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Contributors to This Issue 

B. A. Auld, B.A.Sc. (EE), 1946, University of British Columbia; 
MS, 1949, an Phd.D. (EE), 1952, Stanford University; Electrical and 
Musical Industries Ltd., London, 1953-1955; staff, University of British 
Columbia, 1955-1958; research staff , Stanford University, 1958—; Visit- 
ing Fellow, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1963-1964. His work has related 
to the theory of microwave circuits and interactions of microwave fields 
with spin waves and acoustic waves. 

Vaclav E. Benes, A.B., 1950, Harvard College; M.A. and Ph.D., 
1953, Princeton University; Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1953—. Mr. 
Bene§ has been engaged in mathematical research on stochastic processes, 
traffic theory, and servomechanisms. In 1959-60 he was visiting lecturer 
in mathematics at Dartmouth College. He is the author of General 
Stochastic Processes in the Theory of Queues (Addison-Wesley, 1963). 
Member, American Mathematical Society, Association for Symbolic 
Logic, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, SIAM, Mind Association 
and Phi Beta Kappa. 

Ta-Shing Chu, B.S., 1955, National Taiwan University; M.S., 1957, 
Ph.D., 1960, Ohio State University; Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
1963 — . He has worked in the field of electromagnetics with emphasis 
on surface waves and microwave antennas. At present he is working on 
optical and infrared wave propagation through the atmosphere. Mem- 
ber, IEEE, American Physical Society, Sigma Xi, and Pi Mu Epsilon. 

Harold S. Edwards, B.S.E.E., 1925, Yale University; The Southern 
New England Telephone Company, 1925-1946; American Telephone 
and Telegraph Company, 1946—. At the Southern New England Tele- 
phone Company he was concerned with various assignments in the Plant 
and Engineering Departments. At the present time he is Plant Facilities 
Design Engineer, with responsibilities for the design of the outside plant 
subscriber network as well as methods and administration of the outside 
plant engineering job. 



Walter J. C. Grant, A.B., 1951, M.A., 1952, Boston College; B.S., 
1958, Ph.D., 1962, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, 1962 — . He has been engaged in theoretical study 
of paramagnetic and electro-optic solid-state devices. Member, American 
Physical Society and Sigma Xi. 

Henry Z. Hardaway, B.S.M.E., 1940, University of Iowa; Southern 
Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1940-42; Bell Telephone 
Laboratories, 1942 — . He was first engaged in military equipment design 
work on airborne and submarine radar and navigational equipment. He 
is currently directing systems engineering studies which involve basic 
design concepts of the outside plant exchange cable network and which 
have important interfaces with transmission and switching equipment. 
Also, he is involved in the application of operations analysis techniques 
to the Associated Companies' operating and engineering problems. 

Herwig Kogelnik, Dipl.-Ing., 1955, Dr. techn., 1958, Technische 
Hoschschule Wien, Austria; D.Phil., 1960, Oxford University, England; 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1961 — . He is engaged in optical maser re- 
search. Member, American Physical Society, IEEE, Elektrotechnischer 
Verein Osterreichs (Austria). 

Irwin W. Sandberg, B.E.E., 1955, M.E.E., 1956, and D.E.E., 1958, 
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn; Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1958 — . 
He has been concerned with analysis of military systems, particularly 
radar systems, and with synthesis and analysis of active and time- 
varying networks. He is currently involved in a study of the signal- 
theoretic properties of nonlinear systems. Member, IEEE, SIAM, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi. 

R. A. Semplak, B.S., 1961, Monmouth College; Bell Telephone Lab- 
oratories, 1955 — . He has been engaged in beyond-the-horizon radio 
propagation and three satellite communications projects: Project Echo, 
Telstar I and Telstar II. He has also participated in studies of the ef- 
fects of rain on sky noise temperatures at 6-gc frequency and has re- 
cently completed an experimental study of the near-field Cassegrainian 
antenna. He is currently engaged in measuring the scattered radiation 
from various surfaces at 0.6-micron wavelength. 

Tzay Y. Young, B.S., 1955, National Taiwan University; M.S., 
1959, University of Vermont; D.E.E., 1962, John Hopkins University; 


Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1908—. He has been engaged in the in- 
vestigation of the statistical extraction and detection of signals over- 
lapping in time. Currently he is on leave from Bell Laboratories, teach- 
ing as an Assistant Professor at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. 
Member, IEEE, AAAS and Sigma Xi.