmund, A.D. 866. Hubba and Hungar take Rending. 
At last the Danes are beaten, and pray for peace. Danes at Chippen- 
ham, A.D. 877. Alfred defeats the Danes. The Danish king baptized, 
A.D. 878. Alfred's reign and books. Edward, his son, made king, A.D. 
900. The Danes come again to England pp. 101-1 12 

Chapters 111-120. 

The Kings Athelstan, Edmund, Eldred and Edwin fight the Danes. 
The good King Edgar sole king, A.D. 959. Ethelwold deceives King 
Edgar about Estrilde. Ethelwold is killed, and Edgar weds Estrilde. 
Edgar and Archbishop Dunstan. Edgar's death, A.D. 975. Edward 
the Martyr is murdered at Corfe, A.D. 978. Eldred crowned by Dunstan. 
Sweyn and the Danes invade England, A.D. 994. Death of Sweyn, A.D. 
1014. King Eldred fights Cnut. Cnut and Edmund Ironside share 
England, A.D. 1016. Edmund is killed, and his murderer drowned. 

xvi Contents. [CH. CXXI-CLX 

Cnut sends Edmund's sons to Denmark to be murdered. Edward, 
Edmund's son, marries the daughter of the King of Hungary. Cnut 
conquers Norway, A.D. 1028. He tries to stop the Thames. His death, 
A.D. 1035 pp. 112-124 

Chapters 121-130. 

King Harold Harefoot reigns. Hardicanute succeeds him. He 
recalls his mother to England. His death, A.D. 1042. The English 
send into Normandy for Alfred and Edward. Godwin has Prince 
Alfred murdered. Accession of Edward the Confessor, A.D. 1042. He 
reproaches Godwin for the death of his brother. He forgives Godwin, 
and weds his daughter. His miraculous sight of King Sweyn. Miracu 
lous appearance of St. John to pilgrims. Their journey to Edward. 
King Edward's death, A.D. 1066 pp. 125-134 

Chapters 131-140. 

Harold is made king. His oath to Duke William. He breaks it. 
William invades England and slays Harold, A.D. 1066. William 
crowned King of England. William the Conqueror dies, William the 
Red succeeds, A.D. 1087. Quarrel with Archbishop Anselm. The 
Dreams of and about the king. Rufus shot. Henry Beauclerc reigns, 
A.D. 1100. Henry's church disputes. He conquers Normandy. War with 
Louis of France, A.D. 1109-1113. Henry's sons drowned, A.D. 1120. 
His daughter Maud comes to England. Henry I's death. Stephen 
succeeds him, A.D. 1135. He takes Lincoln, A.D. 1141. The Empress 
Maude escapes from Oxford. Maude's son Henry gets Normandy, A.D. 
1144, and arrives in England, A.D. 1149. King Stephen dies, A.D. 1153 

pp. 134-147 
Chapters 141-150. 

Henry II's coronation, A.D. 1154. He invades Wales. Thomas & 
Becket made primate, A.D. 1162. Becket quits England, A.D. 1164. 
War between king and primate, A.D. 1165-1170. Thomas & Becket 
slain, A.D. 1170. Henry and his sons. Henry II dies, A.D. 1189. The 
loss of the Holy Land. The Crusade. Richard I and the Crusade. 
He is imprisoned, A.D. 1192. His return to England. He is wounded 
to the Death at Castle Gaillard, A.D. 1199. King John, his successor, 
loses Normandy. Langton becomes Archbishop, A.D. 1207. England 
interdicted by the Pope's order. Compromise between the Pope and 
King John. John refuses to restore the Church's goods, and ruins the 
Cistercians. The Pope's Demands. John's exceptions to them. The 
Pope's legates declare the Excommunication of England. A clerical 
coiner is set free by Pandolf. King John gives in to the Pope, A.D. 1213 

pp. 147-163 
Chapters 151-160. 

King John's deed of surrender to the Pope. The exiled papists 
come back. The King welcomes Archbishop Langton. The seven 

CH. CLXI-CXC] Contents. xvii 

years' interdict is ended. The King's misdeeds. He grants Magna 
Charta, A.D. 1215. The Barons conspire against him. The crown 
offered to Louis of France. Louis invades England. King John 
poisoned by a Swineshead monk, A.D. 1216. Henry III succeeds him. 
Progress of the war. Wales is interdicted. Louis defeated at Lincoln, 
A.D. 1217. French fleet is destroyed [off Sandwich]. Treaty between 
Henry III and Louis. Henry confirms King John's Charter, A.D. 1217. 
Henry marries, A.D. 1236. Granting of new charters. The Barons' 
war. Battle of Lewes, A.D. 1264. Battle of Evesham, A.D. 1265. 
Battle of Chesterfield, A.D. 1266. Siege of Kenilworth. The exiled 
rebels are forgiven, A.D. 1267. Henry Ill's death, A.D. 1272. Merlin's 
prophecy of Henry III pp. 163-178 

Chapters 161-170. 

Edward I crowned. Coronation festivities. Edward's first cam 
paign against Lewelyn of Wales, A.D. 1277. The second Welsh 
campaign, A.D. 1278. Bad coinage reformed. Lewelyn's third rebellion, 
A.D. 1282. Lewelyn is slain. David, Prince of Wales, rebels against 
Edward. Execution of David, A.D. 1283. Edward subdues Wales. 
Revolt of Rys ap Meriedok, A.D. 1287. Punishment of bad judges, 
A.D. 1289. Expulsion of the Jews, A.D. 1290. The claimants to the 
Scottish throne. Edward declares Balliol King of Scotland, A.D. 1292. 
The Normans at Dover, A.D. 1293. The defenders of Gascony taken by 
the French, A.D. 1294. Balliol rebels, A.D. 1295. Turberville's deceit. 
Siege of Berwick, A.D. 1296. Edward I and his long shanks. Balliol 
is beaten at Berwick Castle. English victory at Dunbar, A.D. 1296. 
Mock-song against the Scots. Edward forgives Balliol and the rebel 
Scots. The Scots choose Wallace their king, A.D. 1297. Wallace's 
truce with France. He defeats the English at Stirling Bridge. Edward 
ravages Scotland. He defeats the Scots at Falkirk, A.D. 1298 

pp. 179-194 

Chapters 171-180. 

King Edward marries Margaret of France, A.D. 1299. The third 
campaign against Scotland, A.D. 1303. Stirling Castle surrenders, 
A.D. 1304. Ordinance of Trailbaston, A.D. 1305. Edward imprisons 
his son. Wallace is hanged, A.D. 1305. Robert Bruce claims the 
crown of Scotland, and repudiates Edward I. Comyn opposes Bruce. 
Bruce kills Comyn, and is crowned king, A.D. 1306. Edward prepares 
for a fresh conquest of Scotland ... ... pp. 194-200 

Chapters 181-190. 

Edward I invades Scotland. Bruce defeated [at Methven], A.D. 1306. 
Sir Syrnond Frisell is hanged, and the Earl of Athol taken. Bruce 
flees to Norway. Edward I prepares for his death, A.D. 1307. Merlin's 
prophecies about him. Edward II his successor. He weds Princess 
Isabel of France, and is crowned, A.D. 1308. Piers Gaveston. His 
BRUT. ^ 

xviii Contents. [CH. cxci-ccxx 

unpopularity and pride. He is sent to Ireland. Gaveston's return 
condoned by Parliament at Stamford, A.D. 1309. Murder of Gaveston, 
A.D. 1312. Bruce's return to Scotland. He defeats Edward II at 
Bannockburn, A.D. 1314. Mock-song of the Scotch maidens. John 
Tanner. Berwick taken, A.D. 1318. Two Cardinals robbed in England, 
A.D. 1317. Great Famine in England, A.D. 1315-1317. The Scots 
plunder Northumberland ... pp. 200-210 

Chapters 191-200. 

Scotland interdicted, A.D. 1318. The younger Hugh le Spenser is 
made the King's chamberlain. Renewed attack on Scotland. The 
English defeated in the White Battle at My ton, A.D. 1319. Hugh 
le Spenser's pride. The harm done by the Spensers. The Spensers 
exiled, A.D. 1321. The father curses the son. Recall of the Spensers, 
A.D. 1322. Siege of Leeds, A.D. 1321. Thomas of Lancaster outlawed. 
Siege of Tickhill Castle raised by the King. Robert Holond's treachery. 
Thomas of Lancaster and the rebels go to Burbridge, A.D. 1322. 
Thomas tries to win over Sir Andrew Hercela. Battle of Burbridge. 
Humphrey de Bohun slain. Thomas of Lancaster taken. Mixt races 
in England. Thomas imprisoned at Pontefract. He is scandalously 
treated and beheaded, A.D. 1322. Other rebels executed. The triumph 
of the Spensers. They advise a renewed attack on the Scots. The 
English are defeated at Byland, A.D. 1322. Lord Carlisle taken and 
disgraced for his treachery. His execution, A.D. 1323 ... pp. 210-228 

Chapters 201-210. 

Miracles for the Martyr, St. Thomas of Lancaster. The pilgrimages 
to his tomb stopped by the advice of the Spensers. Sir Roger Mortimer 
escapes from the Tower, A.D. 1323. The King seizes the Queen's 
lands. He sends his Queen to France to make peace. His son Edward 
does homage to Charles IV. Edward II exiles his Queen and Prince 
Edward, A.D. 1325. The Spensers' conspiracy against Queen Isabel 
and her son. Queen Isabel proposes to invade England. Edward II's 
preparations against his wife and son, A.D. 1326. Landing of Isabel 
and Mortimer. Bishop Stapleton and his two Squires are beheaded. 
King Edward is taken prisoner. The Spensers are hanged, and 
other traitors beheaded. The Nobles agree to depose Edward II, 
A.D. 1327. The Nobles, Bishops and Knights disclaim him 

pp. 228-242 
Chapters 211-220. 

Prophecies of Merlin about Edward II. Edward III crowned, A.D. 
1327. England happy under him. Attempt to set Edward II free. 
Abortive Scottish campaign. Mock-song of the Scotch. The Scots 
invade England. A fine army opposes them. Through Mortimer's 
treachery, the Scots escape at Stanhope Park. Two moons appear. 
Two Popes elected. Edward II murdered in Corfe Castle, A.D. 1328. 

CH. ccxxi-ccxxni] Contents. xix 

Edward III weds Philippa of Hainault. The shameful peace of 
Northampton between the English and Scotch. Bruce's son to be 
King of Scotland. Queen Isabel becomes hated. Robert of Holand is 
killed. Demands of the objectors to Queen Isabel's doings. Her 
opponents give in. Henry of Lancaster and his followers exiled. 
Edward III does homage for Guienne. Mortimer's ambition. Contrast 
between the King of Folly and King Arthur pp. 242-262 

Chapters 221-223. 

Edmund of Woodstock gets leave to seek for Edward II, A.D. 1329. 
Sir John Daverel betrays him. Isabella appeals to Edward III to kill 
Edmund of Woodstock. He is arrested, tried for treason, and beheaded, 
A.D. 1330. Pride and avarice of Roger Mortimer. Edward Ill's 
council plan their defence. The secret passage into Nottingham 
Castle. Mortimer is taken and condemned to death, A.D. 1330. " Sir 
John Turnetabard." Edward Balliol is imprisoned in France. Prepara 
tions to make Edward Balliol King of Scotland. Edward III gives him 
leave to go to Scotland, A.D. 1332. He lands there, and routs the Earl 
of Fife. His speech to his men. He beats his Scotch opposers. A 
coming battle. Balliol routs the Scots. The Fleming pirate Crab. 
Balliol is crowned King of Scotland, and does homage to Edward III. 
^Attempt to murder him. He and Edward III besiege Berwick, A.D. 
1333. The Scots offer to surrender Berwick if help does not come 
soon. The Scots make ready to fight. The five wards of their army. 
The English rout them at Halidon Hill, 19 July 1333 ... pp. 263-286 

The longer Romance of the Battle of Halidon Hill ... pp. 287-289 
A shorter fragmentary version of the same p. 289 

0f (Singlanb. 

[MS. Douce 323, Bodleian Library.] 

[How King Dioclisian wedded his 33 Daughters to 33 Kings 
whom they afterwards murderd; and how these Widows 
came to England, & had children by the Giants of the 

the noble lande of Surrye 4 ther was a noble kyng and 
mygfrty, & a man of grete renou?i, fat me called! Dyocli- 
cian, fat wel and worthily hym gouemede, & rewlede 
thurgli his noble chiualrye, so fat he conquered? alle f e 
landes abowte hym, so that almoste aH f e kynges of f e 
world? to hym were entendauwt. U Hyt befell thus, fat 
this Dioclician spousede a gentyl damysele fat was wondyr 
1 2 f ayr, fat was hys Eemys dough" ter, Labana ; & sche loued! hym as 
reson) wolde, so fat he gate vpon here xxxiij dough tres, of f e which 
f e eldest me called Albyne. And fese 5 Damysels, whan fey comyn 
in-to 6 Age, bycomen 7 so fayre fat it was wondyr. U Wherfore 
16 this Dioclician anon lete make A sompnyng, & comau?idid by his 
lettres fat Alle f e kyngys fat heldyn of hym schulde come at A 
certayn day, as in his lettres was 8 conteyned?, to make A ryal feste. 
At which day, f edir fey comyn, & brought w?'t/j hem Amyralles, 
20 Prynces & Dukes, & noble Chiualrye. f e feste was ryally Arayd ; 
& fere fey lyved in ioy and merthe y-now, that it was wonder to 

II And hit befelle fus, fat fis Dioclician foughte maryen his 
24 Doughtres among aH: f o knyglitys 9 fat tho were at that solempnite ; 

1 The text to the end of Chapter V is taken from MS. Douce 323, as it is 
wanting (except just the latter part of Chapter V, which is too blurred and 
indistinct to be copied] in MS. Rawlinson B 171. The collation following is of 
MS. Trin. Coll. Dublin 490 (D). 2 leaf I. 

3 D has this heading: Her* may a man hure How Engelande was ferst 
callede Albyon and through whome it hade the name. 

4 Syrrie 5 >is 6 vnto 7 bicome 8 were 9 kynges 

2 King Dioclician' s Daughters despise their Hiisbands. [PROL. 

and so they speken 1 & dede, that Albyne, his eldest doughter, 
& alle here 2 sustres, richely were maryed? vnto xxxiij kynges 3 that 
wer 94 lordes of gret honour, & Also power, at fis solenipnite. And 
whanne f e solenipnite was done, Query kyng nome his wyf, & lad 4 
hem into here owne cuntre, and there maad hem quene. IT And 
hit byfelle f us aftyrward', fat fis dame Albyne bycome so stoute 
& so stern e, J>at sche told litel prys of her* lord!, And of hym hadde 
scorne and dyspite, and wolde not done his wylle, but wolde haue 8 
here owne wyft in diuerses 5 maners. And ali her other sustres, 
eche on 6 bere hem so euel a-yens here lordes, fat it was wonder 
to wete. U And for-as-mych as hem thought 7 fat here housebondes 
were not 8 of so hye parage comen as here fadyr. U But tho kynges 12 
fat were her lordes, wolde haue chastysedl 9 with" fayr speche & 
byhestes, & also for 8 }iftes, and warnyd hem in fayr maner vpon 
all loue and frenschipe fat fei scholde Amende hir 10 lithir condi- 
czons ; but al it was for nou^t, for they deden her owne wil in ali 16 
fyng 11 fat hem lykede & hadde of power, wherfore fo xxxiij 
kynges, vpon A tyme, and oftyn-tymes, beten here wyfes, for fey 
wende that fei wolde haue Amended here tacches and here wykkyd 
thewes ; but of such condicions J>ei were fat, for fayr speche & 20 
warnyng 1 , fei deden the 12 wors, & for betynges 13 eft-sone my eh" 13 
wors. Wherfore f e kyng fat hadde wedded Albyne, wrote f e 
tacches & f e8 condic^ons of his wyf Albyne, & f e le^re sent to 
Dioclician, her fader. 11 And whenne f e8 other kynges herde that 24 
Albynes lord? had sent le^re to Dioclician, anew fey sente lettres 
enseledl with here seeles [of] f e condic^ons and f e tacches of here 

U Whanne f e Kyng Dioclician saw & herde so many pleyntes 28 
of his doughters, he was 8 sore a-schamed?, & bycome wonder Angry 
& wroth to- ward his doughters, & fought bof e nyght & day how 
he f o myghte amende hit fat fey so mysdede. U And anon sente 
his lettres vnto f o xxxiij 14 kynges, fat fey schulde come to hym, 32 
& brynge -with hem here wyfes, eue/ychon at a certayn day, for he 
wolde fere chastise hem of here wikkydnes, if he myghte in eny 
maner wyse. So fat f e kynges comen AH at fe 15 day & tyme fat 

I spoken 2 her* ojxjre 

3 knyghtes struck out, and kynges written after it. 4 weren 

6 diuerse 6 euerycheon 7 J>ou3t noujt 

8 om. 9 chastisede ham 10 her" maners ]>at wer" so 

II J>i"ges 12 leaf \, back. 13 ~ 13 eftesones michel 
14 !i 15 , 

PROL.] Dioclician scolds his Daughters. 3 

fo was sette bytwen hem; & f e Kyng Dioclician hem vndir-fenge 1 
with mychel honour, & made A solempne feste to aH fat were 
vndir his lordschipe. And f e thrid day of fat 2 solempnyte, f e 
4 kyng Dioclician sente for 3 his xxxiij doughtres, fat fei schulde 
come & speke with hym in his chambre. & whenne fey were 
comen, he spak 1 vn-to hem of here wikkydnes & of here cruelte, 
& dispitously 4 hem reproued! And* vndirnam, 5 & to hem he sayde 
8 fat, 3if fei wolde not be 6 chastised*, fei schulde his loue lese for 
euermore. U And whanne f e ladyes herd 7 al this, fei become?* 8 
abasshed! & gretly a-schamed< ; & to here fadir fey seyd fat fei 
wolde make al amendes ; & so fey departed* out from here fadres 9 

1 2 chambre. and Dame Albyne, fat was f e eldest suster, lad hem aH 
into her chambre, & fo made voide al fat were ferin, so fat no 
lyf was among 110 hem but sche & here sustres y-fere. 11 f saide 
fis Albyne U "My fair sustres, ful weel 36 12 knowif fat f e kyng 

16 oure fadir, vs hath reprouyd?, schamed & dispisedl, 13 for encheson) 
to make vs obedient vn-to oure housbandes ; but certes J?t schal y 
neuere, whiles fat I lyve, seth fat I u am come 14 of a more hyere 
kynges blod? fan my 15 housband is." & whan sche had so seyd, 

20 aH here sustres seyd f e same. U And f o seyd Albyne : " ful 
wel y wot, fayr sustres, fat oure housbandes haue playnedf vnto 
owre fadir vpon vs, wherfore he hath 16 fus vs 16 foul reproued 
& dispisedl. wherfore, sustres, my counseil is fat, fis nyght, 

24 when owre housbandes ben abed, 17 aH we with" on assent cutten 
here throtes, & fan we mow be in pees of hem, & better we mowe 
do fz's fing vndir our fadres power fan elles- where." & anon 
AH f e ladyes 18 consentid? and graunted vnto fis counceil. U And 

28 whan nyght was comyn, f e lordes & ladies wente to bedde, & anon 
as here lordes were in 19 slepe, fei cutte 20 aH here housbandes 
throtes, & so they slowen hem aH. 

11 whan fat Dioclician 21 her fader herd! of fis fing, 22 he by- 

32 come 22 hugely wroth A-^ens his Doughtres, & anon wolde hem aft 
haue brent ; but Alle f e barourcs & lordes of Sirrye conceilyd? hym 
not so for-to don suche sternys to his owne doughtres, but onlycli 
schulde voide f e land of hem for euermore, so fat fei neuere 

36 schulde come a^en ; & so he dede. 11" And anon Dioclician, fat 

1 vnderfong* 2 ]>Q 3 after 4 despitely 5 vndenam 

6 bene 7 harden 8 bicome 9 fadei 10 amonges n infere 

12 we 13 despitede 14 14 comen I5 myn J6 - 16 vs }>us 

17 in bede 18 leaf 2. 19 on 20 cotten 21 Dioclician >e kyng* 

22_ V2 

4 They reach Albion, and breed Giants by the Devil. [PROL. 

was here fadir, 1 commauwdid hem to gon in-to schipe, & deliueryd? 
to hem vitailles for half a 2 ^eer. and when pis was don, aH p e 
sustryn 3 went in-to Shipe, & saylled forth in y See, & be-toke alle 
her frendes to Appolyn, pat was her god?. And so long pey sallied' 4 
in Y See, til at pe laste pei come 4 & aryued? in an yle pat was aH 
wyldernes. 51 Audi when dame Albyne was come to pat land', & 
aH her sustres, pis Albyne went ferst 5 owt of Y shipe, 5 & sayde to 
here oper sustres : " for-as-mich," qwodf 6 sche, " as I am p e eldest 8 
suster of aH pis cumpanye, & ferst pis land haue takyn, & for-as- 
meche as myn 7 name is Albyne, y wil pat pis land 1 be called' 
Albyon, after mjn owne name;" & anon aH here Sustren 3 her 
graunted? with a 2 good wylle. 12 

U Tho wente?i owt aH Y Sustres of Y Shippe, & tokyn p e lond 
Albyon), as here Suster called? hit ; & pere pei wente vp and doun), 
and founde neiper man ne woman ne child', but 1 wylde bestes of 
diuers 8 kyndes. IT And whan here vitaiH 9 were dispeftdid', & hem 16 
faylled?, pei fedde hem with erbes & frutes in seson) of p e ^eer, & 
so pey lyued? 10 as pei beste myght. And after J?at, J?ei tokyn flessh 
of diue?*s 8 beestys, and bycomen wondir fatte, and so jjei desirid 11 
mannes cumpanye and mannys kynde ]?at hem faylled? ; and for 20 
hete they woxen wondir coraious of kynde 5 )>at hem fay lied, 6 so ]?at 
pey desirid' more mannys cwftpanye J)an eny other solas or merthe. 

H Whawne jje DeuyH that perceyued' and wente by diue?*s 8 
contres, & nome bodyes of Y e y re ^ liky n g natures shad of men, 24 
& come in-to Y ^ an( i f Albyon and lay by pe 12 wymine?z, and 
schad tho natures vpon hem, & they concerned', and afte? f J?ei 
broughten 13 fortli Geau7^tes, of )>e which on me called? Gogmagog 1 , 
and anoper Laugherigan, & so )>ei were nompnedf by diuers 14 28 
names; & in Ipis manere they comen forth, and weren 15 boren 
horrible Geauntes in Albion) ; & fey dwellyd in Cauys & in hulles 
at l)ere wiH, & had J? e lond? of Albyon; as hem liked?, vn-to Y 
tyme J?at Brut Arryved & come to Tottenesse, pat was in Y H G ^2 
of Albyon). and pere pis Brut conqueryd? & scomfyted' these 16 
17 geaunte3 aboueseyd'. 

Here endeth pe prolog of Albyon), pat po was an He. and 
herkenetii 18 now how Brute was geten, & how he slow, 36 

1 fader* anon 2 cm. 3 sustres 4 comen 5 5 om 

6 quo]) 7 my 8 diuerses 9 vitailes 

10 leueden " desirden 12 >o 13 broujt 

15 wer 1 16 l>e 17 leaf 2, back, 18 herke> 

CH. i] Of Eneas, Ms son Ascanius, and grandson Sylveyn. 5 

ferst Ms Modir, & Afterward' his fadir; & how he Con 
quered' Albyon), fat After he nepned Brytaigne, after his 1 
name, fat now is y-called' 2 Engelond', After fe name of 
4 Engist of Saxoyne. Capitwlo Primo. 

I 1ST the noble Cyte of gret Troye, fe?* was a noble knyght & 3 a 
myghty, & 3 a man of gret power, fat me callyd Eneas. And 
whan Y Cytee of Troye was lost & dystroyed' thurgh" hem of 
8 Greet, fis Eneas, with al his mayn 4 fled 5 thens, & come in-to 
Lumbardye, fat f o was lord & gouernour of fat land' a kyng fat 
me called' 6 Latyme, and another kyng 1 fo was fat me called? 6 
Turocelyn, fat stronglich 7 werred' vpon fis Kyng 1 Latyme, fat 

12 often-tymes ded hym moche 8 sorowe & myche 9 harm. 11 And 
whan fis Kyng Latyme herde fat Eneas was come, 10 he vndirfonge 
hym with myche 11 honour, and hym withhelde, for-as-myche as he 
had herd' of hym, and wyst wel fat he was a noble knyght, & a 

16 worthy of body and of his dedes. IT This Eneas helpe Kyng 
Latyme in his werre ; & schortly for-to telle, so weel & worthyly 
he ded, fat he slogh Turocelyn, & descomphyted' al 12 his peple. 
And whan al this was don, kyng Latyme }af al fat land fat was 

20 Turocelyns, & $af it to Eneas in mariage with Lamane, his 
dough" ter, the moost fayr creature fat eny manne wiste ; & so f ei 
louede 13 to-gider in ioy & myrthe ati here lyvys tyme. 

IT Hit bifel thus, fat Eneas dide, as God wolde. & whanne 

24 that 1 he was ded, Asquaniws his Sone, fat come with hym horn 
Troye, vndirfenge 14 f e land', and helde it al his lyvys tyme. 51 And 
after, he weddid A wyf, & vpon here 15 begate A Sone fat me 
callyd Sylveyn. Arid this Sylveyn, whan he conde 16 some reson) 

28 of man, vnwetyng his fadir, & a^eus his wyl, aqueynted' 17 with" a 
damyseH: fat was Cosyn to Lamane fat was Kyng Latymes 
doughter, the quen fat was Eneas wyf, and brought f e damyseH with 
Chylde. IT And whan Asquaniws his 9 fader 18 yt wyste, 18 anon he 

32 lete enquere of the 19 wysest maystres, 19 & of f e 20 grettest Clerkys, 20 
what child f e damysele schulde bryng forth. & fey Answered & 
seyde fat sche schuld bryng forth a Sone fat schuld qwelle bof e 
fader & moder ; & so he dede; for his modir dyde in beryng 21 of 

1 his owen 2 callede 3 - 3 om. 4 meny 5 MS. fledde fled 
6 cleped 7 strongly 8 miche 9 om. 10 comen u michel 
12 and att 13 loneden 14 vnderfonge 15 her he 16 cou})e 
17 acqneynte him is is w j s ^ j, ero f 19 ~ 19 gret clerkes 
20-20 w i sest men 21 bryngeng< forth 

6 Of Brut; his Banishment, and his success in Greece. [CH. II 

hym. U And whan fis Child was born), his fadir lete calle hym 
Brut; and f e maystres sayd 1 fat fe Child schulde do 2 mycfr harm 
& sorowe in many diners 3 places ; & afte?*, he sclmlde come to 
gret 4 honowr and worschipe. IT This Kyng Asquaniws deide whan 4 
god wolde; & Sylveyn his sone receyued fe land, & made hym 
wonderlich wel be-louyd? among 1 his puple. 5 And 6 whan Brut, 
fat was Sylveynes sone, was xv }eer olde, he went vpon A day 
with" his fadir to 7 pley & solace; & as this Brut schulde schete 8 8 
vnto an hert, his Arwe mys-happed? & glacede ; And so there Brut 
quelled his fader. 

How Brut was dryue 9 out of y land!, & 10 held hym in Greke. 
Cap^w/o ij. 12 

And whan this myschauwce byfalle was, f e people of f e land* 
made sorowe ynow, & were 11 an-Angryd' 11 ; & ibr encheson) 
ferof fei dreven Brut out of f e land', & wolde not suffre 
hym among 12 hem. and he Saw fat he moste 13 not Abyde, & went 16 
fro thens in-to ]) e14 Greek 1 ; & fer he fonde vij Mt men fat were of 
f e lynage & kynrede of Troy, fat 15 weren come 15 of gret blodl, as 
Y story telleth" 16 as of men and 14 wo??^men & childryn, fe wheche 
weren 17 aH holden in thraldom and bondage [by] IF the 18 Kyng 20 
Pandras of Greek 1 , for the deth. of Achilles, fat was betrayed' and 
slayn at Troye. 

This Brut was a wondir fair man, & a strong, & A 19 huge of his 
Age, & of glad chere and semblaunt, and also worthy of body, & 24 
was wel beloued? among his puple. This Kyng Pandras herde speke 
of his goodnesse & his condicions, & anon made hym dweH witR 
hym, so fat Brut be-come wondir fryve & mych" belouyd? with f e 
kyng, so fat longtyme Brut dwellyd with fe kyng. U So at 20 last 28 
fei of Troy & Brut spoken to-gedre 21 of kynrede & of lynage & of 
Aqueyntauwce, & f er 14 pleyned? hem vnto Brut of her sorowe & 22 her 
bondeage, & of meny other schames fat f e [Kyrig] Pandras 23 hem 
don. & to Brut f ei seyde 24 vpon A tyme : "36 ben A lord of oure 32 

1 saiden 2 done 3 diuerses 4 miche 

5 leaf 3. In the right hand top corner of this page is written, in a con 
temporary hand : ' Bonus es, domine, et in bonitate tua ludicas terram.' 

6 A sic. 7 forto 8 shote 9 dryuen 10 And how he 
u n sore agreuede 12 amonges 13 mi^t H om. 
15-15 wer comen le telle j, of ham 17 wer is M 

19 an 20 at )>e 21 to-gederes ^ and of 
23 Pandras hade 24 saiden 

CH. il] Brut wins Gennogen, K. Pandras's Daughter. 7 

lynage, & A strang 1 man & a mygh"ty. 1 be 36* cure Avowe & oure 
lord', & we wyl become ^oure men, & ^oure comandeme?^tes 2 done 
in alle maner thyng 3 ; and brynge 36 vs out 1 of this wrechidnes & 
4 bondage, & fygnt we with" f e kyng ; for thurgh. f e grace of 4 f e grete 4 
god* we schul hym ouercome ; & we schul make ^ou kyng 1 of f e 
land', & to 30 w done homage, & of 30 w we schullen holde 5 euer- 

8 Brut hadde f o gret pyte of hir bondage fat fei were brought 
Inne, And pryvyly 6 went hym from f e kynges Court; & ali fo 
fat were of Troy went & put hem in-to wodes and Into Moun- 
teynes, and hem helde, & sent to Kyng Pandras fat he schulde }eue 

12 hem leue safely for-to wende out of f e londe, for fei nolde 7 no 
lenger dwelle in his bondage. U The Kyng Pandras wax so 8 sore 
anoyed', & fo swore that he wolde sle hem echon, 9 & ordeyned 
a gret power, & wente towardes 10 hem aH for-to fight, but Brut 

16 & his men n anon manly 11 hem defended, & fersly foghten & quelled 
aH: fe kynges men, fat non 12 of hern Ascaped?, & took 1 f e kyng, & 
hym helden 13 in pryson), & ordeyned' 14 counceyl betwen hem what 
fei myght do. 15 Sum seyd fat he schuld be put to deth, & 

20 surame seyd fat he schulde be exyled? out of f e land*, & su??^me 
seyd fat he schulde be brent. 16 U And f spak a wyse knyght fat 
me cleped 17 Menprys, & seyd to Brut & to 18 aH fo of Troy : " yf 
Kyng Pandras wold 3elde hym, & haue his lyf, y counceyl fat he 

24 3eue vnto Brut, fat is our* Duke & oure souei^ayn, his doughter 
Gennogen to wyf, & in Mariage with here an hundrid Shippes wel 
arayetJ, & al his tresour of gold* & of syluer, of corn, 19 of wyn, & as 
myche as vs neditfr for 18 to haue of o thing & of ofer; & fan go 18 

28 we out of fis 20 land, & ordeine we vs land elles-wher; for we, ne 
now of GUI'* kynrede fat comen 21 after vs, schuld 22 neuer haue pees 
in fis land' amonges hem of Grek 1 ; for we haue sleyn so meny of 
her* knyghtes & of ofer frendes, fat euermor' werre & contect 

32 schuld' be Amonges vs." H Brut fo, & his folk, consentyd' wel to 
fis 23 couwceyl; & fis fing fei tolden to 24 Kyng Pandras. U And 
f e kyng, for-to haue his lyf, graunted as meche as fei axed, & anon 
3af vn-to Brut, Gennogen his Doughter, to wyf, & fe hundred 

1-1 bene 2 comraandement 3 Binges 4 ~ 4 om. 

5 holde for 6 priueliche 7 wolde 8 J>o 9 euerchon 

10 towarde n - n manliche 12 noman 13 helde 

] Mea/3, back. 15 done 16 bracide 17 callede 

18 om. 19 corn and 20 his 21 come> ^ shul 

23 >at 24 to >e 

8 Brut is bidden by Diana to go to the Isle of Albion. [CH. n, in 

sheppes, with as myche as hem neded 1 of aH vitalles, as by fore was 

Brut po toke 2 his wyf, & all his men pat forsoke pe lond of 
Greek, & wewten hem vnto p e see & hadden wedir at wyH, & 4 
corner* p e prid day in-to An He pat me callep 3 Loegers. U Brut 
anon sent of his men a 4 land, for-to aspye p e maner of pe 5 Cuntre. 
& fey founden an olde Cyte al wasted & forlete, pat nas per-in nor 6 
man ne woman, ne no thing dwellynge; & In p e Myddyl of pis 8 
Cytee pey founder an olde Temple of a fayr lady j)at me called 
Diane p e Goddesse. and pei 7 corner a^en vnto Brut, 7 & told hym 
what pei had seyn & founden, & counceyled? hym to go & do 8 
sacrifice to 9 Dame Diane, for she was wont 10 to $eue answere of 12 
what ping pat 6 euere men prayed? here, & namely vn-to hem pat 
her honoured? with sacrifice. U Brut went to pat ymage, & seyd : 
"Dyane, noble goddes, lady pat al ping hast in 6 myght & in py 
power, wyndes, watres, wodes, feldes, & al thinges of pe world?, & 16 
al maner bestes pat per-In ben ! to $ow y make my prayer, pat ^e 
me counceyle & telle where & in what place y schal haue a conuen- 
able dwellynge for me & for my peple; & per y schal make, in 11 
honowr of 1 ^ow, a wel fayr temple, & a noble, wheryn $e schul 20 
euermore be honored?." 11 When he had don) his prayer, Dyane 
Answerid? in this manere : "Brut," quod sche, "go euenforth py 
wey ouer p e see in-to Fraunce, toward? p e west, & per }e schul fynde 
an He pat is called? 12 Albyon); and pat He is by compassed? al with 24 
p e see, & no maw may come per-In but 13 it be by schippes ; and in 
pat lond were wont to be Geaunt} ; but 14 it is not so, but al wyldir- 
nesse ; and pat lande to ^ou is destynyed, & ordeigned* for :$ow & for 
^oure peple." 28 

How Coryn bycome Brutes maw, & how Kyng Goffar was dis 

Whan Brut herde pis Answere of Dyane p e Goddes, anon he 
lete p e Ancres wynd vp, & sayled in-to p e hye see. & 32 
whan he & bis men had sayled? xx dayes & more, pei founden fast 
bysyde 15 a coste of p e see thre hundred 4 men of pe lynage & kynrede 
of Troy, & her souerayn & her mayster of aH, men 16 Called .Coryn. 

1 nedeth 2 nome 3 callede 4 on 5 om. 

6 neyther 7 7 come vnto brut ajeyne 8 don 9 vnto 

10 wonede n in >e 12 leaf 4. 13 but if 14 but now 

16 bisides 16 me 

CH. in] Brut conquers Gascony, and builds Castle Tours. 9 

If And when Brut wyste whens fei were, lie fo vndirfong hem 
with mychel ioy in-to his Shepys, & hem lad forth w^'t/i hym. This 
Coryn ]>o bycome Brutes man, & to hym dede fewte & homage. 
4 & so long fei say led fortn fan 1 in f e See tul they come 2 to Gas- 
coign) ; & anon fei arryued? in f e hauene of Liegers, & f er fei 
dwellidde viij dayes, hem for-to rest, 3 & her sayles to Amend*, 
fer as 4 nede was. 4 

8 Tydyng sone come to Kyng Goffar, fat was lord of f e land, how 
fat myche 5 foll^ of sfrmunge land weren Arryued in his land? in f e 
hauene of Liegiers ; wher-fore he was sore Angred' & anoyed' fat 
fey comen & aryued in his land w^'t/wute 6 leue. and anon he 

12 ordeigned' power 7 hem to dryven 7 owt, & to 8 shende ; but Kyng 
Goffar was discomfyted', & al 8 his folk 1 , & hym-self fledde in-to 
ffraunce to seche help & socour. IT And in fat tyme regned in 
Frauftce xij kynges ; & f e elleueneth 9 assembled' a gret power for-to 

16 helpe Goffar for-to fight a^ens Brut. Goffar dwelled witli hem of 
Fraunce half a 8 ^ere & more. And Brut .in f e mene-tyme, & his 
cuwpanye, destroyed' al f e land 4 of Gascoigne, & lete take al f e 
tresour fat Kyng Goffar hadde, & lete brynge it in-to his Shippes. 

20 And f is Brut fonde in fat 10 lond' a fayr place & a couenable ; & ]>er 
Brut 11 made a fayr CasteH & a strong, whan fat was don, Kyng 
Goffar come fro Fraunce, & 12 xj kynges w^t/i hym, & bronghten 13 
xx M* men for-to fight \\ith Brut & his cumpanye. And Brut 

24 hadde but vij M* men & thre hundred'. Netheles, whan f e to ostes 
metten to-gider, 14 Brutes folk 1 thurgfr help of hym-self, 15 & of 
Turyn his Cosyn, & of Coryn fat wel & manly 16 hym defended & 
fought ; so fat in litil tyme f ei hadde quelled of f e Frenssh-men to 

28 M* & mo; & fo fat were lyue 17 fledden away. 11 And in this 
batayle Turyn, fat was Brutes Cosyn, was sleyn, & Brut lete hym 
entere worthyly, 18 19 whan he had space & leyser, in f e CasteH fat 
he had made, & fo lete [calle hit] Castel Tours 20 after his owne 

32 name 20 fat fere was entered'. & 3 it in-to fis day \er is a noble 
Cytee fat is called Tours. 

Whan Kyng GofFar wiste fat Turyn was ded, he come a$en with 
his men, & after ^af a strong battaylle vn-to 21 Brut; but Brut & 

36 his 8 men were so wery 22 of fyghtynge 22 fat fey myghte no lengere 

I om. 2 comen 3 resten 4 - 4 was nede 5 michel 

6 wi>oute is 7 7 bim to dryue 8 om. g endeleue]> 10 ]>e 

II Brus 12 w[ith] 13 brou^t 14 togederes 15 ham-self 
16 manliche 17 on lyf 18 worthelich 19 leaf 4, back. 
2020 f 0r j, e name O f Turyne 21 to 22 - 22 forfou^ten 

10 Brut beats the Gascons, and lands at Totness. [CH. ill, IV 

endure ; but maugre hym & al his, Brut & his men went in-to his 
CasteH with aH his men, and made b e ^ates fast for-to saue hem-self, 
& for-to take counceiH amonges hem what were best to 1 done. 
U Brut & Coryn nome counceiH, & ordeigned? fat Coryn pryuyly 4 
shuld gon out 2 at a Posterne of f e CasteH:, 2 with half his men, & 
schuld go 3 & bussh" hem in A wode til amorowe, 4 so fat in b e 
mornyng*, whan Brut schuld? fygfit with his enemyes, Coryn schulde 
come with lies folk* in fat o 5 syde, & sle and do aH f e harme fat he 8 
myght. And amorow 6 in f e dawnenge, Brut went out of f e CasteH, 
& faught with his enemyes, & fey hem fersly defendid?. but with- 
Inne a litil tyme Brut & his folk 1 hadden 7 slayn viij C of Goffars 
men; And fo come Coryn fro fe busshement, & smote to grounde, 12 
he & his Cumpanye, al fat wold stande or Abyde, so fat Kyng 
Goffar & his folk 4 were discomfited, & faste they guwne to fle. 

11 And Brut & Coryn, with here companye, fresshly hem pursued?, 

& quelled of he?ft mo in 8 fleyng fan fei dede in 8 batayH. And in 16 
fat manere Brut hadde f e victorye. And nef eles Brut made myche 
sorowe for his Cosyn Turyn, fat fer was slayn, & for ofer also fat 
he had lost of his men, 9 fat is to seyne, 9 vij C and xv, fe which" 
10 [he] noblich 10 lete entere in f e CasteH of Tours, fer fat he had 20 
entered Turyn his Cosyn. 

How Brut Aryued at lotteries in f e He of Albyon ; & of f e 
Bataylle fat 11 was betwen Coryn & Gogmagog. Capitulo 
quarto, 24 

Whan al fis was done, Brut wolde no lengere fer dwelle for to 12 
fight, ne mo lese of his peple, for Kyng 1 Goffarys peple 
mygh"t euery day encrece mo & mo, & Brutes lassen ; & therfore he 
nome aH his men, & went vnto f e See, & hadde wynd & wedir at 28 
wille. and f e v day afterward? they aryued? in an hauene of Tot- 
nesse, & comen 13 in-to f e He of Albion); & fer fey founde ueifer 
man ne woman, as f e story tellef, 14 but Geauntz ; & fey woned in 
hulles and? in 15 Caues. Brut saw f e land was fayr, & at his likynge, 32 
& good also for hym & for his folk 1 , as Dyane f e goddes had hym 
behyght. fo was Brut wonder glad, & lete assemble vpon a day 
al his folk, to make a solempne sacrifice & a gret feste in honour 

I for-to 2 2 of the castel at a posterne 3 gone 4 on )>e rnonv 

5 on 6 amorn 7 hade 8 in pe 9 ~ 9 om. 10 nobliche he 

II >ai sic 12 om. 13 come 14 telles 15 om. 

CH. IV, v] Brut gives Cornwall to Coryn, and builds New- Troy 11 

& reuerence of Dyane, 1 Jmrght whas counceiH he was come 2 in-to 
fat land?. 

And whan they had her solempnyte maad, as fey 3 vpon a day 

4 were 4 at mete, fer come yn vpon hem sodenly xxx Geaunt}, & 

quellyd* 5 of Brutes men xxx. Brut & his men 4 anon stertyn vp, 

& his men 6 foughten with" f e Geaunt^, & quellyd hem eue?ychon 

but o 7 Geaunt, fat was Mayster of hem aft, fat me called Gogmagog 1 , 

8 fat was stronger* 8 & heyer fan eny of f e other Geaunt^ ; & Brut 

kepte hym, & sauyd his lyf, for encheson) fat he schulde wrastle 

with" Coryn, for Coryn was grettere & hugere fan eny of Brutes 

men fro 9 f e gerdel stede vpward?. H Gogmagog 1 & Coryn vndirtook 

12 10 to wrastelyn 10 y-fere ; & so to-gider fey wrasteled? long tyme, but 
at fe last Gogmagog helde Coryn so fast fat he brak ij rybbys of 11 
his syde, wherfore Coryn was sore agreuyd', & nome fo Gogmagog* 
betwene his Arraes, & cast hym dou?i vpon a roche, so fat 

1 6 Gogmagog 1 brak al to peces, & so he dyde in eviH deth" ; & f erf ore 
f e place is called }it in-to 12 f is day ' f e sawte of Gogmagog*.' 

& fo $af Brute al fat 13 Cuntre to Coryn; & Coryn 14 called 
[hit] 4 after his 15 name * Cornewayle ' ; & his me?i he called ' Corne- 

20 wayles ' & [so] schul 16 me?z of fat Cuntre be called for euermore. 
And in fat Cuntre dwellyd? Coryn & his men, & made Tounes 
& houses, 17 & enhabited' 18 f e land? at her 119 wylle. 

How Brut made London), & Called fis land' Brytaigne, & 
24 Scotland' Albyne, & Walys Camber. Capit?do quinto. 

BRut and his men wenten forth & 20 sought aboute in diuers 20 
places wher they myghte fynde a good place & a couenable 
fat fey myghte [make] in a Cytee for hym and for his folk, so at f e 

28 laste fey come 21 by a fayr Ryuer 22 fat is 23 called? f e4 Tamyse ; & 
fer Brut be-gan a fayre Cyte 24 for hym & for his folk 1 , 24 & lete calle 
it 'f e new Troye,' in rnynde & remembraiuace of f e gret Troye, for 25 
which place ali her lynage was comen. 11 And fis Brut lete felle 

32 adou?z wodes, & lete erye & sowe londes, & done mow medes 26 for 
sustinawnce of hym & of his peple. & he departed f e land? to hem, 
so fat eche 27 of he??t had a certayn place for to dwelle vpon. And 

I Diane >e Goddes 2 comen 3 }>ai were 4 om. 5 leaf 5. 
6 men and 7 on 8 stronge 9 fram 10 10 forto wrastett 

II in 12 vnto 13 >is 14 Coryn it 15 bis owen 16 shulle> 
17 house 18 inhabite 19 his 20 2 sou^ten fortbe in diuerses 

21 comen >22 Kyuer side >23 was 24 - 24 om. 25 fram 
26 medowes 27 eueryche 

12 Albanak gets Scotland, Gamier gets Wales; Brut dies. [CH. v 

Brut lete Calle al 1 Jn's land Britaigne, after his owne name, & his 
folk 1 he lete calle Britoiws. IT And fis Brut had geten on 2 his 
wyf Gennogen iij sones fat were worthy of dedes : 3 f e firste me 4 
callyd? Lotryn, f e secowide Albanac, 5 & f e thryd kambyr. U And 4 
Brut bare Crowne in f e Cyte of ne\ve Troye xx $eer after tyme 6 
the Cyte was made; & ther he made fe lawes fat f e Britouws 
holdef 7 : & fis Brut was wondirly weel byloued? among ali men; 
& Brutes Sones also loueden wonderly 1 wel to-gydere. 8 8 

U And whan 1 Brut had sowte aH f e lond? in lengthe & 9 brede, 
he fonde A land? fat ioyned to Brytaigne in f c north ; and? fat 
land Brut ^af to Albanac his sone, and he lete calle yt Albanye 
after his 10 name, fat 10 now is called Scotland'. 11 And Brut 12 
fonde anothir Cuntre toward f e west ; & fat he $af to Cambre 
his other 11 sone, & he 1 lete calle yt Cambre aftyr his name, 
& now is called Walys. And whan Brut had regnyd xx ^eer, 
as byfore 12 is sayd, he dyde in f e Cytee of newe Troy, & 16 
fere his Sones hym entered with mychil honowr. And Lotryn, 
Brutes sone, was Crowned kyng with myche 13 solempnyte of 
afl f e land of Brytaigne. And after, whan he was Crouned?, 
Albanak & Camber, his too brethryn, went a^en in-to here owne 20 
Cuntre, & leuedyn vrith myche 13 honour, & Lotryn here brother 
regned & was kyng and gouerned f e land wel & wysely, for he was 
a good man, & wondir wel belouyd of ali his land'. 

11 And it befel so fat Albanac dwelde in his owne land? with 24 
myche 13 honour & worschepe. 

And so come Kyng Humbar of Hunland' with" a gret power & 
strengthe, & Arryved in Albanye, & wolde haue conqueryd )j e land, 
& bygan to werre vpon Albanak, & hym quelled in bataylle. 28 
Whan Albanac was slayn, fe folk of f e land? flye vn-to Lotryn, & 
told hym, for he was Kyng of Brytaigne, how fat his brother was 
slayn, & prayed hym of help for-to Auenge his brotherys detfi. 
Lotryn anon lete asemble ali f e Brytoiws of Kent, of 14 Douorre, 32 
vn-to Derewent, of Northfolk 1 & Southfolc, of Kestefen & of 
Lyndeseye ; & whan they were aH: Assembled?, fei spedde faste 
toward? her enemyes for to 3eue hem bataylle. H Lotryn had sent 
to Camber, his Brother, fat he schuld come also to hym with aH 36 
f e power that he myght, hym for-to helpe ; & so he dede, with good 

I om. 2 of 3 bodyes 4 m sic 5 albac 6 tyme >at 
7 helden 8 togederes 9 and in io_ 10 owen name and 

II leaf 5, back. 12 MS. fyfore 13 michel " fro 

CH. v] K. Lotryn drives out Huinber and marries Guentolen. 13 

wiH:. 1 So pei comen aH to-gedres, & nome her wey priuyly 2 for 
to seche Humbar wher pey myghte hym fynde. 1T And so it byfel 
pat pis Humbar was besides a water pat was a gret Ryue?*, with" 
4 his folk, hym for to dysport; and po come Lotryn & Camber his 
brother, with" aH his 3 folk sodeynly, or pat eny of pat oper it 

H And whan Humbar saw hem 4 come, he was sore adrad', 

8 forasmyche as his men wist it not, & also pey were vnarrayed'. 5 

And anon Humbar for drede, lept 6 in-to p e water & drenchyd hym- 

self, & so deide : he & his men weren 7 aH y-slayn, 8 pat non 9 of 

hem ascaped'. And perfore is pat 10 water called 4 Humbar, & euer- 

12 more schalbe, for encheson) pat Kyng Humbar was per-In drenched'. 

IF And after pat, Lotryn wente to here shippes, & toke per 10 

gold* & siluer, and as myche as he fand vn-to hyin-self ; & aH pat 

other pylfre he }af vn-to other folk of p e ost. & pei founden 11 in 

16 oon of po 10 shippes A fayr DamyseH pat was Kyng Humbarys 
doughter, & me called her* Estrilde. 1T And whan Lotryn saw 
here, he took here -with hym for here fayrnesse, and for here, was 
on 12 taken for loue, & wolde haue weddid here. 13 )pis tydynges 

20 come to Coryn : anon he thought to Auenge hym vpon Lotryn, 
for-as-meche as Lotryn had made couenaunt for-to spowsen 14 
Corynys doughte?', ]?at me called Guentolen. 11 And Coryn in haste 
wente to 15 hym, vn-to 16 J> e Newe Troye, & Jms sayd to Lotryn : 

24 " H Now certes," qwod? he, "^e rewarden 17 me ful euel for aH J> e 
paynes ]?at I suffryd* & hadde many tymes for Brut, ^oure fader ; 
& therfore I wyl now Auenge me vpon ^ow ;" & drow his fauchon) 
an hye, and wold haue slayn Lotryn, but J) e DamyseH went 

28 be-twen hem, & made hem acorded? in pis manere, pat Lotryn 
schuld spouse Guentolen, pat was Corynys doughte/' ; and so 
Lotryn dede, and nepeles, pei he had sponsed Corynys doughter 
pryuylich, he come to Estrilde, & brought here -with childe, & gate 

32 on here A doughter pat me called Abraham. H hyt byfel ano?^ 
after, pat Coryn dide; & anon as he was ded, Lotryn forsook^ 
Guentolen his wyf, & made Estrylde quene. And Guentolen 
went pens al in wrathe in-to Cornewaylle, & seised aH p e land? 

36 in-to her hand', for-as-myche as sche was here Eadrys eyr, & 
vndirfonge feautes & homages of aH p e men of p e land, and after 

1 wille and 2 priueliche 3 her* 4 him 5 vnarmede 

6 lap 7 wer 8 slayne 9 noman I0 J>e n fonde 

12 ouere 13 leaf 6. 14 spouse 15 vnto 16 to 17 rewarde 

14 Lotryn is slain, Estrilde drownd, & Madhan reigns. [CH. v, VI 

Assembled* a gret oste & a gret power, for- to be 1 vpon Lotryn 
auengecJ, fat was her* lord, and? to hym come, & $af hym A Strong* 
bataitt. & fer was Lotryn slayn, & his men descomfited?, f e v ^eer 
of his Eeigne. H Guentolen lete take Estrilde, and Abraham here 4 
dougter, and bynde 2 bof e hondes and fete, & caste hem in-to a 
water ; & so fey were drenchyd? ; wherfore fat water was euermore 
called? 3 afte?', ' Abraham,' after y name of f e damyseli fat was 
Estrildes doughter ; & englissh-men called 4 fat water Seuerne, & 8 
Walsshmen 5 called fat water 5 Abraham, into fis day. U And 
whan fis was don), Guentolen lete Crowne her quene of fat land, 
& gouerned f e land ful weH & wysely vnto f e6 tyme fat Madhon her 
Sone, fat Lotryn had begete vpon here, wer 1 of xx $er Age, fat he 12 
myght be kyng ; so fat f e qwen regned xv $eer ; & f o lete she 
crowne here sone ; & he regned? & gouerned f e land wel & honour 
ably; & sche wente in-to CornewaiH, & fer sche dwellid? al her 1 
lyves 7 tyme. 16 

8 Of Kyng 1 Madhan, how lie regnede in pees al his lif 4 ; and of 
Menpris and of Manlyn his sones ; and how Menpris slough 
Manlyn his brof er*, and how wolfes drow him al to peces. 
U Capitulo Sexto. 20 

WHen Madhan hade regnede xxx* 1 $ere, he deide, and lif 9 at 
newe Troye, and he 10 hade ij sones : fat on me callede 
Menpris, and fat of ere Manlyn ; and f ise ij bref erne, after 1 here 
fadres deth, stryuen faste for f e lande ; and Menpris, for enchesoun 24 
fat he was eldest 1 , wolde haue hade al fat 11 Londe; and Manlyn 
wolde nou^t suffren 12 him, so fat fai token a day of loue and of 
accorde ; and at 1 f is day Menpris lete quelle his brof er f rou} t?-esoun, 
and him-self afterward? helde f e lande, and anone lete croune him 28 
kyng 1 , and regnede, and after 1 , he 13 bicome so lufer a man fat he 
destroy ede in a while alle fe men of his lande. U and at fe last 
he bicome so wickede and so leccherous, fat he forsoke his owen 
wif, & vsede fe synne of Sodomye; wherfore almighty God was 32 
wrof , 14 and oppon him toke vengeance. U ffor vppon a day, as 
he went in a wode in 15 huntyng 1 , he loste 16 his folc, 16 and went 

1 bene 2 bonde 3 calle 4 callen 5 - 5 calle> it. 
6 that 7 lif 

8 leaf I. back. The text here is from MS. Rawlinson B. 171, and the colla 
tions are of MS. Trinity College, Dublin, 490 (D), and MS. Douce 323 (0). 

9 leaf 2. 10 om. D. " >e D. 12 satire 0. 13 om. 0. 
14 wrot D. 15 on 0. 16 - 16 MS. his folc his folc 

CH. Vll-ix] K. Ebrac conquers France. K. Brut Greneshal. 15 

allone vp and doun criyng" after* his men ; and fere come wolfes, 
and alto-drowe him into pecis ; and f o he hade regnede xxiiij ^er*. 
and when his peple wist fat he was dede, f ai made ioye ynow, and 
4 anone made Ebrak 1 his sone kyng; and he regnede with michil 

Of Kyng 1 Ebrac, 1 how he conquerede ffraunce, and bigate xx u 

sones and xxiij do^tres. IT Capitulo IF Septiwo. 

8 Y I iHis Ebrac regnede .lx. ^er*, and 2 stronge man was, & 2 mi^ty, 

I and fis Ebrac, frou3 his mi^t, and helpe of his Britons, 

conquerede al ffraunce, and wan fere so miche golde and siluer* fat, 

when he come 3 a3eyne into fis 4 lande, he made a noble citee, and 

12 after* his name lete calle it Ebrac, 5 after* his name, 5 fat now is 
callede Euerwik 1 . and Jns king 16 Ebrac made fe castel of Maydenes 
fat now is clepede Edenburght. This kyng 1 hade xx sones and 
xxiij dou3 7 tres, be diuerse wymmen geten ; and f e sones were callede 

16 as 36 sbul hure; 8 9 Brut Greneshal, Margand, Seisel, Morghwith 
Elenghaw, Bladud, lakyn, Kymbar*, Eocelyn, Spadogh, Godeherl, 
Thormnan, Eldaugh, lorkanghut, Haybor, Ketyn, Rother*, Kaier*, 
& Assaruth. IF And f e doughtres highten as 30 shul hur* after : 9 

20 Elegyne, Ymmogen, Oghdas, Guenbran, Guardiche, Angarel, 
Guentolde, Tangustel, Gorghon, Michel, Medham, Mailour*, Ondur*., 
Cambredan, Rogan, Reuthely, Neest 1 , Cheghem, ScaducH, Gladus, 
Heberhyn, Abalaghe, and Blandan : and? f ise were f o 10 xxiij 

24 dou^tres ; and f e bref erne bicome gode kny^tes and worf i in meny 

Of fe 11 Kyng 1 Brut Greneshal, fe ferste sone of Ebrac the 12 
kyng. 13 IF Capitulo 1F Octauo. 

28 A fter* fe deth of Kyng 1 Ebrac, regnede Brut Greiieshel, his sone 


xxx ^ei"*, 14 fat was 15 Ebrakes ferst sone, 16 fat wel and nobly e 
regnede . and 17 when tyme come, 17 he deide, and U lif at ^ork 1 . 

Of kyng Leyl. IF Capitulo. 11 Nono. 

32 A Nd when 18 Brut Greneshal was dede, regnede his sone 
2\ Leil xxij ^ere ; and he made a faire toune, and lete calle it 
Karleil after his name, and was a worf i man, and miche bilouede 

I Ebras D. 2 and a DO. 3 came 0. 4 >e D. 5 - 5 om. DO. 

6 07?i. D. 7 leaf 2, back. 8 here after. 9 ~ 9 om. D. 10 >e D. 

II om. D. 12 om. 0. 13 The 2 eldest sons are here put into 1. 
14 $er and D. 15 om. D. 16 sone was D. 

i7_i7 w hen tyme come D. )>e tyme come 0, when tyme K. 
18 MS. when when 

16 Lud Ludibras, Bladitd, & Leir & his 3 Daughters. [CH. x-xn 

of his people, and when he hade regnede xxi j [years] * he deide, and 
lip at Karleil. U And in his tyme renede Kyng Salamon in 
Jerasalem, fat made fe noble temple; and to him come to Jerusalem, 
Sibille, Quene of Saba, for-to hure and see if it were sofe fat 4 
men spoken 2 of fe grete noblee and 3 wisdome, and of 4 witte of 
Kyng 1 Salamon : and she founds it soth fat men hade here tolde. 

Of Kyng Lud Ludibras, fat was Kyng Leiles sone. U CapitwZo 

x mo . 8 

5 A Nd 6 after 1 fis Kyng Leil, regnede his sone Lud Ludybras, fat 
XJL made f e citee of Kaunterbery and of Wynchestre ; and' he 
regnede xiij ^ere, and deide, and lith at Wynchestre. 

Of fe kyng 7 Bladue, 8 fat was Ludybras sone, regnede, 9 and 12 
was a gode man and a nygromancer'. Capitulo xi mo . 

ANd 10 after 1 fis Lud Ludebras, regnede Bladud his sone, a 
grete nigromancer 1 ; and f rou^ his crafte of nigromancie 
he made fe memailous hote bathe, as fe gest tellef, & he regnede 16 
n xxj ^ere, 11 and he 12 lith at fe 13 newe Troye. 

Of 14 Kyng 1 Leir, and of f e ansuere of Ms Congest dorter', fat 
graciousely was mariede to f e Kyng of Fraunce. C. xij. 

After* fis Kyng Bladud, regnede Leir 1 his sone; and fis Loir 1 20 
made f e toune of Leycestre, and lete calle f e toune after 1 
his name ; and he gouernede f e lande wel and [nobly]. U fis kyng 
Leii' 5 hade iij doughtres : fe ferst highte Gonorille, f e secunde 
Rigan, and fe fridde Cordeile; and fe Congest doughtei was 24 
fairest 1 and best of 4 condiciouns. H fe king 1 here fader 1 bicome an 
olde man, and wolde fat his 15 doughtres were mariede or fat 
he deide . but ferst he f ougt 1 assaye whiche of ham 16 louede 
him most 1 and best 1 ; for she fat louede him best shulde 17 best 28 
bene 18 mariede . and he axede of fe ferst dought[er] how miche she 
19 louede him 19 ; and she ansuerede and saide, ' bettre fan here owen 

1 ^er 1 D. 3eer 0. 2 spok D. 3 and of D. 4 of ]> e 0. 5 leaf 3. 

6 In the margin is this note, in an ancient hand : Lud Ludibras y fc byldyd 
ca[n]terbery. 7 om. 0. 8 bladud' D. bladud 0. 9 regne D. 

10 Jn the margin, in an ancient hand : he mayd y e hoyt b[ath]. The edge 
of this page has evidently been cut off. 

u - u om. D. 12 om. D. 13 om. DO. 14 Of ]>e 0. 

15 his DO. here K 16 his dou^tres D. 17 shul D. 18 be DO. 

1919 hijrft louede D, hym louectf 0. 

CH. xil] King Leir and his Daughters. Cordeil made Queen. 17 

litY "Now certes," quod 1 2 fe fader*, 2 " fat is a 3 grete loue." 
IT Jpo axede he of f e secunde doughter 1 , how miche she him louede ; 
and she saide, ' more, and passing al fe creatures leuyng 14 of fe 
4 worlde.' "ma foy," 5 quod. fe fader 1 , (l j may no more axen." 
51 And f o axede he of f e pridde doughter 1 , how miche she 
him louede. "certes, fader*," 6 quod she, "my sustres haue tolde 
30 w glosyng wordes ; but f or-sof e y shal tel ^ow 7 treuf : for y 
8 loue 30 w as miche as 8 me owe]) 8 to loue my fader; and 9 forto 
bryng $ow more in certeyne how loue go]?, I shal 3ow telle, for-as- 
miche as 36 bene 10 worf e, as muche 11 shal 36 bene 12 louede." IT The 
kyng here fader wende fat she hade scornede him, and bicome 

12 wonder wroth, and swore by heuen and erfe fat she shulde neuer 
haue goode of him; but his dou^tres fat louede him so miche 
shulde be wel auauncede and mariede . and f e ferste dougter 
he mariede to Mangles, King of Scotlande ; And f e secunde he 

16 mariede to Hanemos, Erl of Cornewaile ; and so 13 fai ordeynede 
and speke 14 bituene ham fat fai shulde departe f e reaune bituene 
ham too, after fe def of Leir 115 her 1 fader 1 , U So fat Cordeil his 
Congest doughter shulde nof ing 1 haue of his lande. but f is Cordeil 

20 was wonder 1 faire, and of so 15 goode condicions and maners, fat fe 
Kyng of Fraunce, Agampe, 16 herde of here 16 speke, and sent to f e 
Kyng Leir 1 , he[r] fader*, for to haue her* vnto wif 4 , and prayede him 
ferof. And Kyng 1 Leir here fader* sent him worde fat he hade 

24 departede the lande 17 to his ij of ere 17 dou^tres, and saide he 
nade 18 no more lande \vherwif 19 her* forto 19 marie. 20 U And when 
Agampe herde fis ansuere, he sent anone a^eyne to Leir 1 , and 
saide fat he axede nofing wif here, but oneliche 21 heir 1 clofing 

28 and oneliche heir 1 body; and anone 3 Kyng 1 Leire here fader 1 sent 
here ouer f e see to f e Kyng 1 of France ; and he resceyuede here 
wif michel 22 worship and wif 23 michel solempnite, 23 & made here 
Quene of Fraunce. 

I quo> D. 2 - 2 he 0. 3 om. D. 4 om. DO. 
5 fey 0. 6 leaf 3, back. 1 3ow sotli and D. 

- 8 y owe D. I owe 0. 9 MS. and and. 10 beth D. be 0. 

II sorniche D. so mych 0. 12 be DO. 13 J>o 0. 
14 spak D. 15 om. 0. I6 - 16 Of her herde D. 
17-n vn . to hjg q ^ er too o. is hade D. hadde 0. 

9 - 19 he mijt her D. 20 maryen 21 only 0. 

22 miehe D. mych 0. 
23_23 m j c i ie solempnite her sponsede D. mych solempnyte her spoused' 0. 


18 Leirs retinue is cut down ly Cornell and Rigan. [CH. xm 

HQW Kyng Leii J was dryuen out of his 1 lande prou^ his owen 2 
folye ; and how Cordeil his Congest doughter halpe him in 
his nede. U Capitulo U Terciodecimo. 

3 rilHus it bifel 4 afterwarde, pat po ij eldest doughtren 5 wolde 4 

I nou^t abide til pat Leir* here fader were 6 dede, but werrede 
oppon him whiles pat 7 he leuede, and miche sorwe and shame him 
dede ; wherfore pai binome him holly pe reaume, and bituene ham 
hade ordeynede pat one of ham shulde haue Kyng Leir* to 8 soiourne 8 
al his lif tyme, with xl kny^tes and heir squyers, pat he might wor- 
shipfully gone 9 & ryde whider pat he wolde, 10 and into 10 what 
centre pat him likede, to playe and to solacen. U So pat Managles 
Kyng 1 of Scotlande, hade Kyng 1 Leir* with him in pe maner pat 11 is 12 
aboue-saide, 12 and, or operehalf 1 ^erewerepassede, Cornell his eldest 1 
doubter, pat was Queue of Scotland', was so annoyed 13 wip him and 
wip 13 his peple, pat anone she and here lorde 14 spoken to-gederes, 14 
wherefor his kny^tes half, 15 and his squyers, 16 fram him were gone, 16 
and nonio lefte but oneliche xxx. And when 15 pis was done, Leire 
biganne forto 17 make miche sorwe, for enchesoun pat his state was 
enpeirede, and men hade of him more scorne and despite pan euer* 
pai hade biforne ; wherfore he nyst what forto 18 done ; and at pe 20 
last pou^t pat he wolde wende into Cornewaile, to Rigan his opere 
doughter. U And when he was comen, 19 pe erl arid his wif 1 , pat was 
Leires doughter*, him welcomede, and with him made miche ioye ; 
and pere he duellede with xxx kny^tes and squyers. And he nade 20 24 
nought duellede pere scarsly tuelf monep, pat his doughter of him 21 
nas ful, and of his company ; and her 1 lorde and she, of him hade 
scorne and despite, so pat fram 22 xxx kny^tes 7 pai brou^ten 
vnto x, and afterwarde v ; and' so pere lefte wip him nomo. 11 )}o 28 
made he 15 sorwe ynow, and 4 23 saide, sore wepyng, 'alias pat euer 
he come into pat Lande!' and saide, '^itte hade me bene bettre 
forto 6 haue duellede with my ferst doughter [and anon went pens 
a^eyne to his ferst doubter].' 24 But aiione as she saw him come, 32 
she swore by God? and 25 his holy names, and by as miche as she 
might, pat he shulde haue nomo wip him but one 26 kny^t, if 27 he 

1 Jjis 0. 2 om. DO. 3 foa/4. 4 fel DO. 5 doujtcrs D. 

6 was D. 7 om. D. 8 forto D. 9 go DO. 

10-10 in ) i nto o. " as DO. ia above-yseyd 0. 

13-is O f DO. "-1 4 speken to-gidre 0. 15 om. 0. 

19 Squyers half 0. 17 to 0. 18 to D. 19 come 0. 

20 hade D. 21 his 0. ffl fro D. ^ leaf 4, back. 

24 supplied from D. w and by D. & by 0. 26 o DO. >27 if J>at 0. 

CH. xui] King Leirs lament. Goes to France to see Cordeil. 19 

wolde fere 1 abide. U j?o bigan Leir 1 a^eyn to 2 wepe, and made 
muche sorwe, and saide f o : " alias ! now to longe haue y leuede, fat 
f is sorwe and meschief is 3 now to me 3 falle ; for now 4 y am 4 poer 1 , 
4 and 5 some tyme y 2 was ryche; but now haue y no frende ne kyn 
fat me wil do 6 eny maner 1 goode. U But when 7 y was ryche, alle 
men me honourede 8 and worsshepede ; 8 and now euery man hath 
of me scorne and despite ! and now y wote wel fat Cordeil, my 
8 ^onge 9 doughter 1 , saide me treuf) when she saide * as michel 10 as y 
hade, 11 so michel 11 shulde y 12 be louede '; 12 and all fe while fat y 
hade goode, f o was y belouede and honourede for my rychesse ; but 
my ij doughtres me glosede f o, and now of me fai sette litel pris, 

12 and sof tolde me Cordeil, but y wolde nou^t bileue it, ne vnder- 
stonde, and pe?'fore y lete here goii 13 fro me as a fing fat y sette 
litel pris of 1 ; and now wote y neuer 1 what forto done, sef my 
ij doughtres have me 14 fus desceyuede, 15 fat y so michel 16 louede; 

16 and now inoste me 17 nedes seche 18 here fat is in an opere lande, fat 
lighly y lete here go fro me without 19 eny reward? of 3iftes ; and she 
saide fat 14 ' she louede me as miche as she outh 20 here fader 1 , bi al 
maner resoun ' ; and f o y shulde haue axede of here no more ; and 

20 fo fat me of ere- wise bihi^ten frou^ here faire 21 speche, now haue 
me desceyuede ! " 

^1 In fis maner 1 Leir 1 longe tynie him bigan 22 to make his mone ; 
and at fe last he shoope him to fe see, and passede oner into 

24 France, and axede and aspiede wher the Quene my^t be founde ; 
and men tolde where fat she was. 23 H And when he come to 24 f e 
citee fat she was in, priueliche 25 he sent his Squyer 126 vnto f e quene, 
to tel her 1 fat heir 1 fader 1 was comen 27 to 28 her 1 for grete nede. U And 

28 when fe squyer 1 come to 28 fe quene, he tolde her 1 euery dele of heir 1 
sustres frani f e bigynnyng vnto f e ende. H Cordeil f e Quene 
anone nome golde and siluer, grete plente, and toke it to 28 fe squyer 1 , 
in conseile fat he sliulde go and bere it vnto here fader 1 , and fat he 

32 shulde go into a certeyn Citee, and him arreyen, baf en and wesshen, 

1 om. 0. 2 om. DO. 3 ~ 3 to me now DO. 

4 - 4 am y D. am I 0. 5 pat 0. 6 done D. 

7 whan J>at 0. 8 - 8 om. D. 9 Congest D. 

10 as mich D. as mych 0. u u as miche D. so inych 0. 

12 - 12 bene bilouede D. be belouyd* 0. 13 go DO. 

14 om. D. 15 destroyede D. 16 miche D. mych 0. 

17 y 0. 18 sechen 0. 19 withouten D. 

20 ought D. owt 0. 21 fals 0. 22 gan D. 23 leaf 5. 

24 into D. 25 priuely D. pryuyly 0. 26 Squyer DO. Squyers K. 

27 come 0. * vnto D. 

20 Leir made King again. Cordeil reigns in England. [CH. xiv 

and J>an come ^eyne 2 to 1 her*, and bryng 1 with him an honest 
company of kny^tes, xl. at J)e leste, with here nieny ; and J?enne he 
shulde 3 sende to 4 here lorde )>e kyng 1 , and sayen)>at he 5 was comen 5 
forto speke with his doubter 1 , and him to 6 seene. If And when e 4 
kyng and ]>e quene 7 herde J>at, 7 wij> michel 8 honour 9 J?ai comen, 9 
and him resceyuede. 10 J5e kyng of Fraunce 11 lete sende ]?o 12 brou^ al 
his reaume, and cowmandede bat alle men 13 to him shulde 13 bene 14 
entendaunt 1 , to Leire, be Quenes fader, in al 15 maner Jung 1 as it were 8 
to him-self 1 . IT when Leir hade duellede bere a monbe and more, 
he tolde to 16 be kyng and to be Quene his doughter 1 , how his ij 17 
eldeste dou^tres hade him seruede. U Agampe anone lete ordeyne a 
grete hoste of Fraunce, and sent it into Britaigne with Leir 1 , be 12 
Quenes fader 1 , forto conquere his lande a3eyne, and his kyngdome ; 
and Cordeil also come with her 18 fader into Britaigne, forto haue be 
reaume after* her* fadres deth. And? anon) bai went to shippe, and 
passede be see, and come into Britaigne, and fau^t 19 wib be felons, 16 
and ham scomfitede 20 & quellede. And Leir 1 bo hade his lande 
a^eyne, and after 1 leuede iij $ere, and helde 21 his reaume in pees, and 
afterwarde deide ; & Cordeil his doughter him lete entere wij) 
michel 22 honowr at Leycestre. 20 

23 How Morgan and Conenedag* 24 ]?at were Neveus to Cordeil, 
werrede oppon here, and put here into prison. C. xiiij. 

WHen }>at Kyng Leir 1 was dede, Cordeil his Congest dou^tre 
helde and hade ]?e lande v ^ere ; and in )?e mene tyme 24 
deide here Lorde Agamp, ]?at was Kyng of Fraunce ; and after his 
deth she lefte 25 widue. H And fo come Morgan and Conenedag 1 , 
)?at were Cordeiles sustres sones, and to here hade enuy, for-asmiche 
|?at 26 her 1 aunfr shulde haue )?e lande ; so ]?at bituene ham J>ai 28 
ordeynede a grete power 1 , and vppon here werrede gretlich ; and 

l l vnto D. 2 After a^eyne MS. lias with he underlined for erasure. 
3 shal D. 4 vn-to 0. 5 - 5 wer* come 0. 6 & 0. 
7 - 7 harde tel >at he come D. herd J>at he come 0. 
8 mycTi 0. 9 ~ 9 om. DO. 

10 resceyuede wijj michel honour" D. receyued with mych honour 0. 

11 ffrance >o D. fraunce >o 0. 12 om. DO. 

13 - 13 shulde to hym 0. 14 be D. 15 MS. al al. 

16 om. 0. 17 tweyne 0. 18 her 0. him R. 

19 fou3te?i D. foughtynO. ^ descomfitede D. 

21 hade D. ffl myche 0. 23 leaf 5, back. 

24 Conedag throughout DO. ^ lyued' 0. 26 as DO. 

CH. XV, xvi] Cordeil is slain. Her successors. 21 

neuer 1 1 ]?ai rest 1 til pat ))ai hade here taken, 2 and put her 1 3 vnto 
deth. 3 II And ]?o Morgan and Conenedag 1 seisede al J?e lande, and 
departede 4 bituene ham, and pai helde it xij ^ere. 11 And 5 when 

4 the 5 xij }ere were gone, 6 pe?*e bigon bituene ham a grete debate, so 
pat pai werrede strongely in-fere, 7 and eue?yche 8 of ham dede opere 
miche disese, ffor Morgan wolde haue hade alle pe lande fram 9 
bi^ende Humber 1 , pat Conedag 1 helde ; but he come a^eynes him 

8 with a strong 1 power 1 , so pat Morgan derst nou^t abide, but fley 

awaye into Walys ; and Conenedag pursuede him, and toke him, 

and quelde him. 11 po come Conenedag a3eyne, and seisede al pe 

lande into his hande, and helde hit, and regnede after*, xxxiij 10 

12 3ere, and po deide, and lip at New Troye. 

11 Of Rynallo, 11 pat was Conedag?^ sone: 12 how he 12 regnede 
after 1 his fader 1 ; and in his tyme it raynede bloode iij 
daies, in 13 tokenyng of gret 13 deth. U Capitulo U duinto- 
16 desimo. 

ANd after 1 pis Conenedag, 14 regnede Rynallo 15 his sone, an 16 
Wise kny^t, and an 17 hardy and 18 cwteise,pat wel and nobly 
gouernede J>e lande, and wonder* wel made him bi 19 louede of al 
20 maner 1 folc. and in his tyme it raynede bloode Jjat lastede 20 iij 
dayes, as God' wolde ; and sone after 1 j>e?'e come a 21 gret deth of 
peple, for hostes with-out noumbre of peple fou^ten til ]?at ]?ai 
were dede, Wherof no man my^t ham lette til jjat almi^ty God' ]?e?*of 
24 tok mercy and pitee ; and tho gan it cesse. and J)is Raynolde 
regnede xxij ^ere, & deide, & II Iij) at 3ork. 

How Gorbodian regnede in pees, pat was Rynallo 22 sone; and 
after, he 23 deide, and li]> at 3ork< C. xvj. 

28 A fter pis Ryuallo, 24 regnede Gorbodyan 25 his sone xv 3ere, and 


deide and lith at 3ork H . 

1-1 rest neuer D. >ey restyd 0. 2 take D. 

3 ~ 3 into prisoun deth D. to detfc 0. 4 partede it D. 

5 - 5 when bo D. >o 0. 6 ygone D. 7 y-fere 0. 8 eche 0. 

9 fro D. 10 xxx D. n -" How Raynolde D. How regnold 0. 

12 - 12 om. DO. 13 - 13 tokene of 0. 

14 Raynolde in error for Conedag D. 15 Reynolde D. Regnold 2 0. 

16 a DO. 17 a D. 18 and a D. 19 leaf 6. 

2l) lastO. 21 om.O. Raynaldes D. reynoldes 0. ffl om. 0. 

24 Raynolde D. Regnold' 0. 25 Gordobodian D. 

22 Ferrex and Porrex are both slain. [CH. xvii, xvm 

How Gorbodian 1 hade ij sones, & how 2 pat on slough pat opere, 
forto haue pe heritage ; & how Ydoyne her 1 moder quellede 
pat opere, wherfore pe lande was destroiede. U Capitulo 
IT xvij mo . 4 

When pis Gorbodian 1 was dede, 3 his ij sones 3 pat he hade, 
bicome 4 stoute men 5 and proude, & euer 1 werrede to-geder* 
for pe lande : pat one, mew 6 called Ferre^, 7 and pat opere Porrex ; and 
pis Ferre} wolde haue hade al the lande, but pat opere wolde nou^t 8 
suffren 8 him. Ferre} hade a felounes herf, and pou^t prou} tresoun 5 
slee his bropere ; but p?'iuely 9 he went into Fraunce, and pere abode 
with pe 10 kyng Syward 10 til oppofi a tyme pat he come a3eyne, and 
fau^t wip his broper Ferre} 11 ; but ful euel it hapede po, for he was 12 
slayn ferst. IT When Ydoyne, here 12 moder, wist pat Porrex was 
dede, she made grete sorwe, for enchesoun pat she louede him more 
pan 13 pat opere, 13 and pou^t him forto 14 quelle. priuely 15 she come 
to here sone oppou a ny^t wip ij knyfes, and perwip cotte his prote, 16 
and pe body also into smale pecis. Who herde euer 2 soche a cursede 
model 1 *, pat quellede with here 16 owen hondes here owen sone ! and 
Longe tyme after* Laste pe reprofe 17 & shame to pe modei* pat, for 
enchesoun of pat o sone, mordrede pat opere, and so loste ham 20 

How iiij kynges curteisely 18 helde al Britaigne ; and whiche 
beth 19 here names. U Capitulo U Octodesimo. 

WHen pise ij breperne were so dede, pai nade Lefte bihynde 24 
ham noo 20 sone ne doughter*, ne none op<?re of pe kynrede 
pat might haue pe heritage. & 21 for-asmiche as pe strongest men 
dryuen and descomfitede 22 pe feblest 1 , and token 23 al here landes, so 
pat in eue?y contre pai hade grete werre and stryfe. U But amonge 24 28 
alle opere pinges, pere were amonges ham in pe contre pat ouercome 25 
alle pe 26 ope?*e; and prou^ heir* strengp and 27 myjt pai iiomen and 
token 28 al pe landes; and eueryche 29 of ham tok a certeyne contre ; 
and in his contre lete calle him kyng 1 . U And on of ham, mew 30 32 

I Gordobodian D. 2 om. 0. 

3_3 Written twice in MS. and struck out the second time. 
4 bycomen so 0. 6 om. D. 6 me D. 7 Ferre3 DO. 
8 suffre DO. 9 priueliche D. 10 - 10 kynges Sty ward? 0. 

II Porre} 0. 12 his D. 13 - 13 p e toj>r 0. 14 for 0. 

15 priuely and priuely D. pryuyly And priuyly 0. 16 leaf 6, back. 
17 repref 0. 18 curteisliche D. 19 ben 0. 20 ney)?ere D. nother 0. 
21 and for and D. ^ Scomfitede D. scorn fited' 0. w toke D. 
24 amonges D. a ouercome?i 0. ^ J>o D. and here D. her 0. 
28 tok D. eche 0. 30 me DO. 

CH. xix, xx] King Donewall becomes the only king. 23 

callede Stater 51 ; and he was Kyng 1 of Scotland; and pat opere me 
callede Dunwal, 2 and lie was Kyng 1 of Loegers, and of alle pe 
landes 3 pat was Lotrynes, 4 Brutes sone. 4 U pe pridde, men 5 callede 

4 Rudak 1 , and he was Kyng of Walys ; and pe iiij te me callede Cloten, 
and he was Kyng 1 of Cornewaile. U But pis Cloten shulde haue 
hade al pe lande, be 6 resoun for pe?-e was no man pat wist none so 
ry^thful heire 7 as be was; but po 8 pat were strongest sette litel by 

8 ham pat were of lasse estate, and perfor pis Cloten hade no more 
lande amonges ham paw onliche 9 U Cornewaile. 

Of Kyng Donewatt, 10 fat was Clotene^ sone, and how he hade 
wonne J>e lande. 1T Capitulo xix. 

12 rriHis Cloten bade a sone pat me clepede 11 Donewal, pat, after* pe 

I detb of his fader 5 , bicome an hardy man, and a faire and a 

curteise, so pat he passede alle pe kynges of Britaigno of fairenesse 

and of worpinesse. 1T And 12 as he was knyght, he 13 Wiste wel 14 

16 when bis fader* leuede 15 he was moste rygbtful heire of al 7 pe lande, 
and shulde haue hade it by resoun ; but optre kynges pat were of 
more strengp pan he, binome him 16 his lande. U And afterwarde pis 
Donebande ordeynede him powere, and ferst conquerede al pe lande 

20 of Loegers; and after 117 he wolde haue conquerede al 7 Scotland? 
and Walys ; and Stater* 18 wip his men come, and }af him 19 bataile ; 
and Rudak come a^eyne wip his Walshemen forto helpe him ; But 
so it bifel pat Rudafr was slayn, 20 and Skater* also, in pleyn bataile; 

24 and so Donewal hade pe victorye, and conquerede al pe lande, and 21 
wel mayntenede it in pees and 22 quyete, pat neuer* bifore it was so 
wel mayntenede. 

How Donewal was pe ferst kyng pat euere Werede crone of 1 
28 golde in Britaigne. IT Capitulo H Vicesimo. 

THis 23 Donewal lete 24 make him 24 a crone of golde, and werede 
pe croune oppon his beuede, as neuei 1 * kyng dede bifore ; and 
he ordeynede a statute pat, 25 hade a man done 25 neuer so miche 

1 Scater D. Skater 0. 2 Dawallier DO. 3 laude D. land 0. 

* 4 that was BruteJ sones D. >at was Brutes sones 0. 

5 me DO. 6 by DO. 7 om. D. 8 >ai D. >ei 0. 9 only 0. 

10 Donebande throughout DO. n callede D. called' 0. 

12 And anon DO. 13 leaf 7. 14 wel >t 0. 15 leuede J>at D. 

16 om. O. 17 aftyrward 0. 18 Skater DO. 

19 ham D. 20 quellede D. queld' 0. 21 and >o D. ^ & in D. 

23 In the margin is written by an ancient hand : Donwall we . . . y e first 
crovne . . . ordeyned y e temp[le] a savgard for m . . . The edge of the page Aa* 
been cut away. 2424 hy m done make 0. 2525 a raan j Q. 

24 King Brenne gets Norse help to invade K. Belyn. [CH. XXI 

harme, and he might come into pe temple, pere 1 shulde no man him 
misdo, but gone 2 perin sauf and in pees, and aftre gone 2 into what 
contre pat lie wolde, withouten 3 eny harme ; and if eny man sette 
hande oppon* him, he pan shulde lese his lif. U And pis Donewal 4 
made pe toune of Malmesbury, and pe toune of pe Vise ; & when 
he hade regnede wel and nobly 5 .xl. ^ere, he deide, & lip at newe 

How Brenne and Belyn departede bituene ham pe lande, after" 8 
pe deth of Donewal, Mr 1 fader 1 ; & of pe werre. CsLpitulo 

ANd after* pat pis Donewal was [dede], 6 his sones pat he hade, 
depa? f tede pe lande bituene ham as her 1 fader hade ordeynede ; 12 
so pat Belyn, his eldest sone, hade al the lande 7 a pis halfe Humber, 
and his broper 8 Brenne hade al 9 pe lande fram number* vnto 10 
Scotland'; but for-asmich as 11 Belyn hade pe better 1 parte, Brenne 
perfor wax wrop, and wolde haue hade more of pe lande; and 16 
Belyn his broper wolde graunt him nomore ; Wherfor contak and 
werre aroos bituene 12 ham ij. But Brenne pe Conger broper hade no 
my^te ne streng]? a^eyn^ Belyn ; and ferfor Brenne, Jnmi} conseil of 
his folc, went fram 13 fens into Norway, to ]?e Kyng 1 Elsinges, and 20 
prayede him of helpe and of socoure forto conquere al pe lande 14 of 
Britayn 14 vppon Belyn his broker, oppon pat couenaunt, pat he 
wolde haue his doubter to wyf; and pe Kyng 1 Elsinges 15 him 
grauntede. H Belyn, anone as his brope?* was gone to 16 Norway, he 24 
seisede into his hande al pe lande of Northumberland', and toke al 
pe castelles, 17 and lete ham arraie, and also kepe pe costes of pe see, 
pat Brenne shulde nou^t arryue in no side but pat he were take. 
U The Kyng Elsinges lete assemble a grete hoste, and delyuerede 28 
his doughter 1 to Brenne, and alle pe peple pat he hade ordeynede. 
And pis damisel, Samye, hade longe tyme louede a kyng 1 pat me 
callede Gutlagh 18 ; and to him she tolde al here counseil, how pat 
Brenne shulde here haue, and here lede wip him for euermore, and 32 
so he 19 shulde her lese, but if pat she my^f forsake Breune. 51 And 

1 om. DO. 2 go D. 3 with-oute 0. 4 on D. 

6 worthelye D. worthyly 0. 6 dede DO. om. R. 

7 lande of brytayn D. land of Britaigne 0. 8 om. 0. 

9 leaf 7, back. 10 into D. u )>at 0. 12 bituenes D. 
13 fro DO. 14 - 14 om. DO. 15 Elsyng* 0. 16 vnto D. 
17 castett 0. 18 Gutlaghen D. 19 corrected from }e in MS. 

CH. xxn] Belyn defeats King Gutlagh of Denmark. 25 

when Gtitlagh herde pise tydynges, 1 he lay forto aspie Brenne, wip 
alse 2 meny shippes as lie my^t haue, so pat po 3 ij fletes 4 metten 
to-gederes, 4 and longe tyine foughten, so pat Brenne and his shippes 

4 turnede a^eyne, and were descomfitede ; and Kyng Gutlagh toke 
Samye, and put here into 5 shippe, and Brenne shamefully neye 6 
pens as a man descomfitede. 11 And Gutlagh wolde haue went into 
his 7 countree ; but pere come oppon 8 him a stronge tempest, pat .v. 

8 dayes Laste, so pat prou$ pat tempest 1 he was dryuen into Britaigne 
with iij shippes, and wij) no mo. and po pat kepte 9 pe costes of 
pe see token Gutlagh and Samye, and alle his folc, and ham pre- 
sentede vnto 10 Belyn, and he 3 put ham into 11 prisoun. 

12 How Belyn 12 delyuerede 13 out of pis lande Kyng Gutlagh of 
Dennemarc, and Samye. U Capitulo 11 Vicesimo Secwwdo. 

Hit 14 was nou^t longe after 1 , pat Brenne ne come a^eyne with a 
15 stronge meny, 15 and sent to his broker Belyn, pat he shulde 

16 ^elde a^eyne his lande to his wif and to his folc, & his castelles 16 
also, or elles he wolde destroye his lande. Belyn drade no ping 
his 17 manace, and wolde no Jung done 18 after fat he saide. Wher- 
fore Brenne come with his folc, and fau^t with him 19 ; and Brenne 

20 was descomfitede, and his folc slayne, and him-self fleede wip xij 
men into Frauuce. U And pis Belyn, pat was Brennes bropere, 
went 20 pe vnto 20 3oik, and toke 21 counseil what he my^t done, 22 
wip Kyng Gutlagh; for Kyng 1 Gutlagh proferede 23 to bicome 23 his 

24 man, and to holde his lande of him, ^eldyng by ^ere 24 Mtti of siluer 24 
for euer'-more ; and for sikernesse of pis couenaunf to bene holde, 
Gutlaghe shulde bryng him gode hostages, and to him shulde done 
homage, and al his folc, and }itte he 3 shulde suere oppon the book 1 

28 pat pise couenauntes shulde 25 nou3t bene broken 25 ne falsede. 
U Belyn po, by counseil of his folc, grantede him his axing* ; and so 
Gutlagh bicome his man ; and Belyn vnderfonge of him his homage 
by othe, and by wrytyng 1 pe same couenaunf. U And oppon 

I tidyng* D. tydyng 0. 2 as DO. 3 om. 0. 

4 - 4 mettes to-geder D. mettyn to-gidere 0. 5 in-to his 0. 6 fly 0. 
7 his owen D. his owne 0. 8 leaf 8. 9 kepten 0. 10 to 0. 

II om, D. in 0. 12 Brenne 0. 13 drof DO. 14 Syt sic 0. 
5-15 g rete nau y e j) gret ine y ne 0. 1G castett DO. 

17 his inalyce ne his 0. 18 do D. 19 Belyn D. hym Belyn 0. 
so- 20 >o to DO. 21 nome DO. * do 0. 

23 Gutlagh forto ben D. - a M* pound^ 0. 

2B - 25 neuer be broke D. neuere be brokyn 0. 

26 Belyn makes 4 roads. He & Brenne invade France. [CH. xxm 

*pis Couenant 1 King 1 Gutlagh tok* 2 Samye and his folc, and went 
j>ennes, and twriiede a^eyn 3 to Dennemarc. If Euermore after* were 
the couenauntes Halrlen, and pe truage paiede, til pe tyme pat 
Hauelok was Kyng of Denmarc, and also of pis lande, prou$ his wif* 4 
Gildebur^rhe, pat he hade spousede, for she was pe ry$t heire of pis 
lande. U pis Belyn duellede po in pees, and worshepliche 4 him 
helde amonges 5 his barons; and he made iiij real waies, one fram 6 
pe Est into 7 West*, and pat was callede Watlyngstrete ; and anopere 8 
fram 6 pe North into pe South, pat was callede Ikenyle strete ; and 
ij opere waies he made in bossinge prou^-oute the lande : pat one is 
callede Fosse, and pat opere Fossedik ; and he mayntenede wel pe 
gode Lawes pat Doneband? his fader* hade made and ordeynede in 12 
his tyme, as bifore is saide. 

How accorde was made bituene Brenne and Belyn, through 
Cornewenne, hire moder*. U Capitulo U Vicesimo Tercio. 

BRenne, that was Belynes 8 broper, hade longe tyme duellede in 16 
Fraunce, and pere hade co/^querede a grete lordeship prou$ 
manage, for he was Due of Burgoyne prou} pe doubter of pe 9 due 
Fewyn pat he hade spousede, pat was right heire of pe Jande. and 
pis Brenne ordeynede a grete power* of his folc and also of Fraunce, 20 
and come into pis lande forto f eight with Belyn his broper. and 
Belyn come a^eynes him with a stronge powere of Britons, and po 
wolde haue ^eue 10 him bataile ; but heir* moder* Cornewenne, pat tho 
Leuede, 11 12 herde pat 12 pe o 13 broper wolde 14 haue destroyede 14 pat 24 
opere, and went bituene here sones, and 15 ham made 15 accordede 
wip miche peyne ; so pat at pe laste, po ij breperne, with miche 16 
blisse, went to-gedei j into newe 17 Troye, pat now is callede London, 
and pe?'e pai duellede al a $ere ; and after*, pai toke 18 19 Heire conseile 28 
forto go conquere al Fraunce ; and so thai deden, 20 & brent tounes, 
and destroyede al 21 pe lande bope in lengp and in Brede. and pe 
Kyng of Fraunce $af ham bataile wip his powere; but he was 
ouercomen, 22 and ^af truage vnto 23 Belyn and to his broper. H And 32 

1-1 ])is couenauntes D. these couenauntes 0. 2 nome DO. 

3 leaf 8, back. 4 worshipfullich D. wurschipfally 0. 

6 amowge D. Among 0. 6 fro 0. 7 into J>e DO. 

8 Belyn his 0. 9 om 0. 10 jeuen 0. 

11 leuede hade D. lyved* had 0. 12 ~ 12 MS. herde >at herde J>at. 

13 to 0. 14 - 14 destroye D. dystroye O. 16 - 15 made hem 0. 

16 michel D. I7 grete D. gret 0. 18 nome DO. 19 leaf 9. 

20 dede 0. 21 om. DO. ^ ouercome DO. ^ to DO. 

CH. xxiv] Rome is conqvierd, Denmark subdued. 27 

after* fat, fai J went forfe 1 to Rome, and conquerede Eome, and al 
Lnrabardy and Germayne, and toke homages and feautees of 2 fe 
folc of f e Erles, 2 barons, and 3 alle ofere ; and after*, fai comen 4 

4 into fis lande of Britaigne, and duellede with here Britounes in 
ioye and reste. and fo made Brenne f e toune of Bristo\v ; and sif 
he went ouer* ])e 5 see into his owen lordeshippe, and fere dnellede 
al his lif\ and Belyn duellede atte Newe Troye ; and fere he made 

8 a faire gate fat is clepede 6 Billyngesgate, after* his owen name, and 
when fis Belyn hade regnede noble 7 xj ^ere, 8 he deide, & ^1 lif at 
newe Troye. 

How Kyng Corinbatrus quellede f e Kyng of Dennemarc, for 
12 enchesoun fat he wolde nou^t paye him his truage. 
If Capitwfo xxiiij to . 

ANd after* fis Belyn, regnede his sone Corinbatrus, a gode man 
and 9 a worf i. and 9 f e Kyng of Denmarc wolde nou^t paye 

16 him bis truage, fat is to seyn, 10 M 1 ti, 10 as he n hade sworne 11 by 
oth forto paye hit, and also be writyng 12 of 1 recorde, 12 to Belyn his 
fader*, wherfore he was euel 13 paiede and wrof, and assernblede a 
grete hoste of Britons, and went into Dennemarc and slough fe 

20 Kyng Gitclagh, and brou^t f e lahde in subieccioun al new, and toke 
of folc feautes and homages, and after went a^eyne into his lande. 
U And as he come forthe bi Orkeneye, he fonde xxx shippes ful of 
men and of wyj/imen, bisides fe coste 14 of fe see, and fe kyng 

24 axede what fai were. 15 an Erl, that was maistre of ham 16 alle, 
curteisely ansuerede vnto the kyng, and saide fat fai were exilede 
oute of Spaygne, 17 and so fai hade trauailede half 18 $ere and more 
in f e see, to weten 19 if fai my^t fynde eny kyng', or 20 eny lorde, 21 

28 fat of ham wolde haue pitee or mercy, to $eue ham eny lande in 
eny contre wherin fai might duelle and haue reste, and bicome his 
liege men, and to him wolde done 22 homage and feautes 23 whiles 
fat he leuede, and to his heires after* him, and of hi?7i and of his 

32 heires holde 24 fat londe 25 for euermore.' 25 IF And when fe kyng fis 

J * wen ten bo>e D. 2 2 Erles and D. erls 0. 

3 and of DO. 4 come 0. 5 ]>er 0. 6 callede D. called 0. 

7 nobli D. nobly 0. 

8 ^er* and iiij monu)>es D. ^eer & iiij monethes 0. 9 ~ 9 worth! D. 
10-10 a M i p oun( i o. n - n swore 0. 12 ~ 12 recordede D. recorded 0. 
13 ylle 0. u costes 0. 15 were And 0. 16 them 0. 

17 leaf 9, lack. 18 half a 0. 19 wete 0. in 0. 21 lande 0. 
22 do D. ^ feaute DO. M holden DO. ^'^ om. DO. 

28 Spaniards settle in Ireland. 3 good Kings. [CH. xxv-xxvm 

herde, lie hade pite of ham, and $af ham an He al wildernesse, 
)?ere )>at noman was duellyng, saf oneliche 1 wilde bestes. and )>e 
Erl pankede miche J?e kyng, and bicome his man, and dede him 
feaute and homage, and tok 2 alle his folc, and went into J>e same 4 
He. and J?e Erl 3 me callede Irlanyal ; and )>erfore 4 he lete calle fe 
lande Irlande, after 1 his owen name. IF The kyng ]>o, Corinbatrus, 
come a^eyne into J>is Lande, and regnede xxv $ere ; & after*, he 
deide, and lij> at newe IF Troye. 

How J>e Kyng 1 Guentolen regnede in godenesse, 5 & wel gouernede 
J?e lande al his liftyme. 6 IF Capitulo vicesimo Quinto. 

ANd when Corinbatrus was dede, regnede Guentolen his sone, 
a man of goode condiciouns, and wel bilouede; and he 12 
gouernede J)e lande wel and wiseliche, 7 and he regnede xxvj ^ere, 
and after, deide, and lith at newe Troye. 

How Kyng Seisel regnede, and wel gouernede J?e lande after 
Guentolen. U CapitwZo xxvj to . 16 

A Nil after* J>is 4 Guentolen, regnede his sone Seisel wel and 
worfely, and wel gouernede J?e lande as his fader* hade 
done biforne him ; and he regnede xv ^ere, and after 1 , 8 deide, and 
lith at newe Troye. 20 

How Kymore regnede after 1 Seisel his fader; and he bigate 
Howan, J?at 9 regnede after 1 him. 8 IF Capitulo IF Vicesimo 
IF Septimo. 

ANd after J?is 8 Seisel, regnede his sone Kymor wel and nobly 10 24 
xix ^ere in pees \ and Howan his sone x ^ere, and deide, 
and lij> at Herbaldoun. 

How Kyng 1 Morwith deide }>rou3 meschaunce, Jtfou^ 11 a beste 
for his wickednesse. IF Capitulo U Vicesimo IF Octauo. 28 

ANd 8 after 1 J>is Howan, regnede Morwith; and he 4 bicome 
wickede, and so sterne, til at }>e laste, grete vengeaunce come 
to him ; for as he went on 12 a tyme bi )>e seeside, 13 he mette a grete 

1 only 0. 2 nome DO. 3 kyng 0. 4 om. 0. 5 pees 0. 

6 lyf 0. 7 wysely 0. 8 om. DO. 9 leaf 10. 

10 nobliche D. noblich 0. n ofO. 12 vppon D. vpon 0. 
13 syde 0. 

CH. XXIX, xxx] The lad King Artogaile becomes good. 29 

beste, J>at was "blac, and horrible and hidouse ; and he wende J>at 
it hade bene a whale of J>e see, and bent an Arvveblasf, 1 and wolde 
haue slayne ]jat 2 best wij) a quareH ; but he mi^t 1 nou^t smyte hit. 
4 and when he hade shotte alle his quarelles, 3 j>e beste anone come 
to him in grete haste, and him deuourede alif ; and so he deide 
for his wickednesse, prou} vengeance of Gode, after pat he hade 
regnede ix 

8 Of Grandobodian, pat was Morwithe^ sone, pat made the tonne 
of Cambruge. 1T Capitulo U Vicesimo Nono. 

After pis Morvvith was dede, j)e Britouns cronede Grandobodian 
his sone; 4 and pis Grandobodian 4 longe tynie regnede in 
12 godeuesse, and made temples and tounes; and pis Grandobodian 
made pe toune of Cambrugge and pe toune of Grantham, and was 
wel bilouede of ryche and of pore, 5 for he 5 honot^rede pe riche and 
halpe pe poer*. U This Grandobodian hade iiij soiies, Artogaile, 
16 Hesider*, Higamus, and Petiter 5 , and whew he hade regnede xj ^ers, 
he deide, & lip at newe Troye. 

Of Artogaile, fat was Grandobodian^ sone : how he was made 
kyng*, & si]) put adoune for his 6 wickednesse, IT CapitwZo 
20 Tricesimo. 

7 A fter Grandobodian, regnede his sone Artogaile v $ere; and 

ji\^ he bicome so wickede and so sterne, jjat )?e Britons wolde 

nou^t suffre him to bene 8 kyng 1 , but put him adoune, and made 

24 Hesider his broker kyng 1 ; and he bicome so gode and mercyable 
jjat men him callede ' kyng of pitee.' and when he hade regnede v 
3ere, he hade so[miche] 9 pitee of his broker Artogaile, J?at was kyng 
bifore; and anone he forsoke his dignite, and toke his broker J>e 

28 crone a^eyne, and made him kyng 1 a^eynes 10 al J>e J1 barons wille of 
Britaigne. 11 and afterwarde, Jns Artogaile bicome so gode of condi- 
ciouns pat he was wel bilouede of al pe lande ; for he bicome so 
debonoure and free, and dede right and resoufi to alle maner* 

32 man ; 12 and he regnede vj ^ere, and deide, and lith at Grauntham. 

1 arweblaster D. 2 J) e 0. 

3 corrected from querelles in MS. quarett 0. 

4 4 om. D. & J>is Grandobodyan his sone 0. 

5 - 5 for he DO. for R. 6 om. 0. 7 leaf 10, lack. 8 be DO. 

9 gret 0. 10 ajen 0. 

u - u britons wille D. bry tons wytt 0. 12 of men DO 

30 .5T. Hesider and his Brothers. 33 Kings. [CH. xxxi-xxxm 

How Hesider was made kyng 1 after* )>e deth of Artogaile ^is 
U broker. 1 Capitz^o xxxj. 

After J)e deth of Artogaile, the Britounes crounede an-o]>ere 
tyine Hesider* ; but his ij bre)>ern Higamus and Petiter* 4 
haden of him grete despite, and eke scorne, and ordeynede ham 
helpe forto werre oppon )>e kyng her* broker. and so fai token him, 
and put 2 him into prisoun, the secunde $ere of his regne; and J?ai 
depa?*tede al Britaign bituene ham ij. but Higamus leuede but vij 8 
}ere ; and j?o hadde Petitur* al J?e lande ; and he made J)e toune of 
Pikeryng 1 , and after deide, J?e secuwde ^ere of his regne, & lij? at 
Pikeryng 1 , 

How J>e Britouns token 3 Hesider* oute of Prisoune, and made 12 
kyng j>e Jjridde tyme. 11 Capitulo H 4 Tricesimo 

ANd when J>is Petitur was dede, the Britons toke 5 anone right 1 
Hesider, and made him kyng J)e fridde tyine, and j?o 16 
6 regnede he 6 in pees xiiij ^ere, & after deide, and lij? at Karleil. 

How xxxiij kynges regnede in pees, eche after 1 o}>cre, after 7 J)e 
deth of Hesider', U Capitulo f Tricesimo Tercio. 

After 8 ])e deth of Hesider*, regnede xxxiij Kynges, eche after* 20 
ojjere, in pees; and wij>out eny longe tariyng 1 y shal 9 tel 
ham alle, 9 and how longe euery 10 of ham regnede, as j?e story 
tellej?. H The ferste kyng' of Ipo xxxiij me clepede 11 Gorbodia, 
and he regnede xij ^ere. U and aftei 1 * him regnede Morgan ij 24 
$ere; Hand after* him regnede Eigamus 12 vj }ere; U and after* 
him regnede Idwalan viij ^ere; 11 and after him regnede Rohugo 
xj ^ere ; U and after* him regnede Voghen xiij ^ere ; H and 
13 after him regnede 13 Katil xv jere ; Hand after* him regnede 14 28 
Porrex ij ^ere ; U and after* him regnede Cheryn xvij }ere ; 
[; & after him regned Coil xij ^er*] 15 H and after* him regnede 
Sulgenis xiiij $ere ; IT and after him regnede Esdad xx u 

1-1 om. D. 2 om. D. puttyn 0. 3 nomen DO. * 4 xxxiij D. 

5 nome DO. 6 - 6 regned he DO. regnede R. 7 leaf II. 

8 And aftir 0. 9 ~ 9 hem att telle 0. 10 eu^ryche D. eche 0. 

11 callede D. Called 0. 

12 It is impossible to distinguish n and u in these MSS. This might be 
Eigainus, Eiganius, Eigamus, etc. D and fiave Eighnans or Eighnaus. 

3 - 13 after him regnede D. after him regued 0. after R. 
14 om. 0. 15 supplied from D. 

CH. xxxiv, xxx v] King Lud and London and Ludgate. 31 

U And af ter* him regnede Andragie xviij $ere ; U And after 1 him 
regnede Vran 1 v $ere ; U and after* him regnede Elintf ij $ere ; 
U and after* him regnede Eldagan xv }ere ; U and after* him regnede 

4 Claten xij $ere ; H & after him regnede Quirgund! viij 3 ere ; U and 
after* him regnede Morian vj ^ere ; and after him regnede Bledaghe 
iij $ere ; IT and after 1 him regnede Caph j $ere ; U and after* him 
regned Gen ij ^ere ; 1F and after* him regnede Seisel and Kyng 

8 Blecfe xxj $ere; U and Kyng Grabreth 2 xj $ere; II and Archinal 
xiiij $ere; 3 and Erol xxx }ere; If And Eodengu 4 xxxij $ere; and 4 
Herter v $ere, 3 U and Hampir* vj ^ere, And Carpoir* vij sere, 
U and Digneile iij ^ere, U and Samuel xxiiij ^ere, U and Rede 
12 ij $ere, IT and Ely vij moune]>s ; and j)is Ely hade iij sones, Lud, 
Cassahilam, and Enymyon. 

How LuiH was made kyng 1 after ]?e dej) of Ely his fade?-. 
H Capitulo U Tricesimo H ftuarto. 

16 5 A fter Jje de)> of Ely, regnede Lud his sone, and gouernede wel 

1\ J)e lande, and miche honowrede gode folc, and temprede 

and amendit wickede folc. II This Lud louede more to duelle at 

Troye J?an at 6 eny oj?e?-e place of J?e lande ; Wlierfore |>e name of 7 

20 Troy e was lafte, 8 and J)o 9 was callede |)e citee of 9 Ludstan; but 
now 10 J>at name is cbaungede fjrou^ variance of le^res, and now is 
callede London. U and 11 jns kyng made in the citee a faire gate, 
and callede it Ludgate, after* his name ; and j?e folc of Jje citee lete 

24 bight 12 Loundres, and when he hade regnede xj ^ere, he deide, and 
lij) at London, and he hade ij ^onge sones, Andraghen and 
Gormace 13 ; but ]mi couj? neijjere speke ne go, for ^eugej) ; & Jierfore 
J>e Britons crounede a stronge kny^t ]?at me called 14 Lud, ))at was 

28 Cassibalanms 14 broker, and made him kyng of Britagne. 

How J>e Britons gmntede to Cassibalam, J)at was Ludes broker, 
Jje land': 15 in whas time lulius 16 come ij tymes forto con- 
quere J?e lande. 15 H Capitulo Tricesimo f quinto. 

32 A fter* ]?e dej? of Kyng 1 Lud J , regnede his broker Cassibalam, and 
1\ bicome a goode man, and miche bilouede of his Britons, so 
j>at, for his godenesse and cwrtesye, )?ai grantede him )>e reaume for- 

1 vrian D. Vryan 0. 2 Trabreth DO. 3 ~ 3 om. 0. 

4 - 4 xxxij 3ei D. xxxij and R. 5 leaf 11, back. 6 in 0. 

7 of the new D. of newe 0. 8 lafte D. left 0. laste R. 

9 - 9 >e citee callede D. was > e Citee cald 0. 10 om. DO. u om. D. 

12 hit D. yt 0. 13 Tormace DO. 14 - 14 sic in all three MSS. 

15 - 15 om. 0. 16 lulius Ceser 1 D. 

32 Julius Ccesar is driven out of Britain. [CH. xxxvi 

euermore, to him and to his heires. U And the kyng, of his gode- 
nesse, lete norisshe worf iliche bofe 1 his broferes sones, fe childerne 
of Lud 1 ; And after 1 , made fe eldeste sone Erl of Cornwaile, and fat 
of ere Erl of London. U And while fis kyng Cassibalam regnede, 4 
come lulius Cesar, fat was Emperoure of Rome into fis lande, with 
a power of Romayns, and wolde haue hade fis lande f rou$ strengf ; 
but Cassibalam him ouercome in bataile, frou$ helpe 2 of fe 3 
Britons, and drof him oute of fis Lande ; and 4 went a^eyne to 8 
Rome, and assemblede 5 grete power 1 anofer tyme, and come a^eyne 
into fis lande forto }eue bataile to Cassibalam ; but he was des- 
comfitede frou} strengf of fe Britons, and frou^ 6 helpe of fe erle of 
Cornwaile, and 7 fe Erl of london, his broker, and frou^ helpe of 12 
Gudian, Kyng of Scotland!, and of 8 Corbande, Kyng of north Wales, 
and of Bretaile, Kyng of Southwalys. and in fis bataile was slayne 
Nemion, fat was Cassibalamws brofe?', wherfore he made miche 
sorwe; and so went lulius Cesar 1 oute of Jns lande with a fewe of 9 16 
Romayns fat were lefte a-lif 1 ; And J>o Cassibalam went a^eyne to 
London, and made a fest vnto alle his folc fat fo hade 10 him 
holpen 10 ; and when fe 11 fest was done, eche man went into here 12 
owen contree. 20 

Of J>e debate fat was bituene Cassibalam and fe Erie of 
London; 13 & of fe t?-uage fat was payede 14 to Rome. 13 
U Capitulo xxxvj t0 . 15 

ANd after, hit bifelle fus oppon a day, fat 16 fe gentil-men 16 of 24 
fe kynges householde and 17 fe gentelmen 17 of f e Erles house- 
holde of London, after mete went in-fere 18 forto playe : and frou^ 
debate fat arose amonges 19 ham, Enelyn, fat was fe erles brofer 20 
of London, quellede Irenglas fat was f e kynges cosyn ; wherfore f e 28 
kyng swore fat Enelyn shulde bene 21 honget; but fe Erie of 
London, fat was Enelynes lorde, wolde nou^t suffren 22 hit; wher 
fore fe kyng 1 was wroth tovvarde 23 fe Erl, and fou^t hi?w 24 destroye. 
and priuely 25 fe Erl sent le^res to lulius Cesar 1 fat he shulde come 32 

J J sones that wer Lud his bro><?res D. Sones J>at were lud his brotheiys 0. 
2 leaf 12. 3 ora. 0. 4 and he DO. and R. 5 Assembled a 0. 

6 Jmrgh > e 0. 7 and of D. 8 om. DO. 9 of his D. om. 0. 
10 - 10 holp him D. hym holpe 0. " >at DO. 12 his DO. 

I3_i3 om< o. 14 paye D. 15 xxxvto D. 16 - 16 a gentilman D. 
17-17 a gentil-man D. geiitvlmen 0. 18 y-fere D. 19 among 0. 
20 cosyn D. Cosyn 0. 2f be DO. ^ soffre D. ^ towardes 0. 
24 hym to 0. ' w priuelich D. 

CH. xxxvi-xxxix] Ccesar beats the English, who pay tribute. 33 

into pis lande forto 1 helpe him, and 1 helpe avenge him 2 oppon pe 
Kyng 1 , and he wolde helpe him with al his my^te. U And when 
pe Emperoure herde pis tydynges, 3 he was ful glade, and ordeynede 

*4 a stronge power*, and come a^eyne pe pridde tyme into pis land? ; 
and pe Erl of Londone halpe him wip vij M* men. and at pe pridde 
tyme was Cassibalam ouercomen 4 and descomfitede, and made pees 
to pe Emperoure for 5 iij 6 M*ii 6 of siluer 1 , 3eldynge by $ere for 
8 truage for pis lande for euermore. and after* half 7 $ere passede, the 
Emperoure went to Eome, and pe Erl of London wip him, for he 
derste nou^t abide in pis lande. and after, Cassibalam regnede xvij 
$ere in pees, and po 8 deide, pe xxvij $ere of his regne, and lithe atte 


How pe lordes of be lande, after* be deth of Cassibalam, for 
encheson pat he hade none heire, made Andragen kyng 1 . 
C&pitulo f xxxvij mo . 

16 A fter J?e deth of Cassibalam, for-asmiche as he hade none 9 heire 
_\_ of his body, J)e lordes of J>e lande, by commune assent, 
cronede Androgen, Erl of Cornewaile, and made him kyng* ; and he 
regnede wel 10 worthely, and was a gode man, and wel gouernede 
20 ]>e lande. and when he hade regnede viij ^ere, he deide, & lij? 
at London. 

Of Kymbalyn, ]?at was Andragenws sone, a gode man, n and 
wel gouernede ]>e lande. 11 Capitulo xxxviij. 

12 Natiuitas Christi 12 

24 A fter J?e deth of Andragen, regnede Kembelyn his sone, pat was 
l\ a gode man, and wel gouernede pe lande in miche prosperite 

and in 13 pees al his lifes 14 tyme. U And in his tyme was born 

Ihesus Crist oure saueoure, of pat swete virgine Marie. 15 U pis 
28 Kyng 10 Kembelyn hade ij sones, Ginder* and Armoger', gode 

kny^tes and worthi. 17 And when pis Kyng Kembelyn hade regnede 

xxij ^ere, he deide, and lip at London. 

Of Kyng Gynder 5 , pat was Kembalynes sone, pat wolde noi^t 
32 paye pe truage to Rome n for the lande pat Cassibalam 
hade grantede 11 ; & how he was slayne of a Eomayne. 
Capitulo xxxix . 

1 - 1 om. D. 2 leaf 12, back. 3 tydynge 0. 

4 ouercom D. ouercome 0. 5 with D. 6 ~ 6 M* of ii 0. 
7 half a DO. 8 >o he 0. 9 no 0. 10 wel and DO. 
n - n om. 0. 12 - 12 om. DO. 13 om. 0. 14 lif D. lyve 0. 
15 Marie y-blessede mot she be Amen D. 16 om. D. 17 leaf 13. 

34 Claudius invades Britain, and is beaten. [CH. xxxix 

ANd after pe dep of pis Kembalyn, regnede Ginder* his sone, a 
gode man and a worpi ; and x he was of so hie J hert pat he 
wolde nou^t paye to Rome pat truage pat Kyng Cassibalam hade 
grantede vnto lulius Cesar 1 ; wherfore pe Emperoure pat was po, pat 2 4 
me callede 3 Claudius Cesar*, 4 was sore annoyede, and ordeynede a 
grete power 1 of 1 Eomay[n]s, and come into pis lande forto conquere 
pe truage prou$ strengp, and haue it of pe kyng 1 ; but pe kyng 
Gynder 1 , and Armoger 1 his broper, gadrede a grete hoste ifere of 8 
Britouns, and $af bataile to pe Emperowr Claudius, and quellede 5 
of Remains grete plente. II The Empenwr hade a Stiwarde pat 
me clepede 6 Hamon, pat saw pat her* peple was faste slayne 7 : 
priuely 8 he 2 caste awai his owen armes, and toke 9 the Armes of a 12 
dede Briton, and armede him wip his armure, and come into pe 
bataile to pe kyng 1 , and saide in pis nianer* : " Sire, beth of gode 
hert 1 , for Godes loue, for pe Romayns pat bepe 10 ^our 1 enemys anone 
shullen 11 bene 12 slayn and descomfitede euerychon." 13 Hand pe 16 
kyng ^af no kepe ne rewarde to his speche, for encheson of pe 
armes pat he hade oppon him, and wende it 14 hade bene 15 a 
Britoune ; but pe traitoure 16 euer* helde him 16 nexte pe kyng 1 , and 
priueliche, 17 vnder 1 pe shulders 18 of his armure, 19 he smote pe kyng, 20 
Wherfore he was dede anone, 20 and fel doune vnto 21 pe erpe. 

When Armoger 1 saw his broper dede, 22 he caste away his Arme^, 
and toke 23 to him his broperes Armes, and come into pe bataile 
amonge pe Britons, and bade hertly forto 24 fyght 1 , and faste laide 25 24 
adoune pe Romaignes. and for pe armes, pai wende 26 it hade bene 27 
Kyng 5 Gynder 1 , pat arst was slayne, pat pai wist nou3t 1 , and po gonne 
pe Britons hertly fei3 ten, 28 and quellede pe Romayns; so 29 at pe 
last 1 pe Emperowr forsoke 30 pe felde, and fley as faste as pai 31 n^t 28 
into pe citee of Wynchestre. and pe false traiiour Hamonde, pat 
hade quellede pe kyng 1 , faste anone gane forto flee in 32 al pe haste 
pat he mi3tf ; and Armoger*, pe kynges broper, pwrsuede him ful 
fersly 33 wip a ferse herte, and drof him vnto 34 pe water 1 , and pere 32 

1 - J so hye of D. 2 om. O. 3 elept 0. 4 Cesar & he 0. 

6 om. D. 6 called DO. 7 y-slayn 0. 8 pryueliche D. 

9 nome DO. 10 ben 0. u shul D. schul 0. 

12 be 0. 13 echeon 0. 14 he DO. 16 be 0. 

16 - 16 helde hym euer 0. 17 priuely D. pryuyly 0. 18 shulder 1 D. 

19 Armes DO. om. DO. 21 to D. ^ leaf 13, back. 

23 nome DO. ** om. D. to 0. ^ lay D. ley 0. 

26 wende that D. ^ be J> e 0. ffl fyght 0. a so ]>at 0. 

30 took 0. 31 he DO. ^ with 0. w fast D. 

34 in-to 0. 

CH. XL] Armoger weds Claicdiuss Daughter, & is made King. 35 

he 1 toke him, and anone smote of 2 bofe heuede, 2 hendes, and feete, 
and hewe fe body halto pecis, and fo caste it into fe water*; 
Wherf ore fat water was callede Hamondeshauen ; and after 5 , 3 fere 
4 was made a faire tonne fat $itte [standeth] fat 4 is callede South 
ampton. U And afterwarde, Armoger 1 went to Wynchestre forto 5 
seche Claudius Cesar* fe Emperowr; and fere Armoger' 6 him toke. 
1T And Claudius f e Empero?/r, f rou$ conseil of his Eomayns fat 
8 with him were lefte alyf, made pees wif Armoger' in f is maner as 
^e shullef 7 hure, fat is to seyne, how 6 fat Claudius fe emperowr 
shulde $eue to Armoger 1 , Gennen 8 his 9 doubter, forto haue to wif 1 , 
so fat f is lande fro fat tyme afterwarde shulde be in f e Emperoure$ 

12 power* of Eome, oppon suche couenant 1 , fat 10 none Emperowr of 
Eome shulde take none ofere truage of fis lande, but oneliche 
feaute ; and so fai were accordede. U And oppon n fis couenant, 11 
Claudius Cesar* sent to Rome for his doubter Gennen; and when 

16 she was comew, 12 13 Claudius Cesar 1 $af her* to Armoger to Wif; 
and Armoger 1 spoused here at London with michel 14 solempnite 
and merfe; and fo was Armoger cronede, and made Kyng 1 of 

20 Of Kyng 1 Armoger, in whas 15 tyme seynt Peter preehede in 
Antyoehe, wif ofere aposflis in diuerses 16 contres. 17 Ca- 
pitulo xl. 17 

THis Kyng Armoger 1 regnede wel, and worthely 18 fe lande 
gouernede, and Claudis Cesar 1 , in remembrance of fis 19 
accorde, and for reuerence and honour of 1 his doughter, made in 
fis lande a fare tou?ze and a faire castel, and lete calle 20 fe 
toune 20 after 1 his owen 21 name ' Claucestre,' fat now is callede 
28 Gloucestr 1 . and when fis was al done, fe Emperoure toke 22 his 
leue, and 23 went a^eyne to Eome; and Armoger 24 was fo 24 kyng 1 , 
and gouernede fe lande wel and nobli al his lif tyme. f and this 
Armager 1 gete a sone on his wif, fat 25 was callede 25 "Westmere. and 

1 thay D. 2 ~ 2 bo>e heede D. his hed 0. 3 afterward 0. 

4 and D. 5 to 0. 6 om. D. " 7 shul D. schul O. 

8 Gelmen or perhaps Gelinen or Gelnien 0. 9 his fair" D. his fayre 0. 

10 that neuer afterwarde D. ]>at neuere aftirward' 0. 

11-11 fese couenawntes 0. 12 come 0. 13 leaf 14. 

14 miche D. mych 0. 15 who D. 16 diuerse D. diuers 0. 

17 xl Ga^itulo 0. 18 worthely and D. worthyly & 0. 19 his 0. 
20 MS. ]>Q lande toune, with lande underlined for erasure, yt 0. 
21 om. DO. 22 nome DO. * and >o DO. 24 - 24 > was DO. 
25 - 25 Called was 0. 

36 King Westmer of Britain. Irish Wives. [CH. XLI 

whiles pat pis Armoger' regnede, seynt Peter 1 prechede in Antioche ; 
and pere he hade 2 made a noble cherche, in pe whiche he satte 
ferste in his chier*, and pe?*e he duellede vij ^ere. 3 after', he 2 went 
to Home, and was made Pope, til fat Nero pe Emperowr lete him 4 
martre. & j>o p?*echede openly al pe Aposflis, in diuerses 4 landes, 
pe ry^t fay. 5 U And when Armoger hade regnede xxiiij ^ere, he 
deyde, and lith at London. 

How Kyng 1 Westmer 3af to Berynger* an Ilande forlete ; and 8 
pere pis Beringer* made pe toune of Berwik. Capitulo xlj. 

ANd after* pis Armoger', regnede his sone Westmer*, a gode man, 
and a worpi of body, and wel gouemede pe lande. II Hit 
bifelle so pat tydynges 6 come to him oppon 7 a day, pat pe Kyng 8 12 
Kodrik 1 of Gascoigne was comen 9 into pis lande wip an huge 
noumbre of peple, and was duellyng 1 in Steynesmore. and when 
Kyng Westmer* herde po tydyngws, he lete assemble 10 a grete 10 host 
of Britons, and come to pe 8 Kyng 1 Kodrik', and $af him bataile. and 16 
Kyng Westmer* quellede Rodrik wip his owen hondes in pleyne 
bataile; and when pat 2 kyng Rodrikes men saw pat here Lorde was 
dede, pai golden ham alle to pe 8 Kyng Westmer 1 , and bicome his 
men for euermore ; and he $af ham a contre pat was forlete, wherein 20 
pai my3t duelle ; and pider* pai went, and duellede pere al here lifes 11 
tyme; and ix C men pere 12 were of ham, and nomo 13 lefte alif at 
pat bataile. Here goue?*nowr and her* prince, me callede Berynger* ; 
and anone he biganne a toune, pat pai my^t perein duelle 14 and haue 24 
resceyt, and lete calle pe toune Berwik 1 vp 15 Twede ; and pere pai 
duellede, and bicome riche. but pai nade 16 no wymmen amonges 
ham, and pe Britons wolde nou3t 3eue here dou^tres to po 17 
Straungers ; Wherfore pai went ouere pe see into Irland, and brou^t 28 
with ham Wy??imen, and ham po spousede ; but pe men coupe 18 
nou^t 19 vnderstonde 20 pe langage 21 ne pe speche of pe wymmen, 
neyper 22 pe wymmen of pe men, and peref ore pai 23 speken 
to-gederes 23 as scottes ; and aftirwarde, prou^ chaungeyng of her 1 32 

1 In the margin in a, contemporary handwriting : Peter was at Rome m 
nero[s] ty[me] : the edge of the page has evidently been cut off. 

2 om. DO. 3 3eer & 0. 4 diuerse D. diners 0. 

5 fey tli 0. 6 tydyng DO. 7 leaf 14, back. 8 om. 0. 
9 come 0. 10 - 10 an huge 0. n lif D. 12 >at 0. 13 noman D. 
14 om. D. 15 vpon 0. 16 hadde 0. 17 >e D. 
18 coude 0. 19 nou3t >o D. 

20 vndirfonge 0. 21 lange D. ^ ne 0. 

spoken to-geder" D. speke to-gidere 0. 

CH. XLII-XLIV] Kings Westmer and Coil, and K. Lucie. 37 

langages, 1 in al Fraunce pei were callede po 2 Scottes : and so 3 pai 
shal be callede 3 for euermore. 

How Kyng Westmer 1 Lete arere a stone in pe entryng 4 of West- 

4 merland', pere pat lie slo^t Rodrik*; & ]>ere he bigawne 

ferste Housyng 1 . IF Capitulo IF Quadragesimo 5 IF Secwrcdo. 

ANd after 1 this bataile pat is aboue-saide, when Kodrik 6 Was 
dede, Kyng Westmer 1 , in remembraunce of his Victorie, lete 
8 arere fere, bisides pe way, a grete stone 7 in 8 bye, & ^itte it 
standep, 9 and euermore shal stande, and Lete grane in pe stone 
letties pat pus saide : ' The Kyng Westmere of Britaigne quellede 
in pis place Kodrik* his enemy.' IF And pis Westmere was pe ferst 
12 man pat made tounes 10 and hous in Engeland?. and at pat stone 
bigyraieth 11 Westmorland!, pat Westmer* lete calle after 1 his owen 
name, and 12 when Westmer 1 hade so done, 13 he duellede al his Lif 
tyme in pat contre of WestrnerlancP, for he louede pat contre more 14 ; 
16 and when he hade regnede xxv 3ere, he deide. & lip at IF Karleile. 

Of Kyng Coil, pat was Westmeres sone, pat helde his lande in 
pees 15 his lif-tyme. II Capitulo xl Tercio. 

After pis Kyng Westmer 1 , regnede his sone Coil, a goode man 
and a worpi, and of gode condicions, and wel gouernede his 
lande, and of alle 16 men he hade loue and pees ; and in his tyme 
was neuer contak, debate, ne werre in Britayn ; and he regnede and 
was kyng 1 in pees al his lif-tyme. & When he hade 17 bene kyng 17 
24 xj ^ere, he deide, and lip at 

How Kyng Lucye regnede after 1 Coel 18 his fader 1 , pat 19 was a 
gode man; and after 1 , he 12 bicome cristen. U C&yitulo xl 
IF Quarto. 

28 A fter 1 Kyng 20 Coel, regnede Lucie his sone, pat was a gode man 
J\r to God' and to al pe peple. he sent to Eome, to Apostle 
Eulenchie, pat po was, and seide pat he wolde bicome a eristen 
man, and resceyue baptisme 21 in pe name of 1 God?, and twrne to pe 

1 langagage sic D. 2 om. D. > e 0. 

3 - 3 shulle> J>e folc of that contraie D. schul >at folk of >at Cuntre 0. 

4 Entre 0. 5 Quinqwagesimo D. 6 leaf 15. 7 toune D. 

8 an 0. 9 staut DO. 10 Toiw 0. u bigy?mes D. 

12 om. 0. 13 y-done 0. 

14 more J>an eny'ojjere contre D. more J>an eny o]>er Cuntre 0. 

15 pees al D. 16 att his 0. 17 ~ 17 bene kyng* D. be kyng 1 0. bene R. 
18 om. D. 19 & 0. 20 >is D. 21 bapteme O. 

38 Britain becomes Christian, A.D. 156. [CH. XLV 

ry^t bileue. U Eulenchie sent ij legates, pat me callede Pagan and 
Elibrayne, into pis lande, and baptisede pe kyng 1 and alle his 
menye, 1 and after 1 went fro 2 toune 3 to toune, and baptisede pe 
peple til 4 al fat 4 Lande was baptisede, and pis was in J)e c. Ivj 4 
$ere after* pe Incarnaciofi of Ihesu Crist 1 , and pis kyng 5 Lucye 
made po in pis lande ij erchebisshoppes, on at Kaunterbery and 
anopere at $oik*, and opere meny bisshopes pat $it bene in J>is 
lande. H And when pise 6 ij legates hade baptisede al J)e 7 lande, 8 
pai ordeynede 8 prestes forto baptisen 9 childern and forto make pe 
Sacrament*; and after*, pai went a^eyne to Rome, and pe kyng 
duellede in his lande, and regnede with michel 10 honour xiij 3ere, 
and after* deide, and lip at Gloucestre. 12 

How pis lande was longe wipouten 11 a kyng 1 ; and how pe 
Britons chosen 12 a kyng 1 . IT Capit^o IT Quadragesimo. 
11 Quinto. 

THis kyng 1 Lucie hade none heire of his body bigeten, 13 pat was 16 
afterwarde grete harme and sorwe to pe lande; for, after 
pis kyng Lucies deth, none of pe grete lordes 14 of pe lande wolde 
suffren 15 an-opere to bene 16 kyng*, but leuede in werre and debate 
amonges ham 1. }ere wipoute^ 17 kyng. but J>o it bifel 18 aftirwarde 20 
pat a grete Prince 18 come fro Rome into pis lande pat me callede 
Seuerey ; nou^t forto werr*, but forto saue pe ryght 1 of Rome. 
H But nopeles, he nade 19 nou^t duellede half 20 $ere in pis lande, pat 
pe Britons ne quellede him. when po of Rome wiste pat Seuerey 24 
was so slayn, pai sent anopere grete lorde into pis lande, pat me 
callede Allec, pat was a stronge man, and a my^ty of body, and 
duellede in pis lande Longe tyme, and dede miche sorwe to pe 
Britons, so pat after, for pure malice, pai chosen ham a kyng 28 
amonges ham, pat me callede Astlepades, and assemblede a grete 
host of pe Britouns, and went to London to 21 seche Allec; and 
pere pai founde 22 23 him, and quellede him and alle his felawes pat 

I mene D. meyne 0. 2 leaf 15, bach 

3 a marginal note in an ancient hand : [firjst cristes Kynge. 

4 - 4 pat alle J>e D. 5 om. D. 6 > e 0. 7 J>at 0. 

8 ordeigneden 0. 9 baptisen D. baptisede R. 10 mych 0. 

II with-oute D. tyme with-oute 0. 12 Chose hem 0. 

13 bygete D. begete 0. 14 om. DO. 15 soffre D. suffre 0. 

16 be DO. fl with-oute DO. 

isis afterwarde that a grete Prince D. afterward? ]>ai a gret prince 0. 
afterwarde R. 19 had 0. 

20 half a 0. 21 forto D. w foimden 0. * leaf 16. 

CH. XLVI] Kings Astlepades and Coil, and King Constance. 39 

were wif him, but one of his felawes, fat me clepede 1 Walourc, 
defendet him fersly, and faujt longe with f e Britouns, but at f e 
laste he was descomfitede ; and f e Britons token 2 him, and bounde 
4 him 3 Hondes and feete, and caste him into a water ; wherefore fat 
water afterwarde was clepede 4 5 eumnore Walbroke. 5 11 J5o regnede 
fis 3 Astlepades in quiete, til one of his erles fat me callede Coel, 
made a faire toune a^eynes f e kynges wille, and lete calle f e toune 
8 Colchestre after* his name, wherfore f e kyng was ful wroth, and 
fou^t destroie fe erle, and bigan to werre vppon him, and brou^t 
grete power 5 , and 3af bataile to 6 fe erl. and fe erl defendede him 
fersly with his power 1 , and slough f e kyng 1 him-self in fat bataile ; 

12 and fo was Coel cronede, and made kyng of fis land. 1F fis Coel 
regnede and gouernede fe lande wel and nobly, for he was a 7 noble 
man, and wel bilouede amonges 8 fe Britons. U When 9 fo of Eome 
herde fat Astlepades was slayne, 10 f ai were 10 wonder glade, and sent 

16 anofere grete prince of Eomayns, fat me callede Constance; and 
he come to fe 11 Kyng Coil 12 forto chalange 12 fe truage fat was 
wont 13 to bene 13 paiede to Eome ; and f e kyng ansuerede wel and 
worf ely, 14 and saide fat he wolde paye to Eome al fat ry$t and 

20 resoun 15 wolde, wif godewil 15 ; and so fai accordede fo wif goode 
wil, and wifouten 16 eny contak 1 ; and bof e fai duellede togeder' 17 in 
loue. 11 The Kyng* Coel ^af his doubter Elyne to Constance, forto 
haue here for his spouse, fat was bof e faire, wise, and gode, and 

24 wel lettrede : and fis Constance spousede here fere 3 with michel 18 
honour, and it bifelle sone afterwarde, fat fis kyng 1 Coel 19 deide 
in the }ere of his regne xiij, & Lith at Colchestre enterede. 

Of Kyng Constance, fat was a Romayn, fat was chosen 20 kyng 

28 after 21 fe deth of 21 Coel, 22 for-asmiche fat 22 he hade 

spousede Elyn, fat was Kyng Coeles doubter 1 . 

After fis 11 Kyng Coel, Constance was made kyng 1 , and cronede, 
for-asmiche as he hade spousede Kyng Coele^ doubter, fat 
was heire of f e lande. f e whiche Constance regnede and worf ely 

, * callede D. called' 0. 2 nome D. toke 0. 

3 om. 0. 4 callede D. called 0. 55 Walbrok eumnore 0. 

6 vnto D. 7 an 0. 8 among 0. 9 And D. 

1010 t h an were j^ D 11 om j)_ 12-12 an( j c halangede D. 

13-is be DO. H wiselich D. wysely 0. 15 - 15 wil D. 

16 with-oute 0. 17 to-gederes D. 18 mych 0. 

19 leaf 16, back. chose 0. 21 ~ 21 om. 0. 

2ii - 22 for-asmiche as D. for as 0. 

40 King Constantine becomes Umperor of Rome. [CH. XLVII 

gouernede f e lande ; and he bigate on his wif Elyn, a sone fat me 
callede Constantyn. and fis kyng bare trew fay, and trewly dede 
to ham of Eome al his lif*. & when he hade regnede xv 3ere, he 
deide, and lif atte 3ork*. 4 

How Constantyne, fat was Kyng Constance^ 1 sone, & fe sone of 
seynt Elyne, gouernede and rewlede fe lande, & was 2 
Emperow of Eome. 51 Capitulo xl Septimo. 

After Kyng Confsjtance^ 3 deth, Constantyne, his sone of seynt 8 
Elyne, fat founde fat 4 croice in fe 5 holy londe, and how 
Constantyne bicome Emperoure of Eome. IT Hit bifel so 6 in fat 
tyme fere was an Emperowr atte Eome, a sarasyne, a tyraunt, fat 
me callede Maxence, fat put to fe 2 deth alle fat bileuede in God*, 12 
and destroiede holy cherche by alle his power 1 , and slough t Cristen 
men fat he rny^t fynde ; and amowge alle of ere, he lete martre Seynt 
Kateryne, and meny of ere cristen peple fat hade drede of deth, 
fai 7 fledden 8 and comen 9 into fis lande to Kyng Constantyne, and 16 
tolde him of f e sorwe fat Maxence dede to al cristiente. 10 Wherof 
Constantyn hade pite, and grete sorwe made, and 11 assemblede a 
grete hoste and 12 grete power*, and went ouere see 13 to Eome, and 
toke 14 fe citee, and quellede al fat 15 ferin were mescreaunt, 15 fat 20 
he my^t fynde. U And fo was he made Emperoure, 16 And was a 
gode man, and gouernede him so wel, fat al fe 13 Landes to him 
were entendaunt 17 forto be vnder 1 his gouernaile. U And fis deuel 
tyraunt Maxence, fat fo was in fe lande of Greke, when 18 he 24 
herde fis tydynges, 19 he bicome wode, and sodeynely 20 deide, and 
so he 2 endede his lif 1 . 

When Constantyne went fro fis land? to Eome, he toke 21 wif 
him his moder* Elyn, for fe michel 22 wisedome fat she coufe, 23 and 28 
f re of ere grete lordes fat he moste louede : fat one me callede Hoel, 
anof ere me callede Taberne, and f e f ridde Morhyn 24 ; and toke al 
his lande to kepe vnto 25 fe Erl of Cornwaile, fat men 26 callede 
Octouyan. U anone 27 as fis Octouian wiste fat his lorde was 32 
duellyng 1 at Eome, he seisede al f e lande into his honde, and f erwif 

1 Constance D. Constauwce 0. 2 om. 0. 3 Constance D. 

4 >e D. 6 l>at 0. 6 so >at 0. 7 >at DO. 

8 fled 0. 9 come 0. 10 Cristene 0. " made and DO. made R. 

12 and a DO. 13 om. DO. 14 nome 0. 

isis wer > j> gr ;in D. )>gr-In were mysbeleued 0. 16 leaf 17. 

17 attendant 0. 18 >o DO. 19 tydynge 0. 2 sodey?ilich D. 

21 nome 0. w miche D. mych 0. ffl coude 0. 

24 Morlyn D. m to D. * me D. ^ And anon D. 

CH. XLVIII] Octovian is made King ; & then his son-in-law. 41 

dede al his wil amonges 1 heye and law, & fo helde him for kyng*. 
IT when f is tydyng come to Constantyne f e Emperoure, he woxe 
wonder 5 wrof e towarde f e Erl Octouyan, and sent Taberne with xij 
4 m 1 men forto 2 destroye the erl for his falsenesse, and arryuede at 
Portesmouthe. U And 1 when Octouyan wiste fat, he assemblede a 
grete power 5 of Britons, and descomfitede Taberne. U And Taberne 
fledde fens into Scotlande, and ordeynede fere a 3 grete power 1 , and 
8 come a^eyne into fis lande forto 3eue bataile anofere tyme to 4 
Octouyan. IT When Octouyan herde telle fat, he assemblede a 
grete power 1 , and come towarde Taberne as miche as he my^f , so 
fat fo 5 ij hostes metten oppon Staynesmore, and strongely 6 smyten 

12 to-gederes. 7 and fo was Octouyan descomfitede, and fledde pens 
into Norwaye ; and Taberne seisede al f e lande into his hande, 8 
Tounes, castelles, and 5 as rnich as fai fere hade. IT And sifenes 9 
Octouyan come a^eyne fro Norway wif a grete power 1 , & slough 

16 Taberne, & seisede 10 al fe lande a^eyne 3 into his honde, & drof 
oute alle fe Eomayns, n and was fo made Kyng, and regnede. 

How Maximian, fat was fe Emperowre3 cosyn 12 of Borne 
spousede Octouyane^ dou3ter, and was made kyng, 
20 II Capitulo xlviij . 12 

THis Kyng 5 Octouian goue/'nede fis 13 lande wel and nobly 14 ; 
but he 15 nad 16 none heire, saf a doubter fat was a ^onge 
childe, fat he louede as miche as his lif\ and forasmiche fat he wax 

24 sike, and was in 17 poynt of def , and my^t no lenger 1 regne, he wolde 
haue made one of his Neveus to haue bene 18 kyng 1 , fe whiche was 
a 19 noble kny^tt and 20 stronge man, fat me callede Conan Merche- 
dok 1 , 21 and he shulde haue kepte f e kynges dorter, & haue 15 mariede 

28 her 5 when tyme hade bene ; but f e lordes of f e lande wolde nou^t 
suffre hit, but $af here conseile to bene 22 mariede to some hye man 
of great honowr, and fan my3t she haue al her 5 wille at 23 fe conseile 
of f e Emperoure Constantyne, here Lorde. and at f is conseile, f ai 

32 accordede and chose 24 fo Cador, Erl of Come wail, forto 25 wende 

1 among 0. 2 to 0. 3 om. DO. 4 vnto 0. 5 om. 0. 

6 strongliche D. 7 to-gider 1 0. 8 handis 0. 9 seth 0. 

10 seisede a^eyn D. seised a3en 0. n leaf 17, back. 

1212 conquerede the lande of American and $af it to Conan Meriedok 1 D. 

13 >e 0. 14 wisely D. 15 om. D. 16 ne had 0. 

17 oppo[n] D. vp 0. 18 be 0. 19 an 0. 20 and a DO. 

21 Meriedok D. Meridiok^ 0. ^ be DO. ^ and DO. 

24 chosen 0. 25 to 0. 

42 K. Maximian gives Little Britain to Meriedok. [CH. XLIX 

to pe Emperowr to 1 done 2 pis 3 message, and he toke 4 pe way, 
and went to Eome, and tolde pe Emperowr pis tydynges 5 wel 
and wiselich. 6 and pe Emperoure sent po into pis lande with him 
his owen cosyn, pat was his Vncles 7 sone, a noble kny^t and 8 4 
stronge, pat me callede Maximian ; and he spousede Octouyanws 
doubter, and was cronede kyng of pis lande. 

How Maximian, pat was pe Emperowrres cosyn, conquerede the 
Lande of American, and $af it to Conan Meriedok*. 8 
U CaiVwZo xlix. 

THis Kyng Maximian bicome so real, pat he pou$t conquere pe 
lande of American for pe grete richesse pat he harde 9 telle 
pat was in pat lande ; so pat 10 he ne 10 lefte 11 man pat 12 was of worpi- 12 
nesse kny^t, 13 squyer*, ne none opere man pat he ne toke ham 14 
with him, to grete damage and harme to al pe lande, 15 but nome ham 
with hi?w fiam 16 pis lande, xxx M l kny^tes pat were doughty mennes 
bodyes, and went ouer 1 into pe lande of Amorican, and pere slough 16 
pe kyng pat me callede Imbal, and conquerede al pe lande. 11 And 
when he hade so done, 2 he callede Conan, and saide : " For-asmiche 
as pe Kyng Octouyan wolde haue made ^ow kyng 1 of Britaigne, and 
prou3 me 36 were lette and destowblede, pat 36 were nou^t kyng 1 , 20 

I 3eue 3ow al pis lande of Amorican, and 3ow pe?-of make kyng 1 . 

II And for-asmiche as 36 beth 17 a Britoun, and 3oure men also, and 
bene comen fram 18 Britaigne, I wille pat pis lande haue pe same 
name, and nomore bene 19 callede Amorican, but bene 19 callede ' litel 24 
Britaigne'; and pe lande fro whens 36 20 bepe comen 20 shal bene 21 
callede ' michel Britaigne'; and so shul 22 men know pat one 23 
Britaigne fram 24 pat opere." Conan Meriedok 1 pankede him hende- 
liche 25 ; and so was he made kyng 1 of litel Britaigne. and when 28 
al pis was done, 2 Maxence 26 went pens to Rome, and pere was 27 
made Empenmr after* Constantyne. U Conan Meriedok duellede 
in 28 litel Britaigne with michel 29 honour, and lete ordeyne ij M 1 

I forto DO. 2 do 0. 

3 MS. Jris homage, with homage underlined for omission. 

4 nome DO. 5 tydyng 1 D. tydynge 0. 6 wysely 0. 
7 Vnkel 0. 8 and a DO. 9 hade D. 10 - 10 om. D. 

II leaf 18. 12 om. 0. 13 kny3t ne D. 14 om. DO. 

15 lande for he lefte at home bihynde him no man to kepe the lande D. 
land' for he left at home behynde hym no man to kepe > e land* 0. 

16 fro DO. 17 be 0. 18 fro 0. 19 be DO. 

ao - ao beth come D. be come 0. 21 be DO. ** schuld 0. 

23 o DO. fro 0. ^ hendely D. hyndly 0. Maximian DO. 

27 was ]>o DO. w in the D. in > e 0. '*> mych 0. 

CH. XLIX, L] The Eleven Thousand British Virgins. 43 

ploughmen of fe lande forto erie fe lande, 1 to harwe 2 it and sowe, 2 
and feffede ham alle rychely, after* fat fai were. 51 and 3 for- 
asmiche fat Kyng Conan, ne none of his kny^tes, ne none of his 
4 of ere peple, wolde nou$t take wifes of f e nacion of Fraunce, he f o 
sent 1 into grete Britaig[n]e, to J)e Erl of Cornewaile fat me callede 
Dionotho, fat chees frou^-oute alle f e lande xj M* 4 of maydenes, 
fat is to seyne, viij M 1 for the mene peple, and iij M* 1 for fe 
8 grettest lordes fat schulde ham spouse. IF And when Dionotho 
hade tak 5 fis commandement, 6 he lete fo seche frou^-out al grete 
Britaigne as meny as f e nombre come to, for noman derst wif stande 
his commandement, 7 for-asmichel 8 as al fe lande was taken 9 him 

12 to warde and kepe, to do 10 al fing 1 fat him fo likede. 7 II And 
when alle fe maydenes were assemblede, he lete ha??z comme 
bifore him to London, and lete ordeyne for ham shippes hastely, 
as miche 11 as ham nedet to fat viage, and toke 12 his owen doughter 

16 fat me callede Vrsula, fat was fe faireste creature fat eny man 
wist 1 , and wolde hane sent her 1 to Kyng Conan, fat shulde haue 
spousede here, and made here quene of 13 litel Britaigne 13 ; but she 
hade made priuely 14 to God a vow of chastite, fat here fader wiste 

20 it 15 no^t, ne noman 16 elles 17 fat was leuyng oppon erfe. 16 

How Vrsula, and xj W of maydenes fat were in here company, 
went to warde litil Britaigne, & al 18 were martrede at 
Coloigne. U Capitulo U Quinquagesimo. 

24 r I iHis Yrsula chees into her 119 company xj M l maydenes 20 fat of 

I al of ere she was lady and maistres ; and alle f ai went 21 into 

fe shippis at on 22 tynie, in fe water fat me callef 23 Tamise; and 

commandede her* kyn and alle her' frendes to almy^ty God, and 

28 sailede forf to warde litel Britaigne. But when f ai were comen 24 in 

f e hye see, a stronge tempest 1 arose, as it was Goddes wil; and Vrsula, 

wif her* shippis and here co?ftpany, was 25 dryuen, and fo xj M 1 

maidenes, toward! 26 Hundelaude, frou^ tempest 1 , and arryuede in fe 

I om. D. 2 - 2 and to sowe D. 3 om. 0. 4 leaf 18, back. 

5 vnderstonde D. vndirfonge 0. 

6 comandement for-as-miche as al J?e lande was tak him to warde and kepe 
to done alfing 1 j>at him J>o likede D. 

7 - 7 om. D. 8 for-as-mich 0. 9 take 0. 10 done 0. 

II as meny 0. 12 nome DO. 13 ~ 13 the lande D. > e land' 0. 
14 priueliche D. 15 MS. his 16 - 16 >at leuede D. 17 ett 0. 

18 alle >ai D. alle >ey 0. 

19 her 1 company D. here Cumpanye 0. her 1 R. 

20 of maydeyns D. of Maydenes O. 21 wenten 0. ffl o 0. 
23 called >e o. 24 come 0. 25 were 0. ^ towardes 0. 

44 11,000 Virgins martyr d. G-owan invades England. [CH. Li 

hauen of 1 J pe citee of Coloigne. U The kyng of pe lande, pat me 
callede Gowan, was po in pe citee ; and when he wist po 2 tydynges, 
pat so meny faire maydenes were pere arryuede, he tot 3 Elga his 
broper, and opere of* his householde, wip him, and went to pe 4 
shippes to see pat fair 1 company, and when he sawe ham so faire, 4 
he and his company wolde haue ham ouerlayne, and bynome 5 
here maydenhode. 1T but Vrsula, pat gode mayde, conseilede, 
prayede, warnede, and tau^te ham pat were here felowes, 6 pat pai 8 
shulde defende ham wip al her 1 my3t, and raper suffre deth pan 
suffre here 7 bodyes bene 7 defoulede. 11 So pat alle pe maydenes 
bicome so stedefast in God, pat pai defendede ham prou$ his 8 
grace, so pat none of ham hade power 1 to done ham eny shame ; 1 2 
wherfore pe kyng was 9 so sore annoiede, pat he, for wrap, lete slee 
ham euerychon 10 anone ryght; and so were alle pe maidenes 
martrede for pe loue of God', and ligget 11 at Coloyn. 

How Kyng Gowan come forto destroye pis lande; and how 16 
aman of grete power 1 , pat me callede Gracian, defendede pe 
lande. U Capitwfo U Qui[n]quagesimo 11 Primo. 

WHen al pis was done, 12 Kyng Gowan, pat was a sarasyn, 
callede his broper Elga, and saide to him pat he shulde 20 
gone 13 to conquere pe lande pat alle po 14 faire maydenes were borne 15 
in. and he ordeynede po a grete power 1 of Peihtes, of Denmarc, of 
Orkeneye, and of Norway e, and pai comen into pis lande, and brent 
tounes, and slough folc, and caste adone cherches and houses 16 of 24 
religioun, and robbede the lande in lengh and in 17 brede, and put 
to deth alle po pat wolde noght forsake pe ryght bileue and cristen- 
dome, for-asmiche as pere was none 18 souerayne in the lande pat 
my^t ham helpe or 19 defende. IT For pe Kyng Maximian hade 28 
taken 20 wip him alle pe worpi men, when he went to conquere litil 
Britaigne. and in pe same tyme pat 36 hure now telle, was Seynt 
Albone martrede prou^ pe wode tyraunt Diodician in pe same place, 
wherin is now an Abbay made of Seynt Albone, whiles pat he was 32 
a paynyme. 11 But he conuertede him towarde God 1 , prou$ pe pre- 
dicacioun of a grete clerc and a wyse, pat me callede AncibeH, 21 pat 

I leaf 19. 2 J> e 0. 3 nome DO. 4 fayne sic 0. 

5 bynoraen 0. 6 felawes D. ffelaws 0. felow R. 7 ~ 7 body to be 0. 
8 his 0. here R. 9 Gowan wox D. Gowan wax 0. 10 echeon 0. 

II liggen D. 12 do 0. 13 go DO. 14 >e D. 15 bore 0. 
16 house 0. ]7 om. 0. 18 no DO. 19 leaf 19, lack. 

20 take 0. 21 Affabett 0. 

CH. LI, LII] Gracian drives out Gowan, is crownd, then slain. 45 

was Iwburghede a nyght in his house ; and pis was after* pe Incar 
nation of Ihesu Crist .ij C. iiij. vj $ere. and men shullen 1 vnder 
stonde pat Seynt Albone soffrede his martredome bifore pat 2 Seynt 
4 Edmunde was martrede ; and perfore is seynt Albone callede pe 
ferst 1 martre of Engelande. 11 This Gowanws broker, & his folk 1 , 
pat 3 were Sarasynes, 4 went prou^-oute pe Lande, and destroyede al 
ping pat pai fonde ; and no ping pai ne sparede. 11 When pis tyd- 
8 yng come to Eome, how pat Kyng Gowan hade bigonne forto 
destroye pis lande, pe Emperowr and po of Rome sent a stronge 
man, and of grete power', pat me callede Gracian, w[ith] xxiiij 5 
M* men wel feightyng 1 , forto caste oute Sarasynes of pis lande, and 

12 alle pai arryuede 6 at Portesmouthe. Maximian rny^t nou^t come 
him-self, 7 for-asmiche as he was chosen Emperoure after* pe dep of 
Constantyn, pat was Seynt Elynes sone. 11 When pis Gracian was 
arryuede wip his hostt, he lete aspie priuely 8 wher* pe 9 Kyng Gowan 

16 my^t 10 bene founden 10 ; and he come vppon 11 him sodeynly, 11 as 
pai Lay in her 1 beddes, 12 and descomfitede ham, and sloughe 12 
13 echeon, 14 pat non of hem Ascaped? saf Gowan, pat fledde with 
mych sorowe in-to his cuntre. Sone aftir yt byfel pat Maximian 

20 was slayn at Rome, purgh 15 treson) ; And when Gracian wyst p e 
tydynge, he let Croune hym kyng of pis land*. 

How Gracyan made hym kyng whan Maximian was slayn ; & 
after, 16 pe Brytoims quelled hym for his wikkydnesse. 
24 Capitulo quinquagesimo ij. 

This Gracian, 17 when he gan 17 forto regne, he bycome so wykked 
& so sterne, & so mych sorow wrought to p e Britouns, pat 
pey slow hym amonges hem. U Tho Kyng Gowan had vndirstande 
28 pat Gracian was do 18 to deth, he Assembled a gret power, & come 
a^en in-to p?'s land? ; & yf he had arst don) a 19 grete harme, p dede 
he mych more ; for p distroyed he al this land, & al 20 Crysten peple 
pat was in Myche Brytaigne, so pat no maw was so 19 hardy for-to 
32 nempne God?; & ho pat dede, anon he was put to strong deth. 

1 slml D. Shulden 0. 2 om. 0. 3 >ai D. 4 Sarasines & D. 
5 xxiij 0. 6 arryueden 0. 7 him D. 8 pryueliehe D. 9 that D. 
10 be founde DO. u - u ham sodeynliche D. hem sodeynly 0. 

1212 an( J S J OW j iam j n ^gjo b e( J(i es D, OOT> 0. 

13 MS. Rawl. B. 171 has two leaves missing here. They have been supplied 
from MS. Douce 323 (0). [MS. Douce 323, leaf 17. ] 

14 eueryche on D. 15 with D. 16 afterwarde D. 

"IT w hen he biganne D. he besran 0. 18 done D. 19 om. D. 
20 alle >e D. 

46 Constantine slays Gowan, and is made King. [CH. LH, LIII 

U But fe bysshop of London) fat was fo, fat me called? Gosselyn, 
scaped 2 , & went fens to hem of Rome, to seche socour for-to helpe 
dystroye fe Sara^ins fat had dystroyed? fis land*. IT And f e 
Romayns seyde 1 fat fey hadde be 2 so ofte anoyed? for her sendyng 4 
after folk 1 in-to Brytaigne, al for-to helpe f e Britoiws, & fey wold 
no more so do. 3 And so f e Bysshop Gosselyn went fens witfr-oute 4 
ony Socour or helpe ; & f o went he to f e Kyng of litil Brytaigne, 
fat me called Aldroye, & f is was f e iij kyng after Gowan Meridiok 4 , 8 
as bifore is sayd?. The bysshop prayed this Kyng 1 Aldroye of socour 
& of helpe. the kyng hadde 5 herd how f e bysshop fledde, & how 
fat 6 f e7 Crystene men were slayn in gret Brytaigne furgh Paynyms 
& Sara^ins, & he graunted hym Constantyn his brofer, hym 6 for-to 12 
helpe, with Poer of folk 1 , & hem dede array e hors armure, & 
schippes, & al thing fat hem neded* to fat viage. and when al 
thing was redy, he called f e bysshop, & to hym seyd : " I take $ou 
here to helpe & socour Constantyn my brofer, vpon this couenawnt, 16 
fat ^if God ^ife hym grace, f e Payuems & Sara^ins to schende & 
discomfite, fat fanne 30 make hym kyng of f e land" : & f e bysshop 
yt graunted 1 w^'t7i good wyH. H Constantyn & f e bysshop 8 nome 
leue fo of f e Kyng Aldroye, & by-took hym to 9 God, & nome her 20 
men xij M*, & went in-to her* schippes, & sayled toward? f e gret 
Brytaigne, & Arryued in Tottenesse. whan f e Britouns herd 10 fe 
tydyng 10 fat to hem come socour, fey 11 were stronglicll holpyn, & 
ordeigned? hem an huge nombre of peple, 12 & come to hem, & hem 24 
vndirfongen with mychel honour. U Gowan, anon as he wyste of 
this fyng, he Assemblyd aH f e Sara^ins, & come a^ens hym, 13 & ^af 
batayli. And Constantyn slow hym with his owne hand? ; & aH f e 
othere Sara^ins were discomfited? & slayn, fat non aschaped? but f 28 
fat were 6 conuerted? vnto God'. 

How Constantyn, fat was f e kynges brofer of litel Britaigne, 
was Crouned 14 kyng, for his worf ines, of mycfc Bretaigne. 14 
Capitulo liij. 32 

Anon, aftir f e batayrl, alle fey went to London), & crowned fere 
Constantyn, & made hym kyng of f is lond*. And f e bysshop 
Gosselyn sette f e Croune vpon his hed, 15 & anoynted hym, as 

I sayden D. 2 bene D. 3 done D. 

4 wi))-outen D. 5 hade grete pitee in hert when he D. 

6 om. D. 7 MS. J) e Chi, with Chi underlined for erasure. 

8 bisshop tho D. 9 him to D. hym 0. 10 - 10 tydynges D. 

II the? D. 12 leaf 17, back. 13 ham D. 

i4_i4 kyng of michel britaigne for his woi)>inesse D. 15 heuede D. 

OH. LIII, Liv] Britain turns Christian. Constance made King. 47 

falletfr to 1 A kyng 2 for-to be 2 ; & p bygan Crystendom. This 3 
Constantyn, 4 whan he was Crouned', anon aftir he spoused his 
wyf purgfr couwceil of y Britouws ; & he begate iij Sones on her : 
4 Y ferst me called Constaunce, 5 pat other Aurylambros, & p e iij 
Vter. H Constance, Y eldest brother, when he come to Age, made 6 
hym a monke at Wynchestre. Constantyn here fadir was slayn 
Jmrgh" treson) ; for it byferl vpon a tyme pat a Pohete come to hym 
8 vpon a day, in Message as yt were, & seyd? pat he wolde speke 
with pe kyng pryuyly 7 in Counceyl. The kyng lete voyde his 
Chambre of p men pat were with-Inne; & po Abide 8 pere nomo 9 
but Y kyng & pe Pohete, & made a Contenawnce as pey 10 wolde 

12 speke to-gidere 11 in his ere; & pere he q welled? hym with a long 
knyf; & after, went qweyntly out of Y Chambre in-to anoper 
Chambre; so at pe laste no man wyst wher he was bycome. 12 
U "When p e kynges men it wyste, pat here lord was so ded', J>ei made 

16 so mych" sorowe 13 pey nyst 14 aH what for-to 14 done, for-as-mycfr 
as his ij sones, Aurylambros & Vter, wereu so yenge pat non of 
hem myght be kyng ; & p e iij 15 broker was monke at Wynchestre, 
as 16 I sayd before. 16 H But Vortiger, pat was Erl of Westsex, pougfct 

20 pryuyly 17 in his herte, thurgh queyntise, to be 18 kyng; & went to 
Wynchestre per pat Constaunce was 19 monk, & to hym seyde : 
" Constau?zce," quod, he, "^oure fadir is ded, & 3our ) ij breperin pat 
ben with Gosselyn, p e bysshop of London), to noryssfr, beth" so yeng, 

24 pat non of hem may be kyng ; wherfore y counseyle pat 30 forsake 
3oure Abyte, & come 20 with me, & I schal do so to p e Brytouns pat 
30 schul be made kyng 1 ." 

Of Constance, pat was 21 Constantymis sone, pat was Monk at 

28 Wynchestr*; & how he was made kyng after his faders 

deth, purgh CounceiH: of Vortiger, pat was Erie of Westsex, 

for-as-mycli as Aurilambros & Vter, Ms ij breperin, were 

but of yonge age, & 22 was slay/i. 22 Capitulo liiij . 

32 nphis Vortiger counceyled pis Constau?zce so mych tyl he forsook 

JL his Abyte, & went with hym. & anon aftir, he was Crounetf 

and made kyng by Assent of p e Brytourcs. This kyng Constance, 

1 for D. 2- 2 to bene D. 3 This kyng D. 

4 MS. has Constantyn her fadir, with her fadir struck out. 

5 Constance and D. 6 he made D. make 0. 7 pryueliche D. 

8 abode D. 9 noman D. 10 thou$ he'D. " with >e kyng< D. 
12 bicomen D. 13 sorw that D. 14 ~ 14 what to D. 15 eldest D. 

16 is saide biforne D. 17 pryueliche D. 18 ben D. 
19 was made D. 20 come> D. 21 was kyng D. 
22-22 yortiger lete him slee to ben kyng 1 himself D. 

48 The Treason of Vortiger and Death of K. Constance. [CH. LIV 

whan he was crouned & made kyng, he wyst ne knew but litil of 
f e world, ne cowde 1 2 no thing as knyghthood axed?, he made 
Vortiger his maister & his chef Counceillour, & yaf hym all his 
power, for-to ordeigne & do as myche as to f e reaume perteyned 4 , so 4 
fat hym-self no fing 1 entrauelled', but only 3 bare f e name of kyng 1 . 
11 Whan Vortiger saw fat he had al f e4 land in his warde & 
gouernayle, at his owne wyti, he fought A pryue Treson), & 
fought to sle Constance f e kyng 1 , fat he myght hyra-self 1 5 be 8 
Crouned? & made 5 kyng 1 & regne, & lete sende after a 6 C knyghttes 
of Pehetes, f e worthiest of 7 f e land?, & hem helde 8 with hym, 9 to 
duelle wif him, 10 and 9 to bene 10 Kepers of his body, as he wolde 
wende frou$ fe lande to ordeyne finges fat perteynede to a Kyng 1 . 12 
U And f is Vortiger honourede so niiche f o C kny^tes, and so miche 
$af ham of golde and siluer*, & so ryche reweH, 11 robes, hors, and 
ofere noble plente, wherfore fai helde him more lorde fan fai 
deden 12 fe kyng. U And Vortyger* tolde ham, if fat he 13 moste 16 
bene 13 kyng 1 , he, 6 as it were frou^ tresoun, he wolde make ha?7i 14 
richest of f e lande. so 15 at the laste, frou^ grete ^iftes fat he 16 hade 
$eue largely, fai crieden 17 frou$ fe court 1 fat Vortiger were better* 
worfi ben 18 kyng 1 fan Constance ; wherfore Vortiger made sem- 20 
blant as fau^ 19 he hade bene 20 wrof, and departede fens fro fe 
court, and saide he most 21 gone elles- where 21 for f ing fat he hade to 
done; and so fe traitoure ^ede 22 for 23 enchesoun fat fai 24 shulde 
slee 25 him, fat is to seyne, 25 Constance. 11 When fis Vortiger was 24 
gone, hit bifelle sone after* fat fo C kny^t^ of Peightes breken 26 
f e dores of f e kynges chambre, and fere fai him slough and smoten 27 
of his heuede, 28 and bare it to Vortiger 1 fere fat he duellede. and 
when Vortyger saw fat heuede, 28 he wepte ful tenderly wif his eye ; 28 
and nofelese he was some dele glade of his deth, and anone lete 
take fo 29 C kny^tes of Peightes, & bonde 30 here hondes bihynde 
ham, and lade ham to London ; & fere fai were dampnede to deth 

I cou>e D. 2 leaf IS. 3 onliche D. 

4 ]>is D. 5- 5 ben cronede D. 6 om. D. 

7 of al D. 8 with-helde D. 

9 - 9 om. D. [MS. Rawl. B. 171, leaf 20.] 10 - 10 as to be 0. 

II lewels 0. 12 >ai deden D. >ey dede 0. deden R. 
13 - 13 mi3t ben D. must be 0. 14 hym 0. 15 So fat 0. 

16 >ai D. 17 criede D. Cryede 0. 18 to be 0. 19 om. DO. 
2) be 0. 21 - 21 gone elles-whider D. go elles-whedir 0. 

22 saide D. seyde 0. 

23 MS. for tresoun, with tr^soun underlined for erasure. 24 MS. }?at. 
2 s - 25 om. D. hym >at is to sey 0. 26 broken D. ^ smyten 0. 
28 heed* 0. 29 }>Q D. bynde 0. 

CH. LV] Vortyger is made King. Constances Brothers. 49 

as false traitoures. U and anone after*, al pe britons of pe lande, by 
commune assent 1 , cronede pere Vortiger, & made him kyng of pe 1 

4 How pe wardeynes pat hade po 2 ij 3 childerne to kepe, pat were 
4 Constantines sones, lade ham to litel Britaigne, for the 
tresoun and falsenesse of Vortigei . IF Capitulo H Quin- 
quagesimo U Quinto. 

8 r I iHis kyng Vortyger, when he was cronede, ))o fat 5 hade peij 5 
I childerne in kepyng 1 , Aurilambros and Vter*, prou$ ordenance 
of Gosselyn, pat was bisshop of London at his dep, derst nou^t 
duelle in the lande wip pe childerne, 6 but lade ham to pe kyng of 
12 litel Britaigne, forasmiche as he )>o wiste pe tresoun of Vortiger, pat 
po was made Kyng 1 , prou^ wham Constance here broker was slayn, 
wherfore po C kny^tes of Peightes were put to pe 3 deth, and bare 
al pe blame, as pei^t Vortiger 7 hade nou$t wiste 7 perof*, noper perto 
16 consentede; and so pe Kepers of po ij childerne drade 8 laste 
Vortiger wolde put ha?ft to dethjprou^ his tresoun and falsenesse, as 
he hade done 9 her* broper biforne ; and perfor pai wer* ladde ouer 
into litel Britaigne, and pe kyng ham resceyuede wip michel 10 
20 honowr, and lete ham to norisshe ; and pere pai duellede til pai 
bicome fair 5 kny^te^, & 3 st[r]ong and ferse, and pou^t 11 euer* to 
bene 12 avengede of 13 pe deth of Constantyne 14 here broper, when 
pai saw here tyme ; and so pai deden, 15 as pe 16 shul hur 117 aftirwardl. 
24 11 Hit was nou^t long af tei j , pat 18 pe tydynges ne 18 come ouer* pe see, 
to pe kynrede of pe C kny^te3 of 19 Peightes pat were dampnede and 
put to pe 20 deth prou$ Vortiger* in pis lande; perfore pai 21 weren 
wonderly 21 wrope, & sworen pat pai 22 [ 23 would be 23 avenged of her 
28 kins death,] and comen into pis lande wip a grete power 1 , & rob- 
beden 24 in meny places, & slou^, 25 & dede 26 al pe sorw pat 27 pai 
U When Vortyger hit wiste, he 28 made 29 sorw ynow 29 and 

1 >is D. 2 am. 0. 3 om. D. 4 leaf 20, back. 

5 - 5 hade >o D. ij sic 0. 

6 AfS. childerne of >e lande, with of J>e lande underlined for erasure. 

7 - 7 wist nou^t D. 8 dradden 0. 9 do 0. 

10 mych 0. u >oughten 0. 12 be 0. 13 vpon 0. 

14 Constaunce 0. 15 dede 0. 16 3e DO. 

17 her 1 tel D. her' telle 0. 

IB-IS tydynge 0. 19 of > e 0. 20 om. DO. 

2121 wereri wonder 1 D. were wonderly 0. ffl MS. j>ai wonderly wrop. 

28 - SB wolde ben D. wolden ben 0. M robbed 0. 

a5 quelleden in meny places D. quelled' 0. 26 deden D. w as 0. 

28 leaf 21. 2929 m i c h e sonv D. mycti sorowe 0. 


50 Engist, Horn, and other Saxons, land in Kent. [CH. LVI 

sore was annoyede; and in a-noper partie also tydynges 1 come 2 
)?at Aurilambros & Yte?- 3 ordeynede ham, 4 and assemblede a grete 
hoste forto 5 come into michel 6 Britaigne, pat is to seyne, into pis 
lande, to bene 7 avenged 4 of Constance 8 dep her* broker 8 ; so pat 4 
9 in one 9 half and in pat oper he was brou^t into so 10 miche sorwe 
pat he nystt winder* to wende. 

How Engist and xj M 1 men come into pis lande, to whom 
Vortiger $af a place fat n is caUede 11 ThongecasteH. 8 
Capifo^o lvj to . 

ANd sone after* J)is 12 sorw, tidynges 12 come to Vortiger, pat a 
grete nauye 13 of straungers were arryuede in 14 Kent; but 
pai wist nou3t whens 15 pai were, ne wherfore pai were comen. 16 12 
11 The Kyng sent anone messagers 17 pider*, pat so??zme of ham 
shulde come and speke wip him, forto wete what folc pai werne, 
and what pai axede, and into what centre pai wolde gone. 18 H pere 
were ij breperne, Prynces and maistres of pat straunge company : 1 6 
pat on me callede Engist, and pat opere Horn. Engist went po 10 
to pe kyng, & tolde to him encheson wher'-fore pai were pere 
arryuede in his 19 lande, and saide : "sire! we beth 20 of a contre 
pat 21 is callede 21 Saxoyne, pat is, pe Lande of Germayn, wherin is 20 
so 10 miche sorw, pat 22 pe peple is 23 so mycne pat pe lande may 
24 nou^t ham 24 sustene ne suffice. 1T The maystres & Prynces pat 
hauep 25 pe lande to gouerne and rewele, shul done come bifore 
ham men and wymmen, pe 26 boldest 27 pat bene amonges ham 24 
and best mowen 27 trauaile into diuerse^ 28 londes; and so pai 
29 shal 30 "ham $eue Horse and harneyse, armure, and al ping pat 
ham nedep; and after* pai 31 say to ham pat pai go into anoper 
contre, wher pat 4 pai 32 mowen leue, 32 as here auncestres deden 33 28 
biforne ham. and perfore, sire kyng, if 34 36 haue ou^t to 

1 tydyng 1 0. 2 come to him D. come to hym 0. 

3 Vter> his broker DO. 4 om. D. 5 for D. 6 Mich 0. 
7 be 0. 8 ~ 8 hir 1 bro>eres deth D. here brokers deth 0. 

9 - 9 on o 0. 10 om. 0. "- 11 Called' is 0. 
12-12 sorwe tydyng D. tydynge 0. 

13 meny D. mevne 0. 14 in the contre of D. in > e Cuntre of 0. 
15 what D. come 0. 17 a message D. a messager* 0. 
18 go 0. 19 >is 0. 2 be 0. 21 - 21 called is 0. * pat yf 0. 
23 be 0. 24 - M hem not 0. 25 hauen DO. x that bene D. 
27 ^ amonges ham forto fi^t Jmt best mow D. J)at ben among hem for-to 
fight }>at best mow O. 

28 diuerse D. diners 0. a leaf 21, back. 30 shullen D. 

31 >ai shul D. ]?ey schul 0. 

82 - aa mow leuen D. mow lyne 0. M dede 0. 34 and D. 

CH. LVll] Engist' s Thongcastle, & his daughter Roneivenne. 51 

done wif oure company, we l bene comen * into ^oure lande ; and 
wif gode wille 3ow wil serue, and ^our 5 lande helpe, kepe, & 
defende fram 2 rjoure enemys, if fat $ow nedef." U when Vortiger* 
4 herde fis tydynges, 3 he saide he wolde gladeliche 4 wifhalde ham, 
oppon soche couenant, if f ai my^t delyuer* his lande of 1 his enemys, 
he wolde $eue ham resonable landes, wher* fai shulde duelle for 
euermore. U Engist f ankede him godeliche ; 'and in fis maner* he 
8 and his company, U xj. M 1 men, shulde duelle \vij> fe Kyng 
Vortiger; and so miche fai deden 5 frou$ here boldenesse, fat fai 
delyuerede fe lande clene of here 6 enemys. IT fo praiede Engist 
f e Kyng 1 , of so miche lande fat he rny^t make to him a citee, for 

12 him and for his menye. 7 IT The kyng ansuerede 8 & saide, 8 'it 
was nou^t forto done 9 wifouten 10 conseile of his Britons.' 
U Engist prayede him eftesones of as miche place as he niy^t 
compasse wij? a twonge of a skyn, wher'-oppon he rny^t make him 

16 a maner*, and for his to duelle in 11 ; and fe kyng grantede it 12 
frely. 1T fo tok 13 Engist a bole skyn, and cotte it as smale as he 
my^fr, al 14 into a twonge al rounde, & f6r-wif compassede as miche 
lande as he 15 co??ipassede ; wher-oppon he 15 made 16 a faire castel. 

20 and when fis castel was ymade, 17 he lete calle it Twongecastel, 
for-asmiche as f e place was merkede wif a twonge. 

Of Ronewenne, fat was Engistes doughter 1 , 18 and how 19 Kyng 1 
Vortyger [spou]sede hei^ 20 for here beaute. 20 C. lvij mo . 

24 "VlTTHen fis castel was makede, 21 and ful wel arraiede, Engist 

f f priuely sent bi lettre into f e contre fat he come of, af ter 1 

an 22 hundrede shippis fillede with strange 23 men fat were bolde 

and wel fei3tyng< in alle batailes ; and fat f ai shulde bryng 1 wif 

28 ham Ronewenne, his doubter, fat was fe fairest creature fat eny 24 
man my^t see. U And when fe peple was comen, fat he hade 22 
sende after 1 , he toke 25 ham into fe castel wif michel 26 ioye; and 
him 27 him-self, vppon a day, went vnto fe kyng 1 , and prayede him 

32 derworly 28 fat he wolde come and see his new maner 1 , fat he hade 
made in fe place fat he hade compassede wif fe 29 twong of fe 

1 - 1 be come 0. 2 fro 0. 3 tydyng* DO. 4 gladly DO. 

5 dede 0. 6 his DO. 7 meyne 0. 8 ~ 8 am. DO. 9 do 0. 

10 wij>-oute D. with-oute 0. n on DO. 12 him D. hym 0. 

13 nome DO. 14 om. 0. 15 - 15 om. DO. 16 made vpon 0. 

17 made D. 18 leaf 22. 19 how >e D. 20 - 20 om. 0. 21 made 0. 

22 om. D. 23 stronge D. 24 a DO. 25 nome DO. 26 mych 0. 

27 om. DO. 28 derworthly D. deworlyly 0. M a D. 

52 Wassail & Drinkhail. Vwtyger weds Ronewenne. [CH. LVIII 

skyn. pe kyng anone grantede 1 him frely, and wip him went 
pidei , and was wel payede wip pe castel & wij) pe faire werk 1 ; and 
togederes pe?-e pai eten and drankeu 2 wij) michel 3 ioye. U And 
when ny$t come, pat 4 pe kyng shulde go into his chambre forto 4 
take pere his ny^tes reste, Ronewenne, pat was Engistes doubter*, 
come wij) a coupe of 1 golde in here honde, and knelede bifore J)e 
kyng 1 , and saide to him " Whatsaile ! " and J)e kyng wist nou^t 
what it was forto 5 mene, ne what he shulde ansuere, f or-asmiche as 8 
himself ne none of his Britons $itte cou))e 6 none Englisshe speke, 
ne vnderstonde it, but speken 7 |)0 pat 8 same langage j)at Britons 
^itte done. U Nopeles, a Latymer* tolde ))e kyng 1 J)e fulle vnder- 
stondyng 1 pe?*of 'whatsaill'; and 9 ])at oper shulde 9 ansuere 10 12 
' drynkehaile ' : and pat was j)e ferst tyme J)at ' whatsaile ' and 
' drynkehaile ' come vp into pis lande ; and fram 11 pat 12 tyme into 13 
this tyme it Hap bene wel vsede. U The Kyng Vortiger 14 saw 15 pe 
fairenesse of Eonewenne, and his 16 armes layde aboute here 16 
nek 1 , and pries 17 swetely cussede hir 1 ; and anone ry$t he was 
vnarmerede oppon hire, pat he desirede to haue here to wyf 1 , and 
axede of Engist 1 hir* fader 1 , and Engist g?-antede, 18 oppon pis 
couenaunt pat pe kyng shulde $eue him al the 19 centre of Kent 1 , pat 20 
he myst duelle in, and al his 20 peple. pe kyng hym grantede priuely 
with a gode wille; and anone aftei he spousede pe damiseH. pat was 
miche cowfusion to himself*; and perfor al pe Britouns bicome so 
wrop, for enchesoun pat he hade spousede a wo??iman of mysbileue, 24 
wberfore pai went al from 21 him, and noping 22 to him toke kepe, 
ne helpe him in pinges pat he hade to done. 

How Vortymere, pat was Vortigers sone, was made kyng 1 , & 
Engist dryuen oute ; & how Vortymer 1 was slayn prou^ 28 
Eonewenne. IT C&pitulo Iviij . 

THis Engist went into Kent, and seisede al pe lande into 23 his 
hande, for him and for al 24 his men ; and bicome in 4 a litel 
while of so grete power", & so miche peple hade, pat men wist 32 
noi^t in litel tyme, whiche were pe kynges men, & whiche were 

I graunt 0. 2 drunken 0. 3 mych. 0. 4 om. D. 
5 to DO. 6 coude 0. 7 spoken D. 8 > e 0. 

9 9 >e otyr shul D. ]>at other 0. 10 Answere schul be 0. 

II fro 0. 12 leaf 22, back. 13 to D. 

14 MS. has Ronewenne ; om,. D. 15 ]>o saw D. whan he saw 0. 
16 altered from hir> by the saw, hand. n iij DO. 18 om. 0. 
19 him al the D. hym al }> e 0. him R. * MS. his his. 
- 1 fio 0. a >o |)ing sic D. <23 in 0. 24 om. DO. 

CH. Lix] Vortymer crownd & poisond. Vortyger made King. 53 

Engistes men. wherfore al Britaigne hade of ham 1 drede, and 
saide amonges ham fat, if fai ne toke ofere counseil bituene 2 
ham, al j>e lande shulde be bitrayede frou^ Engist and his peple. 
4 IT Vortyger J>e kyng hade bigeten 3 on his ferst wif* iij sones : J>e 
ferst me callede Vortymer ) ; J)e secunde, Catagren ; and be bridde, 
Passent. be Britons, euerychon 4 by one assent 1 , chosen 5 Vortymer 
forto bene 6 here lorde, & here souerayne, and hir 1 conseiler* in 
8 euery 7 bataile, and cronede him, and made him Kyng 1 , and Wolde 8 
soffre Vortiger* no longer* to regne, for enchesouii of be alliance 
bituene Engist and him. IT be Britons ordeynede a grete host to 
drif out Engist and his company of be lande, and $af him iij 

1 2 batailles : be ferst was in Kent, fere fat he was lorde ; f e secunde 
was att Tetteford 4 ; and f e f ridde was in a shire a f is half Cool, in 
a more. & in fis batail ham mette Cattegren and Horn, Engistes 
broker, so fat eueryche 9 of ham slou$ of er ; but for-asmiche as 10 f e 

16 centre was ^euen 11 longe bifore to Horn, frou^ Vortyger, fo he hade 
spousede his cosyn ; fere he hade made a faire castel Jjat me callede 
Horn castel, after 1 his owen name. H And Vortymere was so 
annoiede for his broj>e?'es de)?, Cattegren, ])at he was dede in soche 

20 a maner* ; wherfore anone he lete felle j?e castel to j?e 12 grounde, 
and aftei j jrnt, 12 he ne lefte ny^t ne day til he hade dryuen 13 out 
Engist and aH his peple of J)e lande. H And when Engist was 
dryuen 13 away, Ronewenne his doi^ter made sorwe ynow, and 

24 queyntly spake to ham )jat were nexte J?e kyng Vortymere, 14 and 
priueest wij> him. and so miche she ^af ham of ^iftes, ]?at he was 
apoysenede, & deide at London Jje iiij ^ere of his regne ; & j?ere 
he lith. 

28 How )?e Britons chosen 15 a-nopere tyme Vortyger to bene 16 here 
king* ; and Engist come into j?is lande a^eyne, & )?ai fou^ten 
to-gedres. 17 H Capit^/o lix. 

After 1 Vortymeres de]>, 18 J)e Britons, by here cowmime assent, 
Eftesones made Vortyger here kyng 1 , vppon ))is oouenaunt, 
fat he shulde neuer after 1 soffren 19 Engist, ne none of MM, eftesones 
shulde 20 come into fis lande. IT And when al jns was done, 

1 MS. ham a, with a underlined for omission, him D. hym 0. 

2 bituenes D. 3 bygete 0. 4 echeon 0. 5 closen sic D. 6 be DO. 
7 leaf 23. 8 wolde noujt D. 9 eche 0. 10 >at 0. n 3eue D. yeue 0. 
12 om. 0. 13 dryve 0. 14 Vortiger 0. 15 chose 0. 16 be 0. 

17 to-gidere 0. 18 deth the britouns D. deth > e brytouns 0. de> E. 
19 softre D. suffre 0. om. DO. 

54 Engist's Treachery, and his Conquest of Britain. [CH. Lix 

Eonewenne fe Quene 1 sent priuely 1 by lettre to Engist, that she 
hade enpoisenede Vortymer', and fat Vortyger* her* lorde 2 a3eyne 
bare )>e croune and regnede, and fat he shulde come a^eyne into 3 
fat lande, wel arraiede wif miche peple, forto avenge him vppon 4 
f e Britons, and to wynne his lande a^eyne. H of f is tydyng Engist 
made grete ioye, and appa?ailede him hastely wif xv M 1 men fat 
were dou^ty en euery batail. And when Vortyger herde telle fat 
Engist was comen 4 a^eyne wif a grete power 1 into fis lande, he 8 
assemblede his Britons, and f o went a^eyns Engist forto haue 3eue 
him bataile, and his folc ; but Engist drade him sore of f e Britons, 
for fai hade descomfitede 5 him biforn-hand, and dryuen him 6 out 
by 7 strengf ; wherfore Engist prayede him 8 of a loue-day, and 12 
saide he was nou^t comen 9 forto fi^t, but forto 10 haue his lande 
a^eyne of Kent, if he might accorde wif fe Britons, and of ham 
haue grace. H u The Kyng 1 Vortiger, 11 frou$ conseile of his Britons, 
12 grauntede a loue-day 12 ; and fus it was ordeynede frou$ fe Britons, 16 
fat filk 13 loue-day shulde 14 ben holden 14 faste bisides Salesbury, 
vppon an 15 huH ; and Engist shulde come fidei wif iiij c kny^tes, 
wifouten 16 mo, and J)e kyng wi)> as meny of J?e wisest of J)is 17 
lande. II And at fat day fe kyng come wif his conseil, as it was 20 
ordeynede ; but Engist hade warnede his kny^tes priueliche, 18 and 19 
ham eo??imandede fat eueryche 20 of ham shulde put a Longe Knyf 1 
in his hose ; and when he saide, "faire sires ! now is tyme forto 21 
speke of loue and pees," eueryche 22 anone, eue?*yche 8 shulde draw 24 
his knyf & slee a Britoun. & so fai quellede xxx M 1 & Ixj of 
kny^tes ; and wif miche sorwe meny of ham ascapede ; and 
Vortyger him-self was taken 23 and Lade to TwongecasteH, and put 
into prisoun ; and sowme of Engistes men wolde fat f e kyng 28 
hade bene 24 brent al quyk 1 . H And Vortigei fo, to haue his lif 1 , 
grauntede ham as miche as fai 25 wolde axen, 25 and ^af vp aH: fe 
lande, tounes and castelles, citees and Burghes, to Engist and to 
his folc. and alle fe Britons fledde fenns into Walys, and fere 32 
helde ha??i stille. and Engist went f rou$ f e lande, and seisede alle 
f e lande with ffraunchises ; and in euery place lete caste adoune 

l -* priueliche sent D. priuyly sent 0. 2 leaf 23, bade. 3 to 0. 

4 MS. cocomen ; come 0. 5 scomfitede D. scomfited 0. 

6 om. 0. 7 with DO. 8 om. DO. 9 come into >is land' DO. 

10 to 0. n - n And kyng< Vortyger graunt a loue-day D. The kyng 0. 

12 - 12 om. D. 13 bat same D. b e same 0. 

14 - 14 be holde D. be hold 0. 15 a D. 16 without DO. 

17 his DO. 18 priuyly 0. 19 & to D. 2 eche 0. 21 to DO. 

22 eche 0. 23 leaf 2*. be 0. a 5 - 25 wolden axe 0. 

CH. LX] Britain cald Engist' s Land. Vortyger's Castle. 55 

cherche^ and houses of religioun, and destroyede Cristendome 
f rou$ f e lande, and lete chaunge f e name of f e lande, fat no man 
of his were so hardy after* fat tyme to calle bis 1 lande Britaigne, 

4 but calle it Engistes lande ; and he 2 departede alle fat lande to his 
men, and fere made vij kynges forto strengf fe lande, fat fe 
Britons shulde neuer* after 1 come ferin. IF The ferst kyngdome 
was Kent, fere fat Engist him-self regnede, and was lorde & 

8 maystre ouer al fe 2 of ere ; U Anofe?*e kyng hade Southsex, where 
now is Chichestre ; U The f ridde kyng hade Westsex ; The ferf e 
kyng hade Essex ; U The v kyng hade Es tangle, fat now is callede 
Northfolc, 3 Southfolc, 4 Merchemeriche, fat 5 is to seynt, fe Erldome 
12 of Mchol; U f e sixte hade Leycestreshire, Northamptonshire, 
Hereford and Huntyngdoune ; 11 The vij hade Oxenford, Gloucestr 1 , 
Wynchestre, Warwik 1 and Darby-shire. 

How Vortiger went into Walls, and biganne fere a castel, )>at 
16 wolde nou3t stande wijjouten 6 morter 1 temprede 
mannes 7 blode. U Capitulo U Sexagesimo. 

8 ^"TTHen Engist hade dep#rtede al J?e lande in this maner* 
f f bituene his men, he delyuerede Yortiger* out of prison, 

20 and soffrede hym frely 9 to gone 9 winder* Jat 2 he wolde. and he 
toke 10 his way, n and went 11 into Walys, fere fat 12 his Britons 
duellede, for-asmiche as fat lande was strong 1 and wikkede to 
wynne. and Engist 13 neuer ) come 13 fere, ne knew 14 neuer bifore 

24 fat Lande. U Vortiger helde him fere wif his Britons, and axede 
conseil what him 4 was best al 4 forto done; and fai $af him conseil 
to make a stronge castel fat 1 he my^t him-self ferin kepe and 
defende 15 if it 2 nede were. Masounes in hast fere 16 were fette, and 

28 bigonne fe werk 1 oppon fe huH of Breigh; but certes fus it bi-felle, 
fat 7 al the werk 1 fat 4 fe masounes made 17 aday, adoune it felle 
any^t; and fat ferede so iij tymes or iiij, wherof fai hadden 18 grete 
wonder* what it my^t bene 19 ; & ferof fe kyng was sore annoiede of 

32 fat chaunce, and wist nou3t what to done ; wherfore he lete sende 
after 1 fe wisest 1 clerkes, and also lewede men fat weren 20 frou^-out 
Walys, fat myght bene 21 fonde, for fai shulde telle wherfore fe 

1 >at D. a om. 0. 3 Northfolk & 0. 4 om. D. 

5 ]>at now 0. 6 with-oute DO. 7 om. DO. 8 leaf 24, back. 

9 - 9 go D. to go 0. 10 nome DO. n - n om. D. 12 as D. 

isis come neu ^ r D 14 k new it D. knewe yt 0. 15 defende yt 0. 

16 >o DO. 17 masouns made DO. masounes R. 

18 hade D. had 0. 19 be 0. 2 were 0. 21 be DO. 

56 King Vortyger's messengers find Merlin. [CH. LX, LXI 

foundement so failede vnde[r] fe werk 1 , and fat fai shulde him 
telle what was best to done, and when fe wisest men 1 longe tyme 
hade studiet, fai saide to fe kyng 1 fat 'he shulde done 2 sike a 
childe borne of a woman fat neuer hade wif man to done, 2 & fat 4 
childe he shulde sleen, 3 & temper wif his 4 blode fe morter of fe 
werk 1 , & so shulle 5 fe werke 6 endure euermore 6 wifouten ende.' 

How fe kyng 1 lete seche Merlyn 7 f 10113 al Walys forto speke 
wif him. CapitwZo lxj. 8 

WHen fe kyng herde fis, he cowmandede his messagers anone 
to wende frou^-out al Walys, to seche fat childe if fai 
myght 8 him fynde, 8 and fat fai 9 shulde 10 brynge him forthwif 
ham vnto him. and in recorde and witnesse of fis fing, he toke 11 12 
ham his le^res, 12 fat fai 1 ne were 13 destourblede of no man, ne lette. 
IT And so faste 14 spede ham 14 the messagers, fat fai come vnto 15 a 
toune fat me callede Kermerdyn; and as fai passede fourth in 16 here 
way, fai fonden ij childerne of xiiij }ere age 17 chiddyng togeder 117 16 
wif hastif wordes; and one of ham saide to fat of er "Donebat," 
quod he, " 36 18 done al wronge to chide or strif wif me, for 36 haue 
no witte ne resoun as I haue." U "Certes, Merlyn," quod 19 fat 
of ere, 19 " of 3oure witte and 20 of 30111* resoun y make no forse, for men 20 
21 tellef cowmuneliche 21 fat 30 haue no fing of god', sif 36 hade neuer 1 
fader 1 , but alle men weten 22 wel ho is ^oure moderV' H The kynges 
messagers, when fai herde fis strif bituene fo ij gromes, fai axede 
of men fat 23 stoden bituene 23 ham, whens fat Merlyn was born, 24 
& 2* who him norisshede ; and f e folc ham tolde fat a grete gentil- 
woman him bare in Kermerdyne, fat me callede Adhan, but neuere 
nry^t men 25 wete who was 26 fe childes fader*. II When fe messagers 
herde fis tydynges, 27 fai went anone to him fat was wardeyne of f e 28 
toune, and tolde him f e kynges wille and his le^res, 28 wherfore fai 
were comen 29 fider*. U Merlyn and his moder* anone were sent 30 
bifore fe wardeyne of fe toune, and he commandede ham 9 fat fai 

1 om. 0. 2 do D. 3 slee D. sle 0. 4 ]> e 0. 5 schuld 0. 

6 6 euer* endur* D. euere endure 0. 7 seche Merlyn DO. seche R. 

e- 8 fynde hym 0. 9 om. D. 10 leaf 25. " had take 0. 

12 lettre 0. 13 weren 0. 14 - 14 >o spede D. J>o spedde 0. 

16 in-to 0. 16 om. DO. 17 ~ 17 chidden ifere D. chidden y-fere 0. 

18 MS. 3e be>, with be> underlined for erasure. 19 ~ 19 > e tolper 0. 

20 ne DO. 21 - 21 telle comunly 6. ^ wot 0. 

^-^ stode bisides D. stoden by-sydes 0. 24 and also DO. 

25 niaw 0. 2 mi^t be D. myght be 0. ^ tyding D. tydynge 0. 

28 lettre DO. come 0. > sent after D. 

CH. LXII] Merlin and his Mother talk with Vortyger. 57 

shulde gone 1 to pe kyng 1 , as hit was ordeynede by his 2 messagers. 
If Merlyn and his moder* come 3 vnto 4 pe kyng 1 , and were vnder- 
fonge wip michel 5 honour 1 ; and pe kyng axede of pat lady 'if pat 
4 childe were her* sone, and who him bigate.' 6 If The lady ansuerede, 
ful tender 17 wepyng 1 , and saide she hade neuer 1 company of man 
8 worldely'; "but, sire," quod shee, "as y was a ^onge maiden 
in my faderes chambre, and opere of 9 grete lynage were in my 
8 company, pat ofte were wont to playe and to solacen, I belefte 
allone in my chaumbre 10 of my fader 1 , 10 & wolde nou^t gon 11 out, 
for brennyng of pe sone. If And oppon a tyme pere come a faire 
hacklier*, and entrede into my chaumbre pere pat I was allone ; but 

12 how he come into me, & wher*, I wiste neuer, 12 ne $itte wote, for pe 
dores were fast barrede ; and wip me he dede game of loue, for I 
13 nade noper 13 my^t ne power 1 him to defend e fro me ; and ofte he 
come to me in the forsaide maner, so pat he bigate one me pis same 

16 childe; but 1 neuef my$t y wete of him what he was, ne whens he 
come, ne what was his name." 

Of pe ansuere of Merlyn, wherfore pe kyng axede whi his werk 1 
myght nou^t stande }>at lie hade bigonne, 14 my}t nou3t 
20 prone. 14 Cap^w/o lxij. 

WHen Merlyn hade herde al pat his moder* hade saide, he 
spake 15 to pe kyng in this maner 1 : "sire, how y was 
bigeten, axe 36 no more, for hit fallej? nou^t to $ow ne to none 

24 opere 16 forto wete 16 ; but 17 telle me pe 17 enchesone wherefore I ame 
to ^ow brou^t, and wherfore 36 haue sent after 1 me." If " Certes," 
quod ])e kyng j , " my wise concelers hauen 18 done 19 me to vnderstonde 
pat pe morter of a werk* pat I haue done bigonne biheuep, 20 ben 21 

28 temperede wip ^our 1 blode, or pe fundement shal faile for euermore." 
If "Sire," quod Merlyn, "wille 30 slee me for my blode forto 
temper wip 3oure mortei^?" " 3e," quod pe kyng, "or elles shal 
neue?' my castel stonde, as my conselers done 22 me to vnderstonde." 

32 II J)o ansurede Merlyn to pe kyng^ : "sire," he saide, "late ham 
come bifore 23 me, po wise 24 conselers, and I wil prone pat pai say 

I go 0. 2 > e 0. 3 comen DO. 4 to O. 5 mych 0. 
6 gate D. 7 tendirfy 0. 8 leaf 25, back. 

9 MS. of god', with god? underlined for erasure. 10 10 om> D_ 

II go 0. ia neuei wher* D. neuer where 0. 13 ~ 13 hade no D. 
14 - 14 om. D. ne prove 0. 15 spok 1 D. 16 ~ 16 om. 0. 

17 - 17 telle> me D. telleth me 0. 18 haue DO. 19 do 0. 
20 bihoueth D. byhouej) 0. 21 to be 0. ffl do 0. 
23 leaf 26. M om. D. 

58 The White & Red Dragons under the Castle. [CH. LXII, LXIII 

nou^t wel ne trewely. and when fe 1 wise were comen, Merlyn 
axede if his blode were fe enchesoun to make fe 2 werke stande to 3 
endure. Alle fise 4 wise were abasshede, and couf nou^t ansuere. 
H Merlyn fo saide to fe kyng 1 : "sire, I shal telle ^ow fe encheson 4 
wherfore ^our 1 werk 1 Jms failef 5 and may nou^t stande. fere is 
vnder fe mountaigne fe?*e fat 6 36 haue bigonne 30111 tour* a grete 
ponde of water ; and in f e botume of f e ponde, vnder* f e water, 
fere bef ij dragons, fat one is white, and fat of ere 7 rede, fat 8 
fei^ten to-geder ageyne 8 ^oure werk 1 . Dof myne depe til 3our ) men 
come to the ponde, and doth 3 our* men take away f e water al out, 
and fan 30 shul see fe dragons, as I haue $ow tolde, 9 fo togederes 9 
fei^ten ageyne 10 ^our* werk ; and fis is fe 11 12 encheson, certes, wher- 12 
fore 12 3our )13 fundement failef. 14 " 1T the kyng 1 anone lete degge 
vnder*, til fat men come to fe 15 ponde, & lete do 16 away al fe water ; 
and fere fai fonde ij dragons, as Merlyn hade tolde, fat egrely 
fou^ten togederes 17 ; fe white dragoun egrely assailede fe rede, and 16 
laide on him so strong 118 fat he my^t nou^t endure, but wifdrowe 
him, & hidde him in the same Cafe, and restede. 11 And when he 
hade awhile restede, he went bifore, and assailede f e rede dragoun 
angrely, and assailede 19 him so sore fat he my^t nou^t a^eynes him 20 
endure, but with-drow him and restede. And after* come ageyne 
f e white dragoun, and strongely ibu^t wif f e reede dragoune, and 
bote him euel, & him ouer-come, fat he fley fens, and nomore come 

20 Of fe significations 21 of fo ij dragounes fat were in fe botume 
of f e ponde, fat fou^ten togederes. 22 Cap#wZo Sexagesimo 

THe Kyng Vo-rtiger 1 and his men, fat saw 23 fis bataile, 23 hade 24 28 
grete mervaile, and praede Merlyn to telle him what it myght 
bitoken. " Sire," quod Merlyn, " y shal $ow telle : the rede dragoun 
bitokenef 25 ^oure-self 1 , & fe white bitokenef fe folc of Saxoine, fat 
ferst 36 toke and helde 26 in fis lande, fat now fei^ten a3eines 30 w, 32 

1 >ise D. 2 jour 0. 3 and D. 4 )) e 0. 
6 faille} D. fallej) 0. 6 om. D. 7 ofyere is D. o]>er is 0. 
8 a^eynes D. a3ens 0. 9 9 pat to-geder D. * J>at togider 0. 
10 ajeynes D. " om. 0. 12 ~ 12 cause whi that D. 13 > e 0. 
14 failes D.. 15 >at DO. 16 done DO. don) 0. 17 to-gidere 0. 
18 strongelich D. strongly 0. 19 helde D. held 0. leaf 26, back. 
21 signiticacioun D. significacion 0. ^ togider" 0. 
i 3 - 23 that batail }>ai D. ]> e bataytt 0. * hadden 0. 
25 bitokenes D. * helden D. 

CH. LXiv] Merlin's Prophecy. Vortyger flees. 59 

and }ow haue 1 dryuen and enchacede. 2 H But pe Britons pat bene 
of ^our* lynage ouercome 3 ham, and dryuen ham awhile ; and sipen, 4 
at pe comyng a^eyne of pe Saxoynes, pai recouerede pis lande, and 
4 helde hit for euermore, and dryuen 5 oute pe Britouns, and dede wip 
pis lande al her* wille, & destriede cristendome prou^oute pis lande. 
H 3e hade ferst 1 ioye of here ^oramyng 1 , but 6 now it is twrnede to 
$ow grete damage & sorwe ; ffor po ij brepeme of Constance pat was 
8 kyng, pat 7 ^e lete slee, 8 shul comen 8 bifore a Quin^ime passede wij) 
a grete power* fram litel Britaigne, and shul avenge pe dep of hire 
broker 9 : pai shal brenne $ow ferst wip sorwe, & after 1 pai shul sle 
a grete parti e of pe 10 Saxoynes, and shul dryue al pe remanerct 11 

12 oute 10 of the lande; and perfore abide $e 12 no longer* to 13 make no 
casteU ne none opere werk 1 , but anone gone 14 elle3-where, $oure lif 15 
forto saue. to God? I ^ow bitake, for treu]) I haue 16 I-saide to $ow 16 
of ping 4 fat shal bifalle. And vnderstonde 17 wel pat Aurilambros 

16 shal bene 18 kyng 1 , but he shal bene 18 enpoisenede, 19 and litil 
while 20 regne." 

Of Kyng 1 Aurilambros ; how he pursuede Vortiger and Engist, 
and how J>ai deiden. Capitulo Sexagesimo Quarto. 

20 1% /TErlyn and his model 1 * departede fro J?e kyng 1 , and twrnede 
J3-L 21 a^eyne to Kermerdyn. and so after* tydynges 22 come to 
pe Britons pat Aurilambros and Vter* his broper* were 23 arryuede at 
Tottenesse wip a grete host, and pe Britouns anone assemblede 

24 ham, & went to vnderfong Aurilambros and Vter* wip grete nobleye, 
& ladde ham to London, and cronede pere Aurylambros, and 
made him kyng 1 , and deden 24 to him homage, and he axede 
wher* Vortiger pat was kyng myght 25 bene founden, 25 for he 7 wolde 

28 bene 26 avengede of' 27 his brope?*e3 dep, and after* he wolde werre 
oppon paynymes : and pai tolde him pat Vortiger* was in Walis ; 
and so pai ladde him 28 piderward?. 29 U Vortiger* wist wel pat po ij 
breperae come 30 him to conquere, & fleye pens into a castel pat me 7 

1 hauen 0. 2 enchacen 0. 3 ouercomew 0. 4 se)> 0. 

5 dryve 0. 6 6 company and D. 7 om. D. 

8 8 shul come D. sclmllen come 0. 9 broker and D. brojwr and 0. 

10 om. O. n remaunte D. remnawnt O. 12 30 her 9 D. 3e here 0. 

13 MS. tok. 14 go]? D. gotfi 0. 15 lif al D. lyf al 0. 

IBIB OW sa ^ e j) se y^ to ^ ow o. 17 vndirstondi> 0. 18 be DO. 

19 poysenede D. 20 tyme DO. 21 leaf 27. 

22 tydynge D.. dydyng tie 0. ^ weryn 0. 24 dede DO. 

a*- 26 be founde DO. 26 be 0. * on 0. hem 0. 

29 Jider 1 D. 30 comen 0. 

60 Vortyger & Engist are slain. K. Aurilamlros. [CH. LXIV, LXV 

callede 1 Generth, j>at stode vppon an hye mounteyne, & )>ere him 
helde. U Aurylambros, and Vter 1 his broker, and hire folc, hade 
bisegede J>e castel 2 longe tyme, for )>e castel was stronge and wel 
arraiede ; so at J>e laste J>ai cast wilde fire, and brent hous and men, 4 
and al here arraye, & as miche as was wijnn Jje castel, so J>at Vortiger 
was brent amonge alle oj>ere ; and so deide he with michel 3 sorwe. 
U }>o was Engist in Kent, and regnede ]>ere, and herde Jris tydynges 4 
and anone fledde, and wolde haue wende 5 into Scotland? forto haue 8 
hade socowr, but Aurilambros and his men mette wij> him in the 
North contre, and ^af him bataile, & Engist and his men ham 
defendede whiles 6 j>ai 7 myght, but he and his folc were descora- 
fitede and slayn, and Otta his sone 8 fley 9 vnto 10 3ork 1 , & Aurilam- 12 
bros him folwede egrely. Otta, a litel while a^eynes him stode, but 
afterwarde he put him to 11 his mercy, and Aurilambros vnderfonge 
him; & to him and to his men he 8 }af .]>e contre of Galway in 
Scotland 4 , and Ipere J>ai duellede. U The Kyng Aury 12 lambros went 16 
jjo Jjrou} j?e lande, and put awaye be name of Engistes lande, J?at 
E[n]gist, after his owen name hade callede bifore, J>o lete he 13 it calle 13 
a^eyne Grete Britaigne, and lete make a^eyne cherches, 14 houses of 
religioun, castelles, 15 citees, and burghes and tounes J?at J?e Saxoynes 20 
hade destroiede, and come 16 to London, and lete make a^eyne the 
Wallis of ])e citee, whiche Engist & his folc hade caste adoune. 
1F fe Britons ladde him to )>e mount of Anbrian, wher 1 some tyme 
was an house of religioun J?at J>o was destriede frou^ paynemys, 24 
whe[re]of a knyght J?at 8 me callede Anbry, )>at some tyme was 
ioundour of J>e hous, and J?e?*for )?e hulle 17 was callede )?e mount 1 
of Bryan, 18 and? after was callede Ambresbery, and shal for 
eueremore. 28 

How Aurilambros dede redresse J>e lande of Grete Britaigne, 
fat was destroiede Jjrou^ Saxoynes. IF Capitulo U Sexa- 
gesimo IF Quinto. 

THe 19 Kyng Aurilambros lete amende and redresse J?e hous of 32 
Ambresbery, and J?erin put monkes, but now ]pere beth 20 
nonnes; a litil fram 21 J)e place jjat me calle)) 21 Salesbury, pere )?at 

1 calle)> DO. 2 castelle ful D. Castel ful 0. 3 mych 0. 

4 tydynge 0. 5 went O. 6 while D. 7 >at y sic 0. 

8 om. D. 9 fly 0. 10 into D. al into D. 12 leaf 27, back. 

13 - 13 calle yt 0. 14 cherches and DO. 15 castett D. 

16 comen DO. 17 mont D. 18 Anbrian D. 

19 How the D. How ^ 0. <2 ben DO. 21 - 21 om. D. 

CH. LXVI] Merlin's advice. Britons go to Ireland for stones. 61 

pe Britouns were 1 quellede 2 in pat place pat 2 3 Vortiger > & Engist 13 
shulde haue made a loueday, in whiche place 4 pere were slayne 
5 xxx M* 5 kny^tes prou$ tresoun of Engist. H pe kyng perof hade 
4 grete pitee, & pou^t to make, in mynde of ham, a monument of 
stone pat my^t endure to 6 pe worldes ende. and of pis ping pai tok 17 
here conseile what perof was best to done. 11 )po spake to pe kyng 
pe bishop of London pat me called Ternekyn, pat he shulde enquere 
8 after* Merlyn, for he coupe best telle how pis ping mi^t bene 8 made. 
and merlyn after* was sou^t 9 and founde, & come to pe kyng 1 ; and 
pe kyng tolde him his wille of pe monument pat he wolde haue 
made. U po ansuerede Merlyn to pe kyng 1 , 10 and saide : " pere be]) 

12 grete stones in Irlande, and longe vppon the hulle of Kyan pat men 
callep n pe geant 11 caroH; and if pai were put in pis place as pal 
bep 12 pere, here pai wolde endure eue?*more, in remembraunce of po 
knyghtes pat here bep enterede." " Par ma foy," quod pe kyng 1 , 

16 "as herde stones beth in my londe as beth in Irian A" "sop," quod 
Merlyn, " but in aH 30%?* lande beth now soche, for Geaunte^ sette 
ham for grete gode of hamself, ffor atte eue?*y tyme pat pai were 
wonded?, or in eny maner 1 hurt, pai wasshen pe stones wip hote 

20 water, & pan wosshen 13 ham pe?'wip, and anone pai were hole." 

How pe Britons went forto seche pe grete stones in Irland'. 
lxvj to . 

WHen pe 14 Britons hade herde of pis ping 1 , pai went and 
sworen 15 ifere amonges ham, pat 16 pai wolde gone 1T to seche 
pe stones; and toke 18 wip ham Yter*, pe kynges broper, to bene 19 
here cheueteyne, & xv M* men ; and Merlyn conseilede ham forto 
gone 20 into Irlande, and so pai deden. 21 1T And when pe Kyng 

28 of Irland', pat me callede Guillomer ) , herde telle pat straungers 
were arryuede in his lande, he assemblede a grete power*, and fou^t 
a^eyns ham ; but he & his folc were descomfitede. the Britons went 
fourp 22 til pai come to pe mount of Kylyan, and clymede vnto pe 

32 mount ; but when pai saw pe stones, and pe maner* how pai stoden, 23 
pai hadden 24 grete mervail, and saide bituene ham pat 'noman shulde 

1 om. 0. 2 2 where D. om. 0. 3 ~ 3 Vortymer wher Engist and he 0. 

4 tyme 0. 5 ~ 5 xxx M* Ixiij D. xxx M J and Ixj O. 

6 vn-to 0. 7 nome DO. 8 be DO. 9 sent 0. 

10 leaf 28. u - u geaunts DO. 12 ben DO. 

13 wosslie D. wessh 0. 14 ]>is D. 15 om. D. swore 0. 

16 swore D. 17 go DO. 18 nome DO. 

19 MS. bene >e kyng, with J>e kyng underlined for erasure. * go 0. 

21 dede 0. ^ biforn D. before 0. ^ stod 0. hadde D. had 0. 

62 Merlin makes Stonehenge. Irish invasion. [CH. LXVII 

ham remeve, for no strenghe ne engyne, so huge f ai weren, 1 and so 
long.' But Merlyn, frou} his crafte and queyntise, remevede ham, 
and brou^t ha??i into hire shippis, and come a^eyn into fis lande. 
and Merlyn sette fe stones 2 fere fat 3 fe Kyng wolde haue ham, 4 
and sette ham in fe same maner as 4 Jjai stoden in Irland*. and 
when fe kyng saw fat it was made, he fankede Me?'lyn, and 
rychely him rewardede at his owen wille ; & fat place he lete calle 3 
Stonhynges 5 for euermore. 8 

How Passent, fat was Vortiger} sonne, & f e Kyng 3 Guillomer\ 
come into fis land?; and how a traitoure fat me callede 
Coppa, enpoisenede 6 fe Kyng Aurilambros. 11 Capitulo 
U Sexagesimo Septimo. 12 

ANd men shul vnderstonde fat Passent, fat was Vortigers sone, 
leuede in f e same tyme, and come into ])is lande wif a grete 
power", and arryuede in fe Northcontre, & wolde bene 7 avengede 
of his fadere^ dej) Vortiger, and stronglich 8 trust vppon 9 fe com- 16 
pany fat he hade brou^t wif him oute of fe lande of Germayne, 
and hade coraquerede al fe Northcontre vnto ^ork 1 . 1F And when 
Kyng Aurilambros herde fis, he assemblede a grete power 1 of 
Britons, and went forto fei^t wif him ; and Passent 10 and his peple 20 
were descomfitede. But Passent ascapede fens, wif some of his folc, 
and fledde fennes into Irlandl, and come to 11 Kyng Guillomer 1 , and 
p?'aede him of helpe and socoure. U The kyng grantede him wif 
gode wil, and saide : "I wolde helpe $ow oppon fat 12 couenaunt, fat 24 
I my-self moste gon 13 wif ^ow wif al my power* into Britaigne, and 
I wolde me avenge vppon fe Britons, 14 15 for fai comen 16 into my 
londe. 17 and 15 token 18 fe stones wif strengf fat 19 is callede Geant 19 
Caroil." fe Kyng Guillomere lete ordeyne his shippis, and went to 28 
f e see wif xv M* men, and arryuede in Walis, and bigonne to robbe 
and miche sorwe to done. 20 hit bifelle so fat Kyng Aurilambros 
lay sike at Wynchestre, and myght nou^t helpe 21 himself 1 , so fat he 
sent in his name Vter 1 his brofere, with a grete power*, forto help 32 
"Walys; and fiderwarde 22 he went as miche as he 22 my^t. H fe 

1 wer 1 D. were 0. 2 leaf 28, back. 3 om. D. 4 >at DO. 

5 Stonehenge D. Stonehenge 0. 6 poysound 0. 7 be 0. 

8 strongely D. strongly 0. 9 of D. 10 he DO. " to ^ Q. 

12 |, e o. 13 go DO. u britouiis the ra^re D. 

isis ra f, cr j, an j, e j in-to my land' comen a?id 0. 16 come D. 

17 lorde sic D. 18 toke D. 

i9_i9 wag callede Geaunt3 D. called is Geaimt^ 0. 2 do 0. 

21 leaf 29. 22 - 22 >ai went as fast as >ai D. 

CH. LXVIII] King Aurilambros is poisond. A star appears. 63 

Kyng of Irlandl, and Passent, 1 herde telle fat Aurylambros was sik 1 ; 
and to ham 2 come a sarasine fat me clepede 3 Coppa, and saide : 
"sire3, 4 duelle 36 here al 5 in pees wif ^oure hoste, and y 5 bihote 
4 3ow, frou3 my queyntise, fat I shal slee f e Kyng Aurylambros fat 
lif sike." "If 36 do, 6 " qiiod Passent, "y shal ^ow richely 
auaunce." U This traitoure Coppa put oppofi him an habite of 
religioun, and lete shaue him a brode crone, and come to fe 
8 kynges court, and saide fat he was a gode fnsician, and saide fat he 
wolde hele fe kyug of his malady. 51 Tho saide fe traitour Coppa 
7 vnto fe kyng* 7 : "sire, be]) of gode comfort, for y shal ^eue ^ow 
soche a medecyne fat 30 shulle swete anone ry^t, and softe 8 slepe, 

12 and haue gode reste." & fe traitour $af him soche a poysoun fat 
he slepte 9 anone ryght, and deide in his slepyng 1 . and fe traitoure 
saide fat 10 he wolde gone 11 oute into fe felde til fe kyng were 
awakede; and so scapede he away, for noman 12 to him hade 12 

16 suspesion, for enchesoun of his habit fat he was in clofede, and 
also for his brode crone. IT But when f e kynges meny wist fat he 
was dede, fai bicome 13 wonder* sory, and fast sou^t fe traitor; 
but 14 fai mi^t nou^t hem fynde, for Coppa twnede a3eyne to fe 

20 host fro whens that 10 he come. 

When Aurilambros was dede, a sterr in 15 the morne 16 was 
seyne with a clere light ; & at the bou^te of f e beeme was 
17 seye fe heuede of an horrible 17 Dragoun. U Capitulo 
24 U Sexagesimo U Octauo. 

WHen the Kyng Aurilambros was f us dede & enpysenede 18 at 
Wynchestre, a morn, 19 after 5 fat he was dede, aboute f e 
tyme of prime, fere was seyn a sterr* grete and clere ; and f e beeme 
28 of f e 20 sterr 1 was brighter fan f e sone ; and at f e bou^t of fe beeme 
apperede a dragounes heuede, 21 and oute of his rnouf 22 comen ij huge 
li^te} fat were as Ii3t 23 as 22 eny fire brynnyng 1 . U And fat o 24 beeme 
went 25 towarde Fraunce, and strait ouere fe see fiderward; and 
32 out of fat beem comen 26 vij beemes ful clere and longe, as it were 
f e Ii3t of fire. U f is sterre was seyne of meny man 27 ; but none of 

1 Passent had 0. 2 him D. hym 0. 3 callede D. Called' 0. 

4 sir> D. sire qwod? he 0. 5 om. 0. 6 done 0. 7 7 om. D. 

8 softly D. 9 slepe D. 10 om. D. n go DO. 

ia ia had to hym 0. 13 bicomen D. bycomew 0. 14 for D. 

15 on D. 16 " morwe D. 17 - 17 seyn \>e hed of a 0. 18 leaf 29, back. 

19 a morowe 0. 20 that D. ]>ai 0. 21 heed' 0- 

22 - aa apperede ij Ii3tes huge and as bright as D. 23 bright 0. 

<24 on D. it helde D. tilde 0. 26 come D. a man DO. 

64 Merlin tells what the Star betokens. [CH. LXIX 

ham wist what it bitokenede. 11 Vter*, fat was f e kyngws broker, 
fat was in Walys wif his hoste of Britouns, saw fat sterre, and fe 
grete lijt. fat it 1 ^af. he wondrede feron gretly, what it my^t 
bitoken; he 2 lete calle Merlyn, & praiede him 3 forto telle 3 what it 4 

Of f e bitokenyng of fat 4 sterr*. IT Capitulo Sexagesimo ix. 

MErlyn saw fat sterre, and bihelde hit 5 longe tynie, and 
sifenes 6 he quok* and wepte tenderly; & saide : " alias, 8 
alias I fat so noble 7 kyng 1 and worf i is dede. and I do $ow to 
vnderstonde fat Aurilambros, jour brofer, is enpoysenede, and fat 
I se wel in fis sterre. and joure-self bitokenef bi fe heuede 8 of fe 
dragoun fat is 9 seyne at fe bou^t of fe beeme : 'fat is ^oureself, fat 12 
shal bene 10 kyng, and regne. and by f e beem fat stode 11 towarde fe 
Est, is vnderstonde fat 36 shal geten 12 a sone fat shal conquere al 
Fraunce and alle fe landes fat 13 bef longeyng^ 13 to fe Kyng 14 of 
Fraunce, fat shal bene 15 a worfier 1 Kyng, and 16 more of 16 honoure 16 
fan euer* was eny of his ancestres. IT And by fe beem fat stracchet 17 
towarde Irland*, is bitokenede 18 fat 36 shul bigete 19 a doubter fat 
shal be quene of Irland?; and fe vij beemes bitokenes 20 fat 30 21 
shul haue vij sones ; and eueryche 22 of ham shal 23 bene kyng, 20 
and 23 regne wif michel 24 honououre. and abide 36 no longer 1 here, 
but go 25 and 3if 26 batail to 3oure enemys, and fei3t 27 wif ham 
boldely, for 30 shul ouercome ham and haue fe victorie." Yter 
fankede hertly Merlyn, and tok 28 his men, and went towarde his 24 
enemys ; and f ai foi^ten togeder 1 mortaily ; and so 29 f ai des- 
comfitede 29 his enemys alle, & destroiede ha??i 30 ; & him-self quel 
led e Passent, fat was Vortige?*3 sone; and his Britons quellede 
Guillomei , fat was Kyng of Irland?, and alle his men. and Vter 28 
anone after* fat bataile tok his way toward' Wynchestre fort[o] 
done 31 entier 1 Aurilambros kyng, fat was his brofer; but fo was 
fe 32 body born 33 to Stonhynge wif michel 34 honoure, fat he hade 

1 he 0. 2 and D. 3 - 3 om. D. 4 >e 0. 5 him D. hym 0. 
6 Netheles 0. 7 noble a D. nobly a 0. 8 hede D. hed 0. 
9 is to 0. 10 be DO. n stondeth D. 12 gete D. be-gete 0. 
isis i on g e j, D. ben longynge 0. 14 croune D. crovne 0. 
15 be DO. 16 - 16 of more DO. 17 stracches D. streccbej) 0. 
18 leaf 30. 19 gete D. *> bitokenes D. betokeneth 0. om. R. 
21 sche 0. 22 eche 0. 

sa ya be a kyn^ and shullen D. be kyng and schul 0. ^ mych 0. 
25 go> DO. '* 3eueth 0. * fightetli 0. ^ nome DO. 
29 - 29 he descomfite D. he descomtited 0. ^ om. D. hym 0. 
;:1 do 0. -- his D. w bore 0. M mycti 0. 

CH. LXX] Uther Pendr agon's two Dragons. Eelief of York. 65 

1 done made 1 in remembrance of pe Britons pat pere were slayn 
prou$ tresoune of Engist, J)at same day pat pai shulde haue bene 
accordede; & in the same place 2 pai enterede Aurilambros, pe 
4 secunde $ere of his regne, wip al pe worship pat myght 3 bene 
longyng 3 to soche a kyng 1 , of whos soule God haue mercy ! 

Of Vter Pendragoun ; and wherfore he was callede so, after* 4 $e 
shal 4 here; & 5 he was ouertake for pe grete loue of Igerne, 
8 pat was pe 6 Erles wif 1 of Cornwaile. 6 1T Capitulo IF Septua- 

After pe deth of Aurylambros, Vter* his broper was cronede, 
and regnede wel and worpily ; and in remembraunce of pe 

12 dragons 7 pat he was likenede to, he lete make ij dragounes prou$ 
conseile of his Britouns : pat one to 8 bene borne 8 bifore 9 him 
when he went into bataile, & pat opere to abide at 1 10 Wynchestre 
in the bisshoppes cherche ; And for pat enchesoun he was callede 

16 euermore after 1 , Vter* Pendragoun. IT And Octa, pat was Engistes 
sone, co??zmendet litil Vter* pat was made newe kyng 1 , and a^eynes 
him biganne forto 11 meve werr ) , and ordeynede a grete company of 
his frendes & of his kynne, and of* Ossa his broper, and hade take 12 

20 al pe lande fro Humber ) vnto }ork; 13 but po of }ork 13 helde 
strongely 14 agayne ham, and nolde soffre ham come into pe toune, 
neyper to ^elde pe citee to ham ; and he bisegede pe toune anone ry^t, 
and ^af perto a stronge assaut, 15 but tho 16 of pe citee ham keped? wel 

24 and strongely. IT And when Vter herde perof*, he come pider* wip a 
stronge 17 power* forto helpe and rescue pe toune, and put away pe 
sege, & $af a stronge bataile; and Octa & his company ham 
defendede as wel as pai my^t, but at pe 2 last pai were descomfitede, 

28 and pe moste part* of ham quellede ; and Octa & Ossa were taken, 18 
and put into prisoun at London. U And Vter 1 him-self duellede 
awhile at Jork 1 , and after 1 , he went to London, and at 19 Ester after* 20 
sewyng 1 , he wolde bere crone, and helde 21 a solempne feste, and 

32 22 lete sompne alle pe 23 Erles and barons, pat pai shulde come to pat 

l l done make D. do made 0. 2 om. 0. 

- 3 bilonge D. be-longen 0. 4 - 4 MS. me shal ; men may D. 
5 and how D. 6 6 Erie of Cornewalys wyf 0. 7 dragoun DO. 
8 - 8 be borne D. be bore 0. 9 MS. bifore bifore ; tofore 0. 
10 leaf 30, lack. n to DO. 12 taken D. 13 ~ 13 supplied from D. 
14 strong D. 15 saut D. 16 >ai D. J?ey 0. 
17 grete D. gret 0. 18 take 0. 19 at the D. at )> e 0. 
20 om. D. 21 holde D. hold 0. 22 - 22 om. 0. a3 his D. 


66 Uthcr besieges Tintagel. [CH. LXX, LXXI 

feste; and 22 alle pai 1 comen at 2 pe kynges co??imandement, 3 as pai 
were co?mnandede. 3 U The feste was richely holden, 4 and alle 
worpely sette to pe 5 mette after* pat pai were 6 of 1 state, 7 so pat 8 pe 
Erl 8 of Cornewaile & Igerne his wif 1 setten alper 1 next ]>e kyng 1 . 4 
and pe kyng 1 saw pe fairenesse of pat lady pat she hade, and was 
rauisshede for here beaute; and after 1 , 9 he made towarde here 
nyce 10 semblant in lokyng 1 and lei^hyng 1 . so at pe laste pe Erl 
perseuede pe priue 11 lokyng and Laughing 1 , and pe loue bituene 8 
ham, and arose vp 5 fram pe table al in wrap, and tok his wif\ and 
callede to him his kny^tes, and went pens al in wrap, wipouten 12 
takyng 1 Leue of pe Kyng 1 . pe kyng anone sent after* him pat he 
shulde come a^eyne, & go nou^t pens in despite of him; and pe 12 
Erl wolde nou^t come a^eyne in no maner wise. U Wherfor pe 
kyng was ful wrop, & in wrap him defiede as his dedelich 13 enemy, 
and pe Erl went pens into Cornewaile wip his wif 1 , into pe castel of 
TyntageH. and pe kyng lete ordeyne a grete host, & come into 16 
Cornewaile forto destroie pe erl, if he nry^t ; but he hade put him 
in 14 soche a castel pat was stronge and wel arraiede, of TyntageH, 
and wolde nou3t 3elde him to 15 the Kyng 1 . H The kyng anone 
bisegede pe castel, & pere duellede xv daies, pat neuer 5 my^t spede, 20 
and euer pou3t so miche of 16 Igerne, and oppon her 5 laide so miche 
loue, pat he nyst what to done. U So at pe 5 laste he callede to 
him a kny3t pat me 17 callede Vlfyne, pat was priue wip him, and 
tolde him al hes conseile, and axede of him what was best to done. 24 
H " Sire," quod he, " dop sende after 1 Merlyn, for he can telle 3ow 
pe best consel of eny man leuyng 1 ." Merlyn anone was sent after*, 
and come to pe kyng 1 , and pe kyng tolde him al his wille. " Sire," 
18 quod Merlyn, 18 " I shal do so miche prou3 crafte pat I can, pat I 28 
shal make 3ow come pis ny3t into pe castel of TyntageH:, & shal 
haue al 3oure wille of pat Lady." 

How Vter 1 bigate on 19 Igerne, pat was pe Erle3 wif of 20 Corne 
waile, Arthure pe kyng 1 . II C&pitulo Septuagesimo primo. 32 

1 )>o >at hade wyfes shulde bryng 1 ham also to >at fest & alle D. J>o >at 
hade wyues schuld bryng hem also to ]>at fest & att 0. 

2 to 0. 3 - 3 rnn. D. 4 hold 0. 5 om. 0. 6 werne D. 
7 astat O. 8 - 8 >e Gorlois D. Gorloys 0. 

9 ofte D. oft 0. 10 MS. nyci. ir foa/31. 

12 withoute DO. 13 dedely D. dedly 0. 14 into D. 

15 vnto D. 16 vppon D. vpon 0. 17 he D. 

18-is Ms f fas qu^ Merlyn quod, with 2nd qitod underlined for erasure. 

19 in D. 20 om. D. 

CH. LXXI] Uther begets Arthur on Igerne, and weds her. 6T 

MErlyn, 1 prou3 crafte pat he coupe, 2 chaungede pe kyngws 
3 figure into pe likenesse of Vlfyne his chaumberleyn, and 4 
to pe figure of lordan pat was pe erle^ chaumberleyn, so pat eche 
4 of ham was transfigurede into 5 opere likenesse. and when Merlyn 
hade so done, 6 he saide to pe kyng : 7 "sire, now may 7 36 gone 8 
sodeynely to pe castel of Tyntagel, and axen 9 entre fere, and haue 
3oure wille." the kyng tok priuelich, 10 al pe host to gouerne & n lede, 
8 to a kny^t pat he miche louede, and toke 12 his way toward 1 pe castel; 
and wip him went 13 Vlfyne and Merlyn. and whera 14 pat he 14 come 
pider, pe Porter* wende 15 pat it 15 hade bene 16 his owen lorde. and 
when tyme come forto gone 17 to bedde, the kyng went to bedde 

12 wip 18 Igerne, pe Erie} wif\ and dede wip her* al his wille, and po 
bigate on 19 here a sone pat me clepede 20 Arthure. II Oppon pe 
morwe pe noble my^ty kyng 1 toke 21 his leue of pe lady, and went 
a^eyn to his hoste. and pe same ny}t pat pe kyng lay by Igerne in 

16 bedde if ere wip pe erle$ wif, pe kynges men $af a strong 1 assaute 
to pe castel. and pe Erl and his men manliche 22 ham def endede ;. 
but at pe 23 laste hit bifelle so pat at pat assaut pe erl him-self 23 was 
slayn, and pe castel was 13 taken, and pe kyng anone twrnede a^eyne 

20 to TyntageH, and spousede Igerne wip rnichel 24 honoure, & made 
hir* Quene. & sone after 1 , tyme come pat she shulde bene 25 
delyuerede, and bare 26 a sone pat 27 was callede 27 Arthure. and 
after 28 he gate 28 on here a do^te? 1 pat me clepede 29 Amya; and 30 

24 when she come to age, 31 she was nobly 31 mariede to a noble 
Baroun pat me callede Aloth, pat was lorde of Leones. 

IF When Vter* longe tyme hade regnede, pere come vppofi him 
a grete sikenesse, as it were a sorwe. & in pe mene 32 tyme po pat 

28 haden 33 to kepe Octa, pat was Engistes sone, and Ossa his broper,. 
pat po were in prisoun, men lete ham gone 34 for grete 3iftes pat pai 
ham 3af, and went 35 wip ham. 35 U And when po ij breperne were 
ascaped?, and comen 36 a3eyne into hier* owen contre, pai ordeynede 

32 ham a grete host & a 37 grete power*, & bigon to werre eftesones 
vppon pe kyng 1 . 

Helyn sic D. 2 cou|>e he D. coude 0. 3 leaf 81, back. 

in 0. 5 to DO. 6 y-do 0. 
7 Sir* quod he now mowe D. Sir quod he now mow O. 8 go 0. 

axe 0. 10 priuyly 0. n & to 0. 12 nome DO. 13 om. DO. 
*- 14 >ai D. bey 0. 15 - 15 fat he D. he 0. 16 be 0. 17 go DO. 
18 to D. 19 vpon 0. 2 callede D. called 0. 21 nome DO. 
22 manly DO. a om. 0. * mycu 0. * be DO. 
26 bare a childe D. bare a child' 0. 27 - a7 callede was D. Called was 0. 
^s- 28 begate 0. Called 0. 30 & sche 0. Sl ~ 31 nobly was 0. 
32 leaf 32. & hadde D. had 0, M go DO. 35 ~ 35 hem with 0. 
36 come 0. 37 om. D. 

68 Uther defeats Octa & Ossa. Attempt to poison him. [CH. LXXII 

How Kyng Vter* chees 1 Aloth to kepe pe lande of Britaigne 
whiles fat he was sik. 2 IT Capitulo H Septuagesimo 
U Secwwdo. 

ANd for-asmiche as Kyng Vter* was sit, and my^t nou^t helpe 4 
him-self 1 , s he ordeynede Aloth, pe sone of Elyne, 3 fat po 
was to bene 4 wardeyne and chyueteyne of al his folc ; & he anone, 
and his Britons, assemblede a grete host 1 , & $af hataile to Octa and 
to his folc ; but Octa at pe laste was descomfitede. 5 IT Hit bifelle 8 
pus afterwarde, 6 pat pise Britons 6 haden 7 indignacioun 8 9 at pis 9 
Aloth, & wolde nou3t to him bene 10 entendant; wherfore pe kyng 
was annoyede wonder* sore, and lete put him in a liter in pe hoste 
amonges 11 his folc; and pai ladde him to Veroleyne, pat po was a 12 
faire citee, pere pat seynt Albone was martrede ; and after* was pat 
citee destroiede prou$ paynemys & prou3 werre. and pider* went 12 
13 Ossa and Octa 13 & her* peple, & entrede into pe toune, and lete 
14 make faste 14 pe ^ates, & pere pai 15 helde ham. & pe kyng come, 16 
and ham bisegede, & made a stronge assaut; but po pat were 
wipin, manliche ham defended. U The kyng 16 lete ordeyne 16 his 
gunnes & his engynes forto breke pe wallys ; & pe wallis were so 
stronge pat noping my^t ham misdo. U Octa & his peple hade 20 
grete despite pat a kyng liggyng in a liter* 17 18 ham hade 18 bisegede, 
<fe pai token 19 conseil amonges ham, forto stande vp in pe morwe, & 
come oute, and 3eue bataile to pe kyng 1 ; and so pai deden. 20 and in 
pat bataile were bope Octa & Ossa slayne ; & al pe opere pat 24 
ascapede alif, fledde pens 21 into Scotland?, and made 22 Colegryne 
her 5 cheueteyne. & pe Saxoynes pat were alif, and 23 ascapede fro pe 
bataile, brou^t 24 a3eyne a 25 grete strengp, & amonges ham 26 saiden 
pat, if the 15 Kyng Vter were dede, pai shulde wel conquere pe lande ; 28 
and amonges ha??i pai pou^t 27 enpoysone pe kyng, and ordeynede 
men forto done 28 pis dede, & 3af ham of 3iftes grete plente, pis ping 
to done. & pai ordeynede ham piderward* pere pat pe kyng was 

1 chose D. 

2 syke for-asmiche as he rayjt noujt trauaile for his sikenesse D. sike 
for-as-mych as he myght not for siknes 0. 

3 -r 3 he ordeynede Aloth sone of Elyne D. he ordeyned Aloth sone of 
Eleyne O. )>e sone of Elyne R. 

4 be 0. 6 descomnte D. 6 ~ 6 om. D. 7 had DO. 

8 dedignacion sic 0. 9 ~ 9 of DO. 10 be 0. u among 0. 

12 >ai hade seynt D. >ey had sent 0. ]3 - 13 Octa and' Ossa 0. 

14 - 14 fast make 0. 15 om. D. J6 - 16 ordeigned 0. 

17 leaf 32, back. 18 ~ 18 hade ham D. had hem 0. 19 took 0. 

20 ded 0. 21 om. DO. ^ maden DO. * that D. 

24 broghten 0. a om. 0. ^ haw >ai D. hem >ey 0. 

^ >oughten 0. * do 0. 

CH. LXXIII] Uther is poisond. Arthur is made King. 69 

duellyng 1 , & clofede ham in pore wede, fe bettre 1 for to spede hire 
luf er pwpos ; hut nof elesse, for al her* falsenesse & queyntise, fai 
my3t neuer come ney fe kyng. But 2 at fe laste fai aspiede fat 
4 ]>Q kyng drank none of ere licoure hut 3 oneliche water 3 of a clere 
welle fat was ney3 bisides; and fise false traitoures 4 vppon a 
day priueliche 5 went to fat wel, and put ferin poisoun, so fat al fe 
water was enpoysenede. And anone after' as f e Kyng hade dronke 
8 of fat water 1 , he higanne to swelle, & sone after 16 deide; & alse 
meny as drank 17 of fat water deide 8 also. And anone as fis false 
nesse was aspiede, folc of fe toune lete stoppe fe welle for 
euermore. U When 9 fe Kyng 9 was dede, his 10 folc bare him to 

12 Stonehynge wif grete solempnite of bisshopp3 and barons fat were 
fere, fat buriede him bisides Aurilambros his brofer; and after 
twrnede a^eyne f o euerychqpn, & lete sende after 1 Arthure his sone ; 
and fai made him Kyng of fe lande wif 11 michel 12 reuerence, after 

16 his faderes def, fe xvij 3 ere of his regne. * 

How Arthure, fat was fe sone of Vter 1 , was cronede after Ms 
faderes def; & how he drof Colegryn & fe Saxoynes, 
and? Chelduc 13 of 14 Almayne, out of 14 fis lande, Capitulo 
20 Ixxiij . 

WHen Arthure was made kyng 1 of fe lande, he was 15 but 
3onge, of xv 3010 age, but he was faire, and bolde, & 
dou3ti of body, & to meke folc he was gode & curteise, & to prout 

24 folc he was stout & sterne; & also he was 16 gentil and curteise, 16 
and large of spendyng*, & 17 made him 17 wel bilouede 18 of al men 
f e?'e fat 18 it was nede. And when he biganne to regne, he swore fat 
Saxones neuer 19 shulde haue pees ne reste til fat 20 he hade drif 21 

28 ham out of his 22 lande. & he lete assemble a grete host, & fau3t 
wif Colegrin, fat, 20 after 1 tyme fat Octa was dede, fe Saxones 
mayntenede. And fis Colegryne was descomfitede, & fley 23 to ^ork 1 ,. 
& tok f e tone, & fere helde him. And f e Kyng bisegede f e tone ; 

32 but he mi3t nofing 24 spede, for 19 fe toune was so strong, & fai wif in 

1 better al DO. 2 But so DO. 3 ~ 3 water onlych D. only water 0. 
4 tmitous sic D. 5 pryuyly 0. 6 after he DO. 
7 dronken D. drunken 0. 8 deiden D. diden 0. 

9 - 9 kyng Vter D. 10 om. 0. n leaf 33. 12 mycn 0. 

13 Sheldruk kyng< D. cheldrik out 0. 14 ~ 14 om. 0. 15 nas 

16-ie cur teise & gentile D. 

i7_i7 mat i e him D. made hym 0. made E. 

isis am0 nges al me7i ]>ere J>at D. among al men >at ]>er 0. 

19 om. D. 20 om. 0. 21 dryuen D. dryve 0. m >is 0. 

28 come D. fly 0. 24 nou^t D. 

70 Arthur defeats CheldriJc & Hod. Their Treachery. [CH. LXXIII 

kepte pe toune wel & horpedly. U And in pe niene tyme Colegryne 
lete pe toune to Bladulf 1 , & fley 1 him-self to Cheldrik 1 , pat was 
Kyng of Almaigne, forto haue of him socour. and pe Kyng as- 
semblede a grete power*, and come & arryuede in Scotland 1 wip 4 
v. C. shippis. & whew Arthure wist of pis tydyngws, 2 pat he hade 
nou^t power* ne 8 strengp ynow to fei^t a3eyne 4 Sheldrik 1 , he lete 
T^ene 5 pe sege, and went to London, and sent anone his le^res to pe 
Kyng of Litil Britaigne, pat me 6 callede 7 Hoel, his 8 neveu, his 8 
sustres 8 sone, pat he shulde come to him wip 9 al pe power* pat he 
my^t. And he assemblede a grete hoste, & arryuede at South 
ampton. 1F And when Kyng Ar[t]hure hit wiste, he was glade 
ynow, & went a^eynes ham, 10 & harn resceyuede wip michel 11 honowr, 12 
so pat po ij hostes ham assemhlede, and toke 12 her* way euen to 
Nichole, pat 13 Cheldrik hade bisegede but non^t ^itte taken. And 
pai cornen 14 vppon Cheldrik* & vppon 15 his peple or pai hit wiste, 
pere 7 pat pai werre, 16 and ham egrely assailede. J)e Kyng Cheldrik 1 16 
and his meny defendede ham manly by here power*, but Kyng 
Arthure and his men 17 quellede so meny Saxones, pat neuer er* 18 
was seyne soche a slau^ter; and 19 his men pat were lefte alif, 
fledden away, and Arthure ham pursuede, and drof ham into a 20 
wode pat pai mi^t no ferper passe. U Cheldrik and his men saw 
wel pat pai were brou^t into miche disesse, & ham golden to Arthure 
in pis maner* wise, pat he shulde take here horse and Here armure, 
& al pat pai hadde, pat pai most oneliche gone on fote to here 24 
shippes, and so pai wolde gone 20 into here owen lande, & neuer* 
come a^eyne into pis lande. And vppon assuraunce of pis 7 ping 1 , 
pai 3euen 21 hi??z gode hostages ; and Arthure, prou$ conseile of his 
men, gmuntede pis ping 1 , and resceyuede pe hostages. & oppofi pis, 28 
pise oper went vnto 22 here shippes: and when pai werne 23 in pe 
hye see, hir wille chaungede, as pe deuel it wolde, & pai retownede 
hire nauye, & come a^eyne into pis land', & arryuede at Tottenesse, 
& went out of here shippis, & toke 24 pe lande, & clene robbede hit, 32 
& michel 25 peple slou$, & token 26 al pe Armure pat pai my^t fynde; 
& so pai wenten 27 forthe 28 til pai comen 28 to Bathe ; but pe men of 

1 fly 0. 2 tidyng 1 D. tydynge 0. 3 and D. 4 a3ens 0. 

5 be DO. 6 he D. 7 om. 6. 8 ~ 8 nevews souster 0. 

* leaf 33, back. 10 hym 0. " mycli 0. 12 token 0. 

13 MS. has J>at >at. 14 come D. 15 on D. 16 were J>ere 0. 

17 meny D. 18 tofore D. 

19 & sheldrik & D. And Cheldrik & 0. 20 go D. 21 jaf D. 

22 to DO. ffl were DO. 24 nome DO. 25 mych 0. 

26 leaf 34. * went DO. 28 - 28 om. D. tyl >ey come 0. 

CH. LXXIV] Arthur leats the Saxons at Bath. The 60 Isles. 71 

pe toune shitten faste here ^ates, and wolde nou^t suffren 1 ham 
come per in 2 pe toune, and pai defendede ham wel and horpedly 

4 3 How Arthure $af bataile to pe Saxones when pai comen 4 
a3eyne, and bisegede pe tonne of Bape, & 5 haw onercome, 5 
11 C&pitulo lxxiiij t0 . 3 

WHen Arthure herde pis tydynges, 6 he lete honge anone pe 
hostages, & lefte Hoel of Britaigne, his nevew, forto kepe 
pe Marche toward Scotland wip half his peple, and him-self went 7 
helpe rescue pe toune of Bathe. And when he come pider 1 , he $af a 
strong batail to Cheldrik 1 , and quelde almost al pe peple pat he 

12 hade ; for no man my^t 8 him wipstande, 8 ne endure vnder* pe stroke 
of his swerde ; and pere bope were slayn, Colegrin and Bladud his 
broker. II And Cheldrik fledde pens, and wolde haue gone to his 
shippis; but when 9 Arthure hit wist, he tok xv 10 M J kny^tes to 

16 Cador, J?at was erl of Cornewaile, forto lette and stoppe his com- 
myng 1 ; and Arthure him-self went a3eyne towarde J?e Marche of 
Scotland, ffor messagers tolde him fat J>e n Scottes hade bisegede 
Hoel of Britaign Jjere pat he lay sike; and perfore he hastede 

20 jriderward' ; & Cador pursuede after* Cheldrik 1 , & toke him or J?at 
he my^t 11 come to his 12 shippis, & quellede Cheldrik & his peple. 
And when Cador hade done pis viage, he hastede him 13 a}eyne, as 
faste as 13 he rny^t, towardes Arthure, and founds him in Scotland? 

24 Ipere pat he hade res 14 cuede Hoel of Britaigne. But pe Scottes 
were al feire wipin Mounref , and pere pai helde ham awhile ; but 
Arthure ham pursuede, and pai fledde pens fourp into Lymoigne, 
pat were in pat contre Ix lies, & grete plente of briddes, & grete 

28 plente of Egles, pat were wont to crie and fei^ten 15 to-gederes, and 
make grete noise when folc come 16 to robbe pat lande, and weren as 
miche as pai n^t ; and so pai deden, for pe Scottes were so grete 
rauenowrs pat pai token al pat pai my^t fynde in pe lande of 

32 Lymoigne wip-outen 17 eny sparyng 1 ; and perwip pai chargede 
a^eyne pe folc, into Scotland* forto wende. 18 

I suffre DO. 2 with-in D. witft-Inne 0. 3 ~ 3 om. 0. 

4 come D. 5 5 ouercome haw D. 6 tydyng* DO. 7 went to 0. 
8 ~ 8 vfith hym stande 0. 9 when kvng D. 10 x DO. 

II om. D. 12 here 0. 13 - 13 al >at D. 14 lea/Si, back. 
15 fight 0. 16 comen D. ^ withoute 0. 

18 MS. Trin. Coll. Dull. 490 (D) has several pages missing here, and does 
not continue until f. 39 of the Eawlinson MS., p. 78 below. 

72 'Merlin's Prophecies of a Iamb and a Dragon, [en. LXXV 

How Kyng Arthure axede of Merlyn pe aventures of vj the laste 
kynges pat weren to regne in Engeland', and how pe lande 
shulde ende. 11 Capitw/o U Septuagesimo U Quinto. 

e," quod Merlyn, "in pe 3ere of Incarnacioun of 1 oure Lorde 1 4 
Ihesu Crist MM2C xv frere 2 shal come a lambe oute of 
fat shal haue a white tong and trew lippis, and he shal 
haue wryten in his hert ' Holynesse.' U This lambe shal make 
meny Goddes house, 3 and he shal haue pees pe most parte of his 8 
lif, & he shal make one 2 of pe faireste places of pe worlde pat in 
his tyme shal nou$t fully ben 4 made an ende. And in pe ende of 
his lif, a wo^.of a straunge lande shal do him grete harme 5 ; but at 
pe ende pe lambe shal be maistre, prou} helpe of a rede Fox pat shal 12 
come out of pe Northwest, and him shal oue?-come ; and pe wolfe 
shal dye [in] water; and after pat tyme pe lambe shal leue no 
while pat he ne shal 6 dye. IF His sede 7 pan shal bene 7 in strange 
lande, and pe lande shal bene 4 wipout a goue?Tioure a litil tyme. 16 
" A Nd after 1 him 8 shal come a rJmcrrmfi mellede wip mercy and 
J~\ ek 19 wodenesse, at shal haue a berde as a goot, pat shal 
$eue in Engelancfe shadewe, and shal kepe the lande from 10 colde 
and hete ; and his o foote shal be sette in Wik 1 , and pat ope?-e in 20 
London ; and he shal vnbrace 11 iij habitacions, 12 and he shal oppen 
his moup toward Walys, and pe tremblyng 1 of pe hidure of his 
moupe, his heres shal strecche towarde meny habitaciouns and 
contres, and his fcrep shal bene 4 ful suete in straunge landes- 13 ; & 24 
in his tyme shal ryuers renne wip bloode and wip brayne, & he 
shal make in 14 places of his lande, walles, pat shal done 15 miche 
harme to 16 his seede after 1 his tyme. 

U Than shal pere come a peple out of pe Northwest duryng his 28 
regne, pat shal bene 4 lade prou3 an 17 wickede hare, pat fre dra^oun 
shal done 2 c?'one Kyng, pat afterwarde shal flee ouei pe see wipout 
comyng a^eyne, for drede of pe dragoun. IT In 18 pat tyme pe sonne 
shal bene 4 also rede as blode, as meny 2 men shul see 2 prou$ al pe 32 
worlde: pat shal bitoken grete pestilence, and dep of folc prou3 
dent of swerde ; and pis 19 peple shal bene 4 faderles til pe tyme pat 
pe dragon shal dye prou$ an hare pat shal meve 20 a^eynes him werr* 

1 - 1 OTTi. 0. 2 om. 0. s houses 0. 4 be 0. 

5 harm Jmrgh 0. leaf 35. 7 ~ 7 schal be 0. 

8 his tyme 0. 9 eek with 0. 10 fro 0. n vnbracen 0. 

12 habitacions & cuntres 0. 13 lond' 0. 14 in al 0. 15 do O 

16 vn-to 0. 17 a 0. 18 And in 0. 19 >at 0. 20 neuere 

CH. LXXV] Merlin's Prophecies of a Goat and an Eagle. 73 ; 

in fe ende of his lif 1 , fat shal nou$t 1 bene fulliche 1 endede in 

his tyme. U This dragoun shal 2 bene holden 2 in his tyme fe best 

body of al fe worlde; & he shal dye bisides fe Marche 3 of a 

4 straunge lande; and fe lande shalle 4 duelle fade[r]lesse, wifouten 5 

a gode gouernoure ; and me shal wepe for his dej> fram f e He of 

Shepe vnto fe hauen of MarciH; wherfore, 'alias 'shal bene 6 fe 

commune songe of faderles folc, fat shal ouerleuen in his land 

8 destroiede. 

" A Nd after* fis dragone shal come a gojje. oute of a 7 Kar*, fat shal 

2\ haue homes & 8 berde of sillier* ; and fere shal come out of 

his nosef relies 9 a drop fat shal bitoken hunger* & sorw, & grete 

12 def of fe peple; and miche of his lande in fe bigynnyng 1 of his 
regne shal be wastede. U This goot shal go 10 ouer* into Fmunce,. 
& shal oppon 11 fe floure of lif and of def. In his tyme fere shal 
arise an Egle in Cornewaile fat shal haue fef eres of golde, fat 1 of 

16 pride shal 12 bene wifouten 12 pere of alle fe lande; and he shal 
despise lordes of blode ; and after*, he shal flee shamefully by a 
Bere at Gauersiche; and after* shal bene 6 made brigges of men 
oppon fe costes of fe see; and stones shal falle 13 fram castelles, 13 

20 and meny of ere tounes shal ben 6 made pleyne 14 ; and a bataile 
shalle 15 bene done vppon an Arme 15 of fe see in a felde ordeynede 
as a shelde 16 ; and at fat 17 bataile shal dye meny white hedes ; wher 
fore fat 18 bataile shal bene 6 callede 'fe white bataile.' 51 And fe 

24 forsaide Beere shal done 19 fis goote michel 20 harine, and it shal 
bene 6 oute of f e Southwest ; & of his bloode fan shal f e goote lese 
miche of his lande til at f e tyme fat shendeship shal him ouer*~ 
comen 21 ; & fan shal he clofen 22 him in a lyone^ skyn; and fan 

28 shal he wynne fat he hade loste, and more ferto, ffor a peple shal 
23 come out of fe northwest fat shal make fe goot sore to bene 6 
adrade ; and he shal avenge him oppon 24 his enemys, f rou^ conseil 
of 25 ij oweles, fat ferst shal bene 6 in peril forto bene vndone 26 ; but 

32 f e olde owel shal wende ouer f e se into 27 a st[r]aunge lande, and 
fere he shal duelle vnto a certeyne tyme ; and after*, he shal come 
a3eyne into fis lande. II fise ij oweles shullen 28 do grete harme 

J - J MS. has bene fulliche bene ; fully be 0. 2 - 2 behold 0. 3 marches 0, 
4 leaf 35, back. 5 wit&oute 0. 6 be 0. 7 om. 0. 8 & a 0. 
9 nostrett 0. 10 gon 0. n i. e. opeu. 12 - 12 be wiUoute 0. 
isis f ro Castett 0. 14 playn In his tyme schal seme >at >e bere schal 

brenne 0. 15 - 13 be do vpon J> e Armes 0. 16 Child' 0. 17 > e 0. 
18 his 0. 19 do 0. 20 mycti 0. 21 outcome 0. * clo>e 0. 
23 leafBQ. on 0. 25 of >o 0. 26 vndo 0. 

27 MS. has into ffraunce, with ffraunce underlined for erasure. 28 shul 0. 

74 Merliris Prophecies of a Boar and two Owls. [CH. LXXV 

to meny on; and so fai shullen 1 coimseil fe gote fat he shal arere 
werre a^eynes f e forsaid bere ; and at f e last, f e goot and f e oweles 
shullen 2 come atte Bur* vp Trent, and shullen 3 wende ouer*; and 
for drede, f e Bere shal flee, and a swan wif him, for 4 his company, 4 
to Bur* towarde fe North, & fere fai shal bene 5 wif an harde 
shoure. And fan fe swan shal bene 5 slayne wif sorwe, and fe 
Bere taken & biheuedede, 6 alf er* nexte his neste, fat shal [stand] 
vppon a broken brigge, vp wham f e sone shal caste his beemes ; 8 
and meny shal him seche, for vertu fat fro 7 hyni shal come. IT In 
fat same tyme shal dye, for sorwe and care, a peple of his lande, so 
fat meny 8 shal bene 8 oppon him fe more bolder* afterward. And 
fo ij oweles shullen 2 do miche harme to fe forsaide floure of lif 1 , 12 
.and here shul lede in distresse, so fat she shal passe ouer into 
Fraunce, forto make pees bituene f e gote & f e flour* delice ; and 
fere she shal duelle to 9 a tyme fat her* sede shal come to seche 
here; and fere fai shul bene 5 stille til a tyme fat fai shul ham 16 
clofe with grace: and fai shul seche 10 the U 0welyn, and 11 put 
ham vnto 12 despitous def. And after* shal fis goot bene 5 brou^t 
to disese; and in 13 grete anguisshe and sorwe he shal leue al 
his lif. 20 

" A ftre fis goote, shal come out of Wyndesore a Boor*, fat shal 
J\ haue an heuede 14 of witte, a lyons hert, a pitouse lokyng; 
his vesage shal be reste to sike men ; his bref 15 shal bene 5 stanchyn 
of f erst to ham fat bene af reste ferof shal 16 ; his worde shal bene 5 24 
gospelle ; his beryng shal bene 5 meke as a Lambe. In f e f erste 
$ere of his regne he shal haue grete payne to iustifien 17 ham fat 
bene vntrew; and in his tyme shal his lande bene 5 multipliede 
wif Aliens. 1T And fis Boor, frou$ fersenesse of hert fat he shal 28 
haue, shal make wolfes bicome lambes; & he shal bene 5 callede 
frou^-oute 18 fe worlde ' Boor of holynesse and 13 of fersenesse, of 
nobeleye and of mekenesse/ and he shal do mesurabli al fat he 
shal haue to done 19 vnto fe Burgh of lerwsalem ; and he shal whet 32 
his teif vppon f e sates of Parys, and vppon iiij landes. Spayne 
shal tremble for drede of him ; Gascoyne shal swete ; in Fraunce 
he shal put his wynge ; his grete taile shal reste in Engeland? 
softely ; Almayn shal quake for drede of him. IT fis Boor shal 36 

1 schutt 0. 2 shul 0. 3 schul 0. 4 fro 0. 5 be 0. 

6 byheded? 0. 7 for 0. 8 - 8 landes shul be 0. 9 tul 0. 
10 leaf 36, back. n - n owles & schul 0. 12 to 0. 13 om. 0. 
14 heed' 0. > 5 brest 0. 16 shul haue 0. 17 iustifye 0. 
18 Jmrght 0. 19 do 0. 

<CH. LXXV] Merlin's Prophecies of the Boar, Lamb, &, Mole. 75 

3eue mantels to ij tonnes of Engeland*, and he shal make pe ryuer* 

rynne wip blode & wip brayn, and he shal make meny 1 medowes 

reede, and? he shal gete as miche as his auncestres deden ; & er 1 pat 

-4 he bene 2 dede he shal here iij crones; and he shal put on 3 lande 

into gret subieccioun ; and after* hit shal bene 2 releuede, but nou^t 

in his tyme. U This Boor, after 1 pat he is dede, 4 for his dou^ty- 

nesse shal bene 2 enterede at Coloigne, and his lande shal bene 2 fan 

8 f ulfillede wip 5 al goode. 

" A fter* pis Boor shal come a lambe. pat shal haue feete of leede, 

/\ an heuede 6 of bras, an hert of a loppe, 7 and a swynes skyn, 

and 7 herde ; and in his tyme his land! shal bene in pees, pe ferst $ere 

12 of his regne he shal do make a citee, pat al pe worlde shal speke 
perof\ pis lambe shal lese in his tyme a grete parte of his lande 
prou^ an hidouse wolf*; but he shal recouer it, an ^if an 8 Lordeship 
to an Egle of his landes ; and pis Egle shal wel gouerne hit, til pe 

16 tyine pat pride shal him ouergone, alias pe sorwe ! for he shal 
dye prou$ his broperes suorde. 9 and after shal pe lande falle to pe 
forsaide lambe, pat shal gouerne 10 in pees al his lifes tyme; and 
after*, he shal dye, and pe lande bene 2 fulfillede wip 5 al mane?' 

20 gode. 

" A ftei j pis lambe shal come aMoldewerpe acursede 11 of Godes 

J~\ moufr, a caitif , a cowarde as an here, he shal haue an 

elderliche 12 skyn as a goot; and vengeance shal fal vppofi him for 

24 synne. In pe ferst $ere of his regne he shal haue of al gode grete 
13 plente in his lande, and toward him also ; and in his lande he shal 
haue grete 13 praising til pe tyme pat he shal soffre his peple lyuen 14 
in to miche pride wipouten 15 chastisyng 1 , wherfore God? wil ben 2 

:28 wrop. U Than shal arisen 16 vp a dragoun in 5 tie XortlL pat shal 
bene 2 ful f ers, and shal meve werre a3eynes pe forsaide Moldewerpe, 
and shal $eue him bataile vppofi a ston. pis d?*agoun shal gadre 
a^eyne into his company a wolf* pat shal 17 come oute of the West 1 , 

32 pat shal bygynne werre a^eynes pe forsaide Moldewerp in his 
side ; & so shal 18 pe d?-agoun and he bynde here tailes to-geder*. 

" U pan shal come a lyonouteo^Irlandfi, pat shal fal in 
company wip ham; and pan shal tremble 19 pe lande, pat pan shal 

56 bene 2 callede Engeland?, as an aspe 20 lef, and in pat tyme shal 

1 MS. nemy. 2 be 0. 3 o 0. 4 leaf 37. 5 of 0. 

6 heed 0. 7 - 7 a Swynes skyn & an 0. 8 a 0. 9 deth 0. 
10 gouerne > e land 0. n cursed' 0. 12 erdelich 0. 13 - 13 om. 0. 
14 lyve 0. witfcrate 0. 16 aryse 0. 17 leafZT, lack. 
18 schullen 0. 19 tremblen 0. 20 Aspyn 0. 

76 Merlins Prophecies. Arthur defeats G-uillomer. [CH. LXXVI 

1 castelles bene 1 fellede adoune vppon Tamise; and it shal semen 2 
fat Seuerne shal bene 3 drye, for fe bodyes fat shal 4 fallen dede 
perin. 4 U ])Q iiij chief* nodes of Engeland! shal rynne in blode ; 
and grete drede shal bene, 3 and anguisshe, fat shul arisen after 1 f e 4 
Moldewerpe shal fle for drede ; and f e d?*agoun, f e lyoun and f e 
wolf 1 , him shal dryuen away, and the lande shal bene 3 wif out ham, 
and f e Moldewerpe shal haue no maner power 1 , saf onely a shipp 
wherto he may wende ; and after fat, he shal come 5 to lande when 8 
f e see is wif draw. IT And after 1 fat he shal $eue f e f ride part of 
his lande forto haue f e ferf e part in pees & reste ; and after 1 he 
shal leue in sorw al his lif-tyme 6 ; and in his tyme f e hote baf es 
7 shullen bicome 7 colde; and after 1 fat shal fe Moldewerp dye 12 1 
aventwrly and? sodeynely, alias fe sorwe ! for he shal 8 bene 
drenchede 8 in a flode of fe see, his seede shal bicome pure 9 faderles 
in straunge lande for euermore, and fan shal the lande bene 3 
departede in iij parties, fat is to seyn, to the Wolf, to fe 16- 
dragoune, & to f e lioun ; and so shal it bene 9 for euermore. And 
fan shal fis 10 land bene 3 callede 'fe lande of conquest,' & so shal 
fe ri^t 11 heires of Engeland? ende." 

12 How Arthure ouercome Guyllomer 1 fat was Kyng of Irland? 20' 
& how fe Scottes bicomen 13 his men. C&pitulo lxxvj to . 

WHen Guillomer 1 , fat was Kyng 1 of Irlande, hade tidynges 14 
fat Kyng 1 [Arthur] was entrede at Glastenbery, he 
ordeynede a grete power 1 of Irisshemen, & come to fe see wif his 24 
Yrisshe peple, and so come into Scotteland? ouer fe see, and 
arryuede faste 15 by fere fat Kyng Arthure 15 was wif his hoste. and 
anone as he herde ferof, he went towarde 16 him & $af him bataile, 
and ouercome him anone ry$t ; and Guillomer 1 fledde wif his men 28 
a^eyne into Irland*, and when fis scomfiture 17 was done, 18 Arthure 
twrnede him a^eyne fere fat he was, into f e place fat he hade lefte 
fe Scottes, & wolde haue ham al slayne. But f e bisshoppes, 
Abbotes, & of ere folc of fe contre, and Ladies, 19 openheuedede, 32: 
comen 19 bif ore Kyng Arthure, and criede him mercy, & saide : 

1 - 1 Castett be 0. 2 seme 0. 3 be 0. *-* falle >mn ded< 0. 
6 go 0. 6 liues-tyme 0. 7 ~ 7 schul be-comen 0. 
8 - 8 be dreynt 0. 9 om. 0. 10 >e O. u rightfutt 0. 
12 leaf 38. 13 become 0. 14 tydyng 0. 

IB-IS ^/^ ^^ by j,g re j, at ^.y n g Arthure ><?re >at kyng Arthure ; )>eHby as. 
nc Arthure 0. 

* towardes 0. " discomfytur 1 0. 18 do 0. 

i9i9 openliede come 0. 

CH. LXXVII] Arthur grants mercy to Scots. He weds Gunnore. 77 

" sire, gen til kyng 1 & my^ty, haue mercy & pitee of l vs ! and as 
^oure-self 1 is 2 of pe ri^t lawe, to holde and mayntene cristendome, 
ful grete dishonoz^r it shulde be to quelle ham pat leuep in almy^ty 
4 Gode as 36 done. & for Godes lone haue mercy and pitee of vs, 
and suffren 3 vs forto lyuen, 4 for we haue hade michel 5 sorwe and 
pyne; for }>e Saxones hauen meny tymes prou3 oure lande 6 passede ; 
but pat is no^t ynou^t to ^ow ; for often-tymes pai haue done vs 
8 miche sorwe & disese. IF ffor oure 7 castelles pai hauen 7 taken, & 
oure bestes slayne & eten, & mich harme pai hauen 8 vs done ; and 
if 30 wolde vs now quelle, hit were 9 none Honotire to a Kyng 1 to 
quelle 10 ham pat crien him 11 mercy; for ynow 36 haue 12 y-done vs, 

12 & vs ouercomen euerycheoii 12 ; &, for pe 51 loue of God?, soffre 13 vs 
forto lyue, & hauep 14 mercy of 1 Cristen peple pat bileuep 15 in God? 
as 36 done ! " H when Kyng 1 Arthure herde pis sorwe, he hade pite 
of ham, and ^af 1 ham lif and lyme ; and alle pai felle adoune to his 

16 feete, and bicome 16 his lege men, and he toke of ham homages. 
U And after 1 pat, Kyng Arthure twrnede a^eyne wip his host, and 
come a^eyne to ^orke, and pere he abode duryng pat Yiage. 
51 And po 3af he al 17 Loegers to Loth, pat hade spousede his sustre, 

20 and opere ^iftes grete plente. and po was Gaweyn, his cosyn, 18 but 
3ong of 18 age ; and to alle his ope?*e men pat him hade seruede in 
his wen?, he 3af riche 3iftes, & he pankede ham miche of here gode 

24 How Kyng Arthure spousede Gunnore, pat was Cadore3 cosyn, 
Erl of Cornewaile ; & after 1 he cowquerede of Guillomer* aH 
Irland*. 11 CapitwZo Septuagesimo U Septimp. 

WHen Arthure hade brou^t his lande in pees and reste, & in 
gode state, & reste was in euery contre, po 19 toke he and 
wedede a wif* 19 pat me callede Gunnore, & made here quene, a 
faire lady and a gentil, pat Cador pe erle of Cornewail hade longe 
tyme norisshede in his chaumbre, pat was his owen cosyn; but 
32 neuer 1 pai 20 haden childe to-gedres, 20 and nopelesse Kyng Arthure 
louede her 1 wonder wel and derlich. H And anone as wynter was 
passede, he lete assemble a grete hoste, & alle his barons, and? saide 

1 on 0. 2 be 0. 3 suffre 0. 4 leue 0. 5 mycfc 0. 

6 lond* & 0. 7 ~ 7 Castett >ey haue 0. 8 haue 0. 

9 leaf 38, back. 10 quellen 0. n hem 0. 

12 - 12 don) & vs outcome 0. 13 suffre> 0. 14 hath 0. 

15 beleuen 0. 16 bycomen 0. " om. 0. ls -* 8 but of jonge 0. 

1919 nome he a wedded wyf 0. 20 - 20 had childryn to-gidere 0. 

78 King Arthur's Conquests. Fame of his Court. [CH. LXXVIII 

pat he wolde wende into Irland? f orto conquere 1 the Lande ; and 
he tarede nou^t fill 2 longe pat he ne passede ouer into Irland 1 . 
IT And Guillomer', pe Kyng of Scotland 1 , 3 lete assemble a grete 
hoste, and $af batail to Kyng Arthur* ; but Guillomer' was descom- 4f 
fitede, & 3elde him to pe Kyng Arthure, and bicome his man, and to 
him dede feaute & homage, and of him helde al pat lande fro pat 
tyme forward*, and after passede Kyng 1 Arthur 1 ferper, 4 and 
conquerede Gutland? and Irland*, and toke homages of fole of pe & 
lande, and pere duellede xij ^er 1 in pees, & regnede wip 5 ioye and 
merpe, & werrede vppon no maner man, ne no man vppon him. 
IT And he bicome so curteys and 6 large, and so 6 honourable, J>at J)e 
Emperowe^ court of Rome, ne none prou^-out al pe worlde, was 12 
none acountede to Kyng 1 Arthures, pat eny man wist 1 , ne none so 7 
preisede 8 ; and perefore pe beste kny^tes of al maner 2 landes 
comen to him forto duelle, & 9 ham resceyuede wip gode wille and 
reuerence 10 ; and alle pe kny3tes weren 11 so gode pat no man knew 1$ 
12 pe werst 12 ; and perefore Kyng 1 Arthure made pe rounde table, pat 
when pai shulde sitte to pe 2 mete, alle shulde bene 13 aliche hye, and 
euenlich 14 seruede 15 at pe table, pat none my^t maken 16 auant pat 
none were hyei j pan opere. 17 and Kyng Arthure hade at pat table 20 
IT Britons, Fraunchemen, Normawnes, Flemynges, JBurgoyners, 
Mansers, Loherin^, and of alle pe 6 landes a pis half pe mount of 2 
Gorie, and of his lande of Britaigne, and of pe 6 grete Cornwaile, of 
Walys, & of Irland', & of Scotland ; and shortely to telle, of alle 24 
pe landes pat wolde 18 worshipe and 19 chyualry seche, comen to 
Kyng Arthurws court 1 . 

How Kyng Arthure come into Fraunce, & conquered pat 20 londe 
of Frotf, pat was a Komayn, & 21 him quellede. 21 C&pitulo 28 
Ixxviij . 

SIth hit bifelle pat Kyng Arthure, prou$ conseile of his barons 
and lordes, wolde gone 22 to conquere al Fraunce, pat po was 
clepede Galle, prou$ Eomayns pat po helde 23 pat lande in here 32 
powe[r] & in here lordeshipe. and pe Romayns 24 hade take pat 

1 leaf 39. 2 om. 0. 3 Irland' 0. 4 ferthermore 0. 

5 MS. Trin. Coll. Dublin 490 (D) continues again here. 

6 om. D. 7 so well DO. 8 preferred 0. 

9 & he 0. 10 reucrencede D. n were DO. 12 - 12 ne wyst 0. 
13 be DO. 14 eueiily D. 15 y-serued j 0. 16 make DO. 
17 another 0. 18 wolden DO. 19 or D. leaf 39, back. 
2 1 - 21 quellede him D. ^ go DO. * helden 0. 
24 - ai hade tak >at lande D. hade take J>at land 0. om. R. 

CH. LXXVIII] Arthur fights and kills Frolle, and wins Paris. 70 

lande 24 to a noble kir^t, and a worf i 1 of body, fat me calle 2 Frolle. 
and when he wist pat Arthure come, he ordeynede an host & 3 grete 
power 1 , & fau^t wif f e kyng 1 ; & he & his folc weren 4 descomfitede;. 
4 and fens fai fledde vnto Parys, and entrede f e toun, & closede f e 
^ates, & fere ham helde. Arthure wist fat FroH was gone to 
Parys, he pwrsuede after 1 , & come f ider 1 , & him bisegede ; but f e 
citee was so strong and wel arraied* ; & f o fat were wif in defendede 
8 ham wel and manliche. 5 U Kyng Arthu[r]e duellede fere more 
fan a niounf e ; & f ere was so miche peple in f e citee, & hade 
despendede al her 1 vitailes fat were wif in, & so grete hunger bicome 
amonges ham, fat fai 6 deide 7 wonder fik wif in the citee 6 for 

12 hunger, and comen 8 to FroH, & prayede him to bene accordede 
wif Kyng Arthure forto haue pees ; & fai wolde 3elde ham to him, 
& fe toun also. U FroH saw 9 fat 10 no longer he 11 my3t 10 holde fe 
toun a^eynes her 12 wille, and truste greteli oppon 13 his owen strengf, 

16 & sent to Kyng Authure fat he shulde come to 14 fei^t wif him, body 
for body, and so 15 fai shulde 15 departe Fraunce bituene ham ij. 
51 Kyng Arthure anone 9 graunte 16 hit, and wolde fat none of his 
peple vndertoke f e batail for him. U And oppon f e morwe, bof e 

20 comen 17 wel armede wifouten 18 Parys, fere fat fai shulde fijt; and 
anone fai smyten togederes 19 so fersely ; and so wel, fai fou^ten in 
bof e si 20 des, fat no man couf e deme f e bettre of ham. and so Hit 
bifelle 21 fat FroH ^af Arthure soche a stroke fat he knelede to f e 

24 grounde, wolde he nolde he. & as FroH wifdrow his suerde, he 
wonded? Kyng Arthure in f e forheuede, fat f e blode felle adoune by 
his eyen and 22 face. II Arthure anone stertevphertly, when he felede 23 
him hert, as a man fat semede almoste wode ; & he toke 24 Tabourn, 

28 his gode suerde & drowe 9 it vp an hye, & $af FroH soche a stroke 
fat fervvif he 25 cleuede his heuede 25 doun to fe shuldres, so fat his 
helme my^t nou3t bene 26 his warant; & so he felle adoun dede fere 
in f e place, and f o of f e citee maden 27 grete sorwe for FroH ; and 

32 anone euerycheon 3elde ha?^ to Kyng Arthure, & fe toune also, and. 

1 worthy DO. 2 callede D. called' 0. 3 & a 0. 

4 were D. wei 0. 5 manly 0. 

6 6 deiden with-in the citee wonder 1 >ik D. 7 dyden 0. 

8 come D. 9 om. D. 10 - 10 he myght no longer D. n he ne 0. 

12 her> D. her 0. om. R. 13 in D. 14 & 0. 

15-is g}^ j, ai j) snu i j, ey Q 16 ran tede D. graunted' 0. 

17 come D. 18 with-oute DO. ^ 9 to-gedei D. to-gydere 0. 

20 leaf 40. 21 felle D. w & his D. & by his 0. 

23 felt 0. s 4 nome DO. 

2B - 85 cleuede heuede R. cleue his heuede D. cleft his heed' 0. 

26 be DO. * made 0. 

V 80 Arthur divides France among his Knights. [CH. LXXIX 

Tricome 1 his men, and deden 2 to him homage & feaute, & he vnder- 
fonge ham & toke of ham gode hostages. & Kyng Arthure, after 
fat, went forpe wip his host, 3 and conqnerede 3 Angon & Aungers, 
Gascoigne, Peihto, Nauerne, Burgoyne, Bery, Loherne, Turyn 4 and 4 
Peihters; and alle pe opere landes of Fraunce he conquerede 
hollich. and when he hade alle conquerede, & taken bi homages 
& feautes, he twrnede a3eyne to Parys, & pere 5 duellede longe 
tyme, and ordeynede pees 6 7 ouer al the contrey, & 7 prou^-out al 8 
Fraunce. IF And when pees was made oueral, 10113 his noble 
kny3thode pat he hade, & also for his owen worpynesse, and no 
man, were he neuer 1 so grete a lorde, derst nou^t meve 8 werre 
a^eynes him, nope?- to arise and forto make pe lande of Fraunce in 12 
quiete & pees, he wonede pere ix ^ere, & dede pe?*e meny grete 
wonders, & reprouede meny prout men & luper tyraunte^, & ham 
chastisede after* her* deseruise. 9 

10 How Kyng Arthure auauncede alle his men pat hade trauailec? 16 
in his seruise. H Capitulo IT Septuagesimo Nono. 

ANd after 1 , 11 hit bifelle pus at Ester*, pere pat he helde a feste at 
Parys ; richely he gan 12 auaunce his kny^tes for here seruise 
pat 13 him hade holpen 14 in his conquest ; he jaf to his stywarde pat 20 
anen 15 cleped 16 Kay, Angon & Angers, and to Eedeler his boteler 5 
he }af Normandye, pat po was callede Neustrie ; and to Holden his 
chaumberleyn he ^af Flaundres and Mance; and to DoreH his 
cosyn he $af Boloyne ; and to Richard his Nevew he 3af Pountif 1 ; 24 
And to alle opere he 3af largely 17 landes & fees after 1 pat pai were 
of state. IT And when Arthur* hade pus his kny3tes feffede, at 
18 A^ri^fter 18 nexte sewyng he come a3eyne into Britaigne, his 
owen lande. And after, 19 atte Whitsontide next sewyng, by conseil 28 
of his barons, he wolde bene 20 cronede Kyng of Glomergon, and 
halde a solempne fest 1 , & lete sompne kynges, Erles and barons, 
pat pai shulde come pider euerycheofi. 21 Ther 1 was Skater*, kyng of 
Scotland? ; Cadwere, kyng of South-walys ; Guillomer, king of 32 
North Walys ; Madede, kyng of Irland? ; Malgamws, kyng of 

I bycomen 0. 2 dede D. 

3 3 MS. has and conquerede and conquerede. 4 Tulyn 0. 

5 tyre he D. ]>er he 0. 6 pees longtyme 0. 7 7 om. D. 

8 om. O. 9 deseruyng^ D. 10 leaf 40, back. 

II afterward' D. aftinvarcV 0. 12 began to 0. 13 MS. })an. 
14 holp D. 15 me DO. 16 called 0. 

17 MS. has langely ; large D. 18 - 18 Aueritt D. Aueritt after 0. 
19 om. D. * be DO. 21 echeon 0. 

CH. LXXX] Arthur's Feast. The Summons to Mm from Rome. 81 

Gutland?; Achilles, kyng of Ikeland?; Aloth, kyng of Denmerc; 
Gonewas, kyng of Norweye ; and Hoel his cosyn, kyng of Dorke- 
neye ; Cador, kyng of litel Britaigne ; H Morwif , erl of Cornne- 

4 waile ; Mauran, erle of Gloucestr 1 ; Guerdon, erl of Wynchestre ; 
Boel, erl of Herford?; Yrtegi, 1 erl of Oxenford 2 ; Cursal, erl of 
Bathe ; lonas, erl of Chestre ; Eueral, erl of Dorcestre ; Kymar 1 , erl 
of Salesbury ; Waloth, erl of Kaunterbery ; Igern, erl of Checestre; 

8 Aral, erl of Leycestre, & fe Erl of 3 Warwik, & 3 of ere riche 4 Lordes. 
Britons also fere were ynow, fat is to seyn, 5 Dippon, Donand?, 
Genu^ ; and meny of ere fat be)) 6 nou^t here nempnede 7 weren at 
fat fest ; and meny anofere 8 faire feste Kyng Arthure hade holden 9 
12 biforn, but neuer none soche, ne so solempne; and fat laste xv 
dayes 10 wif michel 10 Honoure and merfe. 

Of fe lettre fat was sent fram 11 fe Citee of Home for pride to 
Kyng Arthure U Capitulo IT Octogesimo, 

16 rilHe fridde day, as kyng Arthure satte at his 12 mete amonges 13 

I his kynges, & amonges 14 ham fat seten at J>e fest biforne ham, 

comen 15 in xij elderne men of age, rychely arraiede, and curteisly 

saluede fe kyng', and saide 16 fat 17 fai comen fro Rome, sent 

20 messagers fram f e Emperowr, and tok to him a lettre fat f us 
miche 18 was to vnderstounde : U " Gretely vs mervailes, 19 Arthure, 
fat fow art on 20 so hardy, wif eyen in 21 fi heuede, 21 to maken 22 
oppen weri 1 * and contak a^eyns vs of Rome, fat owen al f e worlde to 

24deme; 23 for fow haste neuer 3itte bifore 24 fis tyme prouede ne 
assaiede fe strengf of fe 25 Romayns, and f erf or, fow it shalt 26 in 27 
litil tyme. For lulius Cesar 5 conquerede al fe lande of Britaigne, 
and tok 1 f erof truage, and oure f olc longe tyme haue it hade ; and 

28 now, frou$ fi pryde, fow hit witholdes 28 ; wherfore we commande 
fe fat fow $elde 29 a^eyne. ^1 and 30 ^itte haste fow 30 more folye 
done, fat fow hast slayn FroH, fat was oure baron of Fraunce, al 
wif wrong 1 ; and f erfore alle f e communes of Rome warnen and 

32 commanden fe, oppon lif and Lyme, fat fow in haste bene 31 at 

1 Vrgety DO. 2 Oxon D. 

3 - 3 Warwik^ and meny D. Warwyk< & meny 0. Warr> & R. 4 leaf 41. 

5 say D. sey 0. 6 ben D. be 0. 7 ynempned* 0. 8 a DO. 

9 holde D. hold' 0. 10 - 10 withel sic D. n fro D. 12 the D. 

13 among 1 0. 14 amonge D. among 0. 15 come D. 16 seyden 0. 
17 om. DO. 18 mycn yt 0. 19 merveyllej) 0. 

20 ones D. onys O. 21 - 21 >ine hede D. ]jy heed O. ^ make 0. 

23 demen D. M afore D. 25 om. 0. 26 shal D. in a 0. 
28 withholdest 0. a Jelde it D. yt 3elde 0. 
3 -^ ^if >ou hast 0. 31 be 0. 


82 The Romans Summons to Arthur. His defiant Answer. 

Rome, amend es to make of fe 1 misdede^ that fow haste done ; and 
if hit so be fat fow come nou^t, 2 we shul passe f e huH of loye 
wif strengf, and we shul 3 fe seke 3 wher j -euer ) fow may 4 ben 5 
founde, and fow shalt nou^t haue a 6 foote of lande of 7 fyn 8 owen 4 
fat we ne shal destroy ; and aftirward wif f i body we shal done 9 
oure wille." U When f is lettre was rade, & alle men hit herde, 
fai were aunoyede, alle fat were at f e 10 solempnite ; and f e Britons 
wolde haue slayne f e messagers, but Arthure wolde nou^t soffre 8 
hit, and saide fat f e messagers shulde haue none 11 harme, and mow 
by resoun none deserue; but he commanded? 12 hem to bene worf ely 12 
se?'uede. and after mete he toke 13 conseil of kyngws, Erles and 
Barons, what ansuere me my^t ^eue 14 to fe messagers; and fai 12 
conseilede 15 at ones 16 fat he shulde 16 assemble a grete power 1 of alle 
f e landes of f e whiche he hade lordeshipe, & manliche avenge him 
oppon fe Emperow, of fe despite fat he hade 17 sent to him soche 
a lettre; and fai suoren bi God and by his names fat fai wolde 18 16 
him pursue & brenne in-alsemiche 19 as fai 20 my^t, & saide fat fai 
wolde 21 neuer faile 22 Kyng Arture, and rafere to bene 23 dede : and 
fai lete writer 24 a lettre to sende to fe Emperowr by fe same 
messagers in f is maner 1 : 20 

Of fe bolde ansuere 25 fat Kyng Arthure 25 sent to fe Emperowr 


of Rome & to f e Romayns. Capitulo U iiij primo, 

"TTV[n]derstondes 26 amonges ^ow of Rome, 27 fat I am Kyng 

U Arthure of Britaigne, and frely hit 28 holde, and shal holde ; 24 
and at Rome hastely y 27 shal be, nou^t to ^eue ^ow truage, but 
forto axen truage 27 ; ffor Constantyne, fat was Elynws sone, fat was 
Emperowr of Rome 29 and of al fe honow?' fat fe?*eto bilongede 30 ; 
ffor Maxinian 31 couquerede al Fraunce and Almaigne, & mount 28 
loye passede, & conquerede al Lumbardye ; and f ise ij were myn 
ancestres; and fat fai hade and helde, I shulde 32 haue, frou$ 
U Godes wille." 

1 bi D. byn 0. 2 Zea/41, back. s -^ seke b e 0. 4 myght 0. 5 be DO. 
6 oo 0. 7 o D. 8 bi 0. 9 do DO. 10 bat DO. n no 0. 
1212 jjajjj |j eil W orshiply D. hem to be worschipfully 0. to bene 
worbely R. 13 nome DO. 14 3eue DO. 3e R. 

15 conseilede him D. counseyled? hym 0. 
16-ie M S has bat h e s i m lde bat he shulde. 17 hathe D. 

18 shulde D. schuld 0. 19 in-as-mychel 0. 2 bai D. bey 0. heR. 
21 nolde 0. fayle b e 0. * be 0. <24 write D. 
26-25 om o. 2 6 Understondeth D. Undirstondifj 0. 

27 om. D. ffl y 0. a leaf 42. 30 bilongeth D. 

31 Maximian Kyng^ of Britayne D. Haximian kyng of Brytaigne 0. 

32 shal D. schal 0. 

CH. LXXXII-III] Roman Emperor & Arthur prepare to fight. 83 

Of be reuerence \a\, Kyng Authure dede to be Emperowrre} l 
messagers of Borne, Capitulo H iiij Secwwdo. 

WHen bis lettre was made and enselede, Kyng Arthurs to be 
messagers $af grete ^iftes ; and after bat, be messagers 
toke 2 here leue, & went bens 3 to be cowrt of Rome a^eyne, and 
tolde ])e Emperow how worbely bei were vnderfonge, 4 & whiche 5 
real co??^pany he [K. Arthur] hade him forto 6 seme, & how he was 
8 more really seruede ban be Emperow?-, or eny kyng leuyng in be 
worlde. 11 And when be Emperowr hade seyne 7 be lettre of 
Arthure, & herde what was berin, and saw bat Arthure wolde 
nou^t bene 8 rewelede by 9 him, he lete assemble & ordeyne an huge 
12 hoste forto destroie Kyng Arthure if 10 he my^t. and Kyng 
Arthure, as tochyng his party e, ordeynede his power 5 n of kny^tes 11 
of be rounde table. 

Of be kynges & lordes bat comen to helpe 12 Kyng Arthure 
16 a^eyne} be Emperowr of Eome. C&pitulo Octogesimo 
U Tercio. 

THe kynges 13 of Scotland?, & of Irian d? & of Gutland', of 
Denmarc and of Almaigne, eueryche 14 of ham hade x M 4 of 15 

20 men. U Thei of ^ormandye, Gascoigne 16 & Spaigne, 16 Elaundres & 
Pehito, & of Boloigne, hade iiij M l . Geryn of Chartres hade x M l ; 
Hoel of Britaigne hade 17 xij M* and him-self 1 [Arthur] 18 hade 17 of 
his owen Londe xij M 1 , & of Arblasters and of Archires, 19 & of ojjere 

24 folc on foote, ]?at noman coujje ham nombre. and when 20 J?ai 
weren al 20 redy forto wende, Kyng Arthur*, his lande & Gunore his 
wif 1 , 21 he bitoke 21 to one of his Nevewes J>at was a wise kny^t, & 
an herdy, J>at me callede Mordredej but he was nou^t al trewe, 

28 as 36 shul here afterwarde. Kyng Arthure toke al his reame to J>is 
Mordrede, sane oneliche ]?e crone. H And after jjat, kyng Arthure 
tok 22 his host and went to Southampton, Jjere jjat ]?e shippes 
were brou^t. and |?e fol'c assemblede, and 23 fai deden ham to j>e 

1 Kynges D. 2 nomen D. nome 0. 

3 >ens and comen D. >ens & come 0. 4 vndirfongen 0. 

5 which a 0. 6 to DO. 7 sey 0. 8 be DO. 9 after DO. 

10 if J>at D. n - n and kny^te D. & knyghtes 0. 12 helpen 0. 

13 kyng D. 14 euery D. eche 0. 15 om. 0. 

16 -^ & D. Almaigne 0. 17 om. DO. 18 leaf '42, back. 

19 Arches 0. ^-^ ]>ai al were D. att weren 0. 

21 - 21 tok to kepe D. toke to kepe 0. w nome DO. ^ as 0. 

84 Spanish Giant who ravisht & killed fair Elyne. [CH. LXXXI v 

see, and hade gode wynde & weder 1 at wille. and as sone as fai 
my^ten, 1 fai arryuede at Berflete, & wenten 2 oute of here shippis, 
and spraden al fe contreye. 


How Kyng Arthure fai^t wif a Geaunt in Spaigne, fat me 4 
callede Denab}, fat quellede Elyne, fat was 3 Kyng Hoele^ 


Cosyne, of litel Britaigne. C&pitulo iiij iiij to . 

KYng Arthure hade 4 duellede in Jje centre but a litil while, 
fat men ne tolde him fat f er was comen a grete Geaunt into 8 
Spayne, and hade rauesshede faire Elyne, fat was cosyn to Hoel 5 
of Britaigne, & hade brou^t here vppon an huH fat is clepede 6 fe 
Mount of seynt Barnard ; & fere was noman in fat contre so bolde, 
ne so hardy, fat derst wif him to 7 fei3t, ne come ney$ fe place 12 
fere 8 fe Geaunt duellede ; and men 9 callede him Dynab^, fat 
miche sorwe dede in f e contre. U When Kyng Arthure herde f is 
tydynges, 10 he callede Kay & Bedewer*, & commaundede ham fat f ai 
shulde n gon 12 pryuely, n and aspie Where fe 13 Geaunt my^t bene 13 16 
founde. and fai come 14 to fe Ryuage fere fat 3 men shulde gon 15 to 
fe mount, fat was al enclosede about wifr water, and }it is and 
euer 16 shal be; and fai saw a brynnyng fire oppon 17 fe HuH; and 
fere was also anofrer huji nev3, fat fere was oppon anof ere fire 20 
brynnyng 1 . U Kayand Bedewer 1 corner 18 to fe nexte huH, and 
founden 19 a widowe openheuede, 20 sittyng bisides a tounbe, sore 
wepyng, & grete sorwe made ; and ofte she saide " Elyn ! Elyn ! " 
and Kay & Bedwere axede what her* ailede, 21 & wherfore she made 24 
so miche sorwe, & who lay in fat tombe. U "0," quod she, " what 
sorwe and what my sauenture, faire lordes, make 22 30 here 1 ? for if fe 
Geant may }ow here fynde, 30 worf dede anone." 23 " ben stille, 23 
gode wif," quod fai, " f erof dismai f e nou3t, but tel vs f e sof e whi 28 
fow makes 24 so niyche 25 sorwe & wepyng*." U " Sires," 26 quod she, 
"for a damiselle fat I norisshede wif my brest, fat me callede 27 

1 myght 0. 

2 as sone as >ai mi^t J>ai wenten D. as sone as >ey myght >ey went 0. 

3 om. D. 4 nad nou^t D. had not 0. 5 Hoel kyng 1 D. 
6 callede D. called' 0. 7 om. DO. 8 ]>er >at 0. 

9 me DO. 10 tydyng* DO. 

" n go priuelich D. go pryuyly 0. 12 Zea/43. 

13-13 Geauntes mijten be D. Geaunt myght be 0. 14 comen D. 

15 go DO. 16 euermore D. euermor' 0. 

17 on 0. 18 come 0. 19 founde D. 2 openhed' 0. 

21 was 0. ^ seke DO. 23 - 23 Bistill D. Be stytt 0. 

24 makest DO. michel D. M Sire D. ^ calles D. 

CH, LXXXV] King Arthur slays the Spanish Giant. 85 

Elyne, fat was nece to Hoel, Kyng of litel 1 Britaigne, and here lif 
fe bodye in f is tombe, pat to me was bitaken 2 to norisshe. so fere 
come a deuel, a Geaunt, & rauasshede here, & me Also, & lade vs 
4 bofe away; and he wolde haue 3 forleyn fis 3 maide fat was so 
3onge & tendre of age, but she my^t hit nou$t soffren, so grete and 
so huge fe Geant is. and if he now 4 come as he was 4 wont to 
done, certes he wille $ow quelle, bofe ij ; and f erfore faste wende 
8 $e hens." "and wherfore," saide fai, "go 30 nou^t hens?" 
U " Certes, Sires, 5 " quod she, " When fat Elyne was dede, f e 
Geaunt made me to abide, 6 to done and haunt his wille, and me 
most nedes 7 it soffren. 7 and God? hit wote, I do hit nou^t wif my 

12 gode 8 wille, for leuer me were to bene 9 dede fan wif him to dele, 
so miche payne I haue when he me forlei}." 10 U When Kay and 
Bedwere hade herde al fat f is woman hade tolde, fa twrnede a^eyne, 
and comen to Kyng Arthure, & tolde him al fat fai n hade seyne 11 & 

16 harde. H Arthure an one toke 12 ham bofe with him, and went 
priuely by ny^t, fat none of his hoste it wiste, and come 13 on fe 
morne 13 to fe Geaunt, and fau^t wif him strongely, and at fe laste 
him slou^. and Arthure bede 14 Bedwere smyte of hes heuede, 15 and 

20 bryng 1 it to fe hoste to 16 shewe ham for a wonder 1 , for it was so 
grete & so huge. U When fai comen 17 a^eyne to f e hoste, fai tolde 
wherfore fai hade bene out, and shewede to ham fe heuede; 18 & 
euery man was glade & ioyful of f e worf i dede fat Kyng Arthure 

24 hade done, her* lorde. U And Hoel was ful sorweful 19 for his nece 
fat was so loste ; and after*, when he hade space, he lete make a 
faire chapel of oure Lady ouer Elyne} Tumbe. 

How Kyng Arthure ^af bataile to fe Emperowr, in fe whiche 
28 bataile f e Emperoure was slayn. Csipitulo Octogesimo v to . 

ARthure and his peple hade tydynges 20 fat fe Emperowr hade 
assemblede 21 grete power*, as wel of Sarasynes and of 1 


paynemys 22 as of 22 Cristen men, 23 Wherof fe noumbre was iiij M* 
32 of horsemen and of 8 fote men. 23 Arthure and his peple ordeynede 24 

1 cm. DO. 2 betake 0. 3 3 forlaide >e D. forleyn J>at 0. 

4 -4 as he is 0. 5 Sire D. 6 leaf 43, back. 7 ~ 7 y-suffren 0. 

8 om. D. 9 be 0. 10 forlith DO. n - u seye D. 12 nome DO. 

i3_i3 j n j, e morwe er iy D, on jje morowe erly 0. 14 bad' 0. 

15 heed' O. 16 & D. 17 come 0. 18 heed 0. 19 sory 0. 

20 tydyng 0. 21 assemble a D. Assembled' a 0. 

22 - 22 and D. as 0. 23 - as om. 0. 

24 ordeynede D. ordeigned' 0. om. R. 

86 Arthur & his Britons are sure they'll "beat the Romans. 

ham 1 fast forp in 2 3 here Way towarde pe Emperowr, and passede 
Normandy & Fraunce vnto Burgoyne, and wolde euen haue gone 4 
to pe host, for men tolde him pat pe Emperowre} host 5 was comen 5 
to Lucye. U The Emperowr and his host, in pe byginning of 4 
August 1 , remevede fram Rome, and come fourth ry^t pe way 
toward pe host. U tho 6 comen Kyng 6 Arthures aspie^, and saide, 
if pat Arthure wolde, he shulde fynde pere faste bisides, pe 
Emperowr; but pai saiden 7 pat pe Emperoure hade so grete power* 8 
wip him of kynges of pe lande, & of Paynemys yfere, & also cristen 
peple, pat it were 8 but grete folie to Kyng Arthure forto mete wip 9 
him, for pe espies tolde pat 10 pe Emperow hade v men or vj a^eynes 
one of his. U Kyng Arthure was bolde and hardy, and for noping 1 2 
him dismaiede, & saide : " go we forp 11 in Goddes name a^eynes pe 
Romayns, pat wip ham ledep 12 Sarasines & Paynemes pat no maner 
truste pai hauen 13 to God?, but oneliche 14 oppon here strengp! 
Go we now, and seche ham sharpely 15 in pe name of almy^ty God?, 16 
and slee we pe paynemys and Cristen men pat bene enemys wip 
ham forto destroe Cristen men; and God shal vs helpe, for we 
hauep 16 the ry^t, & perfore haue we gode trust in God?; & done 17 
we so pat pe enemys pat bene 18 to Cristendome & to Gode mow 20 
bene 19 dede & destroiede, & pat men mow recorde pe worpinesse of 
kny^thode ! " U When Kyng Arthure hade pus saide, pai criden 20 
al wip an hye voice, " Gocfe, fader almi^ty, 21 Worsheppede be pine 22 
name Wipouten 23 ende, Amen ! and 1 grant vs grace wel to done, 24 and 24 
to destrie oure enemys pat bep 25 a^eynes Cristendome ! In pe name 
of pe fader* & 26 of pe sone and of pe 26 holy gost, Amen ! And God 
^eue ham 27 neuer* grace ne worshipp in the worlde, ne mercy of 
him to 28 haue, pat pis day shal feynten wel forto smyte, and 28 
egrely ! " and so pai riden softly, and ordeynede her 1 wenges wel 
and wisely. 

U The Emperoure herde telle pat Kyng 1 Arthure & his folc were 
redy arraiede forto fei^t wip him ; and pider 29 pai comen, 29 wher 1 he 32 
ordeynede his wenges in pe best manere pat he my3t, and more 

1 om. DO. 2 on 0. 3 leaf 44. 4 go 0. 

6-6 wolde come D. wold come 0. 

6-6 come D. come kyng 0. 7 seid 0. 8 nere DO. 

9 MS. wij> wi>. 10 om. 0. boldely D. boldly 0. 

12 ledes D. lede 0. 13 haue DO. 14 only 0. 15 scharplich 0. 

16 haue 0. 17 do DO. 18 beth D. 19 be 0. 2 eryede 0. 

ai leaf 44, back. >i D. >y 0. * wit/toute 0. M do 0. 

25 ben 0. 26 - 28 sone & D. * hym 0. ** for-to D. 

29 a J>ai come D. hei} come 0. 

CH. LXXXVI] Arthur beats the Eomans, & buries his own slain. 87 

trust oppon his strengf fan 1 in God almy^ty. and fat was seyn 
afterward*, ffor when fo ij liostes metten, 2 the Emperor* loste soche 
foure of his 3 folc as dede Kyng 1 Arthur* ; and so m en y were slayne, 

4 what in o 4 side and 5 in fat of ere, fat 3 hit was grete pite to wete 
and to seen. 6 U In f is bataile were slayn f 1-0113 Kyng Arthure, v 
kyng:$ of 7 paynemys, & of of ere, Wonder 8 miche peple. U And 
Kyng Arthures men fou^ten so wel, fat f e Eomaines and 9 paynemys 

8 hade no 10 more power 1 ne strengf 10 to wifstande ham, 11 fan xx 

shepe a^eynes v. wolfes. U And so hit bifelle 12 fat in fis bataile, 12 

in a shoure fat was wonder herde and longe duryng 1 , in fat o 13 

side and in fat of ere, f e Emperow, amonges ham fere was slayn ; 

12 but noman wist forsof who him slou$. 

How Kyng Arthure lete entere his kny3tes J?at he hade Loste in 
bataile; and how he sent fe Empero^rre^ body 14 to Rome, 
fat fere was slayne in bataile. C&pitulo Octogesimo vj to . 

16 "T~TT~Hen fe Eomayns wist fat fe Emperowr was dede, fai for- 

f f soke fe felde, and fe paynemys also; and Kyng' Arthure 

after ham chasede 15 til it was ny^t, and so meny of ham quellede 

fat hit was wonder* to telle ; and f o turnede Kyng Arthure a^eyne 

20 16 when it 16 was ny^t, and fankede almy^ty God? of his Vittorie. And 
17 on fe morwe 17 he lete loke 18 & seke 18 al fe felde for his kny^tes 
fat he hade fere lost, 19 fat is to seyne, BoreH, erl of Maans ; Bed- 
were & Kay, and 20 Lygers, Erl of Boloigne ; Vrtegi, 21 erl of Baat, 22 

24 Aloth, erl of Wynchestre ; Curgale, erl of Chestre ; and 23 Holdeyn, 
erl of Flaundres : f ise were f e grete Lordes fat Kyng 1 Arthure Loste 
in fat bataile amonges 24 of ere worfi kny3tes ; and somme he lete 
entere in 25 Abbayes by fe centre, 26 and some he lete bene 27 borne 

28 into here owen contre 26 ; and fe Emperowrres body he lete take 
and put oppon a bere, & sent hit to Kome, and sent to say to f e 
Romaynss fat ' as for Britaigne & Fraunce whiche fat he helde, 
of ere truage he wolde none 28 paie; and if 3 fai 29 axend him eny 

32 of ere, 29 ri^t suche 30 he wolde ham paye.' U Kyng 31 Arthur 1 lete 

1 MS. >at. 2 mette DO. 3 om. 0. 4 >at one D. on 0. 
5 & what 0. 6 see 0. 7 of > e 0. 8 om. D. 9 & J> e O. 

io_io powejo D. more s treng>e 0. n om. DO. 12 ~ 13 am. D. 

13 on D. 14 leaf 45. 15 I-chacede D. 16 - 16 fo it DO. when R. 

17-17 in j, e Morne 0. 18 - 18 om. D. 19 ylost 0. 20 om. D. 

21 Yrgeti DO. ^ Baat 0. ^ & aftir 0. M amonge D. among 0. 

25 at D. 26 - 26 om.. D. be 0. 28 not 0. 

29-29 axede him eny o)>ere truage^ D. axed ony o>er truage 0. 

30 such truage 0. 31 > e kyng 0. 

88 Mordred is traitorous, & rebels against Arthur. [CH. LXXXVII 

bere Kay to Kenen, his owen castel, and fere he was enterede; 
and Ligers was born 1 to Boloyne, fere fat he was lorde; and 
Holdeyn was borne 1 to Flaundres, & fere he was enterede ; and 
allethe of ere he lete entier 2 wif michel honowr 2 in Abbayes & in 4 
house} of Religioun in f e contrey fere fat fai were dede. 11 And? 
Arthure him-self soiowrnede fe 3 same 301-6 in Burgoigne 4 wif his 5 
host, and fou$t fat 6 same 3ere follewyng 1 passe fe mount 7 loye, & 
haue gone 8 to Rome, 9 forto haue 10 take fe citee, and haue put fe 8 
Romayns in subieccion ; but f e wickede tiraunt Mordrede him 
lettede, 11 as after 30 shul here. 

How Mordrede fe traitour 1 to whome Kyng 1 Arthure tok his 
lande to kepe, and his castelles, 12 and helde hit a^eynes 12 
him. IT Capitwfo IT Octogesimo 1T Septi?rco. 

WHen 13 Kyng Arthure 13 hade taken 14 to Mordrede his reaume 
to kepe, and was gone a^eynes fe Emperoure of Rome, & 
was passede fe see, Mordrede anone toke homages and feautes of al 16 
ham fat were in fis lande, and wolde haue hade fe lande 15 to his 
owen vse, and 16 toke castelles about, 16 and lete ham arraie ; and 
after his falsenesse he dede anofere grete wrong 1 , ffor, a^eynes f e 
law of Cristiente, he toke 17 his owen Ernes wif 1 , as a traitour shulde, 20 
and ordeynede him a grete hoste a^eynes Arthures comyng, to halde 
the lande a^eyns him wif strengf for euermore, and to slee Kyng 
Arthure yf 18 he my$t ; and lete sende by f e Gee and lande, and lete 
assemble Paynymes and cristen peple ; and he sent to Saxones and 24 
to Danoys 19 forto help him. and also Mordrede sende 20 to Chel- 
drik, to done 21 men come to him out of Saxoyne, fat was a worfi 
Due, and bihi^t 22 him, if fat he brou^t wif him 23 peple, 24 he wolde 
graunt him 25 al fe lande fram blonde Humbei J vnto Scotland', and 28 
al fe lande fat Engist hade 26 of Vortigers ^ifte, When fat he hade 
spousede his doubter. And Cheldrik come wif grete strengf 27 and 
power* 27 of Peple : and Mordrede him 28 assemblede also in his half, 
fat fai hade xl M* of stronge kny^tes when fat 5 fai hade nede. 32 

1 bore 0. 2 ~ 2 om. D. with mych honour 0. 3 ]>at 0. 

4 leaf 45, back. * om. D. 6 >e DO. 7 mount of DO. 8 go 0. 

9 Rome al DO. 10 om. DO. n lette DO. 12 castett D. 

is-13 Arthure the kyng^ D. Arthur > e kyng 0. 14 take O. 

15 lande al D. i6_ie nome ca stett D. nome Castels aboute 0. 

17 nome DO. 18 yf )>at 0. 19 Danes 0. 20 sent 0. 21 do D. 

22 behete 0. ** him miche D. hym mych 0. 24 om. 0. 

25 him in heritage for euermore D. hyw in herytage for euermore 0. 

26 leaf 46. *-* om. D. w hade D. had 0. 

CH. LXXXVIII] Mordred fights Arthur at Sea, and flees. 89 

How Arthure enchacede 1 Mordrede pe traitour, and how he 
was slayne, and 2 Kyng Arthure also 2 wondede to pe 3 
dethe. 11 Capitulo U Octogesimo H Octauo. 

4 ~T~WT"Hen pis tydynges 4 come to Kyng Arthure pere pat 5 he was 

f f in Burgoyne, he was ful sore annoiede, and toke al 

Fraunce to Hoel forto kepe, wip haluendele 6 his men, & prcdede 

him pat he wolde hit kepe til pat lie comen 7 a^eyne, ffor him-self 

8 wolde wende into Britaigne and avenge him oppon Mordrede pot 

was his traitoure ; and 8 fourp went 8 his waye, and come to Swit- 

sand', & made his men to 5 gone 9 into shippe, & wolde haue arryuede 

at Sandewiche, and brou^t wip him an 10 grete hoste of Fraunce also 

12 wip his owen lande. but er 1 pat he myght come to lande wip his 

peple pat were comen 11 out of pe shippis, Mordrede was comen wip 

aH his power, and $af a stronge bataile, so pat Kyng Arthure loste 

meny a man er 1 pat he mi^t 12 comen to land' 12 ; ffor pe?'e was Gaweyn 

16 his Neve we slayne, and Anguissel pat helde Scotland', and meny 

opere, wherof Kyng 1 Arthure was ful sory. ^ But after pat pai 

were comen 13 to lande, Mordrede myght nougt a^eynes him endure, 

but anone was 14 descomfitede, and flede pens fat 15 same ny^t Wip 

20 his men, and oppon )>e morwe 16 come to London; but ]?o of the 

citee wolde nou^t soffre ham 17 come in ; and fro pens ho fledde to 

Wynchestre, and J?ere 18 helde him wij? his peple pat 19 with him 

come. 19 Kyng Arthure 20 lete take pe body of 21 Gaweyn his cosyn, 

24 & pe body of Anguissel, and lete ham 22 bene borne 22 into Scotland? 

into 23 her* owen centre, and pere pai w r ere enterede. 

H And 24 anone after 1 pat, 24 Kyng Arthur 1 toke 25 his wey to 
destroie Mordrede ; and he fledde fro pens into Cornewaile. U The 
28 Quene Gunnore, pat was Kyng Arthures wif 1 , pat po soiournede at 
1 , and herde pat Mordrede was 26 fledde pens pat he was, 26 and 
nou^t endure a^eynes Kyng Arthure, she was sore adrade, and 
hade grete doute, and wist nou^t what was best al forto done, 27 for 
32 she wiste wel 28 here lorde Kyng 1 Arthure wolde nou^t 29 of her 1 haue 

1 enchase D. 2 - 2 also >at Kyng Arthure was DO. 3 om. DO. 
4 tydyng* DO. 5 om. D. 6 haluendele of D. haluendel of 0. 
7 come DO. 8 ~ 8 went forth D. 9 go 0. 10 a DO. u come 0. 
2 12 come to Lande with his peple D. come to londe 0. 
13 come 0. 14 leaf 46, back. 15 the D. >e 0. 16 morne D. 
17 him D. hym 0. 18 >ere he 0. 

1919 corne w ;th him D. -with hym comen 0. 20 om. O. 
21 MS. has of Arthur 1 with Arthur 1 scratched out. **-** be bore DO. 
23 in 0. 24 -^ after anon D. aftir anon 0. ^ nome DO. 
^-^ fley D. * do 0. >28 wel >at DO. neuer D. neuere 0. 

90 Arthur leats Mordred, who is slain. [OH. LXXXVIII-IX 

mercy, for pe grete shame pat she to him hade done; and toke 1 
her* wai priuely 2 wip iiij men 3 and wip no mo, 3 & come to 
Kerlioun, and 4 pere she 4 duellede al her* 5 lifes tyme, pat 5 neuer 
was seyn amonges folc, her lif duryng 1 . U Arthure wist patf 4 
Mordrede was fledde into Cornewail. he 6 lete sende after his men 
into Scotland, & into 7 Northumberland vnto Humber 1 , and lete 
assemble folc wipout noumbre, & come 8 fro pens into Cornevvaile to 
seche and pwsue after Mordrede. and Mordrede hade assemblede 9 8 
al j>e folc of 1 Cornwayle, and hade peple wipoute nombre, & wist 
pat 1 10 Arthure Was 11 comyng 1 . he 11 hade leuer 1 to 12 Dye and tak 
his chaunce, pan longer 1 flee, and abode and $af an harde bataile to 
Kyng Arthur 1 & to his peple, so pat so miche peple was slayn, 12 
What in pat 1 one halfe 13 and in pat oper, pat noman wiste who 
pat 12 hade pe better partie. IT But so hit bifelle at the laste, pat 
Mordrede was slayn, and al his folc, and al pe gode chiualry pat 
Kyng 1 Arthure hade gaderede and norisshede of dinerse} 14 landes; 16 
and also pe noble Knyghtes of pe rounde table, pat so miche 15 were 
preisede prou$ al pe worlde, weren 16 pere slayn ; and Arthure him 
self was wondede to pe deth. butQie lete him bene 17 born in a liter 
to Auyoun, to bene 17 helede of his wondes ; and ^itte pe Britons 20 
supposcn pat he Leuep in a-nopere lande, and pat he shal come $it 
and conquere al Britaigne; but certes pis is pe prophecie of 
Merlyn : he saide pat his dep shulde bene 17 dotous ; and he saide 
sothe, for men perof ^itte hauen 18 doute, and shal 19 for euermore, as 24 
me 20 saip, for men weten 21 nou^t whepe?' pat he leuep 22 or is dede.J 
H Arthure was born 23 to Auyoun pe xxij 24 ^ere of his regne After 
pe Incarnacioun of oure lorde Ihesu Crist 1 v. C and xlvj* 1 

How Kyng Arthure delyuerede pe 25 reame to Constantyn, pe 28 
sone of Cador, his nevew. IT Capitulo U Octogesimo 
U Nono. 

WHenne Kyng Arthure wist pat he mi^t no longer* regne, he 
lete come bifore him Constantyne, pat was Cadore^ 26 sone, 32 
erl of Corn wail, his cosyn, and to him bitoke al his reaume, and to 

1 nome DO. 2 pryuelych D. 3 - 3 wi)>-out mo D. wit/kmte mo 0. 

- 1 - 4 \>ere D. >ere nome & \>ere sche 0. 5 ~ 5 lif and D. lyf >at 0. 

6 and DO. 7 om. DO. 8 went D. comen 0. 

9 assemblede to him D. Assembled' to hym 0. 10 leaf 47. 

"- 11 Comyng< & D. comynge & 0. 12 om. D. 13 side D. 

14 dyuerse D. diuers 0. " 15 michel D. 16 were 0. 17 be DO. 

18 haue 0. 19 am. 0. 2 he 0. 21 wete DO. * leue 0. 

23 bore 0. M xij D. ^ >is D. M Cador 0. 

CH. xc-i] King Constantyne dies. Mordred's sons. 91 

him saide, & bade him perof 1 to bene 1 Kyng 1 til pat he come a^eyne, 
for-asmiche as he hade none heire of 1 his body bigeten : and grete 
harme was hit pat 2 soche a noble 2 Kyng 1 , and so doughty, hade 
4 none 3 childe of his body bigeten 4 ; 5 but al ping pat God wil haue 
done, 6 moste 7 bene done, 7 Whos name ben 8 blessede wipouten ende ! 

How Kyng Constantyne was werrede of Mordredws ij sones. 
8 Capitulo Nonogesimo. 

THis Constance 9 was a noble knyghf and a worpi of body ; and 
po ij sones pat Mordrede hade bigeten, 10 hade grete en[u]y to 
Constantyne, pat po was cronede kyng 1 ; and so pat 11 pai bigonne to 

12 meve werr 1 a^eynes him, and assemblede a grete hoste of ham pat 
12 were to-fore 12 wip Mordrede, and 13 hade bene dryuen away. 14 
pai deden 15 miche sorwe 16 prou3 al pat 16 lande-: pat o 17 broper 
.ordeynede him to London forto take pe citee, and pat opere to 

16 Wynchestre; but Constantyn come 18 to London 18 and slough him 
pat was pe>-e ; and after*, he went to Wynchestre, and slough him 
pat pere was also, so pat bope his enemys were dede. and when 
Constantyn had regnede worpely iiij ^er 1 , he deide, & lip at London. 

20 Of 19 pe Kynges 19 Adelbright and of Edelf 1 . C&pitulo Nono- 
gesimo p/lmo. 

After Kyng Constantynits deth pere were ij kynges in Britaigne : 
pat on me callede Adelbright, pat was a Danoys, pat 20 helde 

24 pe contre of Northfolc and Southfolc; pat 1 opere hi^t Edelf, and 
was a Britoun, pat 21 helde Nichole, Lyndeseye, and al pe lande 
vnto Humbert 11 pise ij kynges faste werrede to-gederes, 22 but 
afterwarde pai were accorded!, and louede to-gedei 023 as pai 24 haden 

28 bene borne of o body. 24 11 The Kyng Edelf 1 hade a sustre pat me 
callede Orewenne, and he $af here prou^ grete frendeship to Kyng 
Adelbright to wif, and he bigate on 25 here a dough ier pat me callede 
ArgeritiH. and in pe pridde ^ere after*, him come vppon 26 a stronge 

I be DO. 2 - 2 so noble a DO. 3 no DO. 4 begete 0. 

5 leaf 47, back. 6 do 0. 7 ~ 7 be done D. be do O. 8 be D. 
9 Constantyne D. Constantyn 0. 10 biget D. bygete 0. 

II om. 0. 12 - 12 wern bifore D. ben byfore 0. 13 }>at D. 

14 away & DO. 15 dede 0. 16 - 16 brou^-oute }>e D. 17 on D. 

18 - 18 om. D. 19 - 19 Kyng D. 20 and DO. 21 & DO. 

22 to-gidere 0. >23 to-gedres D. 

2424 na( j e i-jejjg b orne breferne D. had be bore of o body 0. 

25 in DO. 26 vpon hym 0. 

92 King Adelbright is slain by Havelok's sons. [CH. xcii-ui 

1 sikenesse, fat nedes he moste dye; and he sent to Kyng Edelf 
his brother-in-lawe, that he shulde come and speke with him ; & he 
come to him with gode wille. II Tho praiede he the [king], and 
coniurede also in the name of God, fat after when he were dede, he 4 
shulde tak 1 ArgentiH his doubter, & f e lande, & fat he kepte here 
wel, and norisshede 2 in his Chaumbre. and when she were of age 
he shulde 3 done here bene 3 marede to fe strongest and worfieste 
man fat he my^t fynde, and fan he shalde $elde 4 vp her* lande 8 
a^eyne. Edelf hit g?mmtede, and by oth hit confermede 5 at his 
power*. 5 11 And when Adelbright was dede and enterede, Edelfe 
toke fe damisel Argentil, and norisshede her ) in his chaumbre, and 
she bicome fe faireste creature fat 6 eny man 7 my3t fynde. 7 12 

How fe 8 Kyng Edelf 1 mariede fe damisel Argentil to a 
knaue of his Kechyne. Cap^wto iiij & 8 xij. 

THis Kyng Edelf, fat was Yncle to the Damisel Argentil, 
bifou^t how fat he myght falseliche 9 haue fe lande fram his 16 
nece for euermore; & falsely, a^eynes his oth, fou^t to desceyu fe 
damiseri, and mariede here to a knaf of his kechyne fat me callede 
Curan 10 ; and he bicome fe worfiest man 8 & strongest 11 of body 
fat eny man wiste in eny lande fat f o leuede ; and to him he f ou^t 20 
here shendefully haue mariede forto haue hade hir* lande afterward ; 
but he was clene desceyuede. IT ffor fis Curan 12 was Hauelockes 
sone, fat was Kyng of Kirkelane in Denmark ; and fis Curan con- 
querede his wifes landes, and slough Kyng Edelf fat was his wifes 24 
Vncle, & hade al here lande as 13 in anofer stede hit tellef more 
oppenly; and he ne regnede but iij ^ere, for Saxoynes and Danoys 14 
him quellede ; and fat was grete harme to al Britaigne ; and 
Britons bere him to Stonehynge, and fere fai 8 him enterede wif 28 
michel 15 honoure and solempnite. 

Of 16 Kyng Conan. Capitulo Nonogesimo Tercio. 

After fis Curan, regnede Conan, 17 fat was 17 his cosyn, fat was 
a wonder proude kny^t 18 and regnede. 19 he coufe 20 haue no 32 
maner loue, but euer 1 he was medlyng wif his owen peple, and toke 

1 leaf 48. 2 norisshe here D. 3 - 3 do her* be D. do here be 0. 
4 3eue DO. 5 ~ 5 his prayer* DO. 6 ]>at myght lyue or 0. 
7 - 7 wist D. fynde 0. 8 om. DO. 9 falsely D. falsly 0. 
10 Hykke Curan 0. n strongest man D. strongest man 0. 
12 Curan J>at 0. la leaf 48, back. u Danes 0. 
16 om. D. mych 0. 16 Of }> e 0. 17 ~ 17 om. D. 18 man 0. 
19 regnede & D. regned' & 0. ^ coude not 0. 

CH. xciv] King Certif. The Saxons ask G-urmond for help. 93 

his Vncle wip werre, and helde 1 his ij childerne. 2 U The Saxoynes 
werrede a3eynes him oftetymes, but he ham 3 ouercome at pe laste; 
& so he was in pees al his lif es 4 tyme ; and he regnede xiiij }ere, 
4 and after, 5 he 6 deide, and U lip at London. 

Of Kyng Certif; and of Gurmonde, pat come proii3 paynemys 7 
into Britaigne. C&pitulo Nonogesimo Quarto. 

After pis Conan, regnede his cosyn Certif 1 , pat was bihatede of 
aH his peple, and noting bilouede. and' pis Certif loste al 
Britaigne prou^ werre. And in his tyme felle pat 8 grete meschief 
in 9 Britaigne, pat Cristendome was destroede, and alle pe Britons 
were dryuen oute, & 9 pe lande loste 10 wipouten 11 eny recoueryng* 12 ; 

12 but afterwarde lefte pe lande to Saxoynes, as 30 shul afterwarde 
hure. U For in pat tyme pere was a paynyme pat me callede 
Gurmonde, pat was pe Kynges sone Daufrik 1 , of pe Paynymes folc, 
pat hade pe reaume after* his fader, and was kyng 1 , saf he biquap & 

16 $af hit to his broper, and saide pat 6 he wolde 13 neuer bene 14 kyng 1 
but 3 if he might 15 conquere and gete 15 a reaume in a 16 stmunge 
contrey; for he was bolde, and ek< 3 stronge of body. & of him 
17 prophecied Merlyn, and saide pat 'he shulde bene 14 a wolf* of pe 

20 see ' ; and 18 lete assemble paynymes wipout 19 nombre, and lete 
apparaile shippis, and went by meny londes, and toke homages 
and feautes of meny. and so he went by pe 16 see fram lande to 
lande, & conquerede diuerses 20 Jandes, so pat he come to 21 Irland?, 

24 and conquered pat 22 lande, pat 22 ofte-tymes werrede vppon Brit 
aigne, 23 and Britons 24 vppon ham; and often 25 26 wonnen, & ofte 26 
losten, 27 and ^euen hostages to Britons, and so pai senten 28 to 
Gurmond', pere pat he was in Irland', pat he shulde come into 

28 Britaigne, and helpe ham a^eynes 29 pe Britons, to helpe ham 
deliuere 30 pat lande of ham; and pai wolde 31 him holde 31 gladly 
for her lorde ; for he was a paynyme, and pai were paynemes, and 
pe Britons were cristen : wel au^t him 32 pan ham forto helpe, so as 

1 quelde D. welde 0. 2 sones D. 3 om. 0. 4 lif D. lyf 0. 

8 aftirward* 0. 6 om. DO. 7 Parys 0. 8 \> e D. 9 of D. 

10 lost D. y-lost 0. n with-oute 0. 12 retowrne D. recouere 0. 

13 nolde 0. 14 be DO. 15 gete and conquere D. 16 om. D. 

17 leaf 49. 18 and he DO. 19 withouten D. 

20 diuerse D. diners 0. 21 into DO. 22 - 22 om. D. 

23 Brytonys 0. 24 britayne D. 25 ofte D. 26 - 26 om. 0. 

27 lost D. senden D. sent 0. w 3ens 0. 

30 MS. has deliuerede with the last de underlined for erasure. 

31 - 31 holde hym 0. * he 0. 

94 Gurmond & the Saxons drive out the Britons. [CH. xciv-v 

fai weren 1 of on law. IT When Gurmond herde fis praier*, he 
hastede him as miche as he mi^t, and arryuede in Scotland*, and 
come into Northumberlond? fere fat f e Saxones were duellyng 1 ; & 
fai confermede fe couenaunte} bituene 2 ham, fat were made by of es 4 
and by hostages, forto beren 3 him trew fay, & halde him for lorde, 
and paye to him truage by $ere. 1F Tho bigonne fe Saxoynes & 
fe Aufricans to 4 destroye, robbe and brenne tounes, and destroye 
5 al ping 1 , as inichel 5 as fai my^t, and sparede 6 neifere man, woman, 8 
ne child e, Lewede ne lernede, 7 fan 8 alle fai quellede, & caste adoun 
tounws, & castelle, 9 & cherches, & so put fai al fe lande to 10 grete 
destruccioun. n And as sone as the Britons 11 my$t 12 flee, 13 fai 
fledde fens, as wel poer 1 as ryche, Bisshoppis, Abbotes, Chanons, 12 
& alle of ere, grete and smale ; somme into litel Britaign, & some 
into Cornwail ; alle f o fat shippis mi^t hane. 

How 14 Kyng Gurmonde drof fe 4 Kyng Certif to Chichestre, 
and quellede fe Britons, & froii} 4 quey[n]tise H gete 16 
the tonne. [Capitulo nonagesimo quinto.] 

SErtif fe 4 kyng, fleye fens into 15 Chichestre, fat fo was a gode 
cite and a 4 strong, and fere helde him xx daies. and fis 
Gurmonde hit bisegede ; but f e citee was so strong 1 fat he mi^t 20 
nou^t 16 hit gete 16 be no maner 1 engyne fat he my^t done. 17 fo 
bif ou^t f ai oppon a grete queyntise forto brenne the toune : f ai 
maden 18 engynes of 19 glew and of nettes, and token 20 peces of tundei 
& 21 fire, and bonde to 22 spar we 23 feet, & afterward lete ham flee; 24 
and fai 24 fley anon ry$t, 24 and loggede ham in fe toune fere fat her 4 
nestes were, and in stackes & in euesynges of house 25 ; & fe fire 
biganne anone to tende and brenne 26 al fe toune. and* whenne fe 
Britons saw fe toune brenne on 27 euery side, fai hiede ham out, and 28 
fau^t; but anone fai were slayn & descomfitede. and whiles fe 
bataile durede, fe kyng p?*iuely 28 hud him, & 28 stale away into 
Walys, & men wiste neuer where 29 he bicome; & so was fe toun 

1 were 0. 2 bituene D. betwen 0. bitue R. 3 ber" D. bere 0. 

4 om. D. 5 5 as michel D. al thing in-as-mych 0. 6 spare D. 

7 lered' 0. 8 >at D. J>at 0. 9 Castels 0. 10 in D. 

n - u & as fast as J>ei D. & as sone as >ey 0. 12 leaf 49, back. 

13 fleen D. 14 How >e D. 15 vnto D. to 0. 

16 - 16 get >at citee D. gete ]>at Cytee 0. 17 do 0. 

18 made D. 19 with DO. * tok D. 21 & of DO. 

22 to >e D. hem to j> e 0. M sparowes 0. 

^-^ anone ri3t fley D. anon right fley 0. 25 houses 0. 

26 brennede D. brent 0. ** in DO. 28 w om. D. ^ qwer sic 0. 

CH. xcvi] ' Britain ' changed to 'England ' & given 7 Kings. 95 

of Chichestre taken 1 & destroiede. and after*, went Gurmonde, & 
destroiede citees & tounes fat neuer were afterward made a^eyne, as 
it is seen ^itte in meny stedes. 

4 How fis lande was clepede Engeland' for }>e name of Engist ; 
and how meny Kynges 2 were 3 made 2 after 3 in fe Londe. 
IT Capitulo Nonogesimo Sexto. 

WHen Gurmonde hade 4 wastede and destroiede al fe lande 
frou^-out, he $af fe londe to fe 5 Saxones ; and 6 fai toke hit 
wif gode wille, for f e Saxones longe tyme hade desirede hit, for-as- 
miche as fai were of Engistes Kynrede, fat first hade al f e lande of 
Britain; and fo lete ham bene 7 callede Englisshemen, 8 for-asrniche 

12 as in his tyme hit was callede Engistes lande, when he hade con- 
querede it of 9 Vortiger fat hade spousede his doubter, but Irani 10 f e 
tyme fat Brut come 11 ferst into 12 Engeland, fis land was callede 
Britaigne, & fe folc Britons, til fe tyme fat fis Gurmond eftesones 

16 conquerede hit & $af it vnto 13 Saxom^s, and fai anone ri^t chaunged 
fe name, as 14 bifore is 14 saide. IF And when fis was done, Gur 
mond passede oner into Fraunce, & fere conquered meny londes, & 
destroed aH 15 cristen peple fere fat he come, and fe Danois 16 

20 duellede in fis 17 lande, & bigonne faste hit 18 inhabit at here owen 
wille ; and fai wolde haue made newe kynges and lordes, but fai 
my^t neuer assenten 19 to haue onelich o kyng, forto bene 7 to him 
entendaunt : and f erf ore fai 20 maden meny 20 kynges 21 in diue?*ses 21 

24 shires, as hit was in Engistes tyme. 11 The ferst kyngdome was 
Kent, and fat 22 of ere Southsex, 23 and f e f ridde Westsex, and fe ferf 
Estsex, and 5 fe fifte Northumberland*, and fe sixte Estangle, fat is 
to seyn Northfolc & Southfolc, and fe seuenej? Merchenoroth, and 

28 fat is f e Erl 24 dome of Mchole, 25 Huntyngdon and 26 Hereford!, Glou- 
cestre, Wynchestre, Wamvyk 27 and Darby ; and so departede 28 f e 
Englisshe-men 28 al Engeland? into 29 vij parties. 1T And after 1 , 30 hit 

1 tak 1 D. 2 - a weren y-made 0. 3 leaf 50. 4 hast 0. 
5 om. 0. 6 anon DO. 7 be DO. 

8 Englisshmen for encheson) of Engistes name & }> e lond? fey lete Calle 
Ingelond' in here langage & fe folk ben called Englissninen 0. 

9 of kyng 0. 10 fro D. n MS. cocome. 

12 MS. has into fr, with fr underlined for omission ; in D. 

13 vnto >e DO. 14 - 14 it is afore 0. 15 om. D. 

16 Saxoynes D. Danes 0. 17 the D. 18 it to D. 19 assent DO. 
2 - 20 made diuerse D. 21 - 21 in al D. in diuers 0. 22 ]>er D. 
23 Sussex 0. a* leaf 50, back. ** Lyucolne D. 26 om. DO. 
27 Warwyk* DO. Warr> R. '*-'* Englyssli 0. in 0. 
ao after >at D. 

96 Pope Gregory & English children. St. Austin lands in Kent. 

bifelle fat fo kynges werrede 1 to-gederes ofte-tymes 1 ; and euer he 
J>at was strongest binome ham 2 fat were 3 feblest; & so hit was 
longe tyme fat fai nade no kyng 1 cronede amonges ha?ft, ne no cristen 
men was fo amonges ham, ne cristendome neifere, but were 4 pay- 4 
nemys 1. $ere, til fat seynt Gregori was pope 5 of Rome, fat hade 
seyne childerne of f e nacioun in f e citee of Eome, fat were wonder 5 
faire creatwres, & hade grete wille and desire ham forto 6 biholde, 
and axede of f e marchauntes whens fai were, & of what nacioun ; & 8 
men 7 tolde him fat fai were of Engeland*, & Englisshe 8 fai were 
callede ; but fai and aH f e peple of Engeland were paynemes, & 
bileuede nou^ in 9 God?. 1F "Alias," quod seynt Gregori, "wel 
mow fai 10 bene callede 10 Englissh, for fai haue fe visages 11 of 12 
Angeles; and ferfor wel au$t 12 ham fen ben cristen men. 12 " And 
for fis enchesoun seynt Gregor sent seynt Austyne into Engeland?, 
and xl. goode men wif him, fat were of gode lif, and holy men, to 
p?*eche and 13 teche, and to conuerte fe Englisshe peple, and ham 16 
twne to God? : and fat was in fe vj $ere fat seynt Gregor hade 
bene Pope, 14 fat is to seyne, after f e Incarnacioun of oure Lorde 
Ihesu Crist, v. C. iiij and 15 vij $ere, as fe cronicles tellef. 16 

How Seynt Austyne baptisede & conuertede Kyng Adelbright, 20 
and ij bisshopis fat he callede 17 his felawes. C&pitulo 

iiij xvij. 

WHen Seynt Austyne come ferst into Engeland?, he 18 arryuede 
19 in fe lie 19 of Tenet 1 , and so passede fourth, & come vnto 24 
Kauuterbery, and fere soiournede. And Kyng Adelbright of 
Kent, fat was of f e lynage of Engist, faire vnderfong seynt Austyn 
& his felowes wif michel 20 honozjr, & 21 ham fonde 21 al fat ham 
nedede ; & ferfermore he $af ham a faire place fat now is callede 28 
fe Abbay of seynt Austynws, in whiche place he lif hira-self 
shrinede. U This Kyng 1 Adelbright was a gode man, and wif 
godewel herde seynt Austymjs predicaciouns, and ^af him leue to 

1 - 1 ofte-tyme togedre D. often- tymes to-gidere 0. 
2 hym 0. 3 was 0. 4 weren 0. 

5 has pope struck out, and bisshope written in margin, in same (?) hand. 

6 to D. 7 >ai D. 8 englisshe-nien D. 9 vpon 0. 
1010 ca iied' be 0. n visage D. vysage 0. 

12-12 j, a j, an bene cristen D. >ey J>at be cristene 0. 13 & to 0. 
14 has pope struck out, and bisshope written over. I5 om. D. 
16 tellesD. 17 madeD. made of 0. 18 leaf 51. 
19-19 at Totten sic 0. mych 0. 21 - 21 fonde ham D. 

CH. xcvn] St. Austin & Rays tails. He ordains 2 Bishops. 97 

preche prou^ 1 al his lande of Kent, to tot^rne & to 2 conuerte 3 to 
him al ]>e peple 3 pat he mi^t. U Hit bifelle 4 so afterwarde, prou$ 
Goddes grace, pat in litel tyme pe kyng him-self was conuertede 
4 5 to Gode, 5 and all his peple of 1 his 6 lande was 6 baptisede. And in 
the 7 mene-while pat 7 pe peple twrnede ham to God', seynt Austyn 
come to Rochestre, and pere prechede Goddes worde. 8 pe paynemys 
perfor him scornede, and caste on 9 him righe tailes, so pat al his 
8 mantel was hongede ful of righe tailes ; and for more despite pai 10 
caste oppon him 11 pe guttes of ryghe & of ffisshe ; wherfore pe gode 
man seynt Austyn was sore agreuede, 12 and prayede to God 13 pat alle 
]>Q childerne pat shulde 14 bene borne 14 afterwarde in pat citee of 

12 Rouchestre moste haue tailes. IF And when pe Kyng herde and 
wist of pis vengeance pat 15 was falle prou^ seynt Austynws praier 1 , 
he lete make an house in pe 2 honoure of God?, wherein wyramen 
shulde haue childerne at pe bruges ende, in 16 whiche hous wymmen 

1 6 17 ^it bep delyuere 17 of childe. U When 18 seynt Gregory hade 19 herde 
tel pat 20 pe Englisshe-men were twrnede to Gode, and conuertede, 
He sent to seynt Austyn his Pallyoun, by a bisshop pat me callede 
Paulyn, and made him primate & Erchebisshop 21 of al Engeland', 

20 And sent him 22 worde pan 22 pat he shulde 23 make bisshopis in pe 
land*. And anone as seynt Austyn hade pe Pallioun of pe 22 dignite 
of pe erchebisshop, he made ij bisshoppes of his felawes pat come 
wip him fram 24 Rome : on pat me 2 callede Mellite, & he duellede 

24 at London, And pat opere me callede lustyn, pat helde pe dignite 
of Rouchestre. U And pis 25 bisshop Mellyt 26 went to preche into 
Essex, & baptisede pe kyng of pe centre, pat me callede Sicwith, 
pat was Kyng Adelbright^ cosyn, his sustres 27 sone. IF This 

28 lustyn e went to preche in Southsex", & twrnede miche of pe peple 
to 28 god*; and seynt Austyne went him-self prechyng prou^-oute 
29 pe lande. 29 

1 }mrgh-out 0. 2 om. 0. 3 ~ 3 > e peple vn-to hym al 0. 

4 fel D. 5 - 5 om. D. 6 6 house-holde & of the lande weren D. 

7 7 mene-tyme whil D. mene-tyme whyle 0. 8 MS. wrorde. 

9 vppon D. 10 the sic D. n . oppon him D. on hym 0. oppon R. 

12 annoyede & greuede D. anoyed' 0. 

13 MS. gode with the e underlined for omission. 

14 - 14 be borne D. be bore 0. 15 J>at pus D. 16 in the D. 

17 - 17 jit of the Citee beth delyuerede D. ?yt of > e Cytee be deliuered' 0. 

18 And when D. 19 om. D. 20 how DO. 

21 leaf 51, back. ** om. DO. 

23 shulde ]?an ordeyne & D. >an schuld 2 ordeyne & 0. 

24 fro 0. a* >e 0. 26 Mellite >o D. Mellyt >o 0. 

27 suster D. Suster 0. vnto 0. a - aB Engelond^ DO. 


98 Wales refuses St. Austin & the Pope. It is to be invaded. 

How seynt Austyne went into Walys, fere fat ]>e Britouns 
were; & how 1 fai nolde nou^t bene 2 obedient to ]>e Erche- 

bisshop of Kanterbury. Capitulo iiij xviij . 

WHen al Engeland? was baptisede and? ttmiede to God?, seynt 4 
Austyn went into fat lande ]>ere fat fe Britons were, and 
forto kepe haw fro 3 Englisshe-men, fat is to seyn, 4 into Walys, & 
fere 5 he founde monkes & Abbayes, & vij bisshoppes; for )>e 
Britons destroiede 6 alwai 7 )>e cristen peple fat seynt Austyne hade 8 
baptisede, 8 & saide to f e bisshoppes fat ' he was a legate of Rome, 
& priinat of al Engeland?, & fat fai shulde 9 by al resoun to him 
bene 10 obedient.' And fai saide fat 'fai nolde but to fe Erche- 
bisshop of Kerlyoun ' ; & saide ' fai nolde neuer, for no maner 1 2 
f ing 1 , bene obedient vnto f e Englisshe-men ' ; " ffor f e Englisshe- 
nim," fai saide, "bef n oure aduersaries & oure enemys,and hauen 12 
dryuen vs out of oure owen centre ; & we bef n Cristen men, and 
euer haf 12 bene; & fe Englisshe-men 1314 hauef euermore 14 bene 16 
Paynymes, but now late fat fai bef 15 conuertede." IT Seynt 
Austyne rny^t 16 of ham 16 none of ere ansuere haue, 17 but saide 18 
apertely fat 'fai nolde neuer 19 haw meke 19 to him ne to fe 20 
peple 21 of Rome.' And seynt Austyne t^^rnede fo a^eyne to Kyng 20 
Adelbright, fat was kyng of Kent, and tolde him fat fis 22 folc 
23 wolde nou^t 23 to no man bene 24 obedient 25 but to fe Erche- 
bisshop of Kerlyoun. and when f e Kyng herde fis, he was sore 
annoiede, and saide fat he wolde ham destroye, & sent to Elfride, 26 24 
Kyng of Northumberland?, fat was his 20 frende, fat he shulde come 
to him wif 27 al fe power 28 fat he my^t, & fat he wolde 29 mete 
him at Leycestre, and fro 30 fens fai wolde gone 31 into Walys, & 
destroye fe Erchebisshop of Kerlyoun, & alle fo 32 fat hade refusede 28 
seynt Austyn. 

1 >at 0. 2 be D. 3 from 0. 4 say 0. 

5 \>ere he fonde DO. ]>ere R. 6 dystroyeden 0. 7 alwayes D. 

8 conuertede D. conuerted* 0. 9 shulde be D. 

10 am. D. be 0. " ben 0. )2 haue DO. 

13 leaf 52. 14 ~ 14 haue eu<?re D. han euermore 0. 

15 bene D. ben 0. 16 - 16 om. 0. 17 haue of hem 0. 

18 sayden D. seyden 0. 19 ~ 19 meke hem 0. ^ om. 0. 

21 pope D. pope struck out and bisshop written in the margin 0. 

22 his 0. 23 ~ 23 nolde noujt bene D. nold? not be 0. 

24 om. DO. * obedient ne to nora o]>er man 0. * Elbright D. 

27 in D. w hast D. shulde D. schulde 0. 

30 from 0. 31 go D. ** om. D. 

CH. xcix] King of Leicester slain. Britons rout English. 99 

How Kyng- Adelbr[i]ght and fe 1 Kyng- Elfride quellede 
Brecyual, fat was a Kyng of Britons fat helde f e contre of 
Leicestre. C&pitulo Nonogesimo ix. 

4 ITT" It bifelle so fat fere was a Kyng Britoun fat helde fe 

i 1 contre of Leycestre, and al fe cuntre aboute him, of 

Brecyual. And fis Kyng Briton herde telle fat fo ij Englisshe 

kyng^ wolde 2 mete fere at Leycestre, forto wende into Walys. 3 

8 he lete ordeyne al f e power fat he hade, forto fei^t wif f ise ij 

kynges; but litil hit availede him, for his folc fat he hade was* 

slayn, & him-self fledde, & loste his lande^ for euermore. ^1 And 

fise ij kynges, Adelbright and 5 Elfride, duellede 6 awhile at 

12 Leycestre, 6 & departede fe lande amonges ham, & toke 7 homages 
& feautes of fe 8 folc of fe cuntree; and after 1 , fai wenten 9 towarde 
Walys, & 10 fo of Walys hade herde telle of fe scoinfitwre of 11 
Brecyual hade at 12 Leycestre, and were wonder* sore adrade of f o ij 

16 kynges, and toke 13 and chose amonges ham gode men & holy, of 
heremytes, monkes and prestes, and 14 of ere folc grete plente, fat 
wenten 15 bare-fote and wolward?, forto haue mercy of fo ij kynges. 
U But fo 16 kynges were 17 so sterne and so wicked e fat fai nolde 

20 neuer speke with ham, but quellede ham euerychon Alias fe 
sorwe ! for fai ne sparede ha??^ nomore fan 18 fe wolfe doth fe 18 
shepe, but smyten of 19 fe heuedes of 19 euerychon; & so al were 
fere martrede fat to ham come, fat is to vnderstonde, v c . & xl. 

24 U And after, 20 f o ij kynges went 21 to Bangor, forto quelle al f o x 
fat fai 22 my^t fere 22 fynde of fe Britons. And when fe Britons fat 
herde, fai assemblede & ordeynede al here power* forto fi^t wif 
ham. H fo was fe?*e a Britoun 23 in Walys, fat me callede Bledrik* 

28 of Cornwaile, fat so?7?,me-tyme was lorde of Deuenshire, but f e 
Kyng Adelbright hade dryuen him into Walys, and ^eue 24 him 
bataile ; and at fat bataile was Kyng Adelbright slayne, & Elfride 25 
woundede sore, & forsoke f e felde, & f e most parte 26 of his folc 

32 slayn ; and Elfride fleye 27 into Northumberland!, fat was his owen 

1 om. D. 2 wolden 0. 3 Walys and D. 4 weren D. were 0. 

5 MS. and Edelf, with Edelf underlined for omission; om. D. 

6 - 6 at Leycestre awhile D. 7 token DO. 8 om. 0. 

9 went D. wente 0. 10 leaf 52, back. n >at DO. 

12 of 0. 13 nome 0. 14 & of DO. 15 wenten 0. weren R. 

16 the D. 17 weren D. 18 - 18 wolfes done D. 

19-19 nere hedes 0. 2 afterwarde D. afterward' 0. 

21 went fro )>ens DO. a8 - 82 Jwre mi3t D. 

23 baron DO. ?af D. 25 Eldryd 0. partye D. 

27 flye 0. 

100 Cadiv aladre & Elf rid are friends. Their sons quarrel. [CH. c 

lande ; and afterwarde be peple of Leycestresfo're made wib strengb 
Cadwaladre, bat was Brecyuale} sone, Kyng of Leycestre, & lie 
after 1 regnede nobli & wif grete 2 honoure. 

How Cadewaladre, 3 Jwt was 3 Kyng 1 of Leycestre, and Elfride, 4 
Kyng of Northumberland', weren 4 frendes; & of be debate 
fat after was bituene Edwyne & Cadewalayn, bat were 
5 bofe here 5 sones. Capitulo Centesimo. 

ANd after' fat 6 f is bataile was done, f e Britons 7 assemblede 8 
ham, and went pens, and come 8 vnto Leicestre, & made 
Cadwaladre, fat was Brecyuales sone, kyng of Leicestr* and of ati 
f e centre, and 9 he toke homages & f eautes of 10 f e folc of fat n 
centre ; and after fat, he assembled 12 a grete hoste, and saido ' he 1 2 
wolde go 1S into Northumberland? forto 14 destroi Kyng Elfride, & 
slee him, if ])at he myght.' and when he was comen 15 fider 1 , 
frendes 16 went so bituene ham, & made ham accordede in fis 
nianer", fat Elfride shulde holde at f e lande fram Humber* vnto 17 1 6 
Scotlande, and Cadwalader 1 shulde halde 18 al fe lande afis half 1 
Humbei^ vnto 19 f e South ; and after 1 fat f ai bicome 20 gode frendes 
al here lif duryng 1 , & louede to-gedre as [they] hade bene 21 ij 
brej>erne. U And )>is Elfride hade a sone )>at me callede Edwy?ine, 20 
J)at hade and helde al )>e lande of North umbrelandl after* his fadres 
deth, as his fader* hade holde al his lif-tyme. 22 11 And Cadwaladre 
hade anopere sone fat me callede Cadwalayn, J?at helde his fadres 
lande as he it helde while he was alif ; and J)ai louede to-gedre as 24 
)>ai hade bene bre]?ern. and ]>e loue laste bituene ham but onely 
ij ^ere, and after biganne debate bituene ham frou} a lu]?er eneuious 
cosyne of 23 Cadwalayn, J?at men 24 callede Briens, so fat J>ai 
assemblede a grete 25 hoste in bo]?e parties ; & at J?e laste hit bifelle 28 
fat 1 Cadewalayn was descomfitede, & Edwyne him pwsuede, and 
drof fram 26 place to place, so at J?e 27 laste he fleye into Irlande ; 
and fis ofere destroiede his lande, & caste adoune 28 his castelles, 28 
and brennede w his maneres, and depa?'tede al Cadwalaynes 30 lande 32 
amonge his frendes. 30 1T And longe tyme after come Cadwalayn 

1 afterward 0. 2 gode D. *-* om. DO. 4 were DO. 

- herbo>e 0. 6 am. D. 7 leaf M. 

8 comen 0. * and after J>at D. 10 of al DO. " >e DO. 
12 assemblede D. assembled? 0. assemble R. 13 gon 0. 14 to DO. 
15 come 0. 16 frende D. " in-to 0. 18 haue DO. 19 into D. 
20 becomew 0. a be 0. ffl lyuystyme 0. M MS. of of. 
24 me D. stronge D. him fro D. hym fro 0. w rnn. 0. 
castett D. castels 0. a brent 0. *-* amonges his frende D. 

CH. Ci] King Oswald is kild. Peanda seizes his land. 101 

a^eyne fram Irlande, with a stronge power*, and in pleyn bataile 
1 quellede Edwy?ine and alle his frendeshippes, & namely po pat 
wiphelde his landes prou$ Edwynes ^ifte. 

4 How Kyng- Oswolde was quellede prou^ Kyng 2 Cadwaleyne and 
Peanda; & how Oswy, pat was seynt Oswoldes^ broker, 
regnede after him, & quelde Peanda. Capitwfo Centesimo 

8 ^TWTHen pat Edwynne was slayn, Offris his sone vnderfonge 3 

f T pe werr* a3eyns Cadwaleyn his Erne, so pat pis Offris 

deide duryng pe werre. and after 1 J)e dep of Offris, po regiied a 

gentile Cristen man pat miche louede God, fat hade aH pe lande 

12 of Northumberland? by 4 herytage, pat me [called] Oswolde, and 
he was kyng of al pat lande. but for-asmiche as he was frende to 
Edwyne, and helde a grete parte of pe lande of Cadwalyn, pe same 
Cadewalyn werred oppon him, and drof him toward Scotland?. 

16 and when Cadwalyn saw pat he wolde 5 nou^t abide, Cadwalyn 
wolde no longer him pursue, but toke some of his folc to Peanda, 
his broper-in-law, & praiede Peaiida to pursue Oswolde til pat he 
were take and slayne; and Cadwalyn twrnede J?o 6 home a^eyn. 

20 U When Oswolde herde ]?e tidynges 7 J>at Cadwaleyn turnede home 
a^eyne, he wolde no longer flee, but abode Peanda, & $af him 
bataile ; & Peanda was descomfitede and fley, 8 and come a^eyne to 
Cadwaleyn, & saide pat 2 ' he wolde neuere holde a 9 foote of lande 

24 of him but 10 if it were so pat 10 he wolde avenge him oppon n 
Oswolde.' Cadwaleyne lete assemble a grete host forto fi^t wip 
Oswolde; so pat he and Peanda come into Northumberland*, 12 and 
^euen bataile vnto Oswolde ; and in pat same bataile was Oswolde 

28 slayn, 13 & his heuede 14 smyten of ; & after he was enterede at pe 
Abbay of Berdeneye, in whiche place 15 God hap wrou^t for him 
meny a faire miracle, bope pere and elles-where. 

H And anone Oswy 16 his 17 broper seisede into 18 his hande al 

32 pe 19 lande pat was Oswoldes ; & pe folc of Northumberlande louede 
him wonder wel, and helde him for here lorde ; but he hade men 
of his kyn worpi ynow pat wolde haue departede pe lande ; & pai 

1 leaf 53, back. 2 om. D. 

3 viidertok< D. vndirtoke 0. 4 by > e 0. 5 nolde 0. 

6 }>o home D. )>o lioom 0. J>o R. 

7 Tydynge 0. 8 fled 0. 9 o 0. 10 - 10 om. D. u of DO. 
12 leaf 51. 13 y-slayn 0. 14 heed 0. 15 places D. 

16 Oswyne D. 17 MS. him. 18 vn-to 0. 19 his 0. 

102 Kings Peanda & Oswy are slain. K. Ossa is chief. [CH. ci, en 

werrede to-gedre. 1 & for-asmiche as fai were nou^t stronge ynow, 2 
J>ai come to Peanda, & praiede him of helpe and socour, & bihight 
him of fat lande largely, oppon fat 3 couenant fat he wolde ham 
4 ghye, helpe, 4 & conseile. U Peanda herde her* praier 1 , & so spake 4 
wif J>e Kyng Cadwalyn fat he shulde ordeyne a grete hoste, and 
faste ordeyne him into Northumberland' forto fi^t wif Oswy. and 
Oswy was a meke man, & miche louede pees and 5 charite, & 
prayede Peanda of loue and pees, & 5 proferede him 2 of golde & 6 8 
sillier* grete plente. II And 7 f is Peanda was so proude fat he 
wolde 8 graunt him no 3 pees for no maner f ing, but for al f ing 
h[e] wolde wif him 9 fei^t. so at fe 2 laste fere was sette a day 
of ba[ta]ille; and Oswy euere hade truste oppon Gode, & fis 12 
Peanda triste to miche oppon his pride & oppon his host fat he 
hade, and to-gedre fai smyten egrely; but Peanda anone was 
descomfitede & slayn. And fat was after f e Incarnacioun of oure 
lorde Ihesu Oiste 10 V. C. & lv. 10 IT And fis Oswy J>o regnede 16 
xxviij J1 3ere. 12 And a kyng 1 13 }?at me callede Oswyn, ]>at was 
Peandae^ cosyn, werrede oppon Kyng Oswy, and to-gedre fou^terc ; 
but Oswy hade fe victorie ; and Oswyne was descomfitede & slayn, 
and lith at Tynnemouthe. 20 

Of Kyng Ossa, J>at was souereyne of alle J>e kynges of Engelandl ; 
& how eueryche 14 werrede oppon o]?ere in Ms tyme. 
CapiYw/o Centesimo Secun&o. 

Hit bifelle so )?at alle ))e kynges in )>at tyme ))at were in J>e 24 
londe, as ]>o of Westsex, Mercheneriche, Est Angle, of 
Kent, & of Southsex & of o]>ere costes, eueryche 14 werrede oppon 
o)>ere; and 15 ])ai fat were 15 moste my^tiest 16 toke )>e lande of ham 
)>at were moste feblest. 16 ^f But fere was a kyng amonges ham 28 
fat me callede Ossa, fat was seynt Oswoldes brofer. fis Ossa 
conquerede alle f e kynges of f e lande, & regned aboue ham alle. 
11 And so grete was f e werr 1 in euery centre bituene kyngws, fat 
no man my^t wete how fe lande went. But Abbotes, prioures, & 32 
men of religioun, writen fe lifes and 17 dedes of kynges, & how 

I togederes D. 2 om. 0. 3 om. DO. 

4 - 4 helpe lede D. gye & helpe 0. 5 ~ 5 om. D. 6 & of D. 
7 But D. e no i de D0 . 9 hem 0. 10 - 10 D. & Iv 3eer 0. 

II xviij D. 12 leaf 54, back. 13 kyn D. 14 eche 0. 
1& - 15 he >at was DO. 

i6_i6 bynomen haw )>at were most feblest ]>e lande D. byname J) e lond of 
hym >at was feblest 0. 17 & \> e 0. 

K. Alfred's Chronicles. K. Osbright rapes Buerne's wife. 103 

longe 1 eueryche hade regnede, 1 & in what centre; & in what 
2 maner eueryche 2 kyng deide, and of 3 bisshoppis also, and f erof 4 
made grete bokes, & lete calle ham f e Cronicles : and f e goode 

4 Kyng Alurede hade fat boke in his warde, and lete brynge hit to 
Wynchestre, & lete hit faste bene 5 tackede to a piler 1 , fat men 
my^t hit 6 nou}t remeve ne bere 7 f enns, so )>at euery man mi^t hit 
see and fereoppon loke, for ferin bef 8 fe lifes of alle fe Kynges 

8 fat euer wer 1 in Engeland?. 

How fe Kyng of Northumberlond*, Osbright, forleye be wif of 
Buerne Bocarc? frou} strengf; & after bis Buerne con- 
querede fe 9 Kyng wif stronge power". 9 C&ipitulo Centesimo 
12 tercio. 

AJSTd fus hit bifelle in the same tyme, fat fere was a kyng in 
10 Northumberlond* fat me callede Ossebright, & soiowrnede 
in 3o*k, and! fis kyng wente him oppon a day into a wode, him 

16 forto 11 desporte; and when he come a^eyue, he went priuely 6 into 
a gode manws house fat me callede Buerne Bocard?. 6 & fe gode 
man of fat 12 place was gone fat tyme to fe see/for ofte-tymes he 
was wonede 13 fere aspie 14 feues & robboures, fat ofte-tymes 15 were 

20 wont to 6 come into fe londe to robbe & 6 brenne and slee. 1F fe 
lady fat was fis Buernes wif, was a 6 wonder 1 faire woman, and 
welcomede fe Kyng wif michel 16 honowr, and worfely him seruede 
in al fing*. 11 When f e Kyng hade 17 eten, he toke 17 f e lady by 

24 fe hande, and lad her 1 into chaumbre, & saide fat he wolde speke 
wif here a counsele. and al fe folc fram 18 fe chaumbre he made 
voyede, saf onely 19 fe lady and he. but fe Lady wiste nou^t 
wherfore he it dede, til fat he hade done wif here his wille. and 

28 when he hade done fis dede, he twrnede a^eyne to ^ork 1 , & fe lady 
he lefte fere wonder 1 sore wepyng 1 for f e dede fat he hade ydone. 
U And when here lorde was come 20 home, & saw here wepe, and 
soche mornyng make, he axede of here what she hade done, & 

32 whi she made soche sorwe. U "Sire," quod she, " queyntly and 

1-1 eueryche regnede hade D. eche had regned 0. 

2- 2 manere-wyse eche 0. 3 of his 0. 4 >m>f )>ai D. >m>f >ey 0. 

5 be 0. 6 om. DO. 7 bere it DO. 8 ben 0. 

9 - 9 lande with strengj) D. kyng wztA poer & streng>e 0. 10 leaf 55. 

11 to 0. 12 >e DO. 13 wont DO. 

14 aspie & awayte D. aspye &; awayte 0. 15 pftyn-tyme 0. 

16 mych 0. 17 - 17 ete he nome 0. 18 fro DO. 19 onlich D. 

20 comen D. 

104 Buerne defies King Osbright, & seeks Danish help. [CH. cm 

falsely pe Kyng 1 Osbright me hap done shame and vilonye, a^eynes 
my wille" ; and? tolde him treupe, How the kyng 1 hade her 1 forleyn 
wip strengp ; wherfore she l saide she hade leuer* to dye pan leue. 
H "Faire leef, bistille," quod he, "for a^eynes strengp 2 [febleness] 4 
is litel worj>; perfore of me 3 shal yow 3 neuer pe lesse bene 4 
Louede, and namely for yow 5 haste tolde me treupe. and if 
Almyghty God? grant 6 me lif, y shal pe wel avenge." 

IT This Buerne was 7 a gret man and 7 a mi^ty lorde, and was 8 
wel bilouede, & grete frendes hade, and lete sende for pe greteste 
lordes of )>e lande, & to ha?ft made his compleynt of pe 8 despite pat 
pe kyng to him hade done, & saide pat he wolde bene 9 avengede, 
how 10 pat euer it were, and alle his frendes 11 conseilede 12 1 2 
and grantede to wende towarde ^ork 1 , pere pat pe kyng was. & 
Buerne toke 13 his menye, & u come to 14 pe kyng 1 . and when pe 
kyng him saw, he callede him curtesly Buerne by 15 name ; and 
Buerne him ausuerede & 16 saide : " Sire, y $ow defye, & ^elde op 16 
17 feautes, homages, and 17 londes, and as miche as y haue holde of 
^ow ; and so, fro 18 pis tyme afterwarde, y wil no ping of pe holde." 
& so he departede fram 19 pe kyng with-outen 20 more speche or 
eny abidyng 1 , & toke 21 leue of his frendes, and went to Denmarc, 20 
and pleynede to pe Kyng Godryn, 22 & tolde him of pe dispite 
pat Kyng 1 Osbright to him hade done of his wif, & p?*aiede him 
of socoure & of helpe, him to avenge. 11 When Kyng Godrin 23 
of Denmarc & pe 24 Danoys, when pai 24 hade herde pe pleynt of 24 
pis Buerne & of pe praer* pat he bade, pai were wonder* glade in 
hert, for-asmiclie as pai my^t fynde cause forto gone 25 into Enge- 
land? forto werr* oppon pe Englisshe-men, & also forto avenge 
Buerne of pe despite pat pe 26 kyng hade done 27 to his wif 1 , & for- 28 
asmiche as Buerne was sib to pe Kyng of* Denmarc. II Anone 28 pai 
lete ordeyne a grete hoste of men, & lete ordeyne shippis, and as 
miche as 29 was nede 29 to pat Viage. and when alle pe hoste was 

1 he sic D. 2 streugfe > e 0. 3 ~ 3 shalt >ow D. )>0u shalt 0. 
4 be DO. 5 >ow D. )>ou 0. 

6 leaf 55, back. 7 ~ 7 ora. D. 8 om. 0. 9 be D. 

10 how so 0. n frende D. 12 counceilled' hym 0. 

13 nome 0. 14 ~ 14 went towarde D. 15 by his 0. 

16 and to him D. & to hym 0. 

17 - 17 feautes & homages and D. feautes homages & 0. feautes, homages R. 
18 fram D. from 0. 19 fro DO. 2 withoute DO. 

21 nome 0. ^ Gordryne D. a Gordyn D. 

24 Danoys D. Danes whan ]>ey 0. ^ go DO. 

26 MS. has )>e englisshe men, with englisshe men underlined for omission. 

27 y-done 0. And anone D. 29 ~ 29 nedede D. 

CH. Civ] The Danes kill King Osbright, and take York. 105 

redy, pe kyng made : his ij breperne cheueteyns, pat Were noble 
Kny^tes and bolde : pat one me callede Humger*, 2 & pat opere 

4 How be 3 Danoys toke 3 3ort & quellede 4 Kyng Osbright, 
and afterwarde 5 Kyng Elle. IT C&pitulo IT Centesimo 
H Quarto. 

WHen al ping was aredy, 6 po ij breperne tok 1 leue of pe Kyng 
Godrin, and went towarde J>e see, forto wende into 
Engelande as faste as pai my^t spede. U Now is Buerne so 7 wel 
comfortede, & faste hiede him wip pe 8 Danoys \ and pai arryue 8 in 
pe Northcontre, & 9 come prou^-out 9 Holdernesse, & destroiede al 

12 pe contre, 10 and brent tonnes and robbede folc, & quellede al fat 
pai my^t take, til pat pai come to 3rke. IT And when Kyng 
Osbright saw harn come, he toke 11 pe 12 peple pat he hade, and come 
out of pe citee, & with ham fau^te; but no foysoun he nade 13 

16 a^eynes ham; & miche was pe peple pat pere was slayn in bope 
parties ; and Kyng Osbright himself 1 pere was slayn, and pe citee 
anone was take, & pe 14 Danoys wenten 14 in. H And pere was also 
anopere kyng in Northumberlond? pat Buernes frendes hade chosen, 

20 & helde him for kyng, a man pat me clepede 15 Elle, for-asmiche as 
pai nolde 16 nou^t to Kyng Osbright bene 17 entendant, for pe despite 
pet he hade done to Buerne here cosyn. 11 Hit bifelle pus, pat pe 18 
Kyng 1 Elle was gon to pe 18 wode him 19 forto desporte : and of 

24 venysoufi somdele he hade tak 1 . and as he satte in the wode at 
mete, to a knyght he saide : "we haue wel y 20 spedde, & michel 21 
venysoun taken. 223 ' and wip pat worde pere come 23 in 18 a man, 24 & 
to him 24 saide : " Sire, if $e so miche of venysoun haue y-wonne, 25 

28 an C. tyines so miche pere a^eyns 26 3e hauen 26 loste; for al pis 
contre pe Danois hauen 27 gete, & take 28 pe cite of 3ork ; & a^eynes 
shal it holde, pat neuer 36 shul come perin; & forsothe pai 

1 lea/SG. 

2 altered from Humbei , or perhaps Humber* altered from Hunger* ; 
number* D. Hungar 0. 

3 - 3 Danes token 0. 4 quellede the D. 5 after 0. 

6 red D. 7 om. D. 

comen J>rou3 D. comen ]nirgli-out 0. 10 land D. 


noys and arryuede D. Danes ]>at J>ei be> aryued' 0. 

11 nome 0. 12 his DO. 13 hade D. 14 ~ 14 Danes went 0. 

15 callede D. called O. 16 wolde D. wold 0. 17 be D. 

18 om. DO. 19 him al D. 2 leaf 56, back. 

21 miche D. mych 0. ^ take 0. ^ cam 0. 24 - 24 om. D. 

25 wonne DO. ^-^ haue 3e D. }e hane 0. ^ han D. 

28 taken D. 

106 Danes ravage England & besiege St. Edmund. [CH. civ, cv 

1 hauen slayn 1 Kyng Osbright." U And when Kyng Elle fise 
wordes herde, he lete assemble al f e folc of ]>e cuntre, & ordeynede 
al fe power* fat he mi^t haue, 2 and wold haue gete 3 fe toune of 3ork 
wif streng)). but fe 4 Danois coraen 4 out anon & $af ha??i bataile, 4 
& quellede 5 fe kyng 1 & fe moste part 6 of his men pat he hade 7 
brou}t wij> him : and f e same place fere fat fai were slayne shal 
euer 18 bene 9 callede Ellecrofte; and fat place is a litel fram 3ork<. 
and fo 7 abode 10 fe n Danois neuer, 11 til fai hade conquerede al 8 
Northumberland!, and in fat contre f ai made Werdeynes, & went 
ferf er into f e lande, and token Notyngham. and fere f ai abiden 
al fe wynter, and deden 12 al fe sorwe fat fai myght. and after, 
when somer* tyme come, fai remevede fram Notyngham, & 13 come 12 
vnto 13 Nichole, & to Lyndessey, & to HolancJ, for no man mi^t 
ham withstande, so miche power 1 & strengf 14 fai hade. 14 

How Seynt Edmuwde fe Kyng was martrede. G&pitulo Gen- 
tesimo v to . 16 

AJSTd so ferre 15 hade fe Danois 15 passede fram 16 contre vnto 17 
contre, & euermore brennyng & robbyng, & destroiede 18 al 
fat fai mi^t, til fat 19 fai come vnto 20 Tetteford?. & in fat 21 contre 
fai fonden a Cristen Kyng 1 22 fat miche louede God? and 23 his 20 
Werkes, fat me callede Edmunde ; & he was Kyng of Northfolc 
and 24 Southfolc. 25 1F fis Seynt Edmunde fe kyng ordeynede as 
miche folc as he my^t, & fau^t wif fe Danois 26 ; but he and his folc 
were scomfitede, 27 & 28 fe kyng 28 him-self dryuen vnto a 29 castel 24 
of Framelyngham. & fe Danois 26 him pursuede, & comen 30 vnto 
fe same castel. and when Kyng Edmunde saw fat fe castel myst 
nou^t ham 31 wifstonde, he comen 32 a^eynes ham. with whame fe 
Danois 26 ferst speken 33 ; and anone fai axede of him where Kyng 28 
Edmunde was. "now forsoth," quod he, "when y was in fe 
casteH, 34 y was 34 kyng ; & when y went oute 7 of fe castel, he went 
out also; and 35 whefer fat 35 he shal ascape or dye, at Godes wil 

l 1 haue slayn the D. ban slayn 0. 

2 haue and wolde haue D. haue & wold haue 0. haue R. 

3 y-g 6 ^ 6 0. 4- 4 Danoys come D. Danes comen 0. 5 quelle D. 
6 party D. partye 0. 7 om. D. 8 euermore 0. 9 be DO. 

10 abide neuer 0. "- 11 Danes 0. 12 dede 0. 13 - 18 comen to D. 

14 - 14 om. D. 15 ~ 16 }>e Danoys had D. had >e Danes 0. 

16 fro 0. 17 to D. 18 destroyng D. 19 om. DO. 20 to D. 

21 the same D. ffl leaf 57. & and al D. M & of D. 

25 Suffolk 0. * Danes 0. * descomfitede D. ' 28 ~ w om. D. 

29 the D. \P O. 30 come D. 31 hym 0. ** come DO. 

:<3 spoken D. 34 ~ 34 ]>er was > e 0. 35 ~ 33 whedir 0. 

CH. cv, cvi] St. Edmund is martyr d. Reading is taken. 107 

most 1 hit be." H "When Seynt Edmunde hade nempuede God', by 
fat 2 worde fai wiste 2 alle fat it 3 was he him-self 1 . and anone 
Hubba & Hungar 54 tok 15 him, & saide fat he slmlde God forsake, 

4 & al c?isten law, as alle 6 of ere hade 7 done frou$ ham biforn. and 
Seynt Edmunde saide fat 8 ' he wolde 9 neuer, but rafer 10 he wolde 
suffre deth 10 for Godes sone, 11 and his law 12 to kepe.' IF fo tok 13 
fai Kyng Edmunde, & bounde him vnto 14 a tree, and made 15 

8 Archires 16 to him 16 shote with Arwes, til fat his body stickede 
alse 17 ful of Arwes as an hirchone is ful of prick es ; but for alle fe 
payne fat he hade, he wolde 18 neuei^ God forsake. & in 8 fe same 
pyne 19 he deide wif fat tz/rmentyng 1 , 19 & bitoke his soule to 20 

12 almy^ty GocP. & when fai saw fat he was dede, fai smyten of his 
heuede 21 ; & in fis maner 1 was Seynt Edmunde martrede. 

22 How Hubba & Hungar 5 toke fe toune of Redyng. C&pitulo 
Centesimo vj to . 

16 F"VW7 I Hen sent Edmunde was martrede, Hunguar 1 and Hubba 
L TY J went fens, with al here Danoys, 23 vnto Redyng 1 . and 
as fai went fiderwarde, fai brent tounes & citees, & quellede al 
Cristen peple fat wolde nou}t God' 24 forsake, and caste adoun 25 

20 cherches, and comen 26 to Kedyng, and toke 27 fe toun, and fere 
holde 28 ham til fat fe Kyng Edelf 1 of Westsex come fider 1 wif al 
his power* forto take fe toune. U fo come 29 oute fe Danoys 23 forto 
$eue bataile to Kyng 1 Elfride 30 ; and at fat bataile was quellede an 

24 Erl of Danoys 23 fat me callede Gydrak. 11 Oppon fe morwe come 
f e Kyng Eldrede, and his brofe?* Alurede, with a stronge power* 
and 31 grete host, and fe Kyng Edelf come a^eyne (fat hade 
32 fou3ten wif fe Danois 32 fe day toforne 33 ) to fat bataile. & fe 

28 Danois 23 fo comen 34 out forto fei^t wif ham. and fat 35 batale was 
wonder strong, for meny a man was fere slayn 36 ; and f e Danois 23 
fat day hade f e vittori ; and fe Kyng Eldrede & his brof er 

1 im^t D. mote 0. 2 - 2 >ai wisten D. J>ei wysten 0. 3 )>at D. 
4 D has Huniber 1 with ber* struck out. 5 nomen 0. 6 meny DO. 
7 hadden 0. 8 om. D. 9 nolde 0. 

- 10 sutfren deth he wolde D. u loue D. 12 lawes 0. 
13 nome 0. 14 to D. 15 made her" D. made here . 
is-16 him to D- 17 am< D- as o. is n old 0. 

9 19 and twrment he deide D. & turnement he dide 0. ^ vn-to 0. 
21 bed' 0. 22 leaf 57, back. Danes 0. om. 0. 
25 doune D. come D. 27 token 0. a helde D. held 0. 
29 comen 0. 30 Edelf 1 D. Edilf 0. 31 and a D. & a 0. 

2 - 32 fou3ten D. fought 0. 33 tofore D. byfore 0. 34 come D. 
35 the D. 36 y-slayn 0. 

1 08 Danes are at last beaten, and pray for peace. [CH. cvi, cvn 

Alurede fat day were descomfited'. but fe xiiij day afterwarde, 
)>e Danois 1 and fe Englisslie-men fou^ten to-gederes 2 oppofi 
Elkelden, & fere was slayne a kyng of Denmarc fat was callede 
Rasyng 1 , and iiij Erles of grete power* ; and fat day liade f e 4 
Danoys 1 shame, for fai were dryuen 3 vnto Engelfilde. and J>e xv 
day after*, fe Danois 1 & fe Englisshemen foujten 4 anofere tyme at 
Rasyng 15 [sz'c], and fere were fe Englisshe-men descomfitede. and 
fram 6 pens a Danois, fat me callede Roynt, went to Redyng 1 wif 8 
his hoste, & destroiede al fat 7 he myght tak 1 ; and 8 Kyng Eldrede 
fau^t wif him, but he was 9 woundede so, wherfore 9 he was dede; 
and he 10 nade regnede but v. ^ere, and 11 deide, and 11 lif atte 
Wonburne. 1 2 

Of Kyng Alurede ; & how f e Danoys x in his tyme praiede him 
of mercy, fat fai moste gone 12 out of fe lande. C&pitulo 
Centesimo vij. 

After fe deth of fis Eldrede, regnede his brofer Alurede, fat 16 
Dolfyues was callede. f o went fe Danois, 1 & assemblede 
ham, and went forto seche Alurede, fat f o was f e new 13 kyng of 
Southsex. and fere fai fonde u him at Wilton, 15 wif a litel peple ; 
& nof eles he fau^t with ham ; but at the laste he fledde fens 20 
fram 16 f e felde, and went vnto Westsex, and ordeynede so niiche 
peple of his owen 17 reaume & also of of ere, so 18 til fat 18 he hade a 
stronge host, so fat fe Danois 1 hade non 19 power* ^a^eynes him 20 to 
stande. and he come to London wif his host, 21 fere as 21 fe Danois 24 
soiowrnede ; and f ere ^ wolde he haue fou^ten 22 wif ham, but f e 
Danois 23 derste nou^t wif him 24 fei^t, but praiede him of pees, & 
fat fai most gone 25 a^eyne into hei owen contre, & neuermore into 
Engeland forto come a^eyne, eny harme forto 26 done, and oppofi fis 28 
couenant fai shulde ^eue 27 him to plegge, 27 gode hostages, & soche 
as f e 10 Englisshe 28 merc wolde axen. 28 

1 Danes 0. 2 togeder* another* tyme D. to-gidere ano]>er tyme 0. 
3 dryue 0. 4 foujt D. 5 Rafyng* D. Rasyng O. 6 fro D. 
7 leaf 58. 8 but D. 9 ~ 9 wondeth so wherthou^ D. 10 om. D. 
n - u om. DO. 12 go 0. 13 mewe sic D. 14 fonden D. 
15 corrected from Walton. 16 fro 0. 17 om. 0. 18 - 18 >at til 0. 
19 no DO. 20 - 20 MS. a3eynes him a^eynes him. 
2 1 - 21 and ]>ere D. & ]>ere were 0. w - w he wolde haue fou^t D. 
28 Danes ne 0. * him >o D. hem tho 0. go DO. 
26 to DO. s 7 - 27 to hym 0. 

28 28 om. D., Englisshe ends a page, and the following page continues with 
How Hubba, Ac. 

CH. cvm] The Danes flee to Exeter, and take it. 109 

How Hubba & Hunguar* were quellede at Chippenham ; & how 
fe Danoys 1 brou3t hir 1 kyng- vnto 2 oure kyng*. CapitwZo 
Centesimo Octauo. 

4 A Td f e same day fat 3 f e Danois 1 depa?'tede fram 4 London, so 
JLjL faste fai riden, hope 5 nyght and day, 5 and neuer 1 toke reste 
of goyng 1 til fat )>ai 6 7 comen vnto 7 Excestre, and token 8 f e toune, 
& fere helde ham. 1T Whe^ Kyng Alurede herde 9 fo tidynges, 9 
8 anone he lete tak fe hostages, and went fram 10 fens vnto 11 Excestre 
wif al f e power* fat he hade. H And when f e Danois 1 herde tel of 
his 12 comyng 1 , fai went fro fens forth into "Westsex, and comen to 
Chippenham ; and fere f ai deden miche harme in f e contre ; f ai 

12 robbede folc, & brou^t 13 ha??z into 14 prisoun. The Kyng Alurede 
ham pursuede, & 15 come oppon ham, and fersly 15 ham assailede; & 
fere were 16 slayn bofe Hubba, and Hunguar* his brofer, and' Buerne 
Bocard*. and in fat 17 bataile was michel 18 folc slayn in fat 19 o party e 

16 and in 19 fat of ere, but fe gree of fe felde lefte wif fe Danois, 1 for- 
asmiche 20 as fe kyng 1 fo 20 come but with litel company. 21 U The 
Kyng Hastede him as miche as he myght, forto wende a$eyn ; and 
when fe Danois 22 fonden 23 Hubba his bodye 23 liggyng dede, fai 

20 enterede hit, & made oppon him a grete logge, and lette calle hit 
Hubbeslaw ; & so it is callede into f is day ; and fat place is in 
Deuenesshire. 1T fe barons of Westsex, 24 Wilteshire and Dorset, 
harde telle how fat here 25 kyng was descomfitede ; and ordeynede 

24 al fe power fat fai mi^t haue, and come to fe kyng 1 fere fat he 
was, & fankede God fat fai hade 26 him fonden 26 alif\ for fai wende 
fat fe Danois 1 hade him slayne. IF fo toke 27 fai a 3 counseil, fe 
kyng and his barons, & 2S fai wolde 29 gone seche 29 fe Danois, 1 

28 30 with ham forto fei$t. 30 and so fai riden al fat ny$t 31 ham forto 
seche, 31 and come 32 amorw, 33 about prime, to Abyngdon, fere fat 
fe Danois 1 were. 

II fe kyng fo, Alurede 34 and his barons, assemblede, and fe?*e 

1 Danes 0. 2 to 0. 3 om. D. 4 fro 0. 5 - 5 day & nyght 0. 

6 leaf 58, back. 7 - 7 come to DO. 8 toke 0. 9 - 9 > e Tydyng O. 

10 fro DO. n to D. 12 >is 0. 13 put D. 14 in DO. 

i5_i5 fressheliclie D. 16 was 0. 17 this D. >is 0. 18 mych 0. 

19 om. 0. s - 20 tho as the kyng D. 21 meny D. ffl Danes had 0. 

23 ~ 23 Hubbaws body D. Hubba his body 0. Hubba his bodyes R. 

24 Somerset D. Somersete 0. 25 MS. here here. 

a6 - 26 founden him D. founde hym 0. ^ nome 0. w >at 0. 

29_j go S echen D. go to seche 0. 

so-so f orto f y ^ t w j tn ^ am j) ^/j, nem a i for-to fight 0. 

31-31 f orto secne j iam D nera a i f or .t sec he 0. 32 comen 0. 

33 in the morwe D. M leaf 59. 

110 Danish King baptizd. The Danes leave England. [CH. cvm 

assailede f e Danois J egrely, 2 and fere $af ham a strong*??' 3 bataile 
f an euere he dede bifore; and fe Danois 1 nobli put ham of, longe 
tyme, fat no man wist in whefe?' partie more peple were 4 slayn. 
11 But Jms hit bifelle, as God? wolde, fat 5 Kyng Alurede hade fe 4 
vittorie with michel 6 honoure; for fe Danois 1 were so dryuen 7 fat 
fai 7 wist iiou^t 8 whider 1 to wende. 9 xv dayes fe kyng ham pur- 
suede at his wille, fat glade & fayne 10 fai were forto speken 10 of 
pees & of accorde, & toke 11 him gode hostages, & saide fat fai 8 
wolde 12 neuer* 13 oppoii him werre, ne 14 debate arere. U And more- 
ouer fai bihight to fe Kyng Alurede fat fai wolde go and brynge 
her owen kyng vnto him, and fat her 1 kyng 8 & fai aft shulde 15 
bene 16 baptisede. & oppoii fis condicioun, Kyng Alurede 17 ham 12 
grauntede 17 lif and lyme, and saide to ham fat fai shulde gon 18 here 
kyng forto fecche, 19 and at a certeyne day to come a^eyne, fat to 
ham was sette. IT And so fai went forf fast, and come 20 a^eyne at 
here day fat was assignede, and alle fe Danois 1 brou^t kere kyng 16 
wif ham. 11 The Kyng Alurede anone lete ham ben 16 baptisede, 
and here names chaunged?, 21 so fat fe kyng of 22 Danois was 
callede 22 Athelston, & xxx ti of his felawe} names 23 were chaungede 
also, & f e of ere, were baptisede to f e right bileue ; and at fis was 20 
done 24 at Westmynstre. 25 and after*, 26 Kyng Alurede helde wif 
him Kyng Athelstone & alle his Danois 1 xij daies at soiune 27 
wif miche 28 solempnite, and? $af ham grete ^iftes after 1 29 fat fai 
were overcome, 29 and so fai departede. U Tho was 30 Kyng Alurede 24 
al at ese when he hade his enemys 31 ouercomen, 32 & fat fai were 
t?*rnede to fe 33 bileue of almi^ty God?. 

How fe Danois 1 fat comen 34 into Fraunce wif Gurmonde, 
come 35 a^eyne into Engeland' ; & of f e def of Kyng 1 28 
Alured*. 11 Capitulo U Centesimo 11 Nono. 

1 Danes 0. 2 egreliche 0. 3 strong 0. 4 was 0. 
5 J>at J>e 0. 6 my en 0. 7 - 7 MS. |?at >ai >at >ai ; >at J>ei ne 0. 
8 om. 0. 9 wende and D. turne and 0. 

- 10 they . . spek D. >ey . . speke 0. >ai om. R. n token DO. 
12 >ai nolde D. >ei nold 0. nolde R. 13 neuere-more 0. 
14 ne no DO. 15 schulden 0. 16 be DO. 
17 17 g mn tede ham D. 18 go to D. go 0. 19 fecche him D. 
20 comen 0. 21 chaunge DO. 

22-22 D an oys callede was D. Danes called was 0. a om. D. 
24 do D. ^ Wynchestre 0. after )>at the D. after > e 0. 
27 soiowrne 0. soionne or soioune R. ^ michel D. 

29 - a9 om. D. >at J>ai were R. 30 was >e 0. ai leaf 59, back. 
:J2 ouercome DO. 33 >e right D. M come D. 

36 comen DO. 

K. Alfred's Reign & Books. Danes come again to England. Ill 

ANd pus hit bifelle afterwarde, pat pe Danoys 1 of Northumber 
land*, pat were paynemys, comen 2 with a grete host of 
Fraunce, pat is to vnderstonde, with ham pat went into Fraunce 
4 with Gurmonde of Aufrik 1 , when he hade conquerede Engeland?, & 
v it ^af vnto Saxonws. and po pat come fro Fraunce arryuede in 
Kent, and sent into Nbrthumberlande pat pai shulde come to ham. 
and whan po ij hostes were comen 3 & assemblede, anone pai went 
8 to destroie pe Cristen peple of Engeland? frarn 4 place vnto 5 place, 
and deden 6 miche sorwe. U Hit bifelle pus, as almi^ty God? hit 7 
wolde, an harde chaunce in Engeland' ; ffor pe gode Kyng Alurede, 
pat was wont to abate pe Danois, 1 deide in pe mene-tyme. pis 
12 Alured? regnede xxx ti ^ere, and a gode kyng 1 hade bene, and 8 wel 
coupe 8 chastice his enemys; And 9 was a gode clerc, and lete mak 
menye bokes. & on 10 boke he made of Englisshe, of Auentures of 
kynges and of batailes pat hade bene 11 done in pe lande; and 
16 meny opere bokes of gestes, he lete ham write, pat were of grete 
wisdome and of* gode lernyng 1 , 12 prou$ whiche bokes meny man 13 
may him amende pat wille 14 ham rede and oppon lok; oppon 
whos soule almighty 7 God? haue mercy ! & pis Kyng Alurede 
20 lip at Wynchestr 1 . 

Of Kyng Edward', pat was Kyng Aluredws sone. C&pitulo Cen- 
tesimo x mo . 

15 A "^ a ^ er P 18 Alurede, regnede Edward his sone, pat was a gode 

24 XjL man & a wise, pat men callede [Edward], pat was 7 wonder 

curteise. If The 16 Danois deden 16 miche sorwe in pe lande, and her* 

power* encresede, 17 and biganne forto wexe 17 fram 18 day to day, for 

pe Danois 1 comen ofte wip here companies into pis lande. and 

28 when pe kyng saw pat 7 he 19 mi3t no 19 bettre 20 done, he tok 20 trewes 

with ham, and g?*anted ham his pees. U And nopelesse pe trewes 

durede nou^t longe, pat pe Danois 1 ne 7 bigonne 21 strongliche forto 

were 21 oppon pe Englisshe-men, & dede ham miche sorwe. Wher- 

32 fore Kyng 1 Edwarde dede assemble a grete hoste forto fi^t with 

I Danes 0. 2 come D. 3 come 0. 4 fro 0. 

5 to DO. 6 dede 0. 7 om. D. 8 - 8 couthe wel D. 

9 and he D. for lie 0. 10 o 0. 

II be 0. 12 lyuyng 0. 13 may sic D. 14 wole 0. 

15 leaf 60. 16 - 16 Danes dide 0. 17 ~ 17 om. D. 18 fro DO. 

19 - 19 ne mygnte 0. a - 20 do he nome DO. 

2i_2i f or to werr* strongliche D. strongly for- to werre 0. 

112 Kings Athelstan, Mdred & Edwin fight the Danes. [CH. CXI 

ham; and ]>o fis 1 Kyng Edwarde deide when God 2 wolde. This 
Kyng Edward regnede 3 xxiiij ^ere, 3 & lif at Wynchestre bisides 4 
his fader*. 

Of Kyng Athel[s]tone, & of Edmunde, Eldrede, & of 5 Edwynne 4 
his broker. 11 Capitw/o Centesimo H Vndecimo. 

After 5 fis Edward, regnede Athelston his sone ; & when he hade 
regnede iiij ^ere, he helde bataile a^eynes fe Danois, 6 and 
drof Kyng Gaufride, fat was kyng of fe Danois, 6 and al his hoste 8 
vnto fe see, & restede by Scotland, & nomen 17 strongliche 8 fe 
contrey al a $ere. IT And after fat, f o of Cumberland, & f e Scottes 
of Westmerlande, bigonne to werre oppon Kyng Athelston ; and he 
ham $af so strong 1 bataile fat he quellede so meny of ham fat no 12 
man coufe telle fe nombre 9 of ham. 9 and after 1 fat he ne regnede 
but iij $ere ; & he regnede in al xxv }ere and lif at Malmesbery. 

11 And after f is 10 Athelston, regnede Edmund his brofe?*, for-as- 
miche as Kyng Athelston hade none 11 sone. and fis Edmu[n]de 16 
was a worfi kny^t, and a dou^ty man 1 of body, 9 and a noble 
knyght. 9 and fe 12 fridde ^ere after* 1 fat he was kyng 1 , he went 
ouer number 1 , in whiche place he hade ij Kynges 13 of Danois 14 : 
fat one me callede Enelaf, and fat 15 ofer Kenaud!. IF This Kyng 20 
Edmund! drof 1 ham bofe frara 16 fe lande, and after went and tok 1 
grete preye in Comberland*. IT This Edmund! ne 5 regnede but vij 
^er*, and lif at Glastynbery. 

11 And after 1 fis Edmunde, regnede 17 Eldrede his brofer, 18 fat 24 
vengede Edwarde his fadre of his enemys fat him quelde ; and aftir- 
warde 19 he seisede 20 Northumberland* into 21 his hand!, 22 and made 

fe Scottes abowe and meke vnto his Wille. 1T And fe secunde 
^ere 23 fat he hade regned 23 [come] Arnalaf Quyran, fat was kyng 28 
of Denmarc, and seisede al Northumberland*, and helde fat lande ij 
3ere. and after* fat come Kyng Eldrede wif a 1 grete power, and 
drof him oute of fis 24 lande. U And fis Kyng Eldrede was a 25 
noble man and a goode, of whos godenesse seynt Dunston prechede. 32 
& 26 fis Kyng Eldrede 26 regnede xj ^ere, & lif at Wynchestr 1 . 

1 om. D. 2 MS. gode with the e underlined for omission. 

3 - 3 xiiij D. 4 bysyde 0. 6 om. 0. 6 Danes 0. 7 nome DO. 

8 strongly 0. 9 - 9 om. D. 10 leaf 60, back. no DO. 

12 and the D. & > e 0. and R. 13 knyghtes 0. u Danes 0. 15 >e 0. 
16 fro 0. 17 regne D. 18 sone D. 19 after >at 0. 

20 sesed att 0. 21 in 0. 22 honde D. hond 0. Ian* R. 

23 M of his regne D. after >at he had regne* 0. }>at he hade reg R. 

24 his 0. a* was a DO. was R. ^^ he 0. 

CH. cxil] The lad King Edwin, and good King Edgar. 113 

U And after pis Eldrede, Edwynne his brope?' regnede, & was 
a J lupe?- man towarde God? and to ]>e peple ; for he hatede f olc of 
his owen land', and louede & honourede 2 strange men, 2 & sette litel 
4 by holy cherche, and 3 bynom 4 of holy cherche aH pe tresoure pat 
he my3t haue : pat was grete shame and velonye to himself 1 , and 
perile of his soule, & perfore God? wolde nou3t pat he shulde regne 
no longe?* than iiij 3er*, 5 and after 6 deide, and Lith at Wynchestre. 

8 Of Kyng Edgare, pat regned aboue pe kyngws r of Scotland' & 
of Walys; & how he was bigilede prou^ takyng 1 of his 
wif. H Capitulo U Centesimo IF Duodecimo. 

ANd after* pis Edwynne, regnede Edgare his sone, a man pat 
8 miche louede 8 God, and pees, & holy cherche also, and 
was a worpi lorde, bolde and myghty, & mayntenede wel pis land? 
in* pees. U And pis Edgare was 9 Kyng< and lorde aboue 9 alle pe 
kynges of Scotland? and of Walys : fram 10 pe tyme pat Arthure 

1 6 was gone, 11 neuer was sipen 12 kyng of 13 his power*. II And pis 
Edgare was seynt Edwardes fader*. And when Edgaras wif was 
dede, pat was seynt 1 Edwardes mode?-, & enterede, he herde speke 
of pe fairenesse of Estrilde, pat was Organs dou^te?', a baroun of 

20 Deuens/wVe, pat was so faire a woman pat alle men spake 14 perof . 
He callede one of his kny^tes pat he miche louede & trust oppon, 
and tolde him : " Go," quod he, " to pe noble Baron Orgar 1 of 
Deuenshire, and se if his dou^te?* be so faire as men speke 15 of ; & 

24 if it be sop. y wil haue here vnto 16 my wif." IT pis kny3t, pat me 
callede 17 Edelwolde, went forp 18 pere pat 19 pe lady po 20 was; & 
when he saw her 1 so faire, he pou^t haue her* himself 1 to wif, and 
perfore 21 spake to Orgar* here fader*, and Orgar was an olde 22 man, 

28 & hade no mo childerne but here on ; and saw pat Edelwolde was 
a faire ^onge kny^t, and worpi and riche, & was wel with pe kyng*. 
& pou^t his doubter shulde wel 23 bene 24 mariede, & wel bisette 
oppon him, and grauntede him his dorter, if pe gode lorde pe 

32 Kyng wolde assent 25 per to. U pis Edelwolde come a^eyn to pe 

I om D. 2 - 2 Straungers 0. 3 and DO. ne R. 

4 MS. bynom an with an underlined for omission. 5 leaf 61. 

6 om. DO. 7 kyng 0. 8 8 loued mych loued sic 0. 

9 - 9 lorde and kyng< of D. lord & kyng aboue 0. 10 fro 0. 

II gone & D. agoo & 0. ia seth 0. 13 of Walys of 0. 
14 speke 0. B speken D. 16 to DO. 17 clepede D. 

18 forth his way & come DO. 19 as D. ^ om. 0. 21 >erof 0. 

22 MS. holde, with h under lined for omission. 

23 leaf Gl, back. w be DO. 25 consent D. consente 0. 

114 Ethelwold deceives King Edgar about Estrilde. [CH. cxin 

Kyng 1 , and saide * ' she was faire ynow oppofi to see, but of body 
she was wonder* 2 loply.' U po ansuerede pe Kyng, and saide pat 
he toke of her litel charge. U " Sire," quod Edelwolde po, "she is 
her* faderes heire, and y am nou^t riche of londes, 3 and if $e wolde 4 
consent and grant 4 }>at y most her haue, pan shulde y be riche 
ynow." "In Godes name," quod )>e Kyng, "I assent 5 perto." 
IT Edelwolde pankede po michel 6 pe Kyug, and went a^eyne into 
Deuenshire, & spousede pe damisel, and in 7 pat contre 8 duellede. 8 
11 And pus hit bifel oppon a tyme, pat he tolde his conseil & al pis 
ping 1 vnto his wif\ how & in what maner* he hade bigilede his 
lorde pe Kyng 1 , pat wolde haue hade her* to 9 wif\ and anone as 
she it wist, she louede him neuermore af terwarde 10 as she hade 1 2 
done bifore. 11 pis lady conseyuede by him a sone ; and when 
tyme was pat pis n childe 12 shulde ben born, 12 Eldelwolde come to 
pe Kyng 1 , & praede him to heue a sone of his at pe fountston. pe 
Kyng him grantede, and lete calle him Edgare, after* his owen 16 
name. U And when pis was ydofi, he pou^t pat he was Biker* 
ynow of pe Kyng, for bifore pat tyme pis Edelwolde him 13 drede 
lest Kyng Edgare wolde haue taken u his wif 1 , forasmiche 15 as his 
lorde was a loly man and an ArnerMs. 20 

How pat 16 Kyng Edgare wedede Estrilde afte 17 pe deth of 
Edelwolde. U Capitulo U Centesimo U terciodecimo. 

THus hit bifelle, pat al men in Kyng Edgares court po speken, 
and saide pat ' Edelwolde was richely auansede prou$ pe 24 
niariage pat he hade by his wif 4 '; 'and ^it,' pai saide, ' he was 
auauncede an hundredl-folde more, for he hade spousede pe fairest 
woma?i pat euer* \vas seyn.' and when pe Kyng herde speke so 
miche of here beaute, he poi^t po pat Edelwolde 18 hade him 28 
desseyuede & bigilede, & pou^t priuely 19 in his hert pat he wolde 
gone 20 into Deuenesshire, as it were forto hunt for hert and hynde 
and ope?*e wilde bestes, and pan he shulde see 21 pere pe lady 21 or he 
departede pens. U And pis lady was duellyng at a manere 22 bisides 32 

1 tolde him J>at D. told' hym Jxit 0. 2 om. 0. 3 om. D. 

4 grant J^rto D. 5 consent D. consente 0. 6 myche D. mych 0. 

7 in DO. om. R. 8 contre he D. Curctre he 0. 9 MS. to to. 

10 after 0. " >e DO. 12 - 12 shulde be be borne sic D. was bore 0. 

13 hade D. had 0. 14 tak D. take 0. 15 leafGZ. 

16 >at Estrilde sic D. 17 after DO. 18 Edelde D. 19 priuelich D. 

20 go DO. a- 21 >an the lady >ere D. 

22 maner* D. Manere 0. mane R. 

CH. cxin] Ethelwold is Tcild, & King Edgar weds Estrilde. 115 

f e forest* fere fat f e Kyng wolde hunte, and at pat maner was 
herburghede al 1 nyght. and when tyme come fat f e Kyng shulde 
sope, and fe sonne shoone, fe Kyng 1 axede after 1 his Gossib and 
4 after his godsone, and Edel wolde made here 2 come bifore ]>Q 
Kyng 1 ; and no]>eles, 3 and it 3 ofer my^t haue bene, she shulde 
nou^t haue corner 4 in his sight bi his wille. IT fe lady welcomede 5 
f e Kyng, and suetely him kissede ; and he 6 toke 7 her* by 8 f e 
8 hande, & fo 9 nexte him 10 her* sette, and so 9 soppede fai togeder*. 
1T And f o was a custume and an vsage fat, when a man drank 1 
vnto n anofer, fe drynker 5 12 shulde say ' Wassaile,' and fat of ere 
shulde ansure 8 ' drynkhaile ' : and fus dede 13 fe Kyng 13 & fe lady 

12 meny tymes, & also kiste. H And after sopor*, when tyme was to 
gone 14 to bede, fe Kyn[g] went vnto his bed, hertly 15 fenkyng 
oppon fe 16 ladies fairenesse ; and fo was ouercomen 17 for here loue, 
fat him fou^t he wolde 18 dye, but of here his wille he hade. 

16 IT Oppon fe morwe fe Kyng aroos, and into fe fforeste went, him 
fere to desporte 19 & salace 19 wif hertes 20 and hyndes, and alle ofer 
wilde bestes; & of fe 6 hertes grete plente, to fe 21 lady he sent; 
and f rise 22 he went to salace 23 and speke wif fat lady whiles he 

20 duellede in fat centre. IT And after fat, fe Kyng remevede fens, 
and fou^t how he myghte best delyuer 1 Edel wolde 24 f[r]am his wif*, 
as he hade him ferste desceyuede. and f e Kyng anone, after* viij 
dayes, lete ordeyne a parlemewt at Salesbury of al his baronage, 

24 conseile to haue, & forto ordeyn how f e centre of Northumberland 1 
mi^t beste bene 25 kepte, 26 fat fe Danoys 27 come nou^t fere, the 
londe forto destroye. IT And f is Edel wolde come also to 28 fe Kynges 
Parleinent ; and f e Kyng sent him to $ork< forto bene 25 keper 1 of 

28 fat contre. H And fus hit fel, 29 fat men fat knew 30 him nou3t, 
slow him by f e waye. U And anone as f e Kyng horde fat he was 
dede, he lete sende after f e lady Estrilde, fat she shulde come to f e 
citee of London, and f ere bene 31 weded' to 32 f e Kyng wif grete 33 

32 solempnite & worshipe ; and? 34 helde a solempne fest ; and he 
werede 35 a crone of [gold], and 36 fe Queue 36 anofer. U And seynt 

1 al a 0. 2 here to 0. 3 - 3 if it D. if fat 0. 4 come 0. 

5 welcomed' J>o D. 6 om. D. 7 name 0. 8 om. 0. 

9 - 9 she sate next by him and D. 10 hym by 0. " to 0. 

12 leafQZ, back. 13 - 13 om. D. I4 go DO. 15 hert sic D. 

16 >at 0. 17 owrcome DO. 18 shulde D. schulde 0. 

19 - 19 om. DO. 2 herte D. 21 bat DO. ffi iij 0. a solacen 0. 

24 Edwolde D. ^ be 0. 26 kepede D. Danes 0. 

28 vnto 0. a byfett 0. ao knew D. knewe 0. know K. 31 be DO. 

32 vnto 0. 33 miche D. 34 leaf 63. 35 wei D. 36 - 36 sche 0. 

116 K. Edgar & Q. Estrilde. K.Edward the Martyr. [OH. cxiv 

Dunston l on f e morwe l come vnto f e Kyng 1 into fe Kyngws 2 
chaumbre, and fonde J>e Kyng 1 abed, & ))e quene also in fere 3 ; 
and seynt Dunston axede who pat she was. H J>e Kyng ansuerede, 
" fis is fe Quene Estrilde." and )>e Erchebisshop seynt Dunstan 4 
saide fat 'he dede grete wrong 1 , and a^eyns Godes wille to tak 
a woman to wif , \vhos childe he haf 4 take at f e f untston ' ; 
and fe Quene for fat worde neuer after* louede seynt 1 Dunston; 
and nof eles ]>Q gode man 5 warnede haw ofte-tymes 6 fat f olie to 8 
lete; but his warnyng availede litel, for fe loue bituene 7 ham 
was so miche. H )>e Kyng bigate oppon her 18 a sone fat me callede 
Eldred; and when 9 fis childe was vj ^er 1 olde, fe Kyng his 
fader* deide; & aboute fat tyme he hade regnede xvij ^er 1 , and lith 12 
at Glastynbery. 

Of seynt Edward* f e Marti! ; how Estrilde his stepmoder 1 lete 
him quelle, forto make Eldred', her 1 owen sone, Kyng 1 . 10 
Capitwfo ll Gentesimo xiiij . 11 16 

A]S"d after fis Edgare, regnede Edward 1 his sone, fat he bigate 
in 12 his ferst wif 4 , fat wel and noble 13 goue?*nede fe lande; 
for he was ful of al mane?- 14 godenesse, and lad' ful holy lif 1 ; & 
aboue 15 al fing he louede God? & holy cherche. & fe quene 20 
Estrilde, his stepmoder 1 , lete him slee, for enchesoun to make her 1 
owen sone Eldred? kyng 1 ; and f us was he slayn, 16 as afterward 36 
shul her*. U Hit bifelle f us oppon a day, fat fis Kyng Edwarde 
went him into a wode forto play in fe Southcontre, bisides a toune 24 
fat is callede Warham; in fe whiche forest was grete plente of 
Hertes & of hyndes. and as he hade bene awhile fere him forto 
playe, he fou^t 17 him 18 oppon his brofer Eldred*, fat Was wif his 
model fe quene, for her place was ney$ f e forest* ; & f ou^te forto 28 
go 19 visite & see his brofer ; and tok 20 wif him but 21 a litel meny, 21 
and went him f o toward? his Stepmoders house, fat in fat tyme 
soiowrnede in f e castel of Corf, and as he rode in f e f ickenesse 
of fe wode, to aspie his game, hit bifelle fat he went amys, & 32 
loste his meny fat were wif him. 22 & at fe last he come out of fe 

l - 1 amorowe 0. 2 om. DO. 3 y-fere 0. 4 hade D. had 0. 
5 man often-tymes 0. 6 om. 0. 7 bitue D. 
8 >is womman D. )>is woman 0. 9 >o 0. 10 MS. kyng* kyng^. 
11-11 cxvto o. 12 on D0> 13 nobly D0 . u manere of 0. 

15 abo>e sic D. 16 y-slayn 0. 17 leaf 63, back. 

18 MS. he ; om. DO. 19 and forto sic D. go & 0. 2 nome 0. 

21 ffl litil meny D. a litil mayne 0. ffi him comen D. hym come 0. 

CH. cxiv, cxv] King Edward the, Martyr is murderd. 117 

wode; & as he lokede about, he saw fere faste Asides him 1 fe 
maner 1 fat his Stepmoder 1 duelled' in ; & f iderward he went 2 allon. 
and anone hit was tolde fe Quene how fat fe Kyng was comew 3 
4 allone wif out 4 company; and f erf ore 5 she made ioye ynow, & 
fou3t how 6 she my^t do 6 fat he were 7 slayn as priuely as she my$t. 
IT And anone 8 priuely she called' to her* 8 on of here kny3tes, to 
whom she hade tolde miche of here consel bituene 9 ham. and 
8 bofe fai come 10 to fe Kyng 1 , and curtesly him resceyuede; & fe 
Kyng tolde fat he was com 11 her* to Yisite, & also forto speke wi)> 
Eldrede his broker. U f e Quene meny tymes him fankede, and 
him praiede to 12 ali^t and herburgh wif her 1 13 forto haue 13 al fat 

12 nyght. fe Kyng saide fat he myght nou^t, but a^eyne he wolde 
wende vnto his folc, if he myght ham fynde. IT And when f e 
Quene 14 saw fat he wolde nou^t abide, she praiede him fat he 
wolde ones drynk 1 ; & he gmuntede her 1 . 15 and anone as f e drynk 

16 come, fe Quene drank 1 to fe Kyng 1 , & fe Kyng toke 16 fe coppe & 
sette hit to his mouf. & in fe mene-tyme whiles fat he drank 1 , 
f e kny^t fat was wif f e Quene, wif a knyf smote euen f e Kyng 
to 17 fe hert, & fere he felle adoune dede of his palfray 18 vnto fe 

20 erfe. U the Quene, for fis dede, $af to fe Kny3t golde & siluer 1 
grete plente, and of of er richesse ynow. and f e kny^t, anone as fis 
was do, 19 went him overe 20 fe see; & so ascapede he oute of fis 21 
lande. H When fis Kyng Edward fus was martrede, Hit was in 

24 fe 3ere 22 after fe 22 Incarnacion of 23 oure Lorde Ihesu Oistf,ix C. & 


iiij ^er 1 , and he hade regnede xij 3ere & an half, & lith at Glastenbery. 

Of Kyng Eldrede; & how fe 24 Kyng Swyn of Denmarc helde 
Engelond? ; & how Eldrede, fat was seynt Edwardes brof er, 
28 was nou3t bilouede in his 25 reme, and f erfore fledde into 
Normandye. 11 Capitw/o f Centesimo U Quintodecimo. 

After 1 fis Kyng Edward, regnede Eldrede his 26 brofer; 
and seynt Dunstan cronede him. & fis seynt Dunstan 
32 deide sone after fat he hade for^eue f e Quene her 1 trespasse, 

1 - 1 bisides D. beside allone 0. 2 rode D. 3 come 0. 

4 withouten D. 5 

6 - 6 >at she mi^t done D. >at sche myghte done 0. she ne my^t do R. 
7 nere DO. ne were R. 8 - 8 she callede to her* priuely D. 
9 bituene D. betwen 0. bitue R. 10 comen DO. n comen D. 
12 forto D. al for-to 0. ia - 13 om. D. 14 kyng 0. 15 om. D. 
16 nome DO. 17 vnto DO. 18 leaf 64. 19 done D. I-done 0. 
20 ouer DO. oj*re R.. 21 the D. 22 - 22 of D. of of J> e sic 0. a aftir 0. 
24 om. 0. w ]>e 0. * MS. his cosyn with cosyn underlined for omission. 

118 The Danes conquer England. Eldred fights them. [CH. CXVI 

Estrild, for encheson fat she was cause of Kyng Edwardes deth. 
and seynt Dunstan hade her 5 assoilede, and penaunce her* en- 
ioynede ; and she leuede after, chaste lif & clene. U f is Kyng 
Eldrede wedede an Englisshe-woman ; & on 1 here he 2 bigate 4 
Edmunde Irenside, and anofer sone 8 fat me callede Edwynne ; 
and after*, deide fe Queue his 4 moder\ U And in fat tyme come 
into Engeland? Swyn, fat was Kyng of Denmarc, forto chalange 
and 5 conquere al fat his Ancestres hade 6 bifore fat tyme. & so 8 
he conquerede, & hade it al at 7 his axing*; ffor fe gode Erie 
Cuthbert of Lyndeseye, and al fe peple of JSTorthumberlond*, & 
almost al fe grete of Engeland!, helde with Swyne fat was 2 Kyng 
of Dennemarc, for-asmiche as fai louede nou^t Kyng Eldrede, 12 
ffor cause 8 fat his gode brofer Edward was slayn falsely 9 for 
enchesoun of him 2 ; and f erf ore no man sette but litil bi hym; 
Wherfore Kyng Swyn hade al his wille, and toke al f e lande. 
II And Eldrede fe Kyng 10 fo fledde 10 into Normandye, 11 and so 12 16 
spak to fe Duk<, fat fe Due $af him his sustre to wif ; oppoii fe 
whiche he bigate ij sones : fat on me callede Alrud, & fat of ere 
Edward. And when Swyn hade conquerede al fe lande, he 
regnede' nobli, & leuede but xv 36^, & deide, and lif at ^ork 1 . 20 

How Kyng 1 Eldrede come a^eyne fram 13 Normandye; & how 
Knoth 14 fe Danoys 15 regnede; & of fe wen j bituene him 
& Edmunde Irenside. H Capitulo U Centesimo 11 Sexto 
decimo. 24 

After* fe def of Swyne, fat was a Danois, Knoght, 16 his sone, 
duellede in Engeland, and wolde haue bene 17 kyng 1 . and 
f o come a^eyn Eldrede out of Normandy, with miche 18 peple & 
wif 19 stronge meny, 19 fat Knoght derst nou^t abide, but fley 28 
fens into Denmarc. II fe Kyng Eldrede hade a^eyn his reaume, 
& helde so grete lordeship fat he bigan to destroi al 20 fat hade 
holpen 21 Swyn, fat was a Danois, a^eynes him. 22 II And after- 
warde come a3eyn fis Knoght 1 fram Denmarc, with a grete power 1 , 32 
so fat Kyng Eldre[de] derst nou3t wif him fi^t, but 23 fley fro 23 

1 in 0. 2 om. D. 3 broker D. 4 her 0. 5 & to 0. 

6 haden D. 7 after D. 8 enchesoun D. encheson) 0. 

3 leaf 64, back. 10 - 10 fled >o 0. " Norway D. 12 J>o 0. 

13 fro DO. 14 Knogh D. Knoght 0. " Danes 0. 

16 knyght 0. 17 be 0. ^ 8 michel D. 

i9_i9 a strong^ nauye D. a strong meyny 0. ^ alle ham D. att ]jo 0. 

tl holpe 0. ^ hym & his reume 0. *-* fledde D. fledde fro 0. 

CH. cxvii, cxvin] Kings Cnut & Edmund share England. 119 

pens vnto J London, & ]>ere helde him. 1F po come Knoght, and 
him bisegede so longe til 2 Kyng Eldrede diede in }>e cite of London, 
and li)> at seynt Paules ; & he regnede ix 

4 Of Kyng Knoght. U Capitulo H Centesimo f Septuagesimo. 3 

After 5 pe deth of pis Eldred', Knoght, pat was a Danois, bigan 
po forto regne, but Edmimde 4 Irenside, 5 pat was Kyng 
Eldredws sone by his ferst wif 1 , ordeynede a grete host, & bigan to 
8 werr* oppon Kyng Knoght ; and so he dede meny tymes and ofte ; 
and pe werre was so st[r]onge and harde, pat wonder* hit 6 was to 
wete. IT And pe Quene Emme, pat duelled? 7 po at Wynchestre, 
hade grete drede of her* ij sones, for 8 pe werr* of 6 Alured & Edward, 

12 leste pai shulde ben 9 defoulede & misdon prou^ pis 10 werre, wherfore 
she sent ham over pe se into Normandy, to pe due 10 Kichard? her* 
Vncle ; and pere pai duelled 1 n in safte and pees longe tyme. ^ pis 
Edmunde 12 Irenside 13 & Knou^t u werrede strongliche to-geder ) 14 ; 

16 but at pe laste pai were accorded? in pis maner*, pat pai shulde 
departe pe reaume bituenes 15 ham ; and so pai deden ; & after*, pai 
bicome 16 gode frendes, and so wel louede 17 togederes as pai 18 hade 
bene briper, 18 gete?i 19 of o 20 body, & of 21 o moder born. 

20 How Kyng Edmunde Irenside traiterousely 22 was slayn, prou} 
atratour' pat me callede Edrith 23 of Statton. VipttulQ 
Cejitesimo xviij mo . 

ANd after*, po regnede Kyng Edmunde Irenside and Knoght 
pe Danois. but pus it fel 24 aftirward, and in pe same $ere 
pat pai were accorded?, and somiche loueden 25 togeder, wherof 2G a 
false pef traitoure hade enuy vnto pe loue pat was bituene ham, 
and frendeship, whos name was Edrith 27 of Stratton, pat was a 
28 grete lorde, pat 28 was Edmurade Ironsides man, & of him helde alt 
pe londe pat he hade. 1T And nopeles he pot^t his lorde to bitraie, 

1 in-to 0. 2 til >at D. 3 Sextodesimo D. 4 leaf 65. 
5 Irensides 0. 6 om. 0. 7 dwelt 0. 8 of DO. be DO. 
10 - JO om. D. n dwelt O. I2 Edward D. 13 Irensides 0. 
1414 W errede strongely togederes D. werreddyn strongly to-gidere 0. 
15 betwen 0. 16 becomen 0. 

17 loued }>at >ai bicome sworen brej>mie and so wel loueden D. loued' Jjat 
|>ei becomen swore bretheryn & so wel loued O. 

18 - 18 hadene ben bre^rne D. had ben brethryn 0. 19 gotyn 0. 
20 on 0. a om. D. l22 om. D. traytoursly 0. 

23 Edrik D. Edrich 0. bifel D. w loued 0. 2S wherfore D. 
27 Edrik D. s & D. 

120 Edmund is Jeild, and his Murderer droumd. [CH. cxvui 

<fe make Knoght kyng 1 of fe lande, Ho fat 1 entent 1 richely to ben 
auauncede, & wif him bene 2 wel bilouede. U Wherfore he praiede 3 
his lorde, Edmunde 4 Irenside, 5 6 oppon a day 6 wi)> him forto eten, 
and wif him duelle. and fe kyng curteisly him grantede, & to 4 
him come at his praier*; and at fe mete fe kyng richely 7 was 
seruede with diuerse metis & drynkes. U And when nyght come 
fat he shulde gone 8 to bede, 9 fe kyng 19 tok 1 his owen meny, & went 
into chambre. & as he lokede 10 aboute, he saw 11 a wonder faire 8 
ymage, & wel made, 12 & in 13 semblant 14 as it were 14 an Archire, 
wif a bowe bent in his honde, & in )>e bowe a fyne Arwe. IF Kyng 
Edmunde went ]>o neir 1 , to biholde hit bettr*, what it mi3te bene 15 ; 
and anone as his honde tochede fe Arwe, anone fe arwe him smote 12 
16 frou$ fe 16 body, & fere slough fe kyng 1 ; for fat engyne was made 
to quelle his 17 lorde tmiterousely. 18 IT And 6 when f e 6 Kyn[g] 
Edmund? 19 f?/s was dede & 19 slayn, he nad 20 regnede but x ^ere. 
his peple for him made miche sorw, and his body fai bare to 21 16 
Glastenbury and fere ]>ai him enterede. 1T And fus 22 traitour 
Edrik 123 anone went to f e Quene, fat was Kyng Edmundes wif 1 , fat 
wiste of here lordes def. anone he 24 toke fram her" hir 124 ij sones, 
fat were faire and ^oug 1 , fat her 1 lorde hade oppon hier 1 geten, & 25 20 
fat on me callede IT Edward, & fat of er Edwyn, & lade ham wif 
him to 26 London, and toke ha?^ vnto Kyng Knoght, fat he shulde 
done 27 with ham what his willes 28 were ; & tolde him how queyntly 
he hade 29 quellede Kyng Edmunde, 29 for enchesoun & loue of him, 24 
so fat Kyng Knoght aH Engeland? 30 in his power* holly 31 mi$t haue. 
1T "0 fow false traitoure ! haste fow my trewe wedbrofer 32 slayn 
for cause 33 34 of me 1 a man fat y moste Louede in f e Worlde. now, 
be myn 35 heuede, 36 I shal for fi trauail fe wel reward? as fow hast 28 
deseruede ! " and anone 87 lete him take and bynde, 37 hondes & feete 
in mane?' of a traitour 1 , & lete caste him into 38 Thamise ; and in fis 

J- 1 in 0. 2 be D. 3 praiede oppon a day D. 4 leaf 65, back. 

5 Irensides 0. 6 ~ 6 om. D. 7 realy D. rially 0. 6 go DO. 

9 - 9 om. 0. 10 MS. lokede lokede. " say 0. 12 y-made DO. 

13 in the D. 14 - 14 of D. 15 be 0. 16 - 16 ]>routoute his D. 

17 his owen D. his owne 0. 18 treitously 0. 

i9_i9 was dede & }>us D. 2 had 0. 21 vnto DO. 

22 Jris false D. J>is fals 0. 23 Edrith 0. 

a4 - 84 toke fram sic D. nome fro here 0. M om. DO. 

26 vnto DO. * do DO. * wil DO. 

29 w quellede Edmund' Irenside D. y-qwelled Kyng Edmund' 0. 

30 Engeland* holich D. 31 om. D. hollych 0. 

32 wedded? bro>er D. brother 0. :i3 encheson DO. 34 leaf 66. 

35 my 0. 36 om. D. hed 0. 37 - 37 lete bynde hi??i D. 

38 into the D. in-to > e 0. 

CH. cxix] K. Cnut sends St. Edmund's sons to be murderd. 1 21 

maner 1 fe false 1 traitour* endede his lif\ H fe Kyng 2 tok" fo ij 
childerne to 2 fe Abbot of Westmynstr*, 3 to warde 3 and to kepe til 
he wiste what was beste 4 wi)> ham to done. 4 

4 How Kyng Knoght sent Edmundes sones 5 bof e into Denmarc 
forto slee; & how 6 fai were sauede. Capitulo Centesimo 
xix mo . 

Hit bifelle sone after 5 fat Kyng Knoght hade al f e lande into 7 
his hande and spousede fe 1 Quene Emme frou^ consent of 
his baronage, for she was a faire wo??iman,& was Eldredes wif 1 , and 
fe dukes Blister* of Normandye : & fai 8 leueden to-gedei 08 with 
miche 9 loue, as resoun wolde. H fe Kyng axede oppon a day conseile 

12 of fe Quene, what was beste forto 10 done 11 wif the sones fat wer* 
12 Edmundes Irenside. 12 U " Sire," qiiod she ; " fai 13 bef fe 13 right 
heir's of )>e londe; & if J>ai leuen, fai wille do $ow miche sorwe with 14 
wen-*; and perfor lete sende haw into a strange lande aferr 5 , 15 to some 

16 man )>at may ham defoule 16 & destroie." 1T The Kyng anone lete 
calle a Danois ]>at me callede Walgai J , and cowimandede him fat he 
shulde lede 17 ]>o ij childerne into Denmarc, and so do for ham 18 
fat neuer 1 19 ]>ai herde 19 more tydyngws 20 of ha??i. " Sir 1 ," saide fis 

20 Walger, " gladely ^oure cowmandement shal bene 21 done," U And 
tok 22 fo 23 ij childerne, & lad ha??^ into Denmarc. & for-asmiche 
as 24 he saw fat fe childern were wonder* fair*, and also meke, 25 
he had of ham grete pitee and reuthe, & wolde nou^t ham slee, 

24 but lade ham to f e Kyng of Hungrie forto norisshe : For this 
Walgar 5 was 26 wel knowen 26 wif fe Kyng, and 27 wel bilouede. 27 
H Anone fe Kyng axede whens fe childern were. 1T And Walger 
tolde him, & saide fat *' f ai were f e right heir's of Engelandl, & 

28 f erf or men wolde ham destroye ' ; " and f e?*fore, sire, to 30 w f ai 28 bef 
comen, 28 mercy & helpe to biseche ; & forsof 29 if fai mowen leue, 29 

1 om. 0. 

2 - 2 nome }>e ij chelderne & tooke hawi D. norae > ij Childryn & took 
hem 0. 

3-3 f orto norisshe D. 4 - 4 to done with hem 0. 

5 sones Irenside D. 6 bo>e D. 7 in DO. 

8 - 8 leueden togedercs D. loued to-gidere 0. 9 mychel 0. 

10 to D. do 0. 

12-12 Edmunde Ironsides D. Edmund 1 Irensides 0. 

13-13 be^ j) ^ en Q u 80rwe w ith D. sorow with 0. sorwe R. 

15 wel ferre D. 16 defoyle 0. 17 lete 0. 

38 hem & ordeyne 0. 19 - 19 we her 1 D. w tydynge 0. 

21 be 0. 22 noine 0. 23 the D. 24 leaf 66, back. *> om< D- 

26_26 we j biknowen D. y-knowen 0. 27 m beloued wel 0. 

ben come 0. 29 a and >ai mow leuen D. if >ey now lyve 0. 

122 K. Edward's son Edward is King of Hungary. [CH. cxix 

3our > men pai sliullen 1 becomen, and of $ow pai 2 3 shal holde 3 
al hire land?. H The Kyng of Hung?ie ha??? 4 vnderfonge with 
michel 5 honour 1 , and lete ham worthely to bene 6 kepte. 

IT And pus liit bifelle after warde, pat Edwyne, pe jonger broper, 4 
deide, and Edward ]>e elder 7 broker leuede, a fail 1 ' man, 8 a stronge, 
& a 9 large of body, and gentil and curteise of condicions, so pat alle 
men him louede. U And pis Edward, in }>e c?-onicles is callede 
amonges 10 Englisshemen, 'Edward' pe outelaghe.' And when he 8 
was made knyght, J>e Kyngws doughte?* of Hungary so miche him 
louede, for his godenesse and his fairenesse, "pat she made & callede 
him her* derlyng 4 . U The Kyng pat was her* fader*, perceyuede wel 
pe loue pat was bituene ham too, And hade non heir* but pat 12 
doughte?-. And pe Kyng fouchede his doi^ter to no man so 11 wel 
as he dede vnto him pat her* 12 louede, & she him ; & he $af here to 
him wip gode wille; and Edward* her 1 spousede wip rnichel 13 
honowr. U The Kyng of Hung?ie sent after* al his baronage, & 16 
made a solempne 14 fest and 15 ryche weddyng 1 , and made al men 
to 16 vnderstonde pat he shulde ben ir Kyng when 18 he were 
dede; and 19 pe?-of pai maden al 19 gret ioye; and of pat tydyng 20 
pai wei' f ul glade. 51 pis Edwarde bigate oppon pis lady a sone 20 
pat me callede Edgar Helyng 1 , and afte?*ward, a doughte?* pat me 
callede Margarete, pat afti[r]ward was Queue of Scotland' ; and, 
by pe Kyng of Scotland pat me callede Maucolom, she hade a 
dot^ter pat was 21 callede Maude, 22 pat afterwarde was Quene 22 24 
of Engeland? prou^ Kyng Henry, pat was pe ferst sone of pe 
Conqueroure, pat her* weded'; & he bigate on her* a dorter* pat 
me callede Maude, pat afterward was Empe?-esse of Almaign ; and 
of pis Maude come Henry 23 pe Kyng of Engeland, pat into pis 28 
day is callede ' Henry, pe Emperesse sone.' U And ^it hade pis 
Edward anoper* doi^ter 16 by his wif, pat me called? Cristian, and 
she was a none. 

1 shul D. 2 JL^. ]>ai sla, with sla underlined for omission. 

3 3 schullen holden 0. 4 he?;i vndirtook H & 0. 

5 mych 0. 6 be 0. 7 eldest D. 8 man & DO. 

9 om, 0. 10 araong^ 0. u as 0. ia he DO. 

13 mvch 0. 14 leaf 67. l5 and a DO. 

16 om. D. 17 be 0. 

18 when Jjat D. whan >at 0. 

i9_i9 j,erfore alle >ai maden D. ]>erfore alle J>ey made 0. 

20 tydynges D. 21 me DO. 

22 *? >at was quene afterward' D. Jxit was o wen afterward' 0. 

23 om. DO. 

CH. cxx] Cnut conquers Norway. Tries to stop the Thames. 123 

How Kyng Knoght, fat was a proude man, conquered' 1 lTor- 
waye; & how he bicome afterwarde 1 meke. 2 Ca^YwZo 
Centesimo IT xx mo . 

W haue 30 3 herde of Edmundes 4 sones wif fe 4 Irenside, fat 
Kyng Knoght wende 5 fai hade ben dede, as he hade com- 
mandede Walger bif or*. 11 And this Knoght 6 hade in his honde al 
Engeland? and Deninarc. A'nd after 7 fat, he went to 7 Norway e, 
8 fat londe to conquere. IT But f e Kyng of J>e lande fat me callede 
Elaf, come with his peple, & wende his lande wel 8 haue kepte & 
defendede; & so 3 fere he fau^t with ham, til at f e laste he was 
slayn in fat bataile ; & fo 3 fis Knoght toke 9 al fat lande 10 into his 

12 hande. U And when he hade conquerede al 6 Norwaye, and taken 11 
feautes & homages fere, he come after* a^eyne into Engelond', and 
helde him-self 1 so grete 12 lorde, fat him foi^t in al fe worlde 13 no 
man his pier* 13 was ; & bicome so prout & hauten fat hit was grete 

16 wonder 1 . U And so 3 hit bifelle, oppon a day as he hade herde 
masse at Westmynstre, and wolde haue gone 14 into his palice, fe 
15 water of 15 Tamise so swiftely 16 a}eynes him comen, 16 fat Almost 
hit 17 tochede his fete, f o saide f e Kyng with a prout hert, " y com- 

20 maftde fe water 18 turne a^eyn, or elles 19 y shal fe make." fe wawys 
for his coramandement wolde nou^t 20 spare, but 21 flowede euer 1 on 21 
hye more & more. 11 The Kyng was so prout of hert fat he wolde 
nou^t flee f e water, but abode stille in f e wate?*, and bete fe water 

24 wif a smal ^erd fat he helde in his hande, & comandede fe water 
fat it slmlde wende no ferf ere ; but for al his co??miandement f e 
water wolde nou^t cesse, but euer 1 waxe more & more an hye, so fat 
fe Kyng was al wete, and stode depe in fe water. 11 And when he 

28 saw fat he hade abide fere or 22 longe, & fe water wolde nofing 
done 23 his co??imandement, fo sone he wifdrowe him, and fo stode 24 
oppon a stone & helde his hondes 3 an hye, & saide fis worde 25 in 
heryng 1 of al f e peple : " U fis God fat makef f e see 26 fus arise an 27 

l l Normandy & after become 0. 

2 mek and milde D. meke & mylde 0. 3 om. D. 

* 4 sones with 0. sone wij> >e R. B went >at 0. 6 om. 0. 

7 - 7 he went into D. 8 weel to 0. 9 nome DO. 10 leaf 67, back. 

11 tok D. 12 stronge a D. gret a 0. 

i3_i3 nomas sic D. his pere no man 0. u go 0. 

isis wawys O f the D. wawys of 0. 16 - 16 aroos a^ens hym 0. 

17 ]>ai D. |?ei 0. 18 water to DO. 19 ett 0. 

20 wolde noujt D. wold not 0. wolde R. 

a1 - 21 folwede euer on D. flowed in 0. ffl oucre to D. to 0. 

23 do D. 24 stepe D. 23 wordes DO. ^ water D. 27 a D. 

124 K. Cnut dies. Harold the Harefoot reigns. [CH. cxxi 

hye, he is Kyng< of alle Kynges, & of myghtes most ; & y ame a 
caitif and a man dedly, & he 1 may neuer 1 dye; & alle ping 2 doth 
his cowmandernewt, & to him is obedient 1 . 11 To pat God* Y praye 
3 pat he be my waraunt, for y knowliche me caitif feble, & of none 4 4 
power'; and perfore y wil gone 5 to Borne wipout eny lettyng 1 , my 
Wickednesse 6 forto 7 punisshe, and me to amende; U ffor of pat 
God! y cleyme my landes 8 forto holde, and of none opere"; and 
anone made his heir*, and him-self 1 [went] 9 to Rome wipouten 10 eny 8 
lettyng*, & by pe way dede meny almes dedes, & when he come to 
Rome also. U And when he hade bene n pere, and for his synnes 
done penaunce, he come a}eyne into Engelandl, and bicome a gode 
man and an hoty, and lefte al maner pride & stoutenesse, & leuede an 12 
holy lif al his lif* after, and made ij Abbayes 9 of seynt Benet, one 
in Engeland* & 12 pat opere 12 in Norway, for-asmiche as he louede 
specialy 13 seynt Benet bifore al opere seyntes ; and miche he louede 
also seynt Edmunde pe kyng 1 ; & of te he $af grete ^iftes to pe hous, 1 6 
wherfore it 14 was made ryche. and when he had' regnede xx 3ere, 
he deide, & lip at Wynchestr*. 

Of Kyng Harolde, pat leuer* hade gone in 15 foot pa?i ryde on 
hors. Capitw/o Ventesimo xx[i] mo . 20 

THis Knoght, of wham y 16 haue spoken 17 bifor, 18 hade ij sones 
by his wif ; & pat on me callede Herdiknoght, & pat opere 
Harolde ; and he was so 19 lip of 19 fote pat men callede him perfore 20 
Harolde Harefote. & pis Harolde hade noping pe 21 condicions ne 24 
maners 21 of Kyng Knoght pat was his fader 5 , for he sette but litil 
pris of chyualry ne of curtesye, neyper of worship, but onely by 
his owen wille ; & he bicome so wickede pat he exilede his moder*. 
& po 22 she went 22 out of pe 23 land' into Flaundres, & fere she 24 28 
duellede 25 wip pe Erl ; wherfor after pere was neuer gode loue 
bituene him & his broper, for his broper him hatede dedely ; and 
when he hade regnede ij [yere] & a litil 26 more, 27 he deide, & lip at 

1 and he DO. and R. 2 t>ing DO. >is R, 3 leaf 68. 4 no DO. 
5 go DO. 6 wyknesse 0. to DO. 8 londe D. land 0. 
9 oin. D. 10 with-oute 0. n be 0. 12 another* D. 

13 specialy R. specialy seynt Benet D. specially Seynt Benet 0. 

14 is sic D. 15 on DO. 16 we DO. 17 spoke O. 
18 tofore D. 19 ~ 19 light on D. 

20 )>erfore cowmuneliche D. >crfore comu?ilich 0. 
2i_2i man ers ne condicions D. Condicions in )> e manure 0. 
22-22 went she D. went 0. * this D. oni. DO. 
25 dwelt 0. a Zm/68, back. * MS. mory. 

CH. cxxn] K. Hardicanute recalls his Mother to England. 125 

Of Kyng 1 Hardiknoght, pat was Haroldes broker. CapzYwZo 
Gentesimo xx[i]j mo . 

After* pis Harolde Harefoot, regnede his broker Hardiknoght 1 , a 
noble Knyght & a worpi, & miche louede chiualrye and al 
maner* godenesse. H And when pis Hardiknoght 1 hade regnede a 
litil while, he lete vncouere his broker Harolde, and 2 smote of his 
Heuede 2 pat was his brope? 1 , at Westmynstr 1 , and lete caste pe 
8 heuede 3 into a gonge, and pe body 4 into pe 4 Tamyse. and after* 
come fisshers, & toke 5 pe body wip her* nettes by nyght, and! bere 
him vnto 6 seynt Clement^ cherche, & pere him buryede ; and in pis 
maner 1 avengede him Hardeknoght of his brope?-, for in none opem 

12 maner? pai 7 mygh nou^t 8 hy??i avenge. 8 U This Kyng Hardiknoght 
was so large 3euer ) of mete and of 9 drynk 1 , pat his tables were sette 
10 euer > pre tymes ful 10 wip real 11 metes for his owen mayne 12 , & for 
al pat 13 comen to 13 his court 1 to bene 14 rychely smiede of 15 real metes. 

16 H And pis Kyng 1 Hardeknoght sent after 1 Emme his moder 1 , & made 
hir* come a^eyne into EngelancH, ffor she was dryue 16 out of Enge- 
land! whiles pat Harolde Harefote regnede, poru^ conseil of pe ErI 
Godwyne, pat po was pe grettest lorde of al Engeland' next pe kyng 1 , 

20 and moste myght done 17 what he wolde 18 prou} al 18 Engeland? 19 prou} 
his cowmaundement, 19 for-asmiche as he hade spousede pe doughter 
of pe gode Kyng Knogfrt pat was a danoys, whiche doughter he 
hade by his ferst wif 1 . U And when pis quene was dryuen 20 out of 

24 Engelancf, & come to pe Erl of Flaundres pat me callede Balde- 
wynne, her* 21 cosyn, 22 he fonde here pe?'e al ping 1 pat hir nedede, 2a 
Vnto the tyme pat she 24 went a^eyne into Engeland', pat pe Kyng 1 
Hardiknoght hade sent for 25 her', pat was her* sone, & made here 

28 come a^eyn wip michel 26 honowr. U This Kyng Hardeknoght, 27 
when lie hade v ^ere regnede, he deide, & lip at Wynchestre. 

Of pe Vylonye pat pe Danoys 2S dede to pe 29 Englisshe-men ; 
wherfore fro pat tyme afterward' was none 30 Danoys 28 
32 made Kyng 31 of Engeland'. 31 11 Capitulo H Centesimo 
Vicesimo iij. 

1 MS. Harolde. 2 - 2 smyte of his heed' 0. 3 heed 0. 4 - 4 in 0. 
5 to sic D. 6 to DO. 7 he DO. 

8 - 8 bene avenged' D. be auenged 0. 9 om. DO. 

- 10 euery tyme >rise ful D. eueryday iij tymes O. n ful ryal 0. 
12 mayme?i R. meny D. meyne 0. is 13 come V nto D. u be D. 
15 with D. 16 dryuen D. 17 do D. 18 - 18 >rou3-oute D. 
19 - 19 om. D. 2 dryve 0. 21 his RO. her 1 D. ^ leaf 69. 
23 nedeth D. * he D. 25 after D. miche D. mych 0. 
27 Harolde D. * Danes 0. ^ om. 0. 30 no DO. 31 - 31 om. 0. 

126 The Danes are driven out of England. [CH. cxxni 

After* pe deth of pis Kyng 1 Hardeknoght 1 , forasmiche as he nad 
1 non heire 1 of his body bigeten, 2 pe Erles and barons 
assembled? and maden 3 a counseil; and neuer'-more after* pat tyme 
no man pat was a Danois, pou$ he 4 \vere ner* 4 so grete a man 4 
amonges ham, he shulde neuer* bene 5 Kyng of Engeland?, for Jje 
despite pat )>e Danois hade done to pe 7 Englisshemen. 11 For 
euermore biforne-honde, 8 if it were so pat Englisshe-men & Danois 9 
hapden to mete oppon a bruge, pe Englisshe 10 -men shulde nou^t 8 
bene 11 so herdy to meve no stere on 12 foot 1 , but stande stiU, til 13 pat 
J>e Danois 13 were passede forth. U And more-oner 5 , if pe Englisshe 
men hade nou^t bowede adoun here heuedes, 14 to done reuerence 
vnto pe Danois, 9 pai shulde haue bene bete & defoulede; & soche 12 
maner* despites and Vilonyes deden pe Danois 9 to oure Englisshe 
men ; Wherfore pai were dryuen out of pe lande after pe 15 tyme pat 
Kyng Herdeknoght was dede, for pai 16 had? non 16 lord pat ham 
my ght mayntene. In pis maner 1 voided? pe Danois 9 Engeland?, pat 16 
neuer 1 pai comen 17 a^eyne. U pe Erles and barouns, by here com 
mune assent & conseile, sen ten 18 into Normandy forto seche po ij 
brepern Alurede & Edward, pat were duellyng wip pe duk H Richard 
pat was here erne, 19 to pat 19 intent forto crone Alurede pe elder* 20 
broper, & him make Kyng 1 of Engeland*, and of pis ping to make 
an ende, pe erles & barons made 20 her 1 oth ; But pe Erl Godwyne of 
Westsex falsely 21 pou^t to slee po ij brepeme anone as pai shulde 
come into Engelonde, 22 to pat 22 entente forto make his sone Harolde 24 
Kyng 1 , pe whiche sone he hade bigete oppon his wif 1 , pat was Kyng 
Knoghtes doughter, pat was a Danoys. 11 And pis Godwyn pryue- 
liche 23 went him to Southampton, forto mete pere po ij brepern 
when pat pai shulde come to lande. U And pus hit bifelle, pat pe 28 
messagers pat wenten 24 into Kormandye, fonden 25 nou^t but onely 
Alurede, pat was pe eldest 26 broper; for Edward?, his Conger 127 
broper, ws gone 28 to Hung?ie forto speke wip his cosyn Edward' pe 
outelaw, pat was Edmondes sone wip pe Irenside. 29 U pe messagers 32 

1 - 1 none childe D. no Child? 0. 2 bigete D. begete 0. 
3 made D. 4 - 4 wer 1 neucr D. neucre were 0. 5 be DO. 
6 Danys 0. 7 om. DO. 8 bifore-honde D. 9 Danes 0. 

10 MS. Trin. Coll Dubl. 490 (D) has a page cut out here, and docs not 
continue until leaf 70, lack, of the Raivlinson Mti. 

11 he 0. I2 o 0. w - 13 J> e Danes 0. 14 hedes 0. 15 om. 0. 
16 - 16 nad non 0. 17 come 0. 18 leaf 69, lack. 19 - 19 en 0. 

20 maden 0. 21 falsly & traytously 0. 22 - 22 in 0. * priuily 0. 
24 wente 0. 25 founde 0. 26 Eldere 0. om. 0. 
28 went 0. a Irensides 0. 

CH. cxxiv] Godwin has Prince Alfred murderd. 127 

tolde & saide to Alurede, how fat f e Erles & barons of Engeland? 
senten 1 after 1 him, and fat he boldeliche shulde come into Engekwd 
and vnderfonge f e reaume j for Kyng Herdeknoght was dede, & 
4 alle fe 2 Danois were dryuen 2 out of fe lande. 

How Godewyne, fe false trra'toure, tok Alurede oppofi Gildes- 
doun, when he come fro Normandye to bene 3 Kyng of 
Engeland?, & dede him bene 8 martrede in }>e He of Ely. 
8 Capitw/o Centesimo xxiiij to . 

WHen Alurede herde f is tydynges, 4 he fankede God?, & into 
shipp went, wif al f e hast fat he myghtf, and passede f e 
see, & arryuede at Southampton, fe?'e fat Godewyne fe traitour* 

12 was. And when 5 fis tr[a]itoure 6 saw fat he was comen, 7 he wel- 
comede him & vnderfonge him wif michel 8 ioye, and saide fat he 
wolde lede him to London, Ipere fat al fe 9 lordes & barons 9 of 
Engeland' him abode, forto maken 10 him kyng 1 . and so fai wenten 11 

16 in her* way toward? London. & when fai comen 7 oppon Gildes- 
doune, fo saide f e traitoure Godwyne to Alurede, 12 " takef kepe," 13 
quod he, "aboute ^ow, bof on 14 fe lefte side & in fe ryght side; 
and of aft $e shul bene 3 kyng 1 , & of suche an hundrede more." 

20 H " jSow forsof e," quod Alurede, " I behote, & if y be kyng 1 , I 
shal ordeyn & make soche lawes wherof God & aft folc shulleu 
15 holden ham wel paied." 15 U Now hade fe traitoure comaunded 
alle his men fat were wif him, fat when fai were comen 7 oppon 

24 Gildesdonn, fat fai shulde slee alle fo fat were in Aluredes com 
pany fat comen wif him fram 16 Xormandye, and after fat, taken 17 
Alurede, & lede him into f e He of Ely, & fere put out bof e his 
eyne of his heued*, 18 and afterward bryng him vnto fe 19 deth. & so 

28 fai deden, ffor fai quellede al his company fat xij [hundred] were in 
nombre, 20 of gentil-men fat were comen 7 wif Alurede fraw 16 Nor- 
mandye ; And after token 21 Alurede, & lade hiwi into f e He of Ely, 
& put out his 22 eyen of his heuede, 23 & rent his wombe, & token 24 

32 fe chief of his bowailes, & put a stake into fe gronde, & an ende 
of his 22 bowailes ferto fastenede, & wif nedles of Iren 25 pricked fe 
body of 25 fe gode childe, and so made 26 him gone 27 aboute fe stake 

1 sent 0. 2 - 2 Danes dryven were 0. 3 be 0. 4 tydynge 0. 
5 J>o 0. 6 leaf 70. 7 come 0. 8 mych 0. 
9 - 9 barons & lordes 0. 10 make 0. n went 0. 
12 Alured & seyd 0. 13 heed 0. 14 in 0. 15 - 15 hem wel paye 0. 
16 fro 0. 17 take 0. 18 heed' 0. 19 om. 0. 20 Cumpanye 0. 
21 nomen 0. <22 ]> 0. 23 heed' 0. 24 nomew 0. 
prikeden 0. 26 maden 0. 27 go 0. 

128 St. Edward the Confessor is made King. [CH. cxxv, cxxvi 

til fat his bowales were 1 alle drawen 1 out : & so deide fere Alurede, 
frou$ treson of fe Erl Godwyne. U When f e lordes of Engeland? 
2 hade herde & wist how Alured, fat shulde have ben her* kyng 1 , 
was put to 3 def frou$ fe false t?*aitoure, )>e Erl Godwynne, fai 4 
weren* al wonder 5 wroth, & swore bituene haw, by 5 God? & 6 by 
his 6 names, fat he shulde die in mor worse deth fan dede Edrik of 
Stratton, fat hade bitraiede his Lord* E[d]munde Irenside. 7 and 
f ai wolde haue taken him, & put him vnto f e def , but f e f ef 8 
traitoure fley 8 fens into Denmarc, & fere helde him iiij ^ere & 
more, & loste att his londes 9 in Engeland?. 

Of Seynt Edward fe Confessoure, fat was Aluredes brofer; 
10 How he was Kyng n of Engelande. 11 11 CapitwZo U Cen- 12 

tesimo IT xxv t0 . 12 

ANd when fis 13 was done, 13 alle fe Barons of Engefland] senten 
anofer tyme into Normandye, for fat Edward shulde 14 come 
into Engeland? with michel 15 honowr. And fis Edward in his 16 
childehode louede al-myghty God*, & 16 him drade, 16 & in honeste 
and clennesse leued 17 his lif, and hatede synne as def. U And 
when he was c?-onede 18 and annoyntede wif 19 real power 1 , he fo^ate 
nou^t his gode maners & condicions 20 & custumes 20 fat he ferst 20 
vsede, 21 for no maner* honour, ne for no 5 ricliesse, ne for no maner 
hyenesse, but euer more & 22 more ^af him to godenesse, and wel 
louede God & al mekenesse, & louede God & holy cherche passyng 
al maner fing 1 , & pore men also, & ham 23 helde as fai hade bene 24 
his owen breferne, & to ham ofte $af grete almesse wif gode wille. 

Of fe ferst specialte fat God' shewede for seynt Edwardes 24 

loue by his lif 1 . U Capitulo U Centesimo U xxv[j] to . 
25 "T"" It bifelle oppon a day as he went fram 26 fe che[rch] of 28 

I I Westmyntre, & hade herde masse of seynt lohan 
Euawngelisf, for-asmiche as he louede seynt lohan 

1 - 1 drawen al 0. 2 leaf 70, back. 3 vn-to 0. 4 were 0. 

6 mn. 0. 6 - 6 his holy 0. 7 Irensides 0. 8 fledde 0. 9 lond' 0. 

10 MS. Trin. Coll. Dubl. 490 (D) continues here. n ~ n om. 0. 

12 MS. xxiiij to ; Secundo D. 13 - 13 Traytour had al >us ydone 0. 

14 shul D. sclmld 0. 15 mycli 0. I(J - 16 drad hym 0. 

17 lade D. lad 0. 18 crouned? kyng^ D. 19 with a 0. 

2 - 20 om. DO. 

21 vsede ne formate nou3t alle gode custumes D. vsed & forgate not al good 
Custumes 0. 

22 om. D. ^ ham louede & D. hem loued & 0. * Edward' 0. 
25 leaf 71. * froO. 

CH. cxxvn] King Edward reproaches Godwin for treachery. 

most 1 specialy after* God and oure lady, pan he dede eny o]>er 
seynt. H And so pe?*e come to him a pilgrime, & praede him, for 
pe loue of God? & of seynt lohan Euaungelisf, some god him forto 

4 $eue. And pe Kyng 2 priuely toke 2 ]>e ryng of his f eager*, priuely 3 
pat no man perceyuede hit, & ^af it pe pilg?*ime ; & he it vnder- 
fonge, & went pens, pis goode Kyng Edward made alle pe gode 
lawes of Engeland* pat ^itte bep 4 most holden, & 5 was so nwcyable 

8 & 6 ful of pite pat no marc my^t bene 7 more. 

How pe Erl Godwyn come a^eyn into Engeland', & hade a}eyne 
al his land*, & afterward' s Seynt Edward' wedede his 
doubter. (j&pitulQ 1F Gentesimo xxv[i]j to . 

12 ~T~YTHen pe Erl Godwyn, pat was 9 in Denmarc duellyng 1 , 9 hade 

f Y michel 10 herd of pe godenesse of Edward, & pat he was 

ful of me?'cy & of 11 pitee, & pou^t pat he wolde gon 12 a^eyn into 

Engeland? forto seche and 13 to haue 13 grace of him, & pat he myght 

16 haue pe 14 lande a^eyn in pees, & arraiede him as miche as he might, 
& put him toward pe see, & come into Engeland', to London, pere 
pat pe Kyug was pat tyme, & al pe 15 lordes of Engeland*, & helde 16 
paflemenf. IT Godewyn sent to ha??^ pat were his frendes, & were 

20 1T pe moste 17 gretteste lordes of pe londe, & praiede ham to biseche 
pe Kynges grace for him, and 18 pat he wolde his 19 pees & his 
londes 19 graunt 20 him. his 21 frendes Lade 21 him bifore pe Kyng 1 
forto biseche 22 grace. U And anone as pe Kyng him saw, he appelede 

24 him of tresoun, & of pe dep of Alurede his broper, and pise wordes 
vnto 23 him saide : 11 " Traitowr Godwyn ! " quod 24 pe Kyng, " I pe 
appele, pat pow haste bitraede & slayne my broper Alurede." 
U " Certes, sire," quod Godwyn, " saf jour grace, 25 ^our 1 pees & 

28 ^oure 26 lorde-shippe, y neuer* \\\m bitraede ne sloughe; and pe?'of 2r 
y put me [in] rewarde of 3our ) cou[r]tf." H " .Now, faire lordes, 28 30 
pat bep 29 my lieges, erles & barons of pe lande, pat here bene alle 

1 more fan D. more 0. 2 2 priueliche nome D. priuyly nome 0. 

2 om. DO. 4 ben 0. 5 & he 0. om. R. 6 and so DO. 7 be DO. 
8 afterward' seynt Edward' D. after seynt Edward 0. afterward' E. 

9 9 duellyng in Denmarc D. dwellyng in Denmark 1 0. 
10 miche D. n om. 0. 12 go DO. 13 - 13 haue mercy and D. 
14 his DO. 15 the gret D. 16 helde a gret D. held a gret 0. 
17 - 17 fe the sic D. 18 om. D. 

i9_i9 i on( j e an( i his pees D. pees & his land' 0. 20 graunten 0. 
21 - 21 enemyes ladden 0. * seche DO. 23 to D. M leaf 71, back. 
25 grace & D. grace & 0. 2(j 3oui J D. ^oure 0. poure R. 
27 >erfore 0. ffl lordes qworf >e kyng< DO. ffl bene D. ben 0. 

130 Edward forgives Godwin & weds his Daughter. [CH. cxxvn 

assernblede, 1 wel 36 hauen 1 hercle myn appele, and pe ansure 2 of 
Godwyn ; & perfore y wil pat 36 award and do ryght." f pe erles 
and 3 barons po drowen ham 4 al to-geder 1 , 4 forto done 5 pis award by 
ham-self*, and so pai 6 spoken diuerseliche 6 amonges haw; for 4 
somme sayde ]>at 7 ]>ere was neuei j allyaunce by homage, serment, 8 
seruise, ne by 7 lordeship, bituene Godwyn & Alurede, for which 
ping pai might him draw. U And at pe laste pai demede pat he 
shulde put him into 9 J>e Kynges mercy altogeders. 51 po spake pe 8 
Erl Leueryche of Couentre, a gode man to God & to alle )>e worlde, 
& tolde his resoun in pis mane?', & saide : " pe Erl Godwyne is pe 
best frendede man of Engeland 1 after 5 ]>e kyng ; and wel my$t it 
nou3t behe 10 gaynsaide pat, wipout consel of Godwyn, Alurede was 12 
neuer* put vnto 11 dep; Wherefore y awarde, as tochyng my part 1 , 
pat him-self 12 and his sone, and eue?-yche 13 of vs xij Erles pat bep 14 
his frendes, wende bifore pe Kyng 1 chargede wip alse miche 15 golde 
and siluei* as we mowe here bytuene oure hondes, & pmyng pe 16 
Kyng for^eue his euel wille to pe Erie Godwyn, and resceyue his 
homage, & his landes 16 $elde a^eyn." & alle pai accordede vnto pat 
awarde, and 17 comen in pis 17 maner as 18 is aboue-saide, eueryche 19 
of ham wip golde & siluer 1 , 20 as miche as pai myght bere bituenes 21 20 
here hondes, bifore pe Kyng 1 ; and pai saiden 22 pe fou[r]me and pe 
maner 1 of her 1 accord? and of her awarde. 11 The Kyng wolde nou^t 
ham 23 gayne-saie; but alse miche 24 as pai 25 wolde ordeyne, 25 he 26 
grauntede & confermede; And so was pe Erl Godwyn accordede 24 
wip pe Kyng 1 , & hade a3eyne al 27 his lande ; and aftirward he bar" 
him so wel & so wiseliche 28 pat pe Kyng louede him wonder 1 myche, 
<fe with him was ful priue. And 29 wipin a litel tyme 30 pe Kyng 
louede him so miche pat he spousede Godwynws doughter, and 28 
made her* Quene ; and neuerpeles, 31 for al pat, pou3 pe Kyng 1 hade 
a wif, he leuede eue?Tnore in chastite & in clennes of body, wip- 
outen 32 eny flesshely dede 7 doyng 1 with his wif 1 ; & pe Quene also, 
33 in her' Halfe, 33 lade holy lif 134 ij 3ere, and deide; & afterward pe 32 

1 - 1 ful wel 3e haue D. ful weel }e haue 0. 

2 ansuere also D. answere also 0. 3 & the D. 4 - 4 togederes D. 

5 do D. 6 6 speken diuersly 0. 7 om. D. 8 seriant D. om. 0. 

9 in DO. 10 be 0. n to D. to J>e 0. 

12 MS. him-self and him-self. 13 euery DO. 14 ben 0. 

15 as mych 0. 16 lande D. land' 0. 17 - 17 come in the D. 

18 >at DO. 19 eche 0. ^ leaf 72. 21 bituene D. betwene 0. 

22 seid 0. w hym 0. M asmiche D. as mych 0. 

25 ** ordeynede D. ** & 0. ^ om. 0. 28 wisely D. wysely 0. 

29 and so D. 30 while D. 31 no>elesse D. netheles 0. 

32 with-oute DO. a*- 83 om. D. w lif on hir' half D. 

CH. cxxvin] King Edward's Miraculous Sight. 131 

Kyng leuede al his lif wifouten 1 eny wif\ U The Kyng $af fe 
Erldome of Oxenford? to Harolde, fat was Godwynes sone, & made 
him Erie; and so wel ]>ai were 2 bilouede, bofe fe fader and 3 fe 

4 sone, 3 4 & so pryue wif fe Kyng 1 , fat fai myght 4 do 5 what fing 6 
fai wolde by righte, for 7 a^eynes ryght he wolde nou^t 8 done 9 
for no maner 1 man, so gode and trew he was of consciens ; and 
f erf ore our 1 Lorde Ihesu Crist 1 , grete special 10 loue to him shewed!. 

5 How seynt Edward saw Swyn, Kyng of Denmarc, drenche 11 in 

fe see at 12 fe sac?*ament, as he stode & herde 13 masse. 

C&pitulo Centesimo. U xxviij mo . 14 

Hit bifelle oppon 15 Whitsonday, as Kyng Edward herde his 
masse in fe grete cherch of Westmynstre, ryght at fe 
leuacioun of Ihesu Cristes body, and as al men were gaderede into 
fe cherche, & comerc neyer 116 17 fe auter, 18 sacring forto see, U The 
19 Kyng 1 his 19 hondes lifte vp an hye, and a 2 grete laughter toke op ', 

16 wherfore all fat aboute him stode, gretly gon wonder 120 ; & after 
masse fai axede whi fe kyngws laughter was. 21 1T " Faire lordes," 
quod f e Kyng, " Swyn f e Conger 1 , 22 fat was Kyng of Denmarc, 
come into fe see wif al his power 1 forto haue comen 23 into 

20 EngelancP, oppon vs forto haue werrede ; and y saw him and ati 
his folc drenche 24 iu fe hye 25 see : & al fis saw y in fe 25 eleuacioun 
of Ihesu 26 Cristes body bytuene fe prestes hondes ; & y hade ferof 
so miche ioye, fat y myght nought my laughter wifholde." 

24 U And fe Erl Leueriche bisides him stode at fe leuacioun, & 
openlich he saw fe fourme of brede twne into fe 27 lickenesse of a 
28 knaf childe ^ong, 28 and toke 29 op his right hande,& ferst 2 blessede 
fe Kyng, and afterward fe Erie. And fe Erie 30 twrnede him 

28 anone 31 toward fe Kyng 1 , to make him see fat holy sight. U And 
fo 32 saide fe Kyng 1 : "sir 1 Erie," quod he, " I see 33 wel fat $e seef, 33 

1 witAoute 0. 2 oni. D. 3 - 3 he 0. 

4 4 )>at J>ai wolde D. & so pryve with }> e kyng bo)>e )> e fadir & ]> e sone Jmt 

)>ei myght 0. 

5 done 0. 6 >mg >at D. 7 and D. 8 no bing 0. 

^ do D. 10 specialte & 0. " drenched' DO. 12 in 0. 

13 herde his D. herd his 0. 14 MS. has xxvij mo . 15 oppon a D. 

16 ney? D. ny 0. 17 leaf 72, back. 18 Autei* >e D. 

i9_i9 ky n ges 0. ^ wondryn 0. 

21 lat^ter was D. laughter was 0. laughter E. ^ wonger* sic D. 

23 come 0. drenched' 0. 25 om. 0. 26 om. D. Ihesus 0. 

27 om. DO. s 8 - 28 jonge childe D. Child ?ong 0. a nome DO. 

30 Erie anone D. Erie anon 0. 31 om. DO. 32 bus 0. 

33-33 j, et ?e see ry j t we i bi ess ede be god' D. wel bat sight 0. 

132 Miraculous Appearance of St. John to Pilgrims. [CH. cxxix 

pankede be God? pat y haue honowrrede my God, my saueoure, 
Visibili 1 Ihesu Crisf 1 in fourme of man, whos name bene 2 blessede 
in al worldes ! Amen ! " 

How pe ryng pat Sent Edward hade ^euen 3 to a pore pilgrime, 4 
for pe lone of seynt lohan Euaungelist, come a3eyn vnto 4 
Kyng* Edward'. Capitulo Centesimo xxix mo . 

THis noble man Seynt Edwarde regnede xiij 3ere. & pus hit 
bifelle oppon a tyme biforne 5 er he deide, pat ij men of 8 
Engeland! were went to pe Holy Lande, & haden done her* 
pilgrimage, & wer* goyng a^eyne toward her 1 owen centre. U And 
as pai went in )>e way, pai 6 mette a pilgrime fat curtesly ham 
7 Saluede, and axede of ham in wh[a]t lande & in What contre )>ai 12 
were born; & pai saide "in Engeland?." U po axede he 8 who was 
Kyng of EngelancJ; and pai ansuerede & saide "pe goode Kyng 
Edward." "Faire frendes," )>o saide pe pilgrime, "when pat 36 
come into ^our 1 centre a^eyne, y pmye 30 w pat 36 wolde 9 gone 10 1G 
vnto 11 Kyng Edward, and ofte-tymes him grete in my name, & 
ofte-tymes pank him of his grete curtesye pat he to me hap done, 
A[nd] nameliche 12 for pe ryng pat he 3af me when he hade herde 
masse at Westmynstre, for seynt lohnes loue JLuaungeUst," and 20 
13 toke po 13 pe Ryng' 14 to pe pilgrimes, and saide, "y pray 3ow forto 
J gon & 1 here pis ryng, & take hit to Kyng Edward, & telle him 
pat y sende hit 15 him; and a ful ryche 16 3ift y wil him 3eue; for 
oppon pe tuelfep 17 day he shal come to me, & euermore duelle in 24 
blisse wipouten ende." U " Sir*," saide pe pilgrimes, " what man 
hep 18 36, & in what place is 3our ) duellyng 1 ?" 51 " Faire frendes," 
quod he, " I ame lohan Euwngek's# & am duellyng 1 wip Almyghty 19 
GoiJ ; & 3our > Kyng Edward is my frende, & y loue him specialy 2 
for encheson pat he hap euer 1 Leuede in clennesse, and is clene 
maide ; and y pray 3ow my message al forto done as y haue to 8 
3ow saide." 11 When seynt lohan ULuaungelist hade pus li&m 
chargede, sodeynly 20 he voidede out of her sight. 32 

pe pilg?*imes po pankede Almyghty Gode, & went forp in her 1 
way. 51 & whew pai hade gon ij or iij myle, pai bigon to waxen 21 

l - 1 om.D. 2 be DO. 3 3eue DO 4 to 0. * byfor 0. 
6 MS. >at. 7 UaftZ. s om. 0. 9 wol 0. 10 go DO. 
11 to >e 0. 12 namely D. 13 - 13 >o toke D. nome >o 0. 
14 ryng & toke it 0. 15 om. D. 16 rychere 0. 17 xij 0. 
18 be DO. 19 almyjt D. sodenlicn 0. 21 wax D. wexe 0. 

CH.cxxix, cxxx] Pilgrims' miraculous Journey to Edivard. 133 

wery, & sette adoune ham forto reste; & so fai felle a and slepte. 1 
11 And when 2 }>ai hade slepte 3 wel, one of ham 4 awoke, & lifte vp 
his heuede 5 & lokede aboute & saide vnto 6 his felaw, "arise op, and 
4 wende we in oure way." " What," saide fat on 7 felaw to fat 
of er, " where be we nowe ] " 11 " Certis," saide fat ofere 8 felawe, 
"it semef 8 me fat it 2 is nou^t fe same contreye fat we laide vs in 
9 forto reste & 9 slep, for we were fo fro lerwsalem but iij mile." 10 
8 H fai tok 11 op her* hondes, and blessede ham, & went forf in her 1 
waye. & as fai went in here way fai saw sheperdes goyng 
wif her 1 shepe, fat spoken 12 none ofere langage but Englisshe. 
IF "Leue frendes," quod on of fe pilgrimes, " what centre is fis, & 

-12 who is lorde ferof 1 ?" and one 2 of fe sheperdes ansurede : "fis is 
fe cuntre of Kent, in Engelarcrf, of )>e whiche fe gode Kyng 
Edward is lorde." 1) fe pilgrimes 13 fankede fo 13 Almyghty Gocfe & 
seynt lohan 14 euauugelist, & went forf in her way, & come to 

16 Kaunterbery, & fro fens vnto 15 London; and Ipere fai fonden 16 fe 
Kyng, & tolde him 17 fro fe bigynny[n]g vnto fe encle as miche as 
seynt lohan hade ham chargede, & of al fingws how fai spedden 18 
by fe way, & toke fe ryng to 19 Kyng Edward; & he vnderfonge 

20 hit, & f ankede Almyghty God? & seynt lohan EuawngeZ^, & f o 
made him aredy euery day, 20 fram day to day, 20 forto wende out of 
fis lif 1 when God wolde for him sende. 

How seynt Edwarde [de]ide on the xij 21 day. Capitulo U Cen- 
24 tesimo IT Tricesimo. 

AKd after hit bifelle 22 fus in Cristenmasse 23 eve: as fe 
holy man Edward was at Godes seruice, matynes forto 24 
hure of fat holy 25 fest, he bicome ful 26 sik, and in fe morwe 
28 27 endurede wif rnichel payn 27 masse forto here, & after* lete him 
bene 28 lade into his chaumbre, fere forto resten 29 him; but 30 into 
his 30 halle amonges 31 his barons and his knyghtes myght he nou^t 

1 - 1 aslepe DO. 2 oin. D. 3 sleped' D. 4 leaf 73, back. 
5 hed? 0. 6 to D. 7 o 0. *- 8 it semes D. it semetfc 0. 
9 - 9 to 0. 10 miles D. myles 0. ai nomen DO. 12 speke 0. 

3 - 13 >o f ankede D. 14 om. 0. 15 to 0. 16 fonde D. founde 0. 
17 him al D. hym al 0. 18 spedde DO. 19 to }> e 0. 

- 20 om. D. fro day to day 0. from day K. 
21 tvvelfe 0. 22 fel 0. cristemasse DO. 
24 MS. has forto done, with done underlined for omission. 
* hye DO. leaf 74. 

27 ^ durede with miche payne the D. endured with mych peyne > e 0. 
28 be DO. rest DO. 

30-30 ] into hig into hig> 31 among 0. 

134 Edward dies. Harold is made King. [CH. cxxx, cxxxi 

come, ha??i forto comfort and solace, as he was 1 \vonte forto 1 
done at fat worfi feste ; Wherfore al his 2 merf & comfort amongws 
alle fat were in fe halle was turnede into 3 care and sorwe, for 
enchesoun fat fai drade 4 forto lese 5 her* gode Lorde fe Kyng 1 . 4 
IT And oppon seynt lohnes 6 day EuowngeKrf 8 fat fo come next, 
f e Kyng* vnderfonge his rightes of holy cherche, as fallif to Query 
Oisten man, & abode fe me?*cy & 7 wille of God. U And fo ij 
pilg?*iines he lete bifore him come, and $af haw riche ^iftes, & 8 
bitoke ha?^ vnto God*. And also fe Abbot of Westmynstre he 
lete bifore hi??i come, & toke him fat ryng in honoi^r of Gode 
& 8 of Seynt Iohn 8 Euctuugelist. And fe Abbot 9 toke hit & 9 
put hit amonge ofe?-e reliqes, so fat it is at Westmynstre, & 12 
euer* 10 shal be. and so lay f e Kyng sike to 11 fe xij eve ; 12 & J>o 
deide )?e gode Kyng Edward? at Westmynstre ; & fere he lif, for 
whos loue God ha]? done meny miracles. And f is was in j?e 3ere 
of 13 Incarnacioun 14 of oure Lorde Ihesu Crist 1 , 14 M* .Ixv. ^ere; & 16 
after he was tranalatede, & put into fe shryne, )?rou^ J>e noble 
Martir Seint H Thomas of Kaunterbery. 

How Harolde, fat 1 was Godwynws sone, was made Kyng 1 ; & 
how he scapede 15 fro fe Due of Britaign. Cap/faZo Cen- 20 
tesimo xxxj. 

WHen Seynt Edward was gone oute of fis worlde, & was 
gone to God, & worfely ente?-ede, as 16 perteynede to 16 
soche a lorde forto bene, 17 fe barons 18 of fe Land? Wolde haue 24 
hade Edward? Helyngws, sone 19 to Edward fe Outlaghe, fat was 
Edmund^JS sone 20 Irensyde, to bene 17 Kyng 1 , for-asmiche as 21 he was 
moste kyndest kynges blode of f e reaume. 11 But Harold, 22 sone 
f rou$ f e Erie Godwyn, 23 & f e strengf of his fader* Godwyn, & f rou^ 28 
of ere grete lordes of fe reaume fat were of here 24 Kyn & vnto him 
sib, seisede al Engeland 25 into his Honde, & anone lete crone him 
Kyng 1 , after fe enterement of Seynt Edward. U This Harolde, 

1 - 1 woned to 0. 2 here 0. 3 vnto D. 4 dradden 0. 
5 lesen 0. 6 - 6 Enoungelist day 0. 7 & > e 0. 
8 8 seynt Marie and of seynt lohan the D. seynt Marye & of sevnt 
lohn) J>* 0. 

9 - 9 owi. D. nome & 0. toke & hit & sic R. 10 euermore DO. 

11 til DO. 12 euen 0. 13 of the D. 14 - 14 om. D. 15 ascaped' 0. 

16 apperteynede D. perteyne> to 0. 17 be 0. 18 leaf 74, back. 
9 Helyngws sone D. Helyngis sone . Helyngi^s R. 
20 Edmundws sone D. Edmundes sone 0. Edmundws R. 21 for D. 

22 MS. has Haroldes, with es underlined for omission ; Haroldis 0. 

23 Godwynne D. Godwyn 0. Godwy R. w his DO. ^ > e lond' 0. 

CH. cxxxi] Harold's Oath to Duke William. He breaks it. 135 

fat was Godwynws sone, f e secuncle l ^ere after fat Seynt Edward 
was dede, Wolde haue gone into Flaundres, but he was dryuen 2 
f rou3 tempest into f e centre of Pountif*, & fere he was take & 
4 brou^t vnto 3 Due William. U And fis Harolde wende fo fat fe 
Due William wolde haue bene avenged oppon him, for encheson 
fat fe Erl Godwyn, fat was Haroldes 4 fader 5 , 5 hade done 5 quelle 
Alurede, fat was Seynt Edwardws brofer, and principaly for 
8 Alurede, 6 Quene E??imes sone, fat was Richardes moder 1 , Duk 1 of 
Normandye, fat was Aile to f e Due Willia???. H And nofeles, 
when fe 7 Due William hade Harolde in prisoun & vnder 1 his 
power 1 , 7 for-alse s -miche as fis Harold* was a noble knyght, wise, & 

12 worfi of Body, & fat his fader & he were accordede wif fe gode 
Kyng Edward', & f erf ore 9 wolde nou3t 10 mysdone n him, 10 but al 
mane?' fingws fat bituene ham were spoken & ordeynede, Harolde 
by his gode Wille suore oppon a boke & oppon Holy seynt}, fat he 

16 shulde 12 spouse and wedde Due Williams doubter after fe def of 
Seynt Edward, and fat he shulde besely 13 done His deuer* forto 14 
Kepe & saue f e reaume of Engeland, to f e p?-ofite & auauntage of 
Due Willia??i. IT And when Harolde hade fus made his oth vnto 15 

20 Due William, he lete him gone, 16 & $af him 17 riche 3iftes ; And 18 he 
fo 18 went fens, & come into Engelawc?, & anone dede in fis maner* 
when Seint Edward was dede; and as 19 man falsely forsuore, he 
lete crone him Kyng of Engeland!, & falsely brae f e 20 couenaunt$ 

24 fat he hade made bifore 21 wif Due William; wherfore he was 
wif him wonder wrof e, & swore fat he wolde 22 oppon him bene 7 
avengede, 23 whateuer so 23 him bifelle. H And anone William 24 
lete assemble a grete hoste, and come into Engeland?, to avenge 

28 him oppon Harolde, & to conquere fe lande if fat he myght. 
51 And in f e same 3ere fat Harold* was cronede, Harold* Hare- 
strenge, Kyng of Denmarc, arryuede in Scotland*, and f ou3[t] haue 
be 25 kyng of Engeland. & he come into Engeland*, & quellede & 

32 robbede, & destroiede al fat he might, til fat he come to 3orke ; 
& fere he quellede meny men of Armys Mt, 26 & an 27 C prestes. 

I ij 0. 2 dryue D. dryve 0. 3 into the D. to > e 0. 
4 Harold' 0. 5 -* lete D. had lete 0. 

6 enchesoun >at Alured was D. encheson) \>ai Alured* was 0. 

7 om. D. 8 as DO. 9 JxjHbre he 0. 10 - 10 hym mysdone 0. 

II mysdo D. 12 wold 0. 13 leaf 75. 14 to 0. 15 vn-to J> e 0. 
16 go DO. 17 him meny D. hym meny 0. 18 ~ 18 tho he D. 

19 as a DO. 2 his 0. 

21 MS. has bifore )>is, with J>is underlined for omission. ^ wolde be D. 
28 - 28 what-so-euere 0. William bastard' 0. ^ bene D. ben 0. 
26 a Jxrasand D. a M l 0. om . Q. 

136 William invades England and slays Harold. [CH. cxxxn 

11 When pis tyding come to pe Kyng 1 , he assemblede a strong 
power 1 , and went forto fei^t wip Harold* of Denmarc, & wip his 
owen honde him quellede, and j?e Danois 1 were descomfitede ; & 
po pat 2 lafte alyue, 2 wip myche sorwe went 3 to her 1 shippes ; and 4 
jms Kyng Harolde of Engeland quellede Kyng Harold! of Denmarc. 

How William Bastard, Due of Normandy, come into Engeland!, 


& quellede Kyng Harold*. Oapttofo 4 vj xij. 4 

ANd when pis bataile was done, Harolde bicome 5 so prout, and 8 
wolde 6 nou}t departe 6 with his peple of ping 1 pat he hade 
gete, but helde it al towardes 7 him-self 1 ; Wherfore pe most part 8 
of his men were wrop, and fram 9 him depa?'tede, so pat oneliche 
wip him lefte no mo but his soudeows. II And oppon a day, as 12 
he sate at pe 10 mete, messages 11 cowme to hi??^, & saide pat William 
Bastard*, Due of Normandye, was Arryuede in Engeland* wip a grete 
host 1 , and hade taken 12 al pe lande aboute Hastynge, & hade also 
mynede pe castett. U When pe Kyng hade 13 lierde pis tydynges, 14 16 
he went pider wip a litil peple in 15 al pe hast pat he myght, for 16 a 
litel peple was wip him lefte. If And when he was comen 17 pider*, 
he ordeynede forto 3eue bataile to pe Due William ; but pe Due 
axede him of pise iij pingws : 18 if pat 18 he wolde haue his dough ter 20 
to wif 1 , as he hade made 19 & swore 19 his othe 19 & bihight 1 ; 19 or pat 
he wolde halde pe lande of him in truage ; or pat he wolde determine 
pis ping bi 20 bataile. U pis Harold* was a prout man & a stout, and 
truste wonder* 21 miche oppon his owen strengp, & fau^t wip 22 the 24 
due & wip his peple ; but Harold* & his men were descomfitede, & 
himself 1 23 was pere 23 slayn. & pis bataile was endede at Tonbrigge, 
in pe secuwle $ere 19 of his regne, 19 oppon seynt Kalixtes day; and 
he lip at Waltham. 28 

Of Kyng 1 William Bastard*, & how he gouernede him 24 wel & 24 
wisely ; & of pe werr> bituene him & 25 pe Kyng 1 of Fraunce. 

Ga^itulo Centesimo xxxiij . 26 

1 Danes 0. 2~ 2 were laft on lyf D. 3 fley D. fled 0. 

4 - 4 centesimo tricesimo tercio D. 5 leaf 75, back. 

6 - 6 no>ing parte DO. 7 toward' DO. 8 partye 0. 9 fro 0. 

10 om. 0. n a messenger D. a messager 0. ^ y-take 0. 

13 om. D. 14 Tydynge 0. 15 with 0. I6 and D. 17 come 0. 

18 - 18 it sic D. 19 - 19 om. D. 2 bureli 0. 21 om. D. 

^ wi> the D. with > e 0. wi> R. 23 -^ 3 >ere was 0. ^-^ om. 0. 
25 or D. ^ xiij sic 0. 

CH. cxxxiil] Williamof Normandy crownd King of England. 137 

WHen Willia??i Bastard', Due of Normawdye, hade cowquerede 
al fe land 2 , oppon Crifsjtenmasse 1 day fo next sewyng 1 he 
lete crone him kyng at Westmynstre, & was a worfi kyng 1 , & $af 2 
4 to Englisshemen largly landes, & to his knyghtes. IT And after 
ward he went 3 one?* fe see, 4 & come 4 5 into Normandye, & fere 
duellede a while ; & in ]>e secunde }ere of his regne he come a^eyne 
vnto 6 Engeland*, and brou^t 7 wif him 7 Mande his wif, and lete 
8 crone here 8 quene of Engeland', on 8 Whitsonday. IT And fo anone 
after, fe Kyng 1 of Scotland' fat me callede Mancolum, bigon to 
9 weri- > and stryue 9 wif 10 Due William ; and he ordeynede him fo 
toward Scotland wif his men, bofe by laude and by see, forto 

12 destroy fe Kyng 11 Mancolum. but fai were accordede, & fe Kyng 
of Scotland', Mancolum, bicome his man, and helde al his lande of 
him ; and Kyng 1 William resceyuede of him his Homage, and come 
a^eyne into Engeland. IT And when Kyng William hade bene 12 

16 Kyng xvij ^ere, Mande fe Quene deide, on whom Kyng William 
hade geten meny faire cheldern, fat is forto seyne, Robert Curthose, 
William le Rous, Richar* also fat deide, Henry Beauclerc, & Maude 
also, fat was fe Erles wif 1 of Bleyns, and ofere iiij doughtre. 13 

20 IT And after his wifes deth, grete debate bigan bituene him & fe 
Kyng of Fraunce, Philippe ; but atte f e laste f ai were accordede ; 
and f o duellede f e Kyng of Engeland? in Normandye, and no maw 
him werrede, ne 14 he no man, longe tyme. and fe Kyng of Fraunce 

"24 saide oppon a day in scorne of Kyng William, & saide fat 'Kyng 1 
William hade longe 15 ley en a 16 childe bed', & longe tyme haf 17 
restede him.' U And fis worde come to fe Kyng of Engeted fere 
fat he laye in Normandy, atte Roen ; and for fis word 18 was f o 

28 euel 19 paiede 4 for fat worde, 4 & ek 1 wonder 2 wrothe toward fe 
Kyng of Fraunce. and swore fo by God' fat, when he were arise 
of his gisyne, he wolde li^t a fousand' candelles to fe Kyng of 
Fraunce. 1T And anone lete assem 20 ble a grete hoste of Normandye 

32 and of Engelisshe-men ; and' in f e bigynnyng* of Heruesf he come 
into Fraunce, & brent 21 alle fe tounes fat he come by, frou$ alle fe 
contre, & robbed', & dede al fe euel fat he might frou^-out al 

1 cristusmasse D. Cristesmasse 0. 2 om. D. 3 sent D. 

4 - 4 om. D. 5 leaf 76. 6 into D. 7 ~ 7 hym with 0. 

88 kyng [sic] at D. qwene of Engelond* in 0. 

9 - 9 stryue and were D. 10 with J> e 0. n om. 0. 12 be 0. 

13 doujt^ D. doughters 0. 14 & 0. 

15 longe tyme D. long tyme 0. 16 in DO. " had 0. 

18 word he 0. 19 ille 0. 20 leaf 76, back. 21 bi-ennede D. 

138 William the Conq. dies. William the Red succeeds. [CH. cxxxiv 

Fraunce. & at fe laste he x brent fe toun 1 of Mandes, & co??i- 
mandede his peple forto bere wode, & as miche as 2 myght brenne ; 
& him-self halpe f erto, al }>at he myghte, wij) 3 gode wille. IF And 
fere was grete hete, what of fyre fat was so grete, & of )>e sone )>at 4 
}>o was wonder* hote, fat al stuffled? 4 him-self was, 5 & felle into a 6 
grete sikenesse. and when he saw fat he was so stronge sike, he 
ordeynede and assignede al Normandy vnto 7 Robert Curthese, his 
sone, and al Engeland? to William )>e Rous, & biquaf to Henry 8 & 
Beauclerc al his tresoure. II And when 9 he hade }>us done, 10 he 
vnderfonge alle his sacrament} of holy cherche, & deide, fe xxij 
$ere of his regne, & lif at Caam in Normandy e. 11 

Of 12 Kyng William Rous, fat was William Bastardes sone, fat 12 
destroiede 13 tounes & hous of religioun 13 fort[o] make fe 14 
new Foreste. Ca$itulo 11 Centesimo xxxiiij to . 

ANd after fis William Bastard, regnede his sone William 15 
Rous, & 16 was a wonder* contmrious ma?z to God and to holy 16 
cherche, & lete amende & make fe toune of Cardeys fat fe 
paynemys hade destroied. 17 f This Kyng William destroiede holy 
cherche 6 and alle here possessions, in what partye 18 he mijt ham 
fynde ; and f erf ore fere was so miche debate bituene him & f e 20 
Erchebisshope of Kaunterbery, Ancelyn, for enchesoun fat he 
19 vnderfonge him of his Wickednesse, 19 fat he destroiede Holy 
cherche ; & for enchesofi f erof, f e Kyng to him bare grete wraf ; 
& for fat cause he exilede him out of f e lande ; & f e erchebisshop 24 
fo 20 Went to fe courte of Rome, and fere du[e]llede wif fe Pope. 
U & fis Kyng made fe new Forest 1 , and caste doun 21 & destroiede 
xx vj tounes & iiij house 22 of religign, al forto make his foreste longer 
& broder*, 23 & bicome wonder glade & prout of his wode & of his 28 
Forest 1 , and of fe wilde bestes fat wer* ferin, fat it was mervailous 
forto 24 wete, so fat men callede him ' keper 1 of wodes & of pastures.' 
& fe longer fat 6 he leuede, fe more Wikkede he bicome, bof e to 

1 - 1 brennede the citee D. brent > e Cytee 0. 2 as he D. 
:{ with a 0. 4 stuft'ed 0. 5 bicome D. bycome 0. 6 oni. D. 
7 to D. 8 Kerry 0. 9 }>o DO. 10 do D. n Northfolc D. 
12 How D. 13 - 13 houses of Kegilion) [sic] & tovnes 0. 14 om. 0. 
15 William J>* 0. 16 and this William D. & >is William 0. 
17 destruede D. 18 parte D. 

1919 vndertok^ him for his wickednesse and D. vndirtoke hym for his 
wikkednesse 0. 

20 leaf 11. 21 adoune D. adoun) 0. w houses 0. 

* wider* D. ** to D. 

CH. cxxxiv] The Dreams of & about King William Eufus 189 

God & to holy cherche, & to alle his men. & fis kyng lete make 
fe grete halle of 1 Westmynstre ; 2 and so 2 oppon a 3 Whitsonday 
4 he helde fe?*in 4 his ferste feste, he lokede aboute him, 5 & saide 
4 fat 6 fe halle was to litel by haluendele. 11 And at fe laste he 
bicome so co?*trarious, fat al f ing fat plesede God, displesede him ; 
and al fing fat gode men louede, 7 he hatede dedly. 7 IT And? so 
hit befel fat he dremede 8 & mette 8 oppon a ny^t, bifore a litil or 
8 fat 6 he deide, fat he was 9 bloode, & bledde a grete qwantite of 
bloode, and a streme of blode lepte 10 an hye toward Heuen more 11 
fan an hundred Venithe 12 ; and fe clerenesse of fe 6 day was 
turnede al to 13 derkenesse, and fe firmament also. U And when he 

12 awoke, he hade grete drede, so fat he nyste what to done ; & tolde 
his dreme to meny of his conseile, & saide fat he hade grete drede, 
& supposede fat him was some meschaunce to come. IT And fe 
secunde nyght bifore, 14 a monke dremed of fe househaltf, fat fe 

16 kyng went into a cherche wif miche peple; and he was so prout 
fat he despisede al fe peple fat was wif him; & so 15 he toke 16 fe 
ymage of fe c?'ucifixe, & 17 shamefully bote hit with his teif ; and 
f e crucifix mekely soffrede al fat he dede ; but f e kyng, as a wode 

20 man, rent of* fe Armys 18 of fe 18 19 crucifixe and caste it vnder 
his feete, & defoulede it and frewe it al 20 brode 21 ; and a grete 
flame of fire come out of fe 22 crucifixe3 mouthe 22 ; of fe whiche 
dreem, meny a man 23 hade grete wonder 1 . U The gode man fat 

24 dremede fis dreem 24 tolde it to a knyght fat fo was moste priue wif 
f e Kyng 1 of al men ; & f e knyght me callede Hamundws sone ; & 
fe monke and he tolde fe dreem to 25 [the] Kyng, & saide fat it 
shulde bitoken of ere f ing fan gode; and nofelesse f e Kyng 1 lau^hede 

28 ferat ij 26 or iij, 27 & litil sette fef'oF; II And fou^t fat he wolde 
gone 28 Hunte & pleye in fe forest 1 , and his men 29 conseiled? him 29 
fat he shulde nou^t fat day, for no maner* f ing, come in f e wode, 

1 at 0. 2 - 2 so ]>at DO. 3 a day of 0. 

4 - 4 >mn he helde D. & held >erin 0. 5 om. DO. 6 om. D. 

7 - 7 hated he dedlich 0. 8 ~ 8 om. D. 9 was lete DO. 

10 lappe D. n mo D. 12 Vedine 0. 13 in-to 0. 14 to-fore D. 

15 that D. >at 0. 16 nome 0. 

17 & cast it vndir his feet & defouled it & threw it al abrode & 0. 

IB-IS MS , of j, e of j, e> 19 i ea f 77, back. 

20 MS. has al adoun, with adoun underlined for omission; om. 0. 

21 abrode DO. 

22 - ffl crucifix mouth of the crucifix sic D. Crucifix mouthe 0. 
23 men DO. ** dreme hade D. dreme had 0. 25 vnto D. 

26 twyes 0. * iijes D. thryes 0. * go D. 

Cou?iceyled' 0. 

140 Rufusshot. Henry Beauclerc reigns. [CH. cxxxiv, cxxxv 

so fat he abode at home bifore mete. IT But anone as he hade 
etew, 1 nofing 12 might him lette 3 but he wolde go 3 to fe wode forto 
haue his disporte. IT And so hit bifelle fat one of his knyghtes 
fat hight Walter Tyre], wolde haue shotte to 4 an 5 herte ; & his 4 
Arwe glasede oppon a braunche, & frou^ misauenture smote fe 
Kyng 1 to f e herf ; & so he felle doune dede to 6 f e grounde, wif- 
outen T eny worde spekyng 1 , & so he endede his lif\ 1T And it was 
8 non grete 8 wonder*, for fat 9 day fat he dede, he hade late to ferme 8 
fe Erchebisshoppriche 10 of Kaunterbery, and xij Abbays also, & 
euennore dede grete destruccioun to holy cherche f rou^ wrongeful 
takynges and askyngws; for no man derst wifsayeu 11 fat he wolde 
haue done ; & of his luf ernesse he wolde neuer* wifdrawe 12 neyfer, 12 
to 12 amende his lif ; and* ferfore God? wolde suffre him no longer 
regne in his wickednesse. & he hade bene 13 kyng 1 xiij $ere and vj 
wokes, & lif 14 at Wynchestre. 15 

Of Kyng 1 Henry Beauclerc, fat was William 1617 le Bousws 17 16 
brofer; & of fe debate bituene him & Robert Curthose, 
18 his brofer. 18 Cfynttilo Centesimo H xxxv. 

ANd when 19 fis Willia??^ Rous 20 was dede, Henry Beauclerc his 
brofer* was made kyng 1 , for enchesoun fat William Rous 20 
hade non 21 childe 22 bigeten of his body. 22 & fis Henry Beauclerc 23 
was cronede kyng* 24 at London, f e ferf e day after* fat his brofer was 
dede, fat is to seyiie, fe v day 24 of August 1 . U And anone as 25 
Ancellyn, fat was Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery, fat was at fe 24 
court of Rome, herde fat William Rous was dede, he come a^eyne 
into Engelandl ; & 2t3 Kyng Henry Beauclerc welcomede him wif 
michel 27 honoure. H & f e ferst ^er 1 fat Kyng 1 Henry was cronede, 
he spused Maude, fat was Margaretes doubter, fe Queue of Scot- 28 
land!; & fe Erchebisshop 28 Ancellyn 29 wedede ham. f And fis ' 
Kyng 1 bigate oppon his wif ij sones & a doubter, fat is to seyne, 
William, Richard, and Maude; & fis Maude was afterward 

1 ete 0. 2 noman DO. 

3 - 3 )>at he ne wolde gon D. }>at he nolde gon 0. 4 vn-to 0. 

5 on D. 6 vnto DO. 7 wit^-oute 0. 6 - 8 no D. no gret 0. 

9 the D. 10 bisshopriche D. " withsay D. with-sey 0. 

12 - 12 ne D. neither 0. 13 be 0. 14 om. DO. 

16 Wynchestre he lith O. 16 leaf 78. 17 ~ 17 Kous DO. 

18 - 18 om. D. 19 om. 0. 2 Rous whan he 0. 21 no DO. 

**-** of his body bigete D. begete of his body 0. 

23 Altered from Beaucherc in MS. ** om. D. ^ >is 0. 

26 and the D. & > e 0. ^ miche D. 

28 Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery D. a Ancelyn of Caunterbury 

CH.cxxxv] Henry I's Church disputes. Conquers Normandy. 141 

Emperesse of Almayne. IT And in pe secunde 1 }ere of his regne, 
his bropere Eobert Curthose, pat was due of Normarcdye, come wip 
an huge nauy 2 into Engeland', forto chalange pe land?; but prou$ 
4 conseile of pe 3 wise men of pe land?, pai were accordede in pis 
mane?- : pat pe Kyng shulde ^eue pe Due his broker a pousand? ii 4 
euery $ere ; and which e of ham longeste leuede, shulde bene operes 
heire ; & so bituene ham shulde 5 bene none 5 debate ne stryf. 
8 IT And when pai were Jms accordede, pe Due went home a}eyne 
into Normandy. And when pe Kyng hade regnede iiij jere, 6 arcs a 
grete debate bituene him & pe Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery, 
Ancellyn, for cause pat pe Erchebisshop wolde "nou^t graunt pe 

12 Kyng 1 forto take taliages of 8 Holy cherche 8 at his wille ; and per- 
fore 9 pe Erchebisshop eftesones 10 went ouer pe see vnto 11 pe court 
of Rome, & pe?-e duellede 12 wip pe Pope. IF And in J>e 3 same ^ere ]?e 
Due of Normandye come into Engeland? forto speke wij) his brojje? 1 . 

1 6 And amonges 13 o^? ( e J)inges, J?e due of Normandy fo^af to ]?e 
Kyng, his broker, ]>& forsaide 14 M* ti 15 by ^ere pat he shulde 16 paie 
him 16 ; & wi}) gode loue fe Due went ]?o 17 into Normandye 
a^eyn. 10 

20 11 And when J>o ij ^ere were gone, jjrou} enticement of ])e deuel 
& of 18 a lulper man, 18 a grete debate aros bituene ham, J?e Kyng & 
Jje due, so pat pe Kyng, prou^ conseile, went Quer 119 into Norma?dye. 
And when pe Kyng of EngekmcZ was comen 20 into Normandye, 

24 alle J?e grete lordes of Normandye twrnede ]?o 3 to J?e Kyng of 
Engeland 4 , & helde a^eyns 21 J?e Due, here owen lorde, & him 
forsoke, & to pe Kyng ham 3olden, 22 and alle Jje castelles & 23 gode 
tounes of JSTonna??dye. And sone aftei-' was ]?e Due taken, & lad 

28 wij) ]?e Kyng into Engeland', and pe Kyng 1 lete put J?e Due into 
prisoun. & pis was 14 pe vengaunce of God ; for when pe Due was 
in pe Holy Land? God $af him suche might 1 & honowr pere, 
wherfore he was chose 24 to ben Kyng 125 of lerwsalem; and he 3 

32 wolde nou^t 2(5 bene hit, but 26 forsoke it; & perfore God sende 27 

1 ij 0. 2 meynye 0. 3 om. 0. 4 pound' 0. 

5 - 5 be no D. be non 0. 6 3ei >ere D. ?eer }>er 0. 

7 leaf 78, back. 8 - 8 cherches D. Chirches 0. 

9 \>erf ore eftesones D. perfore eftsone 0. 10 om. DO. n to DO. 

r2 he dwelt 0. dullede R. 13 amonge al D. among 1 0. 

14 om. D. 15 pound 0. 16 - 16 him pay D. 

17 }>o a3eyn D. }> a3en 0. 18 18 lufyer men D. Hther men 0. 

19 ouere the see D. ouer )> e see 0. ' 20 comen ouere the see D. Come 0. 

21 a^eyne D. l22 jelden 0. ^ and the D. & ]> Q 0. 

24 chosen DO. ^ lord' D. a 6 - 26 and D. * sent 0. 

142 K. Henry I. drives K. Louis out of Normandy. [CH. cxxxvi 

him )>at shame & despite, forto bene 1 put into his broberes prisoun. 
^F )5o seisede Kyng Henry 2 al Norma?*dye into his hand?, & helde 
hit al his lifes 3 tyme. & 4 be same $ere come be bisshop Ancellyn 
fra??i 5 be cowrt of Eome into Engeland? a^eyne, & be Kyng 1 & he 4 
were accorded. U And in be $ere nexte comyng 1 after, 6 bere bigar* 
a g?*ete debate bytuene Kyng 1 7 Philippe of Fraunce & Kyng Henry 8 
of Engeland?. Wherfore Kyng Henry 8 went into Normandye; 
and be wen-* was 9 stronge bituenes 9 ham ij ; and bo deide be Kyng 8 
of Fraunce ; & Lowys his sone was made Kyng 1 anone after his 
dej> ; and bo went Kyng Henry 8 a^eyne into Engelawo 1 , & mariede 
Maude his doughter to Henry, 10 J)e Emperowr of Almayn. 

Of be debate bat was bituene n Kyng Lowys 11 of France & 12 
Kyng 1 Henry 12 of Engeland & how Kyng Henrie^ ij sones 
were loste in be hye see. U Capitulo U Centesimo U Tri- 
cesimo U Sexto. 

WHen Kyng 1 Henry had? bene 1 Kyng xvij ^ere, a grete 16 
debate aroos bituefw] 13 him & 13 Kyng Lowys of Fraunce, 14 
for enchesoun )>at fe Kyng hade sent into Normandy to his men, 
for 15 J>ai shulde bene 1 helpyng to )>e Erie of Bleynes as miche as 
))ai myght, in werre a^eynes 16 fe Kyng 1 of Fraunce, and ]>at )>ai 20 
were as redy vnto him as J)ai wolde bene 1 vnto 17 here owen lord, 
for enchesoun J>at fe Erie hade spousede his sustre, Dame Maude ; 
for whiche enchesoun J>e Kyng of Fraunce dede miche harme 18 
<fe 19 sorwe 6 to Normandye. wherfore fe Kyng of EngelawZ was 24 
wonder wro]?, & in hast went ouer Jje see 20 into Normandye wij) a 
grete powei^, 20 forto defende fat londe; & J>e werre bituene "ham 
laste ij ^ere, til at j?e laste fai ij fou^ten to-geder 4 , 21 & fe Kyng of 
France was descomfitede, & vnnefe 22 scapede away wij? miche 28 
peyn; and fe moste part 23 of his men were taken, & 24 dede wij) 
ham what him liked ; and some of ham he lete goii 25 freliche, 26 & 

1 be D. 2 Harry 0. 3 lif 1 D. 4 and in DO. 5 fro D. 

6 om. D. 7 leaf 79. 8 Kerry 0. 

* 9 so strong 1 bituene D. strong betwen 0. 

10 om. D. Kerry 0. 11 - 11 Lowys the kyng 1 D. 

12 Kerry here, and elsewhere in 0. is is om JJQ 

14 France and Kyng Henry of Engeland* D. Fraimce & Kyng Kerry of 
Engelond? 0. 

15 that D. 16 a$en 0. 17 to 0. 18 om. 0. 19 om. DO. 

ao ^ with gret 4 power" and come into Normandye D. vrith a gret power & 
come in-to Normandy e 0. 

21 togederes D. ffl vnne])es D. a partye 0. 
24 and >e kyng 1 DO. ^ go DO. frely 0. 

CH. cxxxvi, cxxxvn] Henry I's sons. His daughter Maud. 143 

some he lete put to def ; but afterward f o ij kyngz^s were 
accordede. IT And when Kyng Henry hade holiche 1 al fe land 1 
2 of No[r]mandye, and scomfitede his enemys of Fraunce, he turned 

4 a^eyne into Engeland? wif michel 3 honowr. and his ij sones, 
William and Eichard, wolde come after 1 her 1 fader 1 , and went to f e 
se wif a grete company of peple ; but er fat 4 fai might come to 
lond?, fe shipp come 5 a^eyn a grete 5 roche, and brake 6 al into 6 

8 pices ; and alle were drenched fat were 7 f erin, saf one 7 man fat 
was in fe same shipp fat ascaped ; and fis was on seynt Katerynes 8 
day. 1F And f ise were f e names of ham fat were drenchede, fat 
is to seyn : William, }>e Kynges sone, Eicharde his brof er, f e Erl 

12 of Chestre, Octouyle his brofe?*, Geffray Ridel, Walter Emurcy, 
Gedfreye Erchedeken, f e Kynges doughter, f e Countesse of Perches, 
fe Kyngws nece, fe Countesse of Chestre, and meny ofer. 
H When Kyng Henry and of ere lordes arryued were in Engeland*, 

16 and harde fise tidyngws, fai made sorwe ynow^ ; & al her 1 merfe & 
ioye was twrnede f o 9 into sorwe 9 & care. 

How Maude f e Emperesse come a3ey[ne] into Engeland ; and 
how she was afterward wedded to Gaufrey, 10 j?e Erl of 
20 Angoy. Capitw/o Centesimo xxxvij. 

A]N"d when fat 11 ij 3ere were gone, fat f e Erl hade duellede wif 
fe Kyng 1 , fe Erl went fo fro fe Kyng 1 , and biganne to 
werre oppon him, & dede miche harme in f e lande of Normandye. 

24 Wherfore Kyng Henry was sore annoiede when he herde fe 
tydynges. 12 wif al fe haste fat he myghf, he passede fe see, and 
come into Normandye, and toke fere a stronge castel, & fere 
13 helde him 13 al fat $ere. And fo come to him tydyuges 14 J>at 

28 Henry, 15 fe Emperowr of Almaigne, fat hade spousede Maud 16 his 
doubter, was dede, and fat she duellede no longer 1 in Almaigne, 
and fat she wolde come a^eyne into Normandy to her 1 fader 1 . 
U And when she was comen 17 to hi??i, he toke 18 her 1 fo wif 19 him, 

32 and come a3eyne into Engeland?, & made fe 10 Englisshemen to 16 
done 20 oth & feaute 21 vnto fe Emperesse. IF And fe ferst man fat 

1 holly D. holy 0. 2 leaf 79, back. 3 mych 0. 

4 MS. J>at >at ; om. D. 5 - 5 ajeynes a D. a^ens a 0. 6 - 6 alto D. 

7 7 within saf o D. >mn saf o 0. 8 Kateryne 0. 

9 9 in mornyng D. into Mornynge 0. 10 om. 0. n ]>o 0. 

12 tydyng 0. ls - 13 he duellede D. he dwelled 0. 14 tydyng 0. 

15 leaf SO. 16 om. D. 17 come 0. 18 nome 0. 19 to 0. 

20 do 0. 21 feautes D. 

Henry I. dies. Stephen succeeds him. [CH. cxxxvn, cxxxvm 

made j>e oth was Willia??i J?e Erchebisshop of Kaunterbury, and 
J>at o]>ere Kyng Dauid of Scotland?, & after him, al J>e 1 Erles & 
barons 1 of Engeland!. II And 2 after j?at, 3 j>e noble man, )>e Eii of 
Angoy, a worj>i kny^t, sent to j>e Kyng of Eugeland? )?at he wolde 4 
grant him forto haue his doughter to spouse, Maude J?e Emperesse. 
U And for enchesoun J>at her 1 fader* wist 1 j>at he was 4 a noble maw, 
j>e Kyng grauntede him, & consentede J?erto, and J?o tok 5 his 
doughter, and ladde her 1 into Kormandye, & come to jje noble 8 
kny^t 6 )>e Erl 6 Gaufrid! ; & he spousede jje forsaide Maude wij> 
rnichel honoure; & Jje Erl bigate 7 oppon her* 7 a sone )?at men 8 
callede ' Henry, J>e Emperesse sone.' IF And after, when al jns 
was done, Kyng Henry duellede al J>at 3ere in Normandy, and 12 
after J?at, longe 9 tyme, a grevous sikenesse toke him, wherfore he 
deide. & J>is Kyng Henry regnede xxxv 3ere & iiij mounjjes ; & 
afte?* he 3 deide, 10 as bifore is 10 saide, in Normandy ; & his hert was 
enterede in )?e grete cherche of oure Lady of Roen, & his body was 16 
brou^t wijj michel 11 honowr into Engelawrf, & enterede 12 at Eedyn^ 1 
in ]>e Abbay; & 12 of )?e which Abbay he was 13 bigynner & 13 

14 How Stephene, Kyng Henryes suster 3 sone, Was made Kyng< 20 
of Engeland?. Capitulo U Centesimo H Tricesimo 1F Octauo. 

After J>is Kyng Henry )?at was J?e ferst 1 , was made Kyng his 
Nevew, his sustres 15 sone, Stephen, 16 Erl of 1 Boloigne ; For 
anone as he harde j>e tidynges 17 of his Yncles 18 deth, he passede Jje 24 
see, and come into Engela^e?, Jjrou^ conseil & 19 streng)j & helpe 19 
of meny grete Lordes 20 of Engekmc? (a^eyn^ heir* oth fat ]?ai hade 
made to Maude J>e Empe?-esse), tok 21 j?e reaume, & lete c?*one 
Stephen Kyng* of 22 J>e land'. 22 IF And )>e erchebisshop 23 William of 28 
Kaunte?'bery, 23 ]?at ferst made j>e 24 oth to 25 Maude J?e Ernperesse, 
sette J?e crone ferst opon Kyng Stephenws heuede, & him annoyn- 
tede; and Bisshop Eoger of Salesbery mayntenede J?e Kyngz* 

1 - 1 barouns & Erles 0. 2 And also 0. 3 om.D. 

4 wistf >at he was DO. wist R. 8 nome 0. 

6 - 6 erle of D. Erie 0. 7 - 7 on his wiF D. 8 me DO. 

9 a longe D. 10 - 10 as is before 0. n mych 0. 

1>2 - 12 in the Abbay of Redyng^ D. at Redyng in >e Abbey 0. 

13 - 13 om. D. 14 leaf 80, back. 16 ' susfor 0. 16 Stephenene sic 0. 

17 tydyng 0. 18 brojwes D. 19 - 19 helpe & strengb D. 

20 londes *ic D. 21 uome 0. ^-^ Engeland D. 

2} - 2J of Kanterbery William D. om. 0. 

25 of feaute vnto D. & feaute vn-to 0. 

CH. cxxxviil-ix] Stephen takes Lincoln. TkeEmpressMaude.\5 

partye in-as-miche as he 1 might. 11 The ferst ^ere fat Kyng 1 
Stephen biganne forto regne, he assembled? a grete host, & went 
him 2 toward Scotland?, forto haue fo 3 werrede oppon fe Kyng of 
4 Scotland' but he come a^eynes him in pees & in gode maner*, & 
to him trust; but he made 4 to him none homage, for-asmiche as 4 
he hade made 5 homage to 5 fe Emperesse Maude. IF And fe iiij 
^ere of his regne, Maude f e Emperesse come into Engelrt^d ; & f o 
8 bigan debate bituene 6 Kyng Stephen and Maude fe Emperesse. 
fis Maude went vnto fe citee of Nichole; and fe Kyng 1 her* 7 
bisegede longe tyme, & might nou^t spede, so wel f e cite was kepte 
and defendede. and f o fat were wif in f e citee queyntly scapede 8 

12 away wifouten 9 eny maner 5 harme; and fo tok fie Kyng fe citee, 
& duellede ferin to 10 Candelmasse. IF And fo come fe barons fat 
helde 11 wij> fe Emperesse, fat is forto seyn, 12 fe Erl Randulf* of 
Chestre, fe Eii Robert of Gloucestre, Hughe Bigot 1 , Robert of 

16 Moll eye, 13 & brou^t wij) ham a stronge 14 power*. 

How Maude fe Emperesse Went fram 15 Wynchesti J vnto 16 
Oxenford'; and after she ascapede 17 to 18 Wallyngforo? ; & 
what sorwe & disese IF she hade. Ctyntulo Centesimo 
20 xxxix . 

WHen fe Kyng 1 was taken 19 & brou^t 20 into warde in 20 fe 
Castel 21 of Bristow, 21 }ris Maude fe Emperesse anone was 
22 lady of Engelcm<i, & alle men helde her for 22 lady of J?e lande. 

24 H But 1 J)0 of Kent helde wij) Kyng 123 Stephenes wif ; and also 
William of Pree & his retenue halpe ham, and helde werre a^eynes 
Maude ]?e Emperesse. & anone after*, fe Kyng of Scotland come to 
ham wi]> 24 a grete 24 nombre of peple ; and po went fai in fere vnto 

28 Wynchestre, ]?ere fat f e Emperesse was, & wolde haue take 25 here ; 
but J?e Erl of Gloucestre come wi]> his power 1 , & fou^t wif ham ; & 
fe Emperesse, in fe menewhile fat f e bataile durede, scapede fro 
fens, & went vnto Oxenford*, & fere her 326 helde. & in fat batail 

32 was fe Erl of Gloucestre descomfitede & taken, 19 & wif him meny 
of ere lordes. U And for his delyueraunce was Kyng 3 Stephen 

I J)ey 0. 2 om. DO. 3 om. D. 

4 4 viito [him] homage bicause ]>at D. 5 5 vnto sic D. homage vnto 0. 

6 bituene the D. betwen > e 0. 7 hem 0. 

8 ascapede D. ascaped* 0. 9 with-oute DO. 10 tul 0. 

II helden 0. 12 leaf 81. 13 Morley 0. 14 stronge D. 

15 fro DO. 16 to 0. 17 schaped 0. 18 vnto D. 19 take 0. 

20-20 21-21 22-22 

23 kynges 0. 24 - 24 an huge 0. 25 taken DO. * he 0. 

146 The Empress Maude's son Henry gets Normandy. [CH. CXL 

delyuerede out of* p?'isoun. U And when he was delyuerede out 
of* 1 prisoun, he went fens to Oxenford', & 2 bisegede fe Emperesse 
fat was fo at OxenforcJ ; & 2 fe sege endurede fro Michelmasse vnto 
Seynt Andrewws tyde. H And fe Emperesse 3 lete fo 3 clofe 4 her 15 4 
al in white lynen clof, for enchesoun fat she wolde nou^t bene 6 
knowe, for in }>e same tyme fere was michel of snowe ; and so she 
scapede 7 by fe 8 Tamyse 9 fram ham awaye 9 fat were her* enemys ; 
& fro pens she went to Wallyngford, & 10 fere here helde. 10 IT And 8 
f e Kyng wolde haue bisegede her* ; n but he hade so miche to done 
wif fe Erl Randulf of Chestre, & wif Hugh Bigot, pat strongelich 12 
werrede oppon him in euery place, fat he ne wist whider to 13 
turne ; and fe Erl of Gloucestre halpe 14 ham wif his power. 12 

How Gaufride, Erl of Angoy, 15 3af vp vnto 16 Henry, fe 
Emperesse sone, al Normandye. C&pitulo Centesimo xl. 

ANd after fis, fe 17 Kyng went vnto Wilton, 18 & wolde haue 
made a castel fere ; but fo come to him fe Erl of Gloucestre 16 
wif a stronge power, & almost hade take fe Kyng; but $it fe 19 
Kyng ascapede wif miche payn; & William Marcil 20 fere was 
take, & for whos delyuerance f e Kyng 1 $af to 21 f e Erl of Gloucestre 
fe gode castel of Shirburn fat he hade tak. U And when fis was 20 
done, f e Erl Robert, & alle fe Kynges enemys, went to Faryndon, 
& bigonne 22 forto make fere a stronge 22 castel; but fe Kyng 1 , wif 
a stronge power 1 , drof ham fens. 

In fat same $ere IT The Erl Randulf of Chestre was 23 accorded 24 
wif fe Kyng 1 , and come to his 24 cowrt at his co7?zmandeme?it; and fe 
Erl went 25 haue safliche 26 corner 27 ; & fe Kyng anone lete 28 take 
him, and put him into prisou?*, & most neuer for nofing come out 
ferof til fat he hade $elde op to 29 fe Kyng 1 fe castel of Nichole, 28 
f e whiche he hade tak fro f e Kyng wif strengf in f e xv $ere of 
fe 30 regne of Kyng Stephene. H & Gaufride, fe Erl of Angoy, 31 
$af vp to Henry 32 al Normandy. In fe $ere fat next sewede, 

1 MS. of of. 2 - 2 om. D. 3 - 3 >o lete D. 4 clo>en 0. 

8 MS. her* her*. 6 be D. 7 ascaped DO. 8 om. 0. 

9 - away fram ha?ft D. 10 - 10 helde her \>ere D. n leaf 81, back. 

12 strongly 0. 13 for-to 0. u holpe D. 15 Angon) 0. 

16 to 0. 17 >is the D. bis J>e 0. >is R. 18 Walton D. 19 b 0. 

20 Macytt D. 21 vnto DO. 

22 ^ bcre to make a fair* D. }>ere for-to make a strong 0. 

23 was made 0. M the Kynges D. * wende D. 

26 safly D. sauely 0. ^ come 0. ffl le sic D. vnto 0. 

30 his 0. 31 Angon DO. 32 Henry his sone D. Kerry his sone 0. 

CH. CXL-I] K. Stephen dies, & Henri/ II succeeds him. 147 

1 deide pe Erl 1 Gaufrid'; and Henry 2 ]>o anon twrnede a^eyn to 
Angoy, 3 & ]?ere was made Erl wij? 4 michel ioye & 4 honour 1 of his 
rnerc of ]?e lande ; & to him deden f eaute & homage J>e most parte 5 
4 of his land'. IF And ]>o was J>is Henry, J?e Emperesse sone, Erl of 
Angoy 6 & Due of Nor 7 mandye. 

U And 8 in J?e same }ere Was made deuorse bituene J?e Kyng of 
Fraunce & J?e quene his wif, J>at was ryght heir* of Gascoigne, for 
8 encheson J>at it 9 was knowe 10 & prouede J>at ]?ai wer* sib & ney of 
blode ; & ]?o spousede her 1 , Henry ]>Q Emperesse sone ; & J>o was 
he 8 Erl of Angoy, 6 Due of Normandy, & Due of Gascoigne. 11 J>e 
xviij $ere of fe 11 regne of Kyng Stephen, )ns Henry come into 

12 Engeland wi]> a 12 stronge power 1 , and bigan 13 forto werre oppon 
Kyng 1 Stephen, & toke J?e castel of Malmesbery, & dede miche 
harme. And f>e 12 Kyng Stephen hade so miche werre fat 1 he 
34 wist nou^t 14 winder 1 to 15 wende; but at J?e laste ]?ai wei j accorded', 

16 j?rou^ ]?e Erchebisshope Theobalde and prou^ o]>er worfi lordes of 
Engeland', oppon J>is condicioun, J>at ]?ai shulde departe ]?e reaume 
of Engelaud' bituene ham, so fat 12 Henry, ]?e Empe?-esse sone, 
shulde haue holliche halfe ]>e reaume, and when Kyng Stephen 

20 were 16 dede, he shulde haue al J?e lande of Engeland?; & yus J>ai 
were accordede, & pees criede 17 J?rou3-out al Engeland'. U And 
when ]>e accord was made bituene ]?o ij lordes, Kyng Stephen 
bicome so sori, for cause fat he hade loste half Engelarad, & felle 

24 into soche a malaldy, & deide in ]?e xix ^er 1 , viij wokes & v dayes 
of his regne, al in were* & in contain ; & he lij? in J?e Abbay of 
Feuersham, J?e whiche he lete make, 18 J?e vj 19 ^ere of his regne. 

Of Kyng Henry j?t was )>e Empe?-esse 20 sone, in whos tyme 
28 21 Seynt Thomas of Kaunterbery 21 was Chaunceller. 22 
11 Capitulo U Centesz'wo xl p?imo. 

ANd after J)is Kyng 1 Stephen, regnede Henry 23 fe Emperesse 
sone, ]?at 24 Was cronede 25 of ]?e Erchebisshop Theobalde 
32 })e xvij day bifore Cri[s]tesmas. 26 And in J>e same ^ere Thomas 

1 1 om. D. 2 Henry his sone D. Herry his sone 0. 3 Angon DO. 
4 4 miche D. mych 0. 5 party D. partye 0. 6 Angon) 0. 
7 leaf 82. 8 om. DO. 9 is sic D. 10 knowen 0. n his ( 

leaf 82. 8 om. DO. 9 is sic D. 10 knowen 0. l his 0. 
om. D. 13 bigonne D. I 
16 was D. 17 ycryed^ 0. 18 

12 om. D. 13 bigonne D. 14 - 14 nyst D. nyste 0. 15 for-to 0. 
16 was D. 17 ycryed^ 0. 18 mak in D. make in 0. 
19 sixte O. 20 Emperesses D. 

21 21 the words seynt & of Caimtirbury are struck out, & Beket is inserted 
after Caiwtirbury, in 0. w Ch[a]unceller of Englond' 0. 

23 leaf 82, back. M and DO. 25 Crouned' kyng 0. 
26 Cristemasse 0. 

148 Henry Ilinvades Wales. Becket quits England. [CH. CXLI 

Beket of London, Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery, was made pe 
Kyngws Chanceller 1 of Engeland*. IT pe secunde ^ere pat he was 
cronede, he lete caste doun alle pe newe castelles 1 pat were longyng 
vnto J)e crone, pe whiche Kyng 1 Stephen hade ^eue 2 vnto diuerse 3 4 
men, & ham hade made erles & barons forto holde wip him, & 4 him 
helpe 4 a3eyns Henry, 5 pe Emperesse sone. 11 And pe iiij $ere of his 
regne he put vnder his 6 lordeship pe Kyng 1 of Walys. And in pe 
same ^er*, when pe Kyng of Scotland? had in his owen hande, pat is 8 
to seyne, pe citee of Kerlil, pe castel of Bamburghe, pe newe castel 
op 7 Tyne, and pe Eiidome of 1 Lancastre, pe same $ere pe Kyng<, 
wip 8 gret power 1 , went into Walys, & lete caste adoun 9 wodes, & 
make 10 waies, and made stronge pe castel 11 of Rutland & Basynge- 12 
were ; and amonge pe castelles 12 he made an house of pe temple. 
If And in f e same $ere was Kichard his sone born, pat afterward 
was Erl of Oxenford. 

H And pe iiij ^ere of hes regne, he made Gaufride, Erl of 16 
Britaigne ; & in pat ^ere he chaungede his mone. 13 And pe vj ^ere 
of his regne he lade 14 an huge 14 host vnto Tolouse, & conquerede 
hit. And pe vij ^er* of his regne, deide Theobalde, pe 5 Erche- 
bisshofp] of Kanterbery; and po al pe citee of Kaunterbery, 15 prou3 20 
meschief, almost 15 was brent. 

[Thomas a Becket is made Archbishop of Canterbury, and quarrels 

with the Kingl\ 

)3e ix ^er* of his regne, Thomas Beket, his Chaunceller 1 , was 24 
chosen to 16 ben Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery; and oppon seynt 
Bernardes day he was sacrede. II And in pat 3ere, born was 
Alienore, pe Kynges doubter. IF And pe x ^ere of his regne, seynt 
Edmund pe Kyng was translatede wip miche 17 honowr. II And 28 
pe xj $ere of his regne he helde his parlement at Northampton ; & 
fro pens fled? Seynt 18 Thomas, Erchebisshop 19 of Kaunterbery, 20 for 
pe 5 grete debate pat was bituen 21 pe Kyng and him ; for if he hade 
bene 22 fonde on 23 pe morwe, he hade bene 22 slayn; & pe?*fore he 32 

1 castel D. 2 Jeueu D. 3 diners 0. 

* 4 help him D. helpe hym 0. c om. 0. 

8 his owen D. his ovne 0. 7 vpon 0. 8 with a DO. 

9 doune D. 10 made 0. n cast sic D. 12 castel D. 
18 mony D. 1414 j^^ /^ an huge an huge. 

i5_i5 almost 1 >ouj meschif D. almost Jmrgh myschef 0. 16 leaf 83. 
17 michel D. 18 seynt struck out in 0. 19 om. D. 

20 Caunterbury fro > e kyng 0. 

21 bituene D. betwen 0. bitue R. be 0. * in DO. 

CH.CXLI-II] Hen. IPs children. Thomas a Becketismartyrd. 149 

fledde pens wip iij felawes, in 1 fote oneliche, 2 pat no maw wist wher* 
he was, and went ouer pe see to pe Pope 3 of Eome. U And pis was 
pe principal enchesoun, forasmiche as pe Kyng wolde haue put 
4 clerkes to 4 deth pat were atteint of felonye, wipouten 5 eny pryuelege 
of holy cherche. 1F And pe xij ^ere of his regne, was lohn, his 
sone, bore. 6 And pe xiij ^ere of his regne deide Maude pe 
Emperesse, pat was his moder ) ; And in pat same ^ere was lohane 
8 his daughter born. 7 U pe xiiij ^ere of his regue, pe Due Henry of 
Saxoyne spousede Maude, his doughter; & he bigate on here iij 
sones, Henry, 8 Othus, & William. U And in pe xv ^ere of his 
regne, deide pe gode Erie Eobert of Gloucestre, pat foundede pe 

12 Abbay of Nonnes of Eton. U And in 9 pe same }ere, Marik 1 , Kyng 
of Jerusalem, conquerede Babilon. IF pe xvj ^ere of his regne, he 
lete crone his sone Henry at Westmynstre ; & him cronede, Eoger, 
pe Erchebisshop of 3ork 1 , in harmyng of Thomas pe Erchebisshop of 

16 Kaunterbery; wherfore pe same Eoger was acursede of pe Pope. 3 

10 Of Kyng 1 Henry, pat was pe Emperesse sone ; & of pe debate 
pat was bituene him & his fader 1 whiles 11 pat he was in 
Normandy e. G&pitulo Centesimo xlij do . 

20 A fter* pe coronacioun of Kyng 1 Henry, pe sone of Kyng Henry, 
_/jL the 12 Emperesse sone, pat same Henry pe Emperesse 13 sone 
went ouer into Normandy e ; and pere he lete marie Elianore, his 
doubter, vnto Dolfynes, 14 pat was Kyng of 15 Almaigne. And in pe 

24 vij $ere pat pe Erchebisshop Seynt 16 Thomas hade bene outlaghed?, 
pe Kyng of Fraunce made pe Kyng & 17 pe Erchebisshop 1T accorded z ; 
and po come Thomas pe Erchebisshop, to Kaunterbery a^eyne to 
his owen cherche. And pis accord* was made in pe bigyrcnyng 1 of 

28 Aduenf, and afterward he was quellede & 3 martirede, 3 pe v day of 
Crista^masse 18 pat 9 po next comme. For Kyng 1 Henry pou3t oppon 
19 a day of 19 Thomas, Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery, oppon Cristes- 
masse 20 day as he sate 21 at pe 22 mete, and pise wordes saide : pat if 

32 he hade eny gode kny^t with him, he hade bene, 23 meny day go, 9 

1 on 0. 2 onely D. only 0. 3 struck out in 0. 4 to the D. 

5 witfamte 0. 6 borne D. 7 bore 0. 8 Hen sic D. 

9 om. 0. 10 leaf ^83, back. n while DO. 12 MS. the fe. 

13 emperesse? D. 14 Delfines D. 15 MS. of of. 

16 om. D. struck out in 0. 

i7_n^ seynt Thomas D. 0. has seynt Thomas, with seynt struck out. 

18 cristesmasse D. Cristemasse 0. 

i9_i9 seynt D> seynt s t ruc k out i n o. Cristemasse 0. 

21 set D. ^ his D. om. 0. be 0. 

150 Thos.a Becket slain, A.D.1172. Henry II dies. [CH. CXLII-III 

avengede of 1 the Erchebisshop Thomas. If And anone Sir 1 William 
[Breton], Sire Hughe Morvile, Sir 1 William Tracy, & Sir 1 Reynold! 
Fit}- Vise, Beressone in Engelisshe, 2 went into 3 J>e see, and come 
into Engelawc?, to J>e cherche of Kaunterbery, & him ]>ere ]?ai 4 
matrede, at seynt Benetes auter in J>e moder 1 cherche ; And J?at was 
in )>e 3ere of ]?e 4 Incarnacioun of 5 Ihesu 6 crist, M 1 . C. Ixxij 7 ^ere. 8 
U And anone after 1 , Henry, ]>e new Kyng 1 , biganne forto make werr 1 
oppon 9 Henry, Kyng, 9 his fader 1 , & eke oppofi 10 his brefern. 11 8 
IT And so oppon a tyme )>e Kyng 1 of Fraunce and al fe Kynges 
sones, & ek 14 J?e Kyng of Scotland? & J>e gretestf lordes of Engela??d, 
were arisen a^eynes Henry )>e fader 1 ; & at 12 last, as God wolde, he 
conquerede 13 his enemys; and J?e Kyng 1 of F?wmce & he were 12 
accorded?, and ]?o sent Kyng Henr 1 , ]?e fader 1 specialy vnto fe Kyng 1 
of Fraunce, and praede him hertly, for his loue, pat he wolde sende 
to him by lettre )>e names of ham )>at bigonne J>e werr 1 oppon him. 
IF And pe Kyng of France 14 sent a$eyn to him 14 by lettre J?e names 16 
of ham fat bigon J>e werr 1 : fersf was lohn his sone, and Eichard 
his broker, 15 & Henry his sone, 15 ]>e newe Kyng 4 . IT ])o was Henry 
J?e Kyng wonder wro)>, & cursede J?e tyme ]?at 16 euer 1 he ham 16 bigate. 
And 17 while )>e werre durede, Henry his sone, 18 )>e newe kyng 1 , 20 
1T deide, sore repentyng his mysdede ; and moste sorw made of eny 
man for cause of Seynt 19 Thomas de]? of Kaunterbery ; & prayede 
his fader, wij? miche sorwe of hert, mercy of 20 his trespasse ; and 
his fader 1 for^af it him, & hade of him grete pite; & aft[er], he 24 
deide, )>e xxxvj 3ere of his regne, and li)> at Eedynge. 

How >e Cristen men loste }>e Holy Land' in )>e forsaid Kyngws 
tyme, jjrou^ a 21 false Cristen maw }>at bicome a 17 Sarasyne, 
Cxpitulo Centesimo xliij t0 . 22 28 

ANd while J>at Kyng Henry, ]?e Emperesse sone, leuede & 
regnede, ]?e grete batail was in ]?e Holy Land 1 bituene fe 
Cristen men & )>e Sarasynws ; but ]?e Cristen me?* were Ipere quellede 

grete tresoun of ]?e Erl of Trype, fat wolde haue hade to wyf 32 

1 oppon D. vpon 0. 2 Englisshe priuely D. Englissh pryuyly 0. 

3 vnto DO. 4 om. DO. 5 of oure lorde D. 6 Ihesus 0. 

7 Ix and xij DO. 8 om. 0. 9 - 9 kyng* Henry D. kyng Herry 0. 

10 leaf 84. " bre>em also D. bre>erin also 0. 

12 at the D. at > e 0. 13 conquerede alle D. conquered ntt 0. 

14 14 sent to him a}eyne D. is is om< Q ie_i6 j ie } 1 y m euere Q. 

17 om. D. 18 om. sic D. 19 struck out in 0. 20 for DO. 

21 o DO. MS. has xliiijo. 

CH, CXLIV] How the Holy Land was lost. The Crusade. 151 

J>e Quene 1 of Jerusalem, J?at somme tyme was Baldewynws wif ; but 
she forsoke him, & toke to her 52 lorde a Kny^t, a worpi ma?i J>at 
me called? Sire Gy Perche^. 3 Wherfore J?e Erie of Trip 3 was wroj>, 
4 and went anone ryght to Saladyn, ]?at was Soudan of Babilon, & 
bicome Saresyn, 4 & his marc, & forsoke 5 Cristendome and aft Cristen 
law; and J?e Cristen mew wiste 6 nou^t 7 of ]?is dede, 7 but wende 8 
forto haue 9 hade grete helpe of him, as J?ai were wont to 9 haue 
8 bifore. And when J>ai comen 10 to J?e batail, pis false Cristen maw 
twrnede vnto ]?e Sarasynes, and forsoke his owen naciounes 11 ; & so 
were J?e Cristen men fere quellede wif fe Sarasynws ; and Jms wer* 
pe Cristen men slayne & put to horrible de]>, and J?e citee of 1 

12 lerwsalem destroiede, & ]>e holy croice born away. 1F J?e Kyng of 
Fraunce 12 & al fe grete 12 Lordes of fe land* lete ham croice 13 forto 
go into the Holy Lande; and amorcg ham went Richard, Kyng 
Henries sone, ferst after the Kyng 1 of* France pat tok the crois 13 of 

16 fe Erchebisshop of Toures; but he toke 14 nou^ft] fe viage at )>at 
tyme, for enchesoun J>at he was lette by ofere manei j waies 15 j?at 
nede 15 moste 16 bene 17 done. 11 And when Kyng Henry fe 18 fader 1 
hade regnede xx^v* 1 3 ere & 19 v mounfes and iiij dayes, he deide, 

20 & lij> [at] Founteueraro?. 

Of Kyng 1 Richard, fat conquerede aH 19 J?e Holy Land 1 J?at 
Cristen men hade loste. Capitulo Centesimo Quadragesimo 
quarto. 20 

24 A Nd after 1 21 ]>is Kyng 21 Henry, 22 regned Eichard his sone, a 
^L\_ stronge man & a worj)i, & also bolde ; & he was cronede at 
Wynchestre 23 of J>e Erchebisshop Baldewynne, Erchebisshop 24 of 
Kaunterbery, 25 the frid day of Septembre; and the secunde ^ of 
28 his regne Kyng Richard him-self 1 and Baldewyne the Erchebisshop 
of Caunterbury, 25 & Huber[t], Bisshop of Salesbery, & Randulf, Erl 

1 leaf 81, back. 2 here a O. 

3 - 3 MS. has Wherfore >e Erie of Trip Wherfore >e erl of Trip. 

4 a sarasyne D. 5 forsok his D. 6 wist it D. 7 ~ 7 om. D. 

8 went 0. 9 om. 0. 10 come 0. n nacion 0. 

ia_i2 MS , has & al >e grete & al >e grete. 

i3_i3 f or to . . crois D. for-to gon in-to ]> e holy land' ; & among hem went 
Richard 2 , kyng Herrys sone, ferst aftir >e kyng of fraunce >at toke > e Cros 0. 
om. R. 

14 nome 0. 15 ~ 15 and nedes DO. 16 to 0. 17 be DO. 

18 his DO. 19 om. D. 2 MS. has quinto. 

21-21 om> j) t j,jg p. 22 Herry kyng 0. ^ Westmyustre DO. 

24 MS. has erchebisbisshop ; om. DO. 

25 ^ the . . Caunterbury D. J> e iij day of Septembre & )> e ij 3eer of his regne 
Kyng Richard hym-self & Baldewyn Erchebisshop of Caunterbury 0. om. R. 

152 Richard I & the Crusade. He is imprisond. [CH. CXLIV-V 

of Gloucestre, & o]>ere meny lordes of Engelattd, went into ]>e Holy 
Land?. And Mn pat viage deide pe Erchebisshop 2 of Kaunterbery ; 
and Kyng Eichard went bifore into pe Holy Londl, & 1 reste 3 nou3t 
til pat 4 he come forpe in his way vnto 5 Cypres, and toke Cipres 4 
wij) grete force. & sipen 6 he went four]) toward pe Holy Land', & 
gete a^eyn as miche as pe Cristera men 7 haden 8 loste bifore, Kyng 
Richard 1 9 cowquerede & gete hit a3eyn, 9 saf onely pe Holy Croice. 
IT And when Kyng Richard come to pe toune 10 of Acres, forto gete 8 
11 pe citee, 11 a grete debate aroos bituene him and pe Kyng of 
Fraunce, so pat Kyng Richard went a^eyne into France, & was 
wro]> toward 12 pe Kyng of Fraunce; but 13 ei J pat 13 Kyng Richard 
went a^eyne, he toke pe Citee 14 of Acres. U And when he hade 12 
taken 15 pe citee, he duellede perin 15 awhile; but to him come 
tydynges 16 pat pe Erl lohn of Oxenford', his broker, wolde haue 
seisede al Engelcmd into his honde, & Normandy also, and wolde 
crone him Kyng 1 of pe lande. H And when Kyng Richard herde 16 
pis tydynges, 17 he went a^eyn toward' Engela?^ wip 18 al pe spede 
pat he myghf ; but pe Due of Estriche mette wip 19 him & tok him, 
& brou^t him to 20 pe Emperoure of Almaign; & pe Emperowr 
brou^t him into 21 his prisoun. And afterward he was delyuerede 20 
for an huge Raunsoun, 22 pat is, for to paien 22 an .C M< ti. 23 IT And 
for whiche ransoun to bene 24 payede, eche opere chalice of Engelcm^ 
was molten 25 & made into monye. And alle pe monkes of pe 
ordre of Cisteaux 26 ^euew alle her 1 27 bokes prou^ 27 Engela??^, to 24 
done ham forto selle, and to 28 pat ransofi forto paye. 

How Kyng Richard 1 come a^eyn fro pe Holy Lande, & avenged' 
him of his enemys. Capitulo Centesimo .Q^adragesimo 
quinto. 29 28 

iles pis 19 Kyng Richard was in p?*isoun, pe Kyng of 
Fraunce werrede oppon him strongeliche 31 in !N"orma?idye, 
and lohn his broper werrede oppon him 32 in JLugeland \ but pe 

l - 1 om. D. 2 leafSS. 3 rested 0. 4 om. D. 
5 to [sic] he come to D. 6 sip D. 7 peple O. 8 hade D. 
9 9 get it & conquered it prou} grete streng> D. gete it and conquered' it 
ajen burgh gret myghte 0. 

10 Citee 0. n - n it 0. 12 wi> D. 13 - 13 or DO. toune D. 

i5_i5 j t he duellede in the Citee D. it he duellid in be Cite 0. 

16 tydyng DO. 17 tydynge 0. 18 in D. 19 om. 0. 

20 vnto DO. 21 to D. 8a - 2a forto paye D. >at is for-to paye 0. 

23 pound 0. ^ be DO. * meldede D. molte 0. 

26 Cistenaux D. 272? boker [sic] breu^oute D. bokes burgh 0. 

28 om. DO. * MS. has Sexto. 30 leaf 85, back. 

31 strongly 0. ^ hym strongly 0. 

CH. CXLV] Rich. Us wounded to the Death at Castle Gaillard. 153 

bisslioppis & fe barons of Engelawrf wifstode 1 ham 2 wif al fe 3 
power fat fai hade & myght getew, 4 & helde 5 fe castel of Wynde- 
sore and alle of ere castelles. U And f e forsaide lohn saw fat he hade 
4 no might ne power' a^eynes fe barons of EngelemcZ forto fei^t ; but 
anone him went ouer ) fe see to 6 fe Kyng of Fraunce. IT And 
when Kyng Eichard come out of prisoun, and was delyuerede, and 
come into Rngeland, anone after Candelmasse, in grete haste he 
8 went vnto 7 Notyngham, and 8 fe castel of Notyngham to him was 
golden ; and f o disheritede 9 he lohn, his brof er, and alle fat wif 
him helde; and after, he went vnto fe citee of Wynchestre, and 
fere he lete him crone Kyng eftesones ; and after, he went into 

12 Normandy forto weir* oppon fe Kyng of Fraunce. 51 And fe 
Kyng of France come wif vj C. kny^tes toward Gisers ; and 10 
Kyng Eichard mette him, & ]>o wolde haue ^eue him bataile, but 
fe Kyng of Fraunce fledde ; & an C. kny^tes of his were take, & ij 

160. stedes were trappede wif yren. U And anone after, went Kyng 11 
Eichard forto bisege f e castel of Gaillard?. U And as he rode oppon 
a day by fe castel, forto take avisement of J>e castel, an 12 Arwe- 
blaster* smote him wif a quarel fat was e[n]venymede ; and fe Kyng 

20 drow out ]>Q shafte of fe quarel, but fe quarelle hede abode stille in 
his heuede, 13 & hit bigan forto 14 rancle, fat he might nou3t helpe 
him-self 1 ne 15 meve his Armes. U And fo he wist fat he hade 
dethe 16 Wounde, fat he might nou^t bene 17 hole for no maner fing*. 

24 He co?ftmandede anone 18 alle his men 18 sharply forto 19 assaile fe 
castel, so fat fe castel was taken 20 or fat 21 he deide. And so man- 
liche 22 his men deden, 23 fat fe peple fat were in fe castel were al 
taken ; and fe Kyng dede wif ha??i what fat 21 he wolde, & com- 

28 mandede his men fat fai shulde bryng 1 tofore 24 him f e maw fat him 
so hade 25 hurte & so hade 25 wondede. U And when he come bifore 
f e Kyng 1 , f e Kyng axed* what was his name ; & he saide ' ' Sire, 
26 my name is 26 Bertram Gurdon." "Wherfore," saide fe Kyng, 

32 "hast fow me slayn, sif fat y dede fe neuer 5 none harme 1 ?" 
1F " Sire," said? he, " fouj $e dede me neuer 27 harme, 30 haue done 28 
to my frendes miche harme ; For ^our'-self, wif $our owen honde, 

1 withstonden 0. 2 him D. 3 here D. 4 gete DO. 

5 geten DO. 6 vnto 0. 7 into 0. 8 ad sic D. 

9 disherite 0. 10 & > e 0. n om. 0. 12 hike 0. 
13 heedeD. heed 0. u to 0. 15 leaf 86. 16 dethes D. dethis 0. 
17 be DO. 18 - 18 om. DO. 19 om. D. al his men for-to 0. 
20 take 0. 21 om. D. ^ manly 0. w dede 0. 
24 bifore D. byfor 0. ^ om. DO. a*- 26 om. 0. 

27 neuere non 0. ffl do D. 

154 Rich.IdiesA.V.1216. K. John loses Normandy. [CH. CXLVI 

quellede my fader* & my broker; and ferfor now y ban 1 $ow 
quytte ^oure trauaile." H fo saide Kyng Richard : " He fat deide 
oppon fe croice to bryng mannws soule 2 fram fe 2 pyne of belle, 
for^eue $ow my de]> ! and y also fo^eue hit ]>e." fro commandede 4 
fe Kyng fat no man sbulde him misdone 3 ; but for al fe kyng^s 
defendyng, IT Sorame of bis mew 4 hi?ft folwed, 4 & priuely him 
quellede. And fe vj day afte?', fe Kyng deide shryuen, and sore 
5 repentance hauyng 15 of his misdedes, 6 & was houselede & 8 
annoyntede. And fis kyng ne 7 regned but ix }ere & xxxix 
wokes, & 8 deide, & lif bisides 8 his fader 5 at Founteuerard*. 

Of Kyng lohn, fat in fe 9 ferst $ere of his regne loste al 
Normandye. C&pitulo Centesimo xlvj mo . 10 12 

WHen Kyng Richard was dede, for enchesoufi fat n he hade 
none heir*, nofere 12 sone ne doughter, bis brofer lohau was 
made Kyng 1 , an[d] cronede at Westmynstre of Hubert, fat was fo 
Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery. IT And when he biganne forto 16 
regne, he bicome so mervaillous a 7 maw, and went ouer into 
Normandye, & werrede oppon fe Kyng 1 of France. And so longe 
fai werrede to-gedre, til att fe laste Kyng lohn loste Normandye & 
Angoy 13 - wherfor he was sore annoiede, & was none 14 mervaile. 20 
U f o lete he assemble byfore him at London, Erchebisshoppis, 
bisshoppws, Abbotes & Pryowrs, Erles & barons, and helde fere a 
grete Parlemenf, & axede fere of fe clergye 15 fe tenfe of euery 
cherche of Engeland?, forto 16 corcquere & gete a^eyne Normandy & 24 
Angoy 17 fat he hade loste. and! fai wolde nou^t graunt fat fing 1 ; 
wherfore he was wonder 5 wrof. IT And in fe same tyrne deide fe 
Erchebisshop 18 Hubert 1 . And fe Priour & fe Couent of Kaunter- 
bery chosen, a^eynes fe Kyngws wille, to bene Erchebisshop, 28 
Maistre Stephen of Langeton, a goode clerc fat wonede at f e court 
of Rome, & sende 19 to fe Pope 20 here elleccioun ; & fe Pope 20 
confermede hit, and sacred hit 21 at Viterbe. U When fe Kyng 
wiste fis tydyngws, 22 he was wonder 5 wrof, & drof fe Prioui & fe 32 
couent fro Kanterbery, & exilede ham 23 out of Engelarad, & 

1 haue D. 2 - 2 oute of D. 3 mysdo D. - 1 - 4 folewede him D. 
5 5 repentyng 1 D. repentaunt hauy?tg 0. 6 mysdede D. 
7 om. DO. 8 - 8 lith beside 0. 9 the D. >e 0. om. R. 
10 MS. has xlvijmo. " leaf 86, lack. 12 ney>cr D. ne\>er 0. 
13 Angon DO. 14 no DO. 15 MS. chergye ; Clergie of Engelond' 0. 
16 forto DO. for R. " Angon DO. I8 bisshop D. byssliop 0. 
19 sent DO. 2 struck out in 0. 21 hym 0. ^ tydyng 0. 
23 hym 0. 

CH.CXLVII] K.John. England inter dieted ly the Pope's order. 155 

command ede 1 fat no maner* lettre fat come fro fe court of Rome, 
ne no 2 comandement, 3 shulde be 4 vnderfong 1 ne pledede 5 in 
Engelondl. IF When fise tydyngws 6 come to fe Pope, 7 he sent 

4 vnto Kyng John by his lettre, & pryede him wif gode wille & 
gode hert fat he wolde vnderfonge Stephen, 8 Erchebisshop of 
Kaunte?-bery, vnto His cherche, & soffre fe Priowr & his monkes 
to 9 come a$eyn to 10 her 5 owen duellyng 1 ; but fe Kyng 1 wolde nou3t 

8 grant hit for noting. 11 

How Kyng lohan wolde 12 noii3t do 12 for 9 fe Popes 13 com- 
mandeme?*t; wherfore al Engeland was enterdite 14 15 & 
suspended'. 15 C&pitulo Centesimo xlvij . 16 

12 A Nd at fe 17 laste, ])e Pope 7 sent by his autorite, and ennioynede 
jL\_ to ls bisshoppis of Engeland* fat, if f e Kyng 1 wolde nou^t 
vnderfonge fe Prioure of Kaunterbery and his monkes, fat fai 
shulde do 19 general ente?*dityng< frou^-oute al Engeland! ; & granted e 

16 ful power* to iiij bisshopis to p?'onounce fe enterdityng, if 20 it were 
nede : U J>e ferst was Bisshop Willia??z of London, & fat ofer 
Eustace, Bisshop of Ely; fe fridde 21 was Walter, fe Bisshop of 
Wynchestre; And fe ferf 22 was Giles, fe Bisshop of Herford. 23 

20 II And fise iiij bisshoppis praiede fe Kyng 1 , knelyng on here knees 
& sore wepyng 1 , fat he wolde do 24 fe Popis 25 command emenf, and 
shewede him f e bullis of the 9 enterdityng 1 ; but, for no prayer* fat 
fai myght praye, he wolde nou^t consent ferto. And when fe 

24 bisshopes saw fis, fai went fro 26 fe Kyng 1 ; 11 And in 17 fe morwe 27 
after* fe Annunsiacion of oure Lady, fai pronouncede fe general 
enterdytyng 1 frou^-oute al Engeland?, so fat f e cherchedores were 
shitte 28 wif Keyes & wif 29 ofer fastnyng 1 , and wif 29 wallys. H And 

28 when fe enterdyting was pronuncede, fan fe Kyng bigan forto 30 
wax al out of mesure, and toke 31 into his honde 32 alle fe possessions 
of fo 33 iiij bisshopis, and of al fe clergye frouj-out 84 al fe lande, 

1 commandede D. Comauwded' 0. commande E. 2 none D. 

3 mandement D. mauwdement 0. 4 J>ai D. 5 plede D. 

6 tydyng< D. 7 struck out in 0. 8 leaf 87. 9 om. D. 

10 vnto D. n nomancr in D. 12 - 12 no->ing done 0. 

13 MS. has Pope struck out ; it is also struck out in 0. 

14 enterditede D. entirdited 0. 15 - 15 om. 0. 
16 MS. has xlviij ; D has xxxvij . 17 om. 0. 

18 to Jje 0. 19 don 0. 20 if fat D. 21 >irde 0. ^ iiij 0. 
23 Hereford' 0. M don) 0. 

25 Popes struck out, and bysshoppcs inserted by another hand in 0. 

26 from 0. * morne DO. shitte in D. 29 - 29 om. D. 
30 to 0. 31 nome 0. y2 hondes D. 33 the D. >e Q. 

34 >rou3 D. Jrargn 0. 

156 Compromise between the Pope & King John. [CH.CXLVII-VIII 

and ordeynede men forto kepe 1 ham, fat 1 fe clerkes might nou^t 
haue here leuyng 1 . Wherfore fe biss[hopis cursjede 2 ha??i aH fat 
put, or slmlde medle 2 wif, holy cherche} 3 godes, a^eins 4 the Wille 
of ham fat ham 5 owede. 4 

II And Whe[n] fe Kyng Wolde nou^t cesse of his malice for 
no maner f ing 1 , f e 6 iiij bisshoppis aboue-saide 7 went oner f e see, 
and went to fe Erchebisshop 8 of Kaunterbery, and tolde him al 
fe tidyngws. 9 U And fe Erchebisshop to ham saide, fat fai shulde 8 
go 10 a^eyn to Kanterbery, and he wolde come fider 1 to ha??z, or 
elles he wolde sende fider 1 certeyn persones in his stede, fat shulde 
done n as miche as him-self were fere. IT And when f e bisshopis 
herde fis, fai twrnede a^eyne vnto 12 Engelandl, & come 13 vnto K[a]un- 12 
terbery. 14 U the tydynges comen to the kyng 1 fat f e bisshoppes 
wer 1 come a^eyne to Kanterbery, 14 and [as] him-self might nou^t 
come fider 1 fat tyme, he sent fider 15 bisshopes, Erles, Abbotes, forto 
trete wif ham, fat fe Kyng shulde vnderfonge fe Erchebisshop 16 
Stephen, & f e priour 1 and alle 16 f e monkes of Kaunterbery, and 
fat he shulde neuer 1 after 1 fat tyme nofing take of Holy Cherche 
a^eynes f e wille of ha??i fat owede 17 f e godes ; and fat f e Kyng 
shulde make ful amendes to ham of whame he hade eny godes 20 
taken, & fat holy cherche shulde haue alle here Eraunchises as 
ferforf 18 as she hade in Seynt Edwardws tyme f e Confessoure. 

How Stephen of Langetone cowme into Engeland frou^ fe 
Popis 19 co??imandement, & the[n] 20 went a^eyn. C&pitulo 24 
Centesimo xlviij . 21 

WHen f e fourme of accorde fus was ordeynede, 22 hit was in a 
peire of endentures ; & fai put her* selx 23 to fat 24 o party, 24 
and fai fat comen 25 in fe Kyng?w name put her 1 selx 26 to fat of ere 28 
parte 16 of fe endentwres. And fe iiij bisshoppws aboue-saide toke 

J- 1 it for D. it J>at 0. 

2 - 2 al men fat ham medlede D. al hem ]>at put or schuld medle 0. 
3 Cherche 0. 4 leaf 87, back. c it D. 6 J>o D. 
7 aforesaide D. 8 Bisshope 0. 9 doyng< D. doynge 0. 
10 gon D. n do D. 12 to 0. 13 comen 0. 

14 -* 4 the . . Kanterbery D. The tydynge come to > e kyng ]>at }> e Bisshopes 
were come a3en to Cavwtirbury 0. om. R. 

16 J>ide sic D. 16 om. 0. 17 owen D. owe 0. 

18 alseferforth D. as ferforf 0. afferfor)> R. 

19 MS. has Popis struck out ; struck out also in 0. 2 he D. om. 0. 

21 MS. has xlix ; D lias xxxviij ; has Ixviij . 

22 ordenede D. ordeyned? 0. ordeyne R. w sealles D. seeles 0. 

one parte D. ^ come D. '* seeles 0. 

CH. CXLVIII] K. John refuses to restore the Church's goods. 157 

fat o l parte 2 of f e endentwres 3 wif ha?ft ; And f e of er parte of 
fe endenture fai 3 bare wif ha??i forto shew fe Kyng 1 . 1f When fe 
Kyng saw 4 f e f ourme, and hit 4 5 vnderstode, he helde him f ul wel 

4 paiede 6 of al maner f ing fat 7 fai hade ordeynede, saf as tochyng 
f e restitucion of f e godes 8 forto make 8 a3eyne ; to fat fing 1 he 
wolde 9 nou^t accorde ; and so he sent worde a^eyne to fe 10 forsaide 
iiij "bisshoppis, 10 fat fai shulde done n out and put awey fat o pynt 

8 of restitucion ; and fai ansuerede fat fai nolde 12 nou}t done 4 13 out 
a word!. 13 U fo sent fe Kyng 1 to fe Erchebisshop by fo iiij 
bisshopes, fat he shulde come to Kaunterbery forto speke wif him 
fere, and sent vnto him saf condit, vnder 5 plegges, fat is to seyn, 

12 his lustice^, Gilbert Peytevyn, "William de la Breuer 5 , & lohn le 
fi[t]z Hugh, fat in here condit safly he shulde come, & gon a}eyn at 
his wille ; & in f is maner* f e Erchebisshop Stephen come vnto 
Kaunterbery. 51 And when the Erchebisshop was [come], 14 fe 

16 Kyng 1 come to Chilham, for he wolde come no nyer 115 Kaunterbery at 
fat tyme; but he sent by his tj'esorer 1 , fe 16 bisshope of Wynchestre, 
fat he shulde done 17 out of fe endentwes fe clause of restitucioun 
forto make of fe godes. U And fe Erchebisshop made his oth fer, 

20 fat 18 he wolde neuer 1 do 19 oute a 20 worde ferof, ne chaunge of fat 
fe bisshopes 21 hade spoken 22 & ordeynede. & so fe Erchebisshope 
went a3eyn to Rome, wif -ou ten 23 eny more doyng 1 . IF Kyng 1 [lohn] 
was fo 24 miche wrofer 25 fan euer he was bifore, and lete make a 

24 comen 26 crie frou^-out al Engelawd, fat al fo fat haden 27 holy 
cherche rentes, and wen ten 28 oner fe see, fat fai shulde come a^eyn 
into EngekwcZ at a certeyn day, and elle3 fai shulde lese her 1 rentes 29 
for euermore; and fat he commandede to 4 euery shirryf frou^out 

28 Engelaw<i, fat fai shulde enquer 1 if eny bisshop, Abbot, 30 Pryoure, 
or eny ofer prelate of Holy cherche, 31 fro fat day afterward? 
resceyuede eny mandemewt fat come fro fe Pope, 32 fat fai shulde 
tak fe body, & brynge hit bifore him ; & fat fai shulde take into 

32 fe Kynges hande al her 1 londes 33 of holy cherche 34 fat were 

1 one D. 2 partye 0. 

3 - 3 and D. with hem & ]>at o}>ere partye of J> e endentwres J>ey O. 

4 om. 0. 5 leaf 88. 6 apayed D. 7 as DO. *-* om. D. 

9 nolde 0. 10 - 10 iiij bysshopes aforseid' 0. n do D. 12 wolde D. 

i3_i3 ou {; wor $ ]) > o W ord z 0. a word R. u comen D. 

15 neire D. ner 0. 16 om. D. 17 do D. 18 that D. fat 0. at R. 

19 don 0. 20 o 0. 21 Archebisshop D. 22 spoke 0. 

23 withoute DO. M om. D. so 0. * wrofer f o D. 

26 comune 0. ^ hade D. had 0. a went DO. ffl Rente 0. 

30 Abbot or D. 31 leaf 88, back. 32 struck out in 0. 

83 godej D. 34 che sic D. 

158 K.Johnruins the Cistercians. The Popes Demands. [CH.CXLIX 

to l eny man frou$ f e Erchebisshop Stephen or by ]>e Pryour 1 of 
Kaunterbery, fram f e tyme of fe elecciouii of f e erchebisshope ; 
IT And co??imandede fat alle fe wodes fat were fe erchebisshopws 
shulde 2 bene 3 cast adoufi to l ]>e grounde, and aH solde. 4 

How Kyng- lohn destroyed fe ordre of Cisteaux. G&pituto 
Centesimo xlix . 4 

ANd in ]>e same tyme J>e Irisshe-mett bigon to 5 werr 1 oppon 
Kyng lohn; and Kyng lohn ordeynede hi??? forto 6 wende 8 
into Yrland?, and lete arere an huge tax 7 f rou^-out al Engekmrf, 7 
fat is to seyn, xxxv M* mar} 8 ; & sent f rou$-out 9 al Engelawd to 
f e monkes of f e ordre of Cisteaux, fat fai shulde helpe him of vj 
M* marc of Siluer 1 ; and fai ansuerede 10 & saide 10 }>at fai derst 1 2 
noting done wifoutew 11 her 1 chief Abbot of Cisteaux. Wherfore 
Kyng lohn, when he come 12 a^eyne 13 fram Irland!, 13 he dede ham 
so miche sorwe & care, J?at ]?ai nist wher 1 forto abide ; for he toke so 
miche ransoun of euery hous of ham, 14 J>e so?7ime amountede ix M* 16 
& iij C rnar}, 15 so fat }>ai were clene loste 16 and destroyede, & 
voidede her 1 hous & her 1 landes prou^-out al EngelanA H And the 
Abbot of Wauersey 17 drade so miche his manace, J?at he forsoke al 
his 18 Abbay, & went fens, and pryuely 19 ordeynede him ouei j f e 20 
see 20 to J>e hous of Cisteaux. IT When fe tydynges 21 come to f e 
Pope, 22 fat f e Kyng 1 had done so miche malice, fo was he toward 1 
f e Kyng 1 ful wrof , and sent ij legates to 1 f e Kyng 1 , fat on me 
callede Pandolf 1 , & fat of ere Duraunt, fat fai 23 shulde warne fe 24 
Kyng 1 , in f e Popis 22 name, fat he shulde cesse of* his persecucion 
fat he dede vnto holy cherche, & amende fe 24 wrong 1 and trespasse 24 
fat he hade done to f e Erchebisshope of Kanterbery, & 25 vnto fe 25 
monkes of Kaunterbery, & to al fe clergye of Engelaftrf, and fat 28 
he shulde restore f e godes a^eyn fat he hade taken 26 of ha??z a3eyns 
her 1 wille, & elles 27 fai shulde curse the 2S Kyng 1 by name ; and to 
done 29 fis fing 1 , 30 & to conferme, 30 fe Pope 22 toke ham his leftres in 

1 vnto 0. 2 shul 0. 3 be DO. 4 MS. has l mo . 5 forto DO. 

6 foro sic D. 7 - 7 om. 0. 8 Mark 1 0. 9 frou3 D. furgh 0. 

10 10 om. D. n with-oute DO. 12 come home 0. 

ia - 13 into Engelan* D. fro Irlond' 0. 14 ham >at D. hem J>at 0. 

15 Mark 0. 16 ylost 0. 17 Waruersey 0. 18 }> e 0. 19 om. D. 

20 see pryuely D. 21 tydyng D. tydynge 0. ^ struck out in 0. 

23 leaf 89. a * ^ trespas and wrong D. wrong and J> e trespace 0. 

25 - 25 to the Priour' and D. to > e Priour & to ]>e 0. 

26 take 0. ett 0. w the D. fe 0. om. R. do D. 


CH. CXLIX.] K. John's Exceptions to the Popes Demands. 159 

bulles patent. II fise ij legates comen 1 into Engeland, and comen 
to f e Kyng 1 to Northampton, fere fat he helde his pa?iement ; & 
ful curteisely fai 2 him salued!, 3 and saide : "Sire, we befe 4 comew 
4 fro 5 J>e Pope 6 of Rome, f e pees of holy cherche & 7 f e lande forto 
amend? ; and we monest }ow ferste in J>e Popis half 1 , fat 36 make 
ful restitucioun of fe godes fat 36 haue rauisshede of holy cherche 
& of fe land?, & fat 30 vnderfonge Stephen, 8 Erchebisshop of 
8 Kanterbery, into his dignite, and fe Priour 1 of Kaunterbery & his 
monkes, & fat 36 ^elde a3eyn to 9 f e Erchebisshope alle his landes 
& rentes, wifout eny wifholdyng. IT And Sire, 10 more-oiier*, fat 
36 n soche restitucioun ham 12 make, as holy cherche shal holde her* 

12 paiede.'' 

U f o ansuerede f e Kyng 1 ; " as tochyng 1 f e Priowr & his 
monkes of Kaunterbery, al fat 30 haue saide, y 13 wille gladelyche 13 
do, & al fing 1 fat 36 wille ordeyne. U But as tochyng 1 fe 

16 Erchebisshop, y shal telle 3ow in 12 myn hert as it lif, fat fe 
Erchebisshop lete his bisshopriche, & fat fe Pope 6 14 fan for him 14 
wolde praye, & fan oppofi aventure me shulde like some ofere 
bisshopriche 15 forto 3eue him 15 in Engelandl; and oppon 16 fis 

20 condicioun y wil 17 him resceyue and vnderfonge. 1T And nof eles 
in Engelawd, as Erchebisshop yf 1 18 he abide, he shal neuer* haue so 
gode saf condit fat 19 he ne shal ben 4 tak." IT fo saide Pandolf 
vnto fe Kyng 1 : "holy cherche was neuer' wont to disgrade 20 

24 Erchebisshop wif outen 21 cause resonable ; but euer she was wont 
to chastice Pry[n]ces fat to God 1 & holy cherche were in-obedient." 
U " What ! how now?" quod f e Kyng, " manace 36 me ?" U " Nay," 
saide Pandolf 1 , " but 30 22 now openly haue tolde as it stondef 22 in 

28 3owr hert ; & to 3ow we wil tel what is f e Popis 6 wille ; & f us it 
stant : fat he haf 3ow holiche 23 enterditede & accursede for f e 
wronges fat 30 haue done to holy cherche & to fe clergye. & for- 
as-miche as 36 duellif & bef in wil to abide in 3our ) malice, and 

32 wil nou3t come to none emendement, 24 30 shal vnderstond' fat fro 
fis tyme afterward fe centence is oppon 30 w 3euen, & halde 25 stede 

1 come DO. 2 om. D. 3 salewed hyra 0. 4 be 0. 
5 frara D. 6 struck out in 0. 7 & of DO. 8 Stephen the D. 
9 vnto DO. 10 Sir* 3itte D. sir ^it 0. u 3e hem 0. 12 om. 0. 
13-13 wolde gladely D. wold gladly 0. 14 - 14 for him fan D. 
i5_i5 j^ f orto ^ eue D> 16 jfg m oppon oppon. 17 wolde DO. 
18 leaf 89, back. 19 MS. J>ak. & descharg D. 21 witAoute 0. 
22 22 'haue tolde openly how it stondes D. haue now openlich haue told 
as it standith 0. 

23 holy DO. 2* amendemewt 0. 25 holde> D. halt 0. 

160 The Popes Legates declare the Excommunication of England. 

& strengf ; and all 1 fo fat wif ^owhaj) 2 communed e or 3 fis tyme, 
Whefer )>at fai be]) 4 Erles or 5 barons, 6 knyghtes or eny o]>er, 
what-so- 7 euer fat 7 fai bene, we ham assoile safly vnto fis day. 
And fro fis tyme afterward', of what condicion so-euer 18 he 9 be, we 4 
ham acurse fat wij) ^ow communen, and 10 do we sentence oppon 
ham openly & specialy. 11 And we assoile quyte 11 Erles & 12 barons, 
kny^, & al ofer maner 1 me?*, of her 1 homages, seruices & feaute^, 
fat fai shulde vnto 3ow done. 1T And fis fing to cowferme, We 8 
3eue 13 pleyn power* to fe Bisshop of Wynchestre & to fe Bisshop 
of Norwich; U And fe same power we 14 3eue into 14 Scotland to fe 
Bisshop 15 of Rouchestre & of Salesbery; & in Walys we ^eue 16 )>e 
same power* to fe Bisshop 17 of seynt Dauid, 18 of Landa & of 19 12 
Assa. II And more-ouer we seude 20 frou3 al Oistendome, fat al fe 
bisshopis bi^end fe see, J>at fai 21 22 acurse alle J>o fat helpef 30 w, or 
in 12 eny conseile ^eue 23 in eny maner nede fat 30 haue forto done in 
eny party of the world? ; and 24 we assaile 24 al ham fat a^eynes ^ow 16 
meuef 25 eny maner 1 werre. U And we assoile ham al also, by f e 
autorite of fe Pope, 26 & co??imanden 27 ha?w 28 also wif 30 w forto 
werr 1 , as wif him fat is enemy to 29 al holy cherche." IF f o 
ansuered? fe Kyng, "what mow 36 done 30 more?" IT fo saide 31 20 
Pandolf : " we seyn 32 to 3ow ' in verbo Dei,' fat 36, ne none heir 1 
fat 30 haue, neuer after 1 fis day may be cronede." IT Tho saide fe 
Kyng: "by Him fat is Almyghty God 1 , & y hade wist of fis fing 1 
er 1 fat 30 come into my land?, fat 30 me 12 hade brou3t 33 soche 24 
tidynges, 34 y shulde haue made 3ow ride 35 al an hool 3ere." H f o 
ansuerede PandolF : " ful wel wende we, at oure ferst comyng 1 , fat 
30 wolde haue ben obedient to God and to 5 holy cherche, & haue 
f ulfillede f e Popys 26 cowmandement ; and nowe we haue shewede 28 
& pronuncede vnto 36 3ow f e Popis 26 wille, as we were chargede 
fenvif . IT And as now 36 haue saide fat, if 36 hade wist fe cause 
of oure co??imyng, fat 30 wolde haue made vs ryde al an hool 3ere, 

1 oppon alle D. vpon att 0. allo R. 2 hauen D. haue 0. 

3 bifore D. before 0. 4 be D. ben 0. 5 om. D. 6 Barons or 0. 

7 - 7 om. D. 8 )>at euere D. euer >at 0. 9 J>ei 0. 

10 and so DO. n quvtely D. quytly 0. 12 om. DO. 13 jeuen 0. 

14 - 14 3eueth in 0. " bysshops 0. 16 3euen D. yeuen 0. 

17 bisshoppis D. bysshopes 0. 18 Dauid and DO. 

19 of seynt DO. *> sende> D. seiidith 0. 

a >aidoD. feydonO. & leaf 90. jeueth D. 

^-^ assoile D. >at assoylle 0. assoile R. ^ meue 0. 

26 struck out in 0. a comraande D. K om. 0. a vnto 0. 

30 do me D. don nie 0. 31 answered 0. & saie D. 

33 broght me 0. * Tydynge 0. ^ riden 0. 36 to D. 

CH. CL] A clerical Coiner is set free ty Pandulf. 161 

and as wel 30 myght haue saide fat 30 wolde haue take l an hool 
3ere of respite by )>e Popys 2 leue. H But forto suffre what de]> 
fat 3 30 couf e ordeyne, we shulle nou3t spare forto tel 30 w holliche 
4 al fe Popis 2 message, & his wille fat we 4 wer 1 chargede with." 

How Pandolf 1 delyuerede a clerc fat hade falsede 6 & contre- 
fetede fe Kyngws monye 5 6 bifore fe 6 Kyng 1 . 7 C&pifulo 
Centesimo I . 8 

8 A Non fo commandede fe Kyng to 3 the Shirrif 19 & bailifs 10 of 
J^\_ Northampton fat n were in fe Kynges presence, fat 11 fai 
shulde bryng 1 forth alle 12 f e prisoners, fat" 13 J>ai my3t bene 14 done 
to defe bifore Pandulf 1 , for encheson fe Kyng wende fat fai 

12 wolde haue gaynesaide here dedes for cause of def, al fing fat 
fai 15 hade spoken bifore. 16 U When f e prysoners were comen 1T 
bifore fe Kyng 1 , fe Kyng 1 commanded? 18 sowme to bene honget, & 
some to bene 19 drawe, & somme to draw out her* eyen of her* 

16 heued. 20 and amonge alle ofer, fere was a clerc fat hade falsede 
f e Kynges monye ; & f e Kyng cowmaundede fat he shuld? 
bene 21 honged & drawe. 1T And when Pandolf herd fis com- 
mawdement of fe Kyng 1 , he stert 22 op smertly, and anone axed 

20 a book 1 & candel, 23 and wolde haue 23 cursed alle ham fat sette 
oppon fe clerc eny honde. 1T And Pandolf him-self went forto 
seche a croice ; and f e Kyng folwede him, and delyuerede him f e 
clerc by f e honde, fat he shulde do 24 wif him what-euer* fat he 

24 wolde. And fus was the clerc delyuerede, and went fens ; and 
Pandolf & Duraunt 1 25 went f o fro 26 Kyng lohn, & come a3eyne to 
fe Pope 27 of Rome, and tolde him fat Kyng lohn wolde nou3t 
amendede ben, but euer^ abide so acursede. U And nojjeles f e Pope 

28 graunted! fat 36^ frou3~out Engeland?, fat men might synge masse3 28 
in couenable cherches, & make Godes body, and 3if it to sik 1 men 
fat 29 shulde passe 29 out of fe 30 worlde, & also fat men might cristeu 

1 tok D. 2 struck out in 0. 3 om. DO. 4 he D. 
5 5 the kynges mony and counterfetede it D. & coimterfete j) e kynges 
money 0. 

6 - 6 om. 0. 7 Kyng 1 himself D. om. 0. 8 MS. has lj. 
9 Shereves 0. 10 balie^ D. "- 11 om. D. 12 leaf 90, back. 
13 fat wer 1 in the kynges prisoun ]?at D. 14 be DO. 

15 he 0. 16 afore DO. 17 Come 0. 

18 MS. has to bene commamanded', with to bene underlined for omission*. 

19 be 0. 2 heed 0. 21 be DO. ^ sterte him D. 
2S 23 MS. has and wolde haue & wolde haue. ^ done 0. 

25 Durant his felaw D. Duraunt his felawe 0. * fro )> e 0. 
27 struck out here and everywhere in 0. w masse D. 
29 - 8B passe shulde D. passe schuld' 0. 30 fis 0. 


162 King John surrenders his Crown & Realm to the Pope. [CH.CL 

childern oueral. 11 And when f e Pope wist 1 & sawe fat f e Kyng 
wolde nou^t bene 1 vnder* f e rewele of holy cherche for no maner 
fing 1 , fe Pope 2 fo sent 2 to fe Kyng of France, in remissioun of his 
synnes, fat he shulde take wif him al f e power* ]>at he myght, & 4 
wende into Engeland? forto destroye Kyng lohan. 

[King John gives in to the Pope.] 

When fis tydyngws 3 come to Kyng 1 4 Iohn, fo Was he sore 
annoyede, & sore drade Laste fat he shulde lese his reaume, and 8 
him-self 5 be done vnto )>e 5 de)>. 11 f o sent he to f e Pope messa- 
gers, 6 & saide fat he wolde bene 7 iustifiede, & come to amende- 
ment 1 in al maner f inges, atte his owen wille. f e messagers comen 8 
to fe Pope, & tolde him 9 fe Kyngws wille, & saide fat he wolde 12 
come to emendement in al maner 10 finges, & wolde make satis- 
faccion to al maner* men after* f e Popys ordenaunce. U f o sent 
fe Pope a^eyne into EngelewcZ, Pandolf* and ofere messagers, & 
comen to Kaunterbery fere fe Kyng abode, and fe xiij day of 16 
May, fe Kyng made 11 an hoth forto stande to fe Popes ordenaunce, 
bifore Pandolf fe legat, in al maner fingws for fe whiche he was 
accursede ; & fat he shulde make ful restitucion to alle fe 10 men of 
holy cherche and of religioun, of fe gode 12 fat he hade take of ham 20 
a^eyn^ heir* wille. And alle fe grete lordes of Engeland? suore 
oppon a 13 book 1 & by fe holy dome, fat if fe Kyng wolde nou^t 
holde his oth, fai saide fat 14 fai wolde make him 15 holde hit bi 
strengf . U And 10 fo put fe Kyng 1 him to fe courte of Rome & to 24 
fe Pope, and fo ^af* vp fe reaume of Engelarad & of Irland?, for him 
& for his heires for euermore fat shuld? come after him, so fat 
Kyng lohan & his heires shulde tak f o ij reaumes of f e 16 Popis 
Hand*, & shulde holde fo ij reaumes of the Pope 16 as to ferme, pay- 28 
ing euery ^er* to fe court of Rome a f ousand? marc of siluer*. And 
f o toke 17 f e Kyng f e croune of his Heued?, and sette him 18 on his 
knees, and fise wordes 19 saide in heryng 20 of alle fe 21 grete 22 
lordes of Engeland? : " Here y resyngn) op fe crone of 23 fe reaume 32 
of Engeland? into fe Popis Hande, Innocent fe fridde, and put 
24 me Holliche 25 in his mercy & 26 ordenance." U f o vnderfonge 

I be D. 2 - 2 sent >o 0. 3 Tydyng 0. 4 leaf 91. 

B 6 ben done to D. to be don to O. 6 messagers DO. messager R. 
7 be DO. 8 come DO. 9 him D. hym 0. ham R. 10 om. DO. 

II made & swore 0. 12 godes D. goodes 0. la >e 0. 14 om. D 
16 hem 0. 16 - 16 Pope D. 17 nome 0. 18 it 0. 19 worde D 
20 audience D. 21 pepte 0. w gre sic D. & 0. and DO 

24 leaf 91, back. 2r> holy O. * and in his DO. 

CH. CLI] King John 's Deed of Surrender to the Pope. 163 

Pandolf pe crone of Kyng lohn, and kepte hit v dayes, as for 
seising-takyng 1 of J?o ij reaumes of Engetod and of Yiland, and 
confermede al maner* pinges by his chartre J>at folewej? after*. 

4 Of J>e lettre obliga[to]rie bat Kyng lohn made to be court of 
Rome; wherfore be Petrus pens be]? 1 gadrad broil} al 
Engeland*. Cap^wZo Centesimo Quinqwagesimo primo. 2 

" rflO 3 alle 4 Oisten peple pro^-out 5 the worlde duellyng 1 , lohn, 

8 by J>e grace of God, Kyng 1 of Engeland*, gretyng to 

vniuersite ! and knowen 6 ping 1 it be J>at, for-asmiche as 7 we haue 
greuede & offendede 8 God & our* moder* cherche 9 of Rome, and 
forasmiche as we haue nede to pe mercy of oure lord Ihesu Crist, 

12 and we may noting so worpi offre competent satisfaccioun to make 
to God* & to holy cherche, but if it were our* owen body, as wib 
oure 10 reaumes of Engeland* and of Irland*, Thanne, by pe grace of 
God*, 11 we desirefi forto meken 12 vs for ]>e loue of Him bat meked 

16 Him to be de]> of J>e Croice, brou^ conseil of ]>Q noble erles & 
barons, we soffren 13 and frely g?*anten to God, and to be Apostoil^ 
seynt Petre & seynt Paule, & to oure moder 1 cherche of Rome, & 
to our* Holy fader be Pope, Innocent be bridde, & to alle be Popis 

20 bat come]? 14 after him, al J?e reaume & 15 patronages of cherches 16 of 
Engeland* 16 and of Irland*, wij? alle ]>e appurtenances, for remissioun 
of oure synnes, and helpe & helj? of oure Kyn 17 soules, and of aH 
Cristen soules, so J>at fro 18 pis tyme afterward, we wille resceyue & 

24 holde of oure moder che[r]che of Rome, as fee ferme, doyng 1 feaute 
to our* 19 holy fader* 20 21 J?e Pope, Innocent J)e pridde, and to alle J)e 
Popes pat come]? 22 after* him, in 23 maner* abouesaide. U And in 
presence of J?e wise man Pandolf, J?e Popis Suthdekne, 24 we make]) 25 

28 liege homage, as it were in pe Popes presence, & bifore him were ; 
and we shul 26 do al maner* pinges 27 aboue-saide; and* 28 J?erfore 
we byndep 28 vs, and al J?at comen after* vs, & oure heirs for-euer 1 - 
more, wipouten 29 eny gaynsaying, to ]?e Pope, & eke J?e ward 30 of 

1 ben D. 2 MS. has secimdo. 3 So sic D. 

4 MS. alle al ; alle the D. 5 >rou^-out al D. 6 knowe D. 

7 >at DO. 8 offende D. 9 MS. has cherche of cherche. 

10 MS. has cures. u the holy gost D. >e holy gooste 0. 

12 meke D. 13 offren DO. 14 comen DO. of Engelond of 0. 

16-ie om o. n Kynes D. 18 from 0. 19 om. D. 

20 fade sic D. 21 leaf 92. ** comen 0. in the D. in > e 0. 

24 Sudekene 0. ^ make DO. 

26 MS. has shulde, with de underlined for omission. ^ Jring* 0. 

28_28 j, erto we by n( j e D. -tyerto we bynde> 0. M witAoute 

30 wardes D. 

1 64 K. Johns Deed of Surrender. Exiled Papists to come lack. 

cherche} 1 vacaunt}. and in token 2 of pis ping euer forto last, we 
wille, conferme & 3 ordeyn, pat our* special rent} of ])e forsaide 
Reaumes, sauyng seynt Petrus pens, in al 4 ping to pe moder 
cherche of Rome, paying by }er* 5 M* mar} 6 of sillier* at ij termes of 4 
pe }ere, for al maner custumes pat we 7 shulde do to 7 pe forsaide 
Reaumes, pat is to seyn, at Mighelmesse & at 8 Ester*, pat is to 8 
seyn, 9 vij C mar} 10 n for Engeland?, 11 & iij C mar} 12 for Irland*, 
sauyng to vs and to oure heires, oure 3 Justice} and oure oper 8 
ffraunchisis, and oper realtes pat apperteynep 13 to 14 pe crone. And 
alle pise pinges pat 15 bifore ben 15 saide, we wille pat hit be ferme & 
stable wipouten ende ; and to pat obligacion we, and alle our* 
16 successoures & oure heires, 16 in pis maner bep 17 bonde, pat if we, or 12 
eny of our heires, prou} 18 presumpcioun falle 19 in eny poynt a}eyne 
pise pingws abouesaide, & he bene 20 warnede, & wille nou}t 21 ri}t 
amende him, he shal pan lese pe forsaide 3 reaumes for euermore. 
and pat 3 pis chartre of 22 obligacioun, & oure warant, 22 for euermore 16 
be ferme and Stable wipouten 23 gaynsaying 1 , we shul fro pis day 
afterward be trewe to God & to pe 24 moder 1 cherche of Rome, and 
to pe Pope Innocent pe pric?, 25 and to al pat 1 2G comep 27 after him ; 
and pe reaumes of Engeland & of Irland? we shul mayntene 20 
trewely 28 in al maner poynt} a}eyn} al maner men by oure power 1 , 
prou} 29 pe grace of GooV' 29 

How pe clerkes pat werne 30 outlawed of Engeland', come a}eyn, 
& how Kyng lohn was assoiled*. G&pitulQ Centesimo Iij . 31 24 

WHen pis chartre 32 was made and enselede, pe Kyng Vnder- 
fonge a}eyn his crone of 1 Pandolfes hondes, and sent 
anone vnto 33 pe Erchebisshop Stephen, and to al his oper clerkes 
and lewed men pat he hade exilede out of his 84 lande, pat pai 28 
shulde come a}eyne into Engeland?, & haue a}eyn her 1 londes & 
heir 1 rentes, & pat he wolde make restitucioun of pe godes pat he 

1 Cherche 0. 2 tokenyng 1 D. 3 om. D. 4 al maner D. 

5 }ere a 0. 6 marc D. Mark 1 0. 

7 7 shal do for D. schul don for 0. * 8 Estren for Engelond? 0. 

9 say D. om. 0. 10 marc >at is to sayn D. n n om. 0. 

12 marc D. Mark 1 0. 13 perteyne D. pertyne> 0. 

14 vnto 0. 1515 biforne be D. ie ie heires and successoures D. 

17 ben 0. 18 >rou} eny D. jmrgh ony 0. 19 faile D. 

20 be 0. 21 no 0. 

22-22 war aunt and our oMigacioun D. M withoute 0. 24 our" D. 

25 >irde 0. a leaf 92, back. ' a comen 0. trewlich 0. 

i_29 go( j eg ijeipe D. goddes helpe 0. 30 were DO. 

31 MS. has lijjo. lettre D. M to D. 34 him sic D. 

CH. CLII] King John welcomes Archbishop Stephen. 165 

hade J take of heres, 1 a^eyns her 1 wille. U f e Kyng him-self fo, 
and Pandolf, & Erles & barons, went fo 2 vnto Wynchestre a3ein3 
)>e Erchebisshop Stephen. & when he was comen, 3 f e Kyng went 
4 a^eynes him, & felle adoun vnto 4 his feet 1 , & saide vnto 4 him : 
" faire sir 1 , 36 bef welcomes 5 ; and y crie ^ow mercy, for encheson 
fat y haue trespassede a3eyn^ ^ow." U fe Erchebisshop toke him 
vp fo in his Amies, & cussede him curteisely ofte-tymes, and after 
8 lad him to fe dore of Seynt Swythynus cherche by f e honde, & 
assoilede him of ]>e centence, and him reconselede to God and to 
holy cherche; and fat was on seynft] Margarites day; and fe 
Erchebisshop anone went forto synge f e masse, and f e Kyng offred 

12 at ]>e masse a mark of golde. U And whew fe masse was done, alle 
fai went forto vnderfonge 6 her* londes, wifoutew 7 eny maner* 
gaynesaying ; and fat day J>ai made ali mer)>e and ioye ynow ; but 
3itte was nou^t fe enterdit 8 relessede, for enchesoun 9 fai hade sent 

16 fat fe enterdityng 1 shulde nou^t bene vndone 9 til fe Kyng 1 hade 
made ful restitucioun of J>e godes that he 10 hade take of Holy 
cherche, and also fat him-self shulde done n homage to f e Pope by 
a certeyne ligat fat he shulde sende into 12 Engeland?. 

20 IF ]>o toke 13 Pandolf his leue of 14 f e Kyng 1 and of f e Erche 
bisshop, and went a^eyne vnto 15 Eome. And fe Erchebisshop 
anone lete come bifore him prelates of holy cherche at Eedyng 1 , 
forto trete and conseil how miche and what f ai shulde 16 axe of f e 

24 Kyng 1 forto make restitucioun of f e godes fat he hade take 17 of 
ham. II And f ai ordeynede and saide, fat fe Kyng shulde $eue to 
fe Erchebisshope iij M* mar} 18 for fe wronge fat fe Kyng hade 
done to 19 him, and also to ofer clerkes 20 xv M* marc, by porcyons. 20 

28 and in fe same tynie Nicholas, 21 bishop of 21 Tuscan, Cardynal 
Penitauncer ) of Eome, come into Engeland? frou$ fe Popis com- 
mandement, fe v kalencZ of Ottobre, and come to London fe v 
None of Octobre, for enchesoun fat Kyng lohfL, and alle fe 22 

32 kynges fat comen after him, shulde euermore halde fe reaumes of 
EngelaraZ and of Irland of God & of fe Pope, paing 4 to fe Pope 
by ^er* as 23 is aboue saide. 

x 1 taken of ham D. take of hem 0. 2 om. D. 3 come 0. 
4 to D. 5 welcome 0. 6 vndirfonge al 0. 
7 with-out D. wttAoute 0. 8 Entirdytinge 0. 

9 9 om. D. J>at he had sent bat >e entirdityng schuld not ben vndon 0. 
10 leaf 93. u do D. 12 vnto 0. 13 nome DO. u fro 0. 
15 to 0. 16 mi3t D. 17 taken D. 18 marc D. Mark 1 0. 19 vnto DO. 
2020 by porcions xv M* marc D. by porctons xv M* Mark 1 0. 
om. D. 22 om. 0. 23 as it 0. 

166 The 7 '-years' Interdict is ended. K. John's Misdeeds. [CH. CLIII 

How f e enterditing was vndone in Engeland ; and of f e debate 
fat was bituene Kyng lohn & fe barons of fe reaume. 

IT Capitwfo Centesimo liij . 1 

WHen Kyng lohn 2 hade done his 2 homage to fe legat fat 4 
shewede him fe Popes 3 lettre, fat he shulde paye to lulyan 
and ^elde a^eyn, fat was Kyng Bichardes 4 wif H , ]>e fridde part 4 of 
fe londe of 1 Engeland & of Irland? J>at he hade wifholde si]? fat 
Kyng deide, IT when Kyng lohn herde fis, he was wonder 1 wrof, 8 
for vtterliche 5 )>e enterdityng might nou^t bene 6 vndone til fat he 
hade made gree & restitution to 7 fe forsaide Julian of fat she 8 
axed!. 1T The legate went fo a^eyn to fe Pope 9 after 1 10 Cristesmasse, 
and fe Kyng sent fo messagers 11 ouere 12 see to lulian, fat was Kyng 12 
Bichardes wif, forto haue a relesse of fat she axede 13 him. IT And 
so hit bifelle 14 fat lulian deide anone after 1 Ester 1 , and insomiche fe 
Kyng was quyt of 15 fat she axede ; but fo, at fe feast 16 of Seynt 
lohn fat 17 come next 17 after 1 , frou$ fe Popis 18 cowmandement fe 16 
enterdytyng was ferst 1 relessede frou^ 19 al Engelcmc? fe vij day of 
lull; and seuen ^ere almost 20 was fe londe enterditede, and on 21 
fe morwe men ronge, 22 & songe masses frou^-out London, and so 
after frou^-out 23 aH Engelandl. 20 

IT And fe next $ere after, fere bigan a grete debate bituen 24 
Kyng lohn & f e lordes of Engelawd, for encheson fat he wolde 
nou^[t] graunt fe lawes, & halde, fe 25 which Seint Edward* hade 
26 ordeyned, and hade ben 26 vsede & holde vnto fat tyme fat 27 he 24 
hade ham broken ; for he wolde none 28 lawe holde, but dede al 
fing fat him likede, & disheritede 29 meny men wif-outen 30 consent 
of lordes & pire^ of f e land ; And he wolde haue disheritede 81 fe 
gode erle Eandolf of Chestre, for encheson fat he vndername him 28 
of his wickednesse. & for cause fat he dede so miche shame & 

1 MS. has liiijo. 2-2 (mim D> 

3 popes struck out and Bisshopes written over in a different hand in 0. 

4-4 wyves j>e jij par tye 0. 5 onliche D. 6 be D. 

7 ofO. 8 heO. 

9 Pope atte sic D ; struck out, and Bisshope written, over in a different 
hand in 0. 

10 leaf 93, back. n MS. has messagers messagers. 

12 ouere the D. ouer }> e 0. 13 axede of D. axed? of 0. 

14 felle D. 16 of thyng' D. of J>ing 0. 16 MS. has ferst. 

ITI? nex t com e D. 

18 popes struck out, and Bisshoppis written over in a different hand in 0. 

19 J>ou3 D. 2 om. DO. * in O. ^ rong belles 0. 

23 >rou3 D. jjurgh 0. M bituene D. betwen 0. bitwe R. 

26 om. D. *-* made and ordeynede and D. ^ and D. 

28 no DO. 2 disherite 0. withoute 0. 31 disherite 0. 

CH. CLlli] Magna Cart a. The Barons conspire against John. 167 

vilony to God* & 1 holy cherche, & also for he helde & hauntede 
his owen broferes wif, & lay also by meny o]>ere wymmen, grete 
lordes doubters, for he sparede no wowman fat him likede forto 2 
4 haue, wherfore alle fe lordes of fe lande wer 1 toward 3 him wonder 1 
wrof, and went 4 wif him 4 to London, & toke J>e citee. 

[King John grants the Great Charter.] 

U And forto cesse f is debate and sorwe, fe Kyng 1 and f e 

8 Erchebisshop, and of ere grete lordes of 5 Engeland*, assemblede 

ham bifore J>e fest 1 of Seynt lohn fe Baptiste, in a medowe bisides 6 

fe toune of Stanes fat is callede 7 Eome- 8 mede. And fe Kyng 

made ham fere a chartre of ffraunchise^, 9 soche as fai wolde axen ; 

12 & in soche maner 110 fai were acordede; and pat accordement laste 
nou$t ful longe, for fe Kyng him-self 1 11 sone after 11 dede a^eynes fe 
poyntes of fe same chartre fat he hade made. Wherfore f e moste 
12 party of fe 12 lordes 13 of Engelcmd 14 assemblede ham, & bigon to 

16 were oppon Kyng lohn, and brent his tounes & robbede his folc, 
& dede al fe sorwe fat fai myght 1 , 15 and made ham alse 16 stronge as 
fai might', 17 wij> aH her 1 power 1 , 17 & fou^t 18 to dryuen 18 him out of 
Engelarcd, and make Lewys, J?e Kynges sone of Emnce, Kyng 1 of 

20 Engelemd*. H And Kyng lohan sent J>o oner 1 fe 19 see, and ordeynede 
so miche peple of Normannes & of Picard^, and of Elemynges, so 
fat fe lande mi^t nout ham sustene, but wif miche 20 sorw. 51 And 
among Alle fis 21 peple fere was a Norman 22 fat me callede 23 Erankes 

24 of Brent 23 ; and fis Norman & his company sparede neyfer cherche 
ne house of Eeligion, fat fai ne brent & robbed hit, & bare away 
alle fat 24 fai might tak 1 , so fat fe land* was al destroiede, what 25 in 
o 25 side & in 26 fat of ere. 1T fee barons & fe 27 lordes fo of Enge- 

28 land ordeynede amonges 28 ham fe best spekers & wisest men, & 
sent ham ouer fe 19 see to Kyng Philip of Eraunce, & prayed him 
fat he wolde sende Lowys his sone into Engeltmet, to ben 29 Kyng 
of Engelandl, and vnderfonge 30 fe crone. 

1 and to D. 2 to D. 3 wi]> D. with 0. 4 - 4 om. DO. 
5 of the lande of D. of > e land' of 0. 6 biside D. 

7 y-Called? 0. 8 leaf 94. 9 ffraunchise D. 10 a maner D. 
!-" am. D. 12 - 12 parte of D. 13 land' O. 
14 the lande D. lordes 0. 16 myght with al her power 0. 

16 as DO. 17 - 17 om. 0. 18 - 18 dryue DO. 19 om. D. 
20 michel DO. 21 thi sic D. 

22 man of Normandy D. man of Normandye 0. 
28 - 28 faukes of Brute 0. MS. >at l>at. 

SR - 3S in that on D. on J>e on 0. on 0. ^ om. DO. 
28 among 0. a be DO 30 haue D. 

168 Louis of France invades England & takes Castles. [CH. CLIV 

How Lowys, fe Kynges sone of Fmunce, come into Engeland? 
wif stronge 1 power* of peple, to ben 2 Kyng of Engela^. 
G&pitulo Cevtesimo liiij t0 . 3 

"YYTHen Kyng Philip of Fraunce herde fis tydynges, 4 he made 4 

f f certeyn aliance bituene ham by her' commune eleccion, fat 
Lowys, Kyng 1 Philippis sone of Fraunce, shuld? 5 gone 6 wij> ham 
into Engeland, & dryue out Kyng 1 lohn of J>e land. And alle fo 7 
)>at were in presence of Lowis made to 8 him homage, and bicome 8 
his men. 9 And fe barons of Engeland* 10 helde ham 10 stille at 
London, & abode 11 fere Lowys, fe Kyngws sone of Fraunce. And 
J>is was fe nexte Satwresday 12 bifore fe Ascencioun of our* Lore? fat 
Lowis come into Engeland wif a 13 stronge power*; & fat tyme 12 
Kyng lohn hade take alle fe castelles 14 of Engeltmrf into Aliens 
hondes. U And Lowys come f o to Rochestre, and bisegede fe 
castel, & tok 1 hit wij> strengj>, & |>e Jjoresday in Whitson weke, 15 
lete honge alle J>e Aliens J)at were J?erin. And J>e Jjoresday ]?o next 16 
sewyng 1 , he come to London; & J>ere he was vnderfong wi]> 
michel 16 honour* of fe lordes ]>at aboden 17 him fere; & alle to him 
|>ai maden 18 homage. U And 19 afterward, in pe Tywesday J?o next 
sewyng 1 J>e 19 Trinitee Sonday, 20 he toke ]?e castel of Ryegate, and 20 
in fe morwe after, ]>e castel of Gildeford*, & fe Friday 21 ]>o next 
sewyng 1 , 21 ]>Q casteH of Farnham ; and J>e Moneday next after, J>e 
cite of Wynchestre to him 22 was 3olden 28 ; and in J>e morwe nexte 13 
after* seynt lohns day, )>e maner* of Wolneseye ; And fe Tiwesday 24 
next afte?- J>e viij 1 ^ 824 of Seynt Petre & seynt Poule, fai token 25 J>e 
castel of Odyham. f And fe Moneday next after seynt Margaretes 
day, he ordeynede him toward Beaumer*, 26 forto bisege J?e 27 castel ; 
& fere he duellede xv dayes, & might nou^t gete fe castel ; & 28 
J>o 28 went he 29 fens, and come to London, & fe Toure to him 

1 streng> & D. a strong 0. 2 be 0. 

3 MS. has Iv'o ; D has liij. 4 tydynge 0. 5 Zm/94, back. 

* go D. 7 om. DO. 8 vnto D. 9 men DO. man R. 

ltt - JO hem hel* 0. n abiden D. 12 Satirday 0. 

13 om. D. castel D. 16 MS. weke &. 16 mych 0. 

17 abiden 0. 18 made D. 

1919 on |, e Tywesdav next after ]>e D. after in J>e tewsday next aftir 0. 

20 (j ay D 2121 nexte a f ter D^ next aftir Q 

22 J/S. him him. ^ ^olde D. yolde 0. 

24 viij 0. toke DO. M Bremer 0. s 7 ^/ 

28 t>ai D. 2 om. D. >ey 0. 

CH. CLV] A Siuineshead Monk prepares Poison for K. John. 169 

J And in fe same tyme 1 fe Pope 2 sent into Engeland a legate fat 
me callede Swalo; & of Kyng lohnes def. C&pitulo 
Centesimo lv t0 . 3 

4 A Nd in fe same tyme fe Pope 4 sent into Englond? a legate fat 
j\ me callede Swalo, and he was 5 prest Cardinal of Rome, 
forto mayntene Kyng 1 lohnes cause a^eyn} f e barons of Engelarad ; 
but fe barons hade so huge partye and help frou3 Lowys, fe 
8 Kyngws sone of Fraunce, fat Kyng 1 lohn wist nou^t winded forto 
turne ne go. 6 11 And so it bifel, 7 fat he wold 4 haue gon to Mchole ; 
and as he went fiderward, he come by 8 fe Abbay of Swyneshede, 9 
and fere he abode ij dayes. U & as he satte at fe 10 mete, he axede 

12 a monk 1 of fe hous, 'how miche a lofe was worf, fat was sette 
bifore him oppofi 11 fe table.' & fe monk saide fat 12 ' f e lof 1 was 
worf but an halpeny.' "0," quod he, "fo here is grete chepe of 
brede. II Now," quod fe Kyng, " and y may leue, soche a lof 

16 shal bene 13 worf xxs., or halfe 3ere be gone." 14 and when he hade 
saide fis word, michel 15 he fou^t, and ofte-tyme sichede, and toke 16 
& ete of f e brede, & saide : " by God*, f e worde fat y haue saide, 17 
hit shal ben 13 soth." IT fe monk fat stode bifore fe Kyng 1 , 18 for fis 

20 word! was 19 ful sory in hert 1 , and fou^ft], rafer he wolde him-self 
soffre pitouse def, & fou^t to 20 ordeyn ferfor somme maner 1 remedy. 
IT And anone f e monk 1 went to his Abbot 1 , and was shryuen of 
him, and tolde fe Abbot al fat fe Kyng 1 saide, and praiede his 

24 Abbot forto assoile him, for he wolde 3eue fe Kyng 1 soche a 
wassaile fat al Engeland 21 shal be f erof glade 21 and ioyful. IT Tho 
went fe monk 1 into a gardeyn, & founde a grete tode ferin, & tok 22 
her 1 vp, & put here in a coppe, & 23 prickede fe tode frou3 12 wif a 

28 broche meny tymes, til fat fe venyme come out on 24 eueryche 25 
side 12 into fe coppe. and fo tok 22 he 12 fe coppe, and 26 fellede hit 
wif god ale, & 26 brou3[t] hit bifore f e Kyng, & kneTyng 127 saide : 

i- 1 How 0. 

2 struck out in MS. ; also struck out in 0. and Bisshop of Rome written 
over in a different hand. 

3 MS. has Ivjto. 

4 struck out, and Bisshope of Rome written over in a different hand in 0. 

5 leaf 95. 6 gon D. gone 0. 7 felle 0. 8 to 0. 
9 Swynesheuede D. Swynesheued? 0. 10 om. 0. 

11 on D. at 0. 12 om. D. 13 be DO. 14 agon 0. 

15 miche D. myche 0. 16 nome 0. n spoke D. 

18 kyng was DO. 19 om. DO. 

20 is he my^t sic D. if he myghte 0. 

21 - 21 shulde be glade >erof D. shuld? be glad ]>erot 0. ^ nome 0. 

23 & felled it with good ale & 0. ^ of D. in 0. 25 eche 0. 

26_26 OTO- a 27 knelyng & 0. 

170 K. John dies of Poison. Henry III succeeds him. [CH. CLVI 

" Sir'," quod he, " Wassaile ! for neuer*, dayes of 3our ) lyue, 1 dranke 2 
$e of soche 3 a 4 coppe." "Bygynne, monk," quod fe Kyng, and fe 
monk dranke a grete drai^t, and toke fe Kyng fe coppe; & 5 fe 
Kyng 6 drank also 6 a grete dra^te, and sette doune fe coppe. 4 
IT J)e monk anone right went 7 into f e fermory, & fere deide anon, 
on whos soule God! haue mercy, Amen ! & v monkes siwgef 8 for 
his soule, 9 & shal whiles 10 fat 11 Abbay stanf. IF The Kyng arcs 
vp anone ful euel at ese, & commanded anon 12 to remeve f e table, 8 
& axede after 1 f e monk 1 ; and men tolde him fat he was dede, for 
his wombe was broken 13 in sondre. U When fe Kyng herde Jris 
tidynges, 14 he comandede forto trusse ; but al it was for nou^t, for 
his bely biganne 15 to swelle, for fe drynk fat he drank, fat he 12 
deide wifiii ij daies, 1 ^ f e morwe after Seynt Lukes day. H And 
fis Kyug John hade fair* childerne of his body bigeten, 17 fat is to 
seyn, Henry his sone, fat was Kyng after his fader*, & Bicharde, 
fat 18 was Erl of Cornewail, and Isabel!, fat was Emperesse of 16 
Rome, and Alienore, fat was Quene of Scotland*. H And fis Kyng 
lohn, when he had regnede xvij ^ere v mounfes & v dayes, 
he deide in fe castel of Newerc, & his body was buriede 19 at 
Wynchestre. 20 

Of Kyng Henry 20 fe fridde, fat was cronede at Gloucestre. 

Cap^wZo Gentesimo lvj t0 . 21 

ANd after fis Kyng lohn, regnede Henry his sone, & was 
cronede at Gloucestre when he was ix $ere olde, on seynt 24 
Symondws day & lude, of Swalo f e legat, f rou$ conseile of alle f e 
grete lordes 22 of Engelawo 122 fat helde wif Kyng lohn, his fader 1 , 
fat is to saien, fe 18 Erl Randolf of Chestre, William, Erl Marchal, 
William Erl of Penbrok 1 , 23 & William 23 Breuere, 24 Erl of Ferers, 28 
Serl de Maule, baron ; & alle of ere grete 25 lordes of Engela?^ helde 
with Lowys, f e Kynges sone of Eraunce. & anone after, when 
Kyng Henry was cronede, Swalo the legat helde his conseil at 

1 lif ne D. lyf ne 0. 2 dronk 0. 3 leaf 95, back. 

4 At the top of this page is written in faint ink, by a different [?] hand : A 

5 a sic D. 6 6 also drank D. also dranke 0. 7 MS. went went. 
8 syngen 0. 9 soule specialich D. soule speciallich 0. 

10 while 0. " the D. >e 0. 12 om. DO. 13 broke 0. 
14 tydynge 0. 15 began so 0. 16 dayes after 0. 17 geten 0. 
18 om. 0. 19 y-buryed* 0. w Kerry here, and elsewhere in 0. 
21 MS. has Ivijo. 22-22 o^. D0> 

William >e D. William )> e 0. M leaf 96. ^ gete sic D. 

CH. CLVI] Wales is interdicted. Louis is defeated. 171 

Bristow, at Seyrit Martynes fesfr; & fere wer* xj bisshopis of 
JLugeland & of Walys, & of ofer prelates of holy cherche a 1 grete 
nombre, & Erles & barons, & meny kny3tes of JLngeland ; and alle 
4 fo fat were at fat conseil swore feaute vnto 2 Henry fe Kyng, fat 
was Kyng lohnes sone. 

U And anone after, 3 f e ligate enterditede Walls, for enchesoun 
fat f ai helde with f e barons of EngelcmtZ ; and also alle f o fat 
8 4 holpen or ^af conseil 4 to meve wen? a^eyn^ fe new Kyng Henry, 
he acursede ham ; And in the bigynnyng he put in ]?e 5 sentence 
fe 5 Kyngws sone of Eraunce Lowys. IT And nofeles fe same 
Lowys 6 wolde nou^t spare forto werr 1 for al fat, but went anone, 

12 & tok fe castel of Berkhamstede, & eke 7 fe castel of Hertford'. 
IT And fram 8 fat day aftirward, fe barons 9 dede miche 9 harme 
frou} al EngetocZ, and principaly fe Frenche-men fat wer 1 comen 10 
wif Lowys; wherfore fe grete lordes n of Engela??^, 11 & alle fe 

16 commune peple, 12 lete ha??i croice forto dryue out 13 Lowys & his 
company out of Engelcmd. If But somme of fe barons, & ek of f e 
Erenchemen, were gone 14 to fe cite ef Nichole, & tok 15 16 fe Cite, 16 
& helde hit to Kyng 1 Lowys profite. But fider 1 come 17 Kyng 

20 Henryes 18 men wif 19 a grete 19 power 1 , fat is to seyne, f e Erl Randolf 
of Chestre, and William Erl Marchal, & William de la Bruer 1 , Erl 
of Eerers, & meny ofer lordes wif ham, & ^af 20 Bataile 21 vnto 
Lowyse men. IF And f e?*e was slayn f e Erl of Perches ; and 

24 Lowys men 22 were fere 22 foule descomfitede 23 ; and fe?*e was taken 24 
Serl, Erl of Wynchestre, & Humfray de Boun, Erl of 25 Herford?, 
& Robert, f e sone of Walter ; & meny ofer fat hade bigonne werr* 
a^eyn^ fe Kyng 1 fere were taken, 26 and lad to 27 Kyng Henry 28 fat 

28 was 28 Kyng lohnes [son]. U When fe tydyng of fis scomfiture 
come vnto 2 Lowys, he remevede fens, & went 29 vnto London, 
and lete shette f e ^ates fast* of f e citee. IT And anone after 1 , f e 
Kyng sent to 30 fe 31 burgeys of London, fat fai shulde ^elde ham 

32 vnto him, & fe citee also, and he wolde ham graunt alle fe 

1 om. D. 2 to D. 3 afte D. 4 - 4 3af conseil and halpen D. 

5 - 5 om. D. 6 MS. has Lowys Lowys. 7 also D. 8 fro D. 

9 - 9 de somiche sic D. dede so myche 0. 10 Come 0. n n om. DO. 

12 peple of Engeland* D. peple of Engelond' 0. 13 om. 0. 

14 go 0. 15 token 0. 16 - 16 it D. 17 Corner 0. 

18 Henryes men D. ' Herryes men 0. Henryes R. 

i9_i9 MS ^ has a grete a grete> 20 ^ euen o. 21 leaf 96, back. 

22 - 22 >ere were 0. scomfited' 0. M tak D. take 0. 
25 MS. has of of. * tak D. ^ vnto DO. 28 - 28 om. DO 
29 come D. 30 vn-to 0. 

31 MS. has >e bisshop, with bisshop underlined for omission. 

172 French fleet is destroy d. Louis goes lack to France. [CH. CLVII 

Fj-aunchises 1 fat 2 pai were wont forto haue, & wolde conferme 
ham by his 3 new charts 4 vnder* his grete sele. IT And in the 
same tyme a gret Lorde, pat me callede Eustace pe monk 1 , come 
out of Fraunce wip a grete company of Lordes, & wolde haue come 4 
into Engela/^ forto haue holp Lowys, pe Kyngws sone of Fmunce. 
1T But Hubert of Burgh 5 and 6 pe v portes, wip viij shippis, & no 
mo, mette wip ham in pe hye see, and assailede ham egrely, & 
ouercome ham prou} strengp, and smyten of Eustace-pe-monkes 8 
heuede, 7 & token also x grete Lordes of Fraunce, and put ham 
into prisoun, & quellede almost alle pe men pat comen 8 wib 9 ham; 
and anone drenchede 10 pe shippis in pe see. 

How Lowys turned aseyn into Fmunce; and of pe confirm- 12 
acioun of Kyng lohnes chartre. IT Capitulo Centm'mo 1 
Septimo, 11 

WHen Lowys herd pis tydynges, 12 he drade sore to ben 13 dede 
and loste, and lete ordeyne, & spok 14 bituene pe Kyng 16 
and Lowys 15 by pe legat Swalo, and poru3 pe Erche 16 bisshop of 
Kaunterbery, and prou^ 17 opere grete lordes, pat alle the prisoners 
of 18 pat one halfe and of 18 pat oper shulde bene 19 delyuerede, & 
gone 20 quit 1 , and Lowys him-self shulde haue for his costages 21 a 20 
M* ti 21 of siluer*, & shulde gone out of Engeland, and come neuer 
perin a^eyne. and in pis maner* was pe accord made bituene 22 Kyng 
Henry & Levvys. And po was Lowys assoilede of pe Popis 23 legat 
pat me 24 callede Swalo, of pe sentence pat he was in, and pe barouns 24 
of Engelawd also. IT And after pis, Kyng Henry & Swalo pe legat, 
& Lowys, went vnto Merton ; and pere was pe pees confermede, & 
bituen 25 ham ordeynede. and afterward Lowys went fro pens vnto 
London, & tok 26 his leue, & was brou^t wip miche 27 honoure at 28 
pe 28 see wip pe Erchebisshop of Kaunterbery & wip oper bisshoppis, 
and also wip erles and 29 barons ; and so went Lowys into Fraunce. 

1 ffraunchise D. 2 J>at euere 0. 3 his gret DO. 

4 Chartre and D. 5 Brugh DO. 6 in 0. 7 heed' O. 8 come 0. 

9 MS. has wi]> wi)j, and the second wij? is underlined for omission. 

10 drenched ati 0. n MS. has Octauo. 12 tidynge 0. 13 be 0. 
14 speke O. 15 him D. 16 leaf 97. 17 om. D. 18 on D. 

19 be DO. 2 go 0. 

21 21 an J>ousande pounde D. a >ousand? pound 1 O. 

22 bituene D. betwene 0. bitwe R. 

23 Popes struck out, and bisshope of Rome written over in a different hand 

24 mew D. * botwen 0. bitue R. a nome 0. * michel D. 
28 om. 0. a and with D. 

CH. CLVII] Henry III confirms King Johns Charter. 173 

U And aftirward pe kyng & pe Erchebisshope, & Erles & barons, 
assembled ham at London, at Michelmasse l fat next J>o sewede, 1 & 
helde pere parlement. 2 & pere were po renewede alle pe Fraun- 
4 chises fat Kyng lohn hade 3 grauntede at Komemede; and Kyng 
Henry po confermede ham by his chartre, pe which ^itte bep holden 
prou^-out 4 Engela/26?. U And in pat tyme J>e Kyng toke of euery 
ploughe of 5 londe ij s; and Hubert of Burgh 6 was made po chief 
8 lustice of 7 Engeland. II And pis was in 8 pe iiij $ere of Kyng 
Henryes regne; & in pe same $ere was 9 seynt Thomas 9 of Kanter- 
bery translatede J>e I 10 $ere after his martredome. 11 H And after, it 
was ordeynede by alle pe Lordes of Engeland, pat alle Aliens shulde 

1 2 gone out of EngelancZ, & come nomore perin. 

And pe Kyng 1 12 po toke 12 alle pe castelles into his honde, fat 
13 Kyng lohn his fader hade $eue & taken 14 vnto Aliens forto kepe, 
pat helde wi]> him. IT But pe prout 15 Frankes of 1 Brent, 15 Eichely 

1 6 lete arraie his 16 castel of Bedford, whiche he had of pe Kyngws 17 
^ifte lohn 18 ; & he 19 helde ]?at castel a^eyns Kyng Henries wille 
wip might and strengf. ^ And the Kyng come pider wij> a streng 
power 5 , & biseged J>e castel. And }>e Erchebisshop 20 Stephen of 

20 Langeton come to )>e Kyng 20 wif a faire company of kny^t^, 21 him 
forto helpe; and fra J>e Ascencioun vnto pe Assumpcion of pur* 
Lady, laste J>e sege : & fo was ]?e castel wonne & tak, and pe Kyng 
lete honge ali po pat were wipin 22 pe castel, pat 23 wip her gode wille 

24 24 helde pe castel a^eyn^ pe Kyng, 24 pat is 25 forto seyn, foure score 25 
men. 11 And po afterward Fra[n]kes 26 himself 1 was fonde in a 
cherche of Couentre ; and pere he forsuore al EngelaftcZ wip miche 
shame, and went 27 po a^eyn into his owen centre. 

28 U And whiles pat Kyng Henry regned, Edmund of Abyndon, 
pat was tresorer of Salesbury, was consacrede 28 Erchebisshop of 

l 1 >o next sewyng* D. >at next J> Come sewynge 0. 
2 a parlement DO. 3 era. 0. 4 }>rou$-ouV al D. ]>urgh-out al 0. 
5 om. DO. 6 Brugn 0. 7 of al DO. 8 om. DO. 
9 9 0. has seynt struck out. and Beket written after Thomas in a different 

10 fifti]>e 0. n MS. has martredomo. 12 12 nome > 0. 

13 Zea/97, back. 14 tak D. 15 - 15 Faukesof Brut 0. 16 the D. 

17 kvnge D. 18 lohn his fadir 0. 19 om. D. 

2 ^ of Kaunterbury D. of Caunterbury Maister Stephene of Langeton) 0. 

21 kny3t3 come to the kyng D. knyghtes come to > e kyng 0. 

22 went into 0. * and D. om. 0. 

24 a * a3eynes him hit held D. for-to hold' >e Castel 0. 


2 s - 25 for seyn iiij sic 0. * faukes 0. * MS. went went. 
28 Sacrede D. Sacred' 0. 

174 Henry III marries, & grants Charters. [CH. CLVIII 

Kanterbery. And pis Kyng Henry sent ouer 1 see vnto pe Erie 
of Prouince, pat he shulde sende him his dourer into Engelarco 7 , 
pat me called Alienore, & he wolde wedde her. And so she come 
into Engeland? after Oistes-niasse, 2 and in pe morwe 3 after seynt 4 
Hillary, pe Erchebisshop' Edmunde 4 spousede ham to-gedre 5 att 
Kaunte?*bery ; and at pe viij 6 of seynt Hillary she was crounede at 
Westmynstre wip miche solempnite ; & pere was a swete sight 
bituene ham, pat is to seyn, Edmund, pat was next Kyng 1 after 8 
him, his broker*, 7 f clour* 8 of curtessi and of Larges, and Margaret, 
)>at was afterward* Quene of Scotland, & Beatrice, pat was afterward 
Countesse of Britaign, & Katerine, pat deide maide in religioun. 

Of pe quin^ime of godes pat were granted for pe new charters ; 1 2 
& of pe puruyance of 9 Oxenfordl. Capitw?o IF C Iviij. 10 

ANd pus hit bifelle 11 pat pe lordes of* Engeland wolde haue 
somme addicions mo in the Chartre of Eraunchises pat pai 
hade of pe Kyng 1 , & spoken pus bituene 12 ham; & pe Kyng 16 
grauntede 13 ham alle her* axing 1 , and made to ham ij 'Chartres : pat 
on is callede 'pe grete 14 Chartre of Fraunchises' & pat oper is 
callede <pe Chartre of pe 15 Forest 1 '; and for pe grante of pise 16 
chartres, prelates, Erles and barons, & alle pe communes of Enge- 20 
land, ^af to pe Kyng 17 M* mar} 18 of siluer*. 

H When Kyng Henry hade bene 19 Kyng xliij ^ere, pat same $ere 
he and 20 his lordes, Erles, and barouns of pe reaume, went to Oxen- 
ford, & ordeynede a lawe in emendement 21 of pe reaume, and 22 suore 24 
pe Kyng him-self*, & after, alle pe lordes of pe reaume, pat pai wolde 
holde pat statute 23 euermore ; and who pat it 24 brak shulde bene 19 
dede. U But pe secunde 361-' after pat ordenance, pe Kyng, prou$ 
conseile of Sire Edward his sone, & of Richard his broper, pat was 28 
Erl of Cornwall, & also of opere, repentede him of pat ope pat he 
hade made forto holde pat lawe & ordynance, and sent to pe cowrt 
of Rome to bene assoilede of pat oth pat he hade made. IT And in 
pat ^ere next comen 25 after, was 26 grete derp of corne in Engelarct?, 32 

1 ouer |> e 0. 2 Cristemesse 0. 3 morne D. 4 om. D. 

5 togederes D. 6 viijt* 8 D. 7 leaf 98. 8 floure DO. 9 om. 0. 

10 C Ivijo 0. " felle 0. 12 bitue D. 13 grantede to D. 

14 MS. has grete pe, with pe underlined for omission. 15 of \> e 0. of R. 

16 pise ij D. pese ij 0. 17 kyng a 0. 18 Mark 1 0. 19 be 0. 

20 & att 0. a ame?idement 0. ^ and ferst DO. 

ffl statute for D. statut for 0. M ham D. hem 0. 

25 comyng* D, commynge 0. ^ was the D. was J> e 0. 

CH. CLVIII] Civil War. The Battles of Lewes & Evesham. 175 

for a quarter of 1 whete was worf xxiiij s, 2 & fe pore peple ete 
netles for hunger, and of ere wedes; & 3 deide meny M* 4 for 
defaute 5 of mete. 

4 U And in fe xlviij $ere of Kyng Henries regne, biganne werr 1 

and debate bituene him and his lordes, fo[r] enchesoun fat he 

6 hade broken fe couenaunte} 6 fat were made bituene ham at 

Oxenford*. U And in J>at r same ^ei*, in Lent, was fe 8 castel of 

8 Notyngham 8 tak, and fe folc slayne fat were ferin, for enchesoun 

fat fai hade ordeyned wilde fire forto haue brent fe citee of London. 

U And in the morwe 9 of May fat come next after, oppon seynt 

Pancras day, was the batail at Lewes, fat is to seyne, 10 fe Wed- 

12 nesday bifore seynt n Dunstanws day 11 ; and 12 fere was tak, 
Kyng Henry ^him-self 1 , & 13 Sire Edward 14 his sone, & Sz're 14 
Eichard, Erl of Corn wail, & meny 15 of ere lordes. 11 And in J>at 
same 3 ere next sewyng 1 , S^Ve Edward, fe Kynges sone, brak out of 

16 fe 1 ward of Sire Symond' of Mountford', Eii of Leicestre, at Here 
ford, 16 and went to J>e barons of f e Marche ; and fai vnderfong 1 him 
wif michel 17 .honour 1 . 1T And in J>e same tyme Gilbert of Clare, 18 
Erl of Gloucestre, fat was in J>e ward also of fe forsaide Symond?, 

20 prou$ fe co??imandement of Kyng Henry, fat went fram him in 19 
grete wraf, 20 for enchesoun fat he saide fat fe forsaide Gilbert was 
a fool in his conseile, wherfore he ordeyned him 21 so, & helde wif 
Kyng Henry. 1T And fe 22 Satwresday next 22 after fe middes of 

24 August 1 , 23 Sir Edward, f e Kyngws sone, descomfitede StVe Symond? 
de 24 Mountford* at Kemworf ; but fe grete lordes fat were fere wif 
him wer* taken, fat is to seyn, Baldewyne Wake, Willia?w of Moun- 
chesye, 25 and meny of er grete lordes : and fe Tywesday next after, 

28 was f e bataile 26 done at 26 Euesham ; & fere was quellede Sire 
Symond de 24 Mountford, Hughe f e Spensei , and Mountford, fat 
was Eauf Basset^ 27 fader of Dratton, & ofer meny grete Lordes. 
U And when fis batail was don, alle fe 1 gentiles fat had be 28 wif fe 

1 om. D. 2 shilynges 0. 3 leaf 98, back. 4 fousand 0. 

5 faute D. 

6 6 wolde haue broke the couaunt D. had* broke J) e Couenawntes 0. 

7 > e 0. 8 8 toune of Northampton D. Toun) of Northampton) 0. 

9 monthe D. mon>e 0. 10 say D. lx n Dunstaand sic D. 

12 MS. has bifore seynt and, with bifore seynt underlined for omission. 

i3_i3 an( j ^s sone D. 14 14 and D. his sone & 0. 15 mey sic D] 

16 Herford? DO. 17 mych 0. 18 Clarence DO. 

19 wi> D. with 0. 2 herf D. herte 0. 

21 him afterward' D. hym afterward O. 22 - a2 Satirday 0. 

23 Aust sic 0. M of D. ^ Monchensey 0. aa - fl6 of D. 

27 leaf 99. bene D. ben 0. 

176 Siege of Kenilworth. The exiled Rebels are for given. [CH. CLIX 

Erl Symond?, were disheritede ; & *fai ordeyned 1 ham togedres, 2 
and dede miche harme to 3 al fe land, for fai destroiede her* enemys 
in al ]>at fai might. 

H Of f e sege of Kemworf ; & how f e gentilmen wen 1 * dis- 4 
heritede, f 10113 conseil 4 of lordes of fe reaume of 
Engeland! 4 ; & how fai come?i 5 a3eyn, 4 & had her* landes. 4 
C&pitulo Gentesimo lix no . 

ANd in )>e ^er 1 next 6 sewyng 1 , in May, ferst 6 day bifore fe fest 8 
of Seynt Dunstaw, was bataile and scomfiture at Chesterfeld*, 
of ham fat were disheritede ; & fere meny of ham were quellede ; 
and Eobert, Erl of 7 Ferers, fere was take, and also Baldewyne 
Wake; & lohn de la Haye, wi)> miche 8 sorwe scaped fens, and 12 
in 9 Seynt lohnes Eve 10 )>o next sewyng 1 , bigan fe sege of fe castel 
of Kemworth 11 ; and fe sege 12 laste to 12 Seint Thomas Eve 13 fe 
Postoil, in whiche day Sir 1 Hughe Hastyngws 14 had fe castel forto 
kep, fat 3elde vp fe castel vnto 15 fe Kyng* in fis maner 1 , fat him- 16 
self and alle ofere fat were wifin fe castel shulde haue her lif and 
lyme, and as 16 miche fing as fai hade ferin, bofe hors & herneys, 
and foure dayes of 17 respite forto delyuer 5 clene 18 fe castel of ham- 
self*, & of al maner 19 fing fat fai hade wifin fe castel; & so fai 20 
went fram fe castel, and fe kyng & his men went fo into f e castel. 
U and Sir* Symond? fe Mounford fe ^onge, 20 and fe Countesse his 
moder, were fledde oner fe 21 see into Fraunce, and fere helde ham 
as peple fat were exilede out of Engelawd 22f or 23 euermore. U And 24 
sone after hit was ordeyned by the Legat Octobon, & by 24 of ere 
grete lordes 25 of Engela^d, 25 fe wisest of 26 fe land*, 26 fat alle fo fat 
hade bene 27 a^eyns fe Kyng 1 , & wer disheritede, shulde haue a^eyn 
her* londes, and by greuous ransoun, 28 after fat it was ordeyned ; 28 
and f us fai were accorded wif f e Kyng, fo was pees criede f rou^ al 
Engelawd ; and fus fe werr 1 was endede. 

And when fis was done, fe legat toke 29 his leue at 30 fe Kyng 1 , 

a -! gadered D. 2 to-geder 1 D. to-gidere 0. 3 til D. 
* 4 om. 0. 5 come DO. 

s 6 comyng' be iiij D. Comynge in Maij fe fer>e D. 
7 o D. michel D. 9 on D. 

10 eve the Baptist D. Eue > e baptist 0. n Kenilworthe 0. 

ia - 12 lasted' til 0. 13 day 0. 14 Hastyng^ DO. 16 to D. 
16 om. D. 17 or D. clenliche D. clenlich 0. 19 otyre D. 
20 longer D. yonger 0. a om. DO. ffl leaf 99, back. 
23 A lambe written in the margin at the head of this page, in faint ink. 


24 om. 0. s 6 - 25 om. DO. 26 - 26 Engeland' D. Engelond* 0. 
27 be 0. ransons D. a nome DO. 3 of D. 

CH. CLX] Hen. II dies, A.D.I 272. Merlins prophecy of him. 177 

& of J the Quene, & of alle pe grete lordes of Engeland, & went po 
to Eome, pe lv 2 3ere of Kyng Henryes regne. IT And 3 Edward, 
Kyng lojines sone of Britaigne, lohn Vessy, Thomas of Clare, 

4 Roger of Clifford, Othus Grauntson, 4 Robert le Brus, lohn of 
Verdon, & meny oper lordes of EngelcwcZ & of by^ende pe see, 
token her way toward J>e Holy Lond! ; and pe 3 Kyng Henry deide 
in pe mene-tyme at Westminster, 5 when he hade ben Kyng 1 lv ^er* 

8 & ix 6 wokes, 5 on 7 seynt Edmundws day, pe Erchebisshop of 
Kaunterbery; and he 1 was enterede 5 at Westminster 5 on seynt 
Edmundes day, pe Kyng, 8 1T In the 3er > of 9 Incarnacioun of oure 
Lord Ihesu Crisf M 1 CC Ixxij. 

12 10 Prophecie of Merlyn 10 of Kyng Henry, expounede, pat was 
Kyng lohnes sone. IF CapiYwZo U Centesimo lx mo . 

ANd of pis Kyng Henry, propheciede Merlyn, & said pat ' a 
lornbe shulde come out of Wynchestre in pe 3ere of Incar- 

16 naciofi of our Lord 11 M* CC & 3 xvj, wip trew lip pis, and holynesse 
wrytew in his hert.' And he saide soj>, for pe gode 12 Henry pe 
Kyng 12 was born 13 14 in Wynchestre in pe 3ere abouesaide, and he 
spake 15 gode wordes & swet, and was an holy man, and of god 

20 conscience. U And Merlin said pat ' pis Henry shulde make pe 
fairest place of 16 [the] world, 17 pe whiche 17 in his tyme shulde nou3t 
18 fulliche bene 18 endede'; and he saide sop, for he made pe newe 
cherche 19 of pe Abbay of seynt 20 Petre of 20 Westminster, pat is 

24 fairer* of sight pan eny 21 cherch pat men knowep 22 prou3 al Cristen- 
dorne; but Kyng Henry deide er pat were were ful 23 made, & pat 
was grete harme. 11 And 3itte saide Merlyn, pat ' pis Lambe shulde 
haue pees pe most tyme of his regne ' ; and he saide ful sop, for he 

28 was ne[uer] annoiede prou3 24 wen , ne disesede in no maner* wise, til a 
litel bifore his dep. U And 3itte saide Merlin more in his prophecie, 
pat 'in pe regne & ende of pe forsaide lambe, a wolf of a stmunge 25 
land! shulde do 26 him grete 27 harme prou3 his werr*; and pat he 

1 om. 0. 2 fyve & fyfty 0. 3 om. D. 4 of Graunston 0. 
5 5 om. 0. 6 xix D. 7 in D. 

8 kyng and had? regned? lv 3eer & xix wokes 0. 9 of the D. 
io_io A n cl of Merlynws prophecie D. n lorde Ihesu crisf D. 

12_12 kyng Henry D- 13 om> D< bore Q 14 Ua f 10 Q. 

16 MS. has spakek. 16 of al D. 17 - 17 >at DO. 

18 - 18 bene ful D. be ful 0. 19 werk^ D. werke 0. 

2o_2o Petrus cherche at D. Petris Chirche at 0. 

21 eny o>ere D. eny other 0. ffl knowen 0. w fully DO. 

24 with D. stronge 0. M done 0. ^ miche D. 


178 Merlin's Prophecies about Hen. II. Their fulfilment. 

shulde at fe last be 1 maistre 10113 ne lp e f a reede ffox, fat shulde 
come oute of fe Northwest, and shulde him ouercome ; & 2 f at he 2 
shulde dryue him vnto f e water ' : and fat prophecie fut wel was 
knowe, for wifin a litel tyme or f e Kyng deide, Symond? of 4 
Mountfordl, Erl of Leicestre, fat was bore in Fraunce, 3 bigonne 
a^eyn3 3 him stronge werre; frou3 whiche doyng, meny a gode 
bachiler was shent and dede and disheritede. 11 And when Kyng 
Henry hade fe vittori at Euesham, & Symond? f e Erl was slayn 8 
frou3 helpe & myght of Gilbert of Clare, Erl of Glou 4 cestre, fat 
Was in Kepyng 2 and ward 2 of J>e forsaide Symund?, frou^ orden- 
ance of Kyng Henry, fat went a3eyn to f e Kyng wif miche power*, 
wherf ore f e forsaide Symund? was shent ; and fat was grete harme 1 2 
to f e communes of EngelawcZ, fat so gode a man was shent for truf, 
& deide in charite, and for f e commune profi te of f e same folc ; 
and f erf or Almighty God, 5 for him haf sifennws 5 shewede meny 
faire 6 miracle to diuerse men and wy?ranen, of fe sikenesse and 16 
disesse fat fai haue had, for f e loue of him. 

IT And Merlyn also tolde 2 & saide 2 in his prophesie, fat ' after 
fat tyme fe lambe shulde leue no 7 while; and fan his sede shulde 
be 8 in straunge land wif -out 9 pasture' ; and he said sof, for Kyng 20 
Henry leuede no while after fat 10 Symund? Mountford.was ded, 
11 fat Kyng Henry ne 11 deide anone after* him. IT And in fe mene- 
tyme, Sir* Edward his sone, fat was fe best kny^t of f e world of 
honour, 12 was fo in the Holy Land, and gete fere 13 Acres. U And 24 
in [that] contre he bigate in 14 Dame Alianore his wif, lohne of 
Acres his doughter, fat aftirward was countesse of Gloucestre. 
And he made in f e Holy Land soche a viage, fat alle f e world 
spok 15 of his 16 knyghthode, & euery man drade him, hye and lowe, 28 
frou^-out 17 al Cristendome, as fe s[t]ory 18 of him 18 19 tellef, as 19 
afterward! 30 shul here more openly. U And 20 fram the tyme fat 20 
Kyng Henry deide, til fat Sire Edward was croned Kyng 1 , alle f e 
gret Lordes of Engeland were as faderles children, wif out 21 eny 32 
socowr fat ham might mayntene and 22 gouerne, and 22 defende 
her* dedeliche 23 enemys. 

1 MS. be be. ^^ om. D. 3 - 3 began a^en 0. 4 leaf 100, back. 

R 5 haf sifens for him D. had for hym sethenes 0. 

6 a faire D. a fayre 0. 7 non D. 8 ben 0. 9 withouten D. 

10 when 0. "- 11 for he D. 12 honour and D. 18 om. D. 

14 on D. 15 spak D. 16 his worbinesse and D. his vyage & 

brou? D. *-M om. 0. 19 - 19 telles and D. 

20 2 fro the tyme bat D. from be tyme bat 0. fram R. 

21 wi>outen D. 22 - 22 om. D. a dedly 0. 

CH. CLXI] Coronation Festivities. 179 

IT Of Kyng 1 Edward, bat was Kyng 1 Henrie3 sone. Cwpitulo 
[Centesimo] Ix 1 primo. 

2 A Nd after 1 ]>is Kyng Henry, regned his sone Edward, fe 
4 XX. worthiest knyght 13 of 4 J>e worlde, 4 of honowr, for Godes 
grace was in him, for he hade J>e vittorie of his enemys. And 
as sone as Kyng Henry deide, he come to London wi)> a faire com 
pany of prelates, & 5 of Erles & barons ; & al maner men dede him 
8 michelle 6 honour; for in euery place ]?ere 7 Sir Edward rode in 
London, )>e stretes wer 1 couered ouer his heued 8 wij? riche clones of 
silk, 9 wit[h] tapit$ of 9 riche coueryng 1 . IT And for ioie of his 
comyng, J?e noble burgeys of J?e cite 10 of London 10 cast out at 11 her* 

12 wyndowes, golde and siluer handes-ful, 12 in 13 tokenyng of loue and 
of 5 worship, sendees & reuerence^. IT And out of J>e condit in 14 
Chepe ran reed 15 wyne & white, 16 as stremes do]> 17 of water; and 
euery man 18 might 19 drynk J>erof 20 at her 1 owen wille. U And J>is 

16 Kyng Edward was cronede and annointede as right heire of Enge- 
land with michel 6 honoure ; and after masse J?e Kyng went into his 
palice, forto halde a real 21 fest amonges 22 ham bat him had done 
honour*. 11 And when he was sette vnto his mete, the Kyng 1 Alis- 

20 ander 1 of Scotland come forto done him honour 123 and reuerence wib 
a queyntise 24 : an hundred Knyghte^ 25 wib him wel horsede and 
arraiede; & when bai were light done 26 of her 1 stedes, bai lete ham 
goo whider 27 bai wolde; & bai 28 bat might tak ham, tok ham 29 at 

24 her* owen wille, wib out eny chalange. U And afterward co[me] Sir 1 
Symond', Kyng Edwardus brober, a curteise Knyght, and a 30 gentil 
of renoun, and fe Erl of Cornewaile & j>e Erl of Gloucestre ; and 
after ham come j?e Erl of 31 Penbrok and ))e Erl of 1 Garrein ; and 

28 eche of 32 ham by him-self 32 lade in 33 his hond' 33 an 34 hundred 
knyghte^ gayliche 35 disgisede in her* Armes. U And wen fai were 
light of her 1 horse, 36 J>ai 37 lete ham go 38 whider pat ham liked; and 

I Ixxx sic 0. 2 leaf 101. 3 MS. has kynghtf. 

4 4 al the worlde D. al }> e world 0. >e worde R. 5 om. D. 

6 mycfr 0. 7 ]>er >at 0. 8 heed' 0. 

9 9 of tapyt3 and with D. of tapites & with 0. 10 10 om. DO. 

II of 0. 12 handfutt 0. 13 in DO. & R. 14 ofO. 

15 white D. whit 0. 16 rede D. reed' 0. 17 done D. 

18 man therof D. 19 myght >erof 0. w om. DO. 21 riatt 0. 
22 among D. w seruice O. M queyntise and 0. w Kny3t D. 
26 adoun D. adon) 0. * whider 1 >at DO. ^ who D. ho 0. 
29 tok 1 ham D. toke hem 0. tok R. 30 om. 0. 31 leaf 101, back. 
32_32 hemself 0. 33 ^ 3 her> hondes D. here hand' 0. 
34 a 0. gaylist 0. 36 horses 0. 37 and DO. 

38 gon 0. 

180 Edward I subdues Lewelyn of Wales. [CH. CLXII 

who fat might ham take, holde 1 ham stille, with-outen 2 eny lette. 
U And when al fis was done, Kyng Edward dede his diligence and 
his might forto emende 8 and redresse fe wrongws 4 of fe reame 4 in 
J>e beste maner fat he might, to the honowr of God* & holy cherche, 4 
and to mayntene his honowr, and to amende fe noyaunce of fe 
commune peple. 

How Ydoyne, fat was Lewelynws dorter, Pri e of Walls, 
& Aymer 1 fat was fe Erles brofer 5 Mounford', wei j taken 6 8 
in fe see. CapzYw/o Centesimo Ixij. 7 

THe ferst $ere after 8 fat Kyng Edward was cronede, Lewelyn, 
Prince of Walys, sent into Fraunce to fe Erl Mountford 
fat, 9 frou$ conseile of his frendes, fe Erl shulde wedde his doubter. 12 
And f e Erl f o avisede him of 10 f is f ing 1 , and sent a^ein to Lewelyn, 
& saide fat he wolde send after 1 his doubter. And so he sent 
Aymer 1 , his brof er, after f e damisel. And Lewelyn arraiede shippis 
for his doughter and for Sir' Aymer 1 , & for her 1 faire co??ipany fat 16 
shulde wende wif her 1 . And fis Lewelyn dede grete wronge, for 
hit was couenant fat he shulde ^eue his doughter to no maner man 
wifouten 11 consel and consent of Kyng Edward. U And so hit 
bifelle, 12 fat a burgeys of 13 Bristow come in f e see wif wyn lade, 14 20 
and mette ham, & 15 ham toke 15 wif might & power* 16 ; and anone fe 
bu[r]geys sent ham to f e Kyng 1 . U And when Lewelyn herde this 
17 tydynges, 18 he Was Wonder 1 Wrof & eke sorweful, and 19 bigon 
fo 19 forto werre oppon Kyng Edward, & dede miche harme vnto 20 24 
Englisshe-men, and bete adoune f e Kyngws castelles, 21 & biganne 
fast to destroi Kyng Edwardes lande. 22 U And when tydyngws 23 
come to Kyng Edward of fis f ing 4 , he went into Walys ; and so 
miche he dede, by 24 Godes grace & his grete power 1 , fat he drof 28 
Lewelyn vnto miche meschif, fat he fleye al maner strengf , and 
come & ^elde him to Kyng Edward, and $af him 1 M 1 mar^ 25 of 
siluer forto haue pees, and toke fe damisel & al his 9 heritage, and 
made an obligacion vnto 26 Kyng Edward, and 26 come to his 32 
pa[r]lament ij tymes of fe ^ere. 

1 haue 0. 2 wijxrat D. withoute 0. 

3 amende the realme D. amende > e reaume 0. 4 4 om. DO. 

6 bro>er of DO. 6 take 0. 7 lxj mo D. Ixix R. 8 afterward 0. 

9 om. D 10 on D. vpon 0. n wij>out D. wztAoute 0. 

12 felle DO. 13 in D. 14 late 0. 15 - 15 toke hem 0. 

16 strengthe 0. 17 leaf 102. 18 tidyng 0. 19 19 gan D. gan > 0. 

20 vnto the D. vnto J> e 0. 21 Castett 0. ffl landes 0. 

23 tiding* D. tydyng^ 0. M Jmrgh 0. 25 Mark 1 0. to DO. 

CH. CLXli-in] Edw.I again conquers Lewelyn. Bad Coinage. 181 

IT And pe 1 secunde 3ere after pat Kyng Edward was cronede, 
he helde a general parlament at Westminster, and pere he made pe 
statutes for 2 defaut of lawe, by commune assent of al his baronage. 
4 And at Ester nexte sewyng 1 , pe Kyng sent by his lettre to Lewelyn, 
Prince of Walis, pat he shulde come to 3 parlement for his londes 4 
and for his holdyng in Walys, as pe streng]) of pe lettre obligatorie 
witnessede. II po Lewelyn hade scorn and despite of pe Kynges 
8 commandement ; & for pur wrap biganne a^eyn forto 5 werr> opon 
Kyng Edward, & destroied 6 [his lands]. IT And 7 when Kyng 
Edward 7 herd pis tydynges, 8 he was 9 wonder 10 wrop toward 11 
Lewelyn, & in haste assembled* his peple, and went him toward 

12 Walys, and weired so oppon Lewelyn pe prince, til pat he hade 12 
brou^t him in miche sorw and disese ; IT And Lewelyn saw that his 
defence myght nou^t 13 availe, and come a^eyne, & 14 ^elde him to pe 
Kyngws 15 grace, and criede him me?*cy, and Longe tyme knelede 

16 bifore pe Kynges feete. IT The Kyng had* of him pite, and com- 
maundede him forto arise ; and for his mekenesse for^af him his 
wrap, and to him saide, 16 that 'if 16 he toke on amys a^eyns 17 him 
anoper tyme, fat he wolde destroie him for euer'-more.' 1T Dauid, 

20 pat was Lewelynws broker, 18 duellede pat 19 same tyme 18 wij> 20 Kyng 
Edward!, & was a felle man & a sotil, & enuyows, & ferre castyng 1 , 
and miche tresoun pou^fr, and euermore helde him stille for[to] wete 
& aspie J>e Kynges wille, and euermore made god semblaunf, and 

24 semede so trew pat no maw myght perceyue his falsenesse. 

How Lewelyn, prou^ enginge 21 of Dauid Ms broper, Werrede 
a^eyne vppon Kyng^ 10 Edward'. Capitwfo Centesimo Ixiij . 

Hit was nought longe after 1 pat tyme, pat Kyng 1 Edward ne $af 
vnto 22 Dauid, pat was Lewelynws broper, pe lordeship of 
Frodesham, and made him a knyght ; and so miche honowr dede he 
neuer 23 to no man of Walys after, 12 for encheson of him. 

1T Kyng Edward helde his parlamewt at London, when he hade 

32 done in Walys aH pat he wolde, and chaungede his mony, pat po 

was 24 foule cotte & rounded* ; wherfore pe commune peple pleynede 

1 in the D. in )> e 0. 2 in D. 3 to his D. 4 land' 0. 

5 to DO. 6 destroy D. 7 - 7 ]) kyng sic 0. 8 tydyng 0. 

9 wox D. 10 om. 0. n vnto DO. 12 om. DO. 

13 nou3t him D. hym not 0. 14 leaf 102, back. 15 Kynge D. 

ie_i6 j,f sic D 17 a3eyne D. a^en 0. 

18 - 18 >at same tyme dwelled' 0. 19 the D. <2 with the D. 

21 eggyng 0. ffl to DO. 23 neuer* after 1 D. neuere aftir 0. 

24 was fill 0. 

182 Coinage reformd. Lewelyn' s 3rd Rebellion. [CH. CLXIII 

ham wonder 5 sore, so fat fe Kyng lete enquere of ham fat soche 
trespasse deden ; and iij were atteynt of soche maner 1 falsenes ; 
wherfore somme were honged, and some 1 draw, and afterward 2 
hongede. U And afterward, the Kyng 1 ordeynede fat f e sterlinge 4 
halfpeny and ferthinge shulde go 3 frou3-out his lande, and cow- 
mandede fat no man, fro fat day afterward 1 , 4 $af ne feflede hous of 
Keligioun with lande 5 and tenement} wifouten 5 special leue of fe 
Kyng 1 ; and he fat dede hit, 6 shulde ben 7 punisshede att fe 2 8 
Kynges wille, and the 3ifte shulde be for nou^t. 

U And hit was nou^t longe after, fat Lewelyn, Prince of Walys, 
f rouj ticement 1 of Dauid his brof er, and by bof e here consent, f ai 
fou^t disherite Kyng Edward in-asmiche as fai might, so fat frou^ 12 
haw bofe fe Kynges pees was broken. 8 U And when Kyng 
Edward herde fis, anone he sent 9 his barons into Northumberland, 
and fe Shirreyues 10 also, fat fai shulde gone 11 & take her Viage 
oppon fe traitoures 12 Lewelyn and Dauid. 51 And wonder herde 16 
was forto werr 1 fo, for it [is] 13 wynter in Walis when in ofer cuntres 
it is somer*. And Lewelyn 14 lete ordeyn 14 and wel arraie 15 his gode 
castel of Swandon, and was f erin an huge nombre of peple & 
plentee of vitailes, so fat Kyng Edward wist nou^t wher forto 16 20 
entre. 51 And wen f e Kynges men hit perceyuede, and also f e 
strengf of Walys, fai lete come in fe see, 13 barges 17 and botes, and! 
grete plankes, as meny as fai might ordeyn and haue, forto gone to 
the forsaide casteH of Swayndon wif men on foot 1 and? eke on hors. 24 
But f e Walshemen hade so miche peple, and were so strong 1 , fat 
fai dryuen 18 fe Englisshe-men a^ein, 19 so fat fere was so miche 
presse of peple at the turnyng a^eyne, 19 fat fe charge & fe berdeyn 20 
of ham made f e barges and botes synk 1 ; and fere was drenchede 28 
ful meny a gode Knyght, fat is to seyn : Sir 1 Eoger of Clifford, Sir 1 
William of Lyndesey, fat was Sire lohnes sone Fit} Robert 1 , and 
Sire Richard Tauny, and an huge nombre of of ere folc ; and al was 
21 frou$ her 1 owen folye; for yf fai had hed gode espies, fai had' 32 
nou^t bene harmed. 

1 some were 0. 2 om. 0. 3 gon DO. 

4 leaf 103. 5 6 ne tenement with-out D. ne tenement withoute 0. 

6 om. DO. 7 be DO. 8 broke 0. 9 sent his barons DO. sent K. 

10 Shirreyues D. Surreys OR. u go 0. 12 tmitous D. 

13 om. D. 14 u lete & ordeyned' 0. 

16 array and vitaile D. arrayd & vitailled? 0. 16 to D. 

17 MS. barges barges. 18 drof D. 

I9_i9 so j, a {; j, gre was so m i cne presse of peple at the turnyng a^eyne D. so 
]>at \er was so myche prese of peple at ]> e turnynge a$en 0. om. R. 
20 berthen D. berj>ene 0. a leaf 103, back. 

CH. CLXin-iv] Lewelyn is slain. His brother rebels. 183 

II When Kyng 1 Edward harde tel ]>at his peple were so ydrench- 
ede, 1 he made sorwe ynow. II But )>o come Sir 1 lohn of 2 Yessy 
frara 3 ]>e Kyng 1 of Aragoun, and brou^t with him miche 2 folc of 

4 bachilers & 2 of Gascoignes, 4 and wer> soudioures, and duellede 5 
wij) J>e Kyng 1 , and tok 6 of him wages, & wij> him were wijjholde, 
& noble-men ; hit were forto fi^te, & brenne meny tounes, & quelle 7 
miche peple of Walshemen, al J?at fai myght take. IF And alle J>o, 

8 wij) pure strengjj & might, maden 8 assaute to J?e castel of Swandoii, 
& gete the castel. 

IF And when Dauid, J?e Prynce 9 broker, herde 10 }>o tidinges, 11 he 
ordeined? him to flight. 12 1F And Lewelyn J?e Prynce saw Jjat 13 Dauid 

12 his broker 13 was flowen, [and] 14 sore he was 14 abasshed?, for he had 
none 15 power 1 J>o, his werr 1 forto mayntene. IT And so Lewelyn gan 
forto flee, and wend wel forto 2 haue scaped ; but on a 16 morwe Sir 
Koger pe 17 Mortymer 1 mette wi]> him oneliche 18 wij? x kny^tes, and 

16 sette him rounde aboute, and to him went, and smote of his 
heuede, 19 & presentede him vnto 20 Kyng 1 Edward : & in )>is maner 
]>e Prince of Walys was taken, 21 and his heued 22 smyten 23 of 1 , and 
alle his heires disherited for euermore, frou^ right 24 dome of j>e 

20 lordes of J?e reaume. 

IT How Dauid, ]?at was Lewelynes brofer, Prynce of Walys, 25 
was put to 26 dej>. CapeYw/o IF Centesimo lxiiij to . 

DAuid, fat was 27 Lewelynw5 broker, 27 frou^ pride 28 wende forto 
haue bene 28 Prince of Walis after his bro]?eres deth; and 
oppon J?at, he sent after Walshemen to his parlement at Denbegge, 
and fulliche 29 made Walys 30 arise a3eynes the Kyng 1 , and biganne 
to meve Werr 1 31 a^eyns J?e Kyng 1 , 31 and dede al J?e sorwe and dissese 
28 ]?at he myght by his power 1 . 

IT When Kyng 1 Edward harde of ]>is J>ing, 2 he ordeyned men to 
pursue oppon him ; and Dauid ferseliche 32 him defended til J)at he 

I drenchede D. drenc-hed' 0. 2 om. D. 3 fro DO. 

4 Gascoyng sic D. 5 dwellyng 0. 6 vndirfong 0. 7 queld 2 0. 
8 made DO. 9 Prynces 0. 10 lierde >o D. herd' >at 0. herde E. 

II tydynge 0. 12 flight 0. fight R. 

- 13 his broker Dauid' 0. 14 14 was sore D. sore awas 0. 
15 no DO. 16 > e 0. 17 om. D. le 0. 18 only 0. 19 heed 0. 
20 to D. 21 take 0. ^ heed 0. * smet D. smyte 0. 
24 rijtful 0. ^ MS. Walys Walys. ^ to >e 0. 
27 ^ the Prince broker of Walys D. J>e Prynces brother of Walya 0, 

-^ went haue be 0. folylich 0. w leaf 104. 

31 Sl om. D. a3en > e kyng 0. 32 fresly D. fersly 0. 

184 Edw. I subdues Wales, & is helpt by the Welsh. [CH. CLXIV 

come to f e toun of Seynt Morice ; and fere was Dauid take as he 
fley, 1 and lad to f e Kyng 1 ; & )>e Kyng commanded fat he shulde 
ben 2 hongede & ydraw, 3 & smyten 4 of his heuede, 5 & 6 quarter 
him, 6 & sende his heuede 7 to London, and fe iiij quarters sende to 4 
8 the iiij 8 9 chief tonnes 9 of Walys, for fai shnlde take ensample, & 
f erof be-war\ 

U And afterward Kyng Edward lete crie his pees frou} 10 Walys, 
& seisede al 11 the londe into his honde ; and alle f e grete lordes of 8 
Walys fat were lefte alif, come fo to done 12 feaute and homage 
vnto 13 fe Kyng 1 as to her 1 Kynde Lord 2 ; and fo lete Kyng Edward? 
amende fe lawes of Walys fat were 14 defectif 1 . IT And after, he 
sent to 15 alle fe lordes of Walys, by his lettre patent, pat 16 fai 12 
shulde comme alle to his parlement. And when fai were comew, 17 
fe Kyng saide 18 to ham ful curtesly : "Lordyng, 30 be]? wel- 
comen 18 ; and me bihoueth ^our 1 conseile and ^our* helpe forto 
wende into Gascoigne, forto amende fe trespasse fat to me was 16 
fere done when fat 19 y was fere, 19 and forto entrete of Pees bituene 
fe Kyng of Aragon & fe Prynce of Morrey." U And 20 alle fe 
Kynges Iege 21 -mew, Erles & barons, consentede 22 and granted 22 
fereto. And f o went f e Kyng 1 into Gascoign, and lete amende f e 20 
trespasse fat him was 23 fere don, 23 and of f e debat fat was bituene 
f e Kyng of Arragon & the Prynce of Morrey, he cessede, & made 
ham accordede. 

H And while the 24 Gode Kyng 1 Edward and Alianore his Quene 24 
was 25 in Gascoigne, fe gode Erl of Cornwaile was made Wardeyn 
of* Engeland? til fat Kyng 1 Edward come a^eyn. And f o enquerede 
he of his traitoures fat coniectede falsenesse a^eyn^ him ; and eche 
of ham alle vnderfonge his 26 dome, after* fat fai hade deserued. 28 
IT But in the mene-tyme, while 27 Kyng 1 Edward was bi3onde f e see, 
to done 28 ham forto make amendes 29 fat a^eyns him hade trespas- 
sede, a false f ef 30 traitowr fat me callede ' Eys ap Meriedok,' bigan 
forto make werr 1 a^eyns the 19 Kyng 1 Edward ; and fat was for 32 
enchesoun fat 31 Sire Payn Tiptott 1 wrongefully greuede & disesede f e 

1 fled 0. 2 be DO. 3 drawe 0. 4 smyte DO. 5 heed' 0. 

6 - 6 quartred' 0. 7 heed 0. 8 -* iiij the D. 9 - 9 Tounys Chef 0. 

10 >rou3-out al D. >urgfc-out al 0. n of O. 12 do 0. 13 to D. 

14 weren 0. 15 vn-to 0. 16 om. 0. 17 Come to >e kyng 0. 

isis f u i curteysly lordynges $e ben welcome 0. 19 om. D. 

20 Anow 0. a lieges D. 22 ^ om. D. 

2S - 28 done }>ere D. don) in Gascoigne 0. leaf 104, back. 

25 were DO. her' D. w while )>at 0. do D. 

29 amende D. >ef a 0. 31 >at D. of R. 

CH. CLXV] Edw. I punishes bad Judges, & banishes the Jews. 185 

forsaid Rys ap Meriedok 1 . U And when Kyng 1 Edward herd al f is, 
he sent by his lettres to Rys ap Meriedok 1 , fat he shulde bigin to 1 
make non 2 wen-*, but fat he shulde be 3 in pees, for his loue ; and 

4 when fat 4 he come a^eyn into Engeland, he wold vndertake f e 
querel, and wolde done 5 amende al fat was misdone. H The for- 
saide Rys ap Meriedok dispisede the Kynges coramandement, and 
sparede nou$t forto done 5 alle fe sorwe fat he might to fe Kyngws 

8 men of Engeland ; but anone after* he was taken, 6 and lad' to 3orke, 
and fere he was drawe and hongede for his folye. 7 

Of fe redressing 1 fat Kyng 1 Edward made 8 of Ms Justice^ & 9 of 
his clerkes, fat fai had done 9 for her 1 falsenesse 8 ; & how 
12 he drof fe 10 Gewes out of Engeland, 11 for her 1 Vsurye and 
her 1 mysbileue. 11 Cap^wZo Centesimo lxv t0 . 12 

WHen Kyng 1 Edward had duellede iij ^er* in Gascoigne, 13 ful 
wel hit bicome vnto 13 him forto Wende a^eyn into Enge- 

16 land?. And when 14 he was comen 15 16 a3eyne, he toke 17 so meny 
pleyntes made to him of his Justice^ and of his clerkes, fat had don 
so meny wronges & falsenesse}, 18 fat wonder 1 hit was 19 forto wete 19 ; 
U and for whiche falsenesse, Sir* Thomas of Weylond*, f e Kyngws 

20 Justice, forsuore Engelarco 7 at the Toure of London, for falsenesse fat 
men put oppon [him] ; wherfore 20 he was teint, 21 & prouede false. 
U And anone after, whew fe Kyng had don his wil 22 of fe 22 Justice^, 
fo lete he enquere & aspie how f e Gewys desceyuede & bigilede 

24 his peple, frou$ here 23 synne & 24 falsenesse of 25 Vsurie ; and lete 
ordeyn a priue parlement amonges 26 his lordes ; and fai ordeynede 
among^^s 26 ham fat ' alle fe Gewes shulde voide Engeland', for here 
misbileue, & also for her* false Vsurye fat fai deden vnto Cristen 

28 men.' II And forto spede and make an ende of fis fing 1 , al fe 
cowmunite 27 of Engekmd 28 3eue to 28 fe Kyng 1 fe I. 29 peny of alle 
here Godes moeble : and so were f e Gewis dryuen out of Engeland' ; 
and fo went fe Gewis into Fraunce, [and there dwelled], frou^ fe 4 

32 leue of Kyng 1 Philip fat fo was Kyng 1 of Fraunce. 

1 forto DO. 2 no DO. 3 by D. 4 om. DO. 5 do D. 

6 take 0. 7 felonye DO. 8 om. D. 9 - 9 clerkes O. 10 om. 0. 

n - n om. 0. 12 Ixxxvto sic 0. 13 ~ 13 wel come to D. wil come to 0. 

14 >o 0. 15 come 0. 16 leaf 105. 17 founde D. fond 0. 

18 falsenesse D. falsnes 0. 19 - 19 to here 0. 

20 wherof D. 21 atteynt D. atteint 0. 

!2 - 22 with his D. a 3 his 0. * of DO. 25 and D. and of 0. 

26 among 0. ^ communes D. Conmnalte 0. 

28 - 28 jaf vnto D. xv D. fyfty>e 0. 

186 Edw. I declares Balliol King of Scotland. [CH.-CLXVI 

How Kyng 1 Edward was seisede in al J>e lend of Scotland*, f rou$ 
consent & g?-unt of alle fe 1 lordes of Scotland Capitwfo 

Centm'mo U l[x]yj t0 , 2 

Hit was nou^t longe after, fat Alisander 1 , 3 Kyng 1 of Scotland, 4 
nas dede, and? Dauid Erl of Huntyngdon, fat was fe Kynges 
brofer of Scotland, axede and chalangede 4 fe Kyngdome of 
Scotland, for encheson J>at he was rightful 5 heir 1 . H But meny 
grete lordes of Scotland saide * nay ' ; wherf ore grete debate arose 8 
bituene 6 ham & her* 7 frendes, for-asmiche as 8 fai wolde nou^t 
consent to his 9 coronacion ; and in the 10 mene-tyme fe forsaid 
Dauid deide. U And so hit bifelle fat fe 8 same Dauid had iij 
doughtres, fat worfiliche 11 wer> maried : fe ferst doughter was 12 
mariede to Bailoille, fe secunde to Brus, fe fridde to Hastinges. 
U And }>e forsaide Bailol & Brus chalangede 12 J>e land of 12 Scotlawo* ; 
and grete debate and strif aroos bituene ham J>re, for enchesoun fat 
eche of ham wolde haue bene 13 Kyng 1 . IT & when J>e lordes of 14 fe 16 
land? 14 saw fe debate bituene 15 ham fre, 16 fai come to Kyng Edward 
of Engelawd, and seisede him in alle J>e land 1 of Scotland? as [tjheir* 
chief 1 lord!. U And whe/i )?e Kyng was seisede of alle 17 fe lordes 
of Scotland 1 , J?e forsaide Bailol, Brus, and Hastyngws, comew 18 to 20 
}>e Kyngws court 1 , and axede of J>e Kyng 1 ' whiche of ham shulde 
be Kyng 1 of Scotland?.' 1[ And Kyng 1 Edward, ]>at was fulle 19 
gentil and trewe, lete enquere by ]?e Cronicles of Scotland?, and of 
j>e gret lordes of Scotland?, whiche of ham was the Eldeste blood 1 24 
and it was founde J>at Bailoil was J)e 20 eldest 1 , 21 and j>at J>e Kyng 
of Scotland shulde holde of the Kyng 1 of Engeland*, and do 22 him 
feaute and homage. U & after J?at 23 Jris was don, Bailoil went into 
Scotland*, and Ipere was cronede Kyng of Scotland?. 

And J?e same tyme was oppon J)e see 24 grete strif 24 bituene ]>e 25 
Englisshe-mew and the No[r]mannes. H But oppon [a tyme] fe 
Normans arryuede 26 al at Douer 1 ; and fere fai martrede an holy 
man fat me callef 27 seynt Thomas of Douer 5 . And aftirwarde 28 32 

1 >e gret D. 2 iiij vjt*> sic 0. 3 Alisandgr the D. 

4 cleyraede D. Claymed? 0. 6 ri^t D. 

8 bituene D. betwene 0. bitue R. 7 MS. has her* her 9 . 8 ]>at D. 

9 Jris 0. 10 leaf 105, back. u worthily 0. 12 - 12 om. D. 
13 be 0. 14 - 14 Scotland' DO. 16 of D. 16 om. 0. 

17 MS. has alle London, with London underlined for omission ; om. DO. 

18 come 0. 19 bothe D. om. 0. 21 eldest bloode D. 

22 done 0. a om. DO. 24 2A strong werr > D. stronge werre 0. 
25 om. D. a arryued vp 0. * callede D. Called' 0. 
28 afterwardes D. 

CH. CLXVI-VII] The defenders of Gascony taken. Balliol rebels. 187 

were pe Normans quellede, pat pere 1 scapede none of ham. 1 
H And* sone afterward, 2 Kyng Edward shulde lese pe Duchee of 13 
4 Gascoign, 5 prou^ Kyng Philipp of Fraunce, prou^ false castyng 6 
4 of pe Dossepere^ of ))e lond! ; wherfore Sir 1 Edmund', pat was sire 7 
Edwardes broper, $af vp his homage vnto 8 the Kyng 1 of Fraunce. 
And in pat tyme pe clerk es 9 of Engelawd [granted] vnto 10 Kyng 
Edward haluendel n holy cherche 11 godes, in helpyng 1 forto recouer 1 
8 his land a^eyn in Gascoign. II And pe Kyng 1 sent pider a noble 
company of his bachilers; and 12 himself 1 wolde haue went 13 to 
Portesmouthe, but he was lette prou$ on Maddok 1 of Walys, pat 
hade seisede pe castel of Swandon into his honde. And for pat 

12 enchesoun the Kyng 14 twrnede a^eyn into Walys at Oistus-masse. 15 
If And for enchesoun pat pe noble lordes of EngelawcZ pat were sent 
into 16 Gascoign, had no 17 comfort of here lord pe 14 Kyng Edward, 
pai wer 1 take of Sire Charles of Fraunce, pat is to seyn, Sir 1 lohn 

16 of Britaigne, S*re Eobert Tiptott, Sire Eauf Tauny, 18 Sir Hughe 
Bardolf 1 , & Sir 1 Adam 19 of Cretingws. 19 And ry3t at pe 14 Ascencion 
was Maddok taken 20 in Walys, and anoper pat me callede Morgan ; 
and pai were sent to pe Toure of London, and 21 pai wer 1 honget. 22 

20 How Si^ lohn of 14 Balol, Kyng of Scotland?, wipsaide his 
homoge 23 ; and of Sir 1 Thomas 24 Tourbeluile. CapitwZo 

Cewte^'mo 14 Ixvij . 25 

AlSTd when sir 1 lohn Bailol, Kyng of Scotland, vnderstode pat 
Kyng 1 Edward was werrede in Gascoign, to whom pe 
reaume of Scotland was delyuerede, falseliche 26 po a3eyn$ his oth, 
wit[h]saide 27 homage, prou^ procuryng 1 of his folc, and sent to the 
court of Rome, prou^ a false suggescioun, to bene assoiled 28 of pat 
28 oth pat he swore 29 vnto the Kyng 1 29 of Engeland? ; and so he was, 
by lettres enbullede. IT po chose 30 pai of Scotland' Dossepers forto 
bynime Edward his right. 

l 1 ascapede of ham neuer on D. scaped of hem not on 0. 
2 after D. aftir 0. 3 MS. of 1 of. 4 leaf 106. 5 Lancastre 0. 
6 tysyng^ D. 7 kyng DO. 8 to D. 9 clergy D. 10 to DO. 
*- u _of holy cherches D. of holy Cherche 0. 12 and >e kyng D. 
13 gon D. 14 om. D. 15 cristen-masse D. Cristemasse 0. 
16 vn-to 0. 17 none D. 18 Tauny and D. 
i9_i9 Cretyngi D. of Cretynge 0. 20 tak D. take 0. 
21 & ]>ere 0. ^ biheuedede D. beheded* 0. 23 homages 0. 
24 lohn D. a 5 MS. has Ixviij ; 0. has Ixxxvij . falsly 0. 
27 gaynesaide his D. withsayd his 0. a leaf 106, back. 

29 ffl to Kyng Edward' D. 30 chosen DO. 

188 Turlevilles deceit. France & England negotiate. [CH. LXVII 

6 in fat tyme com 1 ij Cardinalles 1 fro fe court of Rome, fram 
f e Pope 2 Celestyne, forto trete of accorde bituene fe Kyng of 
Fraunce & fe Kyng of JZngeland. IT And as fo ij Cardinalles 
speken of accord', Thomas Tourbeluile, fat was take 8 at Ryouns, 4 
made feaute and homage to the Wardeyn of Parys, and to him 
put his ij sones in hostage, 4 for fat he f ou^t 5 gon into Engelawa 1 
forto aspie the centre, and telle ham whew he come into Engelawd, 
fat he hade broken fe Kynges prisoun of Fraunce by nyght, and 8 
saide J>at he wolde done, fat alle Englisshe-merc and Walshe-men 
shulde abowe to f e Kyng of Fraunce : and f is fing forto brynge to 
)>e ende, he swore ; and oppon f is couenaunt, dedes 6 wer 1 made 
bituene 7 ham, and fat he shulde haue by $ere 8 an hundrede 12 
poundes 8 worf of land?, to bryng 1 fis f inge 9 to fe 10 ende. fl This 
false traitowr toke his leue, and* went fens and come into Engeland? 
vnto 11 fe Kyng 1 , & saide fat he was broken out of prisoun, and fat 
he had? put him in soche perile for his loue. Wherfore fe Kyng 1 16 
couf him miche 12 f ant, & f ul glade was of his comyng 1 . IT And 

J>e false J>ef traitoure fro J>at day aspiede al the Doyng of fe Kyng 1 
and also his Conseile, for ]>e Kyng 1 louede him ful 13 wel, & was wij> 
him ful priuee. IT But a clerk of Engelandl, J?at was in the Kynges 20 
hous of France, herde of J>is tresoun & of the falsenesse, and wrote 
to anopere 14 clerk 1 fat Was duellyng 1 wij? J>e Kyng 1 of Engelcmd, al 
how Thomas Tourbeluile hade done his false 15 coniettyng 1 . And al 
J?e Conseil of Engeland was writew 16 forto haue sent vnto 17 J?e Kyng 24 
of Fraunce ; and Jjrou^ J)e forsaide lettre ]?at J)e clerc hade sent fro 
Fraunce, hit was founden 18 oppon him ; wherfor he was lade to 
London, & drawen & honged fere for his tresoun ; and his ij sones, 
fat he hade put in 19 Fraunce for hostages, were 20 21 fo biheuedede. 21 28 

Of fe Conquest of Berwik 1 . Cap^Zo Centesimo Sexagm'rao 22 

WHen fo ij Cardinales wer 1 gone 23 a3eyn into France, forto 
trete of 24 pees at Cambrey, fe Kyng sent fider 1 of his 32 
Erles and barons, fat is to seyn, Sire Edmund? his brof er, Erl of 

l 1 to ham a Cardynal D. 

2 pope struck out, and bisshop written over in a different hand in 0. 

3 taken DO. 4 hostages D. B foghte haue 0. 6 dede D. 

7 bituene D. betwen 0. bitue R. 8 a C ti 0. 9 tydynge 0. 
10 an D. n to D. 12 michel D. 13 om. DO. 14 leaf 107. 

16 false D. fals 0. falso R. 16 wryte 0. om. D. 18 founde 0. 
19 into 0. 2 weren 0. 21 - 21 biheued' D. fo byheded* 0. 
22 Ixxx sic 0. ffl went DO. M of f 0. 

CH. CLXVIII] Edw. I& his long shanks. He defeats Balliol. 189 

Lancastre & of Leycestre, Sir* Henr 1 Lacy, Erl of Nichole, and 
"William Yessy, a baron ; & of opere baronettes, aboute xiiij of Jje 
best and wisest of Engelanrf. 

4 And in J>e same tyme 1 Kyng Edward tok 2 his viage in 3 
Scotland, forto werr 1 oppon lohn 4 Bailol, Kyng of Scotland?. 11 And 
Sir* Eobert Eoos at 5 Berwik 1 fley 6 fro be Englisshe-men, & went to 
be Scottes. 11 And Kyng Edward went him toward Berwik, and 
8 bisegede be toun; and bo fat were wijrin 7 manliche 8 ham 
defendede, and sette afire 9 and brent ij of Kyng Edwardes shippis, 
and saide, in despite and in reprofe of him : " U Wenes 10 Kyng 
Edward, wib his longe shankes, n forto wyn 11 Berwik 1 , al our* 

12 vnbankes 12< 2 gas pikes him! and when 13 he hab hit, gas diche 
him 13 ! " 11 When Kyng Edward herd jjis scorn, anone brou$ his 
mightynesse he passede ouere be diches, and assailede be toun, & 
14 come to be ^ates, and gete 15 and conquered be toune, and, brou$ his 

16 gracious power 1 , quellede xxv M* & vij C of 16 Scottes. & Kyng 
Edward loste of his mew, no maw of renoun sane Sir* 4 Eichard of 
Cornwaile ; and him quellede a Flemyng 1 out of the Eeede Halle 
wij> a qztarel, as be forsaid Eichard dede of his helme; and 

20 commandede ha??^ forto ^elde ham, and put ham into 17 the Kyngws 
grace ; and be Scottes wolde nou3t ; wherfore J>at halle was brent, 
18 and cast 1 adoune, and alle fo ]>at were within were brent. 18 And 
Kyng Edward loste 19 no man 19 at pat viage, of simple State, 20 

24 but xxviij Englisshe-men ; and ])e wardeyn of J?e castel $af vp 21 J)e 
keyes wifouten 22 eny assaut. And }>ere was take, 23 William 
Douglas, and Sir 1 Symond? Frisel ; and ]?e Erl Patrik 1 3elde him to 
))e pees; but Ingham of Hunfreuil and Eobert of 4 Brus, ])at were 

28 wij> J?e 24 Kyng Edward 1 , forsoke Kyng Edward, & helde wij? pe 
Scottes : and afterward J>ai were tak 1 , 23 and put into pryson ; & 
afterward J>e Kyng 1 for^af ham her 1 trespasse, & deliuered ham out 
of prisoun ; and po lete Kyng Edward close in Berwik 1 wij? wallis 

32 and wi]? diches. U And aftirward, Eobert Brus 25 went to Tyndale, 
and sette Woxebryge afire, and Excelham and Lamerstok 1 , and 

1 tyme ]> e 0. 2 nome D. 3 into D. to 0. 4 om. D. 

5 of DO. 6 fly 0. 7 wij> sic D. >mn 0. 

8 manly 0. 9 on fir* D. 10 wende DO. u u haue gete 0. 

12 ovne ]>ankes 0. 

isis haj, so (j gas (jj^gg j) h e i^j, g as ftfees him 0. 

14 leaf 107, back. 15 gate DO. 16 om. 0. 17 to DO. 
ia - 18 and .... brent D. & cast adon) & att > >at were with-Inne were 
brent 0. om. K. w 19 no mo j) no mo men Q. 

20 estate D. 21 vp b e Castett & 0. ffl with-oute D. witn sic 0. 
23 taken D. om. DO. ^ Kous DO. 

190 Balliol is beaten at Berwick Castle. [CH. CLXVIII 

quellede & robbit f e folc of f e contrey ; and aftirward he went fro 
fens vnto Dunbarr 1 . 

IT And fe ferst Wedenesday of Marche, fe Kyng sent 1 fe Erl 
of Garreine, Sir 1 Hughe Percy and Sir 1 Hught Spenser 5 , 2 wif a 4 
faire company, forto 2 bisege fe castel. But on fat me called Sir* 
Richard Siward, a traitowr, a false man, ymagynede forto bigile 3 
fe Englisshe-men, & sent 4 to 5 the 6 Englisshemen, 7 ham forto 
desceyue, 7 and saide fat he wold 3elde to ham fe castel if 8 fai 8 
wolde gr#unt him viij dayes of respite, fat he might sende & telle 
to Sir 1 lohn Bailol, Kyng 1 of Scotland', how 9 fe Englisshe-men 9 
ferde, 10 as fai 10 werr 1 in fe casteH, and sende him word? n< if fat he 
nolde 11 remeve fe sege of fe 12 Englisshe-men, fat 13 14 fai wolde fe 12 
castel 3elde to fe 14 Englisshemen.' IT The messanger 15 fo come to 16 
lohn Bailol, Kyng of Scotland?, fere fat he was wif his host ; and 
17 fe messager tolde him. 18 IT And Sir" lohn 19 tok f o his host 1 , and 17 
come in fe morwe eiiy toward fe castel. & Sir 1 Richard Syward 16 
saw him come, fat was maistre of f e Conseile and keper 1 of f e 
castel, and saide vnto f e 12 Englisshemew : " God ! " quod he, 
"now y se of folc a fair 1 company, and wel apparailed, y wil go 20 
a3eynes ham, & 21 wit[h] ham to 21 mete and ham 12 assaile." f And 20 
Sir 1 Hugh f e Spenser 1 saw the f alsenesse of him & f e tresoun, and 
saide to him 22 : "0 traitow, tak and prouede, 23 ^our 1 falsenesse 
shal nou^t 24 $ow availe." 24 IT And Hugh the Spenser 1 25 com- 
mandede anon 25 forto bynde him, and in al haste ;went a3eins 26 24 
her* enemys, & quelled of f e Scottes 27 xxij M* ; for f e Scottes 28 
had 29 wif ha?ra 29 fat tyme no maw 30 of honour, 30 saf Sir 1 Patrik 
Graham, fat manliche 31 fau3t, and Longe tyme, and at f e last he 
was quelled. & f o saide f e Englisshe-men in reprof of f e Scottis : 28 

1 sent to D. s- 2 to D. 3 desceyue D. 4 om. 0. 

5 vnto D. 6 leaf 108. 7 - 7 in desceyte D. 8 if >at 0. 

9 9 his men D. >at his men 0. 

io_io MS ^ frag ag j, ai were ^ j, ai j, at . j, at D 

n - n but if he wolde D. 12 om. D. 13 MS. has fat >at ; om. D. 

14 he saide he wolde jelde the castel to D. J>ey wold? Jeld' >e Castett 
to > e 0. 

15 Messager 0. 16 to sire D. to sir 0. " " om. 0. 
18 him the message D. 19 lohn Bailol D. 

20 gone 0. 2i_2i nam D witll hem . 

22 and saide to him D. & seyde to hym 0. om. E. 

23 MS. has prouede is. 2424 av aile Jow D. vayle ^ow 0. 

25 ^ anone comandet D. * a?en 0. w Scottes DO. Scotte R 

28 Scotte D. - om. DO. 

soso W j t j 1 h &m j) w j t ^ ^ n O f ij 0nour Q 

31 was of honour & manlich he D. manly 0. 

CH. CLXIX] Edw. I forgives BallioL and the rebel Scots. 191 

1F Thus 1 staterand Scottes, 
holde y for sottes, 

of wrenches vnwar*, 

4 H Erly in a mornyng 1 , 

in an euel tyming 1 
went 36 2 fro Dunbarr*. 

H fo 3 fat wer 1 in the casteH: saw fe scomfitwre, and 4 ^elde 5 fe 

8 castel to 6 fe Englisshemen, and bonden her* bodyes, londes & 

castelles to 7 Kyng 1 Edward : and so fere 8 wer 1 9 take in fe 9 castel, 

10 iij Erles, and 11 vij barons, & 11 xxviij 11 Knyghtes, 12 & xj clerkes, 

and xij 13 Picardes ; and alle were presentede vnto Kyng Edward!, 12 

12 and he sent ham to fe Toure of London, 14 to ben kepte 14 fere. 

How Kyng 1 Edward, of his grete grace, delyuered a^ein 11 fe 

Scottes out of prison, 15 fat were cheueteyns of the londe ; 

and fay 16 drow ham fo 17 to fe Frenchemerc, 18 brou} conseil 

16 of William Waleys. 18 Capitwfo Cente^'mo Sexagessrao 19 


WHen Kyng Edward hade made 20 fo an ende of the werre, 
and taken the chyueteyns of Scotland', fo come Sir* lohn 

20 Bailol, and $elde him vnto 21 Kyng Edward, and put 22 ham in 22 his 
grace ; and he was lad 23 to London. And when Kyng 1 Edward was 
comen 24 jnder, fai were brou^t bifore him ; and J>e Kyng 1 axede of 
ham how J?ai wolde make amendes of fat trespasse and losse fat fai 

24 hade done him ; and fai put ham 25 in his mercy. 

IF " Lordynges," quod fe kyng, " y wille nou^t ^our 1 landes, ne 
none of jour godes, but y wille fat }e make to me an oth, oppon 
Godes body, forto bene 26 trewe to me, and neuer after* fis tyrne 

28 a^ens me bere Amies." And alle fai consentede to fe Kynges 
wille, and swore oppon Godes body, IT fat is to seyn, Sir 111 lohn of 
Comyn and f e Erl of Stratthorn, 27 f e Erl of Carryk* ; and also iiij 
bisshopws vndertoke for alle 11 fe clergye; & so fe Kyng delyuerede 

32 ham, and $af ham saf condit to wende into her* owen Land?. 1T And 

I This 0. 2 >ai D. 3 And >o D. When >o 0. 4 J>ai D. >ei 0. 
5 yolden 0. 6 vnto 0. 7 to the D. to > e O. 

8 )>ey 0. 9 - 9 taken in that D. take ]>er in >e 0. 10 leaf 108, lack. 

II om. D. i2_i2 x j clerkes an( j v jj Picardes D. 

13 vij 0. 14 - 14 forto bene kepede D. to ben y-kept 0. 

15 prisoun a^eyne D. 16 om. 0. 17 om. DO. 18 18 om. 0. 

19 Ixxx sic 0. 2 y-made 0. 21 to D. 

22 22 him vnto D. hym in 0. ffl led 0. M come 0. 

25 hym 0. ^ be 0. Stratthorn and D. 

192 Wallace, King of Scotland. Truce with France. [CH.CLXIX 

hit was nou^t longe after*, 1 fat fai ne risen 2 a^eyns 3 Kyng Edward, 
for enchesoun fat fai wist 14 )>at Kyng Edwardws folc 5 were 6 take 
in Gascoigne, as bifore is saide; but Sir* lohn Bailloil, 7 Kyng 1 of 
Scotland?, wiste wel fat his lande shulde haue 8 sorwe and shame 8 4 
for her 1 falsenesse, and in haste went him ouer* fe see vnto 9 his owen 
londes, and fere helde him, and come neuer 10 a^eyne. "Wherfore f e 
Scottes chosen to bene 11 her* kyng 1 , William Walis, a rybaude, an 
harlot, come/i vp of nou^t, and miche harme dede to f e Englisshemen. 8 

U And Kyng Edward fou^t how he myght haue deliuerance 
of his peple fat were tak 112 in Gascoigne, and in hast went ouer 
f e see into Flaundres, forto werr* oppon f e Kyng 1 of Fraunce. And 
fe Erl of Flaundres vnderfonge him wij> michel 13 honour*, and 12 
grauiitede him alle his landes at his owen wille. 1F And when f e 
Kyng 1 of 14 Fraunce herde telle fat fe Kyng of Engeland? was 
arryuede in Flaundres, and come wif an huge power*, him forto 
destroye, he prayede him of trewes for ij 3ere, so }>at Englisshe 16 
marchaunt}, and also Frenche, my^t safliche 15 gon in bofe sides. 
IF The Kyng Edward grantede hit, so J>at he mi^t 16 haue his men 
out of prisoun fat were take 11 in Gascoigne ; and fe Kyng of 
Fraunce grauntede anone ; and so fai wei j Delyuerede. 20 

IF And in the same tyme fe 17 Scottes sent by fe Bisshop 
of seynt Andre wes into Fraunce, to fe Kyng 1 , and to Sir* Charles, 
his brofer, fat Sir* Charles shulde come wif his power*, & fai 18 of 
Scotland? 18 wolde come wif heir*, and so fai shulde gone into Enge- 24 
land*, fat lande forto destroye, fram Scotland', til fat fai 19 come 
into 19 Kent. And fe Scottes truste 20 ful 11 miche oppon 21 fe 
Frensshe-mew ; but of fat fing fai hade no maner graunt. and 
22 nofeles fe Scottes bigon to robbe and quelle in Northurnberlond?, 28 
and dede 23 miche harme. 

How William Wallis lete slee Sir* Hughe of Cressingham ; 
and of fe batail of Foukirk*. C&pitulo Centesimo Septua- 
gesimo. 24 32 

I afterward' D. 2 arysen 0. 3 a^eyn D. a^en 0. 
4 wist wel D. wist weel 0. B men D. 6 was 0. 

7 leaf 109. 8 8 shame and sorwe D. 9 to DO. 10 neuer more D. 

II om. DO. 12 om. D. 13 mych 0. 

14 MS. has of Engela?u2, with Engeland underlined for omission. 

16 safly D. sauely 0. 16 must 0. 

17 MS. has J>e kyng, with kyng underlined for omission. 

18 18 om. D. 19 19 comen to D. come to 0. 2 trist 0. 
21 to 0. ^ Zea/109, back. * deden 0. 

24 MS. Octogesimo ; Octogesimo D. Ixxxx 0. 

Wallace defeats the English. Edward I ravages Scotland. 193 

WHen pis tydyng was comen 1 to Kyng Edward?, pat William 
Walis hade ordeynede soche a stronge power 1 , and pat al 
Scotland? to him was entendant, and redy to quelle Englisshemen 
4 & destroye his 2 lande, he was sore annoied?, and sent anone by his 8 
levies 4 to pe Erl of Gerrein, and to Sir 1 Henry Percy and to Sir" 
William Latomer 1 , and to 5 Sir* Hugh of Cressinghaw his Tresorer 1 , 6 
pat pai shulde take power 5 , and wende into Northumberlond?, & so 
8 forp into Scotland?, forto kepe pe contres. U And when Willia??i 
Waleys herde of her 1 comyng 1 , he gan 7 forto flee ; & 8 Englisshe-men 
him 9 folwede, and drof him til pat he come to Streuelyn ; & pere 
he helde him in pe castelt; and pe Walshemen euery day ham 10 

12 ascriede & manacede, & dede al pe despite pat pai myght. 11 U So 
pat pe Englisshe-men 12 oppofi a tyme in a morwenyng 1 , 13 went 
out fraw 14 pe castel pe mountance 15 of x mile, and passede ouer 1 a 
bruge ; and? William Walys come wip a stronge power 1 , and drof 

16 ham abak 1 , for pe Englisshe-men hade a^eynes him fo no myght, 
but fledde ; and J?o pat might take J?e brugge scapede. U But Sir 1 
Hughe, Jje Kyngws Tresorer 1 , fere was slayn, and meny opere also ; 
wherfore was made miche 16 sorwe. 

20 )5o hade Kyng Edward spedde alle his nedes in Flaundres, 51 and 
was comyng 17 a^eyn into Engeland?, 18 and in haste toke 19 his Way 
toward 20 Scotland?, and come Jrider at fe Ascencioun ; and al ]?at he 
founde, he sette 21 on fire 21 & brent 1 . But J?e pore peple of Scotland? 

24 come to him wonder Jnk 1 , and prayed him, for Godes loue, 22 J>at he 
wolde 22 haue 3 on 23 ha??i 24 mercy and pitee; wherfore pe Kyng J)o 
commandet pat no ma?j shulde done 25 harme to ham pat were 
3olden 26 to ham, ne to no maw of ordre, ne to no 27 hous of religion, 

28 ne no maner 1 cherche; U But lete aspie 28 al pat he myght, where 
pat he myght fynde eny of his enemys. \)o come an 29 espie to 
pe Kyng 1 , and tolde wlier* 30 pe Scottes were assembled? forto abide 

And on seynt Marie Magdaleynws 31 day, pe Kyng 1 come to 

1 come 0. 2 the D. J> e 0. 3 om. 0. 4 lettre D. 5 om. D. 

6 fader & 0. 7 bygan 0. 8 and the D. & )>e 0. 9 hem 0. 

10 him D. hym 0. n listen D. 12 MS. has Englisshemen went. 

13 mornyng 1 DO. 14 fro D. 15 montynaunce O. 

16 michel D. 17 comen D. come 0. 18 leaf 110. 

19 nome 0. 2 into 0. 2 1 - 21 afere 0. 

22 22 MS. has |>at he wolde >at he wolde. * of D. 

24 hem haue 0. do D. * ^olde 0. non 0. 

28 aspye in 0. om. DO. M wher >at D. 

31 Magdaleyn D. Maugdeleyne 0. 


194 Edw. I defeats the Scots and marries Margaret. [CH. CLXXI 

Foukirk 4 , and $af bataile to fe Scottes; and at fat bataili fere 1 wer 1 
quellede of 2 Scottes 3 xxxiij M>, 4 and 3 of Englisshemen but xxviij 5 
and no mo ; of f e whiche was a worf i Knyghfr slayn, fat was a 
knyght 6 of the Hospitatt, 6 fat me called? Frere Brian lay ; for, when 4 
Willia??i Waleys fley fram fe bataile, fat 7 same Frere Brian him 
pursuede fersly 8 ; and as his hors 4 ran, hit sterte into a mere 9 of 
marreys 9 vp to f e bely ; and William Waleys twrnede fo a^eyn, 
and fere quellede f e forsaide Brian ; and fat was niiche harme. 8 
51 And while Kyng Edward went f rou} Scotland 4 forto enquere if 10 
he might fynde eny of his eiiemys ; and in fat lande he duellede 
as 11 longe as him likede, and fere was none enemy fat derst him 
abide. 12 

U And so 12 aftirward Kyng Edward went to Southa??ipton, for 
he wolde nou^t abide in Scotland* in 13 wynter seson, for esement of 
his peple. IT And when he come to London, he lete amende meny 
misdedes fat were done a3eynes 14 his pees Whiles 15 fat He Was 16 
in Flaundres. 

Of fe laste mariage of Kyng Edward; and how he went fe 
f ridde 16 tyme into Scotland?, Csipitido Centesimo Septua- 
gesimo 17 primo. 20 

ANd after 1 , 18 hit was ordeynede frou$ 19 fe court of Rome, fat 
Kyng Edward shulde wedde Dame Margarete, Kyng 
Philippws suster of France ; and f e Erchebisshop Robert of 
Wynchelse spousede ham togedre ; f rou$ whiche mariage pees was 24 
made bituene Kyng Edward of Engeland* and Kyng 1 Philippe of 
Fraunce. 1F Kyng 20 Edward 21 went fo 4 fe f ridde 16 tyme into 
Scotland? ; and fo, with-inne f e ferst ^ere, he had enfamenede f e 
land? so fat fere ne 21 lefte nou^t on 22 but fai 22 come to 23 his mercy, 28 
saf f o fat \vere in f e castel of Estreuelyn, fat was 24 vitailede & 
storede 25 for vij 

I om. DO. 2 of the D. 3 - 3 xxx Ml iij Ml & 0. 4 om. D. 

5 Englisshe-men but xxviij D. Englessli-meTi but xxviij 0. Englisshe 
men R. 

6 6 an hospitaler* D. an hospyteler 0. 7 >e D. 

8 fersliche D. 9 9 om. 0. 10 if >at 0. 

II alse D. 12 sone DO. 

13 )> e 0. 14 leaf 110, back. xx 15 and his lawe while DO. 

16 iij 0. 17 MS. has Ottogesimo ; iiij D. Ixxxx 0. 
18 afterward' D aftinvard' 0. 19 by 0. 2 And Kyng D. 
21 om. 0. 22 2* >at >ai ne D. >at >ey ne 0. a vn-to 0. 
24 was wel D. was weel 0. ^ astorede D. astored 0. 

CH. CLXXII-III] Stirling Castle surrenders. Trailbaston. 195 
How f e castel of Estreuelyn was bisegede. U V&pitulQ Cent- 

esimo Ixx 

Kyng 1 Edward come with an huge power* to fe castel of 
Estreuelyn, and bisegede f e casteli ; but hit litil availede, 
for he myght do 2 the Scottes none harme, for fe castel was so 
stronge an[d] wel Kepte. 3 11 And Kyng 1 Edward saw fat, & f ou^t 
him oppon a queyntise, and lete 4 make fere anone 4 ij peire of hye 

8 Galwes bifore f e toure of f e casteH, and made his oth fat, as meny 
as were in 5 fe casteH, 6 were he 6 Erie or baron, and he were take 
wij) strengj), but if he wolde fe 7 rafer him ^elde, he shulde bene 
hongede on 8 fo Galwes. U And when fo fat were in fe castel 

12 herde fis, fai come and ^elde ham alle to fe Kynges mercy & grace; 
and f e Kyng 1 for^af l\am al his inaletalent. 9 And fere were alle 
fe grete lordes of 10 n Scotland sworne to Kyng 1 Edward, fat fai 
shulde come to London to euery p?*lement, and .shulde stonde to 

16 his ordenaunce. 

12 How Troillebastoun 12 was ferste ordeynede. Capi^/o Gente- 
simo Ixx 13 iij. 

THis 14 Kyng 1 Edward went J)ens to London, and wende haue 
hade 15 rest and 15 pees of his werr 1 , wij? whiche werre he was 
ocupiede xx 11 ^er*, fat is to seyn, in "Walys, in Gascoign, and in 
Scotland', and fou3t how he myght recoue?*e his tresoure fat he 
hade spendede about his werre, and lete enquere frou^ f e reaume 

24 of alle J>e 16 mistakyngws and wrongw^ done frou^ misdoers in 17 Enge- 
land*, of alle fe tyme fat he hade bene out of his realme, fat 18 me 
callede 18 ' Troylebaston ' ; and ordeynede ferto Justices. And in fis 
maner f e Kyng 1 recouped? 19 tresoure 20 wif out noumbre. 11 And his 

28 encheson was, for he 21 hade fou^t 22 forto haue went into 22 fe Holy 
Land? forto 23 haue werrede 23 oppon Godes enemys, for enchesoun 
fat he was croisede longe tyme bifore ; and nof eles, fat law fat he 
had ordeynede dede miche gode f rou^ al Engeland*, to ham fat were 


1 MS. iiij ; iiij D. Ixxxx 0. 2 done 0. 3 ykept 0. 

- 4 make anone }>ere D. amake anon >ere 0. 5 with-Inne 0. 
' 6 whedir he were 0. 7 om. 0. 8 oppon D. 

9 maletalent DO. ale talent R. 

10 MS. has of engel with engel underlined for omission. n leaf 111. 

12-12 Of Traillebaston how it D. 13 MS. lias iiij ; iiij D. 

14 The D. fe 0. 15 - 15 om. D. 16 om. DO. 17 of 0. 

IB-IS men ca ii es D. men Called . w recouerede >o D. 20 good 0. 

21 om< J), 22_22 ofi to D 23-23 wefe D< werre Q. 

196 Edw. limprisons his Son. Wallace is hangd. [CH. CLXXIV-V 

mysbode; for po pat trespassede were 1 wel chastisede, and after 
ward pe meker 1 and pe 2 bettre ; and pe pore comunes were in pe 3 
more reste and in 4 pees. 

U And 5 pe same tyme Kyng Edward enprisonede his owen sone 4 
Edward, for encheson pat Walter of Langeton, Bisshop of Chestre, 
pat was pe Kyngws tn?sorer ) , hade made oppon him compleynt, and 
saide pat pe forsaide Edward, prou$ conseil and procurme?*t of on, 
Piers of Gauastofi, a squyer 1 of Gascoigne, 6 had broke 6 pe parke$ of 8 
pe forsaide bisshope, and pe forsaide Piers conseilede and ladde pe 
same Edward, pe kynges sone; and for pis cause 7 Kyng Edward 
exilede him 8 out of Engeland for enermore. 

Of pe dep of William Waleys, pe false traitoure. Cap/Yw/o 12 
Centesimo Ixxiiij. 

ANd when pis god Kyng Edward 9 hade his enemys ouercome 9 
in Walis, Gascoign, & in Scotland?, and destroyede his 
traitoures,but 10 oneliche 11 pat 12 rybaude William Waleys, pat neuer* 16 
to pe Kyng 1 wolde him ^elde. and at pe laste, in pe toune of Seynt 
Dominic, in pe ^er 1 of Kyng 1 Edwardws regne xxxiij ^er 1 , pat false 
traitoure was take, and presentede to pe Kyng ; saf pe Kyng wolde 
nou^t seen 13 him, but sent him to London to vnderfonge his iuge- 20 
[ment]. 14 And on Seynt Bartholomeus Eve he was honget and 
drawe, and his 15 heuede smyten 15 of, & his bowailes take 16 out 17 of 
his body, 17 and brent, and his body qwartarede & sent to iij 18 pe 
best tounes of 19 Scotland 1 , and his heued 20 sette oppon a spere, and 24 
sette oppon London Brugge, in sample 21 pat pe Scottes shulde 
haue in mynde forto bere ham amys a^eyn^ hei 022 lorde eftesones. 

How pe Scottes come to Kyng Edward, forto amende here 
trespasse pat pai had done a^eyns Mm. [Capitulo] Gen- 28 
tesirao lxxv t0 . 23 

ANd at Michelmasse po next coming, Kyng 1 Edward helde his 
parlement atte Westmynstre ; and pider come pe Scottes, 
pat is to seyn, pe Bisshop of Seynt Andrewws, 24 Robert pe Brus, Erl 32 

I weren O. 2 om. D. 3 om. 0. 4 om. DO. 5 and in D. 
6 - 6 hade broke DO. om. R. 7 leaf 111, back. 

8 his sone 0. 9 - 9 om. D. 10 saf D. 

II only 0. 12 the D. 13 see D. se 0. 14 Ingement }>ere D. 
i5_i6 ^eej 8myte 0< IB taken D . 17-17 om< D. 

18 iiij of D. foure 0. 19 in D. 2 heed 0. 21 ensample DO. 
22 her liege D. her lege 0. ffl lxxxv to 0. M Andrew 0. 

CH. CLXXVI] Bruce claims Scotland and repudiates Edw. I. 197 

of Carrik, Symond 1 FriseH, lohn, 2 Erl of AtheH 3 ; and fai were 
accordede with 4 fe kyng 1 , 5 anc& bonden 5 by her* 6 oih sworn, fat 
after, 7 if eny of ham 8 misbare ham 8 a^eyns Kyng Edward, fat fai 
4 shulde bene 9 disheritede for euermore. And when here pees was 
fus made, fai toke her* leue priueliche, 10 n and went Home into 
Here owen 12 contree. 

How Robert fe Brus chalanged Scotland'. C&ipitulo Centesimo 
8 lxxvj t0 . 13 

ANd after, 14 Eobert 15 fe Brus, Erl of Karrik, sent by his lettre 
to })e Erles and barons of Scotland*, fat fai shulde come to 
him to Scone, in the morwen 16 aftir'fe concepcioun 17 of oure Lady, 

12 for hye nedes of fe land?; and fe lordes come at fe day assignede. 
IT And at f e same day, Sir* Robert f e Brus saide : " Faire lordes ! 
ful wel 30 wete 18 fat in my persone du[e]llef fe ryght of )>e 
reaume 19 of Scotland*; and as 36 wetef 20 wel, as ry^tful heir*, sif 

16 21 fat Sir> 21 lohn Bailoil, fat was our 1 Kyng 1 , 22 haf vs 22 forsak 1 , & 
also lefte 23 his lande. 51 And fou$ it 24 so be 24 Jjat Kyng Edward 
of ~Engeland, wij) wrongeful powei ha]? made me 25 to him 25 assent 
a^eyns my wille, yf J?at ^e wil g?-nt Jat y be Kyng 1 of Scotland, y 

20 shal kepe $ow a^eyns Kyng 1 Edward & a^eyns alle maner 126 men." 
And wij) J?at worde, ]?e Abbot of Scone aros, 27 and bifore ham alle 
saide, fat hit was resoun forto helpe him, and fe lande to kepe and 
defende ; and fo saide, in presence of ham alle, fat he wolde 28 3eue 

24 him 28 a fousand? pound* 29 forto mayntene fat land*, and alle fe 30 
of ere grantede fe 31 lande to him, and wif hir* power* him forto 
helpe, and defiede Kyng 1 Edward of Engeted, and saide fat 
Eobert fe Brus shulde bene 32 Kyng of 1 Scotland*. 

28 How Sire lohn 33 Comyn gaynesaide fe crounyng 1 of 34 35 Robert 
]?e 35 Brus. CapitwZo Centesimo 36 Septuages^o Septimo. 36 

1 Symond' the D. Symorwd >e 0. 2 lohn > e 0. 3 Athels 0. 

4 to 0. 5 6 and bonden and D. & bound' & 0. bonden R. 

6 om. 0. 7 afterwarde D. aftirward' 0. 8 - 8 bere hem amys 0. 

9 be DO. 10 priuelys D. preuyly 0. n leaf 112. 

12 om. DO. 13 lxxxxvj to 0. 14 after >is D. aftir Jns 0. 

15 ymage sic 0. 16 morwe D. morne 0. 17 Ascencioun D. 

18 wete> 0. 19 me sic D. 2 wote D. weten 0. 1 - 21 om. 0. 

22 - 22 vs hath DO. * lost 1 D. 24 - 24 be so 0. 25 - 25 his 0. 

26 mancr of 0. w roos vp D. w ~ hym 3eue 0. a ti 0. 

30 om. D. 31 }>at 0. 32 be D. xx lohn) of 0. 

34 & Q> 35_35 sir Robert D . 36-36 jj xvi jO Q. 

198 Comyn opposes Bruce, whom the Nobles support. [CH.CLXXVIII- 

Ordynges," saide Sir* lohn of Comyn, "fenketh oppon fe 
treuthe and fe 1 oth ))at 36 2 made vnto Kyng 1 3 Edward of 
Engelandl ! and as tochyng* 4 myself, y \Vil nou^t breke myn oth 
for no man." And so he went fra??^ 5 fat company at fat tyme; 4 
wherfore Robert fe Brus, and alle fat to him consentede, were 
wonder 1 wrofe, & fo 6 manacede Sir 1 lohn of 1 Comyn. 11 fo . 
ordeynede fai 7 anofer conseil at Dumfrys, to fe whiche come fe 
forsaide Sir* lohn Comyn, 8 and duellede 8 but ij mile fram 5 8 
Dunfris, fere fat he was wont 9 to soiourne and abide. 

How Sir 1 lohn Comyn was traiterousely slayn. 10 V&pitulQ Cent- 
esimo Ixxviij . 11 

WHen 12 Robert J)e Brus wiste fat al fe grete 13 of Scotland? 12 
were comen 14 to Scone, saf Sir* lohn Comyn, fat soiourned 
f o ney3 Scone, he sent after* him specialiche, 15 fat Sir* lohn Comen 
shulde com & speke wif him ; and oppon fat* he sent after* him 1 
Sir* lohn Comyn us ij href erne, and praiede him forto 1 come 16 and 16 
speke wif him atte fe Gray Freres at 17 Donfris; and fat was fe 
Thoresday after Candelmasse; & Sir* lohn grauntede ham forto 
wende wif ham. And when he had 18 herde masse, he toke a sop 
and drank 1 , & 18 afterwarde he bistrode his palfray and rode his way, 20 
and so come to Dunfris. & Robert 19 Brays sawe him comme atte 
a wyndow, as he was in his chaumbre, and f o made ioye ynow, & 
come a^eyn 20 him, and halsed 21 hi??i aboute fe nek 1 , & made wif 
him gode semblaunt. And when alle f e Erles & barons of 24 
Scotland were present, Robert fe Brus spake and saide: "Sires," 
quod he, " 36 weten 22 wel the 23 enchesoun of f is corny ng, & wherfore 
hit is : if fat 36 wil Graunt fat Y mote 24 be Kyng of Scotland, 
25 26 as ryght heire of the londe." And al f e lordes fat were f ere, 28 
saide wif on 27 voys fat he shulde bene 28 crouned Kyng 1 of Scot 
land, 26 and fat fai wolde him help and mayntene a3eyns al maner 1 . 
men on lif ; and for him, if it wer 1 nede, dye. U f e Gentil kny3t f o, 

I om. D. 2 3e DO. he R. 3 leaf 112, back. 4 MS. tothyng*. 
5 fro 0. 6 so 0. 7 >ey ]>o 0. 

8 - 8 he duelled no D. dwelled? not 0. 9 woned 0. 10 quekV 0. 


II iiij xviij 0. 12 Whenne >at 0. 13 gret lordes D. 14 come 0. 
15 specially 0. 16 kepe 0. 17 of 0. 18 om. 0. 

19 Robert >e D. Robert > e 0. 2 a3eynes D. a3ens 0. 

21 collede D. colled 0. ^ wete D. 

23 the D. t>e 0. om. R. most 1 D. ^ ^a/113. 
^-^ om. D. ^ o 0. ^ be 0. 

CH. CLXXVIII-IX] Bruce kills Comyn, and is crownd King. 199 

Sir' 1 John of Comyn, ansuerede & saide : " certes, neuer* for me, ne 
forto haue of me as miche 2 lielpe as f e value of a botoun ; for, fat 
oth fat y haue made to Kyng 1 Edward of Engeland*, y shal holde f e 1 
4 while my lif laste. 3 " And with fat worde he went fro fe company, 
and wolde haue went oppon his palfray. And Eobert the Brus 
pursuede him wif a drawen 4 s worde, and bare him frou^ the body, 
and Sir 1 lohn Comyn felle 5 adoune vnto 5 the Erfe. H But when 
8 Eoger, fat was Sir 1 lohn Comines broker, saw f e falsenesse, he 6 
stert vp 7 to Sir 1 Eobert the Brus, and smote him wif a knyf 1 ; but 
f e false traitoure was armed vnder 1 , so fat f e stroke myght done 
hi?ft none harme ; and so miche helpe come aboute Sir 58 Eobert the 

12 Brus, so fat Eoger Comyn was fere quellede and alto-hewe into 
smale pices. U And Eobert f e Brus twnede a}eyn fere fat Sir* 
lohn Comyn f e noble Baron lay 9 woundede and pynede 9 towardes 10 
his def , bisides fe hye auter in the cherche of fe Gray Freres, and 

16 saide vnto Sir 1 lohn Comyn : " traitour 1 ! fow shalt be 11 dede, & 
neuer 1 after 1 lette myn avauncementt" j and shooke his suorde at 
fe 1 hye auter*, and smote him on 12 the heuede, 13 fat fe brayn 
felle adoune 14 oppon 15 fe Gronde, and fe blode stert 1 vnto 16 the 

20 wallis; and ^itte into fis Day that 17 blode 18 is seyne fere, 8 and 19 
no Water may wasshe it away ; and so deide fat noble kny^t in 
holy cherche. 

How Robert fe B[r]us was cronede, 20 and made 20 Kyng 1 of 
24 Scotland*. Cap^wZo Centesimo Ixxix . 21 

ANd when f e intrusowr 22 Eobert fe Brus saw fat no maw f o 
wolde lete his coronaciouii, he commandede alle ham fat 
were of power 1 shulde come to 23 his crounyng 1 , 24 to Seynt 25 Iohnes 
28 toun 25 in Scotland*. U & so hit bifelle fat on 1 oure Lady Day, 
fe 26 Anunciacioun, fe Bisshop of Glascowe 27 and fe Bisshop of 
Seynt Andrews 28 crounede 29 for her Kyng, Eobert the Brus, 29 in 
Seynt lohnes toune, 30 & made him Kyng 1 . And anone after 1 he 

I om. 0. 2 michel D. 3 laste> 0. 4 draw DO. 

5 5 doun to D. doun vnto 0. 6 all three MSS. have and. 

7 om. DO. 8 om. D. 9 9 wounde and pynyng 1 D. 10 toward' 0. 

II bene D. I2 oppon D. 13 heed' 0. 14 doun 0. 15 to D. 

16 an hye oppon D. on hye in-to 0. xx 17 the D. 18 leaf 113, back. 
19 >at 0. s - 20 om. 0. 21 ii'ij ix 0. 

22 traitoure D. traytour 0. w vnto 0. u Corounynge 0. 
25 - 25 lohn 0. of 0. ^ Glaston DO. ^ Andrew 0. 
2929 for ner Kyng R b er t the Brus D. for her Kyng Eobert >e Brus 0. 
her* Robert R. 

30 MS. has toune toune, with the second toune underlined for omission. 

200 Edw. I invades Scotland, and defeats Bruce. [CH. CLXXX-I 

drof out al 1 fe Englisshe-men out 1 of Scotland?; & fai fledde, 2 and 
come & pleynede vnto 3 Kyng 1 Edward, how Robert fe Brus hadde 
dryuew 4 ham out 1 of the lande, & disherite 5 ham. 

How Kyng Edwarde dobbit at Westminster xiiij score knyghte^. 4 
Capit?/fo Gentesimo Ottogesimo. 

ANd when Kyng Edward? herde of fis meschief 1 , he 6 suore 
fat he wolde ferof bene avenged, and saide fat 'alle fe 
traitours 7 of Scotland? shulde bene 8 hongede and draw, and fat fai 8 
shulde neuer bene 9 raunsonede.' IT And Kyng 1 Edward fou^t 
oppon fis falsenesse fat f e Scottes hade done, and sende 10 after alle 
11 fe bachilers 11 of EngelaraZ, fat fai shulde come to London at 
Whitsontyde ; and he dobbit 12 at Westminster iiij 13 kny^tes. 12 

11 f o ordeynede him f e noble Kyng Edward forto wende into 
Scotland 1 , to werr* oppon Robert f e Brus ; and sent bif ore him x 
into Scotland ^Sir* Aymer of 15 Valance, Erl of Penbrok*, & Sir* 
Henry Percy, 16 wij> a fair 1 company, fat pwrsewede fe Scottes and 16 
brenede 17 tounes & castilles; & after warde come the Kyng him 
self, wif Erles 18 and barons a fair* co??zpanye. 

How Robert fe Brus was scomfitede in bataile; and how 19 
Symond FriseH was 19 slayn. C&pitulo Gentesimo Ottogesimo 20 

THe 20 Fryday next bifore 21 fe Assumpciciofi of our* Lady, Kyng 
Edward mette Robe?'t the 1 Brus bisides Seynt lohnes toun in 
Scotland, & with his co?wpany 22 ; of fe 23 whiche company 1 Kyng 24 
Edward quelled? vij Mt. 51 When Robert f e Brus saw fis mes 
chief', he 24 gan to flee, and hudde 25 him fat mew myght nou^t 
him fynde; but Sir 1 Symond FriseH pursuede him so sore, so 23 fat he 
twrnede 26 & abode bataile, for he was a worfi 27 kny3t and a bolde 28 
of body 27 ; and? fe Englisshe-mew pursuede him 28 sore on 29 euery 

1 om. 0. 2 fley D. 3 to D. 4 dyve sic 0. 5 disheritede D. 

6 MS. has he sor with SOT underlined for omission. 

7 traitoures D. Traytours 0. traitors R. 8 be 0. 9 be DO. 
10 sent 1 DO. n - n bachelrye D. }>e Bachelrye 0. 
12 tobbetD. dubbed' 0. fourtene score DO. 14 ^a/114. 

15 om. D. )>e O. 16 Percy baroun D. Percy Baron 0. 17 brent 0. 

18 erler sic, D. 19 om. O. the 0. 

21 fefore sic 0. ffl Curapanye Kyng Edward' 0. a om. D. 

24 and DO. ^ hyd 0. 26 turnede ajeyne D. turned ajen 0. 

a7 - 27 Kny^t of body and bold D. M hym eu^re 0. a in 0. 

CH. CLXXXI-II] Sir S. Frisell is hangd,& Earl ofAthol taken. 201 

side, and quellede f e stede fat Sir? Symond FriseH roode oppon ; 
and fai toke him and lade him into 1 fe hoste. IT And Sir* 
Symond bigan forto flater and speke faire, and saide : "lordes, y 
4 shal ^eue $ow iiij M* mar^ 2 of Sillier 1 , and myn 3 horse and myn 3 
herneys, and att myn 3 armure, and bicome a begger." fo ansuerede 
Theobalde of Peuenes, 4 }>at was fe Kyngws Archil , "Now God 
me so helpe, hit is for nou^t fat f ow spexte ; for alle f e golde of 
8 Engekwd y wolde 5 nou3t lete fe 5 gone 6 with-out co??zmaundement 
of Kyng Edward." And f o was he lade to f e Kyng 17 but 8 f e 
Kyng wolde nou^t 9 see him, but commaundede 10 him to ben ledde 10 
away to haue his dome at 11 London. In oure Ladies Eve, fe 12 

12 Natiuitie, he was hongede 13 and drawe, & his 14 15 heuede smytew 15 
of 1 , and hongede a$ein wif cheynes of yren oppon f e Galwes ; & 
his heuede 16 was sette 12 oppon London Brugge vppon a spere ; and 
a^eyns Cristenmasse 17 fe body was brent, for enchesoun fat )?e men 

16 J?at kepte fe body by nyght, saw meny deueles raumpande wij> 
yren crokes rynnyng oppon ]?e galwes, and horribliche tormented e 
j?e body ; and meny J?at ham sawe, an one after J>ai deide for drede, 
or woxen made, or sore sikenesse fai had. 1T And in pat bataile 

20 was taken 18 fe Bisshop of Glascowe, 19 fe Bisshope of Seynt 
Andrewes, 20 pe Abbot of Scone, aH armede wij) yren as men of 
Armes, & 21 false traitoures and false prelatis a^eyns hei^ oth; and 
fai were brou3t to f e Kyng 1 , and fe Kyng sent ham to fe Pope of 

24 Rome, fat he shulde done 22 wif ham what his wille were. 

How lohn, Erl of Atheles, was take, & put to 23 def . CapiVwZo 
IT Centesimo Qttogesimo secun&o. 

ANd at fat bataile fledde 24 Siro lohn 25 Erl of Ateles, 25 and went 
into a cherche, & fe?*e hudde 26 him for drede. But he mi^t 
haue fere no refute, for enchesoun fat fe cherche was enterditede 
frou^ a general sentence ; and in fe same cherche he was take. 27 
II And fis Sir 1 John wende wel haue scapede fram 28 fe deth, for 
32 enchesoun fat he cleymede kynrede of Kyng 1 Edward. And 

1 to D. vnto 0. 2 Mark 0. 3 my 0. 

4 MS. has Peueneseye, with eye underlined for omission. 

55 j>e no t lete 0. 6 go DO. 7 om. 0. 8 and DO. 

9 leaf 114, back. 10 - 10 to lede him D. to lede hym 0. u to 0. 

12 om. D. 13 honge 0. K h sic D. 15 - 15 he* smyte 0. 

16 heed 0. 17 Cristemasse 0. 18 take O. 19 Baston DO. 

20 Andrewes and D. Andrews and 0. 21 as 0. ffi do D. 

23 to >e D. M fley D. flye 0. a 5 - 25 of Atheles Erie 0. 

26 hid 0. * taken D. * fro D. 

202 Bruce flees to Norway. Edward I prepares for Death. 

1 Kyng 1 Edward wolde 1 no longer 2 bene taried 2 of his traitoures, 
and sent him to London in haste ; & fere he 3 was 4 Hongede, and 
his 5 6 Heuede smyten 6 of, and his body brent 1 7 al into smal 7 
asshes. If But at f e prayed of f e 8 Quene Margarete, for 4 
enchesoun fat he cleymede 9 of Kyng Edward kynrede, 9 his 
drawyng 1 10 was for^euen him. 10 

How lohn, fat was n William Waleys brofer, 11 was put to fe 12 
def. CaptYw/o Ceniesimo iiij iij. 8 

WHen fe gretteste maistres of Scotland? 13 were fus 13 done to 
euel defe, & shent for her 1 falsenesse, lohn, fat was 
William Waleys brof er, was tak 14 as Sir 1 lohn, Erl of Atheles, was. 

How Robert fe Brus 15 fley fro 15 Scotland to 16 Norwaye. Cape- 12 
tulo Centesimo ottogesimo iiij to . 

ANd at 17 fat same tyme, was Robert fe Brus miche hatede 
amonges 18 fe peple of Scotland? ; so he 19 wist nou^t what to 20 
don ; and f orto hide 21 him, he went into Norway, to J>e Kyng fat 1 6 
had spousede his sustre, and fere helde him, socoi^r 22 forto haue. 
IF And wherc Robert fe Brus might nou3t 23 bene founde 23 in Scot 
land, Kyng 1 Edward f o lette crye his pees f 1-0113 24 al f e land', & 
his were vsede, and his ministres seruede frou^-out al 17 fe land'. 20 

How Kyng Edward' deide. Cwpitulo Centesimo Ottogesiwo 

WHen Kyng 1 Edward hade abatede his enemys, he turnede 
a^eyn Southward, and a maladye toke him at Burgh op 25 24 
Sande, in f e Marche of Scotland And he wiste wel fat his def 
was ful ney3, and callede to him Sir 1 Henry fe Lacy, Erl of 
Lyncohi, 26 Sir 1 Gy, Erl of Weurwyk, Sir 1 Aymer 1 Valence, Erl of 
Penbrok 4 , and Sir 1 Robert of Clifford, baroun, and pmyede haw, 28 
oppofi f e faif e 27 fat fai to him owede, fat fai shulde make Edward 

l 1 the kyng 1 nolde D. ]>e kyng nold 0. 

2- 2 be trayede D. be taryed' 0. * leaf 115. 4 shulde ben D. 

5 >e D. 6 - 6 heed smyte 0. 7 ~ 7 alto DO. 8 om. 0. 

9 - 9 kynred of Kyng< Edward D. 10 - 10 fo^eue hym was 0. 

iiii Williarmts broker Waleys D. 12 om. DO. 13 13 >us were D. 

14 tak and done to deth D. take & done to deth 0. 

i5_i5 fl e( ide fram D. 16 in-to 0. " om. D. 18 among 0. 

19 h sic D. 2 forto 0. 21 abyde 0. 

22 socoure al D. socour al 0. 2a <23 be fonden D. be fouwle 

24 f rou^-out* D. f urgli-owt 0. ffl oppon D. vpon 0. 

26 Nichol D. Nichole 0. 27 fay 0. 

CH. CLXXXVI] Edw.Idies. Merlin s Prophecies about him. 203 

a of Carnaryuan, Kyng 4 of 1 Engeland', his sone, as rape as pai 
myght ; H and pat pai shulde nought suffre Piers of Gauaston come 
a^eyn into Engeland forto make his sone vse ryaute. And pai 

4 grantede him wip god wille ; and pe Kyng toke his sacrament^ of 
holy cherche, as a gode Cristen ma?i shulde, and deide in Verray 
repentaunce. U & when he hade bene 2 Kyng 1 Iv ^er 1 , he deide, & 
was buried at Westminster wip miche solempnite : oppon whos 

8 soule, God' haue mercy ! 

Of Merlynws 3 prophecies, pat were 3 declarede of Kyng 1 Edward, 


pat was Kyng^ 4 Henries sone. Capi'luto Centesimo iiij vj to . 

ANd of pis Kyng 1 Edward, 5 p?-opheciede Merlyn, and callede 
him a dragon, pe secunde kyng 1 of pe vj laste kynges pat 
shulde bene 6 forto regne in Engeland; and saide pat 'he shulde 
7 ben mellede 7 wip mercy & also wip sternesse, pat shulde kepe 
Engeland' ffam 8 colde and fram s hete; and pat he shulde oppen 

16 his moupe toward Walys, and pat he shulde sette his on 9 foot in 
Wyk<, and pat he shulde closen 10 wip Wallis, pat shulde do 11 miche 
harme to his seed' ' ; and he saide sop, for pe gode Kyng Edward 
was medled 1 ' 2 wip mercy & with fersnesse ; wip mercy a^eyns his 

20 enemys of Walis, & after of Scotland' ; wip fersenesse, when he 
put ham to the 13 deth for her 1 falsenesse & traiteri, as pai had 
diserued hit 4 ; And wel kepte he Engekmo 7 fram 14 colde and fram 14 
hete, sip he kepte hit fram alle mane?* enemys pat ronne oppon 

24 him to done him eny 15 harme or 15 wronge. IT And wel openede he 
his moup toward Walys, and made hit 16 quake prou^ pe hidour of 
his mouthe, When he conquerede hit prou^ dent of suerd ; for pe 
Prynce Lewelyn, and 17 18 his broper 18 Dauidf 13 Eys and Morgan, 

28 Aver 1 put vnto 19 dep for her 1 falsenesse and her 1 folie. H And he 
sette his one 9 foot in Wik 1 , and conquered Berwik 1 ; at pe whiche 
conquest was 20 slayn xxv M* and vij C, out-take ha?tt pat wei j 
brent in pe Rede Halle; and pe wallis pat he lete make shulde 21 

32 ben 6 noious 22 to his 22 seede, as men shal hure after* in pe lif 23 of 
Sire Edward 24 his sone. 

1 fea/115, back. 2 be 0. 3 - 3 prophecye 0. 4 om. 0. 

5 om. D. 6 be DO. 7 ~ 7 be medlede D. be melled 0. 8 fro DO. 

9 o 0. 10 close D. n don DO. 12 melled 0. 13 om. DO. 

14 fro 0. I5 - 15 om. DO. harme o R. 16 leaf 116. 

17 & Dauid DO. 18 - 18 MS. has his broker his bro>er. 

19 vnto the D. vnto > e 0. 20 were DO. 21 shal 0. 

22-22 vnto j, e o. 23 MS. li}>. 

24 Edward of Ca>iarifan D. Edward' of Carnerifan 0. 

204 Merlin's Prophecies about Edw. I fulfild. [CH. CLXXXVI 

11 And }itte saide Merlyn, pat * he shulde make Ryuer rynne 
in 1 bloode and wip brayn ' : and pat seniede wel in his werres, 
pere pat he hade pe maistry. IT And $itte saide Merlyn : pat 
' pere shulde come a peple out of pe northwest, duryng 1 pe regne of 4 
pe forsaide d?-agoun, pat 2 shulde bene 2 lad be an euel 3 grehounde, 
pat shulde 4 pe d?-agoun croune Kyng 1 , pat aftirward shulde 4 flee 
ouer 1 pe see 5 wipout corny ng a^eyn, 5 for drede of pe dragoun 6 ': 
and pat was p?*ouede by Sir* lohn Baloil, pat Kyng Edward made 8 
forto 7 bene 8 Kyng of Scotland, pat falsely 9 aroos a^eynnes him ; 
and after, he fledde to his owen landes in 10 Fraunce, and neuer 
come ajeyne into Scotland for drede of King Edward, f And 
^itte said Merlyn, 'pat pe peple pat shulde lede pe forsaide 12 
grewhonde shulde bene 11 faderles vnto 12 a certein tyme': & he 
saide soth, ffor pe peple of Scotland gretliche wer* disessede sith pat 
sir 1 lohn Baloil, her 1 Kyng 1 , fley fro 13 Scotland*. 

IT And $itte saide Merlyn, ' pat pe sone shulde bicome in his 1 6 
tyme as rede as 14 eny blode, in tokening 1 of 15 grete mortalite of dep 
of peple ' : and pat was 16 wel knowen when pe Scottes was 17 slayne. 
IT And sip saide Merlyn, ' pat pilk dragoun shulde norisshe a fox 
pat shulde meve 18 wen? a^eynes him, 19 pat 20 in his tyme shulde 20 
noujt bene 20 endede ' : and pat semede wel by Robert pe Brus, pat 
Kyng 1 Edward norisshe 21 in his chambre, pat sipennes 22 stale away, 
and mevede grete wen a^eynes him 19 ; whiche wer 1 was nou^t 
endede in his tyme. IT And afterward', Merlyn tolde pat ' pis 24 
dragoun shulde 23 ben holde 23 pe best body of al pe world?' : and he 
saide sop, ffor pe gode Kyng Edward was pe worthiest knyght of al 
pe worlde in his tyme. 

U And $it saide Merlyn pat ' pe dragoun shulde dye in pe 28 
marche of anoper land?, and pat his londe shulde be longe 24 wipouten 
a 24 gode keper 1 , and pat men shulde wepe for his deth, fram pe yle 
of Sheepe vnto pe He of Marcylle, wher 125 (alias !) shal 26 be 27 her* 
commune songe amonge peple faderles, in pe lande wastede ' : and 32 

1 vriih O. 2 ~ 2 shal be D. schuld* be 0. 3 ylle 0. 4 shal D. 
5 - 6 om. DO. 

6 dragoun with-oute comyng ajeyne D. dragon) wiih-o\ite comyng 
a?en 0. 

7 to D. 8 be 0. 9 falseliche D. 10 of D. " be D. 

12 vntil 0. 13 fram ham oute of D. 14 leaf 116, back. 15 of \>e 0. 

18 om. O. 17 were DO. 18 meve grete D. meue gret 0. 

19 - 19 om. D. w ~ w schuld' not in his tyme be 0. 21 norisshed 0. 

22 sethen 0. ^-^ be D. be holde 0. 

24-24 w ithout eny D. wit&oute eny 0. ^ wherfore DO. 

26 shulde D. schuld* 0. * ben 0. 

CH. CLXXXVII] Edw. II is crownd, and weds Princess Isabel. 205 

fat 1 propliecie was know oueral ful wel 1 ; ffor fe goode Kyng 
Edward deide at Burgh op Sandes, J)at is oppon 2 fe marche of 
Scotland', wherfore fe Englisshe-men gretlich 3 were descomfitede 4 

4 & gouernede in Northumberlond^, ffor enchesoun fat Kyng 
Edwardes sone sette by fe Scottes non 5 force, for fe 6 ryaute of 
Piers of Gauaston; wherfore (alias!) was fe songe frou^-oute 7 
Engeland? for defaute of a gode warde ; fram f e He of Sheepey 

8 vnto fe yle of Marcile, fe peple made miche 8 sorw for gode 8 
Kyng Edwardes deth; ffor fai wende 9 fat 10 gode 11 Kyng 1 Edward 
shulde haue gon into 12 fe Holy Lano?; 13 for fat was holliche 14 his 
pwrpos : oppon whos soule, God of his 8 blisse haue mercy 15 ! 

12 Of Kyng Edward', fat was Kyng Edwardes sone. Capitulo 

Centeswwo Qctogesimo Septirao. 

ANd after* fis Kyng 8 Edward, regnede Edward his sone, fat 
was born in Carnaryvan, and? 16 went into Eraunce, 17 and 

16 spousede Isabel!, fe Kyngws doubter of Fraunce, 17 ]?e xxv day of 
lanuer* at J)e cherche of our 1 Lady of 18 Boloign), in J>e ^er 1 of our* 
Lorde M^ CCC vij. IF & )?e xx day of Febriier 1 , 19 J)e nexte 301 fat 
come after 5 , he was cronede solempliche 20 at Westrmwsfer of }>e 

20 Erchebisshope Robert of Wynchelse, 21 of Kanterbery ; and fere was 
so grete prees of peple fat Sir 1 lohn Bakwelle was dede and 
mordrede. IT And anone as f e gode Kyng 1 Edward was dede, Sir* 
Edward 1 his sone, Kyng 1 of Engeland', sent after Piers of Gauaston 

24 into Gascoigne; and so miche louede him fat he callede him his 
* brof er ' ; and anone after 1 he ^af him f e lordeshipp of Wallyng- 
foro^ ; and hit was nou^t longe after 1 fat he ne $af him f e Erldome 
of Cornwaile, a^eynes alle f e lordes 22 wille of fe reaume. 22 1F And 

28 fo brought he Sir 1 Walter of Langeton, Bisshop of Chestre, into 
prisoun, into the Toure of London, with ij knafes allone him to 23 
seme, for enchesoun fat 24 fe Kyng 1 was wrof with him, for cause 
fat Sir* Wa[l]ter made pleint 25 vppoii him to his fader 1 ; wherfore 

32 he was put into 26 prisoun in fe tyme of trailbaston. 

1-1 p?'ophecyed Merlyn which was wel knowe oueral 0. 2 in D. 

3 gretly O. 4 discomfortede D. dyscomfited' dyscomforted sic 0. 

5 no 0. 6 om, D. 7 frouj-out al D. jmrgfr-out al 0. 8 om. 0. 

9 went 0. 10 the D. >at J>e O. " MS. gode Gode. 12 to D. 

13 leaf 117. 14 holy 0. 15 mercy Amen O. 

16 and ]>is Edward DO. 17 - 17 om. 0. 18 at 0. 

19 ffeuerei DO. 20 solempnyly 0. 21 Wynchestre 0. 

22 -' 22 willes of Engeland* D. 23 forto D0 . 24 om> D0 . 

25 cowipleynt DO. in D. 

206 Piers Gavestoris pride. He is sent to Ireland. [CH.CLXXXVII 

51 And pis 1 Piers of Gauastoii made so grete maistries, pat he 
went into pe Kyngws tresorie in pe Abbay of Westimwsfe?*, and 
toke 2 pe table of golde, 3 wip pe tresteles of pe same, and meny 
opere riche gewelles pat some tyme wer* pe noble 4 Kyng Arthures, 4 
and toke ham to a marchant pat me clepede 5 Aymery of Friscom- 
bande, for he shulde bere ham oner 1 pe see into Gascoigne : and 
pai come neuer 1 a3eyne after ; \vherfore hit was 6 grete losse vnto 7 
pis land*. 8 

U And when pis Piers was so rychely auauncede, he bicome so 
proude and so stout, wherof alle pe grete lordes of pe reaume had 
him in despite for his grete beryng 1 . Wherfore 8 Sir* Henry pe 9 
Lacy, Erl of Lyncoin, 10 and Sir 1 Guy Erl of Wannoyk (pe whiche 12 
gode lordes pe gode Kyng 1 Edward chargede, pat Piers of Gauaston 
shulde nou^t come into Engeland? forto brynge his sone into ryot), 
U And alle pe lordes of Engelawd, assemblede ham 9 at a certeyn day 
at pe 11 Frere Prichoures of 12 London, and speken 13 of pe 14 dis- 16 
honowr pat pe Kyng dede to 15 his reaume and to his crone, and so 
pai assemblede 16 alle, hope Erles, barons 17 and communes, pat pe for- 
saide Piers of Gauaston shulde ben 18 exilede out 19 of Engelowd. 
And so hit was done ; for he forsuore Engekmd, and went into 20 
Irland? ; and pere pe Kyng made him chief teyn and Gouernour 1 of 
pe lande 20 by his co?wmissioun ; and pe?-e pis Piers was chef teyn of 
al pe land?, 20 and dede pere aH pat him liked?, and had pere al 9 what 
he wolde. U And 21 pat tyme were pe templeres exilede prou$ al 24 
c?*istendome, 22 ffor enchesoun pat men put oppon ham pat pai 
shulde done 23 24 ping pat was 24 a^eynes pe faip 25 and gode bileue. 
U Kyng 1 Edward louede Piers of Gauaston so miche 26 pat he might 
nou^t forlete his company ; and so miche pe Kyng $af and bihight 28 
to pe peple of Engeland?, pat pe exiling of pe forsaide Piers shulde 
bene 27 reuokede at Staunford', prou^ ham pat 28 him hade 28 exilede. 
1T Wherfore Piers of Gauaston come a^eyne into Engeland 4 ; and 
when he was comen 29 a^eyn into pis lande, he despisede pe grettest 32 
lordes of pis lande, and callede Sir 1 Koberf 30 Clare Erl of Gloucestre, 

I the forsaide D. >e foraayd? 0. 2 nome DO. 3 leaf 117, back. 
4 gode D. 5 Called 0. 6 was a D. 

7 in-to 0. 8 wherof D. 9 om. DO. 10 Nichole DO. 

II om. 0. 12 at 0. 13 spek 1 D. 

14 MS. >e >e. 15 vnto 0. 16 assentede DO. 

17 om. D. & barons 0. 18 be 0. 19 om. D. 2 2 om. 0. 
21 And in 0. ffl cristiente DO. a do 0. 
24 - 24 >inges D. Jnng< 0. * fey 0. leafllB. * be D. 
~ had hym 0. come 0. > Robert of DO. 

CH. CLXXXVIII] Piers G-aveston is slam. Bruce returns. 207 

'Horessone/ and pe Erl of Lyncoln, 1 Sir* Henry pe 2 Lacy, ' Broste 
bely,' and Sir 1 Guy Erl of Waxitoyk, 'blanke 3 hounde of Arderne/ 
And also he callede pe noble Erl and gentil, Thomas of Lancastre, 
4 'Cherl,' and meny 4 othere 5 shames and scorn 4 6 ham saide, & by 
meny opere 6 grete lordes of Engelandl, wherfore pai were towardes 7 
him ful angri and sore annoiede. 

U And 8 in pe 9 same tyme deide pe Erl of Lyncohi 10 ; but he 

8 charged?, or he was dede, Thomas of Lancastre, erl, pat was his sone- 

in-lawe, pat he shulde mayntene his quereii a^eyns pe same Piers 

of Gauaston, oppon. his benison. U And so hit was ordeynede, 

prou} 11 helpe of pe Erie of Lancastr* and of pe Erl of Warrw?/&, 

12 pat pe forsaide 12 Piers was biheuedede 13 at Gauersiche bisides 
Warwik 1 , pe xix day of w lun), 15 in pe $ere of grace 16 M* CCC & 17 
xij ; wherfore pe Kyng was sore annoiede, and prayede God pat 
he might 18 see J>at day to bene avengede of 19 pe dep of )>e forsaide 

16 Piers. IT And so hit bifelle aftirvvard, as ^e shul hure, alias J?e 
tyme! ffor J>e forsaide Erl of Lancastre & meny opere 20 21 grete 
baroun, 22 wer> put to pitouse de)>, and martrede, for enchesoun of 
)>e forsaide quereli. 

20 H The Kyng was ]>o at London, and helde a parlement, and 
ordeynede )>e lawes of Sir 1 Symond* Mountford 4 ; wherfor the Erl of 
Lancastre, and alle )>e Erles & aii }>e clergye of Engeland', maden an 
oth, prou} conseile of Eobert of Wynchelse, forto maintene J>e 

24 ordenaunces 23 for eue?'more. 

How Robert ]>e Brus come a3eyne into Scotland', and Gaderede 
a grete power 1 of men forto werr 1 oppon Kyng Edward*. 
U Capitulo 11 Centesimo Qttogesimo viij. 

28 4 Nd when Sir* Eobert ]>e Brus, pat made him Kyng of Scot- 
XJL land, pat was fledde into Normandy 24 for drede of dep of 
pe 2 goode Kyng Edward, and herd of pe debate pat was in Enge- 

1 Nichol D. Nichole 0. 2 om. D. 3 blac D. Blake 0. 

- 4 other scornes and shame D. o]>er scornes & schame 0. 
5 MS. ouere. 6 6 & seyde by o]>er meny 0. 7 toward 0. 

8 MS. has in the margin, in same hand : Obijt Heuricis Comes Lincoln. 

9 that D. om. 0. 10 Nichole DO. n burgh ]>e 0. 
12 forseid sir 0. 13 beheded' 0. 

4 MS. has of lander, with I&nuer underlined for omission. 
15 lanuer D. 16 grace a 0. 17 om. DO. 

18 most D. muste 0. 19 vpon 0. ^ Another 0. 

21 leaf 118, back. & barons D. 
23 ordenance D. 2* Norway D. Norwey 0. 

208 Bruce defeats Edw. II at Bannocklurn. [CH. CLXXXVIII 

land? bituene ]>G Kyng and his lordes, he ordeynede an hoste, and 
come into Engelond, into Northumberland?, and clenly destroiede pe 
contreye. U And when Kyng Edward herde }>is tidynges, 1 he 2 lete 
assemble 2 his host, and mette pe Scottis at Streuelyn, 3 in pe day of 4 
pe 4 Natiuite of Seint lohn pe Baptiste, in )>e vij 4 ^er* of his regne, 5 
and in pe }ere of our 1 Lorde 6 Ihesu Crist 1 , 6 M* CCC & 7 xiiij. Alias 
pe sorw and losse fat pere was done ! for pere was slayn, pe noble 
Erl Gilbert of Clare, Sire Robert of Clifford*, a 7 baroun, and meny 8 
opere ; & of opere peple pat no man cou)> nombre ; and pere 
Kyng Edward was scomfitede. And Sir 5 Edmund! of Maule, pe 8 
kynges stiward, for drede went and drenchede him-self 9 in a 
fresshe ryuer* pat is callede Bannokesbourn ; perefore 10 n pe Scottes 12 
saide, in reprofe and despite of Kyng 1 Edward, foralsemiche 12 as he 
louede forto go 13 by watere, and also for he was descomfitede at 
Bannokesbour[n]e, perfore maidenes made a songe perof, 14 in pat 
centre, of Kyng Edward of Engeland? 14 and in pis maner 1 pai 16 
songe 15 : 

U Maydenes of Engetande, sare may 36 morne, 

For tynt 36 haue [lost] 16 ^oure lemmana at Bannokesborn 

wip hevalogh. 20 

H What wende pe Kyng 1 of "Engeland haue ygete 17 Scotlande 

wip Rombylogh. 

"When Kyng Edward? was descomfitede, he was wonder 1 sory, 
and faste 18 fledde wip his folc 4 pat was lafte alif*, 19 and went 24 
to Berwik 1 , and pere helde him. H And after, he toke hostages, pat is 
to seyne, 20 vij childerne, of pe rychest 1 of pe toun ; and pe Kyng 
went to London, and toke 21 conseile of pinges pat were nedeful 
vnto pe reaume of Engeland?. 28 

IF And in pe same tyme hit bifelle pat pere was in Engeland? 
a rybaude pat men 22 callede lohn Tanner ; and he went and saide 
pat he was pe goode Kyng 1 Edwardus sone, and lete him calle 
'Edward of Carnaruan'; and perfore he was take 23 at Oxenford*, 32 
and pere 24 chalangede pe frere Cannes chirche pat Kyng Edward 
hade ^eue 25 ham, pe whiche cherch 26 some tyme was 4 pe Kyngws 

I tydynge 0. 2 z assemblede D. 3 Estreuelyn D. Estryuelyn 0. 
4 om. O. 5 regne vij 0. 6 6 om. 0. 7 om. DO. 

8 >e DO. for >e R. 9 him D. hym 0. 10 wherfore DO. 

II leaf 119. 12 forasmyche 0. 13 gone D. om. 0. 14 14 (m. D. 
15 saiden D. ltt om. D. 17 gete DO. 

18 MS. faste faste, with second faste underlined for omission. 

19 on lif D. 2 weten D. wete 0. 21 to sic D. nome 0. 
22 me DO. ^ taken DO. M \>er& he DO. ^ youe 0. 

26 Cherche was 0. 

CH. CLXXXIX] Berwick taken. Cardinals rolbd. Famine. 209 

Halle. IT And afterwarde was pis lohn ladde to Northampton, and 1 
draw, and pe?'e 2 hongede for his falsenesse. and er* pat he was 
dede, he conf essede, 3 and saide bifore al pe f olc, fat ' J>e deuel 
4 bihiglite him pat he shulde be Kyng 1 of Engeland ' ; and pat ' he 
hade seruede pe deuel iij 

How pe toun of Berwik was taken 4 prou^ treson ; & how ij 
Cardynales wer* robbet in Engeland. Cap/zWo Centesirpo 


8 iiij ix. 

5 A Nd in myd Le?^ton 6 Sonday in pe $ere of our Lord Ihesu 

Jm Crist M* CCC xvj, Berwik was loste, prou^ false tresoun of 

on, Piers of Spaldyng*; pe whiche Piers, pe Kyng 1 had put pere 

12 forto kepe j?e 7 same toune wi]) 8 meny burgeys of pe 9 toun. II Wher- 
fore )>e chiklerne ]?at were put in hostages 10 prou^ J?e burgeys of 
Berwik, 11 folwede ]?e Kyngwa Marchalcie meuy daye, 12 fetrede in 
st?'onge yrenes. 

16 U And after 1 pat tyme pere come ij Cardinales into EngelancP, 
as pe Pope hade ham sende forto niak pees bituene Scotland 4 and 
Eiigelawd. and as pai went toward Duresme forto haue sacrede 
maistre Lowys of Beaumond*, Bisshop of Duresme ; and as pai went, 

20 pai were taken 4 and robbit oppoii pe more of Wigelesdon 13 ; of 
whiche robrye, Sir* Gilbert of Midelton was atteint, and tale, 14 and 
hongede & drawe 15 at London), and his 16 heuede smyten 16 of 1 , and 
his bowales taken out of his body, and brent, & his body qwar- 

24 tarede, and his heuede 17 18 smyten of, and 18 sette oppon a spere, and 
sette oppoii Newegate ; and pe iiij quarters sent to iiij citees of 

11 And pat same tyme bifelle meny meschyues in Engeland? ; for 

28 pe pore 2 peple deide in Engeland for hunger; and so niiche and 19 
so faste folc deiden, 20 pat vnnepes 20 men m[i]ght haw bury; for a 
quarter of 2 whete was worpe xls., and ij 3ere and an halfe a 
quarter of 21 whete 19 was worpe 22 ij mar} 22 : and ofte-tymes pe pore 

I and ]>ere was D. ' 2 om. D. 3 confessede him D. 4 take 0. 
5 leaf 119, back. 6 lentenes D. lent 0. 7 >at 0. 

8 MS. has wij) me- with me- underlined for omission. 9 J>e same D. 
10 MS. hostages )>rou3 |>rou3, icith first ]>rou3 underlined for omission ; 
hostage DO. 

II Benvyk 1 and fe burgeys of Berwik D. Berwylc 1 and ]) e Burgeys of 
Berwyk 1 0. 

12 dayes DO. VA Wyngeleston D. Wyngeledonne 0. 14 taken DO. 
15 drawen DO. 16 - ie heed smyte 0. 17 heed 0. 18 - 18 om. DO. 
19 om. 0. 20 - 20 >an vnnefe 0. 21 om. DO. 

22 ffi xxvj s. viij d. ij marc 0. 


210 The Scots plunder Northumberland. Interdict. [CH. cxc-i 

peple stale childern and ete ham, and ete also alle 1 fe houndes 
J>at fai might take, and ek Horse & cattes ; and after*, ]>erQ felle a 
grete 2 pestilence amonges 3 bestes in diuerse contrees of Engela?zd 
duryng Kyng Edwardes lif 1 . 4 

How f e Scottes robbede Northumberland'. Capitate Centesimo 

ANd in fe same tyme 4 come fe 4 Scottes a^eyne into Engelaud?, 5 
and destroiede Northumberlond?, 6 and brent fat lande, & 8 
robbet hit, 6 and quellede mew and wymmen, & childern fat laye 7 
in cradeH, and brent also holy cherche, and destroiede Cristen- 
dome, and 8 toke & 8 bare awaye Englisshe-meraies godes, as fai 
hade bene 9 Sarasins or paynemes. and of fe wickednesse fat fai 12 
deden, 10 ail fe worlde spake ferof, frou} al Cristendome. 

How f e Scottes wolde nou^t amende her 1 trespasse ; and f erfore 
Scotland was enterditede. U 'Gapitulo Centesimo Nono- 
gesi??io p?lmo. 16 

ANd when 11 Pope 12 John, J>e xxij after seynt Petre, herde of )?e 
grete sorwe and meschief 1 fat J>e Scottes wrought, he was 
wonder 1 sory fat Cristendome was so destroiede frou^ fe Scottes, 
and nameliche 13 for fai destroiede so holy cherche; Wherfore fe 20 
Pope 14 sent a general sentence, vnder 1 his bullis of leade, vnto fe 
Erchebisshope of Kaunte?'bery, and to fe Erchebisshope of ^ork 1 , 
fat ' if Eobert f e Brus of Scotland? wolde nou^t be iustifiede, and 
make amendes vnto 15 kyng 16 Edward of Engelawd, 16 his 17 lorde, & 24 
make amendes of his losse, and his harmes fat fai hade done in 
Engeland*, and also to restore fe godes fat fai hade 18 19 take out 
of 19 holy cherch, fat fe sentence shulde be p?*onouwcede frouj aH 
EngelaraZ. U And when f e Scottes herde fis, fai wolde nou3t 28 
2021 cesse of 21 her 1 malice for fe Popes 22 co??imaundement ; Wherfor 

1 am. 0. 2 leaf 120. 3 among 0. 4 ~ 4 comen D. 
5 Northumberland D. 6 om. D. 7 leyne D. leyn 0. 
s- 8 O7?i. D. 9 be 0. 10 dede DO. n when the D. 

12 pope struck out, and bisshope written over in a different hand in 0. 

13 namely 0. 

14 pope struck out, and bisshope written over in a different hand in 0. 

15 vnto the D. vnto > e 0. 16 ~ 16 of Engelond? Edward' 0. 

17 her* DO. 18 MS. hade m, with m underlined for omission. 

19 - 19 taken in D. take of 0. 2 leaf 120, back. 

2 1 - 21 leue D. lette 0. 

22 popes struck out, and bisshopis written over in a different hand in 

CH. cxcii] Scotland interdicted. Scots ravage N. England. 211 

Eobert pe 1 Brus, lamys Douglas, and Thomas Randolf Erl of 
Morref , and alle po pat wip ham communede, or ham halp in worde 
or in 2 dede, were accursed? 3 prou3 euery cherche prou$ 3 Engelandl, 

4 euery [day] at masse iij tymes; and no masse shulde be songen 4 in 
holy cherche prou^-out 5 al Scotland*, but if pe Scottis wolde make 
restitucion of pe harmes fat pai hade made vnto 6 holy cherche. 
Wherfore meny a gode p?-este and holy man, 7 perfore were slayn 

8 prou^ al 8 pe reme of Scotland 4 , for enchesoun pat pai wolde singe 
no masse a3eynes pe Popes 9 co??imaundement i and a^eynes his wille, 
and to done and f ulfille pe tiraunt^ 10 wille. 

How Sir 1 Hughe, pe Spenseres sone, was 2 made pe Kyngws 
12 Chamberlein ; and of pe bataile of Miton. Capitwfo 
Centesimo Nonogmwo secw?zdo. 

ANd hit was nou$t longe afterward, pat pe Kyng ne ordeynede 
a parlement at ^ork 1 j and pere was Sir* Hugh, pe Spensere^ ll 

16 sone, made Chamberlein. And in ]?e mene-tyme, while J?e weri^ 
last 1 , the Kyng went a^eyne into Scotland', J?at hit was wonder 
forto wete, and bisegede ]>& toun of Berwik 1 ; but }>e Scottes went 
oue?' J)e water of Solewath, J?at was iij mile fram J)e Kyngws host, 

20 and priuely 12 )?ai stele awaye by nyght, and come?? 13 into Engetot?, 
and robbede and destroiede 14 al pat J?ai myght, and sparede no 
mane?' ping 1 1 til J?at jjai comen to 15 3ork. And when ]?e Englisshe- 
men pat were lafte at 16 home Wist 17 of pis ping 1 , alle po pat might 

24 tmuaile as wel monkes and 18 p?*estes and ffreres & Chanouns and 
seculers, and come and mette wip pe Scottes at Miton op 19 Swale, 
pe xij day of Ottobre. Alias ! what sorwe for pe Englisshe 
hosbonde-men pat coupe noping 1 in werr 1 , pere were quellede and 

28 drenchede 20 in 21 pe Ryuer of Swale. 21 And her 1 chyueteynes, Sir 1 
William of Melton, Erchebisshop of ^ork 1 , & pe Abbot of Selby 
with her* stedes, 22 fledde, & come vnto 22 3ork<. And pat was her 1 
owen folie pat pai had pat meschaunce, for pai passede pe water of 

1 om. D. 2 om. 0. 

3-3 in euery cherche of D. in euery Cherche Jmrgh 0. 

4 songe 0. 5 >rou3 D. 6 to D. >urgh 0. 7 men DO. 

8 om. DO. 

9 popes struck out, and bisshoppis written over in a different hand in 0. 

10 Traytours 0. n Spencer 0. 12 priuelich D. 13 come 0. 

14 destruede D. 15 vnto 0. 16 leaf 121. n herde D. herd 0. 

18 as 0. 19 oppon D. 2 dreynt 0. 

21 21 an arme of the see D. an arme of >e see 0. 

22-22 fledden and comen to D. fled & comen vnto 0. 

21 2 The White Battle. Hugh le Spenser. [CH. cxcii-m 

Swale; and fe Sccottes sette in 1 fire iij stackes of hey; and fe 
smoke ferof was so huge fat 2 Englisshe-me?i myght nought see fe 
Scottes. H And 1 whew f e Englisshe-men were gon oner f e water, f o 
come 3 fe Scottes \vij) hei j wenge, 4 in maner of a shelde, and come 4 
toward? f e Englisshe-men in a rawe ; and f e Englisshe-meu fledde, 
for vnnefes 5 fai hade eny men 6 of Armes; for fe Kyng hade ham 
alle 7 almost loste atte fe 7 sege of Berwik 1 ; and fe Scottes 8 
hobilers went bituix 9 fe brigge & fe Englisshe-men. IT And when 8 
f e grete host 10 had faim 10 mette, fe Englisshe-men fledde bituene f e 
hobilers and fe grete host; and fe Englisshe-men almost alle 7 were 
f ere slayn. 11 And 12 he fat might wende ouer f e water was sauede : 
but meny were drenchede, 12 Alias, for 13 sorwe! for 13 fere was 14 12 
slayne meny men of Religioun, and seculers, and ek prestes and 
clerkes ; and wif miche sorw the Erchebisshop scapede ; and f er- 
fore f e Scottes callede hit 15 ' the White Bataile.' 

How Kyng 1 Edward dede aH maner 2 16 fing< as 17 Sire Hugh fe 16 
Spenser 17 Wolde. C&pitulo Centesimo "NQnogesimo tercio. 

ANd when Kyng Edward herde fis tydynges, 18 he remevede his 
sege fra??i Berwik, & come a^eyne into Engelandl. But Sii 1 * 
Hugh fe Spensei J , fe sone, fat was J?e Kynges chaumberlein, kepte 20 
so fe Kyngws chaumbre, fat no man might 19 speke wif fe Kyng 1 , 
but if 20 he made wif him a frett forto done his nede, & fat ouer* 
mesure. And f is Hugh bar* him so stoute, fat alle men hade of 
him scorn and despite; and fe kyng him-self wolde nou^t be 21 24 
gouemede 22 by no maner 5 man, but oneliche 23 by his fader* and by 
him. IT And yf eny knyght of Engoland hade wodes, maneres, or 
lande, fat fai wolde couette, anone fe Kyng 1 moste ^eue it ham, or 
elles 24 fe man fat owede 25 hit 26 shulde falsely 26 be enditede of 28 
fforfet 27 or of ffelonye; and f rou$ soche doynges 28 fai disheritede 
meny a grete 29 bachiler ) , and so meny landes 30 geten, fat hit was 
miche Wonder. 

I on D. a 0. 2 )>at >e D. 3 Comen 0. 4 wynges D. 
5 vnnej>e 0. 6 ma?i 0. 7 om. 0. 8 Scottyssh 0. 

9 bituene D. betwen 0. 10 - 10 ham D. hem 0. 

II quellede D. y-quelled' 0. 12 - 12 dreynt 0. "- 13 om. DO. 
14 were 0. 15 that bataile D. >at bataitt 0. 16 leaf 121, back. 
17 - 17 ^>e Spencers 0. 18 tydyng 0. 19 mast 0. L<0 o//i. DO. 
21 ben 0. ffl gouemed ne reulede D. goucrned' ne revvled' 0. 

23 onely D. only 0. 24 ett 0. ' a oujt D. ought 0. 

*-* falsely shulde D. * >e forest 0. ^ doyug D. doynge 0. 

29 gode D. good 0. 30 landes }>ai D. 

CH. cxcin-iv] The harm done ly the Spensers. 213 

IF And when fe lordes of Engeland saw fe 1 couetise and fe 
falsenesse of Sir 1 Hugh fe Spenser, his 2 fader, and of Sir 1 Hugh 
his 3 sone, fai comen 4 to fe gentil Erl of Lancastre, and axede 

4 5 him of 5 conseile of fe disese fat was in the reame frou$ Sir 1 Hugh 
fe 6 Spenser 1 and his sone. And in haste, by one assent, fai made 
a priue assemble at Shirbornin Elmede; and alle fa[i] maden 7 fere 
an oth forto breke and destourble fe doyng bituene fe Kyng 1 and 

8 Sir 1 Hugh f e Spenser* and his sone, oppon her' power*. And fai 
went into fe Marche of Walys, & destroiede fe Lande 8 of fe 
forsaide Sir 1 Hughes. 

9 How sir 1 Hughe fe Spenser and his fader 1 Were exilede out 
12 of Engeland. C&pitulo Centeslmo Nonogesimo iiij to . 

WHen Kyng Edward? saw ))e grete harme and destrucionn fat 
fe barons of Engeland' deden on 10 Sir 1 Hugh J?e 6 Spensers 
Landes, and to his sones, in eue?y place Jmt ]?ai comen oppon. And 

16 J>e Kyng ]?o, ]?rou^ his Conseile, exilede Sir 1 John Mounbray, Sire 
Roger 11 of Clifford', and Sir* Gosselyn DauiH, and meny o^er lordes 
fat wei-* to ham 12 consent. 13 Wherfore J?e barons dede ]?o 14 more 
harme fan fai dede bifore. U And when fe Kyng 1 saw fat 6 fe 

20 barons wolde nou^t cesse of her 1 cruelte, f e Kyng was sore adrade 
leste fai wolde 15 destroy him and his reame for his mayntenance, 
but yf 6 fat he assentede to ham; and so he sent for ham 1G by 
lettre^, 16 fat fai shulde come to London to his parlement at a 

24 certeyne day, as in his leftres 17 were 18 conteynede. 

U And fai come wif iij batailes wel armed 19 at alle poynt} ; & 
euery bataile hade cote-armur 1 20 of grene clofe 21 ; and ferof fe right 
quarter was ^alwe, wif wliite bendes ; Wherfore fat pc/?iement was 

28 callede ' f e pwlment wif 22 f e whit bende. 23 ' IT And in fat company 
was Sir* Humfray de Bohon, Erl of Herford, 24 and Sir* Boger of 
Clifford', SiVe lohn Mounbray, Sire Gosselyn DauiH, Sire Roger 
Mortymer, Vncle of Sir 1 Roger Mortymer 1 of Wigemore, Sire Henry 

32 of Tyeys, 25 Sire lohn GifPard, and Sir 1 Bartholomew 26 Badelesmere 
fat was fe Kynges Stiward, fat fe Kyng hade sent to Shirborn 

1 >e grete D. >e gret 0. 2 >e D. a >e DO. 4 come DO. 

- 5 of hyni 0. 6 om. D. 7 made DO. 8 Laundes D. 
9 leaf 122. 10 to DO. " Robert D. 12 hyni 0. 
u consentede D. " the D. om. 0. 13 shulde D. 16 - 16 om. D. 
17 lettre D. 18 was 0. 19 y-armed 0. 

20 cotarmures D. cote-armures 0. 21 cho]>e sic D. ^ of 0. 
23 bendes D. 24 Hereford' D. *> T DQ 
26 Bartholomew of 0. 

214 The Spenser s outlawd. Th e Father curses his Son. [CH. cxci V 

in Elmede, to fe J Erl of Lancastre and to alle fat "VVif him Were, 
forto trete of accorde fat him aliede to fe barons, and come wif fe 2 
company, And Sir* Roger Damory and Sir* Hugh 3 of Audeley 3 fat 
hade spousede fe Kynges neces, susters 4 to 5 Sir 1 Gilbert of Clare, 4 
Erl of Gloucestre, fat was quellede in Scotland, as aboue 6 is saide. 
U And fo ij Lordes hadde fe ij partes 7 of fe Erldome of Gloucestre; 
and Sir 1 Roger 8 fe Spenser 1 , fe sorane, hadde fe 9 fridde part 9 on 10 
his Wifes behalue, 11 ' the fridde 12 suster 1 . And fo ij lordes went to 8 
fe barouns wif al her 1 power*, au^eynes Sir 1 Hugh, her* brofe?'-in- 
Law; and so fer come with ham, Sir 1 Roger of Clifford', Sir* lohn 
Mounbray, Sir* Gosselyn Dauitt, Sir 1 Roger Mortymer* of Werk 1 , 
Sir 1 Roger Mortymer 1 of Wygemore, his nevew, Sir* Henry Trays, 13 12 
Sir* lohn Giffard, Sir Bartholomew of Bedelesmere, wif alle 14 her* 
company, & meny of ere fat to ham wer 1 consent. 

U Alle fis 15 grete Lordes corner 16 to Westminster, to fe Kynges 
parleinent; and so j>ai spoken and dede, fat bofe Sir Hugh fe 17 16 
Spenser, f e fader* & 18 f e Son, were outlawede of Engelawd for euer- 
more. U And Sir 1 Hughe fe fader 1 went to Douer 1 , and made 
miche sorwe, and felle adoun 19 by fe see bank 1 , 20 & clipped 20 acros 
wif his Armes, and sore wepyng, 21 saide : "now, farewele 22 Enge- 20 
land? ! & gode Engelarcrf, to 23 Gode y fe bitak ! " and fries cussede 
fe grounde, and wende neuer 24 haue comen 25 a^ein, and 26 Wepyng 
ful sore, cursede fe tyme fat euer he bigate Sir Hugh his sone, & 
saide 'for him 27 he hade 27 loste Engeland?'; and in p?'esence of 24 
ham fat were him 28 aboute, he $af him his curse, and went oue? f 
fe see to his landes. But Sire Hugh fe sone wolde nou^t go 29 out 
of Engelarcrf, but helde him in f e see ; and he & his company 
robbede ij Dormondes bisides Sandewiche, & toke 30 and bai j awaye 28 
aH fe gode fat was in ham, fe Value of xl 31 M* ti. 

How fe Kyng Exilede fe 32 Erl Thomas of Lancastre, & alle fat 
helde wif him ; and how f e Mortymer 1 come & ^elde him 
vnto 33 fe Kyng 1 ; & of fe lordes siege. CapzYwZo Gentesimo 32 
Nonogesimo duinto. 

1 leaf 122, back. 2 MS. >e fe ; >at DO. 3 ~ 3 Daudel D. Dandele D. 
4 suster 0. 5 and DO. 6 bifore D. byfore 0. 7 partyes DO. 
8 Hugh DO. a - 9 iij partye 0. 10 in DO. " half* D. hand' 0. 
12 iij 0. 13 Trays DO. 14 MS. alle att. 15 >ese 0. 
16 come 0. 17 om. DO. 18 & sir Hugh Spencer 0. 
19 doune oppon the grounde D. doun vpou > e ground' 0. ao - 20 om. DO. 
21 wepynge & 0. ffi fayre DO. a to almy^ty D. to almyghty 0. 
24 nenere to 0. ^ come 0. >x and D. & 0. om. R. W - J ' y haue D. 
28 fca/123. a gon DO. 30 nome 0. 31 iiij D. * 2 om. 0. 33 to 0. 

CH. cxcv-Vi] The Spensers return. Siege of TickJiill Castle. 215 

Hit was nought longe after 1 , fat fe Kyng ne 1 made Sir* Hugh 
fe Spenser fe fader*, and Sir* Hugh fe 2 sornie, come a^ein 
into Engetod, a^eyns fe lordes wille of f e reaume. IT And sone 
4 after, fe Kyng, wif 3 strong Power 5 , come and bisegede fe castel of 
Leedes : and in fat castel was f e Lady of Badelesmore, for enchesoun 
fat she wolde nou^t grant fe castel to fe 1 Quene Isabel!, Kyng 
Edwardes wif 1 . IT But f e principal cause was, for encheson fat Sir 1 
8 Bartholomev Badelesmere was a3eins f e Kyng 1 , & helde with the 
lordes of Engelawd. And nof eles, f e Kyng 1 , by helpe and socoure of 
men of London, and also frou^ helpe of Southern men, fe Kyng gate 
f e castel, maugre ham alle fat wer* wif in, 4 and tok wif him al fat he 

1 2 might f ynde. IT And when f e barons of Engeland herd of fis f ing 1 , 
5 Sir* Koger Mortymer 1 & 5 of ere meny lordes 6 toke fe toune of 
Brugeworth with strengh; Wherfore fe Kyng was wonder* wrof, 
and lete outelawe Thomas 7 of Lancastre & Hounfray de Bohoun, 

16 8 Erl of Hereford?, 9 and alle 10 fat Were assent 11 to fe same quereH. 
IT And fe Kyng Assemblede an 12 host, & come a3eynes fe lordes of 
Engeland? ; wherfor f e Mortymers put ham to f e Kynges mercy & 
his grace ; and anone f ai wer* sent to f e Toure of London, and fere 

20 kepte in prisoun. IT And when f e barons herd of fis f ing 1 , f ai 
comew to Pontfret 1 , fere fat f e Erl Thomas soiornede, and tolde him 
how fe Mortymers 13 had 14 ^elde ham bofe 15 vnto 16 fe Kyng 1 , & 
put haw in 16 his grace. 

24 Of f e sege of Tikhulle. 1T C&pitulo Centesimo iiij xvj. 

WHen Thomas, Erl of Lancastre, herde 17 fis, 18 fai were 18 
wonder* wrof, & alle fat were of his company, and gretly 
fai were descomfortede, & ordeinede her* power 1 togeder, and 
28 bisegede f e casteli of TykhuH. But f o fat were wif in, so man- 
liche 19 20 defendede ham, 20 fat fe barons might nou^t gete fe castefi. 
IT And when fe Kyng herde telle 21 fat his casteli was bisegede, he 
suore, by God and by his crowne, 22 fat f e sege shulde be remevede, 
32 and assemblede an huge power* of peple, and went f iderward forto 

1 om. 0. 2 his D. 3 with a 0. 4 >erin 0. 

5 5 written twice in all three MSS. 6 lordes nome & 0. 

7 Thomas erle DO. 8 leaf 123, back. 9 Herford* 0. 

10 al >o D. att >o 0. n asseutant D. assentynge 0. 

12 a gret D. an hugh 0. 13 Mortymers both D. Mortymers bofe 0. 

14 hadden 0. 15 om. DO. 16 to 0. 17 herde of D. 

IB-IS he was D< 19 manly Q 20-20 ham defendede D. 21 om. D. 

22 namen D. names 0. 

216 Siege ofTickhill raisd. Robert Holond's treachery. [CH.CXCVI 

rescue fe casteft; and his power* encressede fram day to day. 
f When fe Erie of Lancastr* and fe Erl of Hereford', 1 and f e 
barons and her* company, herde of f is fing 1 , fai assemblede al her* 
power*, and went ham to Burton op Trent, and kepte fe bruge, fat 4 
fe Kyng shulde nou^t come 2 oner 1 . H But hit bifeft so, fat 3 on fe 
x 4 day of Marche, in fe $ere of g?'ace M* CCC xxj 5 fe Kyng and 
f e Spensers, Sir* Aymer* Valaunce, Erl of Penbrok 1 , & lohn, 6 Erl of 
Arundel, and her 1 power 1 , went ouer fe 7 Watere, and descomfitede 8 
fe Erl Thomas & his company; and fai fledde to fe caster! of 
Tuttebery; and fro fenus fai went to Pountfret. And in fat 
Viage deide Sir 1 Eoger Dammory, in f e Abbay of Tuttebery. 

IT And in fat same tyme, fe Erl Thomas hade a toY/itour 1 with 12 
him fat me?* 8 callede Robert of Holonde, a Knyght fat fe Erl 
hade brou^t vp of noivjt, and hade norisshede him in his botelerie, 
and had ^euen 9 him ij M* mar^ 10 n of rent 11 by ^ere. 12 And so 
miche fe Erl louede him, fat he might doo 13 in fe Erles court 16 
what 14 him likede, bofe amonges 15 hye & law; and so queyntely 
16 euer he 16 bare him a3eynes his lord', fat he truste more oppon him 
fan oppon 17 eny man alyue. IT And fe Erl hade ordeynede 18 him 
by lettre 18 forto wende into fe Erldome of Lancastr 1 , forto make 20 
a rise to helpe him fat 19 viage, fat is to seyn, v c men of Armes. 
But fe 20 said Holand 20 come nou^t fere, no maner 1 men 21 forto 
warne, ne to make a rise to 22 helpe his lord'. 11 And when Holand' 23 
herde telle fat his lord was scomfitede 24 at Burton, as 25 an vntrew 24 
man 25 he stale away, and robbede in. Rauenesdale his lordes mew 
fat come 26 fra f e scomfiture, & tok 27 of ha?^ horse and harneys, and 
al fat f ai hade, & quellede of ham alle fat he myght tak, and f o 
come and 3elde him vnto 28 f e Kyng 1 . U When f e gode Erl Thomas 28 
wist fat he was so bitraiede, he was sore abasshede, and saide to 
him-self, "0 almyghty god!" quod he, "how might Robert 
Holonde fynde in his hert me to bitraye, sifens 29 fat y 30 haue 
Louede him so miche ? God, 31 wel may now 31 a man see 32 by 32 

1 Herford* 0. 2 passe DO. 3 am. DO. 4 tenj>e 0. 
5 & xxij 0. 6 lohn >e O. 7 leaf 124. 8 me DO. 9 3eue 0. 
10 Mark 0. "- om. D. of land' 0. 12 Jere of lande D. 
13 done 0. u al pat D. al Jring J>at 0. 15 amonge D. among 0. 
" he-dede D. 

18-is b y his lettre him D. by his lettre 0. 19 in his D. in Jxrt 0. 
a*- 20 false traitoure D. fals Traytowr 0. 21 man D. ^ for-to 0. 
23 the traitour D. )>e Traytour 0. ** descomfitede D. discomfited 0. 
B - 25 a false >ef traitoure D. a fals >ef a Traytour 0. * comen D. 
. w to 0. sith D. seth 0. leaf 121, back. 

CH.CXCVIi] Thomas of Lancaster & the Rebels go to Burlridge. 217 

him fat no man may desceyue anofer, 1 rafere fan he fat he most 
trust oppon. He haf ful euel ^eldede 2 me 3 my godenesse, and fe 
worship fat y to him haue done, and frou^ my kynclenesse haue 
4 him avauncede, and made him hie fram 4 lowe; & he makef me go 
fram 4 he into 5 lowe; but ^itte shal he dye in euel def." 

Of f e Scomfiture of Burbrigge. U Capi'taZo U Gentesinio Nonc- 
gesimo Septiwo. 

8 rilHe gode Erl Thomas of Lancastre, Hunfray de Bohon, Erl 

I of Herford', and fe barouns fat wif ham 6 wer*, toke 7 a 8 

conseile bituene ham at fe 3 Frere Prechoures at Pountfrettf. fo 

fou^t Thomas vppon fe traitoz^r 9 Robert Holond', and saide in 

12 reprofe, "Alias! Holonde me haf bitraiede ! Ay is in fe rede of 
so??zme euel shrede. 10 " H And by co?)imune assent f ai shulde alle 
11 gone to 11 fe castel of Dunstanburghe, the whiche perteynede to fe 
Erl dome of Lancastre, and fat fai shulde abide fe?*e til 12 fe Kyng 

16 hade for^eue ham his male-talent, but when fe gode Erl Thomas 
fis herde, he ansuerede in f is inaner*, and saide : " Lordes," <\uod 
he, "if we gone 13 toward' fe north, men wil seyn 14 fat we gon 15 
toward fe Scottes ; and so we shul be holde traitoures, for 16 cause 

20 of 16 distaunce fat is bituene 17 Kyng Edward and Robert fe Brus, 
fat 18 made him Kyng 1 of Scotland. And f erf ore y say, as tochyng 
myself, fat y wil go 19 no ferfer into fe North fan to myn owen 
castel of Pountfretf." U And when Sire Pvoger 1 Clifford? herde fis, 20 

24 he aros vp anone in wraf, 21 and drow his suorde, & swore by 
Almygty God? 22 and by his holy names, 22 but if fat he wolde go 23 
wif ham, he shulde be dede, and fat he wolde slee him fere. U J3e 
noble 24 Erl Thomas of Lancastre was sore adrade, and saide: 

28 "faire sires, 25 y wil go wif fow 26 whidei-'-so-euei 1 ' 36 me lede." J9o 
went fai togederes into f e North ; and wif ha??^ fai hade vij c men 
of Armes, and come to Burbrig*. 

II And when St're Andrew of Herkela fat was in fe North- 

32 contre f rou^ ordenance of f e Kyng 1 , forto kepe f e cuntre of Scotland? 

1 a man D. 2 $elde D. ^elden 0. 3 om. 0. 4 fro 0. 
5 to D. 6 hym 0. 7 nomen 0. 

8 MS. has a castel, imtli castel underlined for omission ; om. DO. 

9 traytry of D. Trayterye of 0. 10 deth 0. u u wende into DO. 
12 til >at 0. 13 go DO. 14 say D. 15 go D. 16 - 16 om. D. 

17 bituene D. betwen 0. bitue R. 18 om. D. 19 gone D. 
20 >is word' D. 21 leaf 125. 22 - 22 om. D. *' gon 0. 
24 noble and gentil DO. ^ sir" D. ^ 3ow DO. 

218 Thos. of Lancaster tries to win over Sir A. HerJcela. [CH.CXCVII 

herde telle how fat 1 Thomas of Lancastre was descomfitede, 
2 and his company were descomfitede 2 at Burton vp 3 Trent, he 
ordeynede him a stronge power 1 , and Sir 1 Symond Ward also, 4 fat 
fo 5 was 6 shirryf of 3ork, & come & mette fe barons at Burbrig 1 ; & 4 
anone fai breken 7 fe brige, fat was made of tre. f And when 8 
Sir 1 Thomas of Lancastre herde fat Sire Andrew of Herkela hade 
brou^t wif him soche a power*, he was sore adrade, & sent for 9 Sir* 1 
Andrew of 1 Herkela, & wif him spake, and saide to him in fis 8 
maner 1 : " Sire Andrew," quod he, " 36 mow wel vnderstonde how 
fat our 1 Lord f e Kyng 1 is ladde and misgouernede by miche false 
conseil, frou? Sir* Hugh fe Spenser 1 fe fader, & 10 Sir 1 Hugh fe 11 
sone, & Sir 1 lohn Erl of Arundel, and frou^ Maistre Robert Baldok, 12 
a false pilede clerc, fat is in f e Kyngws court duellyng 1 ; wherfore y 
praye $ow 4 fat 36 wil 12 come wif vs, wif al fe power 1 fat 36 haue 
ordeynede, and helpe to destroie f e venyme of EngelamZ, and f e 
traitoures fat bene 13 ferin, and we 1 wil 3if vnto ^ow fe best part 16 
14 of v Erldomes far "We hauef 15 & holdef 16 ; and We wil mak vnto 
3ow 17 an oth 17 fat we wil neuer do fing wif out 3our ) consel, and so 36 
shul bene 18 as wele 19 at ese 19 wif vs as euer was Robert 20 Holande." 
IT \)o ansuerede Sir Andrew of Herkela, and saide : " Sir 1 Thomas ! 20 
fat wolde y nou3t do, 21 ne consent f e?-to, for no rnaner 1 fing 1 fat 
yhe 22 might me 5 3eue, 23 wifoutew fe wil 23 and comniaundement of 
our 1 lord f e Kyng 1 ; for fan shulde y be holde a tmitoure for euer- 
more." H And when fe noble Erl Thomas of Lancastre saw fat he 24 
nolde consent to hi??i for no mane? 1 fing 1 , " Sir 1 Andrew," he saide, 
"wil 36 nou3t consent to destroye fe venyme of fe reaume, as we 
bene consented ? 24 At on 25 worde, Sir 1 Andrew, y telle f e, fat or f is 
3er 1 be gon, 26 fat 36 shal be 26 take and holde for a traitoure, and 28 
more fan 36 holde vs nowe; and in worse deth 30 shul die, fan 
euer dede 27 Knyght of Engelad; and vnderstonde 28 wel fat 
29 neuer 36 dede 29 fing 1 fat sorer 1 3 3ow shal 90 repent. And now 
gof and 31 do what 31 3ow gode likes 32 : and y wil put me to 33 32 

1 om. D. 2 ~ 2 om. D. & his Cumpanye 0. :J oppoii D. 

4 ow. O. 5 om. DO. 6 was to sic 0. 7 broken D. 

8 when >at D. 9 to 0. 10 & by D. n his DO. 

12 wolde D. wold 0. 13 beth D. 14 leaf 125, back. 15 haue 0. 

16 hold' 0. 17 - 17 om. D. 18 be efte D. be eft 0. 19 ~ 19 om. DO. 

20 Robert of DO. a done 0. ^ me DO. 

^^-^ without consel D. witA-oute wil 0. M consent DO. 

25 o DO. a 6 - 26 3e shul ben D. dide eny 0. 

28 vndirstondeth 0. 29 M 3e dede neuere D. ^e dede neuer 0. 

30 - 30 shal jow D. schal ^ow 0. :il ~ 31 doth >at DO. 

32 likej> D. liketti 0. :!3 vnto DO. 

CH. cxcvii] Humphrey de Bohun slain. Battle of Burbridge. 219 

pe x mercy and grace 1 of God?." And so went pe false t?-aitoure, 
Sii J2 Andrew of Herkela, in his way as a false traitour 1 , a tiraunt, 
& forsuore 3 man. for prou3 Jje noble Erl Thomas of Lancastre he 
vnderfonge pe armes of chiualry, and proii3 him he was made 4 

U Thoo might men seen 4 Archieres drawen ham in pat on 5 side 
and in pat opere; and 6 Kny3tes also 6 fo^ten togeder 1 wonder 1 sore ; 
and amonge 7 opere, Sir 1 Hunfray de Bohoun, Erl of Herford, a 8 
worpi knyght of renou?ze proi^out al Cristendome, stode & fau^t 
with his enemys apon pe brigge. 8 And as the noble lorde stode 
and fau^t oppon pe brugge, a pef, a ribaude, scolkede vnder pe 
brigge, and fersly wip a spere smote the noble knyght into pe fonde- 12 
ment, so pat his bowailles comen out pere. Alias pe sorwe ! for 
pere was slayn pe floure of solace and of comfort 1 , & also of curtesye. 
and Sire Roger of Clifford, a noble knyght, stode euer 1 , and fanght, 
& wel and nobly him def endede as a worpi baron ; but at pe laste 1 6 
he was sore wounded in pe 9 heuede, & Sire William of Sulley & 
Sir 1 Roger of Bernesfelde 10 were slayn in 11 pat bataile. 11 And 12 
Sir* Andrew of Herkela saw 13 Sir 1 Thomas men of Lancastre 14 laske 
and slake. 14 Anone he & his company corner to the Gen til Knyght, 20 
Thomas of Lancastre, & saiden 15 "^elde pe, traitourl 3elde pe ! " 
IT The gentil Erl ansuerede po, 2 and saide : "nay, lordes ! traikwr 16 
be we none, and to $ow wille we neuer ys 3elde while 17 pat our 118 
lifes lasten 19 ; but leuer we hauen 20 to be slayn in oure treup, pan 24 
3elde vs to 3ow." And Sir* Andrew a3ein 21 criede 22 oppon Sir 1 
Thomas company, 23 3ellynge as a wolfe, 23 and saide: "3elde 3ow, 
traitowr 24 taken! 3elde3ow!" and wip an hye 25 voice saide 25 : "bep 
ware, sires, pat 26 no man 26 of 3ow be 27 so hardy, oppon lif and lyme, 28 
to mysdo 28 Thomas body of Lancastre." H And wip pat worde, pe 
gode Erl Thomas went into a chapel, and saide, knelyng doun 
oppon his knees, and turnede his visage toward pe crois, and saide : 
"almyghti God! to pe y me 3elde, and holliche 29 put me into pi 32 

l l grace & mercy 0. 2 om. D. 

3 as a false forsuoren D. as a forswore 0. 4 see D. 5 o 0. 
6 6 kny^te also and D. knyghtes also & 0. 
7 also among 1 al D. also among O. 8 leaf 126. 9 his DO. 
10 Bernefeld* 0. n at DO. 12 When D. whan 0. 
13 saw ]>af DO. 14 - 14 lefte and slakede D. lasked' & slaked? 0. 
15 saide D. 16 tray tours 0. 17 whiles 0. 18 one D. 
19 laste 0. 2 han D. haue 0. 21 MS. a^ein ajein. ffl grad 0. 
3 - 23 Jollyng as wode wolues 0. jeldynge as a wolfe E. 

24 traitoures D. traitours 0. 2525 a VO y S cr yede & seyde 0. 

26-26 non D0t 27 bene D. 28 mysd one 0. a holly D. holy 0. 

220 Thos. of Lancaster taken. Mixt races in England. [CH.CXCVII 

mercy." IT And wif fat, fe vileins ribaudes lepten 1 about him, 
on 2 euery side fat Gentil Erl,as tiraunt^ 3 and Woode tw? t mentw? > es, 
and despoilede him of his Armure, & clofede him in a robbe of 
Ray, fat was 4 his sq[u]yers liueray, and 5 fourf lade him vnto 5 4 
York 16 by water. fere 7 might mew see miche sorwe and care, for fe 
gentil knyghtes 8 fledden on 8 euery side, and fe ribaudes and vileins 
egrely ham descriede, and criede 9 in 10 hye, "^elde ^ow, traitoures ! 
$elde $ow ! " 8 

H And when fai were golden, 11 fai wer* robbed, and bonde 
as feues. Alias fe shame & despite, fat 12 fe gentil ordre of 
Knyghthode Ipere hade at fat bataile ! And f e land fo was wif- 
outen 13 Law, for holy cherche fo hade nomore 14 reue?*ence fan hit 12 
hade bene a bordel hous. And in fat bataile was f e fader* a$eins 
fe sone, and fe vncle a^eins his 15 nevew; for so miche vnkynde- 
nesse was neuer seyne bifore in Engela??^ 16 amonges 17 folc of on 18 
nacioun ; for o ld kynrede had no more pite of fat o]>er, fan an 16 
20 hundred? wolfes hauef on o 20 shepe; and hit was no wonder", for 
fe grete lordes of Engeland were noi^t alle of o 21 nacioun, but were 
mellede 22 wif ofe?-e nacions, fat is forto seyn, sowme Britons, 
so??mie Saxones, so??zme Danois, 23 so??ime Peglites, so?me Frenche- 20 
men, so??zme Normans, somme Spaignardes, so??mie Eomayns, some 
Henaudes, some Flemyngttf, and of ofe?-e diuerse naciouns, fe 
whiche nacions acorded nou^t to fe kynde bloode of Engelcwri. 
IT And if f e grete Lordes 24 of Engeland hade bene onelich wedded' 24 24 
to Englisshe peple, fan shulde pees haue bene, and reste amongws 
ham, wifouten 25 eny envy. And at fat bataile was Sir 1 Koger* 
Clifford' takV 26 S/re lohn Mounbray, Sire William 2728 Tuchet, Sii* 
William 28 Fit^-William, and meny ofer worfi Knyghtes; and Sir 1 28 
Hugh Dauitt f e next day after 1 was taken 29 and put into prisoun, & 
shulde haue ben 30 done to fe 31 def if he hade nou^ spousede fe 
Kynges nece, fat was fe Erl Gilberts 82 sustre 33 of Gloucestre. 

I lepte D. 2 in DO. :? leaf 126, back. 4 was of DO. 
5 - 5 lad him forth to D. 6 MS. >ork 1 . 7 |>o DO. 

8 - 8 fled in D. fledden in 0. 9 grad 0. 10 an DO. 

II 3olde D. yolde 0. ia om. D. 13 without D. wtt/ioute 0. 
14 no manei j D. 13 )>e D. 

16 Engeland as was pat tyine D. Engelond' as was J>at tyme 0. 

17 among 0. 18 o 0. 19 one D. 

2 - 20 hungry wolfe hath of a D. hungry wolf hath of a 0. 21 on D. 

22 medled* D. Danes 0. 

24 ** hade be wedede onliche D. hadden ben onlicli wedded' 0. 

25 without D. withoute 0. * taken D. ^ leaf 127. 28 ~ 28 om. D. 

29 take 0. :w be 0. 31 om. 0. a2 Gilbert D. :!;l wyf 0. 

CH. cxcvm] Thomas of Lancaster is imprisoncl at Pontefract. 221 

And anone after*, was Sir* Bartholomev of Bedelesmer* taken 1 att 
Stawe 2 Park, a maner* of fe Bisshoppes of Lincoln, fat was his 
nevefw, and meny of er barons and baronettes ; Wherfore was made 
4 miche sorwe. 

How Thomas of Lancastre was biheuedede 3 atte Pountfretfr, & 
v barons hongede and 4 Draw fere. 4 51 Capitulo Centesimo 
Nonogesi??zo Octauo, 

8 A Nd now y shal telle $ow of f e noble Erl Thomas of Lancastre. 
J^\, When he was taken 5 & brou^t to ^ork 1 , meny of fe citee 
were ful glade, and oppoii him criede 6 wif 7 bye voice, "A, sire 
traitoure ! 30 8 arne welcome, 8 blessed' be God? ! for now shal 30 

12 haue fe reward fat longetyme 36 hane diserued? ! " and caste oppon 
him 9 meny snoweballes, and meny ofer reproues dede 10 him. But 
fe gentil Erl fat soffrede, and saide nefer on ne 11 of ere. 

IT And in }>at 12 same tyme fe Kyng herde of fat 13 scomfiture, 

16 and was ful glade, and in haste come to Pountfretf; and Sir 1 Hugh 
]?e Spense?', and Sir* Hugh his sone, and Sir lohn, Erl of Arundel, 
and Sir* Edmund of Wodestok 1 , pe Kyngz^s broker, Erl of Kent, 
and Sir 5 Aymer 1 of Valance, Erl of Penbrok 1 , & maistre Ptobert of 

20 Baldok 1 , a false pilede clerc, fat was priue & duellyng* 14 in ]>e 
Kynges court 1 ; and alle 15 ]?ai come 15 J^idei 1 ' wi)? J)e Kyng 1 . IT And 
Sii- 1 Eauf of Beeston ^af vp the 16 castel to the Kyng 4 ; and ]?e Kyng 1 
entrede into j>e castel; & Sir* Andrev of Herkela, f>e 17 false tiraunt, 

24 ))rou3 )?e Kynges cowmandement tok 118 with him )?e gentil Erl 
Thomas 19 to Pountfrefr; and fere he was prisonede in his owen 
castel fat he hade new made, fat stode a^eins f e Abbay of Kyng 

28 And Sir 1 Hugh fe 20 Spenser 1 J>e fadei^, 21 and Sir* Hugh his sone, 21 
caste and fou^t how and in what maner 1 fe God Erl Thomas of 
Lancastre shulde bene 22 dede, wifoute^ 23 iugement of his peris; 
wherfore hit was ordeinede f rou$ fe Kynges Iustice3, fat f e Kyng 1 

32 shulde put oppon 24 him poyntes of tnntery. U And so hit bifelle 

I take 0. 2 traw sic D. 3 byheded* 0. 4 - 4 draweu D. 
5 take 0. 6 cryeden 0. 7 vrith an 0. 

8 8 bene welcomen D. ar welcome 0. 9 om. D. 10 deden 0. 

II vefrr 0. 12 >e D. 13 the D. u dwelled 0. 
15 - 15 comen DO. 1G leaf 127, back. 17 a DO. 

18 tok 1 D. nome 0. to bring K. 19 Thomas of Lancastf 0. 

20 om. 0. 21 ~ 21 om. D. & > e sone 0. ffi be 0. 
23 with-outen eny D. witAoute eny 0. ^ on 0. 

222 Scandalous treatment of Thomas of Lancaster. [CH. cxcvin 

pat he was ladde to pe barr 1 bifore pe Kynges Iustice3, bare-heuede 1 
as a pef 1 , in a faire halle wipin 2 his owen castel, pat he hade made 
perin meny a faire fest, bop to riche and eke 3 to pore. U And pise 
were his Iustice3 : Sir 1 Hugh pe Spense?* 4 pe fader 1 , 4 Sir 1 Aymer 1 of 4 
Valance, Erl of Penbrok 1 , Sire Edmund of Wodestok, Erl of Kent 1 , 
Sire lohn of Britaign, Erl of Eichemond, & Sir 1 Eobert of Maleme- 
prop, iustice ; and Sir 1 Eobert him acoupede in pis rnaner 1 : 
U " Thomas ! atte pe ferst 1 , oure lord pe Kyng 1 & pis court 1 8 
excludep 3ow of al maner 1 ansuere. 1F Thomas ! oure lorde pe 
Kyng 1 put oppon 3ow pat 36 haue in his lande riden wip baner 1 dis- 
plaiede, 5 a3eynes his pees, as a traitour. 5 " IT And wip pat worde, 
pe gentil Erl Thomas, wip an hie voice saide, "Nay, Lordes ! forsop, 12 
and by Seint Thomas, y was neuer 1 traitoure." 1T The iustice saide 
a3ein po : " Thomas ! our 1 Lord pe Kyng 1 put oppon pe 6 pat 36 
hauen 7 robbede his 8 folc, and mordred his folc, 9 as a pef 1 . 
U Thomas ! pe Kyng also put oppon you 10 pat he descomfitede 3ow 16 
and 30^ peple wip his folc in his owen reaume ; Wherfore 30 went 
and fley 11 to pe wode as an outlawe, and 12 also 30 were taken as an 
outlaw. IT & 12 Thomas, as a traitoure 30 shuH be 13 hongede by 
resoun, but pe Kyng 1 hap fo^eue 3ow pat 3 gewys for pe loue of 20 
Quene IsabeH. 1F And, 14 Thomas, resoun wolde also pat 36 shulde 
ben -hongede ; but pe Kyng 1 hap foi^eue pat gewys 14 for cause and 
loue of 3or lynage. 1F But, Thomas, for-asmiche as 30 were tak 
fleyng 1 , & 3 as an outlaw, pe Kyng wil pat 3oui j heued 15 be smyten 16 24 
of 1 , as 36 17 haue wel deseniede. Anone doth 18 him out of pres, 
and 19 bringe him to his iugement ! " U pe gentil knyght, when he 20 
hade herde alle pise wordes, wip an hye voice he criede, sore wep- 
ing<, and saide : " Alias, Seint Thomas, 21 faire fader 1 ! Alias 21 ! shal 28 
y be 22 dede pus ? graunt me now, blisseful God, ansuere ! " but al it 
availede him noping 23 ; for pe cursede Gascoignes put him hider 24 
and pider 1 , and on him c?*iede wip an hye voice, "0 Kyng 1 
Arthur 1 , most dredeful ! wel 25 knowen 26 now is pin 26 open traitery ! 32 

1 bare-heed' 0. 2 in 0. 3 om. D. 4 ~ 4 om. D. 
5 - 5 as a traitour 1 a3eynes his pees D. 6 3ow D. 7 haue DO. 
8 leaf 128. 9 peple DO. 10 J>e 0. n fled 0. 
12 - 12 om. 0. fa ben D. 

14 14 om. D. Thomas as reson wold' also >at 3e schuld' be honged' but >e 
kyng for3eue 3ow J>at gewes 0. 
15 hed 0. 16 smyte 0. 

17 MS. 3e shul, with shul underlined for omission. 18 do 0. 
19 & anone D. & anon 0. w MS. he he. 21 - 21 alias fayre fader 0. 
22 bene D. ben 0. ffl not 0. M hide sic D. ^ we 0. 
is now June D. is now J>yn 0. 

CH. cxcvin] Thomas of Lancaster is beheaded, A.D. 1321. 223 

in euel dep shalt pow dye, as pow hast \vel diseruede." U po 
sette pai oppon his heuede 1 in scorn an olde chapelefr, al-to 
rent & torn, pat was 2 nou^t worp 2 an halpeny ; & after 1 pai 
4 sette 3 him oppqfc a 4 lene white 4 palfray, ful vnsemeliche, 5 and ek 
al 6 bare, wip anfcle bridel; and wip an horrible noyse 7 pai drow 
him 2 out of pe ?el 2 toward his dep, and caste on 8 him meny 
balles of snowe. \ And as pe turmentoures lade him out of pe 
8 castel, 9 po saide he\ ; se 10 pitouse 6 wordes, and his Handes helde 
vp n 12 in hye towaA heuen : " Now, pe Kyng of Heuen ^eue vs 
mercy, for pe erpelyX., ng< 13 hap vs forsakM " And a frere prech- 
oure went wip him oute , -^e castel, til pat he come to pe place 

12 pat 14 he endede-in 15 his lif\ ito 16 whom he shroue him al his lif. 17 
H And pe gentil Erl helde k >ere wonder 1 faste by pe elopes, and 
saide: "fair 111 fader 1 , abide w\ T s til pat 18 y be 18 dede; for my 
flesshe quake)) for drede of de}>\ And so]? forto saie, j>e gentil Erl 

16 sette him oppon his Knees, & tk ^d? him toward J>e East 1 ; but a 
Ribaude ]?at men 19 callede Hugon^ji Moston, sette hande oppon pe 
gentil Erl, and said in despite of him 20 : " Sir 1 tmitoure, turne ]?e 
toward fe Scottes, fin 21 foule deth to vnderfonge " ; and turnede j?e 

20 Erl toward fe North. 1T The noble Erl Thomas ansuered fo wij) a 
milde voice, and saide : " Now, fair 1 Lordes, y shal do al ^our 1 owen 15 
wille." And wij? ]?at worde J?e frere went fram 22 him ful sore 23 ; 
and anone a ribaude went to him, and smote of his heuede, 24 J?e xj 

24 Kalendws 25 of April, in j?e ser 1 of grace M* CCC 26 xxj. Alias pat 
euer soche a gentil blode shulde ben 27 don to dej? with-outen 28 cause 
and resoun ! 1F And t?'iterousely 29 was J?e Kyng 1 conseilede when 
he, J?rou^ false conseil of pe false 11 Spensers, soffred^e Sir 1 Thomas, 

28 his vncles 30 sone, bene 31 put to soche a de]>, & so 32 ben-heuedede 32 
a^eyns al mane?- resoun. And grete pitee hit was also, pat soche a 
noble Kyng 1 shulde ben 33 desceyuede and mysgoue?-nede prou^ 34 
false Spensers, pe whiche he mayntenede prou^ loselry a^eins his 

32 honour 1 and ek pf'ofit 1 ; for afterward pe?*e felle grete ve?^geaunce in 

1 heed* 0. 2 - 2 om. D. 3 sent 0. 4 - 4 white lene D. 

5 MS. vnsemelicliche ; vnsemely D. 6 om. D. 7 voys D. 

8 oppon D. 9 - 9 lie saide D. 10 leaf 128, back. n om. 0. 

12-12 an ]jy e towardes D. in hye towardes 0. 13 J>ing sic 0. 

14 >ere D. 15 om. DO. I6 in-to 0. 

17 MS. lif a, with a underlined for omission. is is we bene D. 

19 me DO. 20 hym & seide sic 0. 21 }>y 0. ^ fro 0. 

23 sore wepyng< D. so wepynge sic 0. 24 heed 0. ^ Kalend DO. 

26 CCC & 0. ^ be DO. without D. withoute 0. 

39 Traytomiy 0. 30 vncle 0. 31 be 0. 32 ~ 32 beheded' 0. 

33 be DO. ** >rou3 conseil of the D. ]?urgh Couwceitt of >e 0. 

224 Other Rebels executed. PoiueroftheSpensers. [CH.CXCVIII-IX 

for enchesouii of ]?e forsaide Thomas de)>. U When )>e 
gentil Erl of )?is lif was passede, j?e Prioure and J?e monkes of Poun- 
fretf geten Sir 1 Thomas body of J?e Kyng 1 , and )?ai buriede hit 
bifore 2 J?e hye aute/* in the right side. 4 

11 And 3 Jjat same day J>at |?e gentil lord was dede, J>ere wer 1 
honged and draw 4 for J?e same 5 querel 6 at Pountfretf, 6 Sir* 
William Tuchet, Sir 1 William Fitj-William, SzVe Warein of Ysillee, 
Sire Henry of Bradboure, 7 Sir* William Cheyne, barons alle, 8 & 8 
lohn Page, Squyer*. U And sone after at 3ork, -wer 1 draw and 
Honget, SzVe Roger of 3 Clifford, Sir* lohn of Mounbray, barons, & 
Sire Gosselyn Dauil, 9 Knyght. U And at Bristow were draw and 
honged, S*Ve Henry of Wynington, and Sere Henry of Mounford, 12 
barons. U And at Gloucestre wei j draw and hongede, Sire lohn 
Giffard & S/re William of Elmebruge, 10 barons. H And at London 
Aver? ll Honget & draw, 11 Sir* Henry Tyeys, 12 baron; & at Win- 
chelse, 13 Six* Thomas Culpeper*, knyght; & at Wyndesore, Sir 1 16 
Fraunceys of Waldenham, 14 baron ; & at Kaunterbury was draw 
and honged, SzVe Bartholomew of Badelesmei'' & Sii Bartholomev 
of Assheburnham, barons ; And at Kerdif in Walys, Sir* William 
Fleniynge, baron. 20 

How Kyn^ Edward' went into Scotland' wij> an 15 C m} men of 
Armes, and might nou^t spede. U CaptoZo Cente^'??^ 
Nonogesiwo U Nono. 

ANd when Kyng Edward of Engelandf hade brou^t J?e floui j of 24 
chiualry vnto ]?is 16 def, jjrou^ conseil of Sir 1 Hughe ]je 
Spensers 17 )?e fadei ; , & 18 Sii J Hugh 18 his sone, he 9 bicome as 19 wood 
as a lyouii ; and what-so-ener* the Spensers wolde haue done, it 
was don. And so wel the 20 Kyng louede ham, }>at J>ai might do 21 28 
wij) him al 22 ]?at J)ai wolde; wherfore 23 the King 23 ^af vnto Sii J 
Hugh J>e Spenser J>e fadei^, fe Erldome of Wynchestre, and to Sir* 
Androv of Herkela pe Erldome of Carlele, 24 in preiudice and 25 
harmyng of his croune. If And Kyng Edward fo, jjrou3 conseil of 32 

1 leaf 129. 2 bisides D. 3 om. D. 4 drawen D. 

5 same cause & D. 6 6 om. D. 

7 Bradborn and D. Bradbourne & 0. 8 al at Pountfret D. 

9 om. 0. 10 Elmebright D. "-" draw and hongede D. 

12 Treys DO. 13 Wynchestre 0. 14 Baldenham O. 15 a 0. 

16 om. D. liis 0. 17 Spenser D. Spencer 0. 18 - 18 om. 0. 

1!) MS. as a, with a underlined for omission. ' x leaf 129, back. 

21 done D. ^ al fing DO. **-* MS. has sir 1 Hugh. 

'* Kardoil D. Cardoil 0. a and in DO. 

CH. cxcix] Evil Counsels of the Spencers. Scotland invaded. 225 

pe Spensers, disheritede 1 alle ham pat hade bene a3eins him in eny 
quereH wip Thomas of Lancastre ; and meny ope?'e wer* disherited 
also, for encheson pat pe Spensers coueitede forto haue her londes ; 
4 and so pai hade al pat pai wolde desire, wip wronge, and a^eyns al 

U po made pe Kyng, Bobert 2 of Baldok 1 , a false pilede clerc, 
Chaunceller 1 of Engela?icZ, prou3 conseil of pe forsaide Spensers ; 
8 and he was a false rybaude and a conetous ; and so pai conselede 
pe Kyng so miche, pat pe Kyng 1 lete take to his owen ward alle pe 
godes of pe lordes pat 3 wrongefully were 3 put vnto pe 4 dep, into 
his owen honde; and aswel pai token 5 pe godes pat were in 

12 holy cherche, as pe godes pat were wipout, and lete ha? ben 6 put 
into his tresorie aft] London, and lete 7 ham calle 7 his forfait^ ; 
and by her 8 conseile pe Kyng 1 wrought, and 9 disheritede 10 al ha??i 10 
pat n pe gode 11 oweden 12 ; and prou^ her* conseil lete arere a 13 talliage 

16 of alle pe godes of Engeland?; wherfore he was pe richest Kyng 114 
pat euer 1 was in Engekmc?, after Willia??i Bastard' of Normandy, 
15 pat conquerede EngekmcZ. 15 1F And 3itte, prou3 co?2seH; of ham, 
him semede pat he hade nou^t ynou^, but made ^itte eue?y toun 

20 of 16 Engelcw^ fynde a man of Armes oppon her* owen costages, 17 
forto gon 18 and wer^ oppon the 19 Scottes 20 j:at Wei J his enemys. 

Wherfore pe Kyng 1 went into Scotland 20 wip an 21 hundred' 
pousande men of Armes at Whitsontide, in the 3ere of our* Lord 

24 God! 22 Mt CCC & 4 xxij. But pe Scottes went and hud ham in 
Mounteyus and in Wodes, and tariede pe Englisshe-men 1'ro 23 day 
to day, pat pe Kyng myght for no maner ping 1 ha?/z fynde in pleyn 
felde ; wherfore meny Englisshe- 24 men, pat few vitailes hade, 24 for 

28 hunger 25 pere deiden 25 wonder" faste, and sodeynly, for hunger 1 in 
goyng 1 and in comyng 1 , and nameliche 2(3 po pat hade bene a3eyns 
Thomas of Lancastre, and hade robbet his men oppon his landes. 
U When Kyng 1 Edward saw pat vitailes failede him, he was po 

32 wonder* sore discomfortede, 27 for enchesoun also pat his mew so 
deide, and also for he might nou3t spede of his 13 enemys ; so at pe ia 

1 disherite D. 2 MS. has Robert J>e, with J>e underlined for omission. 

- 3 were wrongefully D. 4 om. DO. 5 tok D. 6 be 0. 
7 ~ 7 calle ham D. 8 her DO. his R. 9 and for-euer-more DO. 
10 - 10 hem att 0. n - u ^o godes D. \>o goodes 0. 12 owede 0. 
13 om. 0. u om. D. 13 - 15 om. 0. 16 in 0. 17 Costage 0. 
18 go 0. 19 leaf 130. 20 - 20 om. D. 21 a 0. 
22 god* a 0. 23 fram D. 

24 - 24 >at wanted vitailes D. men J>at fewe vitailes haddeu 0. 
>25 - 25 ]>ey dide 0. 26 namely DO. ^descomfitede D. discomfited' 0. 

226 The Scots defeat the English. Treachery ofLd. Carlisle. [CH. cc 

last he come a^eyne into EngelamK And anone after* come lames 1 
Douglas and 2 Thomas RandolF wif an huge ost 3 into Engelawt?, 3 
into Northumberland!, and wif ha??i fe Englisshe-men fat wer* 
dryuen out of Engelawf, & come and robbet the centre, and 4 
quellede fe peple, 4 and also brent 5 fe toun fat was callede North- 
allertoun, and meny ofer tounes vnto ^ork 1 . IT And when f e Kyng 1 
herd fis f ing 1 , 6 he lete [sompne] alle maner* men fat might tmuaile. 
And so fe Englisshemen mette f e Scottes atte f e Abbay of Beihe- 8 
land, f e xv day after Michelmasse in f e same ^er* abouesaide ; And 
f e Englisshe-men wer 1 fere descomfited ; & at fat sconifiture was 
tak 7 Sir 1 lohn of Britaygn, Erl of 1 8 Richemonde, fat helde fe 
contre and the Erldome of Lancastre; and after 1 , he paiede an 12 
huge raunsoun, and was lete gone ; and after fat he went into 
Fraunce and come neuer* after* 9 a^eyn. 

How Sir 1 Andrew of Herkela was taken, 10 and put vnto fe 11 
def, fat was Erl of Cardoile. CaptVwZo CC mo . 16 

ANd at fat tyme Sir 1 Andrew of Herkela, fat 12 newe was 12 made 
Erl of Cardoile, for cause fat he hade taken 13 fe goode Erl 14 
of Lancastre, he hade ordeyned, frou^ fe Kyngws commandement 
of Engelarza*, forto bryng 1 him aH f e powei fat he might, forto 20 
helpe him a^eyns f e Scottes atte f e Abbay of Behigland. U And 
when f e false tmitoure hade gadrede ail f e peple fat he might, and 
shulde haue comera 15 to fe Kyng to 16 fe Abbay of BieglaftcZ, fe 
false traitoure lad ha??^ by anofer contre frou3 17 Copeland, and 24 
frou3 fe Erldome of 18 Lancastr 1 , and went frou^ fe contre, and 
robbit and quellede folc, al fat he 19 might. U And ferfermore 
fe false traitowr hade take 20 a gret some of golde 21 of Sir 1 lamys 
Douglas, forto bene 22 a^eyns fe Kyng of EugekmJ, and to bene 22 28 
helpyug and holdyng wif f e Scottes ; f rou$ whos tresoun f e Kyng 1 
of Engeland was scomfitede at Biheland? ei j fat he come fider 1 ; 
wherfore fe Kyng was 23 toward him ful 23 wrof , and lete priuely 
enquere in 24 fe contre about, 25 how 26 hit was. and so men 32 

1 larne D. 2 and also DO. 3 -^ om. D. * folc D. 

5 brennede D. 6 tydyng< DO. 7 taken D. 8 leaf ISO, back. 

9 afterward' 0. 10 take 0. " om. DO. 12 - 12 was newe 0. 
13 take 0. 14 erl Thomas D. Erie Thomas 0. 15 come 0. 
16 vnto DO. 17 to D. 

18 MS. of Richemond*, with Richemond* underlined for omission. 

19 >ai D. 2 taken DO. 21 golde and siluer D. gold' & silucr 0. 
22 be 0. 23 - 23 towardes him wonder' D. toward' hym wondir 0. 

- 4 by DO. ^ om. D. a how J>at 0. 

CH. cc] Lord Carlisle taken and disgraced for his Treachery. 227 

enquerede and aspiede, so 1 fat at the laste' 2 treuf was fotmde, 3 and 
sought, and he atteint and taken as a false traitour 1 , as f e noble 
Erl Thomas of Lancastre him tolde, er 1 fat he were don 4 to dede 4 

4 at his takyng 1 5 att Burbrig 1 , and to him saide, fat ' or fat $ere wer 1 
Don, he shulde ben take and holde a traitour 1 ' : and so hit was, as 
fe holy man saide. Wherfore fe Kyng sent priuely to Sire 
Antoyn 7 of 8 Lucye, a kny^t of f e centre of Cardoile, fat he shulde 

5 tak Sir 1 Andrew of Herkela, and put him vnto fe def. And to 
bryng fis fing to 9 fe ende, fe Kyng sent his commission, so fat fe 
same Andrew was take at Carleel, 10 & ledde vnto f e barr* in maner 
of an Erl, worthely arraied', and with a suorde gert aboute him, 

12 and hosede and sporedl. IF fo spak Sir 1 Antoyn 7 in fis maner, 
"Sir* Andrew," quod he, "fe Kyng put oppon fe fat, for-asmiche as 11 
36 haue 12 bene orpede in ^our 1 dedes, he dede vnto 13 $ow michel 14 
honour 1 , and made }ow Erie of Carlele 15 ; and fow, as 16 traitoure 

16 vnto 17 fi lord 1 fe Kyng 1 , laddest his peple of fis contrey, fat 
shulde haue holpe him at f e bataile of Bihiland? ; and fow laddest 
ham away by fe contre of Copelamll, and frou$ fe Erldome of 
Lancastr 1 , wherfor our 1 lord fe Kyng was scomfitede 18 in bataile 18 

20 pe/'e of the Scottes, frou$ fi tresoun and falsenesse. And if fow 19 
hadest 20 come betyrae, 20 he hade yhade fe maistre; and al fat 
tresoun fow dedest 1 , 21 for fe 22 grete so??ime of golde and 23 siluei fat 
|)ow vnderfong 1 of lames* Douglas, a Scotf, f e Kynges enemy. 

24 IT And our 1 Lorde fe Kyngw* wille is, fat 30, fe ordre of Knyght- 
liode, by fe whiche fow 24 vnderfonge al fin 25 liono?^>* and worship 
oppon fi body, be al 26 brou3t to 26 noi^tf, and fi state vndone, 
jmt oj?ere knyghtes of lawei^ Degre mowe after fe he-ware; fe 

28 whiche lorde haf fe auancede hugely in diuerses 27 28 contrees of 
Engeland?; and fat alle 29 may take ensample 29 by f e, 30 her lord' 
aftirward 8 trewely forto serue." 

H o commanded he a knaf anone 8 to hew of his spores of 31 his 

I so >at 0. so R. 2 laste >e D. laste >at 0. 3 founden D. 
4- 4 vnto detli DO. 5 leaf 131. 6 be DO. 7 Antony 0. 

8 om. D. 9 vnto DO. 10 Kerdoitt D. Cardoitt 0. 

II >at D. 12 han 0. 13 to D. 14 mych 0. 
15 Cardoitt DO. 16 as a DO. 

17 MS. vnto J)i lord, with j)i lord underlined for omission; to D. 

is-is OTO< DO. 19 altered from 3ow in MS. 2 20 comen be-tymes D. 

- 1 tresoun ]>ow dedest 1 D. treson) >ou dedest 0. tresoun R. 22 a D. 

- { and of D. 30 D. 25 >y 0. 26 - 26 y-brought vnto 0. 

- 7 diucrse D. diucrs 0. 28 leaf 131, back. 

is 29 mow take a sample D. mowe take ensample 0. 30 om. 0. 

:u with sic 0. 

228 Lord Carlisle is hangd& quarterd, 3 March 1322-3. [CH. cc-i 

heles ; & after he lete breke pe suerde oner* his heuede, 1 pe whiche 
pe Kyng 2 him $af 2 to kepe and defende his 3 lande perwip, when 
he made him Erl of Cardoile ; and after he lete him vnclope of his 
furrede mantel 4 and of his hood?, 5 and of his furrede Cotes and of 4 
his gerdeH. And when pis was don, Sire Antoyne 6 saide vnto 
him: " Andrew," quod he, "now art pow no kny}t, but a knaue ; 
and for pi t?'eson pe Kyng wille pat pow bene 7 honged & drawe, 8 
and 9 pin heuede smyten 9 of, and pi bowelles taken out of pi body, 8 
and pi bowelles brent, 10 and pi body qwarterede, and n pin heuede 
smyten 11 of, and sent vnto 12 London ; and pere hit shal 13 be sette 13 
oppofi London Brigge ; and pi iiij 14 quarters shal be sent to iiij 
tounes of Engeland?, pat alle opere mowe be- ware and chastisede by 12 
pe." And? as Antoyne 15 saide, so hit was done, al maner ping 1 , on 16 
pe last day of Ottobre, in pe ^er 1 of grace M* CCC 1T xxij 361-6 14 ; 
and pe sonne po t?/rnede into 18 blode, as pe peple it saw. H and 
pat durede fro 19 pe morne, 19 til hit was xj of pe Clokke of pe day. 

U Of pe miracles pat God wroi^t for Seint Thomas loue of 
Lancastre; wherfore pe Kyng lete close pe cherche dores 
of 20 Pountfrettf, 21 of pe Prioury, 21 for no man shulde come 
perin 22 to pe body 22 forto offre. Capitulo Ducentesimo 20 
U Primo. 

ANd sone after? 23 the Gode Erl Thomas of Lan 24 casti' ) was 
martrede, 25 a p? f este, pat 14 Longe tyme 26 hade ben 26 blynde, 
dremede in his slepyng 1 pat he shulde gone 27 vnto pe hull pere pat 24 
pe gode 28 Erl Thomas of Lancastre 28 was don vnto dep, and he 
shulde haue his sight a^ein : and so he dremede iij nyghtes sewyng. 
29 And pe prestf 29 po lete lede him to pe same huH. 11 And when he 
come to pat place pat he was niartred on, 30 deuoutely he made pere 28 
his p?*ayer ) , 31 and p?-ayede God and Seyiit Thomas pat he might 32 
haue his sight a^eyne. And as he was in his prayers, he laide his 
right hand? oppon pe same place pere 33 pe Gode man was martred? 

1 heed? O. 2 - 2 3af hym 0. 3 >e D. 4 tabard' 0. 5 hodes D. 

6 Antony 0. 7 be 0. 8 drawen D. 9 ~ 9 \>y heed' smyte 0. 

10 brent biforn D. brent byforn >e 0. n - n >y heed smyte 0. 

12 to O. 13 - 13 stonde DO. 14 om. 0. 15 Antonye 0. 

16 in DO. 17 CCC & 0. 18 to D. 

i9_i9 morne D. |, e morne 0. J>e morwe R. ^ of >e Prioury of D. 

a1 - 21 am. D. 22 ~ 22 o?7i. 0. after |?at DO. M leaf 132. 

23 enterede D. 26 - 26 >at had be 0. ^ go DO. ^-^ Thomas 0. 

*- J/.V. and >e ?resV and >e preste. 30 in D. al prayers DO. 

w must 0. = )?at 0. 

CH. cci] Miracles for the Martyr, St. Thomas of Lancaster. 229 

on 1 ; and a drope of dry bloode and smal sande cleued on 2 his 
honde, 3 and f erwif he striked his eyne, and anone, frou$ f e might 
of God and of Seynt Thomas of Lancastre, he hade his sight a$eyn, 
4 and f ankede f o Almighty God and Seynt Thomas. IT And when 
fis miracle was 4 cud? amonges men, 4 fe peple come fider 1 on 2 euery 
side, and knelede, and made her 1 praiers at his tombe fat is in the 
Priori of Pountfrettt, and praiede fat holy martr 1 , of Socour 1 and of 
8 helpe, and God herd her 1 prayer 1 . IT Also fere was a $onge childe 
drenchede in a welle in f e toun of Pountfretf, and was dede iij 
daies and iij nyghtes; and men come 5 and laide fe dede childe 
oppon seint Thomas tombe, fe holy martr 1 ; and fe childe aros 

12 6 fere fram 6 fe 1 def vnto 7 lif, 8 as meny a man hit saw; & also 
miche peple wer 1 out of here mynde, & God ha)) sent ham her 
mynde a^eyn frou$ vertu of fat holy martr 1 . 9 U And also God 
ha]? 10 ^euen 11 to creples hir 1 goyng 1 , and to crokede her* hondes and 

16 her* feet*, and to blinde also her 1 sight, and to meny sike folc her 1 
hele, fat hadde diuerse maladyes, for the lone of his gode martre. 
U Also f er was a riche man in Coundofi in Gascoigne ; and soche a 
maladie he had z , ]?at al his right side rotede, and felle awaie fram 12 

20 him; and men might se his Lyuer 1 and also his hert; and so he 
stank, ]>at vnnej? men might come nei3 him ; Wherfore his frendes 13 
for him 14 were ful 14 sory. U But at )?e last, as Goct wolde, )?ai 
pmjede to Seint Thomas of Lancastre, J>at he wolde praye to 

24 Almighty God for fat prisoun, and bihight to gon 15 to Pountfrett 1 
forto done 16 her 1 pilgrimage. And J?e goode man sone after 17 slepte 
ful softe, and dremed J>t fe martre Seynt Thomas come vnto him, 
and enoynted 18 oueral his sike side. 19 And J?erwij? Ipe gode man 

28 awoke, and was al 20 hole; and his flesshe was restorede a^ein, 21 J>at 
bifore was 22 rotede and felle 22 away; for whiche miracle )>e good 
maw & his frendes louede God and Seint Thomas euermore after. 
IF And )>is gode marc come into Engeland*, and toke 23 with him iiij 

32 felawes, and come to Pountfrett 1 , 24 & come to 24 J?at holy martr 1 , and 
dede her 1 pilgrimage ; but fe gode man fat was sik come fider 1 al 

I om. DO. 2 in 0. 3 fengeres D. 

- 4 knowen D. knowe among men 0. 5 comen 0. 6 ~ 6 fro 0. 
7 to DO. s lyve a 9 lea f 132> 6acfc 10 haue 0< 

II 3euen >ere D. ^oue tyre 0. 12 fro 0. 

13 frendes wer> D. frendes were 0. 14 ~ 14 wonder D. wondir 0. 
15 go 0. 16 do D. a f te D. " annoyntede him D. 
19 body 0. 20 om. D. 21 om. D. 

22 roten and falle D roted' & falle 0. 25 nome D. 
24 - 24 vnto DO. 

230 Pilgrimages to St. Thomas of Lancaster" s Tomb stopt. [CH.CCI 

naked, saf his breche ; and when fai hade done, ai twrnede home 
ii^eyne into her 1 contre, and tolde of f e miracle wher-so fat fai come. 
U And also ij me?? haue bene helede f<??*e of f e morimal, f rou$ helpe 
of fat holy martre, f ou$ fat euel be holde incurable. 4 

IT When j)e Spensers herde fat God wrou^t 1 soche miracles for 
his holy martre, and fai wolde nou^t 2 bileue hit in no mane?* wise, 
but saide 8 openly 4 fat hit was grete heresie, soche ve?'tu 5 of 6 him 
to bileue. U And when 7 Sir' Hugh fe Spenser, fe sone, 8 saw al 8 8 
jris doyng 1 , anone he sent his 9 messagers fram 9 Pountfret fe? >7 fat 10 
lie duellede fo, to fe 2 Kyng* Edward, fat fo was at Grauene atte 
Skipton, for cause fat fe Kyng shulde vndo his 11 pilgrimage. 
U And as fe rybaude fat was message?* 12 come to 12 fe Kyng 1 forto 12 
don his 13 message, he come by fe hull fe?-e 14 fe gode man was done 
vnto deth ; and in f e same place he made his ordur 1 ; and 4 when he 
hade ydon, he went toward f e Kyng 1 ; and a stronge flux him come 
oppon er 1 he come to ^ork 1 , an( j shedde all his bowailles at his 16 

U And whew Sir 1 Hugh f e Spenser herde f is tydyngws, 15 somdel 
he was adracP, and f ou^t forto vndo f e pilg?*image, if he might by 
eny maner way ; And to f e Kyng went, and saide fat f ai shulde 20 
be in grete sclaundre f rou^-out al Oistendome for the def of Thomas 
of Lancastre, if fat he soffrede fe peple done 16 her 1 pilgrimage at 
Pountfretfr. And so he conseilede f e Kyng 1 , fat he comandede to 
close 17 fe cherche dores of Pountfrettf, in fe whiche cherch fe holy 24 
martre Seynt Thomas was enterede ; and f us fai deden, 18 a3eyns al 18 
fraunchise of holy cherche, so fat iiij ^er 1 after myght no pilg?'ime 
come vnto 19 fat holy body. H And for enchesoun fat 20 monkes 
soffred men come & honowr fat holy body of Seynt Thomas f e martre, 28 
Jjrou} conseile of Sir* Hugh f e Spenser f e Sone, and f rou3 conseile 
also of Maistre Robert Baldok 1 , a 21 false 22 piled clerk* fat was fe 
Kynges Chancellor*, f e Kyng 1 consented' that fai shulde be sette 23 to 
her* wages, and Lete make Wardeynes ouer her* owen Godes 24 longe 32 
tyme. U And f rou^ f e " co??miawdement of f e forsaide Sir 1 Hugh f e 
Sepense?*, xiiij Gascoignes wel armed' kepte fe huH fer fat fe gode 25 

1 dedeDO. 2 om. DO. 3 seyden 0. 4 Zea/133. 

5 virtues D. 6 on 0. 7 om. O. 8 ~ 8 when he herd al of 0. 

9 - 9 Message fro 0. 10 om. D. n > 0. 

12 - 12 went toward' D. wente toward' 0. 13 her 1 D. 14 >at 0. 

16 tydyng* DO. 16 do D. 17 close in D. 18 - 18 att a^ens 0. 

19 to D. 2 >at >e DO. 21 >e DO. ^ fals cursed 0. 

2:1 ?a/133, back. * gode D. good 0. 

36 gode man D. good man 0. 

CH. cci-ll] Sir Boger Mortimer escapes from the Tower. 

Seint Thomas was don vnto his 1 dep and biheuedede, 2 so pat no 
pilgrime might come. By pat way ful wel wende he forto 3 haue 
binome 4 Cristus might 1 and his power*, and pe grete loos of miracles 
4 pat he shewede for his martre Thomas pou$-out 5 al Oistendome. 

H And pat same tyme pe Kyng made Robert of Baldok 1 , a 
pilede clerc and a false, prou^ 6 conseile & 6 praier 1 of Sir* Hugh pe 
Spenser* pe sone, Chancellor* of Engeland*. And in pe 7 same tyme 
8 was pe castel of Wallingford? liolden a3eynes 8 pe Kyng 1 , prou$ pe 
prisoners pat were wipin J)e castel, for Seint Thomas quereH of 
Lancastre. Wherfore pe pep[l]e of pe contre come & tok 1 the castel 
oppon pe 9 p?*isoners; wherfore Sire lohn of Goleinton, kny^t, and 

12 Sir Edmurade of 10 Bech, parson, and a squyer fat me callede Roger 
of Walton, wer 1 taken 11 and sent to the Kyng H to Pounfretf ; and 
pere pai wer* done into prison ; and J>e forsaide Roger was sent vnto 
^ork 1 , and pe?*e he was draw and honged?. 

U And aftirward, 12 Sii^ Eoge?' Mortymei J of Wygemore brak out 
of J?e Toure of London 13 in Jiis manei j : 14 Jje forsaide Sir* Roge?* 14 
herde 15 ]?at he shulde bene 16 draw and hongede at London, 17 in Jje 
morne 17 after Seint Laurence day; 18 and on j>e dai bifore, 18 he helde 

20 a fair* fest in J?e Tour* of London, and ]?o was Sir* Stephen 19 Segraue, 
Conestable of London, and meny grete men wij) him. 11 And 
when J)ai shulde sopen, 20 J?e forsaide Stephe?^ sent for alle pe officers 
of the Toiirre ; and fai come and soppede wij? him ; and when J?ai 

24 shulde take her* leue of him, a squyer* jjat me callede Stephew, pat 
was ful p?-iue wij? J?e forsaide Roger, prou^ heir 1 conseile $af ham 
alle soche a drynk 1 , pat pe lest of ham alle slepte ij dayes & ij 
nightes ; and in pe 21 mene-tyme he scapede away by wate?-, pat is to 

28 seyn, by pe 22 Tamise, and went ouer pe see, and helde him in 
Fraunce ; wherfore pe Kyng was sore annoied*, and po put pe same 
Stephen out of his Conestablery. 

How pe duene IsabeH went into Fraunce forto treten 23 of pees 
bituene hei-* lord, pe 1 Kyng 1 of Engekmt?, & pe Kyng 1 of 
Fraunce, her* broper. C&ptfulo Ducentesimo Secw?ido. 

1 om. 0. 2 byheded? 0. 3 to 0. 4 bynomen D. fulfilled 0. 

5 Jjurght 0. b - 6 o7/i. DO. 7 >at D. 8 a^eyn D. 

9 >e forsaide D. J>e forseyd 0. 10 of >e DO. u take 0. 

12 anone after D. anon after 0. 13 London & 0. 

14 - 14 Sir Roger >e forseyd 0. 15 saw D. 16 be 0. 

17 - 17 on >e morw D. in J>e morowe 0. 18 ~ 18 before on day 0. 

19 Zea/134. sope DO. 21 >at D. ^ om. DO. ** trete DO. 

232 Edw. 1 1 sends his Queen to France, to make Peace. [cH.ccii-nr 

f ^He Kyng 1 went fo vnto London, and fere, frou$ counseil of 
JL Sir 1 Hugh f e Spenser f e fader, and of his sone, and of maistre 
Robert of 1 Baldok, a false pilede clerc, his Chancellor 1 , lete seise fo 
alle f e Quenes landes into his owe?i honde, and also alle f e landes 4 
fat were Sir* 2 Ed ward his 2 sones, and were fo 1 put to her* wages, 
ageing al maner 1 reson; and fat was frou^ fe falsenesse of fe 
Spensers. 1F And when fe Kyng of Fraunce, fat was fe 3 Quene 
Isabelles brofer, herde of fis falsenesse, he was sore annoyed! 8 
a^eyns f e Kyng 1 of Engelandf and his false conseilers ; wherfore he 
sent a lettre vnto Kyng Edward, vnder 1 his seal, fat he shulde 
come into Fraunce att a certeyn day forto 4 5 done His homag ; and 
ferto he sompnede him; and elles 6 he shulde lese al Gascoigne. 12 
H And so Hit was ordeynede in Engeland?, frou$ f e Kyng 1 and his 
Counseil, fat Quene Isabeft shulde 7 wende into 8 Fraunce, forto 
trete of pees bituene her 1 lord? and 1 her 1 brofer; and fat Olyuer 1 of 
Yngham shulde wende into Gascoigne, and shulde 3 haue wif him 16 
vij M* men and mo of Armes, to bene 9 Senescal and wardein of 
Gascoign. And so hit was ordeynede fat Quene Isabel went f o 
ouer> f e see, and come into Fraunce, and wif her 1 went Sir 1 Aymer 1 
of Valence, Erl of Penbrok 1 , fat was fer mordrede sodeynly 10 on a 20 
priue 10 sege : but fat was f rou$ Godes vercgeaunce, for he was on of 
fe Justice} fat consentede to Seint Thomas def n of Lancastre, & 
wolde neuer afterward repente him of fat wicked dede. IT And at 
fat tyme Sir 1 Olyuer 1 of Yngham went ouer 112 into Gascoigne, and 24 
dede miche harrne to f e Kyng of 1 Fraunce, and f o gete a^ein fat 
Kyng 1 Edward hade loste, & 13 more ferto. 

How Kyng< Edward sent Sir 1 Edward' his sone, fe eldest, into 
Fraunce. Capitulo Ducentesimo Tercio. 28 

THe Quene Isa&e nad 14 nou3t bene 14 but a qz^arter of a ^ei^ in 
Fraunce duellyng 1 , 15 fat Sii J Edward, his eldest 1 sone, ne 
axede Leue forto wende into Fraunce forto spek 1 wif his moder 1 , 
Isa&e/ fe quene. And fe Kyng his fader 1 16 grantede him 16 with 32 
gode wille, and saide to him, "go, my lair 1 sone, in Godes blessing 1 
and myn ; and f enk 1 forto come a$ein as hasteli as f ow maiste. 17 " 

I om. 1). 2 - a Edwardes liei j D. Edwardes his 0. 3 om. DO. 
4 MS. forto forto. 5 leaf 134, back. 6 ett 0. 

7 shul shulde sic D. 8 in D. 9 be 0. 10 - 10 in pyue sic 0. 

II om. 0. 12 ouer ]> e see 0. 13 and miche D. & rayche 0. 
14 - 14 om. DO. 15 duellede D. dwelled' 0. 

m g m ntede D. 17 mi^t D. myght 0. 

CH. cciv] Edw. II exiles his Queen, &, his Son, Prince Edward. 233 

and he come 1 ouer the 2 see 3 into Fraunce; and fe Kyng 1 of 
Fraunce, his Vncle, 4 vnderfonge Him wif michel 5 honour, and 
saide to 6 him, " faire sone, $e 7 ben welcomen 7 ; and for cause fat 
4 ^our 1 fader* come)) 8 nou^f 9 forto done his homage for fe Duchee of 
Ghyen, as his auncestres were wont forto done, y }eue ^ow 10 fat 
lordeship, to holde hit of me in heritage as 11 $oure auncestre 
deden 12 bifore 13 3ow." "Wherfore he was callede Duk of Gyene. 

8 How Kyng- Edward exilede his Quene, 14 and Edward' his eldest 2 
sone, C&pitulo CC quarto. 

WHen Kyng Edward of Engeland herde telle how the Kyng 
of France hade $eue ))e duche of Giene vnto Sire Edward 

12 his sone, wifoute^ 15 consent and wille of him, and fat his sone 
hade vnderfonge fe Duchie 16 of him, 16 he bicome wonder wrof, arid 
sent 1 to his sone bi his 17 lettre, & to his wif also, fat fai shulde 
come 18 into Engelawd wif al fe haste fat fai 19 might. 51 The Quene 

16 Isabel!, & Sire Edward her sone, 20 were wonder 1 sory and drade 20 of 
the Kyngws manace and of his wraf, and principally 21 of the false 
t?*aitoures 21 fe Spensers, bofe of fe fader and of the sone, & at his 
co???mandement fai wolde nou^t come. Wherfore Kyng Edward 

20 was ful sore annoiede, and' lete make a crie at London fat, if Quene 
Isabett and Edward her 1 sone come nou^t into 22 EngelaracZ, fat fai 
shulde bene 23 holden 24 as enemys, bofe 25 to fe reaume & to fe 
croune ; and for fat fai wolde nou^t come into EngelamZ, but bof 

24 were exilede, f e moder ) and her 26 sone. U Whe[n] 27 Quene Isabeli 
herd fis tidingws, 28 she was sore adrad to bene 23 shente frou$ fe 
false eomettyng of )>e Spensers, and went wif f e knyghtes fat wer 1 
exilede out of Engeland 4 for 29 Seint Thomas quereH 30 of Lancastre, 

28 fat is to seine, Sire Eoger Mortymore, 31 Sire Willia??^ TrusseH, Sire 
lohn of Cromweli, & meny ofer grete 32 kni^tes. IT Wherfore fai 
tok 33 hei 1 * conseiH, & ordeined amonges ham forto make a manage 

1 went D. 2 om. 0. 3 see and went D. * leaf 135. 
5 myche 0. 6 vnto DO. 7 ~ 7 be welcome 0. 8 come 0. 

9 MS. has noujt 4 come, with come underlined for omission. 

10 3ow al D. " as al D. as att 0. ia dede 0. 13 biforn D. 

14 Quene Ysabel D. qwen Isabett 0. 15 with-out D. with-oute 0. 

16 om. D. 17 om. D. 18 come a^eyn D. come a3en 0. 19 3e D. 

20 weren sore adrade D. were wonder sore adrad' 0. 
21 2l )>e falsenesse of D. of > e falsnes of 0. ^ vnto D. a be 0. 
24 holde DO. ^ bo>e ij D. *> j, e D< 27 W hen >e D. 
28 tydyngO. 29 leaf 135, lack. 30 Cause DO. 
31 Mortymere of Wigeinore D. Mortymer of Wygemore 0. 
D. good 0. 33 nomen D. 

234 The Spencers' Conspiracy against Q. Isabel & her Son. [CH. ccv 

bituene pe Due of Gyene, pe Kyngws sone of EngelaraZ, and the 
Erles doubter of HenavuV, pat was a noble kny^t of name, and a 
dou$ty in his tyme. And 1 if pat ping might be 2 brou^t about and 
stand?, pai trowede, wip pe helpe of God', and wip his helpe, to 4 
recouere heir 53 heritage in Engelaud?, wherof pai were put out 4 
prou} the 5 coniettyng of pe false 6 Sponsors. 

IF How Kyng Edward, prou^ conseile of pe Sponsors, sent to pe 
Du^sipiers of Fraunce, pat pai shulde helpe pt 7 Quene 8 
IsabeH, and hire sone Sir 1 Edward, weren 8 exilede out of 
F?Yinnce. Carcfa/o CC v to . 

W'Hen Kyng Edward and pe Spensers horde how Queue 
Isabel, and Sir 5 Edward her* sone, hade Aliede ham to pe 12 
Erie of Henaud?, and to ha??i pat were exilede out of Engeland? for 
encheson of Thomas of Lancastre, pey 9 were so sory pat pai nist what 
to done. Wherfore Sir 1 Hugh pe Spenser*, pe sone, saide vnto Sir 1 
Hugh his fader 1 , in pis mane?' wise, and saide : "Fader, accursede 16 
be pe tyme & pe conseil pat cue?- 36 consentede pat Queue Isabel 
shulde gone 10 into Fraunce forto treten 11 of 12 accord bituene pe 
Kyng 1 of Engeland & her* broper pe Kyng of Fraunce, for pat was 
jour' conseile, for at pat tyme for-sope ^our* witte faillede ; for Y 20 
drede me sore 13 lest, prou^ her* & her* 14 sone, We 15 shul be 15 
shent, but if we take pe 16 better consel." 

IT Now, fair* sires, vnderstondep how mervaillous folie 17 and 
falsehede pe Sponsors ymagynede & caste ; for priuely pai lete fille 24 
v barelles ferers wip siluer*, pe so;?mie amontede v M* ti, and pai 
sent po 18 barelle oue[r] pe se priuely by 18 an Alien pat me callede 
Arnolde of Spaigfi, pat was a brocoui 1 * of London, pat he shulde go 
to pe Du3sipiers of France, pat pai shulde p?-0curen and speken 19 28 
to pe Kyng of Fraunce, pat Quene Isabel and 20 Ed ward her 1 sone 
were dryue 20 and exilede out of F?mmce, 21 and, amonge al olper 
pingws, 21 pat pai were brou^ to 22 pe dep as p?*iuely as pai might*. 

1 >at D. 2 bene D. 3 his 0. 4 om. 0. 
6 >e false D. >e fals 0. 6 om. DO. 7 >at >e D. 8 wer 1 0. 
9 MS. >at. 10 go 0. u trete DO. 12 & 0. 
13 MS. sore for, with for underlined for omission. 14 leaf 136. 
isis 8 hulle]) bene D. 16 om. 0. 17 felonye DO. 
ia_i8 barelles priuelich ouer >e see with D. barctt oner }>e see pryuyly 
by 0. 19 speke DO. 

20 ^ her* sone Edward wer 1 dryueu D. her sone Edward' were dry ven 0. 
2i_2i j/g^ anc [ am0 nge al o}>er ]>iugus & amonge al ofyer J>it)ges. 
22 vnto D. 

CH. CCV-vi] Queen Isabel proposes to invade England. 235 

But Almighty God wolde nou^t so; ff ffor when pis Arnolde was 
in pe hye see, he was taken 1 wip Selanders pat mette him in pe see, 
and toke 2 him, & lad him to her* Lord?, 3 )>e Erl of Henaud? ; & miche 
4 ioye was made for pat takyng 1 . U And at pe laste, pis Arnolde 
priuely 4 stale away fro pens, and come 5 to London. And of pis 
takyng, and of 6 oper pinges, pe Erl of Henaude saide to pe Queue 
Isabel: "dame, 7 make $ow 7 mery and bep of gode chier 1 , for $e 
8 bep 8 more riche 9 pan ^e wende forto 10 haue bene; & tak ^e pise v 
barelles 11 of Sillier 1 pat were sent to pe Du^sepiers of Fmunce forto 12 
quelle 30 w & ^our 1 sone Edward ; and penkep hastely forto wende 
into Engeland? ; and tak 36 wip pow Sir* lohn of Henaude, my 

1 2 brope? 1 , and v men of Armes ; for meny of ha??^ of Fraunce, in 
whom ^e haue 13 hade grete truste, hade grete deintee pow 14 forto 
scorne : and Almighty God grant $ow g?*rtce, ^our 1 enemys forto 15 
ouercome." U pe Quene Isabel sent po prou^ Henaud? and Flaundres 

16 for her* sodioures, and ordeinede her 1 eue?y day forto 16 wende into 
Engeland? a^eine ; and so she had in her 1 company S/?*e Edmund 2 of 
Wodestoke, pat was Erl of Kent, pat was Kyng 17 Edwardes brope?* 
of Engeland*. 

20 18 How Kyng Edward lete kepe pe costes bi 19 pe see, & lete 
trie alle the pris men of Armes & footmen also prou^ al 20 
CC vj t0 . 18 

WHen Kyng Edward herde telle fat pe Quene Isabel and 
Edward hir 1 sone 21 wolde come 21 into Engeland? wip meny 
Alienws, and wip ham pat were outlawede out of Engeland? for her* 
rebelnesse, he was sore adrade to bene 22 put adoune and lese his 
kyngdome. Wherfore he ordeynede forto kepe his castelles, 23 in 

28 Walis as wel as in Engeland?, wip vitailles and her 1 apparale, and 
lete kepe his ryuers, and also pe see costes, wherof pe v Fortes 
token to kepe ham, & also pe see. U And also he commandede 
ferpermore, & 24 by his lettres ordeynede, pat euery hundred* & 

32 wapentache 25 of Engeland?, ij triors, 26 as wel of men of Armes as of 

1 tak D. take 0. 2 token DO. 3 lord' j>e 0. Lord' K. 

4 priueliche D. 5 comen D. 6 om. D. 

7 7 now make D. make)) 3ow 0. 8 ben-0. 9 rycher D. richere 0. 

10 om. DO. n barelles ful D. barett ful 0. 12 forto DO. for R. 

13 leaf 136, lack. " 3ow DO. 15 to DO. 16 to 0. 

17 sire 0. 18 18 om. 0. 19 of D. 20 out D. 

2i_ai were comen D. M be 0. 23 castett D. 

24 fer>ermore & 0. fer>crmore R. 25 Wapentage DO. 26 MS. trions. 

236 Edw. II'sp reparations against his Wife & Son. [CH.CCVI-VII 

of foote, 1 and fat fai shulde bene 2 put in 3 tuentysome and 
in hundredesonie ; and cowmandet fat al f o men wer 1 aredy, when 
eny outesse and crie wer 1 made, forto pursue and tak f e Aliens fat 
comen into Engelawd forto binime him fe lancB, and forto put him 4 
out of his kyngdome. U And more-ouer 1 he lete crie, frou$ his 
patent, 4 in euery faire and in eue?*y marcat of Engeland*, fat fe 
Quene YsabeH, and Sir 1 Edward his eldest sone, and f e Erl of Kent, 
fat fai were take, and safly kepte, wifout 5 eny maner of 6 harme 8 
vnto haw doyng 1 ; and alle ofer 7 peple fat come wif haw, anone 
smyte of her 1 heuedes, 8 wifout eny mane?' 9 raunson. U And 
what man fat might bryng 10 Rogeres heede, fe 11 Mortymer 1 , of 
Wigemore, shulde haue a 12 C ft of monee for his trauaile. And 12 
ferf ermore he ordeynede by his patent, & co??zmande, 13 to mak a fire 
on 14 euery hye hutt bisides 15 fe ryuers and in low centres, forto 
make hye bikenes of tymbre, fat if it so were fat fe Aliens come 
to 16 fe lande by nyght, fat men shulde 17 tende 18 fe bikenes, fat fe 16 
centre mi^t ben 19 warnede, and come and mete her 1 enemys. And 
in fe same tyme deide Sir 1 Eoger 20 Mortymer, his 20 Vncle, in fe 
Toure of London. 

How 21 Quene IsabeH & Sir 1 Edward', Due of Gyene, her 122 Sone, 20 
come to land! at 23 Herwiche; 24 and how fai deden. 24 
H Capitwfo IT Ducentesimo U Septiwo. 

THe Quene IsabeH: and Sir 1 Edward hir 1 sone, Due of Gyene, 
Sir 1 Edmunde of Wodestok, Erl of Kent, 25 and Sir 1 lohn f e 24 
Erles 26 brofer of Henaud*, and her 127 company, drade nou^t fe 
manace of fe Kyng 1 ne of his t?-aitoures, for fai truste al in 
Godes grace, & come vnto Herwiche in Southfolc, fe x day 28 in fe 
mounthe 28 of Ottobr 1 , And in 29 fe $ere of grace 30 M* CCC 31 xxvj. 28 
11 And at 32 fe same tyme, 33 at London, fere was Kyng Edward? 33 

l l foote men D. me?i on foote 0. 2 be 0. 3 into D. 
4 Zra/137. 5 with-outen D. 6 om. DO. 
7 otyere maner D. o]>er mancr 0. 8 heed' 0. 

9 MS. maner reso, with reso underlined for omission ; om. DO. 

10 bryng sire D. brynge sir 0. n om. 0. 12 an DO. 
13 commanded? 0. J ^ oppon D. vpon 0. 15 beside 0. 
16 vnto DO. 17 schul O. ]8 light D. 19 be DO. 

ao - au Mortyineres D. 21 How >e DO. his 0. * to 0. 
24 - a * om. O. M erl of Kent D. Erie of Kent 0. erl R. 

26 MS. erles dou3ter, with doujter underlined for omission. 

27 he sic D. ~ om. D. ffl om. D. 30 grace a 0. 
:n iij sic D. :<2 in D. 

as 33 Kyng Edward was at London D. Kyng Edward was at London) 0. 

CH. ccvii-vin] How Edw. II acts when his Queen lands. 237 

in 1 the Toure at his metee; and a messenger 12 come into pe haft, 
3 and saide pat 4 Que[en] Isabeft was corner 5 to lande at 6 Herewiche, 
and hade brou^t in her" company Sire lohn of Henaude, and wip 

4 him men of armes wipoute nombre. And* wip pat worde, Sir* 
Hugh pe Spense?', pe fader, spake & 7 pus to pe Kyng saide 8 : 
"my most worshipful Lorde, 9 Kyng of Engekmd, now mow 10 ^e 
make gode chere, for certeinly pai ben al cures." 11 The Kyng saw 

8 pis worde comfortable ; ^itte he was ful sorweful & pensif in hert. 
And pe Kyng hade noi^t $itte fulliche 11 etew, 12 pat pere ne come 
into pe halle anoper message?-, and saide pat pe 8 Quene Isabel was 
arryuede at Herewich, bisides Skipwich 13 in Southfolc. Sir 1 Hugh 

12 pe 8 Spense?', pe fader, spake 14 to pe message?', and saide : "telle J?e 8 
so)) in goode fay, 15 " quod he to pe messager, " my faire frende, is 
she comen 5 wij? a grete streng))?" II " Ce?'tis, sir 1 , sop forto say, 
she haf 16 in her* company but vij C men of Armes." And wij) pat 

16 worde, Sire Hughe )>e Spense?', )>e fader, criede wij) an hye voice, 
and saide : "Alias, Alias ! we 17 beJ) alle 17 bit?'aiede ; for certes wij> 
so litil power* she 18 nad neue?' comen 18 to londe, but folc of Jris 
lande were to her* consentede. 19 " And Jjerfore, after mete pai 

20 toke 20 hei-* conseile, and went toward Walys, forto arere J>e Walshe- 
men a^eins Quene IsabeH and Edwarde. her 1 sone, al forto fight 1 ; 
and so )?ai were in pwrpos, eue?*ycheon. 21 

How Maistre Walte?- of 9 Stapleton, Bisshop of Excestre, pat 
24 was )>e Kyng^ Tresorei-', was biheuedede 22 at London. 
Capit^o DucentesMwo Ottauo. 

ANd in J?e same tyme, Kyng Edward' was sore adrade leste men 
of London wolde 3elde ham ^vnto 24 ]?e Quene Isabel and to Sir 1 
28 Edward hei 025 sone. Wherfore he sent maistre Walter of 9 Stapleton, 
his Tresorer, forto bene 26 wardein and keper 1 of J?e citee of London 
wij) pe Maii J . and so he come to J?e Gildehatt of London, and axede 
J)e keies of J)e 3ates of J>e citee, prou^ vertue and strengh of his co??i- 
32 mission, and wolde haue hade J?e Kepyng of J?e citee. IT And pe 
communes 27 ansurede and saide, pat 'pai wolde kepe pe citee to pe 

1 >e sic D. 2 Messager 0. 3 leaf 137, back. 4 >at >e 0. 

5 come 0. 6 MS. &. 7 & seyde 0. 8 om. 0. 

9 om. D. 10 MS. mow mow. u ful D. 12 ete 0. 

13 Gypeswycli 0. u spake >o 0. 15 fe> D. 16 ue had 0. 

17 - 17 ben 0. 18 ~ 18 had neuere come 0. 

19 consent D. consente 0. 2 nome D. 21 echeon 0. 

22 beheded 0. leaf 138. to D. 25 his D. be DO 

27 Comuners 0. 

238 Bp. Stapleton and his 2 Squires are beheaded. [CH. ccvm 

honowr of 1 Kyng Edward?, and of Isabel fe Quene, and of fe Due, 
fe Kyngws sone, wifoutew 2 eny mo/ U fe Bisshop was fo sore 
annoiede, and suore his oth fat fai alle shulde able, anone as ))e 
Kyng 1 were come 3 out of Walys; and fe communers 4 anon, 5 alle 6 4 
of fe citee, toke 7 fe Bisshope, and lade him amid 8 Chepe; and 
fe>-e fai smyten 9 of his heuede, 10 & sette n his heede 11 in his right 
hand? ; and after, fai biheuedede 12 ij of his Squyers fat helde wij> fe 
Bisshope ; and one of ham me callede Willia7tt of Walle, fat was 8 
f e Bisshoppes Nevew ; & fat of er me callede lohii of Padyngton. 
and also fai toke a burgeis of London, fat me callede lohn 
Marchal, fat was Sir* Hugh f e Spensers aspie, f e fader, and smyten 
of his heede 13 also. 12 

IT And in fat 14 same tyme fat 15 same Bisshop hade in London 
a fair 1 Toure in making 1 , in his cloos oppon f e ryuer* of Tamise, fat 
was wifout fe 6 Temple-Barr > , and him failede stone forto 16 make 
ferof an ende ; wherfore he cowmandede his men forto gone 17 to 16 
fe cherche of f e Frere Cannes; and fe?'e fai toke 18 stone, 19 and 
made ferwif fe tour* 19 ; and miche sande and 20 morter, and olde 
robons 21 ]>er was lefte. 1T And for 22 fe despite fat fe Bisshop Hade 
done to 23 holy cherche, 24 he and his ij squyers were buriede in fat 20 
sande, as fau$ 5 fai hade bene hondes ; and fere fai leyen xj wokes 
til fat fe 5 Quene Isabel sent her 1 le^fres to fe communers, 25 and 
praiede ham fat fai wolde soffre and grant fat f e Bisshop moste 
bene 26 take out of fat place, & 27 buriede at Excestr', at his owen 24 
cherche ; and so he was ; and his ij squyers were buriede at seynt 
Clemen tis cherche wifout Tewple-Bari i) . 

U And Hit was 28 noii3t ful grete 28 wonder* fau^ fat Bisshop 
deide in euel def , for he was a couetouse man, and hade wif him 28 
no mercy, and euel conseilede fe Kyng'. And sone fereafter 29 was 
Arnold? of Spaigne taken, he fat was assentant to haue ladde fo 80 v 
M* ti of Siluei-* in v barelles 31 ferers vnto f e Dussipiers of Fmunce, 
forto helpe and haste the 5 Quene Isabel to hir* def, & Edward her* 32 
sone also : and? fis Arnolde was done vnto fe 32 def wifout fe citee 
of London. 

1 of >e 0. 2 with-out D. with-oute 0. 3 comen D. 

4 communers alle 0. 5 om. D. 6 om. 0. 7 to sic 0. 

8 in myddes >e D. 9 smyte 0. 10 heed' 0. "-" it D. 

ia beheded' 0. 13 heuede D. 14 >e 0. >e D. 16 to DO. 

17 go 0. I8 token DO. 19 - 19 >envith >e Toure to make 0. 

20 MS. and &. 21 Robons \>at 0. <J2 leaf 138, back. - J vnto 0. 

- 4 MS. hax cherche and. ^ co^nnmues D. >28 be 0. 

27 and bene D. & be 0. 28 - 28 no DO. after 0. 30 >e D. 

;1 barett 0. :<2 om. DO. 

CH. ccix] Edw. I Us taken prisoner ly his Queen & her Son. 230 

How Kyng Edward* and Sir 1 Hugh }>e Spenser were taken, and 
)>e Erl of Arundel. Capit^o CC ix. 

WHen Kyng Edward? hade sent Maistre Walter 1 of Staple- 
ton, 1 his Tresorer 1 , into London, forto kepe ]>e citee vnto 
him a^ein 2 j?e 3 Quene Isabel his wif, & a^eyn 4 Edward' her' 5 sone, 
anon him-self Hok 1 wij> hi?n 6 Sir Hugh )>e Spenser 7 )>e fader, and 
8 Sir Hugh 8 his sone, Sir" lohn, Erl of ArundeH, & Maistre Robert 
8 Baldok 1 , 9 a false pilede clerc, his Chaunceller 1 , 9 and 10 toke here 10 
way towarde Bristowe; And Ipere J?e Kyng 1 abode a litil n terme, 
and made Sir 1 Hugh }>e Spenser* ]>e fader*, 12 Keper and Conestable 12 
of }>e castel. And ]?e Kyng 1 and be ofer aboue-saide went into 

12 shipp, and sailede toward! Walys, and toke no leue of J?e Sty ward', 
lie of none of 13 }>e Kynges Householde ; and went ouer into Walys 
forto arere be Walshe-mew a^eynes Dame Isabel be Quene, & 
14 Edward', Due 14 of Gyene, her 1 sone, & her cowipany. IT But )?e 

16 Quene, & be Due her 1 sone, and be Erl of Kent, and Sir 1 lohn of 
Henaude, 15 went and pwrsuede after 1 ham ; and her 1 power 1 come and 
encressede euery day; so at j)e laste )?e Kyng was taken 16 oppoii 
an 17 hulle in Walys, and Sii^ Hugh ]3e Spense?* pe sone, in fat ofer 

20 side of fat 18 same huli, and J?e false pilede clerc, U Maistre Eobert 
of Baldok 1 , Ipere fast bisides ham, and were brou^t a^eyne into 
Engeland', as Almighty God wolde. And fe Kyng him-self 3 was 
in saf kepyng* in )?e casteH of Ken y worth ; and hi??i kepte Sir 

24 Henry, ]?at was Seint 3 Thomas broker of Lancastre. 

& Sir Hugh J>e Spenser 1 ]>e fadei j come and put him vnto 19 J>e 
Quenes grace, and to Sir 1 Edward her 1 sone, Due of Gyene. U But 
Sir Hugh )>e Spenser 8 J?e sone, 8 after j?at 20 he was taken, 21 wolde 22 

28 ete no maner mete, ne 23 drynk 1 8 no maner drynk 1 , 8 for he wist to 
haue no mercy, but onelich 24 he wiste he slmlde bene 25 dede. And 
)?e Quene and hei 1 * conseil 26 ordeynede fo 27 J)at he shulde bene 28 
done to dej> at London ; but he was so feble for his michel 29 

1 - 1 Mapleton D. 2 ajens 0. :J om. D. 4 a^eyne sir D. ajens 0. 
5 his D. 6 - 6 nome with D. 7 Spencers bo>e 0. 8 ~ 8 om. 0. 
9 - 9 his Chancellor 1 a false pilede clerc D. his Chaunceller a Ms piled? 
Clerk 1 0. 

io_io nomen h e s? ; c D, token her 0. " leaf 139. 

12 12 as couestable and kepei j D. as Constable & kepere 0. 13 in DO. 

u - 14 duk Edward' D. 15 Henau-le and ]>ai D. Henaud' & >ey 0. 

16 take 0. 17 a 0. 18 the D. 19 to D. 

'- 20 J>e tyme >at DO. 21 take 0. ^ nolde D. he nolde 0. 

23 nelper 0. 24 only 0. w be 0. 

26 conseile hade J>o D. Counceili ]>o had 0. 127 om. DO. 

28 haue be 0. >29 miche D. inyche 0. 

240 The Spencers are hangd, & other Traitors beheaded. [CH.CCIX 

fastyng 1 , fat he was dede almost for fastyng 1 ; and f erfore hit was 
ordeynede fat he shulde haue his iugement at Hereford' 1 ; and at 
a place 2 of fe toune his 3 hode was taken 4 fra??i 5 his heued*, 6 and 
also 7 fro Maistre Robert 7 Baldok, 8 fat was 9 a false pilede clerc, 9 4 
& fe ~Kyugus Chanceller*. And men sette vppon her 1 Heuedes 10 
chapelettes of sharpe 11 netles, and ij squyers blow 12 in her 1 eres wif 
ij grete bugles 13 homes, oppon fo 14 ij prisoners; and 15 men might 
her 1 fo 16 blowyng out wif homes, mo fan a fousand? and one. 8 
Symunde of Redyng 1 , 17 bifore ham bar 1 her 1 armes oppon a spere 
reuersede, in token fat 18 fai shulde be vndone for euermore. 

II And oppon fe morwe was Sir 1 Hugh fe 19 Spenser 1 fe sone 
dampnede to def ; and was draw and hongede, biheuedet, & his 12 
boweiles taken out of his body, and 20 his bowelles 20 brent. And 
after he was qwarterede, & his qwarteres sent to iiij tounes of 
Engelawd, and his heuede 21 sent to London Brigge. And fis 
SymowJ, for encheson fat he despisede fe Quene Isabel, he was 16 
draw and hongede on 22 a stage made 23 24 in mydes 24 fe forsaide Sir 1 
Hughes galwes. 25 And f e same day, a litil fro fens, was Sir 1 lohn 
of Arundel biheuede 26 ; for he was on of Sir* Hugh fe Spensers 
conseilers. And auone after wa[s] Sir 1 Hug[h] fe 19 Spenser 1 draw & 20 
hongede, & biheuedede 27 at Bristow, and after hongede 28 a3eyn bi 
)?e Armes bi 29 ij strong ropes; and )>e iiij 30 day after, he was hew 
al to peces ; & hundes etew 31 hi??^. And for 23 fat enchesoun fat fe 
Kyng 1 hade 3eue?^ 32 33 him )?e Erldom 33 of Winchestre, his heede 34 24 
was lad Jjider*, and put oppon a spere ; and J?e false Baldok 1 was sent 
to London, & fere he deide in p7*isone amonges 35 feues, for men 36 
dede hi??i no more reuerence fan me wolde do 37 vnto an hunde : 
and so deide 38 the traitours of Engeland?, blissede be Almyghty 28 

I Herford? D. 2 place of Je place sic D. 3 leaf 139, back. 
4 take 0. 5 fro DO. 6 heed' 0. 

7 - 7 frara Robert of D. from Robert of 0. 8 Baldoks 0. 
9 9 a piled? clerc and also J>at was false D. a piled' Clerk 1 also )>at was 
fals 0. 10 hedes 0. 

II D has sharp )>ornes, with Jjornes struck out with a red line. 
12 blew 0. 13 bugle 0. 14 >e D. 

15 >at DO. 16 }>ere D. her 0. 

17 RedyncH be kynges Marchal D. Redyng be kynges Marschatt 0. 

18 ban sic 0. 19 cm. D. - om. 0. " bed 0. 
22 in 0. ** om. 0. a *- a4 amyddes D. amydde 0. 

25 galhouse D. biheuedede D. beheded' 0. ' w byheded' 0. 

28 hongen D. hanged 0. a with DO. 30 fourbe 0* 

31 ete 0. 32 3eue 0. ^-^ be erl D. be Erie 0. 

34 heuede it D. heed' it 0. 35 among 0. M for men DO. for R. 

37 don 0. diden 0. 

CH. ccx] The Nobles agree to depose King Edward II. 241 

God? ! & J hit Was no wonder, for frou$ her 1 conseil th[e] gode Erl 
Thomas of Lancastr 1 2 was clone unto deth and al fat helden with 
Thomas of Lancastre 2 frou$ fo traitoures were vndon, and alle 
4 her 1 heires disheritede. 3 

How Kyng Edward was put adoune. 4 H Capitulo U Ducen- 
tesimo U Decimo. 

ANon 5 after 1 fis was done, fe Quene Isabel, and Edward* hir 1 
sone, and alle f e grete lordes of Engelawo 7 , at on assent sent 
to Kyng Edward* to f e castel of Kenylworf, fere fat f e kyng was 
in kepyng 1 vnder 1 fe warde of Sir 1 lohn Hothum, fat was fe 6 
bisshop of Ely, & of Sir lohn of Parcy, a baron, for enchesoun fat 

12 he shulde ordein his parlement att 1 a certein place in Engeland?, 
forto redresse [and] amende fe state of fe ream. And Kyng 
Edward? ham ansuerede and saide : "Lordes," quod he, " $e see 7 
ful wel how hit is. Lo ! hauef her 1 my seal, y ^eue 8 $ow my 

16 power 1 to ordeine a parlement wher 19 $e wille." And fai toke 10 her 1 
leue of him, 11 and come a^eyne to fe barons of Engeland?, and 
whe?i 12 fai hade fe Kyngws patent of fis fing 1 , and fai shewede hit 
to 13 fe lordes, and fo was ordeynede fat fe parlement shulde be 14 at 

20 Westmynstre, at f e 15 Vtas of Seint Hillari. And alle f e grete lordes 
of EngelamZ lete ordein for ham fere a3eins fat tyme fat f e parle 
ment shulde bene. 16 U And at fe 15 whiche day fat fe parlement 
was assignede, 17 f e Kyng wolde nou^t come f ere, 18 as he hade sette 

24 himself and assignede. And nofelesse fe barons sent to him, on 19 
tyme and ofer, and he suore by Godes soule, fat he nolde come 
fere 20 on foote. 20 Wherfore hit was ordeynede by al fe grete lordes 
of 1 21 Engeland', fat he Shulde no Longer 1 bene 22 Kyng 1 , but bene 23 

28deposede; and saide fat 15 'fai wolde crone 24 Edward* his sone 
25 Kyng 1 , fe eldeste, 25 fat was Duk of Gyene'; and sent so tyd- 
ynges 26 to f e Kyng 1 fere fat he was in ward vnder Sir lohn, Erl of 

1 Zgffl/140. 

- 2 supplied from D. was done vn-to de> & att }>at held' witfc hym 0. 
:j disherite D. 

4 adoun and his dignite bynomen him D. a-doun) & his dignite bynome 0. 

5 And D. 6 om. D. 7 sene 0. 8 3eue DO. 3e R. 

9 wher >at 0. 10 . nome D. n hem 0. 12 >at >at sic D. 

13 vnto D. 14 bene D. 15 om. 0. 16 be 0. 

17 om. DO. 18 }>ere for no maner >ing< DO. 19 o DO. 

20 - 20 a foote D. o foote 0. 21 leaf 140, back. 22 be 0. 

23 be DO. 24 crovne kyng 0. 25 ~ 25 >e elder kyn^ D. >e elder' 0. 

26 tydynge 0. 


242 The Nobles, Bishops, & Knights disclaim Edw. II. [CH. CCX 

Gerrein, and S?Ve lohn of Bothun, pat was Bisshop of Ely, and Sir* 
Henry Percy, baronn, 1 and Sire William TrusseH, a kny^t, pat was 
wip pe Erie Sir* Thomas of Lancastr', forto 3elde vp her 1 homages 
vnto him for aH ha??z of Engeland. U And Sire William Trussel 4 
saide pise wordes : " Sir 1 Edward 4 ! for enchesofi pat 36 haue traiede 
30U1-* peple of Engeland?, and haue vndone meny grete Lordes of 
EngekmcZ wipoutew 2 eny cause, but now 30 bep 3 wipstand, 
pankede be God? ! and also for 4 36 wolde nou^t come to pe 5 pa?ie- 8 
ment as 30 ordeynede at Westmynstre, as in 3our ) owen 5 Lettre 
patent is conteinede, forto trete wip jour* lige men as a Kyng 
shulde ; and perfore, Jjrou^ ali pe co??imune assent 1 of alle pe lordes 
of Engekmd, y telle vnto 30 w pise wordes : U 3e shul vnderstonde, 12 
Sir 1 , pat pe barons of EngelcwcZ atte on assent wille pat 36 bene 3 
nomore Kyng of Engelarad, but vtterly hauep 6 put 7 3ow out 7 of 
3oui j realte for euermore." U And pe bisshop of Ely saide po to pe 
Kyng 1 , " Sir 1 Edwarde ! here y 3elde vp feautes 8 & homage 9 for alle 16 
pe Erchebisshoppes and Bisshopes of Engeland?, and for al pe 
clergye." H po saide Sii^ lohn, Erl of Garrein, " Sii Edward 10 ! y 
3elde vp her 15 vnto 3ow feaute and homage, for me, and for al pe 
Erles of Engeland." 1T And Sir' Henry n pe 12 Percy 3af vp also pere 20 
his homag, 13 for him and for alle pe barons of Engeland'. U And 
po saide Sir* William Trussel : " y 3elde vp, ^Sir 1 , now 14 vnto 3ow 
my 15 homage, fo[r] me & also for alle pe kny3tes of EngelancJ, and 
for ham alle pat holden by seriauntrye 16 or by eny ope?* maner ping 1 24 
of 1 3ow, so pat fro pis day afterward 1 36 shulle nou3t be cleymede 
Kyng, neiper for Kyng 1 bene 3 holde; but fram 17 pis tyme after 
ward? 36 shul bene 3 holde a singuler man of aft 12 pe peple." And so 
pai went pens vnto London, pere pat pe lordes of Engetodf ha?rc 28 
abode; and sir* Edward? abode in prysoufi vnder 1 gode 18 keping 19 ; 
and pat was pe day of 20 pe Conuersion 20 of seynt Poule in pe xx 
3ere of his regne. 

Prophecie of Merlyn declarede of Kyng 1 Edward?, pe sone of 32 
Kyng 5 Edward*. Capiuo CC vndecimo. 

I a baroun D. a baron) 0. 2 withoute 0. 3 be 0. 

4 for enchesoun >at D. for enchesoii) ^at 0. 5 om. 0. 6 haue DO. 
7 - 7 out 3ow 0. 8 feute 0. 9 homages 0. 10 Edward' here 0. 

II leafUl. 12 0???, D. 13 homages 0. 

1414 now s j re j) now s j r o. 15 myn DO. 16 seriauntye 0. 
17 fro D. 18 |>e D. 19 Kyng Edward' his sone 0. 
Conucrsacj'ou 0. 

CH. ccxi] Merlin's Prophecies about Edward II fulfild. 243 

Of pis Kyng Edward', propheciede Merlyn, and saide pat pere 
shulde come a gote 1 out of a 1 car 1 , pat shulde haue homes of 
sillier* and a berde as white as snowe ; and a drop shulde come out 
4 at 2 his noseprelles pat shulde bitokne miche harme, hungre, and 
dep of pe 3 peple, and gret losse of his lande ; and pat in pe bigyn- 
nyng of his regne shulde ben 4 hauntede michel 5 lecherie ; and saide 
soip, alias pe tyme ! ffor Kyng Edward, pat was Kyng 1 Edwards 
8 sone, pat was born 6 in Carnariuan in Walys, for sop he hade 
Homes as 2 siluer 1 , and a berd as snowe, whew he was made Prynce 
of Walys, & to miche he ^af him vnto realte 7 and 8 folie. And 
sop saide Merlyn in his prophecie 9 pat pere shulde come 10 out of 

12 His nose a drop; ffor in his tyme was grete hunger amonges 11 pe 
pore men, and stronge dep amonge pe ryche, pat deiden 12 in strange 
lande wip miche 13 sorw, and 14 in Scotland* ; and afterwarde he loste 
Scotland? and Gascoigne ; and whiles pat him-self was Kyng 1 , per 

16 was miche lecherie hauntede. and also Merlyn tolde and saide 
pat pis goote shulde seche pe floure of lif & of dep ; and he saide 
sop, for he spousede Isabel, pe Kyngws dourer of Fraunce. 

U & in his tyme 15 Me?*lyn saide 15 pat pere shulde be made 16 

20 briges of folc oppon diches of pe see ; and pat was ful wel sein at 
Bannokes-born in Scotland', whew he was descomfitede pere 17 of pe 
Scottes. IT And Me?*lyn tolde also pat stones shulde falle fra??i 18 
castelles, and meny tounes shulde be made playn; and he saide 

24 sop, ffor when Kyng Edward was scomfitede in Scotland', and 
come po Southward', pe Scottes bisegede castelles, 19 and dede haw 
miche ha[r]me, and brent tounes vnto 20 pe herde erpe. IT And 
aftirward? Merlyn 21 saide and tolde pat an Egle shulde come 21 out 

28 of Cornwaile, pat shulde haue feperes of golde, pat of pride shulde 
haue non 22 pier*, and shulde despice Lordes 23 of bloode, and after 
he shulde dye prou$ 24 a beer* at Gauersiche : and pat p?'0phecie was 
ful wel knowe, 25 if or 16 by pe Egle is vnderstonde Sir 517 Piers of 

32 Gauaston, pat was Erl of Cornewaile, pat was a wonder prout man 

1 - 1 of 0. 2 of DO. 3 his D. om. 0. 4 be 0. 
5 mich D. mych 0. 6 bore 0. 7 ryout D. reaute 0. 

8 & to 0. 9 leaf 141, back. 10 be 0. * n amonge D. among^ 0. 
12 deide D. dide 0. 13 michel D. 14 and in weri D. & werre 0. 
15 - 15 seid Merlyn 0. 16 om. 0. 17 om. D. 18 fro 0. 
19 >e Castels 0. 20 to D. 

21 21 tolde J)at ]>ere shulde come an Egle D. tolde pat an Egle schuld? 
come 0. 

22 no DO. 23 lordeshippes D. lordschippes 0. 24 by D. 
25 know and founde soth D. knowe & founde soj> 0. 

244 Merlins Prophecies. The White Battle. [CH. ccxi 

fat dispisede f e baronage of Engelarc^ ; l but aftirward? he was 
biheuede 2 at Gauersiche, frou3 fe Erl of Lancastr* and f e Erl of 
Warwik 1 . U And Merlyn tolde 3 fat in his tyme it 4 shulde seme 
fat fe bere shulde brenne, & fat a bataile shulde be 5 done 6 oppon 4 
an Arme of fe See in 7 felde arraiede like a shilde, wher* shulde 
dye ineny white heuedes 8 : & he saide so]? ; for, by f e brynnyng 1 
9 of fe bere 9 is bitokenede grete drede frou$ cotting of suorde. 
at fat bataile, ordeynede in a felde as a shelde oppon an Arme of 8 
]>e see, is bitokenede fe bataile of Mitone. ffor fere come fe 
Scottes in maner of a shelde, 10 in maner* of a wynge, 10 and quellede 
oppon Swale, men of Keligioun, prestes & seculers ; wherfor )>e 
Scottes callede fat bataile, in despite of Englisshe-men, * fe white 12 

11 And after*, Merlyn saide fat fe forsaide Beer* shulde 11 do 
fe forsaide 4 goot miche harme, and fat shulde be 12 oppon fe 13 
Southwest*, and also oppon his bloode; and saide also fat fe goot 16 
shulde lese miche 14 of his lande, 4 til f e 15 time fat shame shulde 
him ouercome ; And fan he shulde 16 clofe him in 16 a lyons skyn, 
and shulde wynne a^eyne fat he hade loste, and miche more, f rou^ 
a peple fat shulde come out of fe Northwest 1 , fat shulde make him 20 
bene 17 drade, and him avenge of his enemy s, frou^ conseile of ij 
Oweles, fat ferst shulde be 18 in peril to bene vndone ; and fat f o 
ij oweles shulde wende ouer f e see into a straunge 19 lande, and 
fere fai shulde duelle til 20 a certein time; and after fai shulde 24 
come into Engeland a^eyne, and f o ij oweles shulde done miche 
harme vnto meny on, and fat fai shulde conseile f e 21 goot to 21 
meve wen* a^eynes [f e] 22 Bere, and fat goot shulde come, and f e 
Oweles, 22 vnto an Arme of fe Se at Burfoft op Trent 1 , and shulde 28 
wende ouer, and fat for drede fe bere shulde flee, wif a swyne 23 in 
his company, 24 vnto Bur 1 , 24 toward? fe North, 25 frou$ an vnkynde 
out-puter*; and fat fe Swyn 26 fan shulde be slay 27 28 with sorwe ; 
and fe bere shulde be slayn 28 ful nei$ his owen nest 1 , fat shal 29 32 

1 leaf 142. 2 beheded? 0. 3 saide D. 4 om. D. 5 ben D. 
6 do 0. 7 in a DO. 8 heedes 0. 9 ~ 9 MS. of J>e bere of the bere. 
1010 yyfth her 1 wynges D. n MS. shulde shulde. 12 ben 0. 

13 MS. J>e North, with North uiiderlined for omission ; om. D. 

14 miche del D. myche dele 0. 15 J>at D. 

16 - 16 be clo>en him with D. 17 be 0. 18 bene D. 
19 leaf 1^1, back. 20 to D. 21 - 21 goot 1 forto DO. bere to R. 
22 ^ forseide and ]>at fe goot and >e oweles shulde come D. forseid bere 
& )>t ]>e goot & )>e owles shuld j come 0. 

23 Swan 0. ^-^ om. D. <25 North vnto Bur* D. ^ swan DO 
27 slayne D. slayn 0. 28 - 28 om. D. - 19 schuld? 0. 

CH. ccxi] Merlin's Prophecies. Thomas of Lancaster. 245 

stonde oppon Pountfretf, vppon wham pe sone shal 1 sliede his 
beenies, & meny folc him shal l seche for pe miche vertue. and 
he saide f ul so]) ; ffior pe gode Erl Thomas of Lancastr 1 was born 2 
4 in pe Northwest 1 , and cosyn to pe Kyng 1 , soue of his vncle ; and 
by lawe he made pe Kyng lese miche lande pe whiche he hade 
pwrchasede 3 wel foliche, 3 til at pe laste pe Kyng 1 perof tok shame, 
and him-self fillede wip cruelte ; and after he gate a^eyne pat he 
8 hadde lost 1 , and miche more, prou^ folc fat he lete assemble out of 
pe Northwest 1 , pat made him to bene adrade, 4 and aveugede 5 him 
of his barons, 6 )>roii conseile of Sir 1 Hugh pe Spenser 7 pe fader, 
and of Sir 1 Hugh 7 his sone, pat biforne 8 were outlawede out 9 of 

12 EngelaweZ for her 1 wickidnesse. U But afterward* come a^eyne into 
Eugeland Sir 1 Hughe )>e Spenser the fader, out of Fraunce, and so 
miche conseilede the ^Kyng 1 pat He Shulde Werr 1 oppon Thomas, 
erl of Lancastr 1 , so pat pe Kyng and pe Spensers, and pe Erl of 

16 Arundel and her power, mete wip Thomas of Lancastr 1 atte Burton 
op Trent, and him pere descomfitede ; and n Hunfrai, erl of 
Hereford', 12 was in her* 13 co??ipany. and* after, fledde 14 pe forsaide 
Thomas and Hunfray, wip her 1 company at Burbrig 1 , wip sir* 

20 Andrew of Herkela, pat is callede 15 pe vnkynde out-putter 1 , and 
also sir 1 Symond* Warde, Shirref 16 of 3ork" : pai come and mette wip 
Thomas of Lancastre wip an huge co??^pany, and ham 17 pere descom- 
fitede. and in pat Scomfitwre pe Erl of Hereford 118 ws slayn oppoii 

24 pe brige, cowardly, wip a spere, in the fun dement ; and pe Erl 
Thomas was taken 19 & ladde vnto Fount frett ; and per 20 he was 
biheuedede 21 bisides his owen castel. But aftirward, many a 22 
man him sou^t, for miracles pat God* dede for him. 

28 U And in pat tyme Merlyn saide for sorwe and harme [shuld 
die] 23 a peple of his land*, wherfore meny landes shulde bene 24 on 
him pe bolder 124 : and he saide sop, ffor by enchesoun of his barouns 
pat were 25 done vnto pe dep for 25 Seint Thomas loue 26 of Lancastre, 

32 peple of meny londes bicome 27 pe bolder 1 forto meve werr 1 a3eyns 2s 
pe Kyng 1 , for her bloode was twmede into 29 meny naciouns. 

1 schuldz 0. 2 bore 0. 8 - 3 ful falsely D. wilfullicH 0. 4 drade D. 

5 vengede D. venged* 0. 6 enemys D. 7 7 & 0. 8 before 0. 

9 om. D. 10 tea/ 143. n and sh j DO. 12 Herford' DO. 13 his DO. 

14 fledden DO. 15 MS. has callede Sir 1 Andrew of Herkela pat is callede. 

16 erl D. Erie 0. 17 hym 0. 18 Herford DO. 19 take 0. 

20 >o 0. 21 beheded' 0. w om. DO. w om. in all three MSS. 

24 - 24 oppofi him D. vpon hem ]> e boldere 0. 

25_25 onit j) (j one to deth for 0. 26 querel D. querett 0. 

27 becomen 0. w oppon D. vpon 0. w to DO. 

246 Merlin's Prophecies. Their Fulfilment. [CH. ccxi 

1T And afterward Merlyn tolde and? saide pat pe forsaide Oweles 
shulde done J miche harme vnto pe flour' of lif 1 & of dep, & pai 
shulde 2 bring Her 1 vnto 3 miche disese, so )>at she shulde wende 
oner pe 4 see into Fraunce for to make pees 5 to }>e flour 1 de lice, 4 
and pere she shulde abide til a 6 tyme pat her* seede shulde come 
& seche her 1 ; and pere pai shulde abide 7 til a tyme pat pai shulde 
cloven 8 ha?ft wip grace; and po ij Oweles she 9 shulde seche, and 
put ha?w vnto Spitouse 10 dep. and ]>at prophecie was wel knowen 11 8 
and was ful sop; for, Sir 1 Hugh pe Spenser pe fader, and 12 sii >) Hugh 12 
pe sone, dede 13 miche sorwe and persecution vnto pe Quene Isabel, 
prou$ her* procurment, to her 1 Lorde pe Kyng 1 . 1f and so pai 
ordeinede amonges ham pat she was put vnto hir 1 wages, pat is to 12 
scyn, xxs on 14 pe day. Wherfore pe Kyng of Fraunce, her 1 
broper, was wonder 5 sore 15 annoiede, and sent into EngetecZ by his 
le^res 16 vnto Kyng Edward!, pat he 17 shulde come to 18 his pa?*lement 
to Parys in 19 Fraunce; but Kyng Edward was sore adrade forto 16 
come pere, for he wende to bene aresf til pat he hade made Gode 4 
for pe trespasse pat pe Spensers hade done, and also grete harme 
pat pai hade done vnto pe 20 Quene Isabel, his sostre 21 : Wherfore, 
prou} here ordenance & her 1 consent 1 of pe Spensers, the Quene Isabel 20 
went ouer 1 pe see into Fraunce, forto make accorde bituene Kyng 
Edward and pe Kyng of F?*aunce, hir 1 broper. II And pere 
duellede she in Fraunce til 22 Edward, hei j Eldeste sone, come her 1 
to 23 seche; and so pai duelled? 24 pere bope til pat Aliaunce was 24 
made bituene Ham and pe gentil Erl of Henaud', pat if pai wip his 25 
helpe mygh[t] destroi and ouercome pe venyme and the falsenesse 
of pe Spensers, pat Sir' Edward shulde spouse Dame Philipp, pe 
worshipful lady, 26 pe Erles Doughter of Henaud*. U wherfore pe 28 
Quene Isabel, and Sir* Edward her 1 [son], and Sir 1 Edmund* of 
Wodestok 1 , pe Kynges broper of Engeland?, and Sir 1 lohn of 
HenaucH, and Sir 1 Eoger Mortymer 1 of Wygemore, and Sir 1 Thomas 
Rocelyn, and sir 1 lohn of Cromwel, and Sire Willia??i TrusseH, and 32 
meny opere of pe Aliaunce of pe gentil Erie Thomas of Lancastre, 

1 do 0. 2 leaf 143, back. 3 into DO. * om. D. 

5 MS. pees bituene, with bituene underlined for omission. 

e on D. on a 0. 7 abide bo)>e D. 8 clo])e 0. 9 she DO. he R. 

10 pitous 0. n know D. knowe 0. ia - 12 om. 0. 13 deden 0. 

14 in DO. 15 sore 0. sone R. 16 lettre D. " sche 0. 

18 vnto 0. 19 into 0. a om. 0. 

31 MS. sostres, with the last s underlined for omission. ^ til ]>at 0. 

28 forto D. 2* leafUl. * his D. here R. lady and DO. 

CH. CGXI-XII] Edward III crownd, 26 Jan. 1326-7. 247 

fat wei exilede out of Engeland? 1 for. his querelle, and wer 12 
disheritede 3 of her 1 londes, ordeynede ham a 4 grete power*, and 
arryuede 5 at Herewiche in Southfolc. and? sone after 16 J>ai 
4 pursuede 7 ]>e Spensers til pat pai wer 1 take 8 and put vnto spitouse 9 
de]>, as bifore is saide, and her* company, and also for }>e 10 grete 
falsenesse )>at fai deden 11 vnto Kyng 1 Edward & to 12 his peple. 

U And Merlyn saide also more, ]>at ]>Q goote shulde bene 13 put 

8 into grete disese ; & in grete anguisshe & in grete sorwe he shulde 

lede 14 his lif 1 . and he saide so)) : for after ]>e tyme ]>at Kyng 

Edward was tak 1 , he was put into warde til )>at ]>e Spensers were 

put vnto dep. IT and also, for encheson )?at he wolde nou3t come 

12 vnto 15 his owen parlement at London, as he had ordeyned and 
assignede him-self 1 , and to his 16 Baronage, 17 and also wolde nou^t 
gouerne ne 18 reule his peple ne his reaume as a kyng shulde done, 
somme of ]>e barons of Engeland? come 19 & ^elden vp her 1 homage 20 

16 vnto him, for ham 21 and for alle ]>e o]>er of Ipe reaume, in ]>Q day of 
22 )>e Conuersioun 22 of Seint Poule, and in pe ^er 1 of his regne xx; 
and ]?ai put him out of his realte for euermore ; & euer 1 he leuede 
his lif 1 aftirward 1 in miche sorw and anguisse. 

20 Of Kyngi Edward Ipe Jjridde 23 after J?e conquest. Capitulo 
11 Ducentesimo U Duodecimo. 

ANd afte?- J?is Kyng Edward? of Carnariuan, regnede Sire 
Edward of Wyndesore his sone, J)e whiche was cronede 
24 Kyng, and annoyntede, at Westminster, jjrou^ consent and wille of 
alle Jje grete Lordes of 24 fe reaume, 24 J?e Sonday in 25 Candelmasse 
eve of cure Lady, In Jje ^er 5 of grace M^ CCC 26 xxvi, J>at was J?at 
tyme of age but xv 36^. 27 and for enchesoun J?at 27 his fader 1 was 
28 in warde in j>e castel of Kenylwor]?, and eke was put doun of his 
realte, Jje reaume of Engeland? was as wij?out Kyng 1 , fro ]>e feste of 
Seynt Kateryne in J)e $ei* aboue-saide, vnto Jje fest of Candelmasse ; 

1 Engeland' and Sir lohn of Henaude and Sir Roger Mortymere D. 

2 weren 0. 3 disherite D. disherited' 0. I om. 0. 

5 arryueden 0. 6 afterward DO. 7 pursueden 0. 8 taken DO. 
9 pitous 0. 10 her 0. n dede 0. 12 om. D. 13 be 0. 
14 lese D. 15 to DO. 16 leaf 144, lack. 

17 A bere is written in the margin at the head of this page, in a different (?) 

18 and DO. 19 corner 0. 20 homages DO. 21 him D. 
z 2 - 22 Conuersaci'on 0. 

23 Hrde 0. a*-" Engeland' D. on D. 26 CCG & 0. 
2727 MS, an( j f or enchesoun >at and for enchesoun >at. 

248 England happy under Edward III. [CH. ccxii-xm 

and po were *al maner 1 plee^ of pe Kyngws Benche astenf. ff And 
po was cowmandede to alle pe shirreffes of Engela?i<i poru} write 2 
to warne pe partie^ defendand} prou^ sompfnjing 1 a^ein, and also 
ferfennore pat alle pe prisoners pat were in pe Kyngws Gayole pat 4 
were atachede prou^ shirrefs shulde 3 be Late go quiet. U The Kyng 
Edward!, after* His coronacioun, at pe 4 prier* and biseching 1 of his 
lieges of 1 pe reaume, grauntede 5 a chartre of stedefast pees to alle 
ham pat wolde it 6 axe. 11 And Sire lohn of Henaude and his 8 
company toke 7 his leue of pe Kyng and of pe lordes of his 8 reaume, 
& tw?mede home to her 1 owen contre a^eyn; and eueryche 9 of ham 
hade ful riche ^iftes, euery maw as he was of value and of State. 
II And? po was Engelancfe in pees and in 10 rest 1 , & grete loue 11 12 
bituene pe Kyng and his lordes; and coramuneliche 12 Englisshe- 
men saide amongws ham pat pe deuel was dede. U But pe tresour* 
of pe Kyng his fadei j , and 13 of the Spensers, bop of pe fader 1 and 
of 4 pe sone, and pe tresour of pe Erl 14 of Arundel, and of Maistre 16 
Eobert 15 Baldok 1 pat was pe Kyngws chauncellei 15 , was departede 
after 1 pe Quene Isabels ordenaunce, and Sii^ Roge?' Mortyrner 5 of 
Wigemore, so pat pe Kyng 1 hade noping perof but at her* wille and 
her* deliueraunce, neiper of hii 1 * landes, as afterward' ^e shul here 20 
more openly. 

How Kyng Edward! went to Stanhop forto mete pe Scottes, 
IT Capitulo U Ducentesimo U xiij. 

ANd ^itte 4 in pe same tyme was Kyng Edward! in pe castel of 24 
Kenylworth, vnder* pe kepyng of Sir 1 Henry pat was Erl 
Thomas broper of Lancastr 1 , pat po was Erl of [Leycestre ; and pe 
Kyng grantede him the erldome of] 16 Lancastre pat pe Kyng 1 hade 
seisede into his hande, and put out Thomas of Lancastre his 28 
broper, and po was he 17 Erl of Lancastre & 18 of Leicestre, and eke 
Stiward of Engeland?, as his broper was in his tyme. U but Sir* 
Edward, pat was Kyng Edwardes fader, 19 made sorw wipoute?* 20 
ende, for cause pat he might nou^t speke wip his wif* ne wip his 32 
Sone; wherfor hit was miche meschief 21 ; ffor pau$ hit were so pat 

J- 1 alle >e D. 

2 Engeland* J>oru3 write D. Engelond? Jmrgh writte 0. Engel<wd R. 

3 leaf 145. 4 0771. 0. 6 grauntede ham D. graunted? hem 0. 
u him D. 7 nome DO. the D. > e 0. 9 eche 0. 

10 om. DO. " loue was D. 12 Comenly 0. 

13 and >e tresour" D. & > e tresour 0. 14 erles DO. 

15 MS. Robert Robert. 16 supplied from D. 17 > e sic 0. 

18 lea/US, back. 19 MS. fader fader'. 2 witti-oute 0. 21 nedfutt 0. 

CH. ccxin] Attempt to set Edward II free. 249 

he were l ladde & reulede prou} 2 false conseile, ^itte 3 he was Kyng 
Edwards sone, & come 4 of pe wordiest bloode of al 5 pe worlde; 
and pilk 1 to whom he was 6 wonede forto 6 ^eue grete ^iftes and 
4 large, were 7 most pryue wip pe Kyng, his owen sone ; and pai were 
his enemy s bope by nyght and by day, and procurede forto make 
debate and contak bituene him and his sone, and Isabel his wif. 
but pe ffrer* P?*echoures to him were gode frendes euermore, 8 and 
8 caste and ordeynede, hope nyght and day, how pai might bryng 
him out of prison. 11 And amonge her* company pat pe ffreres 
priueliche 9 hade brou^t, pere was a ffrere pat me callede Dun- 
heuede 10 ; and he hade ordeynede an[d] gaderede a grete company 

1^ of folc forto helpe at pat nede; but pe ffrere was take a[nd] put 
into pe castel of Pountfretf, and pe?* he deide in p?-isone. 1f And 
Sir Henry, Erl of Lancastr 1 , pat hade pe n Kyngws fader 11 in 
kepyng 1 , prou} 12 commandement of pe Kyng, delyuerede Edward, 

1^ pe Kingws fader, by endentur* vnto Sire Thomas of Berkelee, and to 
Sir 1 lohn Mautrauers ; & pai lad him fram 13 pe casteH of Kenyl- 
worth vnto pe casteH of Berkelee, 14 and kepte him pere safly. 15 
U And at Este[r] nexte aftei his coronacioufi, pe Kyng ordeynede 

20 an huge host forto fei^t a^eins 16 pe Scottes; and Sir 1 lohn, pe Erles 
brope? 1 of Henaud*, from 17 by^onde pe see, come forto helpe Kyng^ 
Edward', and brou3t wip him 18 v C men of Armes, and arryuede at 
Douei J ; and pai hade leue forto gone 19 forth til pat 18 pai 20 come 

24 vnto 20 ^orlv*, Ipere, pat pe Kyng abode ham. IF And pe Scottes 
corner 21 pider* vnto pe Kyng forto make pees and accorde, but pe 
accordement bituene ha??^ laste but a 22 litel while. 23 and at pat tyme 
pe Englisshe-men were elope 24 alle in cotes & hodes, peyntede 25 wip 

28 letfaes & wip 22 floures ful sembli, 26 wip longe berdes ; and pe?^fore 
pe Scotes made a bille pat was fastenede oppon pe cherche dores of 
Seint Peres 27 toward Stangate. & pus saide pe Scripture in despite 
of the 18 Englisshe-men U Longe berde hertles, peyntede Hode 

32 witles, Gay cote graceles, makep 28 Engl[i]ssheman 29 priftles. 

U And on 5 pe Trinite day next 30 comyng, biganne 30 pe contak 

1 was 0. 2 by DO. 3 >it sic D. 4 comen 0. 5 om. DO. 

- 6 wont D. wonte to 0. 7 weren 0. 8 for euermore D. 
9 priuely D. pryuyly 0. 10 Donebat 0. 

1 - 11 fader of J>e Kyng 0. 12 )>urgh >c 0. 13 fro 0. 
14 leaf 146. 15 falsly 0. 16 with D. 17 fro DO. 18 om. D. 
19 go o. 20-20 comen to D, 21 come o. 

22 om. 0. ^ tyme DO. a4 clo]>ede D. clothed' 0. 

25 y-peynted' 0. 26 semely DO. 27 Petre D. om. 0. 

28 makes DO. Englond 0. 3 - 30 sewyng* big sic D. 

250 Scots invade England. A fine army opposes them. [CH. ccxiv 

in pe citee of ^ork 1 bytuene pe Englissheme^ and pe Henaudres. and 
in pat debate were quellede of pe Erldom of Mchole and Mordrede, 
iiij ; and after, pai wer 1 buriede vnder* a stone in Seynt dementis 
cherche haw in Fossegate. And for enchesoun pat pe Henaudres 4 
come 1 forto helpe pe Kyng 1 , hii j pees was 2 criede, oppon payne of 
lif and lime, and in pat opere Half, it was 3 fonden 4 by enquest of 
J)e citee, pat pe Englisshe-mew biga??ne pe debate. 

How pe Englisshe-men Stoppede pe Scottes in pe park 1 of* 8 
Stanhope, and How pai turnede a^eyne into 5 Scotland. 
Capitz^o CC xiiij. 

ANd at pat tyme pe Scottes hade assemblede al her power 5 , and 
come 6 into Engelcmd, and quellede & robbede alle pat pai 12 
might tak, 7 and brent and destroiede al pe North contre prou3-out, 
til 8 pai come 8 to pe Parke of Stanhope in Wyredale : and per pe 
Scottes helde ham in a busshement. U But whe[n] pe Kyng 1 hade 
herde prou$ certeyne aspie^ wher* pe Scottes were, anone right wip 16 
his host he bisegede pe forsaide park, so pat pe Scottes wiste neuer 
wher* forto gofi out, but onliche 9 vnto her* armes, and pai abiden 
in pe parke xv daies; and vitailes ham failede on 10 euery side, so 
pat pai wei j gretly empeyrede of her 511 bodyes. IT And sip pat Brut 20 
come ferst into 12 Britaigne, vnto pis tyme, was neuer* seyne sepenes 13 
so fail 1 ' an host, what of Englisshemew and of Aliens, and of men 
on foot, 14 whiche ordeyned ham forto fei^t wip pe Scottes, prou$ 
egging of Sire Henry, Erl of Lancasti J , and of Sir* lohn of 15 24 
Henaude, pat wolde haue gone ouer pe water of Wythe forto haue 
fou^t wip pe Scottes ; but Sir 1 Roger of Mortymer* consentede nou$t 
perto, for he hade priueliche 16 tak 17 mede of* pe Scottes, ham forto 
helpe, pat pai myght wende a^eyne into hir 1 owen contre. 11 And 28 
pe 18 same Mortymer counseilede miche 19 Thomas of Broperton, pat 
pe Erl Marchal, pat was Kyng 1 Edwardes vncle, pat the 20 forsaide 
Thomas shulde nou^t assemble at pat tyme vnto pe Scottes ; and 
he assentede ; but he wiste nou^t pe doyng bituene pe Scottes and 32 
pe forsaide Mortymer. and for enchesoun pat he was Marchal of 

1 comen DO. 2 wer> D. 3 leaf 146, back. 4 founde DO. 

5 to 0. 6 comen D. 

7 take without nombre D. take vrithoute nombre 0. 

8 - 8 >at >ai comen D. 9 only 0. 10 in DO. " he sic D. 

12 vnto D. 13 setti 0. 14 foote the D. foote ]> e 0. 15 om. DO. 

16 priuyly 0. " taken DO. 18 pat D. 

19 somiche D. so mych 0. leaf 1^1. 

CH. ccxiv] Thru Mortimer's treachery, the Scots escape. 251 

Engelawd, and to him perteynede 1 euer 2 fe vauntward'. he sent 
hastely to fe Erl of Lancastre and to Sire John of 1 Henaude, fat 
fai shulde noi^t fei^t oppon fe Scottes, in preiudice and in 3 harm- 
4 yng 1 of him and 4 his fee, and if fai dede, fat fai shulde stande to 5 
her' owera peril, and fe forsaide Erl Marchal was al aredy 6 wif 
his bataile at fe redose of fe Erl of Lancastre forto haue fou^tew 7 
wif him and wif 8 his folc, if he hade meuede forto fei^t wif fe 
8 Scottes. and in fis maner 1 he was desceyuede, and wiste 9 no 
maner finge of fis 9 tresoun; and fus was fe Kyng 1 Principaly 10 

11 And when it was ny^t, 11 Mortymer 1 , pat hade f e wacche forto 

12 kepe of fe host, fat nyght destourblede fe wacche fat noting most 
be 12 done, and 13 in fe 13 meny-while fe Scottes stele 14 by ny^t 
toward hei j owen contre, as fast as fai myght ; and so was f e Kyng 
falsely 15 desceyuede & 15 bitmiede, fat wende fat alle fe tmitoures 

16 of his land? had bene brou3t vnto an ende, as it 2 was saide bifore. 
H Now here, }e lordes, how traterousely Kyng 1 Edward was 
desceyuede, and how mervailously and 16 boldely fe Scottes dede of 
weir* ; ftbr fe same nygh[t] 17 lames Douglas, wif CC men of Armes, 

20 ryden frou^-out fe host 18 of j Kyng Edward', fe same nyght fat fe 
Scottes were scapede toward* her* owera contre, as is aboue [said], til 
fat 19 fai comen 20 to fe Kyngws Pauylon, and quellede fere 21 mew in 
hei j beddes ; and ciiede 22 somme " toward?, Noward 1 ! " and anofere 

24 tyme, "A Douglas, A Douglas !" wherfore the Kyng, fat was in 
his pauyloun, and miche of er folc, were wonder* sore afraiede ; but, 
blessede be Almyghty God ! f e Kyng was nou3t taken ; and in 
grete perile was f o f e reaume of Engeland*. U And fat nyght the 

28 mone shone 23 ful clere 23 and bri^t ; and for al fe Kyngws men, fe 
Scottes ascapede harmeles. and in f e morwe, when f e Kyng 1 wist* 
fat fe Scottes were ascapede, 24 he was wonder 1 sory, and ful hertly 
wepte wif his ^onge eyne ; and' 25 }itt wist he 25 nou^t who 26 had 

32 done 26 him fat 27 tresoun ; but fat 28 treson was wel knowe 29 a gode 

I perteynetfc 0. 2 am. D. 3 om. 0. 4 and of DO. 

5 vnto DO. 6 arrayede D. arayed' 0. 7 fou^t D. fought 0. 

8 MS. wi]> him and \vi{>. 

9 9 no>ing of >e D. noting of >is 0. 10 priueliche D. 

II nyjt ]>e D. nyght J>e 0. 12 bene D. 13 - 13 >at D. 14 stale D. 
15-is om> o. w and how D. 17 my^t sic D. 18 leaf '147, back. 

19 MS. >at >at. 20 come DO. 21 }>er& meny DO. 

22 crieden D. &-* fayre D. 

24 ascapede into her 1 owen contre D. ascaped* into her Cunti J 0. 

'*-** wist 0. 28 -2 j>t had do 0. * >is D. 

28 >at false D. Jxzt fals 0. y-knowe 0. 

252 Two Moons appear. Two Popes are elected. [CH. ccxiv-xv 

while after 1 , as fe story tellef. U The Kyng Edward' 1 come fo 
a3eyne vnto 2 3ork*, ful sorweful, and his hoste deprtede, and euery 
man went into 2 his owen centre wif ful heuy and mornyng sem- 
blant. 3 and fe 4 Henaude toke 4 her* leue, and went into her* owen 4 
contre ; and f e Kyng, for her* trauaile, hugely ham rewarded?, and 
for enchesoun of fat viage, fe Kyng had despended? miche of his 
tresour 1 , and wastede. 

U And in fat tyme wer 1 seyne ij mones in f e firmament : fat on 8 
was clere, and fat ofer was 5 derc, fat 6 mew my3t hit 7 fo see f [r]ou3~ 
out 8 al fe worlde. and 9 Grete debate was fat same tyme a3eyn 
10 fe 7 Pope lohfl fe xxij after fat 5 Seynt Petre was Pope, and fe 
Emperoure of Almaigne, fat made him Emperour 1 a3eins fe Popes 12 
wille, fat fo helde his see at Avy[n]ouii ; wherfore fe Emperowr 
made his crie at Rome, and ordeynede anofer Pope fat hight 11 
Nicholas, fat was a ffrer 1 menowr ; and fat was 12 a3eynes f e right 
of holy cherch, wherfore he was cz^rsede 5 ; and fe power 1 of fat 16 
13 ofer Pope 13 sone was laide ; and for encheson fat soche mervailes 
were seyne, men saide fat fe wor[l]de was nei3 at an 5 ende. 

Of f e def of Kyng Edward' of Carnaruan, sometyme Kyng of 
Engeland'. Capitwfo Ducente^mo Quintodecimo. 20 

ANd now [go] we a3eyne vnto Sir 1 Edward of Carnaruan, fat 
was 14 some-tyme Kyng 14 of Engelawo 7 , and was put adoune 15 
of his dignite. alias for his tribulacioun ! and sorwe him bifelle 
frou3 ^ se consel fat he leuede, & truste oppon ha??^ to miche, pat 24 
afterward? was destroy ede 16 frou3 her 1 falsenesse, as God wolde. 
U And fis Edward of Carnaryuan was in fie castel of Berkele, vnder 
fe kepyng of Sir 1 Morice of Berkeley and of Sere lohn of Mau- 
trauers. and to ham he made his co??zpleynt of his sorwe and of 28 
his disese ; and oftetymes he axede of his wardeyns what he hade 
tressepassede a3eins Dame Isabel his wif, and Sir 1 Edward his sone, 
fat was new made Kyng 1 , fat fai wolde 110113 1 visite him. U [f o 
ansuerede one of his wardenes] 17 H " My worfi lord, displese 3ow 32 
nou3t fat y shal 3ow telle ; f e enchesouw is, for it is done ham to 
vnderstonde fat, if my Lady 3our* wif come eny f ing 1 11013 3ow, fat 30 

I om. 0. 2 toward D. 3 MS. semblant se. 

4 - 4 Henaudes nome D. Henaudes toke 0. 5 om. D. 6 as DO. 
7 om. DO. 8 J>rou} D. 9 and a DO. 10 leaf US. 

II me callede D. 12 was J>e[re] D. ia - 13 Pope afore hym 0. 

i4_i4 kyng 1 symetyme D. kyng sumtyme 0. 15 adoun some-tyme D. 
16 destroyede D. distroyed' 0. om. K. 17 supplied from D. 

CH. ccxv] Hoy} Edward II was murderd in Corfe Castle. 253 

wolde 1 hei J strangle and quelle, and 2 al so pat ^e Wolde do to 2 my 
Lord? 30UI 5 Sone." H f o ansuerede he wif simple chere, and saide : 
" alias, alias ! am y nou^t in prisoun, and all at ^our 1 owen wille ? 
4 Now God it wote, y poii^t it neuer ; and now y wolde 3 fat y were 
dede ! so wolde God fat y were! for fan were al my 4 sorwe 
passede." U Hit was nou^t longe after fat fe Kyng, frou^ conseil 
of f e Mortymer 1 , grantede f e ward? and f e kepyng 1 of Sire Edward? 
8 his fader 5 , to Sire Thomas 5 Toiourneye and to fe forsaide Sir 1 John 
Mautrauers, frou^ fe Kyngws lettre, and put out holliche 6 fe for 
saide 6 Sir 1 Morice, of fe warde of fe Kyng 1 . and fai tok 7 and lad 
8 him to 8 fe castel of Corf*, fe whiche castel fe Kyng 1 hatede as 

1 2 eny def ; and fai kepte him fere safly 9 til fat 10 it come to n Seint 
Matheus day in Septewbre, in f e ^ere of Grace M* CCC xxvij, fat 
fe forsaide Sir 1 Roger 12 Mortymer 1 sent fe maner of fe 13 def, how 
and in what maner he shulde be done to def. 11 And anone as f e 

16 forsaide Thomas and lohn Hade seyne fe lettre and fe 14 commande- 
ment, fai maden 15 Kyng Edward of Carnaruan gode chere and gode 
solace, as fai myght atte fat soper 1 ; and nof ing 1 f e Kyng wiste of 
her* traitowre^. 16 IT And when tyme was forto gone 17 to bed?, fe 

20 Kyng went vnto 18 his bed', and laye, and slepte faste. And as fe 
Kyng lay and slepte, fe traitoures, false forsuorne 19 a^eins her 1 
homage and her 1 feaute, come 20 priueliche 21 into fe Kyngws 
chaumbre, and her 1 company 22 wif Ham, and Laiden an Huge 

24 table oppon his Wombe, and wif men pressede and helde 23 fast 
adoune f e iiij corners of f e table oppon his body : wherwif f e gode 
man awoke, and was wonder 1 sore adrade to bene 24 dede fere, and 
slayn, and turnede his body opsadoun. U fe tok 25 fe false 

28 tiraunt}, 26 and as 27 wode traitoures, 28 an home, and put hit into 29 
his fundement as depe 30 as fai might, and toke a spete of Copur 1 
brennyng 1 , 5 & put hit frou^ fe home 31 into his body, and ofte- 
tymes rollede ferwif his bowailesj and so fai quellede here 

32 Lorde, fat 32 nof ing was perceyuede ; and after, he was enterede at 

1 leaf US, bach ' 2 - 2 ]>at Je wol do also 0. 3 wil 0. 
4 myn 0. 5 om. D. 6 ~ 6 om. 0. 7 toke \>e kyng 1 D. 

- 8 >e kyng vnto 0. 9 saflich D. 10 om. DO. u vnto DO. 
2 Thomas DO. 13 his D. 14 om. 0. 15 maden >e D. made 0. 
16 treytourresse 0. 17 go 0. 1S to D. 19 forsuore D. 
20 comew 0. 21 priuely D. priuyly 6. ^ IcafUQ. ^ held it 0. 
24 be 0. 25 nome D. 26 tmitou[r]s D. traytours 0. 
27 as fals & 0. ** 'tirauntj D. tiraimtes 0. a in D. vnto 0. 
30 dede sic 0. :n home brennyng D. 32 and D. 

254 Edward III weds Philippa of Hainault. [CH. ccxvi 

How Kyng 1 Edward spousede Philippe, pe Erles doughter of 
Henaude, at 3ork<. CapitwZo "Dncentesimo xvj to . 

ANd after cristes-masse 1 po next sewyng 1 , sir 1 lohn of Henaude 
brou$t 2 wip him Philipp, his bropere^ 3 Demote?*, pat was 4 
Erl of HenaucJ, 4 his nece, 4 into Engelawd; and Kyng Edward 
spousede 5 her 1 at 3ork* wip michel honour 1 ; and Sir 1 lohn of 
Hothum, Bisshop of Ely, and Sir 10 William of Melton, Erche- 
bisshop of 3ork, songe po 7 pe masse, pe Sonday in pe 8 Eve of pe 8 
Cowue?*sion 8 of Seynt Poule, in pe ^er 1 of grace M* CCC xxvij. 
U but for enchesoun pat pe kyng was 9 but 3onge and tender of age 
when he was cronede, and meny wrongws were 10 Done 11 whiles his 
fader 111 leuede, for enchesoun pat he trowede pe 12 counseilers pat 12 
were false aboute him, pat conseilede him to done operwise pan 
resoun wolde, wherfore grete harme was po vnto 13 the 14 reaume 
and to pe Kyng, and al men directede 15 pe Kyngws dede, 16 and 
hit was nou^t so Almyghty God hit 7 wote, 17 wherfor it was 16 
ordeynede att 18 pe Kyngws crounyng 1 , 18 pat pe Kyng, for tendre of 
his age, shulde be gouernede be tuelf grete Lordes of Engelawc?, 
wipouten 19 pe whiche noping shulde be 20 done, pat is forto seyne, 
pe Erchebisshoppe of Kanterbery, pe Erchebisshop of IOT]?, pe 20 
Bisshopp of Wynchestre and pe Bisshop of Hereford, 21 And pe 
Erl of Laucastre, and 22 pe Erl Marchal, and pe Erl of Kenfr, pat 
were pe Kyngws vncles, and pe Erl of Gerreint, 23 Sir 1 Thomas 
Wake, Sir* Henry of 6 Parcy, Sire Olyuer 1 of Yngham, and lohn of 24 
Roos, barons. H Alle pise were 24 suore treweliche 24 forto conseil 
pe Kyng 1 , and pai shulde ansuere euery ^ere in pe pa?*lement of 
pat shulde 25 be done 25 in pe tyme of pat 26 gouemaile. H But pat 
ordenance was sone vndone, 27 and pat was miche 28 losse and 28 
harme 28 to al Engeland?; ffor pe Kyng and alle pe lordes pat 
shulde gouerne him, were gouernede & reulede after pe Kyngws 
moder 1 , Dame Isabel, and by Sir 1 Eoger pe 22 Mortymei-'; and as 
pai wolde, al ping 4 was done, bope 29 amonges hye and 30 lawe. H And 32 

1 Cristemasse 0. 2 brou^t >o D. 3 Brother 0. 4 - 4 om. D. 

5 wedede D. 6 om. D. 7 om. DO. 8 ~ 8 Conuersacwn 0. 

9 nas 0. 10 werett 0. 

uii w hile his [fader] D. while >at his fadir 0. 

12 his D. 13 to 0. 14 leaf 149, back. 15 directe it sic 0. 

16 dedes D. 17 wold 0. 18 - 18 Crounynge of >e kyng 0. 

19 witAoute 0. 2 bene D. 21 Herford' DO. mn. 0. 

23 Garenne 0. 24 - 24 trewly swore 0. 25 - 25 done be 0. 

26 >e D. ^ y-done 0. 28 - 28 harme and losse D. 

29 MS. boue. 30 and araonge D. 

CH. ccxvn] Peace between the English and Scotch. 255 

pai toke 1 vnto ham castelles, 2 tounes, Landes and rent}, in grete 
harme and losse vnto the croune, and of pe Kyngws state also, out 
of mesur*. 

4 How pe pees was made bituene pe Englisshemen and pe Scottes ; 
& also of 3 pe iustifiyng 1 of Troilebaston. Capitulo H Du- 
centesimo U Septuadecimo. 

4 rilHe Kyng Edward, at Whitsontide, jje secunde $ere of his 
8 JL regne, prou} conseile of his moder and of Sir 1 Koger 5 Mor- 
tymer, ordeynede a pa?'lement at Northampton; at J>e whiche 
parlement pe Kyng, prou} her 1 conseil and none opere of pe land & 
wipin age, g?*antede to bene 7 accordede wip pe Scottes in pis 

12 mane?*, pat al pe feautes and homages pat pe Scottes shulde done 
to 8 pe croune of Engeland*, for^af ham vnto the Scottes for euer- 
more, by his chartre ensealede. H and ferpermore an endenture 
was made of pe Scottes vnto 9 Kyng Edward, pat was Kyng 

16 Henries sone, whiche endenture pai callede his 10 Eagemain, in the 
whiche were contenede alle pe homages and feautes, ferst of )?e 
Kyng of 3 Scotland, and of alle }>e prelates, Erles and barons of 
aft 11 pe reaume of Scotland, wi]> hei j seals sette feron, and o]>er 

20 chartres and remembrance} fat 12 Kyng Edward* and his barons had 
of her* right in pe reaume of Scotland*, hit was fo^eue ham a^ein 
holliche, 13 and also wi]? Je blac crois of Scotland*, }>e whiche fe 
gode Kyng! Edward* conquerede in Scotland, and broii3t hit out of 

24 }>e Abbay of Scone, pat is a ful preciouse reliqwe. U And also 
fer]je?'more he relessede and foi^af alle J?e landes pat pe barons of 
Engeland* had in Scotland by olde conqueste. and pis pees forto 
halde and laste, pe Scottes were bonden 14 to pe Kyng 1 in xxx M* 

28 ft 15 of siluer*, to ben 7 paiede wipin iij 3ere, pat is to seyne, eue?y 
}ere x M^ ti, by even porcions. 16 1F And ferpe?*more, ouer al pis, 
pai 17 spake 18 bituene pe Par[t]ies [a]boue-saide, pat Dauid Drito- 
nanter*, pat was Robert Brus 19 sone, pe false tirant and traitour, 

32 and false forsuorue a^eynes his oth, pat aroos a^eynes his liege 
Lord*, pe noble 20 Kyng Edward*, and falseliche 21 made him Kyng 

1 token 0. 2 castett and D. 3 om. 0. 4 leaf 150. 

5 Roger >e D. 6 lande and D. 7 be 0. 8 vuto DO. 

9 vnto >e 0. 10 it 0. " om. DO. 12 MS. >at >at. 

13 holly D. 14 bounde 0. 15 pound? 0. 16 leaf 150, back. 

17 >e sic 0. 18 speken D. speke 0. 19 the Brutes D. >e Brus 0. 

20 gode D. 21 falsely D. falsly 0. 

256 Bruce' s son David is to be King of Scotland. [CH. ccxvn 

of Scotland, as is saide bifore, & his sone shuld* be Kyng of Scot 
land, fat was of age but 1 v $ere. 11 & so, frou$ hir* 2 cursede 
conseil, fis Dauid spousede at Berewik 1 Dame lohne 3 of fe 3 
Toure, fat was Kyng 1 Edwardws sustre, as fe geste Hellef, oppon 4 4 
Marie Magdalein 5 day In 6 J>e ^er* of grace M* CCC xxviij, to 
grete harme and enpeiryng 1 to al fe Kyngws bloode, Wherof fat 
gentil lady come, Alias fe time ! for wonder miche was 7 fat fair? 7 
DamyseH disparage, 8 si]> fat she was mariede wif out 9 f e commune 8 
assent of alle 10 fe lordes of Engekmd. 11 And fro fe 11 tyme fat 
Brut hadde conquerede Albyon, and nempnede fe land 1 after his 
owen name Brytayngn, fat now is callede Engelawd, after fe name 
of Engist 1 ; and so was fe reaume of Scotland holden 12 of fe 12 
reaume of Engelawd, and of fe croune, by feaute and 13 homage. 
For Brut conquerede fat lande, and ^af it to Albanac, his 14 
secunde sone ; and he callede f e land* Albany after his 15 name, so 
fat fe heires fat cornen after him helde 16 of Brut, and of his heires, 16 
f e Kyugw-s of Britaign, by feaute and homage ; and fro fat 17 - tyme 
vnto fis Kyng Edward?, 11 fe reaume of Scotland* was holden 18 
19 of fe reaume of Engelond* by feaute 20 and by 21 seruices aboue- 
saide, as f e cronicles of Engekmd and of Scotland* beref 22 witnesse 20 
more plenerly. and acursede be fe tyme fat fis parlement was 
ordeynede at Northamton ! for fere, f rou^ false conseile, f e Kyng 
was 23 fere falsely disherited* 23 ; and ^itt he 24 was wifin age. IT And 
^ette, whew Kyng 1 Edward* was put doune 25 of his realte of 24 
Engeland*, ^itte men put him nou3t out of fe feautes and seruises 26 
of f e reaume of Scotland, and of fe Fraunchises Disheritede for 
euermore. IT And nof eles f e grete lordes of Engelawd were a3eins 
to conferme f e pees & the trewes abouesaide, saf oneliche 27 f e 28 
Quene Isabel, fat was fe Kynges moder* Edward*, and fe Bisshop 
of Ely, and fe Lorde Mortymer. IT But resoun and law wolde 
nou^t fat a final pees shulde be made bituene ham, wifouten 28 
commune assent of 'Engeland. 32 

1 of DO. 2 his 0. 3 - 3 atte 0. 4 * tellej oppon seynt sic D. 
r> Magdaleyns D. 6 om. 0. 7 ~ 7 the D. 
8 disparagede D. disparaged 0. 9 a3eyns al D. ajens al 0. 
]0 om. 0. n ]>at 0. ^ 2 MS. holden holden. 13 & by 0. 

14 MS. has his eldest, with eldest underlined for omission. 

15 his owen D. 16 helden 0. 17 fro >at DO. fro R. 
18 holde 0. 19 leaf 151. 20 feutes 0. - 1 om. DO. 
22 beren 0. ^-^ falsely disherite D. - 4 MS. it, 

25 adoune D. adoun) 0. l28 homages D. >a onely D. only 0. 
28 with-out D. with-oute }>e 0. 

CH. ccxvm] Q. Isabel becomes hated. Edb.ofHolandisHld. 257 

Of the debate fat was bituene Quene 1 IsabeH and Sire Henry, 
Erl of Lancastre and of Leycestre; and of 2 the ryding of 2 
Bedford!. Capitulo Ducentesimo xviij . 

4 "T~WTHen fe forsaide Dauid? hade spousede Dame lohne of Jje 

f T Tour 1 in f e toune of Berwik 1 , as bifore is saide, f e Scottes, 

in despite of f e Englisshe-merc, callede Dame John f e Countesse 

* make pees,' for f e cowardise pees forto ordeyne ; but f e Kyngws 

8 person bare fe 2 wite & fe 2 blame, wif wrong 1 , of fe makyng 

of fe accorde; and al was done frou^ fe Quene & Roger 

J>e Mortymer 1 . 11 And hit was nou^t longe after 1 , ]?at 3 fe quene 

Isabel 4 ne toke into Her 15 Honde al fe Lordeshipp of Pountfrettf, 

12 and almost al fe laudes 2 fat were 2 of value, fat perteynede 6 vnto 7 
fe croune of Engel?i<i, so fat fe Kyng* had nou^t forto 7 dispende, 
but of his Vsues 8 and of his escheker; ffor fe Quene Isabel and 
fe Mortymer had a 9 grete manie of 10 her 1 retenue, 11 fat folwede 

16 euermore fe Kyngws courte, and went and tok fe Kyngt^s prises 
for her 1 penyworthes at gode chepe ; wherfore f e contre fat f ai 
comen 12 in were ful sore adrade, and almost destroiede. U }>o 
bigan 13 fe co?mmmite 14 of Engela?i^ forto hate 15 Isa&e?fe Quene, 15 

20 fat so miche 16 louede her 1 when she come a^ein forto pwrsue the false 
traitoures fe Spensers fro Fraunce, fat same tyme f e false traitour 5 
Robert of Holand^ fat bitraede his lorde 17 Thomas of Lancastre was 
fo deliuerede out of prison, and was wonder 1 pryue wif fe 18 Quene 

24 Isabel! and also wif f e Mortymer 1 ; but fat availede him but litel, 
for he was tak at Michelniasse fat next come after, as he rode 
toward* fe Quene Isabel to London; and Sir 1 Thomas Whither 1 
smote of his heede 19 bisides fe toune of Seynt Albany, and J>is 18 

28 Sir* Thomas dnellede f o wif Sir 1 Henry, Erl of Lancastre ; and he 
put him in hidyng for drede of fe Quene, for she louede him 
wonder miche, and praiede 20 vnto fe Kyng 1 2 for him, 2 fat f e same 
Thomas most ben 21 exilede 2 out of Engelawd. 2 

32 IT And f e noble Erl, Sir 1 Henry of La[n]casti J , had ofte-tymes 
22 Herde fe co??^mune clamowr of fe Englisshe-men, of fe michel 23 
disese 24 fat were done in Engelandl, air 1 also for diuerse wronges 

I om. D. >e q wen o. 2-2 owl< p , an sic j)^ 

4 leaf 151, back. 5 her* owen D. her f 0. 6 perteyneden 0. 
7 to D. 8 Isues D. vses 0. 9 oii 10 in D. 

II retenaunce 0. 12 come 0. 13 biff D. 14 Comwmalte 0. 
s- 15 )>e Quene Isabett D. 16 om. D. lord sir 1 DO. 

18 om. 0. 19 heuede D. 20 praye l( 21 be 0. ^ leaf 152. 
23 myche 0. diseses DO. 


258 Demaiuls of the Objectors to Q. Isabella's doings. [CH. ccxvm 

pat were done amonges 1 pe co?mnune peple, of 2 whiche Jje Kyng 
bare pe blame wip wrong 1 , for he nas but f ul ^onge and tendre of 
age, and jjoi^t, as a gode man, forto done 3 away and slake fie 
slaundre of pe Kyngws pe?-sone, if fat he might in eny maner*- 4 
wise, so as 4 pe Kyng was perof noping gulti, wherfore he was in 
perel of lif and lyme. U And so he assemblede al his retynance, 5 
and went & spake vnto ham of pe Kyngws honour, and also forto 
amende his estate, and Sir* Thomas of Brope?*ton, Erl Marchal, 8 
and Sir 1 Edmunde of Wodestok 4 , pat were pe Kyngws vncles, and 
also men of London, maden 6 her ) oth, him forto 7 mayntene in pat 
same querele. 1T And her 1 cause was pis, pat pe Kyng shulde holde 
his householde and his many 8 as 9 perteynede a Kyng 19 forto done, 10 12 
and haue also his realte ; and pat 11 pe Quene Isabel shulde delyuer 1 
out of her* honde, 12 into pe Kyngws honde, 12 al maner lorde- 
shippe, 13 rentes, tounes, 14 and castelles 14 pat perteynede to 15 pe 
croune of Engeland*, and pat she shulde leue wip pe pridde 16 part of 16 
pe rentes of EngeLmJ, as opere Quenes hade done 17 or pis tyme, 17 
and wip none ope?* ping 1 . U And also pat Sir 1 Eoger Mortyme?' 
shulde duelle oppon his owen Londes, for pe whiche landes he 
hade holpen disherite miche peple, so pat pe commune peple were 20 
nou^t 11 destroiede prou$ hir 1 ls 19 wrongeful takyng 1 . 19 11 And also to 
enquere How, and by 20 whome, pe Kyng was bitraiede and falsely 21 
deseyuede at Stanhope, and prou^ whos conseil 22 pat pe Scottes 
went 23 away by nyght fram 24 pe Kyng 1 . IT And also how, and prou$ 24 
whos conseil, 22 pe ordenance pat were 25 made at pe coronacion of 
Kyng Edward wer 1 put adoun, pat is to seyne, pat pe Kyng, for 
26 helpyng and amendement 26 of pe reaume, and in honowr of him, 
shulde be 27 gouernede and reulede by xij, pe grettest & wiseste 28 
Lordes of pe reaume ; and wipouten 28 ham shulde noping be 
g?*auntede ne done, as 'bifore is saide ; the whiche gouernances 
maliciou[s]ly were put adoun 29 fro pe Kyng 1 ; wherfor me[ny] 
harmes, shames and reprofes haue falle vnto pe Kyng 1 and to his 32 

I among 0. 2 of the DO. 3 do 0. 4 J>at D. )>at as 0. 
5 reteuaunt} D. 6 made D. 7 to D. 8 meyne 0. 

9 9 a kyng 1 perteynede D. pgrteyneth vnto a kyng 0. 10 do 0. 

II om. D. 12 ~ 12 om. D. 13 lordeshippes D. lordschippes 0. 
14 - 14 castelles D. 15 vnto DO. 16 >irde 0. 

17 - 17 bifore her 1 D. byfore her 0. 18 leaf 152, back. 

19 19 takyng* so wrongeful D. 2 MS. by by. a falseliche D. 

22 -^ 2 om. 0. ^ wentew D. fro D . 25 was D0> 

ae M amendement and helpyng D. amendemeTit & helpynge 0. 

27 ben D. ffl with-oute 0. a doun DO. 

CH. ccxvin] Demands of the Objectors to Q. Isabellas doings. 259 

reaume. And pat is to 1 vnderstonde, for-asmiche as Kyng 1 
Edward, some-tyme Kyng of Engelawc?, was ordeynede, by assent 
of 2 pe co/ftinunite 2 in plein parlement, forto bene 3 vnder pe warde 
4 and Gouernance of Henry, Erl of Lancastre, his cosyn, for 
saluacion of his body he was taken 4 out of pe castel of Kenyl- 
worth, pere pat he was in ward, and prou^ colour* of pe Quene 
Isabel and of pe Mortymer*, wipout 5 consent of eny parlement, 
8 pai 6 tok 7 and lad him per pat 8 never 1 after none of his 9 Kynrede 
my^t wip him speke ne see, and after traitorously 10 toke and 
mordrede him 10 ; for whos dep a foule sclandre aroos prou^-ont alt 
Cristendome, when hit was done. IT And also al 9 pe tresoure pat 11 

12 Sir 112 Edward 2 of Carnaryuan hade lefte 13 in meny places of 14 
Engelond? and in Walys, were wastede and born 15 away 16 wipouten 
pe 16 wille of Kyng Edward? his sone, in destruccioun of him and of 
his folc. U Also, prou} whos conseile 17 pat pe Kyng 17 3af vp pe 

16 Kyngdome of Scotland, for pe whiche reaume pe Kyngws ancestres 
hade ful sore trauaile, 18 and so dede meny a nobleman for her* 
ryght; and was -diliuerede al pe right vnto 19 Dauid, pat was 
Kobert le Brus 20 sone, pat no right hade vnto pat reaume, as al 1 pe 

20 worlde hit wiste. 1T And also, by whom pe chartres & remem 
brances pat pai hade of pe right of Scotland were 21 take out of pe 
tresorie, and taken to pe Scottes, pe Kyngw-s enemys, to disheriteson 22 
of him and of his successoures, and to grete harme to 23 his lieges, 

24 & grete re prof e to 24 alle Englisshe-mew for euermore. IT Also, 
wherfore Dame lohn of pe Toure, pe Kyngws sustre Edward*, was 
disparaged and mariede vnto Dauid, pat was Eobert pe Brus 25 
sone, pat was a t?'aitour ) and 26 enemy vnto Engekm<i; and prou^ 

28 whos conseil she was tak 27 into our* enemys Hondes, out of 

IT And in pe mene-tyme, while 28 the Gode Erl Henry of 
Lancastr' and his company tok 29 conseile how pise poyntefs] aboue- 

32 saide might bene amendede vnto pe worshipp of pe Kyng, and 
to his profile, and to pe profite also of his lieges, pe Quene Isabel, 

I om. D. 2- 2 coraramalte 0. 3 be 0. 4 take DO. 

5 with-outen D. 6 MS. >at. 7 nome D. 8 as D. 9 om. 0. 
loio nome anc [ hi m mordrede D. toke hym & mordred* hym 0. 

II of 0. 12 kyng D. 13 leaf 153. u in 0. 15 bore 0. 
ie-16 w itti-oute 0. 17 - 17 Kyng Edward D. 18 Tratiaylled' 0. 
19 to D. 20 Bruse3 D. Brus his 0. 21 weren D. 

22 disherityng 0. 23 of D. ** vnto DO. 

25 MS. Brus so with so underlined for omission ; Bruse} D. Brus his 0. 

26 and an D. taken D. 28 whiles DO. nome D. token 0. 

260 Queen Isabellas opponents give in. [CH. ccxviii 

co?aetting and sotelte of 1 fe Mortymer 1 , Lete ordein a 
par-lenient at Salesbury ; and at f e same Pa?-lement f e Mortymer 1 
was made Erl of 2 Marche, a^eins alle fe barons wille of Engelcwd, 
in preiudice of f e Kyng and of his croune ; & 3 Sir 1 lohn of Eltham, 4 
4 fe Kynges brofer, 4 was gert 5 wif a suerd! of Cornwail, and fo 
was callede Erie of Cornwaile ; and euermore f e Quene Isabel so 
miche procurede a3ein3 6 hir 1 sone fe Kyng 1 , fat she hade fe warde 
of 7 fe forsaid? 7 Sir 1 Edward and of his Landes. U And at 8 fat 8 
parlement fe Erl of Lancastre wolde nou^t come, but ordeyned? al 
his power 1 a^eins fe Quene Isabel and the Mortymer 1 ; and 9 men 
of London ordeynede ham 10 wif vj C men of arnies "him forto 
helpe. 11 12 

IT Whew fe Quene IsabeH wist of the 12 Doyng 1 , she suore by 
Godl and by his names ful angrely, fat in euel tyme he f ou$[t] 
on 13 j>o poyntes. U Tho sent fe Quene Isabel and }>e Mortymer 1 
after 1 her 1 retenue, and after fe Kyngws retenue, so fat fai hade 16 
ordeynede amongws ham an huge ost ; and f ai conseilede fe 
Kyng so fat oppon a nyght fai ryden xxiiij j4 [myle] toward 
Bedford, fere fat fe Erl of Lancastr 1 was wif his company, and 
fou^t haue him destroiede. and fat night she rode biside 15 the 20 
Kyng 1 her 1 sone, as a kny^t armede, for drede of Def . U And hit 
was done fe Kyng Edward to vnderstond, fat fe Erl Henry of 
Lancastre & his company wolde haue destroiede f e Kyng and his 
conseil 16 for euermore, wherfor fe Kyng was 17 somedel towardes 24 
him 17 heuy & annoiede. 1F When 18 fe Erl Marchal and fe Erl of 
Kent, f e Kyngws brof er, herde of f is f ing 1 , fai ryden so in message 
bituene ha??i, fat f e Kyng gmntede him his pees to fe Erl Henry 
of Lancastre for a 19 certeyn raunson of xj M* ft ; but fat was 28 
neuer 20 paiede afterward*. II And fise were fe Lordes fat Helde 21 
wif Sir 1 Henry of Lancastre : Sir 1 Henry Beaumond', Sir 1 Fouk 
fit^-Warein, Sir 1 Thomas Eooselyn, Sir* William Trussel, Sir 1 
Thomas Wyther 1 , and about an C of kny}te3 mo, fat 22 were to 32 
haw consenting 1 ; and alle f o were exilede f rou conseile of 23 Quene 
Isabel & of fe Mortymer 1 , for f e Mortymer 1 couetede 24 forto haue 

1 and also of DO. 2 of >e 0. 3 leaf 153, back. 4 - 4 om. D. 

5 gerd D. 6 MS. a3ein3 fe. 7 ~ 7 om. 0. 8 to D. 

9 and J>e D. 10 ham forto help D. hem for- to helpe 0. 

"- 11 om. DO. 12 >is D. 13 oppon D. vpon 0. 14 xxiij 0. 

15 bisides D. 16 Cuwpanye 0. " " toward hym sumdel D. 

18 wherfore 0. 19 MS. a a. 2 leaf 154. a helden 0. 

22 >an sic 0. a of ]>e D. coniectede D. 

CH. ccxix, xx] Edward III does Homage for Guienne. 261 

her* londes, if he might f rou$ eny maner coniettyng 1 ; for he was 
so couetous, and hade to miche 1 his wille, and fat was Grete pitee. 

How Kyng 1 Edward 4 went ouer f e see forto Don his homage vnto 
4 fe Kyng of France for f e Duchee of Gyene. 51 Capitwfo 
Ducentesimo Decimo nono. 2 

Hit was nou^t longe 3 after 1 , fat fe Kyng of France, frou} 
conseile of his Dus^epirs, sent to Kyng 1 Edward? of 
8 Engelawo 1 , fat he shulde come to Parys, and do 4 his homage, as 
resoun hit 5 wolde, for fe Duchee of Gyene. IT And so, frou^ 
consent of fe lordes of Engelarco 7 , Kyng Edward went ouer 1 fe 
see ; [and] at 6 Ascencioun he come vnto 7 Parys f e iij $ere of his 
12 regne, forto done his homage [vnto fe Kyng of Fraunce. and fe 
Kyng vnderfonge his homage] 8 and made michel 9 ioye and 
worship. But or Kyng Edward hade made his homage 10 vnto fe 
Kyng 1 of France, 10 hastely he was sent 11 a^eyne into Engeland? 
16 frou$ fe Quene Isabel his moder 1 ; and anone hastely he come 
a^eyne into Engeland? oppon Whitsonday, wifout 12 eny takyng 
leue of J>e Kyng of Fraunce; wherfore he was wonder 1 worj> 
[ = wroth], 

20 How Sir 5 Roger* 13 Mortymer' bare him so 14 proudely & 14 hie. 

C&pitulo CC xx. 15 

16 A ^"d now shul ^e 17 hure How 18 sir 1 Eoger fe 3 Mortymer* of 
J\ Wygemore, Jjat desirede and couetede to bene at an 5 hye 

24 state, so fiat fe Kyng grantede him to bene 19 callede fe 20 Erl of 21 
Marche 22 }>rou3-out al his Lordeship. H And he bicome fo so 
prout, 23 fat he wolde lese and forsake fe name fat his 24 Ancestre 
haden 24 euer bifore ; And for fat enchesouii he lete him calle Erl 

28 of 21 Marche 22 ; And none of fe communes of Engeland' derste calle 
him by none 5 ofer name, for he was callede so, frou$ fe Kyngws 
crie fat men shulde calle him fe 20 Erl of 21 Marche. IT And fe 
Mortymei 25 fo bare him 25 so hauten and so proude, fat wonder hit 

32 was to wete ; and also disgisede him wif wonder 1 ryche clof es 
oute of al maner resoun, bofe of shaping and of 5 wering 1 ; Wherof 

1 mychel 0. 2 MS. octauo ; viij 0. 3 om. 0. 4 done 0. 
5 om. D. 6 at fe D. 7 to 0. 8 supplied from D. 9 myche 0. 
10-10 07n> pp. 11 S ent for D. 12 withouten D. 13 Kog^r >e DO. 
u-14 proutliche and so D. proudly & so 0. 15 MS. xix. 
16 fca/154, back. 17 he 0. 18 of DO. 19 be 0. 20 om. DO. 
21 of )>e 0. a 2 - 22 om. D. * proude & so hauteyn 0. 
Auncestres had 0. ^-^ bar hym fo Q. 

262 Contrast between the King of Folly & K.Arthur. [CH.CCXX 

the Englisshe-men hade grete wonder 1 , how and 1 in what maner 1 
he might contreue or fynde soche 2 mane?' pride; and fai saide 
amonges ham alle communeliche, 3 fat his pride shulde nou^t 
longe endure. IT And f e 4 same tyme, Sire Geffray f e Mortymer* 4 
f e 3onge, fat was f e Mortymers sone, lete him calle Kynge of 
Folye; and" so 5 hit bifelle aftirward? indede, ffor he was so ful of 
pride and of wrecchednesse, fat he helde a rounde table in Walys 
to alle men fat 6 ))idei >) wolde 6 come, and countref etede 7 J)e maner 8 
& 8 doyng 1 of Kyng Arthure} table; but openly he failede, ffor fe 
noble Kny^t Arthure 9 was fe 10 moste worfi lor$ of renoun fat 
was in al fe worlde 11 in his tyme, and 12 }itte come neuer non soche 
after* him, for alle fe noble kny^tes 13 f[r]ou3 Oistendome of dede 12 
of Armes alosede, du[e]llede wif Kyng 1 Arthure, and helde him for 
her 1 lord?; and fat was wel sene, 14 for he conquerede 15 a Romayn fat 
me callede Frolle, & gete of him f e reaume of France, and quellede 
him wif his owen 16 hande. 17 f And also he fau$t wif a Geaunt 16 
fat me callede Dynabus and quellede him, 18 fat hade rauisshede 19 
Elyne, fat was Kyng Hoeles nece, Kyng 5 of Litil Britaign ; and 
afterward? he quellede in bataile fe Emperowr of Rome, fat me 
callede Lucye, fat had? assemblede a3eyns Kyng Arthur 1 forto fei^t 20 
wif him 20 so miche peple 20 of Romayns and of 16 Pei3tes and of 
Sarasym^, fat no man couf ham nombre; and he descomfitede 
ham alle, as fe story of him more pleynloker* 21 tellef. U And? in 
fe 22 same tyme, co?nmune loos sprong 1 in Engelawd, f rou^ conietting 1 24 
and ordenaunce of f e ffrere Prechoures, 23 fat Sir 1 Edward? of Car- 
naryuan, fat was Kyng Edwardws fader 1 , of whom fe geest 24 telles, 
saide 24 fat he was alif 25 in the castel of Corf 1 ; wherfore alle fe 
cowmune[s] almost of Engelawd were 26 in sorwe and 27 drede 28 
whefer hit were so or 28 nou$; f ai wist neuer 1 how 29 fe Mortymer 1 
traiterousely hade 30 done him mordre. 30 

1 or D. 2 such a 0. 3 communely D. comunly 0. 

4 ]>at D. 5 om. D. 6 ~ 6 wolde )>ider ) D. 

7 Counterfete 0. 8 & > e 0. 

9 MS. Arthure and, with and underlined for omission. 10 om. DO. 

"wordes&D. 12 leaf 155. 13 knyjtes D. knyghtes 0. kny3t R. 

14 ysene 0. 15 conquerede in bataile D. Conquered^ in batayle 0. 

16 om. 0. 17 hondes D. 

18 Dynab^ and quellede him D. Dynabus & q welled' hym 0. Dynabws R. 

19 rauisshede faiV D. rafisshed* faire 0. *- om. 0. 
21 plenerly 0. ffl >at D. w menours 0. 

24 - 24 tellej) saiden D. telle]) seyden D. ^ on lif D. * weren 0. 

27 or D. * or wei^ D. a how >at 0. 

so-so jjjjjj d on e mordrede D. ydone hym y-mordred* 0. 

CH. ccxxi] Edm. of Woodstock gets leave to search for Edw. II. 263 

How Edmunde of Wodestok, : pat was Erl of Kent, and pe 
Kyngw-s broker, Edward of Carnaryuan, 1 was biheuedede 2 
at Wynchestf. CapitwZo CC xxi . 3 

4 A Nd oppon a tyme hit was 4 so, pat Sir* Edmunde of Wodestok 1 , 

f\ Erl of Kent, spake vnto pe Pope 5 lohfi pe xxij at Auy[n]on, 

and said pat Almygbty God? hade meny tymes done, for 6 Thomas 

loue 7 of Lancastre, meny Gret 8 miracles to meny men and 9 wymen 

8 pat Were prou$ diuerse sikenesse 10 vndon as to 11 the world?, and 

prou$ his praier 1 pai were brou3t vnto her* hele. U And so Sir 1 

Edmund* praiede pe Pope 12 hertly pat he wolde graunt him grace 

fat pe forsaide Thomas might bene 13 translated?; but pe Pope 

12 saide, 'nay, he shulde nou$t bene 13 translatede, pe same Thomas, 
Erl of La[n]castre, vnto pe tyme pat he were bettre certefiecB of pe 
clergie of Engeland*, and seyne by hir 1 obediens what ping God 
had done for pe loue of Thomas of Lancastre, after pe suggestion 

16 pat pe forsaide Edmunde of Wodestoke, Erl of Kent, had vnto 
him made.' 14 U And when pis Edmund saw pat he mi^t nou^t 
spede of his pwpos as tochyng* pe translacioun, He praiede him po 
of his conseile as toching Sir 1 Edward* of Carnaryuan, his broper, 

20 and saide 7 nou^t longe 15 gon pat 15 he was Kyng of [England], what 
ping 1 mygh[t] beste bene 16 done as tochyng his delyuerance, sip pat 
a commune fame is 17 prou^-out al Engelawd pat he was alif , 18 and 
hole and saf. IT When pe Pope herde him telle pat Sir 1 Edward? 

24 was alif, he commanded pe Erl, oppon his benison, pat he shulde 
helpe, wip al pe power* pat he might, pat he were delyuerede out 
of prison, and saf his body in al maner 19 pat he myght; and, forto 
bryng pis ping vnto an ende, he assoilede him and his company a 

28 pena & a culpa, and alle po pat halpen to 20 his delyuerance. 

11 Tho tok 21 Edmund* of Wodestoke, Erl of Kent, his leue of 
pe Pope, and comme a^eyn into 20 EngelaT^. And when Edmunde 
was corner 22 somme of pe ffrere prechoures come and saide pat Sir* 

32 Edward? his broper 3itte was alyf in pe 23 Castel of Corf, vnder 1 the 
kepyng of Sir 5 Thomas pe 24 Gurnay. 11 po spede him pe forsaide 

1 - 1 om. D. 2 beheded? 0. 3 MS. xx. 

4 bifelle D. befett 0. 

5 pope struck out, and Bisshop of Rome written over in another hand in 0. 

6 for seynt D. 7 om. O. 8 grete mervailes D. 9 leaf 155, back. 
10 maladyes DO. u vnto DO. 12 struck out in 0. 13 be 0. 

14 y-made 0. 15 - 15 agone 0. 16 be DO. 17 om. D. 

18 on lif D. in lyve 0. 19 Jnng D. 20 vnto D. 21 nome D. 

22 Come 0. a leaf 156. a* of D. 

264 Sir John Daverel betrays Edmund of Woodstock. [CH. ccxxi 

Edmund?, as 1 faste as he might, til fat he come to 2 pe castel of 
Corf*, and acqueyntede him, 3 and spake so faire wip Sir 1 lohn 
Daueril, pat was conestable of pe forsaide castel, and 3af him riche 
^iftes forto haue acqueyntance of him, and forto 4 know of his 4 
conseil. and Jms hit bifelle, pat pe forsaide Sir 1 Edmund 5 praiede 
specialy forto telle him priuely of his lorde his broper, Sir 5 Edward?, 
if pat he leuede or were dede. 6 if fat 6 he were 7 on lif, 7 he 
praiede of 8 him 9 ones to haue 9 a sight. II And? pis Sir* lohn 8 
Daueril was an hye-hertede man, & ful of corage, and ansurede 
shortely vnto Sir* Edmund, and saide, pat Sir 1 Edward 10 his broker 
was in hele & vnder 1 his kepyng 1 , If and derst shew him vnto no 
man, sip it was defendede him in the Kyngws half, Edward, pat was 12 
Edward? 11 sone of Carnauan, and also prou$ commawdemeftt of pe 
Quene Isabel, pe Kyngws moder ) , and of Sir' Roger pe Mortymer*, 
pat he shulde 12 shew his body 13 to no maw 13 of pe worlde, saf 
onely 14 vnto ha??i, oppon peyne 15 of lif and lyme, and to disherite- 16 
soun of his heires for euermore. but pe false traitour 1 falsely liede, 
for he was nou^t in his ward, but he was tak pens, and lade to 16 
pe castel of Berkelee prou^ Sir* Thomas Gurnay, prou$ co?mnande- 
ment of pe Mortymer, til pat he was dede, as bifore is saide more 20 
plenerly. 17 11 But Sir' Edmund? of Wodestok 1 wist noping 1 pat 18 his 
broper was dede. Wheroppon he toke a lettre vnto pe 8 forsaide 
Sir* lohn, and praiede him hertly pat 1 19 he wolde take hit to 20 Kyng 
Edward? his broper, as to His worpi Lorde; and he toke 21 pe lettre 24 
of him, and bihight to him 22 forto done 23 his message wip-outerc 24 
eny maner 1 faile. and wip pat, Sir* Edmund? to[k] 25 of him his 
leue, pat is to seyne, of pe forsaide lohn, and went po into his 
owerc contre and Lordeship in Kent, pat he hade pe?% U And 28 
anon as pis same lohn wist 1 pat Sir* Edmund? of Wodestoke was 
Gone into Kent, his owew Lordeship, anone he went in al the 8 
haste pat he might fro pe castel of Corf, and come 26 to Sir* Roger 26 
Mortymer, and toke him pe 27 lettre pat Sir 1 Edmund? of Wodestoke, 32 
Erl of Kent, hade take him closede, & enselede 28 wip his owen seal. 

I alse D. 2 vnto DO. 3 om. DO. 4 to DO. 5 MS. Edward'. 
6 - 6 and if D. and if pat 0. 7 ~ 7 a-lyve 0. 8 om. 0. 

9 - 9 forto haue ones D. forto haue onys 0. 10 MS. Edmunde. 

II Edwardes DO. 12 MS. shulde shulde. 

is-13 yjjto nomaner* man DO. 14 oneliche D. 15 losse DO. 
16 vnto DO. 17 pleyner 1 D. 18 pat Edward DO. 19 leaf 156, back. 
20 vnto DO. a vnderfong< D. vndirfonge 0. ^ sir Edmund DO. 
23 do 0. M witfcoute 0. ^ nome D. 

vnto sir 1 Koger pe DO. ^ om. D. a seled 0. 

CH. ccxxi] Isabella appeals to Edw. Ill to kill the E. of Kent. 265 

IT And whew Sir* Roger hade vnderfonge pe lettre, 1 he vnclosede 
2 pe lettre, 2 and 1 saw what was conteynede perin, and gan 3 Hit 
forto rede ; IT Wherof pe bigywning 1 was pis : 

4 " Worshippis and reuerence, 4 wip broperes liegeance 5 and sub- 
ieccioun. Sir 1 knyght, worshipful and dere broper ! if it 3ow 
plese, y pray 6 hertly pat 36 bene of gode comfort, ffor y shal so 
ordeyne for 30 w, pat sone 30 shul come out of prisoun, and bene 7 
8 deliuerede of that disese pat 36 bep 8 in. and vnderstondep of 3wr 
Grete lordeshipe, pat y haue vnto me assentant almoste al pe grete 
[lordes] 9 of ILngeland, wip al her 1 apparail, pat is to seyne, wip 
Armure, wip tresour 1 wipout nombre, forto mayntene and helpe 
12 3oui quereti so ferfourth that 36 shul ben 7 Kyng a3ein as 36 were 
biforne; 10 and pat pai alle haue suorne to me oppon a boke, and 
alsewel 11 prelates as 9 Erles & barons." 

IT whew Sir 1 Roger pe 12 Mortymer 1 saw and vnderstode pe myght 

16 and the 13 strengp of the Lettre, anone for wrap his hert gan 14 bolne, 

and euel hert bare toward' Sir 59 Edmund? of Wodestok 1 pat was Erl 

of Kent 1 . IT and so, wip al pe haste pet he might, he 15 went vnto 15 

Dame Isabel pe Quene, pat was pe Kyng^s moder 1 , and shewede 

20 her 1 Sir 1 Edmunds Lettr 1 , 16 Erl of Kent, 16 and? his wille and his 

purpos, and how he hade coniettede & ordeynede to put adoufi 

Kyng Edward of Wyndesore, hire sone, of his realte and of his 

Kyngdome. IT " JSTow certes, sir 1 Roger," quod she, 17 "hap 18 Edmund' 

24 done so? be my faderes 19 soule," qtiod she, "y wil 20 bene perof 20 

avengede, if pat God graunt me 21 my 9 lyf, and pat in a 21 shorte 

tyme." IT And anone wip pat, pe Quene Isabel went vnto Kyng 1 

Edward' here 22 sone, pere pat he was at pe 9 parlement at Wynchestre 

28 forto haue amendede pe 23 wronges & trespasses 23 pat were done 

amongws 24 pe peple in 25 his reaume. IT And po toke 26 she and 

shewede him pe lettre pat Sir 121 Edmund' of Wodestok 1 , 16 Erl of 

Kent, 16 hade made, and ensealede it 9 wip his seal, and bade him. 

32 oppon her 127 benyson, pat he shulde avengede bene oppon him, as 

oppon his dedeliche 28 enemy. 29 IT Tho was pe quene so wrop toward? 

Sir 1 Edmund', 16 Erl of Kent, 16 and cessede neuer to pray vnto her* 

1 - 1 & 0. 2-2 it D 3 began o 4 reuerences DO. 
5 liegearwces 0. 6 praye }ow D. 7 be 0. 8 bene D. 
9 om. 0. 10 before 0. aswel D. asweel 0. 12 of 0. 
13 leaf 157. 14 began to 0. 15 - 15 sent to D. 16 - 16 om. 0. 
17 >e quene D. }>e qwene 0. 18 had 0. 19 fader D. fadir 0. 

20 >mjf bene D. be >erof 0. 21 om. D. ^ he sic D. 

23 trespasses and wronges D. 24 among 0. 25 o f D 
26 nome D. 27 h e s j c D 23 d e dely D. 29 MS. eneny. 

266 The Earl of Kent arrested, &, tried for Treason. [CH. ccxxi 

sone fat he shulde sende in 1 haste after him. and oppon fat, fe 
Kyng 1 sent by his levies after' Sir* Edmunde of Wodestok*, fat he 
shulde 2 come & 3 speke wif him at Wynchestre, alle maner finges 
lafte. U And when Sir* Edmund? saw J)at fe Kyng sent after him 4 4 
wif his lettTQ enselede, he hastede him in all 5 fe hast 5 fat he 
myghf, til fat he come to Wynchestre. U But 6 fo 7 fe Quene 
Wist fat Edmund! was come 8 vnto Wynchestre, and 9 anone she 
10 praiede so faste 10 vnto Edward? her* sone, fat fe gode Erl was 8 
arrestede 11 anone, & ladde vnto the barr 1 bifore Robert of Hamondl, 
fat was crouner 12 of fe Kyngws Household*; and he 4 associede 
vnto 18 him Sir 1 Roger fe Mortymer 1 . and fo spake fe forsaide 
lohii vnto him and saide : " U Sir 1 Edmund*, Erl of Kent, 30 shul 12 
vnderstond? fat it is done vs to wete, and principalli vnto oure 
liege lord', Sir 1 Edward', Kyng of Eugela/irf fat Almyghty God 
sane and kepe ! fat 30 befe 14 his dedely enemy & his traikmr, 
and also a commune enemy vnto fe reaume; and fat ^e-haue 15 16 
bene about meny a day forto make priueliche 16 deliuerance of Sir' 
Edward?, some-tyme Kyng of Engeland, ^our 1 brofer, fe 4 whiche 
was put adoune of his realte by commune assent of alle fe lordes 
of Engeland, in enpeiring 17 of our 1 Lord fe Kyngws Estate, and also 20 
of his reaume." IT fo ansuerede f e gode man and saide : " For-sof, 
Sir 1 , vnderstandef wel fat y was neuer 1 assenting forto enpeir 118 fe 
state of our 1 Lorde fe Kyng 1 , ne of his 19 croune, and fat y put me 
to ben 20 demede oppon 21 my pires." IT And wif fat word?, Sir 1 24 
Roger fe 4 Mortymer 1 shewede him 22 fe Erles lettie & his seal, and 
saide f o : 23u Sir 1 Edmunde, 23 knowe 36 nou3t 24 fe prynt of fis le^re 
fat he 25 hade take vnto 26 Sir 1 John DaueryH?" and he saw fe 
print of his seal, but he saw nou3t what was contenede ferin; 27 28 
and fe Erl him-self 1 wende fat hit hade bene 28 on of his lettres fat 
hade bene of no [charge]. 29 U fo saide fe Erl to Sir 1 Roger 
Mortymer 1 , fat He wolde nou3t fo[r]sake fe le^re, and fat 30 was 
fe prynt of his seal, and anone wif N fat word, fe wile and 31 false 32 

I in al 0. 2 schuld & sic 0. 3 om. 0. 4 om. D. 

5 - 5 om. DO. 6 leaf 157, back. 7 when D. 8 comen D. 

9 om. DO. 

10-10 p ra yede and so fast 1 Went 1 D. prayed & so faste wente 0. 

II areste 0. 12 Coroner* DO. 13 to 0. 14 ben 0. 

15 han 0. 16 prynyly 0. 17 peyryng* D. pesynge 0. 

18 appaire D. 19 ]>e DO. *> be 0. 21 of D. 

22 ham D. hem 0. ^-^ om. D. ** ou3t D. oght 0. 

25 3e 0. to 0. ^ in )>e lettre DO. <28 be 0. leaf 158. 

30 pat it 0. 31 & J> e 0. 

CH. ccxxi] Edmund of Woodstock has Ms head cut off. 267 

Mortymer 1 bygan to vndo fe letfae, and gan 1 hit forto rede in 
audience of al f e court 1 . U And f o saide Sire Kobert of HamuU, 2 
" Sir 1 Edmunde," quod he, "sif fat 36 haue made knowyng openly 
4 in fis court fat fis is ^our 1 le^re ensealede wif ^oui-' seal, and f e 
tenowr of fe 3 lettre seij) fat 30 wolde haue 4 bene aboute forto haue 4 
delyuerede fe body of fat worshipful kny^t Sir 1 Edward', some- 
tyme Kyng of Engelanc$, 3our> broker, and forto helpe 5 him fat he 
8 shulde haue 6 bene 7 Kyng a3eyne, and gouerne 8 his peple as he 
9 was wont 9 bifore tymes, in empeiring of our 1 liege lorde fe Kyngws 
state, 10 fat is now, wham God kepe fram alle desese ! ll H And 
fis court wil fat 36 bene vndone of lif and lyme, and fat 30^ heires 

12 bene disheritede for euermore, Saf fe grace of our 1 lorde fe Kyng 1 ." 
fo was fe Erl, Sir 1 Edmund' of Wodestok 1 , put a3eyne into prisoun, 
vnto 12 ful saf ward* til oppon f e morwe ; and fo come fe Mortymere 
vnto fe Kyng 1 , fere fat he satte at his mete, and tolde him how 

16 fe Erl was Dampnede by wai of lawe, and also of lyf and lyme, 
and his 13 heires disheritede 14 for euermore, frou3 oppen knowe- 
liching 15 in plein court; wherfore him fou3t hit were gode fat fe 
forsaide Erl were hastely quellede, wifouten 16 wetyng of fe Kyng 1 ; 

20 for elle3 17 the Kyng wolde fcn^eue him his def, and fat shu[l]de 
turne ham 18 vnto miche 18 sorwe so as 19 he was enpechede. U Anone 
f e Quene Isabel, frou3 conseile of fe Mortymer 1 , and wifout eny 
ofere conseile, sent in haste to f e baliffys of Wynchestr 1 , fat fai 

24 shulde smyte of Sii J Edmundes heede 20 of Wodestok 1 , Erl of Kent 1 , 
wifout 21 eny maner 22 abidyng 1 or respite oppon peyne 22 of lif and 
lyme. U fo tok 123 fe bailliffes Sir* Edmund? 24 of Wodestok 124 out 
of prisoun, and lade him bisides the casteH att Wynchestr 1 , and 

28 fere fai made a gonge-fermer 1 smyte of his heuede, 25 for none ofer 
maw derst hit done ; & so deide he fere alias the tyme ! fat is 
to seyne, the x Day of Ottobre, fe fridde 26 301 of Kyng Edwardes 
regne. And when fe Kyng wist f erof 1 , he was wonder 1 sory, and 

32 lete entere him at fe 13 ffrere menoures at Wynchestre. 27 

1 began 0. 2 Hamond D. 3 ^oure 0. 4 - 4 om. 0. 

5 haue holpen DO. 6 om. D. 7 be 0. 8 gouerned 0. 

9 - 9 woned 0. 10 estate D. n diseses 0. 12 vndir 0. 

13 om. 0. u disherite D. of his disherited' 0. 15 knowleche 0. 

16 vfithonte 0. 17 leaf 158, back. 18 - 18 to michel D. to myche 0. 

19 as he D. as }e 0. as R. 2 heuede D. 21 with-outen D. 

12 biddynge or respite oppon peyne D. abydynge or respyte vpon 
payne 0. abidyn^ or respite R. 

23 token 0. 24-a* om _ Da 25 hee # o. ^ jij 0. 
27 MS. Wynchestres. 

268 The Pride and Avarice of Roger Mortimer. [CH. ccxxn 

Of the Def of Sir 1 Roger Mortymer 1 , Erl of f e Marche. IT Capitulo 
IT Ducentesimo 51 1 Vicesimo IT Secwrcdo. 1 

ANd so hit bifelle at fat tyme, fat Sir 1 Roger the 2 Mortymer ) , Erl 
of the Marche, was so prout & so hauten, fat he helde no 4 
lorde of the reaume 3 his pier 1 ; and fo bicome he so couetouse, fat 
he folwede Dame Isabett fe Quenes 4 court 1 , fe Kyngws moder 1 
Edward, and bisette his penyworthe 5 wif fe officers of fe Quenes 
househalde in f e same maner as fe Kyngws 6 officeres deden ; & so 8 
he made his takyngws as tochyng* vitailes, and also of cariages; 
and al he dede for enchesoun of Spenses, and 2 forto gadre tresoure; 
and so he dede wifout nombre in al fat he myght. IT Tho made 
he him wonder 1 priuee 7 with fe Quene IsabeH; and so miche 12 
Lordeshippe And retenue hade, so fat alle fe grete Lordes of 
Engelancfe of him wer 1 adrade. wherfore f e Kyng and his Conseile 
towarde 8 him wer 1 agreuede, and ordeynede aniongws ham forto 
vndo 9 him be 10 pure resoun 11 and lawe, fFor enchesoun fat Kyng 16 
Edward?, fat was 12 fe Kyngws 12 fader 1 , traterousely frou^ him was 
mordred! in the castel of Berkelee, as bifore 13 is saide more plenerly, 
in the CC and xvij Chapiter of f is book 1 . IT And somme fat were 
of fe Kyngws Conseil louede 14 fe Mortymer 1 , and tolde him in 20 
priuetee how fat fe Kyng and his conseil wer 115 about fram 16 day 
to day hym forto shende and vndo j 17 Wherfore fe Mortymer 1 was 
sore annoiede, and angry as fe 18 Deuel a^eynes ha??i fat wer 1 of fe 
Kyngws Conseil, ancj saide fat he wolde on ham bene avengede, 24 
how-se-euer he toke on. IT Hit was nou^t longe afterward', fat 19 
Kyng Edward? and Dame Philipp his wif 1 , and Dame IsabeH f e 
Kynges moder 1 , and Sir 1 Roger Mortymer ne went vnto Notyngham, 
fere forto soiourne. 1T and so hit bifett, 20 fat fe Quene IsabeH, 28 
frou$ conseile of the 21 Mortymer 1 , toke to her 1 fe 2 keyes of fe ^ate 22 
of f e castelle of JSTotingham, so fat no man might come nefer in 
ne 23 out by ni3t, but frou$ fe 2 commandement of fe Mortymer 1 , ne 
fe Kyng 1 , ne none of his Conseil. IT And fat tyme Hit felle 24 so 32 
fat fe 25 Mortyme[r], as a Deuel for wraf, bolnede 26 for wraf 26 fat 

1 - 1 xxj D. 2 0772. D. 3 lande D. 4 quenes DO. kyngiw R. 
5 penyworthes DO. 6 quenes D. 7 leaf 159. 
8 towardes DO. 9 vndone 0. 10 frou^ D. furgli 0. 

11 Treson) 0. 12 ~ Kyng Edwardes D. 13 aboue D. 
14 Loueden DO. 15 weren 0. 16 fro 0. 17 vndone D. 
18 a D. 19 fat fe D. *> fel D. 21 om. 0. 
22 ?ates DO. nor 0. M bifelle D, 25 >e DO. om. R. 
om. D. & also for wrathe 0. 

CH. ccxxii] Edward Ill's Council plan their defence. 269 

he hade toward 1 the Kynges men EdwarcP, and principally 2 a3eins 
ham fat 3 hade him 3 accusede to fe Kyng of f e def of Sire 4 Ed ward 
his 4 fader. U And priueliche 5 a conseile 6 was taken 7 bituene 
4 8 Quene Isabel 8 and the Mortymer 1 , and fe Bisshop of Lincolne, 
and Sir 1 Symond? of Bereford? and Sir 1 Hughe of* Trompeton, 9 and 
o]>er priue of hir 1 conseile, forto vndo 10 ham alle fat hade accusede 
f e Mortymer 1 vnto the Kyng 1 of his f adres de]?, n Sir 1 Edward?, 11 of 
8 tresoun and of fFelonye. Wherfore alle f o fat were of the Kynges 
Conseile, when fai wist of the Mortymeres castyng pryuely, comew 12 
to fe Kyng Edward', and saide fat fe Mortymer 1 wolde ham 13 
destroie, for cause fat fai had accusede him of Kyng 14 Edwardws 

12 De]?, his fader 1 , & praiede him fat 15 he wolde maintene ha??i in her 1 
trew quereH; and fe Kyng granted ham hir 1 bone, and saide fat 16 
he wolde maintene ham in hir 1 right 1 . U And fise -were f e lordes 
17 fat pursuede 17 fis quereH : S^re William Montagu, Szre Hunfray 

16 de Boungh, S*re William his broker, S^re Rauf* of Stafford, S^re 
Robert of Huffordl, Sir 1 William of Clynton, Sir 1 lohn ISTeuyl of 
Horneby, and meny ofere of her 1 consent; and alle }>ise suorne 
oppon a 18 bok 1 to mayntene ]?e quereH in-asmiche 19 as thei 20 

20 might 1 . 

H And hit 21 bifelle so after, ]?at Sir 1 William Mountagu ne none 
of J>e Kynges frendes moste nou^t 14 bene 22 herburghede in the 
castel, for the Mortymer 1 , but went & toke her 1 herbugage 23 in 

24 diuerse places in 24 the toune of Notingham; and J>o were J>ai sore 
adrade leste ]?e Mortymer 1 shulde ham destroie. U And in haste 
]?ere come vnto 25 Kyng Edward', Sir 1 William Mountagu fere fat he 
was in his castel, 26 and priuely tolde him fat he ne none of his 

28 company shulde nou^t take f e Mortymer wifout conseil & helpe of 
William of Eland', Conestable of fe same casteH. IT "Now certes," 
quod fe Kyng, "y leue $ow ful wel; and f erf ore y conseile 30 w fat 
36 go 27 to fe forsaide conestable, 28 and commande 29 him in my name 

32 fat he be 30^ frende and 30^ helpe forto take the Mortymer 1 , al 

1 a3eynes D. a^ens toward 0. 2 priueliche D. 3 ~ 3 him hade D. 

4 - 4 Edwardes 0. 5 priuely D. pryuyly 0. 6 leaf 159, back. 

7 take 0. 8 8 MS. quene quene Isabelbel ; fe quene Isabel DO. 

9 Trumpyngton) 0. 10 vndone 0. n - n om. DO. 

12 come 0. 13 altered from him in MS. 14 om. D. 

15 MS. J>at fai, with J>ai underlined for omission. 16 om. DO. 

17 - 17 to pwsue DO. 18 >e DO. 

19 in-alse-miche D. 20 Jjai D. >ey 0. hei R. 21 MS. his. 

22 be 0. 28 herburghe D. herburgh 0. M of D. ** vnto >e 0. 

26 leaf ISO. & gone D. ^ om. 0. a comaiwdetfc 0. 

270 The Council-Lords hear of a secret Passage into the Castle. 

ping 11 lafte, oppon peril of lyf and 2 lyme." " 3 SiiV quod 3 Mountagu, 4 
" Sir*, my lord, graunt mercy ! " 1F Tho went forth the forsaide 
Mountagu, and come to fe conestable of }>e 5 casteli, and tolde him )>e 
Kyngws wille. and he ansuerede and saide fe Kynges wille shulde 4 
be 6 done, in-asmichel 7 as he might, and wolde nou^t spare for no 
maner 1 def ; and so he 8 snore and made his oth. U fo saide Sir* 
Willia??i of Mountagu 9 to fe conestable, 9 in 10 hering 1 of 11 alle ham 11 
fat were 12 Helpyng 13 to fe same 13 quereti : " Now certes, dere 8 
frende, vs bihouef forto 14 werche and done by ^our 115 queyntise, to 
take fe Mortymer 1 , sif J>at $e bene 16 keper of fe casteH, and hauej) 17 
fe keyes in 18 ^our 1 [warde]." IT " Sir," quod f e conestable, " wil 
30 vnderstonde fat fe gates of fe castel bej> 19 loked wif fe lokes 12 
fat Dame Isabel sent hider 1 ; and by nyght she haf f e keyes ferof 1 , 
and leif ham vnder f e cheuesel of her 5 bede vnto the morne ; and 
so y may nou^t come into f e castel by f e ^ates in no maner 1 wise ; 
but y know a 20 Alie fat stracches 21 out of the ward!, vnder 1 erfe, 16 
vnto 22 the castel, J?at gope into 23 pe weste, the 24 whiche alie Dame 
Isabel 25 j?e Quene, ne none of her 1 men, ne 11 J?e Mortymei 1 *, ne 
none of his company knowej) hit noi^f ; and so y shal lede $ow 
jjrou^ fat 26 Alie ; and so ^e shul come into ]?e castel wipout 27 aspies 20 
of eny man fat bef jour enemys." 

H And fat 28 same nyght Sir* William Mountagu, & alle the 
lordes of )>e 29 quereH, and Jje same Conestable also, 30 went ham 30 to 
horse, and made 31 semblant as hit wer 5 forto wende out of fe 24 
Mortymeres sight 1 ; but anone as fe Mortymei^ herde f is tydyngws, 32 
he wende fat f ai wolde haue gone ouer fe see for drede of him ; 
& anone he and his co??^pany toke conseile amonges ha??^ forto lette 
hir* passage, and sent lettres anone vnto the portes, so fat none of 28 
the grete lordes shulde wende 33 ham home into 33 her 1 owen centre, 
but if he were areste & taken. H And amonge 34 ofe?'e fing^s, 
William Eland, Conestable of fe forsaide castel, priueliche 35 lade 
Sir 1 William Mountagu and his co?wpany by fe forsaide way vnder 32 

1 >inges D. 2 & of 0. 3 - 3 >o saide >e D. 4 Mountegu ]>o 0. 
5 }>e same D. 6 ben D. 7 in-alsemichel D. inasmyche 0. 
8 om. D. 9 - 9 om. D. 10 in hem sic 0. n om. 0. 

12 wer> >ere 0. 13 - 13 vnto be D. to b e 0. 14 to D. 

13 3our counseile and D. " be> D. be 0. 17 haue 0. 

18 MS. in in. 19 be 0. 2 an D. 21 straccheb D. streche^ 0. 
22 into DO. * vnto D. om. DO. ^ leaf 160, back. 

26 MS. bat castett, with castett underlined for omission. 

27 wi>-outen D. ffl be DO. a his 0. 3 - 30 wenten D. 
31 maden 0. ^ tydynge 0. 33 ~ M home vnto DO. 

34 amonge al D. 35 om. D. pryuyly 0. 

CH. ccxxn] Mortimer, Earl of March, is taken. 271 

the 1 er)>, so 2 til }>at fai corner into 3 the castel, and went vp into 4 
the Toure fere fat fe Mortymer* was in. 5 But Sir* Hughe of 
Trompiton 6 ham ascriede hidously, and saide, "A, tmitoures ! hit 
4 is al 5 for nou^t }>at 36 7 bef comen 7 into fis castel. 36 shul dye 
3itte in 2 euel def euerychon." 8 And anone on of ha??i fat was in 
the 1 Mountagues company, vp wif a mace, and smote the same 
Hughe oppon fe heuede, 9 fat fe bray[n] barsf 10 out and felle on 
8 fe Ground?; and so was he dede in euel def. H Tho toke 11 fai fe 
Mortymer 1 , as he 12 Armede him atte fe toures 13 dore, When he 
herde fe noise of ham for drede. And When 14 Quene Isabel! saw 
fat fe Mortymer' was taken, 15 she made micbe sorwe in herf, and 

12 fise wordes vnto ha??i saide: U " Now, fair 5 sires, y 30 w praye fat 
30 done now 16 harme vnto his body; a worfi kny^t, 17 our* 18 wel 
bilouede frende and' our* dere cosyn." 1T Tho went J>ai fens, and 
come 19 & brou3t the Mortymer, and presentede him vnto Kyng 

16 Edward', and 20 co??imaundede to brynge him into 21 sauf ward'. 
U But anone as fai fat were consent vnto 22 fe Morty meres doyng 1 
herde telle fat he was taken, 23 fai went and hid ham, and 
p?iueliche 24 by ni^t went out of the toune, eueryche 25 on 26 

20 his side, wif heuy hert and mornyng 1 , & leuede oppon hei 1 * 
owen 1 londes as wel as fai myght. II And so fe 27 same ^er* 28 fat 29 
fe Mortymer was taken, 30 he hade at his retynu ix 31 knyght}, 
wifouterc 32 squyers & serieant3 of Armes and footmen. And fo 

24 was fe Mortymer* l#de to London, and Sir 5 Symond' of Bereford' 
was lad wif him, and was 33 take to fe conestable to kepe. 1F But 
afterward was fe Mortymers lif examynede at Westminster bifore 
fe Kyng 1 & bifore 5 alle fe grete Lordes of Engekm<i for peril fat 

28 might falle to 4 fe reaume, & forto 34 enquer 1 also whiche wer* assent- 
yng vnto 34 Sir* Edwardes def, fe Kyngz/s fader 1 , and also frou3 
whom fe Scottes askaped at 35 Stanhope into Scotland wif out fe 
wille of Kyng Edward' ; U And also how the chartre of Eagamaii 

32 was delyuerede vnto f e Scottes, wherin 36 fe Homages and 37 feautees- 

1 om. DO. 2 om. 0. 3 vn-to 0. 4 vnto D. 5 om. D. 
6 Trumpyngton) 0. 7 7 be come 0. 8 echeon 0. 
9 heed* 0. 10 brast DO. u token 0. 

12 MS. has }ai underlined for omission, and he ivritten in the margin. 

13 leaf 161. 14 when >e D. whan > 0. 15 take 0. 16 no 0. 
17 kny3t and D. 18 a 0. 19 comen 0. 20 and he DO. 

21 in 0. 22 to D. 23 take 0. M pryuyly 0. 
25 euerychon D. eche 0. 26 in 0. ^ >at DO. 

28 MS. nyght underlined for omission, and ^er* written in the margin. 

29 MS. >at fat. 30 take 0. 31 ix score DO. 32 wftfcoute 0. 

33 werne D. 34 to DO. 35 fro DO. 36 leaf 161, back. 37 and ^ Q_ 

272 Mortimer is condemnd to Death, A.D. 1330. [CH. ccxxm 

of Scotland? were 1 contened, pat pe Scottes shnlde do 2 euermore 
to 3 pe Kyngws of JLugeland for pe reaume of Scotland'. Wherfore 
in his absence 4 he was dampnede to bene 4 5 honget & draw 5 for 
his tresoun. And pis meschief come to 3 him on Seint Andre wes 4 
eve, 6 In pe $ere of pe incarnacion of our' Lord? Ihesu Criste, M* 
CCC 7 xxx. ' 

How Kyng Edward gete a^eyn 8 into his honde 8 g?*aciouseliche 9 
pe feautes and pe 10 homages of Scotland, wherof he was 8 
put out prou} }>e false conseil of IsabeH his moder*, & of 
Sir Rogere Mortymer* 4 pat was made 4 Erl of pe 11 Marche. 
CapitzJo Ducenteszwo xxiij t0 . 12 

NOw 13 $e haue [herde] Lordes, how Sir lohn of Bailoil, in 12 
tyme of pees, was chosen to bene 14 Kyng of Scotland', for 
encheson fat he come of pe eldest doubter of pe Erl Dauid of 1 
Huntingdon, 15 pat was Kyng Alisaundres broker of 1 Scotland, fat 16 
deide wipouten 17 heir 1 of his body bigeten ; 18 and how })is lohn made 16 
feaute & homage to Kyng Edward', pat was Kyng Henries sone pe 
J>rid, for his landes of Scotland' ; and how he afterward' wipsaide 19 
his homages, 20 prou^ conseile of pe Scottes, In pe 21 ^ere of the 10 
Incarnacion M* cclxxij , 22 and 23 sende vnto 23 pe pope, 24 J?rou^ false 20 
suggestion pat he made his oth vnto 25 ]>e forsaid sir* 26 Edward', ouer 
his estate and his wille, of pe 11 whiche oth pe Pop 27 28 assoilede 
him, 28 J>rou$ his bulles to him sent. U And anone as Kynge 
Edward wiste perof", he ordeynede anone his 29 barons, and come 24 
Vnto Berewike, and conquerede J?e toune ; at J?e 30 whiche conqueste 
j>ere were slayn xxv M* & vij c . and 31 Bailoil, pat was Kyng of 
Scotland', come 11 & ^elde him vnto Kyng Edward; and pe Kyng 1 
afterward 32 delyuerede him out of pe tour 1 of London, and alle pe 28 

1 werin sic 0. 2 done DO. 3 vnto 0. 4 1 om. 0. 

5 5 drawe and hongete D. to be drawe & honged 2 he was dampned' 0. 

6 eve & DO. 7 CCC and 0. 8 - 8 vnto him D. vnto hym 0. 

9 graciously alle 0. 10 om. DO. n om. D. 

12 MS. xxiiij ; xxij do D. xxiiijo 0. 13 How sic 0. 14 be 0. 

15 Heretingoii D. Heretyngeton) 0. 16 MS. ])ai. 17 witfamte 0. 

18 begete 0. 19 forsoke 0. 2 homage DO. 21 >er sic 0. 

22 CCClxxij 0. ^-23 sent to D. sent vnto 0. 

24 pope struck out, and bysshope of Rome written over in a different hand 
in 0. 

25 to D. * kyng< DO. 

- 7 pope struck out, and bisshope written over in 0. 

28 him assoilede D. hym assoylled' 0. assaicle him R. a leaf 162. 
30 om. 0. ai And )>e DO. * Edward D. 

CH. ccxxiii] 'Sir John Turntabard.' His Son imprisond. 273 

grete lorde[s] of Scotland? wip hi??i, pat were taken 1 at Berwike, 
and ^af ham sauf condit to gon into Scotland. And the Scottes 
sepenes, prou$ her* falsenesse, werrede oppon Kyng 1 Edward'. 
4 II And when Sir 1 John Bailoile, Kyng 1 of Scotland', saw al pis, he 
went & put him oner 2 pe 3 see vnto Dompier 1 , and leuede pe?-e 
oppon his owen landes as wel as he might, til pat pe Scottis wolde 
amende ham of hir 1 misdedes & trespasse^, 4 and lad with him Sir* 
8 Edward*, his sone. Wherfore ]>e Scottes, in despite of him, callede 
him "Sir 1 lohn Turnetabard'," 5 for cause pat he 6 wolde nou^t 6 
offende ne trespasse a^eynes Kyng 1 Edward' of Engelawd; and so 
he forsoke his reaume of Scotland, and sette perof but litil pris. 

1 2 IF And pis Sir 1 lohn, Longe duellede in Fraunce, til pat he deide pere ; 
and Sir 1 Edward' his sone 7 vnderfonge his heritage, 7 and dede 
homage vnto pe Kyng 1 of France for his landes of Dunpier 1 . 

H And so hit felle afterward' pat Edwarde, pat was lohn 

16 Bailoilles sone, had 8 wip him a squyer 1 of Engelawd pat was born 9 
in 3ork-shire, pat men callede lohn of Barnaby ; and pis 10 Edward' 
Bailoil louede him miche, & was nei$ hi?ft, and n wip him 11 ful 
pryuee. 12 U And so pis lohn of Bernaby was in debate with a 

20 French'e-man in pe tonne of Dounpier 1 ; and so he quellede him, 
and went in his way, in al the haste pat he might, into pe castel 
fortil 13 haue socoure and helpe of his lord'. 11 And anone come pe 
Officeres of pe toune 14 forto 15 take lohn of Baruaby as a feloun. 

24 and Sir 1 Edward', his lorde, halpe him, and rescuede him, 3 and by 
ny^t made him wende out of the castel ; and so he went his way, 
and come into Engeland with-oute 16 eny harme. U And when 
pe Kyng of F?'aunce saw pat 17 Sir 1 Edward' had rescuede his 

28 feloun, he bicome wonder 1 wrop a^eyns Sir 1 Edward', and anon 
lete him bene 18 aresf, and toke into his hande alle his landes. 
II Tho duellede Sir 1 Edward in prison vnto pe tyme pat Sir 1 Henry 19 
Beaumond' come into Fraunce; pe whiche Henry 20 some- tyme 

32 was 20 Erl of Angos 21 in Scotland, prou} his wif, 21 and was put 
out of pe forsaide Erldorne when pe accord' was made 22 bituene 
Engetaa 1 & Scotland', prou3 pe Quene IsabeH & Sir 1 Eogere pe 23 

1 take DO. 2 one D. 3 om. 0. 4 trespas 0. 
5 Turnelabard? DO. 6 - 6 ne wolde 0. 7 ~ 7 his heritage vndirfonge 0. 
8 latf 0. 9 bore 0. 10 MS. >is >is. "- 11 om. DO. 
12 leaf 162, back. 13 for-to 0. 14 Tou of Dunpiere 0. 
15 forto DO. fortok R. 16 wi>outen D. 

7 MS. J>at kyng, with kyng underlined for omission. 18 be DO. 
19 Henry of 1 D. Kerry of 0. 2 - 20 was sum tyme 0. 
21 - 21 >rou3 his wif in Scotland' D. w om. DO. w om. D. 


274 Preparations to make BalioVs sonK. of Scotland. [CH. ccxxm 

Mortymer 1 & her 1 corapanye, for f e mariage fat she made bituene 
Dauid, )>at was Robert fe Bms 1 sone, and! Dame lohn of 2 }>e toure, 
Kyng Edward us sustre of Engeland', and wel vnderstode 3 fis, ]>at 
at the ende he shulde come to his ryghf, but if [it] were frou$ J>e 4 4 
Edward BailloiH, j>at was right heir 1 of the reaume of Scotland'. 
U And fe Kyng of F?*aunce, Lowys, louede wel 5 fis Sir 1 Henry, 
and was wij> him ful priuee, and 6 fou3t forto 7 make 8 delyue?*ance 
of Sir 1 Edward! Bailoiles body, if he might in eny maner 1 . H Tho 8 
praiede he fe Kyng, fat he wolde graunt him of his grace Sir 1 
Edward Bailoilles body vnto fe next pa?*lement, J>at he mi^t leue 
wij> his owen rentes in fe mene-tyme, and fat he my^t 9 stande to 
bene 10 lugede by his pieris at the 11 parlement. U the Kyng 12 
grantede him his praieres, 12 and made fe forsaide Sir* Edward' ben 
delyue?'ede out of prisoun in the maner 1 aboue-saide. and anone 
as he was out of prisoun, Sir* Henry toke him forth wif him, & lad 
him 13 into Engeland? and 14 made him duelle priueliche 15 16 in the 16 16 
Maner 1 of Sandhal oppon 17 Owes in 3orke-shire, wif }>e Lady Vescy. 
and so he ordeynede him fere an Huge retenance of peple of 
Englisshemen, and also 18 of Aliens, forto conquere a^eyne 18 his 
heritage. IF And so he $af miche siluer 1 vnto soudeoures and to 20 
Alienes forto helpe him; and ]>ai bihight him forto helpe 19 in al 
fat )>ai 20 might 1 , but fai failede hi??i at his most nede. 

And at }>at tyme 21 Donalde, Erl of Morref 1 , herde telle how }>at 
Sir 5 Edward 4 was comen 22 into Engelawo 7 , and come to him, and 24 
made wij) him grete ioye of his commyng a3eyne, and saide to 23 
him, and bihighft] fat alle 24 grete lordes 11 of Scotland! 25 shulde 
26 bene to him 26 entendant, and 27 holde him 27 for hii j Kyng 1 , as right 
heir 5 of Scotland!, and so miche ]?ai wolde done, j>at he shulde 28 
be 28 crounede Kyng of fat lande, and 29 to him dede 29 30 feaute & 
Homage. 30 81 J?o come Sir 1 Henry of Beaumondf to Kyng Edward' of 
Engeland!, and praiede him, in way of charite, fat he wolde grant 

1 Brus his 0. 2 at 0. 3 vnderstonde> D. 4 sir* DO. 

5 miche D. mych 0. 6 leaf 163. 7 to D. 8 make a 0. 

9 most D. muste 0. 10 be 0. n am. 0. 

12 prayer* D. prayere 0. 13 him forth D. 14 and laide sic D. 

15 priuyly 0. "- 18 at a D. atte a 0. 17 op 0. 18 om. D. 

M helpe him D. he D. 21 I-tyme sic 0. 

22 priuely come D. priuyly come 0. ffl vnto D. 

24 alle >e D. art > e 0. ^ Engelond? 0. 

^-^ to him bene D. be to hym 0. 

s 7 - 27 shulde him holde D. sehuld' hym hold' 0. a bene D. 

29-29 dede to him D. dede to hym 0. 30 - 30 homage & feute 0. 

31 Zca/163, back. 

CH. ccxxm] Edw. Ill gives Baliol's son leave to go to Scotland. 275 

of his grace vnto Sir 1 Edwarde Bailoil, fat lie moste 1 safliche gone 2 
bi land? fram 3 Sandhali vnto Scotland', forto conquers his ri$t 
heritage in Scotland'. U the Kyng Edward ansuerede and saide 
4 vnto him: "yf )>at y soffre fe Bailoil wende frou$ my londe 
toward Scotland?, fan fe peple wolde say fat 4 y were 4 assenting 
to 5 fe company." U "Now, Sir*, y praie $ow fat 36 wolde grant 
him leue to take vnto [him] soudeoures of Englisshe-men, fat fai 
8 my^t safly lede him frou$ ^our 1 land? vnto 6 Scotland'; and, Sir*, 
oppon fis couena[n]t, fat if 7 it so bifalle fat God hit forbede ! fat 
fai bene 8 descomfited? in bataile frou$ )>e Scottes, fat y and alle fe 
lordes ]>at holden with Bailoil ben for euermore put out of oure 9 

12 rent} fat we hauef in EngelarcoY' If and fe Kyng, oppon fis 
couenant, g?*ntede hir 1 bone, as toching him and f o fat were of 
fe 10 same quererl, fe whiche cleimede forto 11 haue londes & 12 rent} 
in f e reaume of Scotland'. U And f ise were f e names of f e same 

16 Lordes fat pursuede fis mater 1 , fat is to seyn, 13 Sir* Edward 14 
Bailoil, fat chalangede fe reaume of Scotland; Sir Henry 
Beaumond', Erl of Angos ; Sir 1 Dauid of Stroboly, Erie of Atheles ; 
Sire Geffray of Mountbray, Walter Corny n, and meny of ere fat 

20 were put out of hir 15 heritage in Scotland? whe?i fe pees was 
16 made bituene Engeland? and Scotland', as bifore is saide. 

1F And 36 shal vnderstond? fat f ise lordes toke wif ham v C 
men of Armes and ij M* Archires 17 of footmen, and 18 fo went vnto 19 

24 ship atte Rauenesere, and sailede by fe see til fat fai come 20 vnto 
Scotland', and 21 come to lande at Kynkecorne, xij mile fro 22 Seint 
lohnes toune, and sende 23 oute hier 1 shippes a^eine, for fai shulde 
nou^t ben 24 hurt ne apairede, 25 neif er fat no man shulde gone 2 into 

28 shippe a^eyne, f ou} fat 26 fai hade nede, but abide at al periles, and 
nou^t flee, but 27 stande, and rafer 27 softre def fan flee, to mayntene 
hir 1 trew querelle. IT when f e Erl of Fif, 28 a fers maw and a sterne, 
herde telle fat fe Bailoil was corner 29 forto take fe lande of 

32 Scotland', he come in haste vnto Kynkecorn wif x M* Scottes, 
forto destourble him, fat he shulde nou^t come to land?. H But 
Sir* Edward' Bailoil and his company had taken f e land?, maugre 

1 mi^t D. 2 go 0. 3 fro DO. 

4 - 4 he shulde ben D. he schuld ben 0. 5 vnto DO. 6 into 0. 

7 om. D. 8 were 0. 9 }aur 0. 10 fat 0. n to DO. 

12 or 0. 13 sey 0. 14 MS. lohn ; Edward fe DO. 15 om. D. 

16 leaf 164. 17 Archers and D. Archiers & 0. 18 & of 0. 

19 into 0. 2 comen 0. 21 MS. at. ^ fram D. 23 sent DO. 

24 be 0. s 5 enpeirede D. Empeyred? 0. 26 om. 0. 

^-^ rather stande & 0. w Wif sic D. M come 0. 

276 Baliol's son routs the Earl of Fife. [CH. ccxxin 

him and his company, and him descomfitede; at fe whiche 
scomfiture Sir* Alisandre of Seton 1 was fer quelled e, and meny 
o]>er. U The Erl of Fif was fo wonder 1 sory, and ful euel 2 
shamede 3 fat so litil 4 company hade him descomfitede, and shame- 4 
fulliche 5 put 6 him & alle 6 his company fat was 7 alif forto flee. 8 
fo come Sir 1 Edward the 9 Bailoil, and toke fe centre al about him, 
til fat 10 he come to f e Abbay of Dunfermelyn ; and fere he fonde 
vitailes for him and? n for his men. 12 and amonge all ofer finges, 8 
He fonde in a chambre aboue 13 v C of grete 14 stafes of fyne oke, 
with longe 9 pikes of yren and of stele: he tok 15 and? delyuerede 
ham to fe most strongeste of his company. If And anone after 
he went fro fens, and loggede him in a felde ij mile fro Seint 12 
lohfi 16 toune. anct when fe burgeys of fe toune herde how fe Erl 
was descomfitede frou^ 17 Sir* Edward? 18 Bailloile, fai were sore 
adrade, and broken f e brigge^ fat fai hao? made ouer fe water of 
Erne, so fat fe Bailoil might nou$t gon 19 ouer 1 ; Wherfore he 16 
loggede him fere al fat nyght 1 , but litel hede he toke to 20 reste, and 
saide vnto his peple, U "Now, dere lordes, $e knowe 21 ful wel fat 
we bene 22 now 9 loggede 23 bituene oure enemys; and if fai mow vs 
hampre, fere nys 24 but litil 18 def ; whe[r]fore if we abide here aft 20 
fis nyght stille, y leue fat hit shal turne vs to miche harme; for fe 
power 1 of Scotland? may euery day wax and encresce, and we may 
nou^t so; and we bene ful 25 litel peple as a^eins ham. whefore y 
praye 3ow, for the loue of Almyghty God, make we vs bolde and 24 
hardy, and 9 fat we mow mightely take fe Scottes fis nyght, and 
26 boldely wen* oppon ham; and late vs pu[r]sue ham fis nijt; and 26 
if fai bene 22 trauailede frou^ vs, and fai see oure hardynesse, so 
fat of ere Scottis fat comen, and mete ham & see ham so trauailede 27 28 
and wery, f e sorer wil bene adrade wif vs forto fei^ten ; 28 and 
fressheliche 29 fan 30 we shullen 80 31 fei3t, and oppon Ham pursue, so 
fat, frou$ the grace of Almighty God!, al the worlde shal speke of 18 
fe 32 dou^tynesse of our* chaiualry." H And, sires, vnderstondef 33 32 

I Seton >e sone DO. 2 il D. 3 aschamed' 0. 4 l[i]tel a 0. 

5 shamelich D. schamelich 0. 6 6 him and D. hym&alO. & alle R. 
7 were D. 8 slee sic D. 9 om. D. 10 om. DO. 

II leaf 164, back. 12 folc D. folk 0. la aboute 0. 14 gode D. 
15 nome ham D. toke hem 0. :e lohnes D. lonnys 0. 

17 >urgn )> 0. 18 om. 0. 19 go 0. 2 of DO. 21 Enoweii D. 

22 he 0. ffl ylogge* 0. w is no bote 0. ^ but DO. 

2 - 26 om. D. * y-trauaylled' 0. M fight 0. 

29 fresshely D. fersly 0. :w - 30 schul we 0. 31 leaf 165. 

12 oppon D. * vnderstondes D.. 

CH. ccxxiil] Baliol's Son beats his Scotch opposers. 277 

wel fat aft the co??2pany fat come 1 with Sir 5 Edward? Bailoile 
grauntede wel 2 vnto fis 2 conseil, and were ferof glade, and anone 
pursuede oppon fe Scottes fat wer* 3 bicomew wonder* wery. and 
4 fe Bailoile and his company sore folwede ham, and dede ham 
miche sorwe f rou$ her* assaut, so fat fai myght nou^t, for feble, 
ham helpe, and for litel peple. U But fo saide amongws ham : 
"what is 4 vs now 4 bifalle, fat so litel peple as fe Bailoil haf in 
8 wenge, done vs so miche trauaile and sorwe? now certes hit 
semef vs fat he werches 5 by g?*ace, for he is wonder graciouse in 
his querelle, and al 6 we certes shul bene 7 dede er fat we may 
come to him, vs forto ^elde, sif fat his fader 1 sette of 8 vs no pris." 

12 U And amonge alle of ere fengws, fe Bailoil & his peple passede 
fe watere of Erne, so fat Sir* Roger of Suynerton, fe 9 sone, was 10 
fers and angri, and went forth; and fai saw miche 11 peple of men 
of armes ful wel arraiede ; and forf fai went vnto 12 ha??^, and 13 wif 

16 ham fou^te?*, 13 and quellede as 14 meny as wolde abide, and 15 toke; 16 
and nof elesse at fat assaut fai wende fat hit hade bene f e grete 
host of Scotland?, and when hit come 17 to fe morne, 17 fai gadrede 
18 ham and restede 18 a while. IT But fe while 19 fat fe Englisshe- 

20 men restede, 20 fe noble Baron Thomas 21 of Vescy, and 22 fe noble 
baron of Stafford*, prekeden hir 1 23 horse vp and doun by fe hulles, 
forto Kepe f e estres of f e contreye. U and as fai prekeden vp 
and doun, fai saw a grete hoste of gode arraye, ordeynede in iij 

24 wenges, wif helmes and shelde 24 shynyng, corny ng 25 oppon ham, 
and fo come fo ij lordes a^eyne vnto 26 fe Bailoiles folc, and saide, 
" Now, for the loue of Almyghty God, bef of gode comfort, for $e 
shul haue bataile auone right ! " H And f o spake Sir 1 Fouk 1 , f e 

28 sone of Gerrein, a baroun of grete renoun and of dede of Armes : 
"Sires lordynges, vnderstondef [f]at y wil saien y haue seyne 
meny diuerse wenges, as wel amonges 27 Sarasynws and 28 Gewes as 
amonge fe Scottes; and }itt see 29 y neuer fe ferfe 30 part of fe 

32 wenge fei^ten. and ferfor, and 31 we wil abide our* enemys, we bef 32 

1 comen DO. 2 - 2 to >af D. vnto >at 0. 3 }>ai D. J>ey 0. 

- 4 now vs DO. 6 worcheth 0. 6 om. D. 7 be 0. 
8 vppon D. 9 Jjo D. 10 >at was 0. n meny 0. 12 to D. 
13 fau3t Avitli ham D. 14 alse D. 15 or DO. 16 take 0. 

17 vnto >e morwe D. 18 - 18 ham to-geder 1 and restede ham D. 

19 whiles DO. 20 restede ham D. rested' hem O. 
1 Against this is written in the margin in a contemporary (?) hand: 
Thomas Yessy and the barron of Stafford. 

22 om. 0. 23 leaf 165, back. * sheldes D. scheldes 0. 

25 corny sic D. ^ to D. ^ amon^ 0. * as 0. a saw DO. 

30 ferdeD. 

278 Battle between the menofBaliol's son & the Scots. [CH.CCXXIII 

ynow forto fei3t a3eynes ham; but if 1 we be 2 nou^t of gode hert 
and of gode wille forto fei^t wif ham, for certes 3 we ben ful 4 
fewe a^eyns fis company. H And ferfore, for the loue of God?, 
take we vnto vs gode hert, and lete vs bene 5 bolde ; and f enke we 4 
neifer oppon 6 oure wifes ne 7 oppon our* cheldren, but oneliche 8 to 
conquer* ham in bataile ; and, frou^ f e helpe of our* Lord? God, 
oure enemys we shul 9 ouercome." 

51 And with fat, come fe hoste of fe 10 Scottes toward' ham ful 8 
sorely, 11 <fe 10 a^eins Sir* 10 Edward of 12 Bailoile, in iij baitailes wel 
araiede in Armure ; and wonder fressheliche 13 J>ai comen 14 toward 
fe Bailoiles men. But when Sir 5 Donalde, 10 Erl of Marcile, saw al 
15 fis, he saide to Robert J>e 10 Brus, 16 fe sone of Robert 1 fe 17 Brus, 16 12 
f ise wordes : " Sir* Robert," quod he, " ful sore me f orf enkef at myn 
hert 1 fat J>is folc, fat fe 18 Bailoile haf bro^t wif him, shulde 19 dye 
wif dent of Scottisshe mene3 20 suorde, 21 sif fat J>ai bene 22 Cristen 
men as wel as 23 we bene 23 ; and f erf ore me fenke 24 fat hit were 16 
grete charite to sende vnto ham forto ^elde ham vnto 25 our* mercy 
and grace, and raunsoun ham 26 frou^ greuous raunsons, 27 forasmiche 
as fai haue take 28 our* land and done ille." 29 IT "Now, certes," 
quod Sir* Robert 30 Danolde, "y haue wel perceyuede fat fow 16 art 20 
an enemy and traitour* vnto Scotland?, sif fat fow 16 wil 31 consent to 
saue oure dedely enemys fat haue 32 done vs miche sorwe and 
shame; an<J nowe hit semef wel 83 fat 30 bef 2 of her* assent." 
IT "Certes, Robert," quod Sir* Donald?, " falseliche 34 36 lye! y am 24 
nou3t of her* company ne of her* consent ; and fat hastely 30 shul 
see, for y wil fei3t wif ha?ft rafer fan eny of fis 85 company." "And 
certes," Sir* 10 Robert saide, "y shal, 36 magre fin heede, 36 assaile ha?ft 
or fow." IT And wif fat fai prekeden 87 her* stedes fersely 38 oppon 28 
Caskemore, and her* wenges ham folewede on a 10 renge. and fo 
come fai, and mette fe 39 Bailloil and his company at an hongen 40 
bou3t of fe more in a streite passage, and so faste fai hastede ham 
vnto ]?e Englisshemen, so fat fousandes felle 41 to fe gronde, eche 32 

1 if >at DO. 2 bene D. 3 certes we 0. certes R. 4 but 0. 

B be 0. 6 on 0. 7 ney)>cr 0. 8 only 0. 9 shullen D. 

10 om. D. n serely 0. 12 J>e DO. 13 ferselich D. ferslych 0. 

14 come DO. 15 leaf 166. 16 - 16 om. D. 17 om. O. 

18 >is 0. 19 shul D. schul 0. 2 men D. 21 Swerdes 0, 

22 be> D. ^-^ 36 be> D. w >enke> D. >inke> 0. 

25 to DO. ^ >em 0. raunson) 0. taken D. euel D. 

50 Robert bras D. 31 wilt 9. ^ hauen D. = vs D. 

34 falslye 0. x his 0. 3S_36 niaug[r]e J>ine of ]>in heuede sic D. 

37 prekede D. M ferslych 0. 39 wij> D. *> hongyng O. 

41 fellen D. 

CH. ccxxiil] Baliol's son routs the Scots. The Fleming pirate. 279 

oppon ofer, 1 into on hepe, 1 bofe horse and man. U The Bailoil 
2 and his men fo 2 3 mighghtely stoden a3eynes Ham, and faste 
quellede f e Scottis vnto f e grounde, & meny sore woundede, so longe 
4 til fat fai stoden oppon ham, and foynede ham with her 1 suordes 
& speres frou^-out here bodyes ; and so sore trauailede oppon ham 
til fai 4 bicome 5 ful wery, and wist nou^t what to done, and fe 
Scottes fat were lafte alif H fledden to saue ham-self 1 , in the best 
8 mane?* fat fai myght. U And )>o pursuede 6 Edward Bailoile & his 
mew, and quellede of ham 7 til fat hit was nyght. 7 and fro fens fai 
went vnto 8 Seint lohnes Toune, and toke hit, and helde ham fere 
and vitailede ham-self 1 atte her 1 owen wille, for fai fonden ynou^ 9 

12 wherwith to make ham mery. 51 ]>o made fe Bailoile his men fat 
wer 1 woundede gone to shippe forto wende into Engelandl, forto 
hele her 110 woundes. 

And in fat same tyme f ere was a Flemyng 1 in f e see, a strong 1 

16 fef robour 111 fat me callede * Crab' ; and fis Flemyng 1 was dryuen 
out of Flaundres for his wickednesse ; and f erfore he come into 
Scotland?, and helde him 10 wif fe Scottis, and dede 12 as miche 
harme vnto the Englisshe-men as he myght 1 . IT And fis Crab 

20 mette in fe see fis 13 Bailoiles men fat wer 110 wondede in bataile, 
fat were sent a}eyn into 14 EngekmcZ forto hele her woundes. and 1 
fis Crab $af vnto ham a grete assaut, and wolde haue quellede 
ham euerychon 15 ; but fe Englisshe-men defendet ham wel and 

24 manliche, 16 and descomfitede 17 Crab and his company ; and f o gan 
he forto 18 flee into Scotland*. IT And as he come towarde Seint 
lohnes toune,he fonde a grete company of Scottis, fat were comen 19 
a^eyn to-geder 1 after fe scomfiture 20 of Gaskemore, fe whe[ch] 

28 bisegede Bailoil and his men in f e same toune of Seint lohn ; and 
anone tolde 21 to fe Scottis how 22 fat he 22 descomfitede of fe 
Englisshe-mew fat were sore wondet at Gaskemore, 23 & went 23 
toward Engelcmd forto hele her 1 wonde 24 ; and saide vnto f e 

32 Scottes, fat fai shulde haue no grace ne might a^eynes Edward 

1 - 1 cm. D. into an hepe 0. 2 - 2 J> & his men 0. 3 leaf 166, back. 

4 >at J>ai D. J>at >ey 0. 5 becomen 0. 

6 pursewede ham sire D. pursued? hem sir 0. 

7 7 otn. D. til it was nyght O. 8 to D. 9 ynow DO. 

10 om. 0. " a roboure D. a robber 1 0. ia de sic D. 

13 om. D. >e o. 14 vnto D 15 echeon 0. 

16 leaflGr. 17 descomfit 1 D. 18 om. D. 

19 come 0. 20 discomfiture 0. 21 MS. tolde tolde. 

22 - aa he was DO. ^-^ >at were D. >at went O. 

24 MS. wonde and sad, with and sad underlined for omission; woundes DO. 

280 BalioVs Son is croivnd King of Scotland. [CH. ccxxin 

Bailoile, for enchesoun pat he had scomfitede 1 & empairede al the 
chiualrye of Scotland 1 wip an handeful of men, as to acount a3eins 
pe Scottis fat wer 1 slayn. Wherfore he conseilede ham to 2 remeve 
pe sege fra??i 3 Seynt lohnes toune, 4 and kepe ha?ft in pe best 4 
maner pat pai coupe or 5 myght. 51 The Scottes vnderstode 6 pat 
Crab saide ham sop, and forsoke pe sege and went pens by nyght, 
and halpe ham-self in the beste mane?* pat pai might. 

H When pis tidyng 7 was know prou} Scotland?, how pat pe 8 
lordes and knyghtes were scomfitede at Gaskemore of Scotia?*^ 
pro 113 Sir 1 Edward 8 Bailoil, 36 slmllen 9 vnderstonde pat the Lordes 
and 10 ladies & gentiles of Scotland' comen wonder* faste vnto Seynt 
lohnes toune, and 3elde n ham vnto 12 Baloile, and to 13 ha??z dede 13 12 
14 feaute and homage 14 for hir 1 londes, and 3elden ham vnto his pees, 
[and helde 15 him for heir 1 lord, and he vnderfonge of ham heir 1 
homages, and grauntede ham his pees ; and fro pens he went to pe 
Abbay of Scone, and pere he was cronede Kyng 1 of Scotland, and 16 
after 1 , he lete crie his pees] 16 prou3- 17 out pe Land?, and at pat 18 same 
tyme Hit bifelle 19 pat Kyng Edward? of Engelarcd helde his parle- 
ment amongws 20 his Lieges at pe 4 Newe-CasteU oppon Tyne, forto 
amende pe trespasses 21 and pe wronges pat had ben 22 done in his 20 
land', and Sir 1 Edward pe Bailoil, Kyng of Scotl?zd, come to him 
pider 1 , and dede 23 vnto him feaute and homage 23 for pe reaume 
of Scotland'. U And in pis maner* Kyng Edward? of Engekmc? 
gaderede a3eyn pe homages and feautes of Scotland', wherof he was 24 
put out poru3 conseil and assent of Dame IsabeH: his moder 1 , and of 
Sire Rogere Mortymer 1 , Erl of pe Marche. 

IT Tho toke Sir 1 Edward! Bailoil, Kyng of Scotland, his leue of 
Kyng Edward? of Engelawd, and went pens into his owen lande of 28 
Scotland*, and sette but litil 24 be ham 24 pat hade conseilede him and 
holpen him in his quereH; wh erf ore pai went from 3 him, and went 
& leuede by her 1 owen 25 londes and rent3 in 26 Scotland?. IT And so 
hit 27 bifelle afterward nou3t longe, 28 pat pe Kyng of Scotland? 28 ne 32 

1 discomfited' 0. 2 forto DO. 3 fro 0. 4 om. 0. 5 & 0. 

6 vnderstode )>o D. vndirstode J> 0. 7 tydynges D. 

8 Edward >e D. 9 schal 0. I0 and >e D. n 3elden D. 

12 vnto >e DO. 13 ~ 13 him deden D. hym deden 0. 

14 14 homage & fewte 0. 15 helden 0. 16 supplied from D. 

17 leaf 167, back. 18 the D. > e 0. 19 fel D. 2 among 0. 

21 trespasse D. Trespas 0. ^ be 0. 

ss- 23 to him homage and feaute D. to hy m feute & homage 0. 

a*- 24 hem by 0. ^ om DO. of D. MS. his. 

^-^ MS. J>at }>e kyng of Scotland' >at >e kyng of Scotland?. 

CH. ccxxin] Attempt to murder the Scotch King. 281 

remevede and come to pe toune of Anandl, and pere toke 1 his 
duelyng*. and J)ider come to him a company of kny^tes, stronge 
men and worthy, & $elde 2 ham vnto pe kyng, and bare ham so 
4 faire in dede, and! in contynaunce so J>at he trust miche oppon 
ham. [and anone as pe traitourea sawe pat he trust miche oppon 
ham], 3 pai ordeynede amongws ham 1. in o 4 company, and 5 wolde 
haue 5 slayn 6 her 1 Kyng 1 ; but, prou^ pe grace of Almyghty God* he 
8 brake 7 out prou^ a 7 walle [by] 8 an Hole in his 9 chambre; and, as 
God wolde, 9 scaped her 1 traitery. and alle his men 10 wer ) 
quellede 10 ; and he ascapede wip miche drede to pe Toune of 
Cardoile, and pe?*e helde him, sore annoiede : and pis bifelle on 11 

12 oure Ladyes eve pe 12 Concepcioun. 

H Tho sent 13 Kyng Edward 13 Bailoil to Kyng Edward of 
EngelcmeZ, how falsely and traiterousely he was in litel while 14 put 
vnto 15 shame and sorwe, prou$ his lige men, oppon whom he 16 tmste 

16 wonder 116 miche 17 and praiede him, for pe loue of Almyghty God 
pat he wolde mayntene him and helpe 18 [him] a^eyns his enemys. 
U the Kyng of Engeland? hade of him po grete pite, & bihight 
him 19 helpe and socour 1 , and sent him worde pat he shulde halde 

20 him in pees stille in the citee of Cardoile, til pat he hade gaderede 
his power*. IT Tho ordeynede Kyng Edward? of Engelawd a conseil 
at London, and lete gader his mew in diuerses 20 shires of Engelcwdf, 
and when he was redy, he went toward pe toune of Berwifr-vp- 

24 Twyde ; and? pider 1 21 corne to him 21 Kyng Edward? of Scotland*, wip 
his power*, and bisegede the toune, and made wipout J?e toune a 
fair 5 toune of pauylouns, and dikede ham wel al 12 aboute, so pat pai 
hade non 22 drede of pe Scottes ; & made meny assautes 23 wip gonnes 

28 and wip opere engynes to pe toune, wherwip pai destroiede meny 
a fair 1 hous ; and cherches also 24 were beten 24 adoune 25 vnto the 
erpe, wip gret stones, 26 and spitouse comyng 26 out of 27 gonnes and 
of olpere gynnes. and nopeles pe Scottes kepte wel pe toune, pat po 

32 ij kyngws 28 mi^t nou^t come perin longe tyme. and nopeles the 

1 nome D. 2 golden 0. 3 supplied from D. 4 a 0. 

J om. 0. 6 quellede D. quelled wolde haue 0. 

7 - 7 >rou3 an D. >urgfc a 0. 8 leaf 168. 9 - 9 om. sic D. 
10-10 weren y.q we iied 0. n in 0. 12 om. 0. 
isis s t ruc k out i n j). 14 tyme J)Q. w to DO. 

! - 16 trustede D. " mychel 0. 18 om. D. 19 him >o D. 
20 diners 0. a -a comen to D. 22 no DO. ^ assaute 0. 
weren bete 0. ** leaf 168, back. 

! - 26 J>at dispitously comen D. >at spytously comen 0. 
27 of the D. ^ kriyghtes 0. 

282 The Scots offer to surrender Berwick if help doesn't come. 

Kynges abiden fere so longe, til fo J>at were in fe toune faillede 
vitailes ; and also fai were so wery of wakyng 4 fat J>ai wiste nou^t 
what to Done. U And $e shulle vnderstonde fat fo 1 ]?at wer 1 in 1 
the toune of Berwik 1 , f rou$ hii j comune conseile and her* assent, lete 4 
crie oppon f e walles fat fai mi^t haue pees of f e Englisshe-meft ; 
and ferof J>ai praiede 2 fe Kyng, and of his grace, and praiede him 
of trewes for viij daies, oppon f is couenant, fat, 3 if fai were nought 
rescuede in fat side of fe toune toward Scotland*, of fe 4 Scottis, 8 
wifin viij daie$, fat fai wolde }elde ham vnto the Kyng, and fe 
toune also, and to holde fise couenaunt}, 5 fai profurede 6 to fe 
Kyng xij hostages 6 oute of fe toune of Berwik 1 . IT When the 
hostages wer* delyuerede vnto fe Kyngws, anone fo of fe toune 12 
sent 7 vnto fe Scottes, and tolde ham of hir* sorwe & meschief 1 . and 
fe Scottes comen fo pryueliche 8 oner fe water of Twyde, to fe 
bou^t of fe Abbay; and Sir 1 William Diketf, fat was fe 9 Sty ward 
of Scotland, and meny ofer fat comen wif him, put ha??i fere in 16 
grete pe?'ile of hamself att fat tyme of hir 1 lif 1 ; for fai comen ouer* 10 
a bruge n fat was to-broken, 12 and fe stones away, and meny of 
hir* company were fe?*e drenchede 13 ; but j?e forsaide Willia??i went 
ouer 1 , and 14 ofere of 14 his company, and come 15 by fe 16 Englisshe 20 
shippis, 16 and quellede in a barge of Hulle xvj men ; and afte?* fai 
went into the toune of Berwik 1 by the water side ; Wherfore fe 
Scottis helde J^o f e toun rescuede, and axede hir 1 hostages a^eyne of 
f e Kyng of Engelawc?. IT And fe Kyng sent ham worde a^eyne fat 24 
fai askede the hostages wif wronge, sif fat fai comew 17 into the 
toune by EngelawcZ 18 syde; for couenaunt was bituene ham fat fe 
toune shulde be rescuede by the half 1 of Scotland?. 19 anon Kyng 
Edward fo commanded 20 ham 21 to ^elde fe toune or he wolde haue 28 
fe hostages, and! fe Scottis saide fat fe toune was rescuede wel 
ynow, and fe?'to fai wolde holde ha???.. IT When Kyng Edward' saw 22 
f e Scottis breke her 1 couenaunt} fat fai made, he was wonder* wrothe, 
and anone lete take S^re Thomas fit} and Sire Alisaundre of Seton, 32 
Wardeyne of Berwik 1 , the whiche Thomas was person of Dun- 
barr 1 , and lete ham be taken 23 ferst 1 bifore fe 24 ofer hostages, for 

1 - 1 of D. 2 praiden D. 3 om. 0. 4 MS. >e >e. 

5 couenant D. Couenawnt 0. 6 ~ 6 xij hostages vnto )>e kyng 1 D. 

7 senten 0. 8 pryuyly 0. 9 >o DO. 10 ofere D. n leaf 169. 

12 broke 0. 13 ydreynt 0. 14 - 14 om. 0. 15 comen D. 

1616 s hippes of Engeland D. Shippes of Engelond? 0. n come D. 

18 Engelandes D. Engelondes 0. 19 Scotland' and DO. 

20 commands D. 21 om. 0. ** seye D. 23 tak 1 D. take 0. 


CH. ccxxui] The Scots make ready to fight Edward III. 283 

enchesoun fat Sir 5 Alisaundres fader' 1 was keper 1 of 2 fe toune. and 
fe Kyng co??^mandede euery day forto 1 take 3 ij hostages 3 of fe 
toune til fat fai were alle done, vnto fe def, but if fai 4 wolde 
4 ^elde 4 fe toun ; and so he wolde 5 teche ham to 6 breke her* coue- 
naunt}. U And* when fo of ]>e toune herde fis tydynges, fai bicome 7 
wonder 1 sory, and sent 8 to fe Kyng of Engela?^, fat he 9 wolde 
graunt ham ofer viij dayes of respite, so fat bituene CC men of 
8 Armes and xx ti lQ men u of Armes 10 mygh[t] by 12 strengf gon 13 
bituene ham vnto 14 fe toune of Berwik 1 , ham forto vitaile, so fat fe 
toune moste be 15 holde for rescuede. H And if it so were fat xxj 
or xxij or mo were slayn of fo CC biforesaide, fat fe toune shulde 

12 nou^t ben 16 halde for rescuede. & fis couenaunt 17 forto holde, 17 fai 
sent to him of ere xij 18 of fe toune 18 in hostage^. 19 U The Kyng of 
Engeland? grantede ham her' praier 1 , and tok f e hostages, on Seynt 
Margaretes eve, In the 3er* of grace M* CCC xxxij, 20 fe Scottis 

16 comen ferseliche 21 in iiij wengws wel arraiede in Armes, forto mete 
Kyng Edward of Engeland* and Edward fe Kyng of Scotland 4 , & 
wif hir* power 1 , and 1 come fast and sharpely a^eynes evesong tyme. 
and fe same tyme was node at Berwik 1 , in the wate?' of Twede, fat 

20 no man myght wende ouer 1 , on horse neifer on foote, and f e water 
was bituene f o ij kyng^s and f e reame of Engeto^ : and fat tyme 
abyden the Scottis in fat ofer side, for enchesoun fat fe Englisshe- 
men shulde haue 22 bene drenchede 22 or slayn. 

24 nnHis was fe arraie of the Scottis as 23 fai 24 comera in bataile 24 
JL aseynes f e ij Kyngws of Engeland* & of Scotland : In f e 
vant-ward? 25 of Scotland' were fise Lordes : 

U The Erl of Morrif 1 , lames EriseH, Symond' Frisett, Walter 

28 Stiward?, Eaynolde Cheyne, Patrik of Graham, 26 Iohn le Graunt, 

lames of Cardoile, 27 Patrik Parkeres, Eobert Caldecotes, 26 Philip 

of Meldrum, Thomas Gilbert, Wiseman, Adam Gurdoun, lamys 

Gramat, Eobert Boyde, Hughe Park, wif xl kny^tes newe dobbede, 

32 and vj C mew of Armes, & iij M> of commune. 28 

1 om. ~D. 2 of >e DO. of R. 3 ~ 3 hostages too 0. 4 - 4 3elden DO. 
5 shulde D. schuld 0. 6 forto DO. 7 becomen 0. 
8 senten DO. 9 leaf 169, back. 10 - 10 om. 0. n MS. men men. 
12 MS. by by. 13 go 0. 14 in-to 0. 15 ben D. 16 be 0. 
17 - 17 to ben balden D. to be holde 0. 18 ~ 18 om. D. 19 hostage 0. 
20 MS. xxij. 21 fressheliche D. fersly 0. 28 - aa be dreynt 0. . 
23 how >at DO. 24 ^ come iu bataylles 0. 25 vanne-warde 0. 
2626 Decotes sic 0. w leaf 170. ^ communes D. 

284 The Five Wards of the Scotch Army at Berwick. [CH. ccxxiu 

In )>e ferst partie of j>e halfe bataile of Scotlajid wer* )>ise 
lordes : 

U The styward? of Scotland, J>3 Erl of Moneteth, lames his 
Vncle, William Douglas, Dauid of Lyndeseye, Maucolyn Flemyng 1 , 4 
William of Keth, Dunkan Kambok 1 , wij> xxx bachilers new 

In }>e secunde part of ]?e half Lien-warde of the bataile of 
Scotland*, were ]>ise lordes: 

U lames Stiward? of Golden, Aleyne Styward?, William Abbre- 
hyn, William Morice, lohn fit} Willia??i, Adam le 1 Mose, Walte?' 
fit} Gilbert, lohn of Cherlton, Robert Walham, wij> vij C men 
of armes, & xvij M* of communes. 2 

In }>e )>ridde ward? of j)e bataile of Scotland? were j?ise 
Lordes : 

f The Erl of Marr*, )>e Erl of Roff, J>e Erl of Straherne, )>e Erie 
of Sotherland?, William 3 Kirkeleye, lohn Cambron, Gilbert de 16 
Haye, William of Rameseye, William Proudegest, Kirstyn Hard*, 
William Gurdon, Arnolde Garde, Thomas Dolfyn, wij> xl knyghtes 
new dobbede, ix C men of Armes, aud xv [M f of] co??zmunes. 2 

In ]?e ferj? 4 warde of J?e bataile of Scotland* were ]>ise lordes: 20 

1F Archebald? Douglas, 5 Erl of Leneux, Alisaunder le Brus, Erl 
of Fiff*, lohn Cambel, 6 Erl of Atheles, 7 Eobert Lawether, William 8 
Vipount, William of Lonston, 9 Iohn de 9 Labelles, Gros de She- 
10 reulowe, lohn of 11 Lyndeseye, Alisaunder 1 de Gray, Ingam De 24 
Vmfreuil, Patrik de Pollesworth, Dauid de Wymes, Michel Scott 1 , 
Williawi Landy, Thomas de Boys, Roge?-e de Mortymer 1 , with xxx 
bachilers, ix C merc of Armes, and 12 xviij M^ co??zmunes. 13 

[In ]> e v te warde of J? e bataile of Scotloml* were these lordis : ] 14 28 

U The Erl of Dunbarre, kepei^ of J?e castel of Berwik*, halpe fe 
Scottis wij) 1. men of Armes. And Sir 5 Alisaundre of Seton, keper 
of J>e toune of Berwik, wi]i 15 C men of Armes, [and the comons of 
}> e toun with CCCC men of armes], 16 U and x M* & viij C of fote- 32 
men: )>e sowrne of )>e Erles and lordes amontej) lv 17 ; ]>e so??zme of 18 

1 de 0. 2 Comune 0. 3 William of DO. 4 MS. ferste. 

6 Douglas > e DO. 6 Camber 0. 7 Athel D. 8 William of DO. 

9 - 9 lohan D. 10 leaf 170, back. n De DO. 12 om. 0. 

13 and iiij C of communes D. & iiij C of Comune 0. 

14 supplied from D. om. in OR. 15 with an D. -with a 0. 
16 supplied from D. " Ixv D. lv M* 0. 18 of > e D. 

CH. ccxxili] The English rout the Scots at Berwick, A.D. 1333. 285 

bachileres newe dobbede amountef 1 C and xl; ]>e some of mew 
of Armes amountep iij M> 2 v j C & 1 ; fe [som of f e comons 
amouwtith Ixiiij M* & CC, The] 3 somme of commune 4 peple aboue- 
4 saide 5 amountef Ixviij M* 6 & xlv. IT And fise 7 Iv grete 6 Lordes 
ladden alle fe of ere 8 lordes aboue-saide 9 in iiij batailes, as 10 is 
tolde bifore, alle on 11 foote. 

IT And fe 7 Kyng Edward of Engeland? and 12 Edward', Kyng 7 of 

8 Scotland*, hade wel apparalede her* folc 13 in iiij batailes, forto fei}t 

14 on foot a^eynes 14 her 1 Enemys. And fe 15 Englisshe mynstralles 

blow 16 her* trompis IT and hir ) pipes, and hidousely ascriede fe 

Scottis. and ]>o hade euery Englisshe bataile ij wenges of pris 

12 Archiers, fe whiche at fat bataile shotten Arwes so faste and 17 sore 
fat fe Scottis myghtnou^t helpe hamself*; and so 18 fai smyten [}> e ] 
Scottis, fousandes to fe 19 grounde; and 20 fai gun 21 forto fle fro fe 
Englisshe-men forto saue hamselfe. 22 IT And 20 when fe English 23 

16 knafes saw fe scomfitwre, 24 and fe Scottis falle faste 7 to the 19 
ground 1 , fai prikeden 25 hir* maistres hors wif fe Spores forto kepe 
ham fro 26 perile, and sette her 1 maistres at no force. IF And when 
fe Englisshe-men saw fat, J>ai lopte on her' hors, and 1 fast pursuede 

20 J>e Scottis; and alle 27 fat abiden, fai 6 quellede doune ryghf. fere 
28 might men 28 see fe dou^tynesse of J?e noble Kyng Edward? and of 
his men, how manliche 29 fai pursuede fe Scottis, fat flowen for 
drede. 1T And fere 30 might mew 30 see meny a Scottisshe-man caste 

24 doufi vnto fe erthe dede, and hir* baneres displaiede, & 19 hackede 
into pices, and meny a gode habrigoun 31 of stele in hii blode 
bafede 32 ; and meny a tyme fe Scottes were gadrede in 33 company es, 
but euermore fai were descomfitede. IF And fus hit bifelle, as 

28 God 1 wolde, fat fe Scottis hade 34 fat day no more foisoun ne 
myght a^eynes fe Englisshe-mew, fan xx shepe 6 shulde haue a^eyns 
v wolfes ; and so 35 were f e Scottis descomfitede ; and $itte f & 

1 amountith an D. amouTitef a 0. 2 M } & D. 

3 supplied from D. somme of fe communes amouTitef Ix M* & iiij M* & 
ij C }>* 0. 

4 the D. fe 0. 5 aboue-yseyd? 0. 6 om. 0. 7 om. D. 
8 tofer D. 9 abouen-sayd^ 0. 10 as it D. u in DO. 

12 and king D. 13 puple D. 

14 - 14 in fote a^enst D. in foot a}ens 0. 15 then D. 

16 blewen D. blew 0. 17 and so D. 18 thus D. 19 om. DO. 

20 - 20 om. 0. 21 begon D. her lyvis D. 23 MS. Scottisshe. 

24 Ieqfl71. ^prikkid'D. preked 0. from D. 

27 att tho D. ^ - 28 men my3t D. men myghte 0. 

29 manly 0. 30 - 30 men mylit D. men myghte 0. 

31 habirion D. haberion 0. 32 bathe DO. 33 in-to DO. 

34 haddew at D. thus D. 

286 The Battle of Halidon Hill won ly English over 

J Scottes men 1 had v niett a^eyns on 2 Englisshe-man. And jjat 
bataile was done at HalydounhiH bisides J>e toune of Berwik : at 
J>e 3 whiche bataile were slayn of )>e Scottis xxxv M* & 3 vij c & xij, 
and of Englisshemew but vij oneliche, & )>o were footemera. & Jns 4 
Victorie bifelle 4 to J>e 4 Englisshe-mew on 5 Seynt Margaretes eve, 
In )?e 361 of our* lor(J Ihesu Crist 1 6 M* CCC 6 xxxij. And while 7 
j>is doyng laste, 8 )>e Engh's/z. knafes tok 9 ]>e pilfre of J>e Scottes 
)?at were quellede, euery ma?i ]>at he myght take, wi])out 10 eny 8 
chalange of eny ma?*. 11 Deo gracias ! 

1 - 1 Scottis D. Scottes 0. 2 an D. 3 om. D. 4 - 4 on-to D. 
6 in DO. 6 - a Mt CCC and D. 7 whilis D. 8 was D. 
9 nomen D. 10 with-outen D. n man Amen 0. 

APP. A] The longer Romance of the Battle of Halidon Hill. 287 


A.D. 1333. 

[1. The longer poetical Version in Harl. 4690, leaf 82, back, 
corresponding to the prose on p. 285, line 

U And anone pe Skottes beganne to fflee fro pe Englische 
menne, to sane per lyves. butt wanne pe knaves & pe Skottisch 
pages pat weren behinde the Skottes, to kepe her horses, seyen the 
discomfiture, pei prikeden her maisters horses awey, to kepe hem 4 
self e from perelle ; and so pei towke no hede off her maisters. And 
pen pe Englische men towken many off pe Skottes horses, and 
prikeden after pe Skottes, & slewe hem downe Righte. And there 
men mighte see the nowbell King Edwarde off Englonde & his 8 
ffolke, heugh mannefully pei chasedon the Skottes ; were-off pis 
Romance was made : 

There men mighte well see 

Many a Skotte lightely fflee, 1 2 

And pe Englische after priking, 

With scharp swerdes pern stiking ; 

And pere her Baners weren ffounde [leaf ss] 

Alle display edde on the Grounde, 16 

And layne starkly on Blode 

As pei hadde ffought on pe fflode. 

Butt pe Scottes, (ille mote pei pee !) 

Bought pe Englisch adrenit shulde be; 20 

for bi cause pei mighte not fflee, 

butte iff pei adrenite schulde bee ; 

butte pei kepte hem manly on londe, 

so patte pe Scottes might nott stonde, 24 

and felde hem downe to Grounde, 

Many powsandes in patte stounde ; 

and pe Englische men pursuyed? hem so, 

Tille pe fflode was alle a-Goo : 28 

Alle pus pe Skottes discomfite were 

in litell tyme wip Grete feere ; 

The Scots 

the English 
after them. 

The Scots 
thought the 
Knvluh must 
be drownd; 

but they slew 
thousands of 

288 The longer Romance of the Battle of Halidon Hill [APR A 

(tho the Scots 
were 9 to 1) 

by the grace 
of God, at 
Halidon Hill 
near Berwick. 

35,712 Scots 
anl more 
lay dead, 
and only 7 

Tlie victory 
of Halidon 
Hill was on 
St.. Margaret's 

19 July, 

The English 
took the 

armour and 

But where 
their Kings 

ffor no nofer wise dide fei stryve, 

Butt as .xx. shape among wolfes fyve ; 

ffor .v. off hem fen were 

ayenste an Englischman fere. 4 

So fere itte was welle semyng 

f atte Wit/i multitude is no scomfiting, 

Butt vfiih God, fulle off mighte, 

wham he will helpe in trewe ffighte. 8 

so was f is, Bi goddes Grace, 

Discomfiture off Skottes in fat place, 

that men cleped Halidown Hille ; 

ffor fere fis Bateill Befelle, 12 

Atte Berwike, Be-side fe towne. 

This was do vriih inery sowne, 

wif pipes, Trompes, & nakers f er-to ; 

And loude clariounes fei Blew also. 16 

And fere f e Scottes leyen dede, 

xxx. M 1 . Be-yonde Twede, 

& v. M 1 tolde there-to, 

vfiih vir C* xii* and mo ; 20 

& of Englischemen But sevenne, 

worschipped Be God in hevenne ! 

& fat wer men on ffote Goyng, 

By foly of her owne Doyng. 24 

on seinte Margete-ys Eue, as y yow tell, 

Befille f e victory of Halidoune Hille, 

In fe yere of God almighte, 

a M 1 iii- C and ii' and fritty. [leaf 83, coi. 2] 28 

atte f is Discommture 

fe Englisch knightes towke her hure 

of fe Skottes fatte weren dede, 

Clofes & haberiounes for her mede ; 32 

And watte-euer f ei might finde 

on fe Skottes, fei lefte not behinde ; 

And J>e knaues, by her purchas, 

hadde fere a mery solas, 36 

for f ei hadde for her degree, 

In alle her lyffe f e Better to be : 

Alle Jws fe Bateille towke Ending. 

But y canne not telle off f e yen Going 40 

APR A] The shorter Eomance of the Battle of Halidon Hill. 289 

Off f e too kingges, were f ei become, 
& wef er f ei wenten oute or home ; 
But Godde, f atte is heven king, 
sende vs pees and Gode Ending ! 

went to, I 
don't know. 

The Scots 
fled, the 
English pur 
sued 'em. 

[2. A shorter fragmentary version in MS. Arundel LVIII, 
College of Arms, leaf 334, back.] 

There fan men myght se 

Many a Scott swiftly fle, 

And f e Englysshmen after prikynge, 

Wif sharp swerdys f e Scottes stykynge ; 8 

& fere hure banyrs weryn founde 

al displayd, lyeng on grounde ; 

and fay lay sprad on blood, 

as fey foughten on fe flood. 12 

That f e Englisshmen drent shold be, 

ffor fat fey hopyde to se, 

ffor so fey hopyde to spede, 

Seyng fe flood fat was on Twede. 16 

flbr f e Englisshmen myght not fle 

but yf a-drent fey shold be ; 

& fan f ere-to lof fey were, 

for fey fought nought in no such fere, 20 

But fey kept hern on londe, 

So fat f e Scottes myght nought stonde ; 

ffor fey were fillyd to grounde, 

many a f ousand in fat stounde ; 24 

& f e Englisshmen pursywid hem so, 

fort f e flood was al a-go. 

And f is f e Scottes discomfytydjwere 

In lytil tyme wif gret fere. 28 

The Scots 
hoped the 
would be 
drownd ; 

but they kild 
many thou 
sand Scots. 



nglisjf fet 
Original J5tr8, 136. 





(Chrmtijle 4 







(completing the Text, ivith the Moll of Battle Abbey, including 
the name CHAUCER.) 







p. 298. The headline must be : Caen instead of Sclitse. 

p. 333. In the head of the page : MS. Lambeth 331 instead of Harley 331. 

Original tritn, No. 136. 



THIS second part finishes the text of the Chronicle, or rather, 
series of Chronicles, contained in the present volumes. In the first 
part I have printed the text of the common Brut which comes down 
to A.D. 1333, while this second part contains the continuations of 
the Brut, composed by various authors at different times, in differ 
ent places and with very varying intentions. Out of the great 
number of Continuations I have chosen only such as have not been 
published as yet; and among these, only such as afford new 
material for the student of History or Literature. If a Continuation 
exists in several MSS., I have always chosen the best MS., not the 
oldest, for publication, and have taken the one or two next best 
MSS. for collation. In a few cases, however, the Continuations 
are extant in one recension only. The text has been printed from 
the MSS. as it stands, without attempting conjectural emendations, 
but occasionally a word or sentence accidentally omitted has been 
supplied from the other MSS., in the text instead of in a footnote, 
for the convenience of readers. But in all cases of this kind the 
reading of the original has been put in a footnote. Letters or 
fragments of words accidentally omitted are mostly added in 
brackets. In the footnotes, mere variations of spelling have not 
been inserted as a rule, while inversions of words are always 

The present publication will be welcome, as well to the Student 
of Literature as to the Student of History. The former will 
recognise in it the work which, in its various forms, has been for 
three centuries the most popular Chronicle of England, and will 
find in it some interesting matter, not only in the inserted poems, 
among which the two mocking songs against the Flemings (p. 582 
and p. 600) are published for the first time, but also in a fair 
number of prose passages of which I shall only refer to that dealing 
with Henry V's dismissal of his old rioting companions (p. 594). 

The Student of History will recognise in our text the first large 

vi ' Preface. The historical Value of the Brut. MSS. used. 

Chronicle in the English language which has been laid under 
contribution by nearly all the great Chronicle- writers of the 16th 
and 17th centuries. As to its historical value I readily admit that 
the authors of the common Brut and its Continuations have for the 
most part recorded such matter as is not new, and much that, in 
the present state of historical literature, will appear to many readers 
trivial and unimportant. But these disadvantages are inseparable 
from the uniform practice of annalists of the middle ages. I am, 
however, decidedly of opinion that there is an amount of original 
historical information contained in the various Continuations which 
outweighs the obvious trivialities, mistakes and repetitions ; and 
even the superficial reader will see that long parts of the Continua 
tions are given with a vividness which marks the narration like 
that of an eye-witness. The whole discussion of historical points 
connected with the Brut is reserved for the Introduction and the 
Notes in the third volume. 

The following account of the MSS. used for the text and 
collation in the present volume may suffice. The letters prefixed 
to each designate them in the notes below the text : 

The first Continuation from A.D. 1333 to A.D. 1377 called B, is 
taken from 

C = MS. Corpus Christi Coll. Camb. 174, which was written 
in the beginning of the 15th century and closes with the 
burial of Edward III in 1377. 

The text, though the best among the MSS. of the same recension, 
is not a good one. It has been collated with 

T = MS. Br. Mus. Add. 24,859, a late but accurate transcript 
from a MS. of the second half of the 15th century which 
closes with the capture of Rouen in 1419, and 

R = MS. Br. Mus. Reg. 17 D XXI, likewise a late but faithful 
transcript from a MS. of the second half of the 15th century 
which ends in the same year. 

Appendix B describing the character of Edward III, is taken 

W = MS. Harley 753, a late 15th century MS. which closes 

in the year 1430. It has been collated with 
X = MS. Lambeth 331, a loth century MS. breaking off in 


Preface. MSS. used for Continuations B, C, D, E, F. vii ' 

Y = MS. Lambeth 491, which shows a hand of the early 15th 

century, and ends in 1377. 
Z = MS. Lambeth 738, which is written by two 15th century 

hands, and ends in 1418. 

The Continuation from A.D. 1377 to 1419, called C, is taken 

Kk = MS. Un. Libr. Camb, Kk 1 12, which was written about 
the middle of the 15th century and closes in the year 1419, 
It has been collated with T and R described above. 

Appendix C, a fuller version of the time from A.D. 1399 to 1401, 
is taken from 

Ra = MS. Rawl. B 173, which was written in the 15th century 

and closes in 1431. It contains a very bad text, but is 

unique for the piece it contains. 

The Continuation from A.D. 1418 to 1430, called D, is taken 

G MS. Galba E VIII, which is written in a fine 15th century 
hand and closes in 1430. It has been collated with 

A = MS. Harley 2256, the text of which agrees in every respect 
with that of the foregoing Galba MS. ; and where A is 
defective, with 

B = MS. Harley 266, a MS. of the same type. 

Appendix D, which gives additional matter for the years A.D. 
1418 to 1430, is taken from 

Hh = MS. Un. Libr. Camb. Hh VI 9, which was written in 
the 15th century, and closes in 1434. 

The Continuation from A.D. 1419 to 1431, called E, is taken 


E MS. Egerton 650, which shows a hand of the time about 
1450, and closes in 1431. 

Appendix E, containing a differing version for the time 1422-31, 
is taken from Ra = MS. Rawl. B 173, which is described above. 

The Continuation from A.D. 1430 to 1446, called F, is taken 

Tr = MS. Trin. Coll. Camb. 9, 1 which closes in 1446. It 
has been collated with 
BRUT. * 

viii Preface. MSS. used for Continuations Gr, H, /, and K. 
U = MS. Un. Libr. Cambr. Hh VI 9 down to 1434 where U 

The Continuation from A.D. 1419 to 1461, called G, is taken 

Ad = MS. Br. Mus. Add. 10,099, which was written in the end 
of the 15th century, and closes in 1461. It has been collate^ 

H = MS. Harley 3730, which breaks off in 1452, and 
C = Caxton's first printed edition of 1480, which closes in 

The Collection of various pieces between 1066 and 1436, called 
H, is taken from 

Ha = MS. Harley 53 which was written in the 15th century 

and breaks off during the siege of Calais in 1436. It has 

been collated with 
L = Lambeth 6, a finely illuminated MS., which shows a hand 

of the end of the 15th century, and closes with the end of 

the siege of Calais in 1436. Its text, however, is not so 

good as that of Ha. 

The Continuation of the foregoing piece H, called I, is taken 
from L, which is unique in this part. 

The Collection of pieces between Havelok's time and A.D. 1475, 
called K, is taken from 

La = MS. Lambeth 84, whose unique text shows a hand of 
the end of the 15th century, and closes in 1475. 

For anything else the reader is referred to the third volume 
of the present edition, which will contain Introduction, Notes, 
Glossary and Index. 1 Finally, I have again to express my thanks 
to Dr. Frederick J. Furnivall for his constant and invaluable help. 
In both volumes the headlines over the pages are added by him. 

Marburg /., Aiigust 1908. 

1 An abstract of the Introduction has appeared in German under the title : 
Geschichte und Quellen der mittelenglischen Prosachronik The Brute of 
England oder The Chronicles of England. Marburg. N. G. Elwert. 1905. 




Continuation of the, Brut from A.D. 1333 to 1377. 

Chapters 224-8. 

Edward III takes Berwick, Balliol does homage for Scotland. 
Cornwall is made a Duchy. Edward claims France, and makes his 
preparations for war. The English win the battle of Sluys, A.D. 1340, 
and besiege Tournay. Want of money compels Edward to make peace 
with France. Storms at sea on his way back. Edward goes to 
Scotland. His son is made Prince of Wales. Constitution of the 
Round Table. The English imitate the foolish dress of strangers. 
Expedition into Brittany, A.D. 1345. Edward enters Normandy at La 
Hogue. English Victory at Caen. Battle of Crecy, A.D. 1346. 
Edward besieges Calais. The Scotch invaders beaten at Nevil's Cross. 
The King of France avoids a proposed combat near Calais. Calais 
surrenders, A.D. 1347. Citizens kindly treated. The Plague of 1348-9. 
Frustrated treachery of Geoffrey of Charney at Calais ... pp. 291-303 

Chapters 229-231. 

Sea-fight between the Spaniards and English, A.D. 1349. New 
Coinage. General dearth. A Drought. Negotiations about Guienne, 
furthered by the Pope, but broken up by the English. French attempt 
on Guienne. Edward crosses the sea, but John of France flees, A.D. 
1355. The Scotch try to take the Castle of Berwick. Berwick 
surrenders. Edward III is crowned King of Scotland. The Black 
Prince in Gascony. Battle of Poictiers, A.D. 1356. The French King 
as prisoner in England. The festival of St. George, A.D. 1358. 
Marriage of Duchess Blanche. Edward invades Burgundy, A.D. 1360, 
and sets fire to the suburbs of Paris. English naval victories. Great 
Storm near Orleans. Treaty of Bretigny. King John of France is 
freed. Thunder-storms, and appearance of the Devil. Anglo-French 
Treaty confirmed at Westminster. Wonders and apparitions. Marriage 
of the Prince of Wales to Joan of Kent, A.D. 1361 ... pp. 303-314 

Chapters 232-235. 

Wind, Rain and Frost. Law-pleading in English, A.D. 1363. 
Charles of Blois slain, A.D. 1364. Peter's Pence not to be paid. King 

x Contents of Continuations B and C. [CH. ccxxxvi-ccxL 

Pedro of Spain is deposed by his brother, A.D. 1366. Danish Invaders 
are repulsed in the North-sea. The Black Prince helps King Pedro of 
Spain. Battle of Navarra. Marriage of Prince Lionel, Dnke of Clarence, 
A.D. 1366. Great Pestilence, A.D. 1369. Death of the Earl of Warwick 
at Calais. Sir John Hawkwode. Robert Knollis's expedition to France. 
Limoges rebels against the Black Prince. The King of Navarra's visit 
to England. King Pedro's daughters married to the Duke of Lancaster 
and the Earl of Cambridge. Spaniards surprise Englishmen at Rochelle. 

pp. 314-326 
Chapters 236-239. 

The Duke of Lancaster's expedition to Bordeaux, A.D. 1373. 
Disputes between Edward III and the Pope. Truce with France for 
one year. Great pestilence. The Earl of Pembroke is taken prisoner 
by the Spanish, A.D. 1374. The Commons refuse further money unless 
the King proves his need of it, A.D. 1376. Alice Ferrers and Lord 
Latimer. Piers de la Mare imprisoned. Death of the Black Prince, 
A.D. 1377. Revolt of Warwick's tenants. Subsidy granted to Edward 
III. Sir John Munsterworth executed for treachery. Death of Edward 
III, A.D. 1377 pp. 326-332 

Appendix B. 
The Character of Edward III. ... pp. 333-334 


Continuation of the Brut from A.D. 1377 to 1419. 
Chapters 239-240. 

Coronation of Richard II. Hawle and Shakyll, A.D. 1378. French 
gallies burn English Towns. Revolt of Jack Straw and Wat Tyler, 
A.D. 1381. Walworth slays Jack Straw. Punishment of the rebels, 
Earthquake, A.D. 1382. Crusade of the Bishop of Norwich, A.D. 1383. 
Fight near Dunkirk, A.D. 1383. Marriage of Richard II with Anne of 
Bohemia. 1 Expedition of the Duke of Lancaster into Spain, A.D. 1386. 
The King of Armenia visits England. Treaty with the Scots. The 
Earl of March slain in Ireland, A.D. 1398. The rising- of the Five Lords, 
A.D. 1387. Flight of the evil counsellors. Tournament for foreigners 
in London, A.D. 1388. John of Gaunt's Expedition to Spain, A.D. 1387. 
Dispute between Londoners and the Bishop of Salisbury about a bakerjs 
broken head. King Richard's Quarrel with the Londoners. Reconcilia 
tion, and great reception of him. Jousts in Smithfield. Death of Queen 
Anne, A.D. 1394. 2 pp. 335-348 

1 "Right as our firste lettre is now an A" Anne, crowned Queen of 
England on Jan. 14, 1382 Lowes on the date of Chaucer's Troilus, Book I, 
st. 25, in Publ. of Modern Lang. Assoc. of America, June 1908. 

2 See Lowes on the effect of this on the shorter and revised Prologue to 
Chaucer's Legend of Good Women. 

CH. CCXLI-CCXLV] Contents of Continuation C. xi 

diopters 241-242. 

King Richard marries Isabella of France, A.D. 1396. Coronation of 
the Queen. King Richard arrests the Duke of Gloster, and sends him 
to Calais, A.D. 1397. Murder of the Duke. Other arrests. The great 
Parliament at Westminster. Muster of Richard's adherents. The Earl 
of Arundel sentenced and executed. Others condemned to perpetual 
imprisonment. Creation of Nobles. Duel between Bolingbroke and 
Norfolk stopt by the King, A.D. 1398. False Blank Charters. Richard's 
Expedition to Ireland, A.D. 1399. Return of Bolingbroke. Richard 
deposed, and Bolingbroke made King ... ... ... pp. 349-359 

Chapter 243. 

Coronation of Henry IV, A.D. 1399. Richard II starved. Plot 
against Henry IV ; conspirators executed, A.D. 1400. Debate between 
Owen Glendower and Lord Grey de Ruthin, A.D. 1401. The King 
invades Wales. A cornet, A.D. 1402. Battle of Shrewsbury, A.D. 1403. 
The Emperor of the Turks in London. The Marriage of Henry IV, 
A.D. 1403. Marriage of the Princess Blanche. English naval victory 
near Flanders, A.D. 1404. Execution of Serle. Duel in Smithfield. 
Archbishop Scrope's rebellion and execution, A.D. 1405. Marriage of 
the Earl of Kent, A.D. 1407. Death of Sir Robert Knollis. Princess 
Philippa is married to the King of Denmark, A.D. 1405. Duel in Smith- 
field. Death of Northumberland and Bardolf, A.D. 1408. The Earl of 
Kent killed at St. Brieux, A.D. 1408. Six days' jousting by Hainaulters 
in London, A.D. 1409. Duel in Smithfield between Glocester and 
Arture. Rys ap Die's Execution. English Victory at St. Cloud, A.D. 
1411. Victory at La Hogue, A.D. 1412. Henry IV dies in " Jerusalem," 
A.D. 1413 pp. 359-372 

Chapters 244-245. 

Henry V re-buries Richard II, A.D. 1413. Lollards' conspiracy 
discovered, A.D. 1414. The sending of the tennis-balls. Henry V's 
war-preparations. Conspiracy against the King's life, A.D. 1415. 
Henry invades France and besieges Harfleur. Surrender of Harfleur. 
Battle of Agincourt, A.D. 1415. Killing of the French prisoners. The 
English Dead. Henry V's reception in London. The German Emperor 
meets King Henry. Henry V's muster of ships. Second Invasion of 
France, A.D. 1417. Surrender of the French cities. Siege of Cherbourg. 
Arrival of the Earl of March in France.. Sir John Oldcastle's imprison 
ment and execution, A.D. 1417. Siege of Rouen, A.D. 1418. Siege of 
Caudebec. Names of the Governors of Rouen. Distress of the City. 
Rouen surrenders, A.D. 1419 pp. 373-391 

Appendix C. 

Fuller Version of the time from 1399 to 1401. 
Conspirators against Henry IV punished. Execution of Roger 
Clarendon and the prior of Laund. Rebellion of Owen Glendower. 

xii Contents of Continuations D and E. 

Lord Grey de Ruthin taken prisoner. The capture of Edmund 
Mortimer. Henry V's fruitless expedition into Wales ... pp. 392-393 


Continuation of the Brut from A.D. 1418 to 1430, including 
John Page's Poem on the siege of Rouen. 

Henry V besieges Rouen, A.D. 1418. Stations of his generals. 
Chain and bridges across the Seine. Caudebec wants to share the fate 
of Rouen. Cherburg won by Humphrey of Gloster. Reinforcements 
for Henry V. Rumoured approach of the French King. Chief Captains 
of Rouen. Defence of the city. Henry arranges a sham fight with a 
rescuing power, to deceive the French in Rouen. Deaths from starva 
tion. Henry feeds the expelled starving Roueners. The City sends 
delegates into the English camp. Beginning of the Poem. The 
delegates want safe-conduct to the King. The King is ready to see 
them. They ask him for mercy. Henry grants them time. Tents are 
pitched to treat in. The Roueners refuse the English terms. The poor 
in Rouen insist on the rich yielding to Henry V. If no rescue comes 
in eight days, Rouen is to be given up to Henry V. Delivery of the 
keys. The English welcomed in Rouen. Henry V hears mass in the 
Minster. End of the Poem. Queen Joan arrested. Death of Friar 
Randulf. Meeting of Henry V and the French Queen. No agreement. 
Pontoise taken by the English. Treaty of Troyes, A.D. 1420. Henry V 
weds Katherine of France. Their reception in London. Death of the 
Duke of Clarence. Birth of Henry VI, A.D. 1421. Henry V besieges""! 
Meaux in Brie. Capture of Meaux. Death of Henry V, A.D. 1422. 

The child Henry VI reigns. His Guardians. Wonderful escape of 
Gloster's wife. Quarrel in London, A.D. 1425. Death of the Duke of 
Exeter, A.D. 1426. The Bishop of Winchester is made Cardinal. 
Siege of Orleans, A.D. 1428. The Earl of Salisbury killed. Siege of 
Orleans raised by the French. Boat with Duke of Norfolk swamped, 
A.D. 1429. Great Dearth. Coronation of Henry VI, A.D. 1430. Rein 
forcements sent to France. Smithfield Duel stopt. Henry VI crosses 
the sea. His success in France. Joan of Arc taken, A.D. 1430 

pp. 394-439 
Appendix D. 

Additional matter from the time A.D. 1420 to 1428. 

Will Wawe hanged. Great Rain in 1427. Royal Seal counter 
feited. A Widow's Murderer stoned. The heretic Richard Hunder 
burnt pp. 440-443 


Continuation of the Brut from the capture of Mouen, 
A.D. 1419 to 1430. 

Queen Joan arrested. Henry V weds Catherine, A.D. 1420. Feast 
at the Queen's coronation. The menu at the banquet. Death of the 

Contents of Continuations E and F. xiii 

Duke of Clarence. Henry V goes to France. Birth of Henry VI, A.D. 
1421. Death of Henry V. His corpse brought to London. French 
homage to Henry VI. The heretic William Taylor burnt. Siege of 
Orleans raised, A.D. 1429. Lord Talbot taken prisoner. Great dearth. 
Henry VI in London. His coronation at Westminster. Duel in 
Smithfield stopt, A.D. 1430 pp. 444-451 

Appendix E. 
Additional matter for the time from A.D. 1422 to 1431. 

The child Henry VI brought to London. Sir John Mortimer 
beheaded. Quarrel in London, A.D. 1425. Parliament at Leicester. 
False Wines in London. Siege of Orleans raised, A.D. 1429. Lord 
Talbot taken prisoner. Coronation of Henry VI, A.D. 1430. Parliament 
at Westminster pp. 452-455 


Continuation of the Brut from A.D. 1430 to 1446. 

Spanish Ambassadors insulted, A.D. 1430. A Lollard burnt. Jack 
Sharp executed, A.D. 1431. Ludgate-prison built. Henry VI's journey 
from Calais to Rouen. Reception in Paris. Wonderful shows. The 
King visits his grandmother. Coronation at Paris, A.D. 1431. Reception 
in London, A.D. 1432. Cornhill and Cheapside. St. Paul's and West 
minster Abbey. Parliament at Westminster. Foreign Ambassadors. 
Convocation at Basel. The Earl of Huntingdon goes into Normandy. 
Great Pestilence, A.D. 1434. Hard frost. Negotiations for peace with 
France, A.D. 1435. Money for war granted to Henry VI. English 
troops to Normandy. Fights round Calais. The English besieged in 
Calais are rescued, A.D. 1436. Flemish towns taken. Scotch invasion 
repulsed. Hard Frost, A.D. 1436. Death of Queen Katherine. 
Foreigners at the English Parliament. The Duke of York comes back 
to England, A.D. 1437. A Murderer sentenced. Heretics burnt. Dear 
food. Storms and Earthquake. The Earl of Huntingdon goes to 
France. Peace-meeting at Calais, A.D. 1439. Cruel murder discovered. 
Parliament at Westminster and Reading. Ship-thieves hanged. 
Heretics burnt Duel in Smithfield, A.D. 1440. Expedition to France. 
Henry VI visits the City. Storm raised by witches. The clerk Roger 
retracts his devilish art. Eleanor Cobharn found guilty of treason and 
witchcraft, A.D. 1441. Her public penance. The clerk Roger is hanged. 
Duel in Smithfield. Lord Talbot's expedition to France, A.D. 1442. 
Arrant thieves hanged. A woman pressed to death for bad language. 
Negotiations for Henry VI's marriage. King's offender pardoned. 
Princess Margaret betrothed to Henry VI, A.D. 1444. St. Paul's steeple 
burnt, A.D. 1445. King Henry's wedding. Queen Margaret's procession 
and coronation. French Ambassadors come to treat for peace 

pp. 456-490 

xiv Contents of Continuation G. [CH. CCXLV-CCLXIII 


Continuation of the Brut from the Capture of Rouen, 
A.D. 1419 to A.D. 1461. 

Chapters 245 1 -251. 

Murder of the Duke of Burgundy, A.D. 1419. Queen Joan arrested. 
Henry V weds Katherine of France, A.D. 1420. The Duke of Clarence 
slain. Birth of Henry VI, A.D. 1421. The Queen visits Paris. Death 
of Henry V, A.D. 1422. Praise of Henry V, who was wild in youth, but 
virtuous when King. His French wars incited by the clergy. His 
foundations of religious houses. Gloster made Protector. Battle of 
Verneuil, A.D. 1424. Gloster weds the Duchess of Holland. His 
Hainault attack fails. Affray in the City, A.D. 1425. Henry VI and 
Nobles knighted. Much rain. Lord Salisbury shot at Orleans, A.D. 
1428. Widow's murderer stoned. Henry VI crowned, A.D. 1430. 
Joan of Arc burnt, A.D. 1431. Henry Vl's coronation at Paris. Rebel 
lion of the soldiers at Calais. Pope Eugenius IV deposed. Congress of 
Arras, A.D. 1435. French plot to seize Calais discovered. The Duke of 
Burgundy besieges Calais. Siege raised by the Duke of Gloster, A.D. 
1436. Flemish towns ransacked. Roxburgh besieged by the Scots. 
Death of Queen Katherine, A.D. 1437. Treaty between the King and 
the Duke of Burgundy pp. 491-506 

Chapters 251-255. 

Death of Sigesmund of Germany. Owen Tudor's imprisonment, 
A.D. 1438. Death of Warwick at Rouen. Great dearth. Frederick is 
chosen Emperor of Germany. Eleanor Cobham is accused of treason, 
A.D. 1441. Her accomplices^ Disputes as to the Lord Mayor. St. 
Paul's steeple burnt, A.D. 1445. Henry VI's marriage with Margaret. 
Duel at Smithfield stopt by the King. Henry's marriage dearly bought. 
Losses by it. Suspicious death of Duke Humphrey of Gloster, A.D. 
1447. The papal Schism. Felix resigns. Rouen and Normandy lost. 
Constantinople taken by the Turks. Dutch ships captured. Rouen 
taken by the French, A.D. 1448. Captain Bluebeard executed, A.D. 1450. 
The Duke of Suffolk's end, A.D. 1450. Jack Cade's rebellion. His 
entrance into London. Lord Say beheaded. Jack Cade killed by 
Alexander Iden, A.D. 1450. pp. 506-520 

Chapters 25G-263. 

Rebellion of the Duke of York. Prince Edward born, A.D. 1453. 
Lord Mayor's show on the Thames. Rebellion of the Lords. First 
Battle of St. Albans, A.D. 1455. The Duke of York made Protector. 
Lombard Riot in London. Great Fish caught. Prisoners of Newgate 
break out. The French pillage Sandwich. Bishop Peacock's abjura 
tion. Concord among the Lords, A.D. 1458. Battle of Bloreheath, A.D. 

1 Compare under C. The reckoning differs by one chapter. 

Contents of Continuations G- and H. xv 

1459. Trollop deserts the Yorkists. Failure of the Yorkist revolt, A.D. 
1459. The Yorkists keep Calais, and increase in number. Sandwich 
taken, A.D. 1460. Lord Warwick goes to Ireland, to speak with the 
Duke of York. Yorkist Lords come to London. Battle of Northampton, 
A.D. 1460. Henry VI to be King for his life ; and York acknowledged 
as his successor. Battle of Wakcfield, A.D. 1460. The Duke of York 
slain. Second Battle of St. Albans, A.D. 1461. Henry VI captured. 
Londoners negotiate with the Queen. Flight of the rich merchants. 
Henry VI deposed. Edward IV made King. Battle of Towton, A.D. 
1461. Coronation of Edward IV pp. 520-533 


Various Pieces from MS. Harley 53, from A.D. 1066 to 1436. 

I. Coronation of William 1's Queen. Battle Abbey escutcheons. 
Battle Abbey Roll of the names of the Norman knights ... pp. 534-537 

II. Edward III resolved to chastise the French, A.D. 1346. Roll 
of the English for Crecy and Calais. Battles before and at Crecy. 
Siege of Calais. Scotch invaders are beaten at Nevil's Cross, A.D. 1346. 
The King of France avoids a proposed combat near Calais pp. 537-544 

III. Bolingbroke's return to England, A.D. 1399. Richard II is 
deserted, and taken prisoner. Bolingbroke's son Henry talks friendlily 
with Richard II. Richard II starved. His corpse exhibited. A 
Conspiracy disclosed to Henry IV by the Duke of Aumerle, A.D. 1400. 
Conspirators beheaded. Revolt of Owen Glendower, A.D. 1400. The 
King's expedition to Wales. Scotch beaten at Homildon Hill, A.D. 1402. 
The King buffets Sir Henry Percy. Battle of Shrewsbury, A.D. 1403. 
The Emperor of Constantinople in London. Ships captured at sea. 
Battle of Marck, A.D. 1405 ... pp. 544-551 

IV. The Lollards' conspiracy against Henry V discovered, A.D. 1414. 
Sir John Oldcastle arrested. Henry V's claim to France. His prepara 
tions for an invasion, A.D. 1415. Traitors beheaded. Siege of Harfleur 
The great gun Goodgrace. Names of Harfleur Hostages. Surrender 
of Harfleur. Battle of Agincourt, Oct. 25, 1415. The English King's 
words to his men. His personal bravery. Names of the French Lords 
killed at Agincourt. The English dead. French prisoners killed. 
Henry V's reception in London, A.D. 1466. Visit of the German 
Emperor. Council at Calais pp. 551-559 

V. Capture of Rouen, A.D. 1419. Attempt at peace between England 
and France. The Duke of Burgundy slain. The Treaty of Troyes, 
A.D. 1420. Henry V betrothed to Katherine of France. Their return to 
England, A.D. 1421. Death of the Duke of Clarence. Henry V's second 
expedition to France. Birth of Henry VI, A.D. 1421. The Earl of 
Warwick made keeper of Henry VI, A.D. 1422. Sir Roger Mortymer 
executed. Verneuil surrendered to the French. Battle of Verneuil, 
A.D. 1424. Names of the Scotch and French slain in the battle. 
The Prince of Portugal in England. Quarrel in London, A.D. 1425 . 

xvi 7 Contents of Continuations H, 7, K. 

Henry VI knighted. William Wawe hanged. The Bishop of Winchester 
goes to Normandy against the Pope's order, A.D. 1427. Henry VI's 
coronation at Westminster. Henry VI in Paris, A.D. 1431. Rebellion of 
the soldiers at Calais about their wages. Congress of Arras, A.D. 1435. 
The men of Popering's bad behaviour. The Duke of Burgundy besieges 
Calais, A.D. 1436. The Flemings scorn the English by pictures and 
interludes. The French, disguised as fishermen, try to surprise Calais. 
Death of the Duke of Bedford. Calais well fortified. Calais men sworn 
to Henry VI. English force gathered to rescue Calais. Successful 
English raids from Calais. The English surprised while hunting hares. 
The Picards beaten in the Golden Dale. The Flemings capture the 
Castle of Oye. William Bullion treated as a traitor. Marck surrenders 
to the Flemings. The Flemings besiege Calais, A.D. 1436. The Picards 
ruin Guisnes Castle. Sandgate's shameful surrender. The Flemings 
try to block the harbour of Calais. The men of Bruges and their " Bad 
Thursday " at Calais. The bulwark of the men of Ghent taken 

pp. 559-580 


End of the Siege of Calais, A.D. 1436, from MS. Lambeth 6. 

The besieged English receive reinforcements. The Duke of Burgundy 
and the Flemings abandon the siege. The Siege of Guisnes given up 
by the Picards. The Englishmen's mocking song against the Flemings 

pp. 581-584 


Various Pieces from MS. Lambeth 84, from Havelok's time 
to A. D. 1475. 

I. Story of Havelok's son Curan and Argentil ... pp. 585-588 

II. Richard II's quarrel with his uncle, the Duke of Gloster, about 
the soldiers from Brest, A.D. 1397 pp. 588-589 

III. Deposition of Richard II, and Election of Henry IV, A.D. 1399. 
Prophecy that Richard II should be destroyed by a toad pp. 589-590 

IV. Richard II murdered by Piers of Exton, A.D. 1400. His corpse 
brought to London and to Langley. Reported starvation of Richard II. 
His treasure pp. 590-592 

V. The causes of the Battle of Shrewsbury, A.D. 1403 ... p. 593 j 

VI. Accession and character of Henry V, A.D. 1413. Dismissal of 
his old companions. With the help of Katherine Swynford, he sets his 
court in order. He stops a duel pp. 593-596 

VII. Battle of Agincourt, A.D. 1415. The English King's crown 
captured and sent to Paris. The people from Paris hasten to Agincourt. 
French prisoners killed. The list of dead pp. 596-598 

VIII. The Siege of Rouen, A.D. 1418. Prophecies of Surrender. 
Every eldest son in Rouen made a King on St. Dennis' Eve ... p. 598 

Contents of Continuation K. xvii 

IX. Prophecy at Henry VI's birth, A.D. 1421. His coronation. 
The Popering men's bad behaviour. The Duke of Exeter's revenge. 
English Ballad against the Flemings pp. 598-601 

X. The first battle of St. Albans, A.D. 1455. The Battles of Blore 
heath and Ludlow, A.D. 1459. The Battles of Northampton and 
Wakefield, A.D. 1460 : of St. Albans and Wigmore, A.D. 1461 

pp. 601-602 

XI. Battle of Towton, A.D. 1461. Henry VI taken prisoner. Battle 
of Barnet, A.D. 1471. Death of Henry VI. King Edward IV goes to 
France, A.D. 1475. The French pox, the stitch and the flix 

pp. 602-604 

Appendix to H. (Compare p. 535-537.) 

Alphabetical List of the Battle Abbey Roll in MS. Harley 53 

pp. 605-607 

CH. ccxxiv] Berivick ivon. Balliol does homage for Scotland. 291 



[MS. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, No. 174, leaf 172, back.] 

11 Ande so, after pis gracious victorye, pe King twrnyd him 
a^en vnto pe same seege of Berwyk. & whan J)ey of pe sege, 1 sawen 
& herd hov pat pe 2 King Edward had sped, pey 3olden to him pe 

4 toun, with pe castell, on )>e morwe after pat pe bataile was, pat ys 
forto seyn, on Seint Margaretes day. And pan pe King ordeyned 
Sere Edwarde Bayllol, with opere noble & worpy men, to be 3 kepers 
and gouernowrs of Scotlonde in his absence ; & hyra self turned 
8 a3en, and come into Englond after pis victory, with myche ioye & 

U And in pe next 3ere sewyng, 4 pat ys forto 5 seyn, pe 3ere of our 
Lord M 1 . CCC. & xxxij, 6 & of King Edward, pe vj., 7 he wente 33071 

12 into Scotland in pe wynter tyme; at whiche viage pe castell of 
Kylbrigge in Scotland, for hym & his men pat with hym comen, 
he recouered, & had 8 a3ens the Scottis, al pat 9 his owne luste. 10 
U And in pat same 3 ere, Sere Edward Baillol, king of Scotlande, 

16 held his parlement in Scotland, "with meny noble lordes of Enge- 
lond, pat were at pat same parlement, for enchesoun of hire landes 
and lordshipes pat pey had in pe reume of Scotland, and helden of 
pe same Baillol. & in pe vij. 3ere of his regne, aboute pe feste of 

20 sent lohn 11 Baptiste, Sire Edward Baillol, pe verry and trewe King 
of Scotland, as by heritage & ri3te lyne, made his homage and 
feaute vnto King Edward of Englond for pe reaume of Scotland, 
at pe Nev Castell vp Tynt, in precense of meny worpi Iorde3, and 

24 also of communes of bope reaumes, & anow after in pe same 3ere of 12 
King Edward of Engelond resceyued of pe duke of Britaigne his 
homage for pe erldome & lordship of Richemound. 13 U And so 
folwyng in pe neyne 3ere of his regne, after Micelmasse, King 

28 Edwarde rode into Scotlond, and per was faste by sent Johmzes 
toun almoste al pe wynter tyme ; & he helde his m'stiscemasse at 

1 towne T. toun R. 2 >e om. R. 3 leaf 173. 4 folwynge R. 
5 to T. e MiCCC xxxiii T. MCCC xxxiij R. 7 vj ^eer R. 
8 had it T. 9 at T. at R. 10 wille. u lohn )>e TR. 

12 of om. R. 13 erldom of Riehemonde & lordship R. 


292 Great Floods. Cornwall made a Duchy. [CH. ccxxiv-v 

pe Castel of Rokysburgh. & in pe same $ere poru^t-out al Enge- 
lond, aboute sent Clemcys tyde, in wynter pere arose a 1 suche a 
sprynggynge and wellinge op of wateres 2 and floodes, bothe of pe 
see and also of fresshe ryvers & sprynge^, pat pe see brynke wallaes 4 
& coostes broken vp. 3 Men, 4 bestes, and houses in meny places, & 
namely in lowe cuntres, violently and sodenly 5 were dreynt and 
dryven awey; and pe fruyte of pe erpe, poru$ continuance and 
abundaunce of pe see watres, euermore after 6 were turned into more 8 
saltnes & sournes of sauour. 

U The x. ^ere of King Edwarde, he entred pe Scottysshe see 
after Missomere ; & to meny of pe Scottes he $af batayll, and oner- 
come him, 7 and meny he treted & bowede vnto his pees, poru^ his 12 
doughtynes. & after Michelmasse pan next folwynge, was pe Eii 
of Moryf ytake att Edinburgh, & brou^t into Eugelond, & put into 
prisoun. U And in pe monepes of luyn and luull 8 pan next 
folwyng, in the xj. ^ere of his regne, was seyn and aperede in pe 16 
firmament, a bemyd 9 sterre, pe whiche clercus callep ' stella 
comata ' ; and pat sterre was seyn in diue?*ce parteis of the firma 
ment; wherafter anon per folwyd in Engelond good chepe, and 
wonder grete plente of 10 chaffaree, vitaile and marchaundice, and 20 
pere a3ens, honger, scrafte, mischif , n and nede of money, in-somuche 
pat a quarter of whete att London was suolde for .ij s., and a good 
fatte oxe at a noble, and v. good do We briddes for a j d. In 
whiche 3ere, on Holy Eoed ^eue, deide Sere lohn of Elham, Erl of 24 
Cornewaile, King Edwards broper, and lithe at Westmynstre. 

Hov King Edwarde made a Duchye of pe Erldom of Cor[n]waile ; 
& also of vj. opere erles pat were newe made ; & of pe 
ferste Chalangyng of pe reaume of Fraunce. Cap CC mo r 28 

13 In pe ^ere of our Lord a 14 M*. CCC. xxxvii., and of King 
Edwarde xij., 15 in 16 pe monepe of March, durynge pe parlement at 
Westminstre in lente tyme, King Edwarde made of the erldome of 32 
Cornevayle a duchye, pe whiche duche he $af to Edwarde his 
ferste sone wip 17 pe erldome of Chestre. also King Edward made at 
pat tyme vj. opere erles, pat ys forto sey, Sere Henry, pe Erl of ' 

I a ow. TR. 2 leaf 173, back. 3 vp ow.T. vp so >at R. 

4 and boj>e men T. 5 Cuntrees sodenli and violent! R. 6 after om. TR. 
7 hem T. 8 of luytt and luyn R. 9 lemed R. 10 of alle R. 

II mischif om. T. 12 CCxxvj R. 13 leaf 171. u aom. T. 
15 xij e yeer T. 16 Edwarde >e xij Jeer in R. 17 >e R. om. C. 

Dress-laws. Edivard Ill's claim to France. War taxes. 293 

Lancastres sone, Erl of Leycestre; William of Bowham, Erl of 
Northampton; William of Mountgen, Erl of Salesbery; Hughe of 
Awdelee, Erl of Gloucestre; Eobert of Vfforde, Erl of Suthfolk; 
4 and William of Clyntton, Erl of Huntyngdone. In that same $ere, 
hit 1 was ordeynede in fat same parlement, fat noman shulde were 
no clof e fat was woru^t oute of Engelond, as elope of gold, of silk, 
damaske, vellewet, saton, baudekyn, ne non suche of ere; ne now 2 
8 wyldware in Furrenre of be^onde 3 see, but suche as my^te Spende 
an C. ti. of rente erliche 4 : but ]>is of deynaunce and 5 statute was 
of 6 litel effecte, for hit was noting holde. 

U In fe xiij. ^ere of hys regne, King Edward wente ouere see 

12 into Brabaw, wif Quene Phelip his wif 7 fere beryng 8 childe, 9 and 10 
att Andwerp, fere 11 he duellid more fen a ^ere, to trete wif fe 
Duke of Braban and of ere allyed vnto him of fe calynggyn of f e 
reaume of Fraunce to King Edward, be ri^te and by herytage, after 

16 fe def of Carol fe grete, King of Fmunce, brofer Germayne of 12 
quene Isabelle, 13 King Edwardus Moder, fe whiche 14 was holden 
and ocupied vnrightfully by Philip of Yaleys, fe Emessone of King 
Carol : U fe whiche duke, and al his, in fe forseyd finges 15 and in 

20 al of ere ferto longyng, wif al his men and goodes, King Edward 
founde redy vnto him, and maden and behy^ten 16 . suerte, by good 
fayghte and truste ; and after fat, f e king hasted him into Enge 
lond a^en, and left fere f e quene stille behynde hyra in Braban. 

24 U )}an in fe xiiij. $ere of his regne, whenne al fe lorde^ of his 17 
reaume, and ofer fat ownew to be at his parlement, weren clepte 
and assembled togedre in f e same parlement, holden at London 
after f e feste of sent Hillary, f e Kinge^ nedes were putt forf e and 

28 promoted as toching fe kingdome of Fraunce; for whiche nede$ to 
be spede, f e King askef f e vif 18 part of alle f e meble goode3 of Enge 
lond, and fe wolles, and fe ix. fe 19 schef of euery 20 corn; and fe 
Iorde3 of eny 21 toun wher suche finges schulde be taxid and gaderd, 

32 shulde ansuere to fe King ferof ; and al he had and helde at his 
owene liste 22 and wil. wherfor, yf y shal knowliche fe verrey 
treufe, 23 fe ynnere loue of fe peple was twrned into hate, & fe 

1 hit ora T. 2 noon o>er R. 3 beyonde >e T. biyonde >e R. 

4 yeerli rente T [cp. Newers day, 302/12]. 5 and J>is T. & >is R. 

6 off futt R. 7 wif and T. 8 sclie bere T. 

9 >ere beryng childe am. R. 10 and cm. T. u and fere T. 

12 to T. 13 Isobelle that was T. u that T. 15 leaf 174, lack. 

16 behighte him R. 17 f e T. 18 xv e T. xv. R. 

19 >e ora. TR. 20 alle maner T. 21 eueri T. euerie R. 

22 luste T. lust R. ^ >e treuthe verray R. 

294 Edward III calls himself King of France. [CH. ccxxv-vi 

co??imune prayrs into cursinge, for cause pat the co??imune peple 
were strongliche ygreued. U also pe forsaide Philip of Valeys of - 
Fraunce, had gadered to him a grete oste, and destroyede pere in 
his parteys and kingdome, meny of pe Kingej frende^ of Engelonde, 4 
vfiih tounes & castellis, and meny opere of hire lordshippe^ ; and 
meny harmes, schames, and despite3, dede vnto J>e Quene. wher- 
fore pe King, whan he hafrjd 1 of pis 2 tydinge, he was stron[g]lyche 
meued, and perwip an-anger[d], and sente diuerse letters ouere see 8 
to ))e Quene, and to opere pat were his frende3, gladyng him, and 
certyfienge pat he wolde be per 3 him-self in al pe haste Jjathe my3t. 
IT And anon, after Ester, when he had sped of al ping pat hym 
neded, & come fore, 4 he wente ouere see a^en ; of whos comyng, pe 12 
quene & al his frendis were wonder glad, & maden myche ioye ; 
and al pat were his enemys, and a3ens hym helden, 5 madyn as 6 
muchel sorwe. IT In pe same tyme pe. King, poni3 councel of his 
treue leiges, & councell 7 of his lordes pat pere weren present wip 16 
him, toke pe King of Fraunces name, 8 and toke & melled pe Kinge3 
armes of Fraunce qwarterly wM }>e armes of Engelond, & com- 
mawnnded forfwijj his coigne of gold, vnder descripciouw of the name 
of Engelond and of Fraunce, to be made, >e 9 beste ]>ai my3te be, 20 
pat ys for to seyn, Jje floreyn pat was clept pe 'noble/ of 10 value of 
vj s. & viij d., and pe ' half -noble ' of 11 iij.s. iij.d., & pe 'ferping' 
of value of xx. d. 

HOY King- Edward come to pe Sclus, and descomfited alle pe 24 
poer 12 of Fraunce in pe same havene. Cap^wZo 13 CC mo 
xxvj t0 . 14 

And in pe next 3ere after, pat ys forto seyn, pe xv. 3ere of his 
regne, he comaunded, & lete 15 write in his charters, writtes, & opere 28 
letters, pe date of his regne of Fraunce ferst, 16 & while pat he was 
pus doyng & trauaillyng in Fraunce, poru3 his councel he wrote to 
al prelatis, dukes, Erles, barouns, & 17 noble lorde$ of his cuntre, and 
also to diuers of pe commune peple, diuers le^res and maunde- 32 
mentis, beryng date at Gandanura pe .viij. day 18 Feuerer. II And 
anon aftir, wip-yn 19 litel tyme, he come a3en into Engelond, wip pe 

I herde TR. 2 these T. 8 leaf 175. 4 & come fore om. T. 
8 helden om. T. 6 as om. T. 7 councell om. R. 

8 kingis name of ffraunce T. >e om. T. 10 of }>e R. 

II of value of T. off value of R. 12 power R. 13 Capitulo om. T. 
14 xxvjto om. T. CC xxvij R. 15 dide T. 16 ferst om. R. 

17 and )>e TR. 1S day of TR. 19 yn a T. 

CH. ccxxvi] English Victory. Want of Money. Storms at Sea. 295 

queue and hire childrin. And in pe same ^ere, oh Missomer even, 
he bigan to sayle towarde Fraunce a$en, & manly & stifly ful vpon 
Philip of Valeys, the whiche long tyme lay, and had 1 gaderid to 

4 him a ful 2 huge and hoystous navee of diuers nacions, in pe hauene 
of Sclus. And pere pey fou^ten togedir pe Kinge of Fraunce, and 
he wip her ostes from midday vnto pe morwe. U In wiche batail 
were slayn xxx m* men of J>e kinge^ cumpanye of Fraunce, and 

8 meny shippes & Cogge^ were take ; and so, poru} Gode^ helpe, he 
had pere pe victorye, and bere pens a glorious chiuache. And in pe 
same ^ere, aboute sent lames tyde, wipout pe ^ates of sent Omers, 
Robert of Artoys, wip men of Engelond and of Flaundres, bitterly 
12 fau$t a3ens pe duke of Burgoyne & pe Frensshe men; at wiche 
bataile per were slayn & take 3 of })e Frensshe men, xv. barouns, 


.iiij. kny^tis; & shippe^ & barges were take, 3 vnto pe noumbre of 
.CC. & 4 xxx. 1F The same ^ere, pe King makyng & 5 abydyng 

16 oppon pe see 6 of Tourney, pe Erl of Henaude, wij> englisshe archers, 
made asawte to pe toun of Seyntanmwid, wher pat he slow L. 
kni^tis & meny opere, and destroyed also pe toun. 

And in pe .xvj. 3ere of his regne folwynge, in pe wynter tyme, 

20 J?e king, duelling still oppon j?e forsaid sege ; sent oft into Engelond 
to his tresorer .& olper purveyours for gold 7 & meny, Jjat shulde be 
sent to hym \er in his nede; but his procuratours & messagers 
cursidly & ful slowly serued him at his nede, & him deceyved. 

24 H On wos faute & laches )>e King toke trews bytwene hym & J>e 
King of Fraunce. & J?e King, ful of sorow woo & shame in his 
hert, wipdrowe him from ]?e see, 8 and come into Brytaigne ; & \er 
was so grete strif 9 for vitailles, pat 10 he lost meny of his peple. & 

28 whaw he had do pere 11 pat he come for, he dressid hym ouer see 12 
into Engelond warde. IT And as he sayled toward Engelond, in J?e 
hye see, Jje moste mishappes, stormes & tempeste, thundres & 
lightnyrcge}, nl to hym in J>e see, J>e whiche was seyd pat it was 

32 done & areysed poru^ evel spirites made by sorcery and Nigro- 
mancye of hem of Fraunce. "VYherfore pe Kinge} hert was ful of 
sorwe & angwysshe, weyling & sighyng, & said vnto oure lady on 
pis wyse. U " blessid lady, sent Marye ! what is pe cause pat 

1 had om. T. 2 leaf 17 5, back. xx 

z 3 of >e ffrensshe men xv barons iiij kny^tis & shippez & barges were 
take om. T. 4 and om. T. 5 makyng and om. T. 

6 sege T. king abydyng vp on >e sege R. 

7 for gold and R. for gold om. C. purveyours for gold T. 8 sege R. 
9 leafl7Q. 10 so >at T, " ]>ere om. R. 12 the see T. 

296 Scots flee. Prince of Wales. Round Table. Dress. [CH. ccxxvi 

eue?'more, goyng into Fraunce, al pinge} & wederes fallyn to me 
ioyful & likyng & gladsome, & as y wolde haue hyw 1 ; but alwey 
twrnyng into Engelond ward, al Jringes fallen vnp?*0fitable & harm- 
full ? " U Never pe latter, he, scapyng alle pe perilles of pe see, as 4 
God wolde, come 2 by nyght to pe tour of London. & pe same $ere 
pe King held him 3 Cristemas att 4 Menres, and sent word to pe 
Scottes by his messagers, J)at he was redy, and wolde fi^te wip him ; 
but pe Scottis wolde not abyde fat, bot fled ouere pe Scottish see, 8 
& hid hem as wel as pey my^te. 

II And in 5 pe xvij. $ere of his regne, aboute pe feste of Conuer- 
siou/i of seint Paule, King Edward, wan he had be in Scotland, & 
pe Scottis were fledde, he come a$en i?ito Engelond, & a litel afore 12 
Lente was pe twrnement at Dunstable, to pe wiche twrnement comen 
al pe $ong bachelrye & chyualrye of Engelond, "with meny erles & 
oper lordes; at ))e wiche twrnement pe King himself was pere 6 
present. U And pe nexte $ere folwyng, 7 in pe xviij. $ere of his 16 
regne, at his parlement holden at Westmmster in )?e xv. 8 of Pasche, 
Kyng Edwarde J>e j>rid made Edward, his ferst bygeten sone, Prince 
of Walys. 9 H And in J>e xix ^ere of his regne, anon after in Janyuer, 
before 10 Lente, J>e same King Edward lete make ful 11 noble lustice^, 20 
and grete festis, in J?e place of his berjje, at 12 Wyndessore, pat fere 
weren neue?*e noTi suche seyn J?ere 13 afore. 14 at whiche festis and 
rialte were ij. Kinge^, .ij. quene^, pe Pn'nce of Walys, pe Duk of 
Cornewaile, x erlis; .ix. Cuntesse, barouns, 15 & many burgeys, }>e 24 
wiche my^t nou^t li} tly be noumbred ; & of diuers lande^ be^onde 16 
)>e see, were many strangers, and at J>e 17 same tyme when j)e 18 
lustes were don, King Edward made a grete soper, in ]>e wiche he 19 
ordeyned feest, and bygan pe 20 Eounde Table, & ordeyned & 28 
stefastyd )>e day of }>e forsaide Rounde Table to be holde per at 
Wyndissore in 21 Whitesen-wike euennore after erly. 

11 In 22 pis tyme, Englisshe men so muche hauntted and cleuyd 
to pe wodnes and 23 foley of pe strangers, pat fro pe tyme of pe 32 
comyng of pe Henauderns, xviij. ^ere passid, pey ordeyned and 
chaungyd ham euery $ere diuers schappis of 24 disgynge^ of eloping, 
of long large and wyde clopis, destitu and desert fra?w al old honeste 

1 hem T. 2 and come TR. 3 his R. 4 at J>e T. 6 in om. T. 
6 fere om. R. 7 leaf 176, back. 8 xv* day T. xv day R. 9 Wawys C. 
10 in R. " ful om. TR. 12 at TR. and C. 13 >ere om. T. 
14 seen) afor )>at R. 16 barouns om. T. 16 be?onde >e see T. }>e see om. C. 
17 >at T. 18 j, e R> 19 whiche he R> he om> a 20 his TR> 

21 in >e R. And in TR. of T. and R. 

CH. ccxxvn] The Devil's own Clothes. Invasion of France. 297 

and good vsage ; & anof er tyme schorte clof is & stret- wasted, 
dagged & ket, & on euery side 1 desslatered & boned, wif sleues & 
tapets of sircotys, & hode^ ouere longe & large, & ouermuche hang- 
4 ynde, fat if y sof schal say, fey were more liche to twrmentours 
& deuels in hire closing & schewyng & of er arraye few comen. 2 
U And fe wemmen more myseli ^et pasted 3 fe men 4 in array, and 
cureslicher ; for fey were so strete clof ed fat fey lete hange fox 
8 tailes sawyd benef e wttft-inforf hire clofis, forto hele and heyde 
hire ars ; fe whiche disgysenge^ & pride perauenture afterward 
brou^te forfe & encausid many mys-happis & mischeuys 5 in fe 
reaume of Engelond. 

12 IT The xx 3ere of King Edward he wente ouere 6 into Brytaigne 
& Gascoigne : in wos companye wente f e Erl of Warwyk, f e Erl 
of Snthfok, fe Erl of Honntyngdone & fe Erl of Arundel, and 
meny ofer lordes, & cowmune peple in a gret multitude, 7 with a 

16 grete navey of ij. C. 8 & xl. shippis, anon after mydsomer, forto 
avenge him of meny wronge^ & harmes 9 to hym done be Philip of 
Valeys, King of Fraunce, a^ens fe treues byf ore-hand 10 grauntyd, 
fe whiche trewes he fasly & ownetreuly, by cawelaciones, loste and 

20 disqwatt. 

Hov King Edward sayled into Normandye, & arryued at 
Hogges wif a gret oste; & of fe batayle of Sclus, and 
of 11 fe bygynnyg of fe seege of Calys, & also of fe 
24 batayll of Duresme. Cap . CC mo xxvij mo . 12 

IIS" fe xxj. ^ere of his regne, King Edward, foru$ councel of 
al fe grete lorde} of fis 13 reaume, clepid & gadered togedre 
in his parlement at Westminster before Estern, ordeyned him 

28 forto 14 passe ouer fe se a^en, for to discesce and destrouble fe 
rebellis of Fraunce. and when his navey was come togedre & 
made redy, he went with an huge oste, fe xij. day of Juyll, & 
sayled into Normandye, & arryued at Hogge^. 15 & whan he had 

32 restid him fe?-e vj. daies, for bycause of trauelyng of the see, & 
forto haue out al his men wif al hire nessessaryes, out of hire 
shippes, he wente toward Cadomon, 16 brengyng, wastyng, & de- 
stroyenge al f e tounes 17 as he went by f e way. H And f e xxvj day 

1 side TR. 2 >en comen am. T. 3 leaf 177. 

4 >e men om. T. 5 meny mischiefs and myshappe} R. 6 ouere om. R. 

7 multitude C. 8 om. R. 9 meny harme} & wronges R. 

10 biforhand R. byfore had C. u of om. T. 

12 ccxxviij R. xxvij om. T. 13 his R. 14 to T. 

15 and arryued at hogge3 om. TR. 16 Rone T. Paris R. 17 leaf 177, back. 

298 Victory at Scluse. Battle of Crecy y A.D. 1346. [CH. ccxxvn 

of Juyll, at be brigge of Cadomy, manly & orpudly yst?-engbed 
and defended wij? Normaraies, he had bere a stronge batayll, & 
a 1 longe-duryng, boru^ which 2 grete 3 multitud of people was 
slayn. IT And bere were take pn'soners, be Erl of Ewe, be Lord 4 
of Tankerwyle, & an C. ober kinge} 4 and men of armes, & vj C. 
foote men ynombred ; and be toun & be subbarbus vnto be bare 
wallys of al bing bat my^te be bore & caryed out, was robbid 
and despoyled. U aftirward be King, passing for))e by be cuntre 8 
aboute be brede of xx. mile, he 5 wastyd alle manere bing bat he 
founde. Whan Philip of Yaleys perseuyd 6 al bis, al-bou^ he were 
faste by wiih a stronge oste, he wolde nou^t come no ner, but 
brek al be briggys be^onde f>e water of Seyn, fro Roon vnto Paris, 12 
& him self fledde vnto 7 be same Citee of Paris 8 wif al be haste 
bat he my3te. IF fforsothe, J?e noble King Edward, when he come 
to Paris brigge, and founde hit broken, wipinne ij. dayes he lete 
make hit a$en; & in ]>e morwe after )>e assumpiciou?i of oure Id 
Lady, King Edward passed ouere JJG water of Seyen, goyng toward 
Cryesce, & distroyed by fe way tounes wij? J>e 9 peple duelling 
ferinne. 10 & in J>e feste of sent Bartolomev, he passid ouere J>e 
water of Cowzme owne hurte 11 wij> al his oste ]>er as neuer afore 20 
honde was eny manere wey in 12 passage werto a M 113 men were 
slayn of hem ]?at letted hire passage ouer. 

[The Battle of Crectj.] 

U ))erfore, fe xxvj. day of auguste, King Edward in a felde 
faste by Creyscy, hauyng iij. 14 bataillis of englisshe men, counttryd 24 
and mette wij) Philip of Valeys, hauyng 15 wi]> him iiij.batailles,of 
J>e wiche Jje leste passid gretely j)e nombre of )>e Englisshe peple. 
& whan )>es ij. ostes metten togedir, ]>er fil oppon him 16 J?e King 
of Berne, )>e Duke of Loroyne and erles also of Flaundres, Dalasouw, 28 
Bloys, Harecourt, Aumerle, and Nyvers, & meny o]>er erlis, barouns, 17 
lordes, Kinge^, 18 & men of armes, J?e noumbre of a M l V. C. xlij., 19 
wi])out foet men & ofer men in 20 armevre, )?at were noting rekened. 
11 And for al J>is, Je same vnglorious Philip wifdrowe him, wij? J>e 32 
residue of al his peple ; wherfore it was seyd in commute among 

1 a om. T. 2 whiche a T. with C. 3 J>oru3 whiche a greet R. 

4 knyghtis T. kn^tis R. 5 and R. 6 herde R. 

7 to R. 8 & him self fledde vnto J>e same Cite of Paris om. T. 

9 J>e om. R. 10 ferine om. T. " owne hurte om. T. 12 ne TR. 

13 Where ij Mf R. 14 >e iij e T. 15 leaf 178. 16 hem TR. 

17 barons and T. 18 knyghtis T. o)>er lordis erlis Barons knyjtis R. 

19 M^VC xij T. M* vijc xlij R. 2 y TR. 

CH. ccxxvn] Siege of Calais. Scotch Invasion repeld. 299 

his owne peple ' Noshe beall Eetret/ that is for to sey, ' Our faire 
wipdrawep hym.' Jjan Kyng Edward & our Englyssh men, pank- 
yng God for suche a victorye, after hire grete labour, takyng to 

4 hem al pyng nedeful for her sustenawnce & sauyng of hire lyf 
ferdred of hire enemys, rested hem pere. 1T And ful erly in 1 pe 
morwe, after pe Frensshe men wip an houge passyng oste come 
a^en for to 3eue batayll & fi^te wip pe Englisshe men, wip whom 

8 metten & countreden pe Erles of Warwyk, Norhampton & Norfolk, 
wip hire companye & slowen ij. M*, 2 & token meny prisoners of 
pe gentils of ham; and pe remenazmt of pe same oste fled iij. 
mile fens. 

[The Siege of Calais, and the Invasion of England by the Scots.] 

12 IT And pe third day after the bataill, pe kyng wente to Caleys 
warde, destroyng al pe cuntre as he rode ; whider, 3 whan pat 4 he 
was comen, 5 pat is forto seyn, fie .iij. day of Septembre, he bygan 
to besege pe toun wip pe castell, and continued his sege fro pe 

16 forseyd iij. day of Septe?ftbre vnto pe iij. day of Auguste pe next 
3ere after. & in 6 pe same 3ere, duryng pe sege of Caleys, pe King 
of Scotlond, 7 with a ful grete multitude of Scottis, come into 
Engelond, to Nevyles crosse, about seint Lukes day j?e eucmngglist, 

20 hopyng & trustyng to haue found al the land destitut & voyde 
of peple, forasmuche as J>e Kyng of Engelond was be^end pe see, 
saue only prestes & men of holy chirche, & women & childrin, & 
ploghmen, & such oper laborers. II And per ]?ey robbed en, & 

24 deden mych pn've 8 sorow ; but 3et fond pey ynowe pat ham 
wipstode, by pe g?*ce of God. And so a day of batayll was 
assigned bytwene hem ; & certeyne lordes & men of holy cherche 
pat were in pat cuntre, wip opere comuns peple, fast by pe Citee 

28 of Duresme; at whiche day, poru3 pe grace and pe helpe of God 9 
pe Scottis 10 were ouercomen, & 3et were pey threfold so meny of 
hem 11 as of 12 Englisshe men 13 ; and pere was slayn al pe chiualrye 
and kny3thood of pe reaume of Scotland. H And per were take, 

32 as pey wolden haue fleed, Dauid, King of Scotlond, pe Erl of 
Mentyf, sere William Douglas, & many oper grete men. & after 
pat, oure Englisshe men, when pey had restyd ham a fewe dayes, 
& had ordeyned kepers of pe 14 Northcuntre, pey comen to London, 

1 on T. 2 ij M* men T. 3 whider am. TR. 4 J>at om. R. 
5 was come J>ider R. 6 leaf 178, back. 7 Sctolond 0. 8 o]>er T. 
9 help & grace of God R. 10 Cottis C. n of hem om. R. la J>e R. 
13 peple TR. 14 J>e land of the T. 

300 King Philip fails to relieve Calais. Its sufferings. 

and brou^t with ham pe King of Scotlond, & pes opere Iorde3 pat 
were taken prisoners, vnto 1 pe tour 2 of London, wip al pe haste 
pat fey my^te ; & per pey lef te ham in saue kepyng, vnto pe Kinge^ 
cornynge, 3 and went 4 home a3en into hire owne cuntre. & after- 4 
ward was pe Kinge3 raunsome of Scotlond taxid vnto an C. M* 
mark 5 of seluere, to be payed in x ^er, pat ys forto sayne, Query 
3ere x pousand mark. 

Of the conqueste and 6 wynnge of Caleys, and of 7 grete 8 
pestelence & raynes pat fillen sone aftir; and of pe 
tresoun ordeyned Sirens Caleys. Capitulo 8 CC mo . xxviij . 9 

IN pe xxij 3ere of King Edwardys regne, he wente ouere in pe 
wynter time, & lay al pe wynter in 10 pe seege of Caleys. n J)e 12 
whiche year, while pe sege lasted, Philip of Valeys, 11 Kyng of 
Fraunce, cast & purposed, trecherously & wip fraude, to put awey 
pe sege, 12 & come pe xxvij day of luyll in pe same 3ere wip a grete 
oste & a strong poer, & neigrhed vnto pe sege of Caleys. H pe 16 
wiche Philip, pe last day of luyll, sent to King Edward word 
pat 13 he wold 3eue himplayn bataill pe .iij. day next after pat, about 
euesong tyme, if pat he durst come fro pe sege & abyde hit. And 
whan Kynge Edward herd pat, wipout eny long taryng or grete 20 
avisement, he accepted gladly pe day & hour of bataill pat Philip 
had assigned. And whan the Kyng of Fraunce herd pat, wipout 
eny long taryrag or grete auysement, pe next nyght after he set hys 
tentys afyre, and vanysshed & went awey pens cowardly. IT Than 24 
pey pat were in 14 pe toun and in pe castell byseged, seyng al pis, 
how pat pei hade non oper helpe ne socour of pe Kinge of Fraunce 
ne of his men, & also pat her vitailles wipin hyni 15 were spended 
and wasted, & for defaute of vitailles & of 16 refresshyng pey eten 28 
hors, houndes, cattes & mys, for to kepe her troupe as long as 
pey my3te. H And whan they sawe, & was found amonge3 hem 
at pe last pat pey had no ping amonge hem 17 forto ete ne lyve 
by, ne no socour ne rescuyng of pe Frensshemen ; on pe toper 18 syde 32 

1 to T. 2 tone C. towr TR. 3 comyng to London T. 
4 wente TR. when C. 6 an C M* e CR. 6 leaf 179. 7 of Jus R. 
8 Capitulo om. T. 9 xxviij am. T. ccxxix R. 10 at T. 
" u }>e whiche yeer while >e sege lasted Philip of Valeys T. the whiche 
yeer while the Sege lasted Philip of Valeis R. om. C. 

12 ]>e sege TR. >e om. C. 13 sent word to King Edward >at R. 

14 withine T. 15 hem T. 16 of om. T. " amonge hem om. R. 

18 on J>at ol>er TR. 

CH. CGXXVIII] Surrender of Calais. The Plague of 1348 A.D. 301 

fey weste wel fat x fey must deie 2 for defaute, eyfer 3 ^elde 4 vp fe 
toun; and anon wenten & tokin 5 done fe banerys & 6 fe armes of 
Fraunce on euery side fat were hanged out, & wenterc on f e walles 
4 of f e toun, and in ofer diuers placys, as naked as fey were bore, 
saf hire chirtys and 7 brechys, & heldyn hire swerdws naked, & f e 
poynt downward, in hire hande$, & puttyn ropys & halterys 
abowte hire 8 neckys, and golden vp f e keyes of fe toun and of f e 
8 Castell to Kyng Edward, wif grete fere and drede of hert. H And 
when the King sav fis, as a mercyable king and lord, resceyued 
hym al to his grace ; & a feue of f e grettste pe?'sones of stat and 
of gouernaurace of f e toun he sent into Engelond, f er for to abyde 

12 hire raunsome & fe kinges grace ; & al f e co??imwmalte of fe toun 
f e king lete go wher fey wolde in pees, & wif oute ony harme, & 
lete ham bere with ham al hire finge^ fat fey niy^te bere & cary 
away, 9 keping fe toun -and the Castell to hymself. IT jpan, foru$ 

1 6 mediaciou?i of cardenalles J)at were sent fro f e pope, trewes was take 
f er bituene Fraunce & Engelond for ix monef es fan next folwyng ; 
& aboute mychelmasse King Edwarde come a^en vnto Engelond 
wi]> a glorious victorye. 

[The Plague of 1348.] 

20 ^ And in J?e xxiij. 3ere of his regne, in J>e Este parteys of ])e 
worlde Iper aros & bygan a pestilence, & dej> of Sarasine^ and 
Paywgneins, fat so grete a def was neue?- herde of afore, 10 and fat 
wasted awey so fe peple fat vniief es f e x the persone was left 

24 a 11 -lyue. & in fe same ^ere, aboute fe Sowthcuntreys and also in 12 
fe west cuntres, fere fell so much 13 reyne and so grete waters fat, 
from Cn'stemasse vnto 14 Midsomer, fer was vnnefes day ne nyght 
but fat it rayned sumwhat ; f oru^ whiche watres, f e pestilence was 

28 sone fectid 15 & so habundant in all curctres, & namely aboute f e 
court of Eome & ofer places & sore 16 costes, 17 fat vnnefes fere were 
left alyve 18 folk to bery ham fat were ded, honestly, but maden 
grete diches and puttes fat were wonder brood and depe, & f erin 

32 beried, & made a renge of fe 19 dede bodyes, & anofer renge of erfe 
aboue ham ; & f us were fey buried, & non ofer wise, but yf it were 
f e fewer fat were grete men of state. 

1 leaf 179, back. 2 eythir die T. 3 or ellis T. 

4 J>ey moste ou)>er die for defaute or ellis yelde R. 5 took a T. 

6 of TR. 7 and her TR. 8 >eir R. 9 away om. T. 

10 bifore R. n on T. 12 in om. R. 13 leaf 180. 14 to T. 

15 was so effect T. was so effected R. 16 sondry T. 

17 & sore costes om. R. 18 on lyue T. 19 )>e om. R. 

302 Treachery of Geoffrey of Charney at Calais. [CH. ccxxvin 

U And after al pis, in pe xxiiij $ere of his regne, hit was done 
King Edward to wite and vnde?*stonde of a tresoun pat was bygun 
at Caleys, and ordeyned for to selle pat 1 toun for a grete so??ime of 
Florens vnto King Philip of Fraunce, poru^ pe falsnes & pe 2 4 
ordinance of a kny3t pat me called Sir Geffrey of Charney, pat 
was wonder pn'vey wip pe King of Fraunce. U And whan pe 
King herd pis, he toke wip hym )>e noblys & pe gentils, & opere 
worpy & orped men of armes, pat were fere present wip hym for pe 8 
solempnite of pat x hey 3 feest, & wel & wisely, in al pe haste pat 
he my^t, & as pmiely as he my^t, he wente hym 4 ouere see, 5 and 
pat same tyme pe King held hys Cristemas at Haueryng. H And 
in pe morwe after 6 Newers day, pe King was in pe Castell of 12 
Caleys wip his men of armes, pat none of 7 pe aliens wist perof. 
And thilk 8 fals conspiratowr & traytour, Geffrey of Charney, seth 9 
he my^te not opynly haue his pwrpos of pe castell, pryuely & 
stelyngly he comen yn, & held pe toun wip a grete oste. 10 And 16 
when he wip his men were comen yn, he payed pe forsaide sonme 
of florens, as couenaunt was bituene him, to a Geneweys in pe toun 
pat was keper of pe castell, & consentyng to pe same Gefferey in al 
pis 11 falsnesse & trecherye, & bonde pe Englisshe mynesters and 20 
seruaunt} pat were in pe castel, pat pey my^t nou$t helpe hamself, 
ne lete ham of hire pwrpos. & pan, wenyng pat pey had be siker 
ynov, pey spaken hire wickednesse & falones oppynly & an hey, 
pat al men my^t here. U And nov shul 30 here hov pey were 24 
desceyued ; for pey comrae in by a preuy posterne ouer a litel brigge 
was drawyn opp 12 of tre ; & when pey were come yn sotelly and 
preuely, pe brigge was dravyn op and kepte, pat non of ham pat 
were come yn my^te go out, ne no moo come yn to hym. If And 28 
anon our Englisshe men wente oute at pn'uy holes and wendawes, & 
ouere pe wallys of pe toun & of pe castel, & wentew & fou^ten manly 
wip pe Frenche men pat were wipoute, & had the better of ham, pe 
wiche when pey were ocupied by ham self on 13 hire side. )3e King, 32 
pat was wipin pe toun, hauyng wip him 14 scharstly but xxx. men 
of armes, dreve out his swerd, & with a lowed voys cried, on 
hey : " A sent Edward I a sent Gorge I " And when folk herde pat, 
pey come rennyng to him, and 3eauen per 15 to hire enemys so strcmge 36 

1 J>e TR. 2 )>e om. R. 3 hey om. T. 4 hym om. R. 5 >o see R. 
6 next T. 7 of alle T. 8 And whane J>at R. 9 saw >at R. 
10 leaf 180, back. n )>is om. T. his R. 12 was drawyn opp om. TR. 
18 on of C. on TR. 14 wij> him om. R. 15 \>er om. T. 

Geoffrey of Charney taken. Sea-fight with Spaniards. 303 

assaute fat f e?' were mo fen ij. C. men of armes, and meny o]>er, 
slayn, & meny fledden ; & so, by f e g?*ace of God, f e victorye fel to 
f e Englisshe men. IT )?an f e King toke with him f is Gefferey, fat 
4 was fynder of f is trecherye, and also many ofe?' Frenshe prisoners, 
& wit^yn a while x after wente 2 a^en into Engelond. 

[The Plague, or Slack Death.] 

And in pis same $ere, and in f e ^ere afore, & also in f e ^ere aftir, 
was so grete a pestilences of men fro f e Est into f e west, & namely 
8 foru^ bocches, fat he fat siked fis day, deid on fe iij. day after. 
IT To fe wich men fat so deiden in fis pestilens, fat haddyn 
but litel respyte of lyggyng, f e pope Clement, of his goodnes & 
grace, $af ham ful remissions & foryeuyng of all hire synnes fat fey 

12 were schryven of. & fis pestilence lasted in London fro Michel- 
masse into 3 Auguste next folowyng almoste an hool ^ere. & in ]?es 
dayes was dej? wijjoute sorwe, weddyng wipoute frendship, wilfull 
penaunce, and derfe wijjout scarste, and fleyng wi))oute refute or 4 

1 6 socour ; U ffor meny fledden fro place to place by-cause of J?e 
pestilens ; but fey were 5 enfecte, & myjt not ascape J>e de)>e, after 
]>e prophete Isaye 6 seith : " ho 7 fat fleef fro f e face of drede, he 
shal fall into fe diche ; 8 & he fat wyndef hy?ftself out of f e diche, 8 

20 he shal be holde and teyd wif a grenne," but whan f is pestilens was 
cesid & endid, as God wolde, vnnef es fe x. parte of f e peple was 
left alyve, 9 and in fe same :jere bygan a wonder fiwg fat al fat euere 
were born after fat pestilens hadden ij. chekteth in her heed lasse 

24 fan fey had afore. 

How King Edward had a grete bataylle of fe Spaynardes in 
fe see faste by Wynchel-see, & of meny ofere finge^. 
Cap^w/o CC. mo xxix , 10 

28 And in f e xxv. $ere of his regne, about sent Johnwes tyde in 
heruest, in f e see faste by Wynchelse, King Edward had a grete 
batayll wif men of Spayne, wher fat 11 hire shippes & navee ley 
cheyned togider, fat eif ere they muste fi^t or drenche. 51 And so, 

32 whan al our worfi men of armes on f e see coostes fast by Wynchel- 
see & Romeny were gadred, 12 & ouer navee & shippes al redy to f e 
werre, f e Englissh men metten manly & stifly with hire enemys, 

I leaf 181. 2 wente R. ora. C. 3 vnto R. 4 of T. 
5 were om. R. 6 Isaye }>at T. 7 who R. 

8 - 8 om. R. 9 onlyueT. 10 xxix om. T. ccxxxR. 

II leaf 181, lack. 12 gatherid togidere T. gadred to gedir R. 

304 New Coinage. Negotiations about Guienne dropt. [CH. ccxxix 

comyng fersly a^ens ham, & when f e Spaynesshe vessellis & nauey 
were closid yn al about, ]>er men my^te se a stronge bataile vn bof e 
sides, and long duryng ; in j>e whiche Batayle f er ner l but fewe 
fat fau^ten but fat 2 fey were sputesly herte, & fowle. and after 4 
f e batayle f er were xxiiij shippes of here} ytaken ; & so f e 3 
Engligsshe men had fe better. 

[The new Coinage. The dear Summer. A Drought.] 
U And in fe next $ere after 4 folwyng, of his regne xxvj 11 , pe 
King, f oru} his councele, lete ordeyne & make his neve money, fat 8 
ys forto sey, fe peny, fe grote of valev of iiij. pens, & fe half- 5 
grote pe 6 valev of ij d. ; but hit was of lesse wy^th fan f e old 
sterlyng was, by v. s. in f e pound. H And in f e xxvij. 3ere of his 
regne was f e 7 grete derf e of vitailes, f e wiche was clepid pe dere 1 2 
somer. If And in pe xxviij. $ere of his regne in fe parlement 
holdyn at Westminster after Ester, Sere Henry, Erl of Lancastre, 
was made Duk of Lancastre. and in pis 8 same $ere was so grete a 
drowthe fat, fro pe monef of Marche unto f e monef of luyll, fer 1 & 
fel no rayne into 9 fe erfe ; wherfore al 10 fruttys, sedis and erbis, 
for fe more n part was lost ; in defaute wherof per come so grete 
desise of men and bestes, & derfe of vetailes in Engelond, so fat 
)>is lande, fat euer by fore was plentues, had nede fat tyme to seche 20 
his vytaylis and refreschyng of of er out yles and cuntres. 

[Negotiations about Guienne dropt.] 

U 12 And in fe xxix ^ere of King Edward, hit was accrued, 
graunted and swore, bytwene f e King of Eraunce & f e King of 
Engelond, fat he shulde haue a^en al his lande} and lordshipps fat 24 
longe to fe Duche of Guyne of old tyme, fe wiche had bene 
with-drawe & wrongfully occuped by diue?-s Kynge$ of Frounce . 
byforhand, to haue & to hold to Kyng Edward & to his eyrs & 
successours for euermore, frely, pesible, & in good quyete, vppo?z f is 28 
covenaunt, fat f e Kyng of England shold leue of, 18 & relese all u 
right & claynie fat he had & claymed of f e kingdome of Fraunce, 
& of f e title fat he toke f erof. Oppon wiche speche & couenowntes, 
it was sent to f e court of Rome on bof e sydes of f e Kynge^, 15 fat 32 
f e forsaid couenemnt shold be enbulled. but God ordeyned betere 
for fe Knyge^ worship of Engelowd; for, what foru^ fraude & 

1 ne were but T. 2 j>at om. T. 3 oure T. 

4 after om. T. folowynge R. 5 and half a TR. 6 of TR. 

7 J>e om. R. 8 >e TR, 9 on TR. 10 alle >e R. u moste R. 

12 leaf 182. I3 of om. R. 14 al J>e R. 15 of >e kynges om. T. 

CH. ccxxix] Edward III and his Son go on Pilgrimage. 305 

deceyte of pe Frensshmeft, & what poru^ lettyng of pe pope & of pe 
court of Kome, pe forsaid couenawntes were to-sqwat & left of. 

[Transfer of the Staple of Wool to England.] 
IT And in pe same }ere pe Kyng reuoked, by his wys & descrete 
4. counceyll, pe staple of wolles out of Flaundres into Engelond, wip 
al pe libertees, fraunchises & free customes pat longen perto, & 
ordeyned hit in Engelond in diuers places, pat ys forto 1 seyn, at 
Westminster, Caunterbery, Chichestre, Bristowe, Lincoln, & Hull, 
8 wip al pe forsaid pynge} pat longen perto. and pat pis ping sholde 
be pus done, 2 pe Kyng swore hym self perto, & prins Edward his 
sone, wi]> oper meny grete witnesse pat were fere than 3 present. 

[TJie French attempt on Guienne frustrated.] 
And in pe .xxx. $ere of his regne, anon after Wytsonday, in pe 

12 parlement ordeyned at Westminster, hit was told and 4 certyfied 
to 5 pe King, pat Philip pat held pe kingdome of Fraunce was dede, 
and fat John his sone was crouned King, & fat J>is John had ^oue 
Karoll his sone ]?e Duchie of Guyone. U Of fe 6 wiche Jnng, King 

16 Edward, whan he herd J>erof, he 7 had grete indignaciouw vnto hym, 
& was wonder wro]?, &; strongly meved : and ]?er, afor 8 al Ipe worjjy 
lordes Ipat ]>ere were assembled at pat parlement, he clept 9 Edward 
his son to hym, to wiche 10 pe Duchye of Guyene by right heritage 

20 shold longe to, and $af hit hym per, byddyng and strengpiwg him 
pat he shulde ordeyne him to defende and avenge him oppon his 
enemys, & saue & mayntene hys ry$t. IT And afterward, King 
Edward him self, and his eldiste 11 sone Edward, 12 wenten to diuerce 

24 place} and senten in Engelond a pilgrimage, forto haue J>e more 
grace and help of God and of his sent}, and pe secunde kalend- 
of luyll, when al ping was redy to pat viage and batayle}, and al 13 
his retennev & power assembled, and hire navey also redy, he toke~ 

28 wip him pe Erl of Warwyk, pe Erl of Suthfolk, pe 14 Erl of Salys- 
bery, & pe Erl of Oxenford, and a M* of 15 men of armes, and as 
many archerys, in pe Natiuite of our Lady, and at Plymmough 
token hire shippes, and bygan to sayle. 1T And when 16 he come 

32 and was arryued in Guyene, he 17 was per worshipfly take 18 and 19 

1 to E. 2 >o R. 3 were >anne ]>ere R. 4 leaf 182, back. 

5 to om. T. 6 J>e om. R. 7 he om. R. 8 >erfore R. 

9 also and cleped R. 10 whom TR. n eldiste om. R. 

12 Prince Edward T. 13 al om. T. 14 >e erle TR. J>e om. C. 

15 of om. TR. 16 when om. T. 17 and he T. 18 take om. R. 19 and om. C. 

306 Edw. Ill invades France. The Scotch try to take Berwick. 

resceyued 1 of fe moste noble men and lordq of fat cuntre. And 
anon after, King Edward toke wif him his ij. sones, fat ys forto 
seye, 2 Sir Lyonell, Erl of Vltouw, and Sere lohn his broker, Erl of 
E-ychemonde, and Se?*e Henry, Duke of Lancastre, wij> meny Erles 4 
and lordes and men of armes, and too 3 M f archers, and sayled into 4 
Fraunce, and reste him awhile at Caleys. U and afterward, fe 
King went wif his folk aforsaide, and wif of ere sowdiours of 
be^ende f e see fat fere aboden f e Kinges comynge, f e secunde day 8 
of Nouembre, & toke his iorneye toward King lohn of Fraunce, 
fere as he trowed to 5 haue y 6 found him faste by fe toun of 
Odomarw?w, as his letters and couenaunt} made menciouw fat he 
wolde abyde him fere wif his oste. U And whan King Ion of 12 
Fraunce herde of fe Kynge3 comeing of Engelond, he wente awey 
wij) his men & his cariage, cowardly & schamfully fleynge, wastyng 
al vitaile} ouer 7 al, fat 8 Englisshe men shold nau^t haue therof. 
U And when King Edward herde fat he fleed, he pursued him wif 16 
al his mayne til 9 Hedoun; and fen he, by-holdyng fe wantyng 
and f e scarsites of vitaile}, and also the cowardice of the King of 
Fraunce, he turned a^en, wastyng al f e cuntre. 

[The Scots attack Berwick.] 

IF And while al f ese f inge$ were a 10 doyng, f e scottes prevyly and 20 
by ny^t token f e toun of Berwyk, sleyng ham fat wif stode ham, 
and no man ellis ; but, blessid by god ! f e castel neuer-f e-latter 
was sauyd and kepte be Englisshe men fat were f erin. fen f e 
Kinge perceuyng al f is, twrned a3en into Engelond as worf as he 24 
my^te. 11 11 Wherfore in a parlement at Westminster was g?*aunted 
to fe King of euery sake of 12 wolle .1. s. durywg fe terme of vj. 
jere fat he my3t f e my3tlyker fyght and deffende f e reaume a3ens 
f e Scottis and of ere mys-doers : and so, when al f inges were redy, 28 
f e King hastyd hym to f e seege warde. 

Hov King Edward was crouned King of Scotland, and hov 
Prircs Edward toke fe King of Fmunce, 13 & of fe bataylle 
of Peyters. 13 <7apitulo CC mo Tricesimo. 14 

I and rescyuyd T. 2 ]>at ys forto seye ora. TR. 3 leaf 183. 
4 toward TR. c forto T. 6 y om. TR. 

7 ougrall R. o)>er al C. 8 J>at J>e T. \>e R. 9 to T. 10 in T. 

II myghte be R. 12 of om. T. 13 - 13 om. T. 
14 Triscesima om. T. ccxxxi R. 

Edward III crownd King of Scotland. The Black Prince. 307 

1 1 nd in f e xxxj. $ere of his regne, f e xiij day of lanuere, fe 

Ji\. King beyng in fe castel of Beywyk wif a fewe men, but 2 

havyng fer fastby a 3 gret oost, fe toun was ^old to him wif out 

4 eny 4 manere fens or 5 difficulte. fan fe King of Scotlond, fat ys 

forto sey, Sire lohn Bayllol, considering how fat God dede meny 

merueylles finge$ & gracious 6 for King Edward at his owene will 

fro day to day, he toke 7 & ^af op 8 fe reaume of Scotland, & J)e 

8 croune of Scotland, 9 att Rokesburgh, 10 in-to fe Kinge^ handes 11 of 

Engelond, vnder his patent lefties fer of y 12 made. IT And anon 

after King Edwarde, in presence of al f e prelates & of er worf i men 

& lorde^ fat fere were, lete croune hym King fer-of 13 fe reaume 

12 of 14 Scotland, and whan al finge^ were done & ordeyned in thilk 
cuntres at his luste, he twrned a$en into Engelond wif a 15 houge 

II And while fat 16 fis viage was adoyng in Scotland, Sir 

16 Edward, Prins of Walys, as a man enspired of God, was in Guyne, 
in fe Citee of Burdeux, tretyng & spekyng of fe chalangyng, & 17 of 
the Kinge} right of Engelond, fat he had to f e reaume of Fraunce ; 
and ])at he wold avenged be 18 wij) stronge hond. & aH ]>e prelates, 

20 peris, & my^ty men of ]>e cuntre, consentid wele to hym. U j^an 
Sere Edward, the Pryns, wij> a grete oste y 19 gaderid to hym, J>e vj. 
day of luyll went fro Burdeux, goyng & trauaylyng by meny 
diuers cuntres. And he toke meny 20 prisoners, mo fan vj M men of 

24 armes,by the 21 cuntre as he iourneyed, 21 & toke J)e toun of Remor- 
antyn in Saloigne, & beseged J>e castell vj. dayes. and at fe vj. 
dayes ende fey golden fe castell vnto hym ; and 22 fere were taken 
J>e Lord of Crom, and Sere Bursigand, and meny ofere knyghtes, 

28 and men of armes mo fan iiij. 

[The Battle of Poictiers.] 

And fro fens by Tureyne & Petey, 23 faste by Chaneney, his 
noble men fat were "with him hadden a strong bataill wif Frenssh 
men, and a 24 C. of hire 25 men 26 of armes were slayn. and fe Erie 

I leaf 183, back. 2 but om. T. 3 bi a T. 4 any defence or any T. 
5 fens or om. T. 6 & gracious om. R. 7 toke up T. 

8 and 3af vp om. T. 9 of Scotland om. T. 

10 Rokesburgh and bi Baillol >e kyng of Scotland y yonen frely T. 

II >e hondis of the kyng T. 12 y om. T. 13 him >ere king off R. 

14 j>e reaume of om. R. 15 An TR. 16 >at om. T. 17 & om. TR. 
18 wolde be avengid T. 19 y om. R. 20 meny om. 
21 - 21 cuntre and he ordeynyd T. ffl leaf 184. ^ MS. indistinct. 
24 an R. w of hire om. R. * And an C men T. 


308 The Battle of Poictiers. King's arrival in London. 

of Damice & pe stiward of Fraunce werew take, wip a 1 C. men of 
armes. In pe wiche 3eer, pe xix day of Septembre, fast by Peyters, 
)>e same prins, with a M* and ix c men of armes and archers, 
ordeyned a bataill to Kyng lohn of Fraunce, comyng to pe prins- 4 
ward wip vij. M* cosyn men of armes, and oper miche peple in a 
houge 2 passyng noumbre 3 ; of 4 pc whiche per was yslayne 5 ]>Q Duke 
of Burbouw and pe Duke of Athene3, & meny opere noble men, & 
of pe pris men of armes a Mt, & of opere (after pe trewe account & 8 
rekenyng) viij. C. ; and pe King of Fraunce was per take, and 
Sere Philip his 3onger sone, and meny dukes & noble men & worpy 
kny^tys, and men of armes aboute .ij. M* ; and so 6 pe victorie fill 
pere to pe Prins & to pe peple of Engelond, by pe grace of God. 12 
51 And meny fat were take prisoners were set at her raunsoun, & 
oppon her troupe & kny^thoode were charged, and had leue to go ; 
but )>e Prins toke wip hym pe King of Fraunce, and Philip his 
sone, wip al pe reuerence pat he my^te, & wente a$en to Burdeux 16 
with a glorious victorie. U fee somrae of pe 7 men pat were take 
prisoners, & of pe man pat were slayn, pis day of 8 bataill, was iiij. 
[M l ]CCCC. xl. 9 And in pe xxxij. 3ere of Kyng Edward, pe .v. day 
of Maij, Prins Edward, wip King lohn of Fraunce 10 and Philip his 20 
sone, and meny worpy 11 prisoners, arryved graciously in pe hauene 
of Plymmouth ; & pe xxiiij. day of pe same monep, about iij. after 
none, pey comew to London by London brigge, & so wente forpe to 
pe Kynge^ paleys of 12 Westmynstre. U and pere fill so grete pres & 24 
multitude of peple abute ham, to byholde and se pat 13 wonder and 
pat 14 real 15 si^th, that 16 vnnepes fro Midday pey my^te come to 
Westmywste?*. And pe Kinge^ raunsoun of Fraunce was taxied & 
set to iij. Milions of Scutes, 17 of whom 18 ij. shuld 19 be paid a 28 
noble 20 : & 30 shul vnderstonde pat a Miliouw is a M*. Mt. And 
after sonme men, his raunsoun was set at iij. M* 21 floreyns; & al 
is on in effecte. 

And iw 22 pis same 3ere was made solempne iustes in Smepefeld, 32 
beyng per present, pe King of Engelonde, pe King of Fraunce & 
pe King of Scotlond, & 23 meny worpi noble 23 lordes. H The xxxiij. 

1 an TR. 2 in a houge cm. T. 3 the nombre T. 

4 aforesaid of T. oft passings >e noumbre R. 5 slayne TR. 6 so om. T. 

7 }>eom. TR. 8 in T. to R. 9 iiij. Ml iiij. C. and xl T. 

10 leaf 184, back. n o}>er TR. !2 at T. 13 ]>at hit was T. 

14 )>at om. R. 15 for hit was a roiatt T. 16 and Jmt T. 

17 floreyns R. 18 wher of R. 19 ij mvlions schulde T. 

20 anoon T. a noble om. R. 21 iij mylions of T. M in om. T. 

^-^ noble and worthi T. meny O)KT noble and worthi R. 

Duchess Blanche wedded. Edw. Ill invades France. 309 

of his regne f e same King Edward at Wyndesore, as wel for 1 
loue of kny3thood as for his owne worship, & at f e reuerence of f e 
King of Fraunce & 2 ofer lorde^ fat were fere at fat tyme, he held 3 
4 a wonder rial 4 and 5 costlow feest 6 of sent Gorge, passyng eny fat 
was hold euere afore. 7 wherfor fe King of Fraunce, in scornyng, 
sayd fat he saw neuere ne herd such solempne festes ne ryalties 
~holden ne done with taylles, wifoute 8 paying 9 of gold or siluer. 

[The Marriage of Duchess Blanche.] 

8 U And in fe xxxiiij. $ere of his regne, fe xiiij. kalend of luyll, 
Sere lohn, Erie of Eichemund, Kyng Edwardes sone of Engelond, 
weddid dame Blaunche, duk Herryes doubter of Lancaster, cosyn 
to f e same lohn, by dispensacioun of f e Pope, and in f e mene 

12 tyme were 10 ordey?aed iustes at London iij. dayes of 11 fe rogacions, 12 
fat is forto sey, fe Maiere of London, wif his xxiiij* 1 aldermen, 
a}ens al fat wold come. In whos name and stede f e King pn'uely 
wif his iiij. sones, Edwarde, Leonell, lohn & Edmund, & of ere xix. 

16 grete lordes, helden fe feld wif 13 worshopp. 

U And f is same ^ere (as it was tolde & seyd of ham fat sawe hit) 
fere come out blood of fe toumbe of Thomas, sumtyme Erl of 
Lancaster, as ffresshe as fat day fat he was done to fe 14 defe. And 

20 in fat same ^ere King Edward chose his sepulture & his liggyng at 
Westminste?*, faste by f e shryne of Sent Edward. 

\Edward III goes again to France.] 

And anon after, fe xxvij. day of Octobre, he wente ouere see 
to 15 Caleys, makyng protestacioura fat he wold neuere come a^en 

24 into Engelond til 16 he had fully endid f e werre bytuene Fraunce and 
him. IT And so, in f e xxxv. yere 17 of his regne, in fe wynter tyme, 
King Edward was and ls trauayled in f e Eyne costes ; and aboute 
Seynt Hillere tyde he departed his oste, and went to Burgoyne- 

28 warde ; wif whom fan mette pesibely f e Duk of Burgoyne, byhot- 
yng to hym. Ixx. M* Floreyns fat he shold spare his men 19 & his 
peple. And f e King 20 graunted at his request, & dwelled fere vnto 
fe xvij. day of March, fe wiche day it come to King Edwardes ere 

32 fat straunge fennes on 21 f e see vnder f e Erie of Sent Paule, fe xv 

1 for the T. 2 and of T. 3 beheld C. he helde TR. 4 roiatt feste T 
5 and a T. 6 feest om. T. 7 bifore T. 8 oute eny R. 
" anypaiyingT. 10 leaf 185. u aftir R. 12 rogacion) Daie? R. 
1 with om. T. 14 be om. TR. 15 vnto T. 16 til that T. 

17 yere of T. yer of R. yere om. C. 18 was and om. T. 
19 lond T. 2 king it R. 21 wen 

were on TR. 

310 The French attack Winchilsea. The English retaliate. 

day of Marche, liggyng aweyte oppon f e tounes of Hastynge, Rye, 
and ofer places & villages on fe see coostes, hadden 1 entred as 
enemy es into f e toun of Wynchelsee, & slowen al fat euere with- 
stode ham and wif seyd her comyng ; wherfore f e King was 2 gretly 4 
meved and wraithed. U And he turned a$en to Parys-ward, 3 co??^- 
maunded his ost to destroye & slee wif deynt & strengthe of swerd 
hem fat he had byfore hand y 4 sparid. and f e xij day of Aprill }>e 
King come to Parys ; & fere he departed his oost in ix diuerse 8 
bataylles, vriUi iiij c of kny^tes newe dubbed, on fe to 5 syde of 
hem. 6 And Sere Kerry, Duk of Lancastre, vnder pees & trewes 
wente to fe ^ates of fe Citee, 7 profryng to hem fat 8 wold abyde a 
batayl in fe feld, vnder suche a condicioun, fat yf fe King of 12 
Englonde were ouercome (fere as God forbede hit !), fat fen he 
shold neuere chalange f e kingdome of Fraunce. 11 and whan he 
had of hem but a short & an 9 scornfull answere, he told fe King 
& his lordes what he had herd, & wat fey saide. and fan fortwif 16 
fe newe knightes, w^'t/^ meny of ere, makyng assaute to f e Citee, 10 
destroyeden hougily f e subarbes of f e Citee. And while al f ese 
thinges were adoyng, fe Englissh men made hem aredy to be 
avengid vpon fe shame & 11 despit fat was done fat $eer at 20 
Wynchelse, and ordeyneden a nave of iiij shippes of mercnes of 
London & of 12 ofer marchauntes, & xiiij M* of men of armes & 
archers, & wenten & destroyeden hem, & scymed f e see, 18 & manly 
token, & helde f e He of Caux ; wherfore f e Frenssh men, fat is for 24 
to sey, f e abbot of Cluyne, f e Erie of Tankervile & Sere Bursigand, 
fat than was stiward of Fraunce, wif meny of 12 ofer men of fe same 
cuwtre, by commune assent of f e Lord Karoll, }>at f o was regent of 
Fraunce, fey hasted hem, & wentew to 14 fe King of Engelonde, 28 
askyng & bysekyng hym 15 stedfast pees, & euerelastyng, vpon 16 
certeyne condicions fat f er were wreten schewed. 17 U The whiche, 
whan f e King and his councell had seen, it plesed ham neuere a 
dele. 18 But sef it wolde be non of ere, in 19 tyme of betere acorde & 32 
deliberaciouft, f e Frenssh men bysily & wif grete instaunce askede 
trewes for her see coostes ; & f e King 20 graunted hem. and in f e 

1 and hadde TR. 2 leaf 185, back. 3 Parice warde and TR. 

4 y om. R. 5 that oon T. on )>at o R. 6 him T. 7 of Paris R. 

8 that heT. >at he R. 9 aTR. 10 Citee andtheiT. n & am. TR. 

12 of om. TR. 13 and skemed )>e See and destroied ham R. 

14 vnto T. to to C. 15 hym of T. them of R. 16 vpon a TR. 

17 were schewid writen T. writen R. 18 leaf 186. 19 til. R. 

20 and he T. 

CH. ccxxxi] A great Storm. Peace made with France. 311 

morwe after pe ocptas of Pasche, pe King turned hym wit/i his 
ooste towardes Orlyaunce, destroyng & wastyng al pe ciwtre by pe 
wey. And as pey wenten piderward, pere fil oppon hym suche a 

4 storme &' tempest fat non of our naciowz. herd ne sawe neuere non 
such; thurght pe whiche, pousande^ of our men & of hers (sic) 
horses in here 1 (sic) iourneying (as it were porugh vangeaunce), 
sodenly were slayn & perisshed, pe which tempestes ful mich $et 2 

8 ferid not pe Kyng, ne myche of his peple, pat pey ne wenden forth 
in her (sic) viage pat pey had begu?iiie. 

[Peace made betiveen England and France.} 

U Wherfore, abute" pe feest of Holy-Eode Day in Maii, fast by 
Carnocum, pe forseid lordes of Fraunce, nietywg per with pe King of 

12 En[g]londe, a pesible acorde & a fynal, oppon certeing condiciourcs & 
graunte^ articulerlich 3 gaderid wryten togeder, euermore to laste, 
ful discretly made, & to bope kyngges profitable, & to her reumes, 
bop wip on assent of Karoll pe Eegent and Gouernour of Fraunce, 

16 and of 4 Parys of the same reaume, ywretyn & made vnder pe date, 
at 5 Carnacum, pe xv day of May, pey ofFred & profred to pe King 
of Engelond, requireng his grace in alle thynges ywriten, 6 pat he 
wold benyngly admitte hem, and hold 7 hem ferme & stable to hem, 

20 & to her eires for euermore. pe wiche pinge^ and articles, whan 
Kyng Edward had seyn, he 8 graunted hew, so pat bope parties 
sholde be yswore 9 on Goddis body and on pe holy euawnglies, pat 
pe forsaide couenazmt^ shold be stablysshed. & so pey acordeden 

24 graciously ; perfore pe?'e were ordeyned & dressid on eue?y syde too 
barons, 10 ij. baronettes, ij. knyghtes, to admitte & receyve pe othes of 
pe Lord Karoll, regent of Fraunce, & of Sir Edward, n the first sone 
and Eyr of King Edward of Engelond ; and pe x. day of Maii ther 

28 was songen a solempne masse at Parys, and aftir pe iij ' agnws dei ' 
yseid, 12 wip ' dona nobis pace??z,' in presence of the forseid men, that 
there yordeynid 13 to admitte and resceyve the opes, and of all oper 
pat per myght be, the same Karoll leyd his right honde on the 

32 patene wip Goddis body, & his left hand on pe missale, and sayd : 
U "We, K and N, sweryn on Goddis body and on pe 14 holy 
gospelle^, pat we schulle trewliche and stedfastly holden toward vs 

1 his K. 2 3et om. T. 3 articulerli was R. 4 of >e T. 5 of T, 
6 writen R. 7 hold om. T. 8 hern he R. 9 swore TR. 
10 too barons om. TR. n leaf 186, back. 12 was seide T. was seid R. 
13 ordeynyd T. >at were pere ordeyned R. 14 this T. 

312 K. John of France is freed & goes home. Treaty. [CH.CCXXXI 

pe pees and 1 pe acorde made bytuene pe 2 ij kinge^, and in no uianere 
to do the contrarie." & per, amonge al ij his 3 lordes, for more loue 
& streng[t]he of wytne^he 4 deled & departed pe reliqes of pe croun 
of Crist to pe knightes of Engelond : and pey 5 curteysly token her 4 
leve. And in pe Fryday next, pe 6 same manere othe in p?-esences of 
pe 7 knightes, & of 8 al 9 oper worthy men, Prins Edwarde made at 
Loners. Afterward, bope Kynge3, and her sones, and pe moste 
noble men of boj)e reaumes, wipin pe same $er maden pe same ope. 8 
& forto strengthe al pes forsaid pinge} pe King of Engelond axed 
pe grettest men of Fraunce ; and he had his axyng ; pat is forto 
seye, .vj. dukes, viij. Erle3, xij. Iorde3, that is to seyn, baronys and 
worthy knightes. And whan pe place and pe tyme was assigned 12 
in pe whiche bothe Kynges with her counceyll shold come togedir, 
al pe forsaid thynge^ by twene hem yspoke, for to 10 ratifie and make 
ferme & stable. 

J3e King of Englond anone wente toward ))e see, & at Houn- 16 
flete he bygan to sayle, levyng to his ostes that were yleft 11 behind 
him (bycause of his absence) mych hevynes ; & after pe xix day of 
Maii he come into Englond, & went to his paleys at Westmm^er 
on Seynt Dunstons day. & pe iij. day after, he visited John, pe 20 
King of Fraunce, pat was in pe Tour of London, & deliuered him 
frely from 12 al manere prisons, saue ferst they were acorded of iiij. 13 
Milions of ffloreyns for his raunsom, and pe King comforted hym 
& chered him in alle places, wip all solaces & merpe^ that longen to 24 
a king, in his goyng homward. 

H And J>e ix day of luyll in )>e same ^er, pe same John, King of 
Fraunce, that aforhand 14 lay here in ostage, wente home a^ew intq 
his owne lande, to trete of ]?o pinge^, & of o}>ere that longeden & 28 
fillen to J?e gouernance of his reaume. And afterward metten and 
comen togedir at Caleys bothe ij Kinges, wij> bo]>e hire counceyll, 
about Alhalwen tyde, and per were shewed the condiciouws and ]?e 
poywtes 15 of pe pees, & of pe acorde of bope sydes ywriten; & 32 
ther, 15 wfc'tftoute eny wipseying, of bope sides graciously pey 16 pere 
acorded . and per 17 was done and sung 17 a solempne masse, and 
after pe iij. Agnus Dei, vppon Goddes body & also on pe Masse- 
book, bope Kynge3, & her sones, & pe grettest lorde$ of bope 36 

1 as C. and R. 2 )>o R. 3 his om. R. 4 se he R. 5 >ey ora. T. 

6 aftir be .T. 7 be forseide T. be forsaid R. 8 of om. 

9 alle om. T. 10 to for to C. n left TR. 12 leaf 187. 

13 iij TR. . 14 aforsaid }>at R. 15 - 15 of >e pees . . . ther om. TR. 

16 bev om. TR. I7 ~ 17 was songe?i and done T. 

Thunder-storms. Anglo-French Treaty. Eclipse. Drought. 313 

reaumej, and of hir counceill that fere were 1 fan present, & not 
had yswore byfor, fe forsaide ofe that they 2 had made, & was 
titled bytwene hem, fey behighten fere to kepe, & all of er coue- 

4 ncmntes fat were bytuene ham yordeyned. 3 11 And infe 4 same^er 
men, bestes, trees, & housyng, wif sodeyn tempest & strong light- 
nyng were yperisshed 5 ; & the deuel appered bodyly in manms 
liknes to myche peple as they went in diuerses pieces in 6 the 

8 cuwtre & spake to hem. 7 

[A Parliament at Westminster. Eclipse of the Sun ; Marvels, etcJ\ 

Kyng Ed ward e in fe xxxvj $ere of his regne anon after Criste- 
masse in f e feest of 8 Conuercion of seirct Poul, held his par- 
lement at WestrmVisfer, in the which was put forf and showed f e 

12 acorde and the tretys fat was stably sshed and ymade 9 betwene fo 
ij. kinges ; the which ac 10 orde plesid to 11 myche peple ; and f erf ore, 
by fe Kynges commawndement, fere were gadryd and comyn 
togider in Westminster cherche, the ferst Soneday of 12 Lente, that 
~16 is to sey, the ij. TL&lend of Eeuerell, the forsaid English men and 
Frensshe men ; wher was song a solempne masse of f e Trynyte, 
of 13 f e Erchbisshop of Caunterbury, Mayster Symond Islepe. And 
whan Agnus Dei was do, f o u King, beyng fere with his sones, and 

20 also wif f e kynges sones of Frawnce, and ofer noble and grete 
lordes, with candels ylight, 15 and crosse ybrought 16 forth al fat were 
called ferto that were not yswore 17 afor sworen 18 fat same othe that 
was writen oppon goddis body & oppon f e masse boke in f is wyse, 

24 "We, N. and N., sweren oppon holy Goddes body, and on 19 fe 
gospels, stedfastly to hold and kepe toward vs f e pees and f e acorde 
made betwene the too kynges, and neuere forto do fe contrarie." 
And whan they had f us swore, 20 fey token her scrowes that f e 

28 othes were comprehendid in, to the 21 Notaries. 

IT And this same ^er, in f e Asce?iciouw, even about Midday, was 
seyn the Eclipse of f e suiroe; and f er Mowed suche a newe 22 droght 
that, for defaut of rayn, fer was grete bareynes of corn, froyt, 23 and 

32 hey, and in fe same 3ere, the vj. kalend of luyn, fere fill a sang-_ 
weyra rayne, almoost like blood, at 24 Burgoyne; and a sangweyw 

1 were >ere R. 2 that thei T. \>at >ey R. they om. 0. 

3 ordeynyd T. 4 Jris TR. 5 perisshed R. 6 of T. 

7 ham. Capftttfcm ccxxxij R. 8 feest of om. TR, 9 maad TR. 

10 leaf 187, back. " to om. R. 12 in T. 13 bi T. 14 the TR. 

15 light TR. 16 brought R. 17 Swore R. 18 sworen om. T. 

19 vpou T. 20 I-swore T. 21 the om. R. 2 ' 2 newe om. R. 

^offruytT. * in R. 

314 Apparitions. Prince of Wales wedded. [CH. ccxxxi 

crosse, fro morwe vnto pry me, was seyn and apperid at Boloigne in 
fe eyr, fe whiche meny a man sawe; & after, it mevid & fill in 1 
f e myd see. 

H and in J>e same tyme in Fraunce & in Engelond, & in of ere 4 
meny 2 landes as fey had 3 duelled in 4 playn cuntres & desert bare 
wytnes, sodenly f er apperid ij castels, of fe whiche wenten out ij. 
ostes of armed men ; and f e to 5 oste was helid and clothed in 
white, and fe tofere 6 in blak ; and whan 7 8 batayl bytuene hem was 8 
byguraie, the white ouercome fe blake, and an one 9 after, fe blak 
token hert to hew & overcome fe white; and 9 after fat, fey went 
a^en into her castellis, and fat 10 fe castels & al fe oostes vanisshed 
awey. and in fis same $ere was a grete & a 11 houge pestilence of 12 
peple, and namely of men, whos wyues, as wymmew out of goue?*- 
naunce, token husbondes, as wel strawngers as ofere lewed and 
symple peple, }>e whiche, for^etywg her owne wurschip & berthe, 
coupled & maried hem with hem 12 fat were of lowe degre & litel 1& 

U In this same }ere deide Kerry, f e 13 Duke of Lancastre ; & also 
in this 3ere, Edward, Prins of Walys, weddid f e Cuntesse of Kent, 
fat was Sere Thomas wyf 14 Holande, fe whiche was departed & 20 
deuorsid sumtyme fro f e Erl of Salysbury, for cause of ]>e same 
knyght. And about Jris same tyme fere bygan & aros a grete com- 
panye of diuers nacions gaderid togeder, of worn her leders & 
gouernours were Englissh peple ; & fey were clept ' a peple without 24 
an heed,' f e whiche deden mych harme in f e partye of Erawnce ; 
& not long after fere aros anofer cu?7ipanye of diuers nacions fat 
was called ' f e white compahye,' f e whiche, in f e parties & cu/atre 
of Luwbardye, dede myche sorwe. fis same ^ere Sere lohn Gaunt, 28 
fe sone of King Edwarde fe third, was made Duk 15 of Lancastre, 
by resouw & cause of his wyf, fat was fe doubter & 16 eyre of 
Kerry, sumtyme Duk of Lancastre. 

Of the grete wynde, & howe Prins Edward, fe 17 lordship of 32 
Guyene, of King Edward his fader toke of him, 18 & went thider. 
cc, xxxij. 19 

I into T. 2 meny o]>er R. 3 >at R. 4 in the TR. 

6 )>at oon T. and >at on R. 6 >at o>ir T. 7 whenne the T. 
8 leaf 188. 9 - after }>e blak . . white and om. T. 10 J>anne TR. 

II An T. 12 with hem om. T. 13 >e om. R. u wyf of T. 
16 >e Duke T. " and the T. 17 had >e T. 

8 toke of him om. TR. 19 cc. ccxxxiij R. 

CH.CCXXXII] Wind,Rain & Frost. Zaw-pleadingsin English. 315 

And in fe xxxvij $er of King Edward, the xv day of January, 

that is to sey, on Seynt Mauris day, about evesong tyme, \er aroos 

& come such a wynd out of f e suoth, wi)> such a fersnes, that he 

4 brast & 1 blewe 2 doun 3 to ground hye houses, & strong byldynges, 

toures, cherches, & 4 steeples, & ofer strong 5 fynges ; and al ofer 

strong 6 werkes fat stoden still, were so yshake ferewith, fat fey 

ben jett, and shol be euermore, the febelere & weyker while fey 

8 stonde ; & fis wynd lasted w*'t/ioute eny cesyng vij. dayes continuels. 

IT And anon after, ]>er folowed such watres, in hey tyme & in 

hervest tyme, fat #11 feld- werkes were strongly let & left vndone, 

and in f e same ^ere Pn'ns Edward toke f e Lordship of Guyene, & 

12 dede to Kyng Edward his fader feaute & homage f erf ore, & went 
ouer see into Gascoigne, wif his wyf & his childryn ; & anone after, 
King Edward made Sere Leonel, his sone, Duke of Clarence, & 7 
Edmund, his ofer sone, Erl of Caumbrig. U and in f e xxxviij 3ere 

16 of his regne, hit was ordeyned in fe pa?'lement, fat men of lawe, 
bothe of fe temporall & of 8 holy chirche lawe, fro pat tyme forth 
shold plede in her moder tunge. And in f e same 3ere comen into 
Engelond thre kinges, that is to sey, f e King of Fraunce, the King 

20 of Cypres, & fe King of Scotlande, by cause to visite & to speke 
wif ]>Q King of Engelond, of whiche 9 J>ey were wonder welcomen 10 
& myche yworshiped. 11 & after fat fey had ben her longe tyme, 
ij of hem wenten a^en home into 12 her owne kingdomes; but fe 

24 King of Fraunce, thurgh grete sikenes & malady fat he had, left 
still in Engelonde. 

1F and in f e xxxix $er of his regne, was a strong and an houge 
frost, & that lasted long, that is forto sey, fro Sent Andrewes tyde 

28 vnto f e xiiij kalewcZ of Aprill, that f e tilthe & 13 sowyng of fe erthe, 
& of ere suche feld werkes and hand werkes, were myche yyet 14 & 
lefte 15 vndo, for colde & hardnesse of 16 erthe. 

U And at Orrey in Brytayne fat tyme was ordeyned a grete 

32 dedly batayll bytwene Sere lohn of Mounfort, Duk of Bry 17 tayne, 
& Sere Charles of Bloys, but f e victorie fill to f e forseyd Sir John, 
thurgh help and socour of f e Englissh men ; & f ere were take meny 
& sqwyers and of er men fat wererc ynoumbred. 18 In the 

1 touris chirchis and T. 2 leaf 188, lack. 3 down om. T. 

4 toures cherches and om. T. 5 strong om. T. 6 strong om. R. 

7 and sir R. 8 of the T. 9 whom T. of whom R. 

10 home ayen to T. to R. n worshiped R. 12 to R. 13 and >e R. 

14 let R. 15 moche I left T. 16 of the T. 17 leaf 189. 

18 men of name R. 

316 Peter 's Pence not to be paid. Earn. Pestilence. [CH.CCXXXII 

whiche bataill was slayn Cliarlis hy??iself, with al fat stood about 
hyin ; & of f e 1 Englissh men fe?* were slayn but vij. And in this 
$ere deid at Savey, lohn, the King of Fraunce, whose seruise & 
exequyes King Edwarde lete 2 ordeyne, & dede in diuerses places 4 
worschipfully to be done, and to douorre of worschipfull men 
ordeyned hyni worthily to be ledde, wif his owne eostes & ex 
penses; from 3 fens he was fet into Frawnce, & beried at Seywt 
Denys. 8 

[Peter's Pence stopt. Rain, Sparrow-fights, Plagues.] 
H In the xl $eer of King Edward the vij, kalend of Feuerer, 
was born Edward, Prins Edwardes sone, fe whiche, whan he was 
vij }ere olde, he deide. And in f e same }er hit was ordeyned that 
seynt Petris pens, fro fat tyme for]? shold not be payd, fe whiche 12 
Kyng Iva, sumtyme King of Englond, of f e cuntre of West-Saxons, 
that bygan to regne in f e 3er of our Lord DClxxix, ferst graunted 
"to Rome, for f e scole of Engelond ther to be continued. And in 
this same $er fere fill so mich rayne in hey-tyme, that it wasted 4 & 16 
distroyed bof e corn & hey ; and ]>er was suche a debate & fightyng 
of sparows, by diue?'s places in thes 5 dayes, that men founden 
vnnumerable multitudes of hem dede in feldes as fey wenten. And 
ther fill also such a pestilens, that neuere non such was sene in no 6 20 
manges tyme alyve 7 for meuy men, anone 8 as fey were go to bed 
hool 9 & in good poynt, 10 sodeinly fey deiden. also fat tyme a 
sikenes J>at men callen ' f e pokkes,' slow bof e men and whymmen, 
four} hire enfectyng. U and in fe xli. ^er of his regne 11 King 24 
Edwarde, was bore at Burdeux Eichard the seconde, 12 sone of 
Prins Edward of Engelond, fe whiche Richard 13 King Richard of 
American heved at fe funtston, after whom he was cleped Richard. 
& f is same Richard, whan his fader was dede, & Kyng Edward 28 
also, was crouned Kyng of Engelond f e xj ^ere of his age, thurgh 
ryght lyne & heritage, & also by commun& assent & desir of fe 
comnalte of f e reaume. 

. [With Du Guesdin's help King Pedro of Spain is deposed, 

and King Henry elected, A.D. 1366.] 

IT About fis tyme, at King Edwardes commandement of 32 
Engelond, whan al fe castelles & tounes were ^olde to him, that 

1 >e om. TR. 2 lete om. R. 3 And from T. And fro R. 

4 lasted T. 6 Tho T. 6 no om. R. 7 on lyue T. 

8 anone om. R. 9 hool T. 10 point anon R. n his re^ne om. TR. 

13 leaf 189, back. 13 Richard was C. Richard TR. 

CH. ccxxxn] K. of 'Spain deposed. Danish Invaders repulst. 317 

long 1 weren hold in Frounce by a grete cou??ipany assembled 

togider, Sere Bertram Cleykyn, kny^t, and 2 a 3 orpid man & a good 

werreowr, went & pwrposid hym to put out Piers, Kyng of Spayne, 

4 out of his kingdom e wif help of f e most partye of f e forsaide grete 4 

cumpanye ; trustyng also oppon help & fauour of f e Pope, for as 

myche as hit come to his eres that f e same Piers shold lede & vse 

the most 5 worst & synfullest lyf out. 6 U The wiche Peris, King of 

8 Spayne, ysmytyn 7 -with drede of this tydyng, fled into Gascoigne 

to Prins Edward, forto haue help & socour 8 of hym. and whan 9 

he was fled out of Spayne, Herry his broker, fat was a bastarde, 

by assent of fe moste pa?*tie of Spayne, & f orughe help of fat 

12 ferfull cumpany fat y spak of arst, was made & crouned Kyng of 

Spayne : and f e noumbre of fat same cumpany was rekened & 10 

set at f e nou?ftbre of Ix. M* fighting men. 

[A Danish Expedition against England.} 
U This same ^ere, in fe monfe of luyn, ]>ere come -a gret 

16 companye & navee of fe Danes, & gaderyd hem togedir in fe Nor]) 
See, pwrposyng hem to come into Engelond, to reue & to n robbe, 
and also to 11 slee; with 12 who??i, couiitreden & metten in fe see, 
Maryners and ofer orpyd fightyng men of the same cuwtre, & 13 

20 disparpled hem 14 ; & fey, 15 ashamed, went home a^en into her owne 
cuntre. But amonge al of ere was 16 a boystows and a strong vessell 
of her nauie that was ouere-sayled of the 17 Englissh men, & was 
pen'sshid & dreynt; in J?e whiche, fe stiward & o]per worthy & 

24 grete men of Denmark, were take prisoners, &, by the Kyng of 
Engelorcd & his councell, yprisoned. 18 IF The whiche lordes, ]?e 
Danes afterward comen & soghtew 19 al about for to haue had 20 
her goodes fat f ei had lost ; and f ei, not wel apayed ne plesid of 

28 fe answere fat f ei had here, 21 turned homwardes 22 a^en levyng 
behind hem in her ynnes, pryvyly ywriten, 23 in scrowes and on 
walles, "3e 24 shull Danos ]>es Wanes." Than happed fere an 
Englissh writer & 25 wrote a^ens f e Danes in f is rnanere wyse : Her 

32 shull Danes fett banes. 

1 long om. TR. 2 and om. TR. 3 an TR. 4 grete om. R. 

5 most om. R. 6 out om. R. 7 ysmytyn om. T. 

8 socoure and help T. socour and help R. " 9 whan om. T. 

10 rekened & om. T. n to om. R. 12 leaf 190. 13 and thei T. 

14 hem om. T. 15 >ey om. T. 16 t'er was R, " the om. T. 

18 prisoned T. 19 sente R. 20 had with C. had TR. 

21 >ei T. here om. R. ** hoom R. w writen R. M t>e T. 

25 & om. R. ^ sette her TR. 

318 Edw. Ill 'advises the Black Prince to help Pedro. [CH.CCXXXII 

[The deposed King Pedro of Spain appeals to the 

Black Prince for help.~\ 

And in f is tyme, Peirs, Kyng 1 of Spayne, m't/i of er Kynges, 
fat is forto sey, fe King of Nauerne, & 2 fe King of Malogre, 
beyng menes, wente?* bitwene, & prayed counceyl 8 & help of Sere 
Edwarde, ]>e Prins f one}, whose counceil, whan he had vnderstond 4 
her articles & desire fat he was requyred of ij. 4 kinges, lothe he was, 
and ashamed, to sey 'nay,' & contrarie hem; but nofeles he was 
agast lest it sholde be eny preiudice a^ens fe Pope. 5 Long he 
taried hem or he wolde graunte & consente ferto, til he had better 8 
counceyl & avysement wit/i good deliberations of King Edward, his 
geter and 6 his fader. U But whan fat 7 he was with euery dayes 
& continuele bysechynges of so meny noble men yrequired 8 & 
spoken to, & wif meny prayers ysent 9 and made bituene fam, 12 
Prins Edwarde sent to his fader bof e by pleynywg leta?es, and also 
by confortable, conteyDyng al her suggestions and causes, wif al 
fe tofer 10 Kynges epistles & le^res forto haue n comfort and helpe 
of fe wronges, not only to fe Kyng of Spayne ydo, but also for 16 
such finges fat might fal to ofe?*e kynges also, if it ner not fe 
sonner holpen & amendid, Jmrgh f e dome & help of knyghthood to 
hem that it asked & desired. U The which letties, whan f e kyng 
and his wys counceyll had seyn & vndirstonden, he had grete 20 
compassions & heuynesse of such a kynges spoylyng and robbyng, 
wif myche vermaille 12 ; and sent a^en comfortable letteres to Prins 
Edward, his sone, and to fe of ere forsaide kynges, & warned hym 
forto arme hym & ordeigne hym a3ens fat mysdoer, & to wifstond 24 
hem, by fe help of God, that weren such enemyes to kynges. 

[The Black Prince undertakes to help the King of Spain.'] 
U Whan this 13 noble Pryn$ had resceyued f es letteres, hym-self, 
wif f e of ere kynges byfor all her counceyll clept togeder or fat he 
wold vndirtake fe querell be 14 bonde, & knet sore fe King fat was 28 
deposid wif a grete othe, fat is forto sey, fat he shold eue?*e after 
maynteigne the ry$t byleue and faith of holi chirche, & holy 
chirche 15 also wif al her mynistres, rightes & libertees, to defende 
from all her enemyes ; and all eueles 16 & al fat were f ere a^ens, 32 

1 kyng om. T. 2 & om. R. 3 of counsett T. 4 J>o TR. 
5 pope and T. 6 his geter & om. TR. 7 >at om. TR. 
8 required T. 9 sent T. 10 o\>er R. leaf 190, back. 
12 mervaitt R. 13 j>e R. 14 he R. 16 & holy chirche om. R. 
16 & all eueles om. TR. 

CH.CCXXXII] K. Pedro's oath. 2 Eagles fight. Stars fall. 319 

bytte?*ly to ponysshe & destourble, & al pe rightes libertees & 

pryuileges of holy cherche encrece, mayntaigne & amende, & al 

J>inges pat were wrongfully benome, wipdrawe & bore awey, by hym 

4 or by eny opere by cause of hym, hastly to restore a^een, and to 

dryve & put out Sara^ins & al opere mysbyleued peple out of his 

kyngdom, wip al his strenghe & power, & suffre ne admitte none 

such for no manere ping, ne cause to duell theryn ; and pat whan he 

8 had take a cristen womman to wyf, he shold neuere come in to x non 

oper wo?7imans bedde, ne non opere manrces wyf to 2 defoule : al pes 

_J*forsaide J>inges, trewlych forto kepe, 4 continue & fulfill al his lyf 

tyme, he was bound by othe afor notaries, in presence and witnes 

1 2 of tho kynges wip opere prins, & pan thilk 5 gracious Prins Edward 
vndertoke pe cause & pe querele of pe King pat was deposed, & 
benight hym, with 6 pe 7 grace of God, to restore hym a^en to his 
kyngdome, and lete ordeigne & gadre to-gedir forthwip in all haste, 

16 his nave, wip men of armes, to werre & fight in this forseid cause. 

[Fight of Eagles ; Fall of Fiery Stars ; Storms and 


IF And in this same tyme, oppon pe sonde of the Scottyssh see, 
pat meny a man 8 hit sye ther 9 iij. dayes togedir pere were sene ij. 
Egle}, of pe which the tone 10 come out of pe southe, & pe toper 11 

20 out of 12 pe North, & cruelly & strongly pey foughten togider & 
warstled togider; & pe south Egle ferst ouercome the Northe egle, 
& al 13 to-rent and tare hym wip his bille & his clowes, pat he shold 
not reste ne take no brepe ; and aftir, the south egle flye home to 

24 his owne coostes. and anone after, pere folowed & was seyn 
in pe 14 niorne afore pe 15 suwne rysing; and after, in 16 pe last day of 
Octobre saf on, pat 17 meny sterres gaderid togedir on an hepe fel 
doun into pe erpe, levyng behind hem fery 18 bemes in manere of 

28 lightnyng, whos flaumes & hete brent & consumed meraiys elopes 
& mewnys here, walkyng on pe erpe, as hit was seen & knowen of 
meny a man. 1F and $et thilk Northren wynd, that is euere redy & 
destinat to all evell fro Seynt Katerins even til iij. dayes aftir, lost 

32 good wipoute nombre vnrecouerable. and in pese same dayes per 
fill & comen also such lightnynges, pundres, snowe & hayl, pat hit 
wastede and destroyed men, bestes, houses and trees. 

1 in TR. 2 to om. R. 3 leaf 191. 4 be kept R. 5 ]>at R. 

ept . 

hym with om. T. 7 bi the T. 8 a man om. T. 9 it saw R. 
that oon T. }>at on R. n that o]>er T. 
al om. T. u in the T. in J>e R. om. 
in om. R. 17 J>at om. R. 18 very R. 

10 that oon T. ]>at on R. n that o]>er T. 12 }>at o]>er com off R. 
13 al om. T. u in the T. in J>e R. om. C. 15 ]>e om. R. 

320 The Black Prince's victory over K. Herry. [CH.CCXXXIII 

Of pe bataill of Spayne bituene Prins Edward & Kerry pe 

Bastard of Spayne. C&pitulo CC mo xxxiij . 1 
[I]n pe $er of our Lord a M^CCC. Ixvij, & of Kyng Ed 
ward xlij., pe thrid day of 2 Aprill, per was a strong bataill & a 4 
grete, in a large felde yclept 3 Prya^ers, fast by pe water of Naders 
in Spayne, bitwene Sir 4 Edward Pryns, 5 & Harry, pe Bastarde of 
Spayne ; but pe victorie fill to Pryns Edwarde, by pe grace of God. 
& )>is same Prins Edward had with hym Sere John, pe Duke of 8 
Lancastre, his broker, and worpi oper 6 men of armes, aboute pe 
noumbre of xxx. Mt. And pe King of Spayne had on 7 his side, 
men of diuerce nacions, to pe noumbre of a 8 C. M*. & passyng. 
U Wherfore pe sharpnes & pe fersnes of his aduersarye, wip his 12 
fill boystus & ful 9 grete strengthe, made & 10 strevyn 11 pe ry^tfull 
partye abak a gret wey ; but purgh pe grace of Almy^ty God, 
passyng eny mawnys strengthe, thilk hougest ooste was desparbled 
myghtfully by j?e noble Duk of Lancastre and his oste, or pat Pryns 16 
Edward come nye hym. U And whan Harry pe Bastard sey pat, 
he twrned wip his men, 12 wip so grete haste and strengthe, to fle, 
pat an houge cuwpanye of him in pe forseyd flood, & of pe brigge 
per-of, 13 filler 14 doun 15 & perisshed. and pere were take, pe Erl of 20 
Dene and Sere Bertram Cleykyn, pat was chefe 16 maker and cause 
of the werre, and also chyueteyn of pe vauntward of pe bataill, wip 
meny oper lordes and knightes, to pe noumbre of ij. M* ; of whom 
ij c weren of Frazmce, & meny of Scotlond ; & pere were feld in pe 24 
felde on our enemy s side, of lordes and kny3tes, vfith opere mene 
peple, to pe noumbre of vj M* & mo ; and of Englissh men but a 
fewe. U And after pis, pat noble Prins Edward restored pe same 
Piers into his kingdom a3en. pe whiche Piers afterward, pour} 28 
trecherye & falsnes of pe f orsaid Bastarde of Spayne as he sate atte 
pe table, he was strangled and deyde. but after pis victorye, meny 
noble and hardy men of Engelond, in Spayne, pour$ the fflix & odir 
diuers siknesses, toke her dethe. 32 

& in pis same 17 3er in Marche, 18 was seyn 'Stella Comata' 
bitwene pe North costes & pe west, whos bemes strecched toward 
Frawnce. and in pe $er next sewyng of King Edwardes regne 

1 C&pUulo CO T. CCxxxiiij R. 2 Zea/191, back. 3 clept TR. 

4 sir om. R. 5 bitwene Prince Edward T. >e Prins R. 

6 and o>er worthi R. 7 in R. 8 an T. 9 ful om. R. 

10 made & om. R. " droof T. dryuen R. 12 wij> his men om. TR. 

13 ]>er of om. R. 14 fil a T. 15 A downe T. 16 chefe om. T. 

17 leaf 192. 18 in Marche om. T. 

CH. ccxxxm] Prince Lionel wedded. Duchess Blanche dies. 321 

xliij.,in Aprill, Sere Leonell, Kyng Edwardes sone, fat was duk of 

Clarence, went towarde Myleyn, with a chose meyne of f e gentils 

of Englond, forto wedde Galoys doubter, 1 and haue her to wyf, by 

4 whom he shold haue half 2 fe Lordship of Mileyn. But after fat 

fey were solempnly wedded, the 3 same Duke, about fe Natiuite of 

our Lady deid. 4 & in fe same ^ere fe Erensshe men breken fe 

pees & the trewes, ryding on fie Kinges ground and lordship of 

8 Englorcd, in J>e shire & curctre of Pountyf , & taken & helden castls 

& tounes, & bere fe Englisshe men on hond falsly 5 & sotilly, 6 fat 

fey were cause of breking of fe 7 truws. And in }>is same $ere deyd 

fe Duchesse 8 of Lancastre, & is beryed worschipfully in 9 Seynt 

12 Poules Cherche. 10 

[A Great Pestilence, A.D. 1369.] 

5F The xliiij ^ere of King Edward regne, was f e grete pestilens 
of men and of grete beestes ; and by grete fallyng of wateres fat 
fill fat tyme, f er fill grete hyndryng & destroyeng of corn, in so 

16 mych fat fe next $ere after, a busshell whete 11 was solde for xl d. 
and about f e laste ende of May, Kyng Edwarde held his parle- 
ment at Westminster ; in f e whiche j9arlement was treted & spoken 
of fe ofe & fe 12 trewes fat was broke bituene hem and fe King of 

20 Erazmce, & how he my^te best oppoii his wrong be avenged. 
IT In fis same 3er, in fe Assumpsion of our Lady, deid 13 Qwene 
Philippe of Engelond, a ful noble and good woman; & at 
Westminster ful worschipfully is buried & entered. 

24 And about Missomere, f e Duke of Lancastre & f e Erie of Her- 
ford, wif a grete cumpanye of kni^tes, wentew into Erawnce, wher 
fey gete hem but a litell worship and name 14 ; for fer was an houge 
oste of Frenssh men oppon 15 Chalkhul brigge, 16 & anofer oste 17 

28 of Englisshe men faist by f e same brigge, 16 f at longe tyme had leyn 
fere ; and meny worfy men & grete of fe 18 Englisshe men ordeyned 
& 3af counceyll forto fight & ^eue bataill to f e Erensh men ; but f e 
forsaide lordes wolde nofing 19 consente ferto, ne assent, 20 for no 

32 manere fing. U Ther ano? after, hit happid fat fe Erl of "War- 
wyke come fedirward forto werre ; & whan f e Erenshmen herde 

1 Galeys >e Dukis sister of Mileyne R. 2 J>e half R. 3 pat T. 

4 he died T. 5 men falsly on honde T. >at falsli R. 

6 sotilly om. T. 7 >e am. R. 8 Duke T. 9 at T. 

10 chirche at London) R. n of whete T. 12 and of the T. 

13 died the T. 14 and name om. R. 15 leaf 192, lack. 

16 - 16 & ano>er oste . . . brigge om. R. 17 oste om. T. 18 ]>e om. T. 

19 not R. 20 ne assent ora/R. 

322 Earl Warwickdies. Sir J.Hawkwode's supplies. [CH.ccxxxni 

of his comynge, or fat fey 1 come fully to londe, fey left her tentis 
and pavilons, wif al hir vetayles, & fledden 2 and wenterc awey pre- 
veyly. And whan f e Erl was come to londe wif his men, he wente 
in al has[t] 3 into 4 Normandy e, and distroyede fe He of Cavs, four3 4 
dent of suerde & poui^ fire ; but alias, in his retw?*nyng into 5 Eng- 
lond-warde home a^en, at Caleys he was take vrith siknes of pestil- 
lence, & deide, nowt lewyng behynde him, after his dayes, non G 
so noble a kni^t, ne so 7 orpid of armes. II In whiche tyme rayned 8 
and werred thilk orpid knijt, Sere lohn Hawkwode, fat was an 
Englisshman born, hauyng with hym at 8 his goue?*nance f ilk white 
cumpanye fat ys abore 9 ynemned, fe whiche were 10 o tyme a^ens 
holy chirche, and anofer tyme a3ens lordes werryng, & ordeynede 12 
gret batailes ; & ]>er in fat cuTitre he dede many mervayles f inge^. 
And aboute f e Conuersion of Seynt Poule, King Edward, whan 
he had Bended and done fe entering and fe 11 exequites, wif grete 
costes and rialtees, aboute fe tombe 12 & buryng of Quene 16 
Phillip his 13 wif, he held his parlement at Westmmsfe?*. In f e 
whiche parlement was axed of fe clergye a iij. ^ers disme, fat is 
forto sey, a gret dime to be paled .iij. $er duryng ; and the clergye 
put hit of, and wolde not graunte hit vnto Ester next comyng ; 20 
& pan fey graunted wele fat in iij 3ere, by certeyne termes, fat 
disme 14 shold be payed ; & also of fe lay fee, was a iij. 3ers xv. 
ygraunted to f e King. c 

Hov sir Robert Knollis, wif ofer certeyne 15 lordes of fe 24 
reaume, 16 wente ouere fe see into Frawnce; & of here 
gouernaurcce, C&ptiido CC mo , xxxiiij . 17 

And in fe xlv $ere of King Edward, in fe bygenyng, King 
Edward, wif owne-wise 18 counceyll and vndescret, borwed a 28 
grete su?rame of gold of fe p?'elatis and lordes, Marchauntes and 
ofer riche men of fe 19 reaume, saynge fat hit sholde be spende in 
deflendyrag of holy cherche & of his reaume ; but neuer f e latte?* 
hit profited hit 20 not. Wherfore about Midsomer after, fe king 32 
made a grete oste of fe worthiest men of his reaume, amonges 
whom were somme lordes, fat is forto seyn, fe Lord Fitz water, 

1 he TR. 2 fledde t>enne3 R. 3 haste T. 4 haste toward R. 

6 to TR. 6 non om. R. 7 knyght and TR. 

8 and at TR. 9 afore R. 10 were om. TR. n >e om. R. 

12 sepulcure TR. 13 his wif T. his wiff R. wif om. C. 

14 Zea/193. 15 wrteyne om. R. 16 of }>e reaume om. TR. 

17 CO T. CC xxxv R. 18 with vnwis R. 19 his TR. 

20 hit om. TR. 

The English forces separate) & are broken by the French. 323 

be Lord Gromson, and ope?* wor)>i kni^tes, of whiche kni^tes )>e 
King 1 ordeyned Sere Robert Knolhs, a proved kni^t and wel 
assayed in dede of armes, f orto be gouernour ; and bat, bour^ his 
4 gouernnance and counceyll, al ping sholde be gouerned & dressid. 
and whan bey come into Fraunce, as long as bey duelled and helde 
him hole togider, be Frensshmen borust 2 nout falle oppon hym. & 
at be 3 laste, aboute be bigynnyng of wenter, for enuye and covetyse 4 
8 bat was amonges ham, and also discorded, bey sunddered & partyd 
him into diuers companyes, vnwysely & follely. But Sere Robert 
Knollis & his men wentew and keptew ham saf 5 wibinne a Castel 
in Britaigne. & whan be frenshe men saw bat our men were 

12 deuyded i^to diuers curapanyes & places, nou$t holdyng ne 
strengyng ham togeders, as bey aw^te forto done, bey fel fersly on 
our men, & for be moste partey 6 tol*^ ham & slowen, 6 ; and bo 
bat ]?ey toke, ledde wij) him presoners. U And in J?e same 3ere 

16 Pope Vrban come fro Rome to Avyoun, for enchesouw & cause J?at 
he shold acorde and make pees bytwene }>e King of F?-aunce and 
]?e King of Engelonde for euermore ; but alias, 7 or he bygan Jris 
tretis, he deide wif sikenes, j?e xxj day of Decembre, & was 

20 yburied 8 as for ]je tyme in J>e cathedral cherch of Avyon, fast by 
J>e hye 9 auter. & fe next ^ere after, whan he had leyn so, his bones 
were taken out of ]>e erj>e, and beryed new in fe abbey of Seynt 
Victour, fast by Marcyle, of J>e whiche abbey he was simtyme 

24 abbot hymself. 10 & in bofe places ]?at he was buryed yn, ther 11 
bene meny grete miracles done and wroght, thurgh J?e grace of 
God, to meny a ma?mes help, and to J>e worship of God. After 
whom folowed next, & was made Pope Gregore Cardynall, dekene, 

28 at bifore was clept Piers Rogier. 

[TJie Blade Prince takes Limoges, and comes bade to England .] 

51 In this same ^ere ]?e Citee of Lymage rebelled and faght a^ens 
]>e> Pryns, as o]?ere Citees in Guyene dede, for grete taxes, costages 
& raunsoms, ]?at J)ey wer put-yn and ysette 12 to 13 by Prins Edward, 
32 ]?e whiche charges were unportable, & to chargeable ; wherfor Jjey 
twrned fro him, & fill to J>e King of Frazmce, & whan Pryns 
Edward sawe jns, he was sore ychaufed 14 & ygrevid ; and in twrnyng 

1 the kyng TR. the om. C. 2 durest R. 3 >e om. TR. 

4 and covetyse om. TR. 5 selffR. 

6 6 token hem or slowen hem T. or slowen ham R, 7 leaf 193, back. 

8 buried TR. 9 hye om. R. 10 hymself om. R. u ther om. T. 

12 sette T. 13 to om. T 14 chaufed R. 


324 The Black Prince comes home. Laymen made State officers. 

homward a^en to Engelond, with sore skyrmisshes & fightyng and 
grete 1 assautes, fought 2 with hem, & toke )>e forsaid Citee, & dis- 
troyed hit almost to fe 3 g?*ounde, and slow al fat were *founcle in 
fe Citee. 4 And fan, forto sey fe sothe, for diu<?'3 sik nesses and 4 
maladies J>at he had, and also for defaute of money fat he myght 
not wifstande ne tarie on his enemys, he hyed hym a$en into 
Engelond. And about f e bygynnyng of Januarij he come into 
Engelond with his wyf and his meyne, levyng behind him in Gas- 8 
coigne J>e Duk of Lancastre & Sere Edmund, 5 Erl of Caumbrigge, 
with opere worfy and orpid men of armes. 

U In f e xlvj $ere of King Edwarde, at f e ordinance & sendyng 
of King Edwarde, fe King of Nauern come to hym to Claryngdoun, 12 
to trete wif ham of certeyn f inges touching his werre 6 in Normandye, 
wher King Edward had left 7 certen seges in his stede til he come 
a^en ; but King Edwarde myghtew not spede of fat fat he asked of 
hym; and so fe King of Nauerne, with grete worshup & grete 16 
^eftes, toke his leue, & wente home a$en. And about f e begynnyng 
of Marche, whan f e parlement at Westminster was bygumie ; f e 
King axed of fe clergy e a subsidie of L. M l ti, 8 J?e whiche, by a 9 
good avisement & by a general co?juocacioutt of fe clergye, hit was 20 
ygraunted 10 & yordeyned 11 fat hit shold be payede & reised of fe 
lay fee. And in f is parlement, at f e requeste & axyng of f e lordes, 
in hatered of men of holy chirche, f e Chaunceler & tho fat were 
Bisshopes, fe Tresorer & f e Clerk of fe Pryue Sele, were remeued 24 
& put out of hire office, & in hire stedes were seculer men put yn. 
And while f is pa?*lement laste, f<?r comen solempne ambassiatours, 
ysent 12 fro fe Pope to trete wif fe King, of pees, & saiden fat fe 
Pope desired to fullfille his p?*edecessours will ; but for al hir 28 
comyng fey spedden not of hir purpos. 

Of f e sege of Rochell, & hov f e Erl of Penbroke was take?* 
of fe Spaynarde}. Cap^wlo CC mo xxxv . 13 

The ix day of Juyn, King Edwarde, in f e xlvij 3ere of his regne, 32 
helde his pa?*lement at Wynchestre; & hit lasted but viij. dayes ; 
to f e 14 parlement was sompned by wryt, of men of holy chirche, 
iiij. bisshopes & 15 iiij. abbotes, wif oute eny mo. This pa?-lement 

1 and grete om. R. 2 fightyng sautis foughten T. 3 be om. T. 
founde >ernne R. 6 lohn TR. 6 Z^/194. * lost R. 

8 1 Ml pound T. 9 a om. R. 10 grauuted R. ordeyned R. 
12 sent R. 13 CC T. CC xxxvj R. " fis R. 15 & om. T. 

OH. ccxxxv] . K. Pedro s Daughters wed English Nobles. 325 

was 1 liolden for Marchauntis of London, of Norwych, & of o]>er 
diners places, in diue?*s Binges and poyntes of tresourc fat fey were 
diffamed of, fat is forto sey, fat fey were rebelle, & wolde 2 rise 
4 a^ens fe King. 

U This same ^ere f e Duk of Lancastre and be Erl of Caumbrigge, 
his broker, come?i out of Gascoigne into Englond, & token & 
weddid to hir wyues Petres doghters, sumtyme King of Spayne ; of 
8 which 3 ij doubters fe Duke had fe elder, 4 and fe Erl fe Conger. 
And f e 5 same tyme ]>er were sent ij Cardinals fro f e Pope, fat is to 
sey, an Englissh Cardinal, & a Cardinal of Parius, to trete of pees 
bytwene tho ij. reaumes, fe which, whan fey had ben bofe longe 

12 eche in his province, & in places & cuwtres fast by, tretyng of fe 
forsaid pees, at f e last fey toke wif hem her le^res of procuracye, 
& went a^en to f e court of Eomeward, 6 wif oute eny effecte of hir 
purpos. 1T In fis $ere also fere was a stronge bataill on fe see 

16 bytwene Englissh men & Flemmynges ; & fe Englissh men had fe 
victorye, & toke xxv. shippes ycharged 7 wif salt, sleyng & 
drenchyng al fe men fat were ferin, vnwytyng hem fat fey weren 
of fat cuntre. and redily mych harme had fall by cause 8 f erof, 

20 ue had pees fe 9 son?zer be made bitwene hem. and in fis same 
^er f e Erenssh men byseged f e toun of f e 10 Eochell, wherfor f e 
Erie of Penbrok was sent into Gascoigne vrith a grete cu??zpanye of 
men of armes, forto destroye f e sege ; f e which passeden f e n see, 

24 & comen safe to 12 f e haven of Eochell. and whan fey were fere 
at f e haven moufe, or fat 13 fey myght entre, sodenly comen oppon 
hem a strong naue of Spayne, fe whiche ouercome?^ fo 14 fe 
Englissh men, in mych blemyshyng, hurtyng & sleyng of many 

28 persones, for as miche as f e Englysse men were not fan redy forto 
fight, ne ware of hem. & in fis comyng oppon 15 of f e Spaynardes, 
all f e Englissh men, eyf er fey were take or slayn ; & x. of hem 
were wonded to fe dethe ; & all her shippes ybrent. 16 1T And fere 17 

32 fey token fe Erie, with an houge tresour of fe reaume 18 of Engelond, 
& many of e?* noble men also, on Missomer eve, f e whiche is seynt 
Mildredes day, & 19 ledden hem wif 20 him into Spayne. And of fis 
mysshif was no grete wonder, for fis Erie was a f ul euel lyuer, as 

1 was maad and T. 2 wolde om. T. 3 leaf 194, back. 

4 elder TR. Erie C. 5 J>at TR. 6 ward om. R. 7 charged TR. 

8 bycause om. R. 9 >e pece T. 10 >e om. T. " in >e T. 

12 vnto T. into R. 13 fat om. T. 14 )>o om. T. 15 on T. 

16 brent R. 17 >ere om. T. 18 of >e reaume om. T. 19 J>ei T. 

20 hem \vi]> om. R. 

326 Lord Pembroke s evil deeds. Invasion of France. [CH.CCXXXVI 

an opyn lechour ; & also in a l certeyne porlement he stood and 
was a^ens pe 2 ri^tes & pe fraunche of holy chirche 2 ; and also he 
counceyled pe King and his counceyle, 3 pat he shold axe more of 
men of holy chirch pan of oper persones of pe lay fee. H And for 4 
pe King & opere of his counceyl axcepted & token raper evell 
opynions & causis a^ens men of holy chirch, pan he dede forto 
fende & maynteyne pe ri$t of holy chirch, hit was sen in 4 many 
tymes after, pourgh lakkyng of fortune and 5 g?*ace, pey had not ne 8 
here awey so 5 g?'ete victorye ne power a^ens hir enemyns as pey 
dede byfore. 

})is same ^ere, ]>e King, wip a grete ostee, entred pe see to 
remeve pe sege of 6 Eochell ; but pe wynd was euen cont?-rye to 1 2 
hem, and suffred hem 7 not longe tyme to 8 goo fer fro pe londe. 
Wherfore he abode a certeyne time oppon pe see costes, abyding 
after a good wynde for him ; and ^et come hit not. So at pe 9 laste 
he come pens wip his men to londe ward a3en ; and anon as he was 16 
a 10 londe, pe wynde bygan turne, 11 and was in anoper coste pen he 
was byfore. 

Hov pe Duk of 12 Lancastre, with a grete oste, went into 
Flaimdres, 12 & passed by Parys, poru3 Burgoyne. Ca^itulo 20 
CC mo xxxvj . 13 

Sone 14 after, in pe xlviij ^ere of King Edward, pe Duk of 
Lancastere, wip a grete oste, wente into Floundres, and passid 
by Parys, pour$ Burgoyne, & pour$ alle Fraunce, til he come to 24 
Burdeux, wipoute eny mane?*e wipstonddyng of pe Frenshe men. 
& he dede him but litel harme, saf he toke and raunseued many 
places & touwnes, & meny 15 16 men lette hem goon after 16 frely. 

U The same $er pe King sent certeyne enbassetours to pe Pope, 28 
praynge hew pat he sholde 17 leue of and melle-not 18 in his court of 
pe kepynge^ & reseruaciou?js of benefeces in Engelond ; & pat po 
pat were chose to bisshopes sees 19 & dingnites, frely & wip ful right 
my^te 20 loye haue, 21 & be conformed. 2 ' 2 Of her Metropolanes and 32 

1 leaf 195. 2 2 right-is of holi chirche and J>e ffraunchises T. 
3 and his connceyle om. TR. 4 in om. R. 
55 grace for ]>ey hadde neuer so R. 6 at T. 

7 and suffred hem om. T. to him ]>at he my^te not R. 

8 to om. R. 9 ]>e om. T. 10 at T. at ]>e R. n to turne T. 
12 12 lancastre wente into fflaiwdris vfitft a greet hoost T. 

13 CO T. CCxxxvij R. 14 Anoon T. Anon R. 15 meny om. T. 

1616 men an( j a fter lete hem gone T. men and let ham aftir go R. 

17 wolde T. 18 and not medle TR. 19 sees om. R. 

* ful moche T. right myjte R. 21 haue TR. and haue C. 

22 leaf 195, back. 

Prelates appointed. Disputes between Edw. Ill & the Pope. 327 

Erchebisshops, as pey were went to be of old tyme of J>es poyntes, 
& of ober toching pe Kinge and his reaume. When pey hadden 
her answere of pe Pope, pe Pope enioyned hem pat pey sholde 
4 certyfie hem a$en by her letteres of pe Kinges wylle, and of his 
reaume, or pat pey determened out 1 of pe forsaide articles. 

1T In this same }er, deid John, pe Erchebisshop of 3ork, lohn, 

bosship of Ely ; William, bisship of Worsschestre, in whos stedes 

8 folweding, and were made bisship by pe 2 auctorite of pe Pope,~ 

Mayster Alexander Nevyle to pe Erchebysshoprich of 3ork, Thomas 

of Arundell to pe Bisshop 3 of Ely, & sere Kerry Wakef eld to pe 

bysshoprich of Worcestre. In whiche tyme it was ordeyned in pe 

12 parlement pat all Cathedrall cherches shold ioy and haue her 

eleccions hool ; & pat pe King, fro pat tyme afterward, sholde not 

write a^ens hem pat were ychosen, 4 but rather help ham by his 

le^res to her cownrmaciourc. & this statut was kept, and dede 

1 6 myche profet & good ; & in pis parleme7^t was grcainted to ]?e King 

a dysme of J>e clergye, & a xv of J?e lay fee. 

IF The ^ere next 5 after, of King Edwarde xlix, ]?e v. day of 

luyn, deid Mayster Willia??^ Wytlesey, Erchebisshope of Caunter- 

20 bery. Wherfor pe monkes of }>e same chirche asked & desired a 

Cardinall of Engelond to be Erchebisshop ; and ]>e?'fore J>e King was 

agreued, & had ment and pewposed to have exiled J?e monkes of }>e 

same hous 6 ; & so J>ey 7 spended mich good or J?ey myghte haue j?e 

24 Kingej g?-ace a3en, & his loue ; but $et wold not J>e King consente 

ne grannie to her elecciourc of J)e Cardinall, ne ])e Pope also, ne his 


& about J)e bygynnyng of August, it was tretid & spokew at 

28 Brugges of certeyn poyntes & articles hauyng bytwene pe Pope and 

J)e King of Engelonde & pis tretis lasted almoste ij. 3ere. At ]?e s 

laste it was acorded bytwene ham, J>at )>e Pope, fro J?at ty 9 me forpe, 

shold nout vse ne dele wij> J)e reseruacions of 10 benefices in Engelond; 

32 and Jmt pe King shold not g?minte ne lete no benefices by his wryt 

fat ys yclept n * Quare impedit ' ; but as touchyng J?e eleccions 

aboue seyd, Jjere was nojjing touchid ne do; & pat was ywyted 12 & 

put oppon certeyn clerkes, the 13 whiche rajjer supposed & hoped 14 

36 to be auazmced & promoted to bysshopriches which 15 ]?ey desired 

~& coueyted, by J?e court of Rome pan by eny eleccions. 16 

1 ought T. 2 >e om. TR. s archebisshopriche R. 4 chosen TR. 
5 nexte yeer R. 6 chirche R. 7 ^ey om. T. 8 j>e om. T. 
9 tea/ 196. 10 of>eR. n clept TR. 1S wyted R. 13 the om. T. 
14 hoped & supposed R. ]5 with that T. 16 Jmnne o}>er wise R. 

328 A year's tmce with France. A great Pestilence. [CH.CCXXXVII 

This same 301' about Candelmasse, fere comen & mettera 
togider at Brugges, meny noble and worfy men of bof e reaumes, 
to tretew of pees bituene fo ij. kingdomes. And this tretys 
lasted twey $er, wif g?-ete costes & houge spences of 1 bofe 4 
parties ; & at f e laste fey went & departed fens wif out eny accorde 
or effecte. 

11 The next $er after, fe xlix 2 301' of Kyng Edward, J>e iiij. 
None of Maii, beyng $et void & vacaunt 3 }>e Erchebisshop of 8 
Caunterbury, Maister Symound Sudbury, Bysshop of London, 
was 4 made Erchebisshop of Cavmterbury ; & Maister Will. Cour- 
teneye, fat was Bisshop of Herford, was fan made Bysshop of 
London ; & fe Bisshiop of Bangor was made Bosship of Herford. 12 

And in f is same tyme, in a certeyn tretys, & speking of pees, 
trews was take bytwene Eraunce & Engelond, fro 5 Missomere vnto 
Missomere come a3en,al on hool ^er. U And about the bygynnyng 
of Aprill, fe Duke of Brytayne, wif meny Erles, 6 barons, and 16 
noble and 7 worfy men of Engelond, went ouere see 8 into Brytaigne, 
wher he had al his lust, desire & pwrpos, 9 ne had f e forsaide trws 
be so sone ybrake, 10 f e whiche letted hem myche. This same tyme, 
f e He of Constantyn, wher fat the castell of Sent Sauour is yn, fat 20 
longe tyme was fought at & byseged of fe Frenshe men, n was fan 
golden to fe Erenshemen, 11 wif al f e appwrtenowmces, into grete 
harme & hyndryng of f e reaume of Engelond. 

And fe 12 same ^er fere were so 13 grete & so passyng hetes, & 24 
ferewifal a grete pestilens in Engelond, & in ofer diuers parties of 
fe world, fat it destroyed & slow, violently & strongly, both men 
& wymrnen wit/iout nou??ibre. 

11 This same $er deid Sir Edwarde, fe lord Spencer, a worthy 28 
kny^t and a bolod ; & in f e Mynstre of Teukesbury worschipfully 
is buried. 

& lastyng this pestilens, f e Pope, at f e instaunce & prayer of 
a 14 Englissh Cardinall, graunted to al fe peple fat deid iu Engelond 32 
fat weren sory and repentaimt for her synnes, & also shryven, ful 
remyssiou7i, by ij. bulles vnder lede, vj. monthes fan next to last. 

In fis same $er fe Erl of Penbrook was take & raunsened by 15 
Bertram Cleykyn, bytwne Parys & Caleys, as he come towarde 36 

1 on T. 2 TR. 3 vacaunt & void R. 

4 london was T. london >ey R. 5 fro R. for C. 6 erlis & R. 

7 noble and om. R. 8 j>e see T. 9 pnrpos and desire R. 

10 ybrake T. take RC. "- 11 was ]>an golden . . . men om. T. 

12 this TR. 13 leaflQQ, back. 14 an T. 15 bi for R. 

CH. ccxxxvm] Commons want proof 'of 'King 'sneed of 'money. 329 

Engelonde oppon Seint Etheldredis day ; f e whiche Seynt, as hit 
was said, f e same Erl oft tymes had offended ; & wif in a while 
after, he deide. & in Nouf^bre 1 next after, )>ere mettew at Brugges 
4 fe Duke of Lancastre & fe Duke of Angeoy, wij> meny ofer lordes 
& p?'elates of bof e reaumes, forto trete of pees. 

Of fe defe of prins Edward, & of dame 2 Alys Perers, & Piers 
de la Mare. CapMo CC xxxviij . 3 

[A Parliament held at Westminster, A.D. 1376. Alice Ferrers 

and Lord LatimtrJ\ 

8 Not 4 longe after fe Ij. $ere of fe regnyng of ,King Edward, he 
lete ordeyned & holde his parlement at Westminster, fe grettest 
fat was sen meny $ere afore. In f e whiche parlement, he axed of 5 
Commzmaltee of f e reaume as he had done byfore, a grete subsede 

12 to be graunted to hem, for defendyng of hem and of his reame; 
but fe cowmunes answered fat 'fey were so oft, day be day, 
ygreued & charged wij) so meny talyage^ & subsidies, fat fey my^te 
no longer suffre non such berf es ne charges ; U and fat fey knewyn 

16 & wisten wel fat fe King had ynov for sauyng of hem & of his 6 
reaume, yf pe reaume wher wel and trewly gouerned, but fat 7 8 it 
had be so long euel ygouerned 9 by euel officers, fat the reaume 
niy^t neither 10 be plenteuous of Chafifare and merchaundise, ne 

20 also wif n richesse : & fese finge^ fey profered hem self, if fe 
King wold, certey[n]ly to preue & stonde by. and if it were 
found & proued after, fat fe King fan had nede, fey wold fen 
gladly, euery man, after his power and state, hem wold 12 helpe & 

24 lene.' 

IT And after fis, fere were publisshed & shewed in f e parle- 
ment meny playntes & defautes of officers of 13 f e reaume, & namely 
of fe Lorde Latymer, fe Kinge^ Chaumberlayn, of his evel gouer- 

28 nawnce, bofe 14 to f e King & eke to fe reame; & at f e laste also fer 15 
was tretid & spoken of Dame Alys Pereis, for fe grete 16 wronge3 & 
evel 17 gouernazmce fat was done by her & by her counceyl in fe 
reame; fe whiche Dame Alys Perers, fe King had holde long 

32 tyme to his le??mian. Wherfor hit was fe lesse wonder thogh, 

1 MS. Nofibre. 2 dame om. T. 3 CC T. 4 Not TR. Bot C. 
5 of >e R. 6 j> e E 7 >at omm R . s Ua f 197> 9 gouerned TR. 
10 neucr T. n of R. 12 wold om. R. 13 diners of R. 

14 bofe om. R. 15 fere it R. 16 grete om. T. 
17 yuyl T. evel R. wel C. 

330 The Speaker imprisond. The Black Prince dies. [CH.CCXXXVIII 

jmrgh )>e freelte of f e wcwwnanwys exciting & her streyng, cowsentid 
to her lewednes & evell counceyll. U The which Dame Alys, & 
also f e Lord Latymer, & also ofer 1 such fat sterid f e King to evel 
gouernazmce, a^ens his profite & f e reaumes. also al f e co??i??i?malte 4 
of }>e reame desired & asked fat fei shold be meved & done 2 awey, 
& in her stedes, wyse men & wor]>y fat were trewe, & welle assayed 
& proued, and of good gouernrmnce, shold be put in her stedes. 
U So anionge all of ere, f er was on among f e communes fat was a 8 
wys kny^t, & a trewe, & an eloquent man, whos name was Piers de 
la Mare ; & fis same Piers was chosen to be speker for the com 
munes in }>e parlement. 3 & for fis same 4 Piers told & publissed fe 
trewpe, & rehersid meny wronges a^ens fie forsaid Dame Alys, & 12 
o]>er certeyne persones of fe Kinge^ counceyl, as he was bode by 
f e communes, & also trustyng mych forto be supported & mayn- 
teyned in fis mater by help & fauour of )>e Pryns, anon as f e 
Pryns was dede, at }>e instaunce and 5 request of fe forsaid Dame 16 
Alys, fis Piers de La Mare was iugged to pe?'petuel p?'i'soun in pe 
Castell of Notyngbom, in fe whiche he was ij. }ere. & fe vj. 
kale7^d of luyll, lastyng J?at same parlement, deid Prens Edwardes 
ferst sone, pat is forto sey, in 6 Trynite SouTiday ; in J>e worship of 7 20 
whiche feest he was wont euery ^ere, wher fat euere he were in fe 
worlde, to make & hold J>e nioost sole?piiyte fat he myght. 
11 Whos name & fortune of kni^thood, but yf it had bene of 
anofer 8 Ectour, al men, both Christen & hefen, while he leuyd & 24 
was in good poynt, wondred mych, & dred him wonder sore ; whos 
body is worshipfully beryed at Crycherche of 9 Caunterbury. 

And in fis same ^ere fe man & fe Erles temrmntes of Warwyk 
arisen maliciously a^ens fe Abbot & fe Covent of Euesham & her 28 
tencwmtes, & destroy eden fersly f e Abbot & f e toun, & wounded & 
bete her men, & slowen of hem meny one, & wenten to her maners 
& places, & dede myche harme, & brekyn doun her parkes & her 
closes, & brentera & slowen her wild bestes, and chaced hem, 32 
brekyng her fisshepond hedis, & lete f e water of her pondes, stewes 
& ryuers, renne out; & token fe fissh, & here it with hem, & 
deden hem al fe harme fat fey my^te. U In so ferforth, fat 
forsofe fey had be distroyed perpetuely, fat abbay, 10 wif all her 36 
membres & 11 appwrtenawnces, but yf fe King fe sonner had 

1 o]>cr om. R. 2 put R. :! in }>e prirlement om. T. 4 same om. R. 
6 leaf 197, back. 6 on R. 7 of \>Q R. 8 of anoj>er om. T. 
9 in T. 10 >at abbay om. R. " & om. T. 

CH. ccxxxix] Subsidy granted to Edw. III. His Grandson. 331 

holpen hit & taken heed ferto. and ferfore fe King sent his 

levies to fe Erie of Warwyk, chargyng hym, & eomaiwdyng, fat 

he shulde stynt, redresse & amende tlie evel doers & brekers of his 

4 pees, and so, by menys of lordes & of ere frendes of bofe sides 

pece l & good acorde & lone was made bytwene hem. H And for 

f is hurlyng, as hit was seyd, fe King wold not be gouerned at fat 

tyme by his lordes fat fere were in fe p?-lement; 2 but he toke and 

8 made his sone, f e Duk of Lancastre, his goueraowr of f e reaume ; 

the which stood so still gouernour til tyme fat he deide. 

The same ^ere, anon after Candelmasse, or the porlement was 
done, the King axede a subsidie of the clergie and of f e lay fee, 

1 2 and hit was graunted him, )>at is forto seye, that he sholde haue of 
euery persone of the lay fee, bothe of men and womman fat passed 
xiiij. }er age, iiij d. outake pore beggers that were knowen opynly 
for 3 nede, beggers, 4 and fat he shulde haue of eue?y man of 

16 holy chirche fat was beneficed or p?*omoted, xij d., and of al ofere 
fat were nout promoted iiijd., outake )>e iiij, orders of the Frers 

U This same $er, after Myghellmase, "Richard, Prin3 Edward e^ 

20 sone, was made Prins of Walys ; to whon )>e King also ^af 5 fe 
Duche of Cornewayl, wyth fe Erldom of Chestre. and aboute J)is 
tyme, )?e Cardinallis of Engelond, fe forfe day bifore Mary 
Maugdalyne day, after mete, sodeynly was smete & take 6 wij> a 

24 palsie, & loste his speche ; and on Marye Mawgdalyne day 
he died. 

Of the deth of Kinge Edwarde ; and hov Sere John Mounster- 
worf, knight, was drawe and honged for his fals treson/*. 
28 Capita CC mo . xxxix . 7 

Ryght anon after, in )?e lij ^ere of his 8 regne, of King Edward, 
in )>e begynnyng of October, Pope Gregory J>e xj. brou^t 
and removed wij> hem his court from Aveyon to Eome. 
32 And j?e xij. day of Aprill, John Munsterworfe, knight, at 
London was drawen, hanged, and fen byheded; and after, his 
body quartered, and sent to fe .iiij. 9 chef tonnes of Engelond, and 
his heed sette oppon 10 London Brigge. U For fis same lohn was 

1 pece and T. and C. 2 leaf 198. 3 for TR. fro C. 
4 necli pouere beggers T. nedy poer beggars R. 5 yaf also TR. 
6 was take and suiyte T. & take om. R. 7 CO T. 8 ]>Q TR. 
9 to foure the T. iiij ]>e R. 10 on T. 

332 Treachery of Sir John Munsterworth. . Edw. Ill dies. 

ful vntrewe to J?e J King and to the reaume, and ful coveytous and 
vnstable ; for he toke ofte tymes grete summes of money of J>e 
King and his counceyll for men of armes wages, that he sholde 
haue payed ham ; and take hit into his owne vse. and he, dreding 4 
at 2 the laste he shold he shent and acused, for )>e same cause fled 
pryuily to the King of Fraunce, and was swore to hem, and 
bicome his man, and behight hym to bringe a 3 grete nave of 
Spayne in confusion, and distroyende of 4 Engelonde. but rightful 8 
God, to whom no pryvite is vnknowe, suffrede hym ferst to be 
shent and spilt, or that he sholde so trecherously & falsly, his leige 
lord, the King of Engelonde, and his peple and his reaume in 
the whiche ground the same lohn was bore wickedly, thourgh 12 
bataill, destroye, or bryng his cursed purpose aboute. 

In the feste of Seynt Gregore j?o 5 next sewynge, King Edward 
$af to Eichard of Burdeux, his eyr, that was Pryns Edwardes sone, 
att Wyndesore, the ordre of knyghthood, and made hym knyght. 1 6 
the which Kyng Edward, whan he had regned lj. 6 $ere and more, 
the xj kalend of luyn, he deide at Shene, and is beried worship- 
fully at Westmynster ; on whos soule God haue mercy ! Amen 1 

1 leaf 198, back. 2 J>at at TR. 3 him a T. 4 of TR. al C. 
5 ]>e T. 6 lij R. 




[MS. Harley 753, fol. 146 /. (collated with MS. Harley 331 = X, 
Lambeth 491 = F, and Lambeth 738 = Z).] 

Of ]>e description) 1 of Kyng- Edward, Cap . CC. xxix . 2 

THis 3 Kyng Edward' was forsobe of a passyng goodnesse, and ful 
gracious amonge aH be worthymen of J>e world? ; for he passyd 
4 and shone by verfcue & gmce 4 yeven to \\yrn fro God', above aH his 
predecessours bat were noble men & worthy. And he was a wele 
hard-herted 5 man, for he dred nener of none myshappes, ne harmes 
ne evyH fortune, bat my3t falle a noble warryour, and a fortunable, 6 
8 bothe 7 on lond? 8 and on be see. 9 And in ail batayle & assembles, 
wiih a passyng glory and worshyp 10 he had? euere be victory. 

And 11 he was meke and benygne, homely, sobre, & softe to aft 

mane?' men, 12 as wele to straungres as to his owne subiectes, And to 

12 olper bat were vnder his gouernaunce. 13 He was devoute & holy, 

bo]>e to God & holy 14 chirch; if or he was worshipped & 15 mayn- 

tened holy chirch and her mynystres vritfi aH maner reuerences. 16 

He was treteable & wele avysed in temperaH & worldly nedes, wyse 

16 in counsel!, and discrete, soft, meke, 17 & good to speke vriih,. 

In hys dedes & inanere, fuH gentiH & wele ytaught, havyng pite 

on hem 18 J>at were in dissese; plentevous in yevyng almesse, 19 

Besy 20 & corious in bildyng; And fuH lyghtly he bare & suffred 

20 wronger and harmes. And whan he was yeve to any occupac^on, he 

left aH oj>er J>ynges in 21 ]?e mene tyme, and tent 22 ferto; semly of 

body, & of mene stature ; havyng alwey, to high & lowe, a good 

chere. And \er sprang & shone so mocll grace of hym 23 ]?at, what 

I distraction MS and Z. 2 heading om. Z. 3 The Z. 

4 vertue of grace YZ. 

5 a wel and a hardy hertid Y. a well and an harty hartid Z. 

6 and so fortunable X. a fortunate Y. a ffortyuant Z. 

7 for bothe Y. 8 on >e loud X. 9 on se Z. 10 glory and Joy Z. 

II And om. Y. 12 maner off men Z. 13 his owue Gouernaunce Z. 
14 to holy Z. 15 worshepid halpe and Z. 16 of reuerence Z. 

17 and meke Z. 18 to hem XY. 1& benefytes Z. 20 and Besy Z. 
21 for Z. 2* tent om. Z. leaf 146, back. 

334 The Character of King Edward the Third. [APP. B 

maner man had byhold* his face, or had dremed of hy?, he hoped J>at 
day j>at ati ]>yng shokH hap 1 to hym loyfuft and lykyng. And 
he gouerned gloriously hys kyngdom) into his age. And 2 he was 
large in yevyng, and wyse in spences. He was fulfilled with 3 aH 4 
honeste of good maners, & vertuous ; vnder whom to lyve, 4 hit was 
as for to regne; wherfor his name 5 & his loos sprang so fere bat it 
came into hethenesse and Barbarye, shewyng and tellyng his 
worthynesse & mauhode in alt londes; And bat in 6 no lond? vnder 8 
heven had be 7 brought forth so noble a kyng, 8 so gentiH & so 
blessyd, or myjt reyse such anober whan he were dede. 

Neuerbelesse, 9 lecchery & mevyng of hys flessh. haunted hym 
in his age ; wherefor be rather, as it was to suppose, 10 for vnmesur- 12 
able fulfillyng of hys lust, his lyff shorted be sonner. And herof 
takeb good hede, lyke as hys dedys byfore bereth wytnesse ; for, as 
in hys bygynnyng ali pynges were loyfutt and lykyng to hym & 
to aH be 11 peple, And in hys myd age he passed aH men 12 in high 16 
loye and 13 worshype and blessydnesse, Ry^t so, whan he drow in-to 
Age, drawyng downward Jjurgh lecchorye and o]>e?* 14 synnes, litiH & 
litiH aH po loyfutt and blyssed 15 pynges, good fortune & prosperite 
decresed and myshapped, And Infortunat ])ynges, & vnp?*ofytable 20 
liarmes, with many evele, bygan for to sprynge, and, J>e more 
harme is, conteyned longe tyme after. 

1 ffall Z. 2 And mn. Z. 3 of Z. 4 >e lyffe Z. 5 fame YZ. 
6 in om. YZ. 7 be om. XYZ. 8 kny^t Z. 

9 Neuere the latter Y. Neuyr >e latter Z. 

10 suppose for XYZ. " be om. Z. 12 pepill Z. 13 and om. YZ. 
14 aft'ter Z. 15 blisfnll X. 


Richard II crownd. French Galleys burn English Towns. 335 


N 01 

[Cambridge University Libi-ary MS. Kk. 1. 12.] 

*And aftir King Edwarde the thrid, fat was bore at Wyndesore, 
Regned Richard of Burdeux, that was Prynce Edwarde^ 
sone of Walis ; which Prince Edwarde was f e sone of 2 
4 King Edwarde fe iij de . 3 Ca$itulum ccxxxix. 

And aftir the gode King, King Edwarde the iij de , fat was born 
at Wyndesore, Eegned Eicharde fe ij, fat was fe gode Prince 
Edwarde^ sone of 4 Walis ; which King Richard was born yn fe 
8 cite of Burdeux yn Gasquoyn, and was crouned at Westminster yn 
f e xj yere of his age. IT And yn ij 5 yere of his regne fil f e 
debate fat was betuene f e Lorde Latimer and Syr Eaaff Ferers, 
kni^t, 7 fat were ayens Hawle & Schakele, squiers, for the prysoner 

12 fat was take yn the botayle of Spayngne 8 by fese ij squyers, fe 9 
which fe sayde 10 Lorde Latymer and Ser Eaaff Ferrers wolde haue 
had ; f e which prysoner was f e Erie of Deene, fat fay toke yn f e 
batayle of Spayngne. 8 IT Wherfore fese ij lorde^ comyii yn-to 

16 Westminster churche, 11 andfounde fis on Squier heryng his 12 messe 
besyde Seint Edwarde} schryne ; and there f ei slow hym fat me 
callyd Hawle ; and Schackele was arestid and put yn-to f e Tour of 
London ; and fere he was long tyme, for 13 he wolde not delyuer f e 

20 Erie of Dene, his p?*esoner, vnto f e^e ij lorde^ by Ser Aleyn Buxhill, 
Constable of the tour, and be Ser Eaaff Ferrers, one of his aduer- 
saryes, tyll fe tyme fat 14 fe king grawnted hyin grace. 

H In the iij de yere of King Eicharde come f e 15 galies of Fraunce 16 

24 yn-to Engelonde, vnto dyuers porte^, and brent, & Eobbyd, and 
slow moch pepyll of Engelond, fat is to sey, 17 Wynchilse, Eie, 
Hastynge, 18 Portesmouth, Hampton, Stormore, & 19 Grauysende, 
and dede moche harm, and wente horn ayen. 

I leaf 110, lack. 2 of ]>e T. 3 >e iij d e om. T. 4 Prynce of T. 
5 >e seconde R. 6 regne for TR. 7 the knyght T. 

8 - 8 om. T. 9 and \>e R. 10 sayde om. R. 

II into the Chirche of Westmynstre TR. r2 his om. T. la and T 
14 J>e tyrae J>at om. TR. 15 J>e om. T. 

16 yeer off his Regne J>e galeys of ffraunce come R. 17 seie at T. 
18 hastyng and T. 19 and om. T. 

336 The 4d. Poll-Tax. Hurling Time. Plunder of London. 

[The Commons' Revolt led by Jack Straw and Wat Tyler.] 

And yn f is same yere was a parlement holden at Westminster ; 
and at fat parlemeut was ordeyned fat euery man, woman & 
childe, fat were 1 at fe age of xiiij yere & aboue, f or^out all f e Eeme, 
pore folke & Eich, 2 sclmlde pay to f e talage iiij d ; wherfore come 4 
aftirwarde grete myscliiff & nioche dese^e to alle 3 communialte of 
fe Reme. U And yn f e iiij yere of f e regne of King Eicharde fe 
comynes loked vp, & 4 arysyn vp 5 yn dyuers parte; of fe Eeme, 
and dede nioche harm, fe which fei callid 6 "hurlyng tyme." And 8 
fei of Kent & of Essex madyn hem ij cheveteyne^ to rewle & 
gouerne fe compayne of Kent & of Essex: fat one 7 me 8 callid 
Jackestaw Jacke Strawe, and fat ofer, Watte Tyler; and fai comen and 

assembled ham vpon fe Blake-Heth yn Kent. And apon the 9 12 
Corpus Christi day and after, fei comen doune yn-to South werk, 
and brekyn vp f e prison hous, fat is to wite, f e Kingis Bench, and 
fe 10 Marchalsy, & delyverde out alle f e pn'soners. And so fe same 
day fei comen yn-to London ; a?id fe?'e thay robbyd f e peple, and 16- 
slowyn alle 11 alyens fat fay my^t fynde yn fe cyte and aboute fe 
cite, and despoiled alle her gode^, and made havoke. U And on 
the Eridai 12 next aftir, fat was on fe morowe, thei comyn vn 13 to fe 
Tour of London ; and the king beyng f ere-yn, fei sette out of f e 20 
Tour fe Archebishop of Cauntwrbury, Maistir Symond 14 Sudbery, 
and Ser Eobert Hale}, Pryour 15 of Saint Johnes, 16 and a Whit Frere 
fat was confessour vn to King Eicharde, and broi^t ham vnto f e 
Tour Hill ; and fere fay smytyn of her hedys, and comyn ayen to 24 
London, & slowyn mo peple of men of lawe, and ofer worthi men 
yn dyuers parteye; of fe cite. And fanne went fai 17 to the Duke; 
place 4 of Lancaatre, beyonde Saint Mary Stronde, fat was callyd 
Savoy. 18 U And fere fei deuoured & destroyed al f e gode; fat fay 28 
my;t fynde, 19 and bare ham away, and brent vp fe place. And 
fanne aftir fey went to Seint Johnes without Smythffelde, and 
destroyed f e godes, 20 & brent vp fat hous, and went to Westimwsfer, - 
and so to Sent Martyne; fe Graunt, and made hem go 21 out of 32 

1 weren T. were E. om. Kk. 2 and o]>er T. 

:{ att >e T. al >e R. 4 loked vp & om. TR. 

5 vp om. R. 6 callid >e TR. 7 one om. R. 8 >at men T. 

9 Kent on TR. 10 )>e om. T. n alle J>e TR. 

12 leaf III. 13 vn om. T. 14 sir Edmunde TR. 

15 hospitaler prionre and maistir T. 16 lohnes house T. 

17 fei wenten T. >ey wente R. 18 >e Savey T. 19 fynde >ere R. 

20 goodis there T. 21 to go TR. 

Jack Straw slain ly Walworth, The Risers vanish. 337 

fe sayntwarye, alle 1 fat were fere 2 ynne for eny maner of 3 
gryth. 4 

IT And Jeanne come vnto f e Temple, and to alle of er ynnej of men 

4 of la we, & dispoyled ham and rebbed ham of 5 her gode^, and also 

taare hir bokis of law ; and f ai 6 come to London, and brake vp the 

pryson of Newgate, & droff out alle fe prisoners, felons, & ofir of 7 

bothe counties, and alle fe peple fat was with -ynne ham, & 

^destroyed alle f e bokis of bothe counties ; and f us fay contynued 

forth, both Saturday and Sonday, 8 vnto 9 fe Monday next folowyng, 

yn alle hir 10 malice & wickydnesse. And fanne, 11 on the Monday, 

King Kichaid, with his Ibrde^ fat were with hym fat tyme, and 12 

12 with fe Meire of London, William Walworth, fe 13 aldermen & fe 
cowmyne} of fe cite, come 14 yn 15 to Southwerk 16 to here & 17 know 
fe entencion of fese rebellis and misgoverned pepil. 18 U And fis 
lak Straw fanne made an oyes in f e felde, fat alle f e pepyl of 

16 accorde schukle come nere, & here his clamour and 19 his crye and 
his will, and fe lorde^, and fe Mayre and fe aldermen, with fe 
comwMwialte, hauyng indignac^on of his Covetise and Falsnesse, 
and his foule presompcion ; and anon William Walworth, fat tyme 

20 beyng Mayre, drew out his knyff, and slow lack Straw, and anora 
ry^t fere dede smy^t of his hed, and sette it vp apon 20 a spere- 
schafte and so it was bore f rou$ London, & set on high vp on 
London Brygge. U And 21 anon alle fe 22 rysers and mysgouernyd 

24 men were voyded and 23 vanysched, as hit hadde not byn fay. 
IT And 24 fe king, of his grete godenesse, and by prayer of his lorde^, 
made fere vj kny^tis of gode & worthi men of f e cite of London, 
fat is, 25 William Walworth fat tyme was 26 Mayre and slow lack 

28 Straw, & ij de27 was Nicholas Brembre, fe 28 iij was 29 John Phily- 
pot, the 28 iiij was 30 Nicholas Twyfford, fe 28 fyfffe was 29 Eobert 
Lawnde^, fe 28 vj, Eobert Gayton. IT And fanne fe king, with his 
lorde^ and his 31 kny^tes, retourned ayen vnto the Tour of London ; 

32 and fe?*e he restid hym tylle his 32 peple were bettir cecyd, & seet yn 

I alle om. R. 2 with T. ]>ere om. R. 3 of om. R. 4 gryth om. T. 
5 of TR. orKk. 6 ]>anne |>ai T. >anne j>ey R. 7 andofTR. 

8 vnto J>e Sonday T. 9 and vnto T. 10 her maner of T. 

II >anne om. T. 12 and om. T. 1:J >at was ]>at tyme come with >e TR. 
14 and come T. 15 yn om. T. 16 Smythfelde R. 17 and to T. 

18 peple pat so reuyd and robbid T. 

19 and here his clamouris and T. and here his clamour and R. om. Kk. 

20 vpon T. it vpon K. 21 And om. T. >ese T. >i3e R. 
2{ and clene T. & clene R. l24 And thanne T. and )>anne R. 

25 is to saie T. is to say R. j, at was ^ t tyme T. >e ije T. 
28 and >e T. was om. TR. 30 was om. T. 31 his om. R. & this T. 

338 Rebels hangd. Earthquake. Dunkirk Fight. [CH. ccxxxix 

rest and pee$. 11 And panne, by processe of tyme, as pay my^t gete 
and take pe$e 1 Rebellis & rysers, they hanged ham vp on 2 the next 
galous yn euery lordesschippe throu^ pe 3 Reme of Engelond, 4 be xl 
& be xxx, be 5 x. & be xij., euer as pay myghte be goton & take 6 4 
yn eny parteys. 

U And yn pe v. yere of King Richarde} Regne was pe grete 
Erthe quake; and pat 7 was do 8 gene?*ally ovir 9 alle pe worlde, 
the Wedynesday afFtir Whitsonday, yn the yere after 10 incarnacion 8 
of our Lorde Ihesu crist, m 1 ccc. iiij xj, 11 where-of alle pe peple were 
sore agast, and drad 12 long tyme aftir, for pe grete 13 vengaunce and 
grete drede pat our Lorde God schewed and dede. 

IT In 14 pe vj $ere of his regne, 15 Ser Henri Spenser, Bischop of 12 
Sbrthwych, went with a croyserey ouer pe see yn-to pe contre of 
Flawndre} ; & pe?'e he 16 gate pe towne of Grauenyng, & 17 pe toun 
of Olden burgh, 18 Dunkirk, and Newport; and pere pai ladde & 
fry^t .LJ. schyppe^ wz't/i peleage 19 for to haue come yn to Engelonde 16 
with alle pese schippes and goodis, 20 and pe Bischop of Northwich 
and his counsel lette brenne pose schippe^, with al pe peleage, yn 
pe same havynne, all yn-to hard asches. 

U And at Dunkirk was don a grete batayle betuene pe Flemynge} 20 
and pe Englisch men ; and 21 at pat batayle was slayn a gret multi 
tude of pese Flemynge}, and a passyng noumbre. IT And panne 
went pe bischop with his retynu vn-to Ipre^, and besegid it a long 
tyme ; but it my^t not be gote, and so he lefte pat sege, and come 24 
ayen yn-to Engelond, for our Englischmen were foule destroyed, 
and mony deied on pe Flyx. 

[Anne of Bohemia comes to wed Richard II.] 

IT And yn pis same $ere come Quene Anne yn-to Engelond, 
for to be spoused vnto King Richard ; and hir fadir was Emperour 28 
of Almayne, and King of Beeme. And with hir came pe Duk of 
Tassy and hir vncle, and mony oper worth! lorde^ & kni^tes 22 of 
hir cuntre of Beeme, and of oper Duch tunge;, to do hir reuerence 

1 leaf 111, back. 2 vpon T. :i out >e TR. 4 of Engelond om. T. 
5 and bi T. 6 be take and gete T. 7 hit T. 8 do om. T. 
9 oiler T. I0 after the T. after >e R. n and xj T. 12 a dred T. 
13 girte om. TR. 14 And in TR. 

15 of ]>e reigne of kyng Richard T. of j)e regne of king Richarde R, 

16 and >ei T. \>ey R. 17 & om. 1S Broburgh T. 

19 pilage T. peseage Kk. 

20 with these shippis and goodis T.^e shippes & godis R. om. Kk. 

21 and om. T. knyghtis and lordis T. 

CH. ccxxxix] Rich. II married. English help to Portugal. 339 

and worschip. H And Ser Symond Beuyrley, a worthi 
of ]>Q Gartyr, 1 & oper kny^tis and squyers pat were pe Kingi} 
embassetoures, brou^t hir yn-to Engelond, and so ferthe to London. 
4 *I And pe pe[p]le of pe cite, fat is to saye, pe Mayre & pe Alder 
men and alle pe 2 comyne$, rydyn ayens hir to welcome hir; and 
euery man yn gode aray, and euery craft with his Mynstralcye, yn 
pe best maner, mette with hir on pe Blak-Heth yn Kent, & so 
8 broi^t hir to 3 London prou^ pe cite, and so forth yn to 4 Weste- 
mystre, vn-to pe kinge^ palice ; and pere sche was spousede vnto 
King Richard, welle and worthily, yn pe Abbey of Westmynstre ; 
and pere sche was crouned Quene of Engelond ; and alle hir frendis 

12 pat comyn with hir hadde gret yeftis, and hadde grete chere, and 
were wel refresched 5 as long tyme as pai abyden here. 

U And yn pis same yere was a batayle do with-ynne pe kinge^ 
Palys at Westmynstre, for certeyne poyntis of treson, betuene Ser 

16 lohn of Ansley, kny^t, defendaunt, and Karton, Squyere, pe 
appellaunt ; but pis Ser lohn of Ansley ouyr-come pis Carton, 
& made hym 6 to yolde hym withynne pe listis, and anon pis 
Craton (sic) was 7 dispoyled of his harne} and drawe out of pe lystis, 

20 and so forth to 8 Tyborne ; and pere he was hangyd for his falsnesse. 

U And yn 9 the viij yere of his Regne 10 Ser Edmuwde of Langele, 

Erie of Cawmebrygge, pe kinge^ vncle, wente vnto n Portingale with 

a Fayre manye of men of arme^ and archers, yn helpyng & streyng- 

24 thyng 12 of pe King of Portyngale ayens pe King of Spayngne and 
his power, and pere pe King of Portyngale hadde pe victory of his 
Enymye^, prou^ help and comfort of our Englysch men. And 
whanne pat iornay was y 13 do, The Erie of Cawmbrige com horn 

28 ayen with his peple yn-to Engelond yn haste ; blessid be Gode and 
his gracious yeft ! Amen ! 

11 And pis same yere, Kinge Richarde hylde his Cristismesse yn 
pe Maner of Estham (sic). And pe same tyme, pe King of Ermonye 

32 nedde out of his owne londe, and come yn-to Engelond, for to 
haue socour and help of our King ayens his enyrnye}, pat hadde 
dreve hym of 14 his Reme ; and so he was brou^t vn-to 15 pe King to 
Eltham, pe?-e as pe King hylde his realle feest of Cristismasse \ and 

1 MS. gartyd. 2 )>e om. T. 3 into T. 4 vnto T. 

5 and weren wele cherid and refresshid T. & well were chered & refres- 
shed R. 

6 leaf 112. 7 was om. T. 8 to >e T. 9 yn om. T. 
10 J>e reigne of kyng Richard T. n into T. 

12 in strengthyng and helpyng T. in strengthinge & helpmge R. 

13 y om. TR. 14 out of T. 15 to R. 


340 The King of Armenia. Treaty with the Scots. [CH.CCXXXIX 

fere otire King welcomed hym, and dede hym reuerence & 
worschip, and comuiawnded alle his 1 lorde$ to make hym alle fe 
chere fat fay cowthe. and panne he besou^t the King 2 of grace 
and help, and of his co??zfort yn his nede, and fat he my^t be bro$t 4 
ayen yn 3 -to his owne kingedoin and londe, for fe Turkey hadde 
deuoured & destroyed moch parte of his londe ; and for drede he 
fledde, & come hider for socoure and helpe. IT And than 4 fe 
King, hauyng compassion of his gret myschiffe and greuos dese^e, 8 
anon 5 he toke his Counsel, and axed what was best to do. and fai 
answered and sayde, ' yef it likyd hym to yeue hym eny gode, it 
were welle ydo : and as towchyng his peple, to Trauayle so fer yn-to 
out-londe^, it were a grete ieparde ' ; and so f e King yaf hym golde 1 2 
and seluyr, and many riche^ 6 and iewellis, and betau^t hym to God ; 
and so he passed ayen out of Engelond. 

1T And yn f is same yere King Richarde, \vith a ryall power, went 
yn-to Scotland for to war ayen 7 fe Scottis, for hir Ealsnesse and 16 
destrocc^on fat fay 8 hadde do ayens 9 fe 10 English men yn fe 
Marchis. And fe 11 Scottis come doun 12 for to trete 13 with hym 14 
& with his lorde$ for trewes, as for certeyn yeres; and so oure 
Kyng and his Counsel graunted hem trewes certyn yeres 15 vwto 20 
her axyng, and our King turned hym horn ayen yn-to Engelonde. 
IT And whanne he was come vnto 16 Yorke, fere he aboode and 
restyd hym. and 17 fere Ser John Helond, fe Erie of Kentis 
brofer, slow fe Erlis sone of Staffarde and his heyre with a daggar 24 
yn f e cite of Yorke, wherfor the King was sore amoued and grevid, 
& remevyd fro f enne^ and come to London ; and f e Meire and f e 
Aldermen and fe commyns, with alle fe solempnite fat fay 18 
19 myghte do, 20 rydyn ayens fe King, and brou$t hym ryally throu} 28 
the cite, & so forth vnto Westmynstre vnto his owne Palis. 

IT And yn fe ix yere of his regne 21 he hadde 22 a parlement at 
Westminster, & fere he made ij dukes, and a Markques & v. erle$ : 

I >e T. 2 the king om. T. 3 yn om. TR. 4 than om. T. 
5 and om. TR. and anon Kk. 6 riche yif'tis T. rich 3iftis R. 
7 vpon R. 8 >e Scottis T. 9 to T. 10 do vnto R. 

II >anne >e T. 12 downe vnto >e kyng T. 
13 entrete T. 14 with him TR. hym Kk. 

15 yeeris, and so oure kyng and his counceile grauntid hem trewes certeyne 
yeris T. yeris and so J>e king & his counsel graunted ham trewis certayn 
yeres R. om. Kk. 

1B to T. 17 and om. TR. 18 >ay om. 19 leaf 112, back. 

20 }>at myghte be do R. 

21 of kyng Richardis reigne T. yeer of king Richardis Regne he held R. 

22 helde T. 

CH. ccxxxix] Earl of March slain. French wine-fleet. 341 

fe first fat was mad Duk, was fe Kingej vncle, Ser 1 of 
Langeley and 2 Erie of Caumbrigge; and hym he 3 made 4 Duk of 
Yorke ; and his of er vncle, Ser Thomas of Wodestoke, fat was Erie 
4 of Bokingham, he made Duke of Gloucestre, and Ser Lover, fat was 
Erie of Oxynforde, he 5 made Marques of Denelyn; and Henry of 
Bolyngbroke, fe Duke} son of Lancastre, he 6 made Erie of Derby ; 
and Ser Edwarde, fe Dukes sone of York, he 6 made Erie of Ruth- 
8 lond Ser John Holande, fat was f e Erie of Kentis brother, he 6 
made Erie of Huntyngton ; Ser Thomas Mombraye, Erie of Notyng- 
ham, & Erie Marchall of Eugelond; and Ser 7 Michell of Pole, 
kny^t, he 6 made Erie of Suffolke and Chaunceler of Engelbnd. 

12 IT And the Erie of the 8 March, at fat same 9 parleinent holdoii 
at Westemynstre, yn 10 playne parlement among al fe Lorde^ and 
Comyns, was proclaymed Erie of the March, and heyre 11 parant 
vnto 12 fe croune of Engelonde aftir King Richarde. U The which 

16 Erie of the 13 Marche went ouyr 14 see yn-to Irelond vnto his lorde- 
schippe^ and londe^, for the Erie of 15 Marche is Erie of Ylcestre yn" 
Irelonde, and 16 by ry^t lyne and heritage, and at 17 a 18 Castill of his 
he lay fat tyme; and fere come apon 19 hym a grete multitude yn 

20 buschmentis of wilde Iryschmen, hym for to take and distroye, 
and he come out ffersly of his Castell with his peple, and manly 
ffa^t vrith ham ; and fere he was take, and hew al to pecis, and 
fere he 20 deied ; on whose soule God haue mercy ! Amen ! 

24 U And yn the .x. yere of King Richarde^ regne, fe Erie of 
Arundell went to 21 fe see with a grete Naueye of schippe}, enarmed 
with men of arme^ and gode archers. And as 22 fai come yn to fe 
brode see, fei mette with fe hole flytte fat come lade with wyne 23 

28 from Rochell ; and 24 the wyne$ were Enymye^ godes ; and feron 
cure 25 Naueye sette apoin 26 ham, and toke ham alle, and brou^t hym 
yn to 27 diuers portly and hauons of 28 Engelond, & sum to London : 
and fere f e my^te haue hedde a ton of Rochel wyne of f e beste for 

32 xx s. of sterlynges ; and so we hadde gret chep of wyne f rou3~out 
f e Reme at fat tyme, f ankyd be God Almy^ty ! 

1 Symonde T. 2 and om. TR. 3 he om. R. 

4 and he was made T. 5 him T. 6 him he T. 7 sir TR. for Kk. 

8 the om. TR. 9 same tyme of >e T. 10 in >e T. u heir of R. 

12 to TR. 13 the om. TR. 14 ouer >e TR. 15 of the T. 

16 and om. R. 17 there at T. >ere at R. 18 >e R. 19 vpon TR. 

20 he am. T. 21 vnto TR. ^ And as T. and Kk. 

23 eomen wyne lade T. with wyne om. R. ^ and om. T. 

25 and )>ere oure T. ]>ere our R. and beron Kk. 26 vpon TR. 

27 vnto R. * into T. 

342 Rich. IPs evil Counsellors. Tho. Usk &c. liangd. [CH. CCXL 

How fe .v. lorde^ arysen at Ratcot brydge, ye schul here. 1 
ccxl. 2 

And yn fe a.xj yere of King Richarde} regne, 3 fe .v. lorde^ 
reson at Ratcote brygge, yn 4 destroccyon of the 5 RebelU's fat weryn 4 
fat tymeyn alle this 6 Reme. U The first of the .v. lorde} was Ser 
Thomas of Wodestoke, f e Kingis vncle, and Duk of Gloucestre ; 
fe 7 ij was Ser Richarde, Erie of Arundell ; fe 8 iij was Ser Richard, 
Erie of "Warwic; fe iiij was Ser Harri 9 Bolyngbroke,Erle of Derby, 8 
and J?e .v. was Ser Thomas Mouubray, Erie of Notygham. IF And 
fe^e .v. lorde} sawe fe myschif, and mysgouernaunce, and fe 
Ealsnesse of the Kinge} counsell ; wherfor f ai fat were of f e Kinge} 
kounsel chef, 10 ffleddyn out of fis londe ouer fe see, fat is to say, 12 
Ser Alisaunder Neuyle, Archebischop 11 of York, Ser Robert le Yeere, 
12 Marquis of Develyn and Erie of Oxynforde; Ser 13 Michel de la 
Pole, Erie of Suffolke and Chaunceler of Engelond. and fese iij. 
lorde} went ouyr see, 14 and cam nevir ayen, for there fay deied. 16 
And fan 15 fe$e .v. lorde} forsaide 16 niaden 17 a pa?'lemewt at West- 
mystre, and fere thay tokyn Ser Robert Tresilian, J>e Justice, and 
Ser Nicholl Brembre, kny^t an 18 cite^ein of London, and Ser lohn 
Salesbury, kny^t of the Kingis housholde, & Vske, sergeaunt of 20 
arme3 ; and mony moo of o]?er peple were take and luged vnto 19 
deth by J?e counsel of j>ese .v. lorde^ yn hir parlement at West- 
-winster, for treson )?at ]?ai put apon ham, to be draw fro fe 20 Tour 
of London Jjroii} )?e cite, and so forth to Tyburne ; and fere to be 24 
hangyd, and fere her f rotis to be kut ; and fus fei were serued, and 

And aftir fat, yn fis same parlement, was 21 Ser Symond of 22 
Beverlay, fat was a Kny^t of fe Garter, and Ser John Beauchamp, 28 
kny^t, fat was Steward of the Kingis housholde, and Ser lame} 
Berners, were for-Iuged vn-to 23 deth; and 24 fay wer ]add on fote 
vn-to 25 fe Toure Hille; and fere were her hedis smytyn of, and 
mony other mo, be fe^e .v. lorde}. 32 

1 ye schul here om. TR. 2 CO T. CCxlj R. 

3 in the reigne of kyng Richard >e xj e yeer T. \>e Regne of king Richarde 
be xj yeer R. 4 in >e T. 5 the om. TR. 6 >e TR. 

7 and be T. 8 And be T. 9 henri of R. 

10 weren that tyme cheef of be kyngis counceile T. were ]>at tyme chief of 
be kinges counsett R. n the Erchebisshop T. 12 leaf 113. 

13 and sir T. 14 be see TR. 15 ban om. T. 16 forseide v. lordis T. 

17 aboue seide maden T. 18 and T. & R. 19 vnto be T. 

20 be T. bo Kk. 21 at Westraynstre was T. 2a of om. T. 

23 vnto the T. 24 and banwe T. & banne R. to TR, 

CH. CCXL] Tournament for Foreigners in London. 343 

[Jousts in Smithfield, A.D. 1388.] 

U In jris 1 forsaide parlement, and in fe xij 3ere of King 
Eicharde^ regne, he let crye and ordeyne 2 generalle Justice, fat is 
called a turnement, of lorde^, kny^tis and skquiers. IT And fese 
4 lustes & turnement were holden at London in Smithfelde, for alle 
maner of strayngers, of what londe & 3 cunctre fei 4 were, and 5 
fidir fei were ri^t welcome; and to hem and to alle ofer waa 
holden opon housholde and grete ffestis ; and also grete yftis were 
8 yeue to alle maner of straungers. And fay 6 of the kinges syde 
were 7 alle of on 8 sute: her cotis, her armyour, schelde^, & her 9 
hors & 10 trapure, alle 11 was white hertis, with crowne} about her 
nekkis, and cheyne^ of golde hangyng fere vp-on, and f e croune 

12 hangyng lowe before fe hertis body; fe which hert was fe kinge^ 
lyveray fat he yaf to lorde^ & ladie^, kny^tis and skquiers, for to 
know his housholde from of er peple. U And at Jris first comyng to 
her lustes, xxiiij ladie^ ladde fese xxiiij lorde^ of f e Garther with 

16 cheynys of goolde, and alle yn fe same sute of hertis as is afore 
sayde, from f e Tour on hors bak f rou3 the cite of London yn-to 
Smythfelde, fere f e lustes schulde be do. 12 And fis fest and lustes 
was holde general, and 13 to alle fo fat wolde come, of what land or 

20 nacion ]>ai euyr he 14 were; and pis 15 was holde duryng xxiiij 
daye$, of Ipe kinge^ owne cost; and fese xxiiij lorde^ to answere 
to 16 alle maner of 17 pepil fat wolde come jridir. And pedir come fe 
Erie of seint Poule of Fraunce, and mony ofer worthi kny^tes with 

24 hym of diuers parteys, fful welle arayed. 18 And out of Holand & 
Henaude come fe Lorde Ostrenaunde, J?t was fe Duke^ sone of 
Holande, & mony oj?er worthi kny^tes with hym, bothe 19 of Holand 
& Henaude 20 fulle welle arayede. And whenne fese feste and 

28 lustes was do and 21 endid, fe King fanked fese st[r]ayngers and 
yaf ham mony grete yeftis; and fanne fei token hir leue of fe 
King & of ofer Iorde3 and ladye}, and went horn ayen yn-to her 
owne cuntre, with grete loue & moche fanke. 

32 H And yn fe xiij yere 22 of King Richarde3 regne, \er was a 

I this same T. J>is same R. 2 ordeyne a T. 3 or TR. 

4 what so euer >ei T. 5 of & T. off and R. 6 >ay om. TR. 

7 >ey were R. on om. T. o R. 9 & her om. TR. 10 & om. TR. 

II and alle T. & att R. 12 holde T. 13 and om. T. 

14 thei T. >ei R. 15 )>is om. T. 16 to om. TR. n of om. TR. 

18 MS. Kk. wrongly inserts here U And >e3 Fest & lustes was endid, f>e 
king thankyd >ese. And >es ffest & ... ]?ese om. TR. 

19 bothe om. T. 20 henaude om. T 21 do and om. TR. 
22 leaf W, back. 

344 John of Gaunt's Expedition to Spain. [CH. CCXL 

batayle y 1 do yn the Kingis pal is at Westmynstre, betwene a skquyer 
of Nauerne pat was wzt/?- pe king, and anoper skquier pat me callid 
John Walsch, of 2 poyntis of treson pat pis Nauerner put vp-on pis 
Walsch ; but pis Nauerner was oue?'come, and yelde hym craunt to 4 
his adue?-sarye, and anon he was dispoyled of his armyow?-, and 
draw out of pe palis vnto Tyburne, and pere he was hangyd for his 

U And pe xiiij yere of pe regne of King Eichard, Ser John of 8 
Gaunt, Duk of Lancastre, went ouyr se 3 yn-to Spayne, for to 
chalenge his ry3t, pat he hadde be his wife} tytill, vnto pe croune 
of Spayngne, with a gret ost of pepil, of men of arme$ and 
archers. And he 4 had 5 with hym pe Duchesse, his wyff, and his 12 
iij do^tre}, yn-to 6 Sp[a]yne, and pere 7 pay weryn a grete while. 
1F And at pe 8 last, pe King of Spayne began to trete with pe Duke 
of Lancastre, and pay were accorded to-gadir prou$ hir bope counsel, 
yn pis maner : pat pe King of Spayne schulde wedde pe Duke$ 16 
dorter of 9 Lancastre, pat was pe 10 ry^t- heire to Spayne, and 11 
schulde yeue to 12 pe Duk of Lancastre golde and seluyr, pat was 
cast yn-to grete wegge^, and mony opir iewellis, as mony as viij 
Charietis rny^t carye, H And euery yere aftir, durywg pe lyff of pe 20 
Duke of Lancastre and of the 13 Duchesse his wyff, .x. M> Marke of 
golde, pe which golde auenture and 14 charge^, pay of Spayne schulde 
aue?*ture and bryng ycrley to 15 Baione to pe Dukes assygne}, be 
surete made. H Also pe Duk of Lancastre niaried anoper of his 24 
dou^tres vnto pe King of Portingale pe same tyme. And whanne 
he hadde do pis, 16 he come horn ayen yn-to Engelond, and pe gode 
lady his wyff also ; but mony a worth! man yn pat viage deid vpon 
pe Flix. 17 28 

IT And yn pe xv yere of King Eicharde^ regne, he hilde 
his Cristismasse yn pe Maner of Wodestoke ; and there pe Erie of 
Penbroke, a yong lorde, & 18 tendir of age, wolde lerne to luste 
with a kni^t me 19 callid Ser lohn Saint-John, & redyn to gadir yn 32 
pe park of Wodestoke ; and pere pis worthi Erie of Pembroke was 
slayn w^t/f pat ope?* knightes spere, as he cast hit fro hym whanne 

1 y om. TR. 2 for T. 3 }>e see T. 4 he om. T. 5 ladde R. 

6 oner ]>e see with him into T. 

7 and there T. and )>ere R. and Kk. 8 >e om. T. 

9 of TR. om. Kk. 10 J>e om. R. n and J>e kyng of Spayne T. 
12 vnto TR. 13 his T. 14 and om. T. 15 vnto R. 
16 Jms T. 17 viage vpon ]?e flixe died T. 18 and a T. 
1D J>at men T. ]>at me R. 

CH. CCXL] Dispute between Londoners and Bp. of Salisbury. 345 

he 1 had cowped; and pus pis gode Erie made pere his ende; for 
whose dethe 2 pe King and the Quene made moche sorow. 3 

51 And yn pe xvj yere of Kyng Richard his regne, 4 lohn Hende 

4 beyng pat tyme Maire of London, and lolm Walworth & Henry 

Vannere beyng scherreffes of London, fat 5 tyme a bakers man bare 

a basket of horsbred yn to Flet-strete, toward an ostrye hous ; and 

pere come a yemon of pe Bischoppis of Salysbury, pat was callyd 

8 Romayn, and he tok an horsloff out of pe basket of pe baker 6 ; and 

he askyd hym ' whi he dede so.' And pis Romayn turned ayen, and 

brak pe bakers hedde; and neyboure^ come out, and wolde haue 

restid pis Romayne ; and he brak from ham and fledde yn-to pe 

1 2 lorde^ place, and pe counstablis wolde haue hadde hym out ; but pe 
Bischoppe^ men schitte pe ^atis fast, 7 and kept pe place pat no man 
my^te entre. And panne moch more pepil gadryd pedir, & saide 
pat 'pai wolde haue hym out, or 8 ellis pei wolde brenne vp pe place, 

16 and alle 9 that were with-ynne.' IT And panne come pe Maire and 10 
Schereffe}, with opir myche pepill, and cecid pe malice of pe 
comyne^, and made euery man go 11 horn to his 12 hous, and kepe pe 
pee^. 51 Thanne 13 pe$ Romaynes lorde, pe Bischop of Salusbery, Ser 

20 lohn Waltam (pat was pat tyme treserer of Engelond) went to Ser 
Thomas Arundel, 14 Archebischop of York, and also Chaun[ce]ler of 
Engelonde, and to hym made his complaynt 15 vpon pe peple of pe 
cite of London. 51 And panne pe$e ij Bischope^, of grete malice 

24 and vengeaunce, comyn vnto 16 the King to Wyndesore, and made a 
grete complaynte vpon the Maire and the Schereffes ; and anon 
af tirward alle pe cite ir was before pe King and his cowsel, and pai 
cast vn-to 18 ham a greuous herte, and wondir grete malice. 51 And 

28 anon sodenly pe King sent for pe Maire of London & for pe ij 
scherreffe^ ; and pai cam to 19 hym to pe Castell of Wyndesore. 
And pe King rebukyd pe Maire and pe scherreves f ulle foule, for pe 
offens pat pai hadde do ayens hym & his officers, yn his chaumbir 

32 of 20 London. II Wherfore he deposid & put out the Mayre of 

1 >ei TR. 2 eende and jjerfore T. 3 sorow for his deeth. T. 

4 of kyng Richardis reigne T. yeer of king Richardis regne R. his 
regne Kk. 

5 ]>e same TR. 6 >e bakers basket T. 

7 fast om. T. shette faste >e yatis R. 8 and R. 9 leaf 114. 
10 and >e TR. n to gone T. 12 her T. 13 And thanne T. 

14 of Arundett T. 

15 and )>ere )>e bisshop made his compleynt vnto ]>e chaunceler T. an 
]>ere made his complaynt to him R. 

16 to T. 17 anoon att >e Citee aftirward T. 18 to T. 
19 vnto T. 20 at TR. 

346 Rich. IPs Quarrel with Londoners. Court moves to York. 

London 1 and pe ij 2 Scherreve^ ; and pis was don xiiij 3 daye^ 
afore pe Fest of saint lohn the Baptist. U And panne pe King 
callyd to hym a kni^t pat me called Ser Edward Valyngrigge, 4 and 
made hym warden and gouernoure of pe cite, & Chaumbyr of 4 
London, and ouyr alle his pepil pereynne ; and so he kept pat office 
but iiij wokis, because he was so tendir and gentill vn-to pe cete3ens 
of London ; wherfore pe King deposyd hym, and made Ser Bawde- 
wyn Eadyngton, kny^t, pat was Countroller of pe Kingis Hous- 8 
holde, wardeyne and gouernoure of his chaumbyr, and of his 5 peple 
perynne; and chese vnto hym to worthi men of pe cite to be 
Scherevi^ wit/i hym, for to gouerne & kepe pe kinge$ lawe$ yn the 
cite; & on me called Gylbert Maghfelde, and pat ope?*, Thomas 12 
Newenton, And pe$e iij gode men hadde pe gouernaunce of pe cite 
vn-to pe tyme of pe Maires eleccion panne next, 6 pat was called 
William Stawnden 7 ; And pis Gilbert Maghfelde & Thomas 
Newneton, schereff. H And panne pe Mayre & pe ij schirreve^, 16 
and alle pe aldermen, vriih alle pe worthi craftis of London, went 
on fote vn to pe Tour; and pere came out pe Counstable of pe 
Tour, and yaff pe Maire and pe Schereve^ her othe, and charge, 8 
as pay scholde haue take yn the Chequer at 9 Westmynstre yn 20 
pe Kinge} Court of his lustres & Barons of the sayde 10 Cheker ; 
and panne went thay whom ayenne. 

H And panne pe King and his Counsel, for grete malice of pe 
Cite of London, and 11 despite, remevid alle his Courte^ fro 12 West- 24 
mynstre vn-to pe cete of Yorke, pat is to say, pe Chauncerie, pe 
Cheker, pe 13 Kinge^ Bench, and also pe Comyn Place, and pere pay 
hilde alle her 14 Courtis of Law fro mydsomer vn-to 15 pe fest of 
Cristismesse next comyng. U And panne pe King & his counsel 28 
sawe it not so profitable pere, as it was at London ; paraie anon he 
16 removid hit ay en to 17 London, and so to Westmynstre, for gret 
ese of his officers and avauntage of 18 pe King and of 19 alle pe 
comyns of pe Rerne. 32 

U And whenne pe 20 peple of London sawe & knew pat pese 

1 of London om. TR. 2 and boj^e TR. and for the ij Kk. :{ a xiiij T. 
4 Walyngregge T. Walingrugge R. 5 >e TR. 6 next >anne T. 

7 Wiliam Staundon) was chosen mayre T. nexte William Staundon) 
chosen meire R. 

8 hir charge and oth R. 9 of T. 10 sayde om. TR. " and for R. 
12 from T. fro R. for Kk. 13 and >e T. 14 )>ese T. his R. 

16 midsomer that is to saie J>e feste of seynt lohn) ]>e Baptist vnto T. 
16 leaf 114. buck. 17 vnto TR. 18 for R. 19 of om. TR. 
20 >e am. TR. 

CH. CCXL] Richard II reconcild with the Londoners. 347 

courtis were come ayen, and pe King and his peple also, 1 panne pe 

Maire and pe Aldermen, with pe Cheff 2 comyns, let gadir a grete 

suwnie of goolde of alle pe comyns of the cite, & ordeyned & made 

4 grete rialte ay ens his comyng to London, for 3 to haue his grace 

and gode 4 lordeschip, and also her liberteis and Fraunche^es 

graunted vnto ham ayen as pai afore tyme hadde. And J)ann, by 

-grete instaunce and praier of Quene Anne, and of oper 5 Iorde3 and 

8 lade^, pe King graunted hem grace : and pis was do at Schene yn 

Sothereye. U And pan 6 pe King with-ynne ij 7 daye} aftir, com to 

London ; and pe Maire of London, 8 schereue}, aldremen, 9 and alle 

pe worthi cite aftirward, redyn ayens pe King yn gode araye vnto 

12 pe heth on pis syde pe maner of Scheno, submittyng humyly hem 
self, 10 and mekely, with 11 almaner of 12 obeysaunce} vn-to hym, as 
pay owed to 13 do. Arid pus pai brou^t pe King and pe Quene to 
London. 11 And whanne pe King come to pe gate of pe Brygge of 

16 London, pere pay presentid hym with a mylke-white stede, sadelled 
and brydilled, & trapped with white cloth of golde and red parted 
togadir, and pe Quene a palfraye alle white, trappid yn pe same 
aray 14 with white and rede, and pe 15 condite} of London Eonnen 

20 white 16 wyne and rede, for al maner pepill to drynke of. H And 
betuene Seint Poule^ and the Cros yn Chepe, pere was made a 
stage, a ryalle, stondyng vpon hygh ; a[n]d perynne were mony 
angelis, with dyuers melodie} and songe ; and an 17 aungell come 

24 doun 18 fro pe stage on high, by a vice, and sette a croune of golde 
& precious stone} & perles apon pe Kinge} hed, and anoper on 19 the 
Quene} hed ; and so the citezenys brought pe King and pe Quene 
vnto Westmynstre, yn-to his palice at 20 Westmynstre, & presentyd 

28 hym vfiih ij basyns of syluyr, & ovirgilte, fulle of coyned golde, 
the swrama of xx m*li, 21 prayng hym, of his 22 mercy and lordschip 
and specialle grace, 23 pat pay my}t haue his gode loue, and 24 libertee} 
& Fraunche^es like as pay hadde before tyme}, and by his lettre^ 

I also om. T. 2 cheff om. T. 3 and for T. 4 his good TR. 

5 of her T. hir R. 6 l?an om, T. 7 a ij T. 8 london) with >e T. 
9 aldremen om. T. 10 hem humbely T. submittinge ham humbeli R. 

II with om. T. 12 of om. TR. 13 for to T. 

14 white and in ]>e same aray trappid T. and in the same aray trapped R. 

15 also >e T. 16 with white T. alle >e R. 17 oon T. 
18 a downe T. 19 Crowne vpon T. croune vpon R. 

20 paleys And )>anne on ]>& morne aftir ]>e mayre and Ipe sherefis and |>e 
Aldermen of london) come vuto ]>e kyng into his paleys at T. Palis. And 
>anne on >e morow aftir ]>e meir and >e sherevis and J>e aldermen of london) 
com vnto >e king in his Paleis at R. 21 xxM 1 pound T. 

22 his hie TR. & of his grace T. and leve and R. 

348 Jousts in Smithfield. Ric. IPs Queen Anne dies. [CH. CCXL 

patente^ confermed. 1 U And J>e Quene, and olper worth! lorde$ & 
ladie^, ffillyn on Mr 2 kneys, and besou^t pe King of grace to con- 
forme Jris. Thanne J)e King toke vp j>e Quene, and grauntyd hir 
alle hir askyng, and ]?anne J)ei Ranked fe King and J>e Quene and 4 
went home ayene. 

IT And yn )?e xvij 3 yere of his regne, 4 certeyne lorde^ of Scot- 
lande com yn-to Englonde to gete worschip, as by feet of arme^ : 
J>ese 5 were J?e pe?*sons : ))e Erie of Marre, and 6 chalanged the Erie 8 
Marchall of Engelonde to luste with hym certeyn poynte^ on hors- 
bak with scharpe speris. And so J>ai redyn togadir, as ij \vorthi 
kny^tis & lordes, certayne cours, but not J?e fulle chalange J?at fe 
Scottysche Erie made; for he was cast both hors and man, and ij 12 
of his rybbis brokyn with J>e 7 ffalle; and so he was -born out of 
Smythfelde, hom yn-to his Inne ; and with-ynne a litil while aftir- 
ward 8 he was caried homwarde yn a liter ; & atte York he 9 deied. 
U And Ser "William Darell, kny^t, and 10 banerrer of Scotland, 16 
made anojjer chalange vrith Sire 11 12 Piers Courteneye,kny$t; and J?e 
Kinges banerrer of Engelonde, of 13 certeyne course} hit on horsbak 
yn fe same ffelde. U And whanne he hed y 14 rede certeyne cours 
hit, and saw he my^tnothaue 15 fe bettyr, yaf 16 it ouyr, and wolde 20 
no more of his chalang, and 17 turned his hors and rode hom vnto his 
owne in. 18 And one Kocborne, squier, of Scotland, chalanged Sir 19 
Nicholl Hawberke, kny^t, of certeyne cours, hit with scharp speris 
on horsbak ; and redyn .v. cours hit togadir ; and att euery cours 24 
))e Scotte was cast doun, 20 both hors and man; and Jms our 
Englisch lorde^ 21 pankyd be God ! had )?e f elde. 

H And yn Jje xviij 22 yere of King Richarde^ regne, deied J>e 
gode gracious Quene Anne, j)at was wiff to King Eicharde, yn )?e 28 
maner of Schene, yn J)e schire of Surreie, vp-on Whitsonday. 
fanne 23 was sche bro3t to London, and so to Westmynstre ; and 
]>ere was sche y 24 beryed and worthily entered, besyde saint Edwarde^ 
schryne ; on whose soule Almy3ti God haue mercy and pite ! 32 
amen ! 25 

I and patentis And her chartir confermyd T. 2 hir om. TK. 

3 xvj T. 

4 of kyng Richardis reigne T. yeer of king Richardis Regne R. 

5 And >ese T. 6 and he T. & he R. 7 Jat T. 

8 lititt tyme aft^r T. alitil tyme aftir R. 9 >ere he TR. 10 >e T. 

II sir T. sirR. sixe Kk. 12 leaf 115. 13 ofTR. 14 y om. TR. 
13 not haue TR. haue Kk. 16 he yaf TR. 17 but T. 18 his Inne T. 
19 sir T. sir R. for Kk. 2 adoun) TR. 21 men R. ** xvij T. 
23 And >annc TR. ^ y om. TR. ** amen om. T. 

CH. CCXLJ] Isabella of France, 9 years old, to wed Rich. II. 349 

How King Richarde spoused dame Isabell, pe Kingis doi^tir of 
Fraunce, yn the towne of Caleys, and brou^t Mr yn-to 
Engelond, and let croune hir Quene yn pe Abbey of Saint 
4 Petris of Westmynstre. C&pitulum ccxlj . J 

In pe xx ti yere of King Richarde} regne, he went ouyr se 2 to 
Caleys, with dukis, Erlis, lordis, and Barons, and mony oper worth! 
squyers, yn grete aray, and comyn pepil of pe Reme yn gode aray, 
8 as longith to such a worpi king and prynce, of his nobley 3 to do 
hym reverence and obseruaunce, as owed 4 to be do to 5 hir liege 
lorde, and so my^ty a King and Emperour yn his owne, to abyde and 
resceyve there pat worthi & gracious lady pat schulde be his wif, a 

12 yong creature of ix yere of age, Dame Isabell, pe Kingis dou^tir of 
Fraunce, and mony 6 worthi lordi^ of grete name, bothe Barons and 
kny^tis, with moche oper pepil pat comen vn to pe toun of Grauen- 
yng, and ij Dukis of Fraunce : pat on was pe Duk of Burgoyne, 

16 and pat oper, Duk 7 of Barre, pat wolde no firmer lasse panne pey 
hadde plegge} for 8 ham. And panne King Richarde delyuered ij 
plegge^ for ham to goo saaf and come saaf : his ij worthi vncle^, pe 
Duk of Glowcestre and pe Duk of York. And pei ij went ouer pe 

20 watir of Grauenyng, & abiden pere as for 9 plegge^, vnto pe tyme 
pat pe Maryage and pe fest were do. 10 IT And panne pe^e ij worthi 
Dukis of Fraunce 11 come ovir pe water at Grauenyng, and so to 
Caleis, with pe 12 worschepful lady, Dame Isabell, pe 13 Kingis 

24 dou^tir of Fraunce. And with hir come mony a worthi lorde and 
lady, 14 kny^tis and squyers, yn pe best aray pat my^t be ; and pere 
pai mette with our meyne at Caleys, pe which welcomyd hir and hir 
meyne with pe grettest 15 honour and reuerence pat my^t be, and 

28 so brou3t hir to 16 Caleys toun. And pere sche was resceyvid with 
alle pe solempnite and worschip pat my^t be do vnto 17 such a lady. 
And panne pei brou^t hir vnto pe King ; and pe King toke hir, 
and welcomed hir and alle hir fayr mayne, 18 and made pere alle pe 

32 solempnite 19 pat my3t be do. U And panne pe King and his 
counsel axed of the Frensche Iorde3 20 whethir alle pe conauntes and 

I cc T. ccxlij R. 2 went him oner >e see T. J>e See R. 

3 nobley and of his owen pcrsone T. nobleie and of his owen) psrsone R. 

4 owith T. 5 vnto T. 6 many o]>er TR. 7 >e Duke R. 

8 of R. 9 for |>e Kk. |>e om. TR. 10 was done T. was do R. were Kk. 

II of Fraunce om. T. 12 this T. >is R. 13 fat is }>e T. 
14 and eek lady and T. 15 beste TR. 

16 brought into T. hir into R. 17 to R. 18 maynce T. 
19 leaf 115, back. *> men and lordis R. 

350 Eich. II wedded in France, icelcomd in London. [CH. CCXLI 

forwarcle^, with fe composicion fat were ordeyned and made on 
bothe parteys, schulde be trewly kept and holde betwene hem ; 
and fai sayde "ye"; & fere fay sworon and token 1 hir charge 
apon a boke, and toke 2 hir oth welle and trewli it 3 to holde yn alle 4 
nianer poyntis and couenauntes, without contradiccion or delay yn 
euery 4 mane?* wyse. And fanne was sche broi^t to 5 Seint Nicholas 
chirch yn Calis ; and f ere sche was worthili weddyd, with f e 
moste 6 solempnite fat eny king or 7 quene my3t haue, with arche- 8 
bischoppes and Bischope}, and alle 8 mynystre} of holy churche. 
IT And fanne were fai 9 brou^t hom vnto 10 fe Castell, and set 11 
to mete, and fere 12 were serued with alle maner of delicace^ of alle 13 
riall metis and drynkis plenteuously, to alle maner of strayngoure^ 12 
and al ofer. And no creature 14 warned fat Fest, but alle were 
welcome ; for f ere were grete halys & tentis sette vp on f e grene 
without fe castell, for 15 to resceyue alle maner of peple, and euery 
office redy to serue ham alle; and fus fis worth! manage was 16 
solemli do and ended with alle ryalte. 

1T Thanne 16 f ese ij Dukys of Fraunce, with hir peple, tokon hir 
leue of fe King and 17 Quene, and went ayen to Grauenyng watir; 
and fere fe Frensch lorde^, fat is to say, f e ij Dukis & 18 hir meyne, 20 
were comen ovir fe watir of Grauenyng, & fere fay mette, & 
eue/ych toke leue of ofer; and so fai departed, and our lorde^ 
come ayen to Caleys, and f e Frensch lorde^ went hom ayen 19 yn-to 
Fraunce. 24 

And 20 anon aftir, fe King made hym redy 21 with fe Quene and 
alle his lorde^ and 22 ofer pepil with ham, & comyn ouyr fe see 
yn-to Engelond, and so to London, and fe Maire and fe Schereve^, 
with al fe aldermen and worthi comyue^, ryden ayens ham vnto f e 28 
Blacke-Hef yn Kent; & fere fay mettyn with fe King and fe 
Quene, and welcomyd ham, and fat yn gode aray, and euery man 
in his clof ing of his crafte, and her 23 mynstrelles to-fore ham ; and 
so fay brou^t ham to Saint George^ Barre yn Southwerke ; and fere 32 

I and token T. and took R. and Kk. 2 made TR. 3 hir T. 
4 any T. eny R. 5 vnto TR. 6 with moche T. 7 and T. 
8 alle om. T. 9 >ai om. TR, 10 to T. 

II sett T. set R. for Kk. 12 >ere >ei T. 13 alle om. R. 

14 creature was T. 15 for om. TR. 16 and T. 17 and J>e T. 

18 and att T. and alle R. 

19 wenten ouyr >e watir and so home T. wenten, ouer >e watir and so hom 
in to ffraunce ayeen). R. 

20 ayen And T. 21 him redy T. made him redy R. hym Kk. 
22 and ladies and T. & ladiej & alle R. a here T. 

CH. CCXLI] The Queen crownd. The Duke ofG-loster imprisond. 351 

hy 1 tokyn hir leue, and fe King and fe Quene redyn to Kenyng- 
ton ; and f anne f e peple of London turned horn ay en. And yn 
turnyng ayen to London brygge, fere was so moche prees both on 
4 fote & on hors, 2 fat fe?*e were ded on fe brygge a 3 xj pe?'sone$ of 
men, 4 wymmew & chyldryn : on whose soule^ God haue mercy ! 
amen ! U And f anne aftirward f e Quene was brou^t to the Tour 
of London, and fere 5 sche was al ny3t. And on fe morowe 6 sche 
8 was brou^t frou^ fe Cete of London, and 7 so forth to 8 West- 
mynstre, & fere sche was crouned Quene of Engelonde. fan 9 was 
sche brou^t ayen yn-to the Kingis Palis, and fere was 10 holde 
an opon & a ryall Fest after 11 hir coronacion, for al maner peple 12 

12 fat fedir come : and f us 13 was do fe Sonday afftir fe Fest of seint 
Clement, in f e xx yere of King Blcharde^ regne. 

And fan, f e xxv day of august next folouyng, be euyl excita- 
cion & ffals counsel, & for grete wrathe 14 and malice fat he had of 

16 olde tyrae vnto his vncle, fe gode Duke of Gloucester, and to fe 
Erie of Arundel, & to fe Erie of Warwic, U The King, by is 15 
euylle counsell, late yn the Euenyng on f e same day aboue saide, 
made hym redy with his streynthe, and rode yn-to Essex vnto f e 

20 toune of Chelmesforde, and so come to Plassche sodenly, fere Ser 
Thomas of Wodestoke, fe gode Duk of Gloucestre, lay. And f e 
gode Duk come anon to welcome fe King 16 ; and fe King hym self 17 
arestid fe gode 18 Duke 19 ; and so he was ladde doun to fe water, 

24 and anon put yn to a schippe, and 20 had vnto Caleis, and brou^t 
vnto 21 capteynys warde, to be kept yn holde be fe Kinges com- 
maundement of Engelond : U And fat tyme f e Erie Marchal of 
Engelond was capten of Caleis. 11 And anon aftir, 22 be com- 

28 maundement of fe King and of 23 his fals Counsel, co?ftmaunded fe 
capten to put hym to 24 deth. H And anon certeyn yernen 25 fat had 
}>e gode Duk yn kepyng, tooke her counsel how fei 26 wolde put 
hym to 27 deth; and fis was her poyntrnent : fat fai schulde come 

32 vpon hym whanne he were yn 28 bedde, and aslepe on a Fetherbed. 
And anon fei bonde hym honde and 29 foot, 30 & chargid hym to ly 

1 thei T. >ey R. 

2 on hors and on foote T. bofe on hors and on fote R. 3 a om. TR. 
4 men and T. 5 and ]>ere R. and Kk. 6 morne TR. 

7 att oner and T. 8 vnto T. 9 And Jeanne TR. 

10 was TR. was sche Kk. n at TR. 12 of peple T. 13 this T. >is R. 

14 leaf 116. 15 his T. 16 duke come to euytt come |>e kyng anoorz, T. 

17 liym self om. T. 18 goode om. R. 19 duke him silf his owen bodi T. 

20 and anoon T. 21 into >e TR. ffl after sende a T. 23 bi TR. 

24 to JMJ T. w anoon >o men T. 26 J>at |>ei TR. 

27 to J>e T. vnto R. a R. and.o7n. R. 30 foot and hond T. 

352 The Duke of Gloster strangled. The Great Parliament. 

stylle ; and whanne pai hadde pis l do, pe 2 tokyn i j smale tewellys, 
and made on ham 3 rydyng knottis, and caste pe tewellys aboute ])e 
Dukis nek : and panne ])ei token pe f etherbed pat lay vnder hym , 
and cast hit aboue hym ; and pan pei drowen her towellts eche 4 
waye$ ; and sum lay vpon pe fethir bed apon hym, vnto pe tyme 
pat he were ded, because pat he schulde make uon noyse. And 
)ms pei strangled pis worth! Duk vn[to] the deth, on whose soule 
God, for 4 his pite, haue merci ! Amen ! U And whenne pe King 8 
hadde arestid pis worth! Duke, and his owne vncle, and sent hym 
to Caleis, he come ayen to London yn alle hast, with a wondir grete 
peple. And as 5 he was come, he sent for the Erie of Arundel and 
for the gode Erie of Warwic; and anon as pay cam, 6 he arestid 12 
ham 7 his owne self. Sir lohn Cobham 8 & Ser lohn Cheyny, 
kny^tis, he arestid also yn pe same wyse, 8 til he made his pa?*le- 
ment ; & anon pei were put ynto holde. But pe Erie of Arundel 
went at large vnto pe parlement tyme, for he founde sufficient 16 
surete to abyde pe lawe, & al maner of answere at pe 9 poynte} pat 
pe King & his Counsel wolde put vp on hym. 

10 Off pe grete parlement, and of pe deth of pe Erie of Arundell ; 
and how pe Erie of Derby and oper were exiled, and pe 20 
sayde Erie come ayen ynto pis londe ; and how King 
Kicharde went ynto Irelond, and how he deide. 10 Ca$itulum 
ccxlij. 11 

And yn the xxj yere of King Richarde^ regne, he ordend a 12 par- 24 
lenient at Westmynstre, pe which was clepid ' pe Grete Parlement ' ; 
and this parlement was made for to iugge pese iij worth! lorde$ 
and ope?* moo, as ham lust 13 at pat 14 tyme. U And for pat iugement 
pe king let make in alle hast a long and a large hous of tymbir, 28 
The which was called an hale, and couered with tyle$ ouyr ; and it 
was oputt al aboute on bothe syde^, and at pe endis, pat al maner 
of men my^t se prou^out; and pere pe dome was holden 15 vpon 
pese forsaide lorde^, and Iugement yeue at this forsaide parlement. 32 
U And for to come to 16 pis parlement pe King sent his writtis vnto 

I }>us R. 2 do thus thei T. J>ey R. 3 hem ij T. ham ij R. 
4 of T. 5 as sone as T. 6 )>ei were come T. 

7 hem bo)>e T. ham bo]>e R. 

-* and he arestid also sir lohn) Cobham and sir lohn) Cheyney knyghtis 
T. manere R. 

9 to alle T. 10 - 10 OS J>e grete parlement . . . deide om. TR. 

II ccxliij R. 12 him a T. la list TR. this T. 
J5 &tt/116, back. 16 vnto TR. 

OH. CCXLII] Great Muster of Richard IPs Adherents. 353 

euery lorde, Baron, kni^t and squier, in euery schire frou^out 
Engelond ; and fat euery lorde schulde grade and bryng his retynu 
of peple with hym, 1 yn as schort tyme and the 2 best aray fat fay 
4 my^t gete, in maynteynyng and streyngthyng of f e King ayens 
ham fat were his enymys, and fat fis were do yn alle haste, and 
fei 3 to come to hym yn peyne of deth. U And fe kyng hym self 
sent ynto 4 Chestirschire, vnto fe Chefteynes of fat cuntre, and fay 
8 gagred and brou^t a grete and an huge multitude of peple, bothe of 
kny^tis & of 5 Squyers, & prynspally of yemen of Chestreschire, fe 
which yemen and archers fe Kyng toke yn-to 6 his owne court, & 
yaf ham bothe 7 boge 8 of court and gode wage}, to be kepers of his 

12 owne body, both be ny^t and be day, above alle ofer persons, and 
most ham 9 loued & best trust. II The which sone aftirwarde 
turned fe King to gret losse, schame, hyndryng, and his vttirly 
vndoyng and destrocc^on, as ye schalle here sone aftirward. 

16 IT And fat tyme come Ser Henry, Erie of Derby, with a grete 
meyne of men of arrne} and archers; and fe Erie of Kuthlande 
come with a strong pouer of peple, bothe of men of arme} and 
archers ; and the Erie of Kent brou^t with hym 10 a grete power of 

20 men of arme} and archers ; The Erie Marchalle come yn f e same 
wyse ; n The Lord Spenser yn the same mane?* ; The Erie of North- 
ombirlond and Ser Harry Peercy his sone, & Ser Thomas Perci, f e 
Erie} brofer; & alle 12 fe}e worthi lordi} brou^tyn a fayre mayne 

24 and a strong power, & ech man yn his best aray ; And f e Duk of 
Lancastre and f e Duk of York comyn yn f e same maner with men 
of arme} and archers, folouyng f e King ; and Ser Wilh'am Scrop, 
Tresorer of Engelonde, come yn f e same maner. IT And f us, yn 

28 f is aray, comyn alle f e worthi men of fis londe vnto our King ; 
and alle fis peple come to London yn on day, yn so moche fat 13 
euery strete & lane yn London & yn f e sowthbarbe} weren fulle of 
ham logged, and .x or xij myle about London euery way. And 

32 fis 14 pepil brou}t fe King to Westmynstre, and went horn ayen 
vnto hir loggynge, bothe hors & man. IT And fan on f e Monday, 
f e xvij day of Septembre, f e parlement began at Westminster, f e 
which was clepyd " f e grete parlement " ; and on f e Fryday next 

36 ffolowyng, fe Erie of Arundel was brou^t yn-to ( 15 parlement 

1 retenu with him of peple R. 2 in >e T. in the R. 

3 >ei mn. T. 4 to T. 5 of om. R. 6 vnto T. 

7 bothe om. TR. 8 bouche T. 9 ham om. TR. 

10 with hym om. TR. n manere TR. 12 alle om. T. I alle R. 

13 in R. 14 |>ese T. 15 in to ]>e R. 

354 Execution and Burial of the Earl of Arundel. [CH. CCXLII 

among alle fe lorde}, and fat was on 1 saint Mathewe^ day fe 
Apostyll & euawngelist, & 2 fe?-e was 3 foriuged vnto the deth in 
fis 4 hale, fat was made yn fe palis at Westmynstre. And fis was 
his lugement : he 5 scholde go on fote, vriili his hande} y 6 bounde 4 
be-hynde hym, from fe place fat he was foriuged ynne, and so 
forthe f rou$ f e cite of London vnto f e Toure hyll, and there his 
lied to be smetyn of ; and so 7 it was do yn dede yn f e same place. 
U And vj. of J)e grete lorde} fat sat on his lugement redyn 8 
vfiih hym vnto fe 8 place there he was do vnto 9 deth. And to se 
fat 10 fe execussion were y n do aftir his 12 dome, and by J)e Kingis 
commaundement went with hem 13 on fote men of arme} and archers, 
a grete multitude of Chestirschire men yn streyngthyng of the lorde^ 1 2 
fat bro^t fis erle vnto his deth, for f ai draddyn fat f e erle schulde 
haue be rescued and take fro ham, whanne fay come yn-to London. 
1T Thus he passed forth f urgh f e cite vnto his deth ; and fere he 
toke it full paciently ; on whose soul God haue mercy ! amen ! 1 6 
IT And fanne come f e frere 14 Austyns, and toke vp the body and f e 
hed of fis gode Erie, and bare it whome yn-to 15 hir hous, and 
buryed hym yn hir quere. U And yn 16 fe morow 17 aftir, was Ser 
Eicharde, Erie of Warwic, brou^t yn-to fe parlement, fe?*e as fe 20 
Erie of Arundel was foriuged ; and f ai yaf f e Erie of Warwic f e 
same lugement fat f e forsaide erle hadde ; but f e lorde^ had com 
passion on 18 hym because he was of grete 19 age, and relecyd hym to 
perpetuall pryson, and put hym yn-to 20 fe He of Man. H" And 24 
fanne the Mondaye next aftir, fe lorde Cobban of Kent, Se?' lohn 
Cheyne, 21 kny^t, were bro^t yn-to fe prtHement, yn-to 22 fe same 
hale ; and fere fay were lugid to be hangyd & draw ; but, f rou^ 
f e prayer and grete Instaunce of alle f e lorde}, fat lugement was 28 
foryeue ham, and relecyd to perpetual prison. 

U And fis same tyme was Richard Whityngton, Meyre of 
London; and lohn Wodekoc and Will/am Askam, schereve} of 
London; and fai ordeined, at euery yate and yn euery warde, 32 
strong wacche of men of arme^ and of archers, and prinspally at 
euery yate of London, duryng fis 23 same parlement. 

1 on TR. of Kk. 2 & om. T. s he was T. 4 his T. s J>at he T. 
6 y om. TR. 7 so om. T. 8 leaf 117. vnto >e T. 
10 >at om. R. n y mn. TR. 12 hir TR. 13 with hem wenten T. 
14 ffreres of T. 15 home vnto TR. 16 on R. 17 ou J;e morne T. 
18 of TR. 19 more TR. to om. TR. 

21 scr lohn Cheyne .... turned hem omitted in R to page 358, line 30. 

22 to om. T. >e T. 

CH. CCXLII] Creation of Nobles. John of Gaunt dead, 355 

U The King at pis parlement 1 made .v. Dukis, a Duchasse, & a 
Marke^, & iiij Erie} ; & pe first of ham was pe Erie of Derby, & 
he was made Duke of Hereforde ; and pe ij was pe Erie of Ruth- 
4 land, and he was made Duke of Awmarle ; pe iij was pe Erie of 
Kent, & he was made Duke of Surrey e ; and pe iiij was pe 2 Erie 
of Hontyngton, and he was made Duke of Excestre; and pe .v. 3 
pe Erie of Notyngham, and he was made Duke of Norfolk; and 4 
8 pe Erie of Some/'sete w r as 5 made pe Markeys of Dorset ; & the 
Lord Spenser was made Erie of Gloucestre, and pe Lorde Neuyle of 
Rabye was made Erie of Westing-land ; & Ser Thomas Percy was 
made Erie of Worscetir, and Ser Wilk'am Scrope, pat was Treserer of 

12 Engelonde, he was made 6 Erie of Salysburye. U And whanne pe 
King had pis 7 do, he helde at 8 pe parlement a 9 rial ffest vnto all 
his lorde^, and to al maner of pepil pat pidir wolde come. 

II And yn pe 10 same yere deyed Ser loh